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Season One

This is a different version of Total Drama Island. There may contain some parodies of the different challenges that were in Total Drama Island. Total Drama Island... Sorta features twenty six episodes and a special with the original cast: Chris, Chef and the twenty two campers. I also do not own any of the Total Drama characters or the Total Drama series. Written by TheBlackBlur.

Theme Song

Opening guitar solo.

(A camera pops out of a tree, out of a pothole and flies out of a toilet)

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine."

(The camera rushes past Chris as he's shown in a truck eating a biscuit with a cup of tea)

"You guys are on my mind."

(Duncan is wrestling an alligator under the water whilst Owen farts at the two)

"You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see."

(Gwen and Trent are in a boat, but Izzy crashes into it, making the boat sink)

"I wanna be famous!"

(Katie and Sadie hug a shirtless Justin and he winks at the camera)

"I wanna live close to the sun."

(Heather and Lindsay are getting tans, but Heather sees Lindsay with her shades still on, laughs and Harold is being chased by a bear in the background)

"So, pack your bags, 'cause I've already won."

(Courtney writes in her diary, but sees the camera and kicks it away)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way."

(DJ is petting bunnies and birds, but Tyler stumbles and the animals chase them)

"I'll get there one day."

(Ezekiel paraglides off of the cliff...)

"'Cause I wanna be famous!"

(But crashes into the back of a jeep LeShawna is driving)

"Naaaa-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa!"

(Cody tries to stroke Eva's hair in a canoe, but Eva rams the paddle into him)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Noah and Beth discover sharks are circling them and get dragged underneath the water)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Chef fishes the two out and sees a piranha biting Noah's ankle)


(Bridgette and Geoff are at the bonfire and are about to kiss, but Chris interrupts them and the camera pans out showing the contestants and the sign that says 'Total Drama Island')

Chapter I: Welcome To Wawanakwa Part 1

The camera pans across Camp Wawanakwa then to the dock where Chris McLean, the host of the show, stood on the edge. "What up ya'll! I'm Chris McLean, the most smoking hot guy on TV since 'Everyone Loves the Ninties!'. Now I'm hostin' this rockin' show where twenty two different teens go to a summer camp, compete in nasty challenges, eat gruelling food and the worst challenge, living with twenty one other teens at a summer camp. Plus, they're doing this all for one hundred thousand dollars! The twenty two teen freaks will split into teams of two and every three days, the team that fails the challenge must go to an elimination ceremony. All but one camper will receive a marshmallow. A soft treat made of egg whites that on this show, symbolises life. The camper that does not receive the marshmallow must board the Boat of Losers after walking the terrible Dock of Shame. Then, they can never ever return. Who will win? Who will lose? Which twenty two teens will be joining me here? Find out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Chris waited impatiently for the first boat to arrive. "If they don't get here soon I'm gonna *sees the camera* uh, keep the money all for myself! The first boat should be here soon, I think," Chris said. Then, as if on cue, a boat appeared and docked. A cleft chined guy jumped off wearing a pink shirt, showing his abs.

"Hey! You Chris Mclean, man! How you doing, man? Man, I saw you on that badminton show. You were awesome man!" the boy exclaimed.

"Thanks Geoff. I totally rocked the badminton show, didn't I man," Chris told him. The two high-fived and another boat appeared with a tall guy with a green shirt and dark tan skin. He held two long gym bags.

"Wassup? Chris McLean, it's good to see you, but are you sure this is the place? I thought it had waiters and, especially, waitresses," the tall man told him.

"I'm sure this is the place. Unfortunately, DJ, we couldn't get hot waitresses," Chris answered. DJ frowned and walked next to Geoff. The two shook hands as another boat came and a blonde beauty with a blue bandana and heels came off.

"Geoff, DJ, this is Lindsay," Chris told them. The two boys' jaws dropped.

"Hi, guys. My name is Lindsay. Craig, I saw you on the badminton show and totes loved it," Lindsay said softly.

"Lindsay, the name's Chris. Go stand next to the boys," he commanded. Lindsay smiled and walked in front of DJ, waving at the boys. Chris looked at his watch and another boat came. A large black girl with a mole jumped off with leopard print luggage.

"Wassup ya'll, LeShawna's in the house!" she shouted. "If you're already here, I would recommend catching up to your boats, 'cause I came to win."

"Sorry, I can't. My hair'll get wet," Lindsay told her. She reached into her bag and pulled out a hair straightener. "Is there an outlet to plug in my hair straightener?"

"Shush!" Chris commanded. "Our next two boats are here." The boats arrived and the passenger in the front was a chubby blonde haired man with a white shirt with a blue maple leaf on. "Everyone, meet Owen."

"Hi guys! You lot seem like a friendly bunch! I sure hope you like maple syrup, 'cause I brought a whole tub of emergency syrup," Owen said. He shook the hands of both DJ and LeShawna, then Lindsay and Geoff. The second boat, a girl with black hair and lightly tinted glasses that showed Lindsay's, Owen's and LeShawna's reflections.

"FYI, no one talk to me. I'm too popular," the black haired girl said.

"Heather, behave. I want all the drama after everyone's here," Chris said. Heather grabbed her suitcases and dragged them behind everyone. Geoff was about to say something to her, but Heather glanced at him and slapped his hand. He rubbed his painful hand.

Another boat dropped off a man with auburn hair, glasses and a keyboard. He breathed through his mouth heavily. "Is this the camp?" the boy asked.

"Yes indeed Harold," Chris told him.

"Awesome. It'll fit my skills perfectly," Harold said and walked next to LeShawna. "Wow, you're large."

"Excuse me?" LeShawna said. 

"You look so big, and loud," Harold told her. LeShawna kicked Harold in the balls and he clutched them. "My nuggets!"

"I should pounce on you and kill you!" LeShawna howled. Owen and Lindsay grabbed LeShawna and made sure she didn't harm Harold more. The next boat then arrived and two girls came off. One girl wore a blue hooded jacket and held a surfboard, the other had midnight blue streaks in her hair and slouched with her arms folded.

"Welcome Bridgette and Gwen, please stand next to the others," Chris instructed.

"Are they the competition?" Gwen asked and looked at the others. She saw two spoilt girls, a nerd clutching his balls and a giant tub of lard.

"Come on Gwen, don't be mean," Bridgette said. Geoff looked at Bridgette with dreamy eyes. Owen saw him.

"Do you like her?" Owen asked.

"She's a beaut, but why does she have a surfboard? Hey, Bridgette! Why do you have a surfboard?" Geoff asked.

"I'm a surfer and I was told that we were gonna be at a beach," Bridgette answered. The scene then panned to the beach. It was small and covered in rubbish. The scene then panned to Heather.

"Ha! You think you need a surfboard here? In this dump! Idiot," Heather laughed.

"What did you call her?" LeShawna asked.

"So she thought she needed her surfboard. So what?" Gwen told her.

"Ugh, whatever," Heather grunted. The next boat had a kid in a red gymsuit in water skis.

"What up pe-" the boy said, but he fell off and rolled about in the water, flying onto the dock and head-first into Owen's belly. He lost balance, crashed into Heather's luggage and fell into the water.

"My mirrors and shoes!" Heather gasped.

"Sorry about that," Tyler apologised.

"Don't speak to me," Heather grunted and got a pair of wedges back onto the dock. Ske kissed the pair, just as a large boat with a tough looking girl in a blue dress with a gym bag stomped to the end of the dock next to Heather. She dropped her bag on Heather's foot and screamed. "Hey! Watch it you crazed gymnast!" Heather yelled.

"Shut your mouth!" the girl ordered. She picked up Heather and threw her off the dock. Heather rose back up.

"Whatever your name is, you're dead!" Heather choked.

"This is Eva," Chris introduced. Heather climbed back onto the dock. She then drew a line across her neck at Eva and another boat arrived. Two boys walked off. One had an oversized backpack and a shirt with a black handprint on and the other was short with two stripes on his shirt. He was missing a tooth.

"Boys and girls, they are Trent and Cody," Chris introduced.

"Hey guys. It's great to be here dudes," Trent relaxfully said. He walked next to Gwen and the two exchanged smiles.

"What up ladies. Every girl looks gorgeous and stunning!" Cody flirted. He stood next to Gwen and smiled at her, getting a confused look back. The next boat was heard in the distance. A tough looking boy was standing on a radio which shouted out rock music. He had a green Mohawk and eyebrow and ear piercings. When the boat docked, the boy threw his radio and bags onto the dock and jumped off.

"Welcome Duncan. I remember your parole officer saying to give him a holler whenever you behave bad and he'll drag you back to juvie," Chris teased.

"Don't care," Duncan grunted and he stood next to Gwen. Both glared at each other. He then slid next to Heather. "Wassup gorgeous. Hope I get a bunk under you," Duncan taunted.

"Bite me," Heather told him. Duncan moved his jaw and Heather slid back in fear. The next boat then arrived and four girls came off. Two girls were wearing the same clothes, although one was fatter than the other. Another wore a grey shirt and had short brown hair. The last one had orange hair and a green skirt and top.

"These girls are Katie, Sadie, Courtney and Izzy," Chris introduced.

"Hi guys! Omigosh Sadie, this summer camp looks so great," the thin girl said.

"Omigosh, Katie. I love summer camp!" Sadie squealed. Katie and Sadie hugged and stood in front of DJ.

"Hello there fellow contestants. My name is Courtney. I hope to make friends with many of you," Courtney told them. She stood next to Duncan.

"Hey there pretty," Duncan said.

"Sorry, I don't take flattery," Courtney told him.

"Hey everyone! I'm Izzy! When does everyone get here? What team am I on? Can we go swimming? What's for lunch?" Izzy asked quickly. She gracefully skipped over leaped on top of Owen and the next boat dropped off a wonderful sight.

"Everyone, this is Justin," Chris introduced.

"He's gorgeous," Owen gasped.

"His butt is so cute," Katie squealed.

"His behind is beautiful," LeShawna said.

"Thank you for your wonderful comments," Justin thanked. He stood next to Katie and Sadie and both girls hooked their arms around his. The next two boats arrived at the same time. One was a boy with a blue toupee and the other was a girl wearing braces and a ponytail.

"They are Ezekiel and Beth," Chris told the campers. Lindsay ran to Beth and shook her hand.

"Hi there, Ezekiel, I'm Lindsay," Lindsay said, swapping the two names.

"It's Beth," the girl in braces replied.

"Yo, yo, yo! Ezekiel is here to pump the jam!" Ezekiel yelled. An akward silence broke out, before the final boat arrived. A boy buried deep into a book came out.

"Welcome Noah," Chris welcomed.

"Hey Chris. Did you get my note about my serious life-threatening allergies?" Noah asked.

"Yeah," Chris started, but he then whispered to himself: "In about six to eight weeks." Noah stood next to LeShawna and saw Harold grabbing his balls.

"Seriously man, stop grabbing them," Noah told him. The camera then panned to Chris with a camera in his hands.

"Okay, guys. I need a quick photo, so stand there and look pretty," Chris said. He flashed the camera which shot a bright light out and the campers were temporarily blind and they fell into the water.

"Chris!" all campers yelled in unison. The scene then panned to the campfire. There were eighteen tree stumps to sit on and only DJ, Duncan, LeShawna and Trent were standing up.

"This is the campfire, a.k.a, the elimination ceremony. The losing team will be sat here where all but one will receive a marshmallow. If you don't receive one, you must go down the Walk of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and you can never, ever, ever return," Chris told them. "Now for the teams. If I call your name, go stand on the red mat. Lindsay... Cody... Trent... Gwen... Sadie... Geoff... LeShawna... Izzy... Noah... Heather... and Tyler. You guys are the Killer Trout!" Chris threw a red roll at Gwen, and it unrolled showing a red trout.

"Wait, what about Katie?" Sadie asked.

"Duncan... Courtney... Harold... Katie... Ezekiel... Owen... Eva... DJ... Bridgette... Beth... and Justin. You lot stand under the green mat and you're the Screaming Leeches!" He threw a green roll at Ezekiel, but it unrolled in midair and landed on him. Duncan then picked it up and it showed a dark green leech.

"Now, Leeches get west cabin, Trout get east. And just in case you get up to funny stuff, the cabins are split into two sides," Chris said.

(Conf), Chris: Also, you can use the outhouse confessional if you want to reveal a dark secret, or just want to compare yourself to your fellow campmates.

"But wait! Sadie is a Trout I have to be a Trout!" Katie sobbed.

"Don't worry, um, Katie, is it? You'll make plenty of friends with us," Courtney reassured.

"Sadie! I miss you!" Katie wailed.

"I miss you too!" Sadie wailed back. In the girls side of the Killer Trout, Sadie was crying loudly on the top bunk of a bed. The other girls were looking at her.

"Who gets crybaby?" Heather asked.

"No way I am," Gwen told them.

"Sorry, I need beauty sleep," Lindsay said.

"Guys, why don't we draw straws?" Izzy asked. She took some sticks in the cabin and broke them. "Short ones get top, long one gets bottom. Longest of all gets to sleep with Sadie." Each girl took a straw.

"I have a short straw, I think," Lindsay said.

"I have a long one. Well, you can't be that bad," Gwen said.

"I have a short one," Izzy said.

"I have long. Girl, let's bunk," LeShawna said.

"What! I have to sleep with crybaby!" Heather yelled. The others didn't say a word. "Alright, Gwen, LeShawna, I want a straw check." She put her stick against theirs and Gwen's appeared to be the longest. "Ha! You have the longest of all." Gwen sighed and she grabbed her bags and traded beds with Heather.

(Conf), Gwen: Geez, sleeping under a sobbing girl. Thanks Heather. Or should I say heifer?

(Conf), Heather: Glad I'm not Goth girl.

On the boys side, the boys were talking about what they would use the extra bed for. "I say we use it as a party bed!" Geoff exclaimed.

"A party bed? Really?" Noah asked.

"How about we just put our luggage on it?" Cody asked.

"Isn't that a waste of a bed?" Tyler asked. Geoff sighed and lied down on his bunk. Trent noticed him and sat down on his bed.

"What's the matter?" Trent asked.

"Just sad that my babe is on a different team," Geoff sighed.

"Really? Who?" Trent asked.

"Bridgette. At least Gwen is on your team. I saw you checking her out," Geoff told him.

"Well, Gwen does seem nice. But I don't think she's that into me," Trent told him.

"Hey what are you two talking about?" Noah asked.

"Gwen and Bridgette. I like Bridgette and Trent's got a thing for Gwen," Geoff told him.

"That's nice, but help us decide what we're using the spare bed for," Noah teased and he dragged the two over.

On the girls side of the Screaming Leeches cabin, Katie was wailing loudly, with both Courtney and Bridgette conforting her. "Don't worry Katie. Just because Sadie isn't on this team doesn't mean you can't make new friends here," Courtney comforted.

"Yeah, me and Courtney have your back," Bridgette reassured.

"But me and Sadie have never been apart for anything!" Katie wailed.

(Conf), Katie: One time, I caught the flu, so Sadie was open to germs the whole day so we could be sick together! Now I think of it, ew.

Beth and Eva were sharing a bunk together. Katie said that she didn't want anyone except Sadie to bunk with her, so Bridgette and Courtney bunked together. On the boys side, the guys were partying. Owen was giving Ezekiel a piggy back whilst Duncan, Justin and DJ were dancing as a tune came from Harold's keyboard. "This is awesome!" Duncan yelled.

"It is," DJ told him. "Harold, keep playing that tune."

(Conf), Harold: Everyone likes my keyboard playing. I think I might be a role model for everyone on my team. *plays a note on keyboard*

An announcement came through the main speakerphone in front of the cabins. "Campers, the first challenge starts tomorrow at six a.m. Get a good night's rest. You'll need it, trust me," Chris spoke.

"What do you think it is?" Beth asked.

"Probably something easy. It is our first challenge after all," Courtney reassured. The scene then panned to the campers and Chris at the top of the cliff. "Oh crap."

The scene then panned towards Chris. "How will our first challenge play out? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter II: Welcome To Wawanakwa Part 2

The episode picked up where the last one cut off. "Um, excuse me, Chris? Please don't tell me we have to jump off of this cliff," Courtney asked.

"Okay then. I won't tell you," Chris giggled. The campers groaned. "Since blabbermouth Courtney pretty much told you half of the challenge, I'll just pick up from where she left off. Down in the sea below are two areas. The small area with a boat wreck near it is the safe zone. The large area is filled with piranhas and electric eels. If I was you, I would hope to not jump there. Once all teams are there, you'll have to swim to shore and get the crates with your team logo on. You'll have to get them to the campgrounds. The first team to open all of the crates will win and get what's inside. Also, the team that gets the most members down there wins an advantage."

"What do you mean by the most members?" Eva asked.

"You have the choice to chicken out and wear this!" Chris announced and pulled out a chicken hat.

"There is no way I'm jumping or doing that," Heather told him.

"We don't care. You're jumping," Noah said.

"Killer Trout, less talking and more jumping," Chris said.

"Wait!" Katie wailed.

"We don't want to jump without each other," Sadie cried.

"Ugh, fine. If anyone wants to swap teams with, um, Sadie, put your hand up," Chris grunted with a clipboard in his hands. Bridgette was looking down at the water and spoke up.

"I'll swap teams with Sadie," Bridgette volunteered.

"Thanks Bridgette!" the girls squealed before hugging her. Geoff was then smiling.

(Conf), Geoff: Awesome! Now Bridgette's on my team, I have a better chance of hooking up with her.

Bridgette dived into the sea. "Aaaaaaaaaah!" her voice trailed off and she hit the safe zone head first. She rose back up and yelled: "Awesome!" The next five to hit the water were Gwen, Trent, Cody, Noah and Izzy. Unfortunately, Izzy banged her head on a rock jutting out of the cliff and she tumbled into the danger zone. Three piranhas and an eel were heading towards her. From the top of the cliff, Heather, Tyler and Geoff were yelling: "Izzy, swim!" and "Look out behind you!"

Back below, Izzy saw the sea creatures and swam under the water with the creatures following her. Seven seconds and a flying torrent of water later, Izzy came back up, unharmed and with a tray of sushi in her hand. When she reached the shore, Trent took a piece of sushi. "Mm, this sushi is great. But what is it?" he asked.

"Something I like to call electrifying sushi with a piranha dip," Izzy chuckled. Trent's eyes widened and spat it out.

(Conf), Trent: *stops brushing his teeth* She... it was... ew! *continues brushing teeth* 

Heather looked at the cliff. "I am not jumping," she said. Chris almost gave Heather the chicken hat, but LeShawna slapped the hat off of him.

"Nu-uh. You're jumping. We don't care if you're a prissy, black haired, mall shopping, beauty hogging--" LeShawna started.

"Shut it you big mouthed, loud speaking, ghetto girl, mole wearing freak," Heather told her. The remaining Trout on the team gasped.

"You did not just go there," LeShawna growled. She grabbed Heather by the leg, swung her round and threw her off the cliff.

Heather screamed, "You're dead meat, LeShawnaaaaaaa!" Her voice trailed off as she hit the water. "My hair!" she gasped.

"At least I threw you into the safe zone!" LeShawna yelled from the cliff. She jumped off of the cliff and into the safe zone. Heather was still there and she splashed LeShawna, chuckling. Lindsay, Geoff and Tyler were the only ones left. Lindsay was looking at the sea.

"I'm sorry guys, I just can't do it," Lindsay apologised.

"Would it help if I held your hand?" Tyler asked, holding the blonde's hand. Lindsay giggled, but refused.

"You have to wear this chicken hat all day," Chris told her. Lindsay shamefully put on the hat and stood next to Chris. Tyler and Geoff jumped at the same time, diving headfirst. Both boys swam to shore. The screen then panned to Chris. "Okay then. That's ten divers and one chicken for the Trout. All eleven Leeches have to dive in order for them to receive the advantage," Chris said. "Who's first?"

Everyone except Harold stepped backwards. "Gosh. I guess I'll do it," he said. He looked at the view below and simply jumped off. Sadly, he landed on a buoy, kiwi first. "Aaaaaaaaaah!" he yelled as he slid off the buoy and into the water. Harold was followed by Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Katie and Sadie and Ezekiel. Justin was next. He dived pleasently into the water. He landed several metres away from the safe zone. Piranhas were chasing after him, but one quick flash of his looks and the fishes stopped in their tracks. They swam under him and took him to the shore.

"Thanks piranhas," Justin said and he flashed a look at them. They then swam back further into the sea.

(Conf), Courtney: Justin's hot, but how'd he get fishes to take him to shore?

(Conf), Duncan: I seriously question that man's mind, but hey, I can't say anything.

Owen was the next one to jump. He did a bellyflop into the water which threw a wave of water at the campers on the shore. "That... was... awesome!" Owen yelled. Duncan, Katie and Harold cheered at him. Back on top, Beth and DJ were left. Both looked at the cliff, then to Chris with his chicken hats, then to the cliff, and back to Chris and the chicken hats, then back at the cliff, and then the chicken hats.

"I'm sorry, I can't do it," Beth sighed.

"I can't either," DJ moaned. The two got their chicken hats and stood next to Chris.

"That means that the Killer Trout get the advantage!" Chris announced through his megaphone. "You guys wait there. In the meanwhile, you three come with me." The scene then showed a kitchen. "This is the mess hall kitchen. This, is Chef. You three are under his command for the rest of the season, or at least until you're eliminated. Have fun." Chris left and Chef glared at the three.

"Braces girl and powerhouse. You two are lucky. You have two pairs of hands to make dinner. Blonde girl, you have to make eleven dishes by yourself. I'm only gonna help you a little, but you three, are under my control. Now, I keep the paste in the cupboard and I will tell you if there are any other foods you can use, but no one, no one, can touch my fridge. If I see a fingerprint on my fridge, you're dead. If I see a breath stain on my fridge, you're dead. If you even smell my fridge, you're dead," Chef told them. Beth, DJ and Lindsay gulped.

The scene then changed to the campers with Chris holding a wagon. "Killer Trout, for winning the first part of the challenge, you get four wagons to carry the crates. Screaming Leeches, you have to carry or push your crates to the campgrounds. The first team to open all their crates at the campgrounds wins," he told them.

"Wait, where's Lindsay?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, and where's DJ and Beth?" Ezekiel asked.

"As punishment for not jumping, they're responsible for cooking your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the season, or until they're eliminated. Now go," Chris told them. Back in the kitchen, DJ was stirring the white liquid until it turned into paste.

"Hey Beth! Did you find the flour?" DJ asked.

"No! And I've turned the cupboards upside down, inside out, I've taken everything-- oh wait. Got it!" Beth yelled back.

"Wait, you messed up the cupboards? You've gotta clean them up! Chef could be really mad," DJ told her.

"You're right! I've gotta clean this up. Catch the flour!" Beth yelled and she tossed a brown sack at him labelled flour. He collapsed under its weight.

"DJ!" Lindsay yelled and she pushed the sack of flour off of him.

"Thanks Lindsay," DJ thanked.

"No problem," Lindsay reassured him. "Plus, I've got ten more dishes of slop to make." She walked away and DJ pulled a can out of his pocket with a heart on it. 

"My secret ingredient," DJ said to himself. He sprinkled the ingredient into the slop and tasted it. "Well, it's better than what we had this morning."

Back with the Killer Trout, Gwen, LeShawna, Noah and Trent were pushing one wagon, so were Bridgette and Geoff, Heather and Izzy and Tyler and Cody. "This is so easy," Cody said.

"It is," Geoff added.

With the Screaming Leeches, everyone was pushing the crates, but they were hardly getting anywhere. Eva decided to carry her two crates.  

(Conf), Eva: Geez, I'm the only one who can carry the crates. And I doubt DJ would be able to carry them.

(Conf), Ezekiel: Eva's like, freaky strong. She can carry two crates... an she's a girl!

Back in the kitchen, Lindsay was about to touch the fridge, but Beth slapped her hand. "What do you think you're doing?" Beth asked.

"I'm getting the eggs in the fridge, duh," Lindsay told her. She opened the fridge and saw Chef stuffed into it, holding a knife, glaring at her. She then shut the fridge.

(Conf), Lindsay: Chef is really creepy.

At the campgrounds, both teams had arrived, but the Killer Trout were already halfway through the crates. "Ya'll, this is easy," LeShawna said.

"Say you," Courtney told her.

"No need to be mean, Courtney," Sadie said.

"Yeah, no need to be mean, Courtney," Katie added.

Heather opened her box and found a packet of crisps and a six pack of soda. Noah found a lamp. Izzy saw five cushions and Gwen found another six pack of soda and an egg.

(Conf), Gwen: An egg. Really?

Courtney was the first to open her crate. She found another crate. She opened that up and saw another crate. Six more crate tops and she found a bar of chocolate. "Chris. Was it neccessary to hide the chocolate bar in eight crates?" Courtney asked.

"Yes, yes it was," Chris chuckled.

The last crate opened was by Tyler. He found a mini version or Chris' head. "Hey! What gives!" Tyler asked.

"That is an immunity idol," Chris said in secret. "Use it to avoid elimination, or simply give it to someone you don't want to see eliminated. Also, keep it secret. You wouldn't want the others to steal it, would you?"

(Conf), Tyler: Whoo! This immunity idol is my ticket to the top! Yeah!

"The Killer Trout win and get to keep their prizes!" Chris announced. "The Screaming Leeches. One of you will be the first one to be eliminated from Total Drama Island."

The scene then panned to the mess hall, where Beth and DJ handed out the bowls of paste. "How is it working for Chef?" Owen asked, receiving one of DJ's bowls.

"Terrible. He watches you like a hawk and he doesn't want you to touch his fridge, ever!" Beth told them. She handed two dishes to Duncan and Sadie, then another to Katie. DJ gave two dishes to Eva and Ezekiel.

"Hey, Eva. How did you carry those two crates even though you're a girl?" Ezekiel asked. The girls on his team gasped. Eva picked him up and Courtney glared.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Courtney asked.

"Well, guys are so much stronger and faster than girls," Ezekiel told them. Courtney picked up Duncan's bowl and threw it at his face.

"Guys and girls are equal, well, except for the icky parts," Katie said.

"Girls, girls, please. At least he doesn't think girls aren't as smart or smarter as boys," DJ told the girls.

"Well..." Ezekiel began.

At the elimination ceremony, all the girls were eyeing at Ezekiel. Chris held a plate of ten marshmallows at front. "In this camp, marshmallows represent life. If I call your name, get up here and receive a marshmallow. If your name isn't called, you must go down the Walk of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and can never ever return. The first marshmallow ever goes to Owen."

"Awesome!" Owen cheered.

"Katie... Sadie... Harold... Justin... and Courtney..."

"Duncan... DJ... and Eva..."

Beth and Ezekiel looked at each other in fear. "Beth and Ezekiel. Reasons why you should be eliminated: Ezekiel, your sexist comments to the girls. Beth, you chickened out of the first part of the challenge and it cost your team. The last marshmallow goes to..." Chris said. A dramatic musical theme started.































"Beth." Beth clapped her hands and ran to her marshmallow, eating it instantly.

"See you Zeke," Chris said. Ezekiel frowned and boarded the Boat of Losers. The screen then panned to Chris. "Well, that's the end of the second dramatic elimination. Will the sexist comment level drop since Ezekiel's been eliminated? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter III: Trip Down Boney Lane

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time, on Total Drama Island: The campers were jumping off the cliff and into the water below. Sadly, Lindsay, Beth and DJ chickened out and became under Chef's control. The Killer Trout received gifts for winning the challenge and our former sexist Ezekiel was eliminated. This challenge is gonna spook the life out of the campers this week on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

The sun was shining. Birds cheeping. To ruin it, Chris stood outside the cabins with a bullhorn in his hands. He pressed the button and a loud alarm went off. Inside the girls side of the Trout cabin, Bridgette sat up, banging her head on the top bunk. She yelled in pain and the campers rushed into the campgrounds. "What is it?" Duncan asked.

"Challenge time!" Chris announced. "Meet me at the dock in ten minutes, sharp." At the dock, Chris was standing underneath with two canoes at each side of him. "Hey campers. Today's challenge is a canoe trip. To Boney Island!"

"Where's Boney Island?" Beth asked.

"It's a large island filled with dangerous landslides, giant beavers and the most terrible vacation place. Ever!" Chris chuckled.

"Then why are we going there?" Duncan asked.

"Because the challenge is being set there. The first team to get there wins an advantage for the second part of the challenge. You can only go in the canoes in pairs, but there'll be one three pair in the Killer Trout's case. Pair up and I'll meet you at Boney Island."

The scene panned to Bridgette and Geoff. "So, um, Bridgette. Do you want to..." Geoff started, but Bridgette wasn't listening. 

"Hey Cody. Do you want to share a canoe with me?" Bridgette asked.

"Sure babe," Cody said.

"Don't call me babe," Bridgette told him.

"Hey, Bridgette. Since we're one member to much, can I go with you?" Geoff asked.

"Sure, let's go," Bridgette said.The scene then changed to Gwen, LeShawna, Trent and Noah.

"Trent, wanna go with me?" Gwen asked.

"Okay," Trent said. He looked at Noah and pumped his fist in the air. LeShawna noticed.

"What was up with that white boy?" LeShawna asked.

"He's got a crush on Gwen, and I'm kinda his wingman from yesterday," Noah answered. "Wanna share a canoe?"

"Okay," she answered. The scene then changed to the Screaming Leeches. Duncan and Courtney were trying to ask the others, but no one was left.

"Okay princess, looks like we're partners," Duncan said.

"Ugh. Why didn't you dress better when you got to camp?" Courtney asked.

"Ooh. Nice girl's got a sharp tongue," Duncan told her.

"Sorry. I didn't mean that."

"No worries, I've been called worse. Let's go." The scene then panned to the beach with everyone in canoes. In canoe one was Gwen and Trent. Canoe two held LeShawna and Noah. In canoe three was Bridgette, Geoff and Cody. In canoe four was Lindsay and Tyler. Canoe five, and the last canoe for the Killer Trout, held Heather and Izzy. Duncan and Courtney were in canoe six. Katie and Sadie were in canoe seven, after Justin picked Beth to be in canoe eight. Eva and DJ were in canoe nine and Harold and Owen were in the last one.

Chris was in his motorboat a few metres ahead. He was shouting something, but the only word that could be heard was: "Go!" The campers instantly began to paddle through the sea. Eva and DJ were in first place after five minutes, with LeShawna and Noah in second and Heather and Izzy in third. Lindsay and Tyler's boat had caught up to Heather and Izzy's. Looking at the two girls, Heather had an idea.

(Conf), Heather: So, my idea is to find two people desperate enough to be in an alliance with me to the final three. Lindsay and Izzy seem desperate enough. I might have the first alliance ever in TD history.

"Hey Lindsay, Izzy. How would you like to be in a secret alliance with me to get to the final three?" Heather asked.

"The final three!" Lindsay squealed.

"Hey! Keep quiet. This is secret," Heather told her. "Well?"

"It would be awesome to be in the first alliance," Izzy said.

"Well, maybe. But I can't be there all the time. Cook says I have to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner until I'm eliminated," Lindsay told her.

"No problem. Ladies, we're going to the final three," Heather smirked.

"You're going where?" Tyler asked.

"We're going to the--" Lindsay started, but Heather put her hand over Lindsay's mouth.

"To the mall. Yeah, after the game's over," Heather fibbed. Suddenly, a thick fog came rolling in, covering the canoes.

"Are we in the steam room?" Lindsay asked. "I totally need the moisture."

"No Lindsay, the fog might mean we're close to Boney Island," Tyler told her. Geoff's canoe sailed towards the others.

"Come on guys, follow me," Geoff said.

The scene changed to the Screaming Leeches. Duncan and Courtney were slightly ahead of Gwen and Trent whilst Justin and Beth were slightly behind LeShawna and Noah. "Hey LeShawna!" Justin shouted from behind. LeShawna turned round and saw Justin's face. LeShawna gasped at the beauty and stopped rowing. Justin and Beth caught up and LeShawna was out of her daze.

"Hey!" LeShawna yelled. She swung her paddle at Justin, but he ducked, making her hit Beth. She fell backwards and became unconsious.

"What was that for? Now I have to row myself!" Justin yelled.

"Good. Even models have to work," Noah told him. LeShawna and Noah snickered and paddled away. On Boney Island, Bridgette, Cody, Geoff, Tyler, Lindsay, Heather and Izzy for the Killer Trout and Courtney, Duncan, Katie and Sadie for the Screaming Leeches had arrived on Boney Island. Chris and Chef were already there.

"Why is it s-s-so c-c-c-cold?" Bridgette asked.

"Boney Island is a cold place. I'm surprised you weren't cold when the fog rolled in," Chris chuckled. Eva and DJ's canoe arrived and the two ran to the others.

"We were beat! DJ, I told you, you were rowing to slow," Eva said.

"How's it my fault?" DJ asked.

"Have to blame someone," Eva grumbled. Eva and DJ stood next to Katie and Sadie who were whispering to each other and giggling. LeShawna, Noah, Harold and Owen had then arrived. Noah was on LeShawna's shoulder, panting and Harold and Owen looked soaking wet.

"What happened to you two?" Sadie asked.

"Owen stood up in the canoe. You should know the rest," Harold told them.

"I didn't know!" Owen said. He farted in front of Harold and he choked.

(Conf), Harold: How does Owen fart all the time? It's irregular to the human body. *shows a chart of the human body*

In the distance, both Gwen and Trent's boat and Justin and Beth's boat were visable in the fog.

"Hurry up!" Heather shouted.

"You can do this guys!" Noah encouraged.

"Quickly Justin!" Owen told him.

"Hurry it up!" Eva yelled. Both canoes were neck and neck, but Justin was struggling to row on his own. Gwen and Trent sped up and reached the island first.

"The Killer Trout win the first part of the challenge!" Chris announced. The Killer Trout cheered whilst the Screaming Leeches sighed. Everyone was annoyed at Justin and Beth. She was still unconsious and in Justin's arms. "Uh, what happened to Beth?"

"LeShawna hit Beth with the paddle," Justin told them.

"Why?" Sadie asked.

"I meant to hit Justin," LeShawna grumbled. The scene then changed to the campers standing in front of Chris.

"Welcome campers! Didn't think you'd make it. Anyways, Killer Trout, since you got her first, you win protective armour for your whole team. Screaming Leeches, you get the same thing, but only three suits. Decide who's gonna wear the suits. You'll need them for the challenge," Chris told them. The scene then changed to the Killer Trout who were all wearing their suits and then to the Screaming Leeches fighting over the armour.

"I'm a C.I.T! I need the protection!" Courtney yelled, tugging the armour out of Eva's hands.

"I don't care. Being strong, I can be invincible if I wear this," Eva grumbled and pulled the suit off of Courtney.

"Let go of the helmet, nerdlinger," Duncan growled, snagging the helmet from Harold.

"Well, nerdlingers like me need protection,"  Harold said, pulling the shin pads off of Katie.

(Conf), Harold: Dang it! I just confirmed I'm a nerdlinger.

(Conf), Duncan: Ha! Harold just confirmed he's a nerdlinger!

The scene then changed to the campers standing in front of Chris with Courtney, Justin and Duncan wearing armour from the Screaming Leeches. "Boney Island is one of the most dangerous places ever. It's also home to three types of animals and bugs. The slimy gopher, the giant woolly beaver and the red-eyed critter. The next part of the challenge is to catch one of each. But if you lose one, you'll have to catch it again," Chris said. He blew a whistle and the teams started. Heather stopped her team.

"I have a better idea," Heather said.

(Conf), Heather: You see, I'm all about strategy. I'm a master strategic. It's how I came up with my plan to take two people into the final three with me.

"I say we split into teams instead of going through the forest together. Three of us should make the cage, three to catch the gopher, three to catch the beaver and two to catch that critter," Heather said.

"Why should we listen to you?" Gwen asked.

"I agree with Hannah," Lindsay said.

"Heather," Heather corrected.

"No, I'm Lindsay. Who's Heather?" Lindsay asked.

"It's her!" Izzy yelled, pointing at Heather.

"Anywho, I'll take Lindsiot and Izzy," Heather said, grabbing the wrist of the two girls.

"Gwen, Trent, wanna go with me?" Noah asked.

"No, no. Why don't the two of them catch the critter together, huh, Noah?" LeShawna asked, elbowing and winking at him.

"Oh, I get it. I'll take LeShawna and Tyler," Noah said.

"That leaves me with Geoff and Cody," Bridgette said and she accidently brushed her hand against Geoff's.

(Conf), Geoff: She touched my hand and said my name first! She is so crushing on me!

"My group'll make the den. Noah's group'll catch the gopher and Bridgette's team can catch the beaver. Gwen and Trent are obviously gonna catch the critter," Heather said. The team then ran deep into Boney Island. With the Screaming Leeches, Owen was panting out of breathe.

"Come on Owen, we need to find the animals. Strength in numbers," Courtney said.

"So... out... of breathe!" Owen gasped and fell to the ground. Sadie was looking around the group.

"Where's DJ?" she asked. The scene then changed back to the beach where Heather was filing her nails whilst Izzy and Lindsay were carrying twigs and bamboo.

"Okay ladies! Let's recap on the alliance rules!" Heather yelled. "What's number one?"

"Um, we are not allowed to date boys as they are a distraction?" Lindsay guessed.

"Correct. Rule two?"

"If you break the rules twice, you will be kicked out of the alliance," Izzy said.

"Well done. What is rule three?"

"Your stuff is off limits, but you can borrow our stuff anytime without asking," Izzy said.

"Wait, I'm not sure about that one. I have this limited edition lip gloss that I'm saving for the entire show. Daddy said I could only bring one bottle since it's so expensive," Lindsay added.

"Fine then. I'll add a sub rule. You may pick one thing that I can't use. You're lucky I'm nice," Heather snickered.

(Conf), Heather: The only reason I said that is because I don't want my alliance falling apart after an hour.

Suddenly, DJ walked from the forest with Beth in his hands. "Come on Lindsay, we need to cook dinner," DJ said.

"Okay, but why's Belle in your arms?" Lindsay asked.

"Beth is unconscious. She's going to the infirmary. We're cooking dinner ourselves," DJ explained.

"Okay, Heather, I need to go to the island," Lindsay said.

"Fine. Izzy! You're on your own!" Heather yelled. DJ, Lindsay and and unconscious Beth got into a boat that had arrived with Chef and it sailed back to the island. The scene then changed to Gwen and Trent hiking through the forest. The two exchanged smiles, but Gwen tripped over.

"Gwen! Are you okay?" Trent asked, helping Gwen get back to her feet.

"Oh, I'm fine. Thanks for picking me back up," Gwen said. She stood up, but she collapsed again. "Ow!"

"What's the matter?" Trent asked.

"I think I sprained my ankle," Gwen gasped, rubbing her ankle.

"Do you want me to give you a piggyback?"

"Um, I don't know. I've not had a piggyback since I was six."

"Really? Ten years you haven't had a piggyback. I'm the same age as you, but my dad gave me one four months ago."

"Seriously? Well, maybe," Gwen sighed. She hopped onto Trent's back and the two began to search for the red-eyed critter. "What do you think this thing looks like?"

"I don't know," Trent replied. "But it can't be that bad. It's a bug, a gopher and a beaver. What's the worse that could happen?" The scene then changed to Noah and Tyler screaming and running away from a giant gopher with LeShawna clinging onto its ears and to Bridgette, Cody and Geoff being cornered by a huge beaver.

The scene panned back to the kitchen back on Camp Wawanakwa. "It's a shame Beth is uncon, uh unconscia, uh, can't be here," Lindsay said. She poured some of the paste into two bowls.

"Yeah. I need the extra help," DJ sighed. Lindsay went away and DJ took the canister out of his pocket. "Momma spice fixes everything." He poured some of the spice into the pot, stirred and tasted some of the paste with the spice added. "De-licious." The scene then showed Beth lying on an infirmary bed.

"Alright four-eyes, one injection and you should be fine," Chef grumbled. He squirted some of the orange liquid out of the syringe and advanced to Beth. A loud scream shook the island and even Boney Island. Back on the island, Justin looked out from a tree.

"What the heck was that?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter. I say we split up. I'll take nerdlinger, female jockstrap and miss C.I.T," Duncan said.

"That leaves me with Justin, Katie and Sadie," Owen giggled.

(Conf), Owen: I like Justin. He's got a nice butt. *toot*

Duncan, Courtney, Eva and Harold ran out of the forest and saw the mountain. "Maybe the gopher's up here," Duncan suggested.

"Why would a gopher be up a mountain?" Courtney asked.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Duncan asked. "This isn't exactly proper wildlife."

"You can't argue with that. Come on!" Eva grunted.

(Conf), Eva: I always knew I was one to take leadership.

Up the mountain, Eva and Duncan were ahead whilst Courtney and Harold were struggling to find fingergrips in the mountain due to the tumbling pebbles Eva and Duncan were kicking. "Could you stop kicking rocks?" Courtney asked.

"Sorry for trying to win," Duncan grunted.

"We still have Owen and the others," Harold said.

"Yeah. Like we put our complete faith in a fart machine, a dumb model and two squealers," Eva snickered. Courtney looked at Harold.

"She does have a point," she said and continued climbing the mountain. Meanwhile with Owen and the others, the four were by a shallow pool of water.

"Beavers make dams in the water, so maybe one's here!" Owen exclaimed. The others nodded and walked into the pool. "Wow, this water looks nice. I need a quick drink anyways."

"Don't do that Owen. It could be salt water!" Katie squealed. Owen's eyes widened. He spat the water out at Justin's trousers.

"Aw, Owen. These are designer!" Justin cried.

(Conf), Justin: *blowdrying trousers* I have to wear my spare trousers! *stands up and reveals a pair just like his original ones* You see, these are horrible!

Suddenly, the four heard a growling noise. "What was that?" Sadie asked.

"Maybe it was the beaver. We must be close," Justin whispered. The four went deeper into the water. Katie, who was in front, took another step, but fell.

"Ah! Deep water! Help!" Katie spluttered, bobbing in the water.

"I'll save you Katie!" Justin said. He pulled off his shirt, threw it onto Sadie and swam underneath the water. Sadie hugged Justin's shirt and Justin rose back up with Katie in his arms. "I'll have my shirt back please."

"Aw, Katie! Couldn't you have been in the water longer?" Sadie whined.

"Not unless you wanted me to drown!" Katie gasped. She kicked water at Sadie who splashed back at her.

(Conf), Katie: *splitscreen and in unison with Sadie* Really? I don't think she cares about me as her best friend anymore. She just cares about Justin.

(Conf), Sadie: *splitscreen and in unison with Katie*  Really? I don't think she cares about me as her best friend anymore. She just cares about Justin.

Bridgette, Cody and Geoff were still cornered by the beaver. It growled loudly. "I don't want to die like this!" Bridgette wailed.

"Don't worry. Surely Chris wouldn't let us die, right?" Geoff asked.

(Conf), Chris: Total Drama is not responsible to the gruesome or sudden demise of our cast due to these contracts. Man I love these things! *kisses the contracts*

Cody saw a gap where the giant beaver wasn't blocking off. He leaped in front of the other two and shouted: "Hey, beaver! Leave them alone!" The beaver roared at Cody and he yelled: "Quickly guys, run!" Geoff took Bridgette's wrist and the two ran off. Cody threw a pebble at the beaver and followed Bridgette and Geoff. He saw the two with vines in their hands. They threw the vines around the beaver and tied it up. Both of them took hold of each end of the vines, but Cody held Bridgette's end of the vine. "Don't worry Bridge, I'll hold this for you," Cody said.

"I admire your gentleman-like nature and bravery," Bridgette said, blushing. Geoff looked at the two angrily.

(Conf), Geoff: Cody has seriously got a crush on Bridgette. I've gotta make sure I make my move before Cody.

(Conf), Cody: Yeah, I like Bridgette. She definitely like me. If not, I've still got Gwen, Lindsay, Heather and all those other girls to fall back on, but let's face it, no one's gonna reject the Code-miester. I've just gotta know when to make my move. Too early and she'll surely reject, but too late and someone else might be into her. When do I make my move?

Bridgette, Cody and Geoff heaved the beaver to the edge of the island where the two teams had started. They saw Izzy almost done with making a cage and Heather who was still filing her nails. "Alright! We caught one!" Bridgette exclaimed, pumping her fists in the air.

"Well done" Heather congratulated. "At least we've caught one. put it in the cage."

"Hang on!" Izzy yelled in the distance. "I've still gotta make a door!" Loud noises such as a power saw going off, a cat yelling, glass shattering and several nails being hammered were heard. "Alright! Load her in!" Suddenly, Duncan, Courtney, Eva and Harold came rushing out from the forest with a big, slimy gopher with a twig collar around its neck.

"We got the gopher," Duncan panted.

"We found it on top of a mountain," Courtney pointed out. "Eva, you and Harold keep guard of the gopher. Me and Duncan will search for the other creatures."

"Why do I gotta pair up with nerdlinger over here?" Eva groaned.

"Don't matter. Come on Courtney, let's go," Duncan said and the two ran back inbto the forest. The scene then changed to Gwen who was still piggybacking on Trent's back.

"Do you see anything?" Trent said.

"Nope. I don't think we'll ever be able to find that critter. We don't even know if it's the size of a ladybug or the size of Owen!" Gwen exclaimed.

"You're right, but we just need to keep- crap!" Trent yelled. His foot was caught in a branch and the two fell into a pit of mud.

"Aw, crud. This mud stinks, but it does cover your armpit smell," Gwen chuckled.

"Really? Would you like some more?" Trent asked and he kicked some mud at Gwen. She chuckled and threw some more mud at him. She then stopped and froze. "Gwen, what is it?" Gwen was moving her mouth, but no words came out. Trent then felt breath down his neck. "The bug's right behind me isn't it?"

"Run!" Gwen yelled. The two ran out of the pit of mud and the red-eyed critter chased after them. Gwen and Trent then ran into Duncan and Courtney.

"Hey! Watch-" Courtney said, but she was cut off.

"Run!" Trent yelled. The others saw the red-eyed critter and ran away.

"What the- I thought that thing was supposed to be midget!" Duncan yelled. Suddenly, the four saw a fork in the path. "Split!" Gwen, Trent and Duncan ran to the left whilst Courtney ran to the right on her own.

"Wait, what?" Courtney asked to herself. She was about turn around, but the bug had already blocked the path and was chasing after her. Courtney ran into the forest of dead trees.

(Conf), Courtney: *tattered and bruised* Stupid Chris. I hate bugs. *collapses*

Courtney was cornered by a dead end of trees. The bug was twitching its antennae and glowing its red eyes. "N-nice buggy. V-v-very nice b-buggy," Courtney said, quivering in fear. The creature advanced towards Courtney.

"Courtney!" a familiar voice shouted. Courtney turned and saw Duncan. He swung down from a vine and kicked the bug over. "Quick! Help me with the bug," Duncan said, tying up some of the critter's legs with the vine. Courtney grabbed some of the vine and did the other set. Accidently, she brushed her hand on Duncan's.

"Oh, sorry," Courtney apologised.

"No worries, princess," Duncan snickered. Together, the two pulled the bug back to the dust-filled beach. "Alright! Just one more to go. We're gonna win this!"

"No way are you gonna win. We've got this thing in the bag," Izzy said. She pointed to Gwen and Trent dragging a tied up bug into the beach. "We only need the gopher and we're gonna win."

"Well, we just need the beaver," Eva growled.

"We just need the gopher," Heather snickered.

"We're here!" LeShawna yelled. The camera showed LeShawna pulling the tail of a gopher and Noah and Tyler pushing its head. They shoved it into the cage and Chris, who was busy sleeping on a deckchair, woke up.

"Huh, what? Oh, the Killer Trout win again!" Chris announced. The Killer Trout cheered whilst the Screaming Leeches frowned. Owen, Katie, Sadie and Justin came out of the forest with Katie and Sadie being pullled apart by Owen. The rest of the Screaming Leeches frowned at the four.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris held a plate of nine marshmallows and stood at the front of the bonfire. "Welcome, Screaming Gophers, to your second elimination ceremony. As you all know, you cast your votes in the confessional, so do it now:"

(Conf), Beth: *rubs arm in pain* Ow, Chef's injection really stung my arm, but at least I'm conscious again. I guess I vote out Justin.

(Conf), Justin: I wish LeShawna was able to eliminate, 'cause she almost ruined my beautiful looks. But I'm gonna have to vote out Beth. She didn't help us at all.

(Conf), Courtney: I'm bugged with the four of those losers. Two copycats, a stupid model and Owen. I'm gonna vote off Justin.

(Conf), DJ: Working in the kitchen was hard. I could have used a couple of extra hands, so I'm voting her out.

The scene then flashed back at the elimination ceremony. Chris began to speak. "Alrighty then. The first three marshmallows go to Courtney, Owen and DJ."

"Duncan, Katie, Sadie and Eva." Beth, Harold and Justin were the only ones left. "Harold."

"Awesome!" Harold said. He ran up to Chris and grabbed his marshmallow.

"Beth and Justin. You two are both on the chopping block. Justin, you're on the chopping block for your terrible rowing skills. Beth, you're on the chopping block for getting yourself unconscious. The final one who's safe is..."





























"Justin!" Justin ran over to Chris and put his marshmallow on a stick.

"Wait, what? How come I'm eliminated? What did I do?" Beth asked.

"Exactly, what did you do?" Courtney asked. Beth frowned and boarded the Boat of Losers.

"Bye everyone!" Beth shouted as the boat sailed away.

Chris looked at the camera. "Beth's elimination wasn't a big shocker. Who's next? Find out on the very next episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

(Conf), LeShawna: Wow, I totally didn't mean to get Beth eliminated, but hey, I'm one step closer to winning the hundred thousand bucks. Beth, if you're watching this, sorry.

Chapter IV: The Big Nap

The scene panned from the island to in the campgrounds. "Last time on Total Drama Island: our twenty one campers sailed to Boney Island, a journey that successfully got Heather an alliance with Lindsay and Izzy. The contestants had to catch three different creatures and the Killer Trout won, leaving the Screaming Leeches to vote out Beth. What challenge is in store today? How will Heather's alliance prevail? Will the Killer Trout's winning streak continue? Find out now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

At the mess hall, LeShawna, Gwen, Trent and Noah were all still in the line. DJ and Lindsay were behind the desk. "Here you go guys," Lindsay said, passing four bowls of the paste to each of them.

"Thanks," LeShawna thanked. "So, uh, I was thinking that we should stick together."

"What do you mean?" Trent asked.

"We stick together and vote together so we can all make it into the final four," LeShawna whispered.

"Like an alliance?" Gwen asked.

"Kinda. So what do you think?"

"I'm in," Noah said.

"Me too," Gwen and Trent said in sync. The two then blushed at each other. The four walked to their table and DJ and Lindsay walked into the mess hall. Chef's head peered through the hole in the wall.

"Chris told me to tell you you don't need to cook for as long as the challenge goes on," Chef mention.

"Okay, TJ, we get a day off!" Lindsay squealed. DJ sighed in relief and got a dish, walking to his table. Just then; Chris walked into the room.

"Hey there campers! Today's challenge is gonna be a long one," Chris chuckled.

"What does that mean?" Cody asked.

"Follow me to the campgrounds and I'll show you," Chris chuckled. The campers followed him outside and they saw twenty beds lying with two rows. One had eleven, the other contained nine. The eleven were red and the other nine were green. "Today's challenge is a contest of who can stay asleep the longest. I'm gonna come up with the most ways to get you to wake up. The last member standing wins for their team. Also, no speaking."

The campers were all in the beds. On the Killer Trout, Gwen, Trent, Noah, LeShawna, Bridgette, Geoff, Cody, Heather, Lindsay, Izzy and Tyler from left to right. From left to right for the Screaming Leeches, it was Courtney, Duncan, Harold, Owen, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Eva and DJ. "Once I blow my whistle, you can't talk. We have camera everywhere, so if you open your eyes for a split-second, you'll be out," Chris mentioned.

"So what do we do one you-" Lindsay began, but she was cut off by the sharp blow of Chris' whistle. "Yeah, so what do we do?"

"Lindsay! You just got, oh great! You got me eliminated!" Izzy screamed.

"Lindsay, Izzy, you're eliminated," Chris chuckled. "Speaking also eliminates you." He walked towards Duncan and Harold. He held two megaphones to both of their ears and yelled. "Wake up!" Harold shot up whilst Duncan continued to sleep. "Harold, you're eliminated."

"What! I have an ear disfunction that amplifies all sounds. That shouldn't count," Harold gasped. "And no help from my other teammates, gosh!" The scene flashed and Chris looked at the camera, standing in front of Bridgette's bed and standing behind Katie's bed.

"It's been half an hour since I woke anyone up. If all goes well, I'll have two new victims," Chris whispered to the camera. He ran out of sight from the camera and it followed him. He was holding a remote with a large red button on it and then, he pressed it. A ton of slop fell onto Bridgette and Katie and they both sat up, wiping off the green goo.

"Ew," Katie whined.

"Was this the best way to wake us up?" Bridgette asked.

"Yes, yes it was," Chris chuckled.

(Conf), Bridgette: *splitscreen, covered in goo and in unison with Katie* Great, just great.

(Conf), Katie: *splitscreen, covered in goo and in unison with Bridgette* Great, just great.

Bridgette and Katie walked next to the other three. A chuckle was heard. "Okay, who laughed?" Chris asked. No one responded. "Seriously, I'm gona bust you so just own up." Still, no one responded. "Fine, you wanna play hardball, let's play hardball." The scene switched to the first two bed of each row. Red balls stormed down on them, making Courtney fall off of the bed and Trent shot up.

"Courtney and Trent, you're out," Chris laughed.

"Ow, no need to throw dodgeballs," Courtney said, rubbing her forehead.

"I said I was gonna play hardball," Chris laughed, smiling.

(Conf), Trent: *rubbing his arm in pain* I wonder why I ever signed up for this show.

Chris walked over to a giant lever. He pulled it and a green gas swarmed the campers. "In case you're wondering what this is, it's Owen fart," Chris told them.

"Sorry guys," Owen grinned, farting.

"Owen's out!" Chris said. Again, he heard a chuckle. "Okay, Chef, find out the person who's doing it."

"Already done," Chef told him. "It's Geoff."

"Geoff, you're out," Chris said. Geoff opened his eyes.

"I was thinkin' of a joke that my friend told me before I got here," Geoff grinned.

(Conf), Geoff: No I wasn't. I just needed an excuse to wake up. I have a plan to get Bridgette before Cody.

The scene showed Sadie and Justin. Both of their faces were red. Then they woke up and ran out of the fart cloud. "I couldn't stay there any longer," Sadie said, panting.

"Models say that their insides are just as pretty as their outsides, and that fart's gonna pollute them," Justin gasped.

"That means only Duncan, DJ, and Eva are the only ones left for your team. Kinda sucks for the Killer Trout's six," Chris told them. The only contestants left were Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Noah, Cody, Tyler, DJ, Duncan and Eva. The camera then panned to the whole island with a timer just hitting twenty seven hour point. It then showed the mess hall, with Lindsay and Chef serving food to those who had been eliminated from the challenge.

"I wonder how the others are doing," Bridgette wondered.

"I know. They've been asleep for more than a day. To be honest, I'm actually hungry for this crap," Geoff yawned.

"Do you think our guys will win?" Sadie asked from the other table.

"I'm positive. All three of them are strong contendors, but if they keep going, they're gonna get hungry. I especially believe in Duncan. He's been in jail. He's sure to be able to not go hungry," Courtney said.

"I just hope the others give up before our three," Owen said. The camera changed back to the campgrounds. Chris was back with a tub of slime in his hands.

"Shh, they're sleeping," Chris whispered. He walked over to Heather and dunked the slime over her face, making her sit up.

"That was freezing!" Heather shivered. She tried to pull the remains of the slime off, but they were stuck. "Um, Chris. I can't get this slime off."

"That's because it's hard dry goo," Chris told her.

"When does it come off?" Heather asked, grabbing Chris' collar.

"Don't worry, it'll come off in the shower, and I suggest you take one. You reek!" Chris gasped, pinching his nose. Heather growled and she walked into the communal washrooms. "Hopefully." He walked over to the side and returned with a paintball gun in his hand. He fired at the remaining campers, making Noah and DJ sit up straight. Both were covered in paint stains.

"Ow, ow, ow," Noah wailed.

"Those paintballs hurt. We didn't even get a chance to put on protective armour!" DJ complained.

"Then how would you get hurt?" Chris asked sarcastically. "Take a shower to wash the paint off." Noah and DJ mumbled and left.

(Conf), Noah: The only reason I auditioned for this show is because I want to show the world that brains can win you a hundred thousand dollars.

Chris was holding a bucket. "Is it filled with: A: Worms, B: Bugs, or C: Crickets? It's secret option D: All of the above!" he laughed. He was over Gwen. He was about to pour the contents when: "Aaahhhh! Chris!"

"Oh, that must be Heather. Time to go," Chris said and he ran out of the camera's sight. The camera then panned out on the island, showing night and the timer that had just passed the forty hour mark, meaning it was past midnight. Chris still had his bucket and he walked over to Gwen. He was about to pour the contents over her, but she woke up.

"Nice try. I'm eliminating myself, 'cause this is just boring," Gwen grumbled.

"Suit yourself," Chris told her. She walked off and Chris jogged over to Eva's bed. Eva was snoring with her mouth wide open. "Should I or shouldn't I? Should I," he said to himself and poured the creatures all over her face, even into her mouth. Startled, Eva shot up and glared at Chris. She spat out the bugs that got into her mouth.

"You're a dead man, McLean!" Eva yelled and she started to chase after Chris.

"Chef! Get the tranquilliser darts ready!" Chris yelled. Quickly, two darts were shot and landed in Eva's neck. She mumbled and fell to the ground. Chef walked over.

"Nice aim," Chris complimented.

"Thanks. It's one of the skills I learnt as a prison guard," Chef told him.

(Conf), Chef: Yeah, that's right. I was a prison guard.

The camera once again panned to the whole island. The timer had reached fifty five hours and thirty minutes. There were three left for the Killer Trout and Duncan was the only one the Screaming Leeches had left. The camera went back into the kitchen where Heather had buried her face in a book. She sat down at her table without getting some food. "Why're you reading a book?" Izzy asked. She lowered the book and saw Heather's face was green. "What happened to your face?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Heather grumbled.

"I bet it's from the slime Chris put on her face," Trent chuckled. Heather got Izzy's spoon and threw it at Trent.

The scene switched back to the campgrounds. Geoff was seen coming out of his cabin.

(Conf), Geoff: Time to make my move.

He crawled over to Duncan and reached into his pocket. He pulled a pair of earphones and put them in Duncan's ears. He then crawled over to Cody. He got a blowhorn and shouted, "Wake up! Wake up! Get your butts up!" He screamed afterwards and LeShawna and Tyler shot up. Quickly, he taped the blowhorn to Cody's hand. He crawled over and took the earphones out of Duncan's ears and crawled away. LeShawna and Tyler saw Cody with the blowhorn in his hand and LeShawna slapped him.

"Ow! What was that for?" Cody asked.

"You woke us up and got us all eliminated," LeShawna told him.

"And Duncan's still asleep," Tyler complained. Cody saw the blowhorn stuck to his hand.

"I swear I didn't do it!" Cody told them.

"Yeah, yeah," LeShawna muttered.

"The Screaming Leeches win!" Chris announced. Duncan sat up in bed and Courtney, Owen and DJ picked him up.

"Well done, Duncan!" Courtney applauded.

"Way to go, bro," Owen smiled.

(Conf), Duncan: Yeah, it's awesome how everyone's praising me. I won the game for them!

"Killer Trout, you'll be going to your first, but the third elimination ceremony," Chris explained to them. Everyone glared at Cody who was still in his bed. He gulped, whilst Geoff grinned. The scene changed to the communal washrooms, where Duncan, DJ and Owen were.

"Well done for winning the challenge," Owen praised.

"That was great," DJ added.

"Yeah, yeah. Ya know, I actually don't think weiner was the cause of his team losing. I felt something being stuck and pulled out of my ears. I don't think Cody did it," Duncan explained to his friends.

"You think it was sabotage?" DJ asked.

"I'm not sure, but something wasn't right about that challenge," Duncan said, rubbing his chin.

The scene then changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of ten marshmallows, looking at the eleven members of the Killer Trout who were sitting down in front of him. "Welcome, Killer Trout, to your first elimination ceremony. I will call your names out. If your name is heard, come and get a marshmallow. If I don't say your name, you must walk down the Walk of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and you can never, ever, ever return to Camp Wawanakwa again. Ever. Cast your votes in the confessional and meet back here in five," Chris said.

(Conf), Geoff: I hope no one saw me sabotaging Cody. I'm voting him off.

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm not one to blame, but I'm positive that Cody cost us the challenge, so I'm voting him out.

(Conf), Izzy: Lindsay's the reason I was eliminated in the challenge, but she's in Heather's alliance as well as me. I'm gonna vote off Cody.

(Conf), Cody: I'm sure that everyone on my team won't vote me off, but I'm gonna vote of Geoff.

The scene flashed to the bonfire. Izzy and Cody had just sat back down. "Okay, the first marshmallow that goes to a Killer Trout is Gwen," Chris said. Gwen smiled and grabbed her marshmallow. "Marshmallows also go to Heather, LeShawna, Trent, Noah, Lindsay, Tyler and Izzy." The seven individually got their marshmallows, leaving Geoff, Bridgette and Cody left. "Bridgette is also safe." She smiled.

"Thanks guys," Bridgette thanked. Geoff and Cody looked at each other, nervously.

"Geoff and Cody. Only one of you is safe, the other can never come back to this island ever again. The last one safe is..."































"Geoff." Chris said.

"Alright!" Geoff shouted, pumping his fists into the air.

"Hey, why am I eliminated?" Cody asked.

"You shouted that blowhorn and got us eliminated!" Tyler exclaimed.

"It wasn't me!" Cody protested.

"Don't wanna hear it," Chef grumbled, walking over to Cody. He grabbed him over his shoulder, carried him down the dock and threw him onto the boat.

"Wait! Bridgette!" Cody yelled. Bridgette walked towards the boat. Geoff and Chris were looking at them.

"Yo Chris, I'll pay you ten bucks if the boat leaves now," Geoff said, pulling some money out of his pocket.

"Done," Chris chuckled and he pressed a button, making the boat leave straight away.

"Wait! Cody! What were you gonna say?" Bridgette asked.

"I was gonna say--" Cody was cut off by the foghorn and the boat sailed away. Chris looked at the camera.

"Well, Cody's been voted off after a long challenge. What was he going to say to Bridgette? Will Geoff make his move with Bridgette? What will I spend my new ten bucks on? Find out possibly none of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter V: Dodgeball Disaster

Chris was standing in the campgrounds. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers took a long nap, sleeping for the victory. I turned Heather's face green and Geoff made Tyler and LeShawna's face red with anger at Cody, since he was framed by Geoff in a scheme that got Cody eliminated, so he wouldn't make his move on Bridgette first. What challenge do I have in store next? Is it gonna haunt the contestants? Do I need a facial? Find out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

DJ and Lindsay were in the kitchen. "I'm bored," Lindsay moaned.

"It's our own fault for chickening out of the first challenge, but I think we need more help. Chef Hatchet occasionally helps us, but that's not enough," DJ sighed.

"You're right, TJ," Lindsay said, incorrectly saying DJ's name. Suddenly, the door slammed open and Chef came in, holding a long, sharp knife in his hand.

"Have you maggots finished yet?" Chef asked loudly.

"Not yet, I still have five more bowls to make," Lindsay said.

"I've finished," DJ told him.

"Good! You've got hungry campers to feed, now move, move, move!" Chef said. "And no helping blondie." Lindsay sulked whilst DJ frowned and took his bowls to the counter. Duncan and Owen were there first.

"Hey guys, wassup?" DJ asked.

"Fine, just hungry," Owen said, holding his tray out to him. DJ passed him some paste and also gave some to Duncan. Owen smelled the paste and said: "Mm, this smells delicious!" Lindsay walked over to the counter.

"Finally, I'm starving," Heather sighed. She grabbed the dish, smelled it and spat out. "This smells like crap! What did you do put in here?"

"Um, milk, dry eggs and paste," Lindsay said.

"Dry eggs?" she asked.

"How come DJ's food smells good?" Izzy asked.

"I don't know, I cooked it the same way as DJ," Lindsay said.

"Keep the line moving," Noah said. Heather and Izzy went to the table with Owen and Duncan following them. Soon, the whole of the Killer Trout joined them. Courtney was the last one to arrive, excluding DJ. She saw that one side of the bench was packed with Sadie, Katie, Justin, Eva and Harold.

"Hey Duncan, do you mind if I sit next to you?" Courtney asked.

"No problem, princess," Duncan said. She sat next to him and DJ sat next to Owen.

"So, do you like my food?" DJ asked, putting his spoon in the bowl and eating the paste. Courtney took a bite.

"It's delicious!" she gasped.

"Mm, this is gonna go straight to my thighs," Owen said, sucking up the white slop.

"This is some good stuff, Deej," Duncan said.

"Thanks bro," DJ said, fist-bumping with Duncan.

"How can they eat it like it's 'Angel Delight'?" Gwen asked, swirling her breakfast around.

"Ooh, ooh, one time, when I was camping with my brother, we brought these packets of 'Angel Delight'  and we got into a big 'Angel Delight' war, but then our mom saw the state of the tent and then she said we had to sleep outside!" Izzy told them.

"That's fascinating, tell us more," Noah said sarcastically. Izzy looked to her left and nudged Heather with her elbow.

"What?" Heather asked. She turned her head and saw Tyler with his arm around Lindsay. "Lindsay!" Lindsay saw Heather.

"Sorry," she apologised and she took Tyler's arm off of her shoulder.

"Hey, why do you gotta listen to her?" Tyler asked.

"Shut it, jock," Heather said and she threw her breakfast in Tyler's face.

(Conf), Heather: Boys are a distraction. I know that, Izzy knows that, but Tyler is starting to bug me because he's flirting with Lindsay. I should eliminate him, but maybe I can do something to turn the tables with the two.

The campers began to mumble and Chris walked into the room in a referee's outfit. "Morning campers, your challenge starts at the dodgeball field in five. If you don't get there, you're instantly eliminated," he said. The other campers gasped. "That's right, I'm strict."

The scene changed to the dodgeball field. Chef and Chris were wearing matching referee outfits. "Listen up! Today's challenge is the classic bloodbath, dodgeball. Recaping on the rules, if you're hit with the dodgeball, you're out! If the ball that you throw is caught, you're out! If you catch a ball that's thrown at you, you eliminate the thrower and you get to bring someone from your team onto the court. If there is a dodgeball in your hand, you can use it to deflect, but if it's knocked out of your hand, you're out! If you run past the middle line, you're out! The first loser team to win three rounds wins!" Chef Hatchet explained.

"Chef's right. Choose who's going on the court. Five a round," Chris added. The scene flashed to the Screaming Leeches side of the court. Courtney decided to take charge.

"Okay guys. As a C.I.T, I should take charge since I've arranged lots of sport events before," Courtney said.

"Who died and made you take charge?" Eva asked.

"I'm just saying," Courtney said, defending herself.

"I agree with princess," Duncan said.

(Conf), Duncan: In case you viewers are thinking me and Courtney are a thing, you're dead wrong. Why would a C.I.T go out with a delinquint. Unless she was my lawyer...

"Thank you Duncan. Alright, Duncan, Eva, me, DJ and Owen will take the first round. Then me, Katie, Sadie, Duncan and DJ will play for the second," Courtney explained. The scene then moved over to the Killer Trout's side of the court where Heather took charge

"Alright people, I say Noah and Gwen sit out first round. Who wants to join them?" Heather asked. Lindsay, Tyler and Bridgette stuck their hands up. "Alright. We need to order up our side. I'll go at the back where I'll be protected by the rest of you. Izzy'll join me. LeShawna, you take the middle. That leaves Trent and Geoff out front." The other four nodded and they walked onto the field. The Screaming Leeches joined them. Chris and Chef were sitting in highchairs.

"And... GO!" Chris yelled, blowing a whistle. Geoff, Trent and the Screaming Leeches who were on the court ran to the middle line to grab the dodgeballs. Geoff, Trent, Courtney and DJ caught one each. Geoff threw his dodgeball at DJ who deflected it, hitting Geoff in the face with his own ball. He was slammed into the back wall and Chef blew a whistle with the Killer Trout's five going down to four. He rubbed his face and sat down on the bleachers. DJ and Courtney then threw the dodgeballs at Trent and LeShawna. Trent dodged it and LeShawna caught DJ's, sending him out and bringing Geoff back.

"You're welcome, white boy," LeShawna said. Geoff smiled and caught the dodgeball LeShawna tossed to him. He threw it at Courtney who skillfully dodged it.

"Guys, I have an idea," Courtney said. She whispered her idea to the others and they nodded. She then turned around. "Hey, wide open!" Trent and Geoff threw two dodgeballs at her, but she dodged them both. She then chucked the balls at Duncan and Owen and all four threw their dodgeballs at LeShawna. The remaining four threw their dodgeballs back at Courtney and Eva, but they missed and Eva caught Heather's. She sat out, lowering the Killer Trout's score to three.

"Come on guys, we can do this!" Geoff encouraged. He was then hit in the face with a dodgeball.

(Conf), Eva: Those fools are making it seem like they want to give me the money. *chuckles*

Trent and Izzy were the only ones left from their team. Duncan, Owen and Courtney threw their three dodgeballs at the remaining two. Izzy caught Duncan's and Trent dodged Owen's but was hit by Courtney's. He joined the other's in the bleachers leaving Izzy on her own. "Good luck Izzy," Trent said.

Izzy threw her dodgeball at Owen, but he crouched down, dodging the ball. Courtney threw her ball at Izzy, who dodged, but was hit again by Owen, lowering the Trout to zero. "The Screaming Leeches win 'Round One'!" Chris announced. "Now let's get on with 'Round Two'."

The scene flashed showing Heather, Gwen, Tyler, Lindsay and Trent for the Killer Trout and Courtney, Duncan, Katie, Sadie and DJ for the Screaming Leeches. Chris blew his whistle, and Gwen and Tyler threw their dodgeballs at Katie. She bent backwards and both dodgeballs missed her. Sadie and DJ threw the two dodgeballs at Trent and Lindsay. She dodged, but he was hit in the stomach lowering the score to four. "Trent, you're out!" Chris shouted.

Lindsay grabbed the two dodgeballs and passed one to Tyler. In sync, the two threw the dodgeballs at Duncan. He was hit twice, and Courtney, Sadie, Katie and DJ got the dodgeballs and threw them at Gwen and Tyler. Gwen managed to catch Sadie's dodgeball and they dodged the rest. "Alright!" Gwen exclaimed, high-fiving LeShawna who she brought into the game. LeShawna threw one dodgeball at DJ who successfully dodged, but he was hit when Tyler threw a ball at his stomach, making the Screaming Leeches score drop to three. Katie and Sadie squealed and they had a dodgeball in their hands each. They ran past middle line and hit Heather.

"Katie, Sadie and Heather, you're out!" Chris yelled. Heather growled at the two and sat down on the bleachers. LeShawna threw a dodgeball at Courtney, but she missed.

"Nice throw!" Courtney taunted. Gwen and Tyler had dodgeballs in their hands. The two nodded at each other and threw dodgeballs at her, slamming her into back wall. Chris blew his whistle.

"The Killer Trout win 'Round Two'!" Chris exclaimed. The scene changed to the Killer Trout.

"Alright Noah, you and Bridgette are up," Heather said.

"Um, I think that you should just put Bridgette up. Sports aren't really my point of expertise," Noah told her.

"Don't care, get on field!" Heather told him. She shoved him onto the court and a worried look spread on Noah's face. "Bridgette, Gwen, Tyler and Geoff, you join Noah."

On the Screaming Leeches side, Courtney was about to pick who was next. "Okay, Harold, you stay out again," Courtney instructed.

"But I sat out the last round," Harold moaned.

"So?" she asked.

"Can't I go this round?" Harold asked.

"Ugh, you can go 'Round Four'," Courtney said, giving up the arguement. Harold smiled and the scene showed the teams on the court. 'Round Three' began with Noah, Bridgette, Gwen, Tyler and Geoff on the Killer Trout and Justin, Sadie, Eva, Courtney and Owen on the Screaming Leeches. Chris blew his whistle. "Begin!" he yelled. Gwen and Tyler threw their dodgeballs and Owen and Sadie did the same, but the dodgeballs hit each other in the face. Chris blew his whistle and said: "Gwen, Tyler, Owen and Sadie, you're all out!" Both scores lowered to three.

"Ow, my face hurts," Gwen whined, rubbing her face.

"Mine too," Sadie said.

(Conf), Sadie: Dodgeball hurts.

Noah got a dodgeball. He threw it, but it just landed over the middle line. "You see what I meant?" he told them. Eva threw her dodgeball at him and he crashed into Geoff. Bridgette ran over to the two.

"Oh my gosh, are you two alright?" Bridgette asked.

"I'm a bit hurt," Noah gasped as the wind was taken out of him.

"I'm okay. Are you sure you're okay little buddy?" Geoff asked.

"Fine," Noah gasped. He got to the bleachers with just Bridgette and Geoff left on their side of the court. Justin threw his at Bridgette, but Geoff caught it.

"Dang it!" Justin said.

"Thansk for that Geoff," Bridgette thanked. "Trent, do you want to come in?"

"Sure," he said. He walked onto the court and Geoff passed him a dodgeball. Trent threw one at Courtney, but she deflected it. Unfortunately, she the force of the balls hitting each other made the one she was holding drop out of her hands.

"Butterfingers," Eva muttered.

"It's called gravitational force," Courtney told her.

(Conf), Courtney: That Eva girl is really getting on my nerves. She can't just bully everyone on the team.

Geoff, Bridgette and Trent all had dodgeballs ready to throw at Eva. "You three wimps are gonna go down," Eva growled.

"Yeah right," Geoff snickered. All three threw their dodgeballs at Eva. Eva repelled Bridgette's, dodged Geoff's and slammed Trent's into the back wall. She chucked her ball at the other side. It bounced off of Bridgette and Geoff's faces and hit Trent in the backside.

"Screaming Leeches win 'Round Three'! Wrap it up and we need to move onto 'Round Four' before we go overtime. Hurry it up!" Chris shouted.

"Yeah, I got lunch to make!" Chef grunted. The scene showed both teams back on the court. Courtney, Harold, Duncan, DJ and Katie were on the Screaming Leeches side and LeShawna, Tyler, Izzy, Geoff and Heather on the Killer Trout's side of the court. Chris blew his whistle and Tyler swung his dodgeball at the other side, but it hit the members of the Screaming Leeches who were on the bleachers.

"Hey jockstrap! Watch where you throw or that dodgeball's gonna go somewhere you don't like," Eva threatened. Tyler gulped.

(Conf), Tyler: Eva scares me.

Courtney whispered something into Katie's ear. Katie nodded and threw her ball into the sky. Tyler saw it and stretched his arms up into the air. Unbeknown to him, Courtney hurled her dodgeball at him and he was thrown into the back wall. "My ribs!" Tyler whined. "Aw my ribs!" The scene showed the infirmary with Tyler lying down on a bed with bandages around his ribs.

"Okay, Tyler's gonna be in the infirmary for a while. Because of that, I'm sending Courtney out," Chris told everyone.

"Wait, what? How come you're kicking me out?" Courtney asked.

"You threw the dodgeball at Tyler which got him into infirmary. I should really take two members off, but I'm nice," Chris smiled.

(Conf), Justin: Yeah, nice as in sending us to Boney Island with freaky animals...

(Conf), Heather: ...Making us jump of a cliff...

(Conf), Izzy: ...Torturing us whilst we sleep...

(Conf), Courtney: .,..And sending me out of the dodgeball game!

Cross, Courtney sat down on the bleachers, lowering both scores to four. Heather threw the last dodgeball on her side at Harold. He ran away from the ball and screamed like a little girl, but he was hit in the back of the head and fell to the floor. "Harold, you're out!" Chris shouted.

"Gosh!" he gasped loudly and he sat down in the bleachers. All three of the Screaming Leeches had dodgeballs.

"Katie, you know what to do," Duncan said.

"I sure do," Katie said. She threw her dodgeball up in the air.

"Don't fall for it guys," Heather said. Unfortunately, she didn't see the other three throwing their dodgeballs at her. She was flung into Geoff and they both hit the back wall. "Infirmary!" Heather yelled. Yet again, Bridgette ran to the back wall.

"Are you two okay?" Bridgette asked.

"My head really hurts," Geoff moaned. He moved his hand on top of Bridgette's. The two looked at each other and blushed. The scene then showed Geoff with bandages wrapped around his head and Heather with bandages around her head and body. Chef was in his doctor's suit with a syringe filled with liquid similar to what the liquid in Beth's old syringe looked like.

"I'm gonna need more syringes," Chef muttered.

The scene showed back at the field with Duncan and DJ on the bleachers. Katie was the only one left on the field. "Oh no," she said, looking at LeShawna and Izzy, her opponents. She threw her dodgeball at LeShawna, but she caught it.

"Katie, you're out and the Killer Trout win 'Round Four'! Ugh, by this time I'm gonna be late for my date with the waitress. Can we start 'Round Five' now?" Chris asked. The scene showed the Killer Trout.

"Okay guys, we need to win this final round to win the game. Gwen, Trent, Bridgette and Noah, I want you on the court with me," LeShawna said.

"Wait, can I go 'Round Six'?" Lindsay asked.

"There is no 'Round Six', baby girl. But, I'l let you on the field if we have to swap over," LeShawna told her.

"Yay!" she squealed.

"How come I'm on the court? I can't play dodgeball," Noah protested.

"Don't worry stringbean, I believe in you," LeShawna said. The five went onto the court and saw that Eva, Harold, Duncan, Courtney and Owen were their opponents.

"Alright, once I blow my whistle, 'Round Five' will begin," Chris said. He blew his whistle sharply and the campers ran at the middle line. LeShawna, Trent, Bridgette and Owen got dodgeballs. LeShawna and Trent threw their dodgeballs in sync at Harold. One hit his head, the other hit his nuts.

(Conf), Harold: *clenching his nuts* Why must I be hit in the privates? It hurts!

"Harold, get on the bleachers 'cause you're out!" Chirs laughed. Harold crawled to the bleachers and Owen grabbed another dodgeball, throwing them both at Gwen. She cowered in fear, but luckily Trent caught both, holding two dodgeballs in his hands.

"Owen, you're out," Chris announced as Owen walked to the benches.

"Thanks Trent," Gwen thanked.

"No problem," Trent replied. "Lindsay and Izzy, you two come onto the court." He passed one dodgeball to Gwen and the two threw their dodgeballs at Courtney. Both dodgeballs hit her face and she fell backwards, but Duncan caught her.

"Thank you Duncan," Courtney thanked.

"No worries princess," Duncan smirked.

"Courtney, you're out," Chris said. The C.I.T muttered something and sat down in the bleachers. Duncan threw his dodgeball at Lindsay.

"D'oh!" she said as she was winded by the ball. Eva swung her arm and launched the red dodgeball straight at Bridgette's face. It slapped her straight in his cheek.

"Ooh, that's gonna hurt in the morning. Lindsay and Bridgette, you two are out," Chris announced. The two went off of the court, Lindsay was holding her tummy and Bridgette was rubbing the side of her face. LeShawna, Gwen, Izzy and Trent threw their dodgeballs at the other side, storming Duncan and Eva. Unfortunately, Duncan caught Gwen's and deflected Izzy's, whilst Eva dodged both of LeShawna and Trent's dodgeballs.

"Gwen, you're out, Courtney, come in," Chris said. Courtney smiled and came onto the court, sticking her tongue out at Gwen.

(Conf), Gwen: Jerk.

Duncan passed Courtney a dodgeball and together, the two threw their dodgeballs at Noah. In slow motion, the dodgeballs almost hit Noah, but Trent had threw himself in front of Noah, getting hit in the stomach. Normal time then returned and Trent felt winded. "Thanks Trent," Noah thanked.

"No problem buddy," Trent said, walking over to the bleachers. The scene then changed to Chris, sitting in his highchair, looking bored.

"It has been over ten minutes. There are still three members on each team. That leaves only on question... WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!" Chris yelled. This was followed by loud responses from everyone else left on the court. "Yeah, yeah, don't care. I'm late for dinner!" Courtney threw her dodgeball at Izzy's butt. She had bent down to get a dodgeball, but had become an open target. "Izzy, you're out!"

"Dang it!" Izzy moaned. She sat down in the bleachers, joined by Heather, Geoff and Tyler from the infirmary. "Hey, welcome back Heather."

"Thanks," Heather grumbled. LeShawna was the next to throw. She launched her dodgeball at Duncan. He was hit, but the ball bounced of his face and hit Courtney in the butt.

"Alright!" LeShawna said, high fiving Noah, but was hit in the stomach by a ball the Eva threw. She frowned and walked off of the court.

"Who put Noah in?" Heather asked angrily.

"I did," LeShawna answered. "Got a problem with it?"

"Yes, if Noah fails, you're gone," she threatened. Noah and Eva were the only ones left on the court. Eva grinned and Noah cowered at the back wall.

"You're going down nerd," Eva chuckled. Noah gulped. She threw the three dodgeballs left on her side at Noah, but luckily, he dodged. "Throw them back!"

"Have you seen me throw?" he asked sarcastically. Eva snarled and threw one of her shoes at Noah, but missed. She then threw her other shoe at Noah, but he jumped over it.

"Stay still!" Eva shouted. She ran to the bleachers and grabbed the bench. Katie, Sadie and Harold ran off of it and Eva threw it at the other side with all her strength. Noah jumped over the bench and it sent the dodgeballs bouncing over to her side.

"Hey Chris! Isn't their a rule against this?" Gwen asked.

"If it wasn't mentioned at the start, it's not a rule," Chris told her. Eva threw the four dodgeballs at Noah in a group. Back in slow motion, Noah dodged the first one, ducked under the second, jumped over the third, but the last one caught him and it returned to normal speed. The Screaming Leeches cheered, but Noah stood up. He had caught the dodgeball. "The Killer Trout wins the game!" The Screaming Leeches grumbled at Eva, who was shocked at her losing.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris held a plate of eight marshmallows in front of the bonfire. "Welcome, Screaming Leeches, to your third elimination ceremony. You all know the drill. Go to the outhouse confesssional and decide who you want to eliminate."

The scene flashed back to the bonfire. "You've all casted your votes. The first tasty treat made of egg whites goes to Owen," Chris announced.

"Alright!" Owen exclaimed, pumping his fists into the air.

"Duncan... DJ... Sadie... Katie..."

"Courtney and Justin." The two caught their marshmallows and Harold and Eva looked at each other. "Harold and Eva. Harold, you're on the chopping block for being terrible at dodgeball. Eva, you're on the chopping block for losing to Noah. I mean, seriously? Did you see him throw?" Chris asked.

"Clam it, McLean!" Eva snarled.

"And the last marshmallow goes to...






























... Harold!" Chris announced and he threw the final marshmallow at him.

"What! You kept him instead of me!" Eva yelled.

"Your anger issues are kinda disturbing," Courtney said.

"But still!" Eva growled.

"Eva, Dock-o-Shame time," Chris taunted.

"Well, you guys just voted off your strongest player!" Eva yelled and ran to the boat. "Step on it!" was heard in the distance.

Chris looked at the camera. "That's the end of dodgeball, lowering the Screaming Leeches from nine to eight. Who's gonna go next time? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter VI: Don't Dine With Me

Chris was standing in the mess hall, looking at the camera. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers were playing the original bloodbath of a schoolground game - dodgeball. It was so intense that Heather, Geoff and Tyler had to go to the infirmary. In the last round, Noah managed to last the round and got Eva eliminated in both the game and the chance to win the hundred thousand bucks. Can you guess what challenge the campers are gonna do today? Find out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Katie had just woken up in the girls side of the Screaming Leeches cabin. "Morning girls," Katie had yawned. She saw that the beds were empty. "Oh no! I'm late!" She ran out of her top bunk and out of the cabin. The scene then changed to the mess hall. She saw her team eating and DJ waiting at the counter.

"Where've you been?" DJ asked.

"I woke up late," Katie explained.

"Well, your food might be cold," DJ told her. He went into the mess hall and the two walked over to the table.

"Hey guys," Katie said. "Hi Sadie!"

"Heya Katie," Sadie cheered. The two ate their breakfast and Chris walked into the room wearing a white apron and a chef's hat.

"Bonjour campers. Today's challenge is a cooking challenge," Chris said.

"Ooh, I love cooking!" Lindsay squealed.

"I dibs on head chef!" Heather announced.

"Okay, okay. You lot are going to be cooking a six course meal for both me and Chef Hatchet. An appitiser, soup, starter, main course, pudding and a drink. Both me and Chef will rank each dish from one to five, meaning that all together the top score is sixty. You get two hours to cook your meal," Chris explained. "Start work now. You'll work in the kitchen, and the losing team has to clean up Chef's kitchen afterwards."

"Ew," Trent said.

(Conf), Trent: The food we eat is terrible already. I don't want to have to clean up the place it's cooked up in!

Both teams walked outside of the kitchen where a large truck was outside. "Both teams get five minutes in there. Grab any food you'll need for mine and Chef's dinner," Chris said. He blew his whistle and both teams ran into the back of the truck.

"Okay, since I'm the head chef, I've got a list of things that you lot need to bring to the kitchen. Izzy, get the tomatoes. Noah, bring the steaks. Trent, bring me a crate of oranges. Gwen, one tub of vanilla ice cream. LeShawna, the cheese..." Heather said, but she was cut off.

"No way, girl. I'm allergic to dairy," LeShawna told her.

"It's only if you eat it. Now get the cheese!" Heather bossed.

"What if my arms get all puffy?" LeShawna asked.

"Don't care. Just bring the cheese!" Heather shouted. LeShawna muttered something and walked away with the cheese. "Okay, Tyler, bring a loaf of bread. Lindsay, bring the peppers to the kitchen. Geoff, I need syrup and Bridgette, bring five bananas."

The scene then changed to the Screaming Leeches. "Okay guys. Since I have a perfect dinner in my mind, I should be head chef," Courtney said.

"What do you have in mind, princess?" Duncan asked.

"For the appitiser, spicy bean dip with tortillas. Harold, you and Justin are going to cook that. The soup I have in mind will be crab-stick and sweetcorn with noodles, Katie and Sadie will make that. I think that the starter will be tacos with cooked meat with lettuce and tomatoes. DJ, you and Owen will be making it as well as the main course, fried chicken and peri-peri sauce. Me and Duncan will be responsible with for pudding and the drink, pancakes with butter and syrup and freshly made lemonade," Courtney instructed.

(Conf), Owen: Aw, I want pancakes!

"So, what are we getting?" Sadie asked.

(Conf), Courtney: Ugh, I'm like the only one on my team that has smarts. At least Duncan's not that bad...

In the kitchen, the Screaming Leeches began to cook. "Okay, Justin, the beans need to be purreed and added with grounded pepper. Oh, and Harold, the tortillas need to be cooked with added--" Courtney instructed, but was cut off.

"Tortillas are man food. I know how to cook them!" Harold spat out.

"Fine, if Chris or Chef hates them, you're the next to go," Courtney threatened. "Katie! That's not how you rinse noodles!" She ran away to Katie and Sadie. The camera then showed the Killer Trout.

"Okay. The appitiser will be cheese and diced peppers on square toast. LeShawna and Gwen will cook that--" Heather said, but was cut off.

"Girl, I told you that I'm allergic!" LeShawna shouted.

"I told you I don't care! Just go crying to Chef if you start to turn into a werewolf," Heather snickered.

(Conf), LeShawna: That girl should watch her 'tude.

"Bridgette and Geoff, you two will make tomato soup with bread. Noah and Trent, you two can make smoked peppers. Lindsay and Tyler, make steak with orange sauce. Me and Izzy will make the pudding and drink. Banana split with syrup and ice cream and orange juice," Heather instructed. Everyone walked to the ingredients. The scene then changed to DJ and Owen.

"Hey Owen, have you made the peri-peri sauce yet?" DJ asked. He got no response. "Owen?"  He turned around and saw Owen drinking the sauce out of a pan. "Owen!"

"Huh, oh, sorry," Owen apologised. DJ looked at the pan. There was only a small stream of peri-peri sauce left in the pan.

"Man, we've gotta make some more sauce for the main course. I just finished tenderising the chicken with my secret ingredient," DJ told him.

"Is it the same ingredient as the breakfast you make for us?" Owen asked.

(Conf), DJ: Momma spice. Back in from my hometown, momma and I cooked loads of food for the street fair every year. Momma spice made everyone happy.

The scene changed to Noah and Trent. "So, dude, seems you really like Gwen," Noah said.

"Yeah. But, I'm not sure if she likes me that much," Trent replied.

"Are you kidding me? I think she really like you," Noah told him. "I've done one pepper. How about you?"

"Almost done with this first one. Can you pass the grounded pepper?" Trent asked. Noah gave it to him and the camera changed from their table to Lindsay and Tyler's.

"So, Taylor, I think you're nice," Lindsay said.

"It's Tyler, Linds," Tyler corrected. "I've finished seasoning the steak."

"Seasoning? You can change the seasons!" Lindsay gasped.

"No, I mean with salt and pepper. Did you finish the orange sauce?" Tyler asked.

"Sure did. Is this it?" Lindsay asked and she showed Tyler a bowl of orange juice.

"You've gotta make the orange sauce a bit stickier," Tyler told her. Izzy looked at the two from her and Heather's table.

"Hey Heather, it looks like Lindsay's crushing on Tyler," Izzy said.

"What!" Heather said, shocked. "Hey Lindsay! What do you think you're doing?"

"Oh, sorry Heather," Lindsay apologised.

"Hey, why don't you lay off her?" Tyler asked.

"Clam it!" Heather yelled and smacked Tyler's face.

(Conf), Tyler: *rubbing his face* Jerk.

The timer hit one hour. Courtney and Duncan had begun to make pancakes. "Duncan, remember to add eggs, milk, flour, a pinch of sugar and a squirt of honey," Courtney instructed.

"I know how to make pancakes, princess," Duncan told her.

"Stop calling me princess," Courtney told him. "I've just finished the lemonade." She poured some milk into the pan and Duncan added some eggs. "Get the flour."

"Where is it?" Duncan asked. He saw the flour on top of a shelf and it fell of the ledge. "Courtney--" He was cut off and the sack of flour fell onto Courtney and she screamed. A cloud of flour covered the camera and when it was wiped off, Courtney stood up with flour all over her. Duncan was laughing.

"Oh, you think this is funny?" she asked. She picked up the sack and threw it at Duncan. His face was covered in flour and Courtney chuckled at him.

"Shut it, C.I.T," Duncan said. He got the sack and poured some in. The camera the showed the timer once again at thirty minutes.

"Hurry it up people! You need to put the food in serving trays!" Chris shouted from the mess hall. Heather and Izzy overheard.

"Okay, the dessert isn't quite finished yet. Izzy, I need you to finish it off whilst I put the dishes in the serving trays," Heather instructed.

"Got it," Izzy said and Heather walked away. "Oh, gotta turn down the heat from the sauce." Izzy turned the knob and went away. Unbeknown to her, she had turned the fire up and the plate was next to the stove. The scene then changed to the Screaming Leeches.

"Okay guys, what hasn't finished cooking yet?" Courtney asked.

"The chicken needs three more minutes in the oven," DJ told her.

"And the soup hasn't finished yet. Katie's finishing it off," Sadie added.

"Ugh, we only have ten minutes left to finish off the food and serve it," Courtney said with a worried tone in her voice.

"Don't worry," Harold said.

"Shut it Harold! You and your tortillas may make our teams lose!" Courtney shouted. The timer had reach three minutes and Courtney looked at it. "Ugh, DJ, speed up the cooking. Everyone, get your dishes and get them on serving trays!"

The scene then changed to the mess hall. "Time's up, miscreants! Bring in the grub!" Chef grumbled. "Appitisers!" Heather and Courtney walked in from the kitchen, both holding two serving trays each.

"Chris, Chef, you're first meal today is from the Screaming Leeches. Tortillas with spicy bean dip," Courtney said, taking the top off of the tray. Chris grabbed a tortilla and dipped it into the spicy bean dip.

"Mm, the dip's really good, but the torilla's kinda wet. Three points," Chris said.

"Tortilla's are man food. Since Harold cooked it, zero points," Chef grunted.

"Well, I can cook tortillas better than you!" Harold blurted out. Chef muttered something and Heather put her two dishes in front of the two.

"The Killer Trout have cooked cheese and pepper on square toast for your appitisers," Heather said. Chef took one toast square and ate it.

"Mm, not bad. Four points," Chef grunted.

"A definite five," Chris said. "That's nine for the Killer Trout and three for the Screaming Leeches. Next up are the soups." Heather and Courtney went back into the kitchen and came back with two serving trays each.

"This is again from the Screaming Leeches. Crab-stick and sweetcorn soup with noodles. Served for the two nicest men in the room," Courtney said.

"Ugh, flattery?" Heather said. "So cliche." Chris took his spoon and ate some soup.

"Well, I'm a really big crab-stick and sweetcorn soup fan, so I'll give you a four," Chris said.

"Meh, two," Chef said.

"Here's our soup. It'll be much better," Heather said in a seductive voice. Chris and Chef both put their spoons in the soup and slurped some up.

"My soup's cold and a bit to runny. You get two points," Chris said.

"If I'm sick, I do not want that soup to be fed to me. One point," Chef grunted.

"That's twelve out of twenty for the Killer Trout and seven out of twenty for the Screaming Leeches. Now, I just hope the starters won't be as bad as the soup," Chris sighed. Courtney and Heather walked into the kitchen and were replaced by DJ and Bridgette. They both held two serving trays each.

"The Screaming Leeches have made you tacos with fresh lettuce and tomatoes," DJ said. Chris took a bite out of his taco and smiled.

"Mm, this taco is really nice. However, the lettuce is a bit soggy. Four points," Chris said.

"The shell is nice and crunchy. The meat is really good. Three points," Chef told him.

"These are our smoked peppers," Bridgette explained. "They are smoking!"

(Conf), Bridgette: I hope they are. *crosses her fingers*

Chris took a bite out of his pepper. "Ugh, this pepper tastes horrible. Two points," Chris coughed.

"Zilch," Chef growled.

(Conf), Bridgette: Ugh.

"That's fourteen points for each team out of thirty," Chris said. "The main course is up next."

DJ and Bridgette walked back to the kitchen, returning with two more serving trays, one in each hand. "Our main course is chicken with peri-peri sauce," DJ explained to Chef and Chris. Chris carved some of the chicken onto his plate, poured on some peri-peri sauce and ate it.

"It's not the worst. Four points," Chris said.

"Same as Chris. I'm craving this peri-peri sauce," Chef said with a small smile on his face.

"The Killer Trout has cooked steak with orange sauce. This was all made by Lindsay and Tyler," Bridgette explained. Chef cut some of the meat, but spat it out as soon as it came into his mouth.

"Ugh, the steak is undercooked and the sauce is disgusting," Chef spat out. "One point."

"Um, I'm gonna take Chef's word and I'll give you one point," Chris said. "That gives twenty two points to the Screaming Leeches and the Killer Trout with sixteen points. Hopefully dessert's gonna be better than the rest of this crud."

DJ and Bridgette were replaced by Trent and Katie. "Dessert is pancakes with syrup," Katie said. Chef rolled one up and swallowed it.

"Hm, three points," Chef said.

"If you added butter, this would be five points, but I'm gonna give you four," Chris said.

"Our dessert is banana split with ice cream," Trent said. He took of the cover, but he found it empty. "Um, Izzy. Where's dessert?" His response was Izzy running out of the kitchen with a burning plate in her hands.

"Water! Water!" Izzy yelled. Trent saw a jar of what looked like water in Katie's hands. He pulled it off of her and poured it all over Izzy's fire plate. "Aah, thanks Trent."

"Okay. Me and Chef both give the Killer Trout zero points, meaning that the Screaming Leeches wins!" Chris announced. "Even if the Screaming Leeches get 1/10 and you losers get 10/10, they win." Everyone on the table looked at Izzy and Heather looked worried.

(Conf), Heather: Ugh, I don't want to lose an alliance member this early.

The scene changed to Harold walking to his cabin. Chef was seen hiding in the bushes. "No one, disses my tortillas," Chef said. He put something into his mouth and breathed. A green mist followed Harold. He sneezed and walked to his cabin.

(Conf), Chef: Did I not say I'm an excellent curser?

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of nine marshmallows in both of his hands. "Welcome campers, to your second elimination ceremony. Go to the confessional, cast your votes and if you don't receive a marshmallow, you must walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and you can never return, ever!" Chris said.

The scene then flashed and everyone had returned to their seats. "Okay. The first three marshmallows go to Bridgette, Gwen and Noah..."

"Trent, LeShawna and Geoff..."


(Conf), Heather: Great, So I'm definitely going to lose an alliance member. Ugh.

"Lindsay and Izzy. The last one safe is..."






























... Lindsay!" Chris exclaimed.

"Yay!" Lindsay squealed.

"Aw, dang it!" Izzy said. "Oh well, bye!" She cartwheeled to the boat. "Bye Heather! Bye Lindsay!"

"Bye Isobel!" Lindsay squealed, incorrectly saying Izzy's name.

"Well, I need to brush my teeth. See you," Chris said. He walked away and Heather looked angry.

(Conf), Heather: Ugh, an alliance member gone, already! This is terrible. Should I replace Izzy? No, that would make me seem desperate. Stupid Izzy.

Chapter VII: Face Your Fears

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time, on Total Drama Island: The campers were cooking me and Chef. It was not the best dinner I've ever had, but some dishes were pretty good. At the end of the day, Izzy caught the dessert on fire and the Killer Trout voted her off, making her the first one of Heather's alliance to be eliminated. Who's the next one to taste sour defeat? Will Heather's alliance decrease or increase? Does anyone know what I just said? Find out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

The camera showed the Killer Trout outside of their cabin, all sitting down on the steps. "It's a shame Izzy's gone," Lindsay sighed.

"Oh, whatever," Heather said. "I'm not bothered."

"Well, maybe we can-- Ah!" Lindsay squealed. "Spider! Spider! Kill it!" The spider was brown with dark brown stripes with creepy red eyes. "Kill it!"

"Don't worry Linds!" Tyler said. He was about to punch it, but it leapt onto his face. "Ah!" It's on my face!" He ran around, panicking, but Heather stretched out her arm and Tyler ran into it, squashing the spider.

"Aw, thanks Heather. I'm like totes afraid of spiders," Lindsay thanked.

"Really, I'm afraid of heights," Bridgette said.

"Don't even mention the word 'planes' around me. You're so high, and what if you crash?" Tyler asked.

"Wimps. I have no fear," Heather bragged.

"Yes you do Heather. I remember you telling me about how you're really afraid of skydiving," Lindsay said.

"Shut it, blonde. And so what? Anything can go wrong," Heather said.

"I have a really big fear of geese," Trent said. "You never know what they're thinking in their tiny, little minds. They might be planning to destroy Earth!"

(Conf), Trent: It's true!

"I don't think geese can overtake the world, but I have a fear of clowns. Their faces are really creepy," Noah told them.

"Bulls scare me. I once was almost hit by a bull's horns back in the fifth grade," Geoff explained to everyone.

"I have a fear. It sounds stupid, but it's pickles," Gwen said. Everyone except for Trent laughed.

"You're afraid of pickles!" Noah chuckled.

"Seriously, I almost choked to death on a pickle," Gwen said.

(Conf), Gwen: It's true!

"Well, my fear is lightning. It's deafining noise is scary, y'all," LeShawna said. The scene then changed to the Screaming Leeches who were sitting on the stairs of the cabin.

"Did you hear Lindsay scream?" Owen asked.

"Definitely, I have a huge fear of screams and loud noises," DJ said.

"I have one, but it's of flying," Justin said.

"The swings. Once, I got wedged into them for a whole week!" Owen told his team.

"The dark," Katie said, hugging Sadie.

"Cockroaches," Sadie said, hugging Katie.

"My fear is the dark," Harold said. "'Cause you never know what's coming."

"Well, Duncan, what's yours?" Courtney asked.

"Well, uh, it's uh..." Duncan began. "... Baths..."

"You're afraid of baths?" Justin asked.

"Well, it does explain his stench," Courtney said, holding her nose.

"Seriously guys. Once, when I was six, I was having a bath and went underwater and I caught my foot in the chain and almost drowned. At least paps helped me out of the bath. And I do occasionally take showers," Duncan said.

(Conf), Katie: Yeah, like once a year.

"So, princess. What are you afraid of?" Duncan asked.

"Nothing. Fear is for wimps who hold their momma's hands whenever they see a spider. No offence DJ," Courtney said.

(Conf), DJ: *looks at the camera angrily* None taken.

In the morning, the campers were in the mess hall. Chris walked into the mess hall. "Morning campers. Today's challenge is gonna be taken part a few at a time. First up, Justin, Bridgette, Heather and Tyler. There's a plane with your names written on it," Chris teased. The four gulped. "Also, DJ, Harold and Katie. We have a haunted, pitch black room for you, and I can assure you it's full of screams."

(Conf), Katie: *splitscreen and in unison with DJ and Harold* Seriously?

(Conf), DJ: *splitscreen and in unison with Katie and Harold* Seriously?

(Conf), Harold: *splitscreen and in unison with DJ and Katie* Seriously?

Tyler, Bridgette, Heather and Justin saw a yellow rickety plane with Chef inside. "You can choose to chicken out..." Chris began.

"Good," Heather sighed in relief.

"... And loose the points for your team," Chris finished. The four sighed and boarded the plane. The scene then changed to DJ, Harold and Katie with Chris standing next to them. "Okay. You three have to stay inside this room for six hours. If you don't you'll lose points for your team." He opened the door and DJ, Harold and Katie walked inside. "Remember, you can come out any time you want!"

"We're not going to do that, right you two," DJ said.

"Yeah, I mean, it's not so bad--" Katie was cut off by a loud scream. Harold screamed and DJ jumped into the arms of Katie. Only their eyes were visible. "Yeah, DJ, the girl is supposed to jump into the arms of the boy, not the other way around."

The scene changed to mess hall. "Okay, the next ones are Sadie and Lindsay. You have a bug spa appointment in five minutes followed by Duncan. Your bath awaits," Chris said. The scene changed to the campgrounds with two seats. There was also a bath. "Okay. Lindsay. Sit down in this chair and if you can last ten minutes with spiders on your face. You get a point for your team. Sadie, you can sit down in this chair and put your feet in this box and your hands in these boxes. They are full of cockroaches. Ten minutes and you get a point. Duncan, spend ten minutes in this bath and you win a point for your team,," Chris said.

The camera then showed the plane. "Alright! Mean girl, you got two minutes to parachute down. Or else you can kiss that point goodbye," Chef threatened. Bridgette looked out of the open door and shot to the back wall.

"We're really high up," Bridgette said. Tyler and Justin looked out of the door and saw the whole of Camp Wawanakwa beneath them.

"I think I'm gonna--" Tyler began, but he barfed into the open and it fell done to the camp. Back on the ground, Chris was about to enter the mess hall, but he saw a pile of vomit hit the ground behind him.

(Conf), Chris: I'm glad I moved away from that sick. Imagine if this face was hit with puke.

He walked back into the mess hall. "Next on my fear list, LeShawna, I have lightning for you. Trent and Geoff, come to the forest with me and we'll talk about your... animal problems--" Chris said, but was cut off by a loud scream and a puff of soot when Heather crashed down from the chimney.

"Ugh, skydiving is terrible," Heather grunted.

"That's one point for the Killer Trout!" Chris announced. They then heard a loud noise and the campers ran outside. The plane had arrived and Bridgette, Tyler and Justin walked off of the plane. "That's three points for the Killer Trout and one for the Screaming Leeches."

The scene then changed to the bug spa. "These cockroaches feel weird," Sadie said.

"And these spiders are so relaxing," Lindsay said. She opened her mouth open to breathe, but a spider crawled into her mouth and she began to choke. Sadie saw it.

"Oh my gosh! Duncan, Lindsay's choking!" Sadie squealed.

"Yeah, yeah, not falling for it," Duncan said. Lindsay got out of her chair. Sadie did to and began to do the heimlich maneouvre on Lindsay and she spat the spider out. A timer pinged and Chris came into the scene.

"The Screaming Leeches are up to two points!" Chris announced. "Now you girls go back to the mess hall and Duncan, you go dry off." The scene then changed back to the black room with screams coming in from every corner.

"Uh, guys, I'm not sure if I can do this anymore," DJ said.

"Just keep your cool man," Harold said.

"Yeah. Maybe I'm just overreacting. I should just--" DJ began, but a loud scream tore through the room. "Momma!" DJ wailed and the three ran out of the room.

"Oh my, that was terrifying!" Katie gasped.

"And it looks like you've just lost some valuable points for your team," Chris said. "You three need to rely on Courtney and Owen to pass their tests and hope that the other team doesn't take the win." The scene then changed to the forest. Trent and Geoff were sitting on a fence and Chris met up with the two of them.

"Okay. Trent, you need to stay in this pen for ten minutes with the geese. Geoff, you need to last ten minutes in a pen with this bull without being trampled on," Chris explained. "If you complete your challenge, you'll get two points for your team."

Trent walked into the goose pen and one smapped at his ankle. "Ow!" he yelled in pain.

"Oh yeah. The geese are biters," Chris said.

"That would've been good to know," Trent said sarcastically. Geoff had entered his pen and a black bull with bloodshot eyes stared at him.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm not wearing red," Geoff said. As if on cue, Chris threw a red hankerchief onto Geoff's hat and the bull charged at him.

(Conf), Geoff: You know, Chris and bulls aren't that different. One will ram you down, and laugh at your pain as it delivers it to you, and the other one's a bull.

Two more geese pecked at Trent's ankles. "Alright, I can't do it. I hate geese," Trent said, walking out of the pen. Geoff then ran into the corner of the pen. The bull was charging at him and Geoff jumped over the fence.

"That's two points that the Killer Trout have lost out on. Let's check up on LeShawna," Chris said. The scene changed to LeShawna on the cliff. Lightning was striking down, frightening LeShawna as it hit the ground and Chris was in a helicopter. "Don't worry LeShawna, you've only got two more minutes left."

"I hate you Chris!" LeShawna yelled. LeShawna danced around on the cliff, avoiding being struck by lightning.

"Okay, time's up!" Chris announced.

"Good," LeShawna sighed. Just then, another fork of lightning hit LeShawna's foot and she screamed in pain, falling off of the cliff and into the water.

(Conf), LeShawna: Stupid Chris.

The next one to face their fear was Gwen. She was sitting in the mess hall with a jar of large pickles sitting in front of her. "Okay Gwen, if you can eat all these pickles, you get a point for your team," Chris said. "And your team'll need it. If you and Noah complete your tasks, you'll bring your team's score up to six and will win. Plus, the Screaming Leeches have two members left and they have two points. If you complete your task, you'll definitely win for your team. No pressure."

Gwen sighed and picked up one pickle. "No, I'm not doing this. Pickles are disgusting," Gwen said.

"Then it's still four points for the Killer Trout," Chris announced. "Can Noah change the score? Let's see," Chris said and the scene changed to Noah. He was standing in front of a clown. "Now Noah, if you can stand in front of this clown for ten minutes, you win a point for your team and ultimately win," Chris said.

Noah looked at the clown. The clown smiled and threw a pie in Noah's face. "Okay! I can't do this!" Noah exclaimed.

"Then that's still four points for the Killer Trout!" Chris announced. "If Courtney and Owen can complete their tasks, then we go to the tiebreaker!" The scene then showed a playground on the theatre. Courtney and Owen were standing next to Chris.

"Okay, Owen, if you can go on the swings for at least ten minutes, you've got another point for your team," Chris explained.

"Okay, seems simple enough. Just gotta close my eyes," Owen said.

"I don't think that's gonna help," Chris said. As soon as Owen sat down, the swing stretched up and Owen saw Chris and Courtney the size of tiny ants.

"Oh my god!" Owen yelled.

"Chris, why did you bring me here? You know I'm fearless," Courtney said.

"Well, not exactly. Your little brother just texted me that when you were nine, you peed your pants going on the see-saw when you were on the higher end," Chris said, holding his phone up.

(Conf), Courtney: Ugh! Rodney, when I get home, you are so dead!

Just then; the other campers joined Courtney and Owen on the theatre. "Good luck you two!" Sadie said.

"Don't win!" Heather teased.

"Clam it, Heather!" Courtney shouted. She sat on the see-saw.

"Okay, Chef is going to sit on the other end. If you can last five minutes, you'll get a point," Chris explained.

"Done!" Owen yelled from above.

"You're right, Owen my man. That's three points for the Screaming Leeches! If Courtney completes her challenge, we can go to the tiebreaker," Chris said. Sadie was eating a banana.

"I hope you win Courtney!" Sadie wished, but she dropped her banana skin. "Oops." She bent down to pick it up, but she slipped on it and crashed into the see-saw. That sent Courtney flying out of the theatre and into the trees, screaming.

"Well, since Courtney isn't handling her fear very well, the Killer Trout wins!" Chris announced. The Killer Trout cheered whilst the Screaming Leeches moaned and looked at Sadie.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris held a plate of seven marshmallows in his hands, looking at the campers sitting on tree stumps. "Well, well, well. Screaming Leeches, why am I not surprised to be seeing you again?" Chris taunted.

"Shut up Chris," Duncan said.

"Alright, fine. Since Owen, Justin and Duncan overpowered their fears, they win immunity!" Chris said. "Now go vote someone off who isn't them." The scene flashed and the Screaming Leeches had returned. "Since you've all casted your votes, and you lot clearly know the rules, the first three marshmallows obviously go to Owen, Justin and Duncan..."

"Katie and Harold..." The two high-fived each other and caught their marshmallows.

"Sadie and Courtney. The last person safe is..."

(Conf), Courtney: Sadie launched my in a see-saw. She's gone.

(Conf), Sadie: Courtney did fail the last challenge, but it was my fault... Courtney.

(Conf), Duncan: How do you choose between a bossy girl and an annoying girl? I guess I pick Sadie.

(Conf), Katie: Sadie is my BFFF, my 'Best Female Friend Forever', so I'm voting off Courtney.






























... Courtney!" Chris exclaimed.

"Whoo-hoo!" Courtney cheered.

"No! Why Sadie!" Katie wailed.

"I'll be without Katie!" Sadie cried.

"Yeah, yeah, don't care," Chris said. "Sadie, time to go."

"I'll miss you Katie!" Sadie cried.

"I'll miss you more!" Katie sobbed.

"Dear Katie," Chris said, but he shoved her out of the way. "Will Katie's tears drown Camp Wawanakwa? I sincerely hope not. Join us next time for... oh, I've got dinner plans." Chris boarded a yacht and DJ, Courtney and Harold were on the screen.

"Total..." Harold began.

"... Drama...." Courtney added.

"... Island!" DJ ended.

Chapter VIII: Shoot Paintballs First, Ask Questions Later

Chris was standing at the bonfire. "Last time on Total Drama Island... The campers revealed their fears on camera, so I decided to pit the campers against them! Some overpowered their fears; others kept their cool. In the end, Sadie accidently shot Courtney into a tree and got booted out of the game, leaving Katie in tears. How will Katie last without her 'BFFF'? What challenge do I have in store today? Will Heather get a new alliance member? Find at least one of those answers out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

LeShawna, Gwen and Bridgette were hanging around in the communal bathrooms. "So, girls, who you crushin' on?" LeShawna asked.

"Well, I do, kinda like Trent, but I'm not even sure he likes me," Gwen said.

"Are you kidding? Trent totally likes you," Bridgette said.

"Well, who you crushin' on?" LeShawna asked Bridgette.

"Well, I'm not, but I think Geoff likes me," Bridgette explained. "You see, I just got out of this big relationship with this guy called Ricky back home. He was nice and all, but he was just to jealous if I even looked at a boy."

"Well, what about you?" Gwen asked LeShawna.

"I'm not really in love with anyone. I'm just lookin' for friends," LeShawna said. Just then, Heather and Lindsay walked into the room.

"Alright freaks, it's the beautiful girls turn in the bathroom," Heather said.

"It's called 'communal' bathrooms," Gwen said.

"But I'm not christian," Lindsay said.

"No, communal means anyone can come/join," Gwen told her.

"Don't care, Goth girl," Heather said.

"Get out!" Heather yelled.

"Okay, you can back your tiny-white, spot-covered, bloated, saggy-skinned butt into the showers, but we ain't leavin'!" LeShawna said, defending her friends.

"Well you and your life-groaning, surfing-crazed, wacky, loony-toon friends can get out of here before I make your life a living nightmare!" Heather yelled. The two girls argued for a minute, before Courtney and Katie walked in, but froze.

"Should we back out slowly?" Katie asked.

"Yes, yes we should," Courtney said and the two backed out slowly. The scene then changed to the campgrounds were LeShawna and Heather had just joined the other campers and Chris. Their clothes were torn up and they looked a mess.

"What happened to you two?" Duncan asked.

"We don't want to talk about it," Heather said.

"Campers! Let's take our eyes off of LeShawna and Heather and let's focus our eyes on me. Today's challenge is one that I really like," Chris said.

"Why did you use emphasis on the 'really'?" Harold asked.

"Don't know. Today's challenge is paintball!" Chris announced.

"Paintball! Whoo-hoo, I love paintball!" Geoff announced.

"This paintball is linked to hunting. There are seven Screaming Leeches and nine Killer Trout. The hunters for the Screaming Leeches will be Katie, DJ and Owen, and they get green paint. The hunters for the Killer Trout will be Heather, Gwen, Noah and Trent and they get red paint," Chris said.

(Conf), Heather: Whoo-hoo! Delivering pain to those weaklings. I'll show them that if they cross me, they're gonna get hurt. *rubs hands together*

"The rest of you are prey. Oh, and everyone gets cute little outfits. The hunters will get these," Chris said, holding up camoflauged hats and orange goggles. "And the prey gets these!" He held up antlers, tiny noses and deer tails.

"What! There is no way I'm wearing that," Courtney said.

"Oh yes you are. Take them off and your entire team gets disqualified," Chris instructed. "The hunters must pick off the other team's prey. The first team that wipes out the others with paintballs wins! Now, prey, you get two minutes to run away and find a good hiding spot. Go!"

The scene flashed and a timer rang. "Hunters, go!" Chris said. The seven ran into the forest. The scene then changed to the Screaming Leeches hunters.

"Okay guys. I think we should split up and we might be able to cover more ground," Katie suggested.

"That's a good idea. And we might be able to protect the others," Owen added.

"Okay guys, let's split!" DJ said. The three put their hands together and ran off. The scene then changed to Heather.

"Okay, if I was a pathetic deer where would I hide?" Heather wondered. Suddenly, she heard a rustling in the bushes and she aimed her paintball gun at the bushes. "Okay 'loser leech', come out, come out wherever you are."

"Okay," Lindsay said and she came out of the bushes.

"Oh, it's just you. Well, get me some sour cream chips. Not the salty flavour," Heather bossed.

"Um, so where do I get the chips from?" Lindsay asked.

"Oh you dummy, get them from Chef's kitchen!" Heather yelled.

"But they're his, private quaters," Lindsay whispered.

The scene then changed to Trent and Noah. "I wonder where the deer are," Trent wondered.

"Maybe they're by the lake," Noah suggested. Suddenly, the two saw Courtney running across the path. "Courtney!"

"Huh, where?" Trent asked.

"I saw her run to the lake! Let's go!" Noah said. The two ran after Courtney and the scene then changed to her.

"Shoot! Noah saw me. Well, I bet he won't be able to catch up to me," Courtney snickered. "Aw!" She yelled and she fell forwards. A red paintball had been fired at her by Trent who high-fived Noah.

(Conf), Courtney: Ugh, being the first one eliminated from a challenge is terrible!

The scene then changed to LeShawna and Bridgette. "Girl, this is just like hide and seek. If the hunters are as dumb as my two younger brothers, this game is ours," LeShawna encouraged.

"Hopefully, I'm just glad I'm not a hunter. I hate hurting people," Bridgette said.

"What about dodgeball?" LeShawna asked.

"That doesn't count," Bridgette told her. Suddenly, DJ popped out of the bushes.

"Surprise!" he said and fired three paintballs. Two missed LeShawna, but another hit Bridgette's left leg.

"Run LeShawna, run!" Bridgette shouted. LeShawna ran away and DJ chased after her. LeShawna was panting, and DJ fired two more paintballs, but both of them missed.

"I'm gonna get you LeShawna!" DJ yelled.

(Conf), DJ: Did that sound hurtful? I didn't mean to be mean. *chuckles* Mean to be mean, ah that's funny.

The scene changed to Lindsay. She had just arrived at the mess hall. Chef slammed the door open and was wearing a bright blue vest with goggles and a towel. Lindsay hid in the bushes next to the mess hall and waited until Chef had left. "Phew, glad he's gone," Lindsay said to herself. "Okay, so sour cream and not salty. Or was it salty and not sour cream? I'll get both." Lindsay walked into the mess hall and into the kitchen. "I think Chef keeps his crisps on the top shelf," she wondered out loud.

Lindsay reached into the top shelf, but then she heard the door slamming open. Chef had come back. She squealed quietly. "Forgot my float," Chef mumbled. Chef walked closer to the kitchen and opened the door, seeing his kitchen as he left it. Unbeknown to him, Lindsay was in the freezer, hiding behind sacks of peas.

"Peas. Why did I never know these were in here?" Lindsay wondered. Back in the kitchen, Chef had grabbed his float.

"Hm, I have a weird feeling to check in the freezer," Chef said out loud. He walked to the freezer and Lindsay saw the door opening. Surprisingly, the freezer was empty except for the peas and barrels. Lindsay was hiding on the roof of the freezer, looking below at Chef. When Chef left, Lindsay tried to get down, but her hands were frozen in pools of icy water.

"Crap!" she shouted. The camera then showed Katie walking in the forest.

(Conf), Katie: Okay, I'm trying super hard to not cry. I've never been this long away from Sadie. Ever. *crys loudly*

As she was walking, Katie heard a cough. She hid in a bush and saw Tyler sitting down on a tree stump. "Perfect," she whispered quietly. Unfortunately, she tripped over a rock and landed with a thud, making Tyler notice and he ran away.

"Nice try!" Tyler mocked.

The scene then showed Gwen walking in the forest with her paintball gun gun behind her back. "I wonder how Trent's doing," Gwen wondered. Suddenly, someone put their hand on her back. Gwen elbowed them in the belly and turned around, noticing her victim was Trent. LeShawna and Noah were standing next to him. "Oh my god. I'm really sorry," Gwen apologised.

"No worries, at least you didn't shoot me," Trent said, clutching his stomach.

"Girl, we came to talk to you. Now that we're in an alliance, we gotta boot Heather of if we lose. She's a sure kick in the pants," LeShawna said.

"But we can't throw the challenges. Should we?" Gwen asked.

"That's what we've been thinking. I'm not sure, but I think Heather and Lindsay are in an alliance. They are spending a lot of time together," Noah said.

"And we think Izzy might have also been a member of the alliance," Trent added.

"So, we throw the challenge?" Gwen asked.

"Nu-uh. Remember, we're only an alliance of four. The others could vote us off. No doubt Heather'll manipulate them," LeShawna said.

"Come on, let's go," Gwen said and the conversation ended. The camera then showed Harold looking around the forest.

(Conf), Harold: I don't know if I've told you this, but I've got mad skills. Back in the scouts, I got badges for whittling, physical fittness, wilderness surviving, first aid, tent making, hunting and knitting. I can make an awesome scarf. Don't tell Duncan!

He saw Geoff and Tyler chatting by a tree. He tiptoed quietly, but he stepped on a branch, snapping it and catching the attention of the two. "Eat paint!" Harold shouted. He fired his gun, but nothing came out. "Dang it! It's jammed!" Geoff and Tyler then advanced on Harold. The scene then changed to Harold shirtless and hanging on a branch by his underpants. "Stupid wedgie!"

The scene then showed Gwen, LeShawna, Trent and Noah walking in the forest. "So if we stick together, we can shoot of others before they get me," LeShawna said.

"That means Heather's the only one free to shoot," Gwen mentioned.

"Well, that white girl can stalk on her own," LeShawna replied. The scene then changed to Heather.

"Ugh, where is Lindsiot? I can't rely on her to do anything right," Heather groaned. "Guess I have to get them others." She walked deeper into the forest and saw deer ears poking out from a bush followed by a loud and smelly fart. "Owen!" She fired into the bush and Owen came out, collapsing on the ground.

"Dang it," Owen sighed and he farted again.

"Two down, two to go," Heather muttered. The camera then changed to DJ. He walked to a tree and saw a paintball gun by it.

"What's this doing here?" he wondered.

"DJ," someone squealed. DJ looked up and saw Harold being hung on a branch by his undies.

"Harold! Who did that to you?" DJ asked.

"Geoff and Tyler," Harold squeaked. DJ poked his gun at the branch and managed to slide Harold off and he crashed to theground. "Thanks." Harold grabbed his gun. "I'll be able to fix my gun. Let's get some revenge." Harold and DJ both nodded their heads and the scene changed to Geoff and Tyler.

"That was hillarious what we did to Harold," Geoff chuckled.

"It was," Tyler added. "I've even got his shirt!" Suddenly, a large boom was heard and the two jumped up and saw DJ and Harold running towards them.

"Charge!" DJ yelled. Both of them took their guns and fired at the two pranksters. Green splotches of paint bruised them and they crashed into a tree.

"I'll take my shirt, thank you," Harold said, snatching his shirt out of Tyler's hands. The scene then changed to the main speakers and Chris' voice came out.

"Hunters, you each have two prey left. Lindsay and LeShawna for the Killer Trout and Justin and Duncan for the Screaming Leeches. Hurry up and get them already!" Chris shouted. Back in the freezer, Lindsay's eyebrows were beginning to get ice stuck to them and her skin was blue.

"S-s-so c-c-c-cold-d," she shivered. "Help-p-p-p!" The scene then changed to Heather.

"So I just need to find Justin and Duncan to win the game. Well, that model won't be anywhere he can get hurt and Duncan is a delinquint. Shouldn't be hard to find him," Heather said to herself. "But where the heck is Lindsay! Crisps don't take that long to find." Heather walked out of the forest and headed for the mess hall. "I'll find her myself."

Heather opened the door and saw the empty mess hall. "She must be in the kitchen, still looking for my snacks," Heather wondered. She opened the kitchen door, but there was still no Lindsay. She then heard a mumble and looked at the freezer. "You can't be in there, right?" She opened the freezer door and saw Lindsay stuck to its roof. "Lindsay! What the heck have you been doing?" Heather asked.

"G-g-g-g me d-d-d-down!" Lindsay whined. Heather reached for Lindsay's legs and successfully managed to pull them down. She then grabbed her waist and pulled Lindsay off, but ice was still stuck on her eyebrows, lips and hands.

"You owe me," Heather said. The scene then changed to Gwen and the others.

"Justin! Duncan! Come out, come out wherever you are!" Gwen shouted.

"We're gonna find you!" Noah yelled. Behind a bush, Justin and Duncan were crouching down, hiding from the four.

"Don't you dare blow our hiding space," Duncan threatened quietly.

"Don't worry," Justin reassured and he shuffled back, but he stood on Duncan's arm.

"Argh, get off of me!" Duncan yelled. He pushed Justin off and out of the bush, making him visible.

"Fire!" Trent yelled. Him and the other two with guns fired at Justin, covering him in red paint.

"Ah! Duncan, help me!" Justin whined.

"Duncan's here? Get him!" LeShawna ordered. Duncan's green hair could just be seen and the other three fired at him.

"Crap!" Duncan yelled. Back in the main speakers, Chris' voice came on again.

"The Screaming Leeches win again! The Killer Trout are going from seven to five!" Chris announced. "Who's going home tonight?"

The scene then changed to the girls side of the Killer Trout's cabin. Heather and Lindsay were chatting. "I miss Izzy," Lindsay sighed. "She was really friendly."

"She blew the cooking challenge. She had to go. And I'll replace her. Probably Bridgette," Heather told her. "We're just lucky that our team is winning these things. We need to keep winning."

"You're right. I wonder who's getting the boot?" Lindsay wondered. As if on cue, the scene changed to the elimination ceremony.

"Welcome Screaming Leeches. I don't need to tell you the rules. Just go to the confessional and cast your vote," Chris said.

(Conf), Katie: Even though Justin is so hot, he did kinda blow the challenge, so my vote is on him.

(Conf), Duncan: What can I say? Pretty boy sat on my hand so he's out.

(Conf), Justin: Let's not forget Duncan is the one who pushed me out of the hiding place. I'm voting him out.

(Conf), Harold: Duncan's rude and mean and deserves to go home. He's got my vote.

The camera flashed and the Screaming Leeches had returned from the confessional. "Okay. People who are safe are Katie... Courtney... Owen... DJ... Harold." Duncan and Justin looked at each other.

"Duncan and Justin. You both let your team down today. The last one safe is...






























... Duncan!" Chris announced. Duncan grinned and caught his marshmallow.

"Justin, turns out your going home, two votes to five. Dock of Shame's that way," Chris said, pointing at the dock.

"See you guys. It was fun while it lasted!" Justin shouted and the boat sailed away.

Chris looked at the camera. "Justin's gone and the Screaming Leeches' have gone from seven members to six members. Who's the next to go? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter IX: Are We Bear Yet?

Chris was standing in the middle of the forest, grinning. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers were hunting, each over. That's right, it was paintball time! Harold got a wedgie, Lindsay received frosty eyebrows, Duncan got a numb hand and Justin received the sad gift of elimination. Will the Screaming Leeches continue to lose? If so, how long will they last? Will I ever stop asking three questions in the recap? Find out probably one of those answers here on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Heather and Lindsay were in their cabin with Bridgette. "So let me get this straight, you want me to be in an alliance with you to get to the final three. Is that right?" Bridgette asked.

"Yep, I've seen your skill. I think you'll be a great addition to this alliance," Heather grinned.

"Hey, why don't you invite Gwen and LeShawna? They're great assets," Bridgette suggested.

"Oh, about that..." Lindsay trailed off.

"I don't really like them that much. I also don't like Noah and Trent so don't even think about that. You, on the over hand, I don't really despise," Heather explained.

"Oh, uh... thank you?" Bridgette said, confused.

"So, what do you think?" Heather asked.

"Well... can I have some time to decide?" Bridgette asked.

"Hmm, fine. You have until the elimination ceremony to decide. I hope you make the right choice," Heather told her and she and Lindsay walked off.

(Conf), Bridgette: I'm not sure about this alliance. Gwen and LeShawna are my friends, but to push them away... I don't know.

On the boys side, Noah and Trent were talking in their bunk bed. "So, how's 'Operation Gwen' going?" Noah asked.

"Well, I don't know. And hey, you're my wingman, you're supposed to be talking to Gwen about me," Trent said.

"I know, I know, but you're never gonna get her if you don't even try," Noah explained. Trent sighed.

(Conf), Trent: Gwen's a great girl, but every single girl I've ever dated ends badly. My last breakup included lipstick, an audience and cookie dough ice cream. I am never going to 'Frosty's Ice Parlour' ever again.

The speaker system gave some feedback before Chris' voice was heard. "Morning campers, gather round the bonfire pit to get the info on today's challenge!" Chris ordered. The camera then flashed to the bonfire pit with DJ, Owen, Heather and Tyler standing up. Chris stood in front of them with two bags in his hands; one red and the other green.

"What's with the bags?" Noah asked.

"These are for you. Today's challenge... camping!" Chris announced.

"C-c-camping?" Katie asked, shivering.

(Conf), Katie: I'm kinda afraid of camping. The last time I did it was when I was six and it was with my dad and Sadie. A moose crushed the tent and I was almost trampled. Ever since then, I've always been afraid. Just glad I didn't say I was afraid of it in the fear challenge.

"These bags contain everything you'll need," Chris said. "Use your maps and compasses to find your campgrounds hidden in the forest. You'll have to survive for the night and the first team with all their members back will win, and someone on the losing team will be shipped off."

"What about food?" Owen asked.

"You'll have to find food in the forest on your own," Chris explained. "As you can see, there's no food in their." Owen shook the bag and the contents spilled out: a map, a compass, bug spray, a rolled up tent, a bottle of water and a telescope.

"Nooooo!" Owen wailed.

"Pipe down. We'll just scavenge," Courtney said.

"Scavenge?" he asked.

"It's where you hunt for food," Duncan explained.

"Okay, the finishing point will be back here. Start!" Chris announced and he blew his whistle. The two teams ran and Chris was left in the scene. "What they don't know is that the animals in our forest are quite territorial. Just hope none of them get eaten. Don't want to end this show at nine episodes," he whispered.

The camera flashed to the Screaming Leeches. "Okay people, I'm in charge here. As I'm a C.I.T, I have lots of camping experience. It was part of the training I had to be a C.I.T," Courtney explained.

"Why can't I be in charge?" Harold asked.

"Let me see, you were terrible at dodgeball, flunked the tortillas in the cooking challenge, failed the fear challenge and got a wedgie in the last one. You wanna take charge?" Courtney asked in a threatening tone. Harold gulped.

(Conf), Harold: It's not my fault I keep flunking the challenges, but why am I always losing for the team. It's like I can't even access my mad skills. And it did begin when I argued with Chef. Is he part of it?

Courtney took hold of the map and the compass. She looked at it. "According to the map, we need to walk two miles north west which is that way," Courtney said, pointing in the direction.

"Guys, can we stop for a bathroom break?" Owen asked.

"But none of us need the bathroom," DJ said.

"Well..." Owen began and he farted.

"Ew, Owen you're disgusting. Go in the bushes. And put a whole load of soil on it. Then cover it up with a beaver. Hopefully death will cover its stench," Courtney said. Owen ran into the bush farting and crouched. Green fart fumes were spread out everywhere.

"Ew, that is totes smelly," Katie choked. The camera flashed and it changed to the Killer Trout. Lindsay took the map and the compass.

"Okay, so we need to travel two miles 'nerth oast', oh, I mean north east," Lindsay explained. Heather snatched both of them of Lindsay.

"Who put you in charge of these? Ugh, let me take charge," Heather said. She shoved Lindsay backwards.

"Don't listen to that mean white girl. Just take charge for yourself," LeShawna told her.

(Conf), Lindsay: You know, sometimes Heather can be mean. Don't tell her I said that!

The scene switched back to the Screaming Leeches. "I think we're almost there," Courtney said.

"Good. The night's cold," DJ said shivering.

"Look! It's our logo!" Katie exclaimed. The others saw it and the campground. It wasn't that big and small fences were dug into the ground around it. The team cheered and ran over to it.

(Conf), Katie: I can't believe I found the camp. Now the bigger problem is survivng for the night.

"Okay, Katie, you and Harold will make a fire. DJ, I want you and Owen to search for food. Me and Duncan will build the tent," Courtney instructed.

"How come you want to be with Duncan?" DJ asked.

"So what? It doesn't matter," Courtney replied.

"You said you don't like him, yet you always want to be partners with him," DJ argued.

"I don't care! Do you want him? Fine, I'll go with Owen!" Courtney screamed.

"Good!" DJ yelled.

(Conf), DJ: Wow, I really hope that doesn't make me look mean. I'm a nice guy, right?

DJ and Duncan began to bang in the tent pegs. "So, uh Duncan, have you ever noticed that Courtney might have a thing for you?" DJ asked.

"What?" Duncan replied. "We don't even like each other."

"Really?" DJ asked. "You don't see it?"

(Conf), Duncan: I totally see it. I'm just hiding it from the others.

"I mean, I don't really like Courtney. She's so, stuck up," Duncan told him. Unbeknown to them, Courtney had heard everything. She glared at the two and stomped away.

(Conf), Courtney: Stuck up? I am not stuck up! Duncan is going down!

Courtney and Owen began to find food. Courtney crossed her arms and looked into the night sky. "Are you okay?" Owen asked.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I?" Courtney replied harshly. "Just find some berries or a lake we can fish in."

(Conf), Owen: Yep, there's definitely something wrong with her. *toot*

Owen farted and Courtney coughed. "Would you stop that?" Courtney choked.

"I'm sorry! I had burritos for dinner last night!" Owen replied. "Hey, I hear water!"

"I hear it too. The lake!" Courtney exclaimed and the two ran to it. The scene then changed to the Killer Trout who had reached the campgrounds.

"Finally!" Heather moaned.

"Let's set up camp," Tyler said. The scene flashed with Gwen, LeShawna, Trent and Noah making the tent, Lindsay and Tyler making a fire, Heather filing her nails and Bridgette and Geoff no where to be seen.

"Come on, just hit two rocks together and make the stupid fire! It's easy!" Heather complained.

"If it's so easy, why don't you make it?" Tyler asked.

"Shut it, sports failure! I am not breaking my nails just to start a puny fire," Heather retorted. "Get to work!"

(Conf), Tyler: And Lindsay sticks up for her why?

The scene flashed to Bridgette and Geoff in the forest. "So, uh, Bridgette, you're a, pretty sweet gal," Geoff said.

"Thanks, I guess," Bridgette said.

(Conf), Geoff: Stupid, stupid, stupid! *bangs his forehead*

(Conf), Bridgette: It kinda seems Geoff likes me. But I'm not here to get a boyfriend. I'm here to win a million big ones. And I got out of a relationship before the show, so I don't wanna move to quickly.

Bridgette kneeled down and picked something blue off of a bush. "Blueberries," Bridgette told him.

"Blue, like your eyes," Geoff said smoothly.

"My eyes are green," Bridgette told him.

"Well, uh, as blue as your hoodie," Geoff said.

(Conf), Geoff: Stupid, stupid, stupid! *bangs his forehead*

The scene switched to Duncan, DJ, Harold and Katie huddled round the fire. DJ's belly rumbled loudly. "Oops, sorry about that," DJ apologised.

"No worries. We're all hungry," Katie shivered. A branch snapped and Courtney and Owen had returned.

"Hey guys, we got fish from the lake," Owen announced.

"One for each of us. Me, Owen, Katie, DJ and Harold," Courtney said.

"What about me?" Duncan asked.

"Sorry. There weren't enough fish," Courtney said sarcastically. "Hey, can you get more firewood? I'm cold."

"Well, I'll get the emergency sleeping bag. We can unzip it and wrap it around ourselves," DJ said. He went into the finished tent and came back with the sleeping bag, just as Owen put the fish on a rack the fire. He covered it around the six, but one end caught the fire.

"Ahh!" Harold yelled. "Fire!"

"Put it out, put it out!" Katie squealed. Harold shot upwards and accidently pushed into the fish rack and it fell into the fire.

"Harold! That was our dinner!" Courtney yelled.

"I'm sorry! Gosh!" Harold yelled. Duncan shot up and ran into the tent, returning with the bottle of water. He opened it up and poured out all the water onto the fire. Katie was crying the whole time.

"Katie, why are you crying?" Courtney asked.

"You ain't got fire burns have you?" Duncan asked.

"No, this is the reason I hate camping! Everything goes wrong. All this needs is my dad and Sadie... oh Sadie! I miss her so much! Why did she have to leave?" Katie sobbed.

"It's okay, you've got us," DJ smiled. He put the remains of the sleeping bag around Katie and crawled into the tent. "I'm gonna crash early tonight."

The scene then flashed to the Killer Trout shivering around the fire. LeShawna yawned. "Ugh, where are Bridgette and Geoff? I hope they didn't get eaten by a bear," LeShawna said.

"Aw, that's not nice," Lindsay said. Tyler put his arm around her.

"If you're cold, you can use me as a blanket," Tyler said. Lindsay blushed. Suddenly, the bushes began to shake and Bridgette and Geoff came out.

"Hey guys," Bridgette said.

"Hey, what did you find?" Noah asked.

"Well, we found nine blueberries and a fish. So I guess we're having a small dinner each," Geoff explained.

Just then, everyone shouted in unison: "I want that fish!" Heather threw herself at Bridgette and she threw it into the air and it landed in Tyler's hands. Gwen tried to pull it from him, but Noah pushed him out of the way. Suddenly, Bridgette grabbed the fish and held it over the fire.

"Stop! We're all going crazy!" Bridgette shouted. "If you don't start acting sane, I'll throw the fish in the fire."

"You wouldn't dare," Heather said.

"Oh yeah? Try me," Bridgette replied and she played with the fish, acting as if she dropped it in the fire. "Ow, blisters!" she yelled and she dropped it in the fire.

"No!" the others yelled. They glared at Bridgette.

She chuckled. "So... who wants a blueberry?" The scene flashed to the five awake members of the Screaming Leeches.

"Does anyone have anything to eat?" Owen asked.

"Shut up Owen," Courtney said. "If you're tired go to sleep."

"Fine," Owen moaned and he crawled into the tent.

"Ugh, four left. We ain't even had food!" Duncan complained.

"Actually, three. I'm really tired," Katie yawned. She as well crawled into the tent and so did Harold.

"Well, it's just us two," Duncan said, moving closer to Courtney.

"No, just you," Courtney groaned. She was about to go into the tent, but Duncan grabbed her hand.

"What's up with you, princess?" Duncan asked.

"I heard what you told DJ. Stuck up? I am not stuck up!" Courtney yelled.

"You heard that? I was just covering up something for DJ," Duncan told her.

"What something?" she asked.

"How I felt about, uh, something," Duncan answered.

"Oh. Do you, like me?" Courtney asked.

"What? Well, uh--" Duncan began, but he was cut off by Courtney kissing him. At fist he was shocked, but he then looked relaxed. "Wow, I didn't know you fell that way."

"Well you do now," Courtney smiled. The scene then flashed to the Killer Trout's camp. The sunrise had just began. Bridgette came out of the tent and yawned.

"Oh my gosh, the challenge!" she shouted. "Guys! Wake up!" Tyler, Geoff and Gwen came out and saw the sun. A few seconds later, the campers all ran out of the tent with a sleeping Noah being carried.

The scene flashed again and the Killer Trout had arrived at the bonfire pit, only to discover that the Screaming Leeches had beaten them. "Damn! We lost!" Noah yelled.

"You're right you did," Duncan grinned.

"Hey wait. Where's Harold?" Trent asked. The Screaming Leeches looked around and saw Harold crossing the finishing line.

"What's up with that? You left me when I was having a waz!" Harold shouted. "Gosh!"

"The Killer Trout win again!" Chris announced. "Screaming Leeches, it must burn, shouldn't it?"

The camera changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of five marshmallows. "Welcome Screaming Leeches. You've all casted your votes on who you want to send home. The first one that's safe is Courtney."

"Thanks Chris," Courtney thanked.

"Duncan and Katie..."


"Harold and DJ. The last one safe is...






























... D--" Chris began, but he was interupted.

"Wait!" Katie demanded. "I want to take the Dock of Shame!"

"You what?" Chris asked.

"Why?" Harold asked. "Not that I have any problems, but why?"

"I miss Sadie so much and I feel like I'm distracting you all. I'm going to do the right thing and leave," Katie told everyone. She passed her marshmallow to Harold and skipped down to Dock of Shame and left on the Boat of Losers. "Bye guys!"

The scene flashed back to the girls side of the Killer Trout. "Well Bridgette? Are you joining?" Heather asked.

"Yes, I will," Bridgette replied.

(Conf), Bridgette: As much as Gwen and LeShawna are my friends, I need to be in an alliance. I'll be stronger with more votes!

"Well that was a shock!" Chris announced. "Now that Katie's gone, the team's down to five. Will anyone else quit the game? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter X: No Talent Show

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers were camping in the middle of the forest. The Screaming Leeches went hungry as the Killer Trout went crazy! Duncan and Courtney shared their first kiss and Katie was the first to quit! Will anyone else quit? Will the Screaming Leeches continue to lose? Will Harold lift his secret curse? Possibly find out now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Lindsay was frying something in a pan. "Finally something for breakfast that isn't plain old gruel. Eggs benedict," Lindsay beamed.

"I know, and I've got the perfect thing to add it with. Momma's spice," DJ said.

"What's 'Momma's spice'?" Lindsay asked.

"It's Momma's secret recipe. That's why all my food tastes so good," DJ told her. Suddenly, Chef barged into the room.

"Hello my workers. Have you finished yet?" Chef asked.

"Almost," the two said in sync.

"Good. I managed to get an extra ten minutes in the shower this morning," Chef muttered. The scene flashed to the mess hall with Lindsay at the Killer Trout's table.

"Hey, Brianna, Hannah. How's it going?" Lindsay asked.

"It's Bridgette and Heather," Heather corrected. "Me and Bridgette were just talking about adding Geoff to our alliance.

"Geoff? He's good, but what about Tyler?" Lindsay asked. She was cut off by Chris walking into the room.

"Morning campers. Meet me at the new theatre in five for today's challenge," Chris ordered. The camera flashed and it changed to the theatre. "Hey campers. Today's challenge is a talent show!"

"Yay!" I love talent shows!" Lindsay squealed.

"Sh!" Duncan shushed.

"You'll have one hour to pick three members of your team to perform a talent. Me and Chef will judge; ten points is the highest you can shake off of each of us. The higher team out of sixty will win!" Chris announced. The scene flashed to behind the stage with Courtney leading the Screaming Leeches.

"Okay guys, I have a lovely violin act that I can perform. Anyone else have any talents?" Courtney asked.

"I do have one. I'm great at ballet dancing," DJ said. Harold held down a chuckle and Duncan punched him in the stomach.

"Don't laugh at him," Duncan said.

"Well, we need one more. Anyone else?" Courtney asked.

"I can burp the alphabet in five seconds flat," Owen said and he did exactly that.

"Ew, that's disgusting," Courtney said. The scene changed to the Killer Trout.

"Does anyone have any talents they'd like to share?" Heather asked.

"I can do a tightrope act?" Geoff suggested. The scene flashed and Geoff showed the others his talent. He did a handstand and walked across the tightrope.

"Good luck Geoff!" Bridgette cheered. She blew him a kiss and back on the tight rope, Geoff lifted a hand to catch it, but he then fell. He screamed in fear and crashed into the hard wooden floor in the middle of Chris theatre, just next to Owen.

The camera flashed and showed Geoff being carried away on a gurney. "Okay, so Geoff is gonna be out for the rest of the challenge. Lucky for us, he signed the part of the contract where he can't sue us for injuries. Well, all of you did or else you couldn't be on this show," Chris said.

(Conf), Owen: I'm kinda wondering why I signed up for the show.

"Ugh, does anyone else have a talent?" Heather asked.

"I'm a brilliant jugger," Lindsay said.

"Do you mean juggler?" Noah asked.

"Oh, well, I can do it with one ball," Lindsay beamed.

"That just means you're tossing a ball in your hands, that's not juggling," Trent told her. The scene flashed and showed Trent juggling. "This is how you juggle."

"Well done Trent," Gwen said.

"Thanks," Trent blushed.

(Conf), Gwen: Ah, Trent is so cute.

Heather walked off of the stage followed by Lindsay and Bridgette. "Okay new girl, you've gotta prove yourself," Heather said.

"What do you mean?" Bridgette asked.

"I have a task for you to do. Complete it and you'll be a full member of this team. I want you to go into our cabin and search for any evidence that Gwen likes Trent," Heather said. "So we can blackmail her."

"Is blackmail letters that are printed on black paper?" Lindsay asked.

(Conf), Heather: So what if Lindsay's not the sharpest tool in the shed? She's easy to overpower.

The scene changed to the girls side of the Killer Trout's cabin. Bridgette opened the door and went over to Gwen's bed and looked under her pillow. "Hm, if I was Gwen, where would I hide stuff?" Bridgette asked herself. She looked at the furnace next to them. "The furnace." She walked over to the pillow and looked underneath and to the sides of it. There, she saw Gwen's diary with a skul and crossbones on. "Ugh, I hope this is worth it."

The scene changed to the theatre with Courtney practising her violin act. DJ was also practising his ballet. Duncan, Owen and Harold were talking. "Okay, who's gonna help Courtney and DJ with their act?" Duncan asked. "It's not me, 'cause I have no talent."

"I'm still open with my burping act," Owen said.

"What about you nerdlinger?" Duncan asked.

"I do have a talent, but as you 'jocks' say, it's nerdy," Harold told them.

"Ugh, Owen, looks like your burping act is gonna join princess and Deej," Duncan said.

"Great! I'll go practise," Owen said. The scene then changed to Bridgette coming back onto the stage with Heather and Lindsay waiting for her.

"Well? Did you find some?" Heather asked. Bridgette nodded her head and passed her Gwen's diary. "Excellent. Gwen is mine."

(Conf), Bridgette: I'm kinda starting to regret being in an alliance with Heather. She's so... devious.

Back on the Killer Trout's side, Trent practised his juggling act, whilst LeShawna was leading the others. "Okay guys, we're on a winning streak. If we give the better acts, we'll win," LeShawna said. "Does anyone have any more talents?"

"I'm a whizz on drums," Tyler said. The camera flashed with Tyler playing really badly on the drums. "Ya see, I'm great!" He hit one of the drums so hard he tore the top open. A cicada chirpped for five seconds before LeShawna shook her head back into reality.

"No," LeShawna said, receiving a frown from Tyler. The scene flashed again with Noah break-dancing and the remaininggirls clapping. "Well done Noah. You will be our second performer, you white boy." Just then, Heather returned with her alliance members behind her.

"Did you lot act without my supervision?" Heather asked.

"Relax. I just put Noah on for his amazing break-dancing. If you three wanna perform, audition," LeShawna told her. The camera changed from the Killer Trout to the Screaming Leeches. Courtney was still performing and then stopped.

"I'm putting my violin on this stool. I'll be back in five minutes," Courtney said. The scene then changed to the boys side of the Screaming Leeches cabin. Harold was on his bed.

"I gotta change clothes," Harold said to himself. He took off his shirt and folded it, placing it on his bed. The camera then looked away as he threw his trousers onto his bed. He returned onscreen with a full set of clothes on. The camera then zoomed in at Harold's clothes with Chef's curse on.

Harold then returned back to the theatre. "Hey guys," Harold said. He sat on a stool and *crunch*! "What was that?" he asked.

"You idiot! That's Courtney's violin!" Duncan yelled. Harold stood up and saw the broken violin underneath him.

(Conf), Harold: Does anyone know a violin repair guy?

Courtney had returned back to the theatre. "Hey guys. Any more... Harold!" Courtney screamed. She saw her crushed violin on the stool and Harold standing next to it. "You! You destroyed my violin! That was a family heirloom!"

"Well you shouldn't have put it on a stool Gosh!" Harold shouted. Courtney picked up a sharp end of her shattered violin.

"Die!" she yelled and she ran at Harold with it, chasing him around the theatre.

(Conf), Courtney: *crying* Harold crushed my violin. That was in my family from thirty six generations! And it took one 'four eyes' to destroy it.

Chris looked at his stopwatch. "And time! Both teams must stop performing and those who aren't performing must come out here!" The scene flashed and both teams with the members who weren't performing stood near the judging panel. "First up, DJ for the Screaming Leeches!"

DJ came onto the stage and jumped up and down, twirling and spinning and did the splits on the stage. He finished his performance by doing a round-off, a cartwheel handstand. Unfortunately, he flipped to hard and crashed into the stage. "Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark. I give DJ six points," Chris said.

"I believe ballet dancing is only for girls. Three points!" Chef grunted.

"Next up for the Killer Trout, Trent and his amazing juggling act!" Chris announced. Trent came onto the stage and began to juggle with three juggling balls.

"Come on LeShawna, we gotta assist Trent," Gwen said and the two ran offscreen. Back on the theatre, someone threw another juggling ball at Trent, then someone else threw another at him, making Trent juggle with five juggling balls. Two seconds later, the two hands threw another juggling ball at Trent so he was juggling with seven. LeShawna then threw another at Trent so he juggled with eight. Gwen threw another juggling ball, but instead of throwing it into Trent's hands, she accidently threw it into his face and he collapsed, taking the juggling balls with him.

"Ooh, that one's gotta hurt. Because Trent did impress me, seven points," Chris judged.

"I happen to love juggling. Five points," Chef announced. "That means in 'Round One' the Screaming Leeches have got nine points and the Killer Trout have got twelve points."

"Our next member of the Screaming Leeches is Owen!" Chris announced. Owen came onto the stage.

"Oh brother," Courtney sighed.

"A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z!" Owen burped. Specs of saliva flew out of his mouth. Chris and Chef both cheered.

"Wow! I have never known anyone who can burp the alphabet in five seconds. You get eight points!" Chris announced.

"Good, but I can do better. Seven points," Chef said.

"Our next member of the Killer Trout is Noah!" Chris announced. Noah came onto the stage and did ten seconds of break-dancing before the music died. "Oh. Well, for a short performance, it definitely was a good one! Seven points!" Chris beamed.

"Meh, five points," Chef said.

"That means the score is tied twenty four to twenty four! Time for the final Screaming Leeches member to perform... Harold!" Chris announced. Harold walked onto the stage with his keyboard. He played some notes on it before the music stopped.

"What the?" Harold asked. He looked at the battery compartment and saw the batteries had died. "Gosh! On the day of the talent show!"

"Um, okay. Them tunes weren't the worst. Seven points," Chris said.

"Meh, four points," Chef grunted.

"That means the next act must get twelve points to win. That next act is... Lindsay's drawing act," Chris announced. Heather was crossing her fingers.

"This better work," Heather said. Lindsay came onto the stage with a light projector she was dragging and a tray of sand in her hands. Lindsay then emptied the tray of sand onto the projector. She then shaped it into two people. The next one was a broken heart; followed by one person on a cliff, a large splash in the water, a graveyard with two people in and the last one was a teardrop.

On the panel, Chris and Chef were tearing up as well as others from both of the teams. "That *sobs* was beautiful!" Chris sobbed. "Ten points!"

"This is one of the few occasions where I cry. Ten points!" Chef announced.

"The Killer Trout win again!" Chris announced. "Screaming Leeches, you will now go from five to four tonight. It's almost like you lot are... cursed."

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. Chef was holding a plate of four marshmallows. "Hello there, Screaming Leeches. Chris is busy so I'm filling in for the elimination ceremony," Chef said.

"Ugh, why do we keep losing?" Courtney asked.

"Do you want to know why? When Harold dissed my tortillas, I cursed him!" Chef chuckled. The other four gasped.

"It's all your fault!" Duncan yelled, pointing at Harold.

"It's good we haven't voted yet," Owen said.

The scene flashed back to the elimination ceremony. "Alright, y'all have casted your votes. The first one safe is delinquint," Chef said, throwing a marshmallow at Duncan.

"Bossy girl and coward..."

"Tubby boy and nerdy boy. The last one safe is...






























... tubby boy!" Chef announced and threw his final marshmallow at Owen.

"Mm, marshmallow," Owen mumbled. He tossed the marshmallow into his mouth and farted, blushing.

"What! Just because I cursed the team means I have to be eliminated? Gosh!" Harold yelled.

"Yeah, pretty much," Duncan said.

"You'll regret this!" Harold yelled as he walked down the Dock of Shame and left on the Boat of Losers.

The remaining Screaming Leeches walked away leaving Chef all alone on the screen. "Who will win? Who will lose? Find one of those answers out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

The final scene was in the boys side of Screaming Leeches cabin. The camera zoomed in on Owen drooling in bed, Duncan kissing his pillow and DJ humming in bed. The final one was Harold's spare clothes on the bed with the curse dust still on.

Chapter XI: Pinball Pandemonium

Chris was standing on the theatre. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers took part in a talent show with so many talents. We went from DJ's ballet to Noah's break dancing. Bridgette also proved herself to Heather by stealing Gwen's diary. Wonder what she'll find out in there. The Killer Trout continued their winning streak with Lindsay's sand drawing talent. I'm still sobbing when I think about it. *wipes a tear away* Harold got the boot when Chef revealed he cursed the team, but not everything left. Will today's challenge also bring tears to my eyes? What do I have in store for the others? Am I going to need makeup for these water cheeks? Possibly find out now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

The camera zoomed in on the Killer Trout's cabin. The scene flashed and showed Gwen and Bridgette sleeping in their bunk, LeShawna on her own and Lindsay muttering in her sleep. "Oh, Tyler you're so nice," she muttered in her sleep. The camera then showed Heather's bunk with a large bump under the covers and a light coming from it.

Underneath the covers, Heather was using a torch to read Gwen's diary. She turned a page and gasped. "Ooh, I knew it. Gwen has a crush on Trent. Now, let's see what she thinks of all the others. Oh, Gwen is in some deep trouble," Heather whispered evily to herself.

The scene flashed again to the boys side of the cabin with something rustling in the bushes. Geoff was snoring below Tyler and Trent slept underneath Noah. On Noah's bunk, he was under his covers reading a book with a torch. "That's the end of this book," Noah muttered. He placed his fifth book on a pile of books and grabbed his final one. He opened it up and a note fell out. "What the?" Noah asked. The note read:

Turns out someone who you think likes you doesn't.

I'll give you one hint:

They're on your team.

Signed: ???

"Someone doesn't like me? Who?" Noah asked himself. The scene flashed to the kitchen. Chef was chopping up brown slices of mystery meat whilst DJ and Lindsay were both mixing paste in bowls.

"Hey CJ, can I borrow your spice?" Lindsay asked, saying DJ's name wrong.

"Sure Lindsay, hey, what do you think would happen if Chef saw my spice?" DJ asked.

"He would probably do this!" Chef grunted and he snatched the cannister off of DJ. "You can get this back when you're eliminated." DJ sighed sadly.

"Are you okay?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, I'm just sad that Chef took my 'Momma's Spice'," DJ moped. The scene flashed to the mess hall with Heather sitting down next to Gwen. Gwen stopped talking as soon as she saw Heather looking at Gwen with an evil glint in her eyes.

"What?" Gwen asked.

"I know you're secret. Secrets actually," Heather said.

"What secret?" Gwen asked. Heather whispered something into Gwen's ear, receiving a shocking gasp back to her.

"Uh-huh. If you don't do what I say, I'm going to reveal your secrets and then I'm going to make sure you don't win the money," Heather threatened.

(Conf), Gwen: How did Heather find out about my secrets? She didn't steal my diary, did she? I knew that my diary was near the furnace, but it wasn't their. Argh!

Geoff sat down inbetween Heather and Bridgette. "Hey Bridge," Geoff said.

"Ooh Geoff, I've meant to talk to you. How would you like to be in my alliance with Bridgette and--," Heather began, but was cut off by Geoff.

"Bridgette's in? Of course I'll be in the alliance!" Geoff exclaimed.

(Conf), Geoff: This alliance might be my only chance of getting close to Bridge. Heather might be a little disappointing, but hey, she can't be that bad, right?

Over on the Screaming Leeches table, DJ had just sat down with the others. "Hey guys, what's up?" DJ asked.

"Nothing. It kinda stings to have only four members in our team now," Owen sighed.

"Well, I'm sure we'll win this challenge. After all, we did send Harold packing," Courtney said, trying to cheer her team up.

(Conf), Courtney: I can't believe Harold made us lose four times in a row. Stupid nerdlinger.

Chris walked into the room and broke the chatter among the teams. "Wassup teams?" Chris asked. "Meet me at the theatre in five for today's challenge. I'm sure today's challenge will be pinned onto your mind," he chuckled and left the mess hall mysteriously.

The scene changed to the theatre with both teams standing in front of Chris who stood in front of a giant curtain. "Welcome campers. You may be wondering what's behind the curtain, but I'll get to that later. Anywhoo, I need each team to choose three members of the team to take part in the challenge and one to be in charge," Chris explained.

"I'll be in charge," Courtney and DJ said in unison, stepping in front of Owen and Duncan. Courtney and DJ then glared at each other.

"I'll be the one in charge," Heather said and glared at Gwen. "Gwen, why don't you take part?" Gwen sighed and stepped forwards. Geoff ad Lindsay also stepped forwards.

The scene switched to Courtney and DJ arguing. "You're always the one in charge! Why can't I?" DJ asked.

"I'm a C.I.T! I'm a brilliant leader! I should be in charge!" Courtney exclaimed.

"C.I.T? I don't care if you're a counsellor," DJ bickered.

"Puh-lease. The day I let you in charge will be the day I date Duncan!" Courtney screamed. Everyone stared at her, including Duncan. A cicada chirruped for four seconds.

(Conf), Owen: *laughs loudly and farts*

(Conf), Heather: *laughs loudly*

(Conf), Tyler: *laughs loudly*

(Conf), Trent: *laughs loudly*

"Fine, you know what? You can be in charge. I'm only doing it so Duncan doesn't have to go out with you," DJ said, pointing at her.

"Oh brother," Duncan sighed and smacked his forehead.

"Okay, now that we've got that over with, let me show you what's behind the curtains. Reveal the curtain!" Chris announced. A cicada chirruped for four seconds. "Seriously? Stupid interns." Chris walked over to the rope and yanked it. The curtain fell off and revealed a giagantic pinball machine.

Lindsay gasped. "Pinball?" she asked.

(Conf), Lindsay: I may seem like that dumb pretty girl who gets everyone's names wrong, but when it comes to pinball, I dominate.

There were six giant hollow balls next to the pinball machine. Three green, three red. "Okay. Each member will get inside one of these pinballs. Red for the Killer Trout and green for the Screaming Leeches," Chris instructed. "In the Screaming Leeches case, Courtney will have to instruct and direct as well as operating each of the flippers. That means the other five Killer Trout'll have to operate the flippers. You see, there are six means of receiving points. The two flippers at the bottom of the machine and the three bumpers spread out at the top. The flippers are both worth ten points. The yellow bumper is worth twenty, the blue one is twenty five, the black one will get you a big fifty points and the red pinball is a whopping hundred points! Also, there are traps in the machine such as secret holes and animals that will be shot out of cannons, blocking your view. The instructers will need these," Chris said, holding up headphones and remotes with dials. "These will help you communicate with those inside the pinballs."

Duncan snickered. "It seems easy enough. I mean, there aren't any bombs or crazy animals. Just a few tumbles and turned," he said.

"You would think that wouldn't you," Chris said. "The three people that lose will have stinkbombs dropped into their pinballs and left there for one whole hour!"

(Conf), Gwen: It's times like this when you just wonder why sadistic people were born.

The scene flashed to Heather leading the Killer Trout. "Okay, LeShawna and Bridgette, I want you to operate the left flipper. Noah, Tyler and Trent, you can do the right," Heather instructed. "I want to keep our winning streak."

"Good, 'cause you know we'll be voting you out if you fail us, right?" LeShawna asked. Heather grumbled. The camera flashed to the six in their pinballs in the machine. Both Heather and Courtney were holding onto the pinball launcher.

"Are you ready?" Chris asked. Courtney opened her mouth, but Chris cut her off with his airhorn. "Go!" Heather and Courtney began to pull their launchers. Heather had a further advantage by digging her wedges into the ground. She pulled more and released, slamming a pole that shot out the Killer Trout's pinballs. Courtney then pulled her's back and released, shooting out the Screaming Leeches' pinballs.

Lindsay ran over to one of the bumpers and scored twenty five points for her team skidding downwards. Duncan ran towards the bumpers and bounced off the black and yellow ones before flying downwards, scoring seventy points for his team. DJ then bounced off the yellow one, scoring twenty more points for the Screaming Leeches.

Gwen hit the blue bumper, bringing the Killer Trout up to fifty, but she rolled downwards towards the left flipper. LeShawna and Bridgette were ready.

"Come on white girl, let's go!" LeShawna exclaimed. The two began to push the flipper and Gwen's pinball bounced upwards towards the red bumper, bring ther Killer Trout's total to one hundred and sixty.

"Thanks you two!" Gwen thanked in her pinball. Unfortunately, she rolled over a trap and a cannon shot out two cannonballs. One missed the pinball, but another bounced into her's and knocked her against Duncan's.

"Hey, watch it!" Duncan shouted. The two collided into a pipe that led them out of the machine.

"Looks like both teams are now down to two!" Chris announced. Heather walked over to Gwen's pinball angrily.

"Thanks a lot Gwen! Now we have to rely on Geoff and Lindsay," Heather growled. "Remember, I know you're secrets and I'm not afraid to tell everyone. Especially Trent and Noah." Gwen gulped.

(Conf), Gwen: I have gotta keep my diary in a securer place.

DJ ran into the blue bumper, bouncing into the black and crashing into Geoff, bringing the total to two hundred and thirty. Geoff tumbled over and landed on the right flipper, being pushed back up by Noah, Tyler and Trent. DJ landed on the same flipper. "Courtney, help!" DJ shouted, rolling towards the hole.

"Ugh, fine," Courtney moaned and she pushed a button, flinging the flipper upwards, sending DJ upwards. Unfortunately, the flipper shot back immeadiantly and hit Tyler in the face.

"Infirmary!" Chris announced. The scene flashed and Tyler was led out on a gurney by Chef who was wearing a doctor's outfit. Tyler was mumbling something as Chef took him offscreen. "Okay, so it looks like Tyler's gonna be out for the rest of the challenge. I guess it doesn't affect the game, so let's continue!"

The scene flashed showing the Killer Trout with three thousand, eight hundred and seventy five points and the Screaming Leeches with four thousand, five hundred and eighty points. Owen tumbled over in his ball. "Oh... god... this... hurts!" Owen yelled as he rolled over in the pinball. He bounced against the wall and over to the right flipper, being bounced off as soon as Courtney flung the flipper upwards. He hit the red bumper and brought the Screaming Leeches total to four thousand, six hundred and ninety. Unfortunately, Owen's pinball slammed into DJ's making the roll into a tube that led them outside of the machine and the score froze.

"Looks like the Screaming Leeches final score is four thousand, six hundred and ninety!" Chris announced. "Geoff and Lindsay'll need more if they want to win." As if on cue, Geoff rolled out of the machine with the Killer Trout's score at four thousand and one hundred points.

"What happened to you?" Heather asked.

"I crashed out of the tube when I got dizzy on the bumpers," Geoff explained. "I think I'm still dizzy, 'cause I see three of you. Lindsay's still in there though." Heather smacked her forehead.

(Conf), Heather: I have no idea why I let Lindsay be in one of the pinballsLindsay's possibly one of the dumbest people in this game. I swear, if she beats me... *laughs* there's no way Lindsay will beat me.

Heather twiddled with her headgear. "Lindsay! I need you to bounce off the flipper and you should hit the bumpers," Heather told her.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that! If I hit the flipper, I'll go straight into the tube!" Lindsay told her.

"Puh-lease. I think I know what I'm doing," Heather said.

"Sorry Heather, I can't listen to you," Lindsay said and shnd she ran upwards toward the left side of the pinball machine. Back outside, Heather had thrown her microphone to the ground.

"What's the point of this if she won't listen?" Heather asked frustratingly.

"Don't stress," LeShawna said inside the machine.

"Shut it big butt," Heather spat out. She went over to the pinballs. "Gwen! Geoff! How could you get out so early?"

"Hey, I was the fifth one out!" Geoff yelled.

"Yeah, but Gwen was first," Heather growled. She looked at the Goth girl. "You are this close to me revealing your secrets," she said, almost pressing her fingers together. Back in the machine, Lindsay ran up to the bumpers and hit the red one with perfect angle. After that, she bounced on the black, hitting the blue twice, bouncing back onto the black, over the red, slamming into yellow, bouncing twice on the red, back onto the yellow and once on the red, falling to the flippers.

"If Lindsay gets hit by the flippers and onto the red, she'll win for the Killer Trout!" Chris announced. "Can she do it?"

"She better," Heather whispered to herself. Inside the machine, Bridgette and LeShawna pushed their flipper upwards.

"Push white girl, push!" LeShawna encouraged. Trent and Noah ran over to them and helped them to push the flipper. At the correct moment, the four pushed the flipper when Lindsay's pinball hit the flipper, rocketing her up to the red bumper, scoring four thousand and seven hundred points.

"The Killer Trout win!" Chris announced. "That means for the Screaming Leeches, it's stinkbomb time!" Chef walked over to the pinballs and dropped three stinkbombs each in the pinball, each exploded on contact. The Killer Trout cheered just as Lindsay's pinball rolled out of the machine.

All three boys screamed and yelled in the stench. "This smells worse than a thousand of my farts!" Owen yelled.

"I beg to differ," Duncan said. Courtney chuckled outside of the machine.

"Glad I don't have to get stinkbombed," Courtney chuckled in relief. Suddenly, Chef held up a spare pinball with three stinkbombs in his other hand. The scene flashed showing Courtney screaming away and through the giant forest.

The scene flashed again with Chef and Chris laughing loudly. The other Killer Trout members were outside of the pinball machine and Gwen, Lindsay and Geoff were out of their pinballs. Gwen and Trent hugged, quickly before realising what they were doing. The scene then zoomed in on Heather's smirking face.

(Conf), Heather: Ever since episode three, I realised that Gwen and Trent liked each other. I just needed proof. *shows Gwen's diary* And now I have it.

The scene showed the Owen walking out of the Screaming Leeches' cabin. DJ and Duncan were sitting down on a bunk. "This is crap!" Duncan yelled. "We've lost five times in a row. We got rid of Harold, but why do we keep losing?"

"I don't know. We have great team members, well, except for Courtney," DJ sighed. He stood up, but banged his head on the bunk above. Something dropped out. "What's that?" The two looked below them and saw a set of Harold's clothes.

"Dweeb left his clothes here? They still must be cursing us!" Duncan exclaimed. "Rats!"

"Well, we still have to decide who to vote. Since you are my best bud, I'll vote with whoever you vote," DJ said. Duncan looked uncomfortable.

(Conf), Duncan: How do I chose between one of my best friends and my girlfriend? *cicada chirrups for four seconds* I didn't mean that!

The scene flashed to the elimination ceremony. Courtney sat next to Duncan who sat below DJ who sat next to Owen. Chris stood in front of the bonfire with three marshmallows on a wooden plate in both of his tanned hands. "All of you have casted your votes and I hope that you all now how this thing. The first two safe are Duncan and DJ," Chris said. The two caught their marshmallows and high fived each other.

"Courtney and Owen. One of you was outvoted three to one. The last one safe is...






























... Courtney!" Chris beamed.

"Yes!" Courtney exclaimed, pumping her fist into the air. Owen looked at Duncan and DJ.

"You guys voted for me? Why?" Owen asked. DJ handed him Harold's clothes.

"What are these for?" Owen asked.

"This is the cause of your elimination. Sorry about that," DJ said. Owen frowned, but then hugged the two boys.

"Yeah, yeah, it's a sad moment, can you leave now?" Courtney asked. Owen walked down the Dock of Shame, farting along the way. He boarded the Boat of Losers and sailed away. The three remaining members of the Screaming Leeches walked away with a glum look on their face.

(Conf), Duncan: I was torn between Owen and Courtney. This is the last chance I'm giving Courtney. I want Courtney and DJ to stop fighting over me.

The camera moved over to Chris, who was still at the bonfire. "Well, well, well," he said. "The Screaming Leeches are down to three. Seriously, those guys suck! Will another go next time? Find out on the next episode of Total... Drama... Island!

Chapter XII: Follow The Yellow Mud Road

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers played a giant game of pinball with human pinballs! Heather got Gwen into blackmail and Geoff into her alliance. Stinkbombs exploded and so did Duncan and DJ when they found out a pair of Harold's clothes, the reason Owen was eliminated. Will the Screaming Leeches continue to lose? Will the Killer Trout continue to win? Will I continue to tease and haunt the campers? Of course I will, but find out the other answers to the questions on today's episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Courtney yawned. She looked at the empty bunks in her room and gulped. "Ugh, I forgot how lonely it gets on your own. I just wish they were better players," Courtney sighed.

(Conf), Courtney: It's been more than a week since Katie got eliminated. Ever since that, I've been kinda lonely. There's no one to talk to. I just hope I can move in with the other girls soon. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually kinda scared.

On the boys side, Duncan was getting changed and DJ was in his bunk in his clothes. Duncan threw clothes about the other side of the room. "So, what do we do now?" DJ asked.

"We wait till the merge. I've seen these shows before, there are always merges. They aren't gonna let a whole team be eliminated. It's all thanks to that stupid nerdlinger Harold," Duncan moaned offscreen.

"Good. What about Courtney?" DJ asked.

"What about her?" Duncan asked back.

"Do we get rid of her or not?" DJ asked.

"We do, wait, no we don't, ugh, I don't know man," Duncan sighed.

"I know why you don't want to eliminate her. You two are in--" DJ began, but a fully dressed Duncan ran over to himn and grabbed the shirt around his neck.

"I do not like her. We are not going out and I am not in love!" Duncan yelled. DJ gulped. "Ugh, sorry dude. Just stressed that Owen's gone."

"I know. Why didn't we eliminate Courtney? It would be an all guy's team!" DJ exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, okay? Let's just go to breakfast--" Duncan began.

"Breakfast! I forgot I have to make breakfast!" DJ exclaimed.

(Conf), Duncan: That's the thing that makes DJ a great friend. He's self-conscious, but has a great personality, even if he does forget his kitchen duty.

In the mess hall, Heather, Bridgette, Geoff and Lindsay were sitting together. "So, I was thinking we should eliminate the popular ones like Trent and LeShawna and Tyler," Heather said.

"Why Tyler?" Lindsay moaned. "He's kinda cute."

"This alliance has no time for relationships," Heather said. Geoff gulped.

(Conf), Geoff: No relationships? Wow, how am I supposed to get with Bridgette if I can't be in a relationship. Heather sure is harsh.

Gwen walked over by the rest of her alliance. "Hey guys. So, if we lose tonight, I say we vote off--" Gwen began, but LeShawna cut her off.

"What makes you think we're going to lose? We've been on a winning streak five challenges in a row," LeShawna told her. Gwen smiled. She sat inbetween her and Trent. The two of them blushed at each other and Heather eyed Gwen. Tyler sat down next to the Lindsay, but Heather showed him her hand.

"Sorry, this is the popular side only. Go sit down next to your unpopular friends," Heather said.

"When did Bridgette and Geoff become so popular with you?" Tyler asked. The two latest additions to the aliiance stood up.

"What does that mean?" Bridgette asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Tyler said quietly and backed away slowly. He sat next to Noah and the two began to chatter. Chris then walked into the room, breaking the silence between the teams.

"Wassup campers? I have a very important announcement. One of our previous eliminated campers is coming back..." Chris began.

"Is it Owen?" Duncan and DJ said in sync.

"Is it Betty? We need more help in the kitchen," Lindsay sighed, incorrectly saying Beth's name.

"Justin?" Bridgette, Gwen, LeShawna and Lindsay said in sync, dreamily.

"Ugh, you didn't let me finish speaking. One of the previous campers will be back at the merge of the teams, which is very soon," Chris said. "I won't give any hints of who's coming back though."

(Conf), Duncan: If it's Owen, my bacon's saved. Well, probably eaten by Owen.

"Anyways, today's challenge takes place in a secret location in the forest. Just follow the yellow mud road," Chris said mysteriously. The campers then looked at the others with weird looks on their faces. The scene flashed to the forest where the campers were standing by a yellow trail.

"Is this the yellow mud road?" Lindsay asked.

"No, it's a fun ride that gives facials!" Heather said sarcastically. Lindsay squealed in delight, but Heather pulled her away, glaring at the blonde.

(Conf), Lindsay: Heather is sometimes really mean. She wouldn't even let me get a facial!

The campers were walking by the yellow mud road. The Screaming Leeches were walking in front. Courtney and DJ were walking either side of Duncan, glaring at each other occasionally. "Would you two give it a rest?" Duncan asked. Both refused to answer and Duncan sighed.

(Conf), Duncan: Ugh, DJ and Courtney are going at it like little kids! What is wrong with the two of them?

Heather and Lindsay pushed in front of them, followed by Bridgette and Geoff. "Move it or lose it," Heather said. Shoving past Courtney. She was about to topple into the yellow mud, but Duncan caught her.

"Thanks Duncan," Courtney blushed. The scene flashed to the end of the mud where Chris was waiting for them.

"Glad you made it campers. Did any of you fall into the mud?" Chris asked. "No, okay. Here is today's challenge: an obstacle course!"

"An obstacle course? What's so intense about that?" Trent asked.

"Glad you asked Trent. This obstacle course is made up of five of the most toughest obstacles the interns could think of. Since the interns thought of it, it'll probably not be that tough," Chris asked. "Underneath is a familiar substance. Yellow mud! That goop'll make you smell like rat droppings, smelly cheese and fish guts for a week! The first part of the obstacle course are the Monkey Bar Pulleys! These monkey bars will drop you into the yellow mud if you aren't careful. If you get through that, the second part, the Boxing Bangers will hurt you so much more. After that, the Chicken Feet Showers will guard Swinging Axe Lane. Since I'm not allowed to use actual axes, they're just made of stone and styrophone. The last part of the obstacle course is Chef's Tightrope. That's Chef's area and he can do anything he wants there. If you fall into the mud, you have to start at the beginning of the area. Killer Trout, you must each participate in the obstacle course once for nine goes. Screaming Leeches, you must participate three times each for nine goes. Once I pull the trigger on my airhorn, you will start." Chris then triggered his airhorn and both Geoff and Duncan began the obstacle course.

Duncan got to Monkey Bar Pulleys first and grabbed onto a monkey bar and pulled himself upwards, but the monkey bars pulled downwards. Geoff then arrived at Monkey Bar Pulleys. He jumped upwards and grabbed onto the monkey bars, but slipped and fell into the yellow mud. "Crap!" Geoff yelled. Duncan climbed upwards and grabbed onto another monkey bar, making the monkey bar he was holding shoot back upwards. Duncan then grabbed another monkey bar and jumped off, running towards the Boxing Bangers.

Geoff got back up, covered in yellow mud and carefully grabbed onto one of the monkey bars. Duncan then approached the Boxing Bangers. Several boxing gloves were popping out of holes on a wall . "All I have to do is dodge these suckers? Lame," Duncan said. He walked across the wall, but one boxing glove hit him in the stomach and it exploded, sending Duncan flying back to the beginning of the Boxing Bangers.

"That's why they're called the Boxing Bangers," Chris chuckled evily. The scene then switched to Gwen and Heather. 

"What do you want?" Gwen asked.

"I have a task for you. Get Tyler and Noah to fall into the yellow mud," Heather told her.

"Why?" Gwen asked.

"Because I hate them. I'm sure that smelling like dead fish for a week will be a good enough punishment," Heather explained. Gwen sighed. "What? Don't want to? Fine, I'll just tell the whole world that you like Trent and that you know who despises Noah." Gwen then gulped.

"Fine, I'll do it," Gwen moaned.

(Conf), Gwen: Ugh, Heather's blackmail crap is killing me! I have to do bad things to my friends and if I don't, the whole camp will know that I like Trent and the person that doesn't like Noah is--.

Gwen walked back towards LeShawna. "What did I miss?" she asked.

"Duncan's ahead at Swinging Axe Lane and our white boy fell in the mud again and is at Boxing Bangers," LeShawna told her. The scene rushed over to Geoff finishing the Boxing Bangers and beginning the Chicken Feet Showers.

"Ow! Argh! Chicken feet hurt!" Geoff yelled in pain. Several chicken feet landed in his cowboys hat and some bruised his skin. "Chicken feet? Seriously! These really hurt!"

"I know, right?" Chris chuckled. Geoff finished the Chicken Feet Showers and got to Swinging Axe Lane, but before he could start, Duncan grabbed his leg.

"Sorry party boy," Duncan said and pulled Geoff into the mud. Duncan pulled himself up and walked carefully through the area. There, he began Chef's Tightrope. Chef through junk at Duncan including an alarm clock, a large dictionary, a lamp, a crate and a box labled 'EGGS'. Duncan managed to dodge all, but Geoff was hit by the lamp and was sent flying into the yellow mud. Heather smacked her forehead.

(Conf), Heather: Clumsy idiot.

Duncan got to the end and ran round the track, tagging DJ. "Why didn't you tag me?" Courtney asked.

"Does it matter?" Duncan asked. Courtney glared at him. Geoff then got to the rest of the Killer Trout and tagged Bridgette. The two looked at their hands and looked at each other, blushing.

(Conf), Geoff: She touched my hand! I can't believe it!

Bridgette and DJ began the Monkey Bar Pulleys. Bridgette grabbed onto one of them, but slipped off and fell into the mud. "Gah! How slippy are the monkey bars?" Bridgette asked.

"Very," Chris told her, holding a bucket of grease. The scene then flashed to DJ at the beginning of the Boxing Bangers. He carefully guided his body around the holes, but two boxing gloves hit him. One in the forehead and the other in his groin.

"Momma?" DJ gasped in pain and the gloves exploded, but he luckily grabbed onto the wall with one of his hands. He slid along and Bridgette started the Boxing Bangers, instantly getting hit and she flew into the mud.  "Ooh, that's gonna hurt in the morning." DJ finished the second part of the obstacle course and began the Chicken Feet Showers, just as Bridgette got back onto the course.

"Poor chickens," DJ said, shielding himself from the chicken feet. Bridgette got to the beginning of the third obstacle and gasped.

(Conf), Bridgette: I'm a vegan. I care for animals, but chicken feet! These poor, poor birds had to die just to make a sadistic man pleased with chicken feet pouring onto teenagers. You know, the only reason I signed up was because of a stupid bet with my ex-boyfriend. Sadly, I won.

Bridgette carefully walked through the Chicken Feet Showers, but she stepped on a chicken foot and toppled over into the mud, again. DJ got to the middle of Chef's Tightrope, but fell into the mud when Chef threw a box of books at him. Bridgette then got to the tightrope, but fell on top of DJ when Chef threw a candelabra at her. LeShawna smacked her forehead.

(Conf), LeShawna: Bridgette's my friend, but the white girl is clumsy.

DJ tapped Courtney and Bridgette crawled over to Trent. She collapsed, but tug his shoe and he ran off. "Does anyone else see Mr T?" Bridgette said, clambering upwards, shortly before collapsing again. Trent carefully grabbed onto a monkey bar, rubbing of the slime and Courtney reached into her pockets, pulling out two pieces of tissue. She used them to grab onto the monkey bars and the two stayed tied on the first obstacle.

Courtney got off first and ran quickly, shortly before Trent got to his feet. Courtney manoeuvered herself across the wall, but Trent tripped her and she fell into the mud, shortly before a boxing glove hit her face. "Hey!" Courtney yelled.

"Hey!" Duncan growled. DJ looked at him, but said nothing. Trent got to the end of the Boxing Bangers and to the beginning of Chicken Feet Showers.

"How do I get through this?" Trent asked himself. Unbeknown to him, Courtney was standing behind him.

"Maybe like this," she said and shoved him across the obstacle. Trent howled in pain before landing headfirst into the mud. Courtney chuckled.

(Conf), Trent: At least my way of pushing her into the mud wasn't painful. *stands up and removes a chicken foot stuck to his shirt* Huh, I thought two chicken feet got stuck to me. I wonder where the other on is. *sits down and screams* Found it.

Trent climbed back upwards, but Courtney splattered more mud at him and she ran through the Chicken Feet Showers. "Yow!" she yelled and got to Swinging Axe Lane. She guided herself through two of the axes and Trent began the obstacle.

Trent dodged the axes, but Courtney flicked more mud at him. However, she didn't pay attention and got hit by the last axe, rocketing into the yellow mud. Trent got to the last obstacle, but Chef was reading one of his books and wasn't paying attention. "Chef!" Chris yelled.

"Huh? Oh yeah," Chef grumbled and threw his book at the tightrope, but Trent finished and ran round the course. He got to the beginning and tagged LeShawna.

"Thanks white boy," LeShawna thanked and began the obstacle course. She clutched onto the monkey bars and swung through them. The scene flashed to Courtney in the middle of the tightrope. She clutched onto the rope upside down.

"Why do people say this is easier? My arms are aching!" Courtney yelled. Chef chucked an egg at her, but missed and Courtney climbed to the end of course. Courtney got up and ran to the beginning of the course, tagging Duncan and he began the obstacle course.

"I coming LeShawna!" Duncan yelled. He gripped the monkey bars, but he fell into the mud again. LeShawna was at the Chicken Feet Showers with no mud. She dodged one shower of chicken feet and jumped past the second. Duncan had arrived at the Boxing Bangers. He was in the middle and was carefully contorting his body to dodge the holes.

LeShawna got to the beginning of Swinging Axe Lane as soon as Duncan got to the middle of Chicken Feet Showers. A barrel of chicken feet poured onto him and he lost balance, but didn't fall into the mud and carried on onto Swinging Axe Lane. He dodged the first three and caught up to LeShawna who pulled herself up from the bar, still with no mud. "Huh, it would be a shame if you fell," Duncan said and stepped on LeShawna's hand.

"Huh, it would be a shame if you fell," LeShawna said. Duncan looked at his side and an axe sent him flying into the mud. LeShawna pulled herself up and dodged the items Chef threw at her. She ran to her team and tagged Noah. He ran to to the monkey bars and grabbed one carefully. "Come on white boy! You do know how to get across on monkey bars, right?"

"No!" Noah yelled. Duncan got to the end of the tightrope again and tagged DJ and he jumped upwards. Noah carefully got to the end, but DJ pushed him into the mud. He ran to the Boxing Bangers and Noah climbed back up.

(Conf), Noah: I thought DJ was the nice guy. Pushing me into mud is not nice.

DJ got to the end of the Boxing Bangers and began the Chicken Feet Showers. One chicken foot got stuck on his hand and he yelled in pain. "It's called karma!" Noah yelled from the monkey bars. He reached upwards and grabbed onto the next monkey bar and fell off, successfully landing on the second obstacle. He manoeuvred his body around the holes, but one of them hit him in the arm and he fell into the mud. DJ balanced himself across the Chicken Feet Showers and got to Swinging Axe Lane. Noah then finished Boxing Bangers. He got to the Chicken Feet Showers and instantly slipped.

DJ got to the end of the tightrope and ran round the course, tagging Courtney. She got to the monkey bars and grabbed on. Noah was in the middle of the Chicken Feet Showers, but slipped again.

(Conf), Noah: You see, my athletic prowess is terrible.

Courtney caught up to Noah. "Move it!" Courtney yelled and she pushed him in the mud again. Courtney shuffled along with some chicken feet getting stuck to the mud in her hair. However, she did get to the end of the obstacle and got through the first swinging axe. Noah got to the end of the Chicken Feet Showers and stood behind the first swinging axe. He then walked through and got next to Courtney.

"Karma!" Noah yelled and he pushed Courtney into the second axe. She lost balance and fell into the yellow mud. Noah moved forwards and got to the beginning of Chef's Tightrope. Chef threw another lamp at him followed by a large rock. Noah dodged the lamp and jumped over the rock, but he fell off, luckily catching the rope. He shuffled along and got to the end, shortly followed by Courtney. She tripped him up and chuckled, running towards Duncan. Noah got up and chased her, tagging Tyler at the exact same time as Courtney tagging Duncan.

Duncan grabbed onto the first monkey bar and he pulled it down, grabbing onto the second and third. Tyler reached up. Gwen walked to the side and shouted: "Tyler! Look out!" This distracted and he looked around, making him slip into the mud. Gwen sighed in relief.

(Conf), Gwen: Glad that'd over. Now I just need to wait for Heather's next blackmail task.

Both Duncan and Tyler were at the end of the Chicken Feet Showers. Both were covered in yellow mud and chicken feet. "I'm just glad this is my final run of this," Duncan moaned.

"This is my first and I'm already tired!" Tyler complained. Duncan got to the middle axe and Tyler followed. The two then finished the fourth obstacle and started the last. Chef threw a barrage of eggs at the two. Tyler was hit in the face by one and fell off. Duncan was hit by one, but regained his balance, finishing the course. He ran round and tagged DJ. Tyler got to the end and tagged Lindsay. Lindsay grabbed the monkey bars and so did DJ, pulling themselves across to the other side.

The scene flashed to Trent and the gang. "Things look like we're going to lose. Who should we vote off?" Trent asked.

"Heather!" the other three yelled.

"She's a pain in the butt," LeShawna shouted.

"She tortures me!" Noah yelled.

"I honestly want her gone," Gwen moaned.

"I guess we have an agreement," Trent said. The four then put their hands together, with Gwen's hand on top of Trent's. The two blushed at each other.

(Conf), Gwen: Now that I think about it, maybe telling Trent I like him might not be a bad idea. But I still think Heather knows about the thing with Noah.

DJ had finished the obstacle course and tagged Courtney. "Come on Lindsay!" Heather yelled.

"I'm trying!" Lindsay yelled back. She dodged the last lamp Chef threw at her and ran around the course, almost tagging Heather, but she shook her head. "Wha--? Oh, yeah," Lindsay said. She moved over and tagged Gwen.

"Wha--? Why me?" Gwen asked.

"Just go!" Heather yelled and Gwen ran off.

"Turns out that the Screaming Leeches are in the lead! Can Gwen save them from failure?" Chris asked to the campers. Courtney was in the middle of the Monkey Bar Pulleys when Gwen started. She clung onto one, but instantly slipped in the mud, however she did pull Courtney off with her legs in midair. The two landed in the mud and argued.

"What the heck!" Courtney blurted out.

"Sorry. I didn't mean too," Gwen apologised.

"Yeah, you just happened to 'accidently' pull me into the mud with you," Courtney groaned and she clambered back up followed by Gwen. The camera flashed and Courtney jumped off of the monkey bars and started the Boxing Bangers. Gwen followed, but Courtney sidekicked into her stomach and Gwen toppled over into the yellow mud. "Sorry! I did it 'accidently'," she mocked and ran off.

(Conf), Gwen: Jerk! I did it accidently! Not 'accidently'. Stupid air quotes.

Gwen started the Boxing Bangers as Courtney began the Chicken Feet Showers. One boxing glove barely missed Gwen as she passed through one. "Ooh! The heat is on!" Chris announced. Gwen started the third obstacle, just behind Courtney. Gwen walked through and screamed as chicken feet jabbed her on her head and shoulders. Courtney also had chicken feet stuck to the mud.

"You're going down," Courtney gasped evily pointing her thumb downwards. She got o the end of the track and so did Gwen, both of them starting Swinging Axe Lane. "Let's face it, you'll never beat me." She moved past the first axe and Gwen sidestepped to dodge it. "I'm stronger," she said, passing the second axe. "Faster," she said, ducking under the third. "And braver," she finally said, sidekicking Gwen in the stomcach. Gwen banged into the third axe and she fell into the mud. The rest of her team (excluding Heather and Lindsay) gasped in shock.

Courtney finished the fourth obstacle and started Chef's Tightrope. "Since you're last, you get the big guns," Chef grunted. He threw a large rock, two golf clubs, a bicycle, an encyclopidia, a jar of mayonaise and a big picnic basket. Courtney dodged all of them and got to the end of tightrope. She ran quickly, but slipped in a pool of her own mud.

"Come on Courtney!" Duncan cheered. Courtney got up and ran towards her team, tagging Duncan for the final time.

"For the first time in five challenges, the Screaming Leeches win!" Chris announced. Courtney, DJ and Duncan cheered, whilst a mud covered Gwen walked over to her team.

"Nice going. Gwen," Heather taunted.

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris stood in front of the Killer Trout with a plate of eight marshmallows. "Wow! Never expected to see you guys here again," Chris said. "After a long, long time, one of the Killer Trout will finally be going home! I'll see you guys later."

The scene then flashed with Geoff sitting back down. "Well, you've all casted your votes in the confessional. The first marshmallow goes to LeShawna," Chris said, throwing LeShawna her marshmallow, which she caught.

"Also, Geoff, Lindsay and Trent." The two males caught their marshmallows, but Lindsay's marshmallow hit her in the forehead.

"Bridgette..." She caught hers with ease.

"Tyler and Noah," Chris finally said. Heather glared at Gwen and Gwen glared at Heather. "Heather and Gwen. You two girls have bickered long, but one of you will not be seeing Wawanakwa again. The eliminatee tonight with five votes to four is...






























... Gwen," Chris said, throwing the final marshmallow at Heather. Gwen gasped.

"Why me?" Gwen asked.

"You did, sorta fail the challenge," Tyler said.

"Sorry Gwen," Bridgette sighed. Gwen frowned and walked towards the boat, but Heather stopped her.

"Forgetting aomething?" Heather asked, holding Gwen's diary. Gwen lunged for it, but she missed it. "Let me see what you've got in here. Dear diary, I've just met someone who's really nice. He has perfect hair, has great talent, and I think he might like me. I love, love, love, love, love Trent." Trent gasped and the rest of the team followed him to the Boat of Losers.

"You like me? I like you," Trent said.

"You like me? I just never knew what to say and--," Gwen began, but Trent kissed her to interrupt her.

"Oh, and I think there's a part here dedicated to Noah," Heather said.

"You don't like me?" Noah asked, pointing his finger at Gwen.

"Dear diary, someone just told me a big secret today. I never suspected she wouldn't like Noah. She likes everyone else. I wonder why Bridgette dislikes him," Heather smirked. Noah and Bridgette gasped.

"Why don't you like me?" Noah asked.

"I don't know. You seem friendly, but you just seem too sarcastic. But you are a good friend," Bridgette said. She then walked to Heather. "I can't believe you said that! You know what, I'm leaving this alliance!"

"Me too!" Geoff yelled. Bridgette looked at Geoff and blushed. Gwen then boarded the Boat of Losers after snatching her diary from Heather.

"Bye Trent," Gwen said and the boat sailed away.

Chris then shooed the campers off and he was left on camera. "Gwen's gone and drama has struck again. What a genius I am! Stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XIII: D.I.Y Demolish It Yourself 

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers took part in an obstacle course layered with yellow mud. The last round was Gwen vs Courtney. The round had its bumps and turns, but Courtney won the Screaming Leeches their first victory in five challenges! The elimination ceremony ended with Gwen getting eliminated, just before Heather blurted out Gwen's secrets and revealed Bridgette disliked Noah. What drama! Will Noah recieve anymore hidden enemies? Will Heather find anymore diaries? Will Chef find anymore cooks? Find out possibly none of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Trent was crying loudly in his bed. From above, Noah was putting earbuds into his ears. Geoff was shoving his head under his pillow and Tyler was banging his head against the wall. "Will Trent shut up?" Tyler asked.

"He's sad about Gwen, but his sobbing is getting annoying," Noah explained.

(Conf), Noah: Trent's my bud, but I'm not afraid to vote him off if his crying gets too annoying. Why did Gwen have to go?

(Conf), Trent: Why did Gwen have to go? *sobs really loudly*

The girls of the Killer Trout could hear the commotion as well. "You see what you did Heather? You just made a lover boy cry!" LeShawna yelled. Heather grunted.

(Conf), Heather: I wanted to eliminate Gwen, but I never thought about Trent's annoying tears. If he doesn't shut up, I'll eliminate him as well. I also need to punish Bridgette and Geoff for leaving my alliance. Revenge is a dish best served cold with a side of elimination.

The Killer Trout walked into the mess hall and saw the Screaming Leeches already enjoying two slices of bacon with a bowl of red slop and green pellets. "Hi guys! I've got breakfast!" Lindsay beamed. Heather grabbed hers and Lindsay served the others their food.

The scene changed to everyone sitting at their tables. On the Screaming Leeches side, Duncan was talking. "Okay guys, the last challenge was our first win in ages. We've got to improve our motivation," Duncan instructed.

"How do we do that?" DJ and Courtney asked in unison, shortly before glaring at each other.

"We find the one member who is easy to manipulate and we eliminate them," Duncan explained.

"Who? Lindsay?" Courtney asked.

"Nah, Heather's already got to her. How about Geoff? He has a thing for Bridgette that we can use," Duncan explained.

(Conf), Duncan: Ever since it became me, DJ and Courtney, I've kinda been a camptain to make sure the team doesn't get out of hand.

Chris walked into the room with a hard hat and a toolbox. He also had a dirty grease covered belt on around his waist. "Hey campers! Make sure you're out at the beach in five for today's challenge. My suit is a hint," Chris instructed.

The camera flashed and the scene changed to the beach with both teams standing in front of Chris. Trent was still crying his eyes out. "Ugh, what is the matter with Trent?" Chris asked.

"Since Gwen's gone, he's been acting like this," Geoff explained.

"We can hear it throughout the cabin," Bridgette moaned.

"Well, make sure that he's good for today's challenge 'cause we're gonna be building!" Chris exclaimed. A cicada chirruped for four seconds. "I wasn't really expecting a big applause so let meget straight to it. Each team will build a fort to last a battle. That's part one. Part two is a battle between the teams. The fort that breaks first loses and will have to send someone to elimination. You will have one hour to build your fort." Chris then walked towards a massive pile of junk. "This junk pile is for both teams. It contains important things like planks and tools, and even weapons like cannons and flamethrowers."

"Geez, a big whoop," Heather chuckled.

"I thought someone might say that. As well as the opposing team destroying your castle, me and Chef will be sabotaging and crushing your castle as well," Chris said. "Ready, set, go!" Chris triggered his airhorn.

On the Killer Trout's side, Heather was taking charge. "Okay, listen up people! Lindsay, Geoff, LeShawna and Tyler, you four will get out the equipment. Me, Bridgette, Noah and lover boy will build the fort. I have big ideas!" Heather instructed. The scene to the Screaming Leeches. They were already at the junk pile.

"Okay, I'll get the planks. DJ, you get bricks and Courtney, you get tools," Duncan instructed. "We'll come for weapons later." The three began to rummage around in the junk pile. The four collecters from the Killer Trout then ran by. Duncan saw Geoff and slid through the pile.

"We'll just get what we get," Tyler said. Tyler got tools, Lindsay carried planks, LeShawna heaved a cannon and Geoff was carrying a bundle of bricks, but he dropped them as soon as Duncan dragged him inside the junk pile.

"Wha--? Duncan! What are you, hey, isn't it cool there's a hollow space in here?" Geoff asked.

"Never mind. I heard from a little bird that you like Bridgette," Duncan said.

"From who?" Geoff asked.

"You. You just confirmed it," Duncan said. Geoff smacked himself in the forehead. "Anyways, I can help you with her. You've got to make sure she never leaves your sight. If she does anything important, make sure you stop it and make sure you're the most important thing. If you can't stop her, give her a smacker straight on the lips," Duncan told him.

"Thanks Duncan. I guess I should get back to my team," Geoff said.

"Me too," Duncan chuckled and he swam through the junk.

(Conf), Duncan: Oh my god! How gullible is Geoff! I bet Bridgette doesn't even like Geoff. Now, if he doesn't fail it for the team, Bridgette will get him voted off.

(Conf), Geoff: I've just gotta do what Duncan said. Be the most important thing for Bridgette, but why would Duncan help me? I guess he's just a good friend.

On the Killer Trout's side, they had already finished a platform and Heather was building a brick wall. Bridgette and Noah were taking care of Trent. He was sitting in a deckchair crying his eyes out. "Gwen!" he moaned. Bridgette and Noah grumbled.

"Trent, it's okay! I'm sure Gwen is watching you now. She supports you!" Bridgette reassured.

"Yeah! Bridgette's right. Crying isn't going to bring Gwen back," Noah aded.

"Yeah, but I can freeze my tears to make a statue of Gwen. Gwen!" Trent moaned and he buried his head in his hands.

"Hello people! Why is there no cement? I need--" Heather began.

"Shut up!" Bridgette, Noah and Trent shouted in sync.

(Conf), Heather: Maybe eliminating Gwen first was a bad idea. Trent has to run out of tears soon, right?

LeShawna brought two buckets back. One with glue, the other held honey. "Here, use this as cement," LeShawna told her, thrwing the two buckets at her. Both buckets hit her and she fell backwards. She stood back up with a mixture of glue and honey pouring down her face. She growled.

The scene switched to the Screaming Leeches side. Courtney was dragging a cannon onto the brick platform they had built using superglue and cement. DJ and Duncan were piling bundles of planks and weapons next to Courtney. As DJ ran back, Courtney grabbed Duncan by the shoulder. "Help," she uttered.

Duncan sniggered, "Sure princess." He grabbed a box of eggs and a bundle of planks and helped Courtney. "This is gonna be one epic fort."

"Puh-lease. Forts are just for little children. All we have to do is find a faulty plank and we can take down the other fort. Piece of cake," Courtney said.

Duncan chuckled. "Does your fort have cannons, paintball launchers, wild animals and flamethrowers?"

"We're going to have wild animals?" Courtney asked.

"These eggs are almost ready to hatch. I wanna see what crazy animal hatches," Duncan told her. He climbed up a ladder and began to glue bricks together. The scene then changed to a timer showing forty minutes and then over to the Killer Trout. Geoff had walked over to Bridgette who was stuffing giant shells into a cannon with its opening poking out of the wall.

"So uh, you look nice," Geoff said.

"Thanks. You could help me put shells into this cannon," Bridgette said. From the other side of the wall, Heather overheard the two talking.

"Relationships are meant to be broken," Heather smirked and she lit the string of the cannon. On the other side, Bridgette was placing another shell into the cannon and Geoff saw the cannon being lit.

"Bridgette!" Geoff yelled and he pushed Bridgette out of the way, just as a shell shot out. Near the junk pile, Chris and Chef were holding a trampoline.

"Rebound!" Chris and Chef yelled in sync and they held the trampoline in front of them, making the shell bounce off and hit the Killer Trout's fort. A few bricks fell loose on top of Bridgette and Geoff, but Geoff rolled the two of them out of the way.

"Wow, you just saved my life. Thank you," Bridgette thanked. 

"No problem," Geoff replied. The two got up and grabbed some more equipment. Geoff held a bucket of glue and a crate of bricks whilst Bridgette carried another crate of bricks, a hammer and a wrench. The timer then changed to twenty minutes. The camera moved from the Killer Trout's fort, with four tall walls, several towers, multiple cannons and catapults, to the Screaming Leeches cabin with three and a half walls, two cannons, a giant catapult and some sort of large egg being carried by DJ.

"Duncan, are you sure this'll work?" DJ asked.

Duncan was fixing bricks onto the wall from a ladder. "The egg? It'll work in two ways. If we're lucky, we'll get both ways."

DJ was unsure. "Alright, I trust you." Courtney was loading a cannon with large green balls.

"Ew, this gum is disgusting. I hope it doesn't stick to the cannon," she said. "If it does, I'm going to kill you," Courtney uttered, pointing her finger at Duncan.

"Don't worry princess, I poured grease on the sides of the cannon," Duncan reassured. In the background, Trent's crying could still be heard. "Hey Trout! Keep your crybaby from crying! We can hear it all the way from over here!" he yelled.

From the Killer Trout's side, Lindsay could hear mumbling from the other fort. "What was that?" Lindsay yelled at the top of her voice. She turned around and walked straight into the wall.

(Conf), Lindsay: Owee. My face hurts.

The timer was down to five minutes. The Killer Trout were all huddled in a circle. "What do you want Noah? We only have five minutes to improve our fort," Heather said.

"Don't worry. I coated the entire castle in a protective mixture. It's made of glue, honey, spray paint and tomato sauce," Noah said. "According to my calculations, the coating will harden and anything thrown at it will be like throwing breadcrumds on concrete."

"Let's test that out," Geoff said. He picked up a a pebble a pebble and threw it at part of the fort. Instantly, three bricks of the wall crumbled.

"What! Oh no! I put the coating on when our homemade cement was still wet! It made it dissolve!" Noah cried, touching the new hole in the wall.

"Way to go, genius," Heather said. "Tyler and Lindsay, fix the hole in the wall. LeShawna and Bridgette, soak up the 'protective coating'. Everyone else, make more cement. I'll deal with crybaby." Everyone got to work. On the Screaming Leeches side, Duncan and Courtney were sitting down in chairs, lightly sweating. DJ was on top of a ladder and banging a metal panel on the wall.

"Our fort is full of weapons, but will the walls stand?" DJ asked from up top.

"It better. We put glue and honey on all the bricks," Duncan panted. "If we win, I am going to spend a year in an ice chamber."

"What about your plan with Geoff?" Courtney asked.

"Oh, Geoff is like puty in my hands. He took my advice. If Bridgette is a major part in the Killer Trout's operation, we have one less problem in our hands," Duncan said evily, rubbing his hands together.

The timer then flashed to all zeros. "That is it! Time is up! Get to battling!" Chris announced and he triggered his airhorn. Heather was standing in a tower.

"Fire!" she commanded. Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna and Noah aimed their bows and flaming arrows to the air. The arrows landed. Two on the brick walls of the Screaming Leeches fort, and two on the supporting platform. Courtney ran to to the flames and used a fire extinguisher to blow out the flames. Duncan and DJ were at the top of the castle. DJ put a rock on a catapult, and Duncan shot it out. The boulder landed on a tower, crushing it and part of the wall underneath.

"Take that!" DJ yelled.

"We're gonna turn you into fish pie!" Duncan added. Tyler and Lindsay ran inside the castle and two cannons popped out of the wall. However, only one cannon shot out a shell.

"Um, how do you start this?" Lindsay asked. "Oh wait, I think I got it." The second cannon shot out three shells. Each one was aimed to the front wall, but DJ pressed a button, making two giant pieces of metal erect from the ground, protecting the castle.

"Did anyone else fix armour to our castle?" Heather asked. The seven members on her team shook their head.

"Why didn't you do it yourself?" LeShawna asked.

"Because I don't want to chip my nails," Heather told her. She got a third cannon and shot out red gunk. "How do you like your beans?" She fired the cannon, sending bean gunk at the opposing fort. A chunk of brick fell out, almost crushing Courtney.

"Hey! Watch it!" Courtney yelled. She swiped her fingers against her head, as if to signal something. Duncan nodded. He went down into the fort and came back up with some sort of gigantic crossbow equppied with a dozen javelins. "This what you get for almost crushing me!" Duncan aimed at the centre of the Killer Trout's fort and fired. All the javelins hit the middle, making a giant hole in the fort.

"Stupid coating!" Noah yelled. He grabbed something in a chest and swung a hammer at the opposing fort. Unfortunately, it only landed thirty centimetres away.

(Conf), Noah: Heather knows I have terrible strength. Why did she put me in charge of a hammer. Now my arm is really sore.

Chris and Chef were in a helicopter above the Screaming Leeches' fort with a bag of rocks underneath. "Bombs away!" Chris yelled and the rocks fell onto the fort. DJ and Duncan got underneath a giant wok and Courtney avoided the landslide from above.

"Seriously man! That's not nice!" DJ yelled.

Courtney then joined the boys of her team on the top of the castle. Each one had three giant catapults, loaded with large rock ammo. "Fire!" she commanded. The rocks flew fast and landed on the towers, taking down the supports. Luckily, Heather got out of the castle just before the tower she was in crumbled to the ground.

"Hurry up people! We're losing! Bridgette! I didn't want to have to use this, but get the major cannon," Heather commanded. The whole team gasped.

"Are you sure about this Hannah?" Lindsay asked.

"Yes, and it's Heather!" Heather yelled.

(Conf), Lindsay: It's not my fault I forget everyone's name. Well, it kinda is but...

Geoff followed Bridgette inside the remains of the fort and the two of them took the cannon. "I just have to aim and fire and we should win. I hope Noah made these calculations right," Bridgette sighed.

"Wait, how about we catapult together?" Geoff asked.

"Sorry, Heather put me in charge, although I now hate her," Bridgette said. Geoff was worried. A flashback played of Duncan telling Geoff to be the most important thing to Bridgette. She lit the cannon.

"Bridgette wait!" he yelled and he ran into her, knocking the cannon out of aim. It fired and a giant ball of metal was launched into the air. From the helicopter, Chris and Chef were protected by a sheet of plastic. The metal ball hit the plastic and rebounded.

"Glad we got this plastic, right?" Chef asked. Chris nodded. The metal ball rebounded and hit half of the castle. The Screaming Leeches' saw the ball.

"That's their secret weapon. Let's fire ours!" he commanded. DJ and Courtney pulled back a catapult and a giant egg flew into the air. It hatched in midair and a gigantic bird came out. The bird screeched and destroyed the remainder of the castle.

"The Screaming Leeches win again!" Chris announced. "One of the Killer Trout will go home tonight and can never return!"

Bridgette and LeShawna were sitting at their cabin. "Who do we vote out?" Bridgette asked.

"I think Geoff. He distracted you from winning for us," LeShawna replied.

"What about Noah? He dissolved our cement," Bridgette suggested.

"We'll think about it," LeShawna said and the two girls walked inside their room.

The camera flashed to the elimination ceremony. Chris held his plate of seven marshmallows. "Okay. Since you've only been here three times. I'll recap on the rules. All of you must cast your elimination votes in the confessional. The person with the most votes must go down the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, never returning again!"

The camera flashed and showed LeShawna and Bridgette sitting back down. "You've all casted your votes and you can't change them now. The first three marshmallows go to Trent, LeShawna and Heather," Chris said.

"No! Another day without Gwen!" he sobbed.


"Oh yeah!" Tyler exclaimed, pumping his fists in the air.


"Yippee!" she squealed, clapping her hands.


"Phew!" she sighed in relief.

"Geoff and Noah. The last marshmallow goes to...





























... Noah!" Chris announced, throwing the last marshmallow at Noah.

"I got more votes. Oh well, I guess I deserved it," Geoff said and he turned around. "Bridgette, will you come down the dock with me?"

"Um, okay I guess," she replied. The scene flashed to the end of the dock.

"Bridgette, I just wanna say that, because I did all that stuff, I did it because... I like you," Geoff said.

"You do?" Bridgette asked.

"Yeah, I took advice from Duncan, but now I realised he tricked me and I can't spend anymore time with you. But I'll be routing for you at home," Geoff said. "I just wanted to spend more time with you and--" Geoff was cut off by Bridgette kissing him straight on the lips. Chef walked down the dock and carried Geoff on his shoulder. "Bridge, I also wanna say I got Cody eliminated. I was jealous and--"

"It doesn't matter. I love you!" she yelled. Geoff was thrown into the boat and sailed off.

"Bye Bridge!" he yelled and the fog swallowed the boat up. Chris stod next to Bridgette.

"So ends another dramatic elimination ceremony! Will anyone else fall in love? Will anyone else make these mushy endings? Possibly find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!" Chris announced, putting his elbow on Bridgette's shoulder.

She glared at him. "Get off of me."

Chapter XIV: Wheel Of Misfortune

Chris was standing on the remains of the winning fort from the last challenge. "Last time on Total Drama Island: the campers were building giant forts in an epic battle between the teams. Noah made him castle loose and Courtney was almost crushed, literally. The final showdown was metal between a giant bird. The bird won and so did the Screaming Leeches. And due to a plan conjured by Duncan, Geoff got the boot, eventually getting a smooch from Bridgette. After today's challenge, there will be eleven! Confused? I know I am. Not! Which camper will be returning? Will they cause drama? What will today's challenge be. Find out at least one of these answers today on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

The campers were sitting at their tables in the mess hall. On the Kiler Trout's table, Trent was weeping in his porridge whilst Noah and LeShawna were talking to Bridgette. She looked sad. "Wow, how many heartbreaks does this team have to get?" LeShawna asked.

"I don't know. How come the people that's names begin with G always cause heartbreak! This is just like what happened with my ex-boyfriend George," Bridgette sighed, taking a spoon of her porridge. "At least I'm not as bad as Trent. His porridge bowl is overflowing with his tears."

Chris then walked into the room. "Okay campers, today's challenge takes part back in the theatre. Be there in five," he commanded.

On the theatre, there were ten different seats and desks. Chris was standing in front of two wheels. "Here's a quick announcement. Today--" he began.

"Is the merge?" Heather asked.

"No, and if you interrupt me again, then you'll be going home. Today is a reward challenge. The reward is a spa vacation for three. However, you can only choose two members from your own team to come with," Chris said. "Here's how you play. Behind me are two wheels. The Wheel of Faces and the Wheel of Misfortune. I'll spin both wheels. These white blanks hide faces and pictures from the challenges you've all participated in. Whoever's face it stops on will participate in a challenge. If they win, they get a point and get to spin the wheel. If they lose, they're out of the game and will take a trip to the Gunk Bucket!" The campers gasped. "There are two ways to win. Be the last one standing or be the first to five points. Let's see who's playing first!"

Chris rolled the wheels and and they landed on two blanks. Chris took them away and revealed a picture of Bridgette and a picture of Courtney and Gwen throwing mud at each other. "The obstacle course challenge. Bridgette, your task is to cross Chef's Tightrope without falling into the yellow mud," Chris said.

"Seems easy enough," Bridgette said. The camera flashed showing Bridgette at the beginning of Chef's Tightrope. Chris triggered his airhorn and Chef began to throw junk at the tightrope.

"This is a good way to get rid of this old crud," Chef chuckled. He threw a tennis ball, a lamp, an antique vase and a barrel of chilli. Bridgette ducked underneath the tennis ball, shuffled past the lamp, was hit by the vase and fell of when the barrel of chilli made contact. Luckily, she caught the tightrope with her legs.

"Is that the best you can do?" Bridgette asked.

"Nope, I can do better," Chef shouted and he threw a pumpkin at Bridgette's face. The pumpkin splattered and Bridgette slipped into the mud.

"Ooh! Bridgette loses! Since you lost, please take a seat," Chris ordered. Bridgette sat down, but the seat rolled away and she fell into a giant room filled with chunky red goo. The wooden boards slipped away to reveal the Gunk Bucket. "That is where losers will go. Let's see who's next." He rolled both wheels and revealed two blanks again. Chris took them off and they revealed DJ's face and a picture of Justin being splattered with paintballs.

"The paintball challenge?" DJ asked.

"Correct-a-mundo, DJ. Your task is to stay in a red circle and allow Chef to pelt you with paintballs for ten seconds, unarmoured," Chris told him. The camera flashed showing DJ shivering in the middle of a circle. Chef was aiming at DJ with a giant paintball gun. Chris triggered his airhorn, but before the first paintball could stain DJ's skin, he ran to his chair.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, wuss," Chef said.

"I mean, seriously? You didn't even let the first paintball touch you! That is seriously pathetic," Chris said. He pushed a button and DJ fell into the Gunk Bucket. Chris rolled the wheels and they again landed on two blanks. Chris took them off and revealed Heather and a picture of LeShawna dodging lightning.

"The fear challenge? I already concured my fear of skydiving," Heather bragged.

"Yes, but have you concured your fear of skydiving without a parachute?" Chris asked. Heather gulped. The scene changed to the top of the theatre. Heather was staring at a shallow pool of mud on the floor of the theatre. From the bottom, Chris shouted into a megaphone: "Okay Heather! If you can jump off and land in the mud, you'll get a point!"

Heather gulped, but she jumped of, screaming the entire way down. Her voice was muffled when she landed face first in the mud. "And Heather wins a point!" Chris announced. The scene flashed showing Heather wiping some mud off her face.

"That's disgusting," Heather said and she rolled the wheels. They landed, yet again on two blanks. She took them off and they revealed Tyler and a picture of LeShawna whacking Beth in the face with a paddle.

"The Boney Island challenge? The rowing part wasn't that bad," Tyler said.

"Yes, but you won't be competing in the rowing part. You'll be playing in the animal challenge!" Chris deviously said. "The task is to get a woolly beaver from its cage into the crate."

"That's it? I can do that with a can of peas, tap shoes and a rake," Tyler scoffed.

"Really? Well, I was going to give you proper armour and bait, but since you're the expert, you don't need them," Chris taunted.

"Wha--! Wait! I need--" Tyler began, but the camera flashed and he was wearing tap shoes with a can of peas and a rake. "Crap." Chris triggered his airhorn and two interns rose the entrance of the cage. The woolly beaver roared and advanced towards Tyler. Tyler shuffled his rake at the beaver, but it advanced even more.

"Take this!" Tyler yelled and he threw the can of peas at the beaver. It opened up and frozen peas poured out, making the beaver slip and roll into the crate, locking it up.

"Tyler wins a point!" Chris announced. Heather growled and sat back down. Tyler spun both wheels revealing two blanks. They revealed to be Noah and a picture of the Screaming Leeches tent catching on fire. "Ooh, the camping challenge. Noah, you have to spend ten seconds in a crate with Sasquatchanakwa."

"Who the heck's Sasquatchanakwa?" Noah asked.

"Sasquatchanakwa is your worst nightmare. He can be your best friend, or he can crush you like a centipede," Chris said. Noah gulped. The camera flashed with Noah entering a giant wooden cage. Chris shut the door, then chef and an intern tied a giant chain and padlocked it. A timer then dinged and began counting. Several screams and tearing rumbled through the box. There was someone banging on the door.

"Let me out! Let me out!" Noah yelled. A chainsaw sound ripped through the crate and a pantless Noah broke a hole through the crate and ran to his chair. It sank and he fell into the goo. "Uh, could you at least give me some pants?" Chris shook his head.

Tyler span the wheel and it landed on a blank and the picture of Justin with paint stains. Tyler took it off and it showed Duncan. "Tsk, lame," Duncan said. "I already got hit with paintballs. They aren't that bad."

"Oh, did I mention that every time one challenge is rolled, it gets harder?" Chris asked. "This time, you'll be being pelted with stick on explosion paintballs. The intern who tested them is still in hospital from shock. Luckily he signed the 'non-insurance' part of the contract. Well, everyone did."

Duncan was standing in a circle while Chef held an even bigger paintball gun in both of his hands. "Delinquint, you're lucky I only have three ammo left," Chef grunted.

"Go on Duncan! Win me that spa vacation!" Courtney yelled.

"You got it princess!" Duncan chuckled.

"If I were you, I'd protect my weiner," Chris whispered into his ear. Duncan did as he ordered and a flash later, Duncan was being wheeled to his seat by Chef in a nurse's uniform.

"Why can't I have a doctor's uniform!" Chef complained.

Chris replied: "Because we have a budget!"

Chef bickered: "And how is a doctor's suit more expensive! Seriously, it's times like these when I really hate me job." Duncan sat down next to Courtney and she winked at him.

(Conf), Duncan: *in his wheelchair* Did you see that? She winked at me! She likes me.

Duncan was wheeled back and rolled the wheels again, landing on two blanks. He reached for them and they fell off, revealing LeShawna and a picture of Eva on her tantrum with a dodgeball in her hands. "The dodgeball challenge? What's hard about that?" LeShawna asked.

"The hard thing is each dodgeball is filled with small explosives and rocks. And they'll be fired out of a cannon," Chris explained. "This is why I auditioned for this roll. I'm so good at hurting teenagers."

"I'm surprised I haven't seen you on the top ten child abusers list back in juvie," Duncan muttered.

"What was that?" Chris asked.

"Nothing, nothing," he trailed off. The camera flashed to LeShawna dodging the red balls fired out of the cannnons. The timer reached ten and Chris gave a thumbs up towards LeShawna. "Why don't we just do a fast forward of those who failed their challenges. We do, after all, have a time limit," Chris said to the camera. The camera flashed showing Courtney taking a a bowling ball to the stomach in the obstacle course, Trent getting his face slammed by a dodgeball, Lindsay screaming from the purple tarantulas on her face, and Tyler, yet again, facing a giant beaver, but this time, he came out with a suit of drool on.

The camera flashed again with only LeShawna at four points, Duncan at three, and Heather also at four points. Duncan was in his wheelchair by a gigantic crate. "So let me get this straight, you're gonna let an injured boy go inside a crate filled with Boney Island creatures, Sasquatchanakwa and a giant bug?" Duncan asked.

"That is correct. And you can't chicken out until you've stepped inside the crate. Is it to much for you? Delinquint," Chris taunted.

"Pff, who said anything about me chickening out. Try to stop me," Duncan said. Chef stood behind him in his nurse's uniform and wheeled Duncan into the crate.

"You can do it Duncan!" Courtney and DJ yelled in sync from the Gunk Bucket. The two then glared at each other.

(Conf), Courtney: *splitscreen and in unison with DJ* Ugh, I have no idea why Duncan became friends with... ugh, why do they always have to get in the way! They should have been eliminated way before the merge was even mentioned!

(Conf), DJ: *splitscreen and in unison with Courtney* Ugh, I have no idea why Duncan became friends with... ugh, why do they always have to get in the way! They should have been eliminated way before the merge was even mentioned!

The door of the crate was shut by Chef, quickly before he padlocked, chained and chained it even more. "I can't see in... wah! Argh!" Duncan yelled from the crate. Two chainsaws went off and a loud animal squealed, followed by another screeching loudly. "Let me out! Let me out!"

"Don't let him out!" Courtney yelled. Chef fumbled with the lock and Duncan wheeled himself out like a bolt. He got back in his seat, and it lowered into the Gunk Bucket.

"Ooh, looks like the Screaming Leeches have lost all hope of winning a spa trip for three. It's down to Heather and LeShawna, the girls of the Killer Trout," Chris said. He rolled the wheel and it landed on LeShawna's face and a blank. "Ooh, LeShawna. If you win this challenge, you'll get the spa trip for three. If you don't Heather will win."

"I hope you lose LeShawna!" Heather teased.

"Shut it, big head," LeShawna spat out. "What's the challenge?" She took the card off, revealing a plate of fire in Izzy's hands.

"The cooking and eating challenge," Chris said. "Your task is to cram down a triple jalepeno with cream burger, accompanied with smoking hot pepper chips."

LeShawna cracked her fingers. "Puh-lease. Back in hometown, this is classed as the basic cheeseburger."

"Does the basic cheeseburger take ten seconds to scarf down?" Chris asked. LeShawna fell silent. "I thought so."

(Conf), LeShawna: Am I glad Owen's still not in the game.

Chef, in a waiter's outfit, placed the dish in front of LeShawna, on her table. Chris stood by her side. "Once you take the first bite, your ten seconds will begin," Chris said. LeShawna held the burger to her mouth. She could see the whip cream dripping down the buns.

"Lunch time," LeShawna muttered. She chomped the burger, swallowed and her face turned slightly red. She took another bite, followed by another, but the jalepenoes turned her face purple. "Jusf tuf mure btes," LeShawna said with her mouth full. The timer was at seven seconds, and LeShawna took another bite and swallowed. Her face was purple, yet she only had half the burger left.

"Fail LeShawna!" Heather shouted. LeShawna stuck her censored middle finger up. She continued eating and only had a bite left at four seconds. She crammed it down her mouth and chewed. The timer went down to three, then two. She chewed even more and tried to swallow. Before the last second, she managed to swallow and opened her empty mouth.

"LeShawna wins!" Chris announced. A furious Heather stomped and growled. The rest of the Killer Trout in the Gunk Bucket cheered. "So, who are you taking to the spa, LeShawna?"

"Well, in usual circumstances, I'd take my boys, Trent and Noah, but since there are a lot of heartaches on my team, I'm choosing Trent and Bridgette," LeShawna said. Bridgette and Trent cheered slightly. The camera flashed with all the campers out of the Gunk Bucket. "Are you mad?" LeShawna asked Noah.

"Nah, they deserve it," Noah said and the two high fived. A boat appeared at the dock and LeShawna, Trent and Bridgette boarded.

"Bye guys!" Bridgette cheered.

"See you!" Trent added and the three disappeared into the boat.

"So, what about the rest of us?" Lindsay asked.

"There is no elimination ceremony, and I would recomend getting a good night's sleep. You've got a big day- in three days," Chris chuckled. "Who's coming back into the game and what drama will they cause? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XV: Search And Scavenge

Chris stood inside the the mess hall. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers competed in a game. A game of danger and deja vu. Literally. Lamps were thrown, giant paintballs were shot and jalepeno sandwiches were chomped, resulting in the winning of LeShawna, the loss of Heather, and the spa trip for two heartaches. Today is a very special day. You'll find out later on today. Who's returning? Who's leaving? Who's hurting? Me! Enjoy today's episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Heather was filing her nails on her bunk bed. "Who do you think is coming back?" Lindsay asked.

"I don't know, and I don't care. I just need the merge. I can make more allies and crush my enemies," Heather replied.

"Yeah! But, we're still going to the final two, right?" Lindsay asked. Heather nodded her head.

(Conf), Heather: The only reason I'm taking her to the final two is because she's super dumb. She'll be easy to crush. If I can get Courtney and Duncan, I can probably eliminate DJ, then I'll move down with Bridgette, LeShawna, Trent and Noah. Whoever returns, I can take them on. If I can manipulate Courtney, I'll get her to eliminate Duncan, and I'm pretty sure I can take on Courtney and Lindsay. This game and the hundred thousand are mine.

Heather and Lindsay walked into the mess hall. "Blonde girl! Your late!" Chef scowled.

"Shoot! I forgot to wake up!" Lindsay said. "Sorry CJ."

"Your punishment is to clean the communal bathrooms. I want them sparkly clean... or at least until the stench goes," Chef growled. Lindsay frowned as the bucket and mop hit her in the head, but before she could leave, Chris walked into the room wheeling in a giant crate.

"Hey campers. Today is a big day. It's the merge!" Chris announced. "The teams are no more!" The campers cheered loudly.

"Wait, who's coming back?" Tyler asked.

"Oh, I was wondering about that. The person who's coming back is... Izzy!" he announced. Izzy jumped out of the cart and screamed.

"Hey guys! I'm back!" Izzy yelled.

"Izzy!" Lindsay squealed and her and Tyler ran to hug her. "It's great to have you back."

"I know, right?" Izzy said. "Apparently, I'm more fun than the others."

Chris silenced the chatter between the campers. "Since the producers of the show said I have to have at least one nice challenge, so today I thought it would be nice to have a scavenger hunt!" he cheered.

"A scavenger hunt? Lame," Duncan said.

"This is an extreme scavenger hunt. Some are easy to find, others are hard. There are seven items, and you can work in groups up to three," he explained. "The first group to find all seven and return to me wins!" The camera flashed with Tyler and Lindsay.

"So Lindsay, do you wanna group--" he began.

"Sorry, Tyler, but Lindsay's with me," Heather said and she grabbed her by the shoulder. Tyler sighed.

(Conf), Tyler: I like Lindsay, but Heather keeps on getting the way. Hm, maybe I can use my immunity idol to get Heather out. If she's in the bottom two, but that would mean giving up immunity myself.

Heather had grabbed Lindsay and Izzy by the shoulders. "Izzy, your still in my alliance," Heather said. "You're really lucky I'm doing this."

"I know. It was a shocker when Bridgette and Geoff left your alliance, but to be honest, you did reveal her secret," Izzy said.

Heather looked puzzled. "Wait a second, this show isn't even on air yet. How do you know?" Izzy widened her eyes.

"Um, coming!" she shouted and walked away. The camera moved towards LeShawna. She was high fiving Noah and Trent.

"Together, we're gonna win this thing!" LeShawna boomed.

"Yeah, we are," Trent sniffed. Noah looked annoyed.

(Conf), Noah: Trent has been sniffing way to long. If he doesn't stop, I may be forced to eliminate him.

DJ walked towards Duncan, but Courtney was advancing on him, so the two ran towards him. "Duncan! Do you want to work with me?" the two yelled in sync, but then glared at each other.

"Um, I'm gonna work on my own," Duncan said. DJ and Courtney glared and grumbled at each other, then turned away.

(Conf), Duncan: DJ and Courtney are like little children fighting over candy. I'm the candy. I hate candy!

Tyler walked towards Bridgette. "I guess that leaves you and me," Tyler said. The two high fived. The scene then changed to Heather, Lindsay and Izzy walking through the forest.

"Toilet roll: easy. Paintball: not a challenge. Potato chips: harder, but fine. Sasquatchanakwa saliva--" Heather began, but Lindsay interrupted her.

"Wait, what's saliva?" Lindsay asked. Izzy spat on the floor. "Izzy, no need for that. I just asked what saliva is." Izzy shook her head.

"I think the easiest is toilet paper. Izzy'll get that whilst me and Lindsay will find a paintball," Heather said.

"Got it," Lindsay and Izzy said in sync. The three split up into their groups, and the camera flashed to Izzy running out of the communal bathrooms with a roll of toilet paper in her hands.

Bridgette and Tyler were heading towards the shed. "I think I saw a paintball gun in the shed. We can get a paintball from there!" Tyler beamed. They entered the shed and Bridgette fired the paintball gun, but the paintball rebounded off of the wall and bounced off the floor, making the paintball bounce around the shed in super speed.

"Why didn't you just take the ammo out?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know! I wasn't thinking!" Bridgette yelled as she dodged the paintball past her leg. The camera then changed to the communal toilet where DJ had fished out a roll of toilet paper.

"Easy as pie," DJ said. "Maybe I can get Chef to give me some chips." The camera flashed to DJ walking into the kitchen. Chef was cutting some chillis with a large cleavor.

"What do you want, brickhouse?" Chef asked.

"Some chips?" DJ asked.

"Ugh, you know where they are. Just get them before I change my mind," Chef grunted. DJ opened a cupboard and took out a packet of barbeque potato chips.

"Mm, barbeque chips," DJ said and ran out.

(Conf), DJ: This is too easy.

He walked out of the confessional, but a bird crashed into his face and yelled. The camera then changed to Courtney. She was putting a roll of toilet paper into a bag and had walked over to the forest. "A fish. The river is full of them," she said to herself. She ran to the river and LeShawna, Trent and Noah.

"Do you know where the paintballs are?" Noah asked.

"What's in it for me?" Courtney asked.

"We'll vote the person you want out," Trent said.

"Sold," she said. "They're in the shed." The four then ran off.

(Conf), Courtney: Bye, bye DJ.

Courtney arrived at the river and saw Duncan fishing without a rod. "You can hand fish?" Courtney asked.

"Been doing it since I was four. It's legal to hand fish in any river without permission, but I prefer to do it with the rod. I get to see my buds in juvie," Duncan said.

"My grandfather taught me when I was seven. Got one!" Courtney announced. She lifted the fish up, but it dragged her back into the river, making Duncan laugh. She got back up and dragged him into the river. Duncan rose up and the two splashed about. The two then got up with a fish each.

"This is great. I've already gotten Sasquatchanakwa spit and toilet roll. I think I'm gonna get the cockroach next," Duncan said and he ran off. Courtney sighed in delight and she got out of the river.

"Next up, a paintball," she said. The scene changed to Heather and Lindsay walking out of the producing tent.

"I thought there was a paintball gun in there," said Lindsay, placing the paintball into the bag. Izzy ran towards the two.

"I've got toilet roll and managed to sneak in a bag of salty chips from Chef," Izzy said.

"Good. Now, you get a fish and us two will get a red leaf. Hurry!" Heather ordered. The three split up into their tw groups again and the scene changed to LeShawna running out of the river with a large silver fish in both of her hands.

"Great! We got the fish, the sour cream chips, a red leaf and a cockroach!" Noah beamed.

"I reccomend getting the paintball. Courtney already told us where some are," Trent sniffed. The three ran towards the shed and the camera flashed to them arriving. The shed was banging loudly. "What's going on?"

"I'll check," said Noah. He opened the shed door and BANG! A paintball slammed him in the cheek and a hole emerged from the shed door. Bridgette and Tyler then opened the door.

"She did it!" Tyler said, pushing Bridgette forwards. Bridgette glared at him.

"I didn't mean to!" Bridgette exclaimed. "We were trying to get a paintball!"

"Why didn't you take out the ammo!" Noah yelled. "I thought we were over our feud!"

"We are! I didn't know you were outside!" Bridgette replied. Noah took the paintball that had hit his face.

"I'm keeping this," Noah said. "Take the ammo out." The three walked away. Bridgette turned around and saw Tyler nodding his head. Bridgette grunted and took out the ammo, dropping one paintball into their empty brown bag.

"This is the only thing we have. We've got to hurry up! You get the loo roll, I'll find a red leaf!" Tyler commanded and the two ran out of the shed. The camera then changed to DJ picking up a red leaf in the forest.

"Just got to find Sasquatchanakwa spit and a cockroach. There are cockroaches everywhere," DJ said to himself. He walked through the forest, but a twig snagged the bag and tore it open, spilling out the leaf, a paintball, a fish, the bag of potato chips and toilet roll. The camera changed to a cave. Courtney was peeking into it and she saw Sasquatchanakwa: a large purple yeti snoring and drooling.

"I can't believe yeti spit is an item," Courtney whispered to herself. She tiptoed behind a rock, then crawled towards Sasquatchanakwa. She opened up a vial and held it underneath Sasquatchanakwa's mouth. It slowly began to fill with drool, but Sasquatchanakwa lifted an arm and cuddled Courtney. "Stupid (censored) animal!"

The camera changed to Bridgette and Tyler joining together dropping the toilet paper and a red leaf into their bag. "I also found this cockroach. We've just got three more items left. I say we get the spit from Sasquatchanakwa. Then we can quickly do the crisps and fish," Tyler instructed. Bridgette nodded her head and the camera flashed to both of them arriving in the cave. They saw Courtney with a jar of spit in her hands. Tyler ran towards her and snatched the jar out of her hands. "Thanks Courtney!"

"Hey! Give that back!" Courtney yelled. Bridgette ran towards her.

"I'm sorry. Take this," Bridgette said apologetically and she passed Courtney her jar. Courtney grinned.

(Conf), Courtney: Bridgette is the only girl I really get around here. If she didn't have to move to the Killer Trout, we could have bonded a bit more.

Courtney began to fill her next jar, it was halfway full before Sasquatchanakwa lifted his big purple arm up. Courtney rolled over and the jar filled. "Finally," she sighed in relief. She ran away, then the camera flashed to her running through the forest. "I've got to get a move on. Why did I do the spit first?" She ran by, but tripped over on something. "What the--? What's that?" She saw DJ's pile. "A leaf? Potato chips? A paintball! Now I just have to find the cockroach. I wonder who was stupid enough to lose this lot?"

The camera then changed to DJ humming and walking to the end of the forest. He ran into LeShawna, Noah and Trent. "Hey guys! I've finished. Best get going," she said.

"What? We just need a fish. Well, good luck brown boy," LeShawna said and the three ran away. The camera flashed and DJ had met up with Chris.

"Hey McLean! I've finished the hunt!" DJ exclaimed.

"Well done! DJ is the... wait. You have a hole in your bag," Chris said. DJ looked underneath the bag and saw the giant hole.

"What! Dang, I've lost everything!" DJ complained. Chris was holding a cup of orange juice and took a sip. Then, the njuice began to shudder. It bounced and wobbled then the two heard the loud echo of feet. The twoo looked towards the forest and saw Bridgette, Tyler, Noah, LeShawna, Trent, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Izzy and Courtney running towards the two in a massive stampede.

"We've finished!" the large group yelled. Duncan barged through Noah and Trent, LeShawna pushed Lindsay out of the way, Heather pushed Courtney and she crashed into the Izzy. The stampede were a few metres away, and then it went into slow-motion. Courtney twisted through the crowd.

"I've... finished... Chris," she said in slow-mo and threw the bag at Chris. The scene then returned to a normal speed. The stampede landed past Chris in a giant pile. The campers were moaning.

"And Courtney wins the scavenger hunt!" Chris announced. Courtney leaped out of the pile cheering for herself, whilst the other moaned in misery. "Since this is the first elimination ceremony after the merge, you can vote for anyone, well, except Courtney."

The panned to the whole island at night, then zoomed into the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of ten marshmallows. "You have all cast your votes. If I don't call your name, you must go down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and can't return ever again. First up, immunity winner Courtney," he said, tossing the marshmallow to her.

"LeShawna..." She caught the marshmallow straight in her mouth.

"Noah..." He barely caught the marshmallow above him.

"Heather..." She smirked and caught hers.

"Tyler and Lindsay..." Both of them were hit in the head with their marshmallows.

"Duncan..." He didn't bother to catch the marshmallow flying above him.

"And Trent," he said, just catching his treat. Bridgette and DJ exchanged glances.

"Bridgette and DJ. The last marshmallow goes to...






























... DJ!" he announced.

"What!" Courtney and Bridgette yelled in sync!

"You heard me. Chef!" Chris yelled. Chef appeared and carried Bridgette away.

"Ugh, bye guys," Bridgette sighed. The campers walked away, but Noah stayed. LeShawna and Trent stopped.

"I'll catch up, you go ahead without me," he said. A flashback played of Noah getting hit in the face with a paintball. Then, it showed Noah crossing his fingers with Courtney's deal. The next one was Noah whispering sometyhing into Heather's ear and she nodded. Afterwards, he whispered something into DJ's ear and he nodded.

(Conf), Noah: *in flashback* I've watched these shows, and if there's anything to know, cross your fingers on any deal. Bridgette didn't like me, and she hit me in the face with a paintball. So I persuaded both DJ and Heather to vote with me and got Bridgette out. When you watch this, we have a clean slate.

Chapter XVI: Peekaboo, I See You

Chef stood in the kitchen chopping peppers. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The chumps did a scavenger hunt for seven items. A bag of potato chips; Sasquatchanakwa spit; toilet roll; a red leaf; a fish; a cockroach and a paintball. The brown haired C.I.T won and scrawny kid got his revenge on the surfer chick after she hit him with a paintball, sending her packing. Now, it's the final ten. Who will win? Who will lose? When will I get my pay cheque. Find out on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

Lindsay rushed around the kitchen and poured some slop into buns with bacon. "Finished!" Lindsay announced. She served Izzy the final dish and walked with her to the table next to Heather.

"Finally! You need to learn to speed up," Heather complained. "And cook better. This slop is disgusting."

"It's not my fault Chef's pre-made slop is disgusting. It's the animals that taste bad," Lindsay replied. The camera flashed to the other table with Trent sobbing.

"What is the matter with him! Can't you just slap him to stop crying?" Courtney asked.

"Seriously? Slapping him will make him stop," LeShawna said sarcastically.

(Conf), Courtney: What? Whenever my little brother cried, I just slapped him and he stopped crying. Excuse me if I try to help.

"So uh, Lindsay, I think you have nice eyes--" Tyler began, but Heather interrupted him.

"Sorry, she isn't intrested," Heather said, grabbing Lindsay by the shoulder.

"Why don't you let Lindsay decide for herself?" Tyler asked, pulling Lindsay by her other shoulder.

"Back off!" Heather yelled.

"Why don't you make me?" Tyler asked.

"Why don't you--" Heather began, but an airhorn cut their arguement.

"Silence! Don't make me use the airhorn again," Chris yelled. "I was going to explain the challenge, but the two of you interrupted me. Now, today's challenge is hide and seek--"

"Hide and seek? Why don't we just get down on our knees and play elevenses," Heather chuckled, but Chris triggered his airhorn right in Heather's face.

"Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say hide and seek with Chef. He's gonna hunt you down with the Meatball Bazooka. Spicy hot meatballs with chilli coated spaghetti. If he sees you, you're out and he can choose to hit you with the Meatball Bazooka. You can win immunity by being the last one found and helping Chef find one of those still hidden," Chris announced. Chef barged through the kitchen doors with his giant Meatball Bazooka on his shoulder.

"You have one minute. I'm gonna hunt you down and then your gonna cry and beg for mercy," Chef threatened. "One! Two! Three!" The camera flashed. "Fifty eight! Fifty nine! Sixty! I'm comin for ya maggots!" Chef stomped out and strolled down the creaky stairs. Unbeknown to him, Noah was hiding underneath them.

(Conf), Noah: I should reveal a secret. I've never played hide and seek before. The only thing I got from Chris' explanation was that I have to hide from Chef. Is, is that how you play?

Chef stormed into the former Killer Trout cabin. On top of Lindsay's bunk, a giant lump with Lindsay's boots poking out. "Ugh, blonde girl makes it to easy," Chef muttered. He pulled the covers off and shot Lindsay with two giant meatballs. She screamed as she was pelted. "Out!"

(Conf), Lindsay: *pelted with meatballs* Ugh, it's not my fault I'm terrible at hide and seek. I never got to play hide and seek as a child, like, only a thousand times.

Lindsay bounced downwards onto bottom bunk, but it screamed: "Ow!"

"What the?" Chef asked and he looked under the bunk. A cramped Courtney was grinning slightly and chuckled. Her face and body was hit by meatballs.

(Conf), Courtney: *pelted with meatballs* Yeah I was found in hide and seek. *rubs off some sauce from her face* So what? I'm not anyone who should be gunned at. I just have to make sure DJ doesn't get invincibility. I have to get him out, so I can get Duncan to myself. Hopefully, I can persuade Heather and her alliance to vote with me and Duncan might vote for DJ.

"Blonde girl, you search in the mess hall and kitchen. C.I.T, check the communal bathrooms and the boys' cabin. I'll hunt the dock," Chef instructed. The two girls nodded, and the scene transferred to the dock where Chef searched the waters. Underwater, Tyler, in his trunks, was hiding from Chef. He saw the blurry vision of Chef's hat and meatball gun, but it shrank away. Tyler came up for breath, but screamed as he saw Chef's head peeking over the dock.

The camera then changed to the communal bathrooms which Courtney just entered. She checked the showers and the toilets, but underneath one of the sinks, she saw Duncan grinning idly. "Gotcha!" Courtney said in relief.

"Alright, go ahead and tell Chef, princess," Duncan scoffed.

"Hm, I won't tell Chef if you vote with me tonight," Courtney said.

"Alright. Who do you want?" Duncan asked.

"DJ," Courtney spat out the two syllables.

"No can do princess," Duncan said. "DJ's my bud, and since Owen's out, I need someone to fall back on, well, besides you."

"Ugh, fine then. Come on, I'll take you to Chef," Courtney groaned. The two walked out, yet the next scene changed to Lindsay walking out of the boys cabin empty handed. Chef, Courtney and Lindsay met back up, dragging Tyler and Duncan with them.

"Alright then, C.I.T, you have immunity. Just need to find five more chumps," Chef ordered. Suddenly, the sound of sobbing filled their ears. Chef shot around and fired his meatball gun three times. Trent stood up covered in meatballs and collapsed on the ground.

"Ow! The sauce is mixing with my tears!" Trent yelled. He shot up and ran around, rubbing at his eyes. He crashed to a stop when he ran into Chef's back.

(Conf), Trent: Wow! That sauce was hot, but I think they burned up my tears. At least I'm not going to be crying over Gwen anymore.

(Conf), Chef: Do I have a guitar boy mould in my back? *turns around and points at back*

(Conf), Lindsay: *pees in toilet whilst reading a fashion magazine*

Chef and his helpers walked through the forest. He shook at a tree, and a raccoon fell off. "Aw, what a big squirrel!" Lindsay cooed.

"Um, it's a raccoon Lindsay," Courtney said.

"Um, I'm pretty sure it's a squirrel Courtney," Lindsay replied.

(Conf), Lindsay: *continues to pee whilst reading a fashion magazine*

Lindsay and Tyler were walking together. "So, Lindsay, I think you're nice and pretty," Tyler complimented.

"Aw, you're so sweet!" Lindsay cooed. She blushed, and the two ended up holding hands. The two then blushed again whilst Izzy watched in pleasure.

(Conf), Izzy: Okay, I've seen these reality shows and I'm about to break a record. Longest confessional including every camper's name! Okay, here I go: Aw! Did you see Lindsay and Tyler holding hands, they're so cute! *an icon in the bottom right corner goes up to two* I bet Heather will be furious when she finds out, but I'm sure Trent, LeShawna and Noah will put her in her place. *icon moves up to six* Speaking of place, I can't believe Ezekiel got last place! *icon goes up to seven* Eva, Katie and Sadie were furious of his mean sexist comments, but so was Courtney! *icon goes up to eleven* On the next challenge, did you remember when Justin dodged that paddle and it hit Beth in the face, making her unconscious. *icon goes up to thirteen* DJ had to carry her out to cook for Chef, who still hasn't gotton his paycheck from Chris, and everyone hates him, and Duncan is too busy being fought over, especially when he got Owen eliminated. *icon goes up to sixteen* Do you remember in the fourth episode when Geoff got Cody eliminated because he thought that Bridgette liked him? *icon goes up to nineteen* Gwen was also a heartbreaker when she was eliminated, but me and Harold didn't think that much of it. *icon goes up to twenty two* Yes! I did it!

(Conf), Lindsay: *continues peeing, but stops and gasps as she sees the camera* Oops.

Chef kicked at a tree multiple times. Out fell two apples, another raccoon and a screaming Heather. Chef hit her with a meatball and she shot up. "Gotcha bossy girl. Make use of yourself and find someone," Chef ordered. Heather grunted and the group walked away, but Heather dragged Izzy and Lindsay behind.

"Listen girls, we need to stratergize. We have to take out the threats in this game. I have three in my mind, but there's someone else I need gone. And I'm pretty sure you two will agree with me," Heather said. She whispered into both girls ears and the two nodded.

The scene then transferred to the caves. Chef, followed by Duncan and Tyler, walked into the caves. Chef was refuelling his meatball gun with a mixture of tomato sauce and hot sauce. "Delinquint, you check the left. Red kid, look in the right. I'm going centre," Chef commanded.

"Fine," the two boys said in sync. Duncan looked over to the left and kicked a rock away. It landed with a thud and someone coughing. "Huh?" He walked over to the rock and saw LeShawna crouched behind a boulder. "Found LeShawna!" He dragged LeShawna over to Chef and he gave a small grin.

"You have immunity delinquint. Ghetto girl, you can as well if you find either brickhouse or bookworm," Chef told her.

(Conf), LeShawna: It's great that my white boy Noah's still in hiding. I wonder which one of my boys is gonna win this game of hide and seek.

(Conf), Duncan: Immunity! A spot in the final nine!

Noah crawled out from the stairs. "Aw, I've got to find another hiding place. If Chef comes back to the mess hall, I'tm done for!" Noah muttered. He ran to the communal bathrooms for a hiding place, but retracted when he caught a whiff of the stench.

He then walked over to the forest for a hiding place, but a surprise figure popped out of the bush and scared Noah. It was DJ. "DJ! You completely scared me!" Noah yelled.

"Sorry, I got cramps in my legs from hiding in that bush for so long," DJ complained, pointing to a nearby clump of bushes. Suddenly, the two heard stamping feet which got louder and louder every second. Noah and DJ looked in one direction and saw Chef and his grroup stampeding towards the two boys.

"Run! Run away!" the two boys yelled in sync.

"I'm gonna hunt you two down!" Chef yelled. He fired a meatball at DJ, but the meatball hit a nearby tree, a few centimetres away from the boys.

"Hurry up DJ!" Noah yelled.

"I'm sorry! I don't work well under pressure!" DJ cried. Chef then fired two more meatballs at Noah's back. The screen then turned to slow motion when the meatballs were a metre away from Noah's back.

Noah saw the meatballs approaching his back, but then he also saw a branch jutting out from a tree that the two boys were approaching. Noah climbed onto DJ's back then shuffled upwards onto his broad shoulders. Then, he lifted his arms up and swung himself upwards onto the branch just as it passed his shoe and it hit DJ straight in the back.

"Noah wins!" Chris announced as he walked towards DJ on the ground. From the branch, Noah saw DJ lying on the floor with the meatball stains on him. The ketchup looked like blood.

(Conf), Noah: I think I've just witnessed what a dead DJ looks like.

Noah was helping DJ up and he bounced up to his feet. "Sorry about getting you hit, DJ," Noah apologised.

"It's alright," DJ said. "One of us had to win. I'm glad it was you." DJ and Noah high fived, before Chris broke them apart.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it's a touching moment, but in the meantime, think of someone to vote out, but it can't be Duncan, Noah or Courtney," Chris instructed. The camera then flashed to Heather and her alliance chatting, but were interrupted by Courtney walking into the cabin.

"I have a proposition for you. If you vote with me for DJ, I won't vote you out and keep you around to the final four," Courtney said.

"Seriously? That's your proposition? I want something more," Heather said.

"Um, fine. Vote with me and I'll make your bed until I'm eliminated," Courtney proposed.

"Hm. Well, since there isn't much else that's worthy in this suck shack, I will agree to vote with you," Heather said. The two shook hands, but in splitscreen, the two crossed their fingers behind their backs.

(Conf), Courtney: *in splitscreen and in sync with Heather* There's no way I was going to agree with her. If she thinks she can control me, she's got another thing coming!

(Conf), Heather: *in splitscreen and in sync with Courtney* There's no way I was going to agree with her. If she thinks she can control me, she's got another thing coming!

The camera panned out to Camp Wawanakwa at night, then back to the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of nine marshmallows in front of the bonfire. "Okay, you should all know the rules by now and you've already casted your votes. The first three marshmallows go to our immunity winners Courtney, Duncan and Noah," Chris said.

"Lindsay..." Lindsay wasn't paying attention and her marshmallow flew overhead.

"Tyler..." Tyler's marshmallow hit his head and bounced off into the fire.

"Izzy..." Izzy caught her marshmallow straight in her mouth.

"Heather, with one vote only..." Heather caught her overhead marshmallow. Courtney looked at DJ and crossed her finger across her neck, but Chris' next words made her gasp.

"DJ, with only two votes..." DJ caught his marshmallow on a stick and began to slow roast it.

"LeShawna, Trent. One of you got three votes, the other got four. The last marshmallow goes to...
























... LeShawna!" Chris cheered. LeShawna pumped her fist into the air and caught her marshmallow, but then oatted Trent's back when she realised what it meant.

"Sorry white boy," LeShawna said.

"It's alright. At least I can get back with Gwen," Trent said. Trent hugged LeShawna and Noah.

"If I could give you my immunity, I would," Noah said.

"It's okay Noah," Trent said. The scene flashed and Trent had left the island on the Boat of Losers. "Good luck!"

(Conf), Heather: Yes, yes, Trent was the one I wanted gone. Let's face it, his endless shower of tears would end if he came back with Gwen. I've never seen a boy cry so much. Even with my baby brother who cried all day long after he lost his rattle. It was stuck in my makeup box. My parents completely ruined it! Pff, anyways, Trent's gone and there is one less crybaby in my game.

Chapter XVII: Eat 'Til Your Stomachs Burst

Chris stood in the mess hall. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The campers played an old-fashioned game of hide and seek, with a new-fashioned twist with Chef being the seeker. He hunted them all down with his meatball gun, but that didn't stop Duncan and Courtney winning immunity, whilst Noah won his first game of hide and seek... ever! Today's challenge is gonna be puke-tacular. Who will barf under the pressure. Who will swallow down their inner thoughts? How many food and eating related puns will I think of? Find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

LeShawna snoozed away in her bed, but a loud airhorn woke her up and she banged her forehead on the bottom of the top bunk. "It's too early to be doing this!" LeShawna complained.

"Well it's not paradise for the rest of us," Heather groaned. The girls, fully dressed, walked out as well as the boys in their cabin. The nine campers walked into the mess hall.

"Shouldn't you two be in the kitchen?" Tyler asked.

"Chef told us not to come in today. Something about the next challenge," DJ told him.

"What do you think it is?" Lindsay asked.

"Well, since Chef's gotthe kitchen off limits, it might be an eating challenge," Noah suggested.

"Or he's placing traps in the room and we have to avoid them," Izzy also suggested.

"It's ought to be wacko, right guys?" Duncan asked.

"Right," the other eight said in sync. The nine walked into the mess hall to find nine tables rowed together, covered in a gigantic tablecloth.

"Eating challenge it is," Courtney mumbled.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm not hungry! *points at camera*

(Conf), Izzy: Lucky for me, I have a really strong stomach. Once, I had to a rat tail after my family was forced into the sewers and to be honest it was delicious. Thrown out food is quite tasty. *brings out a mouldy banana* Look at what I found in the bins today! *takes a large bite*

Chris walked into the room from the kitchen. He was wearing a chef's uniform. "Morning campers. You're expecting breakfast, right?" he asked.

"We are. What is it? Bacon?" Lindsay asked.

"No! It's brunch! Chef's brunch. Meals that will instantly kill your tastebuds. That's the challenge. Chef's prepared eight meals as disgusting as it gets. You all have to eat them. If you're the last one to finish your meal, you're out of the game. If you throw up first, you're out of the game. You'll go on until one of you is the last one still eating. Sit down and Chef will bring in the first meal," Chris instructed. "Oh Chef!"

Chef walked out of the kitchen with a gigantic tray in his hands with plate servers covering the dish. He threw them in order from right to left. LeShawna, Tyler, Lindsay, Heather, Noah, DJ, Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy. "Take off the covers," Chef ordered. The campers did so and saw a dish of green and red fish with a dish of smelly dip and weird circle items. "I like to call it: sick kalamari with fish blood dip and fried crickets. All you campers have to do is eat the two fish and the crickets."

"And begin!" Chris yelled, pressing a button on his airhorn. Izzy picked up two crickets and chucked them into her mouth.

"Mm, crunchy with a bit of a squirt!" Izzy cheered and she continued shoving the rest of the crickets in her mouth. LeShawna and Tyler both put a cricket in their mouth and their faces squirmed and scrunched up.

"This is disgusting!" LeShawna yelled.

"It's meant to be!" Chris shouted.

Duncan took the green fish and dipped it into the fish blood. He ate it whole, but then started to choke. "I've got it!" Courtney yelled. She ran over to Duncan and procceded to do the heimlich maneuovre on him. After three tries, he spat out the fish and landed square on Lindsay's forehead and she fell off of her chair, and she landed on Tyler's lap.

"Oof! Sorry Tyrone," Lindsay apologised.

"It's Tyler, and it's okay," Tyler said.

"Finished!" Izzy yelled. She showed her empty plate and opened her mouth wide, showing no hidden fish parts or crickets. DJ then held the fish and placed it in his mouth, chewing slowly. He threw up inside his mouth, but swallowed it down, and his head fell on the table.

"It was so nice, he ate it twice!" Chris joked.

(Conf), DJ: That is some killer kalamari, and not in a nice way.

Courtney chewed the final crickets in her bowl and began to procceed on the red fish. "Ugh, I'm not losing this challenge," she said with her mouth full.

"Neither am I," Heather said and she ripped off the head of the green fish between her teeth.

"Ew, that's disgusting," Lindsay said and she ate the fish whole.

"Like that isn't," Heather grunted. "Finished!" She popped the last cricket into her mouth.

"Well done, six more places for Round Two!" Chris announced.

"I've finished!" Duncan said.

"So have I," Noah mumbled, opening his mouth. Tyler then chewed on a few crickets whilst the fish was crammed in his throat.

"Ugh, uh, I don't... feel exactly..." Tyler began, but he then threw up on Lindsay's face, who collapsed onto the ground.

"Tyler is out!" Chris announced.

"My face is full of sick! Help!" Lindsay shouted frantically. She ran into the wall and fell onto the floor.

"Um, I guess we should take a five minute break. For showers, i.e Lindsay," Chris said. The scene flashed to the communal bathrooms. Lindsay was taking a shower whilst Izzy and Heather were standing outside.

"Okay, whilst you're in the shower, we need to think of who to eliminate. I say LeShawna. Without her, Noah will be thrown off his game," Heather suggested.

"Could someone pass me my shampoo?" Lindsay asked. Izzy passed it too her. "Thanks. How about we eliminate Courtney. We could get Domonic to go crazy!"

"Ooh, ooh! How about we get rid of Duncan! That way we can thrown both Courtney and DJ off of their game!" Izzy suggested.

"Then it's settled. Our options are LeShawna, Duncan and Courtney," Heather said. Heather and Izzy walked out of the communal bathrooms.

Lindsay asked: "Can someone pass me my conditioner? Guys? Guys!"

(Conf), Lindsay: The first thing I'm gonna do when I win the hundred thousand dollars is get Camp Wawanakwa shampoo and soap holders. Then I'm gonna buy myself a make up company and a trip to Paris with Izzy, Tyler and hopefully Heather.

Lindsay, fully dressed, walked back into the mess hall. "I'm ready!" she announced. She walked past Tyler who was holding a mop and bucket.

"It's punishment for losing. Chef messed up his kitchen really bad," Tyler said.

"Good luck," Lindsay said and she walked to her table and saw the plate server. "What's next?"

"Glad you asked. Take off your covers!" Chef commanded. The contestants took off the covers and saw what looked like a hotdog with mustard and onions. "I like to call this one: actual hot dog with mustard and hot fried toenails."

"You want us to eat a dog?" Heather asked.

"Correct-o-mundo," Chris chuckled. Izzy took a bite from her hot dog, and stretched the hot dog far before it ripped and smacked into her teeth.

"Ow! It's chewy!" Izzy complained.

"And the toenails scratch your throat!" Duncan choked, clutching his throat. Lindsay chewed part of the dog and scraped off the mustard and toenails.

"Disgusting. Even the mustard can't hide the flavour of the toenails," Lindsay coughed. LeShawna and Lindsay took a bite in sync, whilst Noah chewed slowly on half of the dog. DJ then swallowed his hot dog whole and coughed out the specs of bread and small toenail pieces.

"Finished," DJ said with the hot dog muffling him.

"So have I," LeShawna said, showing Chris and Chef her empty plate and empty mouth.

(Conf), DJ: I'm just glad I never had a pet dog as a child. If I had, I would never be able to eat that. If I did have a dog... *begins to cry and covers his eyes*

In order, Lindsay, Heather, Noah and Duncan showed their empty plates and empty mouths. Courtney and Izzy were the only ones left, both were chewing on their final piece of the hot dog. Izzy then swallowed her final piece and shouted: "Ooh! Ooh! I've finished!"

"Izzy wins, which mean Courtney loses!" Chris announced.

"What? I just finished!" Courtney screamed.

"Sorry, Izzy finished before you," Chris said. "Let's move onto the next dish!" The next dish was some sort of green soup that had wrinkly parts bobbing upwards. "This is snot soup with sundried starfish. I don't think you'll want to know who's snot it is."

(Conf), Chris: *whispers* It's a mix of Harold's, Ezekiel's and Sasquatchankwa's.

DJ took a sip at the soup, then instantly spit it out again. "Urgh, are you seriously forcing us to eat this?" DJ asked Chris.

"Yes, yes I am," Chris chuckled. "If you read the fine print, you would've known eating was part of signing into this show!"

LeShawna crunched the starfish and swallowed. Heather and Lindsay then took a sip at the soup in sync and Lindsay started to turn pale. Duncan and Noah were halfway finished and Noah had decided to nibble on the starfish instead of the soup, DJ was slowly slurping up the snot and Izzy grabbed the dish and was pouring the snot soup down her throat and burped. "Finished!" she burped. She coughed up a starfish chunk and swallowed it down again. "Now I've finished."

Noah stuck his spoon into the snot and slurped some more up. "Ugh, do we have to eat the entire soup?" Noah asked.

"Do you want to eat sewage instead?" Chef asked.

(Conf), Noah: It's a pretty tough decision. *sewage pours into the confessional followed by Chef's laughing* I was joking!

LeShawna held her bowl up as well as Duncan. His lips had turned bright green. "Nice lipstick," Heather taunted. "Where'd you get it?" Duncan kicked her under the table and she screamed.

(Conf), Heather: Oh he's dead.

DJ, Heather and Lindsay were the last ones left, but Lindsay slurped up her soup's final remains. DJ and Heather then fought to slurp down the last remains, but DJ gulped down the snot first, and Heather sighed. The camera then flashed to Heather with a mop and bucket. "Why did Chef screw up his kitchen anyway?" Heather asked.

"It's supposed to be a punishment. Now shut up and stuff the rats back in the outhouse!" Courtney screamed.

"Yeah, then mop up that liquid coming from the fridge," Tyler bossed.

Heather moaned. "Stupid Chris."

The next dish was a large plate of rotting green. "I like to call this roasted seaweed wraps stuffed with spider legs," Chef said. "Eat it or clean my kitchen."

"Ooh! Ooh! I've had things like this before!" Izzy cheered.

(Conf), Izzy: When my family was living in the sewers, the first dinner we had was seaweed with rat tails. The rat tails were kind of sour, but the seaweed rocked! Of course, I did get seaweed burn in the morning. I still have the mark! *shows the camera the seaweed mark on her tongue*

Izzy grabbed one of the seaweed wraps and shoved it down her mouth. "Ew, the spider legs are chewy. It's lucky I sharpened my teeth before the show. Now the dentists are afraid of me," Izzy chuckled.

"Yeah, you can eat them cause you're demented," Noah said. "We have normal brains for normal people. You were dropped on your head at baby age."

"Gasp. How do you know?" she asked. "Are you physic?"

"Stop distracting my alliance member!" Heather yeled from the kitchen. A cleaver spun threw the air and Heather ducked so it wouldn't hit her in the head. "That almost hit me!" Another cleaver spun threw the air and landed just above Tyler's head.

"Carry on cleaning!" Chef yelled. LeShawna chomped on half of the first wrap.

"White girl's right. The spider legs are chewy," LeShawna coughed.

"So what? This food's just a smidge better than prison food," Duncan said. Chef grinned quickly.

(Conf), Chef: I think that's the first compliment anyone's ever given me about my cooking. I did get the experience from prison. Oh, that's where I met delinquint before.

DJ passed down his plate. "Uh-uh, no way am I eating that," he said.

Chris appeared by his shoulder, "well either barf or be last. Come on. It's just tarantula legs wrapped in spicy seaweed." The sound of someone throwing up came up. Lindsay had upchucked his seaweed wraps.

"Why tarantula legs?" she whined.

"Cause I can. Report to the kitchen and begin cleaning Chef's quaters. A.k.a, the kitchen," Chris instructed. Lindsay moaned and walked into the kitchen. "Let's move onto dish five!" The scene flashed showing Chef taking off the cover of a dish, revealing a large cup filled with strange and smelly brown liquid with chunks of strange yellow bobbing on top.

"I'm seriously hoping this isn't what I think it is," Noah said.

"Don't worry, it's not scoops from the communal bathrooms. It's juiced flies topped with wrinkly lemon peel," Chris reassured.

(Conf), Chris: *winks at camera*

Noah took a sip at the drink, then puked it out. "You (censored) liar!" Noah shouted.

"Now, now, down get angry. At least we decided to drain the, uh, you know what out of it," Chris said. "It also looks like something else came out of your mouth except for toilet water. You're out." Noah threw the drink at him, but Chris jumped over it. "Not cool man!"

"Thanks for that," Duncan thanked.

"Yeah, white boy," LeShawna added. As Noah entered the kitchen, Chef had replaced the dishes and the covers were taken off. A plate of weird black pellets had replaced the previous dish. "What's this?"

"This is mini kidneys. A mixed selection of cow, horse and pig," Chef said. "This dish got dirty." DJ got his fork and poked at a kidney.

"I don't see what's the problem. I eat kidneys all the time. I've no idea why my old folks always get them," LeShawna said. She chewed a kidney apart and swallowed. "Argh! That's tough!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we cooked these in mud and sand. It brings out the juices, doesn't it?" Chris asked.

"That you forgot to mention?" DJ asked.

"Of course he did. He's a jerk," Izzy said. "But I'm not to complain. He brought me back!"

LeShawna chewed on the seventh kidney on her plate. There were ten altogether. Duncan was also on his seventh, but Izzy had eaten her ninth and was halfway done on the last one. DJ was last with five of the kidneys eaten. "Finished!" LeShawna and Izzy cried in sync.

"So have I," Duncan said as he swallowed the last kidney.

"Yes! No more harming animals!" he cheered. He hopped around the room, but Chef kicked him in the butt into the kitchen to clean.

"Anyone else?" he asked. The final three stayed silent. "Thought so." The next dish brought in was a dish that looked like three scoops of ice cream. "I like to call this, ice beetle with non-flavoured food colouring. Enjoy dessert."

Izzy took a a spoonful of the brown ice beetle and ate it slowly. "It's really cold and quite crunchy. I can still taste the beetle, though." LeShawna and Duncan then procceeded to eat the pink ice beetle.

"Argh, brain freeze!" LeShawna moaned. Duncan laughed.

(Conf), LeShawna: How do beetles give you brain freeze? I sometimes question this island I'm on.

Duncan scooped up his last remains of the pink ice beetle and began to eat the brown. Izzy finished her first scoop just before LeShawna finished hers and they both moved onto the white ice beetle. "This is so easy. I can't even feel the cold," Duncan scoffed.

"Then you should now," Chris told him. Duncan opened his mouth to fit in another scoop, but he sealed it again and cried in agony.

"Why did I have to say that?" Duncan asked himself, cluthcing his head on the floor.

"Looks like we're gonna win," LeShawna said, looking at Izzy.

"Not so fast," Duncan said and he grabbed LeShawna's leg, pulling her down and sending her bowl across the room. He got up and regained his speed, chewing on the ice beetle.

"I've finished!" Izzy announced. LeShawna crawled over to her bowl, but fell when she heard the words: "I've finished!"

LeShawna stepped up and frowned. "Cheat," she uttered.

"If you have a better way to play the game, show me," Duncan snickered. LeShawna kicked him in the shin and he jumped upwards. "Bad loser!"

"Bad cheater!" she yelled from the kitchen.

"Guys, guys, let's just eat!" Izzy said.

"Exactly what I was thinking. Chef! The final dish please!" Chris yelled. Chef barged into the room with two plate servers.

"Tastebuds, prepare to die," Chef chuckled. He placed the plates in front of Duncan and Izzy and they took the covers off, revealing a slice pizza topped with black grime and pink cubes melting on top.

"What the heck?" Duncan asked.

"This is bathroom pizza. We found everything in the showers that looked old and mouldy and just chucked it onto a pizza," Chris told them. Duncan took his slice of pizza and took a small bite.

"Ugh, it tastes like crud," Duncan moaned.

"I agree," Izzy said as she took a bite out of the pizza. "But that doesn't mean I'm stopping eating!"

"You got that right," Duncan agreed and he took out a chunk of the pizza. "You're gonna lose. I need this immunity."

"We'll see," Izzy snickered. She ripped out a large chunk of the pizza coated in grime and she coughed. Duncan laughed at the black powder flying out of her mouth. "So what? I lived in the sewers, this to me is just like cotton candy."

"I've been in prison, this to me is regular pizza," Duncan snapped back. The two were down to the crusts. "Ugh, great, more grime and soap. Please tell me the pink stuff is soap, right?"

"Sure, right," Chris said, bashful.

(Conf), Chris: *winks at the camera*

Izzy was halfway finished with her crust. Duncan was a quater done. "I'm winning!" Duncan yelled as he chewed on a piece of crust. However, he started to cough and choke. "Help." Izzy chewed on the crust and finished off the final chunk.

"Yes! I've finished!" Izzy cheered.

"Izzy wins the game!" Chris said. Chef walked over to Duncan and procceed to do the heimlich maneuovre on Duncan. A loud cracking was heard and the crust flew out of Duncan's mouth.

"Next time, leave me to choke," Duncan complained. The camera then changed to the elimination ceremony at night. Chris held his plate of marshmallows in front of the campers.

"I have only eight marshmallows. The first goes to immunity winner Izzy," Chris said, tossing the marshmallow into her mouth. "As well as DJ and Tyler."

"Heather... Noah... LeShawna... Duncan..." Lindsay and Courtney looked at each other.

"Lindsay and Courtney. The last one safe is...































... Lindsay!" Chris announced.

"Yippee!" she squealed.

"What? I'm eliminated? I'm a C.I.T! I shouldn't be eliminated!" Courtney yelled. "Who voted me out?"

"Aw, this blows. How come you're out?" Duncan asked.

"How come you care?" Heather asked. Duncan mumbled.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Courtney yelled. Chef then walked over to her and picked Courtney up over his head. He then walked down the dock with her kicking and screaming and he threw her into the Boat of Losers where she landed with a loud thump. "This show just got 100% less Courtney!"

"Yeah, yeah," Chris said. The boat sailed away.

"Wait! Courtney! Keep this!" Duncan yelled. He threw something at the boat and Courtney caught it. She opened her hand and saw a silver necklace in the shape of a bone.

"Um, thanks? I'll treasure it, Duncan!" Courtney shouted. The boat then melted away in the fog.

(Conf), Heather: I was thinking about those nominees to eliminate. Eliminating LeShawna would get me nowhere. If Duncan got eliminated, I'd have both DJ and Courtney gunning for me, and they might end their feud. But, if I eliminate Courtney, I can get DJ on my side. Duncan'll gun for me, but I don't care. One more ally means one more step to the money. But I have no idea who got me the full vote.

(Conf), Tyler: Ugh, I feel terrible for voting out Courtney, but the rest were going to vote out Lindsay. Lindsay! So, I found out that Heather had plans to vote out Courtney, so I had to vote out her.

Chris stood on the dock with Chef by his side. "Looks like Courtney's been eliminated, and we're down to the final eight. Who's gonna make it to the final seven? Who do you think Chef?" Chef shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well. Keep tuned to see on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XVIII: Opposites Attract... Right?

Chris was standing on the theatre with an ice cream in his hand. "Ugh, it's too hot. Anyways, last time on Total Drama Island: The campers dined on disgusting food hand cooked by Chef. Thanks mate! From literall hot dogs to snot soup, those teen freaks ate it all. The finale was placed between Duncan, Izzy and bathroom pizza, but Izzy won, whilst Duncan choked. At the elimination, Tyler got the votes his way as he eliminated Courtney, saving Lindsay from the vote! Will anyone else tip the tide of votes? Who will betray their fellow competitors? Who will sail away on the Boat of Losers? Find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Is--" He spilt his ice cream. "Aw sh--"

Theme Song

DJ walked out of the kitchen with a plate of bacon and something that looked like eggs. He had a giant smile on his face. He then sat down next to Tyler and Lindsay. "You're in a happy mood," Tyler said.

"Courtney's gone! Of course I'm happy!" DJ cheered.

"Well, it doesn't look like Domonic's that hapy. He's really missing Clara," Lindsay said, incorrectly saying both Duncan and Courtney's names. Duncan was jiggling about in his egg slop. "Maybe you should cheer him up."

"I guess you're right," DJ said. He stepped towards Duncan and sat down next to him. "Hey bud, how are you?"

"You don't need to cheer me up. I know you voted for Courtney," Duncan said.

"Wha? Why would you think--" DJ began.

"Don't do that man. It's just lame," Duncan told him. "It doesn't matter you voted for her, you two are enemies anyways."

"I'm sorry, it's just, when I had the chance I went for it. You know what I mean right?" DJ asked.

"It's alright. I'm still glad you're in the game," Duncan cheered. He gently punched DJ in the shoulder and began eating their food. The camera then flashed and Chef walked into the room from the kitchen.

"Morning maggots! Turns out Chris' ill, so I'm taking over," Chef grinned.

(Conf), Heather: Whoever got Chris ill, I'm going to kill them.

Chef stomped around the room. "Today's challenge is made up of five seperate challenges. The winners will win immunity."

"What do you mean by winners?" Noah asked.

"Everyone will be with a partner, so four pairs. To spice it up, you're being partnered with opposites. I mean like tall, small, smart, dumb," Chef said.

(Conf), Noah: I think I know who I'm partnered with.

Chef held up a a piece of paper. "Alright, so it's bossy girl with ghetto girl, crazy chick with brickhouse, blonde girl with bookworm, and delinquint with red kid." The campers shrugged and hummed. "Can you not guess? Ugh, just look at your clothes!"

"I think I understand. Me with Noah, Heather with LeFawnduh, Domonic with Tyler and Izzy and CJ!" Izzy cheered.

(Conf), LeShawna: How'd she get that?

(Conf), Tyler: I've thought about it, and I'm gonna use my immunity idol tonight. *takes out immunity idol* It's better I don't have a high profile so I can slip into finale. I'm thinking of taking Lindsay, but I need to eliminate Heather ASAP so she doesn't take control of her. If Heather's in the bottom two, I can give my idol to the other, but I'll need at least three more allies.

The camera flashed to the caves. Each pair were tethered together by a rope and their were eight bridges above a giant gourge. Chef was standing in front of them. "This challenge is called 'Crossing the Bridge Together'. Each pair will cross the symetrical bridges whilst tethered together. You'll have to get to the other end first, but if you fall, you'll have land in the mud and'll have to climb back up to the top."

"Hey ghetto girl, don't make us lose," Heather said.

"You best keep your mouth shut you white girl," LeShawna said.

"Oh, I forgot. To keep this fun, one partner will have a bag of hard potatoes tied to them. You can use these to throw at others, or keep them to the end and use each to knock a second off of your final time," Chef chuckled.

"You know, you're just as mean as Chris," Duncan said.

"Nope, he chuckled. "Meaner." The camera flashed to the campers lined up at the bridges, with LeShawna, Lindsay, DJ and Tyler attached to the potatoes. Chef triggered an airhorn and they started up the bridges. LeShawna and Heather's bridge looked like a star, half a moon and a weird looking comet.

"So this is the bridge of space. Real nice," Heather joked.

"Girl, that's not funny," LeShawna said.

"Wasn't trying to be," Heather argued. Duncan and Tyler's bridge was Big Ben, Tower of Piza and Eiffel Tower.

"Why'd we end up with the bridge of Asia?" Tyler asked.

"It's Europe. Don't you know your continents?" Duncan asked.

"Sorry, I'm flunking in geography," Tyler said. He walked on one side of the Big Ben bridge and walked in sync with Duncan. "I hope we win."

Duncan scoffed. "We will win if you stop wobbling about." The camera flashed to Lindsay and Noah walking through their thremed bride. It was basic shapes. A square, a triangle and a hexagon.

"Ooh! I love these squares!" Lindsay squealed. "I've never seen the six squiggly shape before."

"It's called a hexagon," Noah corrected. Noah saw Tyler teetering and wobbling about. "Lindsay! Throw a potato at Tyler!"

"Nooo!" she complained. "Not Tyler! She untied the potatoes from her waist and the bag fell into the mud. "There, now I can't throw the potatoes at Tyler."

"Lindsay! You lost our potatoes!" Noah screamed.

(Conf), Noah: Teamed up with the best partner in the world? No. Teamed up with an average partner? No. Teamed up with the worst partner in the world? Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

Izzy and DJ were still at the beginning. "Come on DJ, it'll be fun!" Izzy screamed and she cartwheeled over to the gourge, but fell off and dragged DJ into the mud with her as well.

"Nooo!" DJ yelled and his voice quietened as he fell.

"Awesome!" Izzy yelled, as her voice quietened as she fell. The camera flashed to Tyler who was trying not to fall off at the edges of Big Ben.

"Hurry up, you weasel!" Duncan yelled from the Tower of Piza.

"I'm sorry! I'm not good with bridges!" Tyler yelled. He stepped forwards, but the wooden plank snapped and Tyler's leg flew through. "Argh! My leg! Splinters!" Duncan turned around and saw Tyler clutching his leg which was half under the bridge.

(Conf), Duncan: This is what I get for being with the clumsiest partner in the world. Well, maybe a second to Bridgette.

Duncan saw LeShawna and Heather gaining the lead on their bridges. "Tyler! Chuck me a potato!" Tyler did what he asked and Duncan caught the potato. He then threw it straight at Heather's shins. They hit them and she bounced backwards, falling off the bridge.

"I'm gonna get you!" Heather screamed. She then pointed to LeShawna. "You better not let my pretty head fall into that mud!"

"What if I do?" LeShawna asked with attitude. "And you way a ton, girl. She continued to walk across her bridge. "You made it harder by falling backwards!" The camera transferred to Izzy and DJ back up at the top of the gourge, caked in mud.

"Next time don't cartwheel onto the bridge," DJ told her. Their bridge's theme was flowers. First was a rose, followed by a lilly and a tulip. "Just like Momma's garden." He began to get teary eyes. "I miss you, Momma!"

"Come on! It'll be fun!" Izzy said. She walked onto her bridge and DJ followed her. "Duncan and Tyler are closest to us, so you throw some potatoes at Tyler."

"Got it," DJ said. He threw two potatoes at Tyler and they hit him square on the back. He collapsed and took Duncan by surprise, making both fall into the gourge.

Izzy walked on the rose part of the bridge, but toppled over backwards as the rope stopped. DJ was trembling on the spot back on the beginning. "Hurry up!" Izzy yelled.

"I'm afraid of heights!" DJ said. "You should've known that from the cliff challenge!" Izzy got back to the beginning of the bridge and began pushing DJ onto the bridge with little progress. She grunted.

"Ugh, you know, I'm not that strong," Izzy complained. The camera changed to Lindsay and Noah in the lead.

"Wow, we're actually winning. We just gotta be twenty seconds in front of anyone else," Noah said. He stopped and turned around. He saw Tyler and Duncan starting again on their bridge. "Hey Lindsay, why don't you blow Tyler a kiss?"

"Great idea! Tyler!" Lindsay yelled. Tyler looked over to Lindsay and saw her blow him a kiss. The kiss was a visable flying lipstick kiss and it hit him in the cheek. He mumbled and toppled over the bridge, taking Duncan with him.

(Conf), Tyler: *mumbles* Air kiss. *collapses*

LeShawna heaved her way up to Noah and Lindsay. "Where's Heather?" Lindsay asked.

"I'm down here, Lindsiot!" Heather yelled. The camera dropped below and showed Heather dangling on the rope by her hand. She then saw Noah rubbing his arm. "Lindsay! I want you to jump off!"

"Okay!" Lindsay squealed and she jumped off.

"What the--?" Noah asked, but he was cut off as he fell off the bridge.

"Girl, you some sneaky serpent," LeShawna said. LeShawna hobbled over to the finish, pulling Heather up with her, meeting Chef by a giant board. Chef then looked over into the gourge and saw the other three pairs caked in mud.

"Since I'm guessing you maggots can't climb back up and finish the bridges in twenty seconds, the girls win!" Chef Hatchet announced. "You fools get up here, take a shower and meet me by the ampitheater in ten. And yes, you can now remove the tethers."

The scene changed to all eight by the ampitheater with Chef. On the stage, there was something covered by a large red blanket. "The next chalenge is called 'Totemn Pole Zip Wires'. Each pair will have to stack the right pieces of the totemn pole together. Once it's high enough, you can reach up for the zip wire. Each pair member must go at the same time. You will then zip wire down to a target board and you must drop down for the highest points. They range up to one hundred. Highest wins." He walked up to the red blanket and pulled it off, revealing a giant table and several totemn pole parts.

The camera then flashed to all eight on tables with one totemn part each screwed down on the table to start. Chef coughed then said, "three, two, one, go!" Duncan rumaged through the bucket and took out three parts. "Check which of these fit in," Duncan ordered. Tyler saw the gap in the first totemn part and tried to fit in the parts that stuck out. It was a hexagon with an extra cylinder cut out in it.

"No go, none of them fit," Tyler told him and he threw the totemn pieces back into the bucket, but one crash landed into Duncan's head, knocking him out. "Whoops."

The camera then moved over to Izzy and DJ who had already fitted in their first part. It had a weird cow looking face. Izzy was peeking at it upside down from the totemn. "You know, I once milked a cow that had this exact same face," she said. She then flipped back onto her feet and picked up a totemn pole piece that had the face of a yawning cat. She tried to get her face in the position, but DJ snatched it out of her hands. He turned it over and saw a sticking out pentagon with three circled dug out of it.

"This is the one. Thanks Izzy, we're ahead!" DJ cheered.

"No problem for Izzy the Cassonova!" Izzy whooped.

"Cassonova?" DJ asked.

"It's a fun word to say," Izzy told him.

"Noted," DJ said. The camera then slid over to LeShawna and Heather searching the bottoms of the totemn pieces.

"If we put the ones we've looked at to the right, we'll narrow our pieces down," Heather instructed. "Find a piece with a nine sided shape sticking out."

"You mean a nonagon?" LeShawna asked.

"Potato, potahto," Heather said. "There, that's the one." She placed a piece with a horse face on top of the starting piece. "Argh! Splinter!" LeShawna chuckled. "It's not funny! Chef! I got a splinter!" She ran over to him.

"Just suck it off. And if you disturb me again, you get a meatball to the face," Chef grunted. Heather stomped her foot and walked back up the stairs. "Finally. Now let's return to our game." He sat down with Sasquatchanakwa holding some cards. "Got any twos?"

Sasquatchanakwa tried to roar back: "Go fish." The camera then changed to Lindsay on top of her totemn pole. The two had already placed on two of the pieces.

"Alright! I'm taller than everyone!" Lindsay said.

"You do know you're on the totemn pole, right?" Noah asked.

(Conf), Lindsay: Noah's a joykiller. Or a killjoy. Is it joykiller? No, it's killjoy, right?

Noah reached up and placed another piece of the totemn pole on. Lindsay was smearing lipstick over the pieces of the pole. "If we're stacking these together, they should at least look nice. Ooh! I'm gonna go get my makeup bag. BRB!" Lindsay squealed and she ran off.

The scene changed to the cabins. Lindsay ran out of hers with her makeup bag. "Time to make those totemns look beautiful!" she squealed. She ran down the stairs, but tripped over and landed with a thump. "Wha?" She got onto all fours and saw something poking out of the stairs. It was Tyler's Chris immunity idol. "What's this for? Maybe I should give this to Heather." The camera then changed to ampitheater with Lindsay tucking the idol into Heather's back pocket and tapping her on the back. Heather turned around and saw something peeking out of her pocket with a note attached. It read:

Found this under the cabin.

It says on bottom, immunity idol.

I thought to give it to you.

Lindsay :P

(Conf), Heather: Lindsay, such an idiot.

When Lindsay returned, Heather and LeShawna's totemn pole was up six pieces, Duncan and Tyler's was up four, DJ's and Izzy's was up five, and Noah's and hers was up four as well. "Come on Noah! We can do it!" Lindsay squealed.

She ran past DJ and Izzy who were high fiving. "Alright, we just need to get a few more pieces and I think I can reach onto the zip wire," DJ said, pointing at the zip wire.

"Alright, we're gonna win!" Izzy cheered.

"Not if we have anything to say about it," Heather said. She slotted another piece into the totemn pole, bringing the girls' total up to seven.

"Reach for that zip wire, white girl!" LeShawna yelled from the bottom of the totemn pole. Heather stretched up, but failed.

"Toss me more pieces!" Heather commanded. Izzy fixed a sixth piece onto the totemn pole and jumped upwards to reach the zip wire, but failed and fell down, crashing on her butt. Tyler, climbed his totemn pole, slotting two on at the same time.

"Hopefully, Duncan doesn't weigh that much and I can carry him to the top," Tyler said to himself. He climbed down and tried to lift Duncan, but he crashed down instead. "I take that back."

Noah had placed a fifth and sixth onto the totemn pole whilst Lindsay was putting mascara on the faces of the totemn pole. "These totemns are gonna look spectacular!" she squealed. "How you doing up there?"

"I'm doing fine!" Noah yelled angrily.

"Okay!" she yelled back. Noah muttered something, then tried to stand up on top of the totem pole. He jumped upwards, but failed in reaching the zipwire. He crawled back downwards and searched through the box of totemn pole parts.

DJ put another piece up with Izzy on her back. "I'm sure that this time I can reach the zip wire bar this time," DJ told her. "But this isn't helping my fear of heights."

"I thought you were afraid of the dark," Izzy said

"And I'm also afraid of heights. And snakes, and spiders, and--" DJ began.

"Just reach!" Izzy yelled. DJ nodded and jumped upwards. He managed to grab the bar and it slid downwards. The two were wheeing as they went down the zip wire. On the target board, DJ let go and the two screamed and crashed into a ring. They moaned as they got up and saw a big number thirty underneath them. Chef walked over to them.

"Looks like you suckers scored a thirty. Wait till the other suckers get here," Chef commanded. The sound of girls screaming filled their ears as both LeShawna and Heather rode down the zip wire in terror. LeShawna let go and the two crashed down. Heather crashed down on the forty, but LeShawna fell half on the forty and half on Izzy.

"Whoops, sorry girl," LeShawna apologised.

"No problem. I've had bangs like this all the time," Izzy reassured. Chef stood back up from his chair.

"Ghetto and bossy girl are ahead with forty. The only way you'll be beat is if someone lands dead centre," Chef told them.

Noah had slotted the final piece in. The zip wire was just a metre up. "Lindsay! Come on up! I've finished!" he shouted.

"Let me just finish putting the lipstick on this one," Lindsay said. She hummed to herself idly as Noah climbed back down and dragged her up the pole. On the top of the totemn, Lindsay had reached for the zip wire with Noah on her back.

"Be careful, my arms are aching from dragging you up," Noah said. "When I say drop, you drop from the zip wire. Got it?"

"Got it," Lindsay replied. She slid down the zip wire and it hissed as it slid down.

"Drop," Noah said.

"When?" Lindsay asked.

"No, I mean drop now!" Noah said.

"But you said to only drop when you just say drop!" Lindsay said.

"But I'm saying drop!" Noah yelled. The two were so busy arguing, they didn't see the giant tree about to hit them. They landed face first and slid down to the bottom.

"That just leaves Duncan and Tyler," LeShawna said.

"Whatever, I'm going to win. There's no way those clumsy idiots can score a perfect fifty," Heather scoffed. The camera zoomed up to the totp of the totemn poles. Tyler was heaving Duncan up the pole and his face was red in exhaustion. He rested on Duncan's back on the top, then stood up and reached for the zip wire handle whilst holding onto Duncan's arm.

"We better win this," Tyler moaned and he jumped off the pole, sliding down the zip wire. Halfway through, Duncan's arm began to slip down Tyler's arm. Duncan's arm was then freed of Tyler. "Uh-oh," Tyler said, he then jumped off the bar. Tyler screamed as he fell and the two landed in a crash with the other contestants  watching. Smoke cleared revealing Tyler on Duncan's back who had crashed in the middle.

"Red kid and unconscious delinquint win!" Chef announced. Duncan then stirred and woke back up.

"What the--. Why are you on my back? Get off!" Duncan yelled. Tyler did so and the camera flashed to the mess hall.

"The third and fourth challenges gonna be run at same time, since apparently we're running out out of it. So, pick one member to the third and another to do the fourth," Chef explained. Heather and LeShawna were talking.

"I'm gonna go for..." Heather began. She eavesdropped on the other pairs.

"I'm gonna do the fourth one," Lindsay said.

"So you do the third and I do the fourth," Izzy explained.

"You're doing the third, got it?" Duncan asked. Tyler gulped and nodded.

"I'm going to do the fourth one, 'kay?" Heather said. LeShawna nodded.

"Alright, now anyone who's a three stay here. Fours are gonna go to Cliff Wawanakwa, the place you jumped off of in your first challenge," Chef explained. "I'm monitoring down here, someone else is takin' charge up on the cliff. Now go!" Lindsay, Heather, Izzy and Tyler walked away whilst Chef stared at the rest. "Bookworm, ghetto girl, brickhouse and red kid, stand over there by the bins and await orders."

The camera flashed with the other four standing on Cliff Wawanakwa. "Who's taking charge?" Tyler asked.

"I am," a familiar voice said. A moving TV wheeled to the front of the campers with Chris's face on. "Great to see you. To see you get hurt." Chris then coughed twice. "As you can tell, I'm sick, but that doesn't--" he began before sneezing wildly. "--mean I can't watch you get hurt. This--" he coughed again, "--challenge is one of strength--"

(Conf), Tyler: Alright! I'm awesome at strength. Piece of cake.

"--as you lot have to stand on the platform sticking out of the cliff. There, you'll," he began, before pausing to once again sneeze. "Be dropped and must hold onto the bar. If you fall, you'll land in the water and are out. The last one standing--" he said, before being cut off by another sneeze "--wins!" a sick Chris announced. "Now get moving." The four walked onto the creaky wooden platform and looked at the bar. "Three, two, one--"

"Go!" Chef yelled as the scene flashed back to the mess hall. The four competitors dipped their heads into a garbage bin and Duncan lifted his up, spitting garbage into a tub.

"I can't believe that we have spit garbage into a tub," Duncan spluttered. LeShawna and Noah lifted their heads up and spat rubbish into the tubs. LeShawna was ahead with Duncan close behind.

"Ew, toenail," Noah said and he spit it out into the tub. DJ lifted his head up and coughed up a tiny bit of dirt which landed with a light 'plop'.

"I feel like I wanna puke," DJ groaned. The camera flashed to a timer showing two minutes and five seconds then to the other four dangling on the pole.

"My arms are hurting," Lindsay moaned.

"Don't worry Lindsay, you'll be fine!" Tyler reassured.

"What about you?" Heather asked and she lifted her leg up and kicked Tyler's leg, making him yell in pain.

"What was that for?" Tyler asked.

"Hey guys! Look what I can do!" Izzy cheered. She swung her arms and began to twirl around the bar multiple times like on uneven bars.

"Stop that, you're gonna hit someone, i.e, me!" Heather yelled. Izzy stopped twirling.

"Yeesh, touchy," Izzy said. The camera flashed to the mess hall and Duncan and LeShawna's tubs were tied with Noah almost up to their level. DJ was halfway at Noah's level.

"I guess your big mouth is giving you an advantage, ay?" Duncan teased.

"You best shut it before I tip your bin," LeShawna said. "Better yet, throw you in it." She spat another clump of garbage into her tub, gaining an advantage against Duncan. Noah and DJ dipped their heads in at sync and Noah lifted his head up first. A banana skin covered his hair, and he tipped it into the tub and spat out his garbage.

"I think I just tasted rat," Noah choked. DJ lifted his head up and coughed out rubbish.

"Why did I have to do this? I would have preferred the other challenge," DJ moaned.

"Well, stop moaning. You chose this challenge, you do this challenge," LeShawna said. She coughed more garbage up and her saliva had turned a sick shade of green. She threw up in the tub, bringing her level up halfway.

"She's gotta drain that out, right?" Duncan asked, his face looking pale.

"Nope, puke counts as crud," Chef told him. Duncan stomped his foot and dipped his head back into the garbage bin.

The camera flashed back to the bar at Cliff Wawanakwa. It had been ten minutes since they had first started. "My arms are killing," Lindsay moaned.

"If you can't keep it up, let go," Heather said. Lindsay moaned and she let go of the bar, plummeting into the water at the bottom. "Now, Izzy, you let go." Izzy wasn't concentrating as she was twirling on the bar again. She was going so fast, she didn't see Heather as she kicked her in the back, sending her flying. She screamed as she fell, and Izzy then knocked Tyler off accidently and spun back to her place, stopping.

"Hey, where did everybody go?" she asked.

"Izzy--" Chris began before sneezing, "--wins a--" once again being interrupted by a cough "--point! Argh, me voice is straining," Chris whispered. Izzy shuffled along and pulled herself up, high-fiving the Chris monitor. "Hey, hey, don't get smudges on the screen."

The scene transferred to the mess hall with Noah just behind LeShawna and DJ using the heimlich on Duncan. "Guess it's just us two, white boy," LeShawna said. She spat into tub, with just a bit more to get until the tub was full. Her puke had given her the advantage.

"It's not over yet," Noah said.

LeShawna chuckled. "Oh, but I think it is. She spat into her tub and Noah saw the disgusting hair and rot shooting out of her mouth followed by her green spit. The sight made Noah want to throw up. And he did. A rocket of barf shot out of his mouth, landing in the dead centre of the tub, splashing and sloshing about, staing the plastic walls of the tub. It filled up quite quickly, and LeShawna turned pale at the sight. Then, the tub had completely filled up.

"Bookworm wins!" Chef announced. He held his arm up, and Noah groaned and grinned with a beard of vomit.

(Conf), Noah: I finally won something. Well, I won hide and seek, and almost won all of the challenges in the Killer Trout, but hey, I won.

Noah and LeShawna hugged whilst DJ and Duncan high-fived. The camera flashed back to the stage. All the campers had reunited and Chef was talking on his cellphone. "I want hot water in my room, and I want it fixed by evening. And where is my paycheck!" he yelled. He pressed a button and shoved it in his pocket. "Stupid interns. Anyways, the final challenge is called 'Arrowheads'. Each pair will have one member piggybacked on a slim tower. The last pair standing will win immunity and everyone will vote for who they want gone. Capiche?" The campers' heads nodded in sync.

The scene flashed to DJ piggybacking Izzy, Heather on LeShawna's back, Lindsay carrying Noah and Tyler jumping onto Duncan's back. "This is better than carrying you," Tyler said.

"What does that mean?" Duncan asked.

"Nothing, nothing," he trailed away. Chef pressed his airhorn and the time began, with a bucket of cockroaches pouring down on the campers. Lindsay screamed, whilst Heather tried to drag them out of her hair.

"Get out of my hair, you dirty creatures," Heather said in disgust. DJ was jiggling about as if he was being tickled, which he was, by Izzy.

"Izzy, Izzy stop! You're distracting me," DJ laughed. Izzy continued to tickle.

"Cool! It's just like a vibrating chair! Except for me voice isn't jittering," Izzy said.

(Conf), DJ: The only enemy I've made on the island is Courtney, and am I glad she's gone. But now that I've been partnered with Izzy... *sighs*

Duncan stayed strong, but Tyler freaked out with two cockroaches scurrying around his body. "Keep still!" Duncan yelled.

"I can't help it! They're just crawling around my arm," Tyler moaned.

"That's right, they're just crawling around your arm!" Duncan said frustratingly. Lindsay was shaking.

"I hate cockroaches!" Lindsay wailed, showing the cockroaches wriggling about on her back.

"Just imagine they aren't cockroaches. Pretend they're massaging hands," Noah said. Lindsay froze, then sighed in relief.

"Ah, that feels so much better," she sighed and she wobbled off from relaxing too much. The two fell down onto a giant trampoline, bounced back up, then bounced down. LeShawna and Heather were the next to go. A cockroach in Heather's hair fell down into LeShawna's trousers.

"What's that wriggly feeling? Argh!" she yelled and she jumped off the totemn pole, taking Heather down with her. The final two pairs were DJ and Izzy, and Duncan and Tyler. Izzy was still tickling DJ.

"Seriously, stop! I'm gonna, I'm gonna--" DJ began.

"Fall?" Izzy asked. She kicked DJ in the back which sent both of them flying down into the trampoline. Duncan saw all the pairs had gone, and he jumped down into the trampoline.

"Get off!" Duncan yelled out of the screen. The camera then changed instantly to the elimination ceremony. Chef was standing in front of the campers.

"I got seven marshmallows left. Only seven of you suckers are stayin'. Whoever doesn't get one must instantly go down the Dock of Shame, board that Bot of Losers and can't return ever again," Chef explained. "The first two go to the winning pair red kid and delinquint."

"Next are blonde girl and bookworm," Chef said. Both caught their marshmallows, but Lindsay threw hers back into the fire.

"Ghetto girl and bossy girl are also safe," Chef said. The two caught their marshmallows and almost high fived, quickly before retracing their move.

"Brickhouse and crazy chick. The lats one safe is...











(Conf), DJ: It's an easy decision. You have to go.











(Conf), Lindsay: I have orders to eliminate you, but I really don't wanna.











(Conf), LeShawna: I saw you're experience, and I think you are a threat. Sorry.

... brickhouse," Chef said. Izzy gasped.

"Sorry Izzy," DJ apologised.

"It's alright, but I don't think I'll need the boat," Izzy said. he cartwheeled down the dock and splashed into the sea. "See you next time!" She swam off into the moon and disappeared.

(Conf), Heather: Am I surprised you're eliminated? No. After you left from my alliance meeting, I told Lindsay to vote you off. I've seen you're stratergy, and I don't want to be against someone like you in the finale. Although I would love to say I loved it whilst it lasted, I really can't.

The scene flashed to Chris, lying in his bed sick. "Well, another one's gone and we're--" he started before coughing, "down to our final seven. Who's gonna be the next to go on an all new episode of Total... Drama..." he trailed off, sneezing once again, "Island!"

Chapter XIX: Hot Air Heads And Hot Airheads

Chris was standing in a hot air balloon. "Last time Total Drama Island: The final eight paired up to do some wicked challenges Chef had created whilst I was sick. Lindsay found Tyler's immunity item and gave it to Heather, Tyler got Duncan unconscious, and DJ eliminated Izzy after she drove him crazy. It's down to our final seven and we're taking skies. Who will fly to victory? Who's balloon of chance will be popped by the needle of elimination? Who's gonna give me five bucks so I can by some chips? Anyone, anyone? Find out at least two of those answers right here, right now on Total.. Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), Tyler: I know I said I was gonna use my immunity idol last night, but I wasn't too crazy about either of them. But I'm gonna use it tonight for sure, no matter what happens. I decided it wasn't that good for someone to pickpocket me and steal the idol, so I hid it under a loose floorboard in my cabin.

Tyler walked out of the confessional in a happy mood, but Heather sneaked out from behind the confessional.

(Conf), Heather: So the immunity idol that Lindsay gave to me was Tyler's. Wouldn't it be truely exquisite if I could use it against him.

Heather joined her fellow campmates in the mess hall. Lindsay had been waiting for Heather and passed her the tray. "What is this?" Heather asked in disgust.

"Chef said we have to use the slop again since we can't waste all the bacon," Lindsay explained.

"Ugh, well I expect better from you," Heather said and she walked away. Lindsay's smile turned into a frown and she sighed.

(Conf), Lindsay: Heather's being really strict. It's not just that, I'm really missing Izzy. She was a really good friend and then she swam away. *sighs deeply*

DJ, Duncan, Noah and LeShawna sat on one table, chatting about Gwen. "I miss the white girl. Me and Noah were good pals with her, as well as Trent," LeShawna said.

"Gwen seemed nice, although I didn't get much time with her," Duncan said. DJ nodded.

"I guess our next challenge is starting. And guess who's back," Noah said. The other three turned around and saw Chris standing in the doorway.

"Good morning. I kinda missed you when I was sick, but only in a I wanna hurt you so badly kinda way," Chris said. "This challenge is gonna be airborne. Meet up with me in ten minutes at Mt. Junkmore. A.k.a, the enormous pile of trash we had shaped into a mountain." DJ shuddered.

(Conf), DJ: I can still taste the garbage from the last challenge. I really should've stuck with challenge four. *facepalms*

The scene transferred to Mt. Junkmore where the final seven stood before Chris. "Welcome, final seven, to Mt. Junkmore. Home to the challenge that will determine who goes home," he said. "The first part of the challenge will be to build a hot air balloon. To make things intresting, you must all have a secret weapon to sabotage and slow down your fellow campmates. The one that I think looks the best will recieve a thirty second headstart in part two of the challenge. Part two will be a hot air balloon race. There are three obstacles that will be in your way. The first is 'Coconut Alley', the second is 'Fire Scorchers Tongue' and the last obstacle is 'Javelin Highway'. Get through all them and cross the finish line to win you a spot in the final six. One more thing. The first six to get through are safe, but the seventh person will be eliminated. Also, the first person to cross the finish line will get an advantage for the next challenge," The campers gasped. "Thought that'd get some gasps. Three, two, one, go!" Chef triggered an airhorn and the campers rushed off.

The scene flashed to LeShawna and Noah high-fiving each other. "Work together and we get the job done, right white boy?" asked LeShawna.

"You got it," Noah said. The two searched through a pile of junk whilst Heather watched in disgust.

"Teamwork, ugh," Heather said to herself.

"Why don't we work together!" Lindsay cheered. Heather turned around.

"Go build my hot air balloon and make it better and faster than you," Heather ordered.

"But what about my balloon?" Lindsay asked.

"Make it after mine," Heather said. Heather nodded.

"Wait, are you going to help?" Lindsay asked. Heather bent down, picked up a wrench and handed it to her.

(Conf), Lindsay: Harsh.

(Conf), Heather: It's a good thing she's pretty.

DJ pulled a large bathtub out of the pile. "I can use this as a basket," he said to himself. "Now I just need an engine and a balloon." He pushed away a few cans and saw a large piece of metal. "Hmm, maybe I can use this to protect my basket." He yanked on the piece of metal several times. When it came out, he heard a rumble and a load of junk piled on top of him. "Help!" his muffled voice yelled.

The scene flashed to Duncan welding away at a piece of metal, attaching it to his wooden basket. Tyler walked up to him. "What are you doing?" Tyler asked.

"I'm welding. My uncle taught he it in his garage. I was a mechanic," Duncan told him. "Now go away. You knocked me unconscious."

"Are you still mad about that?" Tyler asked. "That was about, three days ago."

"Yes. It was three days ago," Duncan grunted. "Now go before I weld you to the basket as well." Tyler backed away slowly, then banged into something. He turned around and saw an oven jutting out of the wall of junk.

"I have an idea!" Tyler beamed to himself. The scene flashed with Noah sewing something onto a gigantic silk balloon. LeShawna was fixing an engine into her balloon.

"I'm trying to make my balloon unique. What about you?" Noah asked. LeShawna shrugged her shoulders, and then the camera moved up to a giant pile of junk. Heather stood on top with a bow and arrow in her hands.

"Time for a little sabotage," Heather chuckled. She aimed her bow as LeShawna's balloon rose up. Suddenly, an arrow shot through the fabric and landed a couple of centimetres away from Noah's foot. Noah looked up and saw Heather's smirk across her face.

"You could've shot that through my foot!" he yelled.

"Boo hoo, so what?" Heather chuckled and the scene changed to Duncan shovelling away at a mountain of tin cans.

"Surely there's gotta be something useful in here," he sighed. He continued digging until his shovel came across something with a 'clink'. He scraped away at the cans and saw a gigantic air fan. "Perfect." Lindsay walked by him.

"Hey there, can you help me build my hot air balloons?" she asked.

"What do you mean by balloons?" Duncan asked.

"I have to build Heather's as well," she explained. Duncan grinned.

(Conf), Duncan: Maybe I can use Lindsay's naivity to my advantage.

"Tell you what, help me build mine and I'll tell you where I found a mountain of engines," Duncan said. Lindsay clapped her hands together and she procceed to tie sandbags to the basket. The scene flashed to Tyler wheeling an oven away on a trolley. He came across a bathtub lying next to a collapsed pile of junk.

"Huh, must be my lucky day," Tyler beamed. He tipped the oven into the bathtub and picked up some ropes. He began to drill holes in the bathtub and tied the ropes into them. The scene then changed to LeShawna patching the hole back together in her balloon and Noah hammering something into his basket. This was followed by welding and a screeching sound.

"What was that?" asked LeShawna.

"My secret weapon," Noah chuckled. He reached out of his basket to pick up some sort of metal box with a lever in it and placed it into the basket. He was welding it to something before he came down on it with a final hammering blow, literally. The scene switched to Duncan and Lindsay. Lindsay blew the top of the welder and smiled at Duncan.

"Wow, I never knew I was so good at engineering," Lindsay said. "Now, where's the engine mountain?"

"It's right over there," Duncan said, pointing at the pile which was about fifteen metres away.

"How did I not see that?" Lindsay asked.

(Conf), Duncan: Yes, how did she not see that?

The scene flashed to Heather walking on top of the piles of junk. She stopped when she saw Lindsay heaving back two engines to their baskets. "Lindsiot! Why haven't you started the hot air balloons yet?" she asked.

"I've been helping Duncan!" Lindsay yelled back.

"You're helping the enemy? Ugh, you need to hurry up and finish mine first!" Heather yelled.

"Yes Heather," Lindsay sighed back.

(Conf), Lindsay: I don't know why, but I have a feeling that I'm starting to regret giving Heather that immunity idol.

The scene changed to Tyler tying his balloon to the basket. Suddenly, DJ had emerged from the pile of junk in a fast motion. He was taking deep breaths. "Did you not hear me?" DJ gasped.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that was my engine," Tyler apologised. DJ looked at his hot air balloon.

"And that's my bathtub," DJ gasped. He clearly was in shock from being stuck under the objects.

"Well, I've built my hot air balloon on it, so I'm not just gonna give you it back," Tyler said. DJ grunted. The PA then started to crack. Chris' voice came through.

"Campers, you've got five minutes to finish off your hot air balloons! I repeat, five minutes!" Chris yelled.

(Conf), DJ: Great, I've only got five minutes to build a great hot air balloon. How am I supposed to do that?

"Look, since I took you're bathtub, I'll help you," Tyler said. DJ smiled. "I think I saw a wheelchair and a large fire extinguisher in one of the piles. Let's go and have a look."

The scene changed to Heather looking at the finishing result of her hot air balloon, which was blocked off by the camera's angle. "Wow, looking pretty impressive," Heather said.

"And mine looks great to!" Lindsay squealed. Her hot air balloon was also blocked off by the camera angle. "I hope us too can get into the top six of the race!"

"Sure, I do to," Heather said in a sarcastic tone.

(Conf), Heather: To be honest, I actually am. I need Lindsay's vote, and I'm pretty sure if she's eliminated, I'm a goner. Plus, I can trick Tyler into my grasp with the help of Lindsay. Dim-witted love, so tragic.

The camera flashed to Chris and the contestants with their hot air balloon. "Okay, I'm going to be checking your hot air balloons one by one. I think I'll start with, um, Lindsay's," Chris said. The scene changed to Lindsay explaining the details of her hot air balloon.

"So, my balloon is named 'Me!' It's got really good engines and I've got a secret weapon," Lindsay said, showing him her Lindsay shaped balloon. She began to whisper the rest. "It can drop nail paint bombs."

The scene changed to Heather explaining the details of her red hot air balloon with skulls. "Mine is called 'Red Devil'. It's got speed thrusters and I've got extra nippy sandbags, if you know what I mean," she explained.

Next up was Tyler. He had a hot air balloon with a bathtub basket and a tennis ball balloon. "My one is called 'Sport'. The balloon gives off my secret weapon, tennis balls," he said.

Duncan began explaining the info about his hot air balloon. "Mine has metal shields, the balloon has a thin metal coating and the name is 'Metal'. The weapon's metal shards to tear and rip them others' balloons up."

Up next was LeShawna. "Mine's called 'Rainbow Cross'," she said and she showed her large hot air balloon with a puncture taped up in it. "I managed to find a bow and blood tipped arrows. I hope you know what my secret weapon is."

"My balloon is called 'Chrisface'," Noah said. "It has a Chris head balloon and my secret weapon many not be offensive, but defensive."

Last up was DJ. His hot air balloon was plain and simple. He and Tyler had tied the fire extinguisher to the wheelchair and found a balloon to tie up to the top of of the fire hydrant. They had also attached a mini heater to the nozzle of the extinguisher. "Mine is called 'Dash'. It has a very unique shape and my secret weapon is fire extinguisher mist, to bind my followers," DJ explained. Chris wrote something on his clipboard and smiled. The camera then flashed to all the campers lined up in front of Chris.

"Well, I've seen your balloons. And I think it's obvious that Noah's 'Chrisface' wins!" Chris annouced.

(Conf), Heather: Wow, that's gotta be a big ego.

The campers were lined up by the starting line. Chris was in a jetpack with a megaphone in his hands. "The race begins for Noah in three, two, one, go!" he yelled. Noah began and his hot air balloon rose up into the air. The camera flashed to the same scene but without Noah. An alarm sounded and the six other campers began the challenge. DJ took the lead out of the six, but Heather and Duncan were close behind.

The camera changed to Noah in 'Coconut Alley'. Coconuts were shot out of mini cannons which were attached to boards suspended in the air. The coconuts were shot out in sync and Noah kept on crashing into them. He lifted up a piece of metal to protect himself. "I now hate coconuts," he said to himself. DJ had reached the beginning of 'Coconut Alley'. He saw that the cannons were timed to shoot coconuts and the coconuts had bombarded Noah's balloon.

"Can't we go around 'Coconut Alley'?" DJ asked. Chris zoomed up to him in his jetpack.

"Not unless you want to get yourself disqualified," Chris told him. DJ looked at the time difference between each shot and Heather came up behind him. She carefully untied one of her snadbags and a 'snap' sound came from inside.

"Take this," she whispered and she chucked the sandbags at the back of DJ's head. The sack slipped off, revealing a crab snapping at the back of his head.

"Argh! Ow! Yowee!" DJ yelled. Heather's hot air balloon overtook DJ's and she began the first obstacle. The first row of coconuts fired, and she managed to keep the balloon high above the row, but she was hit by the second.

LeShawna, Duncan, Lindsay and Tyler had caught up with the rest. They saw DJ with a crab attacking him and Heather and Noah being pelted with coconuts. LeShawna saw that the coconuts were on a timer and worked out that the time difference was four seconds. She zoomed forwards, stopping in gaps every four seconds. "Puh-lease, this obstacle's easy," LeShawna said. She went past Noah's balloon. "White boy, it's every four seconds."

Noah nodded and moved in sync with LeShawna and the two got to the end of the obstacle and procceeded onwards. "How did LeFawnduh and Ned get across?" Lindsay asked.

"I have no idea," Duncan sighed. He moved forwards and tried to reach for the crab in DJ's hair. He picked it up and chucked it out of the balloon. "Come on man." The two moved forwards in their balloons, leaving Tyler and Lindsay behind.

"Well, it's just us two. Let's go," Tyler said.

"Got it Tyrone," Lindsay said. Tyler facepalmed and the two moved on. In the lead, LeShawna and Noah had reached 'Fire Scorchers Tongue'. Jets of fire shot out in any order.

"We gotta make sure our ballons don't set alight," LeShawna said. Noah agreed. The two balloons advanced whilst the scene changed to Heather still stuck in the middle of the first obstacle. Lindsay passed her.

"Try stick to the beat, we are," Lindsay said.

"You weren't supposed to tell her that Linds," Tyler told her. Lindsay shrugged and Heather looked devious.

(Conf), Heather: I have a plan to get Tyler eliminated. This requires his obvious love of Lindsay. 

All the campers had reached the end of the first obstacle and five of them were on their way to the second. Duncan took the lead of the five with Heather and DJ in a close lead. The scene flashed to LeShawna and Noah weaving through 'Fire Scorchers Tongue'. Duncan had caught up to the second obstacle and floated through.

(Conf), Duncan: Playing with fire? Finally a fun challenge.

All the campers had either began the second obstacle or were at the beginning of it. Tyler was the only one waiting at the beginning. "Fire? Seriously?" Tyler asked. "Hmm, maybe I can take out the jets with my tennis ball launcher." He pressed a button and a cannon popped out of the hot air balloon. He repeatedly pressed a button and it shot out multiple tennis balls at the cannons. He knocked out two of the cannons, but one of the tennis balls jammed into the hole of one of the cannons. This held the fire in and he moved onwards.

In the lead, DJ had managed to overtake LeShawna. The two were side by side. "Good luck!" DJ said. LeShawna took out her bow and aimed at the top of DJ's balloon. She fired and the balloon was nicked. A small hiss of air came out from the top. "Hey!"

"Sorry, you started it," LeShawna said. She moved her balloon past his and Noah followed, with Duncan and Heather close behind.

"Hop in," Duncan said. DJ grinned and jumped out of his wheelchair seat and into DJ's basket. The scene flashed to a screen with the race mapped out. An icon of LeShawna was in the lead with Noah's icon in second. Heather was in third, DJ and Duncan were in joint fourth and Lindsay wasn't too far from Tyler's balloon in last.

The camera then changed to the normal scene of Noah's balloon barely behind LeShawna's. Heather was coming up from the behind, but the two continued forwards. Then, they had come to the final obstacle. The 'Javelin Highway'. Javelins were fired out of multiple cannons. LeShawna, Noah and Heather were lined up at the beginning. Duncan, DJ, Lindsay and Tyler lined up against them as well. All seven of them saw the finishing line standing on a wooden platform. "Well, I guess this is it. May I just say--" Noah began, but Heather cut him off.

"Full speed ahead Lindsay!" Heather commanded. Lindsay nodded and their two balloons floated forwards. Heather then grabbed one of her sandbags. "If anyone moves, they're getting a sandbag to the face." The sound of a javelin shocked her as she turned around and dropped the sandbag. It opened up and a crab began to crawl around Heather. "Go away!"

Back at the begnning, LeShawna began speaking. "Come on boys, let's take down Heather once and for all." The four boys nodded and took out their weapons.

"Charge!" Duncan commanded. The five balloons moved forwards, skillfully dodging the javelins. LeShawna took out her bow and fired three arrows. They all missed Heather's balloon barely. Duncan released his steel catapult and it scraped against her basket. Tyler's tennis ball bounced against the balloon and DJ's fire extinguisher gas fogged the bottom half of Heather's balloon. Noah turned on a shield and barged into Heather's balloon.

"Ugh, why aim at me? Lindsay! Our secret weapon! Get LeShawna!" Heather commanded. A vat of nail paint fell onto Heather's balloon. "Not mine!" Heather yelled and her balloon slowed down, leaving LeShawna in the lead.

"Yes! I'm gonna win!" LeShawna announced. She then heard a loud pop sound and her balloon began to go down. A javelin had hit her balloon and she went down.

"LeShawna!" Noah shouted. Noah's balloon crossed the line first and Chris met up to greet him.

"Well done Noah! You win the advantage!" Chris announced.

"But what about LeShawna?" Noah asked. Chris shrugged his shoulders and the scene scrowled to Duncan getting second, DJ getting third and Lindsay scoring fourth. Heather saw Tyler coming up from behind. She smirked evily.

"Lindsay! Why don't you blow Tyler a kiss?" Heather asked.

"Alright!" Lindsay cheered and she winked and blew him a kiss. The kiss was in the form of lips and they landed on Tyler's cheeks. He mumbled and his balloon stopped, giving Heather the chance to snab fifth place.

"There's only one more place left. Who's gonna snab it? LeShawna or Tyler?" Chris asked the viewers. Tyler's balloon slowly moved towards the finishing line whilst LeShawna's was mainly below it.

"I have an idea," LeShawna said to herself. She got some rope and tied it to the end of her arrow. She fired it to the poles and clung onto the rope. She began to climb up as Tyler's balloon edged ever so closer to the finishing line.

"And sixth place goes to...






























... LeShawna!" Chris announced. LeShawna stood up and pumped her fists in the air with Noah and DJ hugging her. Tyler's balloon got to the finishing line and Lindsay sat on Tyler's basket.

"Sorry LeShawna. It looks like you're going home because I have an immunity idol!" Tyler announced. He reached into his pocket, then the other one. "Um, it's here somewhere. Chris, you saw I had it! Cut me some slack!"

"Sorry, you've gotta have you're immunity token as proof. You're eliminated," Chris said. Lindsay looked at Heather, but she looked away.

"Oh, I'm sorry Tyler," Lindsay said.

"It's okay Linds. I think the greatest part of this game was meeting you," Tyler said. He leant in and the two kissed. The scene then flashed to Tyler waving goodbye to his fellow campmates. The Boat of Losers sailed away. The boys and LeShawna walked away. Heather was about to, but Lindsay grabbed onto her wrist.

"Why didn't you give the immunity item to Tyson?" Lindsay asked.

"I'm not sure I could give them away. Plus, it's better to save you and me than him," Heather explained. Lindsay sighed and Heather pulled Lindsay's hand off of her arm.

(Conf), Heather: Good riddance. I'm glad Tyler's gone. Lindsay won't be distracted and it would have been a win-win.

Chris stood on the dock. "The final seven has turned into the final six. Who will make it to the final five? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XX: Gladiator Style

Chris stood in the middle of the forest in a gladiator outfit and holding a fake sword. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The final seven soared through the skies in a hot air balloon race they made in Mt. Junkmore. DJ got trapped in a pile of junk and Heather sabotaged two familiar enemies, a.k.a LeShawna and Noah. I greeted Noah at the end of the race since he won, and LeShawna didn't give up when her balloon got a puncture, beating Tyler in the race for sixth place, eliminating him. This next challenge is gonna be gold, literally. Who's gonna make it to the final five? Who's chances of winning the hundred thousand will be crushed? Who's gonna get backstabbed, quite literally, in the challenge? Find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), Lindsay: *sighs deeply* I can't help thinking that I got Tyler eliminated. I gave Heather his immunity idol and I didn't even know who it belonged to! I hope Tyler's not angry. Maybe I can split the money with him! That would cool his nerves, but he's already cool. *chuckles*

Lindsay served her last plate of gruel to Duncan and walked to the table with the rest of the final six. She sat inbetween DJ and Heather and began to eat. "Feeling sad about Tyler's elimination?" DJ asked.

"Yeah. But I guess I shuldn't get too down. I mean, I'm still in this game!" Lindsay cheered.

(Conf), Heather: Not for long.

"White girl, you just focus on the game. We don't want you to get in danger 'cause you're distracted," LeShawna reassured.

"Yeah, thanks LeFawnduh," Lindsay said. LeShawna facepalmed.

(Conf), LeShawna: There goes her usual name gag. My name is LeShawna, not LeFawnduh.

"What do you think the challenge is?" Noah asked.

"Why don't I tell you," Chris said from the doorway. "Today's challenge will take place in five. Get your butts to the forest clearing or I send your butts home. Go, go, go!"

The scene changed to the forest clearing and stood in front of Chris wearing a gladiator suit. "How'd you change into that in five minutes and get here?" Duncan asked.

"It's the magic of my dressing room. This suit is supposed to to be a hint to what the challenge is!" Chris said.

"Is it terrible fashion day?" Heather asked. Her fellow campmates chuckled. Chris' face turned red.

"I'm gonna be back in a second," Chris said. He walked a few metres away and screamed loudly. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The six campers covered their ears. Over New York, the echo of Chris' voice could be heard. In England, the sound of Chris's scream spread through the cities. On the moon, two astronaut could hear Chris' scream.

"What was that?" the first astronaut asked.

"I'm guessing a reality show is being filmed," the other astronaut replied.

Back in Camp Wawanakwa, Chris came out from the trees with a calmer look on his face. "I feel so much better."

"How loud can you scream?" DJ asked.

"I once deafened my sister for a week by screaming. Don't let me near your ears," Chris said. "Today's challenge is gladiator themed. Since the interns couldn't get any information about gladiators, I'm gonna guess from the movies. Gladiators wore soldier outfits and fought in Greece. They were also rich. Your challenge is to keep your gold in your fort the longest."

"What do you mean by that?" Duncan asked.

"You'll each have a fort. In it is a huge, but equal, wad of gold. If one person takes all the gold out of your fort and steals it, you're out. You will also have swords to defend your treasure. The last fort to have gold in wins the challenge and someone will be going home. Also, if you try to take your gold wherever you go, your most likely to have it all gone. If you take it all out of the fort with you, that also counts as you being eliminated. Got it?" Chris asked. The campers nodded. "Good. Once I trigger the airhorn, the game will start." Chris triggered his airhorn and the six campers ran off.

Noah and LeShawna's forts were next to each other. "Work together?" Noah asked.

"As always," LeShawna agreed and the two high fived. They each had saw the giant jar of gold being poured into their fort. "That's a lot of gold. I say we stick together until the end." Noah nodded.

The scene changed to Heather's fort. She had finished tying snares across the entrance of her fort. "If anyone steps in, they'll be snagged." Lindsay walked by her fort with a sack in her hands.

"Can we work together?" Lindsay asked.

"No, I need this immunity. If anyone's going home, it's bound to be me," Heather said. "Say, why don't you come into my fort and see how much gold there is." Lindsay nodded. She walked to the fort, but tripped and knocked into Heather. Heather fell backwards and landed in one of her snares. "Cr--" She was flung away before she could finish her sentence.

"Whoops. Well, at least I can get the gold," Lindsay said and she walked in. She stepped on a snare and, like Heather, was flung away by the sheer force of the trap.

The camera flicked over to Duncan. He was patrolling through the forest searching for an unguarded fort. He saw that Noah was walking past the trees, meaning that his fort was unguarded. He ran over to it and saw that LeShawna's fort was also unguarded. "Like killing two birds with one stone," he said. He arrived at the fort and opened up his sack. He began to chuck in the gold whilst the scene changed to DJ sitting on a sack. His fort was empty, but it was all in his sack.

"This has gotta be a sure-fire way to win," DJ said. He shuffled around and the scene changed to DJ sitting in the same position, but a timer showed five minutes. He collapsed and fell off still in the same position. "Oh great. I'm stuck." That was what he meant to say, but it ended up becoming 'oh groat, imm shtux'. LeShawna noticed that DJ was stuck frozen and all his gold was inside a sack.

"Could this be any easier?" LeShawna asked. She walked past DJ and patted his shoe. "Sorry Deej." The scene changed to Heather and Lindsay returning from where they had been flung off to. Both of them were wet.

"Aw, my hair's wet," Lindsay moaned.

Heather was wringing the water out of her hair. "Mine wouldn't if you hadn't pushed me into the snare." The two girls walked towards the clearing and saw a giant cage with DJ sitting in it. Heather chuckled. "What're you doing in there?"

"My fort's empty and Chris sent me to the dungeon. And you two might wanna check yours. I have a feeling in the long time that you left, a lot of your gold's gone," DJ said. Heather gasped and the two girls ran to their forts. When they arrived, they saw that Lindsay's fort was half empty and there were only about twenty bars of gold left. Noah was snagging Heather's gold.

"Oh no you don't!" Heather yelled. She charged over to Noah's sack as he was about to put in the lastbar of gold in his sack outside of the fort. She rammed into him, sending the gold bar flying to Lindsay who was in the entrance to the fort. She walked backwards, out of the fort.

"Ooh, I would love one of these for my room," Lindsay said. The PA began to crack with Chris' voice coming through.

"And Heather is also eliminated!" Chris' voice announced. "Time for the dungeon Heather." Heather walked up to Lindsay, grabbed the gold bar and hit her with it. The gold turned out to be painted foam.

"You're lucky this is foam," Heather grumbled and she walked away with Noah dragging his sack of gold behind her.

"Well, at least I get the bar," Lindsay said. The scene changed to Duncan smuggling Noah's gold into his sack from a hole he cut out in the back of the fort with a saw. He shoved a few more bars in and closed it up.

"Easy," Duncan said. He waited for Chris' voice to crack up. "Come on Chris, say Noah's eliminated already!" Chris' voice did come up in the PA, but not how Duncan imagined it.

"Why don't you check your hole now?" Chris asked. Duncan looked through the hole and saw a load of gold replacing the previous gold Duncan stole. Noah walked to the back of his fort and laughed.

"You really thought you could outsmart me, couldn't you? You have street smarts, but I have book smarts," Noah said. Duncan cracked his fingers and advanced Noah. Noah then began to chuckle nervously. The scene changed to Noah yelling as he was wedgied from a branch similar to how Geoff and Tyler wedgied Harold.

"Ooh and it looks like Noah's heading towards the dungeon as well," Chris' voice said through the PA system.

"Don't you think I would if I could?" Noah asked. Chef came towards the branch he was wedgied on and prodded him off with a large stick. He landed with a loud thud, then the next scene was him sitting down in the dungeon next to DJ.

The next scene was Chris in his camera tent with a board showing Duncan had three sixthes of the gold, LeShawna had two sixthes and Lindsay just had her own with the bar of gold she took from Heather. "Good turn up, isn't it?" Chris asked the audience. The scene changed to LeShawna prowling through the forest. Unbeknown to her, Duncan had snuck behind her fort. He cut another hole into the fort and began pouring gold in. He jiggled around in the hole, but it shocked him when he ran empty.

"What the?" Duncan asked. He dragged the sack to the front of the fort and saw Lindsay dragging her sack out of LeShawna's fort.

"And LeShawna is out!" Chris' voice announced. Duncan and Lindsay looked at each other.

"I guess it's just us two," Lindsay said.

"Is that heavy for you?" Duncan asked. Lindsay nodded. "Then I guess it's just me." He ran off with Lindsay pointing and dragging the sack along as fast as she could.

The camera changed to Duncan looting Lindsay's fort. He was almost there when Lindsay returned and dumped her sack of gold into the fort. She was out of breath. "You can't... rob me... if...I rob... you," Lindsay panted. Duncan snickered.

"There's a bottle of nail paint in that tree," Duncan said. A cloud puff outline of Lindsay replaced the real one as she ran to the tree and climbed it. Duncan had filled his sack. "Child's play." He shoved the sack out of the fort and the PA began to crack again.

"Duncan is the winner!" Chris announced. "Well done. And, if you're in the dungeon, you might wanna cling on for a while. Chef lost the key." The campers in the dungeon moaned and sighed.

The camera changed to the mess hall. Duncan and DJ were talking, but were interrupted when LeShawna and Noah charged up to them. "What the heck is your problem Duncan?" LeShawna asked.

"Aw, well if it isn't geek and geek's girlfriend," Duncan chuckled. "Why're you protecting him?"

"Why'd you wedgify me?" Noah asked.

"Okay, guys, stop bombarding Duncan," DJ said. LeShawna advanced Duncan.

"You're just lucky you have immunity," LeShawna said. The scene transferred to the elimination ceremony. Chris had a plate of five marshmallows. Duncan and DJ looked at LeShawna and Noah. They looked back at the boy and girl looked at Heather and Lindsay.

"You all know the gist of this. The first four marshmallows go Duncan, Noah, Lindsay and DJ," Chris announced. Heather and LeShawna exchanged glances. "LeShawna and Heather. The last marshmallow goes to...






























... neither of you," Chris said.

"Huh?" LeShawna and Heather asked in sync.

"Both of you got a total of three votes. LeShawna, Noah and DJ voted for Heather whilst Duncan, Lindsay and Heather voted for Duncan," Chris explained. "That means we must go to a tiebreaker. Be prepared to get wet." The scene changed to a platform held up by a pole above the water. LeShawna and Heather had their hands tied behind their backs and were on a three by three squared platform. Chris was in his jetpack and hovering around the platform. "The first person to fall into the water will be eliminated."

"Hope you're prepared to get wet ghetto girl," Heather chuckled. She charged into LeShawna, but judded backwards a little. The two girls circled each other. LeShawna charged into Heather and sent her off the platform. Unfortunately, she had grabbed onto LeShawna's arms and dragged her down as well. The two landed with a splash in the water and the scene changed to the two girls covered in towels each. Chris looked at the two girls.

"Well, the next person to be eliminated is--" Chris began, but his phone rang. "Excuse me a second. Yeah, oh hi lawyer. Uh-huh. What? No way! Oh come on. Ugh, fine." He faced the two girls again. "There's good and bad news. The good news is that you both landed in the water at the same time."

"So we're both going home?" Heather asked.

"Nope, that's the bad news. You're both staying. According to the lawyers, we don't have enough players to last the series. So you're both gonna stay," Chris said. The two girls whooped. "Ugh, just get out of my sight. And as for the viewers, that was a shock wasn't it! Will there be more drama and shock in the next challenge? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XXI: Jeep-ers

Chris stood next to a truck in the forest. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The six remaining campers went all galdiator. They stole gold and sabotaged, earning themselves a place in the dungeon if they lost. A rivalry between LeShawna and Noah and Duncan and DJ kicked up and eventually LeShawna and Heather went into a tiebreaker. They were both meant to be eliminated, but a thing happened with my lawyers and everyone got to stay again. Yay. Who's next to go? Will anyone else be safe due to a shock. How's the rivalry gonna end? Find out now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), LeShawna: Whoo hoo! I made it to the final six! Yeah, Shawnie's making it all the way. Boy am I glad the lawyers saved my butt.

(Conf), DJ: I never expected to make it this far. After all, I have fears of spiders, snakes, bombs, explosions, heights--

(Conf), Heather: Am I surprised that I made it to the final six? No. After all, I have the dumbest contestant as my ally. Being in the final two together will make it much easier to wipe out that dumb blonde.

(Conf), DJ: --water, loud noises, disgusting foods, tight spaces, weird insects, skulls--

(Conf), Noah: I'm glad I'm in the final six. Even though the challenges are disgusting, I'm almost there to winning the money.

(Conf), Lindsay: I'm so close to getting the hundred thousand. I can taste it. But, I'm not sure how money tastes? Does it taste like paper, or like the quaters you put in a vending machine, the ones made out of copper.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm positive I'm getting the cash. Soon, I'm gonna have it in the bag, or my duffel bag. I'm not sure how much space gets taken up by a hundred thousand dollars.

(Conf), Heather: I mean, my preferred order of elimination would by LeShawna, Noah, Duncan, DJ, Lindsay and me as the winner. There's no way I'm sharing. The first thing I'd probably spend my money on is my on reality TV show named 'The World According To Heather'.

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm fabulous. If me and Noah get into the final two, I'm really not bothered who wins. I'm just gonna be happy for that white boy.

(Conf), Noah: I hope Lindsay can come to her senses and see that Heather is a bad girl. If me and LeShawna can convince Duncan and DJ, well at least DJ, to vote with us, Heather will finally be gone!

(Conf), DJ: --sharks, piranhas, the dark, bones, scythes, pyshco killers and Heather. Should I have said Heather? Maybe not. *laughs nervously*

(Conf), Duncan: First things first when I win, I'm gonna convert my juvie room into one of those big ones with an actual bed and an actual toilet and a metal reinforced window instead of bars.

(Conf), Lindsay: *pees in the toilet and looks at the camera* Whoops.

The six remaining campers sat down at a table eating their breakfast when Chris came into the room and leaned against the doorway. "Morning final six. How're you recovering from last challenge's shock?" Chris asked.

"I'm feeling great," LeShawna said.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with LeShawna," Heather agreed. Chris walked towards the table and put the back of his hands on his hips.

"Well, I just got off the phone with the lawyers and today someone will be leaving Camp Wawanakwa," Chris announced. If you come outside, I'll show what the challenge is." The six campers walked outside and saw six mini jeeps lined up by a checkered line on the floor. "Today is a jeep race around the island. There are three stops and the first jeep to get back here will win immunity from the vote. The first stop is at the Dock of Shame. There you'll stop, get to the end of the dock and choose which stepping stones you'll take to get the next key. The second stop is at the ampitheater. There, Chef will tell you three riddles. If you get them all right, you'll get your next key. The final stop is at Mt. Junkmore. There you will be shown a pile of junk. There are six keys hidden inside and if you find one, you can take that back here across the finish line. Don't even think about missing the stops, because the cars will automatically stop at each stop. Ready? Okay, three, two, one, go!"

Lindsay was about to jump into the closest jeep when Heather pulled her out of it and sat in the seat. "Get another one," Heather said. She turned the first ignition key and her jeep drove off. She was followed by Duncan and DJ. She got into the furthest one and drove away with LeShawna and Noah hot on her tail.

At the front, Heather was driving through the forest wondering what made the jeep stop. "What does make the dang jeep stall?" Her thoughts were interrupted by Duncan overtaking her car.

"Learn how to drive," Duncan yelled. Heather glared at him, but Duncan responded by driving faster and scattering dust and stones in her face. She braked and the rest of the jeeps overtook her jeep.

"I'm gonna get you!" Heather yelled and slammed her foot on the accelerator. The camera changed to LeShawna chuckling, but then ended up stopping. She looked down and saw her jeep stuck in a shallow pool of sticky mud. Noah braked by her and got out of his jeep.

"What happened?" Noah asked.

"Jeep got stuck in sticky mud. Do you have any rope?" LeShawna asked.

"I'll check the boot," Noah said. He went round to the back of his jeep and popped the boot open. The camera angle then moved to the back of the boot as Noah went through the list of items in the boot. "Stinky boot, packet of cheese, bag of jacks, giant egg, ah, here's the one we want." He shut the boot and took the rope out. He tied one end to LeShawna's tow hook and tied the other end to the back of his jeep. He got into his seet and slammed his foot on the accelerator. In the meantime, Heather overtook them.

"See you losers!" Heather yelled. The anger charged up Noah. He slammed his foot on the accelarator violently and the force had pulled LeShawna's truck out as well as her tow hook, but the tow hook swung over and hit Noah in the eye. The result ended with him having a black eye.

"Wow, that is some violence white boy," LeShawna told him. She drove off with Noah behind her.

(Conf), Noah: *with black eye* I'm gonna make sure that Heather is eliminated tonight.

In the front, Duncan's jeep had slowed down as it approached the Dock of Shame. "What a lead," he said. He got out of the jeep and ran to the end of the dock. He saw that in the waters surrounding the stepping stones were filled with piranhas. "Wow, this is totally new," he said sarcastically. He stepped on the first of the stepping stones and hopped onto the second as DJ and Lindsay's jeeps both parked outside of the Dock of Shame. Duncan tested the stepping stone in front of him by placing his foot on gently. As contact was made, the stepping stone instantly sank beneath the water.

DJ took the first stepping stone and hopped onto a second as Lindsay stood on the first. Duncan hopped to the end of the stepping stones and grabbed one of the keys on a rack at the end. He jumped back onto another and hopped past DJ. DJ jumped onto one of the stepping stones, but it sank instantly and DJ was submerged. Five seconds later, DJ popped out screaming with a black eye and several tears in his clothes. Lindsay winced at DJ as he stepped onto a second stepping stone that sank as well. Lindsay bounced to the end of the stepping stones and grabbed her key as DJ jumped out of the water and onto a secure stepping stone.

When Duncan got back to his jeep, Heather had arrived as he drove off. Lindsay had managed to grab her key, but Heather snatched it off of her. "I need this to get the advantage," Heather said.

"But I almost got eaten by piranhas to get that," Lindsay told her.

"So, if I'm eliminated tonight, you're probably next," Heather told her.

"But what about your--" Lindsay began, but Heather covered her mouth in case anyone else heard. She gave her a cold look and got into her jeep and started the engine. As she left, LeShawna and Noah's jeeps had arrived and DJ had claimed his key. Lindsay started again at the stepping stones and passed DJ who collapsed at the front. Obviously due to the piranha attacks. LeShawna and Noah jumped over him and raced for the key. A montage showed of Duncan and Heather racing, LeShawna, Noah and Lindsay hopping on the stepping stones and DJ lying on the floor in pain.

DJ was trampled by LeShawna as she got into her jeep followed by Noah. DJ was about to get up, but was finally run over by Lindsay's heels. "Sorry CJ," she apologised. The three got into their cars and drove off, leaving DJ groaning on the floor.

Duncan was the first to reach the second stop. His jeep spluttered before he got out. Chef was holding three small cue cards. "Alright, give me the riddles," Duncan said.

Chef coughed and then began to read the first riddle. "What comes up but never comes down?" Chef asked.

"Easy, age. Next," Duncan said.

"What gets drier as it gets wet?" Chef asked.

"These riddles are lame. It's age," Duncan said. Chef looked at Duncan crossly.

"Alright then. If I kill my mother, marry my sister and was born before my father, how are these things all done legally?" Chef asked. Duncan looked puzzled as Heather arrived.

"Give me my riddles!" Heather yelled.

"What one thing can fit in a pocket, yet fill an entire room?" Chef asked. Heather looked perplexed.

"Um, straw?" she asked. Chef shook his head.

"Ooh, I got it!" Duncan said. "Killed the mother in childbirth, married the sister to another guy and was born in front of the father. Chef nodded and gave Duncan his second ignition key. Duncan gave a cheeky grin and winked at Heather, earning himself a cold glare.

DJ drove his jeep through the forest. Suddenly, a spider web and a spider came straight into the aim of DJ's head. He looked left and as he looked forwards, the spider and the web landed straight in his face. He screamed in fear as the truck turned into LeShawna's and she parked outside of the ampitheater. LeShawna got to Chef as Heather was thinking of the third answer to her riddle. "Why did the panda say look in the dictionary?" Heather wondered.

"Ghetto girl, your first riddle is this: I am a protecter. I sit on a bridge and fight the sun. What am I?" Chef riddled. Noah parked and as he overheard the riddle, he whispered something into LeShawna's ear.

"My answer is sunglasses," LeShawna said and Chef nodded.

"Bookworm, your first riddle is if two people are born on the same day, the same month, the same year, how can they not be twins?" Chef asked. "Ghetto, if a man from an animal rights activist group shoots an eagle, how come the group celebrates it?"

"Ooh! My answer is the panda eats shoots and leaves," Heather said. Chef nodded and gave her the key.

"An eagle is a golf shot in less than two shots," LeShawna said.

"They're triplets," Noah said. Chef nodded and the scene flashed to Duncan arriving at Mt. Junkmore. He saw an intern pointing at a tall pile of trash and junk.

"There's supposed to be a key in this? Oh brother," Duncan sighed. He began to throw pieces of junk behind his back and the camera changed to Noah driving off, Lindsay arriving and LeShawna thinking of the answer to her last riddle.

"Oh, I know, that other guy is in a coffin and the six men are carrying it," LeShawna said.

"That is correct," Chef Hatchet said and he gave her the key.

"Um, can you repeat the question?" Lindsay asked.

"If I invite five people to a party and they invite four people each, and if they invite three people each, and if they only invite two people each and they invite one person each, how many people do invite to the party?" Chef asked.

"Um, one hundred and twenty five?" Lindsay asked. Chef rolled his eyes. The scene changed to Heather also scarping at the junk pile whilst Noah had arrived.

"You guys still haven't found the key?" Noah asked. He rolled his eyes and began to look through his boot. He listed the items he found. "Pencil case, gigantic cuckoo clock, pink cloak, ah, shovel." He began to shovel through the junk.

"How is that fair?" Duncan asked.

"Check your boots," Noah told them. Both of them checked their boots.

"Nothing," Duncan and Heather said in sync. The scene transferred back to the ampitheater. DJ, still injured, had arrived and was about to hear his first riddle.

"There are two rooms. One is made entirely out of magnifying glasses which amplify the sun's heat. The other if full of hungry tigers. Which room do you go through and still end up alive?" Chef asked DJ.

"Um, you wait... at night so the magnifying glasses won't burn you," DJ answered. Chef nodded.

"Your second riddle," Chef began. "A judge sentences you to death, but the judge lets you choose what deah you want. What should you choose to survive the longest?"

"It's old age and natural causes, right?" DJ asked. Chef nodded. The scene changed back to Mt. Junkmore with LeShawna scraping through the junk. DJ had arrived.

"Has Lindsay not finished her riddles?" Duncan asked. DJ shook his head. "Why am I not surprised?" Heather threw a can square at Duncan's forehead.

"Shut up," Heather said. She rummaged around the junk a little more with her hands until she felt something cold and hard. She pulled it out, revelaling a key. "I have my key!" she announced. She ran to her jeep and got inside, putting the key into ignition.

Duncan also felt something. "I have mine," Duncan said. He was followed by LeShawna and the two drove off, racing in front of each other.

"I'm winning this thing," Noah said. He ran to his mini jeep and put the key in ignition. He drove out of Mt. Junkmore and his destination was the finishing line outside of the mess hall.

The two racers up front were Duncan and Heather. The two glared and growled at each other. The finish line was just in sight. LeShawna and Noah had approached them with DJ not to far behind them. Chris was standing next to the finish line and it wasn't too far away. "I'm winning this!" the five campers yelled in sync.

Suddenly, out of the corner, Lindsay's jeep was storming past the other five. The five looked shocked as Lindsay gained the lead. "How did that happen?" Heather asked. Lindsay accelerated faster and she crossed the finishing line first.

"Aw," few of the campers moaned.

"Lindsay wins!" Chris announced. "I did not expect that."

"Yeah, how did you do that Lindsay?" LeShawna asked.

"Well, after DJ left, I answered the riddles and found a turbine in my boot. So I hooked it up to the jeep and hey presto, I won!" Lindsay squealed. Heather walked up to Lindsay.

"You were supposed to let me win," Heather coldly whispered. Lindsay put her hands up and walked backwards slowly.

The camera changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris held a plate of five marshmallows. "You have all voted and I'm glad that no one voted for Lindsay. That's why Lindsay keeps the first marshmallow," Chris announced. He threw the first marshmallow at Lindsay, but it bounced off her head and onto the ground.

"The next two safe are DJ and Noah," Chris said. "Also safe is Duncan." Heather and LeShawna coldly looked at each other again.

"Wow, being in the bottom two again must suck, especially for you, LeShawna. The last marshmallow goes to...
































... LeShawna!" Chris announced. Chris threw the last marshmallow at LeShawna, but Heather caught it.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, sorry, but I'm not going home," Heather said.

"You have to. You're finally going home girl," LeShawna said.

"But how can I be eliminated with immunity?" Heather asked. She took something out of her pocket, that something was Tyler's immunity idol. The campers gasped.

"Isn't that Tyler's?" DJ asked.

"So? He should've taken more care of it," Heather said. "Chris, I have immunity."

"Heather is correct. And the only two votes not for Heather were for you LeShawna," Chris said. Heather chewed on her marshmallow slowly.

"Yum, revenge is sweet," Heather taunted. The camera changed to the beginning of the dock. The final five were lined up at the dock as LeShawna wheeled her suitcase to the Boat of Losers.

"Duncan, I'm sorry about the feud. I overreacted and I shouldn't have let it come between our friendship," LeShawna apologised. "DJ, your cooking and your personality are some of the things that I like about you so much.

"Thanks," DJ thanked.

"Heather, I hope karma slaps you good on the head," LeShawna smirked. "Noah, I'm gonna miss you most of all."

"I'll miss you to," Noah said and the two hugged.

"And Lindsay, you've been a great friend and although we haven't seen eye to eye some times, I'll still miss you," LeShawna said. The two hugged and LeShawna whispered something into her ear. "Now that you've seen what Heather's capable of, don't trust her." LeShawna winked at Lindsay and she boarded the Boat of Losers. She waved farewell to her friends and the boat sailed away.

The final five walked away, leaving Chris on screen. "Now that LeShawna's gone, our final six have turned to the final five. Did you expect this final five? Maybe not, but stay tuned next time for more Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XXII: Luxury After Lies

Chris was standing on a yacht that was sailing away. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The six remaining campers took a drive to various locations in Camp Wawanakwa. Lindsay surprised her fellow campmates by winning and the whole group was shocked when Heather used Tyler's immunity token to save herself and eliminate LeShawna. But enough with Camp Wawanakwa. Do you ever wonder where the eliminated campers go to? We couldn't send them back home, duh. They spend their time on Playa Des Losers! Here we are now. Catch up on all the inside gossip in this luxury resort. What dramas have conitnued? What relationships have developed? What do they feel about the remaining campers? Find out on today's show of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

The camera scrolled across the main area of Playa Des Losers. Trent and Gwen were sitting in deck chairs by the pool and Ezekiel and Cody were playing frisbee. "Go long!" Ezekiel yelled. Cody ran backwards and jumped to catch the frisbee, but it landed square on his forehead. He fell backwards and landed on Gwen.

"Cody?" Gwen asked in shock and she kicked him off of her and Cody landed in the pool.

"Hey, that hurt," Cody moaned as he rose up in the pool.

"You did land on her," Trent said.

"Ezekiel threw it!" Cody argued.

"He's the one who caught it with his forehead," Ezekiel debated. Gwen rolled her eyes.

(Conf), Gwen: *sauna* Three boys fighting over me? Wow, that took a turn in a way I didn't expect. Ah, the sauna confessional, the good thing about letting things off your chest.

LeShawna and Owen were eating hot dogs by the barbeque. "Mm, you're a good cook LeShawna," Owen complimented. He grabbed the tray of hot dogs and emptied the tray as he slid the hot dogs down into his throat.

"Owen, those hot dogs were supposed to be for everyone!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Oops, sorry," Owen giggled and he farted. The camera changed to the tiki bar in the pool. Katie, Sadie and Eva were sipping juices and they watched Justin dive from the diving board. As he entered the deep end, the three girls clapped their hands.

"Wow, his abs shine as he enters the water," Sadie cooed.

"I agree, Justin is a supes totes hottie," Katie agreed. Eva nodded in agreement as Justin swan to the girls in the tiki bar He stood up and the water reached his knees.

"Hey girls. Wow, I'm thirsty," Justin said.

"Here, you can have my juice. I hope you don't mind the backwash," Sadie said.

"No, Justin can have mine," Katie said, streching her arm and offering her drink to Justin.

"I offered first!" Sadie argued.

"Stop arguing, he can have mine," Eva reassured.

"Butt out Eva!" Katie and Sadie yelled in sync. The three girls began a slap fight before they fell off their seats, dropping their drinks before Justin caught them.

(Conf), Justin *sauna* Child's play. Piece of cake. Mm, now I want a piece of cake.

Courtney was talking to the camera in her swimwear. "Yeah, so when I lost the chance for a hundred thousand, I watched the episode I was eliminated in and saw that Tyler's vote eliminated me! Argh! I can't believe that Tyler, of all people, got me eliminated! How I hate him so much! He's gonna pay when I get my hands on him," Courtney grumbled. She bent behind a deck chair and picked up a hockey stick. "When I joined sports club, my trainer told me I was skilled and deadly at both hockey and karate. I've never had the chance to use the skills together, but now I have the chance. Hyaah!" She sliced the deck chair in half using her hockey stick.

As Courtney walked away, the camera zoomed in to behind the bush she was standing next to and it revealed Tyler was hiding inside. "Shh, ever since I got here, Courtney's been trying to break my neck. She's a sore loser, but now I'm fearing for my own life," Tyler began. He was about to go on, but Courtney shoved the hockey stick into the bush.

"Are you there Tyler? I'm gonna kill you!" Courtney yelled. Tyler skillfully dodged the hockey stick attacks and Courtney left the bush.

"Phew, that was too close," Tyler sighed in relief. He crawled away and the camera changed to Harold on a deckchair jotting down notes in his notepad. Izzy sat down next to him.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked.

"I'm trying to write down a story. It's about ten teens living on an island to compete for cash," Harold explained.

"Isn't that a rip off of this show?" Izzy asked.

"Aw man I never thought about that!" Harold moaned and he ripped the piece of paper out of his notebook, crumpled it into a ball and threw it behind his seat. Someone said 'ow' behind the seat and the two looked behind their seats. Tyler was crouching behind their deckchairs.

"What are you doing?" Izzy asked.

"I'm hiding from Courtney. You know, obvious reasons," Tyler told them. "Shh, Courtney's coming!" Tyler hid back in the bushes near the deckchairs as Courtney came by.

"Have you two seen Tyler? I'm planning to kill him," Courtney said.

"Uh, that way," Harold and Izzy said in sync, pointing in the opposite directions of each other. "No, the other way," the two said in sync again, both pointing the opposite ways.

"Uh, we last saw him by the tiki bar," Izzy fibbed.

"Okay then," Courtney said, slightly puzzled. She walked away and passed the hot tub. The camera zoomed in on Bridgette and Geoff making out in the hot tub.

"Aw, you two are so romantic, Beth giggled. She was also in the hot tub. Bridgette glared at her.

"Thanks, but you just killed the moment!" Bridgette yelled.

"Yeah Beth, not cool," Geoff told her. Beth frowned and got out of the hot tub.

(Conf), Beth: *sauna* Ever since I got to Playa Des Losers, I spent all my time in the hot tub and let the nerves cool. Unfortunately, when Bridgette and Geoff got here, they've been hogging up all my soaking time. Boy, who can be so selfish to spend all their time in the hot, oh, uh. Never mind. *giggles nervously*

Chris walked onto the outside of Playa Des Losers. He walked up to those in deckchairs, a.k.a Izzy, Harold, Gwen and Trent. "Hey guys, what do you--" Chris began.

"Uh, no, ever since we left the stupid show, we're relaxing. We don't want your stress," Gwen interrupted. Chris gave her a cold glare and Gwen responded by rolling her eyes.

"Fine, I'll go where I'm wanted," Chris said to them. He walked away and Harold stood up.

"Well, when you find it tell us!" Harold joked. A frisbee winded him in the stomach and Harold fell backwards into his chair.

"Oops, my bad," Chris apologised in sarcasm. Tyler popped out of the bush and tapped Trent on the shoulder.

"Hey Trent, can you get me some nosh?" Tyler asked.

"What? How come I'm getting involved in your feud with Courtney?" Trent asked in anger.

"You aren't I just need something to eat," Tyler explained.

"It's alright Trent, you can go get some food for him. I'll wait," Gwen explained. Trent smiled and as he walked away, Gwen grabbed Tyler's collar. "Interrupt me and Trent in a romantic moment again and you will be buried alive by both me and Courtney." Tyler gulped. Trent walked to the buffet as Chris walked to the tiki bar. "Hey guys. Are you excited for the--" he began.

"Chris, we aren't campers any more. Go away," Justin said in the water. Chris sighed and walked away. In the water by Justin, a blue toupee began floating around Justin.

"Uh, Justin?" Katie asked and pointed. Justin saw the blue toupee and reached underwater and grabbed something. He pulled it out of the water, revealling Ezekiel with a scuba mask on.

"Ezekiel? What are you doing?" Justin asked.

"Well, um, I was swimming underwater and tried to scare people. I already got Cody," Ezekiel explained. The camera zoomed to Cody shivering in the water. A green liquid then began to surround Cody and spread towards the tiki bar. Justin got out of the water and Eva, Katie and Sadie lifted their feet up. Ezekiel stood where he was in the water. "What?" he asked and dived back into the water.

"That's just gross," Eva grumbled. Katie and Sadie nodded in shock. The camera changed to the hot tub. Bridgete and Geoff were still making out, before Bridgette tore apart from Geoff.

"Do you want to make this really romantic?" Bridgette asked.

"Oh yeah baby, take this to eleven!" Geoff exclaimed. Bridgette slammed a button and turned a crank to full. Hot bubbles began to pour out of the machine. "Oh yeah." The camera changed to Geoff's first person view. Bridgette had a slightly crazy grin on her face and pounced onto him. Unfortunately, Bridgette had punched Geoff's eye in midair. He ended up with a black eye.

"Oh, baby! I'm so sorry!" Bridgette apologised. "We should get some ice for that." The two were in the middle of getting out when Chris walked by them.

"Hey--" Chris started.

"Not know, I've gotta get some ice for Geoff-y weffy's eye," Bridgette cooed. The two got out and walked into the building.

Chris looked frustrated. "Ugh, does anyone want to talk to me?" Chris asked.

"I'll talk with you," Owen said, coming into view with the camera.

"Um, okay then. How do you feel about the campers?" Chris interviewed.

"I like them all, well, except for Heather. Everyone hates her," Owen explained. A cicada chirruped for about four seconds before Owen farted.

"Yeah, I think it's safe if the cameramen do the interviews. If anyone needs me, I'll be at my crib. Don't need me," Chris said and he walked away.

The scene changed to a close-up of Bridgette and Geoff, with a cured black eye, at the buffet. "What's Lindsay like?" Bridgette asked.

"She's like the little girl of the camp. She's cheery and she like her friends and makeup. It's what makes her unique to the rest who want the million," Geoff said, adding a tease.

The camera changed to Gwen, Trent and LeShawna lined up in deckchairs. "Lindsay's nice, but it was sad to see that Heather managed to manipulate her into an alliance," Gwen explained.

"I agree. It would've been great if she had been a little bit smarter and not trusted Heather," Trent added.

"The only bad thing I can think of is that Lindsay kinda got me eliminated. You know, giving Heather Tyler's immunity item to save her and get rid of me. I'm just glad she did it accidently. Other than that, she's a good kid," LeShawna said.

The camera moved in on Tyler hiding in the bush eating a ham sandwich. "I'm always on 'Team Lindsay'. She's one of the most beautiful, prettiest, smartest--, uh, well beautiful and pretty," Tyler explained.

The camera moved in on Courtney standing by a clump of bushes. Tyler was in one of them and luckily she hadn't heard Tyler's voice. "Lindsay was in the bottom two in my elimination. If Tyler had the common sense to eliminate Lindsay, I would still be here. Words from Heather, Lindsiot," Courtney said.

"Lindsay is so fun!" Katie squealed from the tiki bar.

"I agree with Katie. We never really chatted with Lindsay but she's like, so nice!" Sadie agreed.

The camera moved up to the diving board. Justin was prepared to dive. "Lindsay seemed beautiful and fun. I really could see being with Lindsay if we were on the same team," Justin revealed.

(Conf), Izzy: *sauna* Lindsay and I are like BFFs. If Heather wasn't so mean, the three of us could all make it to the finale and make it a friendship finale! Isn't that right Phillup? Oh, I don't think you've met Phillup. *shows worm to the camera* Isn't that right? I know that websites say that worms shouldn't stay in too much heat, but I think that's a lie. Right Phillup? Phillup? *looks at worm* Oh shoot.

"Noah? You wanna talk about Noah?" LeShawna asked. "Oh this is gonna be good."

The camera moved to Eva eating steak and potatoes on a plate in a deckchair. "Noah's a bit wimpy, but he shows his true nature when he needs it. Of course he got me eliminated in the dodgeball challenge, but all is forgiven. I don't need that stupid money anyways!" she yelled. She threw her steak straight at the camera and walked away in anger.

The next to be interviewed were Harold, Ezekiel and Cody in the pool. "Noah can sometimes think he's the smartest, but he's really driven," Cody said.

"I've done the calculations and research to prove that Noah is the second favourite out of all the final five. The first being Lindsay. I'm sure that he'll at least make it to the finale," Harold added.

"I'm rooting for Noah! He's the most skilled. Even the girls can't top him!" Ezekiel cheered. A tray of sandwiches was thrown at his head by Eva.

"Enough with the sexism!" Eva yelled. She stormed away, passing Beth in the hot tub.

"Ah, oh, the camera's on me. Noah is driven by his brains. I think he's gonna win," Beth informed.

The camera changed to Gwen, and LeShawna. "Noah's the only person left on our alliance. We're always rooting for our white boy," LeShawna smiled she fist pumped with Gwen.

Owen was at the buffet. "Noah's a good bud. Even though we were on seperate teams, we were tight."

Geoff and Bridgette had entered the hot tub and forced Beth out. "I didn't like Noah at first, but as we've gotten to know each other, I think we've really bonded. He did, of course, get me eliminated, but I'm fine with it," Bridgette said.

"If he's a friend with Bridgette, he's a friend with me. I think he helped me learn much about myself," Geoff added.

"Duncan, ah, finally a topic worth talking about. Duncan may have annoyed me at first, but, he's really seemed to grow on me. Not that I love him, but like," Courtney informed.

(Conf), Harold: *sauna* Duncan's mean. He's given me wedgies and punched me and argued with me. *Courtney's head pops in the sauna confessional and speaks* What do you mean by that?

"Me, DJ and Duncan stuck together in the game. I'm rooting for both of them, but Duncan especially," Owen commented.

"Now, I'm not saying that Duncan and my feud put an end to our friendship, but he needs to know that not everything can come to him through brutality," LeShawna said. "That's why I stuck up for Noah."

"Duncan seems tough. I like tough, but I also like passionate and friendly," Gwen said, kissing Trent.

"I agree, Duncan seems tough, but I'm sure he's friendly and cheery deep down. Deep, deep down," Trent added. Gwen laughed.

(Conf), Beth: *sauna* Duncan hasn't really bugged me through the season. Partly becaus half my experience I was knocked unconsious by LeShawna. We're still good, good. I got my revenge with the straightening iron. Wait, was that bad? Sorry LeShawna!

"Duncan can really rock. I remember me and him in the Screaming Leeches boys party and he was awesome!" Ezekiel exclaimed. "He is a true party beast!"

"Finally, we've come to the person we all want to spit on and murder. Well, maybe not murder, but at least hurt," Izzy began. "That person is Heather. After I learned that she tricked me through the alliance, she was gonna pay."

"I am still wondering how Heather made it further than me! She's an evil psycho witch! I'm nothing like that!" Courtney yelled.

"Heather tried to seperate me and Lindsay. She should know not to mess with the ways of love," Tyler said. A hockey stick hit him in the back.

"Aha! I found you! Hyaah!" Courtney yelled. The camera showed Courtney thrusting the hockey stick multiple times into the bush. Tyler, with multiple bruises, crawled out of the bush.

Harold sipped his juice and walked past the two. He rolled his eyes. "Heather is really attractive. If I could lower her boyfriend standards just a little bit, we could be Harther. Or Heatheld. Ugh, how do people come up with these cute couple names?"

The scene transferred to LeShawna eating a chicken kebab. "With words from my previous elimination, I hope karma slaps her good on the head. She deserves to suffer."

"Heather's mean and her hair smells like coconut. I'm gonna get some coconut," Owen said and he chewed on some coconut chunks.

The final person to be interviewed for Heather was Trent. "She blackmailed Gwen and got her eliminated. She has to go."

"DJ! DJ's my friend, and he deserves to win, as well as Duncan," Owen explained.

"DJ's an idiot. He thinks he can win Dunca over me? Such an idiot," Courtney commented.

(Conf), Tyler: *sauna* *hockey stick wrapped around him* Ugh... DJ... friend. *falls off seat*

The camera moved in on Beth at the tiki bar. "DJ helped me when I was unconscious. He was really nice and he deserves to win."

Next to be interviewed was Ezekiel. "DJ's one of those who didn't jump and kinda got me eliminated. So.. uh. I don't know what to say."

"DJ's one of my favourites," Geoff said in the hot tub. He kissed Bridgette who had Geoff's cowboy hat on.

"I agree. He's kind and friendly, personalites that deserve to win," Bridgette added.

The scene flashed to night where the seventeen eliminated campers stood round the pool, excluding Katie, Sadie, Trent and Gwen who were in the pool. Chris came into view and walked to the middle of the group. "Hello eliminated campers. I suppose you're wondering why I called you all here tonight," Chris began.

"It better not be for a challenge," Gwen threatened.

"Well, yes and no. You'll be competing for who is eliminated tonight," Chris explained. "Each camper's fate hangs in the balance. First of all, make five teams of three for the campers."

"But there are seventeen of us," Beth explained.

"Precisely. Since there are seventeen of you here, Ezekiel and Beth will not be competing since they had the least amount of time with the five remaining campers," Chris explained. Beth and Ezekiel moaned. "Now, three people must be on each team."

"Us three are sticking with our bud Noah," LeShawna said, hooking her arms around Gwen and Trent's shoulders.

"Uh, I don't know who to stick with. DJ or Duncan?" Owen asked himself.

"Stick with Duncan," Courtney grumbled and dragged Owen to the flag with Duncan's face on.

"Then we'll stick with DJ!" Katie and Sadie said in sync.

"Is that because Justin's rooting for DJ?" Tyler asked. Katie and Sadie nodded in sync.

"Me and Izzy are rooting for Lindsay," Tyler said. Cody, Eva, Geoff, Harold and Bridgette were left.

"There are no more groups with two free spaces except for Heather," Bridgette said. Geoff sighed.

"Well, I guess we have to root for Heather," Geoff said. The two walked under Heather's flag and winked.

"I'm gonna stick with Lindsay," Cody said.

"It would be my honour to help Heather," Harold said.

"You don't wanna stick with Duncan, do you?" Eva asked. Harold shook his head.

"Okay, the first challenge is the pie challenge. Who's gonna play first?" Chris asked. Owen, LeShawna, Bridgette, Tyler and Sadie stepped forwards. "Okay then. Whoever eats the whole key lime pie first without using their hands wins."

"But, I'm allergic to lime," Owen said.

"What?" Eva and Courtney asked in sync.

"Fine, I'll replace Owen," Courtney said.

"Nu-uh, no takesies backsies," Chris said.

(Conf), Courtney: *sauna* Ugh, Chris and his stupid rules, I hate them.

"Three, two, one, go!" Chris yelled the four began to eat their pies, excluding Owen.

"Ugh, I'm so full, I can't eat anymore," Bridgette moaned, winking at Geoff. Harold looked puzzled.

LeShawna was halfway done. Tyler and Sadie were both catching up on LeShawna, but it wasn't enough. "Finished!" LeShawna yelled, showing her empty pie tray.

"And Noah is the first to be safe from the vote!" Chris announced. "Will another four campers please step up for the next challenge, no one from 'Team Noah'?" Geoff, Justin, Eva and Izzy stepped up. "Congratulations, you've chosen the marble mouth challenge. Whoever can last the longest with a mouth full of marbles wins. Oh, and the marbles will be covered in malt vinegar. Begin... now!"

The scene flashed to the four with vinegary marbles in their mouths. Geoff instantly spat them out. "Ew, I think I'm gonna be sick," Geoff fibbed and winked at Bridgette, earning another puzzled face from Harold.

(Conf), Harold: *sauna* What's up with all the winking?

Izzy coughed out the the marbles and on of them hit Eva's foot. She yelled in pain and the marbles fell out. "Justin and 'Team DJ' wins!" Chris announced.

"Thanks a lot, Izzy," Eva grumbled.

"Welll done Justin!" Beth congratulated.

"Now, can Courtney, Harold and Cody please come out here," Chris said. The camera flashed with the three holding poles with buckets of water above them. "Whoever keeps the water in the bucket the longest wins."

The three held their buckets up. Bridgette looked cross at Harold. "Drop the bucket!" Bridgette yelled.

"That's a good idea!" Harold said. He butt bounced both Courtney and Cody. Cold water and the buckets fell on both their heads, and they both screamed when it happened.

"Harold!" Courtney yelled.

"And Heather is the final one safe from tonight! Since Lindsay and Duncan are the only ones left, you guys have to vote for them," Chris explained. "See you soon."

(Conf), LeShawna: *sauna* Since Lindsay kinda got me eliminated, I'm voting her.

(Conf), Courtney: *sauna* No way am I keeping Lindsay. I'm voting Lindsay.

(Conf), Justin: *sauna* Lindsay's nice, so I'll vote Duncan.

As Chris' boat sailed over to Camp Wawanakwa, Owen went over to LeShawna. "I hope Duncan stays," Owen said.

"I voted Lindsay, but if I'm honest, Duncan's not made too many friends here," LeShawna told him.

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. "So, what's the point of bringing us here if we haven't even voted or done a challenge?" Duncan asked.

"That's because the eliminated campers have been voting who to save. Speaking of which, the three they chose to save are Noah, DJ and, brace yourselves, Heather," Chris said. The campers gasped. "Duncan and Lindsay, the last one they chose to save is...






























... Lindsay," Chris said.

"Yippee!" Lindsay squealed.

"They eliminated me?" Duncan asked.

"Yep, now time to go," Chris said. The camera went back to Playa Des Losers where Duncan had arrived.

"Oh hey, are you hungry? I can serve up some knuckle sandwiches to whoever voted me!" Duncan yelled. The final scene was the seventeen eliminated campers looking in fear as the screen cut to black.

Chapter XXIII: In Cave Danger

Chris was standing by the caves. "Last time on Total Drama Island: We got a glimpse of the drama from the eliminated campers. Courtney tried to kill Tyler. Izzy killed a worm named Phillup. Beth killed the mood for Bridgette and Geoff and the seventeen killed Duncan's chances of winning. Will anyone else get killed? I hope not. Who's the next to go? What creeps will haunt the campers? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

DJ and Lindsay were cooking in the kitchen. "When did the food lose all flavour?" Lindsay asked.

"It's when Chef took my 'Momma's spice'," DJ explained.

"Maybe you should ask Chef for it back," Lindsay said.

"What're you talking about your 'Momma's spice'?" Chef asked as he sliced some potatoes.

"Um, could I have it back?" DJ asked. Chef slammed his hatchet into the chopping board.

"DJ, this is the first time I haven't used a nickname for the campers," Chef said. "Do you know why? Because I take little respect and respect should be given to me. I cook all day and I still haven't gotten my paycheck yet. You will get your spice when you get kicked off the show." DJ gulped.

The scene changed to the four sitting at the table. "Ugh, now Duncan's gone and I've lost my closest friend," DJ moaned.

"Don't worry, you've got me, and Lindsay, and," Noah started. He then looked at Heather. "Well, you have me and Lindsay."

(Conf), Heather: What is up with all the friendship? Why don't they just focus on winning the money, well at least they're distracted and I can focus on the hundred thousand.

Heather and Lindsay were chatting and Chris came into the room. "Good morning campers! You made it to the final four! Well done, but I think you'll regret it due to today's reward challenge," Chris said.

(Conf), Heather: Another reward challenge? Why don't they speed up the series and give me my cash?

The scene moved to the caves. "What are we doing here?" Noah asked.

"Today's challenge will give you the creeps if you're claustrophobic and afraid of the dark," Chris began.

"Oh man," DJ moaned.

Chris continued. "Hidden in the caves is a treasure box with the reward in. However, in the caves also are terrifying creatures, and this guy." He held up a wanted poster of a man with scar and a hook and chainsaw. "It's the Psycho Killer with a chainsaw and hooooook!" DJ screamed and jumped into Lindsay's arms, making her strain.

"You let a demented prisoner onto the island?" Noah asked.

"Don't worry, it's only Chef in a costume. He will be hunting you down and if he gets you, you're out. You have the choice to either stay prisoner or escape if you get caught," Chris cheered.

"Nice, real nice," Heather said sarcastically.

"I know right?" Chris joked, ignoring the sarcasm. "Once all four of you get in the entrance cave, you will be trapped in. The only escape is at the end of the caves." The camera flashed to two interns pushing DJ into the caves. H efell backwards and a boulder covered the entrance. Someone screamed.

"Lindsay, stop screaming," Heather moaned.

"That's not me," Lindsay said. Lanterns flickered on dimly to reveal that it was DJ screaming. He giggled nervously.

(Conf), DJ: Well that's a good way to lower my macho manhood.

The four began walking down the cave when Heather stood in front of them and stopped. "Alright, I don't like you guys, and you don't like me, but we need to work together," Heather ordered.

"I like you!" Lindsay cheered.

(Conf), Lindsay: Well, I still do. I still don't get what LeShawna said at her elimination. Don't trust Heather, but she's been so nice to me for the past few months. She likes me, right?

"If we stick together, we can protect each other from Chef in his creepy costume," Heather said.

(Conf), Heather: Just so I have extra protection. Fools.

Noah sighed. "As much as it pains me to say, but I agree with Heather." The other three members of the final four gasped, including Heather. "What? I know it's a shocker, but if we keep all of us together, we can get out of the caves and get that prize. Sure only one of us can get it, but at least we won't get murdered."

Lindsay and DJ nodded. The camera went to the producing tent with Chris. "Sticking together? Oh come on, sticking together is not a ratings booster," Chris said. He began to speak into the walkie talkie. "Chef, bring up the drama."

The camera changed to the four walking, but a weird mist began to spread around the campers. "What's going on?" Lindsay asked.

"Just hold each others hands and stick together," Noah said. Noah held DJ's hand, DJ held both Noah and Lindsay's hands, Lindsay held both DJ and Heather's hands and Heather held Lindsay's hands. Once the fog lifted, DJ and Heather had ended up holding hands.

"Where's Lindsay?" Heather asked. Noah gulped.

"She's gone," Noah said dramatically. A faint sound of Lindsay screaming came from a faraway distance.

"Was that Lindsay?" DJ asked.

"Yep. Just move on, maybe she'll escape," Noah said thoughtfully. A louder scream from Lindsay scared and shocked the three. "Run!" The three ran down the tunnel. Noah took an advantage, but something happened and tripped and fell in a hole. "Ugh, it's okay guys, its just a marsh. Nothing to be scared off-- rats!"

Heather and DJ looked at the hole in the ground to see rats surround Noah and drag him away. "Noah!" DJ yelled. He jumped down the hole and Heather carefully placed one leg after the other down the hole. The rats were dragging Noah across the tunnel. DJ sprinted to Noah followed by Heather and both of them pulled one of Noah's legs. The rats fought to take Noah. One of them was scurrying around Heather's foot.

"Get off you stupid creature!" Heather yelled and she kicked off the rat. Eventually, the rats let go and crawled away, making Heather and DJ fall into the marsh as well. Some rocks fell from the ceiling and DJ and Noah both got up.

"Hey, where's Heather?" Noah asked.

"I'm here," Heather said. She got up and walked away. "Come on. If you don't hurry I'll leave you behind." The three walked away.

"One, by one, you will all fall," a mysterious voice whispered. It had echoed all through the cave. Noah and DJ both gulped whilst Heather at the front had a suspicious look on her face.

The camera changed to Chef sitting on a chair in one of the caves listening to music on his iPod. Lindsay was sitting in the cave and she noticed Chef's walkie talkie was buzzing. "Uh, Chef, your radio thingy is beeping," Lindsay shouted. Chef looked at Lindsay then at his walkie talkie.

"What is it?" Chef asked to his walkie talkie.

"Oh Chef! I loved that creepy voice part. That really freaked the campers out," Chris' voice chuckled through the walkie talkie.

"Uh, what creepy voice part?" Chef asked.

"You know, one by one, you will all fall," Chris explained.

"I didn't say that, I've even got Lindsay as an alibi," Chef told him.

"What's an alibi?" Lindsay asked.

"Well, if you didn't say that, who did?" Chris asked. "Chef, you go scope the area."

"Got it," Chef said and ended the conversation. He walked away in his costume leaving Lindsay on her own. She leaned backwards and fell. The two bars she had been leaning on had broke.

"Wow, that's some good luck," Lindsay chuckled.

(Conf), Lindsay: I'm not really that lucky. What's an alibi?

Noah and DJ had continued following Heather until they came to a fork in the tunnels. "Which way do we go?" Noah asked DJ.

"I dunno. We should just follow--" DJ began, but a wisp of dust surrounded him and he disappeared.

"Uh, Heather, DJ just disappeared!" Noah yelled nervously. The freakiest thing happened. Heather's head turned 180 degrees and her eyes had been replaced by creepy orange beams.

"And you're next," Heather said freakily. Her hands hab been replaced with claws.

"You're a... you're a robot?" Noah asked.

"Prepare to die," the Heather robot droned and she began to chase Noah and shot out lasers from her eyes. They barely missed his shoes.

(Conf), Noah: What the heck happened?

The scene changed to Heather lying on the floor. She got up and coughed. "Ugh, where am I?" Heather asked herself. She found that a flashlight had gotten into her pocket. She got it out and turned it on. "I must still be in the caves. Where are the boys?" She saw that there were muddy footsteps leading deeper into the caves. She followed them, then something began to scream. The scream got louder and louder until eventually, Lindsay fell on her. The two girls got up. "Lindsay? What the heck are you doing?"

"Well, Chef had to leave because Chef and Chris were puzzled about something and I managed to escape and crawled through a tunnel. I fell out there," Lindsay said and she pointed upwards to a hole in the ceiling.

"Well, I got seperated from the boys somehow after rats were trying to kidnap Noah," Heather explained. "Come on, let's. If anything happens, I'm getting the prize."

The scene changed back to Noah being chased by the Heather robot. He ran to a dead end, but saw a ladder leading upwards. He climbed it and got to the top whilst the robot was halfway. He shoved a rock and forced it down the hole. "That should buy me some time." He ran away and crashed into Heather and Lindsay.

"Argh, watch it geek," Heather moaned.

"Sorry, wait. You aren't a robot, are you?" Noah asked.

"Course not. Why?" Heather asked. A stone grating was heard and the Heather robot popped out of the hole.

"Peekaboo," it droned. The three screamed and ran away into the next cave.

"Why did I sign up for this show?" Heather asked. The next cave was quite large. Something was dangling by a rope. It was DJ.

"Guys!" DJ cheered. "Help me!" Someone was sitting on a seat. It was the Psycho Killer with a chainsaw and a hooooook!

"Well, well, I guess you've met my robot. Anhialate them!" the Psycho Killer commanded. The robot cornered them, shot lasers at the rope and made DJ fall on the other three. The robot was about to shoot lasers at them, but its head was knocked off with a meatball.

"Wait, is that--" Lindsay began. Chef had stormed into the rooms and continued shooting the robot with the meatballs.

"What are you doing?" the Psycho Killer yelled. Chef shot the Psycho Killer with the meatballs. He handcuffed him and twitched him in the neck.

"Now, you lot stay safe. Also, the escape and prize is in the next cave," Chef hinted. The campers looked at the entrance to the last cave.

"Run!" the campers yelled in sync. Tne four rushed to the last cave. There was screaming, hands and feet attacking, and a puff of smoke filled the screen. The smoke lifted, revealing that DJ had opened the chest.

"Yes! I win!" DJ yelled. He took the prize out. It was a blue plastic bottle. "That was what I was kidnapped for? By the Psycho Killer with a chainsaw and a hooooook!" The exit rolled open, revealing Chris.

"You all competed for that because it is an advantage for the next challenge. And I think you'll all be glad when you hear that the Psycho Killer is being sent to jail. I think this is one of the bad things about living close to prison," Chris said. "Well done, I think you may all want to get a good night's rest from today's challenge. I'll see you all soon." The campers walked out of the cave.

The final scene was the cops lying unconscious on a boat with the Pyscho Killer driving the boat. He smiled at the camera whilst the screen cut to black.

Chapter XXIV: One Armed Daredevil

Chris was standing in a room with pink sheets covering the back and a large counter with four seats. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The final four were in cave danger as they hunted for the prize and were hunted by both a fake killer and a real Psycho Killer with a chainsaw and a hooooook! Noah was haunted by a Heather robot and by rats. The four found the killer and Chef heroicly saved the day by cuffing the killer and DJ won a freebee, oops, I mean a bottle for an advantage in today's challenge. What does the free--, argh I mean bottle do? Who's gonna get the boot? Who's making it to the final three? Find out right here, right now on Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), Heather: Am I surprised I made it to the final four? Of course not. My strategy is to get DJ against Noah to vote him out then I can eliminate both of the fools.

(Conf), DJ: I'm really shocked I made it this far. I'm just feeling alone, you know, since Duncan's gone.

(Conf), Noah: I'm almost there at the money. It would've been better if LeShawna was still here, but I'm cool with it. Maybe I can share the hundred thousand with her, Gwen and Trent.

(Conf), Lindsay: Being with Heather in the final four is great! It would've been better with Tyler and Izzy, but I'm not picky. I'm not picky, right?

Heather was lying on her bunk with Lindsay. She woke up, yawned and screamed. Her bed was on the ampitheater as well as DJ and Noah in their bunk. Chris was standing on the ampitheater as well. "Morning final four," Chris greeted. "How'd you sleep?"

"I would have slept better if you hadn't moved my bed outside. We're still in our pyjamas!" Heather yelled. Lindsay rubbed her eyes.

"Wow, I don't remember the cabin being this big," Lindsay yawned.

"That's because it's the ampitheater," DJ answered.

"Oh," Lindsay replied.

"Can we get dressed?" Noah asked.

"Hm, fine. You have ten minutes to get dressed and meet me back here. Go!" Chris ordered. The scene flashed to the four returning back to the ampitheater. "Okay, now that you're all back here, I can explain today's challenge. Since the producers were running out of challenges, they decided to ask the eliminated campers for some ideas. They came up with a trunk load. Since we've only got three episodes left and we already have plans for the next two, we decided to fit all those mini challenges into on gigantic challenge! I like to call this 'One Armed Daredevil'! Basically, you will be pulling the 'One Armed Daredevil' for your task made by either Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Owen, Sadie, Trent or Tyler. Complete it and you get a freebie for your next dare. You can also give your dare to someone else, but neither of you will recieve a freebee. DJ, remember that bottle you won last challenge?"

"Yeah, I have it here," DJ said and he showed Chris the bottle.

"Perfect, that is a freebie to get you out of a dare. Now, who wants to go first?" Chris asked.

The four looked at each other and Noah stood in front of the four. "Ugh, let's just get this over with," he said. He pulled the arm of the machine and the three white disks spun. The stopped spinning and revealed the face of Katie. Chris read out Katie's dare.

"Drink a blend of Chef's mystery meat and cold gruel," Chris said. Chef, who was in a dress, had blended the two items together and poured the resulting liquid into a cup.

"Ugh, Chip, when did we get a female Chef?" Lindsay asked.

"First of all, it's Chris, second of all, it's Chef's contribution to the challenge. Lookin' good Chef," Chris smirked. Chef responded by grumbling and giving him a cold stare. He handed Chris the blended items and he offered it to Noah. "Well?"

"I dare Heather," Noah smirked. He chuckled and Heather walked towards the two boys.

"Ugh, I hate you so much right now," Heather growled. She grabbed the drink. "Can't I back out of this?" Chris shook his head. "Ugh." She brought the cup to her lips and drank the blend in one go. Once she finished, there was the meat and gruel blend surrounding her lips. She moaned and wobbled about, trying to find her balance.

"Well done Heather. Whilst your here, you may as well take your turn next," Chris said. Heather staggered to the lever of the 'One Armed Daredevil' and pushed it down with all her might. She then fell to the floor. The disks landed on Trent's face. "Shove ice and malt salt down your pants."

"Noah..." Heather moaned and she pointed at the pink curtains in dizziness. Noah got out of his seat and was handed a tray of ice cubes. He shoved them down his pants.

"Argh, so cold," Noah shivered. Then he poured salt into his pants. "Wow, this isn't so--" The next scene was Noah running around the stage screaming: "My pants are burning!" The next scene was Noah sitting in a large bucket of water, cooling down his private areas. The camera flashed with Noah back in full, dry clothing and Lindsay walking up to the dare machine. She pulled the lever down, and unfortunately for her, the lever popped back up and hit her jaw.

"Aw, I bit my tongue," she meant to say, but it came out being 'pah, ill bith mi ting'. The disks span and revealed the face of Tyler. "Baw, Tilter," Lindsay said through her bitten tongue.

"Lindsay, your dare is to get a full body wax by Chef, using the melted marshmallows and hot fudge," Chris explained. Suddenly, her bitten tongue had vanished once she heard 'full body wax'.

"Full body wax? Oh, I am in the need for some serious waxing," Lindsay said. The scene changed to Lindsay in a massaging bed. Chef poured the hot marshmallow and fudge wax all over the back of her body. He waited five seconds, then yanked the wax off. Lindsay screamed, but not in pain. She had felt her back. "Wow, that is so smooth. Thanks Chef!"

"And Lindsay wins the first earned freebee!" Chris announced. Chef passed Lindsay, who had her top back on, the first freebee. She took the top of and tipped the bottle upside down in her mouth.

"There isn't anything in it," Lindsay said.

"That's cause it's a freebie. You don't drink it," Chris explained. Lindsay nodded and DJ walked up to the machine.

"Guess it's my go," DJ said and he pressed down on the lever. The disks landed on LeShawna's face and Chris read out LeShawna's dare.

"Dress up like a dog and a buttscooch across the stage," Chris read out. He and Chef chuckled after he said the dare.

"Um, can I give my dare to Heather?" DJ asked. Chris nodded and DJ sat back down, being replaced with Heather.

(Conf), Heather: Seriously? It's early morning and I've already have to drink Chef's mystery meat. Now I have to dress up as a dang dog and buttscooch. I better win the money.

Heather was in her dog costume and was already scooching across the stage. Noah was laughing, DJ was blushing and Chris was videotaping it on his video camera. "What? You're videoing this? Turn it off!" Heather yelled. Chris pressed a button and turned his camera off.

"And online now is a sneak peek of Heather's most hillarious moments!" Chris joked. Heather gave him a snarl and threw her dog head at him. She stormed behind the curtains and was back in her normal clothes.

"What's next?" Noah asked and he pushed the lever downwards. The disks landed on Justin.

"Wear clown make up and say 'I love you so kiss my bunny rabbit' on Chris' video camera and have him post it online," Chris read out.

"Okay Chris, the actual dare," Noah said.

"That is the actual dare," Chris said, showing him the card.

(Conf), Noah: Seriously Justin, seriously?

The camera changed to Noah's face covered in white face paint and clown accessories. Chris' video camera was pointing at him. "Say it!" Chris yelled.

"Ugh, fine. I love you so kiss by bunny rabbit!" Noah said, really not wanting to. Chris pressed a button and the video had been sent online. The next scene was the video of Noah playing and a picture of a bunny rabit at the end of the video.

Chris gave Noah his freebie and Heather pushed the lever down and the disks stopped, revealing Ezekiel's face. "Eat three of Ezekiel's boogers," Chris said. Heather looked about she was about to barf.

"I'll give it to Noah," Heather chuckled.

Noah gulped. "I'll use me freebie." He threw his freebee to Chris and Heather growled.

(Conf), Heather: *growls* Why didn't I give the dare to DJ? Oh, wait. He already has a freebie. Ugh.

The next disks rolled to Duncan. "Eat five bean chilli from Chef's boot," Chris said. Chef took off his boot, poured chilli into it and passed it to Lindsay.

"What kind of beans are in this?" Lindsay asked.

"Beans," Chris replied.

"Oh, well, okay," Lindsay replied and she sucked the chilli from the boot into her throat. She took the boot away and pumped a fist into the air. "Freebie please." Chris chucked it at her, but she caught it with her forehead. DJ walked over to the 'One Armed Bandit' and pressed the lever down. The disks landed on Bridgette.

"Wear a baby suit and be launched into a pile of feces," Chris instructed.

"I'll give it to Heather again," DJ said.

"You know, you're gonna get a dare soon," Heather said. The scene flashed to Heather wearing a baby suit and she was climbing into the cannon. She got in and the cannon tilted. She was then fired into the feces and the scene transferred to Heather sitting in her seat. Flies were buzzing around her head and Noah pushed the lever down and the disks stopped at Cody.

"Give Sasquatchanakwa a purple nurple," Chris said.

"Um, okay then. Maybe he won't notice it, after all he is purple," Noah said. The scene changed to Noah running out of the caves with his clothes scratched. Sasquatchankwa walked out of the cave and spat on the ground.

Chris gave Noah his freebie as the disks turned back to Tyler. "Act like a cow," Chris said. Heather pointed to DJ and he cracked his fingers.

"Argh, uh, I don't think that's a hard challenge," DJ said. He wished he regreted saying that as two cows were charging at him and he was running round the cow pen. DJ was bruised when he returned and Lindsay pulled the lever down.

The disks landed on Izzy. "Drink a carton of expired milk from Chef's kitchen," Chris read out.

"Can I give my dare to Tyler?" Lindsay asked.

"Tyler's not here, Lindsiot," Heather told her.

"Oh, well then I give it to Heather," Lindsay replied.

"Wah, why me?" Heather asked. Lindsay shrugged her shoulders. Chef handed Heather the carton of expired milk. She pulled on her collar, gulped and drank the whole carton in one go. "Argh, chunky. Well, I've done my dare. Thanks a lot , Lindsay."

"Aw, you're welcome Henna!" Lindsay replied, not getting the sarcasm. "Well, I guess it's your go DJ."

"Wish me luck," DJ said. He walked up to the machine, pulled down on the lever and slipped. He looked up and saw that the disks had landed on a freebee. "What does that mean?"

"That means you win a freebie!" Chris announced. He helped DJ up and handed him an extra freebie.

"Wha--, bu--, how is that fair?" Heather asked.

"It isn't. He just got one," Chris chuckled. "Noah, you're up next." Noah pulled the lever down and the faces landed on Owen. "Drink water DJ's athlete foot has been in." Noah looked as if he was about to throw up.

"Uh, DJ, please tell me you haven't got ahtlete's foot," Noah gasped.

"Sorry buddy, but it's true," DJ said. He took off his shoe and sock and put his foot in a barrel of water Chef placed. DJ then took his foot out and Chef scooped some water up in a cup. He then passed it over to Noah who lurched at the smell. He took a small stip, waited five seconds and downed the cup of athlete foot water quickly.

"Give me my freebie," Noah said and he snatched the freebie out of Chris' hands. "Heather, get up here!" Heather walked up to the 'One Armed Daredevil' pushed the lever down and it revealed to land on Eva's face.

"What's the dare?" Heather asked.

"Log roll with the bear," Chris said.

"Log roll? Uh, I think I'll use my freebie," Heather said and her voice cracked whilst she said it. "There's no need for me to do that."

"Okay then, Lindsay, why don't you take your turn," Chris said.

"Okay Chris," Lindsay said. She pressed down hard on the lever and they landed on Courtney's face. "What's Cienna's dare?"

"Courtney's dare is to have a electric eels surround your limbs," Chris said.

"What are limbs?" Lindsay asked.

"They're your arms and legs genius," Noah said.

"Oh, uh, can I use my freebie?" Lindsay asked.

"You definitely can, but don't you want to give anyone else the dare? I mean, come on. Give the dare to someone else!" Chris yelled.

"Nah, I'm fine," Lindsay said. Chris moaned and DJ walked up to the machine. He pulled on the lever and it spun for quite a while. When it stopped, it had landed on Geoff's face. "I hope you get a really good one, DJ!" Lindsay cheered from her seat.

"Why are you encouraging him?" Heather asked.

"Well, I thought--" Lindsay began.

"Don't think," Heather said.

"Eat a cockroach whole," Chris said.

"I give it to Heather," DJ said.

"Wha? Ugh, a cockroach. That's disgusting!" Heather yelled.

"Oh, you can have my freebie!" Lindsay squealed.

"Great, I'll use it," Heather said.

"Wait, how can she do that?" Noah asked.

"It's not against the rules," Chris said. Noah grumbled.

"Now, let's see a quick montage of a few of the dares," Chris said. The machine gave out LeShawna's face and Heather was walking across a tightrope with alligators bellow. Harold's dare was next and Noah was eating pickles that came out of Chef's boot. Beth's dare was taken by Lindsay. She was being forced to eat a barrel load of salt. DJ gave his dare to Heather, it was from Sadie. Heather had to be the racetrack for a snail race. Ezekiel's dare was to eat a snail shell. Noah dared Lindsay. Heather dared DJ Gwen's dare to have Chef pull out one of DJ's nosehairs. The machine landed on Bridgette. Heather was having hard boiled eggs shoved into her mouth. DJ took Heather's dare from Izzy. He had to suck jelly out of Chef's boot. Lindsay did her own dare by LeShawna. She had to smooch a trout. The final dare of the montage was given to Heather by Justin. She had to last five minutes with a spider on her face.

The campers flashed with Heather and DJ with no freebies, Noah with one and Lindsay with thirty. When Noah sat down with another freebee in his hands, Heather got up to the 'One Armed Daredevil'. Noah then whispered something to the other two. "Hey, why don't we team up against Heather?" Noah asked.

"I'm in on that," DJ said. "What about you Lindsay?"

"Well, I can't team up against Heather. But, hey, since I have thirty, I'll give you guys ten of mine each," Lindsay said. "Chris! I would like to give ten of my freebees each to DJ and Noah!"

"What! She can't do that!" Heather yelled.

"You did," Chris snickered. DJ and Noah then high fived. A montage of Heather doing dares was shown. She was forcefed kettle corn, dunked in glue and thrown acorns on, getting peed on by a beaver, shot into glue, scratched at by a rabid squirrel and slapped at multiple times by Chef.

The scene changed to Heather exhausted and sitting down at her seat. DJ had run out of freebies and it was his turn. He pushed the lever downwards and the disks landed on Gwen's face. "Spend ten seconds in a piranha pool.

"Ugh, I guess I can do it. Let's go," DJ said. The scene flashed to DJ in his swimming trunks and the piranha pool. A piranha jumped out and bit the air. The scene panned over to Heather and Lindsay talking.

"I need you to give me your freebees," Heather commanded.

"But, I tried so hard to win these freebees," Lindsay replied.

"I don't care. You gave DJ and Noah some, why not give me all of them?" Heather asked.

"But I--" Lindsay began.

"I don't care! Just give me the freebees you little, dumb, blonde, idiot," Heather commanded. The words 'little, dumb, blonde, idiot' echoed in Lindsay's head in Heather's voice.

"Enough!" Lindsay yelled. Her voice was enough to freeze DJ and Chris. "Heather, you've been mean to everyone this season. You've been mean to Izzy, you've been mean to Tyler, but most of all, you've been mean to me! You gave me orders to eliminate my best friend. You wouldn't even save Tyler after you knew how much I like him! And now, you're gonna pay." She got out of her seat and Heather did to. She walked forwards towards Heather, forcing her to go backwards.

"What are you doing?" Heather asked, slightly in fear.

"You've done tons of hurtful and painful things to me. Now, I'm gonna do the same. Remember when LeShawna told you that karma would slap your good around the head. Well, she was right. Hyaah!" Lindsay yelled and she half slapped, half pushed Heather. What Heather didn't notice was that she was standing in front of the piranha pool. She was taken by surprised and she fell into the pool. She gurgled and splashed, then finally got out of the pool.

The camera changed to Heather's first person view. The other four gasped at Heather. "What? What are you looking at?" Heather asked. Lindsay passed Heather her pocket mirror. Heather looked fine, until she looked at her hair. It was gone. She was bald. She screamed in fright.

"Well, it looks like the final three is Noah, DJ and Lindsay!" Chris announced.

"What? How?" Heather asked.

"Well, one, you weren't supposed to do DJ's dare. Two, you only lasted 9.89 seconds," Chris said.

"Noooooooooooooo!" Heather yelled. DJ, Lindsay and Noah hugged. The camera changed to Heather on the Boat of Losers. She was still screaming. "You are gonna hear from my lawyers, you hear me? I'm gonna sue you for last dime, McLean!"

Chris had ended the phone and Heather and the Boat of Losers had gone. "Yeah, yeah. The final three are Noah, DJ and Lindsay? Who's gonna make it all to the end? And who's not gonna make it to the end? Find out, next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XXV: Final Three's Showdown

Chris was standing on the Dock of Shame with the final three. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The final four went into an all or nothing game of dares. People were shot in feces, people were forcefed hard boiled eggs, people were haunted by spiders, and others were slapped hard by Lindsay, a.k.a Heather, and she fell into the piranha pool. The funniest thing happened, Heather's hair was chewed off by the piranhas! She threatened to sue me as she left, but eh, she can't. She should've read the fine print. What challenge will determine our final three's status? Who's gonna go home in third place? Why am I trying to stick to three questions per recap? Find out at least two of those answers today on the twenty fifth episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), Lindsay: I'm glad I'm in the final three, without Heather. She deserved to have her hair bitten off. That little (censored) deserve to have her (censored) kicked out of the show.

(Conf), DJ: I can't believe what Lindsay did to Heather. And it was my dare. *laughs loudly*

(Conf), Noah: I'm glad that heifer is gone. Haha, that's the second time someone's made that joke. The first was Gwen, right? Right?

(Conf), Lindsay: Am I glad that that (censored) girl is gone. Hm, maybe I should stop swearing so my fanbase won't lower. I hope that I have a fanbase. I'm likeable, right?

(Conf), DJ: I've almost got the money. Wouldn't it be awesome if I won. I know that it probably won't happen, but everyone's got a chance!

(Conf), Noah: The rest of the alliance would be proud of me. I'm almost there, the money will be mine!

(Conf), Lindsay: Heather, if your watching, take this. *sticks up middle finger which is censored*

(Conf), DJ: Think about it. I lost the very first challenge, my team was cursed and Courtney tried to take Duncan all for herself, but I've made it! The hundred grand will be mine!

(Conf), Noah: The first thing I'm gonna do when I win is buy myself a mansion with an extra large library. I can have loads of guest bedrooms and an extra large library. Wait, did I already mention that? Oh yeah, I really want my extra large library.

The three were eating and chatting on one of the tables when Chris came into the room. "Hello final three. Well done for making it this far!" Chris congratulated.

"Thanks Chip!" Lindsay commented.

"Chris!" Chris yelled. "Anyways, today's challenge is a fun and great one. Well, fun for me and great for ratings boosters. Today's challenge is a challenge of all the challenges!"

"What do you mean by that?" Noah asked.

"I mean that the challenge is going to be one of all the challenges. Remember back to the cliff jump challenge? You'll be doing that all over again as well as parts of the rest of the challenges. So that means your probably going to face your fears again, being fired at with paintballs, float through the skies in your hot air balloon and crashing mini jeeps into trees. Meet me back at Cliff Wawanakwa in ten minutes and be prepared for a long challenge," Chris said. The three looked at each other in worrry and fear.

The scene flashed and changed to Cliff Wawanakwa where the campers were on top. Chris was also on top and had a phone in his hands. "Okay, now when you hear the klaxon, the race will begin. You will jump off the cliff. When you get to the bottom, swim back to dry land and follow the track. You must complete all the challenges in the way and the first two to cross the finish line will get a spot in the final two. Remember, you will finish when you jump back off the cliff after all the challenges. This is another auto-elimination challenge, so whoever comes in third place will be eliminated. Are you ready?" Chris asked. DJ gathered his fellow two campmates.

"Best man wins and no hard feelings?" DJ asked. Noah and Lindsay nodded. The three got into their starting positions and waited for the starting klaxon. Suddenly, it began to ring loudly.

Chris yelled, "go, go, go!" The three ran to the cliff and jumped off.

"Cannon ball!" Noah yelled. DJ landed in the water first and he swam to shore. Lindsay landed second and Noah crashed on top of her, the two landed with a giant splash.

"Ow, that hurt," Lindsay said as she bobbed up. She swam to shore, but she had no idea that Noah was clinging onto her.

On shore, DJ had reached it and got up, running to the next challenge. Lindsay got to shore, but Noah dragged before her. "Hey, how'd you get there?" Lindsay asked. The three got to the second challenge. There were three beds and Chris was standing by them. "What's the challenge?"

"Get in the beds and survive five phases to not wake up," Chris instructed. The three got in their beds and Chris chucked  dodgeballs at them. "Phase one over!" He fired acorns at them with a toy gun. "Phase two over!" The next phase was sirens ringing in their ears. "Phase three over!" Coffee was spilt all over the campers. Lindsay moved slightly, but didn't stir. "Phase four over! Time for the final phase!" A giant truck had backed up near the final three. Chef was driving.

"It's times like this where I love my job!" Chef yelled. He pressed a button and the back of the truck tipped, spilling tennis balls onto the three. Once the tennis balls cleared, the campers were still in bed.

"That's it, go, go, go!" Chris yelled. The three got up and ran to the next challenge.

(Conf), DJ: If we're going through the previous challenges, I may be in trouble.

DJ arrived at the dodgeball arena on the beach first. He ran inside and looked around. "What's the next--" DJ began, but he was cut off as a dodgeball whizzed past his head. There was a monitor and it showed the next challenge. It read: Dodge ten dodgeballs. The monitor then changed to DJ's head next to a nine and both Lindsay and Noah's at ten. Two more dodgeballs fired at DJ followed by another three. DJ dodged the first three, but was hit straight in the face by the fifth. DJ's nine changed to five, then back to ten. Noah and Lindsay arrived and dodged the first six. DJ got up as the other two ran away and he started again.

Lindsay arrived first at the next challenge back in the mess hall shortly followed by Noah. The monitor read: Make a pie. "Wow, that sounds easy enough," Noah said and he ran to the ingredients. He dragged the sack of strawberries and a roll of pastry. Lindsay looked at a jar.

"What's cyanide?" Lindsay asked as she took one of them out and was about to eat it.

"Don't eat that!" Noah yelled. "Take something else." Lindsay nodded and she grabbed the kiwis. Noah grabbed a pie tray and rolled the pastry. The camera flashed and the scene changed to DJ dodging the multiple dodgeballs being fired at him. The monitor then showed a tick and DJ ran off. He arrived at the mess hall as Noah was searching through the ingredients and Lindsay was throwing sliced bananas into her pie.

"What are we doing?" DJ asked.

"Make a pie," Lindsay responded. She put the pie cover on her pie and placed it in the oven. She turned the knob and the monitor flashed. It read: Lindsay's pie is complete. "Yippee!" She ran off and continued to follow the track.

"Is that all?" Noah asked. He placed the pastry on top of his pie and put it in the oven. A new message appeared on the screen. Noah's pie is complete. Noah grinned and ran out of the mess hall.

"Oh come on, you're not gonna help me?" DJ asked.

"Sorry buddy," Noah said. Meanwhile, Lindsay had arrived at the next challenge clearing. There were three chambers, each with a face of the final three on the chamber. Chef was standing next to them.

"Blonde girl, your next task is to get into your tank," Chef ordered. Lindsay shrugged and she walked into her tank.

"So what--" Lindsay began, but her sentence was cut short when spiders were poured into her tank. "Spiders! Why spiders!" Lindsay moaned. Chef locked the door of the tank and Noah ran to the challenge clearing and saw the three tanks and Lindsay in hers with spiders.

"The fear challenge? Oh brother," Noah moaned.

"Ready to face your fear?" Chef asked. Noah grunted and walked into his tank. Then, two clowns came into the tank, Noah screamed and Chef locked the tank door.

"Get me out of here!" Noah yelled, banging on the door.

"Sorry, can't here you," Chef fibbed. Noah rolled his eyes.

(Conf), Noah: So... many... clowns!

The scene changed to DJ placing his pie in the oven. The monitor read: DJ's pie is complete. He ran out of the mess hall and followed the track. Suddenly, he heard an animal cry. DJ looked at the trees and he saw a raccoon stuck in a thorn bush. "Aw, are you stuck in the thorns?" DJ asked. He walked by the thorn bush and released the raccoon. He held it in his hands away from his face. The camera changed to DJ's first person view. "Are you okay my little raccoon buddy?" The raccoon growled. "Ugh, you're kinda scaring me now." The raccoon growled louder and pounced.

DJ was screaming with the raccoon on his head and he ran, not focusing on his path. The scene flashed to DJ running into his tank and Chef locking it, still with the raccoon on his head. Suddenly, a scream launched into the tank, but DJ wasn't phased. "We've been here for five minutes, what are we supposed to do?" Noah asked.

"Read the back of your head!" Chef yelled. Lindsay stopped and tried tugging on the back of her head.

"Does anyone have a mirror?" Lindsay asked.

"I think he means the paper heads," Noah suggested. A splitscreen of the campers reading the back of the heads began. The heads read: Work out the combination. Make sure you aren't still in the tanks at Christmas. "What does that mean?"

"I think I know," Lindsay said. She scrolled in the numbers and the door unlocked. "See you guys!" DJ was the exit to unlock the code and he ran out. He threw off the raccoon and ran as fast as he could.

"Ugh, what's the code. Oh, Christmas! So the twelfth month and the twenty fifth day, so the code is 1225!" Noah exclaimed. He was right and he ran out of the tank. The clowns stared at him confusingly. Lindsay got to the next challenge clearing. She was looking around.

"What's the cha--" Lindsay began and paintballs were fired at her. Luckily, they missed her. She got behind the boards and a monitor was behind the defence boards. It read: Get to the other side. Do not go behind the fences! Lindsay got up and looked at the other side. DJ got behind the defence boards and read the monitor.

"Well, uh, good luck," DJ said. DJ ran up, jumped over the board and ran to the ither side as fast as he could. Noah joined Lindsay, then he saw that DJ was weaving past the dodgeballs badly.

(Conf), Noah: Hm, I have a plan with DJ. You know, size is everything.

Noah ran behind DJ and used him as a human shield. "What are you doing?" DJ asked.

"I'm using you as a human shield. That's okay right?" Noah asked.

"Well, judging that we're already on the other side, I guess it's okay," DJ said sarcastically. It was true that the two were at the other side. They high fived and ran off, leaving Lindsay on her own.

The next challenge was the camping challenge. "Are we supposed to spend a night in a tent?" Noah asked. There was a monitor that was stuck out of a tree. Ride a bear for a minute.

"Is that it? I guess us two are going to the finale!" DJ snickered. He should have retracted those words when two angry, rabid bears were released out of their cages. 

"Why did you say that?" Noah asked as the two screamed as the bears advanced.

Lindsay had finished her challenge and was making her way to the next one. When she arrived,she saw that Noah was being chased by his bear and DJ was riding the other one like a mechanical bull. The third bear was released from its cage and it stampeded towards Lindsay. She screamed and she jumped high into the air. Noah, DJ and the bears looked at her with shock.

(Conf), Lindsay: I take that from two years of cheerleading.

She landed by hooking her legs into the side of the bear's fur. "Why do I have a bear hooked to me?" Lindsay asked.

"Read the monitor," DJ told her. She did so and nodded. Noah ran into a tree. He climbed up it and luckily he managed to jump onto the bear's head. It growled and tried to shake him off. Although Noah managed to stay on, DJ didn't. His bear flung him into a tree and he crashed down, landing with a loud thump on the ground. "Argh, that kills."

The scene flashed and the monitor read something new. Lindsay has completed riding her bear. "Yippee!" she squealed and she hopped off her bear. "See you guys at the finish!" Noah has completed riding his bear.

"Yes!" Noah exclaimed. "Sorry Deej." DJ was having difficulties trying to get on the bear. The scene flashed to the next challenge clearing. Lindsay and Noah both drifted their shoes as they arrived. "If I remember correctly, the talent show was next. That's probably why we've arrived at the ampitheater."

"You are correct," Chris said as he appeared on the stage. "The task is to get either a nine or a ten from Chef with your talent."

"Well, we both won the talent contest, so this should be easy," Lindsay said. Chris grinned.

"Oh, why does everyone keep saying that?" Noah moaned.

DJ was riding his bear sideways. His face had turned pale and the bear kept spinning around. He then, of course, threw up. "Ugh, that's not a pretty view," DJ groaned. The moitor flashed for a final time. DJ has completed riding his bear. "Finally." The bear threw him off into the same tree it threw him into last time. "Perfect."

"You've got a friend in--" Lindsay began to sing, but she was cut off when Noah accidently knocked into her whilst break dancing. "Hey!"

"Isn't your talent sand drawing?" Noah asked.

"Do you see sand anywhere here?" Lindsay asked impatiently. "And stop kicking me!"

"It's break dancing!" Noah argued. The two continued arguing as DJ wobbled dizzily onto the stage. He fell backwards, but ended up doing a backwards handstand, did a backwards roll, jumped and landed doing the splits. He yelled in pain.

"Brickhouse gets a nine! It would've been a ten, but he yelled in the end," Chef announced.

"Thanks Chef," DJ mumbled and he fell of the stage. Lindsay and Noah both looked at each other crossly.

(Conf), DJ: Momma always said that I was good at gymnastics when I was dizzy.

DJ ran, in perfect condition, to the next challenge clearing. "Okay, what was the next challenge of the series. Ah, I know, the pinball one." He jogged over to the next challenge and a monitor was being supported by a tree nearby. Get to the other side of the pinball machine in a pinball. He saw three balls. One green, one yellow and one red. "I'll take the green one," DJ said to himself and he began to climb into his pinball.

The scene flashed back to Chef. He was holding a ten up. "Which one of us?" Noah asked, since both of them were performing their talents at the same time.

"Bookworm," Chef responded and Noah grinned. He hopped off the stage and ran to the next challenge clearing.

"Ugh, do you have any sand?" Lindsay asked.

DJ was weaving his way through the different pinball obstacles in his path. Suddenly, somthing bumped into his pinball. It was Noah in his red pinball. "Hey Deej. How about we both work together to get to the final two?" Noah asked.

"How do I know you aren't trying to fool me? I mean, you did cause Bridgette's elimination," DJ asked.

"How do you know about that?" Noah asked.

"You asked me to vote Bridgette and it was either me or her," DJ responded. Noah rolled his eyes.

"Anyways, come on. How would you like it to be an all guy finale?" Noah asked.

"Hmm, I'll have to think about it," DJ said. Something was heard. It was Lindsay rolling about in her pinball. Surprisingly, she rolled her way to the end of the pinball course. She had dodged the levers and spikes and she landed with a thud. He pinball had been seperated into two halves.

"Yay me," Lindsay mumbled. She got up with effort and jogged to the next challenge area. Noah and DJ looked at her in shock. Noah shook out of it, bumped into DJ's pinball to get him out of the trance and the two rolled forwards.

Lindsay had arrived at the next challenge clearing. It was the yellow mud obstacle course. "Oh, that yellow mud stained my hair!" Lindsay moaned. "Ugh, well, I can get a full spa treatment if I win, so what the heck?" She ran to the beginning of the course and saw another monitor. Complete the shortened obstacle course. She saw what the monitor meant. The course had lost the 'Chicken Feet Showers' and 'Chef's Tightrope'. She began on the 'Monkey Bar Pulleys' and she strained to reach the other ones.

Meanwhile, Noah and DJ had arrived at the next challenge clearing. They saw that Lindsay was struggling with the course. "Oh great, I hated this challenge," Noah moaned.

"Don't worry, you can piggyback," DJ said. He crouched down, allowing Noah to be piggybacked.

"Hi ho Silver!" Noah exclaimed. DJ gave him a look. "Yeah, or whenever you're ready." DJ ran to the beginning of the course and began as Lindsay jumped off onto the 'Boxing Bangers'. DJ easily made quick progress due to his strong arms and he quickly overtook Lindsay, dodging the explosive filled boxing gloves popping out of the wall.

"Hey!" Lindsay complained. She was distracted and got hit in the face with one of the boxing gloves. She flew into the mud and landed with a loud squelch. DJ, with Noah being piggybacked on him, dodged the axes in 'Swinging Axe Lane'. He managed to get to the end, slid Noah off his back and ran to the next challenge with Noah running behind him.

Chris was in his producing tent. He was on the phone with someone. "What? Huh? Ooh, that's devious. I like it how my bosses are always that tad bit more evil than me. I don't mean that offensively. Yeah, okay, I'll see that it's done," Chris spoke into his phone. He hung it up. "This is gonna be more fun than ever."

The next challenge clearing was yet again in the forest. It was the fort building one. "Do we seriously have to build a fort?" DJ asked. "I think I'm getting a hunched back." The monitor answered him. Find an egg belonging to the bird that destroyed the Killer Trout's fort in the wreckage of the forts. Noah shot DJ a look, remembering the bird that tore apart his fort.

Noah looked in a pile of bricks that was once part of the forts. DJ searched in a pile of shattered eggs shells. He stuck his arm in and shuffled it about. He took something out. "There's one!" DJ announced. He ran to the monitor and placed his egg into its basket. "See you Noah."

"Why don't you help me? We made an alliance!" Noah reasoned.

"I said I would think about it," DJ told him. He ran off deeper into the forest.

(Conf), Noah: Never trust a man with a hundred thousand dollars.

Lindsay was clinging onto one of the axes in 'Swinging Axe Lane'. She was unsure when to land. Using pure luck, she jumped down and landed on the bar. She then tiptoed across to the safe ground and she ran to the next challenge. When she arrived, Noah was still searching through the wreckage. "Come on, how hard is it to find and egg?" Noah asked himself.

"Not very hard," Lindsay said, pulling an egg out of a tree. She popped it in the monitor's basket and she ran to the next challenge.

"Seriously?" Noah yelled in anger. DJ had arrived at the next challenge back at the ampitheater. There was the Wheel of Misfortune and he rolled it. The challenge the wheel chose was the obstacle course one. The scene flashed to DJ at the beginning of 'Chef's Tightrope'. Chef was preparing what he was going to throw. As DJ looked at the tightrope, Lindsay spun the Wheel of Misfortune. It landed on the paintball challenge.

Lindsay was standing in front of a paintball gun. It launched at her all the ammo contained within the gun. DJ was weaving in and out of the vases, tennis balls and jugs Chef was throwing at him. Luckily, DJ had great balance and he managed to swiftly leap to the end as Lindsay had been finished being pelted at with paintballs. The two ran onto their next challenge as Noah arrived at the Wheel of Misfortune. He spun the wheel and it landed on the fear challenge. "Do I look bothered about this?" Noah asked. He went into a tank and ten clowns came into the tank. "Perfect, just perfect."

The other two both arrived at the next challenge clearing. There was more junk piled in the clearing. "Wasn't the next challenge the scavenger hunt?" Lindsay asked. DJ nodded in agreement and the two began to read the next monitor. Find a jar of Sasquatchankwa spit.

"Ew, Sasquatch spit. Gross," Lindsay said in a grossed out tone.

"Come on, let's split," DJ said. The three searched in different piles of junk and trash.

"Found mine!" Noah cheered and he placed his jar of yeti spit into the monitor's basket. He ran to the next challenge, shortly after Lindsay took a jar of spit out of the pile. It was specked with green sludge.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew," Lindsay moaned and she dropped her jar of spit into the basket and chased after Noah.

When Noah arrived at the next challenge clearing, he read the monitor. Find a manniquin of one of the past eliminated players. "Okay," Noah said to himself. "If I was a manniquin, where would I be?" He searched in trees with large holes in them and looked up into the branches. Lindsay had approached the monitor.

"Well duh, I'd be in a clothes shop," Lindsay said to herself.

(Conf), Noah: How does she know loads about fashion yet she barely knows the names of her fellow final three members?

Noah reached into a tree hole and felt something soft. He pulled it out, revealing a Trent-like manniquin. "Awesome, I got mine!" Noah cheered. He hooked the manniquin on the monitor and ran off to the next challenge.

He arrived back at the mess hall. Chef had placed three serving dishes on a long table. "Hello bookworm, why don't you see what your next challenge is?" Chef asked, gesturing Noah towards him. Noah was walking towards Chef whilst DJ ran towards the hide and seek challenge clearing. Lindsay was still looking for another manniquin.

"Aha! Finally," Lindsay said and she pulled a Heather manniquin out of a tree. "Oh, hmm, DJ, do you have any rope?"

"There's some in my pocket, why?" DJ asked. Lindsay snatched it out of his hands. The scene changed to Lindsay running away and the Heather manniquin hanging on a branch in a noose. DJ put his hand into a bush and pulled out an Ezekiel manniquin. "Alright, we're all tied up."

DJ and Lindsay arrived to see Noah running out of the mess hall. "See you guys later," Noah said.

"What do we have to eat?" Lindsay asked.

"Same as bookworm. Crustle sprouts," Chef told him. He lifted off the covers to their plates and revealed sprouts covered in grime and dust. "Eat quick." Lindsay grabbed the sprouts and tried to choke them. She coughed whilst DJ ate his sprouts.

"Momma always said to enjoy whatever is on the plate," DJ said and he ran off. Lindsay chewed her sprouts and ran out. Noah arrived first at the next challenge. The monitor read: Climb the totem poles and zipwire to the safe zone.

"Easy," Noah said to himself. He climbed one of the totem poles, and once he got to the top, he zipwired to the safe zone, a tree with red leaves.

He landed in the tree and climbed down, shortly followed by Lindsay and DJ. They ran to the next task, the balloon task. The monitor for this read: Ride your balloon to the next challenge. Noah got in his balloon followed by Lindsay and DJ as their balloons. The balloons rose into the air, and Noah's was slightly in front of the others.

The balloons landed at another challenge. It was the gladiator one. A monitor flashed and the words that appeared were: Retrieve your sack of gold from the fort. "Let's do this guys," Noah said. The other two nodded and they went into the fort.

The three sacks of gold were perched on a high shelf. There was a climbing wall, stilts and a pile of boxes. "I guess it's one each," Lindsay suggested. "I'll take the stilts."

"I'll use the climbing wall," DJ said.

"That leaves me with the boxes," Noah responded. The tree used their ways to get their sacks. Lindsay struggled trying to get the stilts in the right direction. Noah was trying to find his balance on the boxes, but DJ was the only one that didn't struggle. He claimed his sack of gold and jumped down.

DJ was followed quickly by Noah who had stacked his boxes to get to the sack. Lindsay finally managed to grab her sack, but she crashed inot the ground with a thud. "Oh, why am I the one who always gets left behind?" Lindsay asked herself.

The next task was the jeep driving one. There was a track and three jeeps were lined up, ready to go. Noah and DJ both got into one of the jeeps and a moitor began to flash. Drive to the end of the track. DJ slammed his foot down on the pedal and it boosted forwards, Noah quickly following. "Come on Deej, if we're quick, we can both make it to the final two!" Noah exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I do guess you've been nicer than Lindsay. Well, due to Heather of course," DJ responded. The two grinned at each other and the scene changed to Lindsay getting into her jeep after running to the next challenge.

At the end of the track there were the caves. DJ gulped. "Not the caves again," he trembled.

"Don't worry, I got your back," Noah said reassuringly. The two got out of their jeeps and walked into the cave. At the entrance there was another monitor. It read: Make it to the end of the tunnel.

"Well that doesn't sound too hard," DJ said. Noah facepalmed.

(Conf), Noah: Why does everyone say that? Haven't they watched the movies?

Lindsay got out of her jeep as the boys were swallowed in by the darkness of the tunnel. She gulped. "Come on Lindsay, you can do this," Lindsay said calmly to herself. She walked into the cave and there were dim lights hanging on the wall. She walked until she tripped and banged into something. Lindsay screamed, and so did the thing she bang into because it was DJ.

"Lindsay? Don't do that, you scared me half to death," DJ panted. "Let's just stick together for this part."

"I agree," Noah said. He stepped forwards and his foot landed in a gooey marsh. "Ugh, things just keep on getting better and better don't they?" Noah asked sarcastically.

"How is this better?" Lindsay asked, not picking up the sarcasm. Noah rolled his eyes.

At the end of the tunnel, the last challenge clearing was in sight: the dare challenge. Another monitor guarded the task. It read: Go into the piranha pool, find a key and pop it into my basket. "This is the final challenge," Lindsay said. "Good luck guys." The three came into the piranha pool, Lindsay first. A piranha jumped out of the water, showing its teeth. They almost made DJ faint.

The three searched about in the water. "Come on key, where are you?" DJ asked.

"Aha! I've got one!" Lindsay squealed. She came out of the pool followed by Noah who had relaimed his key. DJ then nabbed his key out of the pool and jumped out.

The final three ran to the basket then ran to Cliff Wawanakwa which was very close. "I've gotta do this!" DJ said.

"Come on!" Noah yelled. The three ran to the top of the cliff and jumped off. Chris and Chef were standing there.

"And the members of the final two are...





























... DJ and Lindsay!" Chris announced. From the water, DJ and Lindsay were cheering whilst Noah was looking upset. The scene flashed and the three were on the beach.

"Well done guys," Noah cheered.

"Thanks Noah. Sorry you aren't in the finale," Lindsay said.

"It's alright. Good luck to you both," Noah said.

"Thanks Noah," DJ thanked and he three hugged. Chris interrupted them and seperated them, splitting DJ and Lindsay on one side of his arm and Noah the other.

"Yeah, yeah, enough of the lovefest. Noah, board the Boat of Losers. I need to talk to the final two in private," Chris ordered.

Noah sighed. "Good luck guys. You deserve it." Noah walked away whilst Chris looked at DJ and Lindsay.

"Okay, you two are in the final two. That means, one of you is winning a hundred grand," Chris said. "Who's gonna win it all? Who's gonna lose it all? Find out on the season finale of Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XXVI: All's Terrible That Ends Terrible

Chris was standing on the ampitheater with Chef, Lindsay and DJ. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The final three battled it out in a relay of all the past challenges. It ended with a gigantic tie of everyone jumping off the cliff at the same time, but Lindsay and DJ landed in the water first, eliminating Noah from the finale. Which team are you rooting for? 'Team Lindsay' or 'Team DJ'? What is the hundred grand decider going to be? Find out on the finale of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

(Conf), DJ: Final Two! Whoo! I can't believe me and Lindsay managed to make it this far. I can't think of anyone else that I would want to be with the finale with. Well, I can, but that's not the point.

(Conf), Lindsay: Wow. Final two. I can't believe that from losing the very first challenge that I got here! One step closer to the hundred grand! Yippee! *squeals*

(Conf), DJ: I haven't made perfect friends. The best friends I have are tough and secure, *flashback of Duncan shows* pretty and fashionable, *flashback of Lindsay shows* smart and tactical, *flashback shows of Noah* loveable and funny, *flashback shows of Owen*, and joyous and fun. *flashback shows of Katie*

(Conf), Lindsay: I've made friends with everyone! Well, except for Heather. She's a two-faced, double-crossing lier. Good riddance she's gone.

(Conf), DJ: What I think I'll be remembered most for? *flashback shows of DJ screaming at his fears and fainting* My great personality.

(Conf), Lindsay: What I think I'll be remembered most for? *flashback shoes of Lindsay and Heather arguing, then Lindsay pushing Heather into the piranha pool* My great personality.

(Conf), DJ: I think the experience that I'll take back from this show is facing my fears. I may not have accomplished them, but at least I faced them.

(Conf), Lindsay: I think the experience I've learned from here is to not let people walk all over me. I'm not just a pushover. I may have been fooled by Heather, but she got her share of karma.

DJ and Lindsay were walking to one of the tables in the mess hall. "Wow, can you believe we've actually made it this far?" Lindsay asked as the two sat down.

"No way. I'm still getting used to it," DJ replied. The two ate their breakfasts and the scene changed to Chris and Chef in the producing tent.

"Is that the plan?" Chef asked.

"Correct-o-mundo my fellow friend," Chris responded. "That's what the producers said."

"But what about brickhouse and blonde girl?" Chef asked.

"Oh they're part of it too. Just don't tell them. Oh, and keep them at Playa Des Losers afterwards," Chris instructed.

Chris and Chef walked to the mess hall where DJ and Lindsay had finished eating their breakfast. "Good morning final two!" Chris announced. "Come out to the campgrounds for a big announcement!" The scene flashed to Lindsay and DJ walking down the steps to see two bleachers.

"What are they for?" DJ asked.

"They're for the new peanut gallery! Come on out eliminated players!" Chris announced. Suddenly. the previous eliminated campers were walking up to the bleachers. In the order of Noah, Duncan, LeShawna, Beth, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Gwen, Harold, Justin, Eva, Tyler, Izzy, Courtney, Geoff, Bridgette, Cody, Owen and Heather. Heather looked up and her hair slipped backwards. She gasped in worry then picked her wig up.

"Nice wig," Gwen snickered.

"At least I beat you, your surfer friend and fat ghetto girl," Heather teased. Gwen groaned.

(Conf), Gwen: Ugh, the one person I hate on this show, apart from Chris, is Heather.

Bridgette and Geoff were making out whilst LeShawna walked over to Heather and Gwen. "Nu-uh, did you just call me 'fat'?" LeShawna asked.

"No, I called you 'fat ghetto girl'," Heather chuckled. LeShawna cracked her knuckles, but Chris broke up the arguement.

"Now, now. I don't want an arguement already," Chris said. "Now, please sit in the bleachers of who you want to support. DJ or Lindsay?"

Tyler, Izzy, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Geoff, Cody, Justin and Courtney sat down in Lindsay's bleachers. Duncan, Owen, Gwen, LeShawna, Trent, Noah, Harold, Beth, Ezekiel, Eva and Heather sat down in DJ's bleachers. Heather and Lindsay exchanged glares. "Hope you lose you deranged psycho," Heather spat.

"Hope your wig gets blown away you two-faced psycho," Lindsay spat back.

(Conf), Heather: Lindsay is going to lose. You know why? *flashback plays of Heather leaving a card and muffin outside of the girls cabin. Lindsay read it out loud. "Dear Linds, I hope you win. Here's a treat. Love Tyler!"* Lindsiot. *shows chocolate bar and sings* Chuffy's, the chocolate bar that quickens digestion! Sucker.

Chris walked in front of the two finalists. "Okay. So, today's challenge is half relay, half scavenger hunt. It's called the 'Cross-eyed Country Course' You'll be running the race for the hundred grand. There are four items you need to get and four obstacles guarding them. The first of the four items is the animal hat. They're at the top of the 'Oil Slick Poles'. The next item is the Chris immunity head which is at the other side of 'Perilous Gorge'. You'll then have to get a marshmallow at 'High Treetop'. Then you must get the wad of cash in the 'Final Run'. Cross the finish line and you win the hundred thousand dollars!" Chris explained. "Are you three ready?"

The two nodded. "Good luck Linds!" Tyler cheered and he blew her a kiss.

"You can do this DJ!" Duncan cheered.

"Three, two, one, go!" Chris announced. DJ and Lindsay ran off, with Tyler, Izzy, Gwen, Trent and Duncan following.

The scene flashed to Tyler catching up to Lindsay. "Hey Linds. You're doing well," Tyler encouraged.

"Thanks Tyler. And thanks for that chocolate muffin you gave me. It was delicious!" Lindsay replied.

"Huh, I didn't get you a muffin. I only got to the island with the others ages ago. I didn't have time to get you a muffin," Tyler explained.

"Well, who gave me a muffin?" Lindsay asked. Her stomach grumbled and she burped. "Oops, sorry."

DJ arrived first at the 'Oil Slick Poles'. Duncan got there with him. "Okay, so climb the pole," Duncan ordered. DJ tried to climb the pole, but slipped the way back down. He tried again, but still slipped.

"Ugh, this pole is too slippy," DJ complained. Lindsay, Tyler and Izzy arrived at the 'Oil Slick Poles'.

"The poles!" Lindsay cheered. She ran towards them and tried to climb one of them, but she fell on her bottom. "Argh, that hurts."

Izzy walked towards the poles, took one of her fingers, scooped up some oil and tasted it. She then spat it out. "That's not just oil. That's cider oil. Oil mixed with cider. One of the slippiest things of mankind."

"So how does Lindsay get to the top?" Tyler asked.

"Hmm, I think I have an idea," Izzy suggested. The scene changed to Izzy kneeling down and fixing her hands together like a stepladder. "Three, two, one, go!" Lindsay ran from a tree towards Izzy. When she approached Izzy, she lifted her leg up and used Izzy's hands as a boost to launch herself to the top of the pole. The camera changed to slow motion as Lindsay grabbed a chicken hat out of the basket at the top of the poles.

"Yippee! I've got it!" Lindsay cheered. She, Tyler and Izzy hugged.

(Conf), Tyler: Izzy's idea was smart. I could've been the stepladder, but Izzy told me that I wasn't 'athletically gifted'. Pff, what does she mean by that?

DJ was still struggling how to get to the top of the pole. "Hey, how about you wipe down the oil using your shirt?" Duncan suggested.

"That's a good idea bro," DJ said and the two fist bumped. The scene flashed to DJ at the top of the pole and he grabbed the pig bonnet. He slid to the bottom of the pole. "Let's go." DJ ran off and Gwen and Trent ran from the forest.

"Where have you two been?" Duncan asked.

"Sorry. Accident with a beaver," Gwen apologised. The three ran off and the challenge changed to Heather running near Lindsay.

"Hey there Lindsiot. You're lucky you have a lead against such a strong guy like DJ!" Heather taunted.

"You're lucky that I didn't shave your hair off myself with an electric razor!" Lindsay shouted back. Heather stopped running and growled.

"When does that chocolate work?" Heather asked herself. Lindsay slowed down and farted.

"Uh-oh," Lindsay shivered. She ran to the nearest confessional and slammed the door shut.

"Uh, Lindsay?" Tyler asked nervously.

"Not the confessional!" Chris yelled. A gigantic cloud of fart puffed out of the confessional and Lindsay was vomiting. She came out of it.

"Ugh, are you--" Izzy began.

"Not finished yet," Lindsay grunted and she ran back into the confessional, vomiting several times. When she came out of the confessional, she collapsed and moaned. DJ ran past her with Duncan, Gwen and Trent.

"See you Lindsay," DJ said and the four ran off. Heather joined them.

"See you later Lindsiot," Heather taunted. She ran off with the others and Cody and Courtney ran to pick Lindsay up.

"Come on Lindsay, you are going to own DJ!" Courtney encouraged.

"Yeah, we've got you. I think that vomiting's from Chuffy's chocolate. You only make that mistake once in your life," Cody told her.

(Conf), Cody: Once when I was six, I ate Chuffy's chocolate. I didn't know what it did and I was on the toilet for almost an hour. Wait, this isn't the confessional Lindsay farted in right? *sniffs* Phew!

Cody and Courtney were supporting Lindsay through the forest. "Ow, my legs are really hurting," Lindsay moaned.

"Well, can you stand up?" Courtney asked. The three stopped and Cody and Courtney let go of Lindsay. Her legs wobbled and she collapsed.

"Help please?" Lindsay asked. The two bent down and picked Lindsay up and ran through the forest.

The scene changed to DJ arriving at 'Perilous Gorge'. "Where's the immunity head?" DJ asked. The five looked around.

"Look!" Gwen shouted. She pointed out at the other side of the gorge. There was a nest on the other side of the gorge, and there were two Chris immunity heads in it. Chris was also standing at the other side.

"Hey! Before you cross, you've gotta take an egg across with you!" Chris commanded.

"Why?" DJ asked.

"Do you want the hundred grand or not?" Chris asked. DJ groaned and he took an egg out of a nest. He walked to the plank that was lying across the gorge.

"Well, this doesn't seem so bad," DJ said. "Wait a sec." A flashback played of Noah saying not to say 'it doesn't seem that bad'. DJ facepalmed.

"Do you think so?" Chris asked. "Below you are bloodthirsty sharks. Above you are..." There were three birds circling DJ.

"Where do I know them from?" DJ asked himself. Suddenly, Lindsay came out and arrived at 'Perilous Gorge'.

"Aren't they the birds that destroyed the Killer Trout's fort?" Lindsay asked.

"That's where I know them from!" DJ gasped. Lindsay grabbed her egg and began to walk across the gorge on her plank. One of the birds swooped down towards DJ. It almost caught him with its sharp beak and it flew upwards. DJ lost his balance, but managed to keep both feet on the plank.

"Be careful!" Lindsay said. Two of the birds flew past her, knocking her off balance. She fell, but she luckily landed on the plank.

"Watch out Lindsay!" Tyler warned.

"I've got it!" Lindsay yelled.

"Maybe you don't," Heather said on the other side of the gorge. She had dragged Justin along with her.

"What do you want?" Justin asked.

"Just this. Hey Lindsay! Look over here!" Heather yelled. Lindsay did and Heather took off Justin's shirt. An angels chorus turned on and Justin was behind a red and orange backdrop.

"Wow," Lindsay gasped.

"He's gorgeous," DJ gasped. Tyler covered Justin's body.

"Lindsay! Ignore the gorgeous man's body and cross the gorge!" Tyler yelled. Lindsay snapped out of her trance and walked across the plank. She had crossed it, placed her egg in the nest and grabbed her Chris immunity head.

"Yippee! I'm gonna win!" Lindsay cheered. The two ran past Heather and she growled. She threw Justin's shirt in his face.

"Just put this back on," Heather grumbled. "DJ! Hurry up or Lindsay's gonna win!" DJ snapped out of his trance. He was taken by surprise and one of the birds hit him straight in the back of the neck. DJ collapsed and hung onto the plank by one of his hands and feet.

"Ow! This is not a comfortable position!" DJ yelled. He managed to pull himself up and he walked over to the nest. He dumped his egg into the nest and grabbed his immunity head.

"Come on!" Heather commanded and the two ran off.

Cody and Courtney were still assisting Lindsay whilst Justin, Izzy and Tyler were running in front of her. "Come on! We have to beat DJ!" Courtney yelled.

"You sound like you're only on Lindsay's team because you want to be DJ," Cody said.

"Really? No," Courtney said sarcastically.

"Well, in order for that to happen you have to help Lindsay win!" Tyler yelled. "Come on!" The six ran off. The scene changed to DJ limping through the forest.

"Ow, ow, ow," DJ moaned.

"You know, it's not gonna help you to say ow," LeShawna said, who had joined the running group.

"I can't help it. I think I pulled some muscles when I was dangling by arm and leg," DJ explained.

"Well what do you want us to do? Carry you?" Gwen asked. DJ looked at his fellow teammates. "Oh you have got to be kidding me." The scene flashed to Gwen, Trent, Duncan and LeShawna carrying DJ and running through the forest.

"How much do you weigh?" Trent asked.

"It's muscle, not fat," DJ replied.

Lindsay had arrived at 'High Treetop'. There was a huge tree in the middle of the forest. It had many planks hammered into it. "So, there's a marshmallow in there?" Lindsay asked.

"Looks like it. You go girl," Courtney said. Both her and Cody gently let go of Lindsay at the tree and she slowly climbed the tree trunk to the first layer of branches and leaves.

As she got to the first layer, DJ and his fellow running team had approached 'High Treetop'. The four carrying DJ struggled and dropped him. "Ow!" DJ yelled.

"Just climb the tree big guy," Duncan said. DJ nodded and got up. He ran to the tree, half limping, and climbed the trunk. He got to the first layer and saw that Lindsay was searching in the branches.

"Ugh, this is hard," Lindsay complained. She rummaged thorugh some leaves and screamed in pain. She took her hand out and revealed that a raccoon was biting her hand. "Get it off! Get it off!" DJ shook Lindsay's hand, trying to get the raccoon off. He then climbed upwards and saw that there was a marshmallow hidden under a pile of leaves.

"Got one!" DJ yelled. He grabbed his marshmallow and climbed down the tree. "Good luck." Heather heard that from the bottom of the tree.

(Conf), Heather: Good luck? Why is everyone wishing everyone good luck? It's just stupid!

DJ ran away to the 'Final Run', whilst Lindsay was still searching the last marshmallow. "Come on! Where is it!" Lindsay asked herself. She shoved her hand inbetween some branches. She searched inbetween them, then found something. A marshmallow! "Yes! Hundred grand here I come!" She pumped her fist in the air, but lost her balance and fell out of the tree. Luckily, Tyler broke her fall, and Lindsay almost broke Tyler. "Tyson! Are you okay?"

"Never... been better," Tyler gasped. The scene changed to DJ running through the forest with his running group. Suddenly, the finishing line was in sight. The scene changed to the people supporting DJ on the bleachers. Owen was using some binoculars.

"Guys, look! It's DJ!" Owen announced. "He's almost here!"

"Where, where?" Eva asked.

"He's at the beginning of the 'Final Run'!" Owen announced.

"You can do it DJ!" Noah yelled.

Katie and Sadie looked at each other whilst Geoff and Bridgette were making out. "Come on Lindsay, you can do it," Katie and Sadie whispered in sync.

The only thing seperating DJ from a hundred thousand pounds was the 'Final Run'. "This doesn't look-- oh, no. I am not saying that again," DJ said skillfully. He jogged to the finish line, but something triggered. Several paintballs were fired at him and they landed on his butt, his face and his arm. "Argh! That's my painful arm!" As he was being pelted, Lindsay was being dragged to the beginning of the 'Final Run' by Cody and Courtney. Courtney laughed at the sight of DJ being pelted at with paintballs.

"Okay Lindsay, if you cross the finish line with everything you've got, including a wad of cash, you're gonna win. Then you can pulverise DJ and crush him like the bug he is," Courtney instructed.

"But DJ's not a bug. He's human," Lindsay said. Courtney facepalmed.

(Conf), Courtney: Yes, the only reason I'm supporting Lindsay is because I hate DJ. But, now that I'm thinking about it... no, I hate DJ.

Cody and Courtney let go of Lindsay and allowed her to get to her hands and knees. She crawled through the 'Final Run'. DJ was still being fired at with paintballs, but another gun aimed at Lindsay and shot her with foam bullets. "Ow! Ow! They hurt!" Lindsay moaned. She searched through the bushes for a wad of cash. "Come on, where is it?" DJ ran closer to the finish line, but stepped on an small explosive. He flew into the air and crashed in a bush. He got up and spat out leaves.

"Explosives? Seriously?" DJ asked.

Chris was by the finish line. "What? You though we'd just have projectiles?" Chris asked. "You can't go out, without a boom!"

Lindsay rummaged through the bushes until she grabbed onto something. It was a lever. She pulled it accidently. "What?" she asked herself. Multiple explosives went off as the lever was pulled and a giant ball of spider web was shot at Lindsay. "Spiders! Help! Get them off of me!"

Lindsay screaming terrified DJ and he jumped up and crash landed on his butt. Lindsay crawled about and stopped by a bush. She felt something in it. She took it out. It was a big wad of cash. "I've got it! The money! I've got it!" she yelled. At least, she had it for five seconds. Another cannon shot a giant paintball at Lindsay. It hit Lindsay and she skidded across the ground, and she threw the cash accidently into the air. The cannon shot made DJ jump and he stumbled backwards... onto an explosive. DJ was launched into the air and the screen went into slow motion.


The wad of cash was hurtling towards DJ. He was yelling as he was in midair. Then, in a sudden flash, DJ had caught the wad of cash. He was sent flying towards the finish line and the scene had returned back to normal speed. "DJ has won the hundred thousand dollars!" Chris announced. The eliminated campers who had supported DJ were clapping loudly. Those who were supporting Lindsay looked sad, but still cheered for DJ, except for Courtney.

Lindsay crawled over to the finish line and collapsed. "Ugh, I'm so tired," Lindsay yawned. "I've not even been awake for two hours!" DJ walked over to help Lindsay up. "Wel done for winning CJ."

"It's DJ, and thank you. You've been a real good friend," DJ said. The two hugged and Chef came towards DJ with a large check of a hundred thousand dollars. Chris came up to him.

"DJ, after two and a half terrifying months, you are the sole winner of the hundred thousand dollar cash prize!" Chris announced. He handed DJ a briefcase of the hundred thousand dollars.

"Thanks Chris," DJ thanked. He held the money up above his head. "Momma, I've won!"


DJ and Lindsay were looking at the eliminated campers walking down the Dock of Shame, boarding two yachts setting sail for Playa Des Losers. Duncan and Owen fist-bumped DJ and Tyler and Lindsay kissed. Bridgette and Geoff were still making out as they walked down the dock and Gwen and Trent were looking dreamily at each other. Chris hooked his arms round the finalists shoulders. "This has been a great series," Chris said. "It's like I'm gonna miss you all."

"Aw, we'll miss you Chip," Lindsay said.

"Chris!" Chris yelled. Lindsay and DJ ran off and boarded one of the yachts. The scene changed to Chris and Chef sitting on the dock. "Well, this season has come to and end. Or has it? What do I mean by that? Well, for now, it's a farewell from Total... Drama... Island!" Chef then pushed Chris into the water. "Hey! Not cool man!"

Alternate Ending

Note: Replace this ending with the ending in the lines.

The wad of cash was hurtling towards DJ. He was yelling as he was in midair. Then, in a sudden flash, the wad of cash hit DJ in the face. The added weight sent DJ flying past the finish line and the cash dropped onto the ground below. "The money!" DJ yelled. Lindsay coughed and she crawled over to the money. She crawled to the finish line and she collapsed.

"I've got it," Lindsay moaned in pain.

"Lindsay has won the hundred thousand dollars!" Chris announced. He and DJ helped Lindsay up as Chef handed her a gigantic check and a briefcase of one hundred thousand dollars. The supporters of Lindsay cheered and although some of DJ's supporters were upset, they all cheered for her too, except for Heather.

"This game is stupid," Heather muttered.

Tyler and Izzy ran up to Lindsay and Tyler kissed her. "I always knew you would win!" Tyler cheered.

"Way to go Lindsay!" Izzy shouted. The two then hugged her.

"Thanks guys. Not to tight, I'm pretty sure that the lower half of me is still limp," Lindsay told her. "Oh, go ahead. I'm pretty sure my insides are slush. And who gave me that cupcake?" Heather threw the bar of chocolate at her and the two exchanged glances.

Chapter XXVII: An Ending To End All Endings

Chris was standing at Playa Des Losers. "Last time on Total Drama Island: The final two, DJ and Lindsay, battled it out for a hundred thousand big ones in a cross country course that was gonna cause indigestion and aching muscles. The final result ended with DJ crossing the finish line first, earning himself one hundred grand. But enough about that. It's been almost a week since the finale's been and the campers are still at Playa Des Losers! Do you wanna know why? Don't tell anyone, but this game still isn't over. Why is it not? What could be bigger than one hundred thousand dollars? Find out on the real finale of Total... Drama... Island!"

Theme Song

There was funky pop music playing at Playa Des Losers. LeShawna and Noah were eating hot dogs in their deckchairs whilst Gwen and Trent were kissing. Bridgette and Geoff were, yet again, making out in the hot tub. DJ, Lindsay, Izzy and Tyler were sitting at the tiki bar in the pool. "Well done for winning DJ, you really deserved it," Lindsay beamed.

"Thanks Lindsay. And it's great that you're taking it like this!" DJ cheered. Izzy was in her swimwear and Tyler kissed Lindsay.

(Conf), DJ: *sauna* Who knew that a place like this could be just around the corner of Camp Wawanakwa. I'm never going back there. Argh, I hope I didn't jinx that.

"I'm gonna go for a swim," Izzy said. She tumbled into the water and the scene flashed to Beth and Ezekiel at the barbeque grill.

"These chicken kebabs are delicious," Beth said.

"Ey, these are some good stuff. And the best part is that we've been here the longest, so we've had the luxury the longest," Ezekiel added. Cody came into the scene.

"Hey guys. How're the chicken kebabs?" Cody asked.

"Delicious," Ezekiel told him.

Courtney and Duncan were standing by some bushes. Duncan was trying to impress Courtney by doing body thrusts and dancing. "Ugh, please Duncan. Stop being so immature. I've lost my chances at the hundred grand, and all I wanna do now is study for my counsellor training, get my first clients and earn money the good old fashioned way," Courtney said. Duncan stopped.

"Yeesh, since when did you stop being fun, princess?" Duncan asked.

"Stop calling me princess! I'm a C.I.T!" Courtney yelled. Duncan gave her a peck on the cheek, grinned and walked away.

(Conf), Courtney: *sauna* Typical Duncan. Never finishing what he starts.

Justin was swimming nearby Katie and Sadie who were in inflatable water chairs and sipping juices. "Hey Justin," the two said dreamily in sync.

"Hey girls. How are you?" Justin asked.

"I'm fine," Katie said.

"He was talking to me!" Sadie argued.

"But he was looking at me!" Kaie argued back.

"He nudged by water chair!" Sadie yelled. The two began to argue and they eventually fell out of thier water chairs.

(Conf), Justin: *sauna* The best thing about this look is that you can get anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything!

Eva swam by Justin. "Hey there. How about we swim and I'll get you some drinks," Eva said in her best smooth voice. Unfortunately, it sounded terrible.

"Uh, no thanks Eva," Justin said nervously and he swam away.

(Conf), Eva: *sauna* I think I'm too shy.

Heather walked out of the building. She walked besides LeShawna and Noah. "How's your wig?" LeShawna asked.

"You just shut up," Heather spat out. She lifted up her wig slightly and there were two words on the back of her head. Bald cow. LeShawna and Noah both chuckled.

"Was that you?" Noah asked. LeShawna nodded and the two laughed as Heather walked away and rolled her eyes.

Chris walked over to the previous campers with a briefcase. They were all surrounding the pool and DJ was sitting on the edge of the pool. "What do you want?" Harold asked.

"Oh, I think I have something you all might want," Chris said. Chef was walking behind him. "DJ, as you know, you won the hundred grand prize. But, I am about to offer you something a whole lot bigger. One. Million. Dollars!" A cicada chirruped for about four seconds. "Seriously? Like, no cheer. Not even a dramatic 'ah'? Ugh, you guys really are boring."

"We're boring? Do you really expect us to believe anything you say after what you've put us through?" Gwen asked.

"Let me finish. DJ, you can either chose to keep your hundred grand or, you can let everyone at the chance for one million dollars!" Chris announced. "Well DJ?"

"Well, I don't get it. You put us all in danger to get one hundred thousand dollars, then you joke at us to give us a million dollars," DJ told him.

"Yeah, so what? DJ, this is a chance in a lifetime. If you choose the million, you will give everyone the chance in for a million smackeroos. You will all hunt for the case of the money somewhere in Camp Wawanakwa. And the first one to return to the Dock of Shame with the money will take it all!" Chris announced. DJ looked at Duncan and Owen.

"Come on man, it's a million dollars," Owen told him.

"Yeah, Chris' right. And, we can all hunt for the million together!" Duncan suggested.

"Hmm," DJ hummed. "Ugh, fine. Let's get this million!" Chris, Chef, DJ, Owen and Duncan cheered. The three ran off to Camp Wawanakwa whilst everyone else stood there watching Chris.

"What?" Chris asked.

"Do you really think we'd believe you?" Noah asked.

"Well fine. Let the three boys go on the easiest hunt for a million dollars," Chris said, luring the campers into his trap.

"Don't believe him. He's probably stuffed the case with bricks or styraphone," Noah said. Another cicada chirped, but for a shorter time because the remianing nineteen contestants ran towards the boats to Camp Wawanakwa. They ended up in a giant pile all squashed together.

"Ugh, move over!" Trent yelled.

"Okay, who's hand is that?" Heather asked.

"Move it!" Duncan yelled. The camera changed with the twenty two boarding Camp Wawanakwa.

"So hey, how about us three split the money?" Owen asked DJ and Duncan, but he was snatched away.

"Sorry fellas, but Duncan's working with me," Courtney told them and she dragged him away. The two ran away whilst Lindsay grabbed Tyler and Izzy.

"How about we form an alliance and split the money three ways! We could get three hundred and thirty three thousand, three hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty three point three cents?" Lindsay asked.

"Course I'll team up with you," Tyler said and the two hugged.

"Izzy is in!" Izzy yelled.

"Can I get in on some of that action?" Ezekiel asked.

"Hmm, alright. But as long as you don't act all sexist," Lindsay said.

"Agreed," Ezekiel said and the two shook hands.

LeShawna, Gwen, Trent and Noah stuck together. "Even though it ain't an official game, the alliance stays strong," LeShawna said.

"You go girl," Gwen said and the two high fived. Meanwhile, Eva, Cody and Beth were huddled together.

"Us two are working together. What about you Beth?" Cody asked.

"Alright. But, if we do win, who takes the extra cent?" Beth asked.

"Uh, I guess we flip it in a fountain," Eva told them. The three nodded as Geoff and Bridgette stood making out.

"Sticking together babe?" Geoff asked.

"You got it," Bridgette replied and the two continued snogging.

"Can we work with you, Justin?" Katie and Sadie asked in sync.

"Why, of course ladies," Justin said. He gave a dashing smile and the two were in a trance of beauty.

(Conf), Justin: Girls, so easy.

Heather walked up to LeShawna, Gwen, Trent and Noah. "Hey guys. I think we all know that we're the strongest players. I say we team up for the million," Heather suggested. Suddenly, all of them began to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, go and find someone who's gullible enough to trust you," Noah chuckled and the three walked away. Heather rolled her eyes and then walked over to Lindsay's group.

"Hey you three. How about we--" Heather began, but she was interrupted by Lindsay.

"Pff, as if anyone trusts you," Lindsay said and her group walked away. Heather walked away and Harold was about to speak, but Heather shushed him.

(Conf), Heather: There's surely got to be someone better than that dweeb Harold. And I am taking that money for myself. This is my one final chance to get that million. *fiercely shakes head and wig falls off into toilet* No! My wig! *tries to reach down, but fails* Nooooo!

The scene changed to a montage of the seperate groups searching throughout the forest. The camera then flashed again to the main PA system. "Seriously? It's been an hour and no one has even come close to finding the million dollars. Okay, I'll give you guys your first hint. The money is high up. Tweet, tweet!" Chris voice announced.

The camera changed to Lindsay's group stopping. "Hmm, 'the money is high up. Tweet tweet'. Does he mean a bird?" Lindsay asked.

"Ey, that might be right, but how would they have control of a bird?" Ezekiel asked.

"Ooh! Maybe it's a robot bird!" Izzy suggested.

"That's right!" Lindsay gasped. The scene changed to the group of four arriving at the place where the hot air balloons were tied down. "We can take 'Me!'."

"How are you gonna fly in the air?" Ezekiel asked.

"No, not me, 'Me!'! My hot air balloon!" Lindsay explained. She got into her hot air balloon and helped the others in. "Off we go!" She pulled a rope and the balloon lifted into the air. Unbeknown to her, Heather had followed.

"So the money's on a robot bird. Hmm, this is the perfect time for some sabotage," Heather said deviously to herself.

"Maybe I can help," Harold said. He scared Heather and she screamed and slapped him in the face. "Ow, I was just trying to help."

"You're lucky you just sneaked up on me," Heather said threateningly. "And what do you want?"

"You see, with your devious mind skills and my book smarts, we can make the ultimate team!" Harold explained.

"Pff, yeah right," Heather snickered.

"Come on, we can even split the money sixty-fourty," Harold offered. Heather shook her head. "Seventy-thirty?"

"Hmm, alright then. We'll take my balloon," Heather said.

(Conf), Heather: Wow, Harold really is a dumb fool. He thinks I'll split the money with him? Ha, ha, ha! Maybe I can pay for a wig. Stupid plumbing. *jet of toilet water rushes out of hits Heather* Argh!

Heather and Harold got into Heather's balloon as DJ, Owen, Courtney and Duncan got to the balloons. "Which one should we take?" Owen asked.

"Me and Duncan are taking his one," Courtney said, pointing at the metal hot air balloon Duncan made. DJ and Owen followed, but Courtney stopped them. "Where do you think you're going?"

"We're taking Duncan's balloon with you," DJ responded.

"Nu-uh. You can go and take your stupid wheelchair balloon because you are not in our group," Courtney told him.

"Oh, come one babe--" Duncan began, but Courtney cut him off with a cold glare and Duncan sighed. "Sorry boys." The two went into Duncan's balloon and the other boys walked over to DJ's wheelchair balloon.

"It's only got one seat," Owen complained.

"Hmm, I have an idea," DJ said and the scene flashed to the hot air balloon in the air with Owen sitting in the seat and DJ sitting on his lap.

"This is really uncomfortable!" Owen yelled.

"Stop squirming!" DJ yelled back.

"And I need to go to the bathroom!" Owen complained. DJ facepalmed.

(Conf), DJ: That the last time I share a hot air balloon with Owen.

In Lindsay' s balloon, Tyler and Lindsay were making out whilst Izzy was steering the balloon. "Look! I can see the briefcase! It's on that bird!" Ezekiel exclaimed.

"I see it! We're almost there!" Izzy yelled. She steered 'Me!' in the direction of the robot bird, but blocking their path was Duncan's hot air balloon.

"So long losers!" Courtney yelled as their balloon floated ever so closer to the bird.

In the producing tent, Chris was eating biscuits whilst Chef was jiggling the controls of the robot bird, steering the money away from the six. "Now this is fun," Chef chuckled.

"Want a biscuit?" Chris asked.

"Nah, I've just had some pate," Chef replied.

"Suit yourself bro," Chris said. "Ah, this is the life. Haunting teens whilst eating biscuits and pate. Bliss."

'Metal' was close to the bird. "Come on! Give me a boost!" Courtney commanded.

"What if you fall?" Duncan asked.

"You'll be paying for my life insurance," Courtney threatened. "Now help me!" Duncan did as he was told and grabbed Courtney. He then carefully slid her out of the balloon, still holding onto her so she could get the bird and the briefcase. "Just a little more!" Courtney instructed. Duncan slid her out a bit further and Courtney reached and stretched. She almost had it and then... the robot bird dropped. Courtney was taken by surprise and she slipped out of Duncan's arms. "Duncan!" Courtney yelled as she grabbed the money. Suddenly, she stopped. She twisted round and looked up saw that Duncan was holding onto a length of rope that was tied to the balloon and to Courtney's ankle. "You could've told me about the rope!"

"I wanted to see you scared," Duncan chuckled. He helped her up, but then he heard a snap.

"What's that sound?" Courtney asked. Another snap was heard and the rope holding Courtney snapped. "Help!" Courtney yelled as she fell. That was cut short as Courtney landed on the top of 'Me!'. "Huh?"

"What was that?" Ezekiel asked. Courtney slid down the balloon and she landed in the basket.

"She has the money!" Lindsay yelled and she grabbed the briefcase.

"Hey! Give me that back!" Courtney yelled and she reached for the money. Unfortunately, Izzy tripped her and Courtney pushed the money out of Lindsay's hands and out of the balloon.

"No!" Courtney and Lindsay both yelled in sync.

On the ground, Katie, Sadie and Justin were walking through the forest. "Ugh, we've been walking for ages. We don't even have a clue to where the money is!" Sadie moaned.

"Well come on! We've still got chances," Katie beamed.

"I agree with Katie. We have to find the briefcase," Justin sided.

"Grr, well, it's not like the money's going to fall out of the sky," Sadie said. The metal briefcase then landed in Sadie's arms. "Hey look! The money fell out of the sky!"

"Come on! We've got to get to the dock!" Justin yelled.

"Wait, didn't Chris say the first person to cross the dock gets it. Why do you get to carry the million?" Katie asked.

"What? I'll split it. You don't trust me?" Sadie asked.

"Remember Brian in third grade?" Katie asked.

"For the last time, he kissed me!" Sadie yelled. Whilst the two bickered, Justin rolled his eyes.

(Conf), Justin: I think this is where we go solo.

"Hey girls, take a look," Justin said. The two girls looked at Justin as he took his shirt off and an angels chorus and a hot background came in. The two got dreamy eyes and gasped. Whilst distracted, Justin took the briefcase from Sadie's hands and ran off. "Thanks for everything!"

Justin ran through the forest to the Dock of Shame. "Million dollars, here I come," Justin said to himself. Unbeknown to him. Harold was being lowered down from Heather's hot air balloon, 'Red Devil', by a rope and he snatched the million off of him. He was then pulled upwards and Justin noticed the briefcase was gone. "Hey!"

He looked upwards and saw Harold being helped into the balloon by Heather. "See you later model!" Heather taunted. Heather and Harold laughed, but were distracted and the balloon crashed into a tree. The balloon popped and slid down the tree trunk. "Run!" she yelled as she ran with the money.

"Get to the dock!" Harold yelled. The camera flashed to the two almost at the sock, until Gwen's group walked by.

"Where are we gonna--" Gwen began.

"Look! They have the money! Get them!" Trent yelled. The four ran to Heather and Harold and they turned around, only to be stopped by Justin.

"Head to the cliff!" Heather ordered and the two ran off with Justin, LeShawna, Gwen, Trent and Noah hot on their tails.

When they arrived at the cliff, Heather and Harold arrived at the top and panted. "Maybe... we... lost them," Heather panted. She was wrong as the five walked up and cornered them at the cliff.

"Surrender or else," Noah said. The other four looked at him in a strange look. "Yeah, I did think that sounded a bit cheesy." The four advanced and Heather and Harold edged closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Suddenly, Harold took something out of his pocket and threw it at the four.

"Ha! Itching powder!" Harold yelled. He had forgotten that his hand had touched the itching powder and he yelled. "Run Heather! Avenge me!"

"See you later suckers!" Heather yelled. She began to run down the cliff, but as LeShawna was itching, she bumped into Heather. She fell forawrds and the money clattered out of her hands and fell down the side of the cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff, Bridgette and Geoff were making out whilst walking. "You're so nice," Bridgette said.

"Just for you babe. The only thing that could make this better is if the money was here," Geoff told her. The million dollar case then crashed onto his head and he collapsed. "Argh, uh, I'm alright. It's just the money--" he began and Heather crashed down on him. "Ugh, I'm fine, just a bit painful, but I'm--" he said then LeShawna crashed down on him.

The camera panned to the human pile and the briefcase was rolling away in Geoff's cowboy hat. "Bridgette. Get the money. And my hat," Geoff groaned. Bridgette ran to the money and the cowboy hat, but she tripped and rolled down into the water. She sent both the cowboy hat and the money skimming away.

The money skimmed away to the forest in the far end. At the far end, Beth, Eva and Cody were walking through it, trying to find the money. "Are you sure you saw a bird with the briefcase go this way?" Eva asked.

"I'm sure ladies. Sure as ever," Cody said.

(Conf), Cody: Nope. I've seen the movies and the forest is a scary place. I can comfort the girls if they get scared, and maybe by the time I've left the island, I'll have a new girlfriend.

The PA system cracked which scared Cody and he jumped into Eva's arms. She dropped him and he landed hard. "Time for your second clue!" Chris' voice announced. "The money's sailing away in a cowboy hat."

"A cowboy hat?" Eva asked.

"Wait, doesn't Geoff have a cowboy hat. Maybe the money is in it somewhere in the water!" Beth suggested.

"To the water!" Cody commanded. The three ran over to the water and saw Geoff's cowboy hat sailing to them. "Search the hat!" Beth grabbed the cowboy hat and picked up the briefcase inside.

"We have the money!" Beth cheered. She had the money until Duncan bungee jumped down from his hot air balloon and he grabbed the case.

"Thanks for everything!" Duncan teased. He bounced into his hot air balloon, but as he got in, he discovered that the money had been taken out of his hands. He looked forwards and saw that DJ had grabbed the money as he bounced upwards.

"Can we join your balloon?" DJ asked.

"Hmm, well, Courtney isn't here, so I guess you can!" Duncan cheered. The two boys got into 'Metal', leaving 'Dash' to float into the sky.

"Bye 'Dash'!" DJ yelled as the balloon floated away.

"Come on! We gotta get to the dock!" Owen shouted.

"Right, let's go," Duncan said. He pulled a rope and the balloon floated away. Unfortunately, the balloon popped as a harpoon shot through a crack in the metal defences of Duncan's balloon. Courtney had shot it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Courtney asked.

"See you later!" Owen yelled.

"Duncan, throw up the money!" Courtney commanded.

"Don't listen to her!" DJ yelled.

"Oh yeah?" Courtney asked. She got Ezekiel in a headlock. "Throw it up!"

"Do what she says, man," Ezekiel choked as Courtney gripped harder.

"Ugh, fine," Duncan said and he chucked the money upwards. Unfortunately, the angle was wrong as the balloon descended and the case hit Courtney in the head, tipping her over and taking Ezekiel with her.

The two crashed in the ground, but Ezekiel broke Courtney's fall. "Where is the case?" Courtney asked. She looked up and saw that Tyler had grabbed it before it fell.

"Move the balloon!" Tyler yelled. Izzy steered it further to the dock, and the most surprising thing happened. Eva, Beth and Cody jumped into the balloon.

"What the--" Lindsay began.

"Give us the case!" Eva demanded.

"Keep the case!" Lindsay yelled. The six fought over the case, until it dropped. Luckily, it had been tied to a piece of rope and was dangling on the basket, and the case was scraping against the trees.

"Get the case!" Beth yelled and the six reached down.

"Third clue," Chris began through the PA. "The money is touching green!"

Justin ran through the forest with Gwen, Trent and Noah following. "We have to find LeShawna," Gwen said.

"And I need to find Katie and Sadie. I may actually need them," Justin said.

The four ran through the forest and then stopped. There was a bear. It roared loud and advanced on the four. Gwen and Noah screamed. "Up the tree!" Trent yelled. The four ran to a tree and Gwen began to climb, but Justin pushed her out of the way. He then climbed up the tree followed by Gwen, Noah and Trent. As they got onto a branch, the bear looked at them, clawed the tree and roared.

Courtney ran over to the deflated remains of 'Metal' and pulled Duncan out of the wreckage. "Come on, we can cut them off at the dock," Courtney said.

"Yes ma'm," Duncan said and the two ran over to where the jeeps were parked. "We can hot wire one of these. We just need to find some tools." The two went into the shed. They then came out with a silver toolbox.

Geoff, Bridgette, Heather and LeShawna walked through the forest. Geoff and Bridgette were still making out. "Alright, I've had enough. I'm going my own way," Heather said and she walked away.

"Yeah, sorry Gidgette," LeShawna said, giving the two a couple name. Heather walked forwards and saw Duncan and Courtney trying to hot wire a car and there was a silver case in the back.

"Is that the million?" Heather asked herself and she sneaked towards the jeep. She walked round the back, and crawled into the boot.

"Alright, the car's all ready," Duncan said.

Owen and DJ were climbing a tree. "Come on! We can get into the balloon!" DJ said. The two climbed further, which caught Harold and Ezekiel's eyes.

"Ey, is that the million?" Ezekiel asked.

"Come on, let's go!" Harold said. DJ and Owen got into the balloon and were followed by Harold and Ezekiel. Everyone was reaching for the million.

Katie and Sadie were walking through the forest. "Great, now you're lost the million and Justin," Katie complained.

"You seriously can't be blaming me," Sadie said.

"Well, still--" Katie began, but she was cut off by the bear. It roared loud and the two girls screamed.

"Up here!" Justin yelled from the tree.

"Justin!" Katie and Sadie squealed in sync. They began to climb up the tree and LeShawna walked up to it.

"What're you all doing in--" LeShawna began, but yet again, the bear cut her off. LeShawna screamed and she climbed up the tree.

Courtney was driving the jeep and Duncan was in the passenger seat. All was fine until... Heather scared them by popping out of the boot. "I know you have the million! Give me it!" she yelled she clattered forwards and popped the tool box open. A wrench fell out and it fell behind the breaks, jamming them.

"Great! You jammed the breaks!" Courtney yelled.

"Courtney! Look out!" Duncan yelled. The jeep was aiming at the arts and crafts shed. It drove through the shed and the result was crazy. Two sleds were attached to the back of the jeep, a parachute was being dragged behing the jeep as well and Duncan was wearing a parachute. Heather was hooked into it and the two rose into the sky. Heather screamed and the scene flashed to the bear roaring at the bottom of the tree Katie, Sadie, Gwen, LeShawna, Noah, Trent and Justin were in. Suddenly, the branch began to creak.

"What was that?" Gwen asked and the branch broke. Katie, Sadie and Justin landed on the back of the bear. As the truck drove past, the bear pulled the string of the parachute and it opened, capturing Gwen, LeShawna, Trent and Noah.

The camera moved to 'Me!'. Everyone was still reaching for the case. Then there was a snap. "What was that?" Cody asked.

"How many of us are in this balloon?" Lindsay asked. Suddenly, the basket exploded. Harold, Eva and Ezekiel fell into a tree whilst Tyler, DJ, Owen, Lindsay and Izzy fell into one sled and Beth and Cody another. In the tree, Bridgette and Geoff were making out, but as she fell, Eva knocked Bridgette and Geoff into the jeep. Geoff fell in the back seats and Bridgette did too, but she knocked off the sled Beth and Cody were in and the case fell on top of them.

"The money!" Bridgette gasped.

"Oh no you don't." Courtney said and she pulled at the case. A splitscreen of LeShawna, Gwen, Noah and Trent in the parachute, Lindsay, Owen, DJ, Izzy and Tyler in the sled, Courtney, Bridgette and Geoff fighting for the money and Duncan and Heather in their parachute began.

"Courtney, look out!" Geoff yelled. Courtney turned around to see 'Dash' on the ground. She screamed and the jeep bumped and skidded. The jeep drove to the Dock of Shame, making it break and the fourteen with the jeep fell into the water.

The fourteen got up. "Where's the money?" Courtney asked. They all looked up to see the money attached to the parachute. Chef was driving a plane and the money entered the propeller. The plane tippe slightly ad green paper went out the other end.

"No!" the fourteen yelled in sync. Chris walked over to the edge and Chef landed his plane behind him.

"Hello there. I see the money has been shredded," Chris said.

"Shut up, McLean," Heather said.

"Why're you being so bitter? The fourteen of you get to compete for anothe million dollars in season two," Chris said.

(Conf), LeShawna: Did he say season two?

(Conf), Duncan: Season two?

(Conf), Owen: Whoo hoo! Season two! *farts*

"There's no way I'm doing season two," Gwen said.

"Sorry. You should've read the fine print," Chris said. "You have to, or else your going to court." Eva, Katie, Sadie, Beth, Ezekiel, Cody, Harold and Justin walked to Chris.

"What about us?" Cody asked.

"Oh you'll be in season two. You'll just be in the sidelines, not competing for the money," Chris explained.

"No!" Eva yelled.

Chris was looking at the screen. "Well, this season may be done, but season two is on its way! Stay tuned for brand new drama when fourteen teens compete for one million dollars, next season on Total... Drama... Action!"

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
1st/2nd DJ Leeches In In In Win In Win In In Low In In Win Win In Low In In Low In In In Win Win Win Win W/R TDA
2nd/1st Lindsay Trout In Win Win In Win Low Win Win Win Win Win In In In In In Low In In In Win Low In Win Win R/W TDA
3rd Noah Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win In Low In In Win In In Win In In Win In Win Out TDA
4th Heather Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win Low In In In In In In In Low Low Win In Out TDA
5th Duncan Leeches In In In Win In Win Win Low In In In Win Win In In Win In Win In Win In Out TDA
6th LeShawna Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win In In Win In Low In In Low Low Out TDA
7th Tyler Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win In In In In In In Win Out TDA
8th Izzy Trout In Win Win In Win Out In In Win Out TDA
9th Courtney Leeches In In In Win In Win Low In In In Low Win Win In Win Win Out TDA
10th Trent Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win In In Win In Out TDA
11th Bridgette Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win In In Win Out TDA
12th Geoff Trout In Win Win Low Win In Win Win Win Win Win In Out TDA
13th Gwen Trout In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win Win Out TDA
14th Owen Leeches In In In Win In Win Win In In Low Out TDA
15th Harold Leeches In In In Win Low Win In In Low Out TDA
16th Katie Leeches In In In Win In Win In In Quit TDA
17th Justin Leeches In In Low Win In Win Win Out TDA
18th Sadie Leeches In In In Win In Win Out TDA
19th Eva Leeches In In In Win Out TDA
20th Cody Trout In Win Win Out TDA
21st Beth Leeches In Low Out TDA
22nd Ezekiel Leeches In Out TDA

     Girl: This camper is a girl.

     Boy: This camper is a boy.

     Trout: This camper is/was on the Killer Trout.

     Leeches: This camper is/was on the Screaming Leeches.

     In: This camper avoided elimination.

     Win: This camper was on the winning team.

     Win: The camper won for the team.

     Win: This camper won immunity for themselves.

     Low: This camper was in the bottom two, but avoided elimination.

     Low: This camper was meant to be eliminated, but something else happened.

     Out: This camper was eliminated.

     Out: This camper was irregularly eliminated.

     Quit: This camper quit by their own free will.

     W/R: This camper was winner in the first ending, but was runner up in the second.

     R/W: This camper was runner up in the first ending, but was winner in the second.

     TDA: This camper got through to Total Drama Action... Sorta.

     TDA: This camper didn't make it to Total Drama Action... Sorta.


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