The Oscars
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Josh, 22nd
The Oscars are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Island: For Your Entertainment, the other team being The Emmys. The team consisted of Allison, Angel, Avery, Camille, Cara, Eric, Irina, Isaac, Josh, Paul, and Robert. They stayed on the third floor of The Hotel along with Chef Hatchet.

The Oscars were the first team to suffer a loss in ...Fifteen Minutes of Fame due to having only six contestants complete the challenge versus The Emmys' nine. That night, they voted Josh out of the competition because of his fear of cameras and bad interview. Despite having more chances to impress Chris in The Bachelor Isn't Interested, they lost due to Chris liking Victor's poem more than any of their attempts. Eric was eliminated because of his pathetic attempt at showing Chris his rock collection and for being a general annoyance.

The team's first victory came by default in Video Killed the Reality Star because the other team did not have a video to present. They won the reward of having the lounge unlocked on their floor. When they got there, they found out that The Emmys' video had been stolen by an Oscar, and tensions rose between the team and prime suspect Avery. They later lost the boating challenge in Safest Catch because their strategy was less effective than the other team's. While either Avery or Isaac was supposed to be voted out, Robert quit instead because he didn't want to be pushed through the game on his story alone.

The team won another challenge in Sing Your Heart Out, though because Camille was arrested she was by default eliminated from the show. Their winning streak continued in We All Fall Down when Isaac somehow managed to beat power player Risty in the last round of the challenge, and again in Fire Insults at Will when Irina shot out Sebastian to be the last person standing on the battlefield. However, these episodes marked a lot of drama going on outside of the challenges, especially between Avery, Isaac, and Cara. They won yet another challenge during Teeth when Rachel Claire decided to give Allison bonus points for participating in one of Avery's schemes against the other team.

The Oscars suffered a loss after the press conference in Flashing Lights. Though they thought they had impressed, their performance was overcome by The Emmys'. Paul was absent for this ceremony because he was in the hospital. Also, the fans' votes had an impact on the elimination, as every hundred fans' votes for the same contestant equaled one contestant vote. Cara was unexpectedly voted out that night due to a temporary alliance between Allison and Avery.

Contestants Eliminated

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Overall placing Episode voted off Reason voted off
Josh Male 1st 22nd ...Fifteen Minutes of Fame Had the worst interview due to his extreme camera shyness
Eric Male 2nd 21st The Bachelor Isn't Interested Pathetically tried to impress Chris with his rock collection, also a general annoyance
Robert Male 3rd 19th Safest Catch Quit because he felt he was only a charity case, not a real player
Camille Female 4th 18th Sing Your Heart Out Found out to be international jewel thief Veronique Chevalier, arrested
Cara Female 5th 14th Flashing Lights Avery and Allison voted her off to spite Isaac, the fans were unimpressed by her challenge performance
Allison Female TBA TBA TBA TBA
Avery Female TBA TBA TBA TBA
Irina Female TBA TBA TBA TBA
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