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Redo's Renovated edition of Total Drama Island is a reimagining story of TDI; not necessarily just how it should have gone from his POV, but adding in more creative and realistic styles of the storyline to sum up a better story.



  • Chris McLean
  • Chef Hatchet


  • Beth - The Wanna-Be
  • Bridgette - The Surfer Chick
  • Cody - The Geek
  • Courtney - The Overachiever
  • DJ - The Soft Brickhouse
  • Duncan - The Punk
  • Eva - The Agressive Girl
  • Ezekiel - The Homeschool
  • Geoff - The Party Animal
  • Gwen - The Goth Girl
  • Harold - The Dweeb with Mad Skills
  • Heather - The Queen B
  • Izzy - The Psycho Chick
  • Justin - The Male Model
  • Katie - The Sweet Girl
  • Leshawna - The Sista with 'Tude
  • Lindsay - The Dumb Blonde
  • Noah - The Bookworm
  • Owen - The Loud Guy
  • Sadie - The Sweet Girl's Friend
  • Trent - The Guitar Player
  • Tyler - The Jock


  • Some members of both teams are changed to the opposite team:
    • Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, DJ, Owen, Cody, Lindsay, Courtney, Tyler, Ezekiel, and Eva form the new Killer Bass team.
    • Beth, Heather, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, Trent, Katie, Sadie, Noah, Izzy, and Justin form the new Screaming Gophers team.
  • Some episode titles may be altered.
  • For various reasons, some canon episodes weren't added:
    • Basic Straining, was removed when I forgot to include the episode while planning the elimination orders.
    • Bruch of Disgustingness, was removed because if it being non-elimination and to make the story finish faster.


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Chapter 1: "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1"

Coming soon...

Chapter 2: "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2"

"Campers, your first task is to jump off of this 1,000 ft. cliff, and into the shark infested waters below." Chris instructed. "Then you must carry those crates containing supplies for building a hot tub. I will judge which team's is better. The Gophers are up first."

"So, who wants to go first?" Beth asked her team.

After moments of silence, Katie & Sadie both stepped up.

"Ooo, we do, we do!" the duo exclaimed with glee.

They both dived into the safe zone gracefully, while the rest of the team roared with applause. Their success had encourage nearly everyone else. Next up was Harold.

"With my mad skills, I will make this jump precisely in the correct coordinates. If the average human falls at 5.6 meters per second in this altitude at a distance of 1,000 ft, that makes an exact-"

"Just jump already!" his team urged.

He made his jump, just as he had predicted. The same for Izzy, Beth, Justin, and Trent.

The results of the diving portion were close, but virtually everyone made the safe zone. So now let's look at the one's who didn't:

DJ nervously looked down at the sharks who were eagerly waiting for his meaty and large body to plunge into the water. Sweat slowly drenched his face. His eyes were woven shut by fear. He slowly squatted his knees and made a perfect dive into the water.

"Momma!" DJ cried, as he descended further into the drop of his life.

Then, the rest of his team that had already jumped watched in pain as they heard him moan in agony. He had landed on one of the buoys that bordered the safe zone on his crotch. More tragically than that, he just happened to land on the outside, so his dive wasn't counted.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Courtney asked.

"Aww, that's sweet. You care about me." Duncan joked as he was about to dive.

"I do not... Well, maybe just a bit." she admitted.

Duncan was thrown off balance by this and fell into the water head-first and missed the target completely. When he resurfaced, he had a grin spread across his face.

"I knew it. Even you can't resist me."

"Shut up!" Courtney snapped.

"Wow, that's probably the meanest thing you've said in your life."

What Duncan didn't know was that he was in for a big surprise. A shark had been creeping up on him from behind. The shark slowly opened up its jaws and chomped down on his butt, causing him to scream in pain.

"Damn shark, Go away!" Duncan commanded as he threw a few punches at it, causing it to get scared off.

With the most divers, the Screaming Gophers had won, earning them the advatage of getting carts to pull their supply crates back to camp with.

"I can't believe we won our first challenge!" Beth said with excitement.

"Yeah, well, get used to it, because with me on our team, we won't lose." Heather declared confidently.

"You shouldn't be so cocky, Heather." warned Bridgette.

"Shut it, surfer girl!" snapped Heather.

"This sucks." Gwen complained.

"Owwie! I think I got a splinter." said Lindsay, who had just set her crate down.

"It's okay, Lindsay, I know just how to treat a splinter." Courtney said I she guided Lindsay off to the side to help her.

Tyler elbowed Duncan. "Hey, Courtney totally digs you. Congrats, man."

"I'm not sure if Courtney's really my type. If she grows up to be a law enforcer, we are going to have some issues." Duncan said quickly and walked ahead, revealing a rip in his shorts from earlier.

"Losing really stinks," Cody complained.

"Sorry, that might be me." Owen confessed.

"Come on, guys, we can still win this!" LeShawna tried to encourage her team.

"LeShawna's right, we can do this!" Eva chimed-in.

Meanwhile, the Gophers had just reached camp, leaving the Bass left to navigate through the sand.

"Wait, I've got an idea!" Cody exclaimed. "Owen, I need you, DJ, Tyler, and LeShawna to help carry all of the crates. Eva, you coach them from behind and make sure the don't slow down. Gwen, Duncan, and I will run to camp and get things prepared for when the supplies arrive. Zeke, when Courtney and Lindsay come, lead them back to camp to help us build the tub."

Everyone did their respeective duty and did it just perfect. Within 20 minutes, everyone was at the camp and at least halfway done with building their hot tub.

"This is so much fun!" Izzy shrieked with happiness. "Come on in, Noah."

"Um, Izzy, there's no water in it yet." Noah reminded her.

"You have to move so we can put it in," Geoff said. "And change out of your bathing suit."

"Oh, silly, this isn't a bathing suit!" Izzy corrected. Heather was speechless. She her jaw was dropped with her finger pointed, but Geoff had vomited into her mouth before she could speak.

"And now it's time to see who has the better hot tub!" said Chris as he examined the Screaming Gopher's hot tub carefully, then the Killer Bass's poorly-built tub. "Alright. It's pretty clear that we have our winners... the Screaming Gophers win! And the Killer Bass must vote off one of their own. Meet you losers at the bonfire ceremony."

Courtney (CONF): "Looks like my team lost. So many people to choose from..."

Beth (CONF): "I seriously cannot believe we won the challenge! Who knows, maybe, I could win!"

Duncan (CONF): "That shark got lucky."

Owen (CONF): "Am I upset that we lost? Does it bring me pain to know that I may be in danger of being sent home? No way! All of these people are so nice! I couldn't have asked for better friends than this. It's going to be hard to vote somebody off."

Gwen (CONF): "Duncan seriously let a girl get in the way of the game. Sorry, dude. My vote is for Duncan."

Courtney (CONF): "I vote for that creep, Ezekiel. I don't think I need a reason. And it's not because I like Duncan, which I DON'T!"

"I have marshmallows on my plate for all of you." Chris began. "All except 1. Here, at this camp, marshmallows represent life. If you do not recieve a marshmallow, you must immediately head to the Dock of Shame, to catch the Boat of Losers, and you can't come back. EVER. When I call your name come up and claim your marshmallow."

The campers looked at each other each with a look of fear in their eyes.

"Eva." Chris called out. "Tyler, LeShawna, Gwen, Cody, Courtney, Lindsay, Owen, DJ. And last, but not least...








Duncan looked very surprised and angry by the results. "Fine. I don't need this stupid place anyways!" and then he dragged himself down to the Boat of Losers.

NOTE: I had most of this written yesterday, but my mom used my computer and closed the window (despite me telling her not too) before I could save. So I was too lazy, having just written it, to write it over again and I was more rushed since I had already wasted enough timr on it the first time, so I apologize, and I will continue it later. I will also try to make it better and save more often. :)

Chapter 3: "The Big Sleep"

Last time on Total Drama Island: We put our twenty-two teens through a death-defying challenge when they were forced to jump off a thousand ft. cliff and into the waters. Duncan scored big with Courtney, but ended up losing the challenge because of it. Cody took charge of the Bass and attempted to put them back in the lead. During the hot-tub challenge, Izzy made a bad impression on the rest of her team when she delayed them in the challenge, half-naked at the same time. Unsurprisingly, the Bass lost the challenge, and Duncan was sent home for letting a girl get the best of him. Who will be sent home? Who will give up? Who will win or die trying? All this and more, her, on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!

A beautiful morning at Camp Wawanakwa.... until ruined by Chris, via loudspeaker. "Attention everyone, report to me in front of your cabins for your second challenge!"

"Seriously, no breakfast?" Heather complained.

"Come on, Heather. It's going to be fine." promised Beth.

"Y-you really think so, Beth? Thanks. You're a real friend." said Heather, in fake depression.

Heather (CONF): Okay, I seriously need an edge in this game to assure me victory. What better than the 2 dumbest losers here? If I can get them on my side, nobody'll suspect them, then, when I reach the finals, I will crush them.

At the Bass's cabin, Gwen was also cranky. "There is no way I'm doing a challenge on an empty stomach."

"I know, girl. But we have to be strong or we'll never win this!" Leshawna motivated her.

"Laurenda is sooo right." Lindsay said. "but I haven't had a good rest with Owen next door and no breakfast won't help us either. Guess we have to try."

Despite their moodiness and hunger, the campers reported to the campsite as they were told.

"Good morning campers!" greeted Chris. "welcome to your next challenge!"

"It couldn't have waited until after we ate?" Bridgette asked.

"You'll all eat, I can assure you that." said Chris. "After you complete your jog around the island."

Everyone groaned at this, but Heather most of all.

"I can't do that," she said. "I need my morning carbs before I can do anything else."

"I'm sure you're teammates will be happy to hear that when they vote you off." Chris motivated her.

"Ugh, fine. I'll do it,"

Everyone began their long jog around the perimiter of the island. No one actually wanted to do it, except Eva, but they also knew that they couldn't risk being eliminated, either.

"Come on, Screaming Gophers!" Sadie cheered her team on while running. "We can do this!"

"Yeah, Sadie's right! Let's do this!" exclaimed Izzy who grabbed Heather and ran at full speed with her team following her.

"LET GO YOU FREAK OF NATURE!" Heather cried while being dragged through tree branches and mud.

"Come on, guys! They're winning," said LeShawna.

"We can't lose again, eh," Ezekiel said.

But nobody could pick up the paste since Owen was too tired to continue.

"I'm... not... gonna... make... it!" he wheezed.

Owen (CONF): "I may not be the fastest runner, but I do have an amzing talent for smelling food. Once I even woke up when a food commerical was on."

"Wait. Do I smell what I think I smell? Yes, it's... food!" cheered Owen and he ran ahead of everyone else.

Meanwhile, the entire Screaming Gophers team had already gathered at the mess hall. While only a few of the Bass had arrived. The remainder had finally returned within a few minutes.

"That wasn't so bad," Izzy said.

"That was totally disgusting!" shouted Heather, who was covered in weeds, mud, scratches, torn clothes, and messy hair.

"Never make us do that again!" cried Owen.

"Hey, wait a sec," said Geoff. "This means we won the challenge! Party!"

"Not so fast, party-dude," Chris began. "that wasn't your challenge."

"What?!" Everybody exclaimed in a mix of anger, surprise, and confusion.

"Look, it's time for breaky, now you will eat this food and get ready for the challenge. You'll need the energy, trust me," Chris said with an evil grin and chuckled.

Chef had just came out with a long portable refreshment cart of fancy dining food which looked way better than his normal cooking. Everyone was amazed.

Gwen (CONF): "After having to eat that disgusting slop for 3 days, I was just about ready to dive in when I saw that food."

Heather (CONF): "Whoever is paying for this catering service SERIOUSLY needs to catch up. Don't they know I can't have that much of carbs? But I was desperate to get some actual food around here, so I was willing to risk it."

By now, the cart was completely empty, except for a few bones and left-over scraps on the dishes. All of the contestants were on the ground with slightly bloated stomachs and faces splattered with food that had missed their mouths, all looking as though the would vomit from overeating.

"Ugh." Sadie said. "It feels like when we got overloaded on caffeine and sugar at Austin Pojarb's party last year."

"You feel like that, too?" replied Katie. "But you have to admit it was a real fun time!"

"Uh, I think my stomach ate my stomach!" Izzy groaned.

"Okay, I hope you all enjoyed your meal!" Chris cheered. "Because it's time for your second challenge, the Awake-a-thon!"

"You mean all of that running and food was just to make it harder for us to stay awake?!" LeShawna exclaimed angrily.

"Yeah." Chris replied. "Don't you just love me?"

The scene alternated to daytime around the campfire pit where all of the remaining campers had begun the challenge and were all doing their own things to stay awake. All 21 were still wide awake, but things were about to change...

Tyler, Bridgette, and Sadie had already fallen asleep after about 4 hours in.

"What wimps," Eva huffed.

"Sadie! No!" screamed Katie. "I'll win it for us!"

"Okay," Heather said to Beth and Lindsay. "We're are going to form an alliance and become the final 3. Got it?"

"You are soooo good at this game!" Beth complimented Lindsay while she watched her play games on her phone.

"Thanks, Beth!" said Lindsay.

Heather growled at this. The 2 looked confused.

"What's your problem Heather?" asked Lindsay.

"Will you two just listen to me?!" shrieked Heather, "Once we eliminate everyone else, we'll form the final 3."

"Can't you see we're trying to play 'Runway Diva', Heather?" Beth asked her in annoyance.

"Why would we form the Final 3?" Lindsay asked Heather, "What kind of band name is that? Let's call our band: L.I.N.D.S.A.Y."

"For one, that's stupid. For two, you're stupid. And three, there is no band! We're going to go to the final 3 in the competition!" Heather shouted then waited for them to respond while putting on make-up.

"Shut up," Beth said and walked away from her with Lindsay.

"Okay," Heather said blankly, still putting on make-up. After a few seconds she realized what she had really said, and shocked, screamed. "What!" Then a rock flew in from off-screen hit her forehead and knocked her out, meaning she was out of the Awake-a-thon.

Even though that Heather's plans didn't work out, someone else was scheming something...

"I think the 3 of us should form an alliance, guys." Izzy told Eva and Noah.

"Why?" Eva asked. "I'm not even on the same team as you guys."

"Yeah, but if we last long enough, we can toss that pretty-boy, Justin, right off the island! Then we'll shoot for the final 3!" explained Izzy.

"Well I do hate pretty-boys," Eva remembered. "I'm in."

"Me too," Noah agreed. "'Anti-me' is going down!"

About 3 more hours had past and it was sunset. Gwen was sitting along on the ground and Trent came up to her and sat closely next to her.

"Hey, beautiful!" he greeted. Gwen looked at him for a second, then gave a comfortable smile, indicating the beginning of their relationship. "That's an amazing sight. Mind if I watch it with you?"

"Not at all," Gwen replied. "Trent, right?"

He nodded.

"You know, the sunset really brings out the beauty in your eyes." Harold flirted with Leshawna.

"You're not too bad, yourself, stringbean." Leshawna said.

"Oh, why did it have to be chicken!" Owen cried. He was farting constantly. "It makes me sleepwalk and very gassy!"

"That's sooooo hot!" Izzy exclaimed and jumped on Owen's back.

"Izzy!" Geoff cried. "I thought you liked me!"

"Omg, Geoff!" Izzy said. "I showed up in our hot tub half-naked. Everyone saw it! It wasn't exclusive to you!"

"Can you guys stop interupting my modeling practice!" complained Justin working on poses.

"Ugh!" Izzy growled. "Shut up! My alliance is going to vote you off anyways!"

Eva facepalmed and sighed to Noah next to her. "IDIOT!"

"What alliance?" Justin said puzzled.

Izzy managed to quickly cover herself. "Alliance? Justin, you're in an alliance! Quick next time we lose, everyone VOTE HIM OUT!"

"That's it!" Justin cried and pulled out sleeping blow-darts and Izzy gasped. "I'm taking you AND your fatty boyfriend out!"

"Fatty?!" she said and quickly jumped up off of Owen, dodging the first dart and hitting Owen, made him fall asleep. Izzy flipped in the air and landed behind Justin, turning around and gasping at what he had just done. "Owen!! Oh, that's it! You are going to pay!" and she lunged at Justin.

Within a few moments, Izzy had tied him hanging upside-down from a tree in nothing but his tighty-whities. A few days past and Zeke had fallen asleep, too. Noah was beginning to have trouble staying awake, but he couldn't read his book or he would fall asleep. Cody was talking to Geoff to pass the time, although their words were hidden by Katie and LeShawna's, who were also talking to each other, telling their most hilarious experiences and listening to the next.

"That's so cool!" said Katie.

"You should've been there when he saw what his house looked like," Leshawna insisted.

DJ had slowly fallen asleep on accident when he settled into an area of nice soft grass. Harold was struggling to stay awake.

"Ugh! My mojo can't take much more of this," cried Harold.

"Hang in there, Harold!" Geoff pleaded. "We've gotta win this!"

"Was that really neccessary?" Noah asked Izzy, referring to her tree-stunt.

"Of course, Noah," Izzy replied, pausing in unison to Owen sleepwalking naked past them, then continuing. "Our goal as an alliance is to expose Justin!"

"I think you overexposed," Eva pointed out.

"And Owen hasn't?!" Noah exclaimed.

Owen CONF: "You can't blame me for my habbits. That's my friends' job!"

Meanwhile, Courtney was doing something rather interesting... she was jogging in place and extremely tired-out. This confused everyone, since they figured she'd jog herself to sleep. But inside Courtney had a 'plan.'

Courtney CONF: "I figured if I keep my 'eye on the ball', I'd outlast all of them. I need my adrenaline pumping. I got that idea when I saw Owen naked..."

One more day past, and the campers were down to 8: Courtney, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, and Harold. Harold was immensly tired and fell asleep after about 2 minutes later. Cody also needed some rest, but resisted it. Chris brought out a torture method for those left; a music player with peaceful soothing music playing.

This had brought up many yawns. Courtney and Trent had dosed of in mere seconds.

"Okay," Chris announced. "We're down to the final 5 competitors! Those of you out, you can return to your cabins. Those remaining, you have this chance to take a bathroom break!"

Immediately, Geoff and Cody stood up and headed to the washrooms, leaving Gwen, Lindsay, and Beth on their own. Before long, Chris sent an intern after them, who had seen they had both dosed off on the toilet-seats. The intern had given Chris a notecard and he read it.

"It appears our last guys have taken a dive on the can!" Chris announced. "Now who wants to hear a story?!"

"I'm out," Gwen said instantly and walked off toward the cabins.

Chris had began his story, which was slowly muffled out since Lindsay aand Beth were so distracted by the game they couldn't even hear it. The story had ended about 10 minutes before the battery on Lindsay's phone died, shutting it down, and bringing the girls back to reality.

"Oh darn," Lindsay stated. She yawned, and then fell asleep, leaving Beth the last one standing!

"And the winner of the awake-a-thon is.......BETH!" announced Chris with enthusiasm. "The Gophers win once more! And I'll see the Bass at elimination. AGAIN."

Eva (CONF): "UgH! I NEED BETTER TEAMMATES! I'm so sick of this loser team of losers losing every loser challenge! But Courtney has made it clear enough that she doesn't have much of a use anymore. Bye-bye, princess!"

Cody (CONF): "I don't know who to vote-off. Gwen's definately not an option, and Leshawna's also a good competitor for the team at the moment, too. But what about Lindsay? She did cost us the challenge..."

Later on in the night, at the campfire ceremony, the Bass sat nervously, shooting looks at one another. They couldn't trust anyone. They seemed confident, but this was just a mask over their real fears...

"A lot of you deserve to be here tonight," Chris said softly and serious. "But, sadly, you can only choose one amongst yourselves. I have these 9 marshmallows on my plate, one for each of you, but one. Come and claim your marshmallow as I call your name."

There was not a word as the contestants took one more glance at each other before the marshmallows would be given out.

"The first marshmallow of the night goes to DJ," he revealed. Then moved on. "Also safe is Leshawna!"

Both were excited clearly as they went to get their symbols of safety.

"E-zek-iel..?" even Chris was shocked. "Tyler and Cody! Gwen! Lindsay!"

Courtney and Owen were shocked for a moment at the fact they were at the bottom-two, and that only one of them would survive.

"Owen; Courtney?" Chris began his tiresomely dramtatic speech. "This is the final marshmallow. Only one will recieve it. The other must immediatly leave to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers; and you can't come back. Ever. The final marshmallow goes to...








Owen was sad at first, but after a brotherly hug from Cody, Tyler, and DJ, he left, sobbing his eyes out as he watched the island disappear from his view. Then, Tyler turned towards his team.

"Why would you guys want to boot Owen?" Tyler questioned them.

"He's not helpful at all... and weak," Eva replied while she lifted a weights in her hands.

"And.... naked sleepwalking is just.... groooss," Courtney added.

"With 'large and loveable' Owen out, who will keep the Bass's spirits up?" Chris closed the show. "Find out this and more, next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter 4: "Dodge Brawl"

"Last time on Total Drama Island!" Chris began the recap. "Our remaining 21 contestants dueled it out in the Awake-a-thon challenge. Izzy managed to form an alliance with Eva and Noah to take out Justin. But for Heather, things didn't work out so well. Trent and Gwen took their time during the challenge to get to know each other. And with the help of an addicting video game, Beth scored the win for the rest of her team, and big loveable Owen was sent home for sleep walking naked. Grrooss! With 20 contestants remaining, who will go home next? What drama lies in store for Izzy and Justin? All this and more, right now, on Total........ Drama....... Island!"

The remaining competitors sat at their respective tables in the Mess Hall, chatting with each other of game strategy and just the game in general. Obviously, they were all still a little cranky from the just recent Awake-a-thon. Of course, Beth was the most heavily effected by this, being the winner of the challenge. She had dozed off while she was chatting with Geoff, her head right in her bowl of oatmeal.

"Okay, guys. We really need to put together a game plan," Courtney said to her team. "That's twice in a row we've lost."

"Yeah," Eva agreed. "I can't keep doing all the work for us."

This earned her a glare from her teammates.

Leshawna (CONF): "If psycho girl really thinks she's doing all the work on this team, you'd think we've voted her off by now."

"Courtney's right. We can't afford to lose anymore players." Tyler broke the silence. Meanwhile, Lindsay was balancing her spoon on her nose, not giving any attention to what they were saying. Leshawna and Cody were both staring at her, confused.

"Why didn't we vote her off last time?" Cody whispered to her. "I mean, she did cost us the challenge." Leshawna just shrugged, as she hadn't even come to think of that yet.

"I've got an idea," Gwen whispered to Cody and Leshawna, who she was sitting by. "what if the 3 of us formed an alliance?"

"Great idea," Cody said.

"I'm in," Leshawna said.

"Woo-hoo!" Geoff hollered at the Gophers' table. "Now this is a party!"

"Yeah," Bridgette agreed. "Nice job, Beth."

"Thanks, Bridgette," Beth said.

Meanwhile, Justin and Izzy sat across from each other, shooting the other a glare.

"I know what you're up to," Justin muttered under his breath.

"Underneath that chiseled face, there's pure evil," Izzy growled back. Katie and Sadie were confused by this, and they scooted away from the two in terror.

Sadie (CONF): I have no idea what's going on with Izzy and Justin, but they are like, kinda freaking me out right now.

The 20 contestants and Chris were now in a glass-walled gym area. Chris then explained the challenge to them.

"Todays challenge is a classic game of dodgeball," Chris said. "You all know the rules. Avoid getting hit by the ball, if you're hit you're out, catch the ball and you can send another player back in, yadayada- GO!!" Chef blew his whistle and the 5 representitives of each team for round 1 went in.

Tyler, Gwen, Leshawna, Cody, and Eva played for the Bass while Bridgette, Geoff, Noah, Izzy, and Trent played for the Gophers.

"Waaayyy too easy!" Eva shouted in pride. But before she had a chance to pick up a ball, she was knocked down by a ball.

"Take that!" Bridgette snapped back.

"Oh, that is it!" Leshawna said in anger as she grabbed 2 balls and chucked them at Noah and Geoff, knocking them down as well.

"Geoff! Noah!" Trent cried and quickly chucked a ball at Leshawna is anger.

"Leshawna!" Cody and Gwen cried in unison. Cody hit Bridgette with a dodgeball, while Gwen hit Izzy, leaving Trent left on the Gophers team.

"Uhhhh," Trent said nervously.

Tyler was about to throw a ball at him, but slipped and fell, dropping the ball which landed on him, eliminating him from the challenge. Cody facepalmed, then threw a ball at Trent, but he ducked, causing the ball to hit the wall and bounce and straight back and hit him.

"Come on, Gwen!" Courtney cheered from the stands.

"Yeah," Leshawna joined her. "Take him out, girl!"

Trent got nervous from their cheers and looked back at his team for support, then back at Gwen, who stood their, hands on hips, challenging him in a friendly way. Trent simply picked up a ball and chucked it at Gwen, who tried to dodge it, but she wasn't fast enough and it hit her hip. Chef blew his whistle.

"The Screaming Gophers win the first round!" Chris announced, followed by a victory cheer from the Gophers. The scene flashed to round 2. Now, it was Courtney, DJ, Lindsay, Leshawna, and Eva vs. Katie, Beth, Justin, Harold, and Heather. Heather made the first the move and threw a ball at DJ, who had a ball in his hand.

"Some competition we have," Heather gloated.

"Hey!" Courtney said angrily. She followed this up by grabbing the ball DJ had and hurling it across the room, and smacking Heather onto the glass the wall with the ball.

Courtney (CONF): *chuckles* It's all in the wrists.

Eva took Heather's ambush as a signal for battle and competitively threw a ball at Justin. Lindsay tried to do the same, but Harold ducked out of the way.

"Ha!" Harold said. "This kinda reminds me of at school." Harold had lots of dodgeball practice back at his high school, where he was of course the main target for the jocks. He retrieved Lindsay's ball slowly and carefully, to make sure nobody tried to get him while he was busy. And then he quickly returned the favor to Lindsay, who wasn't as quick as he was, and got hit in the face.

"Owww!" she exclaimed.

Leshawna quickly grabbed the ball and nailed Harold with it, so Lindsay would feel better about her getting out. Unfortunately, for her, Justin used the opportunity to strike while she was occupied, and hit her in the stomach, which left him and Katie against Eva and Courtney.

Katie rushed to a single ball in the center of the gym area. She was quick, but Eva was quicker and got there before she did. Eva was quick enough to grab it and slam it into Katie while she stayed in close range. While Justin watched the demise of his teammate, Courtney had picked up the ball Leshawna was hit with and threw it at him, leaving him frozen in position because he couldn't process what was happening in time, before he was bolted to the ground by the projectile.

Chef blew his whistle once again. "Killer Bass win round 2! Now for the timebreaker round!"

The last round is Cody, Courtney, DJ, Gwen, Tyler vs. Harold, Geoff, Trent, Izzy, and Bridgette.

"It is on!" Tyler exclaimed. He threw a ball at Geoff and dodged another coming his way. Suddenly, there were balls flying everywhere. The Bass team had formed a line and began throwing balls rapidly at the other team, leaving only Harold left.

Katie (CONF): Oh, poor Harold! I feel bad for the guy, with the pressure on him and all.

"Yeah, go Harold!" Justin said in the stands as Harold dodged multiple balls. Harold looked over, as Katie was smiling giving him a somewhat flirtitious wave, and just in a second, he was nailed in the face.

"AND THE KILLER BASS FINALLY WIN!!" Chris yelled out while the Killer Bass started partying. And the Gophers groaned, as they were about to go to their first elimination.

"Alright, Gophers, let's make this quick." Chris instructed. "I've got a massage in 5 minutes. Anyways, I've got marshmallows for.... Trent, Bridgette, Izzy, Noah, Geoff, Beth, Heather, and Sadie. Justin had votes, but he's safe. Katie, Harold; the final marshmallow goes to...









Harold hung his head low and walked towards the Dock of Shame.

"Harold," Katie chased after him. "wait up!"

Harold stopped and slowly turned around in surprise. She quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was drawn for words with his mouth partially opened. All he could do is lean-in and kiss her for a few seconds and wish her luck in the game. Katie waved goodbye to him, as he boarded the Boat of Losers and drifted slowly away from the island, still a bit shocked. But he still waved back and shot her a smile.

"Well," Chris closed the show. "that was interesting. What will happen next for our remaining love-birds? What conflicts will become of it? Find out, next episode, here on Total Drama... Island!"

Episode 5: "Totally Not Famous"

"Last time on Total Drama Island!" Chis recapped. "We had our competitors participate in a classic game of dodgeball. And the Bass finally got past their losing streak and kicked major butt in the challenge. But because of Katie's flirting distracting Harold at the last moment and costing them the challenge, Harold was sent home and now we have 19 players left. But will Katie reget her actions? Find out now, on Total Drama.... Island!!"

Katie was heard sobbing in the girls' side of the cabin.

"Oh, I miss Harold!" she cried.

"It's okay, Katie." Bridgette patted her back. "Harold is just going to feel worse when he sees you like this. He'd wish he'd never been eliminated and blame himself for you not wanting to go on in the game. You have to try!"

"I guess you're right, Bridgette." Katie stopped sobbing.

Heather (CONF): "So... Bridgette's helping Katie, but Katie's weak without Harold. If I can use Harold against Katie, she'll be an easy target. And while Bridgette is busy helping Katie, I can catch her off-guard."

The scene flashed to the outdoor ampitheater where the contestants waited for Chris to explain the next challenge.

"Our next challenge is summer camp favorite, a talent contest!" Chris announced. "Each team will hold auditions and pick the best 3 members of your team to perform tonight. Your performance will be judged by Chef. Best score wins!"

"Okay, so who wants to go first?" Bridgette asked the other Gophers in front of their cabin.

"Oh, I do!" said Izzy.

"This outta be good," Heather said sarcastically.

"Yeah, wait till you see it, Heather!" Izzy said.

Heather (CONF): "Okay....  after nice girl and surfer chick, crazy's soooo next to go!"

The scene flashed to the far-side of the Bass' cabin where they were holding their auditions. Lindsay was showcasing her 'talent' as the others watched is curiousity. She had Tyler in a spinning chair and had him facing away from everyone else as she put the finishing touches on her project.

"Ta-da!" she said, turning the chair around to show the others Tyler's make-over. The rest of the Bass seemed to think it was good, as they applauded and smiled wildly at what Lindsay had done. They had found their first 'act'.

"She has got to be in this," Leshawna insisted. "Girl's got style."

"I think it looks dumb," Eva argued. She was the only one not satisfied with it. "Styling isn't even a real talent!"

"Come on, Eva," Courtney said. "Chef will eat this stuff up!"

Eva (CONF): "I am on a stupid team of stupid losers. Those idiots wouldn't know talent even if they'd seen it on a reality show. Physical skill is REAL talent."

"Lindsay, you're in!" Courtney said, ignoring Eva's comment and making her angry.

"Fine," Eva said reluctantly. "But if you mess this up for us, I'll make sure one of you two is eliminated."

Back on the Gophers' side, Izzy's teammates were stunned and staring in shock at what they had just seen.

"Well....." Bridgette broke their silence. "That was an 'entertaining' event."

"And it definately was a surprise," Noah added.

"Yeah, I liked the part when-" Justin began with a smirk before Heather put her hand on his mouth and trapped the words inside.

"Please," Heather said digusted. "Don't bring it back up!"

Izzy (CONF): Justin thinks he's soo smart! He's obviously trying to get my teammates to turn against my performance. But if he thinks that's going to happen, he's got another thing coming!

"I guess it's my turn," Heather said. She danced to the song Firework as her performance, which her team loved.

"Nice!" Geoff said. "She's got to be in this!"

"Totally," Katie replied and Sadie nodded her head in unison.

"We can't lose with this kind of talent," said Beth.

"We can't win with this kind of talent," said Eva, back at the Killer Bass auditions.

"Were you even watching, Eva?" Gwen asked surprised. "Leshawna is a top-notch dancer!"

"Yeah," Cody helped back her up. "And DJ has some killer ribbon-dancing skills! I mean, we are the Killer Bass."

"Okay," said Courtney. She had taken the role as leader for the challenge. But wasn't as obnoxious and strict as she would be in the canon version. "So we all agree that DJ's ribbon dancing, Leshawna's dance moves, and Lindsay's make-up skills will be representing us in the talent show?"

Everyone cheered in reply. Everybody, except for Eva, whose arms were folded as she stood away from the group and huffed a little. She was clearly upset, but also mad her team. She didn't just want them to listen to her anymore. She wanted revenge.

Meanwhile, Trent was finishing song on the guitar:

"She's everything I need in a neatly wrapped box, and she's got attitude and claws like a hawk!"

His team just stared in response to the horrific lyrics. But they certainly loved the song beyond the lyrics. Heather stepped up afterwards.

"Alright, Trent," Heather announced. "It seems by the response that you're in the show! Along with my dancing and  Noah's.... gymnastics." The screen switched over to where Noah in the audience, who was in a jumpsuit.

"Heather, please can we be in?" Katie and Sadie begged. "We wanna do our dance."

"I'm sorry girls, but you had your chance," Heather folded her arms.

Heather (CONF): "Oh, of course I'm going to let them perform. It's all part of my plan!"

The scene now changed to later that night when most of the competitors were walking through the woods to the outdoor theater for the talent contest. Others stayed at the cabins to prepare for their performances, and others for specific reasons.

Trent strummed his guitar by himself in the cabin. Heather stood outside the door. Without making a sound, she tied the knob of the door tightly to a loose board of the cabin, trapping Trent inside.

Heather (CONF): "One down... two to go."

The teams, meanwhile were walking out to the outdoor ampitheater. Heather walked alongside Katie and Sadie.

"Hey girls," Heather said. "Looks like Trent bailed on us. So you can perform after all. Good luck!"

Heather patted Sadie on the back, purposely too hard, which causes her to fall over and land on her knee.

"Sadie!" Katie cried out. "Are you okay?"

"I'm so sorry," Heather feigned sympathy.

"I'm okay," Sadie said. "But I can't perform."

"I can't do it on my own," Katie doubted herself. "not knowing that you need me."

"I do need you," Sadie said. "I need you to blow Chef away and win this challenge for us."

Katie gulped and was a little nervous, but she nodded.

"Okay," she said. "Go to the infirmary, and rest there. You'll be fine in the morning I promise."

"Good luck," Sadie said as she hugged her BFF. Bridgette and Katie helped her up, and Bridgette put her arm around Sadie and she did the same then helped her walk to the infirmary.

Back at the ampitheater, the challenge had already begun as Katie got backstage and changed into her outfit for the performance. DJ finished his ribbon dancing with a score of 8/9.

"Wow, DJ," Chris said. "those were some mighty fine dancing skills."

"Thanks, Chris," said DJ.

"But will they be enough to beat the Screaming Gophers?" said Chris. "We'll have to see. First-up for them is Heather with her dancing!"

"Thanks Chris," Heather said as she walked out on stage. She performed her dance and everybody cheered, in spite of their common dislike for her. She scored a 7/9.

Leshawna (CONF): I'll admit... Heather is a pretty good dancer, but just wait until everbody sees my dancing skills!

"Up next is.... Leshawna!" Chris announced. Leshawna seemed a little nervous but prepared for her dance routine. She danced, as the entertained expressions on everbody else's faces soon turned into a look of shock and disgust. She recieved a final score of 5/9, which surprised her, but she was satisfied with it.

"Up next is Noah and his gymnastic act!" Chris said.

Noah began to do a series of flips and all other sorts of gymnastic tricks as the music began. Including a handstand and a 180 degree kick. Overall, he scored a 8/9, putting the Gophers in the lead.

Next came Lindsay with her make-up "act", and as Courtney predicted, recieved a positive result with a perfect score of 9/9. With 22 points, the Killer Bass were in the lead. The Screaming Gophers only had 17 points. Katie was up next.

Geoff (CONF): It's all up to you Katie.

Katie (CONF): It's all up to me. I'm gonna do it for you, Sadie!

Katie stood on the stage, but froze in fear. She had already lost Harold and Sadie. What if she lost the challenge? She knew it would be her going home next. Then she realized, it was all because of Heather. It was her plan all along! She had to definately go on now.

"Come on Katie," Sadie rooted for the frozen Katie from a bed in the infirmary where a television showed the challenge.

Katie breathed heavily as the music played. The dance turned out to be great and everybody loved it. Chef scored her a 9/9. Chris came up and announced the results of the challenge.

"Fantastic, Katie!" Chris said. "Thanks to you, the Screaming Gophers win with a total score of 26 points!"

The entire team, including Sadie, cheered in hapiness.

Katie (CONF): Wow, I actually did it! And I'm not going to let Heather get away with what she did to Sadie.

"Well, well, well," Chris said at the campfire ceremony. "Killer Bass, you can just not stay in the lead, can you."

"I tried to tell them these acts were stupid." Eva said, earning glares from the rest of her team.

"Well, Eva," Chris said. "The odds are ever in your favor, because tonight you're getting the first marshmallow."

"Cody, you're also safe."

"Boo-yah!" Cody cheered as he caught his marshmallow.

"Tyler and Courtney,"

"Yes!" They said in unison, then looked at each other awkwardly in embarrasment.

"DJ and Gwen," Chris continued.

DJ and Gwen caught their marshmallows and then high-fived each other.

"And surprisingly, Ezekiel!" Chris said. "Leshawna... Lindsay... one of you will go home tonight, and the other will remain for the next challenge... and that person is...







... Lindsay!"

Everybody (except Eva) gasped.

"I feel so bad, Leshawna," said Lindsay. "that Ava girl talked me into it."

Leshawna turned and glared at Eva who was grinning evilly. She turned over to Lindsay and gave her a smile of forgiveness.

"Oh, Linds," Leshawna said. "it ain't your fault. But from now on, try and listen to yourself before anybody else. Unless you know that they're a good friend."

"We're going to miss you Leshawna," said Gwen, barely holding back tears.

"Yeah," Courtney said. "You're an awesome competitor... and a great friend."

"Aw," Leshawna said. "Thanks, girls. You guys are the best."

Leshawna hugged her remaining teammates (besides Eva) goodbye, then headed down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers.

"Well that was a shocker, wasn't it," Chris said. "Total Drama Island has just lost one of its biggest players. What will become of Izzy's alliance? Will Katie actually retaliate on Heather? Can the Bass get their game together in time for the next challenge? All this and more, next time on Total Drama Island!"

Eva (CONF): I told you I would make them pay. I couldn't have done it without my alliance though. They helped convince most of my team to vote her off. Goodbye, Leshawna!

Chapter 6: "The Sucky Outdoors"

"Previously, on TDI," Chris said. "throughout the talent contest challenge, Heather tried to weaken Katie through her relationships with Sadie and Harold, so she could eliminate both her and Bridgette. Meanwhile, Courtney, Leshawna and Linday got on Eva's bad side when they wouldn't listen to her opinion about their act choices. Heather locked Trent inside the cabin to make sure Katie would perform and injured Sadie before the show. In the end Katie managed to follow through and score a perfect 9 on her dance routine. She also swore to get revenge on Heather for what she did. And thanks to Eva's scheming, Leshawna was sent home. Who will be next? Find out right now on Total Drama Island!"

The episode opened at the firepit, where the remaining 18 contestants were listening to Chris.

"Campers, today's challenge will test your survival skills," he said. "I'm warning you, some of you may not come back alive."

Some contestants gasped.

"Just joking," reassured Chris. "all you have to do it spend a night in the woods. Everything you need is at your teams campsite in the forest, you just have to find it. First team back for breaky wins invincibility."

Chris tossed Courtney the Killer Bass' compass and map, and Heather the Screaming Gopher's.

"Well," Chris said. "Off you go."

The scene flashed to the Screaming Gophers, minus Sadie, walking in the forest.

"Izzy can handle the wilderness," Izzy said. "we are gonna win this challenge."

"Totally," Bridgette said. "As long as we can all handle Heather for a night."

"Excuse me?" Heather said in surprise. "what is that supposed to mean?"

"I know what you're up to," Bridgette stared at her coldly. "and it's not going to work."

"Okay, okay," Geoff said. "Everyone just calm down."

"Yeah, we're down a member because Sadie is in the infirmary," said Justin.

"Yeah," Heather said. "but the Killer Bass have lost three campers already and we've only lost two counting her."

"Which means we'd better be prepared, the Bass could make a comeback," Beth advised.

"Why should we listen to you?" Heather said to Beth. "you're a loser."

"Heather," Justin said.

"What?" Heather said with fury and her eyes.

"Nothing," Justin nervously replied.

The scene switched to the Killer Bass walking in the forest.

"This is hopeless,"  Courtney said. "we're never going to win."

"Hey, it's going to be okay," Gwen said and comforted Courtney.

"Yeah," Lindsay chimed in. "we can still win this challenge if we put our hearts in minds into it."

"You're right," Courtney said happily.

"Let's win this challenge so we don't have to send someone home again," Gwen said as the three girls high-fived.

They cheered with the rest off the Killer Bass and started running in great spirit.

Heather led the Screaming Gophers, and eventually they found their campsite.

"Look," Bridgette said. "there's all of our stuff."

"Nice," Geoff said.

"Come on," Izzy and Noah got out the tent and began to set it up.

"Great job, guys," DJ smiled at the Killer Bass' work. The Killer Bass were almost finished setting up their campsite.

"Yeah," Cody said. "we'll beat the Gophers easily like this."

Then, Tyler and Ezekiel came in with some wood.

"Hey guys," Ezekiel said.

"We got some wood for the campfire tonight," said Tyler.

"Nice work," said Gwen as she finished setting the tent up with Courtney. "you can set the wood down over there."

"Cool," Tyler responded and set the wood down.

"Now let's get this fire going," DJ said.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Gophers already had their fire going and the sun had just set. They roasted fish over it.

"You did an excellent job starting this fire, Izzy," said Noah.

"Thanks, Noah," Izzy replied.

Bridgette walked over to Katie.

"Hey, Bridgette," Katie greeted.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" Bridgette asked.

"Sure," Katie said.

"Well," said Bridgette. "it's about... Heather."

"Oh..." Katie said. "she like, ruins the fun for everybody else. I don't like her."

"I know, me too," Bridgette said. "she's nothing but trouble. She tried to use your feelings for Sadie and Harold and get you eliminated last challenge."

"What?" Katie was shocked. "I mean I knew that she like, pushed Sadie on purpose just to be mean... she was taking advantage of me that whole time?"

"Just using you to get further in the game," Bridgette said. "she knew that you couldn't perform if you didn't have Sadie with you. And then you'd cost us the game and we'd vote you off."

"Gee," Katie scratched her head. "I never thought about it like that."

"Well now," Bridgette said. "we need to get rid of her next chance we get, okay?"

"Okay," Katie agreed.

"Alright," Heather announced to her team. "since I'm leader we're all going to relax by the fire for a bit."

"Sounds good to me," Beth said.

"Yeah, I'm in." Justin said.

"Well, nobody asked you guys because nobody cares," Heather said.

"I'm actually kinda tired," said Trent. "can't we just go to sleep now?"

"No, you can't," Heather said. "and if you oppose my instructions as team captain again, I will personally shove you into the fire."

Trent took a step back in surprise and fear at Heather's threat.

"Woah, woah," Trent said. "calm down, Heather."

"Alright," Heather sat down. "fine. I'll chill. For now, anyway."

"Shouldn't Courtney and DJ be back with our food by now?" Gwen asked the rest of the Killer Bass as they sat around the fire.

"Yeah," said Tyler. "they should be here."

Suddenly, they both came running back into the campsite screaming in terror. They both had scratches on their faces and messy hair. They were carrying some fish.

"What happened to you guys?" Lindsay said.

"We got attacked by a bear when we tried to grab some fish from the river," said Courtney.

"Oh my god," Lindsay gasped.

"At least we have food," DJ said.

The Bass cooked the fish over the fire and began to eat.

"Man this is good stuff," said Cody.

When they finished eating, they all went inside the tent to get some sleep.

"I'm still a little worried about the bear," Lindsay said.

The scene flashed to later that night when the Gophers were all sleeping in their tent. Beth and Bridgette woke up to a thunderstorm.

"Ugh," Bridgette groaned. "we're never gonna get any sleep with this rain keeping us up."

"I know, Bridgette," Beth said. "but we have to try."

"Okay," Bridgette said. "I guess you're right."

They both tried to sleep again, but some rustling outside was heard. Bridgette angrily grunted as she got up and exited the tent to see what was going on.

A brief silence followed and Bridgette's scream woke everyone up. They all exited the tent to see a bear pawing at their leftover fish.

"What do we do?" Geoff whispered.

"Just try and stay quiet," Noah said.

"It was Heather's idea to leave some fish for breakfast," Justin said.

"It was not," Heather lied.

"Let's not point fingers," Katie said. "everybody just stay calm."

"Well I actually want to get some sleep," said Heather as she picked up a stick from the ground. "I'm getting rid of this bear myself."

She raised her stick high up in the air.

"Heather, wait," Geoff called out, but Heather ignored him.

In a flash, her stick was struck by lightning, which electricuted her and burned down the tent before the rain could put out the fire.

The bear was scared away by the lightning and ran back into the forest.

Heather (CONF): I am so going to make them pay for this.

"That was so awesome!" Izzy exclaimed.

"Great," Heather said. "now we have no tent to sleep in.

"Hey," Trent said. "we can still work with this."

"Yeah," Bridgette said. "we could sleep underneath that tree."

Everyone nodded in agreement and ran under the tree.

The scene flashed back to the Killer Bass' campsite, where they all were sleeping great. The winds were really strong now and blew the tent off the ground and into a tree. Everyone woke up.

"What the heck?" Cody exclaimed.

"Look," Courtney pointed up to the tree and everybody groaned.

"How does that happen?" Tyler said.

"Who knows," Gwen said. "let's just find us a dry place to sleep."

"How?" Eva said. "it's pouring all over the place."

"What about underneath that huge leafy tree?" Lindsay suggested.

"Good idea," Ezekiel said. "let's go, eh."

They all ran towards the tree.

Then the scene flashed to show the woods in the morning again, where it had stopped raining. All of the contestants woke up.

"We made it guys," DJ cheered and gave the rest of the Killer Bass a high five as they cheered with him.

"Now all we have to do is find our way back to camp," Tyler said.

Then the whole team stopped celebrating and realized that they needed to get going to get back to camp first. They all ran off in a rush.

The Screaming Gophers were already ahead of them and were running in the forest as Justin and Heather had an arguement.

"Listen to me," Heather demanded. "we need to get back to camp now or we'll lose. We don't have time to look for losers."

"But I'm telling you," Justin said. "we left Izzy behind and we need to find her!"

"Nobody cares about that psycho," Heather snapped. "we are not losing our winning streak because you wanted to go look for Ms. Crazy."

Noah was clearly surprised at what was going on. Justin sighed as he gave up fighting and appeared to be depressed. Noah looked at him one last time before he turned his head back in front of him. He seemed to be in deep thought.

The Gophers made it back to the firepit first. Chris was already waiting for them. The Bass came out of the woods just a few seconds afterwards.

"And the Screaming Gophers win!" Chris announced.

"No,"  Courtney cried out and fell onto her knees. "how did we lose again?"

Lindsay and Gwen went up to her and comforted her.

"See?" Heather gloated and turned to her teammates. "I told you that we'd win if you listened to me."

"Wait just a minute, Heather," Chris said. He appeared to be doing a head count.

"Huh?" Heather said.

"You guys are one camper short," Chris said. "where's Izzy?"

"Uh," Heather hesitated. "I don't-"

"Well then, we have our winners," Chris said and turned over to the Killer Bass. "the Killer Bass finally win!"

Gwen and Lindsay helped Courtney get back up and the team cheered at their victory.

Izzy came running out of the forest and joined her team.

"Hey guys," Izzy said. "what did I miss?"

"Heather didn't want to go back and look for you, so we lost," Noah explained.

"You mean... we have to send somebody home?" Heather said, still very surprised.

"Yep," Chris said. "I'll see you losers tonight."

The scene flashed to later on in the day, outside the Gophers cabin. Katie and Bridgette were sitting at a picnic table.

"Okay," Bridgette said. "we're going to vote her off tonight?"

"Totally," Katie nodded. "but we'll need more than just our votes to seal the deal. Should we like, ask someone to vote with us?"

"Sounds good to me," Bridgette said as Beth walked out of the cabin. "hey, Beth. Can you come over here for a sec?"

"Sure," Beth said and walked over to them. "what's up?"

"We're planning on voting out Heather tonight," Bridgette said. "are you with us?"

"Definitely," Beth said.

"Hey guys," Trent said. He and Justin walked over and joined the group.

"Who are you guys voting for?" Beth asked.

"We're thinking about voting off Heather," Justin said.

"Well," Bridgette said. "that's who we all decided to vote for."

"Okay, we're in," Trent said.

"Great," Katie said. "but that's still only half of the votes."

Meanwhile, Izzy and Noah were sitting on the Dock of Shame.

"Okay, so tonight's when we vote off Justin?" Izzy said to Noah.

"I'm... not so sure that's... such a great plan," Noah admitted.

Bridgette and Katie walked onto the dock behind them and hovered nearby, but neither Izzy or Noah noticed them.

"What are you talking about?" Izzy asked. "I thought you said you didn't trust him and that you'd vote for him with me."

"I know," Noah said nervously. "but it's just something happened while you were gone... and maybe he's not that bad of a guy after all."

Izzy's eyes widened. "What happened?"

"I'm not sure you're ready for that," Noah said. "but just trust me. I think we should keep Justin here, at least for another three days."

"Noah," said Izzy. "I don't know what happened back there, but I don't trust this guy. And I know you don't completely trust him either. That's the whole reason we started this alliance. But I trust you, so we won't vote for him this time."

"You guys are in an alliance?" Bridgette asked.

The two turned around to see them standing there. Izzy sighed.

"Yes," Izzy confessed. "Eva's in on it, too. She's on the other team, so she can't vote with us."

Noah and Izzy looked up at Katie and Bridgette with hope in there eyes. "Please don't tell anyone,"

"We would like, never do that," Katie said. "we came to ask you if you'd vote off Heather tonight with us."

"She's a backstabber," Noah said. "I thought through everything that happened the night of the talent contest."

"Yeah," Bridgette said. "she tried to use us. We got the others to vote with us to. So you in?"

"Totally," Izzy and Noah said in unison.

At the bonfire ceremony, all of the Gophers had already recieved their marshmallows and were standing behind Chris. All of them except for the bottom three, which was Sadie, Justin, and Heather. Sadie had a cast around her leg and was in a wheel chair.

"Sadie is safe too. Well. Justin, Heather," Chris said. "one of you has spent their last night at Camp Wawanakwa. And the person going home tonight is...









"What?" Heather cried. "why would you vote me off? I'm like the strongest player on this island. You'll all be sorry for this!"

Chris snapped his fingers and Chef grabbed Heather and carried her away from the campfire as she continued to rant to her team, onto the Dock of Shame, and then he threw her into the Boat of Losers.

"Fine," Heather said. "good luck winning this thing with a team of losers. Oh, and, Bridgette and Katie, you'd better watch out. Next time I see you I'll make sur..."

Her words were drowned out by the sound of the boat motor starting up and driving off. Bridgette and Katie high-fived.

"Well, that was satisfying," Chris said as he sipped his coffee. "what lies in store for our remaining campers? Tune in next week and find out on Total Drama Island!"

Chapter 7: "Phobia Factor"

"Our campers had a nice camp out," Chris said. "well, if a harsh windy thunderstorm is what you consider nice. Bridgette figured out that Heather was trying to manipulate Katie to eliminate both of them. And thanks to Heather's bossiness, the Screaming Gophers lost the challenge when they left Izzy in the woods. So Bridgette and Katie told everyone to vote off Heather, and found out about Izzy's alliance, too. What fearsome challenge will they face now on Total Drama Island!

The episode starts off where the previous episode left off. The Screaming Gophers sat around the firepit and Chris was gone.

"Hey guys," Gwen came by with the other Killer Bass.

"Came to rub it in out faces, huh?" Bridgette guessed.

"No," Tyler said. "we just thought you could use some company."

"Besides," DJ said. "it's not like you've lost that many players."

"Well," Justin said. "that's true."

"Speaking of players being voted off," Bridgette smiled and nudged Katie, who also grinned.

"Oh yeah," Cody remembered. "who'd you guys vote off?"

The Killer Bass rolled their eyes down the remaining Screaming Gophers and noticed Heather's absence.

"No way," Gwen said. "you actually did?"

"We did," Katie said.

"You guys voted off Heather?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah," Beth said.

There was a brief silence and then everyone cheered in happiness at the fact that Heather was eliminated.

"I am like, so glad she's finally gone," Katie said.

"I know," said Trent. "she totally freaks me out."

"I'm not scared of Heather," Gwen said. "but I'd hate being burried alive."

Eva (CONF): So everyone just starts having this huge share fest around the fire. Noah went on about his mortal fear is being lost at sea. DJ's afraid of snakes. Even Sadie admitted if she would freak out if she was all by herself for a few hours. My biggest fear, would probably be... going without using gym equipment or working out for a whole day.

The camera panned around the campfire as it showed everyone sharing their fears.

"I'm afraid of chickens," Tyler said.

"I would never go up in a plane," said Izzy. "ever."

"Land mimes," Lindsay said weakly.

"Not having people photograph or admire me for long periods of time," Justin said.

"Having to defuse a time bomb under pressure," Cody said.

"Being left alone in the woods," Bridgette said.

"What's your biggest fear, Courtney?" DJ asked.

"I'm not afraid of anything," Courtney said.

"You seemed pretty afraid of losing the challenge last time," Ezekiel pointed out.

"Shut it, Zeke," Courtney snapped which made him take a step back in defense. Courtney sighed. "sorry, I don't think I'm afraid of losing. I just do not like losing."

Justin yawned.

"Alright, we'd better get some shut eye," Justing said.

"Yeah," Trent nodded. "who knows what crazy challenge Chris has planned for us next."

"Well," Bridgette said. "goodnight everyone."

The scene flashed to everyone eating breakfast in the dining hall. Sadie was healed and out of her wheelchair now.

"Noah," Izzy said. "please tell me what happened while I was gone."

"Uh," Noah said. "I'm not sure you're ready for it yet."

"Come on," Izzy begged. "you have to tell me."

"Fine," Noah sighed. He was about to continue, but Chris' voice cut him off.

"Good morning, campers," Chris said. "I hope you're all ready for today's challenge, because it'll be the toughest yet."

"I'm up for whatever you've got," Cody said.

"Me too," said Tyler.

"We can handle anything you have to throw at us," Eva stood up.

"Don't be so sure about that," Chris grinned evily, which made everyone feel nervous.

"So what is it?" Gwen asked.

"Oh. I've got something in store for each of you," said Chris. "Chef, got that special surprise for Tyler?"

Chef appeared in the window and tossed a fried chicken at Tyler.

"But Tyler's afraid of chickens," Lindsay said.

Tyler slowly chewed off the head of the chicken.

"Hey," Tyler said. "this actually isn't that bad."

"Nice job, Tyler. You won a point for your team. Who's up next?" Chris said. "get ready, Bridgette, because you're going for a nature walk."

Bridgette gasped and so did most of the other Gophers.

"Wait a second," Lindsay said. "how'd he know those were your fears."

"It's a T.V. show," Courtney said. "they were watching us last night around the campfire."

The scene then flashed to everyone around the edge of the woods.

"Alright, Bridgette," said Chris. "all you have to do is spend six hours alone in the woods."

"Okay," Bridgette said nervously as she turned around and slowly walked into the woods.

The scene flashed to the Cody trying to defuse a time bomb nervously. Then it flashed to Gwen being burried alive in a glass case with a walkie talkie.

"Gwen," Chris said. "if you need to get out for any reason before the hour's over, just tell me with your walkie talkie, and I'll dig you up. But you won't get a point for your team."

The scene flashed to Eva sitting outside of her cabin with the door open. She nervously looked inside and saw her gym bag. She looked very tempted but still stayed strong and turned back around.

"You can do this Eva," she said to herself. "it's only for the rest of the day."

The scene flashed again to show Noah in a canoe and Chris pushing him out far into the lake, until he was "lost".

The scene flashed to Izzy in a plane with Chef dressed as a flight attendent and flying her off into the sky, as she screamed in terror.

"You can do this, DJ," said Courtney.

The rest of the contestants that weren't doing a challenge were all watching DJ at the outdoor theater. He was on stage with a glass container that held a small snake.

"Yeah, DJ," said Tyler. "that's like the smallest snake ever."

"And it's like, so cute," Lindsay said.

DJ attempted to pet it, but it turned it's head around to look up at him, causing him to scream and run off the stage. Courtney sighed as he didn't get their team a point for the challenge.

Now the scene flashed back to Bridgette alone in the woods. She stood as she looked around in fear. A racoon ran past her and she jumped back, falling over.

"Okay," Bridgette said. "I guess this isn't too bad."

A large raven swooped over her and scared her too. And then some rusling in the bushes made her back away from it. Out of the bushes came a snake, and she screamed, running out of the woods and losing her challenge.

Elimination Chart

# Contestant Team 2 3 4 5 6 7
Bridgette Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Courtney Bass IN LOW WIN IN WIN
Ezekiel Bass LOW IN WIN IN WIN
Geoff Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Justin Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN LOW
Lindsay Bass IN IN WIN LOW WIN
Sadie Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN IN
Trent Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN IN
18 Heather Gopher WIN WIN IN WIN OUT
19 Leshawna Bass IN IN WIN OUT
20 Harold Gopher WIN WIN OUT
21 Owen Bass IN OUT
22 Duncan Bass OUT


  • Izzy's alliance is the first alliance to be formed.
  • Izzy's alliance has also caused/been associated in many of the other contestants' eliminations.
    • Noah and Izzy helped Eva convince the rest of her team to vote off LeShawna.
    • Izzy and Noah helped Bridgette and Katie by voting off Heather with them.
  • Duncan and Owen's early eliminations are due to their canon progress in seasons.
  • As stated in Dodgebrawl and more officially Totally Not Famous, Katie is in love with Harold.
    • Harold was shocked at this, but his feelings for her are mutual.
    • Their relationship somewhat mimics that of canon Lindsay and Tyler:
      • The escalation in both of their relationships is the quickest among the others.
      • Both have little to no interaction until Dodgebrawl, when they kiss without talking to each other first.
  • Similar to the canon, Heather is cunning and strategical. However, her strategies are mostly failed attempts of manipulation, rather than successful.
  • In Totally Not Famous, when Chris said "The odds are ever in your favor" to Eva, it is a Hunger Games reference.
  • Courtney and Leshawna's friendship is meant to compare to their conflict in the canon TDA.
  • Due to her injury, Sadie was absent for most of The Sucky Outdoors.
    • Although, she appears at the end in a wheelchair at the elimination ceremony.
  • Bridgette is shown to be very strategical and smart, like when she figured out Heather's plan to manipulate Katie.
  • Originally, Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, was not going to be included as a chapter despite being the 'pilot' episode, due to the fact that it'd be way too similar to the canon version, but I later decided to write it.
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