Total Drama Island is the hottest show on television. Twenty-two campers compete for one hundred thousand dollars and will take down tons of challenges week after week until there is one winner, who will get the promised cash. This fanfiction is rated PG-13, due to swearing.


  • Chris McLean is the host.
  • Chef Hatchet is the chef.
  • There are several interns and a cameraman.
  • Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, Heather, Geoff, Gwen, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, Tyler and Webby are the contestants.
  • Mr. Coconut is not officially a contestant, but got eliminated in chapter twenty-three.


Chapter 1: Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

"Hello everyone. My name is Chris McLean, if you didn't know. But you should have known. You may know me from movies such as Lame Ducks and Monkey Butts, but I'm hosting the ultimate new show on television, TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND! Now, let me recap what happened last time on Total Dr-" said Chris.
A producer comes over to Chris and whispers something to him.

"My bad... there was no last time! Anyways, we picked twenty-two teens to compete in this new show, Total Drama Island! Each week, they will face off in challenges and the losing team will pick someone to enjoy their ticket home or... somewhere else... Why don't we meet them now?" Chris says.
The intern shook his head, no.
Chris remembers, "Oh yeah, the theme song."

(theme song plays)

"We are back!" Chris announces.
"Now, let's meet the contestants. Contestant number one, Ezekiel."
Ezekiel picks his nose and walks off the boat, saying, "Hey Chris".
Chris tells Ezekiel "Dude, don't try to get out too early... I understand that you are homeschool and you have no clue what you are doing, but at least do something that's not idiotic."
Ezekiel replies "Okay" and walks to the other side of the dock.
Ezekiel digs deeper into his nose, not paying attention to the dock and falls off.
Chris laughed.

"Number two, Leshawna" Chris says.
The large girl stares at Ezekiel, who is somewhat drowning underwater.
"What's his problem?" she asks Chris.
"This is LeShanwa" Chris announces.
Ezekiel looks up at Leshawna.
"You look like my bull".
"Excuse me?"
"My bull is big and has a large butt like your's".
"Don't insult my butt" Leshawna says angrily.

"Moving on" Chris says.
A nut jumps off a boat into the water.
"That must be Izzy."
Izzy jumps out of the water right on the dock.
"That was fun" she says and laughs for a while.
"Weirdo" Chris says to himself, after Izzy passes by.
"Omg! We have a large girl, a freak underwater and a butt!" said Izzy, running off to them.
"Don't insult my butt" said Leshawna.
"It wasn't an insult, gosh darnit!" said Izzy.
Leshawna glared at Izzy.

"Next up is Trent".
The dude plays his guitar on the boat and walks out.
Izzy runs up to him and begins to speed-talk.
"Hi Trent. My name is Izzy. Nice guitar. Can I play it? Okay. Thanks."
Izzy plays the guitar and all the strings get wrecked.
"Hey", Trent says upset.
Trent fixes his guitar and Ezekiel walks out of the lake and walks into Trent, causing his guitar to fall in the water.
Izzy stared at Trent.
"You remind me of Darth Vader" said Izzy, walking away.
Trent facepalmed himself.

Two girls walk together off the boat squealing.
"Hi, I am Sadie" says the bigger one.
"And I am Katie" says the other one.
"We are BFFFLs!" they both say at the same time.
"Best Ferret F**kers for Life?" Ezekiel asks.
"No silly", says Katie.
"Best Female Friends For Life" says Sadie.
"Okay, eh" says Ezekiel.
Leshawna rolls her eyes.

Ezekiel eats a worm found on the dock.
"Ewwww" says Katie.
Sadie says "is this kid retarded or something?"
Ezekiel spits the worm out.
"I get Fs in homeschool. I am in first grade right now."
"And how old are you again?" said Leshawna.
"Sixteen" said Ezekiel.
"Ummm, sixteen and in first grade?" says Leshawna.
"Yes. This three year old read a book called Fat in the Cat better than I did! I couldn't read the second word, eh" said Ezekiel.

DJ walks off the next boat and sees a worm.
DJ screams and hides behind Chris.
"This is our chicken for life, DJ!" announces Chris.
"I am freaked out when I see a worm" DJ says.
"And I'm not a chicken!" said DJ.
A chicken walks behind DJ and DJ screams.
DJ passes out and Chris pokes him.
"I know how to do CPR!" said Izzy.
"Crappy Procedures Rerun?" asked Ezekiel.
"Nooo..." said Izzy.
"Just leave him alone. This will be funny if someone trips!" said Chris.

Next came Gwen.
"I did not sign up for this" she said.
"Yes, you did" says Chris.
"My brother dared me to" said Gwen.
"Tough luck" says Chris.
"I hate you so much" says Gwen.
"I like you too Gwen".
Gwen shrugs and starts walking away, but trips on DJ.
Trent helps Gwen up and they stare at each other and blush.
"Episode one and we all ready have love? Ugh! This is gonna get mushy by episode ten!" said Chris, getting annoyed.

Lindsay followed.
"Hi Paula, I am back home. Wait a second, where's the paparazzi?" Lindsay asks.
"You signed up for this show" says Chris.
"Are you the paparazzi" asks Lindsay.
"I am the star of the show" Chris says.
"You are? You don't glow or anything" says Lindsay.
"But your mom did last night" said Chris.
"My mom is a star?" asked Lindsay.
"No" said Chris.
"Oh cool!" says Lindsay.
Lindsay walks away.
"Nice butt" says Lindsay to Leshawna.
"Thanks" said Leshawna.
"Wait, HEY!" said Leshawna.

A tough boy gets off the boat.
"This is Duncan everyone" Chris says.
Duncan rolls his eyes and walks past Chris.
Tyler comes next and Leshawna was shaking her booty as Tyler passed her.
Tyler falls off the dock into the water.
Tyler gets out and Leshawna says "Sorry string bean".
"Sweet swipeout dude. Second one today!" said Chris.
Leshawna says to herself "bad booty" getting annoyed.
"You guys are even worse than those people from America's Got Talent and how they can't find the stage. Two people fell back to back and there's lights all over the stage!" said Chris.
"Sorry" says Tyler.
"What?" says Ezekiel.

A tough girl gets off the boat and drops her dumbbells on Ezekiel, who is in pain staring at Eva.
"What" she asks annoyed.
"You misplaced these weights" said Ezekiel.
"Dumbbells. Have a problem kid?" asks Eva getting annoyed.
Ezekiel says "Yes, eh".
"What is it?" asks Eva.
"Can you move those things away from my feet, eh" asks Ezekiel.
"Oh, these?" said Eva, looking at the dumbbells.
"Lift them up yourself. I all ready did my exercising on the boat" said Eva.
Ezekiel, the skinny thing, can't lift up the weights.
Trent goes to help Ezekiel remove the weights.
Eva throws Tyler's luggage in the water and Tyler gets mad at Eva.
Tyler glares at her and Eva walks up to him and says "What are you gonna do, jock?"
Tyler hid behind DJ.
DJ and Tyler hid behind Chris.
"Don't go Hulk on us sister" says Leshawna.
Eva rolls her eyes.
"Your ass is the biggest hulk around and it's going to stay like that" said Eva.
Leshawna growled at Eva.
"OH OH OH! NO YOU DIDN'T!" said Leshawna.
"Oh yes I did!" said Eva.
"Your skinny little prima donna butt is gonna be kicked to the moon" said Leshawna.
"Girls, relax!" said Chris.
"I agree with Chips!" said Lindsay.
"NO!" said them both.

"Next up is Courtney" says Chris, as Leshawna and Eva were fighting in the background.
The polite girl walks off the boat passing Chris.
"Thanks for giving me the chance to compete in Total Drama Island, Chris" she says.
"You're welcome" said Chris.
Next came Bridgette who passed Chris.
She stretches with her surfboard, hitting Ezekiel in the face.
"Sorry" says Bridgette, swinging the surfboard by Eva.
Eva breaks it in half.
"Now, there is a lesson YOU WON'T FORGET!" she yells, silencing everyone, even Leshawna.
"And a happily ever after? The end" says DJ.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" says Chris.
"We continue and meet everyone".
A scared DJ sighs.

"Next is Geoff" says Chris.
"'Sup?" says Geoff, drinking some coke.
"The sky, eh" says Ezekiel.
"Wrong answer, bro, but AWESOME to be here guys!" says Geoff.
"Go there man" says Chris to Geoff.
Geoff takes off his hat while passing Bridgette.
Bridgette blushes once Geoff parks himself.
Izzy walks in between them both.
"Hey guys!" said Izzy.
Bridgette and Geoff stop blushing.

Next comes Webby.
"This is some person named Webby" says Chris.
"Who names a kid Webby" asks Leshawna.
"Eh, who names a butt Shawndra?" asks Ezekiel.
"Darn rumors spreading about my booty" says Leshawna.

Once Webby gets settled, a loud Owen comes screaming "AWESOME" making Webby fall in the water.
Owen helps Webby out and says "sorry".
"Win first introduction" says Chris.
"Where's the bathroom?" asks Owen.
"The water" says Izzy. "I went in there earlier".
Owen walks in the water and uses the bathroom.
"Wait a second" says Webby.
"I went in water USED by Izzy?"
"Yes" says Izzy.
Webby makes a gross look.
"Got to go now" Izzy says running off on the island.
"Awesome escape!" said Owen.
"Ummmmmmm, where did she go?" asked Chris.
"Probably to the jungle, where she deserves to live" said Eva.
"Well, if she doesn't come back before this episode ends, does this mean she's eliminated?" said Chris.
An intern walks over and whispers something to Chris and then walks away offscreen.
"She went hunting for fish and... we can't eliminate her until the next episode. To those picky die-hard Survivor fans or Survive This fans, the fail live action show that tried to copy Survivor and that existed for one season.... and the one everyone forgot by now until I said it, don't leave the channel now that we revealed a spoiler. Also, don't start going crazy about us making elimination patterns, because we aren't really doing that. Thank you! Man, I did a good job hating on Survive This" said Chris to the viewers.

Beth comes next and walks off the boat.
Mostly everyone laughs, especially Chris.
"It's the legendary Chris!" said Beth.
"Yes... yes, it is!" said Chris.
"I remember you from dramatic movies such as Last Man on Earth and Mafia Killer!" said Beth.
"Yes! Good to see some people actually know me from movies!" said Chris.
"Yeah! Didn't you appear in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?" said Lindsay.
"No" said Chris, sighing.
Eva says "The ugly duckling, much?", making Beth a bit upset.
Beth walks next to Lindsay.
"Hey, what's your name?" asked Lindsay.
"Beth!" said Beth.
"Cool, Heath!" said Lindsay.
"No, Beth!" laughed Beth.
"I'll get used to it later, Bella!" said Lindsay.
"Okay, I guess..." said Beth.

Justin comes next trying to look as hot as he can for the meet and greet.
"This is Justin" says Chris.
"Hi" says Justin.
Ezekiel walks over to him about to touch him.
"Don't touch me" says Justin.
A Can't Touch Me Song begins to play as Justin tries to get away from Ezekiel.
The song stops and everyone goes back to normal, except the girls and Owen, admiring Justin.

Heather follows with her sunglasses on, looking angry.
"I'm so going to win this" said Heather, taking off her sunglasses.
"Well, you are going to have to beat all of these people first, Heather" said Chris.
"All of these people look stupid and gullible. I'll easily win!" said Heather.
"I'm not stupid, eh!" said Ezekiel.
"You admitted you read first grade books!" said Chris.
"Slut, you better back off or you are going to get a black eye!" said Eva.
"For once, I agree with Eva" said Leshawna.
"Oh, so now everyone goes against me?" says Heather, loudly.
"I'm not against you" said Owen.
"But I'm not with you either" Owen continues.
"Keep talking, Heather and you'll be the first one eliminated" said Gwen.
"Unless Izzy doesn't make it back in time" said Chris.
"That's one down all ready. I bet she won't be back by the end of the episode anyways!" said Heather.
"Plus, where is she?" asked Heather.
"RIGHT HEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" screamed Izzy, swinging into the dock, using a vine.
Tyler, Ezekiel, Gwen, Trent, Leshawna, Owen and Duncan all clapped.
"Thank you! Thank you!" said Izzy, bowing.
"See what I mean? Nutty, wild and stupid. I'm so winning!" said Heather.
Eva growled and Duncan held her back.

Cody came next walking past Leshawna, Lindsay and Bridgette saying "ladies".
When Cody past Leshawna, he returned and said "You using your bu-".
Leshawna stopped him. "Why does everyone comment on this butt?"
"I mean seriously" said Leshawna.

Last but not least came a dork with some glasses and the red hair.
"Here is the dork, Harold" says Chris.
"Hey!" says an upset Harold.
"There was a camp called Dorky Steve's Dork Dorking Camp and I didn't go".
"Dorky Steve say what?" says Leshawna.
"Dorky Steve's Dork Dorking Camp" replies Harold.
"The Dumb Stephen Dorkbells Dreadful Daycamp" asks Ezekiel.
"Gosh! I am not repeating it for a third time!" said Harold.
"This is obviously my only competition and I can easily beat him by convincing him that the Dorky Steve's Dumbass Dork Camp needs him again" said Heather to herself.
"HEY!" said Ezekiel.
"No, not you!" said Heather.
"Oh" said Ezekiel.
"HEY! I heard that!" said Harold.
"But how?" said Heather.
"I did go to Listening Steve's Listen Closely Long-Distance Camp!" said Harold.
Heather rolled her eyes.

"And with Harold, we have twenty-two contestants" says Chris.
"Twenty one too many" said Heather.
"You can never have too many friends!" said Owen.
"True that!" said Geoff.
"Stop it with the love fest! It's gross!" said Heather.
Cody winked at Lindsay.
Chris takes the campers to the bathrooms.
"This is the outhouse or the confessional where you dish your secrets" said Chris.
Before Chris finished talking, Owen runs in.

Owen farts. "That couldn't wait" says Owen, running back out.
"Can we talk about crushes, food, farting, food, Izzy, food. Did I mention food?" asks Owen.
"I won't answer that question" said Chris.
Justin tells Owen what they can do in there and Owen laughs.
Owen draws a picture of Chris and draws a mustache.
Chris erases the mustache from the picture.
"So far, this camp has been boring. It's been stupid. What fun is this place anyways? How can the interns work here?" says Gwen, beginning to rant. The cameraman puts the rant in fast forward to ignore Gwen's criticism. "But, Trent is kinda cute..." says Gwen.
"I will pick these idiots off one by one, starting with hmmm... Trent. I can tell weird goth girl likes him. Not for long at least" says Heather.
"This is pretty gross. Wasn't this competition supposed to be on an amazing yacht?" asked Webby.
Justin flips his hair.
"Is this Justin Bieber-like?" he asks.
"Oh, so cool! Justin went in here! Too bad I can't view previous confessional footage!" said Beth.

"I think we had enough time in there" said Chris.
The contestants who didn't go in the confessional complain, especially Leshawna.
"Ugh! Come on! I mean seriously! Ugh! Unbelievable!" complained Leshawna.
"You didn't miss much. It probably smells worse than Owen" said Heather.
"Yo, I smell worse than him, eh!" said Ezekiel.
"Yeah, he kinda does. No offense" says Owen.
"Gosh, have you ever went to Stinky Steve's Shower Free Smelly Camp?" asked Harold.
"No, eh! We can't afford a shower or water at the big barn!" said Ezekiel.
"Take a bath, homeschool" said Gwen.
"You smell worse than my great grandmama!" said Leshawna.
"Nice one" said Bridgette.
Bridgette and Leshawna shared a high-five.

"A few more things before we wrap this up. Teams. If I call your name, you are on the Screaming Gophers. Webby, Owen, Justin, Lindsay, Heather, DJ, Eva, Harold, Trent, Gwen and Leshawna" says Chris.
Leshawna stares at Heather who stares at Trent who stares at Gwen.
"Now, everyone else. You are a Killer Bass. I am talking to Geoff, Izzy, Katie, Sadie, Duncan, Beth, Ezekiel, Courtney, Cody, Bridgette and Tyler".
"Let's do one more thing before the episode ends, shall we?"
The intern says "We are running out of time."
Chris takes everyone to the Mess Hall to meet the chef.

Chef says "Hi everyone. MY NAME IS CHEF! I will give you the food AND YOU WILL EAT IT! No pizza, no farting" Chef said.
He then stared at Owen.
"And NO KISSING!" continued Chef.
"And that's Chef, my best friend!"
Chris hugs Chef, who knocks him out.
"No, you're not. My best friend is Lenny" said Chef, holding up a picture of the blonde-haired male wearing black sunglasse smiling at the camera.
"Second best friend?" asked Chris.
Chef shakes his head no.
"Third best friend?" asked Chris.
Chef shakes his head no.
"Fourth best friend?" said Chris in a high voice.
Chef shakes his head no.
"Fifth best friend?" asked Chris.
Chef shakes his head no.
"Sixth best friend?" asked Chris.
Chef shakes his head no.
"Seventh best friend?" asked Chris.
Chef shakes his head no.
"I give up" says Chris, walking up.
Chef turned his head toward the contestants.
"Now, all of you, wait in a line for your tasty food!" smiled Chef.

"Speaking of tasty food" said Chef at the camera.
A commercial came on.
"Come to Chef's Roadkill Cafe. This week's special is Elmer Fudd. No, we might not be allowed to mention him or even serve him for dinner, because Warner Brothers would kill us. We kinda stole this from Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, but they are American" Chef laughed.
Chef gave the camera a death stare.
"But, seriously though, Elmer Fudd is perfect for Kesha and... well, that's mainly it..." said Chef.
Trent threw up.
Gwen backed away.
Bugs Bunny smiled.
Owen started licking his armpit.
"Mmmmm, delicious!" said Kesha offscreen. "Can I have seconds?"
"We only serve one of a kind... So get it before this limited time offer expires..." said Chef.
"If you hit it, we spit it!"

Everyone walked into a line.
Tyler was first and he dropped his food.
"Can I have new food?" said Tyler.
"You dropped it. Eat it" said Chef.
"But, I don't like floor food" said Tyler.
"I DO!" said Owen.
"SHUT UP FATTIE!" screamed Chef.
"YES M'AM!" said Owen.
Tyler walks back to his seat.
Gwen walks up.
"I'd take the pancakes" said Gwen.
Chef gave Gwen a pan full of a burnt cake.
"Ummm, that's not the food I wanted" said Gwen.
Owen walked up.
"Hey Cheffie!" said Owen.
"Here's your Sloppy Joe" said Chef, giving him a sloppy fruit salad that spelt Joe.
"OH! I love Sloppy Joes! HEADS UP!" said Owen, throwing it at Tyler.
"Whoops" said Owen.
"Well, here's your pancake..." said Chef.
"OH! I love pancakes! HEADS UP!" said Owen, throwing it at Tyler.
"Whoops" said Owen.
Tyler hides behind the garbage can.
"Here's your grub" said Chef.
"OH! I love grub! Wait, I never tasted it before" said Owen.
Owen has a bite and says "OH! I love grub! HEADS UP!".
Tyler ducks even more.
Owen throws the grub at Harold and walks to his seat.
"GOSH DARNIT! COME ON!" said Harold.
"Nice throws, dude. You are quite accurate" said Duncan.
"Thanks!" said Owen.

"And this ends a somewhat dramatic episode of Total Drama Island!" said Chris.
"Nice job!" said Courtney.

Chapter 2: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

"Hello everyone. My name is Chris McLean, if you didn't know. But you should have known. You may know me from movies such as Mickey Dee's and Fido's Last Stand and last time on Total Drama Island, we introduced all of the contestants, Owen, Beth, Webby, Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Trent, Tyler, Izzy, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, the butt-shaker..." Chris says, before a slight pause. "Harold and the others we don't care about.... They are going to do their first challenge today, which is..." Chris begins to sing. "Jump off a cliff, jump off a cliff!"

(theme song plays)

Webby wakes up at 7:30 and goes to the bathroom.
Heather is already in the shower.
"Hello?" says Webby, noting that the shower was on.
There is a silence in the bathroom.
Mafia strikes! says Webby.
Webby creeks closer and closer down the bathroom to the lone shower.
Webby opens the door.
Webby screamed.
"Oh no! Not another worm!" screamed DJ, jumping on DJ.
"'Sup dude?" said Geoff, waking up.
"Someone screamed and now I'm scared" said DJ.
"Well, I bet you were just dreaming" said Geoff.
"But that scream sounded real!" said DJ.

It was now 7:45.
Heather screamed.
"Ewwwwwwww.... go get my cream. NOW!" says Heather.
Webby finds Heather's cream and gives it to her under the door.
"You'll be done in a few minutes, right?" asked Webby.
"Yeah sure whatever" said Heather.
DJ and Geoff both run to the bathroom and see Webby putting hot sauce in his eyes.
"Dude, what happened?" asked Geoff.
"I saw Heather naked" said Webby.
Cody suddenly started to sleepwalk.
"Ew, gross!" said DJ.
"Did you scream?" said Geoff.
"No..." said Webby.
"Told you so" said Geoff.
"Heather and I both screamed" said Webby.
"Told you so" said DJ.
"Well, I'm going back to bed" said Geoff.
"Wait for me!" said DJ.

The clock turns to 8:00 and Heather still didn't get out.
"Heather?" asked Webby.
Heather ignored Webby, who left after 8:15.
Cody sleepwalks into the shower at 8:20.
"GET OUT CODY!" screamed Heather.
"Can a girl get any privacy at the shower? That's now two guys that went in the shower when I did. Number one targets right now: Cody, then Webby, then Trent, then Harold the nerdo" said Heather.
Cody stared at Heather, before she threw a towel rack at Cody.
"GET OUT NOW!" she screamed.
"Can I take some photos?" winked Cody.
"NO!" yelled Heather.
Cody ran off.
"Best morning ever" said Cody.

The line for the shower grew.
"Heather! HURRY IT UP!" screamed Leshawna.
"I need a shower. I haven't had one for years!" said Ezekiel. Owen begun to fart. "UGH! Hurry up!" said Harold.
"Heather, stop hogging the shower! My hair needs to be showered every morning before nine, so it stays nice and brown!" said Courtney.
"Heather has got to go" said Beth.
"Heather might be bad and all, but she needs to go" said Duncan.
"That girl is super annoying! She has something against us taking a two hour shower!" said Leshawna.
Justin does another harflip.
"OH EM GEE! THIS WAS OUR FIRST NIGHT SLEEPING AT CAMP WAWANAKWA! THIS IS GONNA BE SO SUPER FUN SLEEPING TOGETHER! I hope we can make new friends!" said Sadie. "Oh totally!" said Katie, nodding.
Heather walked out of the shower.
"Finally" said everyone on the line.
"Challenge time!" said Chris.
"DAMN!" said Leshawna.
"Ugh!" said Courtney.
Eva growled.
Cody winked at Heather.

"Today's challenge is to jump off a one thousand foot cliff. Go up to the huge cliff and then jump off. I am waiting for you down below at the bottom. Team with the most points win and people can chicken out, but their team will get no points" says Chris, waving from the bottom.
"I know my team will just easily win!" said Heather.
"I know the other team and I bet none of them will jump. None" said Heather.
"Don't get so cocky, Heather. You don't know that" said Chris.
Harold says "There's a 75 percent chance that all of them will jump off the cliff, which is more than half. 100 percent for Geoff, Duncan, Bridgette, Tyler, Izzy, who has a 9 percent of landing in a safe zone and then, I doubt Ez--" said Harold, before Harold got interrupted by Heather.
"Okay, we get it math dork!" said Heather.
"I found that quite amusing actually" said Justin.
"Not really" said Duncan.
"Even cats are less annoying than you, Harold!" said Duncan.
"HEY!" said Harold.

The cast went up the cliff.
"Who wants to jump first?" asked Courtney.
A cricket chirped for a few minutes.
Eva kicked it off the cliff.
"I'll do it dudes!" said Geoff.
"All my friends at home will be talking about this for years!" said Geoff.
Geoff jumped off the cliff, toward the safe zone.
"Oh crap! I forgot. There are sharks in the non-safe zone. We don't think there are sharks in the safe zone, but there may be..." said Chris.
Geoff screamed as he made it into the safe zone.
"Now, in the words of Yosemite Sam... GEMME OUTTA HERE!" Geoff said.
"I'm sure this is safe. I'm a CIT and I'm 100 percent sure that these are safe!" said Courtney.
"I'm not so sure about this..." said Gwen.
A part of the cliff got chipped in half.
A worm fell off the cliff and got swallowed by a shark.

"One point for the Bass. Who's next?" said Chris.
Bridgette quickly jumped off to try to save Geoff, who just made it in the safe zone.
"Woot!" screamed Geoff.
"She has a good aim" said Geoff.
"He has a good aim" said Bridgette.
Bridgette helped Geoff out of the water.
"Two points for the Bass!" said Chris.
"Who's next?" said Chris.

"I'll go!" said Duncan.
Duncan jumped in with no emotion safely.
While the boat came, a shark came in the safe zone.
Duncan smashed it with the safe zone target border.
The shark started to bleed, turning the water red.
Duncan got out of the red water.
"I don't want to jump in now" said Heather.
"Duncan may think he's all that and stuff, but that was not a good move for the rest of us who still have to jump!" said Courtney.
"Wow, now that the water is red, the sharks are more tempted to kill kill kill!" said Chris, from the bottom of the beach.
"Also, that was the king shark, so they'll be more tempted to kill the rest of you now, thanks to Duncan!" said Chris.
Tyler facepalmed himself.
"Great!" said Courtney.
"Enjoy going first guys!" said Heather.
"Are you guys going to die now?" said Lindsay.
"We all are!" said Beth.
Everyone started to freak out.
"I haven't started paying my bills for DIRECTV!" said Harold.
"Gosh darnit, Duncan!" said Harold.
"Not my fault, tell those snooty sharks to get away from me!" said Duncan.
"Well, someone's going next and that's not going to be me!" said Courtney.
"PICK ME!" said Izzy.
"Finally, a volunteer! Go Izzy. If you don't make it out alive, at least you tried!" said Courtney.
"Are you sure about this?" said a scared Owen.
"YES!" said Izzy.

Izzy jumped way out of the safe zone, right toward the shark zone, laughing.
"OH MY GOD! SHE'S GOING TO DIE!" screamed Sadie.
"SWIM!" said Katie.
"BEAT THE SHARKS!" said Owen.
"Bad romance" winked Cody.
"Cody, this is no time to be funny!" said Courtney.
Heather laughed and everyone from the Bass glared at her.
"Not funny!" said Sadie.
Izzy ran to the safe zone without getting bitten, somehow.
"How did she do that?" said Geoff, watching confused.
"The jungle saves me again!" says Izzy.
"That's quite amazing!" said Courtney.
"That's still three for the Bass!" said Chris.

"I can do so much better than Izzy can" said Cody, jumping in and missing the safe zone, like Izzy.
"Stop missing the safe zone on purpose guys!" said Courtney.
"I might be polite and all but Cody might as well screwed us the challenge!" said Courtney.
Cody started to swim like Izzy.
However, a shark bit Cody and he started to drown.
Chris started to laugh.
"OH MY GOD!" said Sadie.
"GET A LIFEGUARD!" said Katie.
"OH CRAP! CHEF!" said Chris, who stopped laughing.
Chef was sleeping under the mess hall steps.
Chris ran to get Chef.
Izzy, Bridgette, Geoff and Duncan pulled Cody off the shark and onto the land.
"I don't think he's going to make it!" said Bridgette.
"Someone do CPR!" said Beth.
"Crazy Preposterous Rapes?" said Ezekiel.
"Ugh no!" said Beth.
"I can do CPR!" said Harold.
Harold ran down to the bottom off the cliff and did CPR to Cody.
Ezekiel's eyes widened.
Duncan coughed "gay".
Cody spit out water and blood on Harold.
"Gross! Much worse than the Carvel smoothies!" he said.
Beth, Katie and Sadie clapped for Harold.
Chris ran back to the land with Chef.
"Oh... he's fine" said Chris, not paying attention to Cody's legs.
"So sorry" said Chris.
Chef angrily walked back under the mess hall stairs to sleep.
"Well, let's have a redo for Cody!" said Chris.
The Bass cheered and the Gophers booed Chris.
"Wait! He can't do it!" said Heather.
"Oh yeah" said Tyler.
"Chris, do you fricking notice that his leg is all bloody?" said Courtney.
"I want to go all like bloody hell like in Harry Potter!" said Courtney.
"Well... yeah. I guess Cody has to go to the hospital..." says Chris.
"Too bad we are on a deserted camp and the nearest hospital is a few miles away" said Chris.
"WHAT?!" said Cody.
Chris called for Chef again.
"WHAT NOW?! MORE CPR?!" said Chef.
Chef gave Cody CPR and Cody threw up into the water.
"Gross, I'm so not jumping into that!" said Heather.
"No, you are!" said Leshawna.
"Why should I?" said Heather.
"Because I want to win and so do you!" said Leshawna.
"But not now with barf in that lake" said Heather.
"Well, I don't like it either, but we can't get what we want always!" said Leshawna.
"Can you clean the water?" asked Heather.
"Meh, ask Chef!" said Chris.
Chef grunted, taking Cody to the first aid room of the camp.
"Too bad all the interns died for this reason. We now need to hire 13 year old ones!" said Chris.
Heather watched Chef carry Cody.
"And he thinks he's good for the ladies" said the snotty Heather.
Chris filled the lake with new cleaner water for the contestants.
"Hey. I did it now so the producers won't get pissy if they die due to getting sick of the lake water".
"No! Not now! Now, they'll all jump in!" said Heather.
"Oh shut up!" said Harold.

"Anyways, we have a few more people left from the Bass and they have only three points! Not so good..." said Chris.
"Who's next?" asked Courtney.
"I'm totally ready!" said Tyler.
Tyler walked back and started to run.
He tripped and almost fell off.
He ran back and jumped off.
Tyler landed on the safe zone target.
"Four points for the Bass!" said Chris.

"Who's next?" asks Chris.
"Ummm, it's either Katie, Sadie, Beth, Ezekiel or I..." said Courtney.
"I can't do it. I am scared" said Beth.
"That is just sad" said Heather.
"I am not crying" said Lindsay.
"Argh, I hate dimwits" said Heather.
"They are so going to pound us! Everyone else has to jump!" says Courtney.
"That's too bad Beth. Now your team has three jumpers, two misses and one chicken" said Chris.

"Am I up?" said Katie.
"No Sadie" said Sadie.
"No, you are Sadie" said Katie.
"I am?" said Sadie.
"Yes" said Katie.
"So who's Katie?" said Sadie.
"You?" asked Katie.
"No, I think it's you."
"Stop confusing me! Just jump together" said Chris.
"One, two, three" they both said.
They jumped together.
"Wait" said Chris.
"Pause, rewind, continue, rewind, continue" he said.
"It's good to see them jumping off a cliff, especially Sadie... continue" said Chris.
"Can't they shut up?" said Heather.
"You should shut up if you want others to" said Trent.
"Nobody asked you" said Heather.
Katie and Sadie landed.
Chris said "There are now six jumpers, two misses and one chicken".
"You shouldn't be talking skinny" said Leshawna to Heather.
"Hey" said Heather. "I wish I could fire my butt's lazer. Too bad it's only used in 2015" said Leshawna.
"We don't always get what we always want, do we?" said Heather.
"Whatever" said Leshawna.
"Can you guys keep quiet for once?" asked Webby.
"Darn! I like catfights. Especially Speckles." said Harold.
Everyone looks at him.
"The cat with speckles".
"Whatever" said Heather. "At least I'm popular".
"Popular with who? Ghosts?" said Leshawna.
"Everyone" said Heather.
"Not really" said Leshawna.
"Not really" said Beth.
"Not really" said Duncan.
"Not really, eh" said Ezekiel.
"No" said Eva.
"Not really" said Geoff.
"Not really" said Owen.
"Not really" said Harold.
"Not really" said Gwen.
"Not really" said Bridgette.
"Not really" said Webby.
"Not really" said Trent.
"Not really" said Tyler.
"Not really" said Chef.
"Not really" said Chris.
"All of you... shut up! Half of you don't know what popular means!" said Heather.
"True that" said Ezekiel.

"Courtney, you're up!" said Chris.
"I have a slight problem" she says.
"Yes?" asks Chris.
"This cliff is too high" says Courtney, quietly.
"What do you want me to do about it?" said Chris,
"Make it smaller" beamed Courtney.
"Can't do it" said Chris.
"Do it please" said Courtney.
"Can't" said Chris.
"Please" said Courtney.
"Can not" said Chris.
"What about making it smaller for money?" said Courtney.
"If Cody was here, he'd probably enjoy this moment" noted Harold.
"That joke wasn't funny" said Duncan.
"It was a bit funny" chuckled Geoff.
"Naaaah" said Duncan.
"Well, I'll make the cliff smaller for the money. How much?" said Chris.
"Hey!" said the Gophers.
"Seven bucks" said Courtney.
"I all ready have over nine thousand on my pay check just for this episode" said Chris.
"It's OVER NINE THOUSAND" laughed Webby.
"Well, can you make me a smaller cliff?" said Courtney.
"Hell no!" said Chris, madly.
"Ugh! I'm not jumping off this!" said Courtney.
Her team glared at her.
"What?! You guys were also chicken or missed!" said Courtney.
"You are jumping" said Duncan.
"Fine" said Courtney, moving toward the left.
Courtney started to jump down the other end of the cliff.
Duncan rolled his eyes.
"I love it how Courtney thinks she's polite and all, but sometimes bossy and is leader, when she doesn't do half the crap. She needs to cut the crap and start participating or else she's gone" says Duncan.
"Dude, I think we are going to lose, but if we win, that'll be cool. If we still lose though, it's going to be nice to talk about jumping off a high cliff!" says Geoff.

"I think I'm up, eh" said Ezekiel.
Ezekiel jumped off the cliff and landed in the safe zone.
"Seven jumpers for the Bass, four missed or didn't jump" said Chris.
"YAY EH!" he yelled.
"AA?" said Lindsay.
"Double A!" said Owen.
"No, he said eh, eh! Like Nothing Else I Can Say" said Trent.
"No, he said yay, eh. Get new ears" said Heather.
"Before coming to the island, I got elephant ears" said Webby, smiling.
Heather rolled her eyes.

"Gophers, you're up. You need more than seven jumpers for the win" Chris said.
"I can't do it" said Webby.
"Wow. Seriously?" said Heather.
"Webby, don't be a Beth" said Leshawna.
"HEY!" said Beth.
"Sorry, but it's true, girl" said Leshawna.
"I hate heights, but then again, Heather will spice up the drama to make Leshawna, Lindsay and Gwen jump. Maybe even herself" Webby admitted.
"I can't do it either" said DJ.
"DJ, you are tall and tough? Why can't you jump?" asked Eva.
"I'm scared" said DJ.
"SO?!" boomed Eva.
"SORRY!" he cried, running away.
"You two are pathetic" said Heather.
"I am not doing this either though, but I am not pathetic. If you need me, I'll be in the shower ripping up Gwen's diary" she continued.
"Hey! Who told you about that?" said Gwen.
"Woah, woah, woah" said Leshawna. "You did NOT just say that. You are jumping this cliff" Leshawna continued.
"Make me. You rather shouldn't if you want your priceless ass to stay alive" said Heather.
"At least I won't be in your so called pathetic category like you" said Leshawna.
"I am not pathetic" said Heather.
"Oh, yes you are" said Leshawna.
"How?" said Heather.
"Jump off this cliff" said Leshawna.
"Make me" said Heather.
"Fine" said Leshawna, grabbing Heather and throwing her down the cliff.
In the water, Heather looked at her feet.
"I got these done a few days ago" said Heather.
She noticed her toenail was chipped.
"Leshawna, YOU BITCH!" she screamed.
"If we lose, you are so dead" said Heather to Leshawna.
"Why?" said Leshawna.
"You messed up my feet" said Heather.
"You messed up my life!" said Leshawna.
"Well, you won't be in your life anymore, since you are D E A D!" screamed Heather, violently.
"I won't die in years hun." said Leshawna.
"Well, you will be the first one out in this game" she growled.
"Target one: Leshawna, target two: Cody, target three: Webby, target four: Trent" said Heather.
Leshawna jumped off into the safe zone, right next to Heather.
Leshawna then farted.
"Whoops, meh bad" said Leshawna.
"ARGH! Leshawna! I hate you SO much!" said Heather.
"That wasn't me. That was my butt. Don't blame it. It didn't mean it" said Leshawna.
"As if you pig" said Heather.
"I'm not a pig" said Leshawna.
"Then who is?" said Heather.
"Your mom?" she continued.
Leshawna punched Heather in the face.
Heather started to bleed and got a black eye.
Many people from the Gophers clapped for Leshawna.
"Nice one" said Courtney.
"Thanks" said Leshawna, getting out of the water.
"Well, that was interesting. Anyways, that's two for the Gophers" said Chris.
"Two chickens and two jumpers. Who's next?" Chris continued.

"I went to Jumping Steve's Off the Cliff Jumping Camp, so I should go" said Harold.
Harold jumped in.
"Three jumpers and two chickens" Chris said.

Justin jumped out but a shark got him.
The shark didn't eat him.
The shark ratherly hugged him and put him into the safe zone, though they didn't get a point.
"Awwwwww" Lindsay said, admiring the cuteness.

"Where's Hannah though?" Lindsay continued.
"Pay attention" said Heather down.
"How did you get down there?" asked Lindsay.
"I jumped" Heather yelled back.
"Jumped off what?" asked Lindsay.
"The cliff" said an annoyed Heather.
"What cliff?" said a confused Lindsay.
"It's like I'm the mime and she has no idea what I am saying" says Heather.
"The stupid cliff you are on" Heather said.
"The cliff isn't stupid" said Lindsay.
"I won't jump" said Lindsay.
"Good luck with that Lindsay" said Heather.
"SUPER BANANA POWERS! ACTIVATE!" said Owen, laughing.
"I have my good l-"
At that moment, Lindsay slipped on a banana peel and fell off the cliff into the safe zone.
"Hanna, what just... happened?" said Lindsay. "We are going to need a talk" said Heather.
"A long talk".

"Woah! Nice one!" said Trent, high-fiving Owen.
"Believe it or not, that was kinda cool" admitted Gwen, who also high-fived Owen.
"The Gophers have four safe jumpers and two chickens" said Chris.
"Who's next Gophers?" asked Chris.
"I'll go!" said Gwen.
"Just to get it over with" she continued.
Gwen jumped off the cliff and landed in the safe zone.
"That'll be five safe jumpers. We need Owen, Eva and Trent to jump. If you 3 all jump, your team will win" announced Chris.

Trent then jumped off the cliff after Gwen.
"That was nice!" said Trent.
Trent made it into the safe zone, resulting in a point.
"If you both jump, Owen and Eva, the Gophers will win and end up sending the Bass into elimination" said Chris.
"Awww, it'll be sad to see one of them go" said Owen.
"It'll be sad to see YOU go if you don't jump" said Heather.
"Don't say that" said Webby.
"You need to start being nice" said Gwen to Heather.
"At least I'm popular" said Heather.
"Is that your catchphrase?" said Gwen.
"At least I'm popular! AT LEAST I'm popular! At least I'm POPULAR! Ugh, just shut up! Nobody cares!" said Gwen.
"No" said Heather.

Eva then followed Trent by jumping in.
"That's now seven people. It's tied. Owen, if you don't jump, your team and the Bass will eliminate someone. If your team wins, they have to eliminate someone. You just need to make it in the safe zone and not chicken out!" said Chris.
"I was pretty damn scared, but I cannot lose this challenge for my team" says Owen.
"I thought me and my butt was having a troubled time, but this will be harder for the big guy" says Leshawna.
"If he missed this, he was going to die" says Gwen.
"I expect a huge splash!" said Harold.
"This is going to be on the headlines!" said an excited Chris.
Owen closed his eyes and jumped all the way down screaming, into the safe zone!

"The first win of the season goes to the SCREAMING GOPHERS!"
Water went everywhere.
The Gophers begun to scream.
"Along with immunity, you guys get your very own hot tub, to share of course for the rest of the season."
The Gophers stared at him.
"Hey! We didn't have enough money to afford hot tubs for each eleven of you."
"I needed the money to pay for a yacht, a mansion and five hot tubs JUST right for me. They can do whatever they want with their money, but not hottubo for themselves" said Chris.

"Killer Bass, what can I say? You guys did bad. Vote someone off".
In the Mess Hall, the Bass decided who to vote off.
"When is Cody coming back?" said Katie.
"Who cares?" said Courtney.
"I miss Cody" said Sadie.
Courtney said "I think we should eliminate Ezekiel".
"Why?" asked Ezekiel.
"First off, you picked your nose" said Courtney.
"What? There is big deeds in there" said an innocent Ezekiel.
"You are gross" admitted Bridgette.
Geoff nodded.
"But he did make it in the safe zone" said Tyler.
"Yeah" said Beth.
"So what!" said Courtney.
"Hey, you didn't even jump in, eh" said Ezekiel.
Everyone gasped, nodded and glared at Courtney.
"What?! Beth didn't jump in either" said Courtney.
"But I wasn't bossy" said Beth.
"You sound bossy now!" said Courtney.
"You sound bossy right now" said Beth.
"Your mom sounds bossy right now" says Cody, being wheeled into to his team.
"By the way, who noticed Eva's armpit hair?" giggled Courtney.
The Bass giggled and Eva said "What?"
Many of them laughed.
Eva rolled her eyes and mumbled "not even worth the time".
"My bull has lots of hair also. Almost like how Leshawna has hairy feet. She's like a troll except with her big butt" said Ezekiel. Leshawna, in the other table said "Excuse me? Why do I always catch you talking about my butt?" "Ezekiel must like Leshawna. Maybe I can use him and get him or her eliminated by one small smack in the behind" said Heather.

A few hours passed and the votes were cast.
"These are the marshmallows I talked about last week. If you get one, you are safe for now. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow will go home on the Boat of Losers and will never been seen again. Got it?" said Chris.
Ezekiel nodded his head.

"I hope I did what was right. I told the Bass to eliminate Ezekiel for constantly talking about my butt. And picking his nose. I think I got majority of them there. Poor Shawndra" admitted Leshawna.

"The first marshmallow goes to Beth. The second marshmallow goes to Bridgette" said Chris.
Bridgette winked at Geoff.
"The third marshmallow will go to Geoff. The fourth marshmallow goes to Izzy" Chris said.
"We have Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Duncan, Ezekiel, Cody and Tyler left. Once again, the camper who doesn't receive any of these remaining six marshmallows will go home on the Dock of Shame on the Boat of Losers."
"Duncan is safe" said Chris.
Cody said: "And here I am in the final six now. I hope I get a marshmallow. I feel a lot better. Except for my arm, and my chin, and my neck, and my hand, and my foot, and my--- OW! My mouth."
"What did I do wrong? I just made it out somehow. I wished I didn't go on the other side. Then, I wouldn't have been out and we could've tied it and possibly won" said Tyler.
"Katie and Sadie are safe".
Katie and Sadie squealed.
In her bed, Heather yelled "SHUT UP!" Leshawna loudly said "Do not start string beam".
"We have a few marshmallows left. Tyler, Courtney, Ezekiel or Cody. One of you will take a ticket to the Boat of Losers" Chris said. "Tyler, you're safe".
"Two marshmallows left. Courtney, you are safe."
'"I knew it all along" said Courtney, proudly.
Meanwhile, Duncan laughed. "She was scared. I could make a book about it. Then, she says that she wasn't scared of losing. What a liar, but kinda..."
Courtney said: "Duncan is so not my type. Even if he was, why would I like him?"

"Surprised?" asked Chris.
"Yeah" said Ezekiel.
"Please don't lose" said Cody in his wheelchair.
"The final marshmallow goes to..."

"Small pause" winked Chris.

"EZEKIEL! Time to go Cody!" said Chris
"Bye, eh" said Ezekiel.
"But why?" said Cody.
"You are useless. Nothing much else to say" said Courtney.
"And there ends yet another thrilling episode of Total Drama Island. Join us next week to see who will stay up the longest and will Duncan and Courtney get married. Just kidding for all of you Duncan and Courtney fans. This is Chris McLean signing off of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

Chapter 3: The Big Sleep

"Hello everyone. My name is Chris McLean, if you didn't know. But you should have known. You may know me from comics such as Captain American and Caption Canadian and last time on Total Drama Island, the contestants had their first challenge. It was super easy... a cliff jump! Wait, I'm not done! A one thousand foot cliff jump! And it gets better... there's only a 50 inch safe zone and sharks are elsewhere around the small zone. Many people were safe, some jumped unsafe, but got out, some were chicken and one person's name was Cody. Cody, an innocent guy, other than perverted stalking and sometimes a sexual harasser, jumped in and got attacked by a shark in an unsafe zone, trying to show, a nut, Izzy off. Why are you trying to show the nut off? She's all ready nutty and won't care. But the sharks did and Cody ended up being shark food. Like, seriously. He got eliminated that night in a wheelchair. Plus, the annoyed Bass might have lost a big threat and annoying (and useless) person, but they get to watch the Gophers enjoy their rad new hottub. Now, before the theme plays--" said Chris.

(theme song plays)

"Let me show some secret never before seen confessional cams from the past episode!" said Chris.
"Lindsay said that Leshawna had a cute butt. I agree, eh. There was some cool rumor about it. I am on the hot girl's side for saying Leshawna's booty is big. It's true, eh. The ugly girl said that Leshawna's butt was no prettier than their face. I disagree, eh. She looked like a camel or something eh" said Ezekiel.
"Oh god, I'm hot for Courtney!" admitted Duncan.
"Pass the salad, please!" said Owen.
"Pretty shocking. Especially the Duncan confessional!" said Chris.

The camera moved toward Duncan, in his bed, sleeping.
The camera moved over to Courtney, in the different cabin, sleeping.
Suddenly, water started to spray somewhere.
"IT'S 2012!" cried Harold, waking up.
Leshawna noticed Heather wasn't in her bed.
Webby was using the bathroom and waiting for the shower.
Someone started to laugh in the shower.
"It's Heather!" gasped Harold.
Webby knocked on the door.
"STOP KNOCKING" said a mysterious figure.
"Oh god, that isn't Heather!" said Webby.
"Hey, this shower wasn't here yesterday" said Webby, admiring the new shower.
That shower started to turn on and Webby knocked on that door.
"Stop knocking!" said Heather.
"Oh, nevermind" said Webby.
"Umm, Webby" said Heather.
"Yes?" asked Webby.
"Do you know that Cody got eliminated?" said Heather.
"Yes" said Webby.
"Why not we start an alliance?" said Heather.
"I don't know..." said Webby.
"Come on" said Heather.
"You need to do something for me" said Webby.
"Fine, you can eliminate the first two choices" said Heather.
"Meh, fine. But can Owen, Geoff, Duncan and DJ join?" said Webby.
"No!" said Heather.
"Then, I'm out of your alliance!" said Webby.
"Ugh, fine!" said Heather.
"You may be going now, but you are going to get out first!" said Heather, as Webby walked away.
When Webby closed the door of the bathroom, she thought to herself and said it softly "maybe Leshawna first though".
She walked out of the bathroom and shower, not noticing the figure in the other shower.

Everyone else woke up, but a fight begun in the girls cabin.
"Who ate my cheetos?!" said the angry Leshawna.
"I did" said Heather.
"You did?" asked Lindsay.
"Yes" said Heather.
"Heather, you owe me cheetos" said Leshawna.
"You can't make me" said Heather.
"Heather has been bugging me. At least I can eliminate her 23/6. The other part of the time, she has immunity or Shawndra is sleeping" says Leshawna.
Eva walked into the girls cabin.
"Yes, I can!" said Leshawna.
"Make me" said Heather.
"Oh no" said Beth and Lindsay.
Leshawna moved her sleeves up and Heather ran off.
"I thought so" said Leshawna.
She high-fived Bridgette.
"That was amazing" said Katie.
"I agree" said Sadie.
"Historic" added Beth.
Eva quietly left the girls cabin.
"Yeah!" agreed Lindsay.
"Guys, I don't think it was that historic" said Leshawna.
"But it was!" said Katie.
"Yeah" said Sadie.
"Ummm, you guys are overreacting" said Leshawna.
"It was just Heather leaving and--" said Leshawna.
"I suggest we have a pizza party!" said Sadie.
"Good idea!" said Katie.
Courtney woke up and saw everyone excited.
"What?" she said.
"Pizza party!" said Beth.
"Yeah! I ordered pizazz!" said Lindsay.
"It's pizza" said Leshawna.
"I don't like pizza" said Courtney, leaving the cabin.
"Meh, I don't see why we are celebrating" said Bridgette.
"Same" said Leshawna.
They both left the cabin.

Heather was met outside by the mysterious figure.
"I know what you are doing" said the figure.
"What?" said Heather.
"You are trying to eliminate Leshawna" said the figure.
"Oh, you better not tell anyone" said Heather.
"I won't" said the figure nicely.
"Unless you do stuff for ME" yelled the figure.
"Chill, you are even more warm-headed than Leshawna" said Heather.
"Who are you calling warm-headed?!" screamed the figure.
"Calm down" said Heather, softly.
"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" screamed the figure, throwing Eva's dumbbells at her.
"Ow!" said Heather.
"You chipped my toenail" said Heather.
Owen, who was walking to the mess hall only saw the figure throwing Eva's dumbbells at Heather.
"Eva is going to be so mad" chuckled Owen.
Owen ignored this and walked to the mess hall.
"Well, we have a deal?" asked the figure.
"Hell no. I would never pair up with you!" said Heather.
"Argh" said the manly figure.

Owen went into the mess hall, craving some chocolate bars.
In the mess hall included Leshawna, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Tyler, DJ, Geoff, Duncan and Courtney.
"Hungry" he said, walking to Chef.
"Can I have chocolate?" said Owen.
"No, but you can have this!" said Chef, giving Owen a piece of poop.
"Heh-heh, I saw this in Caddyshack! It's totally a snickers bar!" said Owen, chomping it down.
"How does it taste?" said a disgusted Duncan.
"Good!" said Owen, chewing it.
"I want some!" said Ezekiel.
"No more" said Chef.
"You need to wait until I eat" said Chef.
Owen swallowed it and threw up.
"That's a horrible snickers bar!" said Owen.
"Did I say it was a snickers bar?" said Chef.
Ezekiel and Duncan also threw up.

"Good morning campers" said Chris, walking into the mess hall, a few minutes later.
"Hey Chris" smiled Courtney.
"Guess what's today?" asked Chris.
"The day we go to a real camp?" asked DJ.
"The day where we get better food?" asked Duncan.
Chef threw a knife at Duncan, that missed.
"The day where we become best friends?" asked Sadie.
"We are best friends silly!" laughed Katie.
"I forgot!" laughed Sadie.
Chris made a grin.
"Sorry" said Katie and Sadie.
"The AWAKE ATHON!" said Chris, happily.
"Wake a say what?" asked Leshawna.
"Don't worry. It's an easy challenge. Last person up for their team wins! Owen all ready ate crap and the girls had a few pizzas all ready! This is so easy! Plus, some of you have been up since 5 AM" said Chris, looking at Eva.
"And 6 AM" said Chris, looking at Heather.

"I was up for more than fifteen hours before. They will easily give in" said Webby.
"I am going to drink a ton of soda and share some with my friends!" said Geoff.
"Ooooh, I have 1989 finger puppets to keep me up!" said Harold.
"I wonder what I'll do after Leshawna falls asleep" said Ezekiel.

"You will begin now!" said Chris.
"Wow, that was quick" said Gwen.
"Guys, this is easy, eh" said Ezekiel.
"That's what they all say" admitted Chris.
"I imagine you will fall asleep in--" said Chris.
Ezekiel dropped to the floor and started to sleep.
"A few hours earlier than I thought" said Chris.
Courtney face-palmed herself.
"How does he expect us to win with one person sleeping and how we eliminated someone all ready!" said Courtney.
"Well, I'm going to go relax in my cool cabin with air conditioning rather than staying out here" said Chris, walking off.
"I hate him so much" muttered Gwen.

Nobody fell asleep for twelve hours.
Tyler looked at Eva and bashed her saying "Ready to go down?"
"How are the steroids? Your breasts improving?" grinned Eva.
Tyler's smile wiped away and turned into a frown.
"Guys. Don't give in. It's an easy win guys, easy win" said Courtney.
Heather admits "We need Trent to fall apart. Everyone is too easy to vote off. I want him gone to make goth girl pay."

"Hey Trent" said Heather. "Come here".
Trent followed Heather.
"What do you want from my life?" he asked.
"I think you should fall asleep soon, because we can win this challenge".
"Why are you so sure? Anything can happen. I'd rather stay up to see we win."
"Oh, just trust me. I can see through their faces that the other team has no chance at all and are all exhausted. Just look at Courtney. She's all mad and ranty right now, since Ezekiel dropped asleep seconds after we started."
"I'll get my team to fall asleep. Then, once we lose, I'll convince the team to vote off Trent" smirked Heather.
Trent questioned himself asking "Why is Heather being so... nice, especially to me Did someone put beer in her drink in the mess hall this morning?"
Heather smiled and Trent and walked away.
Trent gulped.

In the fifteen hour mark, Webby went to the confessional: "Now that Owen, Katie and Sadie are sleeping, we have a better chance to win. Apparently.... I usually don't stay up this long. I am getting tired. It feels like hell."'
"Man, what happened to the party? I thought this was going to be fun and all. I thought we were all pretty old and we could stay up late together and have some pop and all, but come on. I feel like going to sleep too. This is horrifyingly boring." pouted Geoff.

"I am a pro at this, eh. I once beat a cow at an awake-a-thon before I left for the show. Too bad the cow died the next morning, due to a crazy injury, eh" Ezekiel said, who would later fell asleep after the fifteen and a half hour point.
"Shut up" yelled Eva and Leshawna.
Leshawna said: "Good thing string bean fell asleep. He would've been stalking my butt the whole damn challenge".
She suddenly collapsed to the ground as she left the confessional and fell asleep.
Chef kicked Leshawna out of the way from the confessional door.
As did Geoff, who just couldn't stay up to last the sixteen hour period.
"Ugh, this is crap." said Courtney.

Chris said: "Leshawna, Ezekiel, Owen, Geoff, Katie and Sadie are sleeping. The Gophers have a great chance to win".
As he said this, Tyler fell asleep.
"And Tyler too".
A confused Trent asks "I don't know if Heather is lying about this." He yawns. "It looks like we can win".
Heather follows him into the confessional and grins "Nighty night Trent".

"We are at the twenty hour mark. Now, Courtney, Bridgette and Justin fell asleep" Chris announced.
"This. Is. Officially. Hell." Webby said.
"Not until you fall asleep and we lose" Eva proudly announced.

"Hey Lindsay" Heather said. "Come here. Now, I know you want the money."
"I do?" Lindsay asked.
"Yes, you do" said a sneaky Heather, rolling her eyes.
"Do you want to make it to the final two?" Heather asked.
"I want to become the final zero" Lindsay said.
"There's no such thing as a final zero" said Heather.
"But, before one is zero."
"I said there's no final zero" Heather shouted.
Ezekiel raised an eye, but fell back asleep.
"It's like talking to a kindergartner" sighed Heather.
"Well, how about the final two?" said Heather.
"Sure. Me and Tyler! Is that fine?"
"No, then you can versus me for the money" Heather said.
"But aren't you my friend?" Lindsay asked.

"We'll leave you hanging right there kiddies. We'll return to the show after a commercial" Chris said.

"Come to Chef's Roadkill Cafe. This week's special is reinvented pig. We are testing out these new unstable machines that can turn bacon back into pig! Wouldn't that be great? Plus, try out our strawberry waterfall. We kinda stole this from Bronze Carrel, but they are American" Chef laughed.
Chef gave the camera a death stare.
"But, seriously though, the strawberry waterfall is full of straws and berries found on the ground in the streets. Perfect deal. Here's some of our customers feedback!"
"What the hell is this?" yelled Cody.
Owen started licking his armpit.
Izzy enjoyed eating the berries, however.
"Mmmmm, delicious!" said Bridgette offscreen. The camera suddenly went on her and she was enjoying pizza from Papa Juan's.
"If you hit it, we spit it!"

"Looks good, but sadly, I can't go there... because of..." said Chris, as Chef started staring at him.
"Back to Lindsay and Heather" Chris gulped.
Leaving off where they left off, "but aren't you my friend?" Lindsay asked.
"It's called keeping your friends close and your enemies closer" Heather said.
"I want to be closer".
"You do not want that to happen".
"We are not having another repeat like last week. She has no idea what she's doing and as long as I use her, she's in the game". Heather says to Lindsay "if you join an alliance with me, you'll get farther in the game".
"Is that good?" asked Lindsay.
"Yes" said Heather sharply.
"Can we also have Harry in the aflyance?"
"Harry? Aflyance? Who the heck is Harry and it's an alliance, Lindsay-it."
"Red hair, glasses, dork."
"Um, I'd rather not" said Heather, looking at Harold putting his hands in hits pants.
"Fine, then keep me out!" said Lindsay.
Heather gasped. "Fine" she sighed.

"Go get him" Heather said.
Lindsay walks to Harold.
"Hi Harry!"
"Yeah, whatever silly. Heather wants to talk to you".
Harold looked at Heather. Heather waved at him.
"Fine" Harold said. Harold and Lindsay walked back to Heather.
"Hello Harold. I understand our differences, but now it's time for us to join together."
"Do you want to join an alliance with Lindsay and I?"
"Hmmm... I will need my calculator for this" says Harold, pulling out the calculator from his back pocket.
"I try to avoid dweebs like you for reasons like this" said Heather.
"Hey, this stuff works in the Big Bam Theory" said Harold, doing some kind of math on his calculator.
"It says YES, so okay. I am in."
"Trent isn't lasting another day in this joint and I'll use those idiots until I don't need them anymore".

As the sun went up, Chris announced it was the one day mark, by shooting a shotgun and a white bird fell from the sky. Chris suddenly gulped.
Several others have fallen asleep since Heather, Lindsay and Harold joined together in an alliance.
"Now, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, Justin, Leshawna, Courtney, Izzy, Beth Ezekiel, Owen, Katie and Sadie are out of the challenge. This is getting really close. Now, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Harold, Webby, DJ, Eva and Tyler are left!"

Harold fell asleep and Duncan did a wet your pants trick on him.
"Doug, why did you do that?" asked Lindsay.
"Why'd you say something?" said Duncan, growling at her.
"Heather, Doug is acting like a pitbull".
Daydreaming, Heather says "what?"
Back to her world, "Who the heck is Doug?"
"Doug" said Lindsay, pointing at Duncan.
"Duncan? Duncan, get away from h--" Heather suddenly fell asleep.
"Don't say another word" growled Duncan.
Lindsay ran off.
"She's hot, but she's dumber than Lindsay Lohan and a golden retriever combined." said Duncan.

Glued to a tree, DJ fell asleep and the tree collapsed.
In his sleep, Ezekiel said: "Was that you Leshawna?"
Eva and Tyler both fall asleep a few hours later.
"I am in the final four with Lindsay, Duncan and Gwen. Three to one baby. No loss for us now" said Webby. "Plus, Eva fell asleep, so if we do lose, she can't convince everyone to eliminate me, because I fell asleep later than her.

Webby got tired after some time and fell asleep.
"36 hours" announced Chris, looking at his watch.
"Fall asleep people, fall asleep".
Chris shook Lindsay.
"What are you doing?" yawned Lindsay.
"You are getting really sleepy.... really sleepy.... really sleepy...." said Chris.
"You can't.... do that...."
Lindsay suddenly fell asleep.
"You can't do that" yelled Gwen.
"Go complain about it in the funny papers" said Chris, smirking.
"I cannot wait until the Bass win. Heather will be SO mad" said Chris.

"Bathroom break" Chris announced. "Any takers?"
"I can hold it in" said Gwen, holding her breath.
"I can also" said Duncan.
"We had our last bathroom break around 20 hours ago. You both can seriously hold it in?"
"You do have a point". Duncan goes to the bathroom and walks to the confessional.

"If I take a little nap, I'll feel better. Nobody will notice, will they?"
Except the problem was that this was going on television and it was the confessional room, so of course they would be able to notice eventually.
Nobody knew were Duncan was until he woke up and came out of the confessional.
"What took you so long? Had a problem?" Gwen looks suspiciously at Duncan.
"Woah, you look a lot better. Not so much like crap".
"Shut the hell up" said Duncan.

"We have some news" Chris said.
"I have reviewed the camera tapings and I saw Duncan himself taking a nice sleep in the confessional. Gwen automatically wins for the Gophers."
"YES!" screamed Gwen enthusiastically.
As soon as Chris woke everyone else up, Gwen fell asleep.
Chris didn't bother to wake her up.
"Gwen won for the Gophers", he announced to all the campers.
The Gophers were pretty happy over the win, as they all cheered and left Gwen up.
Gwen fell to the ground, after Heather accidentally dropped her.
Gwen then said one of the seven words we couldn't get away with if we allowed it on television to Heather.

As the Gophers cheered Gwen into their cabins, the Bass had a hard decision ahead of them, as they all walked to the Mess Hall.
Duncan and Chris exchanged looks.
"You are different dude, but you always can tell your team that you took a nap over winning secretly.
"I am not losing my chances of winning" Duncan said.
"Fine, it'll haunt you the rest of your time here, just like the Cubs and the Billy Goat curse and the 27 Club and even Eva's shave cream" Chris said.
Later on, Eva furiously said after reviewing the conversation "What the hell? That Chris McLean better watch his back and front and spend over one million dollars on security all around his body or else he'll be attacked."'

In the Mess Hall, Courtney said, "We lost AGAIN? We need to vote someone off, but I don't know who. Everyone but me failed".
"Excuse me Princess?" asked Duncan. "I made it to the finals".
"And you lost".
"Same for you, darling", Duncan snickered. "Don't call me darling".
"K, darling."
"Guys, how about we vote off Duncan".
Duncan asked "What the heck is her problem?"
"But he almost won the challenge for us!" said Tyler.
"Yeah, I almost won it".
"Keyword: almost" bickered Courtney.
Duncan awkwardly coughed, "Your royal hiney-ness, may I pull majority of the team outside?"
"Knock yourself out" sarcastically said Courtney.

Duncan pulled out Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Geoff and Bridgette.
"Do you guys want me to stay?" he asked.
Katie said, "not really".
Sadie said, "same here"!
"Isn't that crazy?" they said at the same time. "We said it at the same time" they said it again. "And again" they said.
"You two must share a brain to be this idiotic" Duncan said.
"Respect" said Geoff.
As the group split up, Bridgette told Geoff, "I'll vote for who you vote for".
"Thanks sweetie".
Bridgette blushed and walked toward the confessional.

"Back again, huh?" Chris said at the marshmallow ceremony.
"These are the marshmallows that will keep you safe. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow will go home on the Boat of Losers and will never been seen again."
"Because the budget is a tiny bit low after I spent most of it on air conditioning..."
The scene flashes to Chris' ice cube cold trailer. An intern freezes when attempting to escape.
Chris awkwardly laughed.
"...Katie and Sadie, since you both share a brain, you both share the first marshmallow. The second marshmallow goes to Ezekiel" said Chris.

Courtney made an evil smirk at Duncan. She mouthed the words goodbye.
"The next marshmallow goes to Tyler".
"The next two go to... Bridgette and Geoff".
"Me, Courtney and psycho. I voted psycho off, but I wonder if the rest did..."

"If I lose, this won't be the last of me" Courtney vowed.
"The next marshmallow goes to... Courtney! This leaves Duncan and Izzy."
"Without me, the game will be a lot less fun, but now that I am safe, you'll see more of me. If you like it or not".
Izzy enjoyed the excitement in the confessional of being in the bottom two. She wasn't nervous at all and made a bold comment. "And the Duncan and Courtney fangirls will all gasp and say what when they see me get the final marshmallow and Duncan go home".

"I am toast", said Duncan who wasn't all that excited.
"The final marshmallow goes to..."

"DUNCAN! Izzy, no offense. But you have been wild and deserved this" Chris said.
Duncan eats his marshmallow, leaving Courtney in shock, shaking her head.
Duncan chewed slowly in Courtney's face. Courtney slapped Duncan.
"Oh, grow up. Act your age" she said.
"See you later Izzy!" said Chris.
"Can I be an intern?!" Izzy smiled.
"No... we have plenty of those."

Chef, meanwhile, in the mess hall was talking to the remaining three interns, as the rest died out already in the first three episodes.
"We need to shut off that air conditioning, take it out and move it into my crib" he said.
"How much are we being paid for this?"
"You're interns, you get nothing" Chef said.
The intern who asked suddenly passed out.
Chef hid him behind a trash can.
"Um... just the flies will notice" he said.

"You DID not form an alliance to eliminate Izzy" yelled Courtney.
"Doesn't have to be an alliance" winked Duncan.
"Unbelievable. You guys!"

"And there ends a shocking and cool episode of Total Drama Island. Join us next week for more drama and five minutes less Ezekiel. Well, maybe. His house property is still mine, so I technically control his moves. Just kidding. Wait, I should look that up. This is Chris McLean signing off of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!" said Chris, heading to his computer.

Chapter 4: Dodgebrawl

"Hello everyone. My name is Chris McLean, if you didn't know. But you should have known. You may know me from sexual documentaries such as 8008 and Mama, What Happens When I Grow Up and last time on Total Drama Island, I found out I couldn't control Ezekiel. Darn it! Let's move on into what happened actually on television. Gwen beasted in the awake athon. And Izzy went home. What a shocker. Heather also got an alliance with Lindsay and Harold. Let's see how this goes in TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

(theme song plays)

Heather woke up and woke up Lindsay.
"Is the paparazzi back?" she asked. "No, it's Hannah".
"Lindsay, wake up! I need an alliance meeting!"
Lindsay went to get her clothes.
"We'll worry about that later".
"What about Harry?"
"Harold is waiting for us outside".
"He is?"
"I woke him up."
"How did you do that?"

In a flashback:

"Hey Duncan. I heard you stole some of Chef's meals for tomorrow" said Heather.
"Yes, I have. Now, you want something from me. You are evilly smiling" said Duncan.
"I do. Go into the guys cabin and wake up Harold by throwing it at him".
Duncan played around with the food and Harold's face.
"He's a deep sleeper" said Duncan in the cabin.
"I have an idea" said Heather, giving Owen some beans.
"Now, blow it".
Owen farted right on Harold's face.
"MY EYES! MY FACE!" screamed Harold.

Back to the current:

"Gosh Heather" said Harold.
"Don't gosh me. You did it to your deep sleeping self" said Heather.
"Now, alliance rules. Rule number one is to not betray me ever, or else I'll get the rest of the team to eliminate you. Got it?"
"Yes" said Harold and Lindsay.
"Rule two. I can take whatever Lindsay owns, but not Harold, because he has weird things. Like that Tar Wars wheel shirt and statue".
"Hey!" said Harold. "I got that from Tar Wars Car Camp!"
"How many camps have you went to?" said Heather.
"It switches daily."

"And that's it for now. Oh yeah, breaking rules will be kicked out of the alliance" said Heather.
"Campers, come to the dodgeball court. We are going to have some FUN!"
Owen busted in the confessional. "Dodgeball? AWESOME!"
"I doubt Trent would be good at dodgeball. He doesn't seem the guy to win. He can fail and I'll just sit and watch from the sidelines. Exciting!" evilly thought Heather.

"Lindsay, Harold, come here again".
Lindsay and Harold followed Heather outside the dodgeball court.
"I need both of you two throw the challenge for us today. If you don't, I will get the team to eliminate you both. Got it?"
"Okaaaay..." said Harold.
"Dodgeball? Are we throwing those dodge ball whatevers at the paparazzi, because I like the paparazzi actually".

Heather put her feet up. "Easy. As. Pie".
Owen's face was bright. "Did someone say pie?"
On the court, Chris announces: "Chef is the ref. First team to win three games wins immunity".
Heather stares at Lindsay and Harold.

The first round was on.
The Gophers sent out Owen, Harold, Lindsay, Heather and Trent, as the Bass sent out Beth, Bridgette, Geoff, Courtney and Duncan.
Owen threw a ball right at Beth, who got knocked out, easily.
Chef blew his whistle. Five Gophers, four Bass.

Duncan threw the ball at Owen, who caught it.
Chef blew his whistle again.
Five Gophers, three Bass.
An upset Courtney stared at Duncan.
"If we lose, I am gaining power of this team and you'll go home".
"Why don't you take down the monster?" asked Duncan.
"Piss off" she yelled.
Courtney suddenly turned to see Owen and the giant red dodgeball thrown by him slammed her across the glass.
Duncan laughed, to Courtney's dismay.
"I want to have a red flag! Or an umpire's opinion!"
"Wrong sports" said Tyler.
"Send him to the penalty box!" said Courtney, pointing at Duncan.
Tyler facepalmed himself.
Chef blew his whistle. Five Gophers, two Bass.

Geoff threw the ball at Heather, who purposely got out.
Bridgette threw a ball at Lindsay, who caught it.
Justin tells Heather, "she is winning for us, if you don't understand".
"Argh" says Heather. "I'll be in the shower if you need me".
Leshawna and Webby rolled their eyes.

Following this, Harold dropped Beth's ball and Trent threw it at her.
Beth caught the ball.
It was now quickly two Gophers and one Bass.
Beth threw the ball at Lindsay, who caught it, meaning that the Gophers won the first dodgeball game.
"Two more wins will do it for the Gophers" said Chris.
"Slide me some fingers!" said Leshawna to Lindsay.

For the second round, Justin, Webby, Lindsay, Harold and Leshawna played for the Gophers, as Courtney, Duncan, Katie, Sadie and Tyler played for the Bass.
Courtney threw a ball at Justin who got out.
Courtney snickered and Duncan rolled his eyes.
"This is how you get people out" Duncan said, throwing a ball right at Harold and Leshawna, who both got out in a throw.
Chef blew his whistle.

"Nice comeback by the Bass" said Chris.
Webby threw a ball at Sadie's face, who got out and Lindsay threw it at Duncan, who caught it.
Webby dropped a ball thrown by Duncan toward him. "The Bass come back. It's now tied with one per team".

For the third round, Trent, Leshawna, DJ, Eva and Webby faced Ezekiel, Bridgette, Geoff, Duncan and Beth.
As Leshawna walked into the game, Ezekiel threw the ball at her butt.
"Hey" huffed and puffed Leshawna.
Leshawna crossed the line and threw a dodgeball at Ezekiel.
"Don't start with me", said Leshawna walked toward the bench.
Chef whistled several times and Owen, Chris, Sadie, Tyler, Webby and DJ all had to restraint the brutally strong Leshawna from chasing after the wimpy Ezekiel.

Heather was in the shower washing her hair.
"We better have lost by now. I will convince the team to eliminate Trent if we lose. Like he's needed."
As Leshawna was taken off the court, Eva pegged Ezekiel in the face.
Meanwhile, Geoff and Duncan started working together.
"See, our plan was to throw the ball and get the person to avoid it, as another ball was being sent next to it." revealed Duncan.
Duncan threw a ball toward Webby, followed by Geoff a few seconds later. Webby got out.
Trent threw a ball at Bridgette. She dropped it, so she was out.
Duncan threw a ball toward Trent and got him, without the help of Geoff.

DJ started screaming when she saw Geoff, Duncan and Beth all against him.
He ran in circles screaming and Duncan and Geoff just started throwing the dodgeballs around trying to get him.
DJ grabbed one and while running, got Beth out.
DJ gasped and started screaming louder.
Duncan got DJ, finally and said "Crybaby".
Chris announced "the Bass win another dodgeball round. If they win one more, they get IMMUNITY!"
The Gophers looked upset.
"This can be the biggest upset ever!"

"Okay team" said Leshawna.
"Anyways, let's win this final round before Heather returns".
"Is that a bad thing?" asked Lindsay.
"Yes" said Leshawna.
"But she is in the same all-"
"Don't tell them Lindsay" said Harold.
"Tell them what?" asked Leshawna.

"Tell them that she is in the all eating pancake frenzy" said Harold.
"Oooh, pancake frenzy?" said Owen.
"Er... yeah" said Harold.
"But pancake doesn't start with a" said Leshawna.
"Something is up and I just don't like it."
Heather returned at that moment.
"Look who's back" said Leshawna.
"Who connected the toilet pipes into the shower pipes?" Heather asked.
Ezekiel continues to flush the toliet.
Heather grunted and sat down.

For the fourth round, Owen, Lindsay, Justin, Gwen and DJ faced Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Beth and Geoff.
DJ and Geoff threw dodgeballs at each other and didn't have time to catch them.
Chef blew his whistle.
"Bass needs this for the win".
"Let's go Gophers" said Leshawna, cheering on the bench.
"Yay, woohoo" sighed Heather.
Owen threw a dodgeball at Katie, who got hit.
Chef blew his whistle again.
"Four Gophers, three Bass".

Ezekiel then quietly got out of the confessional to watch the game.
Leshawna didn't notice.
Ezekiel said: "I am sorry to Leshawna, eh. I just don't know what to do or say or eh..."

Heather called for a timeout.
She said: "If Lindsay and Harold can't do anything, it's time for the other part of the alliance to take some action".
"Owen, want to take a break and you can play in the final round?"
"Should I?" asked Owen.
The team nodded.
"Okay then" said Owen.
"Heather is replacing Owen for the round" said Chris.

Heather threw a ball at Duncan's feet, resulting in an out.
Lindsay threw a ball at Courtney, who caught it.
"It's getting close. Justin, Gwen and Heather against Courtney, Sadie and Beth".
Beth threw a ball at Heather, who purposely dropped it.
"Oh whoops" she said, rolling her eyes.
"You gotta be kidding me. We replaced a kickass round with owen with a horrible round of Heather" yelled Leshawna.
Justin nodded.
Heather said: "Ooooh Beth. Who wants an alliance with your new best friend. I am so good at this game".

Gwen threw a dodgeball at Katie who actually caught it. Katie said: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That was just awesome. Go Katie go!"
"Now with one Gopher and two Bass left, immunity is on the line" said Chris.

Courtney threw a ball right at Justin, who bobbled the ball, but still caught it.
"What the?" said Justin, looking down at the ball.
The Gophers were cheering for Justin.
Justin said "Hmmm, dodgeball shoot might be the next best thing for my magazine!"

Justin threw a ball at Katie, who didn't move at all. He just gazed and admired Justin.
"Darn. I thought I was going to win for the team, but either way. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I caught Gwen's ball".
"Shut up" said Gwen and Heather outside the confessional.

"Now, it's tied. Immunity is on the line" said Chris.
"I think me, Heather, Trent, Harold and Owen should play this round" said Leshawna.
"I believe we can win!" said Tyler.
"I believe we can lose. Send the best people. Katie, Geoff, Bridgette, Sadie and me" said Courtney.
"You?" asked Duncan.
"I say me" said Duncan.

"No" said Courtney.
"Yes" said Duncan, as a fight begun.
"I say Duncan" said Geoff.
The rest of the team agreed.
"WHAT?!" furiously said Courtney.
"Chill out Princess" said Duncan. "We will win this without you".
Courtney left the court angrily kicking rocks and falling down on mud.
Tyler asked "Is she on her--".
"Probably" said Duncan.

"For the final round, it's Katie, Geoff, Bridgette, Sadie and Duncan for the Bass and Leshawna, Heather, Trent, Harold and Owen for the Gophers".
Harold threw a ball toward Sadie, who ran to the left.
"Nice move by Sadie" said Chris.
The Bass cheered.

Sadie stopped the ball and gave it to Duncan.
Duncan threw it right at Harold, who dropped it.
"And that's how we don't roll" said Leshawna.
"It's not over yet" said Owen, with the ball in his hands.
He threw a bullet right at Katie, who dropped it.
"Now, there are four Gophers and four Bass".
Duncan caught a ball thrown at him by Owen, but Leshawna caught a ball thrown at him by Duncan.

"And this is how we move it!" said Leshawna.
"Three Gophers and three Bass. Immunity on the line" said Chris.
Lindsay ran to the line thinking there was immunity and got hit by a ball which was thrown by Bridgette, trying to hit Leshawna.

Trent threw a ball at Sadie, who got out.
Heather gasped. "No, no, no. He's supposed to be horrible at this game. I have his Facebook profile right here and he has pictures of him failing!"
Then, Trent threw another ball at Bridgette who got out.
Heather screamed.
"Hey, let me in. I have to scream too" said Courtney, outside of the confessional.

"Hey Trent" said Heather. "Gwen has to use the bathroom".
Right there, Geoff threw the ball at Trent, who got out.
"I got backstabbed by Heather right there. Something is up with her."
"I was actually quite nervous. I cannot afford to win this challenge. Trent has to be gone. No win, not next week. We are losing today".

"We are down to the final two. Heather against Geoff. Winner gets immunity".
Geoff threw the ball at Heather's stomach.
Heather caught the ball. Her eyes turned wide.
"Heather wins for the Gophers!"
The Gophers cheered, but Heather dropped it.
"Whoops" said Heather, pretending to be in pain.

"Heather is out! Geoff and the Bass win" said Chris.
"Ow" faked Heather.
"Are you okay Hannah?" asked Lindsay.
"Yes" said Heather, staring at Trent.

DJ came to Heather. "You okay?" he asked.
"No" she said.
"What will make you feel better?" said DJ.
"DJ, in order to make me feel better, you need to get Eva and yourself to eliminate Trent" said Heather in a whisper.
"Okay" said DJ.

Walking to the confessional, DJ told Eva "Heather wants us to eliminate Trent in order for her to feel better".
"I don't see what's the stinking problem with him or her" said Eva.
"I'll vote Trent off though".
At the girls cabin, Heather was waiting for Leshawna to spazz out.
"You going to spazz?" she asked.
"Oh, I am. You lost the challenge" said Leshawna.

"You expect me to win every last one?" asked Heather.
"No" said Leshawna.
"But you seriously owe me after the Cheetos" said Leshawna.
"Chef told me you went on a diet on chips, how is that going, Big Loud and Proud?" said Heather.
"You seem fine with me" said Leshawna.
"Well, you are making me fine. I am taking a shower" said Heather.
"Again?" asked Leshawna.
"YES. AGAIN. Don't call. Like you idiots need me".

"Hannah, Hannah" said Lindsay running from the showers.
"Owen said that he'll eliminate Trent".
"This is good news" said Heather. "Now, Gwen will suffer".
Heather went into the shower, before the elimination.
Gwen said: "Heather is so going tonight."
"Everyone is so nice, can't wait to make it further" happily admitted Trent.
Leshawna busted in the confessional. "Did I forget my chips in here again? ARGH! HEATHER!"

It was time for the marshmallow ceremony.
Heather came out of the shower with a towel and a robe on to join the rest of her team.
Harold's eyes grew.
"Oh, grow up" she said, smacking Harold.
"These are the marshmallows I talked about in week one. If you get one, you are safe for now. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow will go home on the Boat of Losers and will never been seen again. Got it?" said Chris.
The team nodded their heads.

"Can you repeat that last part?" asked Lindsay.
Chris ignored her and moved on. "If I call your name, you are safe. Webby, Owen, Lindsay, Harold, Gwen, Leshawna and... DJ!"
They all took their marshmallows.
Leshawna and Gwen exchanged high-fives.
Leshawna said, "I cannot wait to see Heather's face once she gets eliminated".
Heather snickered.
"What's her problem?" asked Gwen.
"Oh, nothing" said the evil Heather.

"The next marshmallow goes to Eva" Chris announced.
Eva ran up and ate her marshmallow.
"Justin gets the next marshmallow" said Chris.
"Just give me my marshmallow" Heather said.
"Why do you expect to stay" asked Leshawna.
"Like he would" Heather said about Trent.
"This is the final marshmallow".

"What is going on? Did I do something wrong? I thought I was making friends and having fun"
"Oh please, it's not like he was going to help us. He was probably going to start a little alliance with Little Goth Girl and Lebomba".
"Please don't go" said Gwen to Trent.
"I won't" said Trent in a rather scared voice.

"The final marshmallow goes to..." said Chris...

"Heather. Wasn't so shocking. She said in the first episode that her first person to take down was Trent. Beware Gophers. She probably will be with you for a while" Chris said.
"Time to go Trent" Chris continued.

Trent said: "Hey. How did I know I was going to get backstabbed? I was upset I lost. I was happy I did not listen to Heather last challenge though, but I probably was what the game reviewers say... godplaying. I will miss Gwen, but will cheer for her, but for Heather. I hope karma gets to her."

"Bye Gwen. I'll be rooting for you, wherever I am" said Trent.
"I'll miss you too" said Gwen.
Heather snickered.
"Shut up" Leshawna said. "Don't you feel a bit... bad?" she continued.
"No way. I am rather happy" said Heather.
"That girl has problems" said Leshawna.

Heather said: "My first target is now done. Who should I get next... let's go with Leshawna. That girl will snap at anything I do wrong. At least, I am popular and she's not."

More strategy and advantages for Heather were revealed. "Beth is in my alliance. Now, we have me, Lindsay, Harold and Beth from the other team. I will make her throw some challenges so we can win. I'll just stop using her once the merge comes or whenever I feel like it".The cameraman stared at her.
"It's called strategy" Heather said.

"That wraps up another good episode of Total Drama Island. How will the others react to Trent's elimination and when will the others learn about Heather's alliance?" said Chris.
"Hannah has an alliance?" said Lindsay.
"Yes, my child" said Chris.
"Catch us next week for more Total Drama Island!"

Chapter 5: Not Quite Famous

"Hola everyone. This is the famous and talented Chris speaking. You might remember me from such movies like Abraham Linporn and Space Hubbies, but I'm here hosting a new episode of Total Drama Island. For those people who somehow missed last week's episode, here's a recap. Heather backstabbed Trent after she threw the dodgeball challenge. Conflicts boiled and relationships got saddened. Well, not exactly. Find out more now in Total Drama Island!" says Chris.
Pssst, psst... this is an edit, but for those people who didn't see last week's episode... what kind of fans are you? And don't say you used the DVR or watched it online on hulu, because those excuses stink. You guys aren't fans of this amazing show. Be ashamed of yourselves."

(theme song plays)

The sun shined in the blue sky. The day was young and was just seven o'clock.
Gwen wakes up upset about the past elimination.
She looks around to see nobody else up. She thinks she has the bathroom all to herself.
She walks into the bathroom and brushes her teeth sighing.
Gwen takes off her clothes and takes a nice cold shower.
A nice cold shower?
Gwen screamed, running out of the shower, putting her clothes on, running outside to see a farting Owen, waking up and getting dressed.

Leshawna wakes up and gets dressed, too.
"Morning everyone" said Leshawna.
"Hi Leshawna" said Beth, waking up herself.

Heather woke up and went off to the shower, without saying a word.
"What is into her?" said Leshawna.
"Nothing except winning our team over or something" said Lindsay.
"She wants to win our team over?" asked Leshawna.
"Yeah, she already won me over" said Lindsay.
"She probably wants to win the game" said Beth, "like all of us".
"I like you Siri, you are winning and going places" said Beth to her iPhone.
"Where'd you get that?" asked Leshawna.
"From Heather!" said Lindsay.

"Hmmm, maybe that girl isn't half bad. I like the white colors and the home pad. I also like the apps! What apps do you have?" said Leshawna, fantasizing like a little girl.
"Chris made me buy his games... Jetpack Joystick, The Price is Wrong, Fish Ninja, Temple Ram and Angry Bums."
"Wait, why'd Heather give it to you?" said Leshawna.
"I don't know" lied Beth.
"Well, whatever" said Leshawna. "I'm taking a shower".

The rest will be remodeled soon.

Heather noticed that the other shower will still clogged up and didn't work. She knocked on the door. "Hello? Who's in there?" she said. "I am" said Gwen. "Get out. It's my turn" said Heather. "I don't think so" said Gwen. "Get out now weirdo" said Heather. Gwen mimicked Heather, "get out now weirdo". "Haha, you should be talking".

In the confessional, Heather said: "I need revenge. This is my shower time and she's hogging the shower". The cameraman said, "don't you?" Heather said, "yes, but the others can wait. I can't!" Heather got out of the confessional and shut off the water. "Get out of the shower Gwen". "Fine if you can't wait" said Gwen. Leshawna came into the bathroom to go in the shower.

She turned the water on and begun to wash. "WHAT?! I was here first Leshawna!" screamed Heather. "I am in the shower. Please leave me be queen bee" said Leshawna. "Get out Leshawna" said Heather. "I need some time in here. You took some yesterday" said Leshawna. "I had it with you two" said the boiled Heather. "Going to lay an egg?" asked Owen. "Shut up, you goof" said Heather, walking out of the bathrooms.

"Challenge time" said Chris. "Today is the wonderful talent show, judged by Chef" he continued. "But Chef is a chef" said Lindsay. "I understand that" said Chris. "So, why is he a judge if he is a chef?" said Lindsay. "He does more than being a Chef. He is a judge, was a Scooby Doo cast member from the years 1978 to 1984, sold fish by the bus stop for three weeks, got fired as host twenty years ago and used to be in a paparazzi for a year, chasing Lady Gaga".

Chef said, "I don't like her. I did it to win a bet". "Yeeeeeeeeah" said Chris, staring at Chef's dress. "You have two hours to pick three people to be judged by Chef. Winners get immunity. The losers send someone home!"

Courtney took lead for the Bass. "Let's win this. I can play violin." Courtney begun to play her violin. Geoff stared at Bridgette. "Imagine if Izzy was here. She would break the strings like she did to Trent's guitar" said Geoff. "Yeah" said Bridgette, "she was a nut". Once Courtney finished, everyone except Duncan agreed she should be in. "Fine" he said.

"Let me go next" Duncan continued. Duncan carved pictures on trees. "Er... no" said Courtney. "What's the problem?" said Duncan. "That's stupid" said Courtney. "You're stupid" said Duncan. "What?" said Courtney. "No, your face is stupid. No, your MOM is." Courtney complained. "The biggest own ever, eh" said Ezekiel to Courtney.

Courtney slapped Ezekiel. "You expect to do better? You try!" Ezekiel bagged a few things, including the intern. "OW!" The Bass were impressed. "So I and Ezekiel are in" said Courtney. "Yeah, fine whatever". Geoff said: "I can try to sing like other campers". "You can" asked Courtney. "Er... I guess I can. I can sing like Lindsay and Ezekiel. Either way, it's fun" said Geoff.

Reh-reh-eh-eh-eh. Romeh, Romeh-eh Gageh, ooh eh eh. Want your bad Romance, eh sung Geoff. Everyone clapped. "I guess that was good" said Geoff. "I sing like that?" said Ezekiel. "Err... no. This is Paparazzi" said Geoff.

I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until I find the paparazzi. Where is-where's the paparazzi? Baby there's no other super thing. You know that I'll find the papa-paparazzi sung Geoff. Everyone clapped. "So, me, Ezekiel and Geoff" said Courtney.

"I am in charge" said Heather. "Who made you in charge?" said Leshawna. "Beth did and others". "Beth is from the other team". "Tough luck. Lindsay and Harold also voted for me". "They did?" "Yes" said Lindsay and Harold.

"Let me do something" said Eva. "I will lift up some weights, including ten pounds, fifty pounds and one hundred pounds twenty times." "No thank you" said Heather. "Got a problem?" said Eva, raising her fist toward Heather. "No" said Heather.

In the confessional, Heather said: "I wish we didn't have Eva on our team. She makes EVERYTHING harder. I want a shower, but noooooooo. I want a freeride, but noooooooo. Argh." In the confessional, Courtney said: "I am happy Eva is not in our team". In the confessional, DJ said: "I am kinda scared of Eva". In the confessional, Eva said: "It's all Eva did this and all Eva did that. If they have a problem, complain in that site that goes nowhere except to Lindsay's stupid brain".

"So Eva is in" said Harold. "That was an idiotic fight" said Leshawna. "You can't try to fight" said Heather. As a new fight begun, Webby told DJ: "These chicks are nuts". "Excuse me?" said Leshawna. "Not you" Webby said. "I mean Heather". "I agree" said Owen. "If you need to complain, why don't we use a complain box?" said Heather. "Is that a box where we ask questions? Because I am really confused right now" Lindsay said. "You sure have a small brain" said Heather to herself. "Who else?" said Heather.

"I'll try something" said Owen. Owen begun to burp the alphabet with one jug of coke. "Honey?" said Ezekiel standing away from the team. "Get back where you were LOSER" said Heather. "Gosh" said Harold. "He just asked about honey". Heather made a sharp look at Harold. "Don't bug me" said Heather.

"I think Omar should be in" said Lindsay. "Omar? Oh, Owen. Heck, no. That's a gross talent and something to not be proud of" said Heather. "I liked it" said Harold. Heather gave Harold another sharp look. "Until F. Sorry Owen." Apparently, the rest of the team liked it. "Fine, he's in" said Heather. "I'll make a talent myself" said Heather. "She is quite talented" said Harold and Lindsay. "Fine" said the rest of the team.

The team, except Heather went to the talent show, meeting up with the Bass. Webby sat next to DJ and Owen. "I hope we don't lose. If any of you two are up for elimination, I'll get the team to eliminate someone else" said Webby. "Thanks" said DJ.

Heather went to the girls cabin taking Gwen's diary. "This is serious business" said Heather, walking to the stage. "Eva is up". Eva lifted a few weights, not doing much. Part of the Gophers clapped. "WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU?" screamed Eva. Everyone clapped. "What did I get?" asked Eva. "A one" said Chef. "A WHAT?!" "Make that a zero".

"Girl, why did you spaz?" said Leshawna. "I expected higher and I WANTED higher. But I got LOWER?! This game is cheap" said that boiled and worked-up Eva. "No points for the Gophers" said Chris. Eva growled. "Courtney is up with her solo" Chris continued.

At this time, Heather returned. "What's that?" asked Lindsay. "A diary". "Diarrhea?" "No". "HEATHER HAS DIARRH-" yelled Lindsay before Heather shut her up. "This is not diarrhea. It is Gwen's diary. Don't tell Gwen. She probably wrote something about me and Trent". "Oooh, am I in it?" "I don't know". "Can I check it out?" "No". "Why?" "It's a diary, secret". "So, why are you reading it?" "So I can embarrass her". "Oooh". "Remember. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

Courtney had finished her violin solo at that time. Her team except Duncan clapped. "I knew I should've went" he said. "Shut up Duncan" said Courtney. "You are not making me Princess and if you so, I won't shut this mouth anytime soon". "I hate you". "You are so not my type". "What has that have to do with anything?" "We have couple fans". "We have WHAT?" "Fans for us being a couple". "You are not my type. If you wipe your mouth, behave, get a new look and win the money, MAYBE, MAYBE, I will like you".

"Whatever" said Duncan. "I rate it seven points. It was kinda interesting, but it still failed. I liked that fight, so that really got the score up" said Chef. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Okay, maybe because of that, I could like him". In the confessional, Duncan said: "I got a hug". Courtney hugged Duncan. "Err... yeah" said Courtney. "I thought so" said Duncan. "Bass winning seven to zero" said Chris.

"Owen is up burping the alphabet" said Chris. Owen drunk some Coke and begun to burp the alphabet really fast. "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" said Owen. Katie and Sadie squealed, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" In the confessional, Katie and Sadie said: "I liked the ending when he said EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" In the confessional, Leshawna said: "We might have a chance right now". "Hmmm... 7 points. I found that a good talent". Webby laughed at Heather for thinking that it was a bad talent.

"Seven to seven for both teams" said Chris. In the confessional, Heather said: "What is Webby's problem? He should've tried". In the confessional, Webby said: "Tried what? To stop laughing?" He continued to laugh. "Geoff is now up" said Chris.

Geoff begun to sing again. "This is how Lindsay sings Paparazzi" said Geoff. Reh-reh-eh-eh-eh. Romeh, Romeh-eh Gageh, ooh eh eh. Want your bad Romance, eh sung Geoff. Lindsay said, "I DO! He's right". "LINDSAY" said Heather. "What?" "I am about to snap." "I like that talent too!" "No, not the talent. The angry snap! We want them to lose, not win!" "But we are losing". "Argh. You have no idea what you are saying." "I know right?" "Dumber than cotton". "What?" "Nothing".

"Is that it Geoff?" asked Chris. "Nope" said Geoff. "This is how Ezekiel sings Bad Romance" continued Geoff. Reh-reh-eh-eh-eh. Romeh, Romeh-eh Gageh, ooh eh eh. Want your bad Romance, eh sung Geoff. The Bass clapped. "Chef?" said Chris. "Why did you mention Lady Gaga fool?" said Chef. Chef came up and smacked Chris. "He's my friend" said Chris. Chris got smacked again. "Stop it!" "I give it... eight points" said Chef.

The Bass clapped and cheered. "Okay, so now it's fifteen to seven, Bass is winning. Unless Heather gets under eight points, the game will continue, but the Bass have a good chance to win and the Gophers have a good chance to lose" said Chris. "Heather is up".

Heather walked on the stage. "Hello everyone. I am going to read you a nice section of a diary... er..... book I call Gwen." Heather snickered. "This is what is says:

Entry: Episode Four

I am upset that Trent lost the game, because he is kinda cute and hot. He was also nice to know. I hope we can meet each other again" read Heather. Gwen was shocked and ran off. "Neither the less, Heather should get some payback and I cannot WAIT until I get payback. I will get Lindsay, Leshawna, Webby, Owen, DJ, Justin, Harold and Eva to eliminate Heather. Wouldn't that be good payback? Yeah. It is. I hope everyone but Heather does well in the game" read Heather.

Everyone clapped. "WHAT?! You actually liked that?" said Heather. "Ten points. Fantastic job actually. Both teams liked it and I liked how Gwen had a plan to get you eliminated" Chef said. In the confessional, Heather said: "I know my next target. I am pissed at Gwen, but I am more angry at someone else, who does nothing".

"I am going to bag an animal, eh" said Ezekiel. Ezekiel shot an arrow and it accidently hit Chef. "Owwwwwwww" said Chef. "HOMESCHOOL IS IN TROUBLE". He walked up to Ezekiel and was about to punch him, when suddenly, he collapsed. "TEN POINTS!" screamed Chris. "I have wanted to do that in years! BASS WIN! THEEEEEEEEEEE BASSSSSS WIN!"

"Don't go John Sterling on us Chris" said Heather. "Fine. I was having some fun actually" said Chris. "John Stering Pie?" asked Lindsay. "We are going to need a LONG talk Lindsay" said Heather.

The Screaming Gophers went to the Mess Hall. "Who are we going to eliminate?" said DJ. "You" said Heather. "Who is with me?" continued Heather. "I am" said Lindsay and Harold. "You two need to stop following or doing what she does in the game. You have no chance of making it far" said Leshawna. "You are Heather's enemy. Get close to her Heather" said Lindsay. "Heck no" said Heather. "I am not going near Miss Loud and Proud".

"I need to use the bathroom" said Eva, as she left to use it. Heather, Harold and Lindsay left also, leaving the rest of the team. "I say we eliminate Eva" said Webby. "We got zero points from her. Despite how Heather read Gwen's diary, we did rack up some points from that. We can't afford to lose a good friend, can we?" said Webby. "I agree" said Owen. "I also agree" said Leshawna. Soon, the rest of the team agreed. "We need each one of your votes for Eva in this. If not, DJ will go home. We don't want that to happen, do we?" "No" said the team, splitting up to vote.

In the confessional, Gwen said: "I want to keep DJ in the game, but I want Heather off badly. I don't know who to vote for". In the confessional, Eva said: "I am voting for DJ. He is scared of me and he'll make me look bad and get out." "Thanks for getting the team to vote Eva" said DJ. "No problem" said Webby. "It's good to keep a friend in a game" said Webby.

It was marshmallow time. The votes were cast and someone is going home. "We have nine marshmallows left and one of you will be going home. This was hard for some of you, but most of you went your ways and had your reasons to vote the other off" said Chris.

"The first three marshmallows go to Lindsay, Webby and Owen" said Chris. They all received their marshmallows. Webby waved at DJ. In the confessional, DJ said: "I thought they weren't voting me off".

"The next three marshmallows go to Gwen, Leshawna and Harold" continued Chris. In the confessional, DJ said: "I am in the final four with Eva, Justin and Heather. I need this money". DJ begun to cry and wiped off his tears.

"Justin gets the third to last marshmallow, leaving Heather, DJ and Eva. Two of you racked up a few votes, but at the end one person had more" said Chris. In the confessional, DJ said: "Closer and closer I am to the final two. I hope I make it through tonight".

"The second to last marshmallow goes to... Heather". "HA!" screamed Heather. Harold and Lindsay clapped. Leshawna slapped Harold. "What's your problem? You like her?" said Leshawna. "Yes" said Harold. "Whatever" said Leshawna. "You shouldn't", she continued.

"This is the final marshmallow" said Chris. "The loser is sitting on one of the two seats". In the confessional, DJ said: "I am in the final two with Eva. Didn't the team vote her off or did Webby just mess with me?". "The final marshmallow goes to..." said Chris.

"DJ! Eva, you have been eliminated" said Chris. "WHAT?! I HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED?!" screamed Eva. "Yes Eva. You have." "WHO VOTED FOR ME?!" said the angry girl. Nobody raised their hands. "I AM GUESSING YOU ALL DID! I'LL BE BACK! I'LL BE BACK I TELL YOU!" She threw something at Webby. "Hey!" said Webby.

Chef and Chris grabbed Eva and took her in the Boat of Losers. In the confessional, DJ said: "I am happy that she is gone. She is really scary. At least she won't return. Ever."

Wrapping up the episode, Chris said, "The eval Eva has finally been eliminated. Join us next week to find out more about a possible Duncan and Courtney relationship and a dramatic elimination. Hopefully. Oh yes, also, all people who follow the show on Youtube and Twitter, expect an angry eMail from Eva next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

Chapter 6: The Sucky Outdoors

"Last time on Total Drama Island, we had the campers share their talents, especially Heather, who read Gwen's diary. Really played Heather, really played" Chris said. "Apparently, the Gophers lost and had to send a person probably born from Pluto home, Eva. Nah, just chilling or AM I? Find out the latest on this and more on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

(theme song plays)

Lindsay and Heather woke up. "Hannah" said Lindsay. "What?" said Heather, getting used to Lindsay's name mistakes. "I got an angry eMail from Ava". "Is that your BEE EFF EFF?" Katie and Sadie woke up and squealing "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Heather said, "Go back to bed you idiots. Nobody cares". Katie and Sadie went back to bed.

"No, it's Ava from the game". "Oh Eva?" "Yeeah". "I don't care". "You don't?" said Lindsay. "Why?" she continued. "You are boring, Eva is boring". "I am boring?" "Yeah". "How?" "You just are. Everyone bores me". "If you win, can you make a show called Everyone Bores Heather?" asked Lindsay. "Whatever" said Heather.

In the confessional, Heather said: "I think I may be ready to betray her now". In the confessional, Lindsay sung: "F is for fiends that you don't keep all together. U is for umbrella. N is for never going to give this friendship up in this place that is like under the sea".

Heather walked to the shower to notice a long line including Beth, Duncan, Owen, Gwen, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Harold, Tyler and Courtney. Heather first cut Courtney. "Hey!" said Courtney. "I was here first" she continued. "Not anymore" said Heather. In the confessional, Heather said: "I finally got a way to cut the entire shower line!"

Heather kicked Tyler out of the way. "HEY!" said Tyler. "Got a problem LOSER?" she said. "Alliance leader" said Heather, making Lindsay and Harold go behind her. "Oh em gee" said Heather. "Puppies over there" she continued pointing at Chef. Katie and Sadie ran off the line.

"Move it" said Heather. "Someone is taking so long in the shower" said Gwen. "Move!" "I can't." "Just do it!" "I still can't". Heather continued to complain and Gwen walked away, ignoring her. Owen farted and ran off crackerjack style to use the bathroom. Duncan went off the line, since he was bored of waiting. "Alliance leader" said Heather to Beth.

Soon, Heather cut everyone on the line. She went and shut off the shower water. "GET OUT!" she yelled. "Eh, just testing what happens if you add green food dye in the shower" said Ezekiel. "Ewwwwwwwww" said Heather. Ezekiel got out and Heather was about to get settled in the shower, when...

Chris told the campers "today's challenge is to survive the night in the fantastic outdoors and race back to camp. Cool?" "Eh, what's so cool about that?" said Ezekiel. "Nothing, except everything. Bears, sasquatches, squirrels, ants, bees and the nut herself, Izzy. She won't return, she'll be a err... intern watching.

"Why should I care about the challenge? There's a big nut, animals that can maul people, squirrels and other useless animals. I can go shower rather than this" said Heather. "Did I mention what happens if you win? No. Winners get to go to the Tuck Shop and get immunity. Losers will vote one of their own off" said Chris.

The teams went their separate ways. Izzy was already in a bear suit to scare the Bass. In the confessional, Izzy said: "As soon as they find their campsite, they'll be screaming because of me!" The Bass came to their campsite and Izzy was right there in a bear costume. She ran up and roared. The Bass freaked out and begun to run off. Izzy chased them for a bit, until she got a hold of Katie.

"Hai" said the bear. "A talking bear?!" asked Katie. "Eh, it looks that way" said Ezekiel. "Can I keep it?" asked Katie. Duncan and Courtney rolled their eyes. "Can I? Can I? Can I?" said Katie. "Eh, sure" said Ezekiel. "What? No. I am not a bear. I am just Izzy" said the bear. "Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say" said Ezekiel.

Izzy ran off and Katie begun to chase her. "Don't go" said the upset Katie. "Duuuuuuuuuuuunt goooooooooooo" she cried. In the confessional, Izzy said: "I love revenge". In the confessional, Katie said: "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?" Sadie, who was next to Katie in the confessional said, "Maybe it can come back". "Maybe" said Katie.

Izzy in the confessional said, "That was a close call". Izzy walked over to the sleeping Gophers. "Forgetting something?" she said. She then begun to roar. Lindsay woke up, "Hannah, you left your pet bear next to me again. Wait a second! BEAR?!" She screamed and woke up all the Gophers.

In the confessional, Leshawna said, "That girl is loud, but she woke me in my beauty sleep. That gurl must have a problem to--" A bear just passed Leshawna in the confessional. Leshawna whispered, "a bear?" "I just saw a bear in the confessional" said Leshawna. "You did?" said Owen. "This place must have 100 bears!" said Lindsay. "Shut up. One yes, two yes, one hundred, no" said Heather.

"That's why she is my friend" Lindsay said in the confessional. "She keeps me safe" she continued. The Gophers ran up to a tree and then the actual bear came to the campsite. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the Gophers. "Oh crap" said Izzy, taking off her costume and running up in the tree. "Sorry all. Didn't know an actual bear would come" said Izzy.

"It's okay. Next time, DON'T DO IT! My hair is going to be all itchy" said Heather. "Ow, my butt is going through a lot right now. Itchy balls are on it. Ow!" said Leshawna. "Good thing homeschool isn't watching this" she continued.

Back in the Bass campsite, the Bass were sleeping by the roasting shower. "Scared for bears?" said Bridgette to Geoff. "Nah" said Geoff. "I am". Rain began to pour, breaking the tent and stopping the fire. "Did Leshawna fart again?" asked Ezekiel. Duncan rolled his eyes.

Back in the Gophers campsite, rain also begun to pour, scaring off the bear. "I do not feel safe going down there again" said DJ. "I do" said Izzy, running off in the middle of nowhere. "Good thing she is gone" said Heather. "I know. That bear was scary" said Lindsay. "Not that. She got annoying" said Heather. "She was quiet" said Lindsay.

"I don't care. It feels like hand sanitizer when she's by me" said Heather. "Do mental people use hand spamatizer?" asked Lindsay. "You are mental" said Heather. "But I don't use hand sanitizer" said Lindsay. "You still are" said Heather. "But didn't you say?" said Lindsay before getting cut off by Heather saying "Sit down, shut up, ignore what I said". "Oooookay" said Lindsay.

In the confessional, the Bear drank some of the toilet water. In the confessional, Owen said: "Did anyone notice that most of the toilet water is gone?" In the confessional, Justin said: "Now the biggest threat isn't in the toilet". The toilet water then got spit on him. "But it is on my face" said Justin, beginning to cry.

Soon, the sun rose. Ezekiel picked his nose. "What now, eh" he said. "Run!" said Courtney. The Bass all woke up and took off. Owen woke up the team with his morning farts and told them "RUN!" Webby ran as fast as he can, meeting up with the Bass. "Hi" said Tyler. "Bye" said Tyler, running past Webby. Webby, continued to run as fast as he could. The Gophers, now all ready begun to run.

After a bit, the Bass got mixed up and Heather said: "I cannot be running anymore. My feet hurt". Leshawna said: "Mine do too". Owen said: "Mine especially". Gwen said: "We know how hard it is to run, but I didn't go to McDonalds to order some pie". Owen said: "I didn't either". Gwen said: "You didn't?" Owen said: "Yes. I didn't". Gwen said: "Then, who did?"

The bear walked passed the Gophers, eating his pie. Owen and Gwen had confused faces. "The bear ordered pie?" asked Owen. "And I didn't get in?" he continued. "Owen, snap out of it" said Heather, beginning to slap him in the face. "Let's win this" said DJ. "YEAH!" said Owen, Lindsay, Harold and Justin, who all begun to run.

The Bass found themselves again and saw the finish line. Webby was ahead of them. "We need to win this" said Courtney. "Duncan, throw a rock at him" said Courtney. "Let me try" said Duncan, finding and throwing a rock. It missed Webby the first time. Soon, the rest of the team begun to stop and throw rocks.

Harold was running by the team, when a bad throw hit Harold by Tyler. "Ow" said Harold in pain. "YES" screamed Tyler, taking off. "Webby is four feet from the finish line. Three" said Chris watching out for the drama. "Two" said Chris. Duncan grabbed a rock and threw it far. It hit Webby, who fell right down.

The Bass begun to run. "Dramatic" said Chris. "I know, eh" said Ezekiel, running toward the finish line. Webby got up and was nearly finished, when the whole Killer Bass team charged right passed him. Webby got up again and made it. "The winners... THE KILLER BASS!" said Chris.

Leshawna took Harold and Webby into the Mess Hall. "Nice try" she said. Soon, the rest of the team came. "We need someone else to vote off" said Heather. "I say Lindsay" said Justin. "But why?" asked Lindsay. "You suck at the game, you know?" said Justin. "Er... noooo" said Lindsay. "I know my vote" said Heather. "Same" said Lindsay. "I say Webby" said Heather, winking at Lindsay and Harold.

In the confessional, Heather said: "I won't eliminate Webby. I will betray Lindsay. That's how you play the game". "I got my vote" said Leshawna. "Same here" said Gwen. "I of course know my vote" said Owen, waving at Webby. Hours passed and it was time to eliminate someone.

"Right after you win two, you lose three" said Chris. "These nine marshmallows will decide who is staying" he continued. "Isn't that one for all of us?" said Heather. "No" said Chris winking. "Wait, that means we win?!" said a happy Lindsay. "Who gave you that idea" asked Chris. Lindsay pointed to her pea sized brain. "I thought so" said Chris.

"If I call your name, you are safe" he continued. "Marshmallows to Leshawna and Gwen" said Chris. Leshawna and Gwen gave a high five. Gwen enjoyed her marshmallow. "The next three go to Owen and DJ". Chris passed Owen two marshmallows and DJ one. "Two?" asked Lindsay. "He's safe for two weeks?" asked Heather. "No. He was just hungry. The first one was safe. The second one was a good snack" said Chris.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Justin is safe" announced Chris. "Webby, Heather, Lindsay, Harold, one of you is going home" said Chris. In the confessional, Heather said: "Me?! Going home. As if. The better case is that Lindsay gets eliminated, the worse case is that I or Webby gets eliminated. I want the money and I want her out. And I don't care about Harold. He's a nerdling".

"Harold is safe" said Chris. In the confessional, Harold said: "If they eliminated me, gosh! I would be angry and upset". "Two of you racked up two votes. The other person racked up the rest. And that person is...." said Chris.

"Lindsay" continued Chris, who passed Heather and Webby marshmallows. "You two are safe" said Chris. Webby high-fived his team. In the confessional, DJ said: "Couldn't have eliminated Webby. The team voted Lindsay, despite our friendship with her".

"Yes" said Heather. "I won?" said Lindsay. "No. We as a team eliminated you". "You what?" "Eliminated you". "I thought John was joking". "John? Oh, Justin. No, he wasn't". "But did you eliminate me also?" "Yes". "Why? I thought you were my friend". "I kinda er... used you through the game." "You what?!" "I used you". "Why?" "To make you farther".

"You did?" "If it wasn't for me" Heather continued, "you wouldn't been eliminated in week two!" "Yeeeeah" said Leshawna. "Bye guys" said Lindsay to her team. Before she left, she told Heather off. "Heather, you don't deserve to get this far in the game. You are a mean person and I wish I never met a person like your or you! I hate your clothes, your face, your bear" Lindsay said.

"That wasn't my bear!" said Heather. "Well, you are anyways. You are the meanest, most dumbest, weirdiest, useiest camper and person I know" Lindsay said. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Respect to Lindsay". In the confessional, Gwen said: "Wow". "By the way, your shoes are tacky" said Lindsay.

"Lindsay, time to go" said Chris. "But I am not done". "You will see her later, unless she wins or doesn't get eliminated". With that, Lindsay went on the Boat of Losers. "Bye guys! See you at the finale" she said.

"And this ends the most dramatic episode of the show yet, despite how it is week six. Join us next week to see more me, no Lindsay and why is a bear eating my paycheck?!" said Chris. "Argh. This ends Total Drama Island, for this week at least" Chris winked.

Chapter 7: Phobia Factor

Chris was at the McDonalds drive through. "Last time at Total Drama Island, I got here for a quick lunch. Anyways, Heather betrayed Lindsay and caused her elimination! Join us this week to hear the camper's fears for their next challenge in TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

In the confessional, Heather said: "If the camps had no shower for a day, I would be scared. Goth girl would go bananas, Leshawna will grow a beard and I won't live. That's my fear". In the confessional, Courtney said: "My fear is losing this class election. I need this win and if I lose, I'll not be as popular as I am now".

In the confessional, Harold said: "According to my calculator, the movie 2012 is inaccurate in a lot of ways. The first way is that the world cannot get destroyed unless ninjas attacked". A ninja broke into the confessional saying, "NINJA IZZIE!" Harold screamed and begun to run off. "My fear is watching that freaky movie, since it is wrong! Wrong in so many ways!"

Chris continued, "We'll be back after the theme song to share more fears! McLean out!"

(theme song plays)

In the confessional, Justin said: "I cannot become ugly. I have a sexy face right now and it cannot be worth becoming ugly. If I do, all my lady fans will ignore me and I will be a circus freak, like Harold. That dude is ugly". In the confessional, Harold is freaking out, because of the ninjas.

In the confessional, Geoff said: "If I lost my hat, I'll be scared. I would lose my record for the hat on the longest. It has been on for four years, six months, two weeks and five days now". In the confessional, Webby said: "Mice". In the confessional, Duncan said: "Let's say this fast. Miley Cyrus standess. Freaky girl".

In the confessional, Gwen said: "I am not a girl who likes blonde hair or red, so if it becomes red, I'll freak. That's my phobia". In the confessional, Tyler said: "If I lost to Donkey Kong in Mario Superstar Baseball. My team usually sucks though, so I am used to it! BRING IT DK! I'LL--". Tyler got knocked out by the camera. "Clean up in aisle four" said Chris in the confessional.

In the confessional, Katie and Sadie said: "Being separated from each other". In the confessional, Harold is still freaking out. In the confessional, Beth said: "Being homeschooled like Ezekiel. He is a weirdo". In the confessional, Leshawna said: "After last week's challenge, bears. Those animals have been bugging me in my sleep or is that Ezekiel".

In the confessional, Owen said: "Jumping off the cliff. Once is enough thank you very much". In the confessional, DJ said: "Here goes my big list of fears. I am scared of: bugs, ants, water, cliffs, psycho killers, worms and psycho impostors called Izzy".

In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I am scared of Leshawna, eh. I should've never threw dodgeballs at her butt" he cried. "She is loud also, eh". In the confessional, Bridgette said: "I guess I am the last one. I am scared of spending the day with Chef". She thinks of what happens and barfs. In the confessional, Chris said: "Clean up on aisles thirteen, four, one and eight".

"Now that you all dished your fears" said Chris. "I guess you can all accept or decline doing them on international TV". "And like what Lindsay says, televisions over the rainbow" said Heather. "I think your nice time with Chef begins now" said Chris to Bridgette. Chef waved at Bridgette. "Bye Geoff" she said. "Bye" said Geoff.

"Talking about Geoff, your hat is not on. I wonder where it is" said Chris. In the confessional, Chris said: "I hid it in the toilet. I hope he didn't mind that I put it there and used it after cleaning Bridgette's barf". Geoff begun to look for the hat. "Oh Bryan. Where are you?"

"And like what Lindsay says Ryan?" said Heather. "You have to mention Lindsay after every thing someone says" said Leshawna. "My name is Dindsay or is it Dusty" said Heather. "Leshawna, get your camping bags. You are going to sleep with the bears in the forest tonight!" said Chris. "Gwen, come over with the intern. He is perfect at hair dying" he continued. Leshawna left to the cabin and Gwen left to the intern.

"AND BY THE WAY" said Chris, "THESE WILL BE TALLIED AS POINTS FOR YOUR TEAM! WINNERS GET IMMUNITY!". In the confessional, Owen said: "Immunity is what we need". Owen grabbed his cellphone and texted KGB to get answers on how to jump off a cliff.

"Duncan, come over to hug a Miley Cyrus standee". "Sup" said the standee. "Since when did standees talk?" said Duncan. "Whoops, that's Miley herself" said Chris winking. Chris dragged Duncan to the actual standee. "You may hug it once you are ready" Chris said.

Courtney's cellphone begun to ring. "Hello?" said Courtney. Her friend Tom said, "Did you hear that Samantha won the election?" "SAMANTHA?!" said Courtney. "Yeah" said Tom. "How much votes did I get?" she asked. "One" said Tom. "And that was you, right?" said Courtney. "No, that was the mouse". "WHAT?!" screamed Courtney. "Got to go. Bye" said Tom.

"A point for Courtney. She took the fear down and now she is suing the school. Good luck with that" said Chris. Another intern broke the shower. "Heather, your challenge is over. You can go to the shower" Chris said. "Good" said Heather, walking to the shower. Once Heather walked into the shower, she noticed it was broken.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she yelled. "Put in the shower line, Chris" she said. "Nope. Face the challenge" said Chris. "You said I had no challenge!" said Heather. "I said face the challenge" said Chris. "I won't. Put on the shower NOW!" she yelled. Chris put on the shower. "Much better" she said walking into it again.

"No points for the Gophers, one for the Bass!" announced Chris. Webby said, "If we lose, Heather must go home". At this time, Geoff was looking everywhere for his hat. "Oh hat. Where are you Bryan?" he said. As for Bridgette, she was making some bad meals for the contestants. "And this is your dinner" said Chef. "This spoon?" asked Bridgette. "Yes" said Chef. "GOT A PROBLEM?" "No sir" said Bridgette.

Gwen was changing fast. "OW!" she yelled. Once the intern was finished with the makeover, she said: "RED HAIR?! What are you guys thinking?! Change it back! Change it BACK!" The intern got back to work changing it back fast.

Duncan was hugging the Miley Cyrus standee. "You know you are gross" said the real Miley. "Shut up" Duncan said. Courtney's face went in shock. In the confessional, she asked: "Duncan is cheating on me already?!" "Duncan! We need a talk! NOW!" she said.

Duncan walked over to Courtney. "Yes darling?" he said. Courtney slapped him in the face. "OW!" said Duncan. "What was that for?" "Why are you cheating on me?" said Courtney. "Cheating?! That was my fear. I don't like Miley" said Duncan. "Don't you want to win?" asked Duncan. "True. Fine. I'll give you one more chance" said Courtney.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "I can do good with or without her". "Two points for the Bass, still none for the Gophers!" said Chris. "Webby, come to the closet. You are going to deal with mice!" "MICE?!" said Webby, running off. "Still no points. You Gophers are chickens!" said Chris!

Leshawna, who was still relaxing heard a bear. "You are not starting" she said. Geoff looked in the Mess Hall. "Did you use my hat for cooking?" said Geoff. "No" said Chef.

Chris took Owen up the cliff with a golf cart. "Enjoy jumping off this thing again! Remember the sharks and everything" said Chris. Chris got back on the golf car, driving down the cliff. Owen jumped off the cliff again, causing a big splash. The golf cart spun and flipped over. A fire begun and Chris got out safely running out of the cart. "Sorry" said Owen. "A point for the Gophers" said Chris, fixing his hair.

"Justin, time for a makeover yourself" said Chris, arriving back to the remaining campers. Chris gave some interns tomatos to pelt Justin. After three pelted at Justin, he screamed: "STOP! NO MORE!". "No points for that" said Chris.

The bear was watching Leshawna eating her chips. "Don't come out bear. Just stay there for the rest of the CHALLENGE!" she said. The bear came out when she said challenge. Leshawna threw the chips and climbed up a tree. "No more repeats itchy balls. My butt hates you and you hate my butt" she said.

Chris took Tyler to a video game closet. "I got the game set up. This is the final inning and you are losing by ninety-eight. You got two strikes, no balls, two outs and nobody on base. Goomba is up and- GAME OVER!" said Chris. Tyler said: "Good thing I didn't play". "Argh" said Chris.

Katie took the boat to loserville and they both cried right away. "Weak" said Chris, making the boat return. "Live together" said Chris rolling his eyes. Heather came back from her shower and Gwen came back better than ever. "Your team should be called Phobiatic Gophers" said Chris. Courtney and Duncan laughed.

"DJ, if you, Harold and Leshawna win these challenges, there's a possible win!" said Chris. "You are going to stare at a worm for five minutes. Don't get freaked out or else the Bass win" he continued. DJ begun to look at the same worm Ezekiel spit out on day one. "I know him, eh" said Ezekiel. "Shush" said Heather.

Five minutes later, DJ conquered his fear of worms. The Gophers, except Heather clapped. Leshawna came back alive the next morning and not scared of bears anymore. "I did it" said Leshawna. The Gophers, except Heather again clapped. "Now, this is a tie game. If Bridgette comes back with Chef happy together, the Bass win immunity, but not after Ezekiel does his work" said Chris.

Fifty seven minutes later, Bridgette and Chef came back. Chef got Bridgette a new surfboard. Bridgette accidently hit him while sitting down and Chef blew it up! "Hey" said Bridgette. "Now that the day is over, I can bug you again" said Chef, blowing up everything he brought Bridgette, except for the Chef Hatchet SillyBand™, which he took instead.

"Wait! Harold didn't do his challenge" said Chris, taking Harold to the movie theater. Harold stayed in and watched the whole 2012. In the confessional, Harold said: "Monkeys, explosions, Chris McLean. WIN MOVIE!" "Good movie" said Harold. "The world will get destroyed in 2012! The world will get destroyed in 2012! The world will get destroyed in 2012!" said Harold over and over again.

"Tied again with four per team. Gophers have a big comeback" said Chris. "Am I up, eh?" asked Ezekiel. "Yes" said Chris. "You need this for the win or Beth can, which I don't think will happen" he continued. "Okay". "For this challenge, you need to invite Leshawna to McDonalds" he continued.

"Cool, eh" said Ezekiel. At McDonalds, Chris said: "Which is why I had the recap here". Back to the challenge, Ezekiel asked Leshawna: "Want to have some fries from french and chickens buggets at Mickey Ms?" "Er... no" said Leshawna. "You are crazy" she continued. "Too bad" said Ezekiel, walking away.

"Er... no points" said Chris. "Beth, if you win this, your team gets immunity" said Chris. "Welcome to Mr. Hatchet" he continued. "Today, we are going to learn about kissing" said Mr. Hatchet. "Ooooh" said Beth. After the lesson, Beth came out and begun to kiss the ground. "Thank you! I did not like watching Chef kissing a camel for an hour" said Beth.

"What camel?" asked Chef, throwing a camel into the lake. "Hehe", he laughed. "Since Beth survived the kissing lesson, the Bass win immunity for the FORTH time in a row!" said Chris. "We lost AGAIN AGAIN?!" said the really upset Heather. "You guys are useless" she continued. "Living without a shower is easy, hun" said Leshawna.

In the confessional, Webby said: "I am up for grabs". In the confessional, Harold said: "I would've enjoyed to eat the Chicken Nuggets or French Fries. I should've watched my fat though. Don't want to go husky, do I? But then again, I can beatbox. But then again, naaah. I'll stay at the camp this time".

In the confessional, Justin said: "At least I was pretty". In the confessional, Geoff said: "At least I had an extra hat", putting on another hat exactly like his first one. "Will the record books notice?" he continued. In the confessional, Heather said: "I am voting for Webby. He's useless". In the confessional, Webby said: "I think me, Owen, DJ and most of the team will vote Justin. I am not sure of it though".

In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Was that challenge with Ezekiel a technical ask-out, because I don't like him". In the confessional, Chris said: "It totally was!"

The votes were cast hours later. "This is your forth loss. You need to change this team around" said Chris. "Marshmallows go to: Heather, Harold, Leshawna, Gwen and Owen" continued Chris. In the confessional, Webby said: "I am getting close already to the final two". In the confessional, Justin said: "Good thing I won't be going home ANYTIME soon", he said winking.

"DJ gets the next marshmallow. This is the final marshmallow now. Whoever gets it is safe for another week" said Chris. "And it goes to..."

"Webby" said Chris. "YES!" said Webby. "No" said Heather and Justin. "I can't be going" said Justin. "I am too sexy to go!" "The tomatoes made you lose your charm" said Owen. "See you in the dishwasher" said Harold. "You must have done this" said Justin to Chris. "Just doing my job" said Chris.

"Yes!" said Webby in the confessional. "Safe for another week!" Justin boarded the Boat of Losers. "He overstayed this game" said Gwen. "And this ends another week of Total Drama Island. Justin got eliminated and I am going to unsubscribe him on Not like I like him. I just spied on him and kinda played the game. Join us next time for TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!" said Chris.

"And the game is really ugly now. Especially Webby!" said Justin yelling. "HEY!" said Webby, ending the episode.

Chapter 8: Up the Creek

"Last time on the legendary Total Drama Island, Justin got eliminated and he insulted Webby" said Chris. Justin, who is on Chris' cellphone said: "I am still angry at you for unsubscribing me on" "Er... yeah! Join us for more now on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!" said Chris. "Is the show on?" said Lindsay loud on the cellphone.

(theme song plays)

Heather woke up and said in the confessional, "We need to win this next challenge". Harold said in the confessional, "In my dreams, my mom was running me into the jungle scared of 2012". Courtney said in the confessional, "We are winning this no matter what". In the confessional, Chef said: "Confessional overuse?"

Owen went to the Mess Hall and ate some cookies on the ground. The rest of the cast, except Heather, Leshawna and Gwen were there. "I wonder where they are" said Webby. In the confessional, Courtney said: "They are fighting as a team. Like they'll go far."

Gwen said in the girls cabin, "Did Heather steal my socks?" "I did because someone threw them in the lake" said Heather. "They were smelly" said Leshawna. "And you did eat my chips" she continued. "Yes. I was hungry" Heather said. "I know I should've went to McDonalds with Ezekiel. I always could've ditched him in the bathroom" said Leshawna.

They all walked to the Mess Hall, where Chris announced "The next challenge will be a ride up to Boney Island, a rumored to be haunted island. Whoever rides there first and makes a fire first wins immunity for the team. You should take anything you find, including an idol and come back with it".

In the confessional, Chris said: "And they should take it because? It gives teams bad luck. Perfect for the Bass or the Gophers" said Chris. "That idol is mine" said Tyler in the confessional. "An immunity idol?" asked Beth in the confessional.

The teams got paired up. Heather got paired with Owen and Harold, apparently. Leshawna paired up with Gwen. Webby paired up with DJ. Geoff paired up with Bridgette and Duncan paired up with Courtney. Beth paired up with Tyler and Ezekiel. Katie paired up with Sadie. "THE CHALLENGE BEGINS NOW" announced Chris.

Owen jumped into the lake. "Owen, what are you doing?" said Heather. "Moving with the boat in the water" said Owen. "Please note our season one fan favorite animal is in the water" said Chris. "And what might that be" asked Owen. "Sharks" said Chris. A shark swam toward Owen and Owen jumped out into the boat.

Owen and Harold paddled the boat and Heather relaxed. In Leshawna and Gwen's boat, Gwen said: "Let's win this for the team". "That's right sistah" said Leshawna. Leshawna and Gwen shared a high-five by the one fourth point. "You are doing it wrong" said Courtney. "How?" asked Duncan. "We are supposed to be going left, not right" said Courtney.

"And how do you know that?" "I was a CIT". "Here?" "Yes when this place was ACTUALLY popular". "Fine, we'll go left" said Duncan, steering to the one-fourths place. In the lake, Tyler found the bad luck idol Chris was talking about. "Beth, I found the immunity idol!" said Tyler. "YAY!" said Beth. They high fived each other.

"The bad luck idol" Chris said laughing his head off on shore. As Bridgette and Geoff passed the one fourth place, Harold, Owen and Heather were stuck and were about to sink. "Help!" said Heather. In the confessional, Heather said: "I am really sorry for everything I did to you Lindsay. Now can you please help?!"

Sharks begun to bite the boat. "I think I have Sharkophobia" said Harold. "Who cares and what is that?" said Heather. "If you are scared of sharks" said the nerdy Harold. "I did not care at all" Heather said. A rescue boat driven by Chef came, but it crashed onto a shark. "Whoops" said Chef, with his boat sinking also. Chris continued to laugh.

Harold, Owen and Heather ran back to shore to get a new boat. "Ow!" said Heather, running away from the sharks. "I think one bit the bottom of my shoes!" she continued. "Are they new?" asked Owen. "Are they new... YES! THEY ARE NEW!" said Heather. In the confessional, Gwen said: "Karma". "Gwen and Leshawna need one fourth more until they win the first challenge for the Gophers" said Chris.

Geoff and Bridgette, who fell in love begun to not pay attention to the boat, causing it to move away from the island and closer to the shore. "TEN MORE INCHES" screamed Chris. "NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN! SIX" he continued. "We are winning this" said Leshawna, actually pushing the boat. "THE GOPHERS WIN PART ONE!" said Chris. Webby and DJ made it to the island afterward. Soon, nearly everyone came to the island.

"Excluding Bridgette and Geoff, everyone made it past the first challenge" said Chris. In the confessional, Courtney said: "If we lost, one of those two love birds will be going home". In the confessional, Duncan said: "Geoff is my dude and I'll trust him, but not Bridgette. Something fishy is wrong with that girl, like how her pet is named Fish, even though it's a bird".

"Whoever makes the biggest fire wins immunity" said Chris! Tyler said: "I won an immunity idol, so we can win this!" "No lighters" said Chris. "Darn" said Duncan, snapping. "AND GO!" said Chris. Heather and Harold begun to rub sticks with the rest of the team. Suddenly, DJ's stick got fire! "I GOT FIRE!" said DJ, who was happy!

"I got fire! I got fire!" he said dancing with the sticks. "WAIT! I GOT FIRE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" DJ screamed. "Put it down" said the team. "Hurry" said Webby.

"This is awesome!" said Chris. Bridgette and Geoff not paying attention said, "What?" Geoff said, "I'll do my homework later mom!" DJ put the sticks down and ran behind Duncan. "I wonder how you did that" said Duncan. "AND I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOOD AT THIS!" said the fueled up Courtney.

"Hey. I can't be Mr. Perfect, can I?" said Duncan. "I don't care. You know this stuff". "He beat me to it, what can I say?" "You can say Vote me off". "No". "Why?" "Wait a second. Why didn't you do this also? We should blame THEM over there" said Duncan, pointing at Bridgette and Geoff.

"The Gophers win" said the laughing Chris. "Fine" said Courtney. "We'll eliminate Romeo" she continued. "No. What about Juliet?" "Whatever. Let's have a split vote on this" said Courtney. "Cool with me" said Duncan.

In Bridgette and Geoff's boat, Bridgette stopped daydreaming and got serious. She slapped Geoff in the face. "I think we daydreamed through most of the challenge" said Bridgette. "Let's not go near each other in important challenges like these" said Geoff. "Agreed, babe. Now let's hope we won the challenge" said Bridgette, away from Boney Island.

Webby pulled DJ over. "I heard that Chris said that there was a bad luck idol. Don't tell anyone, but Tyler picked it up and has it in his pocket" said Webby. DJ's face went in shock. "Yes. Don't tell the Bass yet. I'll tell them once I have to" said Webby.

In the confessional, DJ said: "Wow". DJ walked over to the Gophers again, with Webby and the new secret. "Darn immunity idol!" said Tyler, throwing it into the lake. "No" said Webby. "Your plan did not work" said DJ. "It will when Beth will pick it up again" Webby said.

"I threw the immunity idol in the lake" said Tyler to Beth. "Why?" asked Beth. "It did not work" said Tyler. "Of course, it did not work. Don't you have to shake it?" "I don't care about it. We can do fine without it". "I'll keep it for safe keeping" said Beth, picking it up.

"See what I mean" said Webby. "You're right" said DJ. In the Mess Hall, the Bass had to pick someone to get eliminated. "I think we all know who we are voting for" said Courtney and Duncan, both staring at Geoff and Bridgette. "We are sorry guys" said Geoff. "We were winning at first and we got caught up with each other and we lost" said Bridgette.

"And we needed this challenge for another win" said Courtney, refusing to accept their apology. "I agree with you" said Duncan. "True love, eh" said Ezekiel. "Please don't vote us off" said Bridgette and Geoff.

"We will" said Courtney. "Or we will not" said Duncan, exchanging looks. "And now it's time to vote someone off" said Chris. "You have an hour". An hour later, all votes were cast.

"I thought you had something going" said Chris to the Bass. "Something" Chris said staring at Beth and Tyler "stopped you guys" Chris continued. "The votes determine that Duncan, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Beth and Tyler are all safe" Chris continued.

They all got their marshmallows thrown at them by Chris. Duncan stared at Courtney. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Of course they'll vote for Courtney. It's always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney". "Let's not make Courtney angry" Chris said, throwing her a marshmallow. In the confessional, Courtney said: "And of course, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney is safe again".

"One of you lovebirds got voted off and that one will not get a marshmallow. You may kiss whenever whichever got eliminated, k?" said Chris. "Okay" they both said holding hands. "And that loser is..." said Chris:

"Bridgette" Chris said finally. "Never going to let you go, oooh oh, ohh oh" said Bridgette, upset. "It's cool babe" said Geoff leaning in about to kiss for a moment. As they got close, Ezekiel threw a pie at Bridgette. "HEY!" said Bridgette. Ezekiel said: "Sorry, eh. Chris told me to ruin the moment". "Chris!" said them both.

As they got in for their first kiss, Chris grabbed Bridgette with one hand and took her to the Boat of Losers. "We have a budget cut going on and I need more time. You two need less". "Bye babe" said Geoff. "Bye Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz" said Bridgette. "Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz?" said Courtney. "Pathetic" continued Courtney. The Boat of Losers took off with Bridgette.

"I'll miss her" said Geoff, "but now I can focus in this game. Focus, focus". Courtney looked at Geoff. "I never knew you had brown hair before. Haha" said Geoff. Courtney made a weirded out look. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Courtney thinks the name Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz is weird, but she calls me Dunky. You call Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz weird and pathetic".

"This ends another fantastic week of Total Drama Island. Remember to stay tuned tomorrow all day for more me, me and me. And not much of the campers on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND! McLean out!" said Chris, ending the episode.

Chapter 9: Paintball Deer Hunter

"Let's review last week's awesome episode! F. R. E. E. That spells free. Don't Report Baby! Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz was left without Bridgette last week after her awesome elimination! And that is my story. Download Windows 7!" Chris said

(theme song plays)

Leshawna and Heather woke up and ran to the shower. Heather went in there first, but Leshawna said: "I don't want you to hog the shower, before I get in!" "First come, first serve" said Heather. Leshawna begun to shove Heather out of the way.

"It's MY shower" said Heather. Ezekiel, now awoken came to the scene saying: "Your name is not on it, eh" said Ezekiel. "It needs to be on the shower, so you can get it" said Ezekiel continuing. Heather grabbed a pencil from an intern, writing her name on the shower. "It's your's, eh" said Ezekiel. "What does he know?" said Leshawna.

"Out of MY shower" said Heather. "We'll have tea time later, I have to finish this" she continued, moving Leshawna away. "You aren't going to book this yet, Heather" said Leshawna. Heather slammed the shower door close and begun to shower.

"That girl is really getting on my nerves now" said Leshawna. Fifty minutes later, everyone awoken and Chris said: "Gather around my children. Today's challenge is a fight to the death. At least for deer". Harold said, "Are we killing them?" said Harold. "NOOO! Not the deer" said DJ. "What did we do to them?" he continued. "A lot" said Chris, focusing on Duncan.

"What? Someone ate my chips" said Duncan. "And that someone was Heather" said Leshawna in the confessional. "Whatever. The person must've been hungry" said Heather. "Person?" said Duncan, raising his fist. "Incorrect Heather. Chris said a deer did it and not a human" said Harold. Duncan kicked Harold. "Save that later, when we will need it" said Duncan.

"Like now" said Harold. "I mean once you get eliminated" said Duncan. "Gosh!" said Harold. "Gosh yourself" said Duncan. "Let's chill" said Chris. "Today's challenge is a challenge where a few hunters per team will try to shoot deer from the other team. The hunters from the Gophers are: Gwen, Leshawna and Owen. The hunters for the Bass are: Katie, Tyler and Ezekiel" he continued.

"I cannot be a hunter without Sadie" said Katie. "Fine. Beth will be a hunter. You are a deer" said Chris. "YAY!" said Katie and Sadie. Sadie gave Chris a bear hug. "Not the hair" said Chris. "Whoever gets shot first loses. Deer may have a five minute advantage of running off. Shoot the other team guys!" he continued.

The deer ran off. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "I cannot wait to shoot Heather". In the confessional, Heather said: "I cannot believe I am a deer. First off, I hate deers. Second off, Leshawna and Gwen will just shoot me and last off, did Chris say run?"

After five minutes, Chris shot a paintball in the air and said "GO!" The hunters ran and the camera lost battery. "AND SADIE GETS SHOT DOWN!" said Chris in the background. "Ow" said Chris. "OH!" he continued. Once the cameraman found a new camera, he turned it on at Chris and Sadie. "Hehehe" said Chris, running off.

Sadie ran off to a blueberry bush and begun to eat some. Owen then tracked down Katie. Owen begun to chase Katie through trees, forests, cabins and finally up the cliff. Owen, who slowed down after running up the cliff, begun to get tired. He daydreamed and thought he saw Katie jumping off the cliff.

Owen stopped daydreaming and jumped off the cliff, screaming. Katie's face made it look like she had no emotion. Owen, finally landed in the sea in the safe zone, but caused a big splash. Webby begun to run off and hide in Chef's kitchen.

He did not notice that Chef was here and Chef carried Webby outside into the confessional to teach him a lesson. "That is MY kitchen. No paintballs going in MY kitchen. No kids going in MY kitchen. Nothing gets screwed up in MY kitchen. GOT THAT?!" said the boiled up Chef. "Err... yes" said Webby. "I CANNOT HEAR YOU!" "Shush". "I won't shush until you say yes".

"I am going to get caught because of you!" "I don't care". Then, a person came up and shot Chef. "Let's go Webby" said Leshawna, taking him out of the confessional. "I see Webby, eh. 'sup?" said Ezekiel. "Hide" said Webby. "Hide from what?" said Ezekiel. "You" said Webby. "Why?"

"Because you'll shoot me". "No, I won't, eh. I shoot nothing, except bowling pins". Webby and Leshawna exchanged weirded out faces. "Err... got to go" said Leshawna and Webby. "Okay. If you see any bowling pins, call me" said Ezekiel. "Okay".

In the confessional, Leshawna said: "That guy needs to wake up". In the confessional, Webby said: "Leshawna is awesome, because she is just Leshawna. I hope she gets a far run in this game!"

Katie and Sadie begun to run away from Owen, who got out of the sea. "I hope we don't get hit" said Sadie. "Same here" said Katie. In the confessional, Geoff said: "I miss Bridgette. I miss her eyes. I miss her face. I miss her surfboard."

Owen begun to shoot paintballs that just missed Sadie. Owen continued to shoot, until none was left. "RUN!" said Katie. Katie and Sadie begun to run and stepped on Chef also. "Was that your battle ready armor?" asked Katie. "No. Wait. Isn't that from Kids Next Door?" said Sadie. "Nooooo. It's real". "It is?" "Yes". "Cool".

Beth found Heather and Beth said: "Let's ignore each other this moment, as we are in the same alliance". Heather nodded, took Beth's paintball gun and begun to run off. "Can she do that?" asked the cameraman to Chris. "Hmmm... I suppose so" Chris said.

"So rude!" said Beth, walking off. Tyler then found Harold and begun to shoot his paintball gun. Tyler actually shot it up and had to get away each time. "Your accuracy is off by a lot" said the nerdy and dorky Harold. "Get a room for your stupid science dweeb" said Duncan, shoving Harold aside. "Shoot him!" said Duncan to Tyler.

Tyler begun to shoot, but shot an actual deer, a horse and the cameraman. "Whoops" said Tyler. Harold begun to run off. "You let him get away! What kind of hunter are you?" said Duncan. "Give me that" he continued, snatching the paintball gun.

"I am getting dweeb". "GO DUNKY!" said Courtney. "Dunky?" said Harold laughing. "Shut up nerd" said Duncan, still chasing Harold around and about. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I told you. Geoffie SnuggleBunzieWunzieKinz is no better than Dunky. At least I don't call her Courtey."

"At least we still have that immunity idol to win" said Tyler to himself. Owen got reloaded with paintballs. "We have one supply left" said Chris. "Any takers?" he continued. "Not yet" said Duncan, Heather and Gwen. Gwen begun to hunt Courtney.

"I have a strategy" said Gwen in the confessional. "Pretending to quit" she continued. Back in the outdoors, by Courtney's hiding spot, Gwen said: "Oh no. I am too hot right now to do this. I guess I'll quit!". Gwen dropped her paintball gun and Courtney ran out and tried to get it. "Not yet at least" Gwen said laughing.

In the confessional, Gwen said: "I knew it will work and Courtney. One word: BUSTED!" In the confessional, Courtney: "Who am I going to blame? Ghostbusters. No, seriously. If we lose this challenge, I better not be the one who will be leaving my money here".

Gwen said: "You are busted". Gwen begun to shoot her paintballs at Courtney. Courtney ducked, moved to the side, moved left, moved right, jumped and walked back for the first few. She begun to run off. "Gwen is nuts!" she said. "No. You are" Gwen said, shooting another paintball. At this time, Heather was walking back to the showers, about to drop her paintball gun, when this caught her eyes.

In the confessional, Heather said: "This will be a perfect win in my column!" Heather shot a paintball at Courtney. "HEY! You are a deer" said Courtney. "Not anymore" said Heather. "Whatever" said Gwen, still chasing Courtney with Heather. Heather then shot another paintball at Courtney.

This one was the challenge winner. It hit Courtney! "YES!" said Heather and Gwen. Heather dropped the paintball gun and ran to the shower to relax. "The Gophers win it all AGAIN!" said Chris. At this time, the challenge ended and Duncan shot a few more paintballs at Harold, which three of them hit him.

"OW!" said Harold, "he said Challenge over!" "Not for me at least" said Duncan. "The Bass will vote who to eliminate! Please note that Courtney lost for them" said Chris. "Hey! Two against one. You call that fair" said Courtney. "Yes, I do" said Chris.

When Katie and Sadie walked to the Mess Hall, they stepped on Chef. "Katie, are you sure that was my Battle Ready Armor?" said Sadie. "Yes" said Katie. "Those are for guys though" said Sadie. "No, they protect us from guys" said Katie. "Oooooh. I see" said Sadie, continuing to walk. Nobody noticed Chef.

The Bass needed someone to eliminate. "You should be the next one outta here" said Duncan to Courtney. "Didn't you like me?" said Courtney. "I do, but I do not want a person who loses challenges for my team in the team" said Duncan. "What about Geoff?" "He actually did well today and I trust him more than I trust you".

"You what?" "Trust him more than you". "If I am safe Duncan, we are going to need a talk". "A talk, eh" said Ezekiel. "Can I join?" he continued. "No" said Courtney. "It's for me and Duncan only" she continued. "Okay, eh" said Ezekiel.

"We will vote for whoever and that'll be that. Just don't vote for me" said Courtney. "You have an hour to make your elimination decisions and cast your votes" said Chris. An hour later, everyone casted their votes and it was time for the marshmallow ceremony!

"This is not a last chance workout, nor a sudden death battlezone, but it is your ticket home" said Chris in the ceremony. "If I call your name, you are safe for now" he continued. "Katie, Sadie and Beth!" Katie and Sadie said: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" when they heard their names were called.

In the shower, off screen Heather said, "I am trying to have some peace". "Gurl, you are crazy" said Leshawna, also off screen in the girls cabin. "Duncan and Tyler, are safe also" said Chris. They both got their marshmallow and glanced at each other.

In the confessional, Courtney said: "I am in the final two with Geoff. I hope I get this marshmallow". In the confessional, Duncan said: "Once again, I can go far with or without her".

"This is the final marshmallow" said Chris. "Whoever gets this is safe, but must enjoy being tortured for another week" he continued. "It is so mine. Good prize if I get worked up, but bad if I get eliminated" said Courtney. "And this marshmallow goes to" said Chris...

"COURTNEY!" said Chris. "YES!" said Courtney, getting her marshmallow. She ate it and laughed. "No bad prizes yet" she said. She turned to Duncan. "Except for you" she continued. "We are going to need a long talk" said Courtney.

"Oh boy" said Duncan, getting pulled out by Courtney. "I played a fun game all. Good to meet friends like you, but awesome people like Bridgette. I hope I see you wherever I go" said Geoff.

"This ends another fantastic week of Total Drama Island, with all of you BxG fangirls saying hehehehe" said Chris. Geoff boarded the Boat of Losers, with sad music. Of course, Geoff made it more fun, by changing it to happy music and wild to "PARTY!" said Geoff, ending the episode!

Chapter 10: If You Can’t Take the Heat...

"If you cannot take the heat, STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" screamed Chef.

(theme song plays)

Courtney woke up and went to Duncan. Courtney waited for Duncan to wake up and once he did, Duncan said: "What?" Coughing, Courtney said: "Talk". "Yeeeeeeeeah" said Duncan. In the confessional, Duncan said: "This is what you get for liking uptight people".

Outside, Courtney said: "We need to team up now. We are in a losing streak and we can't lose anymore. We need an alliance". "We do?" said Duncan. "Yes". "Hmmm.... I'll join. The rest of the team are: idiots, fools, dumbos, stupid and worth nothing". "Good. You may go". Duncan walked away.

Leshawna and Ezekiel bumped into each other. "Whoops" said Leshawna. "Want to go to McDonalds?" said Ezekiel. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "That would've been nice the other week". "Errr... no" said Leshawna. "Eh, there are some hamburgers". "I must go... Wait a second. Are you waiting to use the bathroom?" "Yes". "No" said Leshawna, walking to the Mess Hall fast.

In the Mess Hall, Chef announced: "Why the heck did Chris have the day off? Anyways, today's dumb challenge is to cook in MY kitchen? Who wrote this?" The writer ran off. Chef crossed that out and wrote something else. "Today's stupid challenge is to cook me two things in a stupid kitchen that is not mine. It may be tasty. Winners get A HOTEL?". Chef crossed that out also and wrote something else.

"Winners get to enjoy watching the losers eating garbage with the raccoons" Chef said. Everyone gasped. "It better be good and yummy" said Chef. "And I'll rate it" he continued.

The teams split up and thoughts of ideas for food. Beth threw away the idol. "Yeah Tyler. You were right. That idol did nothing, but made us lose" said Beth. Tyler smiled. "Okay. We need--" begun Duncan, before getting interupted by Courtney, "a captain. That's me and we are making cake and hmmm... Pizza".

"I LOVE CAKE!" said Sadie. "Cruel Albert Kan't Eat?" asked Katie. "The food!" "OOOOOH! I know how to make it also". Katie and Sadie grabbed the frosting and begun to eat it. "HEY!" said Courtney. "You don't eat the frosting to make cake" she continued. "You don't?" asked Sadie. "I think we eat the crumbs and then--" Katie said.

"No" said Beth. "Like this", she said spitting on the frosting. Beth grabbed a knife. DJ, who was on the other side of the kitchen screamed "KNIFE!" and hid under the table. "It's okay DJ" said Owen. "Just a knife that can hurt someone on accident" Owen continued. A frightened DJ stayed under the table.

Courtney begun to make the cake's crumbs and shape. Duncan and Tyler put it in the oven and after thirty minutes, they took it out. "A bit gross" said Courtney. "But that'll do" she continued. Next, Beth took some frosting out of the container. "This frosting is old" said Beth. "Whatever happened to Pillsbury?" she continued. After a few minutes of hard work, the cake was done.

"I am captain" said Heather on the Gophers side. "Whatever" said Leshawna. "Owen, get oranges. Harold, get apples" said Heather. "But I am allergic to apples" said Harold. "Who cares? Go get them!" said Heather. Owen grabbed the oranges and threw them at Tyler. "Whoops" said Owen. "You okay dude?" continued Owen.

No comment came from Tyler. Owen hid Tyler behind the fruit truck. "Er..." Owen said, before running off, whistling. Harold begun to sneeze. "Achoo! ACHOO! Take the-- achoo! Apples-- achoo! Away from m-ACHOO! e" said Harold. "Hold those" said Heather.

"Leshawna, Gwen, find berries from the forest" said Heather. "Why can't you do that?" said Leshawna. "Because, I need to be captain". "Why don't we all go?" said Leshawna. "No. Only you two. Now, out!" said Heather, pushing Leshawna and Gwen away and locking the door. "Good. Now, they won't be bugging me". "ACHOO!" said Harold.

Back at the Bass side, the pizza was going well. Courtney and Sadie put the sauce on, as Duncan put the dough on. "Where's Tyler?" said Katie. "I bet he is in the can" said Duncan. "Okay" said Katie, finding the cheese. As Katie put on the cheese with Ezekiel, Ezekiel's nose had a problem and Ezekiel picked it.

Ezekiel grabbed more cheese (with his booger) and put it in the pizza. "Ezekiel!" said Courtney! "Is it true that you picked your nose and put it on the pizza?" she continued angry. "Yes, eh. I don't see the problem. We do that a lot" said Ezekiel.

"WHAT?!" said Courtney. "Ezekiel is sitting out this challenge alright. We need to redo the pizza! EZEKIEL PICKED HIS NOSE AND PUT IT ON THE PIZZA!" said Courtney. The Bass groaned, as the snotty Heather laughed. "You call that funny? It's gross" said Courtney. "Enjoy redoing your hard work" said Heather. Courtney growled.

"Bite me" said Courtney in the confessional. In the forest, Leshawna and Gwen found a blueberry bush and picked some blueberries. "Aren't you going to skip off?" said an intern in the forest. Leshawna punched and knocked out the intern. "And that's how you go down!" said Leshawna.

Leshawna and Gwen began to walk back to the kitchen. "Owen, there's spaghetti in the cabinets. Please get them and not eat them" said Heather. "Okay" said Owen. "If we can't win this, we'll use Owen to" said Courtney in the confessional. "This spaghetti is really good. Someone should try it" Courtney said. "I should take one..." said Owen, eating it.

"Another one wouldn't hurt" said Owen. DJ said, "DON'T EAT IT OWEN! She's using you" under the table. "She is? I cannot eat it, because we are in need for a win" said Owen. "DJ!" said Courtney. "Helping my team" said DJ, under the table.

Owen gathered the spaghetti all over and gave it to Heather. Heather tried to start a fire, but it backfired and her eyebrows didn't look swell. "My eye-achoo!" said Harold. "I need a shower!" said Heather, running off. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed DJ! Then, the water boiled and went onto Harold pants. "No!" said Harold. Duncan laughed and tripped on Webby. "Whoops" said Duncan.

"This is what we needed" said Courtney, finishing up the pizza. Gwen came back first and said: "Where's Heather?" "Shower-achoo" said Harold, still wet. "Go figure" said Leshawna, who also returned, listening to the conversation.

Courtney put the pizza in the oven and once it got out, she said: "Woah. This pizza is too small. Redo it right this time" said Courtney! Duncan and Beth did the dough, sauce and cheese. Then, they put it in the oven.

Then, Leshawna and Gwen put blueberries in the salad. Harold begun to make the spaghetti. All went well until it boiled, after Harold said: "I have to use the bathroom". Harold went off and Gwen took over, because Harold wanted her to.

"OH NO!" said Gwen. "It's too hot! It's boiling! Leshawna, some help needed!" said Gwen. Leshawna, who was finishing the salad saw Gwen and walked over. "Hurry" said Gwen. "Shut it off!" she continued. Leshawna shut off the stove and before you knew it, the spaghetti was over cooked.

Then, Heather returned. "Who put chips on the toilet?!" said Heather. Ezekiel laughed. "You call that funny?! There's grease all over me now!" said the feuded Heather. The whole kitchen was full of laughter. "You guys are pathetic loons that should try have grease all over yourselves" Heather said, before walking off again to the shower.

"Tyler still isn't back" said Katie. "It doesn't take that long to use the bathroom unless he went Elvis on us" said Duncan. Tyler then woke up on the ground and went into the kitchen. The kitchen was full of laughter, again, except for Owen and Tyler. "Err... hehe?" said Owen.

"You should see your face" said Webby, giving a mirror to Tyler. "There's BUGS all over me! Get them off! Get them off!" said Tyler. Everyone but DJ and Tyler laughed. "I can't find how that's funny. I am scared of bugs also" said DJ. The pizza finished. "Good job guys!" said Courtney.

Harold returned and screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The spaghetti!" he screamed. "Mama mia, eh" said Ezekiel. "Let's go maggots. Off to give me your food!" said Chef.

Everyone arrived with their foods. "Chubby's team. Where's my dinner?!" said Chef. "Err... problem?" said Gwen. "Where is my dinner?" "We have a--". "WHERE IS MY DINNER?" "Problem that". "WHERE IS MY DINNER?" "It overcooked". "WHERE IS MY DINNER?" "Shut up". "No points".

"Uptight girl's team. Dinner" said Chef. "HEY! I AM NOT UPTIGHT!" "Hand me my pizza". Ezekiel handed Chef the pizza. Chef ate it. "Better. Give me more". Ezekiel gave Chef more. "MORE!" More Chef got from Ezekiel and more Chef ate. "Even better than Papa John's!" said Chef. "That pizza sucks!" said Duncan. "Shut up. This is a good moment!" said Chef, enjoying the whole pizza.

"One point" said Chef at the end. "WHAT?!" said Courtney. "You liked it" she continued. "One point" said Chef. Heather laughed. "Desert from snothead's team!" said Chef. "Hey!" said Heather. Leshawna gave Chef the fruit salad. Chef ate it and said "Eight points".

"YES!" said the Gophers. "Homeschool's team. Give me desert" said Chef. "You know you act like a baby" said Duncan, giving Chef the cake. "Cake?!" Chef said, gobbling it down. "HEY! Why didn't I have cake?" said Owen. "Hmmm... eight points" said Chef.

"Homeschool's dumb team won the dumb challenge. Now, nerd's team has to eat from the garbage. Have fun" said Chef, laughing. "NO!" said Heather. "I refuse to do it". Owen ate it and the rest of the team went off to decide who to eliminate. "YES!" said the Bass, as they left.

After a few more bites of garbage, Owen walked over also. The Bass walked to their cabin. At the Mess Hall, Heather said "So it's settled right?". "Yes" said Harold, Webby and DJ. "We should vote you of for ditching us" said Leshawna. "Yeah" said Gwen. "So we are voting Heather?" asked Owen. "Yes" said Leshawna. "I hope" Gwen added.

The votes were cast hours later and Chris returned. "You lost? Ha. Haha. Hahahaha" said Chris. "Oh shut up" said Gwen, at the ceremony with her team. In the confessional, Heather said: "Oh boy, this'll be great!" "Marshmallows go to Owen, Webby, DJ, Harold and Leshawna!" said Chris.

"We have two marshmallows left. It can be for Heather. Or it can be for Gwen" said Chris. "It goes to":

"Heather" said Chris finally, ending the drama. "YES!" said Heather, rubbing it in! "I am safe. And goth girl is not! I am safe!" said Heather. "Bye Gwen" said Owen and Leshawna sadly. "You played a good game" said Webby. Gwen grinned.

"At least you'll still have Trent" said Webby. Gwen blushed and smilied. She took off to the Dock of Shame. "Goodbye everyone. I hope everyone but Heather does well. I hope Heather gets some karma" said Gwen, throwing a fish at Heather.

"EWWWW!" said Heather. "No wonder why you are dirty and smelly" said Heather. "I need a shower" she continued. "Enjoy Heather" said Gwen in the boat, which took off. Leshawna ran to the pipes and put sewer drain water in it, instead of the water. Heather walked in and begun to scream: "EWWW! DIRTY! DIRTY! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS WHOEVER DID IT!" screamed Heather.

"This ends the time with Gwen. Join us next week to see more of me and how good I was on the award show. You know, I should take more breaks. Chef did so good!" Chris said. "Until next time, this is Total Drama Island!" Chris said, finishing off the episode.

Chapter 11: Who Can You Trust?

"Don't you all love award shows? I do. Don't you love being host in award shows? I do. Do you love being host in award shows while being a host of an awesome and dramatic television show called Total Drama Island?! BECAUSE I DO!" said Chris. "Why is there drama? Gwen got eliminated last week, as we are moving on close to the finals" Chris continued.

"Apparently" Chris said. "Teams don't work out and frictions begin. The producers, writers and I decided to break everyone up into the merge! Haha. And they vote people off for sucking as a team. Not needed anymore, especially you Harold. You'll probably get safe after the merge, until Duncan picks on you" Chris continued.

(theme song plays)

Leshawna woke up. "This is going to be a LONG season" said Leshawna, staring at Heather. Heather woke up. "Good morning butt shopper" she said. "Butt shopper? It's not even 9:00 and we are fighting. Give it a break girl". "Back off" Heather said walking away.

"That gurl has problems" said Leshawna, when she left. In the boys cabin, Webby said: "Let's hope we don't have a hard challenge. I am exhausted from the cook-off". DJ said: "I agree. Chef worked us hard too much!" Duncan said, "We would've won faster if it wasn't for Chef rating our pizza one point, despite how he loved it."

Chef announced the next challenge. "Come outside NOW!" "He's not hosting the challenge again" said DJ. Chris was waiting outside. "Wazzup?" he said. Everyone clapped that Chris was back. "Chef is nuts" said DJ. Owen, Webby, Katie and Sadie all agreed and nodded. "Harold. We are going to need nicknames. Call me.... Popular101. I'll call you Noodle" said Heather.

"Okay Popular101" said Harold. "But these nicknames are stupid" Harold continued. "If you have a problem, why don't you find your own alliance" said Heather. "Maybe I will" said Harold. In the confessional, Heather said: "He'll just forget. Dorks".

In the confessional, Harold said: "I will remember this. No balls. Three strikes. That's strike one. Hey. Did you know there used to be nine balls before there were five and the current four! Hah! Funny".

"Today campers" said Chris. "You are going to trust each other!" he continued. "Whichever team wins three challenges first wins immunity. The losers will send someone home. For the first challenge, Owen and Harold for the Gophers. Ezekiel and Tyler for the Bass. We are going to do a few William Tell challenges".

"Ezekiel and Harold will throw the apples to Tyler and Owen to knock of an arrow on their head. Easy right?" Chris said. Ezekiel nodded. Harold said, "I am allergic of apples. Aren't you going to do something?" "Well, Ezekiel and Harold will be blindfolded" Chris announced, giving them blindfolds. "Let's go Harold!" said Leshawna. "Win this for the team Noodle" said Heather. "Will hope so Popular101--achoo" said Harold.

"Are these codes?!" said Katie. "OOOOH! I LOVE TO CRACK CODES!" said Sadie. "Like in the Kids Next Door" said Katie. "I KNOW, RIGHT!" said Sadie. Then, they both squealed: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Why don't you start on A next time, then go to E?" said Heather. "Let's try now!" said Sadie. "No" said Heather. "Why not while a challenge" continued Heather. "And we'll win it" said Heather in the confessional. "The challenge begins in five, four, three-- We cannot be wasting all of this drama! BEGIN!" said Chris! "ACHOO!" said Harold. "Worry about your sneezy thing later!" said Heather. "We need to win this challenge Noodle" she continued.

Ezekiel begun to throw some apples. One hit Chef, another hit Leshawna's butt. "HEY!" said Leshawna. She grabbed the apple and threw it at Ezekiel. "Stop it with my butt!" said Leshawna. "I can't see, eh!" said Ezekiel. "Do I look like a stalker to you?" said Leshawna. Harold begun to sneeze and sat down. "I can't do this!" he cried. "NOODLE!" said Heather.

"What are you doing? You are supposed to win" said Heather. Right then, Ezekiel threw an apple at the target. "What?!" said Tyler. "Homeschool!" said Courtney. "Argh!" said Duncan. "The Gophers win. Ezekiel shot off Owen's arrow, but not Tyler's. Stupid Ezekiel" said Chris.

Heather walked away from Noodle. "What now Popular101? WHAT NOW?! I can't take this pain!" he cried on the ground. "Get a book to read, Bookworm" said Heather, walking off.

"Challenge two is another cook off!" said Chris. "Not again" said DJ. "But I will host it!" said Chris. "Yes!" said DJ! "Leshawna and Heather, respectively for to Gophers. And Katie and Sadie for the Bass!" said Chris. Katie and Sadie squealed again: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Then, they squealed "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "And like I said, do it while the challenge" said Heather. "Okay!" said Katie. In the confessional, Heather said: "Easy win". Leshawna said in the confessional, "What in the world is she doing?"

Chris took them four into the kitchen that was used for the previous challenge. "Today, you are going to make a McDonalds Happy Meal" said Chris. "Another reason why I should've went to McDonalds with Homeschool the other day" said Leshawna. "You just can't give it up" said Leshawna to Chris. "No, no I can't" said Chris to Leshawna.

"One person will cook it, one person will eat it!" said Chris. "I love McDonalds Happy Meal!" said Katie and Sadie. "THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!" said Sadie. "And go!" said Chris. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "When I was 15 last year, someone from McDonalds offered me their job, but I refused. I also take that back".

"Let's make french fries and chicken nuggets" said Sadie. "And who should cook?" asked Sadie. "I should" said Katie. "But, didn't you burn the pizza yesterday?" said Sadie. "Don't tell!" said Katie, innocently waving to the camera. "So I will eat" said Katie. "And you will cook" continued Katie. "YAY!" said Sadie, hugging Katie. "No power hugs!" said Katie. "PUPPY HUGS!" said Sadie, lightly hugging Katie.

In the Gophers side, Leshawna said: "I'll eat and you'll cook". Heather said: "Whatever? I'll make some fruit salad again and water". "Okay" said Leshawna. After a few minutes, the Bass were done. Heather was finding water on the ground from rain the other day. "Er... that'll do!" said Heather, giving Leshawna the remains of Chef's fruit salad and the yucky stepped on water.

"You had to give me that. Couldn't you have made me one by scratch" said Leshawna. "No" said Heather. "You are nuts" said Leshawna. "The Bass will go first!" announced Chris. Sadie gave Katie her meal. Katie enjoyed her chicken nuggets and double dipped her french fries. "DOUBLE DIP!" she yelled each time she double dipped.

"Can I try?" said Sadie. "Sure!" said Katie, giving Sadie a hug. Sadie tried some chicken nuggets and french fries. "I do cook good!" said Sadie. "It looks like they enjoyed it!" said Chris, who looked at the Gophers meal. "That isn't a happy meal" Chris said. "It is now!" said Heather. "The Bass win the challenge!" said Chris. "What?!" said Heather.

"It's a meal and it looks happy" said Heather. "Happy that they weren't eaten" said Leshawna. "Nobody asked you" said Heather. "White girl will be asked" said Leshawna. "Ladies, let's chill" said Chris, breaking the fight. In the confessional, Chris said: "What I said about teams. Don't work".

"Anyways, it may be a meal and look happy to you, but it's not a meal from McDonalds that kids eat and love. Katie and Sadie had chicken nuggets and french fries that they ate and loved. In the end, Bass win this challenge. Gophers lose" said Chris. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" squealed Sadie and Katie.

Chris brought them back to everyone else. "It's now tied, one to one" said Chris. "Sorry Noodle" said Heather. "Friends?" continued Heather. "Sure Popular101" said Harold. "Good" said Heather. "For the next challenge, it's the blind trapeze!" said Chris.

"One person will hold the rope, as another will tell the person when to jump to the other side of the safe net, because you are blindfolded if you are holding trapeze. If you don't make it safe, good luck.... If you both win, you both get points. If you both lose, you both don't get points. Just because I like to mess around, DJ and Heather will go for the Gophers and Courtney and Beth will go for the Bass".

"Since the Bass won last challenge, they go first. Courtney will be on the trapeze and Beth will tell her when to jump" said Chris. Before getting on, Courtney told Beth, "We need to win. If we lose this challenge, you'll more than likely go home". Beth gulped as Courtney got on. Courtney begun to swing. "JUMP!" said Beth. Courtney, who apparently was late on that, fell in. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" screamed Courtney.

"Help Dunky!" said Courtney. In the confessional, Duncan said: "There's that dumb nickname again". Duncan ran over to Courtney, who got stung over and over again. Chef took Courtney to the infirmary. "Unless one of you guys fall down, we lost two challenges out of the three" said Duncan. "DJ will swing the trapeze" said Chris. "Heather will tell him when to jump".

In the confessional, Heather said: "Chris then tells us that DJ will jump. I am going to make him fall in just for fun, because he's a big chicken". DJ got blindfolded and got on. "Win this Heather" said Leshawna. "Yeah! Popular101! Win it!" said Harold. "Popular101?" said Leshawna.

When DJ was in the middle, Heather said "JUMP!" DJ jumped after getting his parachute ready. He jumped in the safe zone, scared as can be. "I am dying!" cried DJ. "To my Momma, you can sell all of my Toronto Blue Jay figures and you can give Webby and Owen my marshmallows for now on Chris. For future episodes, if you need my vote, just vote for Heather each time" said DJ.

DJ then opened his eye and Heather slapped him. He opened both of his eyes. "What was that for girl?" Leshawna said. "He wants me gone, but that won't happen" said Heather. "And he also deserved a lesson" Heather continued. "Someone needs a lesson, alright" said Leshawna, grabbing Heather and tying her up on a pole. "Call me if you need another, hun" said Leshawna, before walking away.

"I'LL GET YOU Leshawna!" said Heather tied up on the pole. "Not now at least" said Leshawna continuing to walk back to the challenge. "This is another challenge, a relay race. Two people from each team will be sliding down the hill with explosions, bears, ramps and much more unsafe things" said Chris.

"And those people will be Webby and Owen for the Gophers and Duncan and Sadie for the Bass" continued Chris. "Fair" said Chris. "Right?" he asked. "Yes" said Webby and Duncan, shaking hands. In the confessional, Tyler said: "I found the tiki in the garbage, so it is in my pocket". He sticks it out. "I now have trust on it now, because we won last week's challenge! Two in a row, baby!"

Everyone got settled on their sleighs. Chris gave blindfolds to the drivers. "Your partner will navigate you around" said Chris. "Wouldn't this be good in winter?" said Duncan. "Want to be sleeping in the cold, or playing dodgeball in the cold? Don't think so" said Chris. "AND GO!" said Chris. The teams begun to slide down the hill. A bomb went by Webby and Owen.

"Is this Mario Party 5? With the bombs moving around and then explode on you. Dodgebomb. I remember" said Harold. "Hush, Noodle" said Harold. "Sorry Popular101" said Harold. The bomb exploded and Webby and Owen went flying into the lead, half way. "Webby and Owen are half way" said Chris. Duncan and Sadie went on a ramp, because of Sadie's directions. "LEFT! RIGHT! Watch out for that cliff!" said Sadie to Duncan.

Duncan and Sadie were soon close to Owen and Webby. Owen said, "move to the right. We need to knock them out of the way!" That's what Webby did, making the sleigh stop. "They can do that!" said Chris, watching Webby and Owen go to the three-fourths mark.

"THEY ARE ONE FOURTH AWAY! WEBBY AND OWEN ARE ONE FOURTH AWAY!" said Chris. Harold said, "We got this!" Apparently, another bomb exploded and the sleigh got thrown back to the one half mark. Sadie and Duncan finally got their sleigh going again, making the Bass cheer. "Nevermind" said Harold. "Stop jinxing it, Harold" said Leshawna. "Sorry Leshawna" said Harold.

"From that bomb" Chris said. "The Gophers are sliding down the hill faster than ever, and the Bass are still behind" Chris continued. The Gophers were cheering. "One fourth away again" said Chris. The Gophers begun to go full speed when Owen begun to fart.

"It looks like from yesterday's challenge, Owen is giving Webby a boost!" said Harold. Then, a bear made both teams stop their sleigh. "STOP!" said Owen and Sadie. Then, the bears walked by. Once they were all done, Sadie and Owen screamed "GO!"

Webby and Duncan's sleighs were going down the hill fast. "AND THE WINNER IS..." said Chris. "I don't know" said Chris. After looking at a few replays, Chris said: "IT'S A TIE! BOTH TEAMS GET A POINT! BUT. The Gophers WIN!". The Gophers cheered. "Bass, someone get Courtney and tell her that you lost today's challenge".

Duncan went off to get Courtney. "Hey Courtney" Duncan said. Courtney, who had a cast on said: "Did we win?" "No". "We didn't?" "Yeah..." "Good! Now we can eliminate Beth". "We?" "Yeah. Me and you and maybe the rest of the team". "Okay". Duncan walked Courtney back into the Mess Hall, where the Bass were sitting.

Webby was at the table. "Duncan, I am here to tell you something. I don't want to tell it in front of them, because they'll just blab it out". "Okay" said Duncan, walking outside with Webby. "Tyler had an idol that could make you guys have bad luck, which is why you lost the two challenges after Boney Island" said Webby.

"You won yesterday, because I am guessing he threw it out. But I think since you guys won yesterday, he got it back thinking you'll win again" Webby continued. "Oh, I know who I am voting for now. Not Beth, Tyler" said Duncan. "Come here" said Webby, taking Duncan inside.

"Tyler, show me that idol you had" Webby said. Tyler showed it. Duncan looked angry and shocked. "Did you throw it out yesterday?" Webby asked Tyler. "Yes" said Tyler to Webby. "See" said Webby to Duncan. "You're right". Duncan whispered this to Ezekiel: "Vote off Tyler. Pass it on". Ezekiel passed this on to Sadie: "Vote off Tyler, eh. Pass it to your skinny friend, eh". Sadie told Katie: "Vote off Tyler. Don't pass it on. It's a secret". "Okay! EEEEEEEEEEEE!" said Katie.

"Good" said Duncan. "I knew I could trust you" said Duncan to Webby. "No prob" said Webby, walking to the guys cabin. "So you told them?" asked DJ when he walked him. "I did" said Webby smiling. Hours later, the votes were cast.

"This keeps going back and forth. My mind is twisting and turning. First, you win four, then lose two, then win one and lose this one. Now, these are the marshmallows that all but one of you will be getting" Chris said. "The first four marshmallows go to Courtney, Duncan, Katie and Sadie!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" said Katie and Sadie, hugging each other. "Now, you can bear hug!" said Katie. Sadie bear-hugged Katie. "Now, before we move on, we have a special music video with Katie and Sadie today requested by their fans!"

I Had The Time of the Life plays, showing flashbacks of Katie and Sadie squealing at the McDonalds challenge, talking to Heather, deciding who does what and finally having a double dip!

Katie and Sadie squealed again: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Moving on... two marshmallows left" said Chris. Chris continued by saying: "Ezekiel, Beth, Tyler. One of you spent your last night here on Total Drama Island. The next marshmallow goes to". "Ezekiel, eh" said Ezekiel.

"Ezekiel, if you take my job again by saying your name in an important two marshmallow left situation, I will personally boot you off the show" said Chris, giving him his marshmallow. "Boot-yah?" asked Ezekiel. "Boot". Ezekiel stared at Chris like he was a crazy man. "Eliminated off the show" said Chris. "Oh" said Ezekiel. "Okay" Ezekiel continued.

"Beth and Tyler, one of you spent your last night here on Total Drama Island. This marshmallow goes to..." said Chris.

"BETH!" said Chris finally, ending the drama. Beth ran up happily and got her marshmallow. "You will be going down next time" said Courtney to Beth. Beth gulped again. Tyler cried before getting on the Boat of Losers. Once he got on, Webby joined the gang and smiled.

Duncan said: "That's what you get for bringing a bad luck idol into camp". Chris laughed. "Bad luck?!" said Tyler, before the boat begun to sank. "Good bye jock boy" said Webby, walking off.

"This ends all the good and juicy drama on the longest, most favorited episode of Total Drama Island! Until next time, this is Chris McLean, with no jocks except Harold in his camp" said Chris. "HEY!" said Harold, ending the episode.

Chapter 12: X-Treme Torture

"So, you are going to say mercy once the show gets on, Chef. Okay?" Chris said. Chef pointed at the cameraman filming the episode. "I told you to wait!" said Chris talking to the cameraman. "Tyler finally got eliminated and"-- Chris continued. Chef punched Chris thirteen times. "MERCY" screamed Chris. "Sissie" said Chef.

(theme song plays)

Heather walked outside and saw that there was a line for the shower. "I'll do this again" said Heather, cutting Courtney. "HEY!" said Courtney. "If you need to complain, go to the site where mist blocks your sprinkly eyes" said Heather. "There's no site like that!" complained Courtney. "Of course there is" said Heather, also cutting Katie, Sadie, Owen and Harold. They complained.

"NOODLE!" said Heather. "Where?" asked Owen. "I was talking to the person" said Heather. "Who's that?" "Fine. I can wait" said Harold. "Good" said Heather, cutting Beth and Leshawna. Soon, Webby got cut by Heather. "Why are you mean?" asked Webby. "Subjective" said Heather. "Why are you so mean? You cut everyone" said Webby.

"Shut up" said Heather. "You better shut up". "Shut up". They begun to fight until Leshawna cut Heather. "HEY!" screamed Heather. "Take that sorry butt and come back happy" said Leshawna. "I WILL GET YOU!" said Heather. In the shower, Ezekiel was singing: "Oh my god now. It's hot Leshawna. Eh, eh, eh. Good fly!" Leshawna gulped. "I will probably be dead at the end of this episode" said Leshawna. Heather laughed.

"MERCY CHEF!" said Chris, out loud on the loudspeaker. DJ screamed and hid under the same table, used in the previous two episodes. "That guy needs to learn how to be a man" said Leshawna. Webby and Heather nooded.

"Er... just kidding all" said Chris. "Didn't sound like it" said Leshawna. "We all are not perfect at everything, are we?" asked Chris. "Like how we all can't get what we want, can we?" said Heather. "Yes" said Chris. "You said that weeks ago" said Harold. "Quiet Noodle" said Heather. Harold shut up.

DJ came out. "Today's challenge is another one like last week. You will need to win three challenges to get immunity!" said Chris. In the confessional, Courtney said: "We are winning this". In the confessional, Owen said: "Say Uncle?" In the confessional, Ezekiel was with Owen and Ezekiel said: "Where's Uncle Sam?" Owen laughed, stretched, hit Ezekiel, tried to get out but farted on him, knocking him out.

"Hehe" said Owen, walking out of the confessional. "I hope nobody notices" he said. "For the first challenge, Heather and Webby will go for the Gophers. Courtney and Duncan will go for the Bass. Rock climbing!" said Chris.

Heather snickered and stared at Webby. In the confessional, Heather said: "I am not done with him". In the confessional, Webby said: "Does Heather have a crush on me? She has been staring at me a lot now. It's kinda creepy". "Heather will pull the string up for Webby. Courtney for Duncan. There are bears, bombs" Chris said.

In the confessional, Webby said: "Chris must like bears". In the confessional, Heather said: "Now, I wish DJ did this. He would've loved the bears". The bear walked by DJ, who freaked and ran under the same table he ran under earlier in the episode. "Pathetic" said Heather. "Are you scared of 'em?" said Leshawna. "No" said Heather, lying.

"First one up scores a point!" said Chris. "GO!" he continued. Webby begun to climb with the assistance of Heather. The Gophers cheered. "Let's go Webby! Let's go!" "Let's go Webby! Let's go!" "Let's go Webby! Let's go!" In the confessional, Heather said: "Where's my credit for pulling him up?" Outside of the confessional, you can hear the Gophers still cheering "Let's go Webby! Let's go!"

Webby was half way up, as for the Bass, Courtney and Duncan were having troubles. "You are doing it wrong!" said Duncan. "No, YOU!" said Courtney. They continued to fight when a bear passed them. "I better go win this" said Duncan, rushing to the one-fourths point.

Webby, who was three-fourths from winning the challenge said: "WE ARE GOING TO WIN IT"! In the confessional, Heather said: "No! We are going to lose it!" Back in the challenge, Heather let go of the string, which went flying down, with Webby.

"OW!" screamed Webby. "That hurt!" he continued. "Torture huh?" said Heather. In the confessional, Webby said: "Now, I know she likes me. She did that on purpose to make me pay more attention to her instead of the challenge. As much as she likes me, she probably wants to win the challenge".

Duncan reached three-fourths. "Duncan is winning!" said Chris. Webby got on and begun to climb up fast. He passed the one fourth mark. "Webby is coming back, but it won't be in time because Duncan and Courtney won the first challenge for the Bass!" said Chris. The Bass cheered, and everyone on the Gophers stared at Heather. "What?!" she said. Everyone walked off, except Webby and Heather on the Gophers.

In the confessional, Webby said: "She likes me". Webby walked off with the Gophers. "Your next challenge is in thirty minutes!" said Chris. "I hope he doesn't pick Heather for this challenge" said Leshawna. "Why not?" said Heather. "We could've won if it wasn't for you" said Leshawna. "It's called life. Learn about it" said Heather. "Someone better learn" said Leshawna.

Thirty minutes later, Chris gathered the teams again. "This time Harold and Sadie will be performing this challenge. They are going to be watching themselves doing nothing on one television, while their favorite band or singer is on the other television. If you look at the band or singer, you'll get electrocuted and lose the challenge for your team!" said Chris.

In the confessional, Leshawna said: "I am happy that Chris didn't pick Heather to do this challenge, because she'll be watching herself singing and make us lose another challenge". Harold and Sadie sat down. "Go!" said Chris. Sadie and Harold watched themselves on television.

Harold's singer was singing loud, as Sadie's band was too hot to look away. "OH MY GOD! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!" she screamed, watching the other television and getting shocked. Her chair then fell apart. "Ow" said Sadie. Katie sat next to Sadie and also watched the band play a hit song. "Weirdos" said Chris. In the confessional, Chris said: "If Chef did this challenge, I would've put Lady Gaga on. I know he likes her. He also joined a stalking club. Weirdo, huh?". Chris begun to laugh.

In the confessional, Harold said: "My mom told me to not say any bad words when I was five. I saw a violent movie and learned kung fu. I told my friend 'don't tell anyone that I learned' a curse. Apparently, he said 'I am not going to say' the curse. He did and I was like 'Why did you say' the curse? And it spreaded fast. That's how kung fu in my world got invented. X-tremeness, huh?"

"For this challenge, it'll be a tiebreaker. Anyways, you are jumping off a plane, Owen and Katie. Whichever one of you lands on the mattress wins the third challenge for your team. If you don't, good luck surviving" Chris winked.

Chris drove the plane up with Katie and Owen in it. Owen first jumped. In the confessional, Owen said: "It felt like jumping off the cliff, except shorter and with snots on the bottom. Scary, huh?" Owen landed on the mattress. "If Katie misses, the Bass won't get a point. If she doesn't, both teams will!"

In the confessional, Katie said: "I wish I had Sadie up with me. But, if one of the Jonas Brothers like me, I will marry one and not tell Sadie. I may move away. Don't tell!" Katie scaredly jumped off onto the mattress. Once, she noticed she was on it, she squealed: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"This deserves a Jonas Brother hug!" said Sadie, giving her a Jonas Brother hug. "Happy moments" said Chris. "Please note how you got stuck on the mattress. I knew I kept Chef and his syrup in the game for a reason!" continued Chris. Five interns moved Owen's mattress away and one moved Katie's mattress away, with them stuck on. "Take them off and take a shower!" said Chris to the interns.

The interns nodded and tried to take them off. "What about my shower. I worked hard!" said Heather. "We all have!" said Leshawna. "All? You did NOTHING. You are nothing" said Heather. "Speaks from the queen of nothing" said Leshawna. Katie got pulled off easily.

Apparently, it took fifteen interns, three bears, Chris, Chef, Leshawna and Sadie to pull Owen off. "Ow!" said Owen. Everyone walked back. "Now that everyone is back and ready, let's continue with this tiebreaker!" said Chris.

"I want Leshawna against Ezekiel for the final challenge" said Chris. "A trivia contest about yours truly!" Chris winked. "Whoever gets three questions right wins immunity for their team!" "Okay" said Ezekiel. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Piece of cake!" In the confessional, Owen said: "Did someone say cake?"

"Question one. You may use the confessional to answer. How awesome is Chris?" said Chris. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Not that awesome. He slacks, does nothing, has bad challenges and has a crush on a flight attendant named Emily". In the confessional, Chris said: "And she'll co-host with me next time, maybe. I'll call her up". Chris texted something to Emily and Emily texted back, 'Rejected'.

In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "He gives good tips and I am playing the game, so eh, yes". "Point for Zekieboy!" said Chris. "Two more and his team wins immunity. And how embarrassing would that be for Leshawna?" Chris continued laughing. "Next question, when was Chris born?" said Chris. "None of Leshawna's business!" said Leshawna in the confessional. "Tonight?" asked Ezekiel in the confessional.

"If I was born tonight, I wouldn't be hosting right now" said Chris to Ezekiel. "Point for Leshawna" Chris continued. Duncan snapped his finger. "It's now tied one and one with a few more questions to go!" said Chris. "The next question is If Chris met a person who's name is Samantha, what will I do?" Chris continued.

In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "Ditch her in the movies". In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Who the heck is Samantha?" "Samantha is err... someone" said Chris. "Points for Ezekiel. I would probably ditch her like I would do it Heather any day of the week, except Monday. I am busy then" said Chris. "One more point for Zekieboy and his team gets immunity" Chris continued.

Leshawna growled. "Next question, eh" said Ezekiel. "If I had a middle name, what will it be?" asked Chris. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Nothing. He wouldn't have it because it'll start rumors. Which is why my butt shouldn't have it's own SITE about a COUNTRY about IT!" In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "Thing Hug Bear Monkeybutt Girls Hate Harry Harold Lindsay Kappy Mike Sam Tine Wipeer DoratheExplorer?"

"Er... Ezekiel, I would not like the middle name Thing Hug Bear Monkeybutt Girls Hate Harry Harold Lindsay Kappy Mike Sam Tine Wipeer DoratheExplorer" said Chris. "It's stupid, so a point to Leshawna and the Gophers, tying it up again!" continued Chris. "Final question!" said Chris. Ezekiel gulped.

"How many fish do I have?" asked Chris. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Zero". In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "One". "Ezekiel wins!" said Chris. The Bass cheered. "Gophers, you may vote someone off. Good luck!" said Chris. "By the way, do it amongst yourselves!" Chris winked. "MESS HALL IS CLOSED, BECAUSE OF MERCY COMPETITIONS!" screamed Chef outside the Mess Hall.

Hours later, the votes were cast. "Everyone but Heather and Webby get these marshmallows" Chris said, passing Owen, DJ, Leshawna and Harold their marshmallows. "One of you spent your last night" said Chris, holding the final marshmallow. In the confessional, Webby said: "I hope Heather stays, but I don't want to get eliminated also!"

"The final marshmallow goes" to said Chris, before The Biggest Loser dramatic music plays:

"WEBBY!" said Chris, ending all the drama. "Argh!" said Heather. "I'll be back!" she continued. Everyone high-fived Webby, except Harold and Heather. "Noodle, this alliance is over" said Heather. "What?" said Noodle. "You heard me! OVER!" screamed Heather. "Tell Beth also" said Heather, before walking to the Boat of Losers.

Webby rolled his eyes. "Alliance?" said DJ. "Yes" said Heather in the loser boat. "I'll be notified next time!" said DJ. In the confessional, DJ said: "I told you I wasn't lying about voting Heather off each week!" "And this ends the end of drama queen and torte in the Mess Hall on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND! I need another break!" Chris said, winking.

Chapter 13: Basic Straining

"Dumb host needed a dumb day off. Time for a good challenge" said Chef.

(theme song plays)

"To begin the dumb episode. I'll blow the dumb whistle here fifteen dumb times to wake these sissies up" said Chef to everyone. Chef blew the whistle loud. "I am sorry Pannini, but I cannot take your love" said Harold, talking to himself in his sleep. Chef blew his whistle louder and Harold woke up. In the confessional, Harold said: "What I sleep talking again?"

"COME ON SOLDIERS. GET DRESSED AND GET OUT!" screamed Chef. "But we are sixteen" said Owen. "NOW SOLDIERS! NOW!" screamed Chef. DJ hid under his bunk bed. "Chef is too scary" said DJ. "It's okay DJ" said Webby. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Sissie". Chef came into the boys cabin and screamed: "DON'T SLEEP SOLIDER! GET UP, GET DRESSED NOW!"

DJ, who was crying said: "Back off. You are scary". "Hurry it up already" said Chef. "I have a big challenge and dumb host needed a dumb day off" said Chef. Soon, everyone got out of the boys and girls cabin. Chef went out with DJ's shirt in his hand. "What?" he said.

"Today's challenge is last one standing" said Chef. "Whoever does all of these wins!" says Chef. "Wins what?" asked Owen. "Nothing" said Chef. "That's dumb" said Leshawna. "But a free bathroom stall with showers, sinks, toilets and homeschool's nose picking" said Chef. "I'm in" said everyone but Ezekiel. "You collect my booger?" asked Ezekiel. "No....." asked Chef. Everyone but Chef and Ezekiel rolled their eyes, knowing the truth.

"The already stupid teams won't be merged yet. Dumb producers said to not call them done and anyways, it'll be merged whenever but not by me. I am done with you pathetic idiots. Both teams grab a canoe and we'll begin" said Chef. Each team grabbed a canoe and begun to hold it up.

Within two minutes, Ezekiel said: "Someone drop the canoe. How much longer, eh? It feels like two hours". Courtney checked her watch. "It's only been two minutes" she said to Ezekiel. "Is that watch dumber than a nose picking, because I think it's two hours" said Ezekiel.

"My watch is not dumb. You are!" said Courtney. "Agreed with Courtney" said Duncan. "Okay, eh" said Ezekiel. Five hours later, Chef pulled up a television and begun to watch The Awesome Race. "Mike came in fifteenth. Dumb show!" said Chef, sipping is coffee and changing the channel.

"Who wants to give up?" asked Chef. "I do" said Katie. "NOOOO!" said Sadie. "If you want to give out, I want to give up" said Sadie. "Okay! We give up!" they said letting go of the canoe. Duncan and Courtney facepalmed. "This challenge is to get chased around from a trained elephant" said Chef.

"It's worth it" said Webby. "It will get really dirty" said Chef, walking into the Mess Hall with Katie and Sadie. "Any final takers?" said Chef. "Yes" said Ezekiel, walking with him. In the confessional, Chef said: "Being with homeschool and sisters will be really stupid. Can't someone sane stay?"

"Would anybody want to play chess?" asked the elephant. "Sure" said Webby. "No, I won't" said the elephant beginning a rampage. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed DJ running in the Mess Hall. "Hi" said Chef. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed DJ, running out of the Mess Hall, under the elephant and under the table used in the cooking challenge.

"Four down" said Chef. "Leshawna may be tired, but Leshawna is getting that shower, first thing she does!" said Leshawna. After thirty-eight minutes, the elephant got outrunned by everyone else and jumped into the lake. Webby, Owen and Leshawna stared at the elephant.

"You three go to bed" said Chef to Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel. "Why, eh? Did I get eliminated?" asked Ezekiel. "NOOOO! I WANTED THE SHOWER AND THE MONEY!" cried Katie. Sadie patted Katie. "No dumb idiots, just go to bed. When you wake up, everyone will be crying or in the dumb bathroom" said Chef.

Owen fell down, once Chef got out. "Done" he said. "Take a shower. You look like crap" said Chef. "Okay" said Owen walking to the shower. "Learn respect" said Leshawna to Chef. "You should give me respect, according to the next challenge" said Chef.

"And that would be?" said Owen. "Make a three hundred word essay on how I am awesome. No more or no less" said Chef. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Tons of loopholes there. I know what I'm writing". He took everyone to the Mess Hall. "You have an hour" said Chef. "GO!" Everyone begun to write.

On hour later, time was up. "Time" said Chef. "Let's take a look at these, shall we?" Chef continued, taking everyone's work.

Beth's Essay:

Chef is a nice man, despite how he cooks bad and we don't know his name. Why is he hired by the way? He gave fish by a bus station. Cheap man. Sorry Chef, it's true.

"WHAT THE" said Chef, before a bleep. "You are out, son" said Chef. Beth sighed and went off.

Webby's Essay:

Chef Hatchet is an old chap, and has worked as Scooby Doo cast, been thrown around in the Sesame Street Number Pinball series for the number eleven thirteen years ago, when they made the segment because Chef loved the number eleven, until he caught on flames on set, burning down the Around the Corner park, which needed reconstruction which wasn't finished. This is why Chef hates number eleven now. He cooks food, food and food. Some are good, well barely are.

"You are moving on son" said Chef to Webby.

Owen's Essay:

I remember when Chef Hatchet guess-stared in Fraggle Rock. The fraggle rock broke because of him and he got sued by the owners of the rock. That is why the show got discontinued and Chef had to learn how to not play with fraggle rocks. He is an average Chef here, but makes awesome all you can eat pancakes, which I like the most. Apparently, he didn't cook any yet. When will you make some all you can eat pancakes, dude?

"You are moving on son" said Chef to Owen.

No Name:

"I lyk pie".

"Who the heck is this?" said Chef. "Read the back!" said Leshawna. "Ezekiel snuck in when you spent thirty minutes in the bathroom and wrote that down!" said Leshawna. "I couldn't erase it in time, because I needed to finish".

Leshawna's Essay:

Chef is one wild dude. He likes Ezekiel's boogers. Who dares to go in there. I know, gurl. Not cool. Chef stared in the Powerpuff Girls as a villian, trying to replace the injured Mojo Jojo, who would apparently die because he went bananas and robbed the banana store, which was next to my house. Anyways, Chef got beat up and was injured for three months. Nobody got sued. And all is well again.

"Respect? That's anything BUT respect" said Chef. "It's true" said Leshawna, winking and walked back to the cabins. "Gurl is out" said Chef. In the confessional, Harold said: "I can't believe I am saying this but I love Leshawna! I like her butt and her face. And her eyes. I found Gwen's diary and begun to write on it a few days ago about Leshawna".

In the confessional, Leshawna said: "So, you are telling me Harold likes me". The cameraman nodded. "Like like or just like?" said Leshawna. "Like like" said the camerman. "Harold is kinda cute" said Leshawna. "The thing I hate though about him is how Duncan picks on him. Poor kid" Leshawna continued. "Let's just hope he doesn't go Ezekiel on me and confesses something I wouldn't like to hear" she continued.

Courtney's Essay:

Good evening Chef. I hope you enjoy my essay. Let's begin.

Chef is a man who was born May 13, 1843. Or was it May 19... Maybe it was in 1985. Nah, he's old. Anyways, Chef was raised by Momma Hatchet and Papa Hatchet. And he lived in Kaweeka, no... SackakaWaka. No... er... moving on. And the city of... oh crap. Umm... Flabblewablecrap. His parents made him go to... oh my lord. These are hard names. Uh... Kanishua School in... not these years again. Err... 1895? No, 1974... I don't even know when he was born, sooooo.... Moving on.

Apparently, after grade four... no, grade eleven. Or was it five... well sometime around then, his parents left him with a woman named... Laqueshanaqua? Weird names, again. And she made him move to... Oh no. Uh... Newwakka City in... not the years, again. 1954? or 2054. Wait, 2054 isn't yet. Umm... let's say 1954.

Chef met Laqueshanaqua's family on not... days AGAIN! May 15 something or June 12. 1932? Or 1732. I don't know.... And the family member names were... oh crap. Ummm... Jobajie, Brijoe, Kisstiphor, Samai, Jamiack and Tudacd. And now he's a Chef. The end I guess.....

"Out. That was the most stupidest essay ever" said Chef, pointing at the cabins. "WHAT?!" she yelled. "It was detailed, it had info, it was" said Courtney before being cut off by Chef who said: "stupid. NEXT!"

Duncan's Essay:

Chef is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice.

"What kind of an essay is this?!" said Chef. "It's just three words and the rest are verys" Chef continued. "Three hundred exact" said Duncan. Chef rolled his eyes. "Fine, you can stay, but I got my eye on you" said Chef. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Loopholes" and winked.

Harold's Essay:

Here is a predictive essay about the man named Chef Hatchet. Chef Hatchet had a thirty percent chance to get in the show, after voicing several squirrels in Family Guy, which got cut out after a chicken fight that destroyed them all. Fifty percent of Chef's food is bad and the other fifty percent is good, so he is lucky to get on the show. One hundred percent sadly shows that Chef won't get his paycheck this season.

"You can stay in" said Chef, rolling his eyes. "That's it" said Chef. "Next is a little Thriller dance! Get outside for a thirty seven minute dance of Thriller" said Chef, taking everyone out. In the confessional, Chef said: "This is how the camp should be ran and this is the best boot camp ever. And the worst for lawsuits".

"I have thirty nine percent of surviving this dance" said Harold, before the thirty seven minute dance of Thriller begun. Thirty seven minutes later, everyone stayed in and Chef shut off the music. "Moving on. Go to bed, I'll deal with you tomorrow" said Chef. Everyone went to bed to join the already out and sleeping campers. "Nighty night" said Chef, winking.

Harold's alarm clock went off from a different timezone. "Good morning people who live in the east". A few minutes later, the clock went off again for a different country and it continued until Canadian time. "I got to use the can" said Harold, walking away after getting dressed.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "I can't sleep. Harold's loud clock rings every hour! I need to teach him a lesson!" Duncan took Harold's clock and threw it out. Once Harold returned, Duncan pretended to still sleep and Harold said: "WHY?!" "What?" said Duncan pretending to wake up. "My alarm clock is history!" said Harold.

Duncan couldn't keep his laughing in. Harold angrily stared at Duncan. "YOU did it!" said Harold. "What?!" said Duncan, stilling laughing. "It's annoying". Soon, Leshawna woke up and heard the fight. She went over to the guys cabin to see what was up. "Whatcha doing to Harold, Duncan?" she said. "Nothing you are supposed to know" said Duncan.

"He-- he-- he threw my alarm clock out!" said Harold. "You WHAT?!" said Leshawna. "I threw his stupid alarm clock out" said Duncan. Harold continued to cry. "WHY?!" he said. "You have some nerve" said Leshawna, walking out.

The guys woke up and tried to cheer Harold up, but nothing worked. "It's better off without it" Harold sighed. "It's okay" said Owen to Harold. "Just learn next time to not use it near Duncan" he continued. "I guess so" said Harold sighing.

"Final people, come to the local tree. Final challenge coming it's way" said Chef over the loudspeaker. "Local tree?" asked Owen. "There's like five hundred of them" said Webby. "Just come to the dumb tree I am near" said Chef, over the loudspeaker still.

Harold, Duncan, Owen and Webby walked over to the tree Chef was by. Chef snickered. "That's what you get with your crappy face and moves" said Chef to Duncan. Dunan punched him. "Let's bring it on!" said Chef, ready to fight. "I love guy fights" said Katie, who was next to Sadie in the confessional. "Same!" said Sadie, who was next to Katie in the confessional. "I hate guy fights" said DJ in the confessional.

"Let's not fight guys!" said DJ, trying to stop the wildness. "Fine" said Duncan. "Get on the tree. Last person hanging upside down wins for their team the dumb shower I said you'll get before, that nobody should care about" said Chef. As soon as Owen went on the tree upside down, he fell off.

"Chubby is out" said Chef, snickering. Thirty minutes passed and nobody fell out. "Fall off someone! FALL OFF!" said Chef. Ezekiel mimicked Chef behind him. Webby begun to laugh at Chef. Ezekiel too. "What?!" said Chef to Webby. Webby continued to laugh hard out loud. Chef turned behind him, where Ezekiel had his eyes closed still mimicking Chef.

As soon as the laughing stopped, Webby fell down and Ezekiel opened his eyes. "Hi, eh" said Ezekiel. Chef growled and took Ezekiel and locked him in the boat house. "Stay in the boat house" said Chef to Ezekiel, pushing him in and closing the door. "Why is it called the boat house? There's dead fish and a tuna salad. Owen would like that, but I see no boats" said Ezekiel, in the boat house, alone.

Once Chef returned, Webby fell off from laughing and Leshawna high-fived Chef now that Ezekiel was gone. "GO HAROLD, BABY!" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Harold Baby, that's also stupid!" Two hours had passed and both Harold and Duncan were on. "Just lose dork!" said Duncan to Harold. "We still have a fifty fifty chance to win. I won't get eliminated and give up the challenge now" said Harold.

"You have been fighting for three hours" said Chef. "Fall down Harold" said Courtney. "No" said Harold, ignoring Courtney. "Fine. Be that way" said Courtney. Apparently, Duncan fell off the tree. In the three hours and fifteen minute point, Duncan fell off. "YES!" said Harold and the winning Gophers.

Harold begun to run to the bathroom car thing, when an intern begun to drive it away. "WHAT?!" said Harold. "Fine, drive it back" said Chef. Harold ran in and begun to shower and sing, Tonight. "Knick knack paddiewack, give a dog a bone, eh" said Ezekiel in the boat house.

"Vote for whoever, talk first" said Chef, walking the Bass to the Mess Hall. In the confessional, Chef said: "Dumb Chris needed a dumb day off. Dumb, dumb, argh!" "We need to vote" said Courtney. "I say Duncan. I may like you" she winked, "but you lost the challenge for us to a nerd" said Courtney. "HEY!" said Harold.

"You got out first" said Duncan to Courtney. "If I should have a say, I should be safe and you should go home. I made it farther in the dumb challenge" said Duncan. "I don't care" said Courtney. Webby then joined the conversation. "I am voting for Duncan" said Katie. "Oh my god! Same here!" said Sadie.

Then, they squealed: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Stop it" said Webby. "You are voting for Duncan?" he said. The Bass nodded yes, except Duncan and Beth. "What about Ezekiel. Didn't he do nothing and is now in the boat house? What does he do?" said Webby.

"You have a point, Webby" said Courtney. "But Duncan must go" said Courtney. "I agree with Webby!" said Katie. "SAME HERE!" said Sadie, before yet another squeal of "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Next, Ezekiel got out of the boat house and joined his team. "Sup, eh!"

In the confessional, Sadie said: "Ezekiel may be kinda cute, but he should go. Katie may steal him from me". In the confessional, Katie said: "I am so evil. I have a masterplan to keep Ezekiel and hide Sadie. I will use the Jonas Brothers for back up. Anyways, I take him, lock him up in my closet and we are boyfriend, girlfriend. Until Sadie comes and takes him away. Maybe I should rethink this again".

The votes were cast. "Dumb marshmallows will be given out in a few seconds. You know the dumb drill. Die in the dumb boat. We will do nothing" said Chef. Katie and Sadie made shocked faces. "It's a joke, dumbies" said Chef. Katie and Sadie looked relived.

"You dumbies get these dumb marshmallows" said Chef, giving Katie and Sadie marshmallows. "Awkwardly silent girl and uptight loser get marshmallows" said Chef, passing Beth and Courtney marshmallows. "HEY! You don't even know my name!" screamed Courtney. "Is it Rebecca?" said Chef. "I like uptight loser better" said Courtney, rolling her eyes.

In the confessional, Courtney said: "Rebecca is that tweezle that won the stinking election. At least the police are at the school, investigating the votes and--" said Courtney, before her cellphone rang. There was some talking on it and then Courtney yelled: "NOTHING IS WRONG?! I LOST THE ELECTION! THE VOTES WERE HACKED!" said Courtney to the police on her cellphone. "Sorry guys. Let me deal with this alone" said Courtney to the viewers.

"Final marshmallow goes to very cheater in dumb third challenge, said Chef passing a marshmallow to Duncan. "No drama, eh?" said Ezekiel. "No homeschool" said Chef throwing him into the boat. In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I will be back, after I learn some math. Confusing game, eh".

Duncan laughed at Courtney. "Want to resume our relationship?" asked Courtney to Duncan. "No way. This relationship is over darling" said Duncan to Courtney. In the confessional, Courtney said: "I'll sue Duncan!"

"This ends teams in dumb season of Totally Undramatic Dumb Island" said Chef, ending the drama.

Chapter 14: Brunch of Disgustigness

"Last time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND! The Zekiel Man got eliminated, and he took my advice for not being an idiot" said Chris. "Now, the teams are merged into boys and girls just for today! Challenge, award ceremony recap and much more later on Total Drama ISLAND!" Chris continued.

(theme song plays)

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Chef. And now you are er... 102?" said Chris. Chef growled. "So, I am letting you cook nine meals of gross food for the cast, cool?!" said Chris. "Fine" said Chef. In the confessional, DJ said: "I hope Chef isn't hosting today's challenge".

Everyone woke up. Leshawna walked into the shower line. "Who's in there?" said Leshawna. The person in the shower growled. "Err... Courtney?" asked Leshawna. The person in the shower still growled. "Not cool. Is this an intern trying to scare me? Halloween isn't until October" said Leshawna.

Another growl came from the shower. Thirteen minutes later, Leshawna went in. "Who the heck are you?" she said, opening the door. Her face turned into shock and scared. "Buh buh buh buh BEAR!" she screamed running out. Webby, who was listening from the boys cabin said: "Sesame Street is back on already?" "No" said DJ. "I think she screamed BEAR!" said DJ, running out of the cabin and under the table he hides when he's scared.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "Does DJ like that table? He is under it a lot. At least he wouldn't date and marry it like the idiots and nuts, Ezekiel, Lindsay and Izzy".

"Okay guys" said Chris on the loudspeaker. "Come to the Mess Hall. Our next challenge is going to be yummy" said Chris, continuing. "Is it kissing Justin?" said Katie. "HEY! It's my turn to kiss him!" said Sadie. "Nooooooooooooo!" said Katie. "Yesssssssssss!" said Sadie. "Oooooh, cat fight!" said Harold.

"Don't fight girls. It's not over Justin" said Chris. Katie and Sadie begun to walk. "It's over Ezekiel" said Chris, continuing. "He's MINE"! said Katie. "Nooooooooooooo!" said Sadie. "Yesssssssssss!" said Katie. "I didn't have the stalking Ezekiel picture!" said Sadie. "You know, Chef may like him, because he took his nose pickings" said Courtney. "NO!" said Chef, over the loudspeaker.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "Ezekiel has fans?" In the confessional, Chef said: "Says the girl who knows nothing about my life!" "Just come over to the Mess Hall" said Chris, over the loudspeaker before turning it off.

In the Mess Hall, Chris said "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Chef. And now you are er... 102?" again and Chef growled. "Then, I was right!" said Courtney. "I should've won Chef! I SHOULD'VE WON THE CHALLENGE!" she yelled. Duncan rolled his eyes.

"The teams are merged" said Chris. Everyone's faces turned into shocked and sadness. "What? Want teams until the final two?" said Chris. Everyone nodded no. "Good" said Chris. "So, what's the challenge?" asked Leshawna.

"The challenge is an eat-off" said Chris. "First a cook-off, then an eat-off?" asked DJ. "Mhm!" said Chris, nodding. "Birthday cake!" said Owen, cheering once he saw it. "No" said Chris. "That is for us while we torture you by giving you more crapped up food by Chef!" continued Chris. Chef grinned.

"Boys vs. Girls for this challenge only" said Chris. "Whichever gender survives the most of the nine food wins a trip to: a five star resort with a spa, pool, comfy pillows and hot ladies" said Chris. In the confessional, Chris said: "And that is why I like to go there for award shows. And also, to see the hot Emily". Chris winked.

Everyone's faces lit up. "Is Justin there?" asked Katie. "What about Ezekiel?" asked Sadie. "No. They are er... somewhere" said Chris. "They probably are dead" said Duncan. "No, they are not. I think they aren't" said Chris. "Like I will believe you liars!" said Courtney. Duncan rolled his eyes at Chris' comment.

"First food. Pizza with dead fish and jellyfish tentacles" said Chef, serving everyone food. Leshawna barfed. "This is going to be one looooooooong episode" said Chris. "I'll get the broom" said Chef. Sadie barfed. "Or the mop" said Chef, walking away.

Duncan took the pizza and ate it. "Not bad" he said. Leshawna ran outside of the Mess Hall and barfed again. "We should end this barfing" said Chris to Chef. Chef nodded. "If you barf, the other gender automatically gets another point starting now!" said Chris to everyone. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Can I barf in here?"

Webby and Owen took bites of the pizza. "Good!" said Owen. Owen took DJ's slice and ate it. "You should try it. Can we have seconds?" said Chris. "Let's wait for the girls" Chris winked. Harold was about to eat his pizza, when the fish fell on him. He screamed first and then asked: "How old is this fish?"

"Three hours" said Chris. Harold looked relived. "And seven months" said Chris. Harold almost let everything go, but he held it in. "Ooooh" said Chris. "So close" said Chef. Chris nodded. "Girls are now up" said Chris. Courtney tried to eat the slice and did it! The girls cheered. Then, Beth took a bite, but the pizza went on her braces. "I will sit this next two out. My braces needed to be clean" said Beth. Chris nodded. Apparently, the girls cheered not to victory, when Leshawna barfed. "Sorry y'all" said Leshawna. "It's okay" said Katie. "I'll try to hold it in next time" she continued.

"Boys get a point. Girls get none. If the boys get four more, they win everything. The five star vacation, the spa and the place that serves the best food ever. Not like we don't have the worst food" said Chris. Chef growled and everyone laughed.

"Next is building blocks!" said Chris. Everyone gasped. "Not really. Just hard blocks that can hurt your teeth and you can enjoy paying your cavity bills" Chris winked. In the confessional, Webby said: "No cavities for Webby. No way". "Will these hurt?" asked DJ. "Yes" said Chris. DJ said: "I can't eat this". "You can't?" asked Duncan nicely.

"Well, do you want the spa and the resort?" said Duncan in a much different and unhappy tone. "Well, I--" said DJ before being cut off by Duncan who said: "I take that as a yes. Now eat it! Eat your way to the resort!" "Okay" said DJ, eating the block. "That was okay" said DJ. Duncan, Owen, Webby and Harold, who finished their blocks before DJ clapped for him.

The girls also had their blocks. "Well, I guess you both get points" said Chris. "Thanks for the easy meal Chef" said DJ. "You're welcome son" said Chef. "But what was that thing that stood out?" asked DJ to Chef. "Was it the letters or the baby drool?" asked Chef. "Baby drool?!" said Duncan, spitting out the block, with DJ. "Nevermind" said Chris. "It's now tied one and one" he continued.

"You HAD to say that Chef" said Duncan. Chef laughed. DJ sighed. "Next is flip flops!" said Chef. "What's wrong with flip flops?" said Katie. "Nothing" said Chef laughing. After a while, Katie joined the laughing also and begun to laugh. After Chef stopped, he said this: "You are crazy".

Everyone took a bite of the unusually green flip flop. "These are probably old, because these are not the current trend and haven't been in like err... ever" said Leshawna. Chef chuckled. "What you dumb-dumb?" said Leshawna. "No-thing" said Chef, still chuckling.

Once everyone finished eating a bit of the flip flop, Chef announced what happened. "There was once this dumb girl who brought like fifty flip flops. She went for ice cream and got like five ice cream cones. Then, when she begun to have the fifth cone of ice cream, she barfed all over these dumb flip flops making them all unusual green" said Chef.

"You did not make us eat this!" said Leshawna. Courtney barfed. "This is gross!" she continued to barf and talk. Chef chuckled. "I don't get it" said Katie. "You ate barfed on flip flops?" said Chef. "Is that bad?" asked Katie. In the confessional, Chef said: "Her mind is probably a flip flop!"

"It's still close" said Chris. "Two and one. Boys are ahead by one. We have six more meals left" he continued. "Next is worm spaghetti" said Chef, giving everyone plates of that yummy meal. "Chef, put on the hit song, Eat It!" said Chris. Chef brought the radio out and the song begun to play, as everyone ate it.

Duncan put blindfolds on the guys to eat the worm spaghetti. They all ate it and Owen burped two out. "I will eat everything. Big, small, yummy, yucky, old, new!" said Owen. "Er... good to know Owen" said Duncan. "What have you eaten before?" asked Webby.

"License plates, pizza, cereal, paper, gum, the football when I bit it for the final catch of the school championship, grass and much more" said Owen. "Most of that is gross. But you are like a Human Hulk. Well, your stomach at least is" said Webby. Owen nodded. "So if we begun to lose, will you eat our meals?" asked Harold. "Maybe" said Owen. "Yes!" said Harold.

In the confessional, Leshawna said: "What is Harold so happy about? Curing Stephanie's case of the Sams?" The girls except Sadie ate the worm spaghetti. "It's too gross and I can't live by eating worms. I can't eat it. Sorry girls!" she cried. "It's okay!" said Katie. "Maybe we can win next time" said Sadie. Courtney told Leshawna: "These two can't do anything!" Beth, then returned. "We are losing three to one" said Courtney.

"Mhm" said Chris. Chef then turned off Eat It. "Dumb song" said Chef, throwing the radio out the window. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Chef as the new Eva? Nah". "Next is the gum stuck under the desks in Chef's Kansas City Academy for People Who Are Academized. I Don't Get Paid For This!" said Chef.

Chris laughed and Chef growled. "You had an academy?" asked DJ. "Yep. We learned all about err... something" said Chef. "I knew I should've not started that big fire in the kitchen while cooking for the special guest" he continued. "You are a great cook" said Courtney, sarcastically.

"Now enjoy this gum!" said Chef, giving them the old, moldy, white gum. "You sure these aren't erasers?" asked Leshawna. "I am" said Chef. "Because I am not the one who confuses Sealand with Seaworld!" said Leshawna. Chef growled. "Eat the gum already" said Chris.

Owen stuffed the gum in his mouth. DJ did also. Duncan chewed it and swallowed it. "It must be five years or something" said Duncan. "The school got burned down about twelve years ago" said Chef. "Gross" said Harold. "I can't eat this!" he continued. "You will" said Duncan. "No" said Harold. "I may be a nerd or dork to you, but I am not that nerdy or dorky" said Harold to Duncan, trying to stand up for himself.

"I kinda have to agree with Harold here" said Webby. "Mine has a crawling bug on it" he continued. "Have a problem?" asked Chef. Webby nodded. Chef took the gum and rubbed it on his shirt. Once he gave it back to Webby. "It's even worse. The bug is gone, but there's some boom boom" said Webby. "Want me to fix it again?" said Chef. "No thanks" said Webby. "But I can't eat this guys" said Webby. Duncan sighed.

The girls closed their eyes and all had the gum. Leshawna chewed her's for a few minutes until the taste got to her. "Must not spit out or barf. Must not spit out or barf" she said twice. She swallowed the gum. "YES!" she yelled! "It's now tied. Three and two! Now close!" she continued. "Yep!" said Chris.

"Next is.... dolphin dogs?" said Chris. "EEEEEEEEE!" screamed Katie, stuffing it in with Katie. "What the hay?" said Beth, eating the dolphin dog. "Gross" said Duncan. "This is gross" said DJ. Webby and Harold nodded. Leshawna and Courtney ate the dolphin dog with their eyes closed, trying to be as quiet as they can and didn't barf. Then, they swallowed it.

"We won't eat this" said Duncan. Owen ate it. "Any other takers?" said Chris. "You know if you say no, it'll be three-three" said Chris. "I am not taking this" said Duncan, throwing the dolphin dog out. "Fine" said Chris. The girls cheered. "It's now tied three per gender. We have three more meals! These will mean a lot" Chris winked.

"Next is crazy girl's hair" said Chef. "Izzy's hair?!" said Owen. Chef nodded. "I'm in!" said Owen, reaching over to eat it. The rest of the guys ate it also. "I believe this is fake" said Harold. "How?" said Chef. "Nobody cares" said Duncan to Harold and Chef.

"I am not eating this, I don't know what she did to it" said Sadie. "But you will" said Courtney. "I won't" said Sadie. "No, you will". "You can't make me". "I agree. You can't" said Katie. "See?" said Sadie. "I see how old your brains are! That's how I see. Two months probably" said Courtney. "Sixteen years!" said Katie and Sadie. "I don't get that" said Courtney.

"Let's just chill out" said Leshawna. "I am not chilling out!" said Courtney to Leshawna. "You will in a moment" Leshawna growled. "Fine" scowled Courtney, stuffing the hair in her mouth and spitting it out. "Gross" she said. "See?!" said Sadie. "Fine" said Courtney.

"Boys get a point. They need one more to win the awesome getaway trip!" said Chris. "We cannot afford to lose these next two" said Courtney to the girls. "Let's go guys!" said Webby to the guys. "The next meal is... err.. not a meal. But you all love 'em. The flies in the confessional" said Chris. A montage of moments with the flies in the confessional is shown.

"Don't ya all love 'em?" Chris says after the montage. Everyone nodded no. "Just don't choke on it" said Chris, after he gave everyone a fly. Owen tried to eat it, but then begun to choke. DJ went behind Owen and smacked his back until Owen spit out the fly. "Trouble for the guys" said Chris. "HARDER!" said Webby to DJ. "You do not know how hard I am trying right now" said DJ to Webby, still hitting Owen.

Owen finally spit out the fly, as the girls finished swallowing the fly and drinking some water to go with it. "Tied again baby!" said Leshawna. "Last meal!" said Chris. "We need to win this one" said both Webby and Leshawna to the guys and girls.

"Okay guys and girls. This is for the trip to the wonderland" said Chris. "What's the food?" said Leshawna. "Chips!" said Chris. "That's easy" said Webby. "That have hot sauce on them and will make you run around and burn your mouth" continued Chris. "I take my easy back" said Webby. "You should" said Chris, laughing.

Then, Chris gave the chips out. "I know how to handle these babies" said Leshawna, referring babies to the chips. Leshawna blew on them and ate them "Hot, but good" said Leshawna. The girls tried and enjoyed it like Leshawna.

The guys however didn't enjoy the chips. "MY MOUTH IS GOING TO CATCH FIRE!" screamed Harold, after eating a chip. "Water!" cried DJ, after eating a bite of the chip. "My mouth!" said Webby, after eating two chips. "Ouch" said Duncan, after eating three chips. Owen tried one and gassed up the whole Mess Hall. "I guess the girls came back to win it" said Chris.

"I was joking" said Webby. Harold and DJ nodded. "You were, huh?" said Chris. They all nodded, had a bite of a chip and Webby yelled: "Hachachachacha!" "Owwie!" said Harold, after eating another chip. "Water!" said DJ, after eating the chip. "THE GIRLS GET TO RELAX ON THE FIVE STAR RESORT!" said Chris.

"YES!" said all the girls. "FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!" screamed Chris. "YESSSSSS!" they continued to scream. "With a concert of the JONAS BROTHERS!" said Chris. "Not so interested about that" said Beth, Leshawna and Courtney, walking off. "YAY!" screamed Katie and Sadie, hugging.

Once they all packed their bags and took off for the weekend, Chris finished off the episode by saying: "What will the guys do now, will the Jonas Brothers faint at the concert and what do I have in mind of next episode? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!"

Chapter 15: No Pain, No Game

The girls boat returned before Chris begun to do a recap. "NO! Stay out in the water Bob!" said Chris to the boat driver, Bob. Bob stopped the boat. "Much better. Now let's begin" said Chris. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" screamed Katie and Sadie on the boat. "I saw Jay Z!" they yelled.

"I saw-- I DON'T CARE. Okay. Last time on Total Drama Island, there was a fight for the five star resort. With pools, beds and--" said Chris before getting interrupted again by Katie, who said: "MnmAlong". "Who the heck is that?" said Chris. "Some guy, who plays Secret Force" said Katie. "Anyways, the girls won and went to the resort and now that they are back, things can really get heated in this new episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!" said Chris. "I got a Jay Z figure" said Sadie. "Ooooooh!" said Katie.

(theme song plays)

The horn blew from the boat, which woke up all the boys and they all got out of the cabin. Duncan pulled Owen and Webby over. "Alliance?" said Duncan. "Sure" said Owen. "Okay" said Webby. "Good, just us three" said Duncan. In the confessional, Webby said: "What about DJ? We can't just leave him out". Outside again, Webby told Duncan: "We are like one third of the vote, we can use someone else who is nice like DJ".

"I don't trust him that much as I trust you two" said Duncan. "Wasn't that trust challenge a few weeks ago and not now?" said Owen. "In terms of betrayal" said Duncan to Owen. "Oooh" said Owen. "But DJ can't just leave us. He's Owen's and my friend and he isn't that mean. What is the meanest thing he did?" said Webby. "I have no idea..." said Duncan. "Let me ask him" said Webby.

"DJ, come here" said Webby to DJ. DJ walked over. "Yes?" he said. "What is the meanest thing you have done in your life?" asked Webby. "Meanest thing? Knocking my friend out with a baseball" said DJ. "How did this happen?" said Webby. "We were running and trying to throw the ball" said DJ, "but he stopped short and got plunked". "See?" said Webby to Duncan.

"Fine, he's in the alliance" said Duncan. "Yay!" said Webby. The much more relaxed girls walked on the dock down to the sand. "What a weekend" said Leshawna, walking to their cabin. "JAY Z!" screamed Katie. "I want that doll now!" cried Sadie, who was walking with Katie to the cabins also.

"I feel bad for Duncan. He missed a lot of fun" said Courtney. "Shut up" said Duncan, rolling his eyes. "Fine" said Courtney, who was close to the cabin. Beth was the last one to come out. "Is their still pepperoni on my braces?" asked Beth. The guys made no reaction.

Once all the girls came out again with their regular clothes, Chris said: "Hello campers. We are not having anymore gender team challenges. It's now every camp for themselves". "I was getting used to the game yesterday!" said Harold. "Well, get used to it now. No more team challenges or team wins for almost the rest of the season. I may have one, two or three toward the end" said Chris.

Lindsay suddenly walked on the sand. "Why is Lindsay here again?" said Leshawna. "Liiiiindsay!" said Chris. "I told you to wait until your cue" said Chris. "But I won't be Q ever. I am 16 and in a few months, I will be 15. Right?" said Lindsay. "Ignore her, please" said Chris. "Anyways, we decided to make a surprise. Two campers will be returning today" Chris continued.

"I am guessing one of them is stupid Lindsay" said Courtney. Chris nodded. "You said that nobody can return ever" said Leshawna, before a flashback to several marshmallow ceremonies when he said that. "Well, about that, I lied. They are just fan favorites" said Chris. "Now who's lucky number t-- Not him" said Leshawna. "Sup, eh" said Ezekiel. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Ezekiel, fan favorite? I can't see that happening, unless it is about my butt. That was like the only thing he did on his first stint here".

"Also back is EVA!" said Chris. "Oh no!" said Lindsay, Webby and Owen. "No, just kidding. I said two campers will return and I mean that" said Chris. Lindsay, Webby and Owen looked relived. "Duncan, maybe we can get Lindsay in our alliance" said Webby. "I think we could" said Duncan. "We still have one third of the votes, now that Zeke and Dimwit returned" said Duncan.

"Lindsay, want to be in an alliance?" said Webby to Lindsay. Lindsay said: "Sure, but is there Hannah in it?" "No" said Webby. "Are you sure?" "Yes". "Huh? I can't hear you". "YES!" "No need to yell Wibby". "Today's challenge is Say Uncle! You have to do a task and last ten seconds doing it!" said Chris. "Follow me all the the Say Uncle Center" Chris continued, walking to the Say Uncle Center.

"You guys will spin the wheel and do sick mercy challenges from not having ice cream brain freeze, to listening Kids Bop songs and maybe a bear logroll" said Chris. "Bear logroll say what?" said Leshawna. "I thought so" said Chris. "If you do the challenge and stay in for the ten seconds, you get to pick who goes next and you'll sit back down in your seat" continued Chris.

"If you don't do the challenge or survive the ten seconds, you are out, must sit back down in your new crappier chair and cannot pick anyone to go next or win the prize" said Chris. "What's the prize? Is it a mall?" said Lindsay. "No!" said Chris. "What is it then?" asked Lindsay. "A trailer for yourself!" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Did he say trailer for yourself? I might be slacking Leshawna, but I need that trailer. I am going to get it no matter what goes through me!"

"Priceless" said Harold. Webby, Owen and DJ nodded. Duncan slapped Harold in the face. "Hey!" said Harold. "What was that for, eh?" said Ezekiel. "Oh yeah. There is an elimination tonight" said Chris winking. Everyone gasped. "Any other questions?" asked Chris. "ME!" said Lindsay. "Okay, Lindsay. What's your question?" "Don't we already have trailers for ourselves?"

"No" said Chris. Lindsay then pointed to the cabins. "Those are cabins for gender" said Chris. "Okay" said Lindsay. "Thanks for answering my question Chip" she continued. "Chip?" giggled Duncan. "Yeah. That's the host" said Lindsay. In the confessional, Courtney said: "That trailer must be mine!" "Now let's begin" said Chris.

"Up first is Lindsay. Spin the wheel" said Chris. "Where is it?" asked Lindsay. "Right here" Chris pointed to no wheel. "Forgot to took it out. Sorry" said Chris, pulling it out. In the confessional, Chris: "I thought she was being dumb". Lindsay spun the wheel and it landed on a sign that had an addition sign. "What's that?" asked Lindsay.

"Your torture is to do this math problem in ten seconds and get it right. The problem is one plus one". In the confessional, Webby says: "Watch as she fails out". In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I learned this in Math class in homeschool. I just can't remember the answer, eh".

In the confessional, Leshawna says: "And I better be getting a math problem as simple as that. That girl may be dumb, but she cannot get that easy problem wrong". "Uuuuuh" said Lindsay. "Five seconds left. Four, three two" said Chris. "TWO!" yelled Lindsay, just in time. "Lindsay moves on and now will pick someone" said Chris.

"I want... PJ!" said Lindsay. "PJ?" asked Chris. "I better go" said DJ, walking up to spin the wheel. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Why did I even pick her in my alliance? Alliance members don't pick each other to do challenges like this!"

DJ spun the wheel and landed on a snake. Chris laughed. "I was hoping you would do this" whispered Chris to DJ. "Get tied up on a snake and not yell for ten seconds" said Chris. DJ yelled. "Chicken" Chris said. "I can't do it" said DJ. "Awwww" said Lindsay. "You may go back to your new seat" said Chris. Then, his regular chair turned into an old crappy one.

"I want a new chair" said Lindsay. "Then, you'll be out" said Chris. "No. I didn't get eliminated" said Lindsay. "Get off if you want a new chair" said Chris. Lindsay stood up and the chair switched into an old crappy one. "Both Lindsay and DJ are out" said Chris.

"But I didn't get eliminated. Beth, did you vote for me?" asked Lindsay. "Not yet" said Beth. "What about you Doug?" "No" said Duncan. "Omar?" "No" said Owen. "PJ?" "No" said DJ. "You are not eliminated from the GAME!" screamed Chris.

"Okay. Moving on" said Chris. "Hmmm.... Ezekiel, spin the wheel" continued Chris. Ezekiel spun the wheel and when the wheel stopped, it landed on lips. "Ooooh. This is a good one" said Chris. "It is?" said Ezekiel. In the confessional, Chris said: "I am making a speech entitled Producers. These producers are awesome. We need more relationships going and this could start them... or begin a fight".

"Admit love on one of the campers" said Chris. "Duncan, eh" said Ezekiel. Everyone turned into shock. "I was joking, eh. Leshawna, eh". Leshawna fainted. "Look what you did to her!" said Harold. Harold tried to do CPR to Leshawna. Ezekiel watched in horror. In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I knew I shouldn't have joked with Duncan, eh". In the confessional, Duncan said: "I don't like him, that'll be what's that word I am looking for"...

Once Harold got Leshawna up again while doing CPR, Leshawna gave Harold a kiss on the lips. "WOAH, EH!" screamed Ezekiel. "True love" said Chris. Lindsay nodded. "Don't mess around again, gurl" said Leshawna to Ezekiel. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Nerd X Big Butt? Didn't see that coming".

"Now that Ezekiel did his challenge, he can pick who goes next" said Chris. "Leshawna, eh" said Ezekiel. "Bring it Chris" Leshawna said, before spinning the wheel. Once it stopped, Chris said: "Listen to those Kids Bop songs I mentioned while announcing the challenge". Leshawna gulped and begun to listen to Battlefield, sung by kids on an iPod. After ten seconds, she dropped the iPod, which broke.

"Good job Leshawna" said Harold to Leshawna. "Thanks string bean" said Leshawna to Harold. "Nicely done Leshawna" said Chris. "Okay, I am in right?" asked Leshawna. Chris nodded. "Good. I pick Duncan" said Leshawna. Harold laughed and Duncan said: "If I survive this challenge, you are next up" to Harold. Harold gulped. "Don't be scared of him" said Leshawna.

"I can't!" said Harold. "Why?" said Leshawna. "He's just a nerd picker" said Harold. "You're no nerd. People who like me ai'nt a nerd, except Ezekiel" said Leshawna. "I like to eat Nerds too!" said Ezekiel, in his chair in the back of the center. "Just ignore him, sugar baby" said Leshawna to Harold. "Okay" said Harold to Leshawna. Leshawna walked back into her old seat and sat down on it. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "True love. Weeeeeeell, it's not that true, because they aren't married yet and they still can break up!"

In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I think Lindsay likes the confessional, because she hogs it a lot". Ezekiel snorted. "Hog" he said. Duncan spun the wheel and it landed on a turtle. Chris laughed. Harold also begun to laugh. "What's so funny?" asked Duncan. "People laughing makes me laugh!" said Harold.

"What's funny is your challenge" said Chris. "And what is that?" asked Duncan. "Chef is going to try to hit you with snapping turtles. If you survive ten seconds without falling on the ground, you get to move on!" said Chris. "Where's my gear?" asked Duncan. "I didn't say you needed gear" winked Chris.

"So I am doing this unprotected?" asked Duncan, who was now outside with Chris, Chef and the snapping turtles. Harold laughed inside, who was watching everything. "Yes" said Chris. "Chef may go now!" said Chris. Chef threw turtles at Duncan. Duncan jumped, leaned to the left and ducked. "Duncan, stop doing the Cha Cha Slide" said Chris laughing.

Then, a turtle got Duncan when he wasn't paying attention to the turtles but Chris. Soon, he fell down, because of the snapping turtles. The turtles walked away to the sea again. "Out" said Chris, winking. "Argh" said Duncan, walking back. Once he came in, he saw that his seat was crappier like DJ's and Lindsay's.

Harold laughed. "Got a problem?" said Duncan, raising his fist. Harold stopped laughing and shook his head no. "Much better" said Duncan, walking to his new seat. "So, Duncan, Lindsay and DJ went through some hard work and some little work and got out. Suckers" said Chris. In the confessional, Courtney said: "As long as he doesn't call me, I can win this!"

"Next is... Courtney!" said Chris. Courtney spun the wheel and it landed on a pin. "Okay guys. We have to go to Chef Hatchet's Chuckie Pee's Unpaid Bowling Alley, which is right next to the center. Now, Courtney stay down there and try to avoid to not getting knocked down in the next ten seconds by the remaining campers" said Chris.

Everyone got bowling balls and when Chris said: "GO!", Owen rolled a few by Courtney. Courtney dodged one. DJ, Leshawna, Webby, Duncan, Ezekiel and Sadie rolled some bowling balls toward Courtney, which all missed. "Five more seconds" said Chris. Lindsay then grabbed a ball. "Three seconds" said Chris. Lindsay threw the ball right at Courtney's face knocking her out.

"Ow" said Courtney. "Chef, take her to the infirmary" said Chris. Chef grabbed Courtney and accidently hit her against the sides of the bowling alley. "Ow! Watch it!" said Courtney. When Courtney passed Lindsay, she said: "I will get you one day". In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Okay. That was scarier than that morning when I thought Leshawna turned into two dinosaurs".

Everyone now walked back to the Say Uncle center. "I cannot be out!" Courtney whined outside of it. "Yes, you are" said Chris. "I am so suing you all" said Courtney. "Good luck" said Chris, who walked in. "Okaaaay.... Owen is up. Spin the wheel". Owen spun a wheel and it was a woodpecker.

"A woodpecker will try to peck the wooden pants you will be wearing. If you run away or take them off, you are out" said Chris. Owen put on the wooden pants. The cameraman put his hands over the camera while this event happened. "That was close" said Owen. "Okay" said Chris. "He's safe" he continued. "YES!" said Owen.

"Webby, you are up!" said Chris. Webby nodded, got out of his seat and walked up to the wheel. "Spin the wheel!" said Chris. Webby spun the wheel and it landed on a rock. "Rock jumping!" said Chris. "Skunks are in between each rock. You need to avoid their smell and make it through the rock path in ten seconds!" Chris continued. Webby nodded.

Webby got on the rocks. "GO" said Chris. Webby jumped on two rocks. A skunk stinked up by him. Webby put two fingers on his nose to avoid the smell and continued to the finish with more stink. "Good job Webby!" said Owen on the top. "Yeah!" said DJ. "You are making it to round two" Chris said to Webby. "Yay!" said Webby.

"Can I take a shower though" asked Webby. "Sure" said Chris. "Hurry up though!" said Chris, behind him. "Next is Sadie" announced Chris. Sadie ran over and spun the wheel. The wheel stopped on a ski. "Sadie, you are going to be skiing!" said Chris. "I am?!" asked Sadie. "Yes!" said Chris. "YAY!" said Sadie, hugging Katie.

"You cannot hit any of the mice which are almost everywhere on the mud" said Chris. "Mud?" asked Beth. "Don't we skii in water?" continued Beth. "Yeah, but this is more fun!" said Chris. Sadie nodded. "Okay" said Beth. "GO!" said Chris, once Sadie was on the skis all ready. "Five seconds!" said Chris. Then, Sadie hit a mouse. "OUT!" said Chris, winking.

"Next is Katie!" said Chris. "No!" said Katie. "I want to be out with Sadie!" she continued. "Fine" said Chris, changing both seats to a crappier one. "Next is Beth!" said Chris. Beth spun a wheel and it landed on a tooth. "Take off your braces" said Chris. "I didn't brush at the resort and the pepperoni is everywhere. I can't!" said Beth. "Out!" said Chris.

"Last person for this round is Harold!" said Chris. Leshawna cheered. "Do we win?!" said Lindsay who was confused. "I think Harold is up, eh" said Ezekiel. Lindsay clapped. Harold spun the wheel. It landed on a man. "Your challenge is to distract a baseball fan from talking about a Boston Red Sox game!" said Chris.

Harold walked over to the man in the middle of the island. "Five seconds!" said Chris at the center. "STRANGER DANGER!" said Harold, punching the stranger in the face. The stranger ran off crying. "That didn't help him. That hurt him. Harold, you're out!" said Chris. "Awww" said Harold, walking to his new seat.

"Spin the wheel Owen to begin round two!" said Chris. Owen spun the wheel and it landed on ice cream. "Eat ice cream and get no brain freeze in ten seconds!" said Chris. Owen begun to eat the ice cream and got brain freeze at the seven second point. "Nice try Owen" said Webby. "I hate this new seat" said Owen. "Same here. I want my old seat back!" said Lindsay.

"Tough luck. Once you're out, you're out. You wanted it, we gave it to you" said Chris. Lindsay sobbed. "It's okay" said Beth to Lindsay. "Next is Ezekiel!" said Chris. Ezekiel spun the wheel. The wheel landed on Eva's face. "Ava?" asked Lindsay. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "I knew Ava was returning!"

"You need to rely on Eva to beat the Sasquatchanakwa up and to continue" said Chris. Ezekiel waved at Eva guiltily. "WHERE'S MY BACKSTABBING TEAM?!" screamed Eva. "OH, THERE THEY ARE!" screamed Eva, pointing at Lindsay, Leshawna, DJ, Owen, Harold and Webby. Eva was about to punch Lindsay when Chris said: "Wrong way Eva..."

Eva muttered into the Sasquatchanakwa cage. "Eva, if you beat up the Sasquatchanakwa for Ezekiel, he will move on" said Chris. "For Homeschool? No" said Eva. "Ezekiel, you're out" said Chris. "Aww... eh" said Ezekiel, walking to his new crappy seat. "Chef, grab her and take her to the Boat of Losers again" said Chris. Chef came over to Eva, grabbed her and took her to the Boat of Losers.

"We are nearing the end of this long challenge" said Chris. "This are the final two people" continued Chris. "Webby and Leshawna" he continued. Webby waved to the eliminated from the challenge people. "Let's not to take this personally, okay?" said Leshawna. Webby nodded.

"You both are going to do a grizzly bear log roll, with our two best bears of the show, one is Izzy and the other is the real one. They look exactly the same, so they probably will eat yo-I mean. You'll beat them" Chris said. Webby gulped. "Whoever rolls the log the longest without stopping and falling in will win that trailer!" Chris continued.

Webby and Leshawna got on their logs and when Chris said: "GO!", they began to ran as fast as they can to try to outlast each other. After fifteen minutes, Leshawna got tired. "Good luck" said Webby to Leshawna in the thirty-eight minute point. At the forty-seven minute point, Leshawna said: "I have seen scarier faces in the mall". Apparently, Webby outlasted her and beat her in the sixty-nine minute point. Webby grabbed Leshawna up and said: "Nice job!"

"WEBBY WINS IMMUNITY AND THE TRAILER!" said Chris. "YES" screamed Webby running to the trailer. "Leshawna, come in!" said Webby. Leshawna went in and begun to talk with Webby. "Okay all. All of you will vote today for someone other than Webby to get eliminated" said Chris.

"Nice job" said Leshawna in the trailer. "Thanks" said Webby. "What a long day" they both said. "Well, we better vote" said Leshawna. "I am going to vote for Sadie. She's useless" said Webby. "You are?" said Leshawna. Webby nodded. "I'll vote for her with you!" said Leshawna.

The rest of Duncan's alliance decided to vote for Sadie also. "Let's hope Webby does also" said Owen. DJ nodded. "So Patty is going home?" asked Lindsay out loud. "Shush" said Duncan. "We don't want Sadie to know" whispered Duncan. "Oooooh" said Lindsay. "Duh" said Duncan in the confessional.

At the marshmallow ceremony, Chris said: "No marshmallows". "Do we all go home?!" asked Lindsay. "No. We are going to review your confessionals!" said Chris, winking.

Webby's Vote:

"Sadie has to go home. She is a useless birdbrain".

Leshawna's Vote:

"Me and Webby discussed this in the trailer and Sadie is getting a freeride through this game, so Sadie should go home".

Lindsay's Vote:

"Patty. Someone told me to vote her. I don't know why I voted for her, because she's my friend".

Duncan's Vote:

"Tweetle Idiot, aka: Sadie should go home".

Owen's Vote:

"Sorry Sadie, but you played a good game".

Ezekiel's Vote:

"Leshawna, because she scares me. Same for her butt".

Katie and Sadie's Votes:

"Duncan, because he is so mean!"

Harold's Vote:

"Sadie had her time, but now she should go. I heard what Leshawna said to make my decision!"

DJ's Vote:

"Everyone is so nice, so I will vote myself off".

After all the votes were reveled, Sadie cried. "Bye" said Chris to Sadie. "I'll miss you Sadie!" said the crying Katie. "Same here!" said Sadie, on the Boat of Losers. "I will miss you!" said Katie. "I will miss you more!" said Sadie. "No, I will!" said Katie. They continued to cry. "We'll deal with this later" said Chris, rolling his eyes.

Then, Courtney returned. "I did not vote" she said. "Tough luck" said Chris. "Anyways, see you next time to see if Katie quits or if I get Gwen to destroy the camp on Total Drama Island!" said Chris, ending the episode.

Chapter 16: Hide and Be Sneaky

"Last time on Total Drama Island, everyone played Say Uncle with the returning Ezekiel and Lindsay. Apparently, Webby beat out Leshawna to win a trailer as a prize!" said Chris, beginning the episode.

(theme song plays)

Duncan, Owen, DJ and Webby woke up, got dressed and walked out of Webby's trailer. "I love that trailer" Webby said in the confessional. Then, they all walked to the Mess Hall together. "I feel so alone in here" said Harold. "I'm in here, you know, eh" said Ezekiel. "I can't take the pain!" cried Harold.

In the girls trailer, Leshawna woke up and got dressed. "Hi Lesquasha" said Lindsay. "Good morning to you Lindsay" said Leshawna. "I miss Sadie" Katie cried. "Where you up all night crying?" asked Leshawna. "I was eating ice cream and crying. It makes me feel better like, like, like SADIE!" Katie cried.

"Crybaby" said Courtney, rolling her eyes. "Katie isn't a baby. She's a teen like us" said Lindsay. Courtney rolled her eyes. "So, she's a cryteen" continued Lindsay. Courtney got dressed and walked to the Mess Hall with Leshawna. Beth and Lindsay walked together in the Mess Hall. "So empty!" cried Katie. Soon, everyone but Katie was in the Mess Hall.

Chris walked to the girls cabin and knocked on the door. "Do I need to call the police or something?" he said. In the confessional, Chris was there with Chef. "Me and Chef are going to have a money-betting contest" Chris said. Chef nodded. "Ten bucks says she quits" said Chef. "Fifteen bucks says she's going to get arrested by the police" said Chris. "You're on" said Chef.

"Okay all" said Chris, once he finally got Katie in the Mess Hall. "Today's challenge is hide and seek!" said Chris. "Oooooh!" said Lindsay. "Nice" said Webby. "You guys will have ten minutes to hide and then if Chef shoots you with his WATER GUN, you're out of the challenge. If you find someone however, you'll be immune. Last person hidden wins immunity!" said Chris.

"GO!" he said. Everyone ran off. "What do we do again?" Lindsay said in the Mess Hall. "Hide from Chef" said Chris. "I can't see him in here, can I?" asked Lindsay. Chris chuckled. In the confessional, Chris and Chef were still doing their contest. "Fifteen bucks says that dumb girl gets out first" said Chef. "Thirty bucks says that she won't stand a chance" said Chris. "You're on" said Chef.

Ten minutes later, everyone had their hiding spot. Webby was behind the cabin, Owen was on top of the Mess Hall, Duncan was in a cave, Leshawna was underwater, Lindsay was still in the Mess Hall, Katie was by the bushes, crying, Ezekiel was spying Leshawna on the dock, Harold was by a tree, Courtney was in the shower, DJ hid in a cabin and Beth was hidden in the fridge in the Mess Hall.

Chef heard Katie crying first. "Gotcha" said Chef, looking for Katie. Once he actually found her, he shot his water gun. "You're out" said Chef. In the confessional, Chris was next to Chef, and Chris said: "Where's my fifteen bucks?"

Webby, however was right by the bushes and once he noticed Chef, he begun to run to another side of the cabin. "Hello?" asked Chef. Chef smelled something. "Green shirt" he said. He smelled something else. "Blonde hair" he continued. He smelled it again. "Cabin". Chef looked at all of the cabin sides, as Webby went to the other parallel side.

A squirrel suddenly dashed by Webby and then by Chef. Frightened, they both walked backward and Webby crashed into Chef. "Oh crap!" Webby said, running off. Chef was squirting water at Webby. "Missed" said Webby each time. Chef growled in the confessional. Apparently, Chef got Webby with the water gun. "You're out son" said Chef.

In the confessional, Webby said: "My game plan is to find anybody who is not in my alliance to get immune". "I'm hungry" said Chef, walking to the Mess Hall. "Why the heck are you in here?" asked Chef to Lindsay. "Shush, Cheffiepoo can't know where I am" said Lindsay. "What if Cheffiepoo is here?" said Chef. "Then, I'll hide with Corney" said Lindsay, who turned around and saw Chef.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, running out of the Mess Hall. She begun to run in circles with Chef around the cabins and Mess Hall. Each time she passed a bush, Lindsay said: "I saw you before". Chef finally shot his water gun at Lindsay who got hit. "Owwie" said Lindsay. "It's just water" said Chef, walking back to the Mess Hall.

"I'm hungry" said Chef. Beth gulped. Chef opened his fridge and saw nothing, except Beth. "HEY! Why did you eat my pizza?!" said Chef. "I was hungry" said Beth. "Get out now" said Chef. Beth ran out of the Mess Hall. "I didn't mean like that!" he said, after her. In the confessional, Chef said: "Goofball had to eat my food".

Chef shot his water gun at Beth, who got out. "I am the best target" said Chef, walking back to his kitchen. "BOOM!" went the kitchen. Chef went in to see what happened. "Chubby?!" said Chef. "Errr..." said Owen. Owen suddenly acted like a small chicken, as Chef was shocked of what happened just the second when he got in.

"What did you do?" asked Chef. "No-thing" said Owen, blushing. "I see a mess!" said Chef. "I'm sorry" cried Owen. "I forgot to fix my hair this morning" he continued. "Not you, this kitchen!" said Chef. "Hiding spot?" said Owen. "I try to eat something and something distracts me each time!" said Chef. Chef shot the water gun's water at Owen. "You're out, son" said Chef. "Awwww" said Owen.

Owen walked off to the shower to wash off. Owen opened the shower door and saw Courtney, trying to hide. Owen grabbed Courtney and begun to walk out of the shower. "What are you doing to me?" asked Courtney. "You'll see" said Owen, walking toward the Mess Hall. "Oh no. Let me GO! LET ME GO!" yelled Courtney. Owen nodded no.

In the confessional, Chris said: "I was laughing when I saw this was happening". Owen went into the Mess Hall. "What now chubby?" saw Chef, eating some of the remaining pizza, found in Chris' own trailer. Owen lifted up Courtney, who begun to kick him. "Ow" said Owen. "Shoot her fast" said Owen to Chef. Chef got his water gun and shot Courtney.

"You're out" said Chef to Courtney. Courtney growled. "That was cheating!" she yelled. "No" said Chef. "Yes". "Take her out chubby" said Chef to Owen. "Yes sir" said Owen taking Courtney out. Owen then, went to the shower. "I had it with them" said Courtney in the confessional. Courtney went to the pipes and freezing cold water went down onto Owen.

"COLD!" screamed Owen. Out loud, over the loudspeaker, Chris said: "Owen is immune for finding Courtney. Chef will get the rest of you, except one". After Chef finished his lunch, he went back outside. "Can't hold it in" said Duncan. Duncan charged to the communal bathrooms. He tried to not let Chef notice him.

"I got to use the bathroom" said Chef. "I knew I should've saved that lemonade for tonight" he continued, while walking to the bathroom. "What the heck does Chef do on the show? He sleeps, eats and uses the bathroom, but there is an important game right now" said Chris in the confessional.

Duncan was in the bathroom, when Chef joined. "Oh crap" said Duncan. "You're history" said Chef, shooting his water gun at Duncan. "I need a shower" said Duncan, walking to the shower. He knocked on the door. "Get out whoever's in here" said Duncan. Owen got dressed in the shower and went out. "Out?" he asked Duncan. Duncan nodded and went in.

Owen walked past the tree Harold was hiding. "Hey Owen" said Harold. "Yes?" said Owen. "Can you get me some fruit?" asked Harold. "Sure" said Owen, who was now on his way to the Mess Hall. He opened the door and founnd an apple. Then, he grabbed it and closed the door. Next, he returned to Harold with it. "Oh no. APPLES! ACHOO!" screamed Harold.

"I must put it back" said Owen. "Achoo" said Harold. Owen went back into the Mess Hall. Chef, who heard the whole conversation was by the three watching. "Achoo" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "My butt gets kicked a lot, which is why it is red, but sometimes in hide and seek games like today, nothing can pass me!"

Chef shot his water gun at Harold. Harold screamed like a girl and Chef laughed. "We need marshmallow, butt lady and homeschool now" said Chef. In the confessional, Harold said: "I am mistakened. Some things like that passed me". Owen returned with an orange for Harold. "I wonder where Harold went" said Owen. "Probably... in the shower?" said Owen, taking a bite of the juicy orange.

In the confessional, Harold said: "If only I didn't ask Owen for food". In the confessional, Chef said: "Tubby helped me a lot today, finding everyone, but I am not doing anything special for him like give him another chance or extra immunity".

Chris looked everywhere for the remaining three. "Hey Chef, eh" said Ezekiel. Chef shot his water gun at Ezekiel. In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "Yo, yo, yo. Ezekiel's here and is wetter than ever. Especially my pants". "Ew" said the cameraman, recording the confessional. "What, eh?" asked Ezekiel. The cameraman pushed the stop button on the camera. Leshawna begun to lose air and had to come up. "Aha!" said Chef, shooting his water gun at Leshawna.

"You got me" said Leshawna, shrugging. "Teddy bear wins immunity with Tubby" said Chef. "Now, where the heck is he?" said Chef. "Right here" said Lindsay, pointing at the cabin. "Is the game over? I need to know if there are no more demons out chasing you" said DJ outside. "Lemons?" asked Lindsay. "Lemons can't run" Lindsay continued. Courtney facepalmed.

"Discuss who y'all eliminate" said Chef. "Mhm" said Chris. In the confessional, Chris was with Chef again and Chris said: "Where's my thirty bucks?" "I don't have it. Someone didn't pay me yet" said Chef, eying Chris. Everyone walked into the Mess Hall. Duncan's alliance sat on one table and the others sat on another.

"I was thinking Ezekiel" said Duncan. "I agree" said Webby. "I don't care that he returned, because he deserved to get eliminated. The only reason why he's here again is that he got popular for his vlog videos of him shooting arrows at cows, pigs, horses and his mom. On accident" Webby continued. "So we are voting Beth off?" asked Lindsay.

"No" said everyone else in the alliance. "We are voting off Ezekiel" said Duncan. "Oooh. Him. Okay. Ezekiel!" said Lindsay. Webby nodded. In the confessional, Webby said: "He'll go down no matter what". In the other table, Beth said: "I think Webby should go home". "I wish I can eliminate Owen" said Courtney. "But he's immune. But I can pick off his friend Webby" Courtney continued.

Ezekiel nodded. "Leshawna, are you voting for Webby?" asked Courtney. "I don't know all. Webby's my friend" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "I should've won immunity, but Ezekiel probably told Chef I was underwater, which was when I lost breath. I heard them talking about something and that was probably about me. Chef is just too rude to give Zeke immunity".

Once everyone went off to vote, Harold came by Leshawna and asked her: "Who are you voting for?" Leshawna said, "I guess Ezekiel. That kid probably got me out of the challenge. I saw him and Chef talking about something, which was probably me". Harold nodded. "You may cast your votes" announced Chris, over the loudspeaker.

"Whoever I eliminated, I still will call you as a friend" said Lindsay in the confessional. Webby said, "I am over confident that Ezekiel will go home. We just need a few more votes not in the alliance. What would be even better if they were all split. They, who is the people not in the alliance". In the confessional, Ezekiel said: "I am going to eliminate Leshawna, because I think she is too dangerous to be here, but what should I know? I am just a homeschool kid in the confessional".

At the marshmallow ceremony, Chris said: "Owen and DJ, you both have immunity. So you two get marshmallows". Owen and DJ walked up to get a marshmallow each. "The next marshmallow goes to Courtney" Chris announces. "HA!" said Courtney, taking her marshmallow. "Our next marshmallow goes to Lindsay" said Chris, handing Lindsay her marshmallow.

"Maybe I am not that safe" said Webby in the confessional. "Duncan and Katie, you both get marshmallows" said Chris, handing them their marshmallows. "I'll win this game for both of us, Sadie" cried Katie. "What about me?" asked Lindsay. "You are not my BFFFL!" said Katie. "Am I your WFFFL?" asked Lindsay. "What does the W stand for?" asked Katie. "Win?" said Lindsay. "Errr.. yes?" said a confused Katie. "Yaaay" said Lindsay.

"I am guessing they mean Worst Female Friends For Life, instead of Win Female Friends For Life and Best Female Friends For Life" said Harold in the confessional.

"Harold, you're safe also" announced Chris, throwing a marshmallow at Harold. "Beth, you can come up and get your marshmallow" said Chris. Beth came up and got her marshmallow. "Yay!" she said. Lindsay clapped for her friend. "Three people left. Ezekiel, Leshawna and Webby. One of you won't be getting this final marshmallow and will be eliminated from the game" said Chris. They all nodded.

"Go Webby!" said Lindsay. "Awww... thanks Lindsay" said Webby. Lindsay clapped for Webby. "You are embarrassing me" he said. In the confessional, Webby said: "Not really" and stuck up his tongue. "Leshawna, you are safe!" said Chris, throwing her a marshmallow. Leshawna ate it.

"This is the final two guys. Whoever does not receive this next marshmallow is going home!" said Chris. Ezekiel gulped and Webby smiled. In the confessional, Chris and Chef were there again and Chris said: "Final bet of the episode. Who goes home? Fifty bucks says Ezekiel". "One buck says Webby" said Chef. "Big money" said Chris, trying to convince Chef to put up more money. "Sixty nine dollars" said Chef, rolling his eyes. "You're on!" said Chris, ending the confessional. "And it goes to" said Chris at the ceremony, beginning the drama...

"WEBBY!" said Chris, ending all the drama. "Yes!" said Webby, running up and getting his marshmallow. In the confessional, Chris and Chef were there again. "Pay up buddy" said Chris to Chef. "You darn tricker!" said Chef to Chris, who smiled. "Good bye Leshawna" said Ezekiel. "I'll miss you" he continued. "Hey! Are you beginning something with my girlfriend?" asked Harold. Duncan laughed. "She's my friend... and she's a girl" said Harold. "Uhhh, no" said Ezekiel. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Priceless".

"Bye homieschool" said Webby. Before boarding the Boat of Losers, Chef said: "I still own you". "My parents do, eh" said Ezekiel, who walked on the boat. "You have no idea about this, don't you?" asked Chef. "What, eh?" said Ezekiel, heading off on the boat.

"Stay tuned next time if Chef pays me money and if I am getting another paycheck on Total Drama ISLAND!" said Chris. In the confessional, Chef ended the episode by saying: "Fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine, sixty, sixty one, sixty two, sixty three, sixty four, sixty five, sixty six, sixty seven, sixty eight, sixty nine" and gave Chris the money, who chuckled. "I hate this game" said Chef.

Chapter 17: That's Off The Chain!

The episode begun with a Newspaper article that's heading was: "Mr. Hatchet Boycotts Total Drama Island Staff". Below this, it read, Cook Mr. Hatchet in the popular Total Drama Island is heating up the drama off-screen, after episode sixteen of the show. Chris McLean and Mr. Hatchet, who's name will not be told were in the confessional betting money. Chef mentioned not getting a paycheck in a while and after the final bet after the elimination of Ezekiel in the episode, Mr. Hatchet begun to boycott and demand a pay check from the staff, including the producers and host Chris McLean. Mr. Hatchet currently is waiting for his paycheck, that was supposed to be given to him five months ago from testing the challenges of the new show. Mr. Hatchet still demands for a check right now and the producers are trying to give him some money. Mr. Hatchet says 'Where is my paycheck already? I waited and now I am sick. I can't wait. WHERE IS MY PAYCHECK?'. It proves that Mr. Hatchet is currently unhappy about not getting his paycheck. In another interview, Mr. Hatchet says 'I may stick around for the next challenge, hoping for some much needed respect'".

"That dude has problems" said Chris. "Where is my respect?!" screamed Chef, off-screen watching the beginning of the episode.

(theme song plays)

"Chef is not giving up" said Chef, beginning to sing a marching soon. "Ever ever ever up. He will get some pay. Even if it takes all day. Sound off. One two. Sound off. Three four. All that money. What more?" he continued. Before shading up to the guys cabin, Chef begun the song over again by singing, "Chef is not giving up".

"That song is annoying" said Duncan, once he got out of his bed. Webby nodded. "Is Chris paycheckaphobia?" asked Owen. "That doesn't exist, doesn't it?" asked DJ. "I don't know" said Owen. "Let's talk about the alliance before Harold wakes up" said Webby. Duncan nodded. "Let's get another person in here. Maybe Beth" said Webby. "I like that idea. Then, we can leave Lindsay off maybe once we don't need her in a few weeks" said Duncan.

"That's what I am thinking!" said Webby, nodding. "I think Leshawna is a threat" said Owen. "She is nice, but she can pick us off and win" Owen continued. DJ said: "She is my friend, but I also think she needs to go". Harold woke up and begun to eavesdrop in the conversation. "So, if we lose, we eliminate Leshawna, right alliance?" said Duncan. "Yes" said everyone. "Okay, now let's be quiet before Sleeping Ugly wakes up" said Duncan. Everyone whistled and walked off in the shower, outside, in the cabin or out to the Mess Hall.

In the confessional, Harold said: "Alliance? Eliminate Leshawna?! My girlfriend?! We can't get Leshawna eliminated. She's nice and she's uhhh... Leshawna!" Lindsay woke up in the girls cabin and said: "Good morning everyone!" Everyone but her was still sleeping. Lindsay walked to Leshawna and shook her. "LeShanquiaaaaaaaaaaa!" said Lindsay. Leshawna woke up and said, "What Lindsay? Do I look like a farmer to you?"

Lindsay imagined Leshawna as a farmer. "Do you own a cow?" she asked. "I am not a farmer" said Leshawna. "Ooooh. Are you the owner of McDonalds?" asked Lindsay. "I wish I was. I could've won some challenges" said Leshawna. "Enough questions. Ask my fan who would love to answer them" she continued. "What's his name?" asked Lindsay. "I said enough questions". Beth woke up.

"Beeeth!" said Lindsay, walking over to Beth. Leshawna fell back asleep. "Oh my goodness" said Beth. "What's so good?" asked the curious Lindsay. "We overslept!" said Beth. "That's not good!" said Lindsay. "It's now 7:01. I overslept by a minute" Beth cried. "That's sad" said Lindsay. "I will get dressed" said Beth. "And I am... going to do something" said Lindsay.

Over the loudspeaker, Chris said: "Okay campers. Gather up in the arts and crafts cabin. I'll explain the next challenge there". In the confessional, Lindsay said: "We are doing an arts and crafts challenge?! I hope we do. That is fun. I am going to put my head on the dog's face, instead of it's head! Haha. Oh, I have a better idea. Maybe Beth's head over a horse's head. I think she'll like to keep it to remember me once she gets eliminated".

"Where is the arts and crafts cabin?" asked Webby. "Should've mentioned that to you in the first episode" said Chris to himself. Out loud again, Chris said: "You'll find it. It's by the tall tree". "But there's a thousand tall trees" said Duncan. "Oh yeah" said Chris, over the loudspeaker. "Yeah" said Duncan. "The tree that was just painted blue" said Chris over the loudspeaker, putting down the blue paint. "Okay" said Duncan. "McLean out" said Chris, ending his message over the loudspeaker.

"Now let's go find that blue tree!" said Owen. The campers found the blue tree, which was a few yards away from them. "No wonder why that sound was so close" said DJ. Chris nodded. "Today's challenge is to build bikes and then, compete them in a race. You may use whatever you find in this cabin, plus more to build your bike" said Chris. "Okay" said Webby. In the confessional, Webby said: "Am I the only person who doesn't know how to ride or build a bike?"

"You have three hours to build a bike" said Chris. "Beginning now!" he continued. Everyone ran into the arts and crafts to get things to make their bikes. In the confessional, DJ said: "I am not getting anything sharp or hard. I want to make the safest bike ever!" DJ grabbed pillows and put it on him. In the confessional, Chris said, "Wait until Old Timers Day in a few years. I will call him up as... DJ, the big marshmallow thing. Ha".

Webby walked around the camp, looking to find something. "Oooh!" he said, when he found a pink bike. In the confessional, Webby said: "I can just paint it ungirly. I wonder who's bike it is?!" Chef, who was watching the episode with the producers said: "HEY! Now, I need a new bike". A newsreporter by Chef said: "I already have a title for it. Chef's Taken Bike. No, no. What about: Bike'gone!. NO! Bike Used In Challenge, Harmed". The producers rolled their eyes and Chef nodded.

In the confessional, Chef said: "I'll be sure to get paid an extra cent today". In the confessional, Webby said: "First off, a girl bike is awesome because there is a little bucket in the front to keep important things to you, like the keys to my house. Wonder why I brought them". Webby rolled the bike back to the cabin. "Uhh... done" said Webby. Harold laughed. "You like pink?" chuckled Harold. "I need to paint it red or black or something" said Webby.

"Good luck with that" chuckled Harold. Webby rolled his eyes and walked to get some paint. In the confessional, Webby said: "Second off, a girl bike has a bigger seat, so I can relax and stroll. Isn't that cool? Guy bikes have smaller ones, so you'll be not that comfortable".

Three hours later, everyone finished their bikes. "Time" said Chris, smiling. "Who likes the rubber duckie? I couldn't find a bell, so I snuck into the kitchen and saw one in the fridge. Then, I took it Chef puts his rubber ducks in weird places, but I don't think he'll mind that I took it. Will he?" said Lindsay.

Chef, who was watching the episode growled again. "Headline!" said the newsreporter. Chef mumbled. "Chef, the Soft Duck" said the newsreporter. The writers laughed and Chef growled. "Uhhhh, Who Needs Property?" said the newsreporter. Chef nodded in agreement. "Lindsay, you know that designs don't matter, because it's not a fashion show" said Beth.

"Beth is right!" said Chris. Lindsay clapped for Beth. "We are racing these babies around the camp!" said Chris. Everyone gasped. "I am so going to win this" said Leshawna. Lindsay took a french fry off of Owen's bike. "HEY!" said Owen. "Those were the rare ones from 2002!" he continued. "Cool" said Lindsay, putting the french fries back.

Chris walked past Webby's bike and laughed. "Girl seat?" said Chris, who laughed fast. Harold joined the laugh. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Maybe Webby is part gurl". "Anyways, you all are going to switch your bikes for riding, except Webby. I need to take some laughter in this" said Chris. Webby gulped.

"What about me? I can't get hurt" said Courtney. "I need my bike to be safe" said DJ. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I am going to win this for the alliance and for myself. Wonder if we can keep these bikes..."

In the confessional, Courtney said: "Why is Chris ignoring me? I am the most important camper here, not Webby or Duncan. But Duncan is kinda cute. Wait, take that back. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I should get a newsreporter and start my own newspaper. And I will sue every dollar off Chris. I need attention. And no, anti-Courtney fans, I am not attention hungry. Wait, none of you should hate me. If you do, meet me in my kitchen. We'll have a nice talk". Courtney cracked her knuckles.

Once everyone but Webby's bikes were switched, Chris said: "On three, you may race to the finish line. You can knock others out, but risk yourself also. Anyways, if you or your bike falls down or off, you cannot go on to the next challenge". Courtney cracked her knuckles on Duncan's bike.

In the confessional, Courtney said: "I will need a shower after this. The bike smells like crap". In the confessional, Duncan said: "Who put crap on my bike?" "One, two, thr-- wait a second. I need to take a picture of you guys before you ride off" said Chris. Webby begun to ride, before Chris said wait a second. "I said wait a second" said Chris to Webby. Webby rode back. Courtney laughed. "Shut up" said Webby to her.

Chris snapped a picture. In the confessional, Chef said: "And dumb host affords a new camera. I bet he can't afford me. Dumb show". "One, two, three" said Chris. Everyone begun to ride their bike. "Don't get hurt, don't get hurt" said DJ. A bunny then hopped right in front of DJ's path. DJ pushed the brakes on his bike and nearly hit the bunny. DJ picked the bunny up and put it in his pocket.

In the confessional, Chris said: "How sweet? No, it's not". "Did I mention the bombs and the hot sauce?" said Chris. DJ stopped. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed, getting off his bike with his new bunny and running into the cabin, locking the twenty-nine locks and putting down the windows. "Okaaaaaaay" said Chris.

Duncan passed the finish line, before everyone else. "Duncan moves on to the next level" announced Chris. "NO!" said Courtney. "I should have been first" Courtney said in the confessional. "Let's go for second" she continued in the confessional. When Beth made a nearby turn to the finish, she fell off the bike and landed back first on the ground.

"Ow" she said. Chris laughed. "Owen's bike didn't help, didn't it?" Chris winked. "But the snacks were tasty" said Beth. Chris looked at the bike again. "Hey! Who ate that promised french fry from 2002 that was supposed to be mine?" said Chris, noticing the missing spot. "I did, Chip" said Lindsay, crossing the finish line. "How can you tell the difference?" asked Beth to Chris.

In the confessional, Courtney said: "Now, Lindsay came in second which is impossible. What am I doing wrong?!" Owen fell off his bike when he went past the one half mark. "Ouch" he said. Chris chuckled. "Lindsay and Duncan are moving on" Chris announced. Courtney, still was riding backward on Duncan's bike. "How do you ride this thing the proper way?" she yelled.

"Just pull the skull" said Duncan. Courtney pulled the skull and the bike when high-speed. "How the heck can he do that?" said Courtney in the confessional. Duncan's bike went by everyone's bike and made Webby fall off his bike. In the confessional, Webby said: "At least I didn't fall off first or second..." Courtney passed the finish line third. "Courtney is moving on" announced Chris. "Yes!" said Courtney.

Katie finished the relay fourth and slid to the finish with the hot sauce. Chris said: "Katie, Courtney, Duncan and Lindsay are moving on for a chance at immunity. Owen, DJ, Webby and Beth are not apparently". Leshawna finally rode her bike to the finish line. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "This is just embarrassing, y'all". "Leshawna, you are joining Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney and Katie for the next round" said Chris.

"You guys may watch this challenge that may prove a winner. This is a knock out round" announced Chris. Owen, Webby and Beth all moved and observed everyone. "You will use your original bikes to compete in this round for a chance at immunity. If you fall off or your bike falls down or if you get off, you will be out. There will be bombs, smoke, hot sauce and ramps" said Chris. Duncan nodded.

"You may begin" said Chris, reading the newly delivered newspaper, which had two sections on Chef. In the confessional, Chris read: "Chef Mr. Hatchet is not happy at host Chris McLean and the current cast of the show, for using his properties, without his permission. He said that we can in his dumb contract that I should make him opt out on. Final nine contestant, Webby took Mr. Hatchet's bike over the last challenge, involving bikes. Webby changed the color and to what Chef says 'screwed it all up'. In response to this taken, Mr. Hatchet exclusively told me this, 'Dumb Chris afforded a dumb camera for this challenge and now he can barely afford me. Where the heck is my paycheck'? Not coming, you psycho. Give up Chef. Finishing this small article up, I am just using this space to try to get more of my contract, including a twenty five dollar bonus. In conclusion, Mr. Hatchet begun something called 'thumbs down to dumb property stealing and thumbs up to good paychecks', which is probably going to fail, but don't tell him that. Haha".

"On your marks, get set, go!" said Chris. Everyone begun to ride their bikes. "Katie is in first and has the lead. She is driving fast. Looks like the police are coming" said Chris. "Pull over!" cried Lindsay. The police pulled Katie over and a police officer said: "Uhhh, give me that bike or... you are going to jail". In the confessional, Katie said: "I can't let Sadie watch me on the Channel 152 News at 6:17 with the jail news and me getting arrested! I had to give him the bike and lose the challenge! But, if I did go to jail, I would like Patti Salsa to do the report". In the confessional, Patti Salsa said: "Stalker".

In the confessional, Chef said: "How the heck did he get Patti Salsa in the confessional? Fifty bucks? Grr... where the heck is my money?" In the confessional, Patti Salsa said: "If Mr. Hatchet is wondering how much money I got, he was wrong. I got seventy five bucks!" In the confessional, the newsreporter said: "This can be a great headline also! I love this job!" In the confessional, the police officer said: "Can the scene go back to us already?"

Back in the race, the police officer took the bike and Chris announced, "Katie is out of the challenge!" On her bike slowing down, Lindsay said, "Don't worry" to Katie. Katie smiled. "You did bad, so you may go home" Lindsay continued, passing Katie. Katie gasped and ran to the bathroom, about to cry.

Leshawna made a turn and saw Harold cheering. "GO Leshawna!" said Harold. Leshawna, not paying attention to the race and to Harold instead said, "Thanks sugar baby". When she turned around, her face got hit by a pole. "Tough break" said Duncan, going to full speed passing Leshawna. "Owwt" said Chris. "Awwww" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "There goes my homie".

"It's now between Lindsay, Duncan and Courtney!" said Chris. "Ooooh! YAY!" said Lindsay. "BOMBS AWAY!" said Chris, throwing some bombs on the race road. In the confessional, Chef said: "Bombs? You dumb kidding me?" In the confessional, Chris said: "Dumb kidding me? Chef needs to learn his vocabulary. He only says dumb".

"GO LINDSAY!" said Beth, cheering for her friend. "Aww, thanks Beth. I want to give you a big hug!" said Lindsay, getting off her bike and walking to her friend. "Er... Lindsay?" said Chris to Lindsay. "Yes?" said Lindsay, hugging Beth. Beth coughed. Lindsay let go of Beth and walked to her bike. In the confessional, Chris said: "Let's just see what she'll do!"

Lindsay continued to ride. "It's between Duncan and Courtney, side to side, who's going to win this race?" asked Chris. "Excuse me Chip" said Lindsay. "But I am still in this right?" she continued. Chris said: "Uhhh, yes" and winked. Lindsay begun to ride her bike fast to catch up to Courtney. "Hi friend!" said Lindsay.

"Lindsay, leave me alone please. I need to win this challenge" said Courtney, trying to pay attention to Duncan and the finish line. "But, don't you want to talk to me about shopping and stuff?" asked Lindsay. "I am far to busy for that" said Courtney. "But" said Lindsay. "No buts" said Courtney. In the confessional, Harold said: "Haha. Butts!"

"Lindsay, just stop talking!" said Courtney. "Okay" said Lindsay, shutting up. Courtney was now focused on Duncan and winning the challenge. Apparently, Duncan was ahead by three yards. "I need a miracle to win" said Courtney in the confessional. "I think I have one actually" Courtney continued in the confessional.

"Oh Lindsay" winked Courtney. Lindsay pulled over to Courtney. "Distract Duncan the way you distracted me" said Courtney. "Okay, friend" said Lindsay, riding to Duncan, who was a fifth away to the finish line. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "I may be in the same alliance with Doug, but I should win a challenge for myself sometimes".

Lindsay caught up to Duncan on her bike. "You sure drive fast" said Duncan to Lindsay. Lindsay nodded. "Hey Doug" said Lindsay. Duncan stared at Lindsay confused. "Corny told me to distract you, so can I win this?" asked Lindsay. "Aren't you out?" asked Duncan. "You voted me out?!" asked Lindsay. "No". "So, why did you say I am out?"

"Out of the challenge I mean" said Duncan, still paying attention to the close finish line. "Let me ask Chip" said Lindsay, driving the opposite direction. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "For a dumb girl, Lindsay drives a bike fast". Lindsay passed Courtney on the way back to Chris. "So, is Duncan out?" asked Courtney. "No" said Lindsay. "YOU SAID THAT YOU WILL DISTRACT HIM!" yelled Courtney.

"But I need to ask Chip something?" said Lindsay. "Who is Chip?" asked Courtney. "The host". "There is no host called Chip". "Yes there is Courtney!" "No". "Yes". "No". "Yes". "NO!" Courtney grabbed Lindsay and they begun to fight. "Grrr" said Courtney. "Growl?" said Lindsay. In the confessional, Harold said: "I never thought this might go to the Star Wars fans. I thought this show had drama, no mercy. Hey, I like that show also. Along with House and Desperate Housewives. What about Desperate Househusbands? Why wouldn't they think of that?"

Courtney begun to fight with Lindsay and didn't pay attention to the road. "Corny?" asked Lindsay. "WHAT?!" said Courtney, with her bike driving out of the bike road. "There is a bug in your hair" said Lindsay, pointing at Courtney's hair. "LINDSAY!" said Courtney, falling into the water. "Hey! It flew off!" said Lindsay. "Joy" said Courtney, sarcastically.

Then, they both splashed in the water, along with the bike. "Haha! We should do that more often!" said Lindsay. "Yes" said Courtney, sarcastically again. "DUNCAN WINS IMMUNITY! DUNCAN WINS IMMUNITY!" said Chris. Duncan got off his bike and ran to Webby and Owen. Then, they all high-fived each other. "YES!" said Webby.

In the confessional, Harold said: "Goodbye my beautiful Leshawna". Harold begun to cry. "Everyone can go to the Mess Hall to decide who is going to get eliminated, other than Duncan" said Chris. Duncan nodded, walking with Owen and Webby to the Mess Hall. Once Owen walked in, he said: "It is really quiet without Chef". Webby then walked in and nodded.

Outside, in the water, Courtney was yelling: "What about me?! WHAT ABOUT ME?! I don't want to stay in here with Lindsay". Lindsay, who was next to Courtney in the water said: "Hello friend". Courtney yelled "Can you cut that out?" to Lindsay. The scene, then cut to DJ, who was still hiding under his sheets, saying: "I want to go home. This show is just freaking me out! There's Eva, worms, snakes, Eva, Courtney, water, Chef, Eva and did I mention Eva?"

In the Mess Hall, Duncan said: "So we are voting Leshawna, right?" Owen and Webby both nodded. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I may get Beth in the alliance. She's a circus freak without me". Lindsay came in the Mess Hall, along with Courtney, who was behind her. "You're back" said Leshawna to Courtney. "Yes" said Courtney, rolling her eyes.

"Who are we voting for?" asked Lindsay. "Who do you think we are?" said Duncan. "Me?" asked Lindsay. "No. Leshawna" said Duncan. "WHAT?!" said Lindsay. "Shush" said Webby. "I will quit the alliance, unless you vote for Katie!" said Lindsay. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I will be perfect with or without her". Everyone left the Mess Hall and it was time for vote.

An hour later, all but one vote was cast. Chris was at the boy cabin's door. "DJ, get out of there!" said Chris. "I wanna go home!" cried DJ. "Well, home isn't helping this week" said Chris. Then, the police were there. In the confessional, Katie said: "Oh my gosh! The police are back. I don't want to see DJ on the channel 152 news at 6:10 with the crybaby news and wait a second. DJ is no crybaby. He's my friend!"

"Just vote Devon Joseph" said the cop, outside the cabin, trying to find a way to unlock the cabin. "There's a door in the back" said DJ. Everyone walked to the door in the back. "But it's locked" continued DJ. "Awww" said everyone. "I have a shotgun" said a cop, who was talking to his gadget thing. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" said DJ, unlocking all the doors. "Please don't hurt me" said DJ to the cop.

"Just, who the heck are you voting for?" said Chris. "Get Duncan here" said DJ. Chris said: "Duncan, come to the guys cabin". Duncan walked over to DJ and whispered something to him. "Okay. My mind is made up" said DJ. DJ whispered something to Chris. "Okay" said Chris. Next, Chris gave DJ a marshmallow. "You are safe" he continued.

At the actual marshmallow ceremony, Chris said: "DJ is already safe, and Duncan is also. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk the Dock of Shame into the Boat of Losers". "We know the drill" said Courtney. "I know you do, but one of these days, there will be no boat and the sharks will probably eat you alive" said Chris. "Nevermind" said Courtney.

Chris gave Duncan his marshmallow. "Immunity" Chris winked. "The next marshmallow goes to.... Owen" said Chris. Owen walked up and gobbled down the marshmallow. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Poor marshmallow. Owen should've never gobbled it down like a marshmallow monster".

"The next marshmallows go to Harold and Beth!" said Chris. In the confessional, Webby said: "I am getting closer and closer into the final two AGAIN. I can't keep it up like this!" Harold and Beth both got their marshmallows and they sat back down. In the confessional, Harold said: "Poor Leshawna!"

"The next marshmallow goes to Lindsay!" said Chris. Lindsay walked up and got her marshmallow. She and Beth hugged and they both squealed "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Courtney, you get the next marshmallow" said Chris. Courtney walked up and said: "Thank you soooo much". She rolled her eyes and sat back down. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Grump-e!"

"Two marshmallows left. The next one goes to Webby!" said Chris. Webby ran up and got his marshmallow. "Thank you America!" said Webby in the confessional. "This is the final marshmallow" said Chris. "And it goes to..." Chris continued, beginning the drama.

"KATIE!" said Chris. "WHAT?!" said Duncan, Leshawna, Harold, Webby and Owen. "Noooo!" said Lindsay. "I don't get what just happened" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Harold said: "But I do". "Leshawna, I will miss you!" said Harold. Harold leaned in for a kiss, but Chris said: "Just kidding. Leshawna gets the final marshmallow". "What?! That's not fair! You almost made me kiss my first hot girl" cried Harold. "Life is not fair" said Duncan, tying Harold up on a pole. "Thanks sugar baby" said Leshawna to Harold, untying him.

"Goodbye everyone. I will see you in the finale" said Katie. "Bye!" said Lindsay. Webby high-fived Katie before leaving. In the confessional, Katie said: "I am okay with leaving, because I can see Sadie again, but I might have gotten a crush with DJ. He's kinda cute".

Katie walked to the Dock of Shame and saw Sadie in the Boat of Losers, waiting for her. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" they both squealed, driving away, hugging. "Awww, what a happy ending" said Chris. "Join us next time for less Chef and no squealing on Total Drama I--" said Chris, before getting interrupted by Lindsay and Beth, who squealed "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Scratch that. There will still be squealing next time on Total Drama ISLAND!" said Chris, ending the episode.

Chapter 18: Search and Do Not Destroy

The episode started out in a mixed song way. "Goo-goo-good morning everyone. Good morning everyone. Here's a hit song from our own Huh-huh HAROLD!" said Chris. Harold was next to Chris and begun to sing.

Oohhhhhhhhhh. My homie. Your homie. My homie. Your homie.
Oohhhhh. Leshawna is my homie.
She is a really cool girl.
Butt kicking, maybe a ninja. That really isn't all!
Her hair is cool.
Her face sparkles in the pool.
Her ringtone is so awesome. But what's the name of that song?
Gosh. Apples. What does Leshawna do before I say....
Take the apples away.
And save the day!
Gosh. And also, who ties up Duncan on a lamppost?
Pwn'd in that Mercy challenge
And didn't kiss a fish!

Chris clapped. "That was the worst song this decade so far" said Chris. Chris hit Harold. "That's what I meant about hit" said Chris. On the ground, Harold said, "Leshawna, help needed!"

(theme song plays)

It was afternoon. Webby was relaxing by his own trailer, earned from the previous challenge. In the confessional, Chris said: "Of course I had to blow it up. Chef was making fun of my girlfriend. And if he does that, he needs to stop and I have to give him a small paycheck. And give me a big one".

Chris shot a cannonball at Webby's trailer, which blew up. "HEY!" said Webby. Chris laughed. In the confessional, Webby said: "I had it with Chris. Today, I am going to pester him to get me a new trailer". Lindsay was on the top bunk and her face hit the wall once the explosion happened. "Owwie!" she said. Leshawna said: "Some really cute sugar plum was singing a song about me this morning" in the confessional.

Harold, was at the dock singing his Leshawna song. Leshawna walked out next to him. "Hello Harold" said Leshawna. "Hello La-la-Leshawna!" said Harold. "I heard you were singing a song about me" said Leshawna. Harold nodded. "Can you sing it again?" said Leshawna. "Fine" Harold blushed. In the confessional, Harold said: "I know she likes me". In the confessional, Leshawna said: "I know he likes me".

Harold begun to sing his song again, but in front of Leshawna.

Oohhhhhhhhhh. My homie. Your homie. My homie. Your homie.
Oohhhhh. Leshawna is my homie.
She is a really cool girl.
Butt kicking, maybe a ninja. That really isn't all!
Her hair is cool.
Her face sparkles in the pool.
Her ringtone is so awesome. But what's the name of that song?
Gosh. Apples. What does Leshawna do before I say....
Take the apples away.
And save the day!
Gosh. And also, who ties up Duncan on a lamppost?
Pwn'd in that Mercy challenge
And didn't kiss a fish!

"That was beautiful" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "My favorite lines were the homie parts. I think he knows I like the word homie. And then I liked the Duncan part, where I tie him up on a lamppost". In the confessional, Harold said: "I think that song pwn'd!" In the confessional, Duncan said: "That little Harold will better stop singing whatever he is singing or else I'll get every single butt of my alliance to sit down and vote him off. There's a storm coming Harold. And you'll be effected by it".

Chris put on a pirate costume and walked to the loudspeaker. He said: "Today's challenge will involve you getting keys from hard places. There are awesome prizes if you find your key and unlock a chest. Good luck to all. You may meet me in the place where we had the talent show". In the confessional, Lindsay said: "When was that talent show? It was sooooo long ago!"

Everyone found the talent show location within fifty seven minutes. "Finally" said Chris, once everyone came. "You expect us to memorize these places? Nah-ah" said Leshawna. "Okay. You all will pull a card out of this hat. That will give you a question that will lead you to where your key is!" said Chris. In the confessional, Beth said: "It looks like someone barfed on that hat".

Lindsay pulled out a card that asked: "Where did Heather like to go in the communal bathrooms?" "The toilet!" said Lindsay. Chris facepalmed.

Harold pulled out a card that asked: "Which exact place were you about to kiss Leshawna yesterday?" Chris went next to Harold. "I was hoping you got that, dude" he said. Harold blushed.

Owen pulled out a card that asked: "Around which location did Justin land in after the cliff dive?" In the confessional, Owen said: "He expects us to remember these?"

Leshawna pulled put a card that asked: "Which cabin did we have to find our bike supplies?" "Easy" said Leshawna.

Beth pulled out a card that asked: "Where did Katie and Sadie find the supplies for the food and trust combination challenge?" "I wasn't there though" said Beth. "Tough luck!" said Chris.

Duncan pulled out a card that asked: "Where did Owen sit in the bike challenge after he got out?" "Uh-oh" said Duncan. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Owen sit? Rest in peace Duncan". Lindsay peeked at Duncan's. "Back off" said Duncan. "Chris... Omar isn't out...." said Lindsay. "Of the bike challenge, he was" said Chris. "But this isn't a bike challenge". "Last week's bike challenge". "Oooooh". "Dumb" said Courtney to Lindsay.

Courtney pulled out a card that asked: "This morning, where did Owen uhh, poo?" "EWWWWWW! GROSS!" said Courtney. "I am not doing this" she continued. "Did I mention if you don't do this challenge, you'll clean Owen's poo?" said Chris. "That's okay. I have a bag" said Courtney. "By hand" Chris continued. "Ewwwwwww!" said Courtney. In the confessional, Chris said: "I love loopholes".

Webby pulled out a card that asked: "Under which table did DJ hide under?" "Simple" said Webby. DJ pulled out the final card that asked: "Which bush did Harold hide in the hide and seek challenge?"

"Okay all" said Chris. "You have five hours to find your keys! Come back and wait once you are done... or help others" he continued. "Okay" said Webby. "Let's go!" said Beth. In the confessional, Chris said: "There they go. In the open world".

Lindsay walked into the confessional. She said: "Is this the communal bathrooms again? I am sooo confused". Meanwhile, Beth looked around in the arts and crafts cabin for a key. Leshawna then walked in here. "What you doing on here?" said Leshawna. "Looking for the key" said Beth. "Same here!" "Wait a second, we can't have the same place. One of us got confused". "And that a'int me". "Let's just read the cards". "Fine" said Leshawna, taking out her card.

"Which cabin did we have to find our bike supplies?" said Leshawna, reading the card. "And which cabin is this?" she asked Beth. "The arts and crafts cabin" Beth said disappointedly. "Now, what does your card say?" asked Leshawna. "Where did Katie and Sadie find the supplies for the food and trust combination challenge?" Beth read out loud. "Not this one" said Leshawna laughing.

"Can you tell me where though?" said Beth. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Darn memories of when I was a n00b asking everyone questions. Can you tell me where though? How tall am I? Who ate the last cookie?"

"Alright..." said Leshawna walking outside the cabin. "It's where we did the cooking challenge" Leshawna whispered. "Thanks Leshawna!" said Beth, skipping off. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Well, there goes Beth skipping in the middle of nowhere, carrying a basket, bounding to get eaten by the big bad wolf. Story classics, y'all. Going to happen sooner or later".

Owen walked into the guys cabin and walked into the bathroom and got changed into his bathing suit. "This will not be pretty" Owen said, walking out of the bathroom farting. Owen walked up to the top of the cliff and got hot. "I will just sit down and take a naaaaap" Owen said, beginning to snore and take a nap.

Harold walked to the dock and found the worm Ezekiel ate. "Ew, gross" said Harold, walking away from the greenish worm. Harold looked around the top of the dock for the key. "Chris probably lied about where he put my key unless-- DUNCAN! That picker must have stolen it".

Duncan walked around to the bike challenge location and walked on top of the land and found the key. "Good, now I am done with this challenge and Owen's previous farting did no harm" said Duncan. Duncan begun to walk to the guys cabin. Harold began to run and look for Duncan. In the confessional, Harold said: "I will strike the second I see him. Well, probably not, but I will get my key... somehow".

Harold spotted Duncan walked back to the guys cabin. "Time to make my move" said Harold. Harold began to ran out and Duncan turned around. At that moment, Harold kicked Duncan in the head. "Ow" said Duncan. Harold took the key and begun to run off. In the confessional, Duncan asked: "Ow. Is there nerd shoe marks all over my face?"

In the confessional, Harold asked: "I wonder why Heather called me Noodle. I should have been called Zebra, because I am fast, survived Grass Steve's Grass Learning Camp and I just kicked Duncan! How can that not be zebra-like?"

Duncan got up and walked to the guys cabin mumbling. "Wait a second" said Duncan on his bunk bed. "Why did Harold get my key?" he said. Duncan thought about it and said: "He probably couldn't find it. Haha. Nerds these days. Dumber than a camel". Duncan got up and walked to the basket Harold left in the talent show location.

Duncan read: "Which exact place were you about to kiss Leshawna yesterday? Harold was about to kiss Leshawna yesterday at the DOCK!" Duncan ran to the dock and looked on the top of it. "Nothing here" said Duncan. "Maybe I shouldn't try. My alliance is too powerful right now and they can eliminate whoever I want and they'll get eliminated" Duncan continued. Duncan went into the cabin and got changed into his swimwear and begun to swim. In the confessional, Chris said: "What the heck is he doing?"

Duncan then swam under the dock and saw a gold key. Duncan got shocked and stopped swimming for a second. He hit the top of the dock with his head and got the key. Then, he swam out of the pool and put the key in his pocket. In the confessional, Duncan said: "At least it was better than nothing".

Lindsay walked into the communal bathrooms and walked toward the sink. "Hello?" Lindsay said. The sink made no sound. "Any key in there?" she continued. The sink begun to drip. "Ooooh. Maybe one drip means yes and two drips means no" she continued. The sink dripped once. "Yaay!" said Lindsay. "Is the key in you?" Lindsay asked. The sink dripped three times. "I don't know what you are talking about now" she said.

Lindsay walked toward the toilets. "Lindsay, this is going to be some dangerous work" she said, walking out of the communal bathrooms and into the confessional. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Well, I had to take Harold's gloves and sneak into the guys cabin. The toilet isn't the best thing to work with".

Lindsay snuck by the guys cabin door. She peeked in and saw Duncan. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "This is going to need a plan two. A beard!" Lindsay walked out of the confessional and picked some of the bush. Then, she put some tape under her mouth for the bush pickings. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Life hurts. This is why people shouldn't have beards. They hurt once you tear them off and you get itchy with them on!"

Lindsay walked in the cabin and used her best manly voice and said: "Is there a... Du... ki... an in here?" "Errr.... yes" said Duncan. "Good. You need to uhh, evacuate from this cabin" said Lindsay in her best manly voice. "Why?" asked Duncan. "Uhhh, a bug?" said Lindsay with her beard falling down. "I can just kill bugs" said Duncan. "I'll be right back. Need to get my ax" he said.

In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Time to make my move, but what was I doing before? Oh yeah, waiting for Doug to kill the bug!" Duncan came back with an ax and killed the bug. "Ooooh" said Lindsay. "You sound like Lindsay" said Duncan. Lindsay said: "But I am Lindsay, you silly goose". "Wait a second, why are you in here?!" asked Duncan.

"I forgot" said Lindsay. "Okaaay" said Duncan. Lindsay went to the communal bathrooms again and went to the toilets. "Oooh, I forgot again!" she said. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Time to pick this up. I now need a black mustache!"

Lindsay found a mustache in the props room and put it on. Then, she ran into the guys cabin. "Duncan, there is a... a... fire in the.... the... girls cabin and we need someone to put it out" Lindsay said in her best manly voice. "I wouldn't worry. Nobody is in there" said Duncan. In the confessional, Lindsay said: "Wouldn't worry?"

Lindsay begun to cough and fell to the ground coughing. "What's his problem?" said Duncan watching the whole scene. A few minutes later Lindsay got up and walked to the communal bathrooms. "Forgot" she said, walking back to the empty guys cabin. "Doug is gone!" said Lindsay, walking in and getting Harold's gloves.

Lindsay ran out with the gloves into the communal bathroom. "Now, what now?" Lindsay asked to herself. "Oh yeah, to clean the shower!" she said. Lindsay walked in the shower and begun to clean it up, when she saw a gold key. "Ooooh!" she said, taking the key.

Over the loudspeaker, Chris said: "If you found a key, please go back to the place we were before!" Duncan, Harold, Leshawna and Lindsay all walked to the talent show location. Lindsay threw the gloves down, while she was walking. In the confessional, Harold said: "You know, I should have a theme song like a super hero. Maybe that pwn Leshawna song!"

Beth walked into the hall next to the Mess Hall and spotted a key under the table. "Aha!" she said. Apparently, a mouse ran under the table and Beth screamed: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She got the key under the table after the mouse ran under it and began to ran out as fast as she can. Apparently, she tripped and fell. A mouse ran next to her. Beth then screamed "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Leshawna heard Beth screaming when she was walking past the hall. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "What did Aunt Leshawna say about meeting the big bad wolf? Gurl's gotta listen". Beth got the key and ran out of the Mess Hall and walked next to Leshawna. "'Sup?" asked Beth. Leshawna walked away from Beth. In the confessional, Beth asked: "What's her problem?"

"Everyone has three more hours to find their keys" Chris announced over the loudpseaker. Chris then walked to where Courtney was. In the confessional, Courtney barfed and said: "I can't do this!" Courtney grabbed a shovel on the ground and scooped up Owen's poop. Chris whispered something to an intern. The intern let a bull go. The bull speeded past Courtney and Chris laughed.

"What?" asked Courtney. "Your dumb plan didn't work. There's no poo on me!" she continued. Chris pointed at her shirt. "Ewww!" Chris continued to laugh. "I hate him so much" said Courtney taking the same shovel and gently taking the poo off. "There's more on your shirt" Chris chuckled. "Grr" said Courtney, walking in the girls cabin and slamming the door closed.

In the confessional, DJ said: "I am scared of Courtney. She slammed the door so hard that I almost stepped on a landing ladybug. That is just cruel to the bug". DJ held up the ladybug and put it in his pocket. "That'll keep him safe" said DJ in the confessional.

DJ walked to the bush Harold hid in and found the key. "Thanks ladybug for the navigation!" said DJ. In the confessional, DJ said: "Guess what?! I heard Harold singing a song about Leshawna this morning. I want to sing one about that ladybug!"

Ladybug, ladybug.
So red and small and cute.
Helps me out,
And that's probably it!
Ladybug, ladybug.
So red and small and cute.
Helps me out,
And thaaaaat's... probably it!

DJ walked to the talent show location. "I am the remaining few people who need their key in two hours in a half or less right now. I know where the location is, but the mice are freaking me out in there. Beth told me about it and I could've used some help. We are in the same alliance, you know!" Webby said in the confessional.

Webby peeked in the hall next to the Mess Hall again and saw no signs of mice. He ran in and grabbed the key. He turned around and he saw a mouse running. In the confessional, Webby said: "I was so darn scared". Back in the hall next to the Mess Hall, Webby barfed and the mice ran away from him. Webby ran out of the hall next to the mess hall and closed the door.

Then, he gulped. "What a close call!" said Webby in the confessional. Chris whispered something to an intern. The intern put a mouse head costume on and the uniform and began to chase Webby around the camp. Webby got so scared, he threw his key. Webby gulped when he noticed he did that.

"My work here is done" said the mouse. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Did Aunt Leshawna forget to tell Webby about Jack and the Beanstalk? Trades barf for a key and then a giant chases him around. Then, he looses his key". Webby begun to look for his key like crazy. "Where is the key?!" he said several times. Owen was still snoring on the top of the cliff.

Soon, Chris said: "Five more minutes". Owen woke up when Chris announced that and ran back to the talent show location. Webby found his key: "Found ya!" he said. Webby walked back to the location, when Owen ran him over and Webby dropped his key. "OWEN!" said Webby. "Sorry Beth" said Owen, not paying attention. In the confessional, Webby asked: "Hey! I don't have hair all over my legs like Beth does!"

Soon, Chris then grabbed his golf cart and brought Webby and Courtney to everyone else who found their keys. Leshawna opened a chest and found a pineapple. "Seriously?!" she said. Chris nodded. Beth opened another chest and found an immunity pass. "Yaaay!" said Lindsay to Beth. Beth smilied.

"Beth has immunity!" announced Chris. Leshawna growled. "The wolf should've ate her!" said Leshawna in the confessional. DJ opened his case and found a bunny plush toy. "YES!" said DJ. "Ten more bunnies to finish my collection" he continued. Courtney laughed. "What?" said DJ.

In the confessional, DJ said: "I have a: blue bunny, green bunny, grey bunny, teal bunny, white bunny, black bunny, red bunny, polka dot bunny, pink bunny, purple bunny and my newest one, the GOLD bunny!"

Lindsay opened her case and found an accordion and a broken lamp. Then, Duncan opened his case and found a picture of Harold kissing Leshawna. "Why the heck would I want that?!" asked Duncan. "HEY!" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "Leshawna is MINE! I wrote my name on her hand, so her property is also mine. MINE! Not Duncan!"

Duncan chuckled when Harold took it away. "What happened sug- who the heck found that?!" said Leshawna. Harold pointed at Chris. "You have some problem" said Leshawna. "Naw" said Chris. Harold tried to open the rest of the cases and nothing would open. "Did I mention that some keys wouldn't open anything?" said Chris. Harold said, "Why the pain?!"

"Beth has immunity. Pick someone to go home!" said Chris. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I grabbed most of the alliance to take down someone who bugged me today. They need to stop messing with me. I don't care if they took his stuff, since I hate him, but they wasted my time!" In the confessional, Lindsay said: "So, my alliance suggested to eliminated Webby, but I said no. Then, they laughed and said to eliminate Courtney. So that's what I did!"

"The marshmallows go to everyone but Courtney and Lindsay!" announced Chris, giving Beth, Duncan, DJ, Leshawna, Webby, Owen and Harold marshmallows. Lindsay gave a thumbs up. "The final marshmallow goes to..." said Chris, starting the drama.

"COURTNEY!" announced Chris, ending the drama. "What?!" said Lindsay. "Good bye Lindsay" sighed Webby. Duncan nodded. In the confessional, Duncan said: "The weak link is out. That's what you get for trying to make me smell Harold's gloves!"

"See you tomorrow!" said Lindsay. "Err... Lindsay" said Webby. "Yes, Wib?" said Lindsay. "You got eliminated and you won't be here tomorrow" said Webby. Lindsay gasped. "From the challenge?" asked Lindsay. "Err... the game" said Webby. Lindsay gasped again and got on the Boat of Losers. "See you in two days then" said Lindsay. "Won't be here" said Webby louder. "Then, three?" "No". "Four?" "No". "Five". "Holy crap, end this episode!"

"Join us next time on Total Drama Island" said Chris, ending the episode!

Chapter 19: Hook, Line and Screamer

"Last time on Total Drama Island, we had a fun key search. We also had awesome songs and prizes! Also, the return of mice. In the end, Beth got an immunity pass and Lindsay got backstabbed by her own alliance! Also, I gave Chef a ten dollar paycheck, see you tomorrow Chef, eating props. Now, I need to find a scary movie for the contestants. Let's try Scooby Doo!" said Chris.

(theme song plays)

It was dusk and the campers were watching... "What Happens When You Ditch Your Girlfriend on Halloween, made by your's truly, Chris McLean" said Chris. The movie was up to the scene when the guy kicked the girl and shoved her away. "Now, that is crazy. She just gave you twenty seven bucks!" said Leshawna. DJ put his hands over his eyes.

"DJ, you are missing the best part!" said Duncan. "I am?" said DJ. "Yes" said Duncan. DJ looked at the scene to see the guy driving away with the girl's car. "NO!" said DJ. Duncan laughed, as DJ put his hands over his face. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I am through with this alliance. I can win these challenges day in and day out!"

The girl begun to cry. Leshawna continued to comment by saying, "Okay. This is a freak show. First the boy gives a ten year old kiddo money for a thirteen donuts. Then, he waits out the door and takes the donuts. The kiddo chased him and then, the boy hides and finds a chick, which he just ditched! Not cool, not cool". DJ nodded.

"This movie is sad. I feel bad for the chick" said Webby. "Why?" asked Beth. "She did nothing wrong" said Webby. "No, she did forget the ice cold coffee!" said Leshawna. "True, but coffee isn't cold" said Webby. "But that was per request" said Leshawna. Harold nodded.

"You know, I can see this happening to Harold. He'll find another dorky girl, but the girl takes his run down car" said Duncan. "Hey!" said Harold. "Don't hey me" said Duncan, raising his fist. In the confessional, Harold said: "Third grade all over again for me". "Hey, fine!" said Harold. "Isn't hay for horses?" ask Beth. In the confessional, Duncan says: "Like you Beth, now eat the hay".

The movie ended and Harold stood up. Then, he begun to cry. Leshawna pat him. Duncan walked up to Chef. Chef freaked out and took Chris. "This is a freak show" said Leshawna, watching the whole scene. Chef drived the Boat of Losers, which crashed into a big rock.

DJ gulped. In the confessional, Chris said: "Just joking. The campers are surviving a psycho killer challenge tonight and me and Chef are in our underwater viewing thingie. But, we will get out soon. Soon, Chris and Chef walked to a different location called S.F.L. In the confessional, Chris said: "The Scary Finding Location will do".

"Go find the campers, k?" said Chris to Chef. In the confessional, Chris said: "I should totally get a K-9 for this. Chef is a fat sticky man who sticks on a chair and is sticky and why am I judging him?" Chef put on a psycho killer costume and a mask on. Then, he ran off.

Back at the scene, Owen said: "Why would Chris leave without his gel?" "Maybe it got old making his hair crusty" said Harold. "And why would Chris crash into that big rock?" said DJ. "Because Chef hates him and probably drove right into it" said Webby. DJ gasped.

"I can make a graph on who's here and who's not just to check if anything bad happens" said Webby. "Good" said DJ, giving Webby a marker. Soon, Webby drew a picture of the remaining campers. "Let's go over the rules" said DJ. "Oh boy" said Duncan.

"Rule number one is to not leave alone. So get your safety teddy bears and hug them with your eyes closed" said DJ. "And we are doing this because?" said Leshawna. "Just do it" said DJ. "Fine" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Beth said: "Why are we playing pretend?"

Everyone got a teddy bear. DJ hugged it with all his might. Duncan grabbed his knife. "Any last words?" he said. The bear remained quiet. "Okay then" said Duncan, cutting up the bear. DJ opened his eyes and saw the scene. "DUNCAN!" he cried. Everyone opened their eyes. "What now?" said Courtney. "Let's hold a funeral" said Harold.

"I will bury it" said DJ, crying. DJ grabbed the cut up bear and found a random shovel on the ground. Then, he begun to dig a hole for the bear, while he cried. DJ put the bear there and when he turned around, he heard a noise. "Is this the wind?" said DJ. The wind continued to howl.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed DJ, heading toward under the table he hid a lot. DJ screamed until he saw a sign that said Locked. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he continued to scream, until he found himself in the SFL.

"Chef wasn't even by you" said Chris to DJ. "I was just scared" cried DJ. Chef then returned with Courtney, who was complaining: "Unfair. Duncan locked me in the shower. I demand him to be out. NO FAIR!" "Plenty fair" said Chris. "I DEMAND YOU ALL TO FIND HIM NEXT" said Courtney. Chef rolled his eyes.

Back at the campfire, Webby said: "Okay, DJ, Duncan and Courtney are gone. Now, let's stay and where is Owen?" Owen was in the Mess Hall, giggling. "What now?" said Webby, walking to the Mess Hall. Then, Chef roared his chainsaw, walking toward the Mess Hall. "Owen, I think you led us into a booby trap" said Webby. Owen said: "Every man for themselves" and then, hid himself in a garbage can. "Ooh, apples" he said eating the old apple.

"Seriously Owen. You are leaving me for dead?!" said Webby. Owen shook the garbage can. In the confessional, Chef said: "What is the Mess Hall? Forbidden territory. Like how people stalked my blog and found all my leaked images of my posing years!"

Chef continued to roar his chainsaw and knocked it into the door. "Whoops" he said. In the confessional, Chef said: "That'll be off my next paycheck!" The garbage can began to rattle, as Chef begun to pay attention to Webby. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Webby, running off. "Oh my goodness, did you see that?!" he said continuing to run off.

"Uhhh, Webby, there's no more room in here" said Owen in the rattling garbage can. The chainsaw continued to roar and Owen opened the top of the garbage can. "Webby, can you give me some time to e--" said Owen, not looking at Chef. "Great garbage cans!" said Owen. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Owen, trying to run off from Chef.

Soon, Owen got tired. "That's sad son. You are already tired and we ran just a foot away from the Mess Hall" said Chef. Soon, Chef walked back to the SFL with Owen. "Did Duncan cheat in the challenge with you also?" asked Courtney. "Uhhh, no" said Owen. "Grrrr... what about... the person who made you go into the Mess Hall" asked Courtney. "Oh... that?" asked Owen. Courtney nodded.

"Not a person" Owen continued. "I KNEW IT! DUNCAN IS AN IDIOT, NOT A PERSON!" said Courtney. "He must be out now!" she continued. Chris nodded no. "My stomach" said Owen. "Ohh..." said Courtney. In the confessional, Courtney said: "I don't care if Duncan went to juvenal before, because Chef will knock his socks off, well not really, he will knock his head off. Well, too violent. He will knock something off".

Back to the camp, Chef went into the girls cabin. "What?!" he said, to the cameraman. Beth was a few steps away trying to fix her braces. "Chef's dumb food is stuck on you!" she said. "DUMB FOOD?!" said Chef, beginning to roar his chainsaw. "When Lindsay left, did she leave the hot water on?" Beth asked. She then walked away to the bathroom and the water was off.

"That was weird" she said. Chef went behind her and taped her. "What do you need me for, psycho killer with a chainsaw?" said Beth. "I didn't want it to come to this" said Chef, coming close to Beth's hair with the chainsaw, making Beth scream: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and away from the cabin into the SFL.

"Beth, nicely played, but you are now out of the challenge" said Chris. "Awwww, I was about to have fun!" she said. "Don't we all, don't we all?" Chris said. Webby walked back to the campfire and nobody was there. "You got to be serious!" he yelled. Chris chuckled in the SFL.

Chef walked out of the girls cabin and into the Mess Hall. He heard something, like it was eating something else. "I cleaned that mouse poop yesterday!" said Chef, turning on the lights to see Leshawna eating brownies. "Turn them off!" said Leshawna, enjoying the brownies. Chef turned off the lights and snuck up to a table by Leshawna and tripped on the edge of it, falling flat on the ground.

"Ow" said Leshawna, hearing this. Chef got up with his chainsaw, now roaring and broke a table in half with it. "Where's the darn lights?" he said, walking to the left of them. Leshawna laughed and ran away. Chef found the lights, but accidently cut them with his chainsaw. Chef growled and turned it off. Then, he rolled down the stairs. "This old man is rolling away from home" said Leshawna.

Leshawna ran off with the brownies. Duncan walked passed Leshawna and saw Chef. "Wow, I am probably the only one of these people, who know that you are Chef" said Duncan. Chef stared at Duncan. "I am not an idiot" he continued. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I won't get spooked by Grandpa over there".

Duncan walked off and Chef walked behind him, roaring his chainsaw. Duncan turned around and stared at Chef. "I faced more than that before, so if you want me to say mercy or whatever, try getting something that will make me scream" Duncan continued. In the confessional, Chef said: "Hmmmm..."

Chef walked to the SFL. "Where is Duncan?!" yelled Chris. Chef mumbled to himself and took Courtney. "YES! I am back in the challenge!" said Courtney. "HAHA LOSERS!" she said. Beth sighed. Then, Chef begun to drag her. "HEY! I WANT TO WALK! MY SKIRT IS GETTING ALL MESSY! CHEF! CHEEEEEFFFFFFF!" Courtney yelled. Chris said, "Now what is he doing?" Owen made an I don't know look at Chris.

Chef took Courtney up. "No fair! You will just get me out now! I demand fifteen seconds to run off!" she said. Chef walked to Duncan, who was now sitting on the Mess Hall steps. "What?" said Duncan to Courtney. Chef grabbed Courtney and put on his chainsaw. "You aren't going to do that, are you?" Duncan said, in a nervous voice.

Chef nodded, putting the chainsaw closer. "HELP, DUNCAN HELP!" said Courtney. In the SFL, Chris said: "I knew I should have hired a dance teacher!" Back in the scene, Duncan grabbed Courtney's legs and saved her. Chris chuckled. Duncan continued to run off and Chef followed him. They ran in circles, until Duncan ran one direction and Chef ran circles with himself and fell down.

Courtney, who was next to Chef kicked him and walked off. "I need a shower" she said. Then, she walked off to the shower, where Harold was. "Eww, get out" said Courtney. Harold said, "shush, the ninjas are awaiting". "It's not a ninja" said Courtney pushing Harold out and closing the doors. She turned on the shower.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "I don't like her, I just kinda.... got caught up in the moment". Chef fell down afterward and Harold ran past him without his glasses. In the confessional, Harold walked into both walls and fell in the toilet. "Duncan, stop picking on me!" he said.

Chef chuckled and ran after Harold. Harold stopped running and walked into Chef. Thinking that was Leshawna, Harold said: "Leshawna, I love you so much and if a psycho killer finds me, I would love for you to read my poem about you". Chef said to himself, "How did I get caught into this?" In the SFL, Chris and everyone laughed.

Back in the scene Harold said, "Now, can we have one more kiss Leshawna?" "Ummm.... no" said Chef. "EW! YOU'RE NOT Leshawna!" said Harold. "INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" Harold continued. Then, Harold tried to kick Chef and kicked himself. "Ow" he said. Chef was about to run off, when Harold tripped on a duck and fell on him.

"Never again" said Chef. Leshawna walked over to Harold, "What are you doing? Hmmm...?" said Leshawna, staring at Chef and Harold. Chef ran off and Harold said, "Finally Leshawna. Please rewind this from a few minutes ago when I said something". Leshawna grabbed a clicker and rewinded it to the part when Harold said "Leshawna, I love you so much and if a psycho killer finds me, I would love for you to read my poem about you".

Chef said in the Mess Hall, "I've been needing these" and took a chill pill. He ran out and chased for Harold. Chef ran all over camp and found Harold on a flagpole. "Who put the United Chefs flag down?!" he said. Duncan chuckled and laughed. Then, he ran off.

"Dumb delinquents" Chef said. Chef roared his chainsaw and Harold screamed. "Your due is done" said Chef. Chef was about to lower Harold when Harold said, "Can you see I got wedgied? Can't you just you know... look the OTHER WAY and let me down?" Chef turned the other way and let Harold down.

In the confessional, Harold said: "There goes the rumor of Beastie Harold" and then, he sighed. Chef gave Harold new glasses. "But these are Beth's old pink ones!" Harold cried. "But I DON'T CARE! You are not going to go blindful and dumb like before!" Chef said. Harold sighed and walked into the SFL with the new glasses. "HEY! THAT WAS CHEF!" he said. Chris and Chef nodded. "I hate this game" Harold said. "I love this game" Chris said.

Over the loudspeaker, Chef screamed: "FIRE IN THE FOREST!" Leshawna and Duncan, both lost ended up in the forest and ended up in a trap. A psycho killer smiled. "Chef, we know it's you. Let us go already and just deem me to win the challenge" said Duncan. "What he said, but make me win" said Leshawna. Duncan and Leshawna begun to fight. "SILENCE!" said the killer.

Leshawna gulped. "That didn't sound like Chef" said Duncan. "Maybe it isn't Chef" said Leshawna. "But, why would they do this?" asked Duncan. "To just scare the crap out of us like it did to DJ" said Leshawna. In the SFL, Chef walked back and Chris asked, "Where are they?" "I can't find them" Chef said. "You can't find them?!" yelled Chris. Chef nodded no.

"Well, what are we going to do?" asked Chris. "Hey, kids. Maybe you can help us out!" said Chef. "Seriously, what do they know about horror movies?" said Chris. "Were they in the bathroom?" asked Chef. "No!" said the kids. "Were they in the kitchen?" "No". "Are they dead?" "Yes". "No, no, no. They can't be dead! But are they by the flames in the forest?" "YES!"

"Your reward? Nothing!" said Chef. "Awww" said the kids. "Take them away" said Chris. "Okay, so let's run to the forest!" said Webby. Owen said, "Run? Why not walk?" "Yeah" said Courtney. "JUST GO!" said Chef. Everyone ran to the forest. "This is just awesome for ratings, but bad for lawsuits" said Chris, while running. Chef nodded. Harold ran like a girl. Webby laughed. "HEY!" Harold said.

The psycho killer grabbed his hook and begun to rub on the rope to make Leshawna and Duncan fall in the fire. Everyone stopped at the forest. "Okay, now to the burning fire!" said Webby. Everyone but Harold ran to the right. Harold however, ran to the left. "Wrong direction" said Courtney offscreen to Harold. Harold ran to the right.

Everyone ran to the fire to see Leshawna and Duncan. "So, the idiot says that Bob wants to date Marie!" said Duncan. The psycho killer laughed. "I don't get it" said Leshawna. "FREEZE!" said Harold. After a few minutes, the fire was put out and the psycho killer was thrown into the water.

"I can't swim! I can't swim!" he cried. "Wow, Frank the Killer is 59 already..." said Duncan. "You know him?" asked Courtney. Duncan nodded. In the confessional, Courtney said: "That's kinda cool..." "Now, everyone, the producers, Chef and I decided that one of you is going home!" said Chris.

Everyone gasped. "Duncan and Leshawna aren't one of the choices though, but the won the challenge and get to eat pizza and brownies!" Chris continued. "YES!" said Leshawna. "Aren't you going to let me have one brownie?" asked Owen to Chris. Chris nodded no. Duncan and Leshawna walked to the Mess Hall to enjoy their food.

"However, DJ is going home, because Chef wasn't even next to him and he pussy-catted us" said Chris. "Awww" said Beth. "Group hug!" said Owen. Everyone group-hugged DJ. "Bye guys! See you at the finale! If there's a psycho killer there, can you change the date though?" said DJ. Chris nodded no. DJ walked on the Boat of Losers, in which it took off.

"Join us next time to see our wild animals put the other wild animals in cages and... Izzy on Total Drama Island!" said Chris, ending the episode.

Chapter 20: Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

"Last time on Total Drama Island" begun Chris. "We let the campers watch my pwn movie, What Happens When You Ditch Your Girlfriend on Halloween and then a psycho killer, actually Chef chased them all around and freaked them out. However, Leshawna and Duncan got stuck with an actual psycho killer and didn't die, which was great. Either way, DJ went home since he was a chicken and couldn't handle the wind. Now, join me and the bigger Leshawna and Duncan for the next episode of... Total Drama ISLAND!" Chris continued. Duncan burped in the background. "Ate too much pizza I guess" he said.

(theme song plays)

Everyone was in the Mess Hall. "Izzy, stop jumping on my food!" said Harold. Izzy stopped jumping on Harold's food and begun to speed-talk. "But that's what they do in the country, ummm... somewhere over the rainbow or something. But there's nothing under the rainbow, but dirt and things under the rainbow. But what's that country? Spanfs? I have no idea. But people step on food there".

"Good to know..." said Webby. "Chris, so Izzy is returning?" asked Leshawna. "Not really..." said Chris. "Let me explain!" said Izzy, beginning to speed talk. "Chris told me to return in this episode, because of the wildness, so you all need to get stuff in the arts and crafts cabin to attract animals in a trap. I am going to be one of the animals. I hope I am Owen's. He is so nice and all that stuff. I'll be running and he'll be panting and-"

"Izzy, you will probably spoil the final two if you keep talking!" said Chris. "I don't know that" said Izzy, beginning to speed talk again. "But I do know that Snape killed Dumbledore!" "IZZY! I am up to chapter three. You spoiled the book!" said Harold. Izzy laughed. "What now?" she said.

"Today's challenge is that you are going to be assigned an animal and you will have to capture it in a big trap!" said Chris. In the confessional, Harold said: "I went to Trapping Steve's Trap Setting Camp, so this challenge will be a hoot. Get it, hoot? Wild animal?!" Harold then snorted.

"I am not going all dirty just to trap an animal!" said Courtney. "Did I mention that the winner will get the food they want?" said Chris. "Nevermind, I am in!" she said. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Here's my masterplan. I will tie up all the animals on a pole and then, I can walk with my animal to the trap and then, that'll be it! How simple!"

"Anyways, last person to bring an animal will clean the communal bathrooms!" said Chris. Everyone, but Chris, Owen and Chef gasped. "I kinda had too much brownies yesterday" said Owen. "With that, you are all going to pick an animal from this hat" said Chris. "How lame..." said Duncan.

In the confessional, Harold said: "Thank you Hat Steve's Picking Something From a Hat Camp! Steve has a dozen of those camps. Swimming Steve's Pool Fun Camp, Fun Steve's Awesome Summer Camp, Leshawna and I Steve Match Camp. Wait, ignore that last one".

Harold picked out a tiger. "But there are no tigers in Camp Wawanakwa!" said Harold. Chris went over to Harold and took his piece of paper and wrote down camel. "CAMEL?! That's even worse!" said Harold. "Poor Harold" said Leshawna in the confessional.

Next, Leshawna picked out a bear. "Bear?! Not again!" she said. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Why do I always get stuck with a bear!" A montage of events through her life with bears appear. "And if that bear is at my wedding, I am smacking it down!" she continued.

Webby picked out a dog. "Easy!" he said. In the confessional, Webby said: "I can find a whistle or something like that!" Next, Owen picked out Izzy. "Izzy is not an animal!" he said. "Says you" said Chris. "Yaaay!" Izzy said. Beth picks out a cow and everyone laughs. In the confessional, Beth said: "I may have hairy legs and people may think my braces are ugly, but I am not a cow!" She begun to cry.

Courtney picked out an owl. "Aren't they out in the night?!" asked Courtney. Chris nodded. "THAT'S NO FAIR! I'LL BOUND TO BE LAST!" she said. Chris giggled. Lastly, Duncan picked out a duck. "You have thirty seconds to find things in the arts and crafts cabin for your animals!"

In the confessional, Owen said: "The only thing I need is looooooove!" Everyone, but Owen ran in the arts and crafts cabin. Harold found gum and ran out. In the confessional, Harold said: "Camels like to chew and spit, so I can move the gum closer and maybe the camel can eat it once he's in the trap!"

Leshawna found a McDonalds Happy Meal. In the confessional, she said: "Hey, bears like food. I found a bear at Burger King last year eating burgers". Webby found a whistle. "FIFTEEN SECONDS!" said Chris, outside of the cabin. Courtney looked around for food and saw a mouse. "Gross!" she said. Duncan found a net and ran outside.

"TEN SECONDS!" Chris continued. Beth found a shaver. In the confessional, Beth said: "I guess this will do...." "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!" Chris said, locking the cabin. "Everyone is out!" he continued. "I couldn't find anything" said Courtney. "Tough break" said Webby. "WHAT?!" said Courtney. "I said nothing". "You better have said nothing!"

"Okay, you may begin to hunt... NOW!" said Chris, shooting his shotgun. However, the bullet landed on a passing eagle. "I FOUND MY OWL!" said Courtney. "Uhh... Courtney, that's not an owl..." said Chris. Courtney looked at the dead eagle. "GROSS! EW!" she yelled. Duncan snickered. "Grrrrr!" she said. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Everyone here is a giant loon! They are probably share time in the loon costume rallies in the Vancouver Goofballs soccer games!"

Webby walked a bit and blew his whistle. A dog ran right into him and begun to lick him. "Awwww!" said Izzy. In the confessional, Izzy said: "When is Owen going to do that to me?!" Webby laughed as the dog licked him. "Stop it! Stop it!" he continued. Harold looked for a camel. "Chris knows nothing about animals on islands. Since when does a camel live on an island?!" Harold said.

Right then, a plane went by Harold. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE 2012 MOVIE WAS TRUE!" screamed Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "I want my Leshawna!" and begun to cry. Then, the plane dropped a camel, which landed right on Harold. "This won't end well" said Harold, under the farting camel.

Duncan laughed. "Can use some help here!" said Harold. "I'll help you!" said Duncan, slapping the camel. "OW! You are making it move on my beautiful face!" said Harold. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Beautiful face?!" In the confessional, Harold said: "I guess beautiful was the wrong word to say... but the camel still hurt my face".

Once the camel finally moved, Harold got up and the camel spit on him. "I am going to call you Spitty" said Harold to the camel. Beth, who was walking by when Harold said that began to cry. "NO! NOT YOU BETH!" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "This is not my day". In the confessional, Beth said: "Spitty?! That sounds like a cow's name with hairy legs!" and she began to cry again.

Duncan threw some duck food on the ground and a duck came. "AHA!" he said, holding the duck. The duck flew off and sent him a message. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Poo all over my face?! That duck better not send me a Merry Christmas message or else..." In the confessional, Webby said: "Imagine being a dog".

Courtney whistled for a bit and said, "No eagle still". Leshawna walked to a cave and heard a hoot. "Shush up!" she said. The owl hooted again. "I am warning you, shut up!" she said. The owl hooted again. "OKAY, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT U-" she said, before she noticed the owl was frightened because of the bear behind her.

"Oh my!" she said, once she saw the bear. She threw the Happy Meal and ran off with the owl. The bear begun to chase Leshawna around the camp, until she was near the arts and crafts center. "Closer bear!" she said, when they were feet away from the trap. The owl, still flying next to them almost went in the cage, when Leshawna found a bit of Chef's breakfast on the ground. She threw it away from the cage and made the bear run in.

"Leshawna WINS THE FOOD!" Chris yelled. Leshawna passed out. "Er... I think she wants the bacon, eggs and grits" said Chris. Owen then walked to Izzy. "Hey Iz" said Owen. Izzy ignored her. "Are you still upset over something I didn't do?" Owen said. Izzy still ignored him. "Want some milk to go with that anger?" asked Owen. Izzy punched Owen. "Ow..." said Owen. "Well, it's here if you need some" said Owen, walking away near a bush to hide.

Izzy looked both ways and drank the whole milk and threw it at a different bush. "AHA! I KNEW IT!" said Owen. Izzy blushed and chased Owen around. In the confessional, Izzy said: "HAHHA! That was fun. But that was not as fun as the time I chased fifty nine Twilight fans up into space and the moon!" Izzy then looked outside to see a moon. "Hey Mariessa!" she said.

Owen said, "Stop chasing me!" Izzy stopped and said, "Why?" "Let's win the challenge and I'll share the food!" said Owen. "YAY!" said Izzy, running by the trap, with Owen running behind her. Izzy stopped right by the trap and said, "Ooh, a bobby pin" and picked it up, as Owen ran past into the trap.

The trap door closed as soon as Owen went in. "Owen!" said Izzy. "I WIN!" said Owen, walking to a bear. "Oh crap! I am in the cage!" said Owen. Izzy nodded. "So, do I win?" said Izzy. "Nope. You came in second" said Chris, pointing at the still passed-out Leshawna. In the confessional, Izzy said: "I need to listen to TiK ToK. I listen to that when I am angry. Well, I am not angry, I just want to!"

"However Izzy, you do win a prize!" said Chris. "I DO?!" said Izzy. "Yes" said Chris. "Oh interns!" said Chris. Interns came and took Izzy to the Dock of Shame. Owen, somehow got out of the cage and ran to Izzy. "Owen..." said Izzy, before breaking into song mode. "I sense a good tone coming" said one intern. Another one nodded.

Izzy begun to sing I Had The Time of My Life. Owen and the interns clapped. "What are you doing?! CHEF! GET THE BOAT!" Chris yelled. Chef drove the Boat of Losers to the dock and the interns walked Izzy to it. However, Izzy jumped over the interns and ran into a forest. "Well, that went well" said Chris. Chef nodded.

In the confessional, Owen said: "I'll always remember that moment". Duncan found the duck again and grabbed it. Duncan pulled it up to his face and said: "Hurry to the cage. If you don't want to die, this is your final chance". The duck bit Duncan's nose and flew off. Duncan then swore. In the confessional, Chris said: "Duncan? First swear, huh? I was expecting more of Courtney, but I don't care who swears. I am not their mothers".

Duncan's mother, who was flipping through the channels at that time said, "Don't insult me". She went back into doing pushups. Harold, however was having troubles with his camel. Harold pushed it and it didn't move. Instead, it farted. "I am going to need a tomato bath" said Harold. In the confessional, Chris said: "Isn't that in season two? Wait, we probably aren't having a season two, hahahahaha..."

Owen was walking past Harold and said: "Need help with that camel?" "Yes" said Harold. "I worked in Camel Repair Service for... a month" said Owen. In the confessional, Harold said: "Camel Repair Service?" "What happened while that month?" asked Harold. "We had a ga- I had a gas problem and the camels lost their humps" said Owen. "Isn't that impossible?" asked Harold.

"Uhhh... just show me the camel" said Owen. "Okay" said Harold, showing Owen the camel. Owen looked close at it for about a minute. "Is that what you do? JUST STARE AT THE CAMELS?!" said Harold. "It wants gum" said Owen. "How do you know?" asked Harold. "Because, look at it's face" said Owen. Harold looked at the face of the camel, which had flies all over it.

"I think it needs a bath" said Harold. "I think I need gum" said Owen. Harold gave Owen gum and Owen began to chew on it. "I thought you were helping me with the camel" said Harold. "The camel? Oh yeah" said Owen, taking the gum out of his mouth.

Owen showed the gum to the camel and walked away from it. The camel slowly followed Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "I must be dreaming! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Outside of the confessional, Courtney yells: "Harold, stop squealing and get out of there!" In the confessional, Harold who listened to Courtney, said: "Sorry".

Harold continued to walk with the gum, as the camel followed him. Webby, however was having a blast. In the confessional, Webby said: "This is so much fun! Rolling into a la- Wait a second. I need to win this challenge!" Webby got up and held the dog. "If you want to give me more puppy kisses and puppy love, do it later" said Webby.

The dog barked and Webby ran to the cage and put the puppy in. "Umm... well.... this is farewell. We knew each other for a short time and... yeah. Bye" said Webby running off. The giant bear stared at the dog. The scared dog ran in circles, trying to get away from the bear.

In the confessional, Courtney said: "Where is that owl? Well... maybe I can make a bird into something that looks like an owl!" As an owl passed Courtney, she was panting a bird to an owl's color. "Will they notice?" she said. The owl nodded yes. "No, they won't" said Courtney. "Now just fly off and into the cage and pretend me chasing you, okay?" said Courtney. The owl flew off the opposite direction of the cage. "ARGH! DUMB BIRD! COME BACK HERE!" said Courtney.

Duncan ran to the cage with his duck and yelled: "VICTORY!" "Now, all we are waiting for is... Harold, Beth and Courtney. One of them is cleaning up some crap tonight" said Chris. Webby nodded. Beth found a cow and begun to cry. "I don't look like you, do I?" she cried. The cow nodded. "What?!" she said. She continued to cry.

"Moo, moo, moo, moo" said the cow. "I am?! Aww... th- wait! That's an insult!" said Beth, continuing to cry. "Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, cow, moo, moo" said the cow. "Aww... so will you just do it?" asked Beth. The cow shook its head no. "Then, what do I have to do?" asked Beth. "Moo, moo!" the cow smiled. "Do you have any buckets are anything?!" asked Beth.

The cow mooed to the right. Beth saw a bucket and ran to get it. In the confessional, Beth said: "I know how to speak cow, because I am one!" Then, she begun to cry. Back outside, Beth ran back with a bucket and put it under the cow. "Now, how do you milk a cow?" said Beth. "Just milk the cow laddie!" said a farmer, passing by.

"Chris affords for a farmer?!" asked Beth. In the confessional, Chris said: "I have a farmer on the other side of the island. Who cares.... just don't tell Chef or else he'll snap and spazz out!" Beth begun to milk the cow. "MOO!" said the cow. Beth stopped. "That all?" Beth asked. The cow nodded no.

Beth was about to milk the cow again and the cow said: "MOO!" Beth stopped again. "No more milk?" asked Beth. The cow nodded yes. "Okay" said Beth, removing the bucket. "MOO!" yelled the cow again. "What now?!" asked Beth, leaving the bucket still. "Eww... gross! Who would like to drink that?!" said Beth. In the confessional, Beth said: "Which cow uses in a bucket with milk in it?!"

"Laddie, may I drink some milk?" asked the farmer. Beth took the cow with her and the cow ran toward the cage, with Beth running behind her. "Laddie?" said the farmer. "I guess I can have some!" said the farmer, drinking the milk. "Hmmm... new flavor...." said the farmer. The farmer drank it again.

The cow went in the trap and when the cow went in, it jumped on the bear, who let the dog down softly. Beth came next. "We should trap you also" chuckled Duncan. In the confessional, Beth said: "I am not a cow, nor a horse, nor a pig. I am Beth and that is it! Duncan is the cow-pig-horse-thingie!"

"Harold or Courtney, which one will get their animal trapped next!" said Chris. In the confessional, Courtney said: "I need to sabotage Harold's animal, the easy to sabotage, camel!" Courtney ran to Owen and said, "If you want to win some cake, give me the gum". In the confessional, Owen said: "CAKE!"

"Courtney, I love CAKE!" said Owen. "That's good, so give me that gum" said Courtney. "But, I can't". "But, that's in the deal". "I can't, because that breaks the food-eating rules" said Owen, walking backward with the gum and the camel following. "Food-eating rules?! That is just stupid!" said Courtney. Owen gasped and began to ran off, with the camel following.

"GO OWEN!" yelled Harold. In the confessional, Courtney said: "I can't be cleaning Owen's crap! WHY!" Outside of the confessional, Harold said: "Courtney, stop spazzing out and get out". In the confessional, Courtney responded: "Stop trying to copy me. You are acting fail". Outside of the confessional, Harold said: "Your mom is fail". In the confessional, Courtney said: "Don't insult my mom!" Watching the show, Courtney's mom said: "Nerd better listen to my girl".

Owen threw the gum in the trap and soon, the camel went in. "THE CAMEL IS IN!" said Chris. Owen and Harold high-fived each other. Soon, Beth's cow ran in. "Courtney..." said Chris. Courtney, walking back said: "What now?" "Someone has to clean the bathrooms" Chris continued. "Duncan, I will use your assistance" said Courtney. "No thank you" said Duncan.

In the confessional, Harold said: "I know they like each other. They are probably just hiding it. Just how Ezekiel liked LeShawn-err... never mind". "WHAT?!" said Courtney. Duncan snickered. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Just because she lost the challenge doesn't mean that I have to vote her off. Maybe I can start an alliance with her".

In the confessional, Courtney said: "I am not making an alliance with someone who won't help me clean the bathroom and I know he wants me". In the confessional, Duncan said: "I know she wants me". "I guess I'll start now" said Courtney, sighing. In the confessional, Courtney said: "After I clean that dump out, I am getting my lawyers to sue Chris, Owen and this DUMB SHOW AND--". The cameraman stopped recording.

"No, the animals should go first" said Chris. "WHAT?! NO!" said Courtney. The animals already headed toward the bathroom. "Well, you all can vote anyone off tonight! McLean out!" said Chris. Leshawna woke up and went to her table and begun to eat fiber, grits and ice cream. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "Don't worry Courtney. I won't go in the bathroom if there's a problem... yet".

Hours later, in the marshmallow ceremony, Chris said: "Wow... it looks like we have a tiebreaker". "Our first one?" asked Webby. Chris nodded. "Beth and Courtney, one of you will get a tie breaking vote by... Harold" Chris continued. In the confessional, Beth said: "Goodbye Courtney". "You both received three votes each, but Harold voted for... Duncan" Chris continued. Duncan growled at Harold.

In the confessional, Harold said: "My vote goes to..."

"Courtney" and then, he begun to giggle.

"Courtney, please touch the red button" said Chris. "Sure!" said Courtney. In the confessional, Courtney said: "I cleaned poo, chased birds, got farted on by a camel and now this? I better not be going home or else they will get heard from Bob!" Courtney clicked the red button and Chris said: "I am sorry, but you have been eliminated". "WHAT?!" said Courtney.

In the confessional, Beth said: "Karma with a capital K". In the confessional, Courtney said: "I actually will miss Duncan the most. He is kinda cute... But Harold is just jelaus, because he knew I would've beat him in the challenge". Harold, who was overhearing this said: "AHA!" Once Courtney left the confessional, Harold begun to sing The Pink Panther theme. In the confessional, Harold said: "I KNEW IT! You know, I should replace Steve one of these days and start a Pink Harold Panther Fan Club Camp. Wait! NO PINK HAROLD! I HATE PINK!" Then, Harold sobbed.

"YOU ALL... except Duncan... WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYERS! AND HAROLD IS JUST TRYING TO BE A SLIDEDOG RIGHT NOW ACTING COOL! HAROLD ISN'T COOL!" Courtney said, getting dragged into the Boat of Losers by Chris and Chef. In the confessional, Harold wore sunglasses and said: "Diggidy dog". "Let go of me!" yelled Courtney. "Fine" said Chef, throwing her in the Boat of Losers.

"Not in here, you loon!" screamed Courtney. "Now, who wants loons for dinner?!" said Chef. "Not me" said Leshawna. "I'm out" said Duncan. "Me too" said Webby. "Webby, the proper words are me three. Play the game, know the game!" said Harold. "Errr..." said Webby. "AND ELIMINATE HAROLD!" said Courtney, still ranting on the now taken-off Boat of Losers.

"That was fun" said Chris. "Well, join us next week for more Total Drama Island!" said Chris. "AND CHEF'S SOCKS SMELL LIKE POO! You can know these things. AND I AM NOT DONE!" continued Courtney. "This girl is nuts" said Chris. Harold nodded.

Chapter 21: Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

"We had a great few weeks here in Camp Wawanakwa!" said Chris. Chef nodded. "We saw the eliminations of all but six" Chris continued. "We have... cow girl, weird web name guy, cheese cutter, space nerd, delinquent and all in ya face sistah!" said Chef. "Ummm... yeah!" said Chris.

"We also saw the cleaning of the bathroom by Courtney, which just exploded by Owen again. All that work and no pay. She also got eliminated by a tiebreaker!" Chris continued. Chef nodded. "Let's have more great memories here, on Total Drama--" said Chris, before Owen let out a large fart.

(theme song plays until Chris stops it at the moment with Lindsay, Izzy and Harold)

"That's one person that wasted a spot when I made two people return. I should've bought back Heather" Chris said.

(theme song continues)

Chef blew a horn, waking up everyone. Then, Chris said over the loudspeaker: "Come to the Mess Hall. Your next challenge is coming up!" Everyone walked to the Mess Hall. "Any day now" said Chris. Beth began to run. In the confessional, Duncan said: "She better go home next".

Once everyone reached the Mess Hall, Chris said: "Okay guys. This one is a simple one!" "Whenever you mean simple, it means sharks, life-threatening things, 2012 and Courtney" said Harold, gulping. Chris nodded and said: "Yes, my underdog". "Underdog?" said Harold. In the confessional, Duncan laughed. "He is an underdog. He is runner up in probably anything. Actually, he's probably even worse than Tyler in sports!"

"Okay, so today's challenge is a Tri-Armed Triathlon!" announced Chris. "Armed trying say what?!" said Leshawna. "The Tri-Armed Triathlon" said Chris. "Whatever" said Leshawna. "In this challenge, you will be paired up with someone to do three challenges! Maybe even two!" said Chris.

"And who is that somebody?" Harold said looking at Leshawna. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "That kid has a problem!" "Harold, you are paired with...." said Chris. "Seriously?!" said Duncan. "Rest in peace..." said Leshawna. "WHAT?!" said Harold.

"Not Duncan!" cried Harold. "Well, this will cause some tension. We need some. Ever since Courtney left, we had only chickens getting scared, because they are chickens" said Chris. "Beth and Webby are going to be paired together also" said Chris. "That means...." said Leshawna. "Me and Leshawna?!" said Owen.

Chris nodded. "AWESOME!" said Owen. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "This kiddo is also crazy". In the confessional, Harold said: "This is going to be even worse than living with Jillian Michaels for a week!" "Our first challenge is an..." said Chris. "Eat off?" asked Owen. "DING!" said Chris. In the confessional, Chris said: "How Owen knew it was freaky. Does he know that I used to wear blue boxers at night?"

In the confessional, Owen said: "I do know that Chris wore pink underwear once at night. That was the night when I snuck in his coooooooooooool cabin and took some food. But before I got out, I relaxed by the coooooooool air conditioner".

Chef came over and slapped Chris. "OW!" said Chris. Chef whispered something to Chris. "Oh yeah... if you don't like your partner. There's a key to unlock your hands and the challenge will be over" said Chris. "Give me that key!" said Duncan. "Are you sure?!" asked Chris. "Yes". "Positive?!" "YES!" "Well, do you know what happens if you use it?" asked Chris. "No" said Duncan. "Well, do you want to know" asked Chris. "I guess" said Duncan.

"You will automatically be in the final two tonight with your partner!" said Chris. "I may take that risk" said Duncan, looking at Harold. "And don't forget to pass down the cheese and wipe your face with a blue napkin" said Harold, reading a book. "You better sit down, shut up and do what I say or else your little karate kid will get destroyed" said Duncan. Harold gulped. "But, that is improper, as read in page 159, because that movie is going to get remade in a few years and that..." said Harold still reading. "Shut up bookworm" said Duncan.

Chef said, "There's a lot of food about to be thrown out. They can eat that". "Genius!" said Chris. Chef gave everyone food. "One person will put this food in your mouth with one hand. You can use your hands to also... stuff the food in" said Chris. In the confessional, Webby said: "Why couldn't I have Owen?" Owen smiled and reached for a knife.

"Whoever eats the most food will win the first challenge. If you win the next challenge, you will win and get immunity!" said Chris. Owen smiled. "Can we go now?" asked Owen. "Pick who's eating and who's serving" said Chris. "I'll eat" said Beth. In the confessional, Duncan said: "Beth will eat and turn into an Owen and look more like an ugly horse or cow".

"You got the guts to eat everything, including the table, so I guess you can eat" said Leshawna. "I will not eat!" said Harold. "Yes, you will" said Duncan. "No". "Yes". "Make me". "Fine" said Duncan. "If you don't eat the food, I can get the key and you'll more than likely go home" said Duncan. "Fine..." said Harold, sighing.

"Time is almost starting. Wait for it... wait for it... five... four... three... two... o- whoops. My clock was off. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! GO!" said Chris. Leshawna gave Owen food. "Faster" said Owen. "Already? We aren't even ten seconds in!" said Leshawna. Owen said: "Just get chunks of the food".

In the confessional, Webby said: "Giving Beth food is like giving food to a cow. Look at those braces. You can probably see Eva's armpit hair from up on her shoulders. It's like she will bite off your fingers. Black is the worst color for braces, why not red or white? That's the new style".

Webby threw food in Beth's mouth. "Are you trying to kill me?" said Beth at last. "No..." said Webby. "Can't you do it like Leshawna, with no throwing it in?" asked Beth. Webby rolled his eyes. Duncan stuffed more and more food in Harold's mouth. "CHEW IT ALREADY, YOU NERD!" yelled Duncan. "I can't" said Harold. "Oh yes you can" said Duncan, pointing to Chef.

Chef ran over with water and Harold spilled it on Harold. "It's like you are trying to wet my pants" said Harold. Duncan stopped and laughed. "Refill" he said to Chef. Chef ran to refill the glass and Harold spilled it on Harold's pants. Harold, spit out the food and said: "HEY!" "Eat the food!" said Duncan. "You wet my pants!" said Harold, debating.

In the confessional, Duncan said: "I wet his pants? Heck no. And I am not going Leshawna on you all". "We're losing because of you" said Duncan. "Me?! How is it my fault?!" said Harold. "Eat the food" said Duncan. "My pants are wet!" said Harold. "My shirt is getting food all over it!" said Duncan. In Playa Des Losers, Heather said: "Yeah, and we can't get what we always want". Lindsay, who was next to Heather said: "Can you get me some purple soda?!" "Get it yourself, slacker" said Heather.

Back to the Mess Hall, Owen said: "I need to take this into my own matters". "What are you doing?!" asked Leshawna. Harold stared at Owen. Owen lifted up the table and ate all the food. "Leshawna AND OWEN WIN THE FIRST CHALLENGE!" said Chris. "AWESOME!" said Owen. "Let's go Owen!" said Leshawna. "Why is Owen sucking up to my girlfriend?!" said Harold in the confessional. "What does he have that I don't?" Harold continued.

"Your next challenge is a race to Boney Island to get a little present. Then, you must bury it exactly fifty-nine feet away, close to the local McDonalds. Then, you'll need to find the device and throw it in a big hole" said Chris. "Okay" said Webby. In the confessional, Webby said: "I am winning this challenge".

Everyone got on the boats and Chris blew his horn. "Not by the ears" complained Duncan. In the confessional, Harold said: "I can see Duncan as an old man in about sixty years yelling get out of my property to kids. He is really that grumpy. I wonder what Courtney would be doing by then".

"Hurry nerd, we are having a slow start" said Duncan. "It's not my fault!" said Harold. "Yes it is and I would like for you to stop daydreaming and not doing anything and instead, row the boat!" said Duncan. "Stop blaming me for your faults" said Harold. "My faults?! Look at that. Everyone is ahead because we are fighting!" "I suggest we paddle". Duncan nodded.

"Come on. Slow and steadily" said Beth. Webby begun to jump. "WEBBY!" said Beth. "What?!" said Webby. "Stop jumping, we'll probably drown". "It'll make us move farther". "Why don't we use a paddle?" "Why don't you do your way and I do my way?" "How will that help?" "Because".

The scene then changed to Leshawna and Owen's boat, which was drowning fast. "My hair!" said Leshawna. In the confessional, Owen spit out a fish. "Too much fat" he said. "Ignore them Chef" said Chris, paying attention to Duncan and Harold. "HELP!" said Owen, drowning with the boat. "Yeah, yeah, help!" said Leshawna.

Beth and Webby's boat went near the sinking Leshawna and Owen. Leshawna jumped on the boat and said: "We don't want to make this harder than it is". Beth tried to push Leshawna out, but Leshawna poked Beth and she fell in. "Yo, Webby, no offense, but I need to hijack this boat" said Leshawna. "Jump out!" said Beth. Webby jumped out and said: "Why did I do that?! Beth. This is all your fault!"

"My fault?" said Beth. "Yes" said Webby. "Why don't we chill out and say nice things about each other?" said Owen, watching Webby and Beth's fight. "Owen, stay out of this" said Webby. Beth nodded. "Fine" Owen sighed. In the confessional, Webby said: "I am voting Beth off if we lose this. This is all her fault".

Leshawna paddled the boat to the island and said: "YES"! Chris, waiting on the island said: "Did I mention that your partner had to be with you?" "Argh" said Leshawna, taking the boat out. Harold, watching this said: "Leshawna really likes Owen" and began to cry. "Umm... Harold... don't cry" said Duncan. "Why? I can't take the pain. It's even worse than I found out that there are more televisions in an average United States household than there are people!" said Harold.

"I really don't care about that, and I doubt that's real, because I have one television.... Either way, stop crying, so you can actually paddle and make us win!" said Duncan, looking at Webby and Beth, finding Leshawna and Owen's sinked boat. "You should be thanking me for finding it" said Webby. "What?! Who let you get all the credit?!" said Beth. "Without me and my good eyes, I wouldn't have found it". "Grrr..."

Beth and Webby got on and they begun to paddle fast. Leshawna found Owen, trying to manage in the lake and tried to get him on the boat. Beth and Webby paddled to the finish line together and said: "YES!" "We won!" cheered Beth. "Not really..." said Chris, pointing at the shovels.

Soon, Harold and Duncan made it to the finish line and got shovels and begun to dig also in the same location as Webby and Beth. "Back away" said Beth to Harold. "No" said Harold. Duncan began to purposely shovel back the dirt on Harold. "My face" Harold coughed. "Oh whoops" said Duncan, rolling his eyes, not caring.

"We are on the same team, you know!" said Harold. "I don't care a hoot about what I am doing to you, because I don't like you. Nobody likes you" said Duncan. Harold sighed and walked away and begun to dig. Soon, Webby found a package and Duncan took it from him. "Hey!" said Webby. Duncan opened the package and saw the tiki idol.

"Not that again!" he said, throwing it to Webby. "Oooh, that idol that Tyler used" he said. "And me too!" said Beth. "What?!" said Duncan. "I used it after I threw it out when we had teams" said Beth. "That was a bad luck idol, you idiot!" said Duncan. "I didn't know!" said Beth. "You should've went home instead of Ezekiel!" said Webby. Duncan nodded.

"Can we go?" asked Beth. "Do you have a ruler?" asked Webby. "Well, I do" said Harold, taking it out. "Thank you" said Webby. Webby and Beth walked off. Duncan said: "Good job dork. Now we lost a ruler!" Beth and Webby measured fifty-nine feet away from McDonalds. Then, Beth begun to dig and found a device.

"Let's go throw it!" said Beth. "Let's wait. I want some McDonalds meals!" said Webby. "No". "Where's the key?!" "Fine" said Beth, walking in McDonalds with Webby. Webby walked up to the register and said: "I would like the Mickey D Iced Tea and..." The register looked at Webby. "I think we should go...." said Beth. "Wait, I need the cash" said Webby, looking in his wallet.

"We. Have. No. Mickey. D. Iced. Tea" said the register. "What about.... a burger?" asked Webby. "We. Have. No. Burgers" said the register. "How can there be no burgers?" "Because". "You sound like Eva" said Webby, looking up to see Eva. "AH!" he yelled. "RUN AWAY!" said Webby, missing the door. "Ouch" said Beth, who made the door. Beth dragged Webby outside.

"We need to win this challenge and waste no more time" said Beth. "Fine" said Webby, standing up and walking near the woods. "Can I throw it?" asked Beth. "What do you think?" asked Webby. Beth took it from Webby, but the bigger Webby took it from her. "HEY!" said Beth. Webby threw it into the hole. "WEBBY AND BETH WIN THE CHALLENGE!" said Chris.

"I knew we should've got the idol" said Harold. Duncan rolled his eyes. "Gather around my children" said Chris. The campers walked to Chris and gathered around him. "You see heads on these tables... these heads are of the eliminated contestants... anyways, from first to currently last eliminated, make the totem pole as a team! First team to do so wins!" said Chris. "I have a good memory" said Webby. "Same" said Duncan.

"Don't screw up" said Duncan to Harold. "Got it. Don't screw up, don't screw up, don't scr-AH! POPULAR101!" yelled Harold. "Stop! Just pay attention" said Duncan. "GO!" said Chris. "Oh, Izzy" said Owen. Leshawna put down Cody first. "Owen, put down Izzy" said Leshawna. "But... she looks so good. It's like I want to eat her up and something. WHAT THE HEY?!" said Owen. Then, he gobbled up Izzy's head.

Leshawna went to Harold's team and took Izzy's head and ran back to put it on the table. Webby and Beth were up to Gwen, as Duncan and Harold were stuck with Cody. "You didn't watch out for Izzy's head!" said Duncan. "You should've too!" said Harold. "Who has the better memory?!" said Duncan. "Who has the better skills?!" said Harold. "These things you call skills? Losing heads, being an idiot and doing nothing, but failing?" said Duncan.

"And being in Fast Steve's Slow Ninja Camp. Gosh!" said Harold. "That makes no sense!" said Duncan. "It does once you learn about it" said Harold. "Learn about?" "Argh! I need a walk". "Come back with a life, dweeb". "I have one already. Gosh!"

Beth and Webby were up to Tyler and Webby stared at Beth. "What?!" said Beth. "Oh, nothing" grinned Webby. In the confessional, Beth said: "What is up with the cheerful and happy Webby?" Owen and Leshawna were up to Lindsay. Following this, they found the last few heads and they said, "We win!" "Leshawna AND OWEN WIN IMMUNITY!" said Chris. "YES!" said Leshawna, high-fiving Owen.

"This is AWESOME!" screamed Owen. In the confessional, Leshawna said: "I keep winning challenges. Nothing can stop me now baby. There's no doubt I will lose this competition!" "You all can vote for anyone to get eliminated... except for Owen and Leshawna" said Chris.

"Hey Owen" said Webby. "Yes?" said Owen, who was pulled out from everyone. "Let's eliminate Beth tonight. She is a threat and she dragged me out of McDonalds. She also screwed up in this challenge..." said Webby. "But, she is my friend" said Owen. "You are friends with everyone, so it won't make a difference" said Webby. "True, we'll see" said Owen.

In the confessional, Webby said: "If Owen doesn't vote Beth, he'll be next to go". In the confessional, Harold said: "I got Leshawna to eliminate Duncan. He is such a bully. He doesn't deserve to stay in this game with that attitude". In the confessional, Duncan said: "Whoever I vote for is defiantly obvious. Everyone but Lindsay will probably know who". In the confessional, Beth said: "Secret of a ballot" and winked.

"Okay guys. These are the five marshmallows and the first two go to Owen and Leshawna, who have won the challenge" said Chris. Owen and Leshawna got their marshmallows. In the confessional, Harold said: "Owen may think Leshawna is cool and hot, but make room for number two. Leshawna is mine. Owen is probably going next if he steals my Leshawna!"

"The next marshmallow goes to... Webby" said Chris. Webby walked up and got his marshmallow. Then, he sat down. "We have three more marshmallows. Each of you racked up a lot of votes" said Chris. "Our next marshmallow goes to Harold, who had a vote" said Chris.

"That's not a lot" said Duncan, rolling his eyes. In the confessional, Duncan said: "I won't be sent home. Webby and Owen had my back... I think". "It is to me" said Chris. "The final marshmallow goes to..." said Chris.

Chris then coughed. "Sorry, had a little cold" he said. "Can we get on with it?" asked Leshawna. "Fine, ruin the moment" said Chris, throwing Beth the final marshmallow. "What?!" said Duncan. "Yes!" said Harold. "That isn't fair. I had Owen and Webby on my back. They voted Harold... how did he get one vote?" asked Duncan.

"Like Beth said, the secrets of a ballot" said Chris. Chris got on the Boat of Losers with Duncan. "He played a good game, I guess" said Webby. Owen nods. "Webby, Owen, eliminate Harold" said Duncan on the boat. "Next week on Total Drama Island, my children, we are seeing the losers... especially Heather and ask them what they have done and more..." said Chris.

"And I will see Courtney. Beware for the lawyers...." said Duncan. Chris nodded. "All next time on Total Drama Island!" Chris said, ending the episode.

Chapter 22: After the Dock of Shame

"Last time on Total Drama Island, we had a tri-armed triathlon and Leshawna and Owen won the challenge. Somehow in someway, Duncan got eliminated and now, we moved on into the final five! It's Webby, Leshawna, Harold, Owen and the cow all on Total Drama Island, but they can use a break. Especially the cow, since it's her birthday and she's kinda sweaty right now. Now, let's see the losers on Total Drama Island" said Chris.

(theme song plays)

The Boat of Losers arrived at Playa Des Losers. Duncan walked out of the boat and Courtney yelled at Chris: "YOU MAKING SOMEONE RETURN?! WHY NOT ME?! I am perfect!" "But you tripped on that wire, which set on fire by the emergency exit" said Lindsay. "Shut up" said Courtney. "You should be talking Little Miss Perfect" said Heather. "Yeah!" said Lindsay.

"Wait... is Little Miss Perfect me?" asked Lindsay. "No" said Heather. "Okay everyone. Silent up!" said Chris. "I am here to interview you and ask you some questions. Form a line" he continued. Everyone formed a line. Chris then passed everyone a sheet of paper.

"Write your name on it" said Chris. "Question one" he continued. "Wait a second. My pencil isn't sharpened!" said Courtney. "Deal with it" said Chris. "I can't deal with a pencil!" Chris threw a pen at Courtney. "Is that better?!" he asked. "Yes". "Thank you. Question one" Chris said again. "Can I look at Heather's?" asked Lindsay. "No" said Heather and Chris. "Awwww" said Lindsay.

"Question one" Chris said. "Who do you think should win? Bring up your paper once you are done" Chris continued. Everyone brought up their papers. "And the results are in" said Chris. Chris begun to say the results.

  • Webby:
    • Ezekiel, Heather, DJ, Bridgette, Duncan
  • Leshawna:
    • Katie, Sadie, Gwen, Eva, Cody
  • Owen:
    • Izzy, Trent, Geoff
  • Harold
  • Courtney
    • Courtney
  • Beth
    • Justin, Name, Tyler

"Webby wins by a vote. And haha to Harold. Nobody wanted him to win" said Chris. "Who wrote Name?" asked Chris. "I did. You said to write down name" said Lindsay. "Your name? Not just name" said Chris. "Yeah" said Heather. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Who else wrote name?" said Lindsay. "Nobody, but you" said Chris.

"Okay" said Lindsay. "Next question. Who do you think will get eliminated next?" asked Chris. Soon, the results will in and Chris said: "Time to see your thoughts".

  • Webby:
    • Cody, Tyler, Justin, Trent
  • Heather:
    • Lindsay, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie
  • Owen:
    • Heather, Eva
  • Harold:
    • Duncan, Courtney
  • Beth:
    • Izzy, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen
  • Leshawna

"Wow, this one was really close, especially how Lindsay, Ezekiel, Sadie and Katie voted for the eliminated Heather" said Chris. "But I am out, idiots" said Heather. "I am not an idiot" complained Sadie. "I am not either" complained Katie. "That's soooo cool!" they both said. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" they squealed. "Shut up!" said Heather.

"Can't we just boot them outta here" asked Heather. "But that's not in the rulebook thingie" said Lindsay. "What rulebook?" said Heather. "The one my mother got me for my birthday a few weeks ago" said Lindsay. "Yeeeah, give it to me" said Heather. "But I left it home" said Lindsay. "Then, buy a new one" said Heather. "But don't you need money?" asked Lindsay.

"Oh yeah, there's a store over there. Ask Chef for the rulebook" said Heather, giving Lindsay her money. "I am trusting you, okay?" Heather continued. Lindsay nodded. "Why can't you get it yourself?" asked Ezekiel. "Shut up homeschool" said Heather.

"For the little boy who had no money" said Lindsay, dropping the money. "LINDSAY!" yelled Heather. "What?" asked Lindsay. "The book? My money?" asked Heather. "Ooh... um... I sorta..." said Lindsay. "You threw it up in the air and it'll never come down!" said Heather. The money landed on Harold's nose, while Harold was sleeping in the guys cabin. "Whatever!" said Heather.

"So, most of you thought Beth would be eliminated" said Chris. Izzy nodded. Lindsay stood in the back of the line and said, "I thought Heather would. Oh well". "I am not playing, fool" said Heather in the front of the line. "I like fools gold too Heather!" said Lindsay. "ARGH! WHATEVER!" said Heather. "Have your tamper-tantrum somewhere else" said Courtney. "You should too" said Ezekiel. "WHAT?!" said Courtney.

"See what I mean?" said Ezekiel. "Let's chill out campers. We are wasting valuable time right now!" said Chris. "Valuable?" said Gwen, Courtney and Heather. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU SAID A WORD AT THE SAME TIME LIKE US!" said Katie and Sadie. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WE DID IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!" said Katie and Sadie.

"Congratulations, I don't care. Now, can we move on and shut up?" said Heather. "Other than yourself, which person do you think is worthy to be in the finals right now?" asked Chris. Soon, everyone sent in their papers with their person.

  • DJ:
    • Cody, Izzy, Gwen, Duncan, Tyler, Justin, Ezekiel
  • Katie:
    • Sadie
  • Sadie:
    • Katie
  • Heather:
    • Heather, Eva
  • Courtney:
    • Courtney
  • Gwen:
    • Trent
  • Bob:
    • Lindsay
  • Geoff:
    • Bridgette
  • Bridgette:
    • Geoff
  • Duncan:
    • DJ

"Well, seven of you voted for DJ. Courtney and Heather, the two snots in a pocket voted for themselves, of course" said Chris. "HEY!" said Courtney. "EH!" said Ezekiel. "Heather actually got a vote from someone else..." said Chris. "Thank you!" said Heather. Eva grunted. "And that person is the devil herself, EVA!" said Chris. "I take back my thank you. Eva's a freak" Heather then said.

"What about Lindsay? She voted for me, of course" said Heather. "No, she voted for someone not here named Bob" said Chris. Lindsay nodded. "You are supposed to vote for someone that's here, other than yourself" said Chris. "Like your best friend" said Heather, pointing at herself. "Uhhhh, but Bob is my friend too. This is going to be a hard decision" said Lindsay.

"And that's all the time we have for that question" said Chris. "What's next?!" said Izzy, joyfully. "You all are voting someone off tonight" said Chris. "YAY! I love those white puffy things" said Lindsay. "We aren't having marshmallows" said Chris. "Awww... too bad" said Lindsay.

"You will all say which camper you would like to get eliminated. Let's do it like this, Katie and Sadie are first. You both share a brain so that'll be simple. Who would you like to get eliminated?" asked Chris. "I miss Leshawna the most!" said Katie. A bell dinged. "You do?! I miss Leshawna too!" said Sadie. The bell ringed.

"But don't you want Leshawna to win?" said Cody. The bell rang again. "That's three votes Leshawna" said Chris. "Hey! I didn't want to vote Leshawna off!" said Cody. The bell rang again. "We can vote people off twice?!" asked Trent. Ignoring Trent's question, Chris said: "Moving on, Heather. You are up!"

"Of course I will vote for Leshawna. She's a person that probably ate a table. Tubby McLarge Butt should go also. But I hate Leshawna more. Well, I hate everyone" said Heather. Two bells rang. "You even hate me?!" said Lindsay. "Except Lindsay" Heather said. "That's good!" said Lindsay.

"Six votes for Leshawna" said Chris. A parrot said, "Leshawna". "That's seven" said Chris. "That parrot probably doesn't know who Leshawna is!" said Gwen. The bell rang. "Eight" said Chris. "I hate you so much!" said Gwen. "NOBODY SAY Leshawna!" said a yelling Izzy. The bell rang and Izzy put her hand over her mouth. "Whoops" she said.

"Nine" said Chris. "Leshawna!" said the parrot again. "You are going to count that as ten, right?!" said Justin. Chris nodded and said "ten". "I thought we were going to vote someone else off!" said Cody. "But, we are all voting Leshawna" said Lindsay. "LINDSAY!" said DJ. "You can't vote me off, since I am not playing. Or am I?" said Lindsay.

"Eleven!" said Chris. "Ezekiel, you are up!" said Chris. "Yo, yo. I go to this fan club here sometimes called Leshawna's Buttalicious Dream Boat" said Ezekiel. The bell rang. "And we talk about how Leshawna is Leshawna and how she should date some person in the show. That's me, not Harold, eh!" Ezekiel continued. "You are just enjoying this, aren't you?!" said Gwen. Chris nodded.

"That's fourteen!" said Chris. "Any other voters?!" Chris continued. Everyone went silent. "Well, I guess this is the end for our very own, Leshawna!" said Chris. Chef, in Camp Wawanakwa, dragged Leshawna into the Boat of Losers with Harold watching. "Goodbye Leshawna!" said Harold, kissing Leshawna on the lips. "Bye sugar plum and win for me, k?!" said Leshawna, on the now taken-off boat.

"Okay Leshawna!" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "At least I know that LeShwna likes me again. HEY! Twenty bucks!" He took the money and put it in his pocket. "I'll be keeping that for safe keeping".

"This wraps up a thrilling episode of Total Drama Island!" said Chris.

Chapter 23: Camp Castaways

"Last time on Total Drama Island" said Chris. "Well, not reeeaaally... last time on Playa Des Losers. I asked the eliminated players some questions and most of them voted off... Leshawna. And it was so funny. I made it in fast motion, slow motion and made Courtney grow a beard. She looked like a caveman... cavewoman. Join us more for Total Drama--" continued Chris, before getting struck by lighting in the rainy weather. "I am okay. Just need a new face" said Chris, lying flat on the ground.

(theme song plays)

"I am the only girl here!" cried Beth in the night. In the guys cabin, someone read: "And that death was caused when he fell off a ladder, when he was about to board Air Force One, which just took off without him". "Stop reading Harold!" said Webby. "I wasn't reading! Gosh!" said Harold. "If it wasn't you, was it Owen?!" asked Webby. "Owen had a gas leak and then left" said Harold.

"Oh..." said Webby. "Yeah, just look at me already long hair freak" said Noah. Webby who looked up after a long nap said: "Who the heck are you?!" "Did you hear the news?" asked Noah. "No". "I am the new camper". "Joy. Now, we have two bookworms in here". "Nobody asked you. Now excuse me, I need to get back to my book" said Noah.

"Not just a bookworm, a bookfreak..." said Webby. "Nobody asked you. Be quiet, so I can read this next book about how to win the class election" said Noah. "You sound like Courtney". "Is that your girlfriend?" "Heck no". "I doubt that". "You are just a sarcastic bum". In the confessional, Webby said: "I hate this Noah kid already".

The rain poured hard and Chris said over the loudspeaker, "The forecast for the next few days: rain, rain, rain, rain, did I mention more rain and rain. Tomorrow, come to the arts and crafts cabin for your next challenge". "In the rain?" said Webby, once Chris hung up the loudspeaker. "No, duh. Did you hear him?" said Noah.

In the confessional, Webby said: "This Noah person is really getting me angry. He can't stop with his dumb remarks". Owen walked in the cabin, all soaked with his eye twitching. "What's happened to this freak? Sugar rush?" said Noah, looking up at Owen. "Most. Get. SUGAR!" said Owen. Harold gasped. "Just kidding" said Owen, with his eye not twitching anymore. "Wouldn't I be weird if I did that?" Owen continued.

Harold nodded. "I have only known you for twelve seconds and already, I know one thing. That's a lot of fat down there" said Noah. "Hey. I am not a fat cow. Beth is the cow of the show, you know?" said Owen. In the girls cabin, Beth cried and said: "Moo". In the confessional, Beth said: "I hate how we needed to read scripts, like that line. I am not a cow... am I?" Beth begun to cry again.

Everyone soon went to bed and the next morning the cabins were in the middle of water. "Ahhh, good morning!" said Harold. Harold got dressed and walked outside. Then, a big wave pushed him away from the cabin. Harold swam onto the cabin and said: "Swimming Steve's Safety Swimming Camp always does the trick!". Then, the sewer pipe shot some water out of the pipes and it went on Harold.

"Dirty water" Harold said. Then, he coughed. Webby woke up next and looked out the window. "This exactly feels like Wizard of Oz" said Webby. The scene translated to Playa Des Losers, where Ezekiel falls off a hot air balloon on to the cow, which bites him. "Easy cow" said Ezekiel.

Webby yawned and Owen woke up and farted. "When I fart like that, something is wrong" said Owen. "Look at this" said Webby, pointing at the window. "Great water pies! I forgot my keys!" said Owen. "No, not that!" said Webby. "That!" said Webby, pointing at the water. "Great swiss cheese! We are in a lake!" said Owen.

Beth woke up and said: "I have a sinking feeling that I am in a lake". Beth looked out of the window and said: "I am correct" and got dressed. The cabins soon landed in a deserted island. Harold walked out of the shallow water and said "Hello" to Beth, not paying attention to the tree in front of him.

"Harold is going to die" said Webby. Owen nodded. "Poor Harold" said Beth. "I can hear you! I didn't pay my bills for a while, so I have some money!" said Harold. "Poor meaning, I feel bad for you" said Beth. "Okay" said Harold. "Now, is anyone going to help?!" said Harold. Webby and Owen whistled and Beth said, "How can a cow help?!" Then, she cried.

Noah was too busy reading his book to notice. "Well, there goes my time with the magenta army" said Harold. "And this donkey then beat up the camel" read Noah. "This book makes no sense, especially because this has big text and is a picture book. What books did the librarian pack?!" Noah said. Noah looked in his backpack and said.

"She mixed up with that kid, Joe! Argh. Marcy, if you are watching this dumb reality show, please don't mix up the books. These books are dumb and I have nothing to do now in this joint!" said Noah. Webby then said, "We need to survive this!" "Hey! It's like that show when..." said Owen. "I know". "With the". "I know". "And he dies". "I know".

"That is so... AWESOME! Wait, that isn't. Which one of us will die?!" said Owen. "I put my money on bookfreak in there" said Webby. Chris, who woke up said: "Where are the cabins?" Chef pointed to the west. "I knew we should've kept that stream for a reason. So, that was where we filmed that dinosaur movie!" said Chris. Chef nodded. "Nice!" Chris said, high-fiving Chef.

Owen walked in the confessional (which also had moved) and fell asleep. "Owen?!" yelled Webby. "OWEN?! I wonder where he is" he continued. Beth walked into Webby. "Ow" said Webby. "Sorry" Beth spit onto Webby. "Gross, get away you taco-freak" said Webby. In the confessional, Beth spat, "TACO FREAK?!" and begun to cry.

Webby walked around, until he saw a treehouse. "Like those in Disney Land" said Webby, picturing Ezekiel falling off a Disney treehouse. "Ouch" said Webby. "And little Tommy Sam went to get a sandwich. The mayo splatted on his shirt and he begun to cry. His mother ran over to the scene and cleaned it up. Then, she helped him make a sandwich. Tommy Sam said, 'I wuv woo mommie'. The end!" read Noah.

"Weirdos" said Noah. Webby was in the treehouse, hiding and eating old chocolate bars. "Kit Kat is so good at this time" said Webby, chewing on one. Webby then found a bag of Cheetos. "Ooooh!" he said. Webby bit into one. Beth found the treehouse and begun to climb up on the ladder.

Noah, in the guys cabin, still reading a book read: "And Tommy Sam tripped on a sock. Then, he begun to suck his thumb, which didn't help. Then, he begun to cry. His mother ran over to the scene and beat up the sock, then threw it out. After this, she banned socks from the house and Tommy Sam said, 'I wuv woo mommie'. The end!" read Noah.

Beth reached the top and asked Webby if she can have a cheeto. Webby in response to this, pushed her out of the clubhouse. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled. "Don't touch my cheetos!" said Webby, gobbling them down. In the confessional, Webby said: "Okay, maybe that wasn't the best thing to do, but nobody touches my cheetos, except me".

Beth stayed flat on the ground. "Yeah, I think she's dead" said Webby. "Clean up on aisle fifteen!" yelled Webby. Nobody cleaned Beth. Webby went to sleep. Harold finally walked on the island and said: "Wicked awesome!" Harold then ran in circles on the island. "Harold got up from the water and he's being an idiot" said Noah, looking out of the window.

Then, he yawned. "I really don't care much about this if it is a challenge, because... I'd rather read than do this. Where was I? Oh yeah. And Tommy Sam became an actor, but lost his voice. His mother ran over to the scene and tried to make him talk again, by kicking him. Tommy Sam got hit in the head and begun to cry. After this, the mom banned acting and Tommy Sam said, 'I wuv woo mommie'. The end!" read Noah.

Owen woke up with a beard. "Woah, this grows fast" said Owen. Owen walked outside and walked to a coconut tree. Owen shook it and a few coocnuts fell off. Owen grabbed some and ran to the confessional. "One coconut, two coconut, three coconut, four coconut, five coconut" said Owen. Then, Owen ate one. "Mmmmmm... yunm!" he said.

Meanwhile, Beth woke up with her broken glasses. "I really need the new trend. These geeky 1978 glasses won't do the trick. Wonder why they still work?!" said Beth. She walked away from the treehouse and into the girls cabin. "So, he cried and the mom said... well, these books are boring now" said Noah. Noah walked outside and said, "What happened? Did Owen barf his guts up yesterday?!"

"Hehhehe!" said Owen, in the confessional. He threw a coconut outside it. "I take that back. He lost his mind" said Noah. Beth ran into Noah and said, "Who are you?" "Wow, get better clothes, because you seriously look like a cow" said Noah. Beth begun to cry. "Yabba dabba doo!" said Owen in the confessional. In the confessional, Owen said, playing with two coconuts: "Hi, I am Mr. Coconut". "Hi, I am Mrs. Coconut". "I want to play Total Drama Island". "It's fine with me hun". "Yay!"

Harold walked up the treehouse and Webby said, "Hey, want to play Twister?!" Harold and Webby played Twister with loud music. Noah climbed up the ladder to the top of the treehouse and said, "What a workout. Now, what is going on with these two mudpuppies?" "Mudpuppies?!" said Harold. Noah nodded.

“We are playing Twister” said Webby. “Yep” said Harold. “An exercise-filled kiddy game? Seriously?” said Noah. “Yes” said Webby and Harold. “Whatever, count me out” said Noah, looking out the window. In the confessional, Owen said: “Twenty minutes of isolation. Back to meditating”. Owen’s stomach growled. “Never mind. I am hungry” he said, walking out with Mr. Coconut. “I can eat you up, but you are a coconut” said Owen.

Beth climbed up the treehouse. “Don’t push me down, but we need to get out of here” said Beth. “But we are having a blast” said Harold. Webby nodded. “But, I saw dinosaur and rat bones” said Beth, gulping. “RAT bones?!” yelled Webby. Webby pushed Harold out of the Twister mat and took everything and put it in the bag.

“We need to go” said Webby. “Holy mountains! A SNAKE!” said Owen. The snake tried to bite the hopeless Mr. Coconut. Owen grabbed Mr. Coconut and said, “Be careful, it wants to eat you”. “Just throw the coconut on him” said Noah, on the top of the treehouse. “What’s his name?!” said Owen. “Coconut?!” asked Noah. Owen nodded no. “Coconuthead?!” said Noah. Owen nodded no. “Uhh… The Coconut?!” asked Noah. Owen nodded no. “Just throw it already you marshmallow head” said Noah. Harold nodded.

“I don’t think Mr. Coconut wants to do that” said Owen. “Well, now he does” said Noah. “He does?! Let me ask” said Owen. Owen talked to Mr. Coconut and said, “I’ll miss you if you die”. Owen threw Mr. Coconut at the snake, which got hit by it.

“MR. COCONUT SAVED THE DAY!” yelled Owen. Webby and Harold ran down the ladder to cheer for Mr. Coconut. Owen got a marker and drew some red on his cheeks. “Oh, he’s embarrassed” said Owen, erasing the red from his ‘cheeks’.

“Let’s try to get out of here, before a plane crashes” said Harold. Webby nodded. Right then, a plane flew into the lake and Webby said, “Evacuate from the treehouse, before it starts to get on fire!” Noah and Beth walked down the ladder. "Can't you speed it up Mr. McSlowpoke?" said Beth. "Sports is not my thing, same for running. Be lucky I am moving" said Noah. "Fine, I guess" said Beth.

Once Beth and Noah got down from the treehouse, Owen said: “We need to get out of here, because we are getting bad luck! Time to shake that bootah and get outta here!” “Yes!” said Harold. Webby nodded. “Whatever” said Noah.

Noah walked, as everyone else ran back to Chris and Chef having a great time. “I feel bad for all the interns in the hospital!” said Chris, while playing limbo. “Mhm!” said Chef. “Later, we should take pictures and send it to them!” Chris continued. “You already got me thinking!” said Chef, grinning.

All the campers ran back, except Noah who walked. Owen shot a shoot ‘n’ arrow at a cabin. “Whoops” said Owen. “AAHHHHHH!” said Chef, jumping onto Chris. Chris let Chef down to the ground. “You are uh… back?!” said Chris. “It looks like we missed a party” said Webby. “Yeah. And I wanted to play limbo, since I got some skills in Limboing Steve’s Limbo Fun Camp!” said Harold.

“Camp as in each day?! Or one for the summer, because Steve must have 50 camps” said Webby. “No, he has five thousand, six hundred ninety eight” said Harold. “How can he handle and maintain these camps?!” asked Webby. “I don’t know! GOSH!” said Harold.

Chef got up and asked Chris, “Why does Chubby have a coconut in his hands?!” “Ummm… yeah. No winners today” said Chris. “So, I walked up and down the ladder for nothing?!” said Noah. Chris nodded. “I am not doing that again” said Noah. In the confessional, Chef said: “Wait until tomorrow!”

The rain begun to pour. “Well, I am going to go in my crib. Chef, you in?” asked Chris. Chef nodded and walked in. “HEY! What about us?!” said Harold. “You can stay, but it’s too small for this much people” said Chris. “And coconuts” said Owen. “Uhh… yeah. So, send your votes in and I’ll see you later” said Chris.

Hours later, everyone casted their votes. “Well, tonight is a double elimination!” said Chris at the campfire ceremony. “If I call your name, you are safe!” said Chris. “Harold, Webby and Owen!” Chris continued. “Beth, Mr. Coconut and Noah… this is the final marshmallow” said Chris. “Mr. Coconut counts?!” asked Noah. Chris nodded.

“But he’s just a coconut, if you can’t see. He can’t move, walk, talk or breathe!” said Noah. Someone breathed like Darth Vader. “Never mind about breathing” said Noah. “No, sorry, that was just me. I drank too much rain water” said Harold. “Never mind about that again” said Noah, rolling his eyes.

“The final marshmallow goes to…” said Chris.

“NOAH!” said Chris. “Sorry Beth and Mr. Coconut, you both have been eliminated” Chris continued. “But, NO!” said Owen. “Bye Mr. Coconut” said Harold and Webby. Chef threw Beth in the Boat of Losers and Mr. Coconut in the lake. “My summer friend” sighed Owen.

“There goes another fantastic episode of Total Drama Island!” said Chris. "Don't worry Mr. Coconut, I'll never let go" said Owen, ending the episode.

Chapter 24: Are We There Yeti?!

Chris dropped the campers, who were in beds in the forest. "They need to surivive this!" said Chris. In a few minutes, Owen woke up and said, "Not again".

(theme song plays)

Chris, who was still in the helicopter said, "Good morning campers!" Everyone woke up. "That's better. Today's a race to the campsite... again and the teams are Harold and Owen AND Noah and Webby. You'll get a campbag to help you out in this challenge! First team back to the camp wins immunity!" said Chris, taking off.

"Seriously?!" said Harold. "Let's go!" said Noah, walking toward one way. Noah whispered something to Webby. "Good, let's do it" said Webby, walking with Noah to the left. In the confessional, Webby said: "I am actually happy Noah is in my team, because I can get an advantage, because he is smart". In the confessional, Harold said: "I want Noah on my team".

Two different people were watching the show. "Spoiler alert. Owen goes home" said one. "The episode is live and the elimination wasn't on yet, you idiot" said the other. Noah said, "We need to go to the right". Webby and Noah walked to the right. Noah grabbed a book and said, "Okay, now we need to walk straight for a whlle".

Owen and Harold walked the other way. A sasquatch walked behind them and Harold, thinking Owen was behind him said, "Get away from my head". "But, I am here" said Owen. Harold and Owen turned around and Harold yelled: "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Then, he ran off. "Poor Wimpy Harold" said Owen.

"Harold, don't be scared. It's just Izzy" said Owen, ripping up a slice of the sasquatch's hair. The sasquatch roared. One of the two people said, "Godzilla reference much? "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Owen. Owen ran off with the sasquatch chasing him.

Harold ran. "I knew I should've joined Sasquatch Steve's Running From a Sasquatch Camp" said Harold. Owen nodded, while running. Soon, Harold and Owen outran the sasqautch. "Hey! We are kinda close to camp!" said Harold, recognizing the close camp. Harold ran close to it, when he noticed that there was a cliff before making it.

"Why does something always ruin the greatest moments?!" he cried. "I am not jumping off that cliff. Did it, done it" said Owen. "But don't you want immunity?!" said Harold. "It'll kill me" said Owen. One of the people said, "Told you he'll go home. He'll just lose the challenge for Harold!"

Noah walked closer and closer to the camp. "Can't we speed things up?" said Webby, looking up at Harold and Owen. "Well, we can use the backpack!" said Harold, opening it. "What will that give use?!" said Owen. Harold grabbed a pair of floaties and gave it to Owen.

Webby watched the scene, when Harold gave Owen floaties. "Let's errr... go" said Webby. Noah said, "Hurry up slow poke". "You should be talking" mumbled Webby. "I am not doing this for my health" said Noah, walking toward the camp. "Okay" sighed Webby.

"So, let's do this thing!" yelled Harold, jumping off the cliff into the water. Then, swimming out. Harold then yelled, "Let's go Owen!" "Any sharks?!" asked Owen from the top. "Nope" said Harold. "There goes Owen" said one of them. Owen jumped off the cliff with his eyes closed and made it in.

Something bubbled under him. Harold looked closely down and yelled, "OWEN! SWIM OUT NOW!" In the confessional, Harold said: "I am not going to tell him it was a shark or else he'll have a mental breakdown and make Mr. Shark". "But I don't know how to swim" said Owen. "Oh crap" said Harold. "This is why they shouldn't have voted off the hot Bridgette" said one of the two people.

"Well, this is why I went to Water Safety Steve's Pollywog poll, with the flying pollywogs, which suck their fins!" said Harold. Harold walked in and swam to Owen. He got on Owen's back and said, "To my lady fans, this may look wrong". Harold kicked his feet and did CPR on Owen in the shore. "This went better than the oil spill in 2010" said Harold, taking a breather.

Chris rang a horn and said, "Noah and Webby win immunity!" "That was fast" said Owen. Harold sighed. Soon, Harold and Owen found their way to camp. "You mean there was a small shortcut from the start?!" said Harold. Chris nodded. "GOSH!" said Harold. "Noah, Webby and... Chef" Chris winked. "Pick someone to get eliminated between Harold and Owen" Chris continued.

One person said, "Ha! I knew Harold and Owen will lose and Owen will go home!" "Shut up" said the other. Soon, the three votes were cast and Chris said, "Congratulations to Noah and Webby. You are making it to the final three... with............". In the confessional, Webby said: "I am going to be stuck with Noah. At least we won the challenge. Now, if Owen goes, I am going to be stuck with two people I hate".

Chef grabbed the final marshmallow and threw it at Harold. Harold fell down, from the Harold throw. "Chubby, you're out!" said Chef. "How?!" said Webby. Noah smiled and Chef snickered. Webby sighed. "Bye Owen, we'll miss you" said Webby. "I'll root for you back wherever! Izzy, here I come!" said Owen, snapping and then disappearing. "How did he do that?!" said Webby. "That's probably just a CGI scene Chris added" said Noah. "Umm... no" said Chris. "Then, I really don't care. He's probably hiding under a tree with a coconut" said Noah.

In the confessional, Owen said: "I learned that from Hot Izzy's Cool Trick Camp. That is the best camp ever. Even better than Steve's camps!" Owen then snapped again and disappeared. In the confessional, Harold said: "Izzy has a camp?" "What a loss" said Noah, sarcastically. "You really need to learn how to be nice" said Webby, rolling his eyes.

"So, I get that for winning you a challenge?" said Noah. "If Leshawna was here, I would've shown my mad skillz!" said Harold. "Yeah right" said Noah and Webby walking away. Harold sighed. The scene then cut to Chris. "Join us next time for a more enjoyable, longer episode of Total Drama Island!" said Chris.

Chapter 25: I Triple Dog Dare You!

"Last time on the fastest Total Drama Island up to date, Noah navigated Webby to the camp so fast that I wasn't finished picking the returnees to the following season! ARGH! Now, we need another episode. In the end, Owen got eliminated and now it's the final three. I triple dog dare you to watch this episode of... Total Drama ISLAND!" said Chris.

(theme song plays)

"So, today's challenge is a classic game of I triple dog dare you!" said Chris. "Why not a read off?" said Noah. "We would... if this show was called Total Drama Academy, which was taken by my best pal Ryan" said Chris. "So, what are the dares?!" asked Harold.

"We'll find out in a moment" said Chris. "Anyways, this is the wheel you'll spin and..." said Chris, before Harold said: "That's the Mercy Wheel". "With pwn pictures!" said Chris, smiling. "We have pictures of: Owen, Beth, Mr. Coconut, DJ, Zeke, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Cody, Trent, Izzy, Tyler, Eva, Jus... tin, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, Geoff and Bridgette!" said Chris.

"Mr. Coconut isn't a real contestant!" said Noah. "How did he got on the elimination table" said Chris. "I don't know. Some idiot probably wrote that" said Noah. "Because you called me an idiot, which isn't true. I can smell a downfall for you" said Chris. "Yeah right, you don't pick the dares. They do" said Noah.

"Okay, so spin the wheel and do the dare. You all have a weird... bottle thing" said Chris. "Oooh!" said Harold, trying to play a song with his. "And those are the bottles that Courtney used to clean Owen's... poop in the communal bathrooms" said Chris. Harold threw the bottle and fainted. "He's alive" said Chris, rolling his eyes. "Just kidding about that, those are just old soda bottles we decided to save the environment and reuse them for... stuff" said Chris.

In the confessional, Noah said: "Chris and the environment, yeah right". A few minutes later, Harold got up. "Okay" said Chris. "So, you should use these, so if you land on a dare you don't want to do... you won't have to do it" Chris continued. "It's easy to just not do any all together" said Noah, rolling his eyes.

"Oh yeah, did I say that this challenge is a SUDDEN DEATH challenge" said Chris. Harold and Webby gasped. "So, if we don't do the dare and we had no freebies at the time, we are out" said Noah. Chris nodded. "Now, I think we explained everything! Let's begin the first official Total Drama Island Dare Contest!" said Chris. "Noah, you're first" said Chris. Noah walked up to the wheel.

Noah spun the wheel. It landed on Heather, "What does this fail lame-o have in store for me?" said Noah. "Oooh, something you probably won't do" said Chris. "Mhm, what is it?" said Noah. "Text to Samantha's boyfriend and tell him that Samantha told you that Samantha is finished with you" said Chris.

"Phones? Can't we do something... like the postal service?" said Noah. "Nope. She said text" said Chris, passing Noah a cellphone. Noah dropped it. "Whoops" said Noah. In the confessional, Chris said: "There goes some money from intern fifteen's budget, not mine". Then, Chris winked.

Chris walked over to Noah and gave him another cellphone. "How do you text?" he asked. "I don't know, you are the genius" said Chris. Soon, Noah texted a message to Samantha. At Playa Des Loser, Heather said: "That's what happens if you call me a cow". Chris added the cellphone number and sent the message. "Okay Noah, who's next? Webby or Harold?" asked Chris.

"Harold" said Noah, grinning and walking back to his seat. Harold spin the wheel. It landed on Leshawna. Harold gasped. "I can't take the pain!" Harold begun to cry. "You have fifteen more seconds of fame left, so don't waste my time!" said Chris. Chris read a card that said: "Go buy me some soda". "Where is the supermarket here?!" said Harold.

"Let's get the map!" said Noah, sarcastically. The map appeared on screen and begun to sing, "I am a map, map, map, map. I AM THE MAP!". Chris stepped on it. "We have too many spoofs and parodies already. Can we stop asking the kids what to do and focus on the dare?" said Chris. "Okay" said Noah.

Harold ran to an intern and said, "I don't want to do this, but I know kung--". Then, Harold accidently kicked the intern in the face when he said "Fu". Harold took the soda, and whistled away from it. "Harold moves on!" said Chris. "Yay!" said Harold. "Next, is the silent Webby" said Chris. "Spin the wheel" Chris continued.

Webby spun the wheel, which landed on Ezekiel. "Okay Webby, you may not like this, buuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt..." said Chris. In the confessional, Harold said: "Back off Webby! Leshawna is mine, well... not her butt". "I won't admit love on her butt!" said Webby, taking the paper bag off his head.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" said Harold. Noah laughed and Chris tried to hold his laughing in. "I had a bad hair day. So what?!" said Webby. "Burn my eyes!" said Harold on the floor. "Leshawna, I umm..." said Webby.

What Webby said was replaced by a bleep noise. "But he didn't swear!" complained Harold. "But, it was dangerous" said Webby. "Well, that was per request. He's in. So, Noah is up again!" said Chris. "But, before Noah spins, congratulations to Johnny Davis for winning the music contest. You are going to be a proud sponsor of this fantastic show!" said Chris.

"Good job Johnny Davis. You will probably be thinking what lifetime thoughts got you into this and start regretting joining" said Noah. Noah spun the wheel and it landed on Katie and Sadie. "Mhm" said Chris. "Kiss a fish" said Chris. Noah gave Chris his freebie. "No thank you, they probably kissed it after Owen ate it already" said Noah, rolling his eyes.

"By the way, if you do a dare, you get a freebie" Chris continued, handing out another freebie to everyone. Noah smiled. In the confessional, Noah said: "I am not losing". "Harold is up!" said Chris. Harold spun the wheel, which landed on DJ.

"Have a stare-off with Chef in his psycho killer costume and don't lose!" said Chris. Chris pulled a chair near Harold and Chef sat in it. For a few minutes, Chef and Harold stared at each other. "Blink already fools!" said Noah. "Shut up weakling" said Chef, blinking. "HAROLD MOVES ON!" said Chris. Harold begun to blink fast over and over again, as Chris gave Harold a freebie.

Harold grabbed a notepad, which was in his pocket and wrote Chef. "What is that?" said Webby. "The people I beat in the staring contest!" said Harold. "Weirdo" said Webby, walking up to the wheel. "Spin the wheel, Webby!" said Chris. It landed on Heather. "Ummm..." said Chris. Chris, then moved the wheel to Beth.

"You can't just do that!" said Webby. "But I am the host... and I can do whatever I want!" said Chris. In the confessional, Webby said: "I hate him so much!" "Beth's dare is to regret voting her off" said Chris. "But she did it to herself and..." said Webby, before Chris said: "You can always use that freebie".

"No, I need it!" said Webby. "Then, do the challenge you chicken" said Chris. "Fine..." said Webby. "But can I call her what I want to?" Weby continued. "Sure" said Chris. "Good!" said Webby. "I regret voting the cow off the show" Webby said, smiling. "Webby, you just got yourself a freebie" said Chris, throwing him a freebie.

Webby caught it and put it on the table. Then, he put his paper bag back on. "Noah, you are--" said Chris. "I know, I know Chris. I know the flow already" said Noah, walking up to the wheel. "Not up" winked Chris. "You just made me get my butt up here for nothing" said Noah, walking back. In the confessional, Webby said with his paper bag on: "Lazy butt he means".

"I didn't say that you can come up or you were up" winked Chris again. "So, who's up?!" asked Webby, with a paper bag on him. "Harold" Chris said. Harold walked up to the wheel. "Before we move on, l want to just remind you all that Noah has a freebie, Harold has three freebies and same goes for the three-freebie Webby, but things may change" Chris winked. In the confessional, Chris said: "Where's the drama?!"

Harold spun the wheel and it landed on Owen. "Give a hug to your enemy" said Chris. Harold stared at Noah. Harold walked up to him and Noah said, "Please don't". Harold hugged him and walked back. "Ow, you hurt my arms" complained Noah. "I guess you are out" said Chris. "Haha, no. Just kidding" said Noah.

"Anyways, you are up, Noah!" said Chris, passing Harold another freebie. Noah spun the wheel, which landed on Lindsay. "Jump off a cliff" said Chris. "You aren't going to do anything about that?" said Noah. Chris nodded. "What if I die?" said Noah. "I wouldn't ca-- just use that freebie. We aren't changing it" said Chris. Noah grabbed his freebie and gave it to Chris.

"Webby, you are up!" said Chris. Webby took off the paper bag and spun the wheel. The wheel landed on Cody. "Put ice in your shirt" said Chris. Webby grabbed some ice and put it down his back. "So simple" said Webby, grabbing another frebbie. "This is just sad. Webby and Harold have four freebies and Noah has none" said Chris.

"Want to try these dares?" said Noah. "Well, this may change, because Noah is up again!" said Chris, smiling. Noah walked up and spun the wheel. It landed on Justin. "What does this circus freak have for me?" said Noah. In Playa Des Losers, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay and Justin said, "Circus freak?!"

"Have eggs pelted at you" said Chris. Noah sighed and nodded. Chef grabbed some eggs in a basket and begun to throw them at Noah. "Ready, aim, FIRE!" said Chef, aiming one at Noah's head. Noah fell down and said, "Can use some help". Everyone laughed. Once Noah finally got up, Chris said: "Use this freebie wisely!"

Then, Chris gave Noah a freebie and Noah walked back to his seat. "Harold, you're up!" said Chris. Harold spun the wheel and it landed on Bridgette. "Oooh, she thought good on this" said Chris. Harold gulped. "Lick the toilet seats in the communal bathroom" said Chris. "Ewwwwwww, she thought good, but too good!" said Harold, giving Chris a freebie.

"Webby has four freebies, Harold has three frebbies and Noah has one freebie, but again, this may change" said Chris. Webby walked up to the wheel and spun it. It landed on Eva. "Wear a bee coat" said Chris. Webby tossed Chris a freebie. "Now, Harold and Webby have three freebies and Noah still has one!" said Chris.

In the confessional, Chris said: "These weirdos are freaks. I wouldn't do any of this, but I am the host. Someone should get out already". Noah walked up to the wheel and spun it. It landed on Courtney. "They can't do that!" said Chris. In Playa Des Losers, Courtney said: "Yes I can, I deserve to be in the final three! I DESERVE TO BE IN THE FINAL THREE!"

"Insult the producers of the current game and reality show, Total Drama Island in any possible way or ways you can" said Chris. "The producers of this show are" said Noah, before Chris said, "Let's skip this moment and go to be right back mode. I don't think it'll be pretty for you or the producers to watch".

"We are back!" said Chris, fifty eight seconds later. Chris handed Noah a freebie. "Okay, now this is getting close" said Chris. "Hey, Webby" said Harold, whispering to Webby. "Yes, Harold?!" asked Webby. "I think we should team up to eliminate Noah" said Harold. "I like that idea" said Webby. "So, are you in?" "Yes". "Good!"

"Hey, Chris. Can I use all three of my freebies?!" asked Harold. Chris nodded. "Who would you like to pick to go?!" said Chris. "You can't just do that" complained Noah. "You can do that when you are up" said Chris. "Noah" said Harold. "I use my two freebies" said Noah, in a smile.

"But, there's still one more left for you" said Harold. In the confessional, Harold said: "Be ready for the final two ninjas!" In the confessional, Webby said: "If Noah does this, I still have two more freebies to use on him!" Noah spun the wheel and it landed on Tyler. "Wrestle Donkey Kong in a video game" said Chris.

"I don't do video games" said Noah. "Then I guess you won't get the ticket to the final two" said Chris. "Do you have to win?" asked Noah. "Nope, didn't say so on here" said Chris. Noah put on the video game and as he was playing, Chris said: "Webby, you are up!" "I would like to use my three freebies!" said Webby. In the confessional, Chris said: "Now this is the drama. I think they are targeting for Noah".

"On who?" asked Chris. "Noah" said Webby. "Seriously!" said Noah. "Mhm" said Webby. Chris gave Noah another freebie and shut off the video game. "Do it yourself next time, slacker" said Chris. Noah spun the wheel and it landed on Izzy. "Win a fight with a bear!" said Chris. Noah passed over his last freebie. "Two more spins" winked Chris.

The next spin landed on Mr. Coconut. "What the heck does he have that I wouldn't like?" asked Noah. "You should take that question back, it's something you'll defiantly hate" said Chris. "What is it?" asked Noah. "Throw a book you like in the garbage" said Chris. "Woah!" said Harold. "Mr. Coconut rules!" said Webby. Harold nodded.

"Will he do it?" asked Chris. "All these questions and more will be answered after I finish this sentence!" said Chris. "I will..." said Noah.

Noah sighed. "Not do it. Of course I wouldn't throw a good book in the garbage. Good books are fun to read for your information. And I don't care if I get eliminated, because a coconut didn't play the game. The coconut didn't play the game!" said Noah.

"Join us next time for the final two, Webby and Harold!" said Chris, walking Harold, Webby and Noah to the Boat of Losers. "Hey, Chef. Get the other losers to come back. Noah can use the trip" said Chris. Webby and Harold exchanged high-fives.

Chapter 26: The Very Last Episode, Really?!

"We saw the eliminations from everyone but Harold and Webby and one of them is going to win... the one hundred thousand dollars!" said Chris, blowing a kazoo. "Today is the ultimate race to prove the winner!" Chris continued. "All right now on Total Drama ISLAND!" said Chris.

(theme song plays)

Two boats came to the island, roaring the horns, waking up Harold and Webby. All the eliminated campers walked off the boat. "YAY! I get to play again!" said Lindsay. "Mhm, no. We aren't. We get to watch!" said Heather. "Hey, I remember that bush! And I remember that tree! Oh my goodness! That's where I set a fire!" said Izzy. "Good for you" said Noah.

"I am taking a shower" said Heather. Chef blocked the communal bathrooms. "Will you mind?!" said Heather. Chef pointed to the seats. "I don't care about them" said Heather. "SIT!" yelled Chef. "Whiny" said Heather, walking away.

Chris grabbed a microphone and said, "Go to the green side if you want Harold to win and the yellow side if you want Webby to win. You may help them and cheer for them throughout this final challenge!" Lindsay, Heather, Owen, Duncan, Katie, Sadie, Gwen, Cody, Trent, Ezekiel, Geoff and Bridgette went to the yellow side to cheer for Webby, as Justin, Leshawna, Justin, Izzy, Noah, Beth, Tyler and Eva went to the green side to cheer for Harold.

Courtney sat down in the middle of both sides. "Shouldn't you be sitting on the yellow or green side?" said Chris. "I am on the purple side" said Courtney. "And who's side is that?!" asked Noah. "Your bratty sister's?" Noah continued. "No, you failure at life. That's my side for your information" said Courtney. "Let her do what she wants" said Chris.

"Ooooh! Can I join the purple side?!" asked Lindsay. "Sure!" smiled Courtney. "Don't you want to be with me" winked Heather. "Not really, I like purple and Corny!" said Lindsay. "Fine, then I won't be your friend" said Heather. Lindsay gasped. "I like Heather more Corny. Sorry" said Lindsay. "Good" said Heather, smiling.

Webby and Harold walked outside and a cricket chirped. "None of my fans like me?!" said Harold, staring at Webby's fans. "Ummm... those aren't your fans..." said Chris, pointing to the eight people on the opposite side of Webby's fans. Webby smiled. "Before this final challenge, both of you will tell them what you'll do with the money in a thirty second timing" said Chris.

"Harold first!" said Chris. "Well, I would first love to thank my--" said Harold. "Time's up!" winked Chris. "But I didn't begin!" said Harold. "Save your wining for later" said Noah. "By the way, you can switch sides if you want!" Chris continued. Noah and Izzy walked over to Webby's side. Webby smiled and Harold said, "Gosh! This game is so unfair!" "It is plenty fair. If it was unfair, I would automatically eliminate you right now" said Chris.

"Webby can go!" said Chris. Before Webby can let out a sound, Chris said, "Time's up". In the confessional, Chris said: "What?! I am saving time for the next episode!" "Now, can your final finalist get their speech?!" asked Courtney. "You are out Courtney. How can that not be in your head already but now?!" said Chris.

"Okay, today's final challenge is just a good ol' classic race around Camp Wawanawka! You need to grab a flag from on top of a pole, then trade it for an egg in a nest. Then, walk across a small unsteady piece of wood, with sharks below you. Then, just run to the finish, after you put the egg down!" said Chris.

"Buttt... you are also going to be wearing farm animal costumes. Webby, you are wearing a pig and since Beth is a cow, Harold, you are going to be wearing a horse!" said Chris. "Good, you did not give me a farm animal!" said Courtney. "You shouldn't be talking. You are one" said Chris. "Owned!" said Ezekiel. "You have no idea what that means!" said Chef.

"Are we ready?!" asked Chris. "Yes" said Webby. "No, Popular101?!" said Harold. "Is that me?!" asked Lindsay. "Tap Heather!" said Harold. Lindsay punched Heather. "OW!" Heather said. "I said tap" said Harold. "Sorry" said Lindsay. "Why aren't you on my side?!" said Harold. "It's life, deal with it" said Heather. "I like that reason. Yeah, Harry! It's life, meal with it" said Lindsay. "I said deal with it" said Heather, rolling her eyes. "Ooooh!" said Lindsay, smiling.

"Now, are we all ready?!" said Chris. "Wait, I need to do a few stretches!" said Courtney. In the confessional, Chris said: "Courtney is probably going to die out there and it won't be our fault!" Courtney got on the line. "Oooh! Can I play?!" asked Lindsay. "I WANT TO PLAY TOO!" said Katie and Sadie. "No, no, no! Only Harold and Webby!" said Chris. "And me" said Courtney. "Ignore her okay?!" said Chris.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" said Chris. Webby and Harold ran toward the pole and both climbed up. Owen tried to run to Webby and lift him up. Webby grabbed the flag and slid down. Harold had some trouble climbing up, so Leshawna came and lifted Harold up and Harold got the flag. "Thanks Leshawna" said Harold. "Come on sugar baby, now is no time for daydreaming!" said Leshawna. "Day-what?! Oh!" said Harold, running off. "Webby is in the lead just by a few feet!" said Chris.

"Where's my flag?!" said Courtney to Chris. Chris turned around. "Your what?!" asked Chris. "My flag!" said Courtney. "You aren't playing, remember?!" said Chris. "Yes, I am!" said Courtney, reaching for her cellphone. Chris gave Courtney a purple flag. "Want a boost?!" said Chris. Courtney nodded. Chris stood in front of Courtney. "What are you doing?!" said Courtney. "Giving you a boost" winked Chris, pushing Courtney back. Courtney fell down and said, "Duncan. I can use some help".

In the confessional, Duncan said: "Courtney deserved that, but I guess I can help". Duncan walked for a bit, near Courtney. "Can you come a bit faster?!" asked Courtney. Duncan ran over and helped Courtney up. "Thank you" said Courtney. Duncan grunted and went back to his seat. "Moody" said Courtney, running off. "Someone should be talking" said Duncan. Beth nodded.

Webby dropped the flag, when he reached the nest. "Don't freak out, don't freak out!" said Webby, grabbing an egg. Webby turned around and saw the wood. "There goes nothing... but my life!" said Webby. Webby begun to walk on the unsteady wood. "Let's go Webby!" said Izzy, pushing Webby. "WOAH!" said Webby losing balance.

Harold ran and dropped the flag. He ran to the eggs and grabbed one. "Time for my skillz!" said Harold, on the wood. Heather walked in front of Harold. "Harold, if you stay on" said Heather, before the scene moved to Leshawna. Leshawna ran and said, "Something is up. Heather is there and Harold is stopping. She must very want Webby to win this game".

"And my alliance?" said Heather. "Okay" said Harold, still not moving. "Good" said Heather, walking away. Suddenly, a bird begun to attack the final two. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Harold and Webby. Webby ran fast out of the zone and put the egg down. Harold followed. "It's very close" said Chris.

"Chris, what about my wood? There's a green piece and a yellow piece, but no purple piece!" said Courtney. "Oh, Chef!" said Chris. Chef knocked down the two yellow and green pieces of wood into the lake and the sharks ate it. "There's your imaginary purple wood" said Chef. "Haha, real funny. No, seriously. Where is my wood?!" said Courtney. Chef dragged a piece of wood and Courtney said, "Hurry! They are getting closer and closer to win!".

In the confessional, Chris said: "And she is getting farther and farther from winning!" Chef painted it purple slowly and put it on. Courtney ran on the wood, past the eagle and put the egg in the nest. Then, she ran. She saw Harold and Webby in this distance. In the confessional, Courtney said: "Somehow I need to get ahead of them and win..."

Courtney continued to run and saw an Intergalatic Big Shooting Car That Is Used For Safety, Naw Naw, Just Kidding Car. "Oh my goodness!" said Courtney, "an Intergalatic Big Shooting Car That Is Used For Safety, Naw Naw, Just Kidding Car".

Courtney got in the car. "Be ready for something unrealistic!" she said. "Rainbow zebras!" said Owen, watching a rainbow zebra prancing across the grass. In the confessional, Chris said: "I just edited it and pretended there was one". "A rainbow zebra? Is this a show for kindergardeners?!" said Courtney. At the same time, kindergardeners were watching the show and said, "I wike da wainbow zeeba!" "Oh no, my mommy is coming. Change da channel!" said another kid.

"Not what I meant when I said unrealistic!" said Courtney. She put on her seatbelt and took off. "So long suckers!" said Courtney to Chef, who was running. "No! My car" said Chef. "Now, we got to work with the Giant Dumb Old Flat Tire Bum Plane, Naw Naw, Just Kidding Car. I love this series though" said Chef, getting on the slow car.

"Powerpuff chefs, AWAY!" said Chef driving slowly. A tree fell on the car. "Crap!" said Chef. Chef got out without a bruise and began to run off. "I smell one hundred thousand bucks!" said Webby. "No, you don't!" said Harold, right next to Webby. Courtney speeded right next to them. "So long suckers!" said Courtney pressing a button on the car.

A net fell on top of Webby and Harold. "Haha!" said Courtney, still driving. "Courtney, I think you should..." said Justin, before Courtney crashed into the side of the finish line. In the confessional, Justin said: "She is so ugly". Izzy untangled Webby and said, "Let's go!"

Harold got out of the net right after Webby, who took a good lead. "Webby, your shoe is umm... untied!" said Harold. "No, it's not!" said Webby, tripping. "Oh crap, it is!" said Webby. "Need to do this fast! Need to do this fast!" said Webby, tying his shoes as fast as he can. Harold, however took the lead. "Need to catch up!" said Webby, beginning to run hard.

In the confessional, Chris said: "Who made this so long?!" Smoke begun to come out of Courtney's car. "Don't worry, it won't set on fire" said Chris. The car set on fire. "Ummm... the finish line is... the two bleachers!" said Chris. Courtney tumbled away down a hill. "Don't worry, she won't get seriously hurt" said Chris.

Courtney rolled into a bush. "Uhhh... and here they come! Harold and Webby!" said Chris. Harold crossed the burned finish line, as Webby followed second. "Who will win? Find out in the next episode, in a few seconds on Total, Drama ISLAND!" said Chris.

Chapter 27: Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island!

Webby ran into the bleachers. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Webby. "YES!" said Harold, dancing around the fire. "WEBBY WINS TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!" said Chris. "What?!" said Harold, who stopped dancing. "I let you d-WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" said Webby. "You heard me! Webby has won the money!" said Chris.

"YES!" said Webby. Courtney woke up and asked, "Did I win? Where is everyone?!" She looked around and saw everyone. "No!" she said. "I demand a redo!" she said, walking up to Chris. "Webby has won the game..." said Chris. Webby smiled. "However, if you want to win more money while you have this, you can do that if you just say yes. If you just want this money and nothing else Webby, say no" said Chris. "I want to get more money!" said Webby.

"Awesome!" said Owen. "How do I get more money?" asked Webby. "Chip, does it fall off a tree?!" asked Lindsay. In the confessional, Heather said: "Her brain probably fell off one". "Okay all, me and the producers have picked everyone and a few of you will go on each boat" said Chris.

"If I call your name, go on the pink boat. Webby, Izzy, Tyler, Trent, Gwen, Justin, DJ, Owen, Duncan, Heather, Lindsay, Courtney, Beth and Sadie!" said Chris. "Wait, Katie and I are going to be separated?!" said Sadie. "Nooooooooo!" said Katie. "I'll miss you" said Sadie. "I'll miss you more!" said Katie.

"The rest of you, go to the purple boat!" said Chris. Everyone walked on the two boats. An intern drove each boat away. "Why do I always get no lines?" asked Cody. "Shut up, Cody" said Noah, rolling his eyes.

The purple boat stopped at a mysterious studio with people in there. Everyone on the boat walked off into the studio. "I can see the librarian of the St. Lois Library of Canada! You packed the wrong books!" said Noah. "You are all not competing in the second season, but you'll be in the Aftermaths!" said Chris, over the loudspeaker. "That sounds like a lame excuse to keep us in the game" said Noah. "Well, it's not" winked Chris, still talking over the loudspeaker.

The rest of the campers were left in an abandoned film lot. "You all are competing in SEASON TWO!" said Chris. "Yay! I love film sets, especially abandoned ones like these. Imagine if there was a ghost here. Everyone will be AAHHH! And I'll be biting it and flying with. Hahaha! Sometimes, I confuse myself!" said Izzy, speed-talking, ending the first season.

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
3rd Noah Debuts in Episode 23. LOW WIN OUT TDA
5/6th Mr. Coconut Debuts in Episode 23. OUT TDA
23rd Izzy IN IN OUT TDA
24th Cody IN OUT TDA

Color Code

  •      TDA: Moved on to Total Drama Action.
  •      TDA: Didn't move on to Total Drama Action.
  •      WIN: Won the competition.
  •      WIN: Was on winning team.
  •      WIN: Won individual challenge or won for their team.
  •      IN: Got a a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.
  •      LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.
  •      OUT: Voted off in this episode.

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