Wiki Rules

This is a list of rules to be followed on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki.

  1. All chapters to a story must be on ONE page. If that one page isn't the story's main page, then the chapters page must be set up as a subpage to the story in the format, <story title>/<name of chapters page>.
  2. Don't make a story page look like a fake reference article. This is not a reference wiki.
  3. Character pages must contain at least 100 words of meaningful information beyond what is in the infobox (if any). An infobox and a picture are not enough.
  4. Character pages that are not set up as a subpage to a story must include links to the story (or stories) that the character appears in.
  5. Character page names for canon Total Drama characters must follow the format, Character Name (Story identifier) to distinguish the fanfic portrayal from the canon portrayal.
  6. Contest stories, and the associated character pages, may only be reserved when the previous season is at the final five.
  7. Non-contest stories may only be reserved when the previous season is three-fourths of the way done.
  8. Using another person's character or image without their consent is strictly prohibited. This applies to modifying or recoloring the picture, and using it as your own character. This does not apply to recoloring for fun.
  9. We encourage constructive criticism of stories--that's how authors improve--but insulting an author or his work is forbidden. (As level of criticism is subjective, the offended author will state their opinion on the critic's comment, and the admins will decide if it is ban-worthy.) Bullying and harassment in any form is against wikia rules.
  10. Advertising characters, stories, other wikis, etc. on a person's talk page when they are not subscribed to the advertiser is not allowed. Exceptions include if the two are working on a story together, or they were discussing another person's story. You may set up a Subscribers' List for people who want to be informed of these things.
  11. Pages for character friendships, conflicts, etc. are not allowed except as follows: All such interactions within a story may be collected (in a table, for example) in a single subpage named in the format, <story title>/<subpage name>.
  12. Pages for minor characters are allowed, and can be either one character per page (if they have enough content) or one page for multiple characters.
  13. Team pages are allowed, but their page names must follow the format, (story title)/(team name). This will make the team page a subpage to the story, reducing clutter.
  14. Creating camps on this wiki is prohibited. Camps have their own wiki already.
  15. Although most wikis don't recognize ownership of articles, we do because of the nature of our content. Do not edit someone else's story pages or character pages without permission, and do not use someone else's characters or artwork without permission. Screencaps, specialty page layouts and most templates don't have owners, and so can be used by anyone.
  16. Offensive and derogatory comments are not allowed. We understand that people sometimes give offense without meaning to, but think before you type.
  17. Impersonating other users, past or present, is strictly forbidden. This includes creating new accounts with usernames that closely resemble the name of an existing user.

When a rule is broken, the admins shall determine whether a ban is appropriate and, if so, the length of the ban.


Rules for "Dead" Stories

  1. Unfinished stories that haven't had a significant update in six months may be deleted at the discretion of the administrators. In most cases, "significant update" means one full chapter or equivalent support material.
  2. If the story has substantial progress (i.e. a full chapter or equivalent support material), the admins will try to contact the author before deleting it. The author will then have one week to respond. If the author does not respond to the notice, then the story and any associated character pages will be deleted.
  3. Character pages from a deleted story will remain if an active story is also using them.
  4. If the author responds to the deletion notice and states intent to continue the story, then the author must add substantial content (one full chapter or equivalent) within three months to keep the story active. If the author fails to make enough progress within three months, the story page and associated character pages may be deleted after three months at the discretion of the administrators, without further notice to the author.
  5. Pages that don't have significant content (e.g. a story page with nothing but a contestant roster) and are more than one month old may be deleted "on sight", without notice to the page creator. This rule is intended to prevent "squatting" on titles, since two articles can't share the same title. Sequel titles that have been properly reserved as noted in the previous section are exempt from this rule.
  6. If any user has gone over six months without making an edit on the wiki main space, then their work which has not gotten to the half way point (or in terms of longer works has not yet passed ten chapters in length) can be deleted "on sight" by admins at their discretion.  This rule is to prevent the lengthy process of deletion an administrator must go through if the user is no longer an active member of the community.  It is also meant to help reduce clutter in general.
  7. If the author wishes to revive/continue a story that has been deleted, the admins can restore the page(s) if nobody else has taken the page title(s) in the meantime.

Wiki Chat Rules

This is a list of rules to be followed on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wikia Chat.

  1. No profanity. The software will automatically censor some obscene words, but users will be held responsible for variations that get past the censor. Using asterisks (**) is okay, but in moderation. Four-letter words require at least two asterisks. Words used on Total Drama episodes ("damn", "crap", "sucks", and so on) are OK.
  2. Behave like a mature user on Wiki Chat. The required age to be on Wikia is 13 years old. Even if you're underage, you still must act the age.
  3. Posting pornography or other inappropriate pictures in chat will not be tolerated.
  4. No spamming. You may repeat a message if it is missed in a surge of messages, however do not say the same thing over and over or you will be kicked from chat.
  5. Any rude or offensive behavior will be resolved by being kicked or banned from chat.
  6. Do not purposefully start a fight or flame war, if you do by accident find an online admin to sort out the situation.
  7. Do not steal another user's avatar and poke fun at that user without their permission. If you do, you will be kicked from chat and forced to change back your avatar. If you do not comply, it may result in a ban depending on the rudeness.
  8. Respect other users.
    • If a user is disrespecting a newer user, they will be kicked as a warning. If the user does not stop disrespecting a newer user, they will be banned from chat for a day.
  9. Sockpuppetry is taken very seriously, due to past troubles with them. Sockpuppets will be dealt with by the established guidelines the admins have in place. If you have any questions about these guidelines, feel free to contact an admin.
  10. Harassment will not be tolerated. Derogatory remarks against another user's race, ethnic background, sexual preferences, etc. are prohibited. Additionally, do not put down another user for something they've chosen to share about their personal life or attack someone on their writing abilities. There is a difference between joking and harassment, if a user feels as if they are being harassed they should contact an admin and/or chatmod immediately to resolve the issue.
  11. No posting spoilers for future seasons of Total Drama. Also, please refrain from posting spoilers for any other reality-competition series (Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, etc.) out of respect for the other users in chat. If you wish to talk about it, chat about the show with others in private messaging.
    • This rule also applies to scripted television shows that have numerous plot-twists on a regular basis (The Walking Dead, Scandal, Revenge, etc.)
    • This rule also applies to fanfictions. It is rude to spoil eliminations or other plot-twists to other people who have not yet read the story.

When a rule is broken, the admins shall determine whether a ban is appropriate and, if so, the length of the ban.

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