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This is a What if Story,which takes place in Revenge of the Island However the this season contestant were from the last 3 Season, But the Story Takes place right after world Tour. Meaning there are some Similar parts from All stars mixed with the Radioactive island, Will Gwen and Courtney Patch things up, Will Contestants Surive this new Toxic enviroment,


As with the What if timeline the Only the Gen 1 Contestants will be in it along with one new, Instead of 13 the number is 20 Contestants. Each team will have 2 Leader's who are there Strategist and are high role within there team. 

Campers Episodes on the Island
Geoff 30/30 episodes
Izzy 30/30 episodes
Trent 29/30 episodes
Noah 28/30 episodes
Ludwig 27/30 episodes
Sierra 26/30 episode
Harold 24/30 episodes
Cody 22/30 episodes
Gwen 22/30 episodes
Owen 21/30 episodes
Duncan 17/30 episodes
Alejandro 16/30 episodes
Eva 14/30 episodes
Tyler 10/30 episodes
Heather 9/30 episodes
Courtney 8/30 episodes
Lindsay 5/30 episodes
Ezekiel 5/30 episodes
Justin 4/30 episodes
Leshawna 4/30 episodes
DJ 4/30 episodes
Beth 3/30 episodes


Team will be the Same from Revenge of the Island However 10 People on each team, Each team will get Two Leaders who are there Strategist, while the rest are just simple member's, The Images will change after each elimination or Swap, Until the merges commance, My OC Character Ludwig is not in present since i can't find any Oc Creator,  

The Final 2:

Geoff vs Izzy
Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.40.13 PM

Geoff vs Izzy Fate of Wawankwa

Mutant Maggots:

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 1.03.50 PM

All Members of the Mutant Maggots

Owen - The Big Guy 

Harold - Dweeb 

Sierra - Obseesive Uber Fan 

Cody - Geek

Izzy - Psyhco Hose Beast 

Leshawna - The Sassy Sister

Former Team Member's: 

  • Courtney Swaped to Toxic Rats in Chapter Four 
  • Trent Swapred to Toxic Rats in Chapter Six
  • Ludwig Swaped to Toxic Rats in Chapter Six

Fallen Team member's: 

  • Heather - Queen Bee ( Came 17th )
  • Tyler - The Wananabe Jock ( Came 16th )
  • Justin - The Alejandro Hater (Came 15th) 
  • Eva - The Bully ( Came 14th)

Toxic Rats: 

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 1.09.02 PM

All Member's of the Toxic Rats

Geoff - The Life of the Party

Gwen - Loner 

Noah - Smart Aleck

Ludwig - Mad Scientist 

Duncan - Delinquent 

Trent - Cool Guy 

Former Team Member's: 

Owen - Swaped to Mutant Maggots in Chapter Six

Fallen Team member's:  

  • Beth - The Wananbe ( Came 22nd )
  • DJ - The Teddy Bear ( Came 21st )
  • Ezekiel - The Home Schooled Guy ( Came 20th )
  • Lindsay - The Blondie ( Came 19th )
  • Courtney -  The Type A ( Came 18th )
  • Alejandro - The Arch Villian (Came 13th )

Chapter 1: Return to the Island

" This Episode of Total Drama Contains Scences of Extreme Stunts Performed by Animated Teens. Do Not try any of what you see here at home. Seriously you could get really messed up. 

Return to the Island
Season Island of Vengace, Episode One

Were going back to the Basic Right here on Camp Wawanka.

First Aired (CAN) 14 December
First Aired (USA) 13th December
Episode Guide
"Rain of Terror"

Chris: Welcome to Season 4 of Total Drama, Im your one and Only Host Chris Mclean.

Chris: You Maybe remeber that we have been to the Movie Studio and Around the World in the last two Season, But due to Popular Demand were going back to the Basic Right here on Camp Wawanka. 

Were going back to the Basic Right here on Camp Wawanka.

Chris: Im gonna Warn you now unlike the first season since we did not use the island in the last two seasons, some companys have been using this place as a Toxic Waste Dump, Thus Altering the Enviorment and Animals of the island.

Chris: Which I got to say I am Really Impressed with.

Chris then points up to the sky showing a Mutated Eagle with a Giant Bull's Horn on its head

Chris: But still the rules are no differnt all campers will stay in there Cabin's, Chef will be in Lunch hall duty, (Chef then walks past hold a Barrel of Radioactive Bread). and they will do Dangerous Challenge's and face elimination along with there fellow camper's.

Chris: Speaking of Camper's we gather the most conflicts from the past season and bring it Back to see if they can settle it once and for all.

Chris: Find out who they are after the Opening of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

< After Opening >

Chris: Ok Now just a Reminder this year's winner like all other season will win One Million Dollar's.

The Drama Machine then rolls up near him with the case and opens it to show its there.

Chris: Thank You Al I mean Drama Machine, well you out of there tommorow but first here are the Contestants 

The Screne then Goes to Giant tank from a far away distance away from the island

Chris: Just for the heck of it were launching the Campers to the Island by a tank it just makes things very ammusing to watch.

Chris: From Island and Action we bring back our Party Boy Geoff !

The Tank then Fires him as he is landing towards the island.

Geoff: Wow Way to make and entrance!

he said while he is in the air until he crash lands into the Sand in front of Chirs.

Chris: Welcom Back Geoff.

Chris: From All 3 Seasons including the Second one where she sued us, we bring back Courtney

The Tank than Fires her to the Island.


She yelled as she landed on the island.

Chris: Nothing ever is, speaking of Courtney her Ex Duncan.

Duncan: I had worse !

Duncan said as he lands on the island.

Geoff: Long time no see dude.

Geoff said as he high fives Duncan

Chris: Already with the reunion oh well Next Duncan's current girlFriend Gwen ! the Tank then fires Her.


as said as he is in and air until she lands into the Water.

Courtney: HA

Gwen then walks out of the water to the sand.

Duncan: You ok Babe.

Gwen: Yea

Chris: I Enjoy making things more Awkward Situations.

Geoff: How ?

Courtney, Duncan and Gwen all look at him.

Geoff: Oh

Chris: Time to make things even more awkward.

The Tank then Fires Trent To the Island.

Trent: Where'd you get the Giant Dinosaur Skull from

Chris: Just to make the island look cool.

Both Gwen, Courtney and Duncan continue to glans at each other

Chris: I love how this is going. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 7.23.44 PM

Chris: I Love how this is Going

Chris: Onto the Next Group of Camper's Izzy

However Chef gets out of the Tank.

Chef: I Can't find the Dam Girl ? 

Chris: Oh shes on her way.

Duncan: What's that ?

Duncan Points up to the sky.

A Massive Wooden Create Crashes below just were Ducan was standing before he ran.

Izzy Then Jumps out of the Create.

Izzy: That was Fun.

Gwen: What were you doing in the Create ? 

Izzy: Just talking with E-scope and Explosivo about the New Enviorment change on this island.

Courtney: What enviroment changes ?

Chris: I will explain that once everyone is here NEXT

Chef gets back into the tank and Fires Lindsay.

Lindsay: I feel like a plane

She said while she was in the air until she crashed into Izzy.

Lindsay: Hi Lizze

Courtney: I see not much has changed you Lindsay.

Lindsay: Your just saying that because i have a Boyfriend and you don't.

Duncan: HA 

Chris: Next

The Tank then Fires Tyler

Tyler: Woohoo Wawanka here i come

he then lands right into a Tree.

Tyler: Ouch

Lindsay: Hi Trent

Trent: Uh Lindsay you mean Tyler

Lindsay: Oh Which one is my boyfriend again.

Tyler: This is Gonna Take a while is it

Chris: Fire

The Tank then Fire Heather


She yells as she lands in the water, while the Drama Machine meter goes to smily face mode.

Heather: gr now my hair is all Wet.

Lindsay: au someone misses there honey bunny.

Everyone then Laughs.

Heather: Ha Alejandro no i glad he's coming I mean not coming back.

Geoff: Denial written all over Gal.

Chris: NEXT.

the Tank then Fires Noah.

Noah: First you Throw us off a Plane and now this, this show has no Logic.

Chirs: Glad you noticed.

Noah said as he crash right into the Drama Machine.

as Noah gets up he notice a part of the Drama Machine had fallen of showing Alejandro's Arm.

Noah: hm wait till Heather reacts. 

Noah said to himself as he quickly puts the fallen Piece back covering it.

Chris: NEXT.

The Tank then Fires Beth.

Beth: I always want to fly, sort of

she said as she lands in the water.

Suddenly Ezekiel walks up to Chris from behind.

Ezekiel: Hey guys.

Chris: ur didn't you turn into a lord of the Rings parody last season.

Ezekiel: Yea but that Toxic Waste Pool over there chaged me back eh

Chris: hm what the heck

Ezekiel: Alright eh

Chris: Next Person

The Tank then Fires out Haorld.

Harold: Tanks were Originally used in WW1 But Leonardo da Vinci had his Own Conecpt for them way back.

Harold said as he crash lands into Duncan.

Duncan: Next time you use me as a Pillow, You better Watch out !

Harold: Chef Shot me from there on Purpose GOSH !

The Tank then Fire Eva

she then fronflips lands onto the sand.

Chris: Nice Gymnasium move.

Eva: Whatever .

Chris: Ok Lets speed this up Chef Fire.

Chef: Whatever

Chef then Fires both Cody and Sierra.

Sierra: Ep its like were a Cannon Ball.

Cody: The Fact you won't get off me.

Then both land in the water.

Heather: How many people are coming.

Chris: Just three More.

Chris then points to the sky again.

they then see Owen and DJ Falling below.


A Massive Splash erroups as they land in the water.

Chris: Just like last season I like to spice things up by introducing a new Contestant.

That person then arrive's to the island on a Water Motor bike.

Chris: Introducing the Scientic Genius Ludwig Von Malmar.

Ludwig then takes of his helemt.

Ludwig: Greatings All.

Lindsay notice a Green Barell poking out of a Nerby Tree.

Lindsay: What's that green goo coming out of the Barrel over there.

Courtney: is that a Toxic Barrel ?

Chris: This Brings me to my next Announcement, Since we didn't use the island in the last two seasons I rented it to a Chemial Company to Dump there Toxic Waste here which has taken a Changed the Enviroment and when i said changed i mean Deadly.

DJ then notice a Squirrel 

DJ: That Squirrel doesn't look any differnt.

But then the Squirrel Sees a Lizard and Shoots a Lasre Beam At it and eats it.

Duncan: You were saying

DJ: (Con) Last Season I had a Terrible Problem with Animals, But now there Mutated I can't tell if there friendly or Dangerous anymore. ( Looking sad )

Izzy: Yes more deadifying Challenges.

Harold then notice a Two Head Fish With muscular Arms in the water.

Harold: Wow talk about Killer Bass

Chris: Speaking of Teams.

Heather: Wait you just gonna forget about all of Biohazzard objects that are on the island now because of you.

Chris: Yep to the mess hall everyone I will put you into teams there.

Gwen: (Con) I Hoping that me and Courtney will be on the same team because we can forget our rivalry and win as a team that's the Win Win for me.

Heather: (Con) I Can't Beleive that Chris is making us live on a Radioactive island full of Abomination.

Noah: (Con) Well Folks the Rumors are True, Welcome to the new Camp Wawanka.

DJ: (Con) One Reason i Came back here was because I lost my bunny ever since i left the island im hoping i could find it now with all these Nasty Radioactive thing, i Have to save my bunny now.

Chris: Ok The Team this year were Chosen by Conflicts and Pure Randomness.

Cody: (Con) I Praying that i get any team that is not with Sierra, even if its the new Team Victory.

They Then arrive at the Mess Hall.

Cody: Hmm i see this Place hasn't changed a bit.

Chris: Ok Lets begin with Team 1. Tyler, Trent, Sierra, Izzy, Courtney, Heather, Ludwig, Cody, Harold and Eva You are for now on The Mutant Maggots.

Heather: gr most disgusting team ever

Cody: No

Sierra: eee

Sierra then hugs Cody.

Tyler:(Con) Just my luck i Never get to be on the same team as Lindsay, Chris is enjoy this i know it.

Chris: Team 2, Duncan, Gwen, Beth, Lindsay, Owen, DJ, Noah, Geoff and Ezekiel your band of merry man are now The Toxic Rats.
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.41.55 PM

Toxic Rats vs Mutant Maggots

Duncan: nice

Courtney: You and Gwen Desever to be Rats.

Trent: That's a Bit Harsh.

Sierra: well it's what Courtney is like now my blog page talk about which couple is better but most of them wanted you and Gwen back.

Heather: Who cares Rats are A Extreme Pests.

Noah: Says The Maggot.

Beth: wait why is it Nine Against Ten

Chris: it's not your Team gets the Robot.

the Drama Machine rolls in towards the Rats.

Owen: Au Sweet a Robot.

The Drama Macgine then goes to Sad face when Owen Talks to it.

Harold: (Con) It's about time Chris Realize that Me and Duncan were never meant to be on the same team, but that's not even my biggest problem about this season, I MISS LESHAWNA ( Begins to Cry )

Geoff: (Con) Brigette If your watching this i love you babe ( waves at the camera )

Owen: (Con) This is the First Time me and Izzy are not on the same team but Izzy States that we never broke up which im happy about but I do feel sad for her that she lost the chance to be smart.

Chris: Now im giving you a One Hour Break Before we go to our First Challenge.


Duncan: No Owen you would break them I already dibs them.

Everyone then Jolts to there Cabins.

Trent: Maggots lets go West Cabin.

Ludwig: Fein By me

Owen Then arrives at the East Cabin Door as he enters he gets Stuck in the Door Way.

Noah: Your kidding Me !

Tyler: Ha Good Luck with the Cabins Rats and Lindsay.

Lindsay then waves back only to walk into the wall.

Beth: Well atleast our Cabin won't be that hard.

Lindsay: Yea theres only 4 Girls and 5 Beds.

Gwen: No Lindsay its just you me and Beth.

Lindsay: How much is that again.

Duncan, DJ and Geoff Manage to Get Owen Throught the Door only to find Five Beds

Geoff: Whoa it's like we never left it at all.

Ezekiel: I now what you mean eh

Duncan: Same Crud

DJ: wait But theres Seven Dude and only Five beds.

Chris: oh yeah i forgot to mention some of you might have to sleep on the floor unless the you want to join the girls Cabin.

Duncan : Dibs

Both Duncan and Noah head to the girls cabin.

Beth: ur why are you guys in here.

Duncan: Boys cabin were full and since there's only 3 of you and 2 extra beds, Where joining your slumber Party.

Noah: Unlike This guy im just gonna mind my own Business.

Duncan Then Notice Gwen feeling Down.

Duncan: What's the Matter with you doll Face.

Gwen: nothing i just feel a Little out of the Weather.

Gwen: (Con) I was Really hoping me and Courtney were on the same team, Don't get me wrong i still like Duncan but i just want the Three of use to Stop Fighting. (sigh)

Meanwhile at the Mutant Maggots Cabin.

Tyler: Five bed for Five guys yes 

Ludwig: I Pity the Toxic Rat's i heard that Since there were Seven boys and only five beds, Duncan und Noah hatte to move to the Girls Cabin, O Wait i don't pity them.

Cody: (Con) Nice Duncan i would do anything to sleep in the sameroom with Gwen, But i just Hope Chris doesn't Mention that Coeds are allowed or Sierra will never let me sleep in peace.

Trent: i just hope duncan doesn't do anything stupid.
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.05.46 PM

An Awkward Silence goes by

Cody: I'm just hoping this is my safe haven from Sierra.

Trent: I know how you feel bro, Katie and Sadie are driving me nuts.

Harold: Yes Sloved the Cube.

Ludwig: you weren't listening waren you

Ludwig: So which betts are you picking.

Trent: No Need more any issue.

Cody: Im Sure we can fairly pick a bed each.

An Awkward Silence goes by.

All Male Maggots: SHOTGUN TOP BUNK.

As they have a race to the top bed Trent notice from his window Gwen on the Rats Stair looking Sad.

Trent: (Con) I never seen Gwen look this sad since Season 2, She was Good Friends with Courtney, But since she is Duncan's Ex i don't see how there going to become friends again.... Unleast

Courtney: We Got Ten Minutes to our Frist Challenge i'll go rally up the Boys.

Courtney leaves the girls cabin.

Eva: She obviously trying to be team leader, Isn't that your Job.

Heather: (Con) Eva Brang up a Vaild point, Courtney has been challenging me for Team Leader and i will crush her, But that Robot on the Toxic Rats, Someones in there i know it.

Courtney: (Con) yea i am going to be team leader, With Boyfriend Kisser and Rat, on the other team there is no way I am going to lose to them, And Being the Team leader of my Own Team will Prove to the Rats that i am a Force to be reconed with, I have to throw them off them game somehow, Hmm What was that Boy before that Gwen used to go out with. Courtney said with a Evil Smily

Drama machine: (Con) Beep Boop

The Drama Machine the opens its head Revealing Alejandro.

Alejandro:(Con) its not time to Leave this suit but i want to state one thing, I'm going to Crush heather for Back Stabing me back in Hawaii and putting me in this robotic Thing. But once im done with im happy to take her back. * Blows a kiss to the Screen*

Chris: Well Unfortunately We have run out of time for Today, Who will Become leader of their team and who will be Eliminated, Tune in Next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE.

<Goes to Credits>

Chapter 2: Rain of Terror

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, We Started the Season off by Blasting the Contestants to the island using Chef's Tank, The Island is now Radioactive meaning new wildlife that can kill eat anything i love it, Gwen Trie to befriend Courtney but with each other on the same team, While our own robot has a Bone to pick with and old nemesis of his, Whic Team will Win there First Challenge and who i going home first, Find Out right now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance " 

Rain of Terror
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Two
Eva MM Con
First Aired (CAN) December 15th 2013
First Aired (USA) December 14th 2013
Challenge Avoid getting knock off the platform by the other team sends from the Sky
Reward Xbox One
Winner(s) Toxic Rats
Episode Guide
"Return to the Island"
"What Does the Shark Say"

< After Opening >

The Screen Starts with The Toxic walking throught the woods.

DJ: man this place has really changed.

Dj notice as they walk the Forest is Full of Toxic Waste Dump and Mutated Animals.

Gwen: As long as we stick together and act like a team we should be fine.

Ezekiel: Why do you get to be team leaeder eh ?

Duncan: There's not way we would pick the idoit who always get Voted off first to be our Leader.

Ezekiel:(Con) That's why this Seaon there is no way that im getting off first, Time to make a name for myself eh.

Geoff: So Duncan how's things been going since Last Season.

Duncan: The Usual, Me and Gwen have gone on a few dates, Courtney tries to sued me each month but i always win the cases.

Noah: Do These Dates you mention do they have anything to do with egging my house.

Glad You Notice

Duncan: Nice you noticed

Duncan: Nice you noticed.

Owen: mmmm eggs.

Owen: Do you like Eggs Mr.Robot.

The Drama Machine goes to a unamused face.

Lindsay: This place reminds me of the good old times.

Beth: i know right do you remeber the Paintball Deer hunt, and the Phoiba Factor Challenge.

Geoff then notice a Mutated Bird Creating a Spider web to trap its next Prey.

Geoff:(Con) I feel a little Glad that Bridgette isn't here to see the nightmare of these woods, Adding Mutated Trees and Animals would only scare her.

Meanwhile up ahead the Mutant Maggots are also in the woods.

Courtney: Hurry up you guys the other team are probably all read at the Beach.

Cody, Tyler, Sierra and Harold Fall to the ground as they are exhausted.

Heather: if You didn't make use go all the way around the Toxic part woods maybe we would have already been there.

Courtney: no way that stuff looks too much like green Jelly and im not taking any chance, Incase the Toxic Goo beings to Mutated us, and i can't have that in my team which is what a good team leader does right Trent.

She said in a Soft voice as she looks him.

Trent: Er, Ludwig do you still have the map with you.

Maggots in the Woods

Izzy: Yay Izzy Loves The Radioactive Jungle

Trent:(Con) I see what Courtney is trying to do, She's trying to manipulate me in a Attempt to Annoy Gwen and Duncan , buts there's no way i want any part of her Scheme.

Ludwig: yeah if we just go north and follow die path fur once we should be there in five mintues.

Courtney: A Path Is more likely to be a part of Chirs Traps.

Eva: Just Shut and Walk.

Eva said to Courtney as she, Harold and Tyler pressed on.

Izzy Then Jumps from Tree to Tree as they Continued.

Izzy: Yay Izzy loves the Radioactive Jungle.

Cody: I can't keep up.

Cody said as he falls again to the ground.

Sierra: Don't worry Cody i will carry you.

Sierra said as she lifts him up.

Cody:(Con) To be fair i guess Sierra does have her advantage's.

The Scene Then Goes to the Beach Were The Mutant Maggots Arive First.

Courtney: Yes we beat the Rats here.

Chris: Sorry to disapoint you but the First team that Gets here doesn't mean squat.

The Toxic Rats then Arrive.

Ezekiel: Ha First the worst Second the best.

Chris: For now it's time for our First Challenges The Bombardment of Survival.

The Scene Then Goes to Two Giant Circular Platforms that are a distance from each other.

Chris: One Team on Each Platform, Since this is our first challenge there will be no part two today.

Chris: Chef will have a Cannon, that he will shoot Garbage and Other Dangerous Debries at both teams, one member on each team will be the team leader.

Courtney: I will be team leader of the mutant Maggots.

Heather: No I am

Ludwig:(Con) I don't see why Courtney and Heather would even want to be leader, did they forget that the Last time a Team hatte an Offical leader they were the erste ones votted off there team.

Chris: Ok since you two want leadership you can take turns for today it can be Courtney.

Chris then Throws a Remote Pad to them.

Courtney: What's this.

Chris: Then Passes another pad to Gwen.

Chris: Each team Leader will get a Remote Pad this Pad will show the other teams Platform they can send a Signal order to Chef to where they want him to hit, If you fall off your platform then you are out of the Challenge, The First team to lose all there member's will face elimination, Are you Ready Go.

Chris: Since the Toxic Rats came here last They get the First Turn, Gwen your pick.

Gwen Then looks at the pad that show a Bird's eye view of the other teams platform.

Duncan: i have an idea.

Ducan said as he press the fire button on the pad traggeting Courtney's Area.

Chef then Aims at the Mutant Maggots and Fires a Firey Meatball at them.

Tyler: Run !

Tyler Yelled as all of them ran away to the other side of the platform, The Meatball breaks a hole in the Platform.

Chris: I forgot to mention that each shot breaks a part of the Platform.

Courntey: My Hair !

Courtney said as he Meatballe explosion hit her hair.

Gwen: that was an Acident Courtney.

Chris: hmm First shot and no one from the Mutant Maggots fell nice.

Courtney: Your going down Gothie.

Courtney immediately Retaliates by tragetting the Spot gwen is on using her pad.

Chef Then Fires a Basket Ball at the Toxic Rats.

Beth: Duck

she tells everyone

Lindsay: I don't see a Duck.

Lindsay said as she is hit by the cannon and falls into the water.

Tyler: No Lindsay.

Chris: Nine Rats left.

Gwen Then sets the Next Traget area.

Chef and Fires a Real Cannon Ball at the Mutant Maggots.

Which Blows up a Quater of the Plaform leaving them 75% their Area left,  The Parts of the Paltform that Collapse caused Harold and Courtney to fall off the Platform and into the water.

Harold: Yes The water isn't Toxicated.

Chris: Eight Maggots and Nine Rats who will win find out after the break on Total Drama Island of Vegeance!

Chris: And Were Back where it's a 8 Vs 9 Stand off, Mutant Maggots Your turn.

Heather then picks up the pad that Courtney drop before she fell.

Heather: Then tragets the South of their area.

Chef then Lauches Flash Bang in the Toixic Rats Area blinding them for four seconds, which causes Beth and Ezekiel to walk off the Edge.

Chris: Seven Rats Left.

Noah: Let me try

Gwen Passes the Pad to Noah.

Noah press the other button on the left meaning which weapon should Chef fire at them. 

Red Top

Noah press the other button on the left meaning which weapon should Chef fire at them

Noah then press Boomerang.

Which Chef picks up and throw at the Maggots, But they all manage to dodge it.

Tyler: Ha it's going to have to take more than a flying stick of hit me.

Tyler Didn't know that Boomerangs can fly back at them, Because of that The Boomerang swang back and hit Tyler in the Head Knocking him off his teams platform.

Gwen: Good one.

Gwen said as he high fived Noah.

Chris: Seven on both sides now. 

Green Top

Seven on Both Sides Now

Heather Chooses a Giant Meatball.

Chef fires that at Gwen, But Owen jumps ups and eats it in one bite.

Owen: mmm Tasty.

But Owen then starts to feel sick which casuing him to Braf it all back up , But Gwen manages to Duck and aviod the barf while it all ends up hitting Heather on the other Platform.

Heather: EHHHHH it's in my Hair.

Heather then Ran off the platform.

Owen then falls back and falls of the Platform too.

Chris: Six on Each Side now.

Gwen Then Picks the Bomb from the pad to fire at the Maggots.

this blows up 50% of there Platform causing Cody and Eva to Fall.

Sierra: Ha Cody

Sierra Then jumps off After him.

Chris: the Mutant Maggots only have Three More people left that's half the Number of Toxic Rats that are still in.

Ludwig: Not Für Long

Ludwig picks up the pad and Chose an Ice Block.

Cheft fire it onto the Toxic Rats Platform causing there enitre wodden floor to be beomce slippery ice, This Causing Geoff, Dj and The Drama Machine to Fall into the Water.

Heather: Ha Enjoy getting the sea weed off it.

Chris: Three on Three Time make things more difficult time for Both Platforms to megre.

Duncan: Your Kidding me right.

Both the Toixc Rats and the Mutant Maggots Platform join as one.

Izzy: Do we get to push each other off then.

Chris: No You but must now you have to give your remote pads to one of the Contestants who are out.

Ludwig throws his to Heather, While Gwen Throws her to Beth.

Courtney Then Takes the pad of Heather.

Courtney: Gothie is Going Down

Chef Then fires antoher Bomb at Gwen

Duncan: Gwen Look out.

Ducan Manages to Catch the Bomb but it explosed knocking him off the Paltform

Chris: Ducan Did some good for once ha.

Gwen: Wow you took a hit for me she said as she look over the edge of the Paltform to see him.

Duncan: Any Day For You.

But Due too the Ice Terian on her side she slips and Falls down too him.

Noah: I've got to do everything.

Noah said to himself.

Chirs: One Rat and Three Maggots Remain can Noah Suvive

But just as he said that the Drama Machine still under the water explodes sending a Dark Looking Figure into the Air, This Then Reval's to be Alejandro. 

Alejandro&#039;s Return

Alejandro's Return

Everyone: Whoa

Heather: WHAA you've got to be kidding me

Alejandro:(Con) The last thing i remeber was being burned alive by that Volcano, Luckily for me Chris put me in a Life support Machine, After being in there Months i'm finnaly happy to be free.

Geoff: (Con) Normally i don't hate anyone beside Heather and Blainely, but this is the same guy who Suduced Bridgette and got her stuck to a pole, And Now hes back, and Worse is hes on my Team.

Alejandro then Lands near beth and Takes the Pad off her.

Beth: (Con) I remeber Last Season Aftermath this was the Bad Man who was responsible for almost breaking up Bridgette and Geoff, If that's what he can do then he must be Justin 2.0

Chef then Fires a Heat Seaking Missile at the Maggots.

Ludwig: Where did he get Heat Seeking Missiles from.

This Exploseds Knocking Izzy and Ludwig off the Platform.

Chris: This is The Final Two Noah vs Trent.

Chef then Fires laser beam at Noah, but He Manage to dodge them all.

Noah:(Con) Apparently Chef can fit Heat Seeking Missle and Laser Beams into a Cannon.

Alejandro then choose a Mime for Chef to Fire.

Trent: Noo

The Mine lands near Trent as he stands still

The Mime strats making an invisible wall.

Trent: There's nothing there you can't block me , But this Shocks Trent when he can't walk past the Wall.

The Mime then gets and invisible saw and Cuts his part of the Paltform off casuing Trent to fall intot the Water.

Trent:(Con) *look distrubed with his Hands holding withs legs* Is it true do mimes really have something there.

Chris: Ok Fear aside the Toxic Rats Win there First Challenge.

Noah: Chris how do i get down from here.

Chef then Launches Owen at Noah send them both off the paltform

Noah: Ahhhh * In his Girly Voice *

Chris: Mutant Maggots your would be faceing Elimination if this wasn't a Reward Challenge.

Gwen: We were competing for a Stupid reward.

Duncan: (Con) Shame i was goning to enjoy seeing Courtney get sent to a Boat, Car or off another Plane.

Chirs: Yep The Toxic Rats get ...... A Xbox One to keep for the Whole time on the Island.

Ezekiel: Exactly who gets to keep it eh ?

Chris: The Longest Lasting Member of your team, even within the Megres but for now you can share, Congratulations Everyone no one is going Home Tonight not Even Ezekiel.

Both Teams: Yes *high five*

Meanwhile at the Boys Cabin at night Time.

The Screen Shows Duncan, Geoff, Owen and Noah Playing Halo 5 on the Xbox One,They are playing team slayer where Duncan and Geoff are the Spartans while Owen and Noah are the Ellites.

Owen: Wow im an Alien look Noah i got a Ligth Saber.

Noah: that's an engery Sword Owen.

Announcer: Head Shot

( The Screen Shows Geoff's Spartan Headshots Noah, while Ducan Uses a Spartan Laser to Kill Owen's Ellite.)

then Just to annoy him Ducan Makes his Spartant Crouch up and down on Noah's dead ellite.

Duncan: ha Im teabaging you Geek.

Noah: This gets you where in life.

Noah:(Con) It's Obvious to Duncan that i'm the apparently to him in the New Harold, Since this is the first time there not on the same team im thinking his behaviour to me is nothing more then just Saddness That he Misses his old Guinea Pig.

Duncan:(Con) Miss Harold What no way im glad that Loser is not on my team * One Tear of Denial comes out of his eye* 

Back At the Mutant Maggots Cabin

Tyler: I Thought for a Second we were going to face Elimination.

Ludwig: But wir didn't.

Harold: i can hear those jerks on there Xbox One, As we speak.

Trent: Cheer up guys so we lost we can beat them Tommorow and Send one of them Packing.

An hour Later when there all Alsleep A Hole Appears behind Cody while he is asleep.

Sierra: Good Night my sweet prince.

Sierra Said as she looked at him and then moves her eye away from the hole and goes to sleep in her cabin.

Chris: No One may of went home yet but the Party is just getting start who will be the first Contestant to really be eliminated tune next for a whole another episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance.

<Goes to Credit>

Chapter 3: What Does the Shark Say ?:

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance I made the contestant Stay on Two giant paltform while each team took turn's of Bombarding each other with Debris and Other Garbage. after each attack there paltform's would break off, Just When it was Noah left on the Toixc Rat's Palform he was saved by an unlikely rival, Alejandro has Returend and good timing using Trent's Fear to his Advantage the Toixc Rats Won their first Challenge along with a Xbox One and Even Thought No Went Home I can Guarantee you that there will be eliminations for now on, possibly a double in the Future, whose Going Home tonight And can Ezekiel come any place but last, Find Out Now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance.

What Does the Shark Say
Season Island of Vengeace, Episode Three
First Aired (CAN) 18th December 2013
First Aired (USA) 16th December 2013
Challenge 1. Win the Triva Challenge

2. Make your way throught an Obstacle Course and find the box that has your teams symbol on it

Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Rain of Terror"
"Knights of the Ice and Bunnies"

<After Credits>

The Sceen goes to The Toxic Rats cabin.

Where Geoff and Owen wake up from a late night of playing Xbox One, While Duncan has fell asleep on the floor.

Alejandro: Wake up you fools.

Alejandro:(Con) Those Idiots were up till 1 Am playing Halo and Call of Duty, everyone else is already having Breakfeast at the Mess Hall.

Owen: Ur how long did we stay up for last night Al.

Duncan Then wakes up.

Duncan: Early hangover suck.

Alejandro: You idoits didn't go to sleep until 1:00 AM.

Owen: We were up that long.

Alejandro: Yes and the Fact that your all half awake means you won't perform your Best at Todays Challenge.

Duncan: Easy Me, Owen and Geoff will just sit out of the challenges today.

Dj: He's got a point.

Dj Said as he walked in.

Alejandro: It Doesn't matter everyone is at the Mess Hall So lets go.

All of then walk out of the room Geoff gives Alejandro and evil glare.

Alejandro:(Con) Ok So i made a Bad Impression on my team by Seducing almost every Girl last Season, And  That Geoff and Bridgette are a Couple, This Means hes More Likely to vote me off among the rest of the Campers. In Case we lose i need an escape goat ?

Owen, Duncan, Geoff ,Dj and Alejandro arrive at the Cafeteria.

Alejandro: Good Morning Team and Other team, And Heather.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 1.42.28 PM

Alejandro: Good Morning Team and Other team, And Heather.

Heather: ha ha so you won the first Challenge, Beginner's Luck, So go eat with the rest of Your Rat Pack.

Noah: (Con) Like the rest of my Team i went to sleep earily then the rest mostly because Duncan's Trolling was getting To Annyoing, That Reward Seems more like a Sabotage to our Team.

Duncan: Sup babe.

Duncan Said as he sat next to Gwen.

Gwen: Not much.

Geoff: How Come the food actually looks good for once.

Chris: Yea due to a few lawsuits we are required to give all of you some regular food from time to time, But enjoy it for cause for now on every day is an Elimination.

Heather: You heard him team screw up and your taking the Dock of Shame today Got it

Heather told her team.

Courtney: What are you talking about i'm team Leader.

Chris: Ok you know what since there's been fighting over leadership each Team can have 2 Leader's one to repersent the males and the other Leader to repersent the female's.

Chris: For the Toxic Rats i'm Assigning Alejandro and Gwen as there leader's.

Chris: Courtney and .....

Chris: looks at all the boys for who.

Cody is putting his hand up, While Tyler is talking to Lindsay, Harold is telling Ludwig why PS4 are better then Xbox.

Chris: hmmm Trent.

Trent & Duncan: What ?

Trent: (Con) The Last time i was the team Leader i was votted off pretty quick, but then again i did take a dive for Gwen back then, And while Chris put me as Leader Along with Courtney, He definetly trying to make things more Awkward.

Duncan: (Con) I thought i was going to be leader since Gwen was one too, not that i care but i just thought it would make scene.

Ludwig: Can Wir get back to Eatting our Pancake's now ?

Chris: Whatever Part One of the Challenge Starts in Half and Hour met me once again at Lake Wawanaka.

Chris then leaves the Area.

Beth: I have a feeling that this is going to be another water challenge.

Noah: You Don't Say ?

Duncan: hm i don't feel Hungry Here you go.

Duncan Said as he passes his plate to Owen.

Owen: Whoa Thanks Duncan.

Tyler: Er Izzy are you goign to even eat your pancakes.

Izzy: yep just adding some topping to it.

Izzy then pours some Egg Yolk onto her pancakes then eats it.

Izzy: Hey Tyler did you know that in Russia Pancakes eat you.

Tyler: er what ?

Harold: Izzy is refering to that meme that is about the country Russia where everything there is reversed to what we do but that was proven Flase.

Courtney then moves up a Spot near Trent.

Courtney: So How Should we Discuss Stratergy.

Heather:(Con) It's Annoying that Chris did not pick me for leadership but pairs Gwen with Alejandro, While he Pairs Courtney and Trent, And yet again Courtney is trying to flirt with him,

Duncan then use a Spoon to Fling a Egg at Harold

Haorld: och

Duncan: Ha

Haorld: just you wait till we wipe the floor with you in the next challenge.

Noah: Unless if it's another Physical Challenge.

Gwen then walks up to Courtney.

Gwen: So Courtney maybe the Best them win.

Gwen then Holds out her hand to shake.

But Coutrney looks unamsued.

Courtney: No Gwen may the Best leader's Win.

Courntey said as she puts her Hand Over Trent.

Gwen: (Con) Ok this isn't getting any better for me is it.

Alejandro: Relax Fellow Leader they won't know what hits them.

Chris on the Speaker: Attetion all camper's report to the Lake now

The Camera goes to the Ocean where there the Mutant Maggots are sitting on a Staircase like chairs while the Toxic Rats are on the other side next to them.

Chris: Ok welcome to part 1 of todays challenge, Most of you have been here for all 3 season but this challenge were going to take a trip down memory lane in a Trvia Challenge.

Noah: Finally something that doesn't involve Physical Actvity.

Chris: indeed.

Chris: Today im going to give you all Question about the Show, Each Person on each team has a Buzzer, If you know the Question then press your buzzer the the team that gets the most Correct Answers win part 1 of the Challenge. However if you get one wrong or no one answers it in 10 Seconds this happens.

Chris: Press a Switch that sends the Mutant Maggots under water.

Once under water All of them were Shocked to See A light Blue Two Legged Shark there that's about to swin towards them but they are broght back up by Chris Button.

Chris: That's what will happen.

Cody: Chris there's a Giant Two Legged Shark down there.

Chris: You mean Fang yea the Toxic Waste appeared to have Affect the Sea life aswell.

Chris: Any Team Can Press their Buzzer if there fast enough

Chris: Now For the First Question

Chris: How Many Male and Female Member's Were in The Screaming Gophers.

Noah The Press the Buzzer.

Noah: We Had Five guys including me and Six Girls.

Chris: Correct One point to the Toxic Rats.

Chris: Next Question Name for Four Highest Members of the Killer Bass.

Harold then press the Buzzer.

Harold: Bridgette was our 4th, DJ was 3rd, Geoff was 2nd and our last member was Duncan.

Chris: Correct.

Chris: Next Question name all Seven Members of the Killer Grips.

Lindsay press her Buzzer.

Lindsay: Courtney, Beth, Justin, Owen, Izzy, Trent and um..... oh yea Tyler. 

The Buzzer then zaps her.

Chris: incorrect.

Chris: Maggots can you guess it.

Courtney press her Buzzer.

Courtney: We had Owen, Lindsay, Justin, Izzy, Trent, Beth and me

Chris: Correct another point to the maggots, Rats since you got it worng Shark time.

Chris press the Switch sending them under water.

Fang who is Under water was about to eat Noah but they are broght back up.

Noah: Still not as worse as A Megalodon.

Chris: Good to know remind me to get one next time.

Chris: Question four who were the two lowest rank member's of the Screaming Gaffers

Ludwig then Press his buzzer.

Ludwig: Gwen came 12th while Dj Left but came 11th.

Chris: Ok lets check our Score Toxic Rat are on 1 while the Mutant Maggots are on 3.

Chris: 3 More Question, Now for Question Five,What Team in World Tour Did not lost a member Until Episode 16.

Beth then Presses her Buzzer.

Beth: Can you explain the Teams in that season.

Chris: Nope.

Chris: So that counts as worng, Time for Question Six, Who was the only team member of Team Chris is Really Reallly Really Really hot left before Team Victory were Dissloved.

Owen then presses his Buzzer.

Owen: Izzy left the competion.

Izzy: I did ?

Chris: Yes you did another Point to the Rats.

Chris: Now Final Question, What Team was the only team that none of their members made it to the merges of that season.

Sierra then presses her buzzer.

Sierra: It Was Team Victory.

Chris: Correct with a total of Four to Two The Mutant Maggots win Part One of Todays Challenge.

Mutant Maggots: yay

Chris: As a Quick Punishment for the Toxic Rats Fang Time.

Chris then Sends the Toxic Rats into the Water Again.

This Time Fang Tries to Eat Duncan.

But Duncan manages to kick Fang causing one of his Teeth to fall into Duncan's Hand.

Duncan: (Con) Ha i got a Shark Teeth that's Going to get me a lot of Respect back in Juvie.

Fang: (Con)* Fang looks in the Mirror to find that he is missing a Tooth. Fang then breaks the Mirror and pulls out a piece of Paper and a Pen and Draws a Massive Circle on Duncan and eats it * 


* Fang Is Outrage that Duncan has Taken his tooth*

Owen: Ha Duncan what's that you got there.

Duncan: nothing much just a Shark Tooh.

He pulls out impressing his team Except Gwen.

Duncan: Isn't it cool.

Gwen: I do care for Wildlife remeber my blogs.

Duncan: it was Self defence.

Chris: Ok Why those two have Trouble in paradise im going to cut to a Break, Part Two of the Challenge is coming right and which Team will win. Find out after the break, On Total Drama Island of Vengeance.

<After Commerical>

The Srceen then Show a Guanlet Challenge in the forest were Chris had set up.

Chris: And were back for part 2 of the Challenge

Chris: Now This Challenge is a obstacle course.

Chris: This is how it will go First, They must ride the Sald Spinner for five minutes after that it will stop and the door will open. Next they must jump past the Four Red Bouncy Butt there a real pain, next is you have to jump across this mini lake that contains stepping stones, some can support your weight while others do not, and if you fall into the river then you have to swim across If you can swim across ( Fang then appears in the water ) After that then you have to get to the top of this tilted platform while you avoid getting hit by barrels which Chef will throw, Heads up some barrels are toxic so be careful. And last you will find ten box at the end of the obstacle course eight do not contain anything while the other two contain an image of your team mascots. your goal is to complete the obstacle and pick the box that has your teams logo, if you pick the other teams logo then you automaticaly lose, If you pick a box that has nothing then you must go back to your team and tag some else to do the Obstacle Course.

Duncan: i'm taking a nap so no one wake me up.

Noah and Cody were chosen to go first.

Chris: On your marks get set and good luck ( Chris said as he shot the start gun into the air )

Cody and Noah enter the Sald Spinnder For Five minutes and The both exit feeling very dizzy.

Once they reach the bouncy butts. Noah walks right off the paltform and into the mud due to dizziness. Cody jumps onto the firts bouncy butt. But he is bounced back and falls into the mud aswell.

Chris: I can see that is is going to be difficult challenge.

Two Minutes later the get back up and arrive at the stepping stones Lake.

Cody jumps to the first stone and sees it is safe and walks onto the second stone.

Noah: The stone that moves the most must not be the safe one.

Noah jumps onto a stone but falls off it and into the water.

As Noah opens his eyes in the water he Sees Fang right in front of him with and Evil Grin.

Moments Later When Cody Manages to reach the other side he sees Noah Climb up the lader away from Fang.

Noah: Stupid Shark.

Fang Then shows he has Noah's Pants in his hand causing both teams to Laugh.

Noah: Not Funny.

Cody and Noah Then Arrives at the Tilited Paltform where Chef Gets out a Paint Ball Gun An fires at them.

Noah Dodges them while he is climbing up But Cody is hit by a few shots before he gets across.

They Both Arrive at the Ten Boxes.

Chris: They are at the end can they choose the right Box.

Cody Picks Box Number Five to find Nothign in there.

Noah Picks Box Number Three and Nothing is in there either.

Cody & Noah: Damit.

Chris: Indeed Now Teams must pick someone else to do the course.

The Next Scene Shows Ezekiel and Izzy Leaving the salad Spinner.

Ezekiel: Ur I think i'm going to be sick eh.

Izzy: That was Fun can we ride it again.

Chris: No you have to go across the next part of the challenge.

Izzy then successfully jumps pass all of the bouncy butts while Ezekiel lands head first when he also gets across the bouncy butts.

They both arrive at the stepping stones where Izzy front flips into the water.

Chris: Ur that's not what your meant to do.

Izzy then sees Fang.

Meanwhile Ezekiel carefully gets past all the stones and makes it arcoss, Izzy then gets out of the water.

Ezekiel: How was the swim eh.

Izzy: Fun I found a cute shark in there.

Ezekiel then notice under the water a disturbed Fang hidding in the conor away from Izzy.

Chris: Fang has a point even im sometimes afaird of Izzy.

Chef then toss grenades at Izzy and Ezekiel at the Tilt Paltform.

Izzy Then jumps up and Kicks Chef Down, While one grenade blows Ezekiel all the way to the Boxes.

Ezekiel: hmm i have a good feeling about box number one, But finds nothing in there.

Izzy Then Jumps over him and looks at the boxes.

Izzy: hmm Izzy picks box Four, But nothing was in there.

Izzy: Wait no redo, Izzy  then opens box number seven which is also empty.

Chris: okay sine you open both im going add a penlty now, the next Toxic Rat opens two aswell.

Chris: My turn to pick How Gwen and ..... Trent.

Ducan then wakes up

Duncan: wait what ?

After five minutes in the salad spinnder both Trent and Gwen exit it feeling like there about to puke.

Gwen:(Con) i feel like those Pancakes Chris gave us in the moring are coming back up.

Both of them Then Head to the Bouncy Butts.

Gwen: So what's up with Courtney.

Trent: What do you mean ?

Gwen: She has been trying to hit on you.

Trent: Look it's not what it looks like the girl is mad, and she proably only doing it to Annoy Duncan.

Gwen: I know, But has she said anything good about me.

Trent: You miss her as a friend do you.

Gwen: You don't know the half of it.

Gwen: Ha that was Quick.

They both realized that they are now upto the stepping stones, and Fang is there.

Trent: That Shark does not like us does he.

Gwen: I'm still wondering how he even got that Shark.

They Past throught the first set of the Stones but are being pursued by Fang.

Gwen then picks up a nearby stone and throws it at Fang.

They then get to the Tilt platform.

Chef: Time for the Speical Weapon.

Chef then begins to throw Toxic barrels at them.

Gwen: Are you serious.

Chef: You know the answer to that.

One of the Toxic Waste Barrel melt a part of the floor.

As both Trent and Gwen are about to get to the end Gwen slips and almost falls off the paltform, Before She could get back up one of the Toxic Barrels were rolling towards her, Trent then notice this and jumps out to Catch the Barrel but as he lands to the bottom of the floor the toxic waste barrel exploeds.

Gwen: Trent !

Trent: Och.

Chris: Ok that was not planned, Chef take him to the infirmary.

Gwen:(Con) Man I can't belive he did that for me, I hope he's ok.

Chris: Ok like any show the show must go on i'll check if hes fine but for now continue.

Gwen then reachs the boxes and chose Box number Six and Ten. But finds nothing in there.

Chris: Ok Finnal two go.

Beth and Tyler Enter the Salad Spinner where they are spun around for five minutes before moving onto the bouncy butts.

Beth manages to get across, while Tyler Falls off the Second One.

At the Stepping Stones, they find that Fang had fallen asleep, However Tyler manages to overtake the lead. Tyler then arrives at the boxes,

Tyler: hmm i got a good feeling about Box number Two, but Once again Tyler Finds nothing in there.

Beth: Yes that means one of the boxes have a symbol in there.

Chris: True but if you pick the wrong teams symbol then you lose.

Beth then looks at Box Eight and Nine.

Beth: I choose Nine.

Beth open Box number Nine but in Shock to find the Mutant Maggots Symbol in there.

Tyler: Yes.

Chris: Well there you go the Mutant Maggots win.

Owen and Geoff then wake up.

Owen: What happen.

Chris: Your Facing Elimination that's what.

The Screen then goes to the infirmary where Gwen, Ludwig, Cody, Geoff, Duncan and Owen are there with Trent.

Owen: What happen buddy.

Trent: A Toxic Barrel exploed while i was holding it.

Duncan: Why were you holding it in the first place.

Everyone then looks at him.

Cody: So what did Chris tell you.

Trent: Well Luckily i didn't suffer any Radiation from that, Chris stated that most of what was in there was just Green jelly for Courtney, And he told me i can still compete but told me i should spend the night here.

Geoff: Well i hate you leave we got to go vote someone off.

Trent: it's okay i just hope none of you guys go.

Geoff:(Con) Today is a Tough Call my Brain wants me to vote Either Beth or Ezekiel but my Heart wants to vote of Alejandro,

Alejandro: (Con) I figured we would lose today so i choose not to participate so those who fail would take the heat.

The Screen Then goes to the Elimination Ceremony where the Toxic Rats are there. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 1.30.03 PM

The Toxic Rats at their First Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Yesterday you were winners today your losers the irony is sweet, This year i have decide that everyone gets a Marshmellow however someone will get a very bad Marshmellow that you do not want, If you get the toxic marshmellow of Loserdom then you are eliminated and you can't come back ever.

Chris: lets begin. If i call you out you get a Marshmellow,

Chris: DJ, Owen, Noah, Lindsay, Geoff, Duncan, Alejandro and Gwen.

Ezekiel: Oh No

Chris: Now instead of giving out the Finnal MarshMellow, it's time to eliminate someone.

Chris: Beth your on the Chopping Block because you picked the other teams Box, Ezekiel your on the Chopping block because you always end up on the Chopping Block.

The Toxic Marsh Mellow of Loserdom Goes to. ( Dramatic Music)









Chris: Beth

Beth: i'm the First one out ?

She said as he Duck Avoid the Toxic Marshmellow

Duncan: You did pick the wrong box costing us the Challenge.

Gwen: Hey Chris i don't see the Boat of Losers anywhere.

Chris: O yeah like every Season i came up with something new your gonna love it Beth this way.

The Screen then a Catapult with Beth on it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 1.21.37 PM

Beth Takes The Hurl Of Shame

Chris: Say hello to the Hurl of Shame.

Noah: Don't Worry Beth Last Seasons was a lot worse.

Beth: Goodbye Lindsay.

Lindsay: i'll miss you Beth.

Beth: It's be fun while it last-eeeeeeeeeed. ( The Hurl of Shame then launches Her away. )

Ezekiel: Yes im not the First Person Out.

Chris: Well the rest of you are Safe for now.

The Scene then chages to the infirmary where Trent is asleep the Camera then Zooms into his head which shows his Brain But suddenly a Giant Green Number Nine Appears in the middle of it.

Chris: Hmm What could that possibly Mean, But  now the Toxic Rats are One Member Down can they turn the Tide or Will The Rats get another Toxic Marshmellow. Find out Next Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance. 

Next Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance:

Tyler:(Con) Is Chris Really adding this Beast in ?

Geoff: (Con) I Thoguht Mutated Brids were Scray.

The Screens shows Geoff, Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Tyler, Trent, Ludwig and Heather With Medieval Weapons and Watch as a Komodo Dragon Mutates into a Real Dragon.

Chapter 4: Knight's of the Ice and Bunnies 

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, I gave the team's a triva challenge in part one, Duncan made a friend with the sealife, Then they had to go throught an Obstacle course were Trent was sent to the Infirmary due to Some Radioactive incident, In the End The Mutant Maggots manage to turn th etable due to Beth's incorrect box guess, and surpize Ezekiel wasn't the one going home, Beth ended taking my new exit called the Hurl of Shame." 

Knights of Ice and Bunnies
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Four
First Aired (CAN) 19th December 2013
First Aired (USA) 17th December 2013
Challenge 1. CLimb up a Mountain

2. Take the other teams Princess

Reward Immunity

Losings teams Princess becomes an Intern

Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"What Does the Shark Say"
"Within the Heart of the Sand"

Chris: Today I have a  Very Fun but deadly Challenge in store for them today and by the end our Nineteen Contestants will become eighteen. Whose Taking Hurl of the island find out right now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance.

<After Opening>

The Screen Shows Duncan Walking in the Woods

Duncan: Yesterday Chris Mention that he has now hidden the invisiblity Statues across the island.

( Flash Back shows both Mutant Maggots and Toxic Rats at the Campfire where Chris Had call them after Beth's elimination )

Chris: Now Campers i have decide to spice things up this year i have Hidden a Few Chris Mclean Heads Around the Island if you can find it you can use it to save yourself from Elimination even if you got the most votes.

Duncan:(Con) There's a Big Chance that one of them must be in the woods beacuse the Forest almost surrounds the whole island.

Duncan then Finds a Bunny in the Forest.

Duncan: Why does this Rabbit seems so familar.

The Bunny then notice Duncan and hops to him.

Duncan: No i'm not a good guy leave me be.

But the bunny hops towards him with a cute face.

Duncan: gr, Migth aswell give it to DJ.

Meanwhile in the Mutant Maggots Cabin.

Cody: So who do you think got votted off ?

Tyler: It has to be Ezekiel he always comes last.

Ludwig then Walks up to them and pulls out a Remote pad from his Lab Coat.

Harold: nice you brought some stuff with you

Ludwig: that's just the start of it as a Scientist I brought a Cauldron and other Scientist Gear that include test tubes, Tripod and some recipes for Chemicals.

Courtney is then walking past the Cabins where she is pulled into the Bushes.

Courtney: What do you Want Gwen.

Gwen: Look I don't want anything to get in the way of our friendship ever again, look if there is anything you want me to do i can do can we just get back to being friends.

Courtney: fine heres my Idea if your Team facese Elimination a Few time then Chris is bound to do a team swap that's your chance to join me.

Gwen: By any chance do you actually like Trent.

Courtney: Honestly No im just trying to Manipulate to get his vote.

However they are unaware the above them Ludwig and Cody are in the Tree with a Tape Recoder.

Cody: Man this going to cause chaos in the Toxic Rats.

Ludwig: hmm your right.

Ludwig: (Con) hmm if i show the tape to the rats then Gwen is more likely to take the hurl of shame, But doing that will only tick off Duncan, Courtney and even Trent, It's proably best if i don't, but always keep the proof. 

Cody and Ludwig then Arrive back at the Cabin.

Cody: We can't Show the other team that they will vote off Gwen.

Ludwig: Look I won't but i keep the tape.

Cody: Fine.

Ludwig: By the way Sierra's behind you.

Cody: Wait what ?

Sierra then jumps at him.

Meanwhile back at the Toxic Rats Cabin.

Dj: Bunny !

Duncan: yes i found the Stupid rabbit in the woods.

Noah: Starting to lose your Badness Ha Duncan.

Duncan What !

Duncan then grabs Noah by the Shirt.

Noah: Think about it you have not done a single bad thing on this island since we got here, you took at Bomb for Gwen, You gave your pancakes to the hungryest kid on the planet and now a bunny.

Duncan then rips off Noah Pants causing him to run out of the Cabin in his girly voice.

Alejandro Then walks into the Messhall were Heather is eating.

Alejandro: So Heather enjoy your Beauty Sleep.

Heather: Did you enjoy elimination Ceremony, Well get used to it cause thats what your team is going to again.

Alejandro: hm if i were to go would you miss me * He said as he puts his hand on the check*

Heather: Yes.... ur i mean not of course not that was just a slip of the tongue.

Alejandro: A Slip or a Struggle.

Heather then walks out of the room.

Eva: That girls in denial

She said as she gets a Cup of coffè

Alejanro: (Con) I never found Heather to be more radiant, her glossy lock her perma frown, the way her hair lip catches the light when she yells at me, i still wondering if it is a good idea to vote her off sooner or later.

Chirs on the Speaker: Attention All Campers report to the bottom of the mountians.

The Camera Changes to the the bottom of a mountain where Chris and Both teams are.

Chris: Today Campers i have a Really Big not two but three part challenge.

Heather: Three part ?

Chris: Yes and that's only even the scariest thing i have yet to annouce, Part one of todays challenge will included you guess Mountian climbing, Your goal is to get all of your team members up the snowy moutian, but on good side theres a bunch of garbage at your diposal over there.

Lindsay: Eh Garbage ?

Chris: The first team to get up there get a big advantage in part two and three of todays challenge Go.

Alejdandro: Ok Owen the two of us hold the ropes, Gwen and Noah you two put the Harness.

Geoff: No way am I letting you hold Gwens harness you will leave her stuck to a moutian, i'll do it.

Alejandro: Fine Owen, DJ, Ezekiel lets serach throught the garbage.

Ezekiel: Yes Sir.

Ezekiel: (Con) Yea im loyal to my team now, but they saved my butt yesterday eh.

Gwen: Look i understand that your not the biggest fan of Alejandro but he is a important part of the team. 

Gwen told Geoff as she put her Harness on.

Geoff: The guys sneaky hes bound to make us lose one day and sends us off to the Hurl of Shame.

Noah who is alerady a Quater of the way up the moutian realize that no one is hold his rope.

Noah: Do you guys exepct me to just aimlessly surivive a hazardous Mountian without helppppppppppp. ( Noah said as he slips and falls )

Duncan then sees this and grabs the rope saving Noah from Falling Further.

Noah: Thanks Good Duncan ( He Joked )

Duncan Then drops the rope.

But suddenly regrabs it.

Duncan: (Con) I don't even know what's happening with me now i can help myself from saving this and find this lost stupid thing. I'm losing control of myself.

Meanwhile with the Mutant Maggots Tyler and Eva are Halfway up the icey Mountian.

Tyler: brrr it's getting colder the more we climb.

Eva: Quit being a popsicle.

While Alejdanro, Owen, Dj and Ezekiel where looking for items in the Garbage dump Heather, Cody, Sierra and Harold arrive. 

Grabage Dump

Heather: Gr just finding something that will melt you and you merry men.

Alejandro: Well well Heather come for sloppy seconds.

Heather: Gr just finding something that will melt you and you merry men.

Owen: Hey Al will this do.

Owen Said as he find a Pair of Angel wings.

Alejandro then thinks of something.

Alejandro: Hey Owen do you have any bake beans with you.

Owen Checks his pockets.

Owen: Only two Cans.

Ezekiel: I found This thing eh

Ezekiel then pulls out a jet Pack from the ground.

Alejdandro: DJ head back to Camp and bring back as much Bake bean cans you can possibly grab.

DJ: Ok

Cody then manages to find a thrid pair of Harness and rope.

Cody: We do three at a time.

Sierra: Lets go

She said as she pick him up and head back to the others.

Cody and Sierra then arrive back Maggots Area where Trent is holding Tylers rope while Izzy is holding.

Harold: Did you know that there are over Twenty-Five differnt types of Rock Climbing Including, Ice, Rock and Tree.

Eva and Tyler reach the top and throw three harness down.

Trent: Ok Harold, Ludiwg your turn.

Ludwig: Ja about that, i'm really fond about heights.

Ludwig:(Con) I Just hope dass ths season won't have a phobia factor, But then agian i probably should have never metioned it in here.

Courtney: Just get up there.

Courtney:(Con) No One's fears are going to make as lose anymore.

Ludwig:(Con) With that Aditude she bound to get Hurled.

Ludwig and Harlod put on the Harness and start climbing.

Sierra then sets up the third Rope while Cody puts on the Thrid Harness they found before.

Meanwhile DJ Arrives back at Camp but before he went to the mess hall to get the beans he had to put his bunny in his room.

Dj: Stay Safe i'll get you out of this place soon, DJ then puts the Bunny in his Bed and Heads out.

DJ: (Con) It was nice of Ludwig to offer me a Cage to put the bunny in, but i could never do that to the poor thing.

The Scene the shows the Bunny then wakes up and leaves the room and wanders out.

Dj then arrives back to Alejandro with Twevle cans of Baked Beans.

DJ: Here so what's the plan.

Alejdanro: Owen Can you Eat all this.

Owen: It would be my Preasure Sir.

Owen said as he saluted him while holding a spoon.

Gwen then reach the mountian.

Gwen: Here.

Alejandro: No need everyone follow me.

Geoff: Why ?

Alejandro: We Found a Faster way.

Everyone then follows him, Duncan too even thought he let go off his rope Sending Noah who was just about to reach the top all the way back to the ground. 


Everyone then follows him, Duncan too even thought he let go off his rope Sending Noah who was just about to reach the top all the way back to the ground.

Noah: I lost feeling in my nose

Noah: (Con) Duncan could not wait Five seconds for me to get to the top( Noahs Nose is coverd in Bandages)

Owen: ur im feeling full.

Alejandro: Great 

He then puts a rope around Owens gut, the rope is connected to a couch.

Alejandro: Everyone on here.

Everyone sits on the Couch, While Noah slowly gets on to.

Duncan: Owen are you ready.

Owen: Lighten up

Duncan then gets his lighter out.

As Owen begins to fart, Duncan lighters it with a Lighter causing a massive Flame under Owen to come out, Duncan then gets to the Couch.

Owen then boost all the way into the sky along with the couch which is connected with the rope.

Meanwhile Ludwig and Harold have arrive at the top.

Ludwig: Wir made it

But then Owen lands on him as he and the couch with the rest of his team on it land at the top.

Chris: Well i Declare the Toxic Rats Winner of Part 1 of the challenge.

Eva: What ! but there members didn't climb up.

Chris: yea but i said to get all of your members up here they did while only half of yours are here.

Eva: Of your enjoy these.

Eva said as Tyler, Harold and Ludwig held her back.

The Scene Changes to an Ice Field full of Snow and Frozen water.

Chris: Ok Time for part two of today. Now since the Toxic Rats won part one they get to have the Ice Castle while Mutant Maggots get the Ice Shack, In Part three of the Challenge were going to have a classic PVP battle instead of capturing the flag you have to capture the other team's Princess and bring her back to your base.

Courtney: Brilliant I was a princess before.

Chris: Yea but we are using some of the other contestants who did'nt make it into this season as them.

Harodl then gasps.

Harold:(Con) With all of the girls who are here right now theres a two in five chance that one of the princess could be Leshawna and I have a good feeling about today. 

Chris: Now every Princess has to have there knigths that said you will find weapons in your base along with a stamina pad that pad will indicate your health if you lose all of it, you will automatically teleport back to your base.

Noah: what if these princess aren't willing to be draged all the way back.

Chris: Nothing a Few Tranquilizer drats would help, Now you can't attack until i say so, for part two of Todays challenge is simple, pick your weapon, fortify your base, adn wait until it say part three begins You can't attack the other team until Part three begins, Mutant Maggots & Toxic Rats GO!.

The Mutant Maggots Arive at their Ice Shack to find Bridgette there with a Wooden Chest.

Courtney: Bridgette

Bridgette: Hey guys long time no see, Now this Chest here Contains weapons you can use to protect me from the Toxic Rats.

Trent: Sweet what are a choice of weapons.

Bridgette: Find out for yourselves

She then brings the chest to them.

they Open it to find a Huge Variety of weapons and Stamina packs.

Tyler: Ha this looks sweet

Tyler grabs the Mace, Trent gets a Sword and Shield, While Sierra gets a Battle Axe.

Sierra: The only Prince I ever need to prcotect is my Prince Cody.

Cody:(Con) She considers me a Prince, With all the stuff i have gone throught, I would consider her an executioner.

Izzy: oh Exposivo time

Izzy picks out some hand grenades

Courtney then pulls out a Blunderbuss

Heather: Ha i rember my Granpa had one of these.

Heather said as she holds a Nodachi

Cody: Nice

Cody Grab the Crossbow, While Harold find a Nunchuck.

Harold: Awesome.

Ludwig: You will need this Zu.

Ludwig gives Harold a Pair of Sai's

Trent: What about you Ludwig.

Trent the puts his hand on his head.

Trent: (Con) After I left the infirmary yesterday i have felt had this weird headache atleast eight times now, but why that much ?.

Ludwig: No need, I've got meine own weapon.

Ludwig: Opens the right side of his labcoat that has Potions.

Harold: Nice you also got a Potion brewery.

Eva then picks a Pair of boxing.

Eva: Best thing i can relate to.

Tyler: Ok Everyone into positions.


Tyler: Ok Everyone into positions

The scene changes to the Toxic Rats at their Castle.

Duncan: Nice Pick on the Weapons.

Duncan said as he picks a Pair of Dual Knives

Leshawna: Your welcome.

Lindsay: Are you are Princess.

Leshawna: Didn't i just tell you that three times already.

Gwen then Picks a Tomahawk, Lindsay then finds a Healer Stick.

Lindsay: yay im a Cletic.

Noah: You mean Cleric

Lindsay: What do i do then.

Alejandro: Simple you heal us when our stamina pack is low.

Alejandro said as he grabs a saber, Owen Find a Spear and Sheild

Owen: Sweet im a Roman, THIS IS SPARTA.

Noah: That was from Sparta not Rome.

DJ: I don't know i'm not really a fighter.

Duncan: Then just protect the Big Fat Princess

Leshawna: Excuss me.

She said as she smacks him arcoss the head with Owen Shield.

Noah: Nice

Noah gets a Flintlock Pistol.

Geoff: Bridgette would have always wanted this.

Geoff picks up a Trident

Ezekiel: Oh yea my best talent eh

Ezekiel picks up a Bow.

Leshawna: Ok you all heard Chris Get into you best position and snatch the other teams girl. 


Leshawna: Ok you all heard Chris Get into you best position and snatch the other teams girl.

Chris: Ok Challenge Part Three now begins remeber capture the other team's princes and bring her back to your other teams fort, Mutant Maggots are you ready  ?

Mutant Maggots: Yes

Chris: Toxic Rats are you ready ?

Toxic Rats: Yea

Chris: Then Attack !

Harold: I Took part in a Medieval Fair a few time i know a could plan to attack and defend.

Courtney: Good to know but i always have a better plan so.

Ludwig: Courtney We couldn't give a dam we go with Harold's idee.

Courtney: Fine but it's you elimination ceremony.

Harold: With the weapons we have i say Cody, Sierra, Eva and Ludwig you all Defend, Everyone we on the attack.

Back at the Toxic Rats.

Alejandro: Owen, Dj, Ezekiel and Geoff you guys defend, Me,Lindsay, Duncan,Noah and Gwen will attack.

Geoff: No Me,Lindsay,Noah,Duncan and Gwen will go out there, Your staying here.

Alejandro: Fine by me

Alejandro: (Con) That Idiot holds a grudge, but if we lose then i have a good excuss to vote him off.

Duncan and Gwen Jump up to the tree to see in the distance, Noah,Geoff and lindsay are standing right the middle of the ice river, Where they can see the other team in a Distance.

Tyler: Ha you got not where to hide.

Heather: Charge

All of the Mutant Maggots run at towards them

Gwen then throw her tomahawk hitting Tyler in the face knocking him to the ground.

Noah: is he dead ?

Chris: No he just fainted you see when you run out of Stamina the pack injects a thing into your nervous then the pad teleports you back to your base where you wake up.

Tyler then teleports away.

Noah: hmm

Shot the Aims his flintlock at Heather an shoots her down.

Harold: Hei Ya

Harold whacks Noah with his Nunchuck's.

Izzy then throws a bomb at a tree which Duncan Rolls past but it hits Gwen.

Geoff: Fall Back

Geoff and Lindsay ran back.

Harold is then backstabbed by a Sleathy Duncan.

Geoff: There Maggots are coming.

He tells Everyone.

Noah and Ezkiel climb to the wall.

Alejandro: We can't just defend Geoff you and the other's try sneak into their fort while we confront them.

Geoff: Fine but only because its a challenge.

The Scene Shows Trent and Duncan in a sword battle.

Duncan: Ha I Always had an idea this would happen.

Trent: Ha Yea but not over anyone

They Both Smiled as they fought.

Duncan then Ducks and kicks his sheild and knife Ssashes Trent teleporting him back to base.

Duncan: ha Next

Duncan then jumps back as he see Ludwig throw a Explosive Potion.

Ludwig: Time Für die main course

Ludwig then throws a Fire Potion unfrezzing his side of the lake.

Harold: How are we going to get arcoss now.

Ludwig: Fall Back

The Scene changes to the middle of the lake where, Geoff, Duncan, Noah, Gwen and Alejandro are in a Stand off against Trent, Tyler, Heather, Harold and Ludwig.

Noah: Make your move Maggot.

Trent: Laddies first.

Chris: Ok Now its time to mess thing up.

Suddnely a Barrel of Toxic Waste appears in front of them.

Geoff: We can't walk on the Toxic Water ?

Chris: Who said the water was getting Mutated Chef bring it in.

a Helicopter comes droping a Komodo Dragon into the Toxic waste.

Noah: Aren't those endangerd.

Chris: Yes and your all about to be, Everyone Fasntasy war isn't perfect unless theres a Dragon.

Tyler:(Con) Is Chris Really adding this Beast in ?

Geoff: (Con) I Thoguht Mutated Brids were Scray.

The Screens shows Geoff, Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Tyler, Trent, Ludwig and Heather Watch as a Komodo Dragon Mutates into a Real Dragon.

The Dragon then breaths a fire ball at both teams fort.

Tyler then trys to hit the Dragon with his Mace but the Dragon whacks everyone back with his tail.

Trent Falls and hits his Head on a rock.

The Camera then zooms into his Head where Once again the a Giant Glowling Green Numbe Nine Appears in his Brain.

Suddenly a Green Aura Surrounds Trent.

He then wakes up but his Eyes colour changes to a Glowing Green.

And the hand on his Sir Chages to a Glowing Green

?????????: I Have been Restored ! ( He Said in a Dark Voice )

????????? Then flies into the Air and Punches the Dragon back.

Alejandro: Ur Since when can Trent Fly ?

????????? Then rams into the Dragon causing it to fall onto the Toxic Rats Castle, The Dragon unmutateds back to a Komodo Dragon.

?????????: Time to return

His Eyes go but green sending him back to begin Trent.

Gwen: Trent How did you Do That ?

Trent: Do what ?

Trent then gasp as he sees the Toxic Rats Castle Destroyed.

Trent: What Happen is Everyone ok ?

Harold: Yep and were stealing your Girl Rat's.

Harold Said as he is seen running away while holding Leshawna.

Trent: (Con) Did i have something to do with the Castle's Destruction ?

Geoff and Noah then Sneak into the Top roof of the Mutant Maggots Shack.

Geoff: Bridgette.

Bridgette: Geoff

They Both Hugged each other.

Geoff: Since we found you can you come with us ?

Noah: Say that to a Girl you just saw.

DJ Walks out of his Teams Fort.

DJ: What just happened.

Just as he said that he sees his Bunny hoping around the Ice river.

DJ: (Gasp) Bunny !

Just before it was about to fall into the river Duncan jumps out and Grabs it, and brings it back to Dj.

DJ: Thanks Duncan.

Duncan: What every it was just a stupid rabbit.

Chris: Yea um Duncan i don't how to say this but you lost your mojo.

Duncan: What !

Chris: Yea Take look at these clips

Duncan: (Con) Miss Harold What no way im glad that Loser is not on my team * One Tear of Denial comes out of his eye * 

Another Clip shows Owen Sleep Walking in the woods as he is about to walk off a Cilf but Duncan Comes and Moves him the other way.

and the Last clip shows Duncan walking in the woods and he comes across a Injured Three eye blue bird.

Duncan: What are you sobbing About.

The Bird starts to cry.

Duncan: Don't give me that look

It continues as it points up to the tree that her eggs are in there while her wings a injured.

Duncan: Ah fine ( he said a few tears came to his eye. )

Then clip shows Duncan with the Bird and the eggs at the Infrimary where the mother birds wing is feeling better.

Everyone Laughs.

Chris: Whoa that's very evil of you Ducan ( He said in Sarcasm )

Duncan: grrrr anyone would have done that, GRRRR

He said as he walked off.

Chris: Ok Since Harold brought his Girl all the way back to his Shack.

The Mutant Maggots win again.

Toxic Rats: Ahhhhh

Chris: and Leshawna since your Stealers win you get to stay here as a intern.

Le Shawna: I Would rather take the hurl of Shame

Chris: Yea no but Bridgette along one member of the Toxic Rats will.

The Scene Changes to the Elimination Ceremony with Both Teams there. 


The Toxic Rats at their Second Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Toxic Rats your Second Lost in a Row, Mutant Maggots are you enjoying the penut gallery.

Tyler: Yea this is Sweet.

Chris: Your team gets to watch the other team vote someone out before you head back to your cabin, Toxic Rats time to vote.

Alejandro:(Con) So many people made mistakes, Dj could stop Harold from gettin our princess, We went with Geoff's plan, and Lindsay is a terrible healer.

Geoff: (Con) My Vote is sort of obvious, Draws a Cross on Alejandro.

Duncan:(Con) Thanks to someone's stupid Rabbit now my reputation is in turmoil.

Chris: Votes have been cast one of you will get the Toixc Marshmellow of loserdom.

Chris: But first the safety marshmellos goes to, .... Owen, Noah, Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro and Ezekiel.

Chris: Dj, Geoff and Lindsay, Your all in the bottom three.

Chris: The Next on goes too ..... Geoff.

Chris: Lindsay and DJ your on the edge, Lindsay because you healed members of the other team, And DJ because you didn't pick a weapon that you could of used to protect your princess.

Chris: The Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom Goes to ?









Chris: DJ !

DJ then walks back from the Toxic Marshmellow.

DJ: Its ok guys, I've done what i came here for and that's my bunny.

the Scene Shows DJ holding his Bunny while there on the Hurl of Shame. 

DJ Hurl

DJ Takes the Hurl of Shame, While Courtney is now on the Toxic Rats

Chris: Your going to have to hold on to that bunny because the Hurl will is a fast throw.

Geoff: Will miss you dude.

DJ: Thanks Geoff i'll see you guys in the AfterMat-hhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Dj said as he was Hurled away.

Chris: Ok Rats you two people down so i'm going to do some switching, Maggots who are you going to switch.

Ludwig: hmm wir pick Courtney.

Courtney: Wait what.

Chris: Courtney your now on the Toxic Rats.

Chris: and before i dismiss you back to your cabins since the rats lost, The Princess they were meant to capture Bridgette gets hurled to.

Geoff: I'm sorry i could'nt save you in time.

Bridgette: It's cool but Geoff it's nice that your trying to avenge me for what Alejandro did, But you need to focus on the Gam-eeeeeeeeeeeeee.

She said as she was Hurled away.

Duncan: (Con) Now this is getting worse.

The Scene changes to the Mutant Maggots cabin.

Heather: Now i in charge of our team any one got a problem with that.

Eva: Just don't screw up.

Sierra: Oh dont worry Heather lead our team last season and we only lost One person before the merges.

Back at the boys cabin.

Trent: i Have a bad feeling about Courtney, Gwen and Duncan being on the same team now.

Tyler: (Con) I still have a wierd feeling about how Trent destryoed that Dragon.

Cody and Ludwig who are at the back of the room.

Cody: Was it a coincidence that we moved Courtney to the other team.

Ludwig then pulls out the tape that recored earily.

Ludwig: hmmm I got a bad feeling about Next Challenge.

Chris: Now there's Nine left on Each team, Wait until i tell them that tommorow is a Double elimination, Who will get the Toxic Marshmellow next, Tune in next for another episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance !

Next Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance !

Cody: How can Chris except us to do this.

Izzy:  Is this like my old Adventure days back in the prehistoric era.

Izzy said she keept digging the sand.

Trent: (Con) Does Izzy have memory's of her Past life or something, ouch thats the Fifth headache today.

Trent said in the Confessional while he puts his hand on his head.

Chapter 5: Within the Heart of the Sand

"Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, I Made the campers endure a moutian climb and a ice castle warfare along with a mutated Komodo Dragon, Something very weird happened especially with Trent, Where can i get the power to fly, Weirdness aside the Mutant Maggots won again, Which Resulted in DJ and his old bunny friend to take the Hurl of shame, Oh yea and Courtney is now on the Same team as Gwen and Duncan, I Don't know how that is going to work out but get ready for another episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance " 

Within the Heart of the Sand
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Five
Within the Heart of the Sand
First Aired (CAN) 21st December 2013
First Aired (USA) 20th December 2013
Challenge Dig and find Seve pieces of Paper contain numbers to defuse your teams time bomb
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Knights of Ice and Bunnies"
"Moon Child of the Dark Moon"

<After Opening >

The Scene starts at the Front of the Island Where some of the Campers are looking at the water.

Owen: Do you think it would be safe to dive in.

Geoff: The Water looks the same.

Noah: It's not worth the risk, you saw those mutated fish before, there must be toxic waste barrel at the bottom of the ocean.

Lindsay: What if we just swin at the top.

Noah: Toxic can spread if by some small chance it does'nt im sure Duncan's friend will get you.

Duncan: That Stupid Shark is not my friend.

Lindsay: That explains why you took his tooth.

Duncan then notice that Gwen is not with them.

Duncan then arrives at the messhall, To see Gwen, Courtney and Alejandro talking.

Alejandro: Ah come to talk strategy. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 11.56.21 PM

Alejandro: Ah come to talk strategy.

Duncan: There not fighting ?

Courtney: (Con) Me and Gwen have formed a truce, the Plan is to voted of Duncan but as the price to pay we will throw todays challenge.

Gwen: Na were just talking as a team.

Duncan: Last Season you weren't really a team.

Heather: Save you strategy we will beat you before you get the chance to discuss it.

Chris on the Speaker: Challenge time Camper's everyone to the Beach.

The Screen then changes to the beach were both teams are.

Chris: Campers todays challenge will be a massive gamble of luck, As you see there are two live Garbage time Bombs, and they have a timer for 2 Hours, todays challenge you have to defuse them but as you notice infront of the bombs theres a numbers, you need to type in the correct numbers, You can find some Picece of paper contiaing one of the seven numbers within the sand.

Tyler: So today is a digging challenge.

Chris: Yes since there are nine of you on each team. Yoj will give each team six shovels the other three can either dig with three bare hands or focus on the time bomb.

Trent: Does anything happen if we put the worng number in.

Chris: Yes it exploeds thus losing the challenge, To win you must defuse you teams bomb, But if your teams bomb exploeds then there will be very big consequence for the losing team, Ok any questions good lets begin

Chris then press a button starting the bombs countdown.

The Teams then run to there Barrel of Shovels.

Trent: Three of us are going to have to dig bare handed.

Tyler: No problem i got super strong fingers

Tyler then runs off and starts digging.

Everyone then draws straw Sierra ends up getting the shortest.

Sierra: Hm the only shovel i need is my Cody kins.

Ludwig: I won't need on either i got something better,

Ludwig then pulls out his own Shovel.

Trent: Ok that's settle everyone lets dig.

Meanwhile at the Toxic Rats is was a least fair of a shovel pick.

Everyone runs at the barrel, Owen sliped and knocked the Barrel into the Ocean only for it to be eaten by Fang.

Courtney: Nice one Butter Butt.

Courtney then notice Noah from a distance using sunscreen

Courtney: What are you doing.

Noah: Avoid the risk of Skin cancer, with the heat this high and where here for 2 hours i'm not taking any chances.

Ezekiel: Ur the Other team is already starting eh should we start ?

Lindsay: But we can't dig we don't have shovels.

Geoff: We can just do it bare hands come on guys.

Back at the Mutant Maggos Ten Minutes have gone past and not a single paper was found.

Cody: How can Chris except us to do this,

Izzy: Don't worry i have experience. This is like my old Adventure days back in the prehistoric era.

Izzy said she keept digging the sand.

Trent: (Con) Does Izzy have memory's of her Past life or something, ouch thats the Fifth headache today.

Trent said in the Confessional while he puts his hand on his head.

Tyler continued to dig until he saw something.

Tyler: I Found one.

Tyler pulls out a pice that has the number 5 on it.

Tyler: Nice first number.

Tyler goes to press the diget on the number but Ludwig intrupts him.

Ludwig: What if it's not the erest number, It could have an order. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.00.00 AM

Mutant Maggots Time Bomb

Harold: Hes got a point you could have found the last or fifth number anyway, it's probably best if we find all seven of them before we attempt.

As Harold turns around he Steps on a booby trap, which cause Dirty Laundry to brust out of the ground.

Chris: O yeah i forgot to mention there are booby trap in the sand.

Noah: Now you mention it.

Noah said as the screne shows him stuck in quicksand.

Courtney: Lindsay what are you doing standing around.

Lindsay: Well theres no shovels so i can't dig.

Courtney: Just use your hands.

Lindsay then treis to dig with her hands. But is Shocked when some of the sand gets in her nails.

Lindsay: Ahhhhhhhh

She then runs off.

Courtney: It's just Sand.

Courtney goes after her but she falls into a Hole full of green jelly.

Courtney: What the Ahhhhh Green Jelly.

Gwen then hears this and grabs a long stick and pulls her out.

Courtney: You - you saved me

Gwen: Well it's what friends are for.

Courtney: Friends.

She said as she shed a tear.

Courtney: I'm sorry for all for everything i've done to you.

Gwen: I don't want to fight anymore.

They Both then hugged, While Duncan and Ezekiel watched. 

Ezekiel: Wow your Girlfirends friends with your Ex, I was taught that i never ends well for the Guy.

Duncan then turns around annoyed by his comment.

Duncan: This Won't end well for you.

Duncan tries to punch Ezekiel but he stops halfway.

Duncan: Ah Fizzle Sticks.

Duncan: (Con) Since when did i say that, Whats happening to me. * Holding his legs with his hands distrubed.*

Izzy then jumps out of the ground.

Izzy: Found Teasure

Izzy digs out three papers with the number 5, 1 and 7 along with Noah.

Noah: I was suffercating in there, Thanks alot Team.

He said while he look at the Toxic Rats.

Chris: Whoa the Mutant Maggots already have four of the seven sheets.

Eva: Make that Five.

Eva then digs out a Fifth paper with the number 3 on it.

Tyler: Hey Noah where's Lindsay.

Noah: She ran off after some sand got in her nail.

Tyler then worried runs off.

Courtney finally digs one of the number sheets,

Courtney: (Con) Me and Gwen have a better plan, We Throw the Challenge and vote off Duncan,

Courtney then Rips the paper into piece and reburied it, However Ludwig using his pair of binoculars from his Team Area sees her do it.

Ludwig: (Con) A Sneaky Ein She is.

Trent as he digs up the Sixth sheet he steps on a trap that knocks him causing him to crash into Owen.

The Sheet lands on Trents face showing the Number Nine.

Owen: Ah you ok buddy.

He then gets up back the glowing green appears on his shirt again.

?????????: Never been better.

????????? Then Walks of.

Sierra the Digs up the Final Sheet along with Cody who was hidding from her.

Sierra: Best Teasure ever.

Heather: good we just need one more.

???????? Then Sense All the Traps around the place.

???????? Then Slams his fist on the ground cause all of the traps to fly out and land on the Toxic Rats.

????????: That's all of them, All Nine of them.

Fang then emerges out of the Sea.

????????: The One you want is over there.

Fang walks upto Duncan who just got up after one of the flying traps.

Duncan: What do you want.

Fang the Points at his Tooth in his pocket.

Duncan: Oh you missing a tooth ah well you about to miss more.

Duncan tries to Punch Fang but he falls and ends up Hugging him.

The Tooth then falls onto the ground which Fang picks up.

Fang then Picks up Duncan and Hugs him.

Everyone the Laughs.

Chris: Ah Duncan, maybe next season should be Sweathearts vs even bigger sweathearts.

This Cause Everyone to Laugh.

Fang: (Con) Fang is holding a piece of paper showing that Chris had hired him to act nice to Duncan so it would tick him off, Which Fang is Laughing about.

Geoff: What did i miss.

Geoff said as he poped his head out of the sand.

Courtney: Just Duncan being an even bigger sweat heart ahahahhahahha.

Duncan: (Con) Mark my words Courtney you are going to pay for that comment. 


Mark my words Courtney you are going to pay for this

As Cody finsished laughing he notice that the final sheet which Trent had droped before is flying away.

Cody tries to jump up and catch it but a Radioactive Seagull with a Frog tounge grabs it and eats it.

Heather: Great now we can't even finish this now.

????????? Then diggs under ground and digs upto the Toxic Rats timebomb and rigs it with a Switch he then goes back into the ground and sets it off Causing the Toxic Rats to lose the Challenge.

Owen: Nooo not again.

Chris: I'd hate to say it but once again the Mutant maggots win, And This is were i give the bad news to the Toxic Rats.

Geoff: Wait you don't mean.

Chris: Yes Toxic Rats you have a Double Elimination among you.

Gwen & Courtney: What.

????????? then goes back to Trent.

Trent: What the what am i doing under ground.

Trent: (Con) This is getting very creep now i suddnely lose control and end up somewhere else, It must have something to do with the toxic barrel that hit me Two days ago. 

The Scene Changes to the Elimination Ceremony. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.18.25 AM

Toxic Rats Double Elimination

Chris: Thrid Elimination Toxic Rats it's a double so lets start our first round of Voting.

Ezekiel: (Con) Hmmmm Courtney is getting bossy so we should over throw ?

Duncan: (Con) Ezekiel comment to me was annoying.

Courtney: (Con) Now to put my plan into action goodbye Duncan.

Chris: Ok those who recive a marshmellow are only safe for the first round of Elimination.

Chris: Courtney, Alejandro, Noah, Geoff,Lindsay, Owen and Duncan.

Chris: Hmm Ezekiel and Gwen it's time.

Chris: The Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom goes to.









Chris: Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: No not again eh.

Ezekiel ducks avoid the Toixc Marshmellow.

Chris: Sorry Zek time for the Hurl of Shame.

Ezekiel: Ah Fine on the bright side i got better then ever. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.35.12 PM

Ezekiel is Once again Eliminated

The Scene chages to the Hurl of Shame.

Chris: Any Last words.

Ezekiel : Hm what yo say oh yea -ahhhhhhhhh

Ezekiel is intruped when he is Hurled away.

Chris: Now campers those marshmellos repersent nothing, Time for the Second voting.

Gwen: (Con) As much as i am enjoyed being friends with Courtney again my heart won't let me vote Duncan off.

Courtney: (Con) Lindsay left at the start of the challenge due to Sand Really ?

Lindsay: (Con) hmmm So Chris said to draw a X on the person you want gone, * Lindsay then draws an X on Courtney, Noah and Alejandro *

Chris: Ok Now these marshmellows mean your safe for the night.

Chris: Gwen, Geoff, Courtney, Noah, Owen and Alejandro.

Chris: Duncan and Lindsay this is it.

Courtney then gives and evil glare at Duncan.

Chris: The Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom goes to ?









Chris: Lindsay

Courtney: What

Tyler: No

Tyler then emerges from the Bushes.

Courtney: What are you doing here.

Chris: Lindsay time for the Hurl of Shame.

The Camera then Changes to Lindsay who is on the Hurl of shame. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.37.00 PM

Lindsay is next on the Hurl of Shame

Tyler: I Can't beleive we  can never make it to the merges togther.

Lindsay: Don't Worry Tyler, I will be in the sidelines cherring for you, You can still win for us,

Tyler: I Never care'd about wining i just wanted to be with you.

Duncan: ahh that's Cute, Wait what am i saying.

Lindsay and Tyler then hold hands.

Chris: Now time to ruin a cute moment.

Chirs then pulls the switch hurl Lindsay away.

Tyler then walks off sheding a tear.

Geoff: Poor Dude 

Courtney: Poor we have faced Three Elimination plus Tyler Your team won.

Tyler: To me it was a defeat. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 7.26.18 PM

Tyler: To me it was a defeat

Gwen: (Con) Whoa i already regret voting her off.

Back at the Mutatn Maggots cabin everyone is asleep execept for Ludwig and Tyler who are out side.

Tyler: I Just don't get it me and Lindsay never get to be on the same team and one of us alway get eliminated early.

Ludwig: Look i know it all seems down from this but this can be your chance to get payback at the Rats for voting for her.

Tyler: But how do i know which ones are the culprits .

Ludwig then pulls out a Recored tape.

Ludwig: You should sehen this meine friend. 

Chris then pops up from behind the,

Chris: That was a massive heart breaking Day but we have more conflicts on the horizon, Tune in next time for another episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance.

Chapter 6: Moon Child of the Dark Moon

"Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Once again the Campers were put into another Time Crisis Situation, Gwen and Courtney finally became friends again, Duncan continued to fall even more by losing his Shark tooth back to Fang and being declared and even bigger sweatheart, Despite this the Toxic Rats lost again and faced a Double Elimination, Ezekiel took the first Hurl While Lindsay was the Second Victim, How will the teams survive tonight's special Dark Moon Event, Find out Right Now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance "

Moon Child of the Dark Moon
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Six
Red moon
First Aired (CAN) 22nd December 2013
First Aired (USA) 21st December 2013
Challenge 1.Collect Pages while avoid Dawn

2. Face Dawn's at the Bridge of Doom

3. Make it out of the Cave Without being taken by Nine

Reward Trent and Ludwig are swapped to the Toxic Rats
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Within the Heart of the Sand"
"Aftermath Part I: One In a Million"

< After Openeing >

The Show Starts in the Messhall where Alejandro had called a team meeting.

Alejandro: My fellow Rats, It has come to my attention that we have lost every elimination challenge thus losing Beth, DJ, Ezekiel and Lindsay.

Owen: That means were down Seven agaisnt Nine. Were Outnumbered

Alejandro: Yes And if we keep losing by this rate i can guarantee you that only one or two of us would make it to see the merges.

Courtney: (Con) That one is definetly going to be me.

Noah: So your actually worried about losing challenges now, You threw half of them last season.

Gwen: Look as team leader it's best that none of us slip during the challenge all four of our fallen members did  any of us could be next.

Courtney and Duncan give each other evil glares, As Alejandro and Geoff do the same.

Alejandro: So as me and Gwen the team leader have decided.

But Geoff sudenly stands up from his seat.

Geoff: I Believe we should have a change of leaders since your plans have done nothing but send us to the elimination ceremony.

Alejandro: Good Luck with that Chris assinged me and Gwen as leader.

Chris: Actually if someone were to question your leadership then they are allowed to over throw you, So with that Said Alejandro and Gwen your no longer team leader.

Alejandro: Very Well.

Chris: With that said Geoff and .... Owen are the new leaders of your Team.

Courtney: Wait but you said there had to be a female leader too ?

Chris: Well since Lindsay and Beth are gone, i decide that anyone can be leader, Because lets face it Picking you or Noah as Female leader would not go well.

Noah: Yea because i definetly would would want queen bee. ( Noah said in Sarcasm )

Owen: Can i change the name of my title.

Geoff: Too what ?

Owen: You must all now call me King Owen the First.

Duncan: Very well just don't screw today up or you will get Revolution among your kingdom.

But there was no challenge in the day, The scene changeds to night time where the screen had changed to the Mutant maggot cabin.

Tyler: How come Chris didn't called us out for the challenge today.

Cody: Do you think he forgot.

Harold: Actually in a situation like this it's more likely that todays challenge is in the Night !

Trent: I had a feeling he would do that sooner or later.

Ludwig: Hey Guys ist it normal for the Moon to look Red. 

Dark Moon of Dawn

Ludwig: Hey Guys ist it normal for the Moon to look Red.

All the Boys then look out the window to see that the Moon has turned Red.

Cody: Is it Halloween ?

The Boys and Girls then exit the Cabin to see the Sky is Purple.

Heather: That is not normal even for this place.

Sierra: This is too Scary, Hold me.

Sierra then jumps onto Cody who falls due to her being to tall.

Eva the looks out but does not care.

Eva: No Meteor no problem.

She then heads back to her room.

Chris: This is going to be Fun, All Teams out here it's Halloween Challenge time.

Both the Maggots and the Rats Arrive to see Chris and his new intern Leshawna there.

Harold: Hey Leshawna.

Duncan: Ok Chris what sort of speical effect did you do to change the moon and sky.

Chris: What Effect, We brang in a Girl who has Power.

The Screen the Shows some where in the woods a Blone Girl with a green Sweater, Performing Spells from her book.

Chris: Since it's halloween Tonight's Challenge is a Cross Bettween a Race, Puzzel and Survival.

Chris: Your Teams will go into the woods to collect Four Pages. While your doing that the Witch Girl will hunt you all down one by one, Those who are captured will not participate in the rest to the challenges, Once you get all Four of your pages you will have to get arcoss the Bridge of Doom, Where the Girl will asked you a Questions or two get them right and you will make it across, Get one wrong and your out of the challenge, Finally you have enter a Cave that you must find your way out off before She or Nine get you.

Trent: Nine ?

Chris: You will know what i mean when your team gets there, The team that gets the most members of their team out of the cave wins, Just so you all don't wet your phants due to the dark everyone gets a torch, With limited battery.

Noah: (Con) I read one Myth blog from Creepypasta and now this happens.

Owen: (Con) Hmmm Pasta 

Izzy: Best challenge ever !

Izzy the puts her E-scope hat on her and Eva.

Chris: Well Enjoy Halloween people And Go !

Both teams slowly enter the woods.

The Scene Starts with the Mutant Maggots in the woods

Trent: Is it me or does the Woods get bigger every challenge we do.

Tyler: It's proably the Halloween effect.

Heather: Ok i made the mistake last time on a horror challenge not staying with the team, so no one leave this time.

Tyler: But the papers are scattered everywhere.

Heather: Fine Everyone i'm putting you all into Three Group's

Heather: Cody, Sierra and Harold Group One,

Heather: Eva and Izzy Group two,

Heather: Me, Trent, Tyler and Ludwig group three, Everyone split.

The Toxic Rats did the same.

Geoff: Ok Bros' we need to split into mini groups if we are going to get the papers faster. 

Toxic Rats in the woods

Geoff: Ok Bros' we need to split into mini groups if we are going to get the papers faster.

Geoff: Owen, Duncan and Gwen your group One, Me, Courtney and Alejandro are Group two.

Geoff: (Con)  If teams have told me anything it's that keep your friends close but your enemys closer 

Geoff: and Noah your group Three.

Noah: Yay ( In Sarcasm )

Geoff: Teams lets do this.

Back with the maggots Heather's Group finds their first page.

Trent: Nice out first page

Tyler: Dude there's something written on it.

Trent then reads it

Trent: * Leave me alone * Hmm odd. 

Mutant Maggots in the Wood&#039;s

Mutant Maggots in the Woods.

Ludwig: I'm Starting zu feel goosebumps.

Heather: It's just a writing.

The Screen changes to Harold's Gruop.

Harold: This reminds me of this Creepy game i played on my computer once about this tall dark man who stalks you in the woods.

Cody: I already got that feeling.

Cody said as Sierra walks right behind him.

Harold then notice a Dark Tunnel up ahead.

Harold: Hmm does this look legit.

Harold then Turns around to Cody but then gasp.

Cody: What ?

Cody then turns around to see that Sierra is not there.

Cody: Sierra.. Sierra.!

They then hear her scream.

Harold: Cool

Cody: Cool were just lost someone.

Harold: Yea but it's just like that game, But i can't remeber the name of it ?

Cody then notice a piece of paper near the bushes.

Cody then runs to grab it but he then trips and falls down a nearby hill as he gets sees the Dark looking Girl right infront of him. 

Dawn Scares Cody

Cody sees the Dark looking Girl right infront of him

Geoff's Group then arrives at the other side of the tunnel.

Alejandro: That has to be a trap.

Courtney: But we got no other choice come on.

They turn their flashlights on and enter the tunnel.

Geoff: Everyone still here.

Alejandro: Si Amigo.

Courtney then stops to pick up a page.

Courtney: Hmmm * Don't look or it takes you *

Courtney then turns around.

Moments later Geoff and Alejandro hear her Scream, Which cause them to run out of the tunnel.

Alejandro: One person gone alraedy.

Geoff: Ok Al We maybe not the the best of friends but we need to stick togther ok.

Duncan's group found two pages already.

Duncan: Ha So Scary * Can't Run *

Owen: Hey what about this one * Follows *

The Camear Changes to Izzy and Eva.

Izzy: Ah this is fun.

Eva: I doubt that witch will even get us.

Izzy then picks up a page from a abandon tractor.

Izzy: Hey look at this * Always watches *

Eva: This writings are stupid check this one it just says * no,no,no,non,no* Written everywhere.

Izzy and Eva then find a Abandon Pubilc bathroom.

Izzy: Perfect timing nature calls.

Izzy then runs into the building.

Eva the waits outside for 15 mintues.

Eva: Izzy what is taking so long.

Eva then looks inside to see a page on the floor.

Eva picks it up to see the words * Help me *

Eva: yep Shes gone

Meanwhile Noah is lost.

Noah: Nice Idea Geoff put me by myself

Noah then Sees the dark Tunnel.

Noah: Oh the classic getting caught in the dark, i'm not an idiot ugly Witch. 

????: Who said Witches were always Ugly.

Noah: Who's that.

Noah turns his flashlight on to see the Blone Girl right infront of him.

She then tries to Grab him but Noah Jumps Back, She Manages to Grab Noah Pants and Rip them off.

Noah then Screams and runs off in his underwear again.

Noah: Ahhhhh * Girly Voice * 

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.25.50 PM

Noah: Ahhhhh * Girly Voice *

???? (Con) Some of you may know me while others don't yes i am helping chris scare the living daylights out of every, If you can't Figure it out I am Dawn, Gifted with voice of Nature, and i have a Family book that contain's spells, So that can explain the Red moon and the Purple sky.

Gwen: What's that noise.

Noah then Runs into Gwen.

Duncan: What are you doing Wimp.

Noah: I was attacked and Dacked by that Creepy Girl, Turns out shes not that bad looking.

Owen & Duncan: Nice.

Gwen Then pulls out a Page from the Trees.

Gwen: Yes Got one.

Duncan: Way to go Gwen.

Chris: This just in both teams have found all of their pages everyone to the Bridge.

Owen: We better hurry.

Gwen: Maybe we can find Courtney and her group there.

The Camera then changes back to Chris.

Chris: Can our teams Survive the Birdge of Doom, Find after the break on Total Drama Island of Vegeance !

Heather's Group Arrives at the Bridge to find Harold and Eva there.

Heather: Where are the other's.

Eva: Isn't it obvious There Gone.

Tyler: Not good were down Three People.

Suddnely Dawn appears at the middle of the bridge.

Dawn: Who shall be tested first.

Harold: This movie i saw were these knight came arcoss a evil bridge and in....

Eva: We get the point.

Trent: I Guess i'll go first ?

Dawn: Here is your Question, Where is Camp Wawanaka Located ?

Trent: Hmmm In Muskoka, Ontario 

Dawn: Hmm You May Pass.

Trent then crosses the Bridge.

Tyler then walks up to Dawn.

Dawn: Your Question, name to Two male members of the Killer Bass that don't have any Facial hair ?

Tyler: Hmm Me and Geoff.

Dawn: Very Well.

Tyler then makes it across.

Heather: Ha Easy

Heather then runs towards her.

Dawn: Ok Heather this is your question, Are you in love with Alejandro ?

This cause everyone to giggle.

Heather: urg No way.

Dawn: You Aura shows somthing else therefor you are Worng.

Dawn then Blasts Heather off the bridge and into the pit of darkness.

Ludwig: Great now there's only Five of uns now !

Eva then walks upto Dawn

Eva: Just Let me past Now.

Dawn: Hmm That's Definetly in your Aura so what the heck.

She then allows Eva to go ahead.

Ludwig and Harold play Rock,Paper,scissors to see who goes next, Ludwig lost therefor it was his turn.

Dawn: Ludwig, True or Flase Do you have Evidence of a Serect Alliance.

Ludwig then looks at everyone.

Ludwig: True.

Tyler: Wait a Serect What Alliance ?

Ludwig: I will Explain after the Challenge.

Tyler: (Con) Just when i thought that Ludwig was normal now he knows about a Secret alliance yet he hasn't spilled the beans yet, But then again i wasn't good a keeping Secerts either and guess what that caused !

Harold then Walks to the Bridge, But he then trips and falls into the Pit.

Eva: Are you Kidding me.

Trent: Only the Four of us left.

Chris: Mutant Maggots off to the maze Cave.

The Toxic Rats then arrive at the bridge.

Gwen: Great there already done.

Gwen then goes first.

Dawn: Question for you have you ever voted for Duncan.

Dawn: (Con) I would of liked to of given them better question based from their Auras but Chris instructed me to give them all Exclusive Questions.

Gwen: Ur Yes.

Duncan: What !

Noah: Ezekiel was Right, A Love Triangle never works well. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.21.15 PM

Toxic Rats at the Bridge of Doom

Duncan: Do you want ot lose another pair of Underwear !

Geoff and Alejandro then arrive.

Duncan: ha Courtney didn't make it i see

Geoff: Basically yea.

The Sceen Then changes Where Owen, Noah and Geoff had made it arcoss the bridge while Alejandro fell into the dark pit. 

Duncan then Walks to Dawn.

Dawn: Question One, Do you still have feelings for Courtney ?

Gwen: You didn't

Duncan: You know what sure i do.

Geoff: Whoa you both backstabbed each other.

Gwen: Ok you know what sorry about voting for you but, Really you still have feelings for her.

Dawn: One more Question.

Duncan: Wait i just answerd it.

Dawn: This is my Question for you Duncan, Are you Really a Bad person ? 

Duncan: Are you joking i'm that bad

Dawn: In your Aura Duncan i see a Child, A Child who was bullied into it, a Child who only acted bad to impress kids at school, A Child .... Who was Rejected by His Crush in Kinder Garden, The Fact that your in denial therefor you lose.

Dawn the Blasts Duncan into the Pitt.

Owen: if Duncan Still like's Courtney does that mean your Single now ?

Gwen: Not Yet, But Possibly Soon.

Geoff: (Con) Man keeping your Teammate's under control is pretty hard.

Noah then Passes a Tape to Dawn.

Noah: There's all the proof you need.

Noah: (Con) Now i might have told you a while back that one of my friends encouraged me to return to this season to get proof of the Toxic Waste Dump, Well you know who that friend is now !

Meanwhile the Mutant Maggots Arrive at the Cave.

Tyler: Ok Everyone stick togther this time.

All Four of them enter the Cave.

Geoff: Ok Emotion aside everyone into the Cave. 

Toxic Rat&#039;s Cave

Geoff: Ok Emotion aside everyone into the Cave.

The Toxic Rats enter the Cave aswell

The Scene then changes To Chris.

Chris: Ok now i think we should have a differnt Stalker now, Chef Activate the Red Wave.

The Red Moon then launches a Red Wave that spreads arcoss the Whole island.

Tyler: Well my flashligth is out, Anyone else have there's.

Trent: Yea i'll get mine.

But as Trent was Just about to do that the Red Wave went Passed him.

Causing him to drop the flash light.

Ludwig: I can't see a thing.

Eva then picks up the drops Torch to find that Trent has gone.

Tyler: This is getting worser by the minute.

As The Three of them continue, Behind them a Dark Figure with Glowing Green Eyes watch them.

It then Jumps up to Higher Ground Reavling to be Trent with Green Aura around him and His Hand on his shirt is Green meaning that he is ?????????.

?????????: (Con) It appears this Red Wave has Awaken me again, Time To make the Rats Suffer Espeaically one person.

The Rats then Continued througth the Cave But Geoff who is at the Back is Grabbed by ????????? and is taken into the shadows.

Gwen: Hmm Left or Right.

Noah:  How about you ask our leader Geoff ?

They All Turn around to find that he is not there.

Owen: I don't want to die !

Owen and Noah then Run off in fear.

Gwen: Wait !

But Gwen could not keep up with them.

Exhausted, Gwen stops to catch her breath only to find that ????????? Appears behind her.

Gwen then Sees a Shadow appear behind her and she slowly turns around.

Gwen: Trent ?

But ????????? then Take her into the Shadows.

Owen and Noah who are running then hear her yell.

Owen and Noah then run into Eva, Tyler and Ludwig.

Owen: You guys still alive,

Ludwig: und your the only eins left ?

The Camera then Changes to a Giant Web on the Ceiling of the CAve where Gwen wake up to find herself and every other captured camper there.

Gwen: What happend.

Courtney: Nothing much just your Insane Ex and a Witch girl who have kidnapped us all and place us onto this Spider web.

Izzy: I Don't know why your complianing this bed is comfortable.

????????? Then Appears from the Shadows.

?????????: Welcome Flies to the Web of the captured.

Heather: What is with this Ridiculous Dark Voice Trent get us out of here.

?????????: Trent ? You must have me mistaken for another Person, As you can see i have Green Aura surrounding me does that not inpress you guys.

Izzy: Looks Great

?????????: Hm Izzy is it,I like you for some reason maybe it's because his and your name togther Make ......... Nine!

Gwen: Nine ! Again With Nine

????????: That is my Name infact.

Owen: Hey Evil Green Looking Trent.

Owen: You Picked the Worng girl to flirt with cause that girls has a Boyfriend.

Owen then Fart's up and Breaks the Web freeing Everyone and Then Rams Nine into the wall casuing his Aura to dissapear and Return to Trent.

Trent: Owen What's going on ?

Gwen: You just kiddnapped us that's what.

Trent: What do you mean the last thing i remeber is that i was gettin the last flashlight out off my bag and then i just Blanked.

Alejandro: Blanked ? You just Took us all Hostage.

Ludwig tires sneaks out off the Cave when Courtney spots him.

Courtney: The Exit to the Cave Rats Get there!

Ludwig: Oh S#@!

Ludwig then throws a Detnator at the top of the roof causing the cave to collaspe but Owen and Noah Get out on time.

Chris: Well I Can see that tonight's challenge is over now. With that Said since the Maggots only have one person who escaped while the Rats have two. The Toxic Rats Win.

Lugwig: What Noooooo !

Trent: (Con) Wha- What's happen now everyone distrust me, But somethings happening what is it.

Trent then goes to infirmary where he sees Leshawan there.

Trent: Hey Leshawa can i see my infirmary record book about all incidents related to me.

Leshawa: Sure.

Trent: Hmm 25% Toxic in my brain, Hmm What !

Trent then Opens the Medical Vault to find the Same Toxic Barrel that hit him a Few Days ago.

Trent: Warning Toxic Barrel #47 my include altering metal stability,

Trent then Suddenly gets a Flashback in his head showing him all the Time Nine had take control of him in the last three challenge's.

Trent: No...NO I have another Personality !

The Scene Changes to the elimination Ceremony. 

Maggots 1st Elimination

Mutant Maggots at their First Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Oh Dear Maggot's I knew this day would finally come now is time to vote.

Trent: Wait, I'll take the Hurl of Shame.

Heather: Well Dur

Trent: If you didn't know I now have another Personality an Evil One !

Chris: hmm you do. In that case Trent You joining the Toxic Rats, 

Everyone then Gasp.

Ludwig: Would'nt they just vote him off aswell ?

Chris: Fine Ludwig Toxic Rats aswell.

Trent: No Wait I need help.

Chris: No you need to help me get more ratings, But in Return Owen is moved to the Mutant Maggots.

The Scene then changes to the Toxic Rats Cabin.

Noah: So who do you think got votted off ?

Duncan: There's only one Physco i would vote for !

Noah: Didn't think a nice guy like yo would say that.

Just as Duncan was about to punch Noah Trent and Ludwig the arrive at the Cabin. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 9.55.30 PM

Trent & Ludwig Are now on the Toxic Rats, While Owen is now on the Mutant Maggots

Alejandro: So Who took Hurl ?

Trent: No one it's another swap so me and Ludwig are on your team now.

Duncan: Your Kidding me right ?

Ludwig: Nien in Fact he Said that Owen Was to join the Mutant Maggots.

Owen: Oh ok.

Owen then leaves the room.

Geoff: So what happened back there dude.

Trent: I Now have another Personality, Something that i can't control !

The Camera the Zooms out off the Cabin.

Chris: Yep another day of Total mayhem,

Chris: You Can't Miss Next because one of the Biggest Betrayals of Total Drama History is going to happen. What is it and who is taking the Hurl of Shame, You will be shocked, Tune in next time for one the Biggest episodes yet of Total Drama island of Vengenace !

Chapter 7: Aftermath Part I: One in a million

" This episode of TDIV is an aftermath speical enjoy " 

Aftermath Part I: One in a Million
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Seven
First Aired (CAN) 23rd December 2013
First Aired (USA) 23rd December 2013
Episode Guide
"Moon Child of the Dark Moon"
"Fear Fighters"

The Scene Then shows the intro for the Aftmath with the Blue Giant words saying Total Drama island ff Vegeance Aftermath.

Bridgette: Welcome everyone to Total Drama Aftermath, Before we start lets introduce the peanut Gallery.

Bridgette: Kaite, Sadie And Justin.

Bridgette: So tonigth we are going to start with the interview's, Let's Start with our first eliminated contestant Beth. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 3.34.43 PM

Total Drama Aftermath Cast Part 1

Beth then walks upto the stage.

Beth: Hi Bridgette:

Bridgette : Hey, So what was is like being on the island again.

Beth: It was pretty Funny my Favourite from this season had to of been the first challenge, But I'm just glad that I won't have to worry about Toxic Waste and all the poor mutated animals.

Bridgette: So Beth Who are you hoping will win this season ?

Beth: Hmm i was going for Lindsay but she got eliminate too So ? I'm going for Noah and Tyler hopefully one of them can win.

Bridgette: So what is you opinion on The Reamining contestants.

Beth: Hmm The only ones i don't like are Alejandro, Courtney, Heather and Gwen, Latley she and Duncan keep on Turning against each other and that's not what a Realtionship are about .In fact I won't be surpized if they break up soon or later.

Bridgette: Speaking of Duncan do you think he is a Bad person ?

Beth: Hmm that's a tough one because half of the time he is but the other time he isn't ?

Bridgette: Well thank you for your time Beth but now it's time to move on DJ.

The Scene changes to DJ sitting there with them.

Bridgette: Good to have you back DJ

DJ: Thanks

Bridgette: Did you have any highlights for this season.

DJ: Yes Duncan helped me find my long lost bunny from season 1, I'm just glad we save it before it could get mutated.

Bridgette: Speaking of Duncan do you belive that he has changed.

Dj: I don't want him to hear this but i belive he is changing for the better.

Bridgette: With that aside Did you dislike anyone this season.

Dj: Hm I still not trusting Alejandro for last season, Heather hasn't gotten any better either, But if i had to pick who i would like to win, It would have to be Trent

Bridgette: Hmm Last episode was pretty devestating i do hope he can stop what ever is trying to take over him. 

DJ: Hey Bridgette do you remeber Season two and he had that mental breakdown, Do you think that Toxic Barrel might have brought it back.

Bridgette: If that's true it's definetly gone worse since it created a whole new personality which it nicked name himself Nine.

DJ: Well I said everthing I wanted to so i'm going to the peanut gallery.

Bridgette: Ok Now for Ezekiel.

Ezekiel then walks up to the stage.

Ezekiel: Wow you look better eh !

Bridgette: I'm just going to ignore that comment so Ezek, Did you enjoy this season.

Ezekiel: Best season yet I beat two other contestants and i came 18th

Bridgette: Soon to be 19th.

Ezekiel: What do you mean eh ?

Bridgette: I will talk about it later, So who do you want to win this season ?

Ezekiel: Hmm i would have to bet on ..... Ludwig last seaosn new guy got to the top, no offence Bridge.

Bridgette: None taken, Did you have any favourite moments.

Ezekiel: Yep that Weapons Ice Castle battle was the best eh. 

Bridgette: Oh yea we got some of the never before seen fotage of that lets look.

The Camera Show Ezekiel and Noah on the Toxic Rats Castle Wall.

Ezekiel: So when do you think they will attack eh ?

Both of them then duck as a Cross bolt fires at them

Noah: About now.

Cody reloads his cross bow when Noah aims and Shoots him with his fintlock pistol

Sierra: Cody !

Sierra then jumps very high and lands onto their wall.

She then Whacks Noah off with her Battle Axe and tries to Swing at Ezekiel but he backflips back.

Ezekiel Then fires his bow at her hitting her twice before she teleported away.

Ezekiel: Oh Yea i'm da boss Eh

But then the Giant Mutated Komodo Dragon Falls and Lands on him.

The Screen then goes back to the Aftermath. 

Ezekiel: Best Day Ever Eh

Bridgette: Yea Now we must move onto our last guest Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hi

Bridgette: Ur Lindsay your meant to be on stage not in the crowd ?

Lindsay: Oh

The Camera changes to her on the stage

Bridgette: So Lindsay did you enjoy this season ?

Lindsay: Yea I but i wasn't on there for long !

Bridgette: So what was your opinion on Last nights episode.

Lindsay: Green Trent looked scray, But i'm just glad that Tyler didn't get Hurled.

Bridgette: Speaking of Tyler, Back on the Sand Digging challenge you ran off only for him to look for you.

Lindsay: Yea that was the most terrifiying challenge I ever did I got sand in my nails.

Bridgette: We also got this Never before scene about that, Lets take a look.

The Camer shows Lindsay sitting on a log looking at the Lake as the sum slowly goes down, When Tyler arrives.

Tyler: Lindsay are you ok, Courtney told me you ran off because of something.

Lindsay: Just the Sand. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 3.52.07 PM


Tyler: It is pretty Messy the Sand, I hear Cody got a lot of it stuck in his underwear.

They both then giggled.

Lindsay: We lost again did we ?

Tyler: I'm sorry Lindsay, I just don't get why we never get to be on the same team.

Lindsay: Don't worry it's just a way of Chris Putting our realtionship to the test to see if we can survive,

Tyler: But we will make it to the merges toghter this time right ?

Lindsay: It would be great if we could, But it doesn't matter, in the end we still have each other, We have lasted longer then some of the biggest realtionships on this show, Meaning nothing can break us apart !

Lindsay said as she put her hand around Tyler.

Tyler and Linday then share a kiss as the Sun goes down. 

Tyler and Lindsay kiss in the never before seen Clip

The Camear changes back to the Aftermath.

Bridgette: au Lindsay That was the most Cutest clip I ever saw on this show,

Everyone in the peanut galler then claps and shed a few tears.

Lindsay: It was a very Emotional day, But the worst was yet to come on that night.

Bridgette: Ok Geoff had requested that we keep the that's gonna leave a mark Part so lets have a look at some of the funniest painfulest part's of this seaosn so far.

The Clips Show Duncan Lets go off Noah's Harness rope causing him to fall off the mountian, Second Clip Shows Cody attempts to Jump on the Bouncy Butt but it Knocks him back, Next clip Shows The Mutated Komodo Dragon whacks everyone with it's tail with sends Trent crashing head first into a rock, In the Next Tyler Ducks a Boomerang only for it to swing back and it him in the back of the head, The Final clip shows a Bomb that exploeds on the Maggots Platform blasting Cody and Eva away.

Bridgette: Ouch that Noah part was the most painfull one of them all.

Ezekiel Hey Bridgette you mention something before about being in 19th instead of 18th,

Bridgette: Well at the begining of the Show we started a poll  and who ever got the most votes who join Island of Vegeance, But that person will arrive on the Island on the next episode.

Beth: How long does this Aftermath goes for.

Bridgette: Yea Due to even more Budget cuts chris said is was a Fifthteen Minute Show so before we go were going to show some never before seen clips of Duncan being nice.

The First shows Duncan look out of the window look at the Blue mother brid sleeping with her kids, The Second clip shows Harold Asleep on the top bed when he is about to fall Duncan Catches him and puts him back on his bed, The Final Clip shows Duncan Outside at night talking to Dawn.

Dawn: Your Aura is a mix of Red but it shows a bit of Cyan aswell.

Duncan: Is that good ?

Dawn: The Red repersents your Dark side while the Cyan is your good Side, But soon there can be only one Colour, So it's up to you if you want to make a change.

The Camera goes back to the Aftermath.

Bridgette: That's all we have who is coming back, And who is Going to Take the Hurl of shame in the next Shocking Episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance.

Chapter 8: Fear Fighter's

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, We had are very Own Halloween special, Cody Pee his pants  at the Sight of Dawn, And Noah lost his pants too, After That the Team's had to go into the Cave Maze, We released a Powerful red wave causing. Trent to become Nine and lost everyone trust, Finally the Mutant Maggots Lost but, Instead of Hurling Trent we send him to the Toxic Rats along with Ludwig, Get ready for one of the most shocking elimination right now on Total Drama island of Vengeance "  

Fear Fighters
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Eight
Geoff vs Alejandro
First Aired (CAN) 26th December 2013
First Aired (USA) 26th December 2013
Challenge 1. Defeat your worst fears in a Full on Fight
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Aftermath Part I:One in a Million"
"Burromuerto's Creed McLean Flag"

< After opening >

The Screen Shows the Toxic Rats Cabin where Duncan and Ludwig are awake.

Duncan: Great ! Now Gwen and Courtney have been voting for me, and to make matter's worse I'm losing my Reputation.

Duncan said to himself as Ludwig walk up to him

Ludwig: There only logical way to Avoid a Hurl of shame is to win the challenge my friend, As plan B you must focus on Turning Gwen and Courtney Against each other, I have an idee but it can only work incase we lose.

Duncan: Well it better work or otherwise i'm taking you with me !

Trent and Geoff then wake up

Duncan: Morning Party Boy and Green Freak.

Trent: It wasn't my fault.

Geoff: Give the guy a break he can't handle it.

Courtney: As long as it doesn't cost us the challenge I'm fine with it.

Courtney said from the other room.

Noah: Women.... Never let things go.

Gwen: Why are you still here Noah.

Noah: There room is too loud and Duncan will only Teabag me if play the Xbox with them.

Courtney then Kicks Noah out of the Girls Cabin.

Back at the Mutant Maggots everyone was happy that Owen was on there team now.

Tyler: Nice to have you back Owen

Owen: Thanks guy

Izzy: Now we can win togther.

Heather: Remeber everyone the challegne is coming soon so we need to focus.

Chris on the Speaker: Attention All Campers to the Dock.

the Scene Changes to the Dock.

Chris: On our First Aftermath for the Season, We had a poll that would bring back one of the contestants, So without further ado please welcome back Justin.

Justin then arrives from his Boat.

Justin: Good to see you's all again.

Alejandro: (Con) I Always had a feeling that I would one day come face to face with him, Challenge accepted Chris.

Justin: (Con) My goal this seaosn is to defeat Alejandro and to prove that I am the only handsome one around  here because lets face it, No girl likes a guy with hair on his face not even if its small !

Chris: Justin you will be assigned to the Mutant Maggots.

Justin: (Con) Why with the disgusting team name ?

Chris: Ok Everyone for today's challenge we will be going to the newest Attraction of Camp Wawanaka everyone to the Chrisiseum !

Courtney: The Chrisiseum ?

Chris: Great name huh.

The Scene Changes to the Chrisiseum where a boxing ring has been set there.

Cody: A Boxing Challenge I assume.

Chris: Your half correct my friend, Back in season one we had a challenge called Phoiba Factor, this time instead of facing your fear's your going to be figthing them.

Heather: Wait half of those aren't every possible.

Chris: Well made them possible, Mutant Maggots your team goes first !

Heather: Let's just get this over with.

Chris: Very Well get ready to fight a Sumo.

a Sumo then jumps into the ring, Then the bell rings.

As the Sumo charges at Heather She decides to leave her right leg up, which ends up hiting the Sumo in the nuts.

Chris: Hmm the classic Courtney move but you did beat him so one point to the Mutant Maggots.

Owen: Hey Chris since flying is my fear how am i going to fight it.

Chris: We Found a Way Owen & Ludwig this way.

The Scene changes to a Plane where Chef throws Owen and Ludwig off the plane.

Chris: You have to fight Ludwig whille falling.

Ludwig tries to hit Owen, But Owen who was to terrified from how high they were Owen Jumped onto Ludwig.

Owen & Ludwig: AHhhhhhhhhh

They both then crash into the boxing ring showing that Owen landed on top of Ludwig.

Chris: Ok Another Point for the Maggots, Cody your up.

Cody: Wait a Time bomb.

Chris: Yep all you have to do is punch it.

As Cody punches the Bomb it exploeds.

Chris: Nice Another Point, Harold

Harold: I already over came my fear of Ninja's ?

Chris: No need your fighting Leshawna.

The Screen changes to both harold and Leshawna in the ring.

Harold: I can't hurt you !

Leshawna: It's a challenge sweety just go for it.

Harold tries to focus but he could'nt.

Harold: I can't hurt anyone not even you.

Duncan: Wimp

Harold then turns around and Knocks Duncan Out.

Chris: Ha Sorry Harold but since you couldn't do that no point, Sierra after watching last season your figthing Cody.

Sierra: What !

The Screen changes to both of them in the ring.

Cody: You can do this Sierra just imagine that I'm Courtney.

Sierra: No i'm not doing this.

Chris: Ok then no point then, Izzy's next.

The Scene shows Izzy in a Invisible Plane with Chef.

Chef: Let's go Crazy girl

Izzy: Bring it !

Chef attemps a few swings at her but Izzy then Kicks him back,  She then breaks one of the invisible plane's windows and throws him out off it.

Chris: Ok That's another point, Justin your fight a pack of ugly mutanted Gohper's.

Justin: Whoa your right about ugly. 

Justin has to fight Ugly animals

Justin: Whoa your right about ugly.

Justin Take out the First two of the Four.

But one of them spits purple looking goo on the floor causing Justin to run out of the ring.

Chris: Ok Tyler you turn.

Tyler: Let me guess a Chicken right ?

Chris: No a Mutated Chicken.

A Three leged Chick with Two Arms enter's the ring.

Tyler Breaths in and out as the fight begins.

The Chicken Punches him and Pecks at him twice.

Tyler then hears lindsay's voice in his head encouraging him to figth on.

Tyler: I Can do this, For Lindsay !

Tyler then Hits the Chicken in the Gut and Trips it, and Jumps dives onto it knocking it out.

Chris: Another point to the Mutant Maggots.

Chris: Eva you the last person for your team !

Eva: Good Luck trying to find something that i won't hit.

Chris: Oh but we have Justin.

Justin then enter's the ring showing off his hottness.

Eva: No must resits.

Justin: No one can !

Justin then takes his Shirt off causing Eva and almost every other girl including Owen to Faint.

Chris: Ok after she failed the Mutant Maggots got a total of five points, Toxic Rats you have to beat this to win todays Challenge.

Duncan: I'll go first.

Duncan: (Con) Finally, I can prove my bad boy status by kicking butt in the ring, there ever going to be sorry for all of those insults.

Duncan : Ok Chris Bring it.

Chef the Drops a Big Box onto the Ring.

Chris: I don't know Duncan, I don't think there's anyway you could stand a chance against it.

Duncan: Open the Stupid Box Now !

Chef then Uses a crowbar to open the box causing a massive amount of Smoke to escape from the box, As the Smoke fades away it shows the Three eye blue mother brid Walk out of it.

Chris: I Believe you too have met.

This Cause Gwen, Heather,Courtney and Harold to Laugh at Duncan.

Duncan: Eh where's the rest of them

Noah: If there were more he would of brang them out like in Justin's turn.

Duncan: Yea well this is going to be too Overpowered for me.

Harold: There's also a shoter team for Overpowered know as OP.

Tyler: Ha i'm above Op then.

Duncan then hears the Bell Ring.

Duncan: Get Ready Angry Bird your about to get plucked.

Harold: The Only plucking that's going on is you Swag cause you lost it all.

Duncan: Come on Fly, Peck, Attack Me !

Duncan: How am i suppose to figth something so helpless and weak.

Geoff: (Con) I would never hit a bird but i'm surpized Duncan isn't ?

Dunca Prepare's to Try and hit the Brid, But the Mother Bird Starts to make sad noise.

Duncan then starts to tear a bit.

Duncan: Aw I Give up.

Duncan then jumps out of the ring where the Bird follows him.

Courtney: Ha tought move Sweatheart.

Gwen: or Even bigger Sweathear.

Both Girls start to laugh.

Chris: Well no points for Goody Duncan, Noah your next.

Noah: Very well.

Duncan: (Con) That's it, There's nothing I can do, What kind of Girlfriends does not support you during tought times, and all this niceness is definetly a tought time, I'm proably going to get votted off now.

But then in the confessional The Mother bird fly's onto his lap. 

Duncan and Mother bird

Duncan and the Blue Three eyed Mother Bird

Duncan: (Con) Awww, Damit, You have been giving me nothing but nice luck, which is bad luck to me.

But then the Blue mother bird flies into the Toxic Rats Cabin.

Duncan (Con): Wait where are you going.

Back at the ring Noah is there.

Noah: Your already making me do my worst Fear and Activity, Physical activity.

Chris: yea but we know how to make it wosrt.

Cody: Well i can't be worster then Duncan's opponet.

This Cause everyone to laugh except for Trent.

Trent: Come on guys maybe we cut him some slack, He is going through a Phase, Like how I have that other Personality.

Courtney: Don't kill the joke, It's bad enough that I on the same team with that Cheating Ex and a Insane Green nine absceed phycopath.

Noah: You would say that's harsh but that's typical Courtney.

Chris: Continuing Noah we migth have met your opponet back in the Obstacle Challenge, Fang.

Fang then appears from the floor with Boxing Gloves. 

Noah: I still lost the logic on how you gave a shark boxing gloves. 

Noah has to fight Fang

Noah: I still lost the logic on how you gave a shark boxing gloves.

Fang then Rams Noah back and Uppercuts him,

Courtney: Noah we need this point.

Noah: You get it then.

Noah then tags Courtney.

Courtney: What !

Fang then pulls Courtney into the Ring and throws her into the wall and does a Tombstone piledriver on her.

Chris: 1 2 and 3 Courtney failed Noah's Challenge.

Noah, Trent and Owen begin to laugh.

Noah: You had my chance there Courtney.

Trent: To be Fair Courtney you had that coming.

Gwen then gives Trent a Bad look.

Trent: What you heared what she said before.

Trent: (Con) I was glad that Gwen and Courtney are friends again, But now it's clear that Courtney brings out the worst of her.

Chris on the Speaker: Ur Trent there's a microphone in there on accident sorry dude.

Gwen: and you think that our friendship is ruining myself.

Trent: Look it just that something she makes bad remarks, and it does come to offence.

Gwen the walks away.

Alejandro: Oh poor Trent, It is very hard to understand the way of the Woman.

Noah: And your some expert ( Sarcasm )

Chirs: Next Alejandro.

Heahter: Ha not so brave are you.

Alejandro: You know nothing about my Fear.

Chris the throws a smoke bomb into the Ring, as it fades away it shows a Blue Spanish man there.

Alejandro: José !

Alejandro: (Con) I Never metion this before but I had a Nightmare yesterday one of José stealing the love of my life from me....... Heather !

Chris on the speaker: How does that microwphone end up in there sorry Al.

Ludwig: (Con) * Ludiwg Picks up his Microwphone* Op's Ich must of left it here last time ! ( In a Sarcastic Smile )

Noah: Can we get on to the lesser obvious parts.

José: Cuánto tiempo sin verte, Al.

Alejandro: We settle this right here right now José.

José: Still Jealous that I am better than you at everything.

Chris: Enough with the touchy family reunion fight !

The Bell then rings.

José does the first Punch but Alejandro blocks with and tries to swing at him but he dodges all three hook punches.

Eva: Why aren't they aim for the head, That's the best spot.

Alejandro: (Con) We have a family code, Not the Face.

José: (Con) Never the face.

Justin: (Con) They stole my Code !

José: Ha your technique is Pathetic and Embrassing as Heahter's Unatractive Personaliy on National Televisoin hahahahahaha.

Heahte: What !

This cause All of the Girl fo laugh at Heather, Which Angers Alejandro.

Alejandro then Does a Knock back Punch at him.

Alejandro: That is for calling me Al !

He then Frontflips over José and Trips him over.

Alejandro: That's for hogging the family mirror, 

Justin: (Con) Ha I'm the only one in my family who uses the Mirror.

Alejandro: And this is for calling Heather Anything related to Negative insults and a Dead Donkey.

Alejandro Then Punches him back causing him to fall.

Chris: One Point to the Toxic Rats.

José: Congratulations my brother you have succeded,

Alejandro: All of that was for you Heather. 

Alejandto Defeats His Brother

Alejandro Defeats his Brohter José

This cause her to blush.

Heahter: Ur Thanks I guess

Alejandro then gives her a piece of paper contain his phone number.

Heahter: (Con) No Boy has ever gave me there phone number.

Cody: (Con) I'm glad it was Alejandro who joined Total Drama and Not José, Who knows what worser plot are in his mind.

Duncan then Arrives at the Toxic Rats Cabin.

Duncan: What are you doing in here ?

Duncan sees the Mother bird on top of Gwen and Courtney's Bunk bed.

As Duncan waks up to her the Bird drops him a Paper and a Pen and then flies onto a Photo contain Both Courtney and Gwen.

Duncan then gets and Evil smile from this.

Duncan: Maybe not all hope is lost Mahahahaha.

Meanwhile back at the Ring Courtney is there with a Giant barrel of Green Jelly.

Courtney then tries to punch it only for it to exploed all over her.

Courtney: Aahahahah ! Get it off me, Get it off me.

Gwen: Poor Courtney.

Noah: You just saw Tyler fight a Mutated chicken, Owen Falling from a plane and Justin fight a pack of Ugly Mole Gohpers, But you only give empathy for her.

Gwen: You wouldn't get it.

Noah: (Con) I Hope i don't

Chris: Even thought she hit the jelly she lost it and left the ring so no point to Jellyophobic over there.

Chris: Ludwig your Next !

Ludwig: But I have more then one fear.

Chris: That's why this will be funny.

The Scene changes to a Plane where Ludwig is looking down from.

Ludwig: Height's how am i going to fight this.

Chris: That's just the scenery of the fight.

Chef then Throws a Bucket of Crabs and Lobster's at Ludwig, which cause him of walk off the plane.

Ludwig: Och Krebs und lobster's.

Ludwig tries to punch one only for it to Pinich him on the nose.

Ludwig then crashes down to Ring.

Heather: How are you scared Crabs.

Ludwig: (Con) * Pulls a Crab off his nose * Och think about it, I went to the beach as child and saw a Lobster. I grew fear of them because I thought they would chop your legs off back when I was ein child.

Chris: Nine your up.

Trent: Oh he is not coming today Chris !

Chris: Well lets see about that.

Chris: Then throws Six Smoke bombs into the ring as it fades Six Mimes appear.

Tretn: Ah

Trent climbs onto one of the ring poles to avoid the mimes.

One mime pretends to use a Saw on the pole.

Trent: Not Funny Dude.

Trent then jumps off the pole but as he runs from he he slips and falls face first onto a Pile of Green Jelly left from Courtney's Figth.

Noah: And we lost him.

Back then his hair now turns Green.

Nine: Or have they lost !

Nine Then pulls out one of the Ring Poles and Smacks Two of the Mimes down.

Nine then picks up the Barrel of Green Jelly and Dunks it onto another Mime, he then kicks the Barrel causing that mime to fall out of the Ring and Land on Harold.

Nine: Submit or be destroyed !

He said to the reamaing mimes.

All Six of them then Run away.

Chris: Another point to the Toxic Rats.

Alejandro: (Con) I for one am glad to have Trent on my team using Nine as a Advantage could decimate the other team.

Nine then performs a Jumps out of the building.

Owen: Should we follow him ?

Chris: He should be fine.

The Screen Changes to Duncan and the Mother bird in the Toxic Rats Cabin.

Duncan is writing fake note about Courtney.

Duncan: Can't wait to see the look on her face when I show her this !

Chris: Ok Geoff Your Turn.

Geoff: How am I going to fight Hail !.

Chris: Actually your challenge is not a Fear one.

Geoff: Wait you don't mean Bridgette !

Chris: Even Better, Alejandro is your opponent !

Geoff: That does sound better !

Alejandro: So be it.

The bell Rings.

Geoff: This Fight ends here.

Alejandro: You mean fight over Bridgette. * He Joked *

Geoff: Gr 

Alejandro then blocks most of Geoff's Punches, and Kicks Geoff Causing him to Crash into a Pole.

Alejandro: Ha that must of been the same pole, Bridgette Kissed !

Geoff then Throws His hat casuing it to Fly Around Alejandro distracting him, While Geoff then manages to Knock him back with a punch to the Chest, When Alejandro Bounces back from the Rope Geoff then Trips him over, Cauing him to fall to the Ground face first.

Geoff then climbs up a pole Jumps off the Pole Slaming him into the Floor.

Chris: Finish Him !

Geoff Prepares to do one more Punch but then he has a Flashback in his head about Bridgette.

Geoff Then Helps Alejandro Up.

Everyone then gasps.

Courtney: What are you doing

Geoff: Bridgette wouldn't of wanted this, I beat you that's it.

Geoff then picks up his Hat and walks away.

Alejandro: You Idiot you  didn't even pin me you just costed us another point !

Geoff: The Cost was this Fight, I was too busy Focused on getting payback when I realized that revenge won't get me anywhere, She told me before she got Hurled that I need to focus on the game and as a Member of the Toxic Rats, We need to end this Rivarly and fight toghter as a team,

Geoff then walks up to Alejandro and Offers to shake his hand.

Alejandro: Very well as a Team !

Chris: hmm wasn't exceptting that but I'm going to give 2 points for that.

All of the Toxic Rats then Cheer out there Name.

Duncan then arrives back at the Chrissesum.

Duncan: So what did I miss.

Noah: To sum it all up we need one more point to tie with the maggots.

Chris: Gwen it's all up to you now.

Courtney: So Enjoying Wonderland Duncan do right

Duncan: More then you will know ( He said in a Evilish Voice )

Chris: Gwen You will be Fighting underground.

Gwen: Let's just get this over with.

Duncan then walks up to chris and Whispers to him.

Chris: That is a good idea, Gwen you will be Fighting..... Courtney underground.

Courtney & Gwen: What !

Gwen: But we just patched thing up.

Chris: That's the point !

Chirs: Then pulls a Switch that drops the floor below Everyone sending them undergorund !

Chris then rings the Bell.

A few Second past but not of them move.

Chris: Fight ! already

Courtney: We can't just fight we have been best friends for the last Three episodes.

Duncan: Best Friends Ha Chris can you read this for me, I found it under Courtney's Pillow.

Gwen: You did what !

Chris: My Total Drama Prediction Scheduel by Courtney.

Chris: Courtney's Elimination table.

Chris: 21.Ezekiel, 20. Beth, 19.Duncan, 18.Heather, 17. DJ, 16.Alejandro, 15.Lindsay, 14.Gwen, 13.Izzy, 12. Noah, 11. Harold, 10. Eva, 9. Ludwig, 8.Tyler, 7.Geoff, 6.Owen, 5.Cody, 4. Sierra, 3. Justin and my final Two would be me and my Crush Trent.

Gwen: Wait you planed to vote me off ?

Courtney: Tha-that is not mine !

Duncan: Deniy it ha Smash her Gwen.

Gwen then Punches Courtney causing her to crash into a Rock.

Courtney: Gwen listen it's a fake i did not write that.

Eva: Fight back !

Courtney: I can't that would only prove it, I won't figth a friend of mine.

Chris: Ok Let me just open this blog from Sierra's Video aobut Gwuacan to speed things up.

Everyone then sees a few videos of Duncan and Gwen's moments.

Sierra: (Con) That video was outdated you should my newest posts about my opinion on other Fannon Titles.

Courtney: Fine you want to fight.

Both of the Girls then tackle each other.

Chris: There are boxing gloves for a reason !

Duncan: Hm I like a good cat fight.

Harold: I perfer one with real cats.

Gwen: All this time you were using me.

Courtney: No it's not what it looks like.

As Gwen Pushes Courtney back she picks up a Rock and Hurls it at her hitting her down.

But then the Cave roof starts to collaspe.

Chris: Forgot to mention it was a time limit challeng for the fight, So everyone out !

Everoyne Heads for the Exit, While Courtney Tries to Carry Gwen out.

Courtney: Don't worry I'll get you out.

But was things seem hopeless Nine then Brust out from a Rock Wall.

Gwen: Things can get any worse.

Nine: Come with me if you want to live.

Nine then Punche at the Wall blasting a Massive hole for them to run out of.

Gwen: Why are you helping us.

Nine: Because His name and your's togther make the lucky number.

Nine then grabs both of them and flys out of the cave roof.

They then lands them back onto soild ground where Owen and Cody are.

Owen: What happen back down there, HA Evil green Trent.

Owen then Jumps on Nine causing him to go back to Trent.

Trent: Wha- Where are the Mimes and where are we oh Don't tell

Gwen: It's ok Nine saved us from a cave collapsion.

Trent: Hey where is everyone else ?

Cody: They went back at camp, and I hate to be the bearer bad new but your Team's facing elimination again.

Gwen then notice Courtney's paper from before.

Gwen: Wait you couldn't of wrote this, You don't have bad writing skills.

Trent: I'm sure you can talk to the other's about it I'll help you vote for Duncan too.

Courtney: Thanks Trent.

Both her and Gwen hug him.

But things got worse Once they got back.

Cody: I just hope you don't go Gwen.

Gwen: Thanks

But then they here audio noice in the background.

Owen: What's that ?

Cody: Oh No Ludwig he didn't !

Courtney: What do you mean.

All five of them arrive at the Toxic Rats cabin in shock as they see Both teams there watching the Tape about Courtney and Gwen's plan that Ludwig had recoreded.

Duncan: A Secert alliance ha !

Courtney: How did you get this ?

Ludwig: Forgive me Cody but it was for the better of my team.

Tyler: Why Gwen & Courtney ? your actions got Lindsay hurled.

Alejandro: That and you cause our losing streak !

Alejandro then shows the clip of Courtney destroying one of the teams number papers from the digging challenge.

Noah: For once I agree with him, I'll see you at the Elimination Ceremony.

The Scene then changes to the elimination Ceremony. 

Toxic Rats Foruth elimination

Toxic Rats at their Fourth Elimination Ceremony along with Tyler

Chris: Toxic Rats, Once you were a team, Now utter chaos has errupted among you all, Tonight will be the most important of elimination yet, Just incase some were not informed by Owen. One of the Mutant Maggots also get to vote tonight and that was the one who did the best performace... Tyler.

Tyler: (Con) For Lindsays ! * Draws a X on Courtney *

Courtney: (Con) Once and for all Duncan * Draws a X on Duncan*

Gwen: (Con) Gone to far to stop * Draws a X on Duncan *

Duncan: (Con) Thank you Motherbrid * Draws a X on Courtney *

Trent: (Con) I have a change of plans * Draws a X on Ludwig *

Chris: *Breaths* The votes have been counted, the Following Contestants are safe and will get a Marshmellow

Chris: Geoff, Alejandro, Noah and ........ Ludwig !.

Chris: I been wating for a moments like this, The Bottom four, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen and Trent. 

Bottom Four

The Bottom Four Trent, Gwen, Courtney and Duncan

Chris: The Next two Marshmellows go to .......Trent and .............Gwen.

Courtney then gasp as Duncan Smiles.

Chris: Indeed Duncan and Courtney this is the end of the line for one of you.

Chris: The Toxic Marshemellow of Loserdom goes to !









Chris: Courtney !

Courtney & Gwen: Noooo !

Courtney then kicks the Box contain the Toxic Marshmellow away.

Noah: Well I didn't like your placement of me on your prediction paper.

Duncan then stands up

Duncan: Fools I was the one who wrote all of that  !

Noah: Never mind

Courtney: Of course it had to be you I hate you !!!

Courtney said as she was draged by Chef.

The Scene changes to Courtney on the Hurl of Shame.

Gwen: Why must our friendship never work.

Courtney: Don't think of it like that Gwen, Win it for us beat him down, and Duncan perpare for the biggest lawsuit in federal Histor-yyyyyyyy 

Courtney is Hurled

Courtney is the Fifth member of the Toxic Rats to take the Hurl of Shame

Courtney is then Hurled away.

Gwen: You ! How could you !

She said point at Duncan.

Duncan: The Girl was turing you against me, She was going to convince you to break up with me.

Gwen: What you did just then prove it beyond my mind Were Over !

Gwen said she run away from the Ceremony.

Duncan: Moral of the Story Everyone.

Duncan: Ever Doubt my Bad Boy reputation ever again, and the same thing will happen to you all ! * he said in a dark voice *

Trent then walks up to Ludwig.

Trent: Were going to need to Talk Pal !

Ludwig: Look die Girl was causing our team zu lose, that's what you do in ein situation like this !

Trent: Well I hope all of your are happy, Breaking one girls heart and Hurling another away.

Alejandro: (Con) I sleep just fine.

Geoff: (Con) What have I done.

Back at the Mutatn Maggots cabin.

Cody: Man I hope Gwen isn't gone

Harold: We sort of have a problem of our own comming soon aswell.

Cody: What do you mean ?

Harold: Well we can't win every challenge soon we will face elimination aswell.

Justin: We need to focus on our own team Cody !

Screen changes to Gwen were she is seen sitting on a Log watching the moon.

Chris: Yep that was one of the biggest days we had here, But can the Mutant Maggots win another challenge, Find out on the Next Episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance ! 

Prue Evil

Dawn: You have two colour's, Cyan was your good side while Red was evil, One day there can be only one colour has that time come !

Before the Show ends the camera then changes to Duncan who is still at the Campfire, were he is hold a stick with his marshmellow as Dawn's voice goes throught his Head.

Dawn: You have two colour's, Cyan was your good side while Red was evil, One day there can be only one colour has that time come ! 

< Goes to Credits >

Chapter 9: Burromuerto's Creed McLean Flag

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vegenace, I introduced the Contestnats to the Chriseseum, Instead of facing there fear's they had to fight them, Tyler did the best over coming his Chicken Phobia, While others like Courtney just ran around the place, Duncan threw a Spanner into Gwen and Courtney's friendship by makeing a fake list about Courtney, Ludwig got into this as well as showing everyone their Serect Alliance clips, Duncan Finally prove he was still evil as Courtney was sent hurling, I can see the team is still in strife, But todays challenge won't help them, Can the Toxic Rats stop there losing streak find out right now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance " 

Burromuerto's Creed McLean Flag
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Nine
Mclean Flag
First Aired (CAN) 28th December
First Aired (USA) 28th December
Challenge 1. Set sails to find the Hidden Keys around the Island near Wawankwa
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Fear Fighters"
"Under Ground Madness"

The Scene Starts at the Messhall.

After Breakfast Chef gives both teams a box of Fortune Cookies.

Owen: Oh Fortune Cookies I love these, But the problem is it's just to hard to open.

Tyler: Not really my strong fingers always do, Hie Ya

Tlyer Tries to Karate Chop the cookie only for Duncan to move it causeing Tyler to hit the Bench instead.

Tyler: Oh

Duncan: Ha fun to be evil.

Justin: We all go the point last night Duncan you don't need to show it off.

Harold opens his Cookie and reads what it said.

Harold's Cookie : You will face your biggest adversary yet, Awesome !

Sierra: Please be Cody, Please be Cody

Sierra Opens her Fortune cookie to see the words.

Sierra's Cokkie: The Biggest Obstacle awaits you !.

Heahter then reads her fortune.

Heahter's cookie : You may not know it but you have found true love, Ha Lame.

Alejandro: Lame or Love Heather

Alejandro walks up to her as she blushes.

Justin: (Con) Interesting conversation !

Izzy then Eat hers.

Tyler: Aren't you meant to open those to read the paper inside.

Izzy: What paper ?

The Camera moves to the Toxic Rats Table.

Geoff Opens his Fortune Cookie and reads it.

Geoff's Cookie: It's Cool dude just Relax.

Geoff: I can realate to that.

Duncan then reads his.

Duncan's Cookie: You will change for the better.

Duncan: Yep I have changed for the better.

Ludwig: Eliminating Ein person does not make you the wosrt person ever, Heather, Alejandro and even Justin Got more people Eliminated so out of them all your still not that bad.

Duncan: Excuse me.

Trent: That Mother bird is still there.

Duncan then notice the mother Bird on his lap.

Duncan: So it's my offical Partner in crime.

Duncan: (Con) Yea I'm friends with a bird so what, I'd help me get payback at Courtney yesterday, and get dumped by Gwen, But I'm sure she's already getting over it, Is she ?

Gwen: (Con) This is the worst, I only came back here to patch things up with Courtney, And Now Shes gone.

The Camera Changes to Gwen in the Female Toxic Rat Cabin writing in her diary.

Gwen: Dear Diary, It is day one after Courtney's Depature and I have already felt lost, Again I feel I am losing faith in boys, Due to Deeds of one in particular.

Noah: You had two boyfriends and one does someting bad, explain why on earth does it make the rest of us terrible.

Gwen: Didn't Courtney throw you out of the Cabin Noah ?

Noah: Yea but I move back in after You boyfriend Pranked me in the Shower yesterday.

  • Flash Back

Noah exits the shower with his towel around his waits.

Duncan who is hiding behind the lockes jumps out and whips him with a spare towel.

  • Goes back to Reality 

Gwen: Were broken up now Noah.

Noah: Good remind me to inform Cody of that later of yeah and FYI, If your going to write in your Diary make sure you don't talk about what your writing.

Trent then enters the room.

Trent: Hey Gwen, Noah, Chef handed out some fortune cookies I brang yours over since you missed breakfast.

Gwen then opens her and reads it.

Gwen's Cookie: You are not alone !

Gwen: Wow that's sweat do you think Courtney wrote it  ?

Trent: You know what I bet she did.

Noah then opens his.

Noah's Cookie: Your Screwed Mate.

Noah: Yay that helped me so much *Sarcasm*

Chris on the speaker: arr me matey's, Thar be a challenge comming up, all scallywags report to the dock.

The Scene changes to both teams at the dock with Chris who is in a Pirate Suit. 
Todays challenge

Today is a Pirate based challenge

Chris: As you can see today is a Pirate inspired challenge, See those two big pirate ships over there.

Noah: No * Sarcasm *

Chris: You will be using them for todays challenge, Todays challenge is to open the McLean chest of plunder which is right behind me ! 

Heather: Well you did a dumb job at hiding it.

Chris: Who said the chest was hiding, I Scatter Keys all around the Three other islands nearby your goal is to find the correct one that opens the chest its that simple, And for fun i add some cannons to your ships just to create some chaos if you see the other teams ship, You also get a Shovel and two disposable rafts you can use to get to a island and dig, If you see a Red x that means a key is under there but it might not be the right one, Any questions.

Everyone raise there hand

Chris: Good Challenge begins ...... Now

The Mutant Maggots Get up to there where Eva Pulls the Anchor out of the water.

Eva: Ok Who's taking the helm.

Sierra: Cody can he got a B+ on his navigation exam back in year 5. 
Maggots Ship

Sierra: Cody can he got a B+ on his navigation exam back in year 5.

Justin: Just don't be like Admiral Lindsay.

Cody: Ok ur I never really used it but.

Owen: What's your first order Admiral !

Cody: Ok someone read the map while where travelling,

Cosy: Izzy you set up the cannons incase we find the Rats, Eva you pick up and drop the Anchor when we land and Justin ... Just sit there and look pretty.

Justin: Can do !

The Camera changes to the Toxic Rats ship.

Alejandro: Ah the Helm also know as the Vector, Anyone mind if I'm the Admiral, 

Gwen: Sure

Alejandro: (Con) My Uncle, Agua Burromuerto is a member of the navy, He told me about one of my Ancestor, Who was called Gallardo ojo Burromuerto, He was a captain of a spanish pirate fleet who also discovered America before that Christopher did !.

Chris on the speaker: Ha My Ancestor beat yours !

Duncan: Whatever just don't sink the ship. The Three eye blue mother blue then lands on Duncan's Lap with a eyepatch.

Noah: I heard in one of my history classes that Galladro ojo ship sailed and never came back.

Alejandro: Yes Noah Rumor has  it that he was killed by the Kraken.

Geoff: Whao that is a big claim dude.

Noah: Impossible there were not sightings of it during that time.

Alejandro: Oh but that's what they want you to think.

The Scene changes back to the Mutant Maggots.

Cody: Land Ahead, Shall stop.

Justin: In indeed, Tyler lets take one of the rafts.

Heather: Me and Izzy will take the other.

Cody: Eva drop the Anchor.

Eva: Got it

Eva then swings to throws it back in the water.

Cody: Nice we found two island of the three islands.

Harold: Since where pirates anyone want to here a Pirate folklore !

Owen: Well we might as well past the time.

The Scene Changes to where Cody, Sierra, Owen and Eva sit down to hear Harold's Tale.

Harold: Back in 1500's A Fleet of Spanish Soilder's Discovered this very island the Captian of there ship was Called Galladro ojo he also the discover the speice that we know today as the Sasquatchanakwa, But on his trip to Boney island he found a Tiki Idol that he took, Which Cursed them, when they tried to escape but a Kraken emerged from the water and attack them, There were no Survivors !

Owen: Do you think it's still out there.

Eva: Don't be stupid animals can't live that long.

The Scene Changes to Heather and Izzy who arrive on Island 1.

Izzy: Digging Time.

Izzy then Jumps into the Sand and drags out Three Keys.

Heather: That should be enough.

Meanwhile Tyler and Justin are digging on the other island.

Tyler: X Marks the Spot.

Justin: It has to be one of them.

Just then Justin Trips over.

Justin: Oh my face.

Justin gets the Sand out of his eye to find in a Wodden Head of Chris Mclean.

Justin: Hey Tyler what is this. 
Justin find the Idol

Justin find a McLean Immunity Idol

Tyler: What's What *Gasp*

Tyler: That's the Chris Mclean Immunity Idol,

Justin: Immunity you say.

Tyler: If the other campers vote you off then you can use it to get immunity for that elimination and who ever got the second amount if Votted off instead.

Justin: Ok here's the deal if our team loses you vote with me ok.

Justin then wishper's to Tyler.

The Camera Moves to the Toxic Rats where they have found island number 3.

Geoff Trent and Gwen Go into a Raft and head off to the Island, While Duncan drops the Anchor.

Alejandro: All Remaing Crew members report to the Captain's log.

Duncan Noah and Ludwig enter Alejandro's Log.

Noah: What is it captian * Sarcasm *

Alejandro: Our only telescope broke so I need one of you to get to the top of the ship and stay up there to see from a distance.

Duncan: We can settle it with Roshambu.

Ludwig: Yea i don't know how times Courtney did that to you but how about 21 is in.

Noah: That's sounds better than Duncan's idea.

The Screen Then shows Noah at the top of the ship.

Noah: My Luck * Sarcasm *

Meanwhile Geoff's Group serched the Jungle.

Trent: Any Signs of a Red X ?

Gwen: Not yet, Just Four Armed Monkeys and Sasquatchanakwa's romaing these woods.

Geoff: Wait there's one !

The Scene then changes to Duncan and Ludwig sitting down and drinking Rum.

Duncan: Ah Pirate life is awesome.

Ludwig: Agreed, Hey where did all the rum go.

Ludwig notice that they have ran out.

Duncan: Well Nature calls I'm heading to the bathroom.

But just as Duncan was about to walk to the male bathroom's door Fang Exits it.  
Duncan Finds Fang

Duncan: Ah How did this Shark even get here.

Duncan: Wait how long were you in there. 

Fang then Smiles and Chases him.

Duncan: Ah How did this Shark even get here.

Fang then jumps at him only for him to crashe land on a part of ship knocking his tooth out again as he fell off the ship.

Duncan: Ha Nice Try Jaws.

Duncan said waving his Missing tooth in the air.

Fang then Looks at his teeth to find one missing again he angrilys goes back underwater.

Alejandro: Duncan Ludwig to the Captians log now !

The Scene Changes to the Captians log !

Alejandro: Care to Explain why is the rum gone ?

Duncan: Im sure there's more downstairs.

Ludwig: Wir never went downstairs did wir

Gwen: Where back and we found a key.

Alejandro: One key ?

Trent: There must of been only one on that island.

Alejandro: Hmm i see no longer reason for this, Crew we have to take the keys from Heather's Fleet !

The Scene Changes to The Mutatn Maggots Ship.

Owen: What kind of ship do you think it is.

Harold: From the looks of it, It can only be a schoner.

Cody: What should be name it my Crew.

Sierra: How about the S.S CODY !

Heather: Justin how many keys did you get.

Justin: Four keys

Justin: (Con) and a Immunity !

Tyler: So were missing one key, The Toxic Rats must have it.

Heather: Doesn't matter we have the most anyway, Cody take use back to Wawanaka.

Cody: Very well.

Izzy: Is see a ship and Noah

Izzy said from the top of her ship.

Izzy:  Noah, Noah Hi.

Noah: Yep she ruined the element of surpize.

Noah then sounds a alarm.

Gwen: That's gota be the maggots Ship.

Alejandro: Duncan, Ludwig take the cannons, Gwen, Geoff, Trent we will board them.

Noah: And I stay up here yay *Sarcasm*

Noah: (Con) Every group situation I'm left out of I was the apparently group three in the Horror challenge and now I just a sitting duck.

Cody: Fire the Cannons.

Haorld then fire but misses.

Harold: GOSH !

Harold then runs to the ammo box in shock to find no cannon balls left.

Heather: Great were out already, Who wasted them.

Izzy then make a innocent whistle past them.

Cody: Owen Check downstairs for ammo.

Owen then jumps downstairs to find Fang there.

Owen: A Shark !

But Fang makes a shhs noice and offers Owen a Toxic Barrel for Ten Bucks.

Owen: Deal Mr.Shark.

Owen: Found one.

Owen place a Toxic Barrel into the Cannon and fires it.

The Barrel misses and lands in the water.

The Toxic Waste within the barrel speards and begins to Mutated a Octopus.

Suddenly a Giant Mutated Octpus emerges from the Water.

Owen: Ops my mistake

Cody: Change of Plans steer away.

The Mutant Maggots turn their ship and sail away while the Giant Mutated Octopus turns around to the toxic Rats Ship.

Alejandro: Men Fire !

Alejandro: (Con) Time to do what my ancestor could not !

Alejandro and Trent Grab the two Cannons and fire it damaging the Mutated Octopus.

The Octopus then Grabs Gwen, Noah and Geoff with its Tentacles.

Gwen: Help !

Trent Then Looks at the Water below.

Trent: The One time I need you, Duncan Hit me.

Duncan: Why ?

Trent: Maybe Nine can help

Duncan: If you say so.

Duncan picks up a 2x4 plank and smacks Trent across the head with it.

Trent then walks back and falls into the water.

Gwen: Did he just do that !

Alejandro: Hmm

But then Nine brusts out of the water.

Nine: Calamari Time.

Nine then Flys up and Hits the giant mutated outpus with a Few punches.

Ludwig then creates a bomb and give it to Alejandro.

As Nine flys past them Alejandto Jumps and lands on his back.

Alejandro then jumps onto the Giant Mutated Octopus and drops the bomb on it and dives into the water.

It then exlopeds changing it into a Octopus that gets eaten by Fang.

Nine: (Con) Trent's starting to use me ha I have a change of plans

Nine: Time to turn on the team

Nine dives and crashs into the Toxic Rats ship sinking it.

Duncan: Dude was that necessary.

Trent: What was.

Trent said as they pop out of the water.

The Scene Changes to the Mutant Maggots who have arrive at the Dock where Chris is.

Chris: How many keys did you get Maggots.

Owen: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Seven Keys.

Cody then uses the first key.

Cody: Nope not that one.

Then tries the other's

Cody: Not Second, Third, Fourth, FIfth, Really ?

Heahter: Are you kidding me.

Chris: You do have two more but The Toxic Rats are back so its there turn to use their key.

Geoff: Our only one.

Geoff Walks up to the Mclean Chest use their only key then uses and it suddenly opens.

Heather: What the One out of eight.

Chris: Indeed The Toxic Rats wins,

Toxic Rats: Yes.

Chris: And the sad part Mutant Maggots was today's schedule is a elimination challenge so you lose your first person tonight.

Mutant Maggots: #$*@

The Scene then changes to the elimination ceremony.

Chris: I Knew this day would come Mutant Maggots. 
MM First Elim

Mutant Maggots at their first Real Elimination ceremony

Harold: That I could agree.

Chris: Toxic Rats will get to watch tonight at the peanut gallery.

Duncan: This will be fun to watch.

Chris: Indeed Let the voting begin.

Heather: (Con) Cody was the worst captian we ever had * Draws an X on Cody* 

Eva: (Con) Harold's Story was boring * Draws and X on Harold *

Justin: (Con) Hmm Who to get rid of.

Chris: The Votes are in Those who are safe can get a Marshmellow and those are, Owen, Tyler, Izzy, Eva, Harold, Justin and Sierra.

Sierra then gasp.

Chris: Cody and Heather this is it, The Toxic Marshmellow of loserdom goes to.









Chris: Cody !

Sierra: NO!

Cody: Oh well I guess my time is up.

Sierra then grab onto Cody's leg.

Sierra: This isn't happening, THIS Isn't Happening.

Justin: Hmmm Chris I belive Cody isn't the one going home tonight.

Heather: What do you mean.

Justin then stands up and walks to Cody.

Justin: Because I'm giving him immunity.

Justin then pulls out the Chris Mclean invisibility Statue and gives it to Cody.

This the shockes everyone.

Chris: Ok I didn't think anyone would find that but, Thanks to Justin Cody is Safe.

Sierra: Yay !

Chris: Which Means Tonight's Real loser is the one with the second most votes.

Chris: So The Toxic Marshemellow of loser goes to.





Chris: Heather !

Heather: Are you serious !.

Heather then picks up the box contain the Toxic Marshmellow and Throws it Chris but it misses

Alejandro then gasp.

Chris: Thanks to Justin and Tyler's vote your taking the Hurl tonight.

Heather: Nooooooooo !

The Scene Changes to Heather on the Hurl of Shame. 
Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.32.30 AM

Heather is next on the Hurl of Shame

Alejandro: Hmm it is a big shame we could not make it to the merges toghter.

Heather: You don't need to show off.

Alejandro: You think it's that even after our fortune cookies.

Heather: Your's had that too.

Alejandro: Of Coruse cause the only person I wanted in my life was you.

Alejandro and Heather were about to kiss but Chris then Hurls her away.

Heather: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Justin: (Con) We may of lost but this was a Total Victory for me !

Chris: Justin and Alejandro another Rivarly is going to erupt who is going to make it to the top and who is going to take the Hurl of shame find out on our next episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance

Chapter 10: Underground Madness

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, The Contestants set sail in our very own pirtate insipred challenge, Duncan has restarted his rivarly with Fang, While Alejandro avenged his Ancestor by slaying a Giant Water Beast and drank all the rum while at it, In the End The Toxic Rats finally turned the tide and the Mutant Maggots had to face the first elimination ceremony, Just when it all seemed that Cody was the one going home Justin save him in the nick of time meaning that Heather took the Hurl instead, Today were sending our campers into the mines for a task I have in store for them what will it be find out right now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance " 

Under Ground Madness
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Ten
First Aired (CAN) 1st January 2014
First Aired (USA) 1st January 2014
Challenge Maggots Find and Rescue Harold

Rats: Find and Rescue Leshawna

Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Burromuerto's Creed McLean Flag"
"Alejandro vs Justin, The Battle of the Beauties"

The Scene Shows the Mutant Maggots walking back to their cabin after Heather's elimination.

Tyler: That outcome was unexpected of !

Owen: Should we feel bad for Heather ?

Eva: Na she had that coming !

Sierra: Thanks for saving my precious Codykins Justin !

Justin: Your welcome.

Cody: So why did you save me.

Justin: Lets just say it hurts them more then it hurts us.

Cody: Hurts who ?

The Camera then zooms into the Toxic Rats window where Alejandro is looking at the Moon.

Alejandro: (Con)  Good Move Justin ! But if you think you can beat me, Then your going to find that out the hard way your going down Justin. 

Alejandro CON

Alejandro Vows to defeat Justin !

Geoff: Dude you don't have to let your Crush on Heather Hide your Emotional Side even the it can bring out the best of people sometimes.

Alejandro: I'm just not used to it but now she's gone and I feel lost.

Duncan: Cheer up pal you will be ok.

Duncan then pats him on the back, This cause everyone to look at him.

Duncan: (Con) No one saw that nothing is coming back got it !

Trent: Well I'm getting Tried are you guys going to sleep.

Ludwig: Soon Let me just finish this match on Cod Zombies.

Alejandro: Just remeber that we have a challenge tomorrow okay.

Trent: Well goodnight team !

The Scene Changes To the second Toxic Rats Cabin where Gwen and Noah are.

Noah: This is going to take forever to get get off.

Noah said as he looked at his sunburnt skin.

Gwen: How long were you up there.

Noah: No one told me to get down especially when the Giant Mutated Octopus attacked the Ship.

Gwen: Well atleast we won the challenge.

Noah: Yea but incase we lose we need someone to vote off.

Gwen: We will talk about it after the challenge goodnight.

Noah: Night.

The Camera the views the whole island where the moon goes down and the sun sets up to indicate that it is now morning.

Geoff the wakes up to find that they are all in the Freezer.

Geoff: Wait what are we doing here.

a Hole infront of them opens with Chef eyes there.

Chef: Just taking you suckers to the next challenge.

Harold: But we have'nt had breakfast yet !

Owen: MEAT !

Owen then wakes up to see haning Ribs and Steaks around the place.

Eva: Hmm great punching bags.

Eva said as she practise boxing on one while Owen is eating another.

Gwen: There all forzen.

Ludwig then grabs a Bunsen burner from his coat and heats one of them up.

Ludwig: This is die best we can get to I suggest eat it while es hot.

Duncan: Thanks

Trent: You never said Thanks before Duncan.

Duncan: I meant about time !

But suddenly the back door opens.

All contestants exit the truck to find a Tunnel near them and a Tv Near them.

Tyler: This is a Cave Challenge.

The TV then turns on showing Chris there.

Chris: No for todays challenge your going into a abandoned mine for todays challenge.

Cody: So why is it abandoned.

Chris: Well the mines were one of the main dumping places for the Toxic Waste, We had to close it due to the amount of Mutated Creatures within the mines eating most of our interns, We sent Leshawna down there but she hasn't came out yet.

Harold: What Leshawana I'm comming !

Harold then runs straight into the mines.

Chris: Continuing we stuided the effects underground and will get the results in Six Hours, Therefor if anything effects you will not know what it is, So take these.

Trent: What are these ?

Chris: There radiation arm pads, right now its green meaning that you have 1 Hour left, The Yellow means half an hour left, Orange is Fiftheen Minutes left, Red means five minutes and if it is flsahing then you have one minute left.

Duncan: Wait what is our goal here anywway.

Chris: Well Since Harold just ran off, Mutant Maggots have to rescue him While the Rats have to find Leshawna, Since the Toxic Rats won yesterday they get Flashlights, While The maggots get Glowsticks.

Owen: Oh Sweet these coulor are awesome ! 

Today&#039;s Task

Chris: Well Since Harold just ran off, Mutant Maggots have to rescue him While the Rats have to find Leshawna, Since the Toxic Rats won yesterday they get Flashlights, While The maggots get Glowsticks.

Chris: One more thing if your Arm Pad goes Black that means time up and your then exposed to the effects of the Radiation or whatever it is down there and do not for the intelligence of yourself take them off or the same thing will happen Am I Clear.

Izzy: Can you repeat that last one.

Chris: GO !

The Mutant Maggots arrive the elevator but there is no room for Owen.

Tyler: How do we get him in too ?

Izzy: Idea !

Izzy picks up Owen and Jump onto the top of the elevator, But suddenly Owen breaks throught the roof sending his entire team. right down into a Dark hole within the mines.

Noah: Great, How are we going to get down now !

Ludwig The pulls a Pair of Ropes from his Lab Coat.

Ludwig: Wir can climb down from here

Duncan: I'll go first, I'm used to climbing from Juvie walls !

Gwen: Your forgot your torch.

Gwen drops it down on his head.

Alejandro then front flips down.

Gwen: You want to go next Ludwig

Ludwig: Ladies Erste.

Gwen then slides down follow by Noah.

Ludwig, Trent and Geoff then Slide down after them.

Geoff: Dude it's way too dark down here.

Alejandro: There we go.

Alejandro then turns his flashlight on, To find Three giant holes infront of them.

Trent: Should just we all go by one Path

Alejandro: Hmmmm maybe but incase our traget is located somewhere else we need to go in all directions.

Duncan: He's got a point we can't just go in One Direction !

Alejandro: Ok Geoff and Ludwig you two take the right, Trent and Duncan you two take the middle path, Me and Gwen will go Left. 


Toxic Rat's Slipt into Three Groups: Trent & Duncan, Gwen & Alejandro, Geoff & Ludwig.

Duncan: Why are me and Trent Paired.

Alejandro: (Con) With Heather gone It's best for me to go back to my roots, Which is charming Women only to eliminated them, Gwen is my next traget thanks to her dumping Duncan, She is left in a emotional Crisis since she also lost Courtney, But I also must defeat Justin aswell, he could be thinking off the same thing ?

The Toxic Rats then head off in their chosen Tunnel.

Noah: Yay third time being left out I'm going back this way.

Noah said as he walked in the opposite direction.

Unlike the Rats the Mutant Maggots are all still togther.

Owen: Hey look a Pair of Minecarts.

Justin: There Two seperate Carts but their on differnt tracks this might cause an issuse.

Izzy then Picks up and throws eveyone into a Cart,

(Cart 1: Owen, Tyler, Justin and Izzy )

(Cart 2: Eva, Cody and Sierra )

Izzy: This is your captian speaking commencing a Drive on a fatal track of Rocks and Deadly cliffs.

Izzy then starts both teams Carts and they speed right down a Hill.

Izzy: Weeeeeeeeee


They then notice a Pit of Lava dead ahead.

Justin: I'm to pretty to die.

Eva: Got you coverd.

Eva lifts up Owen and Throws Him into front of the Cart stopping them from moveing.

Tyler: Whoa Nice work.

Izzy: This is your captian speaking we have arrived at our destination !

Owen: Can anyone see Harold ?

Justin: These glow sticks don't light up much.

Sierra: I have an idea !

Sierra then picks up a Abandoned empty Lantern, Sierra the takes everyones glowsticks and smashes them into the Lantern.

Cody: Great Idea Sierra we have a full glowing lantern.

Sierra: (Con) My Granddad was a Bush Ranger who always tought me how to survive in the Forest ,Cave and  almost anywhere, Now I can put it to use protecing my Cody.

The Scene changes Duncan's Group.

Trent: How big do you think these mines our.

Duncan: Proably another nine floors below us.

Trent: Hey look a railroad.

Duncan: Damit someone took the carts.

As they continued they found that the track had lead them to a open room above them.

Trent: Man this is a big room.

Duncan: Hey I Can see Alejandro and Gwen from here.

Alejandro and Gwen are on another Rail track from the other side of the room.

Alejandro: Steady one step at a time.

Gwen: Look I'm not a Kid wh- oaaaaaa

Gwen then trips and was almost about to fall when Alejandro grabs her and pulls her up. 

Gwen CON

Gwen: Yeah I know hes evil but wow those eyes are to die for !

Alejandro: Relax Siñorita you are safe in my arms !

Gwen: (Con) Yea I know hes evil but wow those eyes are to die for !

Duncan and Trent notice that.

Trent: Do you think hes making a move on her.

Duncan: Maybe just to send her hurling ahahahha.

Trent: Not funny.

The Scene Changes to Ludwig and Geoff.

Geoff: Man where never going to find her here.

They then come arcoss a Cliff.

Ludwig: Wow zu high not going down da !

Geoff: It might be the right way.

Ludwig: To Our Death.

Geoff: It's not that big of a Deal watch.

Geoff: YOLO !

Geoff then slides right down into the cliff.

Ludwig: Good luck Täuschen !

As Geoff Slides down the cliff, A Tree branche fron the wall pulls off his Radiation Arm Pad.

He then Lands onto ground.

Geoff: It's Safe Ludwig.

Geoff: LUDWIG !

Geoff: Must of went of O Well.

But then Geoff starts to hear voice of a Girl calling out ot him.

Geoff: Wait who's there.

Meanwhile Duncan is Playing a Prank on Trent by hiding from him.

Trent: This is not funny Duncan where are you !

Duncan remains Slient as he hides behind a rock.

Duncan then Notice Gwen and Alejandro are still near by.

Duncan: Screw this !

Duncan then runs off to them Leaving Trent Alone.

Trent: Great Now that hes Gone.

Suddenly a Flock of Bats fly by and Hit Trent causing him to fall off the track and fall Unconscious.

Meanwhile the Mutant Maggots continue to stay as a group until All of there Arm Pads Change to Yellow.

Justin: Dam only 30 minutes left.

He said that outloud causing Owen, Tyler and Sierra to Panic.

Owen: Where all gonna Die !

Owen and Tyler then Run away.

Eva: Great now were down two members.

Justin: Don't worry that just gives a excusse to vote them off.

As Owen and Tyler run Tyler trips over and Lose his Arm Pad.

Tyler: Och That One Hurt.

He then hes a Voice call out to him.

Voice: Tyler !

Tyler: Who was that ?

Owen: who was what ?

Tyler: This way.

The Screen Changes to Ludwig Walking Right where he walks into Alejandro and Gwen.

Alejandro: Amigo good to see you again, But where is your companion.

Ludwig: He jumped off Ein Cliff.

Gwen: Geoff jumped off a cliff ?

Duncan then arrives behind them.

Duncan: Sup !

Gwen: Your kidding you lost Trent too ?

Duncan: Didn't lose him , I just ditched him.

Alejandro: So now we have to do Serach and Rescuse.

Trent who was Unconscious then wakes up as Nine.

Nine: Ahh The Mines a Place of Dessertion and Fear !

Geoff then Arrives at the Underground Throne room To see Bridgette there.

Geoff: Bridgette !

Bridgette: Geoff !

They both Ran towards each other and Kissed.

Geoff then Closes his eyes as he kisses Bridgette

Owen: errr what are you guys doing !

Geoff then open his eyes in Shock sees Tyler there instead of Bridgette.


Geoff: I thought you were Bridgette !

Tyler: I thought you were Lindsay !


They Then both ran off not notcing Harold and Leshawna standing right next to them.

Leshawna: Fools must of took their pads off.

Noah then arrives at the room.

Noah: Ha Found you's before my own team did.

But then Nine Brust out from the Roof.

Nine: Or did you !

Leshawna: Is that Trent and why did he dye his Hair Green.

Owen: It's complicated.

Alejandro: Our destination at last.

Nine Then Picks up a Abandonded Bag that a Dead Intern droped.

Nine: Time to do what they could not !

Nine Pulls out a Bomb and places it on the Throne.

Duncan: Again with the Nine yay (Sarcasm) 

Owen's pad then turns Orange.


Owen's Yell cause a Horde of Mutated Gophers to attack them.

Ludwig: Defensive positions !

Gwen then Throws a rock at one of them, While Duncan Pulls out his Knife Threatens them, Ludwig pulls out a Metal Rod from his Coat and Whacks One Down.

The Mutant Maggots then arrive to help.

Eva then jumps out at knocks another Two Gohpers out.

One Mutated Gohper tries to charge at Cody, But Sierra Grabs its tail and Swings it out of the room.

Cody: Harold Come with us we need to Win.

Gwen: Leshawna Over here. 

Nine and the bomb

Nine Sets off a Giant bomb on in the Mines

Leshawna: Did Chris send you down here to rescuse us.

Nine: They did I on the other had have a better idea.

Nine then picks a Switch that Revals to detonate a Giant Bomb infront of the Throne.

Nine: Enough Firepower to take this whole Mine Down !

Gwen: Trent we know your in there don't let Him do This.

Nine: Worng Answer GWEN !

Noah: Surpize he knows you name (Sarcasm)

Nine then Press the Button causing a Massive explosoin sending them all throught the roof.

They All Land onto the Grass, While Leshawna Lands on the Finsish Line.


The Explosion Blasts everyone out of the Mines

Chris: Well Thank You Trent, now and Toxic Waste can no longer spread, Meaning that soon this whole island can go back to normal.

Everyone: Yay.

As Nine lands face first onto the Ground he changes back to Trent.

Trent: Och, There you are Duncan.

Duncan: Yea a Bit too late Explosivo !

Izzy: That Names Taken !

Chris: Since Leshawna Landed on the Finish line the Toxic Rats once again claim victory.

Geoff: Way to go Trent !

Trent: Way to go what !

Chris: Mutant Maggots You know what you must do ! 


Mutant Maggots at their Second Elimination Ceremony !

The Scene Changes to the elimination ceremony !

Chris: Once you were one winning Streak Four Times in a row, Now your losing two times in a row, Voting time starts now.

Justin: (Con) This Elimination to me comes down to who i like better !

Harold: (Con) Wait am I up as well ?

Tyler: (Con) Today was.......... Very Weird ?

Chris: You have spoken and now its time to give out the Saftey Marshmellows.

Chris: Cody, Sierra, Eva, Justin, Owen and Izzy !

Harold: Wait but I was'nt in the challenge !

Chris: Harold and Tyler, You staring Elimination in the Face and now it's got a hold on one of you, Harold Your on the chopping block because you Ran off thus starting this challenge, And Tyler Your on the chopping because you ran from your team and lost your Arm Pad !

Chris: The Toxic Marshmellow of Loser Dom Goes To !









Chris: Tyler !

Tyler: Aww Man !.

Tyler then stood up and walked from the Toxic Marshemellow. 

TYLER is Next

Tyler is Next to take the Hurl of Shame

The Camera changes to Tyler on the Hurl of Shame.

Owen: Sorry about that whole thing Tyler.

Tyler: It's cool Dude !

Chris: Any Last words Tyler.

Tyler: Well I'm actually glad I'm going, I finally get to see Lindsa-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Tyler said as he was Hurled away.

The Camera Changes to the Toxic Rats Cabin !

Alejandro: Men was need to talk about Today, Duncan and Geoff, We may of won today but both of you made a mistake !

Duncan: Me ?

Trent: If you stayed with me then maybe i wound'nt of Blown up that Mine !

Duncan: Not my fault that a bunch of Bats Scared you

Alejandro: Continuing Geoff try not to jump of a cliff next time.

Geoff: Sure, But you don't need to focus right now we won today lets all just enjoy it.

Alejandro: No Thanks I'm Good.

Ludwg: Why ?

Alejandro: I Can't Relax now !

Alejandro and walks up to the window and looks out of it.

Alejandro: Because I need to get a monkey off my back.

Alejandro said looking at Justin from his cabin's Window.

The Camera then zooms out of the cabin where Chris is.

Chris: Another day another camper is flung away, Alejandro and Justin Heated Rivarly Continues, But in the end there can be only one standing who will that be tune in next time on the next episode of Total Drama Island of Vegeance !

Chapter 11: Alejandro vs Justin, The Battle of the Beauties 

" This Episode of Total Drama Contains Scences of Extreme Stunts Performed by Animated Teens. Do Not try any of what you see here at hom. Seriously you could get really messed up ' 

Alejandro vs Justin Batte of the Beauties
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Eleven
A vs J
First Aired (CAN) 5th January
First Aired (USA) 5th January
Challenge 1. Make a Band and drive fan girls insane

2. Three rounds of Nail Gun Quick Draw 3. Fashion walk off 4. Trivia Challenge 5. Obstacle Course

Reward They earn the tile of the most beautiful person on the island
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Under Ground Madness"
"Sky of two Terrors"

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, We sent the Contestants into the Abandon mines to rescuse Harold and Leshawna, Luckily for Me Trent or Nine Set off a bomb in the cave casuing a massive cave in now nothing can get in or out, And Unluckily for the Mutant Maggots they lost again and Tyler is now finally reunited with Lindsay now that he is Eliminated, Today were going to focus on a Major Rivarly bettween Alejandro and Justin there both handsom and have tons of fanbase clubs but now there can be only one, That's right which every team lose sends their Repective leader away, Who will win find out right now on Total Drama Island of Vegeance "

The Screen Shows the Toxic Rats Cabin where Alejandro is sleeping then Camera then goes into his Dream.

  • Alejandro's Dream

Alejandro just drop the Pineapple Wodden figure into the volcano.

Chris: That settles it Alejandro is the winner of World Tour !

Alejandro then walks up to Heather who is exhausted.

Heather: Come to rub it in my face.

Alejandro: I would not want to mess with that pretty face.

Heather: You just won why are you flirting with me ?

Alejandro: Because you are my real prize.

They then both kiss.

Suddenly a Giant Volcanic Justin appears from the Volcano.

Justin: Alejandro, Welcome to die !

Justin then cause a massive lava flood, Alejandro and Heather both climb up to safe Rock, But Alejandro slips and is dangling from the rock.

Alejandro: Heather Help me !

Heather then walks up.

Heather: Long live the winner.

She then lets go of him causing him to fall into the Lava.

Alejandro: Heathe-rrrrrrrrr

Images of the Drama Machine flashes in his head.

  • Goes Back to reality

Alejandro: Ahhhhh

Alejandro wakes up.

He Notice everyone else is still asleep.

Alejandro Walks outside clear his mind.

He sits at the campfire and looks at the Moon.

Alejandro: I know your out there somewhere !

He then Walks into the Messhall and sits down.

The Clock on the wall shows the time is 6:00 Am.

Chef: First one up !

Alejandro: Your here already !

Chef: Yep Chris has a 6 o clock start to the day.

Chris on the speaker: WAKE campers another day of Torture is ahead of you !

The Scene Changes to the messhall where everyone is at.

Justin: Ok team we need to step our game I know we can Do This.

All the Maggots then Cheer.

Harold: (Con) I find it hard sometimes trusting Justin, If you can remember Season two where he knock me off the dragon, But I guess no one else is willing to be leader.

Geoff: Hey Dude why are aren't you eating your eggs.

Duncan who is staring at eggs on his plate as he has a flashback image of the Blue mother bird and her baby birds.

Duncan: I'm Just full.

Gwen: And you thought you were bad.

Duncan: I am !

Ludwig: Wimp. (whispers to Gwen)

Alejandro: So allies idea what you think todays challenge could be ?

Trent: hmm we have Done, Ice, Pirates, Fighting, Digging, Night in the woods and Underground. Hmmm were haven't done a eating contest yet.

Gwen: Your Right that has to be next !

Chris: Actually I have a bigger challenge instore I will explain all at the challenge meet me there in one hour.

The Scene changes to the The Stage they used for the Talent Contest Back in season one.

Gwen: Another Talent Contest ?

Chris: Nope, I have decide today to end one of this season's rivarly's to settle things once and for all, So today's Challenge is Justin vs Alejandro !

Justin: Wait so only the two of us our competing today.

Chris: Yep you will repersent your entire team for the one who loses will be the next eliminated contestant.

Both Alejandro and Justin glare at each other as he said that.

Alejandro: (Con) I like the idea of Chris we can settle this once and for all !

Justin: (Con) There can be only one !

Chris: Alejandro and Justin your challenge today will have five parts, First is a Battle of the bands !

Justin: (Con) This first round is easily mine for easy reasons !

Alejandro: (Con) Thanks to last season I have really improved in my singing not that i needed to.

Chris: Alejandro and Justin Pick Three member's of your team to help you in this challenge, One will be the drummer, one will he the Lead Guitar and the last will be Bass Guitar

Alejandro: hmm I will pick Gwen as my Drummer, Duncan as my Lead and Trent as my Bass.

Justin: And I Shall Pick Eva as my Drummer, Harold as my Lead and Cody as my Bass.

Duncan: Ha Lamest team ever.

Harold: You'll see who the lamest team ever.

Alejandro: (Con) Advantage for me, Duncan's already a rockstar, Trent is a professional at music and Gwen should be good. !

Chris: Now Everyone else you might want to move to safe ground because were releasing a horde of Fan girls for the challenge, So Above your team is a box meter, the meter shows the number of fangirls that have going crazy over you, Now this can challenge can be won two ways, Whoever gets the highest amount ot Fans after the sons eds or who ever drives their fangirls so insane they will charge at you onstage !

Justin: (Con) You might be thinking why I chose Cody but there is one massive advange.... Sierra ! 
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.57.23 AM

Justin: (Con) You might be thinking why I chose Cody but there is one massive advange.... Sierra !

Chris: Now Alejandro and Justin you will be both be the lead singer since that's what the leader of the band always does, And I picked some songs that will help you with the fan girls, So Being to Rock.

Alejandro: You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turing heads when you walk through the door !.

Owen: Hey Chris why did you give them that music ?

Chris: Sierra's fan Blog Requested Alejandro to Sing What makes you beautiful while for Justin !. 
Band Al

Alejandro's Band for part One.

Justin: I Know you love me, I know you care !

Noah: That was unexpected of (Sarcasm)

Chris: Indeed Chef release the Fan Girls.

Chef pulls a Switch Releasing two cages full of 400 Fangirls, Including Kaite, Saide.

Alejandro & Trent: Don't need make up, To Cover up, Being the way that you are is enough.

Kaite: OMG It's Trent and Justin. 

Saide: But which one to go to. ?

Justin: Just Shout whenever, and I'll be there, You are my Love you are my heart. 
Band Ju

Justin's Band for Part One

Owen: Wow those Fan girls are going Crazy down there

Ludwig: Is that a moshpit ?

Alejandro & Duncan: Baby you up light the world like noboy else,

Gwen the place a camera recored behind Duncan while he sings.

Trent & Duncan: The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

Justin then takes his shrit off.

Justin & Harold: Say there's another and look right in my eyes, My first love broke my heart for the first time.

Harold: (Con) This Song is your you leshawna.

Leshawna: (Con) That's the last song in the world that I would let you play to me ! 

Duncan & Alejandro & Trent: But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.

Duncan: You don't know oh oh , You don't know your Beautiful.

The Fangirls all start screaming so Loud, While Noah and Ludwig puts Ear plugs in there ears.

Chris: looks Like Alejandro's Team is in the lead.

Justin: (Con) Not for Long.

Justin then pass the Mic to Cody.

Cody: And it was like baby, Baby, Baby oooh, Like Baby, baby, Baby ohhhhhh , And it thought you'd would be always mine.

At that Instant Sierra Tackles Cody off the Stage.

Sierra: And I Am !

She then Kisses him for 10 Seconds non stop.

Chris: Well Nice way to Win Justin Wins Part one of Todays challenge.

Alejandro: (Con) Beginners Luck.

Gwen: (Con) Duncan is gonna freak when he sees himself singing !

Duncan: (Con) That was not singing it was matching the voice with the music ! 
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.01.46 PM

Duncan: (Con) That was not singing it was matching the voice with the music !

Chris: Ok So Justin is on One Point While Alejandro is on None, Now for Part two of the challenge.

The Scene Changes to the Art's and Craft Center.

Chris: If you are familar with the Wild west we going to have a standoff.

Owen: There not using real guns are they ?

Chris: Of Course not but we like to make them as painful as possible so there using Nail Guns.

Justin: As Much fun this will be Alejandro No Face shots ok.

Alejandro: Only the Weak would do that.

Thy both Shake hands before they grab there nail Guns.

Chris: You All know how this goes Best to 3 Wins, 1,2,3,4,5.

They Both make a Step back as each number is counted.

Chris: 6,7,8,9 ........Fire.

Alejandro then quickdraws and shots Justin Nail gun out of his hand.

Chris: Ok 1-0 Next round.

The Scene Changes again after Chris Counted 10

Chris: Fire.

Alejandro Does a double shot Knock his Hat and Nail gun out of his hand again.

Chris: Watch Out Justin one more win and Alejandro wins round two.

Chris: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Chris: 8,9, .... Fire.

Justin tries to do a Quick Shot but his gun jams.

Justin: Explains why you shot it twice.

Alejandro Then shots him in the knee.

Chris: Ok After Challenge two its a tie your both on One point, Now for Part three.

The Scene Changes back to the Stage

Chris: If you remember last season we have a Fashion walk in Paris, Now lets face it. Your both born to do this, Pick One person from your team to help design your cloths.

Alejandro: (Con) I will struggle with this part only because my team does not have a scense of Fashion.

Justin: Hmmmm This is a hard choice but Sierra !

Alejandro: Hmmm I chose Gwen !

Gwen: Why do I have to participate in all the fashoin challenges.

Chris: It's Fun to watch, You have ten minutes to design and wear head back stage and start.

The Camera goes to Justin and Sierra where Sierra is already working.

Justin: What is it that you're making for me ?

Sierra: No looking this outfit is going to be Heaven.

Justin: (Con) Maybe I should of picked Izzy.

The Scene changes to Alejandro and Gwen.

Gwen: You don't mind if I chose Punk theme right.

Alejandro: Oh I sure you will does what's best.

Alejandro then walks up and sits on the table she is working on.

Alejandro: So how's thing going with the other guys.

Gwen: Well if you didn't hear me an Ducnan broke up mainly because he framed Courtney and got her eliminated, I Can't really trust Ludwig because he did play a part in her Elimination aswell, Noah is Ok i guess he has listen to some of my dairy pages I write, I would like to trust Trent but that Insane gren mode he goes into messes a lot of things up, And For Geoff He's Fine.

Alejandro: You know if you were my Girlfriend I would not let anyone do anything to you or they would fall just like the scum they are.

Gwen then gives him a look

Alejandro: I'm just saying.

Gwen: (Con) Out of all the boys I guess Alejandro is the most sane of the group.

Alejandro: (Con) And another ally added to my plan.

The Camera chanegs back to Chris and everyone else outside of the stage.

Chris: Unaware of both Alejandro and Justin I have brought in three speical Judges for today.

Chris: Our first judge our former Ice princess until her team lost Bridgette.

Bridgette: Glad to help.

Geoff: Am I the only one who can see Bridgette.

Noah: Yes your hallucinating (Sarcasm)

Owen: Wait then that means, Im hallucinating too ? Noah is that you or am I grabing DJ.

Noah: (Con) I probably should lower the sarcasm a bit before I get crushed by Owen again.

Chris: Our Second Judge who is out only Alive Intern Leshawna.

Leshawna: Leshawna's in the house again.

Harold: Hey Leshawna did you hear me sing before ?

Chris: And our Final Judge one of Hollywoods most famous Girls Dakota.

Dakota: Hey Everyone.

Cody: Who ?

Dakota: ur Dakota Milton ?

Nobody Comments.

Chris: Ok Now we can being Justin can go first.

Chris: Sierra, What kind of theme did you pick.

Sierra: The only one theme that only matters.

Justin then walks on stage wearing one of Cody's Shirts and Phants.

Cody: Of course Sierra ?

All Judges look unipressed.

Justin: Ok time for Plan B.

Owen then Throws Justin a Bottle of Water.

Justin then rips off his shirt and Pours the Water on his Chest.

Dakota: Woo Handsome i give it a 9

Bridgette: Well I guess it's good I give it a 7

Leshawna: Meh a 5

Chris: All togther Justin has 21 points can Alejandro beat that.

Alejandro then walks out stage in a Goth looking version of himself.

Dakota: Wow what's with all the Hot Boys today I give it a 10

Bridgette: I know Gwen helped with it but I give it a 5.

Leshawna : There is no way I am helping you after last season 0.

Chris: Wow Thing caught up to you Al Part Three goes to Justin !

Gwen: Seriously I did hard work on that and you give it to a Cody Push over.

Dakota: I tried to help, But don't worry we still have two more challenges for you two win, Stay tune after the break.

< After the Break >

The Scene goes back to the stage

Chris: And We are back for part four of today's challenge, You might of notice that girl before when to an ad break without my permission so I sent Chef to Hurl Her away, Continuing were upto the Trivia challenge.

Chris: How this will work is that I will ask you a question about each camper and however You will take turns in the questions.

Chris: Lets begin, Alejandro your first, in the song before we die what is does Harold want to to before he dies.

Alejandro: Throw Ninja star's

Chris: Correct.

Chris: Justin, excluding this season how many episodes did Owen compete in, is it A. 42 or B. 59

Justin: Hmm I will go with B. 59

Chris: Correct.

Chris: Alejandro, According to Sierra's Blog about realtionships on this show what are the three most fan favourite couples, they have to be cannon.

Alejandro: (Con) Shame everyone wanted Cody and Noah paring.

Alejandro: Hmm the thress most Popular couples, Aleather, Duntney and Gwent.

Gwen: Gwent ?

Trent: He added last letter of my name at the end of your name.

Gwen: Oh now i get it.

Sierra: ur Alejandro I think your missing one.

Alejandro: Nope those were the three fan favourite couples of Total Drama.

Chris: And you are Correct.

Chris: Justin, Why Dance did Izzy do before the Talent contest.

Justin: Hmm Cobra.

Chris: Worng Rattle Snake.

Chirs: Alejandro, Name the only two contestants that Eva never gets angry at.

Alejandro: Izzy and Noah.

Chris: Correct.

Chris: Justin, Which contestant made it the longest in world tour withour getting a single vote.

Justin: Cody

Chris: correct.

Chris: Now to for the Toxic Rats questions.

Chris: Alejandro, True or Flase is Duncan a Bad guy.

Alejandro: True.

Chris: Incorrect.

Duncan: What, But I framed  Courtney and got her eliminated.

Chris: Yea but if you had not notice in the past seaons Courtney was a Massive Villian.

Gwen: Wait that can't be true ?

Chris: Indeed, At the End of Sesaon 1 when everyone serached for the million She left Duncan after he wounded his knee, And tried to Throw Cody, Tyler, Owen and DJ off the Hot air ballon if they did'nt give her the million, She also Sued her way into a season she did not qualify for, She made Harold vote off his love back in Action, So Eliminating Her gave you tons of Hero points for Duncan.

Duncan: NOOOOO !

Gwen: (Con) Well I guess it's back to Duncan do right (Laughs)

Chris: Ok Next Justin, time to dig dirt on more Campers, According to Gwen's Dairy that Ludwig had swiped and gave to me who are the five contestants that Gwen states are the only Sane people on this island.

Duncan: yes Justin enlighten us on Gwen.

Gwen the Glares at Ludwig.

Justin: Leshawna, DJ, Bridgette, Owen and Cody.

Chris: And you are correct which means the rest of you are Lunatics to Gwen.

Duncan: Ha I thought I was the mean one.

Gwen: I write that back in season one.

Geoff: But you never changed it so ?

Cody: (Con) I'm one of the sane to her, Yes I still got a chance !

Noah: I don't mean to get into bussiness that's not mine but distrusting your teammates is a easy way to get votted off.

Gwen: Trent you believe me right.

Trent: I'm not getting invloed in this !.

Chris: Next Alejandro, Trent had a Band called the Drama Brother name all four member's ?

Alejandro: Well you just made this obvious, Trent, Cody, Harold and Justin.

Chris: Correct.

Chris: Now Justin, Ludwig has a Pet pug called ?

Justin: How am I suppose to know that ?

Chris: Wrong his pets name was Mops.

Ludwig: (Con) Weird name isn't es, Guess what it's name is transalte to German, PUG ! (Laugh), I have a pug called Pug (Laugh) * Pet his Pug on his Lap while talking 

Chris: Next Alejandro, Wait I never really found a question about Noah So I Just gonna skip you.

Chris: Justin, In Geoff's Audtion tape to Season one, How many pizza did he order ?

Justin: 12 !

Chris: If you knew Geoff you know its more then Fifthy.

Trent: What kind of party did you have ?

Geoff: It was so awesome we beat the record for biggest party ever Whoa !

Geoff: (Con) I still have it to this day, *Holding a Golden Recored Lable in his hand.

Chris: Ok after tallying all that up part four goes to Alejandro meaning part five is our final sudden elimination challenge.

The Scene Change to the forest.

Chris: I present to you, the Passage of Survival.

The Scene Shows The Obstacle Course.

Owen: That course look pretty confusing.

Chris: Not Really, First Alejandro and Justin will have to chop these two giant trees in order to make bridge, then they must walk over the bridge hoping they don't come across a certain danger,

Fangs head then pops out of the water below.

Chris: Then we have the classic apple bobbing however you have to eat the apple under the basket, Then you must get past Chef's turret full of lecchs, Finally you have to climb up the ladder and grab the flag of survial.

Duncan: It does'nt really look that long.

Chris: Did you just forget all the four other parts Duncan, Shut up !

Chris: Here's your Axe's and may the worst one of you be hurled now Go !

Both Alejandro and Justin grab their Axe's and start chopping.

After Five minutes Alejandro's Tree falls down, So does Justin however Justin came down in the worng direction.

Justin: Damit.

Alejandro: (Con) I have had skill in cutting Food at home, So this should not be that different !.

Alejandro then chops his tree into Five Blocks of Wodden Timber.

Chris: This is Total Drama Not Minecraft ?

Alejandro: It works this way.

Justin: So you say.

Justin then chops his tree howver he also makes a wodden sword.

Alejandro then place his Wodden Planks down across the Lake.

However Before Alejandro could make it across Fang Jumps up and Chops on the last block, Causing Alejandro to head back.

Justin then Arrives and places his down.

Fang pops up from the lake, But Justin Whacks him with the wodden sword causing Fang to go back in the water.

Once Justin made it across he Breaks his Bridge.

Justin: Face it Al, I am the most Fairest of them all.

Noah: I don't know if I should even bother to correct him there.

Alejandro Then notice Fang wounded and brings him out of the lake and whispers in his ear.

Alejandro: Help me win and I can take to the one you want !

He whispered to Fang then Fang gets up and shakes his hand.

Fang then throws him across the lake.

Alejandro then gets up and sees Justin already at the apple bobbing.

Alejandro then runs up to his basket and starts.

Alejandro then completes it and continues up the path.

Justin then decides just to swallow the Apple whole and goes after him.

They then both stop when they see Chef infront of them with a Leech Machine Gun.

Chef: Say Hello to my little friend !

Chef then bombards Alejandro with the Leech Gun Knocking him off the Moutian.

Chef: You're turn.

Justin: Try !

Chef however starts to struggle.

Chef: How ! How can I ruin a Pretty face like that.

Justin: You Can't !

Justin then smacks him with the Wodden Sword.

Justin: Hmm Default Winner Chris ?

Chris: Not until you get the flag.

Justin: Have to work for it do I ?

Justin then arrives at the ladders as he begins to climb it but once he gets to the top he sees Fang there.

Justin: Stand back Foul Beast !

Justin The Tries to hit Fang with the Sword.

But Fang Counter's and grabs it off him and pushes him off the Mountain and into the lake.

Fang then grabs the Flag of Survival.

Chris: Fang Wins ?

Chris: That settles Fang is the Most Handsome being on the planet.

Noah then faceplams in shame.

Chris: With that said Fang gets to choose who stays.

The Scene then changes to the Elimination Ceremony.

Chris: Alejandro and Justin you both have two points out of three, However you both screwed up, But I can only send one of you home, With that Said Fang gets to give out the Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom.

Duncan: How Does a Stupid Fish get to choose who goes.

Duncan said from the Peanut gallery.

Chris: Enough has been said Fang You may Eliminate either Justin or Alejandro the choice is yours ?

Fang then walks up with a box containing Toxic Marshmellow loserdom.









Fang the Throws the Box At Justin. 

Alejandro: Yes !

Chris: Well Justin it looks like fighting a shark won't get you any on this season. 
Fang Eliminates Justin

Chris: Well Justin it looks like fighting a shark won't get you any on this season.

Justin: it seems so.

The Scene Changes to Justin on the Hurl of Shame.

Alejandro: Not a good choice votting of Heather now was it.

Justin: So you Care for her.

Eva: like the rest of us have'nt notice (Sarcasm)

Alejandro: Well atleast it's settle I Am Number One.

Alejandro then pulls the switch Hurling Justin away. 
Justin is Hurled

Fang Chose Justin to take the hurl of Shame, Thus Making Alejandro the default winner


The Scene then changes to the front of Toxic Rats Cabin where Alejandro and Trent are walking.

Trent: That was pretty lucky that Fang Saved you !

Alejandro: What can I say he must like me.

Alejandro: (Con) Now to return the favour Fang ( Fang is with him in the Confessional )

The Scene Changes to Changes to to the Inside of the Toxi Rats Cabin where Duncan is near the Door while everyone else is on there beds.

Geoff: So any ideas when the merges come ?

Gwen: I can Perdict that maybe in the next few days.

Duncan: I Geoff I don't think it's a good idea to listen to show one who thinks were all  Nuts.

Gwen: A Dairy is a book full of Private information that you don't need to know , Ludwig !

Ludwig: Not my fault du Left it lying around on your floor, Just be glad I tat not picked the worster eins you wrote.

Duncan: Want to fill us in on those ones ?

But Then Everyone then gasp as they all see Fang right behind Duncan. 
Fang gets Duncan

Duncan is unaware Fang is behind him

Gwen: Duncan you might want to turn around.

Duncan: I'm Good.

Trent: So tells us about Fang ?

Duncan: Oh you mean that weak fish in the sea.

Noah: You mean the one right behind you.

Duncan then turns around to see Fang right there with the Biggest Evil Grin on his face.

The Camera then zooms out of the cabin.


Chirs: Well we are down to Thirteen contestants left what will happen next and will another terrible event divide the Toxic Rats find out on the next Episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance.

Chapter 12: Sky of the Two Terror's

' Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, I decide to pitt Alejandro and Justin against each other to determine who is the most handsomest of them all, It turns out it's Fang, As he took the flag of Survival and Chose Justin to take the Hurl of shame, Leaving Alejandro to figth for another day, Today were going to have Sky Based Challenge and to make things fun,* But at that Moments a Rope grabs Chris And Pulls him away, Mal then apears in front of the Camera" 

Sky of Two Terror's
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Twelve
Sky of Two terrors
First Aired (CAN) 6th January
First Aired (USA) 6th January
Challenge Stop Mal and Zoey from blowing up Camp Wawankwa
Reward Two days at the McLean Spa Hotel
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Alejandro vs Justin Battle of the Beauties"
"Aftermath Part II: Maggots vs Rats"

Mal: I Have Better plans, See what's going to happen on Total Drama Island of Vengenace.

< After Opening >

Chef on the Speaker: All Contestants report to Security Room Immediately !

Noah: At Four in the Moring ?

Noah said as he gets out of bed.

Duncan: It's two hours before we even wake up.

Gwen: Maybe it's an emergency ?

Trent: Whatever it is we have to go !

All the Toxic Rats Dash out of the Cabin and meet the Mutant Maggots at the Security Room along with Chef. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 5.36.15 PM

Both Team Arrive at the Security Room

Alejandro: Is there something worng Chef ?

Chef: Terrible New's, Two of our Interns Turn on us and Kiddnapped Chris.

Duncan: Well I guess that ends the show then.

Chef: Ha you'd Wish, I want you all to watch this tape one of the Intern's send us.

Chef then turns on the left Security Screen as it turns on it shows A Blue shirt kid with black Hair.

???: Grettings Total Drama, I have seen this show and all the Destruction Chris had put you throught, So I decide to put an end to it all, Me and my assitant Zoey have Taken Chris and we are planing to Destroy Wawanaka in Twenty Four Hour's. 

???: Grettings Total Drama, I have seen this show and all the Destruction Chris had put you throught, So I decide to put an end to it all, Me and my assitant Zoey have Taken Chris and we are planing to Destroy Wawanaka in Twenty Four Hour's.

Ducnan: Hey that guys looks Familar.

Trent: You know him ?

Duncan: I seen him before that's all I can remeber.

???: If you never heard about my attacks on the New, I am the Malevolent One or you could call me MAL !

Duncan: Ok Now I remember Him !

Mal: Unlike Chris I'm not going to give you any clue's of my Where abouts.

Owen: Is this Live ?

Mal: Yes You Fat Fool ! and Duncan You should of never came to this Island Goodbye MAhahahahahhaha !

The Screen then goes off.

Chef: This hold place will be gone if we can't stop him before midnight, You will need to go out there and Free Chris and Stop these traitorous interns, for the team that wins gets a reward of a lifetime.

Both teams then head out.

Owen: Wait everyone stop.

Owen: Hey Toxic Rats I know it's a challenge but this could be a life and death situation so maybe we should all work togther.

Gwen: You got a point Owen everyone search the Island.

Eva: Where's Izzy ?

The Scene changes to Izzy who on top of a tree listeing to a coversation bettween Mal And Commando Zoey.

Mal: Scatter All the Fake evidence that would lead them to Boeny Island once they are arrived there then we traped them and start the blimp.

Izzy then takes her phone out.

Izzy: This E-Scope The Rebels are Located at the Docks !

Noah: How did you get my phone number Izzy ?

Noah Said in respones.

Izzy: Tell Everyone to go to the Docks they wil find the Blmip there, E-Scope Out !

Mal: One more thing Zoey get rid of that Spy in the trees.

Zoey: Of Course.

Commando Zoey then takes out her Bow and fires it at Izzy.

Izzy: Wanna Play Rough Hey !

Izzy then grabs out a Paintball Rifle and Fires Back.

Meanwhile Noah Gets off the Phone.

Noah: Izzy Said the Blimps located at the Docks.

Ludwig then grabs out his phone that he had connected to the Speakers across the island.

Ludwig: Mal has been Spotted at the Docks everyone there NOW !

Ludwig: (Con) Did I ever mention I am an expert Hacker, I Have Hacked into almost everyones Confessional clips.

Mal: Grrrr Change of Plans Zoey Into the Blimp NOW !

Zoey Then pulls out a Fire Arrows at fires it near Izzy causing her to step back.

Izzy: Wait till Round Two Redhead !

She said as everyone Arrives at the Dock.

Gwen: Great now they flying away.

Harold: Chef does this Island have an Aircraft ?

Chef: Follow Me everyone.

The Scene then changes to the Blimp where Chris and Leshawna are being held.

Leshawna: Why are you guys doing this ?

Mal: Simple, I think of this place as a Prison, The Campers are put throught all sorts of Torture that Chris has made for them, The Island it self is destined to Die Since it only has 10% of it wildlife not Mutated by All the Toxic Waste, So I made a Soloution, Sink the Island, the Toxic Waste will speard far out into the Ocean Causing Chaos on those who Swim there !

Zoey: Mal we have a problem !

Mal: Nothing ever goes well Deer.

Behind them two Giant Flying Battle Ships One for the Mutant Maggots and the other For the Toxic Rats.

Harold: Wow these Flying Boat are awesome ! Were like sky Pirtates.

Izzy: The S.S Maggots Preapre to Board.

Harold: Wait not yet we need to Stop them From moving first.

Cody: Izzy I don't think Cannon balls would be a good idea to Fire at a Blimp.

Izzy: Would I ever Lead us Astray Men.

The Screen Changes to the Toxic Rats Ship.

Duncan: And one who has a good idea please suggest it now ?

Alejandro: Make sure the Blimp doesn't have any hidden Cannons that could cause us to sink.

Noah: Sink Into the Air scary (Scarasm)

Gwen: We Need to Board the Blimp somehow.

Trent: Maybe if we take one of the Mini Planes we can fly into their Cargo Hold area.

Gwen: Brilliant, Trent, Noah and Geoff lets go.

Owen: Hey Al Should we do the same thing !

Owen Asked Him from the Other Ship.

Alejandro: Yes and Stop calling me AL !

Izzy: Boarding Time, Owen, Eva and Harold lets go !

Cody: Back to Steering yay (Sarcasm)

Commando Zoey: Should now be the time to fire ?

Mal: Leave no Survivors !

Zoey Sets off the First Two cannons Hitting the Mutant Maggots Ship.

Cody: Were going Down !

Sierra: NO!

Sierra then grabs a Parachute and Cody and jumps off before it explodes.

Mal: Nice Babe only one left.

Gwen then flies off in the Mini Plane along with Trent, Noah and Geoff.

Ludwig: Sie Won't last long trying zu get in there ? wir need zu give them time.

Duncan: I have an idea !

Duncan then takes the Team's Ship wheel and Drives to the Front of the Blimp where Mal is.

Mal: Well Well Well Duncan! , Have you enjoyed Your Way of Niceness ?

Duncan: Ha, I Liked you better when you were in Juvie.

Mal: And I like you better dead, FIRE !

The Two front cannons of the Blimp fire.

Alejandro: Great now were going Down.

Ludwig: Grab die Parachutes !

Alejandro, Duncan and Ludwig then Grab there Parachutes and Jump off their Ship as it explodes.

Commando Zoey: Looks like we won.

Blimp Voice: Warning Intruders have breacher the Cargo Holder.

Leshawna: Ha You been Breached Kid, Now you're Stuffed.

Mal: We'll see about that Getto, Zoey set the Blimp to Auto-Pilot, Were dealing with these intruders face to face.

Commando Zoey: Just the Way I like it !

Chris: This is the last time I Hire People without BackGround Checks !

The Scene Then changes to Trent, Gwen, Noah and Geoff inside the back of the blimp.

Gwen: Anyone there ?

Noah: That's the First thing you say when you enter a Hostile Ship ? 

Voice in the Dark: Only your worst Nightmare !

Trent: Ezekiel ?

Voice in the Dark: No Even worse.

The Lights infront of them light up showing Mal and Commando Zoey standing there !

The Mutant Maggots then Arrive a Floor Above them but can see them.

Izzy: Harold and Eva, You guys head to the front of the Blimp and Find Chris. Owen Stay here incase things get rought, Time for round two Zoey.

Izzy the jumps down and hides behind the Boxes.

Geoff: Dude you're outnumbered ?

Mal: But All of you are weak, What's your point !

Mal then Grows a Powerful Red Aura on his hand,

Noah: Logic has once again been broke.

Mal then Blast all of it At Noah Knocking him throught the walls and off the plane.


Izzy: No One messes With E-Scopes Comrades !

Izzy Then pulls out a Paintball Assault rifle and Fire it at Mal.

Mal: Grrr In my eye, Oh You'r Gonna get it Now, Zoey Kill her !

Commando Zoey: So Be it !

Zoey then dash jumps up and front flip kicks Izzy into the Boxes.

Gwen: Now's our chance Run.

Gwen and Geoff Arrive at the Elevator but before Trent could get in there Zoey Throws a Rope at him and Drags him out with it.

Trent: Just Go Find Chris !

As the Elevator Close Mal Notice it.

Mal: Try and escape ha Zoey finish these two off.

Mal then teleports away.

Zoey then throws another Rope and Gets Izzy with it.

Commando Zoey: Hope you can fly !

Zoey then throws Izzy of the Plane.

Commando Zoey: You're Turn Nine Kid.

But before she gets to him she notice a big Shadow above them.

Owen: For Izzy !

Owen then Crashes Belly First on Zoey and Trent, Knocking them both out. As they break throught and floor and land in the floor below them.

Owen: Op's You okay down there.

Suddenly a Green Aura Surrounds Trent again and the Hand on his shirt goes Green.

His Hair then goes Green and so does his eyes.

Nine Then jumps out from Owen which cause Owen to fly into the Wall which cause him to fall out of the Plane aswell. 

Nine: To Long was I Gone, Now to wreak havoc.

Nine then goes into the elevator.

Nine: (Con) Yes I am using an elevator sometimes you have to save your power incase you run out !

Harold and Eva Arrive at the Front of the Blimp.

Chris: Took you long enough !

Harold: LeShawna are you are you alright.

Leshawna:  Don't Worry they didn't lay a sracth one me.

Mal: YET ?

Mal then Appears behind them.

Eva: You ! You Casued all of this !

Eva attempts to Punch Mal But he counter grabs her hand and throw her out of the window.

Geoff and Gwen then Arrive.

Mal: Excellent more Insect's to Splat.

Gwen: You can forget about destory Wawanak.

Chris: So no one is gonna help me out of here ?

Mal: Funny to say that Gwen, Out of everyone I thought you would help.

Gwen: Help you ?

Mal: I'd thought this would be the last place you would ever want to return to ?

Gwen: The Last thing i would want to see is another Pyhcopath like you.

Mal: Is that how you think about everyone on this Island ?

Gwen: Before but now the Only Insane are those who inflict danger one other's for the heck of it !

Mal who is Unaware that Geoff just pick pocketed the Keys to the Cages and then Frees Chris and leshawna.

Mal: Impressive Geoff I't Doesn't matter you won't stop me from achieving my Plan.

Suddenly the Door Behind Mal Breaks open where Nine Appears from.

Nine: But I Will !.

Mal and Nine then Charge at each other.

Nine: Go to the Cargo area and take the Plane in there.

Geoff: Dude what about you ?

Nine: I Will be Fine, Atleast Trent will.

Geoff, Harold, Gwen, Chris and Leshawna Head to the cargo room.

Mal: Not escaping this time.

Mal then uses a Red Aura that Surrounds Gwen and Drag her Back !

Mal the Grabs her.

Mal: Nine, Take a step foward and she goes down with the plane.

Nine Grrr, Nine then jumps throught the floor.

Nine then Pops out behind Mal and Grabs His legs caugin him to trip and let her go.

Nine: RUN !

Gwen: Thanks !

Gwen then leaves the room to get to the Cargo Room.

Mal: Fool ! Now we will both Die from the Crash into the Island.

Nine: Worng Island Mike.

Mal: Hes not coming back !

Nine then Throws Mal and Steer's the Blimps and changes it's Crash destination to Boney Island.

Nine: Don't Both with the Explosive's either, Someone has already Taken them.

Mal: WHO ?

Izzy: ('Con'Explosivo is gonna love these on her next Birthday ! * Hold Five Barrels of TNT and Six Charges of C4 *

the Scene then changes to Chris and Everyone else who is now on Land.

Chris: Well Campers congratulations on Saving me and Stoping the intern's from Destroying the Island

The Blimp there Crash into Boney Island.

Duncan: What happen to Boney Island ?

Chris: Thanks to Trent Now that's where it crashed.

Gwen: Wait what about Trent and the intern's there safe right ?

Chris: Chef sending out a Pattrol Doird out there as we speeak however there now lost on Boney Island which gives me a good idea, Everyone to the Campfire !

The Scene Changes to the Mutant Maggots at the Campfire and the toxic Rats at the Peanut Gallery.

Owen: Wait not another Elimination ceremony. ?

Chris: Wrong in celebration of saving me no one is getting eliminated.

Duncan: Wait what about the Reward Chef mentioned before ? 
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.11.18 AM

Toxic Rat's at the Peanut Gallery

Chris: I will get to that but first about a new thing I added, One Member of Both teams have to spent One day at Boney Island and Search for Trent.

Gwen: It's best I go then.

Chris: No Chef get's to pick whose going to Boeny Island !

Chef: Hmmm..... ? Hat Boy and Freckle Face.

Chris: Ok Geoff and Harold to Boney Island with you.

Geoff: I'm Sure it won't be that bad !

Chris: Actually we moved all the remaing Toxic Waste there.

Harold: Yay *Sarcasm *

Chris: Ok Toxic Rats now for the reward, We upgrade you're stay, Meaning the team that now wins the challenge gets to spend the Night at the McLean Spa Hotel, Toxic Rats you may go there now.

The Scene Changes to The Hotel Where Duncan, Alejandro, Ludwig, Gwen and Noah arrive at the Hotel.

Duncan: Yes ! It can't get any better then this.

Noah: Don't Jinx it !

They then enter the bedrooms.

Alejandro: Sweat the bedroom's has no sign of Rat's or Cockroaches.

Ducan: I'll Go Bring the Xbox One over here !

Ludwig: Don't forget Ze Luggage too ?

Both Duncan ,Ludwig and Noah head out.

Alejandro then Notice Gwen looking out of the Window.

Alejandro: This will be easier then I thoguht !

The Scene Chanegs to Boeny Island where Trent had just Woken up after the Crash.

Trent: Boney Island ? 

Trent is Now Trapped on Boeny Island

Trent: Hello ? ... Anyone ?

Geoff and Harold then Arrive on the other Side of the Island.

Geoff: We should head out now and Find Trent, I hope that Bro's Ok.

Harold: Hm.... Sure we need to find a place to sleep right ?

Geoff: Good Idea I'll be right back ! 
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.12.41 AM

Meanwhile Harold and Geoff Arrive on the other side of Boeny Island

Geoff runs off into the woods.

Harold: I Won't last One day here. 

Haorld then Looks around to find a Dark Figure on a Tree Branche.

Dark Figure: You Should of Never came here !

Harold: What ?

It then knocks him out and Ties a Rope and him and Takes him away into the Woods. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.38.59 PM

Harold Is Kidnapped by a Dark Figure in the Tree's.

Geoff: Hey Harold I found these. Harold ?

Geoff then returns to the campsite Three Mintues later to find Harold Missing.

Chris: (Con) Three Camper lost on Boney Island, While there Team enjoy Paradise in the New Hotel, well Not the Maggots there stuck in there Cabins , We will see you next time on Total Drama Island of Vengenace !

Chapter 13: Aftermath II: Maggots vs Rats

" This episode of TDIV is an aftermath speical enjoy "

Aftermath Part II: Maggots vs Rats
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Thirteen
First Aired (CAN) 17th January 2014
First Aired (USA) 17th January 2014
Episode Guide
"Sky of two Terror's"
"Call of Duncan Malevolent Warfare"
The Scene Then shows the intro for the Aftmath with the Blue Giant words saying Total Drama island of Vegeance Aftermath. 
AF 2

Total Drama Aftermath Cast Part 2

Bridgette: Greettings everyone to another Aftermath speical, Were your Hosts Bridgette and DJ, 

DJ: So What are we doing tonight Bridgette ?

Bridgette: Good Question, First were are going to Interview all Four Pervious eliminated contestant and then were going to on Geoff and Harold on Boeny Island thanks to The Surevillance Camera on the Island.

DJ: But First as on our Scheduel we have to Interview our first contest, Wait who was the first one eliminated ?

Bridgette: You didn't see episode 7 ?

DJ: I was busy Helping Momma with the House cleaning.

Bridgette: That's Nice, Anyway We will Start with our first person Courtney !

Courtney then walks up on stage.

Courtney: Grettings

Bridgette: Greetings to.

DJ: So ...... ?

DJ Remians Slient for a few Seconds.

DJ: (Whisper) What should I ask her ?, Cause I don't want to upset her!

DJ Whispered to Bridgette.

Bridgette: So Courtney, Which Team did you like better ?

Courtney: I would have to go with the Mutant Maggotss, Both teams are disgusting but the Rats are a bunche of losers, Who lose Four Challenges in a row ?

DJ: But after A While they turned the tide and now the Maggots lost Heather, Justin and Tyler, Do you think they will keep losing.

Courtney: They better not, The First second they get and they better Hurl Duncan over here I Can KIll HIM !

DJ: Should we Move onto the Fan Mail.

Bridgette: Maybe not.

Courtney: No, No Let me hear them about how they all hate him.

Ezekiel then Brings out a Giant Sack full of Letters.

Ezekiel: Here's your letter eh.

DJ: Ok our first mail is from Charlie who asked, Dear Courtney Are you still Friends with Gwen.

Courtney: Hmmm that's a tought one, I guess so.

DJ: Ok our next one is from someone named Happybox45 ?

DJ: Is that someones real name ?

Bridgette: Na that just there anonymous name.

DJ: And he asked, Dear Courtney do you still like Duncan  ?

Courtney: What kind of Joke is this Happybox !

Courtney then Rips the letter up.

Bridgette: Forget that was ever brought up.

DJ: Urg the rest of the letters are Fandom Questions about Her ?

Courtney: They better be good ones.

Ezekiel: Actually I Checked all of them before hand and there just about you and Duncan realtionship.

Courtney: That's it This interview is Over !

Courtney Then walks off stage and takes the Sack of letters with her and takes out her phone.

Courtney: Micheal ! Find the Adress of all of the people who wrote these notes we have lots of Lawsuits to send to them !

The Scene Changes back to before.

Bridgette: Should we go to our next Guest ?

DJ: Before that do you want to watch a never before scene.

Bridgette: Sure, This Clip was from the Undergound Challenge.

  • Never Before Scene Clip

The Scene Shows Underground Where Owen and Tyler were running away after there Arm Pads turned Orange.

Owen: Do you think were safe now ?

Tyler: Maybe

Owen: Hey whats that ?

Owen then Comes across a Block of Diamond on the wall.

Owen: Wow It's all Bluish and small, I wonder if we can get it out some how ?

Tyler then Finds a Stone Pickaxe on the floor. 

Owen and Tyler find a Creeper in a never before seen clip

Tyler: We'll Dig it out !

Tyler then Digs out Five Ores of Diamond from the Wall.

Owen: Wow these must be worth a lot of stuff.

Tyler: Lets go Find the rest of the team.

Owen and Tyle Run into the next room where they come across a Crepper.

Tyler: What Kind of three legged ceature is that ?

Owen: Maybe it's a New kind of bear ?

The Crepper then Walks up to them and Explodes.

Tyler and Owen are then blow all the way to the Throne Room.

Tyler: Lindsay ?

  • Goes Back to the AfterMath 

Lindsay: I Don't remember being there ?

DJ: Don't worry It was just Owen and Tyler Hallucinating remeber they lost there Protection pads during the Run.

Bridgette: Well now its time to interview our next Contestant Heather.

Heather then arrives on the stage.

Heather: This better not be like last time.

DJ: No Electric Chair's.

Bridgette: So what was your opinion on your team.

Heather: I Couldn't really care less about most of them, I Just wanted to defeat Alejandro until that Snake Justin Turned on me, If it wasn't for him Cody might of been here instead of me

Bridgette: And Sierra would not be stable.

Heather: Thank god I am not there to see that.

DJ: Sorry to ask this but what is your opinion on Alejandro ?

Heather: There is nothing going on bettween us.

A Massive Incorrect Noise is made.

Ezekiel: Ha the Lie dector disagrees with you opinion.

Bridgette: Where did you get that from ?

Ezekiel: I can't remeber Eh !

DJ: How did you cope with the radioactive island.

Heather: Most disusting Place ever, Three Armed fish, Plants with Teeth, Giant Gohper's and FANG !

Bridgette: One sea Ceature I Never want to see.

DJ: Amen to that.

Heather: How long is this going to go for ?

DJ: As long as you want.

Heather: Good I'm heading back to my makeup room.

Heather then walks off the Stage.

Bridgette: So To our next never before seen clip.

DJ: Sure.

  • Never Before Seen Clip
The Scene Shows Owen, Noah, Ludwig and Gwen in the Woods. 

Izzy Hunts for Noah, Ludwig, Gwen and Owen in her version of Cowboys vs indians

Gwen: What Exactly did Izzy want us to do again ?

Owen: She said she invented a new game called Cowboys vs Indians.

Ludwig: That explains why sie made uns wear these Cowboy outfits.

Noah: I doubt Cowboys walk in the Forest without there revoler,

The Camera then shows Izzy behind them above a tree branch.

Izzy the pulls out a Bow with a stun Arrow and Shoots Noah.

Owen: Run !

Owen , Ludwig and Gwen Start to run further into the woods.

Ludwig then steps on a Rope trap that traps him to the tree.

Gwen: How are we suppose to fight back.

Owen: I think were just meant to Run !

Izzy then Throws a Wodden Tomahawk and Catches Owen.

Gwen then Arrive at the Tree That Ludwig is trapped at.

Ludwig who is stuck in the tree the pulls out a Knife and Cuts the rope dropping him to the grass.

Ludwig: How are wir going zu Fight back ? 

Gwen: Anything good in your labcoat.

Ludwig then pulls out a Stun Grenade.

Ludwig: Dies could help.

Izzy then shoots a Blowdart at Ludwig putting him to sleep.

Izzy: Got you Cowboys now !

Izzy then throws a rope catching Gwen but before she could get to her Gwen throws the Stun Grenade that knocks Izzy Out.

Gwen: Yes Victory !

Gwen then notice that she is still tied to the rope.

Gwen: Anyone out there, Great !

  • Goes back to Aftermath

DJ: I still don't know how that game is played.

Bridgette: Neither do I, Anyway now for out next Contestant from Episode 10 Tyler.

Tyler then performs a Frontflip on stage.

Lindsay: yay

Lindsay jumps up and hugs him.

Tyler: Hi Lindsay, Hi DJ and Bridgette.

Tlyer then Sits down.

Ezekiel: Was that Frontflip the only move he ever successfully performed ?

Ezekiel whispered to Beth.

DJ: So What was your favourite Challenge during your time on the Island.

Tyler: Hmm I Enjoyed the Obstacle Coruse and it was awesome how our team turned the tide on the Toxic Rats early victory.

Tyler: Wasn't there another host ?

Bridgette: Blianley Na she went back to celebrity manhunt !

DJ: They took her back ?

Bridgette: So Tyler how did you cope with the unusal Island this season.

Tyler: Well I don't think that was the main issue for me, I was more worried about Trent since he suffering from his new Green Looking powers.

DJ: I know how you feel Thinking about it gives me the jeeps.

Bridgette: I just hope Geoff has found him on Boeny Island.

Tyler: Are you guys able to check on Boeny Island ?

DJ: I think so lets see.

A Big Tv Screen then appears infront of them showing Geoff who is on Boney Island.

Bridgette: Geoff Can you see us.

Geoff: ah who said that ?

DJ: Above you

Geoff then looks up to see a Droid camear with a Screne Showing DJ and Bridgette.

Geoff: Man am I glad to see you.

DJ: Good to see your alright, hey Where's Harold ?

Geoff: He Vanished Four Hours ago !

Bridgette: Hey you found Trent Yet ?

Geoff: I tried searching the woods for an hour but it started to get dark to manage to Set up a tent in the trees, But I will continue looking for them tommorrow.

DJ: Hang in there buddy only one day on Boeny Island and then you'll be out there. 

Geoff At Boeny Island at nighttime

But Suddenly a Two headed Parrot flies by and crashes into the Droid causeing the camear Droid to crash into the water.

The Screen then zooms out back to the Aftermath.

Bridgette: I hope he will be ok

DJ: Don't worry everything will be ok.

Tyler: So do I go sit with the other eliminated contestants.

Bridgette: Sure

Tyler sits down near Lindsay and start making out.

DJ: So time for another clip

Bridgette: Indeed Geoff's Favourite That's gonna leave a mark segement.

The Tv then comes Down and turns on.

  • That's gonna leave a mark Segment

The Screne shows the first clip were Duncan is hit in the nuts by a Cannon Ball.

The Second clip shows Fang Noah at the Chrisessum where Fang has just Knocked Noah Down.

Courtney: Noah we need this point.

Noah: You get it then.

Noah then tags Courtney.

Courtney: What !

Fang then pulls Courtney into the Ring and throws her into the wall and does a Tombstone piledriver on her.

The Thrid Clip shows Justin walking on the wodden bridge he made when Fang pops up from the water below, But Justin Whacks him with the wodden sword causing Fang to go back in the water.

The Fourth Clip Shows Harold on the Ring in the Chrissessum

Harold: I can't hurt anyone not even you.

Duncan: Wimp

Harold then turns around and Knocks Duncan Out.

And the Final Clip ?

Owen: For Izzy !

Owen then Crashes Belly First on Zoey and Trent, Knocking them both out. As they break throught and floor and land in the floor below them.

  • Goes Back to Aftermath

DJ: So Many people so much Pain ( Sad voice )

Bridgette: I'm Sure there alright, But Now it's time for out final Contestant Interview Justin !

Justin then appears from the Curtains as his Fangirls Scream in joy.

Justin: Good to know you're all by my side.

DJ: Well you're alot nicer then Alejandro.

Bridgette: So Justin did it feel good to be on the Island again.

Justin: I belive it was a Half opinion, The Island has gotten a lot uglier this season esecially the Teams, Toixc Rats ? Mutant Maggots ? Who would want to be called that ?

DJ: I did like the old names better.

Bridgette: But it would get too repetertive like Screaming Gattors or Killer Plants.

Beth: I like the sounds of those names.

Justin: Plants over Insects and Rodents. 

DJ: So Justin how are you hoping for to Win.

Justin: It's hard to say right now, I will have to pick someone when the merges come around.

Ezekiel: urg I hate to jump in but the we only got Five Minutes left before the end of tonights episode.

Justin: Well I'm done for the night, I'm going to get some beauty Sleep.

DJ: Should we just end the Show with another never before seen clip.

Bridgette: Sure we can just end it with one of Sierra's Long Borring Confessional.

Bridgette: Until Next time Everyone stay tune next time for another episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance ! 

The Screen then Changes to Sierra in the Confesstional. 

Sierra Rants on about her Fan Poll Blog before the season began

Sierra: (Con) Before I arrived on the Island there was a massive Fandom war on one of my blogs about best Cannon and non Cannon Couples, So just to past the Time I feel like reading the List of the most voted, I will start with the Cannon. (Cough)

Sierra: (Con) Number Five we have Tyler and Lindsay, I'll Admit I do like them but there not my favourite,

Sierra: (Con) Number four is Geoff and Bridgette , I Did Like them In season one but they were so boring the the Second.

Sierra: (Con) Number Three Gwen and Trent, My Second Favourite Couple of the Show because they had so many cute moments.

Sierra: (Con) Number Two Duncan and Courtney, There Complete Opposites, Ones Obeys Law and other Rebels from it, But there Moments are the funniest.

Sierra: (Con) There is only one couple that is the best..... ME AND MY CODYKINS.

The Camera then zooms in showing that she Scribbled out the Number One and wrote them on the page.

Sierra: (Con) Now for the

But then the Camera's Battery runs out.

< End of episode >

Chapter 14: Call of Duncan Malevolent Warfare

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeace, I was unexpectedly Kidnaped by two of my Interns who Hijacked the McLean Blimp and tried to Destroy Camp Wawanakwa but Thanks to The Toxic Rats their Plan was ruined, Trent On the other hand is now trapped on Boeny Island with Mal and Zoey but don't worry I gave them company by sending Geoff and Harold to the Island aswell, Today were going to have a good old Battlefeild theme Challenge which Invole Leeches Can The Toxic Rats Keep their Winning Streak or Without Trent and Geoff will they fall on their Face Find out on Todays episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance "

Call of Duncan Mavelont Warfare
Season Island Of Vengeance, Episode Fourteen
First Aired (CAN) 21st January 2014
First Aired (USA) 2st January 2014
Challenge defeat the other team while rescuing your missing teammate on Boney Island
Reward Immunity and a stay a the Mclean Spa Hotel
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"After Math Part II: Maggots vs Rats"
"Escape from Boney Island"

The scene Starts with Trent Walking in the woods of Boeny Island.

Trent: Man this sucks, I Hope Chris hasn't forgot about me, I can't even use the Confessional to talk about it.

Trent then Dodges a Tree Branch that was about to fall above him.

Trent: That was close.

Trent then Notice a Tent among the Branches.

Trent Then walks up to it and Find an Unconscious Geoff in there.

Trent then pulls him out of the Tree Werckage.

Trent: Geoff are you ok !

Geoff then wakes up.

Geoff: Man that was a Rough Sleep, Hey Trent have you seen Harold by any chance.

Trent: Is he Missing too ?

???: As a Matter of Fact he Is !

A Voice in the distance said.

Geoff: Did Chris ever mention talking Mutated Trees 

But then Mal Appears behind him.

Mal: That's not even the worst thing in this island.

Trent: You ! What do you want.

Mal: Would you like to play a Game.

Geoff: ?

Mal: I Call it Fried and Seek !

Mal then Pulls out a Flamethrow cause them both to Run Away from him.

Mal: (Con) One of my Favourite games since Kindergarten !

The Scene then changes to the Mutant Maggots boys Cabin.

Owen: How long do you think they will be on Boeny Island ?

Cody: Chris never mention when they will be back ?

Owen: Maybe it's a part of the Challenge.

the Scene then changes to the MC Lean Spa Hotel where the Toxic Rats are.

Duncan: Heaven at it's Finest !

Duncan said in as he is relaxing in a Spa.

Gwen: I would'nt Relax for Long since Chris is bound to have another challenge coming up.

Duncan: I'm sorry I can't hear you over the Bubbles in this spa.

Noah: Oh the Envy ( Sarcasm)

The Scene then changes to Alejandro and Ludwig at the Dinner Table.

Alejandro: To the Victor goes the Spoils.

Ludwig: Indeed.

They stated as they eat their Breakfeast.

Alejandro: So Ludwig has it been fun having the Traget on your back ?

Ludwig: What ist dies you speak of ?

Alejandro: That new person to every Season is bound to get very far only to face a Demise by the Hero.

Ludwig: Didn't you win last Season ?

Alejandro: Yes but I was the Villian, the Question is are you ?

Ludwig: You bring up a good Point.

Alejandro: (Con) The Maggots are Weak, But my team is gaining a flase Scense of Safety, Duncan is still a Good Person, Gwen is Lost without Courtney and Trent, Ludwig is something ?, So I must break all three of them while I can.

Ludwig: (Con) The Dark side ? it is a Smarter Side then good more straegic then good, (Breaths)

Chris on the speaker : Time for another Round of pain everyone to the Docks.

The Scene then changes to the dock where both the teams and Chris are at.

Chris: After the events of Last week Todays challenge is going to be a Search and Destroy Mission, Your Team must recuse your respected teammate who is on boney Island while trying to eliminate the other teams member.

Eva: So It's a Army Based Challenge ?

Chris: Indeed, Both Teams will start off on each side of the Island, Maggots Must Recuse Harold and Bring him back to Wawanaka and the Rats must do the Same for Geoff.

Gwen: What about Trent ?

Chris: If you can find him, Their will be a Create full of Painball guns ready there for you to use.

Duncan: Paintball again Original what a Twist (Sarcasm)

Chris: Ok I was'nt going to originally do this but since Duncan is not Impressed it shall happen, Instead of Painballs as your ammo, You will be firing Leecchs !

Chris: These Leechs are cheaper then painballs since their Indigenous to the Island, O yea and one more thing Since all of the Toxic Waste has been dumped on Boney Island reports are that a Massive Fly Trap looking Plant is now a Human trap we called it Larry after the intern called Larry was the first to find it and get eaten by it, Have Fun.

The Scene Changes to Harold who wakes up noticing that he his tied to a Tree.

Harold: Where am I ?

The Zoey appears.

Commando Zoey: You're in a place Mal calls the Fun Zone with a Very Fun Plant.

Suddnely the Floor Below Harold lowers revealing a Giant Venus Human Trap.

Harold: (Con) First a Giant Shark and now a Giant Plant, Chris is making us earn the Million this year, GOSH !

The Scene Changes to a Unground House that Trent and Geoff have just found.

Geoff: Whoa Who dug this Narly Place ?

Trent: This could be a great spot to hide from Mal, With a Hole like this No One can Get in.

But then Mal appears behind Trent.

Mal: Or Out !

Trent: Geoff Run !

Mal then drags Trent into the shadow while Geoff runs out of the undergound House.

Meanwhile the Mutant maggots arrive on the Island at the East Point.

Izzy: Theres the weapon's Crates.

Izzy Smash open the create

Owen: Whoa are these real ?

Owen said as he picked up a Shotgun.

He then shoots a Tree showing that the bullets are infact leechs.

Izzy: Yes Firepower.

Izzy pulls out a Assault Rifle.

Cody grabs a Sniper Rilfe

Cody: Just like Call of Duty !

Sierra: Takes a Pistol and Eva Grabs a Lightmachine Gun

Eva: LMG ha, My Kind of Toy !

Izzy: I Know the Best Stratergy Everyone It's something I like to Call wait and attack.

Eva: You Mean Camping ?

Izzy: Correct

Eva: No way am I being a Wimp by Camping.

Eva then runs off into the woods.

Izzy: Fine Owen Lets go.

Izzy and Owen then Head into the woods aswell.

Cody: Camping or Searching ?

Sierra: There's Only on place I would ever Camp.

Sierra The jumps and Lands ontop of Cody's Shoulder.

Meanwhile The Toxic Rats the Arrive at the West Point of Boney Island.

Alejandro: Gental man this is a Five vs Five fight so we must stick to togthe and Find our MIA Memebers,

Duncan: Shut it and help me with the create.

Duncan then pulls out his swiss army knife and opens the Ceate.

Gwen: They look so real.

Duncan: Dibs ! 

Duncan grabs the ligth machine Gun.

Alejandro: a perfect Variety of weapons.

Alejandro Picks up a Shotgun while Noah choose a Sniper Rifle.

Gwen: Ludwig Don't mind if I use the Rifle.

Ludwig: I Pefer Pistols Anyway their Lighter to carry.

Gwen takes the Assault Rifle while Ludwig takes the Pistol.

Gwen: Ok we can find Geoff and Trent faster we need to slipt up into two groups.

Alejandro: Perfect Idea I'll go with Gwen, He will take the Left Path.

Alejandro then takes Gwen and heads Left Leaving Duncan and Noah Scrathing their heads.

Duncan: (Con) So Alejandro is making a Move on Gwen ha, It's proably just a manipulative move but why doesn't anyone try that on me, Maybe it's because it won't work on me but he could atleast try.

Duncan: Very well then Ludwig lets head Right.

Ludwig: Ya

Duncan: Noah you Stay here and Camp.

Ludwig and Duncan then head towards the Right path, Once again leaving Noah behind.

Noah then faceplams himself on his teams fail. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.58.31 PM

Noah: Camping really ? There is no way I would degrade myself to an Idoit who stands in One spot for a whole match.

Noah: (Con) Camping really ? There is no way I would degrade myself to an Idoit who stands in One spot for a whole match. 

Noah: They Need Me.

Noah runs towars the left Path after Gwen and Alejandro.

As Noah Runs He Runs above the Ground Where Mal is Holding Trent Hostage.

Mal: They will never find you here ever !

Trent then throws Dirt in Mals eye which he is able to escape his grasp.

Mal: Och You !

Mal then Press a Button closeing the door that Trent almost got to.

Trent: No, Noah Help.

Mal: He can't hear you  !

Noah: Ur yes I can.

Noah then kicks down the door.

Mal: How ?

Noah: You were talking out loud are you the dumbest Person ever !

Zoey jumps down from the tree and Kicks Noah into the Underground House.

Commando Zoey: Master Mal Come !

Mal: No Thanks Dear I have a New playmate to torture care to help.

Commando Zoey: What about the Nerd and the party Boy ?

Mal: Everyone is coming to Boney Island we have to lay Low.

Commando Zoey: Ok then Hey There Trying to Run from us.

Mal and Zoey then Turn around to See Trent And Noah Run further into the Ground. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.33.03 PM


Trent & Noah: AHHHHHHHHHH 

The Scene then changes to Gwen and Alejandro walking in the woods.

Alejandro: So our we Recuse or Attack Group ?

Gwen: The others are more likely to attack so we should be recuse sqaud.

Alejandro: Ok but remain as quiet as possible.

But Suddenly Izzy Fires Leechs at them from the Trees.

Alejandro: Look Out

Alejandro then Jumps on Gwen Causing them both to Land in the Bushes Nearby.

Izzy: Damit all Misses.

Owen: Did you see anyone Izzy ?

Izzy: Yea but they must off Fled Lets go Find Harold.

Izzy and Owen then turn around.

Gwen: Thanks for the save.

Alejandro: Anytime for you.

Gwen: Ur do you think you can move over now.

Alejandro: Sure.

Gwen: (Con) I'm getting Mixed feelings about Alejandro my Brain knows that he is Trying to manipulate me but my heart is going crazy over him ?

Alejandro: (Con) All According to plan.

The Scene then changes to Cody and Sierra.

Cody is sitting up on a Tree Camping.

Sierra: Nice Plan Cody

Cody: Yea and Mum thought I would learn nothing from Video games.

Cody then Zooms in his scope to Find Duncan and Ludwig.

Ludwig: Maybe wir should'nt walk out in the open wie are exposed out hier.

Duncan: What are you a Chicken I know when someone is going to attack us before they know were going to attack us.

Cody then Fires a Leech at Duncan.

Duncan: I'm Down !

Ludwig: Punk Logic ?

Sierra: Head shot !

Ludwig: Shoot this.

Ludwig then fires a Leech at Cody's Leg.

Cody: Och

Sierra: Cody ! Your gonna Get it Now.

Sierra drops her Pistol and jump from the tree and lands on Ludwig's Neck.

Sierra: Respect My CODY !

Ludwig: Big Mistake GIRL !

Ludiwg puts his leech Pistol to her head and shoots her.

Sierra: It's just like my Cody's Kiss.

She then lets him go and falls.

Ludwig: Time to Resupply.

Ludwig Takes Sieera's Pistol and Cody's Sniper Rifle.

Chris: Now there's only three left on each Side will Geoff,Harold and Trent besaved or will I get my Fifth Lawsuit, Find out after the Break of Total Drama Island of Vengeance !

The Scene Changes back to Gwen and Alejandro.

Gwen: Geoff, Trent Anyone here !

Alejandro: Quiet we mustn't reval our location.

Gwen: Wait what's this say ?

Gwen then reads a Sign.

Gwen: Welcome to Fun Zone ?

Alejandro: Maybe there's differnt sectors of Boney Island.

But Suddenly Eva Ambushed them and Manges to Hit Alejandro with one of the Leech Bullets.

Alejandro: Och Im hit.

Gwen then Hides behind a Rock.

Izzy and Owen then Arrive to.

Owen: They must keep Harold in there ?

Eva: You two go in and Find him, I'll stay out here and Shoot anything on sight.

Izzy then Throws Owen over the Gate and jumps over two.

Ludwig from a Distance deploys his Sniper Rifle and Aims at Eva.

But the Wind cause Ludwig To Miss his Shot.

Eva: Sniper !

Ludwig Runs but Drops his Pistol while Runing.

Ludwig then hides behind a Tree when he tries to fire at her only for his gun to Jam.

Eva: Down goes another !

But Before Eva Fires a Leech hits her in the Back.

Ludwig then looks out to See Geoff there.

Ludwig: Danken Geoff you're in One piece.

Geoff: Indeed.

Ludwig: We need to escape this Island Now.

Gwen: Wait what about trent.

Ludwig: I Don't think theres enough time lets go.

The Scene changes to Izzy and Owen who have Found Larry and Harold.

Harold: How long are you going to Hold me for.

Larry then pours a bit of Pepper on Harold.

Harold: Pepper ! Gosh One of my Alleriges.

Harold Snezz at Larry Causing Him to Drop him. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.43.43 PM

Izzy: Garten Time !

Izzy: Garten Time ! 

Izzy Fires a Full Round of Leechs at Larry and then jumps up and Kicks it in the Face Causing it to Faint  

Owen: Nice work Izzy.

Haorld: Get me off this Island Please !

Owen: Lets go !

The Scene Changes to Ludwig with his Sniper rifle where Gwen walks up to Him.

Ludwig: Any Signs of Trent ?

Gwen: No !

She said sadly.

Geoff: Don't worry The Dudes is ok I saw Him Two Hours ago !

Ludwig: Quiet there here !

Ludwig Reloads his Sniper Rifle and Fires at Izzy.

Owen: Nooo.

Owen Takes Eva Machine Gun and fires at Ludwig.

Ludwig: Yea I deserve that. 

Ludwig said as he fainted.

Geoff: Lets go.

Both teams get to their Boats and Drive back to Camp Wawanaka where Chris is standing at the Dock.

Chris: Ok both teams got back but to break the tie Since the Toxic Rats has more member that were not hit by the leechs they win todays challenge.

Owen: Oh Not again.

Geoff: What about Trent

Chris: Til next time, Maggots time to give someone a Dishonorable Discharge.

The Scene Changes to the Elimination Ceremony where the Mutant Maggots are at and The Toxic Rats are at the Peanut Gallery. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.49.45 PM

Mutant Maggots Face Another Elimination Ceremony.

Duncan: Wait where's Noah ?

Chris: Yea he must of got Lost on Boney Island so he Will stay at Boney Island for the Day, Maggots you won't have to Send there because you're about to vote someone off.

Owen: (Con) It's a Really Hard because I Don't want to vote Izzy, It would be Unfair for Harold and if I vote for Cody then Sierra is Going to act like Izzy ?

Cody: Eva didn't Really take the Camping Plan like I Did !

Eva: (Con) ( She is still asleep from the Shot )

Harold: (Con) I hope I'm not Votable ?

Chris: Votes are In and the Marshmellows go to Harold, Cody, Owen and Sierra, Which means Eva and izzy are up for the chopping Block.

Chris: And the Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom goes to ?









Chris: Eva !

Chris Then Throws The Box with the toixc Marshmellow at Eva but she does not Catch it since she is still alseep.

The Scene Changes to Eva on the Hurl of Shame. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.54.13 PM

Eva is the Next Person to take the Hurl of Shame

Chris: Well enjoy your goodnight sleep Eva.

But then Eva wakes up.

Eva: What were am I WHAT AHHHHHHH !

She said as she was Hurled away.

Cody: Hey Chris When are the Merges Coming ?

Chris: I can't not tell you that.

Chris: Were down to Only Twelve Contesants left while Two are Stranded on Boney Island how will we get them out of there, Or Will we Find out Next time on Total Drama Island of Vengenace ! 

Chapter 15: Escape from Boney Island

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeace, The teams were sent to Boney island to Recuse our Three MIA Campers, However We Only Found Geoff and Harold, And now Noah is missing along with Trent, They can't catch a break can they, The Toxic Rats Once again Outnumbered the Mutant Maggots sending them to the elimination Ceremony, Eva refused to use the Camping startegy that Izzy and Cody suggested which Resulted in Eva getting the Hurl, Today were going to do something really differnt. 

Escape from Boney Island
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Fifteen
First Aired (CAN) 25th January 2014
First Aired (USA) 25th january 2014
Challenge Defeat Mal Once and for All
Winner(s) Trent,Duncan,Gwen,Geoff and Alejandro
Eliminated Mal,Commando Zoey and Nine ( Dies)
Episode Guide
"Call of Duncan Malevolent Warfare"
"Clash of Cabins"

But Suddenly Trent and Noah arrive at Chris Office.

Trent: Were Back !

Chris: How did you guys get back from Boney Island

Trent: Very Long Story.

Chris: I wish to hear about !

Noah: Can we just have a break.

Chris: No you have to tell me your story right now on Total Drama Island of Vengeance !

The Scene Starts with Trent and Noah sitting sitting in a Room with Chairs whille Chef is on the other side. 

Trent and noah tell Chris there story on how they escaped Boney Island

Chef: Three Days ago you were both lost on Boney Island Retell us the Story from the begining.

Trent: We Sort of need to get back to .

Chef: Shut up and Tell you're Story.

Noah: You mean when Mal first Traped us !

Trent : Very Well It all Start after we tried to run further into the Underground House to hide from them.

  • Goes to Flash Back

Trent: It Start after we tried to Run from Mal but we ran into a dead end.

Noah: There's no were else to go.

Trent: How low are we from the grass above us ?

Commando Zoey: The Light will never find you !

Zoey then Fires a Tranquillisre Arrows from her Bow putting Trent and Noah to Sleep.

Trent: After they caught us we Found our selves Tied to Chair's along with another Prisoner.

Noah: urg Were our We.

Trent: Where we were before trapped by these Maniacs.

?????: Yep Definetly Maniacs these People.

Trent: Who are you.

?????: My Name is Brick Mc Arthur a member of 4th Division.

Noah: You're In the Army ?

Brick: Indeed I am, My Platoon sent me to Boney Island to Catch these Two Criminals.

Trent: Duncan ?

Noah: Yea Duncan (Sarcasm)

Brick: People I am looking for are Mike and Zoey.

Trent: You mean Mal.

Brick: Oh Mal, Yea Mal's record states that he is a More Evil Personality then Mike.

Trent: So Which One is the Real Host of the Body ?

Brick: That is a really good Questioin ?

But then Mal appears infront of them on the TV screen infront of them.

Mal: Hello Guinea Pig I want to play a Game.

Noah: I hate Games. 

Trent: I Thougth you wanted to Destroy The Island just because of all the Challenge chris makes us do.

Mal: Yea But I now Realize they before that I have enjoyed watching you suffer, Because of that I designed my Own Challenges for you to do, Zoey take them to Room Seven.

Commando Zoey: Yes Mal !

Noah: How many rooms are there.

The Scene Changes to another room where Trent, Noah and Brick our Pushed into.

Brick: This doesn't look good Squad ?

Mal then appears again on the TV Screen.

Mal: What lies before are Five Hundred Mouse Trap's, Under one of them is a Key to open that door, Have Fun trying to figure it out.

Noah: Trent, Nine would be a good time to turn into ?

Trent: Good Idea.

Trent then Jumps right into a Pile of Mouse Traps.

Trent: Och, It's not working.

Noah: Yay at the coincidence of the situation (Sarcasm)

Trent: Nine can you help me out here !

Brick: Did I miss something ?

Noah: Yes a Lot.

Trent: What if we pick up all the mouse traps that don't have the key and put them in a Pile ?

Brick: Smart Thinking Soldier.

Noah: I Don't remember being conscripted (Sarcasm)

Brick: Don't Worry It's how I always talk to other people beside my family.

Trent: Och.

Another Mouse traps hits him.

Noah: Have Brick do you have a Metal Dector by any chance ?

Brick: Even Better !

Brick picks up a Broom.

Brick then Sweeps up and Flips the Mouse Traps over.

Brick: No key what about in your position Trent ?

Trent: I Still got another Twenty to, OCH

He steps on Another one by accident.

After Five Minutes have passed Brick then Sweeps all the remaing Mouse Traps.

Noah: What the last One Doesn't have a Key.

Trent: Urg Noah !

Trent then points to the Ceiling As they notice that the Mouse trap with the key is Glued to the Roof.

Noah: And I thought Chris was Dodgey.

Brick: Bad news the Broom Broke.

Trent: How ?

Noah: If we make a Humant Ladder we could move the Trap and Grab the Key ?

Brick: Great Idea, Caddets Tower Formantion.

Brick Stands still while Trent Climbs Up and then noah Climbs above Trent.

Trent: Can you Reach it. 

Trent,Noah and Brick make a Human Tower to reach to the key on the roof

Noah: I Think so

Noah goes to pull the Mouse trap off the Roof only for the Mouse trap to fall but the Key is still stuck to the roof.

Noah: Great (Sarcams)

The Mouse trap that Noah had pulled off lands and snaps Bricks Toe causing him to fall, But Not before Noah Grabed the Key.

Brick: Oh My Toe !

Noah: Got the key.

Trent: I hope it's not a Dud.

Noah: dude don't Jinx us.

Noah then Puts the key into the Hole and Success to Open it.

Brick: Good Work Team.

Mal: haha Just Round One.

Noah looks inside the next room to see a Massive Ice Maze.

Noah: My Luck !

Trent: Should we all stick togther so we don't get lost.

Brick: Definetly Leave no Man behind.

As they make their way throught the Maze they continue to find dead ends.

Trent: Dam Another dead end

Noah: The Fact that were frezzeing is the worser part.

Trent: The One Time we don't have Owen's Fart or Ludwig's Science Gear.

Brick: Anyone have an Idea.

Noah: Yea Dicth Mal's Idea and leave this place.

Mal: There is no escape from this place.

Noah Ah Ha so you rigged this maze to make us lose no matter what we do ?

Mal: Impressive you found that out, But I grow tried of your questions Zoey get them.

Zoey then Grabs a Bo Stick and Sets it on fire and Jumps down into the Maze after them.

Commando Zoey: Time for the Meltdown.

Zoey tries to Attack them as they step back.

Brick: Mike or Mal ?

Commando Zoey: Excusse me ?

Brick: Which Personality do you like more Zoey The Good Mike or the Bad Mal.

Commando Zoey: You're a Fool, I am Commando Zoey the Darker Ego of Zoey.

Noah: a fool Wound'nt use a Burning Stick that is melting all the water.

Commando Zoey: What ?

Zoey then notice that the Water is rising due to the Ice Melting.

Brick: Troops Rally to me.

Brick drops a blowup Boat that He, Noah and Trent Get onto.

Mal: Ha Good Luck Trying to escape a Flood in room.

Brick: There maybe be no door on the wall but... ?

Noah then grabs C4 from Bricks Supply Bag the drops it in the water.

Mal: C4? You win this Round.

Brick: Mike if your there Fight back.

Mal: Silence.

As Brick Mention Mike infront of Commando Zoey she lose Conscious.

Noah the pulls out a Buttton and Sets off the C4. Causing a Massive Hole in the floor Sucking them Everyone But Mal in there.

Mal: (Con) They weren't meant to leave that place DAMIt. 
Rage Con

Mal plan did not work perfectly now for plan B

Throws a Rock at the Camera.

Mal: (Con) I guess it's time for plan B then !

The Hole the leads to an outside Sewer Hole.

Trent: The Sky, The Grass it's been so long.

Noah: Five Hours ?

Brick: We can't just leave the Island we have to stop Mal !

All three of them Notice Zoey on the ground.

Brick: Madam are you ok.

Zoey: Urg My Head, I. I'm Free.

Noah: Zoey or Crazy Zoey ?

Zoey: Relax Noah I'm Fine.

Trent: How do you know our names ?

Zoey: Are you Kidding Me and my Boyfriend Mike watched all Three Seasons.

Trent: So Mal's Real Name is Mike.

Suddenly A Boat Appears infront of them.

Noah: Did you call for Reinforcements Sarge ?

But then Duncan, Gwen and Geoff appear from the Boat.

Trent: Gwen, Duncan what are you guys doing here.

Gwen: After two days of being stuck on Boney Island we all were worried about you.

Duncan: I Know who this Mal guy is with that said I want to Punnel him face to face.

Geoff: urg that Girl is behind you ! 

Geoff,Duncan and Gwen arrive to recuse them

Zoey: It's ok I regained my control from my Commando Side

Trent: Well we need to stop Mal before he does anything to the Island.

Duncan: Well I Summgle a Bunch of Paintball Guns to Camp Wawanka but we need to get back there first.

Everyone then Gets into the boat and Drives back to the Island.

Trent: I Should stop at the infirmary I have had Any Nine Incidents in Two days ?

Noah: Were best get to Chris First to inform him about the whole thing.

Gwen: Ok then, Trent and Noah you guys go to Chris, Geoff Check Trent's medical Stauts at the Infirmary, Me Duncan, Wait what's your Name.

Brick: my Name is Brick Mc Arthur and she is Zoey.

Gwen: Ok Me ,Duncan , Brick and Zoey will go get the Paintball Gear.

They arrive back on the island and Run to their Locations.

  • Goes Back to Reality

Trent: And That's what happen.

Duncan then arrives at the Office.

Duncan: Dude how long are you guys taking.

Geoff: it's now or Never dudes.

Trent and Noah then follow Geoff and Duncan to the Boat.

Chef: Should we Go follow them ?

Chris: Na I'm going to back to the Spa back at my Mansion !

Noah: (Con) Let the Teens slove you're problem Typical Chris (Sarcams) 

Trent, Duncan, Noah and Geoff arrive at the Boat only to find that Mal had Sabotaged it by sinking it.

Duncan: Great Now what are we going to use.

All them then turn around to see Owen Sitting there.

Owen: Why are you all looking at me ?

The Scene Changes to the Ocean where Trent, Duncan, Noah, Gwen, Geoff, Zoey and Brick our all Sitting on Owen using him as a Boat to sail back to boney.

Duncan: This is the Stupidest Boat I'm have ever been on !

Geoff: So where do you think we will find him.

Gwen: Fun Zone maybe ?

Trent: Wait were were those painball gear you mention Duncan.

Duncan: oh yea I must of forgot them.

Trent: Dude what were you doing during that time ?

Duncan: Not Much just messing with Harold.

  • Flashback to what Duncan was Really doing

Duncan is seen walking in the woods holding a Box of Bird Food.

Duncan then climbs up a tree where the Blue Mother birds baby birds are and Gives it to them.

Duncan: There you go.

Duncan then looks around to see if there are any cameras there.

  • Goes Back to reality

They then arrive at the Island but then they find a Sign that Mal for them.

Gwen: " Dear Fools if you are trying to find me , Well you're in Bad luck I have fled to the Highest Face on Camp Wawanka with a Bombs planted enjoy the fireworks in two hours from Mal, PS: This Sign Will Self Destruct after two seconds of reading this "

Suddnely the Sign Explosed Green Jelly all over them.

Noah: Figures you would of ran after reading that out loud,

Brick: Highest Face on Wawanka ?

Gwen: There's only One place he would hide then.

The Camera then moves over to the Island Showing Mount Chrismore.

The Scene Change to the Dock of Camp Wawanka where they arrive back and head to Mount Chrismore while Owen just sinks into the Water for Fun.

Noah: This Runing is too much for me I'm going to take a Nap.

Noah then walks back to the Toxic Rats Cabin where he Tags Alejandro.

Noah: Your Turn out there.

Duncan: You heard him Al lets go.

Alejandro: (Con) Duncan will pay for that Insult.

They then arrive at the Bottom of the Mountian While Mal has Deplyed a Paintball Turret from the top where he starts firing at them.

Mal: What Comes Up must Fall Down.

Brick: Take Cover Men !

They all then duck bettween the rocks hiding from the bullet fire.

Duncan: That Better not be my Ammo he is using.

Mal then notice Geoff's hat popping up from the Rock and Shots it off.

Geoff: Ah my hat.

Geoff trys to reach for it only for Mal to shoot him in the hand.

Geoff: Och Im down.

Duncan: Dude it's just one Paintball.

Mal then manages to Shoot Duncan's Mohawk leaving a big Pink part in the front.

This cause Gwen,Trent and Alejandro to laugh.

Duncan: He's paying for that.

Duncan then picks up a Rock and throws it at Mal.

Mal: Och You Juvenile Traitor !

Mal then takes some Paintball Grenades from his Pocket and Throws Three of them at there hiding spot.

Trent: Since when were there Painball Grenades.

( BOOM )

All of them go off wounding everyone.

Duncan then gets up and notice a Green blob of Paint landed on the Nose of MT.Chrismore

Duncan: HA Chris has a Booger in his nose Everyone look at this.

Duncan then Turns around to see that everyone else is Unconscious.

Duncan: Guys !

Duncan then walks up them.

Duncan: Wake we need to stop him !

Just the Trent starts to regain Conscious.

Duncan: Dude are you ok ?

Duncan Notice that his Hair and eyes are Green again.

Nine: This is the Last Straw for this Nuisance.

Nine then walks Past Duncan and heads upwards to the Cave of Chrismore.

Duncan then wakes up Zoey.

Duncan: Wake up my insane friend is going after your insane Boyfriend Lets go !

Zoey: Got it

Nine then arrives inside the Face of Chrismore.

Nine: I Sense you Spaghetti Arms.

Mal then Appears from the shadows and Jumps out a Nine but he blast him back with a Summoned Force feild.

Mal: How is it that we you are as powerful as I am.

Nine: One Word NINe !

Nine then throws Nine Rocks at Mal but he shoots them down with a Spaghetti and Meatball Gun.

Duncan and Zoey then arrive at the Room.

Mal: Zoey Aid Me !

Suddenyl then Zoey Collapse to the ground and a Red Bandana appears on her Head.

Commando Zoey: As you wish.

Duncan: Oh No way you're turing on me.

Duncan grab a Near by Sword and Sheild from a Knight Chris Repilca and use it to defend himself from Zoey's Kicks.

Mal: And Idea came to me Nine, Join me Nine and you shall become the host of you're own body and make youre face the greatest in Canda or else you will Die.

Nine: I would of accept this at first but I have not right to steal someones idenity and neither do you.

Mal: So Be it but I shall Win and become my own person will Mike will Wither in non-existance

Duncan Jumps past Zoey and Fight's Mal after he Knocks Nine down.

Mal: You Made the biggest mistake of your life ever setting Foot on this Island Duncan, We Could have ruled the World togther Duncan, A World with No Cops, A World of Riches and Fame, A World with our Own Law.

Duncan: No One EVER tell me what TO DO !

Duncan then Smacks Mal with his Sheild and Pushes him down.

Mal: No more playing games with you Goodbye !

Mal the Blast a Powerful Beam at Duncan but Nine then Jumps in front of him getting hit by it.

Duncan: What are you doing !

Nine: I'm Ending this Now.

Nine then Absorbs the Beam and Blast Both Mal and Zoey with it as it aswell blast back at him.

Duncan: This is gettting weird now ?

The Camera then Zooms into Mal's, Brain where he Nine and Commando Zoey have been teleported there.

Mal: My Shrine Where is it ?

Mike: It's gone Now !

Mal then Turns around to see Mike, Zoey and Trent standing there.

Commmando Zoey: Our Power.

Mal: What did you do ?

Trent: The One thing they had to destroy it.

Zoey: It's Gone now !

Mal: You can't just end me I am a apart of you I have always been.

Mike: Yea you are, A Part I choose to get rid of.

Commando Zoey: Cruse you ! 

Mike is Finally Freed While Mal is whipped out fron existence.

Commando Zoey then Dissapears as she now cease to exist.

Mal: No This was My Time it was MY TIME !!!!

Mal then Dissapears aswell ceasing to Exist.

Mike: Urg He's Not Dissapearing.

Nine is still there.

Nine: I haven't finished yet !

Trent: What you do mean, Aren't you my destructive side who tries to Ruin everything for me ?

Nine: Yes and Not so yes, Mal was going to Destroy Camp Wawanka Originally, And After that Barrel hit you it merged a part of me into your Brain for a while, I did enjoy haveing cause destruction but after I found out it was you that I had tarnisted I could not go any futher so I saved others but did not want to gain supposition of it my Power were fueld with raditation slow earsing me soon or later and now I am in my final days.

Trent: You must know me Who are you then ?

Nine then vanishes and reappears as a Old man

Trent: Grandfather ! How ?

Nine: The Wheel that fell of your toy train was thrown away after my death, How it got into the Toxic Barrel was unknow to me or anyone else, I Am Proud of you for saving the Island from the Malevolent one but you and your friends are not done yet Farewell Trent.

Nine then Vanishes from Exisitance !

Trent then begans to tear up.

Mike: Are you ok !

Trent: I'll be Fine we should head back now.

The Camera then rezooms out of Mike's Brain and back to the cave where Alejandro, Geoff, Gwen and Brick all arrive.

Brick: Oh Casualties is anyone a Medic ?

Alejandro: We don't all go to Millitary School.

Gwen: Trent are you Ok ?

Geoff: Dude are you Dead ?

Trent: Na I'm good.

Trent, Mike and Zoey all regain Conscious.

Duncan: So do I need to go round two with you again Mal.

Mike: Mal's Gone now Green Mohawk Guy.

Gwen: So Zoey what happens with you now.

Zoey: I Dno't Know actually.

Brick: Don't worry about it I you two can come with me back to Camp We can explain the whole thing to them they'll understand.

Mike: Sounds like a plan then.

Trent: So Duncan one Thing that bothers me is that since you and Mal were inmates, I thought you would have joined him, a World without cops does seem like you ?

Duncan: Well with that my whole Family are Police people, And Mal had one Flawed that I would never accept,  He Mention our own laws, But I don't follow Any Laws no ones !

As they leave the Room Alejandro Notice the Bomb Device and the Button he Picks up the Button and leaves with them.

Alejandro: (Con) I don't know why but this will be very helpful :D

The Scene then changes back the Mc Lean Spa Hotel where all the Toxic Rats our Relaxing in the Spa.

Geoff: To the Toxic Rats !

Duncan: Till Merges do us all apart.

Everyone: The Toxic Rats.

Trent: So what did I miss while we I was gone.

Noah: The only thing was Eva's Elimination meaing we have outnumbered them Seven to Five.

Trent: Nice.

However Ludwig in the Distance sitting in the chair is tossing a coin the air.

Ludwig: Fate can change by one person action.

Ludwig said so himself.

Ludwig: Only Time will tell who goes next !

Suddenly Chris Pops up in front of him causing him to fall off his chair.

Chris: That was the weirdest episode ever but it's far from over next time we will be taking the twelve remaing campers and only Eleven will remain, Who's going home next find out on the next awesome episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance !

Chapter 16: Clash of Cabins

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeace, Trent and Noah were trapped in an underground hideout of Mal but thanks to their new friend they flushed there way out, Gwen and Duncan then arrive with a Boat to bring them back but they had to finish Mal only to find that he have already left the island, The Jerk know as Mal almost destroy this Island only Monument Mt.Chrismore but Now that Mal and Nine are gone things finally go back to normal, Oh wait it doesn't were only halfway throguht this show and the Merges are only a Few Episodes away but Teamwork is still need if there going to survive todays challenge. who will outsmart who and will someone get their sweet revenge find out on tonight's episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeace ! " 

Clash of Cabins
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Sixteen
Unwanted Threat
First Aired (CAN) 29th January 2014
First Aired (USA) 29th January 2014
Challenge Get the Most points in the Prank War
Reward Immunity and a Stay in the McLean Spa Hotel
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Escape from Boney Island"
"Night of the living Geoff"
The Scene starts off at the McLean spa Hotel at night where Trent is going to the fridge.

Trent: I Really have to stop doing this midnight snacks. 

But as he close the fridge door and heads to the Dinning table have his snack he hears Gwen's and Alejandro's voice in the distance.

Alejandro: So how long have you been writing in that journal of yours ?
1. Overheard

Trent: There still up ?

Trent: There still up ? 

Trent then walks upto the back of the wall where he can hear them talking at the other side of the wall.

Gwen: I've had this for two years before I came to the Island in the first seasons.

Alejandro: And you still write in it.

Gwen: Yea it has over 600 pages, Amazing ha.

Alejandro: Indeed.

Alejandro: (Con) Heather I know you're watching this right now and I just want to assure you that I could not care for Gwen, It's only a way to dispose of her incase our team lose but if we never lose then maybe I can form another Alliance but I need a thrid wheel for that ?

Duncan: Ya spying on them ha.

Trent then turns around to see Duncan at the Fridge. 
2. Snack

Trent and Duncan Enjoying their Midnight Snacks

Trent: You're still up aswell ?

Duncan: I decided to Go over the Maggots Cabin with Ludwig to leave a suprize for them in the morning.

Trent: So what's with Alejandro's interest in Gwen lately ?

Duncan: Your'e going threw that phase again ha, Well Since you were stuck on Boney, we had a Leech Gun Challenge and Alejandro Immediately pair himself with Gwen leaving me with Ludwig.

Trent: Doesn't he have Heather ?

Duncan: That's what I was thinking so I came to a conclusion that He is Manipulate her and soon dispose of her.

Trent: Wait and you're just going to let him do that !

Duncan: Alejandro is a Very Crafty person which resulted in me and Almost everyone else to fall off a Plane because of him It's unwise to mess with him that's what Justin taught us all.

Trent: Well if we don't do something history might repeat it's self.

Duncan: Ok then Tommorrow morning at Breakfeast meet me and Ludwig at the top part of a Table maybe we can change it then deal.

Trent: Sure

Trent and Duncan then shake hands.

Gwen: You're not really good whisperers are you :|

Trent and Duncan turn aroudn to see Gwen and Alejandro behind them.

Alejandro: (Con) Big Mistake Boys mahahahaha ! 

The Camera then zooms to the Island where the nigth then changes to the morning.

The Scene goes to the Messhall where Only the Toxic Rats are at.

While eating Alejandro gives Duncan and Trent a Evil look. 

Alejandro: (Con) Big Mistake Boys !

Alejandro: (Con) With those two knowing about my intentions, I can't allow them to remain here for long, Without Nine Trent is no longer useful and for Duncan he is still a flip of a coin away to being Hurled away.

Geoff: Dude Late Night ?

Duncan: You can say that.

Noah: Becareful with that the last time you guys stayed up resulted in Beth going !

Alejandro: So Noah, Geoff can do you guys want to get a cup of Coffee with me.

Alejandro, Geoff and Noah head all the way to the other side of the room.

Gwen: So what was with the Eve's dropping last night ?

Trent: Me and Duncan have reasons to believe that Alejandro is playing you.

Gwen: You don't say (Sarcams)

Duncan: If you know then why are you going along with it.

Gwen: Just to make sure that I don't get on his bad side, Justin proved that, If we can lose the challenge maybe the four of us can all vote him off then.

Ludwig: What do you mean the vier of uns ?

Duncan: Dude If all three of us Go then I can promise you that you would be next !

Ludwig: I'm not risking it !

Ludwig then leaves the table and goes to the Coffe table where Alejandro, Noah and Geoff are !

Alejandro: If the Four of us can band togther then it is very possible that we can get to the Final Four.

Geoff: Dude you're Serious about this Alliance stuff ha.

Noah: I Hate the Idea of Cheating so I'm off.

Ludwig then Stops Noah and Whipsers to him.

Noah: On Seconds Thoughts I'm in.

Geoff: I Guess and Alliance could work Count me in.

Gwen: What !

Gwen hears Geoffs Agreement.

Gwen: (Con) Geoff would never help Alejandro Would he ?

Alejandro: (Con) The Four Amigos it is then but Noah changed his mind too fast If we do get to the Merges it might be a bad Idea to let him continue, I'm thinking way too ahead

Geoff: How Come the other team isn't here yet.

Suddenly The Toxic Rats here a massive Boom in the distance.

Noah: Ok who's trying to bomb the place now ?

Just the Harold and Cody walk in the Room Cover in Blue Paint.

Duncan: Dude no way it worked hahahhahahah.

Duncan and Ludwig then brust into laughter.

Harold: GOSH Duncan dam you !!!!

Cody: These stains aren't going to get off now. 
4. Blue

GOSH !!!!

Harold: (Con) I Can't go another season with Duncan around. 

Duncan: Good Morning Blue Band of Dorks !

Harold: Mark my words Duncan before the end of Today you will wish you never messed with Harold Norbet Cheever Doris McGrady the Fifth.

Gwen: That's you're Full Name.

Chris: Oh Well Harold if you want a Cabin War then you will love todays challenge.

Chris and Leshawna then walk into the room.

Leshawna: What happend to you two ?

Cody: The Rats Place Bomb filled with Blue Paint in our room !

Chris: Well get ready for todays challenge This will be another Teamwork and Sabotage Mission

Duncan: Dude we got this in the bag, They have the weakest players left.

Alejandro: Definelty or otherwise Duncan !

Chris: Everyone meet me outside.

The Scene changes to both teams outside of the Messhall.

Chris: Now Before we get down to Business I want to inform you that the Second of the Three McLean Invinsibility Stautes have been found.

Owen: Who Found it ?

Chris: I can't not tell !

Harold: Do you know where it is Leshawna?

Leshawna: Heck no I don't want to end up back in this game.

Chris: Now your all Familar with Pranks to today we will have a Massive Prank War Marathon.

Noah: Marathon ?

Chris: You have to perform Pranks on the Other team to earn points the team that gets the most points before sunset wins, We will not be helping you for todays challenge since you have to make them up yourself, And Since the Maggots our Down by two Leshawna will be assiting them.

Leshawna: Excuse me !

Harold: Where did Duncan go ?

Cody: Oh no hes already plaing Maggot we need to start lets go !

All of the maggots head to their cabin.

Alejandro: Good Luck today Trent you migth need it.

Trent: Oh you may have won last season but things can change.

Gwen: Enough with the Backstabing we need to pull this togther everyone to the arts the craft center.

The Toxic Rats then Run off to the arts and craft center.

Owen: Izzy you must know some pranks ?

Izzy: Oh you give me an Idea lets go.

Izzy picks up Owen and Runs off in the opisite direction.

Harold: This seems like a hard one ?

Cody: Maybe we can Countered one of their own pranks.

Harold: Nice idea Leshawna and Sierra we will be back soon.

The Camera changes to the Toxic Rats at the Arts and Craft center.

Geoff: What could we do with a Lawnblower.

Noah: Hey Gwen this Challenge isn't really my type of thing so do you mind if I head back to the hotel.

Gwen: Sure take the key, Help us Vote Alejandro if we lose.

Gwen whispered to him.

Noah: Got it.

Noah then leaves the room.

Alejandro: Where's he going ?

Trent: Maybe to find Duncan.

Trent: Ah ha a bag of Sawdust !

Alejandro: A Bucket of Glue Odd combination to have ?

Gwen: I have an idea.

The Scene changes to Sierra and Leshawna who are walking.

Sierra: So what are we going to do ?

Leshawna: Maybe we can find somthing useful at the Infirmary.

But as they walk they suddenly fall into a pit trap.

Duncan: Yes score for us.

Leshawana: Of Course this was you're doing. 
5. Pit Trap

Leshawna and Sierra Fall for Duncan's Pit Trap

A Logo of the Teams appear on screen and the Toxic Rats get one point.

Toxic Rats: 1  Mutant Maggots: 0

Duncan: Really One Point oh well.

Duncan walks off leaving them in the hole.

Leshawana: So now what.

Sierra: Want me to tell you about my blogs.

The Camera changes to the Arts and Craft center where Geoff is Carrying a LeafBlower loaded with Saw dust and Alejandro has a Bucket of Glue.

Trent: Me and Ludwig will I'll Lure him to the Confesstional once we lock the door you open it and Pour the glue on them and then fire the dust at them.

Gwen: Ok while your four do that I'll keep a lookout for Duncan and Noah incase.

The Camera changes to Cody and Harold who are at the Mutant Maggots Cabin.

Cody: So you're task Harold is to sneak into the spa hotel and Steal some of Ludwig's Gear were bound to get something good from that.

But then Ludwig appears at their Door.

Ludwig: Gental Man, Gut morning.

Cody: Speak of the Devil.

Ludwig: If you still want Cody I hear Gwen is in the Confesstional talking about all your'e good Qualities.

Cody: Really ?

Ludwig then leaves the room.

Harold: It's very likely to be a trap, Like the Trojan Hrose, Attack them off Guard.

Cody: You make a good point.

Trent: (Con) I hate to lie to the Poor guy but it's a challenge and if we lose Alejandro would have my head on a paltter.

Cody: Payback is a Pain isn't it.

Trent: What the ?

Harold then Locks the Confessional Door.

Trent: Wait it was'nt like that.

Cody: Nice work Harold.

Harold: We should head to the Hotel now.

Duncan: So Dorks what are you confessing about.

Cody: Nothing much we just locked that Blue Motherbrid in the Confessional.

Duncan: Ha Good One.

Cody and Harold walk past Duncan as he begins to sweat.

Duncan then runs to the Confessional Door.

Duncan: Did they hurt you .

Duncan then opens it to find Trent in their.

Trent: Hurt who ?

Harold then Pushes Duncan into the Confessional aswell.

Harold: Enjoy you're Own Medicine.

Duncan: What is the meaing of this Dorks !

A Bird then Flys past Harold and Takes His Glasses.

Harold: Gosh My Glasse.

Cody: I'm sure you have some spares back at the cabin lets go.

Duncan: (Con) So what were they going to do us Anyway ? 

Trent: (Con) There not the One's that are going to prank us.

Duncan: (Con) Wait then Why are you locked in here ?

Trent: (Con) A Plan that's about to Backfire !

Duncan: (Con) What Plan ? 

Just then Alejandro Opens the Door and Throws Glue at them While Geoff Fires Sawdust at them.

Trent & Duncan: WRONG PEOPLE !

Geoff: Sorry Dude's !
6. Reverse Pwn

Trent and Duncan get Reverse Pwn when Cody and Harold lock them in the Confessional just before Geoff and Alejandro Arrive

Duncan: That better not count.

Chris: Bad news for you it does a Reverse Prank is Double Points.

The Mutant Maggots then get two points.

Toxic Rats: 1 Mutant Maggots: 2

Alejandro: How did they even get you in there ?

Trent: They got us off guard

Geoff: Wow that sucks

Duncan: I'm Going to the Shower to clean this off.

The Camera changes to Ludwig who is setting up a Hand Trap on top of the Maggots Roof.

Gwen: What are you doing up there !

Ludwig: Come up here and Watch.

Cody then enters the room while Harold stays outside.

Gwen: Nice timing He can't see.

Harold: Hey who Said that Gwen is that you !

Cody: Where !

Ludwig then Push the Giant Hand full of Whip Cream causing it to swing Down and Smack Cody in the Face.

Ludwig: SMACK CAM !

The Toxic then gain a Point.

Toxic Rats: 2 Mutant Maggots: 2

Gwen: What now ?

Ludwig: Lets head to the Messhall.

Gwen: Why ?

Ludwig: To gather some more food und Supplies !

Leshawna and Sierra then arrive after climb out of the Pit.

Harold: Leshawna Where have you been ?

Leshawna: That No good punk set up a Hole trap for us.

Harold: That Jerk !, Come on me and Cody have another plan.

Harold: (Con) Grr First he Messes with me and Now my Luscious Leshawna, That's the Last Straw.

Just then a part of the roof falls of.

Harold: (Con) Is someone up there.

Duncan: No, Just Some MUD !

Duncan then pours two Buckets of Mud on Harold.

Harold then runs out of the Confessional.

Harold: You haven't seen the last of me.

The Toxic Rats then gain another point.

Toxic Rats: 3 Mutant Maggots: 2

Chris: So far the Toxic Rats are still leading can the Mutant Maggots really afford another elimination, Find out after the break of Total Drama Island of Vengeance.

The Scene goes to the the Messhall Where Gwen and Ludwig arrive at.

Gwen: Nothing here !

Ludwig: Well we might aswell get something to eat.

Trent then arrives at the messhall.

Ludwig: Guten to see you again Trent.

Trent: You too Ludwig and Gwen.

Gwen: Where's Duncan ?

Trent: He went to get payback on Harold.

Gwen: So that's three points we should be in the lead now.

But then Izzy Front flips into the room.

Izzy: Oh Not for long !

The Scene Changes to Harold leaving the Shower room after getting the mud off him.

Cody: There you are we found something cool in Ludwigs Room.

Harold: What is it ?

Sierra: A Giant Ray Gun !

Harold: ???? :I

Leshawna: The Description of the Gun said that it can increase the Height of the peron by X4

Harold: Yesss, Is that it.

Cody: Well that and we Hid all of Noah's Books.

The Camera then Changes to Noah at the McLean Hotel.

Noah: Not Funny Maggots Where are they.

Noah: Anyone Here !

Noah then Notice one of his books on the floor.

Noah: Ah there you out The Hobbit.

Noah Picks it up but then feels a Sponge instead of the book as he pushed his fingers into it Toilet water came out of it.

Noah: Nope The Hobbit doesn't feel like toilet water.

Mutant Maggots: 3 Toxic Rats: 3

Gwen: So you're just going to stay in here ?

Izzy: No but you are.

Izzy then jumps out of the room and Locks the door.

Trent: I Don't like the look of that.

Ludwig: That could mean, Oh Mein.

They all Turn around to see Owen behind them.

Owen: I'm really sorry to do this but I can't let you win another challenge.

The Screen then goes to Dramatice Slow motion where Owen pulls out a Pizza with Bake Beans on it.

Trent and Gwen Slowly turn around to Open the door but it is locked.

Ludwig Slowly puts on a Hazmat suit Before Owen lets off one.

Owen: This ones called the Thunder Cracker ! 
7. Owen Trap

Trapped in the Messhall with Owen who's about to do the Thunder Cracker !

Trent & Gwen & Ludwig: NOOOOOOOO!

A Massive Fart noise errupts from the Messhall.

Alejandro and Geoff then arrive at the Mclean Hotel.

Geoff: Dude is it a good Idea to just call it Quits for today.

Alejandro: The other's won't fail us for their sake.

The Camera then changes to Duncan who is seen walking in the woods.

Duncan: Ok Dorkster I can smell you where are you hiding.

Harold: I'm Not hiding.

Duncan then looks in horror as he Sees a Super Tall Giant Harold

Harold: I'm Right here !

Duncan: *glup*

Haorld then picks up Duncan.

Harold: This is how I fell when you pick on me Duncan Now the Taste of Irony isn't Pleasant.

Duncan: Ok I'm sorry but it's for the challenge. 
8. Giant trap

Harold's Giant Payback

Harold: And so is this !

Harold then Drops Duncan into the Lake.

Duncan: You're Gonna have to do better than that Dorkzilla !

But then Fang appears infront of him in the water aswell.

Duncan: Yep that will do !

Chris on the Speaker: Ok Camper's Sunset is upons.

The Scene changes to both team at the front of the Messhall.

Chris: Ok then

Just before he could continue the Messhall door suddenly falls down where Owen walks out.

Owen: You might want to help them they All Fainted.

Noah: And Now we see a New weapon of Biological warafer.

Chris: Ok we have tallied up the Results, Just to be Clear morphing into a giant doesn't count as a prank Harold.

Harold: It was worth it.

Chris: Luckily for you it is Because the Mutant Maggots have Four Point and the Toxic Rats have three This the Mutant Maggots have finnaly Won Again.

Mutant Maggots: Yayaya

Duncan: I had a feeling this was going to happen.

Alejandro: Well Amigos well shalllet Fate Decide who goes tonight 

Trent: Geoff are you really helping him.
9. Elimation

The Toxic Rats Lose their Winning Streak and Now Must face Elimination again

Geoff: Isn't that what an alliance is all about.

Gwen: (Con) Great now were back with Captain Hollywood, Maybe it wasn't a good idea for him to forgive Alejandro about Bridgette.

The Scene then changes to the Elimination Ceremony were the Toxic Rats are at.

Chris: Toxic Rats Just about Seven episodes ago you turned the tide on the maggots leading them to a Four challenge losing streak and now it's on you Time to Vote.

Duncan: (Con) I Tried to help in todays challenge but If we lose I have throw someone under the bus. (Draws an X on Gwen).

Gwen: (Con) A Massive Jerk or a Massive threat ? 

Geoff: (Con) It's not what it looks like ! (Draws an X on Gwen)

Noah: (Con) Am I the only Normal person left (Draws an X on a picture of Chris)

Chris: Nice try Noah, But the Votes are In and the Toxic Marshellow Goes to .....



Chris: GWEN !

Gewn: *Gasp*

Trent: No !

Alejandro: My Plan has once again Come to fruition.

Gwen: Well I better get going now.


Geoff the stands up from his spot.

Chris: What ???

Geoff: I would like to say something.

Geoff then walks upto Gwen.

Geoff: I'd like to change the Verdict Chris.

Geoff: Then Pulls out a McLean Invinsibility Statue from his Hat.

All the Toxic Rats then gasp in shock.

Chris: Sure thing Geoff, Gwen is now Safe.

Gwen: Wait you weren't helping Alejandro.

Geoff: Don't like it when someone plays you Al Ha.

Alejandro: It's not Al!

Alejandro: (Con) He Backstabbed me ! , So he is not as dumb as I had thought.

Chris: Well With that said the Person who is going tonight has Two points thanks to Noah and Trent and that would be Alejandro.

Duncan: Way to go Geoff !

Duncan then high Fives him.

Chris then Gives Alejandro the Toxic Marshemellow of Loserdom.

Owen: are you gonna eat that Al.

Alejandro's Plan Backfires when Geoff Saves Gwen and Eliminates Him

Owen then pops up from the bushes Behind.

Alejandro: Argg there !

He Gives Owen the Marshmello which he eats.

The Scene Changes to Alejandro on the Hurl of Shame.

Chris: Well Al Any last words before you fly all the way back to Heather!

Alejandro: This Show just Got 80% Least pretty and Stupid. AHHHHHHHHHH

Alejandro is then hurled away.

Trent: So Geoff where did you find the McLean head anyway.

Geoff: yea about that Leshawan help me find it.

Chris: Oh Did she, CHEF !

Chef then arrives while he is dragging Leshawana with him.

Chris: Punishment for you now.

Leshawna: Whatever just fire me then.

Chris: Nope, I'm Sending you back into the Game on the Mutant Maggots.

Leshawna: Well atleast I can try win the Million ? 

The Scene Changes to the Mutant Maggots at the McLean Spa Hotel.

Cody: Wow I can get used to this.

Owen: That might not be a Good idea, Chris is bound to take this away or limit it soon.

Harold: Ah Fools left the Xbox One here.

Izzy: meh Izzy more of a Nintendo Fan !

Leshawna: Did someone call for another teammate.

They all turn around to See her there.

Harold: LeShawna !

Harold then runs up and Hugs her.

Owen: Those this mean you're on our team.

The Camera then changes to the Toxic Rats who are back at their Cabin.

Trent: Ok I regret losing now were back out here.

Geoff: Relax Dude I was Missing these beds.

Noah: I was Missing my Peace time.

Ludwig: Wir Got zu step up our game Or Wir could Loze again !

Trent: Do you think Gwen is Lonely in teh Females Cabin.

Noah: Fine !

Noah then takes his bag and heads back to the female cabin.

Trent: That wasn't what I meant.

Duncan: They may have beaten me at my own game today but I'm always One Step ahead of them.

  • Flash Back

Duncan and Ludwig enter the Messhall where Chef is cooking the Mutant Maggots Reward Dinner.

When Ludwig distracts Chef Duncan Sneaks a Few Yum Yum Happy Go Time candy Fish Tails into their Drinks.

  • Goes Back to Reality 

Duncan and the fun begins in.

Mutant Maggot: AHAH GROSS !

Duncan hears from his Cabin.

The Toxic Rats then all laugh togther.

The Scene then changes to the Dinner Table at the Hotel Where Owen is lying on the ground after eating everyones Yum Yum Happy Go Time candy Fish Tails.

Owen: Best Day EVER !

The Camera then goes to Chris who is infront of him.

Chris: I sure did enjoy it, We our Down to Tweleve Contestants but were not giving them a break yet.

Duncan: You Suck Chris !

Chris: Anyway Were bringing back one of our Favourite Themed challenges from this season, What are we going to put them throught next Find out Next Time On Total Drama Island of Vengeace !

Chapter 17: Night of the Living Geoff:

"Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Alejandro began to distrust his team after Duncan and Trent eavesdropped on his conversation with Gwen, Both team In the challenge had to prank each other till sunset, Cody reversed The Rats Prank by locking Duncan and Trent in the Confessional, Alejandro made an alliance with Geoff, Noah and Ludwig in a Attempt to get rid of one of his three tragets, In the end The Mutant Maggots Finally regian their Victory thus The Toxic Rats had to dispose of someone, Just When It all seemed that Gwen was taking the Hurl Geoff steped in at the last moment and Saved her with a McLean Invincibility Idol that Leshawan had gave him, Alejandro instead took the hurl of shame have fun at the Aftermath Al, oh and I  put Leshawna back into the game on the Mutant Maggots, Tonight is one of my favorite challenges Yep it's another Horror Themed challenge but How long can our campers survive, Teamwork is going to be needed especially now that we have reached the Merges Who will win and who will not see the a Brigther Day find out tonight on Total Drama Island of Vengeance ! " 

Night of the Living Geoff
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Seventeen
Zombie Attack
First Aired (CAN) 6th February 2014
First Aired (USA) 6th February
Challenge Be the last One Standing in a Zombie Outbreak
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Clash of Cabins"
"All You Can eat Around the World"
(The Scene starts with Both teams at the Talent Stage watching a movie chris put on for them)

Both Teams Chilling at the Talent Stage watching a movie

Trent: Anyone find it odd that Chris didn't have a Challenge for us today ?

Geoff: Their might just be doing another aftermath episode so it's prefectly safe to let your guard down at this time of night.

Noah: Isn't that a full Moon.

Geoff: You mean the one that always occurs in a horror movive ?

Trent: So Gwen is this still you're favoruite movie Genre ?

Gwen: Yea I'm still a horror fan but Not Zombie's type it just too boring.

Harold: Hey Cody did you get the New Zombie game that came out Six Weeks ago ?

Harold: Cody ?

Cody: (is sitting there Scared and Forzen)

Sierra: He's just not used to these movies.

Noah: Which is why he peed his pants again.

Cody: O Thanks for saying that Noah !

Owen: Man Ludwig and Duncan are sure taking there time getting the popcorn I might go look for them.

Owen: (Gets out of his spots and walks off to go find them)

Leshawna: Gwen, Geoff Remember the last time Chris made us watch a movie it turned out to be a challenge.

Gwen: Oh Crud I forgot about that.

Izzy: Wohoooo Another Gory Challenge !

(Suddenly the Phone that Chris had left there starts ringing)

Harold: Gosh I hate Clichés !

Gwen: (Goes up and picks up the phone)

Gwen: Chris where are you ?

?????: Round I begins !

Gwen: Round One ?

Cody: Oh No please don't be a challenge.

  • Messhall (Where Duncan and Ludwig are locked in)

Duncan: Gr Get Popcorn they said it will won't take long they said, Help me open this door.

Ludwig: I'm Holding the Drinks here !

Duncan: (Kicks the Door Down)

Duncan: The Hell is this ?

Duncan: (Finds a Piece of Paper on the ground and picks it up)

Duncan: Dude this is a map of the Island, I knew this would be a challenge.

Ludwig: Hey He Barricaded the Cabin door's.

(Duncan and Ludwig notice that all the Facilities have been barricade)

Duncan then rips off the Note on the Toxic Rats cabin.

Duncan: Please Insert 50 points to open this door.

Duncan: What is this Dumb challege anyway.

Ludwig: Oh Mien gud Duncan Look !

Duncan & Ludwig: (See Figure that resembles Kaite and Saide near the Bonfire Ceremony)

Duncan: What are they doing down there.

(Ludwig and Duncan slowly walk up to them)

Duncan: Hey, What are you two doing down there.

(They then hear few Mumble noise from them as they slowly turn around)

Duncan: What THE !

Katie & Saide: (Turn Around facing Duncan and Ludwig who are shocked so see that they are Zombies)

Ludwig: Yep this is a Challenge run, And Shawn's Worst Nightmare has finally come true  !

Ludwig & Duncan: (Run away to the Main Lodge where they run into Owen)

Owen: Hey have you guys found the Popcorn yet ?

Ludwig: We got worser problems, Zombiefied version of the Other Contestant are down by the Docks.

Owen: What ! I can't lose My briann AHHH !

Owen: (Runs away)

Duncan: Way to Scare him off Goggle Boy -_-

Duncan: Should we warn the other's ?

Ludwig: That's a very thoughtfull thing of you.

Duncan: On second thoughts Screw them we will just hideout near the Spa Hotel.

  • Talent Stage (Movie has Ended)

Cody: Great now I won't sleep tonight :(

Izzy: Izzy gives it a B - !

Trent: Duncan, Owen and Ludwig haven't came back yet.

Harold: If I know Duncan he could be making a prank out of this.

Chris: (Appears on the stage in dark robes)

Chris: Enjoy the spook flick today were having a Classic Zombie Horror Survival Challenge, Ussally teamwork is need in this situation but we have now reached the Merges so it's everyone for themselves, The Person who can last the Longest without getting infected by you're Former Campers will get Immunity good luck,

Chirs: (Drops a Smoke bomb and fades away)

Noah: Great everyone for themselves.

Owen: (Runs in)

Owen: Guys we got a Big problem !

Trent: We already know Zombies and merges.

Geoff: Wait dude he said former camper's ?

Gwen: No matter who we see we must not them weaken to them, Even thought the Merges our upon us we can till work togther in the time of need.

Geoff: Sweat Idea bro's, sis's lets all band togther.

Leshawna: It is on Everyone, Stand togther and Fight as one, We can send those Undead back to their graves.

Noah: You do realise there not real ?

Leshawna: You really do like to kill the mood now do you Turkey -_- !

Izzy: Hey look guys I can see Lindsay over there :D

Gwen: Wait Izzy !

Izzy: (Jumps out of her seat and dissapears)

Trent: We should start a recuse party incase Duncan and Ludwig are still out there.

Harold: Is Duncan really worth it ?

Owen: We must leave No man behind, Everyone to the Cabins !

  • Mutant Maggots Cabin

Owen: Does anyone have any points by any chance ?

Gwen: You're Kidding me right, Chris made a Currency for this challenge.

Sierra: Where do we get the points from anyway ?

(But then A Zombiefied Heather and Alejandro pop up from the sides of the cabin)

Leshawna: Had a feeling that they would not be gone for long !

Trent: Everyone this way !

  • Messhall

(All of them Run in to Find a Zombie Ezekiel and Beth)

Harold: We have to fight them.

Harold: (Picks up a Broom and Throws it at them)

Zombie Ezekiel: (Is Hit on the head by the Brom which cause his hat to fall off and show his Robtic Parts)

Geoff: Dude there Robot's.

Noah: Well obviously there not zombies -_-

Gwen: (Grabs Noah book from him and Throws it a The Zombie Beth knocking it's head off and exploding)

Noah: There goes the Maze Runner :(

Trent: Since there robot's it doesn't matter if we hit them but were can we find some weapons ?

Leshawna: The Boathouse Eveyone follow the luscious.

(But before they exit the room a Zombie Justin hands comes from the window and grabs Sierra)

Sierra: CODY RUN !

Cody: We can't just leave her ?

Sierra: (She is draged out througt the window)

Noah: A bit too late for that.

  • Spa Hotel

Duncan & Ludwig: (Gather some paintball gear and are figthing off the surrounding zombies)

Zombie LIndsay: (One of the paint Bullets hit a Zombie Lindsay in the head which cause it to explode)

Ducnan: Wait since when do Humans explode like that ?

Ludwig: Their not Human's Their Andriods !

Duncan: Sweet no mercy for them.

Duncan: (picks up a Axe and Chops a Zombie DJ Down)

  • Boathouse

Owen: Wow there alot of stuff in these creats.

Geoff: There's no way they can find us out here. 

Owen and Geoff searching through the creates for weapons.

Cody: (Climbs the roof to see a Horde outside the house)

Cody: Looks like we got jinxed !

Harold: Doesnt matter were all ready !

(The Door Opens showing Geoff With a Nail Gun and Gwen with a Pencil Gun)

Geoff: Nailing time dudes !

(They both fired at the Horde while Owen, Cody and Noah who are on the roof drop stink bombs down at the Zombie Bots)

Harold: (Jumps in with a Lightsaber and takes another four down)

Leshawna: (Finishes of the last one with A Pair of Boxing Gloves)

Leshawna: No Mindless Scrap of metal is getting near this Gal and her Pal's.

Chris (Intercom): Enjoy Round II people.

Noah: Yay what more could they do.

Izzy: maahahahahah Perpare for my Army Camper's ! (Dressed as the Zombie Queen)

Owen: Izzy you're helping them D:

Izzy: No E-Scope is helping them.

Noah: ? (Faceplam)

(Another Horde arrives but are now charging at them)

  • Hotel

Duncan: Round II What is this never ending ?

Ludwig: Ok we need to find our Teamate's Otherwise we will be outnumbered soon :(

Chris (Intercom): No team's anymore, it's Merges for now on.

Duncan: Hmmm, Hey Ludwig what's that at the Window.

Ludwig: What's ?

Duncan: (Pushes Ludwig out the Window causing him to fall into the Horde of Zombiebots)

Duncan: (Con) Sorry Ludwig but it's every man for himself now.

Ludwig: (Con) Fool me once shame on me, Lose the challenge Hurl for You.

  • Boathouse Outside
Geoff: oh Now I'm Out of of Ammo. 

Duncan: (Con) Sorry Ludwig but it's every man for himself now.

Trent: Let's head to the Spa Hotel.

Harold: You guys Go I'll buy you some time.

Leshawna: If you're staying I'm staying.

Leshawna: (Grabs Harold's Hand)

(As Gwen's group runs they see Harold and Leshawna get overwhelmed by them)

  • Spa Hotel

(Once they arrive at the outside of the Hotel Trent Notice something on the grass)

Trent: Those are Ludwig's Goggles, They must of got him.

Cody: Which Mean's Duncan is nearby.

Owen: (Sniff's the air)

Owen: Bacon :O

Geoff: Dude, Now might not be the right time for dinner.

Owen: Sorry guys but when Food calls, Food Calls !

Owen: (Chrages into the woods looking for the scent of bacon)

Noah: I'd give him One minute before they get him.

Duncan: Surpizing to see you guy's alive.

Cody: Can you open the door Duncan.

Duncan: Hmm let me reprahse the Word Merges.

Gwen: You're just trying to prove that you're mean.

Duncan: I'm bad to the bone.

  • Woods

Owen: Come to poppa.

Owen: (But then as He tackles down he falls into a Hole Trap where Fang comes to look at it)

Fang:  (faceplams himeself because it was meant for Duncan)

Owen: Are you still missing you're tooth ?

  • Spa Hotel

Trent: After we worked togther to defeat Alejandro now you're just going to leave us out here >:(

Duncan: Hey it's every man for himself and I ain't going to let you,Gwen or Courtney Cheat me out of the Million this time Nine Boy.

Gwen: Open the Door now Duncan or I'll will Make Nine come for you >:|

Duncan: Fine but don't tell anyone -_-.

  • Inside the Spa Hotel

(After they enter the Hotel the Thrid round of Zombbot's arrive at the windows)

Duncan: Borad up and windows and prepare to defend this place with you're lives.

Noah: (Con) I hate roleplaying.

(As the Zombie Horde's Burst in they Grab Noah and Gwen)

Trent: Gwen !

Trent: (Is then Tackled down by a Zombie Kaite and Saide)

Duncan: Ha.

Geoff: To the uppper floor !

(Duncan, Cody and Geoff rush to the cloest door but before they get in there Cody is pulled out a by Zombie Tyler)

  • Bathroom

Duncan: Ok maybe we should of went into a different room.

Duncan: (Notice that they are in the bathroom)

Geoff: it's just us now dude :(

(But then the Window behind the opens up)

(Duncan and Geoff hug in fear until.... !)

Owen: Hi Guys (Pops up from the Window)

Geoff: Nice Bro you passed the Bacon :)

Owen: Even better I found a Friend.

Duncan: Who ?

Fang: (Enter's the room aswell from the window)

Duncan: HOW did you make friends with a Shark ?

Fang: >:(

Geoff: Ur Guys is that Izzy ?

Geoff: (Notice Izzy Setting Tnt Around the Mansion)

Izzy: Hiding is only delaying the Inevitalbe Humans >:)

Owen: Everyone get out of the Building in Slow Motion !

(A Dramactic Scene starts as Geoff, Duncan, Owen and Fang jump out of the window in slow motion while Izzy Sets off the TNT, Causing the Whole McLean Spa Hotel to Explode)


Duncan: Ahhh Och.

Duncan: (lying on the ground after the explosion)

Duncan: I Made it, I Surived. (Beings to laugh Loudly)

Duncan: (Then turns around in shock to see a Zombie Courtney right there)

Duncan: oh F%^& !

Zombie Courtney: (Tackles Duncan)

Owen: Lets hide back at the Boat House while they regain for their Fourth Sound.

Geoff: Sounds Like the Man my big man.

Geoff: (Pushes the Zombie Courtney off Duncan and picks up him up)

  • Boathouse

(The Whole Room is Pitch Black(

Owen: I can't see anything ?

Geoff: I think I found the lights.

Geoff: (Then turns the Lights on to see Chris there)

Owen & Geoff: Ahhh

(While Screaming Geoff drops Duncan)

Chris: Relax it's just me  ;)


Chris: Since you both made it past the final wave and I don't feel like doing a tie Breaker I declare Geoff and Owen Tonight's Winners.

Geoff: Woohooo !

Owen: Like a Buss !

Duncan: What about me they didn't get me.

Duncan: (slowly gets up.)

Geoff and Owen win the challenge

Chris: You were attack by an infected even if you escape you would turn into a zombie anyway if it was real, So you don't count.

Geoff: Yo Chris Where is everyone else ?

Chris: Once the Zombot's capture someone they trap them in the dodge ball court.

Owen: How come we never did any challenges in there anymore ?

Chris: You bring up a point.

  • Dodgeball Court

Owen & Geoff: (Opens the Doors)

Geoff: You're free to go my friends.

Gwen: Nice work Guys :)

Cody: How did Owen not get captured by the Bacon trap ?

Owen: Oh that Nice Big Blue Shark helped me out:)

Sierra: Fang's still here why ?

Ludwig: I'll tell zu why, Fang is only here for Zhat MAN !

Ludwig:  (Points at Duncan who also enters the building)

Duncan: Wait you're playing the blame game all of a Sudden, mad that I ditched you !

Ludwig: If you never stole his tooth he Would have Never came here, He also Pushed me zoff the Hotel and Try zo lock the rest of you out off it look !

Ludwig: (Pulls out his Ipad and showing them two clips)

Harold: (Con) That's why I never let my guard down around him :|

  • Clip 1

Duncan: Should we warn the other's ?

Ludwig: That's a very thoughtfull thing of you.

Duncan: On second thoughts Screw them we will just hideout near the Spa Hotel.

  • Clip 2

Ludwig: Ok wir need to find our Teamate's Otherwise we would be outnumbered.

Chris (Intercom): No team's anymore, it's Merges for now on.

Duncan: Hmmm, Hey Ludwig what's that at the Window.

Ludwig: What's ?

Duncan: (pushes Ludwig out the Window causing him to fall into the Horde of Zombiebots)

Duncan: (Con) Sorry Ludwig but it's every man for himself now.

  • Goes back to reality

Ludwig: Also with that Evidence in the bag I find Him GUILTY !

Chris: Well Owen and Geoff both Win Inmunity so for the rest enjoy the pickings.

Geoff: (Con) Today was more Stressing then relaxing, I was worried I might encounter a Zombie Bridgette cause there's no way I could hurt such a beautiful face :(

Ludwig: (Con) No more laying low it's time zu go full throttle on Dies Competition !

  • Elimination Ceremony

    The First merges Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Welcome Campers to our very first Merge elimination, I was going to keep the Spa Hotel as a reward but Since Izzy destroyed it it's back to basic cabins for the rest of the season, But More inportanly it's time to vote off the next person, Owen and Geoff Will Recive there Marshmallows Before beacuse they won inmunity for the rest it's fair game.

Duncan: (Con) There is something messed with Ludwig, Sure I might of backstabed him but that's what a Villians does Unless ? (Draws an X on Ludwig )

Cody: (Con) Well Izzy just blew you my chance of ever relaxing in this place (Draws an X on Izzy)

Harold: (Con) Now I can finnaly end this once and for all (Draws and X on Duncan)

Sierra: (Con) The Other team didn't even bother to Help me, But Cody actually did think about if, If it wasn't for Justin my sweet little prince would have saved me.

Fang: (Con) Eats a Paper that has Duncan on it.

Chris: The Votes have been counted and the Marshemallows of Safety go to.......

Chris: Leshawna, Izzy, Gwen, Cody, Trent, Ludwig, Noah and Sierra.

Chris: Duncan and Harold are on Low now.

Harold: Well whoever makes it out good luck.

Duncan: Good Luck to you to Harold, Wait What !

Chris: And the Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom goes to. ......




Duncan and Harold in the Bottom Two













Chris: Duncan.

Duncan: Whatever, I'm done with this place anyway.

Harold: Victory has never taste Sweeter :)

Harold: (Con) Thanks to Ludwig I'm now free from Duncan, If he stayed Then I might ended up with a wet pants every morning, he never leaves me be.

Duncan: Well I guess that makes us even now Gwen ?

Duncan: (offers a fist bump)

Gwen: I guess further figthing would be pointless

Gwen: (fistbumps him back)

  • Duncan's Hurl of Shame

Chef: I've been wait to hurl you for a long...time boy >:)

Duncan: Just Do it already then.

Chris: Not yet !

Chris: This elimination seems too Soft on you and since you did Try to Board up the hotel and not help anyone else during the challenge I have decide a litter Karama is to come to so I arranged a buddy to share you're Hurl with.

Fang: (Pops up from the water)

Duncan: No, Are you Kidding me !

Fang:(Takes his shark tooth from his Pocket and reconnects it with his missing tooth hole, Fang then jumps on the Hurl of Shame)

Chef: Now can I ?

Chris: You May.

Chef: (Then Hurls Duncan away)

Duncan: Dam Yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! 

Fang Joins Duncan in his Hurl of Shame

Chris: As for everyone else It is merges so pack up you're bags and head to you're new cabin. All Girls Move into the Former Mutant Maggots Cabin and Boy's you all move into the Toxic Rats Cabin.

  • Mutant Maggots Cabin

Gwen: (Enters the Cabin)

Leshawna: Nice you have you back sista.

Gwen: Long time no see Leshawna.

(They both high five each other)

Izzy: So any secert alliance were going to do ! 
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.01.46 PM

The Girl Cabin

Sierra: As long as it helps me and my Cody I in.

Gwen: A bit too early for one is it >

Leshawna: The Boy's do out number us and we need to even it up.

Gwen: Very well we'll talk about our traget tommorrow.

  • Toxic Rats Cabin

(Owen, Cody and Harold Arrive)

Geoff: Sup Dude's nice for you to come.

Noah: Where else would they go.

Owen: Hey Noah can I have the bed above you're.

Noah: Wait that Would No be !

Owen:( Jumps onto the top bed causing it to breakdown and land on the bottom bunk that Noah was in)

Harold: Ludwig is the bottom Bed occupied >

Ludwig: Na you can use it. 
Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.04.03 PM

The Boys Cabin

Cody: (Climbs upto his bed)

Geoff: Dude's anyone up for Halo 6 on Xbox One before we hit the hay.

Harold: After Two Rounds we gotta try Mortal Kombat X

(Everyone the gather's around as they play it)

Chris: (Appears on the TV Screen)

Boys: (All Scream)

Geoff: Ahh TV HACK !

Chris: What a Fun episode that was, The Final Eleven soon to be the Top Ten Who will go next will the Girls plan work or will a new Mind of Evil stop them in there tracks find out on the next episode of.

Owen: (Throws Tv Out the Window)

Trent: That's good he can't hurt us anymore :(

Chris: (Kicks the Door down)

Boys: ahahhhh


Chapter 18: When Lightning Strikes Back

Chris: Last Time On Total Drama Island of Vengenace, Waves of Robotic Undead Eliminated Camper's swarmed the Island Forcing the Campers to Band togther speaking of teams there  now disbanded meaning it's the merge Phases After hearing that Duncan Turned on his Pal Ludwig by knocking him into the horde, Not the best of ideas because Fang Returned again trying to get his tooth back, Geoff and Owen both ended up wining the challenge, While Ludwig and Harold Made a Secret Alliance to get their Revenge on Duncan which worked, Duncan is now out and Fang as got his tooth back and Went Hurling with him but I doubt we have  seen the last of Fang, Today Chef is taking the day off since his flu so I brought in a Professional Athlete to take his place. 

When Lightning Strikes Back
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Eighteen
First Aired (CAN) 22nd February 2014
First Aired (USA) 22nd February
Challenge 1. Dodge Ball

2. Monkey Bars 3. Platform survival

Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"NIght of the Living Geoff"
"All You can eat Around the World."

He then appears performing a massive jump.

????????: Wait till they get the Taste of SHA-Lightning

Chris: As you can see This was originally going to be a Chef Boot Camp Challenge but this guy has a better idea, Anyway Get ready for Another Epic Episode of Total Drama Island of ..

Lightning: Lightning !

Chris: Don't Interrupt Me OF VENGEACE.

The Scene Starts with Owen, Noah and Gwen at the Front door of the Main Lodge.

Noah: 7 O'Clock Chris said that it would be open for breakfeas yet Chef is Half an Hour Late.

Gwen: Chris had better not of Cancelled it.

Owen: They Can't cancel Breafest Its the most important meal of the day.

Noah: Isn't that what you said about Lunch yesterday.

Trent, Harold and Ludwig walk up to them.

Trent: The Main lodge is still not open ?

Owen: The Last time we didn't have breakfeast it turn out to be endurance test.

Harold: We can't go thought a challenge without breafeast.

Harold then notice Ludwig making eating noise behind him.

Harold: Is that a Muffiin Bar.

Ludwig: Ja and No.

Owen: it's not.

Ludwig: If you want One follow me.

Ludwig: (Con) Heather had a Plan, Justin had a Plan and Alejandro had one to, So it would only be logical is I had one to.

The Scene Changes to Ludwig, Harold and Owen in the Boy Cabin, Where Ludwig activates a Hidden Door under the cabin where they enter.

Harold: Wow how did you find this place ?

Ludwig: a Scientist can do anything if they put their Mind to it.

Owen: Ah The Food Stash !

Owen then jumps into a Pile of Garlic.

Harold: Garlic ?

Ludwig: GM Food they are.

Harold: Whoa you have you're Own Genetically modified food !

Ludwig: Yes and I can supply it to you and the other's On One condition.

Owen: I couldn't care less about that condition I'm covered in Garlic.

Ludwig: I'd be wise if we Band togther to take out the competion.

Harold: An Alliance I don't like the sound of that

Ludwig: Alliance ist a Word with a bad reputation I'd Like to call it a Union, or you could just live of Chef's Horrible cooking.

Harold: Well you did help me with Duncan so I guess I should return the favour but I got my eye on you pal.

Owen: Hey Ludwig do you know where the Chicken room is.

Ludwig:  fourth Corridor on the Left

The Scene changes to the Main Lodge where an annoucement from the speakers go off.

??????: All Sha-Camper's report to the Dogeball court for today's Lighting challenge !

Gwen: Lightning Challenge ?

Noah: Dodgeball Court's Primary School all over again.

Noah: (Con) Sports is not my forte and season One definetly showed that But I do not regert that because I would never play sports in this lifetime. 

Noah: (Con) Sports is not my forte and season One definetly showed that But I do not regert that because I would never play sports in this lifetime.

The Scene changes to the Dodgeball Court Where all the conestants are at along with Chris and Lightning.

Chris: As you can see thanks to Owen's Comment yesterday I decided to bring this place back.

Owen: I Resent My Eailer Comment now :(

Chris: Due to Chef having the Flu I Hired this Sprots Professional to be today's host for the challenge's.Today I'm going to have a day off at the Playa Des loser enjoy.

Chris then leaves the room.

Gwen: Can we just take today off then.

Lightning: Sha-Please you all need to get into shape, Part One Of Lightning's Games of Pain Dodgeball !

Cody: But there's no teams anymore ?

Lightning: oh well then all of you line up at that wall then.

Everyone then stands behind the wall. 
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.37.06 PM

Survival Dodgeball

Harold: What are the rules of this game.

Lightning: Simple, Lightning is going to peg Basket balls at you and you must not get hit by them.

Noah: This was never apart of the offical dodgeball rules.

Noah is then hit in the ches by a Basketball thrown by Lightning.

Lightning: Out Next !

Harold: How do we win ?

Lightning: Simple, Follow the five D's Of Lightning, Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dodge.

Leshawna: You said Dodge Twice

Leshawna is then hit by one of them.

Lightning: See what happen there you didn't dodge.

One Ball Hit's Geoff Hat.

Geoff: Whoa that was close.

Ludwig: Men Commence operation Human Sheild !

Ludwig, Harold and Cody then hide behind Owen.

Gwen: That doesn't seem fair.

Ludwig: He said Duck so Duck.

Gwen the Ducks an upcoming Ball but as she gets up it bounce from the wall and touches her foot.

Gwen: That Can't count.

Lighting: It hit you you're Sha-Out.

Another Ball then Hit Owen and Cody in the groin.

Lightning: Six Sha Chicken's Left.

Harold: Chicken's ! said the one throwing not defending.

Harold is then hit by one ball.

Harold: My Glasses I can't see.

Izzy then Whacks a Ball away with a Hockey stick which breaks a window.

Izzy: Score !

Ludwig: Weapons advantage lets make es even.

Ludwig then Takes out a Small Metal Rod which then activates into a Long Metal Rod.

Lightning: Sha-NEXT !

Lightning then picks up a Bowling ball and throws one hitting Geoff.

Trent: Really a Bowling ball.

Ligthning: Any can be Dodge.

Lightning then picks up a wrecnh and throws it hitting Sierra.

Lightning: If you can dodge a Wrench you can dodge a ball.

Noah: Another Movei Reference really.

Lightning then turns around and Hits Noah with a Medicine Ball.

Izzy: Medicine Ball, What does it cure.

Ludwig: Side effect Pain !

Lightning then throws a Boomerang Hitting Ludwig.

Izzy then Smacks a Medicine Ball which Bounce back and Hits Trent.

Lightning: Winner of Part One is Sha-Orange Jungle looking girl.

Noah: Says the Low IQ Jock.

Noah is then hit in the head with a Flying Wrench.

Owen: Must we really do another challenge.

Lightning: Yep as you can see that game didn't help you tubby, Commercial Break time ! 

The Scene changes to another part of the Court where everyone is hanging from a Long Pair of Monkey Bars.

Lightning: This is One of Lightning's Favourite Past time sports is a endurance game.

Gwen: (Con) When it comes to the hanging or climbing challenge I've got past exerpice from it so I hope I still go it. 

Harold and Noah then Drop down !

Lightning: Nerds Out !

Cody: Losing strength can't hold on any longer.

Cody slowly lose his grip untill Sierra Grabs his Foot.

Sierra: Hang on Cody !

Cody: I'm not sure I enjoy hanging upside down Sierra.

Sierra: I'll get you back up then.

Sierra: Then Swings her leg up throw cody above the monkey bar, But Cody crashes into Ludwig causes both of them to lose.

Izzy: Hey Thunder when does this challenge become harder ?

Trent: Izzy please don't make things worse !

Lightning: Oh you did just miss call my name, Fine then Time to amplify this game.

Harold: Actually Amplify is a meaning for increasing the volume.

Harold is then hit in the head with a wrench.

Lightning: It means if you Interrput Lightning you get Sha-Wrenched.

Cody: (Con) What Kind of School did he go to Slam Dunk High ?

Lightning: Interns realse the Oil !

S????: He see how they like this

The Ginger looking Intern pour a Bucket of Oil All over the bars that the contestants are holding on to.

Instanlly Leshawna Slips and falls.

Harold: I'll Save you.

Harold: Stands up and walks under the shadow to grab her only for Izzy to land on him.

Harold: Izzy ?

Izzy: Haha Leshawna's Falling Shadow was over there.

Leshawan then Lands Crashing into Noah.

Owen: Ur Guys Should I just let go now ?

Geoff: Na dude just hold as long as you can.

Owen: Yea but there's some cracks over there.

All of them look behind Owen to see that the Monkey bar cannont Support his weight and is cracking.

Trent: S$%^&

Just then the hold Monkey bar collaspe causing Owen, Geoff, Gwen, Trent and Sierra to all fall down.

Lightning: It call that a Sha-Tie, Fatboy you're disqualified for breaking the bars.

Gwen: No fair it wasn't his fault.

Lightning: Blue Looking Girl Lightning Does not repeat himself it is a Sha-Tie.

Noah: You just called it a tie twice.

Noah is then hit again by another Wrench.

The Scene changes to the Lake.

Lightning: Ok since there are Five of you left were having a Good old tug of war for todays Semi-Finals.

Lightning: Vampire Girl, Blond Cowboy you're team One, Fan-Girl and Hand Shirt Man you're team Two.

Trent (Con): Hand Shirt Man ! I do play the Guitar could'nt he make something from that ?

Geoff (Con): Awesome, The Cowboy is one of the titles I was giving for Partying :)

Sierra: Ur Where's the rope ? 
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.42.09 PM

Geoff and Gwen vs Sierra and Trent In Tug-O-War

Lightning: The one in the basket behind you.

Trent: That is not a rope, That is a Mutanted Two headed Rat.

Lightning: If this Mannual calls it a Rope it's the rope.

Sierra then throws One side of the Radioactive Rat to the other team.

Gwen: That can't really be the rope.

The Rat then tries to Claw Geoff.

Geoff: Whoa  Easy there.

Cody: (Con) The Animals on this island are getting worser by day first was Squirrels with Laser eyes and now we have two headed Rats that are used as Tug ropes How are they that elastic ?

Lightning: Three,Two FIVE SHA-TUG !

Both teams begin to pull but Sierra and Trent start to slowly pull them over, However one of the Rat's claws knock Sierra's Phone out of her pocket.

Sierra: Oh No, my Cody's Pic !

Sierra then jumps off the Platform after her phone causing Trent to slowly get closer to the Edge.

Harold: Phone's can only hold up Five-Hundred images or else it will crash.

Noah: Ha She has five Hundred images of you cody.

Ludwig: So Leshawna, You made it to the merges Three times now, you must have some Idea how to surive these type of rounds.

Leshawna: Ha as I would just tell you.

Izzy: Izzy Suggest making an Alliance to get further but that's just for the Villian's of the seaon.

Cody: Were'nt you mean to be competing with them too Izzy ?

Geoff: Were all most there.

But just as he said that the rat head on their side barfs on their platform causing Gwen to slip off.

Noah: Owen Where did you get A Blue Banana from ?

Noah asked him.

Owen: From some classified place for Unclassfied Reasons.

Cody: Wait you found a Food that taste good where.

Ludwig: No where just found a stache at Boney Island.

Ludwig: (Con) I Can't let them know my Grown stache of Food otherwise Harold and Owen will turn on me so ?

Ludwig place a Green Orange on the ground which is remote controlled which he drives it to the middle of the Tug-O-War area.

Geoff: Dude is that a Orange ?

Trent: and it's Green ?

The Orange then blows up knocking them both of the platform.

Lightning: Well I Win !

Gwen: You weren't even participating.

Lightning: Lightning Always Wins so I Win todays Challenge.

Chris: You heard the man everyone to the Campfire.

Gwen But we still have one more challenge to do

Chris: To the Campire !

Harold: (Con) I'm already getting a Bad Vibe with this alliance And it's easily to guess Ludwig caused Lightning wins. 

Harold: (Con) I'm already getting a Bad Vibe with this alliance And it's easily to guess Ludwig caused Lightning wins.

The Scene Changes to the Campfire.

Chris: Campers I have a Turn of events for you tonight,Since Trent, Geoff and Izzy could'nt win a challenge.

Izzy: Wait I was meant ot be in the Tug-O War F#$%^& 
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.50.44 PM

Lightning Decide's who goes next ?

Chris: Yes and Now Today Lightning gets the Sole Vote to choose who goes Lightning go ahead.









Lightning: I Pick Sha- Fat Boy !

Everyone then Gasp in Shock and Saddeness. 

Owen: Oh Ok :(

Izzy: Bu-t Why Him.

Lightning: That guys needs to do more stuff Like Me so the Hurl should lose some pounds for him.

Chris: I'd Hate to say it but Owen here's you Toxic Marshmellow.

Owen: Mhh Minty :)

The Scene Changes to Owen on the Hurl of Shame.

Noah: I'm Not Sarcastic when i say this but i'll Miss you buddy :(

Owen: Thanks Noah :)

Izzy: I'll will win this thing for Us ok.

Izzy then as she Hugs him.

Owen: Hey Chef can you hurl me to the closes All you can eat resturant !

Chef: Sure thing.

Chris: You will turley be missed, Now Hurling time.

But nothing happens.

Chris: Urg Chef Thats my command to go ?

Chef: It's not working !

Chris: You'r not joking me are you ?

Chef then reads the mannual for the Machine.

Chef: Owen weight's over the Machine capacity.

Just then The Hurl of Shame Breaks.

Owen: Ops :|

Chris: The HURL OF SHAME ! : O

Owen: Sorry

Chris: Don't be because of that today's Elimination is Cancelled !

Harold, Izzy, Noah and Cody all Cheer.

Just then Chris gets a Phone call.

Chris: Even better news aswell this Season just got renewed for Four More Episodes. 
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.55.06 PM

However Owen's Weight broke the Hurl of Shame saving him from elimination XD

Everyone: Horay !, Wait what ?

Chris: Yep were going from 26 to 30 plus With Owen staying here we still have Eleven of you so Next time we'll show no mercy Everyone is now Dissmissed.

The Scene changes to Owen, Noah and Harold walking where they met up with Gwen and Leshawna

Harold: I'm glad you did'nt have to leave.

Owen: I feel a happy and odd because now there's four more episode aswell now.

Gwen: What feels weird is how this season has gone so far ?

Leshawna: Me and Gwen have been thinking and Without Duncan, Courtney, Alejandro, Justin or Heather This season has no Villian's, Which is Impossible.

Harold: Leshawna everyone else we have a worsre problem then that.

Harold then Whispers to them.

Meanwhile ?

Ludwig is looking throught the eliminated contestants Locker in the Bathroom.

Ludwig: Nothing In Justin's Next.

Ludwig uses a Crowbar to open up Alejandro's locker where a Swithc comes out of it.

Ludwig finds the same Switch that Alejandro had found from Mal who tried to blow up Mount Chrismore.

Ludwig then grins evilsh.

Chris: 18 Episodes down and were only Halfway done we still have Tweleve more episodes to go and a lot can happen in that time who goes next and will Owen not break anything this time, Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

Chapter 19: All You can Eat Around the World

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, We Hired Lightning who was a professinal Athlete to send our campers thorught his Sport Challeges, Noah hated the idea of dodging wrenchs but that's proably because he got hit non-stop with them, Izzy won the first round but forgot to compete in the next two, Owen Broke the Monkey bars causing the five way tie in the first place, neither group won the Tug-O-War because of Ludwigs sabotage, In the End Lightning had the sole choice of who to be eliminate, He chose Owen but Owen's wieght broke the Hurl of Shame so I had to cancel the elimnation and because of our tight schedule we expanded from 26 to 30 episodes, A lot of you suggested more Lightning in a Future challenge but not now, Our Campers have been compaining about Lack of food so Where did It all Go Find out in Todays Challenge ?, What is the challenge and who is going home tonight find out on tonight's episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEACE ! 

All You can Eat Around the World
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode Nineteen
First Aired (CAN) 11th March 2014
First Aired (USA) 11th March 2014
Challenge Complete the Food Challenges from each Country
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"When Lightning Strikes back"
"Aftermath Part III: Blaineley's Revenge"

The Scene Starts with Ludwig lying down on his bed eating a Blue Apple.

Owen: Man I got say Ludwig the food you got is the best I'd had in weeks  

Owen said eating a packet of Donuts.

Ludwig: Za Future Owen dies is food 2.0, Say where is Harold Our Union meetting is in Ten Minutes ? 

Owen: Hmm He told me he went down to get some more snacks.

Ludwig: (Con) He Didn't even ask me that's Rude ?

The Scene changes to the Main Lodge where Harold is sitting at a table with Leshawan, Gwen,Trent and Noah.

Harold: Ladies, Men, I got a Box full of Purple Carrots and Pink Soda.

Gwen: Nice work. 

Noah: I Really don't think its a good idea to eat GM Food, We don't know what DNA is in it.

Leshanwa: Turkey Relax he wouldn't posion us.

Trent: Are you sure he's just going to give it to us ?

Harold: Well I had to join in his Union in reutrn.

Gwen: So Ludwig played the Alliance Card on you.

Cody: Don't all the Worst people make alliances with other's just to us them ?

Leshanwa: Cod's Right that Einstein kid is bound to do damage to us all.

Harold: Well I Can't just leave the alliance now can I ?

Gwen: If we all just vote him off in the next challenge then there's no problem.

Cody: I don't know these Red eggs are the Best !

Geoff: Relax Guys he might not be that bad, He could just be Nervous because it's his first season.

Sierra: Na I was completly fine in world tour.

Noah: Yea you were complety stable during the whole season.

  • Flash Backs to all moments on World Tour were Sierra Creeps on Cody and all her Anger and Sad moments.
  • Goes Back to reality.

Sierra: Yea I was fine, Even Finner with Cody. * Hugs him as he sturggles for Air 

Leshawna: It still seems out of this World that he brang all those types of food here.

Harold: Actually There's a Huge Stache of Food Hidden in a Underground Laboratory which is under the Boys Cabin.

Noah: He got that how ?

Gwen: That seems too much we need to vote him off then.

Chris: Challenges time Camper's ! (Chirs said over the Intercom)

Trent: No Elimination right After what happen last time.

Chris: Oh The Hurl of Shame is now Fixed so down worry about that, We have something very big for you all today. 

The Scene changes to a Hidden place on the Island.

Harold: Where are we ?

Chris: No were big, I'm sure you're all sick of chefs cooking so today felt like the time to bring back the eating contest.

Owen: YESSSS ! :D

Chris: Also with a twist based on our World Tour Season, You all must race each other around the world eating the food in that respected country.

Geoff: So were going around the World :) ?

Chris: No due to budget cuts Chef Made some Giant Cutboard cut outs of the World and made it into a Maze, each Part of the Maze is a Country and there you must complete the challenge in that country to advance to the next area, If you fail to complete the maze then you cannot advance to the next part, We will kept it going until only one remains.


Chris: On you're Marks.

All Campers get prepare to run at the line.

Chris: Get Set !!!! 

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.44.12 PM

The Campers get ready for the Maze door to open

Owen's belly growls.

Chris: GO !

The First Door opens where Everyone rushes into to find themselves in Mexcio.

Owen: Wow a Giant Pit of NACHOS ! :0

Chris (Intercom): Round One is Mexico the homeland to the Aztecs and Very Tasty Food, The First Round will not be an Elimination so take you're time.

Everyone then slowly eat their way throught the Giant Nacho.

Harold: Ah Too Much Spice.

Ludwig then gives him a water bottle.

Ludwig: There Ally all good.

Harold: Yea Thanks

Leshawna: (Con) Ludwig is getting way to suspicious for me !

Izzy: Noah aren't you coming in ?

Noah: I'm fine I perfer not to get covered in Mince meat and melted cheese.

Izzy: Ok but you goto return the favour next round.

Izzy then burps out two keys.

Geoff: Nice I found this neat looking Hat :)

Geoff Found a Sombrero.

Gwen: Yea it suits ya.

Geoff then find a Key in the Sombrero.

Izzy: Hey Noah look at this Red key Taste it.

Noah: IZZY Thats a RED CHilli.

Izzy then shoves it down his throat.

Noahs whole Skin turns Red.

Noah: There goes my Allergy reaction.

Noah then faints.

Chris (Intercom): Chef we have a Fainter in Mexico.

Trent: Where can we find the Bat.

Trent, Cody and Ludwig notice a Piñata.

Ludwig: Don't look at mir, There's nothing in meine Labcoat.

Cody: Then what do we use then ?

All of them then notice Owen digging throught a Giant Taco.

The Scene changes to the three of them holding Owen.

Trent: One, Two ,Three

Trent, Cody and Ludwig then charge at the Piñata and throw Owen into it smashing it and dropping some keys.

Cody: Bingo

The scence changes to the doors to the next maze.

Geoff: What happen to Noah ?

Chris: Yea We had to take him to the Infirmary due to a allegry reaction.

Cody: You never did that for me ?

Chris: Now this is were things get harder, There's Ten Doors in the next room that have an image of a Camper you have to Find the key with you're head on it and open you're door to get to round three, But be quick the Last two campers still there are out of the challenge, GO !

Owen then rams the door Down for everyone.

Harold: Wow Now were in the Land Down under.

Geoff: Australia Man bridgette would love to vist the Great Barrier Reef.

Gwen: There just cutboard cutouts.

Ludwig: Mood Killer much !

Owen then Walks to a Plate of Meat.

Owen: I never taste Kanagroo Meat before.

Another Kanagroo then jumps out and Kicks him back.

Trent: Wow that's too hot.

Trent, Sierra, Izzy Haorld and Leshawna come arcoss a Giant Barbie.

Sierra: I don't see the Shrimp ?

Izzy: Climb up here guys !

Izzy then begins to climb a Eucalyptus Tree and beigns to eat it.

Leshawna: Those are meant for Only Koala's Girl ?

Izzy then falls alseep in the tree.

Ludwig then walks upto the tree.

Ludwig: Should we chop it down ?

Trent: Not with her in it.

Geoff: Dude you guys gotta Try this Paste.

Geoff then gives Trent a Jar of Vegimite.

Trent: Hmm it's pretty good.

Izzy then clims down the tree and Pulls it out of the ground and drops it onto the Barbie.

They cross it find a Box of Anzac and Two Keys.

Sierra: Ah a Cody Key.

Sierra: (Con) A Cody is My Key XD

Izzy: Yes an Izkey. ( Izzy grabs her Key )

Owen: Wow the Fish and Chips here are great !

Gwen: The Granny Smith Apples are Great.

They both find there respective keys and high five each other.

Chris (Intercom): Chef Time to Throw a another Shrimp on the Barbie.

Chef from above drops a Massive Shrimp Toy into the Barbie.

Leshawna: Our Keys have to be in there.

Trent: If we can get back on the tree mabye we can jump onto it.

They all climb up onto the Tree.

Menawhile Izzy, Gwen and Owen arrive at there doors and open them.

Chris (Interom): Our first three have made it pass but only five more can get throught.

After landing on the Giant Toy Shrimp and breaking the top they all find there keys in there.

While Geoff finished a a full Jar of Vegemite off find his Key at the bottom of it.

Sierra then goes to the Cody door and puts the key in but then a Trap Door appears below her as she falls into it.

Chris (Intercom): Worng Door, Worng key, Hahaha.

Cody then picks up his key that Sierra dropped.

Cody(Con): I feel bad for Sierra finding my key and Alll but the rest of me feels lucky to get to the third round.

Leshawna and Trent then arrive to their doors and make it throught.

Harold Arrives at his door but before he can get the key out of his Pocket he is hit in the head hit a thrown Boomerang.

Ludwig: Next Time Asked if you're going throught my Lab.

Ludwig then notices that Harold had Ludwig's key in his pocket to.

Ludwig: An Attempt zu eliminate me, Big Mistake ! 

Ludwig then takes his Key and gets throught his door.

Ludwig (Con): That Girl of his obviously had something to do with him turing on me.

Geoff: Dude are you ok.

Harold: Avenge me !

Geoff then opens his door.

Chris: Nine campers left in our around the World challenge who going down next Find Out right here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEACE !

The Scene changes to the Nine Campers arrive at the Next Maze.

Owen: Japan Nice, I Dibs the Ramen.

Chris: (Intercom) For Part three of the challenge as you can there Japan have a lot of Very differnt food to us all lot are mosly from fish, There's no keys but the you have to eat at much food here as you can before Five minutes have passed the Two Campers with the lowest amount of food eaten on there score will not pass to Country number Four, Are you Ready I

Chris: San, Ni, Ichi GO !

Everoyne then explores the place.

Geoff and Owen come arcoss Plates of Ramen.

Geoff: This look great.

Owen and Geoff then chow their way throught the Ramen.

Izzy: Oh everyone this Way.

Izzy Grabs Leshawna ,Gwen and Cody.

Cody: Izzy this a Sushi Bar.

Chef dressed as a samurai place plates of Sushi in front of them.

Cody: *Glup

Gwen: The Stir-fried dish doesn't taste that bad

Izzy then eats a Raw Sliced Fish.

Leshawna: What's that even on the menu ?

Izzy: It was on mine :D

Trent: We need to start now otherwise we won't make it to the next round ?

Ludwig: Ok Dies place looks gut !

Ludwig and Trent enter a Resturant anaware that the sign reads out the Burning Gills, But are surpized to Find Izzy and the others there.

Izzy: Oh hi Trent where did you guys come from ?

Ludwig: We just finished off the Rice place east of here.

Izzy: Well I'm full did you want my plate.

Izzy then gives Trent her plate that has a Green Pepper on it.

Ludwig: Tha-a-a-a-a, THAT'S ! Wasabi !

Cody: Dude I'll give you five bucks if you can bite it.

Leshawna: Why just the bite.

Cody: As if any of us can eat it all ?

Trent then slowly picks up the Wasabi and Slowly Takes a bite of it.

After a Few seconds then the effect takes it toll.

Trent: Ahhhhhhh Too Hot !

Trent then jumps past the Table and Dunks his head into a Barrell of Water.

Geoff: Wow Dude can't take the heat what is it ?

Gwen: Wasabi

Owen: Oh I heard of those.

Owen Picks it up and swallows the whole thing.

Owen: Good thing I swallowed a Whole Cube of Ice.

Cody: I don't think a giant block of Ice counts ?

Chef: Next !

Chef then place down More Plates of Sushi.

Leshawna: Maybe the Best One Win.

Everyone then goes throught any whole Course of Sushi.

Chris (Intercom): Time is Up !

Chris (Intercom): Those with the who got enough points to get throguht the next round are, Cody, Ludwig, Leshawna, Izzy, Trent and Geoff, As for Gwen and Owen you score the two lowest so you're out for the rest of the challenge.

Owen: Oh, Well I atleast I can go check how my Buddy Noah is Doing.

Chris: For the everyone else who is still in the game to our next destination !

The Contestnats then arrive at their Next maze.

Cody: Wow we back in Gremany

Geoff: Yes Bring on Oktoberfest !

Chris: Uh yea this is a teen show and including Alcohol might effect the ratings.

Trent: Yet you make us eat some of the most Horrifyingly Disgustin food on the plants yet beer is you biggest concern.

Chris: Does Cockroach Juice make you Drunk it does not, Does Dolphin Wieners give you a hangover It does not, However Chef did Make his Own Home-Made Beer so I will allow it, So what's going to happen for this challenge is each of you must Drink a Stein of Beer, Then you must walk on this tightrope which is made out of frankfurts If you make it across then you pass to Round Five, If you fall off the rope then you don't continue to round Five, One more Thing for my Amusement all of you have to wear Lederhosens Cody I belive you have experience with them.

Cody: It is really necessary ?

Chris: Oh Wait we only have Three Lederhosens for the Men, Well Cody Like Izzy and Leshawan you have to wear a Dirndl !

Cody: a What !

Izzy: It's awesome look see.

Izzy Shows Cody a photo of her in a Dirndl back from Season 2.

Geoff: Dude you have to wear a Girl's Dress.

Cody: NOO!

Goeff, Leshawna,Trent and Ludwig Laugh.

While Sierra is peeping througth a Whole in the wall.

Chris: Just to Determine who goes first you guys can draw straws.

Chef: Beginnen !

The Six Contestants then look at each other and draw straws.

Cody Opens his hand to find a Normal size straw

Leshawna opens her hand to find a Normal straw too.

Ludwig then opens his Hand to see the small straw there.

Ludwig: Coincidence ?

Ludwig grabs his Stein and Takes Two minutes Drinking the whole thing.

Trent: You feel ok bud ?

Ludwig: Hey Trent I didn't know you have three eyes.

Ludwig begins to become under the effects.

Leshawna: Chris is this Real !

Chris: It makes it that funner.

Ludwig then goes onto the rope.

Ludwig: Oh Now I don't feel so good :(

Ludwig makes his way across the rope but then begins to puke and falls off the rope.

Ludwig: I Feel Erschöpft

Ludwig then passes out on the floor.

Chris: Oh Well five Left Geoff you're next.

Geoff then picks up the Stein and beings to Chug it down.

Trent & Cody: Chug, Chug, Chug Wohooooooo !

They cheered as Geoff Chugs the whole thing down in one glup.

Izzy: Oh Great Technique Geoff :D

Leshawna: That's Sounds more like a Easy way to get a Hangover.

Geoff then gets on rope and remarkably does a good job and gets across the rope.

Geoff: Wohoooo ! Party don't start will I walk in XD

Chris: Next

The Scene changes to Cody and Izzy while Trent and Leshawan have already made it across.

Izzy then picks up the whole stein and chugs the whole thing down.

Izzy: More !

Izzy then takes Cody's Stein and drinks it all.

Cody: Izzy too much can affect you.

Izzy: (Con) Actually my brain works better !

Izzy then speed dashes over the rope and makes it across

Trent: How did you do that ?

Izzy: Reverse side effects Hahahah :D

Chris: Well since Izzy just drank the last of the stein Cody I guess theres no need for you to drink up you go Lassy.

Cody: This Dress to So heavy !

Cody then begins to walk across the rope but before he gets halfway he loses his balanec and falls.

Chris: Ok well now to our next destination Geoff, Leshawna,Izzy and Trent this way.

As they Left Ludwig gains Conscious and gets up.

Ludwig: Dass was a Waste of time.

Ludwig then notice a Slightly open Secruity Door hidden behind one of the giant beer steins.

Meanwhile Geoff, Izzy Trent and Leshawan arrive at the Next Maze which is Italian based.

Chris (Intercom): You see those Four Giant barrels over there, There full of grapes and you need to stomp them to fill the bottles below the Three who produce the highest amout of Graps win the lowest is out GO!

Leshawna: You except us to stomp all this.

Izzy: Yay Food Murder time !

Chris (Intercom) : No Shoes ok.

Geoff: Bye Sandals.

Geoff takes off his sandals and throws them away but they hit a Ginger Intern who was cleaning the room.

S????: GR Hate my job.

the Scene changes to Luwdig opening the security door he found and sits on the chair infront of a screen,

Ludwig: Hm Maybe something hier can help me ?

Ludwig picks up a dvd containing footage the main lodge.

Ludwig place the Dvd and watches what's on screen.

Leshawna: It still seems out of this World that he brang all those types of food here.

Harold: Actually there's a Huge Stache of Food Hidden in a Underground Laboratory which is under the Boys Cabin.

Noah: He got that how ?

Gwen: That seems too much we need to vote him off then.

Ludwig then rewinds the flim a bit.

Harold: (Con) I'm already getting a Bad Vibe with this alliance And it's easily to guess Ludwig caused Lightning to win. 

Ludwig the turns the Tv Off

Ludwig: So that's why he tried to stop me before all because of Her and other people's Influence !, I've waited too long for this they must pay.

Ludwig sees another room and Enters it. 

" DIE GRAPES " Izzy continues to stomp on many grapes as she can while everyone else are losing strenght.

Geoff continues to stomp on the grapes until his foot sinks into the grapes.

" Ah What's happening Ah ! " Geoff said as he sinks into the grapes.

" I'll save you " Izzy then frontflips into Geoff's Barrel which then explodes.

Chef: Times up Happy Feets.

Chef: Lets See Geoff has Made Six Bottles, Trent made Nine Bottles, Leshawna has made Five Bottles and Izzy has made .... wait this can be right it's over Nine thousand !

Izzy: That's what the RCMP said about my power level :D

Trent: ?

Chef: With that said Leshawna's out  Hat Boy, Elvis and Izzy this way, Intern clean up the mess !

S????: Gr

the Intern then gets a bucket and starts cleaning the mess from Geoff's barrel.

Afterh Chef and th contestants leave the room the Intern spots Ludwig entering the room from a Security door.

S????: Hey Kid you're not allowed in there ?

Ludwig: You look like die the same age as mir, and what got you to get this kind of lame job.

S????: Work Experince bad choice ha ?

Ludwig: Hm I can help slove die issues, Five Hundred bucks if you do a favour for me !

Ludwig then slips a Five hundred dollar note into the Intern's pocket.

Ludwig: Take this detnator and set it off in Mount Chrismore and Frame one of the contestants.

S????: My kind of Work Hahahaha ?

Ludwig: Now Go Intern and do you're masters bidding.

S????: Ok that sound lame and my name is Scott ok !

Scott then goes off.

The Scene changes to Geoff, Izzy and Trent who arrive at the final stage.

Chris: Well the gentalman this country is the ultimate food challenge welcome to the USA.

Geoff: Sweet Party in the Usa

Chris: Enough References now we thought of the fatest foods possible and made the ultimate fast food thanks to Chef.

Chef brings our a Steel Plate with a Giant Cheese Pizza with Meat Patites across it with Chesse on it and Hot  Dog Wiener's around it.

Trent: Wow ?

Izzy: Hmm looks good :)

Chef: Well sounds like no need for dinner tonight then !

Chris: Indeed each of you will be given on of these Pizzadogburger's the first person to finish it or the only person not to barf wins invinsibility.

Trent: Is that meant to be eaten ?

Geoff: Only One way to find our dude :)

Chef: GO !

All Three begin to eat the massive Pizza Combination.

Geoff takes off one slice with a Meat patty on it and eats it While Izzy shoves her face right onto the pizza.

Trent: Urg is force feeding allowed ?

Chris: Is there any here for that ?

Izzy: I'll help

Izzy Shoves a Meat patty down Trent's thoart.

Trent: thanks

Izzy: You're welcome.

Izzy then picks up her whole pizza and rolls it up into a ball and eats it whole.

Chef: Where was she raised ?

Izzy: A Rain forest why ?

Chris: Nerve mind that if you can keep it down then you win.

Geoff: I might of had too much.

Geoff Then pukes in a nerby flower pot.

Geoff: sorry

Trent: I kind of lost my Appetite.

The Scene then chages to the dock.

Chris: Well with that concluded Izzy is the winner of todays challenge.

Owen: Hey Chris can I have the leftover's from that final challenge.

Owen: (Con) I Always wanted to create my very own a food and tasting it would be even better :D

Sierra: Ah Classic Owen.

Chris: Actually my interns should be cleaning it at this very moments why have they not contacted me yet ?

But just then a Sudden loud explosion goes off.

Ludwig: What was dass ?

Cody: Sounds like it came from the moutian.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.59.13 PM

Who Blew up Mt. Chrismore

Chris takes out a telescope but to see from the distance that it has been blown up but no sign of the culprit. 

Trent: (Con) It doesn't make sense isn't Mal Gone wait ?

Geoff: (Con) Man are we dumb We must of forgot to disarm the bomb.

Ludwig: (Con) All according to Plan.

Chris: My face, my Beatiful face blown to sherds.

Gwen: It's just a mountain 

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.27.27 PM

Trent: (Con) It doesn't make sense isn't Mal Gone wait ?

Chris: BE GONE ALL OF YOU, I see you all later at the campfire, Someone is GOING TO PAY !

The Scene changes to Ludwig sitting at the Infirmary.

Ludwig: How is it holding Bud ?

Noah: I Have a Red chillie burning my insides all day other then that I heard an explosion ?

Ludwig: Yea some vandal blew up MT. Chrismore

Leshawna: and from the sounds of it it's something YOU DO !

Leshawna said as she walked in.

Ludwig: Oh I see frame the new kid how typical of you.

Leshawna: Harold told me about you're Giant stache of GM food and you have a you're own Gear of tools with you, You definetly are up to no good Punk !

Ludwig: How DARE you call me such Vile Name. Keep it up and MT.Chirsmore won't be the only thing blowing up.

Leshawna: So you Did do it Ha.

Ludwig: Don't bother tatle taleing you won't survive for long.

Noah: Eh Hello I'm hearing all of this !

Ludwig: Relax Noah, You sound like you need more medicine.

Ludwig force feeds a Spoon full of sleeping medinece to Noah putting him to sleep.

The Scene changes to the Campfire Ceremony.

Chris: Today was going so good until midday, Since you're All Full tonight there will be no Marhsmellows.


Chris: After Chef went throught an investigation of what happened at Mt.Chrismore we manged to find some evidence and crack the case and thus the Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdom will go the the CLUPRIT who destroyed my Face !

Leshawna and Gwen then Grin at Ludwig.

Leshawna: You're Rain ends here Ludwig.

Chris: No Leshawna you end here! .

Everyone then gasps.

Harold: What NO !

Leshawna: Bu.... But I did'nt do it that Devil in the Labcoat did.

Chris: The Note Chef found on the moutain specifically has you're Name on it. and apperntly you were jealous of my glory and you blew up the Moutain after you were eliminated in the Semi Final round !

Scott: (Con) Further details adds more explanation to any story so any gullible fool would fall for it but what if Someone else gets framed for framing somone ':)

Gwen: Chris I demand you go throught evidence again there's no way Leshawna would do something like that 

Chris: True but it's late and we only have Fifthy Seconds left till this episode finishs so Just take you're Toxic Marshmellow of Loserdowm and be gone ! 

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.26.32 PM

Leshawna was Framed and is sent to the Hurl of Shame

The Scene changes to Leshawna on the Hurl of Shame.

Harold: Oh cruel world why must our love always be runined.

Leshawna: Relax String bean everthing will turn out for the Better once Chris gets over his stone Face cracking and Gwen promise me you will takedown that no good Rat of a BRA-IN !

Leshawna said as she was hurled away.

Chris: Ten Campers Left Who will fall before getting to the Final 9 Well Unfortunately next time is a Aftermath epsiode so enjoy so that and Till next episode after that Stay tune for More TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!!

Chapter 20: Aftermath Part III: Blaineley's Revenge

" This episode of TDIV is an aftermath speical enjoy "

Aftermath Part III: Blaineley's Revenge
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 20
First Aired (CAN) 22nd March 2014
First Aired (USA) 22nd March 2014
Episode Guide
"All You Can Eat around the Wolrd"
"Mutant's and Toxic's at the Wawanka 2014 Sha-ympic Games"

The Scene starts off with Duncan in his backstage room drinking a slushie when he hears a knock on the door.

Duncan: Who is it ?

DJ: Just me.

Duncan then opens the door.

Duncan: So You're Keen for tonight ?

DJ: That's what I wanted to talk about the Producer's replaced me and Bridgette so now we have a new host :(

Duncan: Ah that's a shame, Come in.

Duncan close the door as DJ enters the room.

DJ: So How's it going since you came back form the Island ?

Duncan: Could be better, I have Courntey sending even more death threats to me, but on the bright side i've contined to break the law to prove my bad boy reputation.

DJ: She really has gone insane has she ?

Duncan: Meh I still think She likes me.

DJ: After everthing that happen from the last 3 season how ?

Duncan: Love is complicated DJ, So if you're not hosting Tonight then who is ?

The Scene Then shows the intro for the Aftmath with the Blue Giant words saying Total Drama island of Vengeance Aftermath.

The Curtains the Open showing the Peanut Gallery.

Ezekiel: Hey aren't you and DJ meant to be on the front chairs ?

Bridgette: We were until we got replaced by the Wicked Witch.

Tyler: Wait you mean !

Blaineley: And Welcome Ladies and Gental to Total Drama Aftermath I am you're New but fabulously Famous Host Blaineley

Lindsay: Mildred when did you get here ?

Blaineley: Chris Wanted me to stir the pot around here because the last two aftermaths were complete Hippie Garbage.

Blaineley: So With the indroduction let's gets thing going with our first guest from the last Six Episodes lets welcome Eva To the Stage.

Just then Two interns were thrown from the stage into the wall.

Tyler: Don't think sees in the mood ?

Blaineley: Fine We will get back to her soon, But I have a Better Idea, Intern's Bring out Mal.

Mike is thrown onto to stage while Zoey walks in.

Mike: My Name is Mike !

Justin: How did you get them here ?

Blaineley: I'm Famous so it doesn't matter, So Mike is having another Personality been enjoying.

Mike: No how can that even be fun !

Blaineley: Well you and Mal could have differnt Girlfriends.

Zoey: Excuse Me !

Blaineley: I doubt that a Person who went to Juvie would go out with some as boring as you.

Bridgette: Not Cool !

Zoey then leaves the stage in tears.

Mike: Zoey !

Mike then runs off.

Beth: First Five Minutes and I already had it with you >:(

Blaineley: Children calm down we still have four Interviews tonight along with some Truth and Whatever pain we can give them, Now we start it off again With Eva.

Eva and Lindsay are backstage.

Lindsay: Don't Worry Evo Sticks and Stones may break you're bones but names will never hurt you :)

Eva: For Once Lindsay you got a Point.

Eva takes a Deep breath and walks onto the stage.

Blaineley: Eva on of our of the Total Drama Fans Least favourite contestants below Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: Hey !

Eva: So You're at the Bottom I assume ?

Blaineley: Ha Nice try, Now question one How did you loses to some of the weaker campers like Cody and Noah.

Eva: ( Eva takes a Breath before replying ) First of All Noah isn't weak but just Puny and for Cody He has a Backbone called Sierra.

Blaineley: But what about Mal he threw you off the blimp so easily.

Eva: He would of broke you in half and I was extremely tried on that day.

Blaineley: And you fell alseep at you're elimination ?

Eva: Keep it up and you will fall into a never ending sleep.

Bridgette: That we would encourage.

Blaineley: Don't bother hiding the Anger away We have tons of sticks and stones for that.

Lindsay: There goes Plan L :(

Blaineley: And you were so easily takedown by Geoff in you're Last Challenge, How is it that you didn't hear him from behind ?

  • The Camera then zooms at the Tv showing a clip from episode 14

Ludwig from a Distance deploys his Sniper Rifle and Aims at Eva.

But the Wind cause Ludwig To Miss his Shot.

Eva: Sniper !

Ludwig Runs but Drops his Pistol while Runing.

Ludwig then hides behind a Tree when he tries to fire at her only for his gun to Jam.

Eva: Down goes another !

But Before Eva Fires a Leech hits her in the Back.

Ludwig then looks out to See Geoff there.

  • Goes Back to reality

Blaineley is then hit in the eye by a six stitcher ball thrown by Eva.

Eva: Hear that!

Everyone in the Peanut gallery claps.

Eva: Well I've had enough of that Stuck up Brat I'm going to the gym down town.

Eva then walks off stage.

Blaineley: Who brings a Six Stitcher Ball to a Reality show !

Tyler:  Er ! Blaineley has that Black eye always been there :| ?

Blaineley: What GR, Were taking a Break in the meantime I have to fix a problem, INTERN'S MAKEUP !

The Scene chages to backstage where Heather is sitting on a chair alone where Alejandro arrives.

Alejandro: Did you miss me Mi Amor ;)

Heather: No Goth sucker !

Alejandro: oh Please that was mere stratergy until her two dumb exes stoped me.

Heather: How is it that you actually lost to Trent ?

Alejandro: But you were the first person from you're Team to Fall Mi Amor.

Heather: Mad you just missed the merges.

Justin: And I thought I had problems ?

Intern: Three Minutes till The Commericals end.

Alejandro: Have fun out there Heather :)

Heather: Wait you're not coming

Alejandro: Until Blaineley needs me ?

The Scene then changes back to Aftermath stage.

Blaineley: Welcome back to Total Drama Aftermath with You're Host and a bunch of losers in the Peanut gallery.

Ezekiel: My Mum taught me that those who insult others are only hiding their burdens of that insult eh !

Blaineley: Whatever anyway it's time for our next guest, He's Courtney, Bridgette, Leshawna and Heather's boy toy please welcome World Tour's Winner Alejandro.

Alejandro then walks on stage while Everyone except for Heather, Lindsay and Tyler Boo Him.

Bridgette: BOOO! >:o

Justin: Copy Cat !

Beth: You're worser then Justin and Heather combined >:( 

Alejandro: Oh Beth but I merely perfected what they could not !

Blaineley: So let's get to the bottom of this and talk about every girl you have intereacted with in you're Latest Two seasons.

Alejandro: Well Back in World Tour I used Bridgette and Leshawan just to lose for there team But there was really only one girl that I would take a bullet for.

Alejandro blows a kiss at Heather.

Heather then grabs it and crushes it.

Blaineley: After you came back from scrap metal Purgatory you had already lost reputation with you'r fellow campers, What was you're Idea on bouncing back ?

Alejandro: Easy the Toxic Rats knew they wouldn't survive without me and with The whole Duncan and Courtney drama's and Nine happeing It easily turned the tragets on them, But my only problem was Ludwig since he was new to the seaon and Geoff thanks to my early acts.

Bridgette: It comes back to bite you !

Alejandro: However things got better after that boxing fight I beat my Brother JOSE thus protecting Heather's Heart but Despite our losing streak our team mange to turn the tide.

Blaineley: Which Leads to Justin !

Alejandro: YOU!, You hurled away my Rosa !

Justin: taking out one of the strongest compeitor's Al you were both too strong, Stupid Fang :(

Blaineley: Time for our first Segment Truth or Eletrocution Time.

There was a silence in the crowd.

Blaineley: And it's for Heather and Alejandro.

Everyone then Cheers.

Alejandro is then strapped to a Electrical Chair.

Heather: This should be fun.

Blaineley: Question One According to Heather's Brother, Heather was rejected by everyone she asked out to the prom what might that be ?

Alejandro: Merely that school is fool of mudoculos !

Alejandro is then electrocuted however he does not feel any pain.

Heather: How are you not in pain ?

Alejandro: You see Mi Amor I'm just too Handsome to be shocked, For me It feels relaxing.

Justin then toches Alejandro's Arm.

Justin: Yep I don't feel pain.

Alejandro: I'm suprised that No one went to the porm with her.

Blaineley: Well that's because she used to be really F.

Heather then covers her mouth.

Heather: Question two who here desevers to rule the world. 

Alejandro: As King I could only have one Queen Dear Mi Amor ;) 

Heather: What's Mi Amor even mean, is that and insult you MI Amor ! 

Alejandro: No that means my love ;) 

Tyler: Ha you just called him my love Ahahhahaahah

Heather: No and how come you're not being shocked. 

Alejandro: I guest right on that question.  

Lindsay: Oh my Turn What's you're name. 

Alejandro: Well Lindsay I am Alejandro Burromuerto. 

Justin: Which in english means Dead Donkey :D 

Blaineley: Well Now it's time for you're three question Heather.

The Scene changes to Heather on the electrical chair.

Blaineley: Question One what did you're Fourtune Cookie say from episode 9

Heather: It said Everyone is beneth me !

Heather is then electorcuted.

Blaineley: Need a Memory Jog 

The Tv then Turns on showing a clip from episode 9.

  • The camera zooms into the Tv

Heather then reads her fortune.

Heahter's cookie : You may not know it but you have found true love, Ha Lame.

Alejandro: Lame or Love Heather

Alejandro walks up to her as she blushes.

  • Goes back to reality

Heather: Ok what app did you use to edit that ?

Alejandro: Real Life Mi Amor ;)

Blaineley: While were on the topic of past episodes Alejandro what about you're boxing fight with José.

  • Camera zooms into the TV which plays a clip from episode 8

Chris the throws a smoke bomb into the Ring, as it fades away it shows a Blue Spanish man there.

Alejandro: José !

The Bell then rings.

José does the first Punch but Alejandro blocks with and tries to swing at him but he dodges all three hook punches.

José: Ha your technique is Pathetic and Embrassing as Heahter's Unatractive Personaliy on National Televisoin hahahahahaha.

Heather: What !

This cause All of the Girl fo laugh at Heather, Which Angers Alejandro.

Alejandro then Does a Knock back Punch at him.

Alejandro: That is for calling me Al !

He then Frontflips over José and Trips him over.

Alejandro: That's for hogging the family mirror, 

Alejandro: And this is for calling Heather Anything related to Negative insults and a Dead Donkey.

Alejandro Then Punches him back causing him to fall.

Chris: One Point to the Toxic Rats.

José: Congratulations my brother you have succeded,

Alejandro: All of that was for you Heather ;)

This cause Heather to blush.

Heahter: Ur Thanks I guess

Alejandro then gives her a piece of paper contain his phone number.

Heather: (Con) No Boy has ever gave me there phone number.

  • Goes back to Reality

Heather: Oh Please I had the flu on that day

Alejandro: Either way Mi Amor That was a Victorious day for me, I finnaly took him down for all those years of insults.

José: Oh Please I was only helping you with you're problema with you're amante.

A Chair behind Blaineley turns around showing José sitting there.

Alejandro: José !

Justin: How come his interview is longer then mine :(

José: Al don't Miss you're brother after all you were stuck in a Robot suit for a Full Year.

Alejandro: It was more lovely in their then I ever was sharing the same house as you >:(

Blaineley: Don't you just love faimly Delima :)

Alejandro: You always trying to do better than me at everything Every Subject at School you choose the exact same as me and mostly cheat you're way throught it.

José: Did you forget the time I replace you're Soap with a Urinal Keg.

Bridgette: I'm likeing this guy

Justin: I hate both of them :(

Alejandro: You go out of you're way yo also make my life miserable !

José: Well If you weren't such the Family fame hog all the time maybe I wouldn't happen !

Lindsay: wait your both Brother's ?

Alejandro: yes Lindsay we are !

Lindsay: But why must you keeping fighting and despising each other, My Teacher at shcool taught me that it's always best to Cherrish and Nurture you're Family because the time will come were you may lose them in Terrible Event, But Not matter what Family is Forver no matter what :(

Tyler and the Peanut gallery beign to clap.

Blaineley: You actually learned something at school ?

José: Mabye I have been hard on you in childhood but I was afraid you were going to replace me :(

Alejandro: You are my brother I looked up to you as a Baby, I never wanted you to dissapear from me :(

Both brothers then hug which even Heather and Courtney begin to tear up a little.

Blaineley: Were meant to be talking about you're Hatered and backstabbing here ?

Alejandro: That is now a thing of the past, We need to regain lost time, and Heather I'll see you backstage in an Hour ;)

Alejandro and José exit off the stage.

DJ: Wait this has gone farther then fitheen minutes isn't that all we have left.

Blaineley: Oh were not done yet Chris gave us the old time thanks to how high tonights ratings are >:)

Heather: Is anyone going to left me out of this.

Blaineley: Oh how could I forget sure and Courtney it's you're turn on here.

Courtney: What Why ? I am a CIT there's no way I'm going on that Piece of timber !

Blaineley: oh but now we have something you will go off at cause now it's time for our next Guest who was with Courtney until Jumping onto Gwen, Give it up for Duncan !

Courtney: NOOOOO!

Duncan then walks up stage.

Duncan: Aftermath stage ha Never thought I see the day.

Courtney: FRAMER!!!!!!!!!! >:O

Courtney tries to throw the Giant Bag full of Fan Mail at him But he ducks.

Blaineley: Good Idea Courtney lets read the fan Mail !

Ezekiel Brings out the Bag

Ezekiel: Here you go all the mail related to Romeo and Juilet :)

Duncan then takes out one of the Mail letters and reads it

Duncan: Dear Duncan why would you dump someone as Hot as Courtney you Jerk ! from DoorSa12

Duncan: Well Doorsa12 Have you ever had that Girl you really Liked and then after a of dating Month she gets sho annoying and won't listen to reason well that's Courtney your so called Hotness plus she whacked me in the nuts with an object countless times and cheated half the time in season two.

Courtney the digs out a Another letter

Courtney: Dear Courtney How Come Duncan is such a B$%^&*

Ezekiel: Hey that's not on the letter ?

Courtney: yes it is look

Ezekiel looks closer when Courtney whacks him with it.

Blaineley: Now In episode Six you admitted that you still had feelings for Courtney ?

Duncan: Well Mostly it was to annoy Gwen after I found out about her votting for me.

Blaineley: But it was correct so do you ?

Duncan: Well see her get so Angry can make any man feel hot ;)

Courtney: Excusse me there's more to a Girl then her anger magement.

Duncan: You mean you're uptightness ;)

Courtney: And you're Secert Nicness ;)

Duncan: I'm not Nice >:(

Courtney: That's one thing I do Like about you.

Duncan: HA so it is True >:)

Blaineley: Well there's no doubt about that Now Kiss and makeup.

Blaineley then pushes Courtney Into Duncan.

Duncan: I don't really care wanna Make out ?

Courtney: Ugh You are so Impolite, So Uncivilized and you are So DISRESPECFUL.

After a Few Seconds Courtney and Duncan suddenly begin to Kiss.

Blaineley: Well the Love Triangle has Finally ended lets take a look at our Best Moments

  • A Montage of images Show Ducnan kiss Courtney and Another of him and Gwen and then Courtney Raing about it.

Duncan: Yea you are so Better then Gwen or Anyone other Girl I knew :D

Courtney: Forget Anything had ever happended we Restart things ok ?

Duncan: Sure 

Duncan and Courtney then begin to leave the stage when Duncan was sudenly pulled back.

Blaineley: Hold up Lover Boy were not done with you yet.

Duncan: What do you mean this interview is over.

Blaineley: That was only one of the two thing we wanted to talk to you about.

Duncan then sits down.

Duncan: What other ?

Suddnely the Blue Mother Bird flies in and lands on Duncans Lap.


Blaineley: Oh but you're are such good friends and it's cute you losing it all, Ezekiel the fan mail

Ezekiel: Dear Duncan Why don't you just give it up and become a leser Scumbag to society From Yellow Apple.

Duncan: Dear this Ezekeil SHUT UP !

Just then A Smoke Bomb goes off on a Empty chair.

when the Smokes fades away Dawn appears.

Duncan: You again !

Dawn: You are lost on you're what you are are you ?

Duncan: No I Don't care about my Soul and I don't care about this stupid Aftermath >:(

Dawn: You have problems with family is that true.

Duncan: No in fact they atcually loved me.

Tyler: Didn't think he evre say something like that ?

Dawn: While that is true that di'dnt spend much time with you because of their urgent job as police.

Beth: Both you're parents were police ?

Duncan: Everyone was my grandma and even my pet dog.

Dawn: I can sense you're Aura Duncan it is a new shade of Purple.

Duncan: PURPLE ! What stupid Witch school did you got to >:(

Dawn: I can Help you Duncan but the Red side of your Aura is Taking over you :(

Blaineley: Ok I see were not getting Anywhere with thei interview FANG !

A Cage opens shwoing Fang


Duncan runs off stage while being chased by Fang.

Dawn: We were making progress

Blaineley: This is a Show not a Physiatrist Appointment.

Dawn then drops a smoke bomb and dissapears.

Blaineley: Now our final Guest for tonight is supected for the destruction of Mt.Chrismore, Please Welcome Leshawna.

Leshawna then arrives on Stage which Lindsay, Bridgette, DJ and Tyler Cheer for her.

Leshawna: Oh You again are you meant to be a bear chew toy.

Blaineley: So What made you blow up Mt.Chrismore ?

Leshawan: Don't tell me your on Ludwig's Side !

Blaineley: His side is more dramatic then yours, So what is out of Jealously because Harold didn't pay attention.

Leshawna: Did you even watch the episode I was Framed by that Maniac who has a Underground Hideout under the cabin.

Blaineley: ah Yes the idea was really nice have you tried these Golden Coloured Rice :)

Tyler: I don't know Ludwig was'nt really that bad.

Leshawna: The Kids Evil he's formed an alliance with Harold and Owen, No One good ever makes and alliance.

DJ: Well I have to agree with Her Heather, Duncan, Courtney, Justin and Alejandro made alliances None of them were good.

Ezekiel: I don't know This guy had a Nice Personality maybe you just pushed him to the edge.

Leshawna: Okay maybe he is better then Heather and Alejandro but he still is a big threat to them.

Courtney: That Brat got me eliminated.

Tyler: You got my Lindsay voted out your worse >:(

Lindsay: Is My Lindsay my name ?

Blaineley: Were meant to be talking about Mt.Chrismore here ?

Leshawna: He set the charges off.

Mike: No I did, Well Mal did but look hes gone, Leshawna is innocent !

Blaineley: Care to explain Mal's Reaons why ? ;)

Mike: Well to Mal it was all about TRAP !

Alejandro and Heather from backstage pulled a Switch changing the stage into a Boxing Ring.

Blaineley: What is this !

Bridgette and Mike enter the ring where Blaineley is

Bridgette: It's Obvious that didn't learn a thing from last season so it's time for Karma to return.

DJ then grabs the bell and rings it.

Blaineley then turns around to see Eva with Boxing Gloves.

Eva: Remember when you insulted the Zit on my face calling it a mountain, Yea I Remember >:(

Blaineley: Ugh I think you might have the worng person.

Eva then Hook Punches Blaineley knocking her to the back of the ring and then tackles her down.

Eva the tags in Fang who Jumps from the Pole in the ring and lands on her.

Blaineley: Ok You Win :(

Mike: Is that enough ?

Bridgette: On more thing we need to end the show.

Duncan, DJ and Ezekiel Carry a Hurl of Shame into the stage while Fang picks her up and puts her on it.

Blaineley: You can Eliminate me IM THE HOST >:(

DJ: No You've been fired !

Ezekiel then pulls the switch hurling her away.

Zoey: Do you think that's the last time we see her ?

Bridgette: na she'll be back next season probably as long as Drama still happens then Blaineley won't be far behind !

DJ: Well this was a very unexcepeting Total Drama Aftermath episode which Next Four Campers will join us in our Next Aftermath Stay tune for the Next Episode of ..... TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

Chapter 21: Mutant's and Toxic's at the Wawanka 2014 Sha-ympic Games

" Last time On Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Our Campers were treated to a All you can eat competion, Noah ended in the infirmary thanks to Izzy, Leshawna and Gwen's Suspicion of Ludwig rose after Harold spilled the beans about their alliance which is why Harold lost in round two, Surprisingly it wasn't Owen who won last time's challenge but it it was the Loonly Izzy who ate everying we could dish for her. But the biggest twist of the day wasn't during the challenge because SOMEONE BLEW UP MY MONUMENT ! (Cough) As I was saying someone blew up Mt.Chrismore and all the evidence pilled up on Harold's Sweet luscious Leshawna which Out of Rage I sent Hurling away. " 

Mutant's and Toxic's at the Wawanka 2014 Sha-ympic Games
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 21
First Aired (CAN) 29th March 2014
First Aired (USA) 29th March 2014
Challenge 1. 100m Aquatcics

2.Archery 3. 110m Hurdles 4. Fencing 5. Sha-FootBall

Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Aftermath Part III: Blaineley's Revenge"
"True Colours"

The Scene flahes to Chris and Lighting at the Chrisiseum.

Chris: So with all that Food eaten last Week it's time for the Camper's to burn it all off in the challege I have in story of them today.

Lightning: Lightning is brining the Pain to them !

Chris: Don't you just love this guys attitude :), Who is get the gold and who will get the Hurl find out right now on ..... TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE.

The Scene starts at the Males Cabin where Harold wakes up.

Harold: (Yawn) Such a good start to the moring with Duncan Gone :)

Noah: It takes you that long to celebrate it ?

Harold: Yes my friend with all the evil Camper's Gone we can finnally have a great summer togther.

Noah: You do realize that were in Fall not Summer ?

Cdoy: Urg Didn't someone frame Leshawna or something.

Harold: It was all well Until that has happen we still have a Villian in our Myths we must expose to art for who he or she is !

Ludwig: (Con) This is were my plan comes to fruition, First half of the season I act like anyone of them, now that there are only Nine episodes left so it's now or never.

Ludwig leaves the confessional to see his Intern friend leaving the secruity room.

They both give each other a grin.

Meanwhile at the Main Lodge.

Ludwig arrives and sits next to Geoff.

Geoff: Hey dude did you get much sleep last night.

Ludwig: Why do you ask ?

Trent: Do didn't hear the Lightning last night.

Ludwig: Na I guees I must of been tried as a Fried egg last night

Owen: Hmmmmm Egg 

Trent: We know each since the Mutant Maggots Ludwig but I have to ask Did you have anything to do with Mt.Chrismore ?

Ludwig: Hmm Well.

Chris (Intercom) : Attention All Campers report to the Main Lodge for two Very Big announcements.

Everyone else arrives at the Lodge along with Chris

Chris: Now there was some controversy from last challenge about the instant Elimination of Leshawna and we have come to a conclusion that she was indeed framed.

Gwen then stares at Ludwig.

Chris: But Since She has already been hurled there's no way we can bring her back.


Chris: But we can ruin someone elses reputation by reavling the real Culprit .............

Gwen: Busted ( Gwen whispered to Ludwig)

Chris: and it was CODY all a long !

Cody: WHAT ! 

Gwen & Sierra : What !

Haorld: (Gasp) Cody How could You D:<

Cody: I wasn't me Harold I Swear

Chris: Unfortunately Cody at the werckage sight there were traces of you're Hair inside the bomb along with finerprints that matched to you, however since i Feel least pissed today you can stay enjoy :).

Scott & Ludwig: (Con) Ludwig: Nice doing Business with you. Scott: I told you they'd buy it >:)

Harold: After these years of helping a fellow nerd this is how you repay me >:(

Cody: Harold you know I would never do anything like that, Wait did you just call yourself nerd

Harold: Eh SHUT UP


Sierra then Whacks Harold with a Chair.

Harold: (Con) Ludwig was Right they must be removed !

Chris: Now for our Second Announcement.

Noah: Let me Guess Courtney Kissed Trent ?

Chris: No but great Idea for Sierra's next fandom Blog, Now since you all enjoyed you're Sports challenge with Lightning So Much I decide to ....

Lightning then jumps throught the roof and lands on the Table above Izzy and Gwen.

Lightning: I'm SHA-Back Maggots ! 
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.39.59 PM

Lightning Returns

Izzy: Yay Thunder is back :D

Gwen: I doubt that Lightning is even you're Real name

Lightning: Lady I'm in a room with two girls who have Pink and Blue Hair !

Owen then laughs

Gwen: Blue, It's Mid-Nightblue

Sierra: PINK >:(

Sierra: I dyed my hair violet which is Cody's Favourite colour.

Owen and Geoff both laugh about that

Cody: Did you have to mention that :(

Chris: Ok everyone head to the Chrisiseum for one of you're biggest challenges yet.

Trent: Didn't we do our phobia challenges there.

Ludwig: So what happend to Nine at Mt.Chrismore ?

Trent: It's Best to be talked in private ?

Gwen: (Con) Ok So now Ludwig is bonding With Trent in the past Four Days, I get that they were on the same team all the time, But Leshawna is Right that Boy is Evil and There's No Way I letting him get Trent next and Now he has Framed Cody, Leshawna and Helped Duncan Eliminate Courtney and then turned the attention on Duncan to elimainte Him You have Crossed the Line Pal ! 

Gwen: Ok So now Ludwig is bonding With Trent in the past Four Days, I get that they were on the same team all the time, But Leshawna is Right that Boy is Evil and There's No Way I letting him get Trent next and Now he has Framed Cody, Leshawna and Helped Duncan Eliminate Courtney and then turned the attention on Duncan to elimainte Him You have Crossed the Line Pal !

Sierra then knocks on the Confessional.

Sierra: OMG You and Trent were voted the Best Couple on tons of my blog pages, Please Get back toghter so you can leave my CODY ALONE !

The Scene Changes to the Chrisiseum.

Chris: Camper's Name the Biggest World Wide Event that takes place ever four years.

Owen: The Opening of a new Red Wings resturant :D

Noah: You replace us with new contestants ?

Trent: Leap Year ?

Geoff: Extra day to party :) ( High fives Trent)

Chris: First Two were wrong, Every Four years a Country is chosen host a very speical Sport event that dated back to Ancient Grecce.

Owen: Ancient ha well I guess it's back to my birthday suit then !

Chris: NO OWEN , Were Still having Cloths like last time.

Gwen: This Again ?

Chris: Indeed Gwen, Today is the 2014 Wawanakwa Olympic Games.

Chef then runs into the Chrisiseum with the Olympic Torch and drops it into a Whole Which bursts out fire.

Chris: That was worth the Amount of Injured Intern's, Anyway like any other olympic we will hold Events each one differnt from the other just to make things fair since Harold, Cody and Noah are already lacking in skills.

Noah: Yea because Tyler would dominatte us ( Sarcasm)

Harold: He is pretty strong isn't he  ?

Chris: How today will work is that all ten of you will participate in all Four Events you will earn points depending on what place you came, However to make thing hard I will not tell you you're score until the whole day is finished because the peron with the lowest amount of points it automatically Eliminated.

Izzy then takes the Torch that Chef had and starts running around with it.

Izzy: I am the FIRE QUEEN :D

Chef: Give that back !

The Scene changes to Lake Wawanakwa.

Lightning: Maggots, First Event is the 100m Freestyle Aquactics, This Race will seperate the Strong from the weak, Insane and Fat.

Izzy: Ha Zap called you insane Gwen :)

Lightning: No Talking Ready set SHA-GO

Everyone then dives into the water

Everyone begins to swim their way to the Goal point.

Geoff: Wow halfway there alread dudes

Trent: Just remember in these games you have to touch the point and swim back.

Gwen: Chris idea of a 100m Swiming is already backfiring.

The three turned around to See Cody, Harold Noah and Owen all unconscious.

Ludwig: Are they ok ?

Sierra then riding a Dolphin picks up Cody and goes off.

Lightning: Sha-Idiots

Chef: Chris said to whip them just use plan F

Chef then presses a Buzzer that opens a Cell under the water revealing Fang.

Harold: Yes I made it.

Harold reaches the goal point but already finds that Trent, Gwen, Geoff and Ludwig hae already made it back.

Harold: Gosh !

But then a notice a Shark Fin around him.

Harold: AHH a Carcharodon Carcharias.

The Fin then swims near Owen and Noah Who Freak out at the sight of Fang.


But before Fang tries to eat them, Izzy in a Blue ninja outfit jumps out of the water and figths Fang.

Izzy: Bring it JAW's !

Fang then throws a Turtle at her but her kicks it back hitting him on the nose.

Izzy then dashses and Kicks him in the face knocking out the same tooth that Duncan had once took.

Izzy: Leave now or you will be Made into Sushi

Izzy then opens her mount showing she has a lot of razor sharp teeth which Fang is Horrified by and dives underwater away from her.

Izzy and Noah then climb onto Owen and use him as a boat.

Owen: Wow how did you learn those Wicked moves :) ?

Izzy: At Shark Fighting Academy back in Pre-school :D

Noah: At My Pre-School we learnt how to read.

Izzy: Cool !

Lightning: Hmm I am Impressed with the shark fighting however Only Four of the ten of you actually got to the goal and So I will now tally the scores.

Cody: What did we get ?

Chef: That Can't be told until the end everyone report to the woods for you next Event.

The Scene flashes to the Wood where Every Camper is given a Bow and Five arrows.

Lightning: You're All Familiar with Archery Right ?

Noah: I'm familiar to Low IQ Jocks !

Lightning: For this event you have an Arrow and Five Bows which means you have five Sha-ttempts to aim at you're traget Green zone is 5 points, Yellow Zone is 10 points and Red is 20.

Gwen: You mean Bow n Arrow ?

Cody: Are we going in an Order or all just at once ?

Lightning: No Nerd boy you may Sha-fire when ready.

Sierra then closes her eyes and imagines that the Traget has a Cody face.

Sierra: Cody Shot

Sierra fire her bow and her arrow breaks throught the traget.

Sierra: 20 Point SHOT :D

Noah Goes to pull the Bow but the string breaks.

Noah: My Luck :|

Harold then fires his bow at Cody which meary shoots off his Belt which causes his pants to fall.

Cody: Oh DUDE :(

Harold: that's a Twenty in my books.

Harold: (Con) I know I may come off mean to him but he Framed Leshawna and some Karma is bound to come back at him for that deed Enemy Number One >:(

Geoff the fires his bow hitting an Yellow Zone.

Izzy then ligths up her arrow with a Match Stick and Hits the Traget but the Fire spreds to the Trees.

Harold: BUSH FIRE ! :O

Chef: RUN !

The Screen changes to the Camp where everyone is seen running out fo the woods as a Few Trees burn down.

Trent: What is it with Interupted Challenges.

Ludwig and Sierra then shurg in confusion.

Chirs: What is going On why have you already finished Archery already.

Gwen: Izzy Burned down half the forest with a Flaming Arrow.

Izzy: They Don't call me Izzy the Fire Queen for nothing

Noah: I wish they did you it for nothing.

Lighting: That's the least of there troubles two of the ten are tied with the lowest points.

Chris then looks at the Scoreboard sheet.

Chris: Hmm I'm not surpisde to see that person so low.

Geoff: Dude can we take a peek.

Chris: No, Now Onto out Third Event 110m Hurdles

The Scene changes to a Full Track that each person is on.

Lightning: This event will get you slow runners into shape all you have to Sha-do is run to the finish line on your track while jump over obstacles that are in your way.

Lightning then pulls out a Blow Horn.

Lightning: GO !

everyone starts runing

Noah: Trying to make us deaf !

Geoff: Hm this race doesn't seem that bad.

Geoff the jumps right over a hurdle

Cody the jumps but trips over it and falls.

Sierra: Can't lose any more Cody !

Sierra then picks up Cody and begins to Speed up after the others.

Owen then rams throught many of the hurdles

Owen: I can't take much more of this.

Izzy then jumps onto his shoulders and puts a Chocodile candy attached to a rope in front of his face

Izzy: MUSH !

Owen: YES SIR !

Owen then charges after the Choclate in his face

Ludwig: How Many Meter's has it been.

Geoff: Maybe 40 ?

Geoff: So why is it that Gwen doesnt get along with you ?

Ludwig: Maybe die fact that I showed everyone her and Courtney's plan to throw the challenges but dass was for the sake of the team, We started wining once Courtney left.

Trent: You also pulled the Classic Heather and gave her diary to Chris.

Ludwig: It wasn't as bad as Heather thought I Didn't read out any of the mainstram stuff ?

Trent: The What Stuff ?

Just then Trent and Ludwig crash into their Hurdles.

Noah: So you actually belive that Cody blew up Mt.Chrismore ?

Harold: It made sense ever since he came to the island he wanted to be top dork so he wanted to sabotage my confidence and eliminated Leshawan now that Weasel is gonna pay

Noah: Yes because information from Chris really proves your point

Harold: Indeed Buddy :)

Noah: :|

Harold: (Con) Unlike Cody, Noah's one of those people who don't really care I also enjoy the fact we both have a natural enemy like Duncan and Now he also agress with me ah good friend he is :)

Noah: (Con) Does that idoit know the definition of Sarcasm ?

Owen and Sierra both arrive at the Finish line.

Lightining: Winner's Sha-Fat boy and Creppy Girl

Sierra: But Cody counts too right ?

Lightning: No, you picked him up and moved onto your line which means Weak kid and Nut Chick get no points.

Cody: What :(

Izzy: DAMIT! >:O

Lightning: Our Next Event will be a Tournament of Fencing !

Harold: Yes I am an Skilled Swords man in Dragons and Dungeons.

Geoff: Sounds more like something to do with Fences ?

Noah: You don't say : |

Chris: Since Geoff doesn't seem to understand Fecncing this event will be a tournament challenge two people will go up on to this platform where they will duel with sabre the classical weapons for this type of duel

Harold: In Modern fencing Chris there's three kinds of weapons Sabre, Épée and Foil.

Chris: There all swords so shut up !

Lightning then rips up some paper and puts it into a Hat.

Chris: Two names will be drawn from the Hat and those two will go up first.

Lightning then picks up the papers

Lightning: It's the Sha Four Eyes and Fat Boy.

Chris: Ok Harold vs Owen you're the first two up.

The Scence changes to them both on a plaform.

Lightning: First one to fall our of the ring is out.

Owen: Well prepare your self

Harold: (Con) I've had experience in this type of duels, I trained at Medieval Steve's Medieval camp, Swords, Axes, Bow, mace and even wizardry you name it :) Which will help me avenge my fallen Princess Leshawna against that wicked theif know as CODY and his henchman Sierra.

Chris Intercom: Dude Duncan is watching this as we speack Aahahahah

Harold: (Con) GOSH !

Harold: On guard

Owen then pokes at him but Harold deflects the sword attack from him and causes Owen to take a step back.

Owen: Impressive but try this on for size.

Owen then jumps and trys to hit him with the sword but Harold rolls past him.

Harold then hits Owen in the leg.

Harold: Sorry Pal but this must be done.

But Then Owen farts

Harold: What Potion is this (Cough)

Owen: The Bacon and Bean combo 

Owen then takes a step foward.

Harold: You shall not Past !

Harold then uses his Saber to poke Owen's Arm pit which causes him to giggle and jump back.

Owen: Ahahah that tickles.

But then Lightning blows the Wistle

Lighting: Over the Line Fat boy you're Sha-Out !

Harold: All in a Lvl 25 Paladins days work :)

Lighting: Next Crazy Girl vs overly Attached girl

Sierra: Did he just call you over attached. ( Sierra whispered to Gwen )

Gwen: No that's your nick name.

The Screen flahese to both Izzy and Sierra on the stage

Chef: Same as last time step over the line and your out GO !

Izzy then takes out Two Saber's

Izzy: Prepare to walk the plank me matey :D

Sierra: Sword of Cody give me Strenght !

Cody: (Facepalm)

Sierra and Izzy then charge at each other and their Sword get clashes in a Mid Stale mate

Izzy: Evenly Matched I See :|

Sierra: Not Just Sword of Cody Give me Power beyond Power.

Sierra then does a Powerful slashe that knocks Izzy back but not over the line.

Noah: Another Ripoff :| ?

Izzy: Two can play at that Game :)

Izzy then points her two Sabers into the sky were a Massive Lightning Strke comes down and gives her a Powerful barbarin Armor.


Izzy then points her sword at Sierra which a Massive Laser beam comes out and blasts her out of the ring.

Chris: That was the most inaccurate recreation of any Histroical event I have ever witnessed in my whole Life ! , Yet it was pretty awesome.

Noah: (Con) Izzy has Magical Sword summons, Trent had Green mental powers that gives him the ability to fly .Yet this competion is so legit and fair >:(

Chris: Since Noah was complaing in the Confessinal he's up next

Noah: Let me guess a giant Mutated Komodo Dragon, Mal ? 

Chris: No Cody 

Cody: Even worse Dude >:D

The Scene flashes to Cody and Noah both in the ring.

Harold: Cursh him Noah :)

Cody: Get Ready Dude ARRRR

Cody then charges at Noah with his Saber in his hand.

Noah then leaves his leg out causing Cody to trip and fall out of the ring,

Lightning: Boring !

Chris: That's Two points to Noah then.

Sierra: (Gasp) Chris I need to give Cody some of my score points

Chris: What ever it's you're hurl 

Sierra: (Con) I've been tallying the points from the last three events and Cody is in terrivle Danger D:

Noah: That was so hard I forgot to focus.

Chef: Next on is going to be interesting Geoff and Gwen !

The Screen flahes to Gwen and Geoff on the platforms.

Gwen: Yea Chris can we change oppoents were not really rivals ?

Geoff: It's Ok just pretend I'm a Jerk Like Alejandro ?

Gwen then imagines him as Alejandro which begins to anger her.

Gwen: You Manipulative JERK !

Gwen then rams Geoff of the ring and he crashes into a pair of barrels.

Geoff: Ahah ok that was good

Chris: What are you doing you didn't even use you're Saber for that Gwen your Disqualified.

Gwen: What !

Chris: The two points for that round goes to Geoff.

Geoff: hehe Sorry :(

Chris: Ok Trent, Ludwig next up

Lightning: Hold up for a second when are we going to have that Football challenge you said

Chris: That's for another episode

Lightning: Well I want to change it to sha-now !

Chris: Fine then but you're hosting it, Chef Lunch break

Chef: About dam time.

Gwen: Foot Ball, That's not even in the olympics

Lightning: Well it's in Lightning's olympics, Now since we left off from fencing we had six chumps so were having a Three vs Four Football best to Three.

Trent: Wait but we have finished the team phases were up to the merges.

Lightning: Well for this challenge were unmerging, Team Nerd Harold,Noah and Ludwig on the left, Team Lightning Geoff Trent and Izzy on the rigth.

Harold: Team Nerd that's outrageous >:(

Noah: What I find outrageous is the fact he got all out names right for a change :|

Gwen: Wait Three ve Four , Lightning I don't think you're allowed to play

Lightning: Lightning can't miss out on any football games now can he Bridgette

Gwen: Bridgette ?

The Scene flahes to Ludwig, Noah and Harold who is holding the football on the ground.

Harold: Ready Hut, Hut, Hut

Geoff: Anyway So what are the rules Football ?

Lightning: Football were not play Football were Playing Sha-Football which has no rules

Trent: No rules ?

Izzy: Awesome :D

Noah: (sigh) Great. My understanding of this sport is now useless. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.30.52 PM

Noah: (sigh) Great. My understanding of this sport is now useless.

The Whistle then blows.


Ludwig Runs past Harold as Harold Throws the ball to him But Ludwig is tackled by Geoff.

Harold: Noah we must stop them.

Noah trys to charge at Geoff but is also tackled by Izzy

Geoff then throws the Ball into the sky which Lightning runs onto Geoff's Back and jumps off and catches the ball and land behind Harold and Score's a point.

Izzy: 1- 0 :)

Ludwig: This is unfair having Three vs Four

Trent: I have to agree with him on this.

Lightning: Fine Sha-Fat boy your up.

The Scene flahes to the next round !

Owen: Yes Football

The Sceen flashes To Harolds team

Harold: Ready 3 2 HUT !

Geoff then pass tosses the football to Lightning.

Owen then rams down Geoff and Trent and Tackles Lightning.

Owen: I got the Ball !

Owen then ges up and runs towards the goals.

Izzy then stands infront of the goals holding a Bomb

Izzy: None Shall Past >:D

Owen: You cannot stop me Explosivo !

Owen then Throws the Ball which crahses into the bomb Izzy was holding which explosdes.

Owen then picks up the ball and runs into the goal.

Owen: SCORE ! :D

Everyone form the sideline cheer for Owen.

Trent: Nice work Owen, But you do realize that was your teams goal zone not ours ?

Owen: WHAT !

Harold: Ooh no !

Lightning: Team Lightning Wins !

Geoff and Izzy then high five.

Chris: Well With that concluded Trent, Geoff and Izzy are given 5 points for wining the last event.

Trent: So it's a thre tie win all togther ?

Chris: No, All of the events today are tallied and I am proud to Announces Today's winner on 31 points and will be advancing to the Final Nine is................ GEOFF !

Geoff: Whoohooo Yes ! 
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.32.04 PM

Geoff: Man the finally nine I'm am Stoked last time I got to the Final six and was the first kicked off the Second Season but now this is gonna be the best  :D

Gwen and Trent High Five Geoff while Everyone Claps.

Chris: On the flip side in Two hours only Nine of you be left on this Island Enjoy it while you can >:)

Gwen: (Con) My vote is Definitly going to Ludwig 

Harold: (Con) CODY must leave !

Geoff: (Con) Man the finally nine I'm am Stoked last time I got to the Final six and was the first kicked off the Second Season but now this is gonna be the best  :D 

The Scene Changes to the elimination Ceremony.

Chris: Final Ten the time has come for another person to fall, Today the there will be no need for votign becaues Like ow Geoff Won the camper who got the lowest points overall from todays challenge will be the one that leaves tonight.

Everyone then gasp.

Ludwig: (Con) Ok I'll admit today was one of my least well peformed challenges :(

Chris: Geoff gets the first marshmellow along with a golden medal.

Geoff: Nice :)

Chris: With a score of 26 points the next Marshemellow along with the sliver medal is .... Sierra.

Sierra: eeee

Chris: Third Place with the next Marshmallow and a bronze medal ... Trent

Gwen: nice work :)

Trent: Thanks

Chris: Don't worry Gwen you got 20 points and the next marshmallow too.

Chris: Also on 20 points and also gets the next marshmallow is Harold

Harold: Yes ! :)

Chris: Now this is where we get sericous Five people left and four marshmallows left.

The Screen shows Izzy, Cody, Ludwig, Owen and Noah starting to shiver.

Chris: But With 19 points the Next Marshmallow goes to Izzy.

Noah: How slow is this going to go for  ?

Chris: What jealous that Ludwigs get the next marshamalow for getting a total of 16 points.

Chris: oh Boy Three Geeks left On 14 points and gets the second last marshmallow goes to .......

Owen (Farts )

Cody ( Shivers faster)

Noah ( Bored)

Chris: Cody !
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 5.07.34 PM

Noah and Owen are in the Bottom Two.

Sierra: yes

Izzy gasp in shock to see Owen and Noah in the bottom two.

Izzy: No !

Chris: I'm Sorry Izzy but one of them will be goign tonight and can never return ever !

Chris: Now this is where Lightning's Final task came in handy you two were the ones tied all along, But Now you are not and in the end the Final Marshmallow goes to











Chris: The Final Marshmallow goes to .... Noah !

Gwen: Owen :(

Izzy: NOOO!

Owen: it's ok guys this was going to happen sooner or later

The Scene changes to Owen walking to the dock of shame where Izzy and noah run up to him.

Noah: So I guess this is it then :(

Owen: Yea but we had our times togther.

Izzy: But I always went before you :(

Owen: But things Change Izzy now it's your chance to win.

Owen then Hugs Both of them, While Gwen,Trent and Geoff begin to tear up. 
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.52.33 PM

Owen says his farewells to Izzy and noah before he is Hurled away

Chris: It's been a long day and it is time to go Owen.

Owen then jumps onto the Hurl of shame

Owen: Wow it is upgrade anyway Chef You know where to hurl to right me Straight to Red Wings Population  MEEEEEEE !

Owen said as he was hurled away.

Chris: Camp Wawnakwa Population nine but if you thought this was shocking wait until next episode biggest revelation who else won't make it to the final 7 I mean 8 I'm Chris Mclean and I'll see you on our next episode of .. TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

Chapter 22: True Colours:

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, Our Final Ten went throguht a Wawankwa's Very Own Olympic Games, Swminging in the water with our frinedly fish ( Screen Shows Fang Surrounding Owen and Noah ), Some Traditional Archery shooting  until Izzy started a Bush fire and a Fun Run of hurdles which half the campers couldn't even make it past the first five hurdles, After Lightning made a change of plans Noah, Ludwig and Harold were left with getting pummeld in football while Geoff takes home the Gold Medal thanks to Owen accidently score a point for the worng team, Oh Poor Owen unforunately he Owen got the lowest score in the olympics and was Send ot the Hurl of Shame .... For Real, He will be missed but what you must not miss is possible the most tide turing episode in this season who will will float to the finish and who will sink before getting the Final Eight (Cough) Seven, In Just Four the seconds the Next Episode begins of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE ....... 

True Colours
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 22
True Colours
First Aired (CAN) 1st April
First Aired (USA) 1st April
Challenge Race around the Island on boats.
Reward eliminate to chose of your choice
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Mutant's and Toxic's at the Wawanka 2014 Sha-ympic Games"
"On the Seas Edge"

The Shows the whole Island where Suddenly a Massive Yell from Izzy is heard.

The Screen flashes to noah and Trent walking to Gwen who is outside of the girls cabin,

Trent: How Long as she been like that for.

Gwen: She woke me up since mid-night


Suddenly a Bed is thrown out of the Cabin which lands on Noah.

Trent: She must ben upset since because of Owen's Elimination ?

Gwen: Ya Think :|

Noah: So anyone going to help me my Chest is crushes under a Bed !

Gwen: Man I hungry but I can't stand another course of Chef's breakfeast or Legit Food that Luwdig has.

Trent: Well Me and Geoff snuck into Chris Mansion on the other side of the Island Last night to get some snacks here.

Trent then grabs a Bag of Doritoes out of his Shoe.

Noah: Foot Oder flavour ?

Trent: Na Ludwig offer to store them in his mini-fridge so its good.

Gwen: Thanks :)

Noah then manges to Squeeze off the bed and enters the cabin.

Noah: Izzy.

Izzy then makes Vampire noise in reponse opening the blinds.

Noah: We Make another Two weeks left Here so Come On !

Izzy: But now it's just us,  No Owen, No Hope :(

Noah: Does Owen's Elimination have anything to do with this or are you just Hungry ?


Noah: Ok This way.

Noah grabs Izzy's hand and leads her to the main lodge.

Noah: (Con) Izzy is Insane But Owen wanted me to make sure she does'nt lose it over his hurl so a Promise is a Promise.

The Scene changes to the Main Lodge where everyoen else is eating.

Harold is galring at Cody.

Harold: You're days are number traitor.

Cody: Those evidence were planted I had noting to do with it.

Geoff: So Owen's Gone now :(

Ludwig: Ja pretty sad :(

Geoff: I honestly thought he would of beaten us all again ?

Sierra: Total Drama is full of shocking Elimination's, One my top Five most shocking Elimiantions I talked about  Courtney's from season one along with Justin's and Bridgettes from Season one and my Poor Cody.

Geoff: Man that was a heartbreaking day for me :(

Ludwig: Harold can you past me the salt

Harold: Sure thing Pal :)

Trent and Gwen then arrive at the Main Lodge along with Izzy, Noah and Chris.

Chris: Ah Campers enjoying your sixth Week on the island.

Geoff: Six week nice we should have a celebtraion party for that.

Gwen: So Trent how has you'r Guitar skills going

Trent: Great I Suppose I mostly hid it from Nine Since week Three so I Guess I should go unbury it.

Noah: Chris do we have any pancakes that don't have spider's on them.

Chris: No, I here to inform you all that today's challenge will held at the Dock.

Harold: Do we get time to eat first ?

Chris: You can bring it with you.

The Scene changes to Chris and the Final Nine at the dock.

Chris: Six weeks ago Twenty of you returned to a Radioactive island now there are ony nine of you.

Noah: And you move all the toxic waste onto Boney Island Three Weeks ago ?

Chris: Ignoring Noah Today will my interns screw up by forgetting to write in a challenge in today's Scheduel which is why I Bannded them from eating, But enough fo my life Chef decide that today's challenge will be a classic Race .......

Harold: Why are we always doing physical activites ?

Chris: Let me finishs a Race around the Island !

Geoff: Sounds cool :)

Chris: Thank you Geoff however this race will be on boats, There are three boats at you'r disposal so first pick is first choice, Once you get halfway you Chef will be there to fire at you with his new favourite weapon.

Chef then pulls out a Meatball Spagetthi Gun.

Chef: The Meat Ball 4000, Isn't she pretty.

Noah: What's so Four Thousand about that. 

Chef Introduces his latest Weapon " The Meatball 4000"

Chef then fires a Explosive meatball at him.

Chris: If your boat sinks then you are eliminated from the challenge and thats the last thing you want to do because today is Our Second Double Elimination.

This Shocks Everyone but Noah.

Sierra: (Con) That means there's a Seven in Nine Chance me and Cody will get seperate I can't even begin to think that.

Harold: (Con) This is definelty my ultimate test I will win this for you Leshawna.

Chris: Three people per boat good luck.

Everyone then begins to run down to the dock.

Ludwig: So Trent do you want to partner up ?

Trent: Sure I guess

Gwen: Wait I already taken him.

Gwen then grabs Trents Hand.

Ludwig: Oh I See how about a Group of three then ?

Gwen: No thanks me Trent and Geoff are taking the Small Cruise Boat !

Geoff: That's Cool  :)

Ludwig: Hmm I see so be it

Ludwig then leaves them.

Ludwig: (Con) Verdammt Gwen , It's obvious that She is trying zu prevent me from Allying up with Trent which corrects my theory, ?

Trent: is the Biggest Boat the slowest ?

Geoff: Na Dudes This is the same type of boat that everyone arrived from in season One there pretty fast.

Gwen: Nice

The Scene changes to the Boat of Losers.

Sierra: OMG That's the Boat of Losers I always wanted to go on their !

Noah: If you enjoy the tast of being voted out by your own them then be my guess ! 

Noah and Sierra both get onto the Boat of Losers as Izzy also Front flips onto it. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.27.51 PM

Izzy: All Aboard the S.S E-Scope !

Izzy: All Aboard the S.S E-Scope !

Sierra: Wait CODY !

Sierra then notice Cody is no where to be found.

Meanwhile Harold finds a small wodden raft.

Harold: It matter's not whats on the Outside but what matters is on the inside.

Ludwig: Room for two.

Ludwig Jumps on.

Harold: ah good you see you friend.

Cody then jumps on.

Ludwig: Look who's here ;)

Harold: Off the boat Rat

Cody: But this is the only boat left.

Harold: Fine but you better to paddle too >:( 
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.33.04 PM

Cody,Harold and Ludwig end up on the raft ( Worst Choice Boat)

Ludwig then picks up the paddles and passes one to Harold and Cody as the three of them paddle.

The Scene changes back to Boat of losers where Izzy on the ships Wheel.

Izzy: Arg Anything up ahead Noah :D

Noah: Water lots of it ?

Sierra: No sign of Cody :(

Noah: Cody won't always be there for you Sierra, Sooner or later one of you will get eliminated ?

Sierra: You were in the bottom two last time and you're just jealous I have met the love of my life.

Noah: Then Envy is so uncontrollable (Sarcasm)

Meanwhile Geoff is lying on a Chair as Trent Drives the Boat.

Geoff: Such a beatiful day :)

Gwen: Geoff we haven't got time for a rest break !

Geoff: Chillax Gwen were proably already ahed of them theres not need to rush.

Gwen: You heard Chris it's a double Elimination and we can't let Ludwig slip past us this time.

Trent: Well I had my Six Minutes on the Helm whos up next.

Gwen: I never streed a boat so I guess I should try.

Trent: I'll help.

Both Gwen and Trent head to the sterring wheel.

Gwen: So do you really think Ludwig is Innocent ?

Trent: I don't know what to think of him but it begins to come more clear now, Wasn't Cody in a dirndl in the Food Contest while Ludwig was in a Lenderhosen like me and Geoff, So If i was Cody i leave the place to get changed but when Mal planned to blow up Mt.Chrismore Only Us Duncan, Geoff and Alejandro were there, Both of them were eliminated before the explosion and Geoff was with me a the finale so how could Ludwig of gotten the bomb.

Gwen: But to bring up all the events that have happended Ludwig helped Duncan eliminated Courtney.

  • Flash back to a clip from Episode 8

( Trent, Gwen, Courtney, Cody and Owen walking to the Toxic Rats Cabin When they heard noise )

Owen: What's that ?

Cody: Oh No Ludwig he didn't !

Courtney: What do you mean.

All five of them arrive at the Toxic Rats cabin in shock as they see Both teams there watching the Tape about Courtney and Gwen's plan that Ludwig had recoreded.

Duncan: A Secert alliance ha !

Courtney: How did you get this ?

Ludwig: Forgive me Cody but it was for the better of my team.

  • Goes Back to reality

Trent: And that Time He gave Chris your Diary ?

  • Flahs back to a clip from Epiosde 11

Chris: Ok Next Justin, time to dig dirt on more Campers, According to Gwen's Dairy that Ludwig had swiped and gave to me who are the five contestants that Gwen states are the only Sane people on this island.

Duncan: yes Justin enlighten us on Gwen.

Gwen the Glares at Ludwig.

Justin: Leshawna, DJ, Bridgette, Owen and Cody.

Chris: And you are correct which means the rest of you are Lunatics to Gwen.

Duncan: Ha I thought I was the mean one.

  • Goes back to reality

Trent: Typical for Duncan to laugh at such a thing Didn't Ludwig turn everyone on him after the merges.

  • Flashback to a Clip from episode 17

Cody: How did Owen not get captured by the Bacon trap.

Owen: Oh that Nice Big Blue Shark helped me out.

Sierra: Fang's still here why ?

Ludwig: I'll tell zu why, Fang is only here for Zhat MAN !

Ludwig then points at Duncan.

Duncan: Wait you're playing the blame game all of a Sudden.

Ludwig: If you never stole his tooth he Would have Never came here, He also Pushed me zoff the Hotel and Try zo lock the rest of us out off it look !

  • Goes Back to reality

Gwen: Plus Wasn't Cody on Leshawna's Good side anyway.

Trent: Your right about Cody but didn't Izzy blow up the Spa Hotel

Gwen: That's Izzy and she would not frame anyone, and not to mention the green orange that caused a tied a week ago ?

Trent: hmm I'd hate to say it but your right, I'll help you at the next ceremony.

Gwen: Thanks

Geoff: Hey dudes look what i found :)

The Scene Changes to Ludwig, Cody and Harold on the raft.

Harold: GOSH, It's meant to be autumm yet I'm already getting sunbrunt !

Cody: Need Water :(

Ludwig: Wait I can see the boat of losers up ahead, it looks liked they stoped.'

Meanwhile The Boat of Losers is pared near at a Fast food resturant which is in the middle of the ocean.

Izzy: Oh can I have a Fish Burger with half chesses and toy prize meal :)

Sierra: And Can I have a lemonade medium size with the Nuggest.

Noah: Girls ! That's fang in a Outfit.

Fang then picks up a Mustache thay falls off.


Ludwig then stops the raft and hijacks the Boat of Losers while Izzy and Sierra where inside the fast food resturant.

Ludwig and Harold both jump onto the Boat and drive off.

Cody: Wait up guys !

But Sierra imediently heard that

Sierra: CODY :D

Sierra then tackles him.

Izzy: Oh Cool a Raft, Never mind Shark we'll find some like you else where.

Izzy then jumps onto the wodden raft with Sierra and Cody.

Izzy: Hmm Looks like were missing something.

The Screen flahes to Noah who has woken up inside the boat of losers to find Ludwig and Harold there too.

Noah: Knew it was a bad idea for Izzy stop.

Harold: Noah Buddy how did you get here :)

Noah: I was already here till you pirates hijacked us ?

Ludwig: Relax Noah there too busy buying food from a shark, Wir just borrowing it to win die challenge.

Noah: Whatever I'm bored.

The Sceen changes to The Small Cruise ship as it reachs the halfway point.

Trent: So how did you find my Guitar here.

Geoff: Maybe Nine put it there.

Gwen: Guys we got worsers problems ahead 

All three of them head to the front of the boat to see Chef in the sky with a jetpack and his Spagetti & Meatball Gun.

Chef: Who's Hungry.

Geoff: Not Me :(

Chef then beings to fire meatballs at them ship as all three of them duck and run down stairts of the boat.

Geoff: While I was out there i remember there being a Mutant Seagull Turett out there.

Gwen: How do you know those seagull are mutated.

Geoff: Do Seagulls normal have Snake Fangs for Teeth ?

Trent: But We need a distraction.

Gwen: Dam wheres Justin if you need him.

But then Izzy's Wodden Raft Arrives.

Chef: You

Izzy: To Long has it been from last time.

Izzy then takes out a Jetpack and a Sword.

Cody: Where did she get that from.

Izzy then turns the jetpack on and fies up after Chef.

Chef: This Time you're Going Down.

Izzy: Never !

Izzy then takes out a boomerang and throws it at Chef but he punches which causes it breaking in half.

Chef: Lunch Time Sucker !

Chef then Fires Two Meatballs at Izzy but she gets a Baseball bat out and whacks one back at him and Eat the other one.

Izzy: Spicey Now DIE !

Izzy then boosts her Jetpack towards Chef and manages to Kick him.

Chef: ok Time turn up the Heat.

Chef Hatchet then picks up a flamethrower and Tries burn her but She jumps off her jetpack and lands off him.

Izzy: sorry sir we were goign to have to reposes your Jetpack.

Chris: In the Middle of the Sky.

Trent then gets up on the Mutant Seagull turret that is at the back of the boat and fires one at Chef's Jetpack.

the Seagull then explodes.

Chef: Ah were goign down.

Chef then crashses into the Wodden raft causing it to sink.

Gwen: Sucks to be them.

Geoff: woohoo anyone feel like partying :)

Gwen: In a Challenge.

Geoff: It's cool we could just set the boat to auto drive.

Gwen: We need to focus on teh task at hand Geoff.

Trent: Im sure we got time the Boat can go on auto drive, Plus I have my guitar here thanks to Nine :)

Gwen: Ah What the heck.

Trent then begins to play hsi Guitar while the Boat continues to drive.

Meanwhile not far ahead the Boat of losers arrive at the Ruined Raft site.

Harold: Wow what happended here !

Ludwig: it appears dass someone tried to aviod Chef.

Chef: Fool I'm trying to aviod Her.

Chef then points to Izzy who is acting like a dolphin.

Ludwig: Should wir help them.

Harold: All but Cody that maggot desevers to Drown.

Cody: Harold There's no way I would blow up Mt.Chrismore

Chef: That's what I've been tryig to tell that fool of a host but he just doesn't listen to logic !

Ludwig: Hm Izzy might of ?

Izzy: Only Explosvio would do something like that and she is on a Holiday in Spain.

Noah: Wasn't she here Five days ago ?

Chef: I Tried to show Chris all the Security hack records but he never listen.

Harold: The Secuirty hacks ?

Cody: Plus I was in a Dirndl i could'nt move in that heavy womens dress anywawy

Harold: Now 'm confused

Noah: Must I give you a Hint.

Just then Ludwigs starts the boat up and speeds away.

Harold: Wait weren't we goign to help them 
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.58.59 PM

Harold Finds out that Ludwig was the one responsible for Eliminating Leshawna

Ludwig: Were wasting zu much time, If wir don't get to Camp Wawankwa in die next ten minutes we might lose.

Noah: Someone feels a little under the pressure.

Noah: (Con) I know from what Leshawna said the Culprit is Ludwig but with chef backing her up with what he said before the case is closed.

Harold: So If Cody didn't do it then who would off..... ?

Ludwig then all of a sudden takes out a Taser and Shots Harold.

Ludwig: You Know zu much for your own good Dorris !

Harold: YOU! you framed Leshawna and Cody

Noah: The last horse fianlly crosses the Finish Line

Just then ludwig also tazers Noah.

Ludwig: You made the mistake trying to get me out in the food contest Harold and told Her about our Alliance which was why she had to go !

Ludwig then Throws Harold and Noah off the boat.

Ludwig: You might not know it but your already eliminated >:)

Ludwig then speeds the Boat of Losers

Harold: Chris will hear of this LUDWIG !

Meanwhile Geoff and Gwen are dancing to the music Trent is playing.

Gwen: man This is pretty Fun

Geoff: There's always time for a Party :)

Trent: Now this Song is one of my Favorites back from Childhood.

Trent begins to play more music 
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.35.12 PM

Gwen,Geoff and Trent Partying on the Small Cruise ship

Gwen: Sweat I can see the Finish line from here :)

Geoff: Nice Guys watch this trick.

Geoff then tries to do a head spin on the floor but gets extremllt dizzy and acidenlty knocks a bowling ball of the shelf and it breaks throught all the floors.

Geoff: Ops :(

Trent: Abandon Ship !

All Three of them then jump right into the water.

Gwen: Great now what !
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.40.10 PM

Until Geoff Accidentally Sinks the Boat while Trent notice Fang.

Chris: Such a shame you were just one meter to the finish line and now your out.

Geoff: don't worry maybe the other's sank aswell.

Ludwig: Keep Dreaming.

Ludwig begins to whistle as the Boat of Losers over takes them and crosses the finish

Chris: And For Some reason Ludwig the only person one a boat to cross the finish line wins.

Gwen: He just happens to be on a boat by himself, Wasn't Cody and Harold with him. 

Ludwig: Sorry Madem but I can't quite call who your talking about :)

Trent: (Con) Man Tonight is going to be a very hard Elimination Ceremony ?

Chris: Well Have Fun Tonight !

Trent then notices a Fin swim around him which Fang then appears from the water.


Both Him Gwen and Geoff swim away while being chased by Fang 
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.55.07 PM

The Final Nine at their Fourth merges Elimination Ceremony.

The Scene changes to the Elimination Ceremony.

Chris: Today was a Boring but enduring race around the Island why is it that Only one of the Nine of you actually completed the full lap.

Noah: Izzy clashed with Chef and Ludwig tosed us off the Boat and Geoff sucks at being an Admiral

Chris: Well sucks to be you because  Ludwig's reward for winning Today's Challenge is actually the Sole Vote for tonights Double elimination, That's Right He gets to pick which Two of the Seven of you get the Hurl.

Ludwig: I wanred you all that you will Perish if you break my rules >:)

Chris: And Time for the first execution Ludwig Eliminate the Player of your choice.

Gwen: (Con) Great this can't get any worse.

Ludwig stands up and looks around at the other eight.

He Looks at Geoff which begins to worry Geoff.

Ludwig then looks at Harold and Noah who glare at him.

Ludwig: This might be coincidence but I Choose ........ 

Ludwig: ..... CODY !!!!

Cody: What !

Sierra: NOOOOOOO WHY !!!!!

Ludwig: You will crack without him in a matter of time >:)

Chris: Cody the toxic Marshamallow of Losersdom is yours.

Chef then throws the Box at him showing the Green looking Marshmallow.

Cody: This is Mint Flavour right ?

Chef: Only One way to find out.

Sierra the jumps onto his Leg.

Sierra: Cody please don't GO D:

Cody: Trust me Sierra I don't

Chef then shoots a tranquilizer Dart at Sierra as she falls alseep.

Cody: I really Don't.

Cody then kises Sierra on the Cheek and heads to the Hurl of shame

Gwen and Trent then look at Ludwig

Trent: That is Cruel LUDWIG !

Gwen: HOW Could you !

Ludwig: I don't know why your feeling sorry for Him Gwen,

Ludwig: ........ Beacuse Your Joining Him.

Gwen: WHAT !

Ludwig: For My Second Choice Chris I hereby Choose to Eliminated Gwen

Trent: (Gasp)

Gwen: But... You'll pay for this Ludwig someday !

Chris: Yea yea heres you Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom Gwen now onto the Hurl of Shame

The Scene changes to Both Cody and Gwen on the Hurl of Shame

Cody: He Eliminated you too ?

Gwen: Yea it Sucks

Chef: Name your place you'd like to get hurled too ?

Just then Trent and Sierra arrive.

Sierra: But I thought we could be in teh Final Two Cody :( ( Sierra begins to tear up)

Cody: It's ok you can still win it for us.

Trent: I can't belive he did something like this :(

Gwen: It's ok Trent I've enjoy my time on the island anyway with The Toxic Rats and ... You.

Trent: Forgive but I..... I have to get something off my Back

Trent and kisses Gwen on the cheek.

Trent: I'm sorry if I did that

Gwen: Trent It's Ok :) 

They both Hug as so does Cody and Sierra.

Chris: Ok Enough of t
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.09.43 PM

Ludwig has Chosen to Eliminate Gwen and Cody

he Romeo and Juilet Crap BYE BYE !

Chris then pulls the Switch


Noah: You alright

Noah puts his arm on Trent.

Trent then walks away.

Harold: I can't belive Luwdig Tricked me, I'm SORRY LESHAWNA ! :(

It then begins to rain.

Chris: Well this has been my favorite episode yet. Betreyal, Broken hearts and soon the Quest for Revenge.

Chef: Agreed It really does at that 

Chris: Nice to Know, How Will Trent and Sierra get over their crushes Eliminations and what will make the Super Seven become the supreme Six will Ludwig face Judgement day or will another cry for vengece be buried in dust Wait find out on our next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

The Last Scene changes to Trent sidding at the Bonfire ceremony with the fire out as he sits there sad playing Gwen's favourite song on his guitar

Chapter 23: On the Seas Edge:

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, Our Campers were set on a full one One lap around the Island  Boat race, Some where Lucky with the choices ( Shows Goeff,Gwen and Trent on the Small Curise), While Other's were not ( Shows Ludwig,Cody and Harold on the Wodden raft ), But things shifted once the boat of losers were hijacked and Ludwig's True Inttetions were reveald but It was already too late as he won the challenge thanks to Geoff's Clumsyness, As for the reward Ludwig was given the choice to eliminate two enemies of his choice which Choose to Hurl Sierra's Love Doll Cody and Trent's Missing Music note Gwen, it' was awesome but with the sifts of friendship almost broken it's time to rebuild them in todays Tag Challenge can they all gt it togther or will it another Loser take the Hurl Find out Right here on ...... TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE ! 

On the Seas Edge
Season Island of Vengeace, Episode 23
On the Seas Edge
First Aired (CAN) 11th April 2014
First Aired (USA) 11th April 2014
Challenge 1. Jump fall the cliff into the targeted areas

2. Reach the Boathouse tied to an Anchor

Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"True Colours"

The Scene opens showing the Mainlodge where Geoff, Harold,Izzy and Noah are eating while Ludwig is at another table.

Geoff: How Come the food doesn't taste as usual as before.

Harold: Cause there's Something More Bitter in the room >:(

Ludwig: Oh please it's not mein fault that you are so gullible and you were so defenceless with her.

Izzy: Na it think the spider eggs are what makes these porridge taste differnt :)

Geoff: That's the way to go Izzy always look on the bright side were in the Final Seven !

Noah: Bright Side ? Neither Trent or Sierra have left their Cabins since night time.

Ludwig: It's for die best, Trent Never does Well if Gwens around him and Sierra throws everying to Cody ensuring his surival that's most likely the only reason he go to the final three last season.

Geoff then leaves the messhall.

Harold: That maybe be true but Getting rid of Leshawna !, You sir have crossed the line >:(

Izzy: (Con) Heheh Silly Harold No Way can couples get to the Final two. 

Noah: (Con) Making too much Enemies is a Dumb idea which is obvious why he won't Make it any further.

Geoff then knocks on the Male's Cabin Door.

Geoff: Trent Buddy you ok. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.10.23 PM

Trent is tired and while Sierra is mourning

Trent: I'm too tired today sorry

He then Hears Sierra's Crying in there aswell.

Geoff then opens the door to see Sierra on the Floor eating Ice-Cream and Trent still lying in his bed.

Geoff: Come On Dude it's breakfeast Rise and Sunshine :) 

Trent: I Don't think I can deal with this whole Island this anymore

Geoff: I know your not familiar to change but This can be you chance to shine man I can tell Gwen would want you to do this everyone would.

Trent: You think so

Geoff: This is our season man we got this :)

Trent: Ok Lets do this, Sierra are you comming ?

Sierra: But I...I can't go on without Cody his elimnainton is my elimination.

Geoff: Well Maybe you can still win the Million both of you he'd love that ?

Trent: And If it Helps just imagine him in your head.

Sierra then closes her eyes to see a Cody Face on Geoff and Trent.

Sierra: Hmm Muscular CODYS !!!!!!!  ;D (Drools)

Trent and Geoff slowly leave the cabin, whiel Geoff Notices Ludwig sitting on the alone at the Front of the Messhall stairs.

Geoff: (Con) I Know Ludwig has played bad but he is a Scientist and the cartoons I grew up with always showed them beign Evil But they also had a soft side the dude we cool eailer but its hard to say whenever it's fake or not ?

Chris (Intercom) : Good Moring Camper's :), Get ya butts to the One Thousand Foot Cliff in Tweny Minutes for out next Challenge :D  

The Scene changes to the Final Seven in their Swimsuits at the Top of the cliff.

Chris: Welcome to todays Tag Team Challenge.
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.56.37 PM

Geoff: I Know Ludwig has played bad but he is a Scientist and the cartoons I grew up with always showed them beign Evil But they also had a soft side the dude we cool eailer but its hard to say whenever it's fake or not ?

Harold: But there's Seve of us ?

Chris: Did I just here a Parrot ?, Anywho since last week alot there has been a massive decrease in teamwork so what better way to exploit it for my entertainment is by you all partner up for todays challenge however I'm Choosing the teams, Group One will consist of Trent and Sierra.

Sierra: No Cody :(

Trent: Relax Sierra I'm sure hes watching this as we speak.

Sierra: (Con) I miss my Codybear SO MUCH ! 

Chris: Group two will consist of Ludwig and Explosivo. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.57.29 PM

Sierra: I miss my Codybear SO MUCH !

Ludwig: Izzy You Mean ?

Izzy: Oh But Explosvio is in charge today my Amigo :)

Chris: Group Three Harold and Geoff.

Harold: Sweat Brains and Brawns.

Geoff: Unstopable team bro :)

Chris: And Group Four is just Noah

Noah: Yay Team Noah (Sarcasm)

Chris: So Continuing Part One of Todays challenge is an tribute to Freefall the very first challenge you ever done, Each Team will have two turns to jump and land in the trageted Zones, This time we extended the landing zones, Blue will giev you 1 Point, Green will give you 2 Points, Yellow Will Give you 3 Points, Orange will give you 4 and Red will give you 5.

Sierra: How about we be called Team Cody ?

Trent: hm I do get a say aswell?

Sierra: Ok How About Team Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody nine times just like you did in season 2.

Trent: Team Cody sounded Better.

Noah: (Con) Chris is just wanted me to lose now :| 
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.08.53 PM

Noah: Chris is just wanted me to lose now

Chris: Now Since Fang and the Sharks are absent due to it being Shark-Break. Chef will be in the lake be playing water beast today.

Camera shows chef in a Octopus Suit in the water.

Chris: But that's only if you miss all of the Zones, Now Like I said each Team will have to Go so Group one your going first.

Trent: Wait Chris why are our Feet chained togther ?

Chris: Cause I felt like it ;)

Sierra: FOR CODY !!! 
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.46.18 PM

The Final Seven must jump off the cliff for their next challenge

Sierra then jumps off the clif which due to the chain drags Trent down along with her and they land in the Green Zone.

Chris: Ok That's 10 Points Group Two your Up.

Izzy: Wana Go First :)

Izzy theb pusesh Ludwig infront her as Ludwig looks down his Heat beings to beat.

Luwdig: Oh Dear :(

Ludwig: (Con) O'm not Perfect, I'm afraid of Heights but thats not even the Worst Secert I keep from everyone.

Ludwig: Ist the chicken hat still allowed.

Izzy: Forget Chicken IM a SNAKE !

Izzy then frontflips which drags Ludwig down.


Ludwig: Ahaahha

Chef: Oh oh.

As Izzy lands right on Chef the Chain breaks which Causes Ludwig to land in the blue Zone.

Chris: 5 Points that was crap ! Geoff and Harold you ready

Geoff: I was Born Ready

Harold: I was born because my parents wanted a Child :)

Chris: Yea people do make mistakes now Jump !

Geoff: YOLO ! :D

Geoff the jumps down bring harold with Him.

Harold: Do you even know the definition !

They both Land in the Orange Zone.

Chris: Nice 20 Points you over took the Lead Group 3.

Noah: You except me yo do this on my own ?

Chris: Yep :)

Chris then pushes noah off the Cliff


Noah ends up Landing in the Red Zone.

Chris: 25 Points Sometimes you just amaze me Noah Everyone back up here for Round Two, Can their second attempt at diving even the odds or will fears of one cause a Crack find out right after the breaks of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!!

THe Scene changes back to the Cliff

Chris: Round Two people Group One your up again.

Trent: Ok Sierra you Ready ?

Sierra: Ready !

They both charge and Jump off the cliff Trent lands in the Yellow Zone while Sierra lands in the Ornaeg Zone.

Chris: Double Zone Nice thats 35 points added Ludwig and Izzy your turn.


Izzy then pushs Ludwig off the cliff and dives straigth in.

Ludwig: ahahahah

Ludwig Lands in the Green Zone While Izzy crash lands into Chef.

Izzy: Tongiht I will make Calamari out of you.

Chef: It's me Jungle Girl.

Izzy: You taste better with the Suit on adds that Foamy tender :)

Izzy the tackles Chef under the water.

Geoff: Cannon Bomb.

Geoff jumps off with Harold as they both land in the green zone.

Noah: This is getting way to weird I'll take the Chicken Hat.

Chris: Here you go ok time to tally up the votes.

Chris:  Trent and Sierrra are on 45,  Izzy and height Chicken are on 15, Geoff and Harold have 40, and Noah the Loner on 25. So Sierra and Trent Win part one of Todays challegne and a Advantage in part two.

Sierra: YA :D

Trent: Nice Work

Trent: (Con) Sierra is actually coping well with Cody during the challenges which I can relate too back when I never knew Gwen.

The Scene changes back to the top of the cliff where Chris and the Final Seven are.

Chris: Now for part two of todays challenge will be a race to the boathouse however each team will be tied to an anchor to makes thing slow, Trent and Sierra since you won part one you get on that is 2 ton lesser then the others.

Chef throws it to Trent but he drops it and curshes his fingers.

Goeff: Wow those things are tough and heavy !

Noah: What did you expect there meant to stop boats from moving.

Chris: To start the challenge you must once again jump off the cliff with your anchor and swim to shore and make your way to the boathouse good Luck.

Explosivo: Que ?

Ludwig: General Explosivo the Cheif wants us to take the Mecta bomb that is strapped to our legs and deploy it in the Hostile Docks.

Explosivo: maha Explosivo likes the sound of this plan. ;D

Ludwig: (Con) If you thought Izzy was odd, when she goes Explsivo you have to speak her langugage infact Chef even write a book about it.

Chef: (Con) How to speak Explo, That's Volume 1 my next book is about E-Scope.

Explosivo: Soilders commence opperation Shadow Splash

Ludwig: Shadow what now ?

Izzy then throws their Anchor off the cliff and jumps after it while Ludwig is dragged down.

Harold: We can't swim with this on our legs.

Geoff: Only one way to find out !

Geoff then picks up his Anchor and jumps off the cliff as so does Harold.

Trent: Ok Sierra you ready !

Sierra: FOR CODY !

Sierra picks up Trent and the Anchor and jumps off the clif.

Chef: Skinnky Kid where's you Anchor.

Noah: The Host the most must forgot me !

Chef: hmmh well your on lifegaurd duty then.

Noah: You except me to go in there !

Chef then pushes Noah off the cliff,

Noah: Ahahahahah ( Girly Voice)

Sierra then starts swiming towards shore.

Trent: How storng are you.

Sierra:  I've Beatean up Babbons, Pulled everyone to safey from a waterfall using my bear teeth I need theses Skills to protect my Cody :(

Trent: You see him soong trust me.

Harold: (breaths) Can't Hold it too strong.

But Then Noah Lands in the water which Causes a Wave that blasts Harold and Geoff too the Shore.

Harold: Thanks Noah, Good to see Lifeguards in action.

Geoff: Bridgette's Got training experience in Lifeguard work.

Harold: Cool.

Ludwig: WHAT NEIN ! , Were falling behind Explosvio time is running out !

Explosivo: Time for plane E, E for Eplosivo ;)

Izzy then places a Rocket onto the anchor.

Explosivo: I call this the shortcut.

Ludwig and Izzy both grab onto the Anchor.

Sierra: Oh No you don't >:(

Sierra then grabs Ludwig by the foot.

THe Rocket then blasts into teh Air Carying the Anchor, Ludwig, Izzy, Sierra and Also Trent and his teams Anchor.

Explosvio: Too Much cargo is on this plane.

Trent: You can't rely on technology for you to win this time Ludwig ! >:(

Ludwig: Watch me !

Ludwig then takes out a Bottle of Acid which backfires when a accidently drops it on the Anchor Chain disconecting both teams anchor's.

Explosvio: Were going down  !

Eplosivo & Sierra & Trent & Ludwig: ahahhahahahha

Noah arrives at shore.

Noah: Stupid Anchor Challenge what did he execpt them to carry that much.

Just then Izzy and everyone else crash land into Noah.

Trent: Everyone ok ?

Ludwig: Whos Anchor is in the lead now.

Suddnely the Anchor that's still in the air with the rocket crashs into the boathouse and explodes destryoing the entier place. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.22.54 PM

Trent and Sierra watch as the boathouse is destroyed

Chris: Well Nice work again Izzy first the Spa hotel and now the Boathouse.

Harold: Does that mean we win ?

Chris: Well the Boathouse had the Hurl of Shame in it so I guess once again todays elimination will be postponed, Which means the final seven stay as it is for now.

Geoff: Any Rewards ?

Chris: Well Since ....................... ah what the heck Party at the Main lodge at Six o clock tongiht.

Geoff: YES !!!!!

The Scene changes to the Mainlogde at night where All Seven campers are partying.

Geoff: Woohoooo !, This is awesome

Noah: This is lame

Harold: I'm not familar with dacning.

Trent: Well if Leshawna likes it maybe you should give it a go impress her.

Harold: Your Right satnd back people this is called the GANGNAM STYLE !

Both Harold and Geoff start doing the Gangname style dance.

Trent: Nice work today Sierra

Sierra: Thanks Trody

Trent: -_-

Sierra starts to see Codys head on Trent.

Trent: Uh you do know my name right ?

Sierra: oh oh Couse Cront, Trenty, Coent 

Meanwhile Ludwig and Noah are sitting at the Table.

Ludwig: So it take it you hate dancing too ?

Noah: Yep

Ludwig: We are similar you know.

Noah: I'd take it you hate sports too ?

Ludwig: I never did any good at them but I do enjoy dodgeball.

Izzy: Noah wanana dance ?

Noah: Na but I sure that Invisible dude over there has been checking you out.

Izzy: Ok.

Ludwig: (sigh)

Ludwig then walks out of the Main lodge which Trent notices.

Trent: (Con) It's hard to think if Luwdig is bad or not, Eliminating Gwen and Cody to make me and Sierra suffer is Evil but he seems something else is going on too ?

Ludwig then enters the Males cabin and looks at a photo of him at High school.

Luwig: They can't hurt you anymore :(

Ludwig then starts having flashbacks of him at Highschool getting bullied for being smart and having a learning problem at school and another flashback of the school dance were he was the only peron without a date.

Ludwig: If they had What I had I they would understand but I can't let anyone hear know or it will all happen again :(

Ludwig then starts to tear up.

The Camera zooms out of the cabin.

Chris: Ok this is really going gold now Ludwig's unknow past and Sierra already Seeing Codys and Harold being Harold, in the end one must fall before reaching the final six who will collaspe under the blocks on the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE.

Chapter 24: DramaCraft

" This Epsideo fo TDIV contains griefing and building by animated teens do not try any of this at home unless your made of blocks, We are not held responsible for any incidents in the near future except for an increase rate of trees getting punched. " ( A Crepper pops up and blows up) 

Drama Craft
Season Island of Vengeace, Episode 24
First Aired (CAN) 19th April 2014
First Aired (USA) 19th April 2014
Challenge 1. Gather Wood and food and build a House

2. Don't let the house burn down

Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Watch and Find Out
Eliminated Watch and Find Out
Episode Guide
"On the Seas Edge"
"Aftermath IV: Eye of the Island"

" Last time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Our Campers were once again thrown into the sea with an Homage to our very first challenge,Ludwigs fear of Heights came back to haunt him and so did Explosivo, Sierra's medical condition of seeing Codys started to kick in and Chef is an octopus, Then They had to swim to shore and make it to the boat house with an anchor attached to their legs Izzy crazyed it up big time and tried to blast their way their with an missle but Trent and Sierra managed to take them down along with the Boathouse, Enough is enough Today One more camper will fall will it be your favourite or you least liked person find out on todays mincrafting episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE."

The Episode starts off with all Seven Campers at the Bonfire at morning where Chris is.

Chris: Good Morning Campers.

Geoff: Dude what's the with the early wake up its like 4 in the moring.

Harold: yea Daylight savings doesn't end until next week.

Chris: Yea well so does this season, we were supposed to have only six of you both somone had to blow up the hurl of Shame so since it's in repairs we need to get todays challenge over and done with.

Sierra: So what do you have insore for us today :)

Chris: O you will love it, Now this has been our 4th year anniversary and to make sure were still relevant sometimes we need to make some pop-culture references to entertain the fans so on Sierra's Blog one of the most popular requests from Happybox.

Harold: (giggle) that's my account :)

Chris: Yes it was until heartbleed hacked it.

Harold: What ?

Chris: Continuing today will once again be a two part challenge however there both essential to help you win, now what is it were doing you might ask ?

Noah: No !

Chris: Well Noah I will tell you today it the MINECRAFT challenge.

Harold: (gasp) WOW :D

Noah: I hate to say iy but this might not be that bad.

Ludwig: Dude don't jinx us

Geoff: So are we going back underground.

Chris: You can but that depends if you willing to get those strong minerals, Part one of the Minecraft challenge is to simply perpare for part two, how for the rest to the day you going to need to gather wood and build your own house make tools, find food and if enough time MINE.

Geoff: Sweet.

Harold: (Con) man talk about Virtual reality now I'm lving the dream real life mincraft :)

Noah: cound't we just do that on the computre insted.

Chris: Sorry Noah but your gonna have to get your butt of the couch if you wish to surive tongiht's elimination teams are allowed if you'd like to gang up on someone you hate, You have 17 hours to get ready for Nightfall let the mayhem commence.

The Scene changes to The Final Seven wandering the woods.

Harold: Noah wanna team up :)

Noah: Well you would be the last person I would ally with but we are both pros at this game so sure.

Sierra: Hey Trent-Cody, wanna build a whouse togther :)

Trent: -_-

Trent: (Con) I don't mean to be rude but i don't not look like Cody, I have Black hair, Yellow Shirt and a differnt hair style but she needs help other wise someone will get her.

Trent: Sure i guees :|

The Scene Flashes to Harold and Noah in the woods.

Noah: Does Chris really except us to get wood like this.

Harold: Well if Steve can do it maybe we can too HIIIIIYA

Harold Punches the Tree which a cause a block of Wood to fall out.

Harold: There we go

Noah: wow :0

The Scene Flashes to Geoff reading the Minecraft Mannual book.

Geoff: Hmmm sounds easy.

Geoff then drops all the wooden blocks he had onto the ground which created a Crafting table.

Geoff: Sweet

He then hears an explosion from a distace.

Izzy: mhaahhahahahaha

Geoff: Guess she found the mobs ?

The Scene changes to Ludwig Who just crafted a Wooden Pickaxe and sword.

Ludwig: Ah a Purely Refined weapons of war :)

Just Then He Sees Izzy crash into a Tree which falls down.

Izzy: Ah Dam you Crepper.

Ludwig: Having trobule, evreyone gets that.

Izzy: Just when I find a Satche of Redstone I get attacked.

Ludwig: Redstone ;), Does E-Scope still need new soilders ?

E-Scope: Welcome Aboard Minion number Three Now Get me Some Stone !

Ludwig: Yes sir !

The Scene changes to Harold and Noah entering a Cave with Wodden Pickaxes.

Harold: Ah the life of Work :)

Noah: Were best of getting Cobblestone and coal first.

Noah said as he place a torch down to find a Pit of Lava near by.

Harold: Do you have any Water buckets by anychance.

The Scene flahes to Trent and Sierra building there house.

Sierra: Ah The House of Cody is complete.

Trent: A Wodden face of Cody ?.

Sierra: How about we make Nine floors ha get it XD

Trent: ur we shoudl focus on Food and weapons next, I found five apples while gather wood anyluck digging ?

Sierra pulls out a Dimaon sword.

Sierra: The Sword of Codiera :)

As they continuing building a dark figure wearing Blue Shirt and Cyan pants watches them from a distance.

THe Scene changes to Geoff in his wodden house getting some cooked fish out of the Furnace.

Geoff: Hm what else to do.

Geoff Wonders while the camera shows a painting of Bridgette, DJ, Duncan and Him on the wall. 

Menwhile Noah and Harold venture futher into the mines. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.42.39 AM

Geoff crafts a Painting of Him,Bridgette,Duncan and DJ

Harold: Ok so far we have 31 cobblestone, 7 Iron Ore and 4 Golden Ore.

Noah: It's best to make a furnace when head back.

Harold: (Gasp)

Harold notice a four Dimaon ore in the distance above a lava pit.

Noah: Ok we best'd head back.

Harold: Dimaonds :0

Noah: Dude there not worth the risk -_-

Harold: Must have them :0

Noah: Ok but im going back with the supplys since theres a 96% chance you will die.

Harold: (Con) With a Dimaond Sword i will Smite my ay throught the compettion and If I have any Dimaonds left over I'm Sure Leshawna woudl love them.

Harold takes out his Golden Pickaxe and slowly makes his way across the gaps.

While Harold is mining Somthing crepps up on him.

Harold: Nice four Dimaonds and ....

Harold then turns around to see a Man with White eyes to his horror.

Harold: The rumors were Tru HEROBBBBBBBBBBB..........

Herobrine then pushes Harold into the Lava.

Noah arrives at house to See Harold spwan in there.

Noah: Typical Minecrafters.

The Screen changes to Izzy and Ludwig at their House.

Ludwig: There we our one Stone House :)

E-Scope: Ah Nice work Private Coat now i want you to find me another recuirt.

Ludwig: Excuse mir ?

E-Scope: Kaleidoscope knows that we are strenght in numbers, So Get Noah or Someone who is weak to work for us >:D

Ludwig: (Con) Izzy Is getting out of Hand it's like shes the bad guy now ?

Ludwig: We should make sure were ready beofre nighttime then we will make someone crack and I think I know who can help us >:)

Meanwhile Geoff house made out of sand where a Hodded person stands behind a counter.

Geoff: Hey dude it this a Shop.

Tee peron turns around showing to be Bridgette.

Bridgette: Yes this is it Geoff how can I help you :)

But upon seeing her Geoff faints.

Bridgette: Geoff ?

Trent and Sierra then arrive

Trent: How Much Emeralds can I trade to get Iron ?

Bridgette: Two Emeralds Per Ingot ?

Sierra: Ok we have Six emeralds so thats Three Iron Ingots.

The Scene Flashes to Noah putting On Leather boots.

Harold: Leather we got Two Full Iron Amor sets ?

Noah: I perfer beign Light Footed !

They Both look at the clock they crafted.

Harold: So it's 5:55 are you ready ?

Noah: Nearly just have to wait for the Gold ores to full melt.

Noah said as he eats cooked Beef 

The Scene changes to the Sun going down.

Chris: Well done campers for getting ready for part two Nightime, Now there will be more mobs roaming the woods which are wired control by Chef, Your goal is to surive the night or your house has to be the last one standing you an either fight off anything that dare trys to attack you or just eliminate the competion by griefing the other campers house ah got to love minecraft, Have Fun.

Trent and Sierra arrive back at their House.

Trent: Do you rember where I put the Bow.

Sierra: Of Coruse Coent I know Everything about the twenty-two of yo :)

Sierra the passes the Bow n Arrows to him.

Sierra: Ah my Cody In shining Gold Armor ;D

Sierra continues to Imagine Cody's head on Trent.

Trent: AH ok I'll defend the outsite you climb up to the second floor and keep watch of the woods.

Sierra: Got it !

Sierra then jumps throught the roof.

Trent then leaves the House to notice that Geoff's House is right next to his.

Trent: -_- ?

Geoff: Wow very odd coincidence.

Trent: To be fair I think Sieraa chose this spot first.

Geoff: I know but Since most of the other guys are teaming up I ways just thinking if you would want any help.

Trent: Actually that's a great Idea Three of us against the Four of them, We protect both houses then?

Geoff: Deal

Sierra: I hear something from the north.

????: Sierra Help !


Sierra the jumps right off the roof and dashes into the woods.

Trent: This is gonna be harder then It looks.

Geoff: Do we have any redstone ?

The Scene changes to Sierra who arirves in the woods.

Sierra: Cody ! Where are you ?

Just then Ludwig appears behind her.

Sierra: (Gasp) YOU !

Ludwig: I'll admit those sounds where from a tape of his.. that you owned.. Six copies of ?


Sierra then throws a and Enchanted Axe at Ludwig but me ducks.

Ludwig: It's not me you want Sierra..... It's Harold

Sierra: Harold ?

Ludwig: rember he was agnry at Cody before he did his best to beat him, Infact before the elimiantoin ceremony he came to me and ask to choose him.

Sierra: What :( ?

Ludwig: Doesn't it make sense hes the one whos want to take you down ?

Izzy:  Lying isn't something that E-Scope does !

Izzy appeard from a tree.

Ludwig: ah E-scope doesnt know that Harold beat Owen in the fecning challenge long ago which prevented Owen form getting anymore points.


Izzy then jumps off the tree and tackles and enderman.

Luwdig: Help me Sierra, Take down Harold and your vengeance for Cody will be complete.

Sierra: Gr Fine

The Scene chanegs to Chef in a Tent who puts on the Wired suit that contorls the mobs.

Chef: Time for some Griefing.

Chris (Intercom): It's 7:00pm Mobs will now spawn into the arena have fun.

Geoff: Ah here they come.

Geoff takes out His iron Sword and attacks a Skeleton while Trent shoots down two zomibes with his bow.

Trent: How long do you think we can hold out for.

Geoff: Well my plan wa to hold it out I don't wanna wreck anyelse chance.

Trent: But what there upto is what I fear.

Harold: There at the Gate !

Harold Takes out his Golden Axe and Figths Izzy.

Izzy: You Dare try to figth the Mighty Kaleidoscope !

Harold: You will not Pass this Place you Devil of Ludwig !

Noah who is inside the house makes his way to the door by a Spider is There which jumps onto Noah.

Noah: Ah, Spiders aren't meant to be big.

Noah then pushs past the door and throws it onto Izzy.

Izzy: Ah My Weaknees Spiders !

Chef: Now I got you girl !

Chef said from the Controled Spider.

Harold then sets off a TNT block and throws it at Izzy.

Izzy: oh Cool


Harold: Is he gone ?

Noah: you merely starled her with the tnt she will be back in greater numbers.

Harold: Ah It's clear that we may lose this battle my friend, Noah You must go and attack the other teams house that is our only hope. I will defend this house to my last breath for you and Leshawna.

Noah: K

Noah then takes a Flint and sword and runs into the woods.

Geoff: Is the redstone traps set

Trent: oh yea there not getting throuht here, Now is our Chance to attack.

Geoff: Lead the way pal.

Meanwhile Harold stands at the front of his House in his Diamon Armor when he sess A horse walking towards him.

Harold:Halt you dares enter this territory of mine.

?????" You thought you could get away with it could you.

Harold: What ?

?????: You think i didn't know !

Harold: Whose out there ?

??????: One angry girl beacuse you took her CODY !

Sierra then jumps of the horse and takes out her Enchanted Gold Sword and charges at Harold.

Both there swords clash.

Harold: True I may of been anger by Cody but that was when I thought he stole Leshawna from me.


Harold: What I would never do that, youre being played by the Villian sierra

Sierra: Doesn't that feel good :)

Harold: no ?

Sierra: HA caught you off gaurd

Sierra then whacks down Harold.

Sierra then picks up a TNT Blocks and Rolls it into Harold and Noahs house which Blows the entire house into bits.

Sierra: (Con) I can see my Coyd feeling like he can rest now :)

Harold: (Con) Thrid degree burns hurt :(

Just as Sierra walks away she turns around to See a Crepper.

Sierra: oh


THe Scene changes to Noah who encouters Izzy in the woods.

E-Scope: Ah Welcome Traitor to your doom.

Noah: Traitor your helping the enemy in this Fight Izzy

E-Scope: Enemy foolish one, Where all enemies plus all the other cool people who join our side Duncan,Eva and Courtney.

Noah: Not All of them Izzy, Owen would be ashamed of you :(

Izzy: ENOUGH talk Die >:(

Izzy Charges at Noah but falls into a Lava pit trap.

Noah: Ha 

Noah then bumps Into Trent and Geoff.

Geoff: AH enemy !

Geoff then hits Noah with his Iron Axe which causes Noah to fall into the lava trap too.

Geoff: Ops.

The Scene changes to Trent and Geoff ariving at Ludwigs and Izzys House

Trent: Got the Tnt and Pressure plates here.

Geoff: Check.

Ludwig: Welcome gentalman to you demise 

Trent: You used to be a Friend of mine Ludwig how could you !

Ludwig:Trent before you even came to this show you were one of the most normal people in this show yet how come you put up with them all.

Trent: Because those people are my friends.

Ludwig: You were stuck on a Island with a delinquent, a Spoiled Girl, A dumb girl, A Peron who Partys way over the limit and Two Weird Twin like girls and many other people you would never related too.

Geoff: Well It's always fun to party.

Ludwig: For you it is, Have you even been that one that never ever got invited too any partys or Gatherings >:(

Geoff: Dude that's sad :(

Ludwig: Save your Pity, I hated the being the least popular at schools just because of my High Intelligence now its time for you all to Suffer !

Ludwig takes out his Iron Sword and attempts to attack them.

Trent blocks the Attack while Geoff takes his Bow out and attacks from behind.

Ludwig: Och No Fair two on one !

Trent: You Played Bad so Time For Justice.

Trent then knocks him back While Geoff knocks down Ludwig with his Shovel.

Geoff: Griefing time !

Trent get place down TNT blocks but is Pushed by Izzy.

Izzy: Only Explosivo gets to do this kind of work.


But Izzy stomps on the pressure plate blowing up there own house.

Ludwig: Izzy you Nuss that was our house.

Chris (Intercom) : Well with Only one Team left and It's already past mid-night I declare Trent and Geoff todays winners.

Geoff: Man we are rocking this.

Geoff and Trent High Five.

Sierra: Ur Since Me and Trent did build a house does that Mean I win too ?

Chris: No because you joined Ludig whose house was destroyed

Ludwig: Oh my head :(

Ludwig said as he got up but then looks at a Cave in the distance to see Chris's Face on a Block.

Ludwig: Hm Could it Be  ?

As Everyone walks off Ludwig takes out his stone pickaxe and digs out te Chris face looing stone.

Ludwig: Chris never mention this before

The Scene changes to the Elimination Ceremony. 
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.51.52 AM

The Final Seven at their next Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Now It's time for another Nail biting Marshmallow Ceremony :), Remeber If you get the Toxic Marshamallow of Loserdom then your getting the Hurl ..... and you can come back EVER !......

Chris: Also to add a little twist only those would are facing elimination can vote so Trent and Geoff cannot vote.

Harold: Not Fair :(

Sierra: Your gonn pay now Cody Stealer.

Noah: Can we just get this over with ?

Chris: Fine Geoff and Trent both get the firstmarshmallows for winning.

Geoff: Good Luck dudes :)

Chris: Next Two go to ....... Noah and Ludwig.

Ludwig: (Con) I Din't really count on Chris really helping with todays ceremony however thsi stone I found with his face is want interests me ?

Chris: And Izzy.

Sierra: Wow my first time in the bottom two.

Harold: It's not really a good thing.

Chef then arrives in a Radioactive Suit with the Toxic Marshamllow.

Chef: This one just came fresh from the pit.

Chris: Sweet now who wants it.

Harold and Sierra both start to get nervous.

Chris: And the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom goes to !









Chris: It goes to HAROLD

Harold: (gasp) no ! :(

Sierra: Ha That's what you get for getting rid of my CODY !

Harold: But Sierra Ludwig was the one who chose to eliminate him hes has played a trick upon you.

Sierra: ? 
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.55.49 AM

Harold is the Eliminated

Ludwig: You enjoyed being played by Heather a lot last season so I thought to help you get more of an honnour in that trick.

Chef: Well Skinny kid Heres you Marshmallow. 

Harold: Too much Radioactive is bad for anyone So I prefer not to have one.

Chef: Meh but you still got too take the Hurl.

The Scene changes To Harold on the Hurl of Shame.

Geoff: All the way to 7th place that's pretty good right dude.

Harold: Yet but I was hoping to get the final four to beat my record from season two.

Chris: I wonder if we can break the record for furthest catapult firing distance :)

Harold: Just take down Ludwig for me ok.

Harold: Have no fear Leshawna, Harold is on His WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Harold said as he was hurled away. 

Chris: Only Six of our strongest Warriors remain but soon Will go down to Five but we have another Aftermath comming up Featuring Owen, Cody, Gwen and Tonight Loser Harold, So Stay tune for out next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE

The Scene changes to Ludwig at his destroyed house back in the woods where he place the Chris looking stone into the Furnace and then place coal in there aswell.

Ludwig: Hmm what's in it ?

Four Minutes later.

the timer goes off and Ludwig opens up the furnace in shock to see that the Stone has melted which reveals to be a McLean-Brand Chris head.

Ludwig: The Final one I've found you >:)

<Goes to Credits>

Chapter 25: Aftermath IV: Eye of the Island

The Scene Then shows the intro for the Aftmath with the Blue Giant words saying Total Drama island of Vegeance Aftermath.

Aftermath IV: Eye of the Island
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 25
First Aired (CAN) 3rd May 2014
First Aired (USA) 3rd May 2014
Episode Guide
"A Game of Drones"

DJ: Hey everyone welcome to tonigths Episode of Total Drama Aftermath Were your hosts DJ and Bridgette.

Bridgette: Thanks DJ, Now before we start lets greet the peanut gallery. Beth

Beth: Hi Everyone :)

DJ: Ezekiel

( Ezkiel is doesn't notice the camera's as he is to busy picking his nose)

Ezekiel: When are we on air ?

Lindsay: Silly Billy Zeek the airs around us were breathing it right now.

Ezekiel: We are ?

DJ: Lindsay

Lindsay: Yes ?

DJ: Oh no it was an introductory name call.

Lindsay: Ok hmm who are we counting.

Courtney: We don't have all day !

Birdgette: Right sorry, Courtney

Courtney (waves at the camera)

Bridgette: And our Other tough Girl Heather.

But her spot is empty.

Lindsay: Wow did she go Invisible.

Duncan: I'd wish

DJ: Where is Heather ?

Justin: Can we just skip her greetings then.

Bridgette: Well I guess our other members of the peanut gallery Tyler

Tyler: Booya

Tyler streaches his finges but it makes a craking noise

Tyler: OCH !

DJ: Our Lovely pair Katie and Siade

Katie & Sadie: EEEEEEEEE

Bridgette: And their favourite Candy Justin

Justin blows a kiss to the audience which cause a Mosh pit fight for the kiss.

DJ: Eva

Eva: I Hate this place

Bridgette: Another favourite of the show Duncan.

Duncan: Yo !

Bridgette: And a great friend of My Leshawna

Leshawna: Hey Sister.

DJ: Urg were missing Alejandro too ?

Ezekiel: Urg last time I check there was a massive padlock on Heather's door.

Duncan: Someone bussy ;)

Courtney: Duncan that's quite Rude and innappropriate comment for a family show !

Ezekiel: Also oddly enough none of the interns have showed up for work today.

Tyler: isn't that because of there on the Island planning the next challenge.

Eva: Dude No Spoilers

Bridgette: Ezekiel can you do us a favor and bring them back here while we interview our first guest.

Ezekiel: Yes Mam.

Ezekiel marches backstage.

Bridgette: So as you can to catch up from the last few episode of Island of Vengeance. We have notice a sudden change in one of the campers Ludwig.

DJ: I'll admit the back when I was on the island he was like anyone other friend of my just normal and generous. 

Justin: I can see where he got the insparation from ;)

DJ: But he seem sadden about something at the end of episode 23 ?

Duncan: Meh Must of stuck had his highschool.

Bridgette: Well we will get back to that another time but now our first guest for the evening.

Owen then slides onto the stage

Owen: BOYAA ! :D, Long time no see everybody

Lindsay & Beth: OWEN :)

Owen: Man is it awesome to be back here man.

DJ: It's good to see you buddy

Bridgette: So how was season 4 Owen ?

Owen: It was ....... ?

Duncan: Awesome ?


DJ: Tell us about your team ?

Owen: The Mutant Maggots were the best, We had Izzy, Tyler, Harold and That Sweet Hot Justin :)

Justin: Thank you :)

Owen: I enjoyed Seeing Noah and Geoff during the merges too Ludwig was seem like a good friend too.

Bridgette: But that union he made with you ?

Owen: Everyone smakes alliances to keep themselvevs safe but DID YOU SEE THE FOOD HE HAD there, I always Dreamed of eating Blue Bacon and Bubblegum flavoured Chicken.

DJ: ( Barfs in mouth)

Owen: But I am going to miss Izzy it's been a month since i've seen her or my friends back on the island :(

Lindsay: Awe it's ok Omar you'll see her soon :)

Lindsay said as she gave him a hug.

Owen: ( Belly Rumble)

Owen: Oh O it's 9'0 Clock I have'nt eaten in twenty minutes !

Owen then runs off stage as door breaking noise are heard in the background.

DJ: We did'nt even get to show him the never before seen challenge clip ?

Bridgette: But everyone else can see it :)

Eva: Lucky them.

( Camera zooms into the TV Screen above them)

  • Never Before seen clip from Episode 21

The Scene shows the Ten camers back at the Chrisseium

Lightning:  Maggots This is our Next Sha-challenge is Pole Vault, For this game you must run on this runway and once you get to the sha-end you must plant the spear on the ground and jump over the bar SHA-Clear !

Harold: You Mean Pole not Spear.

Suddenly a flying wrench hits Harold in the face.

Harold: Och !

Noah: Wasn't that a one episode excluvie thing ?

Lightning: Whos Up ?

Cody: You know what they say ladies first

Gwen and Izzy both look at him.

The Scene shows Cody runing towards the bar when he places the Pole down and begins to jump with it over the bar but he misses the landing point and hits the pavement.

Chris: Wow that's gonna leave a mark ?

Chris said while sitting on a chair dressed in a Toga suit while Interns feed him grapes.

Geoff: WOOHOOO !

Geoff said as he runs down the line and jumps over the bar and lands safetly onto the landing point.

Owen: Cool My turn

Owen runs but when he puts his pole down halfway in the air the pole snaps .

Harold: Don't Worry Owen situation like that always happen in the olympics your not the first.

Gwen the runs down the runaway and ploe jumps oevr the bar.

Gwen: Yes 

Trent: Nice Gwen :)

Gwen: Your turn ;)

Trent: Sure

Trent goes next but his pole jump went too late and he crashed into the bar and lands near Gwen.

Gwen: Trent you ok ?

Trent: Yea is there anything on my face ?

Noah: It's going red ?

Gwen: he wasn't literal Noah >:(

Noah: Well don't ask it like that next time.

Lightning: SHA-NEXT

Lightning picks up Noah and throws him which Noah crashes right into the bar.

Harold: So Ludwig we still good with the union

Ludwig: Yea it's seems good so far !

Harold: So you wanna help me take down Cody at the next Voting Ceremony

Ludwig: Sure, Just wait here for a second.

Ludwig then runs down the runaway and pole jumps over the bar but misses the landing point.

Geoff: You ok buddy ?

Ludwig: Why do I always miss that :(

Ludwig: (Con) I've hated doing the sport games at school Always was I Humiliated at most games, I either come last in the running or screw up in another (Sigh), But this show will change everything for me I know it even if I have to be the bad guy so be it !.

Sierra: For Cody !

Sierra said as she pole jumps but lands under the bar.

Harold: Time for Me to show off my new moves

Harold then runs down and Pole jumps over the bar and lands in the spot.

Harold: YES I DID IT !

Noah: Good but the actually runaway was over there ?

Harold realizes that he was in another part of the Chrisseuim.

Lightning: Where's that Jungle girl.

The Scene changes to a deer eating grass in the woods when a Pole is thrown at it but misses.


Izzy said as she continues to throw the poles at it but the deer runs away.

Cody: So What were the results for this challenge ?

Chris: Challenge that wasn't the challenge. that was for my amusment and as a never before seen clip for aftermath

Gwen: So we just that pole jumping all for nothing >:(

Chris: Indeed now everyone to the actual challenge :)

  • Goes back to the aftermath

Duncan: Ha that must of sucked

Bridgette: Tell them that our next guests left the Island with broken hearts please Welcome Cody and Gwen

Cody jumps on stage with his hands in the air.

Cody: What's sup everyone :)

Gwen: It's just and aftermath

Gwen said as she walked past him.

Cody: ;)

DJ: So uh.... enjoy this season

Cody: I think it's safe to say that Mutant Maggots dominated this season

Tyler and Justin: GO MAGGOTS :D

Gwen: Well Cody The Rats were in greater numbers and you lost four people in a row.

Tyler: NA you lost More people Beth, DJ, Sweet Lindsay, Courtney and Alejandro plus you and Duncan are here.

Gwen: Oh boy Duncan (Sarcasm)

Duncan: Hey you sound like you miss someone

Gwen: Wait Courtney !

Courtney: Long time no see :)

Gwen: Yea, I can't remeber the last time I've seen you.

Duncan: Anyone want to fill her in the awakrd part to her

Gwen: What ?

Courtney: Yea About that me and Duncan are ...........


Gwen: Your back with Duncan !

Courtney: Yea but It won't affect our friendship wouldn't it ?

Gwen: But we were trying to get rid of him, I even borke up with him after he got you hurled !

DJ: I think we should get back to Cody here ?

Cody: Oh na I like a Good Girl gossip if you know what i mean ;)

Courtney then throws a pillow at Cody.

Bridgette: Sierra does feel extremely upset without you ?

Cody: Don't remind me she still texts me

DJ: How ?

Cody: That girl never leaves her Laptop or ipone at home

Lindsay: iphone but there's no eyes in it or the letter i in a phone ?

Eva: That's why I perfer Nokia !

Cody: But if anything I'm going for her incase she does win.

Bridgette: Typical

Eva: Isn't your boyfriend in the final Six too ?

Owen: Izzy and Noah are there too but I don't know which one to pick.

Lindsay: Why not both ?

Owen:  Cool !

Gwen: Guess we can still hang out even if Duncans my ex now

Courtney: So what about Trent ?

Bridgette: If Gwens cool with it

Gwen: Well It's hard too say Hes changed a lot from the whole season

Dunacn: Changed Does Nine ring a bell

Gwen: But the only problem was Ludwig but he eliminated me becuase he thinks i would take him down ?

Beth: Well not to point fingers but you were related to both of Trent's eliminations ?

Justin: Yea what she said

Gwen: Ok I'll admit i do have some rekindled feelings for him SINEC he helped me get over Courtney's loss and saved me from the Womanizer know as AL !

Owen: Speaking of Al has Ezekiel found them yet ?

The Scene changes to Ezekiel at the front of a door.

Ezekiel: Hello anyone in there ? ( Knocks)

Heather: Go away I'm busy 

Ezekiel: Dad was right about girls talikng half and hour with just makeup, You know I only have one attempt at taking a Selfie ?

Heather: Just give me ten more minutes

Ezekiel: I'm sure it's not that bad... OMG !

Ezekiel said as he open the door to see Alejandro and Heather kissing !

The scene changes to Chris on his lounge watching the TV when he spits out his drink upon see it.

Chris: Eh that is the most sickest thing I've seen this season, Chef get over here.

Chef arries in a maid suit

Chef: Yes ?

Chris: Another Margarita Please :)

Ezekiel then closes then door distrubed from what he saw he turns around and knocks on the door behind him

Ezekiel: Harold your up now Bro.

Harold: Ok

The Scene changes to Harold beign thrown onto the Stage

Harold: Leshawna :D !

Harold runs up and Hugs Leshawna

Leshawna: I Miss you to sweaite and it was nice of you to try and avenge me.

DJ: So Harold how was the Island this season ?

Harold: Pretty Wicked I supose, I got bitten by a Radioactive Spider which i was hopign to get spider powers like Web-Man but to no succes :(

Harold: As for the Mutant Maggots it has to be my best team Owen, Izzy, Cody and Tyler but It alll went donwhill after the underground challenge.

Owen: That was a Fun Day

Harold: Not when your Leshawna's Life was in danger or Nine blowing the whole place up.

Harold: I would also Like to apologise to Cody for thinking it was him who got Leshawna eliminated.

Cody:  It's Cool

Harold: But after that the whole Minecraft challenge caught me by suprize I thoguht We were destin to win since Noah and I were the Strongest players left

Duncan: Yea Cause you'd give everyone a run for there money.

Harold: But Atlass Ludwig turned Sierra and Izzy on Us But i guess we had it comign since we did get his lab destryoed.

Gwen: You did ?

Harold: Yes two days after you were Hurled we all made a plan to infiltrate Ludwig's Lab and get some more knowledge about him and his true plans.

Justin: Did it work ?

Harold: As a Matter of fact it did, play the clip guys

Courtney: Just tell us the dam thing

Lindsay: No way I like movies :D

Harold: Thank you lindsay roll lit

the Camera zooms into the Tv where it shows a never before seen clip

  • Never before seen clip at the end of Epiosde 23 

After the Party Harold Exits the mals cabin dressed as a burglar along with Geoff, Noah and Izzy.

Noah: Why are we wearing these Redundant cloths ?

Izzy: Duncan gave E-scope these for her 400th Birthday they help us camoflague in the night

Noah: And You believe a guy like Duncan ?

Geoff: Are we Ready to go

Trent then signals them as he Enters the Main lodge planning to continue to eat dinner with Ludwig while Sierra is asleep.

Trent: Everyone else is asleep so we might aswell have the rest of the Pasta ha

Ludwig: I thought you hated me after last elimination Ceremony ?

Trent: I'll admit that were not friends right now but we were before and I want to know what changed it

Harold and the others then crawl under the Cabin and serach around.

Harold: I rember there were a a pack of rocks around here and one of them is an odd one under it should be the passage down.

Harold then picks up the phone.

Harold: Green Bird do you copy ?

Trent: Copy

Harold: Hows your position going back there ?

Trent: Alright right now, goto go.

Trent puts Sierra's Phone away.

Ludwig: Bussy ha ?

Trent forgot that Lduwig was right in front of him.

Trent: (facepalms)

Izzy: Found it 

Izzy picks up a Cyan looking rock and press the button under it opening a hole for them.

Noah: Gee a giant hole it'd be dumb to go down there so I'm out.

Harold: Go idea buddy you stay up here and keep and eye out for anything

Harold said as He, Geoff and Izzy enter the lab.

Ludwig: planing to steal data from my lab ha ?

Trent: Look you never tell us much about yourself and your too strange to us.

Ludwig: I was told that at school a LOT !

Trent: Why ?

Ludwig: ( sigh) I guess i can never keep it to myself ha, This might seem odd but I have Austism ...

Trent: Austism ? So you feel outcasted by everyone sometimes ?

Ludwig: At school Yes but my family loves me and I love them, I have Soical Problems from time to time but beside that I'm very Smart and ....... eh

Harold: Quick Izzy Hack into Ludwigs Latop and......

Harold notices that Ludwig mac is sill on and it's even haev a song still playing

Geoff: He never turned it off

Harold: And it's playing Princess Courtney on his Itunes but I perfer Princess Leshawna please dont tell her I said that, Anyway Izzy you know what to do.

Trent: I wish you told everyone before we would understand you more and get you know you more :(

Ludwig: and WHAT THE SAME THING WILL happen again, I was Treated like a second class person back there they thought I was just that Smelly nose picking nerd kid with issues, There for causing no date at the prom and not Party inviations preventing me from breaking down my Soical Barrier, Now that I'm here I will take down everyone one of you to show that Brains will forever beat BRAWN !!!!!

Trent: But we were your friends Ludwig I don't care about what makes you differnt and i'm sure no one else would infact you can have alot of fun and friends here at Camp Wawankwa.

Ludwig: Pha the time for talk is too late there are only seven of us left and Tomorrow another will go.

Harold: Izzy did you find anything.

Izzy: Oh I found two folders. One About Autism Awareness and Project Pahkitew.

Geoff:  Ludwig has Autism Poor Dude :(

Harold: Project Pahkitew sounds fishy to me Download both flies.

Harold said as he place a thumdrive into the mac

Izzy: Have look it's says I've won the Mexican Million Dollar Lottery :)

Harold: Wait Izzy that's Spam

Izzy: One Milllion dólares coming right up

Izzy clicks on the spam only for the enitre Lab to flash Red.

Chris Intercom: This place will self detruct in 3.....2.....1....

Harold: RUN !

They All run out of the lab as it Exploses also Blowing up the males cabin.

Ludwig: Did you hear something ?

Trent then looks out the window to see then entire cabin in pieces and Noah runing around on fire.

Trent: Just the parrots 

Trent then close the window curtains.

  • Goes Back to Reality

DJ: Wow that was I don't know how to feel about it

Lindsay: Ah Poor Ludwig

Owen: yea I didn't know that he was Autistic

Cody: You guys are kind of forgetting hes a Evil Master mind ?

Duncan: I'm more interested in this Project Pahkitew that was mentioned.

Leshawna: Back as a Intern I notice the exact same folder in the security room but the all the words on the page were in a differnt language

Harold: Wait I think it yep I still have the Thumdrive

Harold places the Thumdrive into Birdgette's laptop and opens up Project Pahkitews Documents

Ezekiel: Hey I've seen this before Pahkeitw is a Cree word for Explode.

Beth: You can speak Cree ?

Ezekiel: I can speak Eight other lanuages

Lindsay: What Homeschool did you go too ?

Ezekiel then looks at the laptop and gets out a pen and paper and writes down the english translation

Ezekiel: hey ya go Eh.

Ezekiel passes it to Bridgette.

Bridgette then reads it as DJ, Leshawna dn Gwen all circle aroudn her to read it too

Bridgette: (Gasp)

Gwen: There not serious about that are they ?

DJ: How could they :O

Bridgette: It all looks true there going too.....

But just then the whole studio losese power preventing them from saying it live.

Chris: (Laugh) can have them finding out yet :) 

Chef: Are you really going throught with this Project.

Chris: Everything is changing and so will out this so yes. But on a More Important Topic Our next episode is going to be stand off against the Six reamaing Capers Only Five will come out alive will it be your favoruite .. or not find out on our next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!!

Chapter 26: A Game of Drones

"Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance. Our Seven Steve's were sent into the woods to craft their own weapons and tools to build a house and punch some trees. The odds favoured E-Scope as she rounded Ludwig and Sierra to help her take out the competion but screwed up at the last minute which Gave Trent and Geoff another victory and Harold a ticket off the Island Hurling style.

A Game of Drones
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 26
A Game of Drones
First Aired (CAN) 19th May 2014
First Aired (USA) 20th May 2014
Challenge Build your Own Combat Robot to fight otherrobots
Winner(s) Find out
Eliminated Find Out
Episode Guide
"Aftermath IV: Eye of the Island"
"Revenge of the Island"
  • Screen changes to Chris infront of a Giant Pile of Metal.

Chris: With all the interns wokring to there graves we have a very new challenge instore for them who is going to help them and who is going to get wiped out before the final five find out on todays episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VEGEANCE !

The Scene shows Sierra searching for her phone in the Main Lodge.

Sierra: Where is it, WHERE IS IT D: !!!!!!

Trent: Are you ok ?

Sierra: Codent My Phones missing, it's has all my 500 Cody Pictures !

Sierra then flips a Table and diggs under the wood

Ludwig: Chris probably just confiscated it. there was a rule about that don't you remember ?

Sierra: As if Chris follows the rules !

Sierra: (Con) It's Been Five Hours, Ten Minutes and Thirty-Four Seconds since I last had my Phone (Gasp) IT'S NOW THIRTY SIX SECONDS !!!

Izzy then jumps throught the roof into the main lodge.

Trent: Can't you enter the building normally  ?

Izzy: Ha, This is normal :D

Trent then notices Ludwig eating Ceral with not Milk

Trent: Aren't you going to have milk on that ?

Ludwig: No I don't do it that way

Ludwig said as he walked off

Ludwig: (Con) After those Morons blew up my Lab a Week ago I have no GM food left and my tools are tattered, Plus the Fact that Harold out of all people has Data of Project Pahkitew and my knowledge that I have   Aspergers he won't even be able to transalte the stupid documents since hes away from the Island, I WAS HALF WAY THERE ON Transalating them.

Trent: So your Just going to isolate yourself ?

Ludwig: I came here to be noticed and have my revenge !

Ludwig: Oh wait I am being noticed ?

Ludwig: Well I got to prepare for the challenge ahead of us.

Trent: If it's a Competion you want then Fine !


  • The Scene changes to Geoff and Noah in the woods.

Geoff: So where are we going

Noah: This might sound redundant but I have a friend who lives in the Forest

Geoff: On the Island ?

Noah: It's what she does, Anyway If anyone knows what Chris and Project Pahkitew is it would have to be her.

Geoff: Are you sure it was a good Idea to take it.

Noah: shes going Ballistic as we speak but she has her Cody replacement to keep her calm, She wanted us to show her the aftermath from last episode incase it can help us transalte this.

Noah takes a Piece of paper out of his pocket showing Project Pahkitew.

Geoff: Is that wirrten in French or Indian ?

Noah: Close Cree, Good thing we printed it before Harold left the Island hopefully she can transalte it for us.

Geoff: So this girl hu do you like her ;)

Noah: Were on a sercious case here and you bring up girls ?

Geoff: Ok what about Ludwig maybe he can help us ?

Noah: Think 'Dude' we got his lab destroyed !

Geoff: Wow that's Grovvy looking Tree

Geoff and Noah stop at a Giant Tree House

Noah: This is the place

They both climb up the ladder and knock on the door of the wodden house in the tree.

Dawn: Who is it ?

Noah: Pizza Delivery ( Sarcasm)

A Bird then flys to the door and opens it for them

Geoff: Cool

They both find Dawn Meditating with two birds on her lap.

Dawn: Hu suprise to see visitors here in the house of peace

Geoff: Hi ...... Hippie girl .. we need help translating these words ?

Dawn: Bring it foward

Noah: Hippie girl ?

Geoff: I don't know what to call her ?

Dawn: Dawn is my name if you are wondering

Geoff: Oh sorry

Dawn: Hmm The Words are written in Cree

Geoff: Cree ?

Dawn: It' a Language that is spoken by 117,000 across Canada including Ezekiel, It's also a common Language in the Northwest Territories of Canda. 
Metting dawn

Geoff and Noah Seek advice from Dawn about Project Pahkitew

Geoff: So was this back in like Ancient times like the Romans ?

Noah: Please tell me you didn't go to the same school as Lightning 

Dawn then pours tea into Three Wodden cups.

Dawn: The Tea's ready becareful it is hot

Geoff then takes a Sip which begins to burn his tongue

Geoff: Ah HOT !

Geoff then starts running around

Noah: What did she just say ? I knew I should of brought Ludwig

Dawn: I think Izzy would of been a bettter choice

Geoff then trips and falls out of the tree house.

Dawn: I'll speak with Nature at the gathring tonight and see what they think of about Project Pahkitew and hopefully we can get it translated.

Noah: Thanks for the help, I should head back now the challenge is about to begin soon.

Dawn: Don't you want to drink your tea for good luck.

Noah: You Call that good luck ?

Noah Points to a Wounded Geoff on the ground who has the smallest Splinter on his leg.

Geoff: The Pain of the horrible pain :(

  • The Scene changes to where all six have gathered in the woods where chris is.

Chris: Welcome campers Last week we had you all partnered up with each other this time you will need it to build your own battle robot.

Trent: Aren't these supposed to be Summer Camp based challenges

Chris: No who said that ?

Chris: Anywho what will happen is that for the whole day you will build your own robot to for our very own Total Drama Robo Derby Fight.

Izzy: :D

Geoff: This sounds like the demolision Derby Show that me Bridgette and DJ when too.

Noah: Sounds like she really enjoyed all the fire and explosions (Sarcasm)

Geoff: You sound a bit Sarcastic there ?

Chris: You will not be partnering up with a fellow camper. This Time you have to shoot your partner down.

Ludwig: Shoot ?

Chris: You see those coloured ballons in the sky ?

Trent: There's people in there

Chris: Indeed you will all take turns of shooting one of them down with the Meatball 4000, However since Trent and Geoff both won the last challenge they get to have two assiatances instead of one, Izzy your up first.


Izzy beings Firing at the ballons but keeps missing then one of the shots even hit Chef whos is in a Hot Air Ballon.

But then one meatball hits a one of the Ballons causing it to pop reavling a Tall Person.

Chris: Ah Izzy you partner for todays challenge will be B !

Izzy: Bee oh I love bees can I be the queen :)

Chris: No i said B aka Beverly ahaha

B:  :(

Izzy then jumps onto B

Izzy: Hey you remind of Owen but your missing something

B: ?

Izzy: Your not much of a talker are you ? Chris: He sure is, Geoff your up, Like I said about wining last time two people you get to shoot down.

Geoff: Cool

But then Geoff accidently presses the Auto Fire which causes the Meatball 4000 to jumps out of his hands and start firing all over the place one hits Noah while another hits Ludwig but then two of the meatballs pop two ballons revealing Alejandro and Heather

Alejandro & Heather: Ahhhhhhh

They said as they fall form the sky and land in the bushes.

Chris: Good Pick ha :)

Geoff: ah I was hoping for Dj and bridgette :(

Chris: Well Geoff you get Heather and Alejandro helping you for todys challenge which means they have no chances of ever wining the million :)

But they do not respond.

Chris: No Money for you Heather ha )

But she ignores him

Chris: ?

Chris then pulls out a air horn


Heather: Yes we can were busy focusing on important things.

Alejandro: indeed :)

Chris: WAIT, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME YOUR........................?

Alejandro: Yep we are official

just then they both hold hands.

Trent: No Way :O

Sierra: (squeal) eeee must post this :D

Izzy: (Vomits)

Geoff: DUDE :O

Ludwig: (Vomits)

Noah: Is this supose to surpize me ?

Alejandro: (Con) The Money was what brought was togther but It was not big enough to tear us apart. 

Heather: (Con) It was never that valuable to us then our love. We can finnaly live happily ever after :

Alejandro & Heather: (Con) (smooch)


Geoff: Your Turn Buddy

Geoff throws the Gun to Noah but he drops it due to it being heavy

Noah: I perfer Light footed guns, they don't slow you down

Chef: Fine heres Wimpy gun number #1

Chef throws Noah a nail gun which he uses to fire at Green ballon

The Green ballon pops revealing Justin as he falls from the sky.

Chris: Noah, Justin will be your partner for todays challenge

Noah: Great I get the Anti-Me !

Justin: And I get a very annoying Saractics Brat !

Chris: Sounds like you two will be friends in a matter of no time, Trent Your turn.

Trent: Does the colors repersent something

Chris: Do you see any might-night blue ballons out there

Trent: I honestly can't tell each type of blue apart form each other.

Trent: Maybe this one ?

Trent fires at two looking blue ballons both pop revealing a Small kid in a red jacket and Duncan.

Duncan: last Time I take a Ballon trip as a ride out of Juvie

Chris: Incase you don't know Trent your two assiatants will be Duncan and Cameron

Trent: Duncan ! ( Mumble )

Cameron: Man I never knew I would have been on Television ever ?

Sierra then picks up the Meatball 4000 while Ludwig picks up the Nail Gun

Sierra: Hmm Which one has cody in it ?

Sierra said to herself as she imagines all the ballons with the shape of Cody's Head

Sierra then begins fireing at every single ballon but one finnally pops but Gwen is realsed form the ballon instead

Sierra: NO, THe Worst pick I could ever have ?

Ludwig: I really couldn't give a dam who I get ?

Ludwig then fires which pops a Orange ballon revealing His intern friend Scott

Chris: Hmm I like the parings you all get.

Geoff: I don't >:( ( Looks at Alejandro)

Alejandro: Oh please your the one who betrayed me

Geoff: You were going to vote off Gwen or Duncan, Plus It would be funny to see the tables turn on you.

Justin: Am I the only still disturbed about hearing Alejandro and Heather dating ?

Duncan: Pretty Much

Chris: Ok so after the pickings Group 1 is Sierra and Gwen. Group 2 Noah and Justin. Group 3 Geoff, Alejadnro and Heather.

Chris: Group 4 Ludwig and Scott. Gruop 5 Trent , Duncan and Cameron and last Izzy and B.

Geoff: So what are we doing for the Robot Derby challenge ?

Chris: Now you need to actually build a robot, Thankfully tons of Iron leftover from the last challenge so hat can be used along with whatever you can find each team will have a allocated area, After two hours everyone meet at the Chrisseum where all six robots will be pitted to the death, Winner robot Wins Immunity other five face a possible Shutdown Hurl of Shame style ;)

Duncan: Why are we even here, Couldn't they just built it themselves ?

Chris: Two heads are always better then one Duncan in your teams case three ahaha have fun ;)

Scene flashes to Ludwig and Scott at the arts can craft center.

Scott: I'm telling you a Robot Wolf would be the best idea, have a gaint howl and they will wet their pants for the nights to come

Ludwig: Any Idiot like Duncan would do that what I thinking is we need a type of Aerial driod they can't reach  and have the sky as our advantage.

Scott: Birds ! That's a Pansy choice

Ludwig: Not Birds something more Menacing

Scott: What about a Mosquito

Ludwig: Wir don't want to be treated like a pest that's the other teams job, Hm That Settles it a Gargoyle sharp claws and Fire >:)

Scott: Fire how about we steal fuel form Chris's Jet :)

Ludwig: I don't steal but go ahead and get it anyway I'll see what I can build with the last of my Science gear I have left.

Ludwig: (Con) Left I have almost no Supplies left thanks to Harold, Hopefully he can actually find out what Project Pahkitew means ? 

  • Scene Changes to Trent, Duncan and Cameron at the Boathouse

Duncan: * Breaks Window and Crawls throught it

Cameron: There's a door on the left

Duncan: Just get it THis place has ton of equipment.

Duncan Pulls cameron througth the Window while Trent just opens the door to enter the boathouse 
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.17.43 PM

Cameron, Trent and Duncan in the Boathouse

Cameron: So has anyone had experince in engineering coudl that could help right now ?

Duncan: Nope but I have another Idea

Trent: Does it involve breaking more things.

Duncan: Possibly, Have any of you seen the new Iron Man Movie ?

  • Camera changes to Noah and Justin at the Main lodge.

Noah: Are you actually going to help me build this robot or what ?

Justin: What and get that Oil Mess all over my Tanned Body !

Justin: What are you even building anyway

Noah: Have you seen Doctor Who ?

Justin: Please don't tell me you building a R2D2 ?

Noah: No a Dalek from Doctor who

Justin: They both look like Trash cans ?

Noah: (Con) my Second idea was to put Justin in a Cyber Men Suit but that woudl stand a chance compared to what Izzy's Building

  • Izzy and B At the Campfire

Izzy: O Make sure it has Eight Legs

B: ?

Izzy: o and a Web Cannon aswell and laser eyes

B: (Nods)

B then gets out a Hammer and starst banging it on the robot to help build it into a Spider Robot

Izzy: Hmm how about the control pannel

B: ?

Izzy: So we can fit in their and control it

B: ( Give Izzy a Remote controlled Switch for it instead )

Izzy: Thanks Beverly :)

B: :(

Izzy: Painting TIME !

B: ?

  • Trent, Duncan and Cameron building the Iron Suit back at the Boat House

Duncan: Ok Looking good so far

Cameron: Some of it's move from Mavel vs Capcom 3 could be helpful

Duncan: ah sure what ever they are

Cameron: So Duncan are you a fan of Marvel too :)

Duncan: FAN ! of course not it's just an idea, We could build ourselves a Butt Kicking Iron Suit.

Trent: So how our we going to control it ?

Duncan: Simple someone puts on the suit.

Cameron: Who ?

Trent: Wait I don't want to put any one of our lives at risk for the challenge, it's Robots were fighting not Phobias or Mutated Animals

Duncan: Well how else are we going to controll it then !

Trent: Remote Control device there a lot more safer plus we haven't even check the inside of the suit for any issues.

Duncan: Safety !, It's not a seatbeat competion ! If Chris wants danger were giving it to him

Trent: Look we need to focus on all aspects of the Iron suit then just the firepower.

Duncan: Oh Sorry Mr. DC Comics am I too Rogue for ya >:)

Cameron: Guys ! this is a Seriocus challenge

Duncan: Yea well my butts not on the line, So I don't see why I should help you losers with this scrap show !

Duncan then drops a create and heads for the door

Trent: Just cause you lost your Milllion from Season 2, Your bad boy Persona and got throw away by Gwen and Ludwig doesn't mean you can just walk out on us.

Duncan * Stops walking*

Duncan: WHAT >:(

Cameron: If you that concerned about your Repuation just doing something evil then like the Mount Chrismore Incident that got Lesahwna elimianted and caused a feud bettween Harold and Cody ?

Trent: Wait Cameron that's not what I was thinking

Duncan: Hmm I have and Idea but This does involve the three of us

Trent: Look we'll help you if you can just finishs the Iron suit with us ok

Duncan ... Deal

  • Geoff , Alejandro and Heather at the Beach

Geoff: ( Reading Instruction)

Geoff: Ok ur... any tips ?

Alejandro: You will need to build something that is feared and dangerous

Heather: Dominate and Fast

Geoff: hmm ( Starts thinking about Bridgette)

Geoff: (sigh)

Alejandro: You miss her ?

Geoff: Totally it's Been Nine weeks since i saw her :(

Alejandro: Well think what you both have in common and build something out of that

Geoff: Cool

  • Gwen and Sierra at the Female Cabin.

Gwen: When are we going to start

Sierra: * Check her phone for updates on Cody on Facebook

Sierra: Not a Single post in 2 minutes :(

Gwen: Sierra you need to get started on the Robot otherwise Ludwig will take you down

Sierra: He Hurled Me CODY !

Gwen: (Con) Normally I woudn't encourage Anger on someone but Sierra might need the strenght to survive the final 5.

Sierra: Ok Follow to the boys Cabin theres ton of wreackage left from their

Gwen: So Harold was telling the truth  ?

Sierra: About what

Gwen: Hm .... Wait you said you follow Total Drama 24/7 on all Social Pages ?

Sierra: Tell me something i don't know !

Gwen: Then you must of heard aobut Project Pahkitew ?

Chris (intercom): All Right Pit crew times up time to head to my Temple of DEATH ........ aka the Chrisseum >:)

  • All Campers and their Assit Partner's arrive at the Chrisseum

Trent: So Gwen how did it go with Sierra ?

Gwen: One word  Crazy

Cameron: Did you get to build your robot at least

Gwen: Sort of

Gwen looks At Sierra huging her Cody Robot

Trent: Well on the bright side she can stop thinking I'm Cody

Gwen: That's pretty funny to be honest

Trent: it's Cool .... So if there' by any chacne after the season wraps up did you want to ..

Chris: (Blows a Massive Horn)

Chris: Welcome my Combatants to the Chrisseum aka your graves

Noah: Thriller much ?

Chris: So how this is going down where having a Robot Runway show off for each group so they can explain what they did to the hunk of junk and then all six will fight to one remains and you all know what happens after that, so first up Izzy and B

  • Curtains open showing a Robotic Spider the size of a King Size Bed

Izzy: Presenting from E-Scope Corperation the latest model of the Attacknid EIB-4000 equipped with a Web Cannon and Sting Tail

Justin: Spider's don't have Scorption tails

Justin is then shot by one of the webs

Izzy: This one does >:)

B: :)

B then presse a Button that shows the Attacknid shooting Laser's out of it's eyes

Izzy: YES E-Scope grows stronger every day

Geoff: Are you sure she doesn't have Multiple Personality ( Whipsered to Chris)

Chris: No but that would make a good plot twist for another Season, Next !

Sierra: ( Pulls down the curtains)

Sierra: Introducing the Cody 2.0 :D

Chris: -_- ?

Noah: Really ?

Trent: :| ?

Chris: Does it have anything useful unlike Cody ?

Sierra: Nope it' has every single thing Cody who do just like he should :)

Gwen: I still think the Robot Jason would have been a better idea but you know Sierra

Geoff: That's Cool she stuck to her heart and so did I :D

Geoff then pulls the stage curtains down showing a Robotic Dolphin

Alejandro: Not what I had in mind

Chris: A Dolphin dude really :|

Geoff: It's Bridgette's favourite Sea Animal there friendly too :(

Heather: Out of all the endless possibilities of killing Machines you pick a DOLPHIN !!, How is he still in th game while I'm not !

Justin: Chris Head's that's why ?

Chris: oh that reminds the McLean head Invinsibility out of the three has been found a few days ago.

Noah: Oh ge who could of found it now ( Sarcasm) ( Looks at Ludwig)

Chris: Ok this there anyone else beside Izzy that actually made what I said

Cameron: Right here McLean

Cameron: Our group conisting of Me, Trent and Duncan here by present our very own Battle Suit

Trent pulls the Curtains back showing a Green looking Iron suit.

Ludwig: hm not bad

Izzy: How much ?

Duncan: 500 Bucks

Trent: -_-

Cameron: -_-

Duncan: Fine 25% Share profit.

Chris: Nice so which one of you unlucky Maggots are going in there :) ?

Trent: Oh we forgot to make it remote controll

Duncan then sparys a Black number 9 on the chestplate.

Duncan: That should increase our chances.

Scott: Ha ours is 9x more powerful then that

Ludwig: Our very Own Gargoyle Battle bot, With Fire breathing and flight

Geoff: pretty good

Heather: Good ! your stupid Dolphin can only swim !

Geoff: Well you never know if chris changes it to an Ocean battle

Alejandro: Lets give him a chance Heather he knows best :)

Alejandro: (Con) You'd think Geoff would be the one going tonight because of his Derpy Mind but What he doesn't know is that I've hidden deployable Jet boosters and Rocket lanuchers to even up the fight, Your Welcome Bridgette

Justin: A trash Can with a Plunger that's a Dalek ?

Noah: What were you think

Noah: ( Test out the robot's controlls with a Remote device)

Noah: All looks well where ready ?

Duncan: So we held you part of the bargi so it seems fair if you help me Cameron

Cameron: Very Well what's your plan

Duncan: This way

Trent: Wait aren't you going to watch the fight

Duncan: Do me a favour and knock someone into Chris's Cottage >:)

Trent: -_-

Gwen: So your going to have to put the suit on ha ?

Trent: Well it seems that way

Gwen: Well stay safe out there and show no mercy :)

Trent: Go it :)

Chris: Ok Time for all Robot's to be placed into the Arena.

  • Screen changes to All six Robot's in the Arena

Gwen: Trent can you hear me from Suit? ( holding a Walkie-Talkie )

Trent: Yea a bit cramped in it but all readings look good and I've read Duncan's Legit mannel about all the controls so I should be fine

Chris: Everyone Ready

Geoff, Ludwig, Sierra, Izzy and Noah pick up their remote control's for their robot's.

Chris: Its a free for all so it's everyone Drorid for themselves Last one standing wins immunity and GO

Chef: ( Holds Go flags up in the air)

The Ludwig's Gargoyle flies up into the air and spits a Fireball towards Geoff's Dolphin.

Geoff: ug... Which ones the move button

Alejandro: let me help

Alejandro swipes the Remote off him and presses a Button that actiavtes the Dolphin's jet boosters and Rams the Gargoyle into the wall

Ludwig: Did not see that comming :0

Geoff:  :0

Alejandro: Now that's my kind of Dolphin :)

Izzy: ATTACK !

B: ( nods and presses a Button)

The Attacknid then starts to Fire at Trent's iron Suit

Trent: Och i'm taking damage

Noah: Thats's the Idea of the suit to protect you from getting hurt.

The Attacknid then jumps onto the Iron Trent.

Scott: Get up your not done yet !

The Gargoyle then fies past the Flying Dolphin and claws at the back of it.

Alejandro: think you can out wit me Ludwig ?

Alejandro then activates a Massive Water brust from the Dolphins blow hole that causes a Rainfall Weekening all other robots.

Trent the manages to Throw the Attacknid off him and onto the Cody 2.0

Trent: Cool What else do I have

Trent the shoots plasma from the Iron suits hand the Attacknid.

Trent: that should take care off you for a while.

Justin: Why are you just letting the Dalek stand there

Noah: Too see if they knock themselves out.

Sierra: Cody 2.0 Attack !

Sierra the commands The Cody bot to kick the attacknid but its kicks are puny.

Gwen: It's not doing anything ?

Sierra: How ? I put in all of Cody's real life skills, maybe I need another opponent

Sierra then commands the Cody 2.0 To attack the Dalek but it too is too strong to be damaged.

Sierra: Meh It's just a trash can.

Noah: No one mocks The Doctor and gets away with it !

Noah then preses the Attack button

Dalek: ( Scanning Cody 2.0 thinking it's a human due to it's ressemblance of Cody)


The Dalek slowly moves towards Cody 2.0 until it fires a Laser Beam causing Cody 2.0 to explode

Chris: Woho our first casualty five left

Sierra: CODY 2.O D: !

Noah: It's just a robot get over it.

Sierra: I'll Show you ROBOT !

Sierra starts Chasing Noah around the Audience seats holding Cody 2.0 arms.

Justin then picks up the Control device that Noah dropped and looks at Dolphin and Alejadnro and grins

Justin: Time for Pay back >:)

Justin then Comands the Dalek to turn around and fires at the back Engines of the Geoff's Dolphin robot.

Alejandro: The War rages on Justin sure >:)

Alejandro then presse a Button which Fires Three Rocket Missiles at The Dalek knocking it back.

Alejandro: Lost to a Shark and now a Dolphin must suck to be number 2 ha

Justin: Not Yet !

Ludwig then noitce this

Scott: Nows our chance

Ludwig: Very Well !

The Gargoyle then flys up and claws at the Dolphin.

Geoff: Aw Dude were getting hit from both sides !

But then the The Gargoyle Cuts digs thorught the Engine and reachs the control system and flies off.

Ludwig: Now !

Dalek: Exterminate !

Justin then commands the Dalek to fire a Laser beam right into the Dolphin's Control System which causes it to blow up.

Heather: Great we lost again >:(

Cameron: what did I miss ?

Gwen: Wait weren't you with Duncan

Cameron: He's just setting up the Grand Finale for today

Just then the Izzy's Attacknid jumps on the Dalek causing it to fire ramdonly around the arena.

Chef: This is why we need laser proof glass.

Chris: Budjet remember

Noah: Yet you hand out million dollars like a Toiler Paper

Sierra: That right Chris has tons of Toiler Paper that look exactly like Dollar bills.

Chris: ok Everyone shut up and continue !

Trent: K whos next

Ludwig then sees this and commands the Gargoyle to launch at him and light him up into the air and drop him.

Ludwig: Your next that's what

Trent: Oh Crap the suit has 56 Percent Damage

Just then a Hologram of Duncan appears in the suit

Duncan: How's it going

Trent: Its me and three other's left

Duncan: Have you used Plan B yet !

Trent: :| ?

Duncan: It's just something Speical you might remeber open the Mini Cupboard too the left.

Trent: You installed Cupboards within the suit Nice

Duncan: Trust me you'll thank me for what's in there Duncan Out.

Trent then opens the Cupboard to the left to his shock see a Small Bottle of Toxic Waste that spills everywhere in the suit

Trent: Dude Not Cool this is Toxic 47 the same as ahahah

Just the the iron suit falls over.

Gwen: Trent ?

Justin: What's going on in there

Izzy: He's Here :)

Ludwig: But you won't be.

Ludwig's Gargoyle Throws the Attacknid off the Dalek.

Izzy: NOW

B: (nod)

The Attacknid fires a Web Net covering the Dalek and the Gargoyle.

But the Gargoyle manages to Claw out of the Web and flies at the Attacknid and claws two of it's legs off.

Izzy: Active Nuclear Reactor Beam.

Scott: Ha In your Dreams

Scott Laughs Holding the Reactor in his hands. 

Scott then throws the Nuclear Reacto to their Gargoyle which Blows a Fire ball at it causing it to Malfunction.

B: :0

Izzy: NOOO !

Cameron: Trent can you still hear us in their

Trent: Ur Cover In Toxic Goo Feels to close to before

Gwen: Are you Ok

Scott: Not after this

The Reactor the explodes Destroying the Attacknid while the Other three were blown back.

After a Few Seconds of Rubble falling down the Gergoyle gets up and walks to the Iron Trent.

Ludwig: Any one still in their Hello ?

Just then the Iron suits eyes go Green and it's armor Goes Black.

Ludwig: NO it cannot be :0

Then the number Nine Appears on it's chest.

Gwen: Ha Now your in trouble >:)

Then The Iron Trent gets up.

Ludwig: Are you Ok ?

Nine: You Won't be Traitor >:(

Iron Nine then flies at The Gargoyle into the Wall.

Nine: Your Chance off Revenge is over.

Iron Nine then rips off The Gargoyle's Left arm and smacks it with it.

The Gargoyle then tries to breath Fire from it jaw But Nine Grabs it.

Nine: Your Time on the Island has Past.

Ludwig: You pressume too Early


The Dalek fires at the Gargoyle's Open Chest which causes it to blow up infront of Nine.

Justin: Wait I did'nt tell him to do that

Scott: No I did >:)

Justin realise that Scott Swiped the Remote out of his hand.

The Dalek then fires at the Pillar above Nine which falls on him.

Duncan: Ok Im ready

Duncan told Nine on this Screen pad

Nine: Good lets end this

Iron Nine picks up the Dalek and flies away with it.

Geoff: Where are they going

Cameron: (Gulp)

Chris: Hey Chef what do we have on Island that's West of here.

Chef: I don't think you want to know

Cameron: Gwen this way

They both head left out of the Chrisseum followed everyone else

Chris: Left of the Chrisseum was the main lodge east of north of here.

Izzy: So Noah where are we going now :)

Noah: The only place that's west of here is Chris's Cottage so that's where the boom is going to happen

Chris: ( Gasp) I hope you were sarcastic about that Noah >:(

Noah: (Laugh) I Wish I was'nt :)

Iron Nine the flies to Chris's Cottage and and crash lands him and the Dalek into the window.

Chris: (Gasp) Intern's get my Paintings out of there :0

Scott: At this kind of Pay grade Keep dreaming

The Scene shows Iron Nine and the Dalek inside Chris Mansion surround by TNT,C4 and all kinds of Explosives.

Nine: Well want to light the candle

Dalek: There is no Candle in here EXTERMINATE !

The Dalek then fires at Nine but he moves to the left which hits and TNT Create.

  • Zooms out of the Mansion


The Entire mansion explodes.

Chris: MY COTTAGE :O !

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.59.16 PM

Chris: MY COTTAGE :O !

Gwen: That's a mansion 

Chris: My Beatiful Cottage :(

Chef: I warned ya

Chris: All of my Paintings of my handsome Face now turned into ash :(  

Geoff: How many did you have ?

Sierra: Over 9000

Chris: What Kind of Monster did this

Noah: The Obvious Redundant kind

Noah passes Chris a Telescope where he sees Duncan runpast the Runins of his Mansion.



Trent then emerges from the ruins with half of his suit wrecked.

Trent: Oh Really Duncan !

Duncan: Hey you won still right

Chris: I can't look at this catastrophe anymore, No one won everyone has to face elimination at 8 Pm Tonight.

Chris: ( puts on his jetpack but it does not work )

Chris:(Gasp) Someone Siphoned my Jetpack

Scott: (Laughs)

Ludwig: (Laughs)

  • Elimination Ceremony

Chris: So Many Picture of me gone, Stautes of me now into pieces my own Exerice DVDs Never to reach fame

Noah: Fame -_-

Geoff: Dude if you want to postpone another ceremony we can wait.

Chris: No One of my must PAY for these crimes against Humanity You choice campers >:(

Chris: Noah you get to vote first

Noah: oh Ge the honor ( Sarcasm)

Noah: ( Gets up and heads to the confessional)

Chris: while your all vote I'm justing going to get rid of some Unnessary garbage

The Drama Machine rolls in holding Gwen, Alejandro, Cameron, B, Scott, Justin, Heather.

Heather: Tell that Scrap to let go off my Hair !

Chris: No can do since you cameo in this episode we have to now send you back to Aftermath have fun.

Scott: Wait but i'm a intern !

Chris: Not anymore you are, Chef did some investiagtion of Mount Chrismore and you'r dna match the finger prints on the detnator and the Jerk WHO SIPHON MY JET FUEL !

Trent: It was good Seeing you again Gwen :) Gwen: Trent there's something that you need to know Trent: ? Geoff: ?

Chris: Ok no Spoilers Chef hurling time Chef: ( Thorws them into the Hurl of Shame )

Gwen: You have to stop Chris from completeing Stop Project Pahkite-wwwwwwww She said as she Heather, Alejandro, Justin, B, Cameron and Scott were hurled away.

Noah: Fairy girls was right after all ha ? ( Walks back to his seat)

Trent: Chris what does she Mean ?

Chris: All in good time your turn.

Trent: (Con) ( Draws X On Ludwig) Only cause I can't vote for Chris >:(

Chris: Vote's have been counted any guess ? >:)

Trent, Geoff, Noah and Izzy Point Ludwig while Sierra points to Noah

Noah: Really Sierra -_- Sierra: You killed Cody 2.0

Ludwig: WAIT IZZY you betrayed me :O !

Izzy: You been Double Crossed E-Scope Style. Chris: Well she is right with 4 to 2 Votes Ludwig your done here.

Ludwig: (Starts to Cry)

Trent: I'm sorry but you gave us no choice

Ludwig: ( Changes to and Evil Laugh)

Geoff: :| ?

Izzy: Oh evil laughs are awesone too let me try ( Evil Laugh)

Chris: Ok what is it now ?

Ludwig: FOOLS !, Once again your attempt to end my Vengeance on Teens has failed again

Ludwig: ( Drops a McLean brand Head of invincibility)

Trent: Oh Crap

Chris: Had a feeling you would have found the last one so with all four votes for him terminated and it would piss off the Fans to Hurl Noah So Chef you pick who goes tonight

Noah: (Con) Good to sse that there are some people in the world who agree with me.

Chef: Hmmm I'll give First two Marshmallows the two obvious Ludwig and Noah.

Chef: hmm Next one goes to Mr. Cowboy over here Geoff: ( Catchs Marshmallow )

Chef: And you three

Chef:  ( Looks at Trent, Sierra and Izzy)

Izzy: (Gives Chef and Evil look)

Chris: So who's getting the toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom Chef.

Chef: it's going to be ?
















Chef: ...... It's going to ...... Sierra

Sierra: (gasp) But why :(

Chef: You creep me out too much !

Ludwig: And she doesn't  ? ( Looks at Izzy)

Izzy: He fears me :)

Sierra: But I was going to win my Cody 

Sierra Hurl

Chef Choose Sierra to take the Hurl of Shame

Chris: And Another dream is tranished thanks to Me :) Bye Bye Time Sierra and enjoy your very own toxic Marshamallow of Loserdom

  • Sierra on the Hurl of Shame

Sierra: (Cry)

Trent: Don't Worry You'll get to see Cody soon tell him I said hi

Geoff: Continune Partying on Girl :) Chef: Hurling in 3 Seconds

Sierra: ( Stops Cryin) I'm comming CODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Sierra is hurled away.

Chris: Noah, Izzy, Trent, Ludwig and Geoff our Final Five for Season 4 of Total Drama.

Geoff: WOHOO! New Record Baby :D <Chef: For everyone to be exact.

Ludwig: Enjoy it now while you all can ( Walks off)

Trent: (Looks Angrily at Ludwig)

Trent: (Con) Three Attempts of Trying to vote Ludwig Off and now he's become the new Heather, I tired reasoning with him and getting him forget his past exerpince of Social Issues, But hes bent on world Domination.

Ludwig: (Con) Soon I will Win and make those who mocked my Austim Suffer >:)

Chris: Well Our Final Five Our Next episode will be another Heart tearing fight bettween Good and Evil is it too late for Ludwig to redeem himself or Will someone get eliminated trying.

Chef: Eh Chris we missing one Person

Chris: I'm in the middle of the exit Chris: The Epic Battle rages on in our Next most dangerous episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !

  • Raining Nightime Forest

A Shadow figure runs into the woods and arrives at Dawns Tree house.

Dawn: Did you sent the warning

??????: Hes already removed the others who know abot Pakitew off the Island there's only Five contestants left as we speak.

Dawn: Hmm What I found out fromt Project Pahkitew is terrible indeed they must been wanred but the Danger ahead.

??????: I'll warn them tommrow but Chris will send someone to find me so ?

The Shadow person steps foward revaling to be Duncan.

Duncan: Do you mind if I crash the night <End>  

Chaper 27 : Revegne of the Island

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Have you ever Wanted to build you very own fighting Robot, Well our final six had to built one For our very Own Robo-Derby. Trent and Duncan had to put their differnce aside, AleHeather ! (Puke) gave Geoff some advice on coping without Bridgette and Justin got his Revenge on Alejandro, Sierra still proved to be a Cody nut with her easily Destroy robot and Two Jerks siphon my jet fuel. (Sob) And a big price to pay my Cottage was destroyed ! and to add insult Mr. Boom Boom Espcaed before we could Hurl him. All seem lost for Ludwig but he turned the Tables with the Last idol and sent Sierra down the Hurl of shame " 

Revenge of the Island
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 27
TDIV Revenge of the Island
First Aired (CAN) 29th May 2014
First Aired (USA) 30th May 2014
Challenge Find Duncan on Boney Island and Bring him back
Reward A Place in the Final Four
Winner(s) Find out
Eliminated Find Out
Episode Guide
"A Game of Drones"
"The Meal Steal"

Chris: For Today we return to Boney Island were our final Five will Hunt down Duncan and bring him back me for punishment.

Chef: Dead or Alive >:)

Chris: No Chef only ALIVE !

Chef: We never get to do thing my way.

Chris: Were Near the end and today will no doubt be a Final Standoff for someone, Find out our Final four on todays episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGENACE !

  • Scene changes to Trent and Geoff playing Killer Instinct Xbox One in the girls Cabin

Geoff: Man Five of Us left I've never made it so far :)

Trent:( Ignores Comment)

Geoff: You feeling ok dude you have'nt used your ultra combo yet ?

( Screen Shows Geoff playing as Fulgore and Trent as Jago)

Trent: Before Gwen left she told me to stop project Pahitew, I think that adds more Evidence that its something bad chris has planned for us ?

Geoff: Yea and without Harold we can't transalte it and Noah only speaks italian and Japanes beside english.

Trent: Izzy ?

Noah: Your going to rely on Izzy to transalte a sheet IZZY, Shes more likely ot either Eat it or make paper planes out of it ?

Trent: What do you suggest.

Noah: Dawn's getting it transalted as we speak but unless it's not worth the wait then our only opition is enemy number 1

Trent: Ludwig ?, He's more likely to wanting to get rid of us before even helping us out ?

Noah: Well we wait for Dawn then, And FYI Geoff just beat you

Trent: What ?

Trent turns around to the Tv Screen to See Fulgor vaporize Jago with the Devastation beam


Geoff: WOHOO 118 Hits new record !

  • Meanwhile

Ludwig is seen in the arts and craft center Modifying Chris's Jet and then also Modfys the Meatball 4000.

Ludwig: (Con) Today I must not make any mistakes like last time, After hacking into the Total Drama Wiki i know toaday challegne and with this ( hold Meatball 4000) He won't be going any were >:)

  • Izzy is seen meditating in the woods 

Suddenly A Carboard cut out of a ninja appears behind a tree

Izzy: ( Turns around and it throws four ninja starts at it)

Two more Ninja Cut outs appear.

Izzy: ( Whacks them with Harold's Nunchucks)

One Ninja Cutout appears in a Tree.

Izzy: (Charges up Engery from her hands)

Izzy: HADOUKEN ! ( Beam Destroys the Whole Tree )

A Letter Flies out of the tree.

Izzy: Ah I See my Ninja Academy letter has been accepted :)

Izzy: (opens Letter)

" Dear Fellow Citizen of The Universe, This message is to inform You about the Dangers that Chris has planned for the the Future which Spells catasrophe for all Who remain on the island this must be ....

Izzy: ( Then grows bored of the message and turns it into a paper plane)

Izzy: Lift off in 3.2.1 

Izzy: ( Throws Paper plane into the Lake

Fang (pops out of the lake and eats it)


  • Scene changes to All Final Five members at the Dock with Chris

Chris: So any guess what todays challenge is going to be ?

Noah: There's a Boat at the dock, So that dones't leave much imagination for guessing !

Trent: Does it invole your Mansion

Chris: NO! IT DOESN'T >:(

Everyone else: ?

Chris: Forgive me for that outbrust but the suspect who blew up my Mansion escaped before being hurled take a guess ?

Ludwig: We all know who it is Chris 

Chris: GUESS IT !

Izzy: ..... DJ

Noah: Really ?

Chris: Close Izzy but Mr. Boom Boom aka Duncan is still in Camp Wawnakwa, Our lastest Survelliance shows him making a break for it to Boney Island which is where your all going to be sent to.

Geoff: But I don't want to catch my friend.

Chris:  Ok then I have two options for the Five of You, Either Bring Duncan back From Boeny island to be guaranteed into the Final Four or find a Portrait of Me thats still intact back at the Mansion Rubble, if You come back with Nither then your Offical Eliminated got it.

Trent: But you just said it had nothing to do with your Mansion

Chris: No i didn't

Noah: He still in denail of the whole incident

Chirs: SHUT UP !

Chris: So Make your Choice now !

Geoff: Dude a Sudden Elimination Challenge :(

Chris: Yep, Meet me back here with Duncan or A painting of me in three hours or else It's hurl of shame for you enjoy.

Noah: I'm not risking a whole Man vs Wild Scenario for this I'm heading West.

Izzy: ( Jumps onto Noah's back)

Izzy: And Away we go :)

Ludwig: that leaves the Three of Us for the Punk ?

Trent: I guess it does

Geoff: Shotgun Driving

  • Trent, Ludwig and Geoff in the Boat

Geoff: ( Starts Sining Sea Shanty)

Trent: ( Starts playing Guitar)

Ludwig: ( Opens Backpack)

Trent: So One have any Idea on how to get Duncan ?

Ludwig: Taser Gun, Pepper Sray all the tools needed for taking down Criminals.

Geoff: I Still not keen on the whole Idea and Me and Duncan have been Bro's since Season 1

Ludwig: Despite the Fact he votted you off both season and has a rivarly with Bridgette.

Geoff: Dude no reason to treat it like a Competion

Ludwig: -_- This is a competion 'DUDE'

Trent: Look pushing buttons like that almost got you votted off last time Ludwig.

Ludwig: You heard Chris instead elimination if I come back with nothing.

Trent: Then Maybe we can team up.

Ludwig: Sorry Trent but not on this Show, not ever !

Ludwig: ( Takes Chris Jet out of the bag and straps it to his back )

Ludwig: Heads up your heading in the Worng direction

Ludwig: ( Flies off)

  • Izzy and Noah at the Rubble

Noah: I think Gwen had the right idea on this being a Cottage.

Izzy: ( Eats a Gilied Chris award)

Noah: Every Room here must have atlest 50 Paintings of his Face so This shouldn't be that hard

Izzy: Dips in the Spa Room ( Front Flips to the floor above them)

Noah: Time to start searching :(

  • Trent and Geoff Arrive On Shore of Boney Island

Geoff: Hm no Sign of Ludwig or Duncan

Trent: Except for these Footprints !

Geoff: Sweet :)

They Follow the Footprints until they bump into a iron Wall.

Trent: Something tells that place is out of bounds.

Geoff: But that seems like the place Duncan would Hide he always stands up to Authority.

A Tv Appears in front of the wall.

Chris (TV): Welcome Campers to the FUN ZONE

Geoff: Ah Dude back when we were trapped here I saw this place

Chris: Indeed the Fun Zone is home to all the Mutanted Animals left on this island and a very speical one called Larry.

Geoff: Larry, That Thing almost Ate Harold Five Weeks ago !

Trent: Well then we need to find Duncan as soon as possible.

Chris: Yea I'd try and to get out of there as fast of possible have fun.......Zone :D

Trent: (Opens Door to the Fun Zone)

Geoff: (Gulp)

  • Izzy Upstairs

Izzy: ( Realxing in a Half Destroyed Spa talking to the Five Chris Portraits)

Izzy: And then I see Honey where are my Pants ! ( Laughs)

Izzy: Well it's been fun but I have to head back now but don't worry here something to remember me by.

Izzy: (Places C4 in the Hot But and Jumps Out the window with one of the portraits) 

  • Trent and Geoff in The Fun Zone

Trent: What does the map Say which part were in

Geoff: Dude the Fun Zone is Uncharted :(

Suddenly a meatball flies past Geoff.

Geoff: Ah my Hat

Ludwig: Stoping you both here and Now !

Trent and Geoff look above them to see Ludwig with Chris's Jet and the Meatball 4000.

Trent: Dude were in the most Dangerous place  yet now is not the time to attack each other.

Ludwig:  Oh Look on the bright side the meatballs are you favourite flavour Defeat.

Just then a Arrow Hits the jet.

Ludwig: WHAT THE !

The Jet blows up casuing Ludwig to fall into the forest.

Duncan: My Favourite Flavour Karama >:) ( Holding a Bow)

Geoff: Dude Good to see you again  ?

Duncan: Aw No don't think I'm going with you guys for a second

Trent: Ok Yes Chris send us after you as the challenge, We have no choice pal

Duncan: You know Gwen would Ignore this type of challenge.

Geoff: What About Bridgette

Duncan: Don't Know ?

Trent: Look your in the aftermath tells us about Project Pahkitew

Duncan: (sigh) Well Chris plans the sink the entire Wawankwa Island.

Geoff:  :O

Trent: How can he do that ?

Duncan: It's Chris what do you expect Pahkitew means explode in Cree and its a another Island in Canada, Which means hes going to replace this Island but Destroy is too far !

Suddenly a Cage behind them opens where Larry emerges out off.

Duncan: Knew he'd do that

Larry the Grabs Duncan and Chase After them.

Geoff: Dude Head West I'll go east.

Trent: Ok sounds like a Plan.

Trent jumps into the Bushes while Geoff runs off with larry after him.


Trent: What was that

  • Meanwhile

Izzy Sets off the charges back at Chris Mansion Ruins.

Noah: Oh Come on I just found a perect Protiart and you blow up the whole Cottage.

Izzy: That was better then Duncan's explosion wasn't it :)

Noah: This is a Serioucs Challenge Izzy we'll both go home if we can't find any !

Izzy: Then we can just make some Paintings

Noah ? Well it shoun't be that hard how can we get worse then the Mona McLean or the Staute of Chris.

Izzy: Art time :D

  • Back On Boney Island

Trent: ( Walking in the Toxic Jungles)

Trent: Wait what smells like Smoke ?

Trent heads in the smoke path too see the Forest on Fire.

Trent: Oh the Jet Pack Fuel !

Trent then notice Ludwig Unconscious in the Fires Path.

Trent: Ludwig get up !

But he does not respond.

Trent then picks up a Snake the Shoots Water out of it's fangs that extinguishes some of the flames out. Trent then drag Ludwig out of the fire

Ludwig: ( Cough)

Ludwig: You.. Saved me ?

Trent: Well I don't want you to end dead no one would, Villian or not your not the worst turst me i'ive been eliminated because off one.

Ludwig: Well I guess I owe you one, but right now I'm in a challenge so i have to go find that Green Arsonist beofre anything else burns.

Trent: Wait, This place is too dangerous to go on your own Well team up too find him and Geoff.

Ludwig: Let me guess Larry ?

Trent: Larry 

  • Larry Chasing Geoff

Larry: (ROAR)

Geoff: I thought plants were friendly little fellows

Duncan: This thing look more like video Game boss then one of Dawn's stupid garden flowers.

Larry: ( Breaths Fire at Geoff)

Geoff: Ah this is nothing compared to Fun 

Duncan: Let me go you stupid Weed ( Pokes Knife into Larry's Arm)

Larry: (looks at Duncan and Breaths Fire at him)

Duncan: Never Mind

Larry: (Roar)

The Roar Ecoed to Chris's Mansion Ruins.

Noah: What was that

Izzy: It's back !

Noah: What is ?

Izzy: My Ultimate challegne on this island, I must Go now to face it !

Noah: Can you face it like maybe after the challenge.

Izzy: Nope ( Drops Smoke Bomb and Fades away)

Noah: And I'm left with the work once again -_-

  • Back On Boeny Island

Larry is about to Corner Geoff

Geoff: Please don't eat me I won't eat Honey amymore D:

Just then Izzy Appears behind the back of Larry's head and whacks it with a Golf Club

Larry: ROAR ! ( Drops Duncan)

Duncan: Nows our Chance this way.

Geoff: But we can't leave Izzy

Izzy: if you don't I'll come after you ;)

Duncan: See now lets go.

Geoff and Duncan enter the woods and arrive at a Pit of Toxic Marshmallows

Geoff: Wow so this is where Chris gets them from.

Duncan: ( Notice a Two Skeleton Interns in the pit)

Duncan: But all their trips here didn't end well ?

Trent: There you guys are

( Trent and Ludwig arrive) 

Ludwig: So what happened with Larry

Duncan: Izzy Happened

Ludwig: You stil know we have to bring you back to Chris

Duncan: Even if he sends me to Juvie or Hurls Me away that won't stop him from Blowing up the whole Island.

Ludwig: Were in a Challenge so now is not the time for talking otherwies Larry will find us again.

Duncan: Whatever Courtney.

Larry: ROAR !

Trent: Something tells me it's quarrel with Izzy is Over

Geoff: RUN !

All Four of them begin to Run away from Larry but He the Swings his Arm out to Grab Trent and Geoff while Knocking Ludwig and Duncan into the wall.

Ludwig: ( Notices the Exit door to the right)

Duncan: Oh Don't you dare Ditch us now >:(

Ludwig: Hey there isn't anymore teams Duncan, Plus it's everyman for himself !

Duncan: Dude I'm Sure you were those type of people to have atleast a few friends remeber Owen and Tyler, Lindsay, Fact you went well for both Maggots and Rats

Ludwig: Just to surive the team phase I have No friends here >:( !

Larry then grabs Duncan.

Larry then Whacks Ludwig Back Causing him to crash into a rock.

Ludwig: ( Starts Gettting Flashbacks )

  • Flashback 1: ( Shows Him laughing along with Owen, Cody and Tyler about Chef's Cooking who then throws Giant Balls at them )

FlashBack 2: ( Geoff and Gwen draging him back to the Boat after getting hit by Leches in episode 14.

Flashback 3: ( Shows him and the Toxic Rats at the Mclean Spa Hotel)

Ludwig: ( Wakes up)

Ludwig: What have i done :(

Ludwig: ( Takes Out Meatball 400 and Begins to Fire at Larry)

Larry: ( Eats the Meaballs)

Ludwig: Oh did not think that one throught.

Larry Picks up Ludwig and eats him.

Geoff: :O

Larry then also Eats Duncan.

Trent: NO !

  • In Inside Larry's Stomach

Duncan and Ludwig land in a small room

Ludwig: Ah good were no in the digestion part yet

Duncan: I hoping I don't go out the back way

( Ticking noise in the background)

Ludwig & Duncan: ( Turn around to see Izzy their setting something up )

Duncan: Already on the escape plan I See

Izzy: Yep and I have the final prepartion for the Big Boom .. Spectators :D

Ludwig: Oh F$%^&

( Seconds Later Larry beign to fell sick)

Trent: Hm Kind of Expect Duncan would do that to it.

Suddenly Larry Explodes letting go of Trent and Geoff. Izzy and Ludwig land nearby while Duncan is thrown right out of Boney Island due to the Explosion.

  • Meanwhile

Noah: Hm Ok this looks the best out of all of them, Wait what's that


Duncan Lands right into the Sand near Noah.

Suddenly a Steel cage comes up around Duncan trapping him.

Duncan: AH Your kidding me >:(

Noah: Thank You Izzy :)

Chris: Am I beleving this Noah actually won a challenge ? :0

Duncan: Yea that does seem 100% Impossible since the wimp barely gets up to play sports

Noah: One Word Smarts the only thing you need to win in this game.

  • Elimination Ceremony Where Duncan is seen being dragged by Chef to the Hurl of Shame

Chris: Sweet Sweet Justice

Duncan: You think I care. That whole victory was Fluke NOAH.

Noah: >:)

Chris: Now to get rid of you once and for all .... Chef 

Chef: Heres to you never coming back here ! (Pulls Switch)


Chris: Now Everyone came back with Nothing Execpt for Noah so today we commence another voting ceremony.

Ludwig: There's no need to do that Chris .... I'll Leave ( Gets up and walks to the Hurl of Shame )

Everyone Gasp except for Chris and Chef 
Luidwg Eliminated

Ludwig Redeems himself by being eliminated in Revenge of the Island

Chris: Don't forget your toxic Marshamallow

  • Ludwig on the Hurl of Shame

Trent: So you really want to go what happen to your plan and stuff ?

Ludwig: Ended up like any other villian either it backfires or you change for the better. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways

Geoff: So We bros Now :)

Ludig: Indeed ( Tears a little bit )

Chris: Anywords of Loserdom before you go

Ludwig: If I say somthing you'll just interput me with the Hurl.

Chris ............. :D

Ludwig: Well in that Case AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA

( Ludwig is Hurled away)

Izzy: Mahahah Final Four Amigos

Chris: That rights it all four of you that means you have three enemys left to take out each other before winning the Milion.

Trent: ( Glares at Geoff, Noah and Izzy)

Geoff: ( Glares at Izzy, Trent and Noah)

Noah: ( Glares at Trent, Izzy and Geoff)

Izzy: ( Glares at Noah, Geoff and Trent) ( Imagines all three of them as with Sombreos and mustaches)

Chris: It's nearly done three episode to go and Project Pahkitew soon to kick of can they save their percious home before faliing to make it to the final three find out on the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEACE !!!!

Chapter 28: The Meal Steal

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vengeance, Duncna made a break for it and avioded being Hurled with the rest of the assitances last week, So It's was the campers Job to bring him back. Larry's rest was disturbed by Ludwig's Attempt to take out the competion but He soon had a changed of hearts and tried to Save them from It but Izzy had to save them with another Boom But In the end Noah won his first EVER ! Challenge, Duncan was brought to justice and was hurl and Ludwig was finally sent home with aswell now that hes was a soft spot in his heart for his fellow campers, But it doesn't stop there with this being our third last episode only Four Campers Left Geoff, Izzy, Noah and Trent another will be eliminated at the end of tonight who is it find out on another awesome heat beating episode of Total Drama Island of Vengeance ! " 

The Meal Steal
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 28
Meal Steal
First Aired (CAN) June 11th 2014
First Aired (USA) June 11th 2014
Challenge Gather the ingredients and avoid the obstacles.
Reward Final Three
Winner(s) Find out
Eliminated Find Out
Episode Guide
"Revenge of the Island"
"The Pain Train"
  • Main Lodge

Geoff: ( Playing the Harmonica) 

Noah,Trent & Izzy: (Playing Cards)

Izzy: UNO !

Noah: Were playing poker not Uno !

Trent: Two spades !

Izzy:  Seven Queens !

Noah: I Fold

Izzy: YES ! and another Four Bucks goes to me >:)

Geoff: Man these are some nice Gifts Ludwig left for us

Noah: He gave you a Harmonica ?

Geoff: Awesome ha ( Continues playing it)

Noah: And hes gives Izzy a Poker set, Trent Guitar Repair kit and he gives me a freaking FootBall !

Geoff: Duncan does have a point you need to do more workout more like Lighting :)

Noah: I don't not want to turn out like Lightning.

Trent: We have a more troubling issues Duncan said Chris plans on sinking the whole island?

Geoff: Isn't that illegal dude.

Noah: All the  dangerous challenges are suppose to be legal how  ?

Izzy: Maybe Noah can ask his girlfriend in the woods.

Noah: Your Really playing along with them Really ?

Trent: Anyway I'm sure she and her elder Animal Spirts can stop Chris we might need to focus on today without Ludwig it's anyones game.

Chris: Indeed it is Trent and it's time to narrow it down cause our next challenge is this way !

  •  Forest

Chris: Welcome to the obstakill Course 2.0 !

Geoff: Another Obstacle Course challenge ?

Chris: Yea I get it we run out of ideas at the end of a season.

Noah: And Food ?

Chris: hmm Good point Noah, Change of plans

  • Campsite

Chris: Now Since all of you haven't Eaten in 12 Hours i decide to change plans today you need to build your Own burger.

Izzy: :)

Chris: Scatter around the island are some very nice ingredients for your very on Big Mc or Big Whopper.

Geoff: Killer :)

Chef: You have to find your basic Ingredients two Bread buns, Tomatoe, Lettuce, Chesses and Onion( Throws Trent, Izzy, Geoff and Noah a map)

Chris: and one more thing once you get them all you have to swim to the other side of the island where the finish line is but I will be juding them afterwards so take your time the best burger gains a tasy spoils of being in the Final Three and GO !

  • Junk Yard

Chris (Intercom): In the Junk Yard they will be searching for cheese but it is guard by the Drama Machine that Alejandro used to sleep in.

Chris (Intercom) : And Noah arrives first to the Junk Yard

Noah: ( Sees the Drama Machine patrolling the area with a Mallet)

Noah: Chris Shut it ( Quite)

Noah: Are they you are ( Sees the Chedda Chesses on a Stump)

Noah: ( sneeks behind the Drama Machine)

Geoff: (Arives)

Chris (Intercom) And Geoff is here

Drama Machine: ( Turns around to See Noah and Geoff)

Noah: Why do you hate me life :(

Drama Machine: ( Chases Noah and Geoff ) 
Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.14.43 PM

Noah and Geoff Confront the Drama Machine in the Junk Yard

Geoff & Noah: AHAHAHAH

(Izzy and Trent Arrive)

Izzy: ( Jumps right onto the stump and picks up two slices of Cheeses)

Izzy: Ok Noah lets go

Izzy: ( Picks up Noah and heads off)

Geoff: Ah Help !

Drama Machine ( About to hit Geoff)

Trent: ( Hits the Drama Machine with a 2x4 knocking it's head off)

Geoff: Thanks Dude ( Collects Cheese )

Trent: No Problem Come on we gota catch up.

  • Izzy and Noah arrive outside the Dodge ball court

Noah: What are we doing here ?

Izzy: To Get Tomato's for our burgers

Noah: First I don't like tomato and second what makes you think we'd find them here

Chris (Intercom) Shut up Noah and stick to the location

Izzy: Damit the doors locked

Noah: Maybe Kitchen would be the best place to find Tomato sound legit enough

  • Trent and Geoff Arrive

Geoff: The Tomato must be in their dude

Trent: The Doors locked -_-

Izzy ( Idea comes to her head) 

Izzy: Human Tower formation

Trent: again :(

Geoff: Wait there's an open window up there Izzy's got the right idea

Noah: Fine

Trent: ( Climbs onto Geoff's Shoudlers)

Izzy: ( Climbs onto Trent's Shoulders)

Izzy: Quick Noah jump in

Noah: That's two storage height building you'll get injured or even die if you fall right throguht the window onto the wodden floor in there/

Izzy: And that's why You'r going in there not me :D

Izzy: ( Picks up Noah and throws him into the window into the building)

Geoff: Do you see anything Noah

Noah: It's pitch black in here wait i found the light's

Noah: ( Flicks the switch turn the lights on but the lights shows Lighting and Short hairded girl in grey track suit with Dodge ball Turret Gun )

Noah: Oh :0

Jo: time for PE Geek >:)

Jo: ( Fires a Ball that causes Noah to crashes into the door knocking it down for Trent, Geoff and Izzy)

Trent: Is there any food that is not guared

Lightning: No this Sha-mato

Jo: Stop with the sha, Anyway your not getting near the Tomato slices unless you want a basket ball to the face.

Geoff: Look Dude we need to ..

Jo: I'm a GIRL !

Jo: (Throws a Ball hiting Geoff in the nuts)

Geoff: Mummy D:

Geoff: ( Falls down)

Trent: ( Runs and Hides behind the Stairs)

Noah: ( Gets up and runs with Trent)

Izzy: ( Does Matrix dodging Three Balls being thrown at her)

Jo: Leave Jungle girl to me ! ( Takes Dodge Ball Turret of the stand)

Noah: Now would be a good time for Nine ?

Trent: I can't the toxic's out my system and I don't want to go back to that.

Izzy: ( Starts doing Kung Fu dance)

Jo: Ha you don't scare me >:)

Izzy: I haven't tried yet ;)

Izzy: (Take out Base Ball bat)

Jo: (Fires Basket balls from the Ball Turret)

Izzy: ( Whacks Them back at Lightning who was about to get Trent)

Lightning: The Sha-Pain :(    (Faints)

Jo: It's going to take alot more to stop me !

Izzy: ( Drops Smoke Bomb)

Trent: Nows our Chance

Trent, Noah & Izzy: (Collect Tomato slices)

Trent: (Gets another for Geoff)

Trent: (Con) I know it seems a bit corny to help everyone else but it would be worse having another Heather or Ludiwg going around trying to get us were strenght in numbers but would to vote off next is a tricky one.

Smoke fades away

Jo: (Gets up)

Chris (Intercom):Wow you suck at this don't ya

Jo: Oh It ain't over yet ( Builds a Leech Gun)

Jo: I'm hunting them down >:(

Chris (Intercom): hahah this should be fun 

Chris: Will Jo Get her revenge on the campers find out after the break on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!

  • Forest 
    Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.12.10 PM

    Jo Plans to Hunt Down Noah, Geoff, Izzy and Trent

Geoff: Were on a roll, Chesse and Tomato's why bother with the rest if we can just make it now.

Noah: What about the Main parts of the burger a Meat Patty and the Bread ?

Trent: Has anyone noticed that there's sometine waiting there for us for each area.

Izzy: The only thing i noticed is that for some reason no ones backstabbting each other

Trent: Cause we got rid of the last villian before.

Noah: (Con) I'll admit without people like Alejandro and Heather I kind of makes you think how boring it can get.

Geoff: (Con) (Straches head) Aw I forgot what is was going to say :(

  • Backstage Talent Stage

Noah: This is where the next ingredient is ?

Geoff: I sure there could be worse spots.

Trent: ( peeks throught curtains)

Trent: There it is !

Geoff: The Bread.

Trent: yea but one problem

Izzy: BRING IT ON ( Jumps onto the stage and pulls out a flaming Katanaa.

Izzy: ????

Lindsay: Hi :D

Trent: Lindsay ?

Izzy: Should I Still attack

Noah: That Tree over there just looked at you funny ( Sarcasm)


Izzy: (Attacks nearby tree)

Geoff: So are you still going to stop us from getting our next item

Lindsay: what Item ?

Chris (Intercom): If you want the Bread you must complete a very difficult task for Lindsay.

Trent: What task ?

Chris (Intercom): You have to teach Lindsay how to use and i phone :)

Geoff: (Gasp)

Trent: What !

Noah: Were Screwed.

Lindsay: Santa got me the latest modle for christmas but i'm having a hard time trying to get it too work.

Noah: Is it on charge ?

Lindsay: Why would I charge with it. It's not a battle silly :)

Noah:  :(

Geoff: Santa ?

Lindsay: Yea He was jolly and old and for some reason looked a lot like Tyler ?

Lindsay: ( Gasp ) Maybe Tyler is Santa's Grandson :O

Noah: Yea, Can you just give us the bread.

Lindsay: i Phone First :D

Trent: Ok press the the on button

Lindsay: Where's On I See a Plus, Minus and a white square ?

Jo: ( Appears from the Bushes)

Jo: >:)

Lindsay: ( Press button i Phone turns on)

Lindsay: Ya 

Trent: Good Work now slide to unlock it

Lindsay: I have to unock it ? does that mean i need a key

Noah: Ok i don't mean to be rude but i'm going to find the meat patty have fun.

Noah & Izzy: ( Run off)

Geoff: Trent you go follow them I'll get the bread for us both

Trent: You sure

Geoff: Yea Bro it's cool

Trent: (Leaves)

Lindsay: Is it good if the screen goes black ?

Geoff: It's no bigge it just go to sleep it self if you not using it, Just turn it on again.

Lindsay: ( Presse I phone)

Geoff: Now to make it safe so only you use it you need to make a password.

Lindsay: ok how about 0-0-0-0 :)

Geoff: That's a bit too easy but if you want sure.

Lindsay: Yay :D

Lindsay: Thank you for heping my Jeff here you go ( opens the box and gives Geoff two Bread buns)

Geoff: Thanks I need to catch up with the others now seya

Jo: Too Late ( Jumps from the Bushes and Fires leechs at Geoff)

Geoff: occh :( ( Faints)

Lindsay: Thats not a very nice thing to do :(

Jo: Whatever, One down three to go. 

  • Swamp

Noah: The Swamp you take us to a swamp out of all places to find the meat patty ?

Izzy: My E-Scope sense are tingling in this direction.

Noah: Maybe that becuase the Mosquio's bite are begining to take their toll on you.

Izzy: Oh there it is :)

Izzy and Noah spot the Meat Patties but they are guared by a Swamp Croccodile.

Noah: Now we need to know if its a Aligator or Croccodile both kinds have differnt.

Izzy: ( takes a Vine and Swings away)

Trent: ( Arrives) You guys are easy to give up on Lindsay.

Noah: Teaching her something is almost as impossible as geting a fly to only walk. 

Noah: So we figured we would save her for last.

Trent: Well have fun with that Geoff's already got the bread done as we speak.

Izzy: ( Returns with her Ingredient)

Izzy: Not really That guy before in his Grey track suit is most likely gone after him.

Trent: What are you sure !

Izzy: Your Turn :D ( Pushes Trent into the Mud)

Croccodile: ( Sees Trent)

Trent: AHAHH

Croccodile: ( Attacks Trent)

Noah: I'll take the least swimming part (Grabs Izzy's Vine and swings across )

Jo: ( Aims at Noah) Hold still you walking Pencli


Jo: ( Shoots a Leech at Noah)

Noah: wow that was really bad timing ( Falls into Mud)

Croccodile: ( Sees Noah and leaves Trent)

Trent: Och 

Trent (Con): I was never really good with animals to be honest ( Notice missing piece of hair on his Left )

Jo: Your Next Tarzan Woman !

Izzy: You never Get me ! ( Picks up Trent,Drops Smoke Bomb and dissapears)

Noah: Oh that's great just leave me here

Croccodile: ( Attacks Noah)

Noah: ahhhh ( Girly Noises)

  • Talent Stage

Izzy and Trent: ( Smoke appears and they emerge out of it)

Lindsay: Hi Guys :) ( playing a game on the Iphone)

Trent: Lindsay ? where did Geoff go ?

Izzy: More Importanly what are you playing ?

Lindsay: It's about a bird flying.

Izzy: Angry or Flappy ?

Lindsay:  Flappy ?

Trent: Izzy We go to get to the lake now Take two bread buns and follow me.

Izzy: No follow me.

Trent: Sure ?

Izzy: (Con) (Playing Fappy bird) 

Izzy: (Con) almost beat my high score ......

Izzy: (Con) ( Bird crashes into pipe )

Izzy: (Con) NOOOOO !

Izzy: (Con): ( Rips her Ipod in half and flushes down the toilet)

Izzy: Bread, Tomato, meat and Chesse that's all I neeed

Trent: So you want to skip the Lettuce

Izzy: Yep straight to the lake.

  • Lake Wawankwa

Chris: Once you have all your ingredients you must swin all the way to the other side of the island.

Trent: Wouldn't that all the food go soggy

Chris: Yea good luck with that.

Izzy: ( Take out Harppon and puts Goggles on)

Izzy: Show time >:) ( Jumps into the water)

Trent: ( Looks around a remembers the arts and craft center has a Jet Ski)

Izzy: ( Breathing under water)

Fang: ( Sneaks up behind her)

Izzy: Gotcha

Izzy truns around to hit fang with the Harpon but he grabs it.

Fang: (Opens his mouth showing his missting tooth.)

Trent: (On a Jet Ski above the water)

Jo: Don't think I'd forget you Elvis ( On Another Jet skit with the leech gun)

Trent: ( Throws Chesse at her)

Jo: ( Lands on her Face)

Jo: Och you're getting it now Cheddar Boy

Jo: ( Fires at Trent)

Trent: ( Ducks)

But some of the leechs hit the engine.

Trent: Oh Crap :(

Izzy: So you want you tooth back ?

Fang: ( Makes Obvious face)

Izzy: Say the magic words :)

Fang: >:( 

Fang: (Tries to Punch her)

Izzy: (Swims back a bit)

Izzy: We end this now

Izzy: ( Kung Fu Kicks Fang in the Stomach)

Fang: ( Head buts her)

Izzy: ( Falls down and drops all the burger ingrdients and doesn't notice)

Izzy:  (Throws Harppon at Fang)

Izzy: GET OVER HERE ! (Pulls Fang towards her)

Trent: Come on engine don't fail me now :(

Jo: It's over lover boy enjoy loservile with all your rejects

Trent: There not REJECTS !

Trent: (Jumps onto Jo's Jet Ski)

Jo: This ones mine.

Trent: Well consider this a munity ( Pushes Jo off the Ski)

Jo: A Munity lame ( Falls in the water)

Trent: That was your choice bro.

Jo: I am not BRO ! ( Splashs Water at Trent)

Trent: Your a Girl !

All of a Sudden a Wirlpool appears sucking them in.

Jo: Oh What now

The Wirlpool was caued by Izzy who was swinging Fang by the tail around like a Tornado.

Izzy: Hurricane El Ecope Her We come :D

Fang: :(

Trent: This is really bad timing with a broken engine ( Looks at Jo)

Jo: Whatever

Trent and Jo are both sucked into the whirlpoll but seconds latter it erupts causing Izzy and Trent to Land near Chris on a small Island.

Chris: Hi tide ah :)

Trent: Lost the chesse and skiped the Lettuce but i still have the three most crucial parts right.

Izzy: Nope this victory is mine boy Cause I have the best Whopping Burger.

Izzy: ( Notice her pockets are empty)

Izzy: ( Checks Bra, and Hair)


Fang who is still under the water is grinning as he ate them and got his tooth back.


Chris: Well since only you two came back and Izzy has sqaut, Trent is todays winner.

Trent: Yes !

Chris: While Izzy, Noah and Geoff will have to vote it off tonight.

Geoff & Noah: ( Emerge out of the water)

Geoff: What did we miss

Chris: You both lost and there's a one in thrid chacne you will be taking the hurl of shame

Noah: Oh are you kidding me >:(

  • Elimination Ceremony

Chef: Ok Suckkas one of you are going home, Execpt for Elvis boy he won today.

Trent: Elvis  boy -_- 

Chef: Votes are in and I'm not suprized. 
Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.29.06 PM

The Final Four Elimination Ceremony


Chef: One Vote for Geoff

Geoff: ( Looks normal)

Chef: One for Noah

Chef: ( Throws a Marshmallow to Izzy)

Chef: And The LAst two Votes and tonights loser is !











Chef: .......

Chef: NOAH !

Noah: WHAT !

Izzy: (Con) No Hard feelings buddy you might get in the way of my winning plus your a bit too insane for me.

Noah: (Sigh) Very Well :(

Noah: (Chef gives him the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom)

Noah: I'll perfer going empty handed ( Throws Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom into the fire) 

Fire Pit explodes

Chris: Ok anything else you want to wreck >:(

Geoff: It was good to know you a bit more dude :)

Noah: Yea I'll see you at the finale then. 
Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.38.42 PM

Noah on the Hurl of Shame

  • Noah on the Hurl of Shame.

Trent: It's also your first ever getining into the merges that's something to be proud of.

Noah: And even getting into the top four :)

Chris: Here's to a episode Free of Noah :)

Noah: Ahah Very Funny ( Sarcasm)

Noah: AAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA ( Girly Voice as he is hurled away)

Chris: And thus there were Three and Only one can win. Izzy, Trent and Geoff The Final Three.

Geoff: The Underdogs of the Island wohoho

Trent: Awesome ha ! ( High Fives Geoff and Izzy)

Izzy: So Chris what life threathing challenge do you have in store for us next >:)

Chris: Oh you will have to wait and see on our next episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE ! 

Chapter 29: The Pain Train

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of vengeance, With the lack of food left on the island our Four were send to find the ingredients of a Chesse Burger, While Avoiding the Drama Machine, a Crocodile, Jo and Helping Lindsay's with her iphone which was even harder then the challenge, But Jo wanted payback and hunted down both Geoff and Noah while Fang got his tooth back from Izzy and a snack as well ( Laugh) And the only with his burger intact was Trent who won a spot in the Final Three and Noah was backstabbed by Izzy and was sent away from the island Hurl of Shame Edition. Izzy, Geoff and Trent are our Final Three but not for long another must fall before this episode ends who will make it to the end and who will fall under pressure find out on our most enduring race yet on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE. 

The Pain Train
Season Island of Vengeance, Episode 29
Pain Train
First Aired (CAN) 28th June 2014
First Aired (USA) 26 June 2014
Challenge Make it through all obstacle Course
Reward The Final Two
Winner(s) Find out
Eliminated Find Out
Episode Guide
"The Meal Steal"
"Chapter 30: The Final Fight: Fate of Camp Wawnkwa " Izzy vs Geoff ""
  • Camera zoomed out of the whole Island at Night time

Four Helicopters flie right above the island and drop down creates which builds itself into and Obstacle course

  • Male's Cabin

Geoff: Man it feels like yesterday that we just got here and now it's just us three.

Trent: Well we should enjoy it while it last tommorrow we go down another.

Geoff: (Con) This Season as been so far the coolest Wicked Team, Awesome Challenges but it lack one thing .... Bridgette :(  ( Tears up)

Trent: (Con) We've definetly gone throught a lot on this island wild mutated animals, Nine, Mal, Ludwig but it all out has been pretty cool Gwen dumped Duncan and now shes single :)

Izzy: (Con) Why should I be President well first of all Canda would be rename E-Scope Land and all FREE PUPPYS FOR EVERYONE !

Chef: (intercome) Definetly do not have my vote ( Mubble)

  • Morning

Chris: (Con) Good moring Citizens of Wawankwa please report to the Main lodge for Todays news.

Geoff & Trent : ( Exits Cabin)

Geoff: Dude I can tell todays is gonna be WHAT THE !

Trent: Am i still Dreaming !

Trent and Geoff are shocked as in the far distance of the woods there is a Giant Rocket.  

Izzy: (Exits Female Cabin)

Izzy: Your a bit too late Santa !

Chris: So I see you have notice the Obstacle course

Trent: The Rocket !

Chris: No That's for the Last Episode.

Izzy: Blow up the Island ?

Chris: Yep now, in the meantime I have some last minutes addjustmeants so have breakfeast while your wating.

  • Main Lodge

Izzy: So what do you want to eat my three Amigos :D

Geoff: Any Vegimite left ?

Trent: ( Opens Cupboard)

Trent: It's Empty

Geoff: How about the Frigde.

A Shadows appears behind Geoff.

???: Exucess me

Geoff: (Loud Scream)

Dawn: Oh Sorry did i scare you ?

Geoff: Your Noah's friend right have you talked to your animal friends

Dawn: Yes but the news is grim the elder's have ignored project Pahkitew how !

Trent: Maybe It's a dud ?

Dawn: That's a possibility but Would you be willing to make a risk that depends on the fate of all of mother Earth's Children on the island.

Geoff: You're starting to scare me now :(

Dawn: Look I just need one of you to make sure that Rocket doesn't go off in the next 44 Hours

Trent: Wait the next 44 Hours

Dawn: Chris plans on telling you all this in the next 24 hours cause its realate to the challenge. but there would only be two of you left. This sounds like a big request. But I need one of you to shut down thet Rocket and remove all potential dangers.

Trent: Sure Dawn you can count on us.

Izzy: (Con) All Aboard the I.Z.Z.Y Space Rockey :D

Trent: (Con) I made a promise to Gwen to stop This and I will not let her down even if it gets me Disqualified.

Dawn: Thank you I made some porridge for you all to enjoy aswell :)

Izzy: PORRIDGE :D ( Jumps up and grabs some and adds Vegimite to it)

Geoff: ( Looks at his and starts to see Bridgette)

Geoff: I'll be back soon Bridg :(

Chris (Intercom): Trent, Izzy and Geoff it's time all three of you report to the Forest west of here, and Prepare for a race of Pain.

  • Forest

Chris: I present to you the Passage of Death

Chris: We Improved our Obstacle course from Episode 3.

Chris: We have the Bouncy Butts

Chris: A Stop and Drink booth . once you get you must drink a full cup of egg nog

Izzy: ( Licks lips)

Chris: Then Another funny ride the Salad Spinner

Chris: While Dizzy you must climb up a wall with the ropes made out of Four differnt things, One Dog Fur, Another Metal Chains, One Taffy and a Electrical Chord Legit ha ( Laugh)

Chris: Then Just Justin and Alejandro you must Dodge Chef's Alleyway of Leechs

Chef: ( Reloading The Turret)

Chris: Then Make your way throught a Alleywall of Cannons.

Geoff: :0

Chris: Then jump over Woddenl platforms that are being chewed by Beavers below.

Chris: Then Last you need to tarzan rope swing onto a Baseball glove miss and you must redo it until two of you are on it. Last place is instead elimination.

Trent: May the best man Win.

Geoff: No Sweet dude.

Izzy: ( Drinks Sport Drink)

Chris: Let the Epic maze of Demnation Begin.

All Three Begint to Run on their Paths towards the Bouncy Butts.

Izzy: ( Fronts Flips onto the Second Butt)

Trent: ( Jumps and lands onto the first butt)

Geoff: Nice

Trent: (Con) Thought the toxic's is all out of my system i think i learned some new tricks thanks to Nine.

Izzy: Ha Try and Catch up Nine :)

Trent: -_-

Geoff: ( Jumps, Misses and hits the Mud)

Chris: Ha Back up the stairs Geoff.

Trent: ( Jumps and Lands on the Second Butt)

Izzy: ( is Bounced back from Trent's jump but holds onto the Thrid Butt)

Geoff: ( Jumps and manages to land on the first butt.)

Geoff: Nice now i'm getting the hang of it.

Chris: Yea but now comes the part where you lose it.

The Butt Geoff was standing on bounces up sending him back into the Mud pit.

Trent: ( Jumps onto the Thid Bouncy Butt)

Izzy: ( Puts on a wizard hat on) 

Chris: What is she doing  now ?

Izzy: YOU SHALL NOT PASS ! ( Pulls out a Bo Staff)

Trent: This seems a bit unfair :(

Chris: Shall i even the odds FIRE Chef !

Chef: ( Loads Toxic Waste into the Needle Gun and Fires at Trent.

Trent: Och again >:(

Izzy: SHORYUKEN ! ( Uppercuts Trent into the Mud pit below them)

Izzy: ( Jumps onto the The Foruth Butt and Takes out a Paintball gun)

E-Scope: So we fight now ah

Geoff: ( Gets back onto the First Butt)

Geoff: This is more harder then i thought

Izzy ( Fires at Geoff)

Nine: ( Jumps up and Catches the Paintballs)

Nine: Too Long have you roamed the Earth E-Scope !

E-Scope: Only one of us are getting out of this alive

Geoff: Ur just a game dudes ( Jumps onto the Second Butt)

E-Scope: ( Fires at Nine)

Nine: ( Absorbs the Painballs and fires back at her)

E-Scope: ( Gets hit and falls of the Forth butt).

Nine: Excusse me for a moment he made a promise to someone.

Nine: (flies off)

Chris: Can I have one normal day on this island with out chaos?

Chef: Can I have one paycheck for once ?

Chris: Never mind Chaos sounds good !

Geoff: ( Makes it across the Bridge)

Chris: One Course down still Seven more dangerous paths ahead of them Can E-Scope turn the tide on Geoff and will Someone get more Security near the Rocket that green Hippy is going to do something to it, Anyway find out after the break of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE

Izzy: ( Unconscoius)

  • Izzy's Brain

Inside Izzy's head a Shadowy Figure appears and realters her Mind.

Mal: You won"t kill me so easily no Mike.

Izzy: (Wakes up)

Izzy: ( Eyes glow Red)

Chris: Please don't tell some of that toxic got to her as well.

Geoff: Hey Chris what do i do in the next course

Chris: Simple Drink a full Carton of Egg nog

Geoff: Ha No Problemo

Geoff: ( Drinks Carton)

Geoff: ( Vomits)

Izzy: Here let me try :)

Izzy: ( Drinks it whole)

Geoff: He Thanks Izzy

Izzy: :)

Mal as Izzy: (Con) After almost getting earsed thanks to Mike I need a new Body and She is the most unexpected host who always gets away with Danger, Trent will not surive this night I can promise him that much >:)

  • Rocket Site

Nine: (Goes back to Trent)

Trent: Thanks 

Trent: (Takes out a Wire Cutters)

Trent: Hm if only Cody was here he'd know who to disarm them.

Dawn: ( Appears from a the bushes)

Trent: Dawn do you know which wire to cut.

Dawn: That's the problem all of them explode.

Trent: wait so what do we do.

Dawn: It's gotten a whole lot worse then I could have ever imagined.

Mike: He's still alive.

Trent: Who ?

Mike: Who do you think the !

Trent: Mal !

Dawn: He's a Ghost that has taken advantage of the Toxic Mutations

Mike( Takes out a Holograph Disc)

Ludwig: ( Appears)

Ludwig: Good new or bad news.

Mike: Right now nothings Good He could take over anyone if that get in contact with the goo.

Ludwig: Good news was that Chris is faking project pahkitew he would never blows his own home up, But Bad news is Mal is going to take full advantage of this Dud Rocket.

Trent: But is can't be that smart !

Ludwig: Yea he took brain read ever person to get that skill and is looking for the smartest body host who will help fulfill his plans.

Trent: Geoff

Ludiwg: -_- Yea hes going to take over the guy with a Redneck hat and blond hair be serioucs pal !

Dawn: You need to find Mal's New Host and free them and .......

Mike: And What !

Dawn: I don't know :( ?

Trent: No time to waste then.

  • Obstacle Course

Geoff: ( Looks at the Salad Spinner)

Izzy: Looks Fun >:)

Chris: Time for a little joy ride.

Geoff: ( Enters Salad Spinner )

Izzy: ( Enters Salad Spinner )

Trent: ( Sneaks into the Salad Spinner )

Dawn: (Arives) ( Disguised as Inter Above the Wall Climbing Challenge)

Dawn: ( Eyes go Yellow)

Mike: Do you see him

Dawn: Yes But I having a hard time trying to lure him out.

Chef: Keep your Mouth closed at all time don't want to be covered in Egg puke

Chris: Did you have to mention that (Pulls Switch)

  • Five Minutes Later

Salad Spinner stops spinning and Chef opens the door

Geoff: ( Falls out face first onto the wood)

Trent: ( Sturggling to walk normally)

Izzy: Ah Is that the best you got Chef >:)

Chef: Oh your lucky thats set on child play

Trent: Child's play ! (Vomits)

Chris: Well now you need to climb this Wodden Wall with four ropes on it like a mention before, Try and not let your Dizziness affect your climbing have fun.

Geoff: Ok (Breaths)

Geoff: Hm Taffy, Electrical chord and Dog fur Hey Trent, Izzy, Dudes are you allergic to anything ?

Trent: Na But my Mother was allergic to Cats.

Izzy: Doesn't matter lets go ! ( Climbs Electrical Rope)

Geoff: This one looks Nice ( Starts Climbing the Taffy Rope)

Geoff: ( Taffy Rope Breaks)

Geoff: AH ( Falls down to the ground a tiny bit )

Trent: It was Candy after all ?

Geoff: Tasy too ;) ( Puts Taffy Pocket and Climbs electrical Rope.

Trent: ( Climbs the Metal Chains )

Mike: Well there goes the Taffy :(D

Dawn: Focus do you see anything unusal.

Geoff: Hey Izzy hows the weather up there ?

Mal as Izzy: ( Vomites down at Geoff)

Mal asIzzy: Sorry

Mal as Izzy: But I Can't let you continue (Voice Quietly)

Mal as Izzy: ( Pulls out Pocket Knife and cuts a Hole in the Electrical Chord leaving a open spot )

Dawn: ( Sees it)

Mike: Well it is Izzy

Mal as Izzy: ( Sees Mike and Dawn At the top of the wall platform

Mal as Izzy: it was only a matter of time till my cover was present ( Reaches Top and Pushes Dawn and Mike off the wall.

Dawn & Mike: Ah

Trent: YOU ! 

Geoff: ( Touches open electrical hole)

Geoff: Ah ( Gets Zap and falls down to the start)

Mal as Izzy: Yes this way Nine to your doom

Trent: ( Reaches Top)

Trent: You just had to return leave Izzy out of this.

Mal: Oh but untill i get a ultimate scoure of power then she will be my host.

Trent: (Con) That sound like on of thoese creeppy Movies I watched with Gwen back in Season 2, I Couldn't get to sleep that nigth, Still Worth it ;)

Geoff: (Con) ( Eating Taffy)

Geoff: (Con) I should leave some for Cody and Bridgette :)

Chris: Chef you Ready

Chef: Yep ( On a Leech Gun Turret)

Chef: ( Beings firing at Trent and Izzy - (Mal)

Mal as Izzy: ( Dodges Leechs)

Trent: ( Is hit by Ten Leeches and Falls Down)

Trent: ( Faints)

Dawn: This can't be good ( Floats to the top of the rope wall )

Geoff: ( Makes it to the top)

Mal as Izzy: ( Jumps to Chef and Punches him off the Turret)

Mal as Izzy: My Turn ( Fires at Chef and Chris)

Chris: Ah Screw this ( He and Chef run into their army Helicopter and fly away.

Dawn: ( Runs to Trent and Puts her hand on his head)

Geoff: Is he ok ?

Mike: I found this but should we ? ( Holding a Toxic Syringe)

Dawn: If anyone can stop Mal it's him ( Stabs Trent with the Toxic Needle)

Geoff: (Run after Mal)

  • Izzy Brains

Mal ( Sitting in the control pannel Room)

Door Opens


Mal: Sorry you forgot the two magical words.

E-Scope: ( Jumps in and throws a Net Over Mal)

Mal: ( Is Electrocuted by the Net)

Izzy: Ok Explosivo get it out of here

Explosivo: Yes >:)

Explosivo: ( Puts Mal in a Cannon and fires him out fo Izzys Head)

Mal:  ( Is Throws into the Mud Pit ) 

Geoff: Izzy your Free :)

Izzy: Si ;)

Izzy: (Is hit by a Cannon Ball)

Geoff: Ops forgot to mention that you were standing right in the Cannon Alleway.

Mal: (Gets up)

Mal: You Out of my Sight you are not the one i am looking for.

Nine: You mean me !

Mal: (Turns around to See Nine behind him)

Mal: As a matter of fact >:) ( Take out the Bomb Button switch for the project Pahkitew Rocket)

Nine: >:(

Nine: ( Rams Mal)

Mal: ( Punches Nine in the gut)

Mal: ( Grabs Nine and throws him into Geoff who get crash into the Cannon Allewya and are bombarded by Cannons.

Nine & Geoff: AHAHHA

Izzy:  HIIIYA ( Karakte Chops Mal on the shoulder)

Mal: OCH ( Drops The  Detnator all the way to the end of the obstacle on the gitant Base glove)

Geoff: Dude Talk about coincidence :(

Nine: F%^& the odds we must get that switch !

Izzy: (Catches Cannon Ball and Drops it on Mal)

Nine: ( Doding the Cannon Balls)

Geoff: ( Catchs One with his Hat)

Geoff: Once more course Left, The Switch Detnator shoudl be at the end.

Izzy: (Frontflips over Cannon)

Geoff: Oh This part.

Nine: The Wodden Platform Being chewed by Beavers

Mal: (Gets up)

Izzy: Leave it too Me ( Jumps Down)

Izzy: Back to the Dam ( Gets Spear)

Beavers: (Stop Cheweing the Poles and Charge at Her)

Geoff: ( Jumps to first and second Platform)

Nine: (High Jumps to Third)

Nine: I Can see the glove and the Bomb Swtich

Izzy: ( Knocks Down the Last Beaver)

Izzy: Oh Crap got to get back up :O

Nine: Almost there ( Jumps to the Glove)

Mal: (Flys up and Grabs him)

Geoff: Im Coming Dude (Jumps)

Geoff: Ah ( Slips and is barely holding onto the Platform

Mal: I Have lost my Paitence with you Nine now its time to DIE ! ( Eyes go Red)

Nine: ACH (Losing Conscious)

Mal: Your Soul is now mine (Absorbs Nine)

Mal: (Drops Trent)

Mal: Now Nine Stays dead

Geoff: ( Gets Back up)

Trent: ( Sees the Detnator still at the glove)

Trent: ( Slowly tries to jump to it)

Mal: NOPE ! ( Uses the Force to push Trent off the platform and Into the Mud Pit)

Geoff: ( Lands on the Glove)

Geoff: I've Got it

Mal: ( Kicks Geoff in the Nuts and takes it off him)

Mal: 32 Hours till this Island is a pile of water rubble farewell mahahhahahhhahhahha ( Fades Away)

Izzy: ( Jumps onto the Glove)

Izzy: That Was AWESOME

Chris: Indeed (Arrives from the Helicopter)

Chris: And it looks like our Final two is decided Geoff and Izzy ( Gives Geoff and Izzy A Marshmallow)

Geoff: Booya

Izzy: I can alread taste the million ( Licks lips)

Trent: Och 

Chris: Trent, Trent, Trent, Mr. Hero of the Season Alejandro, Ludwig it looks like you just coulnd't stop him this time

  • Campfire

Chef: (Gives Trent the Toxic Marshmallow of Loser dom)

Trent: Chris you sericously ignoreing Mal. Hes going to destroy the Island in 32 hours

Chris: Relax all in good time

Trent: Who Even makes a Gaint Rocket to fake a Island Genocide.

Chris: me thank every much Chef

Chef: ( Drags Trent to the Hurl of Shame)

Trent: This feels to familar

  • Trent on the Hurl of Shame 
    Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.25.05 PM

    Trent Is the Last Person to be Eliminated by the Hurl of Shame

Geoff: Wow i guess this is goodbye dude :(

Trent: Don't worry guys congratulation on the finale, I'll be back for the Finale :)

Izzy: Make sure you contact all of E-Scope Comrades whille your there ( Gives Trent a List)

Chris: Well Cheers to our very last Hurl and with Nine Marshmallow to spare (Pulls the Switch)

Trent: AHAHHAHAHAHA (Is Hurled away)

Mal: (Con) 31 Hours and 15 Minutes to the Armagedon of this Island, Althought I am my own host now They will pay for Killing My Girl, With the Security controls in my hands They will crumble before my Power those two will not know what hit them.  >:)  

Mal: 31 Hours and 15 Minutes to the Armagedon of this Island, Althought I am my own host now They will pay for Killing My Girl, With the Security controls in my hands They will crumble before my Power those two will not know what hit them. >:)

Geoff: ( Enters his Cabin)

Geoff: Wow alone :(

Geoff: ( Walks to Xbox one)

Geoff: ( Remembers Something

  • Flash back from Episode 2

Chirs: Yep The Toxic Rats get ...... A Xbox One to keep for the Whole time on the Island.

Ezekiel: Exactly who gets to keep it eh ?

Chris: The Longest Lasting Member of your team, even within the Megres but for now you can share, Congratulations Everyone no one is going Home Tonight not Even Ezekiel.

  • Goes Back to Present

Geoff: Hehe Guess it's mine now but why am i not happy :(

Geoff: (Con) (Sigh) 12 Minutes on the Island with just Me and Izzy, I feel uneased there's just not that much people here anymore maybe I'm not cut out for Merges, But One more Night and the big day will come And we have to stop Mal.

Izzy: (Con) hahaha This was the funnest Confiment place i've been ever, and I have a shot at the Million, Hmm A Milllion Tacos or A Million Pinwheels the choices are impossible (Gasp) TACOs With Pinwheels, owen Would love that, I've missed him for a long time, and Eva and ...... N..... was it Nervel Yea Nervel he was funny.

Chris: So Far we have come the Final Episode Tommorrow is there Hope for the Island With Mal win or will the biggest Finale yet thriump again Izzy vs Geoff in a race against the Clock Get Ready for next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!!!

Chapter 30: The Final Fight: Fate of Camp Wawnkwa " Izzy vs Geoff "

" Last Time on Total Drama Island of Vegeance, Our Three Amigos Raced Throught an Obstacle Course of Many Dangers some Taffy, Pukey and Very Muddy, Things Went horibly worng when my Prank Rocket aka Project Pahkitew was Stolen by Mal and turned into a Real bomb Set to Explode in the Next 24 Hours, But Trent's Lucked has ended as Mal now as Nine's powers and he came last Leaving in 3rd wow that must suck.

" Our two Finalist Geoff and Izzy in a race aaginst Time must Stop Mal to Win the Million, Their will be Pressure,Reunions,Robots, and much more in this Non-Stop Heartbeating Battle to Save the Island Right here on our veryl Last Episode of TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE !!

  • A Mysterious Hideout

Mal: ( Looks at the Clock)

Mal: Prefect 9 Hours left and they've done nothing.

Mal: But I must'nt flatter now, They'll be here soon for my finest hour ahahahhahaahha.

  • Morning

Geoff: (Kicks Cabin Door Down)


Izzy: ( Digs up from the Ground)

Izzy: Moring Neighbor

Geoff: You Still trying to dig throught China

Izzy: Yea too See if they have anything to Stop Mal

Geoff: How did that go

Izzy: Not Good I ended up in Yukon.

Geoff: (Con) Aw Nothing like a good night sleep to start off fresh, This has been the most narly season i've ever done, Have the Best friends, Best Team, and Im in the Finale it's cant get any better then this :).

Izzy: (Con) Finally Made it too the merges without getting eliminated or the RCMP Coming after me. But my fallen soilders will not be hurled in vain.

Geoff: So how long is it till Mal destroys this place

Izzy: 7 Hours

Geoff: Man Chris is sure taking his time.

Chef: You all ready for the Big Time ?

Geoff: I was Born Ready

Izzy: Really I was born cause my parents wanted a weapon of mass destruction.

Chef: Well Chris wants you all to go to the Chrisseum for the prepartions for the challenge, So If you have any doubts then stay.

  • Chrisseum

Chris: Izzy and Geoff you have now made it to the final stage of Total Drama Island of Vengeance the Final Challenge that will determine who will win the Million.

Chris: As we noticed Mal has Turned my Prank for the finale into a real doomsday device and has hiden himself into the Underwater control center.

Izzy: Nice

Chris: Yea was cool until he hacked it and controls some of the Island in his attempt to stop you

Geoff: How

Chris: Well I can't explain without making a Massive Plot Twist that should never be reavled

Chef: There gonna find out sooner or later

Chris: Now with the Challenge ( Walks over to a Four Wheel Slot Machine)

Chris: Getting into a Heavily Secured Base requires a Team, Not the best Team but a Team none of the less.

Geoff: If it's that Dangerous dude should you call the Millitary

Chris: First there expensive and require paper work and second We have Izzy who has a advantage since well you know

Izzy: BOOM :D

Chris: Yes Explosvio now both of you will lead your team for the challenge and it will consit of your Past Other Total Drama Contestants for the each of you Izzy you spin first, Who ever you get will Fall out of the Machine those who aren't pick will be Hurled back to the Aftermath to Watch from the Sidelines.

Izzy: Lets go Triple 7 BARS ! ( Pulls Lever)

Slot Machine: ( All Four Wheels Spin with the Heads of all 23 Other Campers)

Slot Machine Wheel 1: ( Stops on Eva)

Slot Macgine Wheel 2: ( Stops on Owen)

Slot Machine Wheel 3: ( Stops on Ludwig)

Slot Machine Wheel 4: ( Stops on Noah)

Chris: Hm the Full E-Scope Team

Noah & Owen & Ludwig: AHAHAHHA (Fall out of the Slot Machine)

Eva: (Lands)

Geoff: Owen Long Time no See dude :)

Owen: Hey Guys good to be here again

Noah: Why me ?

Eva: Mal's gonna pay this time (Crackes Knukles)

Ludwig: Did not except the odds happening ?

Chris: Ludwid Owen, Noah and Eva good too have you back all four of you will be on Team Izzy for the Finael

Izzy: E-SCOPE ASSEMBLE ! ( Puts Army Helemts each other team)

Ludwig: What's the badege for ?

Izzy: Your Admrial, Owen's Sergent, Noah's Scout and Eva's Major and I'm General

Eva: Major bettter be the second highest then.

Chris: Geoff your turn :)

Geoff: Lets go Team Geoff-Vengers :D ( Pulls Lever)

Slot Machine: (All Four Wheels Spin with the Heads of all 23 Other Campers)

Slot Machine Wheel 1: ( Stops on DJ )

Slot Machine Wheel 2: ( Stops on Duncan)

Slot Machine Wheel 3: ( Stops on Courtney)

Slot Machine Wheel 4: ( Stops on Bridgette)

Geoff: (Gasp) BRIDGETTE :0

DJ: ( Falls out of the Machine]

Duncan: ( Fall out Faace First)

Courtney: ( Falls on top of him)

Bridgette: ( About to fall out)

Geoff: ( Runs under the the hole to Catch her)

Bridgette: GEOFF :D

Geoff: I've missed you so much ( Tears)

Bridgette: I've missed you too ( Tears)

Chris: Okay Enough with the reunion this is a drama show not Farmer wants a Wife, Chef go Hurl the other 15 losers who are still in there.

Chef: Sure ( Picks up slot Machine)

DJ: I don't think Mama would want me back here too dangerous

Ludwig: But she would want you help save the Island including all the Animals  ?

DJ: Go Point

Geoff: (Con) Ah this is really awesome, But I don't want to repeat my last season first out was like Game of thrones betrayel.

Duncan: So should we get on with the challenge there's only 6 Hours and 15 Minutes.

Bridgette: (Con) Destroy the Island Mal is going Down !

Chris: Yes, Now our Security Hideout is located under Lake Wanakwa with all the Toxic Removed it's safe too swim down there, Thought you might want something to fight of Sharks and Fang, Hes still looking for ya Duncan.

Duncan: Aw he remembers me

Chris: Once under water look for giant Sub Marine and some how get in there once in there.. Well depends on where you are in the Sub Marine it's a big as a Space Station, Find the Control Pannel and the either Geoff or Izzy who use the control system to defused the Rocket win in season, Don't Worry I'll be watching from a distance.

Chris: Chef Start up my Mc-Lean Coppter.

Chef: ( Grunts)

Chris: and Did you Hurl the Slot Machine

Chef: (Goes to the MC-Lean Coppter and starts it up unaware of Four Shadow Figures sneaking into the Helicoper.)

Chris: Geoff, Izzy I wish you good luck ( Gets into the Helicopter)

Owen: Is there a guided Path or anything.

Duncan: ( Whispers to Geoff) Our Best bet would to go to the Boathouseit's named that for a reason.

Noah: To Keep Disobedient people out of Campers Reach and trouble (Jokes to Owen)

Duncan: Chris is there a rule on inflicting pain on the other team ?

Izzy: E-Squad THIS WAY ( Runs North)

Noah: Boathouse is South ( Runs with Ludwig,Eva and Owen)

Izzy: Were not aiming for the Boathouse >:)

Eva: (Con) One of the things I like about Izzy ? to make things not boring and more challenging.

  • BoatHouse

Bridgette: Nice we can find Diving Equpiment in there

Courtney: Wait STOP ! 

Duncan: Something Worng.

Courtney: That Walking Abomination is there ( Points to Fang sitting on teh Proch of the Boathouse)

Fang: ( Places Wanted Poster of Duncan on the Door)

Fang: ( Picks up Phone)

Mal: You know what to do if you find any of them, Free Meal Sounds Fun

Fang: >:)

Mal: Leave no Survivors >:)( Disconnects)

DJ: How are we going to, get pass him.

Geoff: ...... Maybe the arts and Craft Center would be a better place.

Duncan: You guys want to mise the chance to face a Living repliace of JAWS ?

Bridgette: it might be a more safer bet, those things are a killing machine in the water who knows what carnage it can do on land :(.

Duncan: No one seems to remember that I took his tooth twice. Geoff if you want to win this we can't waste time and must do what nessicary.

Courtney: So your going to try and take on something tripe your size ?

Duncan: No were going too. ( Grabs Courtney's hand and takes out a Harpon and Net gun)

Courtney: WHAT !

Duncan: Lets go ( Runs with Courtney into the Woods behind the Boathouse

DJ: were gonna need more then just diving gear Chris mention the place is like a fort.

Birdgette: The Boathouse is bound to have what we need remember that the final Seven's Hunting Challenge you were in Geoff.

Geoff: And I got Slapped by a Family of Beavers (Laugh)


Fang: ( Falls out of Chair and Gets a Shotgun and runs out to find out what it is)

Geoff: Nows our chance Bridgette, DJ Lets go.

Bridgette & DJ: ( Follow Geoff into the Boathouse)

  • Total Drama Aftermath

Beth: ( Checking the TV Signal's) 

Sierra: How Much longer

Beth: (Tv Repection works) It's On :)

Heahter: Couldn't you get a better TV

Ezekiel: My Parents said any TV bigger then the Poster is too Hipster

Lindsay: ( Hears Microwave Noise) Ya Popcorns Done

Alejandro: Anyone Else think that this whole Idea of a Bomb set to explode the whole island is just a gimick

Justin Your A Gimick ( Quieitly)

Alejandro: I hear'd that Justin

Tyler: I Can't wait for the Part when Mal Gets a Buttkicking of his life right Harold ( Looks to his left to see Harold is not among them)

Katie: Where did Harold go ?

Lindsay: Maybe to get more Popcorn (Offers some around)

Bricks: Thank you madem

Lindsay: I'm not mad ?

Scott: Is there a reason why were Here (Tide up with Jo and Lightning)

Beth: Chris wanted you three is custody because of your afliations with Mal >:(

Scott: I was helping Ludwig who turned to your Too Shoed side. 

Jo: Please I would dominated any of those two in a Survial to the fitest

Sierra: care to explain wow Lindsay got you three tied in the first place

Lindsay: :D

Cody: This ones  tough choice Izzy's was on our team yet Geoff is pretty cool himself

Ezekiel: I'd go with Geoff for certain Reasons

( Every Girls looks at Ezekiel)

Ezekeil : Ops :(

  • Arts and Craft Center

Eva: Maybe Noah had the right idae, That Shark was at the Boathouse

Owen: Does that mean somethins in here too

Izzy: ( Breaks Door down with Dragon Shout)

Izzy: Eva Find a Drill, Noah get soemthing to use to fight of any foes, Owen get more explosives 

Owen: YES SIR !

( Foot Steps outside are heard)

Eva: Quite I can hear them !

Noah: ( Looks at Owen)

Owen: Sorry not even my farts at that loud !

( Chain Saw Noise)

Izzy: Whos Out there

( Tv Appears in front of them)

Mal (TV Screen): E-Scope it's been too long >:)  But I'm afaird I can't let you intervene with my plan

Eva: This is the wimp who needs Pummeling

Mal: Oh not my dear Victim i'l be giving the Pummeling

( Chain Saw Rips throught a Wall)

Mal: Enjoy Death AHAHAHHAHA

Izzy: ( Rips Tv Out)

( Chainsaw tears a Hole out of a wall an Masked Killer Appears)

Owen: AH It's the Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain  .... AND A HOOK! ( Scared)

Noah: That's that longest sentence you said with out making a Grammer mistake (Also Scared)

  • In the Chris Coopter

Chris: Chef Status Report

Chef: None of the Groups have even gotten into the Submarine hideout and the countdown is gettting close

Chris: Oh Crap 6 Hours and 15 Minutes I think we might actually be F$%^ this time :(

Chef: That;s not the worse of OUR Problem I detected Actvity on the Plane

Chris: Derp your Piolting it !

Chef: No I mean that my scanner pick up Four other people on the Plane who seem to be resting in the Cargo Hold

Chris: ( Gasp) Stop the Plane

Chef: ( Sets to Auto Piolt)

Chris: ( Takes out Swiss Army Knife) SEARCH THE ROOMS

Chef: (Gets out a Machete) GOT IT

  • Forest ( Duncan and Courtney are Hidden )

Duncan: Can't find me now Fish >:) ( Hidden)

Fang: ( Looks around)

Duncan: ( Throws Roch Behind Him)

Fang: ( Falls Down)

Courtney: Messing With a Shark is can prove fatal

Duncan: Did you have to tame one back in Season 2 ?

Courtney: Fine ( Throws Fish )

Fang: ( Smells it but does not eat it)

Duncan: You Kidding Me !

Fang: ( Notice Trap)

Fang: ( Grabs it and Pulls)

Courtney; ah ( Is Draged into the trap by Fang

Duncan: Courtney !

Fang: ( Grabs Courtney and Teleports Away)

Duncan: NO !

  • Boat House 

Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook: ( Walks towards them)

Owen & Noah: ( Very loud Girly Screams)

Eva: ( Grabs Crowbar)

Eva: Run NOW !

Noah: But we need the boats

Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook: ( Swings Chain Saw at Eva)

Eva: (Ducks and Uppcuts Him)

Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook: ( Crashes into the Barrels)

Izzy: Someone doesn't Like Barrels :)

Eva; Get the Boat into the lake I'll me you there

Owen: Ok (Tries to Lift Boat)

Noah: It's to heavy Take the canoes ( Lifts up Canoe)

Noah: (Canoe Falls ontop of him)

Owen: Lets Go ( Lifts up and Canoe and Noah and Break throught a Wall.

Izzy: (Gets Suba Driver Get and Runs off with them)

Ludiwg: ( Grabs Box and Runs with them)

Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook: ( Sneaks up Behind Eva)

Eva: ( Punches the Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook right throught the Gut)

Esacped Pycho Killer with the Chain Saw and a Hook: ERROR ! All Systems Shut Down ( Falls Down )

Eva: What the ? ( Looks at him)

Eva: ( Notices the Stomach has Electical Circuits)

Eva: ( Rips its' head off the find out its a Cyborg)

Eva: hmm Too Bad It wasn't the real deal ?

Eva: (Con) The Kind of Movies I watched as a Child were The First Three Terminatro, Alien, Preditor and Friday the 13th. Don't know why but the only movies I was ever scared of was any not rated M or Higher, Actuallt this Confessional is a Big Mistake ( Breaks Camera)

Chris: (Intercom) hehe I Hear all :)

  • Boathouse

Birdgette: ( puts on Suba Diver Gear)

Bridgette: I can hold my breath the longest in my Surfing Club so I'll help us get in there.

DJ: (Looks at a Harpoon Gun)

Geoff: And you can use the C4 to blow it open can't we ?

Bridgette: That might cause the whole Ship to Sink

DJ: If wen can open it quickly enough and get in and close it before it flood ( Picks Up Crowbar

Bridgette: It's our only Option

Duncan: ( Enters Room)

Geoff: Sup Dude 

Duncan: (Sits Down)

DJ: ( Puts hand on Duncan's Shoulder) 

Duncan: Stupid Shark Took her >:( 

Geoff: Wow I'm Sorry dude :(

Bridgette: That gives us more a Reason to Get Mal.

Duncan: When were done with him he'd wish he could go back to Mike

  • Cargo Hold

Chef: ( Searches Room)]

Chef: I Smell NERD !

Chef: ( Throws Matchete Above Harold Head)

Harold: Wow soo cloe :(

Chef: And .......Music

Chef: (Hears Footsteps behind him)

Chef: (Turns Around to See Trent, Gwen and Leshawna there)

  • Pilot Room

Chris: You Four just have to be differnt don't ya

Gwen: You were going to Hurl us again

Leshawna: Plus the Island is at Danger isn't it your responsibility to look after it ?

Chris: This sort of stuff happens all the time and it works out well for us.

Harold: The Final challenge in World Tour Cause an entire Island in Hawai to Sink.

Trent: and you Let Toxsic Waste Companys Poison half the Island

Chris: Yea About that ....

Harold: Is this the part where you make a massive plot twist.

Chris: it was until you mention it so i have a better idea. ( Gives Trent, Gwen, Leshawna and Harold Parachutes)

( Camer Zoomz out to the sky where All four of them are throws out of the Plane)


Trent: AHA

Harold: ( Coughs) Low Oxygen

Leshawna: This keeps getting stranger by the minute

Chris: Also One more thing Trent/Gwen Team Izzy, Harold/Leshawna Team Geoff Have Fun ( Yells From plane)

  • Inside Mals Hideout

Mal: ( Sitting on the A Chair near the Control Pannels.

Chris (TV): Any Chances of Giveing up i need that Island for Profit

Mal:  Why We have Mere hours until Wawankwa is no More

Chris: Six Hour So What that's enoguh time for them to get in there and win the million

Mal: Win  ? oh when it comes to Money I have one rule..... ITs All MINE !

Mal: ( Look at the Navigaion o Map of the Island)

Chris: See there cornering you they be on the ship soon

Mal: When they do Death will Greet them (Kicks Chris of the Navigaion Chat)

Mal: ( Looks at Courtney, Zoey who are tied up behind the wall)

Mal: You Three made the mistake trying to wait two MIKE !

Mal: ( Turns around to See Mike Press a Button Casuing the Submarine to flow up to shore water

Mal: FOOL !!

Mal: ( Shoots Mike with a Tazer)

Zoey: MIKE

Mike: Ugh You won't get away with this

  • Izzy's Boat

Izzy: ( looking Throught s Pirate Scope)

Noah: Anything yet Captain (Sarcasm)

Izzy: Nothing but Seagulls 

Eva: (Arrives back)

Ludwig: wow you survive ?

Eva: You had  Doubts ?

Owen: Time to set Sail wohooo !

Izzy: ( Pulls up the Anchor)

  • Geoff's Boat

Geoff: Ok Paddles Check, Suba Googles Check, Friends Check.

DJ: Was that on the list ?

Geoff: Yep (Shows DJ the List)

Harold: ( Parchute Lands on the boat)

Duncan: WHAT Are you doign here Dofus

Harold: Where do I start

Leshawna: ( Lands in the Water)

Bridgette: Good to seya again Guys

Leshawna: Same to Sister

DJ: So it's 4 vs 6 we got the upper hand.

Duncan: ( Take out phone)

DJ: -_- Really 

Duncan: No not that I'm trying to find Courtney's Trace where she is is MAL !

Geoff: Cool, Harold Leshawna Welcome aboard lets set sail Duncan you take Lead (Puts Admrial Hat on Duncan

Duncan: (Grabs hat and Crushes it into Dust)

Geoff: Cool Enough 

  • Izzy's Boat

Ludiwg: Are we there yet

Noah: I don't think were in the right direction

Owen: You said Follow your Gut so it said East

Gwen: (Parachute Lands on the boat)

Noah: Great ( Covered by the Parachute)

Gwen: Izzy Congrates on the Finale

Izzy: Thanks now drop your weapons

Gwen: I don't roleplay Izzy

Izzy: Are you a agent from mal ?

Gwen: NO

Ludwig: Well people falling from the Sky mus be from Chris then

Owen: Extra help does sound nice

Noah: Agreed but the Canoe has a Maxium size of 5 people

Eva: Not on this Canoe

Gwen: Thanks Eva

Trent: AHh

Trent: ( Crashe lands into the Canone Breaking it in  half

Owen: He never really got the hang of Parachutes did he ?

Canoe: ( Begins to Sink)

Ludwig: Wait Owen Burp ( Gives Owen a Flatable Boat

Owen: ( eats it

Eva: (Shoves Arm into Owen's mouth and gets it out)

Eva: Try again

Owen: ( Burps into the Inflatable Boat cauing it to Flat up)

Gwen: Everyone in

Shark: ( Jumps up behind Noah)

Noah: AH

Eva: ( Punches Shark in the Face)

Trent: wow

Ludwig: Which school did she go to again.

Noah: ( Notice Oil in the water bleeding from the Shark)

Noah: I think thats the least of our problems.

Geoff: Hey guys ( Geoffs Boat Swim near them)

Owen: So you guys haven't foudn Mal Yet

( Giant Submarine Appears from the Water)

Duncan: Looks like we just have >:)

Noah: (Notice Oil around the Waters)

Bridgette: What happend :O

Owen: Robot Sharks ?

Mal: ( Opens Sub Marine Window and Throws Out a Molotov)

( Molotov Lands in the Oil water causing the seas to go on fire

Ludwig: Oh Crap :o (Gets out Fire Extinguisher)

Owen: Ah Into the Ship Quick (Gets Paddle and stirs it around)

Duncan: Dude the ocean iself is on fire we can't

Leshawna: Swim under it then ( Jumps into the water with Geoff and DJ)

Harold: But wouldn't the heat still

Duncan: Shut it ( Grabs Harold and goes underwater)

Bridgette: (Jumps in)

Izzy: Follow THEM ( Gets out Ladder and places it on the Ship distance)

Gwen: Did Seem smarter then the other teams idea.

Noah: ( Starts climbing on the ladder)

  • Control Pannel

Mal: What do you mean we can;t go back under deep sea !

Control Pannel: I'm Sorrry mr.McLEAn but the ships is over the max compassity you will need to remove some unwated garbage of the ship.

Mal: (Gets on Speaker)  Patrol all Areas and Set Secuirty Level to Max, and Realse Project LOGO.

Chris: (TV) I warned you Mike there already in the Ship they'll will be there soon

Mal: It's MAL ( Punches TV Screen)

Chris: Why must it always be the TV's that suffer, Our Final Two are now onboard S.S Malovent and with Five Hours left, Will we be left with an Island Find out right here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND OF VENGEANCE

  • Ship's Kitchen Room

Eva: ( Opens Reel from the other side of the roof and enters)

Eva: CLEAR !

Noah: (Falls face first)

Owen: (Lands on Noah)

Izzy: ( Lands on Owen's Kiwis)

Owen: OCH again :(

Ludiwg: ( Goes Down the ladder)

Ludwig: There was a ladder ?

Trent: (Slides down Ladder and Crashes into Ludwig)

Gwen: (Slowly Gets down the ladder)

Gwen: ( Closes Reel)

Trent: Sweet were all but no sig of the other

Noah: This place looks like a Kitchen.

Owen: FOOD :D

Izzy: It's gonna have to wait this once we have a million to win (Jumps onto Owen's Shoulders)

Izzy: RIDE :D ( Goes Searching the next room)

Ludwig: ( Inspects Kitchen Tools)

Ludwig: This Ship is most likely to be forted so these should help

Gwen: Cool ( Find Mustard Gun)

Gwen: This should Knock the circuits out of those Bots then.

Ludwig: Yeah .. Gwen I'm Sorry about getting you eliminated ?

Gwen: It's Cool I dealt with Villians before but I am glad that you've learn from your mistake :)

Ludwig: Thanks

Trent: So we ready to take Mal Down Once and for All then :)

Eva: Definetly: ( Finds Butcher Knife)

Noah: What kind of Kitchen is this ? ( Finds a Plasma Chopping Axe)

Gwen: Well it this Sub Marine/Ship does belong to Chris.

  • Ship's Bed Room

Geoff: Wow this place looks comfy :)

Duncan: Courtney ... u in here (Searches Room)

Bridgette: This place looks more like a War Ship ?

Leshawna: It's Chris he Could be having Over Seas Party for all we know.

Harold: or ilegal Drug Summgling !

DJ: Really, I doubt our Host is that dumb (Looks at Harold)

Duncan: (Picks up a Crowbar)

Duncan: help here

Leshawna: (Helps Duncan break the door)

( Room next to them is covered in Lasers)

Harold: (Con) This si going to take a lot of Ninja Skill for this.

  • Electrical Floor Room

Noah: This was definelty planed ahead -_- ( Notices the floor below is full of electrical hazards)

Ludwig: ( Drops Piece of Hair down and watches it get Zapped into dust)

Ludwig: I think it's a lvl 6 Voltage.

Trent: How dangers's can it get ?

Ludiwg: 15 the Maxium but Even lvl 7 Can result in Death.

Noah: That just makes the high lvls very unnecessary. ( Hair Starts goign Fuzzy due to the high static in the room)

Gwen: WAit Izzy I have a Idea that just might work, Help me get some gear back there.

Izzy:  ( Runs with Gwen to the room behind them)

Eva:  ( Jumps Over the Gap)

Trent: Nice Work, Eva do you think we can't make the jump

Noah: ( Looks Down) .....

Ludwig: ( Looks Down) eh... I'll just wait it out no need to get ourselves killed rigth ?

Gwen: ( Runs back in with a Create of Wood)

Gwen: Noah, Trent i need help assembling a See Saw

Trent: Sure thing ( Runs Over) 

Noah: You know we could just make a bridge out of them.

Eva: Were's the fun in that ( At the other side)

  • Laser Room

Duncan: I've escaped Juvie with Hard Laser spots

Bridgette: Then put your money where you mouth is

Duncan: Fine ( Performs Awesoem Maneuvers Sliding by the first Three lasers)

Geoff: Go DUDE

Leshawan: You've got the moves

Duncan: ( moon walks past the last Laser)

DJ:  CAn you see the switch

Duncan: ( Looks around but fails to find a deactivate button)

Duncan: That Sneaky Scum must of ( Falls down a trap door while walking) ahahahahhaha 

Bridgette: Oh Things just got worse

Mal (TV): Ha you think I'm that dumb to leave a Switch that would shut the lasers down.

DJ: I thought you would of had the Courtesy to show a sign of passing throught a certain ojective

Mal (TV): Then your gravley mistaken Momm'as Boy AHAHHAHA (Logs Out)

Harold: Fear not companions I have my Own moves of Swag.

Leshawna: Sawg did you get that from Ezekiel ?

Harold: ( Performs Moves Getting past two lasers)

Harold: (Steps on Shoe laser and falls triggering the Security)

Geoff: Oh NO :o


(Door from the wall suddenly opens where a Half Robot looking Bear appears)

DJ: Yep we F%^ up :(

  • Electical Floor Room

Ludwig: (Flys right to the over side of the room)

Ludwig: it worked :)

Noah: So the See Saw Actually works ha lets get this over with ( Sits on one side)

Owen: Ready ( Jumps on the see saw and launches Noah over the High Voltage Floor)

Noah: Not a Single Sracth nice

Gwen: Is there anything on the other side

Ludwig: Another door but it's a 4-Diget Number code requirement

Trent: Try and guess it till we get over there ( Sits on the See Saw and gets Launched)

Izzy: Your turn Gwen ?

Gwen: Sure ( gets on the See Saw and is Launched by Owen)

Owen: Wait but How am i going to get over there then.

Izzy:  Easy ( Thorws Rope to Eva)

Eva: Wait if you had a rope why didn't we do that eailer ?

Izzy: Just to keep our creativity in mind.

Noah: hm 2-5-7-8 ( presses enter)


Ludiwg: Let em try 4-2-6-2 


Noah: Were gonna be here for the day aren't we

Ludwig: Seems like it

  • Unknow Room

Duncan: Ah ( Falls from the a Sewer Hole)

Duncan: What was that ?

Duncan: ( Checks Iphone and sees it cracked )

Duncan: This is Beyond Personal Now Freak

Mal: Beyond maybe but your still beyond my reach ( Floor Above)

Mal: I've watched you fight your way out of Juive and stop me once but This is where it all ends.

Duncan: Wheres Courtney MAL ! >:( 

Mal: Which Girl did you bounce onto now ?

Duncan: (Rips Lead Pipe of the wall)

Duncan: Wanna Say that again

Mal: Tempting but with 4 hours and 30 Minutes left I ust start up the my next phase so i'll laeve you with what you started Fang >:)

Fang: (Appears from the elevator behind Duncan)

Fang: >:) ( Opens jaw)

Duncan: Fine lets end this 

  • Laser Room

Leshanwa: ( Shuts the Door Which Crushes the Robot Bear's Head

Harold: Cyborgs ultimate Doom of Mankind :(

DJ: We got to be careful what we stumble upon next, There could be more of them.

Bridgette: What Happen to Duncan ?

Leshawna: Must of fell to one of the traps we'll find him soon.

Geoff: This place looks like a Cargo Hold.

Harold: ( Looks at Creates)

Harold: ( Gasp) These are the Toxic Waste Barrels.

Leshawna: ( Pulls Harold Back) Don't get near them, that Toxic is too Chaning.

Bridgette: Wait ..... ( Looks at the Barrels)

Geoff: Wait Bridgette don't

Bridgette: Wait a Second this Is...

  • Izzy's Group

Ludiwg: 1-6-2-9


Noah: 3-3-3-6


Owen & Izzy: ( Make it across)

Trent: Sweet everyones here

Noah: hm 6-6-6-6-


Gwen: Nice Work

Ludwig: Now we can fainlly ( Stops)

Owen: :0

Noah; OH COME ONE >:(

Noah: (Looks at the next room only to see that it is another cliff room with flying Blocks around the place.

  • Duncan vs Fang

Duncan: (Thrown Against the wall)

Duncan: Lession 1 don't try that again

Fang: (Throws Barrel)

Duncan: (Catches It and Throws Back)

Fang: (Gets Hit)

Duncan: HA

Fang (Growls)

Duncan: (Attempts to Punch Fang)

Fang: ( Grabs Duncan and Punches him and Throws him at the Wall Again)

Duncan: Och :(

Fang: (Walks closer)

Duncan: It's not too late for me to fix your Tooth ?

Fang: (Looks at Missing gap)

Duncan: Psych ! ( Kicks Fang in the Nuts)

Fang: ? 

Duncan: Oh Come I thought Sharks would have them too.

Fang: (Lifts up Duncan and slams him on the floor)

Duncan: What are you ?

Fang: (About to do the final Strike)

Three Blue Eyed Mother Bird: (Flys in and sits on Fang's Head)

Fang: ...

Duncan: What are you doing here !

Three Blue Eyed Mother Bird: (Pecks at Fang)

Fang: :0 ( Eye Colour Vanishes and faints)

Duncan:  How the Heck did you get here (Looks at the Bird)

Courtney: Who Else ;)

Duncan: Courtney :)

Courtney: (Hugs Duncan)

Courtney: Your feather friend freed me while Mal was busy with Mike and Zoey.

Duncan: Don't know them and I Don't care :)

Three Blue Eyed Mother Bird: ( Pulls Metal Cord out of Fang's Head)

Duncan: That Things not Sercious :o

Duncan: That Stupid Sea Ceature is FAKE >:(

Corutney: (Opens a Mini Door on Fang's Back)

Courtney: No Sign of Fish or Mutated parts but Chris is Defineltly Answering for this !

Mal ( Intercom): I'm lossing all Seriousness of this situation. Now  with Four Hours left and now one has even goten 50% closer to the control pannels, Ha ha I wonder why.

  • Flying Blocks Room

Noah: This is .... lame

Owen: So Many Flying Blocks.

Ludwig: look for a pattern where they go where they turn.

Eva: Sound fine by me (Jumps onto a moving Block)

Gwen: Don't let go Eva

Eva: Why mention what will never happen (Looks at the phase of the Orbiting blocks)

Eva: (Waits for the Orbit blocks to get in the line of reach with the other side platform)

Eva: (Jumps)

Eva: (Grabs edge and climbs up)

Izzy: Woho Nice work

Eva; Lik