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Host: Roman

Assistant: Rodney the Body Guard




Eliminated W/ Reasons

1. Jared- The Quick Cats

Reason- He dropped the wood, making others think he is weak.

2. Lizzy- The Quick Cats

Reason- She destroyed the puzzle.

3. Patrick- The Barking Dogs

Reason- The team had the lead in the race, but he lost for them.

4. Nicholas- The Quick Cats

Reason- He was disliked by four people

5. Kelly - The Barking Dogs

Reason- She didn't answer two answers right.

6. Leslie - The Barking Dogs

Reason- Didn't Participate in challenge and Joy told everyone to vote her off.

7. Chris - The Quick Cats

Reason- Lost first round and Ashley's alliance voted him out, including Maria.

8. Maria - The Quick Cats

Reason- She told the most lies and had most votes from week before .

9. Joy - The Barking Dogs

Reason- Her team thought she lied to them about Leslie.

10. Jude - The Barking Dogs

Reason- He crashed first and Alyx's alliance voted him out.

11.Robby - The Barking Dogs

Reason- He did the worst in the dance, after, the alliance breaks up.

12.Alyx - The Barking Dogs

Reason- She didn't hit any pins in bowling.

13. Samantha - The Quick Cats/The Survivors

Reason- She fainted and didn't want to continue.

14. Camron - The Quick Cats/ The Survivors

Reason- He was the reason why there was a school challenge.

15. Alan - The Quick Cats/ The Survivors

Reason- He was the first captured by the "Killer"

16. BJ - The Barking Dogs/ The Survivors

Reason- He and Nelly tried to form an alliance with Gwenyth, so Ashley tells others to vote him off.

17. Cayla - The Barking Dogs/ The Survivors

Reason- Ashley convinced everyone to vote her off for being the strongest competitor.

18. Nelly - The Barking Dogs/ The Survivors

Reason- She got voted out by the losers.

19. Matt - The Quick Cats/ The Survivors

Reason- He sang badly enough to have the judges eliminate him.

20. Gwenyth - The Quick Cats/ The Survivors

Reason- She made the least baskets in the game of basketball.

21. Ashley - The Quick Cats/ The Survivors

Reason- Scott beat her to the finish.

Theme song

(It's the same as the TDI theme)

Mom and Dad are doing fine. You guys are on my mind. (Roman and other crew members are coming up with a challenge)

You ask me what I wanted to be (Alan is on the beach, gets pinched by a crab, and runs away)

And I think the answer is plain to see (Alyx and Robby are snuggling, then Alan runs by and drops the crab on Alyx, making her scream)

I wanna be famous (Nicholas gets attacked by random animals in the forest, which Chris and Camron see and laugh.)

I wanna live close to the sun (Samantha is getting a tan, but gets bird doodoo on her, like how Lindsay did in the original promo)

Pack your bags cause i've already won. (Ashley and Leslie are fighting, then fall into a pitfall which Lizzy falls in to.)

Everything to proove, nothin in my way (Maria dances with Matt, which she spins him so much he hits Jared and Patrick.)

I'll get there someday (Jude, Cayla, and Scott are playing basketball, which Jude misses the hoop by a lot)

Cause I wanna be famous (The basketball hits Joy, which makes her fall)


I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous, I wanna be, I wanna be (Gwenyth practices colorguard)

I wanna be famous *whistles* (Nelly and BJ get close, but then Kelly pops up in between them at a bonfire.

Chapter 1: Meet the Campers

Out in the ocean, an island with a jungle is peaceful. Until people decide to do a show on it! With twenty-two clueless teens on an island filled with animals, foreign fruit, and worst of all, a host that loves torturing them!

Roman: Im here on a random island to host Total Drama Isle! We have gathered twenty-two teems to spend time here this summer and compete for $100,000! Here they come!

The campers get off the boat.

Roman: Welcome to camp.

A girl who looks rich says "I thought this was supposed to be a five-star resort!"

Roman replyed "Ya, Ashley. We kinda lied."

Ashley said," Whatever."

Roman said," Lets take a picture of the Campers at this camp!" He takes a picture.

"Now, lets move to the elimination area to get to know each other and be put on teams." They moved to the area.

"So, we know a little about Ashley, lets start with Alan."

A fat guy stands up and says," Im Alan, I won first place in my towns pie eating contest."

"Thanks, Alan."

A girl wearing a red shirt says," Im Alyx. Im pretty, popular, and smart."

A guy wearing a shirt with the letter B raised his hand. "Im BJ, and I fight global warming!"

Everyone starts laughing.


Roman says," Nevermind, who's next?

"Im Camron, I skateboard, play basketball, and I do other stuff." Says a short kid

"Cayla here," says a tall girl," I play basketball, and Im funny."

I guy wearing green says," Im Chris, and I like relaxing."

A girl who has red and black hair says," Im Gwenyth. I dont talk a lot."

There is some snickering.

"That's why."

"Im Jared," says a short kid," I have lots of allergies."

A gothic girl stands up and says," Im Joy, and Im very emo. Wanna look at my scars?"


"Oh well, more for me!"

Roman says," Next up..."

"Hey, Im Jude, and I play the giutar."

"Whats up y'all?" says a big girl. "Leslie's here, and no white girl is gonna win."

Ashley says," Your a racist."

"Oh no you didnt white girl!"

"Yes, I did."

Cayla says," Lets not start a fight people!"

I girl with a pink sweater says," Im Lizzy. Im athletic, but I get mood-swings."

  • She starts crying, the gets mad at BJ.

Roman: Ummm, ok. Next up.

"Im Maria, if you dont do anything right, I will beat you up. And I dance."

A guy wearing a jersey says," Im Matt, and I play football."

"Im Nicholas. Nick for short. And I LOVE the Jonas Brothers."

Matt whispers to Camron," I think we already know that, right?"

Camron whispers," Ya."

A nerd says," Im Patrick, and I play video games."

"Im Robby, I skate, and Im known for getting in trouble."

A beautiful girl says," Im Samantha, and Im pretty and rich!"

"Im Scott, and I do sports."

Roman says," We're almost done!"

A fat girl wearing purple says," Im Kelly."

And a girl who is wearing the same exact thing, except she's skinny and darker says," Im Nelly. Me and Kelly are BFFFLs."

Kelly says," Best Female Friends For Life."

Roman says," Here are the teams: The Quick Cats are: Alan, Ashley, Camron, Chris, Maria, Samantha, Lizzy, Gwenyth, Nicholas, Matt, and Jared. The Barking Dogs are: Alyx, BJ, Cayla, Joy, Jude, Nelly, Kelly, Leslie, Patrick, Robby, and Scott. First challenge after you eat lucnh, see you then! At the luch hall, the campers are getting food, and its actually good! For everyone, except Ashley.

"I dont eat carbs, or trans fats."

"You get, what you get!" Screams Maria.

"Hi!" says Cayla to Alyx.

"Hey, you are Cayla, right?"


"Wanna be friends?"


Roman announces the challenge," Your challenge is to build a mini campsite. Must consist of two huts, a bonfire, and a flag pole.

Matt says,"Sounds easy"

"But you must find the part yourself"

Jared asks," What were you saying?"


Each team gets off to a good start. Both teams worked next to the confessionals so they can say stuff. Ashley steps in.

"I need to form an alliance. Girls only. Maria is too scary and Lizzy is too wierd. I'll go with Gwenyth and Samantha."

"Samantha, Gwenyth, come here a sec."


"Im forming an alliance, and you two can be in it."

Samantha quickly said," Yes!"

"Sure," Gwenyth said.

The team wasnt doing good. Jared dropped the wood, Nicholas didnt want to get dirty, and Alan passed out.

The other team was working great.

Roman announced," The winners are... the barking dogs! The Quick Cats, vote off someone from your team."

At the ceremony, Roman says," We use these chip bags to determine you win. If you get one, you are safe. Place your votes one at a time. Alan go first."

Alan wrote down Samantha. "I think she didnt do good for our team. I was passed out, after all.

Ashley wrote down Jared. "I'd rather keep gay and strong rather than nerdy and weak."

Roman says," Let me count the votes. The bags go to Ashley, Camron, Chris, Maria, Lizzy, Gwenyth, Matt. The rest of you got votes. Let see: Samantha, Jared, Nick, Nick, Jared, Jared, Alan, Jared, Alan, Nick, Alan. 1 for Samantha, 3 for Alan, 3 for Nick, and 4 for Jared. Jared, you have been voted off by your team. Time to walk the Walk of Shame to catch the Plane of Losers.

Jared says," I have medical conditions, so I shouldnt be here anyways." *Starts crying.*

Roman: Night everyone

Chapter 2: You Look Puzzled

Ashley says,"Im glad Jared is gone."

Samantha replyed,"Me too."

Matt says, "Camron, you also think Nicholas should've left, huh."

Camron replies,"Ya. Hey, want to form an alliance to get rid of him?

"Sure, but we need to find out who also voted him"

"Hmmm, Im sure it wasnt Alan, or Jared."

"How about Chris?"

"Lets ask, hey Chris."

Chris replyed," Yes?"

Camron says," Do you want to form an alliance to get rid of Nicholas?"

"Sure. I want him gone."


(Conf.) Leslie: We need our team to win, so I need to form an alliance. We will make sure we win.

Leslie asks," Nelly, Kelly, we need to form an alliance. Want to?"

Nelly says," ok."

(Conf.) Nelly: YAY! Me and Kelly in an alliance! EEEEEEEEEEEE!"

  • The next day

Nicholas asks Matt," May I sit with you?"

Matt," Sure."

Chris," Would you like a drink, Nicholas?"


"Ok, oops!"

The drinks spills on Nicholas.




Robby," Hey Alyx."


"Want to sit together?"


(Conf.) Leslie: If those two cost us the challenge, one of them is going home.

(Conf.) Robby: I like Alyx, she is cute.

(Conf.) Alyx: I guess I like him

Robby to Scott," I really like Alyx."

"We can form an alliance and vote together."

"Will Alyx be in it to?"


Roman," Next challenge, soon."

Ashley," Ok, here are the rules of the alliance. Do anything against these rules will get you kicked off the alliance and the show. No other team dating. And no back talking me. Got it?"

Samantha," Good."

Gwenyth," Ya, whatever."

Joy," I will go to the washroom."

Cayla," I need to go too."

  • At the challenge

Roman: There are two puzzles here. Each a tousand pieces. You must make the puzzle. The first team done wins. You may start.

Alyx," It goes here."

Samantha," Umm, it goes here."

Lizzy," No, it doesnt!" Gets really angry, and throws all of the pieces.

Everyone," LIZZY!!!"

Lizzy, all sad," Im so sorry! Ill pick them up."

  • Hours later

Roman," Our winners are... the Barking Dogs, again!

Ashley," Lizzy, you are going down!"

Roman," Cats, we will see you tonight."

  • Later

Robby to Alyx," We did good, didnt we."

"Ya, we did."

"Alyx, I like you, do you like me?"

"Yes, lets kiss."

"Okay." They start kissing

Alyx leaves

Scott to Robby," How did that kiss feel?"


"I wonder who's going home"

  • At the ceremony

Roman," Please do your votes

Alan writes down Samantha. "You still arent good for my team."

Ashely writes Lizzy. " You arent useful for us, so bye."

Matt writes down Nicholas. "We should still have Lizzy."

Nicholas writes down Chris. "I know you spilled the drink on me on purpose."

Roman," Let me count the votes.... The first bags go to Alan, Ashley, Camron, Maria, Gwenyth, Matt. Lets count the votes: Samantha, Lizzy, Nicholas, Nicholas, Lizzy, Lizzy, Samantha, Lizzy, Chris, Nicholas. 2 votes Samantha, 1 vote Chris, 4 votes Lizzy, and 3 votes Nicholas. Lizzy, sorry, but you have been voted off.

Lizzy," I can change, I swear!"

Rodney pulls her away.

Roman," Night everyone!"

Chapter 3: The Least Important Relay!

Ashley," Im gald the crazy Lizzy is gone.

Samantha," Me too."

Alyx to Robby," I think Cayla should join our alliance."


"She seems nice and good enough. She said she would join if it was okay."

"That'll make us stronger, so yes."

The Next Day

Leslie to Nelly and Kelly," So, you guys agree to vote with me if we vote?"

Both say," Yes."


Ashley," I cant stand this food!"

Samantha," How much calories does this have?"

Nicholas," Im done. Im going to take a shower."

Chris to Matt," When he gets in, lets take his clothes."

Chris replies," Awesome idea!"

Nicholas sings as they take his clothes

Nicholas," What the *BEEP*! Who took my clothes?!"

Roman on loudspeaker," Next challenge soon!"

Nicholas," I cant find my clothes! At least I have my towl. I can go get more."

  • When he gets to his cabin, all his clothes are gone. He then says a bad word.

At the challenge

Roman," Anyone seen Nicholas?"

Chris winks at Matt

Roman," No prob. Last night, Lizzy was voted off. The challenge is to say by voting the least important person on your team. Then we will continue."

Ashley," Girls, we are voting Nicholas."

Gwenyth," Fine, I dont care."

Nicholas comes," I have to vote our least important person. Ok."

Ashley, Samantha, Gwenyth, Matt, Camron, and Chris voted Nicholas. Nicholas voted Chris. Maria voted Alan. Alan voted Samantha. Roman," Nicholas, you were with the most votes. Chris, Alan, and Samantha, you guys were voted also."

On the other team, Alyx, Cayla, Jude, Scott, and Robby voted Patrick. Patrick voted Joy. Joy and BJ voted Kelly. Leslie, Nelly, and Kelly voted BJ. Roman," It was close, but Patrick got the most votes. Joy got one, two for Kelly, and Three for BJ." The second part. You guys who are least important must do a relay race. It will be 400 meters. Be ready soon.

Nicholas," Im important to my team!" Camron replied," Not really..."

For the Cats, Alan was first, then Samantha, then Chris, and Nicholas was last. On the Dogs, Kelly was first, Joy got second, BJ was third, and Patrick was the last person.

Roman," On your marks... get set... GO!"

The Dogs had a lead until it was Nicholas' turn.

Ashley," We are doomed!"Camron," You're right!"Nicholas starts running really fast, winning the challenge for the team. Roman says," The winners are the Quick Cats! Barking Dogs, see you tonight!"

Leslie," Kelly, Nelly, I say we vote Patrick."

Alyx," I think Joy isnt as much use to our team." Cayla," I agree." Scott," I still say Patrick." Robby," I think Kelly. But how will we decied!"

At the ceremony

Roman: You guys must vote off a camper. Please vote one at a time.

Leslie voted Patrick," We cant have you ruin our team."

Alyx voted Joy," You arent good, so bye."

Robby voted Kelly," its not entirly your fault, but you arent going to get much farther."

Roman," Let me tally the votes... marshmallows go to Alyx, BJ, Cayla, Robby, Nelly, Leslie, Scott, and Jude. The votes go to Joy, Patrick, Joy, Patrick, Kelly, Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, Joy, Kelly, Patrick. 3 votes Joy, 2 votes Kelly, 6 votes Patrick. Patrick, you have been voted off. "This sucks." Patrick said as he left. "Good night everyone."

Chapter 4: Total Drama Isle's Got Talent!

Leslie to Kelly and Nelly," Looks like we are in control right now."

Nelly and Kelly," EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Leslie," Please don't do that EVER again."

Alyx to her alliance," Dang it. Who actually voted Joy off?!"

Cayla," I did."

"Anyone else?"

Scott and Robby shake their heads.

"We were supposed to vote off Joy!"

Scott," Whatever."

BJ and Jude are in the cabin. BJ says," There's this girl who I like."

Jude," Who?"

"...... I can't tell you, you'll laugh at me."

"Dude, I won't."

"..... Nelly."

"Well, she seems nice."


The next morning

Roman," Campers, meet me at the auditorium."


Roman," The challenge is a talent show! You guys must choose three acts. Rodney, the bodyguard, will rate your acts."

Leslie," Okay team. I say we must all agree on acts."

Alyx," Agreed."

Ashley," I'm team leader."

Maria," Who said you could be team leader."

Samantha," She did."

The Barking Dogs started their auditions.

Joy," My talent is cutting myself. look." She cuts herself and starts bleeding.

BJ," Please stop!"

Nelly," Ya!"

Jude," I can play guitar." Starts playing a song.

Leslie," Can we agree we want Jude in it?"

Everyone," Yes."

Leslie," Okay. Nelly, Kelly."

They start dancing to Barbie Girl.

Alyx," Sorry girls, not exactly what we need."

Robby," I can skateboard." He starts skateboarding and doing tricks.

Alyx," Ya!!! We need that!"

Cayla," I can sing! I'll sing "Halo" by Beyonce." Starts singing.

Everyone claps at end.

Leslie," Everyone else, what's your talent. I can break dance."

BJ," I can knit." Some snickers are heard

Scott," I can tell jokes."

Alyx," I can be pretty."

Leslie," So, it's Jude, Robby and Cayla."

Over at the Quick Cats....

Ashley," Okay.. who wants to go first?"

Nicholas," I'll! I will model!"

Ashley," Yayaya, anyone who's actually good?"

Maria," I can dance." Starts dancing and gets applause.

Ashley," Maria, good. Anyone else want a try?"

Matt," I can do tricks with a basketball."

Samantha," I can say the alphabet backwards. Let me see, z,y,x,w..... what's next?"

Gwentyh," I can do colorguard."

Ashley," Maria, Gwenyth, and Matt. You guys are in it."

Camron," Matt, look at this."

Matt," It's Nicholas' journal?"


"I have an idea."

Later, at the talent show...

Roman," First up is Robby."

Robby does his tricks.

"Awesome. You got 7/10. Gwenyth is up."

Gwenyth does her routine.

"Rodney gave you a 9/10. Jude is up."

Jude plays the guitar."

"He gave you a 10/10! Congrates! Maria, you are up."

She dances, but trips.

"Hmmm, Rodney gave you a 5/10. Cayla, it's your turn."

She sings.

"You got 8/10. Matt, it is your turn."

Matt," Instead of doing my tricks, I'm going to read Nicholas' journal."

Nicholas gasps


Nicholas runs away crying.

Roman," What?! Rodney gave that a 10/10! Let's tally up the votes..... 24 for the Quick Cats. 25 for Barking Dogs. They win!!!

At the ceremony

Roman," Place your votes now."

Nicholas voted Matt. "You are mean."

Ashley voted Maria." You cost us this. You will pay."

Matt voted Nicholas... again. "You will always get my vote."

"Okay.... marshmallows go to... Samantha, Chris, Camron, Gwenyth, Ashley, and Alan. The votes go to Matt, Maria, Nicholas, Nicholas, Maria, Nicholas, Nicholas, Matt, and Maria. 2 Matt, 3 Maria, and 4 Nicholas. Nicholas, you are out."

Nicholas," Why me?! Matt, Camron, and Chris are mean to me!!!!!!!" Runs away crying."

Roman," That ends tonights episode!"

Chapter 5: The Trivial Pursuit

Camron," Now that the target is out, what next?"

Chris," Let's keep the alliance to vote out any one who comes across us."

Matt," Exactly."

Alan," I heard you guys voted out Nicholas. Why? He didn't do anything to you."

Matt," He's a nerd. We don't need a nerd on our team."

"Well, what if he was really useful? Besides, Maria lost for our team."

".... I have no comment."

Ashley," Looks like others voted out Nicholas instead off Maria."

Samantha," Poor Nicholas! He should've stayed!"

The next day, the teams were eating breakfast.

Ashley," Team! If we lose the challenge today, you guys are SO burned."

Gwenyth," You guys heard her." She then starts reading Twilight

Leslie," Okay. We shouldn't have problems with challenges since the other team hates each other."

Nelly," YAY!!!!"

Roman," Meet me at the stage!"

Leslie," Nelly, Kelly, come on."

At the stage

Roman," Today is trivia. One person from each team will answer a question one at a time. Quick Cats, since you guys are two people down, two of you must go twice."

Ashley," I'll go twice."

Matt," Me too."

Roman," First up. Alan and Alyx. What was the Rennasiance after?"

Alyx," The Middle Ages."

"Correct! A point for the dogs."

Ashley," What the heck was that!?"

Roman," Ashley and BJ. What is 3x + 24= 10 + 5x?"

BJ," Wait.. what?"


Roman," Correct!"

Leslie," What was that?! BJ!!!!"

Roman," Next up is Camron and Cayla."

Camron," You're going down!"

Cayla," No, you are!"

Roman," The question is What are DNA and RNA?"

Cayla," Nucliec Acids.'

Roman," Right! Chris and Joy are up. What is a simile?"

Joy," A simile is describing two things that are not alike using words such as like or as."

Roman," Correct. 3 points Dogs, 1 point Cats. Next up is Gwenyth and Jude. What was the Black Death (Plague)?"

Gwenyth," It was a plague that happened in Europe between 1347-1351 that killed 1/3 of the population."

Roman," Correct! Maria and Kelly are up. What is 10 times 10 minus ten?"

Kelly," Umm, 80?"

Roman," No. Maria?"

Maria," 90."

Roman," Correct! Its tied 3-3. Matt and Leslie, what is the powerhouse of cells?"

Leslie," The Mitochondria."

Roman," Yes! Samantha is against Nelly. What is a setting?"

Samantha," oooooooooooo!!! I know!!!!!! Isn't like where the story is?"

Roman," She's right? Okay, now it's tied 4-4. Ashley and Robby, what is the status during the Middle Ages?"

Ashley," Popes -> Kings -> Lords/Nobles -> Knights"

Roman," Right! Matt and Scott. What is 2x + 4= 14?"


Roman," The final question will go to Samantha and Kelly. Who is the coolest person here?"

Samantha," Ummm, you?"

Roman," Right! Quick Cats win! Barking Dogs, one of you is leaving."

Leslie," Nelly and Kelly! You are going down!"

Nelly," Aren't we in an alliance?"

Leslie," Not anymore!"

Alyx," Kelly needs to go."

Scott," What about Nelly?"

Robby," I say BJ."

Cayla," This alliance is NEVER going to work!" Starts reading Twilight.

Joy," You like Twilight?"

Cayla," Ya."

"Me too!"

"Who's your favorite character?"


"Me too!"

BJ," Should I tell her?"

Jude," Totally, look, she's over there."

BJ," Okay, Nelly."

Nelly," Yes BJ?"

BJ," I just wanted to say.... you did good today."

Nelly," You too."

BJ," Well... bye." BJ thinks," Aw, man. I blew it."

Kelly," So, when are you going to tell him you like him?"

Nelly," I was, but then I got scared that he would think I'm wierd."

Kelly," You have to tell BJ."

Nelly," I know."

At the ceremony.

Roman," Cast your votes now."

Alyx," Bye Kelly."

Leslie," Okay, I say Nelly."

Scott," Nelly"

Robby," If Alyx says Kelly, I say Kelly."

Roman," Let me see the votes.... Bags go to Alyx, Scott, Cayla, Leslie, BJ, Jude, Joy. The votes go to Kelly, Robby, Kelly, Kelly, Robby, Robby, Nelly, Robby, Kelly, Nelly. 2 votes Nelly, 4 votes Robby, 4 votes Kelly. Kelly, since you have the most votes from last week, your time is up."

Nelly," Why Kelly, why?"

Kelly," This is SO unfair. Good-bye, Nelly!"

Confessional: Nelly," I have to win for Kelly! But, now I can focus more on getting with BJ. Bye Kelly! I miss you!"

Chapter 6: Scavenger Hunters

Nelly crying," Kelly!"

Cayla," Kelly would want you to keep going on!"

Cayla brings Nelly back to the cabin.

Cayla," It was a long good-bye."

Ashley," Congrates, Samantha. You won for the team."

Samantha," Thanks, you are really nice."

the next day at breakfast

Alan," Are you going to finish that?"

Maria," Ya, tubby."

Samantha," You can have mine."

Alan," No, thanks."

Ashley," Why not? Do you think there's something in it?!"

Alan," I don't know, she might have put stupid in it."

Roman," Its time for the challenge!"

Gwenyth," Oh great, another challenge."

Robby," Bring it on!"

Roman," It's a scavenger hunt. There are 3 things on each of your lists."

Ashley," A squirrel, a can of soda, and a bottle?"

Scott," A racoon, an empty bag of chips, and a bucket."

Roman," They all must be found outside of the campground."

Jude," That's harder."

BJ," I know, dude."

Roman," Go!!!"

Ashley," Team, me, Gwenyth, and Samantha will find the can of soda."

Camron," Me, Matt, and Chris will find the bottle."

Alan," That leaves me and Maria with the squirrel."

Alyx," Me, Cayla, Scott, and Robby will find the racoon."

Robby," Umm, Alyx. I'm not sure with that."

Jude," BJ and Nelly will go with me to find a bag of chips."

Joy," That leaves me, Leslie, and a bucket."

Ashley," Okay girls, if you were in a forest, where a can of soda be?"

Gwenyth," Right next to a tree?" Picks up can of soda.


Alan," Hey, I found a squirrel!"

Maria," Let me get it." Goes in tree. Some screaming is heard.

Maria," He is the squirrel."

Nelly," Look, the bag is on the ground!"

Jude," Who would be stupid enogh to leave it here?"

BJ," Litterers."

Nelly," I hate them too."

Alyx," A racoon is here! Who wants to get it?"

Robby," Well, you were the one who said we'd get it, so you."

Scott and Cayla," Yep."

Alyx," Me? Fine." She tries to get it, but the racoon gets on her head. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Scott," Follow me!"

Chris," I can't find a bottle."

Matt," We need to find it!"

Joy," Leslie, aren't you going to help?"

Leslie," Don't you see I'm trying to get some bars out here."

Joy," Has it ever occured to you that we are in the forest?"

Camron," A bottle is not going to fall out of the sky!"

In an airplane high above

Pilot," Attendant, please take this bottle out."

Attendant," What am I supposed to do?"

Pilot," Throw it out a window."

The bottle lands on Camrons head.

Matt," Found it."

Roman," Quick Cats win! Barking Dogs, it's time for one of you to go home."

Alyx," Alliance, Joy is out."

Joy comes," Hey, I just wanted to say that Leslie was trying to get her cell phone to work during the challenge instead of doing it." Leaves

Robby," What a liar."

Joy tells everyone else.

Roman," Cast your votes now."

Alyx," Joy, you liar."

Joy," Leslie, you didn't even try."

Leslie," Nelly. We got rid of your friend, we can get rid of you."

Roman," Let me see. Marshmallows go to Alyx, Robby, Cayla, Jude, BJ, Scott. The votes go against Joy, Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, Nelly, Leslie, Joy, and Joy. 1 vote Nelly, 3 votes Joy, and 5 votes Leslie. Leslie, you must leave."

Leslie," That can't be! Joy or Nelly! I know one of you got me off!"

Alyx," I will be glad to say it was Joy."

Joy," Well, I din't want to be voted off even though I tried!"

Roman," Okay, okay. Leslie, you must leave now!"

Chapter 7: If You Can Dodge a Truck, You Can Dodge A Ball

Nelly," YAY! Leslie is gone!"

BJ," She was pretty mean."

Jude," Totally."

Nelly," BJ, I like you."

BJ," Really? Well, I like you too."

Jude," Well, it looks like you two need to be alone."


Gwenyth," This late?"

Ashley," Its quick. We did good. Now we need to keep it up."


The next day

Alan," I would like 10 pancakes, 10 sausages, and 10 bacon."

Maria," You need an eating disorder."

Ashley and Samantha," Ya."

Alan," Hey, I'm starving."

Matt," Hey guys."

Chris," I heard that the other team voted out their biggest threat."

Camron," They're making it too easy."

Alyx," I heard that. I don't need that kind of talk around here...."

Robby," Calm down."

Roman," Challenge time!"

At an arena

Roman," It's dodgeball! The teams seem to be even, making this more fair."

Scott," I rock at dodgeball!"

Cayla," Bring it on!"

Samantha," What's dodgeball?"

Gwenyth puts her hand on her forehead

Maria," Are you serious!?"

Samantha," Ya....."

Roman," First round in five."

Samantha, Chris, Ashley, and Camron for the Cats. Cayla, Nelly, BJ, and Scott for Dogs

Roman," Ready..... GO!!!"

Nelly and Samantha immediatley lose. BJ, Scott, Ashley, and Camron get thrown out.

Chris," I'm tired......

Maria," You better stay awake!"

Cayla hits Chris

Chris," That was un-called for!"

After a while, it was tied 4-4. Maria, Alan, Matt, and Gwenyth were up for the Cats and Alyx, Robby, Joy, and Jude were up. People threw the balls and caught them. It was Maria and Nelly left.

Maria," Sorry, but you're going down!" She throws the ball straight at Nelly, but Nelly caught it and won.

Roman," Barking Dogs win!"

Nelly," YAY!" She and BJ kisses, as Alyx and Robby do."

Ashley to alliance," I know who's out..."

Chris," Don't vote me! Vote..."

At elimination

Roman," Cast your votes." After they did. "Okay. Marshmallows go to Alan, Ashley, Camron, Matt, and Gwenyth. Votes go against Samantha, Chris, Maria, Maria, Chris, Chris, Maria, Chris. 1 Samantha, 3 Maria, and 4 Chris. Chris is out? I did not see that coming.

Chris," What? Why?"

Ashley," Bye, loser."

Chris," I bet you did this!

Ashley," So? I'm just using strategy."

Chris," Matt, Camron, get rid of Ashley."

Matt," Deal."

Ashley CONF: Well, they're asking for it. It's either Matt or Camron next.

Chapter 8: Confessions of a Teenage Camper

(CONF) Matt: Ashley will go down!

(CONF) Ashley: If they think they're going to eliminate me, they're wrong!

(CONF) Samantha: Why would anyone vote me off?

(CONF) Gwenyth: Whatever

The next day at lunch

BJ," Nelly, sit with me."

Nelly," Sure."

Alyx," Alliance meeting."

Robby," Yes?"

Alyx," For some reason, this alliance won't work cause we always vote someone different off."

Cayla," So, it's over."

Alyx," Nope, we're going to have to get rid of someone."

Samantha," Chef, how many calories does this have?"

Chef," 315"

Samantha," AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ashley," Shut it! We need to focus on who will be voted out."

Roman," Meet me at the nurse hall for today's challenge."

At the nurse hall

Roman," Today, you will confess stuff on this lie detector."

Ashley," Shoot!

Samantha," Why is this bad? Ashley, you never lied before?"

Gwenyth," Cause she's a liar."

Alyx," Like some other people." Stares at Joy

(CONF) Jude: our team is gonna lose if this fight keeps going on.

Roman," First up is..... Nelly!"

Nelly shrugs and sits on the lie detector

Roman," Okay, do you think you are prettier than everyone here."

Nelly," Yes."

All the girls stare angrily at her.

Roman," Even Kelly?"

Nelly," Yes."

Roman," You are done. Next up is Matt."

Matt," Okay."

Roman," What do you think of Ashley?"

Matt," She is evil!"

Roman," If you had to vote off either Chris or Camron, who would it be?

Matt," Uhhh, Chris."

Matt gets shocked

After that, people go up. It's Maria's turn

Roman," Is their anyone who you like?"

Maria," NO!!!!!!!!"

She gets shocked

Roman," Who?"

Maria," NO ONE!!!!!"

She gets shocked

Gwenyth," Come on, we know you like someone!"

Maria," Fine, it's Matt."

Matt," AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Runs away screaming like a girl

Roman," Scott, your turn."

Scott," Sure."

He passes.

Roman," Ashley, it's your turn. What percentage do you think you have a chance of winning?"

Ashley," 100%"

Ashley," After seeing everyone, who should go home."

Ashley," Well, it's either Matt or Maria on my team. Alyx on the other team."

Roman," Sadly, the Quick Cats lose due to them having the most lies."

Barking Dogs," YAY!!!!!!!!!"

Roman," See you later, Cats"

At the ceremony

Roman," Campers, cast your votes."

Ashley," Matt, since you are weak."

Matt," I know Ashley should be gone, but Maria is just.... uhhhhhh."

Maria," Can't... vote... off.... Matt... must... vote... off... Ashley."

Roman," Chips to Samantha, Camron, Alan, Gwenyth. Votes go against Maria, Matt, Maria, Matt, Ashley, Maria, Matt. One vote Ashley. Three Maria and Matt. Maria, since you did worse, bye."

Maria," Matt! I'll miss you!" She kisses him

Matt," I think I am going to hurl!"

He runs to the bathroon and throws up.

Chapter 9: Are You Awake?

Brought to you by: Copper5! The next morning at breakfest Ashly pulled her alliance aside for a meeting.

Ashley: You idiots! Why didnt you guys get more people to vote for Matt with us?!

Samantha: Um, because you never told us to, I thought three was enough votes.

Ashley: YOU MORON! Did you honestly think that three votes out of seven would give us the upper hand?! Are you really that Stupid!?

This caused everyone in the room to look up shocked at Ashley's hurtful words.

Samantha: Im not dumb! Im just a little slow.......

Ashley: Ha! Yeah right dumbo, You dont even know what 2 + 5 is!

Samantha: Yes I do! It's uh....... uh........

Gwenyth: Seven.

Samantha: Yeah thats it!

Ashley: Ugh, Your so lucky your a vote on my side or ide vote you off here and now.

Samantha: Well then youll just have to vote me out!

Ashley: Excuse me?

Samantha: Im sick of being bossed around by you! Ashley I quit your dumb alliance!

With that Samantha got up and left the Mess Hall. Not another word was spoken for the rest of breakfest.

After breakfeast the contestants gatherd outside the cabins for the challenge.

Roman: Okay guys, Today's challenge is easy! You just have to stay awake longer then the other team, The winning team gets immunity, Go!

As the contestants spread out around camp Gwenyth beckoned over to Samantha to come sit with her and Ashley.

Samantha just smiled but instead took a seat with Matt and Camron.

Camron: Hey there Samantha! Why are you sitting with us?

Matt: Yeah, I thought you were one of Ashley's henchmen.

Samantha: No, Ashley was always so mean to me so I quit her alliance, I just wish I had a nice alliance to join.

Matt and Camron looked to each other and then back at Samantha.

Camron: You could join our alliance if you want.

Samantha: Really! EEEEEEEEEEE! Thanks guys!

(CONF) Matt: Sure Samantha's not the smartest person here but shes a nice girl and I bet she will be a good ally against Ashley,

Ashley and Gwenyth had watched this whole conversation.

Ashley: GRRRRRRRRR! How dare Samantha betray us! She is going down Gwenyth! Gwenyth? Gwenyth?

But Gwenyth had already fallen asleep.

Meanwhile BJ and Nelly were lieing on the beach stargazing and talking stratagy.

Nelly: BJ Im really worried, If we lose Alyx's alliance may vote us out.

BJ: Dont worry about that Nelly, Theys probably vote out Joy before us.

Nelly looked over at Joy who had fallen asleep reading Twilight.

BJ: Is something wrong Nelly?

Nelly: Joy dosent deserve to go, She wasnet lieing about the whole Leslie thing.

BJ: Well better her then us.

Nelly: I guess your right.

BJ and Nelly then fell asleep in each others arms.

Elsewhere Alyx's alliance was planning their next move.

Alyx: So were in an agreement, If we lose we send that b**** Joy home!

Robby: Yes!

Scott: Defenitly.

Cayla stood looking down at the ground.

(CONF) Cayla: I like Joy, Shes my friend but I cant betray my alliance.

(CONF) Alyx: Caylas been acting strange lately, Im gonna have to keep my eye on her.

After two days of the challenge only Scott and Alan remained for their teams.

Both sat face to face with each other.

Alan: Im not gonna lose this challenge!

Scott: Sorry Alan but your going down!

After a long stare Scott's vision began to get blurry and he began to rock back and forth.

Then after a long pause Scott dropped to the ground asleep.

Roman: Alan and the Quick Cats win!

The Quick Cats let out a huge cheer.

Roamn: Barking Dogs, Meet me at the campfire ceremony where one more of you will be eliminated.

(CONF) Alyx: Ta, ta, Joy. We are better off without you.

Cayla quietly placed her vote for Joy.

(CONF) Nelly: I refuse to vote for Joy.

(CONF) Joy: I know ill probably get a few votes tonight but Scott lost us the challenge so I might be safe.

Later that night at the campfire ceremony.

Roman: Okay guys tonight we have chips for Alyx, Nelly, Jude, Robby, Cayla, and BJ!

Evereyone caught their chips and Alyx shot a snicker to Joy who squirmed in her seat.

Roman: Scott, Joy I will read the votes.

Roman: Scott, Joy, Joy, Scott, Joy, Scott, Joy, Joy.

Roman: Joy thats five votes! Your out of here!

Joy: But why!? I didnt do anything wrong!

Alyx: Sorry Joy, But lieing about Leslie to save yourself was really low.

Joy: Alyx! I wasnet lieing!

Alyx: Ha! You just lied again! Get out of my face!

Joy burst into tears and ran away from the campfire pit.

Alyx let out a evil laugh.

Cayla looked away out of sadness.

Chapter 10: My Total Drama Island Racing

(CONF) Alyx: Joy never had a chance at winning

(CONF) Cayla: Sorry Joy, but if I didn't vote with them, I might have been caught voting outside of the alliance.

(CONF) Ashley: So. It was Joy. I couldn't really care less. Samantha is going down with Matt and Camron.

(CONF) Gwenyth: I WOULD quit Ashley's alliance, but I'll use her for a little. I never liked her. Samantha, my friend, but you should've just stayed in the alliance

(CONF) Alan: Pizza

(CONF) BJ: Nelly and I are going all the way. But, with the other four in an alliance, we need to win challenges.

The next morning

Alyx: Good job team! We got rid of that liar Joy!

Cayla: *whispering* She wasn't lieing

Alyx: Huh?


Robby: Freak

Ashley: Gwenyth, you still in the alliance

Gwenyth: Ya

Matt: We better get Alan to join the alliance before Ashley does.

Samantha: I don't know. He doesn't seem to like me. What's not to like?

Camron: Well, you're hot, so take that out...

Samantha: Look! Butterfly!!!

Matt: Ya....

Roman: Meet me at the track soon!

Nelly: We have a track?

BJ: I hope we're not running.

At the track

Roman: Today, you guys will make carts! Then, you will race in teams! Plus, we got some.. uhh... distractions.

Gwenyth: Like what?

Roman: Bananas, turtle shells, bombs.

(CONF): Gwenyth: Let me guess. This episode will be called "Super Drama Isle Kart."

Producer: No. It's called "My Total Drama Isle Racing."

(CONF) Gwenyth: That doesn't make sense. I even know those items are from Mario Kart

Roman: Let's see what they built. *Looks at Ashley's*

Ashley: It weighs one once

Roman: Not good. *Looks at Alan's*

Alan: It weighs 20 pounds

Roman: With you in it?

Alan: Uh, no

Roman: *Moves to Alyx's* Gothic much?

Alyx: Why thank you

Roman: Ready. Set.

Ashley: The Crappy Dogs are going down!

Roman: GO!!!

Everyone starts racing. Alan only goes two miles per hour

Alan: Darn it!

Jude crashes. Then Robby and Scott. Camron slips on a banana and hits Cayla

Camron: Coincidence?

Cayla: Uh, ya.

Matt hits a bomb and goes flying

Matt: Whoo!!!

Matt lands on Ashley's car and both crash


Gwenyth dodges a turtle and hits Alyx who hits Samantha.

Roman: Alan, BJ, and Nelly are still in!

BJ runs into a tree

Nelly: NO!!!!!! I have to help *Stops and helps BJ*

Roman: Alan is close to the finish.

Quick Cats: GO ALAN!!!!!

Roman: The Quick Cats win!!!!!

Alyx: Ugh!!!!

Roman: Dogs, decied who you want gone.

Cayla: Jude. He crashed.

Scott: I was thinking Nelly.

Alyx: Nelly is useful. We can get rid of her before the merge.

BJ: One of us might be going.

Nelly: Of course, they could disagree like always.

Ashley: Matt, you're a lucky one.

Matt: No, you're lucky since we won.

Alan: Can I be lucky?

Ashley: If you join me and my alliance, you can be.

Matt and Camron: Alan! No!!!!

Alan: I don't know....

Ashley: Samantha is inn't in it.

Alan: Deal

Samantha: *GASP* I knew you hated me!!!

At the ceremony

Roman: Cast your votes now!!!!! *People cast votes* Let's see... chips for Cayla, BJ, Alyx, Nelly. The rest of you recived votes. Let's see: Jude, Robby, Jude, Scott, Robby, Jude, Jude. Four Jude, two Robby, and one Scott. Jude, you are out.

Jude: I had a feeling it would be me or Nelly, no offence

Nelly: Me too. I thought it would be me.

Jude: I had a great time. Wish I could've stayed longer.

(CONF) Nelly: Next week, if we lose, it will be me.

Chapter 11: Dancing with the Campers

It is lunch, with the campers getting ready for lunch.

Nelly: BJ, I'm lucky I made it past yesterday.

BJ: Ya, I know. I'm really glad.

(CONF) Alyx: I'm glad that my alliance is going great. Two people off! With the merge coming, Nelly and BJ are in the way.

Cayla: *Outside the bathrooms, last in line* Why is there a line?

Gwenyth: Ashley needs her time.

Samantha: Well, we need it too!

Gwenyth: Samantha, you're my friend, and I need to say this. If you lose, Ashley, Alan, and I are going to vote you out. *Realizes their are people* Let's talk somewhere private.

Samantha: Okey-dokey!

Alyx: She's a goner.

At the eating place

Gwentyh: Are french fries supposed to be green?

Matt: My burger moved....

Roman: Campers, there are twelve of you left. The merge is near! After lunch, go to the ampitheatre.

Samantha immediatly follows.

Roman: Uh, Samantha. What are you doing?

Samantha: I'm going to the place like you said!

Roman: Don't you need to eat?

Samantha: I did! *Pulls out Tic-Tacs* They are less than a calorie!

Roman: Okay.

Everyone arrives in ten minutes. Well, except Alan who crawled there in twenty minutes.

Roman: Today, the teams will be dancing!

A few gasps are heard

Roman: That's right, dancing!

Robby: You Quick Cat losers are going to...lose cause you got rid of Maria!

Alyx: *Puts her hand over her head*

Roman: Luckily, you guys will choose partners! GO!!!

The partners for the dogs are Nelly and BJ, Alyx and Robby, and Cayla and Scott

For the cats are Gwenyth and Matt, Camron and Samantha, and Alan and Ashley (who wasn't very happy)

Roman: There are three rounds. The first two will eliminate two couples and the final one will determines who wins. First round. The music is Rock. Play Pink's song U and UR Hand!

Ashley refuses to dance, eliminating her and Alan, as the others danced. Roman announced at the end that Alyx an Robby were out because Robby messed them up.

Roman: Next round is pop. Play Katy Perry's song Hot'n'Cold!

The campers dance. At the end of the song Roman eliminated Cayla and Scott for not being compatible and Gwenyth and Matt for being bad dancers.

Roman: This is the last round! The theme is love song! This round counts the most! *Love song starts playing*

Nelly: BJ, we need to do well.

BJ: I know we will.

Camron: Samantha, do you know the tango?

Samantha: i know! It's my favorite ride at the fair! Let's do an imitation! *They start going everywhere*

Camron: I think I'm going to be sick!


Roman: The ultimate winners are.............

Nelly and BJ cross their fingers

Roman: The Quick Cats!!!!

Alan: Whoo!!! Three times in a row.

Roman: I know. Barking Dogs, see you tonight again!

Alyx: Uggghhhhh!!! This team sucks!!!!!!! I say we vote out BJ.

Cayla: Why, it was Robby who messed up most.

Robby: Hey!!!

Scott: That is kinda true.


Scott: Well, it's unfair to vote off someone who did good in the challenge......

Robby: FINE!!! LEAVE!!!

Scott and Cayla leave. Camron, Samantha, and Matt are near.

Matt: I knew that alliance would crumble.

Samantha: Me too!!!!

(CONF) Nelly: There are rumors that Alyx's alliance fell apart so I know me and BJ are safe.

At the ceremony, which has already been underway, has Nelly, BJ, and Robby chip-less.

Roman: Each of you recived a vote. Let's see what we got. Nelly, Robby, Robby, Robby, Nelly, BJ. Robby, your team has sent you home.

Robby: How can that be! Me and Alyx were going to the final two!

BJ: You and Alyx WERE, but not now.

Alyx: You people are idiots!!!!

Cayla: Cool down! Why don't we stay friends?

Alyx: Well...... I don't know. *Walks away*

Nelly: I was close!!!

BJ: But, you're not out.

Nelly: Ya.

Roman: That's all this episode! What will happen between Alyx' allaince? Why was Ashley avoiding the camera this episode? Is there going to be a new couple? Will my contract be re-newed for next season? Answers on next episode off.....

A rock is thrown at him

Matt: We're trying to sleep!!!!

Roman: Total. Drama. Isle! *Gets hit by another rock and falls*

Chapter 12 Strikes In Bowling Are Good

Alyx: My teamates are complete idiots!!!!!!

Nelly: Who is she yelling at?

Cayla: Herself.

BJ: Wow.

Scott: I know.

The next day, the campers are eating lunch

Roman: Welcome final eleven!!! Today will be the LAST team challenge!!

Everyone: WHOO!!!!!!

Roman: Today's challenge will be bowling. When you're done eating, go to the arts and crafts center.

Samantha leaves as Roman does

Roman: ...... Girl, you really need to eat more. It's unhealthy.

Samantha: But eating a lot is unhealthy too!!!

Later, when everyone is done

Roman: Okay, here's how it will work: Everyone one each team will go once. Quick cats, choose two people to not go twice.

Camron: Samantha, would you like only going once?

Samantha: But....

Camron: Do you even know how to bowl?

Samantha: YES! It's a circular thing you put cereal in!

Camron: Ya.... you're going once.

Gwenyth: I'll go only once also.

Roman: Okay! First frame. Ashley and Cayla are going up.

Cayla: I have been bowling since I was little!

Cayla throws a strike, as Ashley only hits two

Roman: Ashley, go again

Samantha: WAIT!! Isn't getting a strike bad?

Camron: That's baseball, this is bowling, strikes are good in this case.

Samantha: Oh

Ashley only hits five pins.

Roman: Alan and BJ are up!

Alan gets a strike as BJ gets nine pins. BJ gets a spare later.

The next rounds go like this.

Matt gets a strike and Alyx doesn't hit anypins

Camron get eight pins as Nelly strikes

Later, at the last pin, it's Camron versus Scott with both tied. Camron gets two strikes and a nine

Camron: Beat that

Scott picks up the ball, confident. He throws a strike, another, and..............

he hits eight.

Barking Dogs: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Quick Cats: YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roman: The Barking Dogs lost by one point. Oh well, no exceptions, I will see you guys tonight.


Cayla: Come on, you lost WITH us.

Alyx: Ugh, whatever.

An hour later

Camron: Congrats team! We all are going to the final ten! Cheers!

Everyone: CHEERS!!

Samantha: What are we cheering for?

(CONF) Camron: At least she's hot.

Alan: WHOO!!! I am SO STOKED!!!!!

Matt: Me too!!!

Gwenyth: Ya, I guess I'm happy too!!

At the other side, Nelly and BJ are talking.

BJ: So we are voting.......

Cayla walks by.

Cayla: Hey guys. Is Alyx near by? I want to stay away from her right now.

Nelly: She isn't near by, so, who do you think we should vote?

Cayla: Well.....

Later at the ceremony

Roman: Welcome to the FINAL team ceremony. One of you isn't going to the merge, nor you are going to win. Everyone cast your vote!

Scott votes Nelly: You seem a bit strong, so I think I should get you out ASAP.

Alyx votes Cayla: Ya, we aren't friends anymore, so, bye!

Roman: Okay, let me tally the votes........ the votes go against Cayla, Alyx, Alyx, Alyx, and Nelly. Alyx, it's bye bye time for you!

Alyx: Whatever, I'm out of here.

Roman: That went better than expected. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Chapter 13 Run This Hike

"Cheers, to getting Alyx out!" Cayla told her teamates.

"Cheers!" The Barking Dogs yelled.

"Psh, they only made it easier for us to win," Ashley told Gwenyth.

"How," Gwenyth asked Ashley.

"Well, they got rid of Alyx, the strongest person, strategy wise," Ashley told Gwenyth again.

"Well? What are they saying?" Matt asked Samantha.

"Umm, something about the other team and Alyx, and losing," Samantha told Matt.

"She probably was voted out," Camron said.

"No duh! Let's get to bed before Ashley finds out we were spying," Matt said.

The next day, at lunch.

"Hey Screaming Losers! Looks like you voted out your strongest player!" Ashley yelled.

"Umm," Cayla said," Today's the merge, if you don't remember. It was strategy."

"You're correct, Cayla," Roman said.

"OMG! It's the merge? EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Samantha cheered.

"Okay, the next challenge in five!" Roman said.

"Okay," Matt said in the confessional," This will be easy. If we can get Ashley out, we rule this game."

Later, in the forest.

"Okay, today, all of you are going to hike! The first one up wins invincibility for the person and someone else. The new name for all of you are The Survivors! GO!" Roman said.

Ashley, Gwenyth, Scott, Cayla, Samantha, Camron, and Matt charge up the mountain. Nelly and BJ walk up. Alan crawls.

"I was expecting more from Nelly and BJ," Ashley said in the confesional," Luckily, they are walking."

"Everyone, except Alan, was running up the mountain. They're going to get tired and me and Nelly will win!" BJ said in the confessional.

"WHERE'S ALAN?!" Ashley screamed while running.

"Um, he's crawling up the mountain," Gwenyth replied.

"Only ten more inches," Alan said, while crawling.

"More like ten HUNDERED!" Roman said, evily.

"OH COME ON!" Alan said.

Everyone was running, when Samantha slowed down.

"Come on, Samantha!" Matt said.

"Too.......tired......" Samantha said. A second later, she fainted.

"GASP!!!!" Everyone said.

"We need to help!" Cayla said to Camron and Matt.

"Forget you!" Ashley said as she continued to run.

Nelly and BJ reach them.

"OMG! What happened?" Nelly asked.

"Samantha fainted," Cayla told her.

"WHAT?!?!" Roman said as he ran up.

"Samantha fainted," Matt said.

"THIS IS BAD!" Roman said.

"I know," Everyone said.

"What will happen to my boat if I get sued?" Roman said.

Everyone booed at him.

"Well, looks like we hae a winner," Roman said.

Everyone was confused.

"Ashley!" Roman said.

Everyone sighed.

"Who is Ashley gonna choose?" Nelly asked, worried.

"Probably," BJ said.

"Okay!" Roman yelled," Ashley, who is the lucky invincible person?"

"Gwenyth," Ashley said.

"Okay! You two will recieve massages!" Roman said.

"YAY!!" Both cheered.

"Vote someone off now, you two," Roman said.

After an hour, the ceremony was taking place.

"Okay! Ashley and Gwenyth already have their chips. There are eight of you here, only seven bags. Vote one at a time now," Roman said.

After a few minutes, everyone votes.

"Okay. Bags go to Cayla, Nelly, BJ, Scott, Camron, and Samantha. The votes go against Matt, Matt, Alan, Alan, Alan, Matt, Alan, Alan, Matt, and finally, Alan. Alan, you are out. But, Samantha, will you tell everyone." Roman announced.

"Sure," Samantha said," I am leaving the competition. I fainted, and now I'm scared what will happen next." Samantha gives her bag to Alan.

"Bye," Samantha said.

"BYE!!!" Everyone cheered for Samantha.

Chapter 14 Back to the School Days

After the elimination, everyone was talking.

"Great, first Chris, now Samantha. What should we do?" Camron asked Matt.

"I think you should give up. There is no way either of you are going to win," Ashley interupted, rudely.

"Yeah, what she said," Alan remarked.

"Shut up Alan," Ashley told him.

"Do you always have to be such a," Matt said. The rest was bleeped out.

"Whatever, I've been called worse. Let's go," Ashley said.

"That girl," Matt sighed.

The next day, everyone is sleeping, until Roman walks out with his microphone.

"WAKE UP!!!" he yelled in the microphone.

"OMG, it's like, six in the morning!" Ashley yelled.


"That person," Ashley said in the confessional," might be more evil than me."

Everyone eats breakfast, then go into the arts center. It is dark.

"Let me find the lights," Gwenyth said. She found them and turned them on. It was a classroom.

"I hope this isn't...." Scott said.

"Yes it is," Roman said as he came in," Today will test your school skills."

"It's summer, you know, for no school?" Scott replied.

"I know, but we had a request from one of your teachers. Mrs. Stage?" Roman told them all. Camron shrugged and everyone looked at him.

"Okay! Here's how it's gonna work. You will be given a test for science. The three lowest scores are out. Then math. Two lowest scores are out. English also has two out. Lastly, history will determine the winner." Roman said.

"This is too easy," Ashely said in the confessional.

"I am going to win," Gwenyth said in the confessional.

The first round, science, eliminated Camron, Matt, and Alan.

"Wow," Scott said in the confessional," All the other guys got eliminated, except BJ and me."

"Well, if Samantha was here," Matt said in the confessional," she just would've lost this challenge. But, I'm still sad. She was nice."

The next round, math, eliminated Nelly and BJ.

"Okay final four," Roman said," You can take a break for ten minutes, but then it's time for testing."

Everyone left for the eating hall.

"Alan, why aren't you in the final four with Gwenyth and me?!" Ashley yelled.

"School isn't exactly me," Alan replied.

"Atleast we're against Cayla and Scott. We can beat them," Gwenyth told Ashley.

"Fine," Ashley said.

"Camron, one of us is next, you know," Matt said.

"Yeah," Camron replied.

"It'll probably be me," Matt said.

"Okay! You're break is over. The six eliminated will go to detention and the four will go to the room," Roman said.

"Bye Ashley!" Alan yelled. Ashley rolled her eyes.

"What was that for?" BJ and Nelly asked.

"Well, Ashley seems nice and all," Alan told them. They both started laughing.

"What?" Alan asked.

"Okay final four, time for english test!" Roman said. After ten minutes, everyone finished. It was graded.

"Okay. The person with the lowest grade is Scott," Roman told everyone.

"Oh well," Scott said as he left.

"The next lowest score goes to," Roman said," Ashley."

"WHAT?!" Ashley yelled as she was dragged out by interns.

"Cayla and Gwenyth, time for history," Roman said.

Twenty minutes later, at the detention hall, the door opened, showing the loser.

"GASP!" Everyone gasped.

"OMG what the *bleep*," Ashley yelled. It was Gwenyth who lost.

"WHOO!" Everyone else cheered.

"They think they can get me out," Ashley said in the confessional," but I have other plans." She smirked.

"Even though basically evetyone hates her," Nelly said in the confessional," we all know who we are voting, and it's not her."

"It's either me or Camron," Matt said in the confessional," but, maybe it's Ashley if people actually vote for her."

"Alliance," Ashley told Alan and Gwenyth," we are voting...."

"Time for the ceremony!" Roman yelled in his microphone.

At the ceremony

"Please cast your votes," Roman said.

Everyone cast their votes.

"Okay the bags go to Cayla, Gwenyth, Scott, Nelly, BJ, and Alan. The rest of you were voted off. Okay, votes go to Camron, Camron, Camron, Ashley, Camron, Camron, Ashley, Camron, Matt. Camron, your time is up." Roman announced.

"I had a great time. Go win this game Matt," Camron said," and Ashley, *beep* off."

"Just leave," Ashley said.

"Now it's the final eight, Matt's alliance crumbled, will Ashley get rid of Matt? Your answer's told, next episode of Total Drama Isle!" Roman said.

Chapter 15 Paparazzi?

"I'm surprised I'm still in and Camron left," Matt said in the confessional.

"ALLIANCE!! MEETING!!!" Ashley yelled.

"Yes?" Alan and Gwenyth asked.

"BJ, let's hear what they're saying," Nelly told him.

"Okay," BJ said as they waled near Ashley.

"I have an idea," Ashley told them," instead of Matt, let's eliminate...."

She became quiet as a noise was heard.

"What's that?" Gwenyth asked.

"HOW WOULD I KNOW?!" Ashley yelled.

"This will all pay off when I win," Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"I think it's from the dock!" BJ said.

"YOU TWO WERE SPYING ON US!" Ashley screamed.

"No time for her, let's see what's going on," Nelly told BJ.

Everyone ran to the dock. They saw that Roman had left, with a scared look on his face.

"He was white as a ghost!" Cayla said in the confessional," I'm scared!"

"What's this?" Scott said as he picked up a piece of paper," Escape serial killer on the lose near the Marina Islands with a boat?"

"But we're on Guam," Nelly asked.

"Guam is a part of it, I think," Cayla replied.

"Please! This is a big joke!" Ashley told everyone.

"I think so too," Matt said.

"I've seen this before," Nelly said," and we don't make it to the sequal!"

Everyone gasps. BJ faints.

"BJ?" Everyone says.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Someone yelled," KILLER!!!!!!"

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Everyone screamed and ran away.

The killer runs past BJ, forgetting him.

Nelly and Cayla run toward the hill, Scott and Matt run into the bathrooms, and Alan, Ashley, and Gwenyth run into the forest. The "Killer" runs into the forest.

"I think we lost him," Cayla says.

"OMG!! BJ!!!" Nelly yells.

"Shh, you might attract the Killer," Cayla tells Nelly.

Ashley, Alan, and Gwenyth are running, then stop.

"Mmmmm, I smell.... bacon!!!" Alan says.

"Don't Alan!" Ashley said.

"I can't help it!" Alan says as he starts running.

"We gotta get out of here," Gwenyth tells Ashley.

"Yeah, he's useless anyways," Ashley says. They both start running.

"Here you go," The Killer tells Alan.

"Mmmmmmmm," Alan says as he eats the bacon.

"I have more food, follow me," The killer tells him.

"Okay!" Alan says as he followed the Killer.

They both walk in a tent.

"Stay here," The killer tells Alan.

"Thanks! You're nice," Alan tells.

"Okay, we should stick together throughout the competition," Scott tells Matt in the cabin.

"No," Matt replies," That'll just make you a target.

"I don't care, I need to help you," Scott replies," Let's move out."

"Okay," Matt replies.

Scott and Matt run out, to run into Ashley and Gwenyth.

"Umm, where's Alan?" Matt askes.

"He's dead. Well, he probably is," Gwenyth replies.


"That's probably Alan!" Ashley says, concerned.

"No, that was a girl scream!" Scott told everyone.

They all run, to find Nelly crying.

"Nelly, what's wrong?" Matt asked.

"They took Cayla," Nelly sobbed.

"Cayla? I'm surprised," Scott replied.

"She was helping me. The killer took her," Nelly replied.

At the tent

"Stay here," The killer told Cayla.

"Alan? What are you doing here," Cayla asked Alan.

"The Killer was offering food," Alan replied.

"Okay," Cayla replied," can I have some?"

"Sure!" Alan replied.

Ashley, Gwenyth, Matt, Nelly, and Scott were at the ceremony place.

"Okay, so we know Alan and Cayla are gone," Gwenyth told everyone," and we don't know about BJ."

"*Sniff*," Nelly sniffed.

"Okay, we need to stay," Gwenyth said. A noise is heard," What was that?"

"RAWR!!!!" The killer screamed as he jumped in front of them.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" They all screamed and ran away, except Ashley who tripped.

"OMG! SOMEONE HELP ME!" She screamed as the Killer catches her.

After a while, everyone stops running.

"Okay," Scott tells everyone," Ashley's gone.

"And that's when it occured to me," Matt said in the confessional," we all are going to die."

This event happened over and over until everyone had been captured. Well, almost everyone.

"OMG! Where's BJ," Nelly said in the tent.

"Oops, I guess I forgot him, for my name isn't-" The killers voice was cut off.

"Something tells me this "Killer" is a total fake," Cayla telles everyone.

"Why?" They all asked.

"The Killer gave us food and hasn't killed us yet," Cayla tells them.

At the dock, BJ is still fainted. He waks up but see's the killer and plays dead.

"He's dead? Now I'm in real trouble! I'm already the eighth on the RCMP's most wanted list! All I wanted was autographs!" The "Killer" complained," For my name isn't Izzy!"

"Izzy?" BJ asked as he got up.

"HI!!! Can I have your autograph?" Izzy asked.

"Where are the others?" BJ asked.

"Give me your autograph and I'll tell you!" Izzy told BJ.

BJ gave her his autograph and she showed him the others.

"You mean to tell me that this was just for our autographs?" Ashley asked.

"Yup!" Izzy replied," This was also your challenge!"

"Two challenges in one night?" Matt asked.

"Yep!" Izzy told them," Now go to the ceremony NOW!"

They all ran to the ceremony to find Izzy there.

"Wait," Nelly asked," you were all the way back there."

"Yep!" Izzy replied," Now, VOTE ONE AT A TIME!"

Everyone voted quickly.

"Okay, bags for Ashley, Gwenyth, Matt, Scott, Nelly, and Cayla. The votes are to BJ, BJ, Alan, Alan, BJ, Alan, Alan, Alan. Three votes BJ and five votes Alan. ALAN! YOU'RE OUT!" Izzy screamed.

"WHAT?!" Ashlet, Alan and Gwenyth said at once.

"ALAN'S OUT!" Izzy says as she pushes Alan to the boat of losers," Roman will be back tomorrow!"

"Sorry Alan, but you were caught first. Bye!" Nelly said in the confessional.

Chapter 16: Night Job

"Two challenges in one day?!" Ashley said in the confessionals," At least it was Alan who was gone. He was usless. Now, if it was Gwenyth, that would've been bad. "

"Gwenyth," Nelly told her," Please come over."

"Yes?" Gwenyth said as she walked over to Nelly and BJ.

"We should make an alliance," BJ told her,"So we can get rid of Ashley."

"I'll think about it," Gwenyth told them. Gwenyth left to go tell Ashley.

"WHAT?! They tried to form an alliance to get rid of me?!" Ashley said.

"Yes, and I know what to do," Gwenyth said.

The next day, everyone is at the Mess Hall.

"Wow," Scott said,"there's a lot more food left now that Alan is gone."

"It doesn't matter, cause the food still stinks," Matt told him.

"Welcome to the final seven campers!" Roman said excitedly," After today, there will only be six!"

"I'm glad I made it this far," Cayla said in the confessionals," I didn't think I could get here!"

"Today, you all will be going into the woods for the night!" Roman said,"All of you will have to build you own tents and go to sleep. Tommorrow, you have to wake up early! If you wake up the earliest, you can wake someone else up too if you want to have both win invincibility."

"Ha! I wake up very early every morning!" Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"Okay, here is the map. I'd leave now, cause the forecast is rain!" Roman tells them.

Everyone runs outside to find it's raining.

"Okay, I am not doing this!" Ashley said.

"Then you forfiet the challenge and possible elimination," Roman told her.

"This will be fun!" Cayla said.

Everyone looks at her weird.

"What?" Cayla asked.

After five hours, everyone found the campsite.

"That's just great!" Ashley yelled," It's nearly night and we JUST found the campsite!"

"Let's get some tools for our tents," Cayla told everyone.

Everyone ran off, looking for some tools. A few hours later, Cayla returns to find the campsite is empty.

"Hello?" Cayla said. It was dark, but she was able to start a fire.

Scott and Matt find the cabins and Roman.

"What are you two doing here?!" Roman said, in shock.

"We got lost," they both said.

"Well, you two can stay here, but both of you lose." Roman told them.

"Fine," Matt said.

Nelly and BJ are still in the forest, completly lost.

"OMG! The fork in the tree! That's a good sign!" Nelly told BJ.

"No, we past it ten minutes ago," BJ said," we're lost!"

Meanwhile, Ashley walks up the cliff.

"Hello?! Why am I walking uphill? Why do I hear water?!" Ashley said. Then, she walked right off the cliff and fell in the water. She screamed.

Gwenyth, on the otherhand, walked into a tree and got knocked out.

"I'm scared," Cayla told herself at the campsite.

"Look! A rock with moss!" BJ told Nelly.

"Doesn't the moss point to civilization?" Nelly asked him.

"No, it was moss points to.......ummmmm...nothing," BJ said.

"Oh, okay," Nelly replied.

They walked the other way, which was the wrong way.

After many hours, the sun came up. Cayla woke up and ran toward the camp, and saw Matt, Scott, and Roman.

"Oh no!" Cayla said," I lost!"

"Actually," Roman told her,"These two came at the dead of night, so you win!"

"Yay!" Cayla said.

"Now we have to wait for the others," Roman said.

Gwenyth wakes up, and runs to camp, as Ashley crawls to camp after being washed up to shore.

"What happened to you?" Gwenyth asked.


Nelly and BJ came to camp a few hours later.

"Okay, Cayla is safe tonight!" Roman announces.

"So, we are voting," Gwenyth said," wait, we have to get the others to vote,too."

Ashley talked to others, some disagreeing.

Later, at the ceremony.

"Tonight, only six of you will get these chips. Cast your votes!" Roman told everyone.

"Voting you out, will make the game easier," Ashley said as she voted.

"Okay! Let me read the votes! The votes go against BJ, Ashley, BJ, BJ, Nelly, Ashley, and Nelly. The person voted off is BJ," Roman told everyone.

"What? Why me?" BJ asked everyone.

"Everyone knew you were going sooner or later," Gwenyth told him.

"What?! I thought we were going to have an alliance!" Nelly yelled.

"Yeah, so I could get to the final three, and then you and BJ get me out," Gwenyth replied.

"What?" Cayla, Matt, and Scott asked," Is that true?"

"Well, uh, yeah," Nelly told them.

"Okay," Matt said in the confessional," Ashley is going down.... after Nelly!"

"I can't believe it!" Scott said.

"So? Everyone was in an alliance!" Nelly told everyone.

"That wasn't my intention," Matt said," When I formed an alliance, I just wanted to get the people who were my friends farther, then see who could win, not for two of us to team up on someone!"

"Wow," Ashley said in the confessional," Gwenyth is smart. She got everyone to hate Nelly. Good one."

"Okay, BJ, time to go!" Roman said.

"Nelly!" BJ cried.

"BJ!" Nelly cried.

Nelly ran to BJ, and kissed him.

"Wow, that was dramatic," Roman said," What will happen next time on Total Drama Isle!"

Chapter 17 Hide'N'Seek with Crazy

"OMG? Why BJ!!!" Nelly said in the confessional," Gwenyth is SO mean! So is Ashley."

"Sorry, but you mess with the bulls, you get the horn," Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"Wow, poor Gwenyth, already being used by Ashley almost gets used by Nelly and BJ," Matt said in the confessional.

Inside the girls cabin

"Nelly," Cayla said," I need to speak to you."

"Yes?" Nelly replied.

"I've got your back, I'm okay with you trying an alliance," Cayla told Nelly.

"Really?" Nelly asked.

"Yeah, I mean, everyone else formed an alliance," Cayla said.

"Thank you," Nelly replied.

The next day at lunch, everyone is in Mess Hall. Cayla and Nelly sit next to Matt and Scott, who then scoot away.

"Don't worry, they'd rather vote out Ashley before you," Cayla whispered.

"Okay, so the game will be easy from now on," Ashley told Gwenyth.

"Yes," Gwenyth replied," Nelly is sad, Cayla is helping her, and the guys get easily distracted."

"Welcome to the final six!" Roman said as he walked in," today will be hide'n'seek."

Everyone booed.

"Of course, you all booed," he replied," But, I'm not seeking. Someone special will!"

"Why? Are you too much of an adult to play hide'n'seek?" Ashley remarked.

"Why yes, yes I am. One of our favorite losers, Lizzy!" Roman replied.

"Oh no!" Everyone yelled.

"I am happy to be here!" Lizzy said as she walked in," Now I'm sad. Now I'm agry! Now I'm confused."

"Please don't tell me she's going to be back in competition!" Matt said.

"No," Roman said," we just thought she would be interesting for this challenge!"

"Welcome Lizzy!" Ashley greeted," how about I tell you where I hide so you don't find me and I can win?"

"You're the reason why I lost!" Lizzy yelled," I'm sorry! I didn't mean to yell! Want to paint each other toe nails?"

"No thanks, I'll pass," Ashley said as she walked away.

"Lizzy will start seeking in five minutes," Roman said," You better go hide before then!"

Everyone ran out to go hide. Ashley hid in the river, Gwenyth hid under Matt's bed, Cayla hid deep in the forest, Nelly hid at the beach, Matt hid under Gwenyth's bed, and Scott hid in the bathroom.

"Five minutes is up!" Roman yelled in the monitor," Lizzy is coming for you now!"

Lizzy immediatly runs into the forest and gets lost.

"OMG! I'm scared!" Lizzy cried.

She runs around the forest randomly and finds Cayla.

"Darn, the forest was a good idea," Cayla said.

"Yeah, it was," Lizzy told her," but I got lost and found you! Thanks for keeping me company."

"Your welcome," Cayla said as they exited the forest.

"Cayla?" Roman said," That was unexpected. Make your way to Mess Hall to wait for the others. Lizzy, go find more campers!"

Lizzy runs to the boy's bathroom, thinking it was a girl.

"OMG I have to pee," Lizzy said to herself. Scott screamed because he thought he was in the girl's bathroom.

"OMG I found Scott!" Lizzy said on her phone.

"Scott!" Roman said on the megaphone,"Report to Mess Hall to wait for others."

"Great, I lost," Scott told himself.

After using the restroom, Lizzy resumed the challenge. She ran to the beach to hear the waves, and immediatly sees Nelly.

"No offense, but this wasn't a very good hiding spot," Lizzy told Nelly.

"I panicked," Nelly said.

"Go to Mess Hall for other campers," Lizzy told Nelly.

At Mess Hall, Nelly, Cayla, and Scott are there.

"Wow, I'm surprised that all of you are here," Roman said.

"I wonder where Matt hid," Scott said.

"I'd rather have him win than Ashley or Gwenyth," Nelly said.

Lizzy runs into the boys cabin, and searches every corner. She catches Gwenyth and takes her to Mess Hall.

"Dang it," Gwenyth said," I can't believe I lost the challenge!"

Of course, Lizzy runs in the girls cabin and spots Matt.

"OMG! I found Matt!" Lizzy said to herself.

"Did I lose?" Matt askeder.

"Let me see," Lizzy replied," Cayla, Scott, Nelly, Gwenyth, yep, you lost."

"Great," Matt sighed.

"Oh ya, Maria wanted me to tell you she loves you!" Lizzy told Matt.

"Wait, how did you know Maria said that? And, ew!" Matt replied.

"Uh, internet?" Lizzy replied.

Lizzy takes Matt to Mess Hall.

"Okay," Roman told everyone," we need to find Ashley."

"I know where Ashley is," Gwenyth told them," She's hiding in the river."

Everyone ran to the river, searched around the river, then ran in the river and found Ashley.

"Okay!" Roman told everyone,"Ashley wins invincibility tonight! Say good-bye to Lizzy! And I'll see you all tonight!"

Nelly walked into the cabin, as Ashley and Gwenyth followed.

"We need to talk," Ashley told Nelly.

"What," Nelly replied.

"We're going to vote you out tonight," Ashley told Nelly," Unless, you vote....."

"No!" Nelly said,"I won't!"

"Well, I'm glad to hear that BJ won't like you if you lose," Gwenyth told Nelly.

"No.... really?" Nelly asked.

"Yeah, he won't like you if you lose," Ashley said.

"I have a choice to make," Nelly thought," someone else, or BJ."

"You win," Nelly said," I'll vote with you. But we don't have enough votes."

"Don't worry," Ashley told Nelly.

At the ceremony.

"Tonight, only five of you will remain," Roman announced," Cast your votes."

Everyone casted their votes. Roman went to go tally the votes.

"Okay," Roman said," The bags of chips go to Ashley, Nelly, Matt, Scott. The votes go against Cayla, Gwenyth, Cayla, Cayla, Cayla, and Cayla. Cayla, you are out."

"What?! Nelly!" Cayla yelled.

"I'm sorry, but Ashley told me to vote you out or I would be out!" Nelly replied.

"I believe that,but why Ashley?" Cayla asked.

"You're the strongest competitor, so I don't want to go against someone like you!" Ashley told Cayla.

"Fine, at least I know I'm a great competitor, bye everyone!" Cayla said as she left.

Chapter 18 Isle Of Losers

Roman walked on screen and said,"Welcome back to Total Drama Isle! We have our final five competitors right here! Ashley!"

Ashley waved to the screen," Hi everyone!"

"Matt!'" Roman said.

"Hey everyone!" Matt said as he waved to the screen.

"Gwenyth!" Roman said, again.

"Hi," Gwenyth waved to the screen.

"And last, and probably least, Nelly!" Roman said.

"HEY! Oh, hi!" Nelly waved.

"Today, you are probably thinking that I will give you an extra hard challenge because it's the final five," Roman asked.

"Well, yeah," Everyone replied.

"Well, I'm not! Right now is the only time you will be on this episode because," Roman announced," I'm going to see the losers! Bye!"

"YAY there's no challenge today!" Nelly cheered.


"You were barely on episode 11 or something," Matt replied.

Roman hops on his boat and sails far away. Actually, he went three miles away.

"Welcome to Isle Of Losers!" Roman said as he walked in," All of the losers are here!"

Kelly is siting with BJ, Jude, and Joy, Leslie is hanging out with Alyx and Robby, Alan is eating, Chris, Camron, Cayla, and Samantha are in the pool, Nicholas is tanning, Jared and Patrick are talking about video game strategy, and Maria dances with Lizzy.

"Why am I dancing with Lizzy?" Maria said," Because the other guys suck. Matt doesn't though, I'LL WAIT FOR YOU MATT!"

"OMG," Lizzy said," She is in love with Matt!"

Over at the smootie bar, BJ, Kelly, Hude, and Joy are drinking smoothies.

"AHH!!" Joy screamed," BRAIN FREEZE!" Joy falls into the water.

"OMG!" Kelly yelled as she sprang into action and saved Joy.

"Thank you!" Joy cheered.

"Your welcome," Kelly replied.

"That was awesome!" Jude said.

"Totally!" BJ also said.

Leslie is sitting at the edge at the pool with Alyx and Robby.

"I can't believe that emo girl got me voted out," Leslie complained," I hope you two didn't vote me."

Alyx and Robby stop their making out.

"No we didn't," Alyx and Robby said together, then resumed making out.

"Well, you did cost your team the challenge," Samantha said.

"Yeah," Chris said.

"WILL YOU PLEASE!" Leslie yelled," You weren't even on my team!"

"Whatever," Camron said.

Jared and Patrick are sitting on the chairs near the pool.

"And then you press up,down,left,right,left,right,down,up,right,down,up,left,down,right,left,up and you only have fifteen seconds," Patrick explained to Jared.

"That's impossible!" Jared complained.

"No it's not!' Patrick yelled as they both entered an arguement.

"Okay everyone!" Roman yelled on the megaphone," we are going to ask some questions! Okay, be ready, say who you want to win!"

The camera flashed towards Kelly.

'I want Nelly to win!" Kelly said.

"Nelly, cause she's my girl,' BJ said.

"Nelly, she is an awesome person!" Jude told everyone.

"I was going to say Gwenyth, but she has been mean, so I want Nelly to win!" Joy cheers.

The camera flashed to Maria.

"Who do you think I want to win?!"Maria yells," I WANT MATT!"

"Well, Cayla was my pick, but of course she lost,"Lizzy said.

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Cayla yelled.

"But I vote Scott, he seems decent," Lizzy said.

The camera flashed towards Cayla, who is angrily staring at Lizzy.

"Grr, oh," Cayla realizes the camera is with her," Who do I want to win? Nelly, she's really nice."

Samantha said," Matt, he is really nice!"

"GO MATT!" Chris and Camron cheer.

"Please," Leslie told them," Gwenyth is my pick because she's normal."

Alyx and Robby stop kissing,"Scott," then they continued kissing.

The camera moved toward Jared, who is arguing with Patrick.

"I bet that Ashley wins!" Jared said.

"No! Gwenyth is going to win!" Patrick argues.

"Nerd fight! Nerd fight!" Everyone chants.

"HEY!!" Jared and Patrick said together.

The camera zoomed over to Alan eating, with Nicholas watching.

"How can you eat that much food?" Nicholas asked.

"I don't know, I just eat!" Alan replied.

"Oh wait, am I supposed to say who I want to win?" Nicholas asked.

The camera nodded.

"I say Nelly, she's nice," Nicholas said.

"Ashley," Alan burped.

"Gross!" Nicholas said as he ran away.

"Okay, now let's see what everyone has to say about the final five!' Roman said.

"Okay, Nelly is like, AWESOME!" Kelly cheered.

"Yeah!" BJ said.

"Totally!" Jude said.

"You said it!" Joy said.

"Is that all?" Roman asked them.

"Yeah! Because she is, like, AWESOME!" Kelly replied.

"Yeah!" BJ said.

"Totally!" Jude said.

"You said it!" Joy said.

"Okay... let's move on!" Roman said as the camera moved to Leslie.

"Ashley," Leslie said," Is actually alright."

Everyone gasped.

"She USED me!" Samantha replied.

"I can't believe it!" Camron said," She's mean!"

"I know!" Chris said.

"Sigh," Leslie sighed.

The camera moved to Patrick.

"You're jealous that Gwenyth is better than Ashley!" Patrick argued with Jared.

"NO! Gwenyth is horrible!" Jared argued.

"She isn't!" Patrick replied.

"She is!" Jared replied.

Ths goes on, but the camera moves to Lizzy.

"Scott is nice, so I want him to win!" Lizzy said.

"Scott's alright, but Matt is better!" Maria replied.

The camera moved to Alan.

"Matt? He's great! Except for the fact that he's against Ashley," Alan said.

"Matt, Camron, and Chris ruined the game! They are mean!" Nicholas said.

Later, at night, everyone is sitting by the pool.

"OMG the pool is warm!" Lizzy told everyone. Everyone looks freaked out.

"NO! It's heated!" Lizzy said.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Roman walks in.

"Everyone! You will be voting out one of the competitors!" Roman announced," Alan, you're first."

"I say Nelly!" Alan said. Most people gasped.

"Whoo!!!" Leslie said," Nelly out!"

"I don't like Nelly," Alyx said.

"I don't, either," Robby said.

"NELLY!" Jared and Patrick said at the same time.

"Ashley," Matt, Camron, and Samantha said together.

"Gwenyth!" Kelly said.

"I say Gwenyth," BJ said.

"Gwenyth, totally," Jude and Joy said together.

"I  say," Nichola said," Matt."

"Gwenyth is horrible," Cayla said.

"That's all the votes! The person eliminated is...." Roman said.

At the ceremony.

"How was your do nothing day?" Roman asked the final five. No one responded.

"Okay, the losers voted one of you out. Zero votes Scott," Roman announced. Scott ran up to get his bag of chips.

"Next up, with one vote," Roman announced," Matt." Matt got his bag of chips.

"Three votes Ashley," Roman said. Ashley got her chips.

"With four votes," Roman said," Gwenyth. Sorry Nelly, you got six votes."

"Well, bye everyone!" Nelly said as she left.

"Bye bye, Nelly *Giggle*" Gwenyth said in the confessional.

Chapter 19 American Idiot's

"Poor Nelly had to go like that," Scott said in the confessional," Being voted off by the losers. Luckily, she seemed okay with that."

"So, Matt in the final four," Ashley said in the confessional," What? I said he wasn't making it to the final three."

The two remaining girls, Ashley and Gwenyth, went into their cabin as the two remaing boys, Matt and Scott, went to their cabin.

The next day, they all awaken and go to the mess hall for breakfast. They all sit at the same table.

"I am glad all four of us made it here," Ashley told them. Matt rolled his eyes.

"Ummm, no she isn't, she hates me," Matt said in the confessional.

"Welcome, final four!" Roman said,"So, to make this episode not too short, we will recap what you have done!"

"Come on!" Ashley said.

"We're starting with you!" Roman said,"Ashley has been manipulating since the first episode, starting with an alliance with Gwenyth and Samantha. Samantha quit the alliance and soon captured Alan to replace her. After threatening Nelly, she made her move and got Cayla eliminated. She is now in the final four!"

"Well, duh!" Ashley remarked.

"Gwenyth is next!" Roman said. Gwenyth shrugged, knowing her evil side would be shown.

"At first," Roman said," It looked like Gwenyth didn't care, but it looks like a little bit of Ashley rubbed on her! She soon became mean and helped eliminate some contestants!"

Scott and Matt looked at each other, then Gwenyth.

"Ummm, yeah." Gwenyth said.

"Let's do Matt!" Roman said," Matt has played an almost fair game. Her, Chris, and Camron formed an alliance to rid of Nicholas. After doing so, they stayed in the alliance. After leaving Ashley, Samantha joined them, but not for long. Matt is one of the more popular here, only having Nicholas on his bad side."

"WHOO!!!" Roman said," Next is Scott. Scott, Scott, Scott. Not much happening here. Just that he formed an alliance with Matt because they want to get rid of Ashley."

"Well, I just don't want to be in drama," Scott replied.

"Well, that's it for a recap, now it's time for..." Roman said as the camera pans out, showing the preforming center.

"American Idol! Total Drama Isle edition!" Roman said," with your host, ME!!! And judges, Chef, from Total Drama Isle!"

"LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Chef sang.

"Lady Gaga!" Roman said.

"Let's play a love game!" Lady Gaga said.

"And, Rick Ashtley!" Roman said.

"Oh no!" Everyone moaned.

"Okay, usually, we let you, the contestants, practice a song you want to perform. But not this time! We are starting now!" Roman announced.

"Luckily, I love music," Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"Okay, first up is," Roman said," Scott."

"OH NO!" Scott said.

"Are you ready?" Lady Gaga asked.


"I," Rick said," LOVED IT!"

"THAT WAS WICKED!" Lady Gaga cheered.

"That was great!" Chef said.

"Wow," Scott said in the confessional.

"Next up is," Roman said," Gwenyth.

"Okay, I will be signing All Around Me by Flyleaf," Gwenyth told them.

"My hands are searching for you.

My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you
This fire rising through my being
Burning I'm not used to seeing you
I'm alive, I'm alive
I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feelingSavoring this heart that's healing."

"I like it," Lady Gaga said.

"Nice voice," Rick said.

"It.... was.... BEAUTIFUL!" Chef cried.

"Who, that was great," Roman said as he teared up,' Next up is Ashley.

"I am going to sing She Wolf by Shakira. Lights please!" Ashley said as all the judges looked at each other.

"S.O.S she is in disguise
S.O.S she is in disguise
There's a she wolf in disguise,
Coming out, coming out, coming out
A domesticated girl that's all you ask of me,
Darling it is no joke, this is lycanthropy.
Moon's awake now, my eyes wide open
My body is craving, so feed the hungry
I 've devoting myself to you
Monday to Monday
And Friday to Friday
Not getting enough retribution
Would be a sentence to keep me at it?
Starting to feel just a little abused
Like a coffine machine in an office
So I'm gonna go somewhere closer
To get me a lover and tell you about it

"I think you could've done better," Rick said. Ashley gasped.

"Yes," Lady Gaga agreed.

"What you did was a no-no," Chef said.

"FINE! I DON'T NEED STUPID JUDGES JUDGING ME!" Ashley yelled as she walked off stage.

"Okay....." Roman said," Matt is up.

"Um, okay," Matt said," I'm a goofy goober yeeah, you're a goofy goober yeah, we are goofy goobers yeah, goofy goofy goofy goober yeah!"

The judges were in shock.

"Wow," Roman said," All of you go back to camp while the judges feel better."

"Are they okay?" Scott asked.

"I'm sure they are," Roman said.

Everyone walks back to camp.

"Okay," Gwenyth told Ashley," It's either you or Matt."

"I'm sure they'll keep me," Ashley said, confident.

"You might be out because of you're attitude," Gwenyth replied.

"I DON'T NEED YOU JUDGING ME, EITHER!" Ashley said as she stomped outside.

Ashley stomped outside, so Matt and Scott ran in to see Gwenyth.

"Look, you have been just as manipulative as much as she has, so you deserved that," Scott said.

"You have problems," Matt said. Scott and Matt walked out.

"I don't have problems!" Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"OKAY EVERYONE!" Roman said on the loud speaker," The judges are out of shock and will send one person home! Come now!"

Everyone walked to the ceremony.

"No voting," Rick said," I will be the first to save somene. We decieded to save Matt."

"YES!" Matt said.

"Okay darlings," Chef said," We also saved Gwenyth."

Gwenyth gave a sigh of relief and got her chips.

"That leaves Ashley and Matt," Lady Gaga said," Ashley, we didn't like your song, nor your attitide, while Matt's song shocked us into a coma."

Everyone laughs.

"The final spot goes to," Lady Gaga said," Ashley."

"Wait, I'm out?" Matt asked.

"Why yes, yes you are," Roman said.

"Well, Scott better win," Matt said as he left for the boat of losers.

"Okay! It's the final three. Who will be out next? Next time on Total Drama Isle!" Roman said.

Chapter 20 Hot Shots

Everyone is sleeping, when Roman blows his horn.

"WAKE UP EVERBODY!" Roman yelled," IT'S TIME TO EAT!!!"

"That little," Ashley said," I will sue him after this show so he can be penny-less!"

"You got that right sister," Gwenyth said.

Scott, Ashley, and Gwenyth make their way over to mess hall, seeing a large buffet.

"I can't beleive it!" Scott said.

"Hello everyone," Roman said," Today, since you are the final three, you get this buffet! Chow down!"

Everyone starts eating. They take a lot of food. After a half hour, all of them were full.

"Okay, we're going to start the challenge," Roman said. Everyone groaned.

"Don't worry," Roman replied," I will let you use the confessional to thank anyone."

"Who would I like to thank?" Ashley said n the confessional," No one, because they made this place miserable!"

"I have to thank Ashley for getting me here," Gwenyth said in the confessional," and Samantha, who will always be my friend."

"I have lots of people to thank," Scott said in the confessional," Everyone, because they didn't vote me off two weeks ago! Also, Matt, cause he shouldn't have left last time."

After using the confessionals, they went to a new area. The basketball courts.

"No, don't tell me..." Ashley said.

"Yes, today's challenge will be old school basketball!' Roman said, with a grin.

"That's not fair!" Gwenyth said," Ashley and I don't play sports, but Scott does!"

"Well," Roman said," Aren't you glad that Matt isn't here? Since he and Scott could beat you."

"Cool, what are we supposed to do?" Scott asked.

"You must make the most baskets in ten minutes," Roman said," While on a trampoline!"

"Well, that might be easier," Gwenyth replied.

"Yeah," Roman said," That's what they all think."

"What do you mean?" Ashley said.

"Well, the hoop has a mind of it's own," Roman said," and the trampolines are very small. One false move can end in a land of hurt."

"Really?" Gwenyth asked, concerned.

"No, you will be strapped with a bungee cord," Roman replied.

Everyone was relieved.

"Okay! Time to start! Put on your bungee cords," Roman announced.

Everyone puts them on, and stand on the trampolines, which are fifty feet in the air.

"Why do we need trampolines when we are high enough?" Ashley asked.

"It makes the game interesting," Roman replied," Ready? Ten minutes on the clock, GO!"

Everyone immediatly starts shooting. Ashley manages to score a ppoint, but Scott is able to score three. Gwenyth, on the other hand, misses and hits Ashley.

"Hey!" Ashley yelled. She lost her balance and fell off the trampoline.

"Ashley, just press the red button," Roman told her.

"There is no red button!" Ashley screamed.

"......oh well," Roman replied.

Ashley landed on the ground with a thud.

"You better start climbing again, there's only seven minutes," Roman told her.

Ashley sighed and started climbing. When she got up there, only four minutes remained and Gwenyth made a shot. Ashley took a ball and made the basket.

"Four minutes!" Roman yelled," Scott has made ten shots! Ashley made two, and Gwenyth made one!"

Scott continued to make shots, while Ashley and Gwenyth continued to fail.

"Only two mintues!" Roman yelled again.

"NO!" Gwenyth yelled. She then took a ball and threw it at Scott, who fell off the trampoline and landed on the ground.

"Dude," Roman told Scott," No use going back up."

Only one minute remained, cause the girls the shot more than they ever had.

"Five, four," Roman said. Gwenyth shot the ball and is balancing on the hoop.

"Three, two," Roman continued. Ashley took off her shoe and threw it at the ball.

"One," Roman said. The shoe hit the ball and the ball fell.

"Times up! Our judges will calculate how many each person made," Roman announced.


"Where's my shoe?" Ashley asked.

"There's no rule against that, since you threw a ball at Scott and Ashley," Roman replied.

"Yeah," Scott said.

Everyone walked back to camp and ate dinner.

"Okay, our judges are ready!" Roman announced.

"Who do I think is going home?" Scott said in the confessional," It doesn't matter to me. I don't like Ashley or Gwenyth."

"Everyone, we have Lady Gaga here to give the finalists their bags," Roman announced.

"Not her," Ashley thought.

"Okay, the person with the most shots with ten is," Roman announced," Scott."

"Yes! I'm in the finals!" Scott cheered.

"Two mean girls, one bag of chips," Roman said," The final bag goes to.......................








"YES!" Ashley screamed.

"You know what," Gwenyth said," Ashley told me I was going to the final three, and I did. I'm glad about that. Also, I know how to speak out, so I won't be quiet anymore. Thank you Ashley."

"You're welcome,' Ashley replied.

Gwenyth got on the boat of losers, and left.

Chapter 21 Good Bye Total Drama Isle!

"Hi everyone!' Roman said, cheerfully," today is another episode of Total Drama Isle! But not only that, it's the finale of Total Drama Isle! We have our two contestants, Scott and Ashley here to compete for one hundred thousand dollars!"

Ashley and Scott walk out the cabins, and wave at the camera.

"Why are we doing this," Scott whispered to Ashley.

"The producers want use to look good," Ashley replied.

"Today with me, the losers of Total Drama Isle!" Roman said as the losers walked in a line off the dock," Not only that, but co-host of season two, Lady Gaga!"

Everyone starts screaming.

"Too bad you won't be on it!" Roman told them, as everyone put their heads down.

"Losers, go sit in the areas to see who you want to win!' Roman announced.

Alan, Gwenyth, Jared, and Patrick sit at Ashley's side, while the rest sit at Scott's side.

"Not much of a shocker," Roman said.

"Hey!" Ashley yelled," I can hear you!"

"Whatever," Roman replied," So, we all want to know what you would do with the money! Let's have Scott go first."

"Well Roman," Scott said," I would use my money for college."

"BOOOOO!!!' Alan booed.

"That's nice, boring, but nice, Ashley?" Roman said.

"I would conquer the world and make anyone who is not on my side my slaves," Ashley said.

No one moved over, knowing that Scott would probably beat her.

"Okay, well I'll just get ready to see what all of you will be doing when I win!" Ashley remarked.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Okay, let's take a break, everyone can eat before I announce the challenge!" Roman announced.

Everyone then walks over to the mess hall, to find a big buffet.

"Ohhhh!!!' Alan said.

"Alan," Maria said," You will be last."

"Yeah," everyone said.

"Why?" Alan asked.

"You'll eat all the grub, man," Chris replied.

"Sigh," Alan said, sad.

"Wow, this food is good," Alyx said.

"Well, we had a professional chef make it," Roman replied.

"Robby, try it!' Alyx told Robby.

"I love it!" Robby replied," But not as much as I love you!'

"Oh, you!" Alyx replied. They soon started kissing.

"Ewww! Not at the table!" Jude said.

"You're just jealous that you don't have someone," Robby said.

"Here comes the guy of the day!" Alyx said," Scott!"

"Scott!" Everyone said.

"Hey everyone, thanks for supporting me!" Scott told everyone.

Ashley was looking at the other table, which was too full of people. Ashley was sitting with Gwenyth, Alan, Jared, and Patrick.

"Why isn't there as much people over here?" Ashley said.

"You aren't very nice," Jared replied.

"I think," Ashley said," I think I should be nicer."

"Hey, when you become nicer," Alan said," will you go out with me?"

"No!" Ashley yelled,"....this will be harder than I thought."

"Okay everyone!" Roman announced," The Final challenge is ready!"

Everyone ran outside, to see inflatables.

"You've got to be kidding me," Ashley said.

"No, no I'm not," Roman said.

"We are supposed to race through all of these inflatbles, right?" Scott asked.

"Yes, yes you are," Roman replied.

"Great," Scott said, sarcastically.

"Here's how it works," Roman said," The first inflatable is a maze, which both of you go in. The second one is a crash course, with a slide at the end. The final one is a castle, you must find your way into the castle by a maze, then when you go in, you must find the room with the stairs. Climb up and slide down the slide to win!"

"This won't be easy," Ashley said in the confessional.

"Are you ready?" Roman asked Scott and Ashley.

"Yeah," They both said.

"GO!!!" Roman yelled.

Both of them ran into the maze, both taking different directions. Ashley turns around as she reaches a dead end, but Scott makes it out easily. Scott reaches the crash course, getting stuck in the prickly zone, which has inflated prickles coming out of the course. Ashley finishes the maze and runs in the course. She makes it through the whole course in a fast time, but Scott manages to finish that zone right after her.

"This is it! The castle inflatable!" Roman announces.

"OMG I want to do this!" Lizzy said.

"Yeah, this sounds fun!" Camron said.

"After they're done, you can do it, I guess," Roman said.

Scott and Ashley both finished the maze at the same time, but were shocked at the castle.

"Wow, only three paths," Scott said.

"I'm going in path two!" Ashley said as she ran to path two.

Scott shruged and ran to path three. Ashley opened her dorr and ran in to find that she was in a ballpit.

"A ball pit?" Ashley said," I'm not four!"

"I thought it would be funny," Roman said.

Scott opened his door to find a ballpit.

"Wait, Ashley has a ball pit and so do I?" Scott asked.

"So?" Roman replied.

Ashley and Scott then dug their ways through the ball pit and opened their doors. There were three more paths again.

"Again!" Ashley complained.

"I'm going through path one," Scott said.

Scott ran to door one and opened it to find an empty room.

Ashley ran to door two to find a ballpit.

"OMG AGAIN!" Ashley yelled.

"Okay," Scott said," What am I supposed to do?"

"You must jump because this room is bouncy!" Roman told him.

Scott bounced in the room and opened the door. Meanwhile, Ashley dug her way in the ballpit and got to the door, but it was locked.

"Why is the door locked!" Ashley yelled.

"You must find the rare golden ball to unlock the door," Roman said.

Ashley dove into the ballpit to find the ball. Scott opened the door and saw his choices.

"Okay," Scott told himself," There's door to ballpit, door to jumpy room, and door to stairs."

Scott stopped to think.

"I can't find that stupid ball!" Ashley complained.

"I think I should take door to stairs," Scott said.

He opened the door and found the stairs. He then started climbing the stairs.

"I can't find the stu[id ball!" Ashley complained.

"Didn't she just say that?" Alyx asked.

"She did," Robby replied.

Scott then made his way to the top of the stairs and slid down the slide.

"Scott wins!" Roman announced.

"What!?" Ashley said,"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"YAY!!!!!!!!" Everyone on Scott's side cheered.

Everyone on Ashley's side put their heads down.

Later, at night.

"Welcome to the FINAL ceremony, where the FINAL bag of chips will be given to Scott now!" Roman announced.

Everyone cheered.

"Congrats," Ashley said," you deserve it. I'll try being nicer from now on."

Everyone cheered.

"Thanks," Scott said," I'll be your friend if you're nicer."

"Really?" Ashley asked.

"Sure," Matt replied," All of us will, right?"

"Right!" Everyone said.

"Thank you!" Ashley cried.

"Well, that's all for, Total Drama Isle! See you on Total Drama Vegas!!!!"

Reunion: We're Not Done Yet

"It's still summer!" Roman cheered to the screen," And our favorite teens from Total Drama Isle are partying for one last good bye! Will there be any last minute drama? Let's find out on Total! Drama! Isle!"

Isle of Losers is shown, with every camper relaxing. Ashley and Gwenyth hang out with Patrick and Jared.

"And that's how I... ah.... AH," Jared sneezed," CHOO!! Sorry, And that's how I beat Lazar McMagnus on the sixth level."

"What an....... interesting story," Ashley said, freaked out.

"UGH!" Ashley yelled in the confessional," Being nice sucks! Luckily, I won't have to see these idiots after today. The only person I'm going to miss is Gwenyth!"

"My brother beat him on the eighth level," Gwenyth replied," Wait... how do I know that?"

"I beat him on the tenth level," Patrick said, proud.

Over at the pool, Nelly, Kelly, BJ, and Jude hanging out.

"I have a UrPlace, a Quacker, and a Head Encyclopedia!" Nelly told BJ.

"Me too!" Kelly also said.

"Ok, I'll add you as soon as I get home!" BJ said excited.

"So, what do you guys plan on doing when you get home?" Jude asked," I'm thinking of writing more songs."

"I can text," BJ told Nelly, ignoring Jude.

"I also can!" Nelly replied, also ignoring Jude.

Alyx and Robby were making out in the hot tub. Matt, Chris, Camron, Lizzy, Cayla, and Samantha were playing basketball.

"We can't lose to the girls!" Camron told Chris and Matt.

"Oh please," Chris said," we can beat them!"

"Yeah," Matt put in," They have Lizzy and Samantha. There's no way we can lose."

On the other side of the court.

"Let's teach those guys something!" Cayla encouraged her team.

"How to paint their toe nails?" Samantha asked.

"She means basketball," Lizzy told Samantha.

"Oh," Samantha said," Can we paint our nails after this?"

Alan, Scott, and Maria are seen laying down, eating.

"This food is great!" Alan said, stuffing his face.

"Yeah it's good," Scott said, uncertain with what Alan was putting in his mouth," Uh, do you know what you're eating?"

"Nope," Alan replied.

"Why doesn't he like me?" Maria asked herself," We were made for each other! I don't get why."

Alan and Scott looked at each other and walked away slowly. Nicholas and Joy were dancing.

"This is my favorite song!" Joy squealed," It's called Bloodbath by The Serial Killers with Chainsaws and Hooks!"

"This music makes me so angry!" Nicholas said," And I like it!"

"Wow," Joy said," I never saw this side of you!"

"I usually keep to myself," Nicholas replied.

A ball hit Joy.

"Ow!" Joy said.

"Sorry!" Matt said. He came and picked up the ball and went back.

"Um," Nicholas said," Aren't you going to help her since you did that?"

The others didnt hear.

"It's okay," Joy told Nicholas," That happens a lot."

"It's not right," Nicholas said.

Soon, everyone was at the basketball court. With only a minute left, the girls were in the lead.

"Go Matt!" Maria yelled,"Slam dunk it!"

Matt shruged while running and tripped. Lizzy picked up the ball and shot a three-pointer.

"The girls win!" Scott announced.

Lizzy, Cayla, and Samantha hugged each other.

"Yeah! You go girls!" Alyx cheered.

"I love it when you get competitive," Robby said, holding Alyx.

"Oh Robby," Alyx said. Then they started making out.

"Can you please stop doing that?" Patrick asked. Robby punched Patrick.

"Wow, this competition sure went fast," Nelly said as sad music starts playing loudly.

"Are you going to break out into song?" Alan asked.

"Please don't!" Camron yelled," That's the last thing we need."

"Nah," Nelly said," I was just creating dramatic effect!"

"That is like, SO smart!" Kelly cheered.

"They are very annoying," Camron said in the confessional.

"Now it's going back to loserville for me," Gwenyth said in the confessional.

"I think I should get a cheese cellar!" Alan said in the confessional.

"Well," Chris said," this is it."

"Why are you saying it?" Lizzy asked," You were voted out early!"

"At least her wasn't voted out second," Matt said, giving a high-five to Camron.

"Well," Joy said," it doesn't matter, cause we might never see each other again!"

Tears welt up in a few campers eyes, while, for a few, they just laughed at the remark made by Joy.

"Funny!" Ashley laughed.

"How?" BJ asked.

"Some of us don't want to see others!" Ashley replied, still laughing.

"That's nice," Jared whispered to Patrick.

"We should go pack our bags, everyone," Cayla said.

"Yeah," Scott sighed," Everyone is probably waiting at home."

"Wait just one second!" Someone yelled.

"Who was that?" Nicholas asked.

"It's not done just yet!" Roman yelled, running to the campers.

"Yes it is!" Ashley said, angrily," We were your play toys for almost three-fourths of the summer! We want to go home!"

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled.

"According to your contract," Roman said," I can use all of you until ratings drop and the show is cancelled or until I don't feel like using you. And the ratings have been booming!"

"If we refuse?" Patrick questioned.

"Be prepared to live in a cardboard box for the rest of your life!" Roman answered, evily.

"So what are we supposed to do then?" Gwenyth asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Well," Roman said," we looked at a few different websites and found out who is generally more popular than others! We got this killer deal in a place somewhere other than here, so that will be where season two will be!"

"SEASON TWO?!" Eveyone yelled.

"We all get to be on season two!" Samantha squealed.

"Not everyone," Roman said," only fourteen of you will be competing, while the other eight get to watch from luxury comfort!"

"I volunteer myself to sit out," Ashley said aloud.

"I will be the judge of that," Roman announced," these four people are most popular and will be competing! The most popular is.............. Matt!"

Roman threw a VIP pass to Matt.

"Yes!" Matt cheered," I am most popular!"

"Yeah, right," Roman continued," Ashley!"

Roman threw Ashley her VIP pass.

"I am flattered, yet mad at the same time!" Ashley yelled.

"Gwenyth, you will join!" Roman tossed Gwenyth her VIP pass.

"Well, I have nothing else to do," Gwenyth said, catching her pass.

"We also will have," Roman continued," Robby!"

"Robby!" Alyx cheered," You are one of the most popular!"

"I couldn't have done it without you," Robby replied, then kissed Alyx.

"Blech," Roman stuck his tongue out," the rest will be based off of who I want! Here's to Alyx and Camron!"

Roman threw the passes to Alyx and Robby.

"I'm in!" Alyx yelled and started making out with Robby.

"Yeah, dude!" Camron high-fived Matt.

"Here's to," Roman continued, BJ and Cayla!"

He threw the passes.

"Yes, I'm in!" BJ cheered.

"Yay BJ!" Nelly squealed.

"More competition?" Cayla asked," I can win!"

"I doubt that," Roman said, smiling," Samantha and Chris are in!"

He threw the passes.

"The Three Musketeers!" Matt, Camron, and Chris said together.

Samantha held her hands up to catch the pass, but it hit her on the face.

"That wasn't a fail," Roman said to himself," Scott and Lizzy will be back too!"

Roman threw the passes to Scott and Lizzy.

"Not bad for someone who was voted out second!" Lizzy cheered," Oh, that was mean....."

"Do I get to keep my money?" Scott asked.

"We sent it to your home," Roman said," But ninety-thousand dollars was stolen, so you only get ten-thousand."

"Darn," Scott sighed.

"The last two passes!" Roman announced," Maria and Jared."

"Yes!" Maria cheered.

"Don't get the passes!" Roman announced," Joy and Nicholas get it instead."

Roman threw the passes to them. Joy and Nicholas high-fived each other.

"W-w-we won't compete?" Nelly and Kelly asked.

"They have to!" BJ said.

"Darn," Jude said to himself.

"It's okay," Jared said," My allergies would act up."

"I need to show off my skills!" Patrick said.

"How did I fail to make it?!" Leslie yelled.

"All of you need to get ready to go! The eight who failed shall get more time to themselves, while the other fourteen shall compete for one million dollars! What happens there, stays there!"

"Vegas?" Samantha asked. Everyone stared at her," What?"

"Way to kill the surprise," Roman said, a bit angry," see you next time, at Total! Drama! Vegas!"

Audition Tapes

More coming soon!

Chart of Elimination

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Special
Scott Win Win Patrick Win Nelly Joy Win Win Joy Jude BJ Nelly Alan Matt Alan Nelly Cayla 0 Votes 1st 1st WINNER TDV
Ashley Jared Lizzy Win Maria Win Win Chris Matt Win Win Win Win Matt Camron BJ BJ Cayla 3 Votes 3rd 2nd RUNNER-UP TDV
Gwenyth Jared Lizzy Win Maria Win Win Chris Matt Win Win Win Win Matt Camron BJ BJ Cayla 4 Votes 2nd 3rd 5 Votes TDV
Matt Nick Nicholas Win Nicholas Win Win Maria Maria Win Win Win Win Alan Ashley Alan Nelly Cayla 1 Votes 4th 10 Votes TDV
Nelly Win Win Patrick Win Robby Leslie Win Win Scott Robby Robby Alyx Alan Camron Alan Ashley Cayla 6 Votes 12 Votes TDV
Cayla Win Win Joy Win Kelly Leslie Win Win Joy Jude Robby Alyx Alan Camron Alan BJ Gwenyth 6 Votes TDV
BJ Win Win Patrick Win Robby Leslie Win Win Scott Robby Robby Alyx Alan Camron Alan Ashley 7 Votes TDV
Alan Samantha Samantha Win Matt Win Win Samantha Maria Win Win Win Win Matt Camron BJ 14 Votes TDV
Camron Nick Nicholas Win Nicholas Win Win Maria Maria Win Win Win Win Alan Ashley 6 Votes TDV
Samantha Jared Lizzy Win Maria Win Win Chris Matt Win Win Win Win Alan 7 Votes TDV
Alyx Win Win Joy Win Kelly Joy Win Win Joy Jude Nelly Cayla 3 Votes TDV
Robby Win Win Kelly Win Kelly Joy Win Win Joy Jude Nelly 5 Votes TDV
Jude Win Win Kelly Win Robby Leslie Win Win Joy Scott 3 Votes TDV
Joy Win Win Patrick Win Kelly Leslie Win Win Scott 11 Votes TDV
Maria Alan Lizzy Win Nicholas Win Win Chris Ashley 8 Votes TDV
Chris Nick Nicholas Win Nicholas Win Win Maria 4 Votes TDV
Leslie Win Win Patrick Win Nelly Nelly 5 Votes TDV
Kelly Win Win Patrick Win Robby 6 Votes TDV
Nicholas Alan Chris Win Matt 10 Votes TDV
Patrick Win Win Joy 6 Votes TDV
Lizzy Jared Samantha 4 Votes TDV
Jared Alan 4 Votes TDV

Color Code (Teams, week 1-12):

  • Green Names: Barking Dogs
  • Red Names: Quick Cats
  •      Won
  •      Voted out
  •      Bottom two
  •      Bottom Three
  •      Losing team

Color Code (One team, week 13-21):

  • Aqua Names: The Survivors
  • Red Text: Old Quick Cat
  • Green Text: Old Barking Dog
  •      Eliminated
  •      Bottom two
  •      Bottom Three
  •      Won immunity
  •      Moved on in competition
  •      Safe Due to other leaving
  •      Left/Quit competition
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Made it to Total Drama Vegas
  •      Didn't make it to Total Drama Vegas


  • Jared and Patrick never earned a bag of chips .
  • Lizzy and Kelly earned one bag of chips .
  • Nicholas and Leslie earned two bags of chips .
  • Chris and Joy earned three bags of chips .
  • Maria and Jude earned four bags of chips .
  • Robby and Samantha earned five bags of chips (Though she technically recieved six) .
  • Alyx and Camron earned six bags of chips .
  • Alan earned seven bags of chips.
  • BJ earned nine bags of chips.
  • Cayla earned eleven bags of chips.
  • Nelly and BJ (Katie and DJ) are one of the authors favorite fanon couples .
  • Samantha was the first person to leave an alliance and join a different .
  • Cayla seems to be Joy's only friend, but she voted Joy out in "Are You Awake?" It turns out she only voted Joy so she wouldn't betray her alliance.
  • Gwenyth is only in Ashley's alliance to use Ashley, as Ashley, of course, is using her .
  • I made a mistake in "Dancing with the Campers", Scott says it's unfair to vote out someone who did well in the challenge, yet he votes out BJ, who he was defending. Also, Alyx says she voted out BJ but she voted Nelly .
  • The second season is Total Drama Vegas.
  • Samantha is the first and only competitor to quit.
  • In "Run This Hike," Ashley says "Screaming Losers," when there isn't a Killing, nor Screaming team .
  • Samantha was originally be eliminated because of Ashley, but it got changed at the last second.
  • Ashley, Matt, and Camron had bleeped dialouge in "Back to the School Days".
  • They are on Guam.

Chapter Title Parodies

  1. Meet the Robinsons
  2. Original Title
  3. Original Title
  4. America's Got Talent
  5. Trivial Pursuit
  6. Scavenger Hunt
  7. Taken from "Dodgeball: An Underdog Story"
  8. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
  9. The Big Sleep
  10. My Sims Racing
  11. Dancing with the Stars
  12. Original Title
  13. Run This Town by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West
  14. Back to the 80's by Aqua
  15. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
  16. IDK
  17. IDK
  18. Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine!
  19. American Idol
  20. It's a phrase
  21. IDK
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