Total Drama Lab Rats
After a long, disorganized, and stressful fourth season with a suspenseful ending, Chris and Caitlin's crazed cousin, Cooper, has twenty-four contestants -- sixteen old and eight new -- competing in yet another season! Three teams of eight will battle it out in Cooper's mysterious laboratory as they compete in challenges, testing out his wacky inventions and being test subjects in his insane experiments. He'll also have Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi coaching Team Veterans, Team Stardom, and Team Newbies, in that order. As each challenge passes by, and more drama ensues, the contestants will leave the show one by one by walking through the Double Doors of Shame, and taking the Teleporter of Losers. Finally, one outlaster will win the grand prize: one million big ones. Will Cooper push these guys over the edge? Will they make it out in one piece? There's only one way to find out. This is the only place that you'll find the drama, insanity, and catastrophe of the fifth season. Don't miss a single chapter of Total Drama Lab Rats!


Contestant Stereotype Description
Angie The Clueless Goof After winning the last season, Angie's pretty satisfied with her pack of mint gum. But after hearing this season's confirmed cash prize, it wouldn't hurt to go for the gold again.
Annabel The Chatty Kathy Annabel is known as a loudmouth to everyone. She can't keep her mouth shut for more than five minutes, and she cannot keep a secret to save her life. She really is a nice person, but she can't be trusted with anything important, and her non-stop babble tends to annoy people. Annabel joined Total Drama Lab Rats to try one last time to make new friends, and use the money to start her own gossip magazine.
Brendon The Easily Excitable Jock Brendon won the silver medal last time, which he was more than happy to have earned. He's back again, and this time is as focused on winning as ever - as long as he doesn't make anyone upset while doing so.
Brenna The Artsy Dodger Brenna loves art. She always has a sketchpad, and colored pencils with her. Because every 10 seconds she's taking out a paper and pencil to sketch an idea she has, or something she thinks looks cool, but always puts everything away and goes back to her work by the time the teacher, or someone else who doesn't want her drawing comes by her nickname is the artsy dodger. Though she is really shy all the time, she isn't easy to be manipulated.
Brian The Former "Athlete" After his shenanigans last season, Brian's parents decided it'd be best if he "straightened up a bit." Brian's happier than ever to be out of the prep school/boot camp hybrid he was sent to, but has changed a bit from it.
DJ The Brickhouse with a Heart DJ's back and better than ever. The Hawaii incident "toughened him up," at least, that's what his momma says. Will he finally break out of his good-guy shell? Probably not.
Gwen The Goth Gwen isn't exactly excited to be back... for her fourth time... but now that she's here, she might as well try. Without Duncan, Courtney, or Trent, this season should be a breeze for this Goth... right?
Harold The Dweeb Predictably, Harold's actually excited to be in this season. Will he finally get the social skills to make it to the end of the game? Heh, no. But let's hope he doesn't end up quitting like last time.
Heather The Queen Bee Heather's not very chipper about another season, especially with Gwen and LeShawna. But nonetheless, Total Drama's fiercest competitor is in it to win it. Again.
Ivy The Bossy Girl Ivy's time on Total Drama Stardom was, to say the least, different than what she usually does. But she's back for another season, and is very intent on placing higher than before.
Izzy The Psycho Does Izzy care? Not at all. Let's just hope that we can all make it out of this season in one piece. Or at least alive.
Jamal The Optimist Jamal is always in the in-crowd among the popular students, but doesn't have this turn him into a snob. He doesn't get frustrated much, and tends to like nearly everything, making him easily able to get along with. Jamal is a very loyal person and would never turn his back on his friends, usually tries to avoid conflict, he would fight if he had to. He joined Total Drama Lab Rats simply to expect the best and see the best in all things.
Karen The Flirty Actress Karen's biggest aspiration is to make it on the big screen with the other A-Listers. Although she may come off as rude or ignorant, she's really just a nice girl with an ego that's too big to contain. She auditioned for the show in hopes of exposing herself to the world.
LeShawna The Sister with 'Tude LeShawna's le-back-a! And better than ever. After her not-so-great performance on World Tour, she's ready to make it to the end this time. Or at least get farther than Heather for once.
Lexi The Pageant Brat Lexi has been on stage, smiling, waving, and blowing kisses to the judges since she was only one month old. She loves attention and loves to make people like her, but she, honestly, does ”not” like other people. She's lied, cheated, and pushed others down to get all of her Grand Supreme titles, and in the end, when she questions if it was worth it: It always is. She's joining Total Drama Lab Rats to gain support for winning the future title she hopes to gain; Miss Canada.
Mordecai The Magician Mordecai's happier than ever to be back, and though he may be a wandless, and girlfriendless, at least he's Luke-less. Let's see if he's got enough magic in him to take him to the finals.
Noah The High IQ Yes, everyone's favorite cynic is back. Though not very happy about it. With three-fourths of Team E-Scope in the game, will Noah be able to make it out with his sanity? Doubtful. But we'll see.
Peter The Awkward Model Peter didn't want to be a model, his parents made him. He originally wanted to be an astronaut, but his dad claimed that was too 'stereotypical.' Peter decides to contradict any stereotypes placed on him, such as models being 'all muscles and no brain.'
Russell The Loser in Denial Russell has always wanted to be perform in front of people, but has never been very good at it. He quit school when he was 15 to try and get a good job in the performance industry, but the closest thing he could get to a performance job is working as a waiter in a Jazz Club. He joined the show to get himself out there and get a performing job.
Sydney The Gossip Monger Sydney hasn't changed a bit from what we can tell. After getting the boot in the semi-finals with Luke, she's got enough motivation for the entire cast.
Timothy The Recently-Turned Goth Timothy, er, changed a bit. After getting into a little squabble with his health-obsessed parents, he's changed his style. Whether or not this Timothy is better, we'll find out soon enough.
Trevor The Instigator Trevor has always been a bit of a troublemaker. He'd often get busted for his antics by others, and punished by his parents. He learned a valuable lesson; make it look like someone else did something he did bad, so they get the blame for it. His antics don't stop there. He also enjoys saying that someone said or did something they shouldn't have directly to who it would offend most, whether they did or said anything. He will often make the accusation and be nowhere near the scene when the other person gets in trouble, or the confrontation starts. Trevor is rarely caught, and he likes it that way.
Tyler The Wannabe Jock That's his name, right? With two "jocks" in the game, Tyler had better be up for some competition this season in impressing the ladies. But first he'll have to learn how to walk from Point A to Point B without breaking a bone.
Valerie The Fashionista Valerie, notably popular among fans last season, is back with a new wardrobe (with noticeably less fabric). Maybe showing off more skin means making it farther in the game? Who knows?

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Chapter 1: Honey, I Shrunk the Teens - Part 1

Posted On: October 21, 2011

A tall, lanky, middle-aged man wearing a white lab coat came into view.
He walked through a set of double doors, and entered an enormous laboratory.
"Nice place, if I do say so myself," he grinned. "My name is Cooper McLean, and I'll be hosting this season of Total Drama in my very own laboratory!"
Cooper passed by a table full of test tubes and beakers. "Twenty-four teens - wait, actually, I think some of them are adults by now. Whatever the case, twenty-four... people... are going to be participating in this season, which takes place here. Day by day, they'll have to test out my latest inventions. Whichever of the three teams does the worst will be sent to the Patenting Ceremony, or, in simpler words, elimination."
"Then," Cooper continued, casually walking past a time machine, "Everyone will vote for who they think deserves to leave. The contestant that does not receive a test tube at elimination will be forced to walk through the Double Doors of Shame, and take the Teleporter of Losers to their destination."
He picked up a magnifying glass and looked through it, enlarging one of his eyes. "Who will win? I don't have the slightest idea. My cousins Caitlin and Chris will be helping out, along with that weird intern, Curmi."
Finally, Cooper sat behind his desk and spun around his chair. "So tune in, kick back, and don't miss out on a single episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Cooper nervously chuckled. "They should be arriving soon, in three separate buses."
"Oh," he added, "They don't know that this season takes place here, so, uh, expect some... mixed reactions."
After a short awkward pause, he looked at the camera and asked, "So, what's your favorite element? Mine is Magnesium. Its atomic number is twelve, and--" A bus pulled up, interrupting Cooper, and he grinned. "Alright! Let's find out who's arrived."
He walked through a set of double doors, then another set of double doors, and another.
Cooper reached the main entrance.
"Don't touch my hair!" a voice shrieked.
"I just wanna check if it's a weave," another replied.
Heather angrily stomped out of the bus with Leshawna following behind.
Leshawna folded her arms. "I know a weave when I see one, and that does not look like real hair."
"I got extensions, okay?" Heather admitted. "Go away."
Cooper greeted, "Heather, Leshawna, nice to meet you."
Heather rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah."
Leshawna shot a glare at Heather, then a more compassionate glance to Cooper. "She's just mad 'cause I know she got fake hair."
"... Right," Cooper nodded.

"I'm heeeeere!" Izzy sang, skipping out of the bus.
She rushed over to Cooper. "Hi! Are you Chris's cousin? I know Chris! I was in three seasons, so, me and Chris are like, really close."
Cooper joked, "Closer than two electrons in a chlorine atom?"
"Sure, whatever," Izzy grinned.
Tyler emerged from the bus, hesitantly waving. "Hi."
He turned around, revealing Noah, and the two seemed to be attached back-to-back.
Heather blinked. "What the..."
Cooper squinted. "I don't even..."
"It was Izzy," Noah and Tyler simultaneously said.
Leshawna looked to Izzy with her hands on her hips. "Girl, will you ever stop?"
"Stop what?" Izzy asked, hiding a bottle of glue in her skirt.
Tyler tripped over the stairs on the bus, sending both him and Noah to the ground.
Noah grunted. "I thought you said you improved your coordination!"
Tyler rubbed his head. "I don't even know what that means!"

Gwen stepped off the bus with a chocolate chip cookie in one hand, and her luggage in the other.
"Where'd you get the cookie from?" Cooper curiously asked.
DJ followed behind her, wearing an apron, and carrying a tray of freshly-baked cookies.
Gwen gestured to him. "That answer your question?"
"Dig in!" DJ smiled.
Tyler grabbed a cookie and nearly took a bite.
"Ahem," Noah coughed, irritated.
Tyler mumbled, "Oh, sorry."
He turned around to let Noah take a cookie, as well as the others.
"This cookie is off the chain!" Leshawna complimented.
Heather nibbled on it, then smiled, impressed. "Not half-bad."
Cooper, chewing, asked, "How'd you make this on the bus? I mean, it's not like there was an oven to heat them up."
DJ thought, then said, "Well, you guys know how hens keep their eggs warm...?"
Everyone stopped chewing and immediately spit out anything they had in their mouths.
"Taste fine to me," DJ shrugged, happily eating another cookie.

Cooper, still recovering from the cookie trauma, noticed, "Hang on a moment, there should be eight of you. Who's missing?"
Harold, breathing heavily, stumbled out of the bus with his luggage.
"Why did I pack so much?" he regretted.
DJ walked over to Harold and lifted a bag for him. "I'll help you out."
Harold panted. "Aw, thanks, DJ."
Cooper waved. "Harold! Welcome!"
"Why are you wearing a lab coat?" Harold noticed.
"All in good time, young pupil," Cooper assured.
Heather's eyes widened. "Pupil? This isn't school, is it?"
Cooper shook his head. "No, no, it's not school. Believe me. I quote Chris, 'That's totally lame and typical.' Let's just wait for the next bus, shall we?"

Two to three minutes later, the next bus arrived.
Angie calmly exited the bus and opened her mouth to say something, then stopped.
"What's wrong?" Cooper noticed.
Angie pointed behind her, and everyone gasped.
Timothy, now with red highlights in his long hair, wearing a fully black and blood-red outfit, stepped off the bus with a scowl.
Cooper stuttered, "Your... Hair... Body... What happened?!"
"Lil' tiff with the 'rents," Timothy answered, picking his nails.
Leshawna whispered to Gwen, "Even I don't understand what he just said."
Timothy sighed. "My parents and I got into a little argument. Better?"
"Much," Noah nodded, still attached to Tyler's back.
DJ walked to Tyler and offered, "Lemme help you with that."
He extended his arms to pull Noah off, but Noah panicked, "Wait, DJ, I don't think this is a very good--"
DJ tugged to try and pull Noah off, and he grunted. "That's some tough glue."
Finally, a loud snapping noise was heard, and DJ yanked Noah off, but sent him flying into the bus.
"Idea," Noah finished, laying face-down in front of the bus's doors.

Valerie carefully stepped over Noah and waved. "Hello, people."
"Valerie! I see you've changed your look," Cooper addressed.
She smiled, then looked at Cooper. "The lab coat is a bit drab, but it works."
Cooper frowned and adjusted his collar.
Ivy confidently stepped out of the bus, and tripped over Noah.
"Ow!" Noah and Ivy shrieked together.
She stood up and dusted herself off, then snapped, "Why were you in my way?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. Everyone, make way for Queen Ivy!" Noah replied, rolling his eyes.
Ivy shot a glare at him and stood beside Angie.
Timothy laughed, "I see you haven't changed a bit."
"Can't say the same for you," Ivy retorted. "What are you, a wannabe Billie Joe Armstrong?"
Timothy sneered and looked away.

Mordecai stomped out of the bus with his hands over his ears as Brendon followed.
"I can't believe I voted you off last time!" Brendon regretted. "You're such an interesting person!"
Brendon grinned while Mordecai forced a half-smile.
Mordecai nodded, "Right."
"So..." Brendon added, "How about you--"
Mordecai groaned. "For the last time, I left my wand at home!"
Brendon frowned in disappointment and moped over to Cooper. "Hi."
"Hello, Brendon," Cooper greeted. "And Mordecai."
Mordecai waved. "What's up?"
"The atmosphere," Cooper replied, pointing upwards.
Mordecai paused. "Um, right."

Sydney eagerly exited the bus, carrying luggage in both hands.
Harold's eyes widened as Sydney walked down the bus's steps in slow-motion.
Her brunette ponytail bounced delicately as she set her bags down and smiled. "Hi, everybody!"
Harold stuttered, "H-h-hi."
He quickly snapped out of his mini-trance, and looked at Leshawna.
"O-M-G," Sydney suddenly shrieked. "You were like, my favorite contestant on the show!"
Harold gasped and grinned, but his smile faded as Sydney rushed behind him to Noah.
Noah gave Sydney a strange glance. "Uh, thanks?"
"Please don't be another Sierra," Heather groaned with her hands on her hips.
Sydney shuddered. "Oh, gosh, no."
"A little help here?" a voice called from the bus.
Brian stumbled off the bus carrying an enormous bag of luggage.
Cooper looked at Brian, then Harold. "... Deja vu."
Brian fell off the bus and Cooper noticed, "What's with the new look?"
"Ugh, my parents didn't like how I acted on the show and made me transfer to some stuck-up all-male prep school," Brian muttered, struggling to lift his fallen luggage.
Tyler frowned. "Aw, dude, that sucks."
Brian fell, again, and Cooper noted, "That's the end of this bus. One more and we're ready to head inside."
"What exactly are we doing this season?" Gwen suspiciously asked. "Chris never mentioned yet."
Heather joked, "I hope it isn't something as lame as movie genres. That season was horrible."
Leshawna laughed, "Oh, c'mon, it wasn't all that bad. Remember that nasty wig you wore?"
The three girls laughed and Gwen chuckled, "Good times, good times."
The eight contestants from Total Drama Stardom awkwardly shifted around, pretending to be busy with their luggage.
"Is there a confessional I can vent in?" Ivy irritatedly asked.
"All in good time," Cooper hushed. "We still have eight more players."

The final bus screeched to a stop.
The first person to exit it was a tall blonde female carrying mostly pink luggage, wearing a necklace that read "KAREN."
Cooper sarcastically asked, "Karen?"
"Oh my gosh, how'd you know?" Karen gasped.
Heather whispered to Leshawna, "Lindsay's been replaced."
Karen walked to the group of contestants and waved. "Hi! I'm..."
She turned to Cooper. "What did you say my name was?"
Most of the contestants let out some quiet snickers as Cooper replied, "Karen. Your name is Karen."
"Oh, okay," Karen smiled. "He says I'm Karen. He's really smart, I bet."
Ivy walked up to Karen. "Okay, I can't take this. Are you mentally ill?"
Karen smirked. "No, but those pants seem to be. Call me when you have a real wardrobe."
"Wait, what?" Ivy stuttered. "But... you... your name..."
Karen folded her arms. "I'm an actress. I usually don't break character this early, but that was too hard to resist."
Sydney nodded to her in approval as Ivy slowly walked back to her luggage.

The next competitor, wearing a black bowler hat and a neon pink shirt, waved. "'Sup?"
"What's with all the pink?!" Brendon panicked.
The competitor looked at Brendon and gasped. "Dude, you're huge."
Brendon insecurely looked at himself. "What?"
"Er, hello, Russell," Cooper interrupted.
Russell walked over to Cooper and offered a high-five. "Up top!"
Cooper blinked and looked away. "Yeah. Hi."
Russell disappointedly put his hand down and dragged his luggage to the group. "Not a high-five guy. I see how it is."

"Wait, wait, wait, I'm next!" a high-pitched voice shrieked from inside the bus.
Within seconds, a tall female staggered out into view.
"Hi! I'm Annabel!" she introduced. "I just have to say, I'm like, really stoked to be here, and I think this'll be a really fun experience!"
Cooper walked to her. "Annabel! Welcome to--"
Annabel quickly asked, "Why are you wearing a white coat? Are you a doctor? My dad's a doctor. He's a pediatrician, actually. That's basically a doctor for kids."
"Um, okay," Cooper uttered. "That's... that's nice."
"I know, right?" Annabel began. "It's really cool that--"
Cooper clamped his hand over her mouth and nervously asked, "Maybe we should get the next contestant out?"

A dark-skinned male with a large afro jumped off the bus with his luggage.
"Hello, Jamal," Cooper said, still covering Annabel's mouth.
Jamal worriedly looked at Annabel. "Um, hi."
Leshawna's eyes widened. "Mmm..."
Harold gasped. "Leshawna!"
"Huh?" Leshawna dazily turned to Harold. "What? I told you a while ago, Harold. We're over with."
"I was just making sure," Harold quickly stated, sneaking a glance at Sydney.
Noah noticed and whispered, "She's beyond out of your league. She's a 9, and you're in the negatives."
Harold grimaced and looked down.

A girl wearing a sequinned baby-blue dress with a large sash strutted out of the bus.
"Lexi!" Cooper greeted warmly.
Lexi sneered. "I can introduce myself, thank you very much."
Cooper, annoyed, gestured to her. "Fine. Spotlight's on you."
"As always," Lexi winked. "Anyway, I'm Lexi, and--"
Timothy pointed to her. "What's with the sash?"
Lexi snapped, "Don't interrupt me!"
Timothy folded his arms as Lexi resumed, "I've won tons of beauty pageants, as you can tell by my sash and dress."
"Actually, I thought you were just crazy," Angie admitted.
"Me too!" Izzy nodded in agreement.
Lexi's confident expression dropped. "This is hopeless, you people are a terrible audience."

The next competitor was a boy, wearing a simple green T-shirt and carrying luggage.
"Hi," he shyly waved.
Cooper, who by comparison seemed to be excessive in his introduction, greeted, "Peter! How are you?"
"Fine," Peter answered.
A short moment passed and Cooper asked, "... Did you enjoy the bus ride?"
Peter shrugged. "It was a little long."
Another moment passed and Cooper gestured to the group. "Well, go on."
"Um, okay," Peter said as he advanced to the group of contestants and set down his luggage.
After another fifteen seconds or so, Cooper pointed to the bus. "Next person...?"

The girl stepping off the bus gave the competitors a smile.
"And, please welcome, our second-to-last contestant, Brenna!" Cooper introduced.
Brenna stood next to Gwen and Heather.
Heather squinted. "You kind of remind me of someone."
Gwen also noticed, "Yeah, you do."
"Is that a good thing?" Brenna asked.
Heather shrugged, and Brenna put her hands in her pockets.

The final contestant was a male, wearing a green polo shirt.
Cooper began, "And, last but far from least, it's Trevor."
"I should have been first," Trevor said, "But Peter thought it would be a good idea to 'compare' luggage, and it all fell out."
Peter frowned. "I wanted to make sure I was up to date!"
Valerie assured, "Don't worry, you are."
"Anyway," Trevor continued, "Yeah. I'm Trevor. Whoop-de-doo."
Cooper grinned. "Awesome. We're all here. Let's go inside."

Cooper lead the twenty-four teens through the countless sets of double doors.
"You really like these doors, don't you?" Sydney asked.
Izzy hopped through the windows in them. "I know I do!"
Finally, they reached the main room. "This is my laboratory!"
Harold gasped. "This is amazing!"
"This is beyond dweebish," Timothy corrected.
Cooper ordered, "Okay, hush everyone, season-explanation time. This season takes place here, in my very own laboratory. Every week, as challenges, you guys will have to test out my latest invention. The team that does the worst will be sent to elimination, which I call, Patenting Ceremonies. The contestant that does not receive a test tube needs to walk through the Double Doors of Shame, and take the Teleporter of Losers back home!"
Ivy coughed. "How about that confessional...?"
"Oh, right," Cooper remembered. "This season, the confessional is in..."
Noah crossed his fingers. "Please don't say bathroom, please don't say bathroom, please don't say bathroom..."
Cooper scratched his head and shrugged. "I never really thought about it. I guess I'll just put it in a bathroom stall."
Noah: (confessional, spraying the entire area) You're the best, Cooper. Really exceeded my expectations.
Jamal: (confessional) I mean, it could be worse. The confessional could be in a cave full of rabid ferrets that have been secretly plotting against the human race. (shrugs)
Valerie: (confessional) I miss the RV.
Tyler: (confessional) Confessional in the toilet? That's three seasons, man! Even though I didn't really use it the first time...

"And where are we supposed to sleep?" Trevor asked.
Cooper pointed to three doors behind him. "Right over there. Each team will sleep in their own room."
Mordecai folded his arms. "What are the teams?"
Cooper grinned. "Remember the people you came in the buses with...?"
"What? No way!" Gwen complained. "Me and Heather on the same team for the fourth time?"
Valerie jerked her thumb toward Ivy. "I'm not dealing with this creature again."
Cooper blew a whistle. "Shush! Alright. Tyler, Noah, Izzy, Gwen, Leshawna, Heather, DJ, Harold, you guys make up Team Veterans."
He turned to the right. "Sydney, Brian, Mordecai, Ivy, Angie, Valerie, Brendon, Timothy, you eight are the members of Team Stardom."
"Wait, why do they get to be veterans?" Ivy complained. "We've been in a season already, too."
Heather pointed out, "This is my fourth. You guys are like, freshmen and sophomores, and we're juniors and seniors."
Ivy mumbled, "You sure look like a senior."
Heather gasped as Cooper moved on. "And our third team, Team Newbies, consists of Trevor, Lexi, Brenna, Peter, Jamal, Annabel, Karen, and Russell."
"Newbies?" Karen frowned. "A little harsh."
Cooper added, "Also, each team will have someone... 'coaching' them. I'm the main host, but consider these coaches as assistant hosts. Please welcome, the coach for Team Veterans..."
Chris kicked open the double doors and bowed. "Thank you, thank you, please hold your applause."
"I thought we had finally gotten rid of you," Leshawna sighed.
Chris narrowed his eyes at her as Cooper continued, "And for Team Stardom..."
Caitlin walked through the double doors, waving. "Hi, guys."
Chris coughed, "Loserteamcoachsayswhat."
"What?" Caitlin asked, puzzled.
Chris began laughing, and Caitlin shook her head. "You're so mature."
Cooper finished, "Finally, for Team Newbies, we have..."
Curmi entered, and Timothy quickly hid behind Valerie. "I didn't do anything that you can prove!"
"Relax, Timothy," Curmi said, "I'm off-duty. Wait... Timothy?"
"We've been over that," Timothy scowled.
Cooper pointed back to the rooms. "Anyway, unpack and relax for a few minutes, then meet me back here."

Total Drama Lab Rats - Chapter 1 Scene

Ivy, Timothy, and Valerie give Sydney a strange look.

The teams rushed to their rooms, which had four sets of bunkbeds, two on the left, and two on the right.
"Top bunk!" Brian yelled.
Mordecai shrugged and set his luggage underneath Brian's bunk.
Angie and Brendon suddenly bumped into each other.
Brendon suggested, "Winners' bunk?"
"Sure," Angie smiled.
Sydney examined the room and complained, "The walls here are so drab."
Ivy, Valerie, and Timothy all glanced at her, and Ivy declared, "I'm not bunking with her. That leaves..."
Timothy winked and said, "I'll get top bunk."
Ivy: (confessional) Who's idea was it to assign the teams by season? Ugh. All I know is that this season, I'm making it to the end. And if someone dares to get in my way... (makes a throat-cutting motion)

Team Newbies entered their room.
Russell walked over to a bunk and said, "I got top bunk! If... that's... cool with you guys."
"Sure," Trevor smiled. "Maybe we can bunk together."
Russell stuttered, "Oh, um, wow, awesome!"
Trevor: (confessional) Desperate alliance member? Check.
Karen set her luggage down beside Annabel.
Annabel asked, "So, bottom bunk, or top?"
Karen put her hands on her hips. "Do I know you?"
"I'm... Annabel," Annabel hesitantly replied. "I'm on your team."
"Oh, okay, then," Karen smiled. "Sure."
Karen: (confessional) This should be fun.
Jamal pointed to a bunkbed and gestured to Peter. "Bunkmate?"
"I remember my bunkmate from summer camp," Peter reminisced. "I was on the top bunk. It collapsed and he ended up being in a coma for weeks."
Jamal uneasily suggested, "Maybe you should be the bottom bunk, then."

Heather entered the room, and Gwen passed by her, accidentally bumping together their suitcases.
Gwen suddenly paused. "Total nostalgia moment."
"I know, right?" Heather added, shocked.
Leshawna plopped down on a bottom bunk, and Harold offered, "I'll be your bunk-buddy!"
"Harold, we...," Leshawna began, but then shrugged. "Ah, what the heck? Go ahead."
Harold squealed and jumped on the top bunk.
Noah and Tyler both approached the same bunkbed, and Tyler attempted to jump on the top bunk, but slipped off and crashed into Noah.
Izzy grinned and jumped on top of them. "Moshpit!"
DJ: (confessional) I hope Cooper can let me man the kitchen this season. The past three seasons taught me three things. Never make illegal alliances with crew members, never trust a fish with a fancy Egyptian symbol, and never underestimate the power of Mama's Spice.

The teams all exited their rooms and entered the main laboratory again.
Cooper, Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi all stood before them, and Cooper grinned, "Who's ready for their first challenge?"
"We just got here!" Brenna complained.
Chris chuckled, "That's how Total Drama works. Walk in, socialize for ten minutes, then it's challenge time."
Cooper asked, "So, anyone want to guess what my very first invention was?"
"The toaster?" Brendon asked, hopeful.
"No," Cooper coldly answered. "My first invention was... Well, actually, you'll see."
He pointed to a chamber with a large white sheet draped over it.
Trevor raised an eyebrow. "That isn't sketchy at all."
"Everyone, enter the suspicious-looking box!" Chris ordered.
As Angie walked inside of it, she looked around. "This reminds me of a giant port-a-potty."
Lexi cringed. "I think I just lost my appet--"
Lexi was interrupted by the door of the chamber closing everyone in.
"Hey!" Tyler shouted, pounding on the walls. "What the heck?"
"It's way too crowded in here," Heather noticed.
Sydney grunted. "Whose hand is this?"
Harold blushed. "Oh, sorry."
"Don't worry about it being too crowded," Caitlin giggled.
Cooper laughed, "You guys'll have plenty of space in a few seconds."
Leshawna pursed her lips. "They're laughing. That ain't good."
Cooper slammed on a button, and Curmi removed the sheet covering the chamber.
The chamber began glowing and whirring.
A few seconds later, the glowing and whirring ceased, and the chamber door opened.
"Did it work?" Curmi asked, poking his head inside.
Cooper pointed to the base of the chamber. "Yep."
He grabbed a magnifying glass, and saw the twenty-four contestants, except they were the size of ants.
"What the (censored) did you do to us?" Timothy snapped.
Mordecai shook his head. "But... this is impossible!"
Cooper laughed, "Nothing's impossible in Cooper's laboratory."
Chris whispered something in Cooper's ear, and he nodded. "Oooh, good idea."
He turned to the camera and signed off. "We've got twenty-four bite-size contestants, who are all ready to compete for the million dollar prize. But you'll have to wait unti lthe next episode to find out how they get themselves out of this not-so-microscopic dilemma!"
Caitlin whispered to Chris, "Oooh, he's good."
Chris whispered back, "I guess it runs in the family."
Cooper ended, "Tune in next time, to see who wins, who loses, and which unlucky contestant gets to take the Teleporter of Shame first! All on this exciting season of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

As the credits began rolling, a deleted scene played beside it.
After the contestants had gotten settled into their rooms, Jamal and Peter began to wander around the laboratory, and passed by a table full of test tubes.
Feeling mischievious, Peter began mixing a few of them together, until the concoction exploded in his face.
Jamal gasped. "Dude, your eyebrows are gone!"
Peter panicked. "What? No! I can't be eyebrowless! I'll lose all of my modeling contracts, and I'll be living on the streets as a pretty-faced hobo!"
"Okay, overreacting much?" Jamal said. "Hang on."
He pulled a black permanent marker out of his pocket and made two abrupt marks on Peter's forehead.
Peter looked at his reflection in a beaker and smiled. "Wow, that looks perfect!"
"That's just one of the benefits of being animated," Jamal winked, as the screen faded to black.

Chapter 2: Honey, I Shrunk the Teens - Part 2

Posted On: April 29, 2012

The episode picked up immediately where the last one left off, with the twenty-four miniscule teens in the shrinking chamber.
DJ looked around. "So, this is what it's like to be tiny. I like it."
Gwen shrugged in agreement. "Not to mention it's kinda hard to be claustrophobic. Look at all of this extra room!"
"Do you guys plan on telling us the challenge within the next century?" Heather snapped at the four adults.
Cooper sneered. "Relax. I was just about to. Hop onto my hand."
The teens reluctantly did so, and Angie complained, "Ewww. Do you ever wash these?"
Cooper took offense. "Hey. I'm a scientist. I wear gloves all the time, I don't need to worry about that."
Brenna and Annabel simultaneously gagged, then giggled.
Annabel: (confessional) Brenna seems pretty cool. She's all artsy and stuff. Before we got all tiny, she drew this really nice picture of Peter in like, ten minutes! I have a cousin who draws too. Except I can't show those on TV.

Cooper deposited the teens on a high shelf, which had nothing but three pieces of paper.
"Alright, welcome to your first challenge, my microscopic companions!" Cooper announced. "On this shelf are three pieces of paper. One's red for Team Veterans, one's orange for Team Stardom, and one's blue for Team Newbies. Your first task is to fold these pieces of paper into a paper airplane."
Mordecai reminded Cooper, "Uh, dude, we're three inches tall. How is this supposed to work?"
Cooper pointed to each team. "You've got eight people each. That's enough to fold a piece of paper, no matter how small you are. I'll be back here in fifteen minutes! The best paper airplane wins an advantage in the second part of the challenge. The worst, well, you'll see."
Heather looked around at the amount of competitors.
Heather: (confessional) Ugh, there are way too many people this season. And of the seven people I know, I can't stand any of them! Then again, our team has the most experience, so it's not gonna be too hard to beat out these new kids. We'll see.
Heather then ordered, "Alright, Team Veterans! Let's come up with a plan."
Noah raised his eyebrow even higher. "Heather's taking charge. That's no surprise."
"Shut it, sweatervest," Heather snapped. "Now, who knows how to make a paper airplane?"
Everyone immediately turned to Harold, who blushed. "Well. If you insist on my knowledge, the art of paper airplane-folding is actually quite simple. You see, it all begins with the mastery of the crease--"
Gwen stopped him. "Harold, newsflash, we don't care. Just tell us what to fold."
Harold pursed his lips and began directing. "Alright, first we start with the upper-right corner!"

As Team Veterans began their airplane, Team Newbies stood idly.
Karen: (confessional) My first day on Total Drama and they've made me shorter than a blade of grass. Maybe signing up for this show wasn't the best idea. Then again, as an actress, you always need as much screentime as you can get. (giggles)
"So," Peter began, shuffling his feet.
Brenna nodded. "Yeah..."
Annabel's eyes widened. "Oh, wait! So, like, in my History class, my friend Isaac -- Isaac's so funny, you should meet him someday -- my friend Isaac, right? He like, makes paper airplanes all the time and throws them at Mr. Walker, and he's like, the worst teacher ever, and has like, no fashion sense whatsoever. But, anyway, I sort of remember how Isaac folds his airplanes, so, like, yeah."
Lexi: (confessional) I wonder how big her lungs must be to carry all of that air... then again, her head's probably full of it, too.
Lexi nodded. "Alright! So, let's get folding."
"Follow me!" Annabel said, running toward a corner of her team's paper.
As the group ran, Trevor caught up with Peter.
He put his hand on Peter's shoulder. "Hey."
"Um, hi," Peter monotonously replied.
Trevor slowly removed his hand. "Er, okay. Well, you seem like a pretty cool dude, and I was thinking we should, uh, stick together, if you know what I mean."
Peter blinked. "Oh. Okay. Sure."
Peter: (confessional) Trevor's a nice guy. I guess. (brushes hair to the side and stares into the camera for a few seconds)

Angie asked, "So, like, does anyone know what to do?"
After receiving no reply, she frowned and pulled out a stick of gum.
Ivy rolled her eyes.
Ivy: (confessional) I cannot believe that idiot won last season. She's got as much brain power as Izzy has sanity. But this time, the whole "under-the-radar" thing isn't gonna work, for anyone.
Valerie snapped her fingers toward Brian. "Yo, schoolboy, you should be good at this."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Brian frowned.
Valerie shrugged. "I don't know. Aren't prep school boys supposed to be really good at this kind of stuff? Or is that just on TV?"
Mordecai scoffed, "Valerie, you can't always base peoples' personalities off of what you see on TV."
Cooper: (confessional) It's not always the right thing to judge people off of what you see on TV, but you should totally do it anyway. Also, Total Drama holds no responsibility for any prejudiced behavior that may or may not coincidentally be similar to what is aired on TV during our time slot.
Brian scowled. "Lucky for you guys, I actually do know how to make a decent paper airplane. Just follow my lead."

Shortly after, the airplanes were all complete.
Team Veterans's airplane was very slim with many folds, complete with the team logo on the side.
Team Newbies's airplane was fairly regular, and had very little extra flair to it.
Team Stardom's airplane had very wide wings and resembled a kite.
Cooper arrived and examined the planes. "Alright! Wow, you all managed to actually make one. I was expecting at least one team to show up with nothing."
"Glad to know you believe in us so much," Lexi commented.
Cooper folded his arms. "Hm. It's a hard decision, but I think the team with the best plane is Team Veterans."
Team Veterans cheered, with the exception of Heather, who snapped, "So, what do we win?"
"Calm your short shorts," Cooper joked. "I also have to announce the worst plane, which belongs to Team Newbies."
Team Newbies groaned, and Cooper clapped his hands for attention. "Alright. Your next task involves putting these babies to the test!"
He placed three slingshots behind each team's plane and continued, "Your second task is to fly your plane across the room to your team's landing area. There, you'll take part in the final challenge, which requires a boatload of teamwork."
Brenna raised her hand. "Er, Cooper, how are we supposed to get to the other end of the room?"
Cooper pointed to the paper airplanes. "I made you tiny for a reason, didn't I? You guys are gonna be flying first-class in your own airplanes."
"Er, Annabel?" Jamal nervously asked, "Do you know if Isaac's little airplanes are, uh, safe?"
Annabel shrugged, and Cooper added, "Also, you'll have to leave teammates behind before you move on. Team Veterans, for winning, you only have to ditch one member. Team Stardom, two of you have to stay behind. And Team Newbies, you guys will have to let go of three peeps. So, decide on that, and then we can move on."

The members of Team Newbies all looked around at each other.
"Er, how about we just do this at random?" Peter suggested.
Trevor suddenly stated, "Annabel, Brenna, and Karen, how about you guys stay behind?"
Karen frowned. "Why are we all girls? Do you think guys are superior or something?"
Russell pointed out, "Well, Cooper said the last challenge is gonna require a lot of teamwork, and we guys work together really well."
"Us girls work well together too!" Karen claimed. "Right?"
Lexi rolled her eyes "It doesn't matter, we're going to lose any--"
Trevor interrupted, "Actually, Karen, I'm sorry. Sure. How about, instead, Peter, Russell, and I stay behind, and the rest of you go ahead?"
Lexi eyed Trevor strangely, and Karen smirked. "That's more like it. C'mon, gals! ... And Jamal."
Trevor: (confessional) We're bound to lose this challenge, so why not put all the blame on Karen? She seems more than happy to take one for the team.

Ivy raised her hand. "I volunteer Sydney and Valerie."
Sydney gasped. "Excuse me? Why me?"
Ivy folded her arms. "Cooper said the last challenge will require teamwork, and, let's face it, you two aren't exactly 'team players.'"
"And this is coming from you?" Valerie laughed.
Timothy picked his nails and shrugged. "You know, I'll stay, like, whatever."
Mordecai looked around. "Alright, that's one. Does anyone else volunteer or do we have to listen to the Three Stoogettes bicker some more?"
"Hey!" Ivy, Sydney, and Valerie simultaneously said.
Angie pursed her lips, then mumbled, "Uh, I'll stay too."
Mordecai nodded. "Alright, great."
Angie: (confessional) I'm worried about Timothy. It takes something major for someone to get their hair dyed that shade of red.

Over with Team Veterans, Tyler declared, "Well, the weakest person should stay behind."
"Fair enough," Gwen agreed. "Noah, cop a squat."
Noah raised an eyebrow. "'Weakest' doesn't always mean physically, corpse-skin."
Heather lightly patted his shoulder. "Nice comeback."
"And don't try to play buddy-buddy with me either, dragon lady," Noah retorted.
Heather put her hands on her hips. "Don't flatter yourself."
Izzy jumped in the airplane and demanded, "C'mon! Izzy wants to go, go, go!"
Leshawna folded her arms. "Well, we better pick someone soon, before Izzy gets even nuttier than she already is."
Gwen threw her hands up in surrender. "Fine! I'll stay."
Gwen: (confessional) I'm totally fine with not putting my life at risk for one of these stupid challenges for once.

Cooper returned. "Alright. Everyone in!"
The remaining contestants hopped into their airplanes.
Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi all set the airplanes into the slingshots, and Cooper yelled, "Go!"
The airplanes were sent into the air toward their landing pads.
"Yaaa!" Izzy cheered, standing at the very tip of Team Veterans's plane.
Harold warned, "Izzy! Come back! The plane won't fly correctly if the weight isn't distributed correctl--"
Before Harold could finish, the plane dipped downward and spiraled out of control.
From Team Newbies's plane, Brenna gasped, "Are they going to be alright?"
Lexi shrugged and pointed outward. "We're almost there!"
Sydney noticed Team Newbies arriving and scowled. "We are not gonna get beat out by a bunch of amateurs."
"It's not a race, Sydney," Brendon clarified.
Sydney pushed Brendon to the tip of the plane. "There, we should be accelerating now. Or something like that."
Sydney: (confessional) I didn't really pay that much attention in physics. Or algebra. Or school in general...
Similarly to Team Veterans's plane, Team Stardom's plane began flying downward.

Back on the shelf, Angie sat down beside Timothy.
She asked, "So, like, can you go over what happened?"
Timothy looked at her. "With what?"
"You," Angie clarified. "What happened to old Timothy?"
Timothy sighed. "Alright. Well. When I got eliminated, I stayed in a hotel. Caitlin said I'd be back for the finale, so it would've been pointless to go back to Canada and then back to Hawaii. So when I did go home - after you won - my parents were... um..."
"Freaked out?" Angie suggested.
"Pretty much," Timothy nodded. "They thought I was 'filthy' and 'contaminated with competition' and other stuff I don't remember. So I told them that they should let loose with their strictness on hygiene, like I sort of did. They called me crazy."
Angie frowned. "But, what's with the new look, and the new attitude?"
Timothy flipped his new red bangs around and frowned. "I wanted to make them as angry as I was with them, so I did all of this stuff that they would never let me do. Dyed my hair, got rid of my belt, changed my wardrobe, got some piercings..."
Angie looked around. "I don't see any piercings."
"They aren't on my face," Timothy off-handedly stated.
Angie's eyes widened. "Oh."
"But, yeah," Timothy sighed. "I don't really like my new look, but, I mean, my parents don't really accept me no matter what I do, or how hard I try, or anything. It's not easy being normal."
Angie put her hand on his shoulder. "Aw. Don't worry 'bout it. I accept you. You just kinda scared me with the whole new look. And I think everyone misses the old Timothy."
Timothy looked at her and smiled. "I do too."

Meanwhile, Team Newbies landed gracefully on their landing pad and cheered.
"Girl power!" Karen grinned.
Jamal waved. "Hi, I'm still here."
Team Stardom arrived next and crashed on to their landing pad.
"See! It worked! Sorta," Sydney determined.
Team Veterans arrived shortly after, being lifted up by Cooper.
Cooper examined the teams and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. The laws of physics don't work that way. At least, not for this challenge."
Sydney scoffed, and Cooper looked over to Team Newbies. "Now, I know it wasn't a race, but Team Newbies beat everyone by a mile. So, I'm giving you guys a much-needed advantage in the final part of the challenge!"
Team Newbies cheered as Cooper took the remaining contestants to the final challenge.

The last part of the challenge took place in a maze.
Cooper placed each team in a different starting position in the maze and grinned. "For this portion, you guys will actually be taking the place of lab rats."
Lexi gasped. "Ew!"
Cooper glared at her, then resumed, "For this challenge, each team will pick one person to blindfoldedly navigate through the maze, and one person will be able to see a map of the maze and will give directions from the entrance of the maze through a headset. The rest of the team will have to defend the blindfolded person from the dangers that may exist in the maze -- but they can't talk! The only two people that are allowed to talk during the challenge are the blindfolded person and the person on headset."
Karen asked, "So, what's our advantage?"
"You'll get to start a little farther into the maze," Cooper replied.
Team Newbies cheered, and Cooper ordered, "So, pick your people!"

Heather immediately said, "I'll be on headset."
"Who on Earth would want to listen to what you have to say?" Leshawna laughed. "I think I'll be one on headset."
Heather began to protest, but the rest of the team unanimously agreed with Leshawna.
"Fine," Heather pouted. "Then, who's going into the maze? It sure as heck won't be me."
Izzy grinned. "Oooh, ooh, ooh, me! Pick me! Please!"
Noah: (confessional) I don't trust Izzy with a blindfold in a treacherous maze. Then again, knowing Izzy, this probably won't be her first time doing this.
Team Stardom had little trouble in their decision.
Valerie suggested, "I think Brian should be blindfolded and Mordecai should give direction - I mean, we need Brendon's strength, and those two just seem to perfect fits for the roles."
The rest of the team shrugged.
Ivy: (confessional) Hm. Valerie's actually not as stupid as I thought she was. She'd be a good alliance-mate. Or an enemy. Her choice, really.
Team Newbies had even more ease with the decision.
Karen ordered, "Okay. Brenna can be on headset and Annabel should be blindfolded."
Karen: (confessional) Annabel has to be something, because there's no way she'd stay silent.

Back on the shelves, Trevor walked over to Peter and Russell.
Trevor: (confessional) Okay. Time to get down to business. I didn't pick those two for no reason, y'know.
He nearly put his arms around their shoulders, then decided against it. "So. Uh. Hey, guys."
"Hi," Peter quickly answered.
"'Sup, dude?" Russell nodded. He offered Trevor a high-five, but was rejected.
Trevor cringed. "Yeah. Well, I was wondering if you guys are at all interested in allying with me."
Russell frowned. "But we're on the same team already."
Trevor sighed, "What I mean is, if you team up with me, we could make it all the way to the final three."
"Oh, cool," Peter nodded. "Sure."
A short pause followed, and Trevor walked away.
Trevor: (confessional) Peter's really... er... awkward.

Izzy, Brian, and Annabel were all placed into the maze, with Annabel being slightly ahead.
Leshawna, Mordecai, and Brenna had their mics ready.
"And, go!" Cooper yelled.
Izzy sped ahead, with the rest of the team barely keeping up.
"A'ight, Izzy," Leshawna began, "Turn to the left. Duck, 'cause there's barbed wire or something like that around there."
Izzy, instead, managed to jump over the barbed wire.
The rest of the team stopped and slowly crawled underneath it, groaning.
Noah: (confessional) I don't think Izzy needs the protection from the maze as much as we do.

Mordecai peered at the map and stuttered, "Uh, okay. Walk a little forward, but, not too much."
Brian incredulously asked, "What is that even supposed to mean?!"
"Just walk!" Mordecai ordered.
A few seconds passed and Mordecai added, "Oh, and watch out for the pool of lava about three yards ahead."
"What?" Brian yelped, nearly tripping into the pool before getting pulled back by Brendon.
Mordecai chuckled. "Oops. Sorry. Uhhh. There's a tightrope to your right."
Ivy and Valerie guided Brian to the tightrope and Sydney and Brendon helped him maintain his balance.
Sydney: (confessional) This is actually ridiculous. Last season was so much easier. The worst Caitlin made us do was, like, shoot each other with ketchup.

On headset, Brenna began, "Okay, we're in the lead, and we need to keep it. Take about three steps forward, then start walking to the right."
"My right, or your right?" Annabel asked.
Brenna frowned. "Um. Yours. There's an obstacle, so stop."
There was a pause. Annabel demanded, "Well, what is the obstacle?"
Brenna put her hands on her hips. "I don't know how to describe it. I want to say the giant rat is yellow, but it seems so much more than that."
"Giant... rat?" Annabel shrieked.
Jamal hoisted Annabel on his shoulders and ran past the rat, with Karen and Lexi trailing behind.
After about thirty seconds of screaming, Brenna gasped. "Got it! Highlighter-yellow. That's the shade. Oh, right. The maze."

Izzy rolled into the center of the maze and ripped off her blindfold. "Yah-ha!"
The rest of her teammates followed shortly after, panting.
Cooper clapped. "Well done! Team Veterans wins immunity!"
Team Stardom and Team Newbies suddenly arrived at the same time, and Ivy argued, "We so beat you guys!"
"As if!" Karen protested. "We came in second! Right, Cooper?"
Cooper shrugged. "Doesn't matter who came in second, because Team Veterans has already won immunity from tonight's double elimination!" Trevor, who was now in the center of the maze along with the other contestants who were previously left behind, shouted, "What?"
Cooper restated, "That's right. Two people are going home tonight!"
Gwen nodded in approval. "Stardom and Newbies losing a member each on Day One. Nice."
"Gwen's right," Cooper stated, "Each team will vote off one member. So cast your votes in the confessional and I'll meet you guys tonight at our very first Patenting Ceremony!"

The Patenting Ceremony took place in a small room in the far corner of the laboratory. Three sets of stacked benches similar to those from the second season's Gilded Chris ceremonies were in the back, with the teams (now back in their regular size) sitting segregated on opposite sides.
Cooper entered, along with Caitlin and Curmi, the losing teams' coaches.
He began, "Welcome, losers, to the very first Total Drama Lab Rats Patenting Ceremony! You've all cast your votes in the confessional. I have fourteen test tubes here. Most of you know what these represent - they represent safety. If you do not receive a test tube, it means you received the most votes on your team. You'll have to walk through the Double Doors of Shame and take the Teleporter of Losers to your destination!"
Cooper began, "And the first test tube in Total Drama Lab Rats history goes to Valerie!"
Valerie missed the toss and the test tube shattered on the ground below. "Er..."
Cooper ignored it and continued. "Jamal and Sydney!"
He continued down the list. "Angie, Lexi, Brendon, and Trevor!"
The four of them caught their test tubes with the exception of Angie, who dodged.
Cooper gave her a stern look, and Angie replied, "I usually don't catch flying glass objects."
"Brian, Peter, and Annabel!"
The remaining six contestants - Timothy, Ivy, Mordecai, Brenna, Karen, and Russell - nervously looked at each other.
"The next test tube goes to Russell," Cooper stated.
Russell eagerly caught the test tube and wiped the sweat off of his brow. "Phew." Cooper glanced at the remaining five and announced, "Ivy..."
"Finally," Ivy muttered, hiding her worry.
Cooper stated, "Alright. Timothy, you didn't participate in the challenge and I don't think anyone's really digging 'new Timothy.'"
Timothy shrugged, and Cooper continued, "Mordecai and Brenna, you two weren't the best at giving your teammates directions. The point of a maze is to get to the end, you know that, right?"
The two of them bit their lips and Cooper finished, "And Karen, maybe the whole 'girl power' theory wasn't the best, considering Jamal was the only reason Annabel made it to the end of the maze."
"Well, she didn't need to be carried," Karen defended.
Cooper rolled his eyes. "Right. Anyway, the final test tubes of the evening go to..."
The four potential eliminatees closed their eyes in anticipation.
Caitlin and Curmi leaned forward slightly.
Cooper stated, "Mordecai and Brenna."
Timothy stood up without saying a word, while Karen shrieked, "Are you all crazy?"
Everyone's head turned to her as she ranted, "I was, like, your only chance of making it through this game as new players! Great job, guys!"
Russell whispered to Trevor, "She seems angry."
Trevor kicked Russell as Karen stormed through the Double Doors of Shame.
Timothy shrugged. "Uh. Well. Not really sure why I was voted off, but, okay. I guess now would be a good time to say I'm ditching the whole 'goth look.' I guess you could say it was just a phase. I'm actually kind of glad I'm going home, it gives me a chance to make amends with things."
As he walked away, Angie ran over to him. "Wait, Timothy."
Timothy quickly turned around. "Yeah?"
Angie bit her lip, and stuttered, "I... uh... I like your shirt."
He looked down. "Oh, thanks, I got it at my uncle's garage sale."
Timothy exited through the Double Doors of Shame, and Cooper cleared his throat. "Well, that wraps up our second episode. It seems that this season has a lot in store for our teens. Most of it will probably be emotional and physical trauma, but hey, what else is new? Tune in next time for another heart-racing, thrill-filled, bite-sized episode of Total. Drama Lab Rats!"

Chapter 3: Freezer Burn

Posted On: May 6, 2012 "Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, we introduced this season's twenty-four contestants to my very own laboratory, where they'll be my very own test subjects for all of my crazy experiments and inventions! We split them up into teams that they may be all too familiar with and gave them their first challenge as microscopic teenagers. And already on Day One, alliances were made, enemies were established, and friends were, er, still non-existent. Which makes for great TV. Team Veterans took the gold, and Team Stardom and Newbies sent home Timothy for being too different, and Karen's bossiness got her the heave-ho. Who will win? Who will lose? Why do hosts have to ask questions at the end of every recap? Find out on tonight's episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

In Team Stardom's room, Brendon was the first to wake up.
He looked around the room and sighed.
Brendon: (confessional) I miss last season. Everyone here has changed so much. Competition can really affect someone.
Brian rolled off of his bunk and laded with a loud thud, waking up everyone in the room.
"These beds need railings," Brian complained as he stood back up.
Ivy groaned. "And maybe you need a brain."
Mordecai stuttered, "G-g-guys, am I the only one who thinks it's really c-cold in here?"
"Yeah," Angie agreed, quivering, "S-s-someone should t-talk to Cooper."
She looked around the room for a volunteer.
"I'm not talking to C-C-Cooper," Ivy declared in the sub-zero conditions. "He's so c-c-creepy. He might turn me into a ch-cheetah or something."
Sydney whispered, "Did you know that Cooper's, like, r-r-really lonely? And he makes all of th-th-these inventions to keep him c-company."
Valerie folded her arms. "Who's dumb enough to believ--"
"Poor thing!" Brian, Angie, and Brendon said at the same time.
Ivy, Valerie, and Mordecai all sighed.

Team Veterans wasn't faring much better with the cold temperatures.
"It's f-f-freakin' f-f-freezing!" Gwen panicked.
Harold raised a finger and suggested, "Maybe we should all hug and preserve b-b-body heat."
Heather gave him a strange glance. "Nice try, f-f-freak, but I'm st-staying here."
"Ain't we s-s'posed to have s-s-some kinda thermostat?" Leshawna asked.
Noah tried to stand up, but slipped on the now-frozen floors.
"Ice skating party!" Izzy grinned. "Woo!"
She hopped off of her bunk and slid across the room and into the door, which fell over.

Team Veterans exited and saw that it was actually snowing in the laboratory.
DJ gasped. "It's a Christmas miracle!"
"It's July," Noah coldly corrected. "And where's Cooper?"
Cooper pulled up beside them in a bobsled, with Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi behind him. "Hello, contestants! Wait, where are the other teams?"
A large crash was heard, and everyone turned to see Brendon sprawled on the floor.
The rest of Team Stardom exited shortly after, and Sydney explained, "The hinges were frozen shut. Human battering rams always work!"
Brendon gave a thumbs-up as he lay face-down in the snow.
"What about Team Newbies?" Curmi curiously asked, looking around the laboratory.
"Heeeelp!" a male voice cried out.
Shortly after, a female voice scolded, "Your voice is giving me a migraine!"
Cooper nodded. "Sounds like Russell and Lexi."
Curmi walked over to Team Newbies room and kicked down the door.
Russell ran over to Curmi and hugged him. "I didn't think we were gonna make it!"
"Um," Curmi frowned. "Why don't we walk over to--"
Cooper blew a whistle. "Alright, alright, everyone over here!"

The three teams gathered around Cooper, who sported a thermal coat and snowboots.
"Why is it t-t-ten below zero in here?" Tyler complained.
Cooper paused and reached into his bobsled, then pulled out a large fan. "It's because of the Breeze-O-Matic 3000, my latest invention! See, it was supposed to give a small gust of wind that lowered the room temperature by a few degrees. As you can see, it lowered it by a few more."
"My insides feel minty," Angie commented.
Cooper glanced at her, then continued, "So, I say we take advantage of our new Antarctic habitat and use it as a challenge area!"
Annabel eagerly clapped.
Annabel: (confessional) See, I'm actually not from Canada, I'm from California, and, like, it never snows there. Especially not in the middle of the summer. But, I mean, it's a fair trade-off. No snow means less clothing on the beach, and more hunks to stare at. (giggles)
"I've got three mini-challenges planned out," Cooper stated. "The team that performs the best overall will win a special reward, and the team that performs the worst overall will send home one of their own!"
Trevor looked at his team in comparison to the other two.
Trevor: (confessional) I can't say my team's very good. At anything. Russell, Annabel, and Brenna are weaklings, Lexi's super-annoying, and Peter's an anti-social dimwit. The only person on our team that's useful for anything is Jamal, but he's pretty smart, which is why I didn't ally with him. At least not yet.

The first challenge site had three large mounds of snow that were fairly far apart, and they faced each other.
Cooper introduced, "This challenge is a good, old-fashioned snowball fight. Make a snowball. Throw it an opposing team. Pretty simple."
Angie raised her hand.
Cooper exhaled. "Yes, Angie?"
She quickly put her hand down and said, "Okay. So. Does it have to be a snowball? Like, what if you want to make it a cube, or a pyramid, or something?"
Cooper blinked. "Um. Sure. Whatever three-dimensional shape you prefer. Just... go."
He sped off, and the teams all ran to their bases.

At Team Newbies's base, Trevor declared, "We need a plan."
"It's a snowball fight, not a bank robbery," Lexi frowned.
Trevor asked, "We're better off with a set plan. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to go back to another Patenting Ceremony."
The team remained silent, and Trevor nodded. "Alright. Russell, Jamal, Lexi, and Annabel, you guys are gonna throw toward Team Veterans. Peter, Brenna and I will throw at Team Stardom. Sound good?"
The rest of the team shrugged, except for Lexi, who asked, "Wait, can you say that again? I was fixing my makeup."
Lexi: (confessional) I'm a pageant girl, okay? I always need to look flawless in front of the cameras. (looks at herself in her compact mirror) Is that a zit?! (frantically applies foundation)

Over at Team Veterans's base, Tyler immediately grabbed a pile of snow and threw it toward Team Stardom's base.
It barely travelled half as far as it had to, and went backward.
"Maybe you can play defense," Heather sarcastically suggested.
Harold corrected, "It's not really possible to play defense in a snowball fight."
Heather rolled her eyes. "It was a joke, nerdling."
Leshawna impatiently asked, "Can we get on with this? I ain't got time to waste."
"Sounds good," Gwen nodded, picking up a snowball and throwing it over to Team Newbies, hitting Lexi in the chest.
Lexi screamed and ran off into the confessional.
Lexi: (confessional, breathing into her chest) Cold, cold, cold, cold!
"Nice shot!" Izzy complimented, beginning to create a snowball of her own. "Taste my frozen spheres of doom! Ai, ye, ye!"
Izzy began to hurl snowball after snowball at the other teams' bases without mercy.

Team Stardom, desperately hiding behind their base, was at a loss for strategy.
Valerie whispered, "Any ideas?"
Sydney stood up and nervously tossed a snowball at Team Veterans's base, and it landed in Leshawna's hair.
Leshawna's eyes widened and she quickly whipped her head around.
Sydney gulped and jumped back behind her base.
Leshawna: (confessional) My... my weave... is ruined. A little snow wouldn't hurt it, but this chick threw this much snow. (demonstrates with her hands) She's gonna pay.
While avoiding Izzy's snowballs, Team Stardom also had to dodge those originating from Team Newbies' base.
"This sucks," Angie dejectedly stated.
Brian stood up. "C'mon guys, we've gotta try!"
He picked up a snowball and charged toward Team Veterans's base. "Yaaaaaah!"
He was quickly stopped by a series of snowballs coming from DJ and Leshawna.
"I like that guy," Tyler nodded in approval.

After a few more minutes of endless snowball-tossing, Cooper returned in his bobsled and blew a whistle. "Alright! Cease tossing!"
Everyone except for Izzy stopped, who was quickly restrained by DJ and Tyler.
"It's over," DJ told her.
Izzy jumped in place. "It's so hard to stop!"
Cooper announced, "Alright! I think it's pretty obvious that Team Veterans is in the lead so far. Team Newbies has won themselves a close second, and Team Stardom... you guys suck. Step it up or you'll end up sending another person home. Follow me to the next challenge!"
As everyone followed Cooper's bobsled, Sydney pulled Angie aside.
"Hey, Angie," Sydney began, "You won last season, right?"
Angie nodded slowly. "Yeah. You were there."
Angie: (confessional) Sometimes I think Sydney might not be the sharpest bulb in the closet. Wait, I said that wrong.
Sydney continued, "And, since you won, everyone thinks you're a huge threat."
"Really?" Angie incredulously asked. "Me, a threat? Aw, shoot."
Sydney nodded, "I can't believe it either. Anyway. I'll stick together with you to make sure you don't go home, because, well, you're a cool person. This isn't an alliance or anything--"
Sydney: (confessional) Even though it so is.
"--just a way to make sure we've got each others' backs."
Angie stopped for a second, then shrugged. "Alright. Sounds good. Oooh, do you think we can help out Brendon, too? I mean, he came in second and everything. And you were like, tied for third! O-M-G, we could all stick together and be like, the best people ever."
Sydney blinked. "Sure!"

The next challenge took place in a large, cleared, circular area.
"Are we sumo-wrestling?!" Tyler excitedly asked.
Cooper frowned. "No, Tyler, we are not sumo-wrestling. Anyone else have an ingenious guess?"
Brendon raised his hand slowly, and Cooper answered, "No, we aren't partaking in anything that involves or relates to toasters."
Brendon lowered his hand as Cooper said, "It's a figure-skating competition! Each team will send one representative to, well, figure-skate. Be graceful, dainty, and perform a trick or two. I'll be back in fifteen minutes with the other coaches to judge!"

Annabel eagerly jumped in place. "Oooh, oooh, I can do it!"
"You can figure-skate?" Jamal asked in surprise.
Annabel nodded. "Yeah. I've been figure-skating ever since I was..."
Annabel stopped to count on her fingers. "... Five!"
Trevor asked, "Are you any good at it?"
Russell defended, "If she's been doing it since she was five, she's probably great at it."
"Fair enough," Trevor stated, suspiciously looking at Russell, then to Annabel. "We're counting on you, though."

Gwen elbowed Heather. "Don't you figure-skate or something?"
Heather irritatedly rubbed her shoulder and snapped, "I do ballet, idiot."
"They're all the same to me," Gwen shrugged. "Can anyone here figure-skate?"
DJ stated, "I can twirl ribbons."
Everyone glanced at him for a second, until Harold suddenly appeared, fully dressed in a leotard. "Harold McGrady at your service!"
Leshawna couldn't hold back her laughter. "Are you serious?"
The rest of the team, except for DJ, joined in.
Harold: (confessional) My figure-skating coach is great. When the team couldn't find a leotard small enough to fit me, she gave me her eight-year-old daughter's! I got laughed at, and I still do, but it'd be a lot worse if I didn't take off all of the rhinestones...

Team Stardom, however, lacked any figure-skating talent.
"Are you serious? No one here knows how to figure-skate?" Ivy asked in disbelief.
Valerie asked, "I can roller-skate, does that help? They're like the same thing, except one is on wheels and the other's on blades."
Despite the millions of holes in Valerie's logic, Ivy nodded, "Alright. If that's the best we've got, we'll have to deal with it. Does everyone agree?"
The team nodded, but Ivy looked around and asked, "Does anyone know where Sydney and Brendon are?"
Angie innocently shrugged. "Maybe they're making out somewhere."
Mordecai cringed. "I really hope that isn't true."

Sydney stated, "So, will you join us?"
Brendon looked away. "Er, I don't know..."
"Well, why not?" Sydney impatiently snapped.
Brendon turned to her. "I just don't feel right making, like, a team within a team."
Sydney pointed out, "That defintiely didn't stop you last season when you and Luke nearly got me voted off almost every other episode!"
"That was different!" Brendon defended.
Sydney put her hands on her hips. "How?"
Brendon stuttered, "Luke, uh, he was, er... different! In a way. Sorta."
After a short pause, Brendon sighed. "Okay."
"Great," Sydney smiled, walking back to the team.

Cooper returned, this time with Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi, and sat behind a judges' table.
Caitlin complained, "These chairs are lumpy."
"So's your face!" Chris mocked.
Caitlin stuck her tongue out at him as the first contestant, Harold, entered the arena.
The judges snickered as Harold began skating across the rink normally.
He leaped and spun around, landing perfectly on the ice.
"Boy's got moves," Leshawna mumbled to herself.
"Huh?" Gwen turned to Leshawna.
Leshawna shook her head. "Oh. Nothing."
Harold smugly leaped again and this time spun around twice in mid-air, landing again, but with less assurance.
He skated to the judges' table and skidded to a halt. "Thank you, hold your applause."
No one clapped except for a tentative Leshawna, who quickly stopped.
Cooper turned to the other judges. "What did you guys think?"
Chris leaned back in his chair. "I've seen better. Decent form. Those spins were atrocious. Overall, I'll give it a seven and a half."
Cooper whispered, "We aren't giving them scores."
"Whatever!" Chris scoffed.
Caitlin clapped excitedly. "You were so good. Like, you're great. So good. I wish I could see it again, seriously."
Curmi folded his arms. "Hey, man, that was really good. You're gonna be a star someday, man, I just know it."
Cooper nodded. "Alright, then. Nice job, Harold. Next up, Annabel!"

Annabel eagerly began skating around the rink.
She leaped twice in a row, giggling the entire time.
"Yeah, go Annabel!" Russell excitedly cheered.
Everyone looked at him, and he slowly sat back down.
Annabel continued to skate even faster, and spun around a few times, then got dizzy and slowed down.
She finally stopped and gracefully ended in front of the judges' table.
Chris yawned. "Bo-ring. I was this close to falling asleep."
Caitlin rolled her eyes. "Don't listen to him. You were great, honey. Just fantastic. Simply marvelous. And you look so fab in those skates."
Curmi shrugged. "I'm kinda in the middle. You were good, but didn't do a lot. All I gotta say."
Cooper continued, "Cool. Thank, Annabel, and now we're up to Valerie."
As Annabel sat back down, she blew a kiss to Russell, who mimicked catching it.
Trevor's eyes widened and he gasped.
Trevor: (confessional) Nuh-uh. No way. Girlfriends mean commitments and he already has one. Two commitments are bound to conflict with each other. Then again, Annabel's a tease. There's no way they'd end up together.

Before she entered, Valerie whispered to her team, "Er, I don't think I can do this."
"Sure you can," Ivy said. "Because if you don't, I think it's pretty obvious who's going home."
Valerie awkwardly wobbled into the rink and said, "Uh, before I start, let me just say that I've never done this before. Uh. Okay."
She nervously tried to take a step, and succeeded, for about a second.
She slipped and fell. "Crap."
Sydney closed her eyes. "This is painful to watch."
"Wait," Valerie gasped. "I think I got it."
She steadied herself as she got back up, then fell through the ice.
"That's not good," Cooper commented.
Brendon hopped out of his seat and pulled her back up.
"Th-th-th-thank-k-ks, Br-Br-Br-Brendon," Valerie stuttered.
Brendon smiled. "No problem."
"Uh, I think it's pretty obvious how this challenge turned out," Cooper stated. "Veterans are still in the lead, Newbies are still in second, and Stardom, you need a miracle to get out of elimination at this point. Onward to our final challenge!"
Valerie: (confessional) I didn't do th-th-that b-b-badly, r-r-right? (short pause) ... I might as well k-kiss the m-million g-g-goodbye...

The final challenge took place at the top of a large snow mound, and three bobsleds awaited the contestants there.
"Alright, kiddies," Cooper said, "For your final challenge, you'll be racing. A bobsled race, to be specific. The entire team should be able to fit in one bobsled. You'll need someone to push it off of this plateau first, obviously. Feel free to slow down the other teams in any way you can think of."
Heather raised an eyebrow. "Any way we can think of, huh?"
Cooper nodded. "After this challenge, I'll pick the winners, and the losers. Team Stardom, you guys have to win this challenge to even be considered being placed second. Comprende?"
The team nervously mumbled in agreement, and Cooper stated, "Alright. Three, two, one, go!"

The teams all hopped into their bobsleds, with the exception of DJ, Brendon, and Peter, who stayed behind to push.
The three boys all struggled to get their bobsleds down the hill.
"C'mon, DJ!" Heather yelled, "We've got to stay in the lead!"
"You guys are heavy," DJ said, panting.
Brendon tried his hardest to push.
"We need to win this challenge!" Sydney reminded him. "We can't afford to lose another player!"
Brendon took a deep breath and pushed his hardest, and managed to get Team Stardom down the hill first.
"Yes!" the team cheered as Brendon hopped into the bobsled at the last second.
Peter was out of breath when Trevor yelled, "We are not going to end up at elimination because those Stardom losers got lucky! Let's go!"
Finally, at the same time, both DJ and Peter got their teams' bobsleds down the hill, and both of them jumped in.

Team Stardom had already gained a fair lead ahead of the other two teams.
Valerie turned around and yelled, "I s-s-see th-them!"
The rest of the team turned around as well.
"We need to slow them down!" Sydney said.
"How?" Ivy asked.
Sydney began to answer, then gasped, "Tree!"
The team attempted to shift their weight, but one end of the bobsled hit the tree and it spun out of control.
"Look!" Lexi shrieked, pointing at Team Stardom's derailed bobsled.
Brenna yelled, "Everyone lean to the right!"
The team nearly avoided the out-of-control bobsled, but the two teams crashed into each other and everyone was sent flying down the hill.

Team Veterans simply spectated in awe as they pulled up to a stop at the finish line.
Cooper blew his whistle. "And Team Veterans wins! No surprise there. Where are the other teams?"
The other fourteen teenagers came tumbling down the hill and landed face-down at the finish line.
"Did we win?" Sydney asked in confusion.
Cooper shook his head. "Nope. In fact, Team Stardom is heading to the elimination ceremony, again!"
The team groaned, and Heather asked, "And what does Team Veterans win?"
"A radiator for your room!" Cooper grinned.
Team Veterans cheered, and Valerie asked, "C-c-can I st-stay in you guys' room f-f-for a bit?"
Cooper interrupted, "No time, Team Stardom, cast your votes in the confessional and I'll see you in a bit!"

At the Patenting Ceremony, the seven members of Team Stardom sat in the bleachers across from Caitlin and Cooper.
"This isn't going to be a regular thing, is it?" Caitlin frowned. "It's kinda depressing seeing you guys go everyday."
Ivy: (confessional) I didn't really know who to vote for. It wasn't totally Valerie's fault that we lost the challenge, and everyone on this team is so annoying.
Sydney: (confessional) I managed to get Brian into our alliance too! This is so exciting. Now we just need someone to vote for...
Mordecai: (confessional) Hm. I'm thinking of voting for Sydney. She's really annoying, and I kinda feel bad for Valerie.
Brendon: (confessional, sighs) Sydney told me who to vote for, but, I mean, this just feels weird.
Cooper held six test tubes in his hands. "Team Stardom. Welcome to your second Patenting Ceremony! There are seven of you here, but I only have six test tubes in my hands. The contestant who does not receive a test tube must walk through the Double Doors of Shame and take the Teleporter of Losers back home!"
He paused. "The first test tube goes to Brendon."
Brendon excitedly caught his test tube.
"Angie, Mordecai, Brian..."
The three of them caught their test tubes and set them down.
Cooper looked at Ivy, then Valerie, and finally Sydney.
Ivy caught her test tube and asked, "Can you stop calling me so close to the end? It's annoying."
Cooper shook his head. "Anyway. Let's see. Valerie and Sydney. Valerie, you kind of bombed the figure-skating challenge, and you were pretty much your team's only hope."
Valerie protested, "I t-t-told you guys I knew how t-to roller-sk-skate!"
"And Sydney, I don't think anyone here really likes you," Cooper added, "Not to mention you kind of distracted your team during the bobsled challenge, which is why no one saw the tree beforehand."
Sydney shrugged. "Whatever."
"And so, the final test tube goes to..."
Valerie and Sydney glared at each other, then at Cooper.
Sydney caught her test tube in satisfaction and waved, "Later, Valerie."
Valerie stood up and frowned. "Th-thanks a l-lot, g-guys! Ugh. As soon as I g-g-get home, I'm drinking some hot ch-ch-chocolate..."
"Well," Cooper concluded as Valerie walked through the Double Doors of Shame, "That was an exciting episode, wasn't it? Tune in next time to see more challenges, more drama, and hopefully, less snow! See you all on the next episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Chapter 4: Animal Harm

Posted On: May 7, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, our three teams were put to the test in some harsh weather conditions after my Breeze-O-Matic 3000 had a bit of a malfunction, hehe. Russell's been giving Annabel some looks, and Trevor's not liking it. Sydney decided to start up an alliance of her own between herself, Angie, Brendon, and Brian, and together, they sent Valerie packing! What's in store for our contestants? Will Team Stardom ever win a challenge? How the heck did we get rid of all of that snow? Find out on this episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Brenna woke up and yawned loudly, then noticed everyone else was still sleeping.
Brenna: (confessional) I'm kind of a morning person. I like waking up early and hearing the birds chirp, and watching the sun rise... both of which can't be done here in Cooper's lab.
She tried to quietly sneak out of her room, but Jamal began to stir.
"Er, sorry," Brenna apologized.
Jamal assured, "Ah, it's no problem. It's really quiet in the morning; a nice difference between all the drama that goes on later."
Brenna laughed, "Tell me about it. I'm starving, by the way, do you wanna go grab some breakfast?"
"I'm still in my pajamas," Jamal reminded her.
Brenna looked at herself. "I'm wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, do you really think you should care about how you look?"
Jamal shrugged and followed after her.
Jamal: (confessional) Brenna's really cool. She's just... really... natural.

In the dining area, Jamal and Brenna noticed Izzy, who was eagerly eating ketchup-covered pancakes.
They cringed and walked around her table, when Mordecai, Brian, and Brendon also entered.
"I'm telling you, she's bad news," Mordecai stated.
Brian defended, "Sydney's not a bad person. She's a little flaky, but I trust her."
"Didn't she technically get you eliminated last season?" Mordecai reminded him.
Brian thought for a moment. "Sorta. But it's not my fault that her costume was too small!"
Brendon ran over to Izzy and gasped. "No way! You do that too?!"
Izzy, with her mouth full, nodded eagerly. "It tastes great, right?!"
Chunks of half-eaten pancake and ketchup were all over Brendon's face, but he didn't mind.
"... That's so gross," Brenna gagged.

Shortly after, the rest of the contestants were all in the dining area.
Team Veterans had also won themselves extra breakfast, which every winning team would win for the rest of the competition, in addition to the reward for every challenge.
"Mmm, mmm, mmm!" Leshawna grinned. "This is off the chain!"
Noah nodded. "I've gotta say, it's nice eating actual food on this show for once. Did Chef upgrade or something?"
"Chef stayed in Hawaii, remember?" Gwen said. "I wonder who's making the food."
DJ kicked open the kitchen door and arrived with a fresh batch of cookies. "Anyone here want an early morning snack?"
Harold asked, "DJ, are you the one making all of this?"
DJ nodded. "That's right! Cooper's letting me handle all of the cooking for the season, even if I get eliminated!"
"These pancakes are amazing!" Annabel commented from her team's table. "Like, they're so perfectly fluffy on the inside, and so perfectly crispy on the outside! And it's just the perfect shade of brown! Yay, DJ!"
The contestants all clapped, and DJ blushed. "Aw, well, you guys..."
Cooper entered. "Glad to see you guys are enjoying the food! Well, eat up, because your next challenge starts in ten minutes. And I suggest you don't eat too much, because some of the stuff you'll be seeing might not agree with a full stomach."
"I don't like the sound of that," Gwen frowned.
Heather raised an eyebrow. "An eating challenge already? Can't be."
She turned to DJ. "Do you know anything about it?"
DJ shrugged. "I'm still a contestant, you know, I just cook too. Cookie?"
Heather subconsciously grabbed a cookie and took a bite, wondering what the challenge might be.

The six members of Team Stardom all munched on DJ's cookies as Ivy stated, "Okay, we have to get it together."
She paused, took a bite, and continued, "Did you guys see Total Drama World Tour? Remember what happened to Team Victory? They were wiped out. We can't have that happen to us."
"Geez, calm down," Brian assured. "We've only had two challenges. Us losing both of them doesn't mean that much yet."
The rest of the team agreed with Brian, while Ivy frowned and grabbed another cookie.
Ivy: (confessional) I don't get how everyone can be so calm about this. We're down two members. The Newbies are beating us. We need to step up our game.
"Besides," Sydney added, "If we lose, it actually helps. We get rid of our weak links and future threats."
Mordecai gave her a strange look. "Ivy's still right. We need to avoid losing as much as possible. And we really need to start taking down Team Veterans, I think we can all agree on that."
Ivy added, "So, consider this the start of a new era?"
"A loss-free era?" Mordecai chimed.
Ivy ignored him and suggested, "Team Stardom on three! One--"
"Two," Mordecai interrupted.
"Three!" Ivy finished.
Everyone except Angie lifted their hand up and yelled, "Team Stardom!"
Angie yelled, "Four!"
Everyone stared at her and she frowned. "I thought we were counting."
Mordecai: (confessional) Ivy thinks she's leading our team or something. We all know how sneaky she is; I don't like her. Not one bit. And she's not fooling anyone with her whole 'team spirit' act or whatever that was.

Brenna ate a cookie and commented, "These are so good."
"Those are also so many carbs," Lexi mocked.
Lexi: (confessional) My pageant coach makes us eat cookies sometimes so that we fit in our dresses better, then we have to work it all off after the competition. But we can't work out too much, because our muscles'll be a turn-off to the judges when we're in the swimsuit portion. It's a real tough sport.
There was one cookie left on the tray, and Annabel and Russell both reached for it.
Russell stopped. "Oh, uh, you can have it."
"No, it's yours," Annabel insisted, pushing the plate to Russell.
Russell shook his head. "No, no, I'm full. Take it."
Trevor snapped, "I'm going to eat the darn thing if you two don't quit it."
Finally, Russell broke the cookie in half and gave one half to Annabel. "There we go."
She smiled and ate her half as Russell stood up and said, "I'll, uh, be right back. Bathroom."
"I, too, need to use the restroom," Peter stated loudly.
The entire team glanced at him, and the two of them left.
Trevor scooted over to Annabel and asked, "Do you actually like him?"
Annabel looked at Trevor strangely. "He's sweet."
"But do you like him," Trevor repeated. "As in, like-like him?"
Annabel rolled her eyes. "This isn't grade school, Trevor. I'll leave it at that."
Trevor returned to his normal seat and folded his arms.
Trevor: (confessional) I don't know exactly what she meant by that, which means I can make it mean whatever I want. (grins deviously)

The contestants finished their breakfast and exited the dining area, where they saw a large machine with two chambers at its sides, and tubes leading from the chambers to the center. At the center there was a large screen, and a final central chamber beneath the screen.
"Er, what is that?" Brian asked.
Cooper walked in with several interns behind him, pushing in six large crates. "Welcome, contestants! This large machine here is a phenomenal little doo-hickey that can take two organisms of any species and create a new species, combining the two original organisms' characteristics! I call it the... er... cross-breeding machine."
Noah clapped slowly. "Fantastic."
Harold admired the machine and asked, "Do you guys have any idea how cool this thing is? How much potential this has?"
Angie asked, "So, if you put a narwhal and a horse in there, would you get a unicorn?"
"Something to that effect," Cooper nodded, receiving an excited squeal from Angie. "For this challenge, though, I'll be combining two random animals from these crates, and each team will receive their own original animal. Your task is to treat it like a house pet. You'll have to name it, feed it, find out what it likes, dislikes, and all of that. Maybe even teach it a few tricks. The team that does the best job wins an award, while the team that does the worst job sends home an unlucky contestant."
DJ: (confessional) I love animals, I really do, just not when they're ferocious, sharp-toothed, violent, or rude. It's the last one that counts.

Cooper whistled and yelled, "Open up the first two crates!"
Two interns broke open two crates and shrieked as a lion and piranha were released.
Cooper whistled and the lion slowly trudged over to one chamber, and an intern caught the piranha fish in a net, then tossed it into the second chamber.
"How'd you get the lion to listen to you?" Mordecai asked, shocked.
"Years of practice," Cooper winked. "And it's a tame, stage lion, so it's pretty harmless."
After a series of button-pressing and lever-pulling, the machine whirred and the central chamber opened, releasing a small lion with gills, fins for claws, and ridiculously sharp teeth.
Cooper announced, "Team Veterans, meet your new pet!"
"Ain't no way I'm getting anywhere near that," Leshawna declared.
Noah agreed. "Count me out."
Tyler walked over to it. "C'mon, Cooper said it's a stage lion! It can't do much harm."
The lion-piranha hybrid snapped at Tyler, who shrieked and jumped backward.
"Oh, the piranha's pretty feisty, though," Cooper laughed.
Tyler hollered, "Yeah, I can see that!"

The next two crates were opened, releasing a ferret and a hawk.
The two animals entered their chambers, and Cooper set the machine to work again.
As the machine operated, Gwen asked, "There is a way to separate them again, right?"
"Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night," Cooper passively replied.
Gwen: (confessional) I'm the Assistant Co-Secretary of Minute Affairs for the Canadian Animal Rights Union. I actually care about the environment and the things in it, because if no one else does, everything on the planet is going to die. Which would be a great way of making my college less annoying.
The central chamber opened and released a hamster-like creature with wings and talons.
It flew over to Team Newbies and rested on Jamal's shoulder.
"I think it likes me," Jamal grinned.
It sat on his head and laid an egg.
"Or maybe your hair just reminds it of a nest," Brenna corrected, giggling.

The last two crates were opened, releasing a parrot and a camel.
"Oh, yay!" Angie clapped. "We get a parrot and a dog!"
Mordecai corrected, "That's a camel."
Angie squinted. "What? No, that's obviously a dog."
Sydney snickered, "Uh, no, it's definitely a camel."
Angie folded her arms. "Fine. Whatever."
The central chamber opened for the final time, and the animal created resembled a large peacock with an extra hump on its back, and an oversized beak.
"Oh, ours isn't that bad!" Ivy said.
"Squawk! Ours isn't that bad," the animal mimicked.
Sydney groaned. "That'll take some getting used to."
The animal repeated, "Squawk! That'll take some getting used to."

Team Veterans stood a fair distance away from their animal.
"DJ!" Heather nervously whispered. "Do something!"
DJ looked at her incredulously. "Why me? Besides, I'm tired. Makin' pancakes is hard work."
"But you're still a contestant, aren't you?" Heather mocked.
DJ sighed and slowly approached his team's animal. "Here, kitty, kitty..."
It snapped at DJ and hissed.
"C'mon, I'm just a regular guy," DJ cringed. "I don't bite. But you seem to. You want a name?"
Gwen: (confessional) I don't know what DJ was doing, but it looked like it was working.
DJ suggested, "How about we name you..."
"Teeth," Noah teased from afar.
"Sure," DJ said. "You like that name, Teeth?"
Teeth growled playfully, sending DJ screaming across the laboratory.
Teeth was frightened and ran away in the opposite direction.
"Someone should get Teeth," Heather stated.
Leshawna asked angrily, "And what about DJ?"
Heather pointed out, "We can't win the challenge without Teeth, we can without DJ. Let's go, the other teams are getting a lead!"

Jamal walked around with his team's animal curled up in his hair.
"It's so cute!" Brenna shrieked in delight.
Trevor rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now we've got to take care of it."
Lexi suggested, "Let's name it Lexi."
"I think we should name it Jamal Jr.," Annabel said, ignoring Lexi.
Russell nodded. "I like that name."
Lexi waved in front of his face. "Hello?"
"Sure," Trevor said.
Lexi: (confessional) I honestly can't stand my team. They're actually useless. Especially Trevor. Who does he think he is?

Team Stardom's parrot-camel mix rested on Brendon's arm.
"Let's name it Trixie!" Angie excitedly stated. "That's such a pretty name."
Ivy nodded. "Yeah, I like that. Good job."
Sydney glared at Ivy with intense suspicion.
Sydney: (confessional) ... Is Ivy trying to steal my ally? Um. No. Angie isn't that easy to fool. Not to mention, no one really likes Ivy anyway.
Ivy: (confessional) I know all about Sydney's little alliance. It's actually pretty annoying, since if we lose, she won't think twice about getting them to vote for me. So unless we win every challenge until the merge, I've got to see what I can do with Angie.
"Who's a cute little birdie?" Brendon cooed.
"Squawk! Who's a cute little birdie?" Trixie echoed.
Brendon giggled. "She's so cute!"
"We don't even know if it's a girl," Mordecai reminded him.
Trixie suddenly laid an egg, which promptly fell on the floor and cracked, releasing a smaller version of herself.
"Nope, it's a girl," Brian observed.
Angie squealed. "Mini-Trixie!"
Mini-Trixie walked around Angie happily and playfully pecked at her feet.
Angie: (confessional, with Mini-Trixie) These things are so cute, like, ohmigosh. (Mini-Trixie bites her thumb) Ow! Bad parrot-dog-whatever-you-are-thing!

Tyler found Teeth, his team's assigned animal, and yelled, "Guys, I found him!"
The team rushed over, and Gwen urged, "Well? Go get him."
"Why me?" Tyler nervously asked.
Izzy shoved him out of the way and hopped on Teeth's back. "Heel, boy!"
Teeth bucked and kicked, then ran off with Izzy.
Heather glanced at her nails. "That girl is insane."
"She's a lot less annoying than you," Noah defended.
"Oh, really, now?" Heather sinisterly said, turning to Noah. "At least I actually try in this game."
Noah shook his head. "There's a difference between trying and getting everyone else to do your dirty work. Learn it."
Heather scoffed and began to retort, but Gwen stopped her. "Okay. Okay. Cut it out, guys. We need to finish this chall--"
Cooper yelled, "Alright, time's up!"

Cooper looked at his clipboard and read, "Team Veterans, you're up first. Show me what you managed to get done with your animal. Speaking of which, where is it?"
Tyler laughed, "Haha, yeah, funny story, actually..."
DJ returned with a batch of cookies, and as Leshawna reached to grab one, he swatted her hand away. "Wait, no, these are for Teeth! They're meat-cookies!"
"Ew," the contestants gagged in unison.
The aroma of half-baked meat did, in fact, attract Teeth back to the group, and he pounced on DJ.
"Ah!" DJ yelped.
He tossed the plate of cookies backward toward Cooper, and Teeth then jumped on Cooper.
Cooper tumbled backward. "Ah! Get him off! Get him off!"
"Teeth! Down!" Heather attempted.
The animal ignored her and happily continued to eat DJ's meat-cookies.
From a distance, an intern shot Teeth with a tranquilizer dart and dragged him off.
Cooper stood up and brushed himself off. "Uh. Okay. Er, let's move on."
"Where's Izzy?" Noah noticed.
Cooper smirked. "Uh, let's just say she and Teeth are one-in-the-same when it comes to current state on consciousness. Anyway, Team Newbies!"

Jamal Jr. flew off of Jamal's head and landed on the floor in front of him.
Jamal ordered, "Okay. C'mere, boy!"
"Caw!" Jamal Jr. called, waddling over to Jamal.
Jamal grinned. "Good boy!"
Cooper frowned. "Is that it?"
"We named it Jamal Jr.," Lexi irritatedly added. "Even though it can lay eggs."
Cooper shrugged and scribbled some notes down on his clipboard. "Hm. Good enough."
Jamal Jr. laid another egg in Jamal's hair and curled up inside of it.
"So weird," Cooper muttered to himself. "Finally, Team Stardom!"

Angie proudly walked forward. "Trixie!"
Trixie hopped over to Angie and repeated, "Squawk, Trixie!"
"Good girl!" Angie grinned.
Mini-Trixie appeared from behind Angie and pecked at Angie's foot. "Squawk?"
Cooper pointed to Mini-Trixie. "What is that?"
"Oh!" Angie noticed. "Trixie's a mom."
Cooper frowned. "Doesn't that mean there has to be a dad? And since Trixie's the only organism in her species, how did she manage to have a baby?"
Trixie shrieked, "Squawk! Have a baby, have a baby! Squawk!"
Trixie laid another egg and curled up at Angie's feet.
Cooper shook his head. "Okay. This challenge was weird. This is actually kind of a hard decision, considering none of you really did what I was expecting. But, I guess the winner of this challenge, is, for once, Team Stardom."
"Yes!" Ivy cheered, high-fiving Angie.
Sydney scowled and hugged Angie. "All thanks to you!"
Ivy shook Angie's hand. "You did a great job!"
Angie blushed. "Aw, well, guys..."
"And the losers of this challenge," Cooper continued, "Is, somehow, Team Veterans."
Team Veterans groaned, and Cooper reminded them, "You guys know the drill. Cast your votes in the confessional, and I'll see you tonight! Meanwhile, I've gotta get rid of these things."

The Patenting Ceremony opened up with the eight members of Team Veterans sitting on the bleachers.
Noah: (confessional) I think we all know who I voted for.
Gwen: (confessional) Hm. Whatever.
Harold: (confessional) I'm voting for the weakest link.
Heather: (confessional) It was pretty hard choosing considering how annoying everyone is, but, I made my decision.
Tyler: (confessional) I don't like losing, man! (punches the wall of the confessional, then howls in pain)
Leshawna: (confessional) You don't even need to ask.
DJ: (confessional) I dunno who to vote for. Hm. Eenie, meeny, minie...
Izzy: (confessional, snores, drools)
Cooper and Chris sat across from the eight contestants.
"You guys are Veterans," Chris reminded them. "C'mon!"
"Can it!" Leshawna snapped.
Cooper cleared his throat. "Hi. Elimination going on here, no big deal. I have seven test tubes. The contestant who does not receive a test tube must walk through the Double Doors of Shame, and take the Teleporter of Losers back home, and never return, ever again. The first test tube goes to Gwen."
Gwen caught her test tube and criticized, "This isn't recycled glass, is it?"
Cooper ignored her. "Tyler, Harold, Leshawna."
The three of them caught their test tubes, and Harold peered into his. "There was sodium hydroxide in this recently. Sodium hydroxide is a basic solution that--"
"Izzy," Cooper interrupted, tossing a test tube at an unconscious Izzy.
The test tube soared past her and shattered off in the distance.
"Alright, the bottom three," Cooper said. "Heather. No one likes you. That's pretty much why you're here. Noah, no one likes you either, and you haven't done a thing so far. You've been freeloading, basically."
Heather crossed her legs. "Told you."
"Shut it," Noah stoically stated.
"And DJ," Cooper resumed, "You kinda screwed up the entire challenge, but we still love your cooking."
DJ blushed. "I try, I try."
Cooper held on to the two test tubes for a second, then tossed them to Noah and Heather. "But, somehow, you still got the boot!"
DJ gasped. "What?"
Heather also gasped. "I'm safe?"
Noah looked bewildered. "She's safe?"
Gwen regretfully said, "Well, DJ, you said you'd still be around even if you were eliminated. Don't get me wrong, I think you're great, but..."
"You jacked up the challenge, bro!" Tyler finished for her.
Harold nodded. "Sorry, DJ."
DJ shrugged. "Hm. Alright, I guess it's okay. I can't stay mad anyone, especially you guys."
"Aw, come here, you," Leshawna smiled, running over to DJ.
Team Veterans - except for Izzy - assembled together into a giant group hug, and DJ then left through the Double Doors of Shame.
Cooper frowned. "DJ, you're still the chef."
DJ awkwardly walked back. "Uh, right."
As DJ made his way back into the laboratory, Cooper signed off. "And there we have it! Tune in next time to see more laughs, more pain, and as always, more drama! Only on Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Chapter 5: Put On a Crappy Face

Posted On: May 17, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, our three teams had to take care of the test subjects of one of my more-useless inventions, my cross-breeding machine. There's some love stirring up in Team Newbies, and Team Stardom is just one dysfunctional mess. Team Veterans finally lost a challenge, and sent hom our lovable pal DJ, but he's sticking around to man the kitchen for the rest of the show."
A cookie randomly appeared in Cooper's right hand, and Cooper grinned. "Not to mention, his cookies are amazing. Who's going home this time around? Find out on this episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Heather opened the door to the girls' bathroom and saw Gwen and Leshawna conversing.
She quickly jumped back out and put her ear against the door.
"I don't know about you," Leshawna began, "But I voted for Heather last night."
Gwen said, "I mean, I voted for DJ, but I really think I should've done that instead."
Leshawna playfully shoved Gwen. "Girl! That vote could've sent that toothpick home!"
"Yeah," Gwen hesitated, regaining her composure. "But, I mean, you heard Cooper. No one likes Heather, she'll definitely be going next time."
Heather bit her lip and ran back to Team Veterans's room.
Heather: (confessional) I knew I was a target, but I didn't think we'd actually lose any challenges. Time for Plan B.

She entered the cabin and ran into Izzy, who was hanging upside-down from the beam above the door.
Heather fell and Izzy dismounted, then crouched down beside Heather.
"Whoops, didn't see ya there!" Izzy laughed.
Heather grunted as she stood back up. "Right. Anyway. I was wondering, if, you, er..."
Izzy asked excitedly, "Wanna go get pancakes together?!"
"What?" Heather asked in return.
"C'mon!" Izzy shrieked, pulling Heather by the arm outside of the room.
From his bed, Noah looked suspiciously at the two as they ran off.
Noah: (confessional) It's pretty obvious that Heather needs an alliance. But Izzy's smart enough to realize that. (pause) I hope.

Team Stardom was gathered in the dining area.
"I still can't believe we won," Brian commented.
Ivy said under her breath, "Yeah, that usually happens when you try."
Mordecai turned to her. "What?"
Ivy rolled her eyes. "Nothing."
Ivy: (confessional) I don't like Mordecai. I don't trust Mordecai. I don't want Mordecai on the show anymore. Go reunite with your psycho girlfriend, kay?
"We should keep this up," Angie said through bites of breakfast.
Mordecai nodded. "Yeah. Nice job yesterday, by the way. I think we're getting closer as a team. Right, Sydney?"
Sydney was busy looking over at Team Newbies's table.
"Sydney!" Mordecai repeated.
"Huh?" Sydney blinked. "Uh. Right. Team power."
Brendon pulled Sydney and Angie into a hug. "Go team!"
Angie coughed out her breakfast. "No! Come back!"

Lexi asked, "Am I the only one who's tired of not winning?"
Russell raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about? We haven't lost in a while."
"We keep coming in second!" Lexi snapped. "Second place isn't anything to be proud about."
Peter shrugged. "Better than last."
Lexi scoffed and walked over to the condiments table.
Farther down Team Newbies's table, Brenna giggled, "No way, you didn't!"
Jamal blushed. "Yep. Three times."
"That's insane," Brenna chuckled, then turned away.
Jamal frowned. "You okay?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine! Just tired from these challenges, y'know."
Jamal clicked his tongue. "Oh, yeah, I see. Same here, kinda."
Annabel poked her head between the two and said, "Oh, hey, not trying to third-wheel here or anything, but are you going to finish those eggs?"
She pointed to Jamal's plate, but he replied, "Third-wheel?"
"Oh," Annabel awkwardly said. "Nevermind."
There was a short pause and she slowly scraped Jamal's plate of eggs into hers, then walked away.

Cooper skipped in, wearing a yellow headband.
"That's a shiny headband," Brendon admired.
Cooper snapped, "What are you trying to say? Do you think it looks bad? I think it's fine! Who do you think you are?"
The headband quickly turned into a shade of red.
"Whoa," Harold gasped in awe. "That's so--"
Cooper frowned. "Stop staring at it. I thought it looked cool. It obviously doesn't. My life sucks."
The headband then changed to a dark shade of blue.
Russell excitedly said, "Oh! It changes color when you change emotions!"
Cooper smiled. "Precisely! It's a mood headband. I've devised a detector that changes color based on which hormones and neurotransmitters are released in your body."
"In English, please?" Heather irritatedly asked.
Cooper glared at her. "The headband's color changes based on however you're feeling at the time. If you're happy, like I was at the beginning, it'll be yellow. Being angry or sad will make it red or blue. There are other colors, but I'll let you figure them out on your own in today's challenge! Follow me!"

Cooper led the contestants to a mini-amphitheater, similar to the one from the first season.
"Oh, gosh, are we doing some kind of performance?" Brenna nervously asked.
Cooper nodded. "For this challenge, three people from each team will be selected to perform a short skit in front of me. You'll have to act well enough that the mood headband will change color to whatever you're feeling at the time. The team that does the best will win a special reward! The team that does the worst gets to send home their favorite loser."
Ivy looked at her team. "Seems easy enough. Who's good at acting?"
"Not so fast," Cooper said, "Your coaches have already picked who's going to be participating. Then I kinda... 'revised' the choices."
The contestants all nervously glanced at each other.
Cooper read, "For Team Veterans, we'll have Gwen, Heather, and Noah."
Gwen grimaced. "It's like a sarcasm reunion."
"For Team Stardom," Cooper continued reading, "We'll have Brendon, Sydney, and Mordecai. And for Team Newbies, we'll have Peter, Russell, and..."
Trevor crossed his fingers.
"... Annabel."
Trevor: (confessional) ... That's probably the worst combination that could've possibly been made on our team.
Cooper looked up from his sheet. "So, write your skits. They shouldn't be any longer than three minutes. They can be about anything, but make sure it includes an introduction, climax, and conclusion, like any good story. I'll be back tonight to watch these. Go!"

Angie grinned. "Oooh! I have an idea!"
Ivy forced a smile. "Let's hear it."
"So, like," Angie began, "This guy falls in love with this girl, but then the girl doesn't like him - because she likes this other guy. But she goes out with the first guy anyway and it's all awkward and then the guy she does like ends up liking her too and she's all like, 'Oh, yeah, sorry first guy.' And then she lives happily ever after with the second guy."
Ivy slowly replied, "Well, it's nice, but let's see if we have some other ide--"
"Sounds like my freshman year," Sydney reminisced. "I like it."
"It's relatable," Mordecai added. "I think it'll appeal to the audience."
Brendon clapped. "Yes, yes, yes!"
Ivy sighed. "Alright. Angie's idea, I guess."
Brian frowned. "Guys, maybe we should--"
"Okay!" Angie interrupted. "Let's start!"
Angie: (confessional) Maybe I should be, like, team leader or something. I mean, it's not that hard, right?

"Any ideas?" Gwen asked, glancing at every member of her team.
Harold gasped. "Got it!"
Noah clamped his hand over Harold's mouth. "Whatever it is, no."
"How about we make it a comedy?" Tyler suggested. "Everyone likes laughing."
Heather folded her arms. "I'm not going to do stand-up all day."
"Well, we better think of something!" Leshawna impatiently reminded her.
Izzy gasped. "Oooh, oooh! I got it!"
Gwen asked, "If it involves bombs, no."
Izzy shook her head. "No, no, it's okay!"
"Man-eating plants are also out of the question," Noah added.
"Oh, okay," Izzy sighed.
Izzy: (confessional) Wouldn't it be, like, the best thing ever if they just had like, a zombie apocalpyse, except the zombies were plants?! They'd be all like, "Rawr, fertilizer!" And everyone else would be all, "No, don't eat me!" Haha!

Lexi stated, "Alright. So, we have two guys and one girl. That obviously calls for some kind of love story."
"Between all three of them?" Peter asked.
Brenna pursed her lips. "Uh. No. I think what Lexi means is some kind of conflict between the two guys, since they both like the same girl."
Lexi laughed. "Ha! No, that's like, so overdone. It would be, like, one of the guys likes the girl, and the other guy has to give the first guy some kind of pep talk or something."
"That sounds really boring," Russell bluntly stated.
Lexi stomped over to him and snapped, "Got any better ideas?"
Russell nearly toppled backward onto Trevor, who lifted him back up and accidentally pushed him into Lexi.
Lexi's sash teared slightly, and she shrieked, "My... My sash! What have you done?!"
Jamal pointed out, "You could just tape it back togeth--"
"Tape?!" Lexi gasped. "Is that a joke?!"
She stormed off to her team's room, and Peter shrugged. "So, um, any other ideas...?"

That night, Cooper stood center stage. The contestants who were not participating in the challenge served as the audience.
Cooper cleared his throat and introduced, "Welcome, contestants! Each team has prepared their own skit..."
Cooper's voice trailed off as Sydney ran over to Mordecai backstage.
She stuttered, "Lines can't I remember my!"
Mordecai stared at her blankly.
"I don't remember my lines!" Sydney unscrambled.
Ivy overheard and tossed a script to Sydney. "Catch."
The script soared over Sydney's head and knocked over a cup of coffee, which spilled on a wire leading up to a spotlight.
The spotlight was blown out and fell on Sydney.
Ivy, who was turned to Mordecai, stated, "C'mon, Sydney, you only have, like, eigh--"
She turned around and gasped. "Oh."
Mordecai knelt down and picked Sydney up. "She's fine."
"She's unconscious," Ivy corrected. "How are we supposed to win the challenge?"
Mordecai looked at Ivy in disbelief. "Do you really think that's the bigger issue here?"
Ivy put her hands up her hips. "Yeah. It is. We go on in five minutes."
Mordecai's nostrils flared as he set Sydney down. "Okay. Look. I don't really talk to you all that much, but you really need to check yourself."
"Excuse me?" Ivy leaned toward Mordecai and retorted, "Listen, Nerd-e-cai, I don't know what your problem is. And you clearly don't know who you're messing with."
"... And first up, is Team Stardom!" Cooper finished.
Mordecai and Ivy froze. "Crap!"

Mordecai nervously entered, and his mood headband turned lavender.
"What does that mean?" Angie whispered to Cooper.
Cooper unsurely replied, "Worried?"
Mordecai began, "Aw, man, I really like this girl. She's nice, smart, and funny. I just hope she likes me back."
Ivy - in Sydney's clothing - entered from stage right.
Cooper squinted. "Is that...?"
Brian gasped. "No way."
Brian: (confessional) ... What did Ivy do this time?
Ivy said, "Uh... hi."
Mordecai muttered, "That's not your line."
"Just go with it!" Ivy ordered behind her clenched teeth.
Mordecai and Ivy's headbands turned red, and Cooper took notice.
"Errr... I like you!" Mordecai improvised. "A lot! Wanna go on a date?"
Ivy rolled her eyes. "Sure, whatever."
Cooper shook his head and scribbled something down.
"I mean, I guess, okay?" Ivy corrected.
Mordecai and Ivy walked stage left and sat down at a table.
"This is... fun," Ivy monotonously stated.
Mordecai put his hands over hers. "Are you having a good time? I'm having a marvelous time, just marvelous."
Ivy uncomfortably snatched her hand away. "Yeah."
Brendon entered and noticed Ivy. "Wait a minute..."
His headband turned from yellow to green.
"Confused?" Cooper mumbled to himself, then proceeded to write down notes.
Brendon walked over to Mordecai and Ivy and said, "Hi, Iv-- I mean, Sydney. Er, you're pretty."
Ivy stood up and said, "Oh, good, I like you too!"
Brendon lifted Ivy off and exited. "We're getting married, bye, Mordecai!"
Mordecai remained alone onstage and shrugged. "Scene?"
The audience unenthusiastically clapped as he ran offstage.
Mordecai: (confessional) It'll be a miracle if we're even considered for second place.

"Er, okay," Cooper said. "Team Newbies! You're up."
Peter and Russell entered, and Peter stated, "Hey, you know that Annabel girl?"
Russell nodded. "Yeah."
"Do you think she's pretty?" Peter curiously asked.
Russell shrugged. "She's alright. Wouldn't date her though."
"Well, I kinda wanna ask her out," Peter continued.
Russell's headband turned to a light shade of grey.
Cooper raised an eyebrow. "Jealousy? Spicy."
"Oh, sure, man," Russell replied. "What's stopping you?"
Peter bit his lip. "Well. I don't know if she'll say 'yes.'"
Russell put his hand on Peter's shoulder. "C'mon. The worst she can do is say 'no.' And if she does, you can just move on."
Annabel entered, and Peter hid behind Russell.
Russell's headband turned hot pink.
Everyone gasped.
"Um," Annabel hesitated.
Peter muttered, "'Oh, hi, Russell...'"
Annabel nodded. "Right. Oh, hi, Russell. Have you seen Peter around?"
Russell took a step to the side, and Annabel asked, "Peter, I heard you wanted to talk to me."
"Uhhh, right," Peter said. "Annabel, I was wondering if--"
"Will you go out with me?" Russell interrupted.
Cooper gasped. "Did not see that coming."
Lexi stomped. "What? That's not what I said!"
"It's not?" Cooper asked, then wrote down some notes.
Annabel's eyes widened. "Uh. Um."
Peter and Annabel's headbands turned green, and Russell's turned an even deeper shade of pink.
"Yes, Russell, I will," Annabel answered, and her headband slowly turned to light pink.
The curtains closed, and the audience broke into applause.

Cooper flipped through his papers. "And that leaves Team Veterans!"
From behind the curtains, Gwen whispered, "So, uh, what are we doing?"
"No idea," Noah answered. "Improvisation?"
The curtains opened, and Heather immediately pointed at Gwen and yelled, "This is all your fault!"
Heather's headband turned red, and Gwen jumped backward. "My fault? Think again."
"Ladies, you're both in the wrong," Noah calmly stated.
Heather walked forward and cleared her throat. "You know, we wouldn't be here in detention if you weren't such a freak."
Gwen folded her arms. "You're joking, right? I was sitting in class. Doing work. Like a normal person."
"So was I!" Noah declared. "Then, this one," Noah continued, pointing to Heather, "thought it'd be funny to throw my eraser at you."
Heather shrugged. "It wasn't my idea. Bitsy said she wished you could just disappear. So I tried to, er, erase you?"
"That doesn't make any sense!" Gwen argued. "And now we're all here, because of you."
Noah nodded. "I've gotta side with her."
Heather gasped. "What? But, but--"
Heather's headband turned blue.
"Oh, come on, don't give us that," Noah said, rolling his eyes.
Heather turned to them. "I just wanna be popular!"
Heather: (confessional) Ugh, that was so gross. I am popular. Famous, as a matter of fact. And to keep that fame, I need to win. So I did... that. (cringes)
Gwen and Noah awkwardly glanced at each other as the curtains closed.

All of the contestants stood onstage as Cooper read the results.
Cooper began, "Team Stardom. Acting was pretty... weak. And what was going on with Sydney? Was she okay?"
Ivy blinked. "Yeah, she's fine, just... tired. Right?"
Sydney, who was being held upright by Mordecai, gave no reply.
"Um, okay," Cooper continued. "Team Newbies. Great acting, especially on Peter's part. Russell, your emotions felt so real."
Russell nodded quickly. "Yep. Acting. Emotions. Totally."
Annabel looked over to him and giggled.
Trevor shot a glare at Annabel as Cooper added, "But - from what I heard - that wasn't what was supposed to happen. Apparently Peter and Annabel were supposed to end up together. Rule number one of theatre: You don't change the script!"
Lexi proudly nodded. "My idea was tampered with, which is so unacceptable."
Cooper turned to Team Veterans. "Team Veterans, you guys were great. Nice original plot, great acting. I guess it's obvious that you guys have won this challenge."
Team Veterans cheered, and Cooper said, "Additionally, as a reward, you guys can each take home your own mood headband, if you want."
He tossed one to each member on the team.
"I don't have an outfit that matches with this," Leshawna frowned.
Cooper turned to the other two teams. "And, sadly, the losing team is going to have to be Team Newbies. I'll see you tonight at the Patenting Ceremony!"

In Team Newbies's room, Trevor turned to Peter and Russell.
"You know who to vote for, right?"
The two of them nodded, and Trevor smirked. "Alright."
Annabel and Brenna were sitting beside each other on the same bed.
"So, like, do you think Russell was just acting?" Annabel asked.
Brenna shrugged. "Maybe. Though it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't."
Annabel paused. "Why do you say that?"
Brenna crossed her legs. "Well, you two are always talking to each other, and he's fairly outgoing, and you're a nice girl. Not to mention his headband was really pink."
"Heh, yeah," Annabel mumbled.
"The real question is," Brenna noted, "Would you say 'yes?'"
Annabel sighed, then smiled.
Lexi, who was listening to the entire conversation while applying her makeup, slowly made her way over to Trevor.
"Hey," Lexi seductively greeted.
Trevor barely noticed her. "Hi."
Lexi slid over to him and whispered, "So, I was wondering, who are you voting off tonight?"
"None of your business," Trevor replied, inching away from her.
She sat up normally. "Okay. Look. Annabel and Russell are obviously into each other, and that might wind up in some trouble down the road for the team. You know that."
Trevor almost said something, but then nodded. "Yeah."
"So, why don't we just vote one of them off? Annabel or Russell. Your choice."
Trevor shook his head and chuckled. "It's not that easy. Even if I do vote with you, that's only two votes."
Lexi confidently stated, "I can get more."
Trevor rolled his eyes. "Alright. Whatever. Annabel."
Lexi stood up and walked away. "There we go."

At the Patenting Ceremony, Cooper held a test tube rack with six test tubes.
Curmi sat beside Cooper. "Don't worry about it guys, losses are just mistakes you can learn from."
Cooper snapped, "Hush! Anyway. Team Newbies. I have six test tubes here, and there are seven of you. Whoever does not receive a test tube must walk through the Double Doors of Shame take the Teleporter of Losers, and never come back. Ever."
"The first test tube goes to Peter."
Peter caught his test tube, and Cooper continued, "Brenna and Jamal."
Brenna: (confessional) I didn't really know who to vote for.
Jamal: (confessional) Well, we kind of lost the challenge because of you, so, you get my vote.
Russell: (confessional) Today was really weird. Anyway, Trevor told me to vote for you.
Trevor: (confessional) Lexi made a good point. Sort of. I'm safe, so it really doesn't matter.
"Annabel, Lexi, the final test tube goes to..."
A short pause followed.
Annabel shrieked. "Yay!"
Lexi rolled her eyes. "What-ever. I was too good for this game."
She kicked open the Double Doors of Shame and flipped her hair as she walked through them.
"And we're down to... some... number..." Cooper thought. "Don't miss next week's episode of Total. Drama. Lab Rats!"

Chapter 6: Total Drama Gym Rats

Posted On: May 26, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, the contestants tested out my new mood headbands that change color depending on emotion. They were asked to make their own skits and act well enough to fool my headband into changing colors! None of them were good enough, sad to say. Angie's been taking charge of her team lately, and Ivy's ulterior motives might start to kick in. Or maybe they already have, considering she knocked Sydney out unconscious. Bummer. There's definitely love in the air on Team Newbies and some jealousy floating around in Team Veterans! It's a matter of heart versus brain, which is stronger? You'll definitely see more than enough strength shown on this episode of Total. Drama. Lab Rats!"

The teams were all already in the dining hall, chatting away.
DJ walked over to each table and set omelettes down on each of them.
"So, like, what's the deal with you and Russell?" Brenna whispered to Annabel.
Annabel sighed and set her fork down. "Would you quit talking to me about it? I've already told you, I don't know."
Brenna was taken aback. "Alright. Geez. No need to get your breakfast in a bunch."
After a short pause, Annabel looked at Brenna. "... So how about you and Jamal?"
"What?" Brenna blushed. "What about us?"
Annabel looked at Brenna suspiciously. "Don't give me that. It's so obvious, like, I can't even."
Brenna shrugged. "Well. That's what it may look like to you."
Annabel: (confessional) Ohhhh my gosh, it is legit so obvious that Brenna likes Jamal. And he probably likes her back. That's so cute. But she's right about Russell. He definitely likes me. But... I mean... I'm not really sure if I like him. And what would I say? How would I say it? When would I say it? Aw...

Angie twirled her fork inside her omelette and looked around at her team.
Angie: (confessional) I don't think everyone on the team is really on the same page. Everyone's so, like, not-together.
"You okay?" Mordecai asked Sydney, who now had bandages wrapped around her head.
Sydney glared at Ivy while replying, "Yeah, I guess I am."
Ivy glared back and defended, "Hey, it's not my fault."
"You chucked a script at me!" Sydney reminded her. "Not to mention you overshot it really badly!"
"Guys, guys," Brendon hushed, "Calm down. Let's enjoy the awesome omelettes DJ made. Okay?"
Sydney nodded. "I will. As soon as Ivy apologizes."
Ivy laughed mockingly. "For what?"
Slamming her hands on the table, Sydney stood up and walked off to the condiments table.
"Ivy, seriously?" Mordecai asked disapprovingly, then stood up to go the bathroom.
Ivy stuck her tongue out at him as he left.
Ivy: (confessional) Who does Sydney think she is? More importantly, why does Mordecai think he can reprimand me like a three-year-old? I can't stand my team.

Tyler noticed Sydney walking away and elbowed Harold.
Harold turned and Tyler pointed to Sydney, then jokingly said, "Here's your chance, bro!"
He playfully shoved Harold over to her.
Harold stumbled out of his seat and fell on the floor. "Ow! Tyler!"
"Gosh!" Harold complained as he stood back up. "There's no way."
Sydney, who wasn't too far off, turned around. "No way of what?"
Harold's eyes widened as he stuttered, "Of... of... um. Moving a mountain?"
"Oh," Sydney nodded. "Makes sense."
Harold pointed to her bandages. "What happened to your head?"
Sydney rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Long story. Ivy's fault."
Her eyes glazed over behind Harold.
"Er, um, I'll go sit down now," Harold said, slowly walking back to his seat.
Sydney noticed. "Oh. Sorry. I just, er, thought I saw Cooper."
As Sydney walked back to her seat, Leshawna glared at her, then at Harold, while ferociously chewing on her omelette.
Leshawna: (confessional) I ain't the jealous type. I'm over Harold. We're done, but we're still tight. And that Sydney girl is just too much. I don't want him to get hurt. Especially not by her. When you mess with Leshawna's homies, you mess with Leshawna. (crackes knuckles)

Heather sat next to Izzy, who drenched her omelette in ketchup and insisted on eating it with chopsticks.
"Isn't this great?" Izzy exclaimed as she attempted to skewer her omelette.
"Just perfect," Heather winced.
Noah took notice and whispered to Heather, "I hope you know how funny this is to watch."
Heather gave him a deathly glare. "Shut it, jarhead. Go poke your head into someone else's business."
Noah: (confessional) At first I thought Heather trying to be buddy-buddy with Izzy was funny, but now it's just hilarious to see how far Heather will actually go for a vote. On the other side of the room, Trevor, Russell, and Peter sat together.
"Are we just going to vote off all the girls?" Russell hesitantly asked.
Trevor shrugged. "Maybe."
Peter noted, "I don't mind."
A pause followed, and Trevor asked, "Why do ask?"
Russell shrugged. "Nothing. I was just wondering."
"We probably will, considering Jamal's really useful in challenges, so we don't want to kick him off," Trevor pointed out.
"Doesn't that make him a threat, though?" Russell realized.
Trevor nodded. "So we vote him out right before the teams split. We use him to win us challenges, and then get rid of him."
Russell grimaced. "Seems kinda harsh."
"You need to be harsh to play this game," Trevor explained. "How do you think Heather does so well every season? It definitely isn't because she's got friends everywhere."
Heather's head whipped around and she called out, "I heard that!"
Trevor clapped slowly. "Congratulations."
"I'm watching you," Heather warned, before turning back to Izzy.
Cooper entered and announced, "Finish up and meet me in the challenge area! This challenge is definitely gonna be, well, you'll see."

The contestants approached the challenge area, which involved three platforms with a rotating lever sprouting out from the back of each.
Cooper held a tray with three plain styrofoam cups. "Welcome, kiddies!"
"What's up with the cups?" Angie asked.
Cooper pointed to the tray. "Inside each of these cups is a sample of my newest muscle-building solution. It's built to break down the fatty acids and lipids throughout your body and enlarge muscle tissue. In short, less fat, more muscle."
Brian and Tyler eagerly raised their hands. "I want it, I want it, I want it!"
Cooper hushed them. "Pipe down. Today's challenge will involve one person from each team drinking the solution and using its effects to complete various tasks. The entire team will still be involved, though. The team that performs the best wins a special reward, and the team that does the worst..."
"... gets to send someone home," the contestants finished.
"Bingo!" Cooper smiled. "Now, select who from each team is going to be the test subject for today's experiment."

Almost immediately after, Brian, Tyler, and Jamal were shoved forward by their teams.
Cooper turned around. "That was fast."
"He wouldn't shut up about it," Heather explained.
"Same here," Ivy groaned.
Cooper looked over to Team Newbies, where everyone shrugged.
"Random pick," Peter stated.
Cooper picked up the three cups and handed them to each of the participants. "Alright. Chug these down, and you should feel the effects pretty soon."
After the three boys had finished the drink, Jamal asked, "How soon is 'soon enoug--'"
Jamal's shirt began to tear, along with Brian's and Tyler's. The boys began to get taller and larger, eventually reaching about twice Heather's height. Their arm, leg, and chest muscles had grown and developed monstrously.
"You guys look so gross," Ivy commented.
Brian grunted. "Ivy stupid, Brian strong."
Gwen turned to Cooper. "Great, you turned them into cavemen, too?"
Cooper scratched his head. "Yeah, one of the side-effects is temporarily underdeveloped functions like speaking..."
Brenna handed Jamal a mirror to examine himself, to which he shrieked and scurried away from.
"... and recognition," Cooper added. "Fascinating."
Trevor cleared his throat. "Can we start the challenge now?"
Cooper snapped out of his wonderous trance. "Right! Okay. The first part of the challenge involves these platforms. The non-musclemen of the team will stand on these platforms. Your mutated teammate will have to turn the lever to gradually lift you up to the roof of the laboratory, where the second half of the challenge will take place. Go!"

Team Veterans rushed to their platform.
Heather yelled, "Tyler, let's go, turn!"
Tyler trudged over to his team and swatted at the lever.
"Great, now he's even more useless," Noah muttered.
"You should talk," Gwen snapped at him.
Harold walked over to Tyler. "Alright. Tyler. Grab the lever."
Tyler grabbed Harold instead and began to repeatedly slam him against the wall.
"Ow, no, no!" Harold yelped.

Trevor whistled. "C'mon, Jamal, over here."
"He isn't a dog," Annabel reminded him.
Trevor: (confessional, rolling his eyes) Might as well be.
Jamal gave Trevor no response, simply staring blankly toward his team.
Russell waved his hands in the air. "Hey! Jamal!"
Still staring at his team, Jamal scratched himself.
"Um, Jamal?" Peter attempted.
After still not receiving a reply, Brenna called, "Hey, Jamal, can you hear me?"
He eagerly ran over to Brenna and nodded.
Brenna nodded and petted his afro. "Good."
"Pretty voice have you," Jamal slurred.
Brenna ordered, "Now, turn the lever."
Jamal nodded again and turned the lever with his teeth.

Ivy snapped her fingers. "Brian. Here. Now."
Brian shook his head. "No!"
"Don't be a brat," Ivy insulted. "Get over here."
"No!" Brian repeated, crossing his arms.
Ivy scolded, "Listen, if you don't come over here right now, you're gonna be in some serious trouble."
Brian turned his back to her and sat down.
Ivy sighed and rolled up her sleeves. "Alright, you asked for it."
"Ivy..." Mordecai worriedly asked.
She stomped over to Brian and grabbed his ear.
Brian laughed, "You no pull Brian, Brian too stro--"
Ivy effortlessly dragged Brian to the platform and yelled, "Turn lever now!"
Sydney jokingly asked, "Uh, Cooper, are you sure Ivy didn't drink the thingy instead?"

Jamal got his team up to the roof first.
"I do good?" Jamal asked.
Brenna giggled. "You're so cute when you sound dumb."
Trevor jumped in between them. "Yeah, yeah. Can we move on with the challenge?"
Cooper walked to the team. "Alright! The second half of this challenge requires using the superhuman strength of your test subject to toss the remaining members of the team up high enough to get a gas sample for me."
"For what?" Annabel asked.
Cooper off-handedly stated, "I'm working on a solution for global warming, and I need some gas samples from the higher levels of the atmosphere. Normally I'd send out my robots to do so, but, you guys can do it!"
Peter nodded. "Cool."
After a short pause, Cooper handed the team a narrow-ended test tube with a nozzle attached to one end. "Use this to catch your gas sample."
Team Veterans and Team Stardom arrived shortly after.
Cooper called out to them, "Strong person. Throw people up in the air. People take gas. Best gas wins."
Brian and Tyler nodded, while the other contestants remained confused.
Cooper sighs. "This is why you guys need to be faster. Team Newbies, you can start. As for the rest of you..."

As Cooper explained the challenge again to the other teams, Team Newbies huddled away from them.
"So, who's Jamal tossing?" Russell asked.
Annabel quickly stated, "Not me."
Annabel: (confessional) I'm so scared of heights. When I was six, my dad took me to this awesome city - I forget which one - that had a bunch of skyscrapers. It wasn't New York, though. Some other place. Anyway. This one building had this really awesome glass elevator. So I was all like, 'Daddy, can we go on it?' And he was all like, 'Okay.' So then we went in the elevator and pressed the button to go on the top floor. It went up, and up, and up... then it stopped a little before we got to the top and started creaking. It was sosososo scary! I mean, we got out safe, but like, I was six! That kind of stuff is traumatizing. Now I never want to be more than ten feet off the ground. Ever.
Trevor coughed, "Er, well, I have this weird breathing condition-thing, and there's less oxygen higher up."
"You mean asthma?" Brenna asked.
"Sure, that," Trevor quickly added.
Peter sighed. "Okay, I'll do it."
Jamal clapped and lifted Peter. "Okay! Ready?"
"No," Peter frowned.
Jamal ignored him. "One, two..."
Peter shut his eyes in anticipation, but Jamal stuttered, "Uhhhh, number that comes after two..."
"Three!" Trevor yelled in irritation.
Jamal grinned. "Right! Three!"
Peter opened one eye. "So, am I going to go soon--"
Jamal hurled Peter upwards as he cried for help.
A few seconds passed, and Brenna looked at her watch. "So..."

Team Veterans ran over to a separate area of the roof.
Tyler picked up Noah. "I throw?"
Noah's eyed widened and he demanded, "Put me down!"
"Yeah, lemme do it!" Izzy insisted.
Heather folded her arms. "I don't know, Noah's smaller, so he'll be able to go higher. Might result in a better sample."
Gwen nodded. "Heather actually has a point."
"All in favor?" Heather asked, looking around.
Heather, Gwen, and Tyler all raised their hands.
"Where Har-old and LeShawanana?" Tyler noticed.
The rest of the team looked around.

Leshawna and Harold were sitting on the edge of the roof, away from the challenge.
"Okay, look, we gotta clear this up," Leshawna stated. "Are we done or not?"
Harold looked at her. "Do you want to be?"
Leshawna folded her arms. "I thought I was clear a while ago. We're friends, Harold, that ain't never gonna change."
"But we kissed!" Harold reminded her.
Leshawna blushed and looked away. "I was in the moment. Besides, we aren't right for each other. Look at you... and look at me."
Harold looked down at himself, then at her.
"That's not what I..." Leshawna stopped herself. "Look. Let's just leave it at this: We're done as a 'thing.' Okay?"
Harold mumbled, "... Alright. I guess."
Leshawna stood up "A'ight. Now, we got a challenge to win!"
She helped him up and walked back to the team.
Leshawna: (confessional) Do I like Harold? Yes. As a friend. For the millionth time! He's my friend. And nothing more. (looks away)
Harold: (confessional) Leshawna's great. She's one of the only people who stands up for me. I can't just be friends with her!

Team Stardom made their way to a quiet section of the roof.
"Okay, we've gotta get going," Mordecai stated. "Who's gonna get tossed?"
"Not it!" Brendon declared.
Sydney rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, this isn't kindergar--"
"Not it!" Ivy, Angie, and Mordecai simultaneously shouted.
Brian pointed to Sydney. "Heehee, you're it!"
Sydney: (confessional) Sometimes, I just can't stand my team. I still have my alliance-thing going on with Angie, Brian, and Brendon, but maybe I shouldn't have picked all of the idiots for votes...
Brian lifted Sydney and said, "Okay, I say three, you go, 'Whee!'"
"Sounds... good," Sydney unsurely replied.
Brian counted, "One, three--"
Brendon interrupted, "Brian, it's 'one, two, three.'"
"Three?" Brian realized, then tossed an unprepared Sydney in the air.

The contestants all gathered around Cooper on the roof.
Noah, Sydney, and Peter all had messy hair and their team's tube.
Cooper ordered, "Test tubes to me, please."
He received the three test tubes and placed them in a large, box-shaped machine.
"Alright, testing the samples," Cooper explained.
"What exactly are you testing them for?" Gwen asked, interested.
Cooper reminded her, "Well, this is for my global warming project, so I'm looking for the presence of certain greenhouse gases. Methane, carbon dioxide, all of those."
"Bo-ring," Ivy yawned.
Cooper glared at her as the box beeped.
"Alright!" Cooper grinned. "And the best gas sample goes to Team Newbies!"
The members of Team Newbies high-fived. "Woo!"
Jamal pounded his fists against his chest. "Rah!"
"And the worst gas sample belongs to Team Stardom!" Cooper laughed. "It's literally just a bunch of oxygen."
Sydney threw her hands up. "Not my fault!"
Cooper said, "That's a matter of opinion. We'll see what your team thinks at tonight's Patenting Ceremony! Cast your votes in the confessional. Meanwhile, Team Newbies wins an eco-friendly party here on the laboratory roof!"
"Eco-friendly party?" Brenna asked. "What would that include?"
Cooper listed, "Oh, you know. Just a regular party. But no red meat, no plastic cups, recycle the plates after you use them, confetti made from recycled paper--"
Trevor interrupted, "Sounds really lame."
"Deal with it!" Cooper snapped.

At the Patenting Ceremony, the six members of Team Stardom sat in the bleachers across from Cooper and Caitlin.
"I'm so tired of losing," Mordecai groaned.
Ivy snapped, "Maybe you should try harder."
Mordecai retorted, "Maybe you should be less of a--"
"Alright, contestants!" Cooper cut in. "I have five test tubes here. But there are six of you. Whoever doesn't get one... blah, blah, blah.... Double Doors of Shame, blah, blah, blah... Teleporter of Losers. Capiche?"
Angie shook her head. "No thanks, I'm not that hungry right now."
Cooper blinked. "It's a good thing this game isn't all about brains. Angie, first test tube goes to you."
Angie: (confessional) Cooper's weird. Anyway, Sydney said I should vote for Ivy, but Ivy's kind of nice. When she's not being all, 'Rah, I am Ivy, win the challenge.' So, like, I dunno.
"Mordecai, the next test tube is yours."
Mordecai: (confessional) Pretty obvious decision, if you ask me.
"Next one goes to Sydney!"
Sydney: (confessional) I told my alliance to vote for Ivy. Toodles!
Brendon: (confessional) These votes are getting harder and harder.
"Ivy and Brian," Cooper stated, "You two are the bottom two."
Ivy rolled her eyes. "Thanks for clarifying."
Cooper ignored her and continued, "I really don't understand how, but the final test tube goes to Ivy."
Ivy caught it and smiled. "Not a doubt in my mind."
"What?" Sydney and Mordecai gasped. "But how?"
Sydney immediately turned to Angie and Brendon, both of which looked away awkwardly.
Brian stood up, still in muscle-mode. "I don't know why I go, but I say bye. Good luck!"
"Talk about a dramatic elimination," Cooper laughed. "Tune in next week to find out the answers to all of the questions you might have, only on Total. Drama. Lab Rats!"

Chapter 7: Mindreaders Anonymous

Posted On: May 27, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, each team chose one member to turn into a bodybuilding monster! Not really, but, sort of. Love's brewing between Brenna and Jamal, but neither of them want to 'fess up to it! Team Stardom is falling apart at the hinges - explains why they lost the challenge! And Leshawna and Harold seem to know where they stand, at least, Leshawna does. After a few stabs in the back and one or two alliances here and there, Brian got the big ol' boot of shame. Will Team Stardom make a comeback? What's up with Harold, Leshawna, and Sydney? Will Gwen actually do something this episode? Find out now, only on Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Mordecai woke up and looked around the room.
Mordecai: (confessional) Our team is dying. I still don't get how Brian got the boot last night. I voted for Ivy, I know for sure Sydney voted for Ivy... which means Angie, Brendon, and Ivy must've voted for Brian. But why would Angie and Brendon do that? And who did Brian vote for?
While fixing his bed, Mordecai noticed Brendon sneaking out of the room.
"Wait!" Mordecai called out to Brendon, who nervously powerwalked.
Mordecai ran over to him and said, "Okay, you already know what I'm gonna ask."
"Huh?" Brendon stated. "What are you talking about?"
Mordecai sighed. "Come on. Out with it. Why'd you vote for Brian?"
Brendon looked away and gave no response.
"If you're flip-flopping over to Ivy's side, that's a baaad move, dude," Mordecai warned.
"What?" Brendon asked, confused. "I'm not voting with Ivy."
Mordecai looked perplexed. "But.. wait... what?"
Brendon shook his head quickly. "I, uh, mean... nevermind, said too much." Mordecai: (confessional) What is going on?!

In the dining area, Team Veterans sat at their table.
"This is great," Tyler noted, "We're only down one man."
Noah nodded. "Gotta say, we've been doing pretty well."
Leshawna added, "Well, y'all better not slack off. This ain't gonna last forever."
Heather commented, "Practice what you preach. I haven't seen you do a thing all season, Miss Loud and Proud."
An infuriated Leshawna stood up in her seat. "Why, I oughta--"
"Wanna go get some ketchup with me?" Gwen interrupted, asking Leshawna.
"We're eating waffles," Noah frowned.
Gwen glared at him and walked away with Leshawna.

"Look," Gwen began, "I know you don't like Heather, I don't either. So, what do you say--"
Leshawna folded her arms. "Girl, I don't like this alliance talk. They lead to nothing but trouble."
Gwen let out a laugh. "Leshawna, we're friends, not allies. I don't like her, you don't like her, but that's not enough. We need to make sure we can vote her off for good next time we lose."
"This ain't gonna be a long-term thing, though," Leshawna worriedly asked, "Right?"
Leshawna: (confessional) Whenever I try to actually play the game, something bad always happens. Not looking forward to this.
"Just until we get rid of Heather," Gwen assured.
Leshawna sighed. "Alright, girl, I'm trusting you. Now, who do you think we can get into this little vote-off?"
Gwen bit her lip. "You're not gonna like this, but..."
Gwen's eyes glazed behind Leshawna to Harold.
Leshawna turned her head slightly and immediately shook her head. "Nope. Nuh-uh. N to the O."
Leshawna began to walk away and Gwen sighed, then turned to the camera and shrugged.

Russell began to pour syrup all over his waffles when Trevor grabbed the bottle from him.
"I was about to use that," Russell stated, annoyed.
Trevor ignored him and poured syrup over his waffles, then told him, "You know, your whole thing with Annabel..."
Russell folded his arms. "What about Annabel?"
"I didn't want to be the one to tell you," Trevor sighed. "But she's using you."
Russell laughed hysterically. "Ha! Oh, that's funny. Annabel's the sweetest girl on this show!"
Trevor shook his head. "That's what she wants you to think."
"Yeah, right," Russell chuckled, taking back the bottle of syrup.
Trevor stared at him for a few seconds, then Russell looked up and insisted, "She wouldn't do that."
Not breaking away from his stare, Trevor asked, "You sure about that?"
Russell unsurely replied, "Er, yeah."
Trevor walked away and shrugged. "Suit yourself."
Russell: (confessional) Trevor's just joking around. Right? Annabel's better than that. ... Right?

At Team Stardom's table, Sydney and Angie sat beside each other, waiting for the other members to arrive.
"I just feel so bad about last night," Angie whispered to Sydney.
Sydney whispered back, "Don't. And stop thinking about it."
Angie slumped over in her seat. "But, like, Brian was part of our alliance! How could we just--"
"Morning, girls," Ivy unenthusiastically greeted.
Neither Sydney nor Angie replied to her, and Ivy said, "Oh, I get it, you're upset about your little alliance-friend Brian going home. Learn to deal with it. He's gone and won't come back."
Ivy stood up to get breakfast, and Sydney blinked. "Wait. Now I'm confused. Does she think she sent Brian home?"
Angie nodded slowly. "I think. She tried to get me and Brendon into--"
"Good morning, ladies!" Mordecai called, walking with Brendon.
"Hi," Angie replied, waving her fork at him.
Mordecai turned to Brendon. "Let's go to the serving area."
Brendon shook his head. "Nah, not really hungry right now."
Mordecai raised an eyebrow and walked away. "Alright, then."
"So," Sydney said, motioning toward Brendon to sit down. "If we lose, we take down Mordecai next."
Angie frowned. "I don't get it. If you hate Ivy so much, why don't we just vote her off instead?"
"Because that's too easy," Sydney laughed. "We leave her for last. And right when she thinks you guys are gonna vote me off, bam! She's gone instead. She'll be so confused and humiliated. It's perfect."
"That sounds so mean," Brendon grimaced.
Sydney shrugged. "That's Total Drama."
Sydney: (confessional) I bet you guys are really confused right now. Well, I'm out to get Ivy, and I'm saving her for last. She thinks she's got Angie and Brendon under her wing, when really, I do. So I pretended to be surprised when Brian got eliminated, and now Ivy's all full of herself. It'll be hilarious when it all comes crashing down on her. (giggles)

Cooper entered the dining area wearing a white helmet with a satellite attached to the top.
"What is that?" Harold asked, pointing to his helmet.
Cooper nodded, "Yes, Trevor, there are more waffles in the kitchen."
Trevor looked up. "How did you know what I was--"
"No, Tyler," Cooper groaned, "I'm not going to give you more of the muscle juice from yesterday."
Tyler blushed. "Wait, are you--"
Cooper immediately took his helmet off and stuttered, "Izzy's mind... th-the horror..."
Izzy cackled and took another bite of her ketchup-covered waffles.
"Were you just reading their minds?" Russell asked.
"Yes, yes I was," Cooper stated. "Using my Mindreading Helmet!"
Trevor yawned. "Lame name."
"So's your face!" Cooper growled. "Follow me to the challenge site."

The challenge site was really just a chair with a mindreading helmet attached to it.
"Is someone getting executed?" Izzy happily inquired.
Cooper gave her a strange glance, then looked at the rest of the group. "Er. No. Your challenge today involves reading each others' minds. One person from each team will come up here one at a time. You'll be able to hear someone's thoughts, but you won't know whose thoughts they are. The voice has been filtered out and it might sound a little creepy. You'll have to guess who the thoughts belong to. The first team to get three correctly-guessed thoughts wins a special reward, while the team who comes in last place gets to send home one of their own. Understand?"
The contestants nodded slowly, and Cooper clapped. "Great. Now, we'll go in the order: Veterans, Newbies, Stardom."
"Why are we last?" Ivy complained.
Cooper pointed out, "Because you guys have lost the most challenges."
Sydney frowned. "But that's giving us a disadvantage, making us lose more challenges."
"Your point?" Cooper impatiently asked.
Before Sydney could answer, Cooper stated, "Okay! First up: Harold."

Harold sat down on the chair and put the helmet on.
He heard, "She likes me. She totally does, right? Trevor's just kidding... right?!"
"Hm," Harold began, "It's definitely someone on Team Newbies... someone male... not Trevor..."
Cooper folded his arms. "We don't have all day."
Harold sighed, "Fine, fine! Uh, I pick... Peter?"
"Wrong!" Cooper laughed. "It was Russell."
Russell froze. "Er. Okay."
Cooper stated, "Annabel, you're up."

Annabel sat down and placed the helmet over her head.
"(elevator music)"
"Brendon," Annabel quickly answered.
Cooper contained a chuckle. "Correct. Newbies are in the lead."
"How'd you get that so quickly?" Brenna asked Annabel as she walked back to her team.
Annabel shrugged. "Pretty obvious if you ask me."
Cooper looked at an index card. "Alright, next is Mordecai!"

Mordecai took his hat off and set it down on his lap to put the helmet on.
"The laboratory walls are such a wonderful shade of dull grey."
Mordecai frowned. "Reminds me of Emilie. Hm... I'd say Brenna?"
"Nice work!" Cooper nodded. "Newbies and Stardom are tied for first."
Brenna whispered to Mordecai, "Who's Emilie?"
Mordecai whispered back, "My girlfriend."
A short pause followed, and Brenna nodded. "Er. Okay."
"Next up," Cooper read, "Leshawna!"

"That helmet ain't gonna mess up my hair now," Leshawna asked, "Right?"
Heather let out a laugh. "It isn't even your hair."
Leshawna glared at her, then reluctantly placed the helmet over her head.
Leshawna blinked. "How am I supposed to know?"
"Hey, these minds are chosen at random," Cooper defended.
Leshawna sighed. "Uh. Hm. Wild guess: Peter?"
Cooper nodded. "Surprisingly, yes."
Peter looked around. "Um... Okay."
"Let's move on before things get awkward," Cooper suggested. "Though it might already be too late. Russell, you're up."

Russell removed his hat and put the helmet on over his head.
"The lab looks so nice in this lighting. So does that button. Ohhh, gosh, I really wanna press--"
"Brendon," Russell stated. "Again."
Team Stardom glanced over to Brendon, who was staring at a large red button.
Ivy snapped, "Brendon, make your thoughts less Brendon-y!"
Brendon: (confessional) Ivy's really... bossy. I can see why Sydney wants her gone. But I don't think I can wait as long as Sydney can.
Cooper continued, "Next up, Angie."

Angie adjusted her ponytail as she set the helmet over her head.
"This is so boring."
Angie paused. "That's tough. Everyone thinks this is boring."
Cooper stomped his left foot. "Hey, I'm trying my hardest with these challenges."
"Heather?" Angie guessed.
Cooper shook his head. "Close, but it was Gwen."
Heather assured, "But I don't blame you. This is really boring."
Cooper tallied, "So far, Team Veterans and Team Stardom are tied with one point each. Team Newbies is in the lead with two. Next up is Noah!"

Noah sighed and placed the helmet on his head.
"Izzy," Noah calmly stated.
Cooper nodded. "Yep. Though that one really wasn't too obvious."
Noah shrugged. "I know Izzy well enough."
"High-five!" Izzy offered.
Noah complied, and Izzy instead grabbed his wrist and tossed him behind her. "You'll never take my secrets, Johnny!"
Cooper blinked and looked at his list. "Moving on. Trevor!"

"If Trevor gets this, he wins it for the team," Cooper reminded the contestants.
Trevor sat down in the chair and put the helmet on.
"It's so perfect. Thanks to Angie and Brendon, I can say bye-bye to Mordecai, then Ivy. I'm a genius."
Trevor raised an eyebrow. "Sydney?"
Cooper nodded. "That's right! Way to go, Team Newbies wins the challenge!"
Jamal walked over to Trevor and offered a high-five, but Trevor ignored him.
Trevor: (confessional) What's Sydney up to? If she's planning on getting rid of Mordecai and Ivy, she must be in an alliance with... Angie and Brendon. Hm. Props to her, I must say. As much as I shouldn't care about Team Stardom, I can't help but... (grins)
"Next up for Team Stardom is Brendon," Cooper announced.

Brendon eagerly sat down and put on the helmet.
"If that idiot gets this one wrong, he's so going home."
Brendon frowned and sighed. "I... don't..."
Cooper asked, "Any guesses?"
"Angie," Brendon shrugged.
Cooper raised an eyebrow. "Er. No. Team Stardom is still only at one point. If Team Veterans gets the next one right, Stardom's heading to elimination, again. Heather, you're up."

Heather took her seat and placed the helmet over her head.
Cooper repeated, "Remember, Heather, this point saves your team from elimination."
She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, just gimme the thought."
"This toothpick-sized, mega-diva, celebrity-wannabe better make the right guess or--"
Heather's eyes widened and she jumped out of her seat. "Leshawna!"
"Well done!" Cooper applauded, as Heather and Leshawna engaged in a slapfight. "Team Veterans is safe. Team Stardom, I'll see you guys at the Patenting Ceremony. Again. What is this, the fourth time?"
"Yep," Mordecai sadly stated.

As Team Stardom prepared for the Patenting Ceremony in their room, Trevor poked his head in.
"Knock knock?" he announced.
Ivy rolled her eyes. "Get out of here, you aren't on our team."
Trevor motioned her to walk toward him.
Ivy sighed and slowly made her way over to him.
"What do you want?" she asked.
Trevor folded his arms. "Look. I'm trying to help you. In the challenge, when I had the helmet on, I heard Sydney thinking something about voting off Mordecai, then you."
"Ha!" Ivy laughed, "Her and what army?"
"Angie and Brendon," Trevor solemnly answered.
Ivy shook her head. "No, no, no, see, Angie and Brendon are on my side."
Trevor shrugged. "Whatever you say. Just warning you."
Trevor walked back to his team's room, leaving Ivy alone outside of Team Stardom's room.
She frowned, then turned back into her room. "Hey, Mordecai..."

At the Patenting Ceremony, the remaining five members of Team Stardom sat in the bleachers.
Caitlin stood next to Cooper across from them.
She folded her arms. "Guys. You can't keep losing like--"
"Chuck it, Caitlin, just chuck it," Sydney mumbled.
Caitlin scoffed as Cooper gestured to his test tube rack. "I have four test tubes here. The contestant who does not receive a test tube must walk through the Double Doors of Shame, take the Teleporter of Losers, and never come back. Ever."
"The first test tube goes to Angie."
Angie caught the test tube and grinned.
A surprised Ivy barely caught her test tube. "Okay?"
Cooper glanced at Brendon, Mordecai, and Sydney, then continued, "Sydney..."
Sydney caught her test tube and crossed her legs. "Naturally."
"And the final test tube goes to..."
Mordecai and Brendon patted each others' backs.
"Good game, bro," Mordecai whispered.
"You too," Brendon whispered back.
Mordecai didn't catch his test tube. "Seriously?"
Brendon stood up and waved to his former team. "Bye, guys!"
Sydney was flabbergasted. "What? But, how? Angie, Brendon, and I all voted for Mordecai!"
"So you aren't in my alliance?" Ivy gasped, looking at Angie.
"You all voted for me?" Mordecai gasped, pointing to Angie and Brendon.
Brendon shook his head. "I voted for myself, and I guess Ivy and Mordecai did too."
Angie frowned. "Why would you vote for yourself?"
"This game has changed everyone," Brendon sighed. "Last season was so much more fun. Everyone got along in the RV, except for, like, Luke and Sydney. Now it's all about strategy and alliances and winning challenges. Can't deal with all of that."
Angie's bottom lip trembled. "Awww, Brendon!"
She ran over to him and hugged him. "I'll win it again, this time for you!"
Sydney: (confessional) Wh-what? No! You don't just go against the plan like that! It's a plan for a reason - it isn't tampered with! Ugh! Now, how am I supposed to get rid of Ivy?
As Brendon exited through the Double Doors of Shame, Cooper signed off. "Well, that was a shocking elimination! Tune in next week to see how Sydney deals with all of this, the love drama brewing in Team Newbies, and if Team Stardom will ever win a challenge! All on Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Chapter 8: Treacherous Trusting Treasurers

Posted On: May 28, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, our contestants played some mindgames using my brand new mindreading helmet! They read peoples' inds and had to figure out whose thought was whose - not as easy as you think. Meanwhile, Sydney's genius plan of voting off Mordecai and Ivy with Angie and Brendon was exposed when Trevor read her mind and dished out the dirt to Ivy. But it was Brendon who really shocked us all - the dude was voted off after Ivy, Mordecai, and he himself cast their votes against him. Will Team Stardom stop sucking so much? Will Team Veterans stop being so perfect? Will Team Newbies become less of a soap opera? My answers are no, no, and hopefully not! But we'll find out for sure on this episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Russell and Annabel entered the dining area, laughing.
They met the rest of their team at the table.
"Why are you two so late to breakfast?" Brenna coyly asked.
"And why didn't I see you two when I woke up?" Trevor asked, suspiciously.
Russell sat down. "Early morning walk."
"We're stuck inside a laboratory," Peter noted.
Annabel shrugged. "It's a big laboratory."
A few moments of silence passed, and finally, Annabel giggled, "Okay, so, we're like, official!"
"Finally!" Brenna sighed.
"Nice job, bro!" Jamal said as he playfully punched Russell's shoulder.
Russell looked over to Peter, who nodded, then to Trevor, who met his eyes with a glare.
"Er, yeah," Russell unsurely stuttered. "What she said."
Trevor stood up and said, "Uh, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Peter, didn't you say you had to go a few minutes ago, too?"
Peter frowned. "No, I don't think I--"
Trevor kicked him and Peter fumbled, "Er, uh, yeah, my bladder needs emptying."
The other four members of Team Newbies gave Trevor and Peter strange glances as they walked away.

In the bathroom, Peter asked, "So, why do I need to use the bathroom?"
Trevor rolled his eyes. "You don't. Look. Russell and Annabel can't stay together."
"Why not?" Peter shrugged. "They seem so happy together."
Trevor stated, "We can't have Russell be distracted by her. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't seem very... loyal."
"What do you mean?" Peter asked, sitting down on a sink, which creaked.
He slowly got off of the sink, and Trevor blinked. "Er. Well. She seems like she just has boyfriends just to... 'have a boyfriend.' Get what I'm saying?"
Peter nodded. "Totally."
Trevor continued, "And also, why would she go for Russell? He's the least good-looking guy on this show. Why wouldn't she go for someone like you?"
Peter blushed. "You think I'm good-looking?"
"Better-looking than Russell at least," Trevor dismissively stated. "Anyway, why'd I bring you here? Right. I need you to break up those two."
"What?" Peter gasped. "How am I supposed to do that?"
Trevor shrugged. "I dunno. Lie to one of them. Kill one off. Something."
Peter walked away from Trevor for a moment, then asked, "Why can't you do it?"
"I already tried," Trevor explained. "Russell wouldn't listen to me, the idiot. I'm counting on you to do this, okay?"
Peter: (confessional) Trevor wants me to break them up. I can't do that! I'm really bad when it comes to doing anything... bad. But Trevor told me to. (sighs)

Back in the dining area, Team Veterans settled into their table.
DJ walked over and set down a large plate of bread. "Uh, I'll be back with actual food in a bit."
Tyler: (confessional) Poor DJ, man, it must suck sticking around on a show you got eliminated from to have to make food for the people still on it. But, I mean, not that I'm complaining. (happily eats a slice of bread)
Gwen and Heather both reached for the same slice of bread.
"Uh, that one's mine," Heather declared.
Tyler sat up in his seat and elbowed Noah. "This should be good."
Gwen sighed. "Fine, whatever."
She grabbed a different slice of bread and began to spread butter on it.
Even Heather was surprised. "Er, okay, then."
"Oh, come on, that's no fun," Noah complained.
Gwen rolled her eyes. "Too bad. I'm tired of fighting. Even though Heather deserves to be yelled at and smacked into the next universe--"
"Ain't that the truth," Leshawna chuckled.
"--I'm not gonna be the one to do it," Gwen finished.
Heather asked, "Is this your way of declaring a truce?"
Gwen shrugged. "I guess."
Heather: (confessional, rolling her eyes) ... No. Just... no.
"Well, this sucks," Noah frowned. "Who am I supposed to watch for senseless verbal abuse now?"
A few shouts were heard coming from Team Stardom's table.
"You could try over there," Harold suggested, pointing to the dysfunctional group.

"I can't believe this!" Ivy growled.
Sydney pounded her hands on the table. "What, the fact that my amazing plan didn't get you voted off? I can't believe it either."
DJ awkwardly set down a loaf of bread, jelly, and a butterknife.
"I wouldn't set down a knife here if I were you," Mordecai warned DJ.
DJ quickly picked up the knife and scurried off.
Ivy ran her fingers through her hair in frustration.
She turned to Angie. "And you! You two-timing alliance-hopper!"
"I never hopped alliances!" Angie defended. "I just said I was in yours."
"That's the same thing!" Ivy yelled.
Sydney slammed her hands down on the table. "No, it's not!"
Mordecai hushed, "Ladies, ladies, calm down, everyone's staring."
"I don't care!" Ivy shouted. She started to say something else, then sat down quietly.
She sighed. "We're just going to keep losing challenges. And we're all gonna get eliminated."
Sydney also sighed. "Pretty much."
Angie looked down at her plate and twirled her fork in her hand.
Mordecai looked at each of the girls and laughed. "Wow. Are these the same girls that came into the show ready to win it all? Are these the same girls that were tired of losing challenges? No, they're the exact opposite. We can't give up guys. We might be outnumbered, but there's still the four of us. We can make a comeback!"
He turned to Angie. "Remember last season, when your team lost a few times, until it was just you, Brendon, and Claire?"
"You mean Brandon?" Angie corrected.
Mordecai paused. "... Uh, yeah, I think. But that's not the point. What I mean is, it was the three of you against the other teams that outnumbered you. And you guys made it all the way to the merge. We can do that, guys!"
Sydney and Ivy glanced at each other.
"Truce until we win?" Sydney suggested, offering her hand.
Ivy pursed her lips, then shook Sydney's hand. "Until we win. After that, you're a goner."
Sydney cracked a smile. "Same goes for you."
Mordecai grinned. "There we go! As long as there aren't any surprises along the way, I think we'll be fine."
Cooper kicked open the door of the dining area. "Guess who's back?"

Everyone turned to him and gasped.
"Timothy!" Angie squealed in glee, rushing over to him.
Timothy's recent goth attire and hairstyle had disappeared, and he now returned with a regular T-Shirt, jeans, and sneakers.
Angie hugged him and looked at him. "You're so different! ... Again!"
"Yeah, I've changed, again, this time for the better!" Timothy stated.
Ivy: (confessional) And you're also ready to go back where you came from. (shows her right hand to the camera, with her fingers crossed) Truces are for losers. I'm in it to win it.
"So, I'm guessing he's on our team again?" Mordecai asked.
Cooper nodded. "Which is good, because you guys were getting pretty low on members."
Angie walked Timothy over to Team Stardom's table. "I'm so happy you're back. Everyone was getting me so depressed."
"Why?" Timothy asked.
Angie gestured to Ivy and Sydney. "All of their strategy talk and alliances... Brendon voted himself off because everyone was so serious! But they made a truce. So everyone should be pretty peaceful for now. Right?"
Ivy and Sydney mumbled as Mordecai shrugged. "Glad to have another guy on the team again."
Cooper ordered, "Alright, alright, Timothy's back, hold on to your halter tops. Meet me by the pool to participate in today's reward challenge."
"Reward challenge?" Trevor grimaced.
"Timothy's back?" DJ gasped from inside the kitchen.
"We have a pool?" Leshawna wondered.

Surely enough, behind the dining area stood a large swimming pool.
"That's been there the whole time?" Leshawna asked in bewilderment.
Cooper nodded slowly. "Yeah. Anyway, you guys are gonna be testing an invention I made a while ago, but never got around to using, considering I can't swim."
Tyler shook his head. "That's sad, bro."
"Innovators don't need to know how to swim!" Cooper snapped. "The invention is my very own Gill Collar! It looks like any, green, fashionable collar that you would wear--"
Heather scoffed, "Ew, who wears collars anymore?"
Gwen nearly said something, but stopped herself.
Gwen: (confessional) Not saying anything for two reasons: One, I apparently have this "truce" with Heather, and two, bringing up Duncan might not exactly bring back the best memories for most of my team...
"Can you not interrupt me?" Cooper stated, irritated. "It's like any ordinary collar, but when you wear it, you're given, well, gills! You can breathe underwater as long as you're wearing it. I have three Gill Collars here. For the challenge, one at a time, a member from each team will dive into the pool and swim to the bottom of it. I accidentally dropped an invisible test tube, and I need it back. There's some other stuff there, too, like diamond necklaces, priceless artifacts, secret government documents..."
The contestants' eyes widened, but Cooper quickly added, "And there's a few obstacles. I'd rather not name those. You can only bring one object up at a time. So, feel free to surface with any of the treasures you'd like, but the first team to bring me my invisible test tube wins. Also, whenever you come back up, you have to give the Gill Collar to another person on your team. So one person can't do everything! Got it?"
The contestants nodded, and Cooper commanded, "Change into your swimwear and meet me back here."

As the contestants walked back to their rooms to change, Peter caught up to Russell.
"Hey," Peter greeted.
Russell acknowledged him. "Oh, hey, what's up?"
Peter gave Russell nudge. "So, uh, Annabel, huh?"
Russell blushed. "Yeah..."
"She's, er, pretty nice, but I, uh..." Peter trailed off.
Russell looked over to him. "What's wrong?"
"She," Peter began, "She, uh, has been talking to other guys."
"Well, yeah," Russell stated, "She's allowed to talk to other guys... people have conversations, like you and me right now."
Peter froze and walked away toward Trevor.
Trevor groaned. "What was that?"
"I told you, I'm bad at this!" Peter sighed.

The contestants all returned to the pool in their swimsuits.
Cooper stated, "Alright, pick which person is diving in first, and I'll hand out the collars."
A few minutes passed, and Brenna, Sydney, and Tyler stepped forward, each wearing their gill collars.
"These feel so weird," Sydney complained.
Brenna rubbed her neck. "Ew, they're sticky."
Cooper snapped, "Deal with it! When I blow the whistle, you guys can dive in and start picking up your stuff."
Tyler bounced in place. "I got this, yo!"
Tyler: (confesssional) Being stuck in Hawaii helped me a lot. I learned how to swim faster, and I also learned to never feed Owen pineapples.
"Go!" Cooper said, blowing his whistle.

The three of them dived into the pool and began to swim deeper and deeper in.
"This is so cool," Brenna exclaimed. "I can breathe underwater!"
"And we can talk," Sydney noted.
Tyler gasped. "Dudes, look!"
He pointed to a series of gleaming objects near the bottom of the pool.
The three of them swam toward it, but were quickly thrown out of the water by a large explosion.
Tyler, Sydney, and Brenna all landed back on the surface.
"What was that?" Brenna shrieked.
Cooper laughed, "Remember those obstacles I told you about?"
Sydney's eyes bulged. "Are you kidding me?"
"Am I the only one who really has to pee?" Tyler quickly asked.
Sydney and Brenna suddenly stood up. "Uh, no."
Cooper remembered, "Oh, right, since you guys are taking in so much water, your body can't handle it all and will want to get rid of it. So, er, yeah, expect a trip to the bathroom after you use that thing. Next!"

Harold, Mordecai, and Annabel were the next to take the dive.
While they put on their collars, Trevor elbowed Peter.
"Tell him what I told you," Trevor whispered.
Peter shuffled over to Russell and said, "Hey, Russell, um..."
Russell turned to Peter, and he continued, "I heard Annabel say she thinks Jamal looks really good in his swimsuit."
Russell leaned forward to glance over at Jamal, and nodded back to Peter. "Well, yeah, he does."
"Huh?" Peter asked, turning around to see Jamal. "Oh, yeah, he does."
Peter quickly walked back to Trevor, who sighed and shook his head.

The three selected contestants jumped into the pool.
Annabel squinted and announced, "I see stuff down there!"
"Let's make sure we don't blow up trying to get it," Mordecai mumbled.
The three of them reached the bottom of the pool.
Harold gasped, "Is that a solid gold Captain Canada limited-edition figurine?"
He grabbed it and squealed, then looked down. "Hey, I feel something on my foot, but I don't see anything."
He reached down and grabbed an invisible object. "It's the test tube! But, uh..."
Before he could decide, Annabel swam past him and snatched the test tube from him. "Thanks!"
"Hey!" Harold complained. He turned to the action figure. "Well, at least I have you."
Annabel began to surface the water, then turned her head to the left.
"Is that the waterproof SmartPhone 6GSE?" Annabel gasped. "In perfect condition? With a rock-hard gold case?"
She dropped the test tube and swam over to the phone, then grabbed it.
"Eeeee!" she giggled.
Suddenly, another explosion occured, and the three contestants were sent flying back up to Cooper.

"Look what I found!" Annabel gloated.
Angie gasped. "No way. That hasn't even come out, in, like, Japan yet!"
Annabel smiled proudly. "And it's mine!"
Harold scoffed, "Nothing beats this!"
He held up his Captain Canada action figure.
A few of the contestants snickered, and then turned to Mordecai.
He shrugged. "Couldn't find anything."
Mordecai then cringed. "And that's my cue to go to the bathroom."
He ran off, and Annabel and Harold followed him shortly after.
"Gross," Cooper shuddered. "Next!"

Trevor and Timothy stepped forward, followed by Noah being shoved forward.
"I'm not doing this," Noah insisted.
Heather folded her arms. "Fine, have fun taking the Teleporter of Losers next time we lose!"
Noah muttered something inaudible, then turned to pick up his collar.
Heather noticed Izzy talking to Tyler, then cracked a smile.
Heather: (confessional) How am I just realizing this? Izzy's friends with all of those dweebs - Tyler, Noah, and Harold - and can talk to them for me. They won't suspect a thing if Izzy's the one telling them what to do. Except for maybe Noah. (becomes annoyed) Now, the hard part is getting her to listen to me.
Cooper blew his whistle. "Go!"
Trevor and Timothy dived in, while Noah stayed on the surface.
Noah shook his head. "Not doing it."
Leshawna cracked her knuckles and walked over to him.
"Leshawna," Gwen worriedly stated, "Don't do anything you might reg--"
Before she could finish, Leshawna grabbed Noah by the swimming trunks and tossed him into the pool.
Noah let out a scream as he was thrown into the water, causing everyone except Izzy to laugh.
Leshawna walked back to her team. "Bein' the shrimp he is, he should be able to swim pretty fast."

Trevor and Timothy were much farther ahead than Noah, who reluctantly tried to keep up.
"This is ridiculous," Noah complained.
A large object quickly swam by him, and he froze. "Er... what was that?"
Trevor turned around. "What was what?"
Timothy's eyes widened. "Shark!"
"In a pool?" Noah questioned.
"I highly doubt that," Trevor stated.
Timothy: (confessional) Yes, I have gotten rid of the whole anti-bacterial neat freak business. Sort of. I still like to be careful when it comes to life or death situations, like any regular person.

Timothy swam up to the surface of the water and scurried out. "Shark!"
Cooper frowned. "The pool's chlorinated."
"But there's a shark in there!" Timothy panicked.
Trevor exited the water. "No, it's just a submarine."
Harold raised an eyebrow and looked at Cooper. "Why do you have a submarine in your pool?"
The submarine surfaced, and the hatch on the roof opened to reveal DJ.
"DJ!" Cooper snapped. "What are you doing in my submarine?"
DJ frowned. "I wanted to make seafood for dinner for everyone."
Cooper sighed, "It's a chlorinated pool, DJ."
Timothy reached into the pocket of his swimsuit and asked, "Anyone know what this is? It was weighing me down when I tried to swim up."
He pulled out an invisible object. Cooper ran over to him and grabbed it. "The test tube! You found it!"
"I did?" Timothy asked, surprised.
"Team Stardom wins!" Cooper announced. "Finally!"
The contestants ran over to Timothy and cheered.
"What do we win?" Sydney asked.
Cooper announced, "A team pool party for the rest of the day, with a gourmet dinner prepared by DJ!"
The team cheered even louder, and Trevor complained, "No fair, when we won, we had to deal with your sucky eco-friendly party! How come they get a cool one?"
"Deal with it!" Ivy snapped at him.

At Team Stardom's party, Angie and Timothy sat on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water.
Angie smiled, "I'm so glad you're back. Everyone was being--"
"'All annoying and stuff?'" Timothy finished, chuckling.
"Yeah," Angie nodded. She rested her head on his shoulder.
Timothy asked, "Wait, Angie, just to make sure, are, we..."
Angie finished, "Official?"
"Er," Timothy unsurely stated, "Yeah. That. Are we?"
Angie paused, then nodded. "Yeah, I think we are."
From across the pool, Sydney and Mordecai chanted, "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!"
Timothy asked, "Uh, do you want to--"
Angie quickly pressed her lips against his.
Ivy walked past them and gagged jokingly, then continued walking.
"Awwwwwww!" Sydney giggled.
Angie stood up. "I'm so hungry. Let's go eat, guys."

While Team Stardom partied, the other teams ate dinner in the dining area.
Jamal and Brenna chatted and giggled, while Annabel and Russell playfully fed each other green peas.
Trevor and Peter awkwardly sat in between the two couples, and Peter whispered, "I feel like we shouldn't be here."
"Ya think?" Trevor groaned. He stood up and walked away.
Peter quickly scurried after Trevor, and the focus switched to Team Veterans' table.
Trevor: (confessional) My team has become a giant, disgusting love-fest. It's horrible. There's nothing that can break these people apart.
Izzy began to squirt ketchup over her mashed potatoes.
"Do you just put ketchup on everything?" Tyler asked, cringing.
Izzy nodded. "It's great!"
She took a spoonful and looked around to see Noah, then jammed it into his mouth.
Noah chewed slowly, then stopped. "This actually isn't half-bad."
Izzy continued to spoonfeed Noah ketchup and mashed potatoes as Tyler watched in disgust.
On the other side of Team Veterans' table, Harold, Gwen, and Leshawna played cards while Heather filed her nails.
Heather: (confessional) I've got my 'alliance' all sorted out. Izzy's going to do all of my dirty work. I wouldn't mind doing it myself, but, these idiots know me too well. I can't say my plan'll work for sure, but we'll find out soon enough.
Cooper: (pokes his head into Heather's confessional) And we'll also find out so much more on next week's episode! Is Team Stardom actually making a comeback? Will Team Newbies run into a roadblock? Will Heather finally do something worthwhile?
Heather: (confessional) I'm right here.
Cooper: (confessional) Find out next time, only on Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Chapter 9: Lost and Unfound

Posted On: July 23, 2012

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, my super-awesome Gill Collar sent the campers deep-pool diving for some sunken treasure. Team Stardom won the retrived treasures and two more: a celebratory pool party, and Timothy! That's right, Timothy's back, and he's just the way he was in Total Drama Stardom, but less annoying."
From the other side of the laboratory, Timothy whined, "Hey!"
Cooper continued normally. "Team Stardom's all peaches and cream, or so they say they are. Meanwhile, Heather's turned the tables on Team Veterans. At least, she has a plan to. And Team Newbies is one emotional rollercoaster. Is Trevor getting jealous over Russell and Annabel? Are Brenna and Jamal a thing or not? Why is Peter still here? Tune into this heart-stopping, full-of-surprises episode to find out, only on Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Angie woke up, then proceeded to smack the side of her head with the palm of her hand.
Ivy opened one eye, and asked, "What the heck are you doing?"
"There's water in my ear," Angie stated, continuing to batter her right ear.
This woke up Timothy, who quickly ran over to Angie and stopped her. "That's terrible for your otological system!"
"My what?" Angie squinted.
"Your ear," Timothy simplified. "Don't worry, the water'll get out eventually. Usually when you least expect it."
Angie frowned. "I can't hear anything from this ear, though."
Timothy grabbed her arm and led her out. "Don't worry about it. Let's go eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day."
"What?" Angie asked loudly, rubbing her ear.
As soon as they were out of earshot, Sydney asked Ivy, "Am I the only one who thinks Timothy's treating Angie more like a dad instead of a, well, boyfriend?"
Ivy nodded slowly. "It's kind of weird."

Annabel, Brenna, Jamal, and Trevor sat at Team Newbies' table with their food. Peter and Russell were seen behind them, still standing on line for their breakfast.
"You know," Russell stated, seemingly in the middle of a conversation with Peter, "You're right."
Peter blinked. "I am?" Russell nodded. "Yeah, I think I might have to keep an eye out on Annabel. Other guys might be after her."
Peter: (confessional) Okay, so, I think I did something right. Not sure. I don't think I'm very good at giving Russell girl advice, even though I'm not really supposed to be giving him good girl advice. So I'm giving him bad bad girl advice. I think. (blinks)
Russell reached the head of the line as DJ slid a bowl of oatmeal on to his tray.
"Oatmeal?" Russell winced. DJ apologized, "Sorry, guys, but the power went out last night for some reason. Everything in the fridge spoiled! I'm waiting for Cooper to get here so I can head out for food."
Peter asked, "Where are you supposed to get food from?"
Russell looked at Peter in agreement. "Yeah, there isn't a supermarket or anything anywhere near the laboratory. We're in the middle of nowhere."
"We get our food mailed to us!" DJ delightfully stated. "Probably not the best way, though."

Mordecai, Sydney, and Ivy entered the dining area and walked by Team Veterans' table.
"Hope you guys had fun, I know we did, with our pool and everything," Ivy smirked.
The members of Team Veterans glared at her as she walked to the serving area.
Izzy lifted a spoonful of oatmeal to her mouth, then paused and sniffed it. She shook her head, then turned to Heather. "Can you taste this for me? I think it's poisoned."
Heather looked at Izzy in disbelief. "If you think it's poisoned, which is probably isn't, why should I--"
She was interrupted by Izzy shoving the spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth, resulting in Heather making gagging noises and sputtering oatmeal all over the table.
Heather: (confessional) I don't understand how she was legally allowed to apply for this show.
"Having fun?" Noah smirked from across the table, watching Heather cough.
She wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Can it."
Noah stood up and began to exit the dining area, when suddenly the entire laboratory was shrouded in darkness.

A high-pitched scream was heard, and Trevor snapped, "Annabel, calm down."
"That wasn't me!" Annabel's voice replied.
"Sorry," Russell's voice stated.
Suddenly, a small, faint glow emerged from the entrance to the dining area, and it created just enough light to show Cooper's face. He was holding a candle.
"Cooper, what in the name of Celine Dion is going on here?" Leshawna asked.
Cooper shrugged. "Power outage. It happened last night, too. I don't know why. Looks like we won't have a challenge today."
The contestants breathed a sigh of relief, and Cooper dug into his pockets. "But I still have an invention! Here."
He tossed one stick to each team's table. "These are called Everlasting Candles. Just strike them against any object and they'll light up, and will never go out unless you douse them with water."
"You can't even blow them out?" Harold asked.
Cooper shook his head proudly. "Nope. If you want to know why, it's because the molecules are so--"
"We don't!" Sydney quickly stated. "Can we just go back to our rooms or something?"
"And do what?" Ivy asked. "Sleep?"
Timothy popped up in between the two. "Mid-morning naps are said to be very relaxing."
Cooper fidgeted in place. "Er. About that. Power outages trigger 'emergency-lockdown-mode' in the laboratory, so your rooms are locked shut until the power comes back."
Everyone groaned, and Cooper folded his arms. "Think of this as bonding time! Get to know each other!"
As he finished his statement, he suddenly completely disappeared from view. The candle he was holding went out and dropped to the floor.

"What just happened?" Angie quietly asked.
Mordecai squinted. "I don't know. He just... disappeared."
From inside the kitchen, DJ worriedly walked toward Team Veterans' table.
DJ: (confessional) Uh, don't tell anyone, but I'm just a little afraid of the dark. No biggie.
"Well, maybe we should get on that 'bonding time' he suggested," Harold suggested to his team.
Gwen rolled her eyes. "Let's not."
"I'm with her," Leshawna agreed.
Heather sighed, then smiled. "Aw, c'mon, guys, I think we should grow closer as a team!"
The rest of her team, including DJ, gave her suspicious glances.
Tyler: (confessional) Maybe there really was something in Izzy's oatmeal.

Over at Team Stardom's table, Sydney and Mordecai leaned against each other and slept, while Ivy filed her nails.
Angie and Timothy chatted quietly.
"That was really weird," Angie thought, referring to Cooper's disappearance.
Timothy rubbed Angie's shoulder. "You know how Cooper is, he's weird."
Angie uncomfortably took Timothy's hand off of her shoulder. "Er, yeah, but, I don't know. Something doesn't feel right."
"Well," Timothy said as he slid toward Angie, "I think you're overthinking. We should just wait until the power comes back and see what happens."
"I guess." Angie bit her lip and sighed.

Switching to Team Newbies' table, Annabel rested her head on Russell's shoulder as they sat beside their team's candle.
"You know," Annabel said, "This candle makes for a really romantic setting."
Russell smiled a bit. "Yeah, you're right."
Annabel lifted her head off of his shoulder and leaned in toward him, when suddenly Trevor loudly said, "Hey, I think we should do that whole bonding thing Cooper suggested."
Russell: (confessional) Trevor, you are such a... a... a co-- (cut off)
"Sounds like a good idea," Brenna said as she nodded.
Jamal leaned in toward the table and asked, "So, what are we supposed to do? Just say stuff about ourselves?"
They all stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Finally, Peter cleared his throat. "Well. Maybe we can talk about, let's say, why we signed up for the show?"
"Let's not," Trevor declared.
Annabel concurred, "I actually think that's a good idea."
Trevor: (confessional) Is Annabel purposely trying to make me hate her? What's her deal?!

"I gotta pee," Tyler suddenly stated.
Noah inched away from him. "The bathrooms are on the other side of the door. Hold it in."
Tyler groaned. "Can't I just go in the sink or something?"
"Not in my sink!" DJ declared.
"But, you don't understand," Tyler struggled to say, "I have to go. Now."
Harold asked, "Don't we have paper cups or something?"
Heather shuddered at the thought. "That's gross."
"Do you have any other ideas?" Gwen asked.
Tyler stood up and rushed toward the kitchen door. He accidentally ran into the wall beside it, twice.
"Need some help?" Noah asked, walking toward Tyler with the candle.

As Noah and Tyler entered the kitchen, a sudden creak was heard. It echoed throughout the dining area.
"Um, what was that?" Angie whimpered.
A few louder creaks were heard once again, followed by two thumps, and a loud shriek.
"What the heck is going on?!" Annabel panicked.
Jamal gasped. "Brenna's gone!"
Surely enough, as Trevor moved his team's candle toward where Brenna previously sat, she was no longer there.
"Where'd she go?" Russell asked, confused. "There isn't really anywhere to go."
Jamal looked at Russell, irritated. "She obviously didn't just get up and walk somewhere. Someone took her!"
Everyone gasped, except for Heather, who looked around the room in disbelief. "You guys really aren't falling for this, are you? It's obviously some lame challenge Cooper's set up. He's just cut the power to freak everyone out and now he has Chris kidnapping people, or something."
"He would've told me about all of this!" DJ said, causing the contestants to panic.
Sydney: (confessional) I'm too young to die. There are so many things I haven't done yet, like become famous, and have four boyfriends at the same time.
Russell: (confessional) I still don't know where Brenna went.
Gwen: (confessional) This is weird. I actually can't tell if it's a challenge or not. Either way, we're got to keep calm and move on.

Gwen stood up and paced around the room. "Okay. Look. If we are getting kidnapped, or whatever, screaming and panicking isn't going to help. What we need to do is not do what those idiots in horror films do!"
Everyone looked around and shrugged, and Gwen sighed. "Just stay in a group and try not to do anything stupid."
"You're asking these morons not to do anything stupid?" Heather scoffed. "That's like telling Tyler to walk in a straight line."
"Hold up," Leshawna paused. "Where is he?"
Izzy looked up. "And Noah?"
Ivy suddenly gasped. "Wait a minute, doesn't anyone else see? Brenna disappeared as soon as Noah and Tyler left to go to the kitchen!"
Another wave of gasps surged through the contestants, but Timothy interrupted, "Wait, but why would they kidnap Brenna? What's their motive?"
Before anyone could answer, two loud screams emerged from the kitchen. The contestants rushed in and saw that Noah and Tyler were no longer there, however, a small piece of paper sat in the center of the kitchen floor.
Gwen hesitantly walked toward it and picked it up. She read, "Three down, fifteen to go."

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Annabel shrieked, running toward Russell for comfort.
Harold curled up into the fetal position and chanted, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die..."
Ivy paced back and forth and muttered, "No, this is not happening, I have, like, my entire future planned out..."
"Everybody, stop!" Heather ordered. "Look. Going insane obviously isn't going to stop whoever's doing this."
Leshawna folded her arms and skeptically asked, "Well, what are we supposed to do? It's not like we can just tell Mr. Killer-man to chill out."
Suddenly, Trevor quickly asked, "Hang on, is everyone here?"
The contestants all looked around and scanned the room, when Heather's eyes widened. "Izzy!"
A loud battle cry was heard coming from the dining area, followed by a deep voice complaining, "Hey, no, stop that. What are you-- no, no, okay, stop! Ha!"
The contestants rushed back, however, Izzy was gone.
Heather: (confessional) Okay, killer-guy, whoever you are, stop killing off all of my potential alliance-people. Still trying to win a reality show.

Another note had been lain on the seat where Izzy had sat.
This time, Mordecai approached it, and read, "Body count: 4."
"How does this guy have the time to write these notes?" Peter wondered aloud.
A loud, growling noise suddenly filled the dining area.
Annabel choked, "Is there a bear in here, too?!"
Leshawna blushed, "Oh, um, my bad, I got a bad case of the munchies right now."
"This is no time for food!" Heather snapped.
"Apparently you ain't never got time for food, toothpick!" Leshawna retorted.
Sydney shook her head and separated the two. "Now, Leshawna, c'mon. I'll go with you to the kitchen to grab something."
Harold volunteered, "Um, I'll go, too!"
Leshawna looked at him suspiciously, as he added, "Er, safety in numbers?"

The three of them entered the kitchen, and the rest of the contestants sat down at one table.
"Can we go back to bonding time?" Annabel suggested.
"That actually sounds somewhat comforting right now," Ivy admitted.
Gwen rolled her eyes. "Fine. How do we do this again? Take turns talking about our lives?"
Mordecai folded his arms. "This sounds more like group therapy."
After a short pause, Angie shrugged, "I'll go first."
She cleared her throat and opened her mouth to say something, but a loud scream cut her off.
Harold burst through the door to the kitchen. "Sydney and Leshawna are gone!"

The contestants stared at him, wide-eyed.
"So, how are you still here?" Heather asked.
Everyone gave her a scornful glance, and she looked at them strangely. "What? It just seems weird that he avoided the kidnapper, of all people."
Harold folded his arms. "If you must know, my ninja skills assisted my flawless evasion!"
"Or the kidnapper didn't think you were worth taking," Gwen muttered.
Timothy looked around the room. "Well, I think we should do something about this."
"Yeah, everyone needs to stop leaving the group," Trevor agreed.
Timothy shook his head. "No, I mean, we should face the kidnapper."
Angie sobbed, "Oh, no, now he's speaking in tongues!"
"Huh, yeah, you can do that on your own," Mordecai quickly shot down.
Timothy: (confessional) I don't get it. This is why everyone dies in horror movies. The killer picks them off one by one, and once they finally try to fight back, there's only two or three of them left and they all die.

Ivy breathed into her hands and shuddered. "Crud, it's cold in here."
"Agh, you're right," Gwen said, rubbing her hands together. "How'd that happen?"
Harold frowned. "I think when I was helping Leshawna and Sydney look for food, we forgot to close the freezer. I'll go shut it."
He began to stand up from his seat, when Heather pulled him back down. "Are you trying to get kidnapped?"
Gwen shook her head as she continued to rub her hands together. "Not a smart idea."
"Well, we're all going to freeze to death if we don't shut that f-f-freezer," Trevor complained.
"F-F-Fine," Gwen stuttered, "But we have to go as a group."
The contestants all stood up and walked toward the door to the kitchen. However, the door was quickly slammed shut as Timothy, Trevor, Jamal, and Ivy walked through it, leaving the rest of the group behind in the dining area.
Trevor, who was holding Team Newbies's candle, dropped it, setting the kitchen on fire.
"Holy crap!" Ivy shrieked. She tried to open the door to the dining area, but it suddenly locked.
Timothy noticed a fire extinguisher at the other end of the kitchen. "Look! We've got to get it! But there's not much time!"
Jamal lifted Timothy and tossed him toward the fire extinguisher. Timothy hit his head against it and passed out.
"Er, oops," Jamal apologized as Trevor and Ivy looked on in disbelief.
Suddenly, the fire died down and the kitchen was completely dark. However, the commotion quickly returned after loud screaming was heard.
From the dining area, Peter and Mordecai kicked the kitchen door down to reveal that Trevor, Ivy, Jamal, and Timothy had all disappeared. Another mysterious note was placed on the floor. Peter slowly approached, it, picked it up, and read, "And then there were eight..."

The remaining contestants sat at one table and gathered around the remaining two candles.
The boys, which consisted of Harold, Mordecai, Peter, and Russell sat on one side, across from Angie, Annabel, Heather, and Gwen.
"Poor Leshawna," Harold moped.
"Poor Trevor," Peter sighed.
"Poor Sydney," Mordecai thought.
"Poor Timothy," Angie sobbed.
"Everyone's dead!" Annabel cried, weeping into Russell's shoulder.
Heather looked around at the group pathetically. "Are you all serious? They aren't dead, okay! I'm more than sure this is just a challenge."
Gwen doubted, "I don't know, this is seeming more and more real as we go along. Mainly because I'm becoming less and less sure. I mean, for all we know, one of us could be the kidnapper."
"Ahhh!" Annabel squealed. "Don't say that!"
Gwen shrugged. "It's possible!"
Heather tapped her chin. "Now that I think of it..." She directed her attention toward Harold, which caused the rest of the group to do the same.
"... Why are you all looking at me?" Harold asked nervously. "You don't think I'm the one doing this, do you?"
"The first few people to go were all from our team," Gwen pointed out.
Peter suddenly become suspicious as well. "And you were the only person who made it out when you, Sydney, and Leshawna went to get food!"
Harold began to sweat. "I swear, I'm not doing anything!"
"Does anyone know where DJ is?" Russell randomly asked.
The contestants looked around, but found no sign of DJ. Suddenly, both candles on the table went out.

After a few seconds of thrashing and yelling, the power came back on in the laboratory.
The only people that remained in the dining area were Annabel, Gwen, Mordecai, and Peter.
"Okay, what is going on?" Gwen asked in irritation.
Peter looked around the room and noticed, "There's even less of us, now!"
Annabel reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. "Um, guys..."
She unfolded it and fainted. Peter rushed over to her, then picked up the piece of paper and read, "You all have two minutes left to live."
Mordecai and Gwen looked at Peter, then at each other, then at Peter again. The three of them screamed.
"Aaaaaand, we're done!" a voice yelled.

Cooper entered through the main doors of the dining area, with the other fourteen contestants.
"What is going on?!" Gwen yelled, holding Cooper by the collar.
Cooper choked, "I'll tell you once I can breathe again."
Gwen let go of him, and Cooper explained, "It was all just part of a fun little challenge."
"Fun?!" Peter asked. "Annabel's passed out!"
Russell ran over to her and tapped her shoulder. She blinked and asked, "Am I dead?"
Russell smiled and shook his head, then helped her up on her feet.
Cooper snapped his fingers. "That reminds me. You guys all remember how yesterday we didn't have an elimination?"
The contestants all nodded, and Cooper laughed, "Yeah, it turns out I wasn't supposed to do that. Threw us off schedule. So, in order to compensate, we're having a double elimination tonight!"
Ivy: (confessional) Kill off two jerks in one day? My kind of challenge.
Cooper continued, "And one of these eliminations has already been determined!"
"What are you talking about?" Mordecai asked, confused.
Cooper walked toward the Gwen, Mordecai, Annabel, and Peter. "The real goal of this challenge was to see who could maintain their composure in a time of crisis. And the person who did the worst job of that, overall, is getting the big boot of shame home! Right now!"
Everyone gasped, and Cooper revealed, "And that person is, without a doubt, Annabel!"
Tears welled up in Russell's eyes. "What? No!"
"Afraid so! It's time for Annabel to go home," Cooper repeated.
Annabel blinked. "Wait, so, am I dead?"
Trevor mumbled, "You might as well be."
Russell hugged Annabel tightly, then let go of her. "I don't want you to leave."
"I don't want to leave either," Annabel frowned.
After a short and sufficiently awkward pause, Russell leaned in and kissed Annabel, but she was quickly snatched away by a figure dressed in black.

"That reminds me," Gwen said, "Who the heck was kidnapping us?"
Cooper scoffed, "Chris, Caitlin, and Curmi, duh. Wasn't it obvious?"
Mordecai frowned. "But, what happened to DJ?"
"He passed out and we decided to just drag him away," Caitlin explained. "Poor guy's still knocked out cold."
Cooper suddenly remembered, "Now, for the second elimination: the team that did the worst overall at keeping their cool is taking a nice visit over to the Patenting Ceremony!"
The air tensed as Cooper announced, "In first place, we have Team Veterans!"
The veterans all cheered and high-fived, followed by Cooper finishing, "And tonight's losers are... Team Newbies."
"No fair!" Trevor whined. "We have to lose two teammates in one day?"
Cooper shrugged. "Not my fault! Next time, be a little more calm when there's a kidnapper on the loose!"

At the Patenting Ceremony, the dwindling five members of Team Newbies took their seats on the bleachers.
Brenna looked around the room and noticed, "I'm the only girl left."
Cooper ignored her and recited, "I have four test tubes here in my test tube rack. There are five of you. The contestant who does not receive a test tube must--"
"'Immediately walk through the Double Doors of Shame and take the Teleporter of Losers and can never, ever, ever, come back, ever.' We've heard it all before, can we just go on?" Trevor impatiently asked.
Cooper blinked. "Wow. Touchy. I don't know how, but you get the first test tube."
He tossed to to Trevor, and continued, "Next one goes to Peter."
Peter caught it and asked, "Why test tubes? Why not lab goggles or something?"
"That's what I said!" Cooper said. "But the producers were all like, 'Nooo!' And I was all like, 'Yeees!' But then they were all like--"
"Ahem," Curmi interrupted. "The Patenting Ceremony?"
Cooper blushed. "Oh. Right. Next one goes to Jamal."
Jamal caught his test tube, then noticed Brenna without hers, and gave her a thumbs-up.
Cooper stated, "Brenna, Russell, I only have one test tube left. The contestant who doesn't receive this test tube must get up, walk through the Double Doors of Shame, take the Teleporter of Losers, and can never, ever, ever, ever come back. Ever. And tonight, that person is Russell!"
He tossed the last test tube to Brenna as Russell stood up.
Trevor was confused beyond belief. "What?"
"I voted myself off," Russell explained. "And apparently a few of you guys did, too. I don't want to be in this game if it means I'm not with Annabel."
Brenna nearly melted in her seat. "That's so sweet!"
Russell waved goodbye to his former team. "So, I guess I'll see ya."
Trevor: (confessional) Who... Who does he think he is? He can't just walk out of an alliance without consulting me! What am I supposed to do now?
As Russell exited through the Double Doors of Shame, Cooper signed off. "And that's it for Russell! Did he make the right choice giving up the cash for his gal? Is Team Newbies turning into the new Team Stardom? What do I have in store for the contestants next time? Find out, only on the next episode of Total! Drama! Lab Rats!"

Chapter 10: Dodgecannon

Posted On: June 12, 2013

"Last time on Total Drama Lab Rats, a surprise blackout scared the oatmeal out of the contestants as they spent the day in complete dining hall lockdown! One by one, the kids got snatched up until only four remained. But, what's this? Surprise, surprise, double elimination! Annabel said bye-bye to Russell since she didn't know how to keep her cool, but they weren't apart for long, because Russell ended up voting himself off for her! Dude! Gave up the prize money for some girl! Ah, whatever. Is Team Newbies taking a turn for the worse? Will Heather get her alliance off the ground for once? And what the heck is going on with that mess in Team Stardom? Find out, on this episode of Total. Drama. Lab Rats!"

Brenna and Jamal slowly tiptoed across their room.
Jamal put his finger to his lips and turned to Brenna, who nodded.
Just as they were about to exit, Brenna stepped on a rubber duck, which squeaked loudly. She shrieked and jumped into Jamal's arms.
The mix of shrieking and squeaking awoke Peter and Trevor, and Trevor groaned, "What is wrong with you two? It's five in the morning!"
"Sorry," Brenna apologized, "We were trying to stay quiet but I stepped on a... rubber duck?"
Peter inched over and nonchalantly picked up the rubber duck and put it in his suitcase, then went back to sleep as Brenna and Jamal slowly exited.
Trevor: (confessional) There's only four people on my team now. Brenna and Jamal are too busy competing over which is more disgustingly in love with the other to vote each other off, and Peter and I aren't going to vote for each other, which means if we lose again, it's bound to lead to some sort of tiebreaker. The other teams are bound to notice how low we are on members, so it's time to... (gulp) ... team up with another team.
Trevor sighed and began to go back to bed, then paused. "Wait, why do you have a rubber duck?"
"Um," Peter mumbled, "I, uh... nothing."

In the bathrooms, Angie had just finished taking a shower and was fixing herself up in the mirror.
"Hi, Angie," Timothy greeted, washing his hands in the sink next to her.
Angie paused. "Um, Timothy, this is the girls' bathroom."
"Is it?" Timothy asked, looking around. "Didn't notice."
Brenna entered the bathroom and noticed Timothy. "Oh, gosh, did I walk into the wrong bathroom again? Every time..."
Angie began, "No, wait, Brenna--"
She was interrupted by the slam of the door, and Timothy jumping directly in front of her. "So, how did you sleep?"
"Um, pretty good, I guess," Angie replied. "I had a dream about burritos. It was weird. They talked."
Angie: (confessional) I really like Timothy. And he likes me back, which is cool. But I think he likes me back a little too much. Kinda weird.

Ivy entered the dining hall and was immediately pulled aside by Trevor.
"Let go of me!" Ivy protested.
Trevor hushed, "Quiet, okay, look. You're pretty much the leader of your team, right?"
Ivy: (confessional) Well, at least someone agrees with me!
"So," he continued, "I was wondering if our teams could form a temporary alliance."
Ivy frowned. "What do you mean?"
Trevor motioned to Team Veterans' table. "Look. They have seven members on their team, you guys have five, and I only have four. It's only a matter of time before they begin to completely dominate the game."
Ivy pursed her lips as Trevor turned back to her. "I say we team up to take them down. They're already full of themselves because they're veterans. The one team member they kicked off is still technically on the show! What do you say?"
"Even though this is clearly just an attempt to save your own team's butt from getting demolished," Ivy stated, much to Trevor's embarrassment, "I'm going to go through with it. I'm tired of losing to these idiots."
Trevor offered his hand. "Alright. We make an effort to save each others' butts and kick theirs?"
Ivy shook it. "For now."
Ivy: (confessional) I don't trust Trevor at all. I'm not going to help his team unless he tries to help ours first. But I do want to get rid of those annoying veterans. Especially Heather.

DJ entered carrying a platter of breakfast burritos.
Angie gasped. "My dream came true!"
"You dreamt that DJ would make us breakfast burritos today?" Mordecai asked, confused.
Before Angie could answer, a beach ball flew toward her head at a dangerously fast speed, knocking her into Timothy.
"Are you alright?!" Timothy panicked.
Angie nodded, "Yeah! Whoever did that is toast! Three is not a bag you want to swim in!"
"Um, maybe you should lie down," Mordecai suggested.
Cooper entered dining hall carrying a minature cannon. "Bombs away!" He pulled back a handle and let it go, and another beach ball came barreling toward Team Veterans' table.
It hit Tyler square in the face, then bounced off and hit the back of Noah's head.
"Hey, watch it with that thing!" Leshawna warned.
"What is that thing?" Harold wondered.
Cooper smiled. "I'm glad you asked! It's a handheld cannon that shoots beach balls at wicked speeds! It's what each of you will be using in today's dodgeball challenge!"
Noah: (confessional, rubbing the back of his head) ... No.
"Meet me outside in five minutes!" Cooper said as he exited.

As the contestants exited the dining hall, Ivy whispered, "Guys, over here!"
The rest of her team reluctantly walked with her, and Ivy announced, "Okay, as much as I hate to say it, we're going to have to team up with Team Newbies for a few challenges."
"Um, what?" Sydney asked in bewilderment. "Who decided this?"
"Me and Trevor a few minutes ago," Ivy matter-of-factly replied. "Hear me out. If we don't take Team Veterans down soon, they're going to keep winning challenges and pick the rest of us off one by one. So we're going to have to help out Team Newbies, and they'll be helping us too. I think."
Angie shifted uncomfortably. "This is weird."
Mordecai shrugged. "It makes sense, though. Alright. Whatever."
At the same time, Trevor was talking to his team.
"... So, for the time being, we're helping out Team Stardom. Got it?"
"I guess," Jamal unsurely consented, as Brenna gave a shrug of indifference.
Jamal: (confessional) It feels really weird helping another team win. I mean, we're already down to four members, can we really afford to take a risk like this?

The challenge site was an enclosed dodgeball court with five handheld cannons on either side.
Cooper announced, "Alright! Here are the rules, as most of you should know from typical high school PE. If you are hit with a ball, you're out. If you catch a ball, the person who threw it is out and you can bring a person of your choice back into the game. That's pretty much it."
Sydney raised her hand. "Um, Chris, how are we supposed to play two-team dodgeball if there are three teams?"
Cooper snapped his fingers. "Right, I almost forgot to mention! You'll be mixing teams for this challenge. It'll just be two games of five on five, with members from all three teams on either side. Just try your hardest, and the team with the members who did the best overall will win. The team with the members who did the worst overall gets to send someone home!"
Heather: (confessional) I'm not worried. We have the other teams outnumbered, and it's not like the other teams are threats anyway.
Timothy: (confessional) Dodgeball is really... dangerous...

Cooper hopped into the referee's chair and announced, "Alright, Round 1! On the blue team, we have Angie, Harold, Izzy, Mordecai, and Trevor! On the red team, we have Brenna, Heather, Jamal, Sydney, and Tyler! As for the rest of you, Gwen, Ivy, Timothy, Leshawna, Noah, and Peter, cop a squat. Players, pick up your handheld cannons!"
As the blue team walked back to get their cannons, Trevor nudged Mordecai and Angie. "Remember."
They unsurely nodded and walked back to the court.
Brenna and Jamal grabbed their cannons, looked at each other, and shrugged.
As the players lined up, Cooper counted down, "Alright! Three, two, one, dodgecannon!"
"How do you work this thing?" Sydney asked, fiddling with the handle.
Heather rolled her eyes and aimed her cannon at Trevor and fired.
He ducked and frowned. "Aggressive."
"It's the only way I know how to play," Heather smirked.

Izzy wildly pulled the handle on her cannon, shooting beach balls everywhere.
"Hey, watch out!" Jamal called out to Sydney, who ducked.
Heather glared at him suspiciously. "She isn't on your team, you know."
Jamal stuttered, "Um, uh, she's on our team now, sort of. The red team. Hehe. Protecting your temporary team contributes to overall performance, er, right?"
Before Heather could answer, she was pelted with a beach ball from Mordecai, which received a high-five from Trevor in response.
"Ow!" Heather groaned. "Why didn't you warn me?"
Jamal shrugged. "Er, sorry, didn't see it coming." He slowly turned back to the game.

Tyler aimed his cannon at Mordecai and yanked his handle, which broke off, and resulted in his cannon firing wildly at the other team.
Two balls hit Harold and Angie, however, Trevor caught one of the off-course projectiles.
Cooper blew his whistle. "Harold, Angie, Tyler, out! Trevor, pick anyone to come back."
Trevor paused and responded, "Angie."
From the sidelines, Heather squinted her eyes.
Heather: (confessional) Okay, something is definitely weird. Why wouldn't you pick someone from your own team to enter the game? There's some dirty business going on here, and I don't like it.
Cooper clarified, "Alright! Blue team has four members - Angie, Izzy, Trevor, Mordecai - and red team has three members - Brenna, Jamal, Sydney. Keep going!"

Izzy continued to fire wildly at the opposing side and managed to eliminate Brenna, leaving only Jamal and Sydney.
Angie watched idly and suddenly remembered the plan. "Um..."
She walked over to Izzy and suddenly tripped. "Oops!"
She and Izzy toppled over and Izzy's handheld cannon fell out of her hands.
Trevor made eye contact with Sydney and made a quick motion to Izzy, and Sydney fired toward her, eliminating her.
Cooper blew his whistle. "Alright, blue team's down to Angie, Trevor, Mordecai, red team's down to Jamal and Sydney. Are we out of veterans? That's a first. Keep going!"
Gwen: (confessional) You don't think we might actually lose this one... do you?

The game proceeded, as Jamal fired a beach ball at Mordecai, knocking him out of the game.
"Nice shot!" Brenna called from the sidelines.
Jamal turned, smiled and waved, but was then knocked out by a beach ball from Angie. "Oops."
Sydney faced her two opponents, Angie and Trevor, and fired a beach ball at Trevor.
He attempted to catch the ball, but dropped it.
Cooper blew his whistle again. "Alright! We're down to Angie versus Sydney, but since they're on the same team, I think I can end this round now! Round 2 begins in a few minutes, so take a short break!"

At Team Veterans' bleachers, Tyler groaned. "Dudes, what happened out there?"
"You messed up dodgeball, again," Noah retorted.
Gwen rolled her eyes. "Shut it, Tyler has a point for once. It's like everyone from our team was picked off first."
Heather's eyes widened. "That's because they were! The other teams are teaming up against us!"
"Why would they do that?" Leshawna asked. "It's not like we're a threat."
A montage followed shortly after of Team Veterans winning the Shrink Ray challenge, the Breeze-O-Matic challenge, the mood headband challenge, and the previous challenge.
"We've just got to try harder," Harold innocently suggested.
Noah folded his arms. "Easier said than done."
Gwen pursed her lips. "Yeah, because you would know, considering how much effort you put into all of our challenges."
"Oh, I'm sorry, Ms. I-Don't-Want-To-Be-Here," Heather commented.
Team Veterans' bickering continued as Cooper cringed. "I can smell the sarcasm from here."

Cooper blew his whistle again. "Alright! Round Two! On the blue team, we have Peter, Gwen, Ivy, Brenna, and Mordecai! On the red team, we have Timothy, Leshawna, Noah, Trevor, and Heather! Grab your cannons!"
Trevor elbowed Timothy. "Got the new plan?"
Timothy hesitantly nodded, as Cooper ordered, "Dodgeball!"
Timothy fired a beach ball directly at Brenna, who didn't avoid it at all. "Oh!" she yelled. "Darn. Definitely didn't want to get out of the game so early, oh, well."
Everyone looked at her strangely as another beach ball was fired, this time from Peter to Timothy, who was also hit. "Ouch! Er, guess I'm out!"
Heather and Noah looked at each other and shrugged, then aimed at Ivy and Mordecai respectively.
Both of them fired, however both Ivy and Mordecai dodged.
Almost directly after, Trevor fired a beach ball at Mordecai, who didn't move an inch. "Ow! Guess I'm done."
Heather: (confessional, gasps) Oh. They think they're so smart. They're throwing the challenge for each other. If Cooper sees that Team Stardom and Team Newbies are getting tons of people out, we'll be at a disadvantage! Well played, I have to admit.

Cooper announced, "Alright, only Peter, Gwen, and Ivy left on the blue team, Leshawna, Noah, Trevor, and Heather left on the red team! Let's get going, people!"
Leshawna rolled up her sleeves. "A'ight, no more messin' around." She fired at Ivy, who ducked, and the ball hit Gwen instead.
"Out!" Cooper called, motioning Gwen to the bleachers.
"Nice going," Noah mumbled.
Leshawna scowled. "I don't wanna hear one more word outta your useless little piehole."
Noah jokingly laughed. "Oh, I'm scared."
Leshawna smiled wickedly and grabbed Noah, then threw him at the other team, hitting both Ivy and Peter.
"Er, out?" Cooper unsurely declared. "I guess everyone on the red team is out! And that's two rounds, challenge is over!"

The three teams gathered around Cooper, who paced back and forth while giving the results.
"I have to say, choosing the winner of this challenge was a tough decision, but I ultimately decided on Team Newbies!"
Brenna and Jamal hugged, and Peter opened his arms to Trevor, who shook his head in return.
"And in a close second, we have Team Stardom!"
Team Stardom cheered, and Ivy stuck her tongue out at Heather.
Heather rolled her eyes. "So mature."
Cooper stopped pacing. "Team Veterans, what happened? The other teams whooped the crud out of you guys! I'll be seeing you at tonight's Patenting Ceremony, where one of you will have to go home. For once."
"Hey, we've been there before," Harold defended.
"But DJ's still here!" Cooper pointed out. "I'm trying to get rid of you guys, not keep you around! Anyway, Team Newbies, for your reward, you guys win a lifetime supply of beach balls!"
Trevor folded his arms. "Because that'll definitely come in handy."
Cooper shrugged. "For your everyday beach ball uses. Anywho, Team Veterans, cast your votes in the confessional! Everyone else, get out of my sight."

The seven members of Team Veterans sat in the bleachers at the Patenting Ceremony, awkward and tense.
Noah: (confessional) It's a tough decision between Gwen, Leshawna, and Heather. I've had it up to here with Leshawna, Gwen's a pest, and do I even need to explain Heather?
Leshawna: (confessional) Noah just moved up to number 1 on my hitlist.
Heather: (confessional) Izzy's finally come along. As long as she didn't screw up trying to convince Harold and Tyler, I should be safe.
Izzy: (confessional) Heather's weird.
Harold: (confessional) If I don't vote for you, Izzy might kill me. Which would be a pretty awesome way to go, but not the way I want.
Gwen: (confessional) I don't know who's more annoying, Noah or Heather? Can I vote for both of them?
Tyler: (confessional, fires a beach ball at the camera, the camera lens cracks)
Cooper entered, with six test tubes in a test tube rack. "Team Veterans, there are seven of you here, but I only have six test tubes. The contestant who does not receive a test tube tonight must walk through the Double Doors of Shame, take the Teleporter of Losers, and can never, ever, ever come back. Ever."
Izzy asked, "Ever?"
"Ever!" Cooper snapped. "Sadly, that person isn't you."
He tossed a test tube to Izzy. "Next ones go to Tyler and Harold!"
The two boys caught their test tubes.
"Alright, bottom four: Gwen, Leshawna, Heather, and Noah! Let's see why you're each here. Gwen, no one really likes you."
"Hey!" Gwen protested as Cooper continued, "Noah, you haven't done a thing all season. Leshawna, you threw one of your teammates. Er, not socially acceptable. Heather, I don't think we need to cover your reasons."
Heather rolled her eyes as Cooper continued, "But, somehow, you're still safe."
He tossed one of the three remaining test tubes to Heather. "And so are Leshawna and Noah!"
Gwen gasped. "I... I got the most votes?"
Leshawna was also confused. "But, then, huh?"
"Say hi to Duncan for me," Heather waved.
Chris shoved Gwen through the Double Doors of Shame as Cooper signed off. "Well, that ends another exciting episode! How did Gwen get the boot? Will the Newbies and Stardom continue to succeed? What's in store for the contestants on the next episode? Find out, only on Total. Drama. Lab Rats!"

Chapter 11: Ready, Set, Grow!

Posted On: July 2016

Elimination Table

Total Drama Lab Rats Elimination Table
Place Contestant Team 11 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 81 92 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA Timothy Stardom IN OUT Returns in Chapter 8 WIN IN IN
17 Russell Newbies IN IN IN IN IN WIN WIN IN OUT
18 Annabel Newbies IN IN IN IN LOW WIN WIN IN OUT
19 Brendon Stardom IN IN IN WIN IN IN OUT
20 Brian Stardom IN IN IN WIN IN OUT
21 Lexi Newbies IN IN IN IN OUT
22 DJ Veterans IN WIN WIN OUT
23 Valerie Stardom IN IN OUT
24 Karen Newbies IN OUT

     WIN: This contestant won the challenge for himself/herself/their team that night. (Chapters 1 - TBA; Chapters TBA - TBA)

     WIN: This contestant was on the winning team. (Chapters 1 - TBA)

     IN: This contestant was on the team that neither won nor lost the challenge. (Chapters 1 - TBA)

     IN: This contestant received a test tube at the Patenting Ceremony.

     LOW: This contestant received the final test tube.

     OUT: This contestant was voted off or eliminated.

1: Non-elimination.

2: Double elimination.

General Trivia

  • This is my version of the fifth season of Total Drama, with Total Drama Stardom replacing Total Drama: Revenge of the Island as the fourth. It is not in any way connected to Total Drama Island...?.
  • Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour/Stardom contestants were chosen, for the most part, based on polls taken on this blog.
  • All drawings were sketched on Windows 7 Microsoft Paint, then traced and perfected on Paint Tool SAI, even the drawings of the canon contestants.

List of Inventions


  • Credit goes to every user who signed up for a potential spot on this blog and all of my readers who comment! It makes writing a lot easier when you know you have people who actually like your stories.
  • Credit to everyone on the IRC who incessantly harass me on continuing this. Yes, Jax and Nduke, I'm talking to you.
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