Total Drama Land of Misfits wil take place on Camp Wawanakwa as 22 teens battle it out to see who will win the coveted million pound prize.


Chris Mclean

Chef Hatchet


Molly - The Tomboy - Killer Bears

Jake - The Nice Guy - Wild Dogs

Emily - The Dumbish Blonde - Wild Dogs

Ruby - The Popular Girl - Wild Dogs

Riaz - The Ally Maker - Wild Dogs

Abdullah - The Eater - Wild Dogs

Asad  -The Strong Guy - Killer Bears

Jenny - The Athletic Girl - Killer Bears

Bilal - The Manipulative - Wild Dogs

Adam - The Good Friend - Killer Bears

Terrence - The Tryhard - Killer Bears

Star - The Pretty Girl - Wild Dogs

Dylan - The Excitement - Wild Dogs

Ella - The Normal Girl - Wild Dogs

Cassy - The Argumentative Girl - Killer Bears

Buck - The Cool Kid - Killer Bears

Zain - The Mischievious Kid - Killer Bears

Nathan - The Popular Guy - Killer Bears

Prince - The Rich Kid - Killer Bears

Zee - The Loud Guy - Killer Bears

Tory - The Determined Girl - Wild Dogs

Dorothy - The Nice Girl - Wild Dogs


Chapter One - Meet The Crew

"Yo! Chris Mclain speaking, and you're watching the hit reality show known as Total Drama. But what exactly happens here? Fun. That's what." said Chris as he giggled shortly after, "We put 22 teens to the test on this island to see if they can survive 'till the end and win ONE. MILLION. POUNDS. Who will win? Who will fall? Find out, right now, on Total...Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!

Theme Song Plays

"Okay, so the campers are arriving on THAT BOAT!" exclaimed Chris as the the camera panned to the boat. "We have Molly," said Chris as Molly waved to the camera, "Jake"

"'Sup people!" exclaimed Jake

"Emily" said Chris

"Hey I'm fine!" replied Emily

"Ruby and Riaz" said Chris

"Hey Total Drama Crew!" Ruby exclaimed as Riaz waved to the camera

"Abdullah and Asad"

"Yo, how many biscuit do you think I can fit into my mouth?" asked Abdullah

"Hopefully enough to shut you up" Asad replied

"Jenny and Bilal"

"Just a heads up, you better stay out of my way" threatened Jenny

"Go jump in the ocean" replied Bilal

"Adam and Terrence"

"Trust me, I have a good strategy" said Terrence proudly

"Can't wait to hear it..." said Adam sarcastically


"Hey guys!" exclaimed Star as she blew a kiss to the camera

"Dylan and Ella"

"Wow, this place is amazing!" exclaimed Ella

"Yeah....It sure is..." said Dylan

"Cassy and Buck"

"You are not going to stop me from winning, got that?" said Cassy

"Yessir..." said Buck as he rolled his eyes

"Zain and Nathan"

"Hey, do you want to form a team?" asked Nathan

"Sure, why not" replied Zain

"Prince and Zee"

"I could buy this entire ocean you know" said Prince

"Then why don't you?" asked Zee

"Aaaaaand, Tory and Dorothy"

"Hey, wanna be friends?" asked Tory

"Sure!" replied Dorothy

"Now, here they come onto the dock" said Chris

"Yo Chris where's the party at?" asked Nathan

"Winners only dude" replied Chris

"Then it looks like I'm the only guest!" exclaimed Terrence

"Okay calm down guys. Follow me" said Chris. He walked over to the campfire ceremony and everyone sat down. "This, is the campfire ceremony. You will be split into two teams. If your team loses a challenge, then you will be sent here to vote someone off. The person with the most votes will leave the island, and lose their chance at the prize money. Okay, so here are the teams." explained Chris

"Yes! Team building time" whispered Riaz

"Jake, Emily, Ruby, Riaz, Abdullah, Bilal, Star, Dylan, Ella, Tory and Dorothy. You will be known as....The Wild Dogs!"

"Sweet name" said Bilal

"So that leaves Molly, Asad, Jenny, Adam, Terrence, Cassy, Buck, Zain, Nathan, Prince and Zee. You will be known as....The Killer Bears!"

"Nice" said Jenny

"Alright, now into the dining area" said Chris

"FINALLY!" Shouted Abdullah, as Asad held him back.

"So, you're the unlucky ones, huh? You decided to join this show. When I'm here." said Chef

"And who are you supposed to be? Mary Poppins?" Said Zee as everybody laughed. Chef got out a gun and fired some repulsive slop at him.

"No. I'm Chef Hatchet. And that's what you'll be eating. ALL OF YOU" shouted Chef. A couple of minutes passed by and Chris walked in. He wasn't surprised at what had happened.

"Okay, idiots. Follow me" said Chris. He walked to the confessional. "This is the confessional. Here, you can share your darkest secrets in safety from thr other campers"

Molly: So this is a confessional? This could be useful.

Zee: That Chef guy is wack. Don't tell him I said that. P-please.

Bilal: Being on a team away from Jenny could be a problem. How else am I supposed to get her out? I'll just have to make friends with the other team

Jenny: Bilal thinks he can one up me, but I'll show him.

"Okay, so on to the first challenge" said Chris. "Follow me"

Chapter Two - Run 'Round The Ragged Ro-Island

"Welcome back to Total Drama. We are currently heading towards the first challenge, but I'll give a bit of a recap. We met our 22 campers, allies were made, so were enemies, and Zee had a close encounter with the wild kind. But, only one can win, who will it be, and who will take the boat out of here? Find out, right here, on Total...Drama...LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song

The campers were taken to the opposite end of the island where a checkered flag could be seen. "This is your challenge!" exclaimed Chris,"Your entire team must run all around the island and cross the finish line, to be safe. The last team to do so will have to send someone home tonight." Chris explained.

"So we have to walk ALL the way here, only to run around the entire freaking island??? No way." said Star

"Yeah, we want to atleast rest first!" ordered Ruby

"Fine then, stay here and rest. It might cost your team the win though" said Chris

Star: Nobody told me that this would be tiring!

Riaz: This could be the perfect time to collect some allies

Bilal: I would stay, but I need to beat Jenny in that race!

"Well guys, either stay here and rest up, or race now. Your call" said Chris. Bilal faced his team.

"Okay, we're all running. Now move!" Ordered Bilal

"Sorry, but I'm staying. I can't run like this." said Ella

"Oh, erm, I'll stay too then I guess" said Dylan

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they come around" said Jake

"Fine. The rest of you come with me. And you three better not screw this up for me!" warned Bilal as they all started to run.

Riaz: I really wanted to stay to get Dylan, Ella and Jake on my side, but I didn't want to anger Bilal

Ella: Wow, it was really nice of Dylan staying with me. Oh, and Jake too, but Dylan's more cuter. Don't tell anyone I said that

Jenny saw the Wild Dogs running so she ordered her team to start running. "Nobody stops for nothing, got it?"

"Don't tell me what to do!" shouted Cassy

Cassy: Jenny thinks she's sooooo big. But I'll teach her a lesson.

Jenny: I know I'm being a little too harsh on my team, but have you seen them? I have Friends McGee, Stupid hyper plan boy, female dog, Shorty pants, Zain the pain, Mr Slick, Spoialty and Loud Mouth! Asad and Adam are probably the only ones worth keeping because of how strong they are.

"Hey Bilal! Try to keep up!" shouted Jenny as she ran past him.

"Oh don't worry, I will!" replied Bilal as he left his team behind and ran after Jenny. Jenny saw this and started to run faster. It was then starting to alternate of who was ahead. Meanwhile, Jake, Dylan and Ella were getting ready.

"Hey, you guys wanna form an alliance?" asked Jake

"Really? You'd help us?" replied Dylan

"Yeah, you seem like cool people"

"Alright then, why not!" exclaimed Ella

"Sure thing!" exclaimed Dylan

"Great! Now let's win this race!" said Jake as they started to sprint. Meanwhile, it was neck and neck between Bilal and Jenny as they were nearing the finish. Jake, Dylan and Ella eventually caught up. 

"What took you guys so long?" asked Bilal

"They were probably laughing at your sorry behind!" exclaimed Jenny. Jake heard this and grabbed a rock whilst running. He then proceeded to throw it at Jenny's head. "Ow!" exclaimed Jenny as she fell to the floor.

"Sorry about that!" said Jake. Bilal made it to the finish line first, followed by the Killer Bears, followed by the Wild Dogs.

"And with that, the Wild Dogshave all made it to the finish line and are today's winners!" shouted Chris as they cheered. "Killer Bears, looks like you're sending someone home tonight. I wonder who it is..." said Chris as he headed to the campfire ceremony. "Okay, so you have all cast your votes in the confessional. Remember, the person with the most votes will leave the island, and never return. EVER. Whoever doesn't recieve a marshmellow, has been eliminated from Total Drama. The first marshmellow goes to...Nathan. The rest go to...Adam, Asad, Molly, Zain, Buck, Prince, Zee and Cassy. I have one marshmellow left. The final marshmellow goes to....Jenny. Terrence. You have been eliminated. Head to the dock of shame my dude." Terrence reluctantly walked to the dock of shame and onto the boat of losers.

"This can't be right! I had a plan! I was supposed to win! You guys all suck!" Shouted Terrence as the boat left

"Well then, that's one down and twenty-one to go. Will Jenny make her team work? Can Bilal make some allies? And who will be eliminated next time on Total...Drama...LAND OF MISFITS!"

Jenny: Ah, poor Terrence. He gave me a perfect excuse to get rid of him. Molly's scared of me, Zain and Nathan are easy to trick, Adam already hated him, and I now have an alliance with Asad. With them plus me, it's 6 votes to 5. He stood no chance. My next target? Probably Jake for what he did to me. But I will have to start acting nicer if I don't want to be voted off the next time my team loses a challenge. Watch out Dogs, I'm coming for you!

Chapter Three - Truth or Boot

"Previously on Total Drama, we forced 22 teens to run around an entire island after walking the long distance. Some made allies, while others made enemies. ALOT of enemies. But in the end, Jenny's thinking got her safe and Terrence the boat home. Who will fall in today's challenge? And who will make it out on top? Find out, right here, on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song

The cameras are pointed on the cabin doors where Dylan can be seen waiting outside. "Okay, I have the chance to impress her. But how? What does Ella like?" Dylan said to himself. Tory walked outside and saw Dylan standing there so she walked up to him.

"Hey Dylan!" exclaimed Tory. Dylan turned in surprise.

"O-oh, hey Tory" said Dylan,  "What are you doing?"

"I usually try to wake up first so I get a headstart on the day, but it looks like I've been beat!" said Tory

"Oh, cool" replied Dylan, "Hey, I was wondering, d-did Ella say anything about me yesterday?"

"Not while she was awake. She was sleep talking about you when I woke up. Why?" asked Tory

"No reason" replied Dylan. Tory walked off, intothe dining area where Dylan followed her. "Oh, by the way, do you want to join my alliance?" asked Dylan

"You're asking me? Why?" replied Tory

"You just seem like a nice person I guess" said Dylan. Tory smiled.

"I'd love to!" exclaimed Tory.

Tory: This is perfect! I can use Dylan's alliance to get further in the game! I just wonder who else is in it.

Bilal got up from bed and glanced around his team. "If I wanna beat Jenny then I gotta get friends" whispered Bilal. He saw a strange shape under Abdullah's bed so checked it out. He pulled out and saw a supply of snacks. "Perfect". Bilal walked over to the door and opened it. He then started to shout. "GET BACK THIEF! THEY AREN'T YOURS TO TAKE!" This awoke everyone in the cabin.

"What the heck is happening?" asked Riaz.

"Hey! Is that my food?" exclaimed Abdullah

"Yeah, someone from the other team tried to steal it. But I managed to hold them off." said Bilal

"Who was it?" asked Jake

"Erm, it was Nathan? I think anyways. I'm not to sure" said Bilal

"Once I get my hands on him" said Abdullah

"Relax gentlemen. I have it sorted. Anymore problems then just call me, I'll be happy to help" said Bilal gleefully as he strolled out the cabin

Bilal: Hook, line and sinker

Jake: Why would Nathan do that? I'm pretty sure he's still asleep. I don't think I can trust Bilal.

The camera cut to everybody eating in the dining area. "I'm glad we get actual food this time aound, and not whatever slop we got last time" said Zee

"I hear you bro" replied Adam. Chris walked in.

"Okay campers. Today, will be a game of Truth or Boot. Each team will pick someone to answer several embarassing questions, and if they lie, then they get a boot to the face"

"Oooh, a boot. How terrifying" said Zee.

"And looks like we have our volunteer for the Killer Bears." said Chris

"What? You can't trust him!" exclaimed Jenny

"Then he should have been more careful" replied Chris, "Wild Dogs, any volunteers?" Bilal looked around and got his pick.

"We nominate Jake." said Bilal

"Excuse me?" said Jake

"Welp, we have our two volunteers. First to ten truths win!" exclaimed Chris.

Bilal: Jake seems to be to smart right now. I mean, did any of you predict that Jake was going to knock out Jenny with a rock? Because I didn't!

"First question for Zee. Did you start crying when someone beat you in a race?" asked Chris

"Pffft. No." replied Zee, as a heavy boot was launched at his face.

"Next question for Jake. Did you pay alot of money to go to a theme park, but only end up going on the teacups?" 

"Erm, y-yes..." replied Jake.

"One point for the Wild Dogs!" exclaimed Chris, "Zee. Your real name is Zefrinna Georgia Hilbert Gertrude.

"Lol, no" said Zee as another boot got thrown into his face. Some time passed and the score was 0-9 for the Wild Dogs.

"Jake, if you answer this truthfully then your team wins. If you don't, and Zee truthfully answers 10 times. Then the Bears win. Think carefully. Who do you hate most on this island?" asked Chris. Jake's eyes widenend and he started to sweat.

Jake: The person I hate the most right now is Bilal. But I can't let him know that. I have to find another solution

"Errrm" pondered Jake until suddenly, he had an idea. "Do these facts account for today aswell?" asked Jake

"Oh, no. They don't" replied Chris

"Well you see because mine changed today, so can I tell you that one instead?" asked Jake

"If the reason is valid" Chris replied

"I hate Nathan the most because he stole Abdullah's food." said Jake

"What?" said Nathan

"That's good enough for me! The Wild Dogs win!" shouted Chris, "Killer Bears, I'll see one of you at the boat tonight." The Killer Bears were at the campfire ceremony, anxiously waiting for the results. "Welcome Killer Bears, remember, whoever does not recieve a marshmellow, will be eliminated. The marshmellows go to....Asad, Adam, Buck, Molly, Prince, Jenny, Cassy and Zain. The final marshmellow goes to...Zee. Nathan, you have been eliminated. PLease leave.

"B-but, why me?" asked Nathan

"Sorry dude, but we can't trust thieves" replied Jenny.

"But I didn- oh forget it. I don't even care anymore" said Nathan as he sulked towords the boat of losers.

"And there we have it! Nathan has been eliminated. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Can Bilal handle Jake? Can the Killer Bears stop losing? Find out next time on Total...Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Chapter Four - Football Fanatics

"Welcome back to Total Drama. Last time, we put Jake and Zee to the test, to see if they were to be trusted. One was, while the other wasn't. But ultimately, thanks to Jake's quick thinking and Bilal's deception, it was Nathan who got the boat home. 20 remain, but only one can win. Who will give their team a point? And who will get the red card out of here? Find out today on Total....Drama.....LAND OF MISFITS!" shouted Chris.

Theme Song

Jenny is running through the woods with Bilal spying from afar. Jenny was aware of what was going on so she continued to lap around the whole island until Bilal finally gave up and fell to the ground. "Have fun, Bilal?" asked Jenny.

"I don't know what you're talking about" replied Bilal with a glare.

Bilal: Okay, I should have put the blame on Jenny last episode, but Nathan waas the first person who came to mind. Argh, I need an alliance member

Jenny: My plan was simple. Make sure Bilal saw me running, then tire him out for the challenge. Dead easy.

Back at the cabins, everyone was begining to wake up, with Jenny and Bilal returning. "Hey bears, nice work on getting Nathan voted out!" shouted Abdullah, "theives shouldn't be allowed here."

"Listen, Nathan didn't do anything to anyone, so shut up!" shouted Zain. Bilal seized his opportunity to make a new ally.

"Hey Zain" said Bilal

"What do you want?" asked Zain

"Nothing, I just wanted to let you know that it was Jake who got rid of Nathan. I mean, if he didn't say what he did, then Nathan would still be here." said Bilal. Zain stopped and thought for a while.

"Y-you're right. It is his fault." replied Zain

"So why don't you help me? I work on getting rid of Jake, while you get rid of Jenny" said Bilal.

"But we're on different teams." said Zain.

"Doesn't matter. So long as this is kept a secret, we'll be fine," said Bilal as he smirked.

"Okay, deal." replied Zain. Bilal walked away with a big grin on his face. In the dining area, Dylan was greeting Tory to Jake and Ella. Chris walks in.

"Welcome everyone, to your third challenge. A good ol' game of football!" shouted Chris. There mixed emotions around the room.

Jake: I hate football. But it is great to annoy people.

Molly: Finally, a challenge where I can actually DO something

Bilal: As much as I love football and beating Jenny, I have to throw this challenge. I have to make sure I fully have Zain's trust, but I need to keep Jake around so Zain can be determined

"Everyone follow me to the pitch" said Chris as they all walked to a big, open field. "So this is how it's going to work, Dogs vs Bears, first team to score 10 points, win."

"But we have two less players then they do!" exclaimed Jenny.

"Then two Dogs will have to sit out for this challenge" said Chris.

"I'll do it" said Star

"Me too!" said Emily

"Okay, take your positions.....and go!" exclaimed Chris as the campers went to their areas. Bilal took control of the ball and sprinted to his side of the court.

"Dude, where are you going?!" shouted Dylan, as Bilal shot the ball into the goal.

"Oops, wrong goal." said Bilal.

"Yeah, anyone could make that mistake" said Abdullah. The game carried on and Bilal kept overtaking the ball but 'losing it' to Molly.

Bilal: Hey, this plan seems to be working!

Molly: I actually did something to help the team. I'm really proud of myself today!

Bilal pretended to trip over the ball and let Molly take the final shot, scoring their team a win. "The Killer Bears finally take a win!" shouted Chris, "Wild Dogs, looks like you're sending someone home tonight!"

Bilal: Boom. Now who do I send home?

Bilal was walking and whistling towards the dining area for lunch, when he was confronted by Star and Emily. "Stop Bilal!" Shouted Emily. Bilal stopped.

"What?" asked Bilal.

"Emily, we really shouldn't be doing this right now." said Star, but Emily would listen.

"WE saw you intentionally losing the challenge!" shouted Emily. Bilal was in shock.

"N-no I wasn't" replied Bilal.

"We'll see what happens at the elimination!" exclaimed Emily as she stormed off.

"I'm sorry, she can be a little cranky at times." said Star as she ran off.

Bilal: I think I just found my targets

The Wild Dogs were at the elimination ceremony. "Okay, Wild Dogs. Whoever does not recieve a marshmellow, is eliminated. The first marshmellow goes to....Ruby. The next go to....Dylan, Ella, Tory, Dorothy, Riaz, Abdullah, Jake and Bilal. The final marshmellow goes one. It was a tie vote, so both of you are eliminated! Please head to the dock"

"WHAT!?" Shouted Emily and Star, "This isn't over Bilal!" shouted Emily as Star angrily shoved past her and onto the boat with Emily running after her.

"And there we have it. With a surprise double elimination, Bilal still has his advantages, Jenny can now boast about her win, and Jake now has Zain onto him. Can the Wild Dogs turn this around, or will Bilal still keep throwing challenges? Find out next time on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Jake: While I could have kept one of them by voting Bilal, I don't want other people to become suspicious of me. Oh well, atleast I still have Dylan, Ella and Tory on my side. Two more people and Bilal can be eliminated. Let's hope I can make it!

Chapter Five - Fear Facers

"Last time on Total Drama, we had a football challenge to see who would wimp out, and who would go for gold, but in the end, it was The Killer Bears that ended up winning and with a surprise tie, Star and Emily were the ones to go. 4 down, 18 to go. Who will win, and who will lose? Find out today on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song

Bilal is standing by the cabin, whilst listening to music with his headphones until Jenny approaches. "Hey there loser!" exclaimed Jenny. Bilal rolled his eyes.

"This is the first time you've won, so don't get too excited" snapped Bilal

"But we won at football. You only won at telling the truth and running? Hah! Pathetic." said Jenny

"Well it's not like you won it for everyone. Molly was the star player yesterday. Go congratulate her and give her some flowers." said Bilal without thinking

"Why flowers?" asked Jenny with a smirk on her face.

"Erm, I didn't say flowers. Shut up." demanded Bilal

"Whatever you say, flower boy" said Jenny as she strode away. Zain walked up to him.

"So you lost the challenge on purpose?" asked Zain

"Yeah, to get Jake out. We had adeal, remember?" replied Bilal. He smiled.

"Oh, of course" said Zain

"So now that I've tried, you now have to try to get Jenny out." said Bilal

"How though? She has an alliance with Asad." said Zain.

"She does? Hmmmm." pondered Bilal

"And she's scaring Molly" said Zain

"What?!" shouted Bilal as he ran off.

Out on the beach, Jake, Ella, Dylan and Tory are all sitting in a line, talking to eachother. "So guys, I've been thinking, we should get Dorothy and Riaz in this alliance." said Jake

"I think four is just fine" said Tory

"Yeah but Bilal is trying to get me out. He automatically put me up for the truth or dare challenge, and he lost the challenge on purpose so he could vote me off." replied Jake

"Yeah but you're here and Star and Emily are gone, stop worrying about it." said Tory

"And so long as we're here, you won't get voted off." said Ella.

"Thanks guys." replied Jake with a smile. Time flew by and Chris had told everyone to meet him by the campfire at night. But Chris wasn't coming. "How long is he going to take? It's getting darker by the minute." asked Zee.

"Why? You afraid of the dark?" teased Asad.

"The dark is a scary place dude. You don't know what's out there!" exclaimed Zee, "I bet your fear is worse."

"I'm scared of water. It can easily drown you and you can't see ANYTHING" said Asad 

"Hey, I'd rather be down in water than up heights, you could kill yourself if you're not careful" said Jake.

Adam: We spent the WHOLE night talking about our fears. I learnt that Ella and Dorothy are afraid of spiders, Buck and Zain are afraid of snakes, and that Jenny and Bilal are equally scared of losing.

Molly: I made some stuff up about how I'm scared of rats, but my true fear is telling Bilal that I love him.

Ruby was thinking, “Creepy Crawlies I guess”

“Hah!” exclaimed Cassy, “that’s nothing, confined spaces are the true horror!”

“Awww, is the little girl scared of a small box?” mocked Buck

“Oh shut up snake boy” snapped Cassy

“Rollercoasters zone me out!” exclaimed Riaz

“Losing my stash would be pretty tough I guess” said Abdullah

“Losing money would be way scarier than some food” replied Prince

“This competition would be way harder without my hearing aids” said Dylan whilst covering his ears. Tory looked at Dylan in shock,

“You have hearing aids? I always thought they were some cool tech”

“Yeah, everyone does” replied Dylan

“If it helps, being alone would suck” said Tory

Dylan:I don’t want everyone to start treating me like I can’t do anything, I hope Tory doesn’t do that

“Trust me Tory, that feeling is the worst” said Adam. Jenny yawned.

“If y’all are done sharing stuff I’m going back to bed” said Jenny as she walked off

“But what about if Chris comes back?” asked Molly

“It’s clear he just wanted us tired for the next challenge, now if I were you I’d be trying to go to sleep” They all agreed and went back to bed, but Bilal grabbed Molly’s arm.

“Hey, you don’t have to do anything that Jenny says anymore, I’ll make sure she gets eliminated” said Bilal. Molly blushed

“Heh, t-thanks Bilal”  said Molly as she walked off. A day had passed and everyone was eating breakfast when Chris walked in.

“Morning campers!” exclaimed Chris

“Well look who it is, Mr-Call-Us-At-Night-But-Don’t-Even-Show-Up” said Asad

“Oh, that. Yeah I just wanted you to do something so I could think of a challenge, and it worked! Today, you will all be facing your fears and you will gain a point for every fear that has successfully been faced. The team with the most points will be eliminated!” explained Chris

Dorothy:This will be fun…

Everyone was on the cliff with Jake at the edge. “All you have to do is look down for five seconds!” exclaimed Chris

“Are you insane? Do you know how high this is?” asked Jake.

“The time is ticking…” said Chris. Jake peered over edge but immediately looked back and walked away in defeat.

“Weakling…” whispered Bilal

Jake:GREAT. Now he has a perfect excuse to get rid of me…

The challenges that went on and Ruby, Riaz, Abdullah, Dylan, Ella, Bilal, Tory and Dorothy all did their challenges, but only Ruby, Dylan, Tory and Dorothy managed to complete their fears.

“Okay, so the Wild Dogs managed to secure four points, Killer Bears, you need at least four fear facers to tie.” explained Chris. They all did their challenges but only Adam, Buck and Cassy managed to complete their challenges. “Okay, only one more left, Molly, it’s your turn.”

“Why? It’s not like it would make a difference” said Molly

“Okay, then how about this. If you can kiss a rat then you can make your team tie, but if do your actual fear, you get two points for your team.” explained Chris. Molly looked nervous.

“Wait, she lied to us?” exclaimed Asad

“Seems so” said Jenny. Molly was sweating and looking at everybody.

“I-I can’t do it. I’m sorry.” said Molly

“And that’s game! The Wild Dogs win! Killer Bears, I’ll see you at the campfire tonight” said Chris. The Killer Bears were all seated at the campfire with Chris holding a plate of marshmallows. “If you do not receive a marshmallow, you are eliminated. The marshmallows go to….Adam, Asad, Buck, Prince, Zain, Cassy and Jenny. The final marshmallow goes to…Molly. Zee, you have been eliminated. Please leave.” Zee got up and angrily walked to the boat.

“I don’t deserve to go today, Molly clearly does!” shouted Zee

“Yeah, you’re right. But you’re annoying as Bilal. Now scram.” replied Jenny as Zee boarded the boat.

“And that’s it! Zee got eliminated, Molly’s now relevant, and we learn something new about Dylan. Will the Killer Bears stop losing? And will Jenny finally be able to beat Bilal? Only time will tell right here, next time on Total…Drama…LAND OF MISFITS!”

Jenny: Zee was just annoying. He wouldn't even join my alliance. Anyways, Molly is still useful. It seems she has something that she isn't telling us. Don't worry Bilal I won't hurt your little girlfriend too much.

Chapter Six - Pain-t Ball

"Last time on Total Drama, we had a fear challenge where the campers faced their worst nightmare and while some were able to face them, others could not. And we learnt that someone may not be as devious as we thought they were. But now the contestants will have to avoid the shot right here, on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFISTS!"

Theme Song Plays

The camera was zoomed in onto the window of the girls' cabin with Molly staring out, looking at the sky, whilst Bilal was leaned against the doorway, looking at her. He started to smile as Abdullah walked up behind him.

"Soooo, whatcha lookin' at?" asked Abdullah. Bilal was surprised to hear Abdullah behind him.

"O-oh, I didn't notice you," Bilal replied, "I was just thinking..." but Abdullah didn't believe him.

"Really? You thinking about Molly?" teased Abdullah. Bilal got angry.

"Agh, mind your own business dude, why is everyone going on about her? I DON'T LIKE HER!" shouted Bilal. Abdullah backed away.

"Ugh, keep it down would you?" groaned Riaz as he put his hands on his ears

"Yeah, what the heck is going on?" exclaimed Jake. Bilal looked at them both angrily as he stormed out.

"It's not me, it's him! He's trying to sabotage me so we lose!" exclaimed Bilal. Abdullah looked in shock.

"WHAT! I would never do that!" exclaimed Abdullah.

"Tell that to Nathan!" shouted Bilal as he slammed the door. Everyone was left with a huge shock on their face.

Jake: As far as I'm aware, it was Bilal who snitched on Nathan.....oh and me, but I plan on beating him first

The doors to each side of the Killer Bears' cabin opened and out came Cassy and Buck. They both watched as Bilal and Molly walked into the woods together.

"Where are they going?" questioned Buck

"How the heck am I supposed to know?" snapped Cassy

"S-should we follow them?" asked Buck uneasily. Cassy was surprised.

"O-okay, let's go then I guess" replied Cassy. They both ran out of the cabins and followed Bilal and Molly

Cassy: Wow, normally peopel would've went away, but Buck....he actually stayed. And WANTED to go with me. Maybe he isn't so bad.

The two were in the woods, watching Bilal and Molly talk to eachother. They were listening for what they were saying and because Bilal was angry, he was talking incredibly loud.

"You HAVE to win this round. I don't want Abdullah finding out about this" exclaimed Bilal

"But what is this exactly?" replied Molly. Bilal was in shock.

"Oh erm, agh! I can't think straight!" shouted Bilal as he ran off

"Bilal, wait!" exclaimed Molly as she ran after him. Buck and Cassy immediently ran back to discuss what to do with their newfound information.

The contestants had just finished breakfast and are now at the campfire where Chris had just shown up. He was carrying paintball guns and safety glasses. "Campers, welcome to your next challenge - paintball! Each team will be given paintball guns and safety glasses and whichever team loses all their members first, loses." explained Chris

Dylan looked alarmed, "Aren't paintballs dangerous?"

"Obviously, why else would we be using them?" Said Chris. "Okay, since the Wild Dogs won last time, they get a one minute head start. GO GO GO!" The Wild Dogs ran into the woods whilst the Killer Bears were waiting to find them. They all got to far away from the campfire and devised a plan.

"We should probably run as far as possible and just hide" suggested Dorothy

"What!? Are you crazy? We have to go on the attack and shoot them before they shoot us!" exclaimed Bilal

"And what if they shoot us first? I say we hide in the trees are by the beach and plan a surprise attack!" Said Jake

"Fine then, you do what you want, and I'll win this challenge for us!" protested Bilal

"Yeah, nice plan Bilal!" shouted Abdullah as he signalled a high five to Bilal, who just walked away. But before they could decide on a plan, Abdullah was shot by some red paint. "AAAAAH! I'VE BEEN HIT!"

"I was aiming for Bilal, but you'll do just fine" said Jenny, who was firing shots at the Dogs. Bilal fired back but his shots missed Jenny. He ran forward in anger and they shot at eachother, causing them both to be out of the game.

"And that's seven members left for the Bears and six for the Dogs! Who will be out next?" shouted Chris through the loudspeakers. At the dock, Jake, Dylan, Ella and Tory were all waiting for someone to shoot. Hoever, as they were waiting, Adam snuck up from the water and shot Ella, Tory and Dylan, but as he was about to shoot Jake, Riaz came and blasted Adam on his chest.

"Thanks dude, I was almost out!" exclaimed Jake

"No problem, anything for you!" replied Riaz

Riaz: Okay, so I'm in a secret alliance with Bilal and he wants me to find out all of Jake's secrets so he can use them against him. So I have to play nice for a bit. Just to soften him up.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Asad and Prince were on the hunt for people to shoot. "Ugh, would you quit being so close to me!" shouted Asad. Prince backed off

"Sorry chap, but do you know how much my clothes cost? Hm? These shoes cost £4000 alone!" bragged Prince

"So why are you here then? If you're so rich, then you don't need the money!" shouted Asad

"Because I have trouble making friends so my dad thought that it would be a great idea to join this show" explained Prince

"I can't imagine why..." said Asad. But soon, there was rustling in the bush. Asad turned around and yelled, "FIRE!!!" They both rapidly shot at the bush but unfortunatly, it was Zain and Buck.

"Great job, you idiots!" exclaimed Zain.

"Sorry, but it was my survival instinct that kicked in" explained Asad. But Cassy watched this whole ordeal and decided to shoot both Asad and Prince.

"Hey! This costs a fortune!" shouted Prince

"Yeah, what the heck was that for?" asked Asad angrily

"Sorry, but it was my survival instinct that kicked in" said Cassy. Buck gave a slight chuckle and Asad was now frustrated

Asad: Seriously? Can't I be put on a good team?

"Four more Dogs left but only two Bears! Can they turn this game around?" shouted Chris. Molly was walking around the forest, trying to identify anything that looked like on of the Wild Dogs. She eventually found Ruby talking to someone, but her view was blocked by a smudge on her glasses, but she shot anyways and Ruby let out a scream before running off. Molly tried to see who she was talking to but they ran away. Cassy found her and they both walked through the forest to find the last three members. Dorothy, Riaz, and Jake had all found eachother and were heading towards Molly and Cassy. They soon met eachother and both sides fired started to fire shots. Cassy was about to shoot Jake but Riaz pushed him out of the way and got shot himself. Jake used this and shot back at Cassy. Molly was cornered, but she kicked some dirt onto both of them and shot her paintball gun. "And that's game! Molly has won it for the Killer Bears! Wild Dogs, I'll be seeing you at elimination tonight" shouted Chris.

They all sat down at the campfire and Chris got out the marshmallows. "So, if I give you a marshmallow then you are safe. Jake, Ruby, Riaz and Dorothy all get one. The next go to...Dylan, Ella, and Tory. This means that the last marshmallow goes to......Bilal. Abdullah, you have been eliminated. Please leave.

"Oh man, I really thought you guys like me" said Abdullah reluctantly as he walked away and onto the boat of losers.

"And there we have it! With Abdullah gone, Bilal's lost an ally whilst Jake may be gaining one. What is happening between Cassy and Buck, and what will happen to Bilal and Molly. Find out all this and more next time on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Chapter Seven - Awake and Alive

"Last time on Total Drama, we had our two teams battle it out in a paintball fight, to see who was top dog, or in this case, top bear as the Wild Dogs were the losers and sent Abdullah on a ride home. Can Bilal keep his secret? What is happening with Cassy and Buck? And who will be the next one out of the game? Find out, right here, on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song Plays

The day was started off with campers peacefully sleeping in their beds at 6 in the morning, until their peace was disturbed by a large airhorn. "EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!" Shouted Chris as everyone got out from their beds and immediately ran out of their cabins.

"Dude, what the heck!? I'm trying to get some sleep!"  exclaimed Jenny

"Relax, it's nothing. I just wanted to wake you up early to begin....YOUR MORNING RUN!"  exclaimed Chris. They all moaned and argued, "Listen, I don't care what you have to say, you either run, or get out of the game!" They all eventually ran. They were running through the woods and Jenny and Bilal were obviously ahead with Adam and Asad close behind.

"Hey, get out of my way dude" snapped Asad

"But were on the same team?" replied Adam

"So? You're still in my way" said Asad. Adam slowed down and let him pass

Adam: Seriously? The guy doesn't even make friends wth his own team! How am I supposed to beat him?

Molly saw this conflict  and approached Adam. "Hey Adam!" exclaimed Molly

"Oh, hey Molly, what's up?" 

"Oh nothing, I just saw how Asad treated you back there and I just wondered if you wanted to take him down?" asked Molly

"Oh errm, well I guess he isn't really helping our team by being rude so yeah, I'll help you" replied Adam

"Sweet! Thanks!" exclaimed Molly

Molly: Asad is sided with Jenny so I have to get either one of them out. And I think getting Jenny out is harder than getting Asad out so I'll take him down first!

Dorothy was running beide Jake, trying to talk to him. "So Jake, I was wondering if yo-" Riaz pushed her out of they way in order to talk to him

"Yo Jake! I was wondering that because I saved you twice, I could join you?" asked Riaz

"Oh sure, you can join my alliance" replied Jake

"Cool! So who's in this alliance?" wondered Riaz

"Me, Dylan, Ella and Tory" explained Jake

"Perfect" said Riaz. Dorothy eventually caught up.

"So Jake, I was wondering if I cou-"

"Wow Dorothy, don't you know it's rude to interrupt people's conversations?"  said Riaz

Jake: Dorothy doesn't seem like the type of person to do that, and why is Riaz acting so nice? And also Bilal hasn't done anything major as of yet. What is going on?

The campers were finally finished running their whole lap around the island several times over and they all met by the campfire as Chris had instructed. "So, when can we go back to sleep?" asked Ruby

"Sleep? Oh no, you see, today's challenge is trying to not go sleep!"

"What." said Asad

"The team that fall asleep first, loses, and will be sending someone home. Go!" exclaimed Chris. Days went past and not a single person has fallen asleep yet. "The campers are looking tire but it's still 7-8" explained Chris as Prince stood up.

"I can't do this. It'll ruin my expensive complection" said Prince andhe walked off.

"And that's 6-8 to the Dogs! Who will be out next?!" exlaimed Chris

Asad: Like I said. Idiot.

As the night went on, Ruby, Molly and Ella fell asleep. It was now 5-6 to the Wild Dogs. Dylan, Jake and Riaz were sitting next to eachother when Dylan said something. "Look at her. She's an angel." said Dylan.

"Who? Ella?" asked Jake

"Yeah. I m-might tell her how I feel" said Dylan.

"Go for it dude, what have you got to lose?" said Jake

Dylan: I'm glad I have Jake as my friend. He's so supportive.

Riaz: Very interesting news Dylan. Very interesting indeed

Dorothy walked over to Jake but immediately dropped to the floor. "And that's 5-5!" exclaimed Chris. Buck and Cassy were sitting by a log. Talking to eachother.

"You're really interesting Buck. I never thought I would say that." admitted Cassy

"You too Cassy" replied Buck as he started to doze off and fall asleep. Cassy looked at him sleeping and gave in.

"Goodnight Buck" said Cassy as she went to sleep. "3-5 and it's still in favour of the Wild Dogs! Can the Bears turn this around?" The night went on and Riaz, Jake and Adam fell asleep. It was now 2-3. Tory and Dylan were sitting together and they started talking. 

"You know, we surprisingly have alot in common" said Tory

"I guess we do" said Dylan, "Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing buddy"

"D-do you think I should ask out Ella?" Tory was in shock.

"Awww Dylan that's so sweet. Of course you should!" exclaimed Tory. The night passed on and Dylan, Tory and Bilal eventually fell asleep.

"And that's game! The Killer Bears win again! Wild Dogs, I'll be seeing you at elimination tonight" explained Chris. The Wild Dogs wer at the campfire and Chris was holding a plate of marshmallows. "Okay, you all know how this works by now, so I'll just give you them because you're all tired. The first marshmallow goes to....Ruby. The next go to...Riaz and Bilal" The others looked at eachother worriedly, "Jake and Tory, and.....Dylan. The final marshmllow goes to....Ella. Dorothy. You have been eliminated. Please leave."

"Awww. This is all your fault Riaz!" shouted Dorothy as she ran off.

"So, that was it. Dorothy is now gone and the teams are even. Yet again. can Riaz get rid of the alliance? Can Bilal use Riaz successfully? And will Molly get Asad eliminated? Find out next time on Total....Drama.....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Riaz: Dorothy just got in the way. She had to go. But I can only imagine who's going next...

Chapter Eight - Capture The Flag

"Last time on Total Drama, we had our teams run around the Island for a second time, but it was for the whole day which then led to our second challenge, the awakeathon! In the end, Jenny and Asad won for the the Killer Bears and thanks to Riaz, Dorothy got sent home. Who will survive this time? And who will go home? Find out, right here, on Total...Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song Plays

It was early in the morning and most of the Killer Bears were awake, apart from Jenny and Asad, who were still sleepy, and still in bed. "Ugh, I can't believe that you're still in bed, how are we going to win like this?" said Prince. Everyone looked at him, confused.

"Well sorry, but we want to win. So we're going to do good in the challenges and not just completely throw the challenge!" exclaimed Cassy

"Pfft. You're just jealous that I got a good nights sleep" bragged Prince. This made Cassy about to punch Prince until Buck calmed her down.

"Yo, Prince....come here...." groaned Asad, who was still in bed. Prince walked over to Asad who then proceeded to give a punch to the face. He now had a bruise on his cheek.

Prince: Honestly Mother and Father, these people are just rude! I mean, I'm doing nothing wrong and they still hate me! Hopefully we lose soon so I can vote off Asad

Cassy: That punch was deserved.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Bilal was pacing back and forth, waiting for Ella to walk by.

Bilal: Riaz told me about Dylan and Ella so I'm going to mess things up between them so Jake has one less ally!

Soon, Ella walked past so Bilal stopped her. "H-hey Ella! What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I-im just looking for Dylan. He wanted to meet me in the forest today. Have you seen him?" asked Ella innocently. Bilal siezed his chance

"Oh yeah, I saw him with Tory in the bushes. He told me to keep it a secret because he wanted to surprise you but teamates should never keep secrets, right Ella?" said Bilal. Ella was shocked

"O-oh, He is? W-with Tory?" asked Ella. Bilal nodded his head, "O-okay then, I-I'll just...go then..." said Ella as she ran off crying

Ella: How could he...I thought we had something special....

Chris called everyone to the Dining Hall, where the campers ate breakfast, and the Chris explained the next challenge. "Okay everyone, today's challenge is a game of capture the flag! Each team has their flag on the forest and it's up to the other team to capture their flag, and bring it back to your own base.  Now go to your designated places and start planning." Chris explained. Both teams were off and ran towards their flag. The Wild Dogs were discussing their strategy.

"Okay, Jake, Tory, Dylan and Riaz, you defend. Ruby, you go around the forest and catch them off guard. Me and Ella will go on the attack." Explained Bilal

"I-I think it would be best if Ella stayed here" exclaimed Dylan.

"N-no thanks, I don't want to" said Ella

Dylan: Why would she pick Bilal over me?

Meanwhile, the Killer Bears were also thinking about their strategies. "O-okay, me and Asad will defend and the rest of you can do what you like" said Jenny

"Okay, I will think of a plan! Jenny, Asad and Zain will defend whilst myself, Molly, Adam, Cassy and Buck attack!" Prince declared.

Prince: You know, that felt good!

The game had begun, and Ruby had gone around the forest to launch a surprise attack and Bilal and Ella had moved forward while Cassy, Buck, Molly, Adam and Prince had also moved forward.

"Hey guys, Molly and I were thinking of eliminating Asad next, would you vote for us?" asked Adam politely

"Eh, Asad's alright" said Cassy

"Yeah, it's not like he's a bad guy" said Buck

"Yes he is! He punched me in the face for no reason! I still have the evidence!" exclaimed Prince

"Yeah but you deserved it, especially with how annoying you were" explained Buck

"I am not annoying, if anything, you're the annoying one!" 

"WOAH! How is he annoying!" shouted Cassy, "GET BACK TO THE FLAG!"

"B-but I-"

"GO AWAY!" Shouted Cassy, infuriated. Prince ran back in fear.

Cassy: For the record, I was not defending Buck. I was simply annoyed by him

Buck: Thanks Cassy! I-I guess?

Bilal had spotted the Killer Bears and spoke to Ella. "Okay, just imagine they're all Tory, and I'll run past you." whispered Bilal. Ella nodded her head and charged for the four that were walking. Bilal used this as an opportunity to get to the flag. He ran past Prince, who was distracted and didn't see him, and made it to their flag and saw Jenny and Asad on the floor, sleeping.

"Yo Zain, remember our alliance? You let me win and you can vote off Jenny?" said Bilal

"Oh, sure thing dude!" exclaimed Zain, as Bilal took the flag and ran back. Prince eventually made it back and saw Ruby in the bush. He then walked up behind her and grabbed her, instantly scaring her and made her throw him into a bear.

"Errm, nice bear..." said Prince nervously, as he got mauled by it.

"And we have a winner! The Wild Dogs win so the Killer Bears are faicng elimination tonight!" shouted Chris. They all arrived at the campfire ceremony where Chris had the remaining marshmallows. "If you do not recieve on then you're gone. Simple as. The first one goes to...Molly. The rest go to...Adam, Buck, Zain, Cassy and Jenny. The final marshmallow goes to...Jenny. Prince you have been eliminated. Please leave."

"Ugh, good! This show ruined me! I mean, look at the state of me! I have bear scratches everywhere!" Shouted Prince as he walked on the boat and was driven away.

"And there we go! Prince was eliminated and Bilal, may have broken Jake's alliance. Who will win? And who will fall? Find out next time on Total...Drama...LAND OF MISFITS!"

Chapter Nine - Breaking Boat

"Last Time on Total Drama, we had our two teams battle it out against eachother in a game of capture the flag, the Wild Dogs won and the Killer Bears sent home Prince, who was justgretted by a friendly bear, and a not so friendly elimination. 14 left, who will in, and ho will lose? Find out, right here, on Total....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song Plays

The day starts off with the girls in the Wild Dogs' cabin, but they aren't all present. "Ah! good morning Rub-" said Tory as she looked over to Ruby's bed, but she wasn't there. "H-hey Ella, do you kno where Ruby went?" Ella was lying on her bed, sobbing. "Ella? What's wrong?" Ella turned away.

"N-nothing you need to know" sobbed Ella as she ran outside.

Tory: Okay, I don't know what's gotten into Ella, first she was happy, excited, cheerful. But now she's crying and wants to stick with Bilal? I thought we established that he was the bad guy!

Meanwhile, Riaz and Bilal were waiting for Jake to wake up. He did, so they started their act. "Listen! I don't care what you say! You can't make me vote off Jake!" shouted Riaz

"FINE! SEE IF I CARE!" shouted Bilal. He walked off ith a big grin. Jake lked up to Riaz.

"What was that all about?" asked Jake

"He wanted me to vote you off, but I can't, we're in an alliance, right?" explained Riaz. Jake smiled.

Jake: Wow, maybe there is nothing wrong with Riaz? Maybe he's just a normal competitor!

However, over on the Killer Bears' side, there was an actual argument taking place. "Well, it took ya long enough!" exclaimed Asad. Adam had just woken up and was confused, "Care to explain?"

"Oh, erm, I was tired after yesterday" replied Adam

"No! Not about waking up late, I meant about trying to vote me off!" exclaimed Asad. Adam was surprised.

"W-what are you talking about?" asked Adam

"You know very well what I'm talking about! Or shall I ask your partner in crime?" said Asad as he bolte dout the door and confronted Molly. "Hello Molly."

"Errm, h-hello Asad" replied Molly

"You trying to vote me out? Hmm? Well you can't, in fact, I'm gonna make sure that YOU are gone next time!" exclaimed Asad as he ran into the girls' cabin, "Yo,Jenny! I gotta tell you something! Jenny? Where are you?" said Asad, but she as nowhere to be found.

Cassy: Yeah, I told him. Better to have everyone targetting them two than me!

Molly: Cassy and Buck are the only other ones to have found out, so I am really ticked off right now.

In the woods, Jenny and Ruby are talking about who should be sent home. They both start discussing the most threatening players. "Bilal has all the power, so I'll try to get him out" said Ruby

"Good. Molly's likeable and I think Bilal likes her so I'll get rid of her!" said Jenny

"Nice plan!" exclaimed Ruby. The campers were at the dining hall, eating breakfast, and Dylan tried to talk to Ella, but she refused to talk to him and sat down next to Bilal.

Dylan: What am I doing wrong? She's not even talking to me anymore!

As they were eating breakfast, Chris walked in, "Okay, so today's challenge, is a boat race! There are two boats stationed by the dock, one boat goes faster, while the other boat hits harder. They both have ammo. You can use whatever strategy you want, but you must cross the line with a boat. Or else you lose! Wild Dogs, since you won last time, you get first pick!"

"Ella, why don't you pick?" said Bilal gently.

"Oh, errm, I guess that if we take the faster boat, we can just beat the other team anyways, and if we use our gun to blast the other team's gun, we can easily win!" Ella thought.

Bilal: Very smart Ella, very smart indeed

The teams were on their boats, Bilal and Jenny were driving, while Ella and Asad were shooting. They were off. The Wild Dogs were ahead of the Killer Bears so Jenny immediatly orders Asad to fire. He does and creates a hole in their boat. Ella retaliates by firing her shot. She is completely off target and shoots at Cassy, until Buck pushes her out of the way and he gets shot into the water. Cassy was shocked and turned to Asad, "Let. Me Shoot. NOW!" Asad wass alarmed but refused. "Fine then" said Cassy as she pushed Asad off of the boat and started to rapidly fire at Ella. Ella also fired back sporadic shots.

"Ah! Ella calm down!" exclaimed Tory, but she turned her gun and pointed at Tory, and shot her face, which caused her to fly off the edge of the boat. Dylan saw this and ran up to her.

"Ella, it's okay, it's me, Dylan. Now tell me what's wrong?" Ella sank down and cryed into Dylan's arms.

"D-dylan. I'm so sorry. I-I love you" blurted Ella. Dylan was overjoyous.

"I-I love you too!" Dylan admitted. They both started at eachother and started to kiss. Bilal was angry and ran to the gun and started to shoot at the Bears. It was a cycle of shooting but in the end, both boats were destroyed.

"Well done campers! That'll get the ratings to soar!" exlaimed Chris, "Now, follow me to the campfire ceremony, were we will be having an elimiantion tonight!" They all went to the campfire, where Chris explained a tist to them. "Today's elimiantion is a bit of a twist. You see, both boats were destroyed, so neither team can win, so I will have to ask you to pick one lucky individual to recieve a reward!" They all looked at eachother.

"I'll take it!" exclaimed Bilal

"I'm doing it for my team!" exclaimed Asad

"Great! Now, I ill leave it to your sole vote, to eliminate the player of your choice from the game!" Chris exclaimed as everyone was left flabbergasted.

Asad: I have three people I want to elimiante. But who?

Bilal: I know exactly who I'm eliminating!

"Asad, you're up first." said Chris.

"I choose......Cassy. No one makes a fool out of me!" exclaimed Asad

"And Bilal?" asked Chris

"Ip Dip Doo. A Dog has got the flu. This girl's got the chicken pox so out goes you! ELLA!" Exclaimed Bilal.

"Cassy and Ella, you have been eliminated. Please leave." said Chris.

"ARGH! SCREW YOU ASAD!" shouted Cassy. Buck stood up.

"Calm down Cassy, It's alright. I-I'm gonna win this. For the both of us." said Buck. Cassy smiled and kissed Buck

"Goodbye Ella, I'll win for us!" said Dylan as he kissed her. The two girls went to the boat of losers and drove off.

"And there we go! In a surprise twist, Ella and Cassy are the ones to leave. Who will be eliminated next time? And who will win the money? Find out, next time, on Total....Drama...LAND OF MISFITS!"

Bilal: Sure, this was the perfect chance to get rid of Jake, but he knows stuff about eveyrone else, and I want Riaz to find that out so he can tell me. And I still need Zain to be motivated. So it looks like Jake is sticking with us. For now.

Chapter Ten - Chef, Sharks, and Shoves

"Last time, on Total Drama, we had our contestants race around the Island on boats, to see who would win. Oh, and we also had a little fun with some blasters. TOO MUCH FUN, because in the end, it was a tie, so Bilal and Asad nominated themselves to have the sole vote on each team, and Ella and Cassy drerw the short straw. Can our teams take the pain? Can they muster the courage to beat today's challenge? Find out, right here, on Total.....Drama....LAND OF MISFITS!"

Theme Song Plays

The campers were happily sleeping in their beds. It was 6:00 in the morning and they were getting their rest, when suddenly....."ALRIGHT MAGGOTS! GET UP FROM YOUR BEDS, AND START MOVING YOUR LAZY BUTTS TO THE DOCK! NOW NOW NOW!" blasted Chef from the megaohone. Everyone instantly woke up, and ran to the dock to form an orderly liine.

"Ugh, why have you woken us up when we're supposed to be sleeping.....again...." groaned Zain. Chef was angry.


"N-no sir"

"The listen up! I was put in charge of the challenge for the day, and I'm going to make you all suffer. You ill do the vigorous training I have put for you, until one team, is left standing. IF at any point, you want to give up, ring the bell at the end of the dock. Otherwise, we will do my challenges, all season! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?" Shouted Chef. Everyone was standing up straight, frozen in fear.

"YES CHEF SIR!" They all shouted in unison. The first challenge was an obstacle course. It had tyres, a climbing wall, and a net to crawl under. Chef explained what they had to do, and they were off. They were all traversing through the obstacles easily, until it started to get to the evening, where they were feeling tired.

"Come on soldiers! Felling tired yet? Remember, you must ring the bell to complete this challenge! Or we're doing it ALL day. With NO sleep!" exclaimed Chef. They all groaned until Ruby had finally cracked.

"I can't take this anymore!" exclaimed Ruby as she slowly walked over to the bell, and rang it. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Can we go to bed now?" asked Dylan. Chef smiled deviously at him

"Oh, who said you were allowed to go to bed? The next challenge is in the Dining Hall! QUICK MARCH SOLDIERS! QUICK MARCH!" exclaimed Chef, as they all walked over to the dining hall. The campers were eagerly waiting for their food. Jenny and Bilal were both staring at eachother and she whispered something to Asad.

"Whatever you do, do not give in" advised Jenny

"Don't worry, I wasn't planning to" replied Asad, "Oh, by the way, Cassy told me that Adam and Molly might be trying to get rid of me"

"Really?" said Jenny

"Yep. And Buck might also want to get me out because of how I eliminated Cassy" Jenny was intriegued.

Jenny: Ugh, he's probably gonna want to target one of them three next, but I need to find out Molly's secret fear, and Buck is no threat. But Adam on the other hand, might be a bigger problem. He's loveable, AND he has better social skills than me and Asad.

Chef walked in with plates of some revolting slop. It was icky, gooey, and bubbles started to form. The campers were not ready to try this. "So....who wants to go first?" asked Jake. Jenny stood up and glared at Molly.

"Eat the slop. Now." ordered Jenny. Molly was too scared of Chef, and Jenny to argue back, so she ate the slop. She immediately regretted it. She ran to the bell and started to ring it, followed by some vomitting. Everyone stepped back from the slop and Jenny started to laugh. Bilal saw all of this so he grabbed his plate, and threw his slop onto Jenny.

"OI, SLOP SPILLER!" Shouted Chef. Everyone turned to him and Bilal walked up to him.

"Yes sir?" said Bilal quietly

"HEAD TO THE DOCK AND RING THE BELL, YOU ARE OUT OF TH CHALLENGES!" Everyone was shocked but Bilal remained calm and walked out to ring the bell. "ANYONE ELSE THAT TRIES TO PULL A TRICK LIKE THAT WONT BE SO LUCKY, NOW, OUR NEXT CHALLENGE IS TO RUN AWAY FROM ME. I WILL HAVE A PAINTBALL GUN AND WE WILL CONTINUE THE CHALLENGE UNTIL THREE PEOPLE HAVE RANG THE BELL, OR IF I HAVE SHOT AN ENTIRE TEAM! NOW SCRAM SOLDIERS, SCRAM!" Roared Chef. Everyone ran out the dining hall and ran for safety. Jake, Tory, Riaz, and Dylan were all walking in the forest, and theey were all talking.

"So those are your hearing aids?" asked Riaz

"Yeah, but you can't tell anyone! I don't want people to treat me differently because of them. I want a clean game!" explained Dylan. As they were talking, Chef appeared behind them, but he only managed to shoot Jake, Dylan, and Riaz. Tory had gotten away. Up by the cliff, Asad and Buck were sitting down, talking, until Asad approached them.

"Oi, pipsqueak, get out of here!" ordered Asad. Buck got up and walked down the cliff, where Jenny dragged him to a new location. Adam stood up and appeared taller than Asad, buthe wasn't scared.

"You think I'm scared of you? Well I aint, and I'm going to make sure you and Jenny get eliminated!" exclaimed Adam

"Oh you do, do you? Well good luck with that!" exclaimed Asad, as he pushed Adam off the cliff, and into the shark infested water. Asad walked away. Severeal hours had passed by and Zain and Buck had been caught. The game was still continuing unitl Chris spoke in the megaphone.

"Everyone, please report to the dock. We have to say goodbye to a good friend." said Chris. Everyone was confused so they headed over the dock. Standing there, was Chris, with Adam in a wheelchair, in a full body cast.

"Oh no, Adam what happened!?" exclaimed Molly.

"It seems as if he had fallen into shark infested water. They were brutal with him, but he managed to swim onto shore, with loads and loads of injuries" explained Chris, "So, in situations like these, I am forced to remove him from the game, so there will be no elimination tonight. You're challenge is over" Everyone waved goodbye as Chef gave a final salute.

"So, I guess I've got to do this thing then, huh? Well, we learnt that theses recruits are some of the worst people on the planet, they can't even fight fairly! Oh well, atleast I don't have that Zee kid to worry about....Who will get eliminated next? And who will win the money? Find out next time on Total....Drama.....LAND OF MISFITS!" exclaimed Chef.

Tory: I didn't just see that, right? Did Asad push Adam off the cliff, which caused his injuries? If so, then I'd better keep this a secret. I-I don't need Asad on my case right about now.

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