Total Drama Level UP

Total Drama Level UP is a Whole New Season taking place in a not in a Island , Movie Stuido or Plane but in A Virtual Built Hotel that is beyond Real life and 16 Teens will Duke it out in This seasons challenges will be based on Video Game Geners.

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Cornelia, Jacky, Nestor - JackyDelRey Noah - Your-Majesty Oskar,Caitlyn -OhMyOskarr Alex Lara - ForZaAleX-1


Similar to Action how they are not Campers but are called Castmates but for Total Drama Level UP There are called Player's as a reference to the video game player 1 and 2. 

(Note not all of these Characters will participate in the season but all will appears in the Celebrity Manhunt)


The Cast of Total Drama Level UP !

Contestant Results for Celebrity Manhunt
Jacky Pass
Alex Pass
Sydney Fail
Johan Pass
Corneila Pass
Joe Fail
Lara Pass
Noah Pass
Juilet Fail
Oskar Pass
Jonna Pass
Ludwig Pass
Saki Pass
Adam Fail
Caitlyn Pass
CJ Pass
Joanne Fail
Nestor Pass
Oliva Pass
Jay-Cee Pass
Jack Fail
Zayla Pass

     Succeed: This Contestant will Return for Total Drama Level Up

     Failed: This Contestant will Not Compete in Total Drama Level Up Special Thanks to the Users who gave me permission to use the Characters:

Alex, Lara, Joe and Juilet - ForZaAleX-1

Noah and Joanne - Your-Majesty

CJ, Jacky, Nestor, Jay-Cee, Corneila, Sydney, Jack, Oliva, Saki and Jonna - JackyDelRey


Oskar, Caitlyn and Adam - OhMyOskarr

Ludiwg and Zayla are the Oc's I created Owen Hardy)

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Episode 0 Celebrity Manhunt: Tornoto's Most Wanted.

Celebrity ManHunt: Toronto's Most Wanted
Season 2, Episode 0 ( Prequel to the Season begining)
Celebrity Manhunt Toronto's Most Wanted
Date 8th of August
Reward(s) A Spot in the New Season
Winner(s) Fifteen of them Pass
Eliminated Six of them failed
Episode Guide
"Now Your Playing With Way too Much Power ?"

(The Camera starts with a Big Yellow background with the Giant Words Total Drama Celebrity Manhunt in Black giant words)

Celebrity Manhunt Announcer: " Welcome to the Another Exciting Yearly Event of Celebrity Manhunt with your host Topher " (Giant Tile Card Showing Topher)

Topher: Welcome Fame Lovers to another Thrilling Instalment of Celebrity Manhunt I'm your Host Topher; D

Topher: So Many Seasons have passed us and with the endless opportunities of Drama and Interviews we've had such a hard time trying to pick who to interview and HUNT: D. But first must come the recap and interview segment.

Topher: First off lets start off with a trip to the Movies a great place for Teenage interactions but nothing ever goes to plan at this Cinema that Jacky, CJ and Gwen went and had a different type of Customer Service ;)

  • Movie Cinema

 Jacky: Are you Sure this is the place?

Gwen: A Friend of Mine who Babysits my Brother told me this Cinema isn't as Crowded as the others so we should be good.

CJ: So which movie are we watching (Looks at the Posters)?

Gwen: Any Choice ?

Jacky: I've just seen How to train your Dragon 2 so anything you want to see CJ ?

CJ: Alex told me the new Godzilla Rocked Are you up for Destruction Gwen?

Gwen: This might sound weird but I've never seen Godzilla

CJ: You'll love it it's about a Giant ... Dinosaur destroying buildings

Gwen: Yep I'm in (Walks to Counter)

Gwen: Three Tickets to Godzilla

Max: Yes Right this was (Disguised as a Movie attendant)

Gwen & Jacky and CJ (Enter Cinema)

Max: (Takes off disguise once there gone)

Max: Foolish Gwen doesn't know her So Called friend is "EVIL" MAAHHAHAAHHA (Follows them in) 

  • Inside Cinema

CJ: Wow you are right about this place Gwen not a single Person in sight? There's even no one at the Counter?

Gwen: strange

Jacky: How much are the pop corn here... (Notices a Stuffed Toy Bear animal with her name on it in the vending Machine)

Gwen: it's just a Toy Jacky?

Jacky: But it has my Name on it look so cute :D (Puts Quarter in the Vending machine.

Gwen: Anyone Here

Max (Intercom): Attention Citizens of the Cinema, Cinema 1 will now be showing Frozen and Cinema 2 will now be showing Godzilla. And the food is a Get it yourself have fun.

CJ: There's no price listed on the snacks

Gwen: Meh Like Duncan told me no price no pay (Turns On Popcorn Machine)

Pop Corn machine: (Goes Crazy and Fires Pop corn seeds at Gwen and CJ)

CJ: wow duck (Hides behind Counter with Gwen)

Gwen: Where’s Jacky?

Jacky: Almost there (Controlling Claw from the Vending machine)

Jacky: (Hears Pop corn noise)

Gwen: DUCK !

Jacky: (Ducks and avoids Pop Corn Seeds that break the vending machine window.

Max: (Intercom) I forgot too tell you the popcorn we serve here are very 'EVIL >: D"

CJ: Maybe we should just head to Cinema 2 now.

Jacky: Yep I'm good :) (Grabs Stuffed bear and follows them)

CJ: Our seats our E3 to E6

Gwen: I'll take left spot so you can sit near each other

CJ: Are you sure you didn't want to bring anyone else?

Gwen: Were a bit too late for that

  • Back Stage near the Cinema tape players

Max: Let's see how the horror on there faces when I Evilly swap the movie mahaaha (Swaps Godzilla with Frozen)

 4 Minutes Later

Gwen: When does Godzilla come?

CJ: It should of by now?

Jacky: ... Why is Elsa singing Let it go then...

(Movie Screen goes Blank and then comes back on with Max on it)

Max: Attention Citizens of the Earth I am the Great and Evil Max your new Ruler all of you bow to me or when I do take over the world I will show you all no mercy mahahahhahaa

CJ: Something tells me this isn't Godzilla or Frozen?

  • Interview Room

Topher: So your Movie Date must of went well  (Aims Microphone at CJ)

CJ: It was more of a group get together then a Date, Gwen was there too and the movie Host was obsessed with evil and the Popcorn was in fact a bad taste as well no Butter :(

Topher: Yet you and Gwen both went to the same school?

Gwen: That doesn't mean anything.

Jacky: Definitely not going back there anyway I would rather a crowed place then a so call "EVIL" place with the wrong movie at the wrong Cinema.  (Holding Stuffed Teddy bear)

CJ: Is this Interview over?

  • Topher on the Celebrity Manhunt Chairs.

Topher: Maybe not the biggest bunch of troublemakers but this next one sure is when it comes to Rivalry in Total Drama One conflict doesn't expand to the Outside world but this one did.

(Screen next to Topher Shows Noah and Cornelia glaring at each other)

Topher: Noah Middletown and Cornelia ever since these two meet at Camp Wawankwa they have been Destined for a Great Rivlary of being top dog on their team so much infact that after the show they started a Cyber war after Noah made a Parody video about Cornelia's web chat video about Fashion.

Topher: This is going to get messy >:)

  • Cornelia Chat Video #1

Cornelia: Greetings World I'm Cornelia here to present one of Victorias newest and Finest The Hi-Heeler (Opens a Ribboned box and takes out a Sparkling Pink High Heel shoe.)

Cornelia: These New shoes have been made out of the Finer Materials that don’t damage the Earth and an added Temperature mode too keep your Feet Warm or Cool if the Weather goes Extreme. I hope you all enjoy this Video and if you want to get your own copy head to my Website now.

  • Celebrity Manhunt Room

Topher: She made a Big mistake there after Noah found out he hacked into the website and upload a Video of his own >: D (Laughs)

  • Noah Video #1 

Noah: Good Evening Gentlemen I'm a Stuck up Victorian girl who tries to act cool in front of a bunch of Monkeys. (British Accent)

Johan: (Laughs in the background) 

Noah: Here we have a Pretty Pink Shoe that looks the Exact same as every other Dam Shoe yet it's special  (British Accent)

Johan: (Laughs louder and crashes into Draws)

Noah: Dumbass she will kill you too if she knows you helped me too!

Johan: (Stops)

Noah: I also Like To bring a Giant ass Lug bag where ever I go on a plane Trip because It's so dam big no one else can fit in the room and All I have in there are 50's Vintage cloths and Deodorant. (Cornelia Accent)

Noah: News Flash 1950's are over sweetheart

Noah: I Hope you all out there enjoy these Mock Videos of Total Drama Contestants and Subscribe if you want to see more Cornelia Insult videos and if you want ... (Gets interrupted by Johan)

Johan: Joanne is at the Door (Whispers)

Noah: (Ends Video)

Noah: Seriously first of all do not mention my girlfriend in a video about my one of my enemies if she or anyone else find out in Total Drama Finds out then my....

Joanne: Hi Noah (Opens Door)

Noah: Joanne Good to seya you again dear how was your Vacation :)  (Pushes Johan out the window)

  • Topher Celebrity Manhunt

Topher: Good Start but a major F Up at the end causes now Cornelia upload a retaliation video accompanied by Sydney who was a former victim of Noah's Schemes.

  • Cornelia Video # 2

Cornelia: (Heavily Breathing)

Sydney: Are you ok?

Cornelia: YOU! Noah Middleton have broken the last Straw >:( (Points at Camera)

Sydney: Remember you don't want to play at his level

Cornelia: Fine, (Calm) It has come to my attention that an old Pest has continued to cause problems So now I am forced to make this video video about this Person who’s name is NOAH MIDDLETON!

Sydney: One Night in the woods when I got lost from my team and he Tied my long hair to a Tree, Which was both Painful and Cruel. I was stuck there for the night but Once my team find me one of them had to cut a small bit of my precious hair :(, Don't why he used his teeth but I was freed.

Cornelia: After I Visited some old acquaintance from Noah's Past AKA Fellow Contestants from TEENS.

Cornelia: I Found out has made enemies with two girls that used to have feelings for him and had when it came to a voting finale he had least votes than the a Geek for who they wanted in the final two and not to mention that he used to be blond  >:)

  • Video ends transmission
  • Topher

Topher: Her Video never quite finished due to some one breaking in and destroying her Wi-Fi Router and the electricity Box as well, Wonder who did that ;)

Topher: Anywho after her video failed to upload. And all the damages repaired Cornelia manage to get her Account back from Noah on her website but he left one more video that made her jump the gun

  • Noah Video #2

Noah: (Wearing a Pink Hat while Holding a Cornelia and Sydney Puppet)

Noah: Hi Peasants I'm Corn and I think I'm too cool to run in high heels even in team Challenges, (Cornelia accent)

Noah: (Raising Arm with the puppet Sydney)

Noah: Oh No not my hair, it's to fragile to be in this kind of environment, But I can't lose one bit cause I'm a such a Rapunzel Wannabe ill just wait in this tree tower until my magical Pixie fairy boyfriend comes and saves me  (Sydney Voice)

Noah: Now you do get why you were so easily targeted out for elimination?

Noah: And Cornelia ... You dress so much like those toy dolls kids get for their birthdays do you plan to be as bland as them  >:)

Noah: and tell Bruno I said Hi >:) (Video Ends)

  • Celebrity Manhunt Interview room

Topher: So Much fun they must had over the Holidays I even felt like brining Cornelia and Noah together for a Moment of.... Something... ?

Topher: Also joining are Saki on Cornelia's Side and Joanne on Noah's side

Saki: (Does Peace sign) :D 

Cornelia: Since when did Noah have a Friend? (Looks at Joanne)

Joanne: Excuses me?

Topher: So who wants to start?

Noah: Ladies first

Cornelia: >:|

Topher: Sure thing, Cornelia explain your side of the war (Gives Microphone to Cornelia)

Cornelia: After our last season I was glad on not seeing this scumbag again so I Started my own Fashion website and sold my own High Heel shoes that were going good until he hacked the site and put his own hate video on it.

Saki: Oh She Mad: D

Noah: (Takes Mic off Topher)

Noah: Ok To clear things up if you've been on an island, Movie Studio and Jumbo Jet with someone that bossy and snobbish then you'd want to do something about that, especially when they act like your wife so naggy and mannered and I was Bored on a Friday night and I forgot how fun it was to piss her off.

Topher: Indeed the fans have been loving the interactions.

Cornelia: There is nothing to love about this Jackass. He's Rude, Manipulative and all the things related to Stupidity and Negativity.

Joanne: He might have done stuff like that but he’s a decent human being. Maybe Being Nice isn't his thing but if he wants to do it than let it be.

Noah: Thanks :)

Cornelia: Who are you anyway?

Topher: Yes who are you ;)

Joanne: A Friend of Noah.

Cornelia: Saki are you even helping

Saki: Meh I was only here for the Free Wi-Fi (Watching Cat Videos)

Topher: hmm I wonder if a Smell a Cat fight?

Saki: How'd you guess ? (Watching a Ninja Cat Fight on Her Ipod)

Cornelia: Obviously You've never even been in a compettion with this arrogant jerk. Yet you claim him to be your so-called friend or is it more than that?

Joanne: That's none of your business you B@#$% >:(

Cornelia: You WHAT!

Noah: O_O

Topher: Official CAT FIGTH: D (Grabs Camera and Watches Joanne and Cornelia Fight)

Noah: I... actually Don't know what to do in this situation ?

Saki: Want some Popcorn :) (Offers Noah a bag of Popcorn) 

  •  Empty room with Topher

Topher: That Video Went Viral Two Days Later :D

Topher: Have you ever had that thrid wheel on a date well ? Well Alex and Lara original Plan was just a Normal Trip to the Carnavel, But a Friend of theirs meet them at the carnival and joined them for the ride, Not just that but also the Carnvel was onwed by a Not so Safe Person.

  • Alex,Lara and Oliva at the carnival entrance

Alex: E-Scope- Destruction land ? (Reads name of the place)

Oliva: Sounds Joyful :)

Lara: So What ride should we go on first ?

Alex: Well we should eat after the rides because There's a big chance we'll braft up most of it on the Kolideram.

Lara: How about the Dodgem Cars

Alex: Yes :)

  • Dodgem Cars

Lara: Only Two People can sit in each car

Oliva: Don't worry i'd hate to get in the way I'll ask someone ( Walks off)

Alex: (Shrugs)

Lara: You wann drive

Alex: I haven't got my Licences on me ;)

Lara: (Giggle) Good one :) ( Gets in front seat)

Oliva: (Walks upto a Blond Person in a white labcoat)

Oliva: Excuse Me Is that Seat taken ?  

Ludwig: .. Sure I'm just versing one of my friends (Looks at Cody)

Eva: Hit and Run, GO !  (Shoots Starting Gun)

Alex & Lara: (Accelerate)

Ludwig & Oliva: (Accelerate)

Cody & Sierra: (Accelerate)

Jo: (Accelerate)

Sam & Harold: (Accelerate)

Cody & Sierra: (Bumps into Alex and Lara)

Alex & Lara:  (Reverse and Rams into them)

Harold & Sam (Crashes into Wall)

Ludwig and Oliva: ( Rams Harold and Sam's Car off the Platform)

Ludwig: One Down !

Jo: (Rams Ludwig and Oliva's Car into Alex and Lara)

Oliva: Hi Lara

Lara: Hi

Cody and Sierra: ( Bump into Jo's Car)

Jo: You call that a bump (Ram into Sierra and Cody's Car causing both cars to explode)

Sierra: MEAN (Tackles Jo)

Alex & Lara (Ram Ludwig and Olivia’s Car)

Ludwig: Losing Control (Struggles’ steering the car)

Ludwig & Olivia: (Car explodes)

  • Fair grounds Magic Section

Lara: So have guys had fun today? 

Alex: Yep this was an impressive place Izzy made :) (Eats Fairy Floss)

Olivia: I Enjoyed the Mirror room so many Different looks in there :) (Playing with Yo-Yo)

Izzy: Step Right up, Step Right up! (On Stage with a step of Magic gear)

Izzy: For my Next Trick I will need a Volunteer

Olivia: Lara do you want to try?

Lara: ... Why not :)

Izzy: Time for the Disappear Trick (Puts Lara into a Tall Box)

Alex: :)

Izzy: Yawa Hsinnav (Points Wand at the Box)

(Magic Noise)

Izzy: (Opens box to find no one in there)

Alex: (Clap)

Olivia: Amazing (Claps)

Izzy: (Bows)

Alex: ......... When does she come back?

Izzy: ?

Alex: ... Please tell me you know how to bring her back.

Izzy: (Morphs Back to Zayla)

Olivia: Wow you can change form?

Zayla: Indeed I was used a trick to look like Izzy.

Alex:  Where is Lara?

Zayla: Well she would to been placed around the park somewhere but not too far

Lara: (Teleports on a Roller Coaster)

Lara: Oh AHHHH.... (Roller Coaster goes down track)

  • Topher

Tohper: hmmm not much drama there whatever.

Topher: But one report I Enjoyed was about Oskar, Caitlyn and Adam, from what the reports showed a Museum trip gone wrong when someone accidently Presses the Fire Alarm which caused a mob of People to go nuts and wreck half the place while in panic which results in the three spending the night in the slammer.

  • Jail Cell

Oskar: This sure was a weird day

Adam: I'm still confused on why we got the blame ?

Caitlyn: Cause you presses the fire alarm!

Adam: Oskar Dare me too.

Oskar: (Gives Adam Five Bucks)

Adam :)

Caitlyn: What am I going to tell Dad?

Oskar: it was an accident don't worry I'm sure they've done dumb stuff too.

Caitlyn: Shame we didn't see the Dinosaur Exhibit

Adam: There Dinosaurs I’m sure they wouldn’t want to see us if we were an Exhibit.

Oskar: (Laughs)

Caitlyn: Did you guys hear that?

(Car Crashes into a nearby Cell)

  • Topher

Topher: They were released eailer today Five Hours ago, so they will still be aloud to attend tonight’s big event.

Topher: Next After Leaving Wawankwa after Mal's Plan was thwarted Ludwig seems to have focus on one of biggest problems every teenager has to go through........ driving.

  • Car

Scarlet: (Holding Pen and Board)

Ludwig: (Enters driver seat)

Scarlett: Your two seconds early ?

Ludwig: Indeed (Looks through Mirrors)

Ludwig: (Turns Key to turn on Car)

Scarlett: (Writes on Board)

Ludwig: (Puts gear from Park to Drive and slowly goes onto the road)

Scarlett: hm Average start but your speed is 20 below the Actual limit?

Ludwig: I've had Nightmares of driving cars when I was a kid, so just have to get used to it.

Scarlett: okay turn left

Ludwig: (Indicates left and turns left)

Scarlett: You’re off the lane by 2 Centre meters

Ludwig: Sorry

Ludwig: Wait you look familiar?

Scarlett: I doubt that, Roundabout?

Ludwig: hmm did you ever go to the Villains Convention at Boston (Goes around roundabout)?

Scarlett: Turn Left

Ludwig: Wait I'm Sure you were that Girl with Very long Witchy Hair.

Scarlett: (Twitches) Accelerate

Ludwig: You look the same both Orange hair and but she had red eyes without Glasses ?

Scarlett: BREAKS!

Ludwig: (Car Crashes into Police Station)

Duncan: (Runs out of Cell)

Duncan: HA Thanks Mal Mar AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Scarlett: (glasses falls off)

Ludwig: Knew it

  • Ludwig and Scarlett in Jail Cell with Oskar, Caityln and Adam

Adam: So what were you in here for

Scarlet: (Glares at Ludwig)

Ludwig: Odd situation

Oskar: Same here

  • Topher Celebrity manhunt Room

Topher: You crashed the car into a police station

Ludwig: Not the smartest move but my curiosity about Scarlett got the better of me.

Topher: Now I’m heard from reports that it was her car.

Ludwig: Yea I sort of hired her as a Professional Car Teacher but as a Gentleman I am, I payed for all the damage but now I have to do the License test all over again it took me six times to get it the first time.

Topher: Well I'm sure you do just fine.

  • Topher 

Topher: And Last of All we take alook at Joe and Jonna's Chance on a Game Show Hosted by Our favourite Blond Lindsay.

  • Lindsay Quiz Show

Lindsay: Hi Everyboy welcome to the Lindsay show :D

Tyler, Beth & Brick: (In the Audience) (Clap) 

Lindsay: Also Joining me our the guest for the Quiz Challenge please welcome Jonna and John.

Jonna: Good to be here :)

Joe: It's Joe ?

Lindsay: ..... oh Sorry Joey

Lindsay: Ok, First Question  !

Lindsay: (Reads Card) .... Europe ?

Joe: I think you read out the answer.

Lindsay: ..... (Turns Card around)

Lindsay: Ok What is the Continent to include England, France and Spain ?

Jonna: Europe

Lindsay: Ya Correct :D 1 point for you

Jonna: :)

Joe: -_-

Lindsay: Ok Now Name the first Ten Countrys we visted on Total Drama World Tour.

Joe: (Presses Buzzer but doesn't work) Somethings worng with my buzzer

Lindsay: That's because you have to press it silly :D

Jonna: He means its broken

Lindsay: Do you know it thoguht ?

Joe: Egpyt, Japan, Yukon, New York and ......... Germany, Amazon Rainforest.

(Incorrect noise)

Lindsay: Amazon Rainforest does not count as a country name since you failed to answer right Chris said i have to do this ( Presses Button)

Joe: (Trapdoor opens below him)

Joe: O_O AHAHHAHA (Falls in)

Jonna: Can we cut to commercial break ?

Lindsay: How do you cut a Commercial ?

  • Celebrity Manhunt Room

Topher: With only 6 Minutes left till I have my leave for tonight’s Gemmi, Before I got manage to get a Exclusive interview with Chris McLean About his Next season which Does not take place on a Island nor a Film Studio or Jumbo Jet.

Topher: You'll love this Chris has ... Built with the lastest technology a Virtual World: D

  • McLean Interspace

Topher: This place is show Amazing it looks like were inside a computer

Chris: Indeed cool part is this is just the blank room, Chef Activate Room #1

Chef: (Types)

(Entire rooms turns into a Junk Yard)

Topher: This is beautiful

Chris: Yes I can add and change the environment something that I always want to do in Total Drama >:)

Topher: Might I ask Every Season has a Theme, Movies, World, Toxic but what is this?

Chris: This Season takes place in a Virtual World, So I'm Humble to announce that this Seasons challenges are going to be based on Video Games, There going to endure the most toughest challenges our video games have to offer in both 2D and the third Dimension.

Topher: I for one am Honoured that you to shared this wisdom and Joy with us today any words for Tonight’s Celebrity Manhunt :)

Chris: (Laughs) I can't even describe the words on how much fun were going to have.

  • Red Carpet

Topher: Good Evening Viewers at Home, Welcome to the fifth annual Celebrity Manhunt featuring an entire diverse cast from all over the Total Drama Series here in hopes of winning a award for their performance but they don't whats going to happen after the party >:).

Topher: Yes heres our first Limo

Limo: (Door Opens)

Oskar: Wow so this is were we are :D

Caitlyn: Yes I haven't been to one of these in years. 

Adam: Man can't wait for Dinner and Awards (Reads Menu List)

Oskar: It's all you can eat.

Adam: Hell yeah (Fives Oskar)

Caitlyn: So Much Photographers (Eyes Blink) 

Oskar: It's a Gemmi Award (Poses)

Adam: (Poses)

Limo 2: (Arrives and Door Opens)

Sydney: Wow a Movie Ceremony :D

Jack: Sure Hope the popcorns Free

Caitylen: Sydney long time no see

Sydney: Caitlyn :D

Oskar: Your Hairs longer then ever :)

Sydney: Thanks Oskar

Sydney: Oskar do you so differnt the last time we met ?

Oskar: Yea me and Adam are trying the tank top look, I Also got my Hair Gel back to :)

Jack: Looks pretty cool :)

Sydney: Oh I forgot my manners this is my Boyfriend Jack.

Adam: Do i know you from some where ?

Jack: You saw Rise of Guardians did you :D

Adam: I Have the Dvd Set.

Limo 3: (Arrives) 

Caitlyn: How Many People are coming

Topher: Oh just a Season worth (Jumps infront of Oskar and Caityln)

Oskar: ?

CJ: Good to See you guys again :) (Exist Limo)

Jacky: (Exits Limo)

Cornelia: (Exits Limo)

Jacky: Caitlyn, Oskar, Sydney my fellow Gophers :D

Oskar: (Makes Gopher Noise)

Cornelia: -_- I Always perfered Bass (Mumbles)

Jacky: So Is There a certain time we have to leave by ?

Caitylne: The Invitation said it was a over night stay

CJ: Nigth stay :O (Looks at the Giant Hotels around the city)

Jack: This is Chris who hosting this right ?

Cornelia: The Same Chris who keep us at a Island for more then eight weeks !

Oskar: And our hopes are dashed down again :(

Topher: The Ceremony has'nt even began yet

Limo 4: (Arrives and doors open)

Juliet: Omg a award Ceremony were the stars :D

Lara: I don't really remember beign nominated for anything

Alex: Doesn't matter we still get to hang out with our friends ... and the foods free (High Fives CJ and Oskar)

Lara: Hows it been (Hand Shakes Caitlyn and Cornelia)

Jonna: If this many people were coming I should of invitied Ben with me (Exits Limo)

Jacky: Jonna :D

Jacky: (Hugs Jonna)

Jonna: Hows it been going girl

Jacky: beside a awakard movie our the holidays the rest was pretty well.

Jacky: Wow you got rid of your party Afro :o

Jonna: I just got rid of the hair Tie to see how I would go, Do you like it ?

Jacky: Definetly It's so cool :)

Adam: Should we go find out seats inside ?

Juilet: (Gasp)

Adam: oh

Juliet: ADAM :D (Tackles Adam)

Oskar: (Scrathes Head)

Limo 5: (Arrvies and Crahse into a Street Light)

Saki: (Exits Driver Seat)

CJ: You drove the Limo ?

Saki: Yep and I got this cool hat (Puts Hat on Alexs head) 

Jacky: Hows it been goign Saki

Saki: The usual anyone hyped for the new season :)

Lara: What new season ?

Limo 5: Can you get us out now ! (Door knocks)

Saki: Ops forgot to unlock the door

Sydney: Who else are we missing

Cornelia: BETTER NOT BE ...

Saki: (Opens Door)

Johan, Jay-Cee and Joe: ( Fall out the door onto the ground)

Johan: Worst Driver Ever

Jay-Cee: I should of just rode here.

Noah: (Steps on Joe as he walks out)

Noah: Long time no see gang >:)

Alex: Of Coruse

Cornelia: YOU !

Noah: Heres the tip ( Gives Saki Seven Sliver Coins)

Saki:  :)

Noah: I'm assuming your all here for the same reason.

Caitlyn: Unless you think were all Jerks then no >:(

Noah: Are you sill Pissed about last season Cait ?

Oskar: >:(

Joanne: (Exits Limo)

Topher: Johan Mc-Lean Pines is it ?

Johan: You bet ya

Topher: Insteresting from both you and my fake idenities as Chris Nephew were both fake brothers

Johan: Brother from another Mother (High Five Topher)

Cornelia: Weridos -_-

Jacky: So how do you know Noah ?

Joanne: Were both compete on the same team on our first season.

Jacky: The Text-a-Holics, I barely Regonize him ?

Joanne: Just don't tell anyone about us, I don't want him to change just because of me

Topher: (Listens in)

Jacky: Rude (Slaps Topher)

Topher: I've had worse

Topher: AHH (Dodges Final Limo)

Jay-Cee: More ?

Saki: (Exits Driver Seat)

Joe: Wait arent you (Looks to Saki behind him to see a Cat there instead)

Oliva: Hi Guys (Exits limo)

Nestor: Now the party can get started (Exits limo)

Jay-Cee: Nestor >:( ( Evil Voice)

Noah: You do realise its all for nothing ?

Nestor: Yet I was the one voted off !

Cornelia: You were the one who performed in the challenge Screwed up !

Saki: One more Guest (Takes Wodden Box out of Limo and Throws it at Cast)

Everyone: (Runs from the Falling Box)

Ludwig: (Brusts out of the wodden Box)

Ludwig: Don't why I let her talk me into doing that :(

Noah: Oh boy the season Newbie !

Alex: You were the guy at the Carnival :O

Oskar: And our cellmate :O

Nestor: Cell Mate ?

Ludwig: I was in another season but compared to you guys yes I am the newbie

Cornelia: (Thinks of a Cleaver idea)

Cornelia: Well then nice to meet you good chap I'm Cornelia (Shakes ludwigs Hand)

Ludwig: Thanks I am Doctor Ludwig Von Malmar.

Johan: Long Introduction name ?

Chris: Welcome Everyone to the fifth anual Celebrity Manhunt !

Everyone: ?

Chris: Something worng ?

Alex: No sign of the Total Drama Dirt bags, this happens at Every Celebrity Manhunt.

Chris: Not this one were taking it in a new direction involving you all.

Chris: All will be explained in good time, for now all of you find your seats at the Award Ceremony

  • Award Ceremony

Ludwig: (Carrying Popcorn)

Noah: (Sitting)

Ludwig: You’re in my spot?

Noah: My Spot now >:)

Ludwig: Typical -_- (Walks off and Sits next to Jay-Cee)

Juliet: Have you guys seen the Award Schedule :)

Juliet: Best Couple, Most Mergers.

Caitlyn: Sorry Juliet But I think Oskar and me got "Best Couple" in the bag.

Chris: (Walks to the front of the stage in a Blue Tuxedo)

Chris: Welcome Teens to the Total Drama Gemmi Awards.

Chris: This is one of the main reasons why your all here

Joe: There's more Reasons ?

Chris: As Veterans to the Total Drama Season, This Ceremony is where you might earn a Gemmi award based on your achievements overall.

Chris: Now Lets Start with a Merge Award

Chris Our Nominees for the Most Times Merged are.


Chris: Noah

Cornelia: >:(

Chris: Jonna

Jonna:  :D

Chris: Johan

Chris: CJ

Chris and ... Cornelia

Chris: and the Award for most merges goes to?

Johan: (Fingers Crossed)

Chris: (Sigh) Noah Middleton

Noah: Was there any doubt

Joanne: :)

Cornelia: Can we move onto a More worthy award

Chris: Fine these ones for the person who used the Confessional the most.

Joe: Wow :o

Nestor: Interesting

Chris: Nominees.

Chris: Johan again -_-

Johan: :D

Chris: Cornelia

Chris: Lara

Chris: Jonna

Chris: Jay-Cee

Chris.... And Noah

Cornelia: He already has a Gemmi

Joanne: Yet you aren’t even grateful for being nominated?

Chris: And with 11 Confessionals the Award Goes to...






Chris: NOAH

Cornelia: ARE YOU F$%^&* KIDDING ME >:O

Noah: HA suck it all.

Nestor: How many times do you have to go to the bathroom?

Alex: Is there any awards that doesn't involve Noah?

Chris: Not my fault he plays a good game

Chris But Yet now we move onto the most Nicest Player.

Chris: Nominees are...

Chris: Johan

Chris: and CJ

Chris: That's all?

Alex: No Honourable Mentions

Chris: And the award goes to...


Chris: CJ

Johan: Aw Come one 

CJ: Yes: D

CJ: (Grabs Mic)

CJ: I'd like to thank my friends Alex, Johan, Lara, Oskar, Caitlyn, my Family and most of all Jacky.

Audience: (Claps)

Johan: I still think I dersever a award like that >:(

Chris: Now for Most times in the Bottom two but survived 

Chris: Jacky

Chris: Cornelia

Chris: CJ

Chris: And Oskar

Chris: and the Award goes too 

Oskar: Is this one meant to be good?

Chris: It’s a tie that means CJ, Jacky and Cornelia share the award

Noah: Ha Enjoy one third of a award Corn >:)

Chris: next is the couple 

Caitlyn: :D

Chris: Our Nominated Couples are

Chris: Alex & Lara

Chris: CJ & Jacky

Chris: Oskar & Caitlyn

Chris: Another one seems to scribbled out meh their loss?

Chris: And the Couple Award goes too 



Jacky: ... 

Oskar: (Eating Popcorn)


Caitlyn: NOO D:

Oskar: It's cool we don't need award to prove our love ;)

Chris: night's almost over with one last Award

Chris: Most Villainous contestant

Chris: Our Nominees

Chris: Cornelia

Cornelia: I threaten to cut one girls hair and I'm lableded Evil >:(

Chris: Noah

Noah: Obvious

Chris: And. Ludwig

Joe: (Gasp)

Oliva: (Gasp)

Noah: HIM?

Adam: Your Evil?

Ludwig: Can we leave the past behind >:(

Chris: Nope caused you won it.

Noah: BUT... What the hell did he do to beat me >:(

Chris: Now this whole Hotel is also your stay for the night, Make sure you get enough Energy for the morning you going to need it alot (Evil Laugh)

  • Main Floor

Adam: Our own Guest rooms awesome and you thought we were going to be jinxed

CJ: Chris had that smirk on his face.

Cornelia: I'm getting some sleep and then i'm leaving this place, This Gemmi awards were nothing but a waste of time

Noah: Jealous? (Holding two Gemmis)

Alex: (Gets Room Keys from the Counter)

Alex: Boys get Rooms 1 and 2. Girls get Room 3 and 4.

Oskar: So who picks which room?

Noah: I'm leading room 1 (Takes Room 1 key of Alex)

Johan: Only Problem who’s going with you? (Everyone takes a step back from Noah)

Noah: oh I Wouldn't mind a room to myself >:)

Cornelia: Enough with you boys, Jacky, Juliet, Sydney and Olive we'll take room 4.

Cornelia: (Gets into Elevator)

Jacky & Juliet: (Runs into Elevator)

Sydney & Oliva: (Run into Elevator before the door closes)

Lara: They know what floor there going to right?

Jonna: That means the rest of us girls are room 3.

Joanne: Looks like it

Saki: Last one there (Runs up the stairs)

Caitlyn: Way to many floors for that 

(Rest of the girls go into the second elevator)

Johan: You realise we have to wait for the elevators to come back down

Noah: Not if a black out occurs and there trapped in there.

Ludwig: Don't jinx’s us.

Johan: (Notices a Girl in Magician Cloths nearby the counter) 

Joe: Why is she wearing that?

Jay-Cee: Maybe a talent show

Ludwig: Doubt it more like cosplay as if Magic is real

Zaya: (Hears that comment)

Zayla: Don't believe in magic ha?

Alex: O_O Her again!

Noah: Prove it.

Alex: Noah I don't think you want to mess with her

Noah: Do I Care what a Hocus Pocus chick thinks !

Zayla:  (Summons a Sliver Ring Above Noah)

Johan: Wow

(Sliver rings fall through Noah which cause him to vanish)

Joe: Bravo (Claps)


Zayla: (Picks up Sliver ring and throws it above Johan)

Noah: Ah (Falls out of the ring and lands on Johan)


Zayla: Magic deer ;)

Ludwig: Rigged

Zayla: It's always the science guys ha

Ludwig: Logic and science

(Elevator 1 opens)

Alex: Okay Those with Room 2 lets go!

(Alex, CJ, Jack, Nestor and Johan enter the elevator)

Zayla: (Pulls Rabbit out of Hat)

Ludwig: How long has that poor bunny been in there

Zayla: Never

Ludwig: Bullcrap (Takes Hat and looks in it only for eggs to fall onto his face)

Noah: (Laughs)

Adam: (ROFL)

Zayla: So Do you guys Like Magic ;)

Jay-Cee: Does seem pretty real

Zayla: next Question do you like Pron?

Ludwig: WHAT!

Noah: Yes

Joe: (Nods)

Zayla: Very Well 

Zayla: Fire ERIF NWARP (Grabs Hat and Throws Prawns Shrimps out of it)

Jay-Cee: Prawns he he funny 

Oskar: (Eats one)

Joe: -_-

Noah: Are you F^& real?

Zayla: Real or not that’s upto you (Turns into a Bunny and hops away)

Elevator 2 opens.

Noah: Alright Chumps lets go

Ludwig: That Girl is too dodgy for my liking.

Noah: And you wonder why you’re single

Ludwig: I never wonder that.

Jay-Cee: What's dodgy is that Award you got.

Oskar: You seem like nice guy Ludwig but?

Ludwig: (Sigh) So I was responsible for a few eliminates on the island, I've learnt form my mistake.

Oskar: So what are you planning on now?

Ludwig: To See how this time around will go.

  • Room 3

Lara: (Opens door to the Room)

Joanne: Wow this place is fancy

Saki: Dibs the Water Bed (Starts jumping on the Water Bed)

Jonna: (Looks around the room)

Caitlyn: How many Beds are there?

Lara: Four including the Water Bed (Searches the rooms)

Jonna: This place isn't something Chris gives to us?

Joanne: Well we can't refuse can we (Gets Milkshake from the Fridge)?

  • Room 2

Johan: (Gets out of the Shower and heads to Living room)

Johan: Good to have a peaceful shower with out a strange event happening.

Jack: Strange (Eats Popcorn)

Johan: First Example having a shower at camp only for Ireland to walk in, and when everyone lost there cloths on the jumbo Jet.

Nestor: How long were you even in that shower for ?

Johan: Don't matter Chris's paying.

Alex: But we definitely are some how?

CJ: Should we look into that?

Johan: After Game of Thrones.

Jack: So what episode is it?

Alex: Season 3 Episode 9

Johan: Season THREE!

(Red Weeding occurs on TV)


Jack: (Faints)

Nestor: HOOOW!


  • Room 4

Cornelia: (Searching every room)

Jacky: What are you doing ?

Cornelia: There is no way Chris just gave this to us (Inspects Jars)

Juliet: Hey you guys seen the size of the TV Here: D

Sydney: It's longer then my hair?

Oliva: It's taller then me?

Cornelia: hmm Water Bed.

Jacky: Relax Cornelia you worry too much.

Cornelia: (Notices Noah walking past the Corridor)

Cornelia: I'll be a minute need to find the bathroom (Leaves Room)

Oliva: But we already have one?

  • Outside the Corridor

Noah: (Hides behind a wall Spying On Zayla)

Noah: hmmm what are you upto (Mumbles)?

Cornelia: What are you doing in Girl's Corridor (Grabs Noah but the Shirt)?

Noah: You notice it's half slipt between genders ?

Noah: I Checked the room everyone’s staying in and it’s too good to be true, so I'm finding out why.

Cornelia: Why would you care?

Noah: If you want to help then just say it

Cornelia: Help you never (Walks away)

Zayla: (Knocks on door nearby)

Chef: Ah The Volunteer is here come in (Opens door for Zayla)

  • Room 1

Jay-Cee: How Long Is Noah taking 

Oskar: He said he would be gone for 10 Minutes

Joe: Well the room service Dinner should be ready in 5 so we can search for him during the time.

Ludwig: You Ordered room service?

Joe: And it's on Chris Funny ha

Adam: It all seems to be which to very unusual

Ludwig: He a more Inflicting then a giving type of person ?

Jay-Cee: You guys keep saying that but you don't bother to act.

Ludwig: Wait Celebrity Manhunt is the name of this event is it not?

Oskar: Yep Celebrity Manhunt.... Man Hunt?

Ludwig: We wake up in the morning to find ourselves being hunted?

Ludwig: O Mien I just came up with a theory about this.

Joe: Do Tell?

Ludwig: Chris knows everyone is ordering room service dinner and it's most likely KFC?

Joe: Wait how did you guess.

Ludwig: You asked us our orders fifteen minutes ago.

Adam: And Chris could have putting in sleeping tablets to drug us :o

Jay-Cee: If it’s true we need to act

Oskar: I have to go warn Caitlyn (Runs out of the room)

Ludwig: Quietly would more discreet

Oskar: Sorry (Quietly)

  •  Corridors

Noah: (Slides a Tape Recorder into the room)

  • Mysterious Room

Chris: Welcome Zayla you know why your here right?

Zayla: To assist you in the Man Hunt!

Chris: Correct I'm giving you the task to capture at least Fifteen of the Twenty-Two Teens in this Hotel succeed and you join the fifteen in our new season, Fail and your a unpaided intern.

Zayla: I accept the terms.

Chris: Good All them should gullible enough to order room service which is most likely KFC as It's the only fast food restaurant in this city, do what you must do to keep them in.

Zayla: I understand (Teleports away)

  • Corridors

Noah: Busted Mclean >:) (Pulls String out of the room and picks up tape recorder)

Noah: hmm should I bother to warn the others or leave them hear for bait?

Oskar: Noah do you know where Room 3 is?

Noah: Surely you can spend one night without your Girlfriend?

Adam: We Have a theory that Chris is out to get us for the next season.

Noah: Theory ha, your wild Imaginations have fun with that (Walks away)

Oskar: Why was he near Chris's room.

Adam: He knows something.

Oskar: Forget him lets go.

 * Outside Room 4 

Cornelia: Your Telling me Chris plans to put sleeping tables in our dinner?

Ludwig: If I'm right Chris plans this for a Literal manhunt.

Cornelia: This was almost obvious from the start

Cornelia: But what if you’re wrong.

Ludwig: Do you have another theory?

Oliva: What's Noah doing outside (Looks out the window)?

Jacky: He's Stealing Chris Bus?

Ludwig: He's already ahead of the game nice.


  • Outside

Alex: (Opens door to car park)

Alex: Coast is clear

(All Everyone from Room 1,2,3 and 4 enters car par)

Jonna: It's about eleven a clock; we should have till 7 am to flee The City (Checks Watch)

CJ: He might start earlier

Jack: He always starts earlier then the actual schedule.

Noah: Stupid Security doors (In the distance trying to open the bus door)

Cornelia: (Standing behind him)

Noah: O_O oh crap (Notices shadow behind him)

Cornelia: You where going to drive off without us!

Noah: I'm sure you would do the same if you hear this (Gives Lara the Tape)

Lara: (Plays Tape)

  • Tape

Chris: Welcome do you know why your here right?

?????: To assist you in the Man Hunt!

Chris: Correct I'm giving you the task to capture at least Fifteen of the Twenty-Two Teens in this Hotel succeed and you join the fifteen in our new season, Fail and your a unpaided intern.

?????: I accept the terms.

Chris: Good All them should gullible enough to order room service which is most likely KFC as It's the only fast food restaurant in this city, do what you must do to keep them in.

?????: I understand (Teleports away)

  • End Tape

Juliet: Why didn't you tell us this before?

Johan: It's Noah what would you except

Noah: If you really want to be a burden on me then help me open the door!

Ludwig: This should help (Gives Noah a Picklock)

(Bus door opens)

Noah: Bout time

Jack: Okay everyone get in.

  • Bus

Noah: (Sits in drivers seat)

Cornelia: What do you think your doing >:(

Noah: Must I spell out the obvious?

Cornelia: No way do I trust my life with your crap driving skills.

Noah: Ok you drive

Johan: In high heels?

Ludwig: I'll drive (Stands up in pride)

Caitlyn: ... You crashed into a police station?

Ludwig: But I need to get my hours up  (Puts on bus driver hat)

Jonna: Did anyone bring their actually License ?

Ludwig: No Time ! (Gets in Driver's Seat)

  • Room 3

Zayla: House Service (Knocks on door)

Zayla:  NEPO ROOD (Door Opens)

Zayla: Strange no ones in here.

Zayla: ? (Picks up note on the floor)

Zayla: (Reads Note)

Zayla: hm This is going to be funner then I thought.

  • Bus

(Alarm noise from the hotel goes off)

Nestor: OH SH$%^& they know were gone

Cornelia: GO !

Ludwig: (Turns Key and starts the Bus)

Ludwig: Road Trip here we come: D

(Bus drives onto the road)

Jacky: So what's the plan?

Jay-Cee: Lose Chris out of our sight.

Oliva: Can we stop at the nearest Subway I'm starting to get hunger?

(Belly rumble noise)

Joanne: We didn't eat did we?

Jonna: No one did.

  • Celebrity Manhunt Room

Topher: This is just in our Guest have escaped the hotel, and making a break for it out of Toronto. But Unfortunately what they don't know is that Chris has hired some extra force to take them alive ;)

  • Back of the Bus

 Lara: The Bus hasn't moved in two minutes?

Alex: From what I heard from Ludwig there’s huge traffic but at least were out of Chris reach.

Jay-Cee: Is there a Toilet on this bus?

Sydney: Hope so

Jay-Cee: (Sees a Small door to the left and opens it to find a bathroom)

Jay-Cee: Nice (Closes door)

Jay-Cee: O_O (Notices a Camera in front of it)

Jay-Cee: Hey Alex?

Alex: yea

Jay-Cee: Do Toilets on Buses normally have cameras?

Alex: This is Chris's Tour Bus.

Jacky: So Once again we have a confessional.

CJ: That’s way too close to comfort :(

(Hears Police Alarm nearby)

Juliet: Sounds like someone is having a bad night.

  • Police Car

Chris: Time to hunt some new competitors >:)(In a Police officer outfit)

Chef: Heheh  (In Police suit with a Net Gun)

  • Front Bus

CJ: (Runs to the run)

CJ: Chris's out there in a Police Car, Ludwig step on it!

Ludwig: Do you not notice the traffic there’s laws for a reason

Noah: There are the law, Now GO!

Ludwig: (Steps on Peddle)

  • Police Car

Chris: I Drive you shoot GO!

Chef: (Climbs to the top of the Car)

  • Back Bus


Ludwig: What ever is happening back their deal with it!

Noah: (Grabs Tomatoes and Throws it at the Chris's Cop Car)

Joanne: Open the Back door and drop Items on them?

Saki: Shotgun the Water bomb (Searches backpack)

Nestor: (Throws Orange at Chefs Face)

Chef: Ouch your on my Personal Hit List now Music Boy! (Fires Net Gun)

Nestor: (Gulp)

Adam: DUCK!

(Net hits the Bus but falls off)

Chef: They’re not giving up without a fight

Chris: I Have a another tortures way they wish I never did (Gets out Radio)

Oskar: What's he playing (Worried)?

Johan: (Notice the CD by Pharell)


Chris: (Plays Pharell Williams 'Happy')

Jack: :o

Saki: Love this song: D


Nestor: This is not worth the million (Jumps out the back door of the bus)

Oliva: Nestor!

Chef: First Victim (Fires Net Ball at Nestor trapping him)

Nestor: :(

Lara: Shut the Door !

Jonna & Adam: (Closed the bus back door)

Oskar: We Lost out first person L(

Ludwig: I can still hear it the music !

Chef: (Grabs a Rope and Breaks one of the windows)

Chef: (Throws the Rope Into the Bus which Catches Sydney's Hair)

Sydney: Why the hair, Help!

Jack: Sydney! (Freezes the rope and breaks it)

Ludwig: Not Magic

Chris: (Rams the Bus which Causes the Back Door to open)

Oliva: AHAHA (Falls out through the Back Door and gets hit with the net gun)

Saki: EAT THIS MCLEAN (Picks up Cornelia Giant Lugge back and Throws it at the Mclean Cop Car)

Cornelia: NOOOO!

(Lugge bag crashes into the car, which causes it to break down)

Noah: HA that's what you get for messing with the best and which I mean just myself

Saki: Ha try and get us now (Turns around to See Cornelia Angry)

Cornelia: I had a Pair of $500 dollar SUNGLASSES! (Pushes Saki off the bus)

Saki: Ah Someone’s pissed: D (Crashes into the cop car)

Joe: Why did you do that?

Cornelia: that was my whole lugge BAG!

Joanne: Jeez just a bag I'm sure Saki was worth more then that?

Cornelia: What Ever I'm heading back to the front, two people come so the bus stays balance

Noah: Why are you that fat :D

Cornelia: (Slaps Noah and walks off)

CJ: I might just check where were heading (Walks of with Cornelia)

Jacky: (Shrugs and follows Cornelia)

Adam: Well I'm bored poker anyone

Alex: Sure why not

Caitlyn: might as well past the time

Joe:  :D (Flips Coin)

Johan: (Nods)

  • Cop Car Crash Site

Chris: Ah three Arrest in one night, The Trouble these teens make in our days.

Oliva: But you guys aren't real cops?

Chef: There are still eighteen of them to catch.

Nestor: And I doubt you'll get them.

Chris: Leave it to Zayla I need a make-Up Check.

Nestor: Zayla ? That Magician Girl!

Chef: (Puts Cuffs on Nestor, Oliva and Saki

  • Dessert

 Ludwig: It appears were lost in the desert?

Noah: I'm astounded by the fact you mange to stated the bloody Obvious!

Johan: We Need to stop at the next town we see?

CJ: What If Chris knows where were going?

Jacky: Maybe then we can stop there for not too long then.

Ludwig: It depends if we can even find a town.

Noah: Be right back (Finish’s writing paper and walks off with it)

  • Back Bus

Joe (Sleeping)

Juliet: (Snoring)

Oskar: (Wakes up)

Oskar: Where are we now?

Joanne: (Checks window)

Joanne: A Desert!

Cornelia: (CON) After Two Seasons with these people now it appears we have a newcomer within the ranks and it's most likely Noah is going to try and use this to his advantage which is why I need to beat him to it.

Noah: (Walks Past and Drops a Note to Joanne)

Cornelia: (Exits Bathroom)

Joanne: (Catches it and reads it)

Joanne: Meet me in the Confession bathroom don't tell the others? (Reads Quietly)

  • Confession

 Noah (CON) Basically Now I'm stuck the one group of dumbass that I never wanted to be stuck with and now were in a desert thank you Mr. Bus Driver >:(

Joanne (Con) (Enters)

Noah: (CON) Ah There you are, so what do you think of the other castmates.

Joanne: (CON) They seem all nice but most of them despise you alot.

Noah (CON) that's caused I was responsible for 75% of their eliminations.

Joanne (CON) It's Total Drama anyway :)

Noah (CON) Yea I am sorry if I have to keep us a secret from them but I hope you understand

Joanne (CON) It's Ok :)

Noah (CON) :) (Kisses Joanne)

Noah (CON) Obviously this can't be seen (Grabs Camera and throws it out the window)

Noah: (CON) Well I've got to work on Ludwig He will be useful next season

  • Front Bus

Noah: (Notice Ludwig talking with Cornelia)

Cornelia: (Notices Noah and gives him a Evil Smirk)

Cornelia: How Fast are we going ?

Ludwig: The last speed sign i came across said 40 so 40 it is

Cornelia: 40 ?

Cornelia: Were on the run Ludwig we don't need to obey everyone F$%^ sign you see !

Ludwig: Were in a Dessert Barbie Too Fast and we will fall off track and crash.

Cornelia: Barbie (Twitches)

CJ: Any body hear that ?

(Motor Bike Noise Heard in the distance behind them)

Jacky: Oskar what can you hear down there?

Oskar: (Looks at the Back door)

Oskar: Zalya's on a motor Bike

Joe: You mean the hot Magician Girl?

Cornelia: What Magician?

Ludwig:  It's That Witch Attack!

Jacky: Attack?

CJ: That Seems a bit rude what if she wants to help

Noah: Friend or Foe I'm bored (Picks up Paintball gun from Saki's bag)

Zayla (Motor bike Outside): PART ELOH (Uses a Spell to create a Hole in the bus)

Caitlyn: AHH (Falls in)

Oskar: Caitlyn :O

Adam: Yep Evil she is !

Noah: (Opens Back Door and Fires)

Zayla: (Steers Motor Bike to the left)

Zayla: TOHS GRAD (Shoots a Rope out of her wand)

Noah: (Ducks)

Jonna: (Gets tied with the rope)

Jonna: I'm starting to hate magic (Is Dragged off the bus)

Adam: (Throws Watermelon at Zayla)

Zayla: (Watermelon Blinds her)

Jack: Frost Ward (Turns the sand below them into Ice)

Ludwig: Are we in Yukon (Front Bus)

Jacky: Just keep driving

Zayla: (Struggles to keep control of Motor Bike)

Zayla: Not over yet (Stands on the top of the motor Bike)

Noah: ?

Sydney: I don't see any strings.

Alex: ?

Zayla: Ezekiel MORPH !

Zayla: (Turns into Feral Ezekiel)

Joe: That Phase again -_-

Lara: (Closes Back Door)

Ezekiel: (Jumps off Motor Bike and onto the roof of the bus)

Ezekiel: (Digs Hole above the front bus)


Ezekiel: (Grabs Johan and Throws him off the Bus)

Johan: AHHH!!

Ludwig: GET OFF MIEN BUS (Takes out Laser Pistol and Stuns Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: (Turns back into Zayla) 

Noah: (Shoots above the Bus and hits Zayla in the eye with a Paintball)

Zayla: My Eye ! (Walks back)

Zayla: AHHHHHH ! (Hits a Vulture and falls off the Bus Roof)

Jay-Cee: (Wakes up)

Jay-Cee (Yawns) Ok so what's for Breakfast ?

Alex: How Many of us our left ?

Ludwig: (Head counts everyone)

Joe: Fifteen of us left

Cornelia: Wait if were all here who’s driving the BUS!

(Everyone runs into the Front of the bus)

Alex: O_O 

CJ: (Grabs Steering Wheel)

CJ: It's Broken and the brakes wont work!

Ludwig: Bad F-ing Coincidence (Points to the upcoming cliff in front of them)

Joanne: Just like last Celebrity Manhunt


(Bus drives off the high Cliff)


Lara: AHH (Holds onto Alex)

Jack: AHHH (Holds onto Sydney's hair)

Noah: AHHH (Holds onto Joanne)

Jacky: AHHH (Holds on to CJ)

CJ: (Can't breath)

Ludwig: AHHHHHH 

Joe: (Girly Scream)

Jay-Cee (Too Tired to scream)

Juliet: AHHHH  (Holds Onto Adam by the neck)

Adam: AHHH (Holds onto Oskar)

Oskar: Were so DEAD!!!!!!!!

(Bus Crashes into the Bottom of the Canyon)

  • Five minutes later at the Wreckage

CJ: (Wakes up and finds the whole bus wrecked and his friends unconscious)

CJ: Alex Wake up! (Walks up to Alex)

Alex: Urg what happened? (Gets up with a his hand on his head)

Jack: (Gets up from the rubble)

Jack: Anyone Hurt?

Noah: (Gets up) I've had worse

Cornelia: (Yell)

Cornelia: MINE NAIL!

Noah: Ha Sucks to be you.

Alex: oh Crap Lara!

Alex: (Searches Rubble and digs her out)

Jacky: (Also digs herself out of the rubble)

Adam: (Gets off the wrecked bus)

Adam: It's a Miracle that none of us got seriously hurt?

Juliet: Indeed :)

Adam: -_-

Ludwig: (Falls off the bus)

Ludwig: Did I Do good?

Sydney: I don't think I'll ever go on a bus again :(

Ludwig: Not even a tip :(

Cornelia: No Time for questions or Head counts

Cornelia: Chris will be at the crash site soon.

Jay-Cee: (Still unconscious)

Jacky: How about that Forest?

(Jacky points to the Big Forest nearby)

Ludwig: As long as it's not nighttime we should be fine in there.

(Group runs into the forest)

(Instantly Becomes Night again)

Jay-Cee: (Wakes up)

Jay-Cee: Were did everyone go?

Jay-Cee (Turns around to see Slender Man)


  • Forest

Ludwig: Our Luck Instant Night, Were so Dead

Alex: What do you mean?

Ludwig: This is not my favourite place, all those myths give me the Goosebumps’s :(  (Shivers)

Noah: Did anyone ever here about the Slender Man sightings here recently >:)

Ludwig: What :o

Jacky: Slender Man?

CJ: I don't think you two want to know about that myth?

Noah: He Appears in the woods at Night and Takes Kids of age 5-20 and sends them to the underworld >:)

Ludwig: (Blocks Ears)

Noah: and He either kills them or sends them back with most of their organs missing.

Cornelia: Noah SHUT UP, You’re not helping here!

(The group come across two paths)

Lara: This is just great which way do we go?

Oskar: Maybe we split up? Half take Left path and the other half take the right path.

Ludwig: No that's Horror Movie Cliché right there!

Ludwig: He'll pick us off one by one.

Noah: Cliché or not I don't care I'm taking Right path, Seems safe enough. (Heads Right)

Oskar: I feel left path, right could be a trick.

Adam: Smart thinking.

Adam: Those who want to go left follow me

(Adam, Oskar, Juliet, Sydney, Joanne, Joe and Jack Begin to walk into the Left side of the woods)

Ludwig: Who else Is Right handed?

Cornelia: Screw it were wasting Time lets just catch up with Jackass Noah

(Cornelia, CJ, Jacky, Ludwig, Lara and Alex run to the right path)

  • Right Forest

Noah: Idiots are probably already caught. (Walking)

Noah? (Finds a Paper Sheet on the wall)

Noah: (Rips it off and reads it)'

Noah: Do not turn around ?

(Slender man is right Behind Noah)

Noah: >:) You’re behind me aren't you! (Standing Still)

Noah: Well if your looking for them take the left path (Doesn't turn around but instead continues Walking)

  • Left Forest

Joe: Anyone see anything (Holding Flashlight)

Juliet: (Aims Flash Light at Adam)

Adam: Not at me Juliet!

Juliet: Sorry

Joanne: Hey Guys look over here? (Notice an Abandoned Bathroom) 

Oskar: Finally I really need to go.

Jack: It's Abandoned, We don't know what's in there ? 

Sydney: (Gives Oskar a Flashlight)

Oskar: (Runs Inside the bathroom)

  • Bathroom

Oskar: I Hope Caitlyn's Ok :( (Running)

Oskar: (Slips on the wet Floor and Drops the Flashlight which turns off)

Oskar: eeehh Gross, Where Did the torch go!

Oskar: (Finds it and Picks it up)

(Oskar Turns the Flashlight on to See Slender Man There Right in front of him)

  • Outside

Oskar: AHHHHHHHHH (Echoes outside)

Adam: Oskar Buddy! (Runs inside to find him)

(Everyone else runs in to)

Adam:  O_O

Joe: Adam what is it!

Juliet: D:

Joanne: IS that What I think it is?

(Slender Man is right infront of them all)

Jack: RUN!!!!

(All of them Runs out of the bathroom Screaming)

  • Right Forest

Noah: (Peeing into a Open lake)

Cornelia: What the hell are you doing!

Noah: Hey it's been Five Hours in the forest after drinking That Gallon of Lemonade.

Alex: Oh Boy we found you.

Noah: So where are your weapons? (Picks up a Long Branch)

Cornelia: (Gets Pepper spray from her Purse)

Alex: Wait Something’s wrong

Alex; LARA? ,  CJ?


Cornelia: That's just great the group got smaller

Noah: hmmm for Once Ludwig made a point

  • CJ's Group at a Bonfire

Ludwig: Lets Split up they said, Right is Right they said >:(

Jacky: We Get the point, But wouldn’t whatever’s out there pick us off if were all sitting ducks

Ludwig: Not if we all hurdle together and walk really slow.


Lara: They Can't hears us :(

CJ: (Eating Gemmi Award)

Lara: There Edible ?

CJ: Chocolate you want some. (Talks with food in his Mouth)

Jacky: (Takes Piece)

Lara: So Ludwig why did you get that Award for Evil?

Jacky: It could just be a Torment joke

Ludwig: Atlas it's true, on my debuting season I wasn't there to make friends or win the million.

Ludwig: But to just eliminated everyone and get fame :(

CJ: Odd Goal!

Ludwig: I never got much attention at School I had to work double to even get noticed.

Ludwig: I was Constantly Bullied at school and was labelled a Nerd and Weirdo.

Lara: :(

Ludwig: The Real sad part was there luck of treatment I was given not for just being smart but being different, as I was Autistic... 

Ludwig: They Didn't understand why I never socialise, Why I Pick my nose cause it was itchy as hell back then and why I do weird stuff.

Ludwig: I vowed to Beat Teenagers at their own Sport "Total Drama", I betrayed my friends and was responsible for eliminating. Duncan, Courtney, Leshawna, Gwen, Cody, Harold, Sierra. But Trent was one friend I couldn't get rid off and soon I saved them from a Monster in Boney Island, and I quit after that episode. And I Even almost died on the last episode of Island of Vengeance. But Now I joined this Season I hopes of A Redemption I know it does seem hard to trust a Former Villain but just give me a chance?

Jacky: (Left Speechless)

CJ: Sad Story Dude :( But sure everyone deserves a Second Chance :)

(Bonfire goes out)



Ludwig: (Turns on Nintendo DS For Light)

(Slender Man Appears right in front of the Bonfire and Lara has disappeared)

Ludwig: It’s got her RUN!



Ludwig: HOLY S$%^&*

CJ & Jacky (Run into a Dead Run Tunnel)

CJ & Jacky (Cuddle in Fear)

CJ: Please Don't Kill us!

Slender Man: Give me Twenty Dollars

Jacky:   :| ?

  • Alex's Group

Noah: Five Notes and no Sign of CJ or Adam's Group!

Alex: (Reading Map)

Alex: If we just keep heading north we could be out of this forest by two hours time

Cornelia: Depends if we get killed or not 

Ludwig: (Loud Bird Noise)

Cornelia: WHAT ARE YOU DOING (Yells Back)

Ludwig: Keep Yelling

Cornelia: Yell this (Steps on Noahs Foot)

Noah: OCCCH High heels you B$%^

Cornelia: WHAT!


Ludwig: (Finds the group)

Ludwig: Oh Mein god I Found you guys

Alex: Is Lara with you?

Ludwig: Nope she's gone along with CJ and Jacky, It's just me.

Noah: Oh Boy stranded in the woods with you three.

Alex: Wait Stop!

Ludwig: Something Wrong ?

Alex: These Leaves on the ground are all piled together

Noah: So ?

Alex: There could be possible traps.

Noah: In that case we need to disarm them.

Noah: (Pushes Cornelia)

Cornelia: YOU BASTARD!!!! (Fall into the dark hole)

Alex & Ludwig: (Step back from Noah)

Noah: Whatever 

(Noah and Alex's Flashlights run out of Battery)


Alex: Not now D:

Ludwig: (Lights match)

(Slender Man is in the middle of the Three)


Noah: (Runs past the traps)

Ludwig: Why is does this always Happen!

Ludwig: (Steps on a rope trap and gets roped)

Slender Man: (Appears behind Ludwig)

Ludwig: AHHHHH

Alex: (Turns around to See no one)

Alex: Oh I give up Take Me Now Slender :(

Noah: (Running)

Alex: AHHHHHHHHH (Yell is Heard by Noah)

Noah: Had a feeling it out come to this (Gets Paintball gun out and starts firing at Slender Man)

Noah: (Runs out of Ammo)

Noah: CRAP (Runs)

Noah: (Comes to a Dead End Cliff)

Slender Man: (Walks Closer)

Noah: (Try’s to walk back but trips on and edge and falls)


(Camera starts to messes up and Slender Man appears on the camera and then the Camera turns off)

  • Service Craft Tent

Alex: (Slowly Begins to Open his Eyes)

Alex: urr

Chris: (Throws Bucket of Water at Him)

Alex: Ah ok I’m awake

Lara: Alex :)

Alex: (Hugs Lara)

Alex: Where are we ?

Chris: You’re in the Service Craft Tent from Total Drama Action

Alex: (Looks Around to See Lara, Jonna, Caitlyn, Nestor, Jay-Cee, Johan, Jacky, CJ, Cornelia, Ludwig, Noah, Oskar, Saki and Oliva sitting among him.)

Oliva: So was all of this just a big Game ?

Chris: It was more then a Game it was my Pickings for next season :)

Chris: Since You Fifteen were the only Ones out of the Twenty Two I managed to capture you all officially Past into our Newest Season "Total Dram Level Up"

Jonna: Level Up ?

Chris: All will be explained on the first episode.

Caitlyn: So were all for another chance at the Million ?

Chris: Indeed

Cornelia: Perfect >:)

Nestor: Sure What ever it takes.

Zayla: Hopefully nothing was personal about the hunt right?

Lara: No Sweat

Chris: Yes and as I Promise to her if She succeeded in bring you all back was she Did, Zayla will be joining you all this season

Noah: Great two newbies

Ludwig: I'm Not a noob !

Nestor: You are to us.

Oskar: Wait what about Adam and his gang :o

Chris: Unfortunatley for them We They escaped from the woods before Slender Man could get them. They Arrived in some city and have been informed that since we failed bring them in like you guys they will have to watch this season from the sidelines, which is the Aftermath special.

Chris: Just a reminder the Gropu that Failed this season consited of Adam, Sydney, Jack, Joanne, Juliet and Joe

Jay-Cee: Wow that must suck

Oskar: Adam :(

Noah: Joanne :(  (Quietly)

Chris: For the rest of you, All of you must meet me at this place in 2 Weeks.

Saki: Is this at the Flimlot ?

Chris: Oh No This season's challenge will be based on Video game genres, You will go up against a challenges and a place beyond you imagination, Dismissed!

  • Celebrity Manhunt

Topher: You heard it all here folks first stay Tune for next week’s premier of the new Total Drama Season

  • Chris in a Virtual World

Chris: Sixteen teens in a Virtual world of my Making, Get ready for a Season of game changing experience Get Ready for Next on TOTAL... DRAMA... LEVEL... UP...


Episode 1: Now Your Playing With Way Too Much Power ?

Now Your Playing with Way Too Much Power ?
Season , Episode 1
Date 16th August
Video Game Genre Retro Games ;)
Reference Pac Man


Space Invader

Nintendo Power Glove

Challenge(s) 1.Eat All Pellets

2.Tron Survival 3.Avoid Falling barrels 4.Defeat the Space Invader's

Reward(s) Earn Leadership of this Seasons two Teams
Winner(s) Read to Find Out
Episode Guide
"Celebrity Man Hunt Torontos Most Wanted"
"League of Drama"

"This Episode of TDLU Contains Impossible Stunds performed by Animated Teens, Do not try anything that you see on this show at home, Well you can't really cause this is all Virtual Reality, Good On Prove me worng"

  • Service Craft Tent

Chris: Long Time No See Total Drama Fan boys!

Chris: Today is the day you've all been waiting for, were dropping the first episode of our most biggest budgeted season yet: D

Chris: Two Weeks ago we aired our Celebrity Manhunt Special which featured Twenty-two very Unlucky Teens of my choosing >:)

(Flash back to Celebrity Manhunt)

Chris: We also took our Celebrity Manhunt in a different angle this time around.

Chris: First a real Award Ceremony for the cast, which most of them didn’t actually win or even gets nominated. (Camera Shows Noah with his Two Gemmi Awards)

Chris: Then we took a Celebrity Manhunt into a more Literal situation, but our Cast put up a bigger fight then we expected, just how I like it (Camera shows the Cast on the Bus being chased by the Cops)

Chris: But the Inevitable happened and our Crew lost the Bus and had to run for it in the woods, at night dumb move  (Camera changes to the Bus falling off the cliff)

Chris: We rounded up the last set of Sheep with a classic Game of Slender Man; I think they might need Therapy after that. (Camera shows Slender Man appearing at Alex and then CJ and Jacky)

Chris: And with that Fifteen of them made it into the season including that.... um Chef who was that Magician girl again?

  • Virtual World

Chris: And with this New Heaven I change what ever I want when I want ;)

Chris: And the Challenges will be the most Bone Crushing challenge video games have to offer and there's no Easy Mode in this World: D

Chris: Find out what goes down right here on TOTAL... DRAMA... LEVEL... UP... (Mario Mushroom Noise)

  • Opening

(Music Starts)

Camera 1: (Pops up from a Mario Pipe)

Camera 2: (Appears behind a Tron Bike)

Camera 3: (Appears on top of a Portal)

Camera 4:  (Appears on a Wall but gets knock down a Bird)

Clapper Board: ( Clamp Down Noise)

Camera: (Makes it way past a Medieval castle)

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine, (Chris Holding a Controller which Turns the Castle into a Hunted House)

You guys are on my mind. (Camera Shows Johan and Jonna walking throught the Hunted House where a Zombie Intern pops up and scares them away and Johan jumps out a window.)

You asked me what I wanted to be (Camera Show Johan who lands on Platofrm and gets up back gets knock off by a rolling barrel, Then Jay-Cee and Lara Jumping over the barrels and Jay-Cee find a Hammer and whacks a Barrel away)

And now I think the answer is plain to see, (Camera Shows the Barrel Flying into a Cave where Saki is Fighting a Dragon and she dodges the Dragons Fire Breath)

I wanna be famous. (Camera Shows Chef and Nestor as Gaurds who are standing still and they notice a Cardboard slowing walking walk past them)

I wanna live close to the sun, (Camera then shows Oliva getting out of the box and runs to Jacky and Alex who are tower to stop the incoming horde of Zombies)

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won, (The Camera changes to Oskar and Cornelia in a 2D Boxing Ring where they are fighting each out but then Oskar shoots a fire ball out of his hand that blasts Cornelia off the ring)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way (Camera changes to Ludwig and Caitlyn Hiding Beihnd a Trench where while Missles expode in front of Trench)

I'll get there one day. (Ludwig and 'Caitlyn'' rush into the Battle Fleid and shoot down a Group of Robots That look like Other Contestnat but then turn around to see Noah which a Machine gun infront of them , So Ludwig and 'Caitlyn 'Surrender)

Cause, I wanna be famous! (Camera Changes to CJ who is in a Sonic the Hedgehog Suit runn extremly fast but then crashs into a Spike Trap Set by Zayla who steals all the rings that CJ Droped)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! (Camera changes to Oskar, Johan and Jacky at a Tetris feild where there trying to put the blocks in the right place while on the other Side Ludwig, Lara and Oliva are trying to do the same)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera then shows Saki and Noah on Tron Bikes where Noah Turns Right and Takes out Jay-Cee)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera changes Alex in a Mario Suit and Jonna in A Luigi Suit trying to aviod the clif, Jonna then turns around to see Alex get a Fire flower and his suit changes from Red to white)

(Whistling in tune) ( Scene Changes to Chris at the Elimination Ceremony where he activates the Portal of Shame while all he Contestants are sitting around it look at each other awarkly, While the Words on the Portal Show Total Drama Level Up !)

  • Bus Stop

Chris: And Were back Just in time for our Cast Bus to Arrive

  •  5 Minutes Late

Chris: (Checks watch)

Chris: (Sigh) Please tell me Ludwig or Saki aren't driving the bus

(Bus Arrives)

Chris: And There Here: D

Chef: (Opens the Bus Door) 

Chef: Off the Bus Maggots!

Nestor: (Gets off the Bus)

Nestor: Two Hours of Sleep that's all we got :(

Oskar: (Gets off the Bus)

Oskar: I’m Sure Chris won't give us a hard time for first episode

Zayla: (Gets off the Bus)

Zayla: If you know Chris it's always a Hard time every time

Chris: Correct :)

Noah: (Gets off the Bus)

Lara: (Gets off the Buss)

Lara: A new place should be more exciting than the last, well as long as it's not like the Island.

Noah: The most boring part of the Show Introductions -_- (Looks Bored)

Saki: Bring on the Game's Chris >:D (Jumps off the Bus Roof)

Alex: Long Time No see Guys :) (Gets off the Bus)

Lara:   :)

Noah: You guys were on the bus talking to each other non-stop?

Nestor: They Meant on Camera!

Jonna: Goodbye Camp Wawankwa and Hello ... What is this place again?

Alex: I'm not too sure either

Chris: That because were not there yet, Chef Speed up the bus Please

Chef: (Throws Cornelia and CJ off the Bus)

Cornelia: That was UN called for Chef!

 CJ: (Wipes Dust off)

Jay-Cee: (Gets off the Bus)

Jay-Cee: Hey Chris will there be any Virtual Bikes at this Mc-Lean interspace?

Chris: Anything is possible Jay-Cee ;)

Noah: Dibs it.

Caitlyn: (Gets off the Bus)

Johan: (Gets off the Bus)

Caitlyn: This Place has something better than bunk beds right?

 Chris: Only Time will tell

Caitlyn: Last time we had a Cockroach invasion.

Jacky: (Gets off the Bus)

 Ludwig: (Gets off the Bus)

 Oliva: (Gets off the Bus)

 Jacky: And not to mention the Spider we found on that Meat Loaf Dinner Night :(

 Noah: (Whistles Innocently)

 Johan: So Chris where we heading?

Chris: All of you follow me 

  • Login Room

 Chris: Say goodbye to Reality cause once all Sixteen of you go through this Portal you’re no longer on Planet Earth.

 Oliva: (Gasp)

 Chris: You will be on Mine Planet now

 Cornelia: Has that portal even been tested?

 Noah: That's why the fifteen of you have here.

 Ludwig: Who Cares It's a Real Freaking Portal

Ludwig: (Runs through the portal)

 Oskar: (Looks behind the Portal)

 Oskar: He’s actually Gone inn :o

Chris: Yep and so will you (Pushes Oskar into the Portal)

 Caitlyn: Oskar! (Runs into the Portal After him)

 Lara: I'm starting to have second thoughts about this idea?

 (Doors behind them close)

Chris: Too late contracts: D meets ya on the other side (Walks into the portal)

Intercom: (Portal Change to Suck Mode and Force Pulls Everyone throught the Portal)

  • Mc-Lean interspace

Alex & Johan:  Ouch! (Fall out of the Portal)

Oliva: (Lands on both of them)

Alex: :O (Looks around)

Johan: This place looks like a Massive Blue Data... I can't even say how awesome this is.

Noah: Break my Fall Chumps! (Fall out of the Portal)

Ludwig: What? (Looks up to See Noah Land on his Back)

(Everyone Else Falls out of the Portal and Lands on Alex and Johan making a Pile)

Caitlyn, Oskar & Johan: (Move to avoid the Mass pile of Teens)

Oskar: Talk about a mosh pit

(Everyone is struggling to get out)

Jay-Cee: Dude get your Shoe out of my face!

Nestor: You get your Face off my Shoe 

Zayla: (Sigh) ECAPS ECROF (Uses Magic to get everyone out of the Pile)

Jacky: Thanks Zay 

Chris: Now Contestant or should I say Player's welcome to the Mc-Lean Interspace.

Oliva: ?

Chris: Right Now all you see is an Open empty World That's causes were in File 1, which was the beta.

Chris: With Multiple Files that Chef has we can change this place into anything I desire.

Lara: Can you Change it to a Museum?

Chris: Chris Activate File 45

(Entire Room turns into an Art Museum)


Jonna: He’s not kidding this is all real (Touches Painting)

Jacky: So how did you change the rooms, Wait Better question how did you make this whole place?

Chris: With my Newest Brank the Mc-Lea Power Glove! (Lifts his left hand up to show a Blue glove with Buttons and arrow keys on it.) 

Noah: Power Glove -_- Sounds gay?

Chris: A bit to quick to Judge Noah, On Earth it's nothing but in this World It's a what God would be if it was a Video Game Controller.

Ludwig: Hmm Now your Playing with Power.

Saki: Can I try :)

Chris: Absolutely Not! It's My Precious only I get to have it.

Saki: >:(

Chris:  I think I will need a Demonstration of my skills in our first Challenge for the first season.

CJ: We sort of got the point can we head to our.... Cabin home place?

Chris: After the challenge Chef Activate File 1.1 The Retro Course

  • Entire place turns into a small Bunker Room

Chris: Team's will not be decide until Next Episode so it's a Everyone Man for themselves.

Chris: Todays Video Game Genre is the One and only Retro theme we picked the most classic Games from the 80's and 70's.

Cornelia: How old were you back then?

Chris: (Gulp)

Chris: As you being the first course you need to complete the Objective that Chef gives you before anyone else does the first Twelve who complete the course will advance to round two.

Alex: But we still have a few more questions?

Chris: They Can wait time for your first Round Pac Man

Chris: Chef Change room to File. Pac and Teleport out.

Chef: -_-

(The Entire room changes into the Pac-Man Maze) 

Ludwig: Wow :O

Jay-Cee: Are we still doing Tron?

Alex: Isn’t that from a Movie not game?

Caitlyn: That might become a Nightmare Alex! (Notice a Red Ghost Advancing towards them in the)

(Everyone then Runs through the Maze)

Chef Intercom: The Door to round two will open once all 240 Pellets are eaten.

Johan: Pellets!

Chef Intercom: 4 of them a bigger then the rest

  • North West Maze

Jonna: (Inspects Pellets)

Jonna: What do you think there made of?

Noah: Something that you guys are dumb enough to eat?

Nestor: (Taste Pellet)

Noah: So?

Nestor: It taste like ... POWER!

Nestor: (Runs off eating Pellets on the way)

Caitlyn: ?

  • South East Maze

Saki: 240 Pellets?

Oliva: Don't forget that red ghost before

Oskar: Isn't there four of them?

Ludwig: Yes Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Oliva: This got harder then I thought?

Saki: Really Clyde, Way to break the rhythm.

Ludwig: hmm strange not a single one in sight.

Oskar: Doesn't matter we've all most finishes off all the pellets here

Oskar & Saki: (Reach the end to see a Big Pellet)

Oskar:  :O

Saki:  :D

Oskar: should we save it for when the ghost find us?

Ludwig: I'm still wondering what's taking them so long?

  • South West

Alex: AHHHHH (Running with Jay-Cee, Zayla and Lara from all four Ghost chasing them)

Jay-Cee: Why us :O

Lara: This way

(Accidently Arrive at the bottom of the maze and Pinky and Inky surround each side)

Lara: That didn't work out as I thought

(Suddenly from the South West Saki eats the Big Pellet, which turns the ghost all blue)

Alex: What just happened

Jay-Cee: >:)

Jay-Cee: Time to turn you into a Roast Beef!

Jay-Cee: (Eats Ghost)

Lara: O_O

Zayla: ... ?

Jay-Cee: Find all 4 big pellets; eat one they all turn blue and the game of Cat and mouse Temporarily flips.

Alex: Nice lets find those Pellets.

Lara: (Eats Second Blue Ghost)

Zayla: How do they taste

Lara: Strawberry?

  • North East Maze

Jacky: (Eats Third Blue ghost)

Cornelia: (Squishes Pellets as she runs)

Johan: How come you’re not eating them

Cornelia: They taste awful.

CJ: (Eats a Big Pellet)

Clyde: (Turns Blue)

Johan: This is for making me lose one life (Eats Blue Clyde)

(Cherry Spawn)

Jacky: (Picks Cheery up)

Jacky: Looks Pretty Pixely

Johan: Could just be crunchy sides.

CJ:  -_- 

Cornelia: All of them here are gone.

CJ: Let's head to the Middle.

  • Middle Maze

(Every Group is there)

CJ: Woops 

Nestor: You guys planned on coming here too

(Cherry Spawns in front of all of them)

Jay-Cee: Yea Decent Food Shotgun (Eats Cherry)

Jay-Cee (Spits it out)

Jay-Cee: too Rough :(

(Door to Round 2 Suddenly Opens)

Ludwig: (Sigh) Let the Black Friday commence.

(Everyone then runs to the door)

(Caitlyn, Noah, Ludwig, Oliva, Oskar, Saki, Alex, Jay-Cee, Lara, CJ, Jacky and Johan make it through the door)

(Door Shuts)

Cornelia: Dam it


(Door Opens slightly for Zayla to squeeze through

Nestor: Is that even fair?

Jonna: No that has to be cheating >:(

Chef: Nope it was magic since you three lost GAME OVER

(The four Ghost Corner them)

Cornelia: Please tell me someone has a big pellet

Nestor: (Looks around

(No Insight)

Cornelia: Now I remember now why I hate Video Games :(

(Ghost touch them causing them to faint and vanish)

  • Tron

Jay-Cee: YES!!!

Oskar: Tron Bikes Cool

Caitlyn: But this was from a movie?

Chris (Intercom): Tron is like a game end of story!

Noah: There Rods’? (Looks at the Box Full of Coloured Rods)

Chris (Intercom): Since there are thirteen of you left somehow round two is a Free for All Death match of Tron Grab a Rob of your colour aim forward and get ready to drive, As you drive you leave behind a line that never goes away anyone including yourself crash into it and your out.

Noah: I don't see how this can work? (Grabs Red Rod and Aims it forward)

Noah: WHAT THE  (Rod Turns into a Red Tron Bike an his cloth glow Red line over it and a Red Helmet appears on him)

Jack: O_O

Johan: Wow!

Noah: This is going to be better then I thought, Meet you losers in Hell! (Drives into the Arena)

CJ: Should we just wait for him to crash into himself?

Caitlyn: And miss out on the chance to crush him ourselves lets go Oskar (Grabs A Yellow Rod)

Oskar: (Garbs Blue Rod)

CJ:  (Grabs Cyan Rod)

Jacky: (Grabs Magenta Rod)

Jay-Cee: Let me show how this is done ;) (Grabs Orange Rod)

Saki: (Grabs Black Rod)

Ludwig: (Grabs White Rod)

Alex: (Grabs Green Rod)

Lara: (Grabs Purple Rod)

Oliva: (Grabs Lime Rod

Zayla: (Grabs Grey Rod)

Johan: (Sigh) Really leave me with Pink.

Johan: (Picks up the only rod left which is Pink)

Johan: (Turns the Rod Into a Pink Tron Bike)

Johan: Scratch that the Manliest Pink in the world (Drives after them)

  • Tron Arena

Alex: Man these are so fast I can't keep my helmet on tight.

Lara: Try not to turn around too much.

Alex: (Dodges Black Line)

Noah: Really Johan Pink?

Johan: All the other cool colours were taken

Noah: Well do me a favour and help me take out the competition, There's way too many people here and the lanes are getting way to closer every minute.

Ludwig: First episode and your already trying an alliance, The Teams aren't even formed (Drives with them)

Jacky: (Drives in front of them)

Noah: TURN! (Turns Left to Doge the Magenta Line)

Ludwig: (Turns Right to avoid the Line)

Johan: (Turns Around back but crashes and Destroy his from CJ's Cyan Line)

CJ: First Kill Nice

Chris (Intercom) : And Pinky is out!

Caitlyn: (Dodges Blue Line)

Caitlyn: Be Careful with your driving Oskar

Oskar: Sorry, I Don't know if anyone actually remembers all the lines the create (Turns Left)

Oliva: (Crashes into the Blue Line)

Oskar: Nothing Personally Oliva :)

Saki: (Driving while make the line a Complicated maze)

Saki: See them try and get out of that :)

Caitlyn: (Gasp) Oskar Look Out (Turns Right)

Oskar: (Sees Saki's Black Line maze)

Oskar: (Turns Right but Crashes into Caitlyn's Yellow Line

Caitlyn: (Gasp) I'm Sorry

Jay-Cee: Challenge Accepted

Jay-Cee (Makes it out of the maze)

Saki: :O

Jay-Cee: Pure Skill

Alex:  (Turns left Near Zayla)

Lara: (Turns Right Near Zayla)

Zayla: (Tries to Turn but is Trapped in a Line box with no escape)

Zayla: Damit  (Crashes and Explodes

Ludwig: Ha Nice Wand Girl, Technology always wins >:)

(Noah and Jacky Notice each other)

Noah: (Turns Left)

Jacky: (Turn Right)

(Both meet in front of each other by with a small gap)

Noah: Got you Now (Turns Left and zooms past her)

Jacky:  >:(   (Turns Left tries to catch up)

Noah: (Turns Back around and closes the Gap)

Jacky: Noah You son of a... (Crashes)

CJ:  :(

Chris: That Ends Round Two,

  • Donkey Kong Stage

(All Reaming Eight Teleport to the bottom of the Donky Kong Game)

(Chef in a donkey Kong suit begins to throw barrels at them)

Chris: Your Next Goal is to make it to the top of the and reach the Ladder to the surface for the final challenge and you mustn't get hit by a single Barrel have fun.

CJ: The First ever-Super Mario game :o

Alex: Well lets get going

(All Eight of them begin to run up the first ramp) 

Donkey Kong Chef (Begins to Throw Barrels down every Three Seconds)

Alex: (Jumps Over the Barrel)

CJ: (Jumps over the Barrel)

Noah: (Climbs up a Ladder to the Second Ramp)

Saki: (Smash Barrel with a Giant Mallet)

Ludwig: Where did you get that?

Saki: Power Up!

Lara: (Jumps Over Barrel)

Caitlyn: (Steps over Barrel)

Chris: What are you doing you have to jump!

Caitlyn: In High Heels, They Hurt?

Chris: That's the Point.

Ludwig: (Jumps Over Barrel)

Noah: (Drops a Barrel from the floor Above them)

Jay-Cee: (Barrel lands on him knocking him out)

Noah: hmm so he does have only one life.

Alex: (Climbs Ladder to Second Ramp)

Lara: (Climbs ladder to Second Ramp)

Ludwig: (Climbs Ladder to Second Ramp)

CJ: (Climbs Ladder to Second Ramp)

Caitlyn: (Climbs Ladder to Second Ramp)

Saki: (Climbs Ladder to Second Ramp)

Noah: (Climbs Ladder to Third Ramp and breaks it)

Lara: I saw that >:(

Noah: but did you stop that (Jumps over Barrel)

Chef: (Begins Rolling down 2 Barrels at a time in 5 seconds)

CJ: They’re getting harder (Jumps over two Barrels)

Ludwig: It's what happens when you progress through a game CJ, It gets harder and tiring. (Jumps over two Barrels.)

Saki: (Smashes one Barrel and jumps over the other)

Caitlyn: (Jumps Over One Barrel but her Shoe gets caught in the second and she trips over)

(Another barrel hits Caitlyn and she falls off the stage)

Chris: Six Remain

Ludwig: (Gets a Rope from his Pocket and attaches it to the top of the third Ramp)

Ludwig: (Climbs up the rope)

Lara: Nice thinking Ludwig (Climbs up the rope)

Alex: (Climbs up the rope)

CJ: (Climbs up the rope)

Saki: (Climbs up the rope)

Noah: (Reaches Donkey Kong Chef)

Chef: You'll have to wait for them to finish.

Noah: Now I play the waiting Game (Beings to Tap Foot)

Ludwig: INCOMING! (Ducks)

Lara: O_O (Ducks)

Alex: (Ducks)

CJ: (Looks up to get hit in the face with a falling barrel)

CJ: (Lets go of the rope and falls)

(Alex, Lara, Ludwig and Saki Reach the Final Ramp)

Noah: Need help with whipping them out?

Chef: Two heads are better then one. (Gives Noah A Pair of Barrels)

Noah: (Drops Barrel from the sky)

Ludwig: JESSUS! (Pulls Alex back so Noah's Barrel Hits the ramp

Alex: Thanks :)

Saki: (Chops Barrel with Katana)

Lara: Last time I check that wasn't in Super Mario Bros?

Noah: hmm.... (Place TNT into a Barrel and rolls it down)

Alex: (Jumps Over Two barrels)

Lara: (Jumps Over Three Barrels)

Ludwig: (Jumps over Two Barrels)

Saki: (Continues to Smash Every barrel in her path)

Alex: (Gasp) (Notice leaking Gunpowder from a upcoming barrel)

Saki: (Prepares Katana)

Lara: Saki WAIT

Saki: (Stabs Barrel)

Saki: Oh o

TNT Barrel: (Explodes taking out Saki)

(Alex, Ludwig and Lara Reach Donkey Kong Chef)

Noah: About time

Alex: We would have arrive quicker if someone didn’t mess with the game (Glares at Noah)

Chef: Well all four of you are up to the final challenge Take this Ladder to the Surface.

  • Surface

(Sewer mat is moved)

Alex: (Arrives up from the ladder)

Noah: (Arrives up from the ladder)

Lara: (Arrives up from the ladder)

Ludwig: (Arrives up from the ladder)

Alien Voice: Prepare to die humans!

Lara: That doesn't sound human does it?

(Pixelated Alien Ships Appear from the Sky)

Alex: Invader's ... From Space

Ludwig: Space Invaders: D

Chris (Intercom): Final Challenge People, fight off the wave of Aliens and be the last two standing for a Reward.

(Alien Ships Begin to Drop lasers down at them)

Alex: (Gets into Turret 2)

Noah: (Gets into Turret 4)

Lara: (Gets into Turret 1)

Ludwig: (Gets into Turret 3)

(Shield Appear above their turrets)

Alex: Let the Defence of Earth Begin >:)

Noah: Shut it!

(All Alien Ships slowly begin to move right and down while dropping lasers down at them)

Lara: (Begins Firing)

Noah: (Firing)

Alex: (Firing)

Ludwig: (Moves to his shield and begins fire up front it creating a hole)

Alex: Ludwig what are you doing?

Ludwig: What a pro does, Shoot through the shield and you won't have to move when there drop there Pixel bombs.

(Bomb hits shield)

Ludwig: See

Alex: Nice tactic :)

Noah: (Steers Left to Avoid Bomb)

Lara: (Steers Right)


Noah: Your Seriously telling me I can't move more then 4 Centre meters without crashes into other players.

Lara: This game is meant for only one player.

Alex: Oh this is bad there getting faster

Ludwig: The lower the amount the faster they get.

Noah: (Hits UFO)

Noah: That's another 4000 points for me >:)

Noah: (Resumes Firing)

Lara: They’re starting to get through the shields!

Ludwig: This is were it gets harder.

Noah: You don't say?

Alex: (Steers Left)

Noah: (Steers right)

Ludwig: (Continues Firing)

Chris: And now for the finale

(Giant Alien Monster flies above them)

Ludwig: This wasn't in Space invaders

Chris: It was in Galaga :)

Alex: The Boss!

Alien Boss: (Fires Giant Pixel Laser Beam)

Ludwig: HOLY F$%

Ludwig's Turret: (Gets Vaporised)

Noah: Thank you More Space.

Alien Boss: (Fires Three Rocket down at them)

Lara: (Steers Left to avoid Rocket)

Alex: (Steers Left to avoid Rocket)

Noah: (Steers Right to avoid Rocket)

Alien Boss: (Flies into the Middle and Opens a Hatch)

Lara: That must be the boss weak spot Fire into it! (Beings Firing at the Hatch)

Alex: (Fires at Hatch)

Noah: That's Dumb who would expose their weak spot in the middle of a fight, Might as well put a big red target near my Crotch. (Fires at Hatch)

Alien Boss: (Pain Noise)

Alien Boss: (Faint and Crash lands)

Noah: O_O OH NOOO!

Alien Boss: (Crash lands onto Noah's Turret)

Alex & Lara: (Exit from their Turrets)

Lara: Nice work (Hugs Alex)

Chris: Indeed

Chris: Congratulations Alex and Lara you two won todays challenge.

Noah: You two do realise what that means?

Alex: What are you talking about?

Chris: You might have forgot but I said that the two winners to todays challenge would get to be team leaders for the season.

Lara: You don't mean.

Chris: Yep for the first time in Total Drama Alex and Lara will be competing on opposite sides

Alex & Lara: (Gasp)

Noah: (Laughs)

  • Spectator room

(Chris Lara, Alex, Noah enter)

Nestor: What took you guys so long

Chris: Just giving them the bad news about Alex and Lara will no be on the same team this season.

Chris: As the end of today you need to head back to your oh wait you guys never meet the place.

  • Boy's House

(Alex, Oskar, CJ, Noah, Ludwig, Nestor, Johan and Jay-Cee are teleported to a Decent looking two storage House)

Oskar: Where are we now?

Chris (TV): Now Listen guys this season sleeping arrangement is by Gender so no matter what team your own all Boys live here till elimination, Pick a Place to sleep and have fun.

Noah: This place is way too bland of you Chris, Especially since it's suppose to be all-virtual.

Chris (TV): (Sigh) Fine, Feel free to edit your room with this but I’m not fixing any bugs you idiots cause.

(Spawn a Power Glove into the Room)

  • Girl's House

(All the girls are standing in circle, which has the power glove in)

Oliva: So what are we going to do with it?

Jonna: Chris said we can 'edit' the whole house, Does a disco House sound cool, All the floor plates change colour every second: D

Cornelia: That would be way to hard to sleep at night with all the colour's flashing.

Saki: (Puts on Power Glove and Spawns a Toaster that looks like a Cat)

Toaster Cat: MEWO (Robot voice and toast pops up)

Caitlyn: We still got....

Chris (TV): All and I forgot to Mention Boys and Gals, Also In each House is a Confessional booth But you can renovated it to much as you like.

Nestor: (CON) Ha First Confessional of the season, oh wait damit it forgot what I was going to say.

  • Boys House Room

Alex: Ok so after searching the entire house we have two bedrooms each with three beds and two beds upstairs, I’m sure we can fairly play a game of straws of who gets the beds up straits

Noah: Or I just get it myself and you all fight over the other beds. (Runs off to the stairs)

Nestor: Shot Gun Top bunk if there's one. (Runs)

(Everyone begins to Race to the rooms)

Noah: More Four Eyes (Pushes Ludwig)

Oskar:  (Crashes into the Wall)

CJ: (Jumps Over Table and trips)

(Alex, Johan and Jay-Cee Rush into Room 1, While Noah and Nestor run upstairs)

Alex: (CON) Today was fun but Being on Different teams against Lara was a Buzz kill, But I shouldn't let that get to me, I'm going to make the best Team ever :)

CJ: That could of went better :( (Gets up)

Oskar: (Gets up)

Ludwig: Four Eyes...?  (Gets up)

Ludwig: (CON) That was one of the words that was were often used as a insult to me by the Jocks back in primary school but how Noah said sounded very familiar voice...?

Johan: Just a heads up Noah and Nestor are upstairs, Me, Alex and Jay-Cee are room one so you guys got rom two.

Ludwig: Must we begin shoving each other to get their -_- (Walks to room 2)

CJ: I've had enough physical activity for one day, Stupid Barrel (Mumbles last words)

Zayla: (CON) Am I here for the Million, I would be helpful for my Traveling family but I am also Here to show that Magic is not what it seems ;)

  • Girls House (Night)

Saki: (Sleeping in her spider web customised bed)

Saki: (CON) I love the Power Glove… It’s so bad: D

Lara: (Watching TV)

Jacky: There isn't really much on tonight?

Lara: (Flips through the channels)

Jacky: You've Bummed about you and Alex?

Lara: It's just that we've always been on the same team, in the last three seasons we've been together.

Jacky: Well think of it on as chance to show how competitive you can be without him, you can be the best team leader ever.

Lara: Thanks Jacky :)

Jacky: I just wonder if  me and CJ will be against each other this time around?

Oliva: Hey Girls I don't meant to complain on the first night but my bed is too short for me :(

Lara: It's Cool Oliva you can have the double bed, Jacky and me will take the bunks.

Oliva: Thanks.

Jacky: Did you see what Jonna did with the Confessional.

Lara: What?

Jacky: She modified it into a Disco Room.

Lara: Sound Cools.

Jonna: (CON) Do you all at home like what I did with the Confessional, I thought I would never say this but this season might not be that bad. (Confessional looks like a Disco Stage)

  • Out Side both House

Chris: I'm Already loving this place, and I'm going to enjoy next episode, how will Lara and Alex go with the Team Choosing and who will be the first person to be eliminated by the Portal of Shame.

Chris: Fine Out Next time on TOTAL... DRAMA... LEVEL......... UP!!

Episode 2: Leauge of Drama

League of Drama
Season 2, Episode 2
League of Drama
Date 24th of August 2014
Video Game Genre MOBA
Reference League of Legends
Challenge(s) Destroy the other teams Base
Winner(s) Read to Find Out
Eliminated Read to Find Out
Episode Guide
"Now You Playing with Way too Much Power ?"

"Last time on Total Drama Level Up! , Sixteen players arrived at my newest competition Ground the MC-LEAN INterspace, with a test of my new powers they were forced to endure real life Pac-Man, Tron, Donkey Kong and warpped the day up with a good old Space invaion, Alex and Lara won togther but are now the two who have to pick the teams which means there versing each other for the first time. Not what they were expecting as a reward ha, But Last time was just appetiser for todays real test, one of Video Games most popular Gener..... MOBA aka "Multiplayer online Battle Arena" What Teams will be formed and which team will vote off their first player, Find out Right now on TOTAL..... DRAMA... LEVEL UP !


(Music Starts)

Camera 1: (Pops up from a Mario Pipe)

Camera 2: (Appears behind a Tron Bike)

Camera 3: (Appears on top of a Portal)

Camera 4:  (Appears on a Wall but gets knock down a Bird)

Clapper Board: ( Clamp Down Noise)

Camera: (Makes it way past a Medieval castle)

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine, (Chris Holding a Controller which Turns the Castle into a Hunted House)

You guys are on my mind. (Camera Shows Johan and Jonna walking throught the Hunted House where a Zombie Intern pops up and scares them away and Johan jumps out a window.)

You asked me what I wanted to be (Camera Show Johan who lands on Platofrm and gets up back gets knock off by a rolling barrel, Then Jay-Cee and Lara Jumping over the barrels and Jay-Cee find a Hammer and whacks a Barrel away)

And now I think the answer is plain to see, (Camera Shows the Barrel Flying into a Cave where Saki is Fighting a Dragon and she dodges the Dragons Fire Breath)

I wanna be famous. (Camera Shows Chef and Nestor as Gaurds who are standing still and they notice a Cardboard slowing walking walk past them)

I wanna live close to the sun, (Camera then shows Oliva getting out of the box and runs to Jacky and Alex who are building a tower to stop the incoming horde of Zombies)

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won, (The Camera changes to Oskar and Cornelia in a 2D Boxing Ring where they are fighting each out but then Oskar shoots a fire ball out of his hand that blasts Cornelia off the ring)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way (Camera changes to Ludwig and Caitlyn Hiding Beihnd a Trench  while Missles expode in front of Trench)

I'll get there one day. (Ludwig and Caitlyn
 rush into the Battle Fleid and shoot down a Group of Robots That look like Other Contestnat but then turn around to see Noah which a Machine gun infront of them , So Ludwig and Caitlyn Surrender)

Cause, I wanna be famous! (Camera Changes to CJ who is in a Sonic the Hedgehog Suit runing extremly fast but then crashs into a Spike Trap Set by Zayla who steals all the rings that CJ Droped)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! (Camera changes to Oskar, Johan and Jacky at a Tetris feild where there trying to put the blocks in the right place while on the other Side Ludwig, Lara and Oliva are trying to do the same)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera then shows Saki and Noah on Tron Bikes where Noah Turns Right and Takes out Jay-Cee)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera changes Alex in a Mario Suit and Jonna in A Luigi Suit trying to aviod the clif, Jonna then turns around to see Alex get a Fire flower and his suit changes from Red to white)

(Whistling in tune) ( Scene Changes to Chris at the Elimination Ceremony where Chris activates the Portal of Shame while all he Contestants are sitting around it look at each other awarkly, While the Words on the Portal Show Total Drama Level Up !)

<Opening Ends>

  • 7:00 am Boys House

  • Room 2 

(Cuckoo Clock goes off)

Oskar: (Puts his Face on the Pillow)

CJ: (Opens one eye)

Ludwig: (Wakes up with Big back bags under his eyes)

Ludwig: This is just like home way too much  :(

·       * Upstairs

·       Noah: Who the hells alram is going off at this time of morning (Falls out of bed) 

Nestor: zzzzzzzzzz (Has Ear plugs in) 

  • Room 1

Johan: (Wakes Up)

Jay-Cee: Turn that Stupid Clock off >:(

Alex: It could be coming from Chris.

  • Girls House 7:05 am

(All Girls are still asleep)

  • Boys Living Room 7:10 am

(Cuckoo clock noise still) 

Johan: (Grabs The Cuckoo clock from the wall and throws it of the Balcony)

Ludwig: (Drops Homemade Grenade down the Balcony)

Ludwig & Johan: (Close the Window)

Johan: Wait where are we (Notices that the Two Houses are in the middle of a Medieval Village)


  • Girls House 7:12 am

Saki: (Heards Explosion)

Zayla: (Gets up)

Zayla: (Notice Bed Hair)

Zayla: RIAH TCEFREP (Taps Wand on her Head to remove the Bed Hair look)

Caitlyn: (Gets up and puts on Hair Tie)

Caitlyn: What are they doing over there ?

Saki: (Opens Window Outside) 

Saki: Hmm Has the Outside always been like this ?

Caitlyn: What do you Mean OMG !

(The Enitre outside that surrounds the two house have been turned into a Medieval Village)

  • Outside the two houses 8:00 am

Chris: (Sitting near a Tent Near the two Houses)

(Alex, Oskar and Nestor Exit the Boys House)

(Lara, Saki and Cornelia Exit the Girls House)

Chris: Where are the rest of you ?

Oskar: Why did you change the background of our houses ?

Chris: Yea. Remember how I said I can change the enviroment, Yeah so expect to wake up with a suprize every day :)

Alex: Chris there's no food in the Houses you gave us ?

Chris: That's causes Breakfeast is served in this Tent, Which means you have to sit down, Eat Chef's food and be forced to socialise with your Team which I remeber wil be choosen by You and Lara.

Chris: (Presses Button)

(The Rest of the Players are teleported into the Tent)

Johan: Chris Come On, I was having a Morning Shower (Has Towel Around his waist)

Chris: That Can Wait, Alex To the Green Mat and  Lara to the Red Mat.

Alex: Well good luck Lara :) (Walks to the Green Mat)

Lara: You too (Walks to the Red Mat)

Chris: Lara Pick the First person from your Team.

Lara: ....?

Lara: Jacky

Jacky: (High-Fives Lara as she walks past her)

Chris: Alex Your Turn

Alex: hmm I Pick ... Jay-Cee.

Jay-Cee:  :)  (Walks over to the Green Mat)

Chris: Lara your Second Member

Lara: .. Nestor

Nestor: (Walks to the Red Mat)

Chris: Alex

Alex: Cornelia

Cornelia: (Walks to the Green mat)

Noah: Chris were going to be here for another ten minutes if they slowly pick them

Chris: (Sigh) Lara Pick your Next two.

Lara: Johan and Oliva

Chris: (Turns to Alex)

Alex: Zayla and Saki.

Chris: Ok Lara your Next.

Lara: CJ

CJ: (Walks to the Red Mat)

Jacky:  :)

Chris: Alex ?

Alex: Ludwig

Ludwig: We meet again (Shakes Alex's hand as he walks past him)

Oskar: (Starts to look worried)

Lara: Jonna wanna be on my team

Jonna: You Betcha (Heads to the Red Mat)

Alex: .... Noah 

Cornelia: AGAIN !!!

Noah: Oh Boy I'm on the same team as Alex, Cornelia and Oskar this is going to suck !

Oskar: Wait but that means me and Caitlyn are (gasp)

Caitlyn: But why :(

Chris: Well I guess that means Oskar and Caitlyn will also be competing against each other.

Alex: Sorry 

Chris: Oskar to Alex's Team and Caitlyn to Lara's Team.

Oskar: (Con) I guess this whole Season is a bigger challenge then I thought with Caitlyn being on the other team, But I still Got Alex with me :)

Chris: Alex, Zayla, Saki, Jay-Cee, Ludwig, Cornelia, Noah and Oskar you are all Know as the SCREAMING GAFFERS !

Alex: Wait Gaffers !

Chris: Lara, Nestor, Jacky, CJ, Johan,Caitlyn, Jonna and Oliva togther you form the KILLER GRIPS !

Noah: Why the hell are you using the Movie Gener team names

Chris: Causes it like it and having team Sony and Microsoft would be to obvious, So have Breakfeast and be get ready for the challenge ahead.

 * Killer Grips Table

Nestor: Hmm No Jay-Cee and no Cornelia I'm already like this team :)

Oliva: I always did like Red over Green.

Jacky: We also got the most finest Gals on this team :) 

Jonna: Sure do

Johan: Less Guy more Girls Yep this is the best Team yet ;)

Caitlyn: (Looks at her Plate)

Caitlyn: (CON) (Sigh) It feels like the merges on the Island without Oskar again, But I did get really far on the Island. I just hope this time we can both make the merges, Imagine Me and Oskar in the final 2 (giggles)

CJ: (CON) It's funny and awesome that Me and Jacky are on the same team again, I do feel for Alex and Oskar but do you know who i don't feel for .... Noah he's stuck with Cornelia again. Hehe

  • Screaming Gaffers Table

(Everyone is eating)

Alex: So Screaming Gaffers ha, Cool Team :)

Noah: Cool ?

Noah: I'm Eating Breakfest with a Bikie (Looks At Jay-Cee)

Noah: A Younger Looking Doc Brow (Looks At Ludwig)

Noah: Miss Fancy Skirt (Looks At Cornelia)

Noah: An Anime School Desser (Looks At Saki)

Noah: A Tuxedo Lady with Abraham Lincolns Hat (Looks At Zayla)

Noah: A Boy with a Rich Girlfriend (Looks At Oskar)

Noah: And our leader is none of the lest Mr. Hero (Looks At Alex)

Zayla: And you are an Ignorant Twat who is going to be the first one off the team if he dones't shut the hell up

Alex: ..... Thanks Zayla

Alex: Anyway As Green team I'm Confident we can give the Killers a run for their Money.

Oskar: Since we were the still Screaming Green, Nice

Ludwig: Well This Team Consits of Two Gophers, Three Killer Bass and One Toxic Rat.

Chris: Ok times up, Time to begin Video Game Gener number two.



Chris: Straight from the PC Today is the MOBA Gener

Jacky: LOL !

Johan: League of Legends !

Ludwig: There's more games then just lol

Oliva: DOTA ?

Ludwig: Awesomenauts my favorutie and Infinte Crisis. 

Chris: MOBA aka Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Chris: The Map Consits of Two or Three lanes that consists of two towers that belong to their respected teams, Each Player is a Champion who has a unqiue power depending on their class, your goals are way too simple destroy the enemy towers that lead into their Base and destroy their main Castle, Losers will Face their First elimination of the season.

Alex: So we Get to Pick our Classes :)

Chris: Yes Chef Teleport Gaffers to File Room 23 and Grips to File Room 22

(Both Teams Teleport Away)

  • Room 23

(Gaffers Are Teleported Here)

Oskar: A Dessing Room ?

Chris: (TV) You Have Six Classes of your Choice, a Bruiser, Enforcer, Blaster, Marksman, Support and Assassin, Pick your Class over here and recive your weapon and cloths.

Jay-Cee: Are we roleplaying ?

Chris: Sort of Chris out (Logs off TV)

Alex: So Many choices ?

  • Room 22

Jacky: I Heard about this Game but I never thought I would play it ?

Nestor: And the Amount of Clases dam.

  • Room 23

Noah: (Exits Dressing Booth as Ezio)

Noah: (Puts on the Hidden Blade Glove)

Ludwig: (Exits Dressing Booth in White Robs)

Noah: A Priest -_-

Ludwig: Nope, a Bomb Maker :)

Oskar: (Exits Dressing Booth dresses like Robin Hood)

Oskar: (Aims Bow At Noah)

Noah: -_-

Oskar: This suit reminds me of my Archery Lesson back in Fifth Grade.

Saki: (Exits Dressing Booth as a Ninja)

Noah: NO I called assassin Class first >:(

Saki: I look Better thought ( Throws Shurikens at the wall near Noah)

Ludwig: That I can agree :)

Alex: (Exits Dressing Booth as a Knight)

Cornelia: (Exits Dressing Booth as a Wirzard)

Cornelia: This is humiliating >:(

Ludwig: But your a Wizard, That's nothing to be shamed of, you have spells

Zayla: (Exits as Dressing Booth)

Alex: You Look the Same ?

Zayla: I got Magic as my Defualt as a Support Class.

Jay-Cee: (Exits Booth dressed as Jon Snow)

Jay-Cee: Nice, Were all here

Alex: Ok So, I'm Enforcer, Zayla is support, Noah's Assassin, Saki is Assassin number two, Ludwig and Cornelia are blasters, Oskar's a Marksman and Jay -Cee is a ...... Bastard ?

Jay-Cee: Bruiser, Anyway Chris said we need to head to the map now.

Noah: You know Nothing Jay Snow 

  • Room 22

Nestor: (Waiting out Side dressed as a Bard)

Jacky: (Pops up behind him Dressesd as a Vampire)

Nestor: AHHHH

Jacky: (Laughs)

Nestor: Assassin is it ?

Jacky: Yea and your the support ?

Caitlyn: (Exits the Booth Agnrily dressed as Little Red Robin Hood)

Nesotr: O_O

Cailtyn: No one Make a Single remark >:(

Olvia: (Exits Booth as a Shaolin Monk)

Oliva: (Practise Moves with her weapon the Wodden bo)

Jacky: (Accidently Gets hits by the Bo)

Oliva: Sorry

CJ: (Exits booth as a Gladiator)

CJ: My Ladies and Nestor ;)

Jacky: Wow That suit makes you look more buffer :o

Lara: Did Any else get weird gear (Exits booth in a toga suit and a slingshot)

Caitlyn: Yep :( ( Holding a Whip)

Johan: (Kicks Door Down dressed like a Pirate)

Johan: What sup Me mateys :D

Lara: Ok All of us our Down Lets check, I'm Blaster, Caitlyn is Bruiser, Nesotr is support, Jonna is

Jonna: Here and I'm a blaster (Exits booth as a Hoded Ranger)

Lara: K, Jacky is Assassin, Oliva is Enforcer, Johan is Marksman and CJ is Gladiator, Lets head out now.

  • MOBA Arena

Chris (TV): The Rules of MOBA is that there are three lanes each with two towers from each team, Minions will run to the opponets towers which you can destroy for coins or hide behind it and help it destory the other teams tower, Killing a Player will give you their gold and exp.

Chris: (TV): (Laughs) Upgrades and kills are very important in these type of games, push the lanes and kill their champions, Destory the enemy teams base for a night free of elimination.

  • Gaffers Castle

Oskar: Eight Players, Three Lanes, hmmm so Three in two of the lanes and two in the other lane.

Cornelia: What exactly do we do with the Coins.

Chris (TV): Use coins to upgrade your weapo, Trait or whatever you pick.

Alex: We should hit were they least execpt it, Oskar, Saki shall we go north.

Oskar: North we do Sir Alex :)

Saki: (Runs with Alex and Oskar)

Cornelia: Ludwig we'll go South ?

Ludwig: Hm your the First Person to ever want to group with me :)

Noah: And the Last from the sound of that.

Cornelia: (CON) If I'm going to get anywhere this Season Noah needs to go before the merges but not the first as he can be 10% Helpful, While that goes On Ludwig who has not competed with us before is a smart choice of ally, but no one is perfect ?

Noah: Suport, Bastard With me (Runs to the South Lane

Zayla & Jay-Cee: (Runs follows Noah)

  • Grips Castle

Johan: There already Advancing, We need to go Now

Jacky: Stick to the plan Johan (Heads to the North Lane)

Nestor & Caitlyn (Follow Jacky)

Johan & Oliva (Run to the Middle Lane)

CJ, Lara & Jonna (Advance to the South Lane)

  • Middle Lane

Cornelia: That's there tower's

Ludwig: We shouldn't attack it unil the Minions arrive.

(Mini Robot That look like other Total Drama Chacter with weapons Run throught in Green Armor)

CJ: (Destorys Gaffer Bots with Spear)

Ludwig: (Throws Bomb at CJ)

Lara: (Fires Rock from the Slingshot to break the bomb in mid air)

Lara: Stalemate ?

  • North Lane

Saki: (Chops Grip Bot in half)

Oskar: (Shoots Arrows at the Grips Tower #1)

Nestor & Caitlyn: (Hiding Behind the Tower)

Nestor: When is it the best time to attack them.

Caitlyn: Once the Tower destroys all of their Bots

Alex: (Notice a Shadow in the woods)

Nestor: (Plays Lute to increase attack)

Caitlyn: (Launch whip which Ties Saki legs to the whip and drags her to the back of the grips tower.

Nesotr:  Whacks Saki with the Lute)

Saki: (Despawns)


Oskar: O Crap Alex we need to head back

Alex: We got enough -

Jacky: Feeding time ! (Jumps out of the Bushes and Bites Alexs)

Nestor: Nice your level three now

Jacky: (CON) I have a decent knowledge at League of Legends, But I'm not a total nerd or anything.

  • South Lane

Jay-Cee: (Blocks Olvia's Bo Attack)

Johan: (Reloads Pistol)

Johan: (Aims at Jay-Cee)

Zayla: ECALPSID (Teleports Johan back to the grips castle)

Noah: (Throws a Smoke Bomb at Olvia)

Oliva: (Coughs)

Noah: (Stabs Oliva with the Assassin Blade)

Noah: You two Stay South (Runs into the forest zone)

  • Middle Lane

Chris: (TV) Wow and the First Tower has been destroyed

CJ: Nows the Time to strike

Cornelia: (Shoots a Ice Ball that Frezzes Jonna)

Ludig: (Rolls a Giant Bomb near Jonna)


Lara: We might need back up Kyle :(

CJ: (Blocks Four Shurikens)

Saki: (Slices CJ Sheild)

CJ: (Impales Saki with the Spear)

CJ: I Feel like 300

(Bomb rolls ove under CJ)


Ludwig: And you will die like 300

(A Bat Flies Around Ludwig)

Ludwig: Cornelia was this one of your Summons ?

Ludwig: (Turns Around to Find Cornelia Killed by Jacky

Jacky: Kill my Boyfriend why dont you >:(

Ludwig: Still a Better vampire then twilight :(

  • North Lane

Oskar: (Shoots Johan down)

Oskar: Noah Cover me while I get an upgrade

Noah: Fine

Alex: (Destroys a Grip Bot)

Caitlyn: Noah >:(

Noah: Little Red Riding hood >:)

Alex: Oskar was just here a second ago Cait.

Cailtyn: Forgive me for this Alex but This must be done (Gets out Whip)

Noah: A Whip, Thats the best you have >

Cailtyn: (Whips Noah's Arm)

Noah: Ouch (Falls Over)

Caitlyn: (Continues to Whip Noah)

Caitlyn: (Is shot by an Arrow)

Oskar: Forgive me :(

Caitlyn: It's just a game :)

Noah: (Stabs Caitlyn)

Cailtyn: (CON) it was worth it :D

Noah: (CON) My Hand can't even move OUCH !

Noah: (Gets hit by a Bolas Rock and dies)

Oskar: (Is Shot by Lara's Slingshot)

Alex: oh Boy

Lara: (Hesitates to Shoot Alex)

Jay-Cee: (Charges in and Takes out Jonna and Lara)

Jay-Cee: Alex Head south we've destroyed one of their towers there.

Alex: But our last tower in middle lane is almost done for

Saki: Four Attack Four Defend.

Alex:  (Heads to South Lane)

Nestor: Jay-Cee -_-

Jay-Cee: Nestor !

Nestor: So we settle this here

Saki: Why are you guys even pissed at each other

Jay-Cee: Talent Show Saki, Talent Show.

Oliva: (Hits Saki with a Fist of the Dragons)

Nestor: Prepare yourself (Play Lute that shoots out Musical Notes)

Jay-Cee (Summons a Dire wolf and Charges at Nestor while Slashin the notes down)

Nestor: Wait I choose Support (Gets killed)

Jay-Cee: (CON) What Kind of Support fights a Bruiser alone

  • Gaffer Castle

Chris: (TV) All Towers in the Middle Lane for the Gaffers have been destroyed.

Alex: We Can't hold them out much Longer (Struggles to Block CJ's Spear)

Cornelia: (Sets Lara on Fire)

Nestor: (Knocks Oskar off the Wall with his Lute)

  • South Lane

Saki: Almost got their last Tower down.

Ludwig: (Throwing Bombs)

Noah: (Stomps on Grip Bots)

Jay-Cee (Destroys the Grips Last south Tower)

Saki: Nows the Time to Strike, LEEROOOYYYYYY JENKINNS

Saki: (Gets headshoted by Johan)

Johan: (Blows Smoke out of the Pirate Pistol)

Jonna: (Charges into Noah with her Wodden Sheild)

Oliva:  Forgive me for this (Knocks Ludwig out with a hit)

Ludwig: (Looks at Oliva before he fades out)

Ludwig: (CON) I forgot what i was goign to say (Blushes)

Jay-Cee (Shot by Johan)


Jacky: One word you should never say infront of a Vampire (Appears behind Noah)


(Gaffer's Castle Blows up)


( All the Killer Grips Cheer)

Johan: Yess

Lara: We did it

Alex: Good Game Lara

Ludwig: Our first loss :(

Oskar: I'm sure it will be our last.

Chris: (TV) Gaffer's you get the honour of being the first team trying out our new elimination Cermony, Have fun picking who logs out.

Cornelia: Were exaclty is this Ceremony held

Chris: I'll spwan it in near the houses soon.

  • Alex and Lara

Lara: So How did you enjoy the challenge

Alex: I'm still getting used to the unlimted lives it feels weird, But none of the least fun, Thought It's a Bummer I still have to vote someone out.

Lara: Well Good luck (Kisses Alex on the check)

  • Elimination Ceremony

(A Giant Wodden Bench similar to Total Drama Action Spawns)

Chris: Screaming Gaffers take a seat

(Oskar, Cornelia and Ludwig Sit in the Front Row)

(Jay-Cee and Saki Sit in the Middle Row)

(Zayla , Noah and Alex sit in Back Row)

Chris: Welcome To the very first Elimination Ceremony of Total Drama Level up !

Chris: This Season the Players who are safe will be given a 1-Up Mushroom.

Chef: ( Chef Brings out a Tray of Seven Green 1-Up Mushrooms)

Oskar: Aren't those the life mushrooms from Super Mario

Chris: inded

Alex: cool

Chris: It is until one of find out that you don't get one.

Chris: Like Every Season I like to introduce a New way to get rid of Washed up Teens, Chef ?

Chef: (Gets the Portal Gun Out and Shoots it to Create a Hole)

Jay-Cee: O_O

Chris: I Present to you the PORTAL OF SHAME !

Cornelia: That Thing is tested right ?

Chris: Well from what I know this portal sucks up the loser and spits them out somewhere in the real world

Ludwig: So thats a no ?

Noah: Can we get this damm thing over with.

Chris: Very well Noah.

Chef: (Hands all Eight Gaffers voting device)

Zayla: These look Like PSP's ?

Chris: It's all about Video Games this season, on the screen a Face of All the Players you can vote for, So pick your Loser right Now !

Cornelia: (Votes)

Noah: (Votes)

Alex: (Votes)

Saki: (Votes)

Oskar: (Votes)

Jay-Cee: (Votes)

Ludwig: (Votes)

Zayla:  (Votes)

Chef: (Hands Chris the Voting results)

Chris: And The 1-Up Mushrooms Go to !



Chris: Alex.

Alex: (Catches 1-up Mushroom)




Chris:  Jay-Cee

Jay-Cee: Sweat (Catches 1-up Mushroom)




Chris: Cornelia:

Cornelia: (Catches 1-up Mushroom)

Cornelia: (Glares at Noah)



Chris: Zayla

Zayla: (Catches 1-up Mushroom)





Chris: Ludwig and for Some Reason Noah

Ludwig: Excellent (Catches 1-up Mushroom)

Noah: (Catches 1-up Mushroom)

Oskar: (Looks Worried)

Chris: And the Final 1-Up Mushroom goes to !













Chris: Oskar

Oskar: Yes (Catches 1-up Mushroom)

Saki:   :(

Chris: Sad Face indeed Saki, on the bright side back you get Wifi back on Earth.

Saki: Well It's find i Guess I'll just go make my own Virutal World, With Black Jacks and hookers.

Saki: You know what Forget the Virtual World  (Runs and jumps into the Portal of Shame)

Chris: I was actually hoping she would put up a fight just to see her struggle against getting sucked into a live portal.

Ludwig: (CON) Why was Saki voted off ?, Simple She died First in MOBA Games the team that gets the first kill is almost garnered the win, She died the most aswell.

Alex: Well things don't always turn out your way does it, Screaming Gaffers lead head back !

Ludwig: Dips the Power Glove on the way Back ;)

Noah: You dips abosualte Crap !

(Screaming Gaffers Leave the Elimination Ceremony)

Chris: Two Video Game Geners have been done but we still got ton more mayhem to cause. Can the Gaffers avenge their first loss, Will Oskar and Cailtyn cope without each other and will Nestor and Jay-Cee ever put their past behind them. Find out all this on our next episode of TOTAL...... DRAMA .......LEVEL .......UP !

<Episode End>

Episode 3: Space War's Barrelfront

Space Wars Barrelfront
Season 2, Episode 3
Space Wars Barrelfront
Date 31st August
Video Game Genre Space Shooter
Reference Star Wars, Star Fox, Ice Challenge
Challenge(s) Destroy the Enemy's Ship
Winner(s) Red to Find Out
Eliminated Read to Find Out
Episode Guide
"League of Drama"
"Open World Genre"

"Last time on Total Drama Level Up! Our Two Teams The Screaming Gaffers and Killer Grips duked it out in the Moba Challenge where the battle was fought on both sides, Jacky Proved to be the Best Assassin Killing the Gaffers in the Dark while Oskar saved Noah from His Very Own girlfriend during the battle but Despite their best efforts the Killer Grips won and Saki was the first to be subjected to the Portal of Shame, But Now were taking the Drama to the Stars in our Rail Shooter Genre challenge will the Gaffers face Elimination Number two or will Lara's Team face a Galactical Crisis Find out on todays epic episode of TOTAL.....DRAMA........LEVEL........UP !

  • Boys House 7:30

Alex: (Enters Living Room)

Ludwig: (Lying on the Couch reading a Video Game Guide book)

Alex: So Ludwig you have a good knowledge of video games right ?

Ludwig: Indeed

Alex: How Many Genres are there, the only Ones I know are FPS, Side Scroller, Racing, Fighters and Sports?

Ludwig: Well if there’s any we should know for this season are the survival Horror, The FPS indeed, Tower Defence, Fighters, Beat em ups, Sports, Racing, RPG, MOBA we lost Saki in, War Strategy and that’s a few to name some are even merged.

Oskar: (Walks past them)

Alex: Hey Oskar what's up :)

Oskar: I'm just going to check something (Exits House by front door)

Alex: hmm odd?

Ludwig: He told me he’s been feeling down a bit about last challenge because he Shot Caitlyn with his bow.

Alex: Hmm But Lara didn’t?

Ludwig: Would seem hard to shoot your own crush.

Noah: (Hiding Behind the Wall)

Noah: (CON) Alex, Oskar, Caitlyn and Lara seem to show some weakness when competing against each other which is Bad for us since Both Alex and Oskar might start to screw up the challenge, Then There’s Jay-Cee who is at Nestor, Cornelia who has a grudge against me, Zayla who I’ve made a bad impression on so Ludwig is the only person I see making the merges with but he’s to much of a Game Geek to keep around?

  • Upstairs

Noah: (Walks upstairs)

Noah: Nestor?


Noah: (Puts on Power Glove and Despawns his Bed)

Nestor: (Falls and hits the floor)

Nestor: What was that for >:(

Noah: I have a little proposal for you.

Nestor: Give me back my King size bed and ill listen.

Noah: (Respwans Nestor's bed with a Extra pillow)

Nestor: Thanks :)

Noah: Ok were on opposite side’s right.

Nestor: Derp Yes?

Noah: I would like to make a deal with you. (Grabs Nestor and Whispers to him)

Nestor: (CON) Should I agree a deal from the Devil ?

  • Girls House room #2  7:38am

Zayla: Feels a Lot more Empty Space without Saki

Caitlyn: True but now we can make the room look less random (Puts Power Glove on and begins changing the Room)

Zayla: (CON) Me and Cornelia are the only two girls on the Gaffers left but We don't agree on everything, Ludwig hates Magic, Noah is a Jerk, But I seem to work well with Jay-Cee, Alex and Oskar.

  • Girls House: Room #1  7:39am

Jonna: (Listening to Mr.Probez Wave Remix on her IPhone)

Jacky: Man I haven't had a good Beauty Sleep since last week

Lara: (Thinking)

Jacky: Something wrong?

Lara: Jacky can I ask you a question?

Jacky: (nods)

Lara: If you had to kill your Boyfriend even in a Virtual Challenge would you do it?

Jacky: I. Don't... Know, You can't let that get to you much it's just a game anyway, after it you still have Alex

Lara: Thanks shall we head out for breakfast

  • Girl's Living Room 7:41am

Cornelia: (Holding Cards that have a Image of each contestant)

Cornelia: (Rips Saki's Card)

Cornelia: (CON) It's seem that our team maybe be destined to lose more then the Killer grips, It that’s True Then I need to get rid of the most Strongest members of our team since they might make the merges.

(Door Bell Ring)

Cornelia: (Opens the Door)

Cornelia: May I help you

Oskar: Hi… Is Caitlyn in?

Cornelia: :|

Cornelia: No she's still asleep, Meet the Rest of the Gaffers at the Table In 20 Minutes.

Cornelia: (Close Door)

Caitlyn: Who was at the Door?

Cornelia:.. No One just getting some fresh air :)

Cornelia: (CON) Couples! That's what must go We have two team crossed Lovers and any of them could start throwing challenge for each other.

Oskar: (Sigh)

Chris: (intercom): Oskar please report to the Craft Service Tent and bring two other guys with you.

Oskar: :| ?

  • Craft Service Tent

Oskar: So Why did you call us only (Oskar walks in along with CJ and Johan)

Chris: How Do I explain this too you, Recently a Trend has gone viral called the Ice Challenge which I have enjoyed watching mostly cause a person gets a bucket of freezing cool water dumped on them and they get to nominate someone else to do it after them.

CJ: I don't like the sound of where this is going :(

Chris: Relax it's for a good cause that helps some diseases that not much people know, Oskar You Pal Adam was nominated yesterday for the Ice Challenge and in his video he Nominated you.

Oskar: Me?

Johan: Do you have it on tape.

Chris: Indeed Johan

(Big TV Spawns above them)

  • Adam's Ice Challenge Video (At the Total Drama Aftermath Backstage)

Adam: Hey YouTube, This is Adam.

Joe: (Pours Cold Water In a Bucket)

Joanne: (Holding the Camera)

Adam: I was Nominated by Eduardo I don't why I was nominated but what the heck It's a for a Good causes that helps fund rescerach about Motor neroun diseases, But Before I get Dunked I would Like to Nominate my Good Pal Oskar for the Ice challenge.

Joanne: You Known Chris is going to find this video?

Adam: Yep 

Joe: (Pours Bucket Frozen Water onto Adam's Head)

Joanne: (Laughing)

Joe: (Rolls on the floor Laughing)

  • Video Ends

Johan: Wow you got nominated

Oskar: I did :|

Chris: CJ I believe there’s a very Big Barrel over there, be a Bro and Fill it up with Ice: D

Chris: Johan go Get the Crowd: D

  • Girls House

Oliva: Pancakes Ready :)  (Throw Pancake off the Frying pan)

Jacky: (Catches It with her Plate)

Cornelia: Any Maple Syrup?

Zayla: (Uses Magic to Pour herself a Cup of Juice)

Zayla: ha No hands :)

Johan: (Enters through Door)

(All Girls look at him)

Johan: Ice Challenge happening outside

Lara: Really?

Johan: Yep CJ and Jay-Cee are filling up the Biggest Barrel Yet.

Jonna: Man I gotta get my Camera.

Caitlyn: Did you bring one?

Jonna: Nope (Spawns a Camera with the power Glove)

  • Craft Service Tent 5 Minutes Later

Noah: Can we just start today’s challenge?

Chris: In good time, right now Oskar has to get the Ice challenge done with

Caitlyn: Why him?

Oskar: Adam nominated me lol

 Chef, Jay-Cee & CJ: (Drag a Giant Barrel full of Ice to Chris)

Chris: Chef I meant Melt the Cold Water. >:(

Chef: That's all we have left.

Zayla: Need any magic assistance ;)

Ludwig: No Sabrina they need speed and Technology (Walks to the Barrel)

Chef: Why?

Ludwig: (Takes Homemade Flamethrow out of his labcoat)

Alex: O_O

Caitlyn: A Bit Extreme don't you think.

Ludwig: (Fires Flamethrow which rapidly melts the Ice)

Lara: But Now its going to be boiling Water ?

Chris: A good Idea but Lara's got a point it needs to be very cold.

Zayla: PORD LLIHC (Use Magic to change the Temperature of the water)

Oliva: (Claps)

CJ: Nice work

Ludwig: >:(

Jay-Cee: The Bin is too heavy to just pour on him.

Chris: Jay-Cee take the Barrel of to the Top of the Roof of the Craft Service Tent.

Jay-Cee: How there are no stairs?

Chef: (Use Server Controls to Teleport Jay-Cee and the Giant barrel full of freezing cold water onto the top of the Roof of the Tent.)

Oskar: Ok this is the Ice challenge I was nominated by my Mate Adam.

Jay-Cee: (Drags Barrel to the edge of the roof where Oskar is under)

Oskar: Before I get dunked with Water I would like to nominate.....

Jay-Cee: oh CRAP (A Part of the roof breaks causing Jay-Cee to fall and drop the Barrel causing all the Freezing water to fly out spreaded)

Chris: O_O

Nestor: RUN!

(Everyone Runs)

Oskar: (Gets Drenched and the Barrel falls on him)

( Everyone else avoids the water execpt for Cornelia)

Caitlyn: Oskar are you alright

Oskar: Coooooolddddddddddd (Chatters Teeth)

Cornelia: What the HELL, I get Drenched too >:O

Ludwig: (Gets a Blow Dryer out and starts blowing it at Cornelia)

Cornelia: -_-

Chris: Ok now we can start the real Challenge Chef Teleport everyone to Space Ship Battle file

(Everyone is teleported away)

  • The Chef Star

CJ: Where are we now?

Chris: Space

Oliva: Space :o

Chris: Well Virtual Space, Today is the um...... the Space Ship Flying Genre

Alex: Awesome so were going to have battle in space ships like Star wars: D

Chris: You Betcha

Chris: Teams will be given a Giant Battleship, In that Ship are Four Different Ships along with the Main parts of a Space Fleet, The Shield Generator, The Bridge, Life Support System, Communications Relay and the Auto Turret Defence system. Your Goal is to destroy the other teams ship, Like MOBA You all have unlimited life respawn, Since the Kill Grips won last time they get to have the Chef as their Ship, Gaffers you get a Ordinary Space Ship.

Noah: Perfect (Sarcasm)

(Gaffers are Teleported to another Giant Space Ship distant to the Chef Star) 

  • Gaffer's Ship

Oskar: So are we the Rebels or Strom?

Ludwig: We got the A, Y and X Wing so Were Rebels.

Jay-Cee: Dude we got the Millennium Falcon too :D

Alex: Awesome Lets go

Noah: Hold A Second 

Noah: They’re going to try and get into our Hanger and destroy the place from the Inside

Zayla: So what do you suggest?

Noah: Five Fly out Three Stay to defend we take shifts.

Ludwig: I'll take first anyone else.

Oskar: Yea

Cornelia: The Blond Trio :)

Noah: Yea you Lindsay's stay Put Alex, Jay-Cee, Zayla lets roll

Alex: (Gets into the X-Wing)

Zayla: (Gets into Y-Wing)

Jay-Cee: (Gets into A-Wing)

Noah: (Gets into the Back Seat of the X-Wing)

Alex: What are you doing?

Noah: Shut up and Fly this thing (Gets onto the Turret)

  • Chef Star Hanger

Johan: Nice were on Darth Vader’s Side :)

Jonna: Just without the Lightsabers?

Lara: Ok so our ships our the Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, Tie Interceptor and the Theta Gunship

Nestor: So who should go were?

Lara: Four Stay to Protect the ship Four go to fight, Jacky, CJ, Jonna and Oliva you stay put for Now, Johan, Caitlyn and Nestor with me.

Johan: (Gets into the Tie Fighter) 

Nestor: (Gets into Tie Interceptor)

Caitlyn: (Gets into Tie Bomber)

Lara: (Gets into the back seat of the Tie Fighter)

  • Space

Jay-Cee: How the hell does this thing work? (Struggles to understand the Controls of the Spacecraft)

Zayla: (Shrugs)

Alex: Okay Enemy Ships are coming up on our Radar prepare to fire.

Caitlyn: (Fires at the Y-Wing)

Zayla: I've been hit 

(Y-Wing Explodes)

Noah: (Fire at Caitlyn from the Turret in the X-Wing)

Caitlyn: (Moves Ship to Dodge the Shots)

Ludwig: (Fires from the Turret at Gaffers Home Ship)

Caitlyn: Oh Crap :0 (Gets hit by the Turret beam)

(Tie Bomber Explodes)

Alex: (Fires Missile Seeker at the Tie Interceptor)

Nestor: O_O 

(Tie Interceptor Explodes)

Noah: (Pick up Walkie Talkie)

Noah:  Jay-Cee scout the Chef star and find the entrance Point

Jay-Cee: Roger

Noah: Were Rebels not Clones -_-

Alex: The Driods say roger Noah

Noah: (CON) Did I just corrected by Alex !  :( (Facepalm)

(Tie Fighter Hits the X-Wing)

Alex: Ah we got 30% Damage

Noah: Still have 70% left to kick their Asses >:)

Lara: Alex?

Alex: Lara, Is that your ship?

Noah: Time to put your Loyalty to the Test.

Johan: Fire!

Lara: (Fires at the X-Wing)

Alex: (Presses the Fire Button)

(Button Jams)

Alex: Really Bad Timing :(

Jay-Cee: (Fires from the Back)

Johan: Were being ganged up!

(Tie Fighter Explodes)

Alex: Nice work Jay, Did you find the Hanger?

Jay-Cee Indeed but we need reinforcemence if were going to get through.

Alex: (Gets on the Walkie Talkie)

Alex: Ludwig, Oskar get the Millennium Falcon up here with us

  • Gaffer's Base

Ludwig: Roger Malmar Out!

Oskar: Never thought I would Ride Han Solo's Ship :)

Ludwig: One can dream mein friend one can dream ;)

Cornelia: (Sitting by the Millennium Falcon)

Oskar: You want to tag along

Cornelia: Hindsight Oskar

Ludwig: But you are still assigned to the Turrets with Zayla?

Cornelia: First of I Don't take orders from those two Especial Noah! I'm Driving so take the Turrets.

Cornelia: I also need to talk to you two as well.

Oskar: oh boy Lecture (Sarcasm)

Zayla: (Sneaks into a Nearby Y-Wing)

Zayla (CON): There called Auto Turrets from a Reasons So we should be cool

  • Chef Star Hanger

Lara: (Reading the Gaffer's Ship detail on the Holographic Map)

Lara: There Sensors Relay is at the Back of the Ship so we need a Bomber stationed there but the Turrets will be the trick part and disabling them can only be done on the inside.

CJ: We Send a Group into their Ship by the Theta, The Fact we outnumber them by one means we only need Five attackers and three defenders, Divide and Conquer.

Lara & Oliva: (Get into the Tie Fighter)

CJ & Jacky (Get into the Theta Gunship)

Jonna: (Gets into the Tie Bomber)

Nestor: (Gets into the Tie Interceptor)

Johan & Caitlyn  (Head to the Mountable Turrets)

  • Millennium Falcon

Ludwig: Mutiny at our Next elimination?

Cornelia: Alex and Lara are going to fall under the pressure of competing against each other.

Oskar: And what makes you think we'd help you >:(

Cornelia: Your Forgetting who else is on the Killer Grips Osk !

Cornelia: If you wish to See Caitlyn in the merges we need Alex and Noah gone.

Ludwig: I can Agree on Noah I feel like I’ve meet him before as well

Cornelia:   :|

Oskar: What makes you think that?

Ludwig: His Voice I heard it before but not from Total Drama.... Maybe it was because of...

Cornelia:  ASTERIOD!

Ludwig: No, Not from that arcade game

Cornelia: MOVE !

Ludwig: Oh My bad  (Dodges the Asteroid)

Noah: (Listening on the Walkie Talkie from the X-wing)

Noah: that son of a B... (Scene changes before he finishes his insult)

  • Space

Alex: Ah I've got two Ties on my Tail (Being chased by the Tie Fighter)

Oliva: (Fires at the X-Wing)

Oliva: Can't shoot right I'm too tall :(

Lara: Should we change places?

Jay-Cee: Quick Do a Barrel Roll 

Noah: Barrel what?

Alex: (Barrel Rolls which Lara's Ship is now in front of them)

Noah: (Fires at the Tie Fighter)

(Tie Fighter Explodes)

Noah: Pwnd those Grips >:)

Alex: Yeah ......

Noah: Cornelia Knows your weakness Alex, She plans on voting you off and as smart of a move that is, however it's not my move and I have another person in mind.

Alex: (CON) vote with Noah.....I never thought I say this but if He’s right then I have to Show Cornelia who’s boss >:)

Jay-Cee: (Fires at Nestor's Tie Interceptor)

Nestor: (Gets hit)

Nestor (Changes Direction)

Nestor: (CON) This is the boldest move I've made yet

Jay-Cee: ?

Nestor: BONZAII !

Jay-Cee (Notice Nestor's Ship fly right at his)

Jay-Cee: O_O

(Nestor’s Ship Crashes into Jay-Cee which both Ships Crash into the Gaffers Main Ship)

Chris (Intercom): Oh Dear Gaffer's your Shield Generator is down, one tick for the Grips.

  • Chef Star Hanger

Millennium Falcon: (Enters the Hanger and Parks)

Johan: What the?

Millennium Falcon: (Door Opens)

Johan: Wait a Minute

Oskar: (Jumps out and Tackles Johan)

Cornelia: Find anything useful and destroy it (Shoots Oliva)

Ludwig: (Reloads Bazooka)

Ludwig: Affirmative !

Ludwig: (Heads into the next Room)

Cornelia: (is Shot by Caitlyn's Laser Rifle)

Oskar: O_O

Caitlyn: I was hoping it would not come down to this (Aims at Oskar)

Chris (Intercom): Interesting Both teams have now got into the enemy ship, and the Grips have lost their Auto Turret Defence system thanks to Ludwig.

Caitlyn: (Hears it and Run inside)

Oskar: (Runs after her)

  • Space near the Gaffers Ship

Jonna: (Fires at the Sensors Relay)

Chris (Intercom): Gaffers are now lost their Sensor Relay

Zayla: (Fires at Jonna)

Jonna: (Boost Engines to Avoid Shoots)

CJ and Jacky: (Shoot down Zayla from Gaffer Turrets)

Jonna: Nice work taking over their Turrets ;)

CJ: And their Auto Turret Defence System, Head to the Engine Jonna it should be at the Back of the Ship.

  • Gaffers Ship Base

Jay-Cee: (Gets up from the Crash)

Nestor: (Also Wakes up from the Crash)

Jay-Cee: So here we our !

Nestor: (Try’s to Reload but Gun Jams)

Jay-Cee: (Aims Rifle At Nestor)

Jay-Cee: So you want to tell me why you choose to be enemies with me ?

Nestor: Me, You Started

Jay-Cee: Don't bother Hiding it you and Jeremy planned on voting me out last season, And He ain't here to say you >:)

Nestor: What makes you think that ?

Jay-Cee: Noah told me.

Nestor: You Listened to him, The Same guy who was responsible for 17 of the 22 campers who got eliminated?

Jay-Cee: Wait so you weren't going to vote me off

Nestor: I barely even knew you -_-

Noah: (Shoots Nestor)

Jay-Cee: Thank god your here the grips have..

Noah: (Shoots Jay-Cee)

Noah: It took you that long to know the Truth Jay-Cee.

Jay-Cee (CON): That Backstabber he tricked me into voting off Nestor and the rest of the Bass before the merges, and thinks he can do it again.

Jay-Cee: (Throws Grenade at Noah before he faints)

Noah: WHAT THE F$%^&


  • Chef Star

Alex (Exits the Recently Parked X-Wing)

Alex: (CON) Noah wanted to head back to base to help Jay-Cee Fend off the Grips so I should see how Oskar and Ludwig are going.

Alex: (Enters the Engine Room)

(Find Lara there after she shot Down Ludwig)

Alex: (Hides behind the engine wall)

Lara: (Notice Alex Hiding)

Lara: (Struggles to even shoot him)

Alex: (Sigh) I can't let you throw your chance away (Shoots himself)

Lara:    :o

Lara: (CON) ........ I tired to focus on the game I really did, but one does not simply just shoot their boyfriend with a Plasma Rifle.

  • Chef Star Communications Relay Room

Caitlyn: (Searches the Room)

Oskar: (Hiding Behind a Desk)

Caitlyn: I know you’re in here somewhere.

Oskar: (Pops out and Opens Fire)

Caitlyn: (Runs to the Wall and fire back)

Oskar: (Runs out of Ammo)

Caitlyn: (Sneaks up)

Caitlyn: Gotcha (Aims at Oskar)

Caitlyn: (Rums out of Ammo)

Oskar: Wow

Caitlyn: -_-

Oskar: So what now

Caitlyn: (Knocks out Oskar with the back of the gun)

  • Space

Jonna: (Fires at the Engines)

(Gaffers Ship Explodes)

Jonna: YES!

Chris (Intercom): Once again the Killer Grips have claimed Victory in the name of the Empire!

CJ: (CON) Me and Jacky Kicked ass today, The Gaffers weren't even defending their base, and With Jonna stationed outside we destroy everything in and out of the ship.

  • Back of the Girls House

Oskar: (Sits there)

Caitlyn: (Walks in)

Caitlyn: Thanks for meeting me on short notice

Oskar: Well of course what is it you want to talk about?

Caitlyn: After Lara told me about Alex shot\oting himself to save Lara the trouble of shooting him, we need a new plan.

Oskar: Well Cornelia, Told me and Ludwig to Vote him off because she believes that the couples are a threat

Caitlyn: (Sigh) I was hoping this wasn't going to happen Oskar?

Oskar: Yes

Caitlyn: We need to "Fake" a Break-Up

Oskar: Fake one?

Caitlyn: I Love you Oskar I with all of my heart but there is a good Chance people will lose suspicions if we make it look like it's real.

Oskar: So we pretend to be the Enemy Break-Up or the Friendly Break-Up.

Caitlyn: Neither of us could stand being mad at each other for too long; learn Cornelia’s entire plan for us. I'll try my best to find out what's going on, on my Side of the team

Oskar: Sure, Who knows we could even make the final two :)

Caitlyn: Yes but for now we can't been seen together at our risk :(

Caitlyn: Good Luck for tonight Oskar (Kiss Oskar on the Check and walks off)

Oskar: (Con) Good thing this whole "Break-Up" Plan is Fake otherwise I'd be weeping my Eyes out.

  • Elimination Ceremony

(Alex and Cornelia Sitting in the Front row)

(Zayla, Oskar and Ludwig are sitting in the Middle Row)

(Noah and Jay-Cee are sitting in the Back Row)

Chris: Screaming Gaffer’s.... What can I say you guys suck.

Ludwig:  :(

Oskar: We gave it our best thought.

Chris: Both you and Alex Struggled duke it out with your Chicks, I Still think you can do Better than that, But I'll let the team be the judge of that, Device are under your Seats and ........ getting voting!

Alex: (Votes)

Zayla: (Votes)

Oskar: (Votes)

Jay-Cee: (Votes)

Cornelia: (Votes)

Noah: (Votes)

(A remote Control Plane fly’s by and Drops Chris the Voting Results)

Chris: Ok and the six 1-up Mushrooms go to...






Chris: Alex 

Alex:  :) (Catches 1-Up)






Chris: Noah 

Noah: (Yawns)





Chris: Zayla

Zayla: (Catches the Mushroom with her Hat)




Chris: The Newly Single Oskar and Ludwig!

Alex: You copping ok with this bro ? ( Puts Arm on Oskar’s Shoulder)

Oskar: …Um….. Yeah :(

 (Jay-Cee and Cornelia still annoyed at Noah)

Noah: Should of keep your plans to yourself Fatnelia and you were helpful while you lasted Jay-Cee

Cornelia: Grrrrr

Jay-Cee:  (Flips the Bird at Noah)

Chris: Pissed off teens aside the Final one up goes to















Ludwig: And you spoke Too Soon

Chris: Jay-Cee, You’re taking a one-way trip back to Earth ... Portal of Shame Style

Jay-Cee: Fine but more one thing (Gets Power Glove out of His Pocket and Spawns Chef's Motor Bike)


Jay-Cee: (Attempts to Drive away)

(Motor Bike Falls Apart)

Jay-Cee: You Never fixed it?

Chris: Just For Such and Occasion, But the real Dismanteler should (Looks at Alex)

Jay-Cee: Can't blame a guy for trying :(

Chef: (Fires the Portal gun)

Jay-Cee: AHHHH (Gets Sucked into the Portal of Shame)

Noah: (CON) The Deal with Nestor was that If I can get the team to vote of Jay-Cee thanks to Alex and Oskar now Nestor is in my debt even if he hates me now.

Oskar: (CON) I couldn't vote Alex, So I just Stuck with Jay-Cee, I know what your thinking but I didn't have any other ideas .. an he droped the barrel on my Head :(

Chris: Two Down Fourteen to go, Who will come out on top in our next Genre, Will Caitlyn and Oskar's Fake Break-Up work or will the beans be spilled before it even began find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA LEVEL UP!

Episode 4: Grand Chef Auto V: Jacqueline City

Grand Chef Auto V: Jacqueline City
Season 2, Episode 4
Date 7th of September
Video Game Genre Open World
Reference Grand Theft Auto
Challenge(s) 1.Earn 15 Respect Points

2.Survive the Longest with Five Stars

Winner(s) Read to find out
Eliminated Read to find out
Episode Guide
"Space Wars Barrel Front"
"Stealth Genre"
This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

" This Episode of TDLU Contains Stunts Performed by Animated Teens, This Episode all Swear words have been uncersored to respect the Realism of GTA, Do not say, repeat or reenact any of this stunts you see on this show or at home you might get a criminal Record "

" Previously on Total Drama Level up!, It was a our Flight  Genre that put our teams to their knees, Killer Grips Struggled to fight back when the Gaffers had been gunning them down before they had the chance to push the accelerate button, But their Good start didn't last well, Zayla left Ship Defenceless, Jay-Cee got carried away with Nestor, Alex put Lara out of her misery by shooting himself and Cornelia’s attempt to forge a alliance with Oskar and Ludwig was overheard. And Oskar and Caitlyn had their so-called fake break up. Thanks to Jonna, CJ and Jacky's plan the Grips took out the Rebels and Nestor's Greatest Foe Jay-Cee Was voted off by His own Ally Noah who know wants Nestor to return the favour. If you thought the last episode was awesome then wait to you see tonight’s, One of the most Iconic Genres will put our Players to the test to see if they have what it takes to survive the Ghetto of Vice City. Who will get glory and who will get booted find out in our most controversial episode yet that might get banned in some countries but who cares cause its TOTAL ...DRAMA..........LEVEL............UP! (Mario Mushroom Noise)


  • Girl's House Room #1  6:00 am

Jacky: (Gets out of Bed)

Oliva:  ZZZZZZ (Still Asleep)

Lara: ZZZZZZ (Asleep)

Jacky: (CON) Me and Kyle have a 6 o'clock Morning run every Wednesday, Seems like a Odd day for it but we only agreed on Wednesday cause from the Look on his face tells me he’s not a morning person.

  • Boys House Room #2  6:10am

CJ: (Gets out of Bed)

Oskar: (Wakes up) Where you going ?

CJ: Morning Walk.

Ludwig: At 6 in the morning ?

CJ: Might as well, Early Start to the day to prepare for Chris's Torture later on  :(  (Heads to the Kitchen)

Oskar: Are you Going back to sleep ?

Ludwig: Once I'm awake there is no going back to sleep, No matter what.


Ludwig: Screw it Too Tired (Slams Face against the Pillow)

Oskar: (CON) Out of all the boys, We are the only room that stills has three people in it and too be honesty it's not that bad, Johan’s not there so there’s no snoring. Ludwig’s a Quiet sleeper and CJ's always good to talk too if your feeling down. But he’s also on the other team?

  • Outside 6:13am

CJ: (Sitting on the Porch Putting his shoes on)

Jacky: (Jogs to him)

Jacky: Ready for the walk :)

CJ: Ready then ever

Jacky: I can tell last time I had to drag you out of bed

CJ:    :) 

Jacky: Okay Chef were ready ! 

Chef: (Grunts and presses button)

(Jacky and CJ are Teleported away) 

  • Dessert 6:18am

CJ: Wow Nice background !

CJ: (Begins walking)

Jacky: (Begins Walking)

CJ: Didn't you bring your earphones ?

Jacky: I would but I feel like we need to talk about something that Caitlyn Told me about last night.

  • Boy's House 6:20

Ludwig: Never Mind I'm getting a Drink (Gets out of Bed)

Oskar: Do we have any Hot Chocolate left ? (Walks with Ludwig to the Living Room)

Ludwig: I think Noah drank it all!

Oskar :(

Alex: (Enters Living Room)

Ludwig: Hey Buddy how's it going ?

Alex: ...

Alex: I Don't know what to do :(

Oskar: ?

Alex: I feel like I lost for us last time.

Ludwig: What brings you to that Conclusion ?

Alex: I encountered Lara and you dead in the engine room but she couldn't bring her self to shoot me so I did it myself.. Does that make me a good or a bad Role Model for our team ?

Ludwig: Well the closest I've ever been to a relationship is the friendzone so I can't help you there.

Oskar: Plus Me and Caitlyn Broke up as well :(

Oskar: (CON) No one must know 

Johan: (Walks past)

  • Boys House Upstairs

Noah: So Nestor, Jay-Cee is gone now !

Nestor: and you want me to Get rid of someone on my team is that what your saying !

Noah: Not just anyone There's two people on your team but I only want either one of them gone.

 Nestor: Well I'm not throwing any challenges to get rid of someone so when the time comes just say.

Noah: Very well (Heads down stairs)

Noah: Alex, Oskar and Goggle Boy good morning.

Ludwig: GOGGLE BOY ! (Twitches)

Alex: Something wrong ?

Ludwig: (CON) Noah is way too close for comfort. Goggle boy was my Nickname during Year 8, I don't even wear the things there they remind on my head in case of a Super Dark underground challenge where I can put them on. Maybe I should Reconsider Cornelia's Deal >:)

Oskar: (Tries to Open the door)

Johan: Something actually Wrong?

Oskar: The Doors Locked ?

  • Girls house 6:23 am

Oliva: Why is the door not opening ?

Lara: It could be something Chris has in mind.

Jonna: I Hope its Dancing Genre I've got the best Moves :)

Zayla: Singing and Dancing would be hilarious, Imagine Noah trying to sing

Cornelia: I would pay to see that :)

Cornelia: (Notices Caitlyn having Breakfast)

Cornelia: Excuse Dear but I've heard a sad Rumour about you and Oskar breaking up ?

Caitlyn: It's True the Cornelia we couldn't cope in the challenges against each other so we had to call it off for now :(

Cornelia: I See well I bid you good luck to the rest of the competition then

Caitlyn: Thanks

Caitlyn: (CON) I'm quite surprised they've fallen for it.

Cornelia: (CON) What are the chance of this being true, Especially after I Told Oskar about couples being a threat.

Zayla: Where's Jacky ?

Lara: She and CJ Went for their morning walk.

Chris: (Intercom) Chef change Location of this file to File Number 5 AKA Vice City.

(Both House Are teleported way with Everyone except CJ and Jacky in them)

  • Dessert 6:25am

CJ: (Drinks Bottle of Water while walking)

Jacky: People are starting to realise that Couples are a threat, Caitlyn and Oskar Broke up which was sad and Alex and Lara are having problems evening trying to not hurt each other during the challenge.

CJ: But we've on the same team together we even won for our team last time.

Jacky: True but this is Total Drama and we will get voted out in a blink of an eye.

Jacky: So If We can get Lara, Jonna and Caitlyn to Form and Alliance with us then we have five people.

CJ: Good Idea but what about the Gaffers once we merge

Jacky: We Gotta get Noah and Cornelia Out as soon a possible. Alex might have to bite the dust due to wining a season, I don't know about Oskar or Ludwig.

CJ: Their always-good pals to have :)

Jacky: (Checks Watch)

Jacky: Well Breakfast is in Four Minutes we should head back

CJ: Agreed

Jacky: Ok Chef you can teleport us back now

(Nothing Happened)

CJ: Chef ?

  • Vice City

(The Two Houses Teleport to the two of two tall Hotels)

(Everyone then exits the Hotel by door in the bottom floor where Chris is in a Thrift Shop Jacket)

Chris: Welcome everyone to Gangsta Paradise: D

Noah: About time you got to the Hard-core Video Games

Chris: Despite Grand Theft Auto causing a lot of moral issues It's one the best Open world Video games ever made.

Ludwig: So if this is GTA which town are we focusing on the Ghetto or the City ?

Chris: Both ?

Jonna: Where's Kyle and Jacqueline ?

Chris: Well since the screaming Gaffers are down by Two and They When for a Morning walk well you know the rest of the story.

Johan: No we don’t? 

Chris: yes you do now shut up !

Johan: (CON) GTA Holy Crap this is freaking sweet, Gun's, Cash and Swag !

Jonna: (CON) I Hate Grand Theft Auto, Why ? Murdering Prostitutes, Racism and Drugs. Way too many Curse words, And the Sterotypes always being potrayed in a Bad way >:(

Chris: Part one of Todays Challenge is an essential thing for Gangs or Mafia, Street Cred aka Respect. Have none and your a Gimp, Have a lot and your a Pimp or a Crime Lord. 

Cornelia: This show only rated T for teens?

Chris: It is but with Legal permission this episode is not, In fact this episode is the most Rudest and offensive episode yet, In fact It's already been banned in five countries.

Chris: And Chef Also Refused to be involved with the challenge.

Chris: Now How to win Part one is to get street cred, How this works can be done in many ways, Sell Drugs, Steal Rich Cars, Wear gang colours, Wicked Slang words without syllables and Crimes.

Alex: Wow Chris you really lowered the bar :(

Chris: Thank you, Now Screaming Gaffers your going to the left side of the hood and Killer grips are on the Right side of the hood, If you clash then it turns into a Turf War Since the Killer Grips won last episode they get  $ 800 and Six Hand Guns and two Sub machine guns to start off with. Gaffers you get $400 and four Baseball bats and two Handguns.

Noah: (Takes Both Hand Guns)

Oskar: -_-

Chris: Also more One thing GTV Doesn’t Censor anything so for the first time in Total Drama History all Curse words are left unedited.

Chris: (CON) Total Drama is not held responsible for the increase amount of swear words being used!

Chris: And you might come across familiar Faces but don’t worry there not the real deal so you don’t have to think twice in case you kill one.

  • Left Street

Noah: Anyone Hungry ?

Ludwig: We Only have $400 :(

Alex: Too Bad we don't have Duncan here :(

Cornelia: That Stooge would just Spray paint everything.

Oskar: (Gasp) Spray Can's :)

Alex: Wait I'm getting something, Oskar, Cornelia You two take $100 and buy Twelve Spray Cans, Zayla we should use the $300 to buy some trendy cloths.

Noah: Something better Mr.Tank top and Miss Barbie Skirt (Looks at Oskar and Cornelia)

Alex: Noah and Ludwig you guys get us more money.

Ludwig:  (Sees a Nearby Taco Bell)

Noah: Nice (Reloads Pistol)

  • Right Street

Nestor: What were CJ and Jacky thinking off missing out of the challenge.

Johan: More money for us then.

Oliva: So how are we going to earn some street cred ?

Jonna: (Sigh) Lara we'll buy some Cloth to blend in, Johan, Oliva you too find us a Vehicle that fits six

Or eight when CJ and Jacky get back

Johan: If they get back.

Nestor: I've seen how GTA works, we spray some walls and buildings to earn respect or murder some cops.

Lara: Nestor do you what's necessary.

Nestor: K Caitlyn lets go 

  • Oskar and Cornelia At the Convenience store

Oskar & Cornelia: (Exit the shore with a Box full of Green spray cans)

Oskar: These are so Heavy (Walks slow)

Cornelia: We Can't just walk all the way back can we ?

Oskar: Should we buy a Car ?

Cornelia: Sadly were in the wrong game for Buying cars, this game you just steal one. 

Oskar: We'll take one of the parked ones (Runs to a parked car and Opens the door)

Oskar: Wow this Place has never heard of locks have they ?

Cornelia: (Gets two Spray cans out of the box and gives on to Oskar)

Cornelia: Help me with the Paint (Spray Paints the Word Screaming Gaffers Hood of the Car)

Oskar: (Spray Paints a Ligthblub with Crossbones on the sides)

Chris (Intercom): Nice Idea Gaffers Get 1 Street Cred.

(Screaming Gaffers: 1/20 Street Creed)

(Killer Grips: 0/20 Street Creed)

Oskar: (Turns off Cell Phone)

Oskar: Okay Alex sent me his coordinates

  • Trendy Shop

(Alex and Zayla enter throught the left door)

Lindsay: HI Can I help you :)

Alex: Were just looking for some Cool Cloths that Are Green.

Lindsay: Green I See, Would these be it (Shows Alex a Pair of Purple Jeans)

Zayla: it's ok we'll fine then on are own

Lindsay: Okay :)

Zayla: This is a Crime based challenge so shouldn't we just steal some clothes.

Alex: But it's Lindsay

Zayla: It's An Robot built in with Lindsay AI.

(Lara and Jonna enter through the right door)

Lindsay: Are you looking for Green cloths ?

Lara: Na Just red

Lindsay: Sorry Red's not working today.

Jonna: We'll just buy all the Red cloths you have.

Lindsay: Red....... Is that Blue ?

Jonna: No Lindsay, Red is Red :|

Lindsay: okay I'll be right back.

(Alex and Zayla Hiding in a pile of cloths)

Lindsay: (Puts Up Cloths Pile)

(Box Breaks and Alex and Zayla fall out)

Lindsay: ????

Lindsay: Are you Red ?

Zayla: ?

Lara: Lindsay do you need help with (Gasp)

Zayla: Wait how'd did the Grips get here.

Alex: (Checks town map)

Alex: O my God this place is in the Center of Vice City

Lara: (Reloads Pistol)

Zayla: She's not bluffing this time is she?

Lara: Nope, After all it's just a game (Shoots Zayla)

Chris (intercom) Two Street Cred for killing a Rival gang member

Alex (CON): I guess It’s a good thing that she’s shooting at us now :)

(Gaffers:1/20, Grips: 2/20

Alex: (Runs outside with a box of Green Cloths)

Lindsay: THEIF (Pulls out Shot Gun and Fires)

(Gaffer's Car Drives by)

Oskar: Alex Jump in !

Alex: (Summersaults in as the car drives off)

  • Hood

Johan: (Walking with Oliva while He has his hoddie on)

Oliva: This place looks Decent ?

Johan: Just Look out for any car you like, fast and Strong is what we need.

Oliva: (Spots a Ferrari)

Oliva: Those aren't usually around here?

Johan:  :O

Johan: Dibs

Lightning: What do you think your Sha Doing with my Car ! (Pulls out Knife)

Johan: (Whacks Lightning with a Baseball bat)

Johan: Oliva get the spray cans out (Steal's lightning's Wallet)

Chris: Another 2 StreetCred for the grips theft and murder nice

  • Taco Bell

Noah: (Kicks the Door Down)

Ludwig: Hands up this is a Robbery (Enters Taco Bell with Noah)

Cody: (See's Noah walk in with two pistols)

Cody: How May I help you sir ?

Noah: You got to be shitting me right aren't you intimidated!

Cody: We have a special for three if you buy the Clucker Pack :)

Ludwig: GTV has some Logic Breaking NPC and Glitch’s Noah.

Noah: Logic My Ass (Shots Cody)

Noah: (Opens Cash Register)

Noah: Fuck only $20

Ludwig: Maybe we should of When to KFC ?

Noah: (Facepalm)

Chris (Intercom) Two Points for Gaffer's for a quite crappy Robbery.

  • Random House

Nestor: (Sneaks into the House)

Caitlyn: (Sneaks into the house)

Caitlyn: Grab the TV I'll get the toaster.

Nestor: (Picks up TV)

Caitlyn: (Grabs Toaster)

(Hears Shotgun Noise)

Trent: What are you two doing in our house >:( 

Trent: (Holding a Shotgun)

Gwen: (Holding a Flare Gun)

Caitlyn: Nestor what happens in the game when you get busted ?

Nestor: One Solution RUN!

(Caitlyn And Nestor Run out of the House and Jump into Ferrari and drive off)

 * Screaming Gaffer's

(All Member's are in A Green Car, Alex is driving while Noah is in the front with him, Oskar and Cornelia

Are in the Middle seats and Ludwig and Zayla are in the Back seats)

Alex: So shall we give the Grips A Drive by ;)

Noah: I want to take a small shop to the Ammunition store.

Oskar: So Alex when did you get your driver's licence ?

Alex: About two months ago.

Ludwig: I Still don't understand why no one wanted me to drive :(

Zayla: Cause you got everyone lost in a dessert and drove the bus off the cliff.

Ludwig: Says the girl who tried to kidnap us during the escape.

Alex: (Parks the Car at in a Hidden alley)

Alex: Before we start our gang activities we need to wear the proper gangster cloths.

  • Five Minutes Later

Alex: (Exits Alleyway with a Green tank top and backwards Cap)

Zayla: (Exits Alleyway with Short Green jeans and a Green Jersey)

Noah: (Exits Alleyway with a Green Jack with the Hoodie on and Long jeans)

Noah: This actually suits me ?

Alex: (Thumbs up)

Ludwig: (Exits Alleyway with a Green Beanie and A Green Shirt with Numbers on it)

Oskar: (Exits Alleyway with a Green Hand band and Green Tank Top)

Oskar: These Cloths are killer :)

Alex: Cornelia are you nearly done ?

Cornelia: I'm not wearing this >:(

 Oskar: But it's for the Challenge

Cornelia: This challenge is Stupid Fan Service >:(

Noah: Your telling me you never work short Jeans before -_-

Ludwig: If we lost we Promise not to vote you out ?

Cornelia: Fine :(

Cornelia: (Exits Alleyway with Short Green Jeans with a Green jacket and A Green Bandana)

Noah: :O

Oskar: O_O

Ludwig: I'll admit that does look hot on you and I don't mean the Fahrenheit Temperature in degrees Measurement.

Noah: Cause we'd all think that Ludwig ?

Chris: Nice Gear Gaffer's 6 Street Cred

Alex: Ok Now to the Gun Store :)

  • Barber Shop

(All Killer Grips Enter the Store)

DJ: Welcome to the Barber how can I help you.

Lara: We'd need to use your bathroom to change cloths, But Jonna said she could have a haircut.

DJ: Can do just let me finish up with the Customers.

Nestor: (Looks around to see Heather and Diem sitting nearby)

Caitlyn & Oliva: (Enter the Change rooms with the bag of Red cloths) 

Jonna: What Type of styles do you have in for my Devon ?

CJ: We got tons Even Dreads and Afro's, Heck I can even give Nestor bread.

Johan: Wait so your telling me you can grow instant beards and longer hair ?

DJ: You got it :)

Johan: Wow this game really fucks with Logic :O

Jonna: I'll just have a Afro.

DJ: What colour ?

Jonna: ur Normal :|

Johan: Well have fun with this Weird crap (Enters Change room with Nestor)

  • Gun Store

Scott: (Sits by the Counter)

Screaming Gaffers: (Enter the Store)

Scott: O Boy more Thugs let me guess...... Cops after you.

Noah: Soon Redneck soon.

Scott: (Sees Cornelia)

Scott: Dam Sexy you're looking fine ;)

Cornelia: >:(

Cornelia: (Grabs shotgun from the wall and shoots him)

Cornelia: No Proper way to greet a lady.

Ludwig: I don't think shooting him through the chest is a way to respond to a greeting ?

Noah: Oskar, Alex you guys grab the Sub's, Ludwig, Cornelia Find some Rifles Zayla grab the ammo.

Alex: Who got eliminated and made you leader.

Noah: The Person who had to go out with the leader of the enemy side, you can't be trusted Alex.

Alex: Trusted....... If someone can't be trusted it's your Tainted Blood Middleton!

Ludwig: Wait your Noah Middleton O_O

Chris: Gaffer's Murder and Theft of Property over $5500 Nice 7 Points but You've gained the attention of the Authority

(Gaffer's Get 1 Star)

Zayla: SHIT, Back to the Car

Ludwig: (CON) Middleton... I heard that name before at School.....But I cannot not assume the worst yet, I need to investigate more into this so-called Team....Mate

  • Barber Shop

Caitlyn: (Exits Change Room in a Red Skirt and Red Cap)

Johan: (Exits change room in a Red Jacket with a Hoddie and Face Bandana)

Oliva: (Exits Change room in Red Mafia Jacket)

Johan: Oliva ?????

Oliva: It was called Gangster Jacket.

Lara: That's Mafia.

Nestor: (Exits Change room in A Red Baggy pants and a Gold Necklace on his Neck)

DJ: There you got Madam.

Jonna: This looks like my old Afro :o

Johan: Lara, Jonna you still need to get change

Lara: Were already wearing red.

DJ: That will be $4 For the Haircut

Johan: (Shot DJ with the Pistol)

Chris: Nice cloths and Nice Way of Payment Johan 6 points.

Nestor: Ok lets getting those Gaffers.

  • Dessert

Chris: It Appears an Upcoming Turt War Between the Gaffers and the Grips are commig who will win

Part one.

Jacky: Chris is that you can you get us out of here ?

Chris: Don't interrupt me >:(

Chris: Find out on TOTAL ......DRAMA LEVEL....... UP

 * Screaming Gaffer's Car 

Ludwig: How Long have we been driving for ?

Oskar: 2 Minutes 

Alex: We need to pass the time

Alex: (Turns on the Radio) 

(Plays Imagine Dragons Radioactive)

Ludwig: Nice

 Noah: I'm pretty sure that's not what Gangs listen too -_-

(Noah changes Music to Snoop Dog Smoke Weed Everyday)

Noah: This is what Gangster would listen too

Cornelia: A Bunch of Blurted swears words?

Noah: (Shrugs)

(Cornelia Changes music to Classical Violin Music)

Zayla: Definitely not urban hip hop music ;)

Cornelia: What this is a masterpiece music

Noah: For Senior Citizens?

Alex: or Courtney?

Ludwig: (Changes Music to Michel Jackson)

Noah & Cornelia: -_-

Ludwig: What he’s got good music

Alex: Agreed.

Oskar: what other channels do we have ?

(Oskar Changes Music to Billy Joel Uptown Girl)

Cornelia: O_O

Noah: What the FUCK is this >:O

Oskar: Caitlyn Loved this song ever since she was a kid.

Cornelia: Why are you brining up your Ex ?

Oskar: No Reason :|

Ludwig: Pretty Catchy to be honest

(Zayla Changes Music Disturbed into the Fire)

Alex: ..

Noah: Didn't think that was your type of music

Zayla: Expect the unexpected ;)

Johan: Expect this (Fires RPG At their Car)

Oskar: JUMP !

Screaming Gaffers: (Jump out of the Car before it explodes)

Ludwig: Our CAR :O

Chris: Destruction Nice 10 points for that


Chris: Oh will you look at that The Killer Grips have reached maximum Street Cred

Johan: Fuck Yeah :D

Alex: Bummer :(

Chris: Relax Alex we still have one more challenge that you can win.

Chris: Grips as reward (Clicks his fingers)

(CJ And Jacky are teleported into Vice City)

Chris: Enjoy your Run CJ ;)

CJ: What too you so long Chris ?

Chris: I Felt that the Gaffers were too low so you and Jacky Missed out on Part one ? 

Chris: Now the most funest part of GTA Beside committing Crimes is trying to hide from them, Gaffers, Grips you will both start with one star, every two minutes the you get another star, If you die your out of the challenge team who last the longest avoids Elimination for tonight have fun (Gets into Helicopter)

Noah: (Shoots Chris)

Chris (Intercom) you really thought that was me Noah, Just for that Two Starts to start with.

Noah: Gaffer's Do Not lose this (Throws a Dead Chris Robot off the Helicopter and flies off)

Alex: Guys Slipt up !

Alex: (Runs with Ludwig)

Oskar: (Follows Cornelia and Zayla)

Lara: Grips into the Car.

Johan: (Throws Mike off His Bike and Rides off)

Police Car: (Stops in front of the Grips Cars) 

Shawn: FREZZE PUNKS (Aims Pistol)

CJ: (Drives Past Shawn and Softly Hits his car)

Shawn: You Sir Hit my Car >:O

Shawn: GET THE WHOLE SQAUD OUT HERE (Calls for Backup)

Chris: Grips are now on Two Stars

Jonna: (CON) walk past a Officer with a RPG and nothing happens, Ignore Traffic Nothing happens, Hit or get hit by a Cops Car and they make you the most wanted person in the City now that's just stupid >:(

Lara: We Need to divide if were all in this car when it explodes only Johan would remain.

Nestor: Ok Oliva Caitlyn Lets go (Jumps out of the Car)

Caitlyn: I might just stay here and be on the look out (Holds Sub-Machine Gun)

Oliva: (Jumps out of the Car)

  • Alleyway

Zayla: We need to get a Boat or Helicopter to hide from them.

Oskar: Is there a Dock in this suburb.

Cornelia: Shhs Quiet (Hides Behind a Wooden Fence)

Oskar: Something Wrong

Cornelia: There's A Bunch of Drugies are Making a ....Drug Exchange ?

Oskar: (looks above the fence)

(Drug Dealers notice Oskar)

Oskar: RUN !

Oskar: (Is Gunned down by the Rodney)

Chris (Intercom): Five Gaffers remain

  • Helicopter

Noah: (CON) While my team plays sitting ducks.. I will turn the tables on this hunting game.

Noah: (Sees Nestor and Oliva)

Oliva: Is that a Bird (Notice something in the Sky)

Noah: (Fires Missile)

Nestor: HOLY SHIT !


Chris: Nestor and Oliva are gone, Gaffers are now on three stars.

  • Car Chase

CJ: (Driving the Car)

Jonna: (Dodges Bullets)

Police Car: (Tyler Appears from the Window and Shoots Lara With a Thompson)

Lara: (Falls out of the Car)

Jonna: Lara!

Jonna: (Picks up RPG And fires it which explodes and destroys the Police Car)

Chris: Grips are now on three stars only five of them remain.

  • Strip Club

Alex: Why Did I agree to hide here with you

Ludwig: This place is full of muscle, Cops won't bother to get in here.

Alex: And there's way too much indecent exposure :(

Ludwig: Tell you never wanted to get a strip dance from Lindsay or Zoey ?

Alex: First of all they’re NPC and Second I'm already taken.

Ludwig: of Forgive for that idioctic suggestion.

Johan: (Notices them)

Johan: GAFFERS !

Ludwig: A GRIP !

Johan: (Pulls out Pistol)

Ludwig: Alex I'll handle this

Alex: (Leaves the room)

Ezekiel: Sir's Hold On I cannot let you endanger me, my Customers or my Hoes !

Ludwig & Johan: (Shoots Ezekiel)

(Body Guards who are Brick and B Pull out AK-47 and gun down Ludwig and Johan)

  • Car Chase

Cornelia: Sorry but we need this car

Dave: (Is throw out of his own car)

Cornelia (Drives the Car while Zayla is at the Back)

Alex: (Holds a Hitch Hicker sign)

Cornelia: Get in quick

Alex: (Hops in the Car)

CJ: There they are (Stops the Car)

Jacky, Caitlyn & Jonna: (Fire and take out Cornelia and Zayla)

Alex: (Takes the Wheel and Drives off)

Jacky: Just Alex Left Ram him Kyle

Police Car: (Jo Hits Caitlyn with her Shotgun)

Jonna: (Throws Grenade at Jo's Car which explodes)

Noah: (Fires a Missile at the Grips Car)

Jacky: Oh my God 


(The Grips Car is blown all the way to the other side of the city where they crash land into a Kids Park)

Jacky: This playground looks familiar

CJ: I'll drive us out of here (reverse into the swing)


(A Glitch occurs and the Playground Swing flings the Car into the Air)

Alex: (Picks Up the RPG Jacky Dropped)

Alex: I love it when a plan comes together !

Alex: (Fires Rocket at the Grips Car)


Noah: F$%^ Yeah

Noah: What it's censored again >:(

Chris: Yep but on the bright side the Screaming Gaffer's have won there first challenge,

Alex: Indeed.

Chris: I guess the Killer Grips are voting their first person off tonight.

  • Elimination Ceremony

(Lara, Nestor and Oliva are sitting in the front row, CJ and Johan are sitting in the Middle Row and Jacky, Caitlyn and Jonna are sitting in the back row)

Chris: Killer Grips, Welcome to you very first elimination Ceremony, under your seats are electronic Devices that contain the each person that you could vote for. Everyone who is safe is then given a 1-Up Mushroom.

Oliva: From Super Mario :)

Chris: Correct Oliva, And If you don't get one then you are sent back to Earth by our newest elimination Exit the Portal of Shame.

Chef: (Gets the Portal Gun and Fires it which creates a Small portal)

Chris: Now get voting

Nestor: (Votes

Jonna: (Votes)

Jacky: (Votes)

Lara: (Votes)

CJ: (Votes)

Oliva: (Votes)

Johan: (Votes)

Caitlyn: (Votes)

Chef: (Rides up to the Stage on A Motor Bike and Gives Chris the Voting Results)

Chris: Okay I have Seven 1-Up's on this plate and the first one goes too......











Chris: Lara

Lara: (Catches her 1-Up)

Chris: Johan and Jonna

Johan: (Catches)

Jonna: (Catches)

Johan: How come I haven't grown bigger ?

Chris: Their Green Johan, Red changes your size, Green gives you and extra chance in the game.






Chris: Oliva your also Safe

Oliva: Marvellous :)



Chris: Jacky and Caitlyn




Chris: And the Final ones goes to !

Nestor:   :(

CJ:  :(
















Chris: Nestor !

Nestor: Sorry CJ

CJ: It's all right (Sigh)

Jacky: Wait for Me Kyle, I'll Win this for the both of us :(

CJ: Just don't get hurt out their Jacqueline (Kisses Jacky)

Chef: (Picks Up CJ)

CJ: Is this Necessary

Chef: Yep

Chef: (Throws CJ near the Portal)

CJ: (Is Sucked up by the Portal)

Jacky: :(

Nestor: (CON) Sucks that I had to vote of Either Him or Jacky but that was the deal, I just hope we can put a stop them from turning the tables on us.

Chris: And Grips have lost possibly one of their best members, Can They suffer another lost, Will Jacky Endure the Game without her boyfriend tune in Next Time on TOTAL..... DRAMA....... LEVEL...... UP !

Episode 5: You Had One Job Guards !

You Had One Job Guards
Season 2, Episode 5
You Had One Job Guards
Date 17th September
Video Game Genre Stealth Genre
Reference Metal Gear Solid,Assassins Creed & Batman, Golden Eye
Challenge(s) 1. Infiltrate a Heavily Armed Camp and Steal a Briefcase
Reward(s) TBA
Winner(s) Read to find out
Eliminated Read to find out
Episode Guide
"Grand Chef Auto V: Jacqueline City"
"Survival Horror Genre ?"

" Previously on Total Drama Level up!, Our 14 Players explored and hid in Vice City, First the teams gained respect for the crimes they committed or sweet rides that have While CJ and Jacky were on there morning walk, The Gaffer’s had a rough start losing to the Grips in part one but they finally won their first challenge thanks to Noah’s Tactics. And Nestor had to pay the debt to Noah by getting the Grips to Vote out CJ poor Jacky. Now the Really Fun begins Teamwork begins to crack and secrets will bill spilled watch as it all Kicks back right here on TOTAL………. DRAMA……. LEVEL………. UP!

  • Craft Service Tent Night time

Cornelia: (Taps Foot)

Ludwig: (Sits in front of her on the opposite with a Sheet of Paper)

Ludwig: Thank you for Meeting me on such short notice.

Ludwig: I've decide to accept your Alliance and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of that Alliance :)

Cornelia: .....Okay.. Just don't talk like that around other's you become a target to pranks -_-

Cornelia: Anyway I tell you our plan tomorrow but for now your find with me being in charge of this Alliance

Ludwig: As Long as I play a part of helping others I'm down with it.

Cornelia: So was there another reason why you dragged me out here at Mid-Night.

Ludwig: I was told that you know the most about Noah Middleton.

Cornelia: Why would you want to know more about him.

Ludwig: I need you to run a background Check on him.

Cornelia: Why !

Ludwig: I Need to know if he ever came across me at any point in School or at some certain point, I've know the name Middleton but my Memory is Blanked out on any traces of where, When and why.

Cornelia: If I do this I need you to do something for me

Ludwig: What do you propose ?

Cornelia: Find out for me If Oskar and Caitlyn are faking a Break up, if this is true then he plans on deceiving

Ludwig: (sigh) Very Well.

Ludwig: (CON) Oskar is a good pal on our team but I guess we can't hide secrets from Each other

  • Girls House 

Cornelia: (Enters House)

Jacky: (Sitting on the Couch Ice Cream while Watching Teen Titans)

Cornelia: That's our Only Bucket of Ice-Cream.

Jacky: Sorry but I sometimes eat when I'm upset :(

Cornelia: No Need to Apologise Everyone’s guilty of that.

Cornelia: Well Good Luck without CJ.

  • Girl's Balcony

Zayla: (Places a Ancient Rock with Symbols onto a Table she set up)

Zayla: Attempt Four !

Zayla: (Turns the Front of the Rock to face the Full Moon)

Zayla: Ta Lluf thgil  nrut ot eht testaerg  fo skcor ta eht teskrad fo semit  ot wohs uoy eht neddih tetces fo siht  telbat , REAVEL THE KEY !

(The Full Moon begins to Create a Light beam that slowly flies towards the Rock)

Cornelia: (Opens Door)

Cornelia: Zayla are you busy ?

(The Light Beam disappears before it could reveal the hidden key hole it the Rock due to being interrupted)

Zayla: I was until you Just ruined the Full Moon opening, Now I don't know when Chris is going to make another one >:(

Cornelia: That Moon isn't even real, any way we need to talk about our team.

Zayla: What about it ?

Cornelia: Were the only two girls left that is a bad ratio with 2 girls between 4 Boys.

Zayla: True what do you suggest.

Cornelia: Ludwig agrees to Team up with me so I suggest that you join us to form a group of three !

Zayla: Were in a argument between Magic and Science

Cornelia: Well Technology has its perks

Zayla: For Spoiled brats, Magic is more entertaining, more mysterious and more sexier, Then just playing stupid Flappy bird on your IPhone.

Cornelia: I just Hope Chris did not hear you say Flappy Bird -_-

Cornelia: Just put all issues aside I'm sure you two can bond on something.

Zayla: Very Well I’ll join.

  • Boys House (Morning)

Nestor: (Play his Guitar on the Couch)

Johan: (Hears the Music and gets out of Bed in his pyjamas)

Johan: Cool Music :)

Nestor: Thanks I just finished, I'm planning my first album after my successful Collaboration Album with the Drama Brothers.

Johan: That's sound good news to hear.. So our first elimination two days ago :(

Nestor: Yea Poor CJ

Johan: Especially Since the girls out number us 5-2

Nestor: I had to admit I sort of Got Oliva and Caitlyn to vote him off.

Johan: Let me guess Noah was involved with this ?

Nestor: Yep but I don't want any more to do with him.

Johan: So that means only Alex and Lara are the only couple left.

Nestor: Lara wouldn't let us down but Oskar and Caitlyn haven't had any fallouts but just broke up plain and simple ?

Noah: Don't mind me just continue talking about Grip plots (Walks past with a Bucket of Milk)

Johan: ?

Nestor: So are you planning on wear your PJs for the day?

Johan: Na won't repeat twice brb (Heads to the Bathroom)

(Door of Room 2 opens)

(Bucket of Milk falls)

Ludwig: AH DA F$%^

Noah: Good Morning >;)

Ludwig: REALLY !

Ludwig: On my Best Onesies >:(

Noah: That is for making Noise Last Night when you left and came back for no Reason.

Oskar: But He Didn't dunk a bucket of Milk on you.

Noah: I'm Sorry I can't hear you over how much you got Dumped last week

Oskar: Caitlyn didn’t dump me we just broke up on each other's term

Johan: NOAH !!!!!

Johan: (Exits Bathroom in his Pyjamas)

Noah: :|

Johan: What did you do with my Cloths ?

Noah: What the hell would I do with your stupid cloths.

Noah: (CON) So far we only won one challenge and that was because of me, Yet I'm being targeted by Alex who thinks I plan on voting him off which I might and Cornelia well she wants me Dead probably, Oskar's is trying to hide under the radar with his Friendly Break up with Caitlyn, No Break up is ever friendly in fact I have two girls who used to have a crush on me now hate my guts.

  • Outside the House

Alex: (Opens the Entrance door from the Boys House)

Alex: What the

(The Background has changed to a Jungle)

Alex: :|

Alex: (Goes back outside Closes the door)

Ludwig: Problem?

Alex: It's a Jungle out there.

  • Outside

Oliva: (Exits Girls House)

Oliva: Wow

Oliva: (Looks around the Jungle)

Oliva: So Much Beauty :o

Chris: Indeed Oliva can you gather everyone Breakfast is served.;)

 * Dinner Table

(Gaffers are sitting on the right and Grips are on the Right)

Lara: Ludwig can you pass me the salt please ?

Ludwig: Are you sure you want that much Sodium Chloride in your Bacon and Eggs ?

Noah: English, Not Nerd (Steps on Ludwig’s Foot)

Noah: So Oskar How's Single Life going ?

Caitlyn: (Looks at Oskar)

Oskar: .. All right a bit different to the usual.

Johan: Usual ? So say your Lady’s Man ;)

Cornelia (Whispers to Zayla): I need proof that the whole break up is a sham, Charm him.

Caitlyn: Oskar's was pretty charming on our first date.

Zayla: Sounds like a keeper (Smiles at Oskar)

Oskar:  :|

Jacky: So was Kyle, I just hope Aftermath isn't killing him (Fake smiles)

Jonna: so while were on the topic on dates what was the best gift you were ever given.

Alex: Well during the holidays me and Lara went to the carnival.

Ludwig: Ok enough Romeo and Juliet Carp, Feels to weird for me.

Oliva: Why ?

Ludwig: well...... I never really had a girlfriend

Oliva: Really ?

Noah: Wow I didn't think you sucked that much !

Nestor: You Never fell in love ?

Ludwig: Chris can we start the challenge now >:(

Chris: Na I like this conversation.

Caitlyn: Has anyone heard about the Chris-McLean Exercise Videos?


  • Jungle

Chris: (In Camouflage Suit)

Chris: Today is the Stealth Genre many awesome games like Metal Gear and Assassins Creed are based around on Hiding and then spring out of the bushes, Kill silently and return to the shadows.

Chris: How today will go is both team's must infiltrate a heavly Fortified Camp North of here and steal a very important Brief case and bring it back to their extraction point, However unlike the last three challenges you only have one life, mess up and your toasted, Everyone has to form groups of two and I decide to pick them so you can bond together.

Chris: Killer Grips Pairs will be Jonna and Johan.

Chris: Nestor and Jacky.

Chris: Lara, Caitlyn and Oliva

Chris: Screaming Gaffer's three groups of two ?

Noah: New Idea since were one down thanks to Jay-Cee can we be two groups of three.

Chris: I guess you will need it due to the difficulty of this challenge.

Chris: Group 1 Oskar, Zayla and Cornelia.

Chris: Group 2 Alex, Noah and Ludwig

Alex: Can we change that Second Person on our group ?

Chris: Too late take this map and go to your Rondevu point and receive your weapon.

  • Killer Grips Group 1

Johan: (Sitting in a Tree with binoculars)

Jonna: Do you see the drop off point ?

Johan: Yea I can see the create (Jumps off the Tree)

Jonna: Okay lets get there before they do (Runs with Johan)

  • Screaming Gaffers Group 1

Noah: (Uses a Machete to chop their way through the branches)

Alex: There's the Site !

Ludwig: A Plane Crash ?

Noah: Leave nothing behind (drags two creates off the Plane Wreckage)

Alex: (Opens Create)

Alex: Nice we got the Speical Op's Create :) (Takes out a Silenced M4A1 Assault Rifle)

Noah: (Gets the Snake Outfit from Metal Gears costume out of the box)

Ludwig: Nice you get a costume

Noah: This crap better be those stronger resistance things.

Ludwig: (Throws a Sniper Rifle to Noah)

Alex: So Should we begin the operation or regroup With Oskar's group

Noah: You mean Cornelia's group.

Alex: There both in it Noah -_-

Noah: But if anyone of them would lead it would be her.

Ludwig: (Finds Smoke Grenades)

  • Killer Grips Group 2

Nestor: Man that was quick we already found the site.

Jacky: We already got this in the bag. (Begins searching the creates)

Nestor: (Ezio Assassin Cloths and Double Assassin Blade)

Jacky: Hey Nestor I was just wondering I asked Lara and Jonna Neither of them Voted for CJ, Not that I wanted you to go or anything but it just doesn't add up on why he went.

Nestor: Please don't hate me on this but I sort of got Caitlyn, Johan and Oliva to vote with me to vote of either of you but I was nothing personal It was just that you two didn't even participate in the first challenge.

Jacky: But you won that challenge (Finds Altair's Cloths and Assassin Blade)

Nestor: And Then we Sort of lost after you two came back.

Jacky: So if we didn't come back you would of Won ?

Nestor: Well Am ....... urg what am I saying Noah and I made a deal and that he got Jay-Cee Eliminated so i had to return the favour and get rid of one of the power couples, Oskar and Caitlyn broke up and you and Kyle looked like a threat to us all.

Jacky: Why are you telling me all of this ?

Nestor: I sorry Jacky but someone had to go :(

Jacky: You don't have to apologies, I know how the game is played.

Nestor: I do too But What I do know this that I want no More part of Noah's Scheme.

Jacky:  :)

Johan: Damit you got here first :(

Nestor: Same Team bro just take those two creates.

Jonna: (Opens Create and finds two Tuxedo suits with two Pistols)

Johan: Finally I can get out of these Pyjamas :)

Jonna: Well then get changed in the woods, we don’t need to see the Johan Show live :|

  • Gaffers Group 2

Cornelia: You two get your gear on I'll just scout on an leave you with Oskar ok Zayla ;)

Zayla: Yep ;)

Oskar: (finds a Dessert Camouflage cloths in a create)

Oskar: If only we were in a dessert :(

Zayla: Tellap paws (Uses Magic to change Oskar's Dessert uniform to green with leaves on it)

Oskar: Thanks (Finds a Silenced Carbine rifle with Laser sight)

Zayla: All of the Beauty of Magic ;)

Oskar: Good to know...... 

  • Jungle

Cornelia: (Holding a map and can see the Giant Base from there which have two guards wandering around)

Cornelia: If we can't go through the front entrance then must .....

Noah: (Snatches Map of Cornelia)

Cornelia: >:(

Noah: What is a Girl in Pink Camouflage doing in the jungle on her own >;)

Cornelia: Where's you squad ?

Noah: Told them I was scouting ahead, So how's your Alliance going ?

Cornelia: I have no knowledge of what your speaking of !

Noah: No one goes out in the middle of Mid-night I followed Ludwig and watch your alliance with him.

Cornelia: (Faceplams)

Noah: Yea pretty much now I know all and I want in.

Cornelia: Why would I re-ally with you again, You caused my elimination on the Island.

Noah: And you did the same to me at the Flimlot, So were on even ground and I want to take over once we eliminate Alex.

Cornelia: We !

Noah: Me, You and Zayla's Alliance plus Ludwig who has no knowledge of my involvement.

Cornelia: Fine but Ludwig is onto you, you know that right Noah.

Noah: I'll deal with Mal-Mar you just get Zayla to expose Osklyn. (Hears Killer Grips in the Distance)

Noah: Hide Now !

Noah: (Him and Cornelia Hid in the bushes)

Lara: The Base Should be Up Here (Runs Past with a Shotgun)

Caitlyn: (Dressed as Batman follows Lara)

Oliva: (Out of Breath)

Oliva: Wait up Need a second to catch my breath

Noah: (Takes Out Knife and Stabs Oliva while Holding her mouth with his Hand)

Oliva: (Faints) 

Noah: (Drags her Unconscious Body into the Bush)

Chris (Intercom): And The Grips have lost there first person, the Teams are now even.

Cornelia: Nice but We should head back to our groups now.

Noah: Screw them Losers I'm follow you three.

Cornelia: (Sigh) Fine

  • Base Entrance

Owen: (Standing on the left of the Door in guard uniform Holding a MP5)

DJ: (Standing on the right of the door in Guard Uniform holding a MP5)

Nestor: (Hiding Behind the trees with Jacky, Jonna and Johan)

Johan: I loving these James bond cloths :)

Jonna: Secret agents Jonna and Johan Bond ;)

Nestor: So anyone have any idea how we can take out the guards.

Jacky: It depends if the guards are the smart or dumb kind

Johan: The oldest trick in the book back on the PS1 when I played Metal Gear solid as along as you have a cardboard box you can infiltrate anything.

Jonna: A Distractions perhaps ?

Nestor: Wait were Assassins the Master of Stealth (Climbs up the Tree)

Nestor: (Jumps onto the Roof of the Guards Base)

Jacky: (Throw a Smoke Bomb near the Guards)

Owen: Oh look a Acorn :D

DJ: I don't think that's an Acorn ?

( Smoke begins to spread)

Nestor: (Jumps of the roof and Assassinates the two guards)

Nestor: Ok everyone in !

Jacky: (Runs with Jonna and Johan)


Johan: (Turns around in slow Motion)

Jonna: (Is Shot by Ludwig)

Ludwig: (Is in the tree from a distance and reloads his Sniper Rifle)

Jacky: SNIPER !

Johan: (Attempts to Fire back

Ludwig: (Jumps off the tree and out of his sight)

Nestor: (Closes and locks the door)

Alex: Nice

Ludwig: They’ve dealt with them so we can just enter can track them, But are you sure we should just go with Noah

Alex: Knowing Noah he would of ditched us for the other's or is going to try and be the lone wolf.

Ludwig: ( Notices a Hidden Create under a Tree)

Ludwig: ( Opens Create)

Alex: (Gasp) Is that What I'm think it is O_O

Ludwig: Must be (Finds the Alien Predator Costume with Energy Weapon)

  • Cornelia's Group

Cornelia: You telling me you already wasted half you Ammo

Oskar: I saw something in the woods that looked like a bear !

Zayla: And I felt a Spider tap me on the shoulder :(

Noah: Wow your so-called butt kicking squad has amazed me.

Oskar: Where are Alex and Ludwig ?

Noah: On A Suicide mission were going to attack after they get themselves killed.

Cornelia: Such A Team-Mate you are

Noah: Indeed, The Guards at the Front entrance are dead so that tells me that either Alex, Ludwig or the Grips have already infiltrated the hideout, We go in and make sure no one comes out.

(A Sudden Flash Bang Grenade rolls under there Feet)

Noah: F$%^


(Flash Bang Blinds everyone)

Oskar: (Notice a Giant Bat Figure on the trees above them)

Oskar: A BAT !

Cornelia: Where !

(The Bat shoots a grapple gun that ties Cornelia and drags her up to the tree)


Oskar: (Regains Sight and See's Caitlyn in a Batman suit)

Caitlyn: (Uses Grapple Gun to swing to the other trees)

Zayla: Ok we need to find our other comrades.

Noah: Agreed :|

  •  Hideout Room #1

Nestor: (Hidden in the Air ducts along with Jacky and Johan)

Nestor: So are you sure you can handle the other room on your Own.

Johan: Only one way to find out then ;)

Nestor: Ok Jacky Set the Attack

Jacky: (Shoots a Poison Dart from the Assassin Glove)

Sadie: (Is hit by the Poison Dart)

Kaite: Something wrong Soldier ?

Sadie: I feel like I'm gonna puke :(

Katie: OMG me too :o

Justin: -_-

Sam: Strange I lost contact with The Squad stationed outside

Jacky: (Jumps out of the Air duct and Stabs Justin with the Hidden Blade)

Nestor: (Tackles Sam and Katie and Assassinates them)

Sadie: (Gets out Walkie Talkie)

Sadie: Officers Down :(

Jacky: Oh Crap (Assassinates Sadie)

(Alarm Goes off)

Chris (Intercom): So much for the stealth.

Bridgette: (Appears from the Window and Opens Fire at Them)

Nestor: (Is gunned Down)

Jacky: (Throws Throwing Knife at Bridgete and then Jumps through a Window nearby into the next room)

  • Hideout Room #2

Noah: (Sets up C4)

Noah: You two search the rooms I'll keep any wanted guest occupied

Zayla: Roger that (Grabs Oskar Hand and Runs)

Oskar: Why are you holding my Hand ?

Zayla: We maybe I like you kid ;)

Oskar: I.........I Don't want start relationship at the moment

Zayla: Why ?

(Smoke Pellet Rolls into the room and inflates up)

Caitlyn: (Electrocutes Zayla with the Shock Gloves)

Caitlyn: Causes he’s already taken >;)

Oskar: Batwoman ?

Caitlyn: (Takes off the Cowl)

Oskar: Caitlyn :)

Caitlyn: She tried to seduce you ?

Oskar: Yeah but I don't know why she did, Cause she never did that before ?

Caitlyn: I don't think we can keep this whole break up trick forever

Oskar: But what we can keep forever is each other :)

Oskar: (Grabs Caitlyn and Kisses Her)

Caitlyn: (Notices Noah standing there with a Camera)

Noah: (Takes Photo)

Noah: Busted >:)

Noah: (Shoots Caitlyn and Oskar down)

Alex: Snake are you there (On Walkie talkie)

Noah: Snake ? (On Walkie talkie)

Alex: Well your dressed as him (On Walkie talkie)

Noah: Well fun thing is that Oskar and Caitlyn fake the whole Break up so consider yourself safe for another elimination

Alex: Wow really ? (On Walkie talkie)

Noah: Yep and another thing (On Walkie talkie)


Noah: (Is shot by Eva)

Alex: Snake, Come in Snake, Snake, SNAAAAKE !

  •  Control Room

Geoff: (As A Guard Patrolling the room with Courtney, Shawn and Zoey)

(Knock on the door)

Johan: Knock.... Knock :)

Zoey: Whos There ?

Johan: (Opens the Door and Shots all four of them down)

Johan: (Walks up to a Wounded Zoey)

Johan: Johan !

Zoey: ....Johan... Who ?

Johan: Bond, Johan Bond ;)


Jacky: (Jumps out of Air duct)

Jacky: Wow you already cleared house

Johan: Yep

(A Green Laser appears on Johan’s Head)

Johan: What the ?


Johan: (Falls down)

Jacky: O_O

Ludwig: (Stands there in a Predator suit)


Ludwig: (Rushes Past Jacky and Steals the Briefcase)

Eva: (As a Guard Opens Fire at Ludwig)

Ludwig: ( Uses Predator Claws to Stab Eva and Continues to Run off)

Jacky: (Chases Ludwig) Another Running Sequence :( 

  • Hideout Room #2

Ludwig: (Runs Past Alex and Taps him on the Shoulder)

Jacky: (Runs After Ludwig)

Alex: (Turns Around and Shoots Jacky Down)

Lara: (Picks Up Zayla's Katana and Jumps at Ludwig and Impales him)

Ludwig: AH Swords my Only Weakness :O

Ludwig: (Drops Brief case near The C4 bomb Noah planted)

Alex: (Runs to the Briefcase)

Lara: (Runs to the Briefcase)

Noah: (Slow Regains Conscious)

Noah: (Presses the C4 Remote button)

BOOM !!!

  • Spectator Room

Nestor: Oh come one a TIE !

Chris: Sorry but yeah all of you died both teams lost their last members at the same time

Noah: But I was responsible for Killing the last grip shouldn’t that count >:(

Chris: You and Alex both died in the process.

Chris: So to spice things up both teams will be facing elimination and one person from each team will be eliminated

Cornelia: (Looks at Oskar and Caitlyn)

Oskar:  :|

Cornelia: (Puts her finger on her throat and mimics cutting his throat)

Oskar: :(

  • Elimination Ceremony

(Noah, Cornelia, Jonna and Nestor are sitting in the Front Row) 

(Alex, Lara, Oskar and Caitlyn are sitting in the Middle Row)

(Jacky, Johan, Oliva and Ludwig are sitting in the Back Row)

Jonna: This Sucks A Tie :(

Ludwig: You couldn't Set it off at A Distance could you Noah ?

Noah: Not My Fault, I'm not the one lying behind our backs

(Everyone looks at Caitlyn and Oskar)

Oskar: Were so Screwed :(

Cornelia: You sure are >:)

Chris: (Walks up to the stage with Eleven 1-Up Mushrooms)

Chris: So a Lot of Mess up's today.

Chris: Which resulted in a tie so after this there will be One Less Gaffer and Grip among you, so lets point out your flaws.

Chris: Oliva you were the first one killed in the challenge, and you couldn’t keep up with your own teammates.

Oliva: Sorry I had a Big Breakfast :(

Chris: Noah You snakded off Alex and Ludwig and caused the two elimination Tie.

Noah: (Doesn't give a dam)

Chris: Alex, Lara you two are Star Crossed lovers, not a good look for our so-called leaders.

Chris: Oskar And Caitlyn, .... On the bright side you held your fake break-Up for atleast One Epiosde. 

Chris: Zayla And Cornelia You two were too focused on your Alliance and trying to exposes the truth rather then facing the challenge itself.

Chris: And Johan how come you didn't take the suitcase and run before you go killed.

Johan:  How come you don't just get to the voting

Chris: As for the rest that is Jonna, Nestor, Jacky and Ludwig you did ok but is it enough lets find OUT !

(Everyone begins to vote on the devices)

Jacky: (Is Electrocuted)

Ludwig: Chris my voting button is Jammed ?

Chris: Shame no voting for you then !

Ludwig: -_-

Chris: And now for the results :D

Chris: (Turns around to see a Big Cardboard box lying there)

Chef: (Gets out of the box Dessert in his Army cloths and gives Chris the Briefcase)

Chris: Ok votes and in and Hindsight is 20/20

Chef: (Jumps onto the wall and his Cloths change colour like a Chameleon)

Nestor: Cool Trick

Chris: And the First two Mushrooms go to .......






Chris: .... Alex and Lara

Alex: (Catches the Mushroom)

Lara: (Catches the Mushroom)

Johan: How come they always get the first one ?

Chris: ...... Noah

Chris: Jacky and Jonna

Jacky: Hell yeah :D

Jonna: (High Fives Jacky)

Chris: Nestor, Cornelia and Zayla you three are also safe.

Nestor:  :)

Cornelia: As Planed ;)

Chris: Yea About...... Caitlyn you get the next 1-Up

Caitlyn:  :o

Cornelia: O_O

Chris: Grips are left with Johan and Oliva while Gaffers have Oskar and Ludwig

Noah: Can we just boot all four off ?

Chris: And the Last two 1-ups Go too...

Ludwig: (Frozen in fear)

Oliva: (Worried)

Oskar:..... (Gulp)

Johan: -_- how am I on the Low

Chris: The Last two 1-Up goes too







Chef: (Jumps up from the stage and Pours a Bucket of Ice Water onto Oskar, Johan, Oliva and Ludwig)


Nestor: WHAT THE !

Chris: (Laughs)

Oskar: What that Necessary !

Chris: Yep cause todays Ceremony was nothing more then an Elaborate Ice Bucket Challenge :D

Johan: So were all-Safe :0

Chris: Well looking from the votes Ludwig and Oliva would of gotten the last to 1-Ups and you and Oskar would be back on Earth by now.

Johan: How come you guy were going vote me off ?

Jonna: (Shrugs)

Noah: So Much for a relaxing night -_-

Oskar: Ok That's enough Chris, I'd Like to Nominate Noah Middleton and Cornelia for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Cornelia: Wait what !

Ludwig: (Passes Oskar an Ice Bucket)

Oskar: (Pours it at Noah and Cornelia)



Jonna, Alex & Lara : (Laughs)

Alex: That was worth it :D

Nestor: Ok we had out fun with the ice Buckets can we get to the point !

Chef: But In All Seriousness, Today is a Team Swap Challenge, So Oskar is now on the Killer Grips and Johan is now on the Screaming Gaffers.

Cornelia: Johan again >:(

Oskar: So that means me and Caitlyn are back on the same team :)

Caitlyn: (Hugs Oskar)

Ludwig: Now for My Nomination (Throws a Bucket of Ice at Zayla)


Nestor:  Were in a Drought back In Ottawa yet were just wasting water on this Redundant Challenge !

Oliva: How Many People Can I nominate ?

Chris: ?

Oliva: I nominate Everyone :D

Nestor: Oh Come ON >:O

(Everyone gets Drenched in Water)

Zayla: (Pours a Bucket of Water on Chris and Chef)

Chris: AHHH !


Nestor: Screw this I'm heading back to the house !

Chris: Not so Fast, There's also a Change to the houses (Puts the Power Glove On)

Chris: You Might of notice the lack of Usage of the Power Glove at the house and due to elimination there’s no need to have two houses so Houses will be merging not the teams.

Chris: (Uses the Power Glove to Delete the Girl's House)

Jonna: Could we have had a Hour notice to like get out all of out stuff :(

Chris: (Uses the Power Glove to Rearrange the Boys House)

Chris: For Now on Boys have Room 1 while Girls get Room 2, The Upper Floor will be up for grabs as usual !

Johan: (CON) Like Oskar I'm glad of the Team Swap, The Grips were Going to vote me rather then Caitlyn, which means The Killer Grip boys are Screwed at the Next Ceremony but now I'm on the dominant team.

Cornelia: (CON) Though Thanks to Zayla and Noah we exposed the Fake break up but now there on the same team again so Plan A is no longer helpful, But Luckily Noah told me about a Alternative Plan in case of our next lose.

Noah: (CON) Zayla, Cornelia and If I can get Johan then we drop out the other unlucky two aka Alex and Ludwig and then turn on Cornelia, Keep your Friends Closer but your Enemies closer >:)

Chris: Now that the Teams have been shifted will this affect their Performances in the next challenge, Speaking of Our Next Episode stay tuned for our most Planned and Scariest Episode Yet, A Shocking Revelation, An Unknown Love begins to Blossom and A Whole Bunch of Michael Jackson Musical References. Get Ready for Halloween Next Time on TOTAL......... DRAMA........ LEVEL............ UP !

Episode 6: Dead Despising

Dead Despising
Season 2, Episode 6
Dead Despising
Date 25th September
Video Game Genre Survival Horror
Reference Resident Evil, Cod Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Thriller Night, Dead Rising
Challenge(s) Survive the Longest
Reward(s) Sauna
Winner(s) Read and Find Out
Eliminated Read and Find Out
Episode Guide
"You Had One Job Guards !"
"Aftermath I"

"Last Time on Total Drama Level Up, It was In the Shadows our Players Hid and fought in our Stealth Genre challenge, Cornelia formed a Alliance with Zayla, Ludwig and Noah, but Ludwig isn't aware of either two of there involvements, Oskar and Caitlyn Got compromised when Noah got proof on camera, Basically everyone died and both teams where sent to the ceremony only to get Ice Bucketed to Nestor's Dismay but when Oskar and Johan thought it was all over for them they were swapped Which Finally reunited Oskar with Caitlyn and Johan with his not so friends Noah and Cornelia. So much happened but it's nothing compared all the Bizarre S$%^ when down on tonight’s pinnacle breaking episode of TOTAL....... DRAMA....... LEVEL...... UP !


(Music Starts)

Camera 1: (Pops up from a Mario Pipe)

Camera 2: (Appears behind a Tron Bike)

Camera 3: (Appears on top of a Portal)

Camera 4:  (Appears on a Wall but gets knock down a Bird)

Clapper Board: ( Clamp Down Noise)

Camera: (Makes it way past a Medieval castle)

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine, (Chris Holding a Controller which Turns the Castle into a Hunted House)

You guys are on my mind. (Camera Shows Johan and Jonna walking throught the Hunted House where a Zombie Intern pops up and scares them away and Johan jumps out a window.)

You asked me what I wanted to be (Camera Show Johan who lands on Platofrm and gets up back gets knock off by a rolling barrel, Then Jay-Cee and Lara Jumping over the barrels and Jay-Cee find a Hammer and whacks a Barrel away)

And now I think the answer is plain to see, (Camera Shows the Barrel Flying into a Cave where Saki is Fighting a Dragon and she dodges the Dragons Fire Breath)

I wanna be famous. (Camera Shows Chef and Nestor as Gaurds who are standing still and they notice a Cardboard slowing walking walk past them)

I wanna live close to the sun, (Camera then shows Oliva getting out of the box and runs to Jacky and Alex who are building a tower to stop the incoming horde of Zombies)

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won, (The Camera changes to Oskar and Cornelia in a 2D Boxing Ring where they are fighting each out but then Oskar shoots a fire ball out of his hand that blasts Cornelia off the ring)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way (Camera changes to Ludwig and Caitlyn Hiding Beihnd a Trench  while Missles expode in front of Trench)

I'll get there one day. (Ludwig and Caitlyn
 rush into the Battle Fleid and shoot down a Group of Robots That look like Other Contestnat but then turn around to see Noah which a Machine gun infront of them , So Ludwig and Caitlyn Surrender)

Cause, I wanna be famous! (Camera Changes to CJ who is in a Sonic the Hedgehog Suit runing extremly fast but then crashs into a Spike Trap Set by Zayla who steals all the rings that CJ Droped)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! (Camera changes to Oskar, Johan and Jacky at a Tetris feild where there trying to put the blocks in the right place while on the other Side Ludwig, Lara and Oliva are trying to do the same)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera then shows Saki and Noah on Tron Bikes where Noah Turns Right and Takes out Jay-Cee)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Camera changes Alex in a Mario Suit and Jonna in A Luigi Suit trying to aviod the clif, Jonna then turns around to see Alex get a Fire flower and his suit changes from Red to white)

(Whistling in tune) ( Scene Changes to Chris at the Elimination Ceremony where Chris activates the Portal of Shame while all he Contestants are sitting around it look at each other awarkly, While the Words on the Portal Show Total Drama Level Up !)

< Episode Starts>

  • Room 1

Alex: (Looking at a Whiteboard)

Johan: (Thinking)

Ludwig: (Holding Texter)

Noah: Any Ideas ?

Alex: THe Whole Game this Season has no pattern we lost three times they lost once.

Johan: This Sucks I get place on the losing team :(

Ludwig: So you rather be back on Earth ?

Johan: Heck No I want the Million :|

Noah: Well Leader thinks of something for us then I'm getting some Coffee (Walks out of the room)

Alex: Now that he’s out of the room now we can talk strategy :)

Johan: Ok I got something Has Anyone else played Mario Kart that's definitely Something Chris would do 

Alex: Ok Racing Genre (Writes it on the whiteboard)

Johan: And you can't forgot Cod

Alex: First Person Shooter (Writes it on the Whiteboard)

Ludwig: (Feels Bothered)

Alex: You feel okay Ludwig ?

Ludwig: Yeah I need to get something off my back (Opens the Window and climbs out of it)

Alex:  ?

Johan: Good thing were on the first floor :| 

Alex: (CON) Ludwig is a..... Funny person A Bit Socially Odd, but still a friend in my books :)

  • Upstairs

Nestor: So how are you enjoying your first week as an honorary Grip ?

Oskar: A Little Adjusting due to the room change and teammates but I'm glad me and Caitlyn are on the same team again :)

Oskar: A Bit strange that we sharing the Upstairs room with the two Gaffer Girls :|

Cornelia: (Sleep)

Ludwig: (Appears at the Window)

Ludwig: (Knocks at the Window)

Cornelia: (wakes up)

Cornelia: What the hell are you doing out there ?

Ludwig: I couldn't risk Noah notice me go up the stairs so I improvised :)

Ludwig: Anyway you said you tell me more about Noah ?

Cornelia: Yeah just meet me at the back of the House in 5 !

Cornelia: Wait how did you climb the wall

Ludwig: I Covered my Chest and Back and Hands with Glue :|

Cornelia: Really ? (Pushes Ludwig out the Window)

Ludwig: Ok I'll just wait here on the Sand (Stuck to the ground)

(Pelican lands near him)

Ludwig:   :|

  • Room 2

Oliva: (Wakes up)

Oliva: (Hits head on the bottom of the bunked bed)

Lara: You all right ?

Oliva: Yea I just got to stop getting up too quick

Lara: (Looks out the window)

Lara: Looks normal so Hopefully Chris hasn't woke up yet.

Jonna: Did any of you hear any noises last night ?

Oliva: What happened last night

Jonna: I just trying to sleep but I can hear all these people walking around the house, And even some massive thump noises ?

Jacky: Well I would say that was CJ since he likes to have mid-night snacks but he's not here 

(They Hear Alex and Johan words from the living room)

Lara: :|

  • Living Room

Johan: Who even owns a Green Bennie ?

Caitlyn: Something wrong ?

Alex: Someone left a Beanie and a belt with a heart on it on the floor last night.

Jacky: Who owns it ?

Oskar: I can't recall anyone ever owning it.

Oliva: Doesn't everyone just wear the same cloths for the two or more seasons ?

Noah: What's all the Commotion about peasant (Enters the Living Room)

Noah: (Gasp as he sees the Green Bennie and Heart shaped belt)

Noah: Who left their crap out on the couch ? (Looks at Jonna)

Jonna: As if I'd wear a Tacky hat

Noah: (CON) The Only people I know who wear Beanies are Jeremy who’s not here and Gavin who’s is also not here. And that Belt ........ Belongs to someone I hate a lot and not it's Not Cornelia... So One Worser then these hear of Sheep.

Cornelia: (Sneaks out of the house)

Oskar: Someone must have broken in maybe?

Zayla: Unlikely we wouldn't find Robbers in a Virtual Word :|

Johan: What if Chris planted these here which might foreshadow a horrifying challenge ahead or even a Debut of more Players?

(Everyone looks at Johan)

Johan: Well who else would own a leaf shape Necklace (Gets a Leaf Necklace from the table)

Nestor: (Gasp)

Nestor: Where did you get that from :O

Johan: I Found it at the from of the house

  • Behind the House

Ludwig: (Laying on the ground)

Cornelia: Get up 

Ludwig: Can't the glues on my back has set in :(

Cornelia: Do I have to find a Whip ?

Ludwig: (Quickly gets up)

Cornelia: Over here

Ludwig: (Walks with Cornelia:)

Ludwig: So did Chris let you print the sheet out ?

Cornelia: Originally no due to People's Privacy but then he found this (Gives Ludwig the Information Sheet)

Ludwig: But ?

Cornelia: Read it and Find out.

Ludwig: You dropped your dog tag over there ?

Cornelia: What ?

Ludwig: (Points to the Sand behind her a where a Dog tag lies

Cornelia:  O_O

Cornelia: (Picks it Up)

Ludwig: I didn't think you own a Dog Tag ?

Cornelia: I don't but I know someone who does (Walks off Disturbed form what the words that spell Bruno on the dog tag)

Ludwig: Any who ?

Ludwig: (Begins Reading the Notes and Flips from the pages)

Ludwig: I don't get what Chris meant about .......

Ludwig: ......... (Stops as he finds something)

Ludwig: Attended John's High.. But I when to John's High

Ludwig: ....... (Drops Information Book into the Ocean)

Ludwig: O_O

Ludwig: (Begins Flashbacks from his past at High School, and Remembers Noah was Responsible for some of his Misery at School)

Ludwig: (CON) I was right.... My Years of Isolation and Pranks where by Him and his Minions...... He must answer from these Accusations >:|

  • Craft Service Tent

(All the Tables have changed into 6 Small Tables for two)

Chris: Good Morning Players, Notice anything Different (Wearing a Red Michael Jackson Jacket)

Caitlyn: Why'd you change the Table seatings ?

Chris: And.....

Johan: That random Clothing’s has been placed around the house..

Chris: ........ And ?

Noah: Your going to a Cosplay convention Dressed in a red Jacket -_- 

Chris: Close but not me you (Throws the Michael Jackson Jacket to Noah)

Chris: Just for my Amusement you have to wear it all-day

Chris: Also With the Tables I feel that there has not been enough team crossed interactions so I decide that One Gaffer and one Grip Will be placed at each table and will be enjoying breakfast for today :)

Chef: The Following People to these Tables (Gets out small paper notes)

Chef: Table 1 Alex and Lara.

Chef: Table 2 Cornelia and Caitlyn

Chef: Table 3 Ludwig and Oliva

Chef: Table 4 Noah and Jacky

Chef: Table 5 Zayla and Nestor

Chef: Table 6 Jonna and Johan

Oskar: But were uneven

Chris: Congratulations then Oskar you get to be a Butler (Gives Oskar A Butler Suit)

Oskar: I already hate this day -_-

  • Table 1

Alex: So are you enjoying leadership ?

Lara: Yea I got to be the head of room 2

Alex: Nice Same for room 1

Alex: But as knowing my Team I notice Noah is slowly trying to takeover

Lara: Well you just need to get rid of him once and for all, I Know Some people on my Team haven't vote with me but it's not too bigge :)

Alex: Well whatever happens out There today you all-ways have you one true teammate ;)

Lara:  :)

  • Table 2

Ludwig: .....

Olive:  :|

Ludwig: (Starts becoming Nervous)

Oliva: So what’s your take on the teams and challenges ?

Ludwig: Well... I don't mean to brag but I've grown up with Videos games especially the fifth generation which was the PS1 and then I through my early years I sort of Avoid socialising due to problems at school.

Oliva: ... What happened ?

Ludwig: I was always picked on for my Smarts or my issues. (Looks at Noah)

Oliva: .... I was more focus at my Circus talents, have you ever heard of the Towering trio :)

Ludwig: I have but My Older Brother had a Phobia of Clowns so we didn’t go to any circus :|

Oliva: We seem to have a bit in Common.

Ludwig:  The Fact that we have skills better then Social Skills :)

Oliva: Yea that.

Oskar: Good Moring and What you have on the menu

Ludwig: I'll have the Peanut Butter Muffins and The Gorgeous girl in Red ......

Oliva: (Blushes)

Ludwig: :|

Ludwig: (CON) -_- Sometimes I really need to not say what I'm thinking (Smacks his Head on the Wall)

  • Table 3

Jacky: (Giggles)

Noah: Laugh again and I will end you at the first Merge ceremony in sight >:(

Jacky: But I just never imagined you in Michael Jackson Cloths, That's like seeing Alex in a Wedding dress.

Jacky: Plus at least you it's more stylish then ...

Oskar: Here’s The Soup you order dear and one .... Cheese Omelette for you Middleton

Noah: .. I change my Mind can I have Bacons and eggs waiter >:)

Oskar: -_- (Sigh and walks off)

Noah: I don't get why he was so popular anyway !

Jacky: Are you kidding me made Thriller, Bille Jean, Heck Me and Jonna had held a Party themed with all his best tracks which was going great until Jonna got Sick and me and Kyle had to give her a lift home and Ben had to make sure she didn't throw up on the way back.

Noah: -_- anyone want to swap !

  • Table 4

Oskar: Did any of you want a Cheese omelette its on the house

Nestor: Sure I'll give it a shot :)

Nestor: So you’re a Magician Zay..

Zalya: It's Zayla and Yes I grew up with a tribe of nomadic gypsies back in Romania where we just travelled the world, Performing magic and Tricks.

Nestor: Small Question.. I heard that there’s a castle in Romania called Bran's Castle which people referred to as Draculas Castle is that True or just Folklore ?

Zayla: The Answer is yes, I lived near aswell, and in fact my mother told me my Uncle was Count Dracula himself ;)

Nestor: O_O

Nestor: (Drops Knife and Fork)

  • Table 5

Caitlyn: (Eating while Glaring at Cornelia)

Cornelia: (Eating while Glaring at Caitlyn)

Oskar: (Gulp)

Oskar: Is that all you order ladies

Cornelia: I might have a Teammate who doesn't lie to his own Team >:(

Caitlyn: And I'll have a girl who doesn't stick her pointy red fingers nails into everything that's not here Business >:(

Oskar: Ok that's two more baskets of Bread and Butter.


  • Table 6

Jonna: So you enjoying your new team

Johan: Does being glued to Cornelia and Noah sound enjoying -_-

Jonna: It' can be that Bad you got Alex and the two newbies

Johan: And A team that can’t avoid elimination for more then one F$%^ Episode 

Jonna: Wow that sucks :|

Chris: Ok you all bore me Chef teleport All Thirteen Players to File: Mc-CleanVania

Nestor: But I just got my Omelette

(Everyone is teleported away)

  • Haunted House ( Outside)

Chris: You guys thought I would miss out on the Halloween night did you ?

Johan: wait it's already the 31st of October on Earth... DAM !

Chris: Yea One Earth week is Day in a Virtual World.

Lara: There’s so Much smoke, we can barley see.

Chris: That's cause were standing right near the cemetery

Oliva: (Gas) Are we having a Zombie Themed Challenge :D

Chris: Today we decide to do a sub genre which is the Survival/Horror, Such games Like Outlast, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Cod Zombies and Splatter house pits you against the undead which shivers your spine and must make you think how can you defend yourself from them for Monsters of the Night.

Ludwig: Chris ? Splatter house is a Horror/Beat e'm up/Platformer not Survival Horror :|, Splaterhouse also was the most Violent game from the 80's till Mortal Kombat beat it's title

Chris: -_- Gee looks like you took the tile of being this seasons Harold >:|

Noah: Since he’s a expert that means he better wins this for us or his butts being thrown back to Earth !

Chris: Now What I would do is place the two teams somewhere into the Haunted House and just outlast the other group but I like to make things Harder so Can I Have 2 Gaffers and 2 Grips.

Caitlyn: (Steps Forward)

Alex: (Steps Forward)

Lara: (Also Forward)

Noah: (Notice Alex and Lara smile at each other so he also steps in)

Chris: Ok Group One Alex, Noah, Lara and Caitlyn

Alex: Does this mean the teams have merged ?

Chris: Ha you wish Alex, We divided you, Noah with two grips who will be group one, you can ditch them and find your own teammates but Teamwork is the only thing you have once you step foot into the House.

Chef: (Opens the Door)

Chris: Weapons have been scattered across the House, if the Undead kill you become the undead

Oliva:   :D

(Alex, Noah, Caitlyn and Lara Enter the house where Smoke appears behind them causing everyone to lose them in their sight)

Chris: Ok Now next group 1 Gaffer and 3 Grips.

(Jacky, Oliva and Oskar step forward)

Cornelia: hmm Ludwig...

Ludwig: Yes

Cornelia: Thank you (Pushes Ludwig)

Ludwig: (Bumps into Oliva)

Oliva: Hi :)

Ludwig: Oh Sorry for that sudden crash

Oskar: (Helps Ludwig up)

Chris: Your turn for a Tour ;)

Chris: Oh Yea Jacket since you won the exclusive Challenge of Flappy birds your group get to start off with Weapons and Flashlights

Jacky: Sweat, Group 2 lets rock :)

(Jacky, Oskar, Ludwig and Oliva walk into the Haunted House)

Chris: So we have 3 Gaffers and 2 Grips, Johan, Jonna, Zayla, Nestor and Cornelia your up

(All Reaming Players Enter the House)

Chris: Funny part is that the undead that we programed are going to be some familiar faces to our players, In fact we even programed a Voice chip and Memory chip of their friends or foes., Let the Horror Mayhem being.

  • Wall-way full of Paintings

Caitlyn: A Hall way of art it's feels like there staring right at us :(

Alex: Anyone else find it creepy that each portrait has a face that we all know.

Caitlyn: (Sees a Painting of Kendra)

Caitlyn: Don't why'd they waste precious Painting material on that B#$%

Noah: (Rips Painting of Noah off)

Noah: There can only be one Noah >:)

Alex: Your wrecking art ?

Noah: Chris Said weapons were scattered There must be something in one of these pieces of garbage.

Alex: Well it seems a Bit Disrespectful for Destroy art, like look at the masterpieces (Points to a Portrait of Leon, Juliet and Victor)

Lara: Wow This one looks hot :)

Alex: O_O

Lara: (Looks at the portrait of Erick)

Alex: (Quickly tackles the Portrait off and rips it to shreds)

Noah: he he I get it

Lara: Relax Alex it doesn't mean anything

Alex: I know but this guy almost stole you from me  And I Can't bare ever having that pain. And he was placing our elimination And I Can't bare ever having that pain.

Noah: (CON) Once again another opportunity to get rid of someone has come, If I tick him off too much he'll turn on me, If someone betrays there own teammate you fake a Conspiracy about them.

Noah: Was Erick the only other guy you fell for Lara ?

Lara: That's not really any of your business.

Noah: (CON) Of Course Not -_-

Alex: hm Maybe we wasn't that bad after all (Find a Wrench inside the Portrait of Erick)

  • Feast Hall

Oskar: 3...2.....1

Oskar & Oliva: (Kick the Door down)

Ludwig: Nice Technique

Oliva: Thank you :)

Jacky: Omg A Dinner Table :D

Ludwig: HOLT !

(Everyone stops running to the food)

Ludwig: Has anyone ever watched Scooby doo ?

Oskar: I Think Most of us would be lying if we didn't

Ludwig: Remember that one episode when Shaggy and Scooby Came Across a Haunted House

Oliva: You mean the entire plot :|

Ludwig: But when they saw the feast hall the food became real and attacked them.

Oskar: Yea.. And Chris wouldn’t just leave perfectly good Chicken and Butter on a Counter.

Jacky: What would the chances be if we found something useful in the basement.

Ludwig: The B.B.B.B Basement :(

Oskar: That's the one place you don't want to go in a Haunted House :(

Oliva: oh Come it'll will be fun

Oskar: says every dead person -_-

Ludwig: Plus we already got a shotgun, a Rifle, a Pistol and a Fire Axe

Jacky: (Accidently Presses the Trigger which Shot Ludwig's Goggles off)

Ludwig: O_O

Jacky: heheh Sorry my Finger Slipt :O

  • Library

Zayla: (Searches through the books)

Johan: So are we planning to peg the undead with literature cause I can't find any other reasons WHY WERE FREAKING IN A LIBRARY !

Zayla: I'm searching for a Spell book and I recommend being quiet that's the Golden rule of the Library and Loud Noise attract the undead >:|

Cornelia: Were in a Virtual world no Magic would reach it >:(

Zalya: Find Slipt then but I'm camping here

Jonna: Fine, Nestor lets go check the basement my we will find our own Comrades there

(Grandfather Clock Noise Echo Through the House)

(A Full Moon Appears Signalling that it's Mid-Night

Chris: (Dressed in Necromancer Robes stand on the Roof of the Haunted House)

Chef: (Plays Piano)



Chris: AND TO TERRORIZE YOU FOR THE WHOLE CHALLENGE (Holds the Power glove in the Air)



(Fires Magic Beams from the Power Glove)

(Massive Magic Beams fly around and shoot right into the graves of the Crematory)

(Hands start to burst from the ground and Zombies dig there way out)

Chris: Players Must Stand and Face their Past, WITHOUT A LOOK OF GRIEF OR THOUGHT

Diem: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Saki: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Gavin: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)

Sydney: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Jack: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)

Joe: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)


Joanne: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Juliet: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Adam: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)

Ireland: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

Jay-Cee: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)

Melody: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of her Grave)

CJ: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)

Bruno: (Appears as A Zombie and Crawls out of his Grave)


Monica: (Jumps out off her grave with Red Glowing eyes)

Chef: Was that whole Rip-off Speech worth it -_-

Chris: It was, I always wanted to raise the dead :)

Chris: Will the groups work together or get lost in the dark and never return tune in for another five minutes of your Life when we return to TOTAL........ DRAMA......... LEVEL....... UP !

Johan: Hey did Anyone else hear that ?

  • Hall-Way

Caitlyn: Five Minutes and notings happened yet


Lara: AHHHH! 

Lara: (Jumps onto Noah)

Alex: A Thunder strike does that indicate anyting in Horror

Lara: I ......Hate...Lightning or Any Sudden Loud BANGS !

Noah: Relax just imagine your holding onto Erick  >:)

Alex: -_- Dude were trying to work to togther and your trying tear us apart

Noah: You two can't date while being on Different teams from one another.

Alex: Who Made you the official Rule Maker of the game

Noah: The People who wished to live long enough under my rules, I have the entire team backing me up.. Alex your time is over >:)

Alex: Don't anger me Noah you would like me when I'm anger >:(

Lara: Noah BACK OFF >:(

Caitlyn: Ok this Gaffer feud is getting us nowhere.

Noah: And So is Alex and Lara's Pointless relationship during a Show, The two can learn a thing from Gwent and Duncney  >:)

Alex: (Pushes Noah down the stairs)

Noah: (Hits the bottom floor)

Noah: X_X

Alex: Noah ?

Lara: Don't let that get to you Alex it's all right

Alex: He did that on purpose, (Sigh) we got to get him out tonight 

(Alex, Lara and Caitlyn head to the attic)

Noah: (Gets up Revealing that he faked being killed)

Noah: (CON) Well I got my back up plan for tonight solved, Now to find the rest of my Team of Ostriches.

  • Basement

Nestor: (Finds a Shovel)

Jonna: This looks like a Power Generator ?

Nestor: That means we can bring light into the house

(Window Smash)

Jonna: What was that !

  • Living Room

Nestor: (Runs up to the living Room to See Ludwig's Group searching there)

Ludwig: Nestor what happened down there

Nestor: I heard a Window Smash up here

Jonna: (Scream)

Oskar: That's Jonna :O

  • Basement

Jonna: (Trapped in a Corner where Two Zombies slowly advance 


Jacky: (Fires Shotgun killing both Zombies)

Ludwig: Oh Mein God  :O

Oliva: Zombies :O

Jonna: Thanks Jacky :D (Still shivering)

Jacky: We should try to find the rest of the Killer Grips.

Ludwig: :|

Oliva: Is Ludwig still able to stay with us ?

Oskar: The More the Merrier :)

(Back Door Behind them breaks down)

Joe (Zombie): (Walks into the Basement)

Diem (Zombie): (Walks into the Basement)

Melody (Zombie): (Walks into the Basement)

Nestor: MELODY D:

Ludwig: (Shoots Melody with his Pistol)

Ludwig: Golden Rule Never show Emotion to the undead >:|


(Everyone beings to run out of the Basement)

(Zombie Hand pops up from the Ground and Grabs Nestor)

Nestor: WHAT THE !

Jay-Cee (Zombie): (Crawls out the ground still holding Nestor)

Nestor: I don't know what to feel Irony or Terror

  • Living Room

Nestor: (Yell is heard through the whole House)

Oskar: Crud Where's Ludwig and Oliva

Jonna: They must of Ran east of here



Jacky: We'll find here

Jonna: If she’s not one of them

  • Library

Johan: (Places A Piano at the Door barricading it)

Cornelia: Through the whole Library all I found was a Nail Gun and Lightsaber  -_-

Johan: Dibs the Lightsaber (Snatches Lightsaber of Cornelia)

Zayla: Presto I found it.

Cornelia: Is it a Book Titled Helpful ?

Zayla: Defence against Dark Creatures Spells :)

Johan: If were talking about dark Creatures does Cornelia count (Laughs)

Cornelia: (Kicks Johan in the Groin with her high Heels)

Johan: Fatality :(

Johan: (Falls down in pain)

  • Attic

Lara: What kind of House these days still have one of these

Alex: The 30's

Caitlyn: Isn't this a bad spot, we have no where left to run

Alex: The Undead can't climbs ladders can they ?

Caitlyn: I don't want to find out

Caitlyn: (Opens Door and Leaves)

Lara: Wait Caitlyn

Alex: it's cool we can just go Co-op player in this game

Lara: Sounds good lets search this place :)

(Zombies are heard from the floor below

Alex: That can't be good :(

  • Hallway

Jacky: Creepy Paintings !

Oskar: Everywhere

Caitlyn: Big Mistake leaving the attic RUN !

Caitlyn: (Runs Past them)

Oskar: Caitlyn !

Jacky: (Notices the Horde of Zombies Slowly behind her)

Oskar: (Aims Shotgun and Shoots a Zombie Sydney)

Jacky: (Reloads Rifle and Shoots a Zombie Jack)

Jacky: Where running low !

Jonna: (Finds Crow Bar behind the Portrait of Duncan)

Jonna: (Whacks a Zombie Juliet with the Crowbar)

Jonna: (Attempts to Whack a Zombie Adam)

Oskar: Adam !

Adam (Zombie) : (Catches the Crowbar and Bites Jonna)

Jacky: JONNA !

Adam (Zombie): (Pushes Jonna In the Zombie Horde where the Surround her)


Oskar: We Need to keep moving

(Oskar, Caitlyn, Jonna and Jacky continue to get chased by the horde)

Oskar: Up Here !

(Oskar, Caitlyn Run to the Stairs nearby while Jacky did not hear them and run straight past it)

  • Dark Room

Jacky: (Slams the Door which chops a Zombie arm of Joe off)

Jacky: (sigh)

Jacky: Where are the Dam Lights

(Despite the room is pitch black the only thing Jacky can see in the room is the mirror)

Jacky: (Notices Words in Red appear on the Mirror)

sthgiL ehT nO nruT t'noD (Appears in Blood Red on the Mirror)

Jacky: ?

Jacky: Ok Maybe I should just get out now 

Jacky: (Accidently Presses the on Button)

Jacky: O_O

Jacky: (Looks in Horror as she Sees the Zombie CJ there)

Jacky : (Scream)

  • Attic

(The Door in the Attic is being by Zombies from the floor below)

Alex: (Sigh) I screwed us up :(

Lara: What do you mean ?

Alex: The Attic is a Bad Idea, Killing Noah was a Bad Idea, Now were about to Die in the Dark

Lara:  Bad idea or nor I wouldn't care which places you take me, You always make the best out of them ;)

Lara: Plus the only thing I See in the Dark is you Alex, That's the only light I need :)

Alex: I love you Lara and Happy Halloween

Lara: I love you too Alex (Holding Hands with Alex while Holding onto a Bomb Detonator

(Zombie's Break through and charge at them)

Alex: I always wanted to go out in a Bang ! (Presses Bomb Detonator)


  • Second Floor Hallway

Oliva: What the hell is happening up there.

Ludwig: Zombie Stuff

Oliva: Sounds Fun

Ludwig: You Seem to enjoy Zombies

Olvia: There are Fascinating creatures aren't they

Ludwig: And pretty terrifying

Oliva: Yep

Ludwig: So.....

Ludwig: (Tries to put his Arm around her shoulder but remembers she is taller then him)

Ludwig: Have you ever been in a Relationship ?

Oliva: Which Kind

Ludwig: The Romantic Kind Between two teenagers :|

Oliva: oh that one....... Yea I know what you mean.

Oliva: But I'm sort of Taken :|

Ludwig: You are :|

Oliva: Yea I have a boyfriend called Oli

Ludwig: Sounds like a cool person 

Oliva: Would you like to meet him Now :)

Ludwig: Meet were in a Challenge (Looks at Oliva while Shooting a Zombie Jay-Cee)

Oliva: (Gets a Oli doll out of her pocket)

Oliva: Oli this is Ludwig a friend of mine.

Ludwig:  Hi Oli   :|

Ludwig: (CON)....... I'm left speechless...... but I guess some people would make up a partner to cope with some Difficulties, A Very Interesting one she is :|

Noah: Dude did you get yourself in the Friendzone with a Corpse Bride -_-

Ludwig: Corpse Bride what are you talking about she is one of the most beautiful Woman I've ever seen in my........ 

Ludwig: (Turns around too See Oliva is a Zombie)

Ludwig: OLIVA !

(A Zombie Alex, Jacky, CJ, Lara, Adam, Bruno and Nestor behind them)

Noah: Were surrounded O_O

Ludwig: (Turns Back to a Zombie Oliva to See A Zombie Jay-Cee, Jonna, Jack, Sydney and Joe standing behind her)

Chris:  I've been waiting for this moment :) (Players Thriller Music from the window)

Noah: F%^& 

(All the Zombies being to do the Thriller dance)

Ludwig: Never in my life would I ever see Zombies really do the Thriller, Makes you just want to join them doesn’t it :)

Noah: NO and get over here (Runs off with Ludwig)

Chris: hmm maybe that was a bad Idea, Zombies find them.

  • Library

Zayla: Warden Hand !

Zayla: (Summons a Giant Hand to crush the Zombies breaking into the library

Cornelia: Is that the only spell you have in English !

Zayla: Other the Giant Rings and A Kiss of Fire pretty much :|

Johan: (Uses Lightsaber to Chop the Advancing Zombies)

Johan: Nothing gets to this Padawan >:)

Ireland: (Zombie) (Punches at Johan)

Johan: (Screams)

Cornelia: (Shoots Ireland down with the Nail Gun)

Cornelia: (Shoots down a Zombie Saki with a Nail Gun and runs out of Ammo)

Cornelia: I'm out what do we do now

Bruno (Zombie): (Breaks down the Door)

Cornelia: Bruno :O

Zayla: Don't bother he’s one of them

Zayla: (Commands the Giant Hand to Squash Bruno)

Bruno (Zombie): (Catch’s and lifts the Giant Hand and Throws it at Cornelia)

Cornelia: (Scream)

Cornelia:  (Gets Crushes under the Wait of the Giant Magic Hand)

Zayla: Well I've played all the cards I can think of, Any other ideas we can do Johan ?

Johan: The Only one we can do !

Johan: (Imagines Obi Wan's Voice in his Head)

(Use the Force Johan)

Johan: (Tries to use the Force)

(Nothing Happens)

Zayla: -_-

Johan: Well if it was ever going to work I thought it would have been now :(

(Zombies over power Johan and Zayla)

  • Outside the Haunted House

(THUNDER and Raining)

Caitlyn: Are you sure were allowed to leave the house (Holding a Rope on third Floor)

Oskar: Chris Never mentioned it so maybe, and we can't stay on the roof thanks to Alex and Lara, once I get down then you get too (Holding the Rope while slowly waking down from the wall)

Caitlyn: (Hears Zombie Noise behind her)

Adam: (Zombies) (Appears behind Caitlyn)

Caitlyn AHH ! (Jumps onto the Rope which cause her to slide all the way down and crash into Oskar)

(Both crashes into the grass)

  • Third Floor Hallway

Noah: (Stabs a Zombie Joanne with a Sword)

Ludwig: (Shoots a Zombie Joe with a Pistol)

Noah: (Looks at Joanne's Zombie Corpse)

Ludwig: Something Wrong?

Noah: Nope !

Gavin (Zombie): (Appears behind Noah)

Noah: (Pulls out Chef Knife and Jabs it in the throat)

Noah: Never sneak up behind me Gavin, You'll lose your neck.

Ludwig: You know Him ?

Noah: I know many people I hate most of them, But he was not most people.

Ludwig: Yet you don't remember, John's High School

Noah: Never heard of the place

Ludwig: (Aims Pistol at Noah)

Ludwig: BullSH$%^ my full name Is Ludwig Von Malmar, We went to the same school.... and you Tormented me there especially at prom night.

Noah: Are you having repressed Memories ?

Ludwig: BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!

Ludwig: I thought I finally got a Date but not only did you steal it but at the last minute at Prom and I get dunked into a Pool full of Punch !

Noah: Do you even know what your saying, There's no way I would hurt people, This Noah you speak of has long left your Life Ludwig...... But do you really think I Would do such Barbaric Acts

Ludwig: (Puts Gun down)

Ludwig: I Guess not :(

Noah: Good you think that >:)

Ludwig: Wait WHAT !

Noah: (Pushes Ludwig off the Floor and onto the floor below)

Ludwig: my Back !

Noah: I'm Surprised it took so long to remember me Ludwig Von Malmar, Yep you made yourself so easy to be messed with not my fault you were a teachers pet. But you did make school fun... For Me >:)

Noah: I still thinking between eliminating you or Alex.... Have fun with the Undead

Ludwig: NOAH YOU GET BACK HERE ! (Tries to get up but Stumbles to the ground)

Ludwig: (Con) MARK MY WORDS NOAH MIDDLETON...... YOU...... WILL..... PAY !!!!!

Ludwig: (Notices Zombies surround Him)

Ludwig: I couldn't care anymore :(

  • Fourth Floor

Noah: (Reloads Shotgun and Blast down Any zombies in sight)

Noah: (Runs out of Ammo)


?????: NOAH 

Noah: ...... That sounds too girly to be him

(Hears a Slow noise of Chains walking)

Noah: (Sees a Shadow walk closer to him)

Noah: O_O

Monica (Zombie): (appears from the shadows)

Noah: YOU !

Monica (Zombie): (ROAR)

Noah: TEENS Wasn't not enough for you huh !

Monica (Zombie): (Charges at Noah)

Noah: (Dodges her Claw attack and Kicks her back)

Monica (Zombie): (Charges at Noah and jumps at him)

Noah: (Lifts her up and throws her off the floor)

Noah: (Sees More Zombies run after him)

Lara: (Zombie): (Lunges at Noah and Bites him on the Shoulder)

Noah: (Punches her off)

Noah: (Turns Around and Shoots A Zombie Alex)

Monica (Zombie): (Throws a Chain at Ties to Noah's Left leg)

Noah: NO !

Noah: (Is being dragged to the edge of the floor)

Noah: (Throws a Knife that hits a Zombie Adam)

Monica (Zombie): (Pulls the Chain)

Noah: AHHHH (Falls off the edge and into the horde of Zombies)

  • Front of the Haunted House

Oskar: (Gets up from the Crash land)

Caitlyn: (Gets up from the Crash Land)

Chris: Wow you two actually survived the night, And too think no one even tried like leave the house at all :|

Oskar: Were we the only survivors ?

Chris: Pretty much it was a Massacre in there, The last Person died four hours ago, There all waiting in the spectator room waiting for their results.

Chris: But since the only two people who survived are both Grips that mean the Killer Grips win today/tonight's challenge.

Oskar: Nice do we get a reward

Chris: Hey there's a Power glove the Players house reward yourself ?

  • Sauna

Nestor: (Sitting and relaxed)

Jacky: I always wanted a Sauna sessions, except that this is Co-ed :|

Oskar: Yea forgot to make separate gender Sauna's but the Gaffer's didn't mind earlier.

Caitlyn: I Heard that Thing Noah and Johan got into a Towel Whipping Fight which Johan got left exposed and scarred Cornelia and Zayla for Life :|

Oliva: How hot can it get ?

Jonna: It can get hotter if you pour more water onto the stones

Lara: Can someone tell me the time

Nestor: (Checks His Sauna Watch) About 6:30... Good Luck Gaffers :(

Lara: (Gasp) I'll be back in Fifteen minutes.

Oliva: Hey Jacky what’s the friendzone ?

Jacky: Think of it as slavery love but it only applies to boys

Jacky, Jonna, Oliva & Caitlyn: (All Begin to laugh at the joke)

Oskar & Nestor: -_-

  • Elimination Ceremony

(Cornelia and Noah are in the Front Row)

(Johan and Zayla are sitting in the Middle Row)

(Alex and Ludwig are sitting in the Back Row)

Chris: Wow Screaming Gaffers just wow, This challenge was without a doubt your worse performance yet. But the Ratings are loving this episode and the Conflicts :)

Alex & Ludwig: (Both Glare at Noah)

Chris: But you know what the best thing to do when you had a bad day... Vote out the person who made your day suck in the first place So Gaffer's lets Get Voting !

Alex: (Votes)

Ludwig: (Votes)

Cornelia: (Votes)

Noah: (Votes)

Zayla: (Votes)

Johan: (Votes)

Chris: Chef the results :) (Looks the Coffin next to him)

Chef: (Coffin opens and he raise up live a Vampire and Gives Chris the Results)

Chris: Ok I have Five 1-Up Mushrooms for those who get to live another Thriller Night :)

Johan: Was that Pun Intended

Chris: First One Goes too......





Alex:  :)

Chris: Zayla

Zayla: Better luck with the first mushroom next time Alex ;)





Chris: Johan

Johan: (Catches his 1-Up Mushroom)








Chris: Cornelia and Ludwig

Cornelia:   :)

Chris: Alex and Noah..... This is it for one of you ! 

Alex: (Worried)

Noah: >:) .............

Chris: And the Final 1-Up For the Night goes too !


















Chris: NOAH !

Noah: Was there ever a Doubt (Catches the 1-UP)

Ludwig: I wish :(

Alex: Me But..... I did a good job didn't I ?

Chris: Well if the whole Team excecpt Ludwig voted for you then they must beg to differ :|

Chris: Since you've Eliminated The New Leader of the Screaming Gaffers is no other Than Noah

Noah: >:)

Cornelia: -_-

Alex: .......Can I Atleast saygoodbye to Lara :(

Chris: This is a Drama show not a Soap Opera so The answer is No.... Chef

Chef: (Fires the Portal Gun)

Alex: (The Force of the Portal begins to Drag him towards it)

Alex: (Holds onto the the Stair where Noah is sitting)

Noah: Long Live the Leader >:)

Noah: (Stomps on Alex's Finger causing him to let go)

Alex: Was that Lion King reference necessarrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Alex: (Falls into the Portal of Shame)

(Portal Closes)

Lara: (Runs in out of breath)

Lara: Am I Late ?

Johan: Yea babe But Alex is gone from this Virtual world.

Lara: Why did you guys even vote him out ?

Cornelia: Why wouldn't we he already won a Season and as a Leader he must not show any emotion to the other team....... This was a Problem from the begining and it has now ended....

Lara: (CON) (Sigh) I never thought I would ever Outlast Alex in a Season.... Today felt more like a Defeat then our win I never thought I would ever Outlast Alex in a Season...... I'm going to get those Gaffers Back for this >:(

Chris: And Now the Control in the team has shifted can the Screaming Gaffers Risk another loss..... Will Ludwig get anywhere with Oliva or his Past Vendetta Against Noah......... Find out on our Next Episode of TOTAL................ DRAMA............... LEVEL........... UP !

Episode 7: Aftermath I: A Very Late Night Show

Aftermath I: A Very Late Night Show
Season 2, Episode 7
TDLU Aftermath 1
Date 2nd October
Reward(s) Join the Game
Winner(s) Read and Find Out
Episode Guide
"Dead Despising"
"First Person Shooter Genre"
 Comming Soon ?

(Giant Yellow Spelling TDLU aftermath Appear on the screen with the Crows Cheering)

  • Aftermath Stage

Topher: Good Evening and Welcome to an All new Instalment of TOTAL........ DRAMA.........AFTERMATH with your Hosts Tohper and....

Sierra: Sierra :D

Topher: Before we start lets also Introduce our Peanut Gallery of Reject Contestants :)

Tohper: On the Top Row we have Juliet

Juliet: Hi Mom :D

Topher: Joanne

Joanne: (Waves to the Crowd)

Topher: Sydney

Sydney: Pleasure to be here :)

Sierra: And on the Bottom Row Joe

Joe: Couldn't you use a Better name then rejected :(

Sierra: Adam

Adam: (Winks at the Crows)

Joe: (Blocks Ears over all the girls Screaming over Adam)

Sierra: And Jack

Jack: Good to join in :)

Sierra: So How in order from top to Bottom we will ask all you a question. Juliet… how’s the outside world been going since Celebrity Manhunt.

Juliet: Awesome I auditioned for another Show I loved Big Brother and GOT IT !

Sierra: REALLY OMG, Don't forget to check my blog on ways to survive the first five weeks :)

Juliet: I will Check right now (Gets IPhone out of her pocket)

(Camera moves onto Joanne)

Joanne: Well it's been a normal type of Holiday just relaxing at Home practising my Piano Skills

Sierra: I Check your Website you do such great drawings  have you ever thought about becoming an artist

Joanne: Not really it's just a hobby nothing more.

Tohper: Any thoughts about Noah in the Game ;)

Joanne: ...... Yea I've enjoyed the Season so far... But I'm sort of torn between all the conflicts

Topher: But do you still side with your boyfriend ;)

Joanne: Yes... Yes I do 

Sierra: Sydney anything interesting happen over the holiday ?

Sydney: Should I tell her ?

Jack: Yep :)

Sydney: I beat the world Record for longest hair

Sierra: :O

Topher: Impressive


Sydney: I don't like to use that term. Fame tends to bring out the worst out of good people.

Topher: I can beg to differ ;)

Topher: Onto the Boys Joe ?

Joe: Well I was thinking about Forming a Rock Band due to my Love of Rock n Roll but I can't really get it going :(

Topher: Already washed up ?

Joe: You must be if you’re running the aftermath of a show.

Adam: Wow Burned

(Crowd being to laugh)

Topher: And Was I the one who lost the chance to win a Million Dollars and Visit a Virtual World. And not to mention your early elimination Last Season, Which you caused by Eye painting ?

Joe :(

Sierra: Wow Washed Much ?

Tohper: Adam still menu for the ladies ;)

Adam: Well I was until I meet Cassidy

Juliet: -_-

Adam: Yeah Sorry Juliet XD

Adam: I met her at a Concert where Me, Ahri, Peyton and Nidalee when to.


Adam: ..No

Joe: Her One Direction would just be Seven Cody’s (Whispers to Adam)


Joe: (Scared at the Second Sierra Glares at him)

Topher: Shall we start the interview?

Jack: What about me ?

Topher: Time Schedule Sorry

Tohper: So order from Elimination please welcome our first Guest Saki

Saki: (Swings in on a Rope)

Saki: (Front flips onto the stage floor)

Saki: Hey Everyone (Sits down)

Sierra: Okay three quick questions before we start

Sierra: One Was the Virtual world Fun ?

Sierra: Two how did you get back to Earth ?

Sierra: And Three where did you Hide Cody !

Topher: A Bit fast with the questions don't you think ?

Saki: One the new location was fun but only when I got the Power glove :)

SakI: Second The Portal of Shame spat me out at a Juvenile Centre where Duncan was and he helped me break out. Mostly caused he need to see Courtney's Award Ceremony that was two weeks ahead and I needed to get here.

Saki: And Third I Duct taped Cody to the ceiling ;)

Sierra: (Looks above to See Cody wrapped in Duct Tape stuck to the celling)

Sierra: CODY !

Sierra: (Runs off)

Topher: About time sees gone so annoying

Tohper: So how did you feel about the Screaming Gaffers?

Saki: Well prior to the season the only people I knew where Nestor, CJ, Jacky and Johan due to past seasons but there all on the Killer Grips :(. But I got a little souvenir to remember that place

Saki: (Get a Power Glove out of here bag full of weapons)

Joe: Does it work ?

Saki: Want to find out ;)

Sydney: I think the results be very bad if we say yes :(

Saki: OK !

Saki: (Puts on the Power Glove)

Saki: (Uses Power Glove to Lift up Juliet)

Juliet: (Screams)

Saki: (Drops Juliet)

Juliet: (Falls and Lands on Adam)

Juliet: Thanks breaking my fall :)

Adam: X_X

Jack: Wait but Chris said the Power Glove only works in the Virtual World ?

Topher: Just like Chris would say "Yea I lied !"

Saki:  (Fires a Fire Ball from the Glove)

Topher: (Ducks)


(Fireball hits an Inter stage crew)

Saki: Yep Definitely a Keeper

Tohper: okay maybe we should move on

Saki: wait I want to try one more thing


Saki: (Shoots a Ball of Blue Fire energy from the Power glove)

Saki: Come to think of It I don't really miss the Mc-Lean interspace cause I got the power right on my fingertips >:)

Saki: (Spawns a Jetpack)

Saki: Well Naruto's on in 15 minutes Seya (Flies away)

Adam: (Gets up and dust himself off)

Sierra: What did I miss (Walks in with Cody still wrapped with Duct over 90% of his body)

Topher: A usual Interview

Joanne: Usual ?

Topher: Yep an Time for a Never before seen clip

  • Never Before seen Clip Takes Place in Episode 6

  • Sauna

(Alex, Noah and Johan are sitting on the left Bench)

(Ludwig, Cornelia and Zayla are sitting on the right bench)

Alex: Well it was nice of the Grips to share their reward and fact let us the sauna first :)

Zayla: Sympathy we are facing out third elimination :(

Cornelia: Small question why is there only one Sauna. And why must we subject to being in the same on as you !

Noah: Your not a all grateful for actual getting to use one are you -_-

Cornelia: There’s Suppose to be a Seperate Gender's Sauna !

Noah: I don't see what your worrying about, Ludwig's wearing a full swimsuit with Flippers, Alex's has Boardshorts and Johans the only one wearing a towel.

Zayla: Then why are you wearing only Speedos -_-

Noah: Cause unlike you or Cornelia I got nothing to hide ;)

Cornelia: (Smacks her head aginst the wall upon thinking about something dustrubing)

Alex: The Temperatures lowering!

Ludwig: I'm on it (Picks up Woden bowl of Water)

Noah: (Trips Ludwig causing the water to slash all over his face)

(Noah, Johan and Zayla begin to laugh)

Cornelia: Children >:|

Alex: Really Mature Noah

Noah: Mature says the one who walked in on her girlfriend during a Sauna Session back on the Flimlot

Alex: No One even said anything when I was about to open the door !

Ludwig: Fine want to fight Fire with Fire (Picks up Spare Towel)

Alex: I'll get more water (Leaves Sauna)

Ludwig: (Uses Towel as a Weapon)

Noah O_O

Noah: (Dodge's Towel Whips)

Alex: Back !

Cornelia: About time we turn up the heat (Pour Water onto the Sauna Rocks)

(Steam covers the entire screen)

Noah: (Grabs Spare Towel)

Noah: (Attempts to Towel Whip Ludwig

Ludwig: (Jumps to the other bench)

Zayla: How much weight can these support?

Noah: Got you now >:)

(Steam begins to fade away)

Noah: (Accidently towel Whips Johan by the waist)

Johan: (His Towel Falls off)

Johan: HEY !

Cornelia: O_O

Zayla: O_O

Ludwig: Way to go you two !

Cornelia: (Screams)


Cornelia & Zayla : (Covers Eyes)

(Outside the Sauna)

Nestor: Must be having a Blast in there ?

Oskar: (Shrugs)

  • Back to Aftermath

Topher: The One of my three favourite parts of that episode :)

Sierra: What where the other two ?

Topher: The Enemies Noah is making and the elimination that sends tears a couple apart :) (Laughs)

(The Peanut Gallery look unamused by Toper's Comment)

Topher: Ok onto our Next Guest who was also dumped by the Gaffers back to Earth Jay-Cee

Jay-Cee: (Waves to the crowd as he walks up)

Topher: So question one were you aware of Noah and Nestor's deal that resulted in your elimination

Jay-Cee: I just got up here any questions about how I'm doing ?

Topher: That Boring Crap can wait, Sierra how is the ratings chart going

Sierra: Nothings happened yet no ups or downs.

Topher: Ok one think I love to do to boots the ratings is another Segment

Topher: Especially Unnecessary cruelty to a Popular Contestant :D

Jay-Cee: But I haven't even be given any questions yet


  • Tightrope

Jay-Cee: Last time I check this was not in the contract >:(

Joe: So that's why you made us dig a whole for the cactus Hole.

Joanne: (Watches while eating Popcorn)

Juliet: lots of comments about this on Facebook :|

Sydney: What about Twitter ?

Juliet: I'll check

Jack: And Tumblr ?

Sierra: (Reloads Ball gun)

Topher: A Simple task Jay-Cee :D

Topher: I'll ask you a question, and you answer

Topher: If you get it wrong and Sierra Launches a ball at you. fall and you might feel pain if you fall into the Cactus pit :|

Topher: Are you Ready :D

Jay-Cee: No !

Topher: Good Question one which Couple do you hate the most ?

Jay-Cee:..... Can I have a less biased question -_-

Topher: Incorrect !

Sierra: (Shoots Ball at Jay-Cee)

Jay-Cee: (Dodge ball but begins to struggle balancing on the rope)

Adam: Imagine it's like dodge ball !

Topher: Question Two which Girl is the hottest ?

Jay-Cee: My Own girlfriend !

Topher: I meant on the show

Jay-Cee: in that case none on the show

Topher: Hmm I feel you might be lying ;)

Jay-Cee: I'm Not >:|

Topher: Hm Fire !

Sierra: (Shoots another ball at Jay-Cee)

Jay-Cee: (Catches the Ball)

Topher: Oh

Jay-Cee: (Throws the Ball back at Sierra which hits her eye leaving a big black eye mark)

Sierra: X_X

Topher: That's gonna leave a mark :)

Topher: Speaking of that Phrase I believe it's time for THAT"S GONNA LEAVE A MARK SEGMENT !

  • (Various Clips)

  • Donkey Kong Stage

Noah: (Drops a Barrel from the floor Above them)

Jay-Cee: (Barrel lands on him knocking him out)

Caitlyn: (Jumps Over One Barrel but her Shoe gets caught in the second and she trips over)

(Another barrel hits Caitlyn and she falls off the stage)

Ludwig: INCOMING! (Ducks)

Lara: O_O (Ducks)

Alex: (Ducks)

CJ: (Looks up and gets hit in the face by a falling barrel)

CJ: (Lets go of the rope and falls)

  • House

Johan: AHHH (Whacks Noah in the back with a Chair)

Nestor: O_O

Johan: (Puts on the Power Glove)

Johan: Its mine ALL MINE

Nestor: Anything on MTV ?

(Chandelier falls down)

Ludwig: MY SPINE !!!!

Alex: I'll Check (Flips through Channels)

  • Flappy Birds

Caitlyn: (Almost at 21 points)

Noah: (Quickly Turns off the Ipad)

Caitlyn: (Turns around and whacks him with the IPad)

Caitlyn: Oh crap

Noah: X_X

Caitlyn: The Ipad broke :(

  • Craft Service Tent

Oskar: Ok this is the Ice challenge I was nominated by my Mate Adam.

Jay-Cee: (Drags Barrel to the edge of the roof where Oskar is under)

Oskar: Before I get dunked with Water I would like to nominate.....

Jay-Cee: oh CRAP (A Part of the roof breaks causing Jay-Cee to fall and drop the Barrel causing all the Freezing water to fly out spreaded)

Chris: O_O

Nestor: RUN!

(Everyone Runs)

Oskar: (Gets Drenched and the Barrel falls on him)

  • Haunted House

Zayla: Defence against Dark Creatures Spells :)

Johan: If were talking about dark Creatures does Cornelia count (Laughs)

Cornelia: (Kicks Johan in the Groin with her high Heels)

Johan: Fatality :(

Johan: (Falls down in pain)

  • Moba Challenge

Oliva: (Practise Moves with her weapon the Wodden bo)

Jacky: (Accidently Gets hits by the Bo)

Cailtyn: (Gets out Whip)

Noah: A Whip, Thats the best you have >

Cailtyn: (Whips Noah's Arm)

Noah: Ouch (Falls Over) 

Noah: (CON) My Hand can't even move OUCH !

  • Back to Aftermath

Topher: So Much Pain brings us so much Pleasure :D

(Notice Jay-Cee is no where to be found)

  • Backstage

CJ: Zombies Really ?

Alex: It was a Nightmare of a challenge :(

Jay-Cee: (Enters the Room and taps CJ on the shoulder

Jay-Cee: Tag your it (Sits down and reads a Motor Bike Modication Magazine)

CJ: In for what ?

Topher: For the Aftermath of course ;)

  • Aftermath

CJ: (Is Thrown onto the stage)

Sierra: How Many people are we interviewing ?

Topher: Four were half way.

Joe: That Long :(

CJ: Hi Total Drama Aftermath Guest It's a Pleause to be here

Topher: Pleausre we found you Alex and Jay-Cee barricading your make-Up room trying to avoid an appearnace on tonight's show.

CJ: :|

Adam: Can't blame him. I've would of done the same -_-

Sierra: So Kyle did you enjoy the season

CJ: It was Great while it lasted, Our Team Dominated the first two challenges, We lived in actually liveable places unlike the Cabins,Trailers or Econmy classe but it was cut short which felt like a kick in the gut :(

CJ: But the one thing really I miss the most ... will be Jacky :(

(The Crowd Cheers for CJ)

Juliet: (Tears up)

Joanne: (Thinks About Noah)

Adam:  I wonder how Oskar and Caitlyn are going :(

Sierra: Ah Love so Aborable just like me and my.. Codykins

Topher: (Yawn)

Topher: Ok your bore me your done, ALEX

Alex: (Is Pushed onto the stage by Interns)

Alex: Hey Peanut Gallery :)

Juliet: Hi Alex 

Topher: The All mighty Leader of the Screaming Gaffers here with us tonight >:)

Alex: Topher is it.., Jay-Cee and Jasmine warned me about you >:|

Topher: So they have.... any explinations on why your here tonight ?

Alex: Backstabded by my own team... I knew it was dysfunctional but i didn't think Noah would get them all to vote me off.

Topher: What was it 4 votes to 2

Alex: Yea I was suprized Ludwig stuck with me but in the end my fate was already sealed :(

Topher: And now onto our next topic Lara >:)

Alex: Well We Both Won the Fisrt challenge of the season which Rocked by then Chris seperated us into leading the opposite teams, Honestly I thought to myself to not let this weaken me but the real problem was after Oskar swapped to the Grips I had less Allies. Noah sucked Zayla and Johan into a Alliance and Cornelia pefered him over me.

Joanne: >:(

Alex: But It was worth pushing him off the staircase.

CJ: Couldn't of said that better myself (Fist bumps Alex)

Alex: And I couldn't care much about my Elimination Since I already have a Million from last season.

Sierra: If you could say anything to Lara what would it be ?

Topher: (Topher's Phone Rings)

Alex: Lara if your watching this I love you, Don't let my fall stop you from taking out the competition and I will see you when it's over in the next thirteen episodes.

Topher: (Gets off the phone)

Topher: (Laughs)

Topher: On the contary it's next Fiftheen episodes.

Alex: There extending the show by two more episodes

Topher: That's not all but Chris told me to do something that I can't let you know yet.

Sydney: Then why did you tell us ?

Topher: We have Six Minutes left till this aftermath ends but we have one Massive thing left to change what happens in the competion.

Topher: Behind one of the rooms backstage is a massive Plot changing reward ;)

Topher: Since Jay-Cee's still in the make-up room and Saki is .....Somewhere you eight will be participating in this speical task.

Topher: So go NOW !

(Alex, CJ, Adam, Juliet, Joe, Joanne, Jack, Sydney Run out of their seats and make their way backstage)

  • Backstage hallway

(All eight of them are looking at the four doors in the corridor)

Topher: Two People each room Go !

(Alex and Sydney enter Door 1)

(Adam and Joanne enter Door 2)

(CJ and Jack enter Door 3)

(Joe and Juliet enter Door 4)

  • Door 1

Sydney: It's so Dark in here

Alex: Full Pitch Black

Sydney: (Finds and turns on the Light switch)

(Lights are on)

Jay-Cee: (Sitting there)

Alex: :|

Jay-Cee: What ?

Sydney: is there anything Topher placed in here ?

Jay-Cee: No he said this Room is Last Place Sorry.

Alex: Bummer :(

  • Door 4

Joe: (Opens the Door)

(All the Contestants from Revenge of the Island are there sitting on a table in Mexican Fiesta Suits)

Mike: HOLA You Won the Runner up Prize A Dinner for Four in Vivi La Meico !

Dawn: Vegetarian Nacho's such spice.

Juliet: Can we join the Fiesta with you guys ?

Scott: Do we need more people pigging out on the Taco's ?

Dakota: Of Course there's always enough Burritos for Ever one :D

Juliet: YAY

Joe: WHAT THE F#$%^

  • Door 3

Jack: I Don't remember there being four Doors on this Corridor ?

CJ: Where are the lights ?

CJ: (Finds a Switch)

(A Small line of Blue lights follows the room)

(A Giant Computer Appears at the Back)

CJ: hmm this is Strange

Jack: Look a Hidden File Called Secrets of the Future

Topher: Oh That's Locked so don't bother you got Third Prize, which is free Wi-Fi for Three hours enjoy

CJ: Do you know how to hack ?

Jack: (Shrugs)

  • Room 2

Adam: (Opens the Door and enters with Joanne)

Adam: Nothing's Here