This season will consist of 24 contestants.Each contestant will consist of 4 groups of 6 people these groups are Brave WandsTalented CloaksToxic Snakes and Loser Brooms. This season will be magical,so contestants needs to make potions and magic.Eliminated contestants must sing every week.According to the behavior of the contestants, Chris can change their team at any time.Each contestant must wear a scarf with the color of his team.Also every team is gonna stay at one room 

Chapter 1:Eye of the Tiger Part 1

Chris enters the stage for a new season in Total Drama and presents the show, accompanied by Don, the Ridonculous Race presenter.

"Hi to everyone I'm Chris" said Chris

"And I'm Don"added Don

"Welcome to a new season on Totla Drama,this season will go to a place similar to a big castle and this season will be Harry Potter-ish season.This season will consist of 24 contestants.Each contestant will have 4 groups of 6 people.This teams are Brave WandsTalented CloaksToxic Snakesand Loser Brooms.Now let's meet the contestants up to this season Total Drama winners in turn OwenDuncanHeatherLightningZoey and Shawn"Chris said

"Also The Ridonculous Race  winners MacArthur and Sanders additionally GwenBeth, LindsayAlejandroCameronTopherMikeSkyTrentAmyScarlettMaxJoDakota, Courtney and Scott" added Don

"Remember, you were given another chance so use this chance well, and in this contest there will be a lot of magical creatures and you will need to cast spells, so do your best"Chris continue

Chris and contestants go towards the tower meanwhile in the confession chamber

"It's so fine to see everyone especially Trent and Courtney, it's gonna be a awesome season"said Gwen nervously

"This season I'm gonna win $1,000,000, as you know last time i was in the game I almost got it if that prick wasn't sabotage me"said Heather angrily

"Two years ago i met someone, i didn't know he was in the Total Drama too and he also have a lover in the Total Drama and i heard this season she is gonna be here.I didn't wanna come but you know I need money.So...I am here"said Zoey laughing with tension

Mike's alternate personalities fighting what they should do about Zoey because they break up and now Zoey is dating with Trent.

Duncan looks at the camera in the confession chamber and says "What?"

Courtney says she's gonna take her revenge.Dakota says she's gonna take down Heather.And Cameron just hopes not to be first one to go home.

In the castle

".Welcome to the first contest of Total Drama Magic in this competition, the top 4 players will be the captain of each team and will choose their teammates.Our competition is a running contest, the competition will start from the entrance of the tower and will be finished in the magic chamber on third floor."says Chris

And the race begins and Saders took the lead

"Me and MacArthur have been together for one year and it'll be so bad if we fall into seperate teams"says Sanders in the conffesion room

While running

"It's so good to see you"says Trent to Gwen

"It's so good to see you to"says Gwen nervously

"Look I'm not mad at you.I just wanna know are you happy?.Because if you're happy I'm happy too"says Trent

"Thanks but I'm okay.Duncan treats me so well"says Gwen

"I'm glad to hear that" says Trent  smiling

Gwen smiles back at him.Duncan,Courtney and Heather are head to head

"Hey ladies" says Duncan while he passes Courtney and Heather

"I hate that jerk" says Courtney

"Same "adds Heather

They followed by Lindsay, Beth, Alejandro and Lightning

"Alejandro right.Man you're a rock, like literally you're rock"says Lightning excitedly

"Thanks" says Alejandro while smiling at him

In the confession chamber

"You need to know I'm not that old Lindsay who's stupid and dumb.I got smarter you'll see"says Lindsay

In the back row Owen and Max walk the confession room

"I don't know why they call me again I already won the prize,I guess they love me"says Owen

"I'm back and this time I won't give up"says Max proudly

Amy, Zoey, Sanders and Mike were on the first floor.Mike greetings Zoey while Zoey smiles him nervously.They followed by Jo and Trent 

"Mike right,Zoey talks about you a lot"says Trent

"Really"says Max happily

"But don't get so excited.She's mine" says Trent fiercely

But he doesn't know about Mal.Zoey never mentions him.That's a advantage for Mike to get back Zoey.On the third floor, the contestants try to reach the magic chamber by force.And the first 4 people have been Lindsay, Beth, Cameron and Jo unfortunately Sanders came in 5th

"Yes,I won"says Beth happily

"This is something"says Cameron nervously

"I told you I'm always a winner"says Jo

"Well,let's see how this gonna work"says Sanders nervously

Since Lindsay, Beth, Cameron and Jo won the competition, they were the captains of the 4 teams to be formed.Don comes in with Chris with a bell glass in his hand.The 4 winners will select one of the 4 cards in the bell glass and the team names will be determined.Since Jo first one to come she wins the first person to chose.Jo puts his hand inside the bell glass and draws a sheet of paper and his team's name becomes clear "Toxic Snakes"

In the confession chamber

"Snake? This works for me" says Jo

"I hope she doesn't pick me"says Lightning

Next comes Cameron and his team is “Brave Wands" Beth’s team becomes “Loser Brooms ”.

In the confession chamber

"This isn't pretty"says Beth angrily

"At least i can choose whoever i want"says Cameron happily

and Lindsay's team name would be "Talented Cloaks".Next up is to choose a teammate.Owen, Duncan, Heather and Lightning are the winners of the first four seasons, so they get the right to choose their own team.Owen chooses "Loser Brooms"

"I hope Beth and I workout well because I considered her as a friend of mine"says Owen

"Well this is good at least someone i can trust in my team"say Beth

Duncan chooses "Talented Cloaks"

In the confession chamber

"You know what I'm not happy with this decision.But I'm gonna manipulate her and win this race with my Gwen"says Duncan

"If Duncan thinks he can manipulate me he better watch out.Because I'm not the old Lindsay"says Lindsay fiercely

Heather becomes "Toxic Snakes" sames a Lightning

In the conffesion chamber

"I know what i said before.But i need to take my revenge"says Lightning

"I think Jo it's easy to manipulate so"says Heather 

Cameron begins to choose first because he is alone and he chooses Zoey

In the confession chamber

"Well..."says Zoey nervously

Jo chooses Scott because she thinks Scott and she will get along very well.Duncan tells Lindsay to choose Gwen, whispering in her ear.

"If I wanna manipulate him first of all I make sure he can manipulate me"says Lindsay throwing a sneaky smile

And so Gwen's would be in Lindsay's team.Courtney get furious.Beth chososes MacArthur.Jo chooses Alejandro

"What?? What she trying to do" says Heather fiercely

"Yes Heather,I'm coming for you" says Jo

Cameron chose Trent so that he could gain Zoey's trust.Mike looks at Trent angrily, and Trent turns his head anxiously.Shawn.Topher and Scarlett are elected to Beth's team in turn.Sky, Amy and Max get to "Talented Cloaks".Courtney, Dakota and Mike become "Brave Wands".So Sanders joined "Toxic Snakes", MacArthur was very upset, but that was what it was supposed to be.

"Chris I'm begging you.You're gonna change my team,Please,I can be apart from Sanders"says MacArthur crying

"Fine Sanders you're in "Loser Brooms" Scarlett you're in "Toxic Snakes".You're also gonna swap teams acording to your behaviours"says Chris

Contestants would go to their separate rooms for each team and this season they would stay in the rooms as boys and girls mixed and nobody liked it.The first contest was over, and the second was a team contest, which will determine the team that won and lost immunity.One person from the losing team will leave every week and the eliminated person will say goodbye to us with a song.

"I'm Chris McLean" says Chris

"And I'm Don"adds Don

"Join us on the next episode of Total Drama Magic"both says

Chapter 2:Eye of the Tiger Part 2

This episode starts with a fight.This fight happens in the "Brave Wands" room.Zoey and Courtney fights something no one knows.Other "Brave Wand" members tryning to break them and they managae to do that.Trent takes Zoey

"What happened? Why you two were fighting"says Trent curiosly

"Nothing"says Zoey angrily

"C'mon you can tell me anything"says Trent

"I said nothing happened.Okay?"says Zoey fiercely

"You're trying to end us"says Cameron angrily

"No I'm not"says Courtney

"You know she's a only winner in this team right"says Cameron fiercely

"So?"says Courtney

"So you better act her nice"says Cameron 

"Yeah right?"says Courtney with laughing

Don invites all competitors to the sports field for the next competition.This competition will consist of 3 rounds, the first round between "Talented Cloaks" and "Loser Brooms".The competition was an American football and the team that scored the first 3 points will qualify for the final round.

"Don are'nt you forget something"says Trent

"No I don't think so"says Don

"Really??"says Owen closely at Don's face

"Chris won't be with us tonight"says Don

"We didn't make our breakfast you idiot"says Dakota

"Okay,okay.You've got 20 minutes to wash your face,change your outfits and eat breakfast.You better be hurry"says Don

Don is very angry with the contestants for exceeding the time he gave them.

"It's been one hour"says Don angrily

"Sorry but you can't except a person do this things you say in twenty minutes"says Heather

And the race begins.Don calls "Talented Cloaks" and "Loser Brooms" back to the stage and he whistles.The ball is on Duncan, then he punches the "Loser Brooms" contestants one by one

"Bye,bye losers"says Duncan happily

"Pass me"says Gwen

And he passes to Gwen and and she quicklys take the ball to the score but he didn't see the threat coming.Owen blocks the Gwen.She tries to stop but she can't and she hits to Owen and faints.Owen takes the ball and goes for score and the first point goes to "Loser Brooms".The competition continues controversially and thanks to Duncan the second point goes to "Talented Cloaks".The last point, thanks to Max, goes to "Talented Cloaks" and "Talented Cloaks" qualifies for the final round.

Next is the second round, where "Toxic Snakes" and "Brave Wands" compete.The ball is on Jo, but she quickly loses it to Mike.

"Thanks"says Mike

He loses the ball to Alejandro,Zoey trips Alejandro and knocks him down and score by taking the ball.They give a three minute break.Toxic Snake cuddle up to make plans

"Okay we need to make something"says Jo

"I've got a plan listen to me.We're gonna take our tops to distract them"says Heather

"I'm not gonna do it"says Lindsay angrily

"If you're not gonna do it,I'm gonna make your life miserable"says Heather fiercely but Lindsay doesn't care

"Toxic Snakes" and "Brave Wands" meet again for the next round.Thanks to Alejandro the number goes to "Toxic Snakes".Heather takes out her pepper powder in her pocket and sprinkle on the ball.Last point goes to "Toxic Snakes" again with using trick but you know that Total Drama has no rules.

"Talented Cloaks" and "Toxic Snakes" come to the stage for the last round and team who gets first point wins the last round and the whole challenge

While they compete

"Hey Gwen I'm so happy to see you again"says Heather happily

"Thanks"says Gwen but she pushes her away and she takes the ball from her and goes for the score.But Duncan trips her and takes the ball competition is very contentious and the winner of this race is "Toxic Snakes"

Since the "Loser Brooms" comes last in the first round they became losers.The winning team wins a week in Paris.One person goes from the losing team.Chris takes the losing team and goes into the dark room, the chamber also has torch to illuminate only.

In the dark chamber

"Contestants will go to a booth to select the person to be eliminated and they will choose the contestant they want to eliminate from the flying cards and they throw it in a box front of them"says Chris

"Those who are safe will receive a scepter."adds Don

MacArthur, Beth, Shawn, Sanders takes a scepter.Last wand goes to Owen and Topher gets eliminated first

"Topher now it's time for to you say goobye with a song"says Chris

And he sings "Eye of the Tiger" by the band called "Survivor

"This isn't sad but who cares."Loser Brooms" made a good decision by getting rid of a stinky contest.I'm Chris McLean"says Chris

"And I'm Don"adds Don

"And joins us on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"says both

Chapter 3:The Chains

This episode of TDM starts with Heather,we see her sitting alone on a bench in the garden of the tower in a sadly way.We've never seen Heather like that before while she's crying Zoey and Trent comes to the garden for make love but they stop after seeing Heather

"Heather,are you okay?"says Zoey sadly

"What's that to you"says Heather fiercely

"I'm sorry for trying to be friend"says Zoey fiercely

"I'm gonna go,this two losers continue what you're gonna doing"says Heather and leaves

"Ignore her.Okay where we were"says Trent

And they continue to make out.Heather goes bathroom for crying but she hear some voices.These voices belongs to Ducan and Gwen.They comes to bathroom for make out but they see Heather crying

"Wow,Are you crying?"says Duncan

"Just leave me alone,freaks"says Heather

"It's 2019 now we're on trends,you know that right"says Gwen proudly

"Yeah"says Duncan

"You're still freaks to me"says Heather and leaves

He decides to sit on the latest stairs.Alejandro wakes up to go to the bathroom, but he sees Heather as he goes down the stairs

"Hey,Heather.What's wrong?"says Alejandro

Heather turns around and "What do you care?"

"I just worry about you but if you don't tell me what's wrong i'd better keep going"says Alejandro and keeps on walking

"Wait!"says Heather and she starts to tell what's going on with her

While in "Talented Cloaks" chamber,Lindsay wakes up and goes other teams chambers one by one.First she goes to "Brave Wands" chamber and she arouses Courtney

"Courtney,Courtney wake up"says Lindsay quietly

"What?"says Courtney drowsy

"I'm gonna start an alliance.Are you with me?"says Lindsay

"With you? An alliance? You're joking right"says Courtney

"I'm serious.Look I've gotta plan i'm gonna end Duncan and others but I can do that alone so what you say?"says Lindsay

"I'm in"says Courtney insidiously

Then Lindsay goes "Loser Brooms" chamber's and she asks Beth to join her alliance

"Yes,of course.You're my best friend"says Beth

Last she goes to "Toxic Snakes"chamber and ask Scarlett to join her alliance

"I know what kind of person you are"says Lindsay

"Oh,really?"says Scarlett

"Yeah,i know you're some kind of monster"says Lindsay

"I'm not a monster i've just have a short temper"says Scarlett

"That works for me are you in or out?"says Lindsay

"Alright,i'm in"says Scarlett

"Okay,see you tomorrow"says Lindsay

As she walks away Scarlett says "You know what,you've changed a lot"

"I know.I'm not old Lindsay"says Lindsay and leaves

In the morning.Contestans wakes up and they found their missing a two person but "Toxic Snakes".The two missing people from each team were lovers.MacArthur and Sanders from "Loser Brooms",Zoey and Trent from "Brave Wands" and Duncan and Gwen from "Talented Cloaks".They're no missing people from "Toxic Snakes" because there are no couple in there team.

In the dining chamber.Heather and Alejandro enters the chamber with holding hands.Jo sees them and goes their side 

"What are you two trying to do"says Jo

"Nothing"says Heather

"We've got an advantage.I don't let you to disrupt this"says Jo

"Relax,nothing's gonna happen"says Alejandro

"I hope so"says Jo

From the speakers

"All contestans meet me at garden in ten minutes"says Chris

In the garden

"As you can see every team missing two people except "Toxic Snakes".For find them you need to make a poison.Here's your list.You'll need to what's written on it to make this poison.First who finds the whole list and comes with all members it's wins advantage for the second raund.Since "Toxic Snakes" doesn't have missing people they are the winner.But we'll need to make this challenge because we're need to find which teams gonna go elimination ceremony and the race begins"says Chris

And the race begins.The racing teams quickly run to the forest to find the supplies. Meanwhile, Jo keeps his eye on Heather and Alejandro.Contestants continue to search for materials in the forest.Meanwhile Lindsay hides behind a bush and waites for Beth and Courtney.

"Psst!!"says Lindsay whisperly behind the bush to Courtney

Courtney looks right and left then Lindsay grabs her arm and pulls her behind the bush

"Ouch!"says Courtney 

"Listen to me I've got a plan but before we need to wait Beth"says Lindsay quietly

"Why?"says Courtney

"Because she's in the alliance too"says Lindsay

"Oh! Great"says Courtney

Beth comes and Lindsay starts to tell her plan

"What about Scarlett?"says Beth

"We've got no time.So here's you gonna do if your find ingredients before your teammates hide them"says Lindsay

"Why we would that?"says Courtney

"Because if you don't our team might lose and I'll be the first eliminated and I'll make your life miserable"says Lindsay fiercely

"Yeah,right"says Courtney sarcastically

Lindsay looks Courtney angrily

In the confession chamber

"I never thought I'd say it, but Lindsay scare me"says Courtney

While contestants keep searching supplies.Chris notices something between Alejandro and Heather

"Hey you two.You're coming with me"says Chris point finger to Heather and Alejandro

"What we're not together"says Heather anxiously

"Yeah,right"says Chris

In the meantime, the missing contestants are locked in a small room waiting to be saved.

"This is not gonna work"says MacArthur desperately

While Sanders,Duncan and Gwen trying to open the door.Trent sings Zoey song he write for her.Gwen heards them

"I wrote this song just for you"says Trent

Gwen turns and "Please!! You know I love you as a friend but please don't lie.I heard this song million times.It's sucks"says

"Ignore her she's just jealousing"says Trent to Zoey

"I'm...jealousing you"says Gwen and laughs

Door starts to unlock and it opens.Some intern throw Heather and Alejandro iniside the room and locks the door again

"Wait!!"screams Heather and Alejandro

"Wow,you're two.I never thought"says Duncan sarcastically

At the race

"Since Alejandro and Heather missing too "Toxic Snakes" needs to race"says Chris

So the "Toxic Snakes" joins the race.The race continues and the first raund winners will be "Talented Cloaks" but they're mssing a ingreditent so the winner will be "Toxic Snakes".In the second raund of the race they need to make a poison to find their mssing teammates.Lindsay give angry look at Scarlett.Scarlett looks bact at her angrily

In the magic chamber

"Okay for the second raund you need to make a posion for finding your mssing teammates,then you need strew the poison on your missing teammates clothes,then you find them.You've gotta 30 minutes to make the poison "Toxic Snakes" since you're the winner of first raund you've gotta extra 5 minutes."says Chris

And the race begins with the Chris's sign.While they making poison.Lindsay sabotage "Brave Wands" for putting their potion an explosive ingredient but it doesn't work because the winner of second raund is "Loser Brooms" and all contestans follow the missing contestants flying clothes but when they find the mssing contestants they realised they're staying in a room but it's locked.

"For the last raund you need to unlock the door and you need to run for the win with all your teammates.The team who comes the first finish line wins"says Chris on a flying wand

"What are gonna do"say Sky

"I've gotta plan"says Shawn and looks Owen

"No!! I'm not gonna do it"says Owen

"Ouw!! C'mon Owen you're only chance to win"says Shawn desperately

"I find a rock"says Dakota

"That's right!!"says Jo

"C'mon girl"says Lightning

Then she tries to break the lock with rock but it's not works

"C'mon Owen do it"says Beth 

"Fine"says Owen and runs towards the locked door and breaks the door

"Duncan,Gwen!! C'mon we've gotta go says Lindsay happily

"C'mon you're two love birds"says Jo to Heather and Alejandro

"We're not together"says Heather

"Zoey,Trent!! C'mon"says Courtney angrily

Owen has a concussion and he faints.Loser Brooms trying to wake him up but he doesn't wake up.A very controversial running race starts and "Talented Cloaks" is the winner

While all the contestants have reached the finish line, Don descends with parachute

"Congratulations to winner team "Talented Cloaks" you win an excellent day at massage parlor.And we've got some suprises.Trent because the song you written for Zoey now you're in the "Talented Cloaks" and Lindsay because you are sabotage the "Brave Wands" you're in the "Toxic Snakes""says Don

"Wait!! What??"says Courtney angrily

"And Scott now you're in the "Brave Wands" and "Loser Brooms" see you tonight at the dark chamber"adds Don

While all contestants go their room

"We've need to talk"says Courtney to Lindsay

"I'm sorry but I had to everything to win"says Lindsay

"Oh!!We're so done"says Courtney angrily

"Fine."says Lindsay and walks away

In the "Toxic Snakes" room

"WelCOme the team"says Heather to Lindsay

"Don't play nice Heather.I know you"says Lindsay

"Fine.You better watch out.Because it's on"says Heather fiercely to Lindsay

"It's on"says Lindsay then she goes to Scarlett

"Hey bestie"says Lindsay to Scarlett

"Hey"says Scarlett anxiously

"Don't worry.I'm not mad at you.I just hope what happens today will not happen again"says Lindsay to Scarlett

"You can count on me"says Scarlett and two of them shakes hand

In the dark chamber

"So,"Loser Brooms" you give your name right.Here's the wands but first let's see who voted who"says Chris and turn on the tv

We see Owen first he votes for Shawn and "Not cool man,Not coll"says

Then we see MacArthur she uses her vote for Owen then Beth she votes Owen too

"I'm sorry"says Beth after using her vote

Then Sanders give vote for Owen too and Shawn give his vote to Owen too

"And the loser this week is Owen"says Don

Owen says goodbye with "The Chains" by "Fleetwood Mac"

"I'm Chris McLean" says Chris

"And I'm Don"adds Don

"And join us on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"says both

Chapter 4:Stronger

This epsideo of TDM starts with "Talented Cloaks" massage pleasure.While Amy massaging.Other "Talented Cloaks" contestants wait in the massage parlo's waiting room but there's a tension in the room between Duncan,Gwen and Trent

"Should we do something?"says Max fearfully

"I don't know"says Sky

"So...we're together again as you can see"says Gwen to Trent

"Yes I see"says Trent

"Okay,That's it you're gotta go"says Duncan and gets up to hit Trent but Gwen stops them.Amy comes out and the next contestant is Trent.

Meanwhile Chris is getting ready for the show but he's missing is hair spray he looks at Don

"Hey!!You duck face"says Chris to Don

"Yes,Chris"says Dona and turns to Chris

"I know what you did.Now give me my hair spray"says Chris angrily

"I don't know what you're talking about"says Don

"Don't play with me"says Chris

"I really don't know what you're talking about"says Don

"Okay but I'm not over this"says Chris

And the show begins in the "Toxic Snakes" room

"So I've been thinking and we're not allies together"says Lindsay to Scarlett

"Fine but you need to know.You've just go an enemy to yourself"says Scarlett

In the dining room

"So you know I cheated by my boyfriend you're cheated by your girlfriends"says Courtney to Mike

"I'm not cheated by my girlfriend.She dumped me because of my alternate personalities"says Mike

"I'm sorry about that"says Courtney

"Not problem"says Mike

"So do you wanna form an alliance with me"says Courtney to Mike

First mike hesitates then he accepts.Lindsay knows that she can't do nothing with Beth so she needs to find two new allies.Chris invites everyone to the race course.Seeing Chris's messy hair, the contestants go into shock and start laughing.

"Stop laughing!!"says Chris to contestants

"What's the matter Chris you look like a pigeon"says Duncan to Chris

"More like a racoon"says Dakota

"That's it"says Chris angrily

"Dakota and Duncan now you're in "Toxic Snakes"continues Chris

"What?!"says Duncan and Gwen

"That works for me"adds Dakota

"So Lindsay you're in the "Loser Brooms",and Lightning you're in the "Brave Wands"says Chris 

"Today's challenge you're gonna have to go forest and find supplies to make me a new hairspray"says Chris fiercely

"But...but"says Cameron

"Do you have a problem"says Chris to Cameron

"No!"says Cameron

"He might not but I have"says Sky

"I don't care"says Chris then he give the sign and the race begins

Don comes and he wants to talk with Chris

"What are you doing?"says Don to Chris

"Since you stole my hairspray and I don't have enough money to buy.I have to make a new challenge works for myself"says Chris

"Fine but promise it will be a one-time thing"says Don

"Promise"says Chris but he finger crossed at his back

While the contestants racing Lindsay calls Sky by her side

"Hey Sky a word?"says Lindsay to Sky

Then they go behind a bush

"So do you wanna be my ally? I'm started make an alliance,kinda"says Lindsay

"Let me stop you there.I know who are you and I know you're not used to be like that.So I hope you can change"says Sky and running away from her.

Dakota hears them and "I wanna be your ally"says

Lindsay hesitates but then she accepts.Meanwhile Mike and Courtney tryna' stop Duncan,Gwen,Trent and Zoey

"So,you know.Now we're on the different teams it doesn't mean we're supposed to be enemy.We could make an alliance"says Gwen to Duncan

Trent hears them"Like you do it with me"says to Gwen

"Hey man,you had your chance with her.Give up already"says Duncan

"That's it"says Trent and jump on Duncan and they starts to fight.Gwen and Zoey stops them then Duncan and Gwen walks away

"You know you could eliminated just for doing that"says Zoey to Trent

"I don't care"says Trent

Mike and Courtney sees what happens and they talk between them

"Wow did you see what happened"says Courtney to Mike

"Yeah if this goes like this we don't need to do anything"says Mike

"You're right"says Courtney happily

All contestants find they supplies and comes Chris's side.Then all contestants with Chris and Don goes to magic chamber.While they way to castle

"So,are you gonna give my hairspray now??"asks Chris to Don

"Like I told you before.I don't have it"says Don

"I don't believe you"says Chris

In the magic chamber

"So,since the "Loser Brooms" win the first raund they got a extra ten minutes make a hairspary"says Chris

"Chris will try every hairspray you make.You will judge by your hairspray's hardness, styling and odor and you will have a fourty minutes to make them.Winner gets to stay in a luxury hotel with paid costs"adds Don

So the race begins.Gwen adds black pepper poweder in"TC"s mixture.Dakota doesn't trust Lindsay so she sabotage "LB".Time's up.Every team presents their hairsprays to Chris."LB"s hairspray may be good but it doesn't make Chris's hair too hard.Next is "BW"s doesn't give a shape to Chris's hair.Next up is "TC" but their hairspray give sneezes to Chris and last "TS" cames and their hairspray just perfect and they became the winner of this challenge and the loser is "TC

In the dark chamber."TC" contestans use their votes.Trent and Gwen use their votes for Sky,Max uses her vote for Gwen,Amy and Sky use their votes for Max

"And the last wand goes to...Gwen"says Chris.So Sky says goobye "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You" by "Kelly Clarkson"

"I'm Chris McLean"says Chris

"And I'm Don"adds Don

"Join us on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"says both

After the shown ends in the toilets Zoey sees Gwen

"I know we are friends and once you and Trent a thing but he's mine you're never gonna get him"says Zoey to Gwen and pass her by

Gwen scares.Chris gets a letter in his car it says

"This is just a begining


Chris gets frightening.So the this chapter ends

Chapter 5:Revenge

This chapter of TDM starts with Lightning crying under his bed

"Are you okay??"aks Cameron to Lightning

"I'm fine"says Lightning under his blanket 

"C'mon Lightning you can say to us anything"says Zoey

"Yeah"says Mike

"Anything"says Lightning under his blanket

"Anything"says Cameron

Lighting comes out of his blanket "I don't know you guys but I'm scared of her"says showing Courtney

"What??"turns them and says Courtney

And everyone laughs

Meanwhile in the "TS"s chamber.Heather gets happy because they outnumbered any other team

"Don't get so excited soon Chris shoots one of us some other team"says Jo

"Yeah I know and I also get why Chris choose others to be in this team except Scarlett"says Heather

"Chris finally see the evil in me.That's why he put me in this team"says Scarlett proudly

"Yeah right!"says Heather with rolling her eyes


"Hey"says Jo to Scott softly

"What are you want"says Scott to Jo fiercely

"I considered you as my friend.Are you feel same about me?"says Jo

"Sure.Why not?"says Scott

"So I've got a plan are you in"says Jo proudly

"I'm in"says Scott

"So what are you planing"continues Scott

While Jo starts to tell her plan.In the dinner room while everyone had their breakfast

"Lindsay I wanna say something to you"says Beth to Lindsay

"Sure Beth you can say to me anything"says Lindsay

"I miss old Lindsay.You know the fun the less smarter one whose being my friend just because she wants to not just form a dumb alliance"says Beth

"I'm sorry Beth you're right.Right now I'm gonna be the old me the Lindsay you love"says Lindsay

"That's way more i like it"says Beth an she huggs Lindsay and Lindsay huggs back

Chris speak from the amplifier and invites everyone to challenge area.In the challenge are Chris starts to tell race

"In this race you'll have to pair with someone and one of you has the use the wands we give to you.The ones who usşng the wand has spell a magic you'll have to make a ballon carrying your teammate the wand users will need to cast spells to carry the others, and in this spell they must make a balloon to carry them.The first person to come to the finish line without  dropping the balloon wins this competition.If any of you drop the balloons, you will be eliminated from the competition.Now pair up.Since "BW" has 5 contestants one of the "TS" has to race with one of the "BW" contestants"says Chris

And all contestanst start to pair up Cameron pairs up with Zoey, Courtney pairs up with Mike, Lightning pairs up with Jo.Heather pairs up with Alejandro, Scoot pairs up with Duncan, Dakota is forced to pair up with Scarlett.Gwen pairs up with Trent, Amy pairs up with Max,Beth pairs up with Lindsay and MacArthur pairs up with Sanders.

"What about me?"asks Shawn to Chris

"Yeah,so you're out of this race,so..."says Chris

And the race begins.Zoey,Courtney,Jo,Alejandro,Duncan,Scarlett,Trent,Max,Beth and MacArthur cast a spell to make ballons to put the orhers inside of it.In the forest

"You know I've got a plan" says Courney to Mike

"What is it??"asks Mike inside the ballon Courtney created

"We're gonna take them one by one first Lightning but we have to lose to send him home"says Courtney

"Are you serious? I mean think before you put the plan into practice"says Mike

"What do you mean?"asks Courtney

"I mean he scares from you.You can play with him"says Mike


"So what are you up to lately??"asks Trent to Gwen

"You know,I'm tryning to win this race with you"says Gwen happily

"Really!!"says Trent

"Yeah!!"says Gwen

"What about Duncan?"asks Trent

"Well,you know he's my boyfriend and I'm gonna make sure we'll stay until the merge"says Gwen

"Then what??"asks Trent

"We're gonna take down everyone you"says Gwen

"Even me ha??"says Trent

"Even you"says Gwen

Duncan sees them

"What does she see in him that i can't see??"asks Duncan

"I mean his charming,he's talented and he plays guitar and he's in a boy band.Oh!! Also he's not a criminal"says Scoot

"Look I may be criminal but I'm as talented as he is"says Duncan

"Yeah!"says Scoot sarcastically

"Yeah!!"says Duncan fiercely

"So sing it!!"says Scott

"What??"asks Duncan 

"If you wanna prove your talented than him.Sing it"says Scott insidiously

"Okay I'm gonna sing it"says Duncan and starts to sing "Rick Springfield"s "Jesse's Girl" to Gwen

Song ends

"What are you doing?"asks Gwen to Duncan curiously

"Nothing"says Duncan and throw his wands at the floor,Scott falls from his ballon and they interests from the competition


"I'm so happy that we're pair up"says Beth to Lindsay

"Yeah me too.But we need to wind"says Lindsay

"You're right"says Beth

Right behind of them

"Look.I'm not that dumb.Okay?? I'm gonna win this race"says Lightning

"Yeah!!"says Jo suspiciously

"Yeah!!"says Lightning proudly,Jo detonates the balloon using his wand this causes Lightning to fall to the ground and they get out of the competition.

Zoey looks at Mike and turns her face to the ground desperately

"C'mon Zoey cheer up at least you know it's just Mike now"says Cameron to Zoey

"Yeah! I know that makes me sad"says Zoey desperately


"Can you stand straight"says Scarlett to Dakota

"I can't I need to keep moving so all the cameras shoot me"says Dakota

Behind them

"Don't run??"says Amy to Max

But Max doesn't car he trips over this causes him to fall to the ground so that Amy's balloon explodes and she falls to the ground and they gets out of the competition.One by one all the contestants are interests from the race except Courtney-Mike and Heather-Alejandro.Heather whispers Alejandro ears

"You always do that"screams Alejandro to Heather

"I know you're not gonna accept that"says Heather to Alejandro

"That's it.I'm out"says Alejandro and he throw his wand to the floor this causes Heather's ballon pop up and she falls to the gorund and they gets out of the competition.And the winner is "BW" they win a week in Mexico

In the dark room.

"Since "​​​​TS" be the first one to issued from today's challenge.It's their turn to be eliminated"says Chris

And "TS" contestants use their votes.Jo uses her vote for Dakota sames as Scott.Duncan uses for Scott.Heather and Alejandro uses for Jo and Scarlett uses for Dakota and Dakota uses her vote for Heather

"Here's this weeks wand owners.Duncan,Alejandro,Scarlett,Heather and Scott.Here's the last wand an the last wand Jo.Dakota you're out"says Chris

"But before you go we'll like to send you with a friend."TC" probably you wondered.Why you here?"says Chris

"Yeah!!"asks Gwen

"I'll get a letter from last days.It's a threat letter and this initials come from someone starting with T.So for the protect myself Trent you're out"

"What"says Gwen and Trent

"Yeah!!"says Duncan

"So get ready to sing you to Dakota"says Chris

"Wait! That's not me"says Trent to Chris

"I don't believe you"says Chris

"But...but..."says Trent

"That's it.Are you gonna sing or what"says Chris fiercely

So Trent and Dakota starts to sing "Revenge" by "Pink and Eminem"

"Wow!! Two elimination in one day.I love when it happens.Iém Chris McLean. Join Don on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"

Chapter 6:Trumpets

This chapter of TDM starts in the BW's chamber Zoey cries becaus of Trent disqualified

"I can't believe he's gone"says Zoey in tears

"There,there.Everything be fine"says Courtney while patting Zoey

BW's room door is open,Gwen sees them and goes in

"Hey"says Gwen to Zoey and Courtney

"What are you doing in here?"says Courtney to Gwen viciously

"Your room door was open and when I saw Zoey crying, I wanted to come and talk."says Gwen

"What are you wanna talk with me"says Zoey in tears to Gwen

"I just wanna say.Trent was a lovely guy and I'm sure there's a reason for what he did"says Gwen to Zoey down on her knees

"What he did?"says Courtney curiously

"Yeah,you don't know"says Gwen

"No,what did he do?"says Zoey to Gwen curiously

"Well,apparently to Chris he stole Chris's hair spray"gets up and says Gwen

"But I don't believe him.I mean seriously who believes in Chris"continues Gwen

As she walking towards the door "See you in race"says Gwen and leaves

Meanwhile in the "TS"s room.Jo goes to Scott's bed and tries to wake him up

"Hey,hey duck face"whispers Jo to Scott ears while he sleeping

Scott mumbles.Jo screams to Scott and he wakes up and falls to the ground

"Ouch!!"says Scott

"Now when you're up.We can start plans to destroy Lightning"says Jo to Scott

"Okay,whatever just get this over with"says Scott desperately

"What's wrong with you"says Jo fiercely

"Nothing.I'm just nıt in the mood"says Scott

"You better be or else I'm gonna cut out your head"says Jo viciously

In the breakfast room.Zoey,Courtney and Gwen discuss what Trent did

"I mean he couldn't have done it.Is he?"says Zoey anxiously and turns her face to Courtney

"I don't know him well but I don't think he would do such a thing like that.Is he?"says Courtney and turns Gwen

"I don't think so I mean why would you need a hair spray.His hair as perfect as just the way it's"says Gwen

Zoey and Courtney looks at her suspiciously.Duncan hears her because he sits next to them.Gwen turns to him and looks at him smiling nervously.Duncan looks at Gwen fiercely bends the fork he's hold and gets up and leaves.Gwen turns to Zoey and Courtney

"I screwed up.Didn't I?"says Gwen desperately

"Big time!!"says Zoey

Don invites everyone to racing area.Courtney stands right nex to Lightning while eating an apple.Lightning scares from her.Jo notices this

"Welcome everyone to today's race before we getting to it.Some teams outnumber others.Since some teams outnumber other It's time for team swap.Loser Broom you have to choose one to go to another team.You have one minute.Go"says Don

LB cuddled up

"Okay Shawn you're have to go"says Sanders

"Why me?"asks Shawn

"Because I cannot live without MacArthur"says Sanders while looks at MacArthur

"And I wanna be with Beth till the end of the race"says Lindsay

"Fine throw me under the bridge"says Shawn

LB turns to Don

"We give our decision"says Sanders

"Yeah,we choose Shawn"says Beth

"Okay,from this moments Shawn you're a Talented Cloak"says Don

"Before we started.I've just one more suprise.An original contestans say hi to Bridgette"says Don

Bridgette parachuting from a plane while singing "Ready Or Not" by "Bridgit Mendler".

Song ends

"Bridgette, you're in the Brave Wands.Brave Wands say hello to your newest member"says Don

"I'm just so excited to be here"says Bridgette excitedly

And Don starts to tell race. "Every tem need to find a 5 ingredients in the forest.Whichever team comes first will win extra material for the next round." And the race begins.Courtney directs her team and Jo and Scott follows them.Then we see Duncan and Gwen talk Duncan ignores her,Zoey sees them she's get sad for Gwen.LB finds their first ingredient.Shawn and Amy talks and they make an alliance.TS finds a two ingredient at the same time.Shawn and Amy meets with Max they ask about Gwen they don't know where she is so, they go to find her.

Meanwhile Duncan hears a crying behind the bushes it's Gwen they talk and they give a break to their realotionship.TC finds Gwen and finds their first ingredient.Courtney gets mad.Mike and she talks privately.Courtney gets calm. First TS comes to finish line,next LB then TC last is BW.

They go to the magic chamber.In the magic chamber.Since TS wins the first round they win a extra ingredient.It's a moving dog tail taken from a dead dog.They put a spell on the tail to move it because they wanna scare to contestants.

They got a 30 minutes to make potion and it's starts Duncan looks at Gwen sadly Heather notices.She says Duncan find someone to jealous her and his eyes crossed with Zoey.Courtney notices this

"I know this looks"says Courtney fiercely to Zoey

"What are you talkin' about"says Zoey nervously to Courtney

"I know how you look him"says Courtney

"You don't trying to cheat Trent,right??"continues Courtney

"No,of course not!!"says Zoey

"Okay I'm just check in"says Courtney then bumps up Bridgette

"What do you doin"asks Courtney to Bridgette

"Look I'm not come back to make a drama here,I'm just gonna tryna' win this game without fightin"says Bridgette

Lightning hears them and "But you know you have to make a drama it's in the name"says

"Just because it's in the name you don't have to cause a drama"says Bridgett angrily to Lightning

Courtney turns to Lightning and "You stay oout of this"says fiercely

Lightning scares and turns away.Meanwhile

"First we have to add blueberry"says Scoot to Heather

"No first we need to add frog leg"yells Heather

"Guys, I think first we need to put frog juice"says Scarlett

"Shut up!!"yells Scott and Heather to Scarlett

While they arguin' Scarlett puts the ingredient in the potion.LB finish their potion and they test it out on one of their contestants but it didn't work

Then BW finish their potion but their potion doesn't work same as TC.Last is TS and they potion works they potion turns Scott into a frog and they all laugh

"Congratulations TS since you're the winner of this race you win a luxury weekend in Italy and BW since you're the last one who comes in first round you're up for the elimination"

Before the elimination.Mike goes to talk with Zoey and Cameron

"So, who you gonna vote for?"asks Mike

"You know who we're gonna vote for"says Zoey

"Yeah,He's sha-gone"says Cmaeron

In the dark chamber

"Okay Zoey,Mike,Cameron & Bridgette you've got a wand.Lightning you're the worst when it comes to challenges you're ego bigger than you're brain and Courtney you have a bigger ego than Lightning and your brain as big as your ego.So the last wand goes to...Courtney.Lightning you're out"says Don

Lightning sings "Trumpets" by "Jason Derulo

"That's it for this week.Join me and Chris on Total...Drama...Magic"says Don

After the elimination.Duncan waits for Zoey she comes out with her team.Duncan sees her

"Hey do you wanna talk?"asks Duncan to Zoey and they go out for a walk

"So,how you holdin' up?"asks Duncan to Zoey

"Why is anyone actin' like he's dead.I'm gonna see her after the race ends"says Zoey

"You're right"says Duncan

"I heard you and Gwen give a break"says Zoey

"Yeah!"says Duncan desperately

"How you holding up?"asks Zoey to Duncan

"I'm okay"says Duncan

Their eyes crossed.Duncan never fells that before their get closer to each other while their lips getting close together Gwen shouts out to Duncan

"I've to go"says Duncan to Zoey and runs away from her to Gwen

"What happened?"asks Duncan to Gwen

"What are you doing with Zoey?"asks Gwen to Duncan

"Nothing"says Duncan

"Okay, I've been thinking about and I'm tryna' get over him"says Gwen

"I'll do anything to forget him"continues Duncan

"Hey,hey.look at me.I don't want you to foerget him.I just want you to love me more"says Duncan sadly

"I love you,I love your mohawk hair, I love your eyes, I love everything about you"says Gwen

They hugged and kissed

Chapter ends

Chapter 7:Highway To Hell

This chapter starts in make up room of the show.Chris walks in with his glasses on.He comes in a miserable way.Don sees him

"Wow!! You look mess"says Don derisively

"I couldn't find my morning pills that's why I look messy"says Chris fiercely

"So tell me what happened last week"continues Chris

"You didn't watch"says Don and he gets shocked 

"I'll never watch.I already see thier faces every day at least one day let me take a rest from them"says Chris

"Okay.So...something happened between Zoey and Duncan,I'm not sure it continues, Shawn and Amy made an alliance and Lightning went home"sayd Don

"Okay,let's do this"says Chris eagerly

All contestants in the dinner chamber.Scarlett looks at Max in love.Heather notices this,she got breakfast table in her table and sits Scarlett side

"So...Max,you guys make a cute babies"says Heather

"What are you talking about"says Scarlett nervously

"C'mon,I notice how do you look Max"says Heather

"What should I do?"asks Scarlett

"I think you should ask him out"says Heather

"But I'm shy"says Scarlett

"C'mon,you can do this"says Heather

Scarlett gets up from her seat, walk towards to Max.Max sees her he gets up takes out his wand and points to her, then he cast a spell it harms Scarlett she faints.

"Max what did you do?"asks Shawn anxiously

"What,she's gonna hurt me"says Max

"No,idiot she's gonna ask you go on a date with her"says Heather fiercely

"Really??"says Max bewildered

"Yeah"says Heather

Crew team comes and takes Scarlett.Meanwhile

"Okay so who are we send home next?"asks Courtney

"I don't know"says Mike sadly

"I think we send home Bridgette.What do you say?"says Courtney eagerly

"I don't care"says Mike desperately

"What's wrong with you?"asks Courtney fiercely to Mike

"Actually,I don't wanna do this anymore"says Mike

"What are you talking about?"asks Courtney fiercely

"Look,I'm not like this and if I keep doing this he might come back"says Mike

"Who?"asks Courtney

"You know...Mal"says Mike

Courtney roll her eyes

"Courtney,you don't know him if he comes back he does everything to win he kills everyone even you"says Mike fearfully

"Fine guess it's time to be alone for me"says Courtney

Meanwhile Chris calls everyone to race area.All contestants comes in race area

"Welcome everyone as you can see I'm not in the mood.Don take it over"says Chris 

"Okay,everyone welcome to today's challenge.Today' challenge you have to play magicball it gets harder to find new races,so we take a inspiration today"says Don

He plays a clip where Max shoots Scarlett with a wand earlier

"Since Scarlett injured she'll not participate in the competition, so here's the challenge we're gonna have four teams and you tryna' shoot each other with the wands we give before last one standing wins and the first one goes lose and up for elimination"says Don

"Yeah and we gonna merge some teams,Toxic Snakes you're with Talented Cloaks and Brave Wands you're with Loser Brooms.Let's get started"says Chris with a low mood

"Yeah,let's get started"says Don happily

And the race begins.In the forest

"Hey Lindsay if there's a chance i would like to be your ally again"says Courtney to Lindsay

"Fine and it'll be so good find some other ally"says Lindsay

"So,who needs to go hoem"says Courtney to Lindsay

Lindsay points to Max,he looks proudly

"Are you sure?"asks Courtney

"I mean you see what he did today, if we can convince his teammates that he can do the same to them
maybe if we get a chance also I've got another plan"says Lindsay and points to Zoey.She looks sad

"What are you talking about?"aks Courtney

"You know what I mean"says Lindsay

"No,no,no I can't do this to Gwen,she's my best friend"says Courtney

"C'mon it'll be fun"says Lindsay

"I said no"says Courtney fiercely

"Fine!"says Lindsay in a low mood

Meanwhile Heather shoots Lindsay and Courtney same time.Two of them turns around and they see Heather

"Bye,bitches"says Heather happily

"You know what you're so mature"says Courtney sarcastically

Then they start to arguin' then Lindsay leaves them

Meanwhile Duncan and Gwen teams-up and they shoot Cameron,MacArthur and Beth

Duncan and Zoey roads cross they bump to each other

"Hey!"says Duncan nervously

"Hi!"says Zoey nervously

"So...I've been thinking all night and I think you and I don't work"says Zoey sadly

"Well,it's been a good night.That's all I can say"says Duncan happily

"Now I'm gonna shoot you"says Zoey ambitiously

"We'll see about that"says Duncan ambitiously

Then Gwen comes and shoots Zoey 

"Well see you later"says Zoey and goes

Gwen comes to Duncan's side while Zoey leaves

"C'mon let's go"says Gwen ambitiously to Duncan and they runs

Meanwhile,Zoey comes to the side of the contestants who gets shoot,they sitting in a bench.Courtney sees her and calls Zoey to her side.

"So we lose the race.Who you gonna vote for"says Courtney

"I don't know probably you"says Zoey

Courtney gets shock

"Oh we'll see about that"says Courtney insidiously

Race continues.Mike and Bridgette moves together and they shoot Amy,Max,Scott and Jo in order.They high five to each other.Heather shoots Sanders,Alejandro came cross with Heather

"Jesus,you scared me"says Heather to Alejandro

"Sorry,c'mon we need to go"says Alejandro.

Alejandro and Heather came cross with Mike and Bridgette.They shoot each other and all four of them gets out of the race.Duncan and Gwen still moves together,then they came cross with Shawn then Don give shocking news

"Well,two Talented Cloaks and one Toxic Snakes don't forget last one standing wins"says Don over the speakers

Shawn takes aim to shoot Duncan but Gwen goes ahead and sacrifices herself.Gwen falls into Duncan's arms

"I always love you."says Gwen

"What are you doing? Get up" says Shawn to Gwen

She get up and "You just ruin the moment"says

Then Duncan shoots and Toxic Snakes win the race

"So,Duncan since you're the last one standing Toxic Snakes wins the race also one of the Loser Broom contestant went first they're up for elimination"says Don

"Yeah and the winner gets a boat cruise.Congratulations Toxic Snakes blah blah blah"says Chris

Meanwhile after the race Max visits Scarlett in the infirmary.She's lying in bed, tehn she turns her head and see Max.Max goes to her side he's got flowers

"Hey!"says Max happily

"There's are for you"continues Max and extends the flowers to her but she doesn't accept,so he puts flowers on the drawer next to the bed

"Look I'm sorry I-"says Max but Scarlett interrupts him

"What do you want Max"says Scareltt nervously

"I just wanna say sorry,Heather told me everything that's why I got you this flowers and I wanna be with you too and maybe make an alliance"says Max

"Okay,I'm in"says Scarlett

"Thanks you"says Max and holds her hand

Meanwhile in the dark chamber

"Here's the votes"says Don excitedly

"Lindsay and Beth you get a wand"says Chris in a low mode

"And the last wand goes MacArthur,Mac you're out sing your song and leave"continues Chris

"Yeah! MacArthur sing your song"says Don nervously

And MacArthur sings "Highway to Hell" by "AC/DC".Before she goes

"Wait!"says Sanders and goes to the side of MacArthur

"I can't live without you so wherever you go I'll come with you"says Sanders

"Fine you're both eliminated we're gonna need new contestants"says Chris

MacArthur and Sanders hold hands and they leave the dark chamber

"I'm Don"says Don happily

"I'm Chris...why do i even try?"says and leaves the room

"And join us on the next episode of Total...Drama...whatever"says and he leaves the room too

Chapter ends

Chapter 8:World Gone Mad

This chapter stats in kae up room of the show again.Chris walks in this time he doesn't wear his glasses everyone can see the bags formed under his eyes.

"I guess the guy who takes your pills still give it back"says Don while he's getting ready for show

"No,and he left a note saying he's got a present for me when i wnt to my living room I saw a pet tiger sitting on my couch he bite my arm,look at it"says Chris madly while showing his arm to Don

"This must have hurt"says Don

"Cut the crap, I know you're behind all of this,you tryna break me down so only you would presnt the show but I'm not that easy"says Chris

"Chris if I wanna work only,I wouldn't accept the deal"says Don

Chris leaves the room.Show starts in the Loser Brooms room,Beth and Lindsay talk about their reationships

"So you got a boyfriend?"asks Beth to Lindsay

"No,but I've got a crush"says Lindsay

"Who?"asks Beth excitedly

"You wouldn't know him,he's not from the competition"says Lindsay

"Okay" says Beth

Meanwhile in Talented Cloaks room.While Gwen getting ready for the show she drops her bracelet she gets down to pick it up then suddenly she bumps up with Shawn.Shawn takes the bracelet and both get up.Shawn give the bracelet to Gwen

"Thanks"says Gwen

"No problem"says Shanw

Gwen walks away and gets out from the room.Max comes to side of Shawn

"If you wanna make out with her,you should"says Max

"She's got a boyfriend"says Shawn

"So,it's not a problem"says Max

"Guess you don't know her boyfriend he kills me if he finds out"says Shawn

"C'mon he's not that though.I think you should give it a go"says Max

While they breakfast Chris calls them to race area and they go.Contestants sees Chris and gets schoked

"Wow! Chris you look a mess like a real mess"

"Yeah i know but thta's not the point welcome everyone today's challenge, first of all Don you wanna introduce this contestant"says Chris

"Of course everbody say hello to Dawn"says Don excitedly

Dawn comes from the sky while meditating.Everyone gets schoked.Dawn gets down to the ground

"Hello my fellow compiteters,I'm so excited to be here again"says Dawn

"Yeah,Dawn you're in the Loser Brooms same as Bridgette.Because today's challenge is a pair-up challenge so we make sure that each team has an equal number of competitors.Don take it away"says Chris

"Yeah,alright,today's challenge you have to pair-up with someone and find some supplies to make a boat then with this boats you made you have sail then you're gonna hve to find a potion in the sea but this potion missing a material you're gonna have to try and find that missing material"says Don

"Good luck everyone"says Chris

And the race begins

"Did you say good luck"says Don

"Yeah,i don't know why?"says Chris

Cameron pairs up with Zoey which means Mike has to pair up with Courtney.Jo pairs up with Scoot, Duncan wants to pair up with Heather this means Alejandro has to pair-up with Scarlett.Max pair-up with Amy just leave alone Gwen and Shawn so Shawn can talk with her.Beth pair-up with Lindsay and Dawn pair-up with Bridgette

"So,are you mad at me"says Mike anxiously to Courtney

"No,just one more person entered my list"says Courney

"What list"says Mike and stop

"The person I have to kill list"yells Courtney while running

Mike scares.Meanwhile

"So, we send Lightning to home what's the next move"says Scott to Jo

"What next move there's no next move"says Jo

"Really,I mean we could take out Al"says Scott

"Look my first move was the destroy Lightning that's why I need you and if you wondering what my next move is.Is you "says Jo frighteningly

Scott get terrified.Meanwhile

"So I wanna tell you something actually I wanna advice from you"says Duncan to Heather

"What advice?"ask Heather

"Well,i kinda love Zoey but how can I leave her without hurting her feelings"says Duncan

"You can't breau-up with her without hurting her"says Heather

"You say so"says Duncan

"Yeah,I mean if you should love Zoey you should be true with her and break-up with Gwen"says Heather


"Have you find anything"says Shawn to Gwen

"No what about you?"says Gwen to Shawn

"I found something"says Shawn

"Let me look"says Gwen

Shawn shows the supplies he found to Gwen.Gwen gets happy she looks at Shawn.Their eyes crossed Shawn gets blushed

"Gwen I wanna say something to you"says Shawn

"Yes Shawn"says Gwen then Shawn kisses Gwen

"See you on the shore"says Shawn after kissing her and runs

Gwen gets blush.Every contestnat came to the shore.Chris and Don are here to

"You've got 30 minutes to make your boat"says Chris

"You're time starts now"says Don

And the second round of the race starts.Everyone makes their boats but Brave Wands' be the best one.Everyone starts to find the potions in the sea.For hte last round of the race they go the magic chamber.In the magic chamber everyone gets the front of their table and start to find the missing supply.

Talented Cloaks add their first supply but their potion explodes next is Toxic Snakes their potion explodes to same as Loser Brooms and the last Brave Wands add their supply and their the winner of this race

"Congratulations Brave Wands you're the winner of this week.Talented Cloaks you're up for elimination"says Chris

Before the elimination Duncan talks with Gwen.Gwen sits at the stairs Duncan sits next to her

"Hey!"says Duncan

"Hi!"responds Gwen

"I wanna talk with you"says Duncan

"This the thing I think about"says Gwen

"Probably...What are you think about"says Duncan anxiously

"You wanna break-up with me"says Gwen

"Look it's not you it's me"says Duncan

"Save it for later"says Gwen gets up and leaves

In the dark chamber.First Gwen use her vote

"I don't know who I'm gonna vote for.I wanna give a try with Shawn and I'm a feminist at least I think I'm but Amy and Max they have the same evilness level but I guess Max evil than Amy so"says Gwen and uses her vote for Max

Next is Shawn

"Look thank you for your advice but I know what you did last time so goodbye"says Shawn and uses his vote for Max

Next is Amy

"Well you're the winner so you should step aside and give others a chance"says and uses her vote for Shawn

Last is Max he uses his vote for Amy.Everyone settles in.Chris read the votes

"Gwen you get a wand same as Shawn,Amy and Max you're the evil of this team,so the last wand goes Amy goodbye Max"says Don

"C'mon sings a song for us"says Chris to Max

And Max says goodbye with "World Gone Mad" by "Bastille" and he leaves the room

After the elimination Duncan goes Zoey's side and give her a kiss

"What's that for?"says Zoey

"Nothing,I just wanna say I love you"says Duncan and leaves

She gets blushed.In the Talented Cloaks room Shawn talks with Gwen

"Hey!"says Shawn

"Hey!"responds Gwen

"Look for today,I'm sor-"says Shawn but Gwen interupst him and kiss him

"Wow! That was awesome"says Shawn happily

"I know"says Gwen both Shawn and Gwen laughs

Chapter ends

Chapter 9:Telephone

Chris goes in the studio, he looks tired.

Don ask him "What happened you look like hell?".

He responds "Some jerk blew the tires of my car so I had to walk to the studio".

"Why didn't you call a cab?"said Don.

"Because Don, I don't like cab drivers. Their nasty and they always wear cologne, I hate it"said Chris angrily.

Don worries for Chris.

"You look so bad why don't you let me show today"said Don.

"It was always what you want.Wasn't it?"said Chris fiercely to Don.

"Look, I got nothing against to you. I'm just worried about you"said Don.

"I don't care you tryning to break me down and here you are.Asking me to allow you to present the show by yourself"said Chris fiercely.

"C'mon Chris thing logical"said Don calmly.

"I'm thinking logical and for my own safety. I think you should go"said Chris.

"What? Are you firing me?"said Don sadly.

"Yes, I'm firing you"said Chris happily.

"You can't do that. You can't host this show without me.You need to know it isn't me"shouting Don violently.

Chris calls to security and security takes Don out.

"There's only one person can do this show and it's me"says Chris .

In the "Loser Brooms" room, Dawn and Bridgette are meditaing while Lindsay and Beth have a pillow fight.Lindsay acidentaly hits Bridgette.

"Watch out!!"says Bridgette calmly to Lindsay.

Lindsay and Beth makes a lot of noise.

"Guys if you down a little bit. I appreciate it"says Bridgette calmly to them.

But they don't stop Lindsay takes her yoga kit and gets out from the room.She walk towards to the garden.Heather sees her and follows her.She starts to meditate.

"Nice weather out here.Issn't it"says Heather to Bridgette

While she's meditating "What do you want Heather?"says Bridgette

"Nothing I just wanna tell you something...Actually an advice"says Heather

"What advice?"says Bridgette 

"Okay the thing I'm gonna say to you might sound ridiculous but promise me you won't laugh"says Heather

"Wow! What's that "thing"?"says Bridgette

Heather sits next to Bridgette and "I think I'm kinda in love with Courtney"says anxiously

"What are you serious?"says Bridgette shockly and stops her meditate

"Yeah,look i know you don't approve this"says Heather but Bridgette interupts her

"Don't approve,Heather I think it's great and I think if you love someone it doesn't matter boy or girl love is love and it doesn't have a gender"says Bridgette happily to Heather

"So,what should I do?"says Heather

"First of all you need to find her and ask her.Is she feeling same about you"says Bridgette

"Okay,thanks"says Heather and puts her head on Bridgette's shoulder

"No problem"says Bridgette and puts her head on Heather's hand and they hold hands

In the dinner chamber all contestants have their breakfast.Scarlett realises something.Max isn't here because he was eliminated and Scareltt looks Amy fiercely, Amy look back at her and she gets terrified.Meanwhile Zoey and Duncan sitting side by side having a little chat

"Are you serious?"says Duncan shockly

"Yeah look it "The Fool" it means new beginnings and you start a new love with me"says Zoey

"What about this?"says Duncan shows another tarot card

"It's "The Star" but it's reversed this means discourangements and I guess this means you're gonna eliminated soon"says Zoey

"It's bullshit, I'm here to win"says Duncan angirly

"The cards are never wrong"says Zoey proudly

"What about this one?"says Duncan shows "The World" card

"That means harmony, I don't know what's that means but it's seems like merge"says Zoey happily than looks Duncan eyes

"I don't believe you"says Duncan

"Believe it or not that's real"says Zoey

"I don't need some stupid cards to tell me our love is real because i can tell this is real when i look at your eyes"says Duncan

"They don't tell that they show you the future but it's cute"says Zoey

"No you're cute"says Duncan

Courtney sees them

"Their make me sick"says Courtney

"C'mon this is beautiful"says Cameron happily

"What about you Mike?"says Courtney

"I'll never do that kind of thing with her because i was afraid she's gonna find about my alternative personalities.Man I was such a stupid"says Mike desperately

Courtney holds Mike hand and "Hey! You're not stupid"says softly

Their eyes crossed for one second then Courtney pulls her hand

Heather and Bridgette comes in the room."Toxic Snakes" talk about Duncan and Zoey while Heathers sits their side

"Can you approve this?"says Jo angirly to Alejandro

"I mean they look cute and you know I don't think Zoey can trick Duncan it's seems like she really loves him"says Alejandro

"Whatevs?"says Jo

Something thouches Heather feets she looks under the table and sees Scott

"Scott!"says Heather shockly

Scott scarely "Shhhh!"says

What are you doing here"says Heather curiously

"I'm hiding from Jo she said she's gonna end me"says Scott scarely

"C'mon get out there.As long as I'm here she can't do anything to you"says Heather

Scott gets out from the table and sit Heather's side

"I mean you and me as an alliance"says Scott anxiously

"Why not?"says Heather

Meanwhile "Talented Cloaks"s table.Shawn and Gwen have a moment

"I love you"says Shawn lovely to Gwen

"No I love you more"says Gwen to Shawn

"And I'm getting out of here"says Amy and takes her dinner table and leaves them

"You know if we lose today's race we both know who's gonna home"says Shawn

"Yeah,you're right"says Gwen

Amy crossed with Scarlett

"We need to talk"says Scarlett

"Okay!"says Amy scarely

She takes her to a private space

"So do you know who vote for him?"says Scarlett

"Well, I just know I didn't vote for him and he can't vote for himself.So you do the math"says Scarlett

Scarlett looks at Gwen and Shawn and turns to Amy

""We're not done here"says Scarlett and leaves

Meanwhile "Brave Wands".Courtney gets schoked to Bridgette and Heathers cames in the room same time

"What were you doing?"says Courtney curiously

"Nothing!"says Bridgette

"Why did you came in the room same time"says Courtney

"It's just coincidence. Why are you asking this questions are you jelous?"says Bridgette

"No, I'm not homo"says Courtney 

Zoey hears her and coughs.She drinks water

Mike ask her "You're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine"says Zoey

Bridgette gets suspicious

Chris talks from the speakers

"Hey losers! Everyone now challenge are"says Chris

Everyone comes in the challenge area

"Hi, Chris. Can I ask you a question?"says Cameron

"Of course, Cameron"says Chris

"Where is Don?"says Cameron curiously

"He's not with us anymore,capish!"shouts Chris

Everyone nods their heads with smiling

"Cool,Now today's challenge you have to pair-up with other teams contestants.Since "Talented Cloaks" you're three people one of you won't contest.So make your choice"says Chris

"I'm not gonna race"says Shawn

"Are you sure"says Gwen anxiously

"Yes I'm sure"says Shawn

"Okay that's it now pair up time Amy you're with Scarlett,Alejandro you're with Cameron, Beth you're with Gwen, Bridgette you're with Heather Courtney you're with Zoey,Dawn you're with Mike, Duncan you're with Lindsay this means Scott you're with Jo"says Chris

"But wait there are the same time"says Alejandro

"Yeah,because you're outnumbered"says Chris

"Can I pair-up with Shawn"says Scott scarely

"No,he's out of contest"says Chris

Chris starts to tell the race

"For this race you have to trust each other.Every pair will rise above the boxing ring and they have to fight"says Chris

Everyone "What?"yells schokely

"I'm just kidding,You're gonna ask each other some questions and each question you tell the wrong you're gonna get a punichment. Let the race begins"says Chris

And the race begins.First up is Amy and Scarlett

"Amy you're first.Ask your question"says Chris

"Can I start first?"asks Scarlett

"No! Okay, Amy ask your question"says Chris

"Okay, have you fall in love?"asks Amy

"No!"says Scarlett and gets a punch

Scarlett falls to the ground and gets schoked

"What was that?"asks Scarlett

"You're punishment"says Chris happily

"Okay,now my turn"says Scarlett ambitiously

"No Amy's gonna ask until you tell the truth"says Chris

Amy grins to the Scarlett but Scarlett looks at angerily

Amy asks her next questions

"Are you in love with Max?"asks Amy

"No!"says Scarlett and gets another punch

"If you're not why you asking me this questions this morning"ask Amy

"Because I'm worried about him"says Scarlett and gets another punch.

She gets up and "That's it"says and jumps on Amy and she beats her badly

"Can we call someone over here"says Chris

Security cames and take off Scarlett on Amy

"Okay, next up Alejandro and Cameron"says Chris

"So my little amigo. I heard you've got a bigger brain. You were smarter than anyone else they have to gradudate you earlier. Is this true?"asks Alejandro to Cameron

"Yes, I have to gradutate when I was 15"says Cameron adn he's not get a punch

Cameron asks Alejandro "Is Alejandro you're real name?"

And Alejandro responds "Yeah it's my real name.What kind of question is this. Guess you're not that smart"

"Congratulations you're both not get a punch"says Chris sadly

"Next up is Beth and Gwen.C'mon girls"says Chris

"Are you really into Shawn"ask Beth

"Yeah I love him. What about you have you anyone in your life"says Gwen

"No!"responds Beth

"Don't be sad you're gonna find someone"says Gwen and they both hugs

"Boring"says Chris and push the button that give their punch.Both Gwen and Beth get punch and get out from the ring

"Next"says Chris

Bridgette and Heather goes in the ring

Heather asks Bridgette "Why did you came back?"

"Because I wanna be with you guys again"responds Bridgette and gets a punch

"Okay, okay I turn back because I'm gonna win this time and you're all suckers see"says Bridgette the ask her question

"Are you ever fall in love?"asks Bridgette to Heather

"Of course who doesn't"says Heather and she doesn't get a punch

Next is Courtney and Zoey

"So, Zoey are you really can see the future?"asks Courtney throwing a demonic smile to Zoey

"Of course not the tarot cards do and I'm just helping them to explain"says Zoey and doesn't get a punch

"So, Courtney are you in love with someone?"asks Zoey

Courtney looks at Mike and gets terrified then say "Yeah" scarely and doesn't get punch

Next is Dawn and Mike both of them doesn't get punch same as Duncan and Lindsay.Last is Scott and Jo 

"So, Scott are you scared women?"says Jo

"No but I'm scared of you"says Scott scarely and doesn't get a punch

"What?"says Jo schokly

"So guess it's my turn. Jo are you get terrified from anything?"aks Scott scarely

"Of course not"says Jo and gets a punch

What the...I'm not"says Jo and gets another punch

"Okay I'm terrified Chris because he's unpredictable"says Jo

"Wow! I wasn't expect that.Congratulations "Brave Wands" you're the winner of this challenge.Since Bridgette, Scarlett and Jo gets punch and "Talented Cloaks" missing a member actually two member if we count Shawn becaus he wasn't race."Brave Wands" you win a karaoke night"says Chris

"A karaoke night? Seriously?"says Heather 

"What we're out of budget"says Chris

"Congratulations "Brave Wands" and "Toxic Snakes" you're up for elimination. See you tonight"

At a karaoke club."Brave Wands" having their moment.Mike goes to side of Zoey

"So, Duncan? I wasn't expect that"says Mike

"Look you don't allow to choose people I'm gonna love, Okay? Heart wants what it wants"says Zoey

"Look I'm worried about you you're dating with a criminal"says Mike

"He's not a criminal. He's got a good side. You'll see"says Zoey

"He better show that side"says Mike

It's Zoey's turn to sing

"Mike what happened to you. Be carefull he's coming back I guess"says Zoey and goes to stage and she sings "Easy On Me" by "Jessie J".Meanwhile in the dark chamber

"Alejandro, Heather, Duncan and Scott you get a wand.Scarlett and Jo you two are fierce women but only one you can continue. And the last wand goes to Jo, Scarlett you're out but you've got a company. Since yo're beat the hell out of Amy, she's not able to race anymore so she's coming with you. C'mon get up and sing your song"says Chris

"You wanna start first girlfriend"says Scarlett

And Amy start to sing "Telephone" by "Lady Gaga & Beyonce"

"I love this song"says Scarlett and starts to sing with her

Song ends. Lindsay waits for Amy and she reveals something

"Hello sister"says Lindsay and she finds out it was actually Samey whole the time. She gets shocked

"You, you"says Amy Scarlett comes and takes her

"C'mon girlfriend we're gonna have a good time"says Scarlett demonic

"No wait,wait"says Amy while dragged away by Scarlett

"Bye"says Samey behind them

"That's it from today. I'm Chris McLean and see you on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"

Chapter 10:Bad Guy

Chris cames in the studio and finds a note it's says

"You're end is near"

Chris gets terrified and he tear apart the paper.Meanwhile in the Toxic Snakes room.

"Two went five left"says Duncan lying on bed

"And we still outnumbered every other team"says Heather

"Yeah!"says Scott

"C'mon let's eat breakfast"says Jo everyone goes to the dinner chamber

Alejandro wants to talk with Heather privately.

"Yeah what happened?"says Heather

"So, are you relly in love with Courtney"says Alejandro anxiously

"Yeah,what happened?"says Heather curiously

"So, this isn't a trick"says Alejandro

"No if it was a trick I would be with you"says Heather and leaves

In the dinner chamber.Zoey and Bridgette have a little chat

"So how's Geoff?"ask Zoey to Bridgette

"Well, you know before I came here he was good but you know I'm not sure now"says Bridgette desperately

Courtney looks her suspiciously very close, Bridgette gets uncomfortable

"Courtney how many times I have to told you I'm not forced an alliance with Heather"says Bridgette

"I don't believe you"says Courtney gets her face away from Bridgette.

Zoey grins.Courtney sees her

"Why are you smiling about?"says Courtney angrily

"Nothing"says Zoey

Courtney looks at Duncan and turns back to Zoey

"Let me tell you something he's gonna leave you soon"says Courtney

"No he isn't"says Zoey

"How do you know?"says Courtney

"Because the cards said"says Zoey and take out off the card from her pocket

"Can I have them?"says Courtney

"Yeah"says Zoey and gives the card to her and Courtney tears them appart

Zoey and Bridgette get shock

"What did you do?"says Zoey sadly

"This was so cruel Courtney"says Bridgette

"Now they can't say anything"says Courtney

Zoey get up and "You just got a thirty years of bad luck, You piece of shit"says angirly

Courtney gets terrified and runs away

Chris calls everyone to the race area.All contestant comes to the race area

"Welcome everyone we've got suprises today two new contestants say hello to "Leshawna" & "DJ"says Chris excitedly

Leshawna and DJ makes an enterance with "Alicia Keys & Jay-Z"s "Empire State of Mind" song.While they're singing

"I hope they're not with us"says Heather to Duncan

"Same"says Duncan

"Sisters are back"says Bridgette to Lindsay

"Yeah!"says Lindsay

Courtney looks at Leshawna angrily

Songs ends

"Welcome Leshawna and DJ. Leshawna because of you're dancing skills you're with Talented Cloaks and DJ you're with Loser Brooms.Now it's time for race. You're gonna get a list and you have to find the thing written on the list and you're gonna have to make a transformation potion. This potion turns anyone anything"says Chris

"Anything"says Cameron

"Yeah! Anything"says Chris

"You're race starts now and don't forget which team comes first they get a advantage for the next round"says Chris

And the race begins

"I'm so great you're with us"says Gwen to Leshawna

"Girl, me too"says Leshawna

"So, I wanna talk about with you something"says Gwen

"Girl, I know everything, you know you've got a very different type"says Leshawna.

Gwen laughs and they continue to find the supplies for potion.Meanwhile.

"Scarlett would be usefull right npw"says Scott.

"Hey it's our decision to send her home"says Jo.

"Yeah but she would be usefull for this race"says Scott.

"Yeah, but she isn't so can we move on"says Heather.


"I think we should go with this way"says Cameron.

"No we should go this way"says Courtney showing opposite direction.

"I think we shouldn't trust because you're unlucky"says Zoey.

"Why did you say that?"says Mike curiously.

"Because she torn my tarot cards"says Zoey.

Mike and Cameron gets shock.

"C'mon it was just cards"says Courtney.

"No they weren't just cards. They're the cards which could see the future"says Mike.

"Whatever, do what you wanna do? I'm going"says Courtney and leaves them.

"C'mon Cameron which way you say?"says Zoey.

"This way"says Cameron showing opposite direction the Courtney goes and they goes that direction.

Meanwhile Loser Brooms finds their first supplies.It's a lizard.

"Okay we need this lizard's tail"says Bridgette.

"So you say we have to cut this lizard's tail"says DJ terrified.

"C'mon DJ it's not bad thing lizard can grow a tail again,look"says Dawn and cuts lizard's tail and it grows back.

DJ gets happy.

"C'mon we haven't got so much time"says Bridgette.

And they goes for the second supplies. Meanwhile Courtney all alone in the forest looking for supply.She gets terrified and her foot crashes into a stone, then she falls to the ground and some animal bites her.Meanwhile Talented Cloaks find their first supply.

"Wow, you're really good at this"says Leshawna to Shawn.

"Hell yeah I am"says Shawn proudly.

"That's why I love you"says Gwen to Shawn and kisses him from the cheek.

Meanwhile Toxic Snakes find their two supply at the same time while Loser Brooms find their two supplies at the same time and their run to the finish lane.Their the first one to arrived to the finish line.Next one is Toxic Snakes next is Talented Cloaks and the last is Brave Wands but they're missing a member.Courtney comes and she looks horrifying.Chris calls crew team and they took Courtney to the infirmary.

"So Loser Brooms you've got extra 15 minutes for the next round".

For the next raund all contestants except Courtney goes to the magic chamber.In the magic chamber.

"Okay you've got a 20 minutes to make this potion.Loser Brooms you've got a extra 15 minutes you're minute stars now"says Chris.

And the second round of the race begins.Brave Wands add their ingredients in to the potion orderly when they add blueberry their poiton is blown.Talented Cloaks makes their potion but it doesn't work same as Toxic Snakes.Loser Brooms extra 15 minutes starts and they continue to make their potion and it works.

"Congratulations Loser Brooms you win one week vacation on Italy and Brave Wands you're up for elimination see you in the dark chamber"says Chris

In the dark chamber

"Okay you're probably wondering why Heather and Duncan is here because they're prepare a show for us.Duncan and Heather take it away"says Chris

"Zoey can you join us"says Duncan

And he starts to sing "Bad Guy" by "Billie Eilish" with Heather and Zoey in the backup.At the end of the song Duncan holds Courtney's hand and takes her out of room.Song ends

"Alright everyone that's it today, thank you Duncan, Heather and Zoey for doing this as you know Courtney love to sing but she has to say goodbye without singing.So see you on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"says Chris

Chapter 11:Don't Stop Believin'

Heather is devastate after Courtney's elimination. She sits on the stairs and cries. Zoey wakes up fro the go the bathroom but when she go downstairs she sees Heather and ask her what happened

"Heather, are you OK?"ask Zoey to Heather

"I just never said to her that I love her and now she's gone and I always gonna be miserable for not saying that"say Heather in tears

"Can I be real with you?"ask Zoey

"Yes!"say Heather while wiping her tears

"She loves you. You know first night when I go to the bathroom she was there and she was talking to herself at least I thought that but she was talking a picture, your pictrue she was saying things like "I love you and we will be together forever" then I saw her and tryna' take the photo but she fought back and then we fight"say Zoey

"Are you serious?"ask Heather shockely

"Look, I never told lies why should I tell right now, especially something like that. I think love is the best thing a people can have and don't worry you and Courtney will be together sometime"say Zoey

"Yeah! I guess you're right"say Heather and they hugs

Morning, in the Loser Brooms room DJ kisses a picture of some one

"Who's that?"ask Beth while she's pity up for bed

"Some girl a meet last year"says DJ anxiously

"Can we see?"ask Lindsay

"No,it''s. Fine here but no judging"say DJ and gives the picture to them

"Uhh it's a boy"say Beth confused

"Wait, are you?"ask Lindsay shockly

"Yes and his name's Brody and we've been dating two years"say DJ in a low mood

"C'mon guys we've got thirty mintues to have breakfast so you better going on"say Bridgette then walk towards to DJ and sees the picture of Brody

"Wait,I know that guy he's Geoff's old friend. What are you doing with his photo"say Bridgette curiosly to DJ

"Well, we've been together for two years and we love each other"say DJ anxiously to Bridgette

"I should've seen that but Brody come on he's the worst"say Bridgette

"Well, I love her and there's nothing you can do about that"say DJ and takes the picture back from Bridgette

"Whatever, get up and have breakfast then we have a challenge to win"says Bridgette ambitiously

In the breakfast room. Brave Wands have a little chat

"Well, now we're together, we can rise again together"say Zoey

In the confession chamber

"Well, It's good to be with same team with Zoey and Mike but you know...their drama"say Cameron anxiously

Back in the breakfast room

"Well I'm so excited to be with you again"say Mike 

"Yeah me too"say Cameron anxiously

Meanwhile. Duncan and Alejandro see Heather cries and have a little conversation

"Wow! I never seen her like that"say Duncan

"Yeah, like she's vulnerable now"say Alejandro

"Yeah, that's the problem. She's never vulnerable"say Duncan

"Should we check her?"ask Alejandro 

"I don't know we should"say Duncan

"C'mon!"say Alejandor and they go to Heather's side she is in tears she's didn't even her food

"Hey! Heather, are you okay?"ask Alejandro anxiously to Heather

"I'm fine why wouldn't I be okay?"say Heather fiercely

"Uhh, because we saw you cyring and we really worry about you"say Duncan

"I'm fine you see. I'm really fine. The people I love isn't here anymore and I can't even say her I love her"say Heather in tears

"Don't worry she knows that"say Alejandro sits Heather's side and hugs her

"Wait a minute who we talking about?"ask Duncan curiously

Chris calls everyone to the challange area

"It doesn't matter all that matters that she's gone and now I'm all alone"say Heather and gets up

All contestants goes to the challenge area. Chris is waiting them

"Welcome to today's challenge. First of all, congratulations to Heather and DJ for coming out of closet here's your prize"say Chris and give them pride flags

"You need to wear them while racing"continues Chris and he start to tell challenge

"Today's challenge a rescue challenge, you need to save most important people in your life. You're gonna past forest then you climb the top of the mountain at the end of the forest. Then you're gonna two most important people in your life. Brave Wands you're gonna save Trent. Toxic Snakes you're gonna save Courtney. Talented Cloaks you're gonna save Harold and Loser Brooms you're gonna save Brody. But don't forget there some bobby traps in the forest so be careful." say Chris and give the signal for the challenge

And the challenge begins.In the forest Loser Brooms having a little chat

"So, this Brody guy, is he treat you will?"ask Bridgette to DJ

"Of course he is, he's the sweetest guy I've ever seen"say DJ lovely 

"C'mon guys we need to save him"say Dawn and attaches to a rope then she falls to the ground then a rock falls from the tree and bump into her head then she faints

"Do you think she's okay?"ask Lindsay to Beth

"I don't think so?"say Beth

"C'mon hurry up we need to win this race"say Lindsay ambitiously

"Do you think is it save to leave her like that?"ask DJ anxiously

"Uh! C'mon she'll be okay"say Bridgette and they continue to race without Dawn

Meanwhile. Toxic Snakes

"C'mon Scott use your location finding skills"say Heather fiercely to Scott

"But I don't have something like that"say Scott

"Uh! Whatevs"say Heather

"So, you like girls, ha?"ask Jo to Heather

"Yeah I am but I'm not some butch like you"say Heather

"You can't say that"say Jo fiercel to Heather

"Yes I can"say Heather

"So, you really love her?"ask Duncan to Heather

"Yes"say Heather 

"Since when?"ask Duncan

"I don't know I guess it's been two or four months"say Heather

"So you really wait four months to come out to her"say Ducan

"Actually, I'm not exactly come out to her"say Heather

"Yeah, right"say Duncan

"So, how's with Zoey"Heather ask to Duncan

"You know, it's good but I fell like anytime I lose her"say Duncan

"Well, let's make sure it doesn't happen"say Heather smiling

"What are you talking about?"say Ducan

"Just follow me"say Heather

Meanwhile. Talented Cloaks 

"Did we really gonna save Harold? I mean Harol"say Gwen

"I don't know him but if Leshawna loves him it means he's a good guy"say Shawn

"Yeah, it's good, kind and cute but he's kind of annoys me"say Gwen

"Don't worry it's just one race. You don't even talk to with him"say Shawn

"Also you know Trent is up there too"say Gwen

"You so worried about this guy"say Shawn

"Well, he's my ex-boyfriend"say Gwen

"If you care about what you ex-boyfriend's say, you can never really forget him"say Shawn

"Really!!"say Gwen

"Yeah if I care what Jasmine thinks I never forget her"say Shawn

"I guess you're right"say Gwen then she attaches to a ropen then she falls to the gorund then she stays locked in a cage

"Gwen, are you okay?"say Shawn

"Yeah, I'm fine, go and save him"say Gwen

"Okay but after him I'm gonna save you"yell Shawn while walk away

Meanwhile, Brave Wands

"How I'm gonna save him, after all I've done"say Zoey

"It's your problem"say Mike

"Mike c'mon you're not like that. Whya re you being so mean?"say Zoey

"Whole my life I've been vulnerable now it's time to be rise and shine"say Mike fiercely

"Look if you're doing all of this because i broke up with you"say Zoey but Mike interups her

"No of course why whould I you made your choice. Now it's my turn to make a choice"say Mike

Cameron attaches to a rope then he hangs up a tree upside down

"Uhh, guys"say Cameron Mike and Zoey sees him

"Are you okay?"say Zoey while Leshawna and Shawn pass them by Mike sees them

"C'mon we gotta go"say Mike anxiously

"Yeah, I'm fine you go"say Cameron

"Okay but we'll back to save you"say Zoey then they runs

First Loser Brooms comes to the mountain then Toxic Snakes then Talented Cloaks and the last one to came to the mountain is Brave Wands.Chris talks from the speaker

"Welcome to the second round of the challenge, for this round you have to climb the mountain and save you're significant other but there's just four helmet and climbing tools so one person from each team will climb the mountain. Good luck and don't die"say Chris

"Okay I'm gonna go"say DJ to his teammates

"Alright, you deserve this"say Bridgette takes the helmet and puts his head

"Thanks!"say DJ then take climbing tools and starts to climb to mountain

Meanwhile. Jo and Scott have an argument

"I'm gonna climb the mountain"say Jo angrily

"No I'm"say Scott

Then Heather takes the helmet and climbing tools and starts to climb


"Leshawna are you sure about this?"ask Shawn anxiously to Leshawna

"It's my job the save my boo"say Leshawna then wears helmet, takes the climbing tools and starts to climb

Meanwhile, Brave Wands. Mike takes the helmet and climbing tools

"What are you doing?"ask Zoey

"What do i look like doing? I'm tryna' win this race"say Mike then start to climb

"Good luck"yell Zoey behind him then Mike gives her a smile. Duncan sees them, goes to Zoey's side

"What was that?"ask Duncan

"Nothing it was just a smile"say Zoey

"Look if you're two together again you better tell me"say Duncan fiercely

"Are you jealous?"ask Zoey smiling

"No I'm not"say Duncan

"Don't worry there's nothing to worry about"say Zoey and hugs him

"I wish this merge comes quickly"say Duncan desperately

"I know"say Zoey

Meanwhile Duncan be the first one to reach the top of the mountain sees Brody and goes to save him

"Brody!"say DJ happily then hugs and they kiss

"I was so scared that something would happen to you"say DJ

"Don't worry but we need to talk"say Brody

"What, what happened?"say DJ

"Look, you're here I'm somewhere this isn't gonna work. I'm sorry but that's it we're done"say Brody

"So are you breaking up with me?"say DJ sadly

"Sorry, I only came here to tell you this"say Brody then a plane cames and takes him

DJ starts to cry. Then Heather cames sees Courtney and saves her

"Are you okay!"say Heather 

"Yeah I'm okay, thanks?"say Courtney

The Heather push Courtney to herself then kiss her first Courtney gets shock then she enjoys it after they kiss

"Wow!"say Courtney

"So what are you say, you, me and a million dollar"say Heather

"Why not?"say Courtney then they see DJ goes to his side

"DJ Are you okay?"ask Heather

"He's break up with me"say DJ in tears then hughs Heather

"Shhh,shhh! It's gonna be okay"say Heather then hugs them while Courtney caressing his back

Then Leshawna cames and saves Harold

"My baby boo, are you okay?"say Leshawna worried

"Why wouldn't I be?"say Harold then they kiss

Last Mike cames to save Trent

"Finally,where have you've been and where's Zoey"say Trent

"She's down there"say Mike

"I need to talk with her"say Trent

"Look, Trent I know you're angry but she made her choice we can't interfere with her choices"say Mike

"I guess you're right. Thanks again for saving me"say Trent

"No problem"say Mike

"Congratulations Loser Brooms you're the winner of this challange and Brave Wands you're the losers. See you on the elimination and a twist the returning contestant has to vote too"say Chris

Before the elimination. Zoey and Mike a little chat

"So, I talked with Trent and I think he forgives you"say Mike

"He was. We talked before you came in"say Zoey

"So who you gonna vote for?"say Mike

"You know who I'm gonna vote for"say Zoey

"Yeah, this is gonna be bad"say Mike

"Tell me about it"say Zoey

In the dark chamber.

"Okay Trent and Courtney thank you for using vote see you soon"say Chris then Courtney and Trent leaves the room

"Okay, so Zoey you gotta wand. Mike and Cameron both of you are loser but one of you is more loser than other one. Mike here's your wand this means Cameron you're out. C'mon get up here and sing your sing"say Chris

He stands up and sing "Don't Stop Believin" by "Journey"

"Okay, that's it for today see you on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"say Chris

Chapter 12:Fix You

After Cameron's elimination Duncan gets relly worried about Mike and Zoey. All contestanst in the dinner chamber having their brekafast, Duncan sees Mike but cannot see Zoey then suddenly lights goes off then music starts Gwen, Heather, Zoey and Birdgett cames in the chamber and starts to sing "Pon de Replay" by "Rihanna". They all wear chick clothes. Song ends. Zoey goes to the Duncan's side

"So, do you like it?"ask Zoey to Duncan while having their breakfast

"I love it!"say Duncan happily

"This is a gift for me to you"say Zoey

"Thanks!"say Duncan and they share a kiss

Meanwhile Alejandro goes to the Heather's side

"Wow! I'm imperessed"say Alejandro to Heather

"Well I'm done being weak it's time to be though. I've got a plan take Duncan and meet me at the room in the five minutes"say Heather and walks away

Meanwhile.DJ wants to talk with Heather

"So you know you're the only person who I can tell these thing"say DJ to Heather

"I know, are you okay, You're not seem so well last nigh"say Heather

"Yeah, sorry about that, so you know I guess I'm not gonna race anymore because of this break-up I'm devastated"say DJ sadly

"Don't say that I'm gonna help you about this."say Heather

"How??"say DJ

"You leave me that"say Heather

Chris talks form the speakers and calls everyone to challenge area. Contestants came to challange area. Chris starts to tell challenge

"Okay another potion challenge we have today."say Chris but Heather interupst him

"Before we start Chris can we make a swap with DJ"say Heather

"No there's no more swaps. So for today's challenge you have to make a talking potion. This potion can make any object speak. Here's your list first one to come with this ingreditenst and all team is win the race. So good luck and don't die"say Chris 

And the race begins. Alejandro, Duncan and Heather have a little chat

"So what's you're plan?"ask Duncan

"So, my plan is to swap DJ with Scott but it doesn't work but now I've gotta new plan we take out of them"say Heather

"Them?"say Alejandro

"Yes, Scott and Jo, once we get rid of them this competition will be more fun"say Heather

"How we're gonna do that?"say Alejandro

"We're gonna lose this challenge and after that one. First we vote of Scott then Jo"say Heather

"Can we vote them when we're really lose"say Duncan

"No we need to lose because if we can't DJ tryna' lose the challenge then they send him home and I don't want this to happen"say Heather

"Wow! You really became a good friend with DJ"say Alejandro

"Yes but also I really love winning too"say Heather

Meanwhile Talented Cloaks find their first ingreditent, but Brave Wands find two ingreditents at the same time. Duncan sees Zoey and Mike getting so intimate. Duncan goes their side

"Hi Mike!, Zoey"say Duncan

"Hi Duncan look we find our two ingreditents there's only one ingreditent left"say Zoey happily

"Yeah, I'm happy for you. Can we talk privately for a second?"say Duncan 

"Okay!"say Zoey

Duncan takes Zoey some private place and talks with her

"So, you and Mike great just great. I never thought you cheat me"say Duncan

"No I'm not cheat you, I never do this to you especially on your birthday"say Zoey

"You do this thing especially at my birthday"say Duncan fiercely

"Listen to me I'm not like Courtney or Gwen when I love someone I love him like I love my tarot cards"say Zoey fiercely

Duncan walks away. Meanwhile Talented Cloaks came to the finish line while other teams still tryna' find their ingreditents

"Have you seen the other three"say Jo to Scott while they looking for ingreditents

"No!"say Scott

"Probably they tryna' send you home"say Jo

"Really?"say Scott

"Yeah, and we should make an alliance"say Jo

"Okay but just for today"say Scott

"Deal"say Jo then they shake hands

Meanwhile Loser Brooms came to the finish line. Dawn drags DJ. DJ seems angry. Then Brave Wands came the last team will Toxic Snakes

"Congratulations Talented Cloaks you win extra 5 minutes for the second round seems like Toxic Snakes lost two members where they are?"say Chris

Then Scott and Jo comes finish line with only two ingreditent

"We're here"say Jo breathly then turns to Heather and sees she isn't got an ingredient

"Why  don't you have an ingredient?"ask Jo to Heather

"Uh! Because I couldn't find any. Duh!"say Heather

In the magic chamber

"Okay everyone for the second round you need to make a potion you're twenty minutes starts now"say Chris

and the time starts. Toxic Snakes only have two ingredients they can't make their potion. Others potion doesn't work except Talented Cloaks 

"Congratulations Talented Cloaks you're the winner of this challenge. Toxic Snakes see you tonight"say Chris

Before the elimination. Duncan talks with Zoey

"Hey"say Duncan to Zoey

Zoey doesn't respond her

"I work so hard tryna' do this all night long"say Duncan and give her some tarot cards he made

"I'm not sure how much can they work but I'm sure it works"say Duncan

"Thank you, I'm so happy"say Zoey and give Duncan a hug

"This means you forgive me"say Duncan

"You know"say Zoey

Duncan walks away then suddenly he turns his back and say "I love you" to Zoey

"I love you too"responds Zoey

In the dark chamber

"Before read the votes Alejandro, Heather and Duncan prepared a show for us. C'mon guys take it away"say Chris

Then Heather, Alejandro and Duncan cames in the room and starts to sing "Blow" by "Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars" while they wearing a sick clothes. Song ends

"Now the votes. Alejandro, Duncan and Jo here's your wands. Heather and Scott. Heather you're the drama queen but Scott you're the rat of this team. And the last wand goes to...Heather. This means Scott you're out"

Scott gets angry and gets up

"Wait, what you said to me "We're gonna take them out" but now I'm out what the hell this is?"say Scott to Jo

"How I'm gonna convince them to vote for you they lose today's challenge just send you home"say Jo angrily

"Wow I wasn't expect that now that's what I called snake. Scott it's time to sing"say Chris

Scott starts to sing "Fix You" by "Coldplay" but he sings so bad Chris stops him

"Stop, stop. Thank God, I wasn't made Revenge of The Island a musical. Get out of here"say Chris

Scott leaves the room

"That's it for today. See you on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"say Chris

Chapter 13:Joan of Arc

Jo sits in the room all alone wondering what's waiting for  her in the future because Alejandro, Heather & Duncan make an alliance and they'll do anything to cut her off. She get so worried but she is powerful and nothing can stop her. Meanwhile in the dinner chamber while contestants have their breakfast. Leshawna and Gwen have a little chat

"So, are you happy to see Harold?"ask Gwen

"It's been two days. I wish I could see him more. Why did I come back here?"say Leshawna

"Because you want to win"say Gwen

"Yeah, guess you're right"say Leshawna

"And don't worry I'll be your guide"say Gwen

"Thanks"say Leshawna

Meanwhile. Bridgette sees DJ and they have a little chat

"Are you okay?"say Bridgette

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why did you ask?"say DJ

"Because you haven't had a piece of your food since we got here, and you smell like a stink."say Bridgette

"Yeah, I haven't showered in two days"say DJ

"You know I can help you not exactly but just come with me"say Bridgette

Bridgette takes him to Zoey, she sits with her boyfriend

"Hello Zoey!"say Bridgette

"Hi guys what's the matter?"say Zoey

"So as you know DJ broke up with his boyfriend. Can you look him future?"say Bridgette

"Of course"say Zoey

And start to shuffling cards and distributes in front of him.

"Okay here we go"say Zoey

Zoey pick a card. The first card she pick is "Death" bu it's reversed

"It means you're going to have a change soon and you won't like it"

She picks another card

"It's "The Fool" that means you're gonna have some new things soon and the last card is "Six of Wands" this means you're gonna win something"say Zoey

"Well do you see what I win"say DJ

"I can't but i can feel it's something big"say Zoey

"Do you think?"say DJ happily

"It can be"say Bridgette

"Thanks"say DJ

"No problem"say Zoey

Bridgette notices something

"Guess Courtney give you new cards"say Bridgette

"No Duncan made it for me"say Zoey happily

"Not much a thing but it seems aweosme, right?"say Duncan

Chris enters the dinner chamber

"Okay, okay everyone today's challange we'll make a different thing. Every tema choose your best chef because you made your own dinner"say Chris and leaves the room

Talented Cloaks have a little talk

"Okay guys just leave it to me"say Shawn proudly

"Do you think you're good chef"say Gwen

"Not but I make a great mac and cheese"say Shawn

"Fine just win this for us for Gwen"say Leshawna

"Okay"say Shawn

Brave Wands doesn't have to make a choice since they two people they gonna make the breakfast together. Loser Brooms choose DJ. Toxic Snakes have a little chat.

"C'mon give me a choice. I'm a great chef"say Jo

"No we made our choice it's Alejandro"say Heather

"Fine but if we win your gonna lose your head"say Jo angirly to Alejandro

"Don't worry"say Alejandro

Meanwhile Duncan sees Mike and Zoey wearin their fhef uniform. Then he turns Alejandro

"Let me help you"say Duncan angrily

Then goes to the kitchen section of dinner chamber. After all chef came in the room Chris enters

"Welcome everyone today's challenge. You're gonna have to make a breakfast but only the ingredients we choose for you. Brave Wands here your ingredients, a frog leg and an eye and roasted apple and a lizard tail. Toxic Snakes you got a skunk tail and skunk smell a roasted blueberyy and a skunk leg. Loser Brooms got a lizard leg a lizard ye and a arm. Talented Cloaks since you're the winner of the last challenge you've got real breakfast ingredients. Let the challenge begins"say Chris

Challange begins. Mike and Zoey having fun Duncan sees them and get jealous Alejandro notice him

"C'mon man we need to win this"say Alejandro

"Yeah, you're right. I wish we send home Mike instead of Jo"say Duncan

"Don't worry his time will come"say Alejandro

Meanwhile Zoey gets gross because of the ingredients. Mike notices it

"Don't worry it's not that bad"say Mike and eats a frog leg then he throws up

Zoey laughs

"You know what you're idiot"say Zoey

"Yeah"say Mike

"Yeah you're the idiotiest person I've meet"say Zoey

Then Mike throws flour at her then they start a little food fight. Duncan sees them goes to Mike and punches him. Alejandro sees him then runs to him and stops him

"Are you out of your mind, What are you doing?"say Alejandro angrily

Chris talks from the speakers

"Toxic Snakes you're out of this challange, Crew team take Mike safe place"say Chris

Duncan and Alejandro leaves the kitchen and goes the dinner section of dinner chamber. Heather sees them and slaps Duncan

"What were you thinking?"say Heather fiercely

"It's good thing. This means we can send Jo home think that way"say Duncan

"Listen to me Zoey loves you if you keep doing this you're gonna screw up everything"say Heather to Duncan

Meanwhile Loser Brooms finish their breakfast it's time for the tasting. Loser Brooms have their breakfast DJ make. Next is Talented Cloaks they eat the breakfast Shawn made but they throw up. Last is Brave Wands but they missing a contestants they lose

"Congratuşations, Loser Brooms you're the winner of this challenge, you win an amazşng day at the spa. Brave Wands you're the loser but since Toxic Snakes disqualified from today's challenge you're up for elimination"say Chris

After the race. Zoey visits Mike at the infirmary

"Hi!"say Zoey

"Hi!"responds Mike

"Are you okay?"say Zoey

"Yeah, don't worry"say Mike

"I need to talk with Duncan"say Zoey

"Don't. I would have done the same if I had lived the same "say Mike

"I don't think you will"say Zoey

"Well, I'm not sure about that"say Mike

"Anyway see you soon"say Zoey and she kiss his forehead

Then leaves the room. In the dark chamber

"Okay votes been counted. Duncan and Alejandro you've got a wand. Heather and Jo who will be hte loser of today?. Heather here's your wand that means Jo you're out sing you're song then leaves. I just hope you're not bad as Scoot"say Chris

Jo sings "Joan of Arc" by "Little Mix". Song ends. While she leaves the room she turns her back

"Just don't forget this is not the last time you see me"say Jo then leaves the room

After the elimination. Duncan wants to talk with Zoey but Zoey just walk away

"Okay folks, that's it for today. See you on the next Total...Drama...Magic"say Chris

Chapter 14:Blonde

Lindsay wakes up and Beth something strange at her face. It's a mole but Lindsay never had mole.Beth goes her and ask her about the mole.

"What's that on your face?"ask Beth to Lindsay

"What are you talking about?"responds Lindsay

"There's mole on your face"say Beth

"Oh! It's always there"say Lindsay

"You're lying. I know my bestfriend and Lindsay never had a mole. Who are you?"say Beth

All Loser Brooms contestants get closer to Lindsay and finally she reveal that. She is Sammy

"Fine, I'm Sammy. Chris call me for a twist but now you learn and there's no more fun of it"say Sammy

"I should know my best friend never make an alliance"say Beth

"So, what's gonna happen now?"say Bridgette

"Now you have to race with me"say Sammy

In the dinner chamber. All contestants have their breakfast. Zoey goes Duncan

"Hey Duncan, can we talk for a second?"say Zoey

Then they sit another table

"Look, if you wanna break up with me. I get it, I've been a jerk lately but I'm always like that and there's nothing I can do about it"say Duncan

"I'm not gonna break up with you. I told you before, I will always love you no matter what you do"say Zoey

"But I've been bad lately. I punched your best friends"say Duncan

"I know and I'm angry to you about that but I also know you've been doing this because of jealousy. But I wanna there's nothing to worry about"say Zoey

They hold hands. Chris calls everyone to the challenge area from the speakers. All contestants came to the challenge area. Chris makes an announcement

"Okay, everyone today's first announcement Lindsay was actually Sammy and now she's gonna be with us and Duncan because of this tarot cards you made for Zoey you're in Talented Cloaks. Okay today's challenge you have to pair up with other team contestants. Loser Broom since you five people one of you doesn't gonna compete made your choice"say Chris

Loser Brooms cuddle up

"So who isn't gonna race?"say Bridgette

"I'm"say DJ

"Are you sure?"say Dawn

"Yeah, I'm sure"say DJ

Before they begin the race DJ calls Bridgette his side

"Watch out to her"say DJ point to Sammy

"I will"say Bridgette

Chris continue to tell race

"Okay, Duncan you're with Zoey, Mike you're with Dawn, Alejandro you're with Bridgette, Heather you're with Leshawna, Gwen you're with Beth and Shawn you're with Sammy. So for this challenge you need to find a four wand but only one of them has something special who finds that wins the challenge"say Chris

And the race begins.

"I'm so happy to pair-up with you"say Duncan

"Yeah me too also I can be real with you now"say Zoey

"What? You're not real before"say Duncan

"Of course not. How can you believe I still be with you after what you've done"say Zoey angrily

"I'm sorry okay. There's nothing I can do"say Duncan

"That's it Duncan we're done"say Zoey

"Zoey wait. Don't go"say Duncan desperately

"I'm sorry Duncan but if you act like this I can't be with you. I thought you're a nice guy but I guess you weren't"say Zoey and walk away

Duncan get down on your kness and start to crying. Meanwhile Heather and Leshawna have a little chat

"You know, you may trick other with this nice behaviours but I don't believe you. You're still that old slut who's being mean to everyone"say Leshawna fiercely

"Well, Leshawna can I be real with you?"say Heather

"C'mon spill the tea"say Leshawna

"Who told you I was acting nice?"say Heather

"But you're crying"say Leshawna

"Bitch, because I lost someone who I care"say Heather

Leshawna laughs

"I don't believe you're in love with Courtney"say Leshawna

"Of course I am we send letters everyday each day"say Heather

"Fine, suit yourself"say Leshawna

Then Heather finds a wand

"So what's gonna happen now?"say Leshawna

"Guess we need to turn to the finish line"say Heather

While their walk to the finish line. Alejandro and Bridgette have a talk

"So, are you gonna kiss me again"say Alejandro

"Shut your mouth"say Bridgette angrily then finds a wand

Meanwhile Sammy and Shawn have a little chat

"I know what you're up to and I'm not gonna let that"say Shawn

"Fine do what you do? I'm just here to win"say Sammy 

Then Shawn finds a wand

Meanwhile Mike finds the last find Everyone comes to the finish line

"Okay Heather, Bridgette, Shawn and Mike you're up to second challenge the others are eliminated. For the second round you're have to duel with each other. Heather you're gonna duel with Mike, Bridgette you're gonna duel with Shawn"say Chris

And the duel begins.First is Heather versus Mike.First attack comes form Heather they had a big fight but in the end Heather wins. Next is Bridgette and Shawn.This round Bridgette wins for the final round Heather and Bridgette fights. In the end Heather wins

"Congratulaitons Toxic Snakes you're the winner of this challenge. For today's elimination you're gonna chosse who's up for?"say Chris

"We choose Loser Brooms"say Heather

DJ get shocked

"Why would you do that?"say DJ

"Here's a chance for you to send a snake home"say Heather while looking at Sammy

"Okay, Loser Brooms you're up for elimination. Toxic Snakes you won a week at the Italy"say Chris

At the dark chamber

"Okay, here's the votes. Beth, DJ and Dawn you win a wand. Sammy you're out but wait what's that Bridgette you're out too"say Chris

"Wait, what?"say Bridgette

"Yeah we called for here for a fun and basically you can't even do that. So come here and sing you're duet"say Chris

They stand up 

"What we're gonna sing?"say Sammy

"Just follow me"say Bridgette

Bridgette start to sing "Blonde" by "Bridgit Mendler". Then Sammy joins her. While they sing

"That's it for today see you on the next Total...Drama...Magic"say Chris

Chapter 15:Mother's Daughter

A new day starts in TDM's castle. Zoey and Duncan meet before breakfast. They have a little chat.

"Look, I can't take waht I did but I can make it up for you. I might even try to make a deal with Mike."say Duncan.

"It'll be nice."say Zoey.

They hug. While in Loser Brooms room. They have a conversetion.

"What's gonna be our next move?"say Duncan

"I don't know since we lost our team brainiac"say Beth

"Well, I've gotta idea"say Lindsay

After a quick silence

"So?"say Duncan

"So, what?"say Lindsay

"What's your plan?"say Beth

"Oh! I forgot"say Lindsay

They all get desperated 

Breakfast. Duncan sits with Mike.

"Hey, Mike"say Duncan

"Are you gonna hit me again?"say Mike

"Of course not, look I know we've got ups and downs"say Duncan

"Mostly downs"say Mike

"Yeah but I wanna give a chance two of us maybe we'll get along. What do you say?"say Duncan

"Yeah, it'll work"say Mike

Then all girls came to room and they start to sing "Run The World (Girls)" by "Beyonce". Song ends then Topher enters the room.

"Okay, okay. Thank you girls for this special performance. Hi to everyone I'm your new host, so let's get into it"say Topher.

"What happen to Chris?"say Shawn

"Oh, well. He had some issues so he have to quit"say Topher anxiously

"What kind of issues?"say Duncan

"Well, let's just say someone send him some threat messages and he have to quit"say Topher

"Let me guess it was you,right?"say Gwen

"Well, who said that?"say Topher

"Beth, told us that this was your idea from the beginning"say Duncan

"Well, It has confirmed that we can never tell Beth a secret."say Topher angrily

"Sorry"say Beth regretfully

"Whatever, okay, I want you to meet with me at challenge in twenty minutes"say Topher then leaves the room

At the challenge area

"Welcome today's challenge before we start to challenge, look at you, you were 24 people when this season started now your half of it. I'm so pproud of you"say Topher proudly

"Get to the point, Topher"say Heather

"Well, I got an idea. Why don't we merge the teams but just two teams"say Topher

"What are you talking about?"say Leshawna

"Well, we could merge two teams like Brave Wands and Loser Brooms get merge but they still called Loser Brooms well the other two team gets merge. What do you say?"say Topher

All contestants get agree with him. So the teams get merge. While Loser Brooms and Brave Wands get merge, Toxic Snakes and Talented Cloaks get merge. Topher starts to tell today's challenge.

"Today's challenge it's a guess game. I'll asks some guestions to you and you have to guess the answers who get closers the right answer or knows the righnt answer gets a chance to go second round. So, let the challenge begins"say Topher excitedly

All contestants get set for challenge

"Okay, first up Zoey vs Heather. I'm gonna ask you three questions if you know it you'll get a point. Who earns the most points will qualify for the next round. You're first question is "What's the closest planet to earth?" " ask Topher

Venus is Zoey's answer. Mercury is Heather's answer

"The point goes Heather. Next question..."say Topher

After a contentious guess game. Heather, Shawn, Beth and Mike gets second round

"For the second round you'll have to look for some supplies in woods and you make your own boiler. You've got thirty minutes to find these supplies. Heather and Shawn you're work together, the same goes for Beth and Mike. Your time starts now"say Topher

The second round of the challenge starts. While Heather, Shawn, Beth and Mike looking for the suuplies. Other contestans have a conversation with each other.

"Do you think he make it?"say Gwen

"Don't worry he could make it and he can"say Leshawna

"Well, I don't think so, he with Heather, He's got no chance"say Alejandro

"Well he's right"say Gwen

"You just ignore him"say Leshawna

Gwen seems desperate

Zoey and Duncan have a little chat

"I hope we win this challenge"say Zoey

"You even don't know the prize"say Duncan

"I don't care because I'll know it's something good"say Zoey

"How? The card told"say Duncan sarcastically

"Yes and also I made double check"say Zoey showing Dawn

"She seems weird"say Duncan about Dawn

"Well she is but she's psychic"say Zoey

"Really?"say Duncan 

"Yeah, whatever she said it became true"say Zoey

Then Duncan looks at Dawn. While DJ talk with her

"What do you doing?"say DJ to Dawn

"I'm taking the good vibes my boyfriend send"say Dawn

"Good, good. Uhh...who's your boyfriend?"say DJ

"His name Brick we're became lovers after the season we race together"say Dawn

"How long have you been together?"say DJ

"It's gonna be two years next week"say Dawn

"Two years, it's a long time"say DJ

"Yeah, it was"say Dawn

Then Mike and Beth comes with their supplies

"Congratulaitons Loser Brooms you win extra 5 time for the last round. For the Shawn and Heather you're only got 15 minutes"say Topher

Shawn and Heather in the woods.

"Com, i think that's enough for making a boiler"say Heather

"No we need more branch"say Shawn

"You really think you could make a boiler only using branches"say Heather

"No but if we look more other things maybe it'll work"say Shawn

"You want me to go alone"say Heather angrily

"That's the only opption, I can think right now"say Shawn

Then Heather leaves him alone and goes to find other supplies.Meanwhile Loser Brooms have a little conversation.

"Do you think this things actually work?"say DJ

"Well, if we could work really hard they might"say Beth

Then Mike notices something

"Wait a supply missing"say Mike

Then they all look Lindsay she got a hand mirror

"Lindsay can you give that us?"say Mike

"Yeah in a minute"say Lindsay

"Lindsay i'm not joking if something happen that mirror"say Mike

"Relax, nothing's gonna happen"say Lindsay

"I fell something bad's gonna happen"say Dawn

Duncan hears her. Then Lindsay accidentaly drops the mirror floor and it's breaks.

"Well, Toxic Snakes you're time has done, so Loser Brooms do your magic"say Topher

Loser Brooms start to do their boiler but they fail because the're missing a supply

"Well, it's a new thing, first time two team lose the challange and I love changes so two teams too goes to elimination"say Topher

At the dark chamber.

"Okay Toxic Snakes you're vote counted. Heather and Shawn you had immunity so no one can vote for you the same goes for Beth and Mike. Gwen and Alejandro you've got a wand and the loser from the Toxic Snakes is...Leshawna but Leshawna wait your partner"say Topher

"I will"say Leshawna angrily

"Loser Brooms since you can not vote for Beth and Mike they're with us for another week. Zoey and Dawn you've got a wand and the loser from Loser Brooms this week is...Lindsay. Now go out and sing your song with Leshawna"say Topher

Then Leshawna and Lindsay starts to sing Mother's Daughter by Miley Cyrus

"Okay, that's it for today see you next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"say Topher

After the competition. Some stranger visits Topher in the make-up saloon

"Hello, Topher"say stranger

"Who are you?"say Topher

"I'm Blaineley, I heard you might need some help"say Blaineley

Chapter 16:Kill This Love

A new day starts at TDM. All contestans meet up at dinner room. Duncan goes to Dawn's side, sits and talks with her

"So, I heard you can see the future. Is it true?"say Duncan

"It depends to what do you wanna know?"say Dawn

"I wanna know whose gonna win this season?"say Duncan

"I cannot tell you that"say Dawn

"Why? It's because it's you"say Duncan

"Of course not but I scared what you're gonna do if you find out"say Dawn

"C'mon Dawn, tell me"say Duncan 

"No, Duncan"say Dawn

Then Blaineley and Topher enters the room. Contestants who knows Blaineley gets shocked

"What's she doing her?"say Heather

"Yea, Topher do you know who is she?"say Gwen

"Calm down, I'm not happy to being here too"say Blaineley

"So, why did you come?"say Alejandro

"Because, I love creating drama so here's your new drama. Say hi to you new two contestants. From Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Brick and due to injustice Trent"say Blaineley

Gwen gets shocked. Dawn goes to hug Brick

"Brick, I missed you so much"say Dawn happily and kiss her

"I missed you too"say Brick and hugs her


"Hi!"say Trent to Gwen

"Hi!"say Gwen anxiosuly

Zoey goes to Duncan

"Don't do anything crazy"say Zoey 

"I won't"say Duncan

Trent comes to Zoey and Duncan's side

"Hi!"say Trent

"Hi!"say Zoey and Duncan

"Welcome back"say Duncan

"Yeah, it's good to be here again"say Trent


"You should've thank to Blaineley. She heard that the next week will be our two year anniversary"say Brick

"Really?"say Brick

"Yeah"say Brick

"Wow, she was a good woman"say Dawn while they sit with Duncan and Beth

"She seems nice but she's the opposite"say Beth

"Yeah, she just her fro creating drama and we won't let this happen"say DJ then looks at Heather


"Okay,everyone meet with us at challenge area in thirty minutes"say Topher

Then Blaineley and Topher leaves the room. After that Heather, DJ, Gwen and Zoey meets before the challenge

"So, what we're gonna do about Blaineley?"say Gwen

"Well, Zoey and you keep your exs away from your boyfriends that's the firs think we do"say Heather

"What about then?"say DJ

"Then we tryna' end her"say Heather fiercely

Then all contestans meet at the challenge area.

"Okay, everyone today's challenge you're gonna have to find supplies in the woods for your today's poison"say Topher

"You've got 20 minutes to find the supplies and you have to set up 4 teams of 3 people and we choose these teams"say Blaineley

Okay, first team Zoey, Duncan and Trent"say Topher

All contestants get shocked

"What we're gonna do about that?"say DJ

"We'll need to count on her, that's the only thing we can do"say Heather about Zoey

"Our second team is Gwen, Shawn and Dawn"say Blaineley

"Third team is Alejandro, Heather and Beth"say Topher

"Our last team is DJ,Brick and Mike. Your time starts now"say Topher

And the first round of today's challenge starts. Heather and Alejandro have a talk

"So, I'm guessing you have a plan about Blaineley"say Alejandro

"How did you get that?"say Heather

"C'mon I dated two years with yu. Do you think I wouldn't know what's going on your mind?"say Alejandro

"Yeah, I've gotta idea but I'm not sure it's works"say Heather

"What do you mean?"say Alejandro

"I mean didn't you hear her she put Zoey, Duncan and Trent in one team. And I bet you that they're gonna fight any second"say Heather

"Yeah, you right about that but she made her move now's your turn"say Alejandro


"I knew she would do such a thing like that"say Duncan

"Calm down,okay"say Zoey

"That's what she wants you know that Duncan if you get angry and start a fight with me you're gonna disqualified"say Trent

"Yeah, I guess you're right"say Duncan while looking curiously at Trent

Meanwhile Blaineley watching at the monitors.

"This isn't unacceptable"yells Blaineley

"You need to calm down, Blaineley let's see waht's going on with Dj, Brick and Mike"say Topher


"I didn't signed up for this"say Brick

"Well, none of us did but we have to put up with it to win"say DJ

"Yeah, you're right. What's your name?"say Brick

"I'm DJ"say DJ and extends his hand to him

"C'mon DJ give me a hug"say Brick and hugs DJ

DJ gets shock

"You know what I really liked you"say Brick

Then they have a look at each-other. DJ feels the same thing he feeled when he saw first time Brody but for Brick this feeling is first to him.

"Uh!!Okay, let's keep on searching for supplies"say Brick

"Yeah, yeah"say DJ

Then they keep on searching for supplies. Meanwhile

"Did you see that?"say Blaineley

"Yeah. Here's a drama for you"say Topher

After a while all contestants came back to the challenge area.

"Okay, everyone for you potion challenge. You'll have to make a voice changin potion, whoever uses this potion will have the voice of the emotion he/she feels. For example, if you feel angry, you will have a more rough tone."say Topher

"You have 20 mintues 4 teams now spread their original teams That means, Brick you're in Loser Brooms while Trent in Toxic Snakes"say Blaineley

"Your time starts now"say Topher

Then the potion round of today's challenge starts. After 20 minutes.

"Okay, everyone now it's time for testing."say Topher

"Take a one sip from your potion and let's see if your potions worked."say Blaineley

From Loser Brooms Beth do the testing and they potion doesn't works From Toxic Snakes Shawn uses the potion and it works

"Okay, Toxic Snakes you're the winner of this week"say Topher

"You won a trip to all expenses paid for a week in a five star hotel"say Blaineley

"So, Loser Brooms see you on the elimination"say Topher

At the dark chamber

"Okay the votes counted"say Blaineley

"Here's your wands. Zoey, Mike, DJ and Brick you all got a wand"say Trent

"Dawn you're the nature mother of Total Drama Magic and're the loser of this week come out her sing your song and leave this place immidately"say Blaineley

Beth sings "Kill This Love" by "BLACKPINK". Then leaves the competition

"Okay,everyone that's it for today. I'm Topher"say Topher 

"And I'm Blaineley and see you on the next time of Total...Drama..Magic"say Blaineley

Chapter 17:Free Spirit

New day at Total Drama Magic's castle and all contestants having their breakfast at the dinner room. While Heather eating her cereal someone sitting her side she looks up to it ans it's Courtney.

"Courtney, why do you doin' here?"ask Heather excitedly and hugs her

"Well, Blaineley want me to come"say Courtney

Everyone noticeses her then gets shock

"Why did you accept that?"ask Heather angrily

"Well, i missed you"says Courtney lovely

"I missed you too...but this is one of her games"say Heather

"Well, i'm tryning to not fall"say Courtney

"I appreacite it"say Heather

Then Blaineley and Topher enters the room

"Hello, everyone you probably notice there's a new contestant at the castle...Say welcome to Courtney"say Blaineley excitedly

"Why they keep bringing this losers back"say Duncan to Zoey

"Well, because she loves the create drama"say Zoey

"How can she create drama with Courtney"say Duncan

"Seriously, you can't be that dumb. She probably gonna do something with me, you and Courtney"say Zoey fiercely

"Well, let's not fall for it if something like that happens"say Duncan

"From this moment everyone has gonna get a rival and we put them in a room and they gonna compete at different challenges"say Topher

"Yes our first duo is...Courtney...and Trent. Let's go"say Blaineley

Contestants get shock. Then Blaineley and Topher with Courtney and Trent gets out of room

"What she tryna' do?"ask Duncan curiosly and furiously to Heather 

"I don't know"say Heather calmly

Blaineley and Topher puts Courtney and Trent in a room

"What are we gonna do here?"ask Trent

"Just wait and see"say Blaineley

Then Blaineley locks the door

"You've got thirty minutes first who complete the challenge wins the other one leaves. Your time starts now"say Blaineley

"Also we're gonna watch you from dinning room"say Topher

Then Blaineley and Topher walks away and goes back to dinner room

"Okay everyone you can watch them from here"say Blaineley and turns on the TV in the room

"They've got thirty minutes first who complete challenge wins other one goes"say Topher

"And they're time just started"say Blaineley

After that

"I hope something bad doesn't happen"say Duncan

"Me too"say Zoey

"I guess you're not so worried about that"say Duncan to Gwen

"Well he's not my boyfriend anymore and if something bad happens we need to accept that"say Gwen

"Yeah, i agree with you"say Heather to Gwen

"Okay, Trent and Courtney can you hear me...Okay first of all there's some ingredients that you can use to make potion if your potion works it will give you strength if it doesn't there's wand on the desk you can use that...Good luck and don't die"say Topher from the speakers

They start to make their potion Trent's potion works but Courtney's don't she takes the wand and does her attack but it doesn't works then Trent hits her. Contestants whose in the dining room get anxious and shock

"We need to do something"say Heather anxiously

"Yeah, he might kill her"say Zoey

"Well we don't care about that"say Topher

Meanwhile DJ and Brick looks at each other like they love each other. Shawn notices that and goes to DJ's side

"So, have you interested anyone?"say Shawn to DJ

"No and if i am what do you care?"say DJ

In the confeesion chamber

"Well, if you notice something strange you gotta go for it"say Shawn

Right back at dinning room

"Well, because if you're into someone i might help it"say Shawn

DJ looks at Brick then looks back at Shawn

"Fine"say DJ then tells Shawn that he's into Brick

Meanwhile Trent and Courtney fight. Courtney falls to the ground because of the attack Trent make

"Wait, wait. I need to tell you something...I always into you and i can't tell you because i don't wanna hurt Heather's feeling and now i might die because of you and I also notice you're into me too if you kill me you'll be regretfull so..."say Courtney

Then Heather runs to her room lies to her bed and cries while Courtney and Trent getting closer and share a kiss while they kissing Trent loses his strength and Courtney kiss his balls. Then Trent falls to the ground and Courtney makes her attack and wins the challenge

"Okay Loser Brooms you're the winner of this week, Trent after you fell good sing your song and leave this competition for good"say Blaineley

After a while in the dark chamber.

"Okay, Trent what you're gonna sing for us?"ask Topher 

"I'm gonna sing Free Spirit by Khalid"say Trent

Then starts to sing the song. Song ends then she leaves the challenge

"Okay everyone I'm Blaineley"say Blaineley

"And I'm Topher"continues Topher

"See you on the next time on Total...Drama...Magic"say both

After the competition in the make-up room

"Hello, Topher you were really good today"say Blaineley

"Well, you too"say Topher

"No I was awesome you were just good and being good does not enough so I made a little chat with producers and they decided to fire you, so pack your bags and leave"say Blaineley

Topher gets shock and leaves the competiton

Chapter ends

Chapter 18:Female Energy, Part 2

Contestants meets at the dinner room while they're having they're lunch Blaineley enters the room

"Good afternon,everyone. How are you?"say Blaineley excitedly

Everyone looks at her then returns the eat their lunch

"Where's Topher?"ask DJ

"Well,he's not working with us anymore so...Okay today Dawn and Shawn you're gonna compete follow me"say Blaineley

Then she takes Dawn and Shawn and they go to a room. 

"Blaineley can I talk with you for a second"say Shawn

Blaineley accepts it and they're go to a private place

"What?"say Blaineley

"I've got something for you. I only give this to you if you let me win"say Shawn

"Well it depends what you've got"say Blaineley

"It's something big something creates a drama"say Shawn

"What is it?"say Blaineley

"You're gonna let me win"say Shawn

"Yes, tell me the thing"say Blaineley

"Last night i saw DJ and Brick make out in bathroom"say Shawn

"What you can't be serious"say Blaineley

"Well there's a cam on the bathroom right if you don't believe me just look at it"say Shawn

Then Blaineley walks away Shawn follows her

"So what do you say?"say Shawn silently to Blaineley

Then Blaineley throw him and Dawn the room

"You know what you do. Be quick"say Blaineley and lucks them

Meanwhile at the dinner room.

"Hi!"say Courtney to Heather

Heather doesn't respond.

"What's the matter, you seems upset"say Courtney

"Well because my girlfriend kissed a guy yesterday"say Heather angirly

"C'mon it was just a trick. You should know that"say Courtney

Heather doesn't talk with her. Then Courtney came up with an idea she whispers Zoey and Gwen's ear. Then they start to sing Heather's favourite song "Toxic" by "Britney Spears". After the song ends

"Well, did you forgive me now?"say Courtney

"I should think"say Heather and leaves the room

"Well atleast you sing a song"say Zoey to Courtney

Meanwhile Blaineley watches the bathroom cam and sees DJ and Brick

"Oh my god!!"say Blaineley

She sees that after twenty minutes they leave the bathroom

"Well, this was something"say Blaineley

Meanwhile at the room

"Well, you can see the future right"say Shawn 

"Yes"say Dawn while meditating

"And you need to know that we should start"say Shawn

"We don't need to. Because something bad is gonna happen"say Dawn

"So, you know"say Shawn

"I know everything"say Dawn

"And you're okay with it"say Shawn

"Everything ends someday"say Dawn

"So are you gonna leave?"say Shawn

"No, you're gonna leave"say Dawn

Then a video play on tv. It's cam in the bathroom 

"What's that?"say Dawn while looking at the video

"You don't know this"say Shawn

"No, I was talking about you and Gwen"say Dawn

"What?!"say Shawn

"Yeah you and Gwen are break-up soon"say Dawn

Shawn gets frustated and takes the wand

"You're lying"say Shawn while holding wand to Dawn

"No I'm not"say Dawn

Meanwhile at the dinner room the same video plays

"Did you cheat Dawn??"say Mike to Brick

"Well...Yeah and I'm so sorry about that"say Brick


"Wow, man. I'm not expecting this from you"say Duncan to DJ

"What can I say. People needs to do somethings like that"say Duncan

"Well you better hide from Dawn"say Zoey 

Meanwhile at the room Shawn do a magic on Dawn and she faints. After a while in the dark chamber

"Well Dawn how you feelin"say Blaineley

"Not so good"say Dawn

"I'm so sorry Dawn"say Brick

"Well I always knew somethings up with you"say Dawn and the hugged

"Okay Dawn get up and sing your song"say Blaineley

Then Dawn gets up and sings "Female Energy, Part 2" by "WILLOW". After the song she huggs her teammates and leaves

"Okay, everyone that's it for today see you on the next episode of Total...Drama...Magic"say Blaineley

Chapter 19:Bloom

The new day starts at TDM castle. Brick and DJ shares a bed.

"Good morning"say DJ and kisses Brick check

"Good morning"respond Brick

DJ gets up and get ready for breakfast

"You seems upset. What's the matter?"say DJ

"Because the girl i cheated leave yesterday"say Brick desperately

"I think that's the good thing. Finally we could be free and live our love freely"say DJ 

Brick sights 

"C'mon get ready you should eat something"say DJ

Meanwhile at the dinner chamber

"Gwen, are you gonna break-up with me?"ask Shawn

"What do you mean?"say Gwen

"Dawn,said that you're gonna break-up with me soon and I wanna make sure that this is real"say Shawn

"That girl is a freak. She probably said all of them because make you angry and it didn't work for her"say Gwen

"Yeah, you're right"say Shawn


"Are you guys make-up?"say Duncan to Courtney

"No, not yet"say Courtney

"You should give her some flowers"say Zoey

"Yeah, what's her favourite one?"say Duncan

"I don't think she loves flowers"say Courtney desperately

Brick and DJ enters the room

"Look, just enter the room"say Alejandro

"Congratulations guys, I'm so proud of you"say Heather

"Well, I think you guys did something wrong but I support you"say Mike while Brick and DJ sits with him

"Me too but I'm so in love with him"say Brick and lays his head down to DJ's shoulder

Meanwhile Blaineley enters the room

"Okay, everyone today's duo is Brick versus Duncan. C'mon guys follow me"say Blaineley

Before they go

"Be careful, okay. Don't forget we will always be together"say DJ to Brick

"Okay. I love you"say Brick then leaves

DJ gets shocked

"What happened?"say Mike

"This is the first time he said to me 'I love you' "say DJ


"Take this. This is my lucky necklace"say Zoey

"Okay. Don't worry I'll be back"say Duncan

Then leaves. Blaineley takes them to the room

"You know what you gonna do"say Blaineley

Then they enter the room. Blaineley locks the room

"Good luck"say Blaineley after she locks the room

Then the challenge starts. Meanwhile in the dinner room

"Aren't you sick of whole being mad to Courtney?"ask Alejandro to Heather

"We're always like that. The only thing that changes is now we're lovers"say Heather

"Yeah, that's the different you can't be mad at her forever eventually you have to gonna break-up with her"say Alejandro

Heather looks at Courtney thoughtfull. Meanwhile other contestants watching Brick and Duncan from the TV. They start to make their potion but both of them potions doesn't work. Then both of them look at the wand on the desk. They both reach but Duncan gets first. Then he points the wand to Brick.

"Do what you gotta do"say Brick

"Sorry about that"say Duncan and makes him move

Brick gets down. Before the elimination. Heather meets up with Courtney

"Hey!"say Heather to Courtney 

Courtney sists at the stairs sadly

"Well, it was a good move you did to Trent"say Heather

"I'm so regretfull for doing that"say Courtney sadly

"Don't be it was so bitchy move"say Heahter

"You're right about that"say Courtney

"C'mon"say  Heather

"Wehere we going?"say Courtney

"You'll see"say Heather

Then they go to the garden. All team was there Heather made a suprise for her.

"What is this?"say Courtney

"A sorry party"say Heather

"Who afford that?"say Courtney

"Well, I've made a deal with someone"say Heather

"With who?"say Courtney

"Don't worry about that"say Heather


"I'm so gonna miss you when I'm gone"say Brick

"Well if you want I can come with you"say DJ

"No, don't do that you need to win for me, you need to win for yourself, you need to win for us"say Brick

Then Duncan comes to their side

"Hey, Uhh...I'm so sorry about today"say Duncan to Brick

"No problem, we need to whatever it takes to win"say Brick

"You're right"say Duncan


"Okay, everyone while we're having a fun. I wanna sing a song for you, everyone allows to join"say Alejandro

Then he starts to sing "Quater Past Midnight" by "Bastille". Duncan, Zoey, DJ, Heather and Gwen joins him. Song ends and Loser Brooms goes to the dark chamber. 

"Okay, Losers you lost a challenge again. Well, Brick lost but since his in your team we counting that you lose too. Now, Brick come up here and sing your sing"say Blaineley

"Wait!"say DJ

"What are you doing?"say Brick

"I can't be alone, if you're gone and I'll stay here I'll go crazy. That's why I wanna come with you"say DJ

Brick smiles then DJ starts to sing "Bloom" by "Troye Sivan" then Brick joins him. After the song ends they share a kiss and leave the competition

After the show. Someone suprising visit Blaineley at make-up room

"Okay,okay I'm coming just a second"say Blaineley

"Hello, Blaineley"say Chris

"Chris, what do you doing here?"say Blaineley

"Well, I've got something for you"say Chris and throws some pictures that her naked pictures

"Where did you find them?"say Blaineley anxiously

"Doesn't matter but if you're not leave the show to me I'll post them on internet"say Chris

"You can't do that"say Blaineley

"Well, you tell me that"say Chris

Blaineley looks at the pisctures 

Chapter ends

Chapter 20:All For Us

A new day starts at TDM castle everyone wakes up and goes for the breakfast. All contestants goes to the dinner room and get line to get their breakfast. Then a suprising guest enters the room

"Welcome everyone"say Chris

All contestants get shocked when they saw Chris

"Chris, what are you doing here?"say Duncan

"Well, you know when you missed something so much you just have to turn back to it"say Chris

Courtney turns to Heather

"Don't tell me he's the one who's afford the last night's party"say Courtney

"Well...yeah he was"say Heather

"What happened to Blaineley"say Zoey

"Don't worry about her. Right now that's just me and you, just like the old times"say Chris

"Okay, are we gonna eat breakfast our not"say Gwen

"Well, you are but you've got ten minutes to do it, so be hurry"say Chris 

Then he leaves the room. All contestants starts to make their breakfast quickly.

"I can't believe you did this"say Courtney while she eating her breakfast

"What can I do? I wanna make something special for you and this was the only solution"say Heather while she eating her breakfast

"How can you still look good while you're mouth full of food?"ask Duncan lovely to Zoey

Zoey smiles. Duncan looks at lovely

"Calm down. I know we've got ten minutes but you're gonna choke yourself"say Gwen to Shawn

"Sorry"say Shawn sadly his mouth full of food

Everyone meets at the challenge area

"I missed that place"say Chris while looking around the area

Then Chris starts to tell today's challenge

"Okay, everyone it's the time you've been waiting all season. It's merge time"say Chris

All contestants get happy

"So, today's challenge you have to find some supplies to make a potion. This potion is changes your body to someone you wanna be. First one to come here gets advantage for the second round"say Chris

Then the challenge starts

"Hey! You wanna be my compnay since everyone goes with the one they love"say Alejandro to Mike

"No, I'm good"say Mike

"Okay suit yourself"say Alejandro while Mike walks away

"So, now we merged and now everybody thinks that we're alliance. Do you wanna make this officall"say Duncan to Zoey

"Are we alliance?"say Zoey

"Well, since we're going together. I thought"say Duncan Zoey interupts him

"You followed me, we're not going together"say Zoey

"So you want me to go another direction"say Duncan

"No, of course not. I just don't like being alliance"say Zoey

"Me too"say Duncan

Then they look eachother happily. Then they crossed with Courtney and Heather. Four of them too get scaried and yells

"Guys, calm down!!"say Duncan

"Okay, okay. Did you guys found anything?"say Heather

"No, you?"say Zoey

"No"say Courtney

"What if we make an alliance then we can found the supplies faster"say Heather

"Yeah, it'll be great"say Courtney

Duncan and Zoey looks eachother then

"Fine"say bot of them desperately


"Did you found anything?"say Shawn to Gwen

"No,what about you?"say Gwen

"I found something but it's kinda strange"say Shawn

"What is it?"say Gwen

"I don't know it's kinda rock but it's glowing"say Shawn

Then Gwen looks at the supply

"We should take this with us. It might work"say Gwen

After a while whole contestanst turn back to challenge area

"Okay, everyone since Zoey came first you win a ten extra minutes for the next round. Now, come with me to the potion chamber"say Chris

Then all goes to the potion chamber.

"For this round. You'll have to make a potion I told you before. Who makes the potion right wins the challenge and a immunity for tonight's elimination"say Chris 

Then the potion challenge starts. While they're making potion Courtney notices something on Gwen and Shawn's table. Then she sneaks and takes the thing. Then turns her table

"What's that?"say Heather showing the glowly thing

"Let's found out"say Courtney and puts the glowly thing in the potion

Then she takes a sip. Then she goes crazy and powerful. She loses herself and throw some magical balls all around. All contestants get terrified. Then Courtney sees Heather and faints. Heather holds her and puts down

"Okay, everyone, uhh...Let's just settle in today see you on tonight"say Chris

"What about the prize?"say Gwen

"Yeah,about that there's no prize and immunity for tonight"say Chris and walks out the chamber

At the dark chamber before the voting.

"How you feelin' now, you're better?"ask Heather to Courtney

"Yeah but I feel I'm gonna go tonight"say Courtney 

"Don't say that"say Heather and hugs her

Then Gwen goes to voting booth.

"Well, Courtney you've been always like that, a cheater"say Gwen

Then Shawn goes, then Alejandro, then Mike, then Zoey

"I'm sorry Courtney but it was not okay what you did today"say Zoey

Then Heather enters the voting booth.

"Well, what can I say it's time you to go"say Heather and votes for Shawn

Then Courtney goes and Duncan goes. After the voting Chris takes the voting chest to cıunt the votes.

"Okay, Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Mike and Zoey. You've got a wand. Shawn and Courtney which one of you leave tonight...Courtney come up here and sing you goodbye song"say Chris

Then Courtney gets up and sings "All For Us" by "Zendaya and Labrinth". While she sing the song Zoey, Duncan, Mike and Heather joins her. After the song ends. Courtney and Heather shares a kiss

Chapter 21:Grace

New day at TDM castle. All contestants have their breakfast. Heather seems up, so Zoey and Duncan take their tables and sits with her.

"So, how you holdin' up?"say Duncan while he sits on table

"Good but I miss her"say Heather

"It will pass"say Zoey

"I hope so"say Heather

Mike comes to their side and sits with them

"Hey!"say Mike sadly

"Hey!"say Duncan and Heather at the same time

"So, Mike how does it feel to be on the last 7"say Duncan

"Well, it's great but also not. I don't know, it's kinda risky, I mean everyone it'sso good with each other. I think there's no one to going home"say Mike

"Yeah, I agree with you and this needs to change"say Heather

"What do you mean?"say Zoey

"You'll see"say Heather

Mike, Duncan and Zoey gets terrified. Meanwhile Chris calls all contestants ffrom the speaker after a while all contestants met with Mike at the challenge area

"Welcome, everyone for today's challenge you have to drive a race car and collects some stuffs at the woods who collects the most items in the woods gets an advantage for the second round. Also for this challenge you have to pair up"say Chris

Before the challenge.

"You wanna be my partner"say Duncan to Zoey

"Gladly"say Zoey and they get on a race car

"Well, let's ride"say Shawn and he takes Gwen then they get on another race car

There's only one race car left and three people. So  three of them pair up after that all contestants starts to drive their race cars and the challenge starts. Zoey and Duncan goes to west side of the forest, Shawn and Gwen goes the east and Heather, Alejandro and Mike goes to south side of the forest.

"So, are you still writing to Courtney"say Alejandro to Heather while he's driving

"What do you mean?"say Heather

"You used to write her when she's not in the race, did you still do that?"say Alejandro

"No!"say Heather sadly

"Why, did something happened?"say Mike 

"Yeah, we're kinda broke up"say Heather

"What happened?"say Alejandro

"Can you stop the car?"say Heather

Alejandro stops the car then Heather get off in the car and walks away, Alejandro follows her.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't ask this questions"say Alejandro

"It's not that, I just, I thought this is gonna be real but I guess it was just a lie"say Heather

"Hey, hey. Don't say that. I hope there's someone who loves you out there"say Alejandro then he hugs her

After that their eyes crossed then they start to make out. Meanwhile Shawn and Gwen have a little chat.

"Hey, Shawn. I'm gonna tell you something"say Gwen while Shawn drives to car

"Yes, Gwen"say Shawn

"Well actually, I never loved you the only reason I'm with you because I thought you could take me to the finals but now I see that we're in the big leauge so..."say Gwen then she pushes Shawn outside of the car and Gwen drives far away. Shawn screams at her but she don't care and keep on riding

Meanwhile Alejandro and Heather turns the Mike's side.

"Where you guys have been?"say Mike with worry

"Relax, we're here"say Heather

"Don't tell me you guys made out"say Mike

"It's a really personal question, Mike"say Alejandro while he starts to engine

"Yeah, Mike"say Heather

"You should be grateful that I wait for you"say Mike

"Yeah, thanks about that"say Alejandro then he start to ride

Meanwhile. Duncan and Zoey find their fifth items

"What Chris wants us to do with these things?"ask Duncan

"I don't know but I think it's kinda worthy"say Zoey while carrying the item in the car

"You may be right"say Duncan

"Okay, get in"say Zoey 

Duncan get in the car and then she starts to drive, while they driving

"Is that?"say Duncan

Then Zoey stops and they see Shawn walking

"Hey, Shawn! What's the matter?"say Zoey

"I...Uhhh...Can you give me a ride"say Shawn

"Get in"say Duncan

Shawn gets in the car then Zoey keeps on driving. After a while whole contestants came back to the challenge are

"Okay, welcome back everyone. Let's see who has the most items"say Chris

Then he checks on items Gwen has twelve items, Duncan, Zoey and Shawn have six items and Alejandro,Heather and Mike have thirteen items.

"Okay, Heather, Alejandro and Mike you are the winners of the first round for the next round you you have to put them where you found them because they were very important things for the forest and if you don't in twenty minutes the forest will haunt you forever and for this round you're all alone, so let the magic begin"say Chris

And the last round of today's challenge starts. All contestants seperate their ways.

"Shawn help me, how can I put this items back"say Gwen desperately

"You're own your own now"say Shawn and walks away

Contestants put the items back where they found. Alejandro's left 3 items to put back meanwhile Zoey's has two items back. Gwen's left 10 itemes to put back she's get hurry and puts them back fastely.

There's only five mintues left. Gwen puts her left item back same as Alejandro, Mike and Heather. Meanwhile Zoey, Duncan and Shawn left one item to put back they put their item back they found. Then all contestants turns back to challenge area safely.

"Okay, everyone since Gwen turns back first she won the immuinty for today. See you on tonight"say Chris

At the dark chamber all contestans use their votes.

"Okay, Zoey, Mike, Heather, Alejandro and Gwen you all got a wand. Shawn and Duncan...sorry but because of the budget problems.We're gonna have to send both of you home."say Chris

"What, what are you talking about?"say Duncan

"Yeah, this can't be"say Zoey

"I'm sorry but the votes said Shawn and Duncan the truth is I hate you so bye"say Chris

Zoey and Duncan looks at each other

"You can't do that"say Heather angrily

"Yeah, this is outrageous"say Mike angrily

"You wanna go with him, fine be my guest"say Chris

Then Mike and Heather sits down

"I thought so"say Chris

Duncan turns to Zoey

"Don't worry you need to win for me, win for us"say Duncan

"Are you okay?"say Zoey

"No, I'm just so angry, just know that I love you"say Duncan

"You can't give up that easily"say Zoey angrily

"Sorry, Zoey but I'm just so tired to be here, I don't wanna do this anymore"say Duncan

"Fine, I'll miss you"say Zoey

"Okay, Shawn, Duncan get up here and sing your song"say Chris

Then they both get up and Duncan starts to sing "Grace" by "Lewis Capaldi" then Shawn joins him. While the song continues Zoey starts to cry and Heather hugs her. Song ends

Chapter ends

Chapter 22:Mi Gente

The new day at the TDM castle. Contestants eat their breakfast. Zoey sit sadly and doesn't eat her breakfast, Heather sees her and goes to her side.

"Can I sit here?"say Heather

"Sure"say Zoey

Heather sits with Zoey

"So, how you feelin'?"ask Heather

"Not good"say Zoey

"I get you"say Heather

"You get me?"say Zoey

"Yes, I get you, I lived the same..."say Heather but Zoey interupts her

"You, made out with you ex, the second she left, you get shit"say Zoey and leaves

Mike goes to Heather's side.

"Don't matter what she said, she can be angry times like this"say Mike

Meanwhile Alejandro goes to talk with Gwen

"So, I'm so suprised what you did last day"say Alejandro

"Thanks, it was worth"say Gwen

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could form an alliance"say Alejandro

"Sorry, I work alone"say Gwen and leaves

Meanwhile at Loser Brooms room. Zoey leans her bed and cries. Then Heather enters the room

"Zoey, I'm sorry okay, it was just a one time thing and i make sure it doesn't gonna happen again"say Heather

Zoey turns to Heather she looks like a mess

"I'm sorry too, I can be like this sometimes"say Zoey

Then Heather goes to hug her

"It's okay. C'mon come with me I've got a plan"say Heather

Then they goes to Gwen's side

"So, Gwen I appreacited what you did yesterday"say Heather

"Thanks"say Gwen

"So we think maybe we could form an alliance"say Zoey

"Sorry guys I work alone"say Gwen

"Listen you little slut. You know you're not gonna have a chance alone so you're gonna form an alliance with us or..."say Heather

"Or what?"say Gwen

"We'll find something"say Zoey

"Fine, I'm with you"say Gwen

Meanwhile Chris calls everyone to challenge area. All contestants meet up with Chris at the challenge area

"Welcome everyone, at today's challenge we're gonna get some help. Cheeef!?"yells Chris

Chef shows up with an ATV

"Listen up you little fools!!. It's time for you to get some pain"say Chef then smiles

All contestants get scared

"Okay, today's challenge you'll have to find a statue in the woods while you're looking for the statue Chef follows you and shots with a paintball gun if you're shoted you're out who stays left wins the challenge and gets a immunity for tonight's elimination"say

Challenge starts. Everyone runs to the woods. After a while Heather stops for taking a breath then she hides behind a bush and waits for Zoey or Gwen. Meanwhile at Alejandro and Mike.

"Stop, stop. I think we lost him"say Mike then he and Alejandro looks their behind

"I think you're right"say Alejandro

"So, let's found that thing"say Mike

Then their continues to looks for the statue

Meanwhile Chef follows Gwen. Gwen screams, Chef laughs, Meanwhile Zoey stops for a breath and hear some voices.

"Heather, where are you?"say Zoey

"Look behind the bushes"say Heather

She goes to look bushes.

"Heather, what are you doing here?"say Zoey

Then Heather pulls Zoey

"So, we need to look for the statue and if I found it it's yours and if you,'re found out it's mine,deal"say Heather

"Deal"say Zoey

Then they go to the look for the statue. Meanwhile Gwen shots

"Seriosly, what's your deal with me?"say Gwen

"Nothing, I just hate you"say Chef

He aims for the Gwen, then Gwen runs and Chef tryna's shots her again. Meanwhile

"So you and Heather are you together again?"say Mike

"I don't know I mean we just made out and it means we're dating again"say Alejandro

"Do you think she trick you again?"say Mike

"I mean it's Heather what are you expecting from her?"say Alejandro

"You're right"say Mike


"So, did Duncan sends you letters?"say Heather 

"Letters?"say Zoey

"Yeah, Courtney send me bunch of letters first time she left, did Duncan don't send you?"say Heather

"I mean he just left he's probably writing right now"say Zoey

"Probably"say Heather

Meanwhile four of them finds the statue at the same time. Four of them get happy

"Okay, everyone who gets the finish line first without shooting wins the challenge, good luck"say Chris from the speakers

Then four of them starts to run while Chef follows them. Their head to head Chef gets fast and shots Alejandro and Zoey back to back. Heather and Mike runs to finish line, Heather gets shot and Mike wins the challenge.

"Congratulaitons Mike you've got an immunity for tonight's elimination others be safe"say Chris

Before the elimination Chris meets with Chef

"Chef, I've missed you"say Chris

"I'm not"say Chef

"I ask your for a favor, could you do the thing you did today two days later?"say Chris

"Lovely"say Chef

At the dark chamber

"Here's your wands, Mike, Heather, Zoey you all got a wand Gwen and Alejandro which one of you leave today?...Alejandro come up here and sing your song"say Chris

"Thank you everyone it's been a great year for me and I wanna say goodbye to you with something special"say Alejandro

Then he gets up and sing "Mi Gente" by "J Balvin and Willy William". Song ends and he leaves

After the show while Mike sleeps in his room suddenly he wakes up and Mal shows up goes to Zoey's room and steals her phone

Chapter ends

Chapter 23:Devil In Me

A new day starts at the TDM castle, Zoey looks for something, Mike wakes up but he's actually Mal

"Did you lose something, pretty?"ask Mal

"Mal, but how?"say Zoey

"I made a deal with Mike, I can show up when things got real and he thinks it's time"say Mal

"I don't believe you, he never do something like that"say Zoey

"Yeah, but he did"say Mal

Then he gets up from his bed and leaves the room, Zoey keep on looking for her phone. While Mal leaves he turns to Zoey

"By the way, I broke you phone"say Mal 

Then he leaves the room. Zoey get furious. At the dinner room. Heather and Zoey sits together. Heather looks at Mal then turns to Zoey

"He's returned"say Heather

"Yeah"say Zoey desperately

"But we can beat him, right?"say Heather

"I don't think so, he's evil than you"say Zoey

"I know that but I saw what you did on Revenge of the Island finale, you're pretty badass"say Heather

"Thanks"say Zoey

Then Gwen enters the room. She notices Mal and goes to Heather and Zoey's side. She sits with them

"So, what's our plan?"say Gwen

"We don't know"say Zoey

"Yeah if you've got some ideas, tell us"say Heather

"I mean we're pretty badass, I mean you're mean girl (Heather) and you're getting pretty mad when you get angry (Zoey)"say Gwen

"And what about you?"say Zoey

"Well, I can be bad, I mean I'm a boyfriend kisser after all"say Gwen 

Heather sights. Then Chris calls everyone challenge area from the speakers

"Let's beat the shit out of him"say Gwen

Then Gwen,Zoey,Mike and Heather meets up with Chris at the challenge area.

"Welcome everyone today we're gonna do something familiar. Okay we're got four three flying brooms and one ball. You'll have to pass the ball through the ladle you see and you've got thirty minutes who gets the highest score wins the challenge and two people who gets the lowest score have to say goodbye tonight"say Chris

"Two people?"say Heather

"Yes, we've got a short term of time, so we need to get rid of two of out of four of you"say Chris

"This is gonna be great"say Mal

Then the challenge starts. Competition is advancing competitively. Mal makes his first point. Then Gwen makes her first point, Mal makes his second point. After that Heather makes her first point. At the last ten minute of the challenge scores are, Mal is on the lead, Heather follows him, at the last place there's Zoey

"Okay, everyone last ten minutes you're better heat up the things"say Chris from his megaphone

Zoey sees her place at the score table and she came up with an idea, she goes to Mal's side

"Hey, Mal...I just wanna say something to you"say Zoey

"I'm listening"say Mal

"I was in love with you form the beginning and I wanna be with you forever"say Zoey

"Me too"say Mal

They get closer to each other then Mal pushes Zoey and she fall down.

"Zoey, you're out"say Chris from the speakers

"Wait, what? You didn't say anything about falling down"say Zoey

"Yeah,sorry about that"say Chris from the speakers

Then Zoey leaves the field. Last five minutes, Mal still on the lead, Heather and Gwen is tied. Thing got heat up, last second Heather makes a point and she comes second. Everyone returns to Chris's side

"Congratulaitons, Mal you're the winner of this challenge you've got a day at our villa and Gwen and Zoey you're the losers of this week, so see you on the dark chamber tonight"say Chris

Before the dark chamber. Chris calls Zoey and Gwen his side.

"You wanna see us, Chris?"say Zoey

"Yes"say Chris

"What do you want?"say Gwen

"I've got something big for finale, can you help me out"say Chris

Gwen and Zoey look each other curiosly then they look at Chris. At the dark chamber.

"Okay, Gwen and Zoey, come up here and sing your song"say Chris

Then Zoey and Gwen starts to sing "Devil In Me" by "Halsey". Song ends

"Okay,everyone that's it for today, see you on the big finale of Total...Drama...Magic"say Chris

Then Heather and Mike looks each other angrily

Chapter 24:Earth Part 1

The new day starts at the TDM castle our last two contestants Mal and Heather having their breakfast in the dinner room. Chef looks at them slily, Heather notices.

"What you smiling about?"say to him Heather.

"You'll see."say Chef

Then they hear some sounds, they get closer and closer. Then dinner room's door open by Lightning

"Shaa-booom, I'm back."say Lightning

When he opened the door all eliminated contestants are enter the room. Zoey goes to Heather's side.

"Heather!"say Zoey and hugs her.

"I've missed you."continue Zoey.

"Me too."say Heather.

Then she goes to Courtney's side.

"Courtney?!"say Heather

She looks mad

"Why did you do it?"say Courtney

"I'm sorry but it was just one time thing."say Heather.

Courtney get away from Heather, then she sits Mal's side, she take a look at him.

"So, do you've got a plan?"ask Courtney to Mal.

Mal give a slily look at Courtney. Then Duncan and Zoey shares a hug.

"I thought i never see you again."say Duncan.

"Me too."say Zoey.

"So, that's why you stay, one more week."say Duncan.

"Well, aren't you a smart guy."say Zoey.

Meanwhile Gwen goes to Shawn's side, he sitss on table.

"What do you want?"say Shawn.

"Nothing, I just wanna say sorry."say Gwen.

"There's nothing to sorry about you play with me like no one never did before, it was a cruel move and I never forget you"say Shawn and leaves.

Then Trent comes to Gwen's side

"Love is a bad thing, Isn't it"say Trent

Then Gwen laids her head Trent's shoulder. Then Sammy and Amy give an angry look each other, Bridgette notices this while she's talking with Sky. Sammy and Amy is gonna fight.

"Sky, look at them."say Bridgette showing Sammy and Amy

"Are they gonna fight?"say Sky

"Probably."say Bridgette

"Why are we waiting?"say Sky

While Sammy and Amy getting closer, Bridgette pulls Sammy away and Sky pulls Amy away. Bridgette talks with Sammy.

"You know why we're here, right?"say Bridgette.

"I know but I just can't stand her."say Sammy while looking Amy.

"Hey!! Hey!! You need to calm down."say Bridgette

Sky talks with Amy.

"What happened to you? Once you were a nice girl."say Sky.

"I'm just sick and tried being nice all the time, I just wanna be strong."say Amy

"You're strong believe me."say Sky

Heather and Mal still tryning to figure out why the eliminated contestants are here, Chris enters the room.

"Okay!! Okay!! Everyone, welcome back, now Mal and Heather you've been wondering why this losers are here. Well, let me tell you, they're gonna help you win, at the first round, you all gonna get a wand and you're gonna beat up each other if you get beating up you're out last twelve person are gonna make the teams for the finalists, so take your wand and let the magic begins."say Chris.

Then everyone gets their wand. But there's only 24 wands and 30 people, the six people are not gonna be in the final challenge this people are, MacArthur, Sanders, Owen, Topher, Scarlett and Beth.

"Okay!! You're six not gonna be with us in the finale, but you can watch with me if you like."say Chris.

Then they all sits the tables and starts to watch the finale from the TV. Contestants who get the wand are get out of the dinner room, then dinner room is locked. Then all starts to beat up each other. Mal calls Courtney.

"So, what you've got on your mind?"say Courtney

"Come with me."say Mal

Then they walk away from all the disaster happening. The spells flying around. Amy shoots Sammy with her wand.

Sammy's back gets hurt she turns around, she gets angry then a big fight starts between Sammy and Amy in the end Sammy be the winner. Amy falls to the ground looks sleppy, Sammy gets down.

"You're never gonna be like me"say Sammy to Amy

Then Sammy walks away leave Amy helpless, Meanwhile, Shawn meets up with Gwen.

"Now, you're gonna pay what you did."say Shawn and shoots Gwen

She turns around.

"You don't wanna fight with me."say Gwen.

"C'mon, I dare you."say Shawn

Then they starts a big fight. Meanwhile, Lightning and Cameron have a fight.

"I'm gonna take back what you get from me."say Lightning

"You don't have to, you're the villian of this story you never gonna win."say Cameron

Then Sky shoots him.

"He was talking to much."say Sky

"He was mine."say Lightning

"Techincally, he's a human so, he doesn't have price, so.."say Sky

Then Lightning tryning to shoot her but he misses it.

"So, you wanna fight. Okay!! Let's dance."say Sky.

Then Sky and Lightning starts to fight, Meanwhile the fight between Gwen and Shawn, Gwen became the winner then she run away. Meanwhile Zoey and Duncan moves together.

"Aren't you afraid of a little bit?"say Zoey terrifiedly.

"I'm terrifiying."say Duncan.

Then Trent shows up.

"I know we're friends and all, but I like to use this thing."say Trent

Then a fight starts between, Zoey with Duncan and Trent. Meanwhile Sky became the winner her fight between Lightning, while he faints, she walks away, then she met up with Max.

"You're never get away from me."say Max

Sky shoots him he falls down and she keeps on walking. Bridgette fights with Lindsay and Bridgette comes the winner of the fight.

Meanwhile the fight between Zoey with Duncan and Trent, Zoey and Duncan became the winner and walk away while Trent faints. Meanwhile Mal takes Courtney a room with full of bombs. Courtney gets shocked

"Wow!! You're really a maniac."say Courtney while looking around.

"Well, you were the wanna be with me."say Mal.

"So, what you're gonna do with them."say Courtney.

"I'm gonna wait to losers show up and make my move."say Mal

"Well, it's a good idea."say Courtney

Meanwhile Heather looks for someone to beat but there's no one suddenly Leshawna shows up.

"Are you looking for me?"say Leshawna

Heather scares then she turns around, she get closer to Leshawna.

"I don't wanna fight with you."say Heather

While Heather walks away.

"C'mon, girl, I know you wanna do this for awhile, now this is the time."say Leshawna

Heather turns around.

"So, you wanna fight. Let's fight!!"say Heather.

Then they start a big fight. Meanwhile Scott and Jo have a fight.

"You know what, people think I'm in love with you but that's just some bullshit."say Scott

"Same."say Jo

Then Brick and DJ comes to their side quitely and shoots them both of them gets down. 

"Wow!! We're great."say DJ

"Well, if you do the thing I do everything work out."say Brick

Out of sudden someone shoots Brick and he faints out. DJ gets worried.

"I've been waiting for this."say Dawn.

"Dawn but I thought we were okay."say DJ.

"Well, it was fake, you're a home wrecker and now you're gonna pay for this."say Dawn.

Then Dawn and DJ starts to fight. While Courtney and Mal watches them from a hiding place.

"This was something."say Courtney.

"Okay, now this is the time."say Mal

Then Mal gets up and walks away Courtney follows him. Then Gwen beats up Dakota. Then Dakota goes to the dinner room with all the contestants who got beat up.

"Okay, everyone we need to get out, because the thing are gonna get steamy."say Chris

Then Chris, Chef and all the beat up contestants are get out from the castle. Same time as Mal and Courtney leaves the castle, after Bridgette beats up Sammy, Mal push the button that activates the bombs. The bombs are gonna explode after a minute.

Leshawna and Heather fight continues same as DJ and Dawn fight. Dawn senses something then make a protection spell to protect herself and DJ, then the bombs explode. Mal laughs, Courtney gets terrified. Heather hears the sound.

"What was that?"say Heather

Leshawna kicks Heather, then she falls down then Leshawna runs away but the castle is tumbling down, that's why rocks block her way. Contestants are in the castle gets terrified. They tryning to get out. Dawn and DJ be the first one to get out. Brick sees DJ and goes to hugh him.

Then Alejandro and Bridgette goes out after that Gwen and Sky gets out then Zoey and Duncan and the last getting out form the castle be the Leshawna and Heather.

Leshawna arm is under the Heather because the injury she got she can't walks after they get out Leshawna puts Heather down slowly. Then Courtney and Mal comes. Courtney sees Heather. She goes to her side.

"Heather!! Heather!! Are you okay?"ask Courtney anxiously

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me."say Heather

Then Chris comes to last twelve contestants.

"Okay, everyone, thanks to Mal now we don't have a castle, so we're gonna have to choice another place to race. Oh!! Wait, I already did, no thanks."say Chris

"So, you were the one who explode the castle."say Dawn

"Get over it."say Mal

"Okay, everyone choose your team for the second round."say Chris.

Zoey turns to Duncan.

"I wanna help him and if we be with him maybe we can fix him."say Zoey to Duncan about Mike

Duncan take a look at Mal.

"Fine."say Duncan

Then the teams are created. Mal's team contains, Alejandro, Zoey, Duncan, Sky and Gwen while Heather team contains, Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Dawn and Leshawna.

"So the teams are created, and the tension it's getting harder, don't leave anywhere because, Total...Drama...Magic is gonna continue."say Chris.

Chapter ends

Chapter 25:Earth Part 2

"Welcome back, everyone the second round of the finale challenge gonna start in a minute, but before that let's see what happened out of 24 contestants twelve one gets a chance to race in the second round to help the two finalist, Mal and Heather. twelve contestants choosed their teams. And now the second round of the finale challenge is begin."say Chris.

Then Chris comes to the twelve contestants and starts to tell them the second round. While the eliminated contestants start on a bench watching them.

"At this round, you have to find the ingredients to make a potion, a poison. If you do it right you'll be the winner of this season if you do it wrong, the poison is gonna affect you, so be careful and quick."say Chris

Then second round of the finale challenge starts. Mal leave his team alone while his team get around.

"Okay, we need to bring Mike back."say Zoey

"But how can we do that?"say Gwen

Alejandro leaves them and goes to Mal's behind. Others notices that.

"What he's doing?"say Duncan.

"Don't mind to him. We need to bring Mike back."say Zoey

"I don't get it, exactly. You're saying now, there's an another person in him and he is the original one."say Sky

"Kinda like that."say Duncan.

"Well, this thing have a weakness?"say Sky

Zoey, Duncan and Gwen look each other, Zoey looks down then she turns her face to Sky

"It's me."say Zoey.

Sky don't get it at first but slowly she starts to get.

"Then we better find something else."say Sky.

Meanwhile Heather's team. They looking for the ingredients

"How you feelin' now?"say Courtney 

"Better."say Heather.

Courtney stops, then she turns to Heather.

"I'm sorry for leaving you, after this moments i'm never gonna leave you."say Courtney

Heather holds Courtney's hand.

"I'm sorry too, I never cheated you and I know that whatever I do I can't take back what I do, but you need to know, I'm really sorry." say Heather.

"It's okay."say Courtney

Then they share a kiss, after they kiss, Bridgette calls them, they go her side, all team look at a leg it's moving.

"What is that?"say Leshawna.

"It's must be a frog leg."say Bridgette.

"Well, should we take it?"ask DJ

Heather looks the list Chris gave them.

"It's not on the list, but it might work, take it."say Heather.

Bridgette takes the leg and they're keep on. Meanwhile, Alejandro says something to Mal but he ignores it.

"Man, like, you're so aweosme, you better than that soft loser Mike, I hate that guy."say Alejandro.

Mal turns to Alejandro.

"Alejandro, why don't you looking for the ingredients for me?"say Mal.

"No, man, I wanna do it with you."say Alejandro

"Thank you, Alejandro, but I'm better alone, now leave before I kill you."say Mal

Alejandro terrifies and runs. Mal keep on. Meanwhile Zoey, Duncan, Gwen and Sky still looking for the solution to bring back Mike.

"I've got an idea but risky."say Gwen.

"What is that?"say Zoey.

"What if you pretend that you still love Mike? Maybe we can bring him back like that."say Gwen.

Zoey and Duncan take a look at each other.

"I agree with you, it's a great idea."say Sky.

"Let's do it, then."say Duncan.

"Promise, you're not get jealousy and crazy."say Zoey.

"C'mon, i've changed. I'm not like that anymore."say Duncan.

"Just promise, Duncan."say Zoey.

"I promise."say Duncan

Gwen get up.

"Okay!! We better find him."say Gwen

Then all four of them, starts to looking for Mal. Meanwhile Heather's team looking for the ingredients. Leshawna and Heather have a talk.

"Why you wanna be in my team?"say Heather.

"Because, i feel sorry for what I've done to you and this is my sorry also I don't wanna be in that lunatic's team."say Leshawna.

"I'm sorry too, I was such bitch for you. I wish this times never happen."say Heather

"I wish."say Leshawna.

Then Dawn finds another ingredient.

"Look guys, I found some mushroom."say Dawn

"How many left?"say Courtney

"One."say Heather.

"We better be quick."say Courtney.

Then they keep on. Meanwhile, Mal finds a cabin and he enters the cabin, then he comes with a plan. Gwen, Duncan, Zoey and Sky still looking for the Mal, they came cross with Alejandro.

"Alejandro."say Gwen shockly.

"Hey guys, have you find any ingredient."say Alejandro.

"Did you really think about the game, right now?"say Zoey

"Well, what else I'm gonna think."say Alejandro.

"Anyways, have you seen Mal?"say Duncan

"No he wants me to leave him alone."say Alejandro.

"Why would you do that?"say Sky.

Then they keep on walking. Alejandro turns to them.

"You know, he's a person same as you, same as me."say Alejandro.

Zoey turns to him.

"He's a lunatic, manipulative and he needs to go."say Zoey angrily.

Then Zoey, Duncan, Gwen and Sky walk away, Alejandro gets mad. Meanwhile Heather's team. 

"We better be seperate in two teams we find that quickly."say Heather.

Then Heather, Courtney and Leshawna goes to a different path, DJ, Dawn, Bridgette goes to a different path. Meanwhile at Duncan, Zoey, Sky and Gwen.

"Let's split up."say Sky

While Sky and Gwen goes to south, Duncan and Zoey goes to north. Heather, Courtney and Leshawna sees a cabin and enters it. Courtney sees a shinny figure inside the closet.

"Hey, guys check this out."say Courtney.

Then they take a closer look at the shinny thing, then someone push them inside the closet and locks them up. Meanwhile Bridgette, DJ and Dawn came across with Alejandro.

"Alejandro."say Bridgette

"You can never get me."say Alejandro.

"Relax, we're not gonna do it, anything."say Dawn

DJ sees a ingredient.

"Hey! Bridgette isn't it the last ingredient?"ask DJ in a voice only Bridgette can hear.

"It is."say Bridgette in a voice onyl DJ can hear.

Bridgette get closer to take ingredient. Alejandro notices that.

"Get away from it."say Alejandro 

Bridgette gets the ingredient then she starts to run with DJ and Dawn. Alejandro gets hopeless. Meanwhile Duncan and Zoey sees a cabin.

"Should we enter it?"say Duncan.

"We need to, he might be in there."say Zoey

Then they enters it. Zoey sees Mal.

"Mike."say Zoey then she hugs him.

"I'm so happy to found you."say Zoey

Mal gets shock.

"Mike, there's something you need to know, Duncan was just a pawn to get the finale but I can't do that, so I leave him and now we could be together again."say Zoey and kisses Mal.

After Zoey kissed Mal.

"But Zoey, there's something else you need to know. I never loved you too."say Mal.

He pushes Zoey, she falls ground.

"Zoey!!"yells Duncan and goes to her side

Mal locks them in to the cabin and leaves.

"Are you okay?"say Duncan.

"Yeah, yeah but how can we save him."say Zoey

"I guess there's no way to save him."say Duncan

Then they hear sounds from inside the closet. Duncan goes to open slowly she opens it and he sees Heather, Courtney and Leshawna.

"That was nasty."say Leshawna.

"What you guys doing here?"say Zoey

"You first."say Heather.

"Well, we came to save Mike from Mal."say Duncan

"We came here in to find something but we got nothing."say Courtney.

Zoey gets up slowly, Duncan goes to hold her.

"Look, we already lost, help us to bring back Mike if he stays forever we're all done."say Zoey

Heather, Courtney and Leshawna looks each other.

"Let's do this."say Heather

She breaks the door and they leave the cabin, starts to find Mal. Meanwhiel, Sky and Gwen meets with Mal.

"Hey!! Mal!!" yells Sky

Mal turn around and he remembers something, a memory with Mike and Sky, they first meeting, the first time Mike fall in love after Zoey.

"No!! No!! Nooooo!!" yells Mal

A rock hits Mal's head and he faints. Sky and Gwen goes to his side.

"Do you think it work?"say Gwen.

"I don't know."say Sky.

Mike wakes up.

"Where am I?"say Mike.

"Mike?!"say Sky.

"Yeah?!"say Mike

"I think it worked. C'mon we gotta find others."say Gwen.

Mike gets up but he's not okay, exactly. Sky holds him.

"Are you okay?"say Sky.

"Yeah, I'm fine."say Mike.

Then they look each other lovely, after that they start to walk. Then Bridgette, Dawn and DJ comes finish line with the ingredients. 

"Okay!! Okay!! Looks like we got a winner but you're half missing."say Chris

Then Heather, Leshawna, Courtney comes with Duncan and Zoey.

"We're here, we're here."yells Heather.

"Duncan, Zoey, where's your leader?"say Chris.

Alejandro comes.

"Maybe Alejandro know, Alejandro?"say Chris.

"What?!"say Alejandro.

"Mal, Where's Mal?"say Chris.

"I'm here, I'm here."say Mike.

Then Mike comes with Sky and Gwen holding him. Zoey goes to his side.

"What happened?"say Zoey

"He's back"say Sky.

"Mike, is that really you?"say Zoey.

"Yeah, I am."say Mike

Then she hugs him while Duncan hold his hand.

"Okay, Mike do you have any ingredient?"say Chris.

"Yeah, yeah. Wait!! What?!"say Mike.

"Well, I take that as a no, so since Mike hasn't got any igredient. Heather you're the winner of this seaso on Total Drama Magic you win a thousan dollar, what do you think?"say Chris.

"I think it's time to celebrate."say Heather.

Then all contestants sing "Earth" by "Lil Dicky" after the song ends. Mike goes to Sky's side.

"Uhh...So, do you wanna go on a date with me...tomorrow?"say Mike.

Then Sky kisses her.

"I'll take that as a yes."say Mike.

Then Heather goes to Chris's side.

"Well Chris!"say Heather.

"Congratulations, Heather you know our deal right."say Heather.

"Okay, take the mic, I'm already getting tired of you losers, I need a long vacation."say Chris.

Heather takes the mic.

"Okay!! Everyone listen to me, I'm the host now so, see you on the next season with the new contestanst, news spell and news castle, this is Total...Drama...Magic and thank you for being with us." say Heather

Elimination Table

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Leshawna/Lindsay IN11 IN WIN IN IN OUT/OUT12
Courtney IN IN IN WIN SAFE IN WIN WIN OUT Courtney Returns in Chapter  17:Free Spirit WIN WIN OUT18
Lightning WIN IN IN3 WIN OUT
Dakota/Trent IN/IN IN/WIN IN/SAFE OUT1/OUT2 Trent Returns in Chapter  16:Kill This Love SAFE OUT
Topher OUT


1: Dakota swap team to Toxic Snakes.

2: Trent get disqualified because Chris think he send him threat message.

3: Lightning swap team to Brave Wands.

4: Sanders doesn't wanna race without MacArthur so Chris disqualified her.

5: Amy disqualified because she was too injured to compete.

6: Sammy as Lindsay swap team to Toxic Snakes.

7: Sammy as Lindsay swap team to Loser Brooms.

8: Bridgette debuts.

9: Bridgette swap team to Loser Brooms.

10: Bridgette gets disqualified.

11: Leshawna and DJ debuts.

12: Out of four team two of them get merge. Loser Brooms and Brave Wands contestants get merge under the Loser Brooms name, Toxic Snakes and Talented Cloaks contestants get merge under the Toxic Snakes name, no one wins this week's challenge so two team send home one of their contestants.

13: Dawn debuts.

14: Brick debuts.

15: DJ gets disqualified because he can't leave Brick.

16: Shawn swap team to Talented Cloaks

17: Duncan gets disqualified becaus out of budget.

18: Two teams get merge.

19: Gwen gets disqualified because of the show's episode number is not enough to hold her in the show

Color Significance

     WIN: If a contestant has this color this means her/him team or her/him wins the challange

     SAFE: If a contestant has this color this means her/him team is up for eliminaiton but she/he is not eliminated

     IN:If a contestant has this color this means her/him team doesn't get eliminated or doesn't win this day's challenge

     SAFE/IN: If two contestants has this color this means they're eliminated together but that day one of them is safe other one is still in the race

     WIN/IN: If two contestants has this color this means they're eliminated together but that day one of them is in the winner team other one is still in the race

     WIN/SAFE: If two contestants has this color this means they're eliminated together but that day one of them is in the winner team other one is in the loser team but he/she's not eliminated

     OUT: If a contestant has this color this means he/she is eliminated that day


Episode Name Song Name Contestant Original By
Eye of the Tiger Part 2 Eye of the Tiger Topher Survivor
The Chains The Chains Owen Fleetwood Mac
Stronger Stronger(What Doesn't Kill You) Sky Kelly Clarkson
Revenge Jesse's Girl Duncan Rick Springfield
Revenge Revenge Dakota and Trent Pink ft. Eminem
Trumpets Ready Or Not Bridgette Bridgit Mendler
Trumpets Trumpets Lightning Jason Derulo
Highway to Hell Highway to Hell MacArthur AC/DC
World Gone Mad World Gone Mad Max Bastille
Telephone Easy On me Zoey Jessie J
Telephone Telephone Amy and Scarlett Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
Bad Guy Empire State of Mind Leshawna and


Alicia Keys ft. Jay-Z
Bad Guy Bad Guy Duncan with Heather and Zoey Billie Eilish
Don't Stop Believin' Don't Stop Beleivin' Cameron Journey
Fix You Pon De Replay GwenHeatherBridgette and Zoey Rihanna
Fix You Blow DuncanAlejandro and Heather Ed Sheeran ft. Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars
Fix You Fix You Scott Coldplay
Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Jo Little Mix
Blonde Blonde Bridgette and Sammy Bridgit Mendler
Mother's Daughter Run The World (Girls) BethDawnGwenHeatherLeshawnaLindsay  and Zoey Beyonce
Mother's Daughter Mother's Daughter LeshawnaLindsay Miley Cyrus
Kill This Love Kill This Love Beth BLACKPINK
Free Spirit Free Spirit Trent Khalid
Female Energy, Part 2 Toxic Courtney with Gwen and Zoey Britney Spears
Female Energy, Part 2 Female Energy, Part 2 Dawn WILLOW
Bloom Quater Past Midnight AlejandroDuncanZoeyDJHeather and Gwen Bastille
Bloom Bloom Brick and DJ Troye Sivan
All For Us All For Us Courtney with ZoeyDuncanMike and Heather Zendaya ft. Labrinth
Grace Grace Shawn and Duncan Lewis Capaldi
Mi Gente Mi Gente Alejandro J Balvin ft. Willy William
Devil In Me Devil In Me Zoey and Gwen Halsey
Earth Earth Part 2 All Contestants Lil' Dicky 


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