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This new fan-fiction features 1 host, 22 teens and 1 BIG cash prize.


Host: Roger


Alpha Males and Females

Elaine- WINNER


1. Natalia-Yelling Wombats

2. Emily- Demolishing Sharks

3. Pete- Demolishing Sharks

4. Edmund- Yelling Wombats

5. Chad- Yelling Wombats

6. Ernesto- Demolishing Sharks, Flying Flamingoes

7. Michelle- Yelling Wombats, Growing Flowers

8. Sunny- Demolishing Sharks, Dancing Eggplants

9. Jason- Yelling Wombats, Dancing Eggplants

10. Sharon- Demolishing Sharks, Flying Flamingoes

11. Mitchell- Demolishing Sharks, Dancing Eggplants

12. Nicole- Yelling Wombats, Dancing Eggplants

13. Ken- Demolishing Sharks, Dancing Eggplants, Alpha Males and Females

14. Ali- Yelling Wombats, Flying Flamingoes, Alpha Males and Females

15. Carter- Yelling Wombats, Flying Flamingoes, Alpha Males and Females

16. Laura- Yelling Wombats, Growing Flowers, Alpha Males and Females

17. Stan- Yelling Wombats, Dancing Eggplants, Alpha Males and Females

18. Blossom- Demolishing Sharks, Growing Flowers, Alpha Males and Females

19. Jakey- Demolishing Sharks, Growing Flowers, Alpha Males and Females

20. Ronda- Yelling Wombats, Flying Flamingoes, Alpha Males and Females

21. Chris- Yelling Wombats, Growing Flowers, Alpha Males and Females

Day 1: Meet the Contestants

“Welcome to Total Drama Mania. Today we will meet the campers.” Said Roger, the host of the new Reality TV show, Total Drama Mania. “Here comes the first contestant, hey Ken.” Continued the host.

“Hey Roger. I’m so excited to be here! *Burp* My compliments to the chef.” Said Ken.

“Okay, glad to see you.” Replied Roger. “Anyway let’s meets the next contestant. Hi, Mitchell.”

“Hey dude, I am ready to go all the way.” Proclaimed Mitchell, the sporty, and somewhat cocky kid.

“We’ll see about that. I wonder who’s next?” Questioned Roger, slightly caught of guard by Mitchell’s confidence.

“With my mad book smarts I will win with knowledge.” Stated Chris, the overly smart and talented child.

“Okay. Lets see who’s next.” Said Roger.

“What’s up Roger?” Asked Elaine the quirky and sporty girl.

“Not much Elaine.” The host replied.

A small, quiet girl was the next to arrive. “Hey guys.” She said in a small voice.

“What’s up, Ali?” Exclaimed Roger, knowing that the immense clash of personalities between him and her would be good for ratings.

Ali walked away immediately, because she was not expecting a question at such loud volume.

“Okay… Who’s next?” Roger wondered aloud.

The next was a girl named Michelle who had spent her life exploiting her beautiful singing voice. “Hey what’s hanging?” She said as she arrived.

“Nothing much.” Replied Roger.

“Okay see ya. La La La La…” She said wandering off to find a spot to practice singing.

The next to arrive was a girl named Ronda. She had an evil heart and she expected to win by not letting anyone stand in her way. “I’m here to win and no one is going to stand in my way!!!!!!” She yelled as she stamped onto the island.

Roger then ran away because he was so scared of her. “She was scary!! Oh! Here come someone else.”

It was Pete, a jock who arrived carrying a bag of sports equipment. “Hey Roger I’m so happy to be here!” He dropped his sports bag on the island and Roger immediately tripped on it.

“Ouch!!” Exclaimed Roger.

“My bad.” Said Pete.

“Hi!!” Exclaimed Carter, a boy that was in fact, extremely… Well, that will be told later.

“Hi… I guess.” Said Roger, because he was aware of this…quality that the boy possessed.

The next to arrive was Laura, who had her eyes fixated on her cell phone. “Hey.” She said.

“Hi, Laura.” Said the host.

Laura was to busy texting to reply.

“Okay, here’s someone else.” Stated Roger, disgusted at Laura’s inability to reply.

It was blossom and she was the sweetest and most loving girl around. “Hi, oh this camp is so pretty. I love anything pretty.”

“Surprise, surprise.” Replied Roger, who was fully aware of her niceness and sweetness.

The next was Chad, who also, like Ronda, very mean and evil.

“Hi Brad.” Said the host, purposefully getting his name wrong to get him angry.”

“Get lost!” He bellowed at Roger.

“Okay!” Roger exclaimed and he ran away, “Here’s someone else.” He continued.

“Cool place you got here.” Said a girl.

“Thanks, Natalia.” Replied Roger.

“I better go unpack.” Proclaimed Natalia.

“See you later, Natalia.” He said as he bade her good-bye.

The next to arrive was Edmund, he was a big theater fanatic. “Hi Roger. Are we going to do any musicals? I’m a big musical fan.” He inquired.

“We’ll see.” Replied Roger, sarcastically.

Jason arrived next, he was a black belt in karate. “What’s up?” He asked.

“Nothing much.” Responded Roger.

“Well you are!” And with that, Jason kicked Roger in the air. “Ha!”

Roger soon landed. “Not funny!” He exclaimed. “Anyway here comes someone else.”

Jake, the super nerd, was the next to lay eyes on the island. “Hi, I just got the high score for this cool new video game!” He exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Good job, I guess.” He replied, sarcastically.

Emily, the suck up, set foot on the dock next. “Hi, Roger, you look super great today.” She said in a sweet voice.

“I know.” Was Roger’s conceited reply.

“Okay, see you later.” Emily said and she left.

Sharon was the next one there. “Hey Roger what’s hanging?” She asked.

“Not much. Here comes another contestant.” He replied.

Stan stepped on the dock next. “Hey dude.” He said as he greeted Roger.

“Hi Stan.” Said, Roger. “You should go catch up with the other campers.”

“Okay, see ya.”

Sunny, the sweet girl was the next to arrive. “Hey Roger, I’m so glad to be here!” She exclaimed.

“Glad to here it. There’s another contestant.” He replied to Sunny.

“HI ROGER!!!!!!!” Were the first two words to come flying out of the contestant’s mouth.

“Ummmm… Hey Ernesto…” Said Roger, caught off guard a bit by Ernesto’s loudness. “Hey look it’s the last contestant!” He exclaimed, not eager to meet any more contestants after Ernesto’s eccentric greeting. It was Nicole, not much to know about her, she’s just a regular girl. “What’s up Roger?” She asked.

“Not much. Go get ready for the first challenge.”

“Okay, bye.” She said.

Roger turned to the cameras and said, “We’ll now you’ve met our twenty-two contestants, see who gets sent home in the next episode of Total Drama Mania!"

Day 2: Who Is Your Next Total Mania Idol?

“Last time on Total Drama Mania, all of the campers arrived, some with more personality than others.” Said Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania. “Today’s challenge will test their strength and vocal chords, but mostly vocal chords. Find out who gets the boot on Total Drama Mania!”

It was at breakfast when Roger told the campers the challenge. “Today your challenge is a singing contest.”

“Oh! This challenge is made for me!” Exclaimed Michelle and she ran out of the dining hall to practice her singing.

“Not me.” Said Mitchell.

“Me either.” Agreed Ken.

“Oh, but first, here are the teams.” Roger continued. “Ali, Stan, Chris, Michelle, Chad, Carter, Edmund, Natalia, Jason, Ronda, and Laura. You are now the Yelling Wombats. Elaine, Blossom, Sharon, Nicole, Emily, Sunny, Ken, Kyle, Jake, Pete, Ernesto and Mitchell. You are now the Demolishing Sharks.”

“Cool, Laura, we’re on the same team.” Said Chris.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, texting here!” Laura retorted.

Roger then continued, “I will judge each team, and five campers from each team will advance to the next round, I will then hear you sing again and one person from will go into a head to head match and he or she, will win the challenge for the team.”

“I doubt I’ll win,” Worried Blossom, “I’m not that good of a singer.”

“Judging begins right after breakfast!” Roger exclaimed.

And the judging did happen right after breakfast. For the Wombats the five that advanced were Chris, Ali, Michelle, Edmund and Natalia. For the Sharks it was Sunny, Nicole, Pete, Ernesto and Blossom.

“I can’t believe that I made it to the next round.” Said Blossom, relieved.

“Yeah, I can't believe it either.” Ronda said.

“Look, I don’t like to be mean, but you’re very rude.” Blossom replied.

“Yeah…” Said Ronda.

“I don’t think that my singing is that good.” Said Chris. “I’m not surprised you made it Michelle.”

“I think that everybody knew that Michelle was going to make it.” Stated Carter.

“Time for the second round of judging.” Said Roger. And with that the final contestant was chosen for the Sharks, Blossom.

“ME!!” Exclaimed Blossom, surprised that she was chosen over her fellow teammates.

“I have to choose the contestant for the Wombats.” Roger stated. He quickly cut Chris, Edmund and Ali. “Natalia or Michelle…” He wondered aloud. He decided to have them both sing again. Natalia’s performance was a little over average, but nothing to special.

Next was Michelle’s turn to sing and everyone expected her to make it through. Michelle was singing and doing a wonderful job. Meanwhile, backstage, Jason was trying to impress Ali and Ronda with his karate moves.

“And this one is called a mantis kick.” He proclaimed to the two girls.

“Yawn!” Said Ronda, clearly bored with this presentation. Ali was silently giggling at her sarcastic remarks.

“And this one is the slash of the python!” He exclaimed. While performing his move he accidentally slashed one of the ropes that was supporting a sandbag. The sandbag flew onto the floor and onto Michelle’s foot.

“What the @#!%!?!” She screamed as it landed on her foot.

“Alright then…” Said Roger, a bit surprised, “Natalia is in the finals.”

Ronda thought to herself that since she was eliminated in the first round, that she could be in danger of elimination.

Ronda went over to Natalia and said, “Are you sure your not going to be nervous performing in front of the entire camp? I would be nervous, it’s the entire camp.”

Natalia thought about what Ronda had said and soon the nerves started to get to her.

It soon came time for the big performance in front of the camp. Blossom’s performance went off without a hitch and she impressed the entire camp.

“Blossom did a really good job.” Ronda said to Natalia, “You could be in trouble.”

Natalia walked onto the stage slowly and the song started to play. She couldn’t sing a word of her song and so, Blossom won the challenge for her team.

“Wombats, I’ll see you at the campfire tonight.” Said Roger. Later at the marshmallow ceremony, Roger started to speak to them, “There are 10 marshmallows here and that is the number of people that will be left after the marshmallow ceremony. So I have marshmallows for Ali, Stan, Chris, Chad, Carter, Edmund, Laura, Michelle, and Ronda. There is one marshmallow left and it will go to either Jason, who took out your biggest prospect, Michelle or Natalia, who bailed big for your team. The last marshmallow goes to……………Jason. Natalia you have been eliminated.”

“Well, I guess I sort of saw this coming.” She said.

“I did too.” Whispered Ronda to Ali.

“All of you go to bed, except for Natalia, time to get on the boat of losers.” Said Roger.

“Bye guys!” Shouted Natalia as she left on the boat.

“The rest of you are safe… for now.” Said Roger.

Day 3: Down the Stream

“Last time on Total Drama Mania.” Started Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania, “Our campers participated in a singing challenge we saw some awesome singers, Michelle and Blossom and a couple of not so good ones. In the end Natalia was sent packing for bailing big in the final round. What will our campers do today? Find out tonight on Total Drama Mania.”

The campers were having conversations about various things like the elimination of Natalia or why they didn’t vote out Jason. Laura walked in to the dining hall next.

“Laura, I saved you a seat.” Chris called out to Laura.

“Yeah, thanks, whatever.” She said. She was texting as usual.

“I can’t believe that Natalia got eliminated.” Stan said to Ali.

“I can.” Said Ali.

“What do you mean by that? Natalia was my friend.” Stan questioned.

“I just mean that she was a sitting duck for elimination.” Ali replied.

Stan just ignorantly turned his back to her.

“Alright campers, today’s challenge is a canoe race down the river.” Said Roger.

“Awesome, a canoe race!!” Exclaimed Carter.

“Shut up, Carter.” Said Chad.

“No, you shut up!!!” Retorted Carter.

“Yeah, whatever.” Replied Chad.

“Pick a partner everyone.” Said Roger.

“Laura, will you be my partner?” Asked Chris, sheepishly.

“Yeah, whatever.” She replied.

So, the partners were chosen…Chris and Laura, Ali and Ronda, Stan and Edmund, Jason and Chad, Michelle and Carter, Emily and Elaine, Sunny and Blossom, Jake and Nicole, Sharon and Ernesto, and there was one threesome, Mitchell, Pete and Ken. All the partners went to get their canoes.

Emily and Elaine quickly swept into the lead and they were being trailed by Chris and Laura, and Mitchell, Pete and Ken. Ronda then had a diabolical idea. “Hey Ali, I have a mission for you, take this pin and stick it into the bottom of Emily and Elaine’s boat.”

“Okay!” She answered. She was swimming down to the boat with the pin when she accidentally ran into Chris and Laura’s canoe.

“I think we hit a fish!” Exclaimed Chris.

“Oh, I hope it’s okay.” Worried Laura.

“Hurry up, Ali!!” Ronda yelled.

“Sorry, Ronda!” Ali called.

While they were canoeing Pete fell out of his canoe and pulled Mitchell with them, while Ken was trying to pull them out Ali swam by them. Emily and Elaine had almost crossed the finish line.

“We’re almost there, Elaine!!” Shouted Emily.

“I know, Emily!” Elaine yelled. But right before they crossed the line, Ali jabbed the pin into the bottom of their boat and the boat sank.

“Get back here, Ali!!” Ronda ordered and Ali obediently swam back.

Chris and Laura then crossed the finish line.

“Chris and Laura win it for the Wombats!” Exclaimed Roger. “Elaine and Emily were very close but their boat accidentally sank.”

Elaine and Emily were surrounded by their furious teammates.

“How could you lose?!?!” Yelled Pete.

“You were so close!!!” Bellowed Ken.

“I’m sorry but you let us down!!” Cried Blossom.

“Sharks, I’ll see you at the campfire.”

Later at the campfire, “The first marshmallow goes to Blossom, Sharon, Nicole, Sunny, Ken, Jake, Pete, Ernesto and Mitchell. Ladies, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to………………Elaine. Emily, I’m sorry, but you have been eliminated.”

“I love your hair and boots and shirt and pants and…” Emily sucked up to Roger.

“Sucking up won’t help you here, Emily.” Roger said.

“Are you sure?” Asked Emily.

And with that she was pushed onto the boat of losers.

Day 4: The Leaning (And Headless) Towers of Roger

“Last time on Total Drama Mania…” Began the host, Roger of Total Drama Mania, “Our campers participated in a canoe race. There were some people leading the pack, Mitchell, Ken, Pete, Laura, Chris, Elaine and Emily. However, Elaine and Emily were about to score a second victory for the Demolishing Sharks but Ronda sent Ali to stick a nail into the bottom of the boat, causing it to sink before the finish line. Well played, Ronda. In the end, the pair of Laura and Chris won the challenge and invincibility for the Yelling Wombats. The last marshmallow went to Elaine, which meant that Emily, the suck up, was sent packing. What will happen tonight in the most dramatic bonfire ceremony ever? Find out tonight on Total Drama Mania.”

The campers were in the mess hall eating breakfast and conversing about last night’s elimination when Roger burst in with the news about today’s challenge. “Today.” He said, “You will have to build a statue of me. Here are the blueprints.” He handed blue pieces of paper to Edmund and to Sharon.

“Awesome!” Exclaimed Sharon. “My dad and I used to build stuff like this all the time.”

“Aw man!” Whined Edmund. “I hope my hands don’t get filthy.”

“All the supplies you need is outside.” Continued Roger.

“AWESOME!!!!!” Yelled Ernesto. “BUILDING IS SO FUN!!!!”

“I know!!!” Replied Carter. The two of them danced around randomly in the mess hall until Ronda walked over there and said…

“Stop it!! You guys are such freaks!!!!” She yelled angrily.

“Yeah…” Ali whispered quietly.

“On your mark, get set, BUILD!” Exclaimed Roger as the teams raced out the door.

Pete was reaching for a piece of marble for the statue but then Chad came over and punched him in the arm. “That’s mine, loser!!!” He laughed mockingly as he ran over to his team.

“All right guys, although I despise this guy as much as you guys do, I want to win, so we have to make him as good looking as possible.” Said Stan, trying to put together a group of people that could work well together.

“Leave the leading to me.” Ronda ordered as she stepped into the center of her team. “Carter and Edmund, you make the feet, Michelle, you Chris and Laura, make the head. You three can handle that, right Chris?”

“Totally, we got this right, Laura?” Chris asked.

Laura actually looked up from her phone for a moment and said, “Yeah, we do Chris.”

“Hello!!! What about me?!!” Cried Michelle, anxious to win back the affection from her friends.

“Save the chit chat for later!!” Commanded Ronda. “Edmund, Stan and Carter, you put together the body. Chad and Jason you can put together the arms and legs.”

“But what will you and Ali do, Ronda?” Chad inquired.

“Supervise.” Ronda replied.

“No, you won’t!!” Chad retorted and twisted her arm behind her back. Jason then came over and punched Chad in the stomach.

“Get lost, geek!” He yelled and kicked him in the chin.

“Both of you SHUT UP AND GET TO WORK!!!!” Ronda shouted and smacked their heads together.

Meanwhile, with the sharks…

“Alright, you guys should just break into groups and just pick what you want to build.” Said Blossom.

“I’ll work with you, Blossom!” Said Sunny.

“I’ll work with you too, Sunny!” Said Sharon.

“Okay!” Exclaimed Sunny and the three of them danced around in a circle.

“Pete, be my partner!” Called Mitchell.

“Okay!” Replied Pete.

“Ken work with us too!” Mitchell said.

“Okay, Mitchell, let’s build the head.” Ken replied.

“Awesome!” Exclaimed Pete.

“You three build the head, we can build the body, right girls?” Blossom asked.

“Oh, totally!” Sharon responded.

“Nicole! Be with me!” Elaine shouted. “Okay!” Nicole said. So, Jake was paired with Ernesto.

“Alright, you guys, Jake and Ernesto, build the arms and legs and Elaine and Nicole you build the hands and feet.” Blossom said. So the teams began to build there statues and they were almost done building so they started to take a break. Pete broke out a football and he Ken and Mitchell started to play.

“Hey, Pete catch!” Mitchell called. He threw the football but missed and accidentally hit the statue in the head. The head accidentally popped off.

“Oops…” Muttered Mitchell.

“You broke the statue!!!!!!!!” Yelled Sharon angrily. “You built the head too!!! How could you make it so flimsy!! Then you went and broke it!!!!!!!”

Roger came around to judge the statues, first was the Wombats. “Nice work you guys, I especially like how my face looks so nice.”

“Told you so.” Stan whispered to Ronda.

“Shut it.” She whispered back.

He then went to the Sharks statue. “Hmmmm, no head, that’s gonna cost you.” He said. “The Wombats win… again! Sharks I’ll see you at the campfire tonight.”

Later at the campfire ceremony…

“All right, you know the drill, if you don’t get a marshmallow you must walk the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers and never ever come back. There are ten marshmallows and that is the same number of campers there will be at the end of the ceremony. All right, the first marshmallow is for Nicole, Jake, Sharon, Sunny, Blossom, Elaine, Ernesto, marshmallows for the lot of you. Boys, there are two marshmallows left. The next marshmallow is for Ken. One marshmallow left and it goes to………………..Mitchell. Pete, you have been eliminated.”

Pete walked down the dock of shame and caught the boat of losers and he never came back.

Day 5: Broadway Comes to Mania

“Last time on Total Drama Mania, our campers were assigned to build a statue of one of the best looking people in the world….me! Both teams were going strong until Mitchell, Ken and Pete started playing football and in a pass gone awry knocked off the head of their teams statue. So in the end it was bye-bye Pete. What will happen today on Total Drama Mania?”

The campers were in the mess hall eating breakfast when Roger walked into the hall to tell them about the day’s challenge.

“Today, the challenge is going to be one that was requested several times…by the same person. Today, you will put on a musical. One camper will direct it, others will perform, and others will decorate scenery.”

“Finally!!!!” Yelled Edmund.

“Oh, I can star in it!” Michelle called. “I’m such a good singer.”

“We all know you are, Michelle.” Stan said.

“No! We have to have auditions!” Edmund cried.

So the teams set up to have auditions.

“If you want to have a part stand over here.” Edmund began and pointed to a spot, “And if you want to decorate scenery stand over here.”

For the Wombats, the ones that were auditioning for parts were Chris, Michelle, Laura and Carter.

“I think I should direct the show!!” Cried Ernesto.

“Fine.” Groaned everyone. And they split into groups the ones auditioning were Elaine, Jake, Sharon and Ken.

First, the Wombats held auditions. He had all the people auditioning pair up for the duet song. Laura and Chris were together and much to Michelle’s dismay she was paired with Carter. They both sang the duet and according to Edmund, Laura and Chris had the most chemistry on the stage.

Then, the Sharks had auditions, the pairs for the duet were Ken and Elaine and Sharon and Jake. Jake and Sharon were chosen.

Michelle walked over to Ken who looked sad because he didn’t get the part. “It’s okay, I didn’t get the part either.” Ken looked up and smiled at her and she smiled back. Michelle had to get back to her team.

“You can’t be in a relationship with him! He’s on the other team!” Ronda pointed out as she confronted Michelle. “Anyway people, hurry up, Ali and I will direct the set building.”

Ali whispered to Ronda something about the set and Ronda said, “All right, Ali has an idea and you have to follow it because we’re in charge.”

“Says who, freak?” Chad asked.

“Says me, dipstick!” Ronda retorted.

Soon the set had been constructed for both teams and the acting done for the Sharks. Edmund was still was trying to figure out what to do for the show.

“Okay, you start over there and you start over there, no there and how about the cows and pigs run from the left, no the right, actually how about we just start over?” Edmund asked, frantically.

“Judging time!” Roger said, as he came into the theater.

First up was the Sharks and they did an okay job with an okay set. “You did fine, nothing special, 6 out of 10.” Roger said. “I think that the Wombats can top this with Mr. Theater on their team.”

Edmund was still trying to figure things out when he came up with a solution, “I know! Just walk on and sing!”

So they did, and during the song, the set collapsed. Everyone turned to look at Ronda and Ali angrily.

“Horribly prepared and just all around awful. 2 out of 10. Wombats I’ll see you at the campfire tonight.”

Later at the campfire….

“You know the drill, I have marshmallows for Michelle, Carter, Chad, Jason and Stan. 4 marshmallows left. You all have a big chance of going home because you all messed up the show, Chris and Laura, bad performance, Ali and Ronda, bad scenery that collapsed and Edmund, worst director ever. Next marshmallows go to Chris and Laura. The next one is for Ali and the last marshmallow goes to…………………Ronda. Edmund you have been eliminated.”

“But, I don’t understand. Theater is my forte.” Edmund said, shocked.

“Yeah, but directing isn’t.” Ronda said, victoriously chewing on her marshmallow.

Day 6: Freeze!

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania, “Our campers were told to put on a musical. Edmund pushed the Screaming Wombats two far and lost the challenge for him. In the end, he was eliminated, which is ironic considering that he was the one who proposed the idea of that challenge to us. Anyway, what will happen tonight on Total Drama Mania?”

The campers were in the mess hall discussing how Edmund had been eliminated.

“I don’t really think that it was his time,” Confessed Chris to Laura.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” She responded, “Oooh! I just got a text!!” And she returned to staring at her phone screen.

Over at the other end of the Wombats table was the never ending argument between Ronda and Chad.

“SHUT UP, RONDA!!!” Chad screamed.

“NO, YOU SHUT UP, CHAD!!!!” Ronda bellowed.

Carter calmly walked over there with a solution, “BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP OR I’LL BASH YOUR SKULLS INTO THE GROUND!!!” He shouted.

“Fine, we’ll stop fighting.” Ronda said. She and Chad were kicking each other under the table.

“Good morning campers!” Roger exclaimed as he burst into the dining hall, “Today’s challenge is the time honored game of freeze dance.”

“FREEZE DANCE!!!!” Ernesto shouted and started performing random dance moves in the hall.

“Save it for later, Ernesto.” Roger said, “It will be played with traditional rules.” The campers all filed out of the hall and filtered into little groups of friends that would end up dancing together.

Roger hit the play button and everyone started to dance. He then stopped it and grabbed a water gun of a table. “Hot sauce anyone?” He asked and shot Carter, Ernesto and Nicole down.

“Not fair!” Nicole shouted.

“I might not have mentioned that anything goes.” Roger said.

“You didn’t!” Carter said.

“Oh well.” Roger said nonchalantly. He started the music again. Laura and Chris were dancing together holding each other closely, but the music stopped and they were too oblivious and they kept on dancing and were eliminated.

One by one, everyone else was eliminated until it was down to the final five contestants, Jake, Mitchell, Ronda, Jason and Chad. “Now we will do it traditionally with no funny stuff, except for maybe a mild explosive or two.” Roger said. Jason and Jake both turned their heads to Roger, both with scared expressions on their faces. “Just kidding boys, however you just eliminated yourselves.” The dancing kept on going and Chad was the next one out.

He sat down next to Ali and said, “Those dance moves make Ronda’s butt look big don’t you think?” He asked.

Ronda whipped around and screamed, “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!!”

“Those dance moves make your butt look big!” He retorted.

She went over to him and kept on punching him and kicking him and suddenly the music stopped. Ronda kept on punching Chad.

“The Demolishing Sharks win!” Roger cried out, “Yelling Wombats, I’ll see you at the campfire tonight.”

At the ceremony, Roger had already given them the story about marshmallows and elimination. “Let’s get down to business, marshmallows for Ali, Michelle, Carter, Stan, Laura, Chris and Jason. Ronda and Chad, this is the final marshmallow. And it goes to………….”

Ronda gave Chad an evil look and whispered, “You’re going down.”

“Ronda.” He said, “Chad, the Wombats have spoken and you have been eliminated.” Chad walked down the dock of shame, took the boat of losers and left the island.

“Go to bed, the rest of you.” Roger said, “Your safe, for now.”

Day 7: What Happens When Roger's Cabin Gets Dirty

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Started Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania, “Our campers participated in freeze dance, Chris and Laura had some time to slow dance, and Jake and Jason both got punked by me. It was down to Ronda and Mitchell in the finals but Chad said that Ronda’s butt looked big, and she thrashed him and eliminated herself. In the end Chad was eliminated. One big twist will upset the trusts of all the campers, and one person will be sent packing. What will happen tonight on Total Drama Mania?”

The campers were in the mess hall eating breakfast and discussing Chad’s elimination. “It’s about time.” Ronda said. Ali nodded along with Jason.

Roger then burst into the mess hall and started talking about the challenge, “Have you all noticed how dirty cabins get when you’re at camp?” Everyone nodded, “Well mine got messy too so today’s challenge is to clean my cabin from top to bottom.” Everyone groaned. “There are 3 floors to my cabin so each team will clean one.” He continued.

“But there are only 2 teams. How can 2 teams clean 3 floors?” Stan asked.

“I was getting to that Stan. Today 2 teams become 3.” Roger said. “Ken, Jason, Sunny, Stan, Mitchell and Nicole. You are now the Dancing Eggplants.”

“Eggplants, nice!” Yelled Ken as he gave a knuckle punch to Mitchell.

“Anyway,” Roger said, “On to the next team…Sharon, Ernesto, Elaine, Ali, Carter and Ronda, you are the Flying Flamingoes.”

“Flamingoes don’t fly.” Ronda said.

“These ones do.” Roger retorted.

“Oh great, we got stuck with the weirdoes.” Ronda whispered to Ali as she glared at Carter and Ernesto who were trying to burp the alphabet. “Stop it you 2 disgusting freaks!” Ronda yelled. Elaine and Sharon stared at her while Carter and Ernesto went right on burping.

“Finally,” Roger said, “The final team, Jake, Chris, Laura, Michelle and Blossom, you are the Growing Flowers.”

“Hey, Roger,” Blossom said, “How are we supposed to clean your cabin without supplies?”

“Good question, Blossom.” Roger said, “You will go on a hunt in the woods for supplies before you clean. On your mark, get set, go!” He shouted and the teams dashed out of the mess hall and searched for supplies.

The Growing Flowers met outside the mess hall. “I think we should split up and look for clues.” Jake said. “We’re not detectives.” Michelle said. “Jake, you take Blossom and go west, I’ll go with Laura and Chris and head east.”

“Can’t I be with Chris?” Blossom asked, “I mean, if that’s okay with you guys.”

“Maybe next time, Blossom.” Chris said. They went their respective ways.

However things weren’t going so smoothly with the Flying Flamingoes. “Shut it you two!!!!” Ronda screamed. Carter and Ernesto were still trying to burp the alphabet. “YOU GO THAT WAY WITH SHARON!!!!!” She yelled. “Ali and Elaine, you come with me.” They went their respective ways.

Meanwhile, with the Dancing Eggplants, they had already decided the groups for searches, Ken, Jason and Mitchell went one way and Nicole, Sunny and Stan went the other.

Ronda had already gathered a bottle of cleaning spray and a mop with her groups, “Hey Elaine, do you want to get ahead in the game?” She said.

“I’m good Ronda.” Elaine replied.

“Join me and we can eliminated those two dorks.” Ronda said.

“That’s okay.” Elaine said.

“Are you sure?” Ronda inquired.

“Yes.” Elaine said.

“I have money.” Ronda said.

“Fine, what do you want me to do.” Elaine sighed, exasperated at Ronda.

“Join an alliance with me and Ali and we can eliminate,” Ronda shuddered, “Those two disgusting dweebs, Carter and Ernesto.”

Roger’s voice came out from a megaphone before Elaine could say yes or no. “All campers report to my cabin.” They all came to his cabin and Roger gave them floor assignments, “Eggplants, top floor, Flowers, middle floor, Flamingoes, basement.” They all ran to their respective floors.

“Ernesto and Carter, go clean that room.” Ronda pointed to a room over to the left.

“With what?” Asked Carter.

“The supplies you found.” Ronda said. “Supplies?” Ernesto inquired.

“Yes.” Ronda retorted, “That you found in the woods.”

“Oh those supplies.” Ernesto said. So they started to clean but then Ernesto came across a rat. “Hey Carter, let’s have some fun.” He said and he grabbed the rat on Ronda’s back. She screamed and yelled.

“ERNESTO I WILL KILL YOU!!!!” She shouted. And she punched him and soon the whole group started fighting. Meanwhile, the other teams had already finished cleaning their floors and Roger had come around and judged them. They had done exceptional jobs. However the basement was a mess because it was torn up in the fight.

“Flamingoes, campfire.” Roger said the second he entered the basement.

Later at the campfire ceremony….

Roger began his speech like usual, “I am very disappointed in you, now I need to pay someone to clean if for me. Anyway, marshmallow time. First marshmallow goes for…….Elaine. Sharon and Ali, good work. Two marshmallows left. Next one is for…………Carter. Ronda and Ernesto, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to…………” Ronda grinned evilly and glared at Ernesto, “Ronda.”

“Bye bye, dork.” Ronda said as she triumphantly chewed her marshmallow.

“There’s one thing that I want to do before I leave.” Ernesto said and he walked right up to Ronda, burped in her face, left a rat on her lap and left. Sharon and Carter were rolling on the ground laughing.

“Go back to bed, the rest of you.” Roger said.

Day 8: Mania's Next Top Model

“Last time, on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, “Two teams became three, and Ernesto and Carter pushed Ronda to far on their new team and Ronda saw to it that one be sent home after they lost, thanks to Ernesto’s prank on Ronda. In the end, Ronda made sure that Ernesto was the one eliminated. What will happen tonight on Total Drama Mania?”

The campers were discussing the shocking elimination of Ernesto.

“I didn’t know that he made any enemies, just friends.” Stated Blossom.

“Well, he made one very powerful one,” Michelle replied, “And that’s Ronda.”

Meanwhile, Carter was trying to burp the alphabet on his own, “IT JUST ISN’T THE SAME WITHOUT HIM!!!!!” He wept.

“Calm down, Carter,” Sharon said softly, “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

“I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!” Carter cried.

Roger then burst in with the news of the challenge, “Campers, as you know, there are a total of sixteen of you left, we’re getting closer to that finale every day. As to the challenge, today’s challenge will put you’re fashion sense on the line. You will enter one female contestant from your team to model, and the rest of you will design the outfit.”

The teams met outside to decide who would model, “I think I should model!” Ronda volunteered. Ali nodded and Ronda shot a look at Elaine, and Elaine nodded.

“It looks like Ronda is the model…” Sharon sighed.

Meanwhile, there was some dispute as to if Nicole would model, or if Sunny would model for the Dancing Eggplants. Jason, Mitchell and Sunny wanted Nicole to model, and Ken, Stan and Nicole wanted Sunny to model.

“Oh, alright, I’ll model,” Sunny said, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Nicole had a look in her eyes saying thanks, and the two girls hugged.

Blossom had quickly volunteered to model for the Growing Flowers.

“Hey, Roger!” Ronda called, “How are we supposed to make outfits without materials?”

“You get 30 seconds in my cabin for supplies… GO!” The teams dashed in to find supplies.

After the 30 seconds, they returned to their respective campgrounds to design an outfit.

“We need to make a dress for Ronda.” Elaine stated. “One that flatters my legs and brings out my eyes.” Ronda requested.

“Of course.” Elaine said.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s fashion sense (and insane side) took over the outfit.

“Ummm, Michelle…” Blossom began, “Are you sure that teal and neon orange go well together?”

“YES!!!” Michelle screamed.

“It looks a little like someone threw up on her dress…” Jake whispered to Chris and Laura.

“Yeah, a little….” Laura whispered back.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!?!!” Michelle shouted as she whipped around to face them.

“Ummm… nothing?” Jake said.

“Oh… okay then.” Michelle said.

By this time, the Flying Flamingoes had put together a beautiful dress that flattered Ronda’s legs. However, the Dancing Eggplants didn’t have as much luck.

“Yellow and orange!” Sunny called.

“How about blue and green?” Asked Mitchell.

“Black and red!” Ken exclaimed.

“I’ve got it!” Jason exploded. He leaned in with the others and they designed a rainbow dress.

“Campers, get your butts to the stage for a fashion show.” Roger’s voice came over the loudspeaker.

The Flying Flamingoes went first and Ronda came out and flaunted about the stage, all the while Jason was staring and the corners of his mouth began to get a bit damp as he watched her flirt with Roger.

“Alright!” Now that’s a tough act to follow!” Roger exclaimed, “Let’s see what the Eggplants can come up with.”

Sunny performed an impressive strut down the runway and all eyes were on her and the rainbow dress. “And the Eggplants manage to pull together an extremely stunning entourage for Sunny!” Roger yelled.

Finally, Blossom walked on stage in her teal and neon orange dress and instantly the smile came off of Roger’s face.

Jason, who was in the audience, leaned over and threw up due to the dress.

“Flowers. You, me, marshmallows, the campfire, tonight.” Roger said.

“You all have cast your votes and one person is going home,” Roger started, “If you don’t get a marshmallow, you must walk the dock of shame, get on the boat of losers and leave, and never come back. Let’s get down to business… first marshmallow, Chris. Laura, Jake, well done. Michelle and Blossom, this is the final marshmallow. Blossom, you modeled the dress in an extremely boring way. Michelle, well, teal and neon orange? What were you thinking? But anyway one of you is leaving. And the final marshmallow goes to…………………………. Blossom. Michelle, you have spent your last night on Total Drama Mania.”

Michelle began walking down the dock of shame, but a voice came up from the campfire, “Michelle!” Jake began, “I love you!”

Michelle was so shocked to hear that that she froze in place with an expression of disgust on her face. Jake ran over to her, and being unable to do anything about it, Jake leaned in, and kissed her.

“Awwwww,” Laura said, “That’s so sweet!”

“You forgot this,” Roger said as he placed the teal and neon orange dress in Michelle’s frozen hand. “Phillipe! Montoyo! Take her away!” Roger shouted and two burly bodyguards grabbed Michelle and took her on the ship.

Day 9: The Darkest Fears... Like Great Aunt Natalie

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, “Our campers were told to design outfits. One person from each team modeled. Sunny and Ronda earned their wings for their teams, however Blossom, who put on a horrible modeling performance, got her team in jeopardy. However, in the end, it was Michelle who was eliminated, for her obscure color scheme for the dress was a main reason for their loss. What will happen tonight on Total Drama Mania?”

The campers were discussing Michelle’s elimination when Roger burst into the cafeteria with news about the day’s challenge. “Campers, today you will encounter something that you thought you would never have to.” Everyone’s eyes widened and they looked around the room. “Campers, today you will conquer your greatest fears.”

“NOT MY GREAT AUNT NATALIE!!!!!” Carter screamed.

“Yes, Carter, your Great Aunt Natalie is here,” Roger said.

“Wait, but how did you know our greatest fears?” Stan asked.

“Interesting question, Stan,” Roger smirked, “You know the application you sent in with your audition?” Everyone nodded, “Well, you were asked your greatest fears, and you gullible saps filled it in!” Roger burst out laughing. Everyone gasped, “First up, Jake, Ronda, Sharon and Jason, come with me.” Roger left the auditorium with Jason, Ronda, Sharon and Jake trailing behind. The rest of the campers followed eagerly.

“Jason, your worst fear is climbing a mountain,” Roger said as he attached a harness to Jason, “Sharon, your worst fear is being put in charge of someone’s life. So, you are now in charge of Jason. If he falls, you have to pull on this rope to save him. Jason, start climbing. We’ll check in with you two later. Ronda, your turn.” Ronda turned white in the face, “Ronda, your parents are here, and we are going to tell them about the evil that you do.”

Ronda’s mother and father walked up and said, “Roger, is there something that you wanted to tell us?” Roger glanced at Ronda and she ran away screaming.

“No, you two can go. Ronda fails at getting a point for her team. And Ronda, being unable to complete your task, you must be sent to the TDM Jail Cell of Losers for the Night, if your team loses, we’ll get you for the campfire ceremony,” Roger said as he escorted her to the jail cell. He then turned to Jake, “Your turn, now your fear is…” He paused to look at the papers, “Rabid squirrels…” He turned around and left, he then returned with a rabid squirrel. Jake saw it, his eyes widened and he kicked it away.

“Yes!!” Jake shouted.

“And Jake scores the first point for the Flowers!” Roger exclaimed, “Now let’s check back in with Sharon and Jason.” They wandered over to them and Jason refused to climb the mountain.

“No way,” Jason sniffed as he walked away. A rattlesnake was crawling out of a hole near Jason and Sharon. It saw Jason and it attacked him. It was about 4 inches away from Jason’s ankle and he was completely oblivious. Sharon, however, saw it and stepped on it with all of her strength, and it died on the spot.

“Sharon! You protected Jason’s life! You scored a point for your team! Oh, Jason, the Jail Cell of Losers awaits!” Roger exclaimed. Jason sulked down to the jail cell.

“I- I did?” Sharon stuttered, “I guess I did.”

“Next four to face their fears, Blossom, Laura, Ali and Stan, follow me,” Roger ordered, and showed them where to go. The four followed, scared of their fate.

“Blossom, your worst fear was to have to be mean to someone, so we brought back Ronda from the jail cell, so you could tell her off,” Roger said, signaling Ronda to come over. Ronda walked over to the group of people.

“Hey, Blossom, your shoes are ugly, you’re a dork and you have poor fashion sense!” Ronda insulted.

Blossom could tell anger was boiling inside of her so she let it come out, “YOUR SUCH AN EVIL, RUDE, HORRIBLE GIRL!!!!!” She yelled.

Roger shied away from her a bit and said, “Alright, Blossom scores a point…” He regained his confidence almost immediately, “Laura, your turn, your worst fear is to skydive, so we’re having an amateur pilot take you up in a plane,” Stan was looking very uncomfortable, and Roger turned to him and said, “Stan, you have a fear of planes, so you will be going up with Laura, but not jumping.” Stan was close to tears, but Elaine ran up to him.

“You can do this, Stan, I believe in you,” Elaine whispered to him, as she kissed him on the cheek. Stan began to look more courageous after the kiss was given.

“You’re right, Elaine, I can do this!” Stan exclaimed and he boarded the plane with Laura. All eyes were on the plane as it rose up into the air. It rose higher and higher, but then the door opened and Laura stood there, with a parachute on her back, and she jumped. She had an expression of panic on her face as she pulled on the strings of the parachute. Chris stood there, anticipating what would happen, fingers crossed. The chute of it opened it and the parachute flew out and Laura fluttered down like a bird. She landed in Chris’ arms and the two stared into each other’s eyes as the plane landed, and Stan stepped out, quivering like leaf.

“Laura and Stan complete their challenges!” Roger shouted, “Now, Ali, being the last of the four, you do have to step up to the plate next,” Ali turned white as a sheet, “Ali, your worst fear is to be isolated in the wilderness, so we will put you in the forest for 4 hours, then we’ll come check up on you,” Ali nodded and she was escorted into the woods.

“Alright, there are seven of you that need to perform your tasks, so the next group of four will be…Ken, Mitchell, Elaine, and Nicole,” Roger said, as he walked away and the four teens who got their names called followed.

The four silently prayed that they would not get called next, “Elaine, join me up here,” Roger requested, standing next to a tank of water, with a chain and lock, “Elaine, your worst fear is to be trapped in a glass box, and have to do what Houdini did, escape it, while you are chained up,” Elaine was chained up, and put in the water. She wriggled for thirty minutes, and was soon free, “Impressive,” Roger marveled, “Chalk another one up for the Flamingoes. Currently the score is: Flowers: 3, Flamingoes: 2 and Eggplants: 1. Eggplants need to catch up, so let’s see if Ken can do just that. Ken, you admitted your worst fear was to end up in a locked room with your little sister.” Ken screamed in terror and ran away as his sister stepped out from behind Roger, “I guess Ken can’t score a point for his team… So he ends up in the Jail Cell!” He escorted Ken to the Jail Cell. He soon returned and said, “Let’s see if Nicole or Mitchell can score points for their team, you both are afraid of bombs, so let’s bring in a bomb.” A bomb was wheeled in, “NOW LOOK AT IT!! LOOK AT IT!!!!” Roger screamed, and they looked at it for a minute or two, “Alright… well, that’s it, not much to it, really…” Roger admitted, “You two succeeded so the score is now Flowers: 3, Flamingoes: 3, and Eggplants: 3. So that leaves Chris, Sunny and Carter.” The three teens cringed as they followed Roger to an empty field.

There were three containers there, one containing spiders, one containing a snake and one containing Carter’s great aunt Natalie, “NO!!!!!” Carter screamed, and he ran away, but returned later, and punched her in the face, “Carter scores a point for his team… Anyway, you both now have the fates of your teams in your care,” Roger stated as he tossed the remaining containers, the one of spiders and the one with a snake to Chris and Sunny. Chris saw his cage containing spiders and took a few cautious steps back. Sunny saw her snake and jumped, but then returned to a more sane state of mind. The two took several steps toward their containers, but one of them jumped back.

“And it’s Chris for the tiebreaker!” Roger exclaimed, “It looks like the Flowers have invincibility and both the Flamingoes and the Eggplants both must vote someone off-“ He was cut off by the sound of someone tripping… It was Ali, who had completed her challenge. Roger rethought what he was saying and said, “Actually, it will only be the Eggplants who eliminate a team member tonight. I’ll see you at the campfire. Oh, and can someone get the campers who ended up in the Jail Cell?”

Later, at the campfire………

“Okay, you know the drill, if you don’t get a marshmallow, you must walk the dock of shame, take the boat of losers and leave. As to the marshmallows, the first one is for… Stan…… Mitchell and Nicole, well done. Ken, Sunny and Jason, you three failed to complete your challenges. So the next marshmallow is for…………… Jason. And the final marshmallow of the night goes to……………… Ken. Sunny, you have been eliminated.”

Sunny sighed and walked down the dock of shame, and left.

Day 10: Dolphins go EEE-EEE-EEE!

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Roger began, “Our campers came face to face with their worst fears. Some fearsome things were brought over here, like bombs, pythons and Carter’s Great Aunt Natalie. In the end, it was the Dancing Eggplants who ended up at the campfire, and Sunny, who was unable to conquer her fear, was eliminated. What will happen today on Total Drama Mania!”

The campers were in the cafeteria discussing the shocking elimination of Sunny, “I can’t believe that she got eliminated,” Blossom said.

“Yeah, me too,” Agreed Chris.

“Oh, definitely,” Laura stated.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger exclaimed, as he burst into the room, with news about the day’s challenge, “Today, you will get in touch with nature, or at least with dolphins.”

“Oh, I love dolphins!” Carter cried, “EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE!!” Carter squawked, pretending to be a dolphin.

“Carter, shut up!!” Ronda shouted.

“As I was saying,” Roger interrupted, “I have selected three contestants from your teams to participate in three dolphin races.”

“EEE-EEE-EEE!!” Carter squealed.

“CARTER, SHUT IT!!!!” Ronda yelled.

“Anyway,” Roger cut in, “The three for race one are Ali, Blossom and Stan.”

“Yes!” Stan exclaimed, “Dolphins!”

Ali and Blossom exchanged worried looks, “Good luck, Ali,” Blossom finally said. Ali nodded back.

“Alright, you three, let’s go, chop, chop,” Roger ordered, “The other eleven of you can watch from the sidelines.” The three went with Roger to the lake, where three dolphins were playfully splashing and laughing.

Roger went over to them and said, “Hey, ladies, how’s it going?” The three dolphins immediately turned from adorable to evil. They started thrashing about and squinted their eyes and glared at Roger. Roger then continued, “These are the three dolphins you will be riding.” Stan, Ali and Blossom all quickly exchanged faces from calm to scared.

The three all climbed onto their respected dolphins.

“Bring it!” Stan said.

“I believe I can!” Blossom exclaimed, triumphantly.

Ali remained silent, but she was shaking like a leaf.

“And… GO!” Roger shouted, and the three dolphins took off. Ali was silent, but her arms were practically attached to the dolphin. Stan almost immediately fell off his dolphin, and slipped into the murky waters of the lake.

“Oh, I’m winning!” Blossom cried as she passed Ali. Ali quickly gained on her.

“And it’s Blossom… Ali… Blossom… Ali…” Roger kept up this pattern as he tried to determine a winner, “It’s ALI!” He cried.

“Yeah! Go Ali!” Elaine cheered as she ran over and hugged her. She saw Stan climbing out of the lake, and went over to help him.

“Next race!” Roger shouted into his megaphone, “Chris, Jason and Ronda!” The three went over to their dolphins. Ronda shot the two a look, as she triumphantly walked over to the dolphins.

“She seems kind of mean,” Chris said to Laura.

“Oh, totally,” She agreed, “Good luck.” They hugged and Chris went over to his dolphin.

“ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!” Roger blurted into the megaphone and the race began. Ronda flirtatiously waved at Jason, who was put into a trance, and fell off of his dolphin. Chris and Ronda were neck and neck, but Chris triumphantly crossed the finish line.

“Yay!” Laura yelled as she ran over and she hugged Chris.

Ronda stuck her tongue out at Chris, behind his back, and she quickly whirled around to face her alliance, “If we lose, Sharon goes.” Ali and Elaine nodded.

“Next racers!!” Roger shouted, “Ken, Sharon, and Laura!” The three ran up to their dolphins eagerly, and climbed on their backs.

“READY, SET, GO!” Roger yelled, as Ken and Laura took off, leaving Sharon behind, because the dolphin’s tail came up and smacked her, knocking her off her dolphin. Laura had taken the lead of Ken, and then Ken passed Laura. Laura passed out, but her foot snagged on the end of the dolphin’s tail. The dolphin, which was attached to Laura, sped past Ken and crossed the finish line. “LAURA WINS IT!!!” Chris and Laura hugged, as Roger turned to speak into the megaphone.

“What? I lost? I love dolphins, though! EEE-EEE-EEE!” Ken protested.

“Ken?” Jason asked.

“Yeah?” Ken replied.

“Shut up,” Jason said.

“Dancing Eggplants, you must vote off one of your own tonight. Growing Flowers and Flying Flamingoes, you are immune tonight. Head back to camp,” Roger stated.

Later at the marshmallow ceremony…

“Well, you all know the rules, if you don’t receive a marshmallow, go across the dock of shame, board the boat of losers, and leave,” Roger began, “On to the marshmallows. Nicole and Mitchell, well done,” He tossed them marshmallows, “Jason, Stan and Ken, you three failed your races,” He picked up a marshmallow, and looked from Ken, to Jason, to Stan and then finally tossed one on them a marshmallow, “Ken, good work. Jason and Stan, this is the final marshmallow,” The two boys exchanged scared looks as the final marshmallow was thrown out to them, “It’s for Stan,” Roger said, as Stan breathed out a sigh of relief. Jason began to walk away, then stopped, waved back to his team, and got on the boat of losers, never to be seen on the show again, “The four of you, head back to camp,” Roger said.

Day 11: A Laser Tag Battle to Remember... But Not Really...

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania, “Our campers participated in dolphin races. Laura, Ali and Chris won their races for their teams. In the end, Jason was sent home for losing a race for his team. What will happen to our campers today? Find out tonight, on Total… Drama… MANIA!”

The campers were in the mess hall discussing Jason’s elimination, “I seriously think he should’ve gone a long time ago,” Blossom stated.

“Why’s that, Blossom?” Laura asked.

“Well, he’s a black belt in karate, and karate is violence, and violence is bad,” She said triumphantly. Laura, Chris and Jakey stared at her with a blank expression.

“Right…” Laura replied, as Roger burst in with news about the challenge.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger shouted, “Ya’ll like laser tag right?”

“Oh, yeah!” Jakey shouted, as he jumped up and pretended to shoot a laser gun and making fake laser noises, as everyone stared at him. He stopped shooting and all eyes eventually turned back to Roger.

“AS, I was saying,” Roger tried to get all the attention back on him, “CARTER, LOOK OVER HERE!”

“Sorry, I was just looking at that moose,” Carter was staring at a moose.

“MOVING ON!” Roger yelled, “Your challenge is a laser tag shoot out.”

“YES!!” Jakey started to exclaim, before Roger threw a rock at him.

“Every contestant will get a laser gun,” He explained, “The last two contestants standing will win the challenges for their teams,” He walked over to a scoreboard, “This electronic scoreboard will show which contestants are still in, and which contestants are out. If you are eliminated, you will have to go over to the Jail Des Losers.”

“AWESOME!” Jakey exclaimed, as he ran over to get his laser tag gun, everyone else following behind him.

After everyone got his or her guns, Roger shouted into a megaphone, “On your mark, get set, SHOOT!” Everyone turned to Jakey and shot him at once.

“Aw, noodles!” Jakey yelled, as he dragged his feet off to the Jail Des Losers.

“Jakey is out!” Roger exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ronda was getting her alliance together.

“Elaine, Ali, GET OVER HERE!” Ronda called out to them. They ran over to her, “We have to get rid of the competition,” They nodded.

Around that area, Mitchell and Ken were talking, “On the count of three, we jump out, you shoot Elaine, and I’ll take Ali. One, two, three!” Ken jumped out and shot Ali, while Mitchell shot Elaine. However, Mitchell missed, and Elaine whipped around and shot him.

Back with Roger, the scoreboard turned Mitchell and Ali’s names dark, signaling that they had been eliminated, “It looks like Mitchell and Ali are out. They better come to the jail, or I’ll hunt them down.” Mitchell and Ali showed up and they sulked into the jail.

Back with Ken, Elaine and Ronda…

“Take this, Elaine!” Ken exclaimed, and he shot her. Ronda saw this and shot him. The two sulked off to the jail, as Stan met them there along the way.

“Oh, hey, Stan,” Ken said.

“Hi, Stan!” Elaine giggled.

“Elaine!” Stan exclaimed. He ran over to her and they hugged.

“Stan, Elaine and Ken are out,” Roger said, “Which means Nicole is the only hope left for the Dancing Eggplants.”

“Chris,” Laura said, “You ever feel like your being watched?”

“Um, Laura, this is reality TV show, of course were being watched,” Chris replied.

“Oh, right,” Laura returned. Just then, Carter jumped out from behind a bush and shot them both, while he was screaming like a maniac.

“YOU’RE OUUUUT!!!” Carter yelled, as Chris and Laura sulked off to the jail.

Eventually, the five remaining players, Ronda, Carter, Nicole, Blossom and Sharon, all ended up in the same place.

“TAKE THIS!” Carter yelled as he shot Ronda.

“OW! We’re on the same team!” Ronda exclaimed.

“Sorry…” He said, as he took out his gun and shot Nicole and Blossom so fast, that no one could tell who was hit first.

“Let’s look at the tapes,” Roger said, as he flipped on a switch, rewinding, then playing the tapes. The tape played, and Roger soon had the results.

“The losers are…” He built up suspense, “THE FLYING FLAMINGOES!”

Carter and Ronda gasped, and Ronda asked, “How did we lose?!”

“Excellent question, Ronda,” Roger tried to sound smart, “Well, in the tape, it was shown that Sharon tripped on a laser gun, and shot herself, and then Carter,”

Ronda, Ali, Elaine and Carter turned with angry looks on their faces to Sharon.

“Please don’t vote me off because of this!” Sharon pleaded, “It was an accident!”

“Oh, you better believe we’ll vote you off!” Ronda retorted.

“Well, why don’t we vote Carter off?” Sharon asked, “He accidentally shot you, and you could’ve won it for us!”

“Good point, ALLIANCE MEETING!” Ronda yelled, and Elaine and Ali ran over to her side, “We shall discuss this, and you’ll see what happens at the elimination.”

Later at the marshmallow ceremony…………

“You know how this goes,” Roger started, “If you don’t get a marshmallow, go down the dock of shame, catch to boat of losers, and leave. On to the marshmallows, first one is for… Ronda. Joining Ronda, is Elaine,” He tossed the two girls marshmallows. Ali, Sharon and Carter were left, “Next one is for… Ali,” He tossed her a marshmallow, “Sharon and Carter, this is the final marshmallow,” He looked from Carter, then to Sharon, and then back to Carter, “The final marshmallow… of this evening… for the Flying Flamingoes.”

“GET ON WITH IT!!!” Ronda yelled.

“Fine it goes to… Either Carter or Sharon,” Ronda glared at him, “It goes to…………………… Carter,” He threw the marshmallow at Carter.

“Fine, that’s fine with me!” Sharon yelled, as she was dragged down the dock of shame, and thrown onto the boat of losers, never to be seen again.

Day 12: Spring, Moon, and Herbert: The Three Dogs of Fate

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Roger began, “Our teams were in a laser tag battle. Blossom and Nicole were the last ones standing for their teams, winning them the game. Sharon, on the other, completely messed everything up for Carter, the strongest player, by tripping on a gun and eliminating herself and Carter. In the end, Sharon was eliminated. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?”

The campers were in the mess hall discussing Sharon’s elimination, “Aw, Sharon, really?” Blossom asked, “I wonder why she went?”

“She sort of cost her team the challenge, remember?” Laura reminded.

“Oh, yeah…” Blossom sighed.

“Our alliance dominates,” Ronda proclaimed. Ali nodded.

“What? Oh, yeah, alliance dominates,” Elaine wasn’t completely focused because she was staring at Stan, who was staring back. Elaine waved at him.

“You can’t be with him!” Ronda exclaimed, “He’s on the other team!! He’s a distraction to you! That threatens our alliance!”

“Well, okay, then,” Elaine was still staring, “If I can’t be with him if it’s against the alliance, then I think I’ll break out of it!” Ronda and Ali stared at her, and Elaine kept on talking, “Yeah, I’m tired of you bossing us around!” She turned to Ali, “Ali, you can come with me, or you can stay with her, the decision is yours.” Ali looked from Ronda to Elaine, paused to think, then ran over to Ronda as Elaine went over to Stan.

“Hi, Elaine,” Stan said.

“Hey, Stan,” Elaine giggled, “Those pants make your legs look so… skinny.”

“Uh, thanks, Elaine, I think,” Stan smiled at her, and then motioned for her to go back to her team. She went over and sat next to Carter.

“She so wants you,” Ken pointed out.

“I know,” Stan agreed, “She is kind of cute.”

“I think you should go talk to her,” Ken added. He nudged Stan and he was about to go talk to her, but Roger burst in with news about the challenge.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger shouted, “Today your challenge is involving animals. Dogs, in particular.”

“I love dogs!” Ken yelled.

“Wonderful for you, Ken,” Roger said, sarcastically, “You will have to train a dog to perform certain tricks. Then, you will have them perform for me. I will choose the two most obedient dogs, and those teams will win. Worst behaved dog loses. We have three different dogs up here, you may each choose one.”

The first team to select their dog was the Flying Flamingoes. There was one Golden Retriever named Spring, one black Poodle named Moon, and a Chihuahua named Herbert.

“Ooh!” Carter piped up, “Let’s take Herbert!”

“Carter, shut up,” Ronda retorted.

“How about Spring?” Elaine asked. Ali nodded. Ronda eventually consented to it as well, which meant they would take Spring.

The next to choose were the Dancing Eggplants.

“I think we all know who we’re taking,” Mitchell proclaimed, signaling to Moon.

“Yeah,” Ken said.

“Definitely!” Stan agreed.

“Forget about Herbert!” Nicole said, as she grabbed Moon and raced outside to train them.

The Growing Flowers finally took the remaining dog, Herbert.

“He’s not that bad…” Blossom tried to sound hopeful.

“SCORE!!!” Jakey yelled, “HERBERT, YES!!” He started to dance like a moron.

“I guess we could train him,” Chris stated as Laura nodded.

“You get one hour to train them, GO!” Roger shouted and the teams ran out to their campsites.

Training Spring with the Flamingoes…

“Spring, sit up!” Elaine commanded, sweetly. Spring sat right up.

“Spring, roll over!” Carter demanded, gently. Spring rolled over.

Ali motioned for Spring to shake hands with her, and she did.

“My turn!” Ronda shouted, “Spring, lie down!” Spring disobeyed, “SPRING, LIE DOWN!!” Spring still wouldn’t listen. Ronda resorted to chasing Spring around the campground, waving her fist in the air.

“RONDA!” Elaine called, “Be gentle with her!”

“FORGET GENTLE!!” She yelled back, as she continued chasing her around the yard. Ronda soon tripped on a root and fell flat on her face, knocking her unconscious, which meant that the other three could continue training.

Training Moon with the Eggplants…

“Moon, sit!” Ken commanded. Moon raised his nose in the air and strutted into the cabin.

“That dog is driving me crazy!” Stan stated, “I want to pull my hair out!”

“Be glad you’re not a girl!” Nicole agreed, “Guys are allowed to be bald! Girls aren’t!”

“Calm down, guys,” Mitchell reassured, “I bet when we perform for Roger, Moon will obey.”

Moon came running out of the cabin with a piece of ripped up shoe in his mouth.

“ARE THOSE MY NEW SHOES?!!” Mitchell yelled and chased Moon around the yard.

“I don’t think he’ll obey…” Nicole confessed as Ken and Stan nodded their heads in agreement.

Training Herbert with the Flowers…

“All of you, IN THE CABIN!!” Jakey was headstrong to train Herbert by himself.

“Umm, okay, Jakey…” Blossom said.

“GO!” Jakey pointed and they all ran.

“Well, now I’m bored!” Laura complained, “There’s not much to do around here with no challenge.”

“You’re right,” Chris agreed, “But the good news is, we can’t be blamed for losing this challenge if we lose!”

“That’s true,” Blossom said, “I wonder why Jakey is so stubborn to train Herbert by himself?”

“Yeah,” Laura agreed, flopping down on her bed, “Good question. Why don’t we rest until the performances?”

“Sounds good,” Chris lay down on his bed.

“Yeah,” Blossom sat down on hers too.

Later, at the performances…

“Alright, campers and dogs!” Roger started, “Let’s see what you got! First up is the Flying Flamingoes!”

Elaine, Ali, Ronda and Carter walked up onto the stage, “Alright, Spring!” Elaine commanded, “Sit!” Spring sat up.

“Spring, roll over!” Carter demanded. Spring did. Ali signaled for her to lie down, she did.

Then finally came Ronda’s turn, “Spring, shake!” Ronda offered her hand. Spring jumped up and bit Ronda’s nose.

“GET IT OFF!!” Ronda yelled, running across the stage.

“Ummm… Okay then…” Roger said, as he turned to his clipboard, “NEXT TEAM IS THE DANCING EGGPLANTS!!!”

Ken, Nicole, Mitchell and Stan walked onto the stage.

“Yeah, whoo, go Stan!!” Elaine shouted from the audience, as she tried to start a wave. Ronda glared at her.

“I’ll handle this,” Mitchell said, very sure about himself, “Moon, lie down!” Moon bit his leg and Mitchell started to limp around the stage, with Moon clinging to him.

“GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!” Mitchell continued to yell as he limped around the stage.

“Well, I guess we found someone worse than the flamingoes,” Roger stated.

“YES!” Carter shouted from the audience. Ronda slapped him.

“Finally, we have the Growing Flowers, and… Herbert…” Roger sighed.

Jakey marched up onto the stage with Herbert, “HERBERT, DO A FLIP!!” Jakey ordered and Herbert flipped. Jakey held up a flaming hoop, “JUMP THROUGH THE HOOP, HERBERT!!” He yelled, and Herbert jumped through.

“I think that we have our winners!” Roger shouted, “Also, we have our losers! Dancing Eggplants, see you at the campfire!”

Ken, Stan and Nicole glared at Mitchell.

Later at marshmallow ceremony…

“Marshmallows,” Roger began, “Represent a tasty dessert, and they are a key component when making s’mores. But here, they represent you, staying another week. If you don’t get your marshmallow, you must walk down the dock of shame, get on the boat of losers, and leave. On to the marshmallows, our first marshmallow goes to… Nicole. We also have one for Stan. Ken and Mitchell, we have here the final marshmallow. It goes to……………………. Ken. Mitchell, you have spent your final night here. Goodbye.”

Mitchell waved to the team, then left.

“You all get back to the campground,” Roger said, “Your safe, for now.”

Day 13: I'll Get You, My Pretty, and Your Little Banana Too!

“Last time, on Total Drama Mania,” Started Roger, “Our campers had to train their very own dog. The Flying Flamingoes stuck with Spring, the golden retriever, the Dancing Eggplants got the very awfully behaved Moon, and the Growing Flowers got the Chihuahua, Herbert. In the end, Mitchell tried to tame Moon on the stage, ultimately ending in a loss for the Eggplants. Mitchell ended up digging his own grave as so many have in the past. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?!”

Roger was so very excited about the day that he ran right into the mess hall as soon as the campers were situated, and exclaimed, “Campers! As you are well aware, there are only eleven of you left. After tonight, there will be ten. There are currently three teams, after tonight, there will be one.”

Gasps came up from the eleven remaining campers, and Elaine and Stan exchanged a look of loving excitement, both simultaneously hoping that they would remain after tonight.

“Today’s challenge, the final challenge as teams, will be one that can separate those of you that deserve to win, and those of you that don’t,” He paused, and turned to Nicole, “Nicole, you have a phone call waiting for you, I can take you there when you want.”

“Okay, not right now, though,” Nicole nodded.

“Anyway, today’s challenge will consist of three different challenges, one based on a different movie. One contestant from each team will be in the challenge, representing their team. The camper that wins it, wins it for their team. Our first movie themed challenge is based off of The Wizard of Oz! One contestant from each team will change into a costume from the movie, and, in that costume, they will need to steal the ruby slippers,” He paused, “Well, actually, red silk slippers, from the witch, played by yours truly.”

Ken, Carter and Blossom volunteered.

The three went into stalls and changed into costume. Ken came out from his stall wearing a white ball gown and a tiara.

“Who am I supposed to be?!?” Ken was a bit shocked by the outfit.

Roger danced over to him and purred, “You’re Glinda, the good witch of the north.”

Carter was dressed in a white blouse with a blue and white-checkered apron and pigtails.

“Now I’m just like Brittney Spears!” Carter started doing an idiotic dance until Ronda ran over to him and slapped him.

Finally, Blossom came out wearing a banana costume.

“We ran out of Wizard of Oz costumes,” Roger explained, “Anyway, GO!”

Carter and Blossom started running, but it took Ken a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Then Ken ran.

“I’ll get you my pretty, and you’re little dog too!” Roger shrieked, as he ran around in circles, aimlessly.

“I can’t run in this hoopskirt!” Carter fell over and began rolling around on the ground.

“Oh, this banana suit is hard to run in!” Blossom began to chase after Roger.

“Haha!” Ken tackled Roger, and took the slippers.

“Ken wins!” Roger exclaimed, “Now we move into our next event, based on the movie Jaws. You will have to go through the waters of our lake, and avoid the shark, played by yours truly, for five minutes.”

Chris, Ali, and Nicole volunteered.

“Remember, Nicole, your phone call,” Roger reminded.

“I know, take me after the challenge,” Nicole replied. Roger nodded as he changed into a shark costume.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” Roger dove into the water, followed by Chris, Nicole and Ali.

Bubbles rose to the surface, and after one and half minutes had gone by, no one had emerged. After two and a quarter minutes, Chris sulked out of the lake. That left Ali and Nicole under the water. Time kept passing, and it had almost gotten up to the end of time, but a figure rose from the water. Nobody could tell who it was, until Roger emerged with the winner, Ali, which meant Nicole had lost.

“Ali wins!” Roger announced, “Now, Nicole, your call,” He motioned for Nicole to follow her. She did.

After about fifteen minutes, Roger returned, “Nicole is still on the phone,” He reported.

“I wonder what the call is about,” Ken whispered to Stan. Stan shrugged.

“FINAL CHALLENGE!” Roger yelled, “We based it off of the movie, Star Wars. One member of each team will get a lightsaber, and will battle the other two and try to knock the lightsaber out of their hands. The last person with their lightsaber wins. Laura, Elaine, and Stan.”

The three came up and got their lightsabers. Stan and Elaine looked upset that they would have to battle each other.

“GO!” Roger exclaimed, as Laura slashed at Stan’s saber, but missed.

Stan and Elaine, looked at each other, and nodded.

They both swung for Laura’s saber, and knocked it out of her hands.

“I don’t wanna hit you, Stan,” Elaine pleaded.

“Then don’t,” Stan replied, as he tossed his saber to the ground.

“ELAINE WINS!” Roger shouted, “Growing Flowers, you are way overdue at the campfire, and since you lost all three of the days challenges, you get the ceremony for the night. In addition to them, I want the two other teams to witness the final ceremony as teams. So get your butts to the campfire, NOW!!”

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“You all know how this works,” Roger started, “No marshmallow, no safety. No marshmallow, YOU LEAVE! On to the marshmallows, we have the first one for Jakey. Blossom, well done,” He tossed the two of them the marshmallow, “Chris and Laura,” The two were holding hands before Roger sealed their fate, “This is the final marshmallow. It goes to……”

Elaine, Nicole, Ken, Ronda, Ali, Chris, Stan, Laura, Jakey, Blossom, and Carter all held their breath.

Roger finally stated the results, “…… No one,” Gasps were heard, “Do you remember that phone call that Nicole was to receive today?” The campers nodded, as Nicole stood up.

“My mother is seriously ill,” Nicole explained, “I need to go help her in her time of need. I have to drop out.”

“I’ll miss you, Nicole,” Elaine sobbed. Blossom and Ali were standing behind her.

“Aw,” Carter cried, “GROUP HUG!!”

Everyone crowded around Nicole and hugged her.

“Nicole,” Roger said, “The boat of losers awaits.”

Nicole hugged everyone one last time, then boarded the boat and left. Soon, she was out of sight.

“The ten of you,” Roger started, “Are our final ten, and one of you will be our first winner. As of right now, all teams are dissolved,” Stan walked over and sat next to Elaine. Elaine smiled, as Roger continued, “You are no longer the Growing Flowers, Dancing Eggplants and Flying Flamingoes. As of now, you are the Alpha Males,” He could feel stares from all of the remaining female contestants, then he sighed, “And Females. The Alpha Males and Females. All of you go back to your cabins.”

The final ten walked to their cabins.

“Ali,” Ronda started, “We need to recruit more alliance members,” Ali nodded, then Ronda yawned and started talking again, “We’ll start in the morning.”

“That was close, Chris,” Laura sighed, “One of us was going to go home.”

“But were still here,” Chris stated. Laura nodded in agreement, then Chris spoke again, “For now, let’s go to bed,” He kissed her on the cheek and they went into their respective cabins.

“Gee, Jakey,” Blossom started, “We made it! We’re still here!”

“I know, surreal right?” Jakey agreed.

“Yeah! WOOHOO! FINAL TEN!” Carter ran around the two, and tried run inside the cabin, but missed and ran into the wall. Jakey and Blossom walked into their respective cabins, as Carter regained consciousness and entered the cabin, followed by Ken.

“Hey, Elaine!” Stan ran over to her.

“Hey, Stan!” Elaine said, “We’re still here! You and me!”

“Yeah,” Stan agreed, “Let’s go to bed, I’m exhausted.”

“Uh-hu!” Elaine was still perky. They hugged, then went to bed.

Day 14: How Well Can You Survive.... Each Other?

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Roger started, “Our campers faced three movie related challenges based on the Wizard of Oz, Jaws and Star Wars. In the end, the Growing Flowers lost, and the final marshmallow was set to go to either Chris or Laura, but Nicole was forced to drop out for personal reasons. So, we made it down to ten, who made up our final team, The Alpha Males and Females. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?!”

The campers were in the mess hall, still upset about Nicole, yet buzzing with excitement at the concept of the ten of them being on the same team.

Before they got a chance to talk, Roger burst in and exclaimed, “Good morning, campers! Today, your challenge will really test your tolerance with one another.”

Everyone glared at Ronda. “What?” Ronda asked, unsure about why everyone looked at her.

“But before we get to that,” Roger said, “We have one thing for you to do,” Two big body guards brought in a stall, “In this stall, is a confession camera. In here, you will tell the world what your really thinking. I will bring the confession stall here every so often. I will have it for you now, at the final six, the final three, and the final two. Campers, line up!” The campers lined up in no particular order.

First to step into the cam was Ken, he said, “Hey world! Boy, it sure is awesome to have made it this far! I can’t believe I’m still here. I mean, final 10! Could you actually picture me, winning?! Never! But, we’ll see…”

The next to walk in was Ali, who waved, then shrugged, and finally left the confession stall.

Third to enter was Chris, “I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped me here! I would also like to give a shout out to my friends back home, and also to my friends that are in the competition, Jakey, Laura and Blossom! It’s so surreal, and I’m going all the way!”

The fourth was Blossom, “I’m so sorry to all the eliminated contestants, you all deserve it more than I do. But, since I am here, I may as well win… If it’s okay with the other nine…”

The fifth to enter was Carter, “HI AMERICA AND OTHER COUNTRIES THAT ARE WATCHING!! YEAH!!” Carter kept on going with some mindless psychobabble.

The sixth was Laura, “Hello, world! I think that I do deserve to win! I’ve played an honest and good game, no enemies so far. However, I’ve heard about Ronda from Elaine. She and I have been talking, and we think that we need an alliance to eliminate Ronda.”

The seventh to enter was Stan, “Hi, guys and girls around the world! I just want you to know that I really, really want Elaine to win! She totally deserves it the most! That’s one of the reasons I’m helping her along! She’s also kind of cute…” He slapped himself for saying that, then stepped out.

The eight to enter was Elaine, “Okay, Stan is sooooooo cute! Just wanted to get that out of the way! I think that it would be pretty cool if I won, ya know? You know, I really think Ronda should get kicked off, she’s a jerk. Laura and I have been talking, and we’re going to eliminate her tonight.”

The ninth was Jakey, “Awesome! Final ten!” He starts shooting an imaginary gun, “Awesome! Yeah! I’m gonna win!” He starts doing a geeky dance.

That final one to enter was Ronda, “I assume that I’m the favorite of the group. I mean, I am the best! Come on, look at the other nine! I am the best! Vote for me!”

After all of the campers had entered the confessional to say their thoughts, Roger began to speak about the challenge, “Today, I am going to put you all in the same room, and then see how well you can stand one another. The door is there if you can’t take any more of your fellow contestants, and you have to leave, but that means sacrificing invincibility. So everyone, into the room!” He showed the room to the contestants, as they slowly trudged in.

“Why me?!” Ronda exclaimed.

“Alright, I am shutting the door,” Roger said, “That starts the contest, officially.” He shut the door.

Ronda brought Ali into a corner, along with Jakey and Ken, and started smiling at them, “Ken, Jakey, we need an alliance don’t we?”

“Not really, no….” Ken replied.

“I don’t think so…” Jakey returned.

“Why?” Ronda asked, siding up to Ken.

“Well, uh,” Ken stammered, “I don’t know… Sure, R-Ronda, let’s have an alliance…” Ken was spellbound by Ronda siding up to him.

Ronda moved over next to Jakey, “And you?”

“Okay, Ronda,” He giggled.

“I think we need to eliminate Blossom next,” Ronda stated, “She’s incredibly nice, and has no enemies,” She paused, “Minus me. But, anyway, we need to eliminate her.”

Ken left, and Jakey was about to leave, but Ronda stopped him, “Jakey, I need you to go around and annoy people. It is what you excel at it.”

“You think that I’m annoying?” Jakey asked.

“Yes,” Ronda replied.

“Okay,” He shrugged, as he walked over to where Laura was standing.

“Hey, Laura,” Jakey said, “Watcha doin?”

“Nothing…” Laura was a little taken aback that Jakey was speaking to her.

“Can I just stand here?” Jakey asked, in the most annoying way he knew how.

“Sure…” Laura, once again, was unsure of what he was doing.

After about twenty minutes of Jakey’s annoyance, Laura couldn’t take any more, and left the room.

“And Laura is the first one out!” Roger announced, “One down, but we need to eliminate six more before we can dole out invincibility.

“Woo-hoo!” Carter exclaimed, as he was standing with Chris, Stan and Elaine, “AWESOMENESS!”

Stan took Chris and Elaine aside, “We need to eliminate Ronda,” Stan stated, “She is a major threat to all of us. She can manipulate people to do whatever she wants.”

“She’s already manipulated Ken and Jakey to do her bidding,” Chris pointed out, “And Ali has been faithful to her the whole time.”

“True,” Elaine said, “So, what if Ronda wins invincibility?”

“We eliminated one of her followers,” Stan replied.

“Which one?” Chris asked.

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes,” Stan returned.

Jakey walked in between the three, “HEY YOU GUYS!!” He exclaimed, and started waving furiously in Stan’s face.

“Hi, Jakey…” Stan was weirded out.

“HI!!” Jakey kept waving, as Ronda watched from the corner with an evil smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Carter really had to use the bathroom. He ran out.

“Carter is out!” Roger announced, “Five more to go!” Roger kept watching the door, as Stan walked out, frustrated at Jakey.

Chris and Elaine kept on deciding the elimination order for which they would inform Stan later.

“So,” Chris said, “It’s going to go Ronda, Jakey, Ali, Ken, Carter, Blossom?”

“Yep,” Elaine agreed, “You, me, Laura and Stan are the final four!”

“Sounds good!” Chris stated.

“Me,” Ronda was shocked, “The next to go?!”

Ronda had been eavesdropping the whole time, “Why me?!”

“Well, uh,” Ken reported, “You are a little cruel…”

“Nu-uh!” Ronda retorted.

“Yeah, sorta…” Ken replied.

“NO!” Ronda exclaimed, “That’s it, OUT OF THE ALLIANCE!!”

“Fine!” Ken said, indignantly as he marched out the door.

“You do know,” Ronda called after him, “You could’ve stayed in the room!”

“Darn it!” Ken exclaimed, just realizing that he had lost the chance for invincibility.

“Ken is out!” Roger stated, “Just three to go before invincibility!”

Blossom also left the room, seeing as how she had left the shower on in her cabin.

“There goes Blossom!” Roger stated, ”Two more!”

Ronda walked over to Chris, “You know,” Ronda started, “I have an alliance that you could be a major part of.”

“No thanks,” Chris replied.

“But it has Jakey, Ali, Ken and myself!” Ronda retorted, fully aware that she had kicked Ken out of the alliance, but told him that so he could report it to his alliance, and get Ken kicked off.

“Ken, huh?” Chris asked, rearing to go tell the other alliance members about this.

He was so excited to tell Laura, Stan and Elaine, that he ran over to Elaine and told her, and then proceeded to leave the room to tell Laura and Stan.

“DARN IT!” Chris just realized he had left.

“Chris is out!” Roger exclaimed, “If one more person leaves, then we’ll have our invincibility winners!”

Ronda glared at Elaine, then brought Ali and Jakey close to her, and whispered, “We need to get rid of Elaine, so here’s the plan… We grab her, and push her out.”

They nodded and proceeded with the plan.

“We have our winners!” Roger shouted, “Ronda, Jakey and Ali!”

“Who are we gonna eliminate now?” Laura asked.

“I heard Ronda say that Ken was in her alliance,” Chris pointed out.

“Ken it is,” Stan nodded.

“We’re still going to eliminate Blossom,” Ronda said to her alliance, “Try to get as many people as you can to eliminate her.”

All the campers went off in separate directions.

Later, at the campfire…

“You’ve all attended these before,” Roger said, “So let’s get on to the marshmallows. First, for our winners,” He tossed marshmallows to Ali, Ronda and Jakey. Jakey missed catching it, and he got hit in the eye, “Marshmallows for Laura and Chris,” He tossed them marshmallows, “Stan and Elaine,” He tossed them marshmallows, “Carter, well done,” Carter received his, “Blossom and Ken, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to………………… Blossom. Ken, your team has spoken, and you are eliminated.”

“But, why?” Ken stammered.

“You are in Ronda’s alliance,” Stan explained, un-knowing of Ronda’s trick.

“No,” Ken protested, “I was kicked out!”

“Sorry,” Ronda sang, victoriously chewing on her marshmallow, “Must’ve slipped my mind.”

“Sorry, Ken,” Elaine muttered, “Looks like we got played…”

“Bye, guys,” Ken began to walk the dock of shame.

“Not so fast, Ken,” Roger said, “You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying here, at the Hotel Des Jury. That’s where the merge contestants will stay, otherwise known as the jury. The jury will vote for the winner at the final two, as well as one randomly selected wild-card contestants, who will also vote.”

Ken walked into the hotel, as the other contestants went to the cabins.

Day 15: The Olympics Come to Mania

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, “Our contestants were put in a room with one another, to test their tolerance for one another. Ronda’s alliance gained one member, Jakey, who was a huge asset to her, and Ali, by annoying all the other contestants out of the room. Due to a trick played by Ronda, Chris, Stan, Laura and Elaine, another alliance voted out Ken. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?!”

The campers were in the mess hall eating breakfast, and discussing Ken’s elimination.

“He didn’t deserve to go,” Chris stated, and shot a look at Ronda, who shot a look right back.

“That’s what happens when you cross me,” Ronda explained.

“Ronda is so mean,” Blossom said to Elaine.

“I know!” Elaine replied, “Be glad you weren’t put on a team with her.”

“I’m glad,” Blossom returned, as Stan walked over and sat next to Elaine.

“Hey, Elaine,” Stan greeted.

“Hi, Stan,” Elaine bubbled. Blossom rolled her eyes, and walked over to Chris and Laura.

“I had to leave where they were sitting,” Blossom explained, referring to Elaine and Stan, “Elaine drools over him more then my dog.”

“Yeah,” Laura laughed, “But I’m happy for them. They’re almost a couple.”

“GOOD MORNING, CAMPERS!” Roger shouted as he marched into the cafeteria to inform them about the challenge, “Today your challenge is a challenge for true athletes.”

“That leaves me out…” Jakey sighed.

“As I was saying,” Roger continued, “There will be three Olympics based challenges. Each winner will take an invincibility pass for the day, and the three winners will be safe. You will then vote on which of the six losers will be sent home.”

“Sounds… good…” Chris muttered.

“We have to win invincibility!” Ronda commanded to her alliance.

“But I can’t,” Jakey stated, “I’m not athletic.”

“Well, it’s not my problem then,” Ronda said to herself.

Ali shook her head at Ronda.

“What, you can’t win either?” Ronda asked, as Ali shook her head again.

“If she gets voted out, it’s her problem,” Ronda whispered to herself.

“Campers, report to the lake for challenge one,” Roger ordered.

At the lake, Roger explained the first challenge, “Campers, for challenge one, you will have to dive into this lake. The more graceful, the better. Except, here’s the twist, it’s off a ten mile high cliff.”

First up was Laura, “I don’t think I can do this…” She admitted.

Blossom was standing next to her, “Yes, you can. I know you can!”

Laura sighed, “I don’t know…”

“Well I do,” Ronda stated, and pushed Laura off the cliff, and into the water.

“What was that about?!” Blossom was in shock.

“She was taking a while,” Ronda explained.

“We’ve been up here for like, two minutes!!!” Blossom exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Laura was plummeting down to the water, and hit the surface.

“Oh, that’s not graceful at all!” Roger stated, and gave Laura two points.

“YEAH, LAURA!!” Jakey exclaimed, “TWO POINTS!!!” He began dancing randomly.

The water washed Laura up onto the shore.

“Stand back, I know CPR!” Chris shouted and ran to Laura’s side, and began CPR. Soon Laura was revived, and the two began making out.

“All right, next contestant!” Roger commanded.

Blossom stepped up to the side of the cliff, “All right, here I go.”

“Not if I can help it,” Ronda attempted to push Blossom off the side, only to accidentally fall off of the cliff herself.

As both girls fell Ronda stuck her tongue out at Blossom. Blossom hurtled down, and ended in the water.

“Nice attitude Ronda,” Roger complemented, “Seven points, and for Blossom, six points. NEXT UP!”

“I’ll go,” Stan proclaimed.

He jumped. “Alright, Stan. Seven points. Ronda is in the lead.”

Jakey walked up to the edge, and jumped, flailing his arms and legs around like a madman, and screaming like one too.

“Meh,” Roger judged, “Five points.”

Jakey sulked over to the shore.

“Next up, is Chris!” Roger yelled.

Chris marched up the cliff, and jumped, hitting his head on a rock.

“Ooh… Ouch…” Roger muttered, “Anyway, one point for you! And last, but not least, Carter, Jakey and Elaine!”

Carter jumped.

“INCOMING!” Ronda yelled, and hid behind Ali.

Everyone was screaming as Carter hit the water, and even Jakey and Elaine, who were hit by the splash of Carter’s dive.

Ronda spat water out of her mouth, and cried, “CARTER YOUR SO… SO… AAAGH!!!” Ronda cried out in pain.

Ali had jumped off of the cliff, and missed the water, landing on Ronda.

“I need a new alliance…” Ronda muttered to herself.

“SORRY RONDA!!” Carter yelled.

Ronda mumbled to herself, as she pushed Ali off of her.

“Jakey, come here,” Ronda demanded, and Jakey obediently ran to her side, “We need a better and stronger alliance, right?”

Jakey nodded.

“Let’s go talk to some people,” Ronda suggested.

Jakey nodded, and the two went off to get some people to join an alliance.

Meanwhile, Roger had decided on scores for Carter and Ali, “Ali gets a zero, and Carter gets a eight.”

It was Elaine’s turn to jump, she ran, but her foot caught on a twig, and she fell down to the water.

“Umm, how about a five…” Roger stated, “Carter is invincible!”

“Excellent,” Ronda smiled. She was talking with Blossom, “Hey, Blossom, those shoes are so cute!”

“Do you really think so?” Blossom was unsure about Ronda’s niceness.

“Oh, totally!” Ronda reassured, “Hey, where do you get your hair done? It’s so pretty!”

“I do it myself!” Blossom merely assumed Ronda had decided to change her attitude.

“You do it so well!” Ronda bubbled, “Hey, do you know what would be really cool?”

“What?” Blossom was curious.

“An alliance with me and Jakey!” Ronda said.

“Sounds great, Ronda!” Blossom replied.

“Great, can you recruit some more members for us?” Ronda asked.

“Totally!” Blossom returned, “I’ll go talk to some people now.” Blossom merrily skipped off to where Chris and Laura were, and began using her niceness to get them into an alliance.

“Next challenge, you guys!” Roger shouted, “Skeet shooting!”

“Good, there are a few things here that I want to shoot,” Ronda glared at Carter.

“In skeet, you shoot flying discs, except here, if you don’t shoot a disc, the disc will explode upon contact on the ground.” Roger explained.

The eyes of the final nine widened.

“All right, you will use the laser tag guns, and you will all be assigned a color and the disc will turn that color if you shoot it. The camper with the highest disc total will be invincible.”

“Sounds like… fun…” Blossom was optimistic, as usual.

“Carter can sit out, since he’s already invincible,” Roger said, as Carter gleefully jogged over to Roger, “And GO!”

The discs flew out, and several of them turned green, several turned pink, and several turned purple, along with a variety of other colors. Suddenly, one was not shot, and hit the ground, right by Elaine and Chris were standing; they were blown away and their guns broke. Elaine’s gun shattered on contact with Jakey’s head, knocking Jakey out. Laura’s gun went on the fritz, along with Ali’s. Which left Ronda, Blossom and Stan firing at the discs. Ronda tripped Stan, who fell over, and knocked Ronda over. Blossom kept on firing at all the discs.

“Blossom is the winner!!” Roger exclaimed.

“YAY!!!” Blossom hugged Ronda, her new friend and alliance member.

“Woo-hoo…” Ronda replied weakly, pushing Blossom away, “So anyway, who else did you get for the alliance?”

“Chris and Laura,” Blossom replied, “I didn’t tell them that they were allied with you and Jakey though. Some people just don’t respect it when a person tries to change.”

Ronda rolled her eyes and said, “Great, that’s the majority vote.”

“Yep!” Blossom was cheery-eyed, and ran over to Carter to celebrate their invincibility.

“The final challenge, for invincibility,” Roger stated, “Is the pole vault!”

“I’ve always wanted to try that!” Jakey exclaimed.

“Hold on,” Chris grew suspicious, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch,” Roger replied, “Except that the surrounding area is quicksand. If you fall in the quicksand, you will lose your chances for invincibility.”

“What?!” Chris cried, “I’d say that’s a pretty big catch!”

“Yep, sure, whatever,” Roger returned, “Alright, let’s have Chris go first!”

“WHAT?!” Chris exclaimed, “Nu-uh, no way!” Ronda and Roger glared at him, “Fine.” He grabbed a pole, ran and shoved the pole into the quicksand.

“Um, help!” Chris called, “The pole is stuck.”

“I’m sure it is, Chris, I’m sure it is,” Roger kept things moving, “Next, let’s have Elaine and Laura.”

Laura went after, and she successfully vaulted over, knocking Chris into the quicksand.

“Hello, a little help!!” Chris tried to get out of the quicksand.

“We’ll help you,” Roger said, then pause and added, “Eventually.”

“OH, COME ON!!” Chris was exasperated.

“Elaine, your up!” Roger cut off Chris.

Elaine ran, but found herself in the same predicament as Chris.

“All right,” Roger didn’t give Elaine a chance to complain, “Let’s have Stan and Jakey go next.”

They both jumped, successfully.

“Finally, we have Ali and Ronda,” Roger said.

First Ronda ran, and plunged her pole into the quicksand, and successfully jumped over the bar. Then Ali ran, and did the same, and knocked Ronda into the quicksand.

“ALI!!” Ronda screamed, “UGGH!! You’re the WORST alliance member EVER!!”

“Well, Ronda wins!” Roger announced.

“YES!!” Ronda cheered from the quicksand.

“But!” Roger interjected, “She fell in the quicksand, and I said, if anyone ends up in the quicksand, they lose the shot at invincibility.”

“What?!” Ronda exclaimed, and glared at Ali, as bodyguards were helping her, Elaine, and Chris out of the quicksand.

“FINALLY!!” Shouted a relieved Chris.

“So, I’ve decided that Stan wins invincibility,” Roger proclaimed.

Elaine ran over to him, and hugged him, getting quicksand all over his clothes, but Stan didn’t mind.

“Campers, see you at the campfire tonight,” Roger stated.

“Ali!” Ronda called, “Get over here!” Ali ran over, “Tonight, we’re voting out Laura.” Ali shrugged and walked away.

“We are?” Blossom asked.

“No, of course not,” Ronda explained, “I’m telling her that so that she won’t see her elimination coming. Tonight we’re voting out Ali.”

“Okay,” Blossom nodded and ran over to Chris and Laura to tell them.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Campers, if you don’t get a marshmallow, you will go down the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers and leave,” Roger stated, “First marshmallows go to Stan, Carter and Blossom, due to invincibility,” The three collected their marshmallows, “And now we have one for Chris,” Chris stood up and grabbed his marshmallow, “Ronda,” Elaine gasped that Ronda hadn’t been voted out. Ronda stuck her tongue out at Elaine, and bit her marshmallow. Roger continued, “Next is for Jakey,” Jakey got his, “Elaine, well done,” Elaine collected hers as well, “Laura and Ali. This is the final marshmallow. It goes to……………” Laura and Ali both looked nervous, “…………… Laura. Ali, the others have spoken, and you have been eliminated. Ali, please go to the Jury Hotel, where you will stay until it's time to vote for our winner.”

Ali walked over to Ronda, and spoke, which was unusual for her, “But- But- B- But, I thought that we were an alliance.”

“Guess not,” Ronda nonchalantly replied.

“I thought that we were friends,” Ali protested.

“Wrong again,” Ronda smirked.

“I guess that what the others said were true!” Ali screamed, “You are a user, an evil girl, and the meanest person on the face of the Earth!! I said they were wrong! I took a stand for you! Now I see they were right!! You really are a user, and evil girl, and the MEANEST PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!”

“Bye, Ali,” Ronda said, “Looks like the loser hotel is waiting.”

Ali waved to the other contestants and kicked Ronda in the shin.

Ronda crossed over to Blossom, “That’s what happens when you betray an alliance with me.”

“O- O- Okay..” Blossom had never seen so much meanness at one time.

Roger turned to the cameras, smiled and said, “Well, there ya have it. That really was the mist dramatic campfire ceremony I have seen, but I haven’t seen a lot. Join us next time on Total Drama Mania!”

Day 16: Spatulas, Bananas, Applesauce, and a Box of TIssues: Real Tools of Survival

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, the host of Total Drama Mania, “We brought the Olympics to our campground. There were some winners. Carter won the diving challenge with his super splash. Blossom won the skeet shoot. Stan won the pole vault. There was also one loser, Ali. Guess never saying a word has its disadvantages, although that’s not why she was eliminated. Ronda turned on her after she landed on her in the diving challenge, and made her lose the pole vault. Ronda turned her down and made a more powerful alliance with Blossom, Jakey, and, unknowingly, Chris and Laura, giving her the majority vote.”

The campers were in the mess hall discussing Ali’s elimination. Carter was talking with Stan.

“We need to eliminate Ronda next,” Stan stated. Carter nodded in agreement as Elaine walked over.

“Hey,” She said.

“Hi, Elaine,” Stan smiled.

“So, were you guys thinking the same thing I was?” Elaine inquired.

“That Ronda should be the next to go?” Carter asked.

“Yeah,” Elaine nodded.

Blossom was sitting with Jakey and Ronda.

“So, uh, Ronda,” Blossom started to say, “Who do we eliminate next?”

“I was thinking Elaine,” Ronda replied, “Or Carter.”

“Then why don’t we eliminate Elaine next?” Blossom asked.

“Sure,” Ronda replied, “But for future reference, I decide who we eliminate.”

“Yes, Ronda,” Blossom sighed.

“Good,” Ronda nodded.

“Good morning campers!!” Roger yelled, “Today’s challenge involves you, working together!”

“With THESE losers!!” Ronda interjected.

“Save it, Ronda!” Elaine shouted.

“Why don’t you?!” Ronda screamed.

“Cause I’m not a psycho!” Elaine retorted.

“Ladies, ladies,” Jakey walked in between the two girls, “There’s no need to fight over me!”

“WE’RE NOT FIGHTING OVER YOU!!” They screamed at the same time.

“That means you are,” Jakey nodded.

“SHUT IT, JAKEY!!” Ronda pushed him.

“AS, I was saying,” Roger interjected, “Today, you will navigate through the woods together. The first three pairs will be invincible. The other pair will be up for elimination, and the other three will vote out the one. The pairs are Ronda and Carter, Stan and Laura, Chris and Elaine, and Jakey and Blossom.”

Chris got up from where he was sitting with Laura, and walked over and sat down next to Elaine. Stan got up from where he was sitting with Elaine, and walked over and sat down next to Laura.

“Each person will receive a good, or not so good item to use for survival, so each pair will receive two items. A helicopter will take you to the middle of the forest,” Roger explained.

“Won’t we be able to find our way back based on the helicopter went?” Jakey asked.

“Nope,” Roger said, grabbing a can of knockout gas from the table.

“Oh,” Carter said, stupidly, “That’s what that was for!”

“Yeah, Carter…” Roger put a gas mask on his head, and sprayed the gas, and everyone fell to the floor.

An hour had gone by, and the contestants found themselves with their partners, in different areas of the woods, with a bag with a survival item inside next to every one.

The first to wake up was Carter, who took the bag out from under him, “What’s this?” He inquired, as he took the item out of his bag, “A banana?” He paused, “SWEET!!” He ate the banana in one bite, peel and all.

Ronda woke up next to him, “Ugh, I got partnered with you?!?!!” She rolled over onto her side to get the bag underneath her. She opened the bag to find a survival knife. “What did you get?” She asked Carter.

“A banana!” Carter said, enthusiastically.

“Well, where is it?” Ronda inquired.

“I ate it!” Carter replied.

“You ATE it?!?!” Ronda was furious, “THAT COULD HAVE BEEN OUR ONLY FOOD FOR THE DAY!!!!!!”

“Sorry…” Carter smirked, as he wasn’t actually sorry,

“YOU BETTER BE!!!!” Ronda kicked him repeatedly.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest…

Chris awoke, next to Elaine. “Sleep well?” He asked.

“No. You?” Elaine inquired. Chris shook his head; he rolled over on his side to get a bag that was underneath him.

“A map?” Chris was happy to discover that he had a map.

Elaine also grabbed her bag. “A box of tissues? Really? A box of tissues?”

Chris sighed, “Roger did say there would be some bad items.”

“That’s true,” Elaine agreed, “But the map isn’t much help without a compass.”

“Well, moss grows on the north side of trees, and this map says that camp is north,” He pointed out.

“Okay,” Elaine nodded. The two headed in that direction.

Meanwhile, in a third section of the forest…

Laura awoke, lying next to Stan, “Stan, Stan, wake up!” She nudged him.

“What, what…” Stan was still half asleep.

“WAKE UP!!” She slapped him.

“I’m awake! I’m awake!” He reassured, “What is it?”

“We’re in the middle of the forest!!!” Laura retorted, “What did you think?!”

“I dunno…” He sighed, then shifted, because there was a bag under him. He removed it from under him, as did Laura.

Laura’s bag contained a jar of applesauce, and Stan’s bag contained a compass.

“Applesauce… Of course… Applesauce….” Laura sighed.

“Well, I have a compass,” Stan stated, “I heard that camp is north, so we follow the arrow. Easy.”

Laura nodded and the two began walking in the direction that the arrow was pointing.

Meanwhile, in the last section of the forest…

Blossom and Jakey awoke, because Jakey carried an alarm clock in his pocket.

“Jakey, why do you keep an alarm clock in your pocket?” Blossom inquired.

“In case I get whisked away to the middle of the forest while I’m knocked out,” He explained, “My mom always thought it was a dumb idea, BUT LOOK AT ME NOW!!!”

“Right….” Blossom sighed, “What’s this under me?”

“Oh, I wanna see!” Jakey pushed Blossom into a tree and grabbed the bag. He opened it, finding a saw.

“SWEET!!” Jakey said, waving the saw around like a maniac.

“Stop it!!” Blossom tripped him, and grabbed the saw away from him, “You could hurt someone!!”

“There’s nobody out here…” Jakey muttered, frowning at Blossom.

“Nevertheless!” Blossom retorted.

“Fine…” Jakey mumbled.

“So, what did you get in your bag?” Blossom asked.

“A spatula…” Jakey whispered.

“Terrific…” Blossom sighed, “Let’s get walking…”

“But which way is camp?” Jakey asked.

“I don’t know,” Blossom replied.

“I have an idea!” Jakey exclaimed, “I’ll go one way, you go the other!”

“Good idea!!” Blossom agreed.

The two went off in separate directions.

“Boy, this forest sure is big…” Blossom muttered, “And dark… And creepy… And probably crawling with bears and bats and stuff!!” Blossom had managed to freak herself out and she started running, “I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!” She bawled, and she kept running. She soon felt herself run into something. This particular something screamed like a little girl.

“Blossom?!?!!” Laura screamed, “Is that you?!”

“Yes!” Blossom, “Is that you, Laura?”

“Yes!” Laura said, and the two girls hugged.

“What are you doing here?!” Laura asked, “Where’s your partner?”

“I was partnered with Jakey,” Blossom explained, “And since neither of us knew the way to camp, we went separate ways.”

“Don’t you guys sort of have to stay together?” Laura inquired.

“I don’t know,” Blossom shrugged.

“Oh, okay,” Laura said, “You can come with me and Stan then! If it’s okay with Stan, that is.”

“Please, Stan…” Blossom looked up at him with big eyes.

“Fine,” Stan sighed.

The two girls hugged again, and the three went off towards camp.

Meanwhile, in another section of the forest…

“Elaine,” Chris said.

“Yeah?” She replied.

“Do you see camp anywhere near us?” Chris inquired.

“No, you?” She returned. Chris shook his head. “Then lets keep walking,” Chris suggested, and Elaine nodded. The two kept walking and they eventually arrived at the camp.

“We made it, Chris!!” Elaine smiled, and hugged him.

“Yeah, we did!!” Chris exclaimed, and hugged her back.

“Congratulations you two!” Roger exclaimed, “You both win invincibility! Now you guys can just relax and wait for the other pairs to arrive.”

“Okay,” Chris said.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, with Ronda and Carter…

“SHUT IT, CARTER!!” Ronda screamed.



“YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M LEAVING!!!!!” Carter shouted.

“THAT’S FINE WITH ME!!!!!!!!” Ronda screamed. She stormed off, as Carter stormed off in the other direction.

Eventually, Ronda had cooled off, and arrived back at the campground.

“Welcome back, Ronda!!” Roger welcomed, “But, where’s Carter?”

“We went separate ways,” She explained.

“Well, that’s a shame,” Roger said, “Because both of you need to be here to win invincibility.”

“Say WHAT?!?!!” Ronda shrieked.


“I heard him, Elaine…” Ronda muttered.

Meanwhile, back in the forest with Blossom, Stan, and Laura…

“How far away is camp?” Laura whined.

“It’s close…” Blossom replied.

“How do you know?” Stan asked Blossom.

“I don’t,” Blossom whispered, “But it’s better then her whining.”

“True,” Stan nodded.

“I SEE IT!!” Laura exclaimed, and grabbed Blossom and Stan’s arms, and ran to the camp.

“Welcome, Laura, Stan, and…. Blossom?” Roger was surprised to see Blossom with the pair, “What are you doing here? Where’s Jakey?”

“We went separate ways because we didn’t know where camp was,” She explained.

“Bad call…” Roger said, “If you aren’t together you don’t win invincibility.”

“We don’t?” Blossom remained upbeat, “Well, I guess that’s okay.”

“Yeah, a positive attitude always helps!” Elaine reassured.

“Oh, right, a positive attitude,” Ronda said sarcastically, “That always helps.”

Just then, Jakey and Carter both appeared in the distance. Blossom stood up and shouted, “COME ON, JAKEY!!! BEAT CARTER OT THE FINISH LINE AND GET US INVINCIBILITY!!!!”

“RUN CARTER!!!” Ronda screamed. And the two boys ran and ran, with Blossom and Ronda shouting at them all the way to the campground.

Jakey seemed to be having a much easier time running, due to him being in shape, unlike Carter, who was wheezing and panting all the way. They kept on running, but Jakey crossed the finish line about five minutes before Carter, who trudged over the finish line, and fell on the ground face first.

“Carter, you are the most pathetic, useless, terrible, futile excuse for a human that I have ever met!!!” Ronda screamed.

“All right, campers, tonight you will vote off either Carter or Ronda,” Roger said.

“Blossom, come here,” Ronda said, and Blossom ran to her.

“Yes?” Blossom inquired.

“I need you to convince Chris and Laura to vote out Carter,” Ronda answered.

“But how?” Blossom asked, “It will be a little hard to convince them. It seems as though they have their mind made up.”

“Tell them that Carter has friends and is a threat, and I don’t and I’m not,” Ronda explained.

“Oh, okay,” Blossom was still unsure if Chris and Laura would agree, but she walked over as Ronda and said, and told them what she had said.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Campers, as you know,” Roger began, “Only seven of you will be getting a marshmallow tonight, and one of you will be going to the Jury Hotel. So anyway, would the six invincibility winners come to claim their marshmallows?” Jakey, Blossom, Chris, Laura, Elaine and Stan went to get their marshmallows. Roger started to speak again, “Carter and Ronda, neither of you received invincibility, and one of you is going home. The final marshmallow of the night goes to…………………… Ronda.”

“What?!” Elaine gasped.

“Thank you, Roger,” Ronda got her marshmallow and bit into it, glaring at Carter.

“But, why?” Carter wanted to know how he had been eliminated.

“I guess people just don’t want you here anymore,” Ronda waved, as Carter sulked into the hotel. The final seven could hear his sobs from outside.

Day 17: Dare or Dare

“Last time, on Total Drama Mania,” Roger began, “Our campers navigated through the forest in pairs. Chris and Elaine, as well as Laura and Stan worked out pretty well, but Ronda and Carter split up do to an argument, and Ronda showed up at the campground much earlier that Carter, but both partners needed to be there to win invincibility. The same thing happened with Jakey and Blossom, who went two separate ways because they couldn’t find camp. Blossom met up with Laura and Stan and they arrived at the campground. In the end, we had a race to the campground between Jakey and Carter, which Jakey won, keeping Ronda from winning invincibility. In the end, Ronda had Carter sent packing. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?”

The campers were in the mess hall, discussing Carter’s elimination…

“It’s about time,” Ronda stated, “He should have been gone on day one.”

“No…” Blossom started to say, but Ronda snapped her head in her direction, “Um, yeah!”

“Good,” Ronda smiled.

“Why didn’t you guys vote for Ronda?” Elaine asked Chris and Laura.

“Do you honestly think that Ronda would get any jury votes?” Chris replied.

“Well… no…” Elaine admitted.

“It’s just strategy,” Laura said, “If there was no jury vote you’d better believe she’d be gone.”

“Okay…” Elaine sighed.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger burst into the mess hall, “Today, your going to be playing a favorite game of mine: Truth or Dare.”

“What are we, seven?” Ronda asked.

“But there’s a twist,” Roger interrupted her, “There are NO truths. Only dares. So I’m going to call Dare or Dare. Here are the rules: One contestant will come up and select a dare from the wall of tortures. That dare will never be used again for the whole game. The person who chose the dare will select a person to perform the dare. If the selected person is unable to complete the dare, or refuses to do the dare, then they are eliminated. If the selected person can successfully complete the dare, then the person who dared them is eliminated.”

“You don’t have any right to subject us to this kind of torture!” Jakey interjected.

“Do so,” Roger returned, “It’s called a contract.”

Jakey stuck his tongue out at Roger as the other contestants frowned, except for Blossom.

“Come on guys, how bad could it be?” She reassured.

“REALLY bad,” Ronda replied.

“Knowing Roger…” Elaine said, “It could be terrible…”

“Or dangerous,” Chris added.

“Or life threatening,” Laura pointed out.

“Resistance could be futile,” Jakey continued.

“Or-“ Stan was cut off.

“OKAY, we get it!!” Roger exclaimed, “It’s gonna be horrible!! Yeah, yeah, come on!”

He motioned for them to follow him and they did. “Welcome to the House of Pain!” Roger announced.

“It’s not really a house,” Jakey pointed out, “It’s more of a courtyard.”

“No one cares, Jakey!” Ronda reminded.

“Oh, right…” Jakey realized.

“Anyway, you all know the rules,” Roger said, “So let’s play Dare or Dare! Why doesn’t Jakey start?”

“Okay,” Jakey walked up to the wall of tortures and carefully selected one from the wall, and read it, “I choose to dare Stan to dive into a swimming pool full of hair gel, and search for pool toys at the bottom, and get them out in a minute.”

“Good one,” Roger said.

“Okay… Here I go…” Stan stood up and walked over to a pool full of hair gel, as Roger tossed four pool toys into the pools of gel. Stan dived in.

Elaine shut her eyes and held onto Chris’ arm, “I hope he’ll be okay…”

“He’ll be fine,” Chris looked at her, “Trust me.”

Elaine hugged Chris and held onto him tight, waiting for Stan to emerge.

Stan emerged from the gel, with his hair full of goop, holding a pool toy. He rubbed his eyes and saw Elaine hugging Chris. “ELAINE?!” He was shocked, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!”

“Stan, it’s not what it looks like!!” Elaine reassured.

“She’s right!” Chris reassured, “If you don’t trust her, trust me!”

“I don’t think I trust either of you!” Stan yelled.

“TIME!” Roger shouted, “Stan is eliminated!”

Stan jumped out of the gel and took his seat, glaring at Elaine and Chris.

“What was that about?” Laura asked, due to the fact that she was texting.

“Stan thinks that I’m cheating on him with Chris,” Elaine explained.

“Should I be concerned?” Laura asked Chris.

“No, not really,” Chris responded.

“Okay,” Laura responded.

“All right,” Roger surveyed the final seven to choose the next contestant, “How about… Ronda. Come on down!”

Ronda walked up and decided to stress out Chris even more. “I dare Chris,” Ronda said, “To jump on stepping stones across a giant bowl full of rotten eggs.”

“But…” Chris said, “I’m allergic to eggs.”

“Well, Chris,” Roger said, “There are two options here. You can either take your chances and try and jump across and land only on the stepping stones, or you could forfeit the challenge and the invincibility reward.”

Chris thought about this for a while, then made a decision, “I choose… I choose to… To forfeit…” He admitted.

“Okay then, Chris is the second one to be eliminated,” Roger said, “Let’s have Laura select our next victim.”

“How about Ronda?” Laura suggested, “I’m going to dare you to give your parents a phone call and tell them how evil you are. How oddly specific…”

“I put that one up there especially for Ronda,” Roger explained.

“NO!” Ronda screamed, “I don’t care about my stupid invincibility. My parents think I’m a little angel. I can’t wreck that!”

“How did they get that impression?” Elaine asked.

“I’m not evil to them,” Ronda points out.

Elaine nods, “That would do it.”

“Ronda, are you going to take the dare, or forfeit?” Roger asks.

“I’m going to… Take the dare,” Ronda said, desperate for invincibility. Everybody gasped.

“Okay,” Roger said, as he whipped a cell phone out of his pocket and handed it to Ronda.

Ronda punched the numbers into the phone. She paused and hit the off button. “I can’t do it…” She muttered, as she sat back down. She glared at Laura and mouthed the words, “You’re going down.”

“And Ronda is out!” Roger announced taking the cell phone back, “How about we let Jakey pick the next victim?”

Jakey walked up and he looked at the remaining people; all the girls, minus Ronda. He remembered how much Ronda hated Elaine. “I choose Elaine!” He declared, “I dare you too jump off of a skyscraper with a nothing but a thin bungee cord for support.”

“Good one,” Roger complemented, “You guys are so twisted… That’s good for ratings!”

“Thank you! I think…” Jakey replied.

Elaine nervously walked up to Roger. “So, Roger, where’s the skyscraper?” Elaine asked, hoping for a different dare.

“Over there,” Roger pointed.

“How did I miss that?” Elaine sighed, and she and Roger entered the skyscraper to take an elevator up to the roof.

Soon they appeared on the top of the building. “Elaine, do you want to forfeit the challenge?” Roger asked one last time.

“… No! I’ll take the challenge!” Elaine responded, and all the other contestants gasped.

Roger attached a harness to Elaine’s back, and she jumped. All the contestants covered their eyes. Stan, who still was under the impression that she was in a relationship with Chris, paid no mind. Ronda watched eagerly, hoping that Elaine would fall to her death.

Elaine was about to hit the ground, but the cord snapped and she bounced up to the top. “I’m alive… I’M ALIVE!!!” She hugged the tower.

“Elaine is still in!” Roger exclaimed, “But, sadly, well not sadly, Jakey is eliminated.”

Jakey sighed, and Elaine victoriously returned to her chair, proud to still be in the game.

“Elaine, since you won, why don’t you pick the next victim?” Roger suggested.

“Okay,” Elaine nodded.

“There are only two left,” Roger stated, “Laura and Blossom.”

“How about Blossom?” Elaine shrugged.

Blossom stood up slowly, and walked up to Roger.

“Sorry, Blossom,” Elaine said, as Blossom nodded. Elaine spoke again, “I dare you to eat Jakey’s cooking creation.”

“I saw Jakey messing around in the kitchen and he made some gross, possibly poisonous, but definitely disgusting,” Roger explained, as he unveiled a gross, glowing bowl of goop.

“I forfeit!” Blossom squeaked, and ran down back to her seat.

“I totally understand,” Roger nodded, “So that leaves us with Laura and Elaine. Laura, since Elaine just went, you can go next.”

“OK,” Laura said, as she proceeded to Roger, “I dare Elaine to hug a bear.”

“That all?” Elaine shrugged, “Okay!” She ran over to a caged bear and threw her arms around it. The bear threw his paws around Elaine.

“And with that, it looks like Elaine is our winner!” Roger said, “So she is invincible.”

Blossom caught up with Jakey and Ronda. “So Ronda, who are we going to eliminate?” Blossom asked.

“Laura!” Ronda exclaimed, “She made me lose the challenge!”

“Sure, Ronda, whatever you say,” Blossom said, unsure if she really wanted to eliminate her friend.

Later, at the marshmallow ceremony…

“Campers, there are only seven of you left,” Roger started, “And after the distribution of marshmallows tonight, there will only be six. So lets get on with the marshmallows. First is for Elaine, our invincibility winner. Next two are for Chris and Stan,” The three got their marshmallows. Chris and Elaine walked together, but Stan stayed away from them, for he was still under the impression that Elaine was with Chris. Then Roger spoke again, “Next two are for Blossom and Jakey,” They went to get their marshmallows, and Roger started talking again, “Laura and Ronda. This is the final marshmallow. It goes to………………… Ronda.”

“What?!” Chris stood up, “Laura, no!”

Ronda smirked victoriously.

Chris ran over and kissed her one last time before she went to the Jury Hotel.

Day 18: The Hunt... For the Symbol

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Began Roger, “Our campers were put to the ultimate test, Truth or Dare. Minus the truth. So it was Dare or Dare. It was better than truth or dare. So, all in all, Ronda chose to eliminate Laura because Elaine won invincibility. What will happen today on Total… Drama… Mania?”

The campers in the mess hall were discussing last night’s surprising elimination.

“Why did you guys vote her off?” Chris was distraught at the loss of Laura.

“I didn’t!” Elaine protested.

“Well, who did?” Chris was almost to tears.

“It’s okay, Chris!” Elaine soothed, “We’re still here, right?”

“Yeah, I guess…” Chris muttered.

“Look, Chris, Laura is out,” Elaine stated, “Life goes on.”

“I guess you’re right,” Chris smiled, then paused, “BUT I MISS LAURA!!” He started sobbing again.

“Good morning campers!!” Roger burst into the mess hall, “Before I tell you about the day’s challenge, I will allow you in the confessional!!”

“Again?” Blossom asked. Roger nodded.

“Who wants to go first?” Roger inquired.

“I will,” Stan volunteered.

Stan stepped into the confessional, “I can’t believe that Elaine would leave me like that! I just can’t…” A tear rolled down his face, then he left.

Elaine entered after him, “I know Stan thinks I left him! I didn’t! I still love him! I don’t love Chris! I mean, he’s a great friend and all, but I love Stan! I just don’t know why he would think that…” She sighed, then left.

Ronda stepped into the confessional and said, “Voting off Laura was the BEST choice I’ve made in the entire contest! Since Chris is said and sobbing all the time, he is no longer a threat whatsoever. Elaine and Stan didn’t even need me to break them off. That fool Elaine did that for me! I have got this game in the bag!”

The fourth to enter was Jakey, “I think that Ronda really digs me. Why else would she want me in an alliance? I guess I just attract the ladies!” He plays an air guitar, then falls on the ground, and leaves.

The fifth to enter was Blossom, “I don’t know why I ever thought joining an alliance with Ronda was a good idea. She is a HEARTLESS, INSENSITIVE JERK!! But, she can’t ever know I said that! I can’t be mean and betray like she does! I have to stay loyal to her! I guess I should just feel blessed that I made it this far.”

The final one to enter was Chris, “I know Stan thinks that I’m with Elaine, but I’m not. I just have to explain this to him, then everything will be back to normal, I hope.” He pauses, then starts bawling, “I MISS LAUUUUURAAAAA!!!!!”

“Now that you’re all done,” Roger began, “Today’s challenge is to hunt for a circular symbol throughout camp. The one who finds the symbol first will win invincibility. The symbol has already been hidden. And… GO!” The six remaining teens rushed off to find the symbols.

Ronda had gotten together Blossom and Jakey, “Tonight, we vote off Chris. He’s annoying me with his constant whining and crying. If he somehow wins invincibility, then we vote off Elaine. I bet we could get Stan to vote for either of them.”

“Okay,” Blossom smiled.

Jakey nodded. The three of them split up to find the symbol. Ronda went over to Stan, smiled and said, “Stan, would vote with me tonight?”

“No,” Stan replied.

“What if we were going to eliminate Elaine, who betrayed you?” Ronda asked.

Stan was silent.

“Or what if we eliminated Chris, who Elaine left you for?” Ronda inquired.

“I will!” Stan triumphantly said.

“Glad to hear you say that,” Ronda grinned, evilly.

“So tonight we vote out Elaine!” Stan cried.

Elaine was off searching on her own. She kept looking. Her search turned out to be fruitless.

Stan’s search also proved to be fruitless, as did Blossom and Jakey’s. Ronda had no luck, either. But, what was a surprise, was when Chris, who was sobbing most of the day, was able to pull himself together for long enough to find the symbol.

“I found it for Laura,” Chris sobbed, back at camp.

Ronda had spread the word to her alliance members that they were voting out Elaine.

Later, at the campfire…

“Campers, only six of you remain,” Roger began, “And after this ceremony, we will be down to five. So, on to the marshmallows. First, we have one for the invincibility winner, Chris,” Chris sniffed, then collected his marshmallow, “Next one is for Blossom. We also have one for Jakey. Stan, this next one is for you. Ronda and Elaine. This is the final marshmallow, and it goes to………………… Ronda. Elaine, please report to the Jury Hotel.”

“Wait, before I go,” Elaine requested, “There’s something I need to show you,” She turned to Roger, “Roger, do you still have access to the tapes in the confessional?”

“Yes,” He said holding up a DVD, which had all of the confessional statements in it, “Why?”

“I need to show my confessional statement to Stan,” Elaine said.

“… Fine…” Roger muttered, and showed the campers to the editing room. He popped the DVD into the player, and he played Elaine’s statement. In her statement, she poured her heart out and apologized to Stan.

Stan stared at Elaine and Elaine stared back. He ran over to her, dipped her and kissed her.

“Elaine,” Roger said, “You have to go to the Jury Resort now.”

Elaine sighed, and left the editing room, and all the other contestants followed.

“Bye, guys,” Elaine sighed, “See you at the finale.”

Everybody, excluding Ronda, waved. Elaine was about to step into the hotel but Stan spoke up, “Wait! I’ll switch places with her!”

“You will?” Elaine looked at him. Stan nodded.

“You will?!?!!” Ronda shouted. Stan nodded.

“Ronda, I’ve had just about enough of your evil!!” Elaine shouted, “I’ll enjoy watching you go down!!” Stan entered the hotel.

“Well, that day isn’t going to happen any time soon!” Ronda retorted.

“Yes it is!!” Blossom interrupted, “Ronda, I’m leaving the alliance!!” She walked in between Chris and Elaine to signify her leaving Ronda and join the two of them.

“Jakey!” Ronda shouted, “Any comments?”

“No,” Jakey said, “But just one action.” He walked over to Chris, Elaine and Blossom.

“So you’re with them now?” Ronda asked, “Fine! I can still win this!”

Roger turned to the cameras, then said, “Find out what will happen next time on Total Drama Mania!”

Day 19: Where Have All the Non-Juries Gone?

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” began Roger, “You saw our final six campers hunt down a symbol. Through tears, Chris was able to locate it and successfully bring it back to camp. Yet another couple was broken up, due to Stan siding with Ronda’s alliance to vote out Chris and Elaine. Since Chris was invincible, they voted out Elaine, but Stan, seeing that Elaine did actually care for him, switched places with her. Seeing this, among other things, led everyone to turn against Ronda. However, today the focus is not on any of the top ten. Today, we are seeing what happened to all the contestants that did not make the jury. We will visit each one, one by one, chat with the them, ask for opinions and get them to choose who they are pulling for to get eliminated, and to win it all. So, without further ado, let’s go visit our first contestant eliminated.”

Roger and Natalia sat in Natalia’s kitchen.

“So, Natalia, what have you been up to since we last saw you?” Roger asked.

“Well, I’ve gotten a lot of work done with my therapist!” She said, and gave an awkward smile to the camera.

“Oh, okay, then…” Roger scooted his chair away slowly, “Give us your opinion on the final five.”

“Okay!” Natalia giggled, “Well, first of all, I can’t believe that cow, Ronda, is still in. Nobody likes her, except Jason,” She shudders, “Chris and Elaine are okay. I don’t know what kept that nerd, Jakey in. However, I’m glad that Blossom, the only person who showed an ounce of kindness to me is still in.”

“Who do you want to lose?” Roger asked.

“Ronda! She got me eliminated on day one! I could still be in now if it wasn’t for her!” Natalia exclaimed.

“And also, who do you want to win?” Roger inquired.

“Blossom. She is the only person left who deserves it,” Natalia explained.

“Alright then, it has been a pleasure talking with you, Natalia,” Roger lied.

“Likewise,” Natalia fibbed.

“I have to get a move on for contestant number two,” Roger said as he left the house.

Roger is shown sitting in a park with Emily, “Emily, how have you been?” He asked.

“Good! I have been nominated for several awards at my school, due to all the teachers liking me so much!” Emily exclaimed, “How have you been? Oh, is that a new haircut? I like it!”

“Thanks, Emily,” Roger thanked, “I can see why you’re so popular amongst your teachers. So, give us your take on the final five.”

“Well, I’m glad that Elaine is still in. My partner for the challenge that I was eliminated on, as well as my only friend,” She stated, “And Ronda… Well, I found out exactly what happened when I was eliminated. I hate Ronda! And Ali, but she is already out. I don’t know much about Chris. Jakey is a nerd, and Blossom is too happy.”

“Okay, thanks for sharing,” Roger said, although he didn’t especially care, “Please tell us, who do you hope gets the boot next?”

“Ronda, the cause of my elimination,” She confidently stated.

“And who do you hope wins?” Roger asked.

“Elaine, my first and only friend,” She replied.

Roger waved and left. He is then shown with Pete, in his kitchen.

“Pete, how has life been treating you since we last saw you?” Roger asked.

“It’s been good. I’ve won a lot of medals!” Pete exclaimed.

“I would love to see them… But I wouldn’t,” Roger said, “What are your thoughts on the final five?”

“I don’t know… I didn’t really know any of them,” Pete explained.

“Who do you want to be eliminated next?” Roger asked.

“I don’t know,” Pete said, “But I hear tell that Ronda was really mean. I haven’t really been following the show. I guess her.”

“Okay, who do you want to win it all?” Roger inquired.

He paused to think, “I guess I would pick Elaine. She is awesome…” He stared absentmindedly for a few minutes, then Roger got bored and left.

Roger is then shown with Edmund.

“Edmund, it has been a long time since I’ve seen you, and let me tell you, that’s not a complaint. How has your life been?” He asked, clearly showing not one bit interest.

“I got the lead in my school’s musical! Well, not the lead, more of a supporting character… In the ensemble…” Edmund didn’t like admitting that he didn’t get a lead role.

“There are no small parts, just small actors,” Roger was stifling a chuckle, “What do you think about the top five?”

“Chris ruined my musical!!! Blossom was nice, I guess. Ronda was mean, or at least that’s what the show led me to believe. I have followed it very closely. I don’t really know that much about Jakey or Elaine.”

“Who do you want to lose?” Roger asked, refusing to make eye contact with Edmund.

“Chris! The musical ruiner!” Edmund exclaimed.

“And who do you want to win?” Roger inquired.

Edmund thought, then said, “Blossom. She was nice on and off camera.” He finally said.

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I bet the world will care a whole lot. I wouldn’t get why. I didn’t,” Roger said. He left Edmund’s house.

Roger is then shown with Chad.

“Chad, after being one of the most hated contestants, by the audience, and by me, as well as the other contestants, how has your life been treating you?” Roger asked.

“Terrible, I have no friends at school, well, I never did, but still,” Chad replied.

“And what do you think of the final five?” Roger kept things moving.

“I can’t believe that that jerk Ronda is still in!” He exclaimed, “I didn’t really know the rest of them. Elaine seems pretty cool, and so does Chris. Jakey is a nerd, and Blossom is way too perky.”

“Alright, who would you like to see go down next?” Roger inquired.

“Ronda! No questions asked!” Chad said.

“And who do you want to take it all,” Roger stood up, showing that he was about to leave.

“Elaine! She has been really cool the whole time! She also stood up to Ronda!” Chad stated. Roger nodded, then left.

Roger is pictured sitting with Ernesto.

“HI, ROGER!!” Ernesto cried and ran to hug him. Roger whirled around and Ernesto missed, causing him to run into a wall.

“Hi… Ernesto… Terrific to see you…” Roger slowly backed away.

“Likewise!!! Wanna know how I’ve been?!!” Ernesto slowly moved forward with an expression of evil on his face.

“Normally I would… But in this case, I’m scared to ask…” Roger took a few steps back, “Although, I do have three required questions for you. What do you think of the final five?”

“Blossom: COOL! Jakey: COOL! Chris: COOL! Elaine: COOL! Ronda: COOL, oh wait, I mean NOT COOL!” Ernesto looked at a squirrel out the window.

“Uh-hu… Who would you like to get out next?” Roger was moving slowly towards the door.

“Ronda: NOT COOL!” Ernesto looked at a duck that he had in a cage.

“And who do you want to win?” Roger had one foot out the door.

“JAKEY: COOL!!!” Ernesto had a dumb expression on his face.

“Thank you, bye!” Roger ran out the door as fast as his legs could carry him.

Roger is then shown at a karaoke bar. Michelle is onstage singing; she finishes and comes down to sit with him.

“Hey, Michelle, how has your life been treating you?” Roger asked.

“It’s pretty good. I’ve gotten very well known around this karaoke bar. They’ve even got a talent scout coming to see me!” Michelle is practically bouncing in her chair.

“And what do you think of the final five?” Roger inquired.

“I guess that they’re okay, Ronda was mean though, Chris was a friend, and Jakey was, well… Disgusting!” Michelle shuddered.

“Right. That was scary when he kissed you… So who do you want to win it all?” Roger questioned.

“Chris. He was a good friend on the island,” She confessed.

“All right. Nice to see you again,” Roger said. He left the karaoke bar.

Roger is then displayed at a coffee shop, sitting with Sunny.

“Sunny, one of the nicest contestants, how have you been?” Roger smiled, but not at Sunny, at the camera.

“Pretty good, Roger, pretty good. I’ve won class president for the fifth year in a row!” She exclaimed.

“Congratulations. What do you think of the final five?” Roger asked.

“Well, I’m not one to judge. I guess Ronda needs a couple… personality adjustments. The rest of them seem pretty nice though!” Sunny giggled.

“And who do you want to get out next?” Roger asked.

“I don’t want to share that… I guess Ronda,” She confidently said.

“And who do you want to win it all?” Roger inquired.

“Blossom. Nice people should win,” She nodded.

“Alright, Sunny. Nice talking to you,” Roger stood up, then left.

He is then in a karate studio with Jason.

“Jason… Jason… How have you been?” Roger asked, as Jason kept hitting a block of wood with his fist.

“Fine. I got my black belt!” Jason hit the block of wood again.

“What do you think of the final five?” Roger asked.

“Ronda is… awesome! The rest are okay…” Jason replied.

“Okay. Who would you like to go home next?” Roger questioned.

“I dunno… Jakey, I guess,” He answered.

“Okay. Who do you want to win it all?” Roger inquired.

“Ronda. Definitely,” Jason nodded.

“Bye, Jason,” Roger got up and left.

Roger is then portrayed sitting at a kitchen table with Sharon.

“So, Sharon, how have you been?” Roger asked.

“Pretty good, Roger, pretty good!” Sharon bubbled.

“And what do you think of the final five?” Roger inquired.

“Ronda is mean. Chris and Elaine seem to be pretty cool. Blossom is and was incredibly nice. Jakey is… Jakey…” Sharon said.

“And who do you want to be voted off next?” Roger asked.

“Ronda, she was mean!” Sharon responded.

“And who would you like to win?” Roger questioned.

“Blossom! Nicest person ever!” Sharon replied.

“Alright. Good to chat with you,” Roger said, then left.

He is then pictured with Mitchell in a living room.

“How have you been Mitchell?” Roger questioned.

“Awesome! I’m the co-captain of my school’s football team!” He answered.

“Any thoughts on the final five?” Roger asked.

“Not really. I mean, Ronda is pretty mean. Blossom is pretty nice, but other than that, none,” Mitchell replied.

“OK. Who would you like to win it all? And who would you like to be booted next?” Roger inquired.

“Blossom wins it. Ronda gets out next,” He said, after little thought.

“Okay,” Roger said, as he got up and left.

He is then shown sitting with Nicole.

“Nicole. I would ask you who you want to win and lose. But that is only for non-jury members,” He said, slyly.

“Does that mean…” Nicole was still trying to put together what he was saying.

“You are the wildcard jury member!!” Roger exclaimed.

“Really?!! Cool!” Nicole exclaimed.

“I only came here to tell you that,” Roger said, “You don’t need to be asked the questions, on account of you being a jury member. There is a chopper outside which will take you back to the island so you may stay at the jury resort.”

Nicole left her house, and entered the chopper.

Roger is then portrayed with eleven non-jury members.

“Here is the surprise that most of you expected,” Roger started to say, “But the eleven of you get to vote the next contestant off of Total Drama Mania.”

“We all saw that coming,” Jason said, dryly.

“When do we vote, Roger?” Mitchell asked.

“You already did,” Roger smirked.

“When you asked us who we wanted to go home next, right?” Sharon questioned, but she was starting to look a little nervous for the fate of the others.

“Not quite, Sharon. If I did it that way, what fun would that be?” Roger grinned, “When I asked you who you wanted to win,” A collective gasp came up from the eleven contestants, “So that makes… One vote for Chris, one vote for Ronda, one vote for Jakey. There are four votes for Elaine, who would be going home, if Blossom didn’t have five votes,” Another gasp rose from the contestants.

“You can’t eliminate Blossom!” Sunny cried.

“Yeah I can. I’m in charge,” Roger smirked. All of the contestants glared at Roger as he boarded a helicopter to go back to the island.

Roger arrived at the campsite, where the final five were all sitting together, “Final five,” Roger began, “You will not be voting anyone off tonight,” Cheers went up from the final five, “The non-jury members did that for you,” They stopped cheering, “So that means… Blossom… It is time for you to go to the jury hotel.”

“Why me?” Blossom protested.

“Your fan base was big enough,” Roger grinned. He looked at the final four, “Looks like the four of you are the final four of our first season.”

Day 20: Back in Pairs!

“Last time, on Total Drama Mania,” Roger began, “We visited our losers, and they accidentally voted out Blossom, bringing us down to the final four, Jakey, Ronda, Chris and Elaine. What will happen to our final four? Find out tonight, on Total Drama Mania!”

The final four split up in to sides of the dining hall.

“We need to eliminate Ronda this time,” Elaine stated.

“I know,” Chris agreed, “We need to. She has caused to many problems to stay around any longer.”

“Right,” Jakey said, “But what if Ronda wins invincibility?”

“Um…” Elaine and Chris exchanged a look, knowing full well what would happen, “We’ll get there when we get there,” Elaine said.

“Okay,” Jakey nodded.

“Good morning, final four!” Roger said, “We have seen eighteen contestants go home over the past few weeks. Only you remain. So anyway, onto to the day’s challenge. You will be paired up, similar to the final eight contestants’ challenge, except there will be three challenges. Each one, thought up by the eliminated contestants.”

“Sweet!” Jakey exclaimed, “I am so winning!”

“The pairs will be, Jakey and Chris, and Elaine and Ronda,” Roger announced.

“Augh…” Elaine moaned, “I have to be with Ronda…”

“Sorry, Elaine, tough break,” Chris sympathized.

“The first challenge,” Roger stated, “Is thought up by the first six eliminated, Natalia, Emily, Pete, Edmund, Chad and Ernesto. They have decided for you to hunt for a tiger.”

“A tiger!” Jakey shouted, “SWEET!!” He played an air guitar.

“Jakey, focus!” Chris directed.

“Right!” Jakey said.

“Elaine,” Ronda commanded, “We are SO winning.”

“We have to!” Elaine replied, “Even though we would vote you out, I can’t take that risk, knowing Roger.”

“So, do we have a truce?” Ronda asked.

“For now,” Elaine replied.

“After this, the truce dissolves, and we act like it never happened,” Ronda stated, and Elaine nodded.

Jakey and Chris hunted their tiger down, to little success.

“Where are we supposed to look for this?” Chris asked, in frustration. Just as he said that, a tiger jumped out of nowhere and attacked Jakey.

“Good work, Jakey, you distracted it!” Chris exclaimed, as he used Jakey to lure the tiger back to camp.

“The boys win it!” Roger announced, “On to challenge two; it was thought of by Michelle, Sunny, Jason, Sharon, Mitchell and Nicole. Your challenge is to be in a dance off! It is a partners dance off! So, have fun with that.”

Jakey turned to Chris and firmly stated, “I lead.” Chris sheepishly nodded, and they danced. Jakey led Chris horribly, and Roger’s eyes almost started to bleed.

“Alright… I think that the girls can top that very easily,” Roger predicted, and he predicted correctly, because although the girls dance was horrible too, it could not possibly be as bad as Jakey and Chris’ dance.

“Final challenge!” Roger announced, “The most previous six eliminations, namely Ken, Ali, Carter, Laura, Stan and Blossom, they have chosen for you to… give Roger a makeover… One of you can get the left side, the other can have the right side. Go to work…” He muttered.

Chris and Jakey took a stick of lipstick and covered one side of his nose. They took a pink pen and shoved it in his ear. They took a banana, squeezed out the insides, and used that as eyeshadow. The used a pencil to give him wrinkles, and wrote DORK on his forehead.

Elaine and Ronda used black lipstick to cover his eyes, and white lipstick to cover his face. They used orange lipstick for the lips. They used glitter to cover his face. He looked like a big, sparkly, frosted cake.

Roger stood up and looked in a mirror, “AUGH!!” He screamed, “I LOOK AWFUL!! It looks like the girls win it…” Ronda and Elaine looked at each other, high fived, then turned around like they were enemies the whole time.

“Girls,” Roger began, “You need to choose which one of these two boys you want to save.”

Ronda and Elaine discussed this for fifteen minutes, and then went to vote.

“This,” Roger began, at the campfire ceremony, “Will be our final marshmallow ceremony. Next week will be a sudden death elimination, and after that will be the last week, with a jury vote, and no ceremony. So three of you will be the last marshmallow recipients. So onto the final marshmallows… First, Elaine and Ronda, on account of winning you get the first two,” He tossed them marshmallows, which Elaine caught, but Ronda’s bounced off her head, “Chris… And Jakey… One of you will receive the last marshmallow… ever… And it goes to………………… Chris. Jakey, Elaine and Ronda have made their decision, and you have been eliminated.”

“Well,” Jakey said, “It’s been fun, you guys,” He sighed, “I guess it is a little disappointing to come this far and not win. But still, it was a good time I guess being on the jury is pretty cool,” He walked over to Elaine and Chris, “I hope one of you wins it.”

“Too bad one of them won’t win,” Ronda smirked.

“Ronda, I’m going to enjoy watching you go down,” Jakey stated.

“It’s funny to hear you say that cause,” Ronda said, “I enjoyed watching you go down.”

Jakey walked into the jury hotel without another word. The final three all sat together.

“So,” Elaine began, “It’s been like, eighteen weeks, and now it’s down to the three of us.”

“Twenty,” Ronda corrected, “It’s been twenty weeks. I counted every horrible week I spent here.”

“And it sure was horrible,” Chris agreed. The three laughed, but then stopped, because Chris and Elaine realized whom they were laughing with. Chris spoke again, “How about, just for tonight, we have a truce, Ronda, and talk like civilized people.”

“Fine,” Ronda nodded.

“Why you’re still here, I’ll never know,” Elaine stated to Ronda.

“I’m not sure either,” Ronda said, “It’s probably everyone’s will to be easily manipulated by me.”

“I guess so,” Chris said.

“How many people did you end up using?” Elaine inquired.

“I don’t know,” Ronda replied, “Let’s see… It was Natalia, Jason, Sharon, but only temporarily, you, Elaine, Ali, Laura, and even you, Chris, as well as Blossom. That makes… eight people.”

“That’s a lot of people…” Elaine was amazed at how such a horrible person could pull something like that off.

“You used me?!” Chris exclaimed, “When?!”

“Remember when Blossom offered an alliance to you?” Ronda was clearly enjoying herself, “She said just her. She lied. I convinced her into an alliance with Jakey and I, to vote out Ali for costing me the challenge. I told her to convince you to join, and she did. So, ha!”

“Oh…” Chris muttered, “I always wondered why we didn’t eliminate you.”

“Yeah,” Ronda nodded, “I bet you did.”

“So,” Elaine began, “Is the truce over?”

“Yes,” Ronda said. Chris headed off in the direction of the boys cabin. Elaine and Ronda headed towards the girls cabin, and could be heard arguing all night long.

Day 21: The Last Episode Before the Last Episode

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Roger began, “We put our final four in pairs again. Jakey and Chris, and Elaine and Ronda. The boys took the first challenge, but the girls took the other two, and won the whole thing. The girls chose to send Jakey packing. So, what will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Mania?”

Chris and Elaine sat on one side of the cafeteria and Ronda sat on the other.

“So, Elaine,” Chris said, “It’s down to us. Well, and her.” He motioned to Ronda.

“Yeah,” Elaine nodded, “She has to go next.” Chris nodded in agreement.

“Then it would be down to us,” Chris stated, “And we let the jury members decide.”

“Right,” Elaine agreed.

Roger burst in with news about the challenge.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger looked around, “Wow, only three of you left.”

“And I plan to win out of these three,” Ronda stated.

“Yeah, good luck,” Roger said, “Anyway, as promised, we have the confessional for you. The final two will also get to use it.”

Elaine stepped in first, “Wow! Just three of us left! I’m hoping I win. I mean, I’d be happy for Chris if he won too, but everyone wants themselves to win. I just hope Ronda loses. If I lost this challenge and was voted out, I’d pick for Chris to win. So, anyway, until next time, when I’ll hopefully be in the final two!” She waved to the camera, then left.

Ronda was the next one to enter, “I hope those losers know what’s coming to them. I have this game in the bag. Just two more obstacles left! If I make it into the final two, which I will, I’ll just make up some sob story about why I deserve to win, like my mother has some disease, or I need to get my family off of the streets, or whatever. All I know is that I’m going to win.”

Chris entered last, “I’m still here! I can’t believe it! It’s surreal! I mean, Ronda’s here too, so it’s not as surreal… But still! I’m seriously hoping that Ronda goes next. Elaine would be runner up, then I would win! That would be so cool! I can’t wait to see everyone again at the finale! Especially Laura. I haven’t seen her, for like, ever. So, yeah, we’ll see how this goes.”

“Anyway, onto your challenge!” Roger said, “Today, you three will raft across the river. Then, you will get torches. There are twelve hidden candles on the island. Four are blue, four are orange, and four are purple. You will light up candlesticks and bring it to your table. You will know your candlesticks because they will have bandanas of your color tied around them. You will know your table because it will be the same color as your torches and candles. Elaine, you have orange, Chris, you have purple, and Ronda, you have blue. So, the rafts are outside, and… GO!”

“Wait!” Ronda yelled.

“Fine…” Roger muttered. Ronda ran to her cabin, and grabbed a few small objects and put them in her pocket.

“I’m back!” Ronda announced, as she returned.

“Hooray…” Roger said, sarcastically, “And… GO!”

The three of them ran to their rafts.

“Ugh!” Ronda jumped onto her raft, and slipped off.

“Ha!” Elaine laughed, but Ronda pulled her into the water. Elaine thrashed, and then kicked Chris’ raft, causing him to fall into the river too.

“Elaine!” Chris exclaimed.

“Sorry!” Elaine cried, “My bad!” Ronda had climbed back on her raft and was going towards the other side of the river. Elaine and Chris did the same. Soon, they had caught up. The three of them all ended up at the island at about the same time.

“Alright, you three, now you need to track down your candlesticks, and bring them back to the tables, which will be here,” Roger said.

Ronda ran off to find candlesticks, as did Chris and Elaine. Elaine soon discovered a candle, and ran it over to the tables.

Chris wasn’t having as much luck. He searched and searched, but had no luck. After about twenty minutes, he found a candlestick, and brought it to the tables.

Ronda found a candlestick, but it had an orange bandana. She took the items out of her pocket. She took one and wrapped one around it. She tied a blue bandana around the orange bandana, so no one could see it. She ran it back to the tables.

“Ronda needs two more to win!” Roger announced.

“We can’t let it happen!” Elaine stated to Chris, Chris nodded. They both left.

Chris ran around, frantically searching for candlesticks. He looked in between rocks, in knotholes in trees, and in the water. He found one in the waters of a creek. He ran it back to camp.

Elaine searched all over the island, and found two. She brought them back.

“I have two! One more to go!” Elaine announced upon arriving at the campsite.

“Too late!” Ronda said, tauntingly, “I already won!” She smirked.

Chris ran in with a candlestick, “What’s going on?”

“Ronda just brought back her last candlestick!” Roger stated, “She won the challenge, and has a spot in the final two.”

“Ha-ha!” Ronda sang. She victoriously lifted up each one off of the table, counting them as she went along, “One, two, three, four!” The last candlestick was lifted off of the table, and the blue bandana fell off, revealing an orange bandana underneath. Roger, Chris and Elaine gasped.

“What’s this?” Roger inquired.

“Um, I had no idea!” Ronda lied.

“That’s one of my candlesticks!” Elaine realized, then ran over, grabbed it, and put it on her table.

“Ronda’s candlestick is fake! Elaine is the winner!” Roger announced.

“Yay!” Elaine exclaimed.

“Congratulations!” Roger praised, “You are now in the final two! Now, Elaine, who do you want to take final two with you? I’ll give Ronda and Chris a chance to speak.”

“Elaine, we’ve had such a history together,” Chris began, “We’ve said how we were going to eliminate Ronda. You made a promise to me, and I promised you.”

“Elaine, you shouldn’t take a well like person to the final two,” Ronda started, “You’d be a shoe-in for the money if you took me. And isn’t this what this is about? The money?”

Elaine thought about this for a very long time.

“Elaine, you may tell me your choice,” Roger requested. Elaine walked over to him, and whispered in his ear, “The person… That is making it… To the final two… is…………………………………… Chris.”

“This will be your downfall, Elaine, mark my words,” Ronda glared, as she trudged over to the Jury Hotel.

“So, we’re the final two,” Chris stated.

“Yes, we are,” Elaine agreed, “Glad I’m with you and not Ronda.”

“Yeah,” Chris said, “I would’ve chosen you over Ronda any day.” They hugged, then walked off to the cabins.

Day 22: The Finale

“Last time on Total Drama Mania,” Roger said, “Our final three had their hands full with candelabras. They were each assigned a color to bring back to their table. In short, Ronda tried to cheat using a blue bandana to cover Elaine’s orange bandana. She was caught, and Elaine won. She chose to took Chris to the final two… shocker… Anyway, find out what happens at the shocking conclusion of Total… Drama… Mania!”

Elaine and Chris sat together in the dining hall.

“So, Elaine,” Chris said, “It’s down to us. One of us will get the money. One of us will win Total Drama Mania.”

“Stop it, Chris, you’re making me nervous,” Elaine said.

“Sorry,” Chris apologized, “It’s a pretty big deal, though.”

“Yeah, I know,” Elaine nodded.

Roger walked in on them, “Good morning final two! On the very last morning that you will be spending here, you will get to use the confessional to talk for the last time.”

Chris went first, “I’m here! Final two! Me or Elaine… It’s good Ronda is gone, though. She was vile. Anyway, I don’t want to keep thinking of Ronda. That will ruin today. I guess these horrible weeks here could end up paying off… or could end up biting me in the butt. We’ll find out.” Chris left.

Elaine followed, “I’m so excited to be here! It is so much nicer not having twenty one other people crowding the cafeteria. Anyway, I’d have to thank my position now to my family. They raised me to be a sweet, nice girl. I am hoping I win. I guess I’d be happy for Chris if he won though. Oh, well. Here I go.” Elaine left the confessional.

“If you guys are done, we’ll bring in the jury members,” Roger said. Elaine and Chris nodded to show that they were done, “Excellent! Let’s bring in the jury members!” The nine jury members sat down in the order that they were going to speak. The order was Ken, Ali, Nicole, Blossom, Carter, Jakey, Laura, Stan and Ronda.

Everyone was wearing their nicest attire. Chris was wearing a suit with a purple shirt and purple polka-dot tie. Elaine wore a long, flowing, strapless orange dress with a floral print.

“All right, now what you’ve been waiting for. Well, not really. But now Ken will speak,” Roger stated.

Ken stood up and cleared his throat. He was wearing a suit with a white shirt and red tie. He began to speak, “First off, I’d like to congratulate you both for making it this far,” They nodded their heads to acknowledge him, “I’d like to ask Elaine a question first. Why do you need the money?”

“I only joined it for the money, I need it for college,” Elaine explained.

Ken nodded, “And, Chris, why do you need the money?”

“I don’t, really,” Chris admitted, “I come from a moderately wealthy family, so the money doesn’t mean much. I joined to meet new people, and possibly become spotted by a talent scout.”

“That is all I wish to ask. I am finished,” Ken sat down.

“Alright,” Roger said, “Ali, you may speak next.”

Ali stood up. She was wearing a pink dress with big red ribbon around her waist, “So, Elaine. Do you think that the way Ronda treated us in an alliance was fair?”

“No, I wouldn’t. She was unfair and unjust, and never treated us like people,” Elaine stated.

Ali nodded, “I agree, one hundred percent. Chris, how would you summarize Ronda’s treatment of us, in one word.”

“Cruel,” Chris stated.

“Thank you for your time,” Ali was seated, as Nicole stood up.

“Nicole, please be seated,” Roger said, “Alright now you may stand,” Nicole stood up again, “Please ask questions for our finalists. Nicole was wearing a long green dress with an emerald necklace and matching earrings.

“Thank you, Roger. Chris, Elaine, do you think Roger made the right choice in selecting me as the wildcard jury member?” Nicole asked.

“I think that you were definitely one of my closest friends and I’m glad that you were chosen,” Elaine smiled.

“I definitely didn’t know you, but from what I saw and heard, you were a sweet, charming, intelligent girl,” Chris said.

“Okay, thank you both,” Nicole sat down.

“Blossom, you may speak,” Roger said. Blossom was wearing a long, sequin covered, baby blue dress.

“First, congratulations, you both deserve it. Now, I was wondering what word you would use if you were to summarize yourselves in one word,” Blossom stated.

Chris paused to think, “Sincere.”

Elaine eventually came up with a word, “Kind.”

“Okay,” Blossom said, “I have one more question. Why do you deserve to be in the final two?”

“I’ve been nice to everyone, and I haven’t made any enemies thus far, even Ronda and I haven’t really made much of a conflict,” Chris stated.

“Well, I guess that I’ve played a fair and honest game,” Elaine said.

Blossom nodded and smiled, and sat back down. Carter stood up. He was wearing an ugly plaid suit.

“HI! MISS ME?” Carter asked. Chris and Elaine slowly nodded, “So, you guys want a question?” They nodded again, “I can’t think of one!! SORRY!!!” He sat back down. Elaine and Chris exchanged a look.

Jakey was wearing the exact same suit as Carter, “So, you guys, I have a question. Elaine, why did you vote me out instead of Chris?”

“I guess I sort of liked Chris more…” Elaine sighed.

“Oh, all right. I can dig that. Chris, why did you vote me off that nigh?” Jakey asked.

“Um… Because I had to…” Chris said.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. My bad! I’m done!” Jakey sat down.

“Next Laura will speak,” Roger announced.

Laura was wearing a short, simple, glimmering white dress with a necklace with a blue stone on the end, “Hey guys. I’ve missed you both so much!” Laura said, “I was wondering. Why do you think you deserve the other person deserves the money less than you do?”

“I would say that… Well, I can’t think of a single reason why Elaine is more undeserving than myself,” Chris stated.

“The feeling is mutual Chris,” Elaine said. They hugged, and Laura smiled and sat back down.

“Next we have Stan,” Roger announced. Stan rose. He was wearing a suit with a green shirt and a dark green tie with a fancy pattern on it.

“Elaine, do you think that I made the right decision saving you on the night of my elimination?” Stan asked.

“No. I don’t. I think you should be standing here in my spot right now. I know that if I won, I would share the money with you,” Elaine said.

Stan smiled, “Thank you, Elaine. Chris, why do you want to win?”

“I want to win for the money, and so that I can proudly say that I’ve won this,” Chris stated.

“And now, we have the most recently eliminated Ronda to come and ask questions,” Roger declared.

Ronda wore a rouge colored dress, with a rose in her hair, “Elaine, first, I want to ask you, why did you take Chris to the final two? You should know that you don’t stand a chance.”

“I would be more scared in competition with you. You could convince anyone to do anything, trust me,” Elaine said.

“You do realize that I still hate you, right? No matter how nice a complement that was,” Ronda asked. Elaine nodded.

“Chris, why do you want Elaine to lose?” Ronda questioned.

“I don’t want Elaine to lose,” Chris said, “However, I want to win, so those are two very conflicting things…”

“Umm-Hmm…” Ronda muttered, as she sat back down.

“Now it’s time for you all to vote,” Roger motioned to the jury, “I will point to you randomly for you to vote. First… Ali.”

“I vote for… Elaine,” Ali said, “I’m so sorry, Chris. I see more reason for Elaine to win.”

“Next… Jakey,” Roger said.

“I think I will vote for…… Chris,” Jakey stated. Roger nodded, then pointed to Blossom.

“I’m so sorry, Elaine. I vote for Chris,” Blossom said. Elaine smiled.

“Next… Ken,” Roger said.

“I vote for Elaine,” Ken said.

“So we have two and two. It’s currently a tie,” Roger announced, “Next let’s have Nicole vote.”

“Chris, my sincerest apologies, I vote for Elaine,” Nicole said.

“Okay, let’s have Stan next,” Roger said.

“Chris, you’re a good friend. I vote Elaine,” Stan said. Roger nodded.

“That’s four for Elaine, two for Chris,” Roger declared, “Next let’s have Laura.”

“I think it’s clear who I vote for,” Laura said, “I vote for Chris. Elaine, you’ve been an amazing friend, but I hold Chris incredibly close to my heart.” She blew a kiss to Chris.

“Ronda, you vote now!” Roger exclaimed.

“I vote for Chris. I don’t like you, but I hate Elaine more,” Ronda stated.

“And finally… Carter. You have the deciding vote. It’s four to four,” Roger said.

“I vote for…” Carter paused, then walked over to Roger to whisper him the results.

“And… the winner… of Total… Drama Mania… And the proud owner of one million dollars… is… Elaine! Elaine wins! Congratulations!” Roger announced.

“You won!” Stan exclaimed. Elaine ran over to him, and jumped into his arms. They kissed.

Laura walked over to Chris, and put her arm around him. He put her arm around her waist, “So you lost, big deal? Twenty one other people did too,” Laura comforted.

“I know. A million dollars would be really nice, but I have something even more valuable than that. It’s a real treasure,” Chris said.

“And what might that be?” Laura asked, smiling.

“I’m holding onto it right now,” Chris smiled. He kissed her.

“Congratulations, Elaine!” Nicole ran to hug her. Ali followed and hugged her as well.

Ronda remained with her nose high in the air, “We all know who should’ve won,” She muttered.

“Oh, come on,” Elaine nudged her, “You can’t be all mad. Here, you need this,” She gave her a small wad of money.

“… Thank you… I guess…” Ronda gave a little bit of a smile.

“What do you say, a clean slate?” Elaine asked, as she offered a hand to Ronda.

“A clean slate,” Ronda sighed, and shook Elaine’s hand.

“Congratulations, Elaine!” Roger exclaimed, “This is the end of Total Drama Mania! But don’t worry, you’ll see all your favorites again! And by your favorites, I mean me. So join me next time on Total Drama Pandemonium!”

Theme Song!

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine." (Jason is showing off karate moves to Ronda and Ali. Ronda rolls her eyes and Ali heaves out a sigh. Jakey is watching nearby and applauds Jason. Jason bows.)

"You guys are on my mind." (Natalia is singing onstage as Michelle is jealousy watching from offstage.)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answers plain to see." (Elaine and Stan are jumping on stones across a river. Chad is standing on the other side and he pushes Stan in the river as Elaine glares at him.)

"I wanna be famous." (Ernesto and Carter are randomly dancing, as Sharon applauds them.)

"I wanna live close to the sun." (Ken, Mitchell and Pete are playing football. Ken passes it Pete, who misses it, and the ball rolls over to Blossom, who politely offer it back to them.)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've alread won." (Nicole is shown doodling on a sketch pad.)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Emily walks over to her and starts complementing her on her drawing.)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Edmund is pictured wearing a cape and holding a skull, while he is doing awful dramatic movements.)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (Sunny is lying on blanket, staring at the clouds, surrounded by puppies.)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Whistling starts.)" (Chris and Laura are leaning in for a kiss. Laura's phone beeps and she whips it our of her pocket and smacks Chris in the face, causing him to fall off of the log they are sitting on.)

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18* 19 20 21 22
1 Elaine NCWinLowSafeWinWinSafeWinWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinLowSafeWinWinWinner
2 Chris NCSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinWinWinLowSafeSafeWinSafeWinSafeLowLowRunner-up
3 Ronda NCSafeWinWinLowLowLowWinWinWinSafeWinWinWinSafeLowLowLowSafeWinOUT
4 Jakey NCWinSafeSafeWinWinWinSafeWinWinWinWinSafeWinSafeWinSafeSafeSafeOUT
5 Blossom NCWinSafeSafeWinWinWinLowWinWinWinWinSafeLowWinWinSafeSafeOUT
6 Stan NCSafeWinWinSafeSafe WinWinSafeLowWinSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeLEFT
7 Laura NCSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinWinWinLowSafeLowWinOUT
8 Carter NCSafeWinWinSafeSafeSafeWinWinWinLowWinWinSafeWinOUT
9 Ali NCSafeWinWinSafeSafeSafeWinWinWinSafeWinWinWinOUT
10 Ken NCWinSafeSafeWinWin WinWinLowSafeWinLowWinOUT
11 Nicole NCWinSafeSafeWinWin WinWinSafeSafeWinSafeLEFT
12 Mitchell NCWinSafeLowWinWin WinWinSafeSafeWinOUT
13 Sharon NCWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinWinOUT
14 Jason NCLowWinWinSafeSafe WinWinSafeOUT
15 Sunny NCWinSafeSafeWinWin WinWinOUT
16 Michelle NCSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinOUT
17 Ernesto NCWinSafeSafeWinWinOUT
18 Chad NCSafeWinWinSafeOUT
19 Edmund NCSafeWinWin OUT
20 Pete NCWinSafeOUT
21 Emily NCWinOUT
22 Natalia NCOUT

Green Name- Yelling Wombats

Red Name- Demolishing Sharks

Purple Name- Dancing Eggplants (This camper was previously on either the Demolishing Sharks or the Yelling Wombats, but made it to the team splitting.)

Pink Name- Flying Flamingoes (This camper was previously on either the Demolishing Sharks or the Yelling Wombats, but made it to the team splitting.)

Orange Name- Growing Flowers (This camper was previously on either the Demolishing Sharks or the Yelling Wombats, but made it to the team splitting.)

Light Gold Name- Alpha Males and Females (This camper was previously on either the Growing Flowers, Flying Flamingoes, or the Dancing Eggplants, but made it to a merged team.)

Blue and Win- This person won the challenge.

Yellow and Safe- This person lost the challenge, but were not eliminated.

Orange and Low- This person lost the challenge, received the final marshmallow, and was almost eliminated.

Red and Out- This person lost the challenge, and was eliminated.

Red and Left- This person either won or lost the challenge, was not eliminated, but left by choice.

Gold and Winner- This person has met the requirements to win Total Drama Mania.

Silver and Runner-Up- This person has met the requirements to become the runner up of Total Drama Mania.

*- Elaine was meant to be eliminated, but Stan sacrificed himself for her.

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