Chris brings 6 new characters. Along with 6 old ones from Total Drama the Adventure places them in a mansion as big as the Eiffel Tower and forces them to compete in sci-fi themed challnges . Heres the talk page

Total Drama Mansion


PS. Cheryl and Rodrick are no longer Main Antagonists as Bozo and Daniella have taking there place

When a contestant is eliminated they have a strike in there name

Team Agents

Bozo (The Nerdy Strategist) - Bozo is nerdy,strategic and evil and will do anything to win this thing (Main Antagonist from episode 1-Present)

Carlos (The Joker) - Carlos knows how to take a joke really serioulsy (Main Protagonist)

Mackbeth (The Jock) - Mackbeth is some kid thats similar to Tyler but he's actually usefull.Sometimes, most of the time he gets injured. (Prontagonist)

Charlie (The Jowfull Girl) Last season Charlie made an outstanding second place can she win this time (Protagonist)

Cheryl (The Rich Girl) Cheryl did make it quite far last season but now she is hated my everyone can she manipulate the new guys? (Antagonist)

Sonya (The Idiot) Sonya has gotten smarter since Total Drama the Adventure but can she make it further than last season? (Protagonist)

Brock Lee (The Broccoli Hater) Last season Brock Lee placed 7th will get further or will he not

Team Double 00

Casey (The Yo-Yo Master) - Casey is like the best yo-yoer in the country I mean the best! (Anti-Hero)

Daniella (The Hot Gal) - Daniella is so pretty, Well she's just so pretty. But she's also evil no wonder shes Bozo's girlfriend (Main Antagonist from episode 1-6)

Hope (The Optimistic Girl) - Hope has hope thats all (Main Protagonist)

Rodrick (The Rich Guy) Rodrick may have got eliominated because of his sis but this time he's got a trick up his sleeve (Antagonist)

Emmet (The Sore Loser) Emmet got eliminated last time do to his losing streak but he thinks he can win this time

Zach (The Fearless Computer Geek) Zach was eliminated early last time cause he quit but he can win this time


Chapter 1 - The Very First Mission

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the the Adventure!

Chris : Our final two battled it out in a crocoodile wrestling challenge and someone forgott the rest of it (Glares at Intern)

Intern : Its not my fault I'm to lazy

Chris : (Presses a button that open the floor up)

Intern : (Falls throw hole and goes falling until he hits the ground and breakes all his bones)

Ambulance people : Your gonna need a wheelchair for the next three weeks

Intern : Awwwwwwwwww!

Chris : What will happen next on Total Drama Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie : When will the other contestants be here

Zach : My Calcius Fanbidroid Dextenthing says they will be here in nano seconds

Cheryl : Your Dorkious Nerdadroid Geek a what?

Rodrick : Simple his nerd gadget says they'll be here in nano seconds idiot

A mustang drove to the huge mansion and 6 figures came out

Bozo : Zolbious fanaminine has a chance of forkallan dong

Cheryl : And I thought it was gonna be hard

Bozo : Shut up skinny rich girl I bet you I'm more evil

Chris : Heres Bozo

Cheryl (conf) : Bozo seems evil.....I like it

Cheryl : Wanna be in a alliance

Bozo : No sorry I have a girlfriend shes Daniella

Daniella accidenly pushes some people to the floor

Rodrick : Wowie

Emmet : I-I have a girlfriend

Sonya : Wowie

Charlie : I like guys

Daniella : Hey guys my name is Daniella

Emmet :Hot!

Emmet (conf) : Hot!

Chris : Next Carlos

Carlos : Watcha call an egg hat eats

Rodrick : I dont know you fool

Carlos : Eggeatatic!

Rodrick : I hate you.

Chris : Next Casey

Casey : Yo Yo Yo. I have a cool Yo Yo (Does Yo-Yo trick)

Carlos : Cool trick

Casey : Yo Yo (Throws Yo Yo at Carlose's Groin) Ha Ha Ha

Chris : Annoying Annoying Annoying!

Casey : (Glares at Chris)

Chris : Next Mackbeth

A tallblack dude with a brown afro in a purple Tyler -like tracksuit jumped out of the mustang on a skateboard and trips over a duck toy

Mackbeth : AHHHH! (Flys in the air till he falls on his neck with his head on the floor)

Mackbeth : Ow. (Groans in pain) (Legs fall down after sticking in the sky)

Chris : Okay........Next up Natasha

Hope : I have hope and I think I might win!

Chris : Okay those on the right are Team Agents and the left are Team Double 00

Chris : Any quetsins

Hope : Team Double 00 rules!

Chris : The first challenge is a quizball

Mackbeth : Oh no fair they've got Zach the geek

Chris : There are three questions . Question one What does cal-

Zach : The fenamn solimun jecfrason blebian

Chris : UH (Looks at answer sheet) correct

Chris : Question two the f-

Zach : Jolious demenon

Chris ; (Looks at answer sheet) Correct

Chris : Q 3 Fel

Zach : Gemanin Gemanin

Chris : Looks like team Double 00 win


Chris : Gadgets go to Bozo,Carlos,Mackbeth,Sonya last one goes to....Charlie

Cheryl : You-

Chris : No swearing just leave Cheryl

Cheryl : Fine


Chris : On an all new episode of Total Drama Mansion

Bozo : You idiots!

Chris : The contestants will find that gravity is nothing

Hope : Great!

Chris : Tensions will rise with two of our antagonists

Rodrick : Dude get lost

Bozo : Go stick your head in the toilet

Chris : What will happen next time!

Chapter 2 - The Life of Gravity

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Mansion

Chris : We met our six new contestants and we had a challenge a quizball our geek Zach happened to answer all the questins causing Team Double 00 to win our should I say team Triple 0!

Chris : What will happen next on Total..Drama Mansion!

Chris : Oh I forgott each team has there on place in he mansion

Chris : Since Team Agents lost they get the bottom 4 storeys Team Double 00 get the top 5 storeys cheerio

Chris : Ooh and that thing at the side of the mansion is the confessinal

(Team Agents)

Carlos : Watcha call a-

Bozo : Shut up you

Bozo : (Conffesinal) So my girlfriends on a diffrent team the winning team so I have to lead someone into an alliance and I know just who....

Bozo : Hey Charlie

Charlie : What do you want

Bozo : An Allinance

Charlie : Well I cant stand losing again. Even though she gave me some of the money

Bozo : Who?

Charlie : Lindsay last season winner I was last seasons runner up

Bozo (conf) : Impresive

Mackbeth : Hey Sonya watch I can do a flip

Sonya : Okay I'm watching

Mackbeth : Yaa! (Lands on head and neck again) Ow.

Sonya : (Confessinal) That dude is going to kill himself if he keeps it up till the merge but his profile says he's been doing these stunts since age 1! I wonder how he surivives

Mackbeth : (Confessinal) Yep I'm a surviver some people call me unfortunate

Sonya : I'll get the first aid kit (Walks to a diffrent room)

(Team Double 00)

Casey : Yo-Yo-Yo

Casey : (Confessinal) Yo-Yo

Emmet : Hi (Drools whiles looking at Daniella)

Daniella : Ya know I have a boyfriend but hey its not my falt

Daniella : (Confessinal) : Me and my boyfriend Bozo have startegy I'm so giong to manipulate everyone minus Bozo but mark my word it might not be today or tomorow but I will manipulate

Hope : Were gonna win!

Rodrick : Oh greatlook we have another Charlie and Sonya

Hope : (Confessinal) I think he likes me!

Rodrick : (Confessinal) Okay seriuosly Hope dont fool me Charlie and Sonya were dumb then proven to be smart they were just playing around to get friends pathetic!

Zach : Hey Daniella Cornelious Fatch has a IQ of 188 and thats because of his jekpluca.

Daniella : Okay..

Zach : (Confessinal) I think she's digging the Zachary!

Chris : Challenge time!

Chris : Todays challenge is bassed on Gravity. 1 person on a team will be lifted by gravity and the rest will be controling a huge remote to get there member to the finnish line!

Bozo : I'll do it for my team

Rodick : I'll do it for mine

Chris : On your marks get set go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bozo : Left right lef!

Charlie : Stop shouting out random sides (Starts pushes left buttom until it it gets broken)

Bozo : (Gets Electrocuted) You idiots!

Rodrick : This way that way

Hope : Great!

Bozo : (Bumbs into Rodrick)

Rodrick : Get lost dude

Bozo : Go stick your head in the toilet

Bozo : Press something!

Charlie : I'll do it (Jams button until its broken) Oops

Bozo : Ahhhhhhhhh! (Falls down)

Theres is a big explosion

Mackbeth : (Flys up and falls on ground due to explosion)

Chris : You guys are disqualified Team Double 00 wins again!

Team Double 00 : Yeah!

Chris : Team Agents vote

Bozo : (Confesinal) (Looks at hair that goes up due to the explosion) If it wasn't for Charlie our team woud've won and The WHOLE team wouldn't have the hair going up like this (Points at hair)

Carlos : (Confessinal) Charlie definately

Mackbeth : (Confessinal) Charlie! (Groans in pain)

Charlie : (Confessinal) Bozo

Sonya : (Confessinal) Sorry friend but Charlie


Chris : Figures go to Carlos,Mackbeth and Sonya. Last figure goes to.......Bozo

Charlie : What the-

Bozo : (Winks at Charlie)

Charlie : (Glares at Bozo)

Chris : Episodes over


Chris : On the next all new episode off Total Drama Mansion

Team Agents : Ahh!

Chris : The contestants will have to survive plant life

Sonya : Thats all wrong!!!!!

Bozo : And who cares!

Chris : What will happen next time!

Chapter 3 - Total Drama Plants!

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Mansion. We had a gravity challenge unluckily Team Agents got a big explosin.

Team Double 00 won again and Charlie went home ironic second place then second eliminated

Chris : Who will win? who will lose? and who get the Kick of shame into mustang off losers.

Chris : What will happen on Total Drama Mansion

Sonya : (Confessinal) I dont think its fair there eliminating all the girls of the team

Bozo : (Confessinal) Me and Daniella have this sheet where we decide who will get someone kicked off (Looks at sheet) Todays is Daniellas turn

Carlos : (Confessinal) What you call a perosn that doesn't eat. A non eater!!!!!!!!!

Mackbeth : (Confessinal) I dont know why my mom singed me up for this I'm good at sports not science

Danilell : Hey Sonya alliance

Sonya : Shoudn't you be up 5 stories away from us

Daniella : I used the allevator

Sonya : Theres an allivater!

Daniella : (Roles eyes) Anyway we could be powerfull

Sonya : But I think I can be antagonistic by myself!

Daniell : No offence but your as antagonistic as Beth from TDI

Sonya : Okay then!

Chris : Todays challenge growing the famous plant expatava

Chris : But if you do it wrong it will eat you

All contestants : Huh!

Chris : Start.

(Team Agents)

Sonya : Hey please dont eat us plant

(Plant grows) Mackbeth : Holy Shrimp (Plant eats himand spits him out)

Mackbeth : (Falls on floor) OW!

Team Agents : Ah!


Sonya : Thats all wrong

Bozo : And who cares

Sonya : I want to win this!!!!!!!!!

(Team Double 00)

Zach : The Coniporos Zeplas has-

Casey : Just help us!

Rodrick : Were done

Mackbeth : We havn't started

Chris : Team Agents vote

Daniella : (Confesinal) I'm voting why? To eliminate SONYA THAt Idiot has got to go

Chris : The eliminated contestant is Emmet

Chris : Oh wait Daniella voted for Sonya she's out

Sonya : That traitor there team cant vote and we were in an alliance

Team Agents : Huh!

Chris : Wow Shocker

Chris : Well time for the kick of shame (Kicks Sonya in mustang)

Sonya : Ow!

Chapter 4 - Two Returners Sitting on The Wall!

Chris : Too tired to do a recap bye!

Chris : Who to are returning

Rodrick : Who

Chris :Brock Lee and Cheryl

Mackbeth : Okay

Chris : The'yll both be on Team Agents

Team Agents : YES!

Bozo : Not her agian

Brock Lee : (Confessinal) Hey one of the Interns said whoever caught the watch will return. And I caught it lucky

Cheryl : (Confessinal) Thats right baby I'm back

Chris : Since you both are on the losing team you'll stay in the first 4 floors of the mansion.

(Team Agents)

Carlos : You guys Chris says the challenge is based on the invasion of germs Brock Lee : Were do we sleep

Bozo : Cheryl on her old bed and you on Charlie or Sonya's

Brock Lee : (Confesinal) I told you that Charlie wont last the first 5 episodes you owe me 5 euros Jonsey!

Mackbeth : Hi Brock Lee your Total Drama profile says you ranked 7th

Mackbeth : (Confessinal) I dont have these memorized and I'm not a TD Series fan

Chris : Challenge time eating germs

Cheryl : thats it I quit

Chris : Double 00 win

Chris : Well this episode was short and boring later!

Chapter 5 - Scientific Dogeball

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Mansion!

Chris : Cheryl and Brock Lee returned only for Cheryl to quit I unfarely made Double 00 win due to this.Team Agents must hate me!

Team Agents : We hate you Chris!

Chris : What will the cast say after playing scientific dogeball in this episode of Total Drama Mansion!

(Team Agents Floors)

Mackbeth : Dudes seroiusly we need to get our game on we lost 2 members and 1 member twice

Brock Lee : You only lost one challenge. Jeez.

Bozo : I dont know if you've watched the first three episodes but we are the underdogs of the season

Brock Lee : All the rest of the non qualifiers watched but i COUDN'T BE BOTHERED UNLESS i'M IN it

Bozo : Me too

Carlos : I give up joking. why?

Bozo : Cause we hate you for doing it

Carlos : Cause my idols Charlie and Sonya stoped doing it

Mackbeth : You do notice you had a chance to talk to them they were on the sAME TEAM But no you eliminatec them with us.

Carlos : Awwww

(Team Double 00)

Casey : Dudes were genious's

Emmet : Finally I'm on the winning team yeah you guys better not screw up

Rodrick : Jesus what makes you think we will lose

Emmet : What if its something beyond nerdy

Rodrick : Then what do you think he's for (Points at Zach)

Zach : Ya know Zedpolis albi-

Emmet : Dont care!

Hope : Were going to win this

Daniella : How do you know that

Hope : I better go stratigise

(2 miliseconds later)

Hope : Done!

Emmet : That was 1 second Hope

Hope : I know I'm not some dummy!Ha Ha!Ha Ha! Ha Ha!

Chris : Todays challenge scientific dogeball okay its just normal dogeball but when it hits you . You get electricuted

Chris : The game strats now!

Brock Lee : (Throws ball at Zach)

Zach : (Gets Electricuted) OW!

Carlos : Yaaaaa (Gets hit by dogeball and is electricuted)

Bozo : Haa! (Throws dogeball at Rodrick)

Rodrick : (Gets electricuteed) Damn

(45 minutes later)

The Scores :

Team Score Rounds Won Members still in game Name of mebers left
Team Agents 5 5 1 Mackbeth
Team Double 00 5 5 1 Emmet

Mackbeth : Prepare to lose

Team Double 00 : Emmet!Emmet!Emmet!

Emmet : Ahhh! (Gets hit by Dogeball)

Chris : (Team Agents win)

Chris : The person eliminated is Emmet he lost

Chris : (Gives Emmet the kick of shame into the mustang of losers)

Chris : See ya next time

Chapter 6 - Bottling Fun

Chris : Too tired for recap oh and what will happen on our bottling 100kg of water challenge find out next on Total Drama Mansion.

Chris : Wake up everyone its time for your challenge!

Carlos : Its 3 in the morning you idiot.

Chris : The water is fresher at this time you idiot

Chris : Three challenges today

Chris : But since Team Agents are down to 4 Daniella care to sit this one out and go to bed

Daniella : Sure

Everyone else : Oh come on!

Chris : Okay guys two challenges today. Two members of Team Agents and Team Double 00 will compete in the 1st

Chris : And the rest of the of the teams will compete inthe 2nd

Chris : Okay the competitors for the first are Mackbeth , Bozo , Casey and Hope

Chris : You guys have to fill 100km water bottles start now

Bozo : Hey hope look!

Hope : (Looks up at the sky)

Bozo : (Kicks Hope down hill)

Hope : Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Mackbeth : Dude not cool oh look I'm up to 92!!

Bozo : I'm up to 100

Casey : Now I have to do Hope's and she's up to 10 I'm only up to 20

Bozo : Sucker Ha Ha (Casey throws bottle at head)

Chris : Although that was hilarious Casey your disqualified Team Agents won the first challenge

Chris : Okay Brock Lee ,Carlos,Rodrick and Zach challenge time you guys have to fill these huge bottles

Bozo : Wow sucks to be them

Chris : Ooh and the challenge winners get to go to sleep

Mackbeth and Bozo : (High five each other and walk to mansion)

Carlos : Quickly Broccoli pour water in there!

Brock Lee : Hey!

Zach : Ya know zedbias

Rodrick : Shut up and help me

Zach : No Zedbias enfaliline says I shouldn't

(2 mins later)

Chris : Team Agents win Broccoli and-

Brock Lee : Hey!

Chris : - Carlos you go to bed until 11.00 thats when the next challenge is. But Team Double 00 you dont go to bed till 10.52

Team Double 00 : Oh come on!

Chris : Meet me at the ceremony


Chris : The first one goes to Rodrick

(Final Marshmellow scene)

Chris : The last one goes too...........Hope, Zach your out!

Zach (conf) : Me eliminated early again but last season I should have stayed longer darn you QUITTING!

Chris : What will happen next time

Chapter 7 - The Losers Dungeon

Chris : Okay guys welcome to the losers dungeon!

Chris : All of our eliminated contestants stay her.

Chris : Okay guys lets see what there doing!


Charlie : (whispering to Sonya) That'll teach her!

Sonya : (whispering back) It should there there the only spiders I know that can go to toilet!


Zach : Dude did you know selpioas corliou-

Emmet : Shut up will ya

Zach : Yaaa! (Kicks Emmet)

Chris : Vote for who you want voted off!

Cheryl : Broccoli

Charlie : Brock Lee

Sonya : Brock Lee

Emmet : Brock Lee

Zach : Brock Lee

Brock Lee : Hi!

Everyone : Were did yopu come from

Brock Lee : The place is close to her only 2 mins away.

Zach : It felt like 2 days!

Chris : What will happen next

Chapter 8 - So You Think You Can Merge?

Chris : Okay guys it thr merge talk in the confessinal!

Rodrick : (conf) OK to tell you truth ever since last season I have turned into an Anti-Hero it embarissing for a person like me anyway I'm just siked to be here again.

Carlos : (conf) So I have made to the merge and I'm siked last time I was in a reality show I came 32nd out of 33!

Bozo : (conf) I dont wanna brag but ledu I was able to get this far!

Hope : (conf) I have hope and I'm gonna win!

Mackbeth (conf) : I dont care if I make it far bye dudes!

Daniella (conf) : I dont wanna talk

Casey (conf) : Yo.

Chris : We ran out of science so no more sience challenges

Chris : So today an obsical course

Chris : Rodrick and Bozo lets do this challege

(Half way through the challenge)

Bozo : (Kicks Rodrick off) Sucker

Rodrick : GRRRR!

Bozo : I'm onto the vine part (Swings across)

Rodrcick : Yaaaa! (Hickjacks Bozo vine)

(Vine breaks)

Rodrick and Bozo : AHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Bungejumping part)

Bozo : Seeya! (Jump of mansion) AHHHHHHHH!

Rodrick : (Jumps of mansion) AHHHHHHHHHH!

(Mud part)

Bozo : (Huge knife nearly cuts off his head) Where did these knifes come from! I nearly died

Chris : What?

Rodrick : (Jumps on knife swinging thingie) Oh no! (Jumps of knife) Ahhh! (Sinks in mud)

Chris : Bozo wins and Rodrick your elimianted

Rodrick : (Covered in mud) Oh come on!

Chris : What will happen next

Chapter 9 - The Losers Dungeon II

Chris : Yes were back here!

Chris : Lets see what there doing now

(Charlie, Sonya scene)

Charlie : So any more pranks to pull on Cheryl!

Sonya : I have the push her out of window one

Charlie : Sound harsh?

Sonya : Nahhh

(Start to write down plan of prank)

(Cheryl and Emmet scene)

Emmet : Got any fives

Cheryl : Go fish

Cheryl : Got any sixes

Emmet : Go fish

Cheryl : Liar I looked at you when you werent looking

Emmet : Cheater!

Cheryl : Liar

Emmet : Bring it on!

Cheryl : (Kicks Emmet i groin)

Emmet : You win the fight (Falls on ground)

(Zach and Brock Lee scene)

Zach : Joliows foniminana-

Brock Lee : I have a question do you ever talk about anything other than famous tech creators and science?!

Zach : No

Rodrick : This suckes to be her

Zach : Deal with it I was third out last season. I never made it too the merge

Emmet : Neither did I you made it to the merge twice!

Rodrick : Whatever!

Chris : Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who want out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone : HOPE!!!!!

Chris : Fine here you go (Drags Hope outta nowhere)


Chris : What will happen in our awsome final five on Total Drama Mansion!

Chapter 10 - The Final Five Guessing Game

Chris : Good morning final 5!

Mackbeth : Its 10.00pm give us some sleep!

Chris : I would if it wasn't the final 5

Casey : You'd never give us sleep if we said we'd die if we didn't

Chris : I know that

Carlos : Why are here?

Bozo : One of Chris's stupid ideas to torture us

Chris : Todays-

Daniella : It probally is one of his stupid ideas to-


Everyone stood still in fear

Chris : Thank you. Todays challenge is a quiz on this season but first a little thing what number am I thinking off

Daniella,Carlos and Casey : 12!

Chris : Looks like only Mackbeth and Bozo are competing in this challenge

Chris : If you count Cheryl and Brock Lee return who was elimianted 1st

Mackbeth : Cheryl

Bozo : Charlie

Chris : Bozo's correct!

Chris : Cheryl returned making her techniaccly 1st and 4th out!

Chris : Question 2!2!2!2,2,2!

Chris : Name the contestanst that didn't make it to this season

Mackbeth : Calie,Pablo,Joey and Siotara?

Chris : Wrong!

Bozo : Chloe,Pattie,Calie,Joshua,Jonesy,Brock Lee?

Chris : Correct

Chris : Next question is not related to this season co-

Bozo : Sr. Joey Doodle?

Chris : Correct Mackbeth is elimianted

Mackbeth : Grrr

Chapter 11 - The Big Sleep.......2!

Chris : Good morning final 4 todays challenge the big sleep II

Daniella : Your doing challenges over again?

Chris : Yes got a problem with that!

Carlos : I dont think we do.

Casey : So what do we have to do

Bozo : Have you even watched the first three seasons cause even without watching you'll know what this challenge is about!

Casey : Dude chill and take my yo-yo now go play with it.

Bozo : (Drops yo-yo on floor and steps on it till its broken) There

Casey : Chill I gotta another one (Smirks at Bozo)

Bozo : (Glares at Casey)

Chris : Go talk to eachother and I'll go have a long relaxing bath.

(Whiles in the Mansion)

Daniella : Look food I'm starving (Starts to gobble food)

Carlos : (conf) She's so hot when she eats

Carlos : Save some for me (Starts to gobble food)

Casey : It does look tasty (Goobles food)

Bozo : You fools can eat but trust me you are going to sleep easily (Walks to bed and sleeps till challenge time)

Carlos : He's gone to sleep

Daniella : Just leave him alone he's just crabby

Casey : So that means more food for us!!!!!! (Everyone starts to gobble more food)

(At challenge Time)

Everyone but Bozo : Were tired (Burp)

Chris : Just in time for the challenge

Bozo : I told them not to eat it

Daniella : No you called us fools and went to bed

Bozo : It doesn't make a difrence.

Chris : Challenge time

(Challenge starts)

Chris : Its 1.00am and 4 of contestants are still awake

(2 seconds later)

Daniella : I cant take this anymore I quit the challenge

Chris : Your elimianted

Daniella : What the- (Gets kicked into mustang)

Chris : What will happen at our final 3 on Total..Drama...Mansion!

Chapter 12 - Liar Liar!

Chris : Guys talk in the confessinal about how you feel to be this far

Casey : (conf) I'd like to say thank you to my mom for signing me up for this it was very thoughtfull!

Carlos : (conf) So thanks dad and everyone. I'd like to thank my fans for creating this beutifull fansite, (Shows camera fansite)

Bozo : (conf) So the Total Drama Fansite says that I'm the worst antagonist so far I dont care deal with that stupid fans.

Chris : (conf) I told them to tell eachother who they think will be eliminated

Cassey : (conf) Bozo , me and Carlos have got a plan we hid the votes under Carlos's bed incase he trys to change it if todays challenge is to vote off

Carlos : (conf) Bozo , Casey already told you that our plan to vote hime off.

Bozo : (conf) I dont know but I think I'll go with Casey cause Carlos gave up his stupid jokes

Chris : (conf) I also told them to tell us who they think will win

Carlos : (conf) Casey she's a good friend I'd let her win even if I didn't have to

Casey : (conf) Carlos nuf said

Bozo : (conf) Who do ya think ya big fat dummy me!

Chris : Heres the liarnator 5 thousand!

Chris : If you tell a lie it shocks ya!

Casey : I'll go first in this stinking challenge

Chris : Not yet talk to eachother okay

(In the Mansion)

Bozo : You guys are going down

Carlos : How do you know the main villians always get 3rd in Total Drama

Bozo : Well this season that rule will drool

Casey : Okay seroiuslty rule will drool get a insult book Bozo

Bozo : I dont think I'm the one who needs the education dummys

(Carlos and Casey glare at Bozo and Bozo glares back)

(Challenge Time)

Chris : First Casey

Casey : Fine

Chris : Have you had an embarissing moment

Casey : One I think or maybe 5

Chris : Darn your telling the truth

Chris : Have you kissed someone

Casey : Yes

Chris : Not lieing.

Chris : What was your embarissing moment

Casey : Well 5 of them my trousers fell down 5 times in class when I come to write something on the board

Chris : You told the truth now you Carlos

Chris : Have you had an embarissing moment

Carlos : 16 of them every Christmas one embarising thing happens to me each secret

Chris : Well that covers up the what was it one

Chris : Have you kissed someone

Carlos : Yes

Chris : Not lieing now Bozo

Bozo : No I have not had an embarising moment!

Machine : (Shocks Bozo)

Chris : Liar

Bozo : I have kissed someone

Machine : (Shocks Bozo)


Bozo : Shut up! And I already said I had no embarissing moment

(Machine shocked Bozo)

Chris : It says when you went swimming your trunks fell down infront of everyone who was there


Chris : 3 questions and you lied looks like your elimianted

Bozo : Fine I was gonna go in the first place (Machine shocks him) OW!

Chris : What will happen next!

Chapter 13 - Voting For the Winner

Chris : High final 2!

Chris : Go talk to eachother

(In Mansion)

Carlos : So if I win we split?

Casey : And if I win we split too

Carlos : Its a deal?

Casey : Its a deal! (Both shake eachothers hands).

(Voting time)

Chris : 16 of our contastants are here to vote but first lets see what there doing

(Pattie and Joshua scene)

Pattie : Arm wrestle I win

Joshua : My older cousin Duncan was way stronger then this

Pattie : Why didn't you compete in season 1-3 with Duncan

Joshua : Its says your supposed to be 16 to compete in the first three season duma-

Pattie : (Jumps on Joshua and beats him up)

Chris : That was boring vote who you you want to win guys!

Pattie : Carlos

Joshua : Carlos

Jonsey : Carlos

Elliot : Carlos

Calie : Carlos

Chloe : Carlos

Charlie : Carlos

Sonya : Carlos

Cheryl : Carlos

Emmet : Carlos

Zach : Carlos

Brock : Casey

Rodrick : Carlos

Hope : Casey

Mackbeth: Casey

Daniella : Carlos

Bozo : Neither

Chris : Carlos wins

Carlos : Yes

Casey : Way to go Carlos!

Carlos : Thanks!

Chris : But you guys have to compete in a next season

All competitors : (Groan)

Chris : Carlos get to go home with his million. Whiles Casey,Bozo,Daniella,Mackbeth,Hope,Rodrick,Zach,Cheryl,Elliot and Jonsey I'll seeya next season in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet Jr.

Brock Lee : What about us?

Chris : You'll be at the the other Jet. Its called The Total Drama Jumbo Jet NON-QUALIFIERS Jet

Bozo : What happened to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet?

Chris : Oh (Has flashback of Duncan breaking the jet whiles Chris says that they wont have to compete anymore)

Chris : What will happen next on Total Drama Survivors

Elimination Table

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Team PASS or FAIL


Charlie LOW OUTt 13TH Carlos AGENTS FAIL
Chloe Is I n a c t i v e O K FAIL
Calie Is I n a c t i v e O K FAIL
Elliot Is I n a c t i v e O K PASS
Jonesy Is I n a c t i v e O K PASS
Joshua Is I n a c t i v e O K FAIL
Pattie Is I n a c t i v e O K FAIL


Is Incative OK : This person did not compete in this season but was put here to show if they qualified for  next season

Note : In episode 4 two contestants return. The first voted off and a non-qualifier

Maroon : Double 00

Yellow : Agents

Agents : This peron was on Team Agents

Double : This person was on Team Double 00

Yellow+Merged : This person was on Team Agents and made it to the merge

Maroon+Merged : This perosn was on Team Double 00 and made it to the merge

Green+WIN : This team won from epsiode 1-7

Blue+WIN : This person won from episode 8(merge day)-13

OUT : Was eliminated

IN : Survied Ceremony

LOSE : Was disqualified from challenge

Carlos : This person voted for Carlos to win

Casey : This person voted for Casey to win

WINNER : This person won Total Drama Mansion

2ND : This person was runner up for Total Drama Mansion

Elimination Reasons

Cheryl - Nobody on her team liked her

Charlie - She caused the huge explosion

Sonya - Bossed everybody about

Emmet - Last person to lose in dodgeball

Zach - Didn't help Rodrick in challenge

Brock Lee - ex-Contestants voted for him

Rodrick - Lost to Bozo

Hope - ex-contestants voted for her

Mackbeth - Lost to Bozo

Daniella - Gave up in challenge

Bozo - Told the most lies

Casey - got least votes and was runner up.

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