This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
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Oweguy's biggest moment. Hosting a reality show by himself! He's invited 17 contestants to compete in a bunch of challenges. There'll be pain, suffering, bugs, and ravioli. But something that could be a problem is that the evil Dark Phantom is one of the contestants in a disguse. It won't be long before someone figures it out but they're all after the million dollar cash prize. Who's going to win it? Find out in TOTAL...DRAMA...OWEGUY!!!



Oweguy - The main host

Sunshine - The cook

Arnold - Oweguy's assistant


Screaming Hamburgers

Catherine - A book girl

Chad - The Surfer guy

Emily - The Cute Blonde

Flare - A Dangerous Dare Devil

Jake - The Skater guy

Jasmine - A Hip Hop Dancer girl

Kuro - The Japanese rock guy

Marine - The gothic girl

Yuki - A japanese girl

Killer Hot Dogs

Amanda - Twin # 2

Chuck - Some guy

Dark Phantom - The main villian

Dax - A Jak and Daxter fanatic

Katelyn- Twin # 1

Kronk - The ape

Pat- A Fat Guy

Pete - A guy who lives on a farm


Chapter 1: Oweguy's Awesome Camp!

It’s been a couple of years since Oweguy helped Chris host Total Drama Hamburger. Now it’s his big day. Hosting his own reality show.

“Hello folks!” he said to the viewers “This is the first episode of my new reality show. I’ve invited twenty two teens to this show. Some of them are from Total Drama Hamburger. The rest of them are newbies. And now, the name for my new show, TOTAL DRAMA OWEGUY! The opening credits start to roll.

After the opening credits finish, it cuts back to Oweguy outside his camp. “Welcome back folks.” he said “The first contestants are about to arrive so be sure to great them.” It cuts to Chris Mclean in a spa watching TV. “How can I greet them?” he asked himself upset “I can’t even talk to them by television.” “You can greet them by phone.” said Oweguy on the TV. “Okay that’s true.” Chris said to himself “But I took all of the contestants’ phones. Ha ha!”

The first boat arrives throwing a blonde boy in a green sweatshirt off. “Hey!” he shouted “Where’s my suitcase!” His suitcase hits him hard on the head. “Welcome to my camp Chuck.” Oweguy greeted. Chuck looks around and sees cabins, a mess hall, and a pool that needed cleaning. “This place is boring.” He complained. “Oh I’m sure you’ll get used to It.” replied Oweguy. “Not for a while.” said Chuck walking off acting grouchy.

The next boat arrives carrying none other than Marine who was now a lot older and more gothic. “Welcome back Marine” greeted Oweguy. She looks a little upset. “Why did you bring me here?” she asked. “Because I wanted you here.” replied Oweguy. “Why?” Marine asked again. “Look I just wanted you here!” exclaimed Oweguy. Marine glares angrily and walks off to where Chuck is.

The next contestant to arrive was Kuro shortly followed by Emily. “Welcome to Total Drama Oweguy!” Oweguy greeted. “Why did you bring us?” asked Kuro. “Oh come on!” shouted Oweguy “Marine just asked me that question! I brought you here because I need some contestants!” “Fair enough.” said Kuro looking scared. “Excuse me?” asked Emily “Does your camp have outlets for my hair dryer?” “Luckily yes.” replied Oweguy “We need it for the coffee maker to work.” Cuts back to Chris in the spa. “Hmm.” Chris thinked “Maybe I should get a coffee maker.” “I thought you did.” said Chef. “I did until Owen accidently ate it.” Chris replied. “You need better security in you cabin.” said Chef.

More boats arrive dropping off a few more contestants. An Asian girl, a very fat guy, a dorky guy, and Catherine. “Welcome to my camp Yuki, Pat, Dax, and Catherine.” greeted Oweguy. “Hi Oweguy!” shouted Dax with a lot of spittle coming out of his mouth. “Yuck!” shouted Oweguy “That’s disgusting!” “That guy is gross.” said Yuki to Catherine. “I know.” she replied. As they walk off Oweguy sees Pat licking an ice cream cone. “Hi.” He said. “Hello.” replied Oweguy. Pat then walks off to the others.

Oweguy then hears heavy metal music coming from the next boat and sees a dangerous looking guy with spiky hair and a lot of bruises and scars. “Hello Flare.” greeted Oweguy. “What happened to you?” asked Marine. “Oh jumped over a truck, swam with sharks, and jumped out of a plane.” replied Flare. “Nice!” exclaimed Marine giving him a thumbs up.

As Flare goes off with the others the next boat arrived dropping off a guy in farm clothing. “Welcome Pete.” greeted Oweguy. “Great to be here ya’ll.” He said in a Texas accent. “This guy is boring.” complained Chuck. “I like farmers.” said Pat still eating his ice cream.

The next boat arrived with the next contestant which was surprisingly, an ape. “Welcome to my camp Kronk.” greeted Oweguy. “Kronk is great to be here Oweyguy.” said Kronk excitedly. “Aren’t you that escape ape from a laboratory with the personality of a human?” asked Catherine. “Kronk is still hiding from white coat guys.” Kronk explained. “Weirdest contestant ever.” Oweguy said to himself.

The next boat had some twin girls on it similar to Katie and Sadie. “Welcome to the my camp Katelyn and Amanda.” greeted Oweguy. “This place looks fun.” said Katelyn. “I hope it’s as fun as Disneyland!” squealed Amanda. “Don’t get your hopes up.” said Marine.

Three more boats arrive dropping off a surfer guy, a skater guy, and a girl who looked like she was a good dancer. “Welcome Chad, Jake, and Jasmine!” greeted Oweguy. “Hello!” they all greeted back. “That Jasmine girl look hip.” commented Kuro. “I like the Chad guy.” said Emily. “They’re all boring.” complained Chuck.

“Okay folks.” Oweguy started explaining what was happening. “Our final contestant is here. Please welcome The Masked Warrior!” A guy wearing a cape and a mask that covered his eyes and nose walked off the boat. “He looks like a wrestler.” commented Jake. “Maybe he’s a wizard.” commented Dax spitting everywhere. “That guy looks strange.” Marine told herself. “Great to be here!” shouted the Masked Warrior. “Great to see you here too.” replied Oweguy. He walks over to the other contestants.

“Okay everyone!” said Oweguy “Stand here while I take your picture for the promos.” Everyone gets into a good pose. “Okay, now everyone say Total Drama!” shouted Oweguy. “Total Drama!” shouted everyone. Dax then sneezes while the pic was being shot and Pete slipped and fell on some other people causing the pic to be a little weird. “Ah it’ll do.” said Oweguy to himself.

The 17 contestants are sitting at the campfire area with Oweguy in front of them. “Okay folks.” explained Oweguy “Now that all of you are here and that we took the group picture, it’s time to form our teams.” “Hoorah.” Chuck said monotonously. “Marine, Catherine, Kuro, Yuki, Flare, Emily, Chad, Jake, and Jasmine stand over there.” said Oweguy. The nine contestants walk over to the area that Oweguy pointed at. “You are now known as the Screaming Hamburgers!” shouted Oweguy. Marine looks awkward about the name. “Well I guess that’s a good name.” said Kuro looking awkward as well. “The rest of you, Chuck, Dax, Pat, Pete, Kronk, Katelyn, Amanda, and the Masked Warrior, you’re on the Killer Hot Dogs!” shouted Oweguy. “Boring!” shouted Chuck. “Hey!” Oweguy shouted back “I paid a lot of money for that name!” Chuck glares at Oweguy with him glaring back. “I sense conflict.” whispered Marine to Kuro.

Marine rips DVD player

Marine rips apart the DVD player.

The two teams get settled in the cabins. The Screaming Hamburgers get a green colored cabin while the Killer Hot Dogs get a red colored cabin. “At least we get colored cabins unlike the other reality shows.” said Catherine. “Hey look!” Kuro shouted “A TV!” “Yeah but it’s not great as other TVs.” replied Oweguy “I don’t have enough money right now. I spent most of it on this show.” “At least I can watch my horror films.” said Marine dumping some horror films such as The Exorcist, Little Shop of Horrors, and Nightmare on Elm Street. “Well the DVD player that I have in this cabin got a cookie jammed in It.” explained Oweguy. Marine grabs the player, rips it apart and grabs the cookie out and puts it back together in just a few seconds. Oweguy, Catherine, and Kuro stare in shock and Catherine drops her book.

Later at the mess hall, everyone is having lunch. Sunshine was the head cook serving ravioli to everyone. “Does anyone want more ravioli?” asked Sunshine. “I hate ravioli!” shouted Chuck. A piece of ravioli hits him in the face. “How dare you say something mean about ravioli!” shouted Sunshine with a scary face. Chuck hides behind the table. After everyone has their ravioli lunch Oweguy walks into the mess hall. “How’s everyone’s lunch?” he asked. “I do not like it.” said Chuck with ravioli all over his face. “Well I’m here to tell you that your first challenge is going to start soon.” Oweguy explained. “I hope it’s not jumping off a cliff into shark invested water.” said Marine. It cuts to the contestants and Oweguy on top of a cliff with Han gliders in front of them and farther away on another cliff a goal flag. “Oh crap!” shouted Marine.

Chapter 2: Hang Gliding Race of Doom

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy our seventeen contestants have arrived at my camp. There were goths, boring guys, hip hop dancer girls, and an ape. They were formed onto teams and gave them their first challenge. Hang gliding. From one cliff to another. Will they make it? Let’s find out.

The seventeen contestants were all on a big cliff on a mountain and farther away near the beach was another cliff with a goal flag on it. “Okay cast.” announced Oweguy “Your first challenge is to use these hang gliders to get from here to that other cliff. Whoever gets there first gets a point. The team that gets the most people to that cliff wins. Two people are able to use one hang glider at a time so you’ll get two points if both people on the hang glider make it. It’ll be just one if only one of you make it. Okay? Now begin!”

Marine and Kuro used the Hamburgers glider first while Chuck and Kronk use the Hot Dogs glider first. “Now you guys hold still while I launch the gliders.” explained Oweguy. “Hangliders?” asked Kuro. Both gliders get launched into the sky while Kuro screams. “I’m afraid of heights!” he screamed. Marine sighs and tries to calm him down. “Hang gliding is boring.” said Chuck. The Hot Dogs glider then passes by a banana tree. “Bananas!” exclaimed Kronk. He then immediately jumps off the glider with only Chuck still on. “Don’t leave!” he screamed “I’m going to lose altitude!” After saying that he falls down into the trees. “Ouch!” said Oweguy laughing while eating popcorn. “Can I have some?” asked Pat. “Maybe later.” replied Oweguy. “Okay.” Pat replied walking off.

Marine and Kuro luckily made it to the other cliff but Kuro was still shivering. “The Hamburgers own two points!” shouted Oweguy “Hot Dogs have none.” Chuck is hanging by a tree branch looking angry while Kronk eats his bananas. “You’re going to pay!” shouted Chuck to Kronk.” Kronk doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.
Chuck angry

Chuck very angry at Kronk.

Catherine and Emily were the next to go for the Hamburgers while Dax and Pete are the next to go for the Hot Dogs. “And go!” shouted Oweguy setting off the launcher. “We’ve got this in the bag!” shouted Catherine. A perfume bottle falls out of Emily’s pocket. “My perfume!” she shouted. She jumps off with the hang gliding handle caught on her foot pulling Catherine down. She screams as she is being pulled down while Emily tries to catch her perfume bottle. “Did you get that on film?” asked Oweguy to someone. “Yes but I wish we were shooting a monster.” said “Gojira” who was the person Oweguy was talking too.

Dax and Pete glide along smoothly while Catherine and Emily fall down in the background. “Did you know that Ottsels are hybrids of Otters and Weasels?” asked Dax. “No I didn’t.” replied Pete “Oh look we’re here.” Dax and Pete stop at the goal flag and start waving. “The Killer Hot Dogs earn two points so now the teams are tied.” explained Oweguy “We’ll have two more rounds and then we’ll see who the winner of the challenge is.”

Jake and Jasmine go next for the Hamburgers and Katelyn and Amanda go next for the Hot Dogs and Oweguy launches the launcher. “We’re scared of heights!” screamed Katelyn and Amanda and they jump off the glider and back at the start. “Okay that’s an automatic two point loss for the Hot Dogs.” said Oweguy. “Those girls are weird.” said Jasmine. “Yeah bra.” replied Jake. The two make it to the end and win two more points. “Okay cast.” announced Oweguy “It’s time for the final round. Chad and Yuki will go for the Hamburgers and Pat and the Masked Warrior will go for the Hot Dogs.” “What about me?” asked Flare. “I figured it’ll be dangerous if you went.” Oweguy replied. “Hey!” Flare shouted. “Gojira” gives Oweguy a coffee and he drinks it but then spits it out. “I asked for more cream!” he shouted “You’re fired!” “Gojira” walks off mad.

Chad and Yuki are prepared for the last round and so are the Masked Warrior and Pat but he was eating a sandwich. “Go!” shouts Oweguy setting the launcher off. “Bwa ha ha!” laughs the Masked Warrior “I’m going to win this challenge!” the hang glider starts to fall a little due to Pat’s weight. “No no no!” shouted the Masked Warrior. The right end of the hang glider that Pat was attacked on broke off sending the other half falling down as well. When that happened, Chad and Yuki had just made it to the goal cliff. “We have our winner!” announced Oweguy “The Screaming Hamburgers!” The Screaming Hamburgers members all cheer in victory. “As for you Hot Dogs,” Oweguy explained “You need to vote someone off tonight.” They all look at each other to figure out who to vote off.

Later in the Hamburgers cabin Marine is watching Little Shop of Horrors while Kuro opens the door. “You acted a little silly today.” said Marine. “Sorry,” replied Kuro “But I’m just afraid of heights.” “So were the twin girls.” Marine commented. “Well I almost fell off a bridge once.” Kuro continued. “Where was this?” asked Marine. “A extremely cheep nature walk area in the mountains.” replied Kuro. “You’d think those people would learn.” said Marine. “I heard that place was built by Chris Mclean.” said Catherine. Meanwhile it shows Chris and Chef in front of the nature park gate. “Why isn’t anyone coming to my nature park?!” he asked angrily. “Maybe it’s because you didn’t use enough money!” shouted Chef. “Oh rub it in.” complained Chris.

Later at the campfire pit the Killer Hot Dogs have decided their votes. “Okay.” Oweguy started to explain what to do. “If you don’t get one of these Chocolate Oweguy statues you’re out!” Everyone starts to look nervous except for Chuck and the Masked Warrior. “First statue goes to Katelyn.” announced Oweguy. She gets her statue. “Next are Amanada, Dax, Pete, and the Masked Warrior!” continued Oweguy. Chuck, Pat, and Kronk are the last three remaining. “Chuck is next.” said Oweguy “And last but not least.”

“Pat!” Pat sighs in relief. “Kronk it’s time to…” Oweguy stops and notices Kronk is not there. “Where’d he go?” he asked. Everyone sees two scientists chasing after him farther away. “Oh well. Don’t need to worry about him.” He said to everyone.

Much later after the campfire ceremony the Masked Warrior is alone in the bathrooms. “If I’m every going to win this stupid show I’m going to get rid of everyone easily.” He told himself. As he was talking Marine looks into the window and sees him. “That guy really is suspicious.” She said. The Masked Warrior then walks out the door and when he walks off Marine glares at him like she has a plan.

Chapter 3: When Fears Attack

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, 17 contestants have arrived to compete in a bunch of dangerous and crazy challenges. Their first challenge was to hang glide from one cliff to another. Chuck and Kronk failed when Kronk jumped off the glider to a banana tree and Katelyn and Amanda wouldn’t even glide. And Emily jumped off the glider to catch her perfume and dragged Catherine down with her. Ha ha! Classic. Oh and we also learned that Kuro is scared of heights. In the end, the Screaming Hamburgers won their first challenge and the Killer Hot Dogs were sent to the bonfire. The bottom two were Kronk and Pat. Kronk was in the bottom due to jumping off the glider to get bananas and Pat was in the bottom due to his weight making the glider fall down. In the end, the first person eliminated from Total Drama Oweguy was Kronk but he didn’t say goodbye because the scientists he escaped from caught up with him. Who’s going to be eliminated next? Find out on Total Drama Oweguy!

It’s late at night. While all the contestants were sleeping, Oweguy and his new assistant Arnold were on a computer. They were on a website called “TDI Contestants Worst Fears” and it showed all of the Total Drama Oweguy contestants worst fears. “This is going to be the best challenge ever.” said Oweguy snickering.

The next morning the sixteen contestants were all having breakfast when Oweguy and Arnold walked into the mess hall at that very moment. “Good day contestants.” He said greeting to them. “Today’s challenge is one of me and Chris’s favorites. Conquering your worst fear.” Everyone just looks at him not caring with Dax coughing in the background. “You don’t know our fears.” commented Kuro. “Well I know yours.” Oweguy replied. Kuro then hides under the table in embarrassment. “Well I just happened to find your fears on this website Chris showed me so I now know your fears. Chuck spits his drink out in shock. “You guys just continue having your breakfast and then we’ll start the challenge.” said Oweguy leaving with Arnold. “More ravioli!?” shouted Sunshine making everyone crouch in fear.

After breakfast the contestants were all with Oweguy and he had something covered up with a cloth. “Okay the first person to face their fear is…” he pauses for a few seconds looking at a paper. “Pete.” Pete gasps. “C’mon. You can do it.” said Oweguy. “What’s he afraid of?” asked Kuro. “Ducks.” replied Oweguy taking the cloth off which had a crate of ducks in it. Upon seeing it Pete practically petrifies in fear. “Uh while he conquers his fear why don’t we go with the others.” said Oweguy knowing that Pete wasn’t going to do anything.
Pete failing

Pete fails at conquering his fear of ducks.

Clips of everyone’s fears were being played to pass the time. Yuki has to get through a trail of bear traps, Pat had to eat a piece of broccoli, Emily had to lay in a mud puddle, and Kuro had to jump out of a plane. “Okay so far the Screaming Hamburgers have three points and the Killer Hot Dogs have one.” said Oweguy tallying up the score. “Our next people to come up are Marine, Catherine, Chuck, and Dax.” Marine was up for her fear. “Marine you need to spend five minutes with these cute animals, and Catherine, you must read this entire math textbook.” Oweguy explained. Marine looks very nervous and Catherine looked tired from reading the math book.. “I’ll see you in five minutes.” said Oweguy walking off.

Oweguy goes over to Chuck and Dax to tell them what they needed to do. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “Time for your challenges. Chuck you need to conquer your fear of hobos and Dax, you need to conquer your fear of watching this video game of yours go into the blender.” As soon as Oweguy is about to drop the game in the blender Dax catches it. “Epic failure.” said Chuck surrounded by hoboes.

After many long fears, each team is down to one person left. “Okay, now the score for the Hamburgers is six and the Hot Dogs score is two.” explained Oweguy. “Our last two people to go up are Jake and the Masked Warrior. Jake has to conquer his fear of high dives and the Masked Warrior must conquer his fear of vacuums.” Marine, Flare, and Kuro start snickering about the Masked Warriors fear. “Shut up!” he shouted.

Jake was standing at the top of a very high high dive and the Masked Warrior was standing near a vacuum. “And go!” shouted Oweguy shooting a pistol. “Were those blanks?” asked Catherine. “Of course.” replied Oweguy. A bird suddenly falls down. “Whoops.” He said. Jake looks down the high dive with a pool at the very bottom and the Masked Warrior looks at the vacuum. “I can’t do it!” shouted Jake starting to climb down. “Me neither.” said the Masked Warrior walking away from the vacuum. “Okay so they both chickened out but the winners are the Screaming Hamburgers!” announced Oweguy. The Screaming Hamburgers team members all cheer in victory. “Killer Hot Dogs.” explained Oweguy. “I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony for a second time.”

Later at the ceremony, everyone but the Masked Warrior, Dax, and Pete have a Chocolate Oweguy statue. “There’s only two statues left.” explained Oweguy. “If you don’t get one you’re out. The next one goes to the Masked Warrior.” He gets his statue. “The final statue goes too…” Dax and Pete start looking nervous as Oweguy tries to pick who is staying.

Dramatic pause.

“Dax.” announced Oweguy. Dax sighs in relieve and Pete looks sad. “Dude.” said Oweguy. “You chickened out more then Tyler did. Time for you to go.” Pete goes onto the boat that leaves the island and while he’s sitting there looking glum he hears a lot of quacking and sees a bunch of ducks on the boat. He them screams so loud that everyone at the camp could here. “Ha ha ha!” laughed Oweguy. “I love this show!”

Chapter 4: What Ever Happened to Oweguy?!

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, our sixteen contestants had to conquer their fears. Most of them succeeded while some failed big time. Some examples was that Pete chickened big time because he couldn’t conquer his fear of ducks and Jake couldn’t jump off of a very high high dive. In the end, the Screaming Hamburgers won again and it was goodbye Pete. Who will be eliminated next? Find out next on Total Drama Oweguy!

It is early morning and all of the contestants were still sleeping. Marine had just happened to wake up due to that Jake started snoring and decided to go to the mess hall for breakfast. Kuro, Catherine, and Flare followed her because Jake woke them up as well. When they got to the mess hall, Sunshine was asleep and also Oweguy wasn’t around. “Where’s Oweguy?” asked Kuro. “Where’s the coffee?” asked Marine who was starting to fall asleep. Arnold who was randomly there pointed to a coffee machine which Marine walked toward.

While the contestants that have woken up were eating breakfast, Chuck had woken up and found a piece of paper on the floor. “What’s this?” he asked. Everyone else walks over and takes a look. “It’s a note.” said Kuro. “Dear contestants.” said Oweguy narrating due to that he wrote the note. “I am hiding somewhere so today’s challenge is to figure out where I am. Whoever finds me first their team will win a reward. Sincerely, Oweguy. P.S. Please don’t touch my coffee machine.” There’s a smiley face at the end. “Ah shut up!” complained Marine drinking coffee and still looking tired.

The contestants who were awake ran out of the mess hall about to find where Oweguy was hiding. The contestants that weren’t doing the challenge were still sleeping because Oweguy didn’t wake them up. “Shouldn’t we wake them up?” asked Catherine. “Lets don’t and say we did.” replied Flare. Catherine looks back at the cabins and sees Chuck going into the Hot Dogs cabin and waking up Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat but forgot Dax who was in a deep sleep and the Masked Warrior who was strangely not there. “Where’s the Masked Warrior?” Chuck asked himself.

Kuro angry at Flare

Kuro gets upset at Flare for not competing in the challenge.

Everyone was searching franticly around camp and couldn’t find Oweguy’s hiding spot. Chuck was looking in the trees, Pat lifted a huge boulder to see if Oweguy was underneath, and Catherine checked in the buildings. While Kuro was looking around he saw that Flare was doing nothing but carving a skull into a tree. “What are you doing?!” shouted Kuro. “You’re supposed to be helping us!” “Why would I want to find the host?” complained Flare. “If you don’t help us you might be going home next.” said Kuro. “This is probably a reward challenge so I might not get eliminated.” taunted Flare. Kuro growls and then said “Well just do your job and try to find our host.” “Fine.” replied Flare upset. The two give an angry glare as they walk off.

Meanwhile, Marine is walking in the woods still very tired and trying to find Oweguy. “Oweguy where are you!” she shouted. She then hears crunching from the bushes and peeks in only to find a raccoon. “Where is he?” she asked herself. While she’s looking in the bushes a dark cloud starts forming behind her. She turns around and sees a ghostly creature called the Dark Phantom. “Who are you?” she asked. “I am an evil being and your worst nightmare.” It said. “You look similar to the Masked Warrior back at camp.” said Marine. “I’m popular on merchandise.” replied the Dark Phantom showing a lot of statues, action figures and t-shirts that looked like it. “Where is Oweguy?” asked Marine. “Who?” asked the Dark Phantom scratching its head. “This guy.” replied Marine with a picture of Oweguy. “Oh. I don’t know where he is.” said the Dark Phantom. “You’re no help.” said Marine starting to fall asleep again. The Dark Phantom then gives her coffee. “I have a feeling you should check his cabin and maybe you’ll find him.” explained the Dark Phantom. “Thanks.” replied Marine. “We never met.” said the Dark Phantom disappearing. Marine takes a sip of the coffee but suddenly falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Chuck had just happened to walk toward Oweguy’s big fancy cabin. “Maybe he’s in here.” He told himself. He unlocks the door but just randomly smashes into it knocking it down and he also rubs his head in pain. He hears laughing from the basement and walks down and sees Oweguy, Chris, Chef, Nalyd, and Arnold playing poker and telling jokes. “Found you!” shouted Chuck. “Dang.” said Oweguy. “How’d you know I’d be here?” “Lucky guess.” replied Chuck. “Well I’d better tell the contestants that the challenge is over.” said Oweguy walking to a microphone.

As the other contestants are still running around camp the microphone turns on. “Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy. “Chuck found me first so the winners are the Killer Hot Dogs! Their reward is……….tickets to a kindergartener play!” the Killer Hot Dog team members have huge mouths. “What?!” shouted Chuck. Arnold whispers into Oweguy’s ear. “Wait. Wrong reward.” He said. “The true reward is tickets to Badminton the Movie.” The Killer Hot Dog team members cheer that time. “Drat!” shouted Kuro. “I love that movie.” “Luckily for the Screaming Hamburgers, no one is leaving due to that it’s a reward challenge so you’re all safe tonight.” said Oweguy. Flare sticks his tongue out at Kuro.

Oweguy and Chuck start to head back to camp where Oweguy trips on something. “What the?” he says. Chuck and Oweguy notice Marine’s unconscious body on the ground. “Uh oh.” said Oweguy. “If the tv people see this I’ll get sued.” He picks up Marines body and head back to camp. “Who did this to her?” asked Chuck. Near the trees it shows the Masked Warrior smiling evilly with a package of knock out pills and a bag of tea. “She sure fell for it.” He said chuckling.

Back at camp, the Killer Hot Dogs, (minus Dax, and the Masked Warrior) are watching Badminton the Movie. “Finally we won a challenge.” said Chuck. Dax then walks over to them and asks “Is it time for the challenge?” Everyone just rolls their eyes.

Chapter 5: Dancing with the Losers

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, the contestants played a little game of hide and seek. That had to find out where I was hiding and whoever from which team found me first they win a reward. Marine suffered from being tired and needed a coffee every few minutes. Meanwhile, Kuro started getting on Flares nerves and led to a conflict between the two, and Marine met a ghostly person who gave her more coffee, with knock out pills! In the end, Chuck ended up finding me and the Killer Hot Dogs got a screening of Badminton the Movie as their reward. Will the Killer Hot Dogs win again or is it going to be just this one time? Is Marine ever going to wake up again? Who is this Dark Phantom? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

It is early morning at camp. The Killer Hot Dogs were talking about Badminton the Movie while the Screaming Hamburger (minus Marine) were glaring at them due to that they lost. “Why didn’t you wake us up?!” asked Jasmine angrily. “Because Flare here told us not to wake you up.” replied Kuro. The contestants who were sleeping last challenge glare at Flare in anger. “What?” he asks innocently. “By the way.” asked Yuki. “Where’s Marine.” “She’s in the medical tent.” replied Kuro. “Someone gave her knock out pills and she hasn’t woken up since.” “I hope she’s okay.” said Jake. “She’s like the best player on the team.” commented Chad. “Well Oweguy’s trying the best he could so I think we have some hope.” said Kuro.

Meanwhile in the medical tent, Oweguy keeps making loud sounds to wake Marine up like a trumpet, drums, a rock song, the THX sound, and a cellphone ringtone but none were working. “Why won’t you wake up!” he shouted. “Ah I can’t do this right now. I have to tell the contestants that it’s challenge time.” He leave the tent while Arnold watches over Marine.

Everyone is talking in the mess hall but Oweguy then walks in to tell the challenge. “Okay contestants listen up!” he announced and everyone stops talking. “Today’s challenge is a dance contest!” Most of the boys groan because it’s a dance contest while some of the girls are happy and Dax claps stupidly. “Whichever team gets the most points wins and the team with the least amount of point will have to send someone home.” explained Oweguy. “Challenge begins in a few minutes.” Oweguy leaves the mess hall and the contestants continue eating but then they see Dax hop by in a tutu and everyone stares in shock. “I just lost my appetite.” said Kuro. “Me too.” replied Catherine. “I didn’t lose my appetite.” said Pat who was still eating. Everyone except for Pat and Dax leaves the mess hall because they didn’t want to see Dax dancing.

Later, Oweguy had set up a stage for the contestants to dance on. “Okay cast.” said Oweguy. “Five people from each team will be dancing so you’ll need to choose who you’re going to pick first and then the contest will begin.” “Who’s a good dancer for our team?” asked Kuro. “I’m a good dancer.” replied Jake. “Okay you’re in.” said Kuro. “And I already know that Jasmine’s a good dancer so she’s in.” “Can I try?” asked Emily. “Uh sure.” replied Kuro a little confused. “I’ll be one too.” said Yuki. “I’m good at dancing as well.” “Okay that’s four so I’m going to be number five because I dance too.” explained Kuro. “Okay.” said Catherine. “We’ve decided. Let’s go tell Oweguy.

Meanwhile, the Hot Dogs were trying to figure out who to pick for their team. “We don’t have much people so we need to have at least all but one person dance.” explained Chuck. “I can’t dance.” said the Masked Warrior acting like he didn’t want to do it. “Okay so we’ve got our picks.” said Chuck. Dax starts twirling like a ballerina in his tutu. “We should’ve made him the one not to compete.” Chuck said to himself.

Back at the medical tent, Oweguy kept trying to wake Marine up but still no hope. “What haven’t I’ve done?” he asked to himself. Oweguy starts trying to do CPR on her but still no good. “Maybe one more big one.” He said to himself. He puffs his cheeks up big with air and prepares to do one more but Marine’s lips were closed and Oweguy instead kisses her without him knowing. When he kissed Marine that was the exact moment she woke up and became shocked. “What happened?!” she asked shocked. “You passed out in the woods and I think I just accidently kissed you.” replied Oweguy. The both start looking a little grossed out and Oweguy then hears his watch beeping. “Uh oh.” He said. “I’ve got to start the challenge. As Oweguy runs out of the tent, Marine starts smiling at Oweguy.

It’s now late at night and Oweguy runs over to a judges table along with Arnold and Sunshine. “Okay guys.” said Oweguy. “Show me what you’ve got.” The first person to go up was Kuro for the Screaming Hamburgers. He turned on a hip hop rock song and danced very good like he even jumped into the air and did a spin. Oweguy gives it a 10, Arnold gives it a 9, and Sunshine gives it a 10. “That’s twenty nine points.” said Oweguy. “Now it’s time for the next person.” The next person to go was Jake but when he immediately started dancing he fell off the stage. Oweguy, Arnold, and Sunshine all gave him a zero. “Seriously dude.” explained Oweguy. “I don’t think you’re a good dancer.” “I am at Dance Dance Revolution.” commented Jake. “Next!” Oweguy shouted.

“The next to go was Emily and once a few seconds after she started dancing she slipped on a banana peel that Pat dropped and fell off the stage. Oweguy gives her a 1, Arnold gave her a zero, and Sunshine gave her a 1. “Not another mess up,” complained Oweguy “but at least you did a little better than Jake.” Jasmine then goes next dancing very perfectly until halfway through her heel got stuck in a hole in the wood and tripped. Oweguy gives her a five, Arnold gives her a three, and Sunshine gave her a six. “That was good until you tripped.” said Oweguy. “Now the score is forty four points so lets have our last dancer for the Hamburgers and then we’ll move on to the Hot Dogs.

The last person to dance for the Hamburgers was Yuki. The judges and the contestants who were watching saw smoke appear and saw Yuki wearing a Japanese samurai mask along with a cape and had two plastic samurai swords and started doing spins on the ground, spins in the air, and perfect cartwheels and backflips. Once she finished, Oweguy gave her a ten, Arnold gave her an eight, and Sunshine gave her a nine. “That’s seventy one points!” announced Oweguy. “Let’s see the Hot Dogs beat that.”

As soon as Oweguy said that everyone hears a drumming sound. All of the contestants that were dancing for the Hot Dogs were all going at once. At first they started a slow dance but then moved into a fast hip hop like dance involving cartwheels, moonwalks, break dancing and it ended with them forming a shape resembling Oweguy’s head. “Amazing!” he shouted. “I don’t even need to judge you guys. You’re the winners of the challenge!” They all cheer in victory. “How did you do a dance like that?” asked Oweguy. “It was the twinsies idea.” replied Chuck. “Well congrats to them.” said Oweguy starting to act bored. He then walks over to the Screaming Hamburgers. “Screaming Hamburgers.” He said. “You need to send one of your team members home. I’ll see you later at the elimination ceremony.” They all look at each other to figure out who to vote off.

Later at the elimination ceremony, the Screaming Hamburgers were all sitting there with Oweguy in front of them. Marine, Chad, Flare, and Catherine already had their Oweguy statues and the only ones who didn’t get their statues yet were Kuro, Yuki, Jasmine, Emily, and Jake. “There’s only four statues left.” explained Oweguy. “If you don’t get a statue you’re out. The next three statues go to Kuro, Yuki, and Jasmine.” The three of them get their statues with Emily and Jake in the bottom two. “The final Oweguy statue goes to…..” Oweguy pauses leaving Emily and Jake in fear.

(Dramatic Pause)

“Emily.” announced Oweguy. She sighs in relief and gets her statue. “Why me?” asked Jake a bit upset and sad. “Because you barely even started your dance and you also got the lowest score on your team.” replied Oweguy. “Time to go.” Jake walks off to the loser boat and it drives off. “That was some contest today.” said Oweguy to the viewers. “Who’s going to be leaving the island next? Will the Screaming Hamburgers lose a third time? Is Marine going to accept my apology for kissing her accidently? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 6: Welcome to the World of Mutant Animals

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, the two teams competed in a dance contest, the Screaming Hamburgers tried their best to dance but some of them tripped. Kuro and Yuki were the only ones on their team to dance perfectly but they were beaten by the combined efforts of the Killer Hot Dogs dancers. What can I say? They formed my head. Oh and Marine finally woke up, when I accidently kissed her. Whoops. In the end, the person to leave the Screaming Hamburgers team was Jake. That dude messed up big time with his dance. Will the Screaming Hamburgers get their winning streak back or have the Killer Hot Dogs finally gotten powerful? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy.

Oweguy had rounded up all of the contestants near the beach where there were bags and canoes there. “What’s with the bags and canoes?” asked Kuro. “I’m about to explain that.” replied Oweguy. “Okay.” said Kuro. “For today’s challenge you’ll be doing a little camping trip.” explained Oweguy. “That’s not so hard.” said Chad. “On Mutant Island.” shouted Oweguy. Everyone except for Marine and the Masked Warrior started screaming. “Now I know this island has a dangerous name but we’ve made sure the animals there have been worn out so they won’t attack you.” said Oweguy trying to calm them down. Everyone calms down except for Dax. Chuck then slaps him calming him down. “Those bags are full of food supplies, water, and a tent so you’ll be good but if you run out you must hunt for food and water.” explained Oweguy. “How long will we be staying?” asked Catherine. “From right now til tomorrow morning so basiclly a day.” replied Oweguy. “When do we leave?” asked Kuro. “NOW!” shouted Oweguy with everyone running toward the canoes. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” said Oweguy waving goodbye to them as they rowed off toward Mutant island.

“Row row row your boat gently down the…” said Dax singing before getting interupted. “Shut up!” shouted Chuck. “Sorry.” replied Dax croutching down. Marine and Kuro look at Dax and Chuck. “Dax is a total baby.” said Marine. “Why would he sing row row row your boat?” asked Kuro confused. “Because he’s a baby.” replied Marine. “Nerds and geeks are always geeks.” said Flare nearby. “Gosh!” shouted Harold who was watching Total Drama Oweguy at home.

The two teams landed at the beach of Mutant Island which had creepy trees everywhere and looked very similar to Boney Island. “I’m scared.” said Dax looking nervous. “We’ll do fine.” replied Chuck. Everyone hears a watery sound come from Dax and they scoot away from him. “That’s gross.” said Kuro looking digusted. “Excuse me while I go vomit.” said Chuck walking away.

The two teams found a big area with two trees. “Okay.” announced Marine. “Our team will take the area with the left tree and you guys will take the area with the right tree. Deal?” “Deal.” replied Chuck with the two shaking hands. The Killer Hot Dogs all go to their side and set up camp. “This is a nice spot.” said Chuck putting his sleeping bag down. But once he laid down on the ground he noticed that the area where he put the tent was very rocky. “This ground is too rocky!” he complained. “Did you know there were rocks there?” Kuro asked Marine. “Yeah.” She replied. “It’s time we get our winning streak back.”

Later both tents were set up and the two teams were sleeping in the tents. Catherine wakes up from hearing something. “What’s wrong?” asked Kuro. “Something’s outside the tent.” replied Catherine. The two check it out and they see a beehive above their tent. “It’s just a beehive.” said Kuro. “There’s nothing to worry about.” Right when he said that a mutant bee that was bigger than an ordinary bee comes out. “Uh oh.” said Kuro looking scared along with Catherine.

Later, Marine and Flare wake up and see Kuro and Catherine being chased by the mutant bees. “Help us!” screamed Kuro. Marine grabs a pocket knife out of her pocket and Flare grabs a bigger knife strapped to his waist and they both throw it at the bee killing it and it lands on the ground. “Oweguy wasn’t wrong about mutant animals.” said Catherine with them looking at it. Marine looks at the head and it has a mask similar to the Masked Warriors. “That mask looks familiar.” She said. Suddenly a dark purple cloud comes out of the bee’s body and once it disappears the bee turns to a normal revived bee and flies off. “I don’t think those bees are mutants.” said Marine to the others. Before she could continue they see the same purple clouds flying out of an area.

Meanwhile, Chad walks out of the tent to see what’s happening. “Hello?” he asked. “Is anyone here?” he hears rustling. “Guys?” he asked again. “Is that you?” A bunch of mutant beavers and geese come out of the bushes and jump toward him about to attack. He then screams so loud that Marine, Flare, Kuro, and Catherine heard it. “What was that?” asked Kuro. “No time right now.” replied Marine as they kept heading where the purple clouds were coming from.

They peak through the bushes to see what was causing the purple clouds and they are all shocked to see that what was causing the clouds was the Dark Phantom, the creature responsible for putting Marine in her deep slumber. “Who is that?” whispered Kuro trying to not get spotted. “The Dark Phantom.” replied Marine. As they continued watching they see the purple clouds going into more beehives and holes with other small animals possessing them. “Now I have control of these animals and I can use them to stop the other contestants.” The Dark Phantom said to itself. Marine’s pocket knife then hits its head with a clang sound. “What the?” it said and turns around to see Marine, Kuro, Flare, and Catherine all angry at him.

“What do you want?” it asked. “You’re responsible for the mutant animals.” replied Kuro upset. “Just the small ones.” The Dark Phantom replied back. It then commands the mutant bees into attack position. “The other mutant animals are real and if you tell the others about me you will be destroyed!” shouted the Dark Phantom with its hands glowing purple. “We’re not telling the others.” said Marine. “We’re telling Oweguy.” “You won’t be able to!” shouted the Dark Phantom firing purple clouds at them trapping them in the area. The four prepare to battle the Dark Phantom for the first time.

Meanwhile back at camp, Chad is still being attacked by the beavers and geese and Jasmine and Yuki hear him screaming. “Help me!” he screamed. “Somebody help him!” shouted Jasmine. Yuki starts fending them off while Jasmine grabs a giant rock and smashes it on the ground scaring them off. “You okay?” asked Jasmine to Chad. Chad just lays on the ground with bruises and cuts and his arms and legs twitching. “I take that as a no.” said Jasmine. Suddenly, Jasmine and Yuki see a huge purple blast nearby.

Back deeper in the woods, Marine and Flare are battling against the Dark Phantom while Kuro and Catherine hide. “You can’t defend yourself forever!” shouted the Dark Phantom. “I think we can!” shouted Marine. A bunch of the mutant bees swarm toward them but they easily dodge them. Flare notices the glowing red and white thing inside the Dark Phantoms chest and throws his knife at it, making the Dark Phantom stop attacking. “No.” it said. “I can’t lose now.” The bees being controlled by the Dark Phantom return to normal due to the Dark Phantom being weakened. “Give up?” asked Marine. “Never.” replied the Dark Phantom. It then looks and sees the sky which was now early morning. “This challenge is over.” It said to itself. Suddenly it causes a huge purple cloud which soon explodes sending them along with their other team members and the Killer Hot Dogs flying off the island. Meanwhile, back at Oweguy’s camp, he is shown picking at the fire pick where the Screaming Hamburgers and the Killer Hot Dogs land behind him. “About time you got here.” complained Oweguy looking at his watch. “Who won?” asked Chuck. “Apparently no one.” replied Oweguy. “What?!” asked everyone shocked. “You both got here at the same time so it’s a tie.” explained Oweguy. “But the Screaming Hamburgers are losing a member today.” “Why?” asked Catherine. “Just look at surfer boy here.” replied Oweguy picking up the injured Chad. “We’re sending him away for medical treatment. The rest of you are safe. For now.” Oweguy and Arnold throw Chad onto the loser boat and it drives away to a hospital with the other Hamburger members waving goodbye.

Later in the Hamburgers cabin, Marine and Kuro are sitting on their beds thinking. “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of that Dark Phantom.” said Marine. Back on Mutant Island the Dark Phantom is still laying on the ground until it inhales the purple clouds and rises back up revived. It then cuts to Oweguy. “This seems to be an interesting chapter in Total Drama Oweguy.” He said. “Will the Dark Phantom strike back? Will someone win next challenge? Will my non fat milkshake ever get here? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 7: TDO Aftermath #1

A giant T, D, and O fly into the background along with the word aftermath appearing underneath revealing the title TDO Aftermath. It shows Kronk, Pete, Jake, and Chad’s eliminations and then afterward, the show begins.

It cuts to the TDA Aftermath studio and Geoff and Bridgette were once again the hosts of the show. “What’s up Total Drama fans?” announced Geoff. “I’m Geoff.” “And I’m Bridgette.” said Bridgette. “Today we’re going to meet the first four eliminated contestants from Oweguy’s reality show Total Drama Oweguy and talk about what’s happened during the show.” explained Geoff. “Plus we’ll also read some fan mail and see how much the fans know about our people being interviewed.” said Bridgette popping in. “And now with no further delay our first two people being interviewed, Kronk and Pete!” announced Geoff.

Kronk and Pete walk out into the aftermath set with them waving at the audience. “Hi yall.” greeted Pete. “Hello humans.” greeted Kronk. “Great to have you on the show.” said Geoff. “How have you two been?” “Fine.” replied Kronk and Pete. “Today we’re going to ask you questions about your time on TDO.” explained Geoff. “Kronk. What did you think about TDO?” “Kronk thought it was teeny bit hard.” said Kronk. “How hard was it?” asked Bridgette. “Kronk had to hang glide.” replied Kronk. “That doesn’t sound hard.” said Bridgette. “We hang glided from a cliff.” said Pete. “Kronk.” said Geoff. “How did you get eliminated?” “Kronk ate banana.” replied Kronk. “You guys lost because you ate a banana?” asked Geoff surprised. “He jumped off the glider to get the banana and Chuck eliminated him.” explained Pete. “Oh I see.” said Geoff.

“Kronk.” said Bridgette. “We’ve got someone on webcam to ask about you.” “Okay.” said Kronk with his tongue in his nose. A webcam video came on with a monkey in a scientist outfit. “Greetings Kronk.” said the monkey. “It’s Uncle Steve!” shouted Kronk in excitement. Uncle Steve suddenly got a very scary angry face. “Why didn’t you win that reality show!” he shouted. “We needed that money to clean out zoo cage! It smells like poop! I can’t take that smell anymore! And I should tell you that poop is yours! You’ll be in big trouble when you get home!” Bridgette shuts the video off. “We seem to be having some problems with our guest’s relative so let’s now talk to Pete.” She said.

“So Pete,” said Geoff. “Why did you lose in TDO?” “Because I couldn’t conquer my fear of ducks yall.” replied Pete. Geoff and Bridgette start snickering and tried not to laugh. “That’s too bad.” said Geoff. “I say you laughing yall.” said Pete upset. “Sorry,” said Geoff snickering. “but your fear is funnier than Tylers.” “Hey!” shouted Tyler who was in the audience.

“What did you hate the most about the show?” asked Bridgette. “It was the fear conquering challenge yall.” replied Pete. “Did you like the food?” asked Geoff. “All that they served was ravioli.” replied Pete. “I think the pixies the cook.” said Geoff for Bridgette. “We’ve got fan mail for you Pete.” said Bridgette. “Farmguy101 asks why are you afraid of ducks?” “It’s because when I was younger yall a duck almost bit my finger off because I got to close.” explained Pete. “That’s something.” said Geoff. “Join us after this commercial break where we’ll meet with Jake and Chad.”

After the commercial it cuts back to Geoff and Bridgette. “Welcome back folks.” greeted Geoff. “It’s now time to meet Jake and Chad!” Jake and Chad (who was in a body cast and had to be brought in by an intern) walked out onto the set. “Hello!” they greeted. “Hello Jake and Chad.” greeted Geoff. “It’s great to be here.” said Jake. “Same here.” replied Chad. “Sorry about what happened to you Chad.” said Bridgette. “It’s okay.” replied Chad. “I’ll recover.”
TDO Aftermath 1 guests

Geoff interviewing the contestants.

“So guys.” said Geoff. “What did you like the most about TDO and what did you not like?” “What I liked was everyone there.” said Jake. “What I didn’t like was getting eliminated in the dancing challenge.” “How did you get eliminated from the dancing challenge?” asked Bridgette. “I tripped.” replied Jake. “And we know how you got eliminated.” said Geoff to Chad. “Yes.” said Chad a little upset.

“We’ve got another webcam video for Chad.” said Bridgette. “Let’s check it out.” said Geoff. It shows Chad’s dad who was in a beach house. “Hi dad.” said Chad. “Son.” said Chad’s dad surprised. “What happened to you?” “I got attacked by mutant beavers and geese.” replied Chad. “And I thought you wouldn’t get badly hurt again after you fell into that shark tank at the aquarium.” said Chad’s dad upset. “It wasn’t my fault.” said Chad. “Well I hope you recover.” said Chad’s dad as the video ends.

“We have another webcam video from…Gerald the bear?” said Bridgette confused by the name. The video comes on showing a bear. “Hi Gerald.” greeted Geoff. “Oweguy is the best host ever!” shouted Gerald whose voice started sounding like Oweguys. “You guys stink.” “Oweguy!” shouted Arnold nearby. “Chris already did that joke.” “Oh.” said Geoff figuring out who it was. “It’s just Oweguy.” “Well we’d better wrap things up.” said Geoff. “It was nice seeing Kronk, Pete, Jake, and Chad today and I really hope Chad is going to recover.” “Please.” said Chad. “Who are we going to meet on our next show?” asked Bridgette to the viewers closing the show. “Who are we going to see on webcam? How many fans love our contestants? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy Aftermath!” The show ends and Geoff and Bridgette get out of their seats. We should pay a visit to our studio rooms.” said Geoff. “You’re too sweet.” said Bridgette blushing. As Geoff starts walking he slips on a banana peel. “Kronk!” shouted Geoff. “Sorry.” said Kronk.

Chapter 8: The Even Bigger Sleep

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the contestants went on a camping trip. On an island that was full of mutant animals. At one point Marine, Flare, Kuro, and Catherine encountered the Dark Phantom and engaged it in battle. Also Chad got injured by Mutant Beavers and Geese that weren’t created by the Dark Phantom. In the end no one won the challenge and Chad had to be sent home due to his injuries. Who’s going to be eliminated next? Find out on Total Drama Oweguy!

It was dinnertime on the same day that everyone got back from Mutant Island. The dinner was (once again) ravioli. “I’m sick of ravioli!” complained Chuck. “Can’t we get a pizza?” a butcher knife flies toward Chuck and dodges it. “I’m scared of her when she’s mad.” said Kuro to Jasmine.

“Hey cast.” said Oweguy walking in. “What do you want?” asked Flare who kept putting his knife in the table. “I know that you had a rough time last challenge so I’m giving you a treat.” explained Oweguy. “What’s the treat?” asked Kuro. “Is it candy?” asked Pat. “No it’s not candy.” replied Oweguy. Pat frowns. “I’ve decided to give you a free night.” said Oweguy. “Who wants to watch a movie marathon?” Everyone runs toward Oweguy and takes all of the DVD’s he was holding. “They’re going to be tired in the morning.” said Oweguy to Arnold and the two began snickering.

While the Killer Hot Dogs were watching their movies Chuck walks out of the cabin. “Where are you going Chuck?” asked Katelyn. “Nowhere.” replied Chuck. He quickly runs out of the cabin and toward the bathrooms. When he walked in the Masked Warrior was waiting for him. “I’m glad you made it here.” He said. “How long is this stupid alliance going to last?” asked Chuck. “Until we make it to the final two.” replied the Masked Warrior. “Now I need you too…” he starts whispering to Chuck.

Meanwhile in the Screaming Hamburgers cabin everyone was watching a movie involving a guy getting hit by a coconut. “That guy got hit by a coconut!” exclaimed Kuro who was laughing. Everyone else started laughing as well. Catherine didn’t notice Marine with them and saw that she was on her bed. “Why aren’t you watching the coconut?” she asked. “I’m writing something.” replied Marine. Catherine watches the movie again. “Ha ha!” laughed Kuro. “He got hit by two coconuts!” They started laughing again. “What’s Marine doing?” asked Flare to Catherine. “She said she was writing something.” replied Catherine. It showed that Marine was writing a note that said “To Oweguy, I ♥ You. From your secret admirer.”

The next morning everyone’s eyes were very red and baggy because they didn’t get any sleep because they were watching movies all night. The only people that weren’t very tired were Marine, Chuck, and the Masked Warrior. “How was your movie marathon?” asked Oweguy starting to snicker. “Snore.” said Dax who was starting to fall asleep. “Well now for your challenge it’s a TDI classic.” explained Oweguy. “The awake-a-thon!” “Wait a minute.” said Flare figuring out what happened. “You planned this!” “Yup.” replied Oweguy. “I knew you’d watch all those movies at once so you’ll all have trouble sleeping.” Arnold gets Oweguy’s attention and points to Marine, Chuck, and the Masked Warrior who were eating breakfast and reading a newspaper. “Uh oh.” He whispered. “Well challenge begins now.” Everyone groans and walks out of the mess hall except for Dax who had fallen asleep.

Twelve hours had past and everyone was having a real hard time staying awake. Marine was okay but Chuck and the Masked Warrior disappeared. It showed them in the bathrooms again and the Masked Warrior was talking to Chuck. “Okay listen up.” He explained. “When it’s nighttime you give these knockout pills to that goth girl. That way we’re sure to win a third time.” “Will do.” replied Chuck. The two smile evilly.

Night had arrived and a lot of people had fallen asleep. The only people left for the Screaming Hamburgers were Kuro, Marine, Flare and Yuki and the only ones for the Killer Hot Dogs were the Masked Warrior, Chuck, Katelyn, and Amanda. “It’s currently tied folks.” explained Oweguy. “Who do you think will win?” “I can’t stay awake any longer.” said Katelyn. “Me too.” replied Amanda. The two fall asleep. “Okay so now it seems the Screaming Hamburgers are winning.” said Oweguy. He hears a honk from his cabin and sees a mail truck. “I’ve got mail.” He said and walks over to his mailbox. “Okay.” said the Masked Warrior. “The idiot host is gone. Now’s our chance.” Chuck walks out into the open carrying the knockout pill can and started to chuckle.

Yuki and Kuro had failed to stay awake and now it was only Marine and Flare. “Hey Marine.” said Chuck holding the knockout pills behind his back. “Do you want a breath mint?” Marine sniffs her breath. “Actually yeah.” She said. “Well here’s one for you.” said Chuck. Flare notices the can behind Chuck and grabs it. “Hey!” he shouted. “Those were for making Marine fall asleep!” “You just said that out loud to her.” said Flare. Chuck looks back at Marine and she looks very angry at him. “Uh oh.” He said.

Marine vs. Chuck

Marine battles Chuck

After saying that Marine jumps toward him and the two start fighting. “You were trying to knock me out just like that other time!” she shouted. “That wasn’t me!” shouted Chuck. “Who did?” asked Marine. “It was that Dark Phantom!” replied Chuck. Marine gets a glare in her eye and remembers when the Dark Phantom gave her that coffee which resulted in her going into a deep sleep. “He’ll pay.” Marine told herself. “Can you put me down?” asked Chuck which showed that Marine was carrying him by the throat. She puts him down. “Thanks.” said Chuck getting his breath back.

But at that very moment Chuck grabbed the bottle and prepared to knock her out again. “Aw crap.” said Marine because she knew Chuck was going to knock her out. But before he got to her a rock fell on his head and he got knocked out. Marine sees Flare on top of a ledge shown that he threw a rock onto Chucks head. “You saved me.” said Marine. “No prob.” replied Flare. “No!” shouted the Masked Warrior. “You knocked out my secret alliance partner!” He quickly covers his mouth. “You did what now?” asked Marine upset. “Uh I meant to say you knocked my friend out.” said the Masked Warrior nervously. Flare throws another rock and it hits the Masked Warrior knocking him out. “He’s such an idiot.” said Flare.

Oweguy comes back with envelopes and packages and sees that Marine and Flare are the only ones left that were awake. “Well it seems you two are the only ones left and you’re both on the Screaming Hamburgers so that means the Scream Hamburgers win the challenge!” said Oweguy. “Yes!” shouted Marine and Flare high fiving. “That means that the Killer Hot Dogs have to eliminate someone but we have to wake for them to wake up.” explained Oweguy. A couple of hours past and the contestants are still asleep. “You’d think they’d be awake by now.” complained Oweguy. “Let’s just go watch a movie.” said Flare. “Okay.” replied Oweguy

Later at the campfire ceremony the Killer Hot Dogs had woken up and they were all there along with Oweguy. “As usual, if you don’t get a Chocolate Oweguy Statue it means you’ve been eliminated.” He explained. “Chocolate Oweguy’s go to Katelyn, Amanda, Pat, and Dax.” The four of them get their Chocolate Oweguy’s leaving Chuck and the Masked Warrior in the bottom two. “The final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..”

(Dramatic Pause)

“The Masked Warrior.” announced Oweguy. He gets his Chocolate Oweguy. “Time to go Chuck.” said Oweguy. “Good.” said Chuck angrily. “Just to let you know one of the people who voted me off was myself.” “No way.” said Oweguy acting like he was shocked. “Now if you excuse me I’m going to be leaving this dump.” said Chuck boarding the loser boat. “That’s it for today’s episode.” explained Oweguy. “Who’s going to be eliminated next? Is Marine going to get revenge on the Masked Warrior? Who sent me this love letter? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 9: Box-O-Rama

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy I gave the contestants a night off and they watched movies all night. That was a bad idea because the challenge was a awake-a-thon. But Marine, Chuck, and the Masked Warrior actually got sleep so they made it through the challenge easily. But in the meantime Chuck tried to get Marine to go to sleep with knockout pills but ended up getting knocked out by Flare resulting in the Screaming Hamburgers winning and Chuck was eliminated that night. Who’s going to be eliminated in this episode? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

It’s just a normal day at camp until suddenly the entire place starts shaking. “What’s happening?” asked Dax in fear. Everyone runs out of their cabins and see a giant thing coming out of the water. The thing that came out of the water was a stadium. “It’s a stadium.” said Kuro in shock. Oweguy then appears coming down with a jetpack. “Glad you’re all here cast.” said Oweguy. “You’re just in time for the opening of my wrestling stadium!” Everyone was silence except for Dax who sneezed. “This is today’s challenge.” explained Oweguy looking upset. Everyone was still quiet until they hear a flush and the Masked Warrior arrives. “Did you say wrestling?” he asked. “Yup.” replied Oweguy. “I pawn at wrestling!” shouted the Masked Warrior. Everyone except for Marine and Flare nervously gulped. “We can win against him.” said Flare to Marine. Marine nods in agreement.

“Here’s how it’ll work.” explained Oweguy. “The whole thing is a tournament so whoever loses will not move on. Whoever loses in the final round is automatically eliminated. No elimination ceremony. No Chocolate Oweguy’s. Nothing. You just go straight home.” “This seems hard.” said Kuro. “But we must win this.” replied Marine. “That’s right.” said Flare. “The Masked Warrior is going to do anything he can to beat us.” “Okay contestants.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to get ready for the challenge.” All the contestants go inside the huge wrestling stadium to start the challenge.

After getting their wrestling gear on and making sure they had plenty of band-aids and fake teeth, the contestants walk out onto the arena. “Okay cast.” explained Oweguy. “This will be a three round tournament so we need four people from each team to compete so choose who’s going to fight.” “Dax will watch.” said the Masked Warrior quickly. “I not a good fighter.” said Dax. “Which is why we didn’t pick you.” replied the Masked Warrior. “Okay.” said Dax still confused.

Elsewhere the Screaming Hamburgers were deciding who to pick to wrestle. “Okay, I’ve talked to everyone and looked to see if they had any muscle and I think me, Marine, Flare, and Yuki should wrestle.” explained Kuro. “I hate fighting.” said Emily. “I chipped a nail when fighting once.” explained Jasmine. “How come I’m not fighting?!” complained Catherine. “Because we’ve decided.” replied Flare throwing his knife in the air. Catherine glares at him. “I see everyone is all set so let’s begin!” shouted Oweguy as the bell rang.

For round one Flare was battling Katelyn, Marine was battling Pat, Yuki was battling the Masked Warrior, and Kuro was battling Amanda. “And go!” shouted Oweguy ringing the bell. Pat was sweating a lot immediately after the bell rang. “Wimp.” said Marine and jumped on him hard knocking him out. “Okay so Marine easily goes to the next round.” said Oweguy. “Let’s see how Kuro and Flare are doing.” Kuro and Flare easily defeated Katelyn and Amanda as well. “Ouch.” said Oweguy. “It’s only the Masked Warrior left. Will he win?” Yuki looks prepared to fight the Masked Warrior but he then starts glowing purple and punches her so hard that she immediately got knocked out. “Round one is over!” announced Oweguy. “Seeing that the Masked Warrior is the only one left on the Killer Hot Dogs, Marine will battle Kuro for round two.” “I told you I was strong!” shouted the Masked Warrior. “Why was he glowing purple?” asked Kuro. Marine pictures the time they battled the Dark Phantom on Mutant Island and it summoned its purple clouds. “Nah it couldn’t be him.” she said to herself.

Round two began and Marine was ready to battle Kuro. “I’m sorry I have to battle you.” said Kuro. “I know,” replied Marine “but you’re going down.” She jumps onto him and punches him repeatedly so fast that Kuro immediately cried uncle. “Uncle! Uncle!” he shouts. Meanwhile it shows Kuro’s uncle reading a book at his house and looks confused like he heard Kuro say uncle. “Okay so Marine makes it to the final round.” said Oweguy. “Let’s see who’s going with her.” Flare keeps struggling with the Masked Warrior in the other ring. “My you’re large.” He said. “What have you’ve been eating?” “Nothing!” shouted the Masked Warrior and throws Flare onto the ground and then jumps crushing him.” “Ow.” said Flare weakly. “Okay so our final round is Marine vs. the Masked Warrior!” announced Oweguy. “Who will win? Let’s find out.”

Marine stands at the corner while Kuro and Flare (who was badly bruised) prepare her and the Masked Warrior destroys a few punching bags with one punch. “You can beat him Marine.” said Kuro. “For the team.” The bell rings and the two move into the stadium. “Prepare to run home and cry to your mommy.” said the Masked Warrior taunting Marine. “Never!” she shouted and kicks him in the head. Before she could kick him againg he grabs her foot and swirls her around and then throws her into the wall. “This is brutal.” said Oweguy watching and eating popcorn. Due to getting thrown toward the wall Marine now had a black eye and bruises. “It’s time for your to quit!” shouted the Masked Warrior. “I’m not going to give up!” Marine shouted back.

At that very moment the Masked Warrior hits the floor causing the entire area to shake. “Is that your big weapon?” she asked sarcastically. Every then notices the roof of the stadium started cracking and then breaks apart and falls on Marine possibly crushing her but the Masked Warrior dodged out of the way. “Uh oh.” said Oweguy. “This could equal lawsuits.” “I won!” shouted the Masked Warrior. But before he could finish Marine comes out of the crumbled roof looking angry and more strong. “Where’s my power pack?” asked the Masked Warrior. “Is this it?” asked Marine holding it. “No!” he shouted. “He was cheating!” shouted Flare. “Get out.” said Oweguy surprised. He notices Flare walks out of the stadium to go to the bathroom at that very moment. “I didn’t mean it literally.” He shouted.

Marine starts attack the Masked Warrior very badly due to that he didn’t have the pack anymore. “How did you survive?” he asked. “It’s because this thing has a healing device.” She replied in anger. “Oh yeah.” said the Masked Warrior remembering. Marine continues attacking him and rips part of his wrestling outfit and is shocked to see bits of metal and a glowing core. Marine then looks at his face and remembers the Dark Phantoms face and figures out that the Masked Warrior was none other than the Dark Phantom. “You’re not human at all.” She said in anger. “Of course I’m human.” He said acting innocent. Marine punches him where the core was showing and receives intense pain. “How could you beat me again?” he asked as his voice started sounding like the Dark Phantoms. “You were in the competition the whole time.” said Marine very upset. The Masked Warrior starts to disappear and underneath was the Dark Phantom.

“What are you doing here?” asked Oweguy in shock. “I tricked you to get into the competition to get into this show and kick everyone’s butt and make them my slaves.” explained the Dark Phantom. “But due to that stupid girl my plan is foiled.” “Well you’ve been eliminated anyway so it’s time for you to go in this unbreakable glass dome cage.” said Oweguy caring the unbreakable glass dome cage. But before Oweguy can grab him the Dark Phantom quickly swips the power pack and quickly heals itself. “You’ll never get me!” it shouted and jumps high into the air out of the stadium and dives into the water fleeing into the depths of the ocean. “Well he’s long gone.” said Marine disappointed. “Yeah but you and the Screaming Hamburgers won the challenge.” explained Oweguy. Marine, Flare, and Kuro cheer in victory. “And by the way Marine.” said Oweguy. “Do you know who sent me this love letter?” “I’m sure you’ll figure out sooner or later.” She replied.

“Well that’s the end of this box-tastic episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Who will be voted off next? Where did the Dark Phantom escape to? Why won’t Marine tell me about the love letter? Does she have a secret about it? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 10: One Host's Trash is Another Contestant's Treasure

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, the contestants competed in a wrestling tournament. There were bruises, body slams, roof crumbling, and a shocking discovery. Marine, Kuro, and Flare were able to make it to the second round but poor Yuki ultimately got defeated by the Masked Warrior and the same thing happened to Flare in round two. Marine and Kuro had to battle in round two due to that they defeated three of the Killer Hot Dogs fighters in round one and Marine moved on to the final round against the Masked Warrior. During the fight she suffered a black eye and almost got killed when the Masked Warrior destroyed the roof but she found a power pack and defeated him revealing that he was the Dark Phantom. I tried to catch him but he got away into the sea. Who will win this next challenge? Who will lose this next challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Things have gotten quieter ever since the Dark Phantom got away though Oweguy has been searching franticly for him but no luck. “Eh he’s long gone.” said Oweguy to himself. “I’d better get the challenge set up.” Oweguy walks toward a pier and launches a treasure chest off a catapult into the sea. “All done.” He said. “What’s in the chest?” asked Arnold. “They’ll see.” said Oweguy smiling.

Meanwhile in the Screaming Hamburgers cabin Kuro is watching a movie and eating potato chips while Marine was looking in the mirror. “Why do you keep looking in the mirror?” Kuro asked to Marine. She turns around and she still had the black eye from the previous challenge which was more black and her eyeball was bright red. Kuro gets freaked out by that. “Yes it’s getting worse.” She said. “I hope it’s not permanent.” said Kuro who continued to eat his chips.

The loudspeaker turns on and Oweguy begins talking. “Okay contestants.” He said. “I want you to meet me at the beach and I’ll tell you what to do for the challenge.” “I’m sure your black eye will recover in a few days.” said Kuro to Marine. “Let’s not talk about that now.” She replied. “We need to get to the beach.”

The eleven contestants were all at the beach with Oweguy in front of them. “The challenge is to stand near the ocean?” asked Flare upset. “No silly.” replied Oweguy. “The challenge is a treasure hunt!” “Treasure?” asked everyone amazed. “Whichever team finds the chest at the bottom of the sea first will get the reward that’s inside.” explained Oweguy. “The other team won’t lose a player but will not have an award.” “How will we get to the treasure?” asked Catherine. “With these subs.” replied Oweguy. “The Screaming Hamburgers will get this shark like sub while the Killer Hot Dogs will get this fish like sub. Now I’m sure some of you can drive so you figure out who’s piloting.”

“Does anyone know how to pilot a sub?” asked Flare. “I think I might’ve once.” said Kuro. “Excuse me but what you don’t know is that I’m the only one in my grade who’s gotten their license so Far.” bragged Jasmine. Everyone hears the sub start up and see Marine in the pilot seat. “Are you guys going or not?” she asked. Everyone shrugs and boards the sub but they then see the Killer Hot Dogs sub swim off. “See you later losers!” taunted Dax. “That’s not like him.” said Catherine. “Why’s he acting like that?” asked Flare. “Woohoo!” Dax shouted. “I’m team leader now!” “He thinks he’s team leader.” said Marine. “Oh.” said Kuro. Marine starts the sub up and they swim off into the water.

The two subs searched everywhere on the ocean floor for the chest. “It’s got to be here somewhere.” said Kuro who was looking at the subs radar. “I want to drive now!” shouted Flare. He knocks Marine out of her seat and Kuro catches her before she gets hurt. “What was that for!” she shouted. “You’re going to slow!” he replied. “The sub isn’t supposed to go that fast.” explained Catherine. “I’ll make it fast now!” he said and goes through the control wires. “No you idiot!” shouted Catherine. The sub started going super fast and immediately crashed into a rock destroying the sub. Luckily everyone got out safely and floated down to the ocean floor with scuba suits on.

“Now look what you’ve done!” shouted Catherine. “Hey!” shouted Flare. “At least we got farther.” “Well we now have to continue our search on foot.” explained Kuro. As they started walking Kuro immediately walked right into a shark. “Uh oh.” He said and everyone swims away screaming.

Meanwhile in the Killer Hot Dogs sub Dax was still bragging about being captain. “I’m the captain!” he said. “When we get the treasure it’ll be mine! All mine! And you won’t have it! Ha ha ha ha!” Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat start getting angry and the bottom hatch opens and Dax gets thrown out.
Dax thrown out

Dax gets thrown out of the sub.

“Nooooo!” he shouted as he started sinking. “That’ll teach him.” said Katelyn and the three of them started laughing. Dax rises up to the surface getting air. “I’m gonna get that treasure if it’s the last thing I do!” he said with his eyes looking funny. Suddenly, when he wasn’t looking a huge wave hits him and isn’t seen when it disappears.

Back with the Screaming Hamburgers they’re still running away from the shark until Flare slams into something. “What the heck?” he asked and notices that the thing he slammed into was the treasure chest. “I found the chest!” he shouted. “What?” asked Kuro surprised and sticking out of the sharks mouth. Flare picks it up and throws it out of the water. At the shore Oweguy was there and sees the chest come up. “Hm?” he asked. Flare comes out of the water followed by Marine, Emily, Yuki, Jasmine, Catherine, and Kuro who was still sticking out of the shark’s mouth. “Well it seems that you guys found the chest first so you guys are the winners of the challenge.” said Oweguy. They all cheer in victory and then a big wave hits the shore and after it washes away Dax is lying on the shore. “What happened to him?” asked Oweguy. Dax pops up and sees the chest. “MINE!” he shouted. Oweguy then hits him with a pan knocking him out so he wouldn’t get the chest. “Sorry about that.” He said.

“Let’s see what’s inside the chest.” said Flare. They open it up but are shocked to find that what was inside the chest was not a single thing. “This chest is empty!” shouted Marine. “We went under the ocean and argued with Flare and escaped a shark for this?!” complained Catherine. Flare gets very angry and kicks the chest away. “I’m gonna kill Oweguy!” he shouted. The Killer Hot Dogs sub comes to the shore and Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat come out. “We couldn’t find the chest.” said Katelyn. “You wouldn’t have liked it anyway.” said Marine with Flare acting nuts in the background.

“Well it appears I have to sign off at this point due to Flare’s behavior.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Who will be the next loser? Will Flare calm down? Where’s my creamy sundae? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 11: Mega Wipeout

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy it was the second reward challenge and they had to find a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. During the challenge Flare snapped and destroyed the sub and Dax went insane and ended up getting thrown out of the sub. In the end, the Screaming Hamburgers won but saw that the chest contained nothing! Ha ha! I did that on purpose. Who will be eliminated next in this exciting chapter? And I’m still waiting for my creamy sundae. Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

An intense heat wave had hit camp and everyone was scorching hot. Everyone just lays outside the cabins sitting in kiddy pools filled with ice cubes, fans everywhere, and were eating ice cream that had already melted. “I’m so hot.” said Catherine. “I’m hot too.” said Dax. He takes his hat off and it shows he has an afro underneath. Everyone just looks speechless. “Where’s Marine?” asked Kuro. Marine walks out of the cabin with her hair covering her entire face. She then sits down and wrings her hair with a lot of sweat coming out revealing her face but she still had the black eye. “Doesn’t the cabin have AC?” asked Emily. “Oweguy didn’t install AC.” She said angerly. It cuts to Oweguy’s cabin and it shows that in every room there was an air conditioner. “I’m so cool.” He said. A paper hits him that says energy bill. “Oh darn.” He said. “Arnold! Pay that bill while I get the challenge set up.” Arnold grumbles as he pays the bill.

While the contestants just lay outside sweating like dogs there are construction sounds in the background. “Knock it off mommy.” said Dax who had fallen asleep. A buzz saw sound then happens which causes everyone to get upset. “Who’s doing construction right now?!” shouted Flare. “Me.” replied Oweguy. “I’m building the set for the challenge.” “Well pipe it down.” said Flare. “We’re trying to beat the heat.” “Well the challenge starts soon so be prepared.” said Oweguy.

About five minutes later a foghorn made a sound shocking everyone. “Time for the challenge!” announced Oweguy. “I hope it’s not a challenge when you have to run on hot coal.” said Marine. “I hope it’s not one involving sharks.” said Catherine. “I hope it’s not one involving a volcano and dropping both of you into it.” said Flare. “Shut up Flare.” said Catherine. Flare growls at her.

“Welcome cast.” greeted Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is to survive this obstacle course.” It shows a giant obstacle course above the lake with a lot of tricks and obstacles on it. “This reminds me of some TV show I’ve seen.” said Kuro. “I think you’ve might’ve seen it.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, for the challenge you must get through this obstacle course in five minutes and whoever has more members from each team at the goal first wins. The losers have to send someone home.” “But the other team has four team members and we have seven.” complained Marine. “Which is why this is a little challenge.” replied Oweguy. “Now then, on your marks. Get set. Go!” With the sound of Oweguy’s pistol the contestants run into the obstacle course. Suddenly an airplane falls from the sky and lands in the water. “I need to make sure I’m firing blanks next time.” said Oweguy.

As most of the Screaming Hamburgers team members get past the first few parts of the course they are slowed up at a part with robotic punching arms and a huge pool of mud. “Okay I’ve definitely seen this on a TV show.” said Kuro. “Why did we stop!” shouted Flare. “I’m scared to go on.” said Emily who was causing the backup. “Just go!” shouted Flare pushing her right into the mud. “Don’t do that!” shouted Catherine. “Oh shut up.” said Flare. Catherine glares at him. Emily tries to get up until Dax falls on her. “Ew mud.” He said. “Ow.” said Emily underneath. Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat run over both of them making it past the punching arms easily but injuring both Dax and Emily. “Ouchy.” said Dax.

While Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat were very ahead, one half of the Screaming Hamburgers were ahead and another half was behind. “We need to catch up.” said Kuro. They suddenly stopped to see that there were platforms that were spinning and were hard to get to. “This looks tough.” said Jasmine. “We have to get over.” replied Kuro. “They seem to be having trouble.” said Yuki pointing to Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat laying on the third one. “Pat fell on us.” said Katelyn. “Sorry.” said Pat. “I feel sorry for all of you but just to see you guys have trouble I’m making this spinning platforms faster.” said Oweguy from a control deck and makes the platforms go faster. Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat hang on for dear life until they fly off to different parts of the course.

“They’ve gone off to different areas now.” said Kuro. “I can’t tell if they’re ahead or not.” “Ahead or not, we’ve got to get going.” said Yuki. The three jump off quickly on eat one and make it to the other side. “We did it!” shouted Kuro and the three high five. “Wait up!” shouted Dax. He trips on the second platform and gets spun around quickly. He luckily makes it to the other side. “I did it.” He said looking very dizzy. He then falls down and barfs. “Ew.” said Yuki. The three run away quickly while Dax lies on the ground with vomit pouring out of his mouth.

Meanwhile it shows that Amanda had ended up at the finish line when she got thrown off the platform. “I made it!” she cheered. “Wait up!” shouted Katelyn. She gets through the last parts of the course and makes it to the goal and the two cheer by eeing. “Where’s Pat?” asked Katelyn. They both here panting farther off and see Pat. “I can’t make it.” He said. “Try to Pat.” said Katelyn. Due to Pat’s weight he had trouble getting up until someone walks near him. “Need help?” the person asked. Pat looks up and sees that the person was Dax. He helps him up and both head to the goal. All four of them cheer and Katelyn and Amanda both hug Pat and then kiss him with him smiling and blushing.

“Screaming Hamburgers.” said Oweguy nearby. “All of the Killer Hot Dogs members had made it to the goal. What’s taking you so long?” “The three of us are almost to the end.” said Kuro. “But for some reason the other four are behind.” “Well speed it up.” said Oweguy. “There’s only two minutes left.” Kuro, Jasmine, and Yuki begin running through the course quickly and at one point Yuki slipped and almost fell off the platform but Kuro luckily caught her. “Be careful.” He said. She then smiles at him. After a few more jumping off platforms they make it to the goal. “We made it!” shouted Kuro. “But we’re still ahead by one.” said Dax. “Where’s everyone else?” asked Jasmine.

It cuts to everyone else on the Screaming Hamburgers and it’s shown that Catherine and Kuro have been arguing the entire time. “I don’t care if you hate homework but it’s good for your brain!” shouted Catherine. “Homework sucks!” shouted Flare. “Hello.” said Oweguy nearby. “You’ve only got one minute left and you’re only halfway through the course.” “We need to get going.” said Marine and she and Emily run off toward the rest of the course. “Get back here!” shouted Flare. “We’re not finished arguing.”

However it was too late for Marine and Emily to make it to the goal. As soon as they almost made it to the final part of the course the timer had stopped making the challenge over. “And the challenge is over.” said Oweguy. “The winners of the challenge are the Killer Hot Dogs!” Dax, Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat all cheer in victory while Flare growls because he lost. “As for you Screaming Hamburgers.” said Oweguy. “You need to vote someone off.” Catherine and Flare glare at each other like thinking that they’ll vote one of them off.

Later at the elimination ceremony the seven Screaming Hamburgers members were there looking at each other. “You’ve all cast your votes and you probably know that if you don’t get a Chocolate Oweguy you’re out.” explained Oweguy. “The first five are Marine, Jasmine, Kuro, Emily, and Yuki.” The five of them get their Chocolate Oweguy’s with Catherine and Flare the last ones remaining. “The final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…” Catherine and Flare glare at each other.

(Dramatic Pause)

“…Flare.” announced Oweguy. Everyone gasps in shock when he announces that. “What?!” said Catherine in shock. “I’m sorry Catherine but it’s time for you to go.” “Why would anyone vote me off?” she asked. “I don’t think anyone did.” said Kuro. “Enough dilly dallying.” said Flare. “Take her home.” Oweguy and Arnold grab her with her screaming and they throw her into the loser boat and it drives away. “Flare is becoming a jerk.” said Marine. “I swear.” said Kuro. “Next challenge I’m going to try and get him kicked off.”

Later it shows Flare alone at the campfire and shows a flashback showing a voting machine and he was disabling some wires making the Flare buttons vote Catherine off. “My plan was a success.” He said and starts laughing evilly and accidently drops his Oweguy statue into the fire. “Aw crap!” he shouted.

Chapter 12: Battle of the Genders

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the contestants went through one of the biggest obstacle courses ever. Catherine and Flare were having a huge grudge currently and spent the entire time arguing, Dax fell on a spinning platform and threw up, and Pat got hugs and kisses from his two ladies. Lucky guy. I just wish I can meet my secret admirer. Anyway, the Killer Hot Dogs final won again and the Screaming Hamburgers were sent to the elimination ceremony. What was very shocking was that Catherine who was liked a lot by everyone else was voted off. This flashback sequence I found under by chair shows that Flare changed the wiring in the voting machine and made whoever voted him off vote Catherine off. Will he continue cheating before he gets voted off? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

There were only ten contestants left and they were all sitting outside the cabins. “Only ten of us left.” said Kuro. “I can’t believe the other seven left so quickly.” Everyone was looking bored. Marine was checking to see if her black eye had gotten better, Emily was combing her hair, Flare was carving his initials into a picnic table, and Katelyn and Amanda were looking at what Pat was doing. Then Kuro notices a letter near him that said it was for him. He opens it and sees it’s a love poem that said “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Your super cool personality makes you cool too. Love a secret admirer.” Kuro looks at who might’ve wrote it and sees Yuki was the only one nearby. He then starts thinking to himself until the loudspeakers turns on.

“Okay contestants.” said Oweguy on the loudspeaker. “Enough being boring. I want you to come to the campfire pit.” As the contestants walk toward the campfire pit Marine notices the poem Kuro had. “What’s that?” she asked. “A love poem.” replied Kuro. “But I don’t know who sent it to me.” “You’ll find out soon.” said Marine. “And I wonder if the person who got my letter has found out yet.”

The ten contestants were sitting at the campfire pit with Oweguy in front of them. “Okay cast.” He explained. “There are ten of you left so let me explain this carefully. The challenges after this one will be harder and more brutal and you will no longer be in teams. As of now the Screaming Hamburgers and Killer Hot Dogs teams are gone. Today will be something me and Chris McLean really like. The battle of the sexes. Then after this challenge it’ll be every camper for themselves.” “What’s the challenge?” asked Jasmine. “It’s one I’ve created.” replied Oweguy. “You’ll be redoing three challenges that you’ve already faced. And they are the ones that I really like.” Everyone gasps in shock. “Oh.” interrupted Oweguy. “I’m not finished. If the boys or girls win one challenge out of the three they get a point. Whoever gets the most points wins a reward while the losers need to send someone home. Now I’m tired of talking so let’s get started already!”

The boys and the girls were standing at the area that appeared to be the place where they did the fear challenge. “This was one of my favorites so the challenge is one of you must conquer your fear again.” explained Oweguy. “I vote Flare.” said Kuro. “What?!” he asked shocked. “Why me?” “Because they skipped you back in chapter 3.” said Dax. “Okay I’ll do it.” said Flare. It then cuts to the girls. “Who should conquer their fear again?” asked Marine. “Not me.” said Emily. “I want to stay pretty.” “I’ll do it.” said Jasmine. “How come?” asked Katelyn. “I was skipped too in chapter three.” replied Jasmine. “Must we keep breaking the fourth wall?” asked Marine.

Flare and Jasmine were ready to go for the team. “Okay Flare and Jasmine.” explained Oweguy. “You must get through this maze of pink stuff and fake paparazzi people.” The two shiver in fear but Flare mostly did because his fear was pink stuff. “And go!” shouted Oweguy. Flare tries to run through the maze of pink but freaked out due to the pink while Jasmine suddenly runs fast and does a very fast somersault through the entire maze passing through the fake paparazzi people and making it to the finish in seconds with everyone staring in shock. “Whoa.” said Kuro. “Jasmine made it to the end so the girls get one point.” announced Oweguy. The girls start cheering. “Now it’s time for round two of three.” said Oweguy.

The next challenge was them standing near two cages. “I don’t remember this being a challenge.” said Kuro. “I changed this one up a bit.” explained Oweguy. “This is based off the Mutant Island challenge but instead of me sending you there again I’m making you spend one minute with these mutant beavers and geese.” Everyone gasps in shock. “It’s just for a minute so I think you’ll do fine.” said Oweguy. “Now decide on who’s going for this challenge.” “I’ll do it.” said Kuro. “Okay.” replied Flare. It then cuts to the girls. “Who should go this time?” asked Marine. “I think maybe Yuki.” said Jasmine. “Why me?” she asked. “I think you can survive for a minute.” said Marine. “You’re skilled at karate.” “I’ll try.” she said.

Kuro and Yuki sit in the cages with the mutant animals and both looked scared. “Go!” shouted Oweguy. The two started looking very scared because the beavers and geese looked ready to eat them. “I can’t do it!” shouted Yuki. The girls look upset about her forfeiting. “Yuki forfeits so the boys get a point.” said Oweguy. The boys start cheering. “Now time for the final challenge.” said Oweguy.

“The very last challenge is my favorite.” explained Oweguy. “You need to do the obstacle course challenge again but there are some changes. It’s shorter for one thing and also I replaced the water with hot water.” “That’s basically the same thing.” said Jasmine. “If I got something that really would harm you I’ll get sued by that darn Courtney.” replied Oweguy. “Now pick who’s going for the final round.”

“Who should go this time?” asked Kuro. “I had trouble last time.” said Pat. “Me and Flare already went and we know that Pat won’t make it so that leaves us with Dax.” said Kuro. He jumps up and starts clapping. It then cuts to the girls. “Who should go?” asked Marine. “I’ve gone, Yuki’s gone, and the twins haven’t talked much in this chapter so I don’t know.” said Jasmine. “I thought I said to stop breaking the forth wall.” said Marine. “I don’t want to go on the obstacle course.” said Emily. Marine, Jasmine, and Yuki glare at her and a few seconds later carry her to the start with her screaming and struggling. “Ready, set, go!” shouted Oweguy and Dax and Emily run onto the course.

Dax hops onto the different platforms but Emily was nervous. “You can do it Emily!” shouted Jasmine. “Go Dax!” shouted Pat. Yuki yawns and lays against one of the obstacle course pillars but it suddenly starts leaning and hits a few other pillars. “Uh oh.” She said. “I really should’ve made those more stable.” said Oweguy watching the pillar fall. One of the pillars hits the one that Emily was standing on and she falls into the hot water screaming. “Ouch.” said Marine and Jasmine. Dax runs into the falling pillars. “You can do it Dax.” shouted Kuro. He hops over the falling pillars and makes it to the goal with just a few more platforms left. “Dax makes it to the finish before Emily did!” announced Oweguy. “And with a score of two to one the boys win! That means the girls need to send someone home tonight.” The boys cheer and carry Dax away congratulating him. Marine and Jasmine glare at Yuki because she caused Emily to lose the challenge and she smiles at them innocently.

Later at the elimination ceremony the girls were sitting there with the boys watching them. “As usual, if you don’t get a Chocolate Oweguy it means you’re out.” explained Oweguy. “Chocolate Oweguy’s go to Marine, Jasmine, Katelyn, and Amanda.” The four get their Chocolate Oweguy’s leaving Emily and Yuki left. “The final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..” The two look very nervous.

(Dramatic Pause)

“Emily.” announced Oweguy. Yuki looks shocked as Emily gets her Chocolate Oweguy. “I’m sorry Yuki but apparently the girls wanted you off the show after today’s challenge.” explained Oweguy. “I know.” replied Yuki. “I’m leaving.” “Goodbye Yuki.” said Kuro. “Oh, did you get a poem?” she asked. “Yeah.” He replied. “I wrote that for you.” She said. “That was you?” he asked surprised. The two run toward each other and hug and then the two kiss with everyone going aw. “Special moment over.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to say goodbye.” Yuki looks upset at what Oweguy said but she boards the loser boat and it drives off with her and Kuro waving goodbye. “Now that’s what I call an emotional ending.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “We now head into the merge. Who’s going to collapse under the pressure? Are more relationships going to be formed? Will the skilled players get farther as we progress to the finals? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 13: TDO Aftermath #2

Like the previous aftermath episode it shows the logo forming and shows Chuck’s, Catherine’s, and Yuki’s eliminations. It then cuts to Geoff and Bridgette along with Kronk, Pete, Jake, and Chad who were now commenter’s.

“Hello and welcome back to another episode of TDO Aftermath!” announced Geoff. “I’m Geoff.” “And I’m Bridgette.” said Bridgette. “And today we’ll be interviewing three contestants that were recently eliminated.” “First we have Chuck, that blonde guy with the green sweatshirt who just likes to complain about everything.” explained Geoff. “Second we have Catherine who was kicked off unfairly by the daredevil Flare. And last but not least we have Yuki who just got separated from her new boyfriend.” “Our first guest to come up, Chuck!” announced Bridgette.

Chuck walks onto the aftermath stage but he doesn’t look to happy about it. “Welcome Chuck!” greeted Geoff. He growls silently in angry and Geoff and Bridgette just glare at each other. A banana peel then hits him and Chuck growls monstrously at Kronk who was the one who threw it. Kronk then hides behind Chad. “Why are you so upset?” asked Geoff. “Number one I can’t go home to my parents as of now, number two they won’t give me a raise in my allowance, and number three I found out that my alliance partner was an evil phantom thing.” replied Chuck. “Yikes.” said Geoff. “How bout we talk about your time on TDO right now?” “Okay.” replied Chuck still frowning.

“What did you think of everyone at camp?” asked Bridgette. “They were boring.” replied Chuck. “I knew he was going to say that.” whispered Geoff. “How as the food?” asked Bridgette. “I hated the food.” complained Chuck. “Every day it was nothing but ravioli.” “That’s the problem with having a ravioli pixie for a cook.” explained Bridgette. “Now what did you think about the camp?” “It was boring.” said Chuck. “C’mon dude!” shouted Geoff. “You can’t say everything’s boring!” “I say everything’s boring because I’m spoiled.” said Chuck. “So that means you’re rich?” asked Geoff. “Yeah.” replied Chuck. “But you don’t look wealthy.” said Geoff. “I try to hide it so people won’t ask for money.” “Interesting.” said Geoff.

“We’ve got someone on webcam to talk to you.” said Bridgette to Chuck. “Who is it?” he asked. “Hi Chuck!” greeted the person on webcam. It was shown that the people on webcam were his parents who looked very fancy. “My parents?!” asked Chuck in shock. “We’re sorry that you didn’t win the show but you’ve got plenty of money.” said Chuck’s dad. “Dad.” muttered Chuck. “We also got this cool shirt for you.” said Chuck’s mom showing a red and pink shirt with a smiley face on it. Everyone starts laughing. “Mom!” shouted Chuck. “See you later sweetie.” said Chuck’s mom as the video finishes. Chuck was red in anger. “Why don’t we take a commercial break before Chuck goes bonkers?” asked Bridgette. “Good idea.” replied Geoff.

After the break it shows Chuck tied up and his face was deep red in anger. “Welcome back to TDO Aftermath.” greeted Geoff. “As you can tell we got things under control so now let’s meet our next two guests.” “Yep.” replied Bridgette. “Please welcome Catherine and Yuki!” The two walk onto the stage. “Hi girls!” greeted Geoff. “Hi Geoff.” replied the girls. “Why is Chuck tied up?” asked Yuki. “There was a problem earlier.” replied Bridgette. Chuck starts muffling in a tone that sounded like he was screaming.

“So what did you think of TDO Catherine?” asked Bridgette. “It was fine.” she replied. “I actually had a shot at winning until I was voted off.” “Who voted you off?” asked Geoff. “Apparently it might’ve been that stupid Flare.” replied Catherine. “That Flare doesn’t seem very nice.” said Bridgette. “And how did you get eliminated Yuki?” asked Geoff. “Everything was going fine until I caused the pillars on the obstacle course to fall down and causing Emily to lose.” replied Yuki. “That sounds a little unfair.” said Geoff. “It was an accident.” “I know.” said Yuki upset. “And I proclaimed my love to Kuro right when I was eliminated so I won’t see him again for a while.” “Stories about being separated couples always make me cry.” said Geoff tearing up and he then goes backstage while he cries.

“So girls.” said Bridgette. “What do you think was the worst part of the camp?” “The worst part I think was having to deal with Flare and some of the challenges, especially the fear conquering challenge and the obstacle course challenge due to that I was eliminated.” replied Catherine. “What did you not like Yuki?” asked Bridgette. “I hated the boxing challenge due to that I was almost crushed to death and the battle of the sexes challenge due to that it was the challenge I was eliminated in.” replied Yuki. “So you hated the challenges you were eliminated in?” asked Bridgette. “Pretty much.” replied Yuki.

Geoff comes back and sits back in his seat. “Sorry I was gone Bridge.” said Geoff. “Yuki’s story made me cry.” “That’s okay.” replied Bridgette. “Anyway, we’ve got a webcam message for Yuki.” The camera starts turning on coming out static like at first. “Marine is it working?” asked the person on the webcam. The person was revealed to be Kuro. “Kuro?” asked Yuki. “Yep.” he replied. “Oweguy left the camp to do something so I’m using his webcam. I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to do my best to win and that I’ll also share the money with you. I gotta go now. Arnold is coming.” The webcam turns off. “Well that was sweet of him.” said Geoff. “I sure hope he’ll win.” said Yuki smiling. Chuck starts shaking and the ropes and tape around him rip off. “I can’t be tied up anymore!” he shouted. “It’s hard to breathe!” “Okay.” said Geoff. “We’ll not make you be tied up anymore.”

“Kuro mentioned that Oweguy wasn’t at camp.” said Catherine. “Where is he then?” “I’m right here.” said a voice. The person who just said that was none other than Oweguy. “Oweguy?” asked Geoff. “What are you doing here?” “I’ve come to say to the losers that two of them are returning to the show.” replied Oweguy. “Who’s returning?” asked Catherine. “It’s going to be a vote.” replied Oweguy. “The losers will vote for anyone. Now you all have five minutes to do it so pick a good choice.”

Five minutes had past and it was time to reveal who was returning to TDO. “It’s time to find out who is returning folks.” said Geoff. “It could be anyone that’s here except for me and you because we’re hosts.” said Bridgette. “Quiet you two.” said Oweguy. “I’m about to announce the first person. “The first person who is returning is…..”

(Dramatic Pause)

“…..Chad!” “Really?!” he asked surprised. “I’m back on the show!” “I thought he should’ve gotten a second chance.” said Yuki. “Same here.” said Jake. “Now it’s time for the second person.” said Oweguy. “The second person returning to TDO is…..”

(Another Dramatic Pause)

“…..Kronk!” “Wha!” asked Kronk surprised spitting a partially chewed up banana out of his mouth which hit Chuck on the face. “Why is that stupid ape returning?!” asked Chuck upset. “Because people voted him to return.” replied Oweguy. “Who in the world voted for him?!” asked Chuck still upset. “Me.” said Pete. “And me.” said Chad. “And me.” said Catherine. “I give up.” said Chuck. “I’ll best be going.” said Oweguy leaving along with Chad and Kronk.

“That’s it for today’s episode of TDO Aftermath.” said Geoff. “How will the competition go with Chad and Kronk returning? Who’s going to be our next guests? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 14: The Comeback Guy (and Animal)

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, it was a battle of the sexes challenge so it was boys vs. girls. Flare had trouble with conquering his fear of pink and Yuki couldn’t handle mutant animals. But the biggest bust was at the end when Yuki knocked the obstacle course columns over and sent Emily falling into hot water. And with that, Yuki was eliminated but not before leaving without a kiss from Kuro. Who’s going to be voted off next as we start the merge? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

It’s early morning and Flare walks out of the cabin yawning but then slips on something. “What the heck?” he asked upset. He sees banana peels everywhere and starts following a trail of them. He then walks toward a banana tree with Arnold and Oweguy looking. “May I asked why there are banana trees here?” asked Arnold. “We’re not down south.” “They’re all planted in pots and were used for a film which had banana trees.” replied Oweguy. “I was on a budget.”

Flare looks at the banana tree and sees Kronk in it. “What are you doing here?” asked Flare surprised. “You were eliminated.” “Host guy brought me back.” replied Kronk. “That’s right.” said Oweguy. “Didn’t you watch the latest TDO Aftermath?” “I watched South Park instead.” replied Flare. “Dude.” said Oweguy. “This is a tweens and teens show. Don’t mention anything too mature.” “Fine.” said Flare. “So is it just the monkey or is there someone else?” “I’ve also brought back Chad.” said Oweguy with Chad next to him. “Hey.” said Chad. “Do you just want this show to go longer?” asked Flare. “No.” replied Oweguy. “Most Total Drama shows and fanfics have someone return at the merge. For instance, Izzy and Eva, Owen, Zane, Waterlilly and Quintin…” “Okay I get It.” interrupted Flare. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “Now could you go wake up the others? It’s time to prepare for the next challenge.” “Okay okay.” replied Flare walking off.

The eleven contestants sit at the fire pit waiting for Oweguy to announce the challenge. “So Kronk and Chad are back?” asked Marine. “Apparently.” replied Kuro. “Is the host just making this harder?” asked Jasmine. “That’s what he said.” replied Marine. “Enough chit chat.” said Oweguy. “As you can see Kronk and Chad are back in the competition so it’s back to eleven campers but it’ll probably get back to nine soon enough.” “Why’s that?” asked Kuro. “For this challenge due to that two people came back two people will be eliminated in this challenge.” explained Oweguy. Everyone gasps in shock with Katelyn and Amanda hugging each other hard. “Announce the challenge already!” shouted Flare. “Okay geez.” replied Oweguy upset.

“Anyway,” he continued. “Today’s challenge will have you compete in teams of two and you’ll do a race like challenge but you’ll face some obstacles like gates and blockades that will need your teamwork to get past. Okay?” Everyone nods. “I’ll pair you guy’s up.” said Oweguy. He looks at them. “Marine, you’ll be with Jasmine.” said Oweguy. “Kuro you’ll be with Dax, Emily with Chad, Katelyn with Amanda, and Flare with Kronk.” “What?!” shouted Flare. “Oh boy!” shouted Kronk jumping onto Flares head. “And to make things tougher I’ll give each team a handcuff just so they won’t get separated.” explained Oweguy. “I’ve seen this before.” said Kuro. “Excuse me Oweguy but you forgot to put me on a team.” said Pat. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “I’ll put you with Katelyn and Amanda. The girls swipe him away and start hugging him.

The teams were all at the star with everyone standing next to each other except for Flare and Kronk where instead he was on Flare’s shoulders. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “You pretty much know the rules now so the challenge will begin. But there’s just one more thing.” Flare groans. “You might remember the wimp key. If you use it you are automatically disqualified from the challenge. Now let’s begin. Go!” The eleven contestants run onto the track and all go to different paths. Flare and Kronk immediately get stuck at the first obstacle which was a bunch of rocks.

“Oh great.” said Flare. “We have to get through all these rocks?” “Me do it!” shouted Kronk. “I don’t think you’ll move those…” Flare stops talking as he sees Kronk carry most of the rocks off the path and throws them away. “Whoa.” he said. “All gone.” said Kronk. Flare and Kronk continue on the path.

Meanwhile, Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat end up at a path which splits up. “Uh oh.” said Pat noticing. “Which way do we go?” “That way.” replied Katelyn pointing left. “No that way.” said Amanda pointing right. “I’d say go left.” said Pat. “He agreed with me!” said Katelyn to Amanda. “He likes me more. “I like both of you but we need to finish this challenge.” said Pat. “Okay.” said both the girls. The three head to the left but from aerial view it’s mostly forest. Marine and Jasmine had to get by a bridge that was falling apart while Kuro and Dax had to get over a lake. “This challenge is too easy.” said Kuro. “I’m tired.” said Dax. “You got to do it man.” said Kuro. Dax starts drinking the lake water. “Okay, yuck.” said Kuro.

Back with Marine and Jasmine the two girls nearly get to the end until the entire bridge starts breaking apart. Marine almost falls but Jasmine luckily catches her. “Gotcha!” she said. “Thanks.” said Marine. “That’s what friend’s do.” replied Jasmine. “We’ve still got some more of the course to go.” said Marine. “Then let’s get going.” said Jasmine. The two run off with Kuro watching. “C’mon Dax we need to go.” He said pulling on the handcuffs. “I’m tired.” replied Dax.

Back with Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat there are deep in a forest. “Okay I’ve definitely seen this area a few minutes ago. “We’re lost!” shouted the girls. “Great.” said Pat. “We’re going to lose the challenge. “This is your fault!” shouted Amanda. “You decided to left when we should’ve gone right!” “My fault!” shouted Katelyn. “Maybe both paths lead to a trap. “Will you stop arguing while I figure out what to do?” asked Pat. The girls stop arguing but glare at each other while Pat thinks.

Meanwhile Emily and Chad were at a huge cliff. “This looks dangerous.” said Emily. “I can carry you if you want.” said Chad. Emily smiles and blushes when he says that. “Okay.” She replied. Chad carries her on his back and climbs up the cliff. Flare and Kronk head toward the same cliff. “It seems the paths all meet here.” said Flare. “Look!” shouted Kronk pointing at something. Flare sees Emily and Chad halfway up. “They’re ahead of us!” shouted Flare noticing. “No silly guy.” said Kronk. “That!” Kronk was really pointing to a banana tree which was at the top of the cliff. Kronk starts climbing up the cliff pulling Flare up as well but he kept banging into the rocks. “Ouch!” he shouted. “I’m still here!” “Whoopsie.” said Kronk.

Kronk and Flare make it to the top with Chad and Emily making it at the same time. “Thanks Chad.” said Emily still being carried by Chad. While waiting for Kronk to finish eating the banana both Flare and Chad see something straight ahead. Both notice that it’s the finish line. “The finish line!” they both shouted. The two start running with Flare dragging Kronk behind him while Chad still carries Emily. “I see them Arnold.” said Oweguy. The two teams cross at the same time. “Congrats!” shouted Oweguy. “The four of you made it first so you’ve all won invincibility!” The four start cheering and Emily then kisses Chad resulting in him smiling at her. “I won!” shouted Flare. “We won.” said Chad. “Challenge ain’t over yet.” said Oweguy. “We still need to wait for the others to get to the finish.”

Marine and Jasmine were already almost to the top of the cliff while Kuro and Dax just arrived. “We have to climb a cliff?” asked Kuro. “I guess.” said Dax. Marine and Jasmine make it to the top but notice Flare, Kronk, Emily, and Chad waiting at the finish. “Crap!” shouted Jasmine. “We’re too late.” “Well you gals are second.” explained Oweguy. “We’re still waiting for the other two teams.” Kuro and Dax make it to the top. “Now just one.” said Oweguy. “Where is the other team?” asked Marine.

Back in the woods Katelyn and Amanda were still arguing while Pat was looking where to go. Then Pat notices light. “I see light!” he shouted. They run toward the light and get out of the woods but run into the cliff. “Darn!” shouted Katelyn. “We have to climb the cliff?!” “Apparently.” said Pat. “Screw this!” shouted Katelyn and she throws Pat and Amanda but doesn’t know that they’re attached still and gets dragged along but they make it to the top. “You’ve made it.” said Oweguy. “But you’re also last and won’t get invincibility.” “What?!” shouted Katelyn. “This is your fault!” shouted Amanda. “You might be one of the ones leaving tonight!” “No you will!” shouted Katelyn. Pat then lowers toward the ground.

Later at the elimination ceremony the contestants were all there with Katelyn and Amanda still glaring at each other and Pat looking worried. “With Flare, Kronk, Emily, and Chad crossing first they win invincibility and get the first Chocolate Oweguy’s.” explained Oweguy giving them their Chocolate Oweguy’s. “Next are Marine, Jasmine, Kuro, and Dax.” Pat, Katelyn, and Amanda are the last ones left. “The final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..”

(Dramatic Pause)

“…..Pat.” announced Oweguy. “What?!” asked Katelyn in shock. “Why is it both of us?! It should’ve been her and someone else.” “Have you’ve seen how many votes are for you two?” asked Oweguy showing them their votes. “And they’re all from you two.” “Whatever.” said Katelyn. “Let’s go home Amanda.” The two head toward the loser boat until Pat runs toward them. “Wait girls!” he said. “I had a feeling you’d be the ones leaving so I made you this.” The thing that Pat made was a drawing of him and Katelyn and Amanda looking happy. “Thanks Pat.” They said and then kiss him goodbye. The boat leaves with Pat waving goodbye but also with a tear in his eye. “Poor guy.” said Marine.

“This concludes today’s challenge.” said Oweguy signing off. “Will Kronk and Chad continue doing okay with the merge challenges? Are Emily and Chad falling in love? Will Pat recover from his separation with his girls? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 15: TDO Kart

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy we entered the merge and Kronk and Chad returned to the competition. The contestants had to work in teams of two and did a little race with obstacles that needed to be cleared by their teamwork. Flare and Kronk did okay along with Emily and Chad resulting in both teams making it to the finish first. Katelyn, Amanda and Pat ended up choosing the wrong path and got lost in the forest. And Jasmine saved Marine from falling off a bridge. But in the end, Flare, Kronk, and newly formed couple Chad and Emily ended up winning invincibility and Katelyn and Amanda ended up voting themselves off so many times they both got eliminated with Pat looking very sad about their departure. Is he going to survive this next challenge? Will there ever be a time when Kronk isn’t eating bananas? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

The nine remaining contestants were doing stuff on the beach. Marine, Kuro, Flare, and Jasmine were playing volleyball, Chad and Emily were talking about what they liked, Kronk was eating bananas, Dax was eavesdropping on Chad and Emily, and Pat was doing nothing because he was too sad about Katelyn and Amanda leaving. “Poor Pat.” said Kuro. “He feels just like me when Yuki left.” “Can we get back to the stupid volleyball game?” asked Flare. “Shut up Flare.” said Jasmine. Flare gives an angry glare at her. “Enough free time.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time for me to announce the challenge.” “C’mon Pat.” said Chad cheering up the sad Pat.

The nine contestants sit in front of the campfire with Oweguy there along with a box full of random junk. “What’s today’s challenge?” asked Chad. “Just about to get to that surfer boy.” said Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is for you to build your own racer and race in a three lap race around camp.” “Thad doesn’t sound hard.” said Kuro. “Oh, one more thing.” said Oweguy. “If you come in last place you are automatically eliminated. No elimination ceremony. No Chocolate Oweguy’s. Nothing. You just lose and leave camp.” Pat suddenly has an interesting look on his face. “Now you’ve got an hour to build your racer and then it’s time to race.” explained Oweguy. The contestants carry the box of junk to their cabins and begin to get to work.

The contestants start working on their carts. Kuro had a standard cart, Dax had a small one, Marine had a bigger one, Jasmine’s was the same as Marine’s, Pat’s was an okay one but was smaller than Kuro’s, Kronk’s looked like a banana, Chad’s was bigger than Kuro’s but smaller than Marine’s and Jasmine’s, Emily’s was just like Chad’s and Flare had the biggest one of all along with a big engine. “Where’d he get that?” asked Kuro surprised. It cuts to Oweguy in a garage covered in oil fixing a car. “Arnold?” he asked. “I lost my engine again.” It cuts back to the contestants. “I stole Oweguy’s engine so I could win!” said Flare with a creepy smile. “If Oweguy finds out that you stole his engine you’ll get in trouble.” said Kuro. “We’ll see about that.” said Flare.

An hour had passed and the contestants brought their racers to the starting line. “Like I said, it’s a three lap race and whoever comes in first wins invincibility and whoever comes in last is permanently eliminated. “We know.” said Flare. Oweguy notices Flare’s kart. “You’re engine looks just like mine.” He said. Flare looks nervous. “I built it myself.” He said lying. “Interesting.” said Oweguy. “And just to let all of you know you won’t be driving your karts.” “What?!” asked everyone except for Kronk who was sniffing his fur. “You’ll be switching karts.” explained Oweguy. “Do we choose?” asked Chad. “No.” replied Oweguy. “You pick a name out of this hat and it’ll tell you whose kart you’ll be driving.” “Sounds good.” said Chad.

After picking the names out the contestants get to their new karts. Kuro had Marine’s kart, Marine had Kuro’s, Jasmine had Chad’s, Pat’s had Dax’s, Dax had Emily’s, Chad had Jasmine’s, Emily had Pat’s, Kronk had Flare’s, and Flare had Kronks which he was upset about. “Why did I get the stupid banana mobile?!” asked Flare upset. “Because that’s the one you picked out of the hat.” replied Oweguy. “Now enough chit chat. I want to get this challenge started.” Flare just glares at Oweguy

The contestants sit at their carts and prepare for Oweguy to begin the race. “Stupid Oweguy making us switch karts.” muttered Flare. “Hope Flare guy likes banana mobile.” said Kronk on Flare’s kart. Flare’s face begins to turn red. “On your mark, get set.” said Oweguy beginning the countdown. The contestants fire up their karts. “Go!” shouted Oweguy. The karts drive onto the track except for Flare who had trouble getting Kronk’s kart started. “C’mon!” he shouted banging it. He hits the hood and it finally starts. “Finally!” he shouted. But then the kart goes very fast with him screaming.

It is almost near the second lap as the contestants are very even. Kuro is near first with Kronk in first currently but Flare’s kart comes close near the two of them. “I’m almost in the lead!” he said. But then the kart hits a pebble and gets knocked into the air headed toward Kuro. “Uh oh.” said Kuro noticing. Kuro tries to speed up but the two karts crash into each other destroying both of them with bananas coming out of the banana kart. “My bananas!” screamed Kronk jumping out of Flare’s kart which crashes into a rock wall with Oweguy’s engine flying into the air. “My kart!” shouted Flare. “My engine!” shouted Oweguy. “I didn’t take it!” shouted Flare. “It’s missing a bolt.” said Oweguy. “Darn thing keeps breaking.” Flare then sighs in relief.

Marine, Jasmine, Emily, Chad, Dax, and Pat make it to the second lap. Marine and Jasmine were in the lead while Dax and Pat were dead last. “Hm.” said Oweguy thinking. “This challenge doesn’t seem hard enough.” He then picks up a remote and presses a button. Jasmine then hears a click in the ground. “What was that?” she asked. An explosion suddenly happens when she drives over an area where the click sending her flying into the air. “I planted small mines in the ground so watch out.” said Oweguy. “Are they dangerous?!” asked Emily. “Nah.” said Oweguy. “I think.” Jasmine lands on Flare and Kuro hurting Flare’s back. “Ow!” he shouted. “Serves you right.” said Kuro.

Marine, Emily, Chad, Dax, and Pat make it to the final lap but Dax then hits a big rock and loses a wheel. “Uh oh!” he shouted and crashes into the rock wall. “By node.” He said with his nose swelled up. “We’re almost at the end.” said Chad to Emily. Marine sees the finish line and speeds up along with Chad and Emily while Pat surprisingly slows down. “What’s he doing?” asked Oweguy noticing. Marine starts speeding up a lot while Chad’s kart gets a flat tire. “Uh oh.” said Chad. He starts to slow down and Emily’s kart runs out of gas. “Uh oh.” She said and both karts end up slowing down right near the finish line with Marine passing first and Pat stopping behind Chad and Emily. “And the winner of the challenge is Marine!” announced Oweguy. “Yes!” she said. “And the person who is being sent home today is…..”

(Dramatic Pause)

“…..Pat.” announced Oweguy. “But there were the rest of us.” said Kuro. “You guys don’t count.” explained Oweguy. “You all wiped out and were unable to make it so whoever still had a kart and ended last lost the challenge.” “Well it was a good time.” said Pat. “And Pat?” asked Oweguy. “Why did you slow down near the end?” “Because I wanted to lose and get eliminated.” explained Pat. “Everyone gasps in surprise. “Let me guess.” said Oweguy. “You wanted to see Katelyn and Amanda.” “Yup.” replied Pat. “Well that sounds silly but you did lose the challenge so you got eliminated anyway.” explained Oweguy. “Now off you go.” “See you later Pat.” said Dax with a bandaged nose. Pat boards the loser boat and everyone waves goodbye when it drives off.

Everyone then hears a ringing sound from Oweguy. “Hello?” he asked. “Oh hi. Okay I’ll be there. Bye.” He hangs up. “Contestants. He explained. I need to go somewhere for next episode so you’ll have someone else hosting.” “Okay.” said Marine. “It’s now the final eight.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Who’s going to host next episode? Who’s going to lose next? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 16: Campsite of Horror

Arnold does the recap instead of Oweguy due to that he wasn’t there. Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the contestants built karts and raced against each other in a three lap race. Lots of explosions and goth girl won the challenge and fat guy got eliminated. No I’m not the host of the challenge. Oweguy wanted the host to be a surprise. So check out and enjoy today’s challenge of Total Drama Oweguy!

It’s nighttime at camp and a lot of clouds had also arrived looking like a storm was coming. “Looks pretty dark out and we’ve haven’t had a challenge from the substitute host.” said Kuro. “I’m scared.” said Dax hiding under one of the beds. “There are cockroaches under there.” said Flare. Dax then freaks out. “There aren’t any cockroaches.” said Kuro. Dax calms down. “There’s spiders.” continued Kuro. Dax screams so loud that the girls heard him from their cabin. “The boys must’ve scared Dax.” said Jasmine. “I can tell.” said Marine.

“Enough talk talk.” said Arnold on the intercom. “The substitute host told me to bring you to her.” “Her?” asked everyone in shock. “Hope she’s nice.” said Flare. The contestants walk out of the cabins and head to the center of camp with Arnold there and a girl in a black dress who was hooded. “Take the stupid hood off.” said Flare. The girls eyes glare at Flare. “What did you say?” she asked with the voice sounding familiar. The girl rips the hood off and puts a rock in it and throws it at Flare hitting him in the head knocking him out. Everyone looks at the girl at it was revealed that the host for the challenge was none other than Gwen.

“Yes Oweguy told me to host the challenge.” said Gwen a little upset. “So why did it take a while?” asked Kuro. “It’s late at night.” “It was a long argument.” replied Gwen. “So tell us the stupid challenge.” said Flare upset and rubbing a bump on his head. “You shut up!” shouted Gwen. Kuro and Marine smile at what Marine said. “Now like he said it’s time to explain the challenge. Flare didn’t say anything that time because he knew that if he did he’d get hurt.

“Okay so your first challenge is to go through this maze of spooky tricks and I just want to say some of you might get scared.” said Gwen explaining the challenge. Dax starts to shiver in fear. “I’ll win this challenge easily.” said Marine. “Not if I beat you first.” said Flare. Gwen begins the countdown. “On your mark, get set, go!” she shouts and the eight contestants run into the maze.

Marine and Flare were currently in the lead followed by Kuro, Jasmine, Chad, Emily, Kronk, and dead last, Dax. They were running in straight lines until the path slits up. “Uh oh.” said Kuro. “Where do we go?” “Split up.” said Marine. Everyone takes different paths but Dax didn’t know where to go. “Wait up!” he shouted. He trips on a wire and then sees a bunch of scary fake monsters and screams and then pees himself then starts crying. “Dax is such a crybaby.” said Kuro.

Marine manages to get out of the maze first but notices that it’s not the end. “I’m out of the maze but where is the goal?” she asked. She notices something in front of her and it was revealed to be a spooky house where the path leads into. “This is part of the second challenge.” explained Gwen. “You must get through this haunted house which is another maze.” “Darn.” said Marine. “I must get through quickly and beat the others.” She runs in and Flare quickly comes out of the maze. “Marine!” shouted Flare. “I’m going to get there first!” He runs into the house as well.

Meanwhile back in the first maze Dax was so scared that he was practically frozen in place. “Is he okay?” asked Kuro. “Me do nots know.” said Kronk. Jasmine taps him and falls down like a glass object. “He’s not going to move for a while.” she said. “Let’s move on.” said Kuro. “Where’s Chad and Emily?” asked Jasmine. “They were with us earlier.” “I guess they moved on.” said Kuro. “Now c’mon. We can’t stay here forever.” The three of them move on leaving Dax behind.

Back inside the haunted house Flare was on one floor while Marine was on another. “Where’s the exit to this place?” asked Flare. “Definitely not the back.” said Marine from the top floor. “It could be anywhere.” said Flare. “Where’s the others?” asked Marine. “Probably still in the first maze.” replied Flare.

Outside the haunted house Kuro, Jasmine, and Kronk make it out of the first maze and see the haunted house. “A haunted house?” asked Kuro. “No!” screamed Dax farther away. “Not that!” “He’s probably going to be eliminated if this is an elimination challenge.” said Jasmine annoyed. “Most likely.” replied Kuro. “I wonder where Chad and Emily went off to?” asked Jasmine. The three then here a slimy sucking sound. “What’s that?” asked Kronk afraid. “Must be a trick by Gwen and Arnold.” said Jasmine. “Please not be anything scary.” said Dax farther away again. “I’m going to check it out.” said Kuro. “And if it’s a real monster and I die, tell Yuki that she can have my stuff.” “Okay.” said Jasmine. Kuro notices it was coming from the corner pathway nearby. “Here it is.” said Kuro. His face immediately changes when he sees what it is. “What is it?” asked Jasmine. “It’s Chad and Emily.” replied Kuro and it was shown that Chad and Emily were kissing each other. “Theys look cutes.” said Kronk. “Stop kissing you two.” said Jasmine. “We need to finish the challenge. “What?!” asked Chad shocked. “We need to get going.” The five of them run into the haunted house with Dax still behind.

When they got into the house they notice a lot of doors. “Weren’t Marine and Flare here earlier?” asked Jasmine. “Help me!” shouted someone. “Someone needs help!” shouted Kuro. “We need to get there.” The five run through a door but run out another door on the same floor. “Wha?” asked Kuro surprised. “Gwen said it is a maze.” said Jasmine. “Where’s Kronk?” asked Chad. “Up here!” he shouted on the upper floor.” “How’d you get up there?” asked Kuro. “I climbed up.” replied Kronk. “Catch.” He throws down a white rope. “What is this made of?” asked Kuro. “Spidey silk.” replied Kronk. “I can tell.” said Kuro. “There’s a lot of silk everywhere.” They get to the top and here the person screaming again. “The screaming is coming through that door.” said Kuro. They open the door and see that the person screaming was Flare who got stuck in a giant spider web.
Flare gets stuck

Flare gets stuck in a spider web.

“Don’t just stand there!” he shouted. “Help me!” They all stare and leave. “You guys are a bunch of…” The words he said were bleeped out because they were swear words. “I wonder where Marine is?” asked Kuro.

Meanwhile it shows that after going through many doors around the haunted house one door lead her right to the roof. “How’d I get on the roof?” she asked herself. She then tries to find the goal on the others side and sees it but it’s a long way down. “How do I get down?” she asked herself again. She then sees a tree and slides down but hits some strange part of the roof. Back inside the house Kuro, Jasmine, Kronk, Chad, and Emily saw that the house started to shake and then it fell apart but no one got hurt. “What happened?” asked Kuro. They then see the goal in front of them and Marine climbing down the tree. “Hurry.” said Kuro. “I see the finish.” “Wait up!” shouted Flare finally getting out of the webbing. Marine jumps out of the tree and sees the others coming so she starts running toward the goal. In the end, the first person to cross the goal was Marine. “I won!” she shouted. “What?!” asked Flare upset. “I lost? Again?!” “Yep.” replied Gwen standing near the goal. “At least it was a reward challenge.” said Flare. “I’m sorry Flare but its not.” replied Gwen. “What?!” asked Flare. “But we have a reward every four elimination challenges.” “Sorry dude but Oweguy told me this one is elimination.” replied Gwen. “Now pick your choice wisely. You can vote off anyone but Marine.” Flare was very angry.

Later at the elimination ceremony the eight contestants were there along with Gwen and Arnold. “Well we had an interesting day.” said Gwen. “But I’m a little upset at Marine for wrecking my haunted house.” “Sorry.” replied Marine. “Now I make the Chocolate Oweguy’s look like me for today due to that I’m hosting so like usual if you don’t get the Chocolate whatever you’re eliminated.” explained Gwen. “First is Marine, next is Kuro, Jasmine, Chad, Emily, and Kronk.” The six get their Chocolate Gwen’s leaving Flare and Dax in the bottom two. “The final Chocolate Gwen goes to…..”

“…..Flare.” announced Gwen. “I’m sorry dork guy but your time here is up.” “I’m glad.” said Dax. “Please get me out of here!” Gwen picks him up and throws him onto the loser boat. “Wait!” he shouted. “My stuff!” Dax’s suitcase hits him on the head knocking him out and the boat then leaves. “So are you going to leave Gwen?” asked Kuro. “Nah.” she replied. “Oweguy’s going to continue hosting but he hired me to help out. He’ll be back tomorrow. “Well good luck at interning.” said Marine. “I’ll probably quit in a day.” she replied. “Now the script says I need to close the episode.” She then closes the episode. “Who’s going to lose next?” she said closing the episode acting bored. “Who’s going to win? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy.” She then yawns and walks off.

Chapter 17: Oweguy's Roundup

Oweguy was back so he did the recap as usual. Last time on Total Drama Oweguy, yours truly was off doing something else so I hired Gwen to do the challenge. She make the contestants do a scary maze and Dax pretty much freaked out so much that he wet his pants. Flare ended up getting stuck in spider web and no one helped him, serves him right for being so mean. In the end, Marine got to the finish first and won invincibility and Dax was voted off that night. Only seven contestants remain. Who’s going to win? Whose going to lose? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

The final seven contestants walk out of the cabins and head to the mess hall where Sunshine again served ravioli. “Good morning contestants.” greeted Oweguy. “It’s now the final seven and getting near the end.” “Can’t believe the other ten went away like that.” said Kuro. “After this challenge there will only be six contestants left.” explained Oweguy. “I’m tired of ravioli.” said Jasmine. “Me too.” said Flare. “Isn’t there anything else to eat?” asked Kuro. Sunshine has an angry look on her face. For today’s challenge whoever wins first gets a feast. “Of bananas?” asked Kronk. “Possibly.” replied Oweguy. Kronk starts drooling. “Get to the challenge already.” complained Flare. “Gwen told me about your attitude Flare.” explained Oweguy. “If you keep insulting the hosts you’ll be eliminated.” Flare growls. “Now I’ll explain the challenge once you’ve all finished breakfast.” explained Oweguy. “I’m done.” said Kuro. “Me too.” replied Marine. “And me.” replied Jasmine. Everyone leaves except for Kronk who didn’t know what was happening and Flare who was angry.

The seven contestants stand in the campfire pit area with Oweguy in front of them. “For today’s challenge you have to catch an assigned animal.” He explained. “By picking an animal name out of this hat you will then have to catch that animal.” The contestants pick the names out and read what they got. “I got a snake.” said Kuro. “I got a rabbit.” “I got a frog.” said Jasmine. “I got a squirrel.” said Emily. “I gots bird.” said Kronk. “I got a monkey?” said Chad a little confused. “Bear?!” asked Flare upset. “I can’t catch a bear!” “I think you can.” said Oweguy. “Why do I have monkey?” asked Chad. “It was an escaped monkey from the zoo so I think one of you should catch it.” explained Oweguy. “I saw it at camp the other day and no I’m not talking about Kronk.” “How do we catch our animals?” asked Marine. “With these supplies.” replied Oweguy. “You’ve only got thirty seconds to choose what you want so pick wisely.”

The contestants look through the bin of supplies. Kuro picks some rope, Marine gets a net, Jasmine gets a bucket, Emily gets a bag of nuts, Kronk got bird seed, Chad gets a trapping cage, and Flare gets all the useless junk that was left. “Great.” He said. “Just great.” “Now that you’ve all got your supplies it’s time to hunt for animals!” announced Oweguy. The contestants run off to the woods to look for their animals except for Flare who goes somewhere else.

Jasmine heads off to a lake in the woods hoping to find a frog there while Marine looks in the grass to find a rabbit. “Sure hope there’s frogs in this pound.” said Jasmine jumping into the water. Marine looks through the bushes to find a rabbit but instead finds a snake. She screams and puts it down because it was about to bite her. “Thanks Marine.” said Kuro who saw the snake. But before he catches the snake it flees into the woods. “Hey!” he shouted. “Get back here!” Marine and Jasmine just look at Kuro run off and then continue looking for their animals.

Meanwhile Flare was still at camp figuring out how to catch a bear. “How am I going to catch a stupid bear with this stupid junk?” he asked. He saw a bunch of trash cans near the mess hall. “Ah ha!” he said figuring out what to do. “I’m not sure trash cans will catch a bear dude.” said Oweguy. “We’ll see about that.” said Flare walking off to a rocky area. Oweguy sees the snake slither by with Kuro catching up to it. “Come back you snake!” he shouted. “This is going to be fun.” said Oweguy. He walks off and comes back with a chair and an umbrella and watches Kuro chase the snake for a while.

Meanwhile in the woods Chad walks around thinking. “Where am I going to find that monkey?” asked Chad. He sees a banana tree nearby. “I got it!” he said snapping his fingers. A few minutes later he put a bunch of bananas on the ground with the trap cage right above it. “That monkey will sure to get here now.” he said. He waits for a while but nothing happens. “Any minute now.” He said waiting. Nothing happens again and he just sighs.

Meanwhile back at the pound Jasmine was looking underwater for the frog and mostly saw tadpoles. “I see tadpoles but no frogs.” she thought. She then sees a frog swim by and then chases after it but before she can grab it the frog jumps out of the water. She then climbs out and tries to trap it in the bucket but keeps jumping away. “Stupid frog!” she shouted.” She then finally traps it under the bucket. “There!” she said. She then heads back to camp but the frog kept trying to get out so she kept stopping over and over.

Back at camp Oweguy still watches Kuro chase the snake but starts getting tired and even the snake got tired. “C’mon!” shouted Oweguy. “I wasn’t done watching!” “Do you have water?” asked Kuro. Oweguy throws him a bottle and drinks it and even gives some to the snake. “Open the cage!” shouted Jasmine holding the frog so it wouldn’t escape again. Kuro picks up the snake and throws it into the cage at the same time Jasmine threw the frog in. “Ooh.” said Oweguy. “You guys tied for first place. That means you both get the feast!” “Yes!” cheered Kuro and Jasmine high fiving. “Now we just need to wait for the others.

Back in the woods Emily was in the treetops looking for a squirrel. “Mr. Squirrel?” she asked. “Where are you?” She sees a squirrel in front of her. “There you are Mr. Squirrel.” she said. “It then starts biting her and she starts screaming. She screamed so loud that Chad heard her. “No!” he screamed. “Not Emily!” He then hears rustling in the bush. “Is that the monkey?” he asked himself. He hides in another bush. Kronk comes out of the bush with bird seed. “Where’s birdy?” he asked. He then sees the bananas under the cage. “Bananas!” he shouted. He starts eating the bananas and when Chad hears him eating he cuts the rope and the cage falls on Kronk.
Chad catches Kronk

Chad accidently catches Kronk.

“Wha?!” he asked surprised. Chad peaks through and notices that he caught the wrong animal. “Oops.” He said. “Sorry Kronk. I thought you were the monkey.” “Monkeys have tails!” shouted Kronk. “Me has no tail!” “Sorry.” said Chad. “Sheesh.” Chad lets Kronk out of the cage and when Kronk leaves he glares at him.

Back at camp Emily arrives covered in scratches and bite marks and puts the squirrel in the cage. “I got the squirrel.” she said. “I think you should get a rabies shot.” said Oweguy. “Sure.” she replied looking like she was going to faint. Arnold arrives with a rabies shot. Kuro and Jasmine sit at a table waiting for their food. “How do you suppose Marine’s doing?” asked Jasmine. “It’s just a rabbit.” replied Kuro. “I think she’ll do fine.” It cuts to her tip toeing near a cute rabbit and tries to grab it but roars like a monster sending her up the tree.

Meanwhile near a cave Flare prepares to catch the bear. “That bear will easily fall into this trap.” He snickered. He puts the trash cans in front of the cave. “Oh beary.” He called. He then hears growling and sees the bear comes out. “Now just crawl into this trash can.” He explained to the bear. The bear looks angry and kicks the cans away. “Uh oh!” he said scared. The bear then attacks him.

Back at camp Marine arrives with the rabbit looking very scared and puts it in the cage while Kuro and Jasmine look at the plates of food in front of them. “Now all we need now are Chad, Flare, and Kronk’s animals.” explained Oweguy. Flare comes back but without the bear and was all scratched up and covered in bite marks. “I’m hurt!” he shouted. “But please don’t send me home like Cody and Chad.” “We won’t” said Oweguy. “But you didn’t get your animal so there’s a chance you might get eliminated.” “I hope not.” said Flare.

In the woods Kronk walks through alone still looking for a bird to catch. “Here birdie birdie!” he called. He then hears a bird call and an eagle snatched him. “Birdie!” he shouted. Back at camp Kuro and Jasmine prepare to eat their feast until Kronk and the eagle crash into the table and the two just stare in shock at what happened. Kronk’s bag of bird seeds falls into the cage and the eagle flies into it. “Close cage door!” shouted Kronk. Oweguy just smiles and closes the door and Kronk then notices that he was in the cage and sees that the animals were growling at him. “Hello animals.” He greeted. They all jump onto him and attack him with him screaming.

The elimination ceremony arrived and the seven contestants sit at the campfire with Oweguy there and Arnold and also Gwen who just finished her first day of helping Oweguy. “You guys did a good job in today’s challenge but one of you is leaving today.” explained Oweguy. “A couple of you weren’t able to catch your animals and I’m surprised that Kronk was able to catch an eagle.” It shows Kronk all scratched up. “Don’t worry dude.” said Oweguy. “I’ll give you a rabies shot in a bit. Now it’s time to see who’s leaving. For winning the challenge Kuro and Jasmine get the first Chocolate Oweguy’s.” He hands them their Chocolate Oweguy’s but they were still bummed for not able to eat their food. “Next is Emily, Marine, and Kronk.” announced Oweguy leaving Chad and Flare in the bottom two. “The final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..”

“…..Flare.” announced Oweguy. “I’m sorry Chad but A you didn’t catch your animal and B you mistook Kronk for the monkey which he did not like. Now it’s time for you to go.” “Wha?” he asked surprised. “What about Emily?” “She’ll be fine.” replied Oweguy. “It’s time for you to go.” “No!” cried Emily. “He can’t leave now!” “I’ll be fine.” said Chad. “And I hope you’ll be able to win.” He kisses her goodbye and boards the loser boat waving goodbye with Emily having a tear in her eye. “So heartbreaking.” said Gwen sarcastically. “I think you’re doing fine as my new intern.” said Oweguy. “I probably won’t last long.” replied Gwen. “Final six!” cheered Kuro. “We’re doing a-okay!” Everyone cheers at how far they’ve gotten except for Emily who watches the loser boat drive off.

“It’s now the final six.” explained Oweguy closing the episode. “Is Emily going to make it farther without Chad? Will Flare and Kronk’s injuries get better? And I have a feeling that Kuro and Jasmine want another feast. Will I give them more food? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 18: Art Class for Losers

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the final seven had to catch animals. Flare had trouble trying to catch a bear and ended up getting mauled by one and Chad accidently caught Kronk which he was very upset about. Kuro and Jasmine ended up winning invincibility and a feast which got wrecked by Kronk after he caught an eagle. In the end Chad was voted off a second time which brought Emily into tears. Will the final six be ready for this artistic challenge that’s coming up? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

The six contestants relax at camp wondering what the next challenge was going to be. “I’m bored.” complained Flare. “Now that there are only six of us I don’t have enough people to pick on.” “Stop being rude to people.” said Kuro upset. Flare growls. “I feel sorry for Emily.” said Jasmine. “Poor girl.” said Kuro. “I wonder who voted Chad off.” “Maybe Flare.” replied Jasmine. “Possibly but there must be someone else too.” said Kuro. Nearby one of the trees Kronk peeks at Jasmine and Kuro and looks worried because he was responsible for Chad’s elimination.

“Attention contestants.” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me at the arts and crafts center for today’s challenge.” “Finally!” shouted Flare. “I’ve been waiting forever!” “Remember your attitude.” said Oweguy on the intercom. Flare growls again. “If he loses lets vote him off.” whispered Kuro to Jasmine and she gives him an thumbs up in agreement.

The six contestants sit at a table in the arts and crafts center with a lot of artwork of Oweguy everywhere. “Hello contestants.” greeted Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is an artist’s favorite. Art class.” No one reacts much. “Doesn’t anyone like art?” asked Oweguy. The only person to raise their hand was Marine. “Okay good.” said Oweguy. “I hate art.” said Flare. “It’s the one subject I always fail at in school.” “Why’s that?” asked Oweguy. “Because I always draw demons and dead people when I’m not supposed to.” replied Flare. “So there’s your problem.” said Oweguy. “Now for the first part of the challenge I need you to draw a very fancy portrait of me.” “Why you?” asked Kuro. “Because I’m planning to put all this artwork in a museum someday.” replied Oweguy. “Don’t count on it.” said Flare.

The six contestants have paper and a pencil in front of them with Oweguy watching them. “It’s just drawing.” said Marine. “This won’t be hard.” “Oh, I forgot one more thing.” said Oweguy. “You won’t be drawing with your hands. You’ll be drawing with your mouths.” “What?!” asked Flare upset. “It’ll make it more challenging.” replied Oweguy. A minute later everyone now had their pencils in their mouths. “Now draw!” shouted Oweguy. Kuro starts drawing but his pencil breaks. “Oweguy?” he asked. “My pencil broke.” “Well you need to sit out because if your pencil breaks you’re disqualified until the next part of the challenge.” “Ah pencil sticks!” shouted Kuro turning around.

A few minutes later everyone finishes their drawings and Oweguy begins to judge them. “Times up.” announced Oweguy. “It’s now time for judging.” Oweguy looks at Flare’s drawing first which was a picture of Oweguy stabbed with knifes and dead. “Bad.” said Oweguy throwing the picture into the trash which made Flare mad. He then looks at Kronk’s picture which looked a little sloppy. “Okay.” said Oweguy. He looks at Jasmines which showed him looking normal. “Good.” He said. He then looks at Emily’s picture and looks surprised because the drawing wasn’t Oweguy. Instead it was Chad. “You did the wrong person.” said Oweguy upset. “Sorry.” said Emily. “I just miss Chad.” “Now it’s time for Marine’s drawing.” announced Oweguy. Oweguy takes a look and sees she drew a picture of a handsome muscular Oweguy with great details. “This looks amazing!” said Oweguy. “And the way you drew me with muscles looks cool. It’s like you’re crushing on me.” “Yeah.” said Marine laughing and blushing a little. Flare looks at her and notices something.

“It’s now time for part two of the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “This time you’ll do a painting.” “With mouths?” asked Kuro. “No.” replied Oweguy. “Instead you’ll be finger painting. No brushes. And for this to be more challenging you’ll be getting a limited supply of paint.” “Excuse me but did you say finger painting?!” asked Flare upset. “That’s for babies!” “I just like to make the contestants feel bad.” replied Oweguy. “Especially you for being so mean.” Flare looks upset. “Now whoever paints the best painting of me wins another point.” explained Oweguy. “On your mark, get set, go!”

The contestants start their painting with paint splattering everywhere. Flare runs out of paint after a few seconds. “I’m out of paint!” he shouted. “Well then you’re disqualified for this part.” said Oweguy. Flare looks angry again. After a few minutes the contestants finish the paintings. Oweguy examines and reviews them. Kuro’s was a standard painting of Oweguy, Jasmine’s was similar to Kuro’s, Kronk’s was sloppy and included a banana, Emily’s was Chad again, and Marine’s was similar to a Picasso painting. “I have to say Marine wins again and Emily I’m still disappointed at your painting.” explained Oweguy. “Please try drawing me next time.” “I’m sorry.” said Emily disappointed. “You’re a good artist Marine.” commented Kuro. “I practice.” she replied. “Me’s good artist too.” said Kronk showing his sloppy picture. “It’s good for a monkey.” said Kuro. “I am an ape.” said Kronk. “My bad.” said Kuro.

“It’s now time for the final artistic challenge.” said Oweguy. Build a marble statue of yours truly. “I’m getting tired of doing artwork of you.” said Flare. “Well too bad.” said Oweguy. “Arnold has already called the museum and Marine’s artwork is being put on display.” Marine smiles about her artwork being displayed. “Now I know that making a marble statue is hard so this time you’ll make it as normal but you have a three minute time limit.” “Sounds simple.” said Kuro. “And be careful when chiseling it or it’ll break apart.” explained Oweguy. “Now let’s get this last challenge started. The museum guy is coming in an hour.”

The contestants all prepare to work on their marble statues while Oweguy looks out for the museum guy. “And begin!” he shouted. “Kronk tap column very carefully.” said Kronk to himself. When he taps the column just lightly the entire column crumbles into pieces. “Aw.” said Kronk disappointed. “Two minutes left.” said Oweguy. Marine chisels her column faster while Emily taps lightly and Kuro has trouble figuring out how to do it. “Making a marble statue is harder than I thought.” He said. “One minute left.” said Oweguy. Flare taps his column lightly just like Kronk’s but he only gets the bottom half of a statue when it crumbles. “Dang it!” he shouted. “Times up!” shouted Oweguy. “It’s now time for me to review the statues. If you actually finished building it.” Oweguy then snickers at what he said.

Oweguy takes a look at everyone’s statues and judges them at how well they did them. He was disappointed at Kronk and Flare’s statues so he moves on to Kuro’s which was weird looking because he rushed. “Okay.” He said. “But you kind of rushed.” “I know.” replied Kuro disappointed. He looks at Jasmines which looked okay. “Good.” he said. He then examines Emily’s and was Chad once again but the only thing different was a carving of Oweguy. “Why do you keep carving Chad?!” he shouted. “It’s because I miss him.” she replied. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “I don’t want to make you cry because you two cute so I’m going to review Marine’s and get this over with.” Oweguy immediately stops in shock when he gets to Marine’s statue. It shows that Marine made a giant statue of Oweguy and also painted it gold. “Oh my…” said Oweguy before fainting. A few minutes later Oweguy woke up. “Okay.” He said. “I have to say that the person who wins invincibility for the third time during the merge is Marine.” “Yes!” she cheered. “As for the rest of you guys you need to vote someone off in tonight’s elimination ceremony other than Marine.” explained Oweguy.

After the challenge finished the contestants headed back to the cabins until the elimination ceremony. Kuro and Jasmine look at Emily still looking sad about Chad’s departure. “Poor Emily.” said Kuro. “We should talk to her.” The two walk over to talk to her. “Sorry that you miss Chad.” said Jasmine. “I know.” replied Emily. “If there’s anything we can do for you we’ll do it.” said Kuro. Emily thinks for a few seconds then whispers to Kuro and Jasmine and they look concerned about what she said.

Later at the elimination ceremony the six contestants sit there along with Oweguy. “I have six of you here but only five Chocolate Oweguy’s.” he explained. “As usual if you don’t get called to get a Chocolate Oweguy you’re out. First Chocolate Oweguy goes to Marine.” She gets her Chocolate Oweguy. “Next are Kuro, Jasmine, and Flare.” announced Oweguy. They get their Chocolate Oweguy’s leaving Kronk and Emily in the bottom two. “Kronk, reasons for you to be in the bottom two are sloppy drawings and a destroyed marble statue and Emily, reasons for you are drawing Chad when you were supposed to draw Me.” explained Oweguy. “Kronk sorry that I’m not good artist.” said Kronk. “There’s an explanation why I kept drawing Chad.” said Emily. “Don’t want to hear it now.” said Oweguy. Emily looks upset. “Okay the final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..”

“…..Kronk.” announced Oweguy. “I’m sorry Emily but it’s time for you two go.” Emily doesn’t say much but instead walks to the loser boat. “Bye every.” She said. “Goodbye Emily.” said everyone waving goodbye. “Here I come Chad!” shouted Emily on the loser boat as it drives off. Everyone just stares confused. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “That was weird.” Everyone walks back to the cabins while Oweguy goes to his cabin.

“It’s now the final five.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Who will make it to the final four? Who will not make it? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 19: TDO Aftermath #3

Like the other aftermaths it shows the logos the eliminations of the recently eliminated competitors then cuts to the aftermath studio.

“Hello folks and welcome to another exciting episode of the aftermath!” greeted Geoff. “Geoff here.” “And Bridgette.” said Bridgette. “And today we’ll be meeting not one, not two, and not even three or four but five guests.” “That’s right Bridge.” said Geoff. “Today we’ll be interviewing Katelyn, Amanda, Pat, Dax, and Emily.” “We do feel sorry about them getting eliminated but some of them eliminated themselves.” explained Bridgette. “Also here today are our commenter’s.” explained Geoff. “Pete, Jake, Chad, Chuck, Catherine, and Yuki.” “Feel sorry for them not making it to the final five.” said Bridgette. “I’m shocked about Kronk making it to the final five.” said Geoff. “He was the first one eliminated and then returned and has now made it to the final five.” “Stupid monkey.” muttered Chuck. “Now in order not to waste time lets meet our first three guests.” explained Geoff. “Please welcome Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat!”

Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat walk out onto the stage with Pat holding Katelyn and Amanda by the side. “Hello Pat, Katelyn, and Amanda.” greeted Bridgette. “Hi Bridgette.” they greeted back. “Say Pat.” said Geoff noticing something. “I think you’re losing a little weight.” “Yep.” replied Pat. “I’m losing weight for the girls.” “We still love you no matter how you look.” said Katelyn. “Don’t leave me out!” shouted Amanda.” “I thought you got over your argument?” asked Geoff. “We did.” replied Katelyn. “Amanda has problems with being ignored.” “Oh I see.” said Geoff.

“So we’ve got questions for you three.” explained Bridgette. “Lay it on us.” said Pat. “What did you like about the show and what did you not like.” asked Bridgette. “What I liked was the food and meeting Katelyn and Amanda and what I didn’t like were the challenges.” explained Pat. “I hated the challenges too.” said Katelyn. “Same with me.” replied Amanda. “Why do you all hate the challenges?” asked Geoff. “That’s the main point of the game.” “Geoff, you know we went through tough challenging challenges too you know.” said Bridgette. “Yeah.” said Geoff. “But hosting this aftermath show is better.” “Weren’t we still talking about us?” asked Pat. “Sorry.” replied Geoff. “I got off topic.”

“Now we’ve got another question for the girls.” explained Bridgette. “How did you do plan out that amazing dance?” “What are you talking about?” asked Katelyn. “You know, that dance back in episode five you and Amanda did.” explained Geoff. Chuck starts looking nervous in the peanut gallery. “We didn’t do it.” said Amanda. Everyone gasps in shock. “But Chuck said you girls came up with the idea of the dance.” said Pat. “That did not happen.” said Chuck. “It was the Dark Phantom. He didn’t dance because he wanted to use his powers to make us do a perfect dance.” “So that means your team cheated without knowing.” Everyone that was originally on the Killer Hot Dogs team gasps in shock. “That stupid phantom!” shouted Chuck. “I knew that I shouldn’t have joined his alliance. “I’m sure Oweguy’s still hunting him down.” said Geoff. It cuts to Oweguy in his cabin watching a movie in a hot tub drinking punch.

“Now we’ve got one more question for you three before we move on to the next two.” explained Bridgette. “Lay it on us.” said Pat. “Who do you love more?” asked Bridgette. “Katelyn or Amanda?” Pat looks nervous about what he said. “I love…” Pat pauses with Katelyn and Amanda watching. “I love them both.” he said. Katelyn and Amanda look happy about what he said. “That’s good enough.” said Bridgette. “You’re the cutest guy ever.” said Amanda. “Pat is cute with both girls right Geoff?” asked Bridgette. Geoff wasn’t there for some reason. “Where’s Geoff?” she asked again. “He left after we finished talking about the Dark Phantom.” replied Chuck. “I think he’s trying to look for it.” It cuts to Geoff looking through a field dressed like a ghostbuster. “I’ll catch you phantom!” shouted Geoff. Bridgette sighs. “I guess I’m on my own but first a commercial.” She said.

After the commercial Bridgette is still alone, the commenter’s still in their seats, and Katelyn, Amanda, and Pat in the back seats. “Welcome back to the aftermath.” greeted Bridgette. “As you can see Geoff went hunting so I’m alone so for now let’s meet our next two guests. Please welcome Dax and Emily!” Dax runs onto the stage. “Hi everyone!” he shouts and then trips on his shoelace and the audience laughs. Emily then comes out waving and helps Dax up. “Hello Dax and Emily.” greeted Bridgette. “Hello um uh.” Dax thinks for a sec. “What’s your name again?” “Bridgette.” replied Bridgette. “Hi Bridgette.” greeted Dax memorizing. “Uh, where’s the other guy?” “His name’s Geoff.” explained Bridgette. “And he’s gone hunting.” “For fish?” asked Dax. “For a phantom.” replied Bridgette. “Oh that jerky phantom guy who got away a few weeks ago.” said Dax. “Are we going to get to me?” asked Emily. “Sorry.” said Bridgette. “Dax got to into the question so I’ll tell the both of you questions about the show.” “Sounds good.” said Dax.

“First question is for Emily.” explained Bridgette. “Okay.” said Emily. “Tell me your question. “What did you tell Kuro and Jasmine before you got voted off?” asked Bridgette. “I told them to vote me off.” replied Emily. “Why?” asked Bridgette. “I wanted to leave.” replied Emily. “So is that why you kept doing Chad so you’d get eliminated?” asked Bridgette. “Pretty much.” said Emily. Chad looks concerned in the peanut gallery. “So you’re saying you voted yourself off just to see me?” he asked. “Yes.” replied Emily. “Well you wasted your chance of winning but I see that I’m more important than money right?” asked Chad. “That’s correct sweety.” replied Emily. The two walk over to each other and hug with everyone awing.

“Can we talk about me more?” asked Dax. “Okay.” replied Bridgette. “Besides, I’ve got a question for you and Emily and Chad are starting to make out.” “So what’s the question?” asked Dax. “Did you ever have a love life?” asked Bridgette. Dax thinks for a second. “Well I’m not sure if she likes me but she goes to my school.” explained Dax. “What’s her name?” asked Bridgette. “Her name is Chloe.” replied Dax. “I have a picture of her from my school yearbook.” Dax takes his yearbook out and finds her picture showing a girl in a lab coat and wearing glasses. “Well she’s your type.” said Bridgette. “That’s what I think.” said Dax. “I believe that if you impress her once the show is done you can win her over.” explained Bridgette. “You think?” asked Dax. “I’m positive.” replied Bridgette. “I’m gonna call her once this show is done!” he shouted excitedly.

“Now we’ve got a few more questions for the two of you so please listen.” explained Bridgette.” Chad and Emily stop making out when they hear that. “This one is for Emily.” explained Bridgette. “Okay.” said Emily. “What was your favorite challenge and what was your least favorite?” asked Bridgette. “In my opinion my favorite was the sleeping challenge because I like to sleep and my least favorite was the one where I fell into the very hot water.” explained Emily. “But you were supposed to stay awake during the awake-a-thon.” said Bridgette. “My team still won.” said Emily. “Well that’s true.” said Bridgette. “And here’s another question. Who did you like the most at camp?” “Chad.” replied Emily flirting at Chad.” “I knew you were going to say that.”

“My turn my turn!” shouted Dax. “Okay time for your questions.” said Bridgette a little upset. “What was your favorite challenge?” “The treasure hunt!” shouted Dax. “But we threw you out because you went crazy.” explained Pat. “But it was still fun.” said Dax. “Now time for your second question.” explained Bridgette. “What was your least favorite challenge?” Dax think. “Toughie toughie.” He said. “Oh! It was the scary challenge.” “Why did you not like it?” asked Bridgette. “It was scary.” replied Dax. “He also peed his pants.” whispered Emily. Bridgette giggles a little. “Hey!” shouted Dax. “I saw you telling her that I peed my pants. At least that wasn’t as bad when I accidently had explosive diarrhea in my pants.” Everyone looks grossed out at what he said. “What?” he asked. “Moving along.” said Bridgette.

“Bridgette!” shouted Geoff in the hall. “I’m back! And look what I caught.” Inside the pack that Geoff was wearing was the Dark Phantom looking very upset. “Let me out of here!” it shouted. “How’d you catch him?” asked Bridgette. “I got lost at first then I took a ride to the city then I got dropped off at this store that had this logo of a Ghost and I took a look then these people gave me this vacuum then I went hunting again then decided to go to Mutant Island then I found him and sucked him up then came back here then I talked about what happened.” Geoff runs out of breath for his long explanation. “You idiot!” shouted the Dark Phantom. “Let me out!” “So we meet again.” said Chuck. “Charles.” said the Dark Phantom. “Let me out.” “No way.” said Chuck. “Our deal is done and it’s Chuck.” Chuck then smashes and egg onto the container. “You traitor!” shouted the Dark Phantom. “I shall have my revenge!” More rotten stuff start hitting the container and it shows that everyone was throwing stuff at it. “This is fun!” said Geoff with a lot of rotten tomatoes in his hand. Everyone keeps throwing stuff until they hear someone.

“What’s happening in here?” asked the person. “The person was revealed to be Oweguy.” “I thought you already brought two people back?” asked Geoff. “I’m not bringing everyone back.” said Oweguy. “I just noticed the kitchen trash can was empty which doesn’t really happen so I’m wondering why it got empty.” Oweguy then sees the Dark Phantom in the container. “Who caught him?” asked he asked surprised. “I did.” replied Geoff. “Dude you’re getting a lot of money for catching a creature I couldn’t find since chapter 9.” said Oweguy handing Geoff a lot of money. “I’m rich!” shouted Geoff. “Don’t you mean we?” asked Bridgette. “Oh yeah.” replied Geoff. “I’m definitely sharing with you. The two start to make out. “As for you Phantom.” said Oweguy. “You’re going to Phantom prison for a long time.” “Noooooooooooooooo!” screamed the Dark Phantom. It then shows it in a jail cell covered by unbreakable glass. “At least I’m going to be along in here for a long time.” It said. “Hey mac.” said someone. It shows it to be slimmer from Ghostbusters. “Parcheesi?” it asked. The Dark Phantom then collapses in defeat.

Back at the studio Oweguy had left and Geoff and Bridgette were still making out. “Hm.” said Chuck. “I guess I need to close the episode. Who’s going to win and who’s going to lose? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!” A fly then flies into his mouth and he then starts choking. Dax then walks towards him and pokes him repeatedly with a stick.

Chapter 20: Fishing Rod Sticks

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the six contestants enjoyed a nice day of art class. But this isn’t ordinary art class. It’s my art class. They had to draw with their mouths and had to paint a portrait by finger painting. The last challenge was to construct a marble statue of me and apparently Marine was shown to be an expert artist. I wonder if she likes me in a way. Anyway Kronk was shown to be a sloppy artist and destroyed his marble column and Emily in the meantime was shown to be a good artist but she drawed, painted, and chiseled the wrong person. In the end it was Emily who took the boat to loserville population twelve. There are only five contestants left. Who wake it to the final four? Who will not make it to the final four? And who’s going to survive today’s fishy challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

Camp had become quieter now that there were only five contestants left. The girls cabin had only Marine and Jasmine now while the boys cabin had Kuro, Flare, and Kronk. “Never thought I’d make it to the final five.” said Marine amazed. “I am to girl.” said Jasmine. “I’m also shocked about Kronk who originally got voted off first.” “And I know that Kuro is a good strategist.” said Marine. “The only one I’m not happy for is Flare.” said Jasmine. “I thought Flare was a good friend at first but once the Dark Phantom left he became a jerk.” said Marine. Jasmine gets an idea. “How about you, me, and Kuro form an alliance and see if we can take down Flare?” asked Jasmine. “Deal?” “Deal.” replied Marine and the two shake hands.

Meanwhile in the boy’s cabin Flare carves a skull in the wall while Kuro just sits on the bed. “I can’t believe I made it to the final five!” shouted Flare. “I am owning this competition!” “If only Yuki had made it farther.” said Kuro a little depressed. “Who needs her.” said Flare. “Don’t make fun of my girlfriend who I started dating right when she left the camp!” shouted Kuro. “You peoples be quiet.” said Kronk who was sleeping in a drawer. “Kronk is trying to sleep.” “Sorry.” said Kuro. “I’m just going to say the next time you don’t have invincibility I’m going to try and vote you off.” said Kuro. “Not likely.” taunted Flare. Kuro looks very upset at Flare.

“Attention contestants.” announced Oweguy on the loudspeaker. “It’s challenge time. Please meet me at the dock at the beach.” The five contestants walk out of the cabins and to the beach. “Hello final five.” greeted Oweguy. “Are we swimmings?” asked Kronk. “Sort of.” replied Oweguy. “For today’s challenge you will be fishing.” “I hate fishing!” shouted Flare. “You wait forever and even if you catch a fish it’ll probably get away!” “This fishing is different Flare.” said Oweguy. “For the first part of the challenge you’ll be wading through the water to collect the fish that are in this one area that’s surrounded by this ring. Now here’s how it works. The grey fish that are here are worth one point and the orange fish are worth two points. And finally there are a few yellow fish which are worth three points.” “I don’t like getting my clothes wet.” said Marine. “They’re super absorbent and it gets tight on my body.” “Same here.” replied Jasmine. “Well I’ve got these wet suits for the two of you.” said Oweguy. “They’re a little old and slimy but you’ll fit into it.” “I guess we spoke too soon.” said Marine.

Later the contestants stand in the water along with Marine and Jasmine in the wet suits get ready for Oweguy to start the challenge. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “You’ll catch the fish with these nets and move very slowly or else the fish will get scared and swim off.” “Just start the…” Flare gets interrupted by Oweguy. “Attitude remember?” he said. Flare growls at him. “Now whoever gets the most fish during this challenge gets an advantage in the next challenge.” explained Oweguy. “You’ve got a three minute time limit. On your mark, get set, and go!”

Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine move slowly to catch the fish while Flare just tries to catch them and Kronk had trouble staying in the water due to that he was too short and kept going underwater. “Me’s can’t get air.” he said to Oweguy. “Ok.” said Oweguy. “I’ll get something for you.” Later Kronk was shown with stilts wading through the water so he won’t be underwater. “I keep getting the grey fish.” said Marine. “I at least got one orange one.” said Jasmine. Kuro chases after a yellow one in the background. “I’m trying to catch a yellow one!” he shouted. “I can’t catch a dang fish at all!” shouted Flare. Kronk catches one gray fish. “I’s caught one!” he shouted. “Good.” said Oweguy. “But you still need to catch more and you’ve all got two minutes left.” Flare begins to swipe his net like crazy but wasn’t catching any fish. “Ah…” his word is censored out.

Another minute had past and there was only one minute left. Currently Marine and Jasmine were tied followed by Kuro followed by Kronk and dead last, Flare. “C’mon guys!” shouted Oweguy. “Catch some more fishies.” “We’re trying!” shouted Flare. He sees a yellow fish and tries to catch it but Kuro catches it first. “No!” shouted Flare. “Finders keepers.” said Kuro. Flare gets very upset. “Thirty seconds left.” said Oweguy. Flare sees one gray fish and manages to catch it but jumps out of the net. “Arrrrgh!” he screamed. “Ten seconds left.” said Oweguy. Flare just gives up and snaps the net in have and walks off. “Times up!” shouted Oweguy. “Time to see how many fish you caught.”

Oweguy checks Kronk first and Kronk had ten grey fish and one orange fish. “Okay Kronk has twelve points so let’s see how much Kuro has.” explained Oweguy. Kuro is shown to have three grey fish, two orange fish, and one yellow fish. “Kuro has ten points.” said Oweguy. “Let’s see how much Flare has.” Oweguy is disappointed to see that Kuro had no fish and all he had were pieces of seaweed. “Sorry dude but I can’t review you because you have no fish.” He said. Flare looks very upset. “Time for Jasmine and Marine.” said Oweguy. It’s shown that Marine and Jasmine had the same amount of fish. Three grey fish, five orange fish, and three yellow fish. “Jasmine and Marine have twenty five points so they win the first challenge!” announced Oweguy. Marine and Jasmine give each other a high five. “Now it’s time for the second challenge.” explained Oweguy. “I hope you got you cooking equipment.” “What?” asked Flare. “You’ll see.” replied Oweguy.

The contestants were now in the kitchen at the mess hall with their fish in a bucket. “Why are we in the kitchen?” asked Kuro. “Glad you asked dude.” replied Oweguy. “This is your second challenge. You have to cook the fish you caught and make sure you make it into a satisfying fish dish. Once you’re done you give it to me for taste test and whoever made the best dish wins invincibility while the rest of you need to vote someone off.” “I’m a good cook.” said Kuro. “My family is good at making sushi back home.” “I’m good at cooking too.” said Jasmine. “So am I.” replied Marine. Kronk and Flare didn’t have much to say. “Now since Marine and Jasmine won the first challenge they get an advantage this challenge by having these spices that are great on seafood. Now you’ve got five minutes to cook so don’t mess up.” “What do I get to cook?!” asked Flare upset. “I don’t have any fish!” “Oh yeah.” replied Oweguy. “Here’s a big fish.” Oweguy throws a big fish in front of Flare. “Enjoy.” He said leaving.

Jasmine, Marine, and Kuro start chopping their fish, adding spices, and cooking them while Kronk and Flare were thinking of what to do. “How do I cook a fish this big?” he asked himself. “I don’t even know how to cook fish.” Kronk looks at his fish then starts chopping them up fast. “That monkey couldn’t cook fish properly.” said Flare. “Me’s can make fish greatly.” said Kronk. Kronk then dumps a bag of gross looking things into the bowl of chopped up fish and then poured it into a blender and blended it then put in the oven. Flare looks concerned and grossed out at the same time.

Over near Jasmine, Marine, and Kuro the three cook their food easily. Jasmine made fish sticks, Marine had pieces of fish in squares, and Kuro made sushi. “This is going to grant us a win.” said Jasmine. “Most likely.” replied Kuro. “My family’s sushi is popular.” “Do you have a sec Kuro?” asked Jasmine. “Yeah.” replied Kuro. “Why?” “I was thinking the three of us should form an alliance to take down Flare.” explained Jasmine. “Sure but what about Kronk?” asked Kuro. “And Flare is pretty tough to eliminate. He’s always in the bottom two but someone else leaves instead. “We’ll see by challenge results.” replied Jasmine.

Five minutes had past and it was now time to review the dishes. “I’m starving so now it’s the perfect time to review your fishy dishes.” said Oweguy. Kuro brings his dish out first and Oweguy tastes it. “Delicious sushi.” said Oweguy. “Nine points.” “Yes!” cheered Kuro. “Next let’s have Jasmine.” said Oweguy. Jasmine presents her fish sticks and Oweguy tries them. “This is delicious.” said Oweguy. “It’s as great as the sushi. Nine points for you two.” “Yes!” cheered Jasmine and she and Kuro eat some of the fish sticks. “Now it’s time for Marine.” explained Oweguy. Marine presents her fish cubes which had different sides as well. Oweguy tries the fish cube. “Yummy.” said Oweguy. “I’m a little surprised that you used it plain but I love all the different sides you had to go along so you get nine points as well. You three are on a role.” “Thank you.” said Marine politely and started eating one of Jasmine’s fish sticks and Kuro’s sushi.

“Now it’s time for Kronk’s dish.” explained Oweguy. Kronk jumps onto the table with a plate with a cover. “Kronk now presents fish blendie.” said Kronk. Kronk takes the cover off and Oweguy, Jasmine, Kuro, and Marine all look surprised.
Kronk's dish

Kronk serves his dish.

“What is that?!” shouted Oweguy shocked. “Fish blendie.” replied Kronk. “What did you put in?!” asked Oweguy. “That bag of ravioli.” replied Kronk. “That ravioli was stale!” shouted Oweguy. Kuro gets grossed out and pukes while Marine sticks her head out of the window to puke and Jasmine runs off. “I’m sorry Kronk but I have to give you a bad score.” explained Oweguy. “Okay.” said Kronk and he leaves without reacting much. “Wow.” said Oweguy amazed. “I’d thought he’d be very upset but he is an ape.”

Flare comes out throwing the cooked fish in front of him. “Here’s you fish.” he said. Oweguy takes a bite of it. “Eh five points.” He said. “It’s kind of bland and needs more flavor.” Flare looks upset. “Where is everyone?” he asked. “They’re throwing up.” replied Oweguy. “Kronk’s dish?” asked Flare. “Yep.” replied Oweguy. “And they didn’t even eat it.” “Poor suckers.” said Flare. Jasmine, Marine, and Kuro come back looking very pale. “Glad your back folks.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for me to announce the winner of the challenge. Since you three all tied you all win invincibility.” The three try to cheer but faint due to throwing up earlier. “As for you Flare, Kronk who’s not here right now and the winners you’ll be voting off either Flare or Kronk so make a good choice.” explained Oweguy.

Later at the elimination ceremony the five contestants were there and Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine were looking better. “So did you vote off the person who deserved it?” asked Jasmine. Kuro and Marine reply by nodding and Jasmine smiles. “I’ve got four Chocolate Oweguy’s tonight so one of you isn’t going to get one and if you’re that person who doesn’t get one you’re voted off.” explained Oweguy. “Due to Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine winning the challenge they get the first three Chocolate Oweguy’s.” The three get their Chocolate Oweguy’s leaving Flare and Kronk in the bottom two. “Flare.” said Oweguy. “Reasons for you being in the bottom two is doing poorly in the fishing challenge and not doing as great in the cooking challenge but you did do better than Kronk. And Kronk, reason’s for you in the bottom two, making a very disgusting dish.” “Kronk thought I did fine.” said Kronk. “Well you could’ve done better.” said Oweguy. “Just announce who is leaving.” said Flare. “Give me a sec.” said Oweguy upset. “Okay the final Chocolate Oweguy goes to…..”

“…..Flare. I’m sorry Kronk but it’s time for you go a second time but I’m impressed with you. You were originally the first voted off and made it to the final five but you weren’t good enough to make it to the final four. Now it’s time for you to go.” “Kronk knows.” said Kronk disappointed. Before he boards the loser boat he rips a banana tree out of the ground and takes it with him. “Congrats to Flare, Jasmine, Kuro, and Marine for making it to the final four.” said Oweguy closing the episode “Which one of them will lose next as we head toward the semi finals? Find out next time on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 21: The Most Ultimate Dare Contest Ever - Part 1

Last time on a very fishy Total Drama Oweguy the contestants had to go fishing. Flare could not catch any fish at all and Marine and Jasmine managed to catch a lot of fish. The second challenge was to cook their fish into a nice fish feast. Marine, Jasmine, and Kuro were shown to be very good at cooking fish while Kronk made the most disgusting dish in the history of mankind. And with that it was bye bye Kronk. With only four contestants left who will make it to the final three and final two? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

The four remaining contestants sleep in their cabins until Oweguy turns on the intercom. “Rise and shine contestants.” He said. “Enjoy breakfast at the mess hall and I’ll be there to announce the challenge.” “Another day another challenge.” said Kuro. “I hate doing challenges.” said Flare. “There’s only four of us left so I think there won’t be much challenges left.” explained Kuro. “True.” said Flare. “But I’m still going to win.” “I hope not.” said Kuro quietly.

The four contestants walk to the mess hall to see that on the table was a bunch of breakfast food that wasn’t ravioli. “Food that’s not ravioli for once?” asked Flare. “What’s with this?” “Good morning contestants.” greeted Oweguy walking in. “Welcome to the semi finals.” “But there’s four of us.” said Jasmine. “Shouldn’t we wait until the final three?” “Nah.” said Oweguy. “This time it’s one challenge two people leave.” Everyone gasps. “Can we eat yet?” asked Kuro. “When I’m done.” replied Oweguy. “Now the challenge will be in two rounds. Whoever loses in round one will be eliminated and then it’ll be the final three. Whoever loses in round two is eliminated as well and then it’ll be the final two. Okay?” Everyone nods in agreement. “Good.” said Oweguy. “When you’re done eating meet me at the dance stage.” The contestants start eating but spit it out because it was too cold. “I knew he was talking for a long time.” said Flare upset.

The four contestants sit at tables at the dance stage which looked better ever since episode 5. “It’s time for today’s challenge.” announced Oweguy. “So what is it?” asked Kuro. “It’s a dare contest.” said Oweguy grinning. “I don’t like the look of this.” said Flare. “True.” replied Kuro. “You don’t know what dares he has up his sleeve.” “Excuse me?” asked Oweguy. “I’m not giving you the dares. The eliminated contestants are.” Everyone looks confused. “I asked the eliminated contestants to summit dares for you.” explained Oweguy. “Oh.” said Kuro figuring it out. “Now when you conquer your dare you earn a freebie which you can use to skip a dare but you should hold on to them instead of wasting them because then you’ll have none left.” explained Oweguy. “Can we get the challenge started?” asked Flare. “There are cobwebs forming.” “Okay okay.” said Oweguy. Everyone looks happy that Oweguy was finally starting the challenge.

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “Let’s have Flare go first.” “Why me?” asked Flare. “I wanted to go alphabetical.” replied Oweguy. “Now spin this wheel and whatever person it lands on you need to do their dare.” Flare spins the wheel and it lands on Chuck. “Wear a pink dress.” said Oweguy reading Chuck’s dare. Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine start laughing. “Just to let you know dude that you can dare someone else to do it or do it youself.” explained Oweguy. “I dare Kuro to do the dare.” Kuro gasps in shock. “Are you going to do it or are you going to chicken out and get eliminated?” asked Oweguy. “I’ll do it.” said Kuro putting the pink dress on. “Good job man.” said Oweguy. “Wow.” said Chuck in the aftermath greenroom. “I didn’t think anyone would do that.”

Jasmine spins the wheel next and it lands on Pete. “Kiss a pig.” said Oweguy reading the card. “Will you do it, dare someone else, or chicken out and get eliminated?” “I’ll do it.” said Jasmine. Arnold brings a pig out and Jasmine kisses it. “Jasmine earns the first freebie and a toothbrush.” announced Oweguy. “Pigs are actually clean animals.” said Kuro. “I know but this pig was somewhere that wasn’t clean.” replied Oweguy. Jasmine has a disturbed look on her face looking like she was about to puke.

Kuro spins the wheel next and it lands on Yuki. “Hope she didn’t do anything serious for me.” said Kuro. “Eat sushi.” said Oweguy. “That doesn’t sound so hard.” said Kuro. “That’s very hot.” continued Oweguy. “I think she did that for Flare.” said Kuro. “But I’m going to do it anyway.” He eats the sushi and a few seconds later his face turns bright red and almost spat it out but luckily swallowed it. “Kuro wins his first freebie.” said Oweguy. “Can I also have a glass of water?” asked Kuro with smoke coming out of his mouth. “Uh sure.” replied Oweguy. “You are filling this place up with smoke.” He starts coughing. Kuro quickly drinks his water and sits back down.

Marine finally goes up and spins the wheel and it lands on Jake. “Walk on a tightrope over a pool of sharks.” said Oweguy. “Well that doesn’t sound hard.” said Marine. “While hand standing.” continued Oweguy. “Forget what I said.” said Marine. She does the dare and does all right until her hand slips a little and slides down the tightrope getting a rope burn and smashing at the very end with a little fold up paper falling out of her pocket which Flare noticed. “Did I complete the dare?” asked Marine looking badly hurt. “Yes.” replied Oweguy. “You earn a freebie.” “Yay.” said Marine with a tooth falling out of her mouth. Meanwhile behind Flare’s desk he opens the paper and is surprised at what he sees then has an evil look on his face.

Flare goes again and spins the wheel which lands on Kronk. “Eat a rotten banana.” said Oweguy. Flare points at Jasmine making her do it. “I’ll use my freebie.” she said. “Good choice.” said Oweguy. Flare looks upset. Jasmine goes next and gets Pat. “Eat an ice cream cone as fast as you can without getting brain freeze.” said Oweguy. Jasmine points at Flare and he tries to use a freebie but notices he doesn’t have any. “How come I don’t have any freebies?” he asked. “Because you haven’t earned any yet.” replied Oweguy. “If you do this dare you’ll probably earn one.” “I’ll do it.” said Flare starting to eat the ice cream fast. He manages to eat all of it and gets a freebie but gets serious brain freeze shortly after.

Kuro goes again and the wheel lands on Dax. “Eat cat food.” said Oweguy. “Why do all these dares involve eating?” asked Kuro. “Don’t know.” replied Oweguy. Kuro eats the cat food and likes it at first but then feels sick and shouts bleach that was so loud that the company that made that brand of cat food could hear it. “Well even though you threw up you still managed to win a freebie by doing the dare. “Yes.” said Kuro but he then faints from puking.

Marine goes again and the wheel lands on Catherine. “Carry a bunch of heavy books for about a minute while on a unicycle.” said Oweguy. “I’ll do it.” said Marine. A few seconds later she’s on a unicycle while carrying the heavy books and has been carrying them for about thirty seconds. “You’ve got thirty seconds to go.” said Oweguy. Marine’s arms start to lower when it got to forty seconds and Flare was excited to see Marine lose. When it got fifty seconds it almost looked like she was about to drop them but it then gets to a minute and passes leaving Flare upset. “Marine gets a freebie!” announced Oweguy. She drops the books which crash through the ground and gets her freebie.

The dares continue as each contestant continues to spin the wheel and received dares. Flare had to eat rotten meat, Jasmine had to wear a stinky sock on her nose, Kuro had to have a giant tomato shot at him, and Marine had to swim in mud. Flare goes again and gets Chad. “Get across a river of crocs while on a tight rope.” said Oweguy. “Will you do it Flare or give it to someone else or chicken out and get eliminated?” Flare looks at Jasmine and has a suspicious look on his face. “I dare Jasmine to do it.” he said. “What?!” asked Jasmine upset. “Why is he putting me into a very dangerous situation?” “Because he dared you.” replied Oweguy. “Now are you gonna face the sharks or not?” Jasmine thinks for a few seconds. “No.” she said. “I refuse to do a dare that involves Flare and crocs. I’m giving up.” Kuro and Marine gasp in shock. “Jasmine you can’t quit!” said Kuro. “I’m sorry Kuro but I must and I think you and Marine are best at defeating Flare. Besides, I have a fear of crocs.” “I take it.” said Kuro. “Well I hope you root one of us for the finale.” Kuro and Jasmine hug each other goodbye and Jasmine walks away.

Flare has a triumphant smile on his face due to him responsible for Jasmine quitting. “I’m going to win.” he said. “I’ve got Marine’s letter which will get rid of her and I’m sure if Kuro makes it to finals and I’ll defeat him there.” It goes to Kuro and Marine. “We’ve got to defeat Flare.” said Kuro. “If he makes it to the finals it won’t be good.” “We’re good players and I’m sure we’ll be in the final two.” said Marine. “We’ll take him down no matter how many dares we have to go.” Kuro and Marine give each other a thumbs up after getting their plan set.

“It’s the final three!” announced Oweguy closing the episode. “With Jasmine’s departure will Kuro and Marine defeat Flare or will they fail and he’ll get to the finals? Find out next time on the second part of the semifinals on Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 22: The Most Ultimate Dare Contest Ever - Part 2

Last time on Total Drama Oweguy the semifinals began with the remaining four contestants competing in dares done by the other contestants. There were pink dresses, hotness, puking, brain freeze, and freebies. In the end Flare dared Jasmine to walk on a tightrope over crocs but she refused and quit the show leaving Flare, Kuro, and Marine as the final three. Who will win round two and who will fail to make it to the finals? Find out right now on Total Drama Oweguy!

Flare, Kuro, and Marine sit at the desks still at the dance stage from last chapter but Jasmine was now gone. “I can’t believe Jasmine quit.” said Kuro. “She could’ve beat Flare.” “He’s too strong and I can’t believe I was once friends with that jerk.” said Marine. “Well we can’t let Jasmine down.” said Kuro. “We can’t let Flare make it to the finals.” “I wonder if Jasmine left camp?” asked Marine. It cuts to Jasmine in the girls cabin drinking soda and watching TV while burping.

“It’s time for round two of the ultimate dare contest!” announced Oweguy. “Let’s hope you’re ready for more dares.” “I bet we can take on more small dares from the other contestants.” said Flare. “Oh but it’s going to be different this time dude.” said Oweguy. “What?” asked Flare. “Now that it’s round two it’s going to get tougher.” explained Oweguy. “You’ll be doing a little race around camp and at certain parts I will ask you a dare and you’ll have to do it, chicken out, or use one of your freebies from round one. The first two to makes it back to the dance stage will be our final two while the other player gets sent home.” “Uh oh.” said Kuro. “It’s a sudden death elimination challenge.” “We’d better go fast.” said Marine.

The three contestants stand at a line in front of the dance stage. “Now there are long paths you need to get through and there are spots where you need to do a dare.” explained Oweguy. “There are a total of five spots where you need to do a dare. Try to do a dare as fast as you can and you can use freebies but you shouldn’t waste them. I don’t want you to skip all of them. That means you Kuro and Marine.” Kuro and Marine look at two boxes which had all their earned freebies. “Now I can’t get to all five places at once so I’ve asked four people to take over the first four spots while I do the last one.” “Are they interns?” asked Kuro. “Naw.” replied Oweguy. “You see.” “Now on you marks, get set, go!” Oweguy fires a pistol with blanks but instead a firework launches out. “Who stuffed my pistol with a firework?!” he asked upset. “It wasn’t me!” shouted Arnold. A bush was near Oweguy and two eyes peep through and when Oweguy turned around they disappeared.

On the first pathway the contestants were in the woods that had a river and a rope bridge. Marine crosses the bridge first and Kuro shortly follows. Flare then comes last but trips on a rock and while he was getting up an arm comes out of the bush and cuts the rope to the bridge and it falls down. “What the heck?!” asked Flare shocked. Flare then sees someone run off into the woods. “How the heck will I get past?” he asked himself. Flare walked to the other way then ran toward the collapsed bridge and jumps over to the other side luckily making it. “Ha!” he shouted. “I’m not going to lose this challenge!” The person in the trees is show silhouetted and looking upset.

Marine makes it out of the woods and ends up at a beach with mountains close by and also sees someone standing at the beach. The person was shown to be Chuck. “Why are you here?” asked Marine. “Oweguy asked me to help with the challenge.” replied Chuck. “Now you need to do your first dare.” “What’s my dare?” asked Marine. “Dance with that bear with banquettes of flowers in your pants.” said Chuck reading the card. “Aw.” said Marine disappointed. “I hate having stuff in my pants.” “I didn’t come up with the dare.” explained Chuck. “It was someone else that I can’t remember.” Marine glares at Chuck. “Okay it was me.” he said. “Good.” said Marine. “I didn’t want to punch it out of you.” Chuck gulps in fear.

Kuro heads out of the woods and runs toward the first dare spot but Oweguy pops out of the bush stopping him. “Uh uh uh.” he said. “You can’t go until the other person had finished their dare.” “You didn’t mention that.” said Kuro. “That’s what makes it challenging.” said Oweguy. He then disappears into the bush with Kuro looking. “How do you do that?” he asked. “I don’t know.” replied Oweguy. Kuro sits on a rock and sees Marine dancing with the bear with flowers sticking out of her pants. “Eeesh.” he said. “Glad I’m not doing that.”

Marine finishes her dare and gains a freebie and heads off to the mountains with the bear waving goodbye and Kuro heads toward Chuck. “Nice to see you again.” he said. “Yeah yeah.” said Chuck. “You need to do a dare.” “What’s my dare?” asked Kuro. “Eat this slice of pie with spicy berrys.” replied Chuck. “Was it from Yuki?” asked Kuro. “I already ate something spicy from her earlier.” “Nah this one was from Pete.” replied Chuck. Kuro eats the slice of pie and his face then turns red. “Spicy.” he said. Chuck then gives him his freebie and Kuro heads to the next path.

Marine was still in first and was at the top of the mountain and crossed a bridge to the next mountain while Kuro was climbing the first one and no one knew while Flare was doing his first dare. Marine gets to the bottom of the second mountain and sees Dax at the next spot. “Hi Marine.” said Dax with a weird smile on his face. “Hi.” said Marine with an awkward face on. “Ready for your dare?” asked Dax. “What is it?” asked Marine. “Dress up like this girl I have a crush on.” replied Dax. He shows a picture of her real quick then gives her a nerdy lab coat and nerdy glasses. Kuro gets to the bottom and sees Marine wearing the lab coat and glasses. “Glad I’m not wearing that.” he said. “Hi Dax.” Dax waves back.

Meanwhile Flare was at the top at the first mountain. “How am I going to get to the goal?” asked Flare. “I’m in last place currently.” Flare sees a piece of wood and rides it down the second mountain landing next to Kuro. “I’m going next!” shouted Flare. “What?!” asked Kuro upset. “You can’t cut in line! I got here first!” Oweguy suddenly rises out of the bush again. “What seems to be the problem?” he asked. “Flare and Kuro are arguing.” said Dax. “What are you two arguing about?” asked Oweguy. “We’re arguing about who goes next.” replied Kuro. “Well I’d have to say Flare.” said Oweguy. “Sorry Kuro but I want it to go alphabetically.” Flare blows a raspberry at Kuro with him looking upset. “Marine you can move on.” said Oweguy. Marine runs off leaving the lab coat and glasses behind.

Marine makes it to the third spot for the dare where Arnold was waiting. “Ready for your dare?” he asked. “Yeah.” replied Marine. “You need to eat this club of wood.” said Arnold. “What?” asked Marine. “But I’ll get splinters in my mouth.” “Do you want to get to the final two?” asked Arnold. Marine grabs the piece of wood and starts nibbling it like crazy with Arnold looking shocked.

Back with Flare and Kuro Flare goes up to do his dare. “What’s your dare?” asked Flare. “Chew my bubble gum that I already chewed.” replied Dax. Flare looks grossed out. “Remember.” said Oweguy popping in. “You can use a freebie.” Flare looks in his bag and is shown to only have three freebies. “I’ll use my freebie.” he said. “Okay.” said Dax. Flare heads on to the next path while Kuro comes up. “You’ll have to do the dare that Flare skipped.” said Dax. Kuro throws the gum in his mouth, chews it, and then blows a bubble and gives it back to Dax. “You win a freebie!” he shouted happily. Kuro gets his freebie and moves on while Dax puts the gum in his mouth.

Back with Marine she was eating the last bits of the wood looking ill. “Last bite.” she said. She eats it and earns her freebie. “I feel like I have splinters in my stomach.” she said. “I’m sure you’ll digest them.” said Arnold. Marine heads off to the next area moving slowly still looking ill. Back with Flare and Kuro it kept switching with Flare getting ahead or Kuro getting ahead. Both end up at Arnold first so Flare goes first again. “Eat this piece of wood with spiders.” said Arnold. Flare gives him a freebie and skips the dare while Kuro goes up. “You need to do the dare Flare skipped.” said Arnold. Kuro looks at the spiders which looked pretty fierce and Kuro skips the dare with one of his freebies and moved on.

Near the fourth spot Marine continues on but looks very pale with her eyes looking red and baggy. “Where’s the person giving me the dare?” she asked spitting out a piece of wood. There was rustling in the bush and Jasmine pops out. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked. “I ate wood and it’s not settling well.” replied Marine. Her skin then turns green and she throws up a bunch of vomit and pieces of wood and then gets back to her regular self. “Why are you in the bush?” she asked. “I’m trying to slow down Flare so he’ll lose.” replied Jasmine. “So was that why I heard the bridge crumble after me and Kuro crossed?” asked Marine. “Yes.” replied Jasmine. “I managed to make another trap in the path behind you.”

Kuro and Flare continue on the path that led to Jasmine but Flare hits a trap wire and it catches both of them. “What is this?” asked Flare. “Who set this up?!” “Someone.” replied Kuro. Flare pulls his knife out from a knife pouch strapped to him and cuts the net and they fall down. Flare gets a head start while Kuro slowly gets up. “Hey!” he shouted. “Get back here!” Kuro chases after Flare as they continue their path.

“Now I’m the fourth person to give you your dare so please listen.” explained Jasmine at the fourth spot. “Okay.” said Marine. “Show me something that you’ve never shown to anyone else.” said Jasmine. “I’ve got this tattoo on my back that I haven’t shown anyone.” said Marine. She rips the back of her shirt and Jasmine looks surprised. “Nice demon.” she said. “Here’s your freebie.” Marine collects her freebie and moves on to the last dare location.

Flare and Kuro makes it to Jasmine’s area. “Hey Jasmine.” said Kuro. “Hey dude.” replied Jasmine. “Hey jerks.” said Flare upset. “Let’s get moving.” “Okay.” said Jasmine upset. “Since both of you got here at the same time Flare goes first again.” Kuro has an upset face again. “Flare your dare is to put on pink clothes.” said Jasmine snickering. Flare looks angry and without looking grabs a freebie leaving Jasmine and Kuro disappointed. “I know.” said Kuro before Jasmine was about to speak. “I’ll put on pink clothes. It cuts to where Chuck was and looks concerned. “I feel like Kuro said he was going to put something pink on again.”

Marine makes it back to camp and sees the final spot was right near the dance stage. “I’m glad that you made it this far Marine.” said Oweguy. “If you can complete this next dare you’ll make it to the final two.” “Tell me the dare.” said Marine. “You need to tell me who wrote that love note that I got all the way back in chapter eight.” Marine looks shocked. “Do you know?” asked Oweguy. Marine starts blushing. “Okay.” she said. “To tell you the truth I wrote those letters.” “I knew it!” shouted Oweguy. “The script told me you’ll tell me at one point.” “Are you upset?” asked Marine. “Nah.” said Oweguy. “To tell you the truth I’m not even Chris’s age.” Marine smiles. “Now let me get you a sundae to celebrate you making it to the final two.” said Oweguy. “Hold it right there!” shouted Flare. “You can’t celebrate until I make it to the final two.” “We’ll see about that.” said Oweguy. “Once you complete this dare. You need to have your shadow hair style shaved off. “I’ll skip it with my freebie.” said Flare grabbing one out of his back with his eyes closed. His eyes open to see that he had no more freebies. “What?” he asked. “I’m out of freebies?!” “Looks like it.” replied Oweguy. “No!” he shouted. “Now let’s get this dare started.” said Oweguy strapping Flare to a chair.

Kuro heads to the final part with Jasmine following him but looks disappointed. “Oh no.” he said. “Flare’s ahead. I’m probably going to be eliminated. “We’ll see about that.” said Jasmine. “Look.” She points to Flare looking very nervous with Oweguy carrying the razor and Marine, Chuck, Dax, and Arnold watch in excitement. “This will be very quick dude.” Flare gets an angry look and kicks the razor away. “No!” he shouted. “I will not let my Shadow fro get shaved off!” The razor starts falling down and lands in Flares hair with him screaming. He comes back up and is shown to no longer have his shadow spines and only had short black hair. “My hair!” he screamed. “It took forever for it to grow!” Everyone laughs at that he no longer had his Shadow hair. “I’m sorry Flare but your time here is over. “No no no no no!” screamed Flare starting to throw a fit. “I’m saved!” cheered Kuro. “I’m not leaving!” “That’s right Kuro.” said Oweguy. “You almost lost but due to Flare refusing his dare you’re now in the final two along with Marine. “Yes!” shouted Kuro and Marine high fiving. “I’m not giving up!” shouted Flare getting a straight jacket put on him and Arnold then knocks him out. “As for you Chuck, Dax, and Jasmine.” explained Oweguy. “Call the other losers over to come cheer our two remaining contestants in the finale!” “Oh boy!” cheered Dax.

“That’s the end of the semifinals.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With Kuro and Marine making it to the final two and Flare’s defeat and Marine becoming my new girlfriend who will win the $100.000 cash prize? Find out next time on the super exciting epic finale of Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 23: TDO Showdown: Kuro vs. Marine

“Ah a lovely day at camp.” said Oweguy calmly. “Birds are chirping, bees buzzing, everything is nice and calm on this early morning.” A loud burp then happens. “But this morning isn’t going to be calm for much longer!” shouted Oweguy coming toward the screen. “Today is the finale of Total Drama Oweguy. “We’ve seen Kronk, Pete, Jake, Chad, Chuck, Catherine, Yuki, Katelyn, Amanda, Pat, Dax, Emily, Jasmine, and Flare leave this island throughout this season which leads to us having our final two. Kuro the japanese rock guy who’s strong and friendly and has a strategic mind and Marine the gothic girl who just wants to kick butt. These two are pretty strong so who knows what will happen today. Who’s going to become a millionare? Who’s not going to be a millionare? Find out right now on the epic exciting finale of Total Drama Oweguy!”

It was a quiet early morning at camp. Due to Kuro being the last boy and Marine being the last girl they each had their private cabins. “I’d never thought I’d be in the final two.” said Kuro. “I’d manage to beat Flare and everyone else. But I do feel sorry for Catherine, Jasmine, and Yuki for losing. But I’ve got my own private cabin now! Too bad I probably only have it for today and then when it’s over we’ll head home.” It then goes to the girls’ cabin which showed Marine carving stuff on the walls. “I’m surprised I made it this far but I’m worried that I’m going to lose against Kuro but he did say he might share the money if he’d won.” said Marine. She feels something under the covers and sees a box of chocolates and a note. She reads it and it says “Dear Marine, good luck in today’s challenge, love Oweguy and Kuro.” She smiles at the letter and eats some of the chocolates.

“Attention remaining two contestants.” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time for breakfast. It’s a special breakfast due to the two of you being the last two contestants.” Kuro and Marine smile after hearing that and head off to the mess hall. After they leave a shadowed person puts something in both the cabins and then laughs.

Kuro and Marine walk in to see a huge breakfast banquet. “Eggs, pancakes, cereal that’s not cold?” asked Kuro surprised. “Why are you giving us something that’s not ravioli?” “Because A you’re the final two contestants and B Sunshine left for Hawaii.” replied Oweguy. “When are the other contestants coming?” asked Kuro. “In about a hour.” replied Oweguy. “Once you’re done with breakfast we’ll begin the final challenge.” “Sounds good.” said Kuro who started eating the pancakes while Marine ate the eggs.

An hour later the two contestants stand at two stands with Kuro and Marine’s faces above them. “Now let’s meet the fourteen contestants who didn’t make it to the finals.” announced Oweguy. All the sixteen other contestants walk toward the seats with Kuro and Marine greeting them. “The losers will sit either in the Kuro seats or the Marine seats.” explained Oweguy. “If they sit in the Kuro seats that means they’ll root for Kuro. If they sit in the Marine seats then they’ll be rooting for Marine.” Pete, Chuck, Yuki, Katelyn, Amanda, Pat, Dax, Kronk and Jasmine go to Kuro’s seats while Jake, Catherine, Chad, Emily, and Flare go to Marine’s seats. “Is Flare in your seat just to make me jealous?” asked Kuro to Marine. “Most likely.” replied Marine. “He hates you the most.” “I know.” said Kuro. “But I’m worried he’s set up a trap for the challenge.” “I don’t think so.” said Marine. “Now let’s finish this challenge and win some money.” Kuro smiles and fist bumps Marine.

“Okay it’s time to explain the challenge.” said Oweguy. “You will be competing in a race that requires you to collect a flag at the top of that tree, head up to the two mountains and place your flags on each one, then head to the goal and the winner will be announced.” “Sounds good.” said Kuro. “Now some of the losers can help you out during the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “At the latest three people can help out.” “I want Dax, Jasmine, and Yuki to help me.” said Kuro. “Okay.” said Jasmine with Dax smiling weirdly and Yuki flirting to Kuro. “Marine, who do you want to help?” asked Oweguy. Marine looks at the people in her seats with Flare waving his arm wanting to be picked. “I’ll pick Emily, Chad, and Catherine.” she said. “What?!” shouted Flare. “But I’ve got skills to help her!” “Ah just watch them compete dude.” said Jake. Flare growls in anger.

Kuro, Marine, and their helpers stand at the starting line waiting for Oweguy to start the challenge. “Remember, do not move on once you get to the tree with the flag.” reminded Oweguy. “Now on your mark, get set, go!” Oweguy fires his pistol with fireworks coming out again. “Who stuffed this with fireworks!” he shouted. He hears snickering from the bush and he throws a rock into the bush resulting in someone shouting ow from it. “Stupid pranksters.” said Oweguy.

Kuro and Marine make it to the tree with the flags but the tree was very tall. “How do we get up there?” asked Kuro. “There are no low branches.” “You’ll have to improvise.” said Oweguy in a helicopter. Yuki, Jasmine, and Dax think for a sec. “We can climb it like a squirrel.” said Dax. “We don’t have strong fingers.” said Jasmine. Yuki sees a big log nearby. “How bout we use this log?” she asked. “Sounds good.” said Kuro. They place it near the tree and Kuro climbs up and makes it into the tree. “I can’t seem to find the flag.” he said. “I put it in very deep.” said Oweguy from the helicopter. Kuro groans.

Marine, Catherine, Chad, and Emily tries to figure out how to get to the tree. “How to get up there.” said Marine thinking. “We can use Catherine’s books.” suggested Chad. “I’ve got War and Peace and many dictionaries.” she said. “Good enough.” said Marine. A couple of minutes later a huge stack of books resembling a stare case was there. “Now I can get up there.” said Marine climbing up into the tree. “Let’s hope they make it out of that tree alive.” said Chad.

Kuro and Marine search through the tree for the flags. It was dark inside so it was hard to find the flags. “I think I found it.” said Kuro. “I don’t think flags are round.” said Marine. “What?” asked Kuro. It’s shown that Kuro was holding a bee’s nest. “Bee hive!” shouted Kuro throwing it out of the tree. It shows the peanut gallery sitting in the seats. “It’s a nice day to just sit watching the finale right guys?” asked Chuck. The bee hive lands in his lap and he starts screaming with everyone staring while Flare was laughing.

A few minutes later Marine jumps out of the tree with the flag. “I got it!” she shouted. “Good.” said Catherine. “Let’s get moving.” Marine’s team moves on while Kuro jumps out of the tree with his flag. “Marine’s in the lead.” said Kuro. “We’ve got to catch up.” Dax clutches his stomach. “Can we wait?” he asked. “I’ve got to make a deposit.” “Ew.” said Kuro. “Why?” “I ate brownies that Flare left for you and Marine.” “That jerk.” said Kuro. “We’ll wait for you.” Dax goes into the bushes but once he does Kuro, Jasmine, and Yuki continue.

Marine’s team starts running up the mountain with their flag while Kuro’s team climb up the other one. “This mountain is steep.” said Kuro. “It’s taking forever for us to climb and it might be hard to get down.” “We’ll find a way.” said Yuki. The two teams make it to the top of the mountains and Marine and Kuro put their flags at the top of each one. “Done.” said Kuro. “Now how do we get down?” Oweguy’s helicopter appears again. “You want to know how to get down?” asked Oweguy. “Yeah.” replied Kuro. “Improvise.” said Oweguy. The helicopter flies away leaving Kuro and Marine thinking.

Back at the peanut gallery section the losers were waiting patiently for Kuro and Marine to arrive. “Where’s the players?” asked Kronk. “Who knows.” replied Jake. “I don’t know where they are.” Dax arrives from the woods. “Where’s the others?” asked Flare. “I think they’re at the mountains.” replied Dax. Chuck grabs some binoculars and sees them on the mountain. “Yep.” he said. “They’re on the mountains.” “Did they have to take a stop?” asked Flare looking suspicious. “Number two wise?” “Nope.” replied Dax. “I did though.” “D’oh!” shouted Flare.

Back on the mountains Yuki gets an idea and grabs a flat rock. “We’ll ride down on this.” she said. “Great idea.” said Kuro. He, Jasmine, and Yuki get on and slide down the mountain. Marine sees what they were doing and grabs a similar rock and slide down with Catherine, Chad, and Emily jumping on. Both were going down at the same time and sparks started coming from the rock. “Uh oh.” said Kuro. “Those sparks aren’t that bad.” said Jasmine. “What is?” asked Kuro. “That.” replied Jasmine pointing that they were about to crash into a tree. The three start screaming and Kuro manages to steer and avoid it. “That was close.” said Kuro. The rock then touches a banana peel and they fall off while the rock was launched into the sky. “How’s that possible?” asked Kuro. “See you at the finish line.” said Marine sliding past them. Kuro sees a log nearby and he, Jasmine, and Yuki start to slide down on it starting to catch up with Marine’s team.

Back at the loser section Oweguy and Arnold sit at the goal with a camera while the losers were watching. Oweguy was looking through binoculars to see where Kuro and Marine were. “I think I see them.” said Oweguy. The rock that Kuro’s team was on flies by above everyone with everyone staring. “Nah it’s just a rock.” said Oweguy. A bunch of birds fly out of the trees in front of the goal and the trees were rustling. Oweguy checks again and sees Kuro and Marine’s teams close together heading toward the goal. “Here they come!” announced Oweguy. Both Kuro’s log and Marine’s rock hits two rocks sticking out of the ground and Kuro and Marine were knocked off. The two were rolling toward the goal with one falling behind and catching up but it kept switching. When they got to the goal there was a flash and everyone didn’t see who crossed first leaving everyone thinking.

“So who won?” asked Kuro. Everyone shrugs. “Was it a tie?” asked Marine. “Not quiet.” said Oweguy. “I managed to take a shot of you crossing the finish line. Now we’ll know who’s the winner of the show. We just need this picture to be developed.” “Just get a digital camera.” said Flare. “You hush.” said Oweguy. A few seconds later the picture comes in but Oweguy doesn’t show it. “Okay, the result is here.” he said. “The winner of Total Drama Oweguy is…..”

(Nope keep going.)

“…..Kuro!” “Yes yes yes!” shouted Kuro in excitement. “You did it Kuro.” said Yuki happy. “I know.” said Kuro. “Now give me a hug.” The two start hugging while everyone (except Flare) cheered for him. “Good job Kuro.” said Marine. “Thanks Marine.” he replied. “And just to let you know I’ll be giving some money to all my closest friends. Except Flare.” “What?!” asked Flare upset. “Tough luck for you being so mean to everyone.” said Oweguy. “And it resulted in you losing the game and your hair.” Flare growls. “Tonight is the final ceremony so please join us.” explained Oweguy.

Later that night all the contestants were at the campfire ceremony. “Here we are.” explained Oweguy. “At the last campfire ceremony ever. After many long weeks of challenges, pain, suffering, ravioli, and shaving someone’s hair off we’ve come down to our last contestant and winner. Kuro!” Everyone cheers in excitement. “Kuro, I present to you the check for one million dollars and a special Oweguy statue made of real gold.” said Oweguy giving the stuff to him. “Thanks a lot dude.” said Kuro happy. “Marine aren’t you a bit upset about losing?” asked Jasmine. “Heck no.” replied Marine. “Kuro said he’d be sharing the money with us so I not mad in anyway. Plus I did get second which is still good.” “Hey Kuro.” said Chad. “You know what it’s time for?” “You’re not going to throw me in the lake are you?” asked Oweguy. “Nah.” replied Kuro. “Marine won’t like that. It’s something better.”

It then cuts to the lake and Kuro, Chad, and Dax were carrying Flare while the girls were watching. “What are you doing?!” shouted Flare. “Put me down!” “One, two, three!” shouted the boys as they threw Flare into the lake and everyone starts laughing. “You’ll pay for this you idiots!” shouted Flare. “What a fun night.” said Kuro. “So what are you going to do after we go home?” asked Jasmine. “I’m going to buy a new guitar with my money.” said Kuro. “And Marine, what are you doing?” asked Jasmine. “Me and Oweguy are going out for dinner tomorrow.” replied Marine. “Well that sounds good.” said Kuro. “No more competing for a while. At least until next season.” “Where did the boys go?” asked Jasmine. “Get away from me!” shouted Arnold being chased by the boys.

“And so it ends.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Thanks for watching this awesome finale and for catching up with us all season. It’s been a great season of Total Drama Oweguy!”

Chapter 24: Where Are They Now: A TDO Reunion Special

It’s been a couple of months after the finale of Total Drama Oweguy. Kuro emerged victorious and won one million dollars. And now the cast have gone home, doing other things in their lives.

“So you may be wondering what they are doing now.” said someone. It was shown to be Geoff along with Bridgette. “You may know us but I’m Geoff.” he said. “And I’m Bridgette.” said Bridgette. “And today we’re going to catch up with our ex Total Drama Oweguy contestants and see what they have been doing since the finale.” “As we all know Kuro won the million so let’s check him out first.” said Geoff starting up a video.

“Now Kuro has had a happy life since winning TDO.” explained Geoff while the video was playing. “He’s expanded his house, got a hi-def TV for his room, and of course, gone on dates with Yuki. Yup those two have become a happy couple.” “Just like us.” said Bridgette. “That’s right Bridge.” said Geoff. “Now our cameramen have shown them arguing at times but there’s been no chances of them breaking up. But that could change in the future.”

“Now let’s take a look at Jasmine.” said Bridgette with the next video starting. “She’s rejoined her band and like she hoped become more famous, especially with Total Drama fans.” “I’ve noticed that she’s attracting boys but they’re mostly nerdy boys.” said Geoff. “At least not Harold.” said Bridgette. “He still loves LeShawna.”

“Speaking of nerds let’s talk about Dax.” said Geoff with the video starting. “Dax returned with his two nerdy and dorky friends Sparky and Wentworth and have been doing a bunch of stuff that I don’t know because I’m not a nerd.” “True.” said Bridgette. “You’re a guy who loves to party.” “Speaking of love Dax finally asked out that girl.” said Geoff. “You mean Chloe?” asked Bridgette. “Yeah.” said Geoff. “Dax asked her out and she said yes. Now they like each other.” “Well that’s good for them.” said Bridgette. “They make a nice couple.”

“Speaking of couples, let’s take a look at how Pat and his girls are doing.” said Geoff starting the video. “Well Pat had lost all his fat for those two girls and is now looking great. But he still hasn’t decided who he loves more. I guess in the future he’s going to have two wives.” “I’m sure he’ll decide soon.” said Bridgette. “Now let’s move on. We’ve got more stuff about the contestants to talk about.”

“Let’s talk about Flare next.” said Bridgette. “Why him?” asked Geoff. “He’s a jerk.” “Well we should see how he’s doing.” said Bridgette. “Now as you know Flare lost his hairdo and got thrown in a lake but at home he’s been his usual angry self. He hasn’t been able to grow his hair long because his parents don’t want him to have a big hairstyle and plus they don’t have enough hair gel. Plus he’s gotten sent to juvie at times so his family has wasted a lot of money on bailing him out.” “He’s worst than Duncan.” said Geoff. “Nah I would’ve beaten him by now.” said Duncan sitting in the audience seats in front of them. “Okay thanks Duncan for your opinion.” said Bridgette surprised that Duncan was there.

“Now let’s talk about Chad and Emily.” said Geoff. “As me and Bridgette know they are the TDO counterpart of us. They love to make out day and night. After TDO Chad entered a surfing tournament which he won and Emily entered a beauty contest which she won. They won trophies and prize money so they’re basically rich. And they didn’t even win the million.” “How much money did they win?” asked Bridgette. “Not as much as Kuro but our camera man said that they each won 500 dollars so that makes a total of 1000 dollars.” replied Geoff. “What a lucky couple.” said Bridgette.

“Now let’s talk about the three lowest ranking boys of TDO.” said Geoff. “Those boys are Pete, Jake, and Chuck. Originally it was Kronk, Pete, and Jake but since Kronk and Chad returned Pete and Chuck were pushed down.” “Well Pete is now back to his farm and is now conquering his fear of ducks so that’s good for him, Jake has continued skating and practiced dancing more, and surprisenly Chuck started writing a book.” explained Bridgette. “How’d you know that?” asked Geoff. “Our cameramen got this footage.” said Bridgette starting a video. It shows Chuck room and shows him writing something on a desk. “Chuck?” asked one of the cameramen. “It’s Geoff and Bridgettes camera crew. What are you writing?” “None of your business.” said Chuck covering the camera and the video ends. “Well we won’t know what Chuck wrote until later.” said Geoff.

“Now we mentioned Yuki earlier with Kuro but now let’s hear about the rest of her.” said Bridgette starting the video. “Well we know she’s now hooked up with Kuro but what about her on her own? Well she finally ranked up to a black belt in karate and is now teaching her own karate class for younger kids. I think that’s nice. Teaching little kids how to defend themselves. “Very nice indeed.” said Geoff.

“Now let’s talk about Catherine.” said Bridgette. “What has she been up to? Well she’s been studying hard and is still very smart but what about other things? Well she’s been doing gymnastics and, hanging out with Chuck?” “What?” asked Geoff shocked. “Well according to our camera crew they were studying together but we couldn’t get full detail because Chuck shoved the camera.” explained Bridgette. “Well we’ll find out later.” said Geoff.

“Now let’s talk about our favorite ape from this show, Kronk!” said Geoff starting the video. “Now we all know he originally was the first one voted off but returned and made it to the final five, but got voted off again due to being a terrible cook. Well now Kronk has gotten better at cooking after joining cooking classes for monkeys. But the only thing he can make is foods that have bananas so he still needs more work to do.” “Oh that Kronk.” said Bridgette.

“Finally we have last but definitely not least, Marine.” announced Geoff. “Well we haven’t seen her for a while in pictures or film but according to Oweguy he’s explained everything she’s done. Well she’s gotten into an argument with her frenemie Raven who’s another goth girl who looks like she’s a princess from the dark world. She scares me. So Marine hasn’t been seen after that. Until our camera crew caught her on camera walking in the city. Now she looks even more gothic. A belt with a skull, short sleeves with talon like spikes on them, new leather gloves that are dark grey, and nettings for her arms and legs, plus she’s also got ear piercings and a pierced belly button.” “Wow, talk about gothic.” said Bridgette. “Raven had better watch out.”

“Well that’s the end of most of what’s happened with our contestants.” said Geoff. “But we’ll be seeing them tonight. It’s the Gemmie Awards and TDO is a nominee. So we’ll be hoping to see our contestants there but Bridgette and I are staying here to interview, Duncan about his new punk show, Gwen’s online blog show, and DJ’s new cooking show.” “So in the meantime we hired this girl to catch up with the contestants.” explained Bridgette. “Is it Sierra?” asked Geoff. “No.” replied Bridgette. “Some other girl. Bianca?” A blonde girl in a pink dress walks out. “Bianca we need you to interview the contestants that are coming to the Gemmie Awards tonight.” explained Bridgette. “Really?!” asked Bianca surprised. “Thank you so much!” she starts hugging Bridgette and Geoff looks confused. “I’ll let you know when I’m there.” said Bianca running off. “Wait!” shouted Bridgette. “You forgot your equipment!” “She got it when you weren’t looking.” said Geoff. “Oh.” said Bridgette. “Can we get to me now?” asked Duncan in the audience. “Sure.” said Bridgette.”

Later outside the Gemmie Awards building a bunch of people were waiting for the people to arrive while Bianca and the camera crew were on the red carpet. “Hey folks.” said Bianca. “Bianca here waiting for the TDO contestants to arrive.” A limo arrives and drops off Chuck. “OMG.” said Bianca. “It’s Chuck who wrote a mysterious book.” “You suck!” shouted someone throwing a copy of Chuck’s book at him. “Hey!” shouted Chuck. “Even though this failed I worked hard on it.” “Hey Chuck.” said Bianca. “Can I see your book?” Chuck hands her the book and sees the title was called The Adventures of Boring Guy. “Yuck.” said Bianca. “That’s a boring title.” “You just had to ruin it didn’t you.” said Catherine getting out of the limo. “After all the studying I gave you on how to write a book.” “Look I got tired of you bugging me!” shouted Chuck. “So you had to make it a failure?!” asked Catherine upset. “Yes!” shouted Chuck. “Oh so that’s what Chuck and Catherine were doing.” said Geoff back at their studio. “They were writing a book.” “Weren’t we talking about me?” asked Duncan getting upset. “Oops.” said Geoff. “Sorry dude. Back to you Bianca.” “Thanks Geoff.” said Bianca.

The next limo arrives which shows Dax getting out alone with Chloe, Sparky, and Wentworth. “Hello Dax and his friends.” greeted Bianca. “Hello.” they all greeted back. “Dax is awesome.” said Sparky. “You’re awesome too.” said Wentworth. “We’re all awesome.” said Dax. The three high five. “We all know you three are awesome.” said Chloe smiling. “What?” asked Chuck. “Those three are idiots.” Chloe punches Chuck hard knocking him out with Bianca, Catherine, Dax, Sparky, and Wentworth all looking shocked. “What?” asked Chloe. The others still looked shocked. “Never mind.” said Chloe giving up.

The next two limos stop by dropping off Kuro and Yuki and Jasmine and Flare. “I can’t believe we had to share a limo.” said Jasmine to Flare. “It wasn’t my idea.” said Flare. “I wanted my dad to drive me but he said no.” “Hi Jasmine and Flare.” said Bianca. “I wanted to know something. Do you two like each other?” “Heck no!” shouted Flare and Jasmine. “Well we all know Kuro and Yuki love each other.” said Bianca. It shows Kuro and Yuki kissing while everyone watches. “Bleach!” shouted Flare. “You shush!” shouted Jasmine.

The rest of the limos arrive dropping off the rest of the contestants such as Marine, Emily, Chad, Kronk, and the others. “Looks like everyone’s here now.” said Bianca. She stands still for a sec. “What do I do now?” she asked. “Do something until someone arries.” replied Geoff. “Okay.” said Bianca. Bianca grabs a chair and falls asleep. Dax sees Marine’s new outfit and gets scared and runs into Chloe’s arms. “Scaredy cat.” said Flare.

“Well well well.” said someone. “Ol’ Marine finally got a new outfit.” The person who said that was shown to be Raven. “Marine who’s that?” asked Kuro. “It’s my friend slash enemy.” replied Marine. “Well she doesn’t look that bad.” said Kuro. “Hey kid.” said Raven pointing to Dax. She then gives him a very scary face that even her eyes changed color and Dax hides behind Chloe. “I take that back.” said Kuro and starts kissing Yuki again.

Another limo then arrives with Oweguy coming out in a rabbit costume. “I’m late I’m late I’m late!” he shouted. “Nice costume.” said Flare snickering. “I don’t even know why I’m wearing this.” said Oweguy. He takes it off. “Now I’ve got no time to talk I’m late for the Gemmies!” he shouted. “C’mon helpers.” A big tough angry guy, a mechanic, a athletic girl, and a girl who didn’t look happy followed Oweguy into the Gemmies building with Arnold coming last. “What about us?” asked Flare. There was no answer. “Crap!” shouted Jasmine. “We’ve been locked out.” “Wait up!” shouted someone. A boy in a brown shirt and green pants runs toward the building but slams into the door. “Darn.” he said. “I’m too late.” “Who are you?” asked Kuro.” “Name’s Jerry.” replied Jerry rubbing his cheek. “I was supposed to help Oweguy with the Gemmies but I guess I’m too late.” “We’ll now we’re locked out.” said Flare. “And we can’t ask that guy at the door because Chuck’s too busy arguing with him.” “I told you that I want a ticket!” shouted Chuck. “Sorry.” said the guy. “We’ve got enough people.” Chuck growls as he stands with the rest of the people.

Later the contestants watch the TV once the award for best competition series was announced. “Our nominees are Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama Time Travel, Total Drama Wilderness, and Total Drama Oweguy.” said Arnold who was giving out the awards. “And the award goes to…” Arnold has trouble opening the envelope. “How hard is it to open an envelope?” asked Catherine. Arnold keeps trying and puts it down and comes back with a hammer and starts smashing it. “At least Alejandro opened it.” said Kuro. Arnold then starts to open it with a power saw and gets the paper inside. “…Total Drama Time Travel!” announced Arnold. “Drat!” shouted Flare. “So close and yet so far.” “Well we didn’t win.” said Oweguy leaving the building. “Well newbies we need to get to New York to begin our new show.” Oweguy’s group boards the limo while Jerry runs toward it but it drives away and slams into a trash can.

“A new reality show?” asked Marine. “Without us?” “Darn!” shouted Raven missed my chance to get on a reality show.” “We missed out chance again!” said Sparky as he and Wentworth started crying. “Who’s saying they missed their chances.” said Bianca. “I’ve got the perfect idea. We’re going to catch up with Oweguy, make it to New York and get on his new show.” “Sounds crazy but let’s do it.” said Kuro. The group boards onto an empty bus and boards on while Sparky picks up the trash can that contained Jerry.

“Does anyone know how to drive?” asked Kuro. “Like I said I’ve got a license so I’ll drive.” said Jasmine. “Eh okay.” said Flare. “If my dad said that if I get a speeding ticket one more time I’ll lose my car privileges.” “Now where are the keys?” asked Jasmine. “Please tell me you’re not carjacking.” said Pat. “This is my bus.” said Jasmine. “I just lose the keys at times.” Jasmine finds the keys and starts up the bus. “Here we go.” she said. “Next stop, New York.” The bus drives out of the parking lot and starts to pursue Oweguy’s limo.

“This just in.” said Geoff. “According to our camera crew Oweguy’s starting a new show.” “Is that true Oweguy?” asked Bridgette. “Yup.” said Oweguy on the other line. “However I can’t seem to find the old contestants since I saw them at the Gemmies. Maybe they’re already there.” “Well you look for them.” said Geoff. “We’re about to watch this hilarious video of Heather that Gwen posted. “You do that.” said Oweguy. Geoff and Bridgette were shown watching a video of Heather doing stupid stuff. “This is too funny.” said Geoff as he and Bridgette started to laugh.

Meanwhile Jasmine’s bus and Oweguy’s limo were in a desert like place. “How far is New York?” asked Marine. “I don’t know.” replied Jasmine. “I don’t have a map. I’m just following the limo.” It shows a helicopter flying above both the limo and the bus and it shows that Oweguy and Arnold were in it. “I’m not driving the limo.” said Oweguy. “And I know the other contestants are in the bus.” “So you’re setting them up?” asked Arnold. “Maybe.” replied Oweguy snickering.

Inside Oweguy’s limo it shows Bluto the tough mean guy driving looking bored while the bus slowly catches up to them. “Speed up.” said Flare. “I can’t.” said Jasmine. “I can’t smash a limo.” “Its true.” said Kuro. “No one wants a limo to be wrecked.” “Go to the other side.” said Flare. Jasmine agrees and drives to the other side and starts to speed up getting right next to the limo then getting in front of it.

“Pete.” said Marine. “Do you still have that bag of pig waste?” “Yeah.” replied Pete. “And Jasmine?” asked Marine. “Are you wearing your elastic bra?” “Yep.” replied Jasmine. There was a rip off screen and her bra lands on Jakes head. “Be sure to give it back.” said Jasmine. Marine stretches the bra like a slingshot and Pete puts the bag on while Emily opens the door. Marine lets go and the back spatters on the limos front window. “What the heck?!” shouted Bluto Marine and Emily high five but they then see the limo was losing control and about to hit the bus. “Jasmine speed up!” shouted Marine. “I can’t.” said Jasmine. “Why not?” asked Marine. “Because we’re about to fall off a cliff.” The contestants start screaming as the bus falls off the cliff and luckily stops as they’re about to land. It was shown that Jasmine’s bra got caught on a rock and managed to save them from crashing. “Cut the bra!” shouted Marine. Jake cuts the bra and the bus lands. “We’re alive!” cheered Dax. Oweguy’s limo then crashes onto the bus with the airbag popping. “Crap!” shouted Bluto.

The contestants and the people in the limo were outside the bus and limo waiting for something to happen. “Thanks a lot for wrecking our limo!” shouted Bluto. “Now we won’t make it to the new season. “You could’ve slowed down for me.” said Jerry. “We don’t need you.” said Bluto. “Well that guys a total jerk.” said Kuro. “But I like the others. Like this athletic girl.” “What’s your name?” asked Chad. “The names Molly.” replied Molly. “I hope I’m great in this new show but I can’t seem to get there now.” “We’re sorry.” said Kuro.

“So what’s your name?” asked Dax to the mechanic boy. “The names Hendrick.” replied Hendrick and I’m good at mechanical work.” “I’m good at electronics.” said Sparky. “And I’m good at games.” said Wentworth. “Well we could be a team.” said Hendrick. “And what’s your name?” asked Kuro to the other girl who looked upset. “Nianah.” she replied. “And I’m upset that my route to the new show is put on hold.” “We’re sorry.” said Kuro. “We’ll help.” said Catherine. “Some of us will find help. Any takes?” “Meh.” replied Chuck. “I’ll come.” Some others joining Catherine were Pete, Jake, Katelyn, and Amanda. “Aren’t you coming Pat?” asked Katelyn. “I’ll stay and make sure nothing happens to the others.” replied Pat. “You’re so kind helping the others.” said Katelyn giggling. “We’ll be right back.” said Catherine with the group running off.

Thirty minutes have passed and the others were still waiting for the search group and some of them had fallen asleep. “I sure hope Katelyn, Amanda, and the others are all right.” said Pat. “I’m sure they’re okay.” said Molly. Everyone hears something grab the bus. “What’s that?” asked Kuro. They see a magnet connecting onto the bus that was coming from a helicopter which had Oweguy inside. “It’s Oweguy!” said Bianca. “I’ve come to save you guys!” he shouted. “Climb on board!” Everyone that was there climbs onto the bus while Wentworth rips his pants upon entering. “Darn!” he shouted. “You wear Mario underwear?” asked Chloe. “Yeah.” replied Wentworth. The helicopter carrying the bus flies off toward another area.

The twenty teens were now back at camp waiting for all sitting in the mess hall. “I have an announcement.” announced Oweguy. “Chad, Dax, Emily, Flare, Jasmine, Kronk, Kuro, Marine, Pat, and Yuki, you’re all lucky because the ten of you are returning for our next season.” They all cheer excitedly except for Flare and Pat. “I don’t want to do another season.” said Flare. “What about Katelyn and Amanda?” asked Pat. “Flare, you’re doing it and Pat, you’ll do fine without them.” replied Oweguy. Flare looks upset while Pat looks disappointed. “Now as for Bianca, Bluto, Chloe, Hendrick, Jerry, Molly, Nianah, Raven, Sparky, and Wentworth, congrats at being our brand new competitors.” explained Oweguy. They all cheer except for Bluto. “We’ve finally made it to a reality show!” cheered Sparky. He and Wentworth high five in victory. “Hear that Marine?” taunted Raven. “We’ll be competing next season.” Marine growls in anger. “Did you hear that?” asked Geoff back at their studio. “Oweguy just announced the competitors.” “Help us.” said Catherine running into the studio. “Our friends need to be rescued.” “Well it seems that they’ve already have been rescued and are competing for another season.” explained Geoff. “Look.” Geoff points to a video that shows the contestants celebrating. “What?” asked Catherine shocked. “This can’t be.” “I failed?!” asked Chuck upset. “This can’t be!” “Pat competing without us?” asked Katelyn and Amanda. The two start crying. Pete and Jake don’t show much reaction to failing. “Bridgette we should sign off.” said Geoff. “Chuck’s getting mad.” “Good idea.” said Bridgette. They quickly signed off and left the studio.

It now shows an airport where Oweguy walks up. “Twenty contestants, a million bucks, who will win?” he asked the viewers. “We shall see. In two days the contestants will arrive here and board this plane that me and Arnold built with my face all over it. They’ll be going all around the world visiting tourist sites, famous landmarks, and much more. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next season on Total Drama Tourism!”


Elimination Chart

Place Contestant    2    3    4    5    6    8    9    10    11    12    14    15    16    17    18    20    21    22    23
5 Kronk OUT Returns in Chapter 14 WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE LOW OUT
7 Chad WIN WIN SAFE SAFE OUT Returns in Chapter 14 WIN SAFE SAFE OUT
17 Pete SAFE OUT


Green represents the Screaming Hamburgers and that person won that chapters challenge.

Red represents the Killer Hot Dogs and that person was eliminated

Random Colors represent people who made it to the merge

Yellow represents that that person was safe from being eliminated

Orange represents that that person was almost eliminated

Purple represents that that person left without being voted off.


  • There were no challenges in chapters 1, 7, 13, and 19 due to them being the intro episode and aftermaths
  • No one won in chapter 6


  • Harry and "Gojira" are the only character from Total Drama Hamburger that do not return for Total Drama Oweguy. Though "Gojira" made a cameo in chapter 2.
  • There were originally going to be at least 22 contestants but the author couldn't think up anymore and decided to just have 17 contestants.
  • Every two elimination challenges there will be a reward challenge or a Aftermath episode but as of chapter 16 there aren't going to be any more reward challenges.

Chapter 1: Oweguy's Awesome Camp

  • This is the first chapter to feature swearing

Chapter 2: Hang Gliding Race of Doom

  • "Gojira" was Oweguy's assistant in this chapter but was fired similar to how Noah got fired as Chris' assistant in the Celebrity Manhunt special.

Chapter 3: When Fears Attack

  • The way Pete got eliminated was similar to how Tyler got eliminated in Total Drama Island.
  • Oweguy's assistant Arnold first appeared in this chapter.

Chapter 4: What Ever Happened To Oweguy?!

  • The title is a reference to the novel and movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane as well as the SpongeBob episode What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?
  • This chapter featured the first reward challenge
  • No one was eliminated due to it being a reward challenge
  • This was the first appearence of the Dark Phantoms true form
  • Nalyd Renrut made a cameo in this chapter

Chapter 5: Dancing with the Losers

  • The title is a reference to the TV show Dancing with the Stars

Chapter 6: Welcome to the World of Mutant Animals

  • There was no winner in this chapter
  • Second appearence of the Dark Phantoms true form and first time someone battle against it
  • Chad had to leave due to getting attacked by mutant beavers and geese

Chapter 7: TDO Aftermath #1

  • This is the first aftermath episode
  • The guests were Kronk, Pete, Jake, and Chad
  • The scene where Oweguy dressed up as Gerald the Bear was similar to when Chris disguised as Steve the Yeti from The Aftermath 1

Chapter 8: The Even Bigger Sleep

  • The title is a reference to the TDI episode The Big Sleep
  • This was originally going to be chapter 3 but was replaced by When Fears Attack and pushed to Chapter 8
  • This is the second chapter to feature swearing
  • It is confirmed that Chuck and the Masked Warrior were in a secret alliance
  • It is also confirmed that Marine might have a crush on Oweguy

Chapter 9: Box-O-Rama

  • The original title for this chapter was Let's See If You Can Box
  • Even though the name has boxing in it, it is more of a wrestling / fighting match
  • The Dark Phantom's true form is revealed to everyone but gets away before Oweguy can catch him

Chapter 10: One Host's Trash is Another Contestant's Treasure

  • The title is a referance to the saying One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
  • This is the second reward challenge

Chapter 11: Mega Wipeout

  • The title is a referance to the game show Wipeout
  • This is the first chapter to feature someone throwing up
  • The way Catherine got eliminated was similar to how Courtney got eliminated in TDI
  • It is shown that Katelyn and Amanda have a crush on Pat
  • This is the third chapter to feature swearing
  • This is the last chapter to show the teams

Chapter 12: Battle of the Genders

Chapter 13: TDO Aftermath #2

  • The guests in this chapter were Chuck, Catherine, and Yuki.

Chapter 14: The Comeback Guy (and Animal)

  • The title is a referance to The Comeback Kid
  • The merge began in this chapter
  • This is the forth chapter to feature swearing
  • This is the only chapter so far to feature a double elimination

Chapter 15: TDO Kart

  • The title is a referance to Mario Kart

Chapter 16: Campsite of Horror

  • The title is a referance to Treehouse of Horror
  • Gwen hosted this challenge

Chapter 17: Oweguy's Roundup

  • Kronk got attacked similar to how Owen did in TDI.

Chapter 18: Art Class for Losers

Chapter 19: TDO Aftermath #3

  • The guests in this chapter were Katelyn, Amanda, Pat, Dax, and Emily.
  • There were three Ghostbuster references in this chapter. The first was Geoff's phantom hunting outfit, the second was Geoff ended up at a store with the Ghostbusters logo on it, and the third was slimer in jail with the Dark Phantom.
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