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Twenty-two teens, two tribes, and one island. How can all this drama come in such a paradise?

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  • Host: Nalyd
  • Assistant: Bob the Leprechaun


Contestant History

Contestant Original Teams Mixed Teams Merged Team Finish Total Votes
The Psychopath
Fighting Ducks First Voted Out 6
The Ex-Goth
Fighting Ducks Second Voted Out 6
The Big Sister
Thrashing Rabbits Third Voted Out 5
"The Hobo"
The Homeless Guy
Thrashing Rabbits Fourth Voted Out 4
The Eyesore
Fighting Ducks Thrashing Rabbits Fifth Voted Out 2
The Sinister Dude
Fighting Ducks Conquering Sloths Sixth Voted Out 2
The Barbie Girl
Thrashing Rabbits Conquering Sloths Seventh Voted Out 3
The Bald Guy
Fighting Ducks Thrashing Rabbits Eighth Voted Out 3
The Sweet Goth Girl
Thrashing Rabbits Fighting Ducks Ninth Voted Out 5
The Crazy Goth Girl
Thrashing Rabbits Fighting Ducks Tenth Voted Out 5
The Yoga Freak
Fighting Ducks Fighting Ducks Eleventh Voted Out 4
The Mega Dork
Thrashing Rabbits Conquering Sloths Surviving Dragons Twelfth Voted Out
First Jury Member
The YouTube Freak
Fighting Ducks Thrashing Rabbits Thirteenth Voted Out
Second Jury Member
The Nerdy Girl
Fighting Ducks Fighting Ducks Fourteenth Voted Out
Third Jury Member
The Girly Boy
Thrashing Rabbits Conquering Sloths Fifteenth Voted Out
Fourth Jury Member
The Popular Girl
Thrashing Rabbits Conquering Sloths Sixteenth Voted Out
Fifth Jury Member
The Playful Girl
Fighting Ducks Fighting Ducks Seventeenth Voted Out
Sixth Jury Member
The Athlete
Thrashing Rabbits Thrashing Rabbits Eighteenth Voted Out
Seventh Jury Member
The Native
Thrashing Rabbits Conquering Sloths Nineteenth Voted Out
Eighth Jury Member
"The Rat"
The Cheater
Thrashing Rabbits Thrashing Rabbits Twentieth Voted Out
Ninth Jury Member
The Olympian
Fighting Ducks Thrashing Rabbits Runner-Up 54
The Quiet Goth
Fighting Ducks Fighting Ducks Winner 3

1: Belle played an idol, so two votes cast against her did not count.
2: Julio played an idol, so three votes cast against him did not count.
3: "The Rat" played three idols, so nine votes cast against him did not count.
4: Elian played an idol, so one vote cast against her did not count.


Chapter One - "Welcome to Total Drama Paradise!"

Total Drama Paradise Chapter One

Amard is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only island with nothing but jungle. To most, it’s a paradise, but to these twenty-two teen, it is the exact opposite. A boat approached the island on the gentle water. On the boat, awaited twenty-two teenagers, and an angry Leprechaun. Don’t worry; the Leprechaun is driving the boat. Slowly, the boat pulled into dock and the teens emerge. Dazed and confused, they look at each other confused. “Surprise!” shouts a man jumping out of a bush. “Welcome to Total Drama Paradise! All of you, and Bob the Leprechaun, my assistant, will be staying here until only one of you remains. I’m Nalyd, you’re host. Now all of you please line up and say something about yourself. You first, Belle.” The castaways lined up.

“I’m Belle, and I’m a nerd,” Belle said, waving to her fellow castaways.

The girl next to Belle stepped forward. “What’s up everyone? I’m Jaz and I like forests, and anywhere outdoors.”

A small boy next to Jaz reached his hand up, “Hi guys. I’m Josh and I’m a player!” He hoped to get some laughs, but nobody did. "No, just kidding. I'm really into yoga actually." Nalyd pointed to the girl that everyone was staying away from.

“I’m Ugly,” the girl said unhappily. The whole island exploded in laughter. “Shut up! It’s what people call me, it’s not my fault!”

A muscular boy in a pink t-shirt raised his hand. “Hi guys! I’m Billy! I know we’re all going to be super-duper friends!”

“I’m Philip,” said a short boy in a straight jacket.

“What’s with a straight jacket?” said a boy near the end of the line.

“Philip here is just a little bit special,” Nalyd said grinning. He pointed to a girl in green lifting a dumbbell.

“I’m Elian; I’m an Olympic-gold-medalist-in-training.” Elian put the dumbbell down and began doing push-ups.

A gothic boy waved to everyone, a frown sat on his face.

“That’s Dyl,” Nalyd informed them. “He’s quiet and likes the color black.”

“I’m Dome,” said a boy dressed as a cowboy and wearing green sandals.

“Dome?” said the boy near the end of the line from earlier.

“Yeah so?” Dome asked. The boy at the end of the line chuckled, and then turned away.

“I’m Martha,” said a girl in a black shirt with pink sleeves. “I’m an ex-Goth.”

A tall boy stood forward, “I’m Lucas, and I’m not supposed to be here! I never signed-up or anything!”

“Hey I know you! You’re the biggest joke on the internet!” laughed the mean boy at the end of the line. Lucas shot a nasty word at him, that the mean boy shrugged off.

“I’m Veronica, and I’m here because daddy told me I need to get a job, and if I win I won’t have too,” said a cheerleader-type girl in blue.

The girl next to her was already covered in dirt, like she’d been there for a long time. “I’m Cindy, and I actually reside here in Amard!” There were some “oohs” and “aahs” from the group, all hoping she’d be on their team.

A nerdy boy, twice as nerdy as Lucas and Josh began talking, “I’m Dustin, and I’m really cool!” People laughed, not only because of how wrong he was, but his voice sounded like Steve Urkel.

Two girls dressed in black raised the hands. The skinny one said, “I’m Sarah, and this is Mara. We’re BGFFL’s.”

“Best Gothic Friends For Life,” Mara said. Dyl waved at Sarah and she waved back.

“Hey! ‘Sup y’all! Lequisha in da house!” said a rather large, African girl.

“Hi guys, I’m Sam,” said one of the hottest girls on the island. Josh caught himself drooling even. “I’m here to prove to my parents that I’m all grown up.”

A short kid in pink stepped out to face everyone, “Hey guys! How’s it goin’? I’m Julio, and this is going to super fun!” Many of the guys noticed that his hand was on his hip and had had a lisp.

A smelly kid with green hair raised his hand, “Hi guys! I’m The Hobo! You guys can call me that, because, well, that’s what I am!”

A boy in a blue track suit raised his hand, “I’m Jacob and I’m here to push it to the limit!”

The mean boy was next, “Yo guys. I’m The Rat.”

“For obvious reasons,” Lequisha said smiling.

“Settle down,” Nalyd said, “The first eleven of you, Belle, Jaz, Josh, 'Ugly,' Billy, Philip, Elian, Dyl, 'Dome,' Martha, and Lucas are the Fighting Ducks. The rest of you, Veronica, Cindy, Dustin, Sarah, Mara, Lequisha, Sam, Julio, 'The Hobo,' and 'The Rat' are the Thrashing Rabbits! Report back here in one hour, here are maps to your tribe locations, good luck finding them.” Nalyd gave Belle and Veronica maps, and the two teams went their separate ways.

The teams got to their tribes and start building their huts. Lequisha led the Thrashing Rabbits. "Way to go team," Lequisha said.

"I think this is almost done," Mara said.

"Great, we got the fat girls," The Rat commented.

"Good one, dude," Jacob laughed. He high-fived The Rat.

"You're not very nice," Julio said.

"Who said I was nice?" The Rat asked. "Whoever did is gonna be messed up."

Meanwhile a fight broke out between members of the Fighting Ducks.

“You idiot, the roof needs to be made of more twigs!” Philip shouted at Belle.

“No! Twigs won’t keep us dry!” Belle shouted back, “Leaves are what this hut needs.”

“Guys, we only have a twenty more minutes until the challenge,” Lucas said, trying to keep the peace.

“Shut it!” Belle and Philip shouted. They continued to yell at each other.

Lucas stepped into the confessional, “Seriously? One day and our tribe members are already Our team needs a leader, somebody to emerge and say, ‘Yes! We can do this!’” Lucas climbed out of the confessional repeated his speech, and was then locked in the confessional, “Hey!”

They soon removed him and all of them went back to the dock. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said greeting the two tribes, “Your first challenge is too make fire. First tribe to get a fire three feet tall wins invincibility and a reward of pop-tarts. Ready, set, go!” The Thrashing Rabbits quickly gathered sticks and rocks, and began getting sparks, while Belle and Philip’s fighting, put out any fires that started.

"Don't ruin this for us," Billy said. "Guys, let somebody else do it!"

"No, I've got this," Philip said.

"Philip," Martha said calmly, "You have no use of your arms. Your using your teeth to put a fire together. You don't have this!"

"I'm great at starting fires, guys," Cindy said.

"Let's let the native do it," The Rat said, yawning. Cindy glared at him but started working.

“The winners” Nalyd shouted, “are the Thrashing Rabbits! Fighting Ducks come to Tribal Council tonight. You'll be able to find it by looking at your maps.”

The eleven castaways of the Thrashing Rabbits walked away laughing, enjoying their pop-tarts. The Fighting Ducks returned to their tribe and discussed who their voting for. The boys and girls of the Fighting Ducks sat in their respective huts.

"Join my alliance or die," Philip said, kicking Billy in the shin. "Join my alliance or die." He kicked Lucas. The process continued until he got to Dyl, who missed the kick. "Dyl, you're voting Belle off wit the rest of us." Dyl shrugged. "If you don't, you won't be lasting long."

"Girls, we need to vote out Philip," Belle said.

"I agree," Ugly said.

"He's not very useful in the straight jacket anyway," Elian said.

"But if the boys are all allied," Martha said, "then we lose, five to six."

"Well, knowing Philip," Jaz said happily, "Not all the boys will want to help him."

"Let's hope," Belle said nervously.

The eleven tribe mates marched down to Tribal Council. They lit their torches and sat on their logs. “This is Tribal Council,” Nalyd said sternly, “I will ask you one by one to go cast your vote. Belle, you can go first.”

Belle marched up to the podium, and quickly wrote down Philip. She held the name to the camera, “Philip, you’re a jerk. Not only that, but you’re useless to the team.” Belle put the name in the ballot box, and the rest of her alliance voted the same way.

Philip’s alliance approached the podium, one at a time. Lucas wrote down Belle, “Belle, I’m sorry. You’re cool, but if I vote Philip and he stays, I’m dead.” He put the vote in the ballot box.

Nalyd waited for everyone to vote, “I’ll go tally the votes.” He walked off to get the box. “Once the votes have been read, the person with the most votes will immediately have to leave and walk down the Path of Disgrace, and ride the Bus of Humiliation.” He pulled a name out of the box, “Belle. One vote Belle. Belle. Two votes Belle. Philip. Two votes Belle, one vote Philip. Belle. Three votes Belle, one vote Philip. Belle, and another Belle. That’s five votes Belle, one vote Philip.” Belle cringed in her seat. “Philip, Philip, Philip, Philip. That’s five votes for Belle, five votes for Philip.” Belle and Philip turned to Dyl. “The first person voted out of Total Drama Paradise is,” He paused. Belle turned pale, and Philip’s eyes started turning strange colors. “Philip.”

“What?” Philip screamed at Dyl. “If I ever see you, you stupid little son of a-” Nalyd shot Philip with a tranquilizer dart, and Bob wheeled him away.

Nalyd doused Philip’s torch with a bucket of water, “Philip, the tribe has spoken. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Two - "You got rid of the biggest jerk here."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Two

“All of you head back to camp,” Nalyd instructed the campers. The ten remaining campers of the Fighting Ducks marched back to their camp, nearly silent; all except for the laughs at Philip, and cheers for Dyl.

“That was awesome!” Belle said as they arrived back at camp, “Thanks Dyl.” She held him close. When she let go Dyl went into the guys hut.

“Thanks for saving us Dyl,” Lucas said. All the guys sat in a circle. Dyl raised an eyebrow.

“He means, you got rid of the biggest jerk here, other than ‘The Rat,’” Billy said, “So we’d like to form a guy’s alliance with you. Dyl shrugged, and then nodded.

Josh stood up. “The only problem is, is that the tribe has split evenly into two alliances, each consisting of five members.” Dyl nodded again. “Our only hope is if one girl switches alliances.”

“Or hope there is some sort of tie-breaker,” Dome said. The others in the hut nodded, and Dyl looked out to the girls, huddled around what the fire pit they had lit, using the fire remaining in their torches.

“Maybe we should have an alliance leader,” Ugly said. All the girls looked to Belle.

“Ok,” she said shrugging. She stepped into confessional. “We doubt that the guys can seriously form an alliance. They just voted out one of their own, and I bet they barely trust Dyl. The girls and I came up with an elimination order; ‘Dome’, Lucas, Josh, and Billy. Leaving Dyl, but I plan on taking him to the end.” She stepped out of confessional, and the Fighting Ducks fell asleep.

The Thrashing Rabbits had one alliance, consisting of all eleven of them. Lequisha stepped into the confessional, “Okay, our tribe is totally rocking; except for that nasty little ‘The Rat!’ That guy can’t even go by his real name! How can any of us trust him?” Their tribe went to sleep, with their bellies full of pop-tarts.

The next morning both tribes went back to where they had all arrived. “Thrashing Rabbits, getting their first look at the new Fighting Ducks. Philip voted out at the last Tribal Council. Are all of you ready for today’s challenge?” The castaways nodded. “Today, there will be a relay race. Each tribe will pick five people. Go tribes.” The two tribes decided amongst themselves. The Fighting Ducks chose Billy, Dyl, Jaz, Lucas, and Dome. The Thrashing Rabbits chose The Rat, Jacob, Sarah, Cindy, and Dustin. “Ready, set, go!” Nalyd shouted.

The Rat tripped Billy, and was able to reach the second person first. Jacob dashed to Sarah, who wasn’t particularly fast. Billy finally tagged Dyl, who ran all the way to Jaz, who caught up with Sarah. Jaz took the lead and tagged Lucas. Sarah tagged Cindy, who quickly got ahead of Lucas. She tagged Dustin, and the Thrashing Rabbits won. “Rabbits win!” Nalyd shouted. The Thrashing Rabbits gathered and congratulated each other. “Ducks, you have a date with me tonight.” The two tribes and Nalyd left.

Back at camp, Lucas stepped into the confessional. “We know who we’re voting for. Dyl said he’d try to get Belle to vote with us.”

Dyl brought Belle out to the forest with him. “You wanted to tell me something Dyl?” Belle said smiling. Dyl rolled his eyes and whispered who she needs to vote for in her ear. “Sure, anything you say Dyl.”

The ten remaining campers in the Fighting Ducks tribe marched back to Tribal Council. “Wow,” Nalyd said. “You guys are really pathetic. It is time to vote.” One by one the campers approached the podium.

Lucas wrote down Martha. “Sorry, you just don’t do anything.”

Ugly wrote down Lucas. “You and Billy cost us the challenge, but Billy is cute.”

“I will tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Lucas; one vote Lucas. Martha; one vote Lucas, one vote Martha. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. Four votes for Lucas, one for Martha. Martha, Martha, Martha, Martha. Four votes Lucas, fives votes Martha. Second person eliminated from Total Drama Paradise, Martha.” The girls all gasped except for Belle, who smiled and waved at Dyl. Dyl rolled his eyes. “Martha please bring me your torch.” She brought him the torch, a tear in her eye. “Martha, the tribe has spoken.” He put out the flame on her torch. “It is time to walk the Path of Disgrace, and ride the Bus of Humiliation.” She did so and left. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Three - “The guys have us out-numbered and it’s all thanks to that little traitor Belle!”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Three

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said. That was his second night in a row telling the Fighting Ducks that they could return to their huts.

“How could you Belle?” Jaz shouted on their way back to camp.

“I’m sorry,” Belle said. She didn’t mean it and probably never would. She walked next to Dyl, and attempted to hold his hand, but each time he’d wriggle free. Once they arrived at camp, Belle went right to sleep. The other girls stayed up long into the night. Jaz, Ugly, and Elian sat around the fire.

“What are we going to do?” Elian asked. She knew she hadn’t made many friends, and would probably be the next to go. “The guys have us out-numbered and it’s all thanks to that little traitor Belle!”

“I know,” Jaz said, “Our only hope is to win these next challenges, or make ourselves more useful around camp.”

Ugly nodded. “Maybe we could convince some guys to vote Belle with us next time.” The girls all agreed and got into their hut to sleep.

The guys sat in their hut. “I was scared there for awhile guy,” Lucas said, “Thanks Dyl.” Dyl shrugged, as the guys thanked him for making the tribe run smoothly.

“So who’s going next?” Josh asked.

“Belle,” Dome said. Dyl’s eyes widened. “Well, she might consider herself part of the alliance, so it’ll be easier if we dump her now. Agreed?” The guys all agreed, and went to sleep, except for Dyl who stayed up all night thinking about Belle.

At the Thrashing Rabbits tribe, a fight had broken out between the men of the tribe.

“I’m the leader of the tribe!” Jacob shouted.

“You wanna bet?” The Rat shouted back.

“Guys, lets just try to be best-est buddies!” Julio suggested. The Rat shoved him into the group of girls watching.

“I’m the smartest!” Dustin said. The Rat threw a punch at Jacob, which started a wrestling match.

“Tisk, tisk,” Julio said. He sat down to strategize with the girls, who were lead by Lequisha.

“We have to get rid of The Rat!” Lequisha hissed to the girls and Julio. “He’s been causing trouble since day one!” The girls and Julio agreed, and went to bed.

The next morning the two tribes returned to the challenge field. “Bringing in the new Fighting Ducks, Martha voted out at the last Tribal Council. For today’s challenge, you must rank yourselves by how important you are in your tribe, first tribe to do this successfully wins invincibility, and access to a fruit salad bar. Go!” The Fighting Ducks immediately placed Dyl at the top and Belle at the bottom. They then compared how much each of them had done to help around the campsites. The boys of the Thrashing Rabbits fought amongst themselves “If the Thrashing Rabbits are going to get in this, they need to hurry!” Nalyd shouted. The boys randomly ordered themselves, with The Rat at the top. “The Fighting Ducks win! They’ve been done for like five minutes.” The Fighting Ducks had ranked themselves in order from least to most important; Belle, Lucas, Ugly, Jaz, Elian, Billy, Josh, Dome, and Dyl. The Thrashing Rabbits eventually ordered themselves; Mara, Julio, Lequisha, Sam, Veronica, Cindy, Sarah, The Hobo, Dustin, Jacob, and The Rat. “Fighting Ducks, congratulations. Lequisha you look annoyed.

“I am,” Lequisha said, “I think I should be in the top two, and Julio should be up there. All of us have contributed to the tribe; we all deserve that first spot, except The Rat.” The Rat snickered.

“I’m sorry Lequisha,” Nalyd said, “But The Rat will be getting immunity for being in first place.” Lequisha turned lava red with blind fury. “You guys come on down to tribal council in a few hours.” The two tribes returned to their campsites, and Nalyd returned to his poker game with Bob.

At the Thrashing Rabbits tribe, Lequisha became in charge of who the girls, and Julio, voted for, giving them the majority. “This person we’re voting for could change the game, but we have to do it,” Lequisha said.

The Rat grabbed Julio and threw him into a bush. “Kid, you better vote with us guys tonight.”

Julio squirmed. “Oh my gosh! Not cool!”

The Rat whispered to Julio, “Tell all of the girls to vote for somebody other than who you chose to, and then us guys can do a blind-side.” The Rat whispered who they were blind-siding, and what would happen to Julio if he backed down. Julio told each girl to vote for somebody else. The tribe marched down to Tribal Council.

“Welcome to Tribal Council,” Nalyd said, “First, everyone needs to light their torch. Good. Now one by one I will ask you all to cast a vote for who should go. First, The Rat.” The Rat marched up, quickly wrote down a name, swore about the person, and sat back down.

Sarah walked up and wrote down Cindy, “Sorry girl, but blame Lequisha.”

Cindy walked up and wrote down The Hobo. “You smell.”

Mara voted for Dustin.

Veronica voted for Mara.

Lequisha and Sam voted for Jacob.

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Cindy, The Hobo, Dustin, Mara, Jacob, Jacob. Did any of you talk about you’re voting?” Lequisha gasped. “Here we go,” Nalyd said pulling out five more ballots. “Lequisha, Lequisha, Lequisha, Lequisha, Lequisha. Looks like Lequisha’s out.”

“What?” Lequisha shouted, “Girls! Why didn’t you vote Jacob with me?” Jacob stood up, shook his fist angrily, and sat back down. The girls explained what Julio did, and Julio told Lequisha what The Rat said. Lequisha stormed off, swearing vengeance on The Rat.

Nalyd doused her torch, “Lequisha, the tribe has spoken. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Four - “Julio is a little traitor! End of discussion!”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Four

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said, and the ten remaining Thrashing Rabbits returned to camp. They arrived and the whole team sat around the campfire.

“Did you see the look on her face?” laughed The Rat, “That was so worth it, right Julio?”

Julio sighed, “Yeah, whatever.” Julio walked into the boys’ hut and went to sleep. Once all the boys had gone to sleep, the girls began talking in their hut.

“Julio has to be the next to go,” Sam said. Lequisha had been her best friend on the island.

“What if we can get rid of ‘The Rat?’” asked Sarah.

“I don’t care!” Sam shouted, “Julio is a little traitor! End of discussion!”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Whatever, I’m still voting for the rat. Julio had no choice!”

“Shut up!” Veronica shouted. The Thrashing Rabbits stayed up most of the night

At the Fighting Rabbits tribe, the nine remaining members were enjoying their fruit salad. Dyl sat out by the beach, and Belle followed. “Isn’t it a beautiful night, Dyl?” She said, sitting down. Dyl nodded in agreement, and took a bite of cantaloupe. “I think our losing streak is over,” Belle said. Dyl shrugged. “I wish you’d talk more,” Belle said. Dyl shook his head. “Oh, okay then.” Dyl yawned. “Were you gonna put your arm around me like boys do on dates to movies?” Dyl shook his head, looking somewhat scared. “Oh.” Dyl stretched, then lied down and fell asleep. Belle lied down next to him, and he woke up with her hugging him. Dyl screamed and ran back to the tribe.

Dyl stepped into the confessional, and passed out in there.

That same night that Belle attempted to bond with Dyl, the other girls had plans of their own. Ugly tried flirting with Billy, but scared him into hiding. She ended up flirting with Dome, who didn’t mind her hideous appearance. Jaz hung out with Josh, but Elian claimed to have too much dignity.

The next morning, the two tribes arrived at the field. “The new Thrashing Rabbits, Lequisha voted out last night.” Most of the people on the Fighting Ducks gasped. “Today’s challenge is you have to race to the top of a volcano. Today you’re playing for invincibility and a trip to the most romantic restaurant in all of Amard.” Belle’s eyes glowed. “Go!”

The two tribes started on opposite sides of the volcano. The boys on the Fighting Ducks helped some of the girls, and Lucas, up, while the feuding Thrashing Rabbits pushed each other down. After thirty minutes of climbing, Josh, Lucas, Belle, Dyl, The Rat, and Elian were up all the way. After a total of two hours, only The Hobo and Dome remained. “I’m not losing this!” Belle shouted, and she and Billy dragged Dome to the top of the volcano. “We win!” Belle said and they all cheered, except for Dyl who was preparing to jump into the volcano. “Don’t you dare!” Belle said grabbing him.

“Fighting Ducks win!” Nalyd declared, “Thrashing Rabbits, I think you know the drill.” The Hobo rolled back down the volcano. The Thrashing Rabbits marched down to Tribal Council, everyone looking out for themselves. “Rabbits, it is time to vote.”

The Hobo wrote down Mara, “You’re cute, but really slow, and have creepy eyes.”

Sam wrote down Julio and swore about him. Julio wrote down The Rat, “You messed up the game for me.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Julio, Mara, ‘The Rat’; one vote for each of you. ‘The Hobo’, ‘The Hobo’, ‘The Hobo’. Three votes for ‘The Hobo’, and one for Julio, Mara, and ‘The Rat’. ‘The Rat’, ‘The Rat’, Julio, Julio. There are Three votes for ‘The Hobo’, Julio, and ‘The Rat,’ and one for Mara. We have a tie… which means we will count all previous votes for Julio, 'The Rat', and 'The Hobo.' The next person eliminated is, 'The Hobo.'"”

“’The Hobo’ the tribe has spoken." The Hobo left the tribe, crying. "All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said.

Chapter Five - "The three most disliked contestants are deciding the fate of the rest of you."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Five

“All of you, head back to camp.” The nine remaining members of the Thrashing Rabbits returned to their tribe and all went right to bed. They were all sick of each other. They had no idea that the next day their prayers would be answered.

At the ‘Most romantic restaurant in all of Amard,’ some of the Fighting Ducks were enjoying their dinner. The restaurant was made of bamboo, and had no roof so the couples could see the sky. Bob the Leprechaun played a harp in the background. Elian sat alone, claiming that she didn’t want to sit with any of the boys. Jaz and Josh sat together, and so did Ugly and Dome. Billy and Lucas sat together, which greatly amused the others. “We’re not together!” Lucas screamed. Billy began to cry. “No, no, it’s okay,” Lucas paused, “but just for tonight.”

Dyl and Belle sat together. Belle had ordered them a bowl of spaghetti to share. “Isn’t this a romantic evening Dyl?” Belle asked. Dyl shook his head, and then ate a forkful of spaghetti.

Nalyd stepped into the confessional, “I was hoping the Fighting Ducks would win that. It’s so fun to bug Dyl.”

Dyl and Belle took a bite at the same time, and ended up both grabbing the same piece of spaghetti. They continued eating, until their lips met in the middle. “Oh Dyl,” Belle said. Dyl began choking, but Belle didn’t notice. “You know Dyl; I’ve liked you since you saved me from elimination the first night.” Dyl turned blue and fell on the floor. “We should definitely hook up after the show.” Dyl passed out. Bob the Leprechaun carried him out to the medical tent.

“So Josh,” Jaz said, we should probably vote together.” Josh’s mouth was full of rice so he nodded. “I was thinking we vote for Belle.” Josh nodded again. “Good.”

Ugly and Dome bonded over their stories of public humiliation. “And when I was born,” Ugly said, “The doctor slapped my mom!”

Dome shook his head, “I have one that’s worse. One time, I was visiting my grandma in the retirement home, and on my way out the receptionist said residents had to sign out! I’ll never leave my hat home again.” They laughed at each other, and by the end of the night were making out behind a bush.

The next day, the two tribes returned to the field, but there were three platforms, instead of the usual two. Dyl was wheeled in, in a wheelchair. After choking the previous night he had to be on life support. “Welcome guys. The new Thrashing Rabbits, ‘The Hobo’ voted out at the last tribal council.” Some of the Fighting Ducks gasped, surprised that The Rat hadn’t been voted out. “Today, the two tribes will become three.” The two tribes went silent at first, and then started cheering. “We have picked three of you to be tribe captains. The captains will each pick a person, then that person will pick somebody, and so on. The captains are ‘The Rat,’ Belle, and Julio. The three most disliked contestants are deciding the fate of the rest of you. ‘The Rat’ will lead the new Thrashing Rabbits, Belle will lead the new Fighting Ducks, and Julio will lead the Conquering Sloths. ‘The Rat’ you may begin.”

The Rat chose Jacob.

Belle chose Dyl.

Julio chose Billy.

Jacob chose Dome.

Suddenly, the camera broke while Dyl was choosing the next person. The camera revived and Sarah walked toward the Fighting Ducks.

Billy chose Veronica.

Dome chose Ugly.

Sarah chose Mara.

Veronica chose Cindy.

Ugly chose Elian.

Mara chose Josh.

Cindy chose Dustin.

Elian chose Lucas.

Josh chose Jaz.

Finally, Dustin had no choice but Sam.

The Thrashing Rabbits were The Rat, Jacob, Dome, Ugly, Elian, and Lucas.

The Fighting Ducks were Belle, Dyl, Sarah, Mara, Josh, and Jaz.

The Conquering Sloths were Julio, Billy, Veronica, Cindy, Dustin and Sam.

“Today’s challenge,” Nalyd said, “Is a race through the jungle. The last tribe to get everybody through loses. Today you guys are playing for invincibility. For the tribe that comes in first, a cruise on the boat that brought you here day one. Also, in the forest there will be six of these.” Nalyd held up a small tiki-like object. “This is an individual immunity idol. If you find one, or more, in the forest you can use it at tribal council to protect yourself, but only after the votes have been cast but before they’re read. Ready, set, go!”

Everyone started by looking for individual immunity (However due to lack of cameramen only those who headed for the finish line.) The Conquering Sloths decided that they’d go right for the finish line, so that their tribe could stay strong. However, one member of the tribe found an idol on their way. “The first team across the finish line,” Nalyd shouted, “is the Conquering Sloths!” They cheered proudly, and Nalyd pointed to the cruise. They ran to the boat, and Bob drove them off into the sunset.

Belle wheeled Dyl through the jungle. “Sorry about last night Dyl.” Belle raced to the finish line. “We’re here!” She saw that the boat had left. “Oh no! I’m sorry Dy- Dyl?” She looked down and saw the empty wheelchair. Dyl had been left behind in the jungle.

Sarah and Mara walked through the jungle and found Dyl on the ground. “You okay?” Sarah asked. Dyl shook his head and explained all that has happened to him on the island. They carried him through the jungle. “That Belle sounds messed up,” Sarah said. Dyl nodded.

They crossed the finish line and Belle grabbed Dyl. “Oh Dyl, I’m so sorry!” She put him back in the chair.

The Rat charged across the finish line, “Yeah baby!” Soon after, Lucas, Jacob, and Elian had crossed the finish line. The two teams were waiting for Josh, Jaz, Ugly, and Dome. Both couples were making out on the forest, and neither had realized that the challenge was still going on. There was rustling in the nearby bushes, and Jaz and Josh emerged.

“The Fighting Ducks win invincibility! Thrashing Rabbits I’ll see you at tribal council.”

Back at the Thrashing Rabbis camp, Elian, Dome and Ugly formed an alliance. “So who are we voting for?” Elian asked.

“The Rat,” Ugly said, “so he can’t start weaving his webs of lies.”

“We can get Lucas to vote with us,” Dome suggested. He later asked Lucas and he agreed.

The tribe marched down to tribal council. “Welcome back to Tribal council. For some of you, this could be the foundation of the rest of the game. First to vote tonight is ‘The Rat.’”

The Rat voted for Ugly, “If I have to look at your face one more day I’ll kill myself.”

Lucas voted for The Rat, “Jerk.”

Jacob voted for Ugly.

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd left and got the vote box. “Would anyone like to play an individual immunity idol now?” The Rat stood up and gave Nalyd the idol. “All votes cast against ‘The Rat’ will not count. ‘The Rat,’ ‘The Rat,’ ‘The Rat,’ ‘The Rat,’ ‘Ugly,’ ‘Ugly.’ Looks like ‘Ugly’ is out.”

Ugly stood up. “What?”

Dome screamed, “No!” They kissed and Ugly was dragged away by Bob. She struggled to get back to Dome, but was knocked out by Bob.

“’Ugly,’ the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd put out her torch. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Six - "Five extreme challenges, one day."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Six

“All of you, head back to camp.” The five remaining Thrashing Rabbits returned to their camp.

“Oh man,” Jacob laughed, “That was classic.”

“That was funnier than when Lequisha got voted off,” The Rat said grinning.

Dome sagged behind, crying. He was comforted by Elian and Lucas. “She wasn’t ready to go,” he sobbed. Ugly had just been voted, and Dome was very depressed.

The Rat and Jacob went into the boys’ hut. “Lucas has to go next,” The Rat said.

Jacob shook his head. “No, ‘Dome.’ He’s sad and depressed and probably won’t be able to do well in the challenges.” The Rat gave him a thumb up and fell asleep.

Dome, Lucas, and Elian sat around the fire. “’The Rat’s’ going down,” Dome said. “There’s no way he can save himself again.” Lucas and Dome walked into the boys’ hut, and Elian slept alone in the girls’ hut. She was very happy about this.

At the Fighting Duck camp, Jaz and Josh were hanging out on the beach, Sarah and Mara were strategizing in the girls’ hut, and Dyl sat alone watching the fire. Belle watched him from behind a hut, unsure if he was still mad at her. “So, who are we voting for first?” Jaz asked Josh, holding onto him.

“Belle,” Josh said, “we were planning on her going before, and we still have too; especially to save Dyl.” They laughed and kissed.

Sarah and Mara sat in the hut, also gossiping about Belle and planning her downfall. “Poor Dyl,” Mara said, “Having to put up with Belle. She has to go.”

“Definitely,” Sarah said, and they went to sleep.

Dyl sat by the fire, happy to be off of life support. Belle stepped next to him, “Hey Dyl. Can I sit down?” Dyl nodded and she sat down. “I’m really sorry for dumping you out in the jungle yesterday. Are you still mad at me?” Dyl shook his head. Belle saw the sad look in Dyl’s eyes, and left him. Dyl stayed up all night watching the fire burn all the way into ashes.

On the cruise, the six Conquering Sloths forgot all of their troubles. They partied all night on the cruise. Around midnight, Billy, Julio, and Dustin had gone into their cabin and fallen asleep, the girls stayed up long into the night, debating on who to be voted out. “Julio!” Sam screamed. “He switches votes too often.”

“Maybe Billy,” Veronica said. “I mean, he is the only person from the Fighting Ducks on this tribe, and he might turn.”

“Well,” Sam said, “Lets just see if we lose, okay?” The other girls nodded and they went to sleep. Bob the Leprechaun steered the ship back to Amard so they’d arrive for the next challenge.

The next morning, the Conquering Sloths walked off the boat, and the other two tribes arrived as well. “The new Thrashing Rabbits, ‘Ugly’ voted out at last night’s tribal council.” Dome winced a little, but Nalyd continued. “Today’s challenge is a pentathlon! Five extreme challenges, one day. However you are playing for something that is probably worth it, both winning tribes will get to read e-mails and letters from home and invincibility. The winning tribes will be the ones that won the most challenges. The first challenge is a three-legged-race. Tribes, pick your racers.” The Fighting Ducks chose Belle and Dyl, the Thrashing Rabbits chose Elian and Jacob, and the Conquering Sloths chose Billy and Cindy. “Go!”

“So Dyl,” Belle said while they were running, “are you feeling better?” Dyl frowned and shook his head. “Oh what’s wrong?” Dyl turned away and they tripped. Jacob and Elian dashed ahead of both enemy teams and won.

“Thrashing Rabbits win the first challenge!” Nalyd shouted. “The next challenge is being buried alive for two hours. People will be put in a glass box then put underground. There is a red button in the box in case you can’t make it and want to get out. Tribes pick your victims.” The tribes chose Josh, The Rat, and Julio. The three contestants got into their boxes. “Bob is going to stay here with you guys, the rest of us are going to do the other three challenges.” The other fourteen contestants and Nalyd walked away. “Now, each tribe will attempt to catch a Snipe.”

“Snipe?” Billy said.

“Yes,” Nalyd said, “A Snipe; a small rodent with green fur, no tail, and wings. The whole tribe is allowed to participate. Go, campers, go!” After thirty minutes of searching, the campers gave up. “Okay, you all lose!” Nalyd cheered. So challenge four will be skydiving from 30,000 feet! Every team will pick one person.” Jaz, Lucas, and Veronica were chosen, and they got in the plane. “Okay, Lucas is going first,” Nalyd said as the plane went up into the air.

“I’m not doing that! Do you think I’m crazy or something?” Lucas asked. He sat down in his seat and Veronica approached the door.

“Hurry up,” Jaz said impatiently. Veronica started to back up and sat down. Jaz jumped, and Lucas stood up.

“I can’t let my team down!” Lucas screamed, and jumped. Veronica stayed on the plane.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “Two points for the Thrashing Rabbits and one point for the Fighting Ducks. The last challenge is a dare challenge. All tribes will pick one dare giver, and one dare taker. Dare givers will dare the dare takers of other tribes, first tribe that fails the dare loses the challenge.” The Fighting Ducks chose Sarah to give dares and Dyl to take them. The Thrashing Rabbits chose Elian to give dares and Dome to take them. The Conquering Sloths chose Sam to give dares, and Cindy to take them.

“I dare Cindy,” Sarah said, “to lick ‘Dome’s’ head.” Cindy did so, and nearly threw up.

“I dare ‘Dome,’” Sam said, “to French kiss a skunk.” Dome did, imagining he was kissing Ugly.

After thirty dares, the hardest one was said. “I dare Dyl,” Sam said, “to kiss Belle for ten seconds.” Dyl turned pale, and Belle lit up. Belle puckered up, and Dyl began leaning in. half a centimeter from her face, Dyl ran away and threw up in the bushes.

Bob the Leprechaun walked in and whispered something into Nalyd’s ear. “It’s official!” Nalyd declared, “Fighting Ducks and Thrashing Rabbits win! Bob will take the eleven of you and you can view videos from home on the boat. Conquering Sloths, the only thing you’ll be seeing is another person being eliminated.” The three tribes left.

The Conquering Sloths had decided who they were voting for. They marched down to the tribal council, everyone with their own hope of who was getting eliminated.

Julio walked to the podium and cast his vote. “Sam, you’ve had it out for me for three days, and you’re bad attitude is ruining our tribe.”

Sam voted for Billy. “Veronica’s right and no Fighting Ducks belong in this tribe.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said, “Does anybody have an immunity idol and would like to play it?” Nobody raised there hands. “One vote for Sam. One vote for Billy. Two votes for Sam. Two votes for Billy. One vote for Veronica. The sixth person eliminated, Billy.” Billy handed Nalyd his torch, and Nalyd put it out. “Billy your tribe has spoken.”

Billy waved good-bye. “Julio,” Billy said, his eyes filling with tears, “Don’t give up. I’m a member of the Girly Boy Society too!” Julio lit up and they hugged. Julio waved good-bye to Billy as he walked away.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seven - “We need one of them on our side."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Seven

“All of you, head back to camp.” The Conquering Sloths returned to camp from their first tribal council.

“Why?” Julio hissed st Sam.

“Why what?” Sam asked, acting like she didn’t know.

“Why did you guys target Billy?”

“He used to be a Fighting Duck. Nothing personal, it’s just that the old Fighting Ducks dominated the other two tribes,” Veronica explained, “Trust me, ‘The Rat,’ Jacob, Sarah, and Mara are doomed.”

Julio walked off into the boys’ hut. Dustin also went in. “I’m sorry I didn’t vote with you, Julio,” Dustin said. “If the three of us had voted for Cindy, she would’ve gone, and we’d have the majority vote.” Julio nodded. “We need one of them on our side, or we need an immunity idol.” Julio had a scared look on his face. Dustin could make out the expression, “Oh. I don’t have one either. So let’s just hope we win these next challenges.” Julio nodded and they went to sleep.

On the boat, The Thrashing Rabbits and Fighting Ducks were watching videos from home. The Rat got a video from his cell-mates, Jacob got one from his friends at the gym, and Lucas got videos from his internet friends. Dome got a video from his hair-care specialist. Elian got a letter saying that she was selected to be a personal-trainer-in-training.

Jaz got a letter from her parents, congratulating her on making it so far. Josh got a video from his yoga instructor, reminding him to not let go of who he is. Sarah and Mara got no videos, so made videos and gave them to each other. Belle got a video from her dad, reminding her not to kiss any boys on the island.

Belle noticed that Dyl was not with the others, and she left the group of crying teenagers. She knocked on his already open door. “Dyl?” she asked, “Are you okay?” Dyl was sitting on his bed staring at the black television screen. He turned, to face Belle, and his eyes revealed he had been crying. “What’s wrong Dyl?” Belle sat down next to him, and Dyl put a DVD into the television. A scary looking Goth girl popped up on the screen.

“Hey Dyl,” she said, “Good job on making it to however far you made it. Anyway, while you’ve been in the game I met somebody. Sorry, but, it’s over between us.” The girl on the screen disappeared as it filled with darkness.

“Oh Dyl,” Belle whispered. Dyl broke out into tears again and Belle held him tightly. “It’s okay. You’re a nice guy,” Belle said, “You’ll meet somebody nice.” Dyl cried on Belle’s shoulder until he fell asleep. She lied him down on his bed, kissed his cheek, and went into her room.

The next day, the three tribes arrived at the challenge field. “The new Conquering Sloths, Billy voted out at the last tribal council.” The jaws of Dome, Lucas, and Josh dropped. “Looks like some people didn’t see that coming,” Nalyd said, “Today’s challenge is a Capture the Flag Showdown! Each team will pick three people to be their hunters, the other members will be defenders. Hunters will go searching for the flags, defenders will defend them. Defenders get paintball guns, and hunters will get goggles and shields made of cardboard. Now pick your hunters and defenders. Fighting Ducks, somebody needs to sit out.”

The Fighting Ducks chose Dyl, Josh, and Jaz to be hunters, and Sarah and Mara to be defenders.

The Thrashing Rabbits chose The Rat, Jacob, and Dome to be hunters, and Lucas and Elian to be defenders.

The Conquering Sloths chose Julio, Veronica, and Sam to be hunters, and Dustin and Cindy to be defenders.

Nalyd gave everyone their equipment and Belle sat down on a bench. The defenders went to hide the flags and the hunters stayed with Nalyd. “The winning teams are the ones who get a flag back here. The winning tribes get immunity, and the first place tribe will also get to make a video to send back home. Go!”

Dustin and Cindy hid the flag in a cliff, so the only way to get to it would be to climb the cliff, or fall and get lucky. “So,” Dustin said, “Who do you think you’ll be voting for?”

“Julio, with Veronica and Sam,” Cindy said. She was holding her gun by her shoulder. “I see one.” Cindy said, and shot at The Rat and Jacob. Jacob dashed forward using his shield. Dome also charged in, but accidentally ran off the cliff. He saw the flag on his way down.

“Die!” The Rat screamed. He pinched Dustin’s neck, and he passed out. The Rat held the paintball gun to Cindy’s head. “Put the gun down,” The Rat said.

“Why should I?” Cindy asked.

“Simply because we have shields and you don’t.” Cindy dropped her gun and Jacob tied her up. “Now where is the flag?”

“I’ll never talk!”

“Really?” The Rat asked. Cindy nodded. “You might want to because it wont look good if everybody thinks you like Lucas!”

“I don’t, though.”

“Who are they going to believe?” Cindy blushed and looked down in shame. “Fine, but that’s not who I like. Our flag is stuck in the cliff ‘Dome’ fell off of.” Just as she said that, Dome made it back up with the flag. “Yes!” the Rat exclaimed, and he, Jacob, and Dome dashed off to get to the finish line.

At about the same time, Lucas and Elian were having their own problems. Dyl, Josh and Jaz had found the Thrashing Rabbits hiding place. Dyl and Josh were hiding in nearby bushes; Jaz was circling around the tree the flag was hidden in. Josh told Jaz to circle around one way to distract Lucas, and Dyl would distract Elian. Josh would climb the tree and get the flag. Jaz and Dyl were shot at by Lucas and Elian, respectively, and Josh was able to get the flag. “I got it!” he screamed. Elian shot him in the back and Josh fell out of the tree. Dyl grabbed the flag and dashed away. Jaz followed, dragging Josh along. Lucas and Elian followed them, but couldn’t catch up.

Sarah and Mara were doing very well as defenders. They scared off Sam, and only Veronica and Julio remained to get the flag. “Any ideas?” Julio asked.

“Actually yes,” Veronica said. She whispered it.

“No way, I’m not doing it.” Veronica whispered another plan into his ear. “Okay, that’s not so bad.” Julio took his shirt, and Veronica covered him in mud and twigs. He then ran out of the bushes and roared. “Beware, I am the swamp monster!” Sarah and Mara covered him in paintballs, and Julio fell down. They then spotted Veronica and attacked her.

“The Thrashing Rabbits win invincibility and reward! The Fighting Ducks win invincibility! The Conquering Sloths win another visit to tribal council.” The three tribes went their separate ways.

“Let’s vote Sam, and hope for a miracle,” Dustin said. Julio nodded.

“Julio?” Sam asked the other girls.

“Julio,” Cindy and Veronica answered.

The Conquering Sloths walked back to tribal council. “Two nights in a row,” Nalyd said. “Who wants to go first?” Julio raised his hand and voted first. Then Sam, and then Dustin.

“Sam, I wish you left yesterday, Billy wouldn’t have failed the challenge,” Dustin said, then put the vote in the ballot box.

“Julio, nothing personal, it’s just strategy. You vote out everyone that has lots of enemies, duh,” Veronica said while she voted.

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He walked away to get the ballot box. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” Julio said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. Sam gasped. “All the votes for Julio won’t count. Julio, Julio, Julio, Sam, Sam. Sorry Sam, but it’s time for you to go.” Sam gave Nalyd her staff and he put the flame out. “Sam, the tribe has spoken.” Sam walked away, down the Path of Disgrace, and rode the Bus of Humiliation. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eight - "We win the next challenges and hope for a miracle."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Eight

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said to the Conquering Sloths. The four remaining members returned to camp. Dustin and Julio went into the boys’ hut, and Veronica and Cindy went into the girls’ hut.

“I thought you didn’t find an immunity idol,” Dustin said. He and Julio lied down on their mats.

“I didn’t,” Julio said, “but Billy did.”

“What?” Dustin sat up in disbelief.

“Remember the night he was voted out? When we hugged he slipped his immunity idol into my back pocket.”

Dustin stared in shock for a moment. “Why didn’t he play it?”

“He whispered that he didn’t think it was him going home.”

“Why did he bring it to council then?” Dustin asked. He was not sure if he believed the story.

“I don’t know. Maybe as a good luck sort of thing?” Dustin nodded in agreement and they went to sleep.

The girls of the Conquering Sloths, Veronica and Cindy, were discussing Sam’s elimination. “Wow,” Cindy said.

“We should have eliminated Julio last time,” Veronica said.

“So what do we do now?”

“We win the next challenges and hope for a miracle; unless you have an immunity idol.”

“No, I don’t,” Cindy said. “Whose idea was it anyway for all of us to skip searching for them?” Veronica shrugged and they went to sleep.

The Fighting Ducks were enjoying the fact that they won again. “Wow,” Josh said, “Belle, Dyl, Jaz, and I haven’t been to a tribal council since day two!” The Fighting Ducks cheered for this, and Sarah and Mara were happy to be included in the celebration of invincibility.

“How about tomorrow,” Sarah said, “we push for first place, and also get the reward?” The team agreed and one by one walked off into their huts.

The Thrashing Rabbits were back on the boat and making their videos from home.

Elian made one for her family. “Hi guys, I’m still on. Only fifteen of us left! There are three tribes and I’m the only girl on mine so I get my own hut. I think I have just about a good a chance as anyone to win. Nalyd, the host, hasn’t told us how much money the winner gets yet, but I bet it’s a lot!” Elian went one to describe every person she’s dealt with and every strategy move she made.

Dome also made a video for his family. “Hi mom! Hi dad! I’m still here, and I’m on the Thrashing Rabbits tribe. We’ve won two rewards in a row, and now I get to make a video for you guys. So, I met a girl here named, well, she never told us her name. She called herself ‘Ugly,’ but to me she was beautiful.” Dome cried a little and said good-bye.

Jacob made one for all of his friends at home. “Guys, you’ll never believe this, but I made it to the final fifteen! I’m in an alliance with a guy named ‘The Rat’ and, I swear, this guy has somehow avoided elimination so many times it would make your heads spin. I hope I’m in your thoughts, and you miss me. I miss you guys.” Jacob sniffled then turned off the camera.

Lucas started his video by cursing at his friends for sending him to Amard. “If I ever find out who sent the video, I’ll spam them! Anyway, I made it to the final fifteen but this might be it for me. My alliance, which is most of the votes in our tribe, keeps getting beaten because the guys we vote for keep finding ways to save themselves, it’s so weird. Well, I’m gonna keep trying and not give up!”

The Rat was the last to make a video and made it to his parents. “Mom, Dad, I know you guys were never proud of my life style but I’m gonna win! Cheating and lying has gotten me to the final fifteen. These idiots never see me coming; I just swoop in, eliminate them, and then get right out. This is too easy! I’m sure everyone here hates me, but I’m just playing the game!” The Rat laughed and turned off the camera.

The next day the three tribes returned to the playing field. “The new Conquering Sloths, Sam voted out at the last Tribal Council. Before we start today’s challenge,” Nalyd said, “We need one Thrashing Rabbit and two Fighting Ducks to sit out. I’m not going to tell you the challenge until the three of you sit out.” Mara, Sarah, and Lucas sat out. “Today’s challenge is a moose race! The twelve of you competing will get on a moose and ride it to the finish line. The finish line is on the other side of the island. The two teams that get all their people to the finish line, or have the most people finished with the race after two hours, will win invincibility. The tribe that comes in first will get invincibility and a phone call with home. Get on your horses.” A helicopter flew down to bring Nalyd and the campers not racing to the finish line.

Belle and Dustin just stood in front of their horses. “I’m afraid of moose,” Belle said.

“Me too,” Dustin said shaking.

“Belle, you can ride with Dyl,” Jaz said. Dyl, who was already sitting on his moose, glared at Jaz but helped Belle up.

“And you can ride with Julio,” Cindy said. Dustin got on and clung to Julio for dear life.

“Go!” Nalyd screamed and the plane took off. Nine of the ten moose flew away from the starting line.

The tenth moose was Julio and Dustin’s horse. The moose lifted one hoof off the ground and Dustin freaked out. “Slow down!” he screamed. The moose tried again and this resulted in a similar problem.

Dyl was very unhappy that he had to ride the whole race with Belle clinging to him. “Thanks for letting me ride with you Dyl,” she said, “I really appreciate it.” Dyl smiled politely and shrugged. He felt bad about how cold he’s been to her and decided to be a little nicer. “Are you starting to feel better Dyl?” Dyl nodded. He was a little bit.

Jaz and Josh rode their moose next to each other. “Why did you do that to Dyl?” Josh asked.

“Because then we can get all four points,” Jaz said. She petted her moose, “Are we still voting for Belle?”

“Actually, I thought we’d vote Mara. She isn’t very physically active and clings to Sarah.”

“Okay then,” Jaz said.

Elian was very far ahead of her tribe mates. She stopped at a river to get some water. After ten minutes, she saw Dome coming and got back on her moose. “Took you long enough,” she said.

“Sorry, I took a wrong turn,” Dome said. “Who are we voting for if we lose?”

“I don’t know,” Elian said. She truly didn’t. “Every time anyone votes for Jacob or ‘The Rat’, even when they have the majority votes, Jacob and ‘The Rat’ stay! I hate to say it, but maybe Lucas.”

“I see what you mean. Maybe we should just try to vote them out one more time. Maybe if we vote for Jacob?”

“We’ll ask Lucas who he thinks we should vote for. We’ll say ‘The Rat’ or Jacob and if he chooses ‘The Rat’ then we vote for Lucas. Understand?”

“Yeah, I hope so,” Dome said, scratching his head.

The Rat and Jacob, like the others, rode their moose together to talk about their elimination plans. “Let’s vote out Lucas,” Jacob said, “He has no skills or ability and is sitting out on the easiest challenge yet.”

The Rat looked at his moose for a moment then looked back to Jacob. “I think they’re going to vote for you tonight. When people try to eliminate me, they end up getting eliminated.”

“Do you still have those other immunity idols?” Jacob asked. The Rat nodded. “Maybe we can get Lucas to switch to our alliance. That way we won’t waste an idol.”

“Yeah, the same way I got Julio in!” They high-fived and their moose broke into a sprint.

Dustin was still clinging to Julio. “Slower!” He screamed.

“If we go any slower we’ll lose again!” Julio hissed. “And if we lose I’ll probably go home!” All the noise the two of them were doing scared the moose. It jumped up and ran.

“We’re gonna die!” Dustin screamed.

“Shut it!” Julio screamed back.

Cindy and Veronica were also talking. Cindy was telling Veronica about being held hostage the previous day. “It was so horrible, they thought I liked Lucas!”

“Oh, that’s so gross,” Veronica said. “Do you?”

“No!” Cindy said, blushing. Veronica looked at her in disbelief. “I don’t really!”

One hour into the competition, the Fighting Ducks had Jaz, Belle, and Dyl across the finish line. The Thrashing Rabbits had Elian, Dome, and Jacob. The Conquering Sloths had Veronica and Cindy. “Where did Josh go?” Belle asked Jaz.

“He took a wrong turn and fell off a cliff.”

“Where did ‘The Rat’ go?” Elian said, growling angrily at Jacob.

“I don’t know! He was right behind me and then gone, but calm down,” Jacob said, “We’ll win once he comes.” The contestants and Nalyd could hear moose approaching. There were all three other moose, their contestants riding. They charged forward to the finish line, and Bob took a picture as a tie breaker.

He handed it to Nalyd. “The winning team is,” Nalyd said, “the Fighting Ducks!” The Fighting Ducks cheered.

“Who got second place?” Veronica asked, very hopeful.

“The Conquering Sloths!” The Conquering Sloths cheered twice as loud, happy that they’d finally be safe. “What can I say, Thrashing Rabbits? I have nothing for you!” The Conquering Sloths and Thrashing Rabbits returned to their camp, and the Fighting Ducks boarded the boat.

The Rat and Lucas brought him into the boys’ hut. “Lucas, you need to vote with us tonight,” Jacob said.


“Not only do we both have immunity idols,” The Rat said, “but we’ll give you one if you vote with us tonight.”

“Who are you guys voting for?”

“’Dome.’ We can’t vote out Elian because she’s strong, leaving ‘Dome,’” Jacob explained.

“When do I get the idol?”

“After we vote, now are you in?” The Rat asked, growing annoyed.

The Thrashing Rabbits walked down to tribal council. “Welcome back to tribal council,” Nalyd said, “It is time to vote. First up is Elian.”

Elian voted for Jacob. “We’re not taking any risks in voting for ‘The Rat’ this time.”

Jacob voted for Dome. “Grow some hair, get cooler sandal and we’ll talk.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He walked off to get the votes. Lucas grew tense. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Nobody spoke up. “’Dome’, ‘Dome’, Jacob, Jacob. Tow votes for ‘Dome’ and two for Jacob. The eighth person voted out, is ‘Dome’. Bring me your torch.” Dome did so and waved good-bye to his team mates. “’Dome’ the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd put his torch out. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nine - “Don’t lose who you are by playing this game.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Nine

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said.

“Traitor!” Elian screamed at Lucas as she stormed back to camp.

“Forget her man,” Jacob said, “You’re with us now.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Lucas asked when they got into the boy’s hut. He was implying the promised immunity idol.

“Sure,” The Rat said, throwing an idol to Lucas. The boys went to sleep.

“I’m alone,” Elian said in her hut. She got out and lit a fire. She had realized as soon as Dome was eliminated that she would be the next. “I have to push myself.”

The Conquering Sloths were happy to be safe, but sad not to get the reward. The four of them sat around the fire. “Good job, Dustin,” Veronica said, “I really didn’t think we’d win, but you did it!” Cindy and Julio also congratulated him.

“Thanks guys and I think this is the end of our losing streak,” Dustin said smiling. The Conquering Sloths cheered and went into their huts to rest for the challenge.

The Fighting Ducks, the largest tribe, got the reward of one phone call home. Mara called hey parents. “Hey guys,” she said when her mother picked up, “it’s me! Mara!” He mother screamed and put her on speaker.

“We miss you so much, tell us everything!” her mother screamed.

“Well, Sarah’s still here with me,” Mara said, “and we’re in the final fourteen! Our tribe is the biggest.”

“What about strategy?” her father asked. His voice was stern, and worried.

“What strategy?” Mara asked.

“I’ve seen reality shows!” her father shouted. “If you don’t have anybody to rely on you’ll be chewed up and spat out!” The family stared at him, and on the boat Mara began tearing up. Before she could reply, her father continued, “I’m sorry Mara, but I don’t think you and Sarah realize what you’re fighting for here! How many people are in your tribe?” Mara told him, through her tears, that there were six people total in her tribe. “You and Sarah don’t have the majority vote. You are targets for elimination.” He paused. “Mara, I love you; and I want you to succeed. Good luck.” They hung up.

Mara let Sarah into the room to use the phone. “What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. Mara told her she’d explain later, and Sarah called her parents. “Guys, it’s me!” Sarah said when they picked up.

“Hey,” her brother said, “everyone’s out right now. How’s it going? Get eliminated yet?”

“No! I’m in the final fourteen with Mara! Our new tribe that we’ve been with for four days has never lost.” Sarah talked about all of her friends and enemies.

“Sounds like you’ll be home in a few days then,” he brother chuckled. “See you later, sis.” He hung up the phone. Sarah walked out of the phone room to comfort Mara.

Jaz went in next, and her parents answered, both on speaker. “Hello, this is the Total Drama Paradise staff,” Jaz said in a deep voice, “We regret to inform you your daughter has been voted off.”

“No!” her mother shouted.

“Just kidding,” Jaz said quickly, “I’m still here.” Her parents almost hung up when they heard her.

“How are you, honey?” her mother asked.

“Great and I’m in the final fourteen!” Her father, like Mara’s, asked about her strategy. “Well, there’s this boy here, his name is Josh. We agreed to vote together, and his friend Dyl and he used to have an alliance.”

“Very good,” her father said proudly. “We love you! Wait, did she say ‘a boy named-’”

“Love you, bye!” Jaz interrupted and hung up.

Dyl was the next to use the phone. He waited for three minutes, and then got the answering machine. He hung up and stormed off to his room.

Josh went next, and the phone was picked up by his father. “Hello?”

“Hey dad! It’s me, Josh!”

“Josh! Josh! Everybody Josh is on the line!” His dad paused for a second. “We let your yoga class come over for snacks and pizza. They all want to talk to you, good luck son!”

“Hey Josh,” one of the smaller boys said, “Hope you win, we’re rooting for you!”

“You’re in our thoughts!”

“You’re an inspiration!”

His teacher then got the phone. “We sent you a video a while ago. Did you get it?”

“Yeah, it was so cool!”

“Don’t lose who you are by playing this game,” his teacher said, and gave the phone back to his dad.

“So Josh, how has it been out in the wild?” Josh’s father asked. Josh told all about his adventure, describing Jaz with great detail. “Hey guys, he found a girl that likes him!” his father shouted to everyone. Josh could hear lots of cheers. “Are you sure she like you, too?”

“Yes dad!” Josh hissed.

“Well, god luck son,” his father said. They hung up and Josh left the room.

Belle waited until later to call. She was worried her father would be mad at her for liking Dyl. Eventually she called. “Hi mom, it’s me.” There was a pause. “Mom? It’s me, Belle!”

“Oh! Hi darling! I don’t think I’ve ever heard you on the phone before. How are you?”

“Good,” Belle said, “How are things back at home?”

“They’re good. We miss you so much! You’re father wants to say hello! Bye honey!”

“Bye mom; hi dad,” Belle said. She wasn’t incredibly excited to talk to her dad. Belle’s father was incredibly protective.

“Hi dear, how goes the show?” he asked. Belle was surprised by the sound of how happy he was.

“Er, great dad,” Belle said.

“Did you make any friends?” Belle knew her dad didn’t mean for that too sound so bad.

“Yeah,” she paused. “Well, sort of. There is this person I hang out with. We’re sort of tight.”

“Well that’s great; as long as it isn’t a boy.”

“Oh, gosh no,” Belle lied. He voice was starting to get higher. “I have to go; other people need to call home. Bye!”

Her father hung up and turned around to his wife. “It’s a boy,” he growled.

The three tribes went down to the challenge field, but it was empty. Not even Nalyd was there. “Are we early?” Sarah asked.

“I doubt it,” Julio said, “Nalyd’s probably messing with us.”

A shriek rang out through the island, and through they could hear, “‘Dome’ voted out at the Thrashing Rabbit’s last tribal council!” It was the voice of Nalyd through a loudspeaker. Smoke filled the area, and one by one the fourteen castaways fell to the ground. They all woke up at the base of a snowy mountain.

“Where are we?” Veronica asked.

“I don’t know,” Cindy said, “but we’re not in Amard anymore!”

“Welcome to your next challenge!” Nalyd said, skiing down the mountain. “Today the three tribes will race up the mountain, pulling sled with three-hundred pounds of bricks. You must then unload them at the top, get a flag from Bob, and come back down. The whole team must be on the sled on the way down.” The Fighting Ducks knew that the challenge was designed to make them lose, but decided to defy the odds. “You are playing for immunity, and the first place team gets to vacation at a private ski resort, with showers, a hot tub, a snack bar, and you can ever go skiing!” Nalyd loaded the teams’ sleds, and everyone got into position. “Go!”

Elian and Jacob were able to push and pull, respectively, their sled up the mountain with ease. Their main problem was when they got to the top and the rope broke. “Oh no!” Elian screamed. The sled ran over Jacob, The Rat, and Lucas. Elian ran down the mountain to get the sled, which, luckily, crashed into a tree. Elian began re-loading with ease, and pushed the sled to the top. She walked back down to get her team mates.

The Conquering Sloths were also having issues. “Why did we vote out Billy?” Veronica hissed.

“I don’t know; it was your idea!” Cindy shouted at her. They slowly made their way up the mountain, until Veronica and Julio collapsed. “We’ll be back for you!” Cindy shouted as she and Dustin continued. “Who are you and Julio voting for next?”

“Veronica,” Dustin said, “she’s too weak, and you’re our most valuable player!” Cindy blushed and thy continued up.

The Fighting Ducks were struggling. Mara and Josh were unable to help, due to a lack of physical strength, and the others weren’t much better. “Whose idea was it to pick none of the strong people?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know,” Belle said.

“Does anyone here have any physical strength?” Josh asked. Nobody admitted to having great physical strength. “Maybe if three people push and one pulls, and Mara and I sit out,” Josh suggested. Sarah pulled and the others pushed. In a little while they had caught up with the others.

The first team to get everyone to the top was the Conquering Sloths. “Okay guys, we’re on a roll!” Veronica said.

A few minutes later, Elian returned carrying Lucas. The Rat and Jacob had started unloading and Elian helped them finish up. Lucas grabbed the flag from Bob. The boys jumped on, and Elian pushed them down the hill, and then jumped on.

The Fighting Ducks eventually made it while the Conquering Sloths were finishing up. The large team was able to start catching up to the Conquering Sloths. “Mara, you get on first,” Sarah said. Mara got on, but took up the whole sled.

“How about we get on, then Mara pushes and jumps on,” Jaz suggested. They all got on and Mara started pushing. She jumped, and crushed her team. The kept going down though, very quickly.

“We’re catching up!” Mara said, and then the Fighting Ducks crashed into a tree.

“The first place winners,” Nalyd shouted on a loud speaker, “Are the Thrashing Rabbits! And second place is the Conquering Sloths!” Both tribes cheered, and Bob flew a helicopter to carry the Fighting Ducks back to camp.

Mara and Sarah sat together. “It’s me,” Mara said, trying to hold back tears, “I cost the team the challenge.”

“Josh didn’t help either,” Sarah said.

“Yeah, buy people like him! Face it; ever since we got here we’ve been targets! We are the Only Thrashing Rabbits here, and you’re my only ally! The four others are tight, and they decide who is going and staying.” Mara broke out in tears and leaned on Sarah. “My father told me that on the phone,” she said. She took a deep breath. “If I go, I want you to push yourself to new strengths, try things you haven’t and do anything to stay here. Okay?” Sarah nodded and they hugged.

“Belle or Mara?” Jaz asked Josh and Dyl. The three of them had formed an alliance.

“Mara, at least Belle doesn’t kill her teammates,” Josh said, rubbing the sore spot on his back. Dyl chuckled and nodded. “I wonder what Belle is doing right now. Does she know people are considering her for elimination?”

“I doubt it,” Jaz said, “she’s the most oblivious girl I’ve ever met!” Josh and Dyl laughed. “I feel so bad for you Dyl, can’t she take a hint?” Dyl felt a little bad about that comment.

The six Fighting Ducks went to tribal council. “Wow,” Nalyd said, “The Fighting Ducks haven’t been to tribal council in six days! Today marks the one week anniversary since you guys were last here, and voted out Martha.” Belle squirmed. “It is time to vote! First up will be Belle.”

Belle voted for Sarah, “I know Dyl likes you, so it’s time to go!”

Mara voted for Josh, “You are weak, and even if you don’t go now these votes add up.”

Jaz voted for Mara, “Nothing personal, but you’re not very strong.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Does anybody want to play an immunity idol?” Nobody raised their hands. “One vote for Sarah.” Sarah gasped, but knew it was from Belle. “Mara, Josh, Josh, Mara. Two votes for both Mara and Josh, and one for Sarah. The ninth person eliminated is,” Nalyd paused, “Mara.” Nalyd doused Mara’s torch. “Mara, the tribe has spoken.”

“No, this isn’t a tribe Nalyd,” Mara said, with anger growing in her voice. “This is a group of people who only look out for themselves! If there was any justice here-” Bob the Leprechaun shot her with a tranquilizer dart and dragged her away.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Ten - "So if I’m going down, I’m taking the tribe down with me.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Ten

“All of you, head back to camp.” The Fighting Ducks returned to their camp from their first tribal council since day two.

Sarah used the confessional, “Now that Mara’s gone, I see who’s going when. It’s me, then Belle. So if I’m going down, I’m taking the tribe down with me.” Josh, Jaz, and Dyl went down do the beach.

“How about Belle goes next?” Jaz suggested. “At least Sarah’s fit.”

“Yeah, so next belle, and if we lose again then Sarah,” Josh said. They looked at Dyl, who simply shrugged. Dyl honestly wasn’t sure who would be better to vote out. Belle sat alone in the girls’ hut, crying that she would never be with Dyl.

The next morning, Dyl and Josh woke up with Jaz and Belle glaring at them. “What’s wrong with you?” Jaz shouted and slapped Josh.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” Belle said and walked away from Dyl.

“Dude, what’s was that about?” Josh asked. Dyl shrugged and laughed. Josh had black lipstick all over his face. “What?” Dyl pointed to Josh’s face. They looked at their reflections. “We’re covered in kiss marks!” Josh screamed. Dyl nearly passed out. “Who did this?” Dyl wiped some lipstick off of his forehead and showed that it was black. “Sarah!” Josh gasped. “How could she?” Dyl growled angrily and they ran off to plead their case.

The Conquering Sloths were sitting by the fire, contemplating their strategy. “I just hope the next challenge is actually on the island,” Cindy said in a joking way, and everyone laughed. She really meant it because she felt out of place.

“Who knows?” Veronica said, “It could be off in New York, or Antarctica!” Nobody laughed at her joke. “I’m going to bed now!” She marched off.

“So she’s going next?” Dustin asked.

“Totally,” Julio said.

The Thrashing Rabbits were all in the hot tub at the ski resort. “Great job back there Elian,” Lucas said, “When I saw that sled coming at me I thought we were doomed.”

“Totally,” Jacob said.

“Thanks guys,” Elian said blushing. The team enjoyed taking their first shower in more than a week, the snack bar, but didn’t go skiing.

Later that night Jacob was still in the hot tub. He saw Elian walking over to the hot tub. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Elian said, “Mind if I get in?”

Jacob’s eyes widened, “Sure.” Elian got in on the other said of the hot tub. “So what are you still doing up?”

“I could ask you the same question,” Elian said smiling.

“You’re pretty cool,” Jacob said blushing. “I don’t know a lot of girls that can carry three hundred pounds single-handedly and three other people up a mountain in freezing temperature!”

Elian blushed very brightly and they moved a little closer. Jacob’s hand slipped and he turned the bubbles on, and then accidentally put his arm around her. “Sorry,” he said pulling away.

Elian moved closer, “its okay.” Elian and Jacob stared at each others’ eyes, and started leaning in. They continued until The Rat appeared. He turned the whirlpool feature over and the two swirled around in the bubbly water.

“Hey!” Jacob shouted. He got out of the hot tub and walked over to The Rat. “What’s your problem?” The Rat whispered something into his ear and then returned to Elian. “I have to go now, I am sorry.” Jacob slouched and walked back to his room with The Rat.

Elian glared at the two, but got out and went to her room. “What was I thinking?” Elian asked herself as she tried to fall asleep. “There’s no time for love here.” She cried a little, and then drifted into sleep.

The next day, the three tribes went to the challenge field. “The new Fighting Ducks, Mara voted out at the last tribal council.” Some Rabbits and Sloths muttered about how bad Sarah must be due to it. “Today’s challenge is a talent show! All the tribes will pick three people to represent them at the talent show. The reward will be invincibility for the winning tribes, and a night at a real Amard tribe!” Cindy gasped and smiled. She hadn’t been in her tribe since the contest started. “Go!”

The Fighting Ducks chose Dyl to not be in the show, but be a judge. He would give thumbs up to people in, and down for people not. Sarah showed her amazing alternative dancing abilities. She moved gracefully like a gazelle. When Sarah was done, she got the thumbs up from Dyl.

“Yay!” she said and sat back down.

Josh got up and did his yoga tricks. He could put his legs behind his head, spin on one finger, and float in the air. Dyl’s jaw dropped and Josh got two thumbs up.

“Are you going to audition?” Josh asked Jaz.

“Like you care,” she said and moved away from him.

Belle read some poetry she had written on the island. “I call it ‘Boy Clad in Black.’” The group sat and listened:

“Boy clad in black,

I see how you look at her,

You see right through me and notice her.

You know I’m there, but try not to listen;

She steps in and steals

The boy clad in black.”

A tear rolled down Belle’s face and the group applauded. Dyl, feeling pressured by the team, gave Belle a thumbs up. She smiled and hugged him. “Thanks Dyl!” The Fighting Ducks were using Sarah, Josh, and Belle.

“I can lift over 500 pounds,” Elian said, “I don’t have it with me now but Nalyd can probably get us some stuff.”

“Cool!” Jacob said enthusiastically.

“I can do magic tricks,” The Rat said.

“Nice,” Jacob said. He was still annoyed at The Rat about the previous night and showed it in his tone.

“I can do movie sound effects!” Lucas said.

“Fine,” Jacob muttered. “So it’s Elian, ‘The Rat’ and Lucas.”

“What can you do, Jacob?” Elian asked.

“Gymnastics,” Jacob said. The Rat started giggling at it.

The Conquering Sloths had broken into a huge fight over their talents. “My dancing is the best!” Julio shouted.

“It was lame, Julio!” Veronica shouted back, “If anyone here should dance it should be me!”

“Guys calm down!” Dustin screamed. The two stopped and looked at him Dustin didn’t usually yell at people. “Why don’t we ask Nalyd if we can use two people in one act, and you can both dance in the show? Do either of you have a favorite dance?”

“The Nutcracker Suite!” Julio and Veronica said at the same time. “Cool!”

“I can count to the millionth digit in pi,” Dustin said. “What can you do Cindy?”

“I can,” Cindy said, “escape from a cage underwater, while being hand-cuffed and blindfolded.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Julio asked.

“Not really,” Cindy said.

“Okay then. Let’s do this!” Dustin announced. They cheered and went to the stage.

That night the tribes performed. “Okay,” Nalyd said, “First up the Fighting Ducks with Josh.”

Josh got on the stage, “I will be performing yoga.” Josh sat down on the mat provided and began by putting his legs behind his head. “Ouch!” he screamed, “Pulled a muscle!” Josh fell over screaming. “Fate is a cruel mistress!” Bob got the stretcher and carried Josh away.

“Okay then,” Nalyd said, “next up is the Thrashing Rabbits with Lucas.”

“This will blow your mind,” Lucas said. He started his sound effect impression with lightsaber sounds, then explosions and gun shots. “And now, the finale!” He started to do a perfect “whoosh” sound effect when a bug flew in his mouth. Lucas began choking and was brought to the medical station with Josh.

“This is pathetic,” Nalyd said. “Now let’s see if the Conquering Sloths have any talent with Dustin.”

“I am going to count to pi to the millionth place,” Dustin said, “3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821





“Wrong!” Nalyd shouted, “The next digit was one!” Dustin ran crying off the stage. “At least he didn’t get hurt. Next is the Fighting Ducks with Belle.”

“I’ll be reading poetry,” Belle said, “I wrote this one today. It’s called; Back Stabber.”

“Back stabber,

We see you creeping in the shadows.

We know every move you make

Before you make it.

You can play your little games,

But people are always watching.”

“Wow,” Nalyd said, “That wasn’t completely lame.” Sarah turned red with fury, and ran back to the tribe to get something. “And now Elian will perform.” Elian walked onto the stage, and Bob followed with sets of massive weights.

“I can lift over 500 pounds!” Elian began picking up weights until she was holding exactly 500 pounds.

“Awesome!” Nalyd said. The Rat threw a toothpick onto the massive pile of weights, and they crushed Elian. “Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark, or two. Let’s give Bob a few minutes to save Elian.”

“Elian!” Jacob shouted. He ran onto the stage and started removing the weights. “Are you okay?” He picked her up and out of the stage.

“I feel better now.” The two began leaning in, but Bob pulled Elian away to the medical station.

“Okay the Conquering Sloths will now b sending in Veronica and Julio.”

“We will be dancing,” Veronica said. The Nutcracker music started playing and the two pranced around the stage. Veronica jumped into the air for Julio to catch her. She began falling and crushed Julio. The two were, like the others, brought to the medical station.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “all the teams stink! So any good performances win. The Fighting Ducks now have Sarah on stage.”

“Originally I was going to dance, but instead I’m going to read Belle’s diary,” she said. Sarah didn’t care how mean it sounded.

“No,” Belle gasped.

“Day nine entry: Today Dyl looked really good. He’s so dreamy. I’m so glad we’re on the same tribe.” Belle ran away to cry at that point. “I wonder if he notices me. Sarah’s such a – Hey! Belle, get back her you jerk! Nobody calls me that word!” Sarah ran off to find Belle.

“That was harsh,” Nalyd said, “and now ‘The Rat’ will perform magic.”

The Rat got on stage, wearing a cape and top hat. “For this trick I need a volunteer. Lucas!” Lucas walked on the stage. The Rat wrapped a blindfold around him and put a pink dress on him. He untied the blindfold and Lucas screamed. “Look! I made his dignity disappear!”

“Nice, dude,” Nalyd said. “And now, for the finale, Cindy!” Dustin and Julio hand-cuffed and blindfolded Cindy, and Veronica helped her into the cage. Bob used a crane to put the cage in a tank of water. Cindy thrashed until the blindfold fell off. She scratched her hand-cuffs, which were made extra hard, against the cage’s bars until some broke. In thirty minutes she was able to escape. “The Conquering Sloths win!” Nalyd shouted. “And second place goes to the Thrashing Rabbits!” The two tribes cheered. “The Fighting Ducks seriously messed up and in thirty minutes they need to get down to tribal council.” The three tribes went their own ways.

Belle sat by the beach on a rock. Dyl sat next to her. “Hey Dyl,” she said sniffling. Dyl smiled and waved. Dyl saw she was still crying and put his arm around her. He whispered something into her ear. “Thanks Dyl, that means a lot.” The two sat on the rock watching the sunset until tribal council.

“I’m sorry Jaz!” Josh said following her to Tribal Council. “It was Sarah! Dyl and I woke up with the make up already on us! I would never to that to you Jaz. You’re amazing.”

“We’ll see if that is good enough for me not to vote you off.”

“Tonight you join the other two tribe’s with only having two people,” Nalyd said when everyone arrived. “Who wants to vote first?”

Sarah stood up and voted for Belle, “Nobody calls me a-” and then camera’s microphone turned off. The cameraman fixed it and the contestants continued voting.

Belle voted for Sarah, “I hate you forever!”

Josh voted for Sarah, “You made Jaz hate me!”

“I’ll tally the votes.” Nalyd got the vote jar. “Does anybody want to use an immunity idol? No? Okay then. Belle, Sarah, Sarah. One vote for Belle, and two for Sarah. The tenth person eliminated is Sarah. Sarah, bring me your torch.” Sarah brought him the torch and swore at Belle. “Sarah the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said and put out her torch.

Sarah ran away from the tribe and screamed, “I’m coming home, Mara!”

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eleven - “I have this game in the bag!”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Eleven

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said.

“I’m so glad that Sarah’s gone,” Jaz said.

“Totally,” Josh said enthusiastically. Jaz ignored him and kept walking. “I can’t believe she’s still mad,” Josh said to Dyl. Dyl shrugged.

Josh, Dyl and Belle sat at the fire, while Jaz was asleep in the hut. “So Belle,” Josh said, “Who are you voting for next?”

“Actually,” Belle said shyly, “I was going to vote for you, Josh.” She started laughing. Josh just glared and went into the hut. Belle moved next to Dyl, who was roasting pop-tarts. “So Dyl, who they voting for?” Belle asked. Dyl just looked at her. “Me?” Belle asked. “They’re voting for me?” Dyl nodded. Belle winced; “I’m doomed. I knew it after Sarah went, it would be me next.” She sniffled. “I’m not ready to go.” Dyl put his arm around her and whispered something into her ear. “Aw, thanks Dyl.” They hugged and went into their huts.

The Thrashing Rabbits were happy to be invincible. They each decided they’d use the confessional then go to bed. “‘The Rat’ is a jerk! He put me in a dress!” Lucas moaned, “I know I’m the next to go, so I’m glad I can use my idol.”

“I have this game in the bag!” The Rat boasted, “I had one ally this whole game and we’re in the final twelve! Plus, a handful of immunity idols never hurt anyone!”

“Elian is so cool,” Jacob said. He blushed and spaced out, then focused again. “I’m not sure how far my alliance with ‘The Rat’ is going to go, because everyone hates him. Elian has some friends so maybe all of us could have an alliance!”

“Jacob is so hot,” Elian said, “I’m so sick of ‘The Rat!’ He stopped my first kiss!” She paused and blushed. “I mean my first kiss on the island. I’ve kissed boys before.” She slapped her forehead and walked out.

The Conquering Sloths were trying to have fun at the Amard tribe. Cindy was dancing with her native brethren. “This is so awesome!” she said.

Julio, Dustin, and Veronica were sampling the local cuisine. “I think it’s moving,” Dustin said. He poked his food with a knife and it growled at him.

“I think my sandwich just bit me!” Veronica screamed. She threw it on the ground and it ran away.

“It’s not that bad,” Julio said. Veronica and Dustin just looked at him. “Okay, I guess it is that bad.”

Cindy walked into the hut. “Are you guys having a good time?” she asked smiling.

“Totally!” Julio lied.

“This is so fun,” Veronica said. She clenched her teeth and tried to keep a straight face.

“You’re a lucky girl, Cindy,” Dustin lied.

“Awesome! I’m so glad all of you guys get to share this with me,” Cindy said smiling. She hugged each of them and went back out.

The next day the three tribes traveled back to the challenge field. “The new Fighting Ducks,” Nalyd said, “With Sarah voted out at the last tribal council. Due to many physical injuries from yesterday’s challenge, we aren’t allowed to have a hard challenge. All you have to do is eat.” Nalyd pointed to tables filled with turkey, steaks, tomatoes, Italian bread, spaghetti, and a table filled with candy. “This is a reward for making it this far,” Nalyd chuckled. Everyone gorged themselves for a full two hours. “Everyone have enough?” Nalyd asked, and all twelve contestants nodded. “Good, because all of that food contained special medication that make people fall asleep. Today’s challenge is a race through the jungle. The first person through wins invincibility and reward for their team, and second place also wins invincibility for their team. We’ll start in an hour to see if anybody falls asleep so we don’t have to find them in the jungle.”

In an hour, Josh, Lucas, and Veronica had fallen asleep. “Today’s reward is a secret that I will reveal to the winners tomorrow. Go!” Nalyd declared and the nine castaways that were awake dashed off. Jacob and Elian took the lead, followed by Cindy and Jaz.

Dyl and Belle ran together. About half way into the race, which was only about a mile, Dyl collapsed on the ground. His eyes began closing, and Belle realized he was about to fall asleep. “No Dyl!” she shouted, and he started snoring. She kissed him on the lips and he woke up. He started screaming but she didn’t notice. “I knew that would wake you up.” Dyl broke into a full sprint away from Belle. “Dyl! Wait up!”

“So, Elian, do you want to form an alliance with ‘The Rat’ and me to vote out Lucas?” Jacob asked.

“I don’t know,” she said blushing, “The original Fighting Ducks might be mad if I betray them.”

“Okay then,” Jacob said. They kept running.

“Jacob,” Elian said, “I think I’m going down.”

“It’s okay,” Jacob said, “No girl is getting left behind on my watch!” He brought her to a stream and splashed cold water in her face. She was still a little asleep, and punched him. Jacob fell asleep next to her.

The Rat ran by them. “Get a room,” he said and kept running.

Cindy practically flew through the jungle. She swung on vines and used her natural skills in the jungle to navigate. She started to feel tired on the vine and slammed into a tree.

Julio and Dustin were very tired and were walking. They passed Elian and Jacob together. “Wow, they look like Romeo and Juliet,” Julio sighed. They continued walking but fell asleep a few feet later.

The only castaways still awake after an hour were Jaz and The Rat. Neither crossed the finish line and fell asleep very close. “Well,” Nalyd said, “nobody crossed the finish line, but the Thrashing Rabbits were the closest, with ‘The Rat’ being three feet away! And second place goes to the Conquering Sloths, with Cindy being twenty feet away. Jaz almost won second with being twenty-one feet away. Which means it is time for the Fighting Ducks to return to Tribal Council!”

The Ducks returned to their camp. “Belle,” Jaz and Josh said. Dyl nodded.

“Dyl,” Jaz said, “how about you go comfort Belle on her last night.” Dyl raised an eyebrow. “Or at least go do something, we want to make out.”

Dyl quickly walked away and knocked on the door of the girls’ hut. “Come in!” Belle said. Dyl opened the door. “Oh hey Dyl, how is it going?” Dyl gave her a thumb up and smiled. “About today,” Belle started, but Dyl raised his hand to stop her. He winked at her and walked out of the hut. “He’s so mysterious,” Belle sighed when he was gone.

The tribe walked down to tribal council. “Tonight, you will become the smallest tribe. Sort of ironic, you used to be the strongest,” Nalyd chuckled. “It’s time to vote.”

Jaz voted for Belle. “If Sarah and Mara weren’t here before, you would’ve gone days ago.”

Josh voted for Belle. “Thanks for helping in the first few days, but you are kind of useless now.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said, and got the ballot box. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Dyl raised his hand.

“Dyl, what are you doing?” Jaz asked angrily.

Dyl handed the idol to Belle. “For me?” she asked, and Dyl nodded.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “all votes against Belle don’t count. Belle, Belle. That’s two votes for Belle, that don’t count. Josh; and the eleventh person eliminated is Josh.”

“No!” Jaz shrieked. “That’s impossible! Dyl, how could you?” Dyl shrugged and fist-bumped Belle.

“Jaz,” Josh said, “it is okay. I knew from the minute I got out here I wouldn’t make it. But Jaz, you’re hot, and awesome, and cool, and smart, and hot, and,” he paused, “did I mention hot?” Jaz giggled and they kissed one more time.

Josh brought Nalyd his torch, which was put out. “Josh, the tribe has spoken.” Josh waved good-bye and walked away. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Twelve - “You are now the Surviving Dragons.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Twelve

“All of you, head back to camp.” The Fighting Ducks, for the third night in a row, returned to their camp.

Jaz ran to camp crying and sat alone in the girls’ hut. “Jaz,” Belle said and knocked on the hut door, “can I come in?”

“No!” Jaz screamed, “And if you as much as think of talking to me again I’ll burn the hut down!” Belle backed away and Dyl started stepping forward. “Don’t even think about it Dyl!” Jaz screamed through her tears.

Belle decided that she’d sleep at the beach that night, but Dyl stopped her. He pointed to her, then the boys’ hut. He pointed to himself, and then the beach. “You’re going to sleep at the beach and let me sleep in the boy’s hut?” Belle asked. Dyl nodded and smiled. “Aw, you’re so sweet,” Belle said, and skipped away to the boys’ hut.

Jaz wasn’t mourning the loss of Josh. She was mourning that her great position in the game had been altered so severely. “I’m the next to go,” she said to herself through tears. She went to sleep, and decided she’d try to get a new alliance the next day.

The Conquering Sloths were at their camp toasting pop-tarts over an open fire. They had a rather quiet night; they didn’t have much else to say. Veronica would be next to go home and that was that. Julio pondered his position in the game, and feared the day he had to deal with The Rat again. Dustin considered getting the original Thrashing Rabbits back together and taking down the original Fighting Ducks. Cindy missed her time at her home tribe the previous night, and considered quitting. She quickly forgot that though, and decided to represent all the Amard people cheering for her. Veronica was thinking about nail polish and magazines.

The Thrashing Rabbits were fighting. Not all four of them however, just Jacob and The Rat. The two sat in the boys’ hut yelling at each other. “No!” Jacob screamed. “We’re not abandoning Elian!”

“Dude, she’s a major threat,” The Rat said. “I have a feeling there is going to be a merge soon. Tomorrow we’re going to lose on purpose, and then vote her out.”

“No, way!” Jacob screamed. “If she goes, I go!”

“How about you both shut up?” Lucas said. He had been lying down in the hut the entire time. Jacob and The Rat cursed at each other and went to sleep. Elian was in the other hut sleeping. She muttered “Jacob” several times, in between snores.

The next day, the three tribes went down to the challenge field. “The new Fighting Ducks,” Nalyd said, “Josh voted out at the last tribal council.” All eight castaways that weren’t in the Fighting Ducks gasped and muttered about how Belle survived. “Today there will be some tribe changes. Anybody who would like to switch tribes, please step forward.” Jaz, Jacob, Elian, and Lucas stepped forward. “That was just so everyone could tell who their friends are, and who shouldn’t be trusted. It’s actually time for the merge!” The tribes cheered. “Thrashing Rabbits, you guys can pick the campsite that the new tribe will stay at.”

The Thrashing Rabbits all talked together about where to go. “Let’s all go to the Conquering Sloths tribe!” Jacob told Nalyd.

“Okay then, everyone together,” Nalyd said. Everyone gathered together and Nalyd handed Jacob a flag. “You are now the Surviving Dragons.” The eleven castaways cheered. “Today’s challenge is searching for immunity in a hay pile,” Nalyd said. The eleven castaways turned around and saw a thirty foot pile of hay. The saw a porcupine fall out from the very top. “There won’t only be hay, but needles and porcupines. Inside the hay there are three immunity idols. However, the main prize is individual immunity.” Nalyd held up an idol that was black, to contrast the individual idols which were brown. “When somebody finds this idol, the challenge will end. This idol can only be used tonight. Go!” Nalyd shouted.

The eleven castaways approached the hay pile. “There’s no way I’m doing that,” Veronica said. She sat down in protest.

“Me neither,” Dustin said. Julio glared at him. “What? It’s not worth risking getting any uglier.”

“Same here,” Lucas said proudly.

The other nine went searching. Dyl went head first into a porcupine. “It looks like Dyl’s out,” Nalyd said. Bob ripped the porcupine off of Dyl’s face and Dyl screamed in pain.

Jaz climbed through the hay with ease, until she slammed her hand down on a porcupine. “Son of a gun!” she shouted. She fell backwards and saw Belle climbing through. She pushed Belle out and threw the porcupine at her.

“What the heck, Jaz?” Belle shouted. She ran up and stuck a porcupine to Jaz’s butt. Jaz screamed and fell through the hay.

Julio was covered in needles. “Oh my gosh!” he shouted, “Not cool, Nalyd!” He started a slap fight with a porcupine who was trying to bite him. The porcupine won.

Cindy was enjoying the needles in her back and porcupines in her hair. This was commonly how Amard witch-doctors performed their healings. The witch-doctors typically used around one thousand needles. Cindy was at the limit of needles, and passed out when the one thousandth one needle entered her body.

The Rat was beating up any guy he saw with an immunity idol, which was only one. He beat up Julio. “Julio,” he said, “Do you want your immunity idol back?”

“Yeah, now give it,” Julio said angrily.

“Then help me get three more people to join an alliance with me, Jacob, and Lucas,” The Rat said.

“Fine, whatever,” Julio said. They crawled in separate directions, and Julio spread the word.

Jacob and Elian were searching together. “I got this,” Jacob said. He and Elian had encountered a porcupine. He punched it and let out a scream that shook the whole hay pile. The immunity idol fell onto his head and knocked him out.

“I got it!” Elian said excitedly. She looked down at Jacob and sighed, “We got it.” She carried him out of the hay pile, and used him to protect herself from needles.

“We have our winner! Elian!” Nalyd shouted. Bob got everybody out of the hay pile. “Tonight,” Nalyd said, “one of you is going home. However, from now on when somebody is eliminated they will become a jury member. Jury members watch tribal councils, and have a special role in deciding the winner. Now return to your new home at the Conquering Sloths campsite.”

“Okay,” Julio said to The Rat, Lucas, and Jacob once they returned to camp, “I got Cindy and Jaz to help.” The six of them were sitting on the lake shore. This was an adjustment for the Fighting Ducks, who were used to being by the ocean.

“Excellent,” The Rat said, “Who do you guys think we should vote for?”

“Dustin,” Cindy said. “He’s really pathetic and hard to look at.”

“True,” Jacob said, “but we need to eliminate somebody that is going to be a threat in physical challenges. Maybe Dyl?”

“He isn’t that strong,” Jaz said. She then remembered that eliminating Dyl would hurt Belle deeply. “He isn’t that strong, he’s even stronger. He is incredibly strong!” The rest of them looked at her incredulously.

“Well, who should go?” Jacob asked.

“I agree with Cindy,” Lucas said, “Dustin’s an outsider. I don’t know what’s going on with him. He just hasn’t found his place, and he could be a swing vote later.”

By the fire, Elian, Belle, and Dyl sat together. They were telling Elian about all the drama at the Fighting Ducks camp when Elian wasn’t with them. “Guys, I know we’ve had a rocky past but there is an alliance of six in this tribe of eleven,” Elian said. She swallowed her pride and sighed, “I think we should form an alliance.”

“Sure,” Belle said, and Dyl nodded. “We still don’t have the majority vote, though.”

“Leave that to me,” Elian said. Thirty minutes before Tribal Council, Elian and Jacob were sitting together. “So,” Elian said, “we made it to the merge.”

“Yeah,” Jacob said, “pretty cool.”

“So do you want to form an alliance?” Elian asked.

“Actually, I’m in one. You could join though.”

“Is The Rat in it?” Elian asked. Jacob nodded. “Then no way!”

“Fine, who are you guys voting for?”

“Veronica. I heard she’s nothing but trouble,” Elian said.

The eleven castaways went down to the tribal council. “Elian,” Nalyd said, “would you like to give your immunity to somebody else?” Elian shook her head. “Okay then, you cannot vote for Elian. Elian how about you go vote?”

Elian voted for Veronica. “The Sloths say you’re a pain in the butt and bad news. It’s time for you to go.”

Veronica voted for Dustin. “You’re creepy and unnatural.”

Dyl voted for Veronica, and waved good-bye.

The Rat voted for Dustin. “You’re okay, but I’m not risking keeping you around.”

Dustin voted for The Rat. “If you think I’ve forgotten the fight on night two, you’re wrong, mister!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He walked away and got the ballot box. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Nobody used one. “One vote for ‘The Rat.’ One vote for Dustin. Two votes for Dustin. Veronica, Veronica, Veronica, Veronica. Four votes for Veronica, two for Dustin, and one for ‘The Rat’. Dustin, Dustin, Dustin, Dustin. That’s five votes for Dustin, Four for Veronica, and one for ‘The Rat’. The twelfth person eliminated, and the first member of our jury is Dustin. Dustin, bring me your torch.” Dustin brought Nalyd his torch, which was put out. “Dustin the tribe has spoken.” Dustin walked away and waved good-bye. “It seems that the merge has showed that nobody is safe. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Thirteen - “I don’t trust ‘The Rat’ as far as I can throw him!”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Thirteen

“All of you, head back to camp.” Nalyd sent the Surviving Dragons back to their tribe.

“It’s about time he left,” Veronica said. She was talking about Dustin, who had just been voted out.

“I wonder what the jury does,” Jaz said as the ten remaining castaways sat around the fire.

“I bet they decide the winner,” Julio said, “Nalyd mentioned that they had something to do with whoever wins.”

Lucas was the first to go to sleep, and The Rat began spinning his web. “Guys,” The Rat whispered, “Lucas has an immunity idol.” The group looked at him, waiting for any reason to care. “I just want you guys to take that into consideration next time you vote. He could use it at any moment and save himself. I’m not sure about you guys, but I would vote for anybody with an idol off before they use it at tribal.” The Rat started walking away and dropped an idol behind Julio. “Julio! You better not drop your idols. You wouldn’t want anybody taking them.” He picked it up and handed it to him. “Night, everyone.” The Rat went into the hut.

“So what do you guys think?” Cindy asked.

“Definitely Lucas,” Veronica said.

“What do you think, Elian?” Jacob asked.

“Lucas is incredibly weak, and isn’t a threat. I don’t see any reason to get rid of him and keep ‘The Rat.’”

“Oh, okay,” Jacob sighed.

Julio, Jaz, and Cindy walked over to the lake. “Are we still together in an alliance, guys?” Jaz asked nervously. She didn’t want to be betrayed by another alliance.

“I’m not,” Cindy said, “I just wanted to get rid of Dustin, he freaked me out!”

“I was only in it to get my immunity idol back,” Julio said. “I don’t trust ‘The Rat’ as far as I can throw him!”

“So you can’t trust him for about three inches?” Cindy smirked.

“Oh you’re a regular comedian, aren’t you?” Julio smirked back.

By midnight everyone was asleep.

The next morning they went down to the challenge field. “Welcome back guys,” Nalyd said, “As you all know, Dustin was voted out last night. Today, immunity is back on the line. Today you will be entering in a canoe race. Everybody team up with one or two other people.” The teams were Belle and Dyl, Jacob and Elian, The Rat, Jaz, and Julio, and Lucas, Cindy and Veronica. “First team to do a complete lap wins invincibility. Go!” The team jumped into their canoes and started paddling.

“We have this in the bag!” Jacob said. He high-fived Elian and they took the lead.

They were followed by The Rat, Julio, and Jaz. “Let’s do this!” Julio said as they paddled. They caught up with Jacob and Elian, and The Rat threw a big rock into their canoe. “That wasn’t nice.”

“I didn’t get my name from being nice,” The Rat hissed. Elian threw the rock back and it broke a hole in their canoe. “Curse you!” The Rat screamed as the canoe went down.

Lucas, Veronica, and Cindy were in dead last. “You gotta be kidding me!” Veronica screamed. “Paddle faster!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Cindy screamed. She looked at Lucas, who was paddling much faster. Veronica smiled and leaned back.

Dyl and Belle were in second place, but not very close to Jacob and Elian. “This is so nice, right Dyl?” Belle asked. Dyl nodded. “Dyl, these past thirteen days have been a lot of fun, haven’t they?” Dyl nodded again, and gave her a thumbs-up. “I want you to know that if I get voted off I will definitely cheer for you to win.” Dyl smiled and they kept paddling. Dyl and Belle just looked at each other. They looked right into each others’ eyes, and crashed into a rock.

“I see Nalyd!” Jacob screamed.

“We’re almost there!” Elian shouted. They paddled furiously. There was no reason for this, considering that Belle, Dyl, The Rat, Jaz, and Julio, were trying to get out of the water.

Lucas, Veronica, and Cindy were almost half way to being half way done with the race. “The winners,” Nalyd shouted, “are Jacob and Elian!” Bob got on his speed boat and collected the ten castaways. They wandered back to their camp.

“So this is all that remains of my alliance,” The Rat said, looking at Jacob and Jaz.

“You better watch it, man,” Jacob said angrily, “You’ve been a real jerk lately and I can turn people against you!”

“Go ahead,” The Rat said, “but not tonight. Tonight’s tribal council will be most intriguing.” He laughed evilly and Jaz and Jacob just stared at him.

Belle, Dyl, and Cindy sat around Elian listening to her. “Cindy,” Elian said, “I would like to thank you for joining our alliance. Tonight we are voting for Lucas.”

“But he’s so nice,” Cindy protested.

“Yeah, and he has an immunity idol,” Bell said. Dyl nodded in agreement.

“He doesn’t know we’re voting him out so he won’t play it,” Elian explained.

“If you say so,” Cindy said sarcastically.

The Surviving Dragons went down to tribal council. “Bringing in the jury now.” Dustin walked in and sat across from the contestants. “Congratulations to all of you for making it this far,” Nalyd said. “Especially Elian and Jacob who have immunity and each have a one in nine shot at winning. It is time to vote.”

Lucas voted for The Rat. “I heard you wanted me gone, so I’m prepared.”

Veronica voted for Lucas. “You are even weirder than Dustin!”

Belle voted for Lucas. “I’m sorry, but this tribe isn’t big enough for two nerds.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” Lucas said. He handed the idol to Nalyd and sat back down.

Nalyd stared at him. “Dude, this isn’t an immunity idol.” Everyone gasped except for The Rat who exploded in laughter.

“You lied to me!” Lucas screamed staring at The Rat.

“I bet you lied to me, too!” Julio screamed. He threw his idol into the fire.

“No, that one was real,” The Rat said to Julio. Julio screamed and fainted.

“It is time to count the votes,” Nalyd said. “‘The Rat’, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. That is one vote for ‘The Rat’ and four for Lucas. Lucas. Five votes for Lucas.” Nalyd paused. “The thirteenth person eliminated and the second jury member is Lucas.” Lucas brought Nalyd his torch. “Lucas the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd doused the flame on the torch and Lucas started walking away.

“Veronica,” he said and turned to face her, “I loved you!”

Everyone gasped and looked at Veronica. Lucas started running back to embrace her but she started screaming. “Get away from me!” she screamed. Lucas ran away crying.

“Well, I guess it is time for all of you to head back to camp.”

Chapter Fourteen - “That was so scary.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Fourteen

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said. The final nine contestants walked back to the Surviving Dragons camp.

“That was so funny,” The Rat said laughing.

“I can’t believe I threw my idol in the fire,” Julio mumbled.

“That was so scary,” Veronica said, shivering. She was talking about how Lucas said that he loved her.

“It stinks to be you,” Jacob said.

“Belle, Dyl, Cindy, Jacob, could I see you guys for a minute?” Elian asked. The five of them went into the forest. “Jacob, will you join our alliance? We need a fifth person so we’ll have the majority vote.”

“I don’t know, Elian,” Jacob sighed. “I kind of owe ‘The Rat.’ If it wasn’t for him, I would have gone home on the third day instead of Lequisha.”

“Okay then,” Elian said, “We’ll get somebody else.”

The Rat and Jaz had gone down by the lake. “Jaz,” he said, “I know you miss Josh. To avenge his lost we’ll take Belle down.”

“Really?” Jaz asked. The Rat nodded. “You’re so nice.” She hugged him and went off to the hut.

The Rat also talked to Veronica. “I can tell you want all the nerds out,” he said. Veronica nodded. “Vote Belle with me, then.”

“Okay, is anyone else voting for Belle?” Veronica asked. The Rat told her about his discussion with Jaz. “Cool, I’m in.” The Rat smiled evilly.

The next day the Surviving Dragons returned to the challenge field and saw large picnic tables. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said, “As you are all aware Lucas was voted out last night. I know you’re all probably sick of nothing to eat but pop-tarts and fruit.” The castaways began cheering. “So everybody take a seat in front of a plate.” Everybody sat down. “Now lift the covers off of you plates.” Everybody lifted the covers and saw the horrible mess underneath. “Today’s challenge is an eating challenge. You are out of the challenge if you puke or refuse to eat the food. Last person eating wins. The first course is mud pie.” Immediately, Veronica recovered the dish. “And it looks like Veronica is out.”

Elian, Jacob, The Rat, and Cindy ate the mud pie quickly. Cindy puked from eating to quickly. “I don’t think I can eat it,” Belle told Dyl, who was sitting beside her. He held her hand and she ate the entire mud pie. Dyl, Julio, and Jaz slowly finished their pieces.

“Course two,” Nalyd said as Bob passed out new plates to everyone still in, “is chili pepper cake!”

Julio took a bite of the cake and spit it out. “Water!” he screamed. “Somebody get me some water!” Elian and Jacob forced it into each others’ mouths. Belle and Jaz failed the second course, along with Julio. The Rat loved the heat of the cake. Dyl ate his cake slowly, with tears running down his face.

“Jacob, ‘The Rat,’ Elian, and Dyl remain. Time for course three! Squirrel meat.” Bob handed out plates of squirrel meat. All four remaining castaways ate the squirrel meat. The Rat started foaming at the mouth, and then threw up. “We forgot to check the squirrels for rabies,” Nalyd explained. “Course four is cockroach souffle.” Bob handed out souffles to Jacob, Dyl, and Elian.

Belle held Dyl’s hand. “You can do this,” she said. Dyl ate the cockroach souffle, but almost puked. Elian also ate it and started looking at Jacob. Jacob looked at his souffle and it popped. A cockroach crawled out of the souffle. Jacob puked and was out.

“We are down to Elian and Dyl,” Nalyd said. “The fifth course is cow brain!” Dyl and Elian made it through three more rounds and ate monkey buttocks, rabbit food, and something Bob scraped off of a rock. “The ninth round,” Nalyd said, “is puke soup.” Bob handed two bowls and Dyl and Elian simultaneously puked. “Let’s see an instant replay,” Nalyd said watching the tape over. “Dyl ducks his head down first so Elian wins again!” Nalyd declared.

“It’s okay, Dyl,” belle said and hugged him. Dyl gave Elian a thumbs-up and she returned it.

At the camp, Elian was trying to find people to join her alliance, but The Rat had already talked to most of them. “Well,” Elian said, returning to the lake where Dyl, Cindy, and Belle were waiting, “None of them want to join. One of you three are going home.”

“What about Jacob?” Cindy asked. “I thought you two liked each other.”

Elian blushed. “I don’t know he could end up being the deciding vote. Do any of you have an immunity idol?” Nobody raised their hands, but Elian knew one of them must have one. “I’d suggest playing it tonight.”

“Who are we voting for” asked Belle.

“How about Jaz,” Cindy suggested. “She’s caused a lot of problems.”

The tribe went down to tribal council. “Bringing in our jury,” Nalyd said as Dustin and Lucas walked in and sat on logs parallel to the Surviving Dragons. “It is time to vote,” Nalyd said. “Remember you cannot vote for Elian.”

Elian voted for Jaz. “I didn’t know you that long, but you’ll be fine wherever you end up.”

Veronica voted for Belle. “Bye-bye, nerdy.”

Belle voted for Jaz. “Thanks for voting with me on day one, but a lot of things have changed since then.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Cindy played one. “Okay, no votes will count against Cindy. Belle, Belle, Jaz, Jaz, Jaz, Belle, Jaz, Belle. That is four votes for both Jaz and Belle. This next vote will be a tie breaker. This next vote is for,” Nalyd paused. Belle grabbed Dyl’s hand. “Veronica. We have a tie between votes, so we will count all previous votes against Belle and Jaz. Jaz has had zero votes cast against her, and Belle has received eight previous votes. The fourteenth person eliminated and the third jury member is Belle.” Jaz smiled and belle started crying. “Belle, please bring me your torch.” Belle brought him the torch. “Belle, the tribe has spoken.”

Belle waved good-bye and walked away. “Belle, wait!” somebody shouted. Belle turned around and Dyl was standing up. Dyl ran over to Belle and kissed her. “I’ll miss you,” Dyl said.

Belle’s eyes glowed and they kissed again. “Stay strong, Dyl. I’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.” They hugged again, and Belle walked away. Dyl walked back to the tribe and everyone was staring at him. Not for kissing Belle, but for talking.

“Well,” Nalyd said, “on that note I think it’s time to head back to camp.”

Chapter Fifteen - “Are you trying to kill me?”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Fifteen

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said. The final eight returned to their camp site.

“So are we a solid alliance?” The Rat asked Veronica and Jaz. The three of them had gone into the woods.

“Sure,” Veronica said.

“Okay, but what about Jacob?” Jaz asked.

“I don’t know anymore,” The Rat shrugged. “He’s little in between right now. If he could decide and join us, then we’ll have half of the votes.” The three of them debated their order of elimination.

Dyl was sitting by the fire with Jacob, Elian, Julio, and Cindy. Dyl was crying non-stop from Belle’s elimination. “Dyl,” Jacob said, “do you remember what Belle said to you before she left?” Dyl nodded. “She wants you to do your best and go as far as possible.” Dyl stood up.

“Where are you going, Dyl?” Cindy asked. Dyl pointed in the direction of the woods. He started walking away; coincidentally he was heading right by The Rat, Veronica, and Cindy.

“Poor guy,” Julio said.

“I never thought he’d be this upset about Belle getting eliminated,” Elian said. The four of them went to bed a few minutes after Dyl left.

Dyl was walking through the woods and crying much more than before. He frequently dropped to his knees and beat the ground. He continued walking until he could hear The Rat’s voice. “I’m so glad Belle’s gone,” he said, “All she did was getting in the way and be annoying.”

“Oh, I know right,” Veronica said.

“I wish I never joined an alliance with her,” Jaz said. Dyl glared angrily, and it took everything in him not to attack The Rat.

The next day at the challenge field, the castaways saw a pile of broken cars, bicycles, and other assortments of junk. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said, “As you all know Belle was voted out last night. Today’s challenge is a downhill derby. I will pair you up into four teams. The tams are Jaz and Elian, Julio and Dyl, Veronica and The Rat, and Cindy and Jacob. First build your carts, then I will reveal where you will be racing.”

“So Elian,” Jaz said awkwardly, “how is it going?”

“Fine,” Elian said picking up a dented, old car. She started removing the wheels, and ripped the top off. Jaz got some better wheels, and Elian attached them. The two painted their car red, with their names in blue on the sides.

Julio was designing a vehicle that he and Dyl would pedal. Dyl was carving some wood. Julio found two almost perfect bikes, and a metal bar. “Dyl, could you hand me the welding torch?” Julio asked. “Dyl?” He turned and saw that Dyl had carved Belle’s head out of wood. “Dyl, you need to focus. Now, please, hand me the welding torch.” Dyl wiped a tear from his eye and handed the torch to Julio. When Julio was done welding, Dyl taped Belle’s head to his bike for good luck.

Veronica was sitting on a log while The Rat made their car. “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to help out,” The Rat growled as he attached wheels.

“How do you know?” Veronica asked angrily. She hated when people told her to do anything.

The Rat attached the seats and threw his hammer to the ground. “Because I’ve been working and I haven’t died yet!”

“Whatever, you can make the stupid car or not,” Veronica pouted. The Rat rolled his eyes and finished their car. He added some special features.

Cindy told Jacob to sit out, claiming that she could make the perfect vehicle for the race. She tore up the cars and bicycle parts and made a flying device. It would be pedaled by Jacob, because he had better leg strength, and the pedals would turn propellers. “It’s ready!” she shouted. Jacob looked up and his jaw dropped. He gasped and then smiled determinedly.

The four teams had their vehicles brought up a high hill by Bob the Leprechaun. Everybody got into their vehicles and Nalyd held two flags in his hands. “The way it is going to work,” Nalyd said, “is that the first two teams to cross the finish line at the bottom of the hill will win invincibility. That means that four of you will be safe, and the other four are up for elimination! Go!”

Elian and Jaz rushed down the hill in their car, with The Rat and Veronica right behind them. Dyl and Julio kept up the pace, while Cindy and Jacob were up high in the clouds. “I think we’re winning!” Cindy said excitedly. Jacob pedaled as fast as he could, but he started screaming. He was terribly afraid of heights.

The Rat released an oil slick which nearly made Julio and Dyl fall over. Dyl took the wooden carving of Belle’s head, kissed it, and then threw it at The Rat. It sent The Rat and Veronica spinning. Elian and Jaz steered to dodge any logs or rocks in their path. “Almost there,” Elian whispered to herself.

“Put the pedal to the medal!” Jaz shouted. “I’ve always wanted to say that.” Elian and Jaz crossed the finish line.

“Jaz and Elian have immunity! Who will be the next two to get immunity?” Nalyd said.

Dyl and Julio pedaled as fast as they could. They caught up to, and then passed, The Rat and Veronica. They continued to speed down the hill until they hit the Belle head. They shot up into the air, and crashed somewhere in the woods. “Looks like Dyl and Julio are out,” Nalyd laughed.

Jacob and Cindy were still in the air. “Okay,” Cindy said, “stop pedaling, now!” Jacob stopped they spiraled down. Jacob shrieked like a little girl, and Cindy laughed maniacally.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Jacob screamed.

“Yes!” Cindy replied happily. Cindy and Jacob crashed on The Rat and Veronica’s car.

“It is now a foot race to the finish line,” Nalyd said. Nobody got up and started walking, but they all started rolling. Nalyd, Elian, and Jaz watched in boredom. Elian ran out, and dragged Jacob down to the finish line. Cindy recovered form the fall and ran down to the finish line. “Jaz, Elian, Jacob, and Cindy win invincibility!” Nalyd announced. Bob came out of the woods, dragging Dyl and Julio behind him. “I’ll see all eight of you at tribal council.”

“So who are we voting for?” Cindy asked Dyl and Elian.

“How about ‘The Rat’,” Elian suggested, “He finally doesn’t have immunity and it’s time to send him packing.” Dyl nodded in agreement.

“Let’s send Julio home,” Veronica told Jaz and The Rat. “I heard that when we were Conquering Sloths, he wanted to turn everyone against me!”

“Sure, why not?” Jaz shrugged.

Julio walked over to Elian, Cindy, and Dyl. “Hey guys, I was just wondering who you were voting for,” Julio said awkwardly.

“We are voting for ‘The Rat,’” Cindy informed him.

“Okay then, I’ll vote with you,” Julio said. Elian, Cindy, and Dyl welcomed him into the alliance.

“Do you know who Jacob is voting for?” Elian asked Julio.

“No, but he isn’t with ‘The Rat’ right now, so now might be a good time to talk to him,” Julio said. Elian nodded and walked over to Jacob to discuss the votes.

That night the final eight went down to tribal council. “Bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. “Dustin, Lucas, and Belle.” The three of them walked in and took their seats parallel to the final eight. Dyl waved at Belle, and Belle blew him a kiss. “Remember, you cannot vote for Elian, Jacob, Jaz, or Cindy.”

The Rat voted for Julio. “Later, bro.”

Jacob voted for Veronica. “You are so annoying, and I can honestly say I won’t miss you.”

Elian voted for The Rat. “Maybe if you didn’t lie and cheat, you wouldn’t be going home tonight.”

Julio voted for The Rat. “You’ve over stayed you’re welcome. I hope Lequisha finds you, and makes you pay!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” The Rat raised his hand and gave Nalyd the idol. “Okay, no votes against ‘The Rat’ will count. ‘The Rat,’ ‘The Rat,’ Julio, ‘The Rat,’ Veronica, ‘The Rat.’ Those four votes against ‘The Rat’ do not count. The fifteenth person eliminated, and the fourth member of the jury is,” Nalyd paused. Veronica and Julio clenched their teeth and stared at each other. “Julio. Julio please bring me your torch. Julio brought him the torch with a tear in his eye. “Julio the tribe has spoken.

Julio began walking away but turned around. He was a dark shade of red and he pointed at The Rat. “You sir, are an ungrateful, mean, lying, nasty little-” Julio then broke into a fit of cursing that would have made an elderly woman faint. The Rat started laughing at Julio, and Julio walked away angrily.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Sixteen - "There are only six people standing between me and the grand prize!"

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Sixteen

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said.

The Rat was still laughing at Julio cursing at him. “Oh my god, I thought I was going to pee my pants!” Nobody laughed with him and simply glared. “Whatever,” he said, and walked into the boy’s hut.

“Final seven,” Elian said later in the confessional. “I can’t believe it! There are only six people standing between me and the grand prize! I think I would like to bring Jacob to the final two, because he is so cool.”

“I want ‘The Rat’ in the final two, with me,” Veronica said in the confessional. “I mean, who would you rather vote for if you were in the jury? I know that unless ‘The Rat’ is with me, I won’t get any votes from Lucas, Dustin, Belle, or Julio.”

“I want to bring Jaz to the final two,” Cindy confessed. “She’s crabby and mean and unpleasant to be with, while I’m nice and helpful and pleasant to be with!”

Dyl, Elian, and Cindy went into the woods. “I am so mad at Jacob!” Cindy growled. “He keeps messing up our votes.”

“I’ll talk to him,” Elian said sadly. Dyl and Cindy left, and Jacob went to Elian.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked.

“Listen,” Elian said, “I really like you.”

“Me too,” Jacob said. He grabbed her hand and smiled.

“The only thing driving me away is that you keep refusing to vote with us.”

“I can change baby, give me another chance!” Jacob screamed. He got down on one knee. “Please, I can change.”

“Then vote with us tomorrow night, okay?” Before Jacob could answer, Elian continued. “Even if we vote for ‘The Rat.’”

“Okay, deal,” Jacob said.

“If you vote with us I might even kiss you,” Elian winked. Jacob turned red and passed out. “Good night, sweet prince.” She carried him back to camp and threw him into his hut.

The next day the final seven went down to the challenge field. The field was filled with hay, logs, sticks, and a strange assortment of totem poles, with the heads of voted off castaways being used. “Welcome back. As you know Julio was voted out at the last tribal council. Today’s challenge is fire-making. You must be able to burn an entire totem pole. The winner will get invincibility. You can use anything to light the fire, not that you have a lot to work with. Go!” The seven castaways went searching for fire supplies. Veronica went around stomping out everyone’s fires except for The Rat and Jaz.

“What are you doing?” Jaz hissed at her.

“Helping you guys win, duh,” Veronica said. “If nobody else wins then you guys will!” The Rat pulled a lighter out of his pocket and the totem caught on fire.

Cindy was also doing very well. She had learned how to light a totem pole on fire at an early age. Dyl and Elian helped her by bringing her sticks. Veronica walked over to put it out, but Jacob and Dyl blocked her. Jaz began running around trying to help The Rat. “Almost there,” Cindy muttered adding dry branches. Cindy’s fire was burning Josh’s head, while The Rat’s was burning Lucas. “Guys I have an idea!” Cindy shouted Elian and Cindy lowered the totem pole onto the ground, where it burned much faster. Both totem poles were slowly burning Julio’s head.

“Why did he have to have such a big forehead?” The Rat asked himself angrily. The two fires slowly inched up Julio’s bizarrely large forehead.

“And the winner of the fire-making challenge is,” Nalyd announced, “Cindy!” Jacob, Elian, and Dyl cheered for Cindy, and carried her back to the campsite. They made it halfway before they grew tired and Cindy walked.

“So who are you voting for?” Jacob asked Elian. She was sitting around the fire-pit with Dyl and Cindy.

“We are voting for Veronica,” Elian said. “She is so annoying, and I will hate her forever.”

“Okay then,” Jacob said, “I am going to see who ‘The Rat’ is voting for.” Jacob left and asked the same question to The Rat.

“Well,” The Rat said, “We were going to vote for Elian.”

“Elian? Why would you vote for Elian?” Jacob asked worried.

“She is a major physical threat and has won immunity every day except today. Think of it, Jacob, she’ll vote for you to win, still,” The Rat explained. Jacob considered his choice very carefully before tribal council that night.

The final seven returned to tribal council. “Bringing in our jury,” Nalyd said, “Dustin, Lucas, Belle, and Julio.” The four of them walked in and sat down. Julio glared at The Rat, and Belle blew a kiss to Dyl. “It is time to vote,” Nalyd said.

The Rat voted for Elian. “You’re a big threat, but I hope I get your vote!”

Dyl voted for Veronica, and did the slit motion over his throat.

Veronica voted for Elian. “‘The Rat’ is right, you are a threat.”

Cindy voted for Veronica. “It’s about time you were sent packing!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. Jacob looked worriedly between Elian and The Rat. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would!” Jacob announced. “I am giving it to Elian.”

“Okay then, no vote against Elian count,” Nalyd explained. “We had three votes against Elian. Veronica. Veronica. That is two votes for Veronica. The sixteenth person eliminated and the fifth jury member is Veronica.”

“No!” Veronica shouted. “I hate all of you!”

“Veronica, bring me your torch.” Veronica brought Nalyd the torch and pouted as the flame was put out. “Veronica, the tribe has spoken.” Veronica walked away from the tribal council with her nose up to the other jury members. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seventeen - “Today’s challenge is one that will separate those who do and don’t deserve to win."

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Seventeen

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said.

The final six returned to the camp. “To the final six!” The Rat announced sarcastically. Nobody sensed the sarcasm and joined in the celebrating.

“I bet tomorrow’s challenge is going to be really extreme,” Jacob said. The six remaining castaways sat around a fire, which was started by Cindy.

“Definitely,” Jaz said. Everyone was very happy that Veronica was finally gone. Elian got Dyl and Cindy together.

“Well guys, we finally have half of the votes!” Elian said excitedly.

“And Jacob voted with us tonight,” Cindy said.

“Oh yeah,” Elian said, “I’ll be right back.” Dyl and Cindy looked at each other, very confused, after Elian started running away. Elian brought Jacob down to the lake. “Well, you voted with us,” Elian blushed.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Jacob said. Elian kissed him on the lips very quickly. Jacob and Elian grabbed each other and started making out.

The Rat walked past them, just for the sake of ruining the moment. “Get a hut,” he laughed.

“I think we should vote for Dyl,” Jaz said in the confessional, “He betrayed my alliance with Josh! And he is pretty much guaranteed to get votes from Julio, Belle, and Lucas. That is three of the nine jury members, and Cindy, and Elian would vote for him. He pretty much has the game won. Unless I have anything to say about it.” Jaz laughed evilly.

The next day the Surviving Dragons went back to the challenge field. “As you all now Veronica was voted out last night,” Nalyd said. “Today’s challenge is on that will separate those who do and don’t deserve to win. You will face your worst fear. We have video tapes of your families talking about your worst fears.” Bob the Leprechaun pushed a television next to Nalyd. “First we will see Jacob’s parents.”

Jacob’s parents had large muscles, and wore workout clothes. Jacob’s father was lifting weights. “Jacob?” Jacob’s father said, “That poor kid is absolutely terrified of geese.” His father started laughing.

“Ever since he went to the lake one day and was attacked by geese,” his mother added. The screen went black and Jacob’s face turned red. Everyone laughed at him.

“I wouldn’t be laughing, Cindy,” Nalyd warned. “Your tribe didn’t want to be videotaped so they told us you were afraid of being left alone for lone periods of time. And that you were claustrophobic.” Cindy blushed and everyone else laughed. “This next video is Dyl’s.”

Dyl’s mother wore red and pink clothes, and his father had a sweater wrapped around his neck. Everyone started laughing at their appearance. “Hey Dyl!” his mother shouted. “The producers told us we had to reveal your biggest fear. I’m pretty sure that it’s mice.”

“Our poor little guy just can’t stand rodents!” Dyl’s father added. Dyl was so humiliated he pulled his hat all the way over his head.

“Next up is Jaz,” Nalyd said. He smiled as he put the next video into the VCR.

Jaz’s parents had hair that went down to their knees. Her father had a beard and a smiley-face on his shirt. Jaz’s mother’s face was exactly like Jaz’s, and she had a tye-dye shirt on. “Hey baby,” Jaz’s father said, “We heard you need us to confess, like, your darkest fears.”

“You’re, like, always freaking out when we go to petting zoos, and stuff, so I, like, guess you’re afraid of goats, llamas, and, like, pigs. Have, like, fun!” her, like, mother said calmly. Everyone looked at Jaz in disappointment. They thought that her fear was bordering on pathetic.

“Next up is Elian,” Nalyd said.

Elian’s parents looked a lot like Jacob’s parents did, except her mother was lifting weights. “Elian is afraid of being fat,” her mother said.

“She used to be when she was three, but then we made her work out twenty hours a day. The other four were spent buying more work out equipment,” her father said proudly. He sounded a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Elian blushed, but Jacob put his arm around her and she smiled.

“And perhaps the most embarrassing video was given to us by ‘The Rat’s,’” Nalyd chuckled. The Rat’s eyes grew wide.

The Rat’s dad was the only person on the screen. He was sitting at a poker table with his tie somewhat untied and a brown hat. He spoke with a New York accent. “Hey kid, how is it going? I have to reveal your biggest fear, which I think is having your real name revealed. Well good-bye-” Nalyd paused the tape.

“Whoever can face their fear will win invincibility. First up is ‘The Rat.’ To face your fear I will play the rest of the tape. That will reveal your whole name.”

The Rat turned a deep shade of red and swallowed. “Fine, do it. Play the rest.”

“-Simon Thatius Dorkson.” Everyone exploded in laughter and The Rat ran away.

“Well he did it, so ‘The Rat’ gets invincibility. Now we will test Elian. You will have to spend the rest of the day, until tribal council, wearing a fat suit. Can you do it?” Nalyd handed Elian the fat suit. She nodded and got in. “Okay, we’ll see you tonight, then.”

Bob brought in a long tube. It was very narrow. “Now Cindy as to get into this little tube, and stay there for three hours.” Cindy crawled into the tube and Bob pushed the tube down a hill.

“What if she gets hurt?” Jaz asked.

“We’ll cross that road when we get to it,” Nalyd said. “Next up is Dyl.” Dyl was brought to a pool full of mice. Dyl turned paler than he usually was. “All you have to do is stay in there for ten minutes.” Dyl jumped in, and jumped back out. “That was sad,” Nalyd commented. Dyl felt a mouse in his hood and screamed. He ran around in circles, and then right into a tree.

Nalyd brought Jaz to a group of pigs, goats, and llamas. “Jaz,” Nalyd said, “you need to pet each animal, and feed them with food in your hand!” Jaz got in and petted each animal. The pig burped on her, the goat bit her, and the llama spat on her. She fed the llama and pig easily, but the goat bit her. She passed out. “Ouch, denied!”

Jacob and Nalyd walked up to a cage full of geese. “Just get in there for three hours,” Nalyd said. Jacob walked into the cage and was immediately attacked by the geese.

“Let me out!” he screamed. Nalyd let him out. “Okay, so ‘The Rat’ has confirmed invincibility. We will find out if Cindy or Elian has invincibility. All of you, head back to camp.” The final six returned to camp, except for Cindy who was rolled there, and The Rat who was already there.

“So who’s going?” Cindy asked Elian and Dyl. She had lasted the three hours and was invincible.

“Jaz,” Elian said, still in her fat suit. “It’s her, Dyl, or Jacob. And we all know we aren’t sending Dyl or Jacob home yet.”

Dyl smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Why don’t you ever talk?” Cindy asked.

Dyl merely shrugged.

Jaz and The Rat had discussed who they were voting for, and they decided on Dyl. The Rat and Jacob were talking. “So are we still cool?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” The Rat said. He felt betrayed, which was weird because he rarely felt anything other than joy.

“How many idols do you have left?”

“Three,” The Rat said. “I think I am going to use them tomorrow night to decide the final four.”

“You’ll keep me right?”

“Yeah, as long as you vote with me and Jaz.”

“Who are you voting for?”


“Okay, no problem,” Jacob shrugged. He didn’t know Dyl very well, and didn’t understand why they were voting for him. “Why are we voting for Dyl?”

“Jaz was telling me about how a lot of people like him.”

“Elian told me the other three are voting for Jaz,” Jacob said. “Are you planning on saving her?”

The Rat stared off into space. He didn’t answer and Jacob left him.

The final six Surviving Dragons went down to tribal council. “Bringing in our five jury members,” Nalyd said. Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, and Veronica marched in. Lucas was leaning over smelling Veronica’s hair, until she smacked him. “Tonight, Elian, Cindy, and ‘The Rat’ have invincibility. It is time to vote.”

Dyl voted for Jaz and waved good-bye.

Elian voted for Jaz. “I hope you understand that I am only doing this because you decided to be friends with ‘The Rat.’”

Jaz voted for Dyl. “This is for Josh.”

The Rat voted for Dyl. “If we knew each other longer, I wouldn’t be voting you off. I heard you got rid of Philip, so I understand you aren’t fond of guys like me.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He walked away and got the ballot boxes. “Does anyone want to play an immunity idol? Tomorrow night is the last night you can play them.” Nobody played an idol. “Dyl, Jaz, Dyl, Jaz, Dyl.” Nalyd paused the vote reading. “Dyl has three votes, and Jaz has two.” Belle started sweating in her jury seat, but Dyl gave her a thumbs-up. “The next vote is for Jaz. We will count all the previous votes now. Dyl has gotten zero votes. Jaz has gotten four previous votes. The seventeenth person eliminated and the sixth jury member is Jaz. Jaz, please bring me your torch.” Jaz brought Nalyd the torch. “Jaz, the tribe has spoken.” Jaz walked away and waved good-bye. “Congratulations to the final five. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eighteen - "I might be a liar, cheater, and all around unpleasant, but I know when to bring out the big guns.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Eighteen

“All of you head back to camp,” Nalyd said. The final five Surviving Dragons went back to their campsite.

“Final five,” The Rat said in the confessional, “and I have no shot at winning anymore. I need to get dirt on the others if I’m going to get any jury votes. I might be a liar, cheater, and all around unpleasant, but I know when to bring out the big guns.”

“This is so cool!” Jacob exclaimed in the confessional. “Elian and I are in the final five together. I think we could go to final two together, and then win.”

Dyl sat in the confessional and kissed his wooden Belle head.

“Last night I had a dream,” Cindy confessed, “that I won. I got the check, and I couldn’t use it in Amard! So I think when I win I’ll move away. Then I’ll come back someday, maybe.”

“I can’t believe ‘The Rat’ is still here,” Elian confessed. “He just seems to be able to get people to do his bidding. I wonder if he’d be able to do that to the jury.”

The final five sat around the fire. “So I’m the next to go?” The Rat asked.

“Pretty much,” Elian laughed. She no longer cared about what The Rat thought. The Rat knew he was now an outsider, but didn’t care.

The next day, the final five went down to the challenge field. “As you all know, Jaz was voted out last night,” Nalyd said. “Today’s challenge won’t be happening here. Everyone get in the helicopter.” Everybody got in, and Bob the Leprechaun flew them out to a cave. “The first person to successfully get through this cave wins invincibility. Watch out for bears and bats. Those can get pretty big around here.” Bob handed the final five each an unlit torch. “That is the only thing we’re giving to help you. Go!” The final five charged into the cave.

Dyl and Cindy ran right into a wall of the cavern. The Rat used his lighter to light his torch, and ran away. Jacob could faintly see The Rat’s torch. He followed it, until he tripped on a rock. “Ouch!” he shouted. Elian ran toward the sound of his voice, but took a wrong turn. She walked into a wall but she started to feel the wall. It was soft, and furry, and warm, and growling. Elian gasped as a huge bear chased her. She ran into a crevice in the wall, so that she could hide, and the bear broke through a wall in the cave.

Nalyd appeared right outside the new hole. “This exit doesn’t count!” he shouted.

Cindy lit her torch with some rocks, and let Dyl follow her out of the cave. “I remember when I was three and I went through this cave. The tribesmen were looking for me for days, but a bear ate me. They had to cut open the bear to get me out. But don’t worry, the bear was okay, we gave him some steaks afterwards.” She stopped walking and didn’t hear any footsteps behind her. “Dyl?” she asked. No answer. She grew very worried, as she was afraid of being left alone.

Dyl had been snatched away by a group of bats. The bats had come up from behind, so Cindy never even saw them. They had mistaken Dyl for a giant bat.

The Rat was very close to the exit, until he took a wrong turn. He fell into a hole that was thirty feet deep. Moles popped up out of the ground and scared him.

“This challenge has been going on for an hour, and Cindy and Elian can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Nalyd said. Cindy and Elian were charging for the exit. They both knew it didn’t matter who won, but just wanted bragging rights. “And our winner,” Nalyd announced, “is Cindy!” Cindy cheered and Elian congratulated her. Bob got the other three castaways out of the cave, and gave The Rat and Dyl rabies vaccines.

“So we are voting for ‘The Rat?’” Cindy asked Elian. She already knew the answer but wanted confirmation.

“Yeah,” Elian said.

“Wait,” Jacob said, “he says he has three more immunity idols.

“So he’ll be safe, even if we do vote for him,” Elian said.

“The first time we got immunity idols,” Jacob explained, “he found four. He gave one to me, and I used it the other day. The second time he found three, but the third one he stole from Julio, and then returned it to him, only for it to be burned.”

“Did he say if he was going to use all three?” Elian asked. She wished that The Rat would use one on Jacob, and one on herself.

“He said he wanted to use one on me, one on Dyl, and one on himself,” Jacob said soberly.

“So today’s my last day,” Elian frowned. She cried and Jacob hugged her. “Jacob, I’m not ready to go.”

“I know, I know,” Jacob said. Cindy and Dyl frowned.

“So what are we going to do?” Elian asked. Jacob told them his plan, and he told them he had to do it.

The final five Surviving Dragons walked down to tribal council. “Bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, Veronica, and Jaz walked in. Belle waved to Dyl. Veronica had Jaz sit between her and Lucas. “It is time to vote,” Nalyd said to the Surviving Dragons, “Remember, whoever is eliminated becomes a jury member.”

The Rat voted for Elian. “You’re not bad or anything, you’re just a threat.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” The Rat said. He handed Nalyd three immunity idols. “I’d like to use one on myself, Jacob, and Dyl.”

“I would like to give my immunity to Elian!” Jacob announced. The council went silent.

“Okay then, all of you are safe except for Jacob; unless he got zero votes. Elian. That is one vote for Elian, but it doesn’t count. There is also a vote for 'The Rat.' The eighteenth person eliminated and the seventh jury member is Jacob. He got three votes. Jacob bring me your torch.” Jacob brought Nalyd the torch, and the flame was put out. “Jacob, the tribe has spoken.”

“Elian,” Jacob said, and turned around. “I love you!” Everyone gasped, and Elian ran up to Jacob. They kissed each other for almost a whole minute. “Stay strong and you’ve got my vote.” He kissed her forehead. “Here’s looking at you.” He walked away.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nineteen - "Now it looks like your fates are in our hands.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Nineteen

“All of you, head back to camp.” The final four returned to the Surviving Dragons campsite.

“Bunch of no good,” The Rat mumbled as he angrily walked into the boys’ hut.

“Well, we did it guys,” Elian smiled. “We made it to the final four! We’ve lost members of our alliance but we did it.”

“I still can’t believe it,” Cindy said. “Sorry about Jacob going.”

“It’s okay,” Elian said. “He did it for me, and I will always love him for it.” They looked over to Dyl, and he was on the ground, curled up with his Belle head. “He’s been through so much.”

“We all have,” Cindy giggled. The two of them sat by the fire, reminiscing about their time in the game.

The next day the final four went back to the challenge field. “As you all know, Jacob was voted out last night. Congratulations to Elian, Cindy, Dyl, and ‘The Rat’ for making it to the final four. Today we will put you four into pairs. The pairs are Dyl and ‘The Rat,’ and Elian and Cindy. The challenge is a race from this field, to tribal council. The first team to make it will win invincibility, and each member will get a one in three shot at the grand prize. Your hands and ankles will also be hand-cuffed.” Bob equipped the hand-cuffs to each pair. “As most of you know, tribal council is ten miles away. This might not seem like a lot, but these hand-cuffs will take their tole. Go!” The final four started sprinting, but tripped with almost every step they took.

“Dyl, we’ll have our outer feet step, then our inner feet, okay?” The Rat asked. Dyl nodded, and they took the lead.

“Cindy, let’s try jumping,” Elian said worriedly. The Rat and Dyl were making a lot of distance between them. The two tried it and fell down again.

“Elian, maybe you could carry me,” Cindy suggested. Elian raised her hand enough that Cindy was off the ground, but their ankle hand-cuffs were still close together. They took the lead.

“Oh no you don’t!” The Rat shouted. He and Dyl caught up to the girls, and The Rat tripped them. “How do you like that?” The Rat turned around, and he ran into a tree. “Don’t say anything, Dyl.” Dyl quietly chuckled at The Rat.

Elian and Cindy took the lead until they saw two cleared paths in the jungle. “Which way do we go?” Elian asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t usually hang out around here,” Cindy said. “And I’ve never gone to tribal council from the challenge field.” Cindy gasped and turned around. “I have an idea! Let’s go back to the Surviving Dragons campsite and go to tribal council from there! I can see the smoke from this morning’s fire.” Cindy pointed them in the direction of the fire, and they continued running.

Dyl and The Rat found a scroll that fell out of the tree they ran into. “It says,” The Rat said as he read it out loud, “that tribal council is west of here. Which way is west?” Dyl looked around frantically, but remembered where the sun had risen. He pointed in the opposite direction and they started running in that direction.

Elian and Cindy had arrived at camp. “Okay, it’s only about three miles from here,” Cindy said. We’re going to win!” They started running, and could see Dyl and The Rat right in front of them. “Put the pedal to the medal!” Cindy screamed. Dyl turned and saw them, and kicked it into high gear.

“What’s the rush?” The Rat asked. He turned and saw Elian. He screamed and ran faster.

“This is going to be close,” Nalyd said. He and Bob the Leprechaun were sitting at tribal council. Bob had said that Elian and Cindy would win, while Nalyd was betting on Dyl and The Rat. “Ten more feet.” All four castaways crossed finish line. “Hold on guys, Bob took a picture,” Nalyd said. Bob gasped and handed Nalyd the picture. “The winners of the race, and Dyl and ‘The Rat!’”

“What?” Elian asked angrily. Nalyd handed the picture to Elian. It revealed that Dyl had pulled the wooden Belle head out of his hat and held it in front of them.

“Since all of you are already here, I’ll go get the jury. We’ll vote when I get back,” Nalyd said. He and Bob walked away, and Bob handed Nalyd the twenty dollars he had bet.

“Girls,” The Rat said, “it was a close race. Now it looks like your fates are in our hands.” The Rat chuckled. “So, Elian, why should we choose to keep you?”

“I’ve played the game well. I’ve won challenges, and I don’t have lots of jury friends,” Elian explained. “And I’m Jacob’s friend, and he’s your friend. He’d be sad if you eliminated me.”

“Okay,” The Rat smiled widely, “Cindy? Why should you stay?”

“I don’t know,” Cindy said, “I guess I’ve played a good game and I think I deserve to stay.”

“Okay,” The Rat said. “We need to go discuss this.” Dyl and The Rat discussed the elimination alone, until Nalyd returned.

“I’ve got the jury.” Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, Veronica, Jaz, and Jacob walked in. Belle blew a kiss to Dyl, and Elian blew one to Jacob. Lucas had a black eye, and wasn’t trying to get near Veronica. “Well, Dyl and ‘The Rat’ won invincibility. It is time to vote.”

Elian vote for Cindy. “If only I had a wooden Jacob head. Bye.”

Cindy voted for Elian. “I really hope you enjoyed your stay in Amard!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Elian and Cindy, obviously, voted for each other. These other two votes are for,” Nalyd paused. Elian turned pale. “Cindy.”

Cindy looked at Dyl and The Rat in shock. “Why?” she asked.

“You are a major threat,” The Rat said.

“Cindy, bring me your torch. The tribe has spoken,” Nalyd put out Cindy’s torch and walked away.

“I suppose it’s for the best,” she said to herself, “Amard doesn’t accept Canadian money.” A tear rolled down her cheek.

“Congratulations to the final three, Elian, ‘The Rat,’ and Dyl. All of you head back to camp; you have your final challenge tomorrow.”

Chapter Twenty - "Bears, paintballs, and other things will stand between you and the final two.”

Total Drama Paradise Chapter Twenty

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said. The final three walked back to their camp.

“Dyl, could you come with me for a second?” The Rat asked. Dyl walked away with The Rat, into the woods, and Elian sat by the fire. “Dyl, the winner of tomorrow’s challenge is going to decide the other person in the final two. I think you should bring me. People would definitely vote for you to win, over me. All I ask is that tomorrow, you and I team up in the challenge. If I win, I’ll pick you, and if you win you’ll pick me. Deal?” The Rat extended his hand to Dyl, and Dyl shook it.

Elian brought Dyl to the lake after he returned to camp with The Rat. “What did he say to you?” Elian asked. Dyl shrugged. Elian suddenly flipped from calm to furious. She didn’t like that Dyl wasn’t telling the truth. She grabbed him by his collar and pinned him to the ground. “Tell me what he said,” Elian growled. Dyl told a fantastic lie about The Rat saying that he wanted to quit the game, and was going to at the next tribal council. Elian picked Dyl up and placed him on his feet. “Now was that so hard?” she asked. She walked back to the camp and went into the girls’ hut. Dyl just stood by the lake, still shaking. He had seen his life flash before his eyes, and most of what he saw was his time with Belle.

The next day the final three went down to the challenge field. “Welcome, final three. Last night Cindy was eliminated. Congratulations for making it this far,” Nalyd said. “You have beaten Philip, Martha, Lequisha, ‘The Hobo,’ ‘Ugly,’ Billy, Sam, ‘Dome,’ Mara, Sarah, Josh, Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, Veronica, Jaz, Jacob, and Cindy. Today’s challenge winner will get an automatic one in two chance at winning the grand prize; one million dollars!” The final three gasped. None of them had ever been informed of the prize. “The person who wins will decide the other person in the final two. The jury will then vote for a winner. Today’s challenge is one of endurance. You will all hand upside-down from a tree. It sounds easy, but there will be some minor distractions. Bears, paintballs, and other things will stand between you and the final two.” Bob helped everybody get into the tree. They were fifty feet above the ground. Their knees were bent to keep them up. “Go!” Nalyd shouted.

“This is pretty easy,” Elian muttered to herself after fifteen minutes. Nalyd started shooting paintballs at the castaways. “My eye!” Elian screamed. She started slipping, but was ale to save herself. Dyl was hit in the gut, and almost fell. The Rat dodged a paintball.

“You missed!” he shouted. Nalyd released a cage of geese at the castaways, and they carried The Rat away. “You gotta be kidding me!” he shouted angrily.

“Only two castaways are left on the tree,” Nalyd said. The Rat sat next to him and glared. Elian looked over to Dyl. Dyl looked back and smiled.

“Sorry, Dyl,” Elian said. She started shaking the branch, but Dyl held on. Nalyd sent a bear up to the tree.

“This is going to be good,” Nalyd chuckled. Elian continued to shake the branch, until the saw the bear. The branch snapped from the weight of the bear. The bear, Elian, and Dyl fell all the way down.

“Wow, stinks to be them,” The Rat chuckled.

“Hold on guys,” Nalyd said as Elian, Dyl, and the bear climbed out from under the branch. “Bob has a picture that will reveal the winner.” Bob handed Nalyd the picture and Nalyd gasped. “It will be revealed tonight at tribal council. For now, we have something special. A chance to see what some of the non-jury members think of you. Follow me.” Nalyd lead the final three back to the challenge field where Bob had a television set up. “We will see who the first eleven voted off castaways would have voted for if they were in the jury.”

The television screen showed Philip, in what looked like a rubber room. He had more latches on his straight jacket. “Dyl made it ot the final three?” Philip growled. “I still hate him for voting me out. I would have to vote for ‘The Rat’ because he had nothing to do with my elimination.”

Martha appeared on the screen next, and still wore half pink and half black clothing. “I would vote for Elian to win because we were in an alliance,” Martha said.

Lequisha was in her room, petting her cat. “I didn’t really know Dyl or Elian, but I think I’d vote for Dyl, because I heard he’s nice.”

The Hobo popped out of a dumpster with a bone in his mouth. “I still can’t believe I didn’t win,” he said. He scratched himself behind the ear. “I would vote for Elian, because I just randomly picked. I didn’t know any of them very well.”

Ugly was in a dark room, and only her face could be seen. It had gotten worse. “I would vote for Elian because we were in an alliance.”

Billy was at an S.D.W.W.P. meeting. “I want Dyl to win because he was nice. He was quiet but nice.”

“I want Elian to win,” Sam said. She was in a beautiful pink room with lots of pillows, clothes, and fine jewelry. “I think a girl should win.”

Dome was at a hairdresser, trying to find a new wig. “I’m voting for Dyl, because we were friends early on.”

Mara and Sarah were in Sarah’s room. The bed had black sheets, and the room was a dark grey color. “We both vote for Elian because she never hurt us, like Dyl did,” Sarah said.

“However, we could be friends if he apologizes,” Mara said.

Josh was meditating in a dojo. When he heard that the Total Drama Paradise crew was there he fell on his back. “I am going to vote for Dyl to win, because I understand what he did, and it’s okay. I miss you, Jaz!” he shouted.

The screen went black. “Well,” Nalyd said, “based on that vote, Elian would win. How about all of you come by tribal council in half an hour.” Nalyd walked away, and the final three returned to camp.

In thirty minute the final three went into tribal council. “Bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, Veronica, Jaz, Jacob, and Cindy walked in and sat down. “It is time to found out who won invincibility. Elian, you did not win immunity, congratulations to Dyl.” Dyl smiled and waved to Belle, while Elian slouched. “In the picture, Elian’s arm hit the ground, mere milliseconds before Dyl. It is time to vote.”

The Rat voted for Elian. “By hooking up with Jacob, you messed up the entire game from me. I can’t wait to get his vote.”

Elian voted for The Rat. “You need to learn a little respect.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “We have one vote for Elian and ‘The Rat.’ This next vote is Dyl’s. The twentieth person eliminated, and the ninth and final jury member is,” Nalyd paused. The Rat and Elian both looked at Dyl. “‘The Rat’. Bring me your torch.”

The Rat stood up and looked at Dyl. “I respect your decision, Dyl. I hope you know that you can’t win now.” The Rat brought Nalyd his torch, and the flame was finally put out.

“‘The Rat,’ the tribe has spoken.” The Rat walked away and smiled. He knew who was going to win, and was ready to help them.

“Congratulations to Elian and Dyl for making it to the final two. Head back to camp.”

Finale - “The winner of Total Drama Paradise Season One is...”

Total Drama Paradise Finale

“All of you, head back to camp,” Nalyd said. The final two castaways, Dyl and Elian returned to camp for their last night. They had spent twenty long days on Amard, and they were both ready to get home.

“So, Dyl,” Elian said, “We made it to final two. I can’t believe.” Elian’s eyes watered, and Dyl nodded. They were sitting by the fire, eating most of the remaining food. “All the tough times and the good times, even coming in second would be worth it.” Dyl nodded in agreement. “How about tomorrow morning we set the camp on fire?” Elian smiled. Dyl nodded and smiled happily. He enjoyed lighting fires, but wasn’t very good at it. “See you tomorrow, Dyl,” Elian said. She yawned and went to bed.

Dyl stayed by the fire and stared at the wooden Belle head. After looking at it for a few minutes, and remembering how much he missed Belle, he decided to burn the head. He threw it into the fire and toasted a pop-tart over the fire. He then went to sleep, and for the first time since Belle’s elimination, wasn’t sad.

In the morning Elian ripped the huts apart. She threw the pieces into a pile by the fire pit, while Dyl got a fire going. “It’s ready!” Elian called to him. He smiled manically and lit the huts on fire. “You think we should have checked to make sure we got all of our stuff out?” Elian asked. Dyl frowned and kicked a rock.

Bob the Leprechaun came to the camp at about noon. He handed them a scroll, and rode a rainbow away. Elian read it aloud; “Dear finalists, congratulations on making it this far in the competition. Come by tribal council in ten minutes. There will be a surprise for you. Yours truly, Nalyd.”

Elian and Dyl took their final journey to tribal council. “Welcome,” Nalyd said as Elian and Dyl sat down. “Bringing in the finalists’ families.” Elian’s parents and brother walked in and sat in between Elian and Dyl, and the jury. Dyl’s parents and younger sister came, as well as his ex-girlfriend. Dyl felt queasy when he saw her, but realized he needed to focus. “Bringing in the complete jury.” Dustin, Lucas, Belle, Julio, Veronica, Jaz, Jacob, Cindy, and The Rat walked in. “Tonight the jury will vote for who they should win one million dollars. Elian and Dyl, you two will give an opening statement, and then the jury can talk to you. They can ask you questions, or tell you what they really think. Elian, would ou like to go first?”

Elian stood up. “Hey guys. I can see you’ve, um, shaved and showered since the last time we talked. I think I played the game very well, and did well in challenges too. I know I made mistakes, and I’m able to take responsibility for those actions.” She sat back down and blushed; she was very nervous.

“And now it is Dyl’s turn,” Nalyd said.

Dyl stood up and cleared his throat. The jury started leaning in; hearing Dyl speak was a rare thing. “Well,” he said, “I believe that I played the game very well. I didn’t dominate in challenges, and I feel like I changed the game. I don’t regret anything I did. I don’t think I outwitted any of you, I believe I let other people take each other down. Thanks.” He sat down, and even his parents were shocked.

“Well then,” Nalyd said, “it is time for the jury to talk to you. Dustin will go first.”

Dustin got up and walked up to Dyl and Elian. “As both of you know, I was on the same team as you for one day, not even a whole day,” Dustin sighed. “You may not know about me, but I know a lot about you from what the jury has told me. I just want to hear both of you describe yourselves’ in one word.”

“Powerful,” Elian said. She really hoped that that would be enough for his vote.

“Humble,” Dyl said. He worried that Dustin would speculate that as just trying to get a vote. Dustin nodded, thanked them, and sat down.

“Now Lucas will ask questions,” Nalyd said. Lucas got up and cleared his throat.

“Elian, Dyl” Lucas said, “you both remember my humiliating elimination, I presume. Elian, do you think that what ‘The Rat’ did to me was right?”

“Well,” Elian said confidently, “I believe that you shouldn’t have betrayed the alliance we had for ‘The Rat’s’ alliance. That hurt. ‘Dome,’ and I trusted you and you turned on us.”

“Okay,” Lucas said, “what did you think about it Dyl?”

“I, quite frankly, believe that it was ‘The Rat’ playing the game. I don’t think that you should hold any grudges. I was wronged in this game several times, and I forgive everyone. Maybe you should have stayed with Elian and not trusted ‘The Rat,’” Dyl explained. He felt very confident in his answer. Lucas nodded and sat down. He felt very humbled by this.

“It is Belle’s turn,” Nalyd said.

“Elian,” Belle said, “We were friends in the beginning. We had an alliance, but then I left you. But just look at Dyl, can you blame me?” She smiled and Elian rolled her eyes. “I love you, Dyl!” Belle said as she walked away.

“Now Julio,” Nalyd said.

“Congratulations to both of you for making it to the finals!” Julio said. “I really enjoyed being a Surviving Dragon with you. Elian, why is Dyl undeserving of the money?”

“I feel like he sat back and let everyone else do things. He let me take charge of our alliance, and I feel like he might have let me take the lead, so that if I made a mistake he’d use it against me.”

Julio looked at her in disbelief. “Okay then. Dyl, I want you to tell Belle the reason I was eliminated. More so, the reason we lost the challenge.”

Dyl blushed and mumbled. “What was that?” Julio asked.

Dyl mumbled louder and Belle held her hand to her ear. “My wooden Belle head fell of the bike and catapulted us into the forest.”

“That’s so sweet!” Belle exclaimed. Julio sat back down.

“Okay, now it’s Veronica’s turn.”

“Whatever,” Veronica said as she stood up. “Both of you voted for me when I was eliminated. I really don’t care for either of you, but I need to vote for one of you. I will just pick one of you at random.” Veronica sat down and Dyl and Elian glared at her.

“Thank you, Veronica,” Nalyd said. “Now it’s Jaz’s turn.”

“Elian, you and I were allied since the beginning. I think I’ve known you long enough that I don’t need to ask a question. Dyl,” Jaz smiled, “however, I have a two questions for you. Can you prove to me that you genuinely dislike Belle?”

Dyl frowned. If he insulted Belle, he would lose her. If he didn’t he would have to answer the other question. “It would be impossible for me to insult Belle in any way.”

“Okay then” Jaz said. She was somewhat surprised. “And can you support your reason for voting out Josh on the eleventh day?”

“I saw a video of Josh the other day,” Dyl said. “He said that he forgave me, and wanted me to win.”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear, Dyl,” Jaz said. She sat down and Nalyd called Jacob up.

“I don’t know what to say,” Jacob said. “You two are great people in different ways. Dyl, when I needed somebody to talk to, and I didn’t want any sort of criticism of my thoughts, I went to you. And Elian, you’re so hot, babe. Sorry, Dyl, but she’s got my vote.” Dyl smiled and nodded to him.

“Two more jury members,” Nalyd said, “it’s time for Cindy to talk.”

“Okay, hi guys. How are you?” Cindy asked. “Dyl, I was wondering why you and ‘The Rat’ chose me for elimination a few nights ago.”

“I saw how amazing your skills were out here,” Dyl replied. “Our reasoning behind it was that you were a threat. You had lots of friends, and, unfortunately, having too many friends out here will get you kicked out.”

“Okay, then. Elian, why did you pick me to be in an alliance with you?” Cindy asked.

“I know that we hadn’t known each other long,” Elian said. “But I liked your ability in challenges. It was very impressive, and you seemed like a good person to ally with.” Cindy pantomimed tipping a hat, and sat back down.

“And the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Nalyd chuckled. The Rat got up and prepared to help Elian or Dyl win.

“Well,” The Rat said, “I would first like to congratulate you for surviving twenty days of me. I think that the questions I ask are going to be hard. Elian, can you compliment me in any way? If you can’t I can guarantee you won’t get my vote.”

“I think you,” Elian choked, “played the game very well.” She bobbed back and forth and felt a little nauseous.

“Okay, and Dyl, if you can answer this question well I can guarantee you will win. Why did you vote me out last night? Did it ever occur to you that nobody would vote for me to win?”

“It still occurs to me,” Dyl said, “but you are a big threat. People say you’re a liar and cheater, but you really are a mastermind. If you were up here and Elian was sitting in your seat, I would be even more scared. You just have this unique ability to make people think like you.”

“Okay then. May the best person win,” The Rat said. He sat down and Nalyd stood up.

“It is time to vote,” Nalyd said. “Remember, you are voting for who you want to win.” The nine jury members went up one by one and voted. “I will now tally the votes.” Dyl’s and Elian’s families, as well as the jury and Dyl and Elian themselves leaned in. “One vote for Elian. Two votes for Elian. One vote for Dyl.” Dyl and Elian started gasping, and it seemed like one would pass out. “Two votes for Dyl. Three votes for Dyl. Four votes for Dyl.” Dyl and Elian continued to grow tense. “Three votes for Elian. Four votes for Elian. This next vote will decide the winner.” Nalyd paused and started to open the ninth vote. “The winner of Total Drama Paradise Season One is,” he paused again and started to turn the paper around as Bob signed the check to the winner. “Dyl. Dyl win!” Nalyd announced.

Lucas, Dustin, Julio, Belle and The Rat started cheering. The other four jury members, who had voted for Elian, also began cheering.

Dyl stood up and cheered. Elian hugged him and smiled. “Congratulations, Dyl!” she shouted. Dyl’s family ran over and started hugging him.

Elian’s family kissed her and hugged her. Elian introduced Jacob to them.

Even Dyl’s ex-girlfriend walked over. “Dyl,” she said, “now that you’re a millionaire, we should get back together.” She hugged him tightly.

Dyl frowned and looked at his ex-girlfriend, and then at Belle. “No,” he said defiantly. He escaped her grip and ran over to Belle. He put his arm around her and said, “There’s only one girl for me,” and started kissing her passionately.

“Are you okay?” Jacob asked Elian. They were sitting on the jury seats with Elian’s family.

“As long as I have you I’ll be fine,” Elian giggled. They kissed passionately, and then fell behind the seats and continued to make out.

Later that night everyone there was sitting down again. Bob handed Dyl the large check. “Congratulations, Dyl,” Nalyd said. “Against all odds you have made it to the end. I hope all of you tune in for next season, and I hope to see you at the reunion. All of you, head back home.” And with that, the adventure that had gone on for twenty-one days, was finally over. Bob brought everyone home, and Nalyd started watching season two’s audition tapes.

Reunion - "Bye, and thanks for playing.”

Total Drama Paradise Reunion Special

Six months ago exactly, one teenage Goth won one million dollars and made out with a nerd. Since then, the twenty-two teens competing for the million dollar prize returned home. Since then, some have talked, some have gotten restraining orders, and others have done a whole bunch of other stuff. The twenty-two teens entered the studio and sat down in the order they were eliminated.

“Welcome,” Nalyd said to all of them. “I would like to thank you all for a great season, and I hope you’re watching Total Drama World. Anyway, thanks to all of you our ratings were through the roof! Now we are here to see how all of you have been over the past six months. First we will talk to Philip, who was the first eliminated.”

Philip was very calm looking and didn’t have his straight jacket on. He did, however, have handcuffs on. “I just got out of rehab,” he said, “I calmed down quite a bit, but they said it was best that I wear these just in case.”

“You know Philip,” Nalyd said, “You were eliminated pretty early. Do you think you would change anything if you could? Try to make more friends?”

“No,” Philip said defiantly, “I don’t want any of these people to be my friend.”

“Oh, okay then,” Nalyd said. “Some fans are wondering what would happen if you didn’t have your straight jacket and handcuffs.”

“I think there would be a murderous rampage,” Philip shrugged.

“Okay then,” Nalyd muttered, “How have you been Martha?”

Martha was pretty much the same, except that she had no pink on, and wore a black gown. “I finally got a boyfriend! I went back to being a Goth. Sarah and Mara have let me into their group and now we are all Best Goth Friends for Life!”

“We have some fans wondering, Martha; You and Dyl were the only Goths on the original Fighting Ducks. Was there any connection?”

“Actually,” Martha giggled, “on the first day we talked about all of the horrible things that had happened to us because we’re Goths. We are very misunderstood.”

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said, “you were a fan favorite before this series even started! What do you think made you so popular among fans?”

Lequisha was wearing her pear shirt and red skirt. “I was just out there to make friends,” Lequisha smiled, “and I accomplished that goal. I still talk to Julio, Sam, and Cindy.”

“What do you think was your downfall?”

“I think that when I made a big deal over the challenge rankings, I was targeted. I hadn’t done much to offend anyone.”

“One of the oddest people here,” Nalyd said looking at The Hobo. “The lovable ‘The Hobo.’ One thing fans want to know is your real name.”

The Hobo was just as dirty as ever, even more. He had a chicken wing in his beard. “My real name,” he said, “is Homer.”

“Well,” Nalyd said, “we don’t really need, or want, to know more about you. We also have the same question for ‘Ugly.’”

Ugly was as ugly as ever, and had gained weight. She was so absolutely hideous, her face was censored. “My real name is Vicky.”

“Like ‘Icky?’” Nalyd laughed. “Just kidding. Have you eve considered getting a complete make-over?”

Ugly’s eyes started watering. “I got a make-over right before the show!” she whimpered.

“Billy,” Nalyd said, “you are a member of an organization of sinister people who wear pink, right? Are you really sinister? Did you really give Julio that idol?”

Billy wore a pink tuxedo. “I had this master plan when there were two teams. I wanted to get a smaller alliance with people than the five person guy’s alliance, and I was actually targeting some of the people sitting in the top few seats over there. I did give Julio the idol, sort of. I slipped a not into his pocket that had a map that lead to an idol I had hidden. I didn’t even think I was a target.”

“Sam,” Nalyd smiled, “how have you been? You were one of our, dare I say, minor villains this season. You were just out to kill Julio.”

“I was,” Sam giggled. She was wearing a tight yellow shirt and yellow skirt. “I just felt betrayed, but, surprisingly, we are friends now. Lequisha, Julio, and I are practically inseparable.”

“Do your parents think of you as grown up now?”

“Unfortunately, they don’t think I am completely grown up, but my seven days out there helped me a lot.”

“That’s great,” Nalyd said rolling his eyes. “Now let’s hear from ‘Dome.’ I’ll just give you all the questions all at once. What is your real name? Are you and ‘Ugly’ still together? And what the heck is that thing on your head.

Dome had a furry thing on his head, and it was moving. “My real name is Bob, but I had to go by a nickname, mostly because of the leprechaun. ‘Ugly’ and I are still together. And it’s a wig.” The “wig” meowed, and jumped off of Dome’s head. The reflection from his shiny head blinded everyone for a moment.

“Okay, then. Mara, how have you been?” Nalyd asked.

Mara had lost weight, a lot of weight. “I’m great! I’ve been on a diet program and I’ve made a lot of progress.”

“Sarah,” Nalyd said, “you went from good girl to public enemy number one in your tribe. Want to talk about it?” Like she has a choice, he thought.

Sarah and Mara had matching black and white striped shirts and black mini-skirts. “Well, I was just really upset that Mara was gone. Mara and I talked with Dyl and its okay now. He explained how he had fallen in love with Belle.”

“One of the biggest blind-sides this season was Josh’s elimination,” Nalyd said. “Josh how do you feel about Dyl being the cause of your elimination?”

Josh had a button down shirt on with nice pants. “I was mad at first, mostly because I was away from Jaz. But then I realized later on why Dyl did what he did, and decided I wanted him to win.”

“Okay then,” Nalyd said, “the first jury member was Dustin. Dustin tell everyone where the jury members went so that we could get them back to tribal council every night.”

“We stayed at a luxury resort where our every whim was tended to,” Dustin smiled. He had gotten his braces off and gotten contacts. He kept the pocket protector though.

“Why did you vote for Dyl?”

“I liked the way he stood up for his feelings for Belle. He was a team player I thought.”

“And now our second jury member Lucas. One of the biggest things people want to know is about you and Veronica. When did you start liking her?”

Lucas was wearing his signature Spock outfit. “Well,” Lucas blushed, “around the second day. You guys didn’t show it, but at one point I accidentally kissed her. Veronica had fallen asleep on the beach, and I was sleepwalking. Somehow I ended up lying next to her and kissing her on the ear. She woke up and practically tore me limb from limb.”

“Okay then and now for one of the most beloved girls this season Belle. Belle let me start by asking why Dyl? He isn’t that great.”

Belle didn’t have braces or bushy eyelashes anymore, and, surprisingly, looked hot. “Dyl is the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. It started when he saved me on day one, and I’ve been smitten ever since. And we are still together.”

“That’s truly amazing. Now it is Julio’s turn to talk. Julio, you were an interesting guy this season. You were switching alliances faster than Philip was eliminated! Any regrets?”

“Definitely,” Julio said. He had a tuxedo that matched Billy’s. “I wish I had stood up for myself on day three. I knew that Lequisha would be mad, but I’m glad we’re friends again.”

“Well we got lots of fan mail congratulating you for standing up to ‘The Rat’ the night you were eliminated.” Julio smiled and waved to his fans. “Okay and next up is Veronica. Veronica will you ever accept Lucas?”

Veronica was wearing a cheerleader outfit covered with glitter. “Do I look like the kind of girl that would date him?” she asked sarcastically. Lucas blushed and ran out. “Whatever, I’m so done with this show.”

“Well, now for another girl turned villain; Jaz,” Nalyd laughed. “Have you gotten over Dyl and Belle eliminating Josh?”

“Yes,” Jaz said. She wore a pink dress and had her hair in a ponytail. “I got over Dyl, not Belle. I am still mad at her. She betrayed the people that helped her and I will never like her, or tolerate her.”

“Are you still with Josh?”

“Yeah,” she giggled, “He taught me how to float in the air, and then how to make out upside down.”

“Moving on!” Nalyd exclaimed. “Jacob, how did you start your friendship with ‘The Rat?’?”

Jacob had a suit on, but he still had his sweatband on. “On day three when he saved me from elimination. We’re still friends.”

“When did you and Elian start to click?”

“When we went to the ski resort. We started hanging out and we’re still going out. Life is awesome for me and Elian.”

“That’s great,” Nalyd said. “Cindy, how have you been?”

Cindy was wearing traditional clothes from Amard. “I’ve been great! The publicity of the show has improved Amard’s tourism!”

“What was it like being eliminated? What would you have done with the money?”

“I was very sad to be eliminated, but I started to realize I had no real use of the money.”

“And now for the instant fan favorite, ‘The Rat!’” Nalyd said sarcastically. The Rat wore a hat that read “Will cheat for food.” “Let me start by congratulating you on helping our ratings; unlike some people here. ‘The Rat,’ what made you such a liar, cheater, and all around unpleasant guy?”

“Well,” The Rat said, “It all started when I was five. Some bigger kid came over and stole my baseball cards. I loved baseball. The first lie I told was threatening to tell the teacher on him, and since then I’ve seen all the benefits.”

“Why didn’t you ho by your real name? Didn’t you know people might suspect something was up?”

“Well, it was either ‘The Rat’ or ‘Simon’ and I decided I’d rather by the first one.”

“Why did you vote for Dyl?”

“I respect Dyl,” The Rat said, “Nobody sitting to the left of me was able to defeat me, and that one guy was able to.”

“Did you get any friends out of this?”

“Jacob, obviously, and I stayed in touch with Jaz and Dyl.”

“Now it’s Elian’s turn,” Nalyd smiled. “What were your first thoughts when you realized you lost?”

“I was shocked. I really thought I had a shot. I mean no offense to Dyl, but I honestly thought I would’ve gotten six or seven of the votes.” Elian was wearing a green tank-top, and a green mini-skirt. “Good for Dyl, though.”

“Anyone still your friend?”

“Jaz and I made up, and ‘Ugly’ and Dyl keep in touch with me. Of course I still talk to Jacob. Cindy and I are pen-pals.”

“Two more questions. Do you still hate ‘The Rat’ and do you have any regrets?”

“I do still hate him and I do have regrets. I wish I had made better connections with Dustin and Julio, but other than that, no.”

“And now for our grand winner, Dyl!” Dyl was wearing a black suit. “Dyl did you think you would win?”

“I was surprised I got more than three votes,” Dyl said, “I really thought that because I was so quiet people might try to take me out early.”

“Yeah,” Nalyd said curiously, “why didn’t you talk? You would whisper directly in peoples’ ears, and scream but never talk so the cameras could hear.”

“I’m a quiet guy. I talked during the finale and now because I feel that the people have a right to know.”

“Who do you still talk to?”

“Well, as you already know, Belle and I are still going out. I also kept in touch with Martha, Sarah, Mara, Josh, ‘The Rat,’ Elian, Lucas, and Julio. Sorry to those of you I didn’t mention.”

“Any regrets?” Nalyd asked. Dyl simply shook his head. “Back to not talking?” Dyl nodded his head. “Well that’s fine, because we’re all out of time, anyway. I guess we’ll be seeing eight of you, you know who you are, later. Bye, and thanks for playing.”

Bonus Material

Here I will write some extra material some fans might enjoy.

Theme Song

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine." ("The Rat" is giving a wedgie to Julio.)

"You guys are on my mind." (Veronica is being pushed out of a plane by Cindy. Cindy pulls Martha out with her.)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answers plain to see." (Elian and Jacob are playing volleyball with Philip and Lequisha. Elian spikes the ball and knocks Philip out.)

"I wanna be famous." (Josh is meditating in a forest, when Lucas falls out of a tree. Jaz is watching and laughs.)

"I wanna live close to the sun." (Billy is petting a rabbit, while "The Hobo" leans against him and is sleeping.)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've alread won." ("Ugly" and "Dome" look in a mirror and it cracks.)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Dustin gets hit in the back of the head with a volleyball, and he falls down.)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Sam is painting her nails, when animals attack her.)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (Mara and Sarah are sitting in a hut, trying to eat fish. Mara takes a bite of green fish, and barfs.)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Whistling starts.)" (Belle is sitting on a log next to Dyl, and starts leaning in to kiss him. Dyl falls backward off the log.)

Audition Tapes

Belle's Audition Tape

Belle is reading a magazine called "Girl Teen Magazine." She looks at the camera and says, "Oh, I didn't see you there. I am Belle, and I want to be on Total Drama Paradise. I think that people won't think of me as a threat, because I am a nerdy girl. We have talents too! I also hope I meet a boy like this while I'm there!" She holds a picture from the magazine covered with hearts that looks disturbingly like Dyl. She knocks over the camera with the photo.

Billy's Audition Tape

Billy is at a S.D.W.W.P. meeting. He is brushing a doll's hair. "Hi! I'm Billy!" he exclaims happily. "I want to be on your show! The S.D.W.W.P. orginization is running low on money! Help! Bye!"

Cindy's Audition Tape

Cindy is in the challenge field and kicks Bob the Leprechaun in the shin. Nalyd walks over to her. "Cindy," he says, "We udnerstand you live here but we need to film here. How about I let you compete?"

"Bring it!" Cindy shouts.

"Dome's" Audition Tape

Dome is on a park bench, glaring at people who laugh at his hair. "Hi, I'm 'Dome.' That isn't my real name, but I like it. It's okay. I am ashamed of my baldness and I would use te money for a wig. And new sandals, because these pink ones are lame." His hat blows off in the wind, and he runs after it.

Dustin's Audition Tape

Dustin is in a dark basement playing what appears to be a Star Wars board game. He slams a piece on the board and exclaims, "I win!" He turns to the camera. "Oh, hi, I didn't see you there. I was just dominating my friends in a mentally challenging-"

"Dude, you lost," a voice says in the background.

Dustin blushes. "Pick me for your show, bye!"

Dyl's Audition Tape

Dyl sits on a park bench while a voice in the background talks. "Dyl is smart, unique, independent, and a freak!" Dyl frowns and runs towards the camera. It falls as Dyl strangles his friend.

Elian's Audition Tape

Elian is lifting five-hundred pound weights. "I'm Elian," she says. "This is my parent's gym. I want to be on your show because I have never been able to really push myself, ever since I've been able to lift five-hundred pounds." She puts the weights down and sits up. "Bring it."

Jacob's Audition Tape

Jacob is on a mountain and waves to the camera. "Hey guys, I'm Jacob, and I am extreme!" He jumps onto a snowboard and speeds down the mountain. "Woo hoo!" he shouts. An avalanche begins and runs Jacob over. "Don't show that," Jacob says to his camera man.

Jaz's Audition Tape

Jaz is on a roller coaster with some friends. "Hi I'm Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz," she says as they go around a loop. "I want to be on yo-o-o-o-our sho-o-o-o-o-ow!" The roller coaster goes up and down repeatedly. "Holy-" she shouts as the camera falls to the ground.

Josh's Audition Tape

Josh is in a gym meditating. "Ow-oom," he chants. He begins floating. He keeps floating, until a string breaks and he falls. "Ouch!" he exclaims in pain. "Did you start recording yet? Now? Now, Now! Hi, I'm Josh. I am a yoga proffesional who believes in meditation and universal peace and love. I think I should be on your show. Watch this." Josh puts his leg behind his head, and a loud pop sound follows. Josh's eyes cross, and a medical teams runs towards him.

Julio's Audition Tape

Julio was bobbing his head up and down as music played in the background. A sparkly sheet was behind him, and he held a microphone. He started singing, "I'm a Barbie Girl! In my Barbie World! Being plastic, life is so fantastic!" He laughs and the music stops. "That is my favorite song. I'm Julio, and I want to be on Total Drama Paradise!"

Lequisha's Audition Tape

"Hey, y'all! Lequisha in da house!" Lequisha says. She is at a coffee shop, drinking a moca lattee. "I think I should be on your show, because I'm good at making friends! I bet you want some sort of lying, cheating rat, but I think that ain't right! Well, call me when you ready."

Lucas's Audition Tape

"Hello, YouTube!" Lucas exclaims. He is sitting in a desk chair and is making a vlog, which he is unaware will end up with TDP producers. "In today's video I am going to try out some dance moves. Lucas does the cabbage patch, disco, and bunny hop, but falls over the desk chair, and out the window.

Martha's Audition Tape

"Hi, I'm Martha," Martha says to the camera. She is in her room, which is a dark shade of pink. "I want to be on your show, and get a boyfriend. I have had thirty-seven failed relationships, and I feel very alone. I think I deserve to win after all the mistakes I've made!"

Philip's Audition Tape

Philip is in a dark street, wearing his straight jacket. "I'm Philip, and I should be in Total Drama Paradise. My doctor says it would be good for me to be sent to a remote location," Philip says. He looks away for a second, then turns red with anger. "And if you don't pick me I'll find you!"

Sam's Audition Tape

Sam sits on her bed in a red bikini and tiara. "I'm Sam and I have lived like a princess all my life," she says. She stands up and stretches then sits down. She mostly want to show off her body. "I want to show my parents that I am all grown up."

Sarah's and Mara's Audition Tape

Sarah and Mara are painting their nails black. "Hi, we're Sarah and Mara and we're BGFFLs," Sarah says.

"Best gothic friends for life," Mara adds. "We want to be on your show."

"We want to buy more black clothes. I'll be right back, I hear my mom calling," Sarah says. She walks away and Mara gets close to the camera.

"Listen," she says, "I also want to be able to get lypo-suction so Sarah and I will be the same size again. Okay, bye."

"The Hobo's" Audition Tape

The Hobo pops out of a trash can with a moldy chicken wing in his mouth. "Please let me on your show!" he exclaims. "I need this! I've been on the street for like ten weeks and look at me! I'm a wreck!" He starts crying. "Please!"

"The Rat's" Audition Tape

The Rat is playing poker with some of his friends, who all look equally untrustworthy. "Hey TDP producers, I'm 'The Rat.' That's my name, don't wear it out. Anyway, cheaters always win. I think I can prove that when I win." A card slips out of The Rat's sleeve and his friends start yelling at him. "Guys, I can explain!" he shouts.

"Ugly's" Audition Tape

Ugly sits on what looks like a bed in a red room. The lens is broken. "Hi, I'm," Ugly says, and the camera's microphone turns off. It comes back on after she introduces herself. "I know I'm kind of ugly, but that isn't why the lense is broken! The camera guy dropped it after he saw me. PLease let me be on your show. I want plastic surgery!"

Veronica's Audition Tape

Veronica is doing a cheer routine. "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Me!" she cheers. "I want to be on your show. My dad wants me to get a job."

The camera cuts to Veronica at a burger joint, and wearing a burger hat. "So if you don't want me to end up here, pick me for your show!" She starts to walk away, but slips on grease.


The Game

Chapter Immunity Eliminated Vote
Chapter One Thrashing Rabbits Philip 6-5
Chapter Two Thrashing Rabbits Martha 6-4
Chapter Three Fighting Ducks Lequisha 5-2-1-1-1-1
Chapter Four Fighting Ducks "The Hobo" 3-3-3-1
Chapter Five Conquering Sloths "Ugly" 2-0
Fighting Ducks
Chapter Six Fighting Ducks Billy 3-2-1
Thrashing Rabbits
Chapter Seven Thrashing Rabbits Sam 2-0
Fighting Ducks
Chapter Eight Fighting Ducks "Dome" 3-2
Conquering Sloths
Chapter Nine Thrashing Rabbits Mara 3-2-1
Conquering Sloths
Chapter Ten Conquering Sloths Sarah 4-1
Thrashing Rabbits
Chapter Eleven Thrashing Rabbits Josh 2-0
Conquering Sloths
Chapter Twelve Elian Dustin 6-4-1
Chapter Thirteen Elian, Jacob Lucas 9-1
Chapter Fourteen Elian Belle 4-4-1
Chapter Fifteen Elian, Cindy, Jacob, Jaz Julio 3-1-0
Chapter Sixteen Cindy Veronica 4-3
Chapter Seventeen Cindy, Elian, "The Rat" Jaz 3-3
Chapter Eighteen Cindy Jacob 3-0-0
Chapter Nineteen Dyl, "The Rat" Cindy 3-1
Chapter Twenty Dyl "The Rat" 2-1
Finale Jury Vote Elian 5-4

Voting History

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Jury vote (Winner)
Dyl Philip Martha Mara Sarah Josh Veronica Lucas Jaz "The Rat" Veronica Jaz Jacob Cindy "The Rat" Winner
Elian Philip Lucas "The Rat" Jacob Veronica Lucas Jaz "The Rat" Veronica Jaz Jacob Cindy "The Rat" Runner-up
"The Rat" Lequisha "The Hobo" "Ugly" "Dome" Dustin Lucas Belle Julio Elian Dyl Elian Cindy Elian Dyl
Cindy "The Hobo" Julio Billy Julio Dustin Lucas Jaz "The Rat" Veronica Jaz Jacob Elian Elian
Jacob Lequisha "The Hobo" "Ugly" "Dome" Veronica Lucas Veronica Veronica Veronica Dyl "The Rat" Elian
Jaz Philip Lucas Mara Sarah Belle Dustin Lucas Belle Julio Elian Dyl Elian
Veronica Mara "The Rat" Billy Julio Dustin Lucas Belle Julio Elian Elian
Julio Lequisha "The Rat" Sam Sam Dustin Lucas Belle "The Rat" Dyl
Belle Philip Martha Sarah Sarah Josh Veronica Lucas Jaz Dyl
Lucas Belle Martha "The Rat" "Dome" Dustin "The Rat" Dyl
Dustin Lequisha "The Hobo" Veronica Sam "The Rat" Dyl
Josh Belle Martha Mara Sarah Belle
Sarah Cindy "The Rat" Josh Belle
Mara Dustin Julio Josh
"Dome" Belle Martha "The Rat" Jacob
Sam Jacob Julio Billy Julio
Billy Belle Martha Sam
"Ugly" Philip Lucas "The Rat"
"The Hobo" Lequisha Mara
Lequisha Jacob
Martha Philip Lucas
Philip Belle
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