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There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
Total Drama Paradise Cove is the first competition in Phyneo's main canon.After Season 4, Chris McLean takes a new cast of twenty-four teens, age sixteen, to compete in a new season of Total Drama. They will have to face insane, lethal challenges at a rundown deserted campgrounds in a cove. The camper who out plays and out lasts the rest will walk away with.... 100,000 dollars.



The Host: Chris Mclean

Co-Host: Chef Hatchet


Abby: (The Party Girl)- Everyone knows that when Abby enters the room, the party starts. Known for her dance skills and fun attitude, Abby is one of the popular kids at her school. Her life motto is to treat life as one big party. What does she plan to do with her winnings? Throw a giant party!

Ashley: (The Flirt)- Ashley is used to attention... especially from the guys at her school. The guys would do anything for her, ranging from her homework to her chores. She enjoys having those guys around, but she hasn't found "the one." She joins Total Drama in hopes that she will meet the perfect guy.... otherwise she would settle for the million.

Austin: (The Daredevil)-Ever since Austin was five, he has been in 17 life-threatning accidents. And he came out of all of them unscathed. And these events are minor compared to what mischief he and his friends get into. Although he acts tough on the outside, he is really a softy with the thirst for adventure. He plans to win and use the money to create killer stunts for his enjoyment.

Ben: (The Narcissist)- I dare you to ask one thing the Ben likes more than himself. Cause thats all he loves... himself. He plans to use the grand prize to help those who he deems "unworthy to be in his gaze."

Brandon: (The Mechanic)- Ever since Brandon was seven he has always had a interest in cars. Nowadays, he rarely leaves his beloved car's side. Unfortunatly, he comes with a huge ego and belives to be better than others. He tends to pick fights over nothing and plans to win the prize to futher increase his car collection.

Brendan: (The Silent Flame)- Brendan has never enjoyed being in the spotlight... he has always prefered the backrow. Dispite being small in stature, he can be mean when he wants to with his mouth. He is known for his sarcastic remarks and fiery temper which make even the bullies tread around him. He signed up for Total Drama to help him overcome his anti-socialism.

Brianna: (The Stereotypical Blonde)- Brianna is attactive, there is no denying that. But what she has in looks, she severly lacks in brains. She plans to win to prove that blondes aren't dumb as everyone believes.

Chrissy: (The Optimistic Chick)-Chrissy has never once had a really bad day in her life. She enjoys life and she shows it when leading her fellow cheerleaders. Although cheerfull, she can be simpleminded at times and easily fooled. She joins Total Drama to win the Grand Prize and donate it to a worthy cause.

Cody: (The Relaxed Guy)-Cody only wants looks forward to two things in life; relax in his hamock with his girl and ride his skateboard. He dosen't care what life throws at him and he plans to win to make life even less stressful with servants.

Conner: (The Super Fan)-Conner is nuts. He loves anything nerdy... the more nerdy the better. He can go from sprouting random Stars Strife to playing with his vast amounts of Legoz. He can't sit still for more than minute as he has to do something at every given moment. He plans to use his winnings to recreate the final battle in Stars Stife Episode III.

Danielle: (The Sassy One )-Danielle has always caused trouble. Growing up being grounded was a common routine. However it usually failed as she managed to leave the house anyways. She is know for her attitude and plans to win Total Drama to help pay of her debt she owes the school after "the prom incident."

Emily: (The Shy Artist)- Emily likes to draw animals and "attractive things." She may not be the most social, but she can't turn down someone in need. She believes that she has no chance to win , but if she did, she would add her own art studio in her backyard.

Gabe: (The Music Loving Dude)- Gabe loves his music. His Ipep contains over 9,000 songs, he is a section leader in his choir, and his singing... well, he sucks at singing. However, he dosen't let that stop him and he plans to use his winnings to help other schools launch a better Arts program.

Jason: (TheDevious Schemer)- Jason has a way with people. It could be the fact that he is very persuasive or the fact that he plans two steps ahead of everyone else. All in all, he is a very devious person who plans to do whatever it takes to get the prize. He has multiple plans on how he is going to use the prize money to manipulate others for his own gain.

Jeanne: (The Girl without a Clue)- There has been a recurring joke in Jeanne's school... she dosen't have a clue whats going on around her. Easily confused and distracted, Jeanne finds happiness in her school choir and plans to win Total Drama to... she forgot what she would do...

Jordan: (The Overbearing Athlete)- Jordan loves his sports. He is captain of his school's Football and Baseball team. However, he did not get those spots on talent alone. His intimidating features scared off all of his rivals. He loves to take charge and boss others around. He plans to win to se the prize money to bribe... er... help him get sought out by College recruiters.

Katie: (The Jockette with a Heart)- Katie is a serious athlete. Rival schools tremble in fear when forced to play her. Although she loves a good challenge, she would never think to cheat in any competition. She values fair play and friendship. She plans to win Total Drama and help her school remodel their gymnasium.

Kyle: (The Loner)- Kyle likes to keep to the shadows and away from the others. Although his parents tried everything to get him to open up... nothing worked. Since he travels with an air of mystery, no one knows whats hidden beneath. For all we know, is that he has done more thinking than everyone else put together...

Maddie: (The Sweet Girl)- Maddie loves her friends and they love her. She is sweet on everyone and trys to treat everyone with respect. She enjoys working at the local daycare where the kids simply adore her. If she wins, she plans to use the money to help support her local church.

Matt: (The Soccer Star)- Matt enjoys playing soccer. He always is seen with his trademark red soccer ball. He is known for his gift with his strong feet. He is quick to anger over the fact that many people prefer foorball over scoccer. He plans to win Total Drama to constuct a new soccer field in his town and improve its popularity.

Nicole: (The Friendly Klutz)- Nicole is always causing accidents. She is massivly duckfooted, which causes her to stumble and cause trouble. Despite being a klutz, she enjoys hanging with her friends and plans to win Total Drama to help support her future education.

Shauna: (The Cool Gal)- Shauna is the definition of cool. She is hot, funny, smart, hot, nice.... did we forget to mention hot? She is infamous in her school for her abilty to make the teacher's to forget to assign homework. She joined Total Drama just because it looked interesting.

Shelby: (The Attention Magnet)- Shelby was born to be on the stage. However, to her... life is one big drama and the spolight needs to be on her at every moment. Although she can be annoying, she is rather brainy at times. She plans to use the prize money to spend watching broadway musicals.

Warren: (The Down-to-Earth)- Warren main drive in life is to protect the Earth. Whether he is helping grow trees or recyling, he is always busy helping nature. His main plan is to gain fame from competing and use that fame to help raise enviromental awareness.

The Theme Song

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine,

(camera goes through the woods and passes by the cabins, then flies into the lake)''

You guys are on my mind.

(Matt is struggling to swim and grabs his soccer ball to float to the surface)''

You asked me what I wanted to be,

(Ben is in a canoe and looking at his reflection and jumps back, throwing the oar in the process, in surprise as Matt surfaces)''

And now I think the answer is plain to see,

(The oar hits Jordan in the face and Katie is shown to be jogging)''

I wanna be famous.

(Katie runs past Emily who is drawing until Danielle jumps out of the bushes scaring her)''

I want to live close to the sun,

(Warren and Cody is shown floating down the river in inner tubes, but start to panic as they go over the waterfall)'

Well, pack your bags 'cause I've already won.

(As Cody and Warren fall down the waterfall, Shauna is shown running from Gabe's bad singing)''

Everything to prove, nothing in my way,

(Brendan is playing table tennis with Chrissy, but he hits the ball at Brandon's face.)''

I'll get there one day.

(Conner is playing with his legos outside, but Brendan is thrown out the window and onto the legos, knocking them over. )''

Cause, I want to be famous!

(Conner begins to chase Brendan in a rage, while Jason and Ashley are shown laughing at them)''

Nanana'nanaana nana nana

(Maddie is seen jumping off the dock and Kyle is seen sitting on a chair and pushes the camera away)''

I want to be, I want to be; I want to be famous

(Brianna is seen putting make-up on but is interrupted as Abby's dancing bumps into her)''

I want to be, I want to be; I want to be famous

(Brianna begins to scream while Abby's dancing causes one of her sandals to fly off and hit Brianna in the face)''

(Whistling: I wanna be, I wanna be famous)

(Nicole and Austin are smiling and leaning towards each other until Shelby pushes them aside to get the camera's attention. The camera pans out showing the campers, Chris, and Chef are whistling around the campfire)''



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Episode I: Welcome to Paradise...NOT (PART 1)

Posted on 7/30/2012

Dramatic music is played as the sun slowly rises. There are birds chirping, bear cubs wrestling in a meadow. The camera then focuses on a man who is standing on a dock... that man is... Chris Mclean.

"Ah...a new season! I mean can you believe it! It looks like time does fly when your having fun," Chris says as he wipes a tear from his eye. "And as you may have noticed, We are no longer at Camp Wawawnakwa. Thanks to a certain organization... we were forced to evacuate and set up premise here... in this deserted cove. Luckly, Chef and the interns were able to add... our special touch to this place!"

Off in the distance, a roar can be heard as a birds flee from a tree. "Ah... it feels like home... anyway, this season were bringing a new cast of 24 teens to compete for a 100,000 dollars! Here they will compete in... nevermind you guys know the drill. Who will win the cash? What deadly challenges do the campers face? Where are they now? When will Chef learn how to cook a decent meal? Why am I asking you when you really don't know? These questions and many more will be answer right now on... Total....Drama....Paradise....Cove!

(Theme Song plays)

Chris is then seen relaxing in a chair on the dock humming the theme song. "Oh... were back," he mumbles as he gets up, putting on his happy face. "Anyway here comes our first of many campers," he exclaims as a boat stops at the dock and a girl jumps onto the dock. She is small in stature and her short brown hair is tied into pigtails. She notices Chris and hurrys to him.

"Shelby... hows it hanging?" Chris asked. Shelby was hesitant to speak as she was moving to get close to the camera. "Oh its going swell Chris... you really are short in person."

Chris became annoyed but ignored it by replying, "er... thanks... well you can wait over there." Shelby grabbed her suitcases, which were thrown down to her, and moved over to the side as the next boat pulled up.

"And here is Katie," Chris said with more enthusiam. Katie is shown walking toward Chris. She is about a head taller than Chris and her brown hair reaches her mid section. Her walk shows that she is confident. "Chris Mclean, nice to meet you! Thank you for moving locations! It would have sucked to do challenges in that toxic island."

Chris nodded and "And here comes Kyle!" Kyle walks toward Chris, wearing nothing but black. He walks right by Chris muttering the words, "this is going to suck."

Chris nervously continues, *Okay... moving on... lets give a warm welcome to Abby* Abby backflips off of the boat, but lands on her face. "I'm alright people! Happens to me all the time*

Grinning, Chris says "Good... cause we most unfortunatly have a lack of efficient medical services." Abby then walks up to Kyle and says "Hey dude! You look like the life of the party!" Kyle responds with a grunt and moves away from Abby.

" And its the one the only... it's Brianna!" Brianna walks toward Chris, her blonde hair flowing in the breeze. "Hi Chris! I'm ready to compete in season 5," she exclaims while holding up seven fingers. Everyone starts chuckling, except for Kyle.

Chris shrugs and says " Five down... a lot more to go... and here comes Jason!* Jason arrives as he takes off his sunglasses and reveals to have brown eyes. He walks by Chris and merely saying, "Chris," and stands next to Brianna.

Chris says "well... you guys are certainly an active bunch... HEY!" Chris stumbles as a red soccerball hits him in the face! "DUDE! WATCH THE HAIR!"

The kid says, "Sorry man... I just had to kick my favorite ball! I'm Matt by the way... and I'm going to go get it!" Matt runs off looking for his soccerball.

Chris, rubbing his hair, says, "alright and lets me proudly introduce.... Gabe" A large kid with the appearance similar to Sam walks to Chris. "Chris Mclean.... it's an honor to meet you." Gabe says as he shakes Chris's hand.

Chris says, " Finally... some appreciation! Thank you Gabe... you can go stand next to...uh... Shelby!" Gabe stands next to Shelby and waves to her, but she ignores it because shes focused on the camera. "And continuing on... Heres... Cody!"

Cody walks to Chris, his red hair looking like he was on fire, yawns as he says, "Sup Chris... I'm kinda tired... so I;m gonna take a nap..." Cody then walks over next to the luggage pile and takes a nap."

"Must have had a long night.... and look who it is... its Nicole! Nicole walks toward Chris, but trips over her own feet and falls on toop of Cody. Cody yells and pushes Nicole into the water.

Chris laughing says "now that's one way to make an entrance"

Nicole(CONF) Okay... that is not how I wanted to make my entrance.... I hope me being a klutz dosen't harm anyone...(END-CONF) NIcole climbs out of the water and stands next to Jason.

Chris begins to pace... " Alight... they should be here by now... oh wait here is one right now... it's Brendan!

Brendan hops off the boat, grinning! "Sup Chris? Names Brendan!"

Chris nods and says here come to more! It's Maddie and Emily! Maddie hoops off first and says "Hey everyone! I know were gonna be great friends by the end of this season!" The camera then shows Kyle, Jason, and Katie looking wierdly at Maddie. Emily then hops of the boat and gasps, "this place is beautiful!" She sits down and begins to draw the landscape!

Chris says "okay people lets give a warm welcome to Jeanne!" Jeanne walks toward Chris with a confused look on her face. "I thought this place had... um... toxic...?"

Chris grins and says, "Sorry Jeanne but your a whole season behind! Go stand next to Maddie!" Jeanne follows instruction as another camper appears. "And this everyone is Conner.

Conner jumps of the boat and hurrys over to Chris...twitching. "Hey man... you don't happen to have any legos on you?" Chris, nervously says " but there might be some..." But he is cut off as Conner already scampered off. "Okay? Anyway thats Conner.... and heres Jordan.

A tall muscular kids jumps down from the boat. However, due to his build, he makes a hole right in the dock and falls through. "Argh!!! Crappy cheap wood," Jordan exclaims as he swims toward shore.

"I love this show," Chris says endearingly "and here is Warren!" Warren steps off the boat and takes a look around, "man am I glad that this place isn't a toxic dump like what you did to that poor island last season."

"Hey dude I like the idea from last season," Chris said angrily! Anyway here comes Danielle!

Danielle jumps of the boat and begins to look around with a disgusted look. "Were staying here? This place sucks with a capital S!" Chris retaliates by saying, "you should've read the fine print! Anyways look alive people cause here are our next two contestants... Shauna and Ashley!

Shauna and Ashley both walk toward Chris, with all the guys looking at them.

Matt(CONF) Now those two are what I call some fine lookin ladies... hehe (END-CONF)

The two girls wave to the guys who in turn wave gently back. Shauna then says, "Hey guys! I'm Shauna! And this here is Ashley!" Ashley then says " oh dear.... who will help me carry my stuff?" Quickly Gabe and Matt hurry over and carry her suitcases.

"Were nearing the end people... and here comes Brandon, Chrissy, and Ben! One camper walks right past Chris while looking at a mirror. Chris has a blank look on his face and says"er... that's Ben."

The other guy speaks to Chrissy, "talk about being full of yourself, I'm Brandon by the way." The girl nervously responds, "I'm Chrissy, nice to meet you Brandon!

Chris interrupts them saying,"I hate to break this pairing up... but our final camper has arrived! Austin!

Austin it shows is riding jetskis, when he collides with some rocks. He is flung into the air and lands on the dock! "Yes not even a scratch! He looks down and sees that he landed on Nicole. "Oh crap... I'm sorry," He says as he helps her up" Nicole replys, "Its okay." The look at each other and while blushing, the slyly smile at each other. The camera then moves to Jason who is watching them like a hawk.

Jason(CONF) An attraction this early in the game? Anyways, everyone is going to be buddy-buddy now, until the real games begin. And so I just need to find a couple of suckers to be my shield as I put my plans into action!

Clearing his throat, Chris says, "all right everyone... its time for your tour! Follow me!" The cast follows Chris as he leads them to the cabins. "Alright you guys should know that the cabins are seperated by teams. Speaking of which here are your teams..." Dramatic music is played.

Brandon, Conner, Katie, Maddie, Brendan, Cody, Shelby, Brianna, Matt, Gabe, Chrissy, and Jeanne are now the Screaming Campfires. Ashley, Shauna, Austin, Kyle, Emily, Nicole, Jordan, Warren, Danielle, Abby, Ben, and Jason are now the Raging Waters.

Jordan snorted replying, "very original team names Chris!"

Chris glared at Jordan before continuing. "And now you guys may unpack your stuff and meet me at the mess in one hour!" He then makes his departure as the campers entered their new homes...

In the Screaming Campfire's cabin, the guys began to unpack their possesions. "So," Brendan started off awkwardly. "How everyone doing?"

Matt responded first by saying, "Hey its awsome to be here at Camp Paradise Cove!"

Cody laughs and says, "yeah thank goodness were not at that toxic wastezone... I heard that the place has become so dangerous that the government is gonna blow the place up!"

Gabe gasps. "Really? But what about all the mutant animals?"

Cody shrugs and says, "I don't know! Do I look like a government agent to you?"

Brandon, who has been sitting in a chair in the corner, speaks up, "They probably took the animals to some military base and begun doing experiments on them... you know like cutting them up and removing their brains and limbs and..."

Brendan interupts him saying, "Dude really? Can't we talk about something else?

Brandon, glares at Brendan while the boys begin talking about their homes. Meanwhile, Conner enters the cabin carrying a very large brown suitcase. When he drops it, the cabin shakes.

Cody jumped in fright and angrily says, "Dude! What do you have in there?"

Conner, shrugs, then mutters, "My collection!" He opens the suitcase up revealing a mountain of legos streaming out of the case. The rest of the guys scream as they are covered by legos. Meanwhile, the camera then moves to the female cabin of the Raging Waters.

Shuana is shown to be looking out of the window at the Campfire's cabin. She chuckles, "Looks like the boys are bonding already!" "Speaking of which... anyone interested in meeting our boys?"

Ashley gets up and says, "Sure! I haven't seen any real action today! Bring on the boys!"

Abby perks up from her bed and says, "OH Yeah! Party!" She leaps from the top bunk and races out the door. Shauna and Ashley stare at each other, then follow Abby!

Nicole says, "Wait for me guys." She hurrys toward the door, but it slammed into her face. She falls beck and groans.

Meanwhile, Chris is watching from a remote location. "Whoa... brutal" Well this is our new cast... nothing real spectatcular... but just you wait until the real drama sinks in! What brutal challenges lies ahead? Find out next time right here at Total Drama Paradise Cove!

Episode II: Welcome to Paradise...NOT (PART 2)

"Last time on Total Drama... we met our new 24 competitors. Some we happy to be here, others...not so much... looking at you Kyle! Anyways, some campers began to make friends...while others were crushed by legos. So what nasty smelling first challenge awaits? Find out right know on Total Drama Paradise Cove!

(Theme Song Plays)

The show opens to a raccoon looking through a garbage can until a bang is heard! The raccoon flees into the woods as Chef throws Jason out of the Kitchen.

“No one is allowed in MY kitchen Boy!!! Do you understand,” Chef yelled at Jason!

Jason stood up and brushed the mud off his shirt. “Yes…whatever Chef,” Jason said while rolling his eyes. (CONF) Geez Chef needs to take a chill pill…anyways what I was doing in there? None of your business cause all will be revealed in time!”

The camera shows the rest of the contestants standing around the campfire. Bits of random conversations are heard as Jason walks up next to Austin. Austin is shown grinning. Jason says, “What are you so happy about?”

Austin replies, “huh…nothing. Just excited for are first challenge!”

Jason looks across the fire to see Nicole blushing and looking away from them. “Right…Whatever you say dude.”

The conversations stop as dramatic music plays. As it suddenly stops….Chris appears in a cloud of smoke, leaving the nearby campers coughing.

Chris gives his usual grin as he happily says, “Guess what losers? CHALLENGE TIME!”

As he finishes, he begins to chuckle evilly making the other contestants look nervously at each other. “Follow me to the beach everyone!”

(CONF) Brendan is shown lying against the wall saying, “Great… our first challenge. Hopefully it isn’t one of Chris’s usual lethal challenges…

(CONF) Jordan is seen jogging in place, “Come on Chris! Bring your worse! Back home I practically carried my football team to state! I can handle anything!

(CONF) Chrissy is sitting and saying, “My first challenge! Anyway I feel confident about my team winning! I mean the guys seem decent and…er…most of the girls are fine… except her!

A flashback is shown as the girls are chatting until screaming is heard. It then zooms to Brianna screaming! The rest of the Campfire girls rush over!

Chrissy hurries to Brianna’s side! “What is it Brianna,” she asked urgently?

Brianna says somberly, “I learned something tragic…”

Maddie says, “What is it?”

Brianna whispers, “There is…no hairdryers in this place!”

Jeanne gasps. “No! You’re joking?”

As Brianna shakes her head, it shows Maddie and Chrissy staring confused at each other while Katie hits her head.

Then it returns to the game where it shows the campers following Chris as he leads them to the beach. A seagull is shown landing on a flagpole as the beach is shown with several wooden structures with slingshots in them.

Chris says, “Can anyone guess what is in store?”

Conner walks over and begins to poke a slingshot. “It’s one of those thingies at carnivals… you know one of those water balloon launchers.

Chris, “Correct! This “thingy” is part one of today’s challenge in which I dub… Toxic Wars!

Jeanne gasps, “What? We’re doing toxic themed challenges like the first season?”

Chris stares blankly at her. “Um… no…we had some left over waste from last season and we couldn’t resist! Today we have 8 toxic balloons filled with goop. Each team will have a group of three gets one balloon and teams will take turns launching them at the opposing team. The team that has the most of their own balloons hit the other team wins an advantage in part two!”

Emily asks, “Um… how toxic are these balloons?”

Chucking, Chris replies, “I don’t know… nothing bad happened to the interns we tested them on… at least not yet.” “And let’s get this show on the road! Screaming Campfire’s your taking your shots first! Raging Waters stand on those targets! And remember...don't get off the targets!"

As the Raging Waters line up, Ben mentions, “Never fear team! You guys are lucky that you are fortunate enough to have the greatest player of all time!

Austin coughs and cynically says, “Really? You know who it is? Oh…you were talking about yourself! My bad!”

Ben glares at him while Nicole giggles. Austin grins while Jason bumps his arm. “Nice one man! Say you know what Austin! I think I can help you win Nicole over,” Jason whispers to Austin.

Austin whispers back, “Really? You would help me?”

Jason nods, “Yes! Besides…you’ve seen our competition. You and I should team up! And just for you…I will as Nicole if she wants to join up! What do you say?”

Looking over at a smiling Nicole, Austin says, “Jason…you got yourself a deal!

As Jason opens his mouth to reply, Chris says “All right campers! We are doing groups alphabetically so...Brandon, Brendan, and Brianna your up first!

As the three run up to slighsot, Brandon says, "Okay guys... I will be doing the launching because you guys don't look that you guys hold the slingshot."

Brandon gets into position and Brianna grabs one handle while Brendan grunts then grabs to other handle! Pulling back, Brandon releases the sling and the balloon flies into the air...and hits the seagull. The other team laughs and Brendan mutters,"Nice one...maybe you should learn to actually mean what you say?" As Brendan and Brianna walk backto a disapointed team, Brandon glares at Brendan.

(CONF) Brandon is shown sitting. "What is up with that Brendan kid! I mean he isn't supportive and he is annoying! Worst team...

(CONF) "Player ever! Always acting like he is so important! Ha! The dudes done if he keeps up that attitude," Brendan angrily says!

The camera then shows Chrissy and Conner holding the handles while Cody starts to pull back. "And get on the scoreboard,"Cody says happily!

As Conner yells, "FIRE," Cody releases the sling and the balloon flies into the sky! The balloon disappears into the clouds...until it lands on top of...Ben. Ben begins to run around, screaming his head off as the green goop flows down his face! "HELP! Somebody help! My beautiful face...It burns!"

Then it shows Chris and Chef laughing their heads off . Chris wipes some tears from his eyes and says, "How long you think its going to take him to realize its green food coloring?" Chef shrugs and then continue to laugh.

We then see Gabe and Jeanne holding the sling shot and Katie begins to pull back! "All right! Time to fly little guy!"

As she lets go, Jeanne gasps and says blankly, "Wait! Were launching little people now? I wanna see them!" As she turns she lets go of the handle. Because the slingshot is now lopsided, the balloon burst at their feet! All three of them jump back and Katie angrily says, "Jeanne! What was that?"

Jeanne thinks it over then points at the popped balloon. "A balloon!" Her teammates just stare blankly at her, unable to speak. (CONF) Katie is sitting and says, " have been replaced!"

And as they head off to the sidelines, Maddie, Matt, and Shelby walk up to the slingshot. But, first Katie pulls Matt aside! "Dude you gotta hit as many as you can!"

Matt grins and says, "Don't worry Katie! I got this in the bag!" We then see the Maddie and Shelby holding the handles while Matt lets go off the slingshot. The balloon flies and lands on Kyle. Showing no fear, Kyle touches his hand on the "goop" and sighs.

Chris says, "All right teams switch positions! The Raging Waters have a lot to compete with! They have to hit more than two poeple to win part one of todays challenge! The Raging Waters cheer while the Screaming Campfires groan.

Abby and shown holding the handles while Austin pulling back on the slingshot! He lets go and it fies into the sky. The camera then zooms over the Matt who kicks his soccer ball up that hits the balloon and both land nowhere near the targets! Austin angrily burst out, "What was that!? Chris he can't use that ball!"

Chris looks up bored, "Sorry. Nothing in the rule book about using soccerballs!" Austin groans.

Danielle and Emily are then holding the handles with Ben pulling back. Ben lets go and the balloon flies into the sky and hits the same pigeon! All of the Raging Waters (except for Kyle) yell, "BEN!"

Standing next to Chris, Chef says, "Ya know... I think the Campfires might actually win this thing?"

Chris, points at Jordan picking up the slingshot and Chef says, "Nevermind."

Jason and Kyle are holding the handles and Jordan lets go of the slingshot. The balloon soars through the sky and lands not on one nor two, but three campers! It explodes and hits Gabe, Conner, and Matt. "And the Raging Waters win part uno! Follow me to our...your next challenge"

The two teams are following Chris to their next unknown destination. Jordan is in the back of group when Jason walks next to him. "Hey man... you saved our butts at that last challenge!"

Jordan grins and says, "Yes I did! Back home I practically have to carry my football team!"

Jason responds with a contemplative look on his face, and says, "You don't say? Well how would you like to join an alliance with Austin and I?

(CONF) "I took a lot of time to think about his offer! I mean it was a very deep question. I couldn't think of the right answer," Jordan says!

"Yes," Jordan says! Jason smiles and responds, "Good choice!"

Chris is shown standing before the campers and begins to explain the next challenge! "Okay kids! You next part of todays challenge you see that island way over there?" Chris points over to it. "You gotta jump from these platforms all the way across! The first team to get all of its members across wins...and the losers get a first class ticket to Elimination! And if you should fall off... you get to start all over again!" Chris begins to laugh evilly, "and...GO!"

We see Jordan and Katie jumping effertlessly across the platforms and reach the island! Jason, Austin, Shauna, and Maddie soon follow. The camera then zooms on Brendan who reaches the halfway point until Brandon jumps on the platform and knocks Brendan into the water. "Sorry dude," Brandon calls out to Brendan while laughing.

Brendan glares and mutters, "jerk!"

He then begins his long swim back to the start. We are shown a timer that shows that the challenge has been going on for twenty minutes and then it zooms to the island where Conner, Chrissy, Warren, Abby, and Danielle made it. Jeanne is shown reaching the shore and happily says, "Yes! I made it!" Then she notices Chris.

"You sure did Jeanne! You reached the begining!" Jeanne growns and begins to jump...again.

Brandon, Matt, Nicole, Ashley, Gabe, Emily, Cody, Brendan, and Shelby are shown to finish in that order. Only two for each team remain...Brianna and Jeanne for the Screaming Campfires and Ben and Kyle for the Raging Waters. Jason is shown to be worried. (CONF) It looked like the odds were in our favor...but this challenge reavealed who our teams weakest links were! I don't like Ben...and I don't trust Kyle! So its time for the Waters to say goodbye to one of them!

Jason looks and sees Emily drawing. He walks over and says, "Man Emily..dosen't the water look very nice? I'm sure you could draw a wonderful picture of it "

Emily looks at Jason and replies, "Why yes the water does?! I didn't know that you were into art Jason?"

"What can I say... I'm a man with many interests! But, dosen't the water just sparkle...why its very reflective!"

Ben, who is one platform from reaching the island, hears Jason and says, "Whoa...the water is very reflective!" He bends over and looks at his reflection. Jordan yells, "Dude! Come on your right there!"

"In a second! I gotta fix my hair first!" As Ben fixes his hair, Kyle jumps onto the same platform and pushes Ben to get him to move. Ben angrily pushes Kyle off into the water. Meanwhile Brianna and Jeanne have reached the island!

Chris arrives via helicopter and says, "And the winners are...the Screaming Campfires! Raging Waters I am seeing you at elimination tonight! And by the way...enjoy your swim back!"

As he finishes, the platforms sink underwater. The campers start to grumble and swim back to the cove.

Later at the elimination ceremony, there are 12 stumps circling around a campfire. Chris is standing next to the flame as the Raging Waters walk up! "Okay here this is how its going down this season! You all will head to the confessional and cast your vote. Then I will begin to hand out....(dramatic pause) marshmellows! The person who does not receive a marshmellow... gets a free ride on the Boat of Losers! Now get to it!

After everyone casts their votes, Chris is shown reading them. "Really? guys are so predictable! Well lets get started...Tonight's marshmellows go to...Ashley, Nicole, Austin, Shauna, Jordan, Abby, Emily, Warren, Danielle, and Jason. Ben and Kyle...this is the last marshmellow... and it goes to...

...............Kyle." Chris throws the marshmellow to Kyle while Ben stands up and looks at his team in disgust. "Really!? You guys realize you voted off your best player! I was your only hope!" He walks away and boards the Boat of Losers and it heads off into the distance. Then it shows Chris standing on the dock.

"And Ben was the first of many losers. Which of the remaining campers is going to join him? Find out next time on TOTAL.........DRAMA.........PARADISE.........COVE!"

Episode 3: Drama's Got Talent

"Last time on Total Drama Paradise Cove. Ah..the first challenge! Here many campers showed us there great slingshot skills, others...not so much. And later, they had to jump from many platforms for the win! When things were looking great for the Raging Waters, someone's choice of words cost them the win. In the end, Ben was the first of many to ride the Boat of Losers. Who will rise to stardom? Who will just plain suck? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

(Theme Song plays)

The show opens up to a peacefull scene. A loon is gliding across the lake...until a tentacle drags it under the surface. Meanwhile at the camp, a scream is heard. We see inside the Raging Waters's cabin, were Emily is frantically searching for something. Nicole wakes up and says, "Emily whats wrong?"

"My drawing book! It's gone," Emily responds, the fear showing on her face!

Nicole gets out of her bed and helps her look for it. Danielle gets up and looks out the window. "Oh Emily! Is that it...stuck to the speaker?"

Emily gasps and races out of the cabin with Nicole and Danielle right behind. As she reaches the speaker, Emily begins to climb the pole. Nicole then wonders out loud, "How did it get stuck up there?"

She then turns and looks at Danielle who is silently laughing. (CONF) Danielle is laughing. "Okay so I stuck her little coloring book up there. So what! I just wanted some early morning entertainment..."

As Emily reaches the speaker and grabs the book, the other campers begin to wake up. Emily grabs her book and shouts, "Yes!"

However, the speaker turns on an Emily let's go in surprise! As she lands on the ground, Chris's voice is heard saying, "Good Morning campers! Time for today's challenge! Meet me in the middle of the woods in 10 minutes!"

The campers are then shown walking towards the center of the woods. Chrissy asks Brendan, "So what do you think today's challenge is going to be?"

Brendan starts to respond, but Brandon budges in front of him. Oblvious to Brendan's glaring, Brandon says, "I don't know...but knowing Chris, its gonna be something pointless and stupid."

"Oh come on...they all can't be that bad Brandon," Chrissy says while playfully punches his arm!

Brandon laughs and says, "Your right! Their not so bad because I get to spend time with you."

Chrissy smiles and looks away as she blushes. Brendan rolls his eyes and enter Conners and Matt's conversation about breakfast!

"So did Chris forget about breakfast or something," Matt asks?

Conner responds by saying, "Thats probably todays challenge! Seeing who can last the longest before they fall to the evil strength of...starvation!"

Eventually, the campers reach Chris. "All right campers! Today's challenge is going to be a season one throwback...A Talent Contest!"

Seeing that no one looks happy about this, except for Shelby, sho stands up and cheers. (CONF) "I signed up for Total Drama for one reason! And that is for everyone to now who Shelby Johnson is!"

"Thank you Shelby! This time...were doing things a little differently. Each team gets one hour to learn what talents you losers posess. Once the hour is up, you each will vote for you favorite talent. I will then draw from those votes to determine which three campers will represent your team in contest. There, you will be judged by our own Chef Hatchet! The team with the higher score shall win today's challenge. up the ante...we decided to add special housing for the team who wins each challenge. This is what you are fighting for!"

Next to the stage, three trees are knocked down, scattering many birds into the sky. Hidden behin the trees was a building similar looking to the Toxic Rat's original cabin before it exploded.

"This is the Recreational Center! Here the winning team can relax and enjoy time away from their crappy cabins! So you know what to do and what your playing for...and your hour starts...NOW!"

As Chris says this, the two teams run off, with Nicole tripping on the bleachers and Jeanne running with the wrong team. "Well this should be interesting! What hidden talent do these campers have? Find out after the break!"

After the break, The Raging Waters are shown sitting around the campfire. Austin stands up and says, "Okay guys...who here has any good talent?"

Danielle whispers to Shauna, "Oh we all know Nicole's talent...seeing how many times she can fall down!" Both girls break into giggles as Nicole looks hurt. (CONF) "What a bunch of imature girls...I can't help it if I'm a's in my nature!"

Jason says, "I'm pretty good in the kitchen! I could go make us something right know!" Austin nods and Jason heads off to the kitchen...

Shauna says, "Back home I recken I'm one of the better bullriders. But there don't seem to be any bulls around here.

Warren, "Your right...and I'm a really great Plant Whisperer!" He bends down to talk to a sapling. "Hey there little guy...hows life?"

Jordan is shown scratching his head in confusion while Austin says, "I wonder how the Campfires are doing?"

It then shows the Campfire's outside the mess hall, where Gabe is singing to them. Their faces are in awe as Gabe finishes.

"Dude! That was amazing," Madde exclaims!

Gabe blushes and say, "Oh it was nothing...but I am famished can I go get something to eat?"

Brandon says, "Of course dude! Anything to help you prepare for tonight!"

As the rest of the Campfire's nod in agreement, Jason is shown to be watching them from the mess hall. (CONF) "Of course I left my team to spy on them! Cause once I'm done with dosen't matter what talent is one my team cause their going to lose!"

Jason is shown to be behind the counter as Gabe enters. "Oh hey Gabe! You look hungry? Is there anything you want me to get you?"

Gabe replies, "Sure Jason! Is there any types of salad back there?"

"Yes there is...give me one second to get it!"

Jason comes through the door holding a salad bowl and sets it down next to Gabe. As Gabe begins to eat, his chewing begins to slow down and Jason begins to itch his hand.

Gabe begins to itch his own throat and begins to talk, "What kind of salad is this?" But what comes out is a horrible retching sound. Jason cringes and looks at the remains of the salad.

"DUDE...I think Chef switched the salad with poison ivy!" Gabe gasps and runs away in terror. (CONF) Jason is shown laughing, holding a bag with posion ivy in it. "Chef did...I really dosen't matter"

As Jason returns to his team, he asks Austin, "Is there any good talent?" Austin shakes his head sadly and Chris's voice is heard.

"Okay campers time to vote on who you would like to compete in the contest"

Back at the stage, Chris is shown holding a hat. " this hat are all of your votes! And...our lucky contestants are... After the break!" The screen blackens as the campers groan.

"Okay were back! And as I was saying our lucky contestants...are...for the RagingWaters...Emily....Ashley...and... Nicole!"

Nicole and Emily both groan. "And for the Screaming Campfires...Matt, Brandon, and Gabe!" The Campfire's cheer and Gabe slumps in his seat!

Chris stands behind a podium and says, "All right...ladies first" Emily walked onto the staged, shaking like a wet dog.

"Um are you okay," Chris asked? Emily nodded and began to talk.

"My talent are some of my better drawings...." She pauses and takes a deep breath. (CONF) " I have stage bad can it be?"

Emily begins to describe her drawings...however in her fear...she begins to vomit all over the stage and the rest of the campers are grossed out.

Chris groans and says, "Great...just wonderful.. anyway lets see what Chef rates your drawings...four...okay Ashley your next!" He pushes Emily off the stage and Ashley walks on.

"Er...Chris...aren't you going to clean this mess up?"


Ashley grimaced and said, "My talent is...being hot!" All the guys cheer and Chris grinning says, "Whoa...bold move lets see what Chef thinks of your...talent...nine! Pretty good...and that leaves us with Nicole.

Nicole nervous manuevers around the vomit. Austin calls out, "You got this Nicole!"

Nicole takes a deep breath and says, " all know me as a I'm going o balance on this balance beam for 30 minutes." And she gets on top of the beam and begin to balance.

30 minutes later and Nicole jumps off and says in excitement, "I actually did it!"

"Congrats Nicole...but since your talent was lame and not very good for ratings...Chef gave you a three...meaning the Raging Waters have a total of...16 points! Will the Screaming Campfires be able to catch up? Let's start with Matt," Chris said.

Matt is then shown finishing up doing tricks with his soccerball. We then see Chef holding up a card that has a number seven on it. Chris says, "Nice job Matt...and up next is Brandon."

Brandon walks up on the stage followed by two interns who are carrying an engine. Brandon then proudly says, "My talent is fixing old engines!" And he begins to go to work.

As he begins to finish he looks up...and finds Brendan and Chrissy talking and laughing together. He loses his focus and oil hits him in the face. Brendan pipes up, "Ohh...very manly Brandon!" And Brandon growls as everyone laughs.

Chris then shoves Brandon off the stage and says, "All right we got to start wrapping things up here...Brandon got a six and with a total 13...Gabe needs a score higher than three to win!"

The Screaming Campfires cheer while the Raging Waters look depressed as Gabe walks up onto the stage, still itching his throat.

Gabe is standing on the stage in front of a microphone, sweating. And he begins to sing...and out comes the horrible retching sound. Everyone on the bleachers cringe and cover their ears while Chef is heard yelling, "YOU CALL THAT MUSIC? YOU GAIN NOTHING! THE KILLER KIDS WIN! YOU SCREAMING GUYS! YOU LOSE!"

The Screaming Campfires groan and stare daggers at Gabe while the Raging Waters cheer and race toward the Rec. Center!

Around the campfire, Brandon stands before the team saying, "Okay...I will be the first to say that our talents sucked...but we gotta remember that this is only our first elimination! We have to eliminated our weakest link!" As he says this he glares at Brendan, who glares back!

(CONF) Brandon says, "Of course I'm going to vote Brendan off tonight! And not because he talked with Chrissy! No...because he is our weak link!

(CONF) Cody says, "Well..Gabe did lose us the challenge...but then there is our weakest player to think about..."

Later at the elimination ceremony, Chris stands before the Screaming Campfires. "Okay kids...I have 11 marshmellows and there are 12 of you. The person who does not get a marshmellow must head to the new dock of shame and board the Boat of Losers! Well...the people who are not leaving us....are...Chrissy, Cody, Katie, Maddie, Conner, Shelby, Brianna...Matt...and Gabe. Brendan, Brandon, and all recieved votes tonight...and only one of you competed in the show...and the person going home is....

Brendan and Brandon glare at each other while Jeanne stares blankly at Chris...

.......Jeanne." Chris throws the last two marshmellows to Brendan and Brandon.

Jeanne jumps up and cheers, "I Won!!! YEAH!!!"

Chris just stares at her and slowly says, "Er...yes...your prize awaits on the Boat of Losers...that way." He points toward the boat and Jeanne races off to Boat and boards it and it races off into the distance. "And it looks like you guys get to stay for another day...for now."

Meanwhile, at the Rec. Center, Jordan and Austin are playing one-on-one basketball while Jason watches, still itching his hand.

Jordan says to Jason after making a basket, "Come on dude! Come join us cause this place is sweet!"

Jason shakes his head and walks toward the sofa where Nicole is sitting alone. As he heads over there, he dosen't notice Emily watching him from over her book. (CONF) Emily is shown drawing and saying, "Once there was this guy at my school who at poison ivy for a dare...and he made the same sounds that Gabe made tonight! And Jason keeps itching his hand! If this a coincidence or not, I'm going to keep my eye on Jason!"

Nicole looks up as Jason sits next to her, "Jason? What do you want?"

Jason says, "I just wanted to say good job about beating your...problems today on the balance beam...Austin wanted to also wanted me to say congrats from him!"

Nicole looks over at Austin and says, "Well why couldn't he say congratulations to me in person?"

"Because...he dosen't like people to now this...but he is a little bit shy around girls. But I got an idea! How would you like to know Austin on a...deeper level?"

Nicole blushes and replies, "I...would like that...but how could you help?"

"Austin and I...we have an alliance. How would you like to join us and you could get to know Austin better!"

"I would love to join!"

"Excellent!" (CONF) Jason begins to laugh! "And now that I got Romeo and Juliet on my side...those two will be focused on protecting each other that they will do what I want! As for why Jordan is in the alliance...he is my human shield!"

Then Chris is shown on the dock. "Whoa...that kid came with a plan! How will Jason's alliance do? What will become of the Brendan and Brandon conflict? Will Gabe's voice recover? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

Episode IV "Project Camp-Away

"Last time on Total Drama Paradise Cove, the campers held a talent show...and proved that something they lack. Really Nicole? Balancing on a Balance Beam? Anyway the biggest act of the night was supposed to be Gabe and his wonderful singing, but thanks to Jason's sabotage...he became the biggest loser of the show. However, the Screaming Campfires spared him and decided to give Jeanne the boot. Man that girl is clueless. Who going to rock this challenge and who is going to crash and burn? Find out now here on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

(Theme Song plays)

The show opens with the Screaming Campfire's eating breakfast in the mess hall. Gabe is shown still itching his throat. Maddie asks, "I wish we could find out why Gabe's throat just died like that.."

But, she is interupted by sudden shouts of joy as the Raging Waters enter the mess hall. The Screaming Campfire's glare at them as they get their breakfast. Jordan shouts, "That was the best three days ever! Too bad you losers will never get to enjoy the comforts of the Rec. Center."

Jordan then laughs at the Campfires until Brendan throws his plate at Jordan. Jordan gets hit in the face and falls down. Cody then says, "Brendan...please your energy..." Cody sighs and enters a yoga pose.

Emily is eating her food when she suddenly jumps up and screams, "HOT! MY FOOD IS HOT!" She begins to panic with everyone staing at her and Danielle is openly laughing. Jason then gives his waterbottle to her and she takes a big drink.

"'s you!" She then glares at Jason and Danielle and sits back down. Danielle looks at her ith a satisfied smirk while Jason looks at her in confusion. (CONF) "What was that all about? I haven't done anything to her...yet..." Jason said with a smirk.

Nicole sits next to Emily. "Hey Em...its alright," Nicole begins until she is interupted by a yell! They look over and there is Katie holding a lego.

"How many times do we have to tell you Conner...not to leave your legos lying around?"

Conner begins to twitch and says, "Come on Katie give that back! That's a collectible!"

"You help us win today's challenge...and you get your lego back!" (CONF) Katie says, "Sure its a little mean not giving Conner back...but the team really wants the reward!

Before Conner can respond...Chris enters the mess hall. "Ah...tension in the morning...I love it!" He then walks over to stand behind a podium! "Okay maggots! Time for today's challenge. You guys get to go into the woods...and design your own campsite! Each team gets 24 hours to build a camp. However, the woods around here are stocked with lethal try your best not to get eaten. We can not handle another lawsuit! complete this idea of a campsite...I need a volunteer from each team to be the camp supervisor?"

Brandon quickly stands up, "I will do it for my team!"

And Jason stands up and says, "I volunteer Jordan...after all he is a natural leader!" Jordan nods in approvement.

Chris says, "Okay now that that is handled here are maps to your campsites and a bag with some "supplies"...your 24 hours start...NOW!" A whistle is heard and the two teams rush out the door and Brandon and Jordan grab the maps and bags.

The Screaming Campfires are shown running to their campsite. Brandon clears his throat and says, "Okay guys heres the plan! The guys will begin putting up the tent...and the girls will go find food and stuff."

Katie angrily burst out saying, "What are you saying Brandon? That us girls can't do the heve lifting stuff that only you burly men can?"

Brandon turns red but before he can respond, Chrissy says, "He wasn't trying to offend anyone Katie! He just said what he thought would be the most efficent system!"

"OH! Well...sorry bout that Brandon...let's move out girls!" Katie leads the Campfire girls into the woods.

Cody says, "Okay guys let's roll!"

The camera then shows Jordan leading the Raging Waters to their campsite. Jason notices a worried look on his face. "What's up Jordan?"

Jordan whispers, "I've never been camping before..."

"Don't worry man...I can help you led this group!"

"Really thanks dude!"

The team stops at a clearing. Jason clears his throat and says, "Okay are the pairs that Jordan and I thought of. Emily, Warren, Ashley and Kyle will search for edible food. Abby, Shauna, and Danielle will look for firewood. And Jordan, Austin, and Nicole will start making the tent. Let's go team!"

The team breaks up and Jason, once the coast is clear, disappears into the woods. (CONF) "What a bunch of losers! Of course I'm going to spy on the other team....again!"

Ashley clears her throat and says to her group, "Hey guys...I was wondering if I could join a differn't group...because this "searching" business sounds like to much work for me to handle."

As she talks, she is giving flattering winks to Warren and Kyle. Kyle nods and Warren says,"Of course Ashley! You do what you want!"

Ashley hugs Warren and says, "Thank you!" She then runs to join with Shauna's group with the boys staring at her. (CONF) Emily angrily says, "Really! What is it with guys liking girls like that? She hasn't done a single thing and still most of the guys like her! Why yesterday Matt was fanning her!"

(CONF) Matt smiles and says, "Hey...Ashley's hot and back home...well let's just say I had a few hit and misses...that's why I stick to soccer..."

Warren says, "Okay guys...I believe that the closest non-poisonous berries should be on the north side of the woods. Lets roll." He leads the other two into the woods.

Back at the Screaming Campfire's campgrounds, The boys are shown looking at their finished tent and the girls are shown lining sticks up. Matt walks over and asks, "What you girls doing?"

Maddies responds, "We decided to kiss-up to Chris and we're making him a statue! It was Chrissy's idea!"

Chrissy blushes and sits next to campfire. Brandon walks over and sits next to her. "Hey Chrissy...your idea was brilliant! And by the way...I got these for you," Brandon says, and he gives her some flowers.

Chrissy says, "Aww! Brandon these are beautiful! Were did you find them?"

"Um...I found them near the lake!"

It then shows a flashback were Brendan is shown standng by the flowers and saying, "I think Chrissy would like these!"

As he bends down to pick them up, Brandon comes out of the woods and kicks him into the lake. As Brendan gasps for air, Brandon picks the flowers and heads back into the woods.

Back at the present, Brandon says, "Anyways...there is something I wanted to ask you... Do you."

Before he can finish, a horrible screeching sound is heard. Gabe is shown trying to sing...but is still suffering from the poison ivy. His teammate's yell, "SHUT UP!" Then there is rustling in the bushes and a bear pops out, clearing angry about the sound. The campers run away screaming with the bear chasing them.

Jason then walks out of the woods and enters the now vacant campground and stares at the Wooden Chris Statue. (CONF) "Making a Chris Statue....GENIUS! To bad its not going to work..."

Back at the Raging Water's campground, the team has finished making a fire and is sitting around it. Jordan yawns and says, "Okay guys...I thnk we should hit the sack now!"

The team agrees and heads to the tents as night falls. Meanwhile, the Screaming Campfire's are also sleeping except for Gabe who is struggling to sleep because of his throat.

Suddenly the sun rises and The Raging Waters wake up and Jason hastily says, "Okay guys...I say get whatever you think this camp needs!"

As he finishes he hurries into the woods. The rest of the splits and Emily follows Jason. (CONF) "Yesterday Jason had great plans...but today he just blurted them out...he is up too something," Emily said.

Jason is then shown looking though some bushes at the Screaming Campfire's campground. Brandon is heard

saying, "Okay guys lets go find some wood to make a Gemmy Award for the Chris Statue! Except for you Gabe! We need someone to watch over the camp!"

The team heads off into the woods and Gabe sits down and his eyes begin to droop. Jason grins and grabs a branch. Emily watches from a nearby bush and sees Jason light the stick on fire. She gasps as Jason lights the Chris Statue on fire. He then runs off and Emily follows with an angry look on her face.

The Screaming Campfire return and start panicing as the statue is on fire. The real Chris walks into the camp and says, "Okay Campfires...lets see what wonders your camp holds..."

He pauses and jumps back as the Statue's head falls right in front of him. He begins to cry and angrily rants out, "YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE...HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! THAT'S IT! THE RAGING WATERS WIN!"

Upon hearing Chris's rage, the Raging Waters are heard cheering. "AND AS FOR YOU GUYS! ELIMINATION...TONIGHT!"

Chris leaves, kicking random bushes, and the Campfire's glare at Gabe, who wakes up. "Nice one Gabe," Brandon says with a disgusted look on his face.

Later that night the Screaming Campfires are sitting around the campfire. Chris is reading the votes, with a murderous look on his face. He then speaks with barely controlled calm. "Campers...there are 11 of you and only 10 marshmellows...the people who are safe are...Shelby, Maddie, and Katie. Maddie and Katie both high five and Shelby runs up and gives Chris a hug.

"Thank you so much Chris...I love you," Shelby says excitedly!"

Chris, looking uncomfortable, says, "Eh...thanks...I guess."

He then pushes her away and continues, "Matt. Cody, and Conner are also safe!"

The three guys cheer as they realize that they are safe.

"Brianna and Chrissy are also safe."

Brianna cheers while Chrissy looks sadly at Brandon, who also looks back at her. She places her hand on his to try to comfort him. He sadly smiles back.

Chris clears his throat. "Brandon....

....Your safe." Brandon cheers and hugs Chrissy in his excitement.

"Brendan and of you is leaving...and can't come back...and the person who is staying is..."

Brendan looks ticked off. (CONF) " sucks that Chrissy is starting to kinda like it sucks..."

(CONF) Gabe is shown itching his throat, with a worried look on his face.


Brendan sighs and watches as Gabe walks sadly to the Boat of Losers.

(CONF) Emily says, "I was right! Jason is sabotaging the game! He is going down!"

Chris then chuckles, "Now the drama is starting up! About time! Will Emily tell all And who is next to fall? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

Episode V: Beach Gladiators

Chris is standing on the beach as he begins the recap, holding the remains of Mr. Coconut. “Last time on Total Drama, our campers found out that camping is not fun at all. There were bear attacks and…MY HEAD ON FIRE! The Screaming Campfires got sabotaged by Jason. The Raging Waters won and the Screaming Campfire’s booted Gabe for failing his second challenge in a row! Now this time were going to have some beach fun. But who is going to rot under the sun? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Theme Song plays)

The show opens up to the Raging Waters relaxing in the Recreational Center. Ashley, Shauna, Jordan, Austin and Nicole are relaxing in the hot tub when Emily walks up.

Emily begins to say, “Guys I have something important to say!” She pauses as her teammates all turn toward her. With fear etched across her face, she mutters, “Um…er…never mind!”

As she runs off, Danielle and Shauna break into fits of laughter. Austin and Jordan look at each other with confused looks and Nicole, with a worried look on her face, follows Emily.

Emily is shown drawing with a subdued look on her face outside the Raging Water’s cabin. Nicole knocks and enters.

“What’s wrong Emily,” Nicole asks?

“My stupid shyness…I wanted to warn you guys…but I couldn’t say it…”

Nicole nods and says, “Well why you don’t tell me now? I mean we are alone…except for the hundreds of “hidden” cameras? “

Emily begins to speak, but stops when a cough is heard. They look over and find Jason standing in the doorway. Emily begins to glare at him.

Jason says, “I was just checking to see if everything is alright.”

Emily sarcastically laughs and says, “Says the guy who likes to play with fire!”

He doesn’t even blink and Nicole with a confused look says, “What’s she talking about Jason?”

Jason shrugs and says, “Maybe she is referring to my experience in the culinary field?"

Nicole, still looking confused, gets up and says, “I’m going to head back to center! Coming Emily?”

Emily glares at Jason and follows Nicole. Jason watches the girls leave. His face covered in the shadow of the cabin whispers, “You have dug your own grave Emily…”

At the Elimination campfire, the girls from the Screaming Campfire are sitting on the logs listening to Katie.

“Alight girls…for the benefit of the team…next elimination we need to vote of either Brandon or Brendan.”

A silence flows through the group and Brianna says, “Why those two? Why not boot Conner…he is nuts!”

“Because Brandon and Brendan have their little rivalry and I don’t want that to distract us from the team.”

The girls mutter in agreement and Chrissy is shown with a worried look on her face. (CONF) Chrissy says, “Great…just great! I like Brandon…but Brendan is sweet and funny… I don’t want to lose either of them!”

Shelby then jumps up and says, “Oh I got it! Why don’t we win the next challenge instead of losing again?”

Maddie says, “That’s the plan! We don’t want to lose but were making a plan just in case!

Chris voice is heard. “Campers, just after lunch will be your next challenge! Meet me at the beach!”

The campers are lined up at the beach, standing in a circle around a giant pit. Cody says, “So…what do we see who can last the longest in this pit?”

Suddenly, a somber dirge is heard as Chris walks up blowing into a Kleenex as two interns are carrying the burnt remains of the Chris Statue. They drop the remains of it into the pit and Chef begins to bury it using a shovel. The campers start to silently giggle. Chris clears his throat and begins.

“We gather here today to remember the loss of a great memorial to me…never mind I can’t do this! Ok slackers! Let’s start part one of today’s challenge. Behind me is a lake…and somewhere out the island that you traveled to in the first challenge. The location of the part two is there and the team that finds it first wins! We have two speedboats waiting for each team! And Go!”

A whistle is heard and the teams take off. The Screaming Campfires reach their speedboat and Brendan grabs the steering wheel. “Don’t worry guys I got this,” Brendan says confidently!

However, Brandon pushes him aside and says, “How about we have someone who has experience around boats drive…like me!”

Katie shrugs and says, “He does have a fair point…he is a mechanic and surely knows what he doing!”

Brandon nods and starts the engine. Shelby cries out, “Look the Raging Waters are already going!”

The team gasps and Brandon gets the boat moving. They soon catch up to the Raging Waters.

Jordan calls out, “Their catching up! We gotta do something to slow them down!”

Shauna says, “Hey Ashley…do your thing!”

Ashley nods and calls out, “Hey Matt! I forgot my…er…swimsuit at the island! Can you go get it for me? Pretty please?”

Matt instantly blushes and says, “Of course!” He then pushes Brandon aside and turns the boat around.

(CONF) “Of course I’ll do anything for a hottie like Ashley…as if any girl back home would ask me to get their swimsuit for them!”

Cody and Brandon grab Matt and drag him away from the wheel.

Brandon yells, “MATT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!”

Matt ignores him and continues to make a desperate struggle for the wheel. Cody calmly places a hand on Matt’s shoulder and presses. Matt gets drowsy and falls over. Brandon looks at Cody and says, “Pressure point…nice!”

Cody replies, “Yep…but we got a race to win!”

Katie is shown steering the boat and they realize that they are too late. The Raging Waters have reached the shores. They hop out and begin cheering…and the pause as they hear a jetpack.

Chris lands directly in front of them and begins to speak. “Congrats Raging Waters on winning part one. And for the losers…you guys get a disadvantage in part two.” The Screaming Campfires reach the shore upon hearing this and they groan.

The campers are now standing on a court with Chris holding a green colored ball. “Alright kids…time for your next challenge which I like to call…Chrisball! This ball right here…well it’s not really a ball…it’s more of a bomb than anything else…heads up,” Chris says as he suddenly throws the ball at the campers.

They scream and duck as the ball lands behind them, but doesn’t explode. Chris begins to laugh maniacally, “You guys should’ve seen your faces! Anyway…the bomb will only go off inside a team’s base. Your objective is to get the bomb inside the opposing team’s base…or die trying! Oh and there might be a couple of surprises along the way and there are some regular dodge balls…if you get hit your out!”

Warren says, “But Chris…don’t the Campfires get a disadvantage?”

“That’s right! The Screaming Campfires…get to start with the Chrisball!”

The Raging Waters begin to complain about this and Jordan angrily burst out saying, “What kind of disadvantage is that?”

Chris laughs and says, “Dude…it’s a bomb!”

“Right…Good point Chris.”

“You guys get five minutes to think of a strategy.”

The Raging Waters a shown in a huddle with Jason speaking. “All right…that’s the plan! We all in agreement?”

The team nods and they players take their spots. On the other side of the court, the Screaming Campfire also breaks out of a hurdle. Chris is shown wearing a referee outfit and says, “Players ready? Let’s play…Chrisball!”

He blows a whistle and the teams take off. Katie is shown holding the Chrisball and begins passing it back and forth with Maddie while running up the field. (CONF) Katie says, “We need to win this challenge! So I’m going to carry my team to victory! I know that I may sound like that chick from last season…Jo was it? But nope…I’m going to play fair and secure victory!”

Jordan is rushing towards the girls and Katie passes it off to Matt who begins to run up the field. He is kicking the ball like his soccer ball and passes Kyle, Warren, and Danielle. However, he stops as he runs into Ashley.

Ashley says, “Oh Matt…do you know what would make me so happy right now…if you gave me that ball!”

Matt blushes and says, “Of course Ashley,” as he hands her the ball.

Ashley begins to run with the ball and Matt is struck in the back by a dodge ball and Chris blows his whistle.

Brandon says, “Brendan! Why did you get Matt out?”

Brendan angrily says, “I did no such thing!” (CONF) Brandon chuckles, “Okay it was me who got Matt out. He was willing to throw the challenge for Ashley! And we can't have that!”

Brandon says, “But Brendan…Matts on our team! Why would you just get him out?”

Brendan ignores him and runs to Ashley to get the Chrisball, but pauses and he is in awe by her beauty. Katie face palms and throws a ball at Ashley’s face. Ashley gets hit and drops the ball. Brendan recovers it and starts running...straight into Jordan.

Jordan grins, “Hey squirt!”

Brendan gulps as Jordan lifts him up and Shauna runs by and grabs the ball. She starts running but Conner flips into the air and grabs the ball from her. She gasps and is hit by a ball. (CONF) Conner is making karate motions and says. “I totally had this challenge in the bag thanks to my karate training!”

Conner is running until he runs by Austin and Nicole who both throw a ball at him. Conner does more flips to dodge them and he jumps into a pit, but is immediately rejected and launched into the sky. Chris says, “I wonder who put that spring there?”

The ball was dropped and claimed by Kyle who runs up the field and manages to dodge most of the balls until Katie throws a massive curveball that hits him in the kiwis. Chris groans and says, “That looked painful…how about an instant replay!” A replay of Kyle being hit in the kiwis is shown.

Katie begins to run back toward the Raging Water’s base and notices Brianna open! She throws to Brianna, but Emily appears ready to intercept the ball. (CONF) Emily is shown drawing. “I really need to win this challenge! With Jason around, I can’t afford to lose!”

Emily braces herself for the impact. Unfortunately, the ball was higher than she expected and she gets the full force in the face! Katie screams and runs over to her saying, “Oh crap! I never meant to go this far! I feel terrible!”

In her pain, Kyle throws a ball that hit Katie, but she doesn’t react. Jason walks over and gingerly picks up the unconscious Emily. “Well I forfeit…you guys keep on fighting! I’m taking Em to the infirmary!”

Chris looks curiously at him, “Well…okay…but dude…you could lose a 100,000…”

Jason shakes his head, “Friends are more important than money!”

As he begins to walks away carrying Emily, the girls begin to stay stuff like, ‘That’s so sweet’ and ‘aww that’s so cute.’

Nicole recovers the ball and begins to run toward the Campfire’s base. However, she trips and the ball is thrown into the sky and Brianna catches it. “What am I supposed to do with this again?”

Her team yells at her, “YOU RUN!”

Brianna flinches and begins to run toward her own base. Chrissy runs and grabs to ball from her, angrily muttering, “Let me do it!”

The infirmary is then shown were Jason sets Emily down slowly. He says, “It's unfortunate that you learned a little too much!”

He reaches down a takes her drawing book. (CONF) Jason is shown looking through Emily’s drawing book “Let’s see here…wow…these are really good!” He then rips out her drawings. “And now for me to make some adjustments…”

Back at the court, Chrissy is still running and Danielle throws a ball at her that narrowly misses. Chrissy throws the Chrisball to Shelby who cowers behind a rock as there is an onslaught of dodge balls.

Maddie calls out, “Hey Shelby! Whoever wins this challenge will get a lot of attention!”

Shelby’s eyes become suddenly alert and she rocket pasts the Raging Waters. She dodges Jordan and Austin and she enters the Raging Water’s base. She sets the Chrisball on the podium and begins cheering, “Yes! I did it! I won! I won!”

As she is cheering…the bomb goes off and she is launched into the sky, screaming. Chris stands up and says, “The Screaming Campfires win! Raging Waters…you guys have a major decision to make. Campfires…enjoy the Recreational Center!

The Killer Waters are shown standing outside their cabin and Austin says, “Okay guys…so who do we ditch tonight?”

A recovered Emily glares at Jason but says, “I say Danielle! Her pranks are getting annoying!”

Danielle responds by saying, “Well you weren’t much help during the challenge!”

Jordan interrupts them by saying, “What about Kyle! Has anyone actually heard him speak?”

Kyle scowls at Jordan and Jason coughs. Everyone turns toward him.

“Well team…I made an important discover today that will help determine who is going home. I found that there is a hidden bug within our group! That person has made evidence of their crimes! That person is…Emily!”

The group gasps and Emily asks, “Where is your so called proof?” However she gasps as Jason holds up her drawing book.

Jason tosses it to Danielle who opens it and she looks up with a disgusted look on her face. “You little sneak! Look she has a picture of all the campers! And look Gabe and Ben both have an X mark on their face!”

The group glares at her and she says, “It wasn’t me…I swear…Jason! Jason was the one who lit the Chris statue on fire!”

Shauna says, “Oh look at that…she trying to weasel out of the blame!”

Jason says, “Well it turns out that you’re not a very good villain!”

The group begins to leave giving disgusted looks to Emily. She looks like she is going to cry and Jason whispers to her, “Your right…I do like to play with fire! And you just got burned!”

At the Elimination Ceremony, Chris is shown looking through the ballets. “Wow… there is some serious hate in this group! I like it anyway let’s get started.”

(CONF) Jason says, “Later Emily!”

(CONF) Emily says, “I have to vote for Jason!”

(CONF) Danielle says, “EMILY!”

(CONF) Nicole has a worried look on her face. “Jason or Emily…I can’t choose!”

Chris clears his throat and says, “The people I call out are safe for another night…Ashley, Shauna, and Warren.”

Ashley and Shauna hug and Warren says “Yes!”

“Nicole, Austin, and Jordan are also safe.” The three of them give each other high five.

“Abby, Kyle, and Danielle are also safe.” Abby and Danielle cheer while Kyle looks bored.

“Which tonight leaves us with Emily and Jason? This is the final marshmallow…and it is going to…

Jason and Emily glare at each other while Chris stretches the dramatic pause…

….the person who won’t be going home tonight is…

…Jason. Jason grins as he catches the marshmallow. Emily gasps and says, “Why team? How could you be deceived?”

Danielle angrily says, “Shut up! We are not falling for anymore of you!”

Chris says, “Dock of Shame…that way!”

Emily sadly walks to the Boat of Losers and she looks back. Jason is shown evilly smiling at her and he drops her drawings into the cove. She screams and the camera cuts to Chris who is watching all this from a remote location.

“Wow! Man this guy is cruel! Just think of how high of ratings this guy will bring! What unpleasant surprises lie in wait for our campers? Tune in next time to find out more on Total Drama Paradise Cove.

Episode VI Mutiny in Paradise

As the show opens, Chris is standing next to a cannon. “Last time on Total Drama, The campers had a fun time playing Chrisball…and by ‘fun’ I mean explosive fun!” The Raging Waters had some troubles with a little rivalry between Emily and Jason, which played a part in letting the Screaming Campfire’s secure victory. Jason framed Emily to be the season’s “villain” and the Raging Waters voted out the ‘real threat.’ We’re off for some high seas adventure and who is going to walk away rich?”

The camera then backs out and Chef is shown to be in a cannon. “Why do I have to be the cannonball,” Chef mutters mutinously!

Chris smiles and says, “Because it’s more exciting than some regular cannonball!”

The cannon fires and sent a screaming Chef away. Chris laughs and says, “And who is going to walk the plank? Find out know on Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

(Theme song plays)

A loon is peacefully swimming in the cove… until a scream frightens it. The scream came from the Screaming Campfire cabin.

Maddie grumbled as she left her bed. “Brianna! This is the third time this week that you woke us up from your screaming! What is it now?”

Brianna, whose face had fear, etched across it, said somberly, “I can’t find my make-up! I think someone stole it!”

She continued to search her bag while Maddie stared at her with a blank face. Shelby dramatically sighed and said, “We’ll let us know when a real emergency is happening! Until then… night everyone!”

She leapt back into her bed and quickly began snoring. The rest of the girls shrug and head back to sleep.

A few seconds later, and an alarm is heard throughout the camp. Yells are heard from all around as Chris voice is heard from the loudspeaker. “Good morning campers! Challenge time! Get dressed and meet me at the docks!”

Jordan opens the Raging Waters door and yells, “It’s four in the morning and what about breakfast?”

Chris laughs. “Don’t worry! Breakfast will be served and your free to sleep…if you don’t mind getting booted?”

The loudspeaker turns off and the campers grudgingly get ready for the challenge. (CONF) Abby says, “You know… I thought this show would be one huge party… well it would be if Chris wasn’t trying to kill us all the time!” 

The two teams make their way towards the docks. Chef is standing there with a bunch of covered dishes. Upon arriving, the campers start gagging from the smell.

“What is that horrible smell,” Shauna asks Chef.

Chef smiled devilishly and said, “Why you’re breakfast of course.”  He removes the top from the dishes revealing a wide assortment of seafood… that looks years old. “These lovely dishes have been in storage since season one… I recon it’s about time to get rid of them!”

“There is no way that I am going to eat rotten fish on national TV,” Ashley complained!

The other campers mutter in agreement. Chef looks enraged and says, “Listen maggots! I don’t give a dang about your image on national television! Only five from each team will eat! The other five will compete in the second part of today’s challenge The five eating will eat until they are eliminated! How are they eliminated you may ask… when they vomit of course! Now decide who shall suffer.”

The Screaming Campfires huddle and start discussing. “Okay guys… who wants to eat the fish,” Brandon asked

No one volunteered. Katie sighed and said, “Well… so Matt, Brandon, Maddie, Chrissy, and I should eat the fish.”

Maddie nodded in agreement. Brendan grumbled, “Well… it works for me.”

Meanwhile at the Raging Waters huddle, Jason says, “So were in agreement? Warren, Abby, Kyle, Nicole, and I will eat the fish.”

(CONF) Warren says excitedly, “This challenge is great! I love nature and I’m not going to be bothered by the smell of rotten fish! I can finally prove my worth to the team!”

The two teams send their players to Chef who nods. “Very well… no get you’re behinds over to Chris at the other side of the island!”

Abby says, “Whoa hold on for a sec Chef! Aren’t we eating the fish?”

Again, Chef smiles devilishly. “No… I decided that you guys are participating in part two instead! Now get moving… or else!”

The campers run off while Ashley starts to comprehend the situation. “Wait… THAT MEANS I HAVE TO EAT THE FISH,” She yells looking mortified!”

Chef laughs and says, “Yes! Who will win? Who will puke fish guts out first?” A horrible retching sound is heard along with many ‘ews’. “Too late and will be right back after the break!”

When the show returns, the campers are sitting on the dock staring at the mountain of rotten fish. Brianna points at a fish and complains, “I can’t eat that! It’s looking at me!”

Chef murmurs, “Well then you better hope you hurl fast then! Go!”

(CONF) Brendan was sitting and glaring, “Great… while Brandon gets to hang with Chrissy… I get to eat rotten fish… can this day get any worse?”

A bell is rung and the campers gingerly reach out for the fish. Ashley touches it, screams, and hurls.

Chef mutters, “That’s her second time today. You’re out girlie.”

Ashley got up and hugged Chef, graciously saying, “Thank you!”

Chef pushed her away and the completion went under way. Brianna put the fish in her mouth and with the first bite… she gagged and hurled. Chef shook his head in disgust.

The competition went on for five minutes. Shelby and Shauna both hurled. Brianna said to Shauna, “God this challenge is disgusting.”

Shauna said, “I agree and I love what you did to your nails today.”

Brianna replied, “Thanks Shauna… I really like you’re… uh… hair.”

Before Shauna could reply, another retching sound is heard as both Austin and Brendan hurled. Chef blew his whistle and they left to join the girls. Now for the Screaming Campfires were Conner and Cody. And for the Raging Water, Jordan and Danielle.

The competition went on for ten more minutes and both Danielle and Conner dropped out.

Jordan grinned as he saw who he was competing against. “Hey Cody…why don’t you hurl already! We all know how this will end!”

Cody simply shrugs and continues eating in a meditative stance. The Raging Waters begin chanting Jordan’s name will he continues to eat. Meanwhile, the Screaming Campfire look nervously at each other as they realize Jordan might be right.

(CONF) Shauna says, “That was the grossest thing that I have ever done in my life. I will never look at fish the same again.” She steps outside and sees fish scattered around the Confessional bathroom. She runs back inside and hurls as Chris and Chef are heard laughing.  

Jordan reaches out for a particularly round fish and begins to eat. Suddenly, his eyes start rolling and re falls to the ground gagging while foam comes out of his mouth. Chef, unconcerned and using a cellphone, says, “And the Screaming Campfires win part one. Now the rest of you can go watch part two.”

Conner asks, “Uh… what about Jordan?”

Chef says,” What? Oh him… we it would seem that he found one of the leftover blowfish from that cooking episode from season one…  Don’t worry about him… the medicals should be here… in one to three hours.”

He laughs and leaves Jordan on the dock while the campers look at each other nervously before following Chef.  

Meanwhile, Chris is heard answering his phone, “I see… Thanks Chef.” He hangs up and turns toward the rest of the campers. “Okay campers… for part two of today’s challenge… You’re playing Pirates!”

Nicole asks, “What?”

Chris says, “Let me explain… since the Screaming Campfire won the first challenge, the get to be the pirates. And the Raging Waters will be the sailors. The sailors must defend their treasures which are something special that each of you has brought to camp with you. The pirates must seize the booty within five hours to win and the sailors must defend or capture the pirates to win. The Sailors get this…”

He points at a rundown building on the coast. “The game begins in five minutes so… GO!”

The two teams scatter. The Raging Waters reach the building and Jason looks in a closet and finds a net. “Hey guys, I’m going to make a trap with this net!”

The team nods and begins to block the door by pushing a sofa towards the door. Warren says, “Hey Jason can I help you?”

Jason pauses and says, “Of course… Warren.” He turns away and scowls.

(CONF) “Since I wasn’t competing in the fish part… I have to prove myself in a different way… Jason seems like a nice guy! Maybe he can help me prove my worth,” Warren says!

Jason is shown creating a tripwire trap that would launch the net. Warren asks, “Is there anything that I can do?”

Jason looks over. “Yeah… go look in the chest. See if there is anything useful that we could use to our advantage.”

Warren opens the chest and looks through it. “Well… there’s makeup… a Barbie doll…oh score!”

Jason looks over. “What did you find?”

“I found my treasured nature book! I thought I lost it this morning!”

 Rolling his eye, Jason went back to work.

Meanwhile, The Screaming Campfires are hiding in the bushes looking at the building. Matt says, “So what’s the game plan?”

Chrissy says, “Well why don’t we just run up there and raid the place? It doesn’t look that well protected.”

Katie murmurs, “Except we do need a plan since we don’t know what’s in there. What we need to do is have Matt and Chrissy go there as bait and then the rest of us can attack from behind.”

The team mutters in agreement and their plan begins.

Nicole and Abby are looking out a window when a soccer ball hits the window. Nicole jumps back in surprise and hits Abby and they both fall. When they get back up, they see Matt and Chrissy making mocking gestures at them. Abby, enraged, says “That soccer obsessive boy is going down… and his little friend too!”

She pushes the sofa out of the way and runs outside with Nicole right behind her saying, “Wait Abby… it might be a trap!”

As they run off, Katie, Maddie, and Brandon sneaking inside. Brandon looks nervously out the window. Maddie smiling says, “Don’t worry Brandon… I’m sure she will be fine.”

Brandon says, “I’m not worried about her… I think that they let us in to easily.”

 Just as he finishes, a hand comes from behind him and pins him to the ground. Maddie screams and both she and Katie run as Kyle continues to pin Brandon to the floor.

Below deck, Warren and Jason here the scream and Warren says, “There here! Let’s go get them!"

He runs toward the stairs and Jason yells, “NO! NOT THAT WAY!”

Warren runs across the tripwire and the net falls on top of him! Immediately, Katie and Maddie run down the stairs. Maddie trips over Warren and crashes into Jason. Katie jumps over Warren and reaches the chest!

A horn is heard and Chris says, “Challenge over! The Screaming Campfires win. The losers… That would be your guys… Raging Waters get ready for elimination!”

The Raging Waters are shown in their cabin. Jason angrily says, “Great job Warren… if you hadn’t activated the trap… we might have stood a chance.”

Warren sadly says, “I’m sorry… I forgot.”

Nicole says, “Never mind that… who should we vote off… I mean Jordan isn’t exactly in the best condition right now…”

Ashley says, “Yes but when he recovers… he is a powerhouse and he can still be helpful.”

Austin grumbles, “Well I say vote whoever you want…”

We shift to the Elimination ceremony. Chris is shown looking at the ballots. “Wow…really…I see. You guys are all over the board tonight. But someone must go… but that person is not… Kyle… or Nicole.”

Chris throws the marshmallows at them. Kyle looks bored as he catches his and Nicole looks excited and the marshmallow hits her in the face. “Also safe… Austin, Shauna, and Ashley”

Austin grins and Nicole smiles back at him. Shauna and Ashley hug in excitement. “Abby…Danielle…and Jason are also safe.”

The three cheer and wait for the dramatic conclusion. Warren is nervously looking back and forth while Jordan stares blankly since he is still feeling the effects of the poison. Chris happily says, “Well let’s see what brought you two here tonight. Jordan… you really should look before you eat… and Warren… you really got yourself in a tangled mess… but only one of you can remain… and that person is….


The marshmallow hits Jordan in the face, but he doesn’t react. Warren glumly says, “Well… I guess this is goodbye team… well thanks for the fun times…”

He sadly walks toward the Boat of Losers. Chris smiles, “And another one falls… oh and before I forget… Jordan you forgot this in the chest.” He throws the Barbie doll at Jordan.

Abby laughing says, “That’s your greatest treasure? A Barbie?” The team busts out laughing and a single tear comes down Jordan’s face.

Chris says, “Well that was a fun time. Next week tune in for the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet and let’s just see how much bad luck these guys can get. I’m Chris Mclean and this is Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode VII The Wheel of Miss-Unfortune

“Last time on Total Drama Paradise Cove, The campers sought out to capture some booty…while others got stuck eating dead fish. Jordan ate poison blowfish, Warren fall into net, and Campfires steal the loot and in the end, Warren rides loser boat. Whose is going to go next? Who is next to get painfully injured? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Theme Song plays)

The show opens up in the mess hall where the teams are eating happily. Nicole, however, is somberly rolling her donut around with her fork.

(CONF) Nicole says, “Don’t get me wrong… I like my team… it’s just since Emily is gone… there’s no other person to talk too. The rest of the girls aren’t nice… but I suppose that there is… Austin!”

Shelby walks past the Raging Water’s table and notices Nicole depressed. She stops and asks, “Hey Nicole… what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Shelby…it’s just that I’m a little lonely right now."

“I see… well if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m just a cabin away.”

Shelby continues and sits down at the Screaming Campfire table. Brandon narrows his eyes and asks, “What were you talking to Nicole about?”

She shrugs and replies, “It’s none of your business of what I talk to my friends about.”

Brandon’s face reddens and he says, “How do we now it wasn’t a talk about a secret alliance?”

Shelby started to reply, but Brendan cut across her. “Brandon shut up.  Their conversation has nothing to do with us, so I don’t see why you should care?”

Brandon started to move toward Brendan, fist raised, but Katie grabbed his wrists. “Brandon… you might want to calm down before someone gets hurt.”

Brandon glared at Brendan before knocking away Katie’s hand and he leaves the mess hall, passing Chrissy, who just entered. She stops by Brendan and asks, “What did you do to him?”

Brendan mutters, “Nothing,” before returning to his breakfast.

(CONF) Maddie says, “That was nice of Brendan to stand up for Shelby… but really this Brandon/Brendan conflict needs to end before it get really out of hand!”

Jordan and Austin are playing with a hacky sack. Austin asks, “You enjoying moving your body again?”

“Heck yeah,” Jordan excitedly exclaimed, kicking the sack with a little too much motion. The sack went flying and hit a roaming chipmunk.

 The loudspeaker turns on and Chris’s voice is heard. “Good morning campers! Meet me at the beach for a… special surprise.”

The two teams are shown sitting on separate stands and Chris approaches them on the dock with a wheel behind him and a tarp covering something else.

Chris begins to speak with a glum expression on his face and in an unsmiling face says, “Today campers… we have a…special guest… to help us with today’s challenge. Let’s give a warm welcome to… the ever popular… Courtney!”

He rips off the tarp, revealing Courtney. She smiles and says, “Hey guys!”

The cast stares blankly at her and Chris says, “Well… clap…”

The campers don’t respond and Chris pleads, “Guys… I don’t want to get sued… again… so… cheer or you’re out!”

The campers suddenly burst out with cheers and Jordan gives a catcall. Courtney glares at him and says, “So Chris… my new contract says that my role into today’s challenge, involves no harm to me and no demonstrations.”

Chris barks, “Fine! All you have to do is spin the wheel!” He coughs and continues in a more calm voice, “That’s right campers… Courtney will spin this wheel and you will have the privilege to compete in the little challenge that the spinner lands on. Each member of each team will compete in one challenge. If they successfully complete the challenge, their team gets a point. At the end, the team with the most points wins. So… let’s get started with… The Screaming Campfire’s and with… Matt!”

Matt gulps as Courtney spins the wheel. It lands on a lake painting and Chris says, “Canoe across a pool… with piranhas!”

Matt is shown in a canoe starting to paddle. His team is cheering him on while Piranhas are circling his canoe.  (CONF) Matt says, “All right… I have to be honest… I might have a slight fear… open water… and being surrounded by little man eating fish… doesn’t help!”

He starts slowing down… before vomiting. Chris yells into a microphone, “Do you give up?” Matt nods and the Screaming Campfire groan.

“Alright… well you’re going to have to row back… moving on campers!”

Shelby says, “Hold up… Chris he sick and you’re making him row back? That’s wrong!”

“Yes… Yes it is… let’s continue campers!”

Shelby says to Maddie, “It makes you wish that he still had his stupid plane to keep him occupied instead of torturing us!”

Again the wheel is spun and this time it lands on a football picture. “The Raging Waters are going to enjoy this one… Jordan and Shauna… you guys are playing football…” Jordan and Shauna high five as Chris says, “…against a sumo wrestler.”

Their smiles vanish as a few minutes later, the sumo wrestler sitting on them. “I really like that strategy Jordan… nice try tackling this beast!”

They groan and Shauna says, “Can… you get off us… NOW?”

“Alright Screaming Campfires… Brianna… you get to eat… a Hamster’s brain!”

Chef brings out said item and the campers immediately react in disgust. (CONF) “I think Chris rigged the challenges…” Shelby says.

Brianna is sitting at a table and takes a deep breath. She uses a fork to take a piece of the brain… and eats it. She says, “Taste like chicken,” and continues to eat!

The rest of the campers stare at her open-mouthed and Chris says, “Whoa… didn’t see that coming”

Montages of campers are then shown competing in their challenges. Chrissy is shown in a box surrounded by spiders; Cody is shown in a plane with Chris holding a parachute as the door opens. Cody clings to Chris for support. Kyle is shown behind a podium with a speech in his hands… and he doesn’t talk. Courtney is shown in a rage while Nicole is trying to calm her down… until a tranquilizer ball hits both of them.

“Okay campers our…. Wonderful assistant is out since she’s unconscious… but as they say, the show must go one! Well the score is currently in the Raging Water’s favor since they have 3 challenges completed thanks to Danielle, Austin, and Ashley.

“Danielle braved the greatest horror short film of all time… The Miracle of birth. Austin dealt with the problem of recovering Courtney’s PDA from the Yeti, and Ashley shocked us all with her stunning victory… over a very difficult math problem.”

“However, the Screaming Campfires are not out of the running yet. They have one more person on deck and if she can win her challenge… we will go into overtime… and now Shelby here is your challenge… where is she?”

Shelby is shown in the infirmary with Nicole as she recovers. Nicole says, “…So you are right… I do like Austin, but I don’t know where to go from here…”

Shelby nods and says, “Well… this might sound clichéd, but listen to your heart. It will tell you what to do”

(CONF) “Today is a good day! I made a friend and probably got a ton of media attention! I can’t see how today can get any worse!”

Chef suddenly kicks the door open and grabs Shelby! “You’re needed for the challenge girlie”

She is placed on the dock as every one of the teams is one the stands, watching her. Chris smiles devilishly and says, “The potentially final challenge of the day… but no pressure Shelby… your challenge is… give Austin a nice kiss.”

Nicole yells, “WHAT?” as the rest of the campers stare at Austin, who gone mouth dropped in surprised.

(CONF) Austin says, “Now I’m one above having a chick kiss me… but Shelby isn’t the one I want kissing me… no if it was her… then I wouldn’t mind.”

Austin is shown standing next to Shelby, who has sweat rolling down her face. Brandon yells, “Shelby you better not screw this one up!”

(CONF) “I don’t know what to do… do I kiss him for the team and lose a friend… or don’t kiss him and lose the overall challenge,” Shelby says?

Shelby stares at Nicole who is watching her carefully. Shelby takes a deep breath… and walks away.

Chris says, “Well there you have it! The Raging Waters win and the Screaming Campfires… a lot of you sucked today… but only one of you can go!

The elimination ceremony is shown and Chris says, “All right campers… there are nine marshmallows and ten of you… one of you is leaving and not returning. But the campers not going home are Brianna, Maddie, Matt, Conner, Chrissy, Katie, Brendan, or Cody. Brandon and Shelby… this is the final marshmallow. Brandon... you weren’t exactly a team player this morning and Shelby… you just couldn’t do one little kiss… and the person safe is…


Brandon mutters, “Yes” and catches his marshmallow. Shelby looks sad as she walks toward the boat of losers. She stops as she hears footsteps as Nicole races toward her.

Nicole trips on a branch and falls. Shelby helps her up and says, “Well… I guess this is good-bye.”

Nicole says, “I guess it is… friend!” The two hug and Shelby boards the boat and leaves the island.

Chris is shown standing on the docks and says, “Well if only someone hadn’t insulted… my stupid plane… maybe things would have turned out different!  Six losers and 18 campers remaining… who is the next camper to fall? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!          

Episode VIII Total Drama Bros. Brawl

“Last time on Total Drama, we had a… special guest on the show. Yes… Courtney gave us a hand with the wheel of torturing challenges for the campers. Few prevailed… I mean it… very few prevailed! In the end, Shelby was tossed for failing the easiest challenge ever! What crazy challenges lie ahead for our campers? Well let’s not wait any longer and this is Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

(Theme Song plays)

The show opens up at night. The Screaming Campfires are returning to their cabin. (CONF) Cody says, “It was a tough call to vote off Shelby. But… still better her than me right?”

The boys make their way to their side of the cabin and when they enter their cabin, their met with a very bad smell.

Brandon gags, “All right… which one of you did it?”

Conner, while plugging his nose, says “Not me Brandon!”

Matt heads over to his bunk and lifts up the covers. He yells and jumps back. The team looks over to find a skunk. It in turn turns around and aims…

The boys panic and try to get out of the cabin…but they were too late as they were sprayed.

Then, it cuts to the morning at the Mess Hall. Both teams are there… except for the Screaming Campfire boys. Chrissy looks out the window and says, “Where do you think they are?”

Brianna says, “Maybe they got lost or something?”

Jordan loudly says from the opposite table, “Look at that! Half their team has gone running scared now that they know I made a full recovery!”

Jason rolls his eyes and Danielle mutters, “Well someone certainly has a big head!”

Maddie looks at her teammates and says, “Do you think that they did something to the guys?”

Katie simply says, “No.”

“What makes you so sure Katie?”

“Because there walking this way.”

She points out the window and indeed, the Screaming Campfire boys are on their way. The moment they enter the Mess Hall, the aftermath of the skunk attack reaches the noses of the other campers. They begin to gag and shout of; “GET OUT” was heard.

The boys are then shown outside being sprayed by Chef. “Whoa you guys certainly took the full front of that skunk assault.”

Brandon asks, “Chef how long will it take until the smell wears off?”

Chef shrugs. “Four hours at the very latest.”

“What? I can’t stay smelling like this for…”

Before Brandon can finish, Chef turns on the hose and pelts him with water. “Keep your panties on maggot! No normal man would give a darn about how they smell!”

Brandon glares at Chef and Chef returns to the kitchen, muttering about ‘deserving more’ and ‘a better paycheck’ on the way.

While waiting for the challenge, Brendan and Matt are kicking around Matt’s soccer ball. Brendan kicks it of course and it crashes into some bushes. “Sorry about that dude.”

Matt shrugged and said, “It’s no big deal Brendan. You’re still learning.”

He turns around to get it when it suddenly jumps out of the bush. The two boys look confusedly at each other before heading to the bush to investigate. We they look on the other side of the bush, they see Jason standing there. Matt says, “Thanks Jason for returning my ball.”

Jason says, “It was nothing.”

Brendan asks, “Why aren’t you covering your nose like everyone else?”

“Simple Brendan, I work in a kitchen and thus, I have to deal with a ton of bad smells every day.”

(CONF) Jason is shown coughing. “That was horrible! But it needed to be done! I have to find a way to get inside the Screaming Campfire’s head … and those two are just the ticket!”

Jason looks around and whispers, “Hey you guys… did you know that Jordan likes to play with dolls?”

Matt busts out laughing, “Really? That’s funny!”

“I know right? I practically busted a gut when I heard that!”

Brendan opened his mouth to say something, but Chris’s voice is heard. “Good morning campers! Today is a special day! Meet me at the beach, pronto!”

The two teams are shown standing before Chris. A platform is directly behind him in the lake and next to him are two crates. “Hello campers. Today is a momentous day. Courtney has left the island and will not return… hopefully! But enough about her! It’s Challenge Time!”

He whistles and two interns appear and open the crates. Inside are giant boxing gloves. “Today you guys will be pitted against each other. You will fight your opponent up there!” Chris points to the platform. “Who you are up against has been randomly chosen… and the winning person shall earn a point for their team! So let’s get things under way. Danielle versus… Katie!”

The two girls are on top of the platform, holding onto the gloves. Abby shouts, “You got this Danielle!”

Chris rings a bell and the two girls run at each other. Danielle starts walloping at Katie, but Katie blocks it. Danielle begins pressuring Katie back near the edge.

Maddie shouts, “Katie you don't have to hold back!”

Katie grunts. (CONF) Katie says, “I try to play fair and hold back my strength… I mean look at what I did to Emily a few days ago… I simply threw a ball at her face and sent her to the infirmary!”

Danielle laughs. “I thought you were better than this Katie? I guess you aren’t as good as you thought you are!”

Katie grunts and her face reddens. She takes a swing that connects with Danielle’s jaw. Danielle stares at her, shocked. Katie throws rapid punches that push Danielle back and eventually over the edge. The bell is rung and Chris says, “And the first match goes to the Screaming Campfires. Up next… Conner versus… Jason.”

The boys are on the platform now. Jason grins and says, “Don’t worry Lego-boy. This won’t hurt too much!”

Conner shrugs and the bell is rung. Jason runs toward Conner, but Conner just sands there. As Jason throws the first punch, Conner simply dodges it and retaliates with an uppercut. Jason goes flying over the edge. The bell is rung and the teams stare openmouthed at Conner. “What,” He says. “I didn’t take Tai Kwan Do lessons for nothing.”

Chris says, “And another point for the Screaming Campfires. Abby and Brianna, you’re turn.”

The bell is heard and Brianna asks, “I can’t do this… I might break a nail.” She looks up and Abby punches her in the face. She screams, “My Makeup,” and jumps into the water.

Chris glumly says, “Well that turned out just as I envisioned it… point Raging Waters. Ashley and Matt you’re turn.”

On the platform, Matt is staring at Ashley. (CONF) “I can’t hurt a hottie like her… unless knocking her off a platform counts as first base…”

Brandon says, “Come on dude! All you have to do is push her off… you don’t have to hit her!”

Matt shakes his head and walks toward Ashley. She playfully says, “You don’t want to hurt me do you Matt?”

Matt shakes his head and she says, “Do you want to walk with me?” He nods.

Ashley leads Matt to the edge… and pushes him off. The Campfire’s groan… before cheering as Matt grabbed her hand before falling. Together the two fell into the water. Chris says, “It’s a double knockout… points for neither team! Next is Cody versus Kyle.”

Kyle stares blankly at Cody and Cody looks nervous. (CONF) “This Kyle guy… he is creepy… he hasn’t said a word since we arrived…” Cody says.

(CONF) Kyle just stares at the camera before giving a single cough.

The bell rings and Cody walks cautiously towards Kyle. He makes the first punch, but Kyle gives of a “Batman stare” which causes Cody to stumble. Kyle then jabs at Cody’s knees and knocks him off the platform.”

The Raging Waters cheer for Kyle. He doesn’t seem to care as he returns to his seat. Chris says, “The score is tied at two to two! Only three matches left! Now it’s Chrissy and Nicole’s turn!”

As the bell rings, both girls run towards each other. However, one of Nicole’s shoelaces is not tied and she trips on it. She falls down and before she can stop, Chrissy trips over Nicole’s body and falls off the edge. Chris says, “And Nicole wins… by de-fall-t… get it! No… very well… Brendan… you’re up against Jordan!”

“Wait… WHAT,” Brendan says shocked!”

Up on the platform, Jordan looks at Brendan evilly! “Time for you to fall loser,” Jordan says.

The bell rings and Jordan lunges at Brendan. Brendan dodges and starts running. In the stands, Brandon mutters, “Well there go our chances for winning…”

A yell is heard as Jordan has pinned Brendan. Brendan starts coughing… and mumbles, “Such a tough guy… for someone who plays with dolls!”

Jordan was so shocked that he released Brendan. “Where did you hear that? Not that it is true!”

Brendan shrugs, “It doesn’t matter where I heard it… all it matters is that you do…”

Jordan looks at the crowd, which the teams were trying not to laugh. He looks back at Brendan. “You’re dead loser!”

Brendan grins and says, “Actually you are… your deepest secret revealed on national television.”

Jordan growls and lunges again. Brendan moves out of the way… and Jordan races off the edge.

Chris says, “All right campers! The score is tied and it’s time for the final round… Maddie versus Shauna.”

The two teams are cheering for their respective teammate. The bell is rung and the two start to wallop at each other. Chris says, “It seems that this could be the match of the century! Probably not, but comeback anyway after the break!”

When the show comes back, the sun has started to set and most of the campers are sleeping. The two girls are also getting tired. Chef is the only one still paying attention, sitting on a lawn chair, eating popcorn.

Maddie swings at Shauna, but Shauna ducks. Shauna jabs at Maddie’s stomach and hits. She cringes and falls to her knees. Shauna reaches out to send her flying, but Maddie grabs the hand. She then uses Shauna’s momentum to send her flying over the edge. Chris is shown sleeping until the splash wakes him up.

“Huh… what happen… oh it looks like the Screaming Campfires win.” He pauses to give a yawn. “Raging Waters… looks like you is up for elimination.”

Chef says, “Chris? Shouldn’t Austin and Brandon get a match?”

Chris looks at his watch and says, “Oh… to bad… it appears that the show is almost over and we really need to get on the way… so we will just say they tied or something.”

At the Raging Water cabin, the team is discussing who to chop. Nicole says, “Well… who should go?”

Shauna says, “Well we can’t chop Austin since he didn’t get to participate. Obviously it has to be someone who lost.”

Jason says, “Those being Danielle, Ashley, Jordan, and Shauna.”

Someone spoke up, “And yourself Jason.”

The team looked over in shock. Kyle had said his first words to them!

Austin says cautiously, “So you can talk… congrats dude!”

Kyle nods. Abby says, “So those are our choices.”

(CONF) Kyle says, “My vote goes tonight for Jason... It’s obvious that he can’t he trusted. Yet, these guys are too arrogant to notice.”

(CONF) Danielle says, “Trying to be sneaky huh? What did you expect you’re secret to stay hidden?”

At the Elimination Ceremony, Chris says, “Campers… I have eight marshmallows on this plate. One of you will not receive one and leave the island… forever!”

“Tonight’s marshmallows go to Austin, Ashley, and Shauna.” The three of them catch their marshmallow and cheer.

“Also getting a marshmallow… Abby and Nicole.” The two hug and catch their marshmallow.

Chris stands before Danielle, Jason, Jordan, and Kyle. “All four of you received votes tonight. But, Danielle and…Kyle are safe!”

Chris tosses the marshmallows to their respective owners. “Jason you tried to sneak your way out of elimination and losing to “Lego-Boy.” Jordan… you had your masculinity tested and you lost to Brendan… really? Brendan of all people!”

“Only one marshmallow left… and the person safe is…

…Still a dramatic pause…


Jason sighed and caught his marshmallow. Jordan stood up in a rage. “WHAT! YOU VOTED ME OUT! I AM YOUR’E STRONGEST PLAYER!”

(CONF) “Which is exactly why you have to go,” Jason says. “When Kyle ratted me out… I knew that I needed my ace in the hole. I convinced Jordan to vote for Danielle, got my alliance to backstab Jordan, and made sure Danielle overheard Jordan saying that he was going to vote her out! See being this smart does have its perks!”

Jordan is shown in a straightjacket on the Boat of Losers. Chris is standing on the docks watching the boat disappear into the night. He says, “There goes another one… Who will fly high and who will crash and probably break some bones? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”  


Episode IX So You Think You can hit a Target

The show opens to Chris on the dock. “Last time on Total Drama Paradise Cove, our favorite campers duke it out one top of a platform. Most knocked the sense out of each other…others just proved that their not good brawlers. In the end, Jordan sucked the most for losing to “a loser” and for his alliance backstabbing him. OUCH.”

Chris walks to the left and the camera shows a catapult with Chef sleeping in it. “That’s right… It’s the Hurl of Shame!” He pulls the lever and Chef is sent flying. Chris laughs and continues, “What kind of find will our campers have with this beauty? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Theme Song Plays)

The show opens to the Screaming Campfires relaxing in the Rec. Center. Brandon and Chrissy are shown away from the group, flirting with each other. Matt, Conner, and Brendan watch them from a distance. “Ah…young love,” Matt says.

“It reminds me of my first love…LEGOLAND,” Conner says. Matt rolls his eyes and Brendan crushes a cookie.

Matt looks at Brendan and says, “That’s right; you also have a thing for her! Well I suggest you find someone else dude.”

(CONF) Brendan says, “What does she even see in him? I mean he is a jerk… at least to me.”

A flash back is shown with Brandon lays down a whoopee cushion beneath Brendan as he sits down. Brendan “farts” and gets embarrassed. The campers laugh and Brendan glares at Brandon, who shrugs innocently.

Meanwhile, Katie and Maddie are shown whispering to each other before Brianna walks by. “Hey girls! Are you talking about gossip? Oh let’s hear it!”

She pulls up a chair and sits next to them. They look wearingly at each other before Maddie says, “We were just discussing… um… Katie?”

Katie steps in and says, “We were discussing… our… home sports team! It’s actually pretty boring and you probably might want to leave.”

Brianna takes a second to decipher what they said… before sadly getting up and leaving the Rec. Center.

Maddie watches her leave, and then turns back to Katie saying, “So what was your idea?”

“I have the feeling that the teams are going to merge soon… se we need to keep an eye out for potential allies.”

“I agree,” Maddie says.

Outside, Brianna is humming to herself just walking in the woods. Jason is shown walking and notices Brianna. He smirks and calls out, “Hey Brianna.”

She turns and says, “Hi Jackson” as he approaches.

“It’s Jason… and you seem upset?”

“Might team was acting funny around me and they wanted me to leave…”

Jason gasps and says, “No really… that’s bad. If they didn’t want you around them… that means their planning to give you the boot!”

Brianna gasped in horror! “What? Why would they want to get rid of me?”

“I don’t know… perhaps what you should do is prove your worth to the team.”

He then walks away, leaving Brianna alone to think. (CONF) “Jackson is right! That’s what the girls were talking about! I need to show them that I can be a strong member of the team!”

Meanwhile, at the Raging Water’s cabin, Danielle and Austin are building a ramp. Danielle asks, “You sure you want to do this dude?

Austin nods. “I was born ready!”

He hops on a bike begins to pedal. (CONF) “I always wanted to jump the moon with bike. However, jumping over the cabin is the next best thing.”

Pedaling fast, Austin goes off the ramp and hits the side of the cabin. Inside, screams are heard as Nicole and Shauna comes running out. “What was that,” Shauna asked?

Nicole on the other hand, noticed Austin and quickly ran to his side. “Oh my gosh… are you hurt, Austin?”

Austin brushed the dirt off his knees and says, “I’m fine…I’m fine.”

He gets up and leaves. Nicole looks hurt. (CONF) “Was it something I said?”

(CONF) “I knew it! We should have made the ramp higher! There goes another dream down the crapper,” an enraged Austin says!”

Kyle is shown sleeping on the ground. Austin storms past which causes Kyle to wake up and stare cautiously at him. Abby then walks by and asks, “What’s Austin’s deal?”

Kyle shrugs and goes back to sleep. Abby looks at him and asks, “Why don’t you ever talk Kyle?”

He quietly says, “I have nothing to say.”

Behind them, Ashley came and said, “Did Kyle just talk again?”

She knelt next to him. “Come on Kyle… say something for me?”

He just stared at her in a blank face. She stood up looking offended. (CONF) “How rude! But it’s fine. There are many other boys here who will appreciate me!”

The teams are then shown looking at a giant board. Cody asks, “What is this thing?”

Chris, via his jetpack, lands in front of the campers. “This Cody is a giant target board. This is today’s challenge!”

Conner says, “Were playing darts…sweet!”

Smiling, Chris says, “In a way…yes. Instead of darts though… Chef!”

Chef is shown pushing two catapults next to each other. Attached to each one is a crate. Chris says, “As you can see, one member of each team will launch the contents of the crates at the target board. However, the contents are rather…sticky.”

Brandon asks, “What about the rest of the team? Do they just get to sit and watch?”

“No. There are 17 of you. One member will launch the catapult and that person cannot leave the catapult. Four of you will remove the object from the board after I record your score. Then the rest of you will carry the object back to the catapult. The first team to 100 points wins! So, decide who is doing what!”

The Raging Waters form a huddle. Jason says, “Here is what I’m thinking; we don’t know what is in the crate. So I say Austin, Kyle, and I will carry the thing back to the catapult. Nicole can launch the catapult and the rest of the team can pry it off the board. Agree?”

The team agrees and the camera then shows the Screaming Campfires, where Maddie and Brianna are arguing. “Come on Maddie! Let me be the launcher,” Brianna says angrily.

Maddie opens her mouth to retort, but Katie interrupts saying, “its fine Maddie! Let Brianna launch! The Cody, Conner, Matt, and Brendan will carry the thing back to the catapult and the rest of us will get it off the board!”

The two huddles break and Chris says, “Okay campers take your positions!” The campers scurry off to their positions. “And…GO!”

At the same time, Brianna and Nicole open their respective crate to reveal…a giant gumball. (CONF) “Do you realize how much of my gum it takes to make a giant gumball? I don’t get paid enough for this,” Chef angrily mutters!”

Nicole reaches down to pick it up. “Geez, Chris wasn’t kidding. These really are sticky.”

Brianna also picks up the gumball. “Eww… this is so gross!”

The both place the gumball on the catapult and launch. Both of them sail through the air and land on their marks. Nicole’s lands…on a 25 and Brianna’s…one a 50! The Screaming Campfire cheer… before realizing one small detail that Chris forgot.

Katie asks, “How do get up there?”

Chris laughs, “I knew I forgot something? What will our campers think of to overcome this obstacle? Find out after the break!”     

The shown returns to both teams staring up at the gumball. Brandon says, “Stand aside ladies! I will climb to retrieve the gumball!”

He starts to climb, but there is nothing to grab on to. Brandon falls down with a loud thud. Chrissy runs over to him and Katie mutters, “Nice one!” Brandon glares at her.

Over at the Raging Waters, Shauna says, “Okay girls, I have a plan! Let’s stand on each other’s shoulder to reach it!”

The team talks in agreement and a human ladder is formed. Danielle, on top, grabs the gumball. “Got it,” she says.

Because of the momentum of the pull, the ladder sways and the girls fall.

The Raging Water boys approach. Austin says, “All right men! Let’s get this giant waste of perfectly good gum back to Nicole!”

Jason and Kyle agree and the three run past the Screaming Campfires. Chrissy says, “Guys we have to get it down!”

Katie says abruptly, “I have an idea! Chris can we make a player switch?”

Chris says, “Uh… Okay? It’s not in the rulebook… so sure!”

“Thanks…Brandon switch with Matt!”

Brandon looks shocked.  “Why do you want to replace me?”

“Because I have an idea!”

Brandon leaves looking sullen. (CONF) “Replace me? What is she thinking? I’m one of the better players on the team! If we lose, she is going home!”

Nicole says, “Thanks guys,” as the boys lay the gumball back into the catapult. Jason says, “Nicole aim low.”

She looks confusedly at him. “Why on earth would I do that?”

“Because their stuck getting the gumball off. The smaller points are closer to the ground which will make it easier for us to get it off the board!”

“Okay I get it! Nice idea Jason!”

Nicole then pulls the lever and the gumball flies through the sky… and hits the 50. (CONF) “Where did Nicole learn math? Because last time I checked… 50 was not a low number,” Jason says.

Meanwhile, Matt runs up to Katie. “What did you need me for?”

“This,” Katie says. She grabbed Matt’s soccer ball and kick it. It landed on the gumball and Matt became enraged.

“You did not just do that!” He runs at the board and begins to climb up the the gumball. (CONF) “Today’s lesson learned… never get between a boy and his ball,” Katie says with a smirk.

Matt reaches the gumball and rips his soccer ball off of it. Maddie yells up to him, “Nice job Matt! Now get the gumball!”

He pulls at the gumball and it falls to the ground with him attached to it. The boys appear and pick it up. Ashley calls over from their side, “Nice job Matt.”

Matt looks around and says, “Did you guys something?”

Ashley’s jaw drops. (CONF) “Okay… Kyle I can understand…but Matt? I must be losing my charm! I can’t lose my charm!”

Danielle yells, “Ashley snaps out of it.”

Ashley shakes her head and joins the girls in forming another ladder.

The Screaming Campfire boys reach Brianna and deposit the gumball onto the catapult. She launches the gumball and it hits… a 25. “Nice one Brianna,” Brendan says.

(CONF) “Today’s going better than I thought! The team is starting to realize my potential!”

As the boys wait for the rest of the team to get the gumball, Brandon laughs. “So squirt, I take it you finally accepted that Chrissy isn’t into you…but I think Brianna is also out of your league!”

Brendan glares at Matt and Conner says, “That’s a low blow dude.”

Brandon says, “Who cares…I got Chrissy and he didn’t! That’s all that matters.”

“So Chrissy is just a prize for a contest? Because to me she is better than some prize money,” Brendan angrily retorts!”

Brandon looks shocked before punching Brendan. Cody gets between the two. “Enough! Brandon calm down!”

“No! You heard what he said,” Brandon angrily says, trying to hit Brendan again!

Cody retaliates by pushing one of Brandon’s pressure points. Brandon falls to the ground and Brendan mutters, “Thanks, Cody.”

“Don’t mention it, Brendan,” Cody says gently. He looks at Brendan and sees a black eye forming. “We put some ice on that after we win this challenge!”

Katie yells from the board, “Guys get your butts over here!” They hurry over there, without a backward glance at Brandon.

While the boys run to retrieve the gumball, the Raging Waters manages to get another 25 points. Chris says, “The score is now 75 to 75! The next team who gets the point wins!”

“Let’s go guys,” Conner encouraging says. However, they are noticed running slower without Brandon.

Jason is looking at his team with a worried look on his face. The girls were trying to reach the gumball.

He then notices the Campfire’s reaching their catapult. He then runs to the catapult.

Brianna is about to pull the lever when she sees Jason run up. “Hey Jackson! Thanks for the tip earlier! The team likes me now!”

“That’s great and I’m happy for you, “he says, although he doesn’t look happy about it. “Well I just wanted to congratulate you on your soon to be victory.”

She waved her hands like it was nothing, accidently getting her hand stuck to the gumball. Katie yells, “Brianna launch the gumball!”

She yells back, “In a sec…”

While she is distracted, Jason pulls the lever. The gumball is sent flying and with Brianna stuck to it. She screams all the way to the target. Chris laughs, “Now that is hilarious.”

The gumball collides with the board… right on the 100. The Screaming Campfire cheer…and then Chris shows up.

“Congrats Screaming Campfires…on taking second!”

The Campfire responds with “WHAT?”

Chris says, “Remember what I said? The launcher must not leave the catapult and Brianna obviously did! So today’s winners are the Raging Waters!”

The Raging Waters cheer and the Screaming Campers look mutinous. “Don’t look at me like that! And can someone get Brianna down?”

Some interns appear carrying a ladder and Chris says, “Waters enjoy the Rec. Center. Campfires, I’ll see you at the Elimination Ceremony.”

Outside the Screaming Campfire’s cabin, the entire team is shown in a deep discussion. “What happened to your eye Brendan,” Chrissy asks?

“Ask Brandon. Whenever he decides to wake up,” Brendan says.

Brianna says quietly, “I’m sorry I lost today’s challenge…”

Maddie says, “Well sorry doesn’t cut it in a competition!”

At the Elimination Ceremony, the Screaming Campfire’s are waiting for Chris. Brandon is shown looking really tick off.

Chris appears out of the darkness and into the fire’s light. “Campers…there are only eight marshmallows on this plate. One of you will leave and never return! Now, vote carefully!”

(CONF) “Brianna lost us the challenge and everyone else has some qualities to keep them around,” Maddie says.

(CONF) “Brendan or Cody? Both of them don’t deserve to be here! Sadly, I can only vote for one…” Brandon says.

Chris is shown looking over the ballet results. “Wow…really…who would have thought? Well let’s see here… The following people are safe and didn’t receive any votes... Conner, Matt, and Chrissy.” He tosses three marshmallows to them and the gratefully eat them.

Chris turns back to the rest of the team. “All of you received votes. Brandon, punching teammates, although entertaining, didn’t help the team out today.  Brendan, starting arguments to get teammates to punch you, also didn’t help the team. Brianna, you really got stuck on this one. Maddie, you certainly chewed out some teammates. Katie…I really don’t know why you got votes but here you go.”

He tosses her a marshmallow. “Also safe…Maddie,Brendan, and Brandon.”

Maddie happily catches her marshmallow while Brendan gets hit in his already injured eye and Brandon grins at Chrissy.

“Brianna and Cody, this is the final marshmallow of the evening, and it goes to…


Cody sighs in relief while Brianna says, “I’m sorry team. I wish I could have been more use to you guys.”

Brianna then boards the Boat of Losers and is sent away from the island.

Chris is now standing on the dock. “What a dramatic episode! Who will be next to tumble? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode X Truth or Flail

Chris and Chef are shown fishing on the dock. Chris says, "Last time on Total Drama, the campers where in way over their heads as they played with the Hurl of Shame! There were fights, romance, betrayal, and just plain sucking. In the end, it was the Screaming Campfires who sucked the most and Brianna, our new "Lindsay" was given the boot."

The bobber goes under and Chris excitedly says, "I got something Chef!"

As Chris reels in the line, a shark jumps out of the water and bites the pole. Chris jumps into Chef's arms. He screamed and looks at the camera, "Uh...nevermind. Secrets will be revealed and who will completly fail? Find out now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

After the opening sequence, we are shown the Raging Waters relaxing in the Rec. center. Austin shown looking tense. (CONF) “I saw what Jason did to Brianna during that last challenge. Who would have thought that he would go that far to win,” Austin says.

Nicole walks by and sits next to Austin. “Hi Austin. What’s wrong, you look nervous,” she asks with concern etched across her face.

He shakes his head. “Nothing’s wrong Nicole… just thinking about some people.”

She blushes and asks, “Anyone in particular?”

He looks at her straight in the eyes, “Yeah…Jason.”

She looks at him as though he just slapped her. She walked away in disgust, leaving Austin looking confused.

Jason walks past a ticked off Nicole, looking at her with a surprised look. He notices Austin and approaches. “Dude… what did you do to her?”

Still shocked, Austin says, “I didn’t do anything, all I said was your name and she went nuts.”

Jason grins and shakes his head. “Man you do not know how to talk to girls… she likes you and she tried to get you to confess your feelings to her.”

Austin sighs and says, “Man girls are complex…”

Ashley calls out from the sofa, “Oh boys… can one of you make me something to eat… I’m dreadfully hungry.”

Austin ignores her and Jason says, “You have feet! Make it yourself!”

Meanwhile, Nicole enters the Raging Water’s cabin. Danielle and Shauna look up as Nicole storms over to her bed. Shauna asks, “What’s the matter Nicole?”

Nicole simply says, “Boys,” before lying down on her bed. However, she immediately gets back up after she lifts up the covers and it’s covered with insects.

Nicole glares at Danielle, who simply grins. (CONF) “Without Emily there was no fun target to prank… until it hit me! Nicole could be fun to prank,” Danielle says.

“Why would you do that Danielle,” Nicole angrily says.

Shauna intervened saying, “Nicole there is no proof that Danielle did that. It was probably one of the guys.”

“Sure! Defend your best friend! Of course she didn’t do it!” Nicole turns around and trips over the garbage can. Shauna busts out laughing and Danielle is trying to suppress a smile. Nicole gets back up and angrily leaves the cabin.

Meanwhile at the Screaming Campfire’s cabin, Katie and Maddie are sitting in a corner whispering to each other, leaving Chrissy alone. (CONF) “I know those two are tight and all…but they could at least include me…I don’t like being alone.

She gets up and leaves the cabin; the other two didn’t even notice. Outside, Chrissy hears arguing from next door. Brandon leaves the boy’s cabin in a rage, but hides it the moment he sees Chrissy. “Hey sweetie…what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing…just Katie and Maddie giving me the cold shoulder,” she responds sadly.

Brandon thinks it over then moves forward and hugs her. “Don’t worry Chrissy… I will never abandon you like them.”

Chrissy says, “You mean it?”

Brandon nods and they lean toward each other, but the boy’s cabin opens and hits Brandon, breaking the two apart. Conner, standing in the frame, says, “Ah what a beautiful day!”

Brandon glares at Conner, while Chrissy giggles. Brandon opens his mouth, but Chris’s voice is heard. “Guess what campers…its challenge time! Come meet me at the other side of the island!”

The two teams form alongside the beach on the other side of the island. Chef is standing before them. Cody asks, “Where’s Chris? He said to meet his here.”

Chef responds, “He is off preparing phase two of today’s challenge! This means… you are all mine. For a while anyway. See the chairs; each of you will sit in a chair. I will ask a question and if the person who the question is concerned with answers, their team will get a point. If they do not... the other team gets a point and…”

He pulls a lever and one of the chairs falls into the water. The campers look concerned while Chef laughs. “The first team to get five points wins the challenge. But ask yourself, ‘but Chef, if this isn’t for immunity, why should we play?’ Well the winning team gets an advantage in the next challenge that’s why!”

The campers are then shown strapped into the chairs lined up next to each other. Chef, standing behind a podium, says, “Let’s begin…this person barfed on their first crush!”

Brandon laughs, “Wow who would fail that much?”

Chrissy looks next to her and sees that Brendan had gone pale. (CONF) “How the heck did Chef find that out,” Brendan asks nervously?

Chrissy places her hand on his and whispers, “It’s all right. No one will think of you a differently.”

Looking over, Brandon notices this and says, “It was Brendan! Brendan barfed on his crush!”

Chef nods. “That is correct…but you’re not Brendan!”

Chef reaches toward the lever and Brandon panics. “But Chef…He wasn’t going to answer!”

“Good point…so you both fall!”

Chef pulls the lever and Brandon and Brendan both fall into the water. “Two points for the Raging Waters!

Both boy’s surface and Brandon angrily burst out, “This wouldn’t have happen if you had just answered Chef!”

Brendan says, “Well I would have if you hadn’t jumped to conclusions!”

They both start hitting each other, but Chef, without concern, says, “Ladies stop fighting! Moving on… this person… hacked into the school computer to change their grades to pass the ninth grade.”

Immediately, Danielle raises her hand. “It was me!”

“Another point goes to Raging Waters!”

(CONF) “What’s the worst that can happen…I get even more detention,” Danielle smugly says?

“Continuing… This person… oh excuse me… this is Jordan’s secret… Chef says, before ripping up the card. “Stupid Barbie lover… this person…took a stole in a cop’s car…after blackmailing the cop to let him take it.”

Jason gulped. (CONF) “Crap! I can’t let these losers know about my background…some secrets need to stay a secret… but will be one step closer to victory.”

He slowly starts to raise his hand, but Kyle beat him to the punch. The campers gasp and Chef says, “Correct. One more point for the win!”

(CONF) Kyle says, “Yeah I blackmailed a cop…got a problem with that?”

“Potentially the final question…this person has a secret obsession with the hit book series… Dusk.

Shauna says, “I love that series!”

“Chef says, “I’m sure you do… but the question doesn’t concern you! Point Screaming Campfire’s!”

He pulls the lever and Shauna falls. “Moving on…this person pulled a stunt that ended up getting his town mayor severely injured and escaped blame.”

After a moment of silence… one camper raises his hand…

Austin. The campers gasp and Kyle mutters, “Figures.”

“And the Raging Waters win part one! There reward… all the members that took a swim on the other team don’t get to participate in the next challenge!”

Both Brendan and Brandon yell, “WHAT?”

“I know it’s a shock but, you all better not keep the sha…Chris waiting…hehe”

The campers look at each other nervously before getting out of the chairs.

As the campers head toward Chris, Kyle pulls Austin and Jason aside. “Surely you both have noticed… but were currently outnumbered three guys to five girls.”

Jason says, “So what you want to band together to even out the odds?”

Kyle nods. “A temporary alliance to give us the number advantage… I don’t like working with other people but girls like Danielle and Shauna need to go.”

Austin says, “I fine with that…but we leave Nicole, maybe I could get her to join us to vote out one of the two.”

“I agree with that strategy,” Jason says.

The three shake hands and Austin runs off to walk next to Nicole. Kyle then whispers to Jason, “Oh by the way…Your starting to slip.”

Kyle leaves while Jason stares at him. (CONF) “I was thinking about having Kyle join our official alliance…but judging from that vague hint… I think he knows more about me than what I thought.”

Nicole notices Austin and looks away from him. Austin mutter, “Nicole I’m sorry about earlier. I was just thinking about the game and the alliance.”

“So you guys were thinking about getting rid of me just like Jordan?”

Alarmed, Austin says, “No! If Jason ever suggested that I would have left him in a second. Your more important to me than some dumb game.”

Nicole stops and asks, “You mean it?”

Austin says, “Of course I do!”

She blushes and starts walking, but crashes into Ashley. The both fall down. “Oh… Sorry Ashley,” Nicole mutters weakly.

Austin helps Nicole up as Ashley says, “It’s all right Nicole! Oh Brandon… can you help me up?”

Brandon ignores her and walks by. She asks, “Is anyone going to help me up?”

The group walks right past her. (CONF) “I can’t believe it… I’m losing my touch,” She says, looking frightened.

The group is then shown standing before Chris. A little tower is out above the water and Chris says, “Okay campers… time for your second challenge! See that tower? On it are four keys for each team. There will be four swimmers from each team competing and only one of can be in the water at a time. The other four…or two in the Screaming Campfire’s case will use the key to open this chest. Inside are blocks that make a breathtaking picture. You will need to make that picture. The winning team wins immunity and another special reward…”

The campers start to talk amongst themselves, guessing what the reward is. Chris blows a whistle and gets their attention. “For the Raging Waters…Kyle, Ashley, Austin, and Abby will be the swimmers and Jason, Shauna, Danielle, and Nicole will solve the puzzle. The Screaming Campfire’s swimmers will be…Katie, Matt, Chrissy, and Cody. The puzzle will be solved by Conner and Maddie. Brandon and Brendan…you tow get to watch all the action… from the sidelines!”

The two boys groan and watch the others take their positions, after the swimmers changed into their swimwear. “And… on your mark…get set… Go,” Chris says!

Katie and Kyle both jump into the water. Unfortunately, Kyle doesn’t have the power and speed of Katie as she is ahead of him. She reaches the tower first and starts climbing the rope. Her team cheers her on while Kyle’s team stays silent. Shauna says to her team, “Who else agrees that we should vote Mr. Blackmail of next?”

Abby angrily says, “Why are you concerned with voting someone out now? Maybe we should vote you out instead?”

Shauna rolls her eyes as Kyle starts climbing the rope. Meanwhile, Katie grabs the first key and jumps into the water.

Kyle however also grabs the key and jumps in the water as well. Katie reaches the shore first and races to deliver the key. She hands the key to Maddie, who unlocks the first lock. Conner shouts, “Go Matt!”

Matt runs into the water just as Kyle reaches the shore and tosses the key to Jason. Ashley jumps into the water and starts swimming.

Both are swimming fast with Matt only just a few feet in front of Ashley. Matt reaches the rope and starts climbing. Moments later, Ashley reaches the rope and says, “Oh Matt… you don’t want me getting hurt now would you? Can you help me up?”

Matt looks down at her… and says, “If you were on my team…then maybe.”

He turns and grabs the key and jumps into the water, accidently splashing Ashley. (CONF) “MATT? Great even the guy who practically worshiped me is ignoring me,” Ashley angrily says!

She sighs and starts to climb, though making small progress. Meanwhile, Matt started to shake. Cody says, “Crap…his fear of the water!”

Chrissy yells, “Chris can we help him?”

Chris, after taking a moment to take a drink of soda, says, “Let me think…NO!”

Matt starts slowing down as Ashley finally reaches the top and grabs the key. She jumps into the water and starts swimming back.

Still shaking, Matt drags himself across the sand where Katie takes the key and gives it to Conner just as Ashley finished giving the key to Nicole. Austin and Chrissy both run into the water. Chrissy struggles to keep up with Austin, who is nearing the ropes. Brandon calls out, “Keep going Chrissy!”

(CONF) “It’s great! Chrissy and I are starting to get out of the friend zone! This means that we can work together and I will be a step closer to the prize money,” Brandon says, with a nasty grin on his face. “What? Sure Chrissy is a nice girl…but there is a lot better looking women out there…”

Chrissy smiles from Brandon’s encouragement and swims faster. Austin starts to climb the rope and as he reaches the top, Chrissy also starts climbing. Austin grabs the key and passes Chrissy who also grabs the key.

Both of them are now swimming back to shore. Matt is shaking in terror, wrapped in a blanket. Austin reaches the shore first with Chrissy right on his tail. Both hand off the key to their respective teammates and Cody and Abby head into the water.

Abby takes the lead, with Cody taking his time. Maddie yells, “Dude! Hurry it up!”

Abby reaches the rope and climbs up while Cody also reaches the rope. She climbs to the top while Cody still climbing. Abby jumps into the water as Cody reaches the top and grabs the key. He too jumps into the water.

She notices Cody behind her and she tries to speed up, but she had used up most of her energy to reach the shore. Cody, who had conserved his energy, swims past her and reaches the shore. The key is given to Maddie who responds with, “Finally!”

Maddie and Conner unlock the last lock and open the chest and they see the blocks. She starts removing them from the chest. “Okay… I have no idea what this is supposed to be,” she says sadly.

Abby had finally reached the shore and Jason promptly takes the key. He unlocks the last lock and opens the chest. The four take out the blocks and look at it. Jason says, “Oh I know what it is!”

But, before he can say what it is, a whistle is heard. Chris says, “And the Screaming Campfire’s win!”

Danielle stutters, “But…But…How?”

Chris points at Conner. (CONF) “These block were nothing more than big Legos… of course I had it in the bag,” Conner excitedly says.”

“Raging Waters… I’m disappointed in you. Even with a slight advantage…you still failed! And you get to send someone home tonight!”

Back at the Raging Water’s cabin, Shauna is…well, raging. “Really Abby, if you hadn’t used up all your energy in that swim, we might have won!”

“Really Shauna, You don’t know that,” Abby angrily retorted.

Shauna walks away in a rage. Kyle then talks to Abby, “Say Abby… I have a request for you…”

Later, night has fallen and the Raging Waters are at the Elimination Ceremony.

(CONF) Shauna says, “Although Abby annoyed me… I can’t trust Kyle so he is out!

(CONF) Kyle says, “I hope trusting those guys this one time pays off… otherwise I’m gone!

Chris is shown looking at the ballets. “Wow… you guys are all over the board tonight! Let’s see here the following people are safe…Austin, Ashley, and Jason. None of you received any votes. Here are your marshmallows.

He tosses the marshmallows to the trio. “Also safe… Nicole and…Danielle.” The two girls get their marshmallows while glaring at each other.

“Abby, Kyle, and Shauna… there are only two marshmallows left… and the first one goes to…Abby.”

Abby cheers as she gets her marshmallow. “Kyle and Shauna… this is the last marshmallow…and it goes too…

…Kyle…by a hair.”

Kyle sighs in relief as Shauna stands up angrily. “Why would you vote me out instead of this blackmailing loser?”

Chris says, “Yes we know it’s a shock…heck even I was surprised! But time to go!”

Shauna is shown boarding the Boat of Losers as a voice is heard, “WAIT!”

The camera shows Ashley racing toward the boat and hops on it. “I quit!”

The campers gasp and Chris says, “Wait…Say what?”

“I can’t stand it here anymore! The boys are ignoring me! I need to go for my health!”

And with that the Boat of Losers carries both girls away. Chris says, “Whoa…did not see that one coming!”

Later, Chris is standing on the Dock of Shame. “Well there you have it… the conclusion of the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet! What will happen next time when our campers come face to face with… the evil… the nasty… Alejandro? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!

Episode XI: Al or Nothing

It is nighttime as Chris does the recap. "Last time on Total Drama, secrets were revealed. Fists were flown and plenty of campers took a swim. Some were left in the and others could barley keep up. Matt's aquaphobia came back and Conner's handling of the prize blocks lead the Screaming Campfire's to victory. In the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet, Shauna was voted out because of the guy's teaming up to get the number advantage over the girls. Even more shocking, Ashley joined Shauna on the Boat of Losers because the guys were ignoring her."

Chris wipes away a fake tear and says, "Tonight, the campers will stare down terror! Who is going to wet their pants? And where is Chef? Seriously, he hasn't been seen for days? Anyway, these questions will be answered right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

 A wolf howls in the distance as the campers are shown sleeping. Chris stands by the elimination pit, holding a bullhorn. “I love my job,” He joyfully says.

He blows the horn and immediate shouts come from within the cabins. Austin opens the cabin window and sticks his head out of it. “What’s the big idea Mclean? We are trying to sleep!”

Chris laughs, “I bet you are. But, we have no time for lazy butts, we have a challenge!”

Maddie shrieks, “But it’s the middle of the night?”

“I know it’s it great?

(CONF) Maddie “Sometimes I don’t understand Chris’s humor. Besides, how much does he actually get paid to torture us?”

“Alright campers, follow me into the woods were the challenge awaits.”

The campers are shown walking behind Chris, who is the only one holding a flashlight. Evidently, Conner notices this as he asks, “Chris don’t we get flashlights?”

“Let me think…no! Anyway, right here is a good spot to stop.”

He stops and the campers line up in front of him. “Okay campers…before I continue, has anyone seen Chef recently?”

Brandon answers, “No Chris we haven’t…and the days without him have been great!”

The other campers mutter in agreement. Chris gives them a disapproving scowl. “Right…but because Chef can’t be found…you guys are going to find him!”

Austin laughs, “Find Chef…that’ it? No exploding bombs, no mutant sharks, no catch?”

Chris also chuckles. “There is no catch... the first team to find Chef wins immunity and gets to return to sleep. And…GO!”

The two teams start to run off but Chris yells, “Oh right I forgot one teeny tiny little thing… Austin brought up a very good point. While you guys hunt down Chef… someone or something is hunting you!”

The camper’s gasp and Kyle looks angrily at Austin. “You just had to ask,” He says.

Austin scowls and Chris says, “Easy there guys…save the conflict for later. That is all…you may continue.”

The Screaming Campfires are shown running through the woods. Conner looks behind and says, “Katie! STOP!”

 The team stops and Katie says, “What Conner?”

Conner points and she gasps as only she, Conner, and Cody are there. Cody says, “The others must have gotten lost in the dark.”

The Raging Waters are shown to have a similar predicament. Abby, Kyle, and Danielle are together. Walking behind the other two, Danielle develops a nasty grin. (CONF) “Of course I can’t resist a prank in the middle of the night!”

As Abby discuss a plan to Kyle, Danielle slips away into the trees. Kyle looks behind and says, “Uh Abby. Danielle’s gone.”

Abby looks behind and gasps, “You don’t think…that thing is near us do you?”

Kyle shrugs and says, “Probably.”

She screams and clings to him for support. Kyle rolls his eyes and tries to pry her off.

Brendan and Matt are shown walking by the mess hall. Brendan asks, “So how to you feel about Ashley quitting?”

Matt shrugs and says, “There was nothing between us… but what about you and Chrissy? I saw you two last night.”

Brendan blushes as a flashback is shown. He is sitting on the dock skipping stones across the lake. Chrissy walks up behind him, “How’s your eye Brendan?”

He shrugs and mutters, “It will heal…”

She sits next to him and says, “You know Brandon didn’t mean to give you that black eye.”

Brendan grunts, “Right.”

Chrissy watches him skip another stone and asks, “How do you do that?”

“Like this.” He stands up and helps her up. He then demonstrated how to skip stones.

“Here you try,” he said as he gives her a stone.

She tries and after a few failed attempts, she finally gets it. “I did it!”

Chrissy was so excited that she hugged Brendan, which surprised him. She then backs away, blushing, “Sorry…I got a little over excited.”

Brendan laughs, “It’s okay Chrissy.”

 The flashback ends with Brendan saying, “Yeah Matt I wish there was something between us… but because of Brandon, there can’t be.”

“I understand… but enough chatter! Let’s go find Chef!”

He kicks his soccer ball and it flies into the bushes. A grunt is heard and both boys look nervously at each other. Suddenly, crunching sounds are heard from beyond the bushes. The two boys look beyond the bush and see the ball… lying next to Maddie who is unconscious on the ground. He face is bruised from where the ball hit her.

Matt says, “Oh ****”

Brandon and Chrissy are then shown walking through the woods. (CONF) “Yesterday was fun,” Chrissy says. “Brendan and I hung out for most of the day. He’s sweet… but I’m with Brandon. I hope he understands.”

(CONF) “We need to find Chef,” Brandon says. “And I’m not going to risk my own neck to find him, so I have Chrissy be the bait.”

“Hey Chrissy, do you want to check that cave? I think Chef might be in there.”

She looks into the cave and asks, “What about you?”

“I will stand guard over the entrance! Believe me, nothing will get past me!”

Chrissy walks gradually into the cave while Brandon relaxes. Suddenly, a static sound is heard and Brandon starts to shake, “Um…hello?”

He turns around and screams as the screen blackens. It then cuts to a commercial break.  

After the break, Chris is shown reading a cue card. “No contestants were harmed in the making of this episode. Really do I have to do this every time? It’s the one thing not in my contract!”

Back to the action, Austin, Jason, and Nicole are walking along the beach when they hear a scream. “Well…looks like one down,” Jason darkly mutters.

Nicole shivers and says quietly, “Don’t say that!”

Behind them, a howling sound is heard. They look over in that direction and Austin says, “It’s just a wolf. Let’s keep going guys!”

Behind Nicole, Someone says, “Boo!”

All three of them yell and jump back in surprise. Danielle laughs. “You guys should have seen your faces!”    

Nicole, who had fallen to the ground, says, “Not cool Danielle!”

Danielle responds, “Let me think about it… yes it was!”

Behind the group is a static sound. Jason rolls his eyes, “Nice try Danielle… we aren’t falling for it again!”

Danielle, however, had gone pale and begins to stutter, pointing. The three turn around and scream as the thing rushes them.

Chris, who is watching safely from an unknown location, remarks, “and four of the Raging Waters are out and only one Campfire! And still no Chef!”

Brendan and Matt are shown carrying Maddie in the woods. (CONF) “It was the last thing we wanted to do, but we had to take Maddie with us,” Matt says.

A groaning sound is heard and Matt says, “I think she’s coming to!”

Brendan’s eyes had gone wide-eyed and he says, “It wasn’t Maddie!”

“How to you know?”

Matt looked towards where Brendan is looking and pales. “I guess you were right.”

The two boys scream as the screen blackens. Meanwhile, Chrissy is still exploring the cave. (CONF) “Brandon does a better job at standing guard than what I thought! I figured I would be captured by know!”

She turns a corner and bumps into someone. The two scream and she punches the person. “Oww… Chrissy?”

Chrissy squints and says, “Conner?”

Conner turns on a flashlight and says, “Yep…I found a flashlight and decided to explore this cave.”

“Did you see Brandon? He is supposed to stand guard?”

Conner thinks about it, “Brandon? Nope I didn’t see anyone at the entrance.”

Chrissy is about to speak, when a static sound is heard. “How about we move!”

Together the two run toward the cave entrance.

Meanwhile, Katie and Cody are looking around the forest. Cody yells, "Conner!"

Katie said, "Shut up! Do you want that thing to find us?"

Cody, looked fearful from his actions, then said, "Katie look over there."

He points at an object on the ground. She picks it up and says, "It's a paddle...from the Rec. Center!"

Cody gasps. "You don't think that it is a clue to where Chef is?"

Katie nods and together they race off toward the Rec. Center. While they are running, Kyle and Abby watch them run by. Abby says, "Do you think something spooked them?"

Kyle shrugs and says, "Well let's look for some clues."

Together they look around and Abby says, "What's this?"

She bends down at the same time Kyle does. There hands touch directly over the object, but Kyle imediatly pulls away. Abby says, "It's a knife..."

Kyle says, "Obviously that means he is somewhere in the kitchen... let's move!"

Back with Conner and Chrissy, the two are slowly losing their breath and Cody yells out. Startled, Chrissy says, "What was that for!"

"I lost my collectible Yougurt lego figure!"

Chrissy facepalms as Conner looks for his lost Lego. She points to north, "There it is Conner!"

Conner's Lego is shown on the ground just as a wheel rolls over it. Before them stands the Drama Machine. Chrissy screams and runs while Conner starts shaking.

"You broke my exclusive lego...YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!"

He launches himself at The Drama Machine and begins savagly attacking it. Chrissy stops and stares with fascination and horror.

Cody and Katie are shown searching the Rec. Center searching for any sign of Chef. Kyle and Abby are also shown searching the Kitchen. TKyle opens the freezer...and Chef stumbles out.

He is frozen and while shivering, "It took you three days to send a rescue party!"

Chris enters the Kitchen, grinning, and says, "These guys are the rescue party and the winners of today's challenge!

The rest of the campers enter the mess hall and the Raging Waters cheer for Abby and Kyle.

(CONF) Katie says, "Shoot! We were so close! Anyway good game guys!

Katie then asks, “So guys what exactly was the monster?”

Chris laughs, “It was no monster…it was…”

Before he can finish though, an intern races toward him. He whispers something into Chris’s ear and Chris looks shocked. “Well get him out of here!”

The intern nods and runs out the door. Chrissy and Conner pass the intern as they walk into the mess hall. She looks a little frightened by Conner.

A groaning sound is heard from the outside and two interns are dragging the Drama Machine away, where an injured Alejandro is shown inside. Chrissy mutters, “Shoot and he was so close to recovering…”

Cody says, “So you asked a poor, injured ex-contestant to scare and capture us? That’s low dude!”

Chris responds, “Dude…it was Alejandro!”

“Oh, never mind then.”

“Well back to business… Screaming Campfires I will see you at the Elimination Ceremony… Raging Waters you may return to bed.”

The Raging Water’s boys are shown in their cabin. From his bunk, Jason asks, “Kyle who do you want to see go next?”

Kyle ignores him and turns on his side. Jason looks confused before Austin says, “He only wanted to team up till we even the numbers of guys and girls on our team, remember?”

Jason nods before giving Kyle a distasteful look. There light goes out as they head off to sleep.

Meanwhile at the elimination ceremony, Chris stands before the Screaming Campfires with an empty platter. “Hey Chris…where are the marshmallows,” Brendan asks?

“There are no marshmallows Brendan…because tonight is an instant death elimination!”

The campers gasp and Chris laughs. “That’s right! Tonight I’m picking who goes based on their performance in the challenge!”

The campers look nervously to each other. “Obviously the people who should be safe are the ones who didn’t get caught. So that would be Katie, Cody, Chrissy, and Conner. Brandon…you were the first out of all the campers. Brendan and Matt…you guys stayed to help a fallen teammate…that you knocked unconscious in the first place!”

Matt whistles innocently while Maddie glares at him. (CONF) Maddie says, “I hope Chris gives Matt the boot because getting hit by a soccer ball when you aren’t expecting it really hurts!”

Chris dramatically points at the sky. “And the person leaving Paradise Cove is…

…he lowers his hand and points at the campers. “YOU…













The campers gasp. Conner stutters, “Why me? You said I wouldn’t get picked!”

Chris chuckles, “I said you should be safe! Besides, I have to avoid another lawsuit you know! Al’s contract states that while he is in that suit, no harm should come to him! Nothing personal!”

Conner sighs and starts to walk to the Dock of Shame. Maddie says, “Wait Conner! Group hug!”

The team gets up and gives Conner a hug. Conner is then shown on the Boat of Losers waving bye to his team, who stand on the dock also waving.

They head back to their cabins when Brandon notices something shiny in the woods. After both cabins light’s had gone out, Brandon sneaks out of the cabin to investigate. A voice behind him says, “Took you a while.”

Brandon turns and says, “What do you want Jason?”

Jason steps forward into the moonlight saying, “I have come to offer you some assistance. I mean your plan to use Chrissy is going to backfire eventually.”

Brandon looked like he has been sucker punched. “How did you know about that plan?”

Jason chuckles. “Because you just told me!”

Brandon facepalms and says, “Sorry Jason…but I don’t think I will need your assistance. I’m going back to bed!”

He storms off while Jason mutters, “He will be back.” He then walks ominously back to his cabin.

Chris is shown poking the dying flame with a stick. “And that’s the conclusion of another exciting… night. Tune in next time for more fun, betrayal, and heartbreaks next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode XII: The Drama Games

Chris sits in the mess hall while starting the recap. “Last time on Total Drama, Our campers were woken up to compete in a rescue mission to find Chef! While they were searching for Chef, our old friend Al stopped by and hunted them down. He should he still had his charm as he took all but six of our campers out. In the end, Kyle and Abby found Chef locked in his own freezer and Conner got the boot by yours truly. How did he end up there in the first place?”

A flashback is shown of Chef entering the freezer to get something and moments later Chris walks in and notices the door open. “How many times to do I have to tell Chef not to leave the door open? Freezers aren’t cheap you know!”

He promptly walks to it and shuts it. He leaves and Chef starts knocking on the door. “Chris? CHRIS?”

Chris chuckles, “And the world may never know! But this week tune in for the most shocking, most dramatic episode of Total Drama yet! What’s in store? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

A loon is heard calling as the early morning mist rolls through the camp. The campers start rolling out of bed. Brendan says, “Good morning guys.”

The others mumble, “Morning in response,” except for Brandon who looks tense.

Brandon says, “Something’s up guys… where‘s the rude awakening?”

Cody, still half-asleep, says, “Maybe Chris forgot.”

(CONF) Matt says, “Man I cannot believe Conner was kicked out like that. But, it makes you wonder who would’ve gone if it was a regular vote.

The teams are shown in the mess hall. Chef, with a cold from being locked in the freezer for three days, is serving pancakes. Brandon sits at the table and asks, “Chrissy, may you bring me my breakfast?”

Chrissy says, “Of course sweetie.”

She heads off to get pancakes. Chef gives her some, but sneezes on it. Chrissy doesn’t notice and returns the food to Brandon.

Brendan notices this and rolls his eyes. (CONF) “Brandon has his own two feet! He doesn’t need Chrissy to do every little thing for him!”

Brandon eats the pancake, but immediately spits it out. “What was one that pancake,” he rages.

Chrissy says, “Brandon I’m sorry.”

He controls his anger and says, “It is okay sweetie…you can clean up the mess though.

She starts to clean up the mess when Chris enters, “Campers… I hope that you all enjoyed breakfast?”

The campers nod in agreement when Maddie asks, “What’s with the smile?”

Chris says, “Nothing.”

Suddenly, Nicole falls face first into her food, quickly followed by Katie and Kyle. Soon all the campers pass out. Chris chuckles. “Nice touch with putting sleeping pills in the pancake batter, Chef.”

Chef responds, “Why thank you Chris… and I added a little something in yours for locking me in the freezer!”

“What do you mean…? Oh… Oh no!”

 Chris grabs his stomach and runs out the door. Chef laughs evilly!

Slowly the campers are shown to be stirring. Brandon, Brendan, and Chrissy wake on a platform alongside Jason, Nicole, and Austin. Jason looks over the side and yells. The others start to panic. A television rises out of the platform. A bathroom stall is shown and Chris’s voice is heard from behind it.

“Welcome to today’s challenge campers! Sorry I couldn’t be there with you in person…stupid Chef… “He moans slightly as Kyle, Abby, Matt, and Maddie look at each other.

Abby asks, “Why are we in a helicopter Chris?”

“ Because today we are doing a three part race. Kyle and Abby start for the Waters and Matt and Maddie for the Campfires. You guys will jump out of the helicopter and hopefully land safely in the water, there you will swim to shore to reach part two.

Matt groans, “Great…water challenge… just my luck!”

The camera next shows Danielle, Cody, and Katie standing on the beach as Chris continues, “And after they reach the shore, you guys will race to the other side of the island. To make things interesting… Katie will be blindfolded to make things fair.”

Cody and Katie complain and Danielle says, “Yes!”

Chris continues, “Yeah Cody will have to guide Katie with only his voice, and after you reach the third part of the challenge. The remaining members of your team will jump from platform to platform to reach the flag on the opposite platform tower. The first team member to touch the flag wins in for their team… any questions?” 

The campers start to mutter, when Chris yells, “GO!”

Abby says, “I always wanted to jump out of a plane! Let’s go Kyle!”

She grabs his hand and jumps, dragging him along. Maddie watches them plummet and turns saying, “Matt come on!”

Matt however was clinging himself to Chef, who was piloting the helicopter.

Chef grabbed Matt saying, “You need to grow a backbone wimp!”

He chucks Matt out of the plane with Maddie following. Abby and Kyle land in the water and Kyle says, “Let’s never do that again!”

They hear screaming as Matt lands on top of Kyle. Maddie shortly follows.

Kyle surfaces and says, “Hurry Abby!”

The two start swimming while Maddie half-carries Matt. (CONF) “I swear Matt is becoming more and more useless to the team,” Maddie says.

(CONF) Matt says, “It’s not my fault that I’m scared of water! When I was five, I was pushed into an aquarium tank… surrounded by so many fish and baby sharks!”

Kyle and Abby swim towards the shore as Maddie says, “Matt you need to let go if we are ever going to catch them!”

Matt gulps and releases Maddie. Together, they start to swim to shore.

Abby and Kyle reach the shore and tag Danielle, who starts to sprint. (CONF) “This is going to be a piece of cake,” Danielle says triumphantly.

Maddie and Matt also reach the shore as Cody says, “Okay Katie… head straight!”

Katie nods and heads straight. Danielle is shown dodging trees with ease while Katie and Cody have trouble. Danielle yells out, “Later losers!”

She laughs, but falls down as she ran straight into a bear! The bear growls and Danielle runs away screaming with the bear following.

Meanwhile, the six on the platform are shown to be bored. Austin and Nicole are shown talking to each other while Brendan and Chrissy also talk. Brandon glares at them. Jason whispers to Brandon, “I can help you with your little problem.”

Brandon whispers back, “I don’t need your help Jason! I’m doing fine on my own!”

They hear a scream and they look over at the island and see Danielle running from the bear. Brendan mockingly says, “Having a little trouble guys?”

Chrissy and Brandon both laugh while their opponents look sour.

Katie is shown to have tripped and Cody encouragingly says, “Don’t give up Katie! We are almost there!”

She asks, “We are?”

“Yeah I can see the beach from here!”

“I can hear the water too!”

She turns toward her right, which isn’t the way to the beach, but to a river. Cody tries to stop her, but she falls in. Katie spits out water and starts to swim to shore, but the current is to strong.

“Help Cody!”

Cody runs along the riverbank saying, “I’ll think of something.”

Chris is shown still in the bathroom stall, “And it looks like the Campfires are in trouble. Will Cody find a way to save Katie? Will Danielle become a bear’s next meal? Find out after the break!”

After the break, Danielle is shown to still be running from the bear! (CONF) “Geez this bear is more persistent than the cops ever were!”

She grabs some berries from a passing bush and throws it at the bear. The bear stops and starts to eat the berries. She sighs in relieve and walks past the bear. “You’re not so tough are you? You great stupid animal!”

To make a long story short, the bear hears her and the chase resumes. Meanwhile, Cody reaches a vine and says, “Katie raise your hands!”      

She does and Cody tosses the vine to her. She grabs it and swings out of the water to the other side. “Thank you Cody! Come on now let’s win this!”

Katie heads of towards the north, but collides with a tree. (CONF)  Cody says, “You just have to admire her determination! She nearly drowns and yet she’s still has the will to win!”

Cody starts to instruct her back to the beach. The six on the platform look and see Danielle still running from that dang bear! She yells out, “Go.”

Nicole says to Brendan, “Who is having trouble now?”

She jumps to the first platform, but misses and falls to the water below. Austin yells out, “NICOLE!”

He is about to jump down, but Chris said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you… only one try per member. So I suggest you and Jason hurry up before Katie and Cody arrive… which is right now!”

They turn and see Katie and Cody running out of the forest. Austin and Jason start jumping across the platform as Cody says, “We made it Katie!”

Katie says, “Win this one guys!”

Brandon starts making his way across the platforms soon surpassing Jason. (CONF) “I can’t use Chrissy to win this challenge… and Brendan is pathetically weak… so it’s up to me!”

Austin is shown to have no trouble with the challenge while Brendan is having difficulty.

Jason notices Brandon gaining on Austin, when he flashes an evil grin. He starts to slow down.

Brandon passes Austin saying, “Later Austin!”

Austin is about to say something when he missed tripped and was fell over the side. The Screaming Campfire’s start cheering as Brandon nears the flag.

Meanwhile, Chrissy passes Jason. He notices this and slams into her, knocking her off the edge. She grabs onto the edge, barely hanging on. She yells out, “Brandon helps me!”

Brandon, who is only two platforms away from the flag, turns and sees Chrissy dangling, “Hang on Chrissy!”

Brendan shouts out, “Brandon I’ll help her! Just get the flag!”

Brandon looks conflicted looking back and forth between the flag and Chrissy. (CONF) “ I couldn’t let that loser save her! I worked too hard to get her to do what I want!”

He turns away from the flag and starts jumping toward Chrissy. Jason passes him.

Meanwhile, Brendan has reached Chrissy and starts pulling her up. She embraces him saying, “Thank you so much Brendan!”

He grins saying, “Don’t mention it Chrissy!”

A yell of frustration is heard which tears the two apart. Brandon stands before them, looking enraged beyond words. Chrissy says, “Brandon… why aren’t you at the flag?”

Ignoring her, Brandon tackles Brendan off the platform. Chrissy screams and watches the two fall.

As they collide with the water, Jason reaches the flag and grabs it. Chris, having finally recovered, says, “The Raging Waters are the winners…again!”

Brendan drags himself to the shore before he is kicked in the sides by Brandon. He falls to the ground as Brandon says, “You interfering idiot! Do you know how long I worked to get Chrissy to do what I want! She belongs to me, not you! Why can’t you get that through your head?”

There is a stunned silence as Brandon starts to realize his mistake. He looks up to see all of the campers glaring at him.

Chrissy stares coldly at him. “I belong to no one Brandon.”

Brandon stutter, “I was joking Chrissy…”

“Save your excuses!” She walks past him to help Brendan up. “I’m sorry…If only I realized sooner.”

Brendan grins, “It’s okay… hey you have nothing to apologize about! It’s Brandon’s fault.”

She smiles sadly. “Yeah it is.”

Chris interrupts them. “I hate to break up such a touching moment… but we still have an elimination ceremony to attend.”

He walks away with all of the Campfire’s glaring at Brandon, who gulps. (CONF) “Well…it looks like I’m a goner…” Brandon says, dejectedly.

At the elimination ceremony, Brandon is sitting away from the rest of the campers. Chris says, “Ah tension… I love it! You know the drill… six marshmallows and one loser.

(CONF) “That backstabbing, manipulative jerk is gone,” Chrissy says!

(CONF) “You messed up dude,” Matt says!

(CONF) “Later Brandon,” Brendan says.

Chris says, “Let’s get this over with marshmallows for Katie, Cody, Chrissy, Matt, and Maddie. Brandon and Brendan…this is the final marshmallow…”

Brendan glares triumphantly at Brandon who looks scared beyond belief. “The final Marshmallow of the evening goes too...





















Brandon catches the marshmallow and the campers all stand up and yell, “WHAT?”


Chris shrugs, “I’m surprised at you guys… six votes for Brendan to one vote Brandon.”

Matt says, “Dude there must be a mistake! I know for a fact that Cody and I voted for Brandon!”

“Hey the votes don’t lie! Sorry Brendan this is messed up, but your tonight’s lucky loser!”

Brendan glares at Brandon who evilly waves bye at him. Brendan walks on the Dock of Shame where the rest of his team is. Katie and Maddie both give him a hug. Katie says, “We would have kept you on Brendan.”

“Thanks Katie, do me a favor and kick Brandon’s butt!”

“Will do!”

 Matt and Cody both give him a handshake and Matt says, “It’s been fun! I wish you didn’t get voted out like this!”

Brendan nods, “I agree.”

Brendan walks past Brandon, who also ignores him. Brendan turns around and kicks Brandon in the kiwis. Brandon doubles over in pain and falls into the lake. Brendan says, “There’s your karma for hurting Chrissy!”

The campers laugh and Brendan moves on to Chrissy. She hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll miss you Brendan.”

Brendan nods, “Me too.”

He boards the Boat of Losers as he wave bye to his team. The wave back and Chris says, “Well it’s been an enjoyable day! Good night all.”

(CONF) Brandon is shown with the ballot box. “Shout out to Jason and his plan! I should have trusted the guy ages ago. This is pure genius!” He swaps the votes inside with his own fake votes.

Brandon enters the Campfire’s boy cabin, but is ambushed. He is shoved into a sleeping bag and thrown in the river. Matt and Cody high five and return to their cabin.

Chris is shown walking alongside the river as Brandon floats by. “The end of another exciting episode! What big surprises are in store for our remaining 12 campers? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode XIII: Lucky Thirteen

Chef stands on the dock with a Chris doll laid next to him. "Chris here wants me to say the recap. So, last time, the campers swam, raced, and jumped. Conflict turned members of the Screaming Campfire's apart. Brandon lost girl and Brendan got the boot, because Brandon swapped the votes. AHHH...TOO MANY B's!"

Chef then looks at the Chris doll and asks, "If only you had my paycheck... anyway, find out what is in store for our remaining 12 campers in Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

A peaceful shot of the lake is shown. Birds are gracefully flying and two chipmunks are shown fleeing in terror. Someone’s shadow is then shown walking toward the cabins.

Inside the Screaming Campfire’s cabin, Cody and Matt are playing cards on the floor. They both jump as the cabin door slams open. Brandon is standing there, dripping wet. He sarcastically says, “Thanks for the unplanned swim!”

The other two simply ignore him and return to their game. Brandon looks annoyed and walks right over their cards, dropping water over them. Matt says, “Geez Brandon look where you’re walking!”

Brandon rolls his eyes and ignores him. He lies down on his bed and relaxes.

(CONF) Brandon is shown looking completely relaxed. “I should be worried, but come one! Have you seen the remaining competition? I have this contest in the bag!”

At the girl’s cabin, Chrissy is crying while Maddie and Katie comfort her. Katie says, “It’s okay Chrissy! Brandon isn’t the guy for you anyways.”

(CONF) “Brandon is an arrogant jerk. Picking on Brendan I could tolerate, but messing with Chrissy's head to help you get farther into the game! That’s where he crossed the line,” Katie angrily says. “He better prepare for a world of hurt!”

At the mess hall, all of the Screaming Campers are eating breakfast. Brandon sits alone at the end of their table. The Raging Waters walk in and stare in shock that Brandon is there. Abby asks, "Seriously? You guys voted Brendan out over him?"

Brandon shrugs and says, "My team felt that I was a better teammate than him."

As he finishes, Maddie throws her crusty pancake at him. It hits him in the face and slowly slids down it, leaving syrup.

Chef enters the mess hall from the kitchen. "Good you all are here. Well listen up worms! From here on out, its everyone fending for themselves! That's all made the merge!"

The campers cheer. (CONF) Jason says, "ah the is where the strong prevail...and the weak are crushed!"

(CONF) Katie says, "Sweet! No more holding back! Since I made it this far, I might as well win!"

(CONF) Brandon says, "Yes! Without my team holding me back, I will dominate this game! Bring it on Chris!"

Chef says, "Listen up, for today's challenge... you need to find a hidden treasure chest somewhere on the island! The first two to find the chest win a prize! You may team up or work alone, I really couldn't care! And if no one finds the chest by sundown...that's when I release the hounds!"

The campers look nervously at each other as Chef laughs. "And you have five minutes to prepare yourself...starting now."

The campers start to move about. Kyle and Brandon do not move from their spots as Katie and Maddie move instinctivly towards Chrissy. Maddie says, "You want to come with us Chrissy?"

Chrissy nods and the trio waits. Jason head towards Austin, but Nicole reaches him first. "You want to work together Austin?

Austin grins and says, "Of course I will Nicole!"

She blushes and Jason grins at Austin, who grins back. (CONF) "This is great! Those two can bond over this challenge and once they get all lovey-duvy, they will be ripe for my use!"

Abby walks toward Kyle and asks, "You want to team up?"

Kyle grunts and looks away. She says, "Fine!"

Danielle walks by and says, "I'll be your partner Abby."

Abby says, "Sure Danielle."

Chef then blows a whistle and says, "Prep time is up. And the challenge!"

The campers rush out the door except for Kyle who walks out. (CONF) "I prefer to work alone," Kyle simply says.

Brandon is shown running in the forest. However, he runs right over a pile of leaves where a net is concealed beneath it. He yelps as he is lifted up. Chef, over the intercom, says, "Oh yeah...there might be a few booby careful!"

Brandon groans, "No he tells us!"

Jason runs by and notices Brandon. He stops, looks up, and says, "You hanging out to dry Brandon?"

"Very funny Jason! Now get me down from here!"

Jason walks over to a tree and undos the rope. The net and Brandon come crashing down. Brandon says, "thanks."

"Don't mention it." Jason starts to walk wawy, but Brandon blocks his path. "How about we partner up Jason?"

Jason looked at Brandon like he was joking. "Uh, fine."

He started to walk and Brandon followed, grinning. (CONF) "It never hurts to have back-up," Brandon says.  "He is the only one I can trust now, especially since he was the one who came up with the idea on how to get rid of Brendan!"

Meanwhile, Chrissy, Maddie, and Katie are running along the beach. Chrissy says, "So where do you think Chef would hide the chest?"

Maddie answers, "I'm not sure. Hey isn't that Brandon...and Jason?"

They look over at the woods and see the two boys walking. Chrissy's becomes enraged and starts to head towards Brandon, but Katie holds her back.

"Easy there Chrissy! Save it for the elimination," Katie says soothingly.

Chrissy stops struggling and Katie releases her. "Your right Katie... I can't let my emotions run me like that."

She starts to continue along the beach. Katie and Maddie look at each other then follow.

 In another part of the forest, Abby and Danielle are searching. (CONF) “Working with Danielle sucks. She doesn’t pay attention and she isn’t very friendly,” Abby says with a sigh. “If only Kyle would’ve partnered with me.”

Abby says, “So where do you think that we should look next?”

Danielle ignores her and investigates a tree. Abby, annoyed now, asks, “What are you doing?”

Danielle smiles and says, “Just searching.”

“Searching? It looks more like your stroking that tree! Fine you can keep “investigating.” I’m going to find that chest.

Before Abby can walk three steps, a rope twirls around her ankle. She shrieks as she’s lifted into the air. “Danielle cut me down!”

Danielle however just smiles and says, “If this wasn’t a competition…then I would get you down! See you after the challenge!”

She walks away laughing brushing past Abby, causing her to swing. (CONF) “Yeah working with Danielle really sucks!”

Austin and Nicole are shown searching a cabin. Austin emerges from the closet and says, “There is nothing in here. Did you find anything Nicole?”

Nicole glumly shakes her head and the two leave the cabin. (CONF) “Oh my gosh… I don’t know what to do… I mean I was never alone with Austin,” Nicole says nervously.

(CONF) I’ve faced death straight in the eye, fought in alley fights, and tangled with law enforcement! Talking to Nicole…this is a challenge,” Austin says. “I like her, but whenever I talked to her, someone else was always with us…”

The pair walks in silence as they continue walking. Austin clears his throat and says, “Hey Nicole… I have a question to ask you.”

Nicole blushes, but says, “Yes Austin?”

“Well… I was wondering…”

Right as he was going to ask his question, the ground beneath Nicole gave away and screaming, she vanished down a hole in the ground. Austin yelled, “Nicole!”

He jumped into the hole after her just as Chef walked by. “And Chris said that no one would be stupid enough to fall into the hole! Looks like two more down! Who will join them next? Find out after we take a break to ensure their not dead!”

The show reopens to Brandon and Jason walking through the forest. Jason notices a fairly obvious pile of leaves concealing a trap. He runs ahead and jumps over the leaves. He calls out, “Hey Brandon! I think I found something!”

In his excitement, Brandon ran toward Jason. The moment he touched the leaves, they gave away revealing a pit. Brandon fell in face first. Meanwhile, a liquid fell on top of him. Brandon groaning, “Really Chef needed to add some of his sauce to this trap?”

Jason smiled and reached down to help pull Brandon out of the pit. “So…what did you see Jason?”

“I just found a cave! You never know if Chef would’ve hidden a chest there. Besides, there might be water so you can wash the sauce off.”

“Sounds like a plan! Let’s roll!”

(CONF) Brandon says, “Jason is a good guy! Anybody else would’ve left me in that pit!”

(CONF) Jason is shown holding an empty jar of sauce. “Let’s just say that there are other uses that Brandon can be used for.” He laughs.

Meanwhile, the trio works their way to the cabins. On the way, they bump into Jason and Brandon.

Chrissy glares daggers at Brandon and he responds, “well someone still has feelings for me!”

She gets enraged and Maddie is forced to hold her back. Katie calmly moves forward and asks, “What do you guys want?”

Jason shrugs and says, “We are just passing by…”

He then walks past and Brandon follows giving a wide berth around Chrissy. Once they are out of sight, Maddie releases Chrissy and she walks forward angrily. However, she triggers a trap and falls into a pit. Chrissy calls out, “Hey guys? Can you help me out?”

Maddie responds with, “Sorry Chrissy, but there were more holes! Were stuck in a pit too! We are trying to get out then we will get you out!”

Then she turns around and walks away. Katie looks at her with uncertainly. (CONF) “It hurts leaving Chrissy in the hole like that… but she needs to get back her A game otherwise she would just be a hindrance to our alliance.”

Kyle is then shown walking when he passes Abby still dangling in the air. He stops and asks, “Do you need someone to hang out with you Abby?”

She sarcastically laughs, “Yeah I’m having a blast! Why don’t you cut me down?”

He pulls out a pocket knife and cuts the rope. She falls to the ground and grumbles, “Thanks.”

Kyle starts to walk when she grabs his arm, stopping him. “Why are you giving me the cold shoulder lately,” Abby asks?

He responds, “You should know better than anyone… I prefer to work alone. But, since you’re here… do you want to finish this challenge together?”

She smiles and says, “Heck yeah!”

Abby links arms with Kyle, much to his disgust, and the two continue to walk.

Austin is then shown getting up. “Oh my head… Nicole!”

He looks around and he sees that he is in the cave. “This must be a tunnel branching out of that cave.”

Austin starts looking around when he hears a scream. He runs toward the sound and he sees Nicole cornered by a bear. The bear inches toward her and Nicole yells, “Someone? Anyone? Help me!”

The bear raises its claw, but Austin throws a rock at it. The beast turns around and roars at Austin. He runs from it, but it is too fast. It swats him with its claw and Austin is sent flying into the cave wall. Nicole runs trying to reach Austin before the bear can finish him, but trips on a rock.

Austin raises his head to see the bear about to finish him off. But, the bear lifts its head and sniffs the air. It backs away and heads out through a hole. Nicole gets up and runs to check on Austin. He groans, but gingerly gets up. “Are you okay,” Nicole asks?

He says, “I’ve felt worse.”

She smiles and says, “Thanks for saving me.” She plants a quick kiss on his cheek.

Austin blushes and mumbles, “Thanks…er…you want to get out of this musty place?”

Nicole nods and the two start walking. As they walk, Austin takes Nicole’s hand. Holding hands the two leave through the hole.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Jason are standing outside another entrance to the cave. Jason says, “I’ll wait for you here while you go clean yourself.”

Brandon nods and heads toward the water running through the cave. Jason then notices some rustling in the bushes and immediately hides. Two huge figures emerge from the bush and enter the cave.

Brandon is shown using the water to remove the sauce when growling is heard. He says, “Ha Ha very funny Jason.”

He turns around and comes face to faces with two bears.

Jason laughs and walks away as screams and roaring is heard from inside the cave.

Meanwhile, Katie and Maddie are walking toward the arts and crafts center. (CONF) Maddie says, “I can’t believe that no one would have thought of this place.”

The two enter just as Kyle and Abby walk by. They noticed the girls entering the A&CC. Abby say, “Let’s hurry Kyle!”

He nods and they run toward the building. The moment they enter, Katie and Maddie are shown placing a hand each on a chest. Chef enters and says, “Katie and Maddie win…sort of!”

Katie asks, “What do you mean ‘Sort of’?”

Chef says, “The first person to touch the chest… that being you Katie… wins immunity while the other wins a prize.”

Maddie asks, “What kind of prize.”

“You will find out after the elimination ceremony…if you are still here!”

(CONF) Brandon is shown heavily bandage and in a wheelchair. “I know I messed up. But come on the others are smart, with me being injured like this, they will want to keep me around!”

(CONF) “Well as much as I would like to get rid of Danielle… I have to take recent events into account,” Abby says.

Later at the Elimination Ceremony, Chris is shown waiting for the twelve campers. Brandon is shown being wheeled in by Jason.  “Hello campers! Sorry that I couldn’t be here for today’s challenge! These features can’t take care of themselves.”

He points at his face. “Anyway you all had an exciting day. Romance (Austin and Nicole smile at each other), betrayal (the camera shows Jason grinning from behind Brandon’s back), and over all fun! I love it and I love the ratings it will bring!”

“But sadly this happy day must come to an end…one of you will be leaving us. Normally, I would have you vote…but since it is fairly obvious who is going… Let’s all just say it out loud!”

All of the campers in unison shout, “Brandon!”

Brandon weakly mutters, “Chrissy.”

Chris smiles and says, “And the people have spoken… Brandon it is time to go!”

Brandon says, “But Jason…we were a team?”

Jason says with a smile, “Dude… what you did to Chrissy was wrong… and this competition doesn’t deserve scum like you here!”

Brandon glares and says, “Well can someone at least give me a push?”

Chrissy gets up and says, “Sure Brandon…”

She pushes the wheelchair and Brandon collides into the side of the Boat of Losers. He tumbles head first into the boat and yells in pain.

The campers cheer (except for Kyle). Once they settle down, Chris says, “and we still have some unfinished business. Maddie since you won the prize… you get to choose who gets to spend the next three days with you in the Rec. Center.”

Ten pairs of eyes look towards Maddie who stands up. “I would like to bring… Nicole.”

Nicole says, “Really?”

(CONF) Maddie says, “Well since Chrissy is too emotionally distracted right know, and Danielle can’t be trusted… and Abby hangs out with Kyle who is creepy, that means Nicole is the only available option left for an alliance.

The campers depart and Chris holds a bucket. “What an exciting episode! What lies ahead for our remaining 11 campers? Will Nicole and Austin’s relationship flourished? And what will become of Maddie and Katie’s alliance? And where were Cody and Matt for most of the episode? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode XIV: Total Drama's Eleven

Chris stands on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama, your's truly wasn't here because of an certain incident. Oh don't worry, you'll hear all about it! So in my place, Chef had the now team-disolved campers searching for treasure. Teams were formed and then destroyed. Austin saved Nicole from a bear and then Brandon got mauled by two bears! In the end, Katie found the chest and immunity while Brandon got a ride on the Boat of Losers. Can't say I'm really shocked. But what nasty surprises lie in wait for our campers? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!"

(Opening Plays)

The show opens in the Screaming Campfire's girl cabin. Chrissy is shown to be happy and humming . (CONF) "Man life is good! It's as if my main problem just rolled away," Chrissy says, with a grin on her face!

Katie looks over from her bunk and says, "Well someone's in a good mood today!"

Chrissy responds, "I know right! Brandon is gone and I feel like a winner!"

She then looks curiously at Katie and asks, "Why didn't Maddie pick you to take to the Rec. Center?"

Katie shrugs and says, "She probably just wanted to get to know Nicole a little better, I guess."

(CONF) "The real reason why Maddie is there bonding with Nicole is because she looks like the prime candiate for our Girl's alliance," Katie says.

We then shown outside Raging Water's cabin. Austin is happily throwing a football to Jason while Kyle sleeps on the grass. Jason says, "Well someone's in a good mood today! Tell me Austin...did you and Nicole do "it"?"

Austin catches the football and looks confused. "'It', what do you mean by 'IT'?"

"You know..."

Austin looks shocked. "Oh that...Dude come on...were only 16!"

Annoyed Jason says, "No not that! I meant did you guys kiss?"

" we haven't," Austin glumly replies.

Jason catches the ball and says, "Don't worry...I am sure things will work out for you two..."

He throws the ball, but it falls short and hits Kyle in the stomach. He cringes as he gets up and starts to walk away. "As much as your thrilling conversation interests me...I can't stomach it..."

(CONF) Jason says, "how can things get even better for me? Austin and Nicole are getting real tight know so they will do anything to keep each other in the game...even help getting me to the finals!"

Maddie and Nicole are shown playing table tennis inside the Rec. Center. "Thanks for inviting me here Maddie," Nicole gratefully says.

"Don't mention it...but I was wondering if you would like to join a final three alliance with Katie and I?"

Nicole looks shocked. "Uh...I would... except I am already in..."

She covers her mouth, but the damage was done. Now it was Maddie's turn to look shocked.

Nicole opens her mouth, but before she can talk, the loudspeaker turns on. " me at the beach! It's challenge time," Chris happily says!

The campers are shown lined up on the beach. Chris stands before them and says, "Guess what campers? Your in for a treat today! We are going to have and elimination style challenge and the last camper standing wins immunity!"

Chris then walks next to a wooden platform. "Your first challenge is going to be a breeze...all you have to do is walk across this tightrope all the way to that other platform way out there." He points to another platform across the lake to the nearby island.

Austin says, "That's it? Man Chris you have grown soft!"

Chris says, "You wish Austin. I decided to bring back a season 1 tribute to make things interesting. Our favorite interns will be launching...Screaming Gophers and Killer Basses at you as you make your way across."

The campers look nervously at the interns. One is holding a gopher with foam dripping from its mouth while anohter holds a fishbowl. Inside is a bass holding knives.

Chris says, "Yeah...there not very friendly. Before we begin, I must imform you of my absense during the last challenge."

Kyle says, "Yeah and where are Matt and Cody? They weren't here for the challenge as well."

The other campers mutter in agreement. Chris answers, "All three of us were gone since Cody somehow got an "lethal" infection. Luckily, your's truly managed to get Cody to recieve medical attention and he has recovered. Matt tagged only...just because he was concerned for his friends safety or something like that. And here they are!"

Cody and Matt are shown running towards the campers. When they reach them, Cody says, "How is it going guys? I see you guys got rid of Brandon!"

The others moved away from Cody though and Matt says, "Don't worry guys! Cody is one-hundred percent clean!"

Chris says, "Yes we can bond later. But right now is challenge time! We will go in alpabetical Abby your up first!"

Abby is shown making her way across the tightrope. She starts to sway as animals are flying past her. She looses her footing and falls, barely hanging on. Kyle shouts, "Abby you got this!"

Encouraged by Kyle, Abby climbs back onto the rope and manages to make it across. Chris says, "And Abby makes it! Austin let's roll!"

Austin is shown running across the rope. (CONF) "This is nothing! I did more challenging dares back home," Austin proudly says.

He runs without any issues, until a gopher lands on the rope. The two stare at each other, until the gopher lunges at Austin and bites him in the nose. Austin yelps and runs forward and reaches the other platform.

Chris says, "And that is is how a real daredevil does it!" Austin glares at Chris and he gets the Gopher off his nose.

Chrissy is then shown swaying on the tightrope. Like Austin, a gopher lands in front of her. She says, "Hey there little guy!"

The gopher screams and jumps at her. She screams as hit begins clawing at her hair. She looses her balance and she falls into the water. Chris is shown laughing.

"Now that's is funny! Alright Disease Boy, your turn!"

Cody starts making his way across the tightrope. He is making good progress without any swaying. Katie says, "Whoa! He is doing good for a guy who was just sick!"

Danielle pipes up, "Hey Cody! What's that on your back?"

Cody stops to feel his back and a bass flies straight into his face and Cody falls. Danielle laughs.

Next is Danielle who starts to walk on the tightrope. Maddie says, "Good luck Danielle!"

"Don't worry about me! Your the one who will need luck," Danielle retorts.

She walks along the rope, until a bass flies at her. She grabs it in mid-air and takes it's knife. Danielle drops the bass and cuts the rope. Holding onto the rope, Danielle swings to the other platform.

Chris looks annoyed. "Well there is nothing against that in the rules...but really?"

Danielle smirks. Chris says, "We will be right back right after we rebuild the challenge!"

The show returns with the tightrope is replace with an iron bar. "Sorry guys, but this stuff is heavily reinforced! You won't be able to cut it!"

Jason mutters, "crap," and starts to make his way across the bar. Despite a few close calls, Jason manages to make it across. He and Austin high-five.

Jason turns around and jumps backwards as Kyle is standing there. "Dude! How did you get over here so fast?"

Kyle simple shrugs and watches as Katie begins to cross. Danielle smirks. (CONF) "The thing is...I don't like athletic chicks that much and Katie is the defintion of an athletic...chick. So I decided to lay a little prank on her!"

Katie is showed to have no problems keeping balanced. Chef walks by Chris and asks, "Say there smoke coming out of that girl's butt?"

Chris looks at the black cloud coming beneath Katie as an explosion followed. "Why yes Chef!"

Katie is shown covered in soot and falls of the pipe in shock. As she hits the water, Danielle laughs. "Man I knew it was going to be a good day when I read How to Make Miniature Bombs for Idiots!" 

Maddie, Matt, and Nicole are then shown in a montage. Maddie is shown to get bit by a slapped by a bass, Matt is hit in the kiwis by a gopher, and Nicole simply loses her footing.

Chris stands before the remaining campers. "Abby, Austin, Danielle, Jason, and Kyle... your next challenge is a simple one. Do you see that cliff? At the top, is a flag. The first camper to reach that flag wins immunity! And...GO!"

The five campers run toward the cliff. Austin runs next to Jason and asks, "Do you think Nicole is okay?"

Jason says, "I'm pretty sure she is...but right know we have to focus on this challenge!"

Danielle, Abby, and Kyle are shown reaching the cliff. The girls begin to climb with Kyle right behind them. (CONF) Kyle is shown carving a skull on the wall. “I really need to get immunity…especially when there are people like Jason around.”

Austin and Jason also reach the wall and start to climb. Chris yells up to the campers, “Hey you guys don’t mind if I add a few…distractions would you?”

The yell back, “NO!”

Chris grins and says, “Too bad!”

Austin is shown climbing when he starts to take sniff the air. He looks at Jason and asks, “Hey dude do you smell something?”

At that moment, an explosion went off and Jason watched Austin being blasted to the ground. Austin lands with a crunch and Chris grimaces. “That looked like it hurt,” He happily says.

Danielle looks down and says, “Maybe you should have worried more about yourself than your klutz girlfriend!”

She looks down and sees Kyle right behind her. Danielle asks, “Hey Kyle you better slow down before you leave your girlfriend behind.”

He hesitates and says “She isn’t my girlfriend.”

Kyle looks back at Abby who is struggling to climb and Danielle takes advantage of the moment. She kicks him in the face and Kyle loses his footing. He falls into Abby and they both hurl towards the ground.

Chris watches them fall and says, “Ah they are so meant for each other!”

Meanwhile, Jason climbs as fast as he can go, but Danielle is nearing the top. She calls down to him, “Hey loser you better just give up! Cause this game is mi…”

Before she can finish, another explosions happens beneath her and she is sent crashing into a tree. Jason calls out, “Hey thanks for clearing me the way!”

He climbs and reaches the top. Jason runs over to the flag and a buzzer is heard. Chris says, “And the challenge is over! Jason wins immunity!”

Jason cheers and Chris continues, “And now we make our way back to camp! Good luck with finding a way down Jason!”

Jason looks over the cliff as the contestants and Chris board a boat to take them back to the main island. He gulps as he starts climbing down the cliff.

Later at the elimination ceremony, all 10 of the contestants are sitting on logs while Jason, who is dripping wet from having to swim from the other island, stands. Chris approaches caring a plate with 10 marshmallows. “Campers…soon eleven will become ten! He made your votes and made your decision...”

(CONF) Abby says, “Gee…I wonder who I am voting for!”

(CONF) Cody says, “Just because I almost died doesn’t mean that I lost my feelings! Sorry but you receive my vote!”

Chris continues, “Let’s start! Jason for winning immunity…here you go.” Chris tosses a marshmallow to Jason, who catches it.

“Also momentarily safe are Nicole and Matt!” He tosses two more marshmallows to them and they are happy to be safe.

Chris then passes three more marshmallows out to Austin, Chrissy, and Abby. “Everyone who has not gotten a marshmallow…has received at least one vote!”

Kyle looks bored; Maddie and Katie give nervous looks, Cody looks scared, and Danielle smiles. Chris says, “Kyle, Katie, and Maddie…you guys only receive one vote each so here you go!”

The three catch their respective marshmallow and Katie and Maddie hug while Kyle simply eats the marshmallow. Tension rises as Cody and Danielle look at the final marshmallows. “Let’s see why both of you are here today…Danielle…you’re full of surprises and Cody…well there is no way to know if your disease will come back and infect us all… but with six votes…the person not leaving Total Drama Paradise Cove is…”


Cody sighs with relief as he catches his marshmallow while Danielle looks smug.

(CONF) “I don’t like people who mess with the game,” Katie says angrily! “This is my way of saying thanks for blowing me up!"

Danielle ignores the other contestants as she makes her way to the Boat of Losers and she flashes a smile at the camera. “Let’s just say I left a surprise for these losers!”

Chris says, “The end…of another exciting episode! What will happen next time?”

Before he can continue, a scream is heard. We see the Screaming Campfire girls looking terrified as the inside of their cabin is covered with cockroaches.

Maddie says, “Gross! I hate that Danielle!”

Chrissy says, “Great now where will we sleep?”

Jason responds, “My reward for winning today’s challenge! You guys can go sleep in the Rec. Center and I’ll hang with the guys!”

Katie hesitates, but says, “Wow…Jason that is generous of you!”

(CONF) Jason smugly says, “A minor sacrifice to make to stay on the girl’s good side. Obviously Katie and Maddie are the heads of this “other alliance.” I intend to take it down and by staying of their hit list will make it easier for me to destroy it!”

Chris continues, “Okay sorry for that minor interruption! Who will go next? What crazy challenges will I think of next? Where will Chef cooking take him in life? When will I get a raise? Why am I asking all these questions? All of the answers and more will be answered next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Episode XV: Munch Till You Drop

“Last time on Total Drama, our favorite campers where in a tight situation. And by tight, I mean that they had to walk along a tightrope while dodging murderous animals. Some campers prevailed, while others met a watery fate. During the cliff climbing challenge, the remaining campers had an explosive time. In the end, Jason managed to scurry his way to victory and Danielle, whose pranks and attitude where getting rather annoying, was voted off.”

Chris is then shown doing the recap from in the kitchen with Chef. Chef is shown making something out of weeds, grasshoppers, and hamburgers. Chris cringes and continues, “We’re down the final 10 campers! Who will survive and who will be next to say goodbye? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

The show opens to a peacefully morning scene…that is interrupted by coughing. Cody is lying on his bunk, coughing in his sleep. The Austin, Jason, and Kyle are shown wide awake and tired looking. (CONF) Austin says, “In my dream I was about to claim the title of ‘The World’s Greatest Daredevil’ when Cody started hacking up a storm and kept me up for the rest of the night!”

(CONF) Kyle angrily says, “So much for being a hundred percent clean!”

Chris’s cheerfully says via intercom, “Good morning campers! Meet me at the mess hall for breakfast!”

The boys grumpily get ready and Jason notice’s Matt who is the least looking tired out of them all. He asks, “Dude Matt! How did you sleep through all that?”

Matt looks confused at him and then takes out his earplugs. “What did you say Jason?”

Jason grins and says, “Oh nothing much. I just wanted to say that it is a good thing that Cody’s recovering!

Matt nods in agreement.

Meanwhile, the girls are shown getting ready in the Rec. Center. Abby and Nicole are shown talking and giggling. “So you and Austin? I’m so happy for you Nicole!”

Nicole smiles and says, “Well…we haven’t done any official things yet. What about you and Kyle?”

Abby blushes and says, “There is nothing between us…you know Kyle isn’t exactly the most open person.”

Chrissy is then shown sighing. (CONF) Chrissy unhappily says, “I’ll admit I am a little jealous. All of these girls are finding “that guy” in their life…and who did I end up with? Jerky Mcjerkhead!”

The campers are shown walking towards the mess hall when Kyle pulls Jason to the side. “Look…I know you’re up to something with Matt! So I suggest you watch your back if you try to pull anything!”

Jason pushes Kyle away and says, “Thanks for your warning…and I’ll try to remember it in case I ever feel threatened!”

He walks away. Kyle looking sour. Abby walks next to him and asks, “What’s wrong Kyle?”

Kyle shrugs and stays silent.

The group enters the mess hall and Chris says, “Welcome…to breakfast!”

Cody coughs and says, “And by breakfast you mean?”

Chris laughs. “I mean challenge time!”

The campers groan and Chris says, “For part one of today’s challenge…we will be doing some good old fashion boys versus the girls! We have four planned meals and you have two hours to eat! The team that has the most members to successfully eat all of the meals wins an advantage in part two. Oh and if you vomit or faint, although hilarious, you’re out of the challenge. So, ladies will take the table on the right and the men will take the table on the left.”

They take their ordered positions and Chris rings a bell. Chef exits the kitchen pushing a cart with several covered dishes. Chris says, “You must eat each of these foods in the order I present them! First up… a delectable, grasshopper burger with extra hamster brains. Second is a leftover from season one that sadly went uneaten… dolphin wiener!”

Maddie looks disgusted. (CONF) “They expect us to eat…those? A noise is heard from her throat and Maddie covers her mouth.

“For your third meal…is a wonderfully remade quiche using Scott’s own recipe! And the final meal is… cockroach tacos! So when you hear the bell, you may begin eating and when it rings again, you stop eating! And enjoy your meal!”

The bell rings and the two sides hesitantly look at the hamburgers Chef places in front of them. Austin shrugs and says, “How bad can this be?”

He takes a bite and begins to eat the burger. The girls look at him disgusted. He burps as he finishes the burger and says, “Next meal please Chef!”

Chef looks shocked. He places the wiener on his plate. (CONF) Chef says, “Aint no way any of these slackers could eat any of my meals that fast!”

Cody is shown relaxing and takes bites of his burger. Meanwhile, Chrissy pokes her burger with a fork and chirping his heard from within. She screams and faints. Chris laughs and says, “Advantage…the guys!”

Katie says, “Okay girls! Now is the time that we shall rise! We will eat these burgers…and we will enjoy it! Now all together…we eat.”

The remaining girls eat the burger with various looks of disgust. Meanwhile, Austin is eating the wiener. (CONF) “Man…DJ and Bridgette don’t know what they’re missing! This is delicious!”

Jason, Kyle, and Matt are shown finishing up their burgers as the rest of the girls finish up too. Chef rushes out of the kitchen to place the wieners. Cody takes a deep breath and takes a bite of the wiener. Immediately, he coughs it out and vomits over the floor.

Chris says, “I have some good and bad news Cody! The bad is you’re out of the challenge and the good is you don’t have to eat anymore!”

Austin says, “Hey Chef! I’m done!”

Chef looks astonished as he places the quiche in front of Austin. Abby meanwhile eats the wiener without any trouble and begins eating the quiche. Nicole takes one bite of the wiener and spits it out. “I can’t eat the dolphin! I can’t sorry guys!”

Matt says, “I have to agree with Nicole! I’m out guys!”

Jason and Kyle both eat the wiener and move on to the quiche. Katie and Maddie also move on to the quiche. Austin takes a bite and immediately starts to gag.

Nicole rushes over and says concerned, “Austin!”

He responds by vomiting onto her. Chris says, “Wow sorry dude but you’re out!”

The remaining five campers stare nervously at the quiche. (CONF) Katie says, “If this dish made Austin hurl…I don’t even want to know what it’s going to do to me!”

All five campers take a bite and one by one they start to hurl…except for Abby who manages to swallow her piece.

Chris rings the bell and says, “Abby wins for the girls!”

The girl’s weakly cheer while the guys groan. “Time for part two of today’s challenge!” He pulls out five handcuffs.

Kyle says, “No! We are not doing a challenge like that!”

Chris grins and says, “Is it just me or am I being all nostalgic recently? Anyway this is a little bit different than that challenge! A boy and a girl will be handcuffed together and you have to find the hidden immunity idol somewhere on the island! The first pair to do so wins immunity! Since the girls won the challenge, they get to pick which boy to be paired up with. We will go alphabetically; Abby you up fir…”

Before he can finish, Abby says, “Kyle! I choose Kyle!”

She walks over to him and smiles. He looks away, but blushes.

Chris continues, “Okay…Chrissy your turn.”       

Chrissy looks over at the four remaining boys. (CONF) “I don’t know who to choose? But my choice could potentially determine if I stay in the game or if I go!”

She says, “I chose…Austin.”

Chrissy walks over to him as Nicole mouths, “What.”

Chris, ignoring the tension, says, “Katie you’re up!”

Katie looks between Cody, Jason, and Matt and says, “I choose Matt.”

(CONF) “The only reason why I chose Matt is that we both are athletes…even though I’m the better one!”

Maddie then chooses Cody and Nicole, still looking ticked, say’s, “I guess I’m with Jason.”

Chris nods and says, “Which pair will find the idol first? And which pair will fail epically? Find out when we return!”

The show returns to show the pairs standing outside the Mess Hall. Chris stands before them saying, “Because Abby was the last female standing during the eating challenge, she and Kyle will get a five minute head start!”

Abby cheers while Kyle shows no emotion. “And you guys can go…know!”

The two run off into forest. Abby asks, “Where shall we look Kyle?”

He shrugs and runs ahead of her. She indignantly says, “Hey wait for me!”

Back with the other campers, Chris says, “Okay…you guys can go…now!”

The pairs start running. We then see Jason and Nicole walking through the forest. Nicole asks, “Shouldn’t we be running?"

Jason says, “If we run, we might miss the idol!”

“Oh…I guess that makes sense!”

He turns to her and asks, “Have you decided about joining that other alliance?”

She is so stunned by this comment that she walks into a tree. “I don’t know Jason. I want to stay with you and Austin. But I don’t want to get them angry at me!”

Jason scratches his chin in deep thought. “How about this…you could be in both alliances and you can convince them to avoid voting out Austin and me.”

Nicole looks at him skeptically. “You really think that would work?”

“I’m sure it will!”

(CONF) Jason says, “It will be nice to have a “mole” inside that other alliance to keep me informed of their plans!”

Meanwhile, we see Austin and Chrissy running along the beach. They run in silence. (CONF) “I chose Austin simply because he is the only athletic guy left!”

Austin stops suddenly. Chrissy asks, “What’s up?”

He says, “How about we spilt up? We could search through the island faster.”

“Okay I like that plan!”

Chrissy heads off towards the cabins while Austin lies down and takes a nap. (CONF) Austin says, “Cody kept me up all night with his coughing! Besides with my alliance with Jason and Nicole, I don’t need to worry about getting immunity!"

We then see Katie and Matt searching the cave. Matt asks, “So…do you like soccer?”

Katie simply says, “No. Soccer isn’t that good of a sport. I prefer football.”

She heads deeper into the cave while Matt looks annoyed. (CONF) Matt says, “Katie crossed the line! How could she compare soccer to football?”

Matt catches up to Katie and says, “Well what sports do you like?”

Katie says, “Well I like volleyball and”

Matt interrupted her saying, “Well volleyball sucks!”

He walked on and she stared at him. (CONF) “Did I do something to Matt,” Katie wonders?

The pair walks in silence as they exit the cave where they run into Cody and Maddie. Cody says, “Hi guys what up?”

Katie and Matt fold their arms and look away from each other.  Cody says, “Okay…well if you guys are looking for the idol, it’s not anywhere near the cabins because we searched there…”

Maddie suddenly elbows him and Cody groans. She says, “Time to keep looking! Let’s go Cody.”

She drags Cody by the arm away while the other two watch. When Maddie releases Cody, he asks, “Why did you do that?”

Maddie says, “Because you gave them information about where we already searched!”

“But they are our friends!”

(CONF) Cody says, “Sure this is a contest, but a million dollars can only last for so long while friends last forever.”

(CONF) Maddie says, “Sure this is a contest, but friends can only last for so long while a million dollars last forever.”

Suddenly Chrissy passes in front of them. She says, “Hi guys!”

Cody asks, “Hey Chrissy! Uh…where’s Austin?”

“We decided to split up to search for the idol!”

Maddie giggles and says, “Uh-Huh…then why is he taking a nap on the beach?”

Chrissy stares confusedly at her. Maddie points toward the beach, where Austin is taking a nap.

Enraged, Chrissy storms off toward the beach while Maddie and Cody chuckle.

Meanwhile, Jason and Nicole are shown looking through the cabin. Jason says, “So we are in agreement of who we are voting off?”

Nicole nods while searching. Suddenly she burst out, “I found it!”

Jason looks over as she lifts up the Immunity idol!

“Good job Nicole! Let’s bring it to Chris,” Jason says excitedly.

Katie and Matt are shown searching around the cliff when Katie says, “I found the idol Matt!”

“Great…let's go Katie!”

Chris is shown standing next to Austin while he sleeps. He looks up and sees Chrissy running towards them. Chris laughs and says, “Oh this is about to be nasty! Let’s watch!”

Chrissy kicks sand into Austin’s face before going into a rant about him lying to her. Austin sleeps through it all.

Chris says, “And Chef thought I was a heavy sleeper.”

Suddenly, Jason and Nicole run to Chris. Jason, while panting, says, “We…found the …idol!”

Nicole nods before passing out. Chris takes the idol at looks at it. Katie and Matt also run up and Katie says, “Wait a second. There are two idols?”

Chris says, “Obviously one of them is a decoy…duh.”

He looks carefully at both of them and tosses one of them away. That idol hits Austin in the face, but he still doesn’t wake. “The winners are…Kate and Matt!”

The two cheer and hug, before they quickly break apart. Maddie is shown carrying Cody. “Where is the doctor that said Cody was complete clean?”

Matt asks, “What happened?”

“He threw up and passed out! I am getting sick of watching him being sick!”

Kyle and Abby also show up. He kicks the sand when he realizes that they lost while Abby looks dejected.

Chris says, “Katie and Matt have immunity! And tonight someone is going home!”

Jason and Matt is shown kicking Matt’s soccer ball. “I’m worried about Cody being voted off.”

“Don’t worry Matt…Cody isn’t receiving my vote tonight.”

Matt eyes widen and Jason whispers something to him. (CONF) Jason says, “That went well! It would be nice to get an extra ally and Matt is ripe for the picking!”

Later at the Elimination Ceremony, the ten campers are shown sitting on logs.

(CONF) Maddie says, “Time to go Cody!”

(CONF) Katie says, “It’s for your own good!”

(CONF) Abby says, “Sorry but it’s nothing personal!”

(CONF) Chrissy says, “Austin is getting my vote tonight!”

(CONF) Nicole says, “I don’t know who to vote with...the Girl’s alliance or with Jason and Austin!”

(CONF) Jason says, “You have been a pain in my side for too long!”

(CONF) Austin says, “Bye dude! It’s the game and you’re a threat!”

(CONF) Matt says, “I have to vote for him…sorry.”

(CONF) Kyle simply says, “Jason.”

(CONF) Cody says, “I am feeling pretty good! There is no way they are voting me out!”

Chris says, “Okay the following people are safe; Nicole, Matt, Maddie, Abby, Katie, and Chrissy.”

He tosses marshmallows to them which they gratefully catch. Chris turns back to the remaining boys. “Let’s see why you guys are here. Austin…lying and sleeping on the job. Cody… Still saying that your cured when your obviously not. Jason… Okay I have no idea why you’re here! And Kyle… also I have no idea why you got votes.”

Kyle glares at Jason, who ignores him. “The following campers only received one vote…Austin!”

Austin happily catches his marshmallow and sarcastically says, “Gee…I wonder who voted for me?”

“Also safe with only two votes…Jason.”

Jason catches his marshmallow and Chris continues, “Cody and Kyle…this is the final marshmallow of the evening…and it goes to…










Abby stands up in shock. “You guys voted Kyle out over Cody!”

Matt says, “Yeah! Kyle is the bigger threat! And Cody isn’t creepy!”

Kyle stands up and says, “It is okay Abby. Goodbye all…and I must warn you all about the lying, manipulative fiend among you!”

The campers gasp and Kyle says, “That person is…”

Chef quickly grabs Kyle and throws him on Boat of Losers. Chris says, “Me! Kyle just described my…not so great features, but hey…they still get good ratings!”

(CONF) Jason says, “That was close! But it appears the better man has won!”

Chris is shown standing on the dock. “What a semi-exciting episode! What will happen next time? Only one way to find out and that’s by watching Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Chapter XVI: Were Free-Failing!

 Chris is shown standing on the dock. “Last time on Total Drama, the remaining 10 campers had to chow on various disgusting food. Later the campers where paired up in some bizarre combinations. Nicole was jealous of Chrissy working with Austin while Matt and Katie argued about favorite sports. In the end, Kyle was voted out.”

Chef walks up to Chris and says, “The device is ready to be used.”

Chris laughs and says, “What device is Chef talking about and how will it torture the contestants? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening plays)

After the opening, we see the remaining nine campers enter the mess hall. Abby is the last to enter, glaring at the others.

(CONF) Abby angrily says, “I’m still annoyed at the others for vote Kyle off! Sure he is a little on the shy side…and a little creepy, but he wasn’t a threat!”

Chef is then shown dropping slop on Nicole’s plate. She asks, “Is this even edible Chef?”

“You’ve been on this show for weeks now…and only now you start to question my food,” Chef angrily retorts!

Nicole backs away from the angry Chef and looks for a place to sit. She sees Austin and Jason sitting alone. As she starts to walk, Maddie pops up in front of her. “Hi Nicole! You should sit with Katie and me?”

“Um…okay,” Nicole blankly says as they sit down next to Katie. However, Maddie’s action does not go unnoticed by Jason and Austin. (CONF) Jason says, “Ah that’s cute…feeble attempts to get Nicole into their alliance. Unfortunately for them, Austin and I already have her!”

Austin whispers to Jason, “Hey man, should we be worried about their alliance? I mean they could be targeting either one of us.”

Jason chuckles which left Austin confused. Then Jason replied, “They will be a problem down the road… but I don’t think we will have to worry about them this week.

“Why won’t we?”

“You’ll see...” is all Jason said, before being interrupted the sound of the intercom turning on. Chris’s voice filled the mess hall.

“Good morning campers! I need you all to stay put…for part one of today’s challenge is an endurance one! The last camper to remain in the mess hall will win a sweet reward! And the challenge starts…now!”

A buzzer is heard with the campers looking confusedly at each other. Matt says, “Okay…this has to be the most boring challenge in TD history…”

Time has passed and the campers are all looking bored. The boys have started playing Frisbee with a plate, while the girls talked. Chrissy noticed that Abby wasn’t being a part of their conversation so she asked her, “What do you want to talk Abby?”

The other girls stop talking to look at Abby, who continues to glare. She then burst out, “Why did you guys vote Kyle out? He did nothing wrong.”

On the other side of the room, the boys were shocked by Abby’s words. Matt was so stunned that he got hit in the face by the plate. After the shock of Abby’s question started to vanish, Maddie says, “Unlike the rest of us…he didn’t seem that into the game. I mean he didn’t even want to be here in the first place.”

Abby rolled her eyes. “Really? That reasoning is really…pathetic.”

Maddie stood up angrily, but Katie warningly said, “Maddie…calm down!”

Just as Maddie said a not very child friendly word, the intercom turned on again. Chris’s merry voice said, “Congrats to you all for lasting up to the 30 minute mark. Unfortunately for you, this is where things get a little bit more interesting! Chef...brings the device in!”

Chef left the kitchen wearing ear plugs and bringing in a music player. He turned in on and simply said to the campers, “BRACE….YOURSELVES,” before running back into the kitchen.

The campers looked fearfully as the music began to play. Suddenly, the air is filled with screams as the screen turns black.

When the show returns, we see the outside of the mess hall as the screams are heard. Immediately, all four boys run out, screaming and covering their ears.

(CONF) Shaking, Matt fearfully says, “That challenge...could be one of Chris’s most evil challenges in TD history!”

(CONF) Jason is shown staring angrily at the camera. He says, “I only have one word for you McLean…” as he gives the camera the finger.

(CONF) Austin shakes his head sadly and says, “You know…its guys like him that make me regret being a Canadian…

Meanwhile inside the hall, Chrissy, Nicole, and Maddie are squealing happily while Abby smirks and Katie tries to block out the music. The music player, at full volume, is playing Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby”.

The song is set to be in an endless loop. Beneath the timer (which now hit one hour) is the number of times the song has played. After hearing it for the 10th time, Katie stands up and dispiritedly walks out of the mess hall.

Now it’s down the final 4 campers. Chef enters the room carrying four plates filled with cockroaches. “Lunch is served…wait a sec…yawl still listening to this trash…yawl are crazy!”

He leaves the mess hall and Abby says to Nicole, “You know what we should do? We should move the music player over to the door so the guys can listen with us.”

Nicole sniggers, “Your right Abby! The guys would love to listen to JB!”

She walks over and picks up the music player and carries it towards the door. However, she bumps into a table and the music player slips from her hand. It falls toward the floor and breaks upon impact. The moment the music stopped, the girls broke out of trance that JB’s music puts girls in…then they noticed the cockroaches. With screams echoing the guys from earlier, most of the girls run out of the mess hall in terror…save for one.

Chris enters the mess hall chuckling, “I knew that song would work! Anyways, the winner of the reward is…Abby!”

Abby grins as there can be heard groaning and sighs of relief outside. Chris continues saying, “Abby your reward is… instead of competing in the next challenge, you get a nice day at a spa with a friend of your choice. Abby who are you going to pick?”

She looks over at the grinning faces of her fellow campers. She says, “I chose…no one!”

This wipes the grins off of their faces and Cody asks, “But Abby! Spas are a relaxing place…which is perfect for me!”

“”I’m sorry…but none of you seemed like you’re really wanted to go,” she responds!

Abby leaves the mess hall to prepare for her trip, oblivious to the angry stares she was getting. Chris chuckles, “Ah, tension… I love it! Anyway the rest of you follow me!”

The campers and Chris are shown at the top of the cliff. “Does anyone want to guess what today’s immunity challenge is,” Chris sinisterly asks?

Austin laughs and says, “It’s the cliff jumping challenge!” Before Chris could respond, Austin ran past him and jumped over the edge. “I always wanted to do this,” Austin gleefully cheers!

Chris yells down, “NOT EXACTLY DUDE!”

Suddenly, Austin’s yells is changed to a sickening crunch. Worried, the other campers look over the edge and see that there is a small pool of water…surrounded by solid concrete. They back away from the edge…except for Nicole, whose foot got stuck on a root. She struggled to untangle herself…but ended up falling over the edge.

Austin sat up and yelled out, “OWWWWWWW! THAT WAS AWSOME!”

He then looked up as screaming filled the air. Austin yelped as Nicole landed on top of him. Chris chuckled, “For today immunity challenge…you need to jump and successfully land in the water. As you see…you don’t want to land on the concrete…although Austin and Nicole both showed that it’s perfectly not lethal!”

He turns back to the other contestants and with an evil look in his eyes, “So…whose next?”

None of the contestants seemed eager to jump after seeing what happened to Austin and Nicole.

Meanwhile, we see a scene of Abby happily getting a back massage.

Back at the cliff, Matt sighs and picks up his soccer ball. He yells, “YOLO,” and jumps. As he loses his grip on the ball and it plummets alongside him. As Matt falls, Jason looks over the edge with a calculating look.

(CONF) “I knew I had this challenge in the bag. I’ll I needed was to see how far I needed to jump and bam! Instant victory for me.

Jason then leaps off the edge. Unfortunately, Matt collides with the cement and the ball bounces back into the sky. Jason mutters “What the?” as the ball hits him in the face, knocking him off course. He screams as he crashes into the cement.

Chris chuckles, “He will be feeling that tomorrow morning!”

Chrissy walks over to Chris and asks, “I’m too scared to jump. I can't do this!”

Chris mutters, “Very well…Chef give Chrissy a hand!”

Chef runs up and pushes Chrissy off the edge. Chris smiles as he listens to the sickening crunch off Chrissy landing on the cement.

(CONF) Chrissy is shown rubbing her arms. “I hate this show! Why can’t the challenges be…Oh I don’t know…less painful!”

Cody looks over the edge and mutters, “I’ll have to try!”

He turns to take a deep breath, but he ends up sneezing which sends him flying over the edge. He screams as Chris again listens for the crunch. However, instead of hearing a crunch, we hear a splash. Chris, Maddie, and Katie look over the edge to see that Cody landed in the pool.

Chris says, “Whoa…I did not see that coming. Anyway, Cody was the first to successfully land in the pool so he wins immunity! Meet me back at camp everyone…you know when you can move your bodies!”

He walks down the hill as the rest of the campers groan on the cement.

Later, the campers are gingerly walking toward the cabins. As they near them, a boat pulls up to the dock. The campers watch to see Abby waving to them. She backflips off the boat and lands doing a perfect split. She asks, “Hi guys! I had a wonderful time at the spa? How was the challenge?”

Abby failed to notice the angry glares the others were giving her. After night had fallen, the nine campers circle around the campfire as Chris approaches. “Campers…there are eight marshmallows on this plate. One of you will not receive a marshmallow…and will leave and never come back…”

(CONF) Austin cracks his neck and says, “Oww…I think I understand what Jason meant at breakfast today.

Chris continues, “The following campers are safe…and I’ll just toss them to you because most of you are a little sore…Cody, Chrissy, Matt, and Austin. “

The four are shown catching their marshmallows. “Also safe…Jason, Katie, and Nicole,” Chris says as he tosses them their marshmallows.

“Abby and Maddie…this is the final marshmallow of the evening…and it goes too…









Maddie catches her marshmallow as Abby stand up. “Wait…What? Why would you guys vote me off?”

“Well maybe if you didn’t freak out at us then maybe we wouldn’t have voted you off,” Maddie says shortly.

Abby sighs but says, “At least I can see Kyle again!”

She boards the Boat of Losers and it rides off into the distance. Chris merrily says, “Well that wasn’t the most exciting voting ceremony…but we are down the final eight campers! What will be the next challenge? And how can it get even more painful? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Chapter XVII: Row, Row, Row Your Kakak

 Chris and Chef are shown fishing off of the dock. “Last time on Total Drama, the campers had an endurance challenge involving listening to everyone’s favorite female…male singer. Abby lasted the longest and won a nice relaxing day at the spa. The rest weren’t so lucky! They had to dive off the cliff and land in the small pool of water…or land painfully on cement. Against all odds, Cody landed in the water and Abby was voted out because of her attitude earlier that day.”

Chef excitedly begins pulling his fishing pole back. “I got one Chris!”

Chris laughs and says, “We are down to the final eight campers! Who will be the next one to be cut loose?”

As he says this, he cuts Chef’s line and the fish escapes. Chef glares at Chris as he finishes, “Find out right know on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening plays)

After the opening, we see the remaining campers gathered around the campfire pit. Most of them are shown rubbing their sore backs.

(CONF) Maddie says, “Well I think Katie and I were lucky that Cody won the challenge before we had to jump and risk hurting ourselves. But what I’m worried about right know is Jason and Austin’s alliance…"

Matt lies down on log, using his soccer ball as a pillow. “Why did Chris want to meet us so earlier anyway?”

Cody shrugs as Austin decides to climb a tree to pass the time. Chrissy walks by it and asks Austin, “Hey Austin…I’m still waiting for an apology for that one challenge.”

Austin innocently calls down, “What challenge? Oh the challenge we paired up in…yeah whatever…sorry.”

Chrissy glares at him before walking away. (CONF) “Austin didn’t take that challenge seriously…and we could’ve won it if he worked with me! And I’m not going to accept that lame apology,” Chrissy says fiercely.

The sun is shown high above the campers, who look bored out of their minds. Nicole is shown panting in the heat. (CONF) “Did Chris just forget about us or something,” Nicole asks?

Cody is seen away from the others, scratching his arms furiously. Katie calls over, “Hey Cody! Are you okay?”

“Yeah…I’m one-hundred percent fine,” Cody calls back as he struggles to stop himself from itching.

Just then, Chris and Chef drive up on a 4-wheeler. “Good afternoon Campers! Who is excited for today’s challenge,” Chris excitedly asks?

“Where were you,” Jason furiously asks?  “We followed your instructions to wait for you here…and it’s been 4 hours! What gives?”

Chris chuckles, “Oh that…I just wanted to see if guys would do it!”

The campers glare at Chris as he and Chef Laugh. Once Chris regains his usual posture, he continues. “Alright campers follow me to today’s challenge.

As Chris leads the campers, Matt is seen bouncing his soccer ball on his head. Nicole notices Chrissy glaring at Austin and she asks him, “Austin what did you do to Chrissy? She keeps glaring at you?”

Austin shrugs. Maddie then walks next to Nicole and pulls her away from Austin. “Nicole you should come walk with Katie and I.”

Nicole mutters, “Well…but…Austin,” as Austin looks dispirited.

Soon, Chris stops before a giant grey wall. Along the side facing the campers, there are eight different color gates. “Today’s challenge is a simple one... each of you will pick a different gate. Inside, is a kayak for you to paddle your way to the entrance to the bay to part two of the challenge. For part two…you will need to navigate your kayak through three rings. The first came to make it through the third ring wins invincibility! Any questions?”

Matt fearfully asks, “So…it’s another water challenge?”

Chris smiles as he nods. Matt gulps. (CONF) Matt is shown cowering in a fetal-position. “Why is there only water challenges? Do the producers love to torment me or something?”

Jason then asks, “What do the different colors mean?”

“The colors represent the type of obstacle you will face in each of your pools. Three pools have no obstacles…and the rest have a special surprise. You have 30 seconds to choose which gate you want and remember…its first come first serve!”

The campers rush off towards the gates. Jason says, “Hey Nicole you should take the blue gate?”

Before Nicole could say something, Maddie grabs her right arm. “Sorry Jason…but Nicole is going to take the yellow one…right Nicole?”

Nicole opened her mouth, but Jason grabbed her left arm and pulled her towards him. “No…she’s choosing the blue one!”

Maddie pulls Nicole back and soon their pulling her back and forth. Nicole mutters, “Guys this hurts…Stop!”

(CONF) Nicole is sadly rubbing her arms. “I’ve never been fought over like that before…its sure was painful!”

Austin steps in and pushes Maddie and Jason away. “Guys just let Nicole choose her own gate!”

Nicole gives Austin a grateful look, before heading towards a gate. The other campers line up in this order. Jason chooses the red gate, Matt chooses the orange gate, Maddie chooses the yellow gate, Austin chooses the green gate, Katie chooses the blue gate, Chrissy picks the purple gate, Nicole chooses the pink gate, and Cody picks the black gate. Chris says, “Okay…on your mark…get set…GO!”

The camper’s race inside of their gates and hop in their kayaks and start paddling…except for one camper. Matt tentatively gets in his kayak, before cowering in fear. Chris mutters, “Dude…that’s really pathetic.”

Jason is shown paddling at a fast rate but stops after he takes a whiff of the air. “Why do I smell rotten fish,” Jason wonders out loud.

He turns around and screams after noticing what is swimming behind him. A shark with fingers was swimming after him. Jason yells out, “Bad shark! Bad!”

Chris chuckles, “I knew it was worth it to bring Fang back.”

Maddie smiles as she hears Jason’s yells as she paddles. Katie is shown paddling furiously. (CONF) “Right now, I am the strongest player here…which sooner or later the others will realize that I’m too much of a threat to keep around. So immunity is more important now than ever before!”

Katie grins as she nears the lake. Chef says, “I feel almost bad for that girl…she just had to choose the blue gate…” as he pushes a buttons.

All of a sudden, Katie’s pool freezes as she is an inch from making it to the lake. She yells out in frustration, “Oh come on!”

She gets out of her kayak and starts chipping away at the ice. Cody is shown paddling calmly. All of a sudden, an explosion is heard and Cody is sent flying, his kayak is completely destroyed. Cody lands head first in the sand, struggling to get out. Chris calls out, “Hey Cody…do you need help?”

Muffled sounds can be heard beneath the sand. Chris says, “Sounds like a no to me!”

Meanwhile, Chrissy is shown stuck in a whirlpool and Austin is cheering as he is thrown around in tidal waves. (CONF) “Bring it on Chris,” Austin says. “No matter what obstacles he throws at me…I’ll be able to handle it!”

In the meantime, Jason is paddling in a circle, still being chased by Fang. Nicole and Maddie then reach the lake. Chris says, “And now for part two” as he pushes a button. Suddenly, Fang dives underwater and the other obstacles disappear (to Austin’s disappointment) and the ice starts to melt. Nicole and Maddie cheer…before they realize that all of the obstacles are now surrounding the four rings. Fang is shown waving menacingly to them. Maddie gulps and Nicole faints.

Chris says, “And the race is one! It’s still anybody’s game. See the dramatic finish and see who swims with the fishes after the break!”

When the show returns, Cody is shown walking back towards the gate, spitting sand out of his mouth along the way. (CONF) “Of course it’s just my luck to pick the gate with the explosives in it! And to make matters worse…my disease is starting to come back,” Cody nervously says, as he scratches himself.

Cody passes the orange gate and notices Matt just sitting in his kayak. “Matt are you okay,” Cody asked, concerned?

Matt simply says, “No…why are you scratching yourself, Cody”?

“Oh well…um…it helps calm my nerves…you should try it!”

Matt thinks about it before scratching himself. “You know what Cody…this is actually working! I feel as though all of my worries are vanishing! I feel like I do this!”

Suddenly, Matt begins to paddle and without showing any fear, he begins to cross his pool. Cody wipes his forehead with his hand and gives a sigh of relief. “Dodged a bullet,” He happily says.

We then see Katie still chipping away at the ice that froze her kayak. Austin, Chrissy, and Jason all make it to the lake. Chrissy gasps when she sees all of the obstacles. Austin cheers before asking, “Hey where’s Nicole?”

Jason points over to east, where Maddie is trying to wake Nicole up. “I’ll go get Nicole, Austin! You go on ahead,” Jason eagerly exclaims.

Austin looks nervous for a second as Jason paddles toward the girls, but then he decides to continue the challenge, with Chrissy right behind him.

Meanwhile, Matt made it to the lake. He starts cheering, “Yes! I think I conquered my fear of deep water!”

His cheering abruptly stops when he notices all of the obstacles that float before him. He leans over the side of the kayak, vomits, and faints. Chef says, “Well that escalated quickly!”

Katie is shown getting angry. “Come on ice! Work with me here…why don’t you break already!”

When the ice refuses to break, Katie begins stomping in a rage. All of a sudden, the ice breaks and Katie cheers. She gets back into her kayak and paddles toward the lake.

Maddie is shown prodding Nicole awake. “Come on Nicole! We can only win this if you wake up now,” Maddie says urgently.

“I’ll take things from here Maddie, you can go on ahead,” Jason says as he pulls up.

Nicole begins to stir. “Jason…is that you?”

Before Jason can speak, Maddie hits him in the gut with her paddle. The impact knocks him out of his kayak and into the water. “Sorry Nicole…you must be mistaken…let’s go!”

She begins paddling and Nicole says, “I could have sworn I heard Jason…oh well.”

Nicole paddles after Maddie as Jason surfaces, spitting water out of his mouth. “Why that little…where’s my kayak?”

He turns around and gasps and Fang is shown pushing it towards a mine. It explodes sending the kayak flying. Then, Fang turns menacingly towards Jason. Jason gulps.

Austin and Chrissy are shown paddling through the first ring. Chrissy catches up to Austin, treading at his side saying, “I’m still waiting for an honest apology Austin!”

He sighs and says, “Well you’re just going to have to wait since I’m kind of busy trying to win this challenge! So bye Chrissy.”

Austin reaches over and pushes her kayak with his paddle. Chrissy is pushed back into a whirlpool. She screams, “Austin…You’re going to regret this!”

As Chrissy is spinning around, Maddie and Nicole are shown passing through the first ring.

Katie is then shown passing Matt before noticing that Jason is being chased by Fang. She looks visibly concerned. (CONF) “Okay…I know Jason is strong competition…but I’d rather win fairly than to have him removed from the competition by being mauled by a shark,” Katie says.

She reaches over into Matt’s kayak and grabs his soccer ball. She stands up and kicks it. The ball is sent flying and hits Fang right on the head. Fang dives under and Jason swims over towards Katie. She asks, “Need a hand?”

Jason nods, taking her hand as she pulls him up into her kayak. Jason mutters, “Thanks…for this kayak!”

Before Katie can respond, he pushes her out of her own kayak. As she surfaces, Jason paddles away saying, “There! We are now even.”

(CONF) “Don’t give me that look,” Jason says.  “They pushed my alliance’s strongest player into the water…and I pushed their strongest player into the water…like I said…we’re even!”

Katie growls at Jason before swimming toward Matt’s kayak. She climbs in and grabs Matt’s paddles. She says, “Okay Matt…doesn’t try anything alright!”

Matt nods. Soon, Jason passed the first ring with Katie and Matt only a few feet behind.

Nicole is shown getting tired as Maddie excitedly says, “Look Nicole! We almost caught up to Austin.”

Austin just passed the second of the three rings. Nicole yells out, “Hi Austin,” just as a tidal wave slams into her.

She screams as the wave pushes her away from the challenge. Austin turns his head after hearing her screams. He yells out, “I’m coming Nicole,” as he paddles furiously towards her, passing Maddie along the way.

Maddie smirks at him as she passes the second ring. (CONF) “I had this challenge in the bag,” Maddie says happily.  “I mean everyone else was so far behind me… what are the odds of something bad happening to me?”

As she nears the third and final ring, Jason passes through the second ring. Maddie turns around and sticks her tongue at him. Because she wasn’t looking where she was heading, she had paddled straight into a mine. Maddie screams as she is sent flying.

Jason mockingly laughs as he paddles toward the final ring as Katie and Matt just paddled through the second ring.

Katie calls out, “Watch out Jason! I’m coming for you!”

Jason laughs at this, before noticing something. “Katie heading straight towards a mine!”

She rolls her eyes. “Yeah like I’m going to believe tha…”

Katie is cut off as the kayak makes contact with a mine. Katie is sent flying forward and lands on top of Jason while Matt is sent farther. Jason and Katie watch as Matt begins to make his descent, flying right through the final ring. A buzzer is heard as Chris hovers over the lake using his jetpack. “Matt made it through the final ring! He wins immunity!”

Jason pounds the side of his kayak while Katie groans. Matt is shown struggling to stay afloat as his soccer ball floats by him. He grabs it and uses it to stay above the surface. “Can someone help me,” He weakly asks?

Later, the campers are shown hanging out by the cabins. The Katie, Maddie, and Nicole are shown sun tanning while Austin, Jason, and Matt are hanging out behind the guy’s cabin. Jason says, “So we are in agreement of who we are voting off?”  

Austin hesitates before nodding and Matt says, “Of course…by the way guys thanks for inviting me into your alliance.”

“Don’t mention it dude,” Jason says.

Meanwhile, Katie and Maddie look shocked. “You want to vote who out,” Maddie asks, looking dumbfounded?

Nicole has a firm look on her face. “Yep and nothing you say will change my mind.”

(CONF) Maddie shrugs, saying, “Well…that person wouldn’t have been my first choice to vote out…but if it keeps Nicole in our alliance then so be it.”

Night has fallen as the campers are sitting around the campfire. Chris approaches with his usual plate of marshmallows. “There are eight campers here tonight…and only seven marshmallows. One of you…will be leaving us tonight and will be out of the competition. You all have made your decision.”

(CONF) Austin says, “Sorry Jason... but I’m voting someone else out!”

(CONF) Chrissy simply says, “Austin.”

(CONF) Cody says, “Sorry dude…but you were being rude to Chrissy.”

(CONF) Jason says, “It pains me…but I have to vote for him.”

(CONF) Katie says, “Sorry…but it’s what Nicole wants.”

(CONF) Maddie says, “Nothing personal…you were a great teammate.”

(CONF) Matt says, “My first time voting with an alliance!”

(CONF) Nicole says, “You asked for this to happen!”

Chris continues, “The following campers are safe…Matt, Katie, and Cody.”

He tosses marshmallows to the trio and the three happily catch their marshmallows. “Also safe with no votes…Nicole…and Jason.”

Jason sighs with relief as he catches his marshmallow and Nicole looks scared. She looks at Austin who has a worried look on his face.

“Austin, Chrissy, and Maddie…I only have two marshmallows left…and the next one goes too…Maddie.”

Maddie catches her marshmallow and Austin and Chrissy glare at each other. “And the final marshmallow goes too…



























Chrissy stands up, “Why?”

Nicole says, “Because you were harping on Austin all day and we were getting sick of it!”

Chrissy sadly smiles, “Well…at least I get to see Brendan again.”

Katie says, “That’s right Chrissy. You just need to look at the brighter side of things…don’t let this one elimination hold you back.”

“Your right thanks Katie.”

Chrissy then boards the Boat of Losers and wave’s goodbye to the seven remaining campers.

(CONF) Jason says, “It pained me to vote for Austin…but he needed a reminder that he is one of the Girl’s alliance top targets. He can take this as a warning…to not vote by himself again!”

Chris smiles, “Ah mistrust…the best kind of drama there is. What will become of the two alliances now? Will Matt ever overcome his fear of water? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Chapter XVIII: Storage Warfare

 “Last time on Total Drama; the eight campers had an epic, explosive kayak race. Jason had a great time hanging out with one of TD’s old friends…Fang the mutant shark. Throughout the challenge, both alliances fought hard to secure Nicole’s loyalty. In the end, Matt was carried to victory…literately, and Chrissy was given the boot.”

Chris is shown warming a marshmallow in a fire. “Only seven campers remain. What painful challenge awaits them? Which friendship will be the next to go up in smoke?”

As he says this, his marshmallow burst into flame. “Yeah…like that. So tune in and find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

When the show returns, we see all seven campers heading towards an unknown destination. Cody is shown hanging in the back, still scratching himself.

(CONF) “Okay…ever since I’ve been bit by that Wawawnakwa Beetle…I’ve been feeling Ill…the doctors think that it’s an allergic reaction,” Cody says, while trying to cover up some warts that popped up on his arm. “But as long as the others think that it’s just a disease…I should be fine.”    

Austin and Nicole are shown holding hands while Maddie watches them closely from behind.  (CONF) “Since we are nearing the end…so we need to make sure that Nicole stays with us…and stays away from the guy’s alliance,” Maddie says, with her arms folded.

Matt is seen bouncing his soccer ball off of his head. He isn’t watching where he is going and he bumps into Katie. She scowls while saying, “Watch where you’re going Matt.”

“Well how about you don’t stand in my way next time…soccer hater,” Matt retaliates.

(CONF) Katie facepalms. “Soccer hater…is that really the best insult he could think of?”

Soon, the campers reach their destination. Chris and Chef are shown standing at the base of the cliff. Chris is holding a hat in his hand. “Campers…are you ready for today’s challenge. This one is a special one…”

None of the campers seemed too thrilled at hearing these words. Chris continues, “This is a throwback to one of Total Drama’s earliest challenges…key searching.”

Jason asks, “So what do our keys unlock?”

“Each key will open up one of those storage units. Inside, is a different type of transportation that you will need to use. Once you have your object, you then race to the finish line at the Recreational Center.  The first person to pass the finish line wins! So now… you each will line up and draw a card out of this hat to determine which key you will pick up.”

Chris walks over to Cody, who draws a card that has a picture of fish on it. “Sorry dude…but it looks like your key is in the middle of the lake.”

Austin draws a card which has a picture of a bear on it. “Let me take a wild guess…in the bear cave,” Austin asks?

Chris nods and then its Maddie’s turn to draw. Her card has a picture of the sun. “What does this mean Chris?”

“Your key is somewhere near the hottest thing,” Chris simply says.

Nicole draws her card which has a picture of bird. “Get ready to take to the sky Nicole!”

Before she can ask why, Chef picks her up and carries her away. Austin looks concerned. (CONF) “Okay I’m not afraid of some stupid bears…but I am worried that Nicole might not be able to handle her challenge.”

Jason then draws, his card revealing a picture of a skull. “Well this can’t be good…” Jason glumly says.

“Congrats Jason! You get to swim all the way to Boney Island to pick up your key!”


(CONF) Jason is shown scowling. “Okay this is really unfair…but since this seems like the hardest challenge…maybe the reward will be good!”

Matt is shown with his fingers crossed. “Please anything but water challenge…please not water challenge…”

He draws his card and on his card…is a picture of a glass. “Congrats Matt…your key is at a local town.”

Matt sighs with relief. Chris finishes by saying, “I meant to say…the key is at an aquarium!”

Matt faints and Katie draws the last card which has a picture of glasses on it. “And Katie…your key is at the gym next to Matt’s aquarium. So Matt and Katie please follow me… and the rest of you can search for your keys…starting now!”

The campers take off while Katie drags Matt’s unconscious body after Chris. They then hop on the Boat of Losers heading toward the main land.

Jason is shown reaching the beach.  He places his hand in the water, but immediately takes it out. “Dang that water is freezing,” Jason mutters to himself. “There is no way I’m swimming…”

He then looks to his right and gives an evil grin. Jason then races over towards a kayak and pushes it into the water. He hops in and starts paddling. “Boney Island here I come,” Jason excitedly cheers.

Cody watches Jason paddle his way across the lake. (CONF) “Dang it Jason! I was going to use that kayak to find my key…I guess I’ll have to swim now,” Cody dispiritedly says.

He walks to the water edge and jumps in. As he surfaces he says, “Ah the waters nice and relaxing…now to find that key.”

Chef abruptly tosses Nicole into a plane. “Alright girlie listen up…your key is here on the ground. However, you must jump out of this plane and then you can get your key.”

“Okay…but Chef,” Nicole begins, but Chef hops in the plane and starts to take off.

Meanwhile, Maddie is shown looking at Chris’s trailer. (CONF) “Well it’s obvious…Chris thinks that he is the hottest thing ever…so that must mean the key is in his personal trailer.”

She opens the trailer door and looks around. Covering every inch of the wall are posters of Chris. Maddie looks through the drawers, but doesn’t find anything. Then she notices the tanning booth. As she approaches, it opens revealing Justin, with the key tied around his neck. Maddie whispers, “He is so hot,” before fainting on the spot.

Justin wonders aloud, “Did someone say something? Oh well…time to relax.”

He steps over Maddie as he heads toward the door.

Katie and Matt are shown staring at their respective buildings. “Well…good luck Matt,” Katie says encouragingly.

Matt ignores her and pleads with Chris, “Please dude…don’t send me in there!”

“But Matt…you would be giving up immunity? Are you sure?”

Matt nods frantically, but Chris responds by pushing into the aquarium. Katie walks calmly into the gym…where inside are a bunch of nerds. Chris says behind Katie, “In order to get your key…you must compete against all of these nerds in the competition of their choice.”

Katie’s eye twitches as she says, “No problem…I can handle them.” She then moves forward to confront the nerds.

Austin is shown walking inside the bear cave. “Alright…if I was a key in a bear cave…where would I be?"

As Austin passes a corner, two pairs of eyes are shown watching him. Chris chuckles as he watches the camper’s misery from separate cameras. “Who will retrieve their key first? And more importantly, who will be humiliated first? Find out after the break!”

After the break, we seen Jason still paddling, although at a much slower rate. “Man…this is tiring,” Jason says, wiping the sweat off of his face. “Oh look! Boney Island…finally!”

We then see Nicole looking scared as Chef opens the plane door. “Alright…put this parachute on and jump,” Chef barks, shoving a parachute in Nicole’s face.

Nicole slips the parachute on, looking out the door in the process. She steps back inside and asks timidly, “Do I really have to do this?”

Chef gives his answer in the simplest way…he kicks her out of the plane. Nicole screams as she falls toward the island.

Her screams can be heard across the island. Austin looks alert as Nicole’s screams echo throughout the cave. “I’m coming Nicole,” He yells as he starts to head back…but his path is blocked by two bears.

“Get out of my way,” Austin growls, before lunging forward. The bears also charge forward as the screen turns to black.

Matt is shown shivering in the aquarium. (CONF) Matt sadly says, “Okay…this fear is getting ridiculous.”

He takes a deep breath and moves forward cautiously, bumping constantly into glass.

Meanwhile, Cody is shown to have emerged from the waters with his key…and a bunch of jellyfish sticking to him. “I got the key Chris,” He says excitedly, as the jellyfish decide to shock him.

“OWW…why you little bi…Ow…now to head back to the storage.”

Cody heads toward the storage unit, stopping every few feet because the jellyfish zap him.

We are then shown a montage of Katie beating nerds in a bunch of contests (including thumb wrestling, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sack Races, and the infamous…Hop Scotch).

Katie sighs with relief as she leaves the gym, with the key in hand. (CONF) Katie says, “Man that was brutal…I love strong challengers…but really…it was painful to compete against those guys!”

Chris opens the van door as Katie approaches, saying, “Nice timing Katie! We better get you back since one of your fellow campers already found their key."

She says, “What! Well step on it Chris,” as she hops in the van.

As she makes to close the door, Matt runs out of the aquarium, waving his key in the air. “Wait for me!”

He dives into the car and Chris takes off.

Meanwhile, Nicole opens the parachute and lands safely on the beach. Chris pulls up in the van, and Matt and Katie race out of it. “Ah Nicole…congrats on landing safely, here is your key.”

“Thanks Chris,” Nicole says as she runs after Matt and Katie.

Jason is shown on Boney Island holding his key. He hops back into the kayak and paddles toward the island…although he notices something wrong with his kayak. “Why is there water in here? Do I have a leek?”

He looks behind him and yells. Fang just bit off a part of the kayak. Jason jumps out before Fang could get him, and swims furiously toward the island with Fang in hot pursuit.

Maddie mumbles in here sleep, “Not yet mom…I dreamt I ran into the hottest looking dude.”

A voice says, “It wasn’t a dream…I am hot.”

Maddie opens her eyes and sees Justin staring down at her. Maddie gasps and faints again. (CONF) “OMG…Justin is so better looking in person than on TV,” Maddie squeals, fanning herself in the process.

Katie, Matt, and Nicole are shown running through the woods, but immediately stop when they hear a roar. Nicole cautiously asks, “What was that.”

They hear a rustling from some bushes, as two bears jump out of them. The trio screams and run from the bears. The bears follow with a look of fear on their faces.

Austin hops out of the bushes saying, “Get back here you cowardly bears!”

He chases after them as Cody reaches his storage unit. He opens it to reveal…a pogo stick. “Awesome…if only I knew how to use a pogo stick,” Cody mutters.

Cody gets on the stick and tries to hop, but immediately falls to the ground. He hears screams in the distance and Matt runs into the clearing, tripping over the pogo stick in the process. “Hi Cody!”

Cody says, “Hi,” as he unknowingly begins to scratch himself.

Matt is about to say something when Katie and Nicole emerge out of the woods. Katie says, “We finally manage to ditch those bears…and look who we found on the beach.”

Jason walks out and is covered with bruise marks and is soaking wet. Matt asks, “What happened to you?”

“That stupid shark that’s what,” Jason snarls, as he marches toward his storage unit. “This had better have been that trip to Boney Island.”

He opens the door and steps inside. There is a moment of silence… and then Jason angrily yells, “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”

Jason leaves the storage unit…holding an old pair of gym shoes. The other campers laugh at his misfortune.

He glares at them. “Well guess what…at least I get a head start!”

Jason quickly puts on the shoes before taking off. Katie, Matt, and Nicole head toward their respective storage unit. Katie gets a bicycle, Matt gets a unicycle, and Nicole gets a go-kart.

Nicole cheers and takes off, which Katie peddling right behind her. Matt tries to board his unicycle, but falls off.

Jason, still tired from his unexpected swim, falls over into some bushes. Nicole and Katie race by.

Matt and Cody are shown carrying their respective “prizes” along. Matt asks, “Hey Cody…is your disease back? I’ve noticed that you’ve been scratching yourself.”

Cody sadly answers, “Yes…but you can’t let anyone know or else I’ll probably be the next to go.”

Matt promises as the two continue on their way. Unknown to them, they passes the bush that Jason fell in and he heard every word they said. (CONF) Jason is shown grinning. “Now that is some interesting news.”

Austin is shown to still be chasing the bears. The bears run by the Rec. Center as an engine can be heard. Nicole gasps as the bears stop in front of her. Nicole swerves to the left and crashes into a tree as Katie passes her and drives through the finish line.

Chris arrives via Jetpack and says, “And Katie is the winner and someone will be sent home tonight!”

The campers are shown relaxing in the Rec. Center.  Austin and Nicole are happily talking on the sofa as Katie and Maddie play table tennis. Cody is staying in a corner trying to hide some boils. Matt opens the door sharply and everyone looks his way. “Everyone…I have something important to tell you!”

Cody gasps and runs up to Matt. “Matt! You promised that you wouldn’t say anything about my disease!”

Matt looks shocked. “But dude…all I was going to say is that Jason made brownies for everyone.”

As he said this, Jason enters carrying brownies. “Come and get them,” He happily says, as tension fills the air.

Maddie asks, “Cody…your disease is back and you weren’t going to tell us?”

Cody looks uncomfortable as Chris enters the room. “Okay campers…it’s time to vote someone off.”

The seven campers gather around the campfire. They all sit by each other…except for Cody who sits by himself. Chris approaches saying, “Campers…we have come so far on this journey…and soon…there will only be six campers remaining. The first and second marshmallows of the night go to…Katie and…Matt.”

Katie catches her marshmallow and Matt’s bounces his off of his head and into his mouth.

“Nicole and Maddie are also safe.”

The two gratefully catch their marshmallows. Nicole then places her hand on Austin’s shoulder reassuringly. Jason crosses his arms, glaring at Chris. Cody continues to scratch himself.

“And the next person safe is…Austin.”

Austin hugs Nicole as the marshmallow hits Nicole’s head. “And the final marshmallow of the evening goes to…







Jason sighs with relief as Cody looks heartbroken. “It’s alright guys…I understand why you voted for me.”

Matt says, “Later buddy,” waving goodbye to his friend.

Katie says, “Look at the bright side. Now you’ll be able to get yourself treated.”

Cody nods and boards the Boat of Losers. Chris says, “You all had a long day. I suggest you get some rest…because you will need it!”

The campers leave the campfire and head towards their cabin. Matt dispiritedly says to Jason, “Man Jason I feel awful…if we didn’t make the brownies, then Cody might still be here.”

“I know Matt…I blame myself for his elimination. Now we will avenge him…by taking out the girls,” Jason sharply says.

(CONF) Matt says, “Jason is right! Those girls are going to pay for voting out my friend!”

(CONF) Jason chuckles. “Wow I’m even surprised that worked out that well! Tricking Matt into getting Cody to spill the beans was easy…it was either me or Cody…and of course it had to be Cody.”

When the campers reach their cabins, they say goodnight to each other. The girls retire to their cabin and Matt heads off towards the bathroom. As Jason approaches the boy’s cabin door, Austin blocks him.

“Jason…we need to talk,” Austin mutters.

“What is it that you need alliance buddy,” Jason asks with his eyes alert.

“You caused Cody’s elimination to save your own skin right? This is just like when we voted out Jordan…it was either Jordan or you! Is that it? This “alliance” of yours…it’s just to get people to protect yourself from elimination isn’t it!”

Austin fiercely glares at Jason. Jason whispers, “If you think that your…accusations are true…I suggest you tread lightly.”

And with this, Jason pushes Austin out of the way and enters the cabin. Chris watches from behind the campfire, with a bucket in hand. “Now that’s how you get the drama flowing! It’s Austin vs. Jason! Who will be victorious and who will get the boot? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

When Chris finishes, he dumps water bucket over the fire. The fire is put out, ending the episode in darkness.

Chapter XIX: Rejected Water Olympics


“Last time on Total Drama, the campers searched high and low for some keys to unlock their storage unit. Some units contained nice goods…while others…not so much. Katie managed to pedal her way to victory. In a shocking elimination ceremony, Cody was voted off after Jason tricked him into admitting he isn’t fully cured. Unfortunately for Jason, Austin finally caught on to his schemes, and now the guy’s alliance is on the verge of collapse.”

Chris takes a sip of water. “Ah that hits the spot,” he remarks. “Anyways, will the guy’s alliance break down? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

(Opening Plays)

After the opening, we see the sun rising into the sky. The sun’s ray flows through the windows of the boy’s cabin right into Matt’s face. He wakes up and stretches. “Ah. Good morning guys….guys?”

Matt glances toward the other beds. Austin and Jason are shown glaring at each other. After a few uncomfortable seconds, Matt says, “Uh…I’m going to go use the restroom.”

And with saying that, Matt promptly left his bed and exited the cabin. (CONF) A wide-eyed Matt says, “Wow…that was really awkward. Are those two having a fight or something?”

(CONF) Austin, crossed-armed says, “Jason deliberately eliminated Cody to save his own skin…and he needs to pay.”

(CONF) Jason is shown thinking. “Okay…a minor problem. With Austin leaving the alliance…puts me in a bad spot. And now there is only one way to turn this situation into an advantage!”

Meanwhile, the girls are shown getting ready for the day, absentmindedly chatting about regular girl things. (CONF) Katie says, “Alright we’re nearing the end game and now it’s time to think big!”

Nicole asks the girls as she puts on her shoes, “So girls, who are we going to vote off tonight?”

Without hesitation, Maddie answers, “Jason.”

Nicole jumps at these words, hitting the bottom of the top bunk. Katie asks, “Are you alright Nicole?”

“I’m fine…thanks for asking,” Nicole solemnly replies, rubbing her head.

(CONF) Nicole looks unnerved and says, “I really don’t want to turn on Jason…I mean he, Austin, and I have that Final Three alliance…

(CONF)Maddie says, “Jason is the most logical choice. We can’t vote Austin out because Nicole will never go along with it and we can easily take care of Matt.”

The girls then exit their cabin as Jason is shoved out of the boy’s cabin. Standing in the doorway, Austin laughs at Jason before waving to the girls. Maddie and Katie exchange looks after what they witnessed.

Suddenly, the intercom turns on and Chris’s voice is heard all over camp. “Good morning campers! Its challenge time. Before we get to the real fun…you guys need to find me! I’m somewhere in the forest… and by the way…”

Austin says, “All we need to do is find Chris. This is going to be a piece of cake.”

He then races towards the woods, but he runs on top of a snare. Austin yelps as he is sent flying.

Chris chuckles, “Yeah…there are booby traps hidden throughout the forest. So watch your step. The first person to reach me will have an advantage for the next challenge. And go!”

The campers’ race off into the woods as Matt emerges from the bathroom with toilet paper attached to his foot. He mutters, “Crap…the challenge started,” before running after the others.

Austin is shown landing in a tree. He pulls the twigs and leaves out of his hair and looks towards the east. “What’s that over there,” he wonders aloud.

He then starts jumping from branch to branch with ease.

The girls are then shown to be running at a sprint leaving Jason and Matt behind. Matt asks, “Shouldn’t we be running faster?”

Jason responds saying, “We could…except that this challenge won’t get us immunity. Therefore we should not waste our energy on this challenge.”

Matt shrugs, “Okay…if you say so.”

The duo continues to run when Matt runs through a tripwire, activating a hidden spring. Matt is sent flying backwards and Jason chuckles before disappearing further into the woods.

The girls are shown running along the river. In the rear, a panting Nicole asks, “Where do you think Chris is hiding?”

Maddie says, “He probably in his “hidden” trailer.”

Suddenly, Katie yells out, “DUCK!”

She and Maddie both hit the dirt while Nicole looks toward the sky. Then one of Chef’s Swedish meatballs hits Nicole’s face. She screams and moves around blindingly and ends up falling into the river.

Katie watches her float away and asks Maddie, “Shouldn’t we help her?”

Maddie shortly says, “And risk letting one of the boys wins this challenge? No thanks!”

And with that, Maddie takes off while a hesitant Katie follows. (CONF) Katie says, “I feel bad about leaving Nicole like that…I mean I know this is a competition but still… she’s my friend and friends shouldn’t turn their back on each other!”

Matt is shown to have landed in the water. He struggles to stay afloat. (CONF) A wet Matt says, “As I was struggling in that stupid water…I thought to myself what Cody tried to teach me…how to be relaxed.”

Matt then closes his eyes and relaxes his body. He starts to float and he happily yells out! “Yes! I’m actually not afraid!”

He then swims slowly toward the shore.

Meanwhile, Jason emerges out of the woods by the river. “Come on Chris…where are you hiding,” Jason angrily mutters.

He then notices something floating down the river. Upon recognizing Nicole, he grabs her as she passes by and drags her onto the shore.

Jason asks, “Nicole why are you in the river?”

“Chef’s meatball hit me in the face and it knocked me into it,” Nicole answers.

Jason then looks around before saying, “Hey Nicole…I’m worried about Austin.”

“What? Why do you mean Jason?”

“I think the stress of the competition has gone to his head…he is planning on voting me out tonight,” Jason urgently whispers.

Nicole gasps. “Austin would never suggest something like that! I’m going to go talk some sense into him.”

She marches away and Jason smiles behind her back. (CONF) Jason chuckles. “That went well. But it always helps to have a Plan B just in case Austin forces her into voting for me.”

Meanwhile, Austin is shown to have landed in front of a huge building. “Has this always been here,” he asks?

A voice said, “No this was actually moved here just yesterday.”

Chris emerges out of the building and says into a megaphone. “Okay campers. Austin was the first camper to find me! No sit tight for part one of today’s challenge!”

Austin asks, “Wait a sec! Searching for you wasn’t the first challenge?

Chris grins. “Nope…it’s just something extra that I wanted you guys to do!”

Austin scowls at Chris as Chef pulls up in a jeep. The five other campers leave the jeep. Nicole and Austin both walk to each other and at the same time they both say, “We need to talk.”

They blush and before they can continue, Chris says, “Okay campers follow me for the first part of today’s challenge.”

Chris enters the building while the campers follow behind him. Once inside, the campers are in awe. Inside, the building is what appears to be a water obstacle course.

Chris says, “Welcome to the Rejected Water Olympics!”

(CONF) Matt timidly says, “Another water challenge…at least this time I’m prepared…I hope.”

Chris continues, “Here is how it works. The first four campers to go down the slide at the far end of the building get to move on to the second part of the challenge. So here is the layout of the course. First, you will make you way over to the first pool while dodging water balloons thrown at you by our interns.”

Maddie says, “And by water balloons…is it just water inside them?”

“Good question Maddie…in each balloon is a special liquid! Trust me…some of those balloons hold some nasty stuff. When you arrive at the first pool, you need to swim across it while dodging…”

Jason interrupts him saying, “Let me guess…sharks?”

Chris smiles and says, “Not sharks…Piranhas!”

The camper’s gasps as piranhas are shown jumping into the air, staring hungrily at the campers.

“If you manage to make it past the piranhas, climb the ladder and then to reach the slide, you will need to cross a tightrope.”

Nicole asks, “What happens if we fall off of the tightrope?”

“Oh you will fall into a shark-infested pool and have to swim back to the ladder and try again,” Chris merrily says.

(CONF) Austin says, “This challenge will be a piece of cake for me. I’ve done more dangerous stuff back home with both hands tied behind my back…and blindfolded.

Chris continues, “Since Austin was the first one to reach me, he will get a one minute head start. Austin says, “Yes,” as the others moan.

“And Austin…your time starts…now!”

Chef blows a whistle and Austin takes off. The interns throw their balloons at him, but Austin effortlessly dodges them.

Maddie says, “Wow…Austin’s real good.”

Jason mutters, “Yep…he is really is a powerhouse.”

Maddie stares at Jason, who looks back Austin. (CONF) Maddie asks, “Did Jason just agree with me about something?”

Chris then says, “Alright campers. You can go…now!”

The campers take off as Austin dives into the piranha pool. He easily dodges the ravenous fish as they swim towards him.

Katie is shown running ahead of the others and avoids the balloons. The others aren’t as lucky. Jason ducks to avoid one balloon and it singes the top of his head. He yells out, “What the heck was in that balloon?”

The balloon hits an intern and it bursts…spilling hot sauce all over him. The intern screams as his face starts to burn. Nicole struggles to dodge the balloons and move forward at the same time.

Meanwhile, Matt bumps into Maddie, who turns around angrily. “What the heck Matt…er…why do you have your eyes closed,” Maddie asks as her rage vanishes.

“As long as I can’t see the water, I shouldn’t be afraid,” Matt replies.

Maddie looks confused as Matt runs past her…straight into an incoming water balloon. The balloon burst and covers Matt with green goop. He then ends up slipping and falling to the ground.

(CONF) Maddie shrugs and says, “Well better him than me!”

Austin dives into the pool. The piranhas immediately swim towards him, but Austin bares his teeth at them. The fish back away in terror as Austin swims past them and climbs up the ladder.

As Austin climbs the ladder, Katie jumps into the pool. Again the piranhas dash towards her, but she manages to outswim them and climbs out of the pool. Chris announces, “And Katie is second to reach the ladder, but Austin still has the lead. Everyone else needs to step up their game!”

Jason, Maddie, and Nicole jump into the piranha pool. This time the piranhas manage to attack Jason, who yelps. Nicole makes a move to save him, but Maddie grabs her arm. “There is no time to save him Nicole. We have a challenge to win.”

Maddie swims toward the edge with Nicole hesitantly following. (CONF) “I didn’t want to ditch Jason like that…I hope I can find some way to make it up for him,” Nicole says sadly.

As Maddie and Nicole climb the ladder, Austin is shown walking across the tightrope. He looks toward the piranha pool and laughs at Jason’s misfortune. Katie calls out, “I suggest you pay attention to the challenge!”

Austin shrugs and runs easily across the tightrope and dives head first down the slide. Chris says, “And Austin is our first camper to make it to the second challenge! Who else will join him? Let’s watch.”

Just as Chris finishes, Katie reaches the slide and slides down it. “And Katie is our second camper,” Chris announces.

Maddie and Nicole start to walk across the tightrope just as Jason is shown to be climbing the ladder, most of his body is shown to be bruised and cut. (CONF) “I can’t decide which is worse…sharks or piranhas,” Jason complains.

Nicole looks down and sees the sharks looking hungrily at her. She screams and clings to the tightrope causing it to shake. Because of the vibrations, Maddie ends up losing her balance and falls into the pool. Nicole calls out, “I’m sorry Maddie!”

(CONF) Maddie is seen looking beaten up. “…sometimes Nicole’s clumsiness can get really annoying sometimes…”

Maddie climbs out of the pool and begins to climb the ladder again. Jason begins to make his way across tightrope nearing Nicole. He says, “Let’s do this Nicole!”

Before she can respond, a shoe hits Jason in the face, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the shark pool. He yelps as he gets attacked while Austin chuckles with Katie giving him an annoyed look.

(CONF) Austin chuckles as he puts his shoe back on. “Man that felt good knocking Jason into the water. I can’t let him anywhere near Nicole since he can’t be trusted.”

(CONF) Katie scowls. “I don’t know what’s going on between those two…but Austin really shouldn’t be interfering with the challenge since he already won.”

(CONF) A beaten up Jason says, “Yep…it’s official…sharks are worse than piranhas.” Jason then faints.

Jason manages to escape the pool just as Nicole goes down the slide. Chris says, “Only one spot remains! Who wants it?”

We then get a scene of Matt. He still hasn’t made it past the water balloons since the green goop has him stuck to the floor. (CONF) “Well let’s look at the bright side…at least I don’t have to swim with the piranhas,” a relieved Matt says.

Maddie is shown climbing across tightrope with Jason behind her. He reaches into his pocket, but Austin notices this gesture. Austin yells, “Maddie look out!”

However, Austin’s yell had the unintended response. Maddie is startled and loses her balance again.

As Maddie falls into the pool, Jason manages to cross the tightrope and goes down the slide.

“And the first challenge is over! The four finalists may head to the mess hall to have lunch. Our losers Maddie and Matt you guys get to spend some quality time in the infirmary.”

(CONF) A severely beaten up Maddie says, “Austin will pay…except we can’t vote him out or else Nicole will lose it…”

(CONF) The goop-covered Matt says, “I wonder how they are going to remove this goop?”

We then see Maddie and Matt enter the infirmary tent. Chef, dressed as a nurse, turns around holding a chainsaw. “Alright soccer boy…let’s do this!”

Matt faints on the spot.

Meanwhile, the other four campers are shown having lunch. Nicole and Austin are eating at one table, while Katie sits alone at another, giving suspicious looks at the pair. Jason is preparing himself some food.

Nicole gasps. “So you do want to get rid of Jason! Why?”

Austin whispers, “I’ll explain later…it’s just we can’t trust him and he needs to go!”

“But...but what about our Final Three alliance?”

“Forget about it…now act normally because we can’t let Jason catch on to what we’re discussing.”

Austin returns to his food with Nicole looking betrayed. (CONF) “Why is Austin being so secretive? He wants me to vote for Jason, but he isn’t giving be a good reason to vote him out. It’s too confusing!”

Jason then sits across from Katie. “Listen Katie…we need to talk!”

The scene cuts ahead and Jason says, “So that’s why Austin and I are fighting.”

(CONF) Katie looks shocked. “I had no idea! But if Jason is telling the truth…then this needs to be resolved quickly or else it will become a problem.”

Chris’s voice says, “Will our four campers please meet me at the beach!”

Austin, Jason, Katie, and Nicole meet at the beach where Chris is holding onto foam swords. “Okay for today’s second challenge…you guys are going to have an epic sword duel…over the water! We paired you up based on you placing during the last challenge. So the first round will be Austin vs. Jason and Katie vs. Nicole.”

Austin says, “I’m looking forward to this,” as he gives Jason an evil look.

We then see Austin and Jason are standing on two platforms above the lake. Chris calls out, “Knock your opponent off the platform to move on to the final round! And go!”

The two boys begin duel with all of their might. Jason tries to jab Austin, but Austin easily evades it and retaliates with a blow to the head.

Jason stumbles toward the edge but manages to regain his balance. He tries to stab Austin again, but Austin reaches in and manages to disarm Jason. Jason falls to his knees saying, “Alright you win!”

Austin grins and says, “Let’s make it official,” just as he smacks Jason in the head, sending him flying into the water.

Chris laughs. “Man that was brutal…and Austin moves on to the final round and now it’s the girls turn to fight.

The girls stand on their platforms and Chris says, “And you may begin!”

Katie and Nicole immediately clash their swords. Katie says, “I’m sorry about what I’m about to do Nicole.”

Nicole’s starts struggling to press Katie back. (CONF) Nicole says, “Man today’s challenge has been a rough one…”

As Katie begins to move Nicole towards the edge of the platform, Nicole suddenly loses her footing as falls down. Katie ends up falling over Nicole and falls off the edge of the platform.

Chris says, “And in an unexpected surprise, Nicole’s moving on to the final round.”

Austin says, “Nice one Nicole!”

Jason chuckles and says, “You do realize do that you have to fight your girl know right?”

Austin’s face pales and he mutters, “Crap!”

Austin and Nicole face each other. Chris says, “Let the final round…start!”

Neither one makes a move toward the other. (CONF) Austin says, “I need immunity really bad now…but I never expected to face Nicole!”

Austin bites his lips…and then drops his sword off the edge. The campers gasp and he says, “Go ahead Nicole…you made it this far and you deserve it.”

Nicole then reluctantly pushes Austin over the edge with the tip of her sword. A disappointed Chris says, “Well that was anti-climactic…anyways Nicole wins!”

That night the six campers sit by the campfire. Austin and Nicole sit near the front, while Jason sits by a paranoid Matt, and Katie and Maddie sit in the rear, looking sour.

(CONF) Matt is shown in the fetal position. “Scary…chainsaw…green…everywhere!”

Chris walks up to the campers, holding the usual plate of marshmallows. “Campers…tonight is a special night. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow will not make it to the Final Five…and now…the marshmallows go to…”

(CONF) Austin says, “Jason you are dead tonight!”

(CONF) Jason says, “Well…I hope my plan worked…”

“…Nicole, Katie, and Matt. None of you received any votes tonight.”

The three gratefully catch their marshmallows. Chris continues, “Maddie…here are also safe with only one vote tonight.”

Maddie cheers as her marshmallow flies into her mouth. “Austin and Jason…this is the final marshmallow of the evening. One of you will be safe and make it to the final 5…while the other takes a ride on the Boat of Losers.”

Austin and Jason glare at each other as Chris says, “And the final marshmallow goes…
































...Jason. Austin you’re out.”

Austin stands up in a rage. “What? Who voted for me?”

Nicole also stands up and says, “I think I know.”

She glares at Katie and Maddie, who shift in their seats regretfully. (CONF) Katie says, “So Jason told me that Austin and Nicole were in a secret Final Two alliance and Austin planned to help Nicole win this challenge today. I didn’t want to believe it…but their evidence is there. I’m sorry Nicole.”

(CONF) An enraged Nicole says, “I can’t believe those two would vote behind my back! They are so going to get it!”

Austin is shown on the Boat of Losers looking upset. Nicole gives him a hug and says, “I’ll win for you Austin!”

He smiles sadly and gives her a kiss on her forehead. He then notices Jason smirking at him. Austin retaliates by giving Jason the finger.

The Boat of Losers then heads off into the horizon. Chris then says, “Something tells me that the girls are in for a rough night! We are down to the Final Five! Who is going to make it to the Final Four? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

 Chapter XX: It's Hunting Time

“Last time on Total Drama, a serious conflict arose! The campers had to dodge, swim, and climb in our water obstacle course. Throughout the challenge, Austin and Jason battled while the others were caught in the crossfire.  In a shocking twist, Austin gave up immunity and in an even more shocking twist; Jason somehow managed to convince Katie and Maddie to vote Austin off and leaving Nicole feeling betrayed.”

Chef approaches Chris carrying giant water guns. Chris continues, “Thank you Chef.  Only five campers remain! And today they are going hunting! What are they going to hunt? Will Nicole ever trust Katie and Maddie again? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

(Opening Plays)

The show returns revealing that a storm is drenching the cabins. Jason and Matt are shown sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden their door is blasted opened. The boy’s wake up in a shock as a flash of lightning reveals someone standing in the doorway.”

Matt covers himself with his sheets and timidly asks, “Whose there?”

The figure enters the cabin and takes the hood off, revealing Chef. “Breakfast time suckers,” Chef delightfully says as he throws powdered gruel at them.

The boys scream as they get hit. (CONF) Jason coughs out gruel. “What is it with that psycho chef and his disgusting meals? At least I can relax easy now that the target is off of my back!”

(CONF) Matt looks upset. “I can’t believe just like that…poof Austin’s gone! And now it’s just Jason and I left!”

Matt leaves his bunk and lands knee-deep in gruel. Jason says, “I wonder how Nicole is doing?”

At the girl’s cabin, Nicole is shown giving Katie and Maddie the cold shoulder. Maddie cautiously says, “Listen Nicole…about that night.”

Nicole ignores her and says, “I’m going to check up on the guys.”

She promptly picks up her bag and leaves the cabin. Katie sighs. “She’ll listen when she is ready Maddie.”

(CONF) Katie says, “I can’t believe I listened to Jason. Sure it did look like Austin and Nicole had a secret alliance…but now Nicole is completely crushed.”

(CONF) An angry Nicole says, “I had a rough night…those two kept trying to justify their reason to voting Austin off. Austin if you see this…I’m sorry and I’ll make you proud.”

Later, Katie and Maddie enter the mess hall where the other three campers are waiting for them. The trio gives them a hard look. As the two girls sit down, Maddie tentatively asks, “Where’s breakfast?”

Jason shrugs. “Didn't Chef give you guys the breakfast in bed treatment?"

Maddie shakes her head and the campers resume their awkward silence. Matt says, “So…anyone up for a game of soccer?”

Katie sighs and says, “Matt…now is defiantly not the time for to play a childish game.”

Matt’s face reddens in contempt. Before he can respond, a horn honks in the background. The five campers leave the mess hall and see Chef driving a pickup. Chris, riding in the back, cheerfully says, “Good morning Final Five! Are you ready for today’s challenge?”

The five campers respond with, “NO!”

“Well too bad! The sooner someone wins the challenge; the sooner you get to eat! Now then…today’s challenge will test you bravery and most importantly…your aim!”

Chris hops out of the pickup, holding a giant water gun. Maddie asks, “So we’re going to have a water gun fight?”

“Sort of... you see these water guns have a different type of ammo. These guns have our infamous green goop balloons. You guys will fire the balloons at your prey. Oh and each gun only has three balloons so you better make your shots count.”

Jason asks, “So what is our prey?”

Chris chuckles. “Each other of course!”

The campers look nervously at each other. Chris continues, “If you get hit by a balloon being fired at you, you’re out of the challenge. The last camper standing wins immunity.  So now everyone get in the pickup!”

The campers get in the back of the pickup and Chef starts driving. “Each of you will be dropped off at one of the four corners of the island and one camper in the center. You will stay put until you hear the siren. Now then any questions,” Chris asks?

Nicole says, “Nope…I’m actually looking forward to this challenge,” as she glares at Katie and Maddie.

(CONF) Maddie says, “Okay I feel really guilty about voting Austin out now…but it needed to be done! Besides Katie, he was the biggest threat!”

The pickup comes to a stop by the beach. Chris says, “Okay Maddie…here is your stop.”

Maddie hops out and Chris tosses her a water gun. She then catches Katie’s eye and nods. (CONF) Katie says, “So Maddie and I agreed to target Jason. If we can get rid of him, then we can patch things up with Nicole.”

As the pickup drives to its next drop off point, Katie scoots next to Nicole. “Listen Nicole…you need to understand why we voted for Austin…”

Nicole says, “Just drop it Katie…I don’t want to hear your excuses.”

(CONF) Nicole is shown with tears. “I thought they were my friends. But they were just using me to get farther into the game…”

Once again, the pickup stops and Nicole jumps out. Jason says, “Don’t worry Nicole. Matt and I have your back.”

A confused Matt says, “We do?”

(CONF) “I don’t know why Jason has a sudden interest in Nicole,” Matt wonders out loud.

At the center of the island, Katie leaps out of the pickup and says, “Well happy hunting boys.”

As the pickup pulls away, Matt asks, “Hey Jason…why are we helping Nicole?”

“It’s simple Matt,” Jason says. “Since she is upset about Austin’s elimination, we can get her to vote against Katie and Maddie.”

Matt says, “Oh I get it know! That’s pretty smart.”

(CONF) “Matt’s alright I guess…definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed… but hey I’m fine with that,” Jason says.”

We then see Jason leaving the pickup. The pickup drives off. Matt and Chris sit awkwardly by each other.

Chris says,” Okay then…here is your stop Matt.”

Matt bounds over the side of the pickup and Chris tosses him his water gun. Matt catches it, but the weight causes him to fall to the ground. (CONF) “Okay I may have powerful feet thanks to soccer…but I virtually have no upper body strength,” Matt says.

As the jeep pulls away, Chris calls into a megaphone. “Alright campers…you can begin in…three, two, and one…BEGIN!”

Just as a siren goes off, the campers disappear into the woods…except for Matt who is dragging the gun across the ground.

Jason is shown emerging from the woods by the bear cave. He notices the cave and gives an evil grin. (CONF) “So Chris’s instructions got me thinking…and I came up with this idea,” Jason triumphantly says.

He aims his water gun at the side of the cave and fires. Suddenly, the side of the cave is covered in green goop. Jason walks up to it and rolls around in the goop. He waits a few seconds…then suddenly yells out.


Jason falls to the ground and lies there. After a few moments, Maddie bursts into the clearing. She notices Jason and hurries over to his side. “What happened Jason? Who got you?”

He coughs and says weakly, “I was thinking about checking the bear cave…but someone got me in the back. Whoever it was ran that way…”

Maddie looks over in the direction Jason is pointing towards the woods. She starts to walk towards the woods…when suddenly she is shot from behind. Jason is shown standing and aiming his water gun at her, grinning victoriously.

“Jason your out,” Maddie angrily says.  “Your shot doesn’t count!”

Suddenly, Chris’s voice is heard. “And Maddie is the first camper out! Sorry Maddie, but Jason was never hit.”

Jason says, “Sorry…but you really should’ve seen that coming…”

He walks away laughing while she glares at him from behind. (CONF) “Well that was better than expected…now to get rid of Katie!”

Nicole is then shown walking nervously through the woods. She steps on a stick and it cracks. The noise causes her to look around her nervously. “Who’s there?  I’m armed and not afraid to shoot.”

Someone coughs behind her and she swings around in horror. “Take this,” she yells as she fires her first shot.

The balloon flies straight into a cameraman’s face. He screams, “No! It’s in my eyes! Someone help me!”

The cameraman runs around in terror as Nicole says, “I’m sorry.”

(CONF) A sacred looking Nicole says, “Okay never mind…this challenge wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!”

Her confessional freezes and Chris pops in front of it. “You got that right Nicole! Who will be the hunter and who will be the prey? Find out when Total Drama returns!”

After the break, Matt is struggling to carry his water gun, which is on his back. He mutters, “Man…this is so annoying!”

Suddenly, he starts to sway and Matt falls to the ground. The impact somehow causes his gun to fire a shot. The balloon flies through the trees and hits a passing intern…the same one that Nicole hit earlier.

The intern screams, “Not again,” as he runs away.

Matt sighs as he struggles to get up. Unknown to him, Katie is watching him from behind some bushes. She aims her water gun right at him. Katie has her finger on the trigger, but hesitates.

(CONF) Katie says, “As much as I want to win…I have to take out the stronger competition first!”

Katie backs out of the bush and walks away. She says to herself, “That intern made it sound like he already got hit once…so someone else must be nearby!”

Nicole walks along the beach. She sighs and says, “I miss Austin.”

A voice behind her says, “Me too.”

Nicole turns around and fires at the person behind her. Jason ducks, the balloon missing his head by inches. She hisses, “Jason! What are you doing? I could’ve hit you!”

“I’m sorry for startling you Nicole,” Jason says. “But I was just going to let you know that I caught a glimpse of Katie a while ago.”

Nicole’s raises her eyebrows. “You saw her? Where was she?”

Jason points towards the east. “She was by the base of the cliff. We should go take her out.”

“No…I want to do this by myself,” Nicole sharply says.

Nicole runs off towards the cliff. Jason chuckles, “You go do that…hehe.”

(CONF) Jason says, “Obviously Katie is going to try to find and talk to Nicole…and I’ll be waiting for her!”

Jason stealthy follows Nicole at a distance.

Meanwhile, Matt is shown slowly walking through the forest. He sighs. Suddenly, a rustling sound comes from the tree above him. Matt gasps and aims at the tree. He fires his water gun and hits his target. A bear falls out of the tree, its face covered in green goop.

The bear roars at Matt. He screams and runs away, leaving his gun lying on the ground. The bear chases after him.

Nicole starts panting as she reaches the base of the cliff. She starts scanning the area for Katie. Behind her, Katie falls down from a tree and she says, “Nicole…we need to talk.”

Nicole turns around and aims her water gun at Katie. Katie approaches cautiously. “I just want to talk…and then you can decide to shoot me or not.”

“….Fine…but any funny things and you will go down,” Nicole replies, lowering her water gun.

Just as Katie stops in front of Nicole, Jason pops his head up from some bushes behind the girls. Nicole notices this and gasps. Jason makes a shushing gesture and aims his gun at Katie.

Nicole asks, “So what is it that you wanted to tell me Katie?”

“There is something that you need to know about Austin’s elimination…there was someone else who voted Austin out with us.”

Nicole pales and asks, “Someone else? You mean Jason or Matt? Which one voted for Austin?”

Jason goes wide-eyed and looks nervous. (CONF) “Dang it Katie! Why are you trying to ruin my great plan?”

He stands up and yells, “Nicole NOW!”

Jason fires and Nicole lifts her water gun and also fires.

Time slows down as Katie bends down to dodge Nicole and Jason balloons. Jason’s balloon smashes into Nicole’s face and she falls to the ground. Jason mutters, “Oh…crap,” just as Nicole’s balloon collides with his body.

Chris calls out, via intercom, “And Jason and Nicole are out! Only Katie and Matt remain.”

Speaking of Matt, Matt runs into the clearing and bumps into Katie. Both of them fall to the ground. Katie looks dazed and Matt struggles to get up.

Jason looks enraged. “Dude! Where is your gun?”

Matt grins sheepishly and says, “I lost it because I was being chased by a bear.”

“BEHIND YOU! RUN MATT,” Jason suddenly yells!

Matt turns and Katie’s first shot barely misses him. He yelps and takes off. Katie chases after him.

While in the woods, Matt is gaining speed while Katie starts slowing down. (CONF) Katie is shown to be exhausted. “Who knew Matt could be this fast?”

(CONF) Matt grins and says, “I’d like to thank soccer for giving me my powerful legs.”

Matt emerges by the cabins. “Quick Matt…think of something to do,” he mutters to himself.

He looks at the boy’s cabin and smile. “That’s it!”

Matt runs inside and grabs…his red soccer ball and goes outside. Just as he drops his ball to the ground, Katie appears out of the woods. She laughs and says, “I don’t think your ball is going to help you.”

Matt snarls, “You would be surprised at the things I can do with this ball.”

Katie sighs, “Alright Matt…seriously enough games. This challenge ends now!”

She fires both of her shots in a quick succession. Matt kicks his soccer ball at the first balloon and the collision knocks the balloon into the sky. He then does a roundhouse kick and hits the second balloon…and sends it flying back towards Katie.

Katie yelps as the balloon he kicked hits her in the chest and the balloon that was knocked into the sky comes down and bursts on her head.

She groans as green goop rolls down her face. Chris announces, “And Matt is the last camper standing! He wins immunity!”

Matt cheers. (CONF) “Who would have thought that someone would win a hunting challenge without using an actually gun?”

Meanwhile at the infirmary, Jason and Nicole cringe as they hear Maddie yelp as Chef removes the green goop from her back.

Nicole asks Jason, “Hey…who did you vote for on the night Austin was eliminated?”

Jason quickly says, “I voted for Maddie and the girls must have convinced him to vote for Austin.”

“Alright so we should vote him out next.”

“Easy there tiger! We can still use Matt as an extra vote to get the girls out…and then get rid of him,” Jason says.

Nicole nods and asks, “So who are you voting for tonight?”

Jason grins and says, “Well…”

Later that night, the five campers sit around the campfire. Katie and Maddie look at each other nervously.

(CONF) Maddie looks upset. “And we were doing so good…and now one of us is going home…this sucks.”

Chris arrives without the usually marshmallows. “Sorry campers…but it appears that some bear managed to knock Chef out using a water gun from today’s challenge and ate the marshmallows…”

Matt nervously laughs, “Geez…who would be that stupid to leave their green behind?”

Nicole coldly says, “It was you Matt.”

“It was a joke Nicole? I wasn’t being serious,” Matt irritably says.

However, Nicole ignores him and Matt looks confused. (CONF) “What’s up with Nicole,” Matt asks? “It’s not like I voted Austin out or something.”

Chris says, “And with that…tonight eliminated camper is obvious…with three votes against her…”

The camera moves around showing the girls faces. Nicole looks excited while Katie and Maddie look nervous.

…Katie…you’re out.”

Katie groans, and stands up. “Well…you can’t win them all…I guess.”

The campers line up by the Dock of Shame as Katie approaches. She stops by Jason, who grins at her. She takes a deep breath…and says, “Although I don’t approve of your methods…you know how to play the game.”

She holds out her hand. Jason stares at it for a moment before deciding to shake it. “Yeah…whatever you say Katie.”

Katie then hugs Maddie and says to Matt, “You know what Matt…I think I might have to rethink my opinion about soccer. Do you think you could teach me some of your moves after the season?”

Matt grins and says, “Of course Katie.”

The two high five and Katie moves to Nicole who looks away from her. “Again Nicole…I’m sorry about voting Austin out.”

Nicole looks at Katie’s upset face and hugs her. “Bye Katie,” is all Nicole is able to say.

Katie then boards the Boat of Losers and wave’s goodbye to the campers. Maddie, Matt, and Nicole wave goodbye while Jason looks bored.

All of a sudden, Chris lands between the campers via jetpack. “Congratulations Final Four! You guys had better get some rest…because now the real fun begins!”

The campers head back to camp as Chris chuckles to the camera. “Well that was an emotional send off. Who is one step closer to reaching the grand prize? And who is next to be sent packing? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!

Chapter XXI: Lord of the Coco-Nuts

The show opens with Chef piloting a helicopter. Chris is riding shotgun looking out the window. Beneath the helicopter is a giant crate, big enough to hold four people, being held up by a hook.  Chris turns toward the camera and begins the recap.

“Last time on Total Drama, the five remaining campers went hunting! Their prey? Each other! Katie was looking like the winner after she took out Jason and Nicole without firing a single shot. However, Matt stopped her in her tracks and with his fancy footwork, managed to prove to us all…that soccer is not a sucky sport. In the end, Katie was voted out for being the biggest threat.”

Chef asks, “We are nearing the drop off point.”

Chris says, “Were down to the Final Four! Who’s going to make it to the Final Three? Who will stay sane after their most mentally challenging challenge yet? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove! Okay Chef…Release the crate!”

Chef presses a button and the crate falls toward an eerie island below.  

 (Opening Plays)

Once the show returns, we see the remaining campers “enjoying” breakfast. The boys and Nicole are at on table while Maddie sits alone at the other end.

(CONF) Maddie sighs dispiritedly. “This sucks making it to the Final Four without Katie…and I know I’m probably next to go!”

Maddie plays with her cereal as Nicole watches.

(CONF) Nicole looks slightly upset. “At least now Maddie understand what I’ve gone through when they voted Austin out. I believe that Katie was sincerely sorry…but I have yet to see it from Maddie.”

Matt looks nauseous as he eats his dry cereal. (CONF) Matt says, “Man…I never thought that I would last this long! Maybe now that I came this far, I might actually have a shot at winning.”

Jason asks, “Hey Matt…you don’t look so good? Are you alright?”

Matt belches and mutters, “I’m fine…just a little nervous about today’s challenge.”

(CONF) Jason looks relaxed, leaning against the wall. “I’m so close…and yet so far! All I need to do is win today’s challenge and get rid of you-know-who and once I do that…you might as well put my name on the check Chris!”

Suddenly, the mess hall doors open as Chris enters. He stops by the campers and they look over at him. “First of all, let me say congrats on making it this far! But remember…starting right now, the challenges are going to be the most difficult challenges you have ever faced.”

Chris laughs as the campers look nervously at each other. “For today’s challenge…the winner gets a prize that is much better than invincibility…the winner of today’s challenge gets to choose who is going home!”

Suddenly, the camper’s nervous looks changes to suspicion as they try to read each other’s faces. “Unfortunately, the challenge is quite ready yet…so sit tight. I’ll come fetch you when it’s complete.

Chris quickly exits from the mess hall as the campers stare quizzically at each other. (CONF) Nicole wonders out loud, “Nothing like this has ever happened before…I think?”

Outside the mess hall, the sun has raised high into the sky. The campers look bored waiting for Chris.

Suddenly, Jason slams his fist against the table and abruptly stands up. “It’s been four hours and still nothing? I’m going to check what’s taking Chris so long!”

Jason walks over and leaves the mess hall. Immediately after he leaves, Maddie sits next to Nicole. “Listen Nicole…I know you think Jason is your friend, but you can’t trust the guy!”

Nicole angrily stands up and says, “Maddie you’re just saying that to save yourself because we are all aware that after today…You’re gone!”

(CONF) An upset Maddie says, “How can I make Nicole listen to reason? She needs to understand that Jason is just using her!”

(CONF) Nicole stares at the camera quizzically. “You know…Maddie is the third person to tell me not to trust Jason…except he is the only one I have left to trust…this is so confusing!”

Suddenly, the three campers hear glass break. A metal object flies through the window and releases gas. Matt tries to escape as the girls fall unconscious. He bumps into someone as he reaches the front door. Matt looks up and screams as he faints.

Meanwhile, Jason stares in horror as interns throw knockout gas into the mess hall. Chef stands behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Jason turns around and is suddenly hit by a tranquilizer ball.

As Jason falls, Chef laughs. “Tranq Balls…never leave home without them!”

We then see the helicopter flying away as the wooden crate falls toward an eerie island. The moment the crate hits the island, it bursts open upon impact and the four campers are thrown onto the beach.

Nicole starts coughing and asks, “Is everyone okay?”

Maddie stretches her back and nods. Jason sits up and spits sand out of his mouth. The trio then hears muffled screams. They look over and see that Matt is stuck headfirst in the sand with a note sticking out of his back pocket.

Jason walks over and pulls the note out of Matt’s pocket. He starts reading it while Matt struggles to get out.

Maddie sighs as she pulls Matt out of the sand. He ends up coughing sand into her face. “Thanks for the assist Maddie,” Matt says.

“Don’t mention it,” Maddie grumbles, wiping the sand out of her face.

Nicole asks, “What does the note say Jason?”

Jason reads out, “Dear campers, sorry for unexpectedly dropping you on this other island, but the challenge is taking a bit longer than expected to build. So just survive on this island until we come get you…and try to stay sane.”

Nicole gulps and says, “What if they forget about us?”

Maddie says, “I don’t think the producers would do that…I think?”

Matt looks around and says, “They didn’t leave anything for us to know we have to our own food…”

Jason rolls his eyes. (CONF) Jason hits himself in the forehead. “Okay…those three cannot be this stupid! Obviously surviving on this island is the challenge!”

Jason starts to walk inland while the others gasp. Matt asks, “Jason where are you going? We need to stick together!”

“Well if the producers did forget about us…it makes sense that we find shelter,” Jason responds.

Maddie grudgingly says, “I agree. I say we split up into pairs. Nicole you can go with Jason while Matt and I will find food.”

Matt looks confusedly at Maddie. (CONF) Matt scratches his head and asks, “Maddie and I never really got along…so why would she want to partner up with me?”

(CONF) “With Katie gone, it looks like I need a new ally,” Maddie says.

We then see Jason and Nicole walking through the woods. Jason notices Nicole looking nervous and he asks, “Is something wrong Nicole?”

Nicole looks startled and she says, “No Jason…everything’s fine!”

Jason opens his mouth to say something, but a weird growling sound comes from the bush next to them. Both campers back away from the bush in fear. Something huge and hairy emerges from the bush and the campers scream.

Meanwhile in an unknown location, Chris is watching the campers on a screen. “And it looks like Jason and Nicole have run into a bit of trouble. Who will survive this island? Find out after the break!”



When the show returns, Maddie and Matt are shown picking some berries. Maddie sighs and says, “Matt…there is something I need to ask you.”

Matt looks toward her and says, “Yeah…what is it Maddie?”

(CONF) “Well…if Nicole refuses to listen to reason…all I can hope is that Matt will listen to me,” Maddie says urgently.

“Okay…do you remember the night Austin was voted off?”

A surprised Matt responds, “Yes.”

“Who did you vote for,” Maddie asks quietly.

Matt turns red and sheepishly mutters, “I voted for you…sorry.”

Maddie looks annoyed for a second, but shakes it off. “Okay… the reason why I’m asking you this…is because there were three votes for Austin that night…Katie, myself, and…”

She looks over at Matt waiting for him to get it. Matt stares blankly at her for a few seconds…and then comprehension dawns on his face.   

“You don’t mean…Jason would never have voted for Austin! Those two were like best friends.”

“Well believe what you want to believe…come on we go meet up with Nicole and Jason.”

Maddie walks away while Matt looks confused. (CONF) “Jason wouldn’t vote for Austin…Maddie must be trying to lure me into an alliance or something,” Matt says.

The duo walks through the woods as the sun begins to set. Matt points, “Hey look Maddie, I see firelight.”

Maddie says, “Good eye Matt,” as they run towards the light.

As the reach the camp, they hear a weird giggling sound. They step out of the woods and gasp. Sitting next to Jason and Nicole…is a very large kid with a beard. The kid giggles and says, “Man Jason you are hilarious…can you pass the berries.”

An annoyed Jason tosses some berries to the figure. “Hi Matt and Maddie…as you can see we have a visitor,” Jason mutters.

Maddie asks, “Who is he?”

Matt gasps and says, “Really Maddie? That’s the guy who won Total Drama Island! It’s Owen!”

Matt walks over to Owen and says, “Nice beard dude!”

He pulls on Owen’s beard. Owen groans and says, “Careful…this thing is real!”

(CONF) Owen says, “Ever since Chris blew me up with that bomb, I’ve been stuck on this island. It’s awesome now that I have friends to hang with again!”

Nicole asks, “So Owen…you been trapped on this island…and no one ever looked for you?”

Owen sadly nods. “I’ve started to call this island the Forgotten Island since no one ever looked for me.”

The campers look nervously at each other. (CONF) Nicole looks scared. “Okay…I’m starting to believe that the producers did leave us stranded here!”

(CONF) Maddie also looks scared. “I’m too young to be left stranded on this island!”

(CONF) Matt has a wild look in his eye. “Crap…this is the worst thing that has happened to me! Trapped on an island with no signs of help arriving! I gotta keep it together…”

(CONF) Jason simply yawns. “Well played Chris…leaving us “stranded” on an island with a “missing” contestant…I almost believed it…”

We then see the four campers and Owen getting ready for bed. Matt whispers to Jason, “Hey man…do you think someone will save us tomorrow?”

Jason whispers back, “I don’t know dude…but you need to be wary of Maddie…she tried to convince Nicole and me to vote for you…”

“What,” a terrified Matt says!

(CONF) Matt looks annoyed and says, “I knew it! I knew Maddie was just trying to use me! See Jason is the only one I can trust now!”

The campers get ready to turn in for the night…when an unexpected fart sound fills the air. The campers yell, “OWEN!”

Owen weakly mutters, “Sorry guys…but berries make me gassy.”

He giggles and the four camper’s groan.

We then get a shot of Chris drinking some tea. “Well hello viewing world…as you know being stranded on this island is the challenge…they have now been on the island for…four days now and they are entering their final day on the island…let’s see what changes have happened to the campers.”

Back on the island, the campers are shown with ripped clothes. Owen walks through the camp holding…a coconut. (CONF) Owen is shown hugging the coconut. “Okay I would have totally gone insane by now had Mr. Coconut been by my side. He is like the best friend in the whole world…other than Noah of course. I miss my little buddy…”

Matt is shown as he is playing with mud. He forms the mud into a ball shape. “There…now we can play soccer,” a wild Matt says.

(CONF) Matt is twitching and says, “Okay…I might be going through a bit of soccer withdrawal…can you blame me?”

Jason is shown with the girls. Both girls have war paint on and are holding wooden spears. Maddie starts to walk into the woods and Jason says, “Remember Nicole…Maddie will do anything to get you on her side.”

Nicole gruffly says, “I know Jason…you don’t need to keep worrying about me!”

She walks after Maddie and Jason calls out, “Happy hunting!”

(CONF) “I know Jason has my best interest at heart…but he needs to know that I can take care of myself,” Nicole says, with her arms crossed.

(CONF) Jason laughs. “I sometimes asks myself…how gullible are these guys?”

Maddie and Nicole are walking through the woods, keeping their eyes peeled for potential food. Maddie says, “Okay…Nicole enough is enough! You need to listen to me.”

Nicole turns around and faces Maddie. “No you listen to me, Maddie! You have been using me ever since I joined your alliance and know you expect me to trust you?”

Maddie turns red and says, “You know what…I’m trying to save you from that jerk who you consider a friend! Jason is using you Nicole! Look at the facts…Jason convinced Katie and me to vote for Austin.”

Nicole looks like she got slapped in the face. She whispers, “No…he said Matt convinced you guys…”

Maddie shakes her head. “Matt is innocent…Jason just wanted to put the blame on him so he can keep you under his thumb.”

Nicole looks shocked and hurt. (CONF) “It’s still hard to believe…but some of what Maddie says starts to make sense…”

The girls are unaware but they are being watched. Jason is shown hiding in a bush holding onto something. (CONF) “Well…Maddie started to fly to close to the sun…it’s time that I end this…”

Jason then throws the object at Maddie. The object hits Maddie in the head. “Oww…what the…”Maddie mutters as she bends down to pick up the object.

She picks up Mr. Coconut, who has a scratch on his body. Suddenly, an enraged Owen bursts out of the woods staring at Maddie. “You hurt Mr. Coconut…now Owen hurt you!”

Maddie screams and runs for her life as Owen chases after her. Jason chuckles and walks back toward the camp.

Just as Jason arrives, a helicopter lands near the camp. Chris emerges from the helicopter and lands on Matt’s mud soccer ball. “Congratulations Final Four on surviving the island…where are they?”

Jason shrugs as Matt screams. He pushes Chris off of his soccer balls and holds up there shattered remains. “NO! Why did you break my balls dude?”

Chris backs away from Matt, “Eh…sorry man. Where are the girls?”

Just as Chris says this, Nicole and Owen emerge from the woods. Nicole looks upset and refuses to look at Jason. Chris asks Nicole, “Um…Nicole….where is Maddie?”

Owen belches and says, “Owen got his revenge!”

Chris looks at Owen in horror. “YOU ATE HER OWEN?”

Owen looks shocked and says, “What? No I didn’t, I swear! Here she comes now.”

Maddie emerges from the woods, her entire body twitching. (CONF) Maddie shakes in fear and says, “The last thing I remember…was Owen sitting on me…everything else is a huge blank.”

Nicole puts her arm around Maddie to comfort her and Chris says, “Sorry we had to drop you guys off…but surviving the island was the challenge!”

Chris flashed his brilliantly white teeth and Maddie, Matt, and Nicole all yell, “WHAT?”

(CONF) Jason rolls his eyes. “It would have been even more shocking if I already didn’t suspect that…”

Chris continues by saying, “So the challenge was to see who could avoid the insanity the longest…and I believe the winner is…Jason.”

Jason cheers as the others groan. “You all had a rough five days…lets head back to the cove and really guys…take a shower.

The helicopter takes off with the four campers in it. As it head over the water, Owen calls out, “What about me Chris? You forgot me!”

The screen then turn’s blank as Owen can be heard farting.




When the show returns, the four campers are shown sitting by the campfire. Chris stands before them. “Now as a quick reminder…immunity and tonight’s only vote go to Jason.”

Jason grins in the direction of the other campers. Both Maddie and Nicole look nervous while Matt looks comfortable. (CONF) “As if Jason is going to choose me,” Matt says triumphantly.

Chris continues, “Now Jason…I know that you have a hard decision to make…so whenever you’re ready…please say…”

Jason interrupts Chris and says, “Maddie…Maddie’s going home.”

Chris looks frustrated. “What is wrong with you man? That was so anti-climactic!”

Maddie glares at Jason. “Okay Jason…now why don’t you tell them the truth? Tell them that you’re just using them!”

Matt asks, “What is she talking about Jason?”

Jason stares at Maddie with a bored expression. He shrugs and says, “Okay…I don’t need them now anyways…but yeah the only reason Matt and Nicole are still here is because I used them!”

Matt gasps. “Then…Maddie was right about Austin’s elimination…and Cody’s one too! You planned those?”

Nicole glares at Jason. “After all this time…I thought of you as one of my closest friend…and you’ve been lying to me this entire time.”

Jason grins. “You figured me out…you totally deserve a medal Nicole! Now if you excuse me…I’m going to take a shower.”

He walks away laughing as Chef pushes Maddie into the Boat of Losers. Nicole calls out, “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you Maddie!”

Maddie calls back, “its okay Nicole…just promise me that you will kick Jason’s butt!”

(CONF) Nicole says, “That liar! He used me…and now he will pay for what he’s done!”

(CONF) Matt looks upset. “I can’t believe it…Jason was completely trustworthy…but he was just using me? He is going down.”

(CONF) Jason looks relaxed. “I don’t need those two losers now…I have this competition in the bag.”

Chris says, “Well someone’s confident after that bold move. What will happen now that Jason has been exposed? Find out next time on Total Drama Paradise Cove!

Chapter XXII: The Final Three Showdown

“Last time on Total Drama, the four campers were unexpectedly dropped off on a creepy island. While marooned, they met a long lost friend. That’s right…our lovable big buddy Owen made an appearance. Maddie kept trying her best at convincing Matt and Nicole not to trust Jason, but her plan backfired when Jason won immunity and voted her off. Sucks to be her. But in an unexpected twist, Jason revealed his true colors to Matt and Nicole shocking them both.”

Chris is shown on a jet-ski. “We are down to the Final Three! Who will make it to Finale? Will it be devious Jason, soccer maniac Matt, or klutzy Nicole? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

After the opening, we see that the sun just starting to rise over the horizon. Inside the girl’s cabin, Nicole is shown sitting on her bed looking upset. (CONF) “I feel so alone now…I’m the last girl here…and now I know the truth about Jason…everything sucks right now,” a dispirited Nicole says.

Meanwhile in the boy’s cabin, Jason is shown to be sleeping calmly while Matt is struggling to sleep. (CONF) “Ever since Jason’s betrayal…being in the Final Three doesn’t seem as awesome as I thought it would be,” Matt says.

(CONF) Jason is shown yawning. After he finishes, he says, “Am I worried about losing? Heck no! But to be on the safe side…I spent a long night to prepare for this upcoming challenge!”

We then see footage from the night before. We see Chris sleeping peacefully in a huge bed. His bedroom door creaks open and Jason sneaks in. After making sure Chris remains asleep, Jason walks over to Chris’s laptop and proceeds to look something up.

(CONF) “I should have thought of this earlier. And since I learned what this upcoming challenge…or I should say challenges…I made some adjustments that will ultimately help me win.” Jason then ends the confessional by chuckling.

We then see Jason still sleeping as a constant banging sound is heard. Jason cringes and wakes up. He yells, “What is that noise?”

Matt enters the cabin, holding an orange colored soccer ball. “Oh sorry Jason,” Matt says without sounding really sorry. “I was just practicing with my lucky soccer ball.”

“Lucky soccer ball,” Jason asks?

Matt nods and says, “With this bad boy, I never lost a single soccer game!”

Jason snarls, “Well guess what…you’re gonna need all the luck you can get because only one of us can win this game…and it’s going to be me!”

He leaves the cabin with Matt looking nervous. (CONF) “Jason does have a point…he is the biggest threat left…and I’m not sure if Nicole and I can stop him.”

We then see the campers enter the mess hall where a delicious aroma is in the air. Chef is shown flipping pancakes. He says, “Yawl gets a reward for reaching the Final Three…so all you can eat pancakes.”

The campers cheer. Jason moves forward to get some pancakes with Matt just behind him. However, Nicole grabs his arm.

“Hey! Oh Nicole what’s up,” Matt asks?

“I wanted to say I’m sorry for being cold towards you when I thought you voted for Austin,” Nicole says.

“It’s alright Nicole. I forgive you.”

“Also…you want to team up to get rid of Jason,” Nicole asks?

Matt grins. “You bet Nicole! Jason is so gone!”

They both shake hands. A cough is heard and both of them jump. Jason is standing behind them holding a plate filled with pancakes.

“If you guys are going to make a “secret” alliance…it helps if you don’t do it in the middle of a public room,” Jason mutters as he passes them.

(CONF) “Sure go ahead and team up…I don’t feel threatened by them,” Jason says, although one of his eyes twitches.

As the three campers enjoy their breakfast, Chris enters the mess hall. “Alright campers…it’s challenge time!”

The campers look alert and wait for Chris to continue. “Today…we have three challenges for you to compete in. The first camper to win two of the challenges wins immunity and then the final challenge will be a sudden death match that will end with the loser leaving the cove!”

Matt asks, “But what happens if we each only win one challenge?”

Chris responds, “Then we will have a tie-breaker challenge between all of you and the loser of that challenge will go home.”

(CONF) “Okay…so all Matt and I have to do is make sure Jason doesn’t win any of these challenges…and he is out of here,” Nicole happily says.

When then see the Final Three standing on the dock where Chris and two interns pull up on Jet Skis. Chris hops onto the dock and joyfully says, “For your first challenge…”

Jason interrupts Chris and says, “Let me guess…a Jet Ski race around the cove?”

Chris glares at Jason. “Yeah…what big mouth said. The first camper to circumnavigate around the cove will win get a point.”

Matt stares in horror at the water. (CONF) “Why cruel world,” Matt moans. “Why does it always have to be a water challenge?”

The interns walk past the campers as Jason stares at the Jet Skis. (CONF) “I have this challenge in the bag,” a confident Jason says. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a remote. “What’s this you ask? This is my back-up plan in case one of those losers somehow gets ahead of me!”

Chris takes out a bullhorn and says, “On your marks…get set…GO!”

He activates the horn and the campers take off. Jason shoves both Matt and Nicole into the water and hops onto a Jet Ski. As he turns on the engine, he turns toward his competitions, who are getting out of the water.

“Later suckers,” Jason calls out as he takes off.

Chris says, “And Jason takes the lead…Matt and Nicole better get a move on if they want to win.”

Matt leaps onto a Jet Ski and races after Jason, with a determined look on his face. (CONF) “Without a doubt Jason has been mocking me behind my back this entire season,” Matt says. “Now it’s his time to feel the pain.”

Nicole gingerly gets on the remaining Jet Ski. “How does this thing work,” She asks Chris?

Chris shrugs. “I don’t know…why don’t you figure it out!”

Jason is shown grinning as he races along the shore. However, a bump causes him to stumble a little. He mutters, “Is there something wrong with the engine?”

He turns around and gasps. Matt is shown to be right behind him, bumping into him.

“Dude stop,” Jason shouts. “You’re just going to crash since you can’t take me out!”

 “On the contrary Jason…I think I can,” Matt happily exclaims.

He speeds up so he is right next to Jason and bumps into him. The force causes Jason to go off course and into some rocks. Jason screams as he is thrown from his Jet Ski. As he surfaces, Matt passes him and mockingly says, “Later sucker!”

He races off as Jason angrily begins to swim back to his Jet Ski.

Meanwhile, Nicole finally got her Jet Ski started. Chris, via intercom, says, “And Matt as made it halfway around the cove!”

Nicole cheers. (CONF) “Well at least it isn’t Jason so I’m fine with Matt winning this challenge,” Nicole says.”

Jason boards his jet ski and has a look of pure malice in his eyes. “I am not going to lose,” He angrily exclaims. “I refuse to lose to that idiot!”

He takes out his remote and pushes the button…nothing happens. He angrily begins pushing the button and shouts, “Come on you stupid thing…WORK!”

Suddenly, a scream fills the air and Jason turns around looking shocked. Nicole is racing toward Jason at an insane speed while screaming her head off. She passes by Jason with such force that he is once again thrown from his Jet Ski.

As Matt nears the finish line, he hears Nicole’s screams. He turns and yells out as Nicole passes him, sending him spinning out of control. Nicole crosses the finish line and is thrown off her Jet Ski. Chris says, “And from out of nowhere, Nicole wins the first challenge and receives a point.”

(CONF) Jason hits the confessional wall in frustration. “How could I have been so stupid and have chosen the wrong Jet Ski? Oh well…I have other plans up my sleeve so don’t count me out yet!”

The campers are then shown by one of the storage units. Jason and Matt are both dripping wet. Matt says, “Congrats on winning Nicole. How did you get your Jet Ski to go so fast?”

“I honestly don’t know Matt,” Nicole says.

Jason scowls at them, but stops as Chris approaches. “Okay campers…time for the second challenge. This next one is a based off a challenge from a previous season…any guesses?”

Jason says, “Grand Chef Auto…we need to graffiti a target…right Chris?”

Chris scowls at Jason. “Wow…I have no idea…but you guessed right Jason…again. You each will take a separate route shown by the GPS’s installed on your go-carts. The first camper to tag the totem pole wins the second challenge.”

(CONF) Nicole says, “This is great! I have experience driving the go-karts thanks to that other storage challenge.”

Chef approaches Chris and angrily says, “Chris it’s time I put my foot down! First you let these punks take my jet ski’s…now you want them to take my prized go karts too?”

Chris says, “Relax Chef…these guys won’t wreck your go karts that badly…oh and campers…GO!”

The storage unit opens up and the campers each hop onto a go kart. They each race off taking a different path according to their GPS. Chris asks Chef, “Do you think I should’ve told them about the booby traps?”

Chef yelps, “Booby traps? I swear if I find so much as a single dent…you will pay Chris!”

Matt is shown driving along the beach when all of a sudden he is hit in the head by a tennis ball. “Oww,” Matt mutters, rubbing his head with his left hand. Suddenly, a storm of tennis balls bombard on Matt.

Chris laughs as he watches from a screen. “Now that right there…is hilarious!”

Chef watches from behind Chris, scowling from behind Chris. (CONF) Chef says, “First he locked me in a freezer…then he allowed that one camper to mess with my jet ski’s…and now this…oh this episode will end with a bang…” He pulls out a cell phone and says, “Operator? Get me the line for Playa De Losers!”

Nicole is shown swerving in and out of trees. “Yes I can see the totem pole,” She happily exclaims.

She looks down at her GPS and it shows her that she needs to take a right…in other words away from the totem pole. “But it’s right there? Oh well…the GPS is always right,” Nicole says as she takes a right.

A wide-eyed Jason is shown as he is avoiding carefully placed mines. He then notices that he is nearing the totem pole. “Yes…take that suckers!”

He moves around the mines and races toward the totem pole.

Meanwhile, Matt notices on his GPS that he also is nearing his destination. “Yes! And it’s just over that hill.”

As he drives over the top of the hill…so does Nicole except from the other direction. Both scream as they collide with each other.

A dazed Nicole asks, “Matt what are you doing?”

“My GPS told me that this was my destination,” Matt responds.

Nicole looks over at her own GPS and gasps. “Mine too. But this isn’t the totem pole…so where is…”

She is interrupted as the intercom turns on. Chris’s voice says, “And Jason is the first to tag the pole…and Matt and Nicole are nowhere near it…so Jason gets his first point!”

Both Nicole and Matt gasp and mutter, “Jason!”

(CONF) Jason smiles and says, “Yeah I messed with their GPS’s. What can I say other than I’m a genius.”

Chris says, " With the score one to one to zero it's still anyone's game! Find out the dramatic conclusion after the break."

The campers are shown by the cabins. Jason is relaxing by the boy’s cabin while Nicole stands by him.

“I bet you think that you’re so smart Jason,” Nicole says, glaring down at Jason.

Without looking up, Jason says, “Your right Nicole…I am smart. Thanks for reminding me!”

She scowls at him as Matt walks by, holding onto his lucky orange soccer ball. “Hey Nicole...can you watch my soccer ball while I go to the bathroom?”

Nicole smiles and says, “Sure Matt.”

Matt drops his ball by her and races off toward the bathroom. Jason has his eye on Matt’s soccer ball. (CONF) “Well he did say that it was his lucky ball…and if Nicole “loses” it that might be enough to turn them back against each other.”

Jason then unexpectedly stands up and points toward the woods. “Look Nicole…it’s Austin!”

Nicole looks over and says, “Austin! He’s here?”

As she turns her back to the soccer ball, Jason kicks it with all his might. Instead of the ball being sent flying, Jason falls down in pain, holding onto his right foot.

Matt comes running and Jason yells in pain. “What the #$%# kind of soccer ball is that,” Jason blurts out.

Matt chuckles. “Dude…I didn’t think you would fall for the “lucky soccer ball” story…it’s just one of Chef’s prized bowling balls painted over.”

Both he and Nicole laugh as Jason’s face reddens. (CONF) Jason is shown with his right leg in a cast. “How dare he trick me…I swear I will destroy those two in the next challenge!”

(CONF) Nicole is clutching her sides and says, “Oh that was a good laugh…it felt great tricking Jason after all he has done to everyone else.”

The intercom turns on and Chris says, “Campers meet me at the start of the river.”

Matt and Nicole are shown walking along a path while Jason limps behind them. Matt says, “Okay Nicole…I have a plan.”

“What is it Matt,” Nicole asks?

“If we can take Jason out early in this challenge and then I’ll let you win it so you’ll win immunity and we can vote Jason out.”

“That’s a great plan Matt! Let’s do it,” Nicole says as they high five.

(CONF) Matt says, “As long as Jason hasn’t sabotaged this next challenge…I feel like my plan will work.”

The three campers reach the base of the hill where the river starts. Chris and Chef are shown waiting for them. Chef is glaring at Chris from behind his back.

“Alright campers,” Chris begins. “Time for the third and potentially final challenge…although I bet someone already knows what it is?”

Chris stares at Jason, who mutters, “I’ll let you take this one Chris…”

(CONF) “I know what this next challenge will be…but I wasn’t able to rig it,” Jason angrily says. “And now with this leg…things are going to get tricky!” Frustrated, Jason kicks the wall with his broken foot only to yell out in pain.

Chris continues, “Your job is a race down the river to the finish line. The catch is you’ll be standing on top of crates…and you can’t touch the water.”

Nicole gulps. (CONF) “Because I’m not the most balanced person…this will be tough…and I need to win this challenge if we’re going to have a shot at getting rid of Jason!”

The campers are now standing on crates with Nicole struggling to keep balanced. Chris says, “And you will begin your journey right…now!”

He blows a whistle and the crates are pushed. The campers are now floating down the river. Nicole keeps swaying to the side while Matt says encouragingly, “Come on Nicole! You can do this.”

Jason looks nervously at the duo. (CONF) “So that’s what their plan is…let Nicole win and send me home…nice try guys,” Jason says.

He adjusts his body so his crate heads toward Nicole’s crate. Matt has his eyes closed and breathing slowly. (CONF) “I just wanted to send a shout-out to my friend Cody for teaching me those methods on how to stay balanced,” Matt says. “You rock dude!”

Jason’s crate then bumps into Nicole’s crate. She screams and yells, “Jason what are you doing?”

With a wild look in his eyes, Jason says, “Sorry Nicole…but I can’t let you win!”

He bumps into Nicole again and this time, Matt takes notice. “Hang on Nicole…I have an idea!”

Matt adjusts his body so he charges toward Jason. As he gets near Jason, Matt leaps from his crate. Jason looks scared as Matt lands on Jason’s crate. Matt then pushes Jason off of the crate and into the water.

Matt and Nicole both cheer. “Alright Nicole…I’ll jump into the water so you will win by default,” Matt happily says.

Nicole smiles and says, “Alright…thanks Matt.”

As Matt prepares to dive, Nicole suddenly yelps. A hand emerged out of the water and grabbed her ankle. The hand dragged Nicole into the water.

Nicole gasps underwater as she sees Jason hanging onto her crate. (CONF) A dripping wet Jason says, “Like I said…I refuse to lose to these guys!”

As Jason and Nicole resurface, Chris flies by on his jetpack. “And by default…Matt is the winner! Which means…Tiebreaker challenge time!”

(CONF) Chef is talking on a cell phone. “Listen…kid…I have a proposition for you…but you need to get here NOW…”

The three campers stand before the Dock of Shame. Chris arrives with three javelins. “Campers…this tiebreaker challenge is an easy one. You each will take a turn throwing the javelin and the camper who throws the least distance…or falls into the water will be automatically eliminated.”

Matt and Nicole look nervously at each other while Jason grins. (CONF) Nicole says, “We all have a disadvantage with this challenge…Jason’s foot injury, Matt’s weak upper body strength, and I’m  more than likely to trip and fall into the water.”

(CONF) Jason takes a whiff of the air. “Ah the smell of victory close at hand…never smelled so good.”

Chris says, “Okay campers…the order will be…Matt, Nicole, and Jason. So Matt…let’s roll!”

Matt takes a javelin and takes a deep breath. Nicole cheers for him. (CONF) “Okay…I came this far…I’m not going to be defeated here,” Matt determinedly says.

He runs on the Dock of Shame. As he nears the edge, he slows down and throws his javelin. The javelin flies through the sky…and lands 20 feet from the dock. Matt cheers.

“Nicole you’re up,” Chris says.

Nicole runs across the Dock of Shame, however she ends up tripping. She yelps as she hits the dock. Her javelin goes through the air…and barely makes it past the edge of the dock.

Jason laughs and sarcastically says, “Gee I wonder who is going home tonight?”

Nicole looks upset as Matt puts his arms around her. “It’s okay Nicole…everything will be fine.”

“It’s time to end this,” Jason says, as he takes the last javelin.

Jason starts limping across the dock. Chris then says, “Do you guys hear something?”

Matt points across the water. “Guys look!”

Matt, Nicole, and Chris all gasp as the Boat of Losers is moving at full speed right at the Dock of Shame. Before any of them can warn Jason, the boat collides with the dock and slams into Jason.

Jason screams as the boat carries him across the water towards the cliff. As the boat passes the beach, the driver leaps from the boat and lands on the beach. He or she then heads into the woods.

Meanwhile, the boat and Jason collide with the cliff. Chris yells, “MY BOAT! WHY?”

Jason groans as he slides down the cliff and into the water. Chris sniffs, “Well…with that unfortunate accident…Jason loses by default and Matt and Nicole win!”

Matt says, “We won! WE WON!” while Nicole cheers.

The two hug as Chris smiles in the background. (CONF) Nicole excitedly says, “We did it! We beat Jason.”

(CONF) Jason is shown with casts on his arms and legs. “I can’t believe that I lost to them! I was the best at this game! I refuse to accept this defeat!”  

(CONF) Chef whispers, “Nobody messes with my stuff…NOBODY.”

The campers stand before the broken Dock of Shame with Chris and Chef. “Well after an exciting day…Jason you are out of the competition,” Chris says.

“But since the Boat of Losers is destroyed…does that mean I get to stay, “Jason hopefully says.

“Nope…you just get to take our secondary elimination method,” Chris says while Chef chuckles.

We then see Jason sitting in the Hurl of Shame. “Seriously? You have got to be kidding…” Jason says…but…

Chef pulls the lever and Jason is sent screaming into the sky. Chris asks, “Chef did we prep Playa De Loser’s for a Hurl of Shame entrance?”

Chef nastily smiles and Chris laughs. “Well someone is in for a painful landing. And three becomes two. Who will win the grand prize? Find out next time at the live finale of Total Drama Paradise Cove.”

(CONF) Someone hiding in the dark says, “You really messed up dude…unfairly booting me was a big mistake…I’m glad that I played a role in your demise.” The person then ends their confessional by laughing.

Chapter XXIII: This is the End...Right?

“Last time on Total Drama, the three campers competed in four interesting challenges. Matt and Nicole were still feeling the effects of Jason’s betrayal while Jason made some modifications to challenges. It all came down to an epic javelin throwing tiebreaker challenge. However, thanks to Chef’s secret accomplice, Jason was sent flying leaving Matt and Nicole as our Final Two.”

Chris is standing near the broken Dock of Shame. “It’s Finale time! Who will win the grand prize? How will Chef be punished for interfering with the game? Find out right now on Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

(Opening Plays)

After the opening, we see Matt and Nicole kicking his soccer ball back and forth. “Nice one Nicole! You’re getting better every minute,” Matt says encouragingly.

Nicole smiles at Matt. “Thanks Matt…it helps to have a good teacher.”

(CONF) “Matt a sweet guy…and I’m happy that I get to compete against him in the finale over Jason,” Nicole says.

(CONF) “WOO-HOO! I made it to the final two! And you know what? I think that I can actually win this,” Matt says with confidence.

(CONF) Nicole says, “My time here…well it had its ups and downs. I met some great friends and a cool boyfriend. Meeting all of them has made this experience worthwhile…so I don’t care if I win or not today.”

(CONF) Matt says, “The guys from my team were all awesome…except for Brandon. In fact I don’t think that I have a problem with anyone here…except for Brandon, Jason, and Chris!”

Chris approaches the Final Two. “Congratulations Matt and Nicole for making it this far…but after today only one of you will remain. And you guys are in for a rough time today.”

He starts laughing while Matt and Nicole look nervously at each other. “Now follow me, were burning daylight!”

We then see Chris leading the campers up the cliff. When they reach the top, they see stands and Chef…being tied above a pool filled with piranhas.

Nicole asks, “Um Chris…why is Chef being tied above a pool of piranhas?”

“Ah that’s the penalty pool…reserved for chefs that interfere with the game,” Chris answers.

Chef rolls his eyes while a piranha tries to bite him.

(CONF) Matt asks, “When did Chef interfere with the game?”

Chris continues, “Anyway before we start the final challenge…how about you guys say hello to your fallen competitors! The finalist who has the most supporters will have an advantage in the final challenge.”

The eliminated campers arrive in the order that they were eliminated. Ben is in the lead, but is distracted by his reflection on the mirror he’s holding and ends up walking off the cliff.

Chris laughs, “Oh the first to fall falls again!”

Austin smiles at Nicole as he passes her which makes her blush. Matt high fives his old teammates as they pass. “What happened to your arm Brendan,” Matt asks after noticing Brendan’s right arm is in a cast.

Brendan grins. “Oh just me being stupid…I fell down some stairs a few days ago…anyway good luck Matt”

The campers then split up and sit onto a finalist’s stand. On Matt’s side are Jeanne, Gabe, Shauna, Ashley, Brandon, Danielle, Conner, Brendan, Chrissy, and Cody. On Nicole’s side are Emily, Warren, Kyle, Abby, Shelby, Brianna, Jordan, Austin, Katie, and Maddie.

Jason is shown arriving later than the others because he is in a wheelchair. The finalists laugh while Jason glares at them. Nicole asks, “Wow I guess you did have a rough landing. How did you get that black eye though?”

A flashback is shows Jason resting in the infirmary. Some enters his room. Jason wakes up and screams in horror as Sierra stands above him. She punches him in the eye and asks, “How dare you separate Nistin,” before interns drag her away.

Back to the present, Jason simply shrugs. Chris asks, “Um Jason…we have a show to put on…so which finalist are you going to support?”

Jason mutters, “Neither…”

Chris scowls. He then snaps his fingers and an intern appears. The intern hurries over to Jason and pushes him back down the cliff.

As Jason’s screams fade into the distance, Chris regains his posture and says, “Well this is unfortunate…both Matt and Nicole have the same number of supporters…which means neither of them get an advantage!”

Both finalists groan as Chris continues, “For the final challenge of Total Drama Paradise Cove…the producers decided to come up with something special. The final challenge…will be a race through obstacles from the finales of our first three seasons!”

(CONF) Nicole says, “So…a finale involving the finales of Island, Action, and World Tour? This is going to a challenge…”

“First, you guys must climb to the top of a flagpole. Once you grab the flag, you get to move on to the next obstacle…Total Drama Action’s earthquake simulator! If you survive to reach the end of that monster, you just have to navigate past a lava river…and after the river its simply a race to the finish line.”       

Matt cautiously asks, “So just to be clear…there is no water challenge?”

Chris smiles, “Correct Matt…no water challenges today…anyway let’s get on with the show! The final challenge starts…NOW!”

The ousted campers cheer as the finalists take off. (CONF) Brandon mutters, “Seriously? How did these two make it to the finale? I’m a better player than both of them combined!”

Matt takes an early lead thanks to his strong feet. As he races down the cliff, we see Jason lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

Nicole is shown navigating slowly down the cliff. She yelps as she starts to trip over a branch, but someone grabs her hand.

She turns and sees that Austin was her savior. “Come on Nicole,” Austin says gently. “You can do this, I believe in you!”

Nicole starts running again and says, “Thanks Austin…I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about Jason.”

“Don’t worry about that now…you need to focus on the challenge and I’ll be here every step of the way!”

(CONF) A blushing Nicole says, “Austin is like the coolest guy I know. I’m lucky to have a guy like him in my life.”

Matt is shown to have reached the flagpole. Chris, via intercom, says, “Matt reaches the pole…and Nicole better pick up the pace if she still wants a shot!

Nicole reaches the base of the cliff and passes Jason. Meanwhile, some of Matt’s supporters cheer him on as he starts to climb the pole…only for him to fall a few seconds later.

(CONF) “Dang it…stupid upper body strength,” Matt groans.

Just as Matt starts to climb his pole again just as Nicole arrives. She starts to climb her pole. Ashley says, “You can do this Matt!”

Matt looks at her and blushes. He leaps down from the pole and walks over to her. “Your pretty Ashley,” Matt says with a giggle.

(CONF) Ashley sequels. “Yes! It looks like I have regained my moves!”

Brandon facepalms just as Nicole grabs her flag. “I got the flag,” Nicole cheers as she hops down from the pole. Her supporters cheer as Nicole runs off towards the next obstacle.

Pushing Ashley aside, Brandon says, “Matt come on! Focus!”

Matt shakes his head, “Your right! Thanks for reminding me Brandon.”

As Matt starts to climb for the third time, Brandon grins. (CONF) “You see…when Matt wins he will remember the person who gave him the strength to complete the challenge… and will be willing to split the prize money with said person.” Brandon then points at himself with glee.

The campers that stayed behind are shown watching the action on a monitor. Chris walks up to the hanging Chef. “I think your learned your lesson. You interested in throwing junk at the kids again?”

Chef grins, “I was born ready Chris!”

“Good,” is all Chris says, as he pushes a button. Chef is released…but falls into the penalty pool. He yelps as the piranhas attack him.

Chris says, “Well you better get a move on…because Nicole is nearly there!”

He points at the monitor. Nicole reaches the earthquake simulator and looks nervous. Austin takes her hand and soothingly says, “Don’t worry…a little vibration won’t stop you. I’ll see you on the other side.”

Austin runs off while Nicole gulps. (CONF) “Easy for Austin to say…I’m the klutz! These vibrations will end me everywhere!”

Matt is shown struggling to grab the flag. Conner cheers him on saying, “You can do it Matt!”

As the sweat rolls down his face, Matt grabs the flag and slides down the pole. “Alright…onto the next part,” Matt says confidently!

Chris says, “And Matt has finally gotten his flag. It’s still anyone’s game! Who will reign supreme? And who will simply be a loser? Find out after the…”

Shelby moves in front of Chris and stares into the camera. “Hello viewers! I am Shelby Johnson and I will be the next biggest Total Drama star! I will…”

Chris pushes her to the side and hurriedly says, “After the break!”

After the break, a nervous Nicole is shown climbing onto the earthquake simulator. She looks back and gasps as Matt is behind her. “How did you catch up so fast,” she asks?

Matt is bouncing his soccer ball off of his head. “Simple Nicole…I run fast,” Matt responds.

Chris floats above the finalists via jetpack. “Enough with the catching up…time to shake things up.”

He laughs hysterically as he pushes a remote. The earthquake simulator activates and starts vibrating at a high speed. Both finalist starts to sway. Matt gasps as his soccer ball falls into a hole. “I’ll save you my precious,” Matt yells as he dives into the hole.   

Brandon yells, “Dude leave the soccer ball and win this thing already!”

(CONF) Matt is shown cradling his soccer ball. “I had this soccer ball ever since I was three…there is no way I was going to leave it.”

Nicole starts walking along the simulator, but stops as an egg hits her in the face. “Gross!”

She looks toward the far end of the off the simulator and gasps. Chef is shown throwing a kitchen sink in her direction. Nicole ducks as it flies past her. Matt climbs out of the hole with his soccer ball…but gets knocked back in after getting hit by the sink.

Chef calls out, “That’s for repainting on of my prized bowling balls!”

He starts throwing various objects at the finalists. Matt emerges from the hole again, and both navigate slowly make their way along the simulator.

Nicole reaches the edge of the simulator and looks at the ground. Austin looks up to her. “Nicole you’ll have to jump!”

A scared Nicole says, “I can’t Austin!”

“Don’t worry about it! I do stuff like this all the time! I’ll catch you!”

Nicole looks at his confident face and nods. She jumps off the simulator and falls on top of Austin. As a result, they end up having an accidental kiss.

(CONF) A happy Austin says, “That’s not exactly how I pictured my first kiss with Nicole…but still it was awesome!”

(CONF) A beaming Nicole says, “That…was…so…ROMANTIC!”

As Nicole gets off of Austin, Maddie says, “I’d hate to interrupt you lovebirds…but Matt just passed you Nicole!”

Nicole looks over in horror as Matt waves to her as he moves on to the next part. Austin mutters, “Crap…I’m sorry for slowing you down Nicole.”

Nicole playfully punches him in the arm. She says, “Don’t be,” as she runs after Matt.

Matt then reaches the next obstacle; he comes to a crashing halt. Instead of lava…the third obstacle was simply the river. Matt yells out, “YOU SAID THERE WASN’T A WATER CHALLENGE!”

Chris stands on the other side, “Yeah about that…there wasn’t enough cash in the budget to bring lava over to the cove…so yeah we used the next best thing!”

(CONF) “Next best thing? I’d take lava over water any day,” Matt grumbles.

Nicole arrives and says, “So all we need to do is cross the river on the rocks?”

Chris says, “Yep and you better get started!”

As some of the campers arrive to watch, Nicole starts to make her way across the river. Meanwhile, Matt simply sits on the side. “I can’t do it guys,” Matt weakly says. Brendan glares in Matt’s direction.

(CONF) “I broke my arm for to help him and this is how he repays me? Er…I mean…Matt just needs some motivation,” Brendan says before whistling innocently.

Nicole makes it across the river and races on. Chris says, “And Nicole is at the final stretch…while Matt just sitting there…”

Brendan calls out, “Matt listen to me! You made it this far and you’re just going to let some phobia stop you from winning?”

Matt looks up. “Your…right Brendan! I will win this!”

He stands up and yells. Matt then races across the rocks and charges after Nicole.

Chrissy asks Brendan, “Do you think he still has a shot?”

Brendan puts his non-broken arm around Chrissy waist. “He can win this…I know he can.”

As Nicole nears the finish line, she looks back and sees Matt racing towards her. (CONF) “This is it,” Matt says. “The final stretch…I needed to do something to stop Nicole…so…don’t judge me!”

Matt places his soccer ball on the ground and calls out, “Hey Nicole…heads up!”

He kicks the ball towards her. Nicole turns around and gasps as the soccer ball flies toward her head. She however ends up tripping on a tree root and hits the ground hard. The ball passes over her head and hits a tree.

The ball bounces back from the tree and hits Matt in the face as he nears Nicole. Both finalist lie on the ground.

Chris says, “Nobody help them! This is going to be so dramatic!”

After a few tense seconds…one finalist struggles to get to their feet. The campers gasp as the finalist starts to walk towards the finish line, holding their head.

The other finalist starts to stir…but they realize that it’s too late. The camper runs past the finish line…

 Chris yells over the camper’s cheering, “And Nicole wins Total Drama Paradise Cove!”

Nicole cheers as Austin hugs her. Jordan lifts the pair up onto his shoulders as the other campers cheer.

Matt sighs and he notices someone standing in front of him. Katie holds out her hand. “You did your best out their Matt,” She says.

Matt takes her hand and she pulls him up. “Yeah…it stinks that now I can’t use the money to buy myself a soccer stadium…”

Katie laughs. “Well at least you took second…that’s not too bad!” They walk together towards the others.

We then see all of the eliminated campers sitting in the stands (except for Jason who is in his wheelchair) looking at Chris, who is holding a suitcase. Chris says, “After weeks of pain, only one camper remains. Congratulations Nicole!”

A blushing Nicole walks toward Chris as the other campers cheer. Chris hands Nicole the suitcase. “And to the victor…goes the spoils. You earned it Nicole.”

Nicole holds the suitcase above her head as the campers again cheer. A cruise ships appears by the broken Dock of Shame. The campers start to board it as Chris wave’s goodbye.

Matt looks upset as he looks back at the cove. Nicole stands next to him and says, “You put up a good fight today Matt.”

“Thanks Nicole…you too,” Matt says. “Although it would’ve been cool to win…but I guess this whole experience has been worth it.”

Chris chuckles as the cruise ship vanishes over the horizon. “Well there you have it…but don’t think the fun ends here. We just started having fun with these guys and we can’t stop the fun now can we? What surprises will be in store…and how ticked will these guys be once they realize that some of them are on for another season? Find out on the next season!”


Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
20th Warren IN IN WIN WIN IN OUT
21st Emily IN IN WIN WIN OUT
22nd Gabe IN WIN IN OUT
23rd Jeanne IN WIN OUT
24th Ben IN OUT


Color Codes

     On the Screaming Campfires

     On the Raging Waters

     Won a challenge

     Was the last to recieve a marshmellow

     Was voted off/eliminated/quit the competition

1-Ashley quit the competition.

2-Conner was automatically eliminated by Chris to avoid a lawsuit.

3-Brandon was suppose to be eliminated, but he switched the votes to say Brendan.

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