Total Drama Pokemon: The Island
Country of Origin Pokemon Universe
Genre Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
Teams Shiny X
Darky Y
Created by A Pokemon Trainer
Directed by A Pokemon Trainer
Succeeded by TBA


Total Drama Pokemon: The Island is a reality show, hosted by Drifblim and have food provided by Chef Slurpuff, where 20 Pokemons do challenge and try to survive to win 1,000,000 Pokes. The cast will be divided in two teams, The Shiny X and The Darky Y. At the end of each challenge, the loser team will face the elimination ceremony. The Pokemon which don't receive an Oran Berry at the end of the day will be eliminated and take the Talonflam-o-Shame.

This is a total created serie. The background and the Pokemon doesn't belong to me, but the drawings yes. Might take some times to update.


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Episode 1

Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) None
Eliminated None
Episode Guide


" N/A "


" Catch This Pokemon!"

"Welcome to Total... Drama... Pokemon:... The Island!!!" Drifblim says (Opening sequence) Drifblim is presenting himself as the host of the show. The chef of show is Slurpuff. Drifblim explaining the rules of the show. There will be two teams. They will do extreme challenges and will try to win them. At the end of each challenge, the team who loses will go to elemination ceremony. They will have to vote someone off. The one who desn't recieve an Oran Berry will be automatically eliminated, will take the Talonflam-o-Shame and will never come back ever. At the end of the show, there will be a big finale with the last two Pokemon that succeed to survive. And the winner will win 1,000,000 Pokes. So, now Drifblim is presenting the cast:

Trubbish (Male), the one who is not clean. Shuppet (Female), the one who has an evil ego. Ditto (Genderless), the one who likes to copy everyone.

Goomy (Female), the one who is bossy.

Klefki (Female), the one who doesn't like trouble.

Litleo (Male), the one who enjoys life. 

Gligar (Male), the one who is mischievous. 

Phanpy (Male), the one who is childish.

Trapinch (Male), the one who is brave.

Archen (Male), the one who is simple.

Budew (Female), the one who is gentle.

Volbeat (Male),  the one who is a seductor.

Poliwag (Female), the one who is a diva.

Karrablast (Male), the one who is honest.

Mareep (Female), the one who is shy.

Rhyhorn (Male), the one who is angry almost of the time.

Electrike (Male), the one who is a player.

Ralts (Female), the one who is dark.

Bergmite (Female), the one who is careful.

Petilil (Female), the one who is not smart.

Everyone was introduced. The campers went to the bonfire zone. They were separated in two teams. The Shiny Xs: Klefki, Ralts, Karrablast, Poliwag, Petilil, Phanpy, Litleo, Rhyhorn, Volbeat, and Budew. The Darky Ys: Ditto, Electrike, Mareep, Archen, Bergmite, Trapinch, Gligar, Shuppet, Trubbish, and Goomy. Drifblim said that everyone had to go to the cabins, put their luggages, and in 10 minutes, everyone would go to the main lodge to eat. Everyone went to their cabins. They didn't really like it. The divas were complaining about the cabins. Then, some were talking,


Raltsand Karrablast talking


Klefki, in the confessional, complaining about Poliwag

becoming friends. But, a fight occured. "What did you just say?" Klefki shouted, angry Everyone heard Klefki and went to the cabin. Poliwag and Klefki were fighting. "You're just a pathetic keykeeper. I don't know why you exist." Poliwag mocked Then, they fighted. Volbeat stopped the battle. "Amigas, stop fighting. That's not what teammates do." Volbeat said The girls looked at him, they were  blushing. A little bit later, Petilil talked to Poliwag, asking her to be her friend. Poliwag had the idea to use Petilil.

Poliwag getting the idea to use Petilil

10 minutes later, the campers were eating. They didn't like the food. They were complaining about it. Slurpuff was mad and threw a big knife on the door.


Archen and Mareep disgusted by the food

  The Pokemon stopped complaining. Switching of conversation, The Ys were choosing their team captain. Goomy was proposing herself since she has great sense of leadership. So, she became the leader of the Ys.  For the Xs, they were many people proposing to be the leader. Finally, Volbeat won the election. Later, Drifblim entered the lodge and asked how the campers were feeling. The campers answered that they were okay. "Not for long time now..." Drifblim said


Episode 2

"Catch This Pokemon!"
Challenge(s) Catch all the other team's members
Winner(s) The Darky Ys
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide




"We Are Builders!"

"Not for a long time now..." Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

The campers were a little scared by what Drifblim said. They didn't know what would wait for them. The host told the campers to go outside. The teams were outside. Drifblim announced the first challenge.

Challenge: You have to find a Poke Ball with a member's of your opposing team name on it. When you have it, you will try to catch the Pokemon. The callenge ends when everyone of a team is caught.

So, the host said that the challenge has started. Everyone split up and were seaching for Poke Balls.

Electrike and Archen were walking searching for Poke Balls. They were at the beach. They found nothing. Suddenly, a Poke Ball was thrown to Archen and he was trapped.

"Yes!" someone said

Electrike looked around. It was Rhyhorn who threw it. The Y Member stared at him. The X Member frozen. He ran away. Electrike was mad and sighed.

"Archen, out! Achen, out!" Drifblim shouted on the microphone

Meanwhile, Poliwag and Petilil were walking. They were talking about forming an alliance, but they needed another member. Poliwag saw Budew and asked her to join her alliance. She hesitated, but accepted. Soon after, Petilil and Budew were searching Poke Balls while Poliwag wasn't doing anything.

Ditto was searching at the same place as them. It saw them and had a plan. It transformed into Poliwag. It has Petilil's Ball.

"Oh, Poliwag! You've found a ball?" Petilil asked

Ditto It nodded.

"Cool!" Budew said

Ditto approached Petilil and touched her with the ball. She was caught. Budew saw it. Ditto returned to its old look. Budew ran away, but she ran into Gligar. He had her ball and it fell on her. She was caught.

Later, Bergmite was walking near the dock with Ralts' Ball. While searching for her, she saw a big creature. It was red and gigantic. She was scared. She encountered a Shiny Gyarados. 

Bergmite seeing a Shiny Gyarados

"Don't be worry... I'll help you..." the creature said

A Ball was thrown towards Bergmite. The Gyarados blocked it and ran away. It was Ralts who threw it. Bergmite took her chance and threw her ball at Ralts. She was caught. Bergmite took her ball and threw it into the water.


"Thanks, Gyarados!" - Bergmite

"What was that creature? I was with Ralts and Bergmite was talking to it!" - Karrablast


Volbeat was lurking around with Electrike's Ball. He saw Poliwag walking and complaining about her alliance. Then, Electrike showed up and caught her. Volbeat threw his ball to Electrike and caught him.


Volbeatin the confessional


"So, you have an alliance... Interesting." - Volbeat


Phanpy and Rhyhorn were walking, searching for more Balls. Goomy appeared with Phanpy's Ball. Phanpy froze.  Rhyhorn saw a ball and had Goomy's name. He threw it at her, but Phanpy was caught before. Goomy dodged the ball and fled.


"This stupid Phanpy... He can't do anything..." - Rhyhorn


Litleo was listening to music, under a tree. He wasn't doing anything. Trapinch arrived with Litleo's Ball. He touched him with the Ball and Litleo was caught.

Trapinchand Litleo

Mareep was walking alone and met Klefki. She was holding Mareep's ball. The shy Pokemon ran as fast as she could. Then, she stopped. Nobody was following her. Suddenly, Trubbish showed up with Kleki's Ball in his hand.

"Klefki, out! Klefki, out!" Drifblim shouted Mareep was relieved and thanked Trubbish. Suddenly, Volbeat appeared and throw a Ball on Mareep and caught her. Trubbish was mad. He ran away trying to found Volbeat's Ball. He was in the cabin and saw Shuppet and Volbeat outside. They were talking, about an alliance, maybe? He didn't know. But, when he got outside he saw Suhppet and just Volbeat's Ball.

"Voleat, out! Volbeat, out!" the host shouted 

Trubbish smiled.


" I'm doing an alliance with Volbeat, but I have to hide it for a moment." - Shuppet

" Phew... I thought Suppet was doing an alliance with Volbeat." - Trubbish


"Karrablast, out! Karrablast, out!" the host shouted

Rhyhorn was angry. He was the only in his team that was not caught. He thought that all his team was only losers. Gligar was behing him with his Ball. He threw it at him and caught him.

"Rhyhorn, out! Rhyhorn, out! The Ys are the winner!" the host shouted

The Darky Ys were happy. The Xs were sad.

"Shiny Xs, see you at the elemination ceremony." Drifblim said

Before the elemination... The Ys were celebrating their first win. Meanwhile, the Xs were complaining to each other. They had to decide who is going to be eliminated.

"Why not eleminating Litleo? He was doing nothing!" Poliwag said

"Why not you!? You too, you were doing nothing!"Litleo said

"I think we should eleminate this stupid Phanpy." Rhyhorn said, intimadating him

"Why me!?" Phanpy asked, scared

Rhyhorn intimidating Phanpy

"He done nothing to be in nomination to be eleminated. So, stop bullying him." Karrablast said

"He's right!" Ralts said Rhyhorn was mad and left the cabin.


"Thank you for saving me." - Phanpy "You better watch out, Phanpy!" - Rhyhorn


At the elimination ceremony:

"Welcome everyone to your first ever eliminaton ceremony. This is where you vote for someone to go out. After, I'll call your name to give you an Oran Berry. The one who doesn't recieve an Oran Berry, will walk on the Dock of Shame and will be take the Talonfalm-O-Shame to go out from this island and never return, EVER!!!" Drifblim said

"So, now go vote..."


"Litleo, you're out!" - Poliwag

"You're out, Poliwag." - Litleo

"I vote off Rhyhorn." - Phanpy

"Bye, Phanpy" - Rhyhorn

"Poliwag... out!" - Volbeat


"So, now, I'll give the Oran Berries... The first ever Oran Berry goes to..."

- Karrablast

"The next ones go to..."







"The next one goes to..."


"There's only one Oran Berry left. To who will this Berry goes... Poliwag or Litleo?"

"The final Oran Berry goes to......"





. -Poliwag

"What!?" Litleo said

"Litleo, the first eliminated. Go to the Dock of Shame where the Talonflam-O-Shame is wating for you." Drifblim said Litleo walked on the Dock of Shame. There was nothing, but someone grabbed him. It was a Talonflame and he was flying.

"I promise to do better! But please let me go!!!!" Litleo cried


Litleo on the Talonflam-O-Shame

"So, this is the end of the episode! Only, 19 Pokemon remain. Will Phanpy get rid of Rhyhorn or will he be out before? Will Volbeat's alliance better or Poliwag's? What did Bergmite's friend do? Who will be the next eliminated? The answers to these questions will be out in next time on... Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!"


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Episode 3

"We Are Builders!"
Challenge(s) Find the pieces (head, arms, body and legs) to build a sculpture
Winner(s) The Darky Ys
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Catch This Pokemon! "



"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers arrived to the camp. Some made friends and some, enemies. The 20 Pokemons were separated in two teams, the Shiny Xs and the Darky Ys. Later, they had their first challenge. While doing it, Poliwag, Petilil and Budew formed an alliance. As well, Volbeat and Shuppet.The Ys won the challenge and The Xs had to choose someone to vote off. While doing it, Rhyhorn was intimidating Phanpy. (laughing) At the end of the day, it was Litleo who was voted out, because of his lack of necessity in challenges, and took the Talonflam-O-Shame. So who will be eliminated next? See that by watching Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

BEEEEEEEEPPPP! "Everyone wake up!!!!" Slurpuff shouted

One by one, everyone was going outside. When everyone was outside, Slurpuff ordered everyone to the main lodge. Everyone ate and Drifblim appeared.           

Some are tired, some are happy to see each other

"So, everyone ate?" he asked

Everyone nodded.

"So, everyone follow me!" he ordered

Everyone followed Drifblim. They arrived to a plain field. Drifblim announced the challenge.

Challenge: The challenge is to find 5 pieces of a giant statue (Head, Body, 2 Arms and 2 Legs) and put them together to form a sculpture. The team who finish to build its sculpture first will win the challenge. The Xs will take the right side and The Ys, the left. You have to find the pieces hidden in the earth.


"Eww... I won't play with dirt. I have to make my subjects do it for me." - Poliwag


So, everyone took their side and starts planning. Goomy was saying who will be digging where, but nobody wanted to listen to her. So, while she was occupied talking, the others left her and started digging.

Nobody listens to Goomy

Meanwhile, The Xs were already digging. Karrablast and Ralts were digging together. Ralts were using her Psychic powers while Karrablast was using his digging ability. A minute later, they found the head. They were happy and put it on a platform. Same thing happened to Trubbish and Mareep. They found the head. Mareep was beginning to blush seeing Trubbish. Poliwag was saying to Petilil and Budew to dig for her since she has no hands. The 2 girls did what she said, but they were talking behind her back. They were suspecting Poliwag of using them, but they were not sure. Bergmite was digging while thinking about the Shiny Gyarados. She wanted to see him again, she didn't know how. Then, she founded an arm and a Gyarados statuette. She kept the statuette, because it reminded her of her friend and put the arm on the platform. Klefki was digging alone. While searching, she thrown dirt on Poliwag by accident. Poliwag went angry and complained on Klefki. The two were arguing again. The rest of the team tried to ignore them.


"Poliwag is just a stupid girl" - Klefki "Klefki is just a stupid girl" - Poliwag


Trapinch found a leg with his digging effort and Archen found another arm. There was only the other leg left. Meanwhile, the Xs weren't finding anything. They were searching everywhere, but nothing special. Then, Gligar found the final leg. The Ys build their sculpture and Gligar placed the head at the end. The Ys won again.

"Congratulations, The Darky Ys, you won again! The Xs, I'm seeing you again at the elimination ceremony." Drifblim said


Poliwag's alliance talking about who to eliminate

 Later, the alliance of Poliwag were talking in their cabin.

"Who should we vote off?" Petilil asked

"Yes, Poliwag. Who?" Budew asked

"Hmmm..." Poliwag said

"Oh, I know who we will vote off. If this person is eliminated, someone will be happy and can join our alliance." she continued

"Who are we voting off?" Petilil and Budew asked

Outside, Volbeat and Shuppet were talking.

"Should I convince your team to eliminate someone?" Shuppet asked

"No, I know who everyone will vote for." Volbeat replied

"Who is it?" Shuppet asked

Volbeat whispered to Shuppet... 


Volbeat and Shuppet talking

Meanwhile, Electrike and Phanpy were talking together.

"I know were not in the same thing. But, you should vote off Rhyhorn." Electrike said

"Why?" Phanpy asked

"I saw him intimidating you awhile ago." Electrike replied "So, you saw it." Phanpy said


"We lost again because of you!" Rhyhorn said to Phanpy

"It's not because of me! The other team is just strong and we had two people arguing!" Phanpy contested

Rhyhorn sighed. He walked towards Phanpy and held him by his neck.

"If you justify again, I'm going to kill you." Rhyhorn said

Rhyhorn left the room leaving Phanpy alone, petrified.

(End Of The Flashback)

"So, that's why I suggest you to eliminate him. I know what you are living." Electrike said

Phanpy remained silent.

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, The Shiny Xs. Welcome to your second elimination ceremony. I don't know when you'll win for the first time your challenges, but for now please go vote off someone at the confessional." Drifblim said


"Before I start the elimination, does anyone find a Gyarados statuette?" Drifblim asked

Everyone shook their head.

"Well, too bad. So, I have in my plate only 8 Oran Berries. One of you will go home and won't return ever." Drifblim said

"When I don't call your name, you will have to walk the Dock of Shame and take the Talonflam-O-Shame." he continued

"So, the first Oran Berry goes to..." - Budew "Yay!" Budew said "The six others go to..." - Ralts

- Karrablast

- Petilil

- Volbeat

- Klefki

- Poliwag

"So, it's between Phanpy and Rhyhorn." Drifblim said

They looked at each other. Rhyhorn made an evil smile to Phanpy.

"The final Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said






... Phanpy!

"What!?" Rhyhorn said He was really mad and held Phanpy by his neck.

"You... voted... me... OFF!!!!???" Rhyhorn shouted


You... voted... me... OFF!!!??? - Rhyhorn

"Security!" Drifblim said

Two Talonflames appeared and took Rhyhorn. They flew up the sky.

"You stupid Phanpy, I'll get you!!!" were Rhyhorn's last word.

"Okay, everyone. You can go to your cabin." Drifblim said


"So, you eliminated Rhyhorn... Great job! He was the only one who knew my true personnality, my evil face. They will face my real personnality. (Evil laughing)" - Electrike


Electrike in the confessional


"So, wow. 18 Pokemons remain in this island. Will the person Poliwag was talking about join her alliance? Will Volbeat and Shuppet be able to survive with their alliance? What is the true personnality of Electrike? What does the statuette I was talking about do? See that in the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!"


Episode 4

Challenge(s) Win the most points in the mini challenges (in pairs)
Winner(s) Darky Ys
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" We Are Builders! "


"Who's That Pokemon!?"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers had to dig a land to find pieces of a sculpture. In the end the Darky Ys won again. And the Xs went to the elimination ceremony again. In the end, they decided to vote off Rhyhorn, who took it really wrongly and got really mad. Before being taken by the guards, he promised that he would take his revenge on Phanpy. So, what will happen today? Stay tune on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

It was the morning. Poliwag went to see Phanpy. He didn't know why she would mvisit him.

"Phanpy, I have an offer to give to you." Poliwag said

"What is it?" Phanpy asked

"You can be in my alliance with Petilil and Budew."

"Hmm... Why should I join your alliance?"


Poliwag and Phanpy talking together

"Because, it's because of us if Rhyhorn was eliminated. We did it for you."

"I'll think of it."

"Okay, I'll let you think."

Poliwag left the room.

"So, that's your plan?" Volbeat

Later, everyone was awaken. Drifblim was waiting for them for the challenge.

"So, today's challenge will test your teamwork between your team. We will separate the team in pairs. There will be 4 pairs for the Xs and 5 for the Ys. Each pair will do a challenge versus another pair from their opposing team. There will be 5 games. So, there will be a X pair which will do 2 games. Now, I'll reveal the pairs." Drifblim said

Shiny Xs:






"WHAT I'M WITH HER!?" - Poliwag/Klefki


Darky Ys:







"Damn... I'm not with Trubbish..." - Mareep

Mareep not happy to be with Trubbish.


"So, let's reveal the games." Drifblim said

The Potato Game

The Dodge Ball Game

The Food Game

The Race Game

The Rope Game

"Each pair will choose a game that it want to play." Drifblim said

Everyone was choosing their games. Then, Drifblim called Bergmite. She followed him.

"So, it seems that it's you who has the Gyarados statuette." Drifblim said

Bergmite nodded. "But, why do you care about it?" Bergmite asked

"Because this statuette has a big power in this game."

"What is it?"

Drifblim whispered in Bergmite's ear


"I can decide to save myself or eliminate someone!?" - Bergmite


"But, you can only use it after the merge and you can't lose it." Drifblim said

Bergmite nodded.

Later, everyone chose their game. They had to be tied together.

"So, let's start the games." Drifblim said

The Potato Game: Karrablast-Ralts Vs. Ditto-Goomy

The two pairs arrived in the kitchen. They were two potatoes in an aluminium bag.

"Welcome, everyone. So, your challenge is to eat these two hot potatoes, but before you have to unwrap the aluminium bag. The first pair to finish eating their hot potato will have a point." Drifblim said

With this, the two pairs began their challenges. It was really hot. Extremely hot.

The Dodge Ball Game: Volbeat-Phanpy Vs. Archen-Gligar

The two pairs appeared in a dodgeball field. Slurpuff was here.

"So, for this game you have to choose a king to protect and a guard in this game. The guard must protect the king from recieving the ball. He can't be eliminated. The pair who succeed to eliminate the king of the opposing pair will win a point." Slurpuff announced

So, they chose the king and the guard. Gligar will defend Archen while Volbeat guard Phanpy.


Karrablast and Ralts after finishing their challenge

Meanwhile, the Potato pairs were doing their challenge. They were suffering from the heat. Their mouths were tortured too. But, in the end, Karrablast-Ralts succeed to finish to eat their potato first.


"Ditto is too slow in eating..." - Goomy

"Really..." - Ditto

The Food Game: Poliwag-Klefi Vs. Electrike-Trapinch

The pairs arrived in the main lodge. Drifblim was here.

"So, you have to eat all the bowls of what Slurpuff prepared. You have be the fastest one to win a point, but you can't use your hands." Drifblim said

So, the two pairs started the race. It was disgusting.

Meanwhile, the dodge ball began. They were throwing the ball forcefully, but in the end, Archen was hit. So, Volbeat and Phanpy won the point.

The Race Game: Shuppet-Mareep Vs. Petilil-Budew

The pairs arrived to the beach. Slurpuff was here.

"So, you have to run around the race and cross the finish line. The fastest pair will win the point." Slurpuff said

POW! The race started.

Meanwhile, the eating pairs were eating with disgust. But, Poliwag and Klefki began to dispute again. So, Electrike got the idea to make them dispute more. Meanwhile, Trapinch was eating quietly. Later, Electrike and Trapinch won the point.

The Rope Game: Trubbish-Bergmite Vs. Volbeat-Phanpy (again)

Trubbish and Bergmite were waiting for Volbeat and Phanpy to arrive. They arrived with the other pairs that finished their challenge.

"So, for the moment, it's 2 for the Xs and 1 for the Ys." Drifblim said

The Xs were happy. Maybe, they will win the game for their first time.

Then, Mareep, Shuppet, Petilil, and Budew arrived.

"Oh, we are announcing that the points are equal. 2 Vs. 2!" Drifblim said

The teams were stressed. The Rope Game would determined the winner.

"So, the challenge is a tug of war. You know, the team has to, with force, try to make the flag ,tied on the rope, goes in their territory. The pair who succeed will make their team win." Drifblim said

So, the game started. The pairs were pulling forcefully. The teams were cheering their pairs. It was a tough game, but in the end, Trubbish and Bergmite succeed. The Ys won again!

"So, Xs, you really suck. I'll see you at the elimination ceremony again." Drifblim said

Later, the Xs were thinking about who to eliminate.

"It's between the one who lost their challenge." Karrablast said

"So, who lost?" Ralts asked

"Poliwag, Klefki, Volbeat, Phanpy, Budew, and Petilil." Karrablast replied

"Everyone except you two." Volbeat said

"But, Volbeat and Phanpy succeed their first challenge. So, we don't really need to vote them off."  Petilil said

"That's real." Klefki said

The team didn't know what to do.

Later, Poliwag talked with Phanpy.

"So, are you joining?" Poliwag asked

"Okay." Phanpy said


"Now, you need to vote off Klefki." Poliwag said

Phanpy nodded.

After, Electrike visited Bergmite.

"What are you doing here?" Bergmite asked

"Where did you put it?" Electrike replied

"What are you talking about?"

"The statuette."

"What!? You followed me!?"

Electrike smiled. 

"So, you've put it here."

Electrike took the statuette under Bermite's bed and left.

"He's so dumb." Bergmite said, taking the real statuette from her pillow.

At the elimination ceremony...

Karrablast and Ralts already recieved their Oran Berries.

"So, the next berries go to.." Drifblim said

- Volbeat & Phanpy

- Petilil

- Budew

"It's now between you two, Klefki and Poliwag..." Drifblim said


The bottom two is Poliwag and Klefki

"The last Oran Berry goes to..."

Drifblim said .





... Poliwag!

"Yes!" Poliwag said

"WHAT!? You voted me off and not this b****?" Klefki asked, madly

"Sorry, Klefki. You have to walk the Dock Of Shame and take the Talonflam-O-Shame." Drifblim said

Klefki, mad, walked the Dock Of Shame and got taken by a Talonflame and left the island.

"So, with that, only 17 remain. What will Electrike and Bergmite do with the statuette? Will Poliwag's alliance last until the end of the show or will Volbeat do something? When will the Xs win a challenge? And who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 5

"Who's That Pokemon!?"
Challenge(s) Make all the other team members fall in water by guessing correctly.
Winner(s) The Shiny Xs
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Teamwork "


"Trip To The Boney Island"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the two teams were separated in pairs to do mini challenges. In the end of all the mini challenges, the Darky Ys won again. Phanpy joined Poliwag's alliance. Electrike knew for Bergmite's secret. At the end of the day, it was between Klefki and Poliwag to be the loser. In the end, it was Klefki who took the Talonflam-O-Shame and left the island.What will happen with all the alliances in the island? Will Electrike discover that he has a fake statue and what will he do with Bergmite? And who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching Total... Drama.... Pokemon... The Island!!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Scene)

It was morning and everyone woke up. Poliwag's alliance were talking together in their cabin...

"So, now, you have to fufill all my orders to stay in my alliance." Poliwag said

Phanpy and Budew nodded, not happy. Petilil nodded too, but happily.

"So, Budew, go find me some Berries for me." Poliwag ordered to Budew

Budew left the room. Then, Electrike talked to her.

"What are you doing here? You're in the other team." Budew asked

Budew and Electrike talking

"I know how Poliwag treats you. You should quit her alliance." Electrike replied "And why should I listen to you?" Budew asked "Because, I hate seeing people being treated like this..." Electrike replied "Well... I see you're good at acting." Budew said "W-what? What are you talking about?" Electrike asked "I know all you're past. I was in the same school as you." Budew replied

Electrike petrified.

"And I'm not scared of you. If you're talking with me to detroy Poliwag's alliance. Do it! I don't care." Budew said

Electrike was speechless and Budew left.


"This Budew... Why do you know me? I must eliminate her." - Electrike


Everyone was on the stage. There was a big screen, buzzers, and filled pools. It was for the challenge.


The teams will choose 3 members to guess Pokemon on the screen correctly. Meanwhile, the remaining members have to sit on the pools. When someone answers correctly, a member of the opposing team will fall in the pool. But, attention, if you answer incorrectly, it will be a member of your team who will be dumped in the water. The challenge will end when every members of a team will be dumped in their pool. The team without all their members dumped in the water will win.

So, the teams chose their 3 members to answer the questions.

The Shiny Xs: Ralts, Karrablast, and Volbeat


The Shiny Xs' guessers.

The Darky Ys: Shuppet, Trapinch, and Trubbish

So, everyone were now prepared. A Pokemon appeared in the screen. It was all black, they could only see the form of it. Shuppet pushed the buzzer.

"It's a Spiritzee!" she answered

The answer was correct. Then, Petilil was dumped in water. She screamed. Another Pokemon appeared in the screen. Ralts pushed her buzzer.

"It's a Dunsparce!" she answered

It was correct. Then, Mareep was dumped in the water.Trubbish wondered if she was okay. A Pokemon appeared in the screen. Trapinch pushed the buzzer.

"It's a Stantler!" he answered

It was incorrect. Goomy fell in the water. She was mad.

Confessional: "I... Hate.... Trapinch!!!" - Goomy END OF THE CONFESSIONAL

Volbeat pushed his buzzer.

"It's Xerneas!" he answered

It was correct and Gligar fell in the water. Another Pokemon appeared in the screen. Trubbish pushed his buzzer.

"It's a Pikachu!" he answered

It was correct and Poliwag fell in the water.

Poliwag in the water

"I hate this challenge!" she yelled

A Pokemon appeared on the screen. Trapinch pushed his buzzer.

"It's a Duskull!" he answered

It was incorrect and Electrike fell in the water.

Confessional: "Now, I have three targets." - Electrike END OF CONFESSIONAL

Karrablast pushed his buzzer.

"It's a Dusknoir." he answered

It was correct. Bergmite was dumped in the water. It was equal in the two teams. Another Pokemon appeared on the screen. Shuppet pushed her buzzer.

"It's a Drifloon!" she answered

It was correct and Budew was dumped in the water. Another Pokemon appeared on the screen. Volbeat pushed his buzzer.

"It's an Illumise!" he answered

It was correct and Archen fell in the water. It was 1 Vs. 1. The last Pokemon showed up on the screen. Trapinch pushed his buzzer. The Ys were scared that he would give an wrong answer.

"It's a Plusle!" he answered.

And it was.... incorrect! So, Ditto was dumped in the water.

"So, for the first time, the Shiny Xs won!" Drifblim said The Shiny Xs were happy. "So, the Darky Ys, I'll see you tonight at the elimination ceremony." Drifblim said

Later, Ditto wanted to talk to Goomy.

Ditto and Goomy talking

"Goomy, we have to make an alliance together." Ditto said to her "Why should I listen to you and join your alliance?" she asked "Because, nobody in the team really likes you. I'm the only one who cares for you." he replied "I'll think of it..." Goomy said, awkwardly

Confessional: "Nobody likes me... But, he is the only one who cares for me..." - Goomy (blushing) "Goomy... She might be bossy, but she's cute." - Ditto END OF THE CONFESSIONAL

"So guys, I have something important to say to all of you." Electrike said All the team were reunited outside of the cabin, except for Bergmite. "What is it?" Goomy asked "Bergmite is hiding a big secret." Electrike replied Everyone got interested. "What is it?" Archen asked "Bergmite has a special statuette that can eliminate someone of our team." Electrike said, lying

Everyone was surprised.

Mareep's and Trubbish's reaction to Bergmite's secret.

"How do you know it?" Mareep asked "I overheard the conversation between Drifblim and Bergmite." Electrike replied "So, that's why he asked her to talk to her." Trubbish said "So, you need to vote off Bergmite. She has a special power." Electrike said "But, if she has this special power. She can't be voted off, because she can eliminate someone." Ditto said "No, if she receives the most amount of votes. She will eliminated." Electrike said "Ah..." Shuppet said "But, I don't know if we should vote her off. She can only just eliminate someone. I think we should vote off Trapinch since he made us lose the challenge." Gligar said "No, vote her off!" Trapinch said to Gligar. And everyone was arguing. Confessional: "Hahaha... They don't know that the statuette effect is only available after the merge." - Electrike END OF THE CONFESSIONAL

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, Darky Ys, it's your first time being here. In this place, you have to vote off someone to eliminate. After, I'll call your name and you'll receive an Oran Berry. The one who doesn't receive an Oran Berry will be eliminate and has to walk the Dock of Shame, take the Talonflam-O-Shame, and leave the island for...EVER!" Drifblim said

"So, now, go vote off someone."


"Hmm... Don't know who to vote off between Bergmite and Trapinch..." - Gligar


"So, I have 9 Oran Berries in this plate. I'll begin the ceremony." Drifblim said

"The first Oran Berry goes to..."

- Mareep

"The next ones go to..."

- Trubbish

- Gligar

- Ditto

- Goomy

- Archen

- Shuppet

- Electrike "The last Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said







... Trapinch!

"Yay!" Trapinch said

"What? Why did you vote me off!?" Bergmite said

"You had your special statuette. So, we need to oust you." Goomy said

"He said it to you..." Bergmite said

"So, Bergmite, now go walk the Dock of Shame." Drifblim said

"Fine!" Bergmite saod, angrily


Bergmite's ending

Bergmite was walking the Dock of Shame. The Talonflam-O-Shame took her. She was flying in the sky.

"So now, 16 Pokemon remain in this island. Will the alliance finish by broking up? What will Electrike do with his next targets and his fake statuette? Who will be the next eliminated?  See that by seeing the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said 


"So, you think that it will end like this?" Bergmite said, while flying and smirking



Episode 6

"Trip To The Boney Island"
Challenge(s) Take the team's flag in the Boney Island and be the first to return in the camp
Winner(s) The Darky Ys
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Who's That Pokemon? "


"The Fairy Race"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers had to guess who was the Pokemon on the screen. A camper showed really well that he didn't know his Pokemons. So, the Shiny Xs won their first challenge. The Darky Ys had to eliminate someone. Electrike told everyone of his team that Bergmite has the Gyarados Statuette. But, he didn't really said everything, but even him doesn't know the real power of it. So, with that it was Bergmite who took the Talonflam-O-Shame and went home. but, she has something in her pocket that will be revealed soon. So, who will be the next eliminated? Stay tuned to know who will it be on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

It was morning and everyone was eating breakfast. Meanwhile, Budew was still thinking about quitting the alliance. She hated to be treated like this. So, Drifblim arrived at the main lodge.

"Okay, everyone, when you'll be finished eating, go meet me at the beach." he said

Later, everyone was at the beach.

"So, now, I'll explain your challenge." he said


Go to the other island in front of this camp, the Boney Island. You have to go there by boat. When you arrive to the Boney Island, you have to find a flag with your team's logo. The first team to return to this camp with its flag will win the challenge.

"Where are the boats?" Archen asked

"There just at the opposite of the beach. The Darky Ys, you'll take the green boats and the Shiny Xs, the red boats." Drifblim said

So, everyone ran hurriedly to the boats. Everyone chose their boats.

Darky Ys:

Boat 1: Ditto, Goomy, Shuppet

Boat 2: Mareep, Trubbish, Trapinch

Boat 3: Electrike, Archen, Gligar

Shiny Xs:

Boat 1: Poliwag, Petilil, Budew, Phanpy

Boat 2: Volbeat, Karrablast, Ralts

So, everyone was rowing to the Boney Island. In Poliwag's boat, Poliwag was doing nothing.


Poliwag doing nothing

"You should at least row, so we can go faster." Petilil said

"You can't discuss with me, like this. You want to be kicked out of this alliance?" Poliwag said

Petilil stopped talking. Phanpy and Budew were rowing, they were mad.


"I really think that Poliwag is using us!" - Budew

"I should quit!" - Phanpy


The Darky Ys arrived to the Boney Island. They were trying to search for their flag.

"I suggest that everyone separate to seach for the flag." Goomy said

"Okay!" the others said

The Shiny Xs arrived. They decided to separate too. Electrike went to see Budew.

"You see? Poliwag is using you. Why don't you quit?" Electrike asked

"Shut up! I'm not in my mood to do that." Budew replied

She left him. Then, Electrike stepped on something. It was a PokeBall Statuette. There was something written: "Use this to save you from elimination". Electrike smiled evily.

Meanwhile, Shuppet and Volbeat were talking.

"So, what do you do if you lose?" Shuppet asked

"Don't worry about me, they don't suspect me of anything and no one has a real grudge to me." Volbeat replied

But, someone was listening, Trubbish.


"She lied to me..." - Trubbish


Mareep saw Trubbish. She saw his troubled face.

"What do you have?" Mareep asked

"Shuppet and Volbeat are doing an alliance." Trubbish replied

"WHAT!?" Mareep said


Poliwag and her alliance were walking.

"Hey, Budew, search in this bush." Poliwag ordered to Budew

"No. You do it." Budew replied

"No? Did you just say "No!" to me?" Poliwag said

"Yeah, I say no to your stupid alliance! I'm really tired of your manipulation! I quit the alliance!" Budew said

Budew left them. Poliwag couldn't believe this.

"Budew, wait!" Petilil said

She was trying to run after Budew, but Poliwag didn't let her.



Volbeat found the flag

Volbeat found the Xs flag. So, he reunited everyone and they all got in their boats and row back to the island.

Meanwhile, Archen and Gligar found the flag.

"We got the flag!!!" they yelled

So, they reunited and got in their boat.

"I know how to get faster." Trapinch said

He put the three boats together and pushed them really fast. The team was cheering him. The two were close. And the winning team was... The Darky Ys!

"Bravo! Congratulations, Darky Ys, you won the challenge! The Xs, I'll see you again to the elimination ceremony." Drifblim said

The Shiny Xs were talking about who to eliminate.

"We should eliminate you, Poliwag." Ralts said

"Yeah, you did nothing in this challenge." Budew said

"Whatever, eliminate me if you want, you'll regret later." Poliwag said, smiling

Meanwhile, Trubbish spread to his team the rumor about Shuppet and Volbeat doing an alliance. All the Ys knew it.


"Oh, this betrayer!" - Goomy

"Can't believe it" - Ditto

"So, you two are doing an alliance?" - Elrctrike



Ralts and Karrablast

Ralts and Karrablast were walking and they met. They talked and became closer. They looked at each other and was trying to kiss. But..

"Hey, you guys what are you doing? The elimination ceremony will start." Volbeat said, seeing them

"Yeah, we'll arrive." Karrablast said

And they blushed...

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, welcome, the Shiny Xs. It's your 4th time here. I see that you suck in challenges. So, now, vote off someone." Drifblim said


"Bye Poliwag, I'm really tired of you!" - Budew

"I vote off, Budew!" - Poliwag


"So, I have 6 Oran Berries and there 7 of you, the one who doesn't receive an Oran Berry will walk to the Dock of Shame and take the Talonflam-O-Shame to never return in this island." Drifblim said

"So, the first Oran Berry goes to.."

- Ralts

"The next one goes to..."

- Karrablast

- Volbeat

- Phanpy

- Petilil

"The last Oran Berry goes to..."







... Budew!

"Yes, you're out Poliwag!" Budew said

"Oh, really?" Poliwag said

Poliwag took out the PokeBall Statuette.

Poliwag with the PokeBall Statuette

"What is this?" Petilil asked

"It's the PokeBall Statuette, a Statuette that gives me immunity." Poliwag said

"What?" Budew said

"She's right. So, it's Budew who's out!" Drifblim said

"No! How did you get it?" Budew said, shocked

"Secret." Poliwag said, smiling

Everyone was shocked.


Poliwag was walking alone in the Boney Island. Someone whispered to her.

"Hey, Poliwag come here!"

Poliwag followed the voice, it was Electrike.

"What do you want?" she asked

"I'm here to give you this." he replied, giving her the PokeBall Statuette

"What is this?" Poliwag asked

"Check the paper, I have to go bye." he said and left

Poliwag saw the paper. She smirked.

(End of Flashback)

"So, now, Budew, you have to take the Talonflam-O-Shame." Drifblim said

"I'll get my revenge Poliwag!!!" Budew yelled

Then, the Talonflam-O-Shame caught her and took her far far away.

"So, wow, Poliwag found the statuette and that means that only 15 campers remain. Who will be Electrike's next victim? What will happen to Poliwag's and Volbeat's alliances? Do Ralts and Drilbur have feeling for each other? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said


Episode 7

"The Fairy Race"

Win the first two trainings to have advantage. Final Race: Run to the cliff and jump and run to the finish line in the forest

Winner(s) The Shiny Xs
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Trip To The Boney Island "


"Poke Dodgeball"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers had to visit the island just in front, the Boney Island. They had to find their representive flag and return fastly to the island. While searching, Trubbish and Mareep found out about Shuppet's alliance with Volbeat. Volbeat found the Xs' flag and Archen and Trapinch found the Ys' flag. The Shiny Xs were near to win, but Trapinch swam really really fastly and the Ys won the challenge again. At the elimination ceremony, Poliwag was supposed to be eliminated, but she had the PokeBall Statuette that gave her immunity, given by Electrike. So, it was Budew who left the island with the Talonflam-O-Shame. So, who will be eliminate this time? See that by watching Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

It was calm and all. Everyone was sleeping peacefully.


Everyone fell down of their beds and left their cabins. Slurpuff was standing there.

General Slurpuff

"Ummm... Slurpuff, what are you doing here? Where's Drifblim?" Shuppet asked

"He has a schedule for an awards ceremony. So, it's me who will do the host for today. And you will suffer for this challenge." Slurpuff said, smiling evily


"She's trying to scare us. She's just a cook." - Gligar


"So, what is the challenge?" Ralts asked

"I'm going to reveal it right now." Slurpuff replied

Challenge: There will be two trainings. The Swiftness and The Flying. Each team has to succeed this trainings for the real challenge. The team who finishes the training first will have an advantage for the final race. The Fairy Race


"Fairy race? I hate to admit that I'm a Fairy-type." - Ralts

"At least, we have Ralts that is a Fairy-type." - Karrablast

"Eww... Fairy Race, I hate Fairies!" - Goomy


"So, now, go put your Fairy headband for the training and go see me in the forest." Slurpuff said

She left the campers with a table with headbands on it. The campers had to put them.


"I freaking love this headband!" - Petilil


Shuppet is not happy of the headband

"I freaking hate this headband." - Shuppet


So, everyone was in the forest. There was cones placed.

"So, here, we will verify how swift you are. Everyone has to get around these cones the fastly possible. The team who finishes first will win an advantage for the final race." Slurpuff said

"Umm... we're at disavandtage. We're 9 and they're 6." Archen said

"Three members of the Xs will do it two times." Slurpuff said

So, the challenge started. Everyone was quite fast, but the fastest was Ralts. There was only Ralts and Gligar left. Ralts was a little bit intimidated by Gligar, since he's Poison. But, she knew she could win. They started at the same time, but Ralts was really fast that she won. So, the Xs had an advantage that'll be revealed at the final race.


Ralts Vs. Gligar

"You're doing great Xs. Ys... you suck! Now, everyone see me at the cliff." Slurpuff said


"Hey, this is cheating! Ralts is already a Fairy-type!" - Gligar


Everyone was at the cliff. It was really high.

"Everyone, for this training, you need to jump off the cliff and have the most Fairy points to win." Slurpuff said

"Fairy points?" Phanpy said

"Yes, we count on the beauty of a Fairy. If you look like a Fairy you'll gain the most points." Slurpuff said

So, everyone had to jump. Some were scared, some were neutral and some excited.



Volbeat: 4 Points

Poliwag: 7 Ponits

Petilil: 9 Points

Karrablast: 3 Points

Phanpy: 5 Points

Ralts: 10 Points

Total: 38 Points


Trapinch: 1 Point

Goomy: 0 Point

Gligar: 4 Points

Mareep: 6 Points

Ditto: 9 Points

Electrike: 6 Points

Archen: 9 Points

Trubbish: 5 Points

Shuppet: 5 Points

Total: 40 Points

So, the Ys won this training, giving them another advantage.

"Okay, so, everyone come see me at the cabins at 5 PM. If you're late, you'll be given a disadvantage." Slurpuff said

Everyone was resting from this training. Then, 5 PM stroke. Slurpuff came. Only 10 people were there. Poliwag, Phanpy, Trapinch, Electrike, and Archen were missing.


Everyone was surprised. So, the 5 who were late came out and looked stressed.

"Since, there's 2 members of the Xs late, they will have 10 seconds of delay. And for the Ys, since there's 3 late members, there will be 15 seconds of delay." Slurpuff said

The teams were mad at the late members.

"So, for the Fairy Race, you'll going to need all the training you've did. First, you have to run from here to the cliff and do a jump. You'll need a minimum of 5 Points to continue. If not, you have to continue jumping until you get it. When you succeed, you have to run to the forest and do what we did in the first training. If you make fall a cone, you'll have to restart from the forest. The first team to arrive to the finish line will win the challenge." Slurpuff said

Everyone undestood.

"So, now, since, the Ys had the most late members, they'll have to wait 5 seconds before starting the race. And the Xs can begin before them." Slurpuff said

"What are the advantages?" Poliwag asked

"It's beautiful Fairy wings which will help for the cliff. You'll need to wear them to be sure to pass." Slurpuff replied

Everyone wore the wings. Some were happy, some not.


The race has started. The Xs ran the fastest as they could. The Ys needed to wait. 5 seconds passed, so, the Ys ran. The Xs arrived to the cliff. Everyone succeeded, but Poliwag. The Ys arrived too. Everyone passed, but Trapinch. The two teams arrived to the cones and everyone passed. Poliwag and Trapinch were the last two, it was between them. Trapinch was faster. So, Poliwag used Water Gun on him. Trapinch

Poliwag crossing the line.

fainted. Poliwag passed the finish line.

"What a surprise! The Shiny Xs won! So, you, the Ys, I'm going to see at the elimination ceremony." Slurpuff said


Trubbish and Mareep were talking. Shuppet overheard them. They were talking about revealing Shuppet's alliance. Shuppet, shocked, went to see them and begged them to not tell anyone about the alliance. They asked why they shouldn't do it. Shuppet promised that she will make them go to the Final 4. So, the two accepted.


"I'm going to eliminate them before!" - Shuppet

"I'm not going to tell them now... Maybe later..." - Mareep


At the elimination ceremony...

"So, here are the team who doesn't deserve to win. One of you will go home blah, blah, blah. Go vote someone off." Slurpuff said

So, everyone casted their votes.

"I don't have anymore Oran Berries. So, we'll going to use Tomato Berry. The first Berry goes to..." Slurpuff said

- Ditto

"The next ones go to..."

- Archen

- Goomy

- Electrike

- Mareep

- Trubbish

- Shuppet

"And the last Berry goes to..." 







"WAIT!" someone said

It was Drifblim who was coming back.

"I'll announce it." Drifblim said

Slurpuff, angry, left the ceremony.

"And the last Berry goes to..." 






... Gligar!


Trapinch is mad

"Yay!" he said

"Stupid show!" Trapinch said, angry

Trapinch walked the Dock Of Shame and took the Talonflam-O-Shame.

"So, here was an episode hosted by Slurpuff. It was not really great, so, I won't have another schedule than this one. So, 14 remains on this island. Will Trubbish, Mareep, and Shuppet keep their promise? Whta will happen to the other alliances? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by ewatching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 8

"Poke Dodgeball"

Win 2 rounds of Dodgeball

Winner(s) The Shiny Xs
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" The Fairy Race "


"A Pokemon Contest? I'm Entering!"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, I was at an awards ceremony and it was Slurpuff who hosted the show and I won't let her do that ever... The campers had to do a Fairy training for the final mission. The two teams won a training. So, they were kinda equal for the Fairy Race. It was between Trapinch and Poliwag to the finish. But, Poliwag succeed to push Trapinch and finish before him. So, the Shiny Xs lost the challenge. Since Shuppet assured to don't vote off Trubbish and Mareep, they didn't vote off Shuppet. And Ralts and Karrablast had a lovely scene. Whatever... In the end, it was Trapinch who left the island. So, who's going to be the next eliminated? Stay tuned to know in Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

It was morning and everyone was awaken. Volbeat, Shuppet, Trubbish, and Mareep were reunited near the cabins.

"So, Volbeat, here's two newcomers in our alliance Trubbish and Mareep." Shuppet said to Volbeat

"Hi!" Trubbish and Mareep said

Trubbish, Mareep, Shuppet, and Volbeat talking

"Hi! Nice you joined our alliance!" Volbeat said


"STUPIDA SHUPPET!!! Why did you make join these two weaklings!!!" - Volbeat


Shuppet and Volbeat left the two others and talked.

"Why did you make them join us?" Volbeat asked

"I didn't want to, but they know about the alliance and it was the only way to make them shut their mouth." Shuppet replied

"Okay... We'll eliminated them when?" Volbeat asked

"When the merge will arrive." Shuppet replied

Volbeat nodded.

Meanwhile, Poliwag's alliance were talking.

"So, what do you want to say?" Poliwag asked Phanpy


Phanpy talking about quitting the alliance

"I think I want to quit this alliance." Phanpy replied

"Pardon me? Did I hear right? Did you just want to quit the alliance?" Poliwag asked

"Yes, I want. I'm tired of you treating us like slaves!" Phanpy replied

"Do you know it's because of me that Rhyhorn's gone? So, you owe me one. Or you want to leave this island like Budew?" Poliwag said

"Firstly, it's not you who eliminated Rhyhorn, I know. So, I don't owe you one. And make me leave like Budew, it doesn't bother me. I have someone who I can trust." Phanpy said

Phanpy left the room. Poliwag was mad. Petilil who was with them was just confused.


"Why is everyone in this alliance quitting?" - Petilil


Everyone was reunited in a big stadium. Drifblim was there. He explained the challenge.

Challenge: A Dodgeball Game. Choose 5 members of your team to go on the field. You need to throw the Poke Balls on the other team's members. So, you need to eliminate everyone in the other team. If the opponnent catch the ball you threw, you're out. It's a 2 best of 3.

"So, now, everyone choose the 5 players for the first round." Drifblim said


"So, who's going?" Goomy asked

"I don't want to go now." Archen replied

"Okay, you'll stay on the bench." Goomy said


Round 1:


- Ditto

- Trubbish


- Shuppet

- Gligar


- Volbeat

- Petilil

- Ralts

- Karrablast

- Phanpy

So, the round has started. 

The team took the  balls and threw them. Petilil and Shuppet got caught by a Ball. Then, Volbeat threw a Ball to Trubbish, but he caught it. But, Karrablast threw a ball on Trubbish was caught. Mareep got mad and threw the ball on Karrablast. He was caught. Mareep continued to throw balls. She caught Phanpy. Gligar threw a ball on Ralts, but missed to hit her. Ralts threw her ball on Ditto, but he succeed to catch the ball.

Ys: 1

Xs: 0

"Archen, let's go." Goomy said to Archen

"I can't go!" Archen said

"Why?" Goomy asked

"I'm too scared of balls throwing games. I hate them." Archen replied

"You have to go for the team." Goomy said

"I'll go to the 3rd round if there's one. I promise." Archen said

"Okay." Goomy said

Round 2:


- Goomy

- Ditto

- Mareep

- Trubbish

- Gligar


- Poliwag

- Ralts

- Volbeat

- Phanpy

- Petilil

So, the round has started.

The team took the balss and threw them. Trubbish was caught. And Ralts caught the ball threw at her by Gligar. Mareep threw the ball on Petilil. Petilil didn't know what to do. So, she protected herself with the ball she had in her hands. The ball returned to Mareep and caught her. Poliwag threw her ball to Ditto, but he caught it. Goomy threw the ball to Volbeat, but it hit the wall and caught Goomy. Ditto threw the ball on Petilil and caught her. Meanwhile, Ralts threw a ball on Ditto and succeeded to catch him.

Ys: 1

Xs: 1


"I don't want to play!!!!" - Archen


Round 3:


- Archen

- Ditto

- Mareep

- Gligar

- Electrike


- Phanpy

- Poliwag

- Volbeat

- Ralts

- Karrablast

So, the round has started.

The team took the balss and threw them. Mareep caught the ball Poliwag threw at her. But, Ditto was caught. Electrike threw his ball on Volbeat harshly. Volbeat got caught. Ralts and Karrablast threw their balls on Electrike and he was caught. Ditto threw his ball on Phanpy, but he caught it. Mareep got caught by Ralts. Gligar threw his ball on Karrablast and caught him. Ralts threw her ball on Gligar, but he caught it. Phanpy threw his ball on Gligar and caught him. Archen was terrified by the ball. He tried to throw it, but it land just in front of Phanpy. So, Phanpy threw the ball on Archen and caught him.

Winner Xs.

"Congratulations, The Shiny Xs, you've won this challenge. I see that you're becoming better. So, the Darjy Ys, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony." Drifblim said

Later, the Ys were discussing about who to eliminate.

"Trubbish and Archen sucked in this challenge." Gligar said

"Don't eliminate Trubbish!!!" Mareep said

Everyone didn't know who to vote off.

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, everyone had voted someone off. Now, let's give out the 7 Oran Berries." Drifblim said

"The first Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said

- Ditto

"The others go to..." Drifblim said

- Goomy

- Gligar

- Mareep

- Shuppet

- Electrike

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said







... Trubbish!

"Pheww.." Trubbish said

"I knew that I would be eliminated..." Archen sighed

The Ys were on the dock to say goodbye to Archen.


Archen is out!

"Bye, everyone it was a great ex-" Archen said, but got caught by the Talonflam-O-Shame


Phanpy met someone.

"I've done like you've ordened. I expelled myself from Poliwag's alliance. I promise you my loyalty." Phanpy said to the person

"Good... My plan will start." the person said


Electrike's plan?

He turned around, it was Electrike.

He laughed...


"Wow, so only 13 campers remain! We're near the merge! So, what is Electrike's plan? And what does he do with Phanpy? What will happen with Volbeat's alliance? Who's going to be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 9

"A Pokemon Contest? I'm Entering!"

Earn the greatest amount of points in the talent show.

Winner(s) The Darky Ys
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Poke Dodgeball "


"Coins & Piggy"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, Trubbish, Mareep, Shuppet, and Volbeat officially formed their alliance, but they promised backstabs. Phanpy said that he wanted to quit Poliwag's alliance. For real, it was Electrike's intention. Why? I don't really know. So, the campers had a dodgeball challenge and the Shiny Xs won the challenge. So, the Darky Ys voted off Archen, because he was too much scared of the challenge that he ruined the challenge. So, who will be the next camper to take the Talonflam-O-Shame? Stay tuned to know who will take it on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Ditto and Goomy were discussing secretly.

"I have an idea to make lose the other team." Ditto said

"What is it?" Goomy asked

"It's..." Ditto began


"What!!??? I have to kiss Karrablast!?" - Goomy


"I'm not doing it... I'm not a prostitute!!!" Goomy yelled

Ditto and Goomy talking about a plan

"Shh... They will hear you. And it's to make them lose a good player. And we can get Ralts in our alliance." Ditto said

"Interesting.... I'll see if I'm going to do it." Goomy said

Goomy left. Electrike came.

"You did it, like we've said?" Electrike asked

"Yes, she took the hook. Now, if she kisses Karrablast everything will go well." Ditto replied

Later, everyone was on the stage to receive their challenge. Drifblim explained the challenge.

Challenge: It's a talent show! (Pokemon Contest if you want) Choose 3 members of your team to show a talent to impress Drifblim. Slurpuff, and a special guest. The team with the highest score at the end will win.

"So, who is the special guest?" Gligar asked

"It's Slurpuff's girl, the one who played in PokeStory: The Stupid & The Brain...." Drifblim replied

"Oh my god!!! Is it Swirlix Pluff Candy!?!!?!?"  Petilil yelled out loud

"Yes, here's Swirlix Pluff Candy!!!!" Drifblim said

"Hi, campers. Here's Swirlixx Puff Candy. I'm so shiny!!!" Swirlix said

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I'M MEETING A STAR!!!!" Petilil yelled

"Whatever... Go prepare your show..." Drifblim said

So, everyone was talking about to do. And they chose they're performers.

Shiny Xs:




Darky Ys:




So, the show has started with Volbeat's dancing. He was dancing incredibly.

Drifblim: 8/10

Slurpuff: 10/10

Shiny Swirlix: 9.5/10

Total: 27.5 Points

The next performer was Ditto. He was doing transform tricks. He transformed into a Bunnelby, Swirlix, Drifblim, Slurpuff, and a Shiny Gyarados...

Drifblim: 8/10

Slurpuff: 9/10

Shiny Swirlix: 6/10

Total: 23 Points


Goomy kissing Karrablast.

Now, it was Ralts' time to perform. She was singing really incredibly. But, Goomy approached Karrablast. Ralts saw her. She was wondering what Goomy was doing, but she looked down to concentrate. Then, she looked up and saw Goomy kissing Karrablast. Everyone was shocked by this scene. Ralts dropped a tear and couldn't sing.

Drifblim: 4/10

Slurpuff: 1/10

Shiny Swirlix: BAD/10 (a.k.a O/10)

Total: 5 Points


"Karrablast, you stupid jerk! I'm not going to forgive you for this!!!" - Ralts


It was Shuppet's performance. It was a electric guitar show. She was playing well.

Drifblim: 9/10

Slurpuff: 7/10

Shiyn Swirlix: 6/10

Total: 22 Points

It was Poliwag's performance. She did the catwalk. But, she tripped and fell.

Drifblim: 7/10

Slurpuff: 8/10

Shiny Swirlix: FunnyAsHell/10 (a.k.a 10/10)

Total: 25 Points

Xs Total: 57.5 Points

The last performance was Mareep's. She was doing an electric show. She was drawing Drifblim's, Slurpuff's,

Mareep evolved into a Flaaffy

and Swirlix's portraits. Then, something weird happened. Mareep was shining. She grew up and became pink. She wasn't a Mareep anymore, she was a Flaaffy. She evolved!!! Trubbish was really happy to see her evolving.

Drifblim: 10/10

Slurpuff: 10/10

Shiny Swirlix: BeautifulasHell/10 (a.k.a 10/10)

Total: 30 Points

Ys Total: 75 Points

The winner of the challenge was the Ys.

"So, the Shiny Xs, I'm seeing at the bonfire ceremony tonight." Drifblim said

The Xs were talking to Ralts to make her vote for Karrablast.

"Why do you want me to vote off Karrablast?" Ralts asked

"Because, he broke your heart and ruined your performance." Phanpy replied

"And why do you care about me?" Ralts asked

"It's nothing..." Poliwag and Volbeat replied

"You just want to use me in your alliance, right?" Ralts said

Everyone petrified

"I'm not going to join your stupid alliances, but I don't know who I'll vote off." Ralts said and left

Ralts was walking, crying. Karrablast stopped her and talked to her.

"Don't believe it! I didn't kiss Goomy!" Karrablast said

"Right..." Ralts said, mad and left

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, everyone casted his/her vote. So, the first Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said

- Petilil

"The next one  goes to..."

- Phanpy

- Ralts

- Poliwag

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said








... Volbeat!

"Phew, I'm staying." Volbeat said


Karrablast is eliminated.

"But... you've got it all wrong. I didn't kiss Goomy!!!!" Karrablast said

"Whatever, you broke the heart of a girl that liked you. That's all what counts." Poliwag said

Karrablast was mad and sad at the same time. He walked the Dock of Shame and took the Talonflam-O-Shame and left the island.

"So, another camper down and 12 remainings. What is really the plan that Electrike is planning? Is Ditto working for him? Does Ralts will join an allaince? And if yes, which one will it be? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 10

"Coins & Piggy"

Have the greatest amount of Pokes (coins) in your Piggy Bank

Winner(s) The Shiny Xs
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" A Pokemon Contest? I'm Entering! "


"Big Poisonous Battle"

"Last time Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, some of our campers showed their talents. Yeah, some really sucked, but they were good ones. Anyway, before the challenge began, Ditto and Goomy were doing a plan to make lose The Xs. Goomy had to kiss Karrablast. She did it and the Xs were really mad after Karrablast. But, Goomy didn't know that this plan was Electrike's. Whatever... So, in the end, it was Karrablast that took the Talonflam-O-Shame and left the island. So, who will be eliminated today? See that by watching this episode of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Three camperscoins were in an uknown place in the island. They were making a plan.

"Our next target is... Volbeat's alliance!" one of the three said

"Seems interesting. How do we do this?" another one said

"We will see..." someone else said

The ???'s alliance's targets

In the camp, Ralts were crying. Petilil came to see her.

"You're sad, because of Karrablast?" Petilil asked

Ralts wipped her tears.

"No, I'm going bye." Ralts replied and left


"I think Ralts still loves Karrablast." - Petilil



Everyone heard the megaphone.

"Everyone reunite to the Main Lodge!" Drifblim said

So, everyone was in the Main Lodge.

"So, let me explain the challenge." Drifblim said


You have to find the most Pokes (coins) hidden in the island and put them in your Piggy Bank. The time limit is one hour. The team with the most Pokes (coins) at the end of the challenge will win.

"Where are the Piggy Banks?" Phanpy asked

"For the Shiny Xs, yours is in the beach and for the Darky Ys, it is in the Forest." Drifblim replied


"Forest... again...." - Flaaffy


So, everyone started to search for the coins. They were searching everywhere. 10 minutes later, the Xs had found 20 coins and the Ys, 45 coins. A moment later, Poliwag had a coin and was versus Gligar. He was

Poliwag evolving into a...

attacking Poliwag verbally. She was pissed off. Then, she felt weird. She grew up. She evolved into a Poliwhirl.Gligar was intimidated. Poliwhirl, mad, water gunned him and punched him. The Ys' Piggy Bank fell and broke. Gligar fainted. Poliwhirl stole the Ys' coins. So, in the end, it was...

A Poliwhirl!

   Xs: 100 Ys: 78

"And the Xs won... So, the Ys, I'm going to see you at the elimination ceremony..." Drifblim said


Volbeat, Shuppet, Trubbish, and Flaaffy were reunited.

"What do you want, Volbeat?" Trubbish asked

"I think that there's an alliance that is trying to eliminate us." Volbeat replied

"How can you be so sure?" Flaaffy asked

"I saw three person talking and there were us on a board." Volbeat replied

"Hmm... Yeah, it seems suspicious. Do you know who they were?" Shuppet asked

"I think, I saw Ditto." Volbeat replied

"We need to vote him off, but who are the other twos?" Flaaffy asked

"Maybe, another one is Goomy. Since they are hanging out together." Trubbish replied

"I don't think so... The other twos were quite tall." Volbeat said

The alliance was still confused.


Ditto and Goomy were talking with Ralts.


Ralts doesn't accept the alliance offer

"NO!!!! I won't join your freaking alliance!!!" Ralts yelled

"But-..." the two said

"No!!! I'm tired of this!!! Poliwhirl, Volbeat, Electrike, and now you!? I'm tired of this, ok? Stop asking me to join your stupid alliance." Ralts yelled, mad

She left.

"What do we do now?" Goomy asked

Ditto was confused.

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, everyone, we won't have the ceremonies with Berries..." Drifblim said

"Why?" Electrike asked

"Because, I'll eliminate someone..." Drifblim said

Everyone was shocked...

"So, the one who will be taking the Talonflam-O-Shame tonight is..." Drifblim said












Gligar is disqualified

"What!? Why?" Gligar asked

"You're disqualified, because of your injuries. You are too much damaged to be competiting anymore..." Drifblim replied

"No, I can be in the game!!!" Gligar said

Then, the Talonflam-O-Shame took him and left the island with Gligar.

"Okay, everyone, you can go back to your cabins." Drifblim said

Everyone left.

"So, now, there's only 11 Pokemons left. Is really Ditto in the alliance that is targetting Volbeat's alliance? What will these two alliances do? What will Ralts do with her broken heart? Which camper will be the next to evolve? Who will be the next to take Talonflam-O-Shame? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 11

"Big Poisonous Battle"

Defeat a Muk the fastest as possible

Winner(s) The Shiny Xs
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Coins & Piggy "


"No Pain, No Game"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, three mysterious people were planning to disolve Volbeat's alliance. The campers had to find coins everywhere in the island. While doing the challenge, Poliwag evolved into a Poliwhirl. She succeeded to steal the Ys' coins by hitting Gligar. In the end, the Shiny Xs won and Gligar was disqualified for injury issue. So, who will be the next eliminated today? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Near the Ys' cabin, Ditto was hidden. It was holding a MP3 Player. Then, Trubbish left the cabin. Ditto played something.

"Hey Volbeat..." it was Shuppet's voice in the Player

Trubbish recognized the voice. Ditto transformed itself into Shuppet.

"We need to eliminate Trubbish or Flaaffy now!" the player said

Ditto's Plan

Trubbish was shocked and mad. He left the cabin.


"He's so dumb." - Ditto

"Shuppet and Volbeat? You'll be out soon." - Trubbish


Everyone was reunited in the plains of the island. They were two Muks.

"Why are there two Muks?" Phanpy asked

"They are for the challenge that I'll explain now.." Drifblim replied


Choose two person in your team to try to defeat one of the Muk. They have 3 minutes of time limit. If these 3 minutes are done, choose another pair and do a rotation of pairs. The first team to defeat a Muk will win the challebge.

"And what do we do? We are five..." Petilil asked

"Someone will try to defeat the Muk alone." Drifblim replied

So, the team were choosing the pairs.

Shiny Xs:

Pair 1: Phanpy & Petilil

Pair 2: Ralts & Poliwhirl

Pair 3 (Note really a pair): Volbeat

Darky Ys:

Pair 1: Trubbish & Flaaffy

Pair 2: Shuppet & Electrike

Pair 3: Ditto & Goomy

So, the challenge has started.

Phanpy tried a Mud-Slap on Muk, but it didn't do much damage even if it's super effective. Petilil did Razor Leaf on Muk, but it didn't do any real damage. Trubbish did Tackle, because it was his only move that would work on Muk. Flaaffy was doing Spark. Then, the Ys' Muk was paralyzed. And then, everyone did the same thing until the 3 minutes were done.

The second pairs switched with the first pairs. Ralts was doing Psychic on Muk and it was really super

Shuppet is evolving into a...

effective. Poliwhirl was doing Water Gun, it did quite damage. Shuppet did a Curse. The Ys' Muk was cursed and paralyzed. Electrike bit Muk very hardly. Then, Shuppet felt weird. She was grewing up and she transformed into a Banette. But, when she finished evolving, the Xs' Muk was already defeated.


"Shiny Xs are the winner!!! Darky Ys, I'm going to see you at the elimination tonight." Drifblim said

"Too bad, I wanted to fight the Muk alone." Volbeat said


Trubbish and Banette had a talk.

"You made us join your alliance and you want to eliminate us!!!" Trubbish said

"It was time that you realize it..." Banette said

"Whatever, we'll get you out of the alliance."


Trubbish Vs. Banette

"Try hard..."

Then, the two left. Goomy appeared out of a rock. She was listening to Trubbish's and Banette's talk.

"You're doing an alliance? Interesting..." Goomy said

At the elimination ceremony...

"Hello, Darky Ys. You're going weaker and weaker as I see. Anyway, I have 5 Oran Berries in my plate which means that one of you will walk the Dock of Shame and take the Talonflam-O-Shame to never come again on this island. So, the first Oran Berry goes to..." Drifblim said

- Flaaffy

"The next ones go to..."

- Electrike

- Ditto

- Goomy

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..."







"STOP!!!!" someone yelled

"Who is here?" Drifblim asked


Ralts stopping the elimination.

"It's me, Ralts." the person said, showing herself

"What are you doing here?" Banette asked her

"I'm here to say that I want to quit the show." Ralts replied

"WHAT!!??" everyone said

Ralts nodded.

"So, you really want to quit? And why?" Drifblim asked

"Yes, I want to quit... When Karrablast was eliminated, I read his mind. He was for nothing in the kiss. He was eliminated for nothing. Thanks to Goomy..." Ralts replied

"Hey!" Goomy said

"Okay... Talonflame, go get Ralts!" Drifblim said

The Talonflam-O-Shame took Ralts out. She left the island.

"Thanks for letting me quit!!!" was Ralts' last words

"Okay, Darky Ys, you can go to your cabin." Drifblim said

"But, who would have been eliminated if Ralts hadn't interrupt?" Trubbish asked

"It would be a tie. So, now go..." Drifblim replied

So, everybody left.

"Wow, now, only the half of the original cast is remaining. What will happen with Volbeat's alliance? What will Goomy do about them? Why did Ditto do the recording? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said


Episode 12

"No Pain, No Game"

Accomplish each challenge that the Wheel Of Pain will give you

Winner(s) Banette
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Big Poisonous Battle "


"The Last One Standing"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, Ditto planned to sabotage Volbeat's alliance, the teams had to defeat a Muk. Meanwhile battling, Shuppet evolved into a Banette, but the Shiny Xs won the challenge. Later Banette and Trubbish had a talk about eliminating each other. At the end of the day, it was between Trubbish and Banette, but Ralts appeared and decided to quit. So, it was Ralts who left the island on the Talonflam-O-Shame. So, who's going to be eliminated tonight? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Everyone were reunited to the dock.

"Why do you think Drifblim called us here?" Petilil asked

"I don't know, but surely for the challenge." Flaaffy replied

Then, the campers heard music. It was rock.

"Hey, look! In the sky! There's someone!" Phanpy said

"Wait, isn't that..." Volbeat said, recognizing the person

"Oh no!" Phanpy said

The Pokemon appeared on the Talonflam-O-Shame. It was landing on the dock.


Rhyhorn (now Rhydon) is back!

"Yep, campers! Rhyhorn, or I mean, Rhydon is coming back to the island!!!" Drifblim said by microphone

"Hey, guys, I'm back. And I have revenge blood in me." Rhydon said, looking at Phanpy


"Why did he come back!?" - Phanpy

"I'm back in the island! And I'll get my revenge on Phanpy!!!" - Rhydon


"That's not all, someone else is coming back!" Drifblim said

In the sky, they could see ice... The camper landed on the dock.

"Bergmite!!!" everyone said

Bergmite is back!

"Yes, I'm back! And Electrike, better watch out!" Bergmite said

Electrike ignored her.


"I think Drifblim wants to make eliminate me! He made come back two campers that knows my evil side!" - Electrike

"So, happy to come back! Chance, that I've still had my Gyarados Statuette, but I can't use it anymore" - Bergmite


The Final 12!


"So, everyone's here. Now, let's go to the stage." Drifblim said

Everyone was on the stage. There was a set of chairs.

"Sit down there and I'll explain the challenge. But, first let me says that there's no more teams. Congratulations, you're in the merge." Drifblim said

So, everyone sat on a chair and everyone was happy.

Challenge: You'll spin the Wheel of Pain and it will choose a challenge that you must accomplish to go to the next round. The winner will be the one who accomplish the most challenges.

"So, we'll start with our last bottom 2. Trubbish and Banette! Vote for who you want them to go first." Drifblim said

Trubbish received the most votes and spinned the wheel. It landed on a image of Voltorb.

"So, Trubbish, you're challenge is the Jump Voltorb. You have to jump over 10 Voltorbs without them exloding." Drifblim said

Trubbish was doing the challenge. He was doing well. But, then he slipped and the Voltorb in front of him exploded.

"Trubbish, eliminated!!" Drifblim said

His chair changed into an old prisoner handcoff.

"So, who wants to do the next challenge?" Drifblim asked

"I think Phanpy wants to do it." Rhydon said

"Okay, Phanpy come over here!" Drifblim said

Phanpy sighed and spinned the wheel. It landed on a Beedrill image.

"Phanpy, you're challenge is to be covered with honey. A Beedrill will be sent out and will lick the honey. You have to stay for 1 minute without complaining." Drifblim said

So, Phanpy did the challenge. One minute passed, and Phanpy succeeded his challenge.

"Okay, so, Phanpy since you succeeded your challenge, you can choose someone to do the next challenge. If the person you choose succeed to do his/her challenge, you'll be the one eliminated of the challenge." Drifblim said


Phanpy agreeing that Rhydon will be the next to do a challenge.

So, everyone whispered "Rhydon". Phanpy agreed.

"You will be out!" Rhydon said

His challenge was to be in a box with 3 Ursarings for 30 seconds and survive. He entered it and everyone saw the box shaking. 30 seconds passed, and Rhydon left the box. He succeeded, so, Phanpy was out of the challenge.

After that, many challenges passed. The final 2 were Banette and Rhydon. It was Banette's turn. She spinned the wheel and it landed on a Floatzel image.

"Banette, you're challenge is Spin The Roll on The Water For One Minute." Drifblim said

"What?" Banette asked

So, everyone was on the beach. and saw a big cylindric piece of wood. And there was a Floatzel on it.

"Yep, you have to compete this Floatzel which is an expert in this game." Drifblim said

So, Banette was on the wood. She was scared. The challenge had started. They rolled. Banette saw Floatzel's smile. So, she became determinated. She rolled faster. Floatzel was scared. Then, one minute passed, and Floatzel fell in the water. Banette won the challenge and immunity.

"Damn!" Rhydon said

"Congratulations Banette, you've won immunity and the first merge challenge!" Drifblim said

"So, the others, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony." he continued


Everyone were reunited. Rhydon wasn't here.

"We need to get Rhydon out of here!" Phanpy said

"You're right! He will cause to much problems." Poliwhirl said

"So, everyone agrees?" Goomy asked

"Yes, I agree!" Ditto replied

And everyone agreed.

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, we don't have any Oran Berries left. Don't know why.... So, we're going to show for who you voted." Drifblim said

Everyone gulped, except Rhydon.

So, on the screen:

Poliwhirl voted for Rhydon.

Phanpy was praying for Rhydon to go.

Volbeat voted for Rhydon.

Banette voted for Trubbish.

Trubbish voted for Rhydon.

Flaaffy voted for Rhydon.

Ditto voted for Rhydon.

Goomy voted for Rhydon.

Electrike voted for Bergmite.

Bergmite voted for Electrike.

Petilil voted for Rhydon.

Rhydon voted for Phanpy.

"Wow, some surprises." Drifblim said

"So, for the numbers of votes."

Bergmite: 1

Electrike: 1

Phanpy: 1

Trubbish: 1

Rhydon: 8

"So, that means that Rhydon is-" Drifblim said

"Wait!" Rhydon said

"What is it?" Drifblim asked

"I want to use my Gyarados Stautette." Rhydon replied

Everyone was surprised.

"So, you want to eliminate who?" Drifblim asked

"Phanpy!" Rhydon replied


Phanpy is eliminated

Phanpy was petrified. So, the Talonflam-O-Shame took Phanpy and left the island. Everyone went back to their cabin.

Bergmite and Rhydon were talking.

"Thanks for giving me the Gyarados Statuette." Rhydon said

"Your welcome. But, now, let's try to eliminate Electrike, ok?" Bergmite said

Rhydon nodded.

"Wow, what an elimination! So, with that 11 campers remaining! What will Bergmite and Rhydon do? Will Rhydon be eliminated next time since he has nothing? What will Electrike do about Bergmite and Rhydon? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Which character do you want to win/favorite from the Final 11?

The poll was created at 19:32 on March 9, 2014, and so far 32 people voted.

Episode 13

"The Last One Standing"
Challenge(s) Avoid all thrown objects to be the last one standing on a column
Winner(s) Bergmite
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" No Pain, No Game "



"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the remaining campers had some surprises. Bergmite's and Rhydon's comeback! So, with that, the teams merged. The campers had to spin the Wheel Of Pain and do a challenge. In the end, Banette was the winner of the challenge and won immunity. At the end of the day, Rhydon received the biggest amount of votes, but he used the Gyarados Statuette that saved him from elimination and chose Phanpy to be eliminated. So, it was Phanpy who took the Talonflam-O-Shame. So, who's going to be the next going home tonight? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!! Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

So, it was a beautiful morning. Volbeat and Banette were talking discretly.

"We need to get them out." Banette said

"I know, but we need the others' cooperation." Volbeat said

"Yeah... We need to change Poliwhirl's mind, but she just wants Rhydon to be out..." Banette said


"You'll not go far, Trubbish and Flaaffy!" - Banette

Banette in the confessional.



Two person were talking in a secret place.

"So, what do we do now?" one person asked

"We need to get rid of Rhydon and Bergmite!" the other person replied


"Because, they might have other dangerous things. Phanpy was eliminated, because of Rhydon. Don't you remember?"

"That's right..."


Poliwhirl and Petilil were talking.

Poliwhirl abd Petilil talking

"Okay, we're trying to eliminate Rhydon! Okay?" Poliwhirl said

"Why him?" Petilil asked

"Because, I order it!" Rhydon replied

"Okay..." Petilil said


Bergmite and Rhydon were talking.

"You need to win this challenge or they're going to eliminate you!" Bergmite said to Rhydon

"You're right..." Rhydon said

"Good, now, let's go! Drifblim is waiting." Bergmite said

Rhydon blushed...

At the beach...

"Alright, campers you're all here. So, now let me explain the challenge." Drifblim said


You'll stand on a column on the water. You have avoid all the thing we'll throw to not fall in the water. The last one standing will win immunity.

So, the campers were all standing on a column.

"Oh my god... So, high..." Petilil said

"What do you have?" Ditto asked Petilil

"I have height phobia..." Petilil replied

She began to sigh a lot. Then, she lost balance and fell in the water.

So, now things appeared of nowhere and attacked the campers. Goomy and Ditto fell in the water.


"I hate this challenge!!!!" - Goomy


Electrike attacked Poliwhirl with his electric moves. Poliwhirl was paralyzed and an object hit her and she fell in the water.


"Electrike, you're going to pay!" - Poliwhirl


Banette and Volbeat were watching each other. Banette used Curse on Trubbish. The two were hurt and fell in the water. Flaaffy, worried, jumped in the water.


Rhydon saving Electrike.

The remaining campers were Volbeat, Rhydon, Bergmite, and Electrike. So, now, the Talonflam-O-Shame started to attack. It was flying everywhere and caught Volbeat and threw him in the water. While the others were occupied, Electrike started to use an Electric move on Bergmite. Rhydon saw him and tried to stop him. He pushed Electrike. Rhydon and Electrike fell in the water.

"I won!... I won..." Bergmite said, not happy

"Congratulations, Bergmite. You've won immunity for this challenge! So, guys you can't vote for Bergmite tonight." Drifblim said


"Why did you pushed him? You could have won..." Bergmite said to Rhydon

"I wanted to protect you..." Rhydon said


"B-because... I-I-I l-love you..."

Bergmite blushed and Rhydon left.

Bergmite blushing

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, everyone, you have casted your votes. I only have 10 Oran Berries. So, one of you will walk the Dock of Shame and take the Talonflam-O-Shame to leave the island and never come BACK!" Drifblim said

"So, the first Oran Berries go to.."

- Bergmite

- Petilil

"The other ones go to.."

- Ditto

- Goomy

- Volbeat

- Poliwhirl

- Flaaffy

"So, with two votes the other saved is..."

- Banette

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..."









... Electrike!

"Too bad, Rhydon. You're out..." Electrike said

"So, Rhydon you're going home tonight..." Dirfblim said

At the dock...

"Rhydon, wait!" Bergmite said to Rhydon

"Oh, Bergmite!" Rhydon said

"Before you're leaving, I want to say something." Bergmite said

"What is it?" Rhydon asked


Rhydon saying goodbye to Bergmite.

Bergmite kissed Rhydon.

"I love you." Bergmite said

Rhydon blushed. The Talonflam-O-Shame took him.

"Win for us!!! Bergmite! And eliminate Electrike!!!!" Rhydon yelled

"I'll make sure of it!" Bergmite yelled


"Wow, it was so charming... Nope, I hate romance... Anyway, now there's really 10 campers remaining. Who will be the first eliminated of Volbeat's alliance if there are still an alliance? What will Bergmite do to win the compertition? Who will be eliminate first, Bergmite or Electrike? Why did Poliwhirl really want Rhydon to be out? Who's going to be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said



"I would have been eliminated... if I didn't change the votes... *Laughs*" - Electrike



Episode 14

Challenge(s) Knock out everyone on the field and be the last one concious
Winner(s) Electrike
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" The Last One Standing "


"Hide & Seek"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, there was again a fight between Banette and Trubbish, the campers had to stand on columns and avoid things that we threw at them. The last one standing was Bergmite thanks to Rhydon. Later, it was revealed that Rhydon fell for Bergmite. At the ceremony, it was Rhydon, not surprissing, that left the island with an heartwarming (not really...) leaving with Bergmite. So, who's going to be today's eliminated? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

In a weird place, there was two person talking.

"So, who's our next target?" the one on the right asked

"With Rhydon gone, we'll now attack Bergmite!" the one on the left replied

Bergmite is the next target of a secret alliance

"Okay, boss." the one on the right said


Everyone was reunited in the Dodgeball Room.

"Since everyone is here, let me explain today's challenge." Drifblim said


In this room, knock out all the other opponents with your moves. The ones who hasn't been knocked out in the end will win immunity.

"So, lett's get it started!!" Drifblim said

Everyone was fighting. Attacking each other. Poliwhirl attacked Trubbish. Flaaffy saw it and knocked out Poliwhirl.

"Poliwhirl, OUT!!!" Drifblim said

Petilil and Goomy both tried to attack Bergmite, but failed. Bergmite used Blizzard on the two and knocked them out.

"Petilil, Goomy, OUT!!!" Drifblim said

Banette was versus Trubbish. She used Curse on him and herself. The two felt pain. Then, Flaaffy used ThunderShock on Banette. Banette fainted, but Trubbish fainted too due to the Curse.

"Banette, Trubbish, OUT!!!" Drifblim said


"Now, he isn't immune..." - Banette


Ditto used Transform and transformed into Flaaffy. He used ThunderShock on Volbeat and knocked him out.

"Volbeat, OUT!!!" Drifblim said

Electrike used Crunch on Ditto.

"Get out of here!" Electrike said

He threw Ditto and Ditto fainted.

"Ditto, OUT!!!" Dirfblim said

Bergmite used Blizzard on Flaaffy ans knocked her out.

"Flaaffy, OUT!!!" Drifblim said

It was Bergmite versus Electrike. The two used their attacks. Then, the two paused... Bergmite fainted...

"Bergmite, OUT!!! Electrike is the winner of the challenge!!!" Drifblim said

Electrike laughed evily.

"So, tonight, you can't vote off Electrike. See you at the elimination ceremony." Drifblim said


Banette reunited some people.

"Hey, everyone! We have to vote off Trubbish!" Banette said

"Why?" Poliwhirl asked


Banette trying to convince people to vote off Trubbish.

"Because, he has bad intentions..." Banette lied

"What do you mean by bad intentions?" Petilil asked

"I mean like he's acting gentle and all, but he has some evil plans." Banette lied

"You're sure?" Electrike asked

Banette nodded.

So, everyone left the main lodge.


Goomy was talking with Ditto.

"Don't vote for Trubbish, vote for Bergmite!" Goomy said

"Why should I vote for Bergmite?" Ditto asked

"Because bos-- I mean because she maybe has something." Goomy replied

Goomy talking to Ditto.

"Like what?"

"Like the Gyarados Statuette, she had before..."


"Something's weird with her..." - Ditto


At the ceremony...

"So, I have 9 Oran Berries on my plate and you're 10. That means-" Dirfblim said

"That one of us will go home by the Talonflam-O-Shame and will leave for EVER.... Blah.. Blah... Now, continue..." Banette cut Drifblim

"O...kay..." Dirfblim said, frustrated

"The first Oran Berries go to..."

- Electrike

- Ditto

"The next Oran Berries go to..."

- Flaaffy

- Goomy

- Petilil

- Poliwhirl

- Volbeat

- Banette

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..."










... It's a tie!

"WHAT!!!???" Everyone said

"Okay, let's do a tiebreaker!" Drifblim said


Bergmite Vs. Trubbish

Bergmite and Trubbish were on columns.

"The first one to fall will be eliminated!" Drifblim said

So, things were thrown and Bergmite and Trubbish avoided them. Then, Trubbish slipped and fell in the water.

"Trubbish, you're OUT!!!" Drifblim said


"Goodbye, guys!" Trubbish said

Trubbish is eliminated.

Flaaffy was crying and moved to Trubbish. She kissed him. The Talonflam-O-Shame took Trubbish and left the island.

"Another kiss... So, with that, only 9 campers remain on the island. Who were the two secret people planning to eliminate Bergmite? What will Banette and Flaaffy do now? Will Bergmite and Electrike have another fight? Why did Goomy want to persuade Ditto to vote off Bergmite? See that in the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 15

"Hide & Seek"
Challenge(s) Seeker: Find the hiders Hiders: Hide and do the mini-challenges before the seeker finds them.
Winner(s) Flaaffy
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" K.O.! "


"Running Poke-Man!"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers had to battle each other in the dodgeball room, and the final battle was between Electrike and Bergmite. But, Electrike won the challenge. Later, there was some big discussions about who to eliminate. In the end, there was a tie between Trubbish and Bergmite. But, Trubbish lost the tiebreaker challenge and had to go home on the Talonflam-O-Shame. So, whi's goign to be eliminate tonight? Stay tuned to know who will it be in Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

So, it was morning, everyone was still sleeping except for two people. They were in a secret room, doing a plan.

"Our plan may had failed last time, but I'm sure that it will now be a success." the person on the left said

"You're right..." the person on the right said

The two laughed.


Everyone woke up and left their cabins. Drifblim was outside.

"What? Already a challenge...?" Ditto said

"Yes! It will take a long time. So, better start the sooner." Drifblim said

"So, let me explain the challenge..." he continued

Challenge: It will be an hide and seek challenge. There will be 1 seeker and the others will be hiders. Like the usual game, the seekers need to find the hiders, but the hiders have to finish some mini-challenges before the seeker sees them. The hiders are composed of 4 pairs. The hiders can win even if there's pairs that have been found.

"So, we already have formed the pairs." Drifblim said

Pair 1: Banette & Volbeat

Pair 2: Poliwhirl & Petilil

Pair 3: Goomy & Ditto

Pair 4: Bergmite & Electrike


Bergmite and Electrike are a pair.

"WHAAAT!!!??? We're in the same pair!!!???" Bergmite and Electrike yelled at the same time

Drifblim nodded with an evil smile


"I hate..." - Electrike

"You! Drifblim..." - Bergmite


"So, that means that I'm the seeker?" Flaaffy asked

"Yep. So, now, hiders go hide! You have 30 seconds to hide." Drifblim said

So, everyone hid and Flaaffy started her search. Volbeat and Banette were in the cabin and found a mini-challenge card. They had to do a kiss scene.

"No, not this one!!!" Banette said

"Shh... She will hear us..." Volbeat said

Banette didn't like kiss scenes.

Meanwhile, Ditto and Goomy were doing their challenge. They had to do a sand castle of at least 30 cm of highness.

Meanwhile, Electrike and Bergmite were complaining at each other.

"Why did I have to be with you..." Bergmite said

"I'm really hating this... Stupid Drifblim..." Electrike said

They were in the main lodge. They found their card. They had to clean up all the mess in the kitchen. They looked at the kitchen and saw all the mess.

"What!!!!???? We have  to clean this!!!!???" the pair yelled

Flaaffy entered the main lodge.

"I heard sounds..." Flaaffy said

Electrike and Bergmite hid in the kitchen. Flaaffy walked and opened the kitchen. She looked everywhere.

"This is a messy kitchen..." Flaaffy said

Flaaffy opened the door and left.

"Pheww..." the pair said

"I heard you..." Flaaffy said

Flaaffy looked again in the kitchen.

"And here you're are... Bergmite & Electrike." she said

"BERGMITE, ELECTRIKE OUT." Drifblim said in the microphone

Later, Poliwhirl and Petilil were hurrying to finish their challenge. But, Flaaffy saw them.

"Poliwhirl and Petilil, you're out." Flaaffy said

Meanwhile, Banette and Volbeat we're doing their kiss scene. But, Flaaffy entered the cabin.

Volbeat and Banette trying to do the kiss scene.

"Umm... okay... Volbeat and Banette, you're out..." she said

So, there was one pair left. The sand castle was at 25 cm. They have soon finish. Flaaffy was searching everywhere.


Ditto and Goomy were at 29 cm. Then, Flaaffy arrived to the dock and saw the pair by far. She ran to them. The pair had 0.5 cm missing now. But...

"Ditto and Goomy, you're out!!!!" Flaaffy said

"Congratulations, Flaaffy, you've won the challenge!!!!" Drifblim said

Everyone was reunited.

"So, now, at the ceremony you can't vote off Flaaffy. See you later..." Drifblim said



Poliwhirl listening to Petilil's conversation.

Poliwhirl was walking by and heard conversation. She looked at the window and saw Petilil's back.

"Now, we need to eliminate Bergmite. We'll attack Poliwhirl later..." Petilil said


"So, you want to eliminate me?" - Poliwhirl


At the ceremony...

"So, everyone. I have only 8 Oran Berries... And the first ones go to..." Drifblim said

- Flaaffy

- Goomy

"The other ones go to..." Drifblim said

- Ditto

- Volbeat

- Banette

- Poliwhirl

- Petilil

"And the last Oran Berry goes to.."








... Nobody!

"What!?" Everybody said

Bergmite and Electrike are shocked of their elimination.

"Yes, you were considered eliminated since from the beginning of the challenge. That's why I only said that you were out on the microphone. And why? Because you're the first pair that got caught by Flaaffy." Drifblim said

"So, if I haven't found everyone..." Flaaffy said

"Yep, you would have been the one eliminated..." Drifblim said

So, Bermite and Electrike, mad, went to the Dock of Shame and took the Talonflam-O-Shame.

"I HAAAAATTEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" Electrike and Bergmite yelled to Drifblim

"Hey, now 7 campers remain! Electrike and Bergmite are gone... The two of them at the same time... So, with who was Petilil talking? Who are the two mysterious people? Is Petilil an evil person? How are Banette and Volbeat after forcing them to do a kiss scene? What will Poliwhirl do? Who's going to be the next eliminated? See that by watchign the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 16

"Running Poke-Man!"
Challenge(s) Protect your nametag and tear everyone's nametag.
Winner(s) Petilil
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Hide & Seek "



"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, the campers had an Hide & Seek game. Flaaffy was the seeker and the others were the hiders, in pairs. In the end, Flaaffy was the winner. Later, Poliwhirl heard the conversation on Petilil and someone else talking about to maybe eliminate Poliwhirl. In the end, it was Bergmite and Electrike that took the Talonflam-O-Shame, because they were the first pair to be found by Flaaffy. So, who's going home tonight? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

It was morning. Petilil was talking to someone.

"Mission accomplished." the other person said

"Yes, now, for our next mission. Let's eliminate Poliwhirl." Petilil said


Petilil planning to eliminate Poliwhirl.

"Okay, but why?"

"Because I saw her. She was overhearing our conversation. We might be in danger if she tells everyone."

"You're right."

Later, everyone was in the Main Lodge. Drifblim arrived.

"Welcome to my Final 7 campers! For this occasion we'll have a special challenge." Drifblim said

"Hope, it's not an hard one..." Banette said


Every camper will have a nametag on their back. You have to protect your nametag and tear others'. The winner will be the one with his/her nametag on.


"Yes! Simple Challenge!!!!" - Banette


"So, this challenge will prove your trust to each other. Now, spread all over the island. The challenge will start soon." Drifblim said

Later, everyone was in different spots. The challenge started.

Flaaffy was walking alone. She didn't know who to trust. Then, she saw Goomy. She didn't know if she had to tear her nametag. Then, Ditto appeared in front of Goomy.

"I have something to ask you." Ditto said to Goomy

"What is it?" Goomy replied

"You're acting weird these days. What's happening?"

"W-what do you mean?"

"I don't know. You're like missing these days and you tell me to vote for someone by pure hazard."

"That's not weird..."

"Sorry... I can't trust you..."

Ditto tore Goomy's nametag.

"Goomy, OUT! Goomy, OUT!" Drifblim said on the microphone


"Ditto.... Sorry..." - Goomy


Flaaffy was going to see Ditto, but then something tore her nametag.

"Flaaffy, OUT! Flaaffy, OUT!" Drifblim said

Ditto ran away.

"Banette, OUT! Banette, OUT!" Drifblim said

Poliwhirl was walking and saw Banette's nametag lying on the dock. She looked at it. Then, Volbeat tried to

Banette's nametag lying on the dock.

tear her nametag. But, Poliwhirl turned around and tore Volbeat's nametag.

"You shouldn't have tear my nametag." Volbeat said

"Volbeat, OUT! Volbeat, OUT!" Drifblim said

"Why?" Poliwhirl asked

Volbeat smiled


Petilil and Volbeat were talking on the dock.

"I won't tear your nametag for now." Petilil said to Volbeat

"Why?" Volbeat asked

"I will let you safe, if you oust Banette."


"And, if someone tears your nametag, here."

Petilil gave Volbeat an Arrow Statuette.

"What is it?" Volbeat asked

"It's a Statuette that will tell the person's who tore your nametag location." Petilil replied


"Make sure that Poliwhirl will tear your nametag or I'll make sure that you'll be ousted tonight."


"Poliwhirl is on the dock!!!" Drifblim said

"What?" Poliwhirl said

Ditto appeared on the dock and tried to tore Poliwhirl's nametag.

"NO!!!!" Poliwhirl yelled

Poliwhirl tore Ditto's nametag.

"Ditto, OUT! Ditto, OUT!" Drifblim said

Poliwhirl walked in the forest.

"So, this is where you are." someone said

Poliwhirl turned around. It was Petilil.

"So, let's do the final battle!" Poliwhirl said

But, Petilil tore Poliwhirl's nametag.

Petilil has torn Poliwhirl's nametag.

"Poliwhirl, OUT! Poliwhirl, OUT!" Dirfblim said

"What? How did you do this?" Polwhirl asked

"Well... I have this..." Petilil replied

She showed her Running Shoes.

"It's cheating!" Poliwhirl said

"Nope... I've found them. So, it's not cheating." Petilil said



Ditto and Goomy talking.

Ditto was talking to Goomy

"Goomy... I'm sorry for before... I was just a little bit angry..." Ditto said

"Don't be..." Goomy said

"So,,, What can I do for you?" Ditto asked

Goomy whispered into Ditto's ears.

"Okay..." Ditto said

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, all of you casted their votes. And now, let's see who will be taking the Talonflam-O-Shame." Drifblim said

"The first Oran Berries go to..." Drifblim said

- Petilil

- Goomy

"The next ones go to..."

- Ditto

- Volbeat

- Banette

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..."










... Flaaffy!

"Phew..." Flaaffy said

"What!? No!!!" Poliwhirl said

Poliwhirl is eliminated.

A little bit later, she was tied.

"You chose the wrong one. You have to eliminate the..." she said

The Talonflam-O-Shame took Poliwhirl.


"What does she mean?" Banette asked

"Whatever... Everyone to the cabins." Drifblim replied

"So, now, only 6 campers remain. We approach the finale. So, who will be Petilil's next target? What will Goomy and Ditto do? Who will win between Banette and Flaaffy? Who will be the next eliminated? See that in the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said


Episode 17

Challenge(s) Not be eliminated from mini-challenges
Winner(s) Ditto
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Running Poke-Man! "


"Playa Des Losers"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, our Final 7 campers had a nametag elimination challenge. It was to see trust among campers and we saw that trust isn't really among them. In the end of the challenge, it was Petilil who won. Later, Goomy told something to Ditto, probably to vote Poliwhirl off since it was Poliwhirl who was eliminated and took the Talonflam-O-Shame. So, who among the 6 will be the next eliminated? Stay tuned to know on... Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

This morning, everyone was eating. There was a tense atmosphere.


"Since this last challenge, everything is tensed. They've played with out trust..." - Flaaffy


Drifblim entered the main lodge.

"Well, I see some tense atmosphere!" Drifblim said

"Yeah..." everyone said

"Okay, whatever... It's challenge time!" Drifblim said


There will be several mini-challenges. At first, everyone will vote for someone who will be out of the challenge, that can't win invicibility. After, the one who is last or loses a mini-challenge will be out from the challenge.

"So, now, vote for the one who won't do the challenge, the one who you think you should get out to win this challenge." Drifblim said


Petilil voting for Flaaffy to be out of the challenge.

So, everyone voted in the confessional.

"Okay, and the one who is out of the challenge with 5 votes is... Flaaffy!" Drifblim said

"Oh, crap..." Flaaffy said


"I have no alliances. So, I really risk my life in this game..." - Flaaffy


First mini-challenge:

Speed Quiz! Two will be eliminated. You have to answer Yes Or No to questions. When you get it right, you're safe. When you get ti wrong, you have to do another round or you're eliminated if there's 2 wrongs or less.

"So, let's start this quiz!" Drifblim said

"So, Slurpuff, what's the first question?" Drifblim asked

"Is it true that the ability Intimidate lowers the oppenent's Attack?" Slurpuff asked

Everyone answered.

Ditto: True

Banette: True

Goomy: False

Volbeat: True

Petilil: True

"It's true! So, Goomy, you're out!" Drifblim said

"Grr.." Goomy said

"Next question... Is it true that Azurill evolves into Marill at Lv.35?" Slurpuff asked

Ditto: False

Banette: True

Volbeat: False

Petilil: True

"It's false! So, Petilil and Banette will be doing another question!" Drifblim said

"Okay... Is it true that Sheer Cold is a One Hit-KO move?" Slurpuff asked

Banette: True

Petilil: False

"It's true! So, Petilil, you're out!" Drifblim said

"Snap!" Petilil said

"Okay, let's go to the beach for the final mini-challenge!" Drifblim said

Everyone was at the beach.


It's a mini race! Be the first to arrive at the cabins. The first one will win invicibility.

So, the race started. The three campers ran fastly. Ditto transformed into Volbeat and flew fastly. Volbeat

Ditto (as Volbeat) doing the race.

was mad and tried to push him, but he crashed on Banette. Ditto won the challenge.

"Congratulations, Ditto! You've win invicibility!" Drifblim said


Petilil and Flaaffy were talking.

"I want you to vote off Banette tonight." Petilil said to her


Petilil and Flaaffy talking about eliminating Banette.

"Sure. I always vote for her since she eliminated Trubbish." Flaaffy said

"Cool!" Petilil said


Petilil talked to Goomy.

"So, Flaaffy is voting for Banette!" Petilil said to Goomy

"Yay! Our secret alliance is the best!" Goomy said

Goomy left the cabin.

Ditto was outside. He was watching the conversation.

"What were you talking about?" Ditto asked Goomy

"Oh... nothing important..." Goomy said

Ditto feels a little suspicious about Goomy.

Ditto felt that Goomy was suspicious.

At the elimination ceremony...

"So, all of you casted your votes. And now, I'm giving the Oran Berries." Drifblim said

"The first Oran Berries go to..."

- Ditto

- Volbeat

"The next ones go to..."

- Petilil

- Goomy

"And the last Oran Berry goes to..."










... Flaaffy!

"Yes! You're out, Banette!" Flaaffy said


Banette is eliminated.

"Whatever... I'm sure you'll lose next time!" Banette said

So, Banette walked on the Dock of Shame and took the Talonflam-O-Shame.

"With Banette out, we have our Final 5! So, who will be Petilil's and Goomy's next target? Will Ditto discovers the secret alliance? What will Flaaffy to do to survive? What will Volbeat do too? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said


Who do you want to win among the Final 5?

The poll was created at 19:24 on April 13, 2014, and so far 35 people voted.

Episode 18

"Playa Des Losers"
Challenge(s) None
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Levels "


"I Find To Not Be Last "

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, our 6 last campers were doing elimination challenges. They had to succeed all the mini-challenges to win. And the winner was Ditto. Later, Petilil convinced Flaaffy and Goomy to vote off Banette. And it worked. But, Ditto is feeling something off between Goomy and Petilil. So, who will be the next eliminated? Stay tuned to know on... Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Drifblim was on the dock.

"Hey, everyone! Today, there won't be any challenges, because we're going to see our losers!" Drifblim said

Then, he was an exotic island.

"Now, here we are, at La Playa Des Losers!" Drifblim said

"Let's see how our losers are doing." Drifblim said

The losers were enjoying their moments in the exotic island. So, Drifblim went to see Litleo and Trapinch who were sitting on a long chair.

"This is life..." Litleo said

"Yeah, if I knew losers we're going to be here, I would have been eliminated first..." Trapinch said

"Lucky I am to be the first eliminated." Litleo said

"Hey guys, how are you doing?" Drifblim asked them

"Yo, we're doing fine!" Litle said

"Okay... So, how is it life there?"

"It's heaven!" Trapinch said

"Okay... Let me ask you... Who do you miss the most from the Final 5 (Someone that you want to come here)?"

"Hmmm... For me a GIRL!!! So, Petilil!" Litleo said

"Three of them were in my team, and I don't like them. So, I would say Volbeat since he seems to hang out with." Trapinch replied

"Okay... Bye!" Drifblim said

Drifblim was searching others eliminated campers. He then saw Phanpy, Electrike, and Budew on the pool bar.

"I'm not evil anymore, I swear." Electrike said to Budew

"Yeah, let's see in the future." Budew said

"Oh my god... Stop with your couple things. It's annoying!" Phanpy said

"Someone's jealous." Electrike said

Drifblim arrived.

"Hey guys, long time no see. How are you doing?" Drifblim asked them

"Fine." Budew and Electrike replied

"Fine, if they stop their couple things..." Phanpy said

"They are DATING!!!!!!!??????" Drifblim yelled

Phanpy nodded.


(Throws up) - Drifblim


"Anyway, I wanted to ask you.... Who do you miss the most from the Final 5?" Drifblim asked

"Umm... I would say Volbeat... He has been nice to me." Phanpy said

"For me... I would say Petilil." Budew said

"And me... NO ONE!!!! But, if I really had to choose I would say Ditto." Electrike said


Ralts and Karrablast evolved into Kirlia and Escavalier.

Drifblim went to see Ralts and Karrablast who evolved and became Kirlia and Escavalier.

"Wow... You've changed since I've last seen you!" Drifblim said

"Yeah... I've been training a lot and Escavalier has beaten up a Shelmet." Kirlia said

"So, anyway, who do you miss the most from the Final 5?" Drifblim asked them

"I would say Flaaffy, she seems nice. I could say Petilil, but there is a rumor that she's evil." Kirlia replied

"For me... I say Volbeat, he was nice to me." Escavalier said

Drifblim left them to see Gligar, Banette and Archen who were at the buffet.

"Hey, how are you guys doing?" Drifblim asked them

"Really fine, this buffet is so good!" Gligar replied

"Yeah, it's heaven here!" Archen said

"Yeah... If I had the 1,000,000 Pokes, I would buy this island." Banette said

"So, who in the Final 5 you miss the most?" Drifblim asked

"I miss Volbeat the most..." Banette replied

"I miss Ditto..." Gligar said

"And for me it's Goomy... She was nice to me at the Dodgeball Challenge." Archen said

Then, screams were heard.

"You stupid b****, you've dropped your soup on me!!!" a familiar voice yelled

"Yeah, and you did it!!!" another familiar voice yelled

Drifblim went to see the yelling campers. It was Poliwhirl and Klefki who were yelling.

Poliwhirl and Klefki yelling at each other.

"Ok, girls. Calm down." Drifblim said

"Yeah... yeah, whatever..." Poliwhirl said

"What do you want?..." Klefki asked Drifblim

"I wanted to ask you... Who do you miss the most from the Final 5?" Drifblim replied

"None of them! Except for Volbeat..." Poliwhirl said

"Hey, Volbeat is mine! I miss Volbeat more than you!" Klefki said

Then, Poliwhirl and Klefki fainted.

"Finally, with a Curse, they fainted." Banette said


Trubbish at the playa.

Drifblim escaped and went to see Trubbish.

"Oh, Trubbish, nice to see you again. How are you doing here?" Drifblim said

"Oh, it's nice here. But it would be nice if Flaaffy would be here." Trubbish said

"So, you miss her the most from the Final 5?" Drifblim asked

Trubbish nodded.

Drifblim went to see the final people and it was Bergmite and Rhydon.

Rhydon and Bergmite are a couple.

"How's your couple life?" Drifblim asked

"Really good!" the two said

"Ok... So, who do you miss the most from the Final 5?" Drifblim asked

"Hmm... I say Volbeat since he's the nicest from everyone." Bergmite replied

"Me too!" Rhydon said

"Ok..." Drifblim said

So, Drifblim went back on the island.

"So, why did I asked everyone about the one they miss the most in the Final 5? It's because, I want to do them a favor and eliminate the person who received the most votes. Which means that..." Drifblim said


Volbeat is shocked to be eliminated.

"Volbeat! Is eliminated!!!" Drifblim said

Volbeat was on the dock, speechless and shocked. He was took away by the Talonflam-O-Shame.

"So, now, there's only 4 campers left in this island!!! What will Flaaffy do in order to survive? Will Ditto discovers Petilil's and Goomy's alliance? Or will he be eliminated before? Who will be Petilil's and Goomy's next target? Who will be the next eliminated? See that by watching the next episodes of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Episode 19

"I Find To Not Be Last"
Challenge(s) Find the treasure hidden in the location given.
Winner(s) Goomy/Sliggoo
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" Playa Des Losers "


"The Final Battle"

"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, we saw our losers in La Playa Des Losers, and we saw how they were doing. We asked them who they miss the most from te Final 5, and saw some little tensions between the losers. We learned that Ralts and Karrablast evolved into Kirlia and Escavalier. In the end, the question we asked them revealed to be voting for who will be the next eliminated. So, it was Volbet who had to ride the Talonflam-O-Shame to leave the island. So, with 4 campers remaining, who will be the next eliminated? Stay tuned to know on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

This morning, Petilil and Goomy were talking.

"So, you want Flaaffy to be our next target?" Petilil asked

"Yes. I don't Ditto to go right now." Goomy replied



Petilil and Goomy talking.

"Just because..."


"I'm suspecting something..." - Petilil


Meanwhile, Ditto and Flaaffy were talking.

Ditto and Flaaffy talking.

"You need to be careful of Petilil!" Ditto said to Flaaffy

"Why?" Flaaffy asked

"Because Petilil will eliminate you. You're her next target." 

"How do you know?"

"Goomy told me that."


"I don't know if I can believe Ditto." - Flaaffy

Everyone was on the dock.

"Welcome to our Final 4, you've came far. Today, will be our semi-final challenge." Drifblim said

"How comes? We're 4, after 1 will be eli-" Ditto said, but got cut

"Yeah, today, there's going to be 2 eliminated." Drifblim said

"What?" the 4 said

"Yeah, the last to finish this challenge will be eliminated and the winner of this challenge will choose someone to go to the finale with." Drifblim said

All the 4 campers were surprised.

"So, let me explain the challenge." Drifblim said


Find the hidden treasure in the location that you'll be given to go and return to the outside of the cabins and touch the flag to be safe.

"So, now, pick one of these chests to know your location." Drifblim said

Ditto picked first and got knocked out by a boxer glove.

Ditto being punched after opening his chest.

"Ow!" Ditto yelled

"Are you alright?" Goomy asked Ditto

"Yeah..." Ditto replied

Ditto took the card in the chest. It was written: "Find the Blue Orb in the beach."

And the three girls took their cards.

Flaaffy: "Find the gold tooth in the forest."

Goomy: "Find the old key in the field."

Petilil: "Find the Red Orb in the kitchen."

"Challenge, start!" Drifblim said

Everyone ran to their location.

Ditto was the first to arrive to its location. He search the Blue Orb by digging everywhere.

After, Flaaffy was in the forest. She searched near the trees to find the gold tooth.

Meanwhile, Goomy was in the field. She saw a Bidoof with the old key.

Meanwhile, Petilil was in the kitchen, but she saw Slurpuff and she needed to beat her.

In the field...


Goomy evolving into...

Goomy was beating up the Bidoof. Then, she started to grow and became Sliggoo.


"I finally evolved!!!" - Sliggoo


She took the old key and returned to the cabins.



At the beach...

Ditto was still searching, but he got caught in a sand trap. He couldn't move.

In the forest...

Flaaffy saw in a tree the gold tooth. She took it and ran fastly to the cabins, but saw that Sliggoo was already their.

"Congratulations, Sliggoo, you're the first one to have complete the challenge!" Drifblim said

Flaaffy arrived and touched the flag.

"Congratulations, Flaaffy, you've completed the challenge." Drifblim said

In the kitchen...

Petilil was battling Slurpuff, it was hard for her. Then, she saw Ditto running with the Blue Orb. She knew that she had to go faster. She punched Slurpuff and knocked her out. Petilil took the Red Orb and ran fastly. She caught up Ditto. It was between Ditto and Petilil. They arrived to the cabins. Then, Ditto saw that Goomy evolved and fell on the ground. Petilil took this chance and touched the flag.

"Congratulations, Petilil, you've completed the challenge!" Drifblim said

"That means that Ditto is going home tonight!" he continued

"What? No!!!" Sliggoo said

"Don't worry for me, Sliggoo. You're awesome like this by the way." Ditto said

Sliggoo blushed.

At the dock...


Ditto is eliminated.

"Bye, everyone." Ditto said

The Talonflam-O-Shame took Ditto and left the island.

"So, now, Sliggoo... Who do you choose to be in the finale with...?" Drifblim asked

Sliggoo was thinking.

"You already know the answer..." Petilil said, smiling

Then she lipsynced "You're out" to Flaaffy.

"I'm going to the finale with..." Sliggoo said

Flaaffy was scared to be eliminated.

"Flaaffy!!!" Sliggo said

"Oh my god!!!!" Flaaffy yelled

"WHAT!!???" Petilil yelled


Sliggo chooses Flaaffy. So, Petilil is eliminated.

"Yes, Petilil... I don't need you anymore to win..." Sliggoo said

Sliggoo hugged Flaaffy. The Talonflam-O-Shame took Petilil and left the island.

"It's not going to end like TTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" Petilil yelled

Sliggoo and Flaaffy laughed and left the dock.

"And that concludes this episode. In the end, it's Sliggoo and Flaaffy who are going to the ultimate Finale! Who would have guessed it? So, will this friendship be crushed? Will some surprises arrive in the episode? And the most important question... Who will win the prize? Who will be the winner of all this show? See that by watching the final episode of Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Who will win the game after you?

The poll was created at 19:33 on April 27, 2014, and so far 37 people voted.

Final Episode (Episode 20)

"The Final Battle"
Challenge(s) Complete all the three mini-challenges and...
Winner(s) ??? (Don't want to spoil)
Eliminated Check the elimination table
Episode Guide


" I Find To Not Be Last "



"Last time on Total Drama Pokemon: The Island, our 4 last campers went to do a treasure hunt. And some tiny alliances were made. In the end of the challenge, Ditto was the last one to find its treasure and return to the cabins. And in the end of the day, since Sliggoo was the winner of the challenge, she could choose the one to be eliminated. And she chose Petilil. So, now, we have our final campers. Our 2 last campers will compete in a fierce battle and we'll see who will be the great winner of all the contest. So, who will win our 1,000,000 Pokes prize? Stay tuned to know who will win on Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!!!" Drifblim said

(Opening Sequence)

Flaaffy and Sliggoo left their cabin and looked at each other.


"Wow! I'm so much happy that I'm arrived this far! I really think that I can win! I don't really see Sliggoo as a sportive one and I'm pretty sure that the last challenge is a sportive one. So..." - Flaaffy

"I will WIN!!! Flaaffy isn't a really strong player. So, I'll win the prize!" - Sliggoo


"Our final campers, please get to the dock for the final challenge!" Drifblim yelled on the michrophone

The two campers arrived to the dock and saw balloons floating.

"Hello, my final campers! Are you ready for the longest and hardest challenge of this show?" Drifblim asked

Flaaffy and Sliggoo nodded.

"Okay, so do you see the balloons there? In each balloon there is a loser inside. You can try to pop as many balloons as possible to get the help of the campers you free." Drifblim said

Drifblim gave a water gun filled with rocks to the two campers.

"You have one minute! Start!" Drifblim said


Flaaffy's helper.

Flaaffy and Sliggoo started to shoot. Flaaffy popped two balloons and there was Trubbish and Budew. They fell on the ground. Meanwhile, Sliggoo popped two balloonss too. In it, there was Ditto and Kirlia.

Sliggoo's helper.

"STOP!!!" Drifblim said

"So, Trubbish and Budew will be Flaaffy's helpers and Ditto and Kirlia are Sliggoo's. And I have to tell that the helpers can't win the prize." Drifblim said

"Okay. So, now, Slurpuff, please pop all the ballons and give the campers their roles." Drifblim said

"Yes..." Slurpuff said, as she took the balloons

"So, now, let me explain you the challenge. You have to complete three mini-challenges that will be explain by some of the campers that lost. And I'll explain the first mini-challenge." Drifblim said

"The first challenge is a Karaoke on Trampoline. You have to jump on a trampoline and sing in the microphone and you must have more than 90 Points. And the challenge is on the field. So, run the fastest as possible. Ready... Set... GO!!!" Drifblim said

The 6 campers ran the fastest as possible. The both teams arrived at the same time. In the field there was Petilil, Bergmite, Poliwhirl, Litleo, and Phanpy. The girls were cheering on the teams. And Litleo and Phanpy were announcing the start.


Phanpy in confessional.


"I don't really know who will win. I'm really excited to know!" - Phanpy


So, the two teams started to sing.

"Why is it so hard?" Sliggoo complained

Meanwhile, Flaaffy, Trubbish, and Kirlia were doing well.

Flaaffy's team is doing well.

The two teams had finished singing. The scores were...

Flaaffy: 95

Sliggoo: 89

"Yes!" Flaaffy said

Sliggoo complained again.

Flaaffy's team continued their route.

"GO! GO! GO!" Bergmite said

The cheerleaders.

"I don't know why I accepted to do this..." Poiliwhirl and Petilil said

So, Sliggoo's team restart a new song. And Flaaffy's team continued. They followed the road that it was indicating and they return to the dock. There was Klefki, Escavalier, Trapinch, Archen, and Electrike.

"Hey, guys! Your next challenge is to travel all this part of the dock with an egg on a spoon without making it fall." Klefki said

"And you have to restart if all you three makes the egg broke." Archen said

So, Flaaffy's team took a spoon and put an egg on it. They walked on the dock. Meanwhile, Sliggoo's team arrived on the dock. And Klefki explained the challenge to them.

"But, you have to wait them to finish their turn." Electrike said

Then, Flaaffy's team fell and broke all the three eggs.

"It's your turn now." Escavalier said to Sliggoo's team.


Sliggoo's team's turn.

Sliggoo's team picked spoons and put eggs on it. They traveled the dock easily and succeed the challenge.

"Congrats, now, continue this road." Trapinch said


"I think that Sliggoo will win." - Trapinch


Trapinch in confessional.

Sliggoo's team were running to the next location, but then, they've realized that they were lost. Meanwhile, Flaaffy's team succeed the challenge and continued the road. They had to return to the field. There was Banette who was giving water bottles. Flaaffy took one.


"To be honest, there's bad and good luck on each bottle. I don't know which bottle Flaaffy took." - Banette



Banette giving water bottles.

Arrived to the field, Flaaffy's team encountered Volbeat, Gligar, and Rhydon.

"So, what is our challenge?" Budew asked

"You have to run from here and touched the flag to win." Volbeat said

Flaaffy's team ran. Meanwhile, Sliggoo arrived to the field and got the challenge. The two team were now running to the cabins. All the other campers were waiting there. And they saw Flaaffy's team. Sliggoo's team were catching up. And a team touched the flag and it was Flaaffy's team.

Flaaffy running.

"I WON!!!! OH MY GOD! I WON!!!" Flaaffy said

"Damn it!" Sliggoo said

"Wait a minute! Flaaffy didn't win yet." Drifblim said

Everyone was surprised.

"Flaaffy, only won the first part of the challenge." Drifblim said

"What?" Flaaffy said

"Yes, you've won an advantage for the final challenge that is a tiny nametag." Drifblim said

"Oh? The final challenge is the nametag elimination?" Sliggoo asked

Drifblim nodded.

"The helpers can help you, but they can't eliminate neither Flaaffy or Sliggoo." Drifblim said

So, now, it wa sthe real final challenge. The two girls looked at each other fiercly. The campers were so much concentrated. The final match has started. So, Trubbish began and attacked Ditto. And Kirlia jumped on Budew, leaving Sliggoo and Flaaffy alone. Then, Trubbish and Ditto ripped each other's nametag. They

The mysterious nametag.

were out. Kirlia and Budew too. So, now, it was the final battle. The two girls were fighting. The campers were encouraging each fighter. And then a nametag was ripped. The campers were impressed.

"So, I won..." the winner said

"Congratulations, Sliggoo! You're the grand winner of Total Drama Pokemon: The Island!!!" Drifblim said


Sliggoo is the winner


"So, Flaaffy got the unlucky bottle." - Banette


It was the night.

"And here I give the final Oran Berry to Sliggoo, the big winner of Total Drama Pokemon: The Island." Drifblim said

"Yes! I've won!!!" Sliggoo said and kissed Ditto

Flaaffy was still happy.

"It doesn't bother you to have lose?" Trubbish asked Flaaffy

"No, look at her... She's know happy and have a bright personnality. She deserved to win." Flaaffy said

Flaaffy kissed Trubbish.

"Let's throw Drifblim in the water!" Litleo said

"YEAH!!!" Everyone said

"What? No!" Drifblim said

The guys took him and threw him in the water.

"Wow, I'm so happy! You don't know how I wanted to do that to you?" Slurpuff said

"Oh, chef~" Petilil said to her

"Ladies, need to throw you in the water." she continued

"What?" Slurpuff said

She ran away and the girls followed her.

"So, in the end... It is Sliggoo, the big winner of Total Drama Pokemon: The Island. She is the grand winner of the 1,000,000 Pokes. So, will there be a second season? That, I really don't know... So, whatever... Now, we say Goodbye to our show. Goodbye, Total... Drama... Pokemon... The Island!" Drifblim said

1 year later...


One year later...

In a store, we could see a TV showing Flaaffy and Sliggoo. The two made a show together with the money...


Producer's Note

Thank you for everyone who supported this project. I've finally finished it! I hope you liked all this show and I hope you're not disappointed in the ending. Well, whatever... I'm here to announce that I won't do another season. Why? Because I'm really busy and it's really tiring to do all this. So, I hope you won't be too sad. So, goodbye. :)

Elimination Table

This is the elimination table of Total Drama Pokemon: The Island.

# Contestant Team Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 125 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
8th/9th Bergmite (Female) Darky Y YES IN WIN WIN WIN OUT Returns in No Pain, No Game SAFE WIN LOW7 OUT8
11th Rhydon (Male) Shiny X YES IN SAFE OUT Returns in No Pain, No Game2 LOW OUT
13th Kirlia (Female) Shiny X NO IN SAFE SAFE HIGH WIN HIGH WIN WIN SAFE WIN QUIT4 Evolved between Big Poisonous Battle and Playa Des Losers
15th Escavalier (Male) Shiny X NO IN HIGH SAFE HIGH WIN SAFE WIN WIN OUT Evolved between A Pokemon Contest? I'm Entering! and Playa Des Losers
16th Archen (Male) Darky Y NO IN WIN WIN WIN SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
17th Trapinch (Male) Darky Y NO IN WIN WIN WIN LOW WIN OUT
18th Budew (Female) Shiny X NO IN SAFE HIGH SAFE WIN OUT1
19th Klefki (Female) Shiny X NO IN SAFE SAFE OUT
20th Litleo (Male) Shiny X NO IN OUT


1: Budew was eliminated, because Poliwag had the PokeBall Statuette that made her invicible. So, only the votes to Budew worked.

2: This Pokémon has evolved in the episode.

3: This Pokemon is disqualified. (for injuries reasons or else)

4: Ralts quit the show, saving Trubbish and Banette from elimination.

5: Merge Episode (Beginning of the merge)

6: Rhydon was supposed to be eliminated, but he used his Gyarados Statuette and eliminated Phanpy

7: Tiebreaker

8: Electrike and Bergmite were considered as eliminated since the beginning of the challenge since they were the first couple to have been found.

9: Volbeat was eliminated by the eliminated campers who answered Drifblim's question: "Who do you miss the most from the Final 5?"

10: Sliggoo's reward for winning was to choose the next eliminated and she picked Petilil.

11: Ditto is out, because it arrived last in the challenge.


  • Pokemon were chosen by luck.
  • The pictures and the story are drawn/written by me
  • Some of the challenges in Episode 4 were based on Running Man (A South Korean variety show)
  • The challenge of Episode 16 is based of the nametag elimination challenge in Running Man.
  • The final challenge is inspired of Running Man too.
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