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  • Joke
  • Trixie
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  • Jay
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  • Mark
  • Gad
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  • Alice
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  • Don
  • Dante
  • River
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The series will be composed of 16 Fanon Characters, of which I do not have the models currently but will be shortly


Episode one: explosive new beginnings

A camera records the reflection of the sun, when quickly a well-known voice says.

Unknown: your intern, record for this place.

The camera changes direction, focusing on the elegant and sadistic host: Chris Mclean

Chris Mclean: Direct from Canada, Ontario I'm Chris Mclean and I bring you another season of the best reality show of the moment "Total Drama". As always accompanied by Chef Hatchet, Chef greets the camera.

Chef gets a little upset but in the end he gives in to Chris' request.

Chef: Oh right, greetings to the audience.

Chris Mclean: Nice as always Chef, but good after all these seasons you have to know the rules of the game, but just to be sure we will review them. A handful of naive campers agreed to spend the whole summer in an unpleasant place, where despite facing death every week with a difficult challenge, if something killed a camper some day that would surely be the food.

Chef gets mad at Chris, grabs him by the shirt and is about to hit him.

Chris Mclean: Quiet friend, because we do not greet the campers.

Chef goes down to Chris and sees in the direction of the bus.

Chef: Well, they finally hired an intern with a driver's license.

Chris: Not exactly.

Chef: Then what ...

Chef looks at Chris, who has a smile drawn on his face, which makes both laugh at the same time.

A change of shot, we went to see a group of teenagers inside a bus, clearly this season's cast, they are listening to a strong electronic music.

Don: This is a real party.

Gad: I think the same, brother.

Mark tries to read a book that he brought, but the noise of music and laughter make it impossible to start his reading, therefore he begins to show his displeasure.

Mark: You can go down to that, I been try to read you know

Behind Mark, a strange figure moves stealthily, which is Kevin,Kevin ago him a wedgie

Kevin: Come on, man, there's no reason for you to ruin the party.

Mark screams in pain for the wedgie and while the group of boys laughs, Emily clearly bothers him the noise he makes when crying and decides to go to the back of the bus, when he is about to arrive he steps on someone's shoe.

Emily: Oh, I'm sorry ...

Emily screams, since she is scared with the height of the young man to whom the shoe belonged

Emily: A giraffe!

Tim, the extremely tall companion, could not ignore the comment.

Tim: You said something about me.

Emily: No, I have not said anything, I'm sorry,

Emily decides to go back to her seat.

Elsewhere on the bus we see Jay, who is showing off his muscles in front of Alice and Susan.

Jay: they can touch a muscle if they want.

Alice: Oh, you're in very good shape. Boy, I also train my physique.

Jay: Being that thin, I really doubt it.

This comment angers Alice a little.

Susan: Enough of this.

Susan gets up from her seat and goes anywhere except there, you see she is very irritated.

Mel noticing his mood of Susan, decides to go talk to him.

Mel: What's the matter, girl, do not you like the party?

Susan: Honestly, I do not like anything, but the most annoying thing is music, you know, electronics is the worst thing, it's just a very ugly noise.

Joke: Retractate Girl, the Electro-Song is the best.

Susan: What? It was a play on words.

Joke: Exactly it's very funny, I could explain it if you like.

We see another part of the bus, this Kevin looking at Dante, Kevin has a look of amazement.

Kevin: Hey, everyone here is about 16 years old, so, what the hell with your hair, it's totally white, that does not make sense.

Gad: Now that you mention it, that makes sense, how much you're supposed to have.

Dante: Come on guys, gray hair is normal at an early age.

Kevin: No, it's not, you're a kind of young old man.

Dante: Oh that's stupid.

Kevin repeats the nickname constantly, which makes Dante very angry.

Maya: Oh, they are not too noisy to be a group of mathetests.

Dante and Kevin exchange looks of confusion for what Maya just said.

Kevin: uh girl, if you know you're in total drama, right?

Maya: Oh, I have not taken the wrong bus.

After hearing that, Kevin can not stop laughing, while Dante gives him a look of compassion.

Nella: Oh poor you, quiet, Chris will definitely help you to go home

Kevin: That's how you get rid of the competition

Nella: Hey, I can win this show with a hand tied behind my back throughout the competition, but this girl really needs help.

We let these campers discuss, and the next thing we see is Trixie, who is sitting on the window seat, she with a video camera that she brought from her house, records all the landscape that she observes from there.

Don: you want to keep the moment, true.

Trixie for the recording to check how it came out, and at the same time but without looking away from his camera he responds to Don.

Trixie: Yes, I think that every moment is unique and everything in this place is beautiful ...

Don: Something is happening, girl.

Trixie shouts very loudly, which manages to alert the entire cast, even turn off the music to hear what he has to say.

Gad: What the hell is wrong woman?

Trixie: It's better that you see this.

In the recording of Trixie Chris is seen next to the Chef greeting and moving away slowly. We go back to where Chris and the Chef are.

Chef: Here,Chris, how long do you think it takes for them to realize that nobody is driving that bus.

Chris Mclean: You care, I say in case of fatality it will not take much to get another cast. Chef and Chris laugh as they go straight to rest.

The teenagers are really scared.

Nella releases a nervous laugh, which later transforms into words.

Nella: I mean, it's not possible, I'm just saying, Chris would not let us die.

Nella pauses a moment to think about what she said

Nella: Chris would not let us die in the first episode.

Gad: Someone help me, we have to see who drives this bus

Gad, Tim, Kevin and Jay meet in front of the driver's door and together they push her until they destroy her.

The Four are in Shock with what they see.

Gad: There's nobody driving this!

Kevin decides to try to brake the bus, but the brakes are not working.

Kevin: It's useless.

Nella: Well, do not worry, we'll just drive in a straight line until the bus stops.

Kevin: That would be a good idea, if only we were not to hit a wall! We see a scene of the Chef with Chris.

Chef: Did you decide to put a wall in the middle of the road?

Chris: Just in case the campers decided to drive to finish the fuel.

We return with the Campers.

Nella goes to where Kevin is.

Nella: No problem, we will only change the address, it's not a big deal.

When trying to turn the steering wheel, it manages to separate it from its original place, leaving them without a way to drive the bus.

Chris: I also thought about loosening the steering wheel, just in case you want to go from ready to escape.

We see Alice take her bags and open the bus doors.

Alice: Ok guys, there's only one option and we know it.

Mark: she's crazy, you're going to kill us.

Alice: It's not like we have another option.

The campers think for a moment, but then everyone takes their bags and jumps one after the other and quickly.

Everyone jumps off the bus, but that's not for the trajectory of it, so it hits the wall, nothing really happens, it just stops, no camper is really hurt since the bus was not really fast.

Mel: So, nobody noticed that it was not really fast.

Susan: With the tension of the moment and all that, I think we do not analyses very well. Tim: Okay, that was silly, we should go where we saw Chris, they do not believe.

Joke: If we go to Chriscomenzar  the competition, "Comenzar" is Spanish, it means start. Kevin hits Joke while explaining his bad joke, many laugh because of how bad the joke was. The campers arrive at the doors of the film set, this makes many happy but one in particular is very emotional.

Trixie: Oh god, if the theme is again with the seventh art.

Emily: What do you mean?

Don: you never saw Drama total action.

Mark: You do not miss much, it's for criticism of the worst seasons of total drama. Trixie: it was a great season, it's just misunderstood.

Gad: Anyway, since Chris recycled this idea I hope he does not put a silly name like: Total drama Action 2 or Total drama the revenge of the action.

We see Chris and the Chef, who are watching the campers on a television.

Chris is really upset with that comment, while the Chef has caused a bit of laughter.

Chris Mclean: Chef dismisses the intern who invented the name of this season.

Chef: But it was your idea Chris

Chris Mclean: As it is, you dismiss an Intern!

Chef is going to choose a random intern.

Chris Mclean: Well, it's time to say hello to the campers.

Chris takes a microphone.

We see the campers again.

Chris Mclean (Megaphone): Very nice campers are welcome to the new season of total drama ... Chris thinks about the name for a moment, until an idea comes to him.

Chris Mclean (Megaphone): Total Drama: The return of the action.

Gad: How many interns you sacrificed to have that original name.

Chris Mclean (Megaphone): Shut up, you better start with the first challenge of this season.

Jay: We're already on TV. And I'm wasting my time here.

Jay takes off his shirt and starts showing his muscles to the camera.

Susan: What the hell is wrong with that guy.

Jay: I'm a bodybuilder I always train my body and I've done it for seven years.

Jay begins to pose in front of the camera, bothering several campers, only Trixie is not upset with it, she is recording the situation.

Dante: Well, then we can enter.

Chris Mclean (Megaphone): Yes, please do it.

Mark: Wait a second, that sounds like a bad signal.

Joke: Let's go!

Joke runs directly to the entrance, but after advancing he touches a mine that throws him into the air. River: Is he going to be fine?

Chris Mclean (Megaphone): Quiet will not hurt much, this is his first challenge, they must enter the film set without stepping on any grenade, the campers who achieve it will have an advantage over those who were not so lucky. Although to be honest I do not think that any of them managed to avoid the mines.

Chris laughs loudly what scares some campers.

Don: Well, someone has some idea.

Jay: Be faster than the explosions!

Jay enters the film set without thinking twice, obviously steps on a mines.

Jay screams in pain as he walks away from the other campers.

Don: It's good that we're not foolish enough to try that since we saw that it does not work, right guys.

Tim, Gad, and Kevin run at once to try to do the same as Jay with the difference of not touching a mine, Don decides to take Kevin's shoulder, which slows his career.

Kevin: what's wrong with you?

Don: Stay here and wait.

Gad and Tim run at their best not to touch the mines, but simply can not avoid touching one and failing in their plan.

Kevin: it was most likely.

Mark: You should have let that fool keep running.

Kevin gets very angry towards Mark.

Kevin: What did you say midget?

Mark runs from Kevin who wants to hit him, Don tries to grab Kevin to avoid this.

River: Do you have any idea Girl?

Alice: Let's just do rhythmic gymnastics.

Alice gives a cartwheel and when it falls she does not touch any mine.

River: Well, that seems fun.

River tries to imitate what Alice did, but as she is not so athletic, she decides to jump normal, only that she fails and steps on a mine.

River: Help!

The sound of the explosion and the fact that it was so close makes it fall back and fall, touching right where there is a mine.

Susan: Well someone has some idea.

Emily: Yes, trial and error.

Emily pushes Susan against her will, she falls right where there was a grenade, which makes her go out in the air. Emily: And there should not be any more mines around here.

Emily manages to advance a little from the mine that she sent flying to Susan, but when she is going to complete a meter, she is shot by another mine.

Mark: It's strange, but I think to notice a pattern.

Kevin: You'll start to notice the bruises before I hit your face.

Mark is still scared, but he does not run since Don has Kevin trapped.

Don: This is silly, we must think of something.

Nella: You have some idea girl.

Maya: Are you supposed to do something?

Mel sees the two keep, thinking that they will never reach anything decides to approach the other girl that remains. Trixie, Mel notices that she has been recording everything.

Mel: Well, you've saved everything in your camera, you've noticed something.

Trixie: Not really.

Dante who has been analyzing the situation decides to approach them.

Dante: I can see.

Trixie: Yes of course.

Dante observes the mistakes and successes of the other campers until he thinks he has noticed something. Dante: I think the field is not completely undermined, I can observe a certain safe area after stepping on a mine. Mark approaches them.

Mark: lend me the camera.

Mark sees the camera and understands the situation.

Mark: Already, apparently a difference of one meter between each mine.

Don: How did you come to that conclusion?

Mark: It's very easy, not all the footsteps end in an explosion, and the radius of explosion of the grenades seems a meter, so I think that could be the exact distance.

Nella: We should go zigzagging, it would be safer.

Kevin: Let's not waste any more time let's go.

The remaining 8 campers decide to follow the idea of ​​Nella, and manage to reach the place where Chris is, along with the other 8 contestants.

Chris Mclean: Finally, I thought that no one would solve it, but well, taking advantage of the fact that 8 failed and 8 did it, I will form the teams.

The fools who do not think twice about walking through a minefield are:

Joke, Jay, Alice, Tim, River, Susan, Gad and River.

You will be, the bad writers.

Jay: Yes! That's what he was talking about!

Jay takes off his shirt and starts posing again.

Jay: Wait as we call ourselves.

Chris Mclean: On the other hand, those who came here without a scratch.

Don, Nella, Mel, Kevin, Mark, Trixie, Dante and Maya.

It will be the nervous cameramen.

Don: Okay, I think, the names do not make me the most interesting.

Susan: I agree, we can choose the names, for something you know, make sense

Chris Mclean: Silence! they does not understand it, the bad writers want to say that they will make a film with a lousy plot, which therefore makes it a bad movie, and nervous cameramen, it's simple, the video quality of the film would be Lousy is fun.

All the campers begin to doubt Chris's mood until he gets angry and screams.

Chris Mclean: Enough !, they have a very bad sense of humor, I hope that their sense of search is not the same.

Gad: What do you mean?

Chris Mclean: Nothing important, but it's all for our audience, what will be the next challenge I have prepared ?, How will the teams take? Who will be the first loser of the season ?, Find out by tuning in the next episode of Drama Total .. The return of the action


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