This season will be about twenty-one contestants who Chris has brought back for a reunion season! With twenty-six episodes, the season will be big! Seven players from each generation, one from each generation is about to be revealed: The player from the first generation: It's everyone's favorite person full of deathly fumes: Owen! Owen's coming back fresh from the Ridonculous Race, and is ready to win this season! (Even though he already won Total Drama Island, or placed second in, depending on the ending). The second contestant is from the former toxic waste dump, Camp Wawanakwa. She's only competed in one freaking episode, so I decided to bring her back for more! She proves that there's no "TRUTH" in "ANNOYING". It's....STACI! Staci has only competed in one episode: the first episode of season four! She grew back her confidence once she grew back her hair. Maybe this time she'll outlast a player!

And finally, from the mechanical island Scarlett took over, she's the 3 B's: Bird hypnotizer. Beautiful singer. Bender of rules. You might not get the last one, but remember she broke Chris' rules about singing, so I had to put that B over there. After her disqualification, Ella thought it was over for her and Sugar. But when she heard about the new season, she knew Sugar would come back for sure, so Ella followed. Owen, Staci, and Ella are ALL coming back. Along with eighteen other contestants, that will be revealed in the first episode! In fact, a whole page representing all twenty-six episodes should be coming out this very same day! To find my list of episodes, go to Total Drama Reunion!/Episodes.

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