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The third installment in the Oweguy series. It's been a couple years since Total Drama Tourism but Oweguy's not done with reality shows yet. He's invited some contestants from the previous two season now 18 years or older along with some new ones and takes them to an old abandoned science labratory site. There the contestants will have to compete in challenges that involve giant robots, crazy experiments, shrink rays, and even challenges that'll take them outside Earth. Who will survive? Will anyone survive? Find out on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!



Oweguy - The Main Host

Bridgette - The Co-Host

























Chapter 1: Welcome to Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Last season on Oweguy’s Total Drama series Dax braved the perils of the fiery volcano with the treasure at the top and won Total Drama Tourism! After that the contestants were given a break and a lot of stuff happened with them. Now it’s time for them to compete in another season of Total Drama. With sixteen contestants returning and four new ones joining, who will win this season? Find out right now on the premiere of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

At a rusty gate a bus stops and drops off the contestants that were in that season. Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine were the first to get off. “Is this the place?” asked Kuro. “It looks abandoned.”

“The Total Drama locations always take place in a place that’s abandoned.” said Marine.

“That’s true.” said Kuro.

“Let’s hope Oweguy picked a nice location this time.” said Jasmine. More of the contestants then come out of the bus such as Bluto and Nianah.

“I’ve forgotten what the city has smelt like.” said Bluto sniffing the air.

“Forgot what it was like when you were out at sea?” asked Nianah.

“Yes actually.” said Bluto.

“You should’ve come back earlier.” said Nianah. More contestants walk out such as Jake, Pete, Pat, Katelyn, and Amanda.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on Total Drama.” said Pete.

“It’s probably because we were early outs.” said Jake.

“It’s nice to do another season.” said Pat.

“I agree with you.” said Katelyn hugging Pat. Amanda notices and looked a little sad because of her and Pat’s breakup.

“Dude this place looks abandoned.” said Murdoch stepping out of the bus.

“We know.” said Jasmine.

Raven then gets out of the bus looking upset. “Why must it always be the abandoned buildings?” she asked.

“It’s a theme for Total Drama.” said Kuro. Raven groans.

“Woo!” cheered Dax on the bus. “Time for another season with the,” he then trips and falls off the bus with Chloe coming out behind him.

“This always happens at home.” she said.

“It happens to me every day.” said Sparky appearing behind Chloe who then trips and falls on Dax. Jerry then comes out with Roxanne and steps on both of them.

“What kind of place is this?” asked Jerry upset. “It looks very crappy.” “This is just the gate.” said Jasmine.

“She’s right.” said Roxanne. “It’ll probably get worse when we get in.” As Dax and Sparky try to get up off the ground York then steps on the two of them.

“What up dawgs?” he asked with everyone looking at him. “The Yorkmeister is going to win this competition!”

“Why did he have to join?” asked Jasmine to herself. As Dax and Sparky tried to get up again Bianca steps on them with them screaming in pain due to her heals.

“Hi everyone!” she said excited. “I’m happy to get on to the third season.” “She uses too much makeup.” said Nianah.

“I agree.” said Bluto. Sae then comes out of the bus last with Dax and Sparky moving away so they wouldn’t get stepped on. She almost falls out but is caught by Pete.

“Careful there.” he said. “Those steps could get slippery.”

“Thank you sir.” said Sae smiling and blushing.

“Name’s Pete.” he said. Sparky starts elbowing and winking at him and he just pushes him away. Suddenly everyone hears a honking sound and the gate opens with Oweguy driving a tram.

“Finally!” groaned Raven. “What took you so long?”

“I had to rent this tram.” said Oweguy. “I’m only renting it for an hour. Now everybody get on.” All of the contestant’s board on as the tram goes inside the gate.

“What is this place?” asked Kuro.

“It’s your new location for the season, an abandoned science site.” said Oweguy. “Allow me to show the locations. Over there is the main science building where some of the challenges will take place. It has some neat science stuff in there such as some robots, some weird things in jars, a shrink / growth ray and a rocket.”

“Cool.” said Dax amazed.

“And over here is a confessional.” said Oweguy. “Yeah we finally got one, but it’s just a plastic outhouse but it’s good enough.

“This place stinks like Owen when he pees.” said Raven in the confessional.

“Over here is the elimination ceremony room.” said Oweguy pointing to an area with seats and a podium. “If you don’t get a Scientific Oweguy statue you will have to take the Teleporter of Shame.” The Teleporter of Shame was shown to be near the elimination ceremony.

“Does it work?” asked Chloe.

“The interns tested it and it’ll take you to the losers resort instantly.” explained Oweguy. “We even had one try it out.” It cuts to Antarctica showing an intern cold and shivering.

“I hope the intern’s okay.” said Dax.

“I don’t think that thing is going to work.” said Chloe in the confessional.

“Now over here is the kitchen where you’ll be served delicious meals.” said Oweguy.

“I hope.” said Nianah.

“And over here is where you’ll be sleeping.” said Oweguy. “The building on the left is for the boys while the one on the right is for the girls.

“Neat buildings.” said Sparky.

“Let’s hope the beds are comfortable.” said Raven.

“And lastly this is my quarters.” said Oweguy with tram going near a huge fancy building. “Only Bridgette, the interns and I are allowed in here so the rest of you stay out!”

“You won’t let us in your hot tub I take it.” said Nianah.

“Yes, after Dax accidently peed in the last one.” said Oweguy.

“Sorry.” said Dax.

“When did Dax pee in the hot tub?” asked Sparky in the confessional.

“So that’s the tour.” said Oweguy. “Right now I’m going to drop you guys off at your cabins so you can settle down and about an hour later I’ll be assigning teams.”

“No challenge this time?” asked Nianah.

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “You’ll be put in teams without having to do a challenge. Plus it’ll be two teams again instead of four this time.”

“Will we be naming the teams like last season?” asked Dax.

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “I’ll be naming the teams this time.

“Aw.” said Dax disappointed. Oweguy’s tram then stops in front of the cabins. “See you in a bit.” said Oweguy. “I’m going to return this tram to the place I rented it from.” He then drives away but comes back and drops their luggage in front of them and drives away again.

“Well for starters I like how the cabins are made of metal instead of wood.” said Chloe.

“Like the trailers from Total Drama Action?” asked Sparky.

“Yeah, like the trailers from Total Drama Action.” said Chloe. The boys then go into their cabins while the girls go into theirs. Inside the boy’s cabin there were ten beds, a table, four windows, and a satellite TV.

“Dude this place has more bed than my bedroom.” said Murdoch.

“Couldn’t Oweguy get cable?” asked Jake.

“Hey I have satellite.” said Pete.

“That’s because you live on a farm.” said Bluto.

“I now live in the city.” said Pete.

“If he lives in the city why can’t he get cable?” asked Bluto in the confessional.

“Should we decide on what beds to use?” asked Kuro.

“How bout we do it alphabetically?” asked Sparky.

“That sounds good.” said Kuro. “What do you guys think?”

“Meh, I guess.” said Bluto. The contestants then get on the beds alphabetically.

“This isn’t too bad.” said Pete.

“I wonder how the girls are doing?” asked Kuro. Over at the girl’s cabin shouting is heard.

“Look just decide on how we should sleep so we can settle down before teams are decided!” shouted Nianah.

“I will once you stop arguing about my decisions on how to sleep!” shouted Raven.

“Let’s just decide on our beds while they’re arguing.” whispered Chloe to Marine.

“Agreed.” said Marine. The girls then got into the beds while Raven and Nianah kept arguing. It took a while for them to stop but they just kept arguing. Raven then noticed two empty beds.

“I think the girls decided their beds while we were arguing.” she said.

“It always happens when two people are arguing.” said Nianah. The girls sit in their beds and then settle down. About an hour later Oweguy arrived in front of the cabins.

“Attention contestants!” he shouted in a megaphone. “It’s time to decide the teams!”

“Doesn’t Oweguy know I nap during this time?” asked Marine.

“Why do you care?” asked Nianah. “Do you live with him?”

“Yes.” said Marine. “I’m married to him.” Nianah looked surprised.

“You obviously missed the Total Drama Tourism reunion special didn’t you.” said Chloe.

“Yes because Oweguy picked me up for the show. said Nianah.

“So did we.” said Chloe. “But some of us went to their wedding.”

“I wasn’t invited.” said Nianah.

“For a good reason.” said Raven. The two start to fight again. About fifteen minutes later the contestants were at the elimination ceremony area.

“Glad you all could make it.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to form the teams. When I call your name stand on the left side of the stage, Kuro, Dax, Sparky, Pete, Murdoch, Marine, Jasmine, Chloe, Amanda, and Sae. The ten of you are now called the Techno Smashers!”

“Awesome!” said Sparky.

“Cool name.” said Kuro.

“The rest of you, Bluto, Jake, Jerry, Pat, York, Bianca, Katelyn, Raven, Nianah, and Roxanne, you guys are now called the Explosive Mines!”

“A little simple but cool.” said Pat.

“So is it time for the first challenge?” asked Sparky.

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “First challenge begins tomorrow after breakfast. I think you guys should head back to the cabins because it’s getting late.”

“Late?” asked Sparky surprised. “But I think the sun is still…” He sees the sun had finished setting and it turned dark. “Oh.” he said. Later the contestants were back at their cabins and were getting in their pajamas.

“Interesting place.” said Kuro. “I sure hope some of us get farther than we did in our last seasons.”

“I hope so too.” said Pete. “I’ve really improved since the first season.”

“You guys are all going to lose!” shouted York. “The Yorkmeister will beat all of you and win the money.”

“Jasmine was right, he is annoying.” said Kuro.

“I know.” said Sparky. “He even used one of my t-shirts as a tissue just because he couldn’t find a tissue which happened to be right behind him!”

“At least he’s on the other team so we won’t have to deal with him much.” said Kuro.

“True.” said Sparky. “Now let’s get some shut eye.”

“You’re right.” said Kuro. “We’ve got to prepare for the first challenge tomorrow.” All of the contestants then fall asleep. The following morning a honk is heard waking everyone up.

“Breakfast!” shouted Oweguy.

“Oh boy!” cheered Dax. “I’m starving!”

“I sure hope it’s not gruel.” said Nianah. Five minutes later they see that the mess hall had a buffet with some intern cooks behind it.

“Wow!” said Sparky surprised. “A buffet with food that looks edible!”

“But it still smells funny.” said Nianah sniffing the food. About five minutes later while the contestants were having breakfast Oweguy walks in.

“Hello contestants.” He greeted. “Are you prepared for your first challenge?” “We’re always prepared!” cheered Sparky.

“Well you’d better be.” said Oweguy. “Meet me outside when you’re finished eating.”

“I sure hope the challenge won’t be too hard.” said Katelyn.

“I don’t think so.” said Pat. “The first challenge is always easy right?

“I know Oweguy well and basically the first challenge will be hard.” said Marine.

“Ah poo.” said Pat. “But I still think it’ll be easier than the others. Five minutes later the contestants meet Oweguy.

“Ready for your first challenge?” asked Oweguy.

“Bring it on!” cheered Dax.

“Okay then.” said Oweguy. “Let them out interns!” Suddenly huge giant shadows appear over the contestants with then looking scared and shocked.

“Oh crap.” said Bluto.

“Do you think the contestants have the guts to take on their first challenge or will they all fail like chickens?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 2: Transmashers, Robots that Love to Smash

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the twenty contestants arrived at their new home and were put onto the two teams. Now they are about to face their first challenge. Do they have to guts to face it? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Continuing where the previous episode left off, the contestants see huge shadows in front of them. The shadows were revealed to be two giant robots in front of them. “Dude what’s with the robots?” asked Murdoch.

“This is your first challenge.” said Oweguy. “Each team has a robot chasing them and it’s trying to beat you guys to a pulp so stay away. The first team to have all its members at the main science building will win invincibility. The other team will have to vote someone off.”

“Does this dude want us to get nearly killed by robots?” asked Murdoch in the confessional.

“You’re not trying to get us killed right?” asked Amanda.

“I’ve said this before, if I got any one of you seriously injured I will get sued by your parents.” said Oweguy.

“Thank goodness.” said Murdoch.

“I think we can handle giant robots.” said Pete.

“I agree.” said Kuro. “We’ll do fine.”

“I think giant robots are cool.” said Dax.

“Me too.” said Sparky. “I love watching the Transformers TV show.

“Funny that you mentioned Transformers because me and the interns gave names for these robots.” said Oweguy. “They’re called Transmashers!”

“Well that explains why they’re trying to smash us.” said Bluto.

“So where’s the science building?” asked Chloe.

“Way over there.” said Oweguy pointing to the science building which was just a faint dot to everyone. All the contestants groan. “Now I think you’d better get started because those robots are ready to get at you.” The robot tries to attack them and everyone runs off.

“I think I need new pants.” said Dax.

“You had to tell us?” asked Marine disgusted. Both teams end up on different paths while the robots follow them.

“Where should we go?” asked Sparky.

“I don’t know.” said Chloe. “There’s more split paths in front of us.”

“There are five paths and ten of us so how about two of us go in each one.” said Sparky.

“Good idea.” said Kuro.

“Let’s hope that robot doesn’t catch up to us.” said Jasmine. She and Kuro go in the first path, Marine and Sparky the second, Dax and Chloe the third, Amanda and Murdoch the fourth, and Pete and Sae the fifth. Meanwhile on the other path the Explosive Mines figure out what to do.

“Okay which path do we take?” asked Nianah not knowing what to do.

“Ha!” shouted York. “We just take the same path.”

“Which one do we take?” asked Bianca.

“Obviously we take the middle one.” said York. “That way we’ll all end up at the lab at the same time and win!”

“I guess we can do that.” said Pat.

“Whoo!” cheered York. “Let’s win this challenge!”

“This guy is so annoying.” said Bluto.

“I know.” said Nianah. “If he makes us lose he’s going to get it.” Meanwhile on one of the paths on the others side Murdoch stops to talk to Amanda.

“Yo, I noticed you looked sad the other day.” He said. “Why is that?”

“I had a breakup a few weeks ago.” said Amanda.

“With that Pat guy?” asked Murdoch shocked. “That guy is a total loser. In my opinion you have to trust someone who cares about you, in my case, me.” Amanda looked nervous. Meanwhile on another path Pete and Sae move on.

“Hey, thanks for helping me out yesterday.” said Sae. “You’re a very sweet guy.”

“Why thank you.” said Pete. “It must suck to be homeless.”

“It does.” said Sae. “I have to sleep in alleys, I can’t afford and food, shelter, and clothing, and I’m stuck wearing this dress I’ve found.”

“I think this competition will help.” said Pete. “A sweet girl like you will have to go far.” Sae then smiles but the walls behind them suddenly burst open with the Transmasher finding them.

“Oh no!” shouted Sae. “The robot has caught up to us!”

“Run!” shouted Pete picking up Sae so she wouldn’t get left behind. Meanwhile the Explosive Mines were still on the path.

“It was stupid for all of us to take the one path.” said Jerry.

“But you’ll be glad at the end because we’ll have everyone at the end first and we’ll win!” bragged York.

“Someone please shut him up.” said Roxanne.

“We’ll try and make sure he gets voted off if he makes us lose.” Suddenly the walls crash behind them and the other Transmasher had caught up to them.

“The other Transmasher!” screamed Pat.

“Let’s get out of here!” shouted Katelyn running toward Pat.

“What?!” asked York shocked. “We can take on this robot!”

“You’re wanting us to get killed?!” asked Nianah.

“No, I want us to win this stupid challenge and beat a giant robot.” said York.

“That’s it.” said Raven. “I’ve had enough of him.”

“Whoa whoa whoa.” said Pat stopping Raven. “Why don’t we leave without him.” “For once I agree.” said Bluto. “That guy is giving me a headache.” The contestants start walking away.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” shouted York. “Nobody’s leaving until I beat this robot!” Everyone stays and looks upset at York. Meanwhile Kuro and Jasmine walk down their path.

“I sure hope everyone else is doing alright.” said Jasmine.

“I’m wondering how the other team is doing.” said Kuro.

“I think due to York being on their team not well.” said Jasmine.

“Why do you hate him so much?” asked Kuro.

“Well we’ve known each other since kindergarten.” explained Jasmine changing to a flashback showing her playing with blocks in kindergarten class. “I was just playing until he showed up.”

“It’s my turn to play with those blocks!” shouted younger York stealing younger Jasmine’s blocks resulting in her starting to cry.

“That doesn’t sound nice at all.” said Kuro disappointed.

“I know.” said Jasmine. “He kept doing mean things to me every time he sees me.”

“I’m sure the other team might vote him off and then you’re troubles will be over.” said Kuro.

“I agree.” said Jasmine. Suddenly Kuro’s cell phone starts to ring. “Hello?” he answered.

“Kuro, it’s Pete!” shouted Pete. “The Transmasher has caught up to us! Hurry while you still can!” Kuro and Jasmine then see the walls behind them starting to collapse and they start running. It then cuts to the other path showing Sparky and Marine.

“You know what my favorite flavor of gum is?” asked Sparky with Marine looking annoyed.

“What?” asked Marine not wanting to hear it. “Watermelon.” said Sparky. “It gives you the awesome melon taste and the awesome gummy taste at the same time. Marine then hears Kuro and Jasmine scream on the other side.

“What was that?” asked Sparky. They then see the Transmasher catching up to them and run like everyone else did. Chloe and Dax and Amanda and Murdoch see the same thing as well and start running as well. Meanwhile the Explosive Mines still watch York wrestle the Transmasher.

“C’mon you big bot!” he shouted. “You’re too pathetic to beat the Yorkmeister?!” The Transmasher than punches him and smashes the rest of the contestants deep into the ground.

“I hate my life!” shouted Bluto from the Bluto shaped hole.

“Let’s get out of here and finish this challenge.” said Jerry climbing out of the hole.

“No way!” shouted York. “I’m going to beat this robot.” Roxanne then gets some rope and ties up York.

“Let’s get out of here!” she shouted as the contestants continue the path as the Transmasher chases them. Meanwhile the Techno Smashers got out of the five pathways and see that they’re almost to the science building.

“Look there’s the goal!” shouted Sparky. “We’re almost done!”

“But the other team is catching up.” said Amanda spotting them while also waving to Pat and Katelyn who waved back while Murdoch looked disgusted and annoyed.

“We need something to distract them.” said Kuro. Sparky gets an idea and grabs a nearby rock.

“Who’s a good thrower?” he asked.

“I am.” said Kuro. He grabs it and throws it to the other team with it landing on Jerry’s foot causing him to scream in pain.

“I thought my injury days were over!” he shouted throwing the rock which hit both of the Transmashers heads causing the Techno Chasers one to fall down behind them while the Explosive Mines’ falls right on them.

“Ouch.” said Bluto.

“Good job Jerry for shutting down our robot!” shouted Sparky. “Now it’s time for us to win!” Jerry growls in anger while the Techno Smashers arrive at the goal.

“Finally!” groaned Oweguy. “What took you so long?” “We had an interference.” said Marine.

“Well anyway, since you’re all made it here at once you the Techno Smashers are the winners!” said Oweguy with the team cheering in victory with Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine high fiving and Chloe and Dax hugging.

“I knew we’d win.” said Sparky.

“Duh bro.” said Murdoch. “The first team formed always wins first.”

“True that.” said Sparky. Oweguy then walks over to the Explosive Mines team crawling out of the ground after the Transmasher fell on them.

“Explosive Mines, guess what?” he asked. “You’re the losers of the first challenge! You’ll be voting someone off tonight. See you later.”

“Who do you want off?” asked Roxanne to Jerry.

“I think we both know already.” said Jerry with them glaring at York. Later both teams were in the mess hall enjoying a meal.

“Drat!” shouted Jake. “I can’t believe we lost!”

“I know.” said Katelyn. “I’m disappointed.”

“At least Amanda won.” said Pat.

“Dude, we shouldn’t care about the other team.” said Jake. “We need to focus on our team.”

“Can’t we talk about our friends on the other team once in a while?” asked Pat. Jake then looks at Murdoch at the other table.

“Okay.” said Jake. “Now anyway, who are we going to vote off?”

“How about York.” said Nianah. “He wanted us to fight that robot instead of heading to the goal and he kept messing things up.”

“Plus he’s very annoying.” said Bluto. Jasmine listens to the conversation from the other team.

“I agree.” said Raven. “He did nothing but get us into trouble.”

“What do you think Jerry?” asked Bluto.

“He’s going down.” he said in a growly voice.

“I take that as a yes.” said Bluto. Jasmine then smiles.

“Hey Jasmine, what were you doing?” asked Kuro.

“I was listening to their conversation.” said Jasmine.

“Were they talking about York?” asked Kuro.

“Yep, and he’s a goner.” said Jasmine. Kuro then smiles.

“This food is delicious, better than the food on the plane.”

“But didn’t you like the first class food?” asked Dax.

“Yes, I was talking about the economy class food.” said Sparky. “Remember that burnt up cake we had when we stayed there the first time.

“Ick, don’t remind us.” said Marine. “We had to eat it when stayed in economy class the first time.”

“I brushed my teeth for ten minutes after eating that.” said Kuro.

“I know.” said Sparky. “I brushed mine for twenty minutes.”

“Glad I wasn’t on that season.” said Murdoch.

“Attention Explosive Mines, it’s time for you to vote someone off!” announced Oweguy. “Please arrive at the elimination ceremony immedietly.”

“Well, time to vote off someone.” said Bluto.

“Let’s hope it’s not anyone important.” said Nianah. Sparky then waves goodbye at them.

At the elimination ceremony the Explosive Mines sit on the bleachers with Oweguy arriving standing near the podium while Bridgette stands nearby with the Scientific Oweguy statues. “Welcome to the first elimination ceremony Explosive Mines, and you’re the first ones to experience it!” cheered Oweguy.

“Yeee.” said Nianah sarcastically.

“Under your seats are voting devices.” explained Oweguy. “Yeah, I decided to use the voting devices now due to an incident during season one. I would’ve gotten them last season but I couldn’t afford it. Anyway, decide who you want to vote and then you’ll get your Scientific Oweguy statues.”

“Are they made of chocolate like the others?” asked Nianah.

“Sadly no, I wanted to use real statues this time.” said Oweguy.

“Aw.” said Bianca disappointed. The contestants then vote.

“Alright, the votes are in.” said Oweguy. “The Scientific Oweguy statues go to Pat, Katelyn, Bianca, Jake, Bluto, Raven, Nianah, and Roxanne!” The contestants get their statues leaving Jerry and York in the bottom two. “Jerry, reasons for you in the bottom two, your new bossy attitude, and York, for you, constant bragging and nearly getting your team killed which cost your team the win.”

“I just wanted to fight that robot.” said York upset.

“Fine, anyway the last Scientific Oweguy goes to…..”

“…..Jerry!” announced Oweguy throwing the Scientific Oweguy to him. “Sorry York but you’ve been voted off first.”

“What?!” asked York surprised. “How could you! I was going to win this competition.”

“Not.” said Jerry in the confessional.

“Sorry but I don’t want a very annoying guy on my team.” said Nianah in the confessional.

“Time to go York, and P.S. guys the scientific interns and Bridgette fixed up the transporter of losers so you’ll make it to the loser resort without any problems.” said Oweguy.

“I’m not leaving.” said York.

“Fine, strong interns!” shouted Oweguy. Two muscular interns grab York and throw him into the Transporter of Shame. “You’ll pay for this!” he screamed as he disappears in the transporter. Jasmine looks on through a bush and says “Yes!”

“York was definitely not going to win this show.” said Jerry in the confessional. “He was too annoying and nearly got us killed. I’m glad he’s gone and no one else is going to beat the new and improved Jerry.”

“Well that end the first elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy. “Back to the cabins guys and gals and have a good night’s sleep.”

Later outside the cabins Murdoch was outside and Amanda then comes over. “Why did you call Pat a loser?” she asked.

“It’s because he is.” said Murdoch. “He got easily jealous and the guy you’re talking to never gets jealous. Now I’m going to tell you something and I want you to do it okay?” He starts whispering to her with her face looking scared and nervous.

“What do you think Murdoch wants Amanda to do?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Explosive Mines be able to win next challenge? How will Jasmine feel now that York is gone? And what is Jerry’s true plan? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 3: Ultimate Laser Tag

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the contestants faced their first challenge which was getting to the goal while avoiding giant robots that were trying to smash them. Murdoch told Amanda that she shouldn’t trust Pat and York annoyed the crap out of his team and nearly got them killed. In the end the Techno Smashers won and the Explosive Mines voted off York much to his anger and much to Jasmine’s delight. What crazy scientific challenge will our contestants face next? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was early morning at the science site and everyone was sleeping in their cabins. Yelling is suddenly heard inside the boy’s cabin and Sparky’s eyes opening up. “What is that?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” said Pat. “It sounds like it’s coming from the girls’ cabin.”

“Great.” said Bluto. “I think Nianah and Raven are arguing again.”

“Why at this hour?” asked Sparky with veiny eyes and dark bags underneath them.

“What could they be arguing about?” asked Jake. It then cuts to the girls’ cabin where most of the girls were lying awake looking tired while Raven and Nianah were arguing.

“Since I’m first in alphabetical order I should get breakfast first!” shouted Nianah.

“Well since I got farther than you last season I should!” shouted Raven. Nianah growls in anger.

“Make them stop.” said Marine covering her ears with her pillow. A knife is then thrown near Raven and Nianah.

“Now shut up and be quiet!” shouted Roxanne.

“I’m scared now.” said Katelyn.

“Me too.” said Amanda. Later the contestants walk out of their cabins and head to the mess hall to have breakfast.

“I’m starving.” said Dax.

“I need a coffee.” said Marine tired. The contestants walk into the mess hall where some of the interns and Bridgette were there having breakfast. Sparky then scoots closer to her.

“So, how was your first day on the job?” he asked.

“Alright.” said Bridgette drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey, maybe we should go out sometime later.” said Sparky.

“I have a boyfriend.” said Bridgette a little upset. Sparky then scoots back to his teams table.

“Dude, did you forget Geoff and Bridgette are still dating?” asked Murdoch upset.

“Actually yes.” said Sparky.

“Loser.” said Murdoch and then gets slapped by Chloe. It then cuts over to the Explosive Mines’ table.

“I hope we do better next challenge.” said Pat disappointed.

“I hope so.” said Jake. “After all York’s no longer on our team.”

“True.” said Pat.

“Very true.” said Jerry still upset from yesterday.

“I suggest we leave him alone.” said Pat.

“Agreed.” said Jake. A few minutes later Oweguy walks in.

“Good morning contestants.” He greeted. “How’s your third day on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action?”

“Eh, it’s alright.” said Kuro.

“Well finish up breakfast soon because the next challenge begins in a few minutes.” said Oweguy walking out.

“What do you think the challenge is today?” asked Pat.

“I hope one that doesn’t involve giant robots.” said Bluto.

“True that.” said Jake. A few minutes later the contestants were outside a building.

“What’s this crummy old building?” asked Jerry.

“It’s the location for your next challenge.” said Oweguy. “Do you like laser tag?”

“Yes totally!” shouted Dax excitedly.

“Then you’ll love this next challenge.” said Oweguy. “It’s ultimate laser tag!”

“Just by hearing the name makes me think it’s not going to be good.” said Marine.

“Here’s how it works.” said Oweguy. “Each team has to get through this laser tag course and try to get everyone on the team.” “The first team to lose everyone on their team loses and the other team will win. Understood?”

“Uh, why’s it called ultimate laser tag?” asked Pat.

“Because the guns are bigger and shoot projectiles along with lasers, aka the dodge balls I found in my attic.” He does a test fire with a thick laser coming out along with the ball which hits Murdoch’s head.

“Ha!” shouted Bluto. “I’m skilled at guns. I used to hunt with my dad when I was twelve.”

“Did you use any in the navy?” asked Nianah sarcastically. Bluto growls in anger.

“Alright, here are your guns.” said Oweguy. “First team that still has members left wins!”

“This is going to be awesome!” shouted Dax. The contestants run into the building and as soon as they walked in the lights turn off and purple neon lights then start to glow.

“Cool.” said Sparky.

“Look out Sparky!” shouted Chloe.

“For what?” asked Sparky who then gets hit by the laser and ball knocking him to the ground. The shot was shown to be from Jerry.

“The small ones are always the weak ones.” He said to Roxanne.

“I hear that.” She said shooting at Dax next getting him out.

“The Techno Smashers have already lost two members!” shouted Oweguy inside an announcer’s room on the wall. “Will they catch up?”

“How do I use this?” asked Bianca. She fires it and the laser and ball reflect on the walls and roof which end up hitting her with Bluto shaking his head upset.

“The pretty blondes always mess up during the challenge yet somehow always get far.” said Bluto in the confessional.

“Okay, my question was answered.” said Oweguy. “The Techno Smashers have lost two members while the Explosive Mines have lost one. Let’s hope the Techno Smashers can actually hit someone.”

“Hey!” shouted Murdoch. “Of course we can hit someone.” “You haven’t hit anyone yet.” said Oweguy. Murdoch growls.

“He thinks I’m pathetic but he’ll see.” He said in the confessional. “I’m very skilled at laser tag.” As Katelyn attempts to fire at one of the Techno Smashers members Marine then fires at her getting her out.

“You have to watch out for someone who’s competed on a show for three times.” said Marine.

“Ow, my eye.” said Katelyn rubbing her eye which was swelling up.”

“Are you okay?” asked Pat walking over.

“I think so.” said Katelyn. Pat suddenly gets hit by another laser gun which was shown to be from Murdoch.

“That Pat dork is also not going to win against me.” He said in the confessional.

“The Techno Smashers have caught up!” said Oweguy. “Only six members remain on the Explosive Mines’ team while the Techno Smashers have eight!” Bluto then hits Jasmine while Chloe and Jake both get knocked out.

“We’re ahead by one!” said Kuro.

“Some should get Bluto.” said Marine. Sae was shown to be having trouble keeping her gun in the air. Pete notices and walks over.

“Need help?” he asked helping her get it in the proper position.

“Thanks.” said Sae. “These guns are a little heavy.”

“Glad you noticed!” shouted Oweguy.

“Ha!” shouted Bluto. “Maybe they’re heavy or it’s because you’re too weak!” Sae then gets angry and shoots at Bluto making him out. The score was now six to four.

“Wow.” said Pete. “That wasn’t bad.” Sae then smiles.

“This sucks!” shouted Jerry groaning to Roxanne. “We’re going to lose again!”

“Let’s hope nothing can ruin it.” said Roxanne.

“You’re not using it right!” shouted Raven.

“I am too!” shouted Nianah.

“Crap.” said Jerry.

“This is how you use these laser guns!” shouted Raven shooting which hits Nianah accidently making the four on the scoreboard changing to three. “Uh, I can explain.” said Raven. Jerry then growls with his face blood red.

“This is great!” said Oweguy watching. “The Explosive Mines accidently shot one of their own members! I wonder what can happen next?” The remaining Techno Smashers members see the remaining Explosive Mines members arguing and they then start firing at them.

“This is so much fun!” said Amanda.

“I know.” said Kuro. After shooting the Explosive Mines had no members left.

“With six members on the Techno Smashers remaining and no members left on the Explosive Mines the Techno Smashers win!” announced Oweguy. The team cheers in victory. “That means the Explosive Mines have to go to the elimination ceremony, for the second time in a row.” continued Oweguy. “See you guys in a bit.” Jerry then looks angry along with Roxanne. Later outside the cabins at sunset Amanda is watching the birds while Murdoch walks over.

“Uh Mr. Murdoch?” she asked. “I’m not sure if I should betray my friends.”

“Friends?” asked Murdoch lying. “They’re not your friends. Your sister and former boyfriend have been using you. They’re just using you to go farther.” Amanda gasps in shock.

“What should I do?” she asked.

“Think about it for a while and when you’re ready come and see me.” said Murdoch walking away. Amanda then thinks of what to do. “The thing is, she doesn’t know that what I’m really doing is using her to make me go farther and to break apart her little friendship group.” said Murdoch in the confessional. “Then when that’s done I’ll then betray her and try and get her voted off.”

“Yo Murdoch!” shouted Jake banging on the door. “There are some of us who want to use this.”

“Yeah, the bathrooms are full.” said Bianca.

“It’s not a public bathroom.” said Bluto.

“But I’ve already gone a few times.” said Bianca.

“Ew!” shouted Murdoch looking in the toilet as the tape turns to static. It then cuts to the elimination ceremony where the Explosive Mines were sitting in the bleachers and Oweguy was standing at the podium.

“Welcome to the second elimination ceremony!” said Oweguy. “Now you remember how it works. You use your voting devices to vote someone off and the person who doesn’t get a Scientific Oweguy Statue takes the Teleporter of Shame. And yes we heard that York made it to the losers resort.” Everyone sighs in relief worried that it wouldn’t work. The contestants then proceed to vote. “Okay the votes are cast.” said Oweguy with the Scientific Oweguy Statues coming out on a stand from the ground. “Statues go to Bianca, Bluto, Jake, Katelyn, and Pat!” The contestants get their statues. “Jerry you’re safe too along with Roxanne.” said Oweguy giving them their statues leaving Raven and Nianah in the bottom two. “So Raven and Nianah are left.” said Oweguy. “The last statue goes to…..”

“…..Nianah!” She catches her statue leaving Raven shocked.

“What?” she asked. “Why me?! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Well we were also thinking of Nianah to go but since you happened to be the only one who shot someone on our own team it was right to vote off you.” explained Jerry still upset.

“You’ll pay for this!” shouted Raven. “It’s not fair to eliminate the runner up of last season so early!” She is then dragged to the Teleporter of Shame. “Goodbye Raven.” said Oweguy as she disappears in the teleporter still screaming.

“Yeesh, what a grouch.” said Jake watching.

“Will the Explosive Mines manage to win after losing two challenges in a row?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Why does Murdoch want to use poor Amanda for his sinister plot? And what crazy challenge do we have in store next? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 4: Virtual Boys

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action, the contestants competed in a game of laser tag. Raven and Nianah argued during the whole challenge and Murdoch also revealed his true nature. Plus, Raven shot her own team member which cost her team the win getting her voted off. What crazy challenge do we have in store for our contestants next? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was morning at the science site and all of the contestants were having breakfast in the mess hall. “Two loses?!” asked Pat upset. “Do we stink that bad?”

“No.” said Jerry. “We just had two people that made us lose. But with them gone we should probably win this time.”

“I hope so.” said Pat.

“I wonder how Amanda’s doing?” asked Katelyn.

“She seems to be hanging out with that Murdoch guy a lot.” said Pat. “I don’t really trust him.”

“Well he is my friend but he does tend to get sneaky at times.” explained Jake. “He once stole a girl that I was just about to ask on a date.”

“Then how are you guys still friends?” asked Pat shocked.

“We just are for unknown reasons.” said Jake. “But a little reminder, keep an eye on them.”

“We shall.” said Pat. Murdoch looks over at them looking upset.

“My own pal Jake talking about me behind my back?!” he asked upset in the confessional. “That just ain’t cool. Well now that those two losers know what I’m up too, I must form an alliance. It’ll get us farther in the competition and take down my team mates one by one. But who shall I use in an alliance?” Back at the mess hall Chloe sees Amanda looking worried.

“Something bugging you?” she asked.

“Murdoch told me that Pat and Katelyn have been using me.” said Amanda.

“What?” asked Chloe shocked. “Don’t listen to him. He’s a complete…”

“Hey Amanda, I was thinking.” interrupted Murdoch. “Would you like to be in an alliance with me? Amanda tried saying no but got interrupted again. “Great.” said Murdoch. “You’re in.” Amanda looked scared while Chloe looked upset. “Something wrong Chloe?” asked Sparky.

“Oh nothing.” She said. “If we lose, try and vote off Murdoch.”

“Uh okay.” said Sparky confused. He just looks at Dax who shrugs.

“Me and Amanda aren’t enough.” thought Murdoch. “Who else could join my alliance?” He looks at Pete and Sae who were talking and then smiles an evil grin.

“Dude, what’s with the evil grin?” asked Pete noticing.

“Uh nothing.” said Murdoch nervous. “I was thinking. How would you and homeless girl like to join me in an alliance?”

“Is it to get rid of the bad people?” asked Pete.

“Uh yeah.” said Murdoch lying. “We’ll be getting rid of the bad people.”

“Okay, we’re in.” said Pete. “What about you Sae?”

“Well, I’d rather stay with you Pete so okay.” said Sae.

“Yes!” cheered Murdoch silently. Later the contestants were inside the big science building and Oweguy had something covered in a curtain.

“What’s under the curtain?” asked Jake?

“It’s what we’ll be using for today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is an experiment with Virtual Reality!”

“Awesome!” said Dax.”

“How is that possible?” asked Murdoch.

“This is a fictional story so anything could happen.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the challenge is simple, the first team to get through three virtual reality games and make it out first wins while the others have to vote someone off. With these virtual reality suits you can safely go into the virtual world of video games.”

“I thought we could just walk in and enjoy the virtual world.” said Dax.

“These suits are used as protection.” said Oweguy. “See what happens when you don’t wear it.” He turns the portal on and a fly flies toward it only to disintegrate upon touching it. Dax makes a nervous sound. “See what I mean?” asked Oweguy. “Now put on these suits and enjoy a virtual reality world.” “Sweet!” said Sparky excited.

“I still don’t think this is possible.” said Murdoch. The contestants put on their suits and walk into the portal. After walking in they’d notices that their suits were gone and were in clothing similar to the Mario characters.

“What happened to us?!” asked Sparky. “I’m dress like, Luigi?!” he then sighs disappointedly.

“Yay, I’m Mario!” cheered Dax.

“At least my dress isn’t pink.” said Marine wearing a Princess Peach like dress. A screen suddenly appears in the sky.

“Welcome to your first game level!” said Oweguy on the screen. “You have to get through this level that reminds me of a Mario game.”

“It is a Mario game.” said Chloe. Some of the other contestants roll their eyes due to Oweguy not knowing it was a Mario game.

“Uh yeah.” said Oweguy confused. “Anyway, at the end of this level there’s a portal that leads you to the next game. Plus watch out for obstacles.”

“We can do this!” cheered Sparky. “I’m a video game expert!” As he runs farther in the stage he falls off a cliff.

“Nooo!” screamed Dax. “My best friend is dead!”

“No I’m not.” said Sparky behind Dax.

“What?” asked Dax. “But I thought you died by falling.”

“Look at the top dude, extra lives.” said Sparky pointing at the top showing that each contestant having three lives with Sparky now only having two.

“Cool, we can continue even if we die.” said Dax.

“Yes but be careful.” said Oweguy on the screen. “If you lose all three of your lives you’ll be sent back to the real world and won’t be able to participate for the rest of the challenge. If a team ends up losing all of their lives then they automatically lose so keep an eye on your lives.”

“Will do.” said Dax.

“Let’s roll!” shouted Sparky. “C’mon guys!” The rest of the team follows Sparky and Dax.

“Well, shouldn’t we be going?” asked Jerry. The others look at each other confused. Roxanne then makes a fist and the others got scared.

“Uh yeah we’re ready.” said Pat nervously.

“Good.” said Jerry. “Let’s beat this stupid challenge.” They start running while the Techno Smashers had already gotten over the first few cliffs.

“How are we going to catch up?” asked Pat.

“I know.” said Jake noticing the blocks above them. “We’ll jump on the blocks.”

“Well duh.” said Nianah. “That’s what all the gamers did when this came out.”

“Plus the other team did the same thing.” said Bianca.

“Except for Techno Geek.” said Bluto pointing to Sparky who tried jumping over the cliff but ended up losing another life.

“Sparky, get serious.” said Chloe upset. “Stop wasting your lives.”

“She’s right.” said Pete. “We should focus on winning the challenge.”

“We shall.” said Dax. “Let’s move on!” He then touches an enemy and loses a life. Chloe then shakes her head.

“Ugh.” groaned Murdoch. “Those two are super annoying. One of them should go.”

“But which one?” asked Amanda.

“I have to say the idiotic one because the idiotic ones always slow people down.” said Murdoch.

“You mean you?” asked Amanda.

“No!” shouted Murdoch upset. “I mean Dax. The guy who’s always smiling.”

“Why?” asked Amanda. “He’s a good friend.”

“If we lose then you’ll be voted off if you don’t vote for him.” threatened Murdoch. Amanda then looked nervous. Chloe then sees a portal close by.

“Look, a portal to the next stage!” she shouted.

“Yes!” cheered Sparky. But as soon as they were about to jump in the Explosive Mines suddenly appear and go in first.

“Where did they just come from?” asked Kuro.

“They must’ve been above us.” said Chloe. “C’mon! We’d better catch up!” The team then proceeds into the portal and soon appears in a planet like stage.

“Where are we now?” asked Pete. Suddenly a bunch of alien like enemies start to appear and attack.

“Aliens!” screamed Kuro.

“Get down!” shouted Pete grabbing Sae down with him to protect her. Sparky then notices his outfit which looked similar to Samus’ power suit.

“I know what to do.” He said and started shooting at the aliens destroying them.

“I know.” said Dax. “We’re in Metroid.”

“I actually played those games.” said Marine with her also in a power suit. A swarm of Metroids suddenly start to appear.

“Oh no!” shouted Sparky. “Don’t let them touch your head!” Murdoch is then attacked by one with him screaming. Marine then shoots the Metroid off his head looking annoyed.

“I wonder how the other team is doing?” asked Chloe. “It seems that we lost them.” It shows the team running and Bluto shooting at all the enemies while the others ran.

“I told you I had the shooting skills.” He said.

“Yes you did.” said Nianah.

“Look, the next portal!” shouted Pat.

“Let’s go!” cheered Bianca. They then disappear into it with the Techno Smashers walking toward it while some of them shoot the enemies.

“This seems to be the end of the stage.” said Sparky.

“Look, there’s the next portal!” said Pete.

“Good, let’s move on.” said Chloe. They then proceed to walk in and they then end up in the last game which was a castle and the boys were dressed like Link while the girls were dressed like Zelda.

“Cool, we’re in the legend of Zelda!” said Sparky excited.

“Look, the other team!” shouted Kuro seeing the contestant.

“Let’s hurry!” shouted Chloe. Murdoch then walks over to Dax and tells him something.

“Hey dude.” He said. “When the enemies appear, make sure to use all of the bombs you’ve got at once.”

“Thanks dude.” said Dax. “Great tip.” Murdoch then smiles evily with Amanda looking nervous. Suddenly a bunch of enemies show up. “Oh no!” shouted Chloe. “What should we do?”

“Use all of our bombs!” shouted Dax. “That’ll take them all out.”

“Let’s try it.” said Kuro. They all throw their bombs at the enemies killing all of them.

“We did it!” cheered Sparky.

“Let’s move on.” said Chloe. But as they continued on more enemies arrived and there were way more than before.

“Oh no, more enemies.” shouted Kuro. “And we don’t have any more bombs.”

“Did you want us to waste our bombs Dax?” asked Chloe with some of the others looking uspet.

“Um, uh.” said Dax nervous while Murdoch looks at him smiling.

“Guys, I think we should get to the goal instead of arguing.” said Amanda with Murdoch surprised.

“But shouldn’t we see Dax get it?” he asked.

“No.” said Chloe. “The others might be at the end by now. Let’s go.” Murdoch looked upset and the others ran through the stage while fighting the enemies. “Look there’s the portal!” shouted Sparky.

“Let’s go!” shouted Pete. They run into it and appear back in another room of the lab in the suits they put on earlier only to see that the Explosive Mines have gotten there first.”

“Oh no!” shouted Kuro. “We lost!”

“You sure did.” said Oweguy walking over. “Sorry Techno Smashers but the Explosive Mines desearve the win this time.” The team cheers while the others looked disappointed. “In the meantime, you get to vote someone off who did poorly. And for the Explosive Mines, as a special gift for winning the challenge, I’ve hooked up a video game system for you guys only.” They cheer with the Techno Smashers looking shocked.

“This sucks.” said Murdoch. Later Pete, Sae, and Amanda were outside the trailers.

“Something bothering you Amanda?” asked Pete.

“It’s Murdoch.” She said sighing. “He forced me into this alliance and has repeatedly said that I shouldn’t trust Pat and Katelyn.

“What?” asked Pete shocked. “He’s just lying to you. I tell you we shouldn’t be in his alliance.”

“I agree.” said Sae. “We should quit.” Just then Murdoch walks over.

“Well alliance partners, who should we vote off today?” he asked.

“Um Murdoch, we were thinking.” said Pete.

“Yes?” he asked with a suspicious look on his face.

“We were thinking that we should quit the alliance.” said Pete. “You’re too mean and cruel especially to Amanda.”

“Well if that is what you’re thinking then go.” said Murdoch upset.

“Fine, we will.” said Pete. “C’mon Sae.” She then follows him.

“Well at least you’re still with me Amanda.” said Murdoch. She then smacks him in the cheek.

“I’m sorry Murdoch but I’m not going to trust you anymore.” She said leaving.

“If my alliance partners are going to leave then I’m going to get rid of one of their friends.” He said with an angry face. Later at the elimination ceremony the Techno Smashers, Oweguy, and Bridgette were there.

“Welcome to your first elimination ceremony Techno Smashers.” said Oweguy. “Under your seats are voting devices. Just select who you want to vote off and then you’ll get your Scientific Oweguy Statues. If you don’t get one you’re voted off and have to take the Teleporter of Shame. Now cast your votes. Most of the contestants were shown to have voted Murdoch while a few have voted Dax and shockingly, Murdoch voted himself but with him smiling. “Okay, the votes are in.” said Oweguy. “Scientific Oweguy’s go to Kuro, Marine, Chloe, Sparky, and Jasmine. Pete and Sae, you’re safe too and so is Amanda. That leaves Murdoch and Dax. Murdoch, you were a little bossy to the contestants, and Dax, you wasted your teams bombs. But in the end the final Scientific Oweguy goes to…..”

“Murdoch.” Everyone gasps in shock including Dax.

“But I don’t recall voting Dax.” said Sparky.

“Me neither.” said Pete.

“Well obviously Dax got more votes.” said Oweguy. “Anything you want to do before you leave Dax?”

“Well I want to say bye to my girlfriend.” said Dax giving Chloe a hug and kiss. “And Murdoch, you’re gonna pay!” He then walks to the teleporter of losers and disappears while the others glare at Murdoch.

“Oh excuse me I wasn’t responsible for his elimination.” he said acting innocent.

“We’ll find out who later.” said Chloe upset with the others walking away. “Technically I was responsible for Dax’s elimination.” said Murdoch in the confessional. “After my alliance broke up I hacked the voting devices to make them vote Dax when they selected Murdoch. They’ll never know that it was me.”

“Whoa.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Techno Smashers figure out what Murdoch is really up to? Will the Explosive Mine’s winning streak continue? And what crazy challenge do we have in store next? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 5: H2Owe

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the contestants took a journey into virtual reality. They did okay but the Techno Smashers were unable to catch up with the Explosive Mines who ended up getting their first win. Meanwhile Murdoch formed an alliance with Amanda, Pete, and Sae but it immediately broke up and Amanda finally decided not to trust him. To get back at them he hacked the voting devices and made them accidently vote off their good friend Dax. Who will be the next one to get voted off? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was early morning and most of the contestants were asleep in their trailers. Chloe was looking at a picture of Dax looking disappointed while Amanda had set up a dart board near her bed with a picture of Murdoch on it. “Stupid Murdoch.” she said. “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him.” “I was going to tell you that but he immediately took you away when I was about to tell you.” said Chloe.

“Well I’m going to stay away from him until he gets voted off.” said Amanda. “In order for him to leave early you want to work together just so he won’t steal you again?” asked Chloe.

“Definitely.” said Amanda. “I want him to leave as soon as possible.” “Um can I join too?” asked Sae hearing their conversation. “I like to have nice people with me too.”

“Sure.” said Chloe. “You don’t deserve to be with someone like Murdoch.” “True that.” said Sae. “I thought he was a jerk. And do you think Pete can join too?”

“Sure but why?” asked Chloe.

“Because he’s nice to me.” said Sae. “He’s probably the first friend I’ve had in a while.”

“Well if he’s very nice to you than he’s in.” said Chloe.

“Thank you.” said Sae. She then walks out of the cabin and to the mess hall. “Hey Chloe, I have a feeling Pete likes her more than a friend.” whispered Amanda.

“I doubt it.” said Chloe quietly. “It’s too early. Let it take its time.”

“You’re right.” said Amanda. “Let’s get some breakfast.” They then walk out of the cabin and to the mess hall. Meanwhile in the boy’s cabin Murdoch was mad while Sparky was sad.

“Stupid Amanda.” said Murdoch banging the wall. “I knew she would find out by hanging out with the nice ones.” Sparky then sighs.

“I miss Dax.” he said.

“I know.” said Pete. “He didn’t deserve to go.”

“Let’s forget about him for now and focus on the game.” said Kuro. “It’ll just cause nothing but trouble if we keep thinking about Dax.

“Kuro’s right.” said Sparky. “Let’s focus on the game.”

“Agreed.” said Pete. “Now who’s up for some breakfast?”

“Me!” shouted Sparky.

“Then let’s go.” said Pete as they head to the mess hall. Once arriving all of the contestants and the staff except for Oweguy were eating there. Sparky then walks over to the water dispenser.

“Boy am I thirsty.” he said. But when he tries to get some water nothing comes out. “Where’s the water?!” he asked.

“Obvious look at the bottle.” said Jerry pointing to it which was shown to be empty.

“Where’d all the water go?” asked Sparky. “I’m thirsty.”

“I saw Oweguy taking some earlier.” said Bridgette. “I don’t know what for.”

“Maybe he’s thirsty.” said Bianca.

“Maybe he’s using it for his new pool that he won’t let us use.” said Jerry.

“Maybe he wants us to die of thirst.” said Nianah.

“Well obviously I think he might be using it for a challenge.” said Marine.

“Why would he want to use water for a challenge?” asked Roxanne.

“Who knows.” said Marine. “He doesn’t do this stuff at home.”

“Why did you marry him if he does this stuff?” asked Nianah.

“I don’t know.” said Marine. “We just love each other.”

“I’m sure the challenge will start soon enough.” said Pete.

“I hope so.” said Nianah. Pat then looks at Nianah along with Jake with Katelyn noticing.

“Something wrong guys?” she asked.

“We’re just curious about Nianah.” said Pat. “She’s never happy.”

“I think she’s emotionless.” said Jake.

“Maybe we can make her happy.” said Pat.

“It might be hard but I’m going to agree.” said Jake. “Besides, she’s a little cute.”

“All right, let’s make Nianah a happy girl.” said Pat.

“With a girl that upset during Total Drama Tourism makes it a hard challenge to make her nice.” said Jake in the confessional.

“C’mon, where’s the water!” shouted Sparky. “I’m dying of thirst!!”

“We said Oweguy probably has it and here’s a soda.” said Murdoch upset. Suddenly construction sounds are heard from outside.

“What’s going on out there?!” asked Jerry upset.

“Sounds like someone’s building something.” said Pat.

“Could it be Oweguy?” asked Bianca.

“Most likely.” said Marine. The construction sounds lasted for a few more minutes then it stopped.

“Must be done.” said Pete.

“I hope he wasn’t demolishing our cabins.” said Jerry.

“Probably not.” said Kuro. Oweguy then walks in all sweaty.

“Hello contestants.” he said. “Your next challenge begins in a few minutes. And make sure to wear your swimwear.” He then leaves.

“Are we going swimming?” asked Sparky.

“Who knows.” said Kuro. A few minutes later the contestants arrived in their swimwear with Oweguy standing near them.

“Why did you make us put on our swimwear?!” asked Jerry upset. “There’s nothing here that contains water!”

“Oh you’ll see it in a second.” said Oweguy pulling a lever causing the ground behind him to open up. “Behold the largest, deepest, swimming pool ever!”

“So that’s where all the water went.” said Sparky.

“Correct Sparky, I needed some water to fill this pool with.” said Oweguy. “But you can’t drink it now because I put chlorine in it.”

“Ah shoot!” shouted Sparky.

“So what’s the challenge?” asked Murdoch.

“The challenge is for you to find a chest at the bottom of the pool that contains an invincibility pass. Whoever finds it first will win invincibility for their team while the others have to vote someone off.” explained Oweguy.”

“How will we stay in the water without drowning?” asked Pete.

“Easy.” said Oweguy. “I have these air breathers for you to wear so you won’t drown underwater.”

“That’s good.” said Sparky.

“Where’s Sae?” asked Pete.

“I think she’s still getting her suit on.” said Chloe.

“I’m here.” she said with her swimwear being a coconut bra and the bottom part made out of paper and glue.

“What’s with the poorly done suit?” asked Jake.

“I can’t afford a swimsuit.” said Sae a little upset.

“Oh yeah.” said Jake. “I forgot that she was homeless.”

“In case your breather malfunctions or runs out of power here’s a special thing to wear on your back that’ll shoot you to the surface if you’re about to drown.” said Oweguy.

“Good thinking.” said Sparky.

“Why are you still here?” asked Oweguy. “Go!” Everyone then jumps into the water.

“Wasn’t there one more thing for you to mention?” asked Bridgette with a shark fin swimming by in the water.

“Ah let them figure that out on their own.” said Oweguy. As the contestants start swimming they see that the bottom of the pool was pitch black.

“He could’ve given us a light.” said Murdoch upset.

“He could’ve also given us a suit to protect us from getting crushed by the water pressure.” said Chloe.

“We put a device in the stuff you’re wearing and the pool walls to protect you from getting crushed by the pressure.” said Oweguy on a screen on the wall.

“Thank goodness.” said Sparky accidently spitting out his air breather and quickly puts it back on.

“Look!” shouted Chloe. “He managed to put fish in the water.”

“But I thought this pool had chlorine.” said Sparky.

“Yeah I lied.” said Oweguy.

“This pool is way too confusing.” said Sparky in the confessional. Back at the pool Jerry has an idea.

“Psst, Roxy.” he whispered to Roxanne. “Go and try and get to the bottom while I’ll distract the other team.”

“Will do.” she said. “But what can get to somewhere deep quickly?” A sperm whale then swims by and she swims into its blowhole while it heads to the bottom. Meanwhile Jerry swims over to Murdoch.

“Hey dude, I think I heard from Chloe that the chest could be up here.” he said to Murdoch.

“I thought it was on the bottom.” he said.

“Listen, do you want to steal back Amanda and make Pat jealous?” asked Jerry to Murdoch. “Then lose and get rid of Chloe.”

“Gotcha.” said Murdoch getting the idea. He then chuckles to himself as Jerry swims away.

“What the other team doesn’t know about is that I’ve figured out Murdoch’s bad nature since day one so I’m using him to take care of the other team so I don’t have to do it.” said Jerry in the confessional. “Why he’s using that blonde twin I don’t know but let him do what he wants to do.” Meanwhile Nianah was by herself and Jake and Pat swim toward her.

“Now?” asked Pat.

“Now.” said Jake as they swam over.

“What do you guys want?” she asked.

“Listen, we hate seeing you so grouchy.” said Pat. “We do know there’s niceness in you.”

“Yeah.” said Jake. “Open you heart. Let out the happy that you’ve kept in there for so long and unleash the good you.” Nianah looks shocked and surprise and from her point of view Jake’s eyes are sparkling and his hair is waving around.

“Uh I don’t know what to say.” said Nianah nervously.

“What is it?” asked Jake. Nianah is quiet for a second but her surprised face suddenly turns into a smiling happy face.

“I never knew you were such a handsome guy.” she said swimming toward and hugging him.

“I’d never knew she’d fall in love so quickly.” said Jake in the confessional.

“I’m glad you feel that.” said Jake. Pat then gives him thumbs up with Jake doing the same. Suddenly a giant shark swims towards them and opens its mouth. “Uh oh.” said Pat and the shark then eats all three of them whole. Meanwhile near the bottom of the pool the sperm whale continues to swim down and Roxanne was inside its mouth and due to no light being near the bottom of the pool it was pitch black inside and outside of the whale.

“Stupid pool.” said Roxanne. “It is pitch black both outside and inside this whale. And it’s slimy in here. I need some light.” Outside the Sperm Whale encounters a Giant Squid and they start attacking each other with everything shaking inside the whale. “What’s going on out there?!” she shouted. “That’s it I’m getting out.” As the sperm whale opens its mouth while fighting Roxanne swims out but the giant squid’s tentacle hits her slamming her to the ground making her unconscious while landing near a chest. Meanwhile near the top Murdoch sees the others and gets an idea.

“Hey guys, Chloe said that the chest could be around here.”

“Okay, let’s look.” said Jasmine. Amanda looked suspicious and swims toward Murdoch.

“You’re not tricking to get rid of her like you did with Dax are you?” she asked him. Murdoch looked suspicious and comes up with an idea.

“Oh look, you’ve got a smudge on your air breather.” he said. “I’ll get it off.” But instead of rubbing it with his finger he grabs it and breaks it apart.

“Hey!” Amanda shouted inhaling water and trying to get air.

“Oh I’ll help you.” he said breaking the booster on her back sending her flying out of the pool.

“Did you hear something?” asked Oweguy with him, Bridgette, and the interns on beach chairs as Amanda flies by them without them noticing.

“Good job.” said Jerry behind Murdoch. “You make a great partner.”

“It’s great to have troublemakers work together.” said Murdoch.

“I thought he was a cool dude, not a troublemaker.” said Jerry in the confessional. Meanwhile the shark that ate Jake, Pat and Nianah swims by and inside its belly it shows them sitting there.

“Well this sucks.” said Jake. “We’re trapped inside this shark.”

“How will we get out?” asked Pat.

“I’m scared Jakey.” said Nianah grabbing onto him.

“Jakey?” asked someone. “Why would she call you Jakey.”

“Who’s there?” asked Jake.

“Me.” said the person which was revealed to be Sparky.

“Why are you here?” asked Pat.

“The shark ate my sandwich and I tried to get it back.” said Sparky. “I wonder where it is now?”

“Obviously it’s being turned into stuff by now.” said Jake. Sparky looked disgusted by that.

“What’s a way to get out?” asked Pat. Sparky suddenly farts very loudly stinking up the place with the shark’s face turning green and had big eyes.

“Obviously that wasn’t the best way to get out of a shark’s stomach.” said Sparky in the confessional covered in vomit. Back at the bottom of the pool a bunch of deep sea creatures were crawling on Roxanne and when one touches her eye she wakes up.

“What happened?” she asked. But before she can figure it out she sees the chest. “Yes!” she shouted. She grabs it and presses the booster’s button sending her flying toward the surface. Meanwhile the Techno Smashers look around.

“Are you sure it’s here Chloe?” asked Jasmine.

“Where what’s here?” asked Chloe confused.

“The treasure chest.” said Jasmine.

“I thought it was…” But before Chloe could finish Roxanne shoots by and makes it out of the pool and in front of Oweguy with everyone else emerging.

“I found the chest first so I my team wins invincibility.” said Roxanne to Oweguy. He opens the chest and an invincibility pass was inside.

“Well you are right Roxanne, the Explosive Mines win invincibility!” announced Oweguy. They all cheer with the Techno Smashers except for Murdoch looking disappointed. “That means that the Techno Smashers have to vote someone off. See you guys later.” Everyone except for Pete, and Sae glare at Chloe.

“What?” she asked. Later at the cabins Jake and Pat were in the boys’ cabin wringing the water out of their swimsuits.

“So did we make Nianah nice?” asked Pat. Suddenly a knock at the door is heard and they open it and Jake sees cookies and milk with a note saying “To Jake and Pat, you guys are awesome, sincerely Nianah.”

“I’d say yes.” said Jake. Later at the elimination ceremony the Techno Smashers were there along with Oweguy.

“Now I know most of you are tired from the wet day you had so let’s give you guys these statues.” explained Oweguy. “You’ve all voted so let’s she who’s going home. Pete and Sae, you guys are safe. Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine are safe as well. Sparky and Amanda are safe as well so that leaves Chloe and Murdoch. The last Professor Oweguy statue goes to…..”

“Murdoch. I’m sorry Chloe but your time here is up.” Murdoch catches his statue with Chloe shocked and surprised.

“But why me?” asked Chloe. “I didn’t do anything wrong.

“You told us that the chest was near the top.” said Jasmine. “But I didn’t say that.” said Chloe.

“But Murdoch told us that…” Everyone glares at Murdoch.

“Oh I’m sorry but I’m just playing the game fairly.” he said acting innocent again. “Now if you excuse me Chloe but I’m stealing your former alliance.” Amanda, Pete, and Sae looked scared.

“You can’t do this Murdoch!” shouted Chloe. “Why are you doing this?!”

“Oh sorry Chloe but you’ve spent enough time here already.” interrupted Oweguy. “It’s time for you to go.” The interns grab her to the teleporter of shame and she disappears inside it.

“Guys, Murdoch’s plan has to stop.” said Pete to Amanda and Sae and they nod their heads in agreement.

“What will happen next with Murdoch and the others?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Why is Jerry using him to do evil? Will Murdoch ever get voted off? And is Nianah nice for good? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 6: Honey, I Shrunk the Contestants

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the contestants took a swim in an almost ocean sized pool to find a chest containing an invincibility pass. Jake and Pat decided to help Nianah become nice which worked due to her thinking that Jake was cute and it was also revealed that Murdoch and Jerry are working together. Very suspicious. In the end Murdoch tricked everyone to vote off Chloe so that he can steal his former alliance back. What will happen with the contestants this time? Are they prepared for a challenge of miniature proportions? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action.

During the night the while the contestants were sleeping construction sounds and flashes were coming from the laboratory building. Inside it showed some lab interns building something under a tarp with Bridgette watching. “Is it done yet?!” asked Oweguy from the other room.

“Almost!” shouted the intern. They then stop and Oweguy walks in.

“It’s finished!” he said excited.

“What is it?” asked Bridgette.

“It’s my new size changer ray!” said Oweguy pulling the tarp off revealing a huge ray shooting machine. “Check it; it has three options, normal, tiny, and huge. Here’s the shrink option.” He shoots at a table with a bunch of stuff on it and all of it shrinks to the size of a grain of sand.

“It actually shrunk!” said Bridgette surprised. Oweguy then turns it back to its normal size.

“And here’s the option to make it giant.” said Oweguy. He shoots at a pea which makes it grow bigger than everyone in the room while also crushing some of the interns behind it. “Yes!” shouted Oweguy. “Both options work! This will be great to use for the next two challenges over the next couple of days.”

“Which will you use first?” asked Bridgette.

“I’m thinking of doing the shrink challenge first.” said Oweguy. “The challenge is for them to survive the insides of our cabin while also being tiny.

“Why our cabin?” asked Bridgette.

“C’mon, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff in there, bugs, spiders, your high heels which you happen to be wearing, getting eaten alive, and your bad foot stench.” explained Oweguy.

“What was that?” asked Bridgette upset.

“I mean my bad foot stench.” said Oweguy nervously. “Anyway, get these notes in various places in front of their cabins just so they’ll walk over to our place while I’ll put the shrink ray at the door.”

“Why don’t you just tell them the challenge before getting shrunk?” asked Bridgette.

“I want them to be surprised.” said Oweguy. “Now do it quickly because it’s almost six and that’s when the contestants wake up.”

“Okay.” said Bridgette. She walks out of the building.

“Now to have a very nice sleep while the interns and Bridgette get the challenge prepared.” said Oweguy leaving too and going to his cabin. A couple of hours later the sun rose above the contestant’s cabins.

“Its morning!” cheered Sparky. “Time to get some breakfast!” As he walks out he sees a sticky note on a pole.

“What’s that?” asked Jake.

“It’s a sticky note.” said Sparky. “Something seems to be written on it.”

“What’s it say?” asked Bianca with the other girls arriving.

“It says please come to my cabin, this time only.” said Sparky reading the note.

“Sounds suspicious.” said Bluto.

“Hey I’ve always wanted to go to his cabin ever since he banned me from his hot tub.” said Sparky. “Let’s just check it out.” “Okay.” sighed Jake. “I just hope that nothing bad happens.” As the contestants walk toward the door another note was on there. “Open the door.” said Sparky reading it. In the lab interns were on a computer with controls that controlled the shrink ray. While the others open the door they see the shrink ray.

“What is that?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Marine.

“Reminds me of a movie I saw with a shrink ray that looked just like that.”

“Hit the button you idiots!” shouted Oweguy to the interns on a speaker and they nervously hit the button that made it fire. At the cabin it started to glow.

“What’s it doing?” asked Bianca. It fires at them and all of them were shrunk to the size of fleas.

“I knew it!” shouted Jake upset. “I knew it would be bad.

“Don’t shout like that.” said Nianah giving him a hug to feel better.

“What did you do to her?” asked Kuro surprised.

“Pat and I somehow made her nice.” said Jake.

“Shouldn’t we go inside where it’s safe?” asked Sparky.

“Why, it’s fine out here.” said Pete.

“Look behind you.” said Sparky. Everyone turns around and they see a bear’s nose near them. They run inside screaming with high pitched screams while the bear shrugs and leaves.

“Nice floors.” said Pat.

“How can we get around easily?” asked Marine.

“Look, a tiny Hot Wheels car!” shouted Kuro. The car was show to fit eight people and all of the Techno Smashers climb in.

“Oh go and leave us behind!” shouted Jerry. “We don’t need you!”

“Yeah, let’s do our own things.” said Roxanne. Pat’s stomach then growls.

“Guys, you do realize that we haven’t had anything to eat today.”

“He’s right.” said Jake. “Let’s go find Oweguy’s kitchen.”

“But how are we going to find it at this size?” asked Katelyn. Pat sees something nearby.

“Look, an RC plane!” he shouted.

“Let’s get in.” said Bianca.

“Who’s leaving these toys behind?” asked Roxanne.

“I can’t believe Marine’s sister made me babysit her son.” said Oweguy with a little boy in a small playroom. “Anyway, time for breakfast.” He walks into the kitchen while the Explosive Mines manage to start the plane and start flying around the cabin. Meanwhile the Techno Smashers were driving through the hall.

“Where are we going?” asked Sparky.

“Somewhere safe.” said Kuro.

“Wait, is us being tiny the challenge?” asked Sparky. A note lands in front of them that said yes.

“Question solved.” said Kuro.

“How do we win?” asked Sparky. A third note arrives and it says that they had to survive for at least one day and get to the backyard of the cabin before the other team does and it also said that it’ll take a very long time to get there for someone their size.

“Well that’ll be hard.” said Marine.

“Who’s writing these notes?” asked Sparky. One more note arrives that said the interns. “Okay.” He said. Everything starts to shake. “What’s happening?” asked Amanda. They then see Bridgette’s foot land in front of them.

“We’re going to get crushed!” shouted Sparky. The car starts moving fast and drives into a room.

“I don’t think she’ll be in here.” said Pete.

“Are you sure?” asked Jasmine. They were shown to be in a room with blue colored walls, stuffed animals that were all ocean creatures, surfboards, surfing trophies, and pictures of Bridgette, Geoff and her friends all in the room.

“Crap, this is Bridgette’s room.” said Murdoch. They then hear Bridgette’s footsteps approaching.

“We’re screwed.” said Sparky. Meanwhile the Explosive Mine’s plane was flying around in Oweguy’s kitchen with Pat flying.

“Are you sure you know how to fly?” asked Roxanne.

“It’s easy.” said Pat. “It’s like driving a…” The plane then hits a ceiling lamp and the contestants fall out. “…car!!!” continued Pat screaming while they were falling. They all fall into a cereal bowl.

“We’re alive!” cheered Bianca. “All thanks to this bowl of cereal.”

“Wait, cereal?” asked Pat shocked. Everyone looked nervous.

“At least no one is about to eat it.” said Jake.

“Boy am I starving.” said Oweguy walking over with a spoon.

“Crap.” said Jerry. They all tried to swim away but Oweguy’s spoon picks all of them up and before they could get away Oweguy swallows the spoon of cereal with them on it without him knowing that they were there.

“This is not what I wanted!” shouted Roxanne as they fall down Oweguy’s throat. Meanwhile back in Bridgette’s room Bridgette walks in and the Techno Smashers drive away before she stepped on the car. She then sits down on a chair in front of a TV.

“What should we do?” asked Sparky.

“Let’s leave.” said Murdoch annoyed. “I don’t want to be in a girl’s room at this tiny size.”

“Ouch, these heels are giving my feet blisters.” said Bridgette. She takes the first one off and throws it on the ground which happens to land on the car the Techno Smashers were in trapping the car under the shoe.

“Drat!” shouted Murdoch with the others climbing out. “We can’t leave!”

“It can’t get worse.” said Sparky. Bridgette’s other shoe goes by Sparky ripping his pants and underwear off with pixels covering him. He quickly covers himself looking embarrassed and gets his pants and underwear back on with a huge rip on the back of his pants.

“Well it can’t get any more worse.” said Murdoch. Marine’s sister’s son starts screaming and Bridgette then closes the door with the contestant’s car being unable to go under.

“Hey we can still go under the door.” said Sparky. As he tried to Marine’s sister’s son’s hand almost grabs him and sees that he was sitting outside. “We’re trapped in here!” he shouted.

“What should we do?” asked Jasmine.

“I know.” said Kuro. “Let’s just stay in here for now but try and get to a higher place like Bridgette’s bed shelf. That’s the only furniture that’s the shortest other than that small table but Bridgette’s resting her feet there.” It cuts to Bridgette putting band aids on her blisters.

“Sounds good but how will we climb up?” asked Marine. Kuro saw a piece of string hanging down.

“We’ll just climb that.” he said.

“That’s great.” said Pete. “C’mon guys.”

“Eh, I’m going to try and get Bridgette’s shoe off our car.” said Murdoch trying to lift Bridgette’s shoe but he can’t.

“Eh leave him out.” said Sae. “He’s already very annoying.”

“I agree.” said Amanda.

“Sparks, are you coming?” asked Kuro. Sparky’s stomach starts to growl.

“Go on ahead of me.” he said. “I going to look for crumbs to eat.” He runs off to a different place.

“I hope the other team isn’t ahead of us.” said Kuro.

“I wonder how they’re doing?” asked Marine. It cuts to the inside of Oweguy’s stomach with the Explosive Mines and bits of cereal and milk falling down onto the squishy ground.

“Where are we?” asked Katelyn. They look around and see nothing but piles of food and puddles and tiny pools of stomach acid.

“We’re in Oweguy’s stomach.” said Jake.

“It’s gross in here.” said Bianca grossed out.

“This is your fault you know!” shouted Jerry to Pat. “If it wasn’t for your bad steering we wouldn’t be in here waiting for Oweguy’s intestines to suck us up and make us sit for a while in a stinky place with nothing but…”

“Whoa whoa, don’t finish that sentence.” interrupted Pat.

“Hey it wasn’t his fault.” said Jake. “The plane might’ve been hard to steer.”

“He’s right.” said Nianah. “Don’t blame this on poor Pat.”

“Whoa, why are you defending them now?” asked Jerry shocked. “I thought you were mean and miserable to everyone.”

“These two helped me open my heart.” said Nianah hugging Jake with him stroking her hair.

“Whatever, let’s just do something else while I figure out how to get out of here.” Jerry sits in a corner while the others just stand around.

“I’m getting nauseous.” said Bianca.

“C’mon, I’ll take you over there.” said Katelyn walking her to a safe area. “I take it you don’t like the insides of people.”

“Yeah.” said Bianca. “That’s why my grades in biology and human anatomy classes are so low. I also recall throwing up during frog dissection.”

“You know what; I think you’re in my class because I saw a blonde haired girl throw up on their dissected frog in my biology class.” said Katelyn.

“That’s true.” said Bianca. “I think I recall seeing you there. I just didn’t recognize you until Total Drama Oweguy aired.” She then burps a little and her skin turns pale.

“You know what; I just realized that we still haven’t had breakfast.” said Pat to Jake and Nianah.

“But what can we eat?” asked Jake. Pat sees a pile of fresh undigested food nearby.

“That seems edible.” said Pat. He grabs some chunks for himself, Jake and Nianah and they start eating. Outside Oweguy looked confused. “Something wrong?” asked an intern.

“I feel like something’s eating the food I’ve recently ate.” said Oweguy.

“You’re probably imagining things.” said the intern. Meanwhile back in Bridgette’s room the Techno Smashers were climb the string, Murdoch was thinking on how to lift Bridgette’s shoe off the car, and Sparky was looking for food crumbs. Sparky then sniffs something.

“What is that smell?” he asked.

“Time to eat this TV dinner.” said Bridgette getting a TV dinner meal out of the microwave putting it on her lap while putting her feet on the table.

“Forget the crumbs on the floor that looks delicious!” said Sparky excitedly while also drooling. He then runs to the table and starts to run toward the table leg and climbs up.

“What’s Sparky doing?” asked Marine.

“I don’t know.” said Kuro. “All I see is a very faint dot on the table leg.” They then make it to the top.

“We made it!” cheered Amanda. “Now I feel so tired and hungry.”

“Look, chocolates!” shouted Pete pointing at a bowl of fresh mini chocolates in an open bowl. “And they’re fresh.” They all start to eat from one while Sparky makes it to the table and stands near Bridgette’s right foot. He then climbs up her leg and slides on it.

“This is fun!” he shouted.” He then sees her knee and flies off it which acted like a ram and lands on her food. He jumps onto a chicken nugget and starts eating it but Bridgette then grabs it and brings it toward her mouth. “Uh oh.” said Sparky as he looks into her mouth about to be eaten. Meanwhile back in Oweguy’s stomach the Explosive Mines were doing nothing but sitting around.

“Well the only thing I could think off on how to get out of here is to make him throw up or go out the other way but I don’t want to do either one.” explained Jerry.

“So that means we’re stuck in here.” said Bluto.

“Yep, unless something bad happens.” said Jerry. Outside Oweguy drinks some water but then his face turns blue and it turns out there were too many ice cubes in his glass.

“Great, now my mouth and throat’s all cold.” he said. He goes into his cabinet and grabs a bottle of hot sauce and starts to drink it. It then cuts back to inside his stomach and the contestants start to sweat.

“Is it getting hot in here?” asked Pat wiping his sweat away.

“Yeah I feel the same.” said Jake.

“Me too.” said Katelyn. Suddenly the stomach entrance at top starts to glow orange and the hot sauce starts the drop in.

“Hot sauce!” screamed Jake! Everyone except for Jerry, Roxanne, and Bluto start to scream as the stomach starts to fill up with hot sauce.

“Is there a way out?” asked Nianah.

“Only that way.” said Pat disturbed pointing to a hole on the bottom near a pool of acid which was the entrance to the intestines. Bianca then pukes. Pat grabs a big piece of bread and everyone gets on and they go down the hole before the hot sauce covers up the entire safe parts of the stomach. Meanwhile at Bridgette’s bedside table Kuro had an odd look on his face.

“Does anyone know what happened to Sparky?” he asked.

“Last I saw he was climbing the table.” said Marine. They hear a tiny scream and Kuro looks into a pair of binoculars on the table. He sees Sparky screaming on the chicken nugget about to be eaten by Bridgette.”

“Oh no, he’s going to get eaten!” he shouted.

“What should we do?” asked Pete.

“I don’t know.” said Kuro. “They’re too far for someone our size.”

“Too late she ate it.” said Marine with Bridgette swallowing the chicken nugget that Sparky was apparently on.

“Should we break the news to Chloe, Dax, and Wentworth?” asked Kuro disappointed.

“We could if we could pick up a pen.” said Marine.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute!” shouted Pete looking through the binocular. “Take a look through here!” The others look in and see that Sparky was hiding under her tongue, they start cheering.

“For a second I thought we’d get sued for someone dying on our team.” said Kuro.

“Hold up a second, Bridgette is noticing something.” said Pete continuing to see what was happening. She feels something under her tongue.

“What’s in my mouth?” she asked. She spits into her hand and sees Sparky. “Why were you in my mouth?” she asked surprised. Sparky tries to talk but she can’t hear him. “What?” she asked. Sparky jumps toward her ear. “I was in your food because I was hungry and the rest of my team is in here.” he said inside her ear.

“Where?” asked Bridgette.

“On your bedside table.” said Sparky. She walks toward it accidently stepping on Murdoch and sinking him deep into the floor matting.

“I hate Bridgette more than ever.” said Murdoch from the mat. Bridgette sees the rest of the team minus Murdoch on her bedside table yelling to her.

“How’d you guys get in here?” she asked.

“We came in here trying to avoid you stepping on us.” explained Kuro with Bridgette picking him up. “And your shoe crushed our car.” Bridgette looks at her shoe on their hot wheels car with the top of Murdoch’s hair showing nearby.

“Oh, sorry.” said Bridgette embarrassed. She picks up her shoe and the car was shown to be dented and the front wheels had fallen off.

“You forgot someone!” shouted Murdoch from the rug. She pulls him out and puts him with the others.

“Our car!” shouted Sparky disappointed. “How will we get around?” A gust of wind starts hitting them and they see an open window with wind coming through. Kuro then gets an idea.

“I know we’ll use a paper airplane to make it to the goal!” he said. “Bridgette, can you make us a plane?

“I don’t know.” She said. “Oweguy would be mad if I helped.”

“Don’t tell him.” said Sparky. She thinks for a second.

“Okay.” She said. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” She gets a piece of paper and makes a paper airplane. She opens her door and throws the plane down the hall with Marine’s sisters’ son seeing it and chasing after it.

“Uh oh.” said Bridgette.

“We’re doomed.” said Sparky. Bridgette stops Marine’s sisters’ son quickly and they fly off safely.

“That was close.” said Marine. “My sister’s son is very hyperactive and will always put stuff in his mouth. Not even my son will put a lot of stuff in his mouth because he’s still very young.

“Why’d you name him Owe Jr.?” asked Kuro.

“Because he looks like him and when he started eating solid food he ate five cans a meal.” explained Marine. “Plus he drank a lot of milk which I’m still have pains due to that.”

“Ouch.” said Kuro.

“I wonder how the other team is doing?” asked Pete. It shows a bathroom door and a flush is heard with Oweguy walking out with a newspaper. The Explosive Mines team then comes out of the sink drain covered in dirt and was soaked in water.

“Pat, never suggest the intestines as an exit again.” said Jerry upset getting some gross stuff from the pipes off his head. Bianca throws up again nearby.

“Please don’t do it again.” said Bianca.

“Sorry.” said Pat. “I do feel bad for getting us into this mess.”

“Don’t feel bad pumpkin, I’m not mad at you.” said Katelyn giving him a hug.

“Me neither.” said Jake. Nianah is silent for a second but decides to join in as well smiling as well.

“Uh, maybe we should clean up before hugging.” said Pat. They all move away.

“Hey dudes, we shouldn’t be doing a hug fest right now!” shouted Jerry upset. “We have a challenge to do!”

“Aw crap!” shouted Pat. “We forgot!”

“You definitely did.” said Jerry smiling an evil grin.

“Another problem, where’s the goal?” asked Katelyn. Everyone looked nervous but the Techno Smashers then fly by.

“Just follow them!” shouted Jake.

“How will we catch them?” asked Bluto. “Our plane is in the kitchen.” Jake sees a bar of soap sitting near them.

“Just use that.” He said. They all jump on and due to them being wet the soap starts to slide fast and they chase after the Techno Smashers.

“Look, there’s the other team!” shouted Kuro.

“Why do they smell like my butt?” asked Sparky.

“Don’t ask!” shouted Bluto. The Techno Smashers see the shrink ray and above it was a piece of paper that said goal.

“There’s the goal!” cheered Sparky.

“Speed up!” shouted Roxanne to Jake and Pat. “We’re almost there!”

“The soap is drying up!” shouted Jake. The soap stops moving and they’re left lying there while the Techno Smashers fly past the goal and land near the shrink ray. They start cheering.

“We did it!” cheered Sparky.

“Yes we did but how do we get back to normal?” asked Pete.

“I’ll fix that problem.” said Oweguy on a seat attached to the shrink ray. He shoots at them and they return to normal size. They all cheer with Pete and Sae hugging. “And since you got past the goal first you win invincibility and a prize since you probably had a rough day.”

“Oh boy!” cheered Sparky. “What is it?”

“A Honey I Shrunk the Kids DVD.” said Oweguy throwing it to them with Kuro catching it. They looked confused.

“Hey, you forgot to return some others to normal size!” shouted Jerry with a high pitched voice due to them still tiny.

“Oops.” said Oweguy. He shoots at them and they return to normal size. “Pew, why do you smell bad?” he asked. “And why do you smell like food that’s being digested?”

“We spent most of the challenge inside your digestive tract.” said Bluto.

“Okay.” said Oweguy a little freaked out. “Well anyway you guys lost and need to vote someone off.” They looked disappointed.

“And also, another gift for you Techno Smashers, you’re allowed to come into here at anytime and visit Bridgette and the interns but my room, my bathroom, and my fridge is off limits.” explained Oweguy.

“You’re still mad about the hot tub aren’t you.” said Sparky.

“Yes I am.” said Oweguy.

“Will he ever forget about it?” asked Sparky in the confessional. Later outside the cabins Pat was alone with Amanda walking toward him.

“Hey, what’s up.” She said.

“Nothing.” said Pat disappointed. “Jerry and Roxanne are mad at me for getting us trapped inside Oweguy and I’m worried I’m going to get voted off.”

“I’m sorry.” said Amanda. “Listen, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“What is it?” asked Pat.

“I feel stupid about hanging out with other boys, especially Murdoch.” said Amanda. “Anyway, would you like to get together again?” Pat then smiles.

“Sure, I would like that.” He said. The two then hug but nearby it shows Murdoch having overheard everything.

“Oh so you just got back together? Well not for long.” He said. He writes down a paper that said to Jerry and writes down vote off Pat from Murdoch. He puts it on Jerry’s bed and leaves. Later at the elimination ceremony the contestants were sitting there.

“Okay so you all voted so time for the Professor Oweguy statues.” said Oweguy. “First three go to Katelyn, Bianca, and Jake. Bluto and Nianah are also safe and so is Roxanne. So that now leaves us with Jerry and Pat and the last statue goes to…..”

“Jerry. Sorry Pat but it’s time to go.”

“I figured.” said Pat.

“No!” cried Amanda running toward Pat. “He can’t leave so soon.”

“I’m sorry sweetie but I must.” said Pat with Amanda starting to tear up. “And I hope you and Katelyn will do a good job. And try and kick Murdoch in the…”

“I’ve heard enough.” said Jerry. Pat then kisses Amanda good and doing to same for Katelyn and gives a goodbye handshake to Jake, Nianah, and Bianca.

“Bye dude.” said Jake.

“Thanks for making me happy.” said Nianah.

“It was fun.” said Bianca.

“It was.” said Pat.

“Can you just go?” asked Oweguy. “I’m still disgusted that you guys were playing around with my insides.”

“Alright.” said Pat. “He steps inside the transporter of shame and disappears with Amanda waving goodbye. As the others left Jerry and Roxanne sneak behind a building with Murdoch there.

“Thanks for the extra two votes partner.” said Jerry.

“Glad to help.” said Murdoch scratching white paint off the vote card with one saying Murdoch and the other saying Amanda which was written in text. They start laughing evilly.

“Boy, what will he come up with next?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “How will Amanda feel after her resumed her love with Pat is now separated? What will the others think? And what’s the growth part of my size ray going to bring us? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 7: Attack of the 50 Foot Nianah

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the contestants had to survive the dangers of being tiny. The Techno Smashers were trapped inside Bridgette’s room and had to figure out how to get out and the Explosive Mines ended up getting eaten by me after falling into my cereal bowl. How they got out I’m not going to say it. The Techno Smashers ended up being discovered by Bridgette after Sparky ended up in her food and nearly ate him and the team managed to get out and won the challenge while the Explosive Mines had to vote someone off which happened to be Pat due to Jerry being upset at him for getting them in my guts and also a little help from Murdoch so he could steal Amanda back right after the two reunited. What will happen with the contestants next? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

In the mess hall the contestants were sitting in their eating with Jerry upset, Murdoch reading a Batman comic, and Amanda crying. “What’s wrong with her?” asked Sparky.

“Pat was voted off when they just got back together.” explained Kuro.

“Ouch, that’s got to hurt.” said Sparky. “Who voted him off?”

“Probably Jerry and his girlfriend.” said Kuro.

“That wasn’t nice especially for a reunited couple.” said Sparky.

“I think someone else might’ve had something to do with it.” said Marine.

Murdoch hears what she said but just acts like he didn’t hear it and continues reading his comic.

“How do you know?” asked Kuro.

“Because they always break up newly formed couples.” said Marine.

“True.” said Kuro. Murdoch looked at Marine once again.

“How did she know?” asked Murdoch in the confessional. “Well at least Amanda doesn’t know that it was me yet.”

“Murdoch are you done yet?” asked Amanda knocking on the door.

“I will be soon!” he shouted. As it ends it cuts back to the mess hall where a tiny robotic fly flies toward Nianah and goes into her ear without her knowing. It then flies back out without anyone knowing. A few minutes later a loudspeaker in the mess hall turned on.

“Attention contestants meet me outside for your next challenge.” said Oweguy.

“Well its’ about time!” shouted Jerry.

“Geez, calm down dude.” said Jake. “Let’s go meet up with Oweguy.” A couple of minutes pass and the contestants were in a field with a lot of space.

“Why are we in a field?” asked Sparky.

“I don’t know outdoor activity?” asked Pete.

“Probably.” said Kuro. They suddenly hear a heavy object dragging on the ground and they see Oweguy with the size machine.

“Please tell me you’re not shrinking us again.” said Bluto.

“Nope, that was yesterday.” said Oweguy. “Today it’s the other option.”

“So can you make me taller so I can be the same height as the others?” asked Sparky.

“Sorry but no.” said Oweguy.

“Aw.” said Sparky disappointed.

“The person I’m going to be growing happens to be a girl.” said Oweguy.

“Why?” asked Sparky.

“Haven’t you seen Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman?” asked Oweguy.

“What’s that?” asked Sparky.

“He doesn’t see movies that much.” explained Kuro.

“Why?” asked Oweguy.

“Some incident about him sneaking into a movie that scared him silly.” said Kuro.

“What was it?” asked Oweguy.

“A Disney movie.” said Kuro. Oweguy almost starts laughing.

“It’s not funny!” shouted Sparky.

“Anyway let’s get back to growing a girl.” said Oweguy. Radar is shown on the size ray and Nianah is shown sleeping with a red dot appearing shown inside her head. “Perfect.” said Oweguy. He turns on a button which resulted in her eye color changing to red and Oweguy then fires the size ray at her.

“This could be bad.” said Bluto. Nianah starts getting bigger with her boots ripping off, her shirt and pant tearing a little, and her wristbands and necklace breaking. While growing Oweguy flies off in a helicopter with a claw taking the size machine. After a minute of growing Nianah was now bigger than the field and the contestants were smaller than Nianah’s pinkie toe.

“We’re screwed.” said Roxanne.

“You’re next challenge is to survive the giant Nianah for at least an hour without getting squished by her.” explained Oweguy from the helicopter.

“What about getting eaten?” asked Bianca.

“Well that doesn’t count because you can probably find a way out without dying.” said Oweguy.

“Oh so he means we shouldn’t die.” said Sparky.

“If you did I’d get sued.” said Oweguy. “Ta ta for now!” His helicopter than flies away.

“So now what?” asked Kuro. Nianah’s foot lands near them making them jump in the air a little.

“Run away!” shouted Marine. Both teams star running away from the giant Nianah.

“I’ll take her on!” shouted Sparky. He runs to Nianah and starts repeatedly punching her foot but with no effect. She then picks up Sparky and flicks him away sending him flying. Murdoch then slaps his head.

“Well now what?” asked Jake.

“Go back to the trailers.” said Roxanne. While they ran Jake thinks of something and goes somewhere else.

“Does anyone know where Amanda went?” asked Kuro. Marine pointed to a tree with Amanda’s eyes showing. “Why are you in there?” asked Kuro.

“I’m hiding so the giant can’t find me.” said Amanda. The giant Nianah hears her stomach growl and grabs the tree with Amanda inside and swallows it whole with all of the Techno Smashers except for Marine and Murdoch started to scream.

“She ate Amanda!” screamed Pete.

“Let’s get out of here!” shouted Kuro.

“Ha, at least she didn’t eat me.” said Murdoch. “I’ve been standing on this fake giant sandwich that’s randomly here and nothing has happened.” Nianah spots the giant sandwich model and swallows it along with Murdoch.

“Well, so much for that.” said Marine. Meanwhile it shows a storage shed and Jake going through it.

“Something’s mind controlling her.” He said. “I can tell by her eye color. Now what can I use to get to her head?” He sees something against the wall and it was shown to be a jet pack. “Perfect.” He said grabbing it and running out. Meanwhile it shows inside Nianah’s stomach and the tree with Amanda inside it falling onto the squishy ground.

“Eww it is gross in here.” she said. “I wish Pat was here to keep me safe.” Murdoch then falls down with the sandwich model and Amanda looked upset.

“Okay I know you don’t want me here.” said Murdoch upset as well. “I’ll just try and find a way out of here.”

“I’m just upset that I’m in this gross place and my boyfriend was voted off yesterday.” said Amanda crying a little.

“Look it’s not that I meant to vote off your boyfriend.” said Murdoch. He quickly covers his mouth and Amanda looked very angry. “Uh oh.” He said. Outside it shows the boys’ trailer smashed and Kuro runs over.

“Sparky, are you okay?” he asked. It shows a badly bruised Sparky against the wall rubbing his head.

“I think so.” He said. He then spits out a tooth.

“Is that a baby tooth?” asked Kuro.

“No.” said Sparky. Kuro looked freaked out because he lost an adult tooth.

“C’mon, we have to find a way to stop the giant Nianah.” He continued.

“Can’t we stay in here where it’s safe?” asked Sparky.

“I don’t know.” said Kuro. Bluto then flies by in the background and they hear a crash where he landed. “Okay yes, we should.” said Kuro.

“Good thinking.” said Sparky. Meanwhile Jake runs toward the Giant Nianah and activates the jet pack and starts flying slowly up her body.

“Something must be controlling her brain.” He said. “I can’t let they do this to my new girlfriend after becoming nice to me.” It shows that he was only halfway up her leg. “Can’t this go any faster!” he shouted. Back inside Nianah the angry Amanda walks toward Murdoch.

“Okay, I know what you’re thinking.” He said. “You’re mad because I accidently admitted that I voted off your boyfriend. Well how bout we start acting nice to each other. How does that sound?” Amanda then punches him in the cheek. “So you want to be rude to me instead of acting nice?” he asked upset. “Well have it your way.” He then punches Amanda who jumps at Murdoch and they start to fight. Outside Jake was still using the jetpack to get to Nianah’s head which he finally got to. Nianah was so huge that some birds were flying near her head.

“Finally, couldn’t Oweguy make her a little bit smaller.” He said panting and sweating. He looks in Nianah’s ear which had a lot of earwax. “Now how can I get through there easily?” he asked. He saw a hair clip in Nianah’s hair and grabs it using it as a sled. “This will win the challenge for the team.” He said sliding into her ear. Nianah feels it and sticks her finger in. Jake then sees her finger. “Oh great.” He said. He starts paddling through the wax and goes through her eardrum before her finger got to him leaving a very tiny and very visible hole in her eardrum. Outside it was sunset and the giant Nianah looked tired. It then shows the Techno Smashers team inside their cabin.

“Why are we hiding in here?” asked Marine.

“Because it’s the only safe place we can think of.” said Kuro.

“It’s getting dark.” said Sparky. “What happened with the other team?” It shows them hiding in the mess hall oven.

“This was the best place you could think of?” asked Jerry upset to Bianca.

“It was the first thing that came in mind.” she said. Oweguy then walks over with a pie and when he opens the oven and sees them he quickly closes it.

“I think I’ll have microwave food tonight.” he said leaving. The Explosive Mines team then falls out of the oven because it was left open.

“Ow.” said Bluto.

“I’m sure they’re doing alright.” said Jasmine.

“I’m worried about Amanda.” said Kuro. “She could be scared.”

“Where did Murdoch go?” asked Marine.

“I don’t know.” said Kuro. “He wasn’t with us when we fled.”

“Maybe he’s with Amanda.” said Sparky.

“Oh boy.” said Kuro. “That can’t be good.” Meanwhile it shows Jake deep inside Nianah’s ear walking through a lot of tubes connected to the walls.

“I gotta be careful in here.” he said. “If I hit one of these it might damage her brain.” Outside the giant Nianah yawns and falls to the ground falling asleep sending Amanda and Murdoch from her stomach to another part of her body and Jake to her brain chamber.

“What was that?” asked Kuro which caused the team to wake up. They see the giant Nianah sleeping in the field.

“Nianah’s fallen asleep.” said Jasmine.

“Maybe we could use the shrink ray on her before she wakes up.” said Kuro.

“Good idea.” said Sparky. Meanwhile Amanda and Murdoch were bouncing around in an area that was between her stomach and her chest. The tunnel they then entered had a lot of veins on the walls.

“Where are we now?” asked Amanda.

“Obviously somewhere with blood.” said Murdoch. They then hear something pumping. In the room at the tunnel’s exit they see Nianah’s heart but below them is a drop into very hot liquid.

“It’s the heart but what’s that at the bottom?” asked Amanda.

“It appears to be a liquid to protect the heart from bad stuff like diseases and virus’.” said Murdoch. “It might burn them away if they get to the heart.” He then gets an idea. “You know, I’m going to try and find a way out.”

“You do that.” said Amanda. After saying that Murdoch then comes back and pushes her making her fall off a little but grabs onto the wall.

“I wanted you to trust me but no, you wanted to trust your former ex boyfriend!” shouted Murdoch. “So I must get rid of you before you ruin my plan again!”

“What plan?” asked Amanda.

“None of your business!” shouted Murdoch. He stops on her hand making her let go with the other hanging by her fingertips. “See you later traitor!” shouted Murdoch. Amanda then pounds Murdoch’s foot and he starts jumping in pain but slips and falls down hitting the liquid sending him flying in the air with his but on fire. He then lands into a hole which led to one of Nianah’s lungs. “Stupid girl.” he said standing on a sensitive spot in her lung. The giant Nianah wakes up and starts coughing sending Murdoch up to the top of her lung and goes into the hole at the top and then ends up in her nose. “It can’t get any worse.” he said rubbing against her nose hairs. She then looked like she was about to sneeze.

“Run, she’s gonna sneeze!” shouted Sparky. The Techno Smashers team runs away and the giant Nianah sneezes with Murdoch flying out her nose and flies away and disappears into the sky.

“It can’t get any worse.” said Murdoch. He then smashes into a steel wall which hurt his head and then falls into a pool of very hot water with food coloring and hair dye falling in as well.

“Well so much for him.” said Amanda. The force of Nianah’s cough and sneeze then shakes the heart area and Amanda lets go and starts to fall but a white thing then catches her and puts her on a safe spot near the heart. The thing that caught her looked like Nianah but was wearing white clothing.

“Are you alright?” asked the Nianah look alike.

“Who are you?” asked Amanda.

“I’m one of Nianah’s antibodies.” said the Nianah antibody. “I saw that cruel guy almost knocking you down and when you fell off I can to get you as soon as I could.”

“Well thanks a lot.” said Amanda. “Now do you know how to get out of here?”

“Yes but we shouldn’t leave yet.” said the antibody. “I’ve heard that someone’s removing that thing planted on our host’s brain that was put on earlier.

“What is it?” asked Amanda.

“Some kind of mechanical device.” said the antibody. “It attached itself to the brain and we lost control over our host.”

“Sounds like mind control.” said Amanda.

“Pretty much.” said the antibody. “By the way, why are you as big as me? You’re supposed to be as big as our host.”

“Well the thing is she grew huge so it must’ve grown you guys too.” explained Amanda.

“How did you get in here?” asked the antibody.

“Well your host swallowed me under mind control and I ended up in her stomach along with the other guy I was with, and then we were forced up here.” explained Amanda.

“We should find a way out of here because I’m sensing something inside our host’s head.” said the antibody. Inside Nianah’s head Jake had woken up after Nianah lay down and sent him flying. It was shown that he had landed right next to her brain.

“I made it.” He said. “I hope I didn’t hurt her nerve.” He hears something moving on top and at the top of her brain was a small head like robot with claws operating a computer which were both implanted in Nianah’s brain. “That must be controlling her.” He said. He turns on his jet pack and flies up to Nianah’s brain. Outside Sparky and Kuro had the shrink ray.

“You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get this here.” said Sparky sweating like crazy. Marine then pushes it and it moves easily.

“You should probably work out more.” said Marine flexing her arm which became very muscular. Sparky looked disappointed. Inside Nianah’s mouth the antibody brings Amanda up with a parachute.

“This is the way out.” said the antibody. “Land safely.”

“I will.” said Amanda. She opens Nianah’s tooth like a door and falls out landing on Sparky.

“Ow.” he said.

“It’s Amanda!” shouted Kuro surprised.

“Yes it’s me.” She said.

“Where’s Murdoch?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Amanda sarcastically. It cuts to the pool of hot water with steam coming out. Meanwhile back in Nianah’s head Jake makes it to the top and walks toward the mind control robot but as soon as he walked near it without making a sound it turns around and makes a loud alarm sound.

“Uh oh!” shouted Jake. He then sees a laser cannon coming out but before it could get it ready Jake rips it off and smashes it destroying it. Outside Nianah’s eyes change back to normal showing that she wasn’t mind controlled. “I did it!” he shouted. He then notices that part of her brain had come off when he took the robot off. “Oops.” He quickly tapes it back on and flies away. Outside he comes out of Nianah’s ear and lands on the shrink ray returning Nianah to normal size.

“Aw, we were gonna do that.” said Sparky disappointed.

“Sorry.” said Jake shrugging. Nianah suddenly regains consciousness and looks at everyone who looked nervous.

“What’s wrong?” asked Nianah with a nice tone of voice. “Do you want some flowers?” everyone looked shocked especially Jake.

“I think I messed up her brain a little.” He said.

“Oh there’s my Jakey!” cheered Nianah grabbing and kissing him with Jake surpised and Sparky giving an odd smile.

“Aww, how romantic.” he said.

“Hey, where’d the giant Nianah go?” asked Oweguy.

“I shrunk her to normal.” said Jake.

“But we got the shrink ray to shrink her.” said Sparky.

“But I also got rid of the mind control thing on her brain.” said Jake.

“Well I’m confused but since you did both your team wins Jake.” said Oweguy. Jake only cheers because the rest of the team was hiding and Nianah was too busy cuddling him.

“Aw poo.” said Sparky.

“In the meantime Techno Smashers, you need to vote…” Oweguy suddenly looked confused and asked “Where’s Murdoch?”

“We don’t know.” said Kuro. “He suddenly disappeared.”

“Well since he’s not here he’ll be counted as eliminated until he comes back.” explained Oweguy.

“If he comes back.” said Amanda to herself.”

“Well, see you dudes later.” said Oweguy leaving.

“Well now what?” asked Kuro.

“Dinner?” asked Sparky.

“Yeah.” said Kuro. The team leaves with Amanda going somewhere else.

“Well that was some episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will we have an official elimination next episode, what happened to Murdoch, and why is Nianah suddenly a very happy girl now? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!” Meanwhile back at the place with the pool of hot water a burned white hand then comes out of the water suddenly clenching in a fist.

Chapter 8: Invasion of the Contestant Snatchers

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action Nianah became a humongous mind controlled giant leading to the other contestants to figure out what to do. Amanda and Murdoch were eaten by the giant Nianah thus making them stuck in her belly for a while. Jake in the meantime granted his team the win by removing the mind control device on Nianah’s brain and shrinking her down to size. The Techno Smashers didn’t vote anyone off due to Murdoch ending up missing. What will happen this time? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was late at night and the contestants were sleeping their trailers. The only one awake was Amanda who was thinking. “Murdoch’s gone.” She said to herself. “Stop worrying.” Suddenly a light appears outside and she looks out. In the sky above the trailers was a UFO.

“I wish those folks at the firework factory would do their fireworks show earlier.” said Oweguy trying to sleep not knowing the lights were a UFO. An arm then appears from the ship and opens the trailer windows. An abduction beam then goes off and it takes Jerry and Kuro out of the trailers.

“Oh no, they’re taking Kuro!” shouted Amanda. She grabs onto Kuro’s leg but gets caught into the abduction beam taking her aboard the ship as well.

“No mom, I have enough syrup on my pancakes.” said Sparky in his sleep thinking Amanda was his mom. Later Kuro and Amanda wake up to see that there were in a lab on the spaceship while Jerry was still sleeping.

“Wha, where are we?” asked Kuro shocked.

“I think it’s a spaceship.” said Amanda shocked as well. Three huge eyeballs appear over them and they scream waking up Jerry.

“What’s going on?!” he shouted. He sees the eyes and looked very shocked. “I must still be asleep.” He said.

“I think the same thing.” said Kuro.

“Nope, it’s real.” said Amanda. “I was abducted by a beam trying to save you.”

“Abducted?!” asked Kuro shocked. “Then that means we’re on an alien spaceship!”

“And those must be the aliens!” said Amanda shocked that they were on a UFO. The aliens move away from them and it was shown that they had octopus like bodies, were red skinned, and had a huge eye on top. They then leave the room. “Where are they going?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Amanda.

“Who cares.” said Jerry. “I want off.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” said Kuro. Suddenly the aliens come back with some tools.

“What are they carrying?” asked Amanda nervously.

“I think they’re gonna do something to us.” said Kuro. It shows that they were holding scissors and knifes.

“They’re gonna dissect our guts!” screamed Amanda.

“Cool.” said Jerry. “I wish I was dissecting. They go toward Amanda but instead of dissecting them they just cut some hair off and peeled off some dry skin. Jerry looked upset at that.

“False alarm.” said Kuro. Amanda sighs in relief. The aliens did the same thing for Kuro but when they got to Jerry they had trouble due to that he didn’t have too much hair.

“What?” he asked. “I like to shave my head!” They release him for a sec and lift up his arm which showed that his armpit had a lot of hair.”

“Ew.” said Amanda disgusted. The aliens then rip a bunch of hair off resulting in Jerry screaming very loudly.

“That’s gotta hurt.” said Kuro. The aliens then take all the hair and skin toward a screen. When it opens up a weird blobby thing sealed inside glass and a liquid was in there.

“What is that?” asked Amanda.

“I think that might be something related with them.” said Kuro. The aliens put the hair and skin in front of it where three tentacles from the blob thing come out and suck up the hair and skin.

“Is that its diet?” asked Jerry.

“I’m not sure.” said Kuro.

“This is freaking me out.” said Amanda. After glowing for a few seconds the blobby thing then attaches its tentacles onto the aliens injecting copies of the hair and skin into them.

“This is getting very weird.” said Jerry. “I want off.”

“Wait, something’s happening to them.” said Kuro. The aliens suddenly transformed into copies of Kuro, Amanda, and Jerry. Everyone looked surprised.

“You are all set.” said a voice. “Now go do what they do on Earth.”

“Yes leader.” said the disguised aliens. They stand under a beam and they are then abducted to Earth.

“What just happened?” asked Amanda.

“I think we were obviously replaced by aliens!” shouted Jerry.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m sure the others were find out.” said Kuro. “I hope.” Meanwhile on Earth’s surface the abduction beam lands and the disguised aliens come down.

“What do we do first?” asked the Amanda alien.

“The Earthlings are sleeping.” said the Kuro alien. “We shall sleep too.” Before they went into the trailers they heard a laughing clown alarm clock which happened to belong to Sparky.

“Its morning!” he shouted.

“I wish he would shut off that alarm.” said Bluto trying to sleep. As Sparky runs out of the trailer he bumps into the alien Kuro landing on his arm in the process.

“Oops, sorry Kuro.” He said. He they noticed that his arm that he landed on was squashed and flattened. “Uh dude, what’s with your arm?” he asked.

“Uh, I need to work out.” said the Kuro alien lying. “I haven’t been working out in a while.”

“Well why don’t you get something to eat.” said Sparky. “That always helps my arms and muscles.” He flexes his muscles in front of the alien Kuro but his arms were skinny and boney. “Oh well, see you at the mess hall.” He runs off and when no one was looking his arm returned to normal.

“We should be careful.” said the alien Kuro to the alien Amanda and Jerry. “Our bodies are very weak.”

“We could easily get crushed.” said the alien Amanda.

“I know.” said the alien Kuro. “We need to be careful.”

“What should we do now?” asked the alien Jerry.

“We eat with the others.” said the alien Kuro pointing to the contestants getting breakfast. Meanwhile back on the spaceship Kuro, Amanda, and Jerry were still locked on the probe tables.

“What do we do now?” asked Jerry.

“Try and find a way to free ourselves.” said Kuro.

“I see a button over on that computer that says probe table controls.” said Amanda. “That particular button says off.”

“Can you throw something at it?” asked Kuro.

“I think so but it has to have used a lot of force to shut it off.” said Amanda.

“What can we use?” asked Kuro.

“My huge piece of gum that I’ve been chewing for a long time?” suggested Amanda shown to have been chewing gum.

“Okay.” said Kuro. She spat it at the button which managed to hit it releasing them from the tables.

“It worked.” cheered Amanda. Suddenly an alarm goes off and a cage fell on top of them trapping them inside.

“Great, just when it couldn’t get any worse.” said Jerry. Back on Earth the contestants were in the mess hall eating breakfast.

“I’m going to get more eggs.” said Sparky walking away.

“Why are we on Earth anyway?” asked the alien Amanda.

“Well our leader told us to get on Earth and I guess we have to get the other Earthlings to board our ship and replace them.” explained the alien Kuro. “Oh, that’s a good plan.” said the alien Amanda.

“I’m back with some eggs.” said Sparky. He then bumps into the table and one leg falls off and it flips over crushing the alien Amanda’s body while the other clones ran off. Everyone then stares shocked with food falling out of Jake’s mouth. “Uh, that was an accident everyone saw right?” asked Sparky shocked and nervous.

“Hey guys what’s happen, what the?!” shouted Oweguy noticing the smashed table and the alien Amanda’s arms and legs sticking out.

“Don’t worry Amanda, I’ll get you out.” said Sparky pulling the alien Amanda’s arm until of comes off with a trail of greem slime following it and coming out of the arm. Everyone looked disgusted and Sparky drops the arm.

“Step aside, let me take a look.” said Oweguy. He lifts up the table and sees that Amanda’s crushed body was now a puddle of sticky green slime. “Wait one minute.” he said. “Human’s don’t bleed green blood.”

“Yeah, we bleed red.” said Sparky.

“So this Amanda’s not the real one.” said Oweguy.

“So where’s the real one?” asked Sparky.

“Hey, where’d Kuro go?” asked Pete.

“And where’s Jerry.” asked Jake.

“Don’t care.” said Bluto slacking in his chair. The alien Kuro and Jerry were outside with a transmitter device.

“Leader, they discovered one of us isn’t human!” shouted the alien Kuro. “Call the spaceship over before they notice us!” Oweguy sees the two disguised aliens outside.

“Yep, I’ve discovered the problem.” he said.

“What’s going on?” asked Pete.

“This Amanda that was crushed under the table was not a human but an alien.” explained Oweguy.

“So that explains the green slime.” said Marine.

“I think I’ve seen this in a movie once.” said Sparky.

“Why do you think they’re aliens?” asked Jake.

“Because Kuro and Jerry talking to an alien spaceship on a transmitter to their leader.” said Oweguy.

“Oh.” said Jake.

“Wait, so that means Kuro and Jerry are aliens too!” shouted Pete shocked. “I’m really sure I’ve seen this in a movie.” said Sparky.

“Anyway since I couldn’t think of a challenge before this point here’s one.” said Oweguy. “The challenge is to rescue Amanda, Kuro, and Jerry from the alien spaceship. When it arrives sneak onto it and rescue your teammates without getting caught. First team to come back with their teammates wins while the other team votes someone off.”

“Wow, a challenge Oweguy didn’t make up for once.” said Jasmine.

“I didn’t know it would ever happen.” said Pete. The others then see an alien spaceship coming toward the ground. When it landed a stairway came down for the aliens to board on.

“Okay guys, there’s your chance.” said Oweguy. “See you later.” The two teams run to the spaceship while Oweguy goes to his quarters.

“How do we get in without getting noticed?” asked Sparky.

“Randomly placed air vent?” asked Marine pointing to an air vent hatch on the wall.

“Oh.” said Sparky. “Now how do we get in?” asked Sparky.

“Piggyback?” asked Pete. The Techno Smashers teammates then do that while the Explosive Mines teammates do the same except for Bluto and Katelyn who was trying to get up but Bluto didn’t help.

“C’mon Bluto, help me up!” shouted Katelyn.

“I think you can do it yourself.” said Bluto. “Besides I’m too tired to help out.”

“You’re getting up there!” shouted Roxanne jumping down from the vent and throwing Bluto into the vent and he ended up getting stuck. She then kicks his butt so he’d go through. Jake and Nianah ended up getting Katelyn up while Roxanne got back up herself.

“We made it!” cheered Pete.”

“It’s a little crowded in here.” said Bianca squished in between the others. “She’s right.” said Marine stuck near Jasmine and Jake.

“My area smells funny.” said Sparky who’s head was underneath Bluto’s butt without him knowing.

“Should we tell him?” asked Sae to Pete.

“I would if I could reach over to him.” said Pete.

“How ‘bout I suggest moving.” said Marine.

“Good idea.” said Bianca who almost looked crushed. The contestants started to move upward in the vent with Roxanne having to pull Bluto due to him keep on getting stuck. As they got deeper into the vent they heard someone screaming.

“No no no!” shouted someone which sounded like Jerry.

“Oh no!” shouted Sparky. “The aliens must be torturing them!”

“That wasn’t what I was thinking off.” shouted Jerry who shouted no three times because they were playing a game while in the cage.

“Look I’m not good at I spy with my little eye.” said Amanda.

“I think the scream came from over there.” said Sparky.

“But there’s two paths.” said Jasmine.

“I think it came from the left.” said Pete.

“I hope you’re right.” said Marine.

“I’m good when it comes to sounds.” said Pete. “I was able to hear my cow from my basement when I was on the farm and the cows were far away from our house.” “Wow, that’s interesting.” said Sae.

“Shouldn’t we be rescuing our friends?” asked Marine. “Oh yeah.” said Pete. The Techno Smashers team went toward the left path while the Explosive Mines team looked at the two paths.

“I think we should take the left.” said Bianca.

“No I say right.” said Bluto.

“But the other team went left and Pete said it was the right way.” said Bianca. “They’re just trying to trick us.” said Bluto. “I think it’s the right path.”

“I agree.” said Roxanne. “They’re just tricking us.”

“Okay.” said Bianca. The team then goes onto the right path and they then bump into a vent hatch.

“Finally!” shouted Roxanne. She kicks it open and they fall out. It was shown that they were in a dark empty room.

“Where are we?” asked Jake. They see a sign on the wall.

“Alien dog chamber?!” said Roxanne reading the sign.

“Hey I’m sure it’s just a regular dog except it’s from another planet.” said Bluto. A giant dog like alien creature then walks up behind them. “Uh oh.” he said. Meanwhile it shows back in the room where Kuro, Amanda, and Jerry were trapped in. Suddenly a vent hatch burst open in the room.

“Who’s there?” asked Amanda.

“It’s us.” said Sparky popping out.

“Thank goodness.” said Amanda.

“Help us out.” said Kuro. Sparky gets a needle from his pocket and opens the lock opening the cage.

“Oh thank you.” cheered Amanda giving Sparky a hug which embarrassed him a little.

“Let’s get out of here.” said Kuro. Before the team left they bumped into the alien Kuro and Jerry. The alien leader than appears again with blank yellow eyes and a mouth appearing.

“You won’t be leaving this ship.” it said. “You will all be good exhibits for our zoo on our home planet. Start the ship up.”

“Yes leader.” said the aliens. They start the ship up and it prepares to exit Earth.

“We’ve gotta get out of here.” said Pete. “Can anyone stop the controls?”

“Step aside.” said Marine. “I’ll show you what I can do.”

“Oh you’re gonna shut the system down like a spy does?” asked Sparky.

“Nope.” said Marine. She then slam kicks the control system leaving a huge hole inside. Sparky’s jaw then dropped on the floor. Suddenly an alarm went off.

“What’s happening?” asked Sparky.

“Attention, the ship will self destruct in two minutes.” said a computer voice.

“We should get out of here.” said Kuro. As they start running they bump into the aliens again.

“Halt!” shouted the Kuro alien.” “You will not leave.”

“Then we’ll take you guys on.” said Kuro.

“As you wish.” said the alien Kuro. The top of their heads start ripping and they come out of their human disguises in their true form but now bigger and more monstrous. Sparky gets grossed out and pukes on the floor.

“So what should we do?” asked Pete.

“Panic?” asked Sparky wiping the vomit off his mouth.

“No, we fight!” shouted Kuro. The aliens then roar at them with huge mouths and sharp teeth inside. “Never mind that, we panic!” While some of them started running from the aliens a laser blast hits one of them in their single eye with it screaming in pain. The blast was shown to have come from Marine with an alien laser gun and wearing a bandana.

“Alien scum!” she shouted. The alien had trouble finding the others due to being blinded by the laser blast. It then attacked the other alien which made it mad and the two started fighting. “What a perfect spot for them to be in.” she said. A giant generator happened to be above them and she shot the bar holding it and it fell down on both the aliens crushing and killing them with alien blood splattering on the contestants.

“Aw sick.” said Amanda. A drop then landed in Sae’s mouth.

“Yuck!” she shouted. “I swallowed some!”

“I don’t think that’s a problem.” said Pete.

“Ship will explode in one minute.” said the computer.

“We should get out of here!” shouted Kuro. “The place is going to blow!”

“Look a path!” shouted Sparky. The team then ran down.

“Hey, wait for me!” shouted Jerry chasing after them.

“No!” shouted the alien leader as the room was collapsing. “My precious plan, ruined!” The Explosive Mines team then walked out of a room where they heard the alarm and saw the Techno Smashers run by.

“What’s going on?” asked Jake.

“The place is gonna blow!” shouted Jerry joining up with them.

“They we gotta go!” shouted Jake. The rest ran while Bluto walked but was picked up by Roxanne.

“Ship will explode in thirty seconds.” said the computer. The Techo Smashers opened a door that leads them outside where they saw the science site below and debris from the spaceship falling.

“We have to jump.” said Marine.

“But we have no parachutes!” shouted Sparky.

“Just jump!” shouted Marine. The contestants jumped off as they kept landing on debris that they jump onto to break their fall. The Explosive Mines then came to the same area.

“Should we jump?” asked Jake.

“I think we have too.” said Katelyn. “The platform they were on suddenly broke off and they fell to the ground. The countdown then ended up to 10 and Marine grabbed the others as they were close to the ground and jumped off the piece of the ship they were on. Oweguy then walked by and the team fell near him with Marine landing on him.

“Ouch.” said Oweguy. “You could’ve landed near me.”

“Maybe I was ment to fall on you.” said Marine.

“Because you’re his girlfriend?” asked Sparky.

“Actually that’s a good reason.” said Oweguy. Suddenly the spaceship exploded in the sky and the remains crashed in front of them causing a huge cloud of dust to go through them. When it disappeared Marine was in Oweguy’s arms and Sparky was on Kuro’s head shaking in fear.

“Marine I thought you weren’t scared of things.” said Oweguy laughing a little.

“It’s been a rough day.” She said.

“Hey, where did the other team go?” asked Pete. The others see them falling from the sky and into an area farther away.

“What’s over there?” asked Kuro.

“Oh just my jelly factory.” said Oweguy. A splat sound is then heard. “Anyway since you made it first you win the challenge!” The team then cheers. “Now I’m going to find the other team and tell them they need to vote someone off.”

“Have fun with that.” said Kuro. Later the Explosive Mines were at the elimination ceremony covered in dirty, jelly, and burns.

“You’ve all casted your votes.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever doesn’t get a Professor Oweguy statue must leave on the teleporter of shame. First statues go to Katelyn, Jake, and Nianah. Bianca you’re safe as well and so is Jerry. That leaves Roxanne and Bluto the only ones left. And the final statue goes to…..”

"Roxanne. Sorry Bluto but it’s time to go.”

“Why did you vote me off?!” asked Bluto upset.

“Because you didn’t help and gave bad directions causing us to get attacked by an alien dog.” explained Roxanne.

“Fine, I’m leaving.” said Bluto upset. “But you’ll miss me. You’ll see.” He boards the teleporter of shame and disappears.

“What a grouch.” said Jake.

“That concludes this episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What will happen next episode and will I get that UFO wreckage cleaned up soon? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 9: The Thing from Another Movie

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action aliens abducted Amanda, Kuro, and Jerry and replaced them with aliens disguised as them. However we immediately figured out what happened when Sparky accidently crushed and killed the Amanda alien. Then the two teams boarded onto the ship when it landed on Earth and rescued the hostages and escaped before the ship went kaplooie. The Techno Smashers ended up making it back to Earth with their contestants first and won the challenge while the Explosive Mines voted off Bluto for not helping out and for being too lazy and nearly getting them killed by an alien dog. What will happen next with our contestants this time? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was late at night and the contestants were having dinner. The remains of the spaceship from last episode were still in the same place it crashed. “You figured he would’ve cleaned that spaceship up by now.” said Roxanne.

“I think Oweguy said that he’s planning to exam the remains in a bit.” explained Jake. He said that something might’ve still been there.

“Not possible.” said Jerry. “There couldn’t have been a survivor after the crash.”

“Yo dudes!” shouted Oweguy. “Meet me at the lab real quick!”

“You were saying?” asked Jake. Jerry then sighs. Later the contestants were at the lab and Oweguy had something on a table under a cloth.

“What did you want us to see?” asked Sparky.

“This!” shouted Oweguy removing the cloth showing revealing the body of the alien leader.

“It’s the alien leader from the spaceship!” shouted Kuro.

“Yep.” said Oweguy. “I found it in the wreckage and decided to take a look at it. From my studies this isn’t it’s true form but a pupa. Yet it can still communicate.”

“What’s its true form?” asked Marine.

“Apparently it’s supposed to look like a pile of chili and a lot of tentacles.” explained Oweguy. “Oh and a mouth and eye but I’m not sure. I’m just reading this children’s book about aliens.”

“Well that explains something.” said Jerry upset that it wasn’t official.

“Anyway, you guys and gals have to go get some shut eye.” said Oweguy. “It’s pretty late and I need to prepare for upcoming challenges.” “He’s right.” said Marine. “We need our sleep after what happened earlier.”

“I agree.” said Kuro.

“Well, see you tomorrow.” said Oweguy. “Hey interns, can you finish the studying of the alien?” The interns nodded in agreement. “Good.” said Oweguy. “I need some shuteye.” A few minutes later the contestants were in their pajamas and getting ready for bed.

“I’m worried.” said Kuro.

“Why?” asked Pete.

“I have a feeling that the alien is still alive.” said Kuro.

“Not possible.” said Pete. “Oweguy said it was dead.”

“I just have a strange feeling about it.” said Kuro.

“You’re probably just thinking things.” said Pete.

“You’re right.” said Kuro. “It’s been a long day and I just need some shut eye. Good night everybody.”

“Good night.” said everyone except Jerry who had already fallen asleep. Later that night in the lab the interns watching the alien body had fallen asleep. One part of the alien’s body started throbbing and part of the skin ripped off. Then a tentacle came out of the rip that started going near the interns. They then wake up and it cuts to Oweguy’s cabin where he was shown sleeping the interns then scream.

“Quite down mom I’m taking my nappy.” he said in his sleep. At the lab the interns were gone and a shadow shows the tentacles creating an egg sack thing. The sacks hatch and clones of the interns walk out and start to head toward the cabins. The first clone enters the boys cabin while the other one walked into the girls cabin. The door slowly creaks in the boys cabin.

“Huh, who’s there?” asked Pete. He wakes up and sees the intern clone. “Oh it’s the intern.” he said. “Don’t bother us now, we’re trying to sleep.” Suddenly the intern clone opens its mouth and a weird black tongue like thing comes out with a three fingered hand with sharp claws at the end. “Whoa, what’s going on?!” shouted Pete. The others wake up and Jerry punches the intern clone into the wall knocking it unconscious.

“That ought to take care of it.” he said.

“What happened?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know but I’m tired.” said Jerry.

TDSFA epi 9 teaser

The boys encounter the first alien monster's true form.

“Okay.” said Kuro. They fall asleep again but wake up again when the intern’s clone’s skin rip off on it’s own.

“What’s happening?!” asked Sparky freaked out. The remains of the intern clone turn into an alien beast with a head and sharp teeth and tentacles. Sparky then faints.

“That’s not the intern!” shouted Pete.

“No, it’s an alien monster!” shouted Kuro.

“I recall seeing this in a movie.” said Jerry.

“What do we do?” asked Kuro worried.

“Hide!” shouted Sparky under the bed. Jake saw some stuff and started throwing them at the creature but they didn’t work.

“Aw man!” he shouted. “What do we do?”

“Like I said hide.” said Sparky with only his eyes showing.

“Dude you’re a wuss.” said Jerry making Sparky mad. The alien creature got closer and Jake kept throwing stuff at it to hold it back. One was a candle and when it touched it the creature burst into flames screaming.

“What’s happening?!” screamed Sparky. A few seconds later the body of the alien turned black due to being burned by the fire and it then disintegrated and disappeared into the flames.

“Wait a second, its weakness is fire!” shouted Kuro while Pete and Jake put the fire out.

“How’d you know?” asked Jake.

“Easy, I just found Jerry’s copy of the Thing from his back.” explained Kuro.

“So that’s why I recall seeing something like this before.” said Jerry.

“This is bad.” said Kuro. “If there are more around then everyone could be in danger.” Suddenly they hear a girl screaming.

“You were saying?” asked Jerry. Kuro sighs. They then all run out except for Sparky who says “You guys go. I’m staying here.” As the boys get into the girls cabin they see them in the corner getting attacked by an alien with a thin body and a huge suction like mouth with sharp teeth.

“Someone help us!” screamed Bianca.

“Quick, who has fire?” asked Kuro. Marine was the only one who raised her hand and she happened to be standing near Kuro and not in the corner. “Why aren’t you cowering in fear?” he asked.

“You think a girl like me would cower in fear?” she asked surprised.

“Same with me.” said Roxanne who was outside the cabin having gone somewhere else.

“I thought you were in the cabin.” said Jake.

“I had to use the bathroom.” said Roxanne.

“Um guys?” asked Pete. “What about the alien?” It was shown that Bianca was in the creature’s mouth.

“Crap.” said Kuro. He and Jake pull Bianca out of its mouth before something bad happened.

“Yuck, I’m covered in monster slime.” she said disgusted. The monster suddenly gets very angry and goes berserk.

“Hey monster!” shouted Marine. “Want a hot dog?!” Marine was shown to have a hot dog in her hand but it was really a piece of dynamite covered in meat which was lit. The monster looks at it and she throws it sending the monster after it. It then swallows the stick in one gulp.

“Wow, I didn’t know it would fall for it.” said Jerry. The monster then looks at them again and charges toward them. Everyone except for Jerry, Roxanne, and Marine screamed but suddenly the monster explodes in a fiery blast.

“What just happened?” asked Jake.

“The monster went kablooie.” said Marine. The others start cheering but suddenly the remains of the monster start falling down on them and they were disgusted and grossed out.

“Aw sick!” shouted Jerry. The head lands on Marine.

“Maybe I could mount this on the wall as a trophy.” she said.

“Was that all of them?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Pete. While they were talking some tentacles were collecting DNA samples from the contestants such as hair and skin flakes that were on their beds. The tentacles then leave without anybody seeing them.

“Did you feel something go past us?” asked Kuro confused.

“No.” said Pete nervous.

“Let’s forget this and go to sleep.” said Jerry.

“He’s right.” said Kuro. “I’m sure they’re gone by now. The contestants then head back to their cabins while in the bushes silhouettes of people were in the bushes heading toward the cabins.

“Does anyone know where Sparky went?” asked Jake.

“He’s hiding under the bed.” said Jerry. “He’s too afraid to come out. What a wimp.” Sparky’s eyes looked angry. Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. “Who could that be at this hour?” asked Kuro.

“Probably Oweguy.” said Jerry. “Who else could it be?” Kuro opened the door and there were clones of all of the boys but with blank eyes and sharp teeth that growled and roared at them.

“More monsters disguised as us?” asked Kuro quickly shutting the door.

“Oh great.” said Jerry. The windows suddenly broke apart and it was shown that they were trying to get in.

“Let’s get out of here!” shouted Jake. Everyone but Sparky ran out and the clones started to go after them. The boys then ran into the girls.

“Same problem?” asked Kuro.

“Yep.” said Roxanne annoyed.

“It’s too dangerous here.” said Pete. “We need to do something.”

“Call the military people?” asked Bianca.

“Good idea!” said Kuro. He ran to a phone booth nearby but before he picked it up a tentacle in the lab slashed the phone line cords. “Hello? Hello?” asked Kuro. “The phone line’s dead.” He said hanging up.

“How ‘bout we walk to the military people?” asked Jerry.

“That’ll work.” said Marine. They started running toward the gate but back in the lab there was a machine that controlled the air conditioners and the tentacle set it to maximum causing a blast of cold air to come out of all of them with most hitting all the exit gates freezing them solid.

“We’re trapped!” screamed Bianca.

“Now what?” asked Pete.

“Ask Oweguy?” asked Jasmine.

“His front door is locked during the night.” said Marine. “He does it with his room back home.”

“Well now what?” asked Kuro. “Those clones are heading right toward us.”

“Why are they clones?” asked Sae.

“Because they’re trying to replace us by eating us!” screamed Jerry.

“Whoa not so loud!” shouted Pete. “Those creatures might hear.

“Anyway, what should we do?” asked Jake.

“We fight back.” said Kuro. “Jerry can you get some flamethrowers from the tool building?”

“Will do.” He said a little annoyed that he was taking orders from Kuro.

“And Pete, you and Sae get some fire extinguishers just so Oweguy doesn’t find out were planned to burn down his science site.” commanded Kuro.

“As you wish.” said Pete.

“Yes sir.” said Sae.

“I’ve got the flamethrowers.” said Jerry coming back a few seconds after he left.

“Wow, that was quick.” said Jake amazed. The clones started to get closer to everyone and Jerry, Roxanne, Kuro, and Marine had a flamethrower in hand. “Alright get ready!” shouted Kuro. “When the clones were five feet away from them they fired at them causing all of them to get engulfed in the flame killing them all.

“We’ve got the fire extinguishers.” said Pete.

“Thanks.” said Kuro. They sprayed out the fire showing that all that was left of the creatures were piles of ash.

“Serves them right.” said Jerry.

“Was that all of them?” asked Sae.

“No, look!” shouted Pete pointing to the lab building which had a bunch of tentacles coming out of the windows.

“Man Owe’s not going to be happy about this.” said Marine. When Kuro tried to open the lab door it wouldn’t budge.

“Locked!” he said. “What do we do?”

“Stand aside.” said Jerry. “I’ve got something that will blow down this door. Cherry bombs!”

“Where do you get this stuff?” asked Pete shocked.

“I just do.” He said annoyed. He a bunch of bombs near the door and lit them. A few seconds later they blew up knocking the door down.

“Wow.” said Marine shocked.

“Now let’s see what’s responsible for this.” said Jerry. As they walk in they see that the entire lab was covered in tentacles and had ripped open egg sacks lying around.

“Yuck!” shouted Jake. “This place is worse than spaghetti night at Chef’s Roadkill Café.

“Wait, what is that?” asked Pete pointing to something on the examination table but it was too dark to see.

“Does anyone have a flashlight?” asked Jake.

“I do.” said Katelyn. She turns it on and starts looking. As the light shines on the thing on the table it was shown to be the alien leader looking just like Oweguy said.

“It’s the alien leader!” shouted Jake.

“Yeah but it seems to have matured, just like Oweguy said.” said Kuro.

“It must’ve had made those creatures we saw.” said Pete. Suddenly it notices the light and it hisses and growls at them.

“Quick, hit it with the flamethrowers!” shouted Kuro. Before the fire hits it the alien leader burrows underground.

“Crap!” shouted Jerry. “We missed.” Suddenly the place starts shaking and the ground breaks apart and out came the alien leader again but now was a huge grotesque and scary looking monster with tentacles, four arms, claws, sharp spines, and a head with a huge jaw.

“We’re doomed.” said Roxanne.

“It couldn’t get worse.” said Marine. The giant alien leader monster then created more clones of the contestants in just a few seconds.

“You were saying?” asked Roxanne upset. Marine sighs. Jerry and Kuro try using the flame throwers on the alien leader but nothing happens.

“It’s no use, it’s just too big!” shouted Kuro. Jerry then sees a huge stick of dynamite on the floor.

“Everyone get out!” he shouted. “I’ve got just one last thing to do.” The others leave and he lights the fuse on the dynamite. The giant alien leader monster roars at him with its mouth right open in front of him. “**** you too!” shouted Jerry throwing the dynamite straight down the monster’s throat. Jerry then runs away.

“Ruh roh.” said the alien monster. As all of the contestants ran away from the lab the entire building blows up which wakes up Oweguy in the process. The explosion also defrosts the gates causing the ice to melt. As the explosion clouds disappear the lab building, the alien clones, and the alien leader monster were gone.”

“You know what Roxanne; I don’t want to do something like this again for a while.” said Jerry to Roxanne.

“Agreed.” she said.

“My lab!” shouted Oweguy shown to be wearing pajamas with TDI characters on them. “What did you guys do?!”

“It’s a long story.” said Kuro.

“You’d better explain it or you’re in big trouble.” said Oweguy. The giant alien monster’s head suddenly lands near them with Oweguy and the others shocked.

“We prevented an alien crisis, again.” said Marine.

“Oh, well that explains the giant alien head.” said Oweguy. “Maybe I could use it as a trophy.” The head suddenly turns to a pile of ash which is blown away by the wind. Oweguy then looked disappointed.

“So don’t we get a reward for saving the world?”asked Jerry.

“Well considering that the length of this episode is almost over I would say that everyone who has helped out get rid of this monster will be save because I don’t want to have an episode where no one was voted off.” explained Oweguy.

“Well most of us are here, except for Sparky.” said Kuro.

“Where has he been?” asked Oweguy.

“Hiding like a coward.” said Jerry.

“Is it over?” asked Sparky. “I hate scary monsters.”

“It is over.” said Oweguy. “You’re time on Total Drama. Since everyone but you worked to get rid of the alien monster you’re going home.

“He’s probably going to cry because he lost.” said Jerry.

“Oh yes, thank you!” shouted Sparky lying on his knees in front of Oweguy. “I can’t take these scary aliens anymore! Take me home, please!”

“Wimp.” said Jerry.

“Poor fella.” said Oweguy. “Alright off you go.” He kicks Sparky into the Teleporter of Shame.

“See you guys later.” said Sparky.

“Bye Sparks.” said Kuro.

“We’ll miss you.” said Bianca. Sparky then disappears in the transporter.

“Well I’m glad that’s over.” said Jerry.

“Well folks I’m glad to say that there won’t be any more alien disasters for a while because you killed what was left of the aliens on that ship which happened to have been blown away from the explosion.” said Oweguy. It was shown that the crashed spaceship was gone and only a crater was left. “Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Get a good night sleep. And viewers don’t miss the next episode of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action! Well I’m off to bed. Later the contestants were back in the cabins.

“Well I’m glad there won’t be any more aliens for a while.” said Pete.

“Me too.” said Jake. “I’m exhausted.

“There’s not a chance someone had could’ve gotten alien DNA on the spaceship earlier do you think?” asked Pete. “Like Sae had swallowed some alien blood accidently during the alien battle on the ship.

“Nah it’s probably out of her system by now.” said Jake. “Now let’s get some shut eye.”

“Alright, goodnight.” said Pete. It then shows Sae in the girl’s cabin and zooms inside her blood stream where it shows one small alien blood cell in there which suddenly has an evil face that starts laughing evilly.

Chapter 10: Adventures in Drama Sitting

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the alien crisis from episode 8 was not over as shown that the leader had survived and created alien clones that attacked the contestants. So chaos ensued but I’m not sure what happened much because I was asleep for most of the time. So in the end they all worked together to get rid of it and it ended with Jerry blowing up the monster and my lab which I managed to rebuild in between the conclusion of last episode and before the recap of this episode. Also poor Sparky ended up getting the boot due to being the only one who didn’t help due to being scared stiff. Who will end up getting voted off next? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Inside the newly repaired lab Oweguy was working on something with Bridgette and the interns watching. “This machine will make this the best challenge ever!” said Oweguy covered in oil grease.

“What is it?” asked Bridgette.

“It’s an age machine.” said Oweguy. “It can change anyone’s age by turning them younger or older but it’s unable to turn them into fetuses or make them die of old age. I’m just adding the finishing touches.” One of the interns was eating a sandwich when some mayonnaise falls out and another one then slips and bumps into the aging machine. It then starts jumping around and shaking. “Look what you’ve done now!” shouted Oweguy to the intern who looked nervous.

“What’s happening?” asked Bridgette. The machine starts firing and some blasts shoot around the room while two fire out the window. One of the blasts bounces toward the girl’s cabin where Marine, Amanda, and Sae were in there.

“Man, there’s nothing happening much today.” said Marine.

“I know.” said Amanda. “You’d figure after breakfast something would happen.”

“Maybe Owe’s still preparing for a challenge.” said Sae.

“Most likely.” said Marine. “He doesn’t have much money due to spending a lot on the gadgets and that pool from episode 5.”

“Didn’t that happen last season too?” asked Amanda.

“Yep.” said Marine. The laser blast then crashes through the window and hits Marine which causes the blast to split apart and the remaining bits hit Amanda and Sae as well.

“What was that?” asked Amanda.

“I don’t know.” said Marine. “Suddenly they started to glow and their bodies started getting smaller.

“What’s going on?” asked Sae. “Why am I shrinking?”

“I don’t know.” said Amanda. At the boy’s cabin Jerry was on his bed and Bianca and Nianah walked in.

“Jerry Roxanne keeps telling us to wake you up.” said Bianca.

“Yeah I think you’ve been asleep long enough.” said Nianah.

“Okay geez.” said Jerry. “And I didn’t expect Nianah to be bossy since she turned nice.” Suddenly the ray blast smashed through the window and hit the three of them with the same thing happening to the other three. “Hey!” shouted Jerry. “What gives?!”

“My clothes feel bigger.” said Bianca.

“I think we’re shrinking again!” shouted Nianah.

“Not again!” shouted Jerry.

“Wait I don’t think we’re shrinking.” said Bianca with her voice higher pitched. “I think we’re de agi…” She couldn’t finish the rest. A few minutes later Kuro and Pete were walking outside the cabins.

“I wonder what’s taking those girls?” asked Pete.

“They’re probably putting on fresh clothes or something.” said Kuro. Pete heard something from the girl’s cabin.

“I think it’s something.” He said.

“Do you hear crying?” asked Kuro.

“That’s what I might’ve heard.” said Pete.

“Impossible.” said Kuro. “Oweguy never babysits.”

“Whatever it is it’s coming from the girl’s cabin.” said Pete.

TDSFA epi 10 teaser

Kuro and Pete discover their teammates as babies.

“Let’s check it out.” said Kuro. As they open the door they see Marine, Amanda, and Sae sitting on the floor but have turned into babies. Kuro and Pete suddenly scream in horror.

“What happened to them?!” asked Pete shocked.

“I think they’ve been turned into babies!” said Kuro.

“How?” asked Pete.

“I don’t know.” said Kuro. “I’m going to get Oweguy. You stay and watch the babies.” As Kuro leaves Pete looks at the baby contestants with Marine just sitting around, Amanda looking at a fly, and Sae had a funny look and red face.

“Um what are you doing?” asked Pete. A splatter sound is heard on the floor off-screen. “Oh yuck.” said Pete. “I hope she had a diaper.” Back at the lab the age machine was shown to have shorted out.

“Aw crap!” shouted Oweguy. “It’s out of power! Now I have to fix it again.”

“Yo dude!” shouted Kuro. “Did you know that some of our teammates have been turned into babies?”

“Yes as a matter of fact because my new machine went haywire and shot two blasts out the window.”

“So the other blast must’ve hit someone else.” said Kuro. It cuts to the boy’s cabin with Roxanne coming over along with Jake.

“Jerry!” shouted Roxanne. “Why aren’t you out…” She sees Bianca and Nianah as babies crawling around and baby Jerry crying.”

“I’ve been turned into a baby!” cried baby Jerry. “Help me grow up!” Jake chuckles a little.

“I hate Oweguy.” said Roxanne. A splat is heard nearby and Roxanne got even madder.

“I’ll get the cleaning supplies.” said Jake walking away.

“Anyway, the problem is I need to fix this machine so by about another hour or so it’ll be fixed so the challenge for both teams is to keep the baby contestants save and whichever team has all of them by the time I’ve fixed the machine will win invincibility.” explained Oweguy back at the lab.

“And the loser has to vote someone off?” asked Kuro.

“How’d you know?” asked Oweguy.

“Lucky guess.” said Kuro. It then cuts to the confessional with him saying “The true answer is being on this reality show for three seasons.”

“Alright, I’ll remind the other team while you tell your team.” said Oweguy. “But don’t bother me for an hour. I need to fix this machine.”

“Okay.” said Kuro leaving. The interns were still standing near Oweguy.

“That goes for you guys too.” He said to them with them running away. As Kuro goes back to the cabin he saw Pete cleaning the floor and a box of diapers was nearby.

“What happened?” asked Kuro.

“Sae made a stinky.” said Pete.

“Oops.” said Kuro. “Did she have a diaper?”

“Yes but it was a big stinky and a weak diaper.” said Pete.

“What’s happening?” asked Jasmine walking. She saw the baby contestants and Pete cleaning the carpet. She had an awkward look on her face. “Where’d the babies come from and why does the carpet stink?

“Long story.” said Kuro.

(One long story later)

“So how do we get them back to normal?” asked Jasmine.

“Oweguy’s fixing the machine so we have to take care of our baby teammates until he’s finished fixing the machine.”

“Well I’ve done babysitting before so I think I’ll do fine.” said Jasmine.

“So have I.” said Pete.

“And me so we’re good to go.” said Kuro.

“I just hope the other team knows what to do.” said Pete. It cuts to the other cabin where it shows an angry Roxanne holding a screaming Jerry and baby Bianca who was chewing on her hair.

“Katelyn’s on her way so she can take care of Bianca.” said Jake holding baby Nianah who was fast asleep.

“Why do you have it so easy with a baby?!” asked Roxanne with Bianca ripping some of her hair off.

“Probably because I’ve babysat before and that Nianah likes me.”

“Oh that’s a good reason.” said Roxanne upset. Baby Bianca had a sick look on her face. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked. She then spits up all over Roxanne’s face which made her very mad.

“I’ll take her if you want.” said Jake.

“Thank you.” said Roxanne wiping the spit up off her face. As Jake grabbed baby Bianca he smelt something in the air.

“Do you smell something?” he asked.

“It’s definitely not Jerry’s moldy sandwich because that smells worse.” said Roxanne.

“Which is one reason why we threw it out.” said Jake. “But it smells like something Owen would cause.” He saw that the smell was coming from baby Bianca. “Do you have a spare diaper?” asked Jake. Roxanne looked upset again. Back at the other cabin the babies were on the bed looking hungry.

“We’d better get them to the mess hall.” said Kuro.

“But I don’t think Oweguy has any baby food.” said Pete . “We should at least check.” said Jasmine. A few seconds later they were outside with the babies in a stroller arriving in the mess hall. Jasmine looked in the kitchen and she saw some baby food jars on the counter. “I found some baby food!” she said.

“Good.” said Kuro. “I’ll feed it to them.” He feeds the three babies the food but after swallowing it they looked sick.

“What’s with them?” asked Pete. The babies suddenly threw up all over the floor.

“Jasmine how fresh was that baby food?” asked Kuro. She looked at the jar and saw that it was very stale.

“Oh.” She said. “This baby food is a month stale. It’s also supposed to be red, not green.”

“No wonder they puked it up.” said Pete. “What else do babies like?”

“I’d suggest cake but they would end up on a sugar rush.” said Kuro.

“Wait what?” asked Jasmine who ended up giving them cake before Kuro said not to give them cake. The babies started to bounce around all over the place with Kuro slapping his head upset at Jasmine. Jasmine then gives a guilty smile. Back at the cabins Katelyn had arrived and was changing Bianca’s diaper. “Why didn’t you change Bianca’s diaper?” asked Katelyn to Roxanne.

“Because it’s gross.” She said.

“And why didn’t Jake do it?” asked Katelyn.

“Because I had to change Nianah’s diaper.” said Jake wearing sanitation gloves.

“I swear Roxanne you need to watch these babies.” said Katelyn.

“Who are you caling a baby!” screamed the baby Jerry.

“I think Jerry’s really in the terrible twos.” said Jake.

“I agree.” said Katelyn. “Anyway I managed to get some baby food and diapers and other baby supplies so we’re good to go.”

“Thank goodness.” said Roxanne.

“Shh, Bianca and Nianah have fallen asleep.” said Jake with Bianca and Nianah asleep on one of the beds.

“That’s good, Roxanne why don’t you do your own things while we watch the babies.” said Katelyn.

“Please.” said Roxanne.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” said Katelyn. Roxanne then leaves while Katelyn and Jake watch the babies. Back in the other cabin baby Marine, Amanda, and Sae were tied down on a bed shaking like crazy so they wouldn’t jump around the place.

“Why did you feed them cake?” asked Kuro to Jasmine. “I thought you heard what I said.”

“Sorry.” said Jasmine. “I gave them the cake right when you said that.”

“Well now we have to keep them strapped to the bed just so they won’t go jumping all over the place.” said Kuro. “Can you please watch them while Pete and I get some more baby stuff from the store?”

“Sure.” said Jasmine.

“Good, we’ll be back as soon as possible.” said Kuro. The two leave and Jasmine watches the babies until she starts feeling tired and falls asleep on the bed. Ten minutes then pass and she wakes up and sees that the babies were gone.

“Where’d they go?!” she screamed. “Kuro’s going to kill me if he sees the babies gone!” She runs out of the cabin and sees the babies on the roof with Marine climbing up a tree branch. “I’ve got to get them down from there!” she screamed. “I hope Kuro and Pete aren’t on their way right now.” It cuts to them in a very long line at the baby shop.

“I wish this line would move faster.” said Kuro.

“Hey we have very hungry babies at home.” said a grouchy man in front of them.

“I can see.” said Kuro. Back at the science site Jasmine was on the roof of the cabin but the babies had fled to the tree.

“I have to remember not to give babies sugar next time.” She said jumping into the tree. The babies had gone deep into the tree with Jasmine following. She then grabs something and jumps out. “I’ve got one of them!” she cheered but it was really shown that she had picked up a beehive with the bees starting to come out and attacking her.

“Do you hear something outside?” asked Jake with Jasmine running from the bees outside the cabin.

“Nah, go fish.” said Katelyn showing that they were playing cards while watching the babies. A few minutes later it shows Kuro and Pete catching a taxi with baby supplies.

“Thank goodness we finally got our supplies.” said Kuro.

“Now we need to get back to the science site.” said Pete.

“Where to folks?” asked the taxi driver.

“To the abandoned science lab site.” said Kuro. The taxi then heads toward its location. Back at Oweguy’s lab he continues working on the machine until it starts up again.

“It’s finished!” he cheered. “Now I can tell everyone to get their babies.” He turns on a microphone system with the speakers coming out of the roof. “Attention contestants.” he said. “The machine has been fixed so please have all your babies here so I can change them.” At the exact moment he said that Kuro and Pete had come back.

“Good timing.” said Kuro. “Now let’s get them to normal.” Jasmine looked nervous while also being covered in bee stings. Kuro and Pete walk toward her and looked confused. “Where are the babies?” asked Kuro.

“And why are you covered in bee stings?” asked Pete.

“The babies got loose and are in that tree.” said Jasmine ashamed. Kuro and Pete looked upset at her. “I’m sorry.” she said.

“Well help us get them out of there!” shouted Kuro.

“Uh guys?” asked Pete.

“What?!” asked Kuro still a little upset.

“The babies are in the cabin.” said Pete showing the babies looking innocent in there.

“But you said they were in the tree.” said Kuro upset at Jasmine.

“They were!” shouted Jasmine.

“Enough crazy talk.” said Kuro. “Let’s get them back to normal. I’m sure we’re the first to get there.”

“Um think again Kuro.” said Pete pointing in the lab showing that the Explosive Mines had already gotten there. Kuro and Jasmine looked shocked.

“Where have you been?” asked Oweguy to the others. “These dudes got here five minutes ago!”

“We had trouble.” said Kuro.

“Well guess what guys.” said Oweguy. “You lost so you have to vote someone off. But before we do we have to get these babies back to normal.” Some interns take the babies away from Pete and Kuro and bring them in front of the machine along with the other teams babies. “Hope this works.” said Oweguy with the lever set to normal age. The machine fires and Marine, Amanda, Sae, Bianca, Nianah, and Jerry are returned to normal age.

“It worked!” cheered Katelyn. They all looked dazed and confused except for Jerry who was able to know what happened due to being turned two years old.

“What happened?” asked Marine regaining her senses.

“You were turned into babies but I was turned into a two year old.” said Jerry.

“And we had to take care of you guys.” said Pete.

“Oh, did we miss anything?” asked Amanda.

“Just an entire challenge.” said Kuro.

“Oh well.” said Amanda.

“Anyway, Techno Smashers meet me at the elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy. “And a special reminder, since Marine, Amanda, and Sae were babies and didn’t participate in the challenge there are immune from elimination so you can only choose to vote off Kuro, Pete, or Jasmine.”

“Okay.” said Pete.

“See you guys later.” said Oweguy. He leaves the building along with the others except for Kuro, Pete and Jasmine with Kuro and Pete still angry at Jasmine. She then gives an innocent smile. Later at the elimination ceremony Marine, Amanda, and Sae already had their Oweguy statues while Kuro, Pete, and Jasmine were waiting for theirs.

“Alright, the votes have been cast so now let’s see who is staying and who is leaving.” said Oweguy. “Marine, Amanda, and Sae have already gotten their statues to mark their immunity. And the next one goes to Pete.” Pete catches his statue. “That now leaves Kuro and Jasmine and one Professor Oweguy Statue.” Oweguy continued. “And the last statue goes to…..”

“Kuro. Sorry Jasmine but it’s time for you to go.”

“Wha, why?” asked Jasmine disappointed.

“I’m sorry Jasmine but you cost us the challenge for not keeping an eye on the babies.” said Kuro.

“I agree with Kuro.” said Pete.

“Alright.” said Jasmine. “Catch you guys later.”

“Bye Jasmine.” said Marine as the others waved goodbye to her. She then walks into the teleporter of shame and teleports away inside it.

“Well that’s the end of this babyish episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What will happen next as we now have eleven contestants left? Will any of my inventions not malfunction next time? And is anything major going to happen soon? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 11: Beware! the Jelly Monster

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action a malfunction with one of my gadgets caused six of the contestants to turn into babies! So for the following hour the contestants had to babysit them while I tried to fix the machine. The Techno Smashers team had a bit of trouble when Jasmine accidently fed them cake and they went on a sugar rush and got loose. In the end The Explosive Mines won the challenge and Jasmine was sent home due to the sugar rush incident. Who will not advance to the final ten in this episode? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

The sun was starting to set at the science site and a truck was going toward the mess hall building where Oweguy and some interns were waiting.

“Here’s your delivery dude.” said the truck driver.

“Thank you.” said Oweguy. He wheels a box over to the kitchen with Bridgette cooking in there.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“It’s our shipment of jelly!” said Oweguy excited. “Now we can make enough sandwiches to last us the rest of the season.”

“Where’d you get it from?” asked Bridgette.

“Chris and Chef.” said Oweguy.

“Uh oh.” said Bridgette nervous. “You know that Chef’s food isn’t really appetizing.”

“I’m sure DJ made this.” said Oweguy. “C’mon, my food is about to come out of the microwave.” As Oweguy gets his dinner and Bridgette and the interns leave the jelly in the box starts to move a little before it starts to ooze out of the cracks. Meanwhile in the girl’s cabin Marine was on her bed when her cell phone starts to ring.

“Hello?” she asked picking it up.”

“Marine, it’s your mother!” shouted Marine’s mom. “Where is your husband?!”

“Uh he’s somewhere.” she said.

“Well tell him that his parents have some reason decided to go on vacation!” said Marine’s mom.

“What?!” asked Marine upset. “What about the baby?!”

“They just left him at home!” shouted Marine’s mom. “You’d better go tell him what they’ve done or else you have to watch him!”

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do.” she said hanging up. “Darn Oweguy’s parents leaving without telling.” As she walks toward Oweguy’s cabin she walked by the mess hall building where the jelly was shown have gotten out and fled inside the sink cabinet. An intern then walks in to use the sink to get some water but instead of water it was the jelly. The intern then screams with Marine hearing. “What was that?” she asked. She ran to the kitchen and saw a silhouette of the intern getting consumed by the jelly creature. She looked freaked out and ran away to Oweguy’s cabin banging on it.

“Go away.” said Oweguy. “No contestants.”

“It’s your wife.” she said. The door opened up and she ran to Oweguy’s room where he was shown playing an Xbox 360 and eating popcorn.

“What is it?” he asked pausing his game.

“You know that jelly you got earlier?” she asked.

“Yeah?” asked Oweguy.

“I think it is alive.” she said.

“What, no way!” said Oweguy.

“I caught it on tape.” she said.

“Darn.” said Oweguy. “I thought it wouldn’t be true.”

“What should we do?” asked Marine.

“I’ll get the others.” said Oweguy. He turns on an intercom and all of the contestants were walking by outside the cabins. “Attention contestants, meet me in front of my cabin this instant.”

“Why?” asked Bianca.

“Beats me.” said Kuro. Minutes later the contestants were in front of the cabin.

“Why’d you call us here?” asked Oweguy.

“I hate to tell you this but a jelly monster is loose somewhere in the science site so because of this I have a challenge for you.” explained Oweguy. Some of the contestants groan when Oweguy said challenge. I have found these machine parts in my basement and these ice cubes in my freezer so this is what I want you to do with them. One half of each team is going to try and build a freeze ray to freeze that blob of jelly solid while the other have goes and looks for the creature. The first team to get rid of the monster wins while the other team votes someone off.”

“Um, how do we build our freeze rays?” asked Sae.

“Yeah, we don’t have blueprints.” said Kuro.

“Don’t you worry.” said Oweguy. “I managed to print instructions from a scientist’s website so you’re good to go.”

“Wow, this freeze ray looks like it could freeze anything.” said Kuro looking at the picture.

“You got it.” said Oweguy. “Now quickly right this minute choose who’s going to build it and who’s going to find the creature!”

“Pete and I will build the freeze ray.” said Kuro.

“I guess we’re after the jelly monster.” said Sae. Amanda gulps in fear.

“Don’t worry.” said Marine. “I’ll lead the group and I’ll protect you two from the monster.

“Oh goodie.” said Amanda feeling happy.

“Explosive Mines have you decided?” asked Oweguy.

“I guess we’ll find the creature.” said Jerry upset.

“I’ll go with him.” said Roxanne.

“Me too.” said Katelyn.

“Then I guess Bianca, Nianah and I will make the freeze ray.” said Jake with Nianah by his side.

“Sound’s good.” said Oweguy. “Now freeze ray designers, hide in your cabins because I don’t the creature is in there. Blob hunters, go find that creature and report immedietly.” The contestants then run toward their assigned areas.

“Okay, I’ve build a miniature robot before so a freeze ray should be a piece of cake.” said Kuro. When he opened the box containing the parts a whole bunch of tiny pieces fall out. “We’re doomed.” said Kuro.

“Ditto.” said Pete. It cuts to the other cabin.

“How are we going to make this?!” asked Bianca freaking out because of the small parts.

“I think we can do it.” said Jake. “Can we?”

“I don’t know.” said Nianah shrugging.

“We’re doomed.” said Jake disappointed. Outside Jerry, Roxanne, and Katelyn were running to the bathrooms.

“Why would a jelly monster be in here?!” asked Jerry.

“I can picture a blob monster coming out of the toilet.” said Roxanne. “It’s most likely to be hiding in the sewer pipes.”

“Are you sure you’re not thinking of something else?” asked Katelyn.

“You’d better not mess with me.” said Roxanne giving a fist to Katelyn.

“I knew it was a good choice to marry her.” said Jerry.

“Bad choice for me to talk to her.” said Katelyn. Meanwhile Marine, Amanda, and Sae were running toward somewhere.

“Where are we going?” asked Amanda.

“Somewhere where I might know that the creature is.” said Marine.

“Which is where?” asked Sae.

“The kitchen!” said Marine as they got to the mess hall building. As they got in it was dead silent.

“Nothing here.” said Amanda.

“You sure it was here?” asked Sae.

“I’m sure.” said Marine. “I got it on tape.” She showed Amanda and Sae the video clip and Amanda looked like she was going to throw up after watching it.

“C’mon I’ve seen worse than that.” said Marine. “I’ve seen horror movies where people’s heads get sliced off.” As soon as she said that Amanda throws up on the floor.

“Shouldn’t we look for the creature?’ asked Sae.

“Yes.” said Marine. The three proceeded into the kitchen. Back at the cabins the contestants continued to work on their freeze rays.

“Is it beginning to look like something?” asked Pete.

“I think so.” said Kuro. He continues a little bit more. “Aha!” he shouted. “I think we’re done.”

“Are you sure?” asked Pete. “It was shown that Kuro had made a DNA molecule model instead of a freeze ray.

“Darn, we were close.” said Kuro.

“I know.” said Pete upset. “This project is hard. These pieces are incredibly tiny, we don’t have the proper tools, and apparently Oweguy got ketchup and mustard stains on the instructions.”

“Maybe that’s why he shouldn’t use blueprint instructions for placemats.” said Kuro. “Anyway we need to figure out something to do.”

“Check online?” asked Pete.

“How?” asked Kuro. “None of us have computers!”

“I have a laptop in my bag.” said Pete.

“Well that’s good to hear.” said Kuro. As Pete turns it one his desktop wallpaper was shown to be a picture of someone’s muscular body with his face paste on it. “What’s with that?” asked Kuro.

“Don’t ask.” said Pete. In the bathrooms, Jerry, Roxanne and Katelyn were looking around.

“Nothing in the sinks.” said Katelyn.

“Nothing in the toilets.” said Jerry disgusted.

“Crap.” said Roxanne. “I thought for sure we’d find something.”

“What’s in there?” asked Katelyn. In one of the toilets there was a dark thing moving in a pitch black area.

“It’s the creature!” shouted Roxanne. “I’ve got it!” she grabs the thing out of the toilet but what she was holding wasn’t shown on camera.

“Um Roxie?” asked Jerry. “I don’t think that’s the jelly creature.” She looks at it off screen and drops it in the toilet disgusted and she went to wash her hands immediately.

“I don’t want to know what she grabbed.” said Katelyn disgusted.

“Me neither.” said Jerry. “That’s why there was no mention and why the viewer’s weren’t allowed to see it.” Back in the kitchen Marine, Amanda, and Sae were still looking around for the jelly monster.

“Still no sign of it.” said Sae.

“I’m sure it’s in here.” said Marine. “It must be in here.”

“Man I need a drink.” said Amanda grabbing a cup and going to the sink. When she turned the faucet on jelly comes out instead of water. She then screams in horror.

“What, what happened?!” asked Marine.

“It’s…that…thing!” stuttered Amanda in fear. The jelly creature then pours out of the faucet.

“I hope the guys had finished that freeze ray.” said Marine. It shows them watching a video on how to make a freeze ray and they looked bored.

“How much longer until this is over?” asked Pete.

“Fifteen more minutes.” said Kuro.

“Aww.” said Pete disappointed. It then cuts back to the kitchen.

“Quick girls, we need to keep it from leaving!” shouted Marine. She then noticed that Amanda and Sae were gone having run away. “Fine, I’ll take it one myself.” She said. She takes out her pocket knife and throws it at the creature but as soon as it went inside the jelly creature it dissolved. “Crap.” She said. She starts to run away but a huge wall of jelly prevents her from leaving. She quickly fled to a dark corner before the jelly creature noticed.

“Oh no, she’s trapped in there!” said Sae scared.

“What do we do?” asked Amanda freaking out.

“We need to get help.” said Sae. The two run off to the cabins. Meanwhile Jerry, Roxanne, and Katelyn head back to the cabins as well.

“Man we found no sign of that jelly creature.” said Roxanne upset.

“Maybe Owe was just playing a prank.” said Jerry.

“You’re right.” said Roxanne. “C’mon I’m tired.” They went into the cabin where Jake, Nianah, and Bianca were and saw them still working on the freeze ray.

“How’s it going?” asked Katelyn.

“Badly.” said Jake. “This device is impossible to build unless you’re Oweguy or his scientist interns.”

“It’s taken us two hours just to try and build it.” said Nianah.

“I’ve already broken three nails just putting it together.” said Bianca with three of her fingernails shorter than the others.

“That’s it, we’re throwing in the towel.” said Jake.

“I think we can handle another loss.” said Jerry. “We’ve lost at least five times.” Suddenly they hear a scream.

“What was that?” asked Katelyn.

“It’s probably Oweguy getting his skin waxed.” said Roxanne.

“No it sounded like a girl.” said Jake.

“He screams like a girl when he gets waxed.” said Roxanne.

“Oh yeah.” said Jake.

“It can’t be any of our contestants.” said Nianah. “We’re all in here.”

“That jelly creature can still be around.” said Jake. “I’m going to give one last shot at this freeze ray.” He starts to figure out how to make it again. Back in the kitchen the jelly creature was still moving around looking for Marine. In the corner she was hiding in she looked very scared.

TDSFA epi 11 teaser

Marine hiding in fear from the Jelly Monster.

“Get it together Marine.” She said to herself. “It’s just jelly. You’re a tough girl. You can’t be afraid of jelly.” She then started to tear up. The jelly creature then got very close to her and she started breaking in tears. “I can’t man up!” she cried. “I’m gonna die!” As the jelly prepares to land on her a smash is heard and Kuro, Pete, Sae, and Amanda ran in with perfectly designed freeze rays.

“Don’t worry Marine, we’re here to save you!” shouted Kuro. The jelly creature then started to shoot smaller blobs of jelly at them but they quickly dodged. Pete then saw a bottle of hot sauce that said very hot sauce.

“Kuro, use this!” shouted Pete. “It’ll probably stall it!”

“Okay!” shouted Kuro. “Hey jelly blob! Heads up!” He threw the hot sauce bottle and it broke on the counter near the blob. The sauce flew everywhere and when it hit the jelly creature it started shriveling and screeching. Some also hit Marine’s skin and she screamed in pain because it burned.

“Hot sauce isn’t supposed to burn skin!” she shouted.

“It was very hot sauce so I think that’s the difference!” shouted Kuro.

“Quick, now’s our chance to freeze it!” shouted Pete. He and Kuro turned on the freeze ray and fired at the jelly monster. A huge laser blast of ice came out of the freeze ray and it froze both the jelly monster and Marine into a huge block of ice.

“We did it!” cheered Kuro. The rest of them cheered with Oweguy and the Explosive Mines team walking over to see what happened.

“So that was the creature hmm?” asked Oweguy.

“Yep.” said Kuro.

“Impressive.” said Jake.

“Well since you stopped that monster you win.” said Oweguy. They started cheering except for Marine who was still frozen in the ice.

“Now we just have to find a way to get Marine out of there.” said Kuro.

“And Explosive Mines I’m sorry but…” Before Oweguy can finish the ice started tipping over due to one side being too heavy and sinking in the ground. It then broke through the wall and the entire ice block with Marine and the jelly monster inside fell into a giant pool of hot boiling water below with a huge cloud of steam coming out. Everyone was suddenly staring in shock. “Okay scratch that about you guys voting someone off.” said Oweguy to the Explosive Mines. “My wife needs to get medical treatment!” A few minutes later an ambulance was at the science site taking Marine away who was covered by a blanket.

“We checked that pool of boiling water.” said one of the emergency people. “That jelly thing is gone for good. It entirely dissolved in the boiling water.”

“Well that’s a relief.” said Kuro.

“Now then, let’s get her to the hospital!” shouted the emergency man. The ambulance then drives away with Marine.

“I’m going to miss her.” said Kuro.

“Don’t worry.” said Pete. “I’m sure she’ll be back.”

“I hope so.” said Oweguy. “Oh well, at least I managed to hear everything from her before she left.

“Oh yeah that reminds me.” said Kuro. “Marine forgot to tell you that her parents called, something about your parents leaving on vacation without telling.” Oweguy had awkward expression on his face and suddenly screams “Nooooooooooooo!” with everyone staring.

“What now?” asked Pete.

“Um, see you guys next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action?” said Kuro embarrassed about closing the episode. “I don’t think I’m cut out at being a host.” Pete nods in agreement.

Chapter 12: Super Contestants

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action a shipment of jelly I got from Chris and Chef Hatchet happened to be alive and it got loose somewhere at the science site, so half of the contestants went on to build freeze rays to freeze that creature solid while the other half looked for the creature. The Explosive Mines team eventually gave up while Marine got trapped in the kitchen after finding it. But the rest of the Techno Smashers managed to stop the monster by freezing it but they got Marine too and both of them fell into a pool of very hot boiling water dissolving the jelly creature and sending Marine away for medical treatment. What will happen next in today’s episode? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

In a building close to the lab and Oweguy’s cabin Oweguy, Bridgette and a bunch of interns were sitting at a table having a meeting. Oweguy was shown talking on a cell phone.

“So Marine, you feeling okay?” he asked on the phone. “I’m glad you’re out of the hospital.”

“I’m fine.” she said at home badly bandaged with burn stains on them and red eyed. Owe Jr. was playing with toys nearby. “Listen, I forgot to tell you something.”

“I know I know.” said Oweguy. “My parents left on vacation without telling anyone. This isn’t as bad when my grandpa Omar got lose at the candy factory.”

“Let’s not get into that.” said Marine. “Anyway, since I’m home I’m going to stay and watch the baby, okay?”

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “I hope you recover. Now I have to go. Staff meeting’s happening right now.” he hung up his cell phone and faced all the interns. “Guys, since our budget is getting low we need to think up a challenge that doesn’t require a high budget. Can you think of something?”

“A bounce house?” suggested one of the interns.

“Nah.” said Oweguy.

“A cooking contest?” asked one of the female interns.”

“No.” said Oweguy.

“An eating contest?!” asked Owen who was randomly there.

“Owen what are you doing here?!” asked Oweguy.

“I don’t know, hanging around?” asked Owen.

“Get out of here!” shouted Oweguy. “This is an important meeting!” Owen then runs out of the building. “Now then, who has another good idea?”

“How ‘bout a comedy show?” asked someone in the hall.

TDSFA epi 12 teaser

Murdoch returns.

“Who’s there?” asked Oweguy. A silhouette was shown in the hallway.

“An old friend.” said the man. When he walked into the room it was shown that it was Murdoch but he was now dressed like the Joker.

“Murdoch?” asked Oweguy shocked. “Oh thank goodness. When you went missing after the giant Nianah challenge I thought you were dead!”

“Dead?” asked Murdoch surprised. “Oh no no no no no. I was just missing. When I was eaten by that giant I had a fight with Amanda and I ended up in her nose and she sneezed me all the way to a factory and I fell in a pool of hot water which was mixed with food coloring and hair dye which I managed to have in my pocket but it must’ve fell out. When I got out and looked in a mirror my face was dyed white and my hair was dyed green.”

“What about the lips?” asked Oweguy.

“Oh, I just used red lipstick since my face was like this.” said Murdoch. “Anyway, since my face was now like the Joker’s I went to a costume store and bought a Joker costume to wear just so people wouldn’t think I was a freak.”

“Oh I see.” said Oweguy.

“Anyway, I was lost somewhere in a nice town.” continued Murdoch. “At one point I saw a spaceship far away and I knew that it might’ve been your doing.”

“No that was an alien race’s doing.” said Oweguy.

“So anyway I couldn’t make it on time so I spent the night sleeping in the woods.” continued Murdoch. “The following day I made it to your place but I spent the next two days hiding there just so no one would spot me. When I got there I saw some of the contestants as babies and later saw a giant jelly creature. I knew I was missing out so I came here to confront you and I explained what happened.”

“Interesting story.” said Oweguy. He looks at Murdoch’s costume. “You know, your costume gives me a great idea for a challenge! Just stay put!” Oweguy runs off.

“Those other will pay for what they’ve done for me!” said Murdoch to himself. “Except for Jerry and Roxanne. I need to keep working with them.” Meanwhile at the cabins Kuro and Pete were rolling a ball back and forth to them while Jake was reading a magazine that said skateboarders monthly and Jerry was sleeping.

“Man it’s getting quiet around here.” said Kuro.

“Yeah, there’s only ten of us left.” said Pete.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” asked Jerry waking up.

“I guess if you want to win.” said Pete.

“Yes indeed.” said Jerry. In the girls’ cabin Katelyn and Amanda were paint each other’s nails, Roxanne was crushing nuts, Bianca was filing her nails, Nianah was looking at pictures of Jake, and Sae was just thinking on her bed.

“Something wrong?” asked Katelyn to Sae.

“No.” she said. “I’m just amazed that I’ve made it this far.”

“Well don’t give up now.” said Amanda. “You’re doing fine. And Pete’s still here.” Sae blushes and smiles a little when she said Pete. Suddenly the intercom turned on.

“Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy. “Meet me outside the cabins. We’ve got a surprise!”

“What’s the surprise?” asked Jake.

“Probably a dirty pile of gym socks.” said Jerry upset. A few minutes later the contestants were standing out in the field with Oweguy in front of them.

“I have special news everyone.” he said. “Someone is returning to the competition.”

“Please tell me it’s not Izzy.” said Jerry.

“Izzy’s not in this show.” said Pete.

“Well I don’t want to see her no matter what.” said Jerry.

“Anyway, here’s our returning contestant.” said Oweguy. “Murdoch!” Murdoch comes out from behind Oweguy. Everyone gasps in shock while Amanda looked scared.

“Oh no.” she said. “Not so soon.”

“So am I going back on my lame Techno Smashers team?” asked Murdoch. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “You’re on your own because as of now the teams have been dissolved!” Everyone cheered and sighed in relief.

“Thank goodness he won’t be on my team.” said Amanda.

“So what’s the challenge?” asked Roxanne.

“Glad you asked.” said Oweguy. “I’ll be right back.” He runs off to get something. Amanda looked at Murdoch real quickly and he gave her and angry look making her nervous. “Here we are.” said Oweguy with a rack of costumes.

“Costumes?” asked Jerry.

“Yep!” said Oweguy excited. “For today’s challenge you’ll all be competing in superhero themed challenges! Half of you will dress up as heroes while the rest of you dress up as the villains. Since Murdoch already has an outfit of his owns he doesn’t get one. Now I’ll choose some five people to be heroes.” He looks at the contestants for a few seconds. “Kuro, Pete, Sae, Bianca, and Katelyn will be our heroes!” said Oweguy.

“Well that’s good.” said Kuro. “I’m not cut out to be a villain.”

“Me neither.” said Pete.

“I would hate to be mean.” said Sae.

“So that means the rest of us our villains?” asked Jerry.

“Yep!” said Oweguy.

“Aw man.” said Amanda nervous that she was with Murdoch.

“You guys can choose a costume that fits your choice.” said Oweguy. “Except for you Murdoch.” The contestants search through the costumes and pick them out. Amanda then noticed that the last costume left was a Harley Quinn outfit. “I’ve must’ve been bitten by the unlucky bug today.” she said. A few minutes later the contestants were in their costumes with Kuro dressed as Batman, Pete as Superman, Sae as Batgirl, Bianca as Supergirl, and Katelyn as Wonder Woman while Jerry was Lex Luthor, Roxanne as Catwoman, Jake as Two Face, Nianah as Poison Ivy, and Amanda as Harley Quinn.

“I actually make a good Catwoman.” said Roxanne.

“The Lex Luthor outfit was the only one that fit me.” said Jerry upset. “And I didn’t choose it because I’m bald.”

“I hope this makeup will come off.” said Jake commenting about his disfigured face make up.

“This Poison Ivy outfit is itchy.” said Nianah.

“All costumes are.” said Jerry.

“Okay, here’s our first challenge.” said Oweguy. “It’s a little combination of a track race and dodge ball. The heroes must race to the end of this track and if they do they get a point. The villains in the meantime have to hit the heroes with these dodge balls and if one gets hit they’re out. When all of the heroes are unable to make it to the finish the villains get a point.

“Seems easy.” said Jake.

“Now then, on your marks, get set, and go!” shouted Oweguy. The hero contestants run off onto the track while the villain contestants carry a bag of dodge balls and pursue them.

“Ha, dodge ball is easy for me!” shouted Murdoch.

“Not for me.” said Amanda. Jerry and Roxanne try throwing at Kuro and Pete but they dodge quickly.

“Darn!” shouted Jerry. “I guess those two have been practicing.”

“Well they might’ve avoided getting hurt but watch this.” said Roxanne. She threw two dodge balls that hit Katelyn and Bianca.

“I always knew you were an expert at dodge ball.” said Jerry giving her a high five.

“Two of the heroes have been knocked down!” shouted Oweguy. “Can the remaining three catch up?”

“I see the finish line already!” shouted Kuro.

“We’re almost there!” shouted Pete. “Are you still with us Sae?”

“Barely!” she shouted. Jerry and Roxanne try throwing at her but she trips which caused her to dodge both balls. The three of them then cross the finish line and they start cheering.

“Arrgh!” shouted Murdoch. “We were close!”

“Serves him right.” said Amanda.

“You be quite!” shouted Murdoch to Amanda.

“The heroes win a point!” announced Oweguy. “Time for the second challenge!”

“What Jerry and Roxanne don’t know is that I’ve been practicing dodge ball and track runs since I was little.” said Kuro in the confessional. “No way am I losing this challenge.”

“You okay Sae?” asked Pete. “That fall managed to help you avoid those dodge balls.”

“I’m fine.” she said. “I’m not quite used to this suit.”

“Same goes with me!” shouted Jerry. Later the contestants were in another area with two sections.

“Here is your next challenge.” said Oweguy. “In the left area the heroes will have to fight a way through villain henchman to get to the goal. For the villains it’s the same for them but the henchmen are replaced by policemen.”

“Ah policemen.” said Roxanne. “Our worst enemies.”

“Whoever can make it through the enemies and get to their goal first will win a point.” said Oweguy. “If the heroes win again then I might just stop there but I don’t want that to happen.

“What else Jerry and Roxanne don’t know about me is that I’m a black belt in karate.” said Kuro in the confessional.

“I worry there are a lot of enemies we have to get through.” said Jerry to Roxanne. “So we need someone to sabotage the controls. It would have to be someone to easily sucker.”

“How about her?” asked Roxanne pointing to Bianca who was playing with her hair. “And she might get caught at one point and will get voted off.”

“I like what you’re saying.” said Jerry. “Let’s do it.” When Oweguy had fallen asleep for a sec Jerry ran over to Bianca.


Jerry tells Bianca to help them out during the challenge.

“Hey Bianca, you want to play with those levers?” he asked to Bianca pointing to some levers that said police target controls.

“Sure!” cheered Bianca skipping toward them.

“Did she fall for it?” asked Roxanne.

“Hook, line, and sinker!” said Jerry grinning. The two of them laugh evilly. Oweguy then wakes up without knowing Bianca was gone.

“Okay let’s begin the second challenge.” He said. “And begin!” The contestants started running through the course with Pete, Sae, and Katelyn having trouble getting through the henchmen targets.

“C’mon Pete, you’re Superman!” cheered Sae.

“And Katelyn, you’re Wonder Woman!” said Pete to Katelyn.

“You’re right, we can get through these fake henchmen!” said Katelyn. For the villains side the police targets kept going into the holes and out due to Bianca having fun playing with the levers. They managed to go down whenever they got toward them.

“Wow, whoever got to the controls is giving us an advantage.” said Murdoch.

“These cardboard enemies are harder than I thought.” said Kuro. “Am I the only one having trouble?”

“No, we’re having trouble too.” said Pete.

“Oweguy really designed these things well.” said Sae.

“I don’t think we’re going to win this part soon.” said Katelyn.

“We definitely didn’t win.” said Kuro. “Look.” He pointed at the villain team showing that they had made it to the end.

“Drat!” shouted Pete. Oweguy apparently had fallen asleep again during the entire challenge and saw that the villain contestants had won.

“Wow, I must’ve dozed off again.” He said. “Anyway, the villains have won a point! Time for the final challenge.

“If we get Bianca to help us again we’ll definitely gain a win.” said Jerry.

“I’m surprised Murdoch hasn’t commented much.” said Roxanne.

“He wants to focus on the competition.” said Jerry. “I do think he’s useful for our secret plan.”

“You’re right.” said Roxanne. “We need the brains and skills to help out.”

“Let’s not talk about it now.” said Jerry. “We don’t want anyone to know.

“Well we lost this challenge but we can win the next one.” said Kuro.

“Where’s Bianca?” asked Pete.

“I think she had to pee.” said Katelyn.

“It’s certainly taking her a while.” said Sae.

“She did drink a lot earlier.” said Pete. Nearby Bianca was with Jerry.

“Nice job.” he said. “Here’s a cookie.”

“Yay, can I get more?” asked Bianca eating the cookie.

“After you help us again.” said Jerry.

“Yay!” cheered Bianca.

“I wish there were more airheaded girls on the show.” said Roxanne. “They’re very easy to trick.”

“Well we gotta get rid of them early because they’ll ruin our chances at us winning.

“True indeed.” said Roxanne. Later the contestants were in the final area which was a fake five story building.

“Welcome to the final challenge!” announced Oweguy. “For the heroes they much rescue five damsels at the top of the building while the villains place five fake bombs filled with water and condiments into each floor. Whoever wins this one wins the entire group invincibility while the others have to vote someone off.”

“Sounds easy for us.” said Kuro.

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you because each floor has an obstacle.” said Oweguy.

“Darn.” said Kuro.

“Yeah, we get to use bombs!” cheered Murdoch.

“They’re just water bombs.” said Jake.

“Who cares they’re bombs!” shouted Murdoch.

“Can we get started?” asked Roxanne.

“Alright if you want to.” said Oweguy. “And go!” He then falls asleep in his chair again. Jerry and Roxanne then call Bianca over after the other hero contestants go in.

“Hey Bianca, you want more cookies?” asked Jerry.

“Yes!” shouted Bianca drooling.

“You’ll get them after you get these two bombs into the fourth and fifth floors.” said Jerry.

“What about the first, second and third?” asked Bianca.

“Those ones are being taken care of.” said Jerry. “Now get those two bombs set up.”

“Yay, more cookies!” cheered Bianca running into the building with the two bombs.

“Now then, let’s hide before Oweguy notices.” said Jerry. He and Roxanne run away from Oweguy’s area. Inside the heroes had already gotten into the third floor.

“Well the only obstacles we’ve encounter so far are peables and marbles.” said Kuro.

“Doesn’t Oweguy have anything worse?” asked Pete the area they were in had a huge hole to jump over.”

“Yep, a poor budget.” said Kuro.

“I think we can jump over it.” said Pete.

“He’s right.” said Katelyn. “I think we can make it.” Kuro jumps over first and is followed by Katelyn. Both of them make it to the other side.

“I’m not sure I can do it.” said Sae scared.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” said Pete picking her up and jumping over with them making it.

“Thanks so much.” said Sae. “I’m glad you’re still here.

“I’m glad you’re still in too.” said Pete. “I’d worry you wouldn’t do well.” “I thought the same myself.” said Sae. “C’mon, let’s keep moving.” said Kuro. After they left Murdoch placed a bomb down. On the first and second floors the other bombs had been set up.”

“We’re almost done.” said Murdoch. “I just heard that the fourth bomb has been set up.”

“I’m not cut out as a villain.” said Jake.

“Me neither.” said Nianah. “I’m starting to get a rash. On the fifth floor the heroes see someone setting up the fifth bomb.

“Who’s there?” asked Kuro.

“Me.” said Bianca popping up.

“Bianca, what are you doing?!” shouted Kuro in shock.

“Setting bombs up to get cookies.” said Bianca with the fifth bomb set up.

“You’re helping the other team?” asked Katelyn shocked as well.

“Jerry said he’d give me cookies if I did what he wanted me to do.” explained Bianca.

“I’m sorry Bianca but that’s gaining an advantage for the others and that will make them…” Suddenly all the bombs go off and all the contestants inside the building got blown out by the huge blast of water. “Win.” continued Kuro soaked. Jake and Nianah wake up from the blast of water and Jake’s makeup had come off.

“Oh, so I guess it wasn’t permanent.” He said.

“Well mine is.” said Murdoch upset.

“I’m sorry heroes but you were unable to save the day which means that the villains have won.” said Oweguy soaked. “That means you have to vote someone off at the elimination ceremony. See you guys later.” Kuro, Pete, Sae, and Katelyn looked upset at Bianca who smiled innocently. Later at the elimination ceremony the five of them were there along with Oweguy.

“I have five of you here but only four Oweguy statues.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever doesn’t get one is voted off. First statue goes to Pete. The next ones go to Sae and Katelyn. That leaves Kuro and Bianca and the last one goes to…..”

“Kuro. Sorry Bianca but it’s time to go.”

“What?!” asked Bianca shocked. “But what did I do?” “Well according to the rest of the heroes you helped out the villains.” said Oweguy.

“He’s right.” said Kuro. “I’m sorry Bianca but you’re the reason why we lost.” “I understand.” Said Bianca disappointed. “Mr. Owe, can you get Jerry here real quick?”

“You called?” asked Jerry. Bianca then kicks him in the groin and he falls to the ground in pain. The other contestants and Oweguy start laughing. “Not funny!” shouted Jerry in a high pitched voice.”

“Well I best be going.” said Bianca.

“Bye Bianca.” said Katelyn. She then leaves in the teleporter of shame.

“I might’ve felt bad for getting Bianca kicked off but I’m didn’t.” said Jerry in the confessional. “It’s called strategy.”

“Ha, I’ve made it through the first day back!” shouted Murdoch in the confessional. “Nothing can stop me now!”

“Now that was a heroic episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With ten contestants left who will win next and who will lose next? And where is that bag of cookies Jerry had because I’m hungry! Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 13: The Wasp

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action it was superheroes galore as the contestants competed in superhero themed challenges. Also Murdoch returned now looking like the insane Joker. Jerry in the meantime tricked Bianca into working with him and Roxanne which in turn got her caught by her helper and was voted off in doing so. With ten contestants left who will be the next one voted off as we get closer and closer to a winner? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

“I swear it sucks now that Murdoch’s back.” said Amanda in the girls’ cabin. “He probably came back to make my life miserable.

“That’s not true.” said Nianah. “He hates you now so he wouldn’t want to sucker you into an alliance.”

“Yeah but he’s probably mad that I turned him into an insane clown.” said Amanda.

“Out of all the Batman comics he’s read I’m sure he’s happy.” said Roxanne. Suddenly they hear Katelyn scream.

“Get it out of here!” she shouted. It was shown that there was a yellow jacket in the cabin.

“Geez calm down.” said Roxanne upset. “It’s just a bug.” Sae then opened the window and it flew out.

“It’s out now.” she said.

“I’m sorry.” said Katelyn calming down. “I just have a huge fear of bees and wasps.”

“Why?” asked Sae.

“They’re scary looking, the stings are painful, and I just can’t stand them.” said Katelyn.

“Oh I see.” said Sae.

“Maybe we should help conquer your fear.” said Nianah.

“Won’t likely happen.” said Amanda. “We went to a farm during a field trip during middle school and she freaked out like crazy when we got to a bee keeping area.”

“Wow, she’s such a wimp.” said Roxanne. Katelyn looked upset. Meanwhile in the lab Oweguy was fixing up the transporter of shame with Kuro standing nearby.

“I really hope these fixing improvements work.” said Oweguy. “I just got a call saying that Bianca’s at Mount Everest.”

“You sure it wasn’t a prank call?” asked Kuro.

“Wait a minute.” said Oweguy thinking for a second. It cuts to the boys’ cabin with Murdoch laughing like crazy with a cell phone. Oweguy then walks in and takes the cell phone away. “That’s the third joke he’s done since he returned.” said Oweguy upset.

“Maybe the Joker has gone to his head.” said Kuro.

“Maybe.” said Oweguy. “Well even though it was a prank this think still need repairs.”

“Owe, why am I here again?” asked Kuro.

“Because I needed a test subject.” said Oweguy. “You can’t try things without having a test subject.” He then fixes up a few more bits of the machine. “Okay, I think its working now.” he said. “I’ll try and send you to the cabins.”

“Okay.” said Kuro. He stands inside the machine. Nearby the yellow jacket that was in the girls’ cabin had flown inside the lab. It buzzes by Oweguy.

“Shoo!” he shouted. “Go away!” He chases the yellow jacket away which flies to the transporter. “Ready?” asked Oweguy.

“Ready.” asked Kuro. As the teleporter starts to turn on the yellow jacket flies in with Kuro buzzing around him. “Shoo!” shouted Kuro. “Get out of here!” At the exact moment the machine goes off it malfunctions with Kuro and the yellow jacket inside.

TDSFA epi 13 teaser

The experiment goes horribly wrong.

“Figures something would go wrong.” said Oweguy with a bunch of smoke clouds everywhere. Inside the machine he saw Kuro inside but as he walked out he was now a giant mutant wasp with yellow skin, two extra arms, four wings, a stinger, and a giant wasp head. “What happened to you?!” asked Oweguy freaked out.

“Get out of my way!” shouted Kuro with a scary distorted voice and pushes Oweguy down. He then flies out of the building through the window.

“This isn’t good.” said Oweguy looking at the hole. “Interns, call the contestants.” A few minutes later the remaining nine contestants were outside the lab.

“Where did that huge hole come from?!” asked Jake surprised.

“I’ve got some bad news.” said Oweguy. “An experiment has gone wrong and Kuro is now a mutant wasp.” Katelyn’s eyes become huge when he says wasp. “So now the challenge is to find that beast and get him back to the transporter to return him to normal.” Oweguy continued. “Whoever gets him back in the machine first will win invincibility.”

“I recall this happening in a movie.” said Jerry.

“Everything happens in a movie.” said Roxanne.

“How would sending him into the machine turn him to normal?” asked Pete.

“Simple.” said Oweguy. “If we get that mutant into the machine their molecules will be broken apart during the transportation and they will be back in their regular forms.

“Isn’t there supposed to be something else like the smaller wasp?” asked Jake.

“I checked, there was nothing there.” said Oweguy. “That means that both Kuro and the wasp are that one creature.”

“Okay then.” said Jake. “At least we don’t have to catch two things.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” asked Oweguy. “Go catch that bug!” The contestants ran off but Jerry and Roxanne snuck off with Murdoch noticing.

“Hey where are you guys going?” he asked. Jerry then drags him along too. A couple minutes later a light turns on and the three of them were in a dark underground room. “Where are we?” asked Murdoch.

“This is our underground hideout.” said Jerry. “We’re working on something top secret and we thought you should help out.”

“Oh boy.” he said. “Now nothing can stop me.”

“Yes but don’t tell anyone.” said Jerry. “In the meantime, I was thinking that we should mind control that bug mutant.”

“With what?” asked Murdoch.

“With this.” said Jerry holding up a dart and a control pad. “This device can control that freak. I just need you to go find it and shoot this dart onto it and hide in your our cabin because you can’t control it if you’re underground.”

“I will totally accept your mission.” said Murdoch.

“Great, now go do it.” said Jerry putting Murdoch inside a huge capsule like thing that goes through a huge sewer pipe on the wall. Meanwhile the other contestants were looking around for the wasp Kuro.

“Where could he have possibly gone to?” asked Jake.

“I don’t know somewhere.” said Nianah. Suddenly a crash sound is heard.

“What was that?” asked Jake.

“It came from that building. In the building that the crash was heard the wasp Kuro was drinking a puddle of syrup that was pouring out along with the extra arms gathering other sweets. Behind one of the crates Murdoch was there.

“That’s it, keep drinking your syrup.” he said with a gun that contained the mind control dart. When he locked on target he fired and the dart hit its neck which started to light up. It then became hidden under Kuro’s hair. Before Jake and Nianah came in Murdoch ran off.

“There he is!” Jake shouted. The wasp Kuro noticed them. “It’s okay. We’re going to return you to normal. Outside Murdoch hit a button and the wasp Kuro took to the air and slammed right into Jake knocking him into the ground while the wasp Kuro flew away.

“Jake, are you okay?!” asked Nianah picking him up.

“I’m fine.” said Jake with a bruise on his forehead. It then cuts into the confessional with him saying “It’s not like that Kuro would just fly into me even with him as a freak. I think he’s being controlled by something. But what?” As it ends Murdoch laughs insanely outside the building without Jake and Nianah noticing. Meanwhile in the girls’ cabin Amanda and Sae were standing near Katelyn’s bed with her hiding underneath.

“C’mon Katelyn, you can’t hide in there forever.” said Amanda. She doesn’t say anything back. Amanda then pokes her with a stick but nothing happens. “She’s not budging.” she said.

“I guess we’ll just go alone.” said Sae. As they prepared to leave the cabin they saw the wasp Kuro crawling on the window. The two screamed in terror. Pete had walked by outside and heard.

“That sounds like Sae and Amanda.” he said. The wasp Kuro soon broke through the window.

“Don’t hurt us!” shouted Amanda. The wasp Kuro suddenly shot a huge glob of slime from its mouth which knocked Amanda and Sae onto the wall trapping them.

“I guess this is it.” said Sae.

“No it isn’t!” shouted Pete carrying a shovel and began to hit the wasp Kuro. “You’re a bad bug!” he shouted. But before he could knock it out it flew away. “Drat, couldn’t get him in time.” he said upset. He then proceeded to get the two girls out of the slime.

“Thank you Pete.” said Sae hugging him with Pete starting to blush. “Oh it was nothing, but we have to find where that freak when and save Kuro.” said Pete. The three of them run out leaving Katelyn behind who was still hiding. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah were searching for the wasp Kuro.

“Where could he have gone?” asked Jake.

“I don’t know.” said Nianah. “He seems to have disappeared.”

“Well that’s just great!” shouted Jake kicking a rock. “We just saw him and now we lost him!”

“Calm down, I’m sure we’ll find him.” said Nianah. Meanwhile underground Jerry and Roxanne were watching Murdoch and the wasp Kuro.

“Murdoch’s doing good.” said Jerry. “No one has caught him and no one can catch that freak. That gives us some time to work on our secret plan.”

“True that.” said Roxanne. The two have evil grins on their faces. Outside Jake and Nianah continued looking and have ended up in the woods.

“You sure he’s here?” asked Nianah.

“He flew this way so we’re close.” said Jake. They then see the wasp Kuro fly into a hole in a tree. “That way.” said Jake as the two entered the hole. As they go down a slippery and steep path they end up in a dark chamber.

“It’s getting dark.” said Nianah. “Do you have a flashlight?”

“Right here.” said Jake as he turns on the flashlight but it was shown that they were standing right near the wasp Kuro. Jake quickly turned off the flashlight and a bunch of punching sounds is heard. The light turns back on and Jake and Nianah were trapped in the sticky slime with the wasp Kuro in front of them as well as Murdoch who came out from behind them.

“Sorry Jake but I have to follow orders from this guy I’m not telling.” he said. “And you should not tell mean things about me next time. Catch you later.” He and the wasp Kuro fly off and Jake noticed the mind control device on the wasp Kuro.

“I got it!” shouted Jake. “Murdoch’s controlling Kuro! All we have to do is get that device he has and get Kuro into the teleporter.”

“But how, we’re stuck!” said Nianah.

“Don’t worry, I have a pocket knife.” said Jake. He managed to slip his hand into his pocket and pulled the pocket knife out and proceeded to cut the slime near his arm. He then got his right arm out of the slime. “I did it!” shouted Jake. “I told you we would be free.” He then got the rest of him out of the slime and then got Nianah out.

“Thanks Jake.” she said hugging him with Jake blushing.

“Let’s go find Murdoch!” shouted Jake as they ran out of the cavern. Meanwhile Murdoch and the wasp Kuro were inside an abandoned building in the science site that Oweguy didn’t use and Murdoch was on a cell phone.

“You idiot!” shouted Jerry on the phone. “You told Jake and his girlfriend that you were using that wasp freak?!”

“Don’t worry.” said Murdoch. “They’re trapped inside an old tree so they’ll never get loose. Now if you excuse me I need some time to myself.” He hangs up and sits in a chair while the wasp Kuro drinks some syrup. Meanwhile Pete, Sae, and Amanda were looking for the wasp Kuro.

“Still no sign of him.” said Pete.

“I think we should go back and get Katelyn.” said Sae.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.” said Amanda. “When she sees a swarm of bees or wasps she doesn’t move for an hour. And I thought I was the brave one.”

“Wait, what’s happening in there?” asked Sae.

“That’s just Oweguy watching TV while eating chips.” said Pete showing Oweguy watching TV in his cabin while eating chips.

“No not that!” shouted Sae upset. “That!” She pointed to the abandoned building where Murdoch was hiding.

“What’s that?” asked Amanda.

“It appears to be an abandoned building.” said Pete. “I guess Oweguy didn’t have to use it.”

“What did you see in there Sae?” asked Amanda.

“I don’t know but it looked like someone.” said Sae.

“Let’s go check it out.” said Pete as they headed off to the building.

“Uh oh, someone’s coming!” shouted Murdoch as the three of them walked toward the building. He quickly hides in a crate while the wasp Kuro was sitting down.

“Hello, anyone in here?” asked Pete as they entered the abandoned building while Murdoch controlled the wasp Kuro from inside the crate. “I don’t think anyone’s in here.” Pete continued.

“I’m sure I saw something.” said Sae. Behind the crates the wasp Kuro’s eyes started glowing red.

“Wait, now I see something.” said Pete. Suddenly the wasp Kuro flew out and all three of them screamed.

“What was that?” asked Jake as he and Nianah searched for Murdoch and the wasp Kuro.

“It sounded like someone screaming.” said Nianah.

“It came from that building.” said Jake. “Let’s check it out.” Inside Pete, Sae, and Amanda were once again tied up in the sticky slime with the wasp Kuro throwing them in a crate. Jake and Nianah both managed to see what was going on. “Why would Murdoch want to do this?” asked Jake.

“Either he wants to go farther or he’s just mean.” said Nianah.

“Well whatever it is he’s gone way too far.” said Jake clenching his fist. “We’ve got to stop him and get Kuro back to normal.”

“Just put them with the identical crates.” said Murdoch to the wasp Kuro as it carried Pete, Amanda, and Sae trapped in the box with the other crates. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Murdoch.” Said Jake as he and Nianah stood in front of the door.

“What the, how did you escape?!” asked Murdoch upset.

“Don’t you remember that I always carry a swiss army knife?” asked Jake holding his pocket knife. Murdoch then screams in anger.

“I won’t lose to you two!” he shouted. “Seize them my henchman!”

“I’m starting to have second thoughts on asking him to join us.” said Jerry in his and Roxanne’s underground lair. Back at the abandoned building the wasp Kuro charges toward them.

“Where’s that controller?!” asked Jake in shock. Nianah points to Murdoch who had it in his hands. “Murdoch give me that!” Jake shouted.

“No, you can’t ruin my plan!” shouted Murdoch.

“You shouldn’t even be doing this bad stuff!” shouted Jake. “I think the Joker has gone to your head!”

“No it hasn’t!” shouted Murdoch. “Now give me that controller!”

“No, you can’t have it!” shouted Jake. As the two continued struggling they ended up breaking the controller in half which caused the mind control signal to gone haywire causing the wasp Kuro to go berserk.

“Now look what you’ve done!” shouted Murdoch. “Now none of us can control it!” Jake then knocks Murdoch out by slamming his face with some of the controller pieces. The wasp Kuro in the meantime has gone completely berserk that it was destroying everything.

“What do we do?” asked Nianah scared. Jake thinks for a second and sees the mind control dart still on the wasp Kuro’s neck.

“I’ve got it!” he shouted. He then jumped onto the wasp Kuro which tried to throw him off but Jake then pulls the dart out of its back and it then collapses from exhaustion.

“You did it Jake!” cheered Nianah hugging and kissing him on the cheek which caused him to blush. The two then proceeded to get Pete, Amanda, and Sae free. “Thanks dude.” said Pete. “What do we do now?”

“We get Kuro back to normal.” said Jake picking the fainted wasp Kuro up. Suddenly the place started shaking.

“Um what’s going on?” asked Amanda. They then noticed that the entire building was collapsing.

“The building’s collapsing!” shouted Pete.

“I guess the wasp Kuro kind of broke the support.” said Jake. “Anyway, lets’ get out of here!” The five of them and the wasp Kuro then run out of the building as the walls and floors started breaking. The unconscious Murdoch in the meantime falls into a huge crack in the ground and disappears into the darkness below. The rest of them then escape the building before it collapses into a pile of rubble.

“Do you think Murdoch survived that?” asked Nianah.

“I don’t know.” said Jake. “I have a feeling he’s still around somewhere.

“C’mon, let’s get Kuro to normal.” said Pete. Later they arrived in Oweguy’s lab where Oweguy was waiting.

“Hey Jake, since you and Nianah helped all of us I think you two should get the invincibility credit.” said Pete.

“Well thanks dude.” said Jake. “I’m pretty sure you’re safe from a vote.”

“Wow Jake, you’ve got a huge bug problem.” said Oweguy.

“Can’t we just get him to normal?” asked Jake annoyed.

“Yeah sure.” said Oweguy. He puts the wasp Kuro inside the teleporter and as soon as he turns it on the same thing happens like last time and Kuro then walks out back to normal along with the yellow jacket which flies away.

“Wow, what happened?” asked Kuro. “All I can remember last is helping Oweguy with his teleporter. Also my neck hurts.”

“It’s a long story.” said Pete.

“Well since Jake and Nianah help Kuro get back to normal I claim them the winners.” said Oweguy. The two of them give each other a high five and a hug in celebration. “In the meantime someone needs to leave but I’m out of Professor Oweguy statues and most of you who are here looked like you helped. Speaking of which, where’s Katelyn?”

“She’s hiding under her bed.” said Amanda. “She hasn’t moved once.”

“I see.” said Oweguy. “Well according to the rulebook whoever doesn’t compete in a challenge is automatically eliminated so Katelyn’s going bye byes.” Two interns then walk in with Katelyn still frozen stiff in fear. They then throw her in the teleporter as she disappears.

“I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.” said Pete. “Probably because everything went to quick.”

“I’ve got another question.” said Oweguy. “Where’s Murdoch?”

“Well he was quite a pain in the ass during this challenge but there was an old abandoned building nearby where he was and it collapsed so we don’t know where he went.” explained Jake. “So he’s hereby missing again.”

“Darn guy.” said Oweguy. “So that makes two people out. But there’s still a chance Murdoch could come back.”

“I’m not sure.” said Jake. “The entire building collapsed and he never came out.”

“Well we’ll check tomorrow but he’s out for the meantime.” said Oweguy. “Also where are Jerry and Roxanne? I don’t want it to be the final six already!”

“We’re right here.” said Jerry with him and Roxanne outside. “We had to use the bathroom.”

“Alright so we have eight contestants left.” said Oweguy. “I’m too tired right now to deal with the rest of you so you guys can put yourself to sleep. And viewers catch us next time for the next all new episode of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!” Oweguy then yawns and leaves. Meanwhile deep underground inside Jerry and Roxanne’s secret hideout Murdoch was shown to have landed there with his eye suddenly opening up in anger.

Chapter 14: Journey to the Center of Sae

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action an experiment in the lab went horribly wrong and Kuro was transformed into a mutant wasp so the other contestants had to find him and get him back to normal. Katelyn was too scared to leave due to her fear of bees and wasps and couldn’t leave while Jake and Nianah managed to find the wasp Kuro who was under control by Murdoch according to the cameras. They managed to stop him and turn Kuro back to normal but no one knows what happened to Murdoch. Katelyn was also eliminated due to not competing in the challenge. With eight contestants left what’s going to happen next? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Inside the mess hall the contestants minus for Sae were having breakfast. “Cold oatmeal again?!” shouted Jerry. “I prefer my breakfast warm or hot!”

“I’m sorry but it’s all we’ve got.” said the intern serving the food. Jerry then gives him a fist and the intern looked scared and said “Okay I’ll get some nice hot eggs.”

“Thank you.” said Jerry. It cuts to the confessional with him saying “When you don’t get what you want just show your toughness. Nearby Pete, Amanda, Kuro, Jake and Nianah were sitting together as Jerry walks past them.

“This food doesn’t taste as good as before.” said Jake. “I wonder why it doesn’t taste like how Bridgette makes it.”

“It’s because Bridgette left.” said Marine who was sitting near them.

“Marine, why are you here?” asked Kuro. “I thought you were watching your son.”

“I was but Bridgette left to work with Geoff so I had to be Oweguy’s replacement co-host.” explained Marine.

“Interesting.” said Kuro. “But who’s looking after your son?”

“My sister.” said Marine. “She’s a better babysitter than Oweguy’s parents. Well gotta file some paperwork.” She then leaves.

“I don’t think I would be a good host.” said Amanda.

“Hey, where’s Sae?” asked Pete.

“Still in bed.” said Nianah. “She’s not feeling well.”

“I hope it’s not serious.” said Pete.

“I don’t think so.” said Kuro. “I think it’s just a little cold.” It then shows then outside the cabin with it covered in sheets of plastic and yellow tape that said condemned. “Okay, scratch that.” continued Kuro. “I think it is worse.” Oweguy then comes out wearing a quarantine suit.

“Oh hey dudes.” He said taking the head part off. “What brings you here?”

“We heard that Sae’s not feeling well.” said Kuro.

“Well it’s kind of worse than you think.” said Oweguy. “She’s really pale, having trouble eating, and throwing up everywhere.” Some vomit then hits the window.

“How does she look?” asked Pete.

“You can see if you look through the window.” said Oweguy. They see Sae in her bed looking very pale, was red eyed, and on life support.

“What’s everyone looking at?” asked Jerry as he and Roxanne walked over. Jerry looks through and freaks out. “Eww!” he shouted. “She looks worse than that guy on spaghetti night!”

“Have you contacted a doctor?” asked Pete.

“I’ve sent the intern doctors in there but they never came back out, though I did see something weird when I was in there.” explained Oweguy. “Let’s see what happens when I use this wind up mouse toy.” He winds up the toy and puts it in the cabin. When it goes near Sae some green and black amoeba like tentacles comes out of her body and grabs the toy which causes it to dissolve and break and they then go back inside her.

“What was that?!” screamed Kuro.

“I don’t know but this gives me an idea.” said Oweguy. “Meet me in the lab.” A few minutes later the seven contestants were in the lab. “Obviously something’s inside her body that’s making her ill so I’ve decide that you guys have to destroy it from the inside.”

“Eww, puke-atrocious dude.” said Jerry.

“It’s not that bad.” said Oweguy. “You probably had to do gross stuff in biology class at school.”

“So that means we’re cutting Sae open?” asked Roxanne.

“No!” shouted Oweguy. “You have to destroy what’s inside her by shrinking and going into her body.”

“I’d still prefer to dissect her.” said Roxanne.

“How do we get inside her?” asked Pete.

“With these.” said Oweguy showing seven small subs. “These subs can only carry one person and is equipped with lasers and torpedoes. I just need you to get inside and I’ll shrink the sub down to the size of a flea. Then I’ll put you in this pill just so Sae doesn’t know you’re inside her.”

“Why can’t you just inject us into her?” asked Jerry.

“I tried but the subs couldn’t fit into this needle.” said Oweguy. “Now then, get inside the subs.” The contestants go into each of the subs with Oweguy bringing his shrink ray out. “I haven’t used this for six episodes so it’s gotten a bit dusty.” He said blowing the dust off. “Now prepare to be shrunk!”

“Wait, how do we control these…” said Amanda before she is shrunk and couldn’t finish the rest.

“What, I can’t here you.” said Oweguy as he picked up the subs with tweezers and put It in the pill. “Your voice is very high pitched.” Amanda sighs. Oweguy then walks back to where Sae was in his quarantine suit and tried to get her to eat the pill. “Darn, I can’t wake her up.” He said. He then opened her mouth and made her force feed the pill until she swallowed it while she was still sleeping. “There, now I can go monitor them with my computer. As he went into his cabin where his computer was he turned on the sub monitor system until a blue error screen came up. He then screams so loud that Murdoch who was still in Jerry and Roxanne’s lair had heard.

“Can’t anyone who’s up there be quiet?” he asked himself. Meanwhile inside Sae’s stomach the pill had landed in there causing it to break apart releasing the subs.

“This place looks empty.” said Kuro.

“Obviously because she hasn’t been eating much.” said Jerry.

“We should split up and check out the other organs.” said Kuro.

“How?” asked Pete. “We probably don’t know where to go.”

“Don’t worry, there’s a map on this wall.” said Kuro with a map of Sae’s body on the wall.

“Oh.” said Pete. “Let’s just search around her body and see if we can find anything.”

“That’s a good idea.” said Kuro.

“It doesn’t mean that we’re going to have fun.” said Jerry. The contestants start up their subs except for Amanda who was still figuring out how to work it. While she does the same green and black tentacles started going near her. Back at Oweguy’s cabin he had fixed his computer with Marine and some interns watching.

“Finally, I fixed the computer.” He said. “Now I can keep an eye on the contestants.” When he turned it on the display of the picture was very blurry. “Why is it blurry?!” asked Oweguy upset.

“Because the monitor system on the subs isn’t very good.” said Marine.

“Drat, everything right now looks like what Harold sees when he drops his glasses.” said Oweguy.

“I resent that!” shouted Harold at the window.

“Oh well, I guess I have to play solitaire until they get out.” said Oweguy opening up a solitaire game on the computer while Marine sits down on a couch and the interns go into the kitchen for some food. Meanwhile Pete and Kuro were going through a passageway inside Sae’s body.

“Where does this take us?” asked Pete.

“I don’t know, somewhere in the chest area.” said Kuro.

“Uh oh, the path splits here.” said Pete with one path continuing the one they were on along with an entrance that looked like it led inside a vein.

“That looks like it goes inside a blood stream.” said Kuro. “Why don’t you go in there while I keep taking this path.”

“Sounds good.” said Pete. “See you later.” He then enters the vein while Kuro continues on the other path. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah were heading up Sae’s esophagus.

“There’s sure to be something up in her brain.” said Jake.

“I think so too.” said Nianah. They continued upward and after a few more minutes they were inside her head where her brain was.

“Well, here we are.” said Jake looking around.

“I don’t see anything wrong.” said Nianah.

“Well we should check inside her brain.” said Jake. “We could possibly see if there’s something wrong.”

“I see a little opening on her brain.” said Nianah.

“Good.” said Jake. “Here we go!” Their subs then enter the small brain opening. Meanwhile back inside Sae’s stomach Jerry and Roxanne were still there figuring out where to go while Amanda still figured out how to control her sub.

“Where should we go?!” asked Jerry upset. “I don’t want to stay inside this smelly stomach!”

“The intestines are probably smellier.” said Roxanne. “How about we go upward.”

“Good idea.” said Jerry. As they tried to start their subs up they had trouble. “Oh no!” he shouted. “Our subs are having trouble starting!”

“Ooh, let me help!” shouted Amanda.

“No way!” shouted Jerry. “You can’t start your own sub up, how are you going to start ours up?!” But before he told her now she had already started going around in the engines and when she got out the subs started bouncing around everywhere which caused Sae to wake up for a sec.

“My stomach is acting up again.” she said. Back inside both subs ended up slicing the tentacles that Amanda was unaware of causing them to disappear and both Jerry and Roxanne ended up going down into Sae’s intestines. Amanda then just stares for a sec.

“Oh well, I’d better try and work on my sub again.” she said hopping back into her sub. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah had gotten inside Sae’s brain where they saw a bunch of monitor systems and controls everywhere.

“Where are we?” asked Nianah.

“The control room I guess.” said Jake. They get out of their subs and looked around. “I wonder what these are all for?” Jake asked.

“Probably to monitor her body.” said Nianah.

“Let’s take a look.” said Jake. “I’m sure it’ll help us find out what’s making Sae sick.” As they looked at the monitors all of them showed inside Sae’s origins. Suddenly the green and black tentacles appear on all of them and when they came in contact with the screens they turned into static. “That can’t be good.” said Jake. Suddenly a bunch of Sae’s in uniforms walk in.

“Hey, what are you doing here?!” asked one of them. “You’re not allowed in here!”

“Sorry.” said Jake. “Wait, who are you?”

“We’re the things that monitor and control our host’s brain.” explained one of the Sae’s. “We just take the form of our host just in case someone from the outside comes in here. May we ask why you are here?”

“We came inside your host’s body because she’s not feeling well and we had to see what’s making her sick.” explained Jake.

“Well we’re having problems with some green and black thing that’s messing with all the origins.” explained one of the Sae brain workers.

“A green and black thing?” asked Jake. “That explains the tentacles!”

“We must find it at once!” shouted Nianah.

“How can you?” asked one of the Sae’s. “The monitors are wrecked!”

“We’ll try our best.” aid Jake. He and Nianah then board onto their subs and exit Sae’s brain.

“Such crazy guys.” said one of the Sae’s.

“I’m glad we don’t live in the outside world.” said another Sae. Meanwhile Pete was inside Sae’s bloodstream searching for what was making her sick.

“I have to be careful in here.” said Pete. “All of Sae’s blood is in here.” He then noticed that some green and black spots were on the walls. “What’s going on?” he asked. Suddenly he came to a stop and he saw a green and black amoeba thing with the same green and black tentacles which were wrapped around one of Sae’s blood cells. A few seconds later the blood cell turned into a smaller green and black amoeba. “What’s happening?” Pete asked himself. He accidently bumped into the wall which caused the amoeba to stop. “Crap.” said Pete. A creepy face suddenly appears on the amoeba.

“Who goes there?” it asked with a creepy voice.

“No one!” shouted Pete. The amoeba then creates a tentacle which wraps around Pete’s sub and brings it down on the ground.

“I definitely see someone.” It said looking at Pete.

“Okay you got me.” said Pete. “May I ask what you are?”

“I am a single alien blood cell.” It said. “I was lost from my original host after it was killed. But luckily I landed inside this peasant girl’s body and I made a new home inside it. But I knew one of me wasn’t enough so now I’m creating more by turning this girl’s blood cells into more. Once I reach the heart and take care of all of them I’ll have wiped out what is left of this girl and then I’ll have full control of her body and I’ll turn it into a new alien body.”

“That’s insane!” shouted Pete. “And Sae is not a peasant girl! She’s more than that.”

“I see.” said the alien cell. “Well if you won’t let me wipe out this girl’s blood cells I’ll have to get rid of you!”

TDSFA epi 14 teaser

Pete prepares to fight the alien cell.

“We’ll see about that!” shouted Pete. He jumps out of the sub wearing an air helmet and wet suit and had a laser gun and jumped toward the alien cell while it grew more tentacles to attack him. Meanwhile back in Sae’s head Kuro had ended up there while Jake and Nianah flew out.

“Hey guys, anything new?” asked Kuro.

“Well we discovered that there’s something inside Sae’s body.” said Jake. “I didn’t get much word but it had the same green and black tentacles that we saw before we went into Sae’s body.”

“Then that must be why she doesn’t feel well.” said Kuro. “Let’s try and find it!”

“I don’t think so.” said the alien cell voice with its tentacles coming out of the ground and trapping their subs along with fusing their cockpits so they couldn’t get out.

“We’re trapped!” shouted Jake.

“Indeed.” said the alien cell with its face appearing on the ground. “In a few minutes you and your subs will be dissolved and you will never save your friend’s body.”

“This can’t be good.” said Kuro. He then gets out a cell phone. “Amanda, can you help us out?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t.” said Amanda. “I’m busy.” It showed her still trying to get her sub working.

“She’s not coming.” said Kuro.

“Then that means we’re doomed.” said Jake.

“Most likely.” said Kuro. Meanwhile inside Sae’s intestines Jerry and Roxanne were in there.

“That dumb blonde!” shouted Jerry. “Thanks to her we’re stuck in this dumb!” It showed them surrounded by trash and various objects such as a juice box and a fork along with an antibody driving a bulldozer who was pushing the trash around.

“Thank goodness this place is edited so it’s not’s too disgusting.” said Roxanne.

“Yeah, I don’t want a repeat of health class.” said Jerry. “Now how are we going to get out of here?” Jerry accidently leans on a thing on the wall that said do not touch.

“I don’t think you should’ve done that.” said Roxanne.

“Why?” asked Jerry. The place starts shaking.

“That’s why.” said Roxanne. The scene then changes to a screen saying “the following scene is way too disgusting to show even for a PG-13 rated so now we’re going to go back to Pete.” Back in Sae’s bloodstream Pete was fighting the alien cell. Pete’s phone then started to ring.

“I’m a little busy here!” Pete shouted.

“I’m sorry but we’re close to being dissolved by tentacles.” said Kuro.

“I’ll be right there!” shouted Pete. The alien cell then grabs Pete.

“Ha ha ha!” it laughed. “You’ll never save your friends now! As of now you’re about to be dissolved as well.” As it continued laughing Pete saw a glowing thing deep inside of it.

“Don’t gloat now because you may never gloat at all!” shouted Pete as he fired his lazer gun at the glowing spot with the blast disintegrating it.

“No, how could you?!” it screamed as its tentacles dissolved. “That was my main life support! And with that gone I with be no more and the transformed cells will turn back to normal!”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” said Pete. “But at least you won’t be doing anymore evil stuff.”

“Noooooooooooooo!!!!!” screamed the alien cell as it dissolved away with no sign of it left. The transformed cells also return to normal and the tentacles that had trapped Kuro, Jake, and Nianah had dissolved as well. Outside Sae’s body her skin tuned back into her normal color, her eyes were no longer red, and she was no longer ill.

“Wha?” asked Sae amazed. “I don’t feel sick anymore! I just wonder where everyone is?”

“You did it Pete!” said Kuro on Pete’s cell phone. “You saved our lives and destroyed that nasty amoeba!”

“You can thank me later.” said Pete. “Right now we need to find a way out.”

“How about the nose?” asked Jake. “That way we’ll get out easily and I’m sure Oweguy’s shrink ray is close by.”

“Good idea.” said Pete. “Besides, I think our fuel is getting low.” A few minutes later Pete, Kuro, Jake, and Sae were inside Sae’s nose. “Now, unleash the feather dusters!” shouted Pete. A bunch of feather dusters come out of their subs and rubbed against Sae’s nose hairs.

“My nose feels ticklish.” She said. “I think I’m gonna…” She then sneezes very loudly and the four subs shot out of her nose and out the door and into Oweguy’s lab slamming right onto the grow button on Oweguy’s shrink ray and the four of them returned to normal size.

“We did it!” cheered Pete as the four of them cheered in victory.

“Wait, I feel like we’re missing someone.” said Kuro. He then realized what they were missing. “Crap.” He said. “We forgot Amanda!” Back in Sae’s stomach she was still figuring out the controls.

“Is this it?” she asked herself pressing a button which caused a bunch of smoke to come out. Outside Sae felt sick again.

“Uh oh.” she said. “I think one last upchuck is about to happen. She ran toward the window and threw up outside with Amanda’s sub falling out. Kuro, Pete, Jake, and Nianah then walk toward her.

“There she is.” said Jake. Kuro picks her up and bring her to the lab where they return her to normal size.

“This sub is complex.” she said. “Even Katelyn’s car is easier to figure out.”

“Amanda, this is like a car.” said Kuro upset and annoyed. “You were just pressing the accessory buttons.”

“Oh.” said Amanda smiling innocently.

“What’s with the subs and shrink ray?” asked Sae at the door.”

“Uh, we were just looking around.” said Pete.

“Let me explain it.” said Oweguy. “The contestants went into your body and helped you recover. Well at least one of you. Who was it?”

“It was me.” said Pete. “I encountered what was making her ill which was an alien blood cell that was inside her since the alien invasion but I managed to save her life along with the others.”

“Wow.” said Oweguy. “I never knew someone who used to be a farmer was able to do all that. But since you claimed that you did without any signs of lying you win invincibility!”

“You did all that?” asked Sae shocked and amazed. “How come?”

“Because I care for you.” said Pete. “I think you’re special.”

“I sense romance.” said Oweguy.

“You braved through stuff that was life threatening just for me?” asked Sae. She then smiles at Pete and says “That’s sweet” before giving him a huge which resulting in him blushing but then smiling.

“Yep, I sensed romance.” said Oweguy. “But enough of that, you need to vote someone off. By the way, where are Jerry and Roxanne?”

“Right here.” said Jerry along with Roxanne with both of them upset because of what happened to them.

“Geez Louis, what stinks!?” asked Oweguy.

“Don’t ask.” said Jerry. “We’re going to take a shower.”

“They smell worse than that time I went to the petting zoo.” said Oweguy.

“I don’t want to imagine what happened with both incidents.” said Kuro. Later that night the contestants were at the elimination ceremony.

“Whoever doesn’t get a Professor Oweguy statue is eliminated and will have to use the Teleporter of Shame.” explained Oweguy. “Trust me, it’s working this time.”

“Thank goodness.” said Kuro.

“Due to Pete winning the challenge and Sae being part of the challenge they get the first two statues.” said Oweguy who gave them their statues. “The next two statues go to Jake and Nianah. Kuro, you’re safe as well and so is Roxanne. So now that leaves Jerry and Amanda the last ones left and the last statue goes to…..”

“Jerry!” Everyone except for Jerry and Roxanne gasp in shock when they found out that Amanda had been voted off.

“But why?” asked Amanda shocked at her elimination.

“Two words.” said Jerry. “You’re annoying.” Amanda then got upset and kicked Jerry in the groin making him scream in pain. The others except for Roxanne started laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Jerry shouted in pain.

“Oh well, it was fun.” said Amanda. “See you at the finale!”

“Bye Amanda.” said Jake.

“Tell Katelyn I said hi.” said Kuro.

“Will do.” said Amanda entering the Teleporter of Shame where she then disappears.

“I’m going to miss her.” said Kuro. “She was a good friend.”

“At least Murdoch was gone when she left.” said Pete. Jerry and Roxanne look at him when he said Murdoch.

“Well that’s the end of this gut-tastic episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With seven contestants left who will be the next one to leave? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 15: A Journey through Time

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action Sae fell ill so the other contestants went inside her body to see what was wrong with her. Amanda had trouble figuring out how to control her sub and ended up causing trouble for Jerry and Roxanne. Pete managed to find what was making her ill which was an alien cell that had gotten inside her who was planning to take over her body but Pete defeated it saving Sae and saving everyone else. Due to that Pete got invincibility and Amanda was voted off due to what she did to Jerry and Roxanne. With seven contestants left who will be the next one to leave? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

At the mess hall all the contestants were sitting at one table due to only being seven of them left. “Only seven of us left.” said Kuro. “It sure went quickly.”

“I still feel like the season just started.” said Pete.

“At least most of us have done better than before right Pete?” asked Jake.

“That’s true.” said Pete. “We were early outs in season one but we’re now in the final seven of this season!”

“How could a nice guy like you get out so early?” asked Sae to Pete.

“I had a duck fear but I’ve gotten over it.” said Pete.

“Wimp.” said Jerry. Pete looked upset at him when he said that. “Jerry’s been acting strange lately.” he said in the confessional. “Maybe he has some trick up his sleeve or he’s just upset by who is left.”

“Final seven already?” asked Oweguy in the confessional. “Man these seasons go by quickly. At least I have an interesting challenge today.” After he said that Oweguy had arrived at the mess hall.

“Here’s Oweguy telling us to do another challenge that might possibly kill us.” said Jerry annoyed.

“Hey, these challenges can’t possibly kill you!” shouted Oweguy upset. “Anyway I hope you ate enough because the challenge is about to start. Meet me in the lab in three minutes.”

“Will do.” said Kuro. Three minutes later the contestants were in the lab.

“What are we doing today?” asked Jerry. “I hope it’s not gross like last time.”

“No it’s not.” said Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is going to involve time travel!”

“Like that show Chris did with people from different time periods?” asked Jake.

“Yeah, just like that.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, here’s how the challenge goes. I threw a gold Oweguy statue into a time portal and now it’s in a random time period so the rest of you must find it.”

“How?” asked Pete. “We don’t know what time period it’s at.”

“No need to worry.” said Oweguy. “Each of your time machines has radar systems built in and it will beep like crazy when you get close to it. Whoever finds the statue first will win invincibility.”

“Are there seven time machines available?” asked Pete.

“Sadly no.” said Oweguy. “Due to being very complex I was only able to build four time machines so that means six of you have to share.

“I’m welcome to do it by myself.” said Kuro.

“I don’t want to work with the others.” said Jerry.

“Me neither.” said Roxanne.

“Alright so I figure that Jake and Nianah will be together and Pete and Sae will as well.” said Oweguy.

“How’d you know?” asked Jake.

“Lucky guess.” said Oweguy. “Anyway get on board.” The contestants get into their time machines. “Oh and one more thing to mention.” reminded Oweguy. “The red button is how you time travel but it will take you to a random time period when you press it.

“Why can’t we decide on where to go?” asked Jerry.

“Because that will make it too easy.” said Oweguy. “Plus I’m on a low budget.” Jerry slaps his face. “Now get going on your time traveling journey!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants then press their buttons and disappear into a different time period.

“I think driving a car is easier than this!” shouted Jake in the time warp zone with the time machine going super fast.

“I agree!” shouted Nianah. The time machine then stops and they were in a jungle. “Where are we?” asked Nianah.

“Looks like a jungle but I also see a volcano.” said Jake. “In my opinion we’re somewhere in the past.”

“What’s the radar showing?” asked Nianah.

“Nothing’s happening.” said Jake looking at their radar. “That means we’re way off.” Suddenly the ground starts to shake.

“What was that?” asked Nianah.

TDSFA epi 15 teaser

Jake and Nianah are cornered by t-rexes.

“I don’t know, something huge.” said Jake. The two of them then feel hot air near them and they see two tyrannosaurs right next to them. “Run!” whispered Jake. The time machine turns into a car and they drive off with the T-rexes chasing them. Meanwhile Pete and Sae end up in another time period which looked like an old fashioned town.

“Where are we?” asked Sae.

“It looks like we landed somewhere during the seventeen hundreds.” said Pete.

“When?” asked Sae. They then saw British and American soldiers fighting nearby.

“Obviously during the revolutionary war.” said Pete.

“Is what we’re looking for here?” asked Sae.

“No.” said Pete. “The radar isn’t reaction well. Plus we should leave anyway because the troops are about to open fire.” The time machine quickly disappears to another time period before the troops began to attack. “Couldn’t Owe make an easier time machine?” asked Pete in the confessional. Meanwhile back in the dinosaur period Jake and Nianah were still running from the dinosaurs.

“How can we outrun them?!” asked Jake.

“Let’s go into that cave and then get out of here!” shouted Nianah pointing to a nearby cave. The two end up in the cave with the T-rexes unable to find them.

“That was close.” said Jake. But suddenly two angry eyes look at them and Jake lights a match and they see a huge dinosaur behind them.

“Forget running, let’s scram!” shouted Nianah.

“Agreed!” shouted Jake. Their time machine disappears right before the dinosaur eats them with it wondering where they went. Meanwhile Jerry and Roxanne arrived at their time period.

“Where are we?” asked Jerry. “Or should I say when are we?” They then noticed that they were in a Roman coliseum right in the battlefield. “Crap.” said Jerry.

“Release the lions!” shouted one of the Romans.

“Is this where the statue is?!” asked Jerry.

“No luckily!” shouted Roxanne.

“Good, I’d rather leave!” shouted Jerry. Their time machine leaves right before the lions came out. They then end up in a battlefield. “Now where are we?” asked Jerry.

“Right in the middle of World War II.” said Roxanne.

“Oh great.” said Jerry. A bunch of gunshots start flying near them. “Let’s leave!” shouted Jerry.

“Agreed.” said Roxanne. “Besides, the statue’s not here either.” The time machine leaves right before the gunshots land where they were. They then end up in a huge open area.

“Now where are we?” asked Jerry.

“A nuclear bomb testing site.” said Roxanne. Jerry then says a swear word that was censored out and it then shows a bomb explosion. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah end up in another area which was a place covered in trash.

“Where are we?” asked Jake.

“Apparently the time period WALL-E took place.” said Nianah.

“How’d you know?” asked Jake.

“One, everything’s covered in trash and two WALL-E is in the background.” said Nianah with WALL-E going by in the background.

“Is the statue here?” asked Jake.

“No but the radar is starting to beep often.” said Nianah. “I guess that means we’re getting close.”

“It’s probably a few more years’ ahead.” said Jake. “Let’s try and get there.” “Got it.” said Nianah. The time machine then disappears to another time period. Meanwhile Kuro appeared in his time period.

“Finally, I’d thought I’d never be shown.” He said. “I wonder where I am?” He saw that the place he arrived was a future polluted city. “What is this place?” he asked. As he walked in he saw that the gateway said Jerryopolis. “Jerryopolis?” he asked. “This can’t be good.” As he continued walking he saw pictures of Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch all over the place and he saw a huge building in the center of the city. Maybe whoever’s in that building can figure out why this city looks like this. Kuro then looks through the window where he saw and older Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch in an office.

“I’m still happy by how we defeated those pesky contestants with our battleship.” said the future Jerry.

“Yeah, they never knew what hit them.” said the future Roxanne.

“I’m happy that I got my permanent make up off.” said the future Murdoch.

“And after we took over the city we’re now the rulers and the other people are our prisoners.” said the future Jerry.

“The other have learned not to mess with us.” said the future Roxanne with the others laughing. Kuro then gasps in shock.

“They’re planning to destroy the science site!” he shouted. “I’ve got to find the present Jerry and Roxanne this instant. Also I have a feeling Murdoch’s still with them.” His time machine then disappears to another time period. Meanwhile Pete and Sae then appear in an alleyway at night.

“Where are we now?” asked Sae.

“I don’t know.” said Pete. “It looks like the present time.”

“It could be a few years back.” said Sae.

“Wait, I see someone.” said Pete pointing out at the road where two people were walking by.

“It’s odd, they look similar to you.”

“Wait, those are my parents.” said Sae. Suddenly someone jumps out of the shadows who was completely covered by the darkness and he started grabbing a jeweled necklace from Sae’s mother.

“Hey, you stop right now!” shouted Sae’s dad.

“No way dude, I need this for my secret plan!” shouted the man who shoots Sae’s dad and knocks him to the ground. He then steals Sae’s mother’s necklace and shoots her as well which left Sae shocked and in tears.

“That voice sounded familiar.” said Pete taking a picture of the person. The man then heard sirens and he pressed something on his belt and disappeared in a flash. “Wait a minute, I think he was a time traveler!” shouted Pete. “Sae?” He saw her lying on the ground crying.

“The crash was a lie.” she said. “My parents were mugged and killed. I’d also hate to see the fire of the orphanage.”

“Don’t cry.” said Pete. “As soon as we get a chance we’ll try and see who ruined your life. Besides, I managed to get a picture of the mugger but I need get a better quality of it. Will that make you better?”

Sae then wipes her tears away and says “Okay. You’re very nice. The nicest person I’ve ever seen, maybe even more.” Pete then smiles at that remark. “C’mon, we still need to find that statue!” he shouted. The two then get into their time machine and disappeared to another time period. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah had ended up a few more years into the future where a highly advanced city with flying cars was shown.

“Is this the place?” asked Jake.

“I think so.” said Nianah. The radar is beeping like crazy.

“Then let’s take a look.” said Jake. As they walked around they saw all the highly advanced technology everywhere. “Wow, this place reminds me of Futurama.” said Jake.

“Wait, what’s that?” asked Nianah. There was a building shown up ahead that said the Museum of Oweguy.

“Did Oweguy actually manage to get famous in the future?” asked Jake.

“I think so.” said Nianah. “The radar is showing that it’s inside there.”

“Then let’s go.” said Jake. As they walk into the museum they saw all of the stuff related to Oweguy which included paintings, photos of the seasons, and even a giant golden statue. “I’d hate to see him see this today.” said Jake. “He’d have a heart attack.”

“True.” said Nianah. “Wait a minute, look over there!” In a glass case was the statue that they were looking for which said mini Oweguy statue.

“There’s the staute!” shouted Jake. “Let’s get it out.” He and Nianah grab the glass box and lift it up.

“Man this is very heavy!” said Nianah grunting.

“Hurry up and grab it!” shouted Jake. Nianah grabs the statue out from underneath.

“Got it!” she shouted. But as soon as they got the statue an alarm went off.

“Oh crap.” said Jake. Meanwhile in another time period Jerry and Roxanne were there.

“Well at least we got away before that bomb went off.” said Jerry.

“Yep.” said Roxanne. “Now we have to find a way to get to where that statue is.” Suddenly another time machine appeared which was shown to be Kuro. He then saw Jerry and Roxanne.

“You!” he shouted. “I saw what you’re trying to plan! You’re planning to take over the city with a special device! And I also know that Murdoch is still with you two!”

“Oh I’m sorry to interrupt but I think something’s on your time machine.” said Jerry acting innocent.

“What?” asked Kuro.

“This!” shouted Jerry picking up a steal bar and smashing Kuro’s time machine. “Now you’ll never be able to return to the present and tell the other’s what you’re up to!” He and Roxanne then disappear in their time machine leaving Kuro behind.

“Drat, how am I going to get back home?” asked Kuro. Behind him he saw a billboard that said time machines for sale. “Aha!” he said. “They’ve thought they’ve won but I’ll make it back.” Back in the future Jake and Nianah were figuring out what to do.

“So what do we do now?” asked Nianah.

“We run!” shouted Jake. A bunch of orb like robots come out which acted like security drones and they started chasing after them.

“Stop!” shouted one of the robots. “You will not get away!” All of them then run out into the streets.

“Look, the time machine!” Jake shouted. They then board on with the security bots heading toward them. “Is there a way to return to the present?!” asked Jake worried. Nianah then saw a button that said return to present.

“Right there!” she shouted. She smashed the button and they disappeared with the statue right before the robots arrived. Back in the present Oweguy was waiting along with Marine.

“Where are they?” asked Oweguy. “I’d thought they’d be back by now.”

“You threw a statue in a time portal without knowing what year it ended up in.” said Marine. “It’s likely to take a long time.”

“Oh.” said Oweguy. Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of them and Jake and Nianah had come back to the present.

“It worked!” cheered Jake.

“So you guys got the statue back.” said Oweguy. “I guess that means you’ve won the challenge!”

“Yes!” shouted both Jake and Nianah high fiving.

“In the meantime I’ll get the other contestants back with this button.” said Oweguy pressing a button causing Pete, Sae, Jerry, and Roxanne to come back.

“What just happened?” asked Pete.

“Wait, where’s Kuro?” asked Oweguy. Kuro then appears with a time machine that looked just like the one Oweguy made.

“Oh, here he is.” said Oweguy.

“What?!” asked Jerry shocked and upset.

“Oweguy, I have to tell you something.” said Kuro.

“Not right now.” said Oweguy. “We have to vote someone off.” “Okay, I’ll tell you afterward.” said Kuro. Later that night the contestants were at the elimination ceremony.

“Since Jake and Nianah won the challenge they get the first two Professor Oweguy statues.” explained Oweguy giving them their statues. “So now there are five of you left and only four statues left. The next three go to Pete, Sae, and Roxanne! That now leaves Jerry and Kuro and the last statue goes to…..”

“Jerry!” Everyone except for Jerry and Roxanne gasps in shock at Kuro being eliminated. “Sorry Kuro but it’s time for you to go.”

“Wait, but I still need to tell you something!” shouted Kuro.

“No time, it’s time to go.” said Oweguy. Some interns then grab Kuro and take him to the teleporter.

“But Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch are going to destroy the…” Kuro couldn’t finish due to teleporting away.

“Such silly kids.” said Oweguy.

“Our secret is safe.” said Jerry fist bumping Roxanne with them smiling evily.

“So that’s it folks, time for bed.” said Oweguy.

“Okay, I’m tired anyway.” said Jake. The contestants head back to their cabins while Jerry and Roxanne go somewhere else.

“So that ends an exciting chapter with dinosaurs, robots, and time travel.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With six contestants left who will be the next one to be voted off?” Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!” Later that night when everyone was asleep Jake was in the city at a jewelry shop with some money.

“Can I help you?” asked the guy at the counter.

“Yeah, can I have that diamond engagement ring?” asked Jake.

“Sure.” said the guy at the counter with Jake giving him the money. “Who’s it for?”

“Someone special.” He said holding the ring case with a small diamond ring inside. The scene then fades to black.

Chapter 16: 2011: A Space Challenge

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the final seven went time traveling. During the challenge they encountered dinosaurs, went to wars, saw what the future was like, and discover a dark secret of the past. Kuro had seen something shocking but I don’t know what it was and Jake and Nianah were chased by T-rexes and robots. In the end Jake and Nianah won and Kuro was voted off possibly by someone who knew that Kuro knew their secret. I don’t know who thought. He never told us. With six contestants left who’s going to be the next one to leave? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

During the early morning the contestants were asleep then suddenly everything began shaking. “What’s going on?!” asked Jerry upset.

“Construction?” asked Jake.

“Earthquake?” asked Pete.

“Someone about to get his next gadget device for his next challenge shoved down his throat?” asked Jerry still mad. Pete and Jake stare at him. “What?!” he asked. In the girls’ cabin the loud rumbling bothered them as well which caused Sae to fall off her bed.

“Can’t that dude ever give us a day to sleep in?!” asked Roxanne upset.

“Nope.” said Nianah while Sae got up from the floor. The contestants then got out of the cabins and saw Oweguy contrasting a launch pad.

“A launch pad?” asked Pete. “I’d never know Oweguy wanted to join a space program.”

“It’s most likely for the challenge I think.” said Jake.

“Hope it doesn’t go wrong.” said Jerry. “It’s most likely going to.” At the launch pad a rocket with Oweguy all over it comes out from an underground building.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” said Sae.

“The only thing that’s disturbing about it is the Oweguy’s all over it.” said Pete.

“I agree.” said Sae. Oweguy then comes out from the building wearing a space suit.

“That’s one small step for Oweguy, one giant leap for…” He falls on the ground after he jumped. The others were staring in shock while Jerry and Roxanne almost laughed. “Oweguy, we’re not on the moon.” said Jake.

“I know.” He said. “I just wanted a cool entrance but I messed up.”

“You should’ve used strings.” said Nianah.

“Yeah, I should’ve.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, it’s time announce today’s challenge. The six of you are going into space!”

“Whoa.” said Jake. “That’s pretty intense.”

“Indeed.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the six of you will board that rocket and you will be sent toward an abandoned space station located very near the Earth and the Moon. Inside it a meteor had crashed there which had contained a rare mineral that resembles a silver crystal.”

“What’s the mineral called?” asked Pete.

“No one knows.” said Oweguy. “It’s very rare and very powerful and is only found in meteors and asteroids. Anyone who’s found it just calls it that silver crystal.”

“Kind of a pathetic name.” said Roxanne.

“Well that’s because no scientist has given it a name yet.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, whoever finds it will win invincibility while the others vote someone off.”

“We’ve got to get that crystal Roxy.” said Jerry. “It’s going to be the final touches of our plan.”

“Indeed.” said Roxanne with the two having evil smiles.

“Now then, before you get on that rocket the six of you should undergo some space training.” explained Oweguy. Everyone groans when he said that.

“This can’t be good.” said Pete. A time card says One Space Training Later and it showed the six contestants looking ill and had green skin with Sae throwing up in a bag.

“There, wasn’t that easy?” asked Oweguy.

“No.” said Jerry looking like he was about to throw up.

“And now time for the moment you’ve been waiting for, your journey into space!” announced Oweguy. “But before you do you should put on these spacesuits.” Everyone groans again. A minute later they were in the spacesuits and were walking toward the rocket. “Have a safe trip!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants were now inside the rocket.

“Kind of tight in here.” said Pete.

“You’d think he’d give us more room.” said Jerry.

“It’s not going to happen.” said Roxanne.

“Welcome to Oweguy’s space exploration program.” said Oweguy on a speaker. Before we start the countdown please fasten your seatbelts.” Everyone proceeded to do that. “Now prepare to be launched into space in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and blast off!” The rocket then launches with the contestants starting to scream.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to join NASA!” shouted Pete.

“Me neither!” shouted Sae. The rocket then disappears into the sky as Oweguy watches.

“Houston, we have liftoff!” shouted Oweguy.

“We don’t live in Texas.” said Marine.

“Wha, oh I was talking to our intern who helped at a space program.” said Oweguy. “His name happens to be Houston.” Marine just rolls her eyes. In space the contestants were waiting to get to their location and everything that was in the rocket was floating around due to there being zero gravity.

“I’m having trouble sitting down!” shouted Sae.

“My money’s falling out!” shouted Pete with his money floating in the air. Near Jake his engagement ring box comes out but he quickly catches it before anyone saw. He then noticed something.

“Something’s coming toward us.” he said. As the contestants looked at the radar they saw a giant satellite looking thing.

“What is that?” asked Pete.

“The computers say that’s the space station.” said Nianah.

“Wait, who’s piloting this ship?” asked Sae.

“An autopilot.” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“Well that’s good.” said Pete.

“Warning: autopilot low on battery.” said the computer. “Autopilot will shut down immediately.”

“Now that’s bad.” said Pete. The rocket suddenly fell toward the space station with the others screaming. Luckily they went through an airlock and crashed inside a hallway.

“We’re alive!” cheered Sae with her, Pete, Jake, and Nianah unharmed while Jerry and Roxanne emerge from a pile of rubble dazed and bruised.

“That was quite a crash.” said Jake. “I sure hope we can get home.”

“I hope so.” said Pete. “Okay, why don’t we split up in pairs of two and look for that crystal okay?”

“Okay.” said Jake. Pete goes with Sae, Jake goes with Nianah and after when they left Jerry and Roxanne went to another path. Meanwhile in a computer room the contestants were being monitored on a screen by a silhouetted figure.

“Those fool humans are on this space station.” said the unknown creature. “I want you to keep an eye on them and if you come in contact bring them to me.”

“Yes master.” said an alien with a small squid like body but a huge elastic eye. It then leaves the room to look for the other contestants. Meanwhile Pete and Sae were in a hallway.

“This place is huge.” said Pete. “Where are we going to find a silver crystal?”

“He said it was in a meteor didn’t he.” said Sae.

“He did so that means we should look for some meteor bits.” said Pete.

“Uh I think we have a problem.” said Sae. It was shown that the path they were about to enter was pitch black.

“Uh oh.” said Pete. “What do we do?” On a nearby spaceship a meteor had hit it causing a rip on the rocket.

“We should’ve gotten a harder rocket!” shouted one of the astronauts.

“My flashlight!” shouted another one with the flashlight going through the rip and floating toward the space station. It then hits Pete’s head with Sae shocked that Pete got hurt.

“Oh, this could help.” He said rubbing his head.

“I’d thought you’d gotten hurt.” said Sae sighing in relief.

“Nah there are worst things that would’ve hurt me.” said Pete.

“Like what?” asked Sae.

“Like ALIEN SPIDERS!!!” screamed Pete as he saw some alien spider creatures on the roof. They started to fall on Pete but suddenly someone started fighting them. Pete then awakens and saw that Sae had killed most of them. Pete just stared in shock.

“What?” she asked.

“I didn’t know you had such strong combat skills.” said Pete. Sae looked a little upset. Pete was unsure what to say. “I mean wow that was amazing!” he said with Sae looking happier that time.

“To tell you the truth I’m a black belt in martial arts.” said Sae.

“Wow.” said Pete. “I must not know everything about you.”

“Enough of the chit chat, we need to find that crystal.” said Sae. Pete turns the flashlight on and they head toward the dark room. Meanwhile Jake and Nianah were going through a hallway where the alien with the giant eye is shown to be following them.

“No sign of that crystal.” said Jake.

“Uh oh.” said Nianah.

“What?” asked Jake.

“We’ve reached a dead end.” said Nianah with the path they were following coming to an end.

“I’ve got worse news.” said Jake.

“And what’s that?” asked Nianah.

TDSFA epi 16 teaser

Jake and Nianah are cornered by the alien's huge eye.

“What is that behind us?!” asked Jake in fear pointing to the giant eye looking at them. The two hold each other in fear as the eye spots them.

“You humans are not going to get out of here.” It said as tentacles start to come out of its body that starts to wrap around where Jake and Nianah were.

“This isn’t good.” said Jake. “And Nianah, before we get killed by this alien beast I have something to say.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Will you marry me?” asked Jake taking out the engagement ring he was hiding.

“Well this is a bad time to say it but yes, I will marry you!” said Nianah excited and happy and then hugs Nianah with Jake smiling. But suddenly the alien’s eye was right above them and a mouth with sharp rings of teeth appeared.

“I don’t think we’re going to have our wedding.” said Jake. Nearby Pete and Sae got out of the dark hallway and saw the alien attacking Jake and Nianah. “Oh no, they’re in trouble!” shouted Pete. “What do we do?!” Sae saw a laser gun in a nearby room and came back with it. “Duck Pete!” she shouted. The alien looked at her and she shoots a laser blast straight at its eye with it screaming in pain and the tentacles disappearing freeing Jake and Nianah. The alien then falls onto the ground dead with its body dissolving like a liquid.

“Alien bastard.” said Sae.

“Sae, watch your mouth.” said Pete.

“Thanks for saving us.” said Jake.

“Our special moment was about to be short lived.” said Nianah.

“What special moment?” asked Pete.

“Jake proposed to me.” said Nianah showing them her ring.

“Congratulations.” said Pete. “Be sure to invite us to your wedding.”

“Will do.” said Jake. Back at the mysterious room the silhouetted creature was looking at Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae on the monitor.

“No!” it shouted. “They’ve killed one of my strongest soldiers! Then I guess I take on all of them myself!” As it leaves the dark area it was shown to be a giant muscular alien with one giant eye, rocky armored skin, and spikes. Meanwhile in another area Jerry and Roxanne were shown inside a lab.

“There must be a device that could help us find that crystal.” said Jerry looking around.

“What about this?” asked Roxanne picking up a radar like device.

“That’s perfect.” said Jerry. “But does it work?”

“Yes.” said Roxanne. “It says that it can find any kind of mineral, rock, crystal, etc.”

“That’s perfect!” said Jerry. “Now nothing can stop us from finding it!”

“Let’s get out of here before someone finds out.” said Roxanne. The two then run out of the lab. Meanwhile Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae were looking around for the crystal.

“This place is huge!” said Jake. “It’s probably very hard to find that crystal. “Maybe there’s something in that room.” said Pete. As they walked in they were inside an engine room and there were alien eggs everywhere.

“What are those?” asked Nianah.

“They appear to be eggs.” said Jake.

“How’d you know?” asked Sae.

“Easy, I’ve seen the Alien movies something hundred times.” said Jake.

“I don’t see anything in here.” said Pete.

“Then let’s search somewhere else.” said Jake. As they walk out some of the eggs start hatching and a claw like hand grabs Sae’s leg dragging her down.

“Help, somebody!” she screamed.

“Oh no, Sae’s in trouble!” shouted Pete going back in the room while another egg hatches grabbing Pete. “I guess things got from bad to worse.” said Pete. “Yep.” said Sae. Suddenly the laser blast from Sae’s gun hit the arms letting them go.

“Where’d that come from?” asked Pete.

“It came from me and the gun that Sae found.” said Jake holding Sae’s laser gun. He frees Pete and Sae and then proceeds to destroy the other alien eggs until there were none left.

“Thanks a lot.” said Pete. “I owe you one.”

“I owe you one too.” said Jake. “You did save us from that huge creepy eyeball alien.”

“That’s true.” said Sae.

“I’m sure that crystal is close.” said Pete. “Let’s continue looking for it.” “Right.” said Jake. The four of them continue down the hall. Meanwhile Jerry and Roxanne were in another area.

“Wait, what’s that?” asked Roxanne. In a room nearby there was the rare silver crystal locked up in a force field cage.

“Ha ha!” laughed Jerry. “It’s the crystal! All we have to do is get toward it, shut down that force field and…” Suddenly the giant alien leader falls down from the roof and lands in front of them. “Oh crap.” said Jerry.

“You will never get that crystal!” shouted the alien leader. “I am the strongest of this group of aliens and no one who has wanted this crystal has ever gotten through me once!”

“Is that so.” said Jerry. “Well you’re not going to get past us!” He charges toward the alien and they start fighting. Meanwhile Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae had ended up in another room where there were a bunch of escape pods everywhere.

“This is an interesting room.” said Jake.

“It’s an important room.” said Pete. “Obviously the rocket can’t work after it crashed so we’ll need these escape pods to get home.”

“That’s true.” said Jake. “Besides, I heard it blow up as soon as we left.”

“I thought that was Jerry.” said Sae. “He ate beans and Mexican food earlier.”

“No that was Oweguy.” said Pete.

“Oh.” said Sae confused. Suddenly they heard a very loud crash sound.

“What was that?” asked Jake.

“I don’t know but it sounded like it came from over there.” said Pete.

“Then let’s go!” shouted Jake as they headed toward it. Back in the other room Jerry was on top of the alien leader’s head and he was wrestling it.

“Get off my head!” shouted the alien leader.

“Never!” shouted Jerry. Nearby Roxanne was sabotaging the force field controls while Jerry fought the alien leader. It then throws Jerry off its head.

“You can’t win!” it shouted. “I’m too strong for you!”

“I see, but what will you do if I did this?” asked Jerry. He then pressed a button on the controls that said self destruct.

“You idiot!” shouted the alien leader. “The place is about to blow up!”

“I know.” said Jerry. “I did it so you would leave.”

“I don’t care!” shouted the alien leader. “I’m leaving anyway! The crystal is probably going to be destroyed in the explosion!” It then runs away.

“That thing’s such a wimp.” said Jerry.

“I got the crystal!” said Roxanne with the crystal in her hand.

“Great, now let’s get the heck out of here!” shouted Jerry. In the area where Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae were an alarm went off and the place started shaking.

“What’s going on?” asked Jake.

“Warning, place will self destruct in five minutes.” said a computer. “Let’s hurry back to the escape pods!” shouted Pete. Before they got back the alien leader got into its own special escape pod which was launched into space. After it got away Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae got into another escape pod.

“Launch it dude!” shouted Jake.

“Sorry, I’m just looking for the button.” said Pete.

“There it is!” shouted Sae pressing it shooting the escape pod into space which headed toward the atmosphere of Earth.

“I don’t think we should do this ever again!” shouted Jake as they were going through the atmosphere.

“I agree!” shouted Pete. On the space station Jerry and Roxanne board the escape pod with the crystal and as soon as they started heading toward Earth’s atmosphere the space station explodes. Back on Earth Oweguy was waiting for the others.

“It’s been a while and that space station just blew up.” He said. “I hope they’re alright.” Suddenly the escape pod that Jake, Nianah, Pete, and Sae were in landed in front of him. “Well it’s about time!” shouted Oweguy. “Did you get the crystal?”

“No unfortunately.” said Pete. Suddenly Jerry and Roxanne’s escape pod landed.

“But we did.” said Jerry holding the crystal up.

“Wow I’m impressed.” said Oweguy. “I guess that means you win.”

“Ha ha!” shouted Jerry. “We got the crystal! Now nothing can stop us!”

“Now I just need to take that to go with my other stuff.” said Oweguy taking it away leaving Jerry shocked. The others except for Roxanne started laughing at him.

“Shut up!” shouted Jerry. “You’ll pay tonight!” Later that night the contestants were at the elimination ceremony.

“I’m a little worried.” said Pete. “Jerry probably wants to vote one of us off.”

“We just need to see what happens.” said Sae stroking Pete’s hair which made him smile. Oweguy then arrived with five Professor Oweguy statues.

“It’s time to see who will not make it to the final five!” announced Oweguy. “Since they’ve won the challenge Jerry and Roxanne get the first two statues.”

“Thanks but can you give us the crystal as well?” asked Jerry.

“Nope, I’ve locked it up in a safe place.” said Oweguy. Jerry growls in anger.

“I’ll get that crystal back.” He said.

“Now then, the next two go to Jake and Nianah so that leaves Pete and Sae.” said Oweguy. Jake and Nianah looked worried for Pete and Sae. “And the last statue goes to…..”

“Wait!” shouted Jake. “Nianah and I are quitting.” They drop their statues on the ground which break in half due to them really being made of chocolate. Pete and Sae looked surprised while Jerry looked shocked no matter what.

“I see.” said Oweguy. “Is there a reason why?”

“Yes.” said Jake. “We’re getting married.”

“Well that’s nice.” said Oweguy. “But don’t you want some money to afford it?” “Nah, our parents have plenty of money.” said Jake.

“Oh well, your loss.” said Oweguy. “I guess you guys can go.”

“Okay, see you everyone.” said Jake.

“Jake wait!” shouted Pete as he and Sae ran over to them before they got in the teleporter. “Is that why you’re quitting?”

“Part of it.” said Jake. “We thought you two needed the money more so we’ve decided to quit to save you from getting eliminated."

“That’s very kind.” said Sae. “Though we wished you’d stayed longer.”

“Don’t worry.” said Jake. “I’m sure there will be another season for us to join soon. And we’ll definitely see you at our wedding.”

“We’ll definitely be there.” said Pete. “And don’t worry. Sae and I will stop Jerry and Roxanne from winning.”

“That sounds good.” said Jake. “We’ll see you later.”

“Bye.” said Pete and Sae as they disappeared in the teleporter.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a nice wedding?” asked Sae.

“Yeah.” said Pete. “Wait, what do you mean us?”

Sae giggles and then says “I’ll tell you later.” As she headed off toward the cabin Pete just stood there thinking for a bit.

“So that ends another challenge.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “We’re now down to the final four! Who will be the next one to leave and what will happen next? Find out next time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 17: The Beginning of the Four Part Finale

Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action the contestants went out into space to board onto an abandoned space station with a rare crystal inside. Unfortunately it happened to be the new home for an alien species. Most of them happened to take most of them out minus for the leader who got away. Sae showed Pete that she happened to be strong in combat while Jake proposed to Nianah. In the end Jerry and Roxanne won and it was either Pete or Sae who would’ve gone but Jake and Nianah stood up and quit to save their friends and to prepare their wedding. With four contestants left what’s going to happen as we get closer and closer to a winner? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

It was morning and the contestants were still sleeping except for Jerry who was still upset about Oweguy taking the crystal. “Darn that Oweguy!” he shouted. “I’ll get that crystal back! I just need a good opportunity.”

“Can you quiet down dude?” asked Pete. “I’m trying to sleep.” He then woke up again and saw that it was 9:00. “Wow it’s late!” shouted Pete. “Oweguy tends to wake us up around 8:00!”

“He’s probably still asleep as well.” said Jerry.

“Whatever I’m going to try and find out where he is.” said Pete.

“Have fun with that.” said Jerry. When he got out of the cabin he saw Oweguy dressed up nicely. “Hey Owe, what’s with the nice outfit?”

“Oh I’m going out on a date with Marine.” he said.

“Isn’t there going to be a challenge?” asked Pete.

“Um no.” said Oweguy. “A lot of the challenges we’ve done such as yesterday’s rocket ship one cost a lot of money so we’re now on a low budget so since there’s no challenge you’ve got the day off until I get some more money.”

“That’s sweet!” cheered Pete. “I still need to recover from fighting that alien cell inside Sae and the time travel challenge. Oh and yesterday’s challenge.”

“Well you go do that.” said Oweguy. “See you later!” He and Marine then board a taxi which then drives off.

“Well, what did you find?” asked Jerry.

“We have the day off.” said Pete. “Oweguy’s got a low budget and he just went on a date with Marine.”

“Okay, well I have to use the bathroom.” said Jerry leaving.

“I’d better wake up Sae and tell her the news.” said Pete. “I also got her a little present for her.” Meanwhile in Jerry’s underground lair Jerry and Roxanne came in.

“Well it’s about time!” shouted Murdoch. “I’m sick of being down here! It’s cold, dark, and filthy!”

“Calm down Murdoch.” said Jerry. “You’ll be out of here soon enough. We just need one more thing to start our plan.”

“What is it?” asked Roxanne. “I don’t even know what’s going on?”

“We need to get that crystal back.” said Jerry. “And right now happens to be a good time! Oweguy’s gone and there’s no challenge so there’s no way something could go wrong.”

“Well there’s still that farm boy and peasant girl.” said Murdoch.

“Don’t worry.” said Jerry. “I’ll make sure they’ll never know what we’re up to.” said Jerry.

“And I think that place where Oweguy put it has a strong security system.” said Murdoch.

“Roxanne will sabotage the system allowing me to get the crystal.” explained Jerry. “Once we have it nothing will stop us.”

“I like what you’re saying.” said Murdoch. “But what do I do?”

“Nothing.” said Jerry. “You’re won’t be part of the plan until we get our thing going.”

“I hope it is good.” said Murdoch.

“So what is it that you’re going to do with the others?” asked Roxanne.

“I’m just going to lock them in the cabin.” said Jerry. “That way we’ll get away with no trouble.”

“When are we going to start the heist?” asked Roxanne.

“Right now.” said Jerry.

“I like.” said Roxanne as the three start laughing until Murdoch swallows a fly and starts choking.

“You just killed the moment dude.” said Jerry while Murdoch coughed and gagged. Back in the cabins Sae was sitting around with Pete’s laptop nearby. Pete then walks in.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hey.” said Sae. “What’s in the bag?”

“Well I hate to see you in that torn up dress so I went to the store overnight and got you some newer clothes.” said Pete showing her a fresh light blue shirt, dark blue shorts, and brown sandals.

“Wow, those are nice.” said Sae.

“I also got this cool looking battle suit in case something major happens.” said Pete holding up a black and gray battle suit.

“Um that seems nice.” said Sae confused. “I’ll just wear the first one for now.” A minute later she was in her newer clothing.

“See isn’t that better?” asked Pete.

“Way better.” said Sae.

“Anyway, due to a low budget Oweguy gave us the day off and he went out on a date so why don’t we go do something?” asked Pete.

“Sounds fun.” said Sae. As they headed toward the door they couldn’t open it.

“Hey, what gives?” asked Pete. Outside Roxanne was hiding in the bushes. “I locked them in.” she said to Jerry on a walkie talkie.

“Perfect.” said Jerry. “Now try and jam the security system.”

“Will do.” said Roxanne. She then runs off.

“Hey isn’t that Roxanne?” asked Sae as she looked out the window as Roxanne ran off.

“Drat, figures that she would lock us in here!” shouted Pete. “Now what do we do?”

“Isn’t that a sun roof on the ceiling?” asked Sae pointing to a sun roof that was on top of the ceiling.

“Aha!” shouted Pete. “We can get out from there!” Sae then opens up the sun roof and the two climb out. “Let’s go find Roxanne and see what she and Jerry are up too!” The two then head toward to where Roxanne had gone off to. Meanwhile in Oweguy’s lab the crystal from last episode was in a small room with security lasers everywhere.

“There it is.” said Jerry. “All Roxanne needs to do is get the security off and I can get away with it.” His walkie talkie then goes off.

“Jerry, the two goodie goodies are locked in the cabin and I’m now in the security chamber.” said Roxanne.

“Good.” said Jerry. “Nothing can stop us now!” Nearby Pete and Sae were behind a building watching Jerry.

“What is that jerk up to now?” asked Sae.

“I don’t know but it might involve that crystal.” said Pete. In the security room Roxanne saw a whole bunch of wires on the main controls.

“Screw these.” She said and then smashes them which shuts down the entire system. Outside Jerry sees the lasers disappear.

“Perfect.” said Jerry. “We’re getting closer to ultimate domination.”

“We need to figure out what to do.” said Pete.

“Hey, where’d he go?” asked Sae with Jerry shown to have disappeared. Suddenly there hear a smash sound and see the entrance to Oweguy’s lab broken down.

“Oh no, he’s probably on his way to steal the crystal!” shouted Pete.

“Man I really hate him now ever since I found out something about him.” said Sae clenching her fists.

“And what’s that?” asked Pete.

“I found out who shot my parents during the time travel challenge by using your laptop.” explained Sae.

“And what did you find out?” asked Pete.

“It was Jerry who shot my parents.” She said showing a clearer picture of the mugger who was shown to be the present day Jerry.

“I knew that voice was familiar.” said Pete. “He must’ve gone back in time long before we knew.”

“And he probably changed the past to make my parent’s death more badly.” said Sae.

“It’s still pretty complex to explain and I’m sure some of the viewers won’t understand it.” said Pete.

“I also feel like he wanted my mother’s jewelry for something.” said Sae.

“Maybe it’s similar to the crystal.” said Pete. “Anyway enough chit chat, we need to stop Jerry.”

“Right.” said Sae grabbing Pete’s hand as they ran toward the building. Meanwhile inside the small room Jerry saw the crystal in there.

“There it is.” He said. “All I need to do now is get the glass case off it and get away.” As he walked in Pete and Sae ran down the hallway and saw him.

TDSFA epi 17 teaser

Jerry about to steal the crystal.

“There he is!” said Pete.

“We gotta do something.” said Sae.

“You’re not doing anything!” shouted a voice. Murdoch’s arm then grabs Sae and Pete and he throws them in a nearby closet and locks it. “I had a strong feeling they would get out.” continued Murdoch.

“Let us out!” shouted Pete.

“No way!” shouted Murdoch. “Once we get that crystal we’ll be unstoppable!” In the room Jerry removed the glass case and grabbed the crystal.

“The crystal is mine once more!” he shouted. “And thanks a lot Murdoch for taking care of the others.”

“No problem.” said Murdoch.

“Now let’s get out of here!” shouted Jerry. As soon as they leave the closet door then falls down.

“Good thing I know how to remove a door.” said Pete.

“Now let’s follow them.” said Sae. Jerry, Murdoch, and Roxanne then do down an old sewer pipe behind the bathrooms which Pete and Sae soon jump into. Afterwards they appeared in there underground lair but Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch weren’t in there.

“Is this what they were keeping from us, an underground computer room?” asked Pete.

“I think there’s more.” said Sae. “There’s a door over there.” The two of them walk over and they here talking.

“Someone’s in there.” said Pete. He opens the door a little and sees Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch talking.

“So now that we have that crystal what are we going to do with it?” asked Murdoch.

“Well this crystal according to Roxanne’s computer can give a vehicle strong power and can also give life forms special abilities.” explained Jerry. “But first, let’s use it on this gigantic flying battleship we stole from the future!”

“Good idea.” said Murdoch. Pete and Sae saw the gigantic battleship by peaking through the door.

“What are they going to do with that?” asked Sae.

“Once we start it we’ll use it to conquer the world!” shouted Jerry to Roxanne and Murdoch.

“Probably that.” said Pete.

“This is bad.” said Sae nervously. “We need to contact Owe immediately.”

“Good idea!” said Pete. A minute later they were back above ground and went over to a phone which Pete dials.

“Hello, anyone there?” he asked. It showed Oweguy in a casino using a slot machine and was too distracted to answer his phone.

“Owe, your phone is ringing.” said Marine.

“You get it.” said Oweguy. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to win this time.”

“You’ve played that slot machine nearly five hundred times!” shouted Marine upset. “I think we should leave.”

“After this one.” He said. He loses again and inserts another coin and Marine then drags Oweguy out of the casino with him screaming. “But we need the money!” he shouted.

“You’ve wasted half of what’s left on the slot machine!” shouted Marine.

“Noooooo!” screamed Oweguy like a little kid. Pete had heard some of Oweguy screaming on the phone.

“I think he’s busy.” He said.

“Then we just have to wait.” said Sae.

“Why wait?” asked Pete. “We need to get help.”

“Well I don’t think it’s going to take long for them to start that ship up.” said Sae. Back in their underground base they put shards of the crystal inside the engine and it started to start up.

“Ship ready to launch.” said Roxanne.

“Perfect.” said Jerry. “The ship will launch in about five minutes so let’s board the cockpit.”

“Okay.” said Roxanne. She and Murdoch board on soon followed by Jerry who took the crystal with him. On the surface Pete was thinking what to do while Sae was polishing her laser gun she got from last episode.

“Maybe we should call the police.” said Pete.

“Why don’t you try?” asked Sae.

“Okay.” said Pete. He dialed 911 on the phone and the police picked up.

“Hello?” asked a policeman.

“Hello, I’d like to report that eventually a giant battleship piloted by two delinquents and a guy dressed up like the Joker will attack!” said Pete anxious.

“Oh sure.” said the policeman sarcastically. Why don’t you call back after your childish fantasy settle down?” The policeman hung up.

“It didn’t work.” said Pete.

“Of course it wouldn’t.” said Sae. “It’s not likely for a giant flying battleship to attack. It only happens in movies.”

“And TV shows.” said Pete. Back in the underground hanger the countdown continued.

“Three minutes left to launch.” said the computer.

“Three minutes until world domination.” said Jerry grinning an evil smile. Back on the surface Pete had hung up the phone again.

“I called the military and the navy and they didn’t believe it either.” He said.

“Like I said it only happens in movies.” said Sae.

“And TV.” said Pete.

“Yes and TV.” said Sae rolling her eyes.

“Two minutes until launch.” said the computer in the base.

“I’m not sure what to do now.” said Pete. “Nothing can stop that ship.”

“We just have to wait and see what happens.” said Sae. They then heard a car screeching in front of the science site gate. Oweguy and Marine’s taxi had stopped.

“It’s Oweguy and Marine.” said Pete.

“They’ll obviously believe us.” said Sae.

“One minute to launch.” said the computer in the base.

“One minute left.” said Jerry. “Fasten your seatbelts!” As Oweguy and Marine got out Pete and Sae ran over.

“Hey dudes, how’s your day off?” asked Oweguy. “And nice clothes Sae.”

“Bad news Oweguy.” said Pete. “Jerry and Roxanne and Murdoch who we haven’t seen since the mutant wasp incident have stolen the rare crystal and are using a flying battleship from the future!”

Oweguy started to laugh and said “That’s not likely to happen. The crystal was locked up safely and the time machines were taken apart to build the rocket.” “It’s true!” shouted Pete.

“Ha!” laughed Oweguy. “Can you give me proof that this is true?” Suddenly the entire place started to shake and the ground behind Oweguy’s lab and the other buildings opened up like a door and then suddenly Jerry’s battleship came out from it and it appeared right above them with a video screen with Jerry on it coming on.

“Guess what Oweguy?” said Jerry on the video screen. “I stole your precious crystal and I’m now going to use this gigantic flying battleship to conquer the city and maybe the entire world! And the first thing that’s going off the map is your science site!”

“Okay you were right.” said Oweguy. “I’d like to see what happens but we’re kind of out of time.”

“Fiddlesticks.” said Pete. “It always happens when something serious is about to happen. Oweguy then began to close the episode.

“What’s going to happen to the science site? What’s going to happen to us? Will I ever get a lot of money again for season 4? Find out in part two of this special episode of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 18: The Day the Drama Stood Still

Uh last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action our budget was low and Marine and I went out on a date while the others got a day off. That seemed to be a bad idea because Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch who was hiding somewhere here stole the powerful crystal from the space challenge and have used it to power up a gigantic battleship. Luckily Pete and Sae saw everything and told us. I thought it was a joke at first but the battleship had launched and here I am standing with the others doing the recap while waiting to see what happens. Will they be stopped? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Continuing from last episode Oweguy, Marine, Pete, and Sae were watching the giant flying battleship above them. “Are you ready to give up?” asked Jerry on the video screen.

“No way!” shouted Oweguy. “In fact I’m about to call the police.” Oweguy then takes his cell phone out.

“Oh no you don’t!” shouted Jerry. “Roxanne, start up the ice laser!” A giant laser then comes out of the battleship which freezes Oweguy in a block of ice before he could dial 911.

“Oh no!” shouted Pete. “Who’s going to be our host?”

Marine then snaps her fingers and then says “I’ll be right back.” as she runs out into the city.

“Where are you going?” asked Sae.

“To get help!” shouted Marine as she caught a taxi.

“I guess that leaves us.” said Pete.

“Cmon Roxy, let’s destroy this place!” shouted Jerry. “And then we’ll destroy the city for treating us like dirt back when we were in prison!”

“We just wasted a lot of energy on that ice beam so it’s going to take thirty minutes for the weapons to recharge.” explained Roxanne.

“Drat!” shouted Jerry banging the control panel. “In the meantime why don’t you and Murdoch keep an eye on that peasant girl and that farm boy?”

“Will do.” said Roxanne going down an elevator.

“I really need to thank her for letting her parents give me those jewels.” said Jerry to himself. “Along with that crystal this helped a lot with our ship.” In the trailers Pete and Sae were figuring out what to do.

“I’m not sure what Marine’s doing but we need to get about that ship.” said Pete.

“Well before we do can I see that battle suit?” asked Sae. “Uh sure.” said Pete giving her the battle suit. He waits outside for her to come out and after a couple minutes she comes out wearing the battle suit along with carrying a gun patch on her back with her laser gun inside. “Wow that’s a pretty intense look.” said Pete.

“That’s because Jerry and Roxanne won’t get away with taking over the city.” said Sae.

“Don’t forget Murdoch.” said Pete.

“Yeah, and him.” said Sae.

“Now how are we going to get up there?” asked Pete.

“I know!” said Sae snapping her fingers. “In there.” She and Pete then head toward Oweguy’s tool shed where he kept most of his gadgets.

“What is it you need in here?” asked Pete.

“These.” said Sae finding two jet packs.

“I’ve never used one of these before.” said Pete.

“Neither have I but we need them to get aboard the ship.” said Sae. They head out carrying the jet packs and look up at the battleship in the air.

“You ready?” asked Pete.

“Before we go this is for good luck.” said Sae. She then kisses him on the cheek which caused him to blush.

“Okay, I’m ready to go.” said Pete. The two turn on their jetpacks and fly toward the battleship. In the ships cockpit Jerry had saw them on the monitor.

“No!” he shouted. “Those losers are about to board the ship!”

“You want some help?” asked Murdoch standing behind him.

“Sure, take care of those losers.” said Jerry.

“Will do.” said Murdoch. “Besides, I’ve got these with the help of your precious crystal.” He then pulls out two pistols with a shard of the crystal in each one.

“You’re crazy.” said Jerry. “But it’s important right now. Now go take care of them!”

“Will do.” said Murdoch going down the elevator.

“Roxanne, can you come in here please?” asked Jerry on a communication device.

“Sure but why?” asked Roxanne on the other line.

“I need to test something with you.” said Jerry with tiny pieces of the crystal in a jar. Outside Pete and Sae had gotten on the battleship and were on the platforms near the walls.

“We should be careful here.” said Pete. “It’s kind of narrow here and the wind is blowing hard.”

“I’m shocked because the ship isn’t really moving right now.” said Sae. They then saw a bunch of entryways on the wall.

“This must be a way inside.” said Pete.

“Let’s try and get to the main engine.” said Sae. Suddenly a crystal like bullet hits the wall surprising both of them.

“Hold it right there!” shouted someone which was shown to be Murdoch. “If you’re going to take this ship down you’re going to have to take care of me first.”

“Not without a fight!” shouted Sae pulling out her laser gun.

“Oh so miss homeless girl has a gun of her own.” taunted Murdoch. “Well get ready to lose!”

“Pete, go without me!” shouted Sae.

“But what if you get hurt?” asked Pete.

“Take care of the engine room, I’ll take care of Murdoch!” said Sae. Pete starts to tear up a little and then says “Okay.” and goes into the entryway.

TDSFA epi 18 teaser

Sae vs. Murdoch.

“So you want to go one on one?” asked Murdoch. “That’s fine by me.”

“Prepare to lose again.” said Sae.

“Nothing’s going to stop me this time.” said Murdoch. “Take this!” He started firing his pistols which rapidly fired sharp crystal shards. Sae luckily dodged them at the right time.

“How is that possible?” she asked.

“I used some of Jerry’s precious crystal to power up these pistols.” explained Murdoch. “Now they’re more powerful than a regular pistol so you’d better watch out!” He fired again with Sae dodging once more but one shard cut some of her shirt and arming causing it to bleed. Murdoch then laughs insanely. “Looks like you got hit!” shouted Murdoch.

“It’s not over yet.” said Sae recovering. Inside the ship Pete was walking through the hallway that leaded to the engine room.

“This place is dark but I have to shut down this place.” He said. He then walked through a red beam which he didn’t see which triggered an alarm. Also a bunch of security cameras turned on. In the cockpit Jerry had heard the alarm. “No!” he shouted. “That farm boy is headed for the main engine! I’d better go stop him right now!” He then goes down the elevator. Pete had heard the alarm going off.

“This doesn’t sound too good.” He said hearing the alarm. He saw all the cameras pointed at him. “At least they don’t shoot lasers.” He said. They suddenly started to shoot laser beams at him which he avoided. “I had to ask.” He said. He then ran away from them and appeared in another hallway. “I wonder what’s in here?” He asked. “It’s just basically a walkway to another room. Suddenly a spiked wall fell down which started to head toward him. “Why me?” he asked running away from it and he saw the doorway to the next room. He then jumped toward the door and got out just as soon as the spiked wall came in contact with it. “That was close.” He said. “Now to stop that engine.” Outside Sae and Murdoch continued to fight with Sae starting to get exhausted.

“Give it up peasant!” shouted Murdoch. “You can’t win now that we’ve got that crystal and this giant flying battleship!”

“Don’t call me a peasant!” she shouted shooting her laser gun at Murdoch’s pistols which caused him to drop on which fell toward the ground.

“No!” he shouted.

“Now we’ve both got one gun.” said Sae. Murdoch then screamed and jumped onto her and the two started to wrestle each other.

“Give up!” shouted Murdoch. “You’ll never win!”

“The real answer is that you’re not going to win!” shouted Sae kicking him off and he fell down a cylinder like entrance which said engine chamber. She then heard him screaming in pain.

“It burns!” he shouted.

“That ought to take care of him.” She said. “Now I’ve got to go find Pete.” She went into another entryway that said “safer way into engine room.” Meanwhile inside the engine room Pete had walked toward the controls with the gigantic engine down below with Murdoch getting shot out of it and ending up somewhere else.

“There it is.” He said. “Now all I got to do is shut it down and this ship will fall right down.”

“Hold it right there!” shouted Jerry grabbing Pete from behind. “You’re not going to shut the engine down so soon!” He then pushed a button and a shield came up surrounding the controls. “Now only me and Roxanne can work the controls.” Jerry’s phone then goes off.

“Where are you?!” shouted Roxanne. “You told me to come up and you’re not there!”

“Sorry honey.” said Jerry innocently. “I’ll be right there.” He then hung up. “Why don’t you come along?” he asked to Pete. “I’ve got to show you something interesting.”

“I don’t like the look of this.” said Pete as Jerry took him to an elevator. Nearby Sae had seen what happened and then boards on another elevator. In the cockpit Jerry and Pete had arrived with Roxanne waiting for them. Jerry then locks Pete to the wall.

“What are you planning to do with me?” asked Pete.

“You’ll see.” said Jerry. “In the meantime you’re going to get a little pre-show. I’ve noticed that the crystal can give a person a special ability so I’m going to use it on my loving wife and girlfriend Roxanne.”

“You could’ve just said wife.” said Roxanne upset.

“Patience dear.” said Jerry. “Now then, I’ve got a small shard of hit and grounded it to microscopic pieces and mixed it with water and put it in this needle. The shards have given the water the power that they contain and it will soon belong to Roxanne. Hold still dear.” He then prepared the needle with the shards inside.

“You don’t need to worry.” said Roxanne. “I’m used to pain.”

“Okay then so I don’t need to worry about you screaming and fussing.” said Jerry.

“Just get it over with!” shouted Roxanne getting impatient.

“Okay okay.” said Jerry. He then injected the shards into Roxanne’s arm and she then started to glow with Pete looking scared. Sae was hiding in a dark corner. After a few seconds of glowing Roxanne was now wearing a black cloak with purple designs all over it, was wearing a purple handkerchief on her mouth, her eyes turned red, and was carrying a wizard like staff.

“Whoa, that’s impressive.” said Pete shocked and impressed.

“You see I programmed on what the shards will do and I’ve given Roxanne dark magic powers and the only way to get rid of those powers is to get those shards out of her bloodstream which can only be done by me because inside her is a special protection fence guarded by microscopic robots so there’s no way that anything can get rid of those shards.” explained Jerry.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way.” said Pete.

“And now just so we won’t take care of two people you’re going to have a little trip.” said Jerry. A machine then puts Pete inside a canon with it aimed outside the ship. “And guess what, you’ve been voted out courtesy of me.” continued Jerry. “You’ll be launched so far away that you’ll never get back!” He presses the cannon’s button and Pete gets launched into the sky.

“Looks like I’m blasting off again!” screamed Pete as he disappears into the sky.

“No!” screamed Sae.

“What the, who’s there?” asked Jerry noticing. He then saw Sae run off. “No!” he shouted. “Roxanne, get her this instant!”

“With pleasure.” She said. Due to her new magic powers she was able to levitate. Sae runs down the wall trying to avoid Roxanne along with the security cameras.

“I hope Marine comes back soon.” said Sae avoiding the lasers.

“Get back here!” shouted Roxanne shooting purple beams at Sae who avoided them. “Drat she’s good at avoiding stuff.”

“Don’t slow down, catch her!” shouted Jerry on a transmitter.

“I’m trying to but she’s too fast!” shouted Roxanne.

“Use your magic!” shouted Jerry.

Roxanne pauses and then thinks for a second. “Good idea.” She said and shut off the transmitter. Her new staff then glows for a second and she suddenly blast off very fast. In the engine room Sae was wondering where to go.

“The path splits here.” She said. “Where should I go?”

“Neither one of them!” shouted Roxanne who caught up and knocked Sae to the ground leaving her unconscious. She then used her magic to form some chains around her so she wouldn’t get lose when she awoke. “I stopped her.” She said. “Good.” said Jerry on the transmitter. “Take her to the dungeon.”

“With pleasure.” said Roxanne. A few minutes later Sae had awoke and was now in a prison cell.

“What happened?” she asked. “Why am I in jail?”

“Because we locked you in here.” said Roxanne with her and Jerry on a screen in front of her.

“Now that you’re boyfriend has been launched out of the competition and with you as our captive nothing can stop us now!” said Jerry. “And it has been exactly thirty minutes now so the weapons have been recharged. It’s time to show this beast’s true power on your science site!” A giant laser beam comes out from underneath the ship and Jerry starts laughing evil as he was about to press a button but suddenly a projectile smashed the laser beam damaging all the weapons on the ship. “What’s happening?!” asked Jerry. “The weapon controls won’t respond!”

“Something just hit the laser and it has messed up all of the controls.” said Roxanne.

“Who the heck messed up my weapons?!” asked Jerry screaming.

“It was us!” shouted a voice.

“Who’s us?” asked Jerry. He looked out the window and saw that all of the previously eliminated contestants were standing at the bottom lead my Kuro and Marine.

“You won’t be getting away with this!” shouted Kuro. “You’re no match against fifteen of us and there are only two of you!”

“Ha ha!” laughed Jerry. “We’ve got a special weapon and we also have Sae held captive.”

“Uh, Jerry, we have a problem.” said Roxanne.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Somebody broke out.” said Roxanne pointing to the cell monitor to show that Sae had found a way out.

“No!” shouted Jerry. “That’s it; we’re going to take on all of you puny little contestants!”

“Bring it on!” shouted Kuro as he and the other past contestants looked ready to fight except for York who was dosing off on a bench. A voiceover then came on.

“Can the past contestants stop this great evil? Will Jerry succeed? Where did Sae go? And has Pete landed yet? Find out next time in part 3 of this epic episode of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 19: War of the Contestants

Due to Oweguy being frozen in ice Marine did the recap for him. “Um, last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action Jerry and Roxanne attacked the science site with a giant battleship and Pete and Sae boarded on while I went to get help.” She said a little embarrassed. “Sae battled Murdoch outside while Pete went to shut down the engine but he got caught and after showing him what that crystal can do he was shot away into the sky. Sae was then locked up in a jail cell but just then I arrived with the other contestants and Sae had also escaped when they weren’t looking. Will we win this battle against the others? Find out right now on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

The fifteen contestants still stood underneath the battleship as Jerry appeared on the video screen. “You guys aren’t going to win.” he said. “Both Roxanne and I have this powerful crystal and I used some on her so now she has these dark magic powers. Observe.” On top of the battleship Roxanne was there and she shot an orb of dark purple energy and it caused a small crater when it came in contact with the ground.

“Wow, that crystal is more powerful than I thought.” said Jake.

“So I think the rest of you should just give up.” said Jerry.

“No way!” shouted Kuro. “We’ll take on both of you, right guys?”

“Right!” shouted everyone except for York who had fallen asleep.

Jerry growls and says “Okay have it your way, Roxanne, attack!” She then jumps off from the battleship and arrives in front of them.

“Go ahead, hit me with your best shot.” she said. The others started to charge toward her and some of them got tossed off by Roxanne. Meanwhile inside the dark hallways of the battleship Sae was running by.

"There has got to be a way to shut down this ship for good.” she said. She then saw a map that said that she was getting close to the boiler room. “The boiler room.” she said. “That’s right below the engine. That will probably shut this thing down. And once I’m done with that I’ll go and get that crystal back.” She then ran into the hallway that leads to the boiler room. In the cockpit Jerry was monitoring Roxanne and the other contestants as they were fighting against here.

“Good, those darn goodies don’t stand a chance.” he said.

“Wait, I have an idea!” shouted Marine.

“What is it?” asked Kuro.

“I’ll tell you on the way.” she said. “Jake and Nianah, cover for us!”

“Will do!” said Jake. “Guys look out!” He then threw a rock at Roxanne which hit her in the face.

“You little!” she shouted. “Take this!” She then fired a beam from her staff but both of them dodged just at the right time. “Rats!” she shouted. “I’ll get you eventually!” Inside the shed Marine and Kuro were gathering a bunch of weapons.”

“You think these will work?” asked Kuro.

“They have to.” said Marine. “Let’s go take her down!” Meanwhile, back in the ship Sae had arrived in the boiler room but it was very dark in there.

“Drat, I can’t find the controls until I find the light switch.” she said. “They must be here somewhere.” She then saw something glowing farther away. “Maybe that’s it.” She then walked toward it while behind some stuff some red eyes glowed in a mean look. Back outside Roxanne continued to fight the other contestants when Kuro and Marine came out with various weapons.

“Eat this Roxanne!” shouted Marine shooting lasers from a laser gun but she protected herself with a shield.

“Nothing happened!” shouted Kuro.

“Try the catapults!” shouted Marine. Kuro launched some catapults that contained some large rocks but once again she deflected them.

“Stupid contestants!” shouted Roxanne. “Nothing is going to stop me now! Now you can do nothing now as I begin my transformation!” Her staff started to glow once again and she pressed it against herself causing her body to glow purple. Suddenly she formed some thunder clouds and a bolt of lightning then struck her which helped along with the staff.

“Yes.” said Jerry watching from the cockpit. “She’s doing perfectly.” Back outside Roxanne’s body started to grow.

“What’s happening?” asked Amanda.

“I don’t know.” said Pat.

“This doesn’t look too good.” said Jake. Roxanne’s boots then rip apart and her legs grow very long and huge. Both her very long legs then fused together.

“Something’s happening to her.” said Kuro.

“You’re darn right.” said Roxanne. “Thanks to that lightning bolt I summoned and the powerful staff I’m now transforming into a giant snake mutant!”

“A snake mutant?!” asked Kuro shocked.

TDSFA epi 19 teaser

Roxanne begins her transformation in front of the others.

“That’s right!” said Roxanne still growing huge. “Then the rest of you will be no match for me!” Suddenly a bunch of scaly skin started forming and it completely covered her fused legs turning it into a giant snake tail. Her feet then turned into a snake rattle. “What a lovely snake tail.” she said.

“It is a lovely snake tail.” said Jerry watching. Suddenly her gloves and sleeves had ripped off and on one arm her fingernails turned into sharp reptilian claws and her skin started to turn scaly.

“I feel like I’m watching a mad scientist movie.” said Bluto bored.

“I’ve seen more stuff that’s related to science.” said Chloe.

“It’s true.” said Dax.

“Shouldn’t we just worry about what’s happening?” asked Raven upset.

“Okay.” said Dax embarrassed. Both of Roxanne’s arms were now completely reptilian like and more scale like skin covered up her upper body and then her head and then her two of her teeth turned into fangs and her eyes turned completely red with no pupils. Once the transformation finished she was now a giant snake human hybrid with her wizard outfit torn a little and still had her wizard staff.

“Prepare to face the wrath of Roxanne the snake wizard monster!” she shouted.

“This can’t be good.” said Marine. Some of the contestants tried to jump at her but she smacked them away with her tail.

“She’s too strong.” said Kuro.

“How can we defeat her?” asked Marine. Suddenly Kuro saw something glow from inside her body and then remembered the crystal.

“I got it!” he shouted. “It’s the crystal! We need to get inside her and destroy that shard and I’m sure that will get rid of her powers.”

“That sounds gross but if it’s to save the world then I’m in.

“Good, let’s destroy that crystal.” said Kuro. “Jake and Nianah, cover for us.”

“Will do but what are you doing?” asked Jake.

“We’re going inside Roxanne.” said Kuro. “That crystal must be inside her and we’re going to destroy it.

“Well that sounds totally nasty but go do it and save the city!” shouted Jake.

“We’ll see you later.” said Kuro. He and Marine then climbed up the giant snake Roxanne’s body without her knowing and then crawled into her mouth and down her throat.

“I hope they’ll be okay.” said Jake.

“I also hope Sae’s doing okay.” said Nianah.

“She’ll be fine.” said Jake. “Now then, let’s battle this giant snake mutant!”

“Bring it on!” shouted Roxanne with a hissy like voice. Meanwhile inside the ship’s boiler room Sae had gotten over to the glowing thing which was shown to be the light switch and she hit it.

“Perfect.” she said. “And I’m in luck. It’s right near the controls.” She saw that one of the buttons said engine shutdown. “This will hopefully foil Jerry’s plan.” She presses the button and everything starts to shake.

“Engines will shut down in about thirty minutes.” said the computer.

“What?!” shouted Jerry. “Who just shut down the engines? In about thirty minutes this thing is going to crash! Roxanne, what’s happening down there?!”

“I’m a little busy fighting these contestants!” shouted Roxanne with Sparky pulling some of her hair.

“Well the ship’s engines had just been set to shut down.” said Jerry. “Get rid of those puny contestants and help me out!”

“Okay.” said Roxanne closing her transmitter and flicking Sparky off her head. “Me and Jerry will win especially now that I’m a giant magic wielding snake monster. Nothing can defeat me now!” Meanwhile inside her stomach Kuro and Marine fell down.

“We made it!” shouted Kuro.

“It reeks in here!” said Marine covering her nose.

“We’ll be out of here eventually.” said Kuro. In a nearby area they saw the glow from the crystal. “The crystal must be there.” he continued. “Let’s hurry!” The two then run in following the glow. Outside the other contestants were getting tired from fighting.

“She’s too strong.” said Nianah.

“So do we quit?” asked Bianca.

“No, we need to figure something out.” said Jake.

“Why don’t we check in that shed?” asked Sparky pointing to Oweguy’s shed.

“Perfect!” shouted Jake. “That’s where Oweguy keeps his various gadgets.”

“Then let’s go!” shouted Chloe. The others run off with Roxanne watching.

“Where are they going?” she asked while hissing like a snake. “They just want to give up? Not on my watch!” She then slithers after them. Meanwhile, inside the cockpit Jerry kept hitting some buttons trying to stop the shutdown but nothing worked.

“Drat!” he shouted. “In another twenty five minutes or so this thing is history. Who could’ve shut it down?”

“Intruder in boiler room.” said the computer.

“What?!” asked Jerry still upset. “I need an image of the intruder.” The computer takes a closer look and it showed Sae running out of the boiler room. “Her!” he shouted. “Oh well, I wait for her on this ship. I’ve still got one last secret weapon to use on her. Back inside Roxanne’s body Kuro and Marine were going through a dark slimy tunnel and Kuro was holding a flashlight.

“Are you sure there’s something inside her?” asked Marine grossed out.

“I’m positive!” said Kuro. “I saw a glow outside and inside and I think Jerry also mentioned it.

“Okay, I just didn’t want to think you brought me in here just to gross me out.” said Marine.

“Nah that would be Oweguy.” said Kuro. “Besides, there was a challenge where we had to go inside Sae.”

“I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed that.” said Marine.

“The glow is getting brighter and closer.” said Kuro as they continued to follow the glow.

“Wait, do you see what I see?” asked Marine as they got out of the tunnel and into another room.

“What is it?” asked Kuro turning off his light. He then saw a giant metallic platform surrounded by a electric force field and guarded by robots with tasers. At the top of the platform was the crystal shard. “It’s the crystal.” he said.

“It looks like its guarded.” said Marine.

“I know how about I take care of the guards while you shut down the force field, does that sound good?” asked Kuro explaining his plan.

“Good for me.” said Marine. “Besides I’m good at hacking electric controls.”

“Then let’s do it.” said Kuro with the two fist bumping. Meanwhile inside Oweguy’s shed the other contestants were looking around.

“Aha, laser guns!” said Jake finding some giant laser guns similar to Sae’s.

“And I found some giant tasers!” said Sparky who accidently zapped Bluto which made him upset.

“I also found these bombs.” said Nianah with Sparky flying by in the background due to getting punched by Bluto. “I hope these are enough to deal some damage to her.”

“I’m sure it will work.” said Jake. “It has to.” Outside Roxanne had gotten over to the shed.

“So these two have fled in here.” she said hissing. “Well they won’t be for long.” She smashed the walls with the others getting shocked and scared. “Surprise!” she shouted with a hiss.

“We’ve been found!” screamed Amanda fainting.

“It’s time to take you down once and for all!” shouted Roxanne.

“Not so fast Roxy.” said Jake. “We’ve got weapons now! Everyone fire!” Everyone except for Amanda who was passed out and York who was still sleeping fired their laser guns and tasers but it didn’t affect her at all.

“It didn’t work!” screamed Chloe.

“We’ve still got the bombs.” said Nianah. “Let’s give her what we’ve got!” They all threw the bombs and ran out of the shed with Roxanne looking at them. A couple of seconds later the entire shed exploded with all the contestants outside.

“Nobody could have survived that.” said Jake. Suddenly Roxanne jumped right out and smacked Jake into the cabins.

“Jake!” screamed Nianah.

“But how?” asked Chloe.

“You guys are pathetic!” shouted Roxanne. “I’ve got these magic powers and it makes me immune to everything.” As she was talking Sae was outside and watching Roxanne and the others. “Now that you’re all rounded up I’m going to destroy you once and for all.”

“I think I just wet myself.” said Dax.

“Dude, you’re ruining the moment.” said Bluto.

“Say your prayers!” said Roxanne with her staff starting to glow. The other contestants looked nervous but before she could use her staff Sae jumped onto her head causing her to scream and drop her staff.

“It’s Sae!” said Jake getting helped by Nianah.

“Everyone, go hide!” she shouted. The others went behind the trailers and Roxanne started to fling all over the place.

“Get off me!” she shouted. “And stop pulling my hair!”

“Guys, we need to get that staff!” shouted Jake.

“Let us big buff boys do it.” bragged York finally waking up. The others yawned.

“Okay fine.” said Jake upset. As York walked over to the staff Roxanne’s tail smacked him right out of the science site. “Okay does anyone else want to go?” asked Jake. The only one to volunteer was Dax but Chloe shook her head and Dax put his hand down. Jake then sighed and said “I guess I’m on my own.”

“I’ll go too.” said Nianah.

“That’s nice.” said Jake. “Why didn’t the rest of you volunteer?”

“Because we didn’t want to get smacked away.” said Bluto.

“Well that’s one reason.” said Jake.

“Just get the staff already.” said Raven getting impatient.

“Okay okay, gosh.” said Jake getting upset. He and Nianah ran toward the staff and grabbed it quickly before Roxanne’s snake tail went by.

“You got it!” cheered Sparky.

“Now let’s destroy it!” shouted Jake. He then slammed it on the ground causing it to shatter and the dark magic floated into the clouds.

“Is it over?” asked Amanda.

“Nothing’s different.” said Chloe.

“You fools!” shouted Roxanne with Sae still on her head. “That was additional magic! My entire body has the most magic! Now take this!” She suddenly breathed a purple fire which they avoided.

“Fire, she can breathed fire?!” screamed Sparky going nuts.

“Sae, do something!” shouted Jake.

“I’m trying!” shouted Sae hanging on to Roxanne’s hair.

“I hope Kuro and Marine are okay.” said Jake. Back inside Roxanne’s body Kuro appeared in front of the guard robots.

“Hey bots.” he said. “You want a smashing?” The robots looked confused and scratched themselves. “I’ll take that as a yes.” he said smashing three of them at once.

“Intruder, intruder!” shouted one of the robots which also made an alarm sound.

“Marine, hurry up!” shouted Kuro strangling the robots.

“Don’t rush me!” she shouted hacking the wires. She then shut down the force field gate and she started to run up.

“I finally got you cornered at last.” said Roxanne outside with her snake tail surrounding the other contestants. “Prepare to be fried!” Inside her Marine got up to the crystal and she picked it up and threw it with a lot of force to the ground causing it to shatter and lose its energy. The entire place started to shake.

“What’s happening?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Marine. Suddenly they were tossed back into the previous chambers they were in along with the robots and crystal pieces by an unknown force. Outside the giant snake Roxanne started to go crazy.

“What’s happening?” asked Amanda clinging to both Pat and Katelyn.

“I don’t know!” shouted Chloe. Sae then jumped off Roxanne and landed with the others and Roxanne then coughed up both Kuro and Marine.

“Did you destroy it?” asked Jake.

“Yep.” said Kuro. Roxanne started to rapidly flash bright colors due to the magic loss and she then started shrinking back to normal and reverting back to her human form. After a few seconds of bright lights Roxanne passed out on the ground with her wizard cloak completely torn, her hair messed up, and her gloves and boots gone due to being torn earlier.

“We did it!” cheered Nianah and the others started cheering.

“Thanks for helping us out Sae.” said Jake.

“Thanks.” she said blushing. “I also shut down the engines. In another twenty minutes this thing is history.

“Well that’s good news.” said Jake.

“In the meantime since she’s unconscious let’s take this girl to the big house.” said Kuro picking up the unconscious Roxanne.

“Good idea.” said Jake.

Sae then sighs and says “I wish Pete was here to see this.”

“Jerry will pay and I don’t think Pete’s too far away.” said Jake putting his hand on Sae’s shoulder.

“That’s good.” said Sae smiling.

“So is it time to celebrate?” asked Amanda.

“No.” said Sae. “There’s only one last thing to settle.”

“And what’s that?” asked Dax.

“I need to take down Jerry.” said Sae with her eyes glaring. “Also known as the mastermind of this plot.

“Should we help?” asked Sparky.

“No, I’m going alone.” said Sae.

“But the ship is going to crash in about twenty minutes!” said Jake nervously.

“I’ll be off in time.” said Sae. “Besides, he might get the ship restarted and he still has the crystal.”

“Okay then, good luck.” said Jake.

“Before I do I need some last minute supplies.” said Sae.

“I think we can help.” said Jake.

“Thanks guys.” said Sae smiling at the others. The voiceover from last episode then came on.

“The evil wizard wielding Roxanne has been vanquished but Jerry is still inside the ship. And also just to let you know I’m one of the interns. Anyway with twenty minutes left until it falls can Sae stop him before he thinks up another plan? Can she really do it alone? Find out next time in the fourth and final part of this epic showdown of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

Chapter 20: A Fight to the Finish

Oweguy was still frozen in ice so Kuro did the recap this time. “Last time on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action,” he said “The fifteen of us battled against Roxanne who was using magic powers from the crystal she and Jerry got. Then she transformed into a giant snake monster and I saw the glow from the crystal inside her so Marine and I went into her body to destroy it. Meanwhile Sae was deep inside the battleship and she then set the engines to shut down. It looked over for the rest of the contestants after Roxanne cornered them but Sae came to their rescue and kept her distracted while Marine destroyed the crystal shard returning her to normal and now she’s unconscious. With Jerry still on board the battleship can Sae stop him before he comes up with one last plan to stop us? Find out right now in this epic finale of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!”

The countdown for the engine shutdown was still continuing with only eighteen minutes remaining. Sae was standing underneath it with a jet pack and her laser gun. “Do you think you can stop Jerry on your own? asked Jake.

“I think so.” said Sae. “Besides, I’m technically the only good person still in the game.”

“We’ll keep watch and we’ll also try to unthaw Oweguy.” said Kuro with Oweguy still frozen in a block of ice.

“And I’m sure Pete would’ve said this if he was here, please be safe.” said Nianah.

“Thanks everyone.” said Sae. “And I’ll definitely be safe and Kuro when you see Jerry or if Roxanne wakes up call 911.”

“Will do.” said Kuro.

“Is Roxanne most likely to wake up?” asked Jake.

“Not likely.” said Kuro. “We froze her in ice just to make sure.”

“Well that’s good.” said Jake.

“Well I’ll be back everyone.” said Sae. “Stay put.” She activates her jet pack and flies toward the battleship as the countdown now said sixteen minutes.

“It’s hard to believe that a brave girl like her was originally a shy homeless girl when we first saw her.” said Kuro watching. Sae then gets on the ship and sees an entryway inside.

“I’ve got to get to the cockpit.” She said. “That’s probably where Jerry is.” She then ran down the entryway. Meanwhile in the cockpit the countdown was now down to fifteen minutes.

“Damn it!” shouted Jerry banging the controls. “I can’t stop the countdown. The only thing I can do is to change the engine shut down into self destruct mode but I’m not doing it with me inside. No matter, I’ll just wait for Sae in here with my last ditch weapon.” A glass container opens up which was a strap on a container with tubes and inside the container were more shards of the crystal. “This thing will show that puny little peasant not to mess with me!” said Jerry. He then strapped it onto himself and sat down in the chair waiting for Sae. Inside the dark hallways of the ship all the power in the engine rooms were starting to shut down.

“Fourteen minutes until shutdown.” said the computer.

“I’ve got to hurry up.” said Sae. “There’s not much time left. Outside the other contestants were watching as the alarms were going off.

“I hope she’s okay.” said Jake with Marine using a hair drying to thaw Oweguy.

“I’m sure she is.” said Kuro. “It’s not like Jerry has a special weapon to defeat her.”

“Don’t say that because it’s most likely that he does.” said Jake. “It happens in all final confrontations that I’ve seen.”

“Oops.” said Kuro embarrassed. “How’s it going Marine?”

“Wasn’t there a flamethrower in the tool shed?” asked Marine.

“Um, the shed kind of blew up when we were fighting Roxanne.” said Kuro pointing to the smoldering ruins of the tool shed. Marine slaps her head.

“Someone get me another hairdryer.” She said.

“Hey, what ever happened to Murdoch?” asked Kuro.

“I don’t know.” said Jake. “I haven’t seen him since the wasp challenge which you probably don’t remember.”

“He could still possibly be around.” said Kuro. As Sae continued on the path inside the ship the same figure with the red eyes from last episode was glaring at her.

“I must be getting closer.” She said. Suddenly she saw an elevator in front of her. “Perfect.” she said. “I can use it to get to the cockpit.” She then got inside and pressed the button that said to cockpit.

“12 minutes until shutdown.” said the computer as the elevator went up. The shadowed figure then ran somewhere else.

“It’s almost ten minutes until this ship is history.” said Jerry in the cockpit. “But luckily I’ve got my secret weapon all planned out. The crystal pack was strapped onto his pack with the tubes attacked to his shoulders. “She won’t know what hit her.” He said and then started laughing. The elevator then came to a stop and Sae saw a long walkway to the main control room.

“11 minutes remaining.” said the computer.

“That path must lead to the cockpit.” said Sae. Suddenly a bunch of security bots then came out from the walls. They then suddenly saw Sae.

“Intruder, intruder!” they shouted.

“The security bots have gone off?” asked Jerry. “That must mean she’s closer.” Sae then started firing her laser gun at the robots but as soon as she destroyed some a few more arrived.

“I don’t have time for this.” She said. She then started running down the long pathway while shooting at the robots who started chasing her. She then arrived at a door which opened up automatically. As soon as she went in it closed leaving the robots in the hallway.

“Darn it.” said one of the robots. Sae was now inside the main control room with Jerry sitting in a chair in front of the controls.

“Welcome Sae.” He said turning around to face her. “You’ve made it quite far.” He said. “With your boyfriend gone and my loving wife defeated it’s now time for the two of us to go head to head.”

“Why are you doing this?” asked Sae. “The world has done nothing to you so you don’t to destroy it with a giant spaceship and a powerful crystal.”

“I’m doing it because I’ve been treated like dirt!” shouted Jerry. “I’ve been locked up in jail for a very long time and I was treated badly last season to the point where I became a ferocious beast. And because of this they all have to pay.”

“Well tough luck because the ship is about to shut down.” said Sae.

“Ten minutes until engine shutdown.” said the computer.

“You should just give up now.” said Sae. “There’s nothing left to do.”

“We’ll see about that.” said Jerry. He suddenly pressed a button on the controls which changed the shutdown.

“Ten minutes until self destruct.” said the computer.

“What?!” asked Sae shocked.

“That’s right.” said Jerry. “If I can’t win I’m just going to blow it to bits with you inside.”

“Well I’m still here so what are you going to if I get away?” asked Sae.

TDSFA epi 20 teaser

The final battle begins.

“You won’t be.” said Jerry. He pressed the button on the container and the crystals then flowed through the tubes and into Jerry’s body which started glowing. Suddenly his shirt ripped apart, his shoulders and shoes grew spikes, his eye patch ripped off with both is eyes turning red with no pupils and he grew claws on his fingers. After he transformed he was now bigger than what he normally was and his muscles were huge. “Prepare to face the wrath of Titan Jerry!” he shouted with a deep angry voice. He then slammed the floor with the force sending Sae slamming into the wall.

“Is that all?” she asked with bruises on her face.

“Nope.” said Titan Jerry picking up the control panels and throwing it at Sae which she managed to avoid before it crushed her.

“I forgot to tell you, I have a weapon too!” she shouted firing her laser blaster at him but it had no effect.

“Ha ha ha!” laughed Titan Jerry. “Your puny gun is no match for my giant muscles!” He then punched Sae causing her to smash through the wall and was now outside on the ship.

“Look, that’s Sae on top of the ship!” shouted Kuro pointing. Sae’s face had started to bleed and had trouble getting up. Titan Jerry then crashed out of the wall and punched her again with her slamming into a wall. The others looked worried.

“What happened to Jerry?” asked Nianah.

“It must be the crystal.” said Jake.

“Sae’s no match for him.” said Kuro.

“So what do we do?” asked Marine.

“Eight minutes until self destruct.” said the computer. Suddenly Kuro saw that the crystal had gotten knocked out and was in between Sae and Titan Jerry.

“The crystal!” he shouted.

“Maybe she can use it against Jerry.” said Jake.

“Yeah but she’s hurt.” said Kuro.

“What we need now his hope.” said Jake. As Sae lied on the ground brusied, bleeding, and in pain Titan Jerry started walking toward her.

“See what I told you?” he said taunting her. “You’re just a peasant and you are weak! You are no match against a powerful muscle man like me!”

“That’s what you think.” She said weakly.

“Now prepare to say goodbye as I take over the world before I crush you like a bug!” shouted Titan Jerry with his spiked shoe about to crush her.

“I guess this is it guys.” said Kuro.

“Wait, what is that?” asked Jake seeing something in the sky. A small jet suddenly flew by hitting the crystal which landed near Sae.

“What the heck?!” asked Titan Jerry stopping. One shard of the crystal came off from the jet and it landed on Sae which caused her body to glow very bright.

“What’s happening?” asked Sparky pointing.

“Something we hoped for.” said Jake. The bright light dimmed a little and Titan Jerry and the others saw that Sae was now in a golden aura and her eyes were also glowing gold. Her injuries were also healed.

“No, how is this possible?!” asked Titan Jerry shocked.

“You see Jerry a peasant girl can win but a big muscle man like you won’t.” she said pointing her gun at him which was now bigger.

“No!” shouted Titan Jerry as she started firing which had great effect. The others started cheering.

“Who was that in the plane?” asked Jake. The plane came by again and they saw that Pete was piloting it.

“It’s Pete!” shouted Kuro.

“Sorry I took so long!” he shouted. “Now let’s have Sae finish it for us!” Titan Jerry layed on the ground grunting.

“I’m still here.” He said. “That shows that you can’t defeat me!”

“We’ll see about that.” said Sae. She fired more crystal shards which cut through the tubes releasing a bunch of the crystal shards Jerry had used. “Noooooo!!!!!” screamed Titan Jerry with his body returning to normal.

“Now time to finish it, and for what you’ve done to my past!” shouted Sae.

“Okay yes, I killed your parents just to get the jewels along with the crystal!” admitted Jerry nervously. “They were made with the same material and I needed it desperately. At least you didn’t find out about me burning down the orphanage because I hated you so much. Wait, did I just say that out loud?” Sae then started charging at him at supersonic speed. “Oh no!” he shouted as Sae slammed into him sending him flying away high into the sky. The others started cheering.

“She did it!” cheered Jake.

“She’s braver than I thought.

“I did it!” shouted Marine who finished unthawing. “I unfroze Oweguy.”

“What happened?” he asked confused.

“Long story.” said Kuro. They then heard screaming and Jerry fell back from the sky and crashed into the ground leaving a Jerry shaped crater.

“Someone call an ambulance please?” he asked underneath saying ow as well.

“I should call the police as well.” said Oweguy. “You’ve been a very bad boy Jerry.” Jerry suddenly screamed very loud in anger. On top of the ship Sae returned back to her normal self looking exhausted.

“That ought to end Jerry’s wrath she said.” She said. “Wait, how much time to I have left?”

“One minute until self destruct.” said the computer. “I think it’s time for me to get out of here.”

“I gotta get out of here too!” she shouted. Pete’s jet then appeared near her with the computer system flying away in the background.

“Quick, get on!” he shouted.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to make it!” she shouted.

“Just jump on!” shouted Pete with the cockpit opening up. Sae grabbed her gun and the crystal and jumped on. The jet then flies away and the battleship then explodes in the sky with the other contestants and Oweguy watching.

“Did they make it?” asked Chloe.

“I’m not sure if anyone would’ve survived that blast.” said Kuro.

“I hope they did.” said Jake. Suddenly they saw Pete’s jet fly out of the explosion clouds and the others started to cheer including Oweguy. The jet then landed in front of them.

“We made it!” cheered Pete.

“And the crystal is still intact despite some shards of it being used by Jerry.” said Sae.

“Speaking of Jerry the police had just arrived.” said Kuro with a bunch of police cars arriving.

“Which one is Jerry?” asked one of the police man.

“He’s the one inside that Jerry shaped crater.” said Jake.

“Did someone say my name?” he asked emerging from the crater. “Freeze sir, you’re under arrest!” shouted the policeman. Jerry then screamed in anger again.

“You’d better take her too.” said Kuro carrying the still unconscious Roxanne. “She was part of his plan as well.

“Okay.” said the policeman taking Roxanne.

“Isn’t this the third time we’ve sent them to jail?” asked another one of the policeman.

“I think it might’ve been the fourth time.” said the main policeman who had Roxanne.

“Well I think it’s safe to say that we can announce a…” said Oweguy but he is suddenly interrupted by someone.

“Not so fast!” shouted the figure who was inside the ship which turned out to be Murdoch now with burnt skin, his white makeup coming off, half of his hair gone, and his Joker outfit torn up.

“Not again.” said Sae.

“Even though you’ve arrested Jerry and Roxanne I’m still here!” continued Murdoch. “Now all of you begin to say your prayers!” The others looked nervous as Murdoch prepared to fire his guns but suddenly a piece of the ship fell from the sky and knocked him out.

“Well that didn’t take long.” said Oweguy. “You can take him away cops.”

“Will do.” said the policeman. They then threw Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch into a police van.

“This isn’t over you guys, I will have my revenge!” Jerry shouted as the police van drove away.

“Man, what a loser.” said Marine.

“Now what were you going to say Owe?” asked Sae.

“Well I was just about to say since you were the one who stopped Jerry’s plan in the end with no help whatsoever I declare you the winner of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!” said Oweguy. The others started cheering with Sae surprised. Suddenly a limousine drove in with the towns’ mayor inside.

“I’ve got something else to say.” said the mayor in the limousine. “Since this brave girl saved the town from certain destruction we’ll be giving her a special ceremony tomorrow!” The others cheered for Sae as the mayor’s limousine drove off.

“Isn’t that great Sae, you’re the winner!” said Pete happy.

“Well yes it’s wonderful but I still feel sad about my parents not being here to see this.” said Sae disappointed.

“Oh that remind me.” said Pete. “You know why I have this jet?”

“No.” said Sae confused.

“Well these two nice folks loaned it to me.” said Pete. Near the gateway a man and a woman had walked in which were really Sae’s parents. Sae gasped in shock.

“But we saw them get killed by Jerry.” she said.

“Nope, they were only injured but they’ve now recovered.” explained Pete. “That means they’ve been alive this entire time!”

“Look honey, our lost daughter’s all grown up!” said Sae’s dad.

“Oh it’s been so long.” said Sae’s mom. “We’ve thought you’ve been gone forever.”

“I’d never thought I’d see you again in my whole life.” said Sae. The three of them started to hug with everyone except for Bluto looking happy for her.

“Can I go home yet?” asked Bluto.

“Hey did I miss anything?” asked York. He then saw everything that was happening. “Darn, I missed the finale didn’t I!” he shouted.

“Yep.” said Kuro.

“Well that’s very happy for me.” said Sae with a tear in her eye. “There’s one last thing to say, especially to you Pete.”

“What’s that?” asked Pete.

“It’s hard to say but what I’m trying to say is that I love you.” said Sae nervously. Everyone looked happy except for Bluto who was upset and York who didn’t know what was going on.

“Wow.” said Pete shocked. “I have something to say too which is that I love you too.” Everyone awws when he says that except for Bluto still.

“That’s very sweet.” said Sae. The two then started kissing as everyone cheers.

“I always cry at happy endings.” said Oweguy who then burst out crying and used Marine’s shirt as a tissue which he blew his nose into.

“Great.” She said with her shirt covered in snot. “Now we have to stop at the dry cleaners.”

“Once we’re ready we’ll have a nice wedding to use with your price money.” said Pete.

“That sounds nice.” said Sae. “And my parents will be there to see us.”

“We defiantly will.” said Sae’s dad.

“And so that ends another season of Total Drama.” said Oweguy closing the episode “Be sure to come back later when we check on the contestants after the events of this season. Until then stay tuned as I see you later for Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Elimination Chart

York OUT


  • 1 Murdoch wasn't voted off but ended up missing so Oweguy said he was eliminated until he was found.
  • 2 Sparky wasn't voted off but was eliminated due to not helping the others.
  • 3 Marine had gotten seriously injured during the challenge and had to get medical treatment.
  • 4 Murdoch ended up missing again so once again Oweguy said he was eliminated until he was found.
  • 5 Katelyn didn't compete in the challenge so she was automatically voted off.
  • 6 Jake and Nianah quit because they thought Pete and Sae needed to stay and also they were planning a wedding.
  • 7 Pete was shot away from the science site by Jerry and no one knows where he ended up.


Overall Story

  • This story is rated PG-13 due to being darker and more violent than the previous seasons. There's a lot of action violence, blood, and more swearing.
  • I was originally going to have five new characters but I changed it to four because I wanted one more old contestant and I wanted it to be two boys and two girls.
  • A confessional was added because my stories didn't really include any but it's not used all the time, especially during challenges. It's not used in every chapter.
  • This is the last season to feature the characters from the first three seasons. The fourth season features only new contestants.
  • This story won featured story in April 2013 making it my second story to win featured story. The first was Total Drama Vegas City.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!

Chapter 2: Transmashers, Robots that Love to Smash

  • The title is a referance to Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Chapter 3: Ultimate Laser Tag

  • This chapter took me a while to come up with along with a few future chapters coming up.

Chapter 4: Virtual Boys

  • The title is a referance to the game system the Virtual Boy, a game system made by Nintendo that was an attempt at virtual reality.
  • The games the contestants went into were Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda which were all games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Chapter 5: H2Owe

  • The title is a reference to H2O, the code name for water.
  • Oweguy's pool was confusing for me to write due to the many strange stuff that's inside it.
  • Nianah become nice and falling in love with Jake by looking at him I got from the Regular Show episode Muscle Woman.

Chapter 6: Honey, I Shrunk the Contestants

  • The title is a referance to the 1989 movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • I was worried that the chapter was going to be too long because I was too interested in writing the two stories happening with the two teams. The chapter was at least eleven or twelve pages in Microsoft Word.
  • This is the first chapter where Bridgette had a major role.

Chapter 7: Attack of the 50 Foot Nianah

  • The title is a referance to the 1958 movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.
  • Murdoch and Amanda were eaten by Nianah just for them to have a dangerous location for their final battle.
  • The title says Nianah's 50 feet tall but when she's giant everyone is smaller than Nianah's pinkie toe.
  • At the end when Murdoch's hand rises out of the hot water is a referance to the 1989 Batman when Jack Napier / the Joker's hand rises out of the water after falling in chemicals. I did that to end it in a cliffhanger about what happened to Murdoch.

Chapter 8: Invasion of the Contestant Snatchers

  • The title is a referance to the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • This chapter is more violent than the others because it features aliens getting killed with green alien blood present but there was no human blood.
  • I made Marine fighting the aliens a tribute to the Alien film series.

Chapter 9: The Thing from Another Movie

  • The title is a referance to the 1951 movie The Thing from Another World but the plot follows more from the 1982 John Carpenter remake.
  • This is the first chapter where the two teams tied.
  • This is the first chapter to feature a swear that had to be censored out. It was said by Jerry which was actually a line from the 1982 The Thing.

Chapter 10: Adventures in Drama Sitting

  • The title is a referance to the 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting.
  • Murdoch makes a cameo in the drawing for this chapter.

Chapter 11: Beware! The Jelly Monster

  • The title is a referance to the 1972 film Beware! the Blob but the plot is more based on it's 1958 prequel The Blob.
  • The chapter title was changed many times. It was originally called the Jello and then The Blob of Jelly and then finally Beware! The Jelly Monster.
  • Murdoch makes another cameo in the picture's drawing.
  • This is the second episode to take place at night. The first was chapter 9.
  • I included freeze rays in this chapter because in the original blob movie it cannot stand the cold.

Chapter 12: Super Contestants

  • The title is a referance to the TV series Super Friends.
  • Murdoch returns to the competition in this chapter.
  • The teams are dissolved in this chapter.
  • This is the first chapter to have two pictures.

Chapter 13: The Wasp

  • The title is a referance to the 1958 film and 1986 remake The Fly
  • Murdoch goes missing again.
  • This is the first chapter where someone says the word ass.
  • Kuro's wasp form is based off a little from Baxter Stockman's fly design from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series.

Chapter 14: Journey to the Center of Sae

  • The title is a referance to the 1864 novel by Jules Verne Journey to the Center of the Earth but the plot follows more from the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage.
  • This is the third appearance of Oweguy's size ray.
  • This is the third time someone goes inside another persons body. Unlike the others they were forced to go inside that persons body unlike the others where it was accidental.
  • The alien cell design is based off the Violet Void power up design from the DS version of Sonic Colors.
  • In this chapter Pete tells Sae that he cares for her thus probably starting a relationship.

Chapter 15: A Journey Through Time

  • This is one of the few chapters with the title not being a referance to something else.
  • I originally planned on having this be the eighth chapter but I rather wanted it to be during the merge so I moved it up to chapter 15.
  • The scene where Sae saw her parents death is an example of why this is rated PG-13.

Chapter 16: 2011: A Space Challenge

  • The title is a referance to the movie and novel 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • This is the fourth and last chapter to involve aliens. The previous ones were Invasion of the Contestant Snatchers, The Thing from Another Movie, and Journey to the Center of Sae.
  • Jake and Nianah get engaged in this chapter.
  • This is the only chapter where someone quit. It is also the second double elimination.

Chapter 17: The Beginning of the Four Part Finale

  • This chapter starts a four part episode.
  • This is the only chapter without an elimination.
  • Sae gets new clothes in this chapter.

Chapter 18: The Day the Drama Stood Still

  • The title is a referance to the 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • This is the first chapter to feature human blood.

Chapter 19: War of the Contestants

Chapter 20: A Fight to the Finish

  • This is the season finale.
  • Titan Jerry was inspired from Bane of the Batman series and Titan Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • Sae's parents are confirmed to be alive in this chapter having survived the attack from Jerry in the past.
  • Sae and Pete become an official couple in this chapter.
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