Chris and Chef are on a really tight budget. with really no money and trapped on an Honolulu. Chris has asked 12 new teens to compete in the all new series of Total Drama, called Total Drama Shipwreck. and will sing dramatic songs.

If you want a spot tell me the age, name, gender, stereotype and biography. TT66 and my Co-Editor Indi26.

Sequel: Total Drama: Revenge of The Television

Prequel: Total Drama Xtreme (TT66's Way)



  • Chris (The Fun Hosts) - TBD
  • Chef (The Terrible CO-Hosts) - TBD


  • Frosti (The Crazy Intern Guy) - Frosti was a troubled child when he was little. When he was just 14, he ran away from home a joined the army, even though he had no desire to go to war. He passed through training and was shipped off to the Army base somehwere. The colonel discovered his age, and sent him home. However, before that happened, Frosti went a little crazy after seein one of his friends down. He now id insane, saying things that dont make sense. He signed up for this after his parents urged him to, thinking that it might improve his condition.

Killer Coconuts

  • Brandon (The Hero) - Brandon is the nicest person you will ever meet and he hates mean people. He wants to play a pure game without doing any backstabbign so he can show everyone that heroes don't always lose. He is the defenition of a hero and will always defend his friends.
  • Holli (The Strategist) - When Holli knows what she wants, she gets it. Her quick thinking has gotten her far in life. Sarcasm has also helped her defend against the stupid. She uses people to get what she wants, which is why her only friends are either people with low IQ's or people who have not yet seen her true colors. She's also very smart, and can think of plans in a second. She'd love to get a chance to get on this competion. Manipulation, alliances, and backstabbing is her plan to win.
  • Melvin (Simply Retard) - Melvin was born retarded but his parents didn't bother to find out how retard. Melvin ran away from home at the age of 13 when he escaped from the cat door. Melvin thinks he's an octopus and walks on four legs, he says he only has four legs because he was in an underwater car crash and doctor mc. fishy had to amputate four of his legs leaving him with four. Melvin will sometimes go spaz and randomly yell out "Hoogalaboogala" he also has a tendancy to talk to himself. Melvin wants to be the host on the show but only signed up because he felt like cat food and he walked into the sign ups following a guy that had cat food. Melvin lived in the woods for all his life and survives on rubbish so seeing humans will be different for him as he only sees them on accasion.
  • Jason (The Quiet Schemer) - All of Anon's Life he has planned and schemed revenge on the innocent. Now it a hobbie of his So if you mess with him he'll mess with you. And he'll do anything to win it.
  • Elena (The Toguh Girl) - Elena was the youngest of her family of six, and having three older brithers toughened her up. She never got girly girls, and excels at physical competition. However, give her a fashion competition and shes not close to being first. She has been trying to progress into more of a girl, but is having some trouble.
  • Ali (The FaceBook Addict) - Alli got a FaceBook page when she was eleven, in the sixth grade. She lied about her age to get an account. She's constantly on FaceBook. She checks her FaceBook during class on her iPhone. Alli's arch nemesis was a girl named Holly. Holly didn't believe that Alli had a boyfriend, an upperclassmen, who when was asked about the relationship from Holly, the upperclassmen denied ending up in a breakup between Alli and her boyfriend. Alli then created a hate page about Holly, which got Alli in big trouble and Alli was forced to have a tech-cation where she couldn't go on the Internet at all and had to find 893 new friends, that weren't her FaceBook friends. Alli has learned her lesson, but still goes on FaceBook everyday, just not as often. She was offered to join a reality show, and decided to be on it. But she hopes her temper against people won't get her the boot.

Screaming Seashells

  • Logan (The Good Guy) - Logan is a good kid, unfortunatley that gets him picked on at school.He decided to join Total Drama Shipwreck because he could use the money, and to gloat to the bullies back home.He may be a little young but he thinks that could be his advantage.He can do some sports good(mainly soccer and dodgeball, but only the dodging and catching)He is a trustworthy guy and a great player to have on your team.
  • Jake (The Nice Friend) - Jake was born and raised in Orlando Florida. He is usually nice to get along with but can be mean when he has time. He has 2 younger sisters,1 mom and 1 dad. Jake likes to watch TV, chill out, or sleep. Jake has good grades and his teachers love him. Jake is only mean when he has to be and he defends himself. Jake joined TDSW to hang out and win some cash.
  • Bobbie (The Swarere) - Bobbie likes to swear. He learned several curse words from his friends back at home and has swore at several people, including teachers, enemies and other people. He swears in nearly every sentence he says and impresses several people on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook on the way he swears etc.
  • WINNER: Destiny (The Irritable One) - A rather irritable girl. She is easily irritated and often corrects people. SHe is very sarcastic, and her friends usually take it seriously. She is a bit shy at times, and is nice once you get to know her. She's rather clumsy when she's nervous, and she is easy to see through when she lies.
  • Johnny (The Dude Who's Never Angry) - Johnny is a bit of a joker at times, but can be really serious at other times. He's a little immature and has laughing problems at times. (It got him kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America.) He has a passion for cooking, and dreams of one day owning his own restaurant. He dreams of living in California with his girlfriend back home. Johnny's best friend lives in California, due to him wanting to become a big actor one day, so Johnny is very lonely at times. His only friend now is his sister(who hates his guts.) and girlfriend (who isn't feeling a connection with him). Johnny has such an awesome personality, but no one to really share it with. If he wins the million, he will work out his relationship with his girlfriend, move her family and his family to California, and reunite with his best friend. Please pick him so that his dreams come true!
  • Kimberly (The Manipulator) - Kimberly's dad is the prime minister of Canada and Mom is a dimpolmat. she is smart & very sexy.she alway's get what he wants, being in a rich family. and sign up for total drama so he can meet new people.


Episode 1 - Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Part 1

Chris: Last time on Total Drama World Tour it was the best finale ever Heather won. pepole felled into the valcano and other theings happend but now heres a whole new cast. and with out that much money where here on the island of Honolulu. 12 new teens, 2 teams and 1,000,000,000$ dollar and welcome to Total Drama Shipwreck.

Chris: Here's are new cast. heres the first two Melvin and Jake.

Melvin: *Gets Off Boat* Hey Drish.

Chris: Its Chis. :@.

Melvin: No its Drish.

Jake: You should really watch where you going Re--

Melvin: Hey You little.

Holli: *Gets off boat* hi guys.

Jake: Um hi *blushes*.

Melvin: Um Hi. *blushes*. will you be my girlfriend.

Holli: um no your like 42.

Melvin: So.


Melvin: Hey that felt good Der.

Jake: Wierdo so is it only us.

Chris; No so heres.. Ali and Johnny.

Ali: Hi *gets off boat*

Jake: Hey *high fives here*

Ali: Facebook Update: Jake is still so cute. even toguht i barely no him.

Jake: Okay. *backs away slowly*

Johnny: Watch it.

Jake: Okay.

Chris: Hers Brandon, Jason, Kimberly & Elea

Brandon: Hey everyone.

Holli: Hay.

Brandon: your the girl I heard who was yelling you need to calm down.

Holli: What. Everyone one has an evil side

Brandon: no everyone dosn't not.


Brandon: no they don't i never, yelled, scream are get mad at anyone in my life.


Brandon: Ow.

Chris: Holli calm down. we berly have any money to take anyone to medical care.

Elea: Drama queen.

Holli: Calm down Holli calm down.

Elea: Anyway hi Chris.

Chris: Yo.

Kimberly: so your trying to act like me.

Holli: What.

Kimberly: you are. theres no need for two mean girls in the game. *walks away from Holli*

Jason: Wow u guys are so funny. but lamos.

Ali: FACEBOOK UPDATE: I don't like Jake anymore i like Jason.

Jason: I like you to.

Ali: You do wanna be my Girlfriend.

Jason: Sure.

Ali: *kisses Jason*

Jason: wow that was fun.

Chris: Okay enough with the loving.

Chris: No heres Bobbie, Destiny, and Logan.

Destiny: Howdy. so this is where were staying.

Bobbie: No dur.

Destiny: No one asked you.

Logan: okay stop the fighting.

Chris: Okay everyone has met eachother. so lets start.

Destiny: Yes everyone has met.

Chris: rember the confessional well this season the confessional is in the bathroom agian.

Bobbie: (CONF: Wow this is pretty awsome).

Holli: (CONF: This time Holli is going all the way. and i need to use someone for an alliance)

Melvin: (CONF: Yes! i'am on total drama! *bangs head on seat*).

Chris: no heres the teams. Brandon, Melvin, Holli, Jason, Elea & Holli you are the Killer Coconuts.

Elea: go team KC. i like the team name.

Holli; the team name sucks.

Kimberly: total agreed.

Holli: (CONF: How dear that girl come up in here and disrespect me. She is going down. and Brandon oh don't get me started.)

Chris: them next team will have: Bobbie, Jake, Logan, Destiny, Kimberly & Johnny. And you guys are know as the Screaming Seashells.

Chris: rember last time on Total Drama World Tour *sings*. well you guys will have to sing to.

Logan: Yes singing. i have a great voice.

Chis: well it musical number time. so (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN)every time you hear that bell chime its singing time.

Logan: Where trapped. on the island of Hawaii. theres no way to get out. cause Sierra destroyed the plane.

Holli; Stuked on island.

Everyone; ooh stuked.

Eli: were trapped. were stucked. flying and riding. on the island.

Elea: being trapped is no fun.

Logan: Where trapped. on the island of Hawaii. theres no way to get out. cause Sierra destroyed the plane.

Everyone; Stuked on island.

stuked on an island.

Melvin: were trapped. were stucked. flying and riding. on the island.

Everyone: being trapped is no fun. being trapped, we need to get saved, are goals are here. forever. being trapped, we need to get saved, are goals are here. forever.

Where trapped here forever.

Chris: Nice job.

Chris: but ready for your frist challenge.

Chris: its called Jumpiness of the River. teams must bungee jump into the river and look for a silver coin.

Brandon: i great at bungee jumping.

Chris: so ready start go.

Johnny: *jumps down* *jumps back up* I found nothing.

Melvin: let me see that Cord. *jumps down* *jumps back up*. I Found a...

Holli: yes.

Melvin: a Crab.

Holli: oh.

Bobbie: *jumps back up* dang i found nonthing. your turn Kimberly.

Kimberly: *jumps down* *jumps back up* gosh i found nonthing.

Jake: you din't trie nonthing.

Kimberly: WHAT.

Kimberly: *pushes Jake off cliff*.

Jake: *climbs back up*. (CONF: Wow that Kimberly shes s,=mart and cute i should ask her out)

Kimberly: (CONF: I Should use Jake. hes cute and all but still.)

Kimberly: *kisses Jake*.

Jake: (CONF: Wow my first kiss ee).

Melvin: and i found a Silver thing.

Jason; Thats the coin that means we win.

Chris: the Killer Coconuts win and the Screaming Seashells loose. that means elimination time.

Chris: if you don't receive a marshmallow. you will be taking the Tank of shame and hit down to the Row of loosers.

Destiny: the Row of loosers.

Chris: okay everyone there are 6 id cards passes in the confessionals each person must stamp the id of the person that they want to go home.

Destiny: (CONF: I Vote for. Johnny. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Jake: (CONF: I Vote for. Johnny. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Logan: (CONF: I Vote for. Johnny. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Johnny: (CONF: I Vote for. Bobbie. *Stamp Bobbie's ID*)

Kimberly: (CONF: I Vote for. Kimberly. *Stamps Kimberly's ID*)

Chris: with 3 votes against him Johnny its Tank of shame time.

Johnny: WHat?

Chris: *puts him and cannon* *shoots*

Johnny: i will be back

Intern: *rows the boat*.

Chris: what will happen next time on Total Drama Shipwreck.

Episode 2 - Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Part 2

Bobbie: (CONF: WHat the #*@&# why did we loose it was his ^#$*#* fault.)

Kimberly: (CONF: Wow the Screaming Seashells are looses.)

Chris: Okay campers ready for part 2 of your 1 challenge.

Bobbie: Why are there two &#$*$^ parts to this challenge.

Logan: Can you plz watch your language.

Bobbie: No the &*(^ i'am not.

Brandon: Wow do you have to swear.

Bobbie: Just leave me the &*&( alone.

Holli: You to are like brothers. but i can still see that both of you are fakeing.

Logan & Brandon: Okay whatever u want.

Chris: Okay for your second part of your challange. its a treasure race. teams must find a treasure chest that is hidden in the jungle. but since the Killer Coconuts won they get an easy advantage. cause with hat coin it can help them open the chest.

Frosti: YO Chris dude where do u want me to put the snakes.

Chris: Not now Frosti.

Frosti: Okay.

Chris: That was Frosti the intern. now go.

Ali: TWITTER UPDATE: Where on a winnig streak.'

Brandon: yes we are.

Melvin: jumps up and down* I Got Mail Yay

Jason: Okay. *follows trail*

Elea: (CONF: I have to admit it but Melvin maybe a really good player. he maybe SPECIAL but still).

Jake; Okay team fallow me.

Kimberly: Why should we fallow u.

Jake: Cause i'am smart.

Destiny: (CONF: Wow making to my team is gonna be hard cause i'am shy and stuff.)

Brandon: *fallows track*.

Chris: (DUNDUNDUN) Its song time.

Holli: I wanna leave the island on a boat.

Cause i don't wanna be here forever.

but i still wanna win the money.

so i can be rich.

but its hard to do these challanges.

Everyone (Except Holli, Melvin and Bobbie): Holli's Get Away

She needs to leave.

Holli's Get Away.


Holly's Get-Away

Bobbie: Shes %^*^#@#*( anoying.

She Evil . and she need to get the ^&%* Away.

Brandon: No Holli don't leave cause i love u.

(*Music Stops*)

Jason: Say what now. *Looks surprise*.

Holli: you like me.

Elea: I Found the chest *opes chest* We win we win.

Chris; The killer cocuntuts win.

(*Team Screaming Seashells Arrive*)

Bobbie: WHat The ^*^&$% how do they win.

Chris: See you guys at the elimination tonight.

Holli; So u like me huh.

Brandon: well.

Holli: *kisses Brandon*

Brandon: *kisses Holli*

Holli: *kicks Brandon in the kiwis* I like boy but i wanna win this game. you can be my Boyfriend when you admit that u have done something bad before or do something bad.

Brandon: oww that hurted oww *sits alone*

Kimberly: (CONF: I Vote for. Bobbie. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Bobbie (CONF: I Vote for. Jake. *Stamps Johnny's ID*. that m%^&$ f^&*% going down.)

Destiny: (CONF: I Vote for. Jake. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Logan: (CONF: I Vote for. Jake. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Jake: (CONF: I Vote for. Kimberly. *Stamps Johnny's ID*)

Chris; with 2 votes aginst him its tank of shame time bobbie.

Bobbie: What the %^*$%&

Chris: Joke its time to go Jake.

Jake: WHat why me.

Chris: *puts him in tank*

Jake: II WILL BE BACK *While falling in the boat*.

Chris Will Brandon and Holli become a couple Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! SHIPWRECK!

(The rest will be up today)

Episode 3 - Jake Potter

Chris: Last time on TDSW U now what lets get on with the show/

Bobbie: (CONF: This game is %^$^$^.)

Logan: (CONF: *wakes up* *walks out of tent* *accidently steps on Kimberly's Toe*)

Kimberly: WACTH IT

Logan: Sorry/.

Kimberly: U Will be sorry u did that.

Chris: Everyone report to the jungle. NOW!

Ali: I Wonder what wee will do today.

Brandon: WTF YOu din't say twiter update.

Ali: My Computer broke so thats why.

Brandon: (CONF: I Have something to admit i broke her computer and now i fell so ashamed.)

Holli: (CONF: Now that me and Brandon are a couple we can win the will together.)

Chris: Today your challenge is based off of Harry Potter Movies/Magical movies.

Bobbie: Harry Potter. What The ^&^%^$

Kimberly: Agreed why.

Chris: I'am the host of the show now sush. each team must show off there own magic trick. and they must perform it together and it can be about anything. but it matter on what you and your team want.

Ali: This is Epic.

Brandon: Agreed.

Kimberly; This is Payback. *wishes in the wishes pocket* i wish tah Logan can get inger badly and that it can put him in the hospital.


Chef: Now with Logan in he hospital do we have enough money to get that hotub we wanted.

Chris: yes we do.

Chef: Yes.

Chris: Now the Screaming Seashells must perform another magic trick.

Bobbie: Don't &&%& start tell we all agree when to R%^$^ go.

Melvin: What will we do.

Chris: DUNDUNDUNDUDN Its musical number time.

Melvin: WHat will we do!

We have no magic trick!

And I'am a R--.

Bobbie: Shut the ^&*% Up cause you

Don't know $$^$ and your team can't find a magic trick.

Holli: I Don't now what to do!

Can we ether make a pie are make Brandon cry!

Cause we have to do magic tricks!

Everyone: What will we do.

What will we do.

what will we do.


Brandon: I Got an idea what about a Bear.

Ali: *pulls bear out of hat*

Chris: I Will give that a 6.9.\

Chef: Me to.

Holli: We got a high score yes.

Destiny: Um *Pulls 1,000,000,000,000$ out of hat*

Chris: YOu guys get an 10.10 *takes money*

Chris: Agreed.

Screaming Seashells: Yes we won.

Chris: Killer Cocos its Elimo time.

Holli: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Melvin's ID*)

Brandon: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Melvin's ID*.)

Jason: (CONF: I Vote for. Ali. *Stamps Ali's ID*)

Elea: (CONF: I Vote for. Ali. *Stamps Ali's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Brandon. *Stamps Brandon's ID*)

Ali: (CONF: I Vote for. Brandon. *Stamps Brando's ID*)

Chris: It was another tie. so i get to pick and i pick Ali. its Tank of Shame time.

Ali: Well this means goodbye.

Everyone (Except Ali): Goodbye.

Chris: *puts her in tank*

Ali: AAAAAAAAAA *falls into boat*.

Chris: That was another elimination so see you next time on Total Drama Shipwreck.

Episode 4 - Holli's and Brandon's Excellent Relationship or Conflict

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Shipwreck. it was a magic show. The Screaming Seashells were kinda loosing it. then they took over victory. it was the first time the Killer Coconuts lost. and it was Ali the face book girl who took the Tank of shame only 8 people left what can happen on TOTAL DRAMA Shipwreck

Brandon: (CONF: Ahh My Relationship with Holi is a breeze everything perfect)

Holli: (CONF: You know what i'am really liking this Relationship its kinda fun. but don't get me wrong.)

Holli: Hi Brandon.

Brandon: Hey.

Holli: So hows it going.

Brandon: Good.

Holli: So um *kisses Brandon*.

Chris: (*on Intercom* Everyone report to the Jungle now.)

Elea: *while walking* I Wonder what are challenge is today.

Chris: Ready to grind some meat.

Jason: Meat Grinding?

Kimberly: Yes i'am good at meat grinding.

Bobbie: Then we should win this $%^$^ challenge.

Logan: Agreed.

Chris: Okay team must grab the large frozen meat and grind it. to make HAMBURGER'S. The team that wins gets to Eat all of them and the team that looses have to eat chefs food. hehehe. Destiny: I know how to make Hamburgers there easy.

Melvin: *Hits head with pan and jumps up and down* Lets do this team/

Brandon: Did Melvin just say that. anyway come on team.

Holli: *tries to pull meat out of the large freezer. and accdently hits Brandon*

Brandon: Hey what was that for.


Brandon: I know that this goes aginst who i i'am but YOU WATCH OUT.

Holli: NO YOU.

Brandon: NO YOU.

Brandon & Holli: *argues*


Logan: wow whats up with all this yelling.



Kimberly: Ahhhhh.

Kimberly: Meat Head don't be a jeep its the only way where going to win

Logan has never been mean

so that makes him a Meat Head.

Logan: Meat Head with a Meatty, Meatty, Meatty pile

I Don't have any mean in me cause

thats the way i was raise

'Logan, Kimberly & Jason: We are Meat Heads.

Meat Heads!

Meat heads!

Meat Heads!

We Are Meat Heads!

Meat Heads!

Meat Heads!

Kimberly: Meat Head i'am noot cause i'am the one with meanness!

My team will make the Burgers and win agian!

And i will be here into the bitter end.

Logan, Kimberly & Jason: 'We are Meat Heads.

Meat Heads!

Meat heads!

Meat Heads!

We Are Meat Heads!

Meat Heads!

Meat Heads!


Holli: Don't talk to me Brandon.

Kimberly: *puts meat into the grinder and makes the pattys*

Jason: There going to win. lets hurry up.

Melvin: *eats raw meat* Yum raw meat is good.

Elea: Um u know u can get sick by eating that.

Melvin: Um.

Chris: And the Screaming Seashells Win!

Bobbie: WHAT WE %^%&& Won yes.

(*everyone looks at Brandon and Holli as Melvin eats raw meat*)

Holli: (CONF: I Vote for. Brandon. *Stamps Brandon's ID*)

Brandon: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Brandon's ID*.)

Jason: (CONF: I Vote for. Holli. *Stamps Holli's ID*)

Elea: (CONF: I Vote for. Holli. *Stamps Holli's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Brandon. *Stamps Melvin's ID* Oops)

Chris: Its a 2 way tie since Melvin only has 1 vote he's safe.

Melvin: Yes * pukes in Bucket*

Chris: and the one who goes is Hol...

Brandon: Wait I Will go cause my Holli need to win for the both of us.

Holli: U will do this for me yes.

Holli: *kisses Brandon*

Brandon: *kisses Holli*

Chris: *&puts Brandon in tank*

Brandon: *while in the sky falling into the boat* Holli i love you

Chris: What will happen next time on Total Drama Shipwreck.

Episode 5 - Family Actor

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Shipwreck, the final 9 had an epic meat race. Making Meat is hard. but Brandon and Holli's Relationship turned into a sweet conflict but it was Brandon who took the Tank of shame. the final 8 are left and what will happen today on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK!

Holli: (CONF: I Can't believe Brandon quit for me wow. but then again if he din't i would be gone so its a bad thing and a good thing.)

Jason: Wow where stinking.

Holli: You think?

Elena: we need to step up are game.

Holli: Yeah

Melvin: Um Yeah

Bobbie: these Burgers are %^$^%$% good.

Kimberly: Agreed.

Chris: (ON INTERCOM) Everyone report to the camp fire pit now.

Chris: Hello Actors. todays challenge is an acting challenge.

Destiny: Cool I always wanted to be an actor.

Chris: Okay pick to people for the main lead.

Holli: we pick... Jason.

Jason: Me. Yes Giggty.

Destiny: And we pick Bobbie.

Bobbie: Yes where gonna %&&%**%*^ agian and are whole team is ^%%&^&%^&^ epic.

Bobbie: *reads Script* My mother died of an %&&%& injury. she was young and and I Was just a &%&%& baby and I Gonna miss my &%&&% mom.

Chef: *Cries* I Give that a 6 out of 10

Jason: we might win this yes.

Holli: (CONF: I miss Brandon)

Chris: (CONF: HEY)

Holli: (CONF: WHat are u doing in here)


Holli: Oh okay.

Holli: I miss the way, Brandon said hello!

By hoofing me, with his niceness!

I missed the daytime when Brandon yelled at me.

Elena: Ooh, Ooh.

Holli: ''Cause other times, he'd get freaky!'

Oh, Brandon! Oh, Brandon! I...I miss you so!

Oh, my Brandon, my little Brandon. Why'd I ever let you quit?

Elena: Actually, she kinda dumped you.

Brandon: I miss his smile, and the way we used to argue

'everyday, when there was trouble-

Which was all the time.

Oh, I miss the way, he'd always say goodnight.

Elena: Ooh, Ooh.

Brandon: And when Brandon Kissed me! Aw.

Oh, Brandon! Oh, Brandon! I...I miss you so.

Oh, my Brandon, my little Brandon!'

Why'd I ever let you quit?

Why'd I ever let you quit?

Chris: Okay. Chef.

Chef: i will give it a 5 out of 10 cause it was to sad.

Chris: So the Screaming Seashells win and you now the drill Killer Coconuts.

Holli: (CONF: I Vote for. Jason. *Stamps Jason's ID*)

Jason: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID*)

Elena: (CONF: I Vote for. Holli. *Stamps Holli's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Holli. *Stamps Holli's ID*)

Chris: and with two votes it Tank of Shame Holli.

Holli: What

Chris: *puts Holli in Tank*

Holli: I will be back. *while she falls into the boat*

Chris: What will happen next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! SHIPWRECK!

Episode 6 - Toxic Trouble

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Shipwreck it was an acting challenge but it was Holli who took the Tank of Shame. do to her being Love sick. so what will happen on Tonights Episode on TOTAL! DRAMA! SHIPWRECK!

Jason: wow so only 3 pepole left on are team. you know what where winning next time. cause where epic.

Kimberly: yeah right.

Melvin: Aren't you suppose to be in the winners cabin.

Kimberly; Um why don't u mind your own bes-wax u &%&^-&%&

Melvin: Hey.

Elena: she just a bully no need to worry,

Chris; (On Intercom): u guys ready for your next challenge. meet me in the kicthen.

Chris: Okay so todays challenge is to Put a team member in a Carrige and then dump them into Toxic. but u must race to the finish line wich is 1000 miles away.

Destiny: Are u ever gonna make a challenge that is easy.

Chris: Um no.........

Chris: U know what its time for. (DUNDUNDUNDUN)

Jason: Whats not to love about Toxic.

its greenand icky and anorexics

no one like toxic cause it rocking.



Elena: it better i can make u a Mutinous.

Cause it can one.

Bobbie: Toxic is a ^^*^^* beast it s *^*&^ beast it is raw,

with a saw,

with a jaw,

with a naw.

Bobbie, Jason, Elena & Kimberly: TOXIC! TONX! yeah yeah.

Logan: *runs*

Kimberly: *dumps Logan into toxic*

Logan: hey um somethings growing out my back.

Destiny: who cares now lets go.

Elena: *dumps melvin into Toxic jar*

Melvin: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jason: come one lets go.

Chris: and the winner is.

Bobbie: *passes finish line*

Chris: The Screaming Seashells.

Destiny: Yes.

Bobbie: Yes we &*^ won.

Chris: You know the drill already.

Jason: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Melvin's ID*)

Elea: (CONF: I Vote for. Jason. *Stamps Jason's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID* Oops)

Chis: well u guys know its a tie so. Jason its Tank of Shame time.

Jason: What?

Chris: you did loose the challenge so yeah bye. *puts him in the tank*

Jason: *falls into the boat* I Will be back.

Chris: WHAT will happen next time.

Episode 7 - Sweet Are First Reward!

Logan: Last time on Total Drama Shipwreck. IT was an epic epsidoe cause Jason went home. now with him gone only to pepole from the Killer Coco's are left and My team Rules.

Chris: hey I'am the one who does the introduction now leave you. your not even an host.

Bobbie: I Can be a %#$^$ Host. this episode is gonna have tons of %^%%& Fights, Alliances and $^$^$^. so stay toon to tonights ^$ episdoe of TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK!.

Logan: I'am the host.

Bobbie: no i'am the &^&* host.

Logan: (CONF: yes i'am in the finale 6. yes.)

Bobbie: *walks by Melvin and Elena* Hey You &%^&%^^ Loosers.

Elena: Where not loosers.

Melvin: yeah.

Bobbie: yes you are. bye $%^.

Chris: (On Intercom): Everyone report to the Mess Hall now.

Chris: As you may know theres only 6 of you left so that means it everyone for themsevlf.

Kimberly: Yes.

Logan: yes.

Melvin: *hits himselvef with dinner plate*

Elena: are you okay.

Melvin: yes.

Chris: So thanks to are intern Indi next challenge is to Look for puzzle pieces underwater. and the one who finishes first wins. SO READY SET GO.

Kimberly: *finds all her puzzle pieces*

Logan: *finds all his puzzle pieces*

Bobbie: *finds all his puzzle pieces*

Destiny: *goes underwater* *finds all puzzle pieces*

Elena: *finds all puzzle pieces*

Melvin: *find all pieces*

Kimberly: *starts putting puzzle together*

Logan: Bobbies almost done I can't let him win.'


Bobbie: are you ^$ kidding me.

Kimberly: Bobbe's way head so i got find. that puzzle. under the water.

Elena: you don't need to find it.

Kimberly, Logan and Destiny: Oh why must the puzzle be underwater.

Logan and Melvin: we can't let bobbie win the challenge

Bobbie: I'am gonna win the %^&% Challenge

Logan: Wow he really found the puzzles fast

Logan and Melvin: So we can be int he winner tent.

Logan, Bobbie and Melvin: Oh why must the puzzles be underwater.

Destiny, Elena and Kimberly: WHy under water.

Logan, Bobbie and Melvin: Oh it looks like Bobbies gonna win.

Destiny, Elena and Kimberly: oh WHy under water.

Kimberly: Ah yeah yeah yeah.

Kimberly and Elena: Underwater

Destiny: yeah yeah yeah yeah

Kimberly: Hey Elena. um can you help me find a puzzle piece.'

Elena: Sure.

Kimberly: it under water.

Elena: sure.

Bobbie: (CONF: yes i'am almost done. that means ii'am gonna win the ^&^^& Challenge)

Bobbe and Logan: * finishes Puzzle*

Chris: and Bobbie and Logan win it.

Bobbie and Logan: yes.

Bobbie: now for the rest of you guys elimo time.

Logan: (CONF: I Vote for. Kimberly. *Stamps Kimberly's ID*)

Destiny: (CONF: I Vote for. Kimberly. *Stamps Kimberly's ID*)

Bobbie: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Kimberly. *Stamps Kimberly's ID*)

Kimberly: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Melvin's ID*)

Chris: well Kimberly. its Tank of shame.

Kimberly: WHat.

Chris: But this is really a reward.

Kimberly: yes.

Everyone: *looks at Kimberly*

Kimberly: (CONF:Now they fear me.)

Chris: What will happen next on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK.

Episode 8 - And Then There Where 6...?

Chris: Last time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK! Kim almost went home but it was an Reward. but WIll elena ever be found find out this and more on TOTAL DRAAM SHIP WRECK.

Logan: (CONF: I Can't belve shes still here why.)

Bobbie: huh..............OMG Elena what the %&% how are u in the water.\

Elena: Kimberly told me to find a puzzle picece for her.

Bobbie: She almost made you %^&% drown.

Kimberly: Hey guys.

Elena: your nothing but a Back-Stabbing lie--

Chris: (ON intercom) : Everyone report to the mess hall.

Chris: Ready for Truth are dare. anyway heres a well from the six loosers they have came up with tons of dares we mean tons. Chris so Kimberly spin the whell first.

Kimberly: *spins wheel* *lands on Holli*

Chris: Okay Holli's dare is to Kiss Logan.

Kimberly: What??

Logan: Agreed.

Chris: if you don't do the dare your out.

Kimberly and Logan: Okay.

Kimberly: *kisses Logan*

Logan: *Kisses Kimberly*

Logan: Okay done eww.

Kimberly; Yeah eww.

Chris: okay Kim who do you want to go next.

Kimberly: Bobbie.

Bobbie: (CONF: Why int he &^*&^ she pick me.)

Bobbie: *spins wheel* *lands on Brandon*

Chris: Brandon;s dare is To Eat Elena's toejam.

Bobbie: What6 the &%^%&%^ *eats toejam*

Chris:Okay Destiny your dare from Jason is to jump of the valcano.

Destiny: *jumps*


Logan: Dares there creepy there scary.

they can kill you cause there dares.

Bobbie: Dare there *^^* epic.

Destiny: Dares there cool.

For Halloween, but its independents Day.

Kimberly: Just for are home town Canada.

Everyone: Oh Canada, Oh Canada.

Dares, Dares, Dares,

they can give you a scare and make a *&%^*&^&^*& jar.

(*many dares later)*

Chris: okay Kimberly your dare from Holli is to Let Logan shave your hair off.

Kimberly: No no no no *kicks Razor* *shave head off* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Chris: Well looks like everyone wins except Kimberly cause shes out of the game.

Kimberly: What. i'am bald and I gotta go this is so Unfair.

Chris: Well *puts her into the Tank of Shame* by,

Kimberly: *falls into the Boat* I WILL BE BACK.

Chris: And then there were five find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK!.

Episode 9 - The Final 5 Last Ride!

Chris: Last time on TDSW Yes Kimberly is Finally gone what will happen on Todays Episode of TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK.

Logan: Yes Kimberly's gone.

Elena: I know right.

Destiny: Well Kim maybe gone but shes bald to. HEHE

CHris: (OVER Intercom): Finale 5 it Challenge time.

Chris: Okay todays challenge is to ride on a roller coster and then. if you throw up your out.

Destiny: Easy. i never puked in my Life.

Bobbie: Yes the *&^& you have.

Destiny: No i havn't.

Bobbie: yes the ^&%^ you did stop &^**^ lying you %^& little *%^%&%

Destiny; What ever.

Chris: Okay

Everyone: *starts seatbelt on.*

Chirs: Ready set GO!

Melvin: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bobbie: this is kind ^*&^ fun.

Logan: I Don't fell so good.

(pulls lever to super fast)


Elena: I Can hold it *pukes*


Melvin and Destiny: ROLLERCOSTA! Roller COSTA!


its an epic ride.

your dreams are about to get fried.

Melvin, Destiny and Bobbie: Rolla COSTA!

its A joka! roller COSTA! COSTA!



Bobbie: I Gotta ^^*^* Puka *pukes*

Destiny and Melvin: ROLLA COSTA!










Melvin and Destiny: *pukes*

Chris: Looks like it a Tie. Both Melvin and Destiny win.

Destiny: Yes

Melvin: Yes.

Logan: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID*)

Destiny: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID*)

Bobbie: (CONF: I Vote for. Elena. *Stamps Elena's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for. Melvin. *Stamps Melvin's ID*)

Elena: (CONF: I Vote for. Bobbie. *Stamps Bobbie's ID*)

Chris: Its drop of shame time Elena.

Elena: bye.

Chris: *puts her in the tank of shame*

Elena: *falls into the Boat*

Chris: and then there where 4 NOW ITS THE FINALE 4.

Episode 10 - 4 Scoops for Chris

Chris: Last time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK! Aww Roller costers it fun and its a Drum, but to bad cause Elena took the tank of shame what will happen today on TOTAL DR0MA SHIPWRECK!!!!

Destiny: (CONF: Yes the finale 4 yes)

Melvin: (CONF: Yes finale *hits himself with a bat.*)

Chris: (ON intercom) okay finale 4 report to the mess hall now.

Chris: Ready for a race. you must race from here to the big volcano.

Melvin: Okay.

Chris: Ready set GO!

Logan: *runs* I gonna win and make it to the finale three. *runs into a tree*

Melvin: *runs* Haha i'am gonna win now take that.

Destiny: *runs* No i'am winning.

Bobbie: No the ^^* your not cause i'am winning.


Destiny: yay song time.

Melvin: I'am running.

For my life.

so I Can win.

and i'am gonna make it to the finale 3.

and i'am gonna take home the money.

everyone else are Loosers.

so they can eat eggs and oww my hand.

Logan: Running for my life so i can win it.

my legs are tired.

like fire.

and I Miss my Kimberly.

wait what did i just say.

Bobbie: I'am the one whos gonna &^&*&*( win.

i have plan.

for legs.

going in just fex.

i'am winning this game. for real yeah.

Destiny: my money.

I know i used to be shy.

that was lie.

i lied to all of you.

so i'am gonna win this money Yeah!'

Destiny: *runs*

Melvin: *runs pass Bobbie* your going down.

Bobbie: No the (*& i'am not.

Melvin: *pass finnish line*

Everyone: *pass finnish line*

Chris: looks like Melvin wins,

Bobbie: WHta the &*&(

Chris: Elimo time for the rest of you guys.

Logan: (CONF: I Vote for Bobbie *stamps Bobbies ID*)

Bobbie: (CONF: I Vote for Logan *stamps Logan's ID*)

Melvin: (CONF: I Vote for Logan *stamps Bobbie's ID* oops)

Destiny: (CONF: I vote for Bobbie *stamps Bobbie's ID*)

Chris: and It tank of shame time Bobbie.

Logan: Wait before he goes i made cake.

Logan: Happy Canadian Day. *trips* *cake falls* *firecracker falls by Dynamite*


Everyone: *falls into the ocean.*

Destiny: *swims over to Logan* are you okay.

Logan do i look okay.


Melvin: That makes the Finale 2 me and Destiny.


Chef: *throws them to the Peddle of Loosers*

Chris: With the Island destryoed what will happen next time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK>!

Episode 11 - Who You Gonna Root For?

Holli: Hey i'am Holli.

Brandon: And i'am Brandon.

Jason: And i'am there Co-Host Jason.

Brandon, Holli and Jason: And welcome to the TDSW Aftermath. well its not really an Aftermath today.

Brandon: We all may have lost a chance of the big money.

Chris: But there gonna help us with the race to Vancouvero.

Brandon: yes. Cause well. we helped Chris and the cast bye renting a ship. but now its a all out race to Canada for the ultimate prize.

Melvin: Yes i'am gonna win.

Brandon: And are looser are gonna help the finale 2 with he race.

Chris: Okay Destiny and Melvin. you to must get on a boat and meet us at Vancouver. and the first person to make it pass the finish line wins the cash. SO READY SET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melvin, Jake, Logan, Holli, Brandon and Kimberly: *hops and boat*

Destiny, Jason, Ali, Elena, Bobbie and Johnny: *Hops in Boat*

Kimberly: Melvin's the one who's winning.

Bobbie: no the ^*%^& He not.

Chris: Time for A Song.

Brandon and Holli: Who you gonna root for?

Who's it gonna be?

Is it Destiny or will you pick Melviy?

Ali: There's Destiny, she's an nice queen,

But she's been playin' hard!

Jason: Too bad cause of her lies.

She'd have to pay a bodyguard!

Destiny, Brandon, Holli, Jason, Logan: Who you gonna root for?

Who's it gonna be?

Is it Destiny, or will you pick Melviy?

Jake: (rapping) Ricki-tick-ity, you're gonna hear it from me!

The only one winning this is M-E-L-V-I-N!

Pimpin' like a king, sippin' lemonade in the shade!

Kickin' it Hawaiian Style, gonna take home the cheddar!

We're gonna be all smiles!


Holli: I Love Brandon he such a cuti-

Bobbie: You Can only sing about the ^*()*) finale 2!

Logan: (rapping) Ricki-ticki-ticki-tody, give it up for my man Melvin!

Harold's in the house spittin' rhymes like a roadie, a roadie!

Bobbie: Kimberly's such a ^** &*(('!

Logan, Jason and Jake: (rapping) Ricki-tick, whoa!

'Melvin: Destinys a dead girl!

Harold: (rapping) Ricki-tick, oh, no!

Brandon: Cut! Stop the music!

Brandon: You guys messed up the song.

Melvin: Guys turn Left.

Brandon: *turns boat left*

Johnny: Holli is so winning this. right guys.

Bobbie; ^^&^*&^ Yeah.

(*Starts Ranning*)


Melvin: This show's a Boat, it's moving fast.

You and I weren't meant to last.

The Finale two is almost here,

So look out now, you're in my sights.

Destiny: Mr. Fair now, suddenly

I have to barf now, excuse me!

Don't try to make me feel ashamed.

I know you would've done the same.

Destiny and Melvin: I'm gonna make it.

You can't stop me now, just you try.

Our fortune's waiting

It's time for you to say, good bye-bye-bye.

Melvin: I never thought I'd get this far.

Let's face it, I'm a Re----.

But now I'm in the final two,

Unless we get caught by the shark!

Melvin, Jason, Ali, Elena, Johnny and Bobbie: (screaming)

Jason, Ali, Elena, Johnny and Bobbie: You're gonna make it.

She can't stop you now, let her try.

Our fortune's waiting

And they can kiss it all bye-bye-bye.

Bobbie and Melvin: You are the worst, why must you torment me?

It's all a game to you, but not to me.

Destiny: Melvin....

Melvin and Destiny: I'm gonna make it.

They can't stop me now, let them try.

Our fortune's waiting

It's time for you to say, bye-bye-bye.

Jason, Johnny and Brandon: Where almost there I see it,

(*both boats make it pass the finish line in a tie*)

Chris: What are we gonna do now. Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK!

Episode 12 - Awesome Final Ever! The Final 2 All Out Full Out!

Chris: Last time on TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK! it was the epic battle between the finale two and the looses help but NOW IT TIME FOR THE WINNER TO BE Crowned. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TODAY ON TOTAL DRAMA SHIPWRECK.

Melvin: So who wins.

Bobbie: Yeah so who is the &)(*&( winner.

Logan: Can we just choose a winner and party.

Chris: No sot hats why where extending the race to Toronto.

Johnny: Back home at last.

Ali: Yeah.

Chris: So one your MARK GET SET GO....................

Everyone: *runs*

Chris; but DUNDUNDUN

Logan: Melvin's going to win.

cause he the bomb. he maybe a R---- but he going to win.

Where gonna help him win the race.

so its just in case.

Holli: Destiny's the one thats gonna win.

Girls are SMARTER, faster and better.

Thats why shes going to win.

Bobbie: I'am the one who's gonna &&*( win.

Logan: No your not cause your not in the finale two.

Bobbie: So who cares but i'am epicer so thats why

I'am gonna (&)()( win. &)* )*( YEAH 97(&*7890-( YEAH *)( ( YEAH YEAH YEAH,

Destiny: Wow i still can't find where i'am

Holli: Have you looked at the map

Destiny: (CONF: um No i'am um)

Melvin: Yes i'am almost close i'am in Drumheller now. I See Destiny.

Destiny: I See Melvin:

Destiny; You're gonna loose,

Destiny: No i'am gonna win.

Logan: Go Melvin.

Chris; Okay guys Meet Me in THE Toxic plant factory now. insted of the race. its gonna be held here.

Chris: Okay guys as you see there to Dummy's in front of you in order to win the game you must drop the Dummy in the Toxic.

Bobbie: Okay this is going to be *))*() epic.

Chris: So go.

Johnny: *runs* You need to win Destiny: but BTW its still ranning.

Destiny: I know its still ranning but i meed to find a plan on how to beat Melvin.

Logan: Melvin you can do this.

Melvin: I Know.

Melvin and Destiny: *makes it to top*.

Destiny: *starts crying* I need to win cause my mom is in the hostpital,

Melvin: For real.

Destiny: Yeah.

Holli: I Did'nt now that.

Jason: Me nither.

Destiny: *Kicks Melvin in the Kiwi's*

Melvin: *falls down the Plant*

Destiny: *Throws Dummy in the Toxic*.

Chris: And the winner of Total Drama Shipwreck is Destiny.'

Everyone: *claps*

Jason: Well at least you won.

Destiny: Yes! Yes! yes.

Chris: Here your prizez.

Destiny: *grabs case* *opens it* Wow it just amazing.

Logan: You Cheated but WHy is it Rumbling.


Everyone: *runs*

Destiny: I Sitll have my Money.

Everyone: *laughs*

Chris: Well see you next time.

Alternate Ending

Melvin: So Destiny wanna kiss?

Destiny: Sure. *Destiny and Melvin kiss*.

Melvin: *pushes Destiny down the tower.* *drops dummy in the toxic*

Chris; And are season 1 is Melvin.

Everyone (Except Melvin and Destiny: Yeah.

Man: Did you throws wood into the Toxic?

Jake: Yeah. So?

Man: it gonna

Toxic: *erupts*

Chris: Everyone run

(Everyone runs down the tower)

"Destiny gets burned in the toxic"

Chris: Well see you next time.

Episode 13 (Special 1) - Celebrity Huntdown Total Drama Shipwreck Reunion Special

Josh: Hey I'am Josh.

Annie: And I'am Annie>

Annie and Josh: And welcome to Celebirty Huntdown.

Annie: Today where going to do a follow up on The hit drama show Total Drama!

Josh: After the big finale what have they done over the past year.

Annie: Well your about to find out.

Josh: Lets check up with Bobbie.

Annie: He took a trip to Paris and it wasn't pretty *plays video*

Bobbie: What the ()*())*()

French Man: Exusce wee.

Bobbie: I want my ()*)9 pizza

Josh: He may have got Deported and Ban from Paris but that potty mouth of his needs to stop.

Annie: Agreed dude can't you wash your mouth out with soap. Annine: Next we have Logan. Logan got a job bye helping out the homeless.

Josh: But he took the money from the HHC.

Annie: But you don't wanna know what happened.

Josh: I think they should know what happened. just like what Owen's mom did but a little bit dangerous. She sold the house and Gave away there car.

Annie: Now there poor. but we have no Footage.

Annie: And did you know that Logan's in it to.

Josh: Heres a Viedo.

Logan: I think Holli is so hot. Wait did I just say that?

Jake; I like have this secret. I kissed Holli. now I'am scared.

Josh: Wow I Didn't really see this coming. but when Brandon found out he was really Mad.

Annie: Not only that he Hit Jake and Logan with a Piano.

Josh: Next we have Melvin: well ever since the Toxic indecent he never been seen again.

Annie: but if you call him call 1-900-342-4567.

Josh: Speaking off more missing people. What happen to Destiny?

Annie: Some say after she won the money. she Left the galaxy.

Josh: But no one cares where se went. they wanna now what she did with the money?

Annie: Didn't you here Jake stoled it. and Jason stoled it from Jake.

Josh: And next is Ali. Did you know that she Got banned from Facebook. and that she Hacked and Threated a person.

Annie: But not let get into this Now.

Josh: Well Elena got a boyfriend. Not really drama.

Elena: But other than that we Have Johnny and He's the President of the US now.

Jax; Wow this is a good show.

Annie: Jax get out of here.

Three: How dare you tell my Boyfriend to get out of here.

Annie: No time for that now.

Josh: Now its time for the Gemmies.

Annie; EEEEE the limos have arrived.

Chris; Yo yo yo!

Annie: Its Chris

Chris; Hey you two,

Annie: Well join Me, Josh, Three and Jax as we interview the contestants for the Gemmies.

Jason, Jake, Alli and Bobbie; *get out limo*

Ali: Wacth out.

Logan: Wow you really scary.

Jake: Well kind but not to me.

Elena: *gets out limo*

Jax: So how is your new...

Elena; No comment.

Holli and Brandon: *gets out limo*

Three: So hows it been. First the cheating, then the brake up. what next?

Holli and Brandon: No comment.

Jax: Eee the rest of the limos have arrived.

Three: And me and Jax are gonna get all the Juicy drama.

Johnny: *runs and slips* Yes i'am gonna get a Gemmie.

Elena; Like we care.

Jake: Agreed.

Destiny: Wow this is real mean.

Destiny: Hey Johnny lets go in.

Johnny: Okay

  • Everyone except Destiny and Johnny's falls*

Destiny: WHat going on.

Chris:: Hey guys. The hole Gemmies thing was a fake. cause i wanted to see if you guys still have drama.

Holli: WHat do you mean.

Brandon: Yeah.

Chris: You guys will be going back to The Season 2 set in TOTAL DRAMA TELEVISION. YES SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jax: OMG i'am in season 2.

Chris; And 4 people from the total drama cast will be joning and a new person.

Jake: The more people the more I'll win.

Chris: Heres Heather, Alejandro, Cody, Christhan, Sierra and Greg.

Brandon: OMG its Cody.

Cody: Hey.

Holli: Hey its Heather. (CONF: I can use her this season).

Greg: (CONF: Season 2 yes. This time the newbie is going all the way.)

Holli: (CONF; Season 2 yes i'am going to win and the Evil people will rule)

Jake; (CONF: This season i'am winning this time.)

Alejandro: (CONF; Yes This time all you guys are going the *)*)( down.)

Cody: (CONF: I think i can win this time i think.)

Sierra; (CONF: Eeeeeeee me and Cody are back together again.)

Chris: Well see you next time on TOTAL DRAMA TELEVISION

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 CHDTDSWRS
3 Logan Screaming Seashells IN IN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN IN OUT PASS
6 Kimberly Screaming Seashells LOW LOW WIN WIN WIN WIN LOW OUT FAIL
7 Jason Killer Coconuts WIN WIN IN IN LOW OUT PASS
8 Holli Killer Coconuts WIN WIN IN LOW OUT PASS
9 Brandon Killer Coconuts WIN WIN LOW QUIT PASS
10 Ali Killer Coconuts WIN WIN OUT PASS
11 Jake Screaming Seashells IN OUT PASS
12 Johnny Screaming Seashells OUT FAIL
X Heather Didn't Compete PASS
X Alejandro Didn't Compete PASS
X Cody Didn't Compete PASS
X Christan Didn't Compete PASS
X Sierra Didn't Compete PASS
X Greg Didn't Compete PASS
X Three Didn't Compete PASS
X Jax Didn't Compete PASS



  • Thanks to Ale-Alejandro for comming up with he team names Screaming Seashells, Killer Coconuts.
  • Thanks to Indi26 for comming up with Challenge idea for Episode 7.


  • The first song will is called Trapped On This Island and was sung in, Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Part 1.
  • The second song will is called Holli's Get Away and was sung in, Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Part 2.
  • The third song is called What Magic Trick? and was sung in, Jake Potter.
  • The fourth song is called Meat Head Mix and was sung in, Holli's and Brandon's Excellent Relationship or Conflict.
  • The fifth song is called Oh, My Brandon and was sung in, Family Actor.
  • The sixth song is called Toxic, and was sung in, Toxic Trouble.
  • The seven song is called Bobbie's Gonna Win Mix, and was sung in Sweet Are First Reward!.
  • The eight song is called Truth or Dare Mix, and was sung in And Then There Where 6...?''''.
  • The ninth song is called Rolla! Costa! Mix, and was sung in The Finale 5 Last Ride.
  • the tenth song is called Run Mix, and was sung in 4 Scoop For Chris.
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