This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
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Total Drama Showdown is a crossover, competition fanfiction between two series: Total Drama and Xiaolin Showdown. It is a collaboration created by Bbhinton15 and Kgman04.
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Twenty-four teenagers have been chosen from birth to compete in one of the most outrageous reality shows of all time: Total Drama Showdown. A parody crossover of Total Drama and the hit series, Xiaolin Showdown, the chosen ones have been split up into the sacred teams of the four elements to track down Chris McLean's Legendary Mystic Supernatural Shen Gong Wu, hidden around some of the finest areas of the world. Traveling in a large aircraft that resembles an ancient dragon, the teams must find the Wu to be declared immune and receive the unearthly object for their own use, each and every day. The team or teams placing last must attend the Banishing Ceremony, and choose one of their own members to have their Belt of Life removed, resulting in a walk through the dreaded Pathway of Shame and fall down the Drop of Shame. The chosen ones will be eliminated day by day, until one outlasting soul wins the titles of Showdown Master and Shoku Warrior, claiming all the Wu and the grand prize of $1,000,000.


Albert: (The Blessed One) - Albert believes he was destined for greatness since birth, and he won't shy away from mentioning it to people. Despite his goals, he rarely ever succeeds. He was never blessed with superior smarts or athletic abilities, but this does not affect him, and his focus never shifts from the task at hand. He sees Total Drama Showdown as a chance to finally fulfill his destiny, swearing he will not fail.

Alice: (The Sass Queen) - If anyone knows that words hurt, it's this diva; since she was nine, Alice refused to let her parents control her, and decided that backtalking them was the only way to get what she wanted. She used smack talk as a way to combat bullies in middle school that made fun of her chubbiness. Alice forced her admission into Total Drama Showdown.

Alyssa: (The Lax) - Alyssa is usually one to be known as a calm, laid-back, and collected individual, but it's best not to try her. She's a predominantly nice person back at home, but can get mean every so often. She loves animals, and joined Total Drama Showdown in hopes to win the money to open up an animal shelter.

Angelina: (The Desperado) - Angelina has been seeking attention her whole life. She's been posting pictures of herself online, hoping that people will comment on them. Although she is desperate, Angelina means well, and only hopes to make friends. She joined Total Drama Showdown so someone would pay attention to her.

Blake: (The Braggart) - Blake is exceedingly arrogant, loud-mouthed, and prefers to make a big and flashy entrance wherever he goes. He'll brag about anything, from the high score he got on an exam to how fast he was able to use the bathroom last night. In order to continue these achievements, he often rushes into things without thinking, but no matter what, he'll brag to you about the outcome, good or bad. He plans to bring this attitude to Total Drama Showdown.

Bradley: (The Reminiscent Skater) - Ever since he was little, Bradley loved to skateboard. When he met his favorite skateboarding idol, Tony Eagle, when he was younger, he was immediately discovered to be a skateboarding prodigy. Ever since then, Bradley has been traveling around the world constantly. When he accidentally injured himself during the W-Games, he lost all of his sponsors, and never professionally skateboarded again. He has since faded into obscurity. Bradley joined Total Drama Showdown to put his name back on the celebrity map.

Bronwyn: (The Ditzy Singer) - Bronwyn loves singing and she wants to be famous for it. However, she has the gracefulness of a hippotamus out of water. She trips on microscopic things and even large things, like her dog. This won't stop her dream to sing; if she wins Total Drama Showdown, she will try to record her first album.

Eleanor: (The Crazy Cat Lady) - Eleanor is the only child of her single mother. Born and raised in Canada's national trailer park, Eleanor was home-schooled, so she grew up very attached to her mother and doesn't trust easily. In fact, she barely trusts anyone - besides her cats. She currently is the proud owner of twenty-four different purebred kittens that she's grown up with all of her life, yet Eleanor's mother has begun dating a middle-aged man with a deadly allergy to pet hair. To fix this, Eleanor has joined Total Drama Showdown, hoping to help purchase him a lifetime supply of medication to stop the allergy and buy a nicer trailer for her mom.

Garrett: (The Realist) - Garrett gets easily annoyed by other people. He's a very realistic person and sticks to using common sense to solving problems. When others pose far-fetched or improbable ideas or prompts, it drives him insane. He can be a bit brash, and the few friends he has would call him boring. If he wins Total Drama Showdown, he plans on putting all of his money in a savings account and using it when necessary.

Hilda: (The Attractive Amish Girl) - Hilda, growing up in an Amish community, never experienced the outside world. Her entire life, she's yearned to leave her community to experience what it was like for normal kids. Due to her upbringing, Hilda does not know how to operate electronic devices, converse normally, and isn't accustomed to the latest pop culture trends. However, she believes that she will be able to win Total Drama Showdown due to her naturally strong physique from daily manual labor, as well as her kindness toward others.

Isadora: (The Shy Girl) - Ever since she was young, Isadora has been sweet, kind and helpful to everyone she meets. Currently, she is learning Ju-Jitsu with her older brother, Raimundo. While Isadora is small in stature, she knows how to fight really well. She is shy and doesn't like to be in the spotlight, and people are protective of her. Isadora thinks that she is not good enough to succeed, but she wanted to prove herself wrong, which is why she signed up for Total Drama Showdown.

Julie: (The Pity-Seeking Storyteller) - When Julie was young, her parents abandoned her at an ice cream factory. The ice cream factory was actually a mob, who forced her to work as a slave for years until she broke both her arms in a sewing accident. As soon as her casts came off, she also was thrown into a horrible car accident that broke both her legs and her spirit. On top of that, her favorite mob boss was fired. Sure, she still lives with her biological parents and there's no proof that any of it happened, but, according to her, "it totally did" so you should be "really nice to her and stuff." She joined Total Drama Showdown to pay for her younger brother's eye operation, despite the fact she has no younger brother.

K.C.: (The Unintentional "Villain") - K.C. is a nice guy. Really, he is, but no matter what he does, he always ends up with people angry at him due to his unintentional causing of problems. For example, the time where he was playing basketball and he broke his friend's nose. Or the time where he fell on a pretty girl and got slapped. He's always causing harm even when he tries his hardest not to, and he wants to win to fix his bad image.

Maxwell: (The Brains) - Maxwell is the eldest son of a bookstore owner and his wife. Although a very handsome boy, he is self-conscious over his looks. Maxwell comes across as very smart and manipulative. By age five, he could speak ten languages, almost all completely. Maxwell loves to read and always has a pouch with a new book inside; he is a big fan of the Harry Potter series. Currently, he has a girlfriend named Sandy. Maxwell signed up for Total Drama Showdown because he wants to show that smart people can win.

Mia: (The Hipster) - Mia is a classic hipster; she says she isn't one because, according to her, hipsters are too mainstream. Her hobbies include social networking, listening to indie bands, and walking around the city for no particular reason. She joined Total Drama Showdown because she thought doing nothing with her life was too mainstream.

Natalia: (The Flirt) - Natalia seems to always gets what she wants. She is the pure definition of a bad influence; she enjoys flirting with men and wearing revealing clothing. She has many male friends, yet very few female friends. Natalia auditioned for Total Drama Showdown to show off her body and meet boys.

Raina: (The Pre-Med) - Slightly shorter than average, stocky build, simple outfit, short brown hair and hazel eyes, Raina loves the medical field and facts having to do with the human body. In high school, she is already taking some classes on medicine in preparation for college and her future. She also seems to love books, TV series, and video games and is bound to talk about some of her favorites.

Russell: (The "Cool" Guy) - Russell always wanted to be cool, but never had what it takes to get there. Although he isn't seen as cool by anyone else, Russell considers himself to be the coolest person he knows. He often quotes television characters he considers "cool". Russell joined Total Drama Showdown because he thought it would be cool to be on TV himself.

Scott: (The Passionate Musician) - Scott, having lost his father at a young age, is very passionate about everything he does and everyone he meets. He loves life, because he personally witnessed how it could be taken away in a second. Despite his love for life and limitless passion, he has trouble getting too close to those he hasn't met yet, in fear of losing them too. He generally tries to escape those fears through music. He sings, plays guitar, plays the piano, and plays various other instruments. He joined Total Drama Showdown to enrich the lives of others with the gifts he has.

Thomas: (The Brutally Honest Military Strategist) - Thomas used to be nerdy, and was bullied for it often. Thomas decided to take Taekwondo classes to retaliate. He decided to learn military tactics and strategy from his retired grandfather who was in the Army and use it against people. Unfriendly and hostile, Thomas doesn't care about other people and won't let them stand in his way from winning.

Tina: (The Hot Wannabe) - Tina believes that her looks will guarantee her the win, despite the fact that she has no talent whatsoever. She's superficial and deluded, but that doesn't stop her from having an ego bigger than the world itself. If she wins Total Drama Showdown, she plans to buy herself a yacht and throw a party.

Wally: (The Brute) - Wally is a big, gruff, fat, and messy biker who will call himself handsome. He uses his superior strength over others to get them to do what he wants, but he's not very bright and could easily be manipulated by another person with actual, superior brains. He is the kind of person who'll throw anyone under the bus in order to fulfill his avarice. Wally joined Total Drama Showdown in order to prove his might and his superiority, as he believes it will be easy to win a competition.

William: (The Arts Geek) - William is obsessed with the arts, and not just the things you would find in an art museum. William could recite the measures of any Mozart piece by heart. He could rewrite one of Shakespeare's plays with a pen and paper. He could recite any of Edgar Allen Poe's poems. He needs money from Total Drama Showdown in order to research, restore, and replicate lost poems, plays, pieces, and paintings.

Zane: (The Otaku) - Zane is a big fan of watching anime, reading manga, and cosplaying. He doesn't do much besides that, but carries a lot of friends through the conventions he been in. It seems that this is some of the only things he cares about; so much that it is beginning to turn into an obsession. He'll be playing in Total Drama Showdown to be able to show everyone what anime and manga is.

Theme Song

All twenty-four characters have been selected and verified; a theme song will be constructed soon.


Chapter One: The Not So Great Journey of a Thousand Miles


The camera panned along the outside of a long, green, gleaming flying vehicle. It reached the nose of it and zoomed into the cockpit, where renowned TV host Chris McLean greeted the audience.
"Welcome, TV viewers! You're watching the hottest new reality show to ever be aired on your stale television networks." He pointed to someone out of the frame. "Just kidding. Heh. Alright, no network jokes in the pilot, fine." He cleared his throat. "Here, on this show, you'll be watching as twenty-four teenagers compete to search for the Legendary Mystic Supernatural Shen Gong Wu. That's a mouthful, so I'll be calling them 'Wu' for short. They'll be travelling around in this aircraft, getting dropped off in places all around the world in search of these mysterious Wu. They'll all get sent back home, one by one, until one Showdown Master remains! They'll get to keep all the Wu and win the grand prize that most of them are really here for: a million big ones. That's enough to buy a million lottery tickets. Or a hundred thousand five-dollar footlongs!"
He frowned and pulled his phone out of his pocket. "I don't think the math on that's right. Whoever wrote that line is fired." He tucked his phone back into his pocket and pointed at the camera. "So kick your feet up, grab a can of pop, and tune in to this killer season of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

After the theme song had played, the scene cut to a mass of teenagers milling around in a deserted airport. A few of them were idly chatting, but the majority of them were simply sizing each other up.
One girl pursed her lips and asked, "What are we doing here? This is so boring. I skipped the mani half of my mani-pedi to get here on time and they're late."
"Wanna stop complaining?" a stout, polished boy snapped.
Before the girl could retort, a different girl pointed off to the distance and shouted, "Look!"
A large, long, flying green object came toward the teenagers.
The same girl who noticed the object nervously said, "Uh, guys, I don't think that thing is gonna stop in time...."
"Ahhhh!" the teens all screamed, scattering into different places as the flying vehicle landed where they previously stood.
Chris McLean soon opened a door on the vehicle's side and greeted, "Welcome, kiddos!"
A loud, hot-headed girl took a few steps toward him. "You could've killed us!"
"But, I didn't," Chris pointed out. "Anyway, how about we get all of you inside, and then I'll start explaining everything."

The doorway was very narrow, forcing the contestants had to stand in a single-file line and enter one-by-one. Chris stood by the other side of the doorway to keep track of every contestant.
"Albert!" Chris waved as the first competitor entered. "Welcome to T-D-S!"
The boy looked around and nodded. "I was meant to be here. I was meant to win!"
Chris nodded unsurely. "Yeah. Whatever makes you happy, dude. Alice!"
Alice dragged her luggage inside and groaned. Her short, jet black hair was tied into a half-ponytail. "What did you think we were supposed to do the entire time we were down there?"
"... Talk?" Chris suggested. "Make some friends!"
The newly-arrived diva scoffed in response. "Who makes friends on these shows? Everyone should've come here to win. Where's the confessional? I need to vent."
Chris pointed to Albert. "Sheesh, relax. Stand to the side and we'll introduce everything in due time!"
Alice folded her arms and stood next to Albert. She whispered to the cameraman. "Pssst! Over here!"
The camera focused on her and she took a few steps away from Albert. "Alright, this is my time. So, first impressions. This plane-thing is pretty tacky. I mean, green? Not the most flattering color. It's also--"
"Alice!" Chris boomed, getting her attention. "Leave my crew alone!"
She rolled her eyes and whispered to the camera, "You'll see more of me later, don't worry."

The next girl had already boarded, and patiently waited for Alice to finish. "Hi, Chris. I'm Alyssa."
"I'm supposed to introduce you," Chris clarified in irritation.
Alyssa frowned. "Oh. Sorry."
Chris sighed and pointed to the other two contestants. "Just stand over there."
Alice gave Alyssa a once-over. "So... what brings you here?"
"Well, I'm definitely here to win," Alyssa replied, "but I hope to make some friends along the way, too!"
"How cute," Alice said, giving the camera a quick wide-eyed look of disgust.
Albert walked over to Alyssa and stuck out his hand. "I'm Albert! And I was made to win this competition!"
Alyssa shook his hand and playfully responded, "We'll see about that, Al."

The next contestant dragged her luggage through the doorway and groaned. "What is this thing? Where's my bed? I better have a room to myself."
"All questions will be answered soon enough, Angelina," Chris stated as he gestured to the other contestants. Angelina cumbersomely lifted her luggage, and accidentally set one of her suitcases down on Albert's right foot.
Albert shrieked. "Ow! Geez! Watch out!"
Angelina ignored him and pulled out her camera. "Selfie!"
She extended her arm upward and snapped a picture of herself, using her other hand to form a peace sign and sticking her lips out. Alyssa blinked as the camera flashed, then rubbed her eyes. "Ow."
Angelina looked at the photo and sucked her teeth. "Literally, none of you are photogenic. I look good though. I'll just crop you all out."
"I was not meant to be photographed," Albert admitted. "Now a sculpture of me? That's more my style."
Angelina ignored him and continued taking pictures of herself.

A male voice boomed, "Yo, yo, yo, the winner has arrived!"
Chris introduced, "Blake! You ready?"
"Heck yeah, man, I'm in it to win it - not like it's even a question." Blake noticed the other competitors. "Not with this competition, anyway."
Alice rolled her eyes. "Bet your bark's worse than your bite."
Blake winked and slid over to her. "Wanna find out?"
"Creep!" Alice scoffed, turning away from him.
Blake casually flexed his biceps in front of Alyssa and Angelina, who was still swiping through photos on her phone. "Yeah, not to brag or anything, but I've already been to four different continents. I basically know what over half the world looks like at this point. I've got this game in the bag."
"Really? Which continents?" Alyssa asked.
"Uh," Blake hesitated, "North America... South America... West America..."
Alyssa raised an eyebrow as Blake started to sweat. "And... India."
"Nice!" Albert complimented. Alyssa slapped her palm to her forehead.

The next contestant entered, carrying a skateboard in one hand and a bag of luggage in the other.
"This is Bradley," Chris stated.
Bradley greeted the other five contestants. "What's up, bros?"
Angelina indifferently asked him, "What's with the skateboard?"
He looked down at his skateboard, then tucked it in under his arm. "Just a hobby, looking to pick it back up. Gotta show the world how awesome boarding is!"
"I'm next!"
Everyone directed their attention toward the door, where a girl entered, then tripped over... nothing.
Chris looked at the fallen female figure. "That's Bronwyn."
He knelt down to help her up, but Bronwyn quickly stood up and fixed her hair. "Whoops! Hi, guys! It's great to be here, and I hope to get along with you all!"
She walked to the group of contestants and stood between Albert and Angelina.
"Are you okay?" Albert asked.
Bronwyn nodded. "Happens all the time, don't worry."

The next contestant entered carrying three suitcases, two regularly-sized, and one abnormally large. She nearly dropped the larger suitcase, letting out a controlled shriek.
Chris narrowed his eyes. "Hello, Eleanor."
"Um, hi, Chris," Eleanor nervously grinned, shuffling over to the contestants.
Blake sneezed, then looked up in surprise. "Huh. That's weird. I'm not sick."
"It could be allergies," Bronwyn suggested. "I mean, I'm allergic to pollen."
Blake shook his head. "I don't think so, I'm only allergic to cats."
Chris folded his arms and glared at Eleanor, causing her eyes to widen. "Oh, uh, I was, uh, hugging my cats before I came here, sorry."
"You... hugged your cats?" Alice asked, confused. Blake sneezed again.
"I knew they were going to miss me!" Eleanor defended.
Bradley looked around the room. "Huh, lots of chicks so far. Nice odds."
"Excuse me?" Angelina said, looking up from her phone. She glared directly at him, causing him to slowly back away. He mumbled to himself, "Alright, scratch her off the list..."
The next contestant entered, wearing a clear scowl on his face. He noticed the group of contestants and walked over to them, without saying a word.
After an awkward pause, Chris stated, "Aaaand, contestant number eight! That's Garrett."
"Hi!" Bronwyn smiled, offering her hand for a handshake.
Garrett replied with a cold glance, causing Bronwyn to slowly lower her hand and pretend to fix her hair. "Gotcha."

Chris welcomed the next contestant, a burly female. "Welcome, Hilda!"
Hilda looked at Chris and said, "This machine... it soars?"
A few snickers emerged from the group of contestants, and Chris replied, "Uh, yes. But we'll get to that bridge when we cross it."
"We are crossing bridges?" Hilda inquired. "I was not told of this. Are these bridges safe?"
Chris grimaced and pointed to the other contestants. "Just stand over there."
Hilda skipped over Albert. "Hello! I am Hilda." She shook his hand.
She then walked to Alyssa. "Hello! I am Hilda." She shook her hand.
Hilda continued down the line. Blake looked over at Bradley and asked, "Is she seriously going to introduce herself to everyone?"
When Hilda reached Garrett, she said, "Hello! I am Hilda."
Garrett reluctantly shook her hand and said, "If I had a dime for every time you said that, I wouldn't even need to compete on this show anymore."
"Hmm, I believe you would have..." she counted on her fingers. "... only 80 cents! That would not be enough to replace the prize, no?"
"It's... an idiom," Garrett flatly stated.
"That is not a very nice word for you to call me," Hilda said, hurt. She walked over to Blake and stood next to him.

As Hilda set her bags down, Bradley asked, "Uh, Chris, who's this?" He pointed to a girl who was not formally introduced and was not previously there.
"Isadora?" Chris asked. "How'd you get there?"
Everyone looked at her, and she blushed. "I just walked in. I didn't want to bother anyone."
"Well, say hello to Isadora, everyone," Chris shrugged. Isadora quickly hid behind Alyssa. "Sorry! I don't like the spotlight very much."
"Sweetie, you signed up for the wrong TV show then," Alice laughed. "There are cameras everywhere."
Angelina posed as she looked directly into one. "Perfect for me, though. Always get from this angle. It's my good side."

Chris scratched his head. "How'd she get on here without me noticing... huh. Next up is Julie!"
Julie smiled and waved at the group, and a small glimmer caught her eye. She noticed Alyssa's earrings and suddenly began to tear up.
"What the-- are you okay?" Bradley asked, rushing over to her.
Julie let out a small sob and said, "No, no, I'm fine, it's just, on the way here, my bag of accessories got lost! I had these beautiful bracelets and earrings."
Alyssa walked over to Julie and put her hand on her shoulder. "Aw, don't worry, you can borrow some of mine in the meantime!"
"Really?" Julie asked, quickly looking up at Alyssa.
"Sure!" Alyssa nodded.
Alice whispered to Angelina, "Who would want to wear her stuff, though?"
Angelina responded by showing Alice her phone. "Which filter looks better?"
Alice swiped her finger all the way to the left on the brightness setting, rendering the entire image black. "That one."
Angelina rolled her eyes and walked away from Alice.

"Here comes K.C.!" Chris announced, as a tall male entered. He shook hands with Chris. "Aw, man, it's awesome to be here! Oh, wow, Chris McLean. Man, you look so young on TV!"
Chris's eyes widened, and then he gently touched his cheek. "Wh-what?"
K.C. didn't notice and moved on to the contestants. He waved eagerly and stood next to the rest of the contestants.
The next contestant entered and examined the area. "How exactly does an aircraft like this have any aerodynamic ability? The material used to create it is far too dense to stay suspended in the air without the use of an engine more powerful than the GE90-115B, which is impossible to have manufactured."
Chris blinked. "You just said a looot of words I didn't understand, man. Everyone, this is Maxwell."
Maxwell frowned and walked to the group, and stood beside Garrett and Bronwyn. "I plan to use my intellect to make it to the end. What are your strategies?"
"I'm a pretty great singer, so place your bets on me for a talent show!" Bronwyn excitedly said. Garrett and Maxwell snickered.
"What?" Bronwyn asked innocently, looking back and forth at the boys.

A short female competitor stood in the doorway. "I'm Mia."
Chris sighed. "I'm the one who introduces you, Mia."
"Everyone gets introduced by you," Mia said in disgust. "I chose to be different."
Alyssa raised her hand. "Actually, I also introduced myself--"
"Oh, someone alternative!" Mia said, smiling. She began to walk toward Alyssa but then stopped. "Do you also like to go against the grain of society? Why do you dress like everyone else, then?"
Alyssa looked nervous. "Uh, not really? I introduced myself accidentally."
Mia's smile dropped. "Oh. I guess I'm on my own then. As usual."
She set her bags down and sat on them, then looked around. "Aha, first person to sit. I set the trends before they begin and I revive them when they've died! I was meant to show the world how it's done."
Albert pointed at her. "I like your attitude!"

Chris greeted the next girl, who posed seductively in the doorway. "Natalia! Nice to see you. Not sure I wanted to see that much of you, though."
Natalia looked down at her bare-minimum of an outfit. She then looked at Chris. "Oh, I get it. I don't judge, don't worry."
She picked up her luggage and approached the rest of the group, smirking as Chris realized her implication.
Garrett rolled his eyes. "How immature."
"Oh, live a little," Natalia said, elbowing him.
"Where's the rest of your outfit?" Garrett mocked.
Natalia walked her fingers up his arm. "Somewhere with the rest of your fashion sense. A polo shirt? In this decade? Gross." She playfully adjusted the collar of his shirt and then walked away with her bags.

The next contestant was almost the complete opposite of Natalia. Chris, still feeling somewhat insecure about the recent insult, mumbled, "This is Raina."
Raina asked Chris, "Is the pressurization in this aircraft sufficient for the decreased O2 levels in the higher zones of the atmosphere? Because that'd be really dangerous if it isn't."
Chris groaned. "What is with this cast? First Maxwell, now you?"
"Humph," Raina pouted, taking her luggage to the group of contestants.
Maxwell offered his hand to Raina. "Finally, someone capable of holding a conversation! I'm Maxwell."
Raina hesitantly shook his head, and smiled. "I'm Raina. Pre-med student!"
"I'm pre-law!" Maxwell excitedly replied.
"And I'm pre-bored," Alice chimed. "Can we keep this moving? My feet hurt."

The next contestant, a lanky male with bags he could probably fit five of himself into, approached Chris with a confident grin.
He howled, "Yo, yo, yo! What's up, guys? Russell has arrived!"
Everyone remained completely silent. Hilda waved excitedly. Chris looked around for a distraction. A cricket chirped off in the distance.
Chris pursed his lips. "Well, this has been sufficiently awkward. Go stand by the other contestants, Russell."
Russell sauntered over to the group and asked, "How's it been hangin' so far?"
No one responded, once again. He nodded. "Alright, alright, dope."

"Scott!" Chris patted the new contestant on the back as he entered. "What's up?"
The boy shrugged and struggled to try to carry two suitcases, a bookbag, and a guitar case.
Scott began to walk to the contestants but lost his balance. "Whoa!"
His guitar case went flying into the air. "I got it!" Bronwyn declared, running toward it.
Blake's eyes widened, having remembered Bronwyn's lack of coordination as displayed earlier. "This won't be pretty."
Surprisingly enough, Bronwyn caught the guitar case, then helped Scott up.
"Thanks so much," Scott said, breathing a sigh of relief. "I don't know what I would've done with a busted guitar."
"No problem," Bronwyn smiled.
Before anyone could say anything else, another male contestant entered and stated, "Everyone might as well quit now!"
The room's direction shifted to the over-confident player. Chris raised an eyebrow. "Thomas. I see you brought your ego along with your luggage."
"I don't need my ‘ego' to let everyone know that this game is mine," Thomas said, striking a pose. He picked up his luggage and ignored everyone's dirty glares.

"He should be a sure-fire ratings booster," Chris snickered to himself. He turned to the doorway, to see a female contestant adjusting her bra. "Uh..."
She looked up. "Oh, don't mind me."
Chris folded his arms. "This is Tina."
Tina threw her head back and adjusted her hair, then waved to the contestants. "Hey."
Angelina muttered something inaudible under her breath, which drew Tina's attention. "What'd you say?"
"Hm?" Angelina innocently asked, looking up. "Nothing."
The next contestant to enter was a mountain of a human, and he barely managed to fit through the door.
Chris nearly broke his neck trying to look up and greet the contestant properly. "Wally! How's the weather up there?"
"It's supposed to be different?" Wally frowned. Then he shrugged and progressed toward the other contestants.
Alyssa noticed, "It's getting crowded in here..."
Chris assured, "Don't you worry, only two contestants remain."

The next contestant arrived with one suitcase, and a very large, thin container.
"Guess you're William!" Chris determined, looking at the last two names on his originally hidden index card.
William looked around and stated, "This color scheme is very flat. It could use some peach tones."
Chris nodded slowly. "Uh. Right. I'll let the set team know. Moving right along."
As William walked over to the group, Chris let out a sigh of relief. "We made it, everyone. Please welcome contestant number twenty-four, Zane!"
Zane entered eagerly, flipping through a book with untranslatable characters on the cover. He walked past Chris without saying a word.
"Yo! Zane!" Chris called. Zane continued walking until he bumped into Wally.
Zane looked up from his book. "Please be more aware of where you place yourself, sir."
Wally growled, "Please be less of a dork, dork." He smacked Zane's book out of his hands.
Zane gasped. "I've lost my place!"

Chris clapped his hands and called, "Alright, alright, settle down, everyone, I bet you're wondering what'll be going on here."
"We're here for the million bucks," Blake bluntly stated.
"Well, yes, there's that," Chris said. He began to pace back and forth. "You guys are all here for the grand prize, but do you know exactly how you're gonna get there?" The contestants murmured. "Every day, your main goal will be to retrieve the Legendary Mystic Supernatural Shen Gong Wu, or 'Wu' for short. These Wu have strange powers that defy the laws of physics, human properties, and even the time-space continuum, which is why it's important that you guys find them before someone else on the planet use them for malicious purposes. The thing is, we don't know where these Wu are until they decide to 'activate' themselves."
Angelina asked, "So, they're like cell phones? You need to get them activated first?"
Chris frowned. "... Sort of. When a new Wu activates itself, we'll fly over to as close as we can get to it, then drop you guys off to retrieve it. The first team to get to the Wu gets to keep the Wu for the rest of the competition. The team that had the hardest time or did the worst overall job of trying to get it has to vote off one of their own team members at the Banishment Ceremony!"
He gestured over to a different room, where two sets of bleachers stood tall. "At the Banishment Ceremony, you'll be voting off a member of your team. The person with the most votes has to have their Belt of Life removed, take the Pathway of Shame, followed by the obligatory Drop of Shame!"
Chris's eyes widened in realization. "That reminds me. Chef!" He clapped his hands, and Chef entered carrying twenty-four various robes, in four different colors, with white belts around them. "You guys are gonna have to wear these."
Alice cringed. "Those look gross."
Hilda clapped. "This fabric reminds me of home!"
Natalia rushed over to Chef. "I call the pretty red one!"
Chef put his hand out and stopped Natalia. "Nuh-uh, missy, you'd best be calmin' down."

"The color of your robe depends on your natural element," Chris stated. "Which you guys probably don't know. So I'll tell you now. Bronwyn, Natalia, Raina, Blake, Scott, and Zane. Your natural element is Water, so go ahead and take the blue robes."
Natalia frowned. "But I wanted the red one."
Chef groaned and shoved the blue one in her face, then pushed her off to the side.
Chris continued, "Alice, Alyssa, Isadora, Maxwell, Wally, and William! Your natural element is Wind, and your robe color is silver."
"This is a nice shade of light charcoal," William noted as he examined his robe. Wally shook his head.
"Next," Chris stated, "Eleanor, Hilda, Mia, Albert, Garrett, and Thomas! Your element is Fire."
Mia gave a thumbs-up. "Predictable."
They collected their red robes, leaving Chef with a stack of tan robes.
"Ew, I have to settle with those?" Angelina grimaced.
Tina stated, "I look so good in beige, oh my gosh."
Chris finished, "And the rest of you: Angelina, Julie, Tina, Bradley, K.C., and Russell, your natural element is Earth."
The remaining six collected their robes. Chris chortled, "Oh, and if you didn't figure out on your own, the people you share your element with are your teammates. So make nice... or don't! From now on, you'll be referred to as Team Water, Team Wind, Team Fire, and Team Earth."

Eleanor, who was examining the area, asked, "What is this thing anyway? It's not any plane I've seen. Not that I've seen many."
Chris proudly replied, "It's the D.O.J.O. One of the most elite and innovative flying vehicles in the world!
"Does it stand for anything?" Eleanor questioned.
Chris walked over to her and snapped, "Don't object, just observe!"
"And where are we supposed to change into these robes?" Maxwell asked, intervening. "Surely, we have our own rooms?"
Chris laughed, "Uh, yeah... sure. Right over there." He pointed to a door.

The door led to a hallway with four more doors. Russell peeked into a one, which revealed six beds, three lined against each side of the wall. "This looks like prison," Russell moped.
"This is so much better than what they had in Boot Camp!" Thomas cheered, comfortably reclining on one bed. "Ahhh."
Garrett stayed behind in the room with Chris, and asked, "Is there anywhere in this, uh, 'D.O.J.O' that's private?"
Chris thought for a second. "Not really. Except for maybe the bathroom."

Garrett: (enters the bathroom, then notices the camera) There's... there's a camera in here?! Chris, I thought you said this was private!
Chris: (pokes his head into Garrett's confessional) This is a reality show, personal space no longer exists! And this is the confessional, actually. Use it to tell the viewers your true feelings about, well, anything. Except me. Don't talk about me in here. (gives Garrett an "I'm watching you" motion, then leaves)
Raina: Everyone here seems really nice so far. I think I have a good chance of making it far in this competition! (adjusts her blue robe)
Albert: Fire! It represents me so well! The fire in my body to win this competition is ready to burst!
Bradley: I like it here. A bit of a downgrade from what I'm used to, but I think it'll be fun.
Hilda: (looking at the toilet in awe) What is this device? It is wondering my mind.
Maxwell: Hmph. Placed on Team Wind. I have a feeling the producers just threw all of the lackeys in one team and thought, "Aw, that seems unfair, let's put in at least one sensible person." Whatever, I'm not going to let them stand in my way. This million, and all of the Wu are all going to be mine.
Bronwyn: (sits down, then slips and falls into the toilet) Okay, who left the seat up?!

Suddenly, Chris blew a whistle. The contestants, now changed, all rushed back to the main room.
Thomas stood right in front of Chris and saluted him, "Reporting for duty, sir!"
Chris backed away. "Right. I didn't think it'd happen this early, but the very first Wu has activated itself."
The contestants gasped, and Chris continued, "It's called the Mantis Flip Coin. Whoever uses it can, well, flip. Really awesomely. And to really high heights."
"What's that useful for?" Wally scoffed, "A gymnastics contest?"
Chris suddenly exited the room.
"Wait, where are you going?" Alyssa asked.
Suddenly, the floor beneath the contestants disappeared, and all twenty-four of them were plummeting back down.

They landed in a pile at the base of a cliff. A large body of water sat before them.
Garrett sat up and brushed off his robe. "I didn't even realize we had taken off. Where are we?"
He looked around and saw Zane, scrambling to run off to the side, still intently reading his book.
Chris appeared shortly after, descending with the use of a parachute. He landed and declared, "The Mantis Flip Coin is somewhere around here. If I were you, I'd try the sea. The first team to grab the Wu wins it. Since this is everyone's first time, I'll cut you all some slack. No one's getting eliminated tonight, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get that Wu!"
Blake emerged from the pile and gloated, "Well, my element is Water, so this shouldn't take very long." He jumped into the sea, then quickly surfaced back to the shore, chanting, "I see sharks, I see sharks, I see sharks!!"
Everyone immediately glared at Chris, who shrugged innocently. "What do you think, I put them there?"

A flashback sequence began with Chris standing by the shore, talking into a walkie-talkie.
"Alright, now, come a little closer..." Chris spoke, looking up at a cargo plane.
He asked, "What kind of sharks are these? .... No, I mean, will they tear a human to bits? ..... Perfect. Drop 'em!"
The plane released a number of vicious sharks into the water, then sped off.
As a test, Chris tossed a raw steak into the water.
After about five seconds, a shark spat the steak out back to Chris, returning nothing but the bare bones.
"I've out-done myself," Chris said, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye.

Returning to the actual challenge, Thomas looked at his team. "C'mon, Team Fire, we aren't gonna let a few sharks stop us from nabbing that Wu, are we?"
Hilda growled, "I have no fear of these 'sharks'!"
Thomas grinned. "That's the spirit!"
"Spirit?" Hilda gasped, looking around. "Where? Is it the spirit of my great-half-uncle? He was part-feline."
Eleanor immediately looked at her. "Feline?"
Hilda noticed Eleanor's contained excitement. "Felines appeal to you?"
"Are you kidding? I love them!" Eleanor exclaimed.
The two of them continued to chat until Garrett separated them. "Alright, ladies, focus, we've got a challenge to win."
Mia wondered, "Why do we have to win? We should come in second. Runner-ups are usually the most underrated people out there."

Garrett: I've been with my team for three minutes, and they've already managed to annoy the crap out of me.
Mia: My team has a pretty interesting assortment of personalities. No one seems to be a carbon-copy of anyone else I've met, which is a plus!
Thomas: I'm definitely the brawn of Team Fire. From what it looks like, Garrett might be the brains, and... I don't think we have a beauty.

Team Water gathered in a circle to discuss their strategy.
Blake stated, "Well, as team captain, I think we should--"
"Team captain?" Natalia, Raina, Bronwyn, and Scott asked in disbelief.
"I don't see anyone else stepping up to be a leader!" Blake argued. "Especially not him!"
He pointed to Zane, who was still reading his book.
Raina yelled, "Zane, join us! We're strategizing!"
Zane turned a page and continued reading.
"Water is our element," Scott stated, trying to direct the attention back to the challenge. "So this should be pretty easy. Maybe we can split up into two groups of three--or, well, one group of three and one group of two--to cover more ground and find the Wu. That way if we run into a shark, we're not alone."
Bronwyn agreed, "Good thinking."
Natalia echoed, "Yeah, you're so smart."
The two girls suddenly glared at each other, until Blake asked, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Blake: Scott's totally stole my idea! Granted, I never got to say it out loud, but he definitely knew where I was going with it.
Raina: I'm a bit nervous. My team doesn't seem to be getting along already, and I don't know what to do about Zane!
Zane: (flips another page) Oh, wow, talk about a plot twist! (flips yet another page)

Team Earth stood by the cliff and conversed.
"I just got my hair done," Tina defended. "No way am I going in there."
Angelina glared at her in disbelief. "You're going in."
Tina gave Angelina an annoyed glance. "Did you not just hear me? I just got my hair done. Do you know what that means?" She looked at Angelina's hair. "Hm, probably not."
"What's that supposed to mean?!" Angelina snapped.
Bradley began, "Uh, girls--"
Tina pointed to Angelina's hair and insulted, "Is that a mop on your scalp? I can't tell."
Russell and K.C. restrained Angelina from attacking Tina, and Bradley ordered, "Okay! Look! Guys! We have to settle down if we want to win this."
Angelina's arm broke free, and she tried to slap Tina, but instead knocked Bradley unconscious.

Bradley: (rubbing a red spot on his cheek) Things are starting off great over here on Team Earth.
K.C.: Man, Angelina and Tina don't seem to like each other too much. They're super catty. Julie, on the other hand, doesn't seem too bad!

Fortunately, Team Wind was faring well. Maxwell asked, "Who here is a strong swimmer?"
"I guess I'm decent," Alyssa volunteered.
Wally puffed out his chest and answered, "I'm a great swimmer."
Maxwell looked to William, Alice, and Isadora, and received no reply. "Alright. Let's split up into pairs, then. I'll swim with William, Wally can swim with Alice, and Alyssa can swim with Isadora."
"Hop on my back, missy," Wally told Alice.
Alice folded her arms. "Um, what? No. You probably have back-ne."
"The heck is that?" Wally asked.
"Acne," Alice matter-of-factly answered, "on your back."
Wally shrugged. "Fine, your loss." He jumped into the water to search for the Wu, and Alice remained on the shore.
A bit to their left, Alyssa asked Isadora, "You can swim, right?"
Isadora gave no reply. "Um," Alyssa said, looking around for no reason, "Alright."

Alyssa: Isadora's a quiet girl. Really quiet. It worries me. Is she going to be useful for the team?
Maxwell: Naturally, I took charge from the beginning. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the team refers to me as their leader!

Bronwyn, Natalia, and Scott decided to become one of Team Water's groups, and Blake and Raina as the other. The group of three didn't swim very far before encountering a vicious shark.
"Eek!" Bronwyn shrieked, swimming behind Natalia, who swam behind Scott, who nervously waved at the shark.
The shark snapped its jaws at Scott. In response, Scott gasped, and realized he was inhaling water. He flailed his limbs in a panic and rose to the surface. The limb-flailing warded away the shark.

Scott: I'm not a huge swimmer, and definitely not a fan of sharks just swimming past!

"That worked?!" Natalia gasped, before remembering she was underwater. She quickly swam up to the surface next to Scott. Bronwyn looked at the camera in disbelief and rose to the surface as well to reunite with her team.

Hilda and Eleanor both surfaced the water, gasping for air. Garrett and Thomas followed shortly after.
"I'm not the best at holding my breath down there," Garrett choked.
Eleanor stated, "Me neither."
Hilda and Thomas nodded in agreement, with Albert surfacing right in front of them. "I was not meant to do this," he thought aloud.
Garrett realized, "That's probably why we're on Team Fire. Water's our weakness."
"Makes sense," Eleanor frowned. "On a different note, where's Mia?"
Mia surfaced shortly after. "I can't find it anywhere. Not even with this scuba gear."
"Why'd you bring scuba gear with you...?" Albert asked, bewildered.
"It was for an outfit," Mia declared, "Then I realized I could use this in the challenge."

Mia: Don't look at me like that. Soon everyone's gonna be wearing scuba gear, while I'll have moved on to the next fashion statement. I'm ahead of the game, for, well, pretty much everything.

Chris noticed the contestants swimming, and grabbed his megaphone. In his worst attempt of emulating pity, he announced, "Oh, I'm sorry, did I say it'd be in the water? My apologies. I meant to say it's at the top of the cliff."
"WHAT?!" Every contestant gave Chris a deathly glare. He didn't even wince. "That's right. Get a move on, it's only a half-hour show, people."
Team Water was fairly far out into the sea. Blake groaned, "Is he serious?"
"Well, we've got to catch up," Raina sighed. "Best get moving."
Team Earth and Team Wind made it back to the shore first, with Team Fire not too far behind.
"Alright, cliff-climbing," Wally excitedly stated, "Let's do this!"
He grabbed on to a groove in the cliffside and began to scale up the cliff, with the rest of his team following after him.
Team Earth reached the cliff seconds after, and Julie gasped. "Oh, no, they're going to get the Wu first! We've got to do something!"
Russell and Bradley began to climb up the cliff, despite some trouble, and K.C. followed suit. He looked down and noticed Julie, Angelina, and Tina remaining on the shore. He asked, "Uh, aren't you guys going to climb?"
"My nails," Tina off-handedly stated.
"These heels will not let me climb," Angelina defended.
Julie frowned, "I lost my cliff-climbing accessories."
K.C. gave her an unsure look and then stuttered, "W-well... okay."

As the contestants climbed, William and Russell were nearly neck-and-neck, the two of them not too far behind Wally.
William noted, "You're very persistent."
"Hey, competition is competition," Russell stated. "I mean, I don't play dirty. That's wack."

William: Despite his... lack of eloquence, I'd say Russell's quite a down-to-Earth person. Pun-very-much-intended!
Russell: William's pretty dope. I don't know if he's cool enough to hang with The Russell, though, you know what I mean?

The two continued to chat, and Wally took notice. He missed a ledge and nearly fell off the cliff, then exhaled and continued climbing.
Russell realized, "Hang on, we aren't even on the same team."
"Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'friendly competition'?" William asked.
An annoyed Maxwell, whose pace was slowed down by their talking, snapped, "Ladies, if you're finished talking about the latest handbag to hit retail shelves, there's a challenge to win."
Luckily, for Maxwell, Wally had reached the top of the cliff and grabbed the Shen Gong Wu.
"I... am.... awesome!!" Wally howled. "Woo!"
Chris spoke into his megaphone, "And, that's a wrap! Everyone back to the shore!"
Wally asked, "Uh, Chris, how do I get dow--"
The ground underneath him suddenly broke off of the rest of the cliff, and he plummeted down to the sandy shore, sliding past Russell, Maxwell, K.C., and William.

The twenty-four Chosen Ones were seen back at the sandy shoreline. Chris reiterated, "Team Wind wins the very first challenge!"
Wally, now in a wheelchair, beamed, and flashed the Wu to everyone.
"Congrats on nabbing the Mantis Flip Coin for your team!" Chris added. "In second place, we have Team Earth. Team Fire gets third place, and Team Water wins the honor of last place, for getting too far into the water! How ironic is that, getting screwed over by your own element!"
Blake groaned, "Maybe if we actually had our complete team participating..." He shot Zane a glare. Zane was still in the same position he was before the challenge even started.
Chris rolled his eyes. "Excuses, excuses. Luckily for you guys, no one's getting eliminated on the first day. As decided by the greatest host on the planet, Chris McLean." He winked into the camera.
After a short pause, he set off a bullhorn into his megaphone. "Now, get back into the D.O.J.O.!"
The contestants scattered off, and Chris laughed. "Ah, I love my job." He turned to the camera. "You've witnessed a small sample of what's in store for these teens as they travel all around the world for these Wu. With a whopping twenty-four contestants, and twenty-five more episodes, something good is bound to be in store for you every week. Tune in next time to see more laughs, more pain, and best of all, more total drama. Only here on Total.... Drama.... Showdown!"

Chapter Two: The Hunt for the Third-Armed Master


Chris closed the confessional door behind him, and waved to the camera. "H-hey! Don't film me coming out of there, dudes!" He adjusted the collar on his shirt and fluffed his hair, then cleared his throat. "Now, I'm ready."
Gesturing grandly to the camera, he grinned from ear-to-ear and began the introduction. "Last time on Total Drama Showdown! We met twenty-four new faces that are all here for one thing: a million bucks. But if they want to get their hands on a single dollar, they're going to have to put in some work. Every week we'll be travelling around the globe in search of my Legendary Mystic Supernatural Shen Gong Wu--"
He cut himself off to take a deep breath, "--or Wu, for short. We split them up into four teams of six - Team Water, Team Wind, Team Fire, and Team Earth, and the kiddies barely got to say hello before it was time to find their first Wu! Team Water was out of their element - actually, they were in their element, but that turned out to be their downfall. Team Wind took home the gold, and poor Wally took a massive fall, landing butt-first into the sand. Dude's gonna need some serious healing time. Oh, well! There's still twenty-four of ‘em left, and we'll be saying buh-bye to someone tonight! Who will it be? You've got to stick around to find out, here on Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

In the long line which wrapped around an entire room, the contestants impatiently stood, holding serving trays. The room was nearly empty except for four dining tables.
The line began in front of a counter, with Chef Hatchet lecturing the contestants. "A'ight. This is how it's gon' be. I make the food. Y'all take the food, y'all sit down with the food, and y'all eat the food. No 'if's', 'and's', or--"
"But," Maxwell interrupted, "What if one of us is allergic to an ingredient contained in the food, and--"
Chef roared, "Boy, what did I just say?!"

Maxwell: I have an extremely specific list of dietary restrictions that was provided to the producers a week before I arrived. (he pulls out a copy from his back pocket and begins to read it) "No processed foods, no trans fats, and all barf needs to be perfectly cooked to medium-rare." Uh, that should say beef.

Chef calmed down and took a scoop of a white, creamy substance, and tossed it on Raina's plate.
Raina shrugged. "Hm, mashed potatoes. Not really a breakfast-food, but, it'll do."
"Mashed potatoes?" Chef snickered. "Uh, yeah, mashed potatoes."

Thomas was next in line. "Load ‘em up, Chef! Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You gotta start your day right!"
Chef placed a scoop of "mashed potatoes" on Thomas's plate and hurried him along. "Next!"
Wally began to roll to the counter, but Thomas placed his hand on Wally's shoulder and rolled him back slightly. He scooted back in front of Chef. "Hey, c'mon, Chef, I'm a bigger guy. I'm gonna need a little more than that."
"Get your hand off me or I'll break it off!" Wally growled.
"Oh, what are you gonna do, wheel me to pieces?" Thomas taunted. He placed his foot at the base of Wally's wheelchair and forcefully kicked it away, sending Wally rolling out of the dining area and into the confessional.

Wally: That dude doesn't know who he's messing with! He's gonna pay! (he stares at the confessional door) Uh, can someone wheel me outta here?

The line continued until it got to Tina. She asked, "Um, do you have anything without any carbs, sugar, or fat?"
Chef pointed to a sink in the back of the kitchen. "Water."
"Oh," Tina frowned, before Chef placed a noticeably larger scoop of "mashed potatoes" on her tray.

William approached his team's table with a tray of food and took a seat. Wally, wheeled back into the dining area by Isadora, muttered a few words under his breath while staring daggers at Thomas, who was sitting with his team.
Alyssa worriedly asked, "How long do you think you're going to have to be in that?"
"He fell off a cliff," Alice coldly reminded her. "I think it's gonna take a while."
"I'm just wondering!" Alyssa defended.
Alice pointed her fork at Wally and said, "We're going to have to pick up your slack this week, so you'd better come back a million times stronger once you're walking again! Got it?"
Wally rolled his eyes and attempted to eat a spoonful of mashed potatoes, but it slipped out of his hands and landed on the floor beside Maxwell.
"I'm just as fine as I was before!" Wally insisted. He tried to flex his biceps, but a loud "crack" was heard, followed by him slowly lowering his arms. The rest of his team sighed.

Maxwell: Am I worried? A bit. Wally's a jerk, and an idiot, and he smells, and his hairline's a bit crooked, but he's our best player. I don't know how we're going to make it through these next few challenges if they're all about strength.
Alice: With Wally out of commission, we don't have much muscle left on the team. Maxwell is a toothpick and William is thinner than Chef's last two strands of hair.
Alyssa: I have to say I'm a little worried. Wally was our leader in a way last week, and without him in charge, our team could be all over the place now.

Over in Team Water's table, the six members were completely silent while eating their breakfast. Finally, Zane looked up from his book.
Blake noticed. "Did you finally finish reading?"
Zane nodded, and his team breathed a sigh of relief. Then, Zane stated, "But that was the best manga ever! Okay, look at this page."
He flipped through this book, then once he found the correct page, shoved it in Bronwyn's face. "Read it!"
"Uh," Bronwyn hesitated, looking at the foreign characters, "I... I don't..."
Zane scoffed and slid the book to Natalia. "Look, look, look!"
Natalia defended, "I don't read Chinese!"
Zane gasped and glared at her. She corrected, "... Korean?"
He nearly fainted before Natalia realized, "Wait, Japanese!"
"Even I knew that," Blake said.

Zane: It's no surprise that I'm the most cultured person on my team. That should get me pretty far in this competition! Especially if we're travelling the world. I hope we get to go to Japan!

Zane slid his manga over to Scott. "Maybe you'll appreciate fine art. Check it out!"
Scott looked at the open pages intently and nodded. "Yeah, totally. Maybe you should show some other people, huh?"
"Spread the wealth! Of course," Zane said excitedly, darting to Team Earth's table.
As soon as he was out of earshot, Scott looked at his team and admitted, "I couldn't read anything in there."
Bronwyn and Natalia giggled, then gave each other annoyed glances.

Natalia: As the only hot girl on Team Water, it's my responsibility to make sure the guys on the team have something worth looking at. Scott would understand, since he's doing the exact same for me.
Bronwyn: Scott's pretty funny, and honestly, pretty cute. But I didn't come here to be distracted by cute boys! I came here to win. But I can still look at him, right?

Tina sat down with the rest of Team Earth, and examined her meal. "What is thi--"
Zane slammed his manga next to her tray. "Good morning! Have you any interest in the Japanese comic art form, manga?"
"What makes you think you can talk to me?" Tina angrily asked. "Go away! Bother someone else!"
Zane sulked and went back to his team's table. As he did so, Tina slowly pushed her tray of food away from herself. "I think I'll skip breakfast today."
Angelina gave Tina a once-over. "Isn't that what you say everyday?"
K.C. gasped and chuckled. "Oh, man."
"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," Tina decided, glaring at Angelina.
"Why not?" Angelina asked, feigning sweetness in her voice. "Oh, those crusty ears of yours must be all blocked up. Can't hear a thing!"
Tina took a spoonful of her food and flung it at Angelina. She missed, and instead the food flew out of the dining area and into the confessional.

Bronwyn: I mean, I know it's only been a few days, but he's so-- (a mass of food hits the side of her head and she falls off of the toilet)

Angelina asked in disbelief, "Was that supposed to hit me?"
"What do you think?" Tina retorted. The two girls stood up continued to argue before Thomas, at Team Fire's table, turned around and barked, "Will you two shut up?"
The girls stared each other down as they slowly sat back down.

Angelina: I know Tina's just threatened by my gorgeous body and winning personality. It's not easy being this beautiful, you know?
Tina: Whoever taught Angelina how to do makeup did not like her. She looks like a clown that went through a car wash.

Eleanor and Hilda sat side-by-side. Hilda licked her lips as she ate a spoonful of her food. "Thith meal," she commented with her mouth full, "ith the food offuh the rich classth!"
"What?" Eleanor blinked. She noticed her food and thought, "My cats would love this."
She stealthily picked up her tray and snuck back to her room.
"Where's she going?" Garrett asked. He shook his head, then began to reluctantly eat his food. He noticed Thomas doing something with his food.
Thomas finished, then slid his tray to the center of the table. "Ta-da!" He turned the mound of mashed potatoes into a flattened skull-and-crossbones.
Garrett winced. "Playing with your food? Really?" Conversely, the rest of the team resisted in holding back laughs.
"Oh, lighten up, grandpa," Thomas said, putting his arm around Garrett.
"I'm not being a 'grandpa,'" Garrett defended, taking Thomas's arm off of him. "You're being a two-year-old."
He stormed off before Thomas could say anything. Mia mumbled, "Touchy."
Albert noted, "I thought you said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Aren't you going to eat it?"
"Of course!" Thomas said, pulling his tray back. "I just like to have fun first, you know?"

Thomas: Now that I'm not back home, I can let my guard down a bit. I used to get picked on a lot, but after taking a good look at some of my competitors… I can tell that won't be a problem here. Except for Garrett. That dude seems like he's got a permanent stick up his--
Garrett: I don't get people who play with their food. It's so childish. Meal times have rules that should be followed. And I was a person who was taught to follow rules.
Hilda: (stuffing her face with more food) Delithiouth! (burps) Perhaps I should not eat in the restroom, but I must share the excellence of this dish with the world! Hello!

Chris entered the dining area. "Howdy, our top twenty-four! Haha. Ready for your second challenge?"
"We haven't even finished breakfast!" Raina complained, reluctantly digging into her mound of mulch.
Chris wagged a finger at her. "Too bad! Shen Gong Wu don't care about meal time! We've got a new Wu on the loose. It's called the Third-Arm Sash. Looks just like a regular green belt, but when used, it's basically a giant... third arm."
"That sounds kinda gross," Tina commented.
Angelina called out, "Just like your face!"
Chris interrupted the two and warned, "Anyway, get ready to be, uh, 'deposited,' hehe. We're approaching it."
The two girls glared at each other, and the rest of the contestants slowly backed away.

Angelina: Airhead.
Tina: Bimbo.
Angelina: Skank.
Tina: Drama queen.
Angelina: (noticeably angrier) Attention-grabber!
Tina: (also angrier) Super-freak!
Angelina: (infuriated) Stupid little (very long "bleep")
Tina: (agitated beyond belief) Dumb, annoying, (an even longer "bleep")

As Tina stormed out of the confessional, Raina, Alyssa, and Bronwyn, who were standing outside of it, looked at each other in surprise, after overhearing the latter confessionals.
Julie teared up. "Why can't we all just get along like we did when we were younger? I wish we could just bake, like, a giant pie, and fill it with all of our bad feelings, then just toss it off a--"
Before she could finish, a hatch underneath them opened, along with a hatch in the dining area. Every contestant was dropped out of the D.O.J.O..
They landed in a jungle area, in front of an abandoned building. Julie muttered, "... plane."

The D.O.J.O. landed beside them. Chris hopped out of it and stated, "The Third-Arm Sash lies right in there!" He pointed to the abandoned building, which upon closer inspection, turned out to be a training dojo.
Blake skeptically asked, "So, you're telling me that all we have to do is go in there and get it?"
Chris shrugged. "Whooo knoooows?" He set off an airhorn and announced, "Go get the Wu!"

The contestants all charged toward the dojo, including Wally, who was hurriedly wheeled inside by Isadora.
As soon as they opened the door, they froze. The dojo was completely empty, save for a cloaked figure sitting down cross-legged on the floor.
Wrapped around the figure's waist was the coveted Third-Arm Sash. Bradley looked around the room and walked toward the figure. "Hey, dude, if you don't mind, we're gonna need that." He reached for the Third-Arm Sash. The figure suddenly looked up, grabbed his wrist, and literally threw Bradley back to the crowd of teenagers.
"Who dares to enter?" the figure barked.

Chris poked his head into the dojo. "Yeah. It's not that easy. Everyone, meet Master Tung."
"Tongue?" Thomas snickered. Master Tung frowned. He yelled, "Third-Arm Sash!" The Wu glowed and extended toward Thomas, then slapped him repeatedly.
Chris continued normally as Thomas was slapped. "You've got to snatch the Third-Arm Sash off of his waist without him beating the pulp out of you. That probably won't happen. The first team who gets the belt off of him wins the challenge, and the Third-Arm Sash! The team that does the worst job will be meeting me at elimination for the first time! Good luck, and don't mess it up!"
Master Tung glared at the crowd of frightened contestants. He declared, "Which of you weaklings would like to challenge me first?"
Everyone stepped aside and looked around at each other. No one wanted to be within a twenty-foot radius of Master Tung. Russell slowly raised his hand.
"You wish to challenge me?" Master Tung asked in surprise.
Russell's eyes widened. "Uh, no! Definitely, definitely not. Just, uh, can we talk with our teams for a second?"
Master Tung folded his arms. "You may confer." He floated to the back of the dojo.

Team Earth gathered in a small circle. Bradley asked, "So, who here is the strongest?"
"Maybe it's Angelina, with her man-shoulders," Tina muttered.
"Maybe you could kick him to death with your hobbit feet," Angelina spat back.
K.C. snapped, "C'mon girls, relax, we've got a challenge to win!"
Julie suddenly looked at K.C. and suggested, "Let's send K.C. in there!"
"Uh," K.C. hesitated, "Do you really think so?"
Julie giggled, "Of course! You're super strong." She wrapped her arms around one of K.C.'s biceps. K.C. nervously laughed.
Bradley became slightly annoyed. He shrugged, then loudly said, "Alright, then. Yeah. Let's see K.C. take on Master Tung all by himself."
Everyone from the other teams turned to Team Earth in surprise, causing K.C. to blush. "Oh, uh, hehe..."

K.C.: (writing on paper clearly labeled "Will") To my little sister, I leave my MP3 player. To my mom, I leave my favorite stuffed animal. To my dog, I leave… everything else. He deserves it.
Bradley: I don't have anything against K.C. personally, but if Julie's all over him and hyping him up, maybe he's actually got the stuff to win this for us.

Master Tung stood still as K.C. approached him. Master Tung cracked his neck, back, and shoulder in preparation.
K.C. cracked one of his knuckles. "Oh, ow, wow, that hurt." Team Earth groaned.
"So, like," K.C. prompted, "Do I need to bow or something? Or do they just do that in the movies? I just want to be culturally accurate."
Master Tung rolled his eyes and approached K.C. menacingly.
K.C. balled up his fists, closed his eyes, and charged. "Graaaaah!"
"Hm?" Master Tung hesitated. He stepped aside, and K.C. continued charging until he ran through a pillar.
He assured, "Uhhh, I'm okay!"
The now unstabilized roof collapsed on Master Tung. The contestants gasped.
"Do... do we win?" Tina asked, unsure. Master Tung burst out of the ruins of the collapsed roof and flew into the air toward K.C.. In a panic, K.C. lifted his hands up and some of the rubble from the ruins flew into the air and knocked Master Tung offcourse.
Some of the contestants gasped. "Whoa… What was that?... Did he just…"

K.C.: (looking at his hands) What the…

Master Tung recovered from the mishap and called out, "Third-Arm Sash!" The sash tightly wrapped around K.C.'s torso several times. It then unwound very quickly, causing K.C. to spin out of control and crash into another pillar. This time, the roof collapsed on him. Master Tung snickered and folded his arms. "Try again."

Julie: Aw, I really thought K.C. would've beaten him. He was pretty cute when he got beat up, though.

Team Wind huddled together and began to whisper. Maxwell stated, "Well, since he's obviously tougher than we thought, I think we've got to take him down as a group. We'll wear him down and just try our best."
"... Seriously?" Alice asked in disbelief. "That's all you got?"
Maxwell defended, "Do you have any better ideas? I don't think so."

Maxwell: As a man of intellect, I don't particularly associate myself with things at brutish as ambushing an old man. However, if no one else is willing to step up to the plate as a leader, I will gladly place myself in that role.

The six members of Team Wind lined up opposite Master Tung, with Isadora behind Wally in the center. "Lemme at him!" Wally demanded.
Isadora ran as fast as she could, wheeling Wally straight ahead at Master Tung. Wally let out a battle cry.
"A mechanical weapon?" Master Tung said teasingly. He effortlessly jumped over the two of them. Isadora attempted to halt, but instead both of them crashed into another one of the dojo's pillars.
Alyssa and Alice charged toward Master Tung. Alyssa cried, "Hee-yaaaaaah!"
She attempted to swing a punch at his chest, and suddenly, a gust of wind blew him backward.
"... Whoa," Alyssa gasped, staring at her fist. Master Tung took the opportunity to grab Alyssa and Alice's arms and toss them backward.

Alyssa: (still looking at her fist in awe) What the heck was that? It was like... a punched... gust of some sort.

Maxwell and William remained. Wally yelled discouragingly, "Come on, string beans!"
They both ran toward Master Tung and attempted to sweep-kick him, but Master Tung leaped into the air and immediately dropped back down, landing on top of the two boys. "Another failed attempt," he concluded.

After Team Wind's misadventure, Team Water gathered together.
"We should split up," Scott suggested. "Like, two groups of three, then attack from both sides."
Blake scoffed, "Yeah, no. That's the same thing you said for the last challenge, and we would've been sent to elimination."
Scott frowned and threw his hands up in exasperation. "Well, I'm out of ideas then."

Blake: Scott's a good guy, but he needs to step back and see how a real leader takes control of his team. This is my time to shine!

Blake opened his mouth to suggest something, but was interrupted by Raina. "I have an idea! What if we send in someone that seems weak? Maybe Master Tung will underestimate them and we can snatch the sash."

Raina: I will not let myself fall into the background! I've seen many reality shows and I know that that is not the sign of a winner. I need to make my presence on my team known!

Zane folded his arms. "So, what are you trying to say? You want to send yourself in? Aha! Burn!" He looked around at his team for affirmation.
Raina instead looked at him with irritation. "No, if anyone should be sent in, it should be you."
"Yeah, you haven't done a thing so far!" Natalia realized.
Blake shoved Zane toward Master Tung. "You heard the lady! Have fun!"

Master Tung gave Zane a once-over and laughed. He slowly walked up to Zane and stared him down, then looked up at Team Water. "Who dares to insult me with this challenger?"
Zane shrugged and paced around. "It was her idea."
"I shall give you a free hit," Master Tung taunted. "Go ahead." He playfully placed a small target board on his cheek.
Zane uncomfortably shifted around in place. "I'm not a very violent person..."
"Oh, come on!" Blake complained from the door. "Just punch the dude! Sock him right in the jaw!"
Master Tung glared at Blake, who jumped behind Scott. After a few seconds, Zane sat down on the floor. "What if we determine the winner another way? How about an anime trivia competition?"
Master Tung let out a grunt and punted Zane across the dojo, slamming him into a wall. "Ow." Raina covered her face with her hands.

Raina: Okay, maybe that wasn't my best idea, but no one else seemed to have any.

Over at Team Fire, Hilda suddenly had two black bars underneath her eyes. She forced a team huddle. "Here is the layout of our attack."
Eleanor asked, "Uh, Hilda, when did you put Black Out underneath your eyes?"
"Now," Hilda said, ignoring Eleanor, "We shall flank the enemy. Three enemies on the left side, and three enemies on the right side. Then, we attack!"
Thomas simplified, "So, it's just an ambush?"
"Essentially," Mia nodded indifferently. "An overused plan, but it works in this case."
Garrett suddenly ordered, "Let's have Albert, Mia, and I on the right, and Eleanor, Hilda, and Thomas on the left."
Albert excitedly stated, "I always have been more of a right-hand man! I like the way you think!"

The contestants assumed their positions and stared down Master Tung.
"Surrounding the enemy," Master Tung commented. "A good strategy."
Scott punched Blake's shoulder. "See, I told you we should've done that!"
Master Tung added, "But it shall not work!"
Hilda went on a rampage and began wildly flailing her arms at Master Tung. He simply avoided her limp limbs and tripped her over.
Eleanor approached him slowly. "I wish I had my cats to attack," she hesitantly stated, before giving a pitiful slap, which missed. Master Tung gave her a look of pity, and she slowly backed away.
"Alright, let's do this," Albert growled. "It's my duty to take you down!"
Before Albert could pounce, the Third-Arm Sash was suddenly ripped off of Master Tung's waist.
Everyone gasped and turned around to see Garrett with the Third-Arm Sash in his hands. Garrett smugly nodded. "I think we win."

Garrett: Leave it to me to win the first challenge for my team. A true leader, am I right?

"Hey, that's not fair!" Bronwyn accused. "He didn't even lay a finger on him!"
Chris noted, "I just said you had to get the belt off him. No rules said you had to fight him! Team Fire wins the challenge, and the Third-Arm Sash!"
Team Fire cheered, with the exception of Albert. "Aw, I was so close to beating the snot out of him!"
Master Tung gave Albert a menacing glare, when Alyssa suddenly spoke up. "So, who's going to elimination, then?"
"Well," Chris began, "Second place goes to Team Wind, for not being dumb enough to send one person out. And in third place we have... Team Earth!"
Team Earth howled as Team Water groaned, and Chris added, "Team Water! Last place. Again. And this time, you'll be voting off one of your own teammates! Cast your votes in the confessional, and I'll catch you all at the first ever Banishment Ceremony!"

In the dining area, as the contestants poked at their seemingly-moving dinner, Team Water discussed amongst themselves.
"I think we should just be open as a team and say who we want to go home," Scott suggested. "Honesty makes for better synergy down the road."
Blake agreed, "Yeah, so I'll start. I think we should vote off Zane for completely costing us the challenge!"
A few murmurs went around the table, and Zane defended, "I didn't even want to go! It was all Raina's idea!"
"That's true," Natalia pointed out. "Raina did suggest that really, really, really stupid idea."
Raina gave Natalia an annoyed glance. "I was just throwing out a suggestion and you all went along with it!"
The six of them continued fighting when over the PA system, Chris's voice was heard announcing, "Team Water, time to cast your votes!" Raina and Zane glared at each other before heading to the confessional.

The six members of Team Water sat on the bleachers provided for the Banishing Ceremony. All of them wore their traditional robes for the elimination, with their obligatory belts wrapped around their waists.
Chris entered the room and stood behind a podium. "Alright, Team Water, welcome to Total Drama Showdown's first Banishment Ceremony! Here, one of you will have your Belt of Life removed. Whichever person that is has to take the Pathway of Shame, followed by the Drop of Shame, and can never, ever, ever return to the show."
He leaned into the contestants. "Ever."
"So," he stated, less menacing than before, "If you hear your name called out, that means you're safe, and you can stay for another day. Scott!"
Scott breathed a sigh of relief.
"Bronwyn and Natalia!"
The two girls cheered, then noticed each other and quickly stopped.
Chris looked at the three remaining players individually.

Scott: Who did I vote for? Well, everyone brought up good points at dinner, but it all comes down to what's best for the team.
Natalia: I voted for Raina. She's the one who picked Zane to fight that old dude. What a stupid idea.
Bronwyn: Scott and I talked it over. He's so smart! And cute. And… oh! Right! I'm voting. My vote goes to--

Blake nearly yelped, but quickly contained himself.

Blake: I vote for Zane, duh.

"Raina, Zane, one of you will be eliminated tonight. The eliminated contestant will have their Belt of Life removed from their robe and must leave Total Drama Showdown at once!"
The two gulped.
"And can never come back, ever."
"And, the loser is..."
An annoyingly long dramatic paused with even more dramatic music followed.
"Zane! Time to go."
Zane stood up and shrugged. "I wasn't fit for this competition anyway. I guess everyone's happy now!"
Chris stood up and yanked off the Belt of Life from Zane's blue robe and threw a torn up parachute bag at him. "Have a nice drop!"
"This is absurd," Zane finished, before taking the Drop of Shame. "Aaaaaaaaaaah! I will have my reveeeeeeeeeenge!"
Chris turned to the camera. "I'm sure he will. And that concludes episode numero dos of Total Drama Showdown. What Wu will these kids encounter next time? Will Team Water stop sucking so much? And where will we travel to next? Find out the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, all on the next episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Chapter Three: Lotus Temple


Chris popped in front of the camera with his arms up. "Last time, on Total Drama Showdown: we introduced our teams to Master Tung, an insane martial arts master who spends his days in an abandoned dojo. The challenge was to nab the Third-Arm Sash off of him, and let's just say, these kids didn't do a very good job at it. I mean, they all had their own way to get it and each failed miserably. That is, until Garrett actually thought to just snatch the Sash off of him. Don't look at me, I didn't say that was against the rules! Anyway, Team Water did the worst job out of the four teams and they kicked out Zane in our first-ever Banishment Ceremony for not participating in the challenge and doing nothing but read manga. Seems like someone could have done a better job. Ah, well, it cost him one... million... dollars! Let's see what's in store for the remaining few right here, right now on Total... Drama... Showdown!"

After the theme song ended, a few of the teams were all seen in their respective bedrooms, with the camera in Team Water's room.
Raina arose from her bench, rubbing her eyes. "Ugh, that wasn't comfortable. My vertebral column is killing me."
Scott was seen lying on his back, as he strummed his guitar and played a bad note after hearing Raina, who threw him off. "Your what?"
"My vertebral column, my back," Raina responded, rubbing her back. This caused Scott to nod his head in understanding. "Ohhh, that's nice."
Raina got up from her bench and continued rubbing her back. "I don't see how that's nice because it hurts a lot, but--" She was cut off by Scott, who started to strum his guitar even louder, not listening. "-- Oh, okay, then." was her response. She walked out of the room and headed toward the dining area.
Scott continued to strum his guitar at a moderate volume, which caused Bronwyn, near him, to wake up with a smile.
"That's a cute song," Bronwyn yawned. "Does it have a name?" Hearing Bronwyn's voice, Natalia's eyes immediately opened as she turned to see her talking to Scott.
Scott smiled, "Heh, it's not really a song, it's more of a melody I like to play because it reminds me of my dad. You know, he taught me how to play guitar. He's made me the person I am today. I sure do miss him." Natalia jumped off her bench and walked over to Scott.
"Aww, you poor person," she said to him with her hands locked. "Here, why don't you tell me all about it?" She sat near Scott's legs and looked deeply into his eyes.
"Nah, that's okay," Scott laughed. Natalia copied his laugh in a jokingly way, "You're so modest! You can talk to me."
"... doesn't want to." was heard in Bronwyn's direction.
Natalia cupped her ear with her hand and leaned into Bronwyn's face, "I'm sorry, what was that?" Bronwyn lied, "Oh, nothing!"
"You think you're slick, don't you?" Natalia said in a bit of an angered voice.
Scott stopped strumming. "Girls?" As they continued to bicker, a zoom-out showed Blake, standing by the doorway who looked out the corner of his eye and listened to the two. The small argument caused him to roll his eyes as he left and headed for the confessional.

Blake: I'm not used to this "losing" thing. No, I don't do that. Up to this day, I've never done that! And it's already happened twice, we're down 2-nothing! I feel diseased. And I'm also sure it's because of this lame element team I'm on. (referring to Bronwyn and Natalia) If they could get their eyes on the ball and off of Scott for a few seconds, maybe something will happen... like me winning!

Blake exited the confessional and bumped into Alyssa, who was walking to the dining hall; both fell to the floor.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" Blake responded. He brushed himself off with his hands and continued to the mess hall as Alyssa took a bit longer to get up, "Rude."
Back in Team Earth's area, the contestants were seen relaxing. Bradley was seen, using his skateboard as a pillow and snoring away. Angelina finished applying her makeup when Bradley let out a huge snore that shook the room. The shake caused Angelina to apply lipstick onto her right cheek. She turned around and faced the others, "Ugh! Someone wake him up!" The rest of Team Earth looked at Angelina and laughed wholeheartedly.
Russell winked at Angelina, "Going out for a night on the town?" She sarcastically replied, "Yeah, with you. I'll take you for the ride of your life." Russell immediately gasped and smiled.

Russell: (puts on giant shades) ... She wants it.

Angelina wiped the lipstick smear off of her face as Bradley continued to snore. "Ew, he's so loud." Tina shifted her eyes at Angelina. "The only thing that's loud right now is that crusty outfit you're wearing. Whose grave did you have to dig up to get that thing?"
Angelina retorted, "This happens to be an outfit made of the finest materials of the world! Once I get out there, everyone is gonna wanna get some of this! If you wanna talk bad outfits, I thought you were wearing a badly-groomed sheepskin when you dragged in here!" Both girls locked eyes on each other, making K.C. and Julie uncomfortable.
"Guys, getting along is so easy. Why can't we--" Julie was cut off by both girls, "Nobody asked you!" K.C. was uncomfortably biting his lip but, after a few seconds, raised his index finger as if he was struck with an idea of inspiration.
"Everyone, we just have to learn to be truthful!" K.C. happily stated and began pointing at everyone. "I mean, let's just get past everything and put all of this out in the open. Russell, you wouldn't be as cool as you think you are if we put you in Chef's freezer and Angelina, you and Tina both look and smell like wet porpoises."
As they all gasped, K.C. smiled, "Now, can we all just be friends?" Julie began laughing as the rest of Team Earth gave K.C. a menacing glare. He then covered his mouth with one hand and, afterward, slapped his forehead and mouthed the word 'stupid'.
"Whatever," Angelina said, taking her camera out. She began snapping multiple shots, "I'm self-glamorous." Bradley finally rolled over, yawned happily, and smacked his lips, "Morning, guys--"
"Or self-absorbed, whatever comes first," Tina prompted. Angelina gave Tina an 'I'm watching you' look.
Bradley rolled his eyes and turned back over, "And, goodnight again."

In the dining area, Team Wind, now with Alyssa, walked in to see Raina and Team Fire already in and eating.
"Wow, you guys wake up early." Alyssa commented, rolling Wally into the area. Thomas heard this, "Oh, this is nothing! I'm used to waking up at 3 in the morning for breakfast! And it only lasted 5 minutes. We ate fast."
"You've got some pounds there, it definitely shows," Maxwell whispered to William, making him laugh. Thomas heard the laughter but thought nothing of it. Alyssa wheeled Wally up to a table where Team Wind would be sitting. Isadora was following close behind Alyssa.
"Alright, you stay here and watch Wally while I go get some stuff to snack on," Alyssa asked Isadora. She shook her head as Alyssa was leaving. Isadora looked over at Wally who growled at her. Maxwell walked over to the table also and saw the scared expression on Isadora's face, "Don't be scared of this brute. He's on our side." Maxwell then began patting Wally and sarcastically said, "Plus, he's nothing but a big teddy bear." Angered, Wally grabbed his hand and clenched with force, causing Maxwell to shriek and run out of the dining area.
Alice noticed this and went over to Wally. "Why did you do that? Have some respect, he's our teammate! A runt, but our teammate!" Wally had shifty eyes, "He touched me."
Alice slammed her hands on the table, "Oh, no! Someone call the RCMP! Poor Wally got touched! Man, we're supposed to be working together, not getting mad over someone patting your back! Ugh!" She stormed off and stood behind Alyssa and William in order to get food, leaving the rest of her team stunned over what just happened.

Alice: What? This team needs to get whipped into shape! Sure, we may have that Mantis Flip Coin thanks to him but that's no reason for him to feel like he's the Big Man on Campus! We need to win more!

Over at the front of the line, Chef served Garrett an unknown, yellow dish. After staring at it for a few seconds, a spider crawled out of the substance, which caused Garrett to gasp.
"I got it!" Chef shouted a battle cry and, with a hammer, began pounding the plate. After finishing, Garrett's dish was virtually all over his face. Chef confirmed Garrett after seeing the dead spider was all that was left on Garrett's shattered plate, "I got it."
Garrett sighed, "Can you get this stuff off of me?" Albert and the other members of Team Wind in the line began to laugh. Chef screamed at Garrett, "Sit down!" He got out of the line and began looking for a cloth of some sort but was distracted when all the pieces of the dish on his face began crawling down him and back onto the plate as one large mass again.
"Nice," he said to himself. He, then, noticed Albert sit next to Mia at the Team Fire table.
Mia was poking her dish with a fork.
Albert sat next to her, "The gods aren't saying anything about eating this."
Mia stared at her fork, "They don't exist." At that point, their dishes physically tried to crawl away.
"No way that's kosher," Albert wondered.
"It's food that crawls to you instead of you having to pick it up--that's attractive. The food of the future," Mia was fascinated. She, then, lowered her head onto the table with her mouth open as the food crawled in. Albert looked at her, shrugged his shoulders, and did it himself alongside Mia.
Hilda was sitting next to them and stopped talking to Eleanor. She noticed Albert and Mia, "Is this an American custom?" Eleanor, covered in fur, answered. "No, I'm not sure what they're doing. They aren't sophisticated people like we are." As she said that, many of the hairs she was covered in fell to the ground behind her.

Garrett saw Albert and Mia eating and decided to eat with them.
"So, how are you guys?" Garrett asked, sitting in between Albert and Mia.
With her mouth full, Mia responded, "Mrrrrr nrrr hrrrng hurrrrrr murrrs murr?"
Garrett looked confused, "... What?" Albert raised an eyebrow.
Mia finished eating her dish and easily caught onto Garrett, "Are you trying to get us into an alliance of some sort?"
With a more believable tone, Garrett gasped. "What?!" Mia continued, "I'm not repeating myself again. 3 is too popular these days."
"It is, 2 has been predicted to be my lucky number just for that reason," Albert agreed.
"Well, no," Garrett tried to play off. "I was just trying to start idle conversation. Alliances never work anyway."
Mia snooted, "I could prove you wrong in 3 ways, each in 4 different languages. But, that requires effort that you're not gonna get from me."
"3 ways?" Thomas asked. "In 4 different languages?" Hilda wondered. Mia stayed quiet.
"Well?" Eleanor said.
Mia looked up, "What? I've already answered that and posted it. Why would I have to do it again? Repetition isn't cool anymore; look at today's music." The rest of her team looked at her in discomfort while Team Water walked in, with Blake leading them. Blake stood at the doorway in a superior pose and his eyes closed. A few seconds passed, Blake said out loud, "Well?"
"We're not doing it," Bronwyn scolded him as she bumped into him trying to get into the dining area, causing her to trip and fall.
"Anyone??" Blake shouted to his teammates, as he continued to hold the pose.
"No." "Not happening." Natalia and Scott said as they also went in.
A bit angered, Blake shouted, "Fine, I'll do it myself!" He imitated a horn and announced a message. "Now entering Chef Hatchet's dining area, the cool, the witty, the wise, you know 'im, you love 'im, it's Blake!!" He began bowing immediately. "Thank you, thank you, I'm so honored to grace you with my presence."
Alyssa, coming back to Team Wind's table with William, put her tray down and pity-clapped for Blake.

"Thank you very much, kind--" At that point, the D.O.J.O. began plummeting and was headed for an angled nosedive. As he was bowing, Blake fell and rolled into Chef Hatchet.
"What's going on!?" Eleanor looked to anyone for answers.
Bronwyn, on the floor, slid and hit Eleanor's chair, "I think we're going down!"
"We can't be going down!" Russell shouted out, "There's so many things I haven't gotten to do, yo!" At that point, Team Earth slid into the dining area due to the nosedive.
Julie yelled in fetal position, "We're all gonna die!!"
"I lived a good life," Mia noted, tinkering with her nails in an uncaring fashion. "I haven't! I hadn't gotten a boyfriend yet!" Natalia screamed. At that point, Bradley and his skateboard slid down and hit her legs.
Natalia looks at him and seductively whines, "Oh... Heyyyy."
Alice's hair was in her face, "Great! Now I have to die today! Could it get any worse!?"
"I wouldn't think so," Chris was standing in the dining area entrance.
"Chris!?" everyone exclaimed. At that point, the D.O.J.O. crashed onto an sandy, unmarked beach.

The door to the D.O.J.O. opened as everyone began scrambling out. Whining from everyone was heard.
Chris came out after everyone walked in front of the group, "Welcome, everyone, to your third challenge, believe it or not!"
"Couldn't we have gotten there without almost being killed?" Julie asked. Chris responded, "That's a good question, Julie. You see, just then, two Wu revealed themselves, both in the same general location! And, at that point, that's when I realized that they were both on this beach that we were about to pass over. So, using my great, wise intellect, I figured that the only way that we could make it would be to go into a nosedive! Turns out, I was right, as usual."
Raina spoke out, "But you could have terminated us!"
"Well." Chris said in a smart-aleck tone, "Stuff like that is great for the ratings and, plus, I'm insured... you guys, not so much." He waved papers in their faces, which caused most of the group to roll their eyes.
Chris continued, "Anyway, like I was saying, two W-- Wait." He did a quick head-count. "We've only had one elimination, not two. You guys are missing someone."

"Great observation," Maxwell taunted Chris.
"Speaking of observations," Chris looked at Maxwell's hand. "What happened there?"
Maxwell looked at his banged-up hand, "Oh. Our corporeal, tenacious biker-teammate thought it would be fun to see me in --"
"Oh, my gosh!" Alyssa cut him off. "Wally!" She ran toward the D.O.J.O, and went back in, as she realized he was still in there. Only Wally's hand was seen as the rest of his body was covered by his wheelchair that toppled over him during the crash onto the beach.

The scene switched; Alyssa wheeled Wally back out into the beachgrounds.
Chris began laughing, "He's still in a wheelchair?"

Wally: (bandaged and in a wheelchair) It's not my fault. If that cliff hadn't caved in on me. Ugh! (punches injured leg by accident) Aaaaaaaaaaaaah-- (confessional cut off)

"Anyway, now that we're all here, as I was saying earlier, two Wu have revealed themselves to me. The first one is called the Jetbootsu!" Chris announced.
"The Jet Boot-who?" K.C. asked.
Chris raised an eyebrow, "Bootsu. BootSU."
"... Oh."
"Ew," Angelina yelled out. "Boots are so disgusting! Unless they look fetch. Those are the only kind I like. My dad wears boots that are, like, green and black. So gross!"
Chris put his hand over Angelina's mouth, "Yes, but these are no ordinary boots! Whoever wears these boots are able to defy gravity in any way, shape, or form!"
"'Way, shape, or form'?" Garrett repeated, "Is there a difference?"
Maxwell raised his index finger, "In fact, there is, it--" Chris interrupted them, "Uhh, this is my show! And there's definitely not enough time for a lesson! Anyway, the first Wu can be found in The Lotus Temple behind me. The Lotus Temple is filled with many booby traps. But before you can get into the dreaded Lotus Temple, you must first climb... the Endless Staircase." The camera panned to show a huge temple sitting in the sky with the only way of getting into it being the lengthy staircase. "At the top of this staircase, you should find the Jetbootsu and I will give you further instruction to get the second Wu revealed. Any questions!?"
Wally demanded to know, "What about me?! I can't climb steps!"
"Yeeeeeeah, about that," Chris told him. He faced Team Wind. "Looks like you guys are gonna have to get the Jetbootsu without Wally! Hope you guys don't need strength while you're in there!" The rest of Team Wind immediately began groaning.

The scene switched to show each of the teams huddled, each talking about their plans. Team Fire, however, was at the starting line.
Team Wind gathered together. Alyssa spoke out, "Guys, do you remember when we were battling Master Tung for the Third-Arm Sash? Something weird happened."
William looked puzzled, "Did Shakespeare come to you in a vision, too?!"
"Er, no." Alyssa flailed her arms everywhere, "When I tried punching him, I didn't hit him. Some weird wind power knocked him away from me."
"Whoa, are you kidding me?" Maxwell seemed interested. Alice looked annoyed at Alyssa, "What are you trying to say? We need to be focused on this challenge!"
"That's what I'm saying, Alice," Alyssa retorted. "Maybe the other teams don't know about this yet. We could use this to our advantage! It's easy from what I got out of it!"

Alyssa was shown doing hand motions as Team Water started talking about what the team would do.
Scott noticed Alyssa's motions, "Is she doing some new dance over there?"
"Before we can worry about Alyssa," Raina interjected and pushed her glasses up. "We gotta figure out what we're gonna do!"
"Right!" Bronwyn agreed. She looked at her team, "So who's fastest?" Blake stood up, "Well, I don't mean to brag but--"
"Here we go," Natalia rolled her eyes.
Blake ignored Natalia "--I just so happen to be a Junior Olympic track star." Everyone seemed to not care about what Blake was saying as he continued, "I am a great runner, got good reflexes, and I'm particularly skilled at stair-stepping!"
Raina corrected him, "Hey, wait a minute there! Stair-stepping isn't an Olympic event!" Scott embraced Raina, "No matter. He seems very passionate about it. I like that in a person. Blake, how about we carry these ladies up the steps?"
Seeing another opportunity, Blake agreed, "Sounds like a plan!"
"Oooh! Dibs on Scott!" Natalia wrapped her hands around Scott's arm. Bronwyn looked annoyed but didn't say anything.
Scott put his hand up to signal everyone, "Okay, here's my plan..."

Bradley was leading Team Earth's discussion, "So, are we all just gonna sprint up there? I wish this was board-accessible."
K.C. raised his hand, "Wouldn't that just slow us down?" Bradley shook his head, "Maybe you're right."
"Can't we all just pile on Angelina? I mean, look at her. Those legs were built for speed! Arf!" Tina barked. Both of them locked eyes again.
"With a team like this, everything's hopeless," Julie whimpered. K.C. shook his head, "Guys! Focus! We can do this! We're Team Earth! The strongest!"
"He's right, you know," Bradley agreed. "We can do this! Now judging by just looks, I would say that I'm probably the fastest. More agile. I'm always on my skateboard so my legs are basically insured."
Julie wondered out loud, "What about the rest of us? It's still partially hopeless. I don't like running, it makes me sweat irregularly." Everyone looked at Julie and K.C. put his hand on her shoulder, "No worries! I'm sure Bradley could carry you!"
"I could?" Bradley asked out loud accidentally. "Oh! I could! The rest of you are fine, right?" After getting everyone to agree, the team clapped all at once while saying the word 'Break'.

"Let's get those legs working! You'll need them." Chris went to the side of the Endless Staircase as the teams gathered at the starting step. For Team Water, Scott was carrying Raina and Natalia and Blake was carrying Bronwyn. On Team Wind and Team Fire were each member scattered out throughout the starting line, and Team Earth had everyone scattered out except for Bradley, who was holding up Julie. Chris took out his airhorn and shouted "GO!"
Everyone began running up the stairs; Mia took a different approach and walked up the stairs and Isadora stayed at the base and didn't budge. Garrett looked back to see Mia walking, "Mia, what are you doing!?"
"Not running. After everyone else started doing it, I felt like I'd be part of the crowd. I'll get up there another way." Mia answered. Garrett looked confused and grunted as he passed Alyssa, who also stopped to see Isadora not budging. Alyssa went back down.
Alice stopped herself, "Alyssa! What are you doing!? The boots are that way! Get up here now!"
Alyssa waved at Alice, "I'll just be a couple minutes!" Alice raised her voice a bit, "Did I stutter!? Now! Not in a few minutes, not after you go back down! Now, girl!"

Alyssa: I chose to ignore Alice, she's been complaining all day anyway. I think there's something wrong with Isadora. And, since nobody else is trying to help her, I think it's up to me!

"Hey," Alyssa tried to talk to Isadora, "Is something wrong?" Isadora ignored her. Alyssa tried again, "Do you know what the challenge is?"
Chris poked his head in between them, "Of course she knows what the challenge is, but just in case she doesn't, how about we give her a little encouragement?!" Chris pointed to the D.O.J.O. and out came a bear. Alyssa and Isadora immediately screamed; Alyssa threw Isadora on her back and ran up the steps.
"Awesome!!" Chris shouted as the bear stopped at the base of the Temple.
She noticed that the rest of the competitors were a little over halfway there, "Man, they move fast!"
"Alyssa!" Maxwell shouted out to her. "NOW!"
"Got it!" she pulled out a coin. "Mantis Flip Coin!" Alyssa flipped the coin, caught it and instantly, she and Isadora began flipping up the steps, screaming along the way, and landed in front of the pack.
William cheered behind her. Alice kept hopping up the steps, "It's about time you did something useful!"

Team Water, who was in the lead earlier all gasped. Bronwyn shrieked, "What do we do now?"
"Stop her!" Natalia shouted out. Scott and Blake continued their trek with the girls on top of them.
"Third-Arm Sash!" Garrett randomly yelled out, revealing he was wearing the sash. The arm of the sash activated and stretched out and grabbed Isadora. Isadora fell off of Alyssa and tumbled down the steps. Isadora came hurling down as Scott and Blake avoided her but Team Earth and Team Wind could not. They were all knocked out by Isadora and each tumbled down a few steps.
Natalia looked behind her, "Ha ha! Take that, losers!!!"
"This race isn't over yet, sarge!" Thomas yelled out to Natalia as he began gaining ground.

Closer to the back of the pack, Team Wind looked disoriented. "We'll get you for this, shrimp!" Alice yelled out to Garrett.
"Sorry, can't hear you. This victory is a bit too loud!" Garrett continued up the steps, blowing a weak raspberry at Alice. Alice began to get angry but was calmed down by Maxwell, "Regain composure, inhale, and exhale."
Alice slapped him down, "I don't have time for you, you walking dictionary! We're never gonna win at this rate!"
"Not to worry," William pointed ahead. "Alyssa's still in the lead!!"
"She is!?" Angelina looked ahead and immediately got angry. "Darn it!!" She punched down on the stairs and immediately an mild earthquake erupted from the ground. Still running, Alyssa lost her balance and came crashing down also.
"This... this isn't good!" Blake yelled as Alyssa's body hit him and Bronwyn. The three of them began their journey back down the steps, clashing into Team Fire.
"No!" Garrett tried his best to stop them but couldn't. "Third-Ar-- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" He was hit by the three of them as was the rest of his team.
"Mark this one down under failure," Hilda said, muffled because her head was face down. Garrett began to grumble as Mia passed him while walking.
"Hey, it's you. You know this walking thing? Yeah, you should've tried it." She briskly walked past everyone.
Albert wondered, "What do we do now?" Eleanor was on all four of her limbs, "We lose."
"Hey, guys!" Scott yelled from the top of the steps. "Is this what we're looking for?" Natalia and Raina were standing behind him as he held up a pair of black boots with small holes in the bottoms of them. Chris walked out of the temple and used his megaphone on, "Chalk up a first-challenge win for Team Water!!"

Natalia and Raina were heard cheering in the background as the rest of the contestants made their way up to the top of the Endless Staircase.
"Great job, Scott!" Bronwyn congratulated him, climbing up the stairs. As she went over to high-five him, she tripped over her own shoes and fell on Scott. Both of them began laughing as Natalia looked at them disdainfully.
Alice finished climbing up the steps and growled to herself, "Why can't this team do anything right? Wind is supposed to be powerful."
Tina was shown laughing and said to Angelina, "Ha! Nice job costing us the boots with your man-hands!"
Angelina grumbled, "Whatever. Now I'm prettier and stronger than you."
"I can be the judge of that," Russell awkwardly winked at both of them. They both yelled back at him at the same time, "Shut up, Russell!"
Chris intervened, "Whoa! Calm the bad vibes down! While it is true that our man of the hour, Scott here, got the Jetbootsu, the hunt is not over yet!"
Raina was cleaning her glasses, "What are you saying?"
"Remember?" Chris walked over to Raina. "I told you that two Wu have revealed themselves! The second Wu will determine who will be safe from elimination tonight! The next Wu we are looking for is called the Lotus Twister." Chris rubbed his hand on the temple. "Oddly enough, it is hidden just beyond the exit of the Lotus Temple. Lotus Temple. Lotus Twister. Get it? Ha-ha."
Blake broke the silence, "Yeah, yeah, you're a real comedian. Now, what about this Twister?" Chris raised his arms, "The Lotus Twister is a very powerful Wu. Whoever wields it will have their arms and legs turned into stretchable rubber in order to reach far distances! And, I'll tell ya now, it'll come in handy for a challenge! Just like any of these Wu!"
"Well, where is it?" Bronwyn wondered.
Chris smacked his forehead, "Were you not listening? I said beyond the Temple. Beyond. Like how my mental capacity is vastly 'beyond' yours." She looked down as Scott raised his hand, "Hey, Chris? Before we go from one Wu to the other, what does this one do again?" Scott had finished putting on the Jetbootsu.
"Why don't you, uh, try them out?" Chris laughed.
Scott shrugged and jumped in the air, "Alright. Jetbootsu!" The boots began glowing as a blue exhaust came from the bottom of the boots which suspended Scott in air.
Scott was impressed, "Hey, this is pretty--" The boots began going haywire and repeatedly smacked Scott into the Temple wall. "Ahhh! Arghh! Help! Ahhhhh! Aaahh! Darn it! Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!" The boots gave out and Scott slammed onto the ground.

Bronwyn: (laughing) That was so cute to me. You know, my mom always says pavement looked good on me and then she would laugh. I still don't know what she means by that. But, maybe that's something me and Scott have in common! (smiles and looks away) He sure looked cool with those boots smashing him against that wall.

"I probably should have mentioned the boots just a bit hard to control," Chris pointed to the Temple entrance, "Once again, the Lotus Temple may be a short run but it's filled with many booby traps and distractions. The fourth Wu awaits! Go!"
The teams rushed into the Temple with Team Fire leading the pack.
Thomas rushed out ahead of everyone, even his team. Albert noticed this, "The signs are showing that you do not need to be that far ahead!"
"The only sign I'm seeing is the one that says 'Free Ticket to the Lo-- Ooof!!" Thomas ran into a column, hitting his crotch in the process.
Eleanor, now running on only her legs, ran over to Thomas, "Thomas? Are you... okay?"
"O-of course, private." Thomas sounded disorientated. "What makes you think I'm--" He fell back down to the floor. Garrett, Albert, Mia, and Hilda ran past the two.
"Don't worry about him," Hilda called out to Eleanor. "Let's keep moving!" Eleanor meowed and ran to catch up to her team.
Hilda pointed ahead, "There's four pathways!" They continued to run while Eleanor yelled out, "Hilda, which one do we take?"
"2. Always go with #2!" Albert answered for her.
Eleanor wondered, "What kind of logic does that make?"
"Do you have anything better?! Let's go!" Garrett answered. Team Fire went through the entrance of the second pathway.

"I can visualize Team Fire," Maxwell yelled out behind Team Fire. Alice sassed him, "Of course you can! We all can, duh! They're right in front of us! There's four entrances ahead and they're going in the second one!"
"Should we follow them?" Alyssa yelled out to the rest of her team.
Mia heard this while in the second entrance and calmly yelled back, "No. Be original."
"We're going into the third one anyway!" Alice responded.
Mia's voice trailed, "Hey, tell that story agaaaaaain!" At this point, Team Wind stopped at the fork in the road.
"What about the first door or the fourth one?! The possibilities are limitless!" Maxwell said as he yearned to know what was in each pathway.
Alice snapped, "No. I've already said we're going through the third one, now let's go!" Alice started walking toward the pathway and didn't hear any footsteps behind her. "Did you guys hear me!? Let's go!" Scared, everyone followed Alice into the third pathway.

William: (groans) What!? Who made her team leader? If anyone should tell us what to do, it should be me. Lead with the eye of imagination and creativity, (referring to Alice) not the appearance and stature of a grease monkey.
Alice: (standing outside the confessional) I heard that!
William: (screams and hides under the confessional chair)

Team Earth and Team Water both came up to the fork in the road at about the same time.
"What do we do now?!" Julie cried. Bradley looked at the first entrance and the last one, "I think I saw Mia go down the second way and the Wind team just went down the third, so..."
Bronwyn looked at Raina, "Do you have any ideas?" Raina examined both areas. She went over to the first entrance and heard a swaying noise in the distance. She, then, hobbled to the last entrance and could only hear running water. "Guys! Over here! Listen!" Team Water went over to Raina's location and heard trickling noises and wave crashes.
"It's water!" Bronwyn smiled at everyone which caused Natalia to put her hands on her hips and roll her eyes, "No, duh."
Scott got closer to the wall, "Hey! It is water!" Natalia, then, changed her voice and gasped, "Hey, it is! Scott, you're so smart. I wish I had that big brain of yours!"
Raina raised her right hand, "To the water!"
"To the water!" the rest of Team Water shouted as they marched down the fourth hole.
"Should we follow them?" K.C. wondered. Russell shrugged and Angelina ignored him and started taking pictures of herself again.
Tina gave everyone 'the hand' and started walking toward the first hole, "Nobody else went through here. Probably because they knew that they weren't #1. I am. So, we go this way."
Bradley looked confused, "Can I board through it?" He pulled his skateboard out from behind him. Tina seemed to not care, "Sure. Whatever." Team Earth went down the first area.

They were struck with fear as they saw giant boulders rolling from side to side of the area.
"Oh, no!" Angelina gasped. Tina smacked her lips, "You're so fake, I swear. You could show a bit more emotion, you know."
"Shut up!" Angelina vigorously pushed Tina in the way of a boulder's path as it came hurling toward her again.
"Look out!" K.C. and Julie both shouted out to her. Tina screamed and put her hands in front of the boulder. It virtually exploded into little pieces when it reached Tina's fingers. Everyone gasped and ran to Tina's possibly needed aid.
"Yeah! That's right! Who else wants some!?" she shouted out and saw the other boulders.

In the second area, Team Fire noticed their obstacle: flamethrowers installed in the walls of the pathway.
Thomas caught up to his team and, luckily, chose the right path. He was out of breath, "What... What happened... What happened to not leaving a man behind?!"
"Oh, yeahhhh, see," Mia started. "We decided not to go with the norm."
"I could have died!" Thomas shouted. Mia backsassed with her index finger in the air, "Yeah, but you didn't."
Eleanor quieted both of them down, "Guys, we have bigger problems." She pointed to the flamethrowers.

"Guys, we can do this!" The scene switched to show Alyssa prepping Team Wind for their obstacle. Alyssa pointed behind her, a very narrow walkway to the exit.
"Would you like to know the odds of us surviving this?!" Maxwell asked Alyssa. Everyone turned to him as he shouted, "Not likely!!"
"You all are so lame," Alice muttered. She went onward toward the narrow path and tried to balance herself.
"Oh, please be careful!" Alyssa motioned to Alice. Maxwell whispered to himself, "Don't tell her that, she should fall on her butt." Everyone began laughing; this caused Alice to turn around but fall off the walkway, screaming as she went down.
Everyone hurried to the ledge to see that Alice was actually hovering a bit below the walkway due to the ledge.
"I'm okay!!" Alice shouted out. A mysterious wind was keeping her levitated in that one spot.
"You see that? She's floating!" William shouted.
Maxwell corrected him. "Levitating, better word."

"Water!" All of Team Water shouted, as they noticed an ocean of water was below them and nothing else. At that point, the water began glowing and surfaced upward, forming large platforms that stretched across the exit of the Temple.
Raina smiled, "Better. I was wondering how we were going to get there. I can't wall-run."
Blake sniffed, "Allow me to take the lead!" He jumped from the starting point to the first platform of water.
"Wait, n--" Raina was about to tell Blake not to but noticed that he was fine. "Huh? No! That's not possible!"
"C'mon, Raina!" Scott vibrantly told her. "Live a little!" He began jumping from platform to platform with brave intentions.

Raina: Water is not meant for jumping. It is meant (naming things off with her hands) for swimming, for drinking, for education, and so much more! Definitely not jumping.

As Raina kept wondering on what else she could do, Team Earth was pummeling through the boulders in their way.
"Keeee-yah!" K.C. shouted a battle cry, forcing a boulder to hit a wall and crumble.
Angelina kicked a boulder out of her way "Take that! And some lotion! You're looking a little crusty!"
"We've got to hurry!" Bradley said as he used his board in combined with his elemental power to crush the huge boulders.

Alyssa and Isadora made it past the narrow walkway and joined Maxwell and Alice with only William seeming to be left.
"Mantis Flip Coin!" William was heard activating a Wu as he flipped toward the exit to join his team.
"C'mon!" Alice rushed toward the exit with the rest of Team Wind following her.

"We don't have all day, Hilda! Let's go!" Garrett shouted. Everyone seemed to be past the flamethrowers while Hilda was trying to run through. She ran past one flamethrowers' reach and stopped, which caused the next one to strike her behind.
"Ow! That wasn't very nice!" Hilda wagged a finger at the inanimate flamethrower. She continued on and got singed by the next one, "Eeeeek! Don't you have any manners!?"
"Uhhh, if I may," Thomas took the Third-Arm Sash from Garrett. "Third-Arm Sash!!" The sash stretched across the way and grabbed Hilda's rear and pulled her to the team.
"S'go!" Albert shouted out as Team Fire ran toward the exit, but it seemed as if they were too late as Scott and William were both fighting over the Lotus Twister.
"Are you kidding me?" Garrett wondered. Albert shook his head, "Not likely. In fact, I am beyond certain."

"I got it first!" William shouted as everyone watched him and Scott pull for the Lotus Twister. Scott responded, "No way, man, it's mine. I did!" The Lotus Twister instantly began glowing as they both began ascending due to the Lotus Twister. Chris came into the picture, descending in a jetpack with Wally.
"It's time!" Chris said with a happy tone.
"Time for what? My manicure!?" Tina shouted. "Because, with all that rock punching, I could totally use one."
"Nobody cares about your nails, smart one," Chris told her. He walked over to see Scott and William and the argument. "It's time for the first Xiaolin Showdown!"
"A what?" Scott wondered.
Chris filled everyone in, "A Xiaolin Showdown happens when two people come to a standstill over a Wu. When two people both touch a Wu, they must battle for it in the best possible way ever! You start by each wagering one Wu and choosing a challenge in order to get the Wu you're fighting for. The winner of the competition cleans out his opponent by taking all the Wu involved! It's the only way to decide this and they're so fun to watch!"

"Can we help them?" Bradley wondered as everyone stared at the two.
"Nooooope," Chris closed his eyes. "You'll all be watching from the sidelines!"
William looked at Scott "In that case, I'll wager the Mantis Flip Coin..."
"...against my Jetbootsu...," Scott continued.
"And the game will be a race to the Lotus Twister!" William finished. Scott agreed by nodding his head. Both of them met each others eyes fiercely and declared, "Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!"

As soon as that was said, pieces of the Temple came apart to form the battlefield as Scott and William were placed on two air-suspended paths that lead to the Lotus Twister. Everyone was seen on the sidelines of the field with Team Wind and Team Earth on William's side and Team Water and Team Fire on the opposite side.
Chris stood at the Lotus Twister's location and shouted out, "Gong Yi Tampai!"
Scott and William got out of their starting stances and both shouted out, "What?!"
"It means 'go', dudes!!" Chris replied as they both started. Both began running as fast as they could with Scott taking an early lead.
"Whoooooo!! Go, Scott!" Cheers were heard from Team Water.
"Get your head in the game, William!" Alice shouted at William, causing a disruption.

William: This was nothing like Art Camp! Nothing! The warzone we were battling on could have used some touch-ups. But, I made due with what I had.

"Mantis Flip Coin!" William took out the Mantis Flip Coin and flipped around to take the lead on his side of the battlefield. The wind he created with the coin blew Scott off of his runway.
"Take that, you lackey!" William playfully said as he kept running toward the Twister.
"Alright, William!" Alyssa cheered from the sidelines. Alice seemed not to care, "As long as we win."
Maxwell eyed Alice, "You know, cheering usually helps instead of being negative all the time." Alice looked the other way.

While falling, Scott called out the name of his Wu, "No! Jeeeeeetbootsu!" He clicked the boots together as they activated and flew him back up to the battlefield. At this point, William was near the Lotus Twister as he kept running toward it, "It's mine!!" Team Wind stood up, as well as Team Water when they saw Scott flying toward the Twister.
"What's gonna happen!?" Eleanor shouted out.
"Someone's about to get his feelings hurt." Russell added.
William saw Scott gaining on him and used his element to his advantage, "Get back!" He thrusted his hand toward Scott and a rainbow colored wind burst out toward Scott. Scott maneuvered his way around the huge winds and approached William due to the Jetbootsu.
"Sorry, dude!" Scott shouted out to William as he let out a battle cry. Water, then, flourished around Scott. Scott forced the water toward William with an even louder battle cry and forced William off of his runway.
"Nooooooooooooooo!!!!" William screamed as he fell down.
Scott flew over to the Lotus Twister and looked down at William falling, "It's okay, man. You'll get it next time!" He winked to Team Water and grabbed the Lotus Twister, immediately causing everything to return to normal.

Everyone was standing at the exit of the Lotus Temple, fully put back together. Scott came up, carrying the Jetbootsu, Mantis Flip Coin, and the Lotus Twister in one hand and a wet William in his other hand, "Looks like I win."
While Team Water was cheering, Chris shouted out, "Team Water wins our first Showdown and the challenge! Fortunately, for Team Earth and Team Fire, you all will be safe from elimination because of the Xiaolin Showdown and, unfortunately for Team Wind, but whatever to me, you guys will be casting someone to the seas!"
"Huh!?" Alice demanded to know. "We got to the Lotus Twister before everyone else did, though!"
"Oh, didn't I mention? In the event of a Showdown, winner takes home everything! Loser gets their butts to the Banishment Ceremony! Someone's losing a Belt!"
Alice smiled and eyed William, "Well, then, this should be easy!" William gulped instantly.

At the Banishment Ceremony, Team Wind sat together with their traditional robes on all clenching their belts. Wally joined them all, now without his wheelchair.
"Nice to see that you're feeling better," Alice said to Wally. She then eyed William, "Maybe you could have been of more use than William!"
"Well, not in a wheelchair," Wally responded.
"Eliminaaaaaaaaaation time," Chris happily said in a sing-song voice. "Nothing like seeing one of you get eliminated today, so why don't we get down to it?! The votes have been cast! One of you will be eliminated today, have your Belt of Life removed, walk down the Pathway of Shame, which leads into the Drop of Shame, and you can never... ever.... ever come back. EVER." Team Wind looked intently at Chris.
"Maxwell!" Chris stated.
"Alyssa and Isadora!"
Alyssa cheered as Isadora didn't do much.
"Can't forget about William, you're safe, too!" William began smiling and sighed out of relief.
"Alice, Wally! It's come down to the two of you, obviously. Whoever's name isn't called must immediately get the heck outta here! The last person who will get to continue their journey is..." Alice eyed Wally as he seemed to be shaking in his shoes due to his unexpected danger.
"It's Wally!" Chris shouted to them. All of Team Wind let out a sigh of relief but Alice.
"What!? How?" Alice looked at her team.
Maxwell told her, "Isn't it obvious? You're a poison to our team. A contamination, an Achilles Heel, weakness, flaw, need any more examples?"
"NO, I don't need any--" A tattered parachute was thrown at Alice as Chris told her, "Time to go!"
"No! I'll decide when I'm leaving!" Alice told them. A small pause occurred. She, then, got up and started walking, "I'm choosing now." She got up, took her Belt off, and proceeded to fall down the Drop of Shame.
Chris watched her plummet down as he concluded the show, "And that's our second Chosen One out the door, er, I mean, the dropzone. Whatever. The rest of these deadweights are in for a lot more pain. That Showdown was a total fluke and they're not going to do anything but get harder along the way of Total.... Drama.... Showdown!"

Chapter Four: Running of the Brats


Chris walked out of the bathroom confessional with a trail of toilet paper attached to the bottom of his foot, while fixing his hair. "You might want to give it about ten minutes, Chef," Chris called out toward the kitchen. "Tacos were definitely not the way go to last night." He suddenly noticed the camera. "Ahhh! Dudes! You didn't tell me you were filming!"
"Uh, sorry, Mr. McLean," one of the cameramen apologized off-screen.
Chris gave an incredulous look to someone off-screen, then quickly turned and smiled at the camera. "Alright! The show goes on! Last time, on Total Drama Showdown, things got intense when two Wu revealed themselves at the same time! All hands were on deck as our Chosen Ones made a mad dash for the gravity-defying Jetbootsu and the elastic powers of the Lotus Twister. Team Water finally decided not to come in last for once, when Scott nabbed the Jetbootsu from the top of the Endless Staircase! Scott and William were lucky enough to take part in the very first Xiaolin Showdown over the Lotus Twister. And after a close race, William was taken down, and Scott hit the jackpot: winning Team Water the Jetbootsu, Mantis Flip Coin, and the Lotus Twister! With three Wu to their name, it looks like Team Water's top dog. Since William tanked the showdown, Team Wind went to their first Banishment Ceremony of the season, where they said farewell to Alice, whose bossy attitude was just too much for everyone to handle! Will Team Water maintain their momentum? Is Team Wind crumbling under the pressure? Find out on episode number four of Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Several peaceful shots of the D.O.J.O. were shown: one of the D.O.J.O. calmly soaring through the air, another of Chef happily mixing ingredients in the kitchen, and another of Isadora calmly walking through the hallway into her team's room. She quickly dropped to the floor and covered her ears after a blood-curdling scream occupied the entire D.O.J.O..

Isadora: (taps her left ear repeatedly, snaps her fingers next to it, and then taps it again) H-hello?!

"Where. Is. It?!"
Tina was shown kneeling by her suitcase, tossing around every article of clothing she could see. "I know I brought it. I know I did. It's in here."
Bradley, Russell, K.C., and Julie hid by the door leading into to Team Earth's bedroom. Isadora gave them a wide-eyed look in an attempt to receive an explanation. K.C. quickly shook his head and pointed into his team's room.
A hair dryer suddenly flew through the door and slammed against the wall, shattering into pieces. This was followed by a hair brush, two bras, a washing machine, and several pianos.
Russell very reluctantly peered into the room and asked, "Uh, Tina, are you alright?"
"Do I look alright?" Tina growled, not even bothering to turn to Russell.
Bradley cleared his throat. "Well, uh, is there anything we can do to help?"
Tina slammed her hands down on her suitcase, causing the floor to tremble slightly. "You can stop talking." She finally turned to look at the rest of her team, and her face was clearly disheveled. She had large bags underneath her eyes and her mascara ran down her cheeks, nearly to her neck. Russell, K.C., Bradley, and Julie all gasped.

Russell: Man, Tina looks rough. I mean, she was never really the prettiest girl on the D.O.J.O., but today is definitely not her best day.
Julie: Tina is such a drama queen sometimes. But I think Angelina might be worse.

A few seconds later, Angelina calmly entered the room, chewing on a granola bar. She wore a hot pink shirt, with a silver rhinestoned "T" in the center of it.
Tina's eyes widened. She ran over to Angelina and stopped her in her tracks. "That's my shirt! Why are you wearing my shirt?!"
Angelina looked down at the clothing she was wearing, then at Tina. "Well, it was on my bed. I thought it belonged to me. Because it was on my stuff."
"There's a giant 'T' in the middle of it," Tina pointed out in irritation.
"I thought it stood for 'thin,'" Angelina defended. "Which is why I didn't think it could be yours."
Tina gasped and yanked Angelina's hair, causing Angelina to fall to the ground. On the floor, Angelina swept her right leg around, knocking Tina down. The girls both crawled forward and began to slap each other repeatedly.

Bradley: This is... kinda... hot. (tugs at collar)
K.C.: Hey, at least we know our team has good fighters.

Tina yelped and attempted to kick Angelina, who then grabbed Tina's foot and swung her across the room. As Tina hit the wall, the entire D.O.J.O. shook.
"See? Not thin at all!" Angelina taunted. Tina got back up and began charging toward Angelina, when suddenly K.C. jumped in between them. "Hey! Girls, come on, stop! We're on the same team. Let's try to talk it through."
They sat on beds across the room from each other as K.C. attempted to facilitate a conversation..
He looked at Tina. "See, Tina, if you weren't such a slob, Angelina wouldn't have accidentally taken your shirt." Tina gasped in indignation.
K.C. then turned to Angelina. "And, Angelina, that shirt doesn't even look good on you."
The girls scoffed and walked out of the room, bumping into each other at the doorway.
"Get out of my way!" Angelina complained.
"You're in my way!" Tina hissed.
K.C. watched as they shoved past each other and stormed off in different directions, while Bradley, Russell, and Julie gave him disappointed looks.

K.C.: Maybe I didn't phrase that in the best way, but I tried, didn't I? I mean, would you want to get caught in the middle of those two? No way!
Angelina: Full offense, but Tina looks like a cavewoman who's still figuring out how to use a brush.
Tina: I'm not saying I hate Angelina, but if it was between spending a day with her and jumping off a cliff, well, I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.

Afterward, in the dining area, the girls of Team Wind, Fire, and Earth gathered around Team Water's table. Blake stood on top of it, modeling Team Water's three Shen Gong Wu.
"That's right, ladies," Blake smugly stated, "check these out! Team Water's three kick-butt Wu, worn by the master himself."
He pointed to his feet. "Jetbootsu!" Blake was quickly tossed upward and hit his head on the metal ceiling. "Ow! Ow! Stop! Cancel! Abort!"
The girls all giggled and Blake was repeatedly thrown against the ceiling.
Scott reminded him, "They're hard to control, dude."
"Yeah, I can see that!" Blake snapped. "Jetbootsu!" He was finally set back down on the table. "Now, let's try out this new Wu."
He grasped the Lotus Twister and called, "Lotus Twister!"
A set of fake lotus roots wrapped around his wrist. He stretched his torso upward and laughed. "Hey, check this out! Hehe, I wonder what else I can stretch?" He paused for a second and then grinned. "Yep, it works."
The girls watching him looked at each other, confused, when Scott suddenly interjected, "Aw, dude, no way, you didn't--"
"Watch this!" Blake suddenly said, noticing Maxwell approaching from afar.
"Shhhhh!" he whispered. He extended his arm down underneath his team's table, around the perimeter of the dining area, and right as Maxwell walked into the dining area, he extended his arm across the doorway. Maxwell tripped over Blake's arm and landed on the floor face-first.
The girls all laughed, with the exception of Raina, Isadora, and Mia.

Mia: Physical pain is such an overused form of comedy. You know what's funny nowadays? Anger. That's hilarious.
Raina: I don't think picking on others is very funny. Blake is just another one of those selfish meathead jocks. But he's a Team Water meathead jock, so I guess I have to learn to tolerate him...

From Team Earth's table, Russell, William, and K.C. watched Blake with disinterest until Russell asked, "Why do girls fall for that kind of stuff? It doesn't make any sense."
"I think Maxwell's the one who fell," K.C. pointed out. Russell missed the joke and continued to rant.
"I mean," Russell sighed, "I'm a really nice guy. Girls always go for the jerks. You know, the ones who treat people like dirt! How does that make any sense?!"
K.C. put his hand on Russell's shoulder. "Y'know, if it makes you feel any better, I've rejected tons of girls before. Every time I reject a girl, that means there's one more opportunity for you!"
Russell groaned and put his head down against the table. William patted his back. "Cheer up. It'll be fine."

William: While Russell is a good friend, I can't help but wonder how he can care so much about the girls in this competition. There's a million dollars on the line! Frankly, Blake can get into whatever antics he'd like as long as it doesn't interfere with my chances of winning.

From the table behind them, Wally flung a spoonful of oatmeal into William's hair. "Haha! Bullseye!"
"Hey!" William whined, turning around. Wally was already preparing another spoonful, this time in Russell's direction.
K.C. mumbled, "Uh, I suggest we move." He yanked Russell and William away from the table just before a barrage of oatmeal chunks came flying toward them.

Team Fire's table was mostly quiet, with the exception of Thomas holding two toy soldier figurines and making fighting sound-effects as he smashed them against each other.
He placed one of them at the top of his mound of oatmeal, and another on the table.
"Sanders, I've reached the top of the hill!" Thomas said in a gruff voice.
Moving the other figurine to the cadence of his voice, he answered, "I knew you could do it, MacArthur!"
"But... I'm sinking... oh, no!"
"MacArthur, no!"
"The trenches of oat... are consuming me... blergh..."
He imitated a fart-like noise as one of the figurines was completely absorbed by his plate of oatmeal. Hilda giggled while Garrett gave Thomas a blank stare. "Are you done?"
Thomas looked at his plate of oatmeal. "I dunno, ask MacArthur."
"I'm not talking to one of your dolls," Garrett said with disdain.
"They're action figures, dude," Thomas corrected, fishing his action figure out of the oatmeal.

Garrett: For someone built like a 30-year-old, Thomas sure loves to act like a 3-year-old. My team is sub-par enough as it is! I can't have his immaturity holding us back even more.
Thomas: Garrett needs to lighten up, I mean come on. This isn't basic training. And, if I were anyone else, I'd be super relaxed. I mean, it must be comforting knowing you're not gonna win since I'm around, right? (laughs)

Back at Team Water's table, which still had a crowd of girls watching Blake, Raina clapped her hands and ordered, "Okay, ladies, time to go. Show's over."
The girls began to walk back to their teams' tables, and Blake groaned. He turned to Raina. "Hey, what are you doing? Can't you see I'm performing for the ladies here?"
"I'm trying to eat," Raina replied, probing her oatmeal. She scooped some into her spoon. It slid off of it and slowly inched away.
Blake paused for a moment and let his eyes follow the oatmeal, then looked at Raina again. "Uh, no, I'm talking about getting rid of all of them. You got a problem?"
Raina put her spoon down. "It's pretty hard to eat when you're surrounded by a bunch of annoying, squealing fangirls."
After a short pause, Blake suddenly said, "Ohhhh, I get it. Jealousy. I see."
"... What?" Raina scoffed, looking up. "Jealousy? Who's jealous of who? I'm not jealous of anything or anyone."
"Aw, don't worry, The Blake Show has re-runs every now and then," Blake assured. "I'll let you know when the next episode's scheduled."
Scott, Bronwyn, and Natalia looked back and forth between Raina and Blake.

Scott: It's nice that the fighting isn't between Natalia and Bronwyn for once. Though this probably isn't a very good substitute.
Natalia: Okay, Blake isn't even that cute, he just has nice arms. He could definitely lift me with those arms. Mmmm...

Blake shrugged. "I'm just saying, all of the good-looking girls were falling over the good-looking guy. And, well, um, you were..."
"Think long and hard about what you're going to say," Raina threateningly told him. Blake gulped and opened his mouth to speak, when the floor underneath the dining area opened up and released the contestants.

"Not this again!" Bronwyn screamed as she fell.
Eleanor asked, "Why can't we just land like regular people?"
K.C. looked down and gasped. "Guys, guys, look!"
The ground below them was nothing but a plain of jagged rocks.
"This isn't cool, Chris!" Julie weeped. "I didn't want to go like this!"
The Chosen Ones screamed for their lives. Still plummeting, Scott took action snatched the Jetbootsu off of Blake's feet and ordered, "Everyone, grab on to me!"
Natalia wrapped her arms around his chest. "Sure." Bronwyn noticed this and rolled her eyes, then grabbed Scott's hand. Once everyone was attached to Scott in some way, he yelled, "Jetbootsu!"
The boots kept everyone suspended inches away from the jagged rocks. They all exhaled in relief. Suddenly, they were all caught in a giant butterfly net.
Garrett looked up and complained, "What the heck is going on?" Chris's voice was heard over the D.O.J.O.'s PA system. "Uh, hehe, sorry, gang, minor malfunction. I dropped you off just a little early. We'll be reaching Barcelona, Spain, in just a few minutes! Make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened."

Natalia: Spain has amazing food. But the best part about the food is the hunky waiters that serve it. (lets out a growl)
Eleanor: When are we going to France? I'm itching to see a Chausie in her country of origin! If I'm travelling the world for this show, I'm anticipating the chance to have a fully authentic feline experience!
Maxwell: I ended my conversational Spanish class this year with an A-plus. Apparently the way I roll my r's is perrrrrrrfecto. No one can position this tongue the way I can.

The butterfly net suddenly released the contestants in a pile in front of a large stadium. The D.O.J.O. skidded to a halt beside the stadium, and Chris hopped out. "We're here! Welcome, Chosen Ones!"
He approached the group and told them, "Alright, gang, we've got two kick-butt Wu to track down today, and both of them are right in there!" He pointed to the stadium and cupped his ear. As if on cue, a loud yell was heard, followed by a man in tattered clothing bolting out of the stadium.
"I love the sound of pain in the morning," Chris chirped. "Anywho, the first Wu you guys need to track down is called the Shroud of Shadows."
Angelina folded her arms. "Ew, a 'shroud'? Those things went out of style, like, centuries ago."
Tina mumbled, "Just like the rest of your wardrobe."
"The Shroud of Shadows," Chris continued, "is a pretty awesome Shen Gong Wu that allows whoever wears it to become invisible."
Russell grinned. "That'll be useful." The girls around him gave him a look of disgust.
Chris clapped his hands to refocus the attention. "Now, we've tracked the Wu to be somewhere in there." He pointed to the stadium, from which another cry emerged, followed by a cheering crowd.
"What the heck is going on in there?" Bronwyn asked. Chris silently pointed to a sign directly beside the group which read, "Running of the Bulls!"
Bronwyn blushed. "Oh."
Chris pointed to the stadium entrance. "Go, go, go! Don't come back 'til you've found that Shroud!"

As the contestants approached the entrance, Garrett slowly and reluctantly put his arm around Albert and asked, "What's going on?"
"Just excited to see what today has in store for me!" Albert confidently replied.
Garrett nodded. "Oh, that's great. Hey, let's walk this way."
He quickly walked over to Mia and put his other arm around her. "And Mia, how are you?"
"You don't care," Mia monotonously answered.
Garrett quickly took his arms off of both of them. "You're right. Look. The secret to doing well on reality shows is making connections a tightly-knit alliance. And you two seem to be the," he cringed before continuing, "best candidates."
Mia looked at her nails. "I knew you needed an alliance."
"I'd be more than happy to join," Albert grinned. "I was meant to be part of a triumvirate."
"Great," Garrett stated, then he looked at Mia. "What about you?"
Mia shrugged. "Although alliances are so overdone, no one else seems to have made one so far, which makes us the first. Does it count as conforming, then? I'll join."
"Perfect!" Garrett grinned. "We'll make a great team."
"A team within a team!" Albert chimed.
Mia cringed, then asked, "Are you going to do things like that all the time? If so, this isn't gonna work."

Garrett: With that, I've taken control of half of my team! If I can carry them all the way until the teams combine, I'm set for the rest of the game. No one's going to know what hit them.
Albert: Garrett's taken Mia and I under his wing, and I'm excited! Mia and I should make for a great pair. And pairs come in 2's. That's my lucky number!

The contestants reached the stadium, and almost immediately, Bradley gasped. "Look, guys!"
He pointed to the center of the ring, where a matador waved the Shroud of Shadows in front of a bull. Bradley added, "The matador guy's using the shroud as his sheet-waving thingy!"
"It's called a muleta," Maxwell corrected, but the contestants ignored him as they all entered the ring.

Maxwell: Why doesn't anyone pay any attention to detail anymore? At least educate yourself and respect the culture before you go ahead and interfere with such an important event!

The matador vigorously waved the shroud and the bull charged toward it. He pulled the shroud away and the bull continued to charge, and rammed into a caged section of the arena's border. The cage burst open and released a mass of other bulls into the arena, all enraged.
"Ay, mi madre!" the matador squeaked. He threw the Shroud of Shadows into the air, and it then hooked onto a bull's horn, before the matador hopped over the arena's fence and ran away. The bulls noticed the contestants and instead charged toward them.
Raina gulped. "Uh-oh."
Bronwyn grabbed the Mantis Flip Coin from out of her pocket, then flipped it. "No way am I becoming bull chow! Mantis Flip Coin!"
She soared above the stampede of bulls and flipped on to the head of the bull stringing along the shroud.
As she reached to grab it, Eleanor declared, "We won't give up that easily! Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash around her waist extended, grew, and grabbed Bronwyn, then pulled her back to the crowd of contestants.
The bulls continued charging toward the contestants. "Ahhhhh!"
"Lotus Twister!" Scott yelled. His arms extended and he wrapped them around all of the contestants. "Jetbootsu!" Now holding all of the contestants, he flew up and above the bulls.
"You're so smart!" Natalia cooed. Bronwyn kicked Natalia, causing her to turn around.
"What was that for?" Natalia snapped.
Bronwyn faked a gasp. "Oh, sorry, I, um, thought I saw a bug. On your leg. You should shower more thoroughly."

Bronwyn: I'm starting to think Natalia really doesn't know how to take a hint. She keeps throwing herself at Scott and he's totally not interested.
Natalia: I don't know what Bronwyn's problem is. Scott's obviously into me, and she's just trying to force something between them that won't happen.

Scott flew over to the area between the audience and the arena. He quickly dropped everyone, then apologized. "Whoops, sorry."
Mia stood up and dusted herself off. "Thanks for the smooth landing."
"To which landing are you referring to?" Hilda inquired. "The landing we have just experienced was not smooth at all."
Mia sighed. "I was being sarcastic. As in, meaning the opposite of what I actually said."
Hilda blinked. Mia elaborated, "Sarcasm is used to be funny or to show that you're annoyed. Like, if it's raining outside, you would say 'nice weather.'"
"You have a very strange sense of humor," Hilda frowned. "Rain is far from nice weather!"

Hilda: I did my best to familiarize myself with the idioms and slang words and speech patterns of non-Amish teenagers before I left my home! I think I have begun to master it. I should blend in very well. They will think I am ice cold!

Inside of the arena, the bulls aimlessly ran around and bumped into each other.
Bradley groaned. "Alright, there's no way I'm just gonna sit here and watch while the Wu flaps around in there." He kicked up his skateboard and jumped on it, then rode along the edge of the arena.
"Oh, gosh, he's gonna die," Julie panicked. She ran over to K.C. and hugged him. "He's gonna die!"
K.C. awkwardly petted her head. "Uhhh, don't worry, he'll be fine."
Bradley stopped when he reached the opposite end of the arena, then whistled loudly. The bulls all turned to him.
"Is he out of his mind?!" Tina asked in disbelief.
He jumped into the arena, and the bulls all charged toward him.
The contestants gasped and ran to the edge of the arena. "Run!... Get out of there!... Are you crazy?"
Bradley exhaled, kicked up one end of his skateboard, then stomped down on it. As soon as it hit the ground, a giant wave of sand blew across the arena, disorienting the bulls. Bradley stomped again, and the ground shook, causing the bulls to fall over on each other. He then trotted over to Shroud of Shadows and snatched it from the bull that was carrying it, and cheered. "Whoop! Place at the table for Team Earth, dudes!"
"Holy crap!" Angelina and Tina said at the same time. They ran over to him and cheered, with K.C. and Julie following close behind. The other three teams, and Russell, stayed behind.

Russell: Even Bradley gets all the girls. This isn't fair! What is it about me? Am I not good-looking enough? No, that can't be it. Do I offend? (sniffs his left armpit) Hm, a bit. But not enough to keep girls away from me!
Bradley: Score numero one for me! Haha. See? I said it in Spanish 'cause we're in Spain. Wicked.

Chris entered and announced, "And, Bradley nabs the Shroud of Shadows for Team Earth!"
Team Earth cheered once again, and Maxwell suddenly remembered, "Didn't you say there were two Wu?"
"I was getting to that," Chris snapped. "Don't rush me!" Maxwell pouted as Chris continued, "Anywho. Before Max decided to go all smarty-pants on me, I was going to say, your next task is to look for the other Wu revealed today, called the Tangle Web Comb!"
Tina looked at her nails and stated, "I know someone who could definitely use a comb right now."
Angelina glared at her, then with insincere pity, retorted, "Oh, don't be so hard on yourself, I think the spaghetti on your head looks cute."
"Can't believe I'm saying this, but, not now, ladies," Chris interrupted.
Eleanor looked around the stadium and asked, "So, where is it?"
Chris pointed to the audience, who looked back at him in boredom. "One of these saps has the comb. I don't know how they managed to get their hands on it, but you've got to find it."
"That involves interacting with society," Thomas jokingly said to Mia.
Chris ordered, "Alright, go! Get that comb! In the meantime, since the bulls are out of commission, we'll need something to entertain these people... Chef?"
Chef came riding into the arena on a unicycle, juggling kittens.

Chef: (wearing clown makeup and a bright red nose) I hate my life. (unenthusiastically honks a bike horn)

Eleanor gasped in horror. "What are you doing to those kittens?! Third-Arm Sash!"
The arm extended and collected the kittens as they were tossed in mid-air. The kittens were brought over to Eleanor, who petted them and cooed, "Don't worry, you'll be fine." She then walked back to the D.O.J.O. with the kittens.
"To where are you headed, uh, 'home skillet'?" Hilda asked Eleanor as she left.
"I'll be right back!" Eleanor waved.

Meanwhile, the second half of the challenge was underway, with the contestants roaming throughout the audience.
Maxwell approached a young woman and spoke to her in fluent Spanish. After a few seconds, the woman slapped him and moved back two rows.
From a few rows behind him, Wally laughed and asked, "Dude, what'd you say?"
"I just said, 'I want to know if you have a magical comb,'" Maxwell frowned. "I mean, I think I'm using the right words."
Wally chuckled to himself and continued walking.

Maxwell: (hastily flipping through a Spanish-English Dictionary) ...... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay, I deserved that one.

"Hey lady!" Blake called out to a woman sitting near the arena. "Yo!"
She turned around to face him as he approached her. "Listen. So. I wanted to know if you saw some kinda comb anywhere?"
She stared at him blankly. He scratched his head and repeated, "A comb. A cooooooomb."
"I don't think she understands you," Raina said, walking up to the two of them.
"Who asked you?" Blake dismissed. He looked at the woman again, and very loudly, repeated, "A coooooooooomb."
Raina shook her head and walked away.

Raina: I think Blake is just one of those people who thinks he can do no wrong. Man, what could anyone ever see in him!?
Blake: Am I not saying it right? Comb. Cooooooomb. Com-bee. Coo-mb. Hehe. Coo-mb.

The scene switched over to Julie, who was sitting next to a teenage boy.
She sobbed, "And then, they were like, 'If you don't fill this bag up with money, you'll never see your family again!' So what was I supposed to do?!"
The boy listened intently, and Julie continued, "So, I did it. But I never saw my parents or my brother ever again! And I did exactly what they said!"
"Muy triste," the boy commented. Julie unsurely agreed. "I know, right?"
K.C. noticed her and waved. "Hey, Julie! What're you doing?"
"H-h-hi!," Julie stuttered, "K.C., this is Pablo. Say 'hi.'"
"Oh, hi, Pablo," K.C. blinked. The boy, apparently named Pablo, shook his head. "No, me llamo--"
Julie giggled. "Pablo's so funny! Anyway, I was just having a nice conversation with him."
K.C. rubbed the back of his neck. "Sounds... nice. But, we need to find the comb."
"Oh, right," Julie yawned. "Um, I'm just so tired, I hope you don't mind if I sit out for a bit. The bulls were really scary. I'm just so... exhausted..." She faked another yawn and dozed off in her chair beside Pablo.
K.C. admired her, then whispered, "She'd make a lovely corpse, wouldn't she?"
Pablo's eyes widened as he slowly inched away.

In another section of the arena, Mia reluctantly asked a woman, "Hello, do you have a comb?"
"Que?" the woman blinked. Mia awkwardly left without saying anything else.
She bumped into Albert, who gasped. "I had a feeling we'd run into each other!"
"Do you think it's because we're on the same team?" Mia flatly asked.
"That... may have something to do with it," Albert realized. He looked off to the distance and noticed a glimmer. "Hey, I think I see something."
From a few rows back, Garrett overheard Albert and followed his line of sight, then saw the same glimmer in a woman's hair. He chased after it.
As Garrett approached the woman, he saw that the glimmer was the Tangle Web Comb. "Yes!" Garrett cheered.
He reached to grab it, when suddenly, another hand touched it at the same time.
"Looks like we've got ourselves a Xiaolin Showdown," the owner of the other hand stated, which turned out to be Russell.
Garrett rolled his eyes. "Just perfect."
The woman irritatedly looked at Garrett, then at Russell, and attempted to shoo them way.

The contestants gathered around them, as Russell stated, "Garrett, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown. Let's wager your Third-Arm Sash against my Shroud of Shadows! The game is--"
"Um, wait," Garrett interrupted. A record scratch played off in the distance.
"What?" Russell asked, irritated at the interruption.
Garrett patted himself down, then stated, "I don't have the Third-Arm Sash on me."
He looked to his team, and received a series of shrugs. Suddenly, Eleanor came running into the arena, panting. "Oh! Sorry! I was just... taking care of things."
She ripped the Third-Arm Sash off of her waist and tossed it to Garrett.
As Garrett caught it, Thomas realized, "Wait, where were you? We were busting our butts in this challenge and you were off doing who-knows-what?!"
"Uh," Eleanor blinked. "Um..."
"This isn't the time!" Russell snapped. "As I was saying, the game is the Dodging of the Bulls. First to fall off the arena loses!"
Garrett nodded. "Sounds good."
They stared each other down and chanted, "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

Suddenly, the bulls in the arena were no longer disoriented and fallen as Bradley had left them, but up and running even fiercer than before. The arena was lifted and remained suspended in the air. Chef, still on his unicycle, pedaled off of the side of the arena in terror and fell into the audience, along with the other contestants. Garrett and Russell were placed in the center of the arena, and as the bulls charged at them, they chanted, "Gong Yi Tampai!"
Immediately after, Garrett yelled, "Third-Arm Sash!" The arm extended outward and slapped Russell into the side of a bull. At the same time, Garrett ran around in circles to avoid the bulls.
"Cheap shot!" Russell growled. Before he could stand up, a bull's horn hooked on the back of his shirt and began to drag him around. "Ahhhhhhhhh!"
From the audience, Tina groaned, "Well, there goes our first and only Wu."

Bradley: I'm gonna be super ticked if Russell loses our Shroud of Shadows. Like, I just got that for our team! I almost became a bull's appetizer for that stupid towel!

The bull continued to drag Russell around, and in the meantime, Garrett continued to run and avoid the bulls chasing him. "This was a terrible showdown idea! Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash attempted to smack the bulls behind him, but to no avail. The bulls only charged even faster.

Garrett: (panting) I never... want to do a showdown... ever... again...

Russell was suddenly unhooked from the bull's horn, and was thrown across the arena.
He slid off of the edge, causing the audience to shriek.
However, one of his hands held him up as he dangled from the edge. "I'm alright!"
The rest of Team Earth breathed a sigh of relief as Russell struggled to get back up.
"Okay, no more playing around!" he declared. "Shroud of Shadows!"
As he wrapped the shroud around himself, he suddenly disappeared.
"Wait, where is he?" Angelina blinked.
Tina rolled her eyes. "Were you not listening to Chris? The Shroud of Shadows makes you invisible."
Garrett suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned around, and yelled, "Stop!"
A wall of flames erupted between himself and the bulls, causing the bulls to stop and turn around. They began to charge in the direction Russell was last seen. A few of the Chosen Ones from the audience gasped and murmured to each other.
"Perfect," Garrett smugly grinned. Suddenly, a loud stomp was heard, followed by the arena shaking and crumbling.
"What the heck was that?" Garrett panicked. From directly behind him, Russell removed his shroud and barked, "Me!"
Garrett jumped in surprise and lost his balance, causing him to stumble backward and fall off of the arena. "Noooooooooooooooooooo!"
"Yes, yes, yes!" Russell cheered, as the arena and the rest of the stadium returned to its normal state.

The contestants, Chef, and Chris stood in the audience stands, with Russell holding the Shroud of Shadows, Third-Arm Sash, and Tangle Web Comb in his hands. "Hurrah!"
Tina, Angelina, and Julie rushed over to him and hugged him. "You are amazing! ... That was so good! ... Good job, Russell!"
Russell blushed and mumbled, "Aww, well, guys..."
From afar, Bradley folded his arms and nodded in approval. "Good job, man."
"Told you you'd be fine!" K.C. grinned, patting him on the back.
Chris clapped his hands for attention and declared, "And Russell wins the showdown, as well as the Tangle Web Comb and the Third-Arm Sash! And while Team Earth gets to celebrate, it's time for Team Fire to say sayonara to a teamie!"
"What does the sayonara signify?" Hilda curiously asked.
Chris sighed. "It means 'goodbye.'"
Hilda seemed confused. "But, if we are voting off one of our members, it would not be a 'good' bye, but a 'bye' with malicious intent, would it not?"
"Just vote someone off!" Chris barked.

Russell: I won the first showdown for my team! Me! Haha! And the ladies love me for it. Maybe this game isn't gonna be so hard after all.

The Banishment Ceremony took place shortly after. Team Fire sat in the bleachers. They nervously looked at one another in anticipation of the results.
Chris entered with a sheet of paper. "And, the votes have been cast! This was interesting."

Garrett: I told my alliance who to vote for. We're going to dominate this game. Excuse me, I'm going to dominate this game.

"Team Fire, since you haven't been here before, let's go over the rules," Chris recalled. "If I call your name out, it means you're safe. If your name is not called out, it means it's time for you to take off your Belt of Life, walk down the Pathway of Shame, and take the dreaded Drop of Shame!"
He popped up behind the bleachers and quickly said, "And you can never, ever, ever, ever, ever come back."
He then popped up right in front of Mia. "Ever!"
"I get it!" Mia snapped.
Chris backed away. "Touchy. Mia, you're safe. And Hilda! You're safe too."
Hilda clapped happily and swayed from side to side.

Hilda: It is unfortunate that I must choose a friend to send home. I am feeling very down in the dumpsters about this.

Peering into the crowd, Chris added, "And Albert, you also get to live another day!"
"I knew I would!" Albert confidently grinned.
Chris squinted. "Now, for the hard part. Thomas, Garrett, and Eleanor. The next safe contestant is............ Eleanor!"
"Meow!" Eleanor squealed, hugging Hilda.
"And the final contestant to remain in the competition is........."

Thomas: I'm feeling good about my chances. Garrett's got a stick permanently up his butt. No way would anyone want to work with him for much longer!

Thomas stood up in surprise. "Wait, what? What the heck?!"
"Your time's up!" Chris declared, ripping off Thomas's Belt of Life. "Have a nice drop!"
Chef nonchalantly picked Thomas up and tossed him out of the D.O.J.O., then snapped his fingers. "Right, parachute." He picked one up and tossed it after Thomas. "Catch!"
Eleanor asked in concern, "Will he be okay?"
"Probably not," Chris admitted. "And that wraps up episode numero cuatro! That means 'number four,' for you non-Spanish-speaking folk. Tune in next time for another action-packed, exciting episode of Total..... Drama...... Showdown!"

Chapter Five: Ringing Victorious Together


Chris was shown in the cockpit area of D.O.J.O, "Last time, on Total Drama Showdown: we shouted Olé!... all day... in the best of ways! Haha, two more of my Wu decided to reveal themselves in a bizarre bullfighting ring somewhere in scenic Spain: the Shroud of Shadows and the Tangle Web Comb! In the scheme of things, Bradley turned out to be the hero and obtained the Shroud of Shadows by stealing it from a matador, which infuriated an already-jealous Russell. So much that, he and Garrett faced off in a Xiaolin Showdown of the ages for the Tangle Web Comb! In the end, it was Russell who came out on top when everyone on his team doubted him and Team Fire ousted Thomas due to Garrett's freshly made alliance with Mia and Albert! It's about time the comb got revealed. Some of the girls this season could really use it, if only they knew how to share. Tune in for more chills, spills, and thrills right here, right now, on Total... Drama... Showdown!"

After the theme song ended, the scene faded in as D.O.J.O. shook by the sound of loud snoring. In Team Fire's room, everyone looked restless as the snoring was coming from Hilda. As the camera panned, Team Fire looked insufferable: Eleanor was tossing and turning, still trying to sleep and Garrett had his pillow over his face. Albert had his index finger on his chin, questioning himself on what he should do, and Mia was surprisingly sound asleep. Hilda let out another snore.

Albert: (tired) She snores so loud. (yawns) I don't understand; it may be the one thing I'm not meant to under... t-to under... to un-- (passes out in confessional)

"This... is impossible," Garrett motioned, muffled due to his pillow. He took it off and threw it without looking. Weirdly enough, it hit Eleanor.
Eleanor shot up and immediately shouted, "Cats for President! What?!" She peered down and saw Garrett's pillow and threw it back at him, smacking him.
"Hey!" she continued, "I was having such a great dream!"
Garrett retorted, "How can you sleep with-with that constantly buzzing in your ears?!" Hilda let out another louder snore.
"I think I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard," Garrett sarcastically mentioned. He looked over to Eleanor and saw her kneeled down and looking under her bench. He looked confused as small mewing noises were heard, "What... are you doing?"
"Meow?" Eleanor responded. She laughed and scratched the back of her head nervously, "Oh, nothing! Nothing!" Garrett raised an eyebrow as Hilda continued snoring.
She mumbled something in her sleep, "Take all you want... eat all you take."

Later on, in the dining area, Maxwell was getting served by Chef. Chef released a weird gray substance on Maxwell's plate.
Maxwell questioned it and mumbled to himself, "I can find better food in the dumpster."
"You get food from there, too? Now I don't feel so bad," Chef asked after hearing him. Maxwell immediately dropped his plate and ran out of the dining area, holding his mouth with his hand. His team saw him blitz out of the dining area.
"What's with him?" Alyssa wondered. Everyone shrugged their shoulders as Wally laughed sarcastically, "It's Maxwell, what do you expect?"
Alyssa brushed it over, "It doesn't matter. Guys, we need to talk. We are sucking so far. We don't have one Wu to call our own."
"We had the Mantis Flip Coin, but some--William--geek who shall--William--remain nameless--William--gave it to Scott!! ... William!" Wally eyed William and continued scarfing his plate of food down.
William frowned, "Well, why don't you do something about it? You're big and strong, what's your excuse?"
Wally got a bit angered, "You wanna go!? You wanna go?!"
He locked eyes with William as Alyssa tried to regain composure, "Guys, guys! This is why we're losing! We need to focus!"

"Wow, she's really barking at them," Raina overheard while eating. Raina looked over at Scott, who was playing chords on his guitar. Raina looked at him in a mesmerizing approach.
"I'm glad our team isn't like that. ... You know, it's better that way. ... I wonder what it'd be like if our team was that disheveled? ... You think it'd be bad?" Raina tried making small talk with Scott only to have him brush it off and continue playing his guitar.
Raina picked up her plate and sighed, "I'll be right back."

Raina: (sighs) I'm horrible at this talking thing sometimes. (takes glasses off to clean them) Typically, I have my head in the books, studying my medical texts. Once, I tried striking a conversation with a butterfly. It flew away toward a road; minutes later, a speeding big truck ripped it apart. I feel like I'm cursed. Hmm... Maybe I can get rid of this somehow. (pulls out a book to read)

As Raina was walking back to her seat with another plate of Chef's creation, she heard squealing coming from Team Earth's table. She turned to see that it was Angelina, Tina, and Natalia huddled at Team Earth's table, all over Russell.
"Eeeeeee!! You need anything? ... A fork!? ... A straw?! ... More food?!" The girls were all hounded around Russell, asking if he needed anything. When they backed away a bit, Russell was shown to have the Tangle Web Comb in his hair, the Shroud of Shadows tied around his neck like a cape, and the Third-Arm Sash around his waist.
"Ladies, ladies," he muttered in a deeper-than-usual voice. "Calm yourselves. Listen. Natalia, babe. Can you get me a drink? My victorious bones could use a spritzer."
Tina interjected, "I'll get it for you! She'll probably poison the drink somehow!" Tina nodded her head and left Russell's side to get a drink, which infuriated Natalia. She ran after her, "Excuse you, he didn't ask you to get the drink!"
Tina's voice trailed off in the distance, "Get back here, you dumb bimbo!"
"So," Angelina embraced Russell. "How's about you use one of those Wu?"
"Whaaaaat?" Russell said with confidence. "You mean like this!? Tangle Web Comb!" Russell took out the comb from his hair; it activated and shot out vine-like strings shot out of the object. Russell was aiming for Chef Hatchet in front of him but, due to not focusing on the Tangle Web Comb, the strings made a U-turn and headed for the dining area entrance.

"So, it's because of all those gold medals I got, I had to legally accept second place even though I actually won in the last event, too! If not, they would sue-- Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Blake was bragging while coming into the dining hall with Bronwyn when the strings nabbed and entangled him. The strings threw him against the wall and ensnared Blake immediately.
Russell winked at Angelina, "Oops." This caused Angelina to growl, "Ooooooh, Russell."
"It's good to be the king," Russell nodded, crossed his arms, and put shades on.
"Blake!" Bronwyn yelped in shock. She ran to his aid, "What happened!?"
Blake grunted and struggled. He lied to Bronwyn, "Nothing I can't handle!" Raina and Scott ran out to the entrance of the dining area to see Blake trapped.
He continued to wiggle, "No worries! I've gotten out of--unh--bigger--unh--problems than this before!" The rest of Team Water exchanged looks, shrugged their shoulders, and walked back in.

Scott: Hey, if the guy says he can handle it, he can handle it, he can.
Bronwyn: We probably would have hurt his confidence if we tried helping. My music teacher always taught me about confidence and how it shouldn't be injured. (points to left breast) My confidence is right here and I cry when it gets hurt.

At that point, Albert was on his knees, dragging his way toward the dining area with exhaustion.
"Hey, hey, buddy," Blake whispered to him, still tangled up. "Can you help me out here?" Albert continued to drag his body toward the dining area.
He stopped and looked at Blake with scorn, "The gods say everyone deserves a giant middle finger today. I'm tired." He continued in the dining area and passed out upon entrance.
K.C. looked up and saw Albert, "Is he okay?!"
Julie smacked her lips and rolled her eyes, "Please, he doesn't know what pain is." K.C. rushed over to Albert's aid.
He picked Albert's head up to see that he was only sleeping, "Oh, he's just knocked out. Boring." K.C. immediately dropped Albert back on the ground and walked back over to his table.

As the rest of Team Fire walked in, Chris skipped in behind them, "Morning, competitors! How's my elemental elves?" Groans were heard across the room as Chris smiled, "Great!! You'll all be happy to know that the next Wu has officially revealed itself! It's really close! I mean, really close! And this one's a--Wait."
Chris stopped in his tracks and peered across the room. "We're short one hothead and one crybaby. Where's Hilda and Blake?"
Bronwyn pointed behind Chris, "There's Blake..." Chris looked behind him to see Blake trying to chew off the strings from the Tangle Web Comb.
"This is not impossible! I will conquer you!" Blake shouted out a battle cry. Chris laughed enchantingly and walked over to Blake. He swiftly ran his finger along the Tangle Web Comb's strings and they ripped apart off of Blake.
"How... How did you do that?" Blake wondered. Chris retorted, "Nobody bothered to listen to the rest of my explanation for the Tangle Web Comb. It is one of my more difficult Wu to master. It requires absolute focus to use and to get out of."
Chris walked back into the dining area, "So, that's one..."
"Oh," Eleanor raised her hand. "I think Hilda is still sleeping. My ca-- I mean 'I' didn't get much sleep last night and neither did Albert." Eleanor pointed at Albert who was still passed out at Chris' feet.
"Chef!!" Chris shouted out. At that point, Chef Hatchet walked over to Albert and dumped a bucket of cold water on Albert.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Albert jumped up and immediately began shivering. Laughter was heard from the Team Water and Team Wind tables.
"Ahh, Albert! Glad you could join us!" Chris shouted as Albert slowly walked over to his team.
Chris called out, "Now, Chef! Go do the same for Sleeping Beauty in there!"
Chef looked confused, "I can't! I don't have any more water! You won't pay the bills for this stupid thang!" Chris stared at Chef for a few seconds and then shrugged his shoulders.
"As if I care about her, her loss!" Chris continued. "The Wu that we're looking for this time is the Ring of the Nine Dragons. It--" Chris stopped again as D.O.J.O. came down to a calm landing in a forest area.

The main hatch to D.O.J.O. opened and Eleanor was the first out, "Wow, a regular landing? Someone deserves a medal."
After the contestants were out of D.O.J.O., Chris walked out in front of them, "Alright. Now, if I can say things without getting interrupted again, the revealed Wu is the Ring of the Nine Dragons. This is one of our more dangerous Wu and should only be entrusted to those that are worthy of its use. It has the power to turn one person into as many as nine. Now--"
"Nine people?!" Angelina happily shouted. "Do you know how much more I could get done in the day without actually doing anything?!"
Tina obviously interrupted, "Isn't one of you enough?" Angelina got upset with this comment and stamped her foot into the ground, causing a small quake that made Tina fall to her hands and knees.
"Hmmm, that position suits you," Angelina slyly said, causing K.C. and Julie to laugh.
Chris grunted and cleared his throat loudly, "Me no likey interruption... y. Listen up, the Ring of the Nine Dragons is sensed greatly around this forest. I believe it's located somewhere in this jungle maze. This maze will test your skills as warriors and as friends. The Ring of the Nine Dragons does a lot more than divid--"
"Talk is cheap!" Blake commanded. "The strong take action! Let's go!" Blake immediately ran into the forest with the rest of Team Water trailing behind him. While trying to catch up, Bronwyn tripped over a ladybug and hit a tree, causing her to fall backward. Raina came back for her and dragged her seemingly unconscious body and caught up to Team Water.

"But, but--" Chris started.
"They're getting away! After them!" Bradley yelled out. He immediately began running but didn't hear any footsteps behind him. He turned around to see Julie and K.C. watching Angelina and Tina fawn over Russell, who still had all the Wu around him.
"Why... Why don't you go handle that?" Russell lavished and winked at Bradley. "I have a few other things to tend to. Let's go work on our tans, ladies!" Russell began to walk off with Tina and Angelina behind him, squealing.

Bradley: (groans and slams hand on confessional desk) That little runt thinks he's king of the skate park because he won one stupid showdown! I mean, I respect him and he's (pause) okay to me, but he has a huge ego. He needs to realize we're still in a competition. And, I plan on making sure he realizes that. (picks up skateboard) Even if I have knock sense into him and his tag-a-longs.

"No, no, no, dudes," Bradley yelled over toward them. "We go this way. This way. We have to get that ri--" Bradley was cut off by hearing Team Wind run into the maze and chase after Team Water.
Chris intervened, "Maybe you guys need to listen about the Ri--"
"Great! Now, we're losing! I can't do losing... not again!" Bradley interrupted Chris and motioned to his team to follow them. Russell rolled his eyes and walked toward Bradley's direction as they delved into the forest as well.
Chris groaned, "Isn't anyone going to listen about--"
"Let's go, guys!" Garrett yelled out to Team Fire. With Mia at his side, he looked over and saw Albert passed out again at Eleanor's feet, who was staring him down intently.

Garrett: (smacks forehead)

Team Fire was seen darting into the forest with Eleanor carrying Albert. As they departed into the forest, Chef came out of D.O.J.O. carrying Hilda, who was awake now. He set her down next to Chris.
Impishly, she wondered, "What did I miss?"
Chris smacked his forehead, "Perhaps, you will listen to everything. Everyone else is the forest looking for the next Wu, the Ring of the Nine Dragons. It--"
Hilda yawned and covered her mouth with her hand, "Oh, boy, another ring. It may go great with this one I already have. I found it at home after herding." As Hilda walked away, Chris looked closely and saw that the ring on Hilda's hand actually was the Ring of the Nine Dragons.
"W-wait! Hilda! Hilda!!" Chris called out to her, to no avail.
Chef looked confused, "What you need her for?"
"Well, I was going to say that Team Fire has already won because Hilda already owns the Ring of the Nine Dragons, but... having the teams find out this way may be better for the show!"
"Boy, you speakin' nonsense! What you mean!?" Chef yelled back.
"I mean all they know is that the Ring of the Nine Dragons can turn you into as many as nine people, but what they don't know is that the Ring divides everything about you: your power, your maturity, your potential, your strength, everything! So this may be good for the show! Venture on, you idiots!"

Hilda walked through the maze in hopes that she would find someone.
She sighed, "I wish I had one of those newfangled whoosie-whatsits to find this Ring of the Nine Dragons." At that moment, the ring on Hilda's finger began to glow and Hilda was separated into three copies of herself, making four total. The Hildas blankly stared at each other.
"Oooooooooooooooooooooh," one Hilda muttered. Another one began chewing on her own hair and making moaning noises.
"Pretty, pretty!" a third Hilda squealed as she knelt down and picked up a flower. She gave it to the last Hilda, who stuffed it down her dress.
"Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay," the first Hilda rapidly said. "Uhhh, we go. Go. Uhhh. PEOPLE. Go find people. Find people! So we can find thingy!"
"Ohhh, yes, find people! ... People find for thingy! ... Find all the thingy!" the other three Hildas agreed with the first one happily. the four Hildas shook their heads and the same time and quickly ran off toward the maze.

Team Water reached a dead-end.
"I think we need to turn around," Raina observed the thick wall of forestry.
Natalia rolled her eyes, "What was your first clue, genius?" Raina immaturely stuck her tongue out at Natalia.
Scott went over to Raina and patted her on the back, "Okay, guys, let's chill. Raina's right, let's go this way." As they turned around, Raina sighed soothingly.

Raina: (sighs again) He said I was right. Me! (blushes) Where are these feelings coming from?

Scott lead the way for Team Water with Raina attached to one of his sides and Bronwywn, now awake, attached to the other. Blake and Natalia watched them all in confusion from behind. At that point, they ran into Hilda.
"Hug!!" she screamed with glee. Team Water exchanged looks.
Natalia walked over to her and turned to her team, pointing at Hilda, "Is she serious? Is she serious?"
"Hilda," Scott started. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your team?" Hilda ran over to Bronwyn and hugged her, "HUG!!!!"
Bronwyn patted her back uncomfortably, "Aww, I like you, too, kid." Due to Hilda's strength, she then clenched even harder on Bronwyn, suffocating her.
Bronwyn began turning red, "... 'Elp me!"

"It's not like we have a definite team leader," scenes switched to show Alyssa talking to the rest of Team Wind. Team Wind was walking through pathways trying to find the Ring of the Nine Dragons
"Well, whoever it is," William mumbled, "he needs to be considerate and passionate about the arts..."
"... he needs to be informative, adept, impertinent..." Maxwell continued.
Wally finished, "... and he should be able to pound the competition into a pulp."
"And that's why it should be me!" Wally, William, and Maxwell all said at once.
"You!?" William scolded Wally. "You couldn't lead a paintbrush to an easel! You need to have finesse in being a leader amongst men."
"Excuse me?" Alyssa intervened. William immediately blushed, "Well, men and the beautiful Alyssa. And Isadora, I guess, but she's always by Alyssa's side."
"Hey! I can be my own person! I just don't talk that much," Isadora miraculously replied. William rolled his eyes.
"Okay, cool," he continued. "But, as I was saying, if anyone should be leader, it should be--" William was cut off when Hilda came running at Team Wind with her arms out. Hilda was moving so fast, flames were trailing behind her.
"Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" she yelled out a noise like an airplane and, with her arms, knocked down William, Alyssa, Isadora, and Maxwell. When she got to Wally, she was knocked down.
As Wally picked her up, the rest of Team Wind exclaimed, "Hilda?!"
"What's she doing here?" William abruptly asked. Wally clenched his fists, "I don't know, but she's the enemy. Can I pound her?"
Alyssa snatched Hilda away from Wally, "No, you certainly may not 'pound' her."
"No, no! Let go! No, no, no! Want play! Play now!" Hilda spoke in gibberish.
Wally looked confused, "What? Why does she sound like that?"
Maxwell snooted, "Sound like what? It's Hilda."
Alyssa sighed, "C'mon, guys, let's look for Team Fire." The rest of Team Wind gasped as Alyssa wondered, "What?"
"You want to help the enemy?" Wally shockingly asked. Alyssa nodded which made everyone else exchange looks.

Maxwell: So much for victories in the competition and the Ring of the Nine Dragons. Alyssa only yearns to succor everyone!

"Can't we just leave her here?" William wondered. He looked at Hilda who was running around Alyssa, making airplane noises by blowing raspberries. William continued, "Look at her, she seems pretty self-sustained."
"None of you guys have hearts!" Alyssa cried. "You should all be ash--" Alyssa stopped. "Shhhh, listen." Commotion was heard near Team Wind. As they ran to see who it was, they saw that it was Team Earth and Team Water, each with a Hilda.
Upon noticing the two Hildas, Maxwell immediately turned and saw the Hilda that they had in their team. After alternating between the Hildas, he finally spoke, "What is going on?!"
"So, there's three?" Bronwyn spoke out.
"No, shaz, Sherlock," Angelina dissed Maxwell.
Bradley spoke out, "We thought there was only two when we bumped into Team Water. And, now, well... there's another one."
Maxwell stared at the situation at hand, took a pause, and then yelled from confusion, "...... What is going on!?!?"

Russell pointed out, "Wait, look at her--er--'their' hand or hands! Look what she's--uh--they're wearing!"
K.C. mumbled, "Great job, murder any other sentences today?"
Russell got angered, "Shroud of Shadows!" The shroud that Russell was wearing glowed and turned him invisible.
"Oh, c'mon, no fai--" K.C. stopped in his tracks when his underwear was hitched sky high.
"Guys, focus!" Julie snapped at them. "Oh, what do I care? We're gonna lose again anyway."
Scott made a conclusion, "Well, Hilda already has the ring. It looks like Team Fire wins. Where are they?" As everyone began looking around, two of the Hildas began dancing and laughing while the third one snapped a branch off a tree and began fighting the other two. The three teams set off to continue the maze in search of Team Fire.

"Worst challenge ever," Eleanor, still carrying Albert, spoke out in a different area of the maze.
Mia corrected her, "No, the worst challenge ever is waking up to this failing world every morning. It's the same every day. It sickens my soul. You know, way down there." Confused, Eleanor stayed quiet. Garrett trekked behind everyone, "This maze is endless. I'm beginning to think Chris doesn't know what he's talking about."
Mia interjected again, "His sense of fashion is atrocious, he laughs at everything that isn't funny, he cares about people that have no inert interest in him. I'm sure he'll be alone in the future, and you're worried about what he says all the time?"
Garrett agreed, "Good point."
Chris was then shown to be watching each team as cameras were hidden in the forest maze. Angrily, he shouted from inside D.O.J.O. in a P.A. system synced into the forest, "I can hear you, dudes!"
Mia yelled back, "Great! You know, constructive criticism is what the world needs! I just chose to start with the runt of the litter!"
"Mia, your mouth is going to cost you a ticket out of this game!"

Chris: (breathing in a paper bag) She doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm cool! I'm collected! Everyone digs me! ... (continues to breathe in the paper bag)

"You guys hear that? That sounds like Chris... and Mia!" K.C. deduced.
Alyssa nodded, "I think we're on the right track, let's keep moving! Wait, where are the Hildas?"
Russell looked up, "There!" The three Hilda copies were shown bouncing on tree limbs.
"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" the Hildas were happily shouting.
Raina got scared. "No, that's dangerous! Someone get them down! They could injure themselves!" Bronwyn gasped and took the opportunity, "Jetbootsu!"
The boots Brownyn was wearing activated and lifted her calmly for one second, then went haywire and slammed her into the tree. The vibrations caused the Hildas to fall, squealing all the way down.
"Tangle Web Comb!" Russell activated the Wu and vines shot out of the comb. Fortunately, they tied around the Hildas, however, they were still falling. Raina and Scott ran over to where they were falling and jointly caught them.
Raina blushed, "Great work, Scott."
"Thanks! Same to you!" Scott replied. Bronwyn, recovering from her impact with the tree saw this and frowned.

Raina: (laughing and hiccuping)
Bronwyn: What is this now!? Isn't Natalia enough? Everyone needs to back off my man!! (eyes widen) I mean 'back off Scott'! Scott! Is what I meant! (laughs)

"It came from over here!" Tina shouted. Teams Earth, Wind, and Water ran and saw Team Fire staring at Mia, who was yelling upward at Chris' voice.
"Yeah? Well, maybe it's time for a change! Maybe then, you'll get some respect! You're not worthy of my words!" she yelled.
Chris looked at his cameras and noticed that everyone joined together, "Ahh, the gang's all here again. Mia, I'll deal with you in a moment." Chris began laughing, "And I see you guys have three Hildas--oh, make that four." The final Hilda fell out of a nearby tree on Albert and Eleanor.
"Owwwwwwww!!!" Eleanor yelped. Albert woke up again, startled, "What?! A monster? A psycho killer!? Chris' ingrown toenails!?"
"I'm gonna let that one sliiiiiiiide, Albert," Chris replied from a hidden source.
"Wait, he can hear us!?" Albert questioned, surprised.
Tina groaned, "Where have you been?"
Chris laughed even more, "You guys wanna listen to me now and not interrupt this time? Yes? Okay, good! Before you all ran into the forest like wild monkeys, I was trying to tell you that the Ring of the Nine Dragons is stronger than you think. Yes, it can divide you in up to nine warriors, but that's all it does. It divides everything about you, everything. As you can see by Hilda. Hilda divided by four equals trouble."

Garrett gasped, "Wait, she has the Ring? That means we win the challenge, right!"
"It would look like that, wouldn't it?" Chris asked. "But there's still the obstacle of you losers getting out of the forest. I'm not gonna just rescue you. What would be the fun in that?! The true winners will be the team that finds D.O.J.O. first! Last place will be casting someone off again in our Banishment Ceremony! Good luck! You'll need each other for this!"
"What does he mean by that?" Eleanor cluelessly wondered.
Garrett shrugged his shoulders, "Brush it off. Let's go, Team!"
Chris interrupted, "That. That right there is what I mean. Splitting up worked so well for you all just a few minutes ago! And, look, you're back together again! Why don't you all try a new tactic?!"
Looks were exchanged, some crossed their arms at others, menacing growls were heard in the background.
"Guys, he has a point," Alyssa explained to everyone. She looked ahead and saw a long stretch to the D.O.J.O. "And look! Chris and the plane is right there! Let's do this... together!"
Blake looked annoyed, "Fine, whatever! Let's go!" Everyone seemed to be in agreeance and all began running toward D.O.J.O.

The group ran into a huge obstacle within the maze.
"Aw, c'mon!" Julie looked down at the bottomless pit. "What maze has a chasm?! It's hopeless, guys."
"No worries. It can't be that deep," Maxwell replied. He took a rock and dropped it down the chasm and waited to hear it hit the ground. "Anytime now."
As Isadora walked over to see the chasm, she tripped over a golden stick in the ground and fell down the chasm.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as she plummeted.
Everyone gasped but Blake took action, "Lotus Twister!" The Lotus Twister wrapped around his wrist and Blake's arms stretched downward and grabbed Isadora, stopping her from falling. He pulled her back up to her team and she ran to Alyssa, hugging and whimpering to her.
"You... you saved me," Isadora looked at Blake.
Blake's indifferent expression turned into a small smile, "No sweat." Wally pulled the golden stick out of the ground and realized that it was a sleek, golden sword in the ground, "It's a sword."
"What do you suppose it means? ... That's a cool sword ... Oh, wow!" Team Wind gathered around the sword that Wally clutched.
"Nevermind it, let's get everyone across here!" Alyssa told her team. Team Wind agreed and stood behind the rest of the competitors. They thrusted their hands forward and enormous gusts of wind enveloped everyone, which transported them across the deadly chasm.

"Great work, everyone!" Maxwell panted.
Wally looked at William, "You could have helped more, you know." William smacked his lips and walked over to Alyssa.

Alyssa: I guess some things never change.

"Looks like it's our turn now," Mia ran ahead and saw that the next obstacle was a wall of flames.
Bronwyn ran behind him, "Are those real!? They could burn this whole forest down!" Blake walked over to them, "They don't seem to be real. Flames spread; these are just staying in the same spot." He walked over and reached into the flames with his finger only to get it singed.
"Ow!" Blake yelped, sucking on his index finger. "How is that physically possible?" Raina and Maxwell both put their hands on their chins.

A flashback showed Chris buying an item from a man in a truck in front of the forest.
"Sign here, here, and here," the man told him. Chris did so and, afterward, the man snapped his fingers. Workers fled from the back of the huge moving truck and set up the fake wall of flames.
"There you are, sir. One wall of flames, retardant to trees and all forms of plants!" the man happily said. He tipped his hat to Chris.
Chris laughed, "I still don't see how this is possible, but I know a great way to have fun with it!"
"Don't question it," the man gruffly said, getting back into his truck. Chris gave him a look.
As the man slammed his door, Chris waved, "Have a nice day!"
"Don't tell me what to do," the man drove off immediately.

With the flashback over, the one Hilda that wasn't tied up with the vine-like strings from Russell's Tangle Web Comb picked up a rather large, yellow, star-shaped object with a red jewel in the middle of it.
"Ooooh, pretty!" Hilda motioned and gave it to Garrett. He took it and then noticed the flames were getting out of hand and almost hit Hilda.
"Look out!" he said, pointing his finger at Hilda with rigor. With this action, the flames began to die down a bit as Hilda walked over to her team.
"What do we do now!?" Angelina wondered. "I can't afford to die!"
Albert, now awake, stepped in front of Angelina and said in a dramatic voice, "You let me handle this." She gasped as he slowly walked over to the firewall.
He closed his eyes and slowly lowered his head, "This... is my destiny. To save you all." He immediately lifted his head, opened his eyes and stared at the wall. Albert crossed his hands and arms in front of his face, gathering energy.
"Destinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" he uncrossed his arms swiftly, like a fan, and, at that point, the fire rose and enveloped around his arms. He hoisted both of his arms up and reached for the sky.
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Albert let out a battle cry and the fire around his arms shot upward at blazing speed and interacted with the Sun within seconds, causing the Sun to sparkle and shine brighter.
"Whoa," Russell looked up and took his shades off in awe.
Scott was extremely impressed "Dude."
Wally stared blankly at the sky.
"Let's move on," Albert said in an austere tone.

Albert: (spazzing) That was so awesome! Did you see what I did!? Didja? Didja!? (imitating himself) I was like 'Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' And the fire was like (flails arms) 'Whoooooooooooooooosh!' And my arms were like 'I got this!' And I was like 'Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' and the Sun was all (smiles and hits a high note) And I-- (confessional cuts off)

The contestants forged on.
"There, there's D.O.J.O!" Albert yelled as she began to run.
"Ahahahaha, no," Russell smugly said as he pulled the comb out of his hair. "Tangle Web Comb!" More strings shot out of the comb and headed toward Albert.
Russell smiled, "Naturally, it comes to me." As soon as he said that, the strings made a beeline for Russell and Team Earth and they entangled them, the members of Team Wind, and all four Hildas. They all hit the ground instantly.
"Looks like it really did come to you!" Wally said, annoyed. "If I could move my arms, I'd wail on you right about now."
"Now do you realize that yesterday was probably just luck? You don't know how to handle these things!" Bradley snapped at Russell. Russell ignored him.
Scott and Bronwyn ran after Albert and said at the same time, "Stop him!" Bronwyn began running toward Scott and accidentally tripped over Scott's legs, causing them both to fall.
"Mantis Flip Coin!" Raina shouted from behind. She flipped the coin and caught it, turning her body into a human coin. Her flipping caught up to Garrett and Mia, as she knocked them down, but Albert had already reached D.O.J.O.
Albert jumped in the air, "VICTORY!!!"

Chris hopped next to Albert, "And, there you have it! With the Ring of the Nine Dragons in Hilda's possession and Albert reaching D.O.J.O., it looks like Team Fire wins two times over!" Chris looked around and then stopped at Albert. "Where is everyone?" Albert pointed back in the maze area to show everyone else either tangled up or on the ground in pain.
Chris chortled, "No pain, no gain, everybody!!" Everyone began groaning at the sound of the horrible saying.

Scenes switched to show all the teams at the Banishment Ceremony.
"Okay, so!" Chris started. "For doing the worst job in my opinion, it looks like we would find Team Earth on the chopping block." Team Earth gasped in shock while the rest of the teams let out sighs of relief.
"Wait, Chris!" Tina raised her hand. "Why are the other teams here, then?" Chris walked over to the teams.
"Well, if you were listening, I said 'would find'. Would. Personally, due to her smart mouth, I wanted to kick Mia off the show today..." Mia winked at Chris to get on his nerves.
Chris groaned, "But, since Albert won, I'm deciding to spare everyone tonight! That's right! No elimination, rest easy, blah, blah, blah! And, as if I'm going to let Team Earth kick Russell off, because I know that's what you're all thinking. The fun's just getting started! Anyway, Albert!" At the sound of hearing his name, Albert sprang up and walked toward Chris.
"For winning the challenge today, I will award you with these," Chris took his hands from behind his back to show that he was holding a spherical, blue orb in one had and a brown, metallic fist in the other hand.
"What are they?" Albert wondered as Chris handed them to him.
"They... are two Wu. You have earned them. The blue orb is called the Orb of Tornami. Upon activation, it has the power to unleash mighty floods and storms. The fist-shaped one is called the Fist of Tebigong. Obviously, it's a fist. When it's activated, you are able to cause many tremors, earthquakes, and other earth-related, drama-filled corruptions. Heh, if you think about it, the Orb of Tornami would be perfect for Team Water and the Fist of Tebigong would be great for Team Ear-- What are you doing?" Chris stopped when Albert started to walk away from him. He walked over to Team Water and handed Scott the Orb of Tornami and threw Bradley the Fist of Tebigong.

"What.. what are you doing!?" Garrett steamed out.
Albert looked back at Garrett and smiled, "The right thing. Chris is right, these are better off with the other teams."
"Too bad, so sad for them! They didn't win them! Those belong to me--er--the team!" Garrett replied.
"I'm doing the honorable thing," Albert told Garrett. "Plus, why don't you check your pocket? And, Wally, look at what you have." Wally lifted up the golden sword that Isadora tripped over earlier and Garrett pulled out the star-shaped object that Hilda found.
Chris gasped "You guys already have those, too!?" He was blown away, "That there is the Star Hanabi, it has the ability to create firestorms and manipulate fire from any angle! And in Wally's hands is the Sword of the Sword of the Storm! It's different than any other sword, it can't cut through anything. But, it has the power to create some of the biggest windstorms this T.V. show will ever see! I'm impressed, you guys each seem to now have your own special Wu. It's no different from others. Albert, that was very mature of you to just give them up like that--I wouldn't have done it but that has definitely made things interesting!"

Garrett: Albert and I need to have a talk. Yeah, blah, blah, blah, it was a nice gesture and everything, but he just gave away two of the Wu that we could have used. No way is that happening again.

Chris walked in front of the screen, "With the teams still in tact and Hilda in one piece, the elements are surrounding our players and they are beginning to learn just what they can do and what powers they have. Will this all blow up in their face? Will Raina continue crushing over Scott?" Chris stopped and looked off-screen, "Yeah, what was up with that?"
A cameraman answered him, "We don't know!"
Chris continued, "Whatever. And will we see any more drama!? You bet we will! In the next installment of Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Chapter Six: Watt Do You Mean?

Bbhinton15 & Kgman04

Chris was shown piloting D.O.J.O. as he prepared his opening, "Last time, on Total Drama Showdown: sparks flew as our remaining chosen ones rushed off to the hunt for the coveted Ring of the Nine Dragons! Team Fire couldn't function after not getting enough sleep, and Team Wind continued to suck as they couldn't agree on who their team leader should be! Romantic passions built in Team Water, when the love triangle may have blossomed into a love square! Addition? Raina! Finally, Team Earth had to deal with Russell's bragging rights after he won his first showdown earlier. That day kinda creased me because nobody knew what they were looking for. Luckily enough, Hilda already had it: the Ring of the Nine Dragons! Even more luckily enough, it activated and split her into four copies of herself and divided everything about her! Each of the Hildas ended up finding one of the teams in our jungle maze, all of which were looking for the Ring without knowing our Amish contestant already had it. After the teams found this out, I improvised a second challenge of finding me and D.O.J.O. for laughs and, in the end of that, Albert proved his might and won for Team Fire anyway--not before finding four wicked elemental Wu for the teams to have. With the power of the elemental Wu in each of their possessions, they grow stronger and hone their skills better. With nobody saying 'bye-bye' during all this, find out what may happen now, right here, on Total... Drama... Showdown!"
After the theme song ended, Team Earth was shown getting ready for the day.
Russell, the last to wake up, yawned happily and said to his team, "Good morning, everyone!" The rest of Team Earth was giving Russell evil and disapproving looks. Confused, Russell scratched the back of his head.
Russell: Hey, I learned my lesson. I told them that yesterday, or, at least, I think I did. I know that I won the two Wu for my team back in Spain--beautifully, I might add. (winks) But, that's beside the point. Why are they giving me the cold shoulder?
Russell came out of the bathroom confessional and overheard the rest of Team Earth talking from their room. He gasped and stayed in the hallway so he could eavesdrop.
"We suck," Julie whined to the rest of them. Bradley nodded his head, "For once, I agree with Negative Nancy."
Julie corrected him, "Julie."
"Calista." After Team Earth's laughs, K.C. raised his hand.
"K.C.," Angelina butted in. "We're not in a classroom, you can just speak out if you want."
"Right," K.C. gasped. "Sorry. Yeah, uh, I was gonna ask why do you all think we suck? We have two pretty cool Wu right now." Bradley walked over to the Wu and spoke out, "Two? We have four: the Third-Arm Sash, the Lotus Twister, Tangle Web Comb, and Fist of Tebigong. We're dominating, but you're missing the point."
The tension built as Bradley continued, "I know we have a lot of Wu, but I feel like we're carrying dead weight, if you catch my drift."
Tina sighed, "I told Angelina to get that breast reduction, but nooo--" Angelina smacked Tina out of her seat.
"No, not that!" Bradley interjected, before the girls could continue. "I'm already thinking we might lose and, as you all know by now, I don't like that. It's worse than when my skateboard gets taken away by... the man. But, that's a different story; we'll have a hippie session one day. Anyway, I think we should throw the challenge and get rid of you-know-who."
From Team Earth's doorway entrance, Russell gasped sharply and continued to listen intently.
"Maybe that's not such a good idea," Angelina spoke out, "What if the next Wu is something mega-super powerful? What if we need it?"

Angelina: I don't know if Bradley forgot that we're on a game show, but we need to win challenges. Not worry about the weak people on our team.
Tina: Hey, if we're throwing challenges now, maybe I can get Angelina off my back sooner rather than later.
At that point, "HI, RUSSELL!" was heard from outside of Team Earth's room, as a shushing noise was heard directly after. It was shown to be William, smiling at Russell, "What'cha doin'?"
Russell kept shushing him as William looked in the room to see the rest of Team Earth. He continued, "Oh, you're spying on your team, aren't you!? Not unlike what most artists have to do in order to get a good shot and visual of their potential masterpiece! Spying is good!"

Russell: What the heck, Will?! Not cool! Why's everyone out to get me this time around?!

William's loud yelling caused Bradley to come to the door.
"What's going on here, dude?" Bradley immediately questioned. Wally walked past the Team Earth entrance, after overhearing William. He stomped over to them and slapped William in the back of the head and kept walking, "You're always messing things up." The rest of Team Wind followed behind Wally toward the dining hall and William slipped in without Russell knowing.
Bradley looked confused yet angry, "Well?"
"Well, you see, uhhh... it, uhhh, William, you see, uhh, William was telling me a fascinating story about his artsy ancestors in war. Weren't you, Will--" Russell turned around to see William was gone. Bradley raised an eyebrow at Russell as Russell laughed nonchalantly.

Bradley: I'm telling you. Dead. Weight. I'd rather have a smaller powerhouse team than a couple of stragglers!
Later, in Team Water's room, Bronwyn and Scott were the only ones present. Bronwyn's hand was raised as if she were in a play and Scott was playing his guitar.
Bronwyn: Scott and I woke up really early today, so I asked him if he could help me practice my singing. I love Ajele's love songs. He sings in his sleep and he's really good, and that's only just when he's sleeping. I bet, like, if he sang while he was awake, he'd be (waves arms everywhere) really good! Really good. (blushes)
Scott laughed, "No, no, try it in a different key. Try higher." Bronwyn laughed again, shook her head and tried singing again, "We're gonna have it aaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaaall! We're gonna be so freeeeeeee-eee-eeeee!"
"Almost perfect! You got this," Scott yelled, giving Bronwyn a chance to blush. "Try a half-step higher, let's see where that takes us."
While Bronwyn was singing at a very high note, Raina walked in Team Water's room and, due to the frequency of Bronwyn's voice, clutched her glasses as the lenses cracked before her. Oblivious to what happened to Raina's glasses, Scott clapped and yelled out "Perfect!" as Bronwyn gasped and ran over to Raina. The cracks in Raina's glasses stunned her and caused her to fall over backward into the doorway.
"Oh, my gosh, are you okay!?" Bronwyn worriedly asked Raina.
Scott walked over and helped Raina up, causing Raina to also blush as he said, "She's a trooper, she'll be fine... but, let's finish this song." As Scott said that, Raina's blush turned into a sigh and worried look.

Raina: (scribbling in a book and sighing) A medical degree can get me accolade. The same medical degree can get me fame. Obviously, it can get me fortune. There's one thing it can't get me and it's what matters most of all in this cruel world--love. (sighs) I don't know, I just wanted to get that off my chest; if anyone has some love they want to spare, I would definitely appreciate it. (sighs and begins to walk out)
When Raina walked out of the confessional door, she peered in Team Water's room and saw Bronwyn and Scott sharing multiple laughs as she headed to the dining area. As she was walking, Wally ran past her and knocked her down immediately; he stumbled, but continued to run, clutching a couple pairs of underwear in his hand.
Getting up and frustrated, Raina brushed herself off and yelled to herself, "Is this Pick on Raina Day? What did I do?!" Instantly, Russell and William ran and bumped into Raina as well, causing all three to fall to the floor.
Wally casually walked over to all three of them and dangled the underwear in Russell and William's faces, "Looks like no dice for you, losers."
"Give me back my stuff!" Russell shouted at Wally, angrily.
William butted in, "And mine! Wally, we're on the same team!"
"Say I'm team leader," Wally calmly responded. William got angry, "No! You don't have the artistic quality to lead a group as lacking as us! It should be me!" As William was explaining himself, Wally shrugged his shoulders and walked over to a nearby window, opened it, and dangled it out the window.
He slyly commented, "I'm team leader, or they all go out the window."
"This has nothing to do with me, why do you have mine!?" Russell asked, confused.
Then, William exploded, "I've had it with you! All you've done is tried to make my life here miserable! We just started this game! What's your deal?" Wally burped as a response to show off his indifference; at that point, William looked over at Russell with a discerning look on his face and extended his hand to him. They both began smiling maliciously, picked each other up, and made two fighting stances. Confused, Wally slimmed his eyelids down as Raina crept away and headed toward the dining hall again.
As this was going on, the rest of Team Earth was in the dining hall with the remainder of Team Wind, Blake, Natalia, and Team Fire. The teams combined the tables and decided to have breakfast completely together--all but Garrett, Albert, and Mia, who were off at a different table.
Tina was picking at her food, "I can't eat much of this. I have to watch this figure of mine." Obviously, Angelina mumbled something under her breath as she took a bite out of her food.
"I'm-I'm sorry. What was that?" Tina sternly replied.
Angelina rose her voice, "I said that you have to get a figure--and I don't mean the one you had at age 13--before you can worry about losing one!"
Blake and Natalia looked at each other, eagerly anticipating a smackdown.

Natalia: Blake and I have a bet going on over who's getting voted off first out of Angelina and Tina. The loser has to give the other a massage every day for a week. I have better things to do than give Blake massages! Angelina better whoop her!
Blake: Oh, man, I can't wait for Natalia to fix that knot in my back. Tina's gonna send Angelina home sooner or later, just watch. I'm a pro at guessing these things!

K.C. put his hands over his mouth, dubbed his voice to sound like a nature show voice-over and announced, "Notice these fascinating specimen around us. Observe how the skinnier, louder, attention-grabbing rhinoceros immediately lashes out at the fatter, whinier, ghetto-glamour one. Could we be seeing an example of domination amongst the pack?" Laughter was sporadically heard around the table.
"Who are you to talk about maintaining a figure?!" Tina angrily responded.
Hilda rose up and put her fist in the air, "You tell 'em, gir-gir--" She stopped and leaned into Julie, "Is it girlfriend? Is that the saying?" Laughing, Julie shook her head 'yes'. Getting the confirmation, Hilda raised her fist in the air again.
Tina swiftly smiled after seeing Hilda and continued, "That's not a figure. Last time I checked, the egg-shape with a cracked face was never in."
K.C. continued his monologue, "Look closely as the more ghetto rhino. Observe how she takes offense immediately and retaliates with an even stronger attack with the help of some other minority friends from her hoard of friends. We're getting some good footage and notes, don't you think, assistant Julie?" K.C. nudged Julie which caused her to laugh wholeheartedly. K.C. forwarded himself, "The rhinoceros is a very complex creature, it--"
"Shut up, K.C.!" Tina and Angelina both said as they were getting tired of his comments. As the laughter around the table spread, applause was heard. Then, instantly, a huge explosion-like noise was heard.
"What was that--" Blake wondered, and then corrected himself, "--You know, not like I can't cover it." Blake and the rest of the people sitting at the huge table got up and left to see what the noise was.
K.C.: Nobody knew what that big bang was, but I just know it screwed me over. But, whatever, you know? I think I'm earning huge points with Julie. That's right. (relaxes in the confessional chair) I can make the ladies laugh. (chairs breaks down, causing K.C. to fall)
The others ran over to see that Wally was knocked out against the wall, sitting down. On the other side of D.O.J.O., Russell and William were standing with the others' hand in one hand and their underwear in the others, maintaining fighting stances. They both were about to shout out battle cries when Chris walked in and saw Wally.
"Rule number 2,438: Drama must not be caused unless I am there to cause it. See also rules 4, 207, 482 (a), 482 (c), 1,114, and 1,989 (d) for some more information." Looks were exchanged around the room as Angelina outright asked, "What happened in here?"
William went to answer her, "We had to teach Wally a little lesson about privacy."
Angelina looked over at Wally and then walked over and high-fived William, "Good job, runt. You stood up for something."
"Thanks... I think?" William responded.
Chris came into the picture again, "As the rest of the stragglers come in, I need to explain what's going on today. Another Wu has officially been revealed. We're about to stop at the world's largest power plant. In its core holds the Eye of Dashi. The Eye of Dashi is a very powerful Wu that has the ability to shoot lightning blasts through its eye center. It's a very treasured Wu I made."
"Then, why isn't it called the Eye of McLean? Or the Eye of Chris? Who's Dash-i?" Alyssa pondered.
Mia threw her two cents in, "Maybe he wanted someone's name to be on something he made. Like a blog post you don't write--man, I love those. Some people do that all the time, I only do it 62% of mine."
Laughter was heard amongst the crowd as Maxwell shouted from the back, "Or maybe he couldn't afford it!" The laughter roared after his comment which slightly infuriated Chris.
"Oh, so you like to laugh?" Chris walked over to a lever and pulled it. Instantly, the floor below the chosen ones disappeared and they all fell down and hit the ground right in front of the enormous power plant.
Groans and moans were heard on the ground as D.O.J.O. landed with Chris coming out, laughing even harder than the group of contestants earlier, "Yeah, well, I like laughing, too, guys! So thanks! Here we are: your next challenge... or your tombstone, whichever comes first!"
Blake: (rubbing his back) That knot just got a lot worse! I'm gonna sue, McLean!
Chris: (over the PA system) Can't sue after you signed that waiver, Blakerino!
Blake: What was in that thing again? I didn't have time to read all of that junk.
Chris: (over the PA system) Just the usual stuff, minor injuries like cuts, bruises, and scrapes, major ones like heart attacks and limb-loss, and "catastrophic" ones like death, but that sounds a little dramatic.
Blake: Uhhhhhhhhh...

Chris opened the doors and the contestants, behind Chris, looked in to see what they could observe. Electricity was running everywhere, figuratively and literally.
"Whoaaaaaa," Blake's jaw dropped open at the sight. Bradley flailed his limbs a bit, "You can feel the vibes in here, bro."
"That you can, Bradley, that you can," Chris approved.
"Wait," Eleanor cautioned and pointed off-distance, "what's that?" Her finger led to an obstacle course. The course consisted of a river of waste with huge, metal barrels in it, four horizontal beams made of varying substances that stretched across the room, and an elevated platform surrounded by an electric fence.
"That, that right there, is your next challenge. The ultimate, extreme, death-defying, shocking--haha--obstacle course!" Chris answered her.
Natalia scoffed in the background, "Who puts an obstacle course in a power plant?"
Chris replied, "The same people that gave you such a big mouth but no brain to complement it!"
K.C. guessed, "Mother Nature can make power plants?" Chris slapped his forehead and continued on, "The task here is extremely simple, but trust me, if you stay in this game for a while, you're gonna miss stuff like this! If you look far off to the electric fence, at the top, you will see the center of the power plant--the Eye of Dashi. Retrieve it first to win immunity for your team. Last place or whoever loses a Showdown today will be going to the graveyard!" Gasps were heard around the group.
Chris laughed and corrected himself, "I'm just kidding, guys! What do you guys take me for? A deranged host bent on exploiting kids for money?!"
The crowd yelled "YES!" out to him as Chris wiped a tear from his face, "You guys know me so well. Anyway, challenge begins in 10 seconds; take your starting line at the--Whoa, I almost forgot. Before the challenge, we 'randomly' decided who was going to be representing each team for this shocking experience! For Team Water, we have selected Scott!"
Scott wrapped his guitar around Bronwyn and stepped up to the starting line; Bronwyn blushed once again.

Bronwyn: He trusts me with his guitar. Do you have any idea what that means? ............ Me neither, but I get to hold his guitar!

"Team Earth will be utilizing Julie--haven't heard much from her since she's been here!" Chris continued.
"Me!?" Julie looked afraid. "But, I have a medical condition! I have, uhh... umm... irritable bowel syndrome!" The rest of Team Earth groaned at hearing Julie's protests while the other teams laughed.
K.C. tried to advise her, "Maybe you should get that checked out?"
"Or, maybe you should just go for me," Julie looked over and smiled at him awkwardly. Nearly hypnotized, K.C. raised his hand and stated to Chris, "I would like to withdraw Julie from today's challenge due to her irritable bowel syndrome. Because she has irritable bowel syndrome, I would like to go in her place."
"Okay, can we please stop saying bowels? I feel gross." Albert chimed in. Chris shook his head in disgust and gave K.C. a thumbs-up.

K.C.: It's simple, man. I take Julie's place, win the challenge, and I become the hero! I score major points with Julie and my team.

He went through his papers, "Who do we have for Team Fire? Uhh--CHEF!" At that point, Chef Hatchet ran over, gave Chris a clipboard, and backflipped out of the area.
"Team Fire has Mia! My favorite contestant!" Chris sarcastically told everyone. Mia shrugged her shoulders and stepped up to the starting line with Scott and K.C. While Chris was trying to think of Team Wind's representative, Garrett yanked Mia off to the side and they began discussing game plans.
"Finally, I believe we decided that Alyssa will be repping for Team Wind!" Chris announced. "We have our four people! Scott, K.C., Mia, and Alyssa, please head to the guillotine-- uh, starting line!"

The four contestants positioned themselves along the starting line as Chris informed, "So, the power plant obstacle course is as follows: First, you'll have to cross a radioactive river by hopping along barrels that maaaaay or may not be able to support your body weight! Next, you'll have to half-monkey-bar your way up to the generator platform using one of those beams up there, and finally, make it over the electric fence that separates you from the generator! Got it?"
Alyssa was taking notes on her hand, and asked, "Wait, can you repeat that last part?"
"Go!" Chris grinned, waving a checkered flag.
Scott sped ahead, with K.C. not far behind. An unprepared Alyssa straggled along behind with Mia, who calmly strolled through the course.

Mia: I don't run. At most, I power-walk. But I absolutely don't run. My vintage, crafted outfits look their best when they're still.

Scott was the first to reach the river of radioactive waste. He pulled out a quarter from his pocket and tossed it into the river. It burst into flames.
"... Oh," Scott nervously chuckled. "That's not gonna fly. Speaking of flying..." He looked down at his feet. "Jetbootsu!" The supernatural boots propelled him into the air.
K.C. noticed this and gasped. "Oh, no, you don't! Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash extended and yanked Scott back to the ground. Scott pulled out the Mantis Flip Coin.
K.C. groaned, "Why'd you guys end up with all the useful Wu?"
"Mantis Flip Coin!" Scott yelled as he shrugged, then effortlessly flipped across the river, making sure to land on barrels.
K.C. stomped his foot in frustration which caused the entire course to tremble, knocking over Alyssa and Mia. A large rock was pieced out of the ground and tossed into radioactive river. It floated.
"Cool!" K.C. enthused, as he hopped on the rock, which began to drift its away across the river.

Meanwhile, in the peanut gallery, Eleanor and Hilda chatted.
"So exactly how much do you adore your feline companions? How much time to you spend with them?" Hilda inquired.
Eleanor purred, "I feed them before I feed myself!"
Garrett butted in and commented, "That's... not healthy."
"No one asked you!" Eleanor snapped. "Go somewhere! My children mean the world to me."

Eleanor: I have a lot of ads online asking to adopt cats from all over Canada. In total, I think I live with just over 150 beautiful cats! I'm hoping to get to 200 by the end of next year!

Garrett shook his head and turned his attention back to the obstacle course. He squinted. "What the heck is Mia doing?"
Mia sat cross-legged in front of the radioactive river with her eyes closed.
"This is no time to be meditating!" Garrett growled. "Get across that river!"
Mia yelled back in frustration, "And how am I supposed to do that?! All I have is the Star Hanabi and the Ring of the Nine Dragons--"
As she announced the names of both Wu, they activated. The Star Hanabi shot out a stream of fire downward that sent Mia flying across the river. At the same time, the Ring of the Nine Dragons split her into two Mia's, both of which landed on the other side of the river. The other contestants gasped.
"This should be interesting," Chris said, raising an eyebrow.

Both Mias looked at each other in confusion.
One Mia chuckled, "You look pretty."
The other Mia sneered, "You look demented. How do I reverse this? Do I always look this idiotic?"
Before anyone could answer, Alyssa yelled, "Sword of the Stoooooo--" The sword sent her flying across the river, but caused her to crash into one of the Mia's.
"Oh, heh, sorry," Alyssa apologized.
"What the heck is your problem?!" Mia snapped.
Alyssa blinked. "I'm... sorry."
"You're welcome!" the other Mia blankly smiled.
Alyssa blinked again, then rubbed her eyes. After staring at both Mia's, she fainted.

Alyssa: (holding an ice pack to her head) What... is... happening... to me...

Scott and K.C. were now neck-and-neck at the second portion of the obstacle course. There were four beams leading up to the generator platform, one made of ice, another made of rock, and the other two made of metal.
"Well, duh, metal," the two boys stated.
Scott jumped up and grabbed one of the metal beams but immediately let go of it. "Gah! Holy crap, that's hot!"
K.C. jumped up and grabbed the other one, but the beam ended up being made of rubber, and was completely hollow. "What the...?"
"If it isn't already obvious enough," Chris announced through his megaphone, "You've got to pick the beam that matches your element."
Scott groaned and grabbed the beam made of ice, and at the same time, K.C. grabbed the beam made of rock.

As the two boys trudged upward, Alyssa and the two Mias jogged to the beams.
"This is such a stupid challenge," one of the Mias said.
"I like running!" the other giggled.
Alyssa looked directly at the camera and mouthed, "What is going on?!"
"You're an idiot," the first Mia told the other.
"You're pretty," the second Mia replied.
The first Mia attempted to trip the second Mia, but as their legs touched, they snapped together and morphed into one single Mia.
Alyssa nearly fainted again as Mia stopped in her tracks and looked around, confused. "Why am I running? What the heck is going on?"
"That's what I want to know!" Alyssa told her.

Mia: (with an ice pack on her head) I have a massive headache. It feels like my head just split in half.

As the girls grabbed their respective beams, the boys were already halfway across.
"Alright, sorry, dude, but I've gotta win this," K.C. said as he dug through his pockets. "Tangle Web Comb!"
He aimed the comb at Scott, but the comb's strings had different ideas and turned back to the girls.
They wrapped Mia and Alyssa together, to their beams, similar to a woman on a railroad track. Mia groaned. "This challenge is getting on my last nerve." She wriggled around and yelled, "Star Hanabi!"
Flames shot out of the star-shaped jewel and snapped the comb's strings, freeing the girls. "Now, time to even the playing field," Mia smirked as she aimed it to Scott's beam. "Star Hanabi!"
The flames from her Wu melted Scott's beam and sent him plummeting to the ground of the power plant. "Aw, c'mon, man, that's lame!"

K.C. was the first to reach the generator platform. He squinted and noticed a gleaming object inside of the generator, which was surrounded by an electric fence. He grinned. "The Eye of Dashi."
He pulled out his team's latest Wu and took aim at the control panel on the fence.
As he did so, Alyssa and Mia reared up behind him. "Ah!"
At the exact same time, the three of them used their elemental Wu.
"Sword of the Storm!"
"Star Hanabi!"
"Fist of Tebigong!"
A tornado-shaped flame spat out rocks throughout the entire power plant, and smoke made it impossible to see a thing.
"The Eye of Dashi is mine!" K.C. proudly announced, holding the Eye up as the smoke cleared.
Alyssa looked at him, then unsurely said, "Um, K.C..."
As K.C. held up the Wu, he also held up Mia, who also had her hand on the Eye of Dashi. She swung her legs in the air and waved at K.C. with her other free hand.
"Oh, well, great," he grumbled.

K.C.: Hey, it's not the end of the world. Now if I win a showdown, I get to bring back three Shen Gong Wu to my team. I'll be the MVP for weeks!

Mia sighed. "I suppose I have to challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown." She looked around the room for a second, then gasped. "Aha! The game will be Name That Band. A song from an underground indie band's latest album will be played and we'll have to identify it."
"... Um, no," K.C. opposed. "How about a game of hot potato... but with a radioactive barrel. Whoever lets the barrel drop loses. My Third-Arm Sash against your Ring of the Nine Dragons!"
Mia folded her arms. "Fine, then."
Their eyes met each others and they declared, "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The power plant turned into a circular, completely metal arena. A green, radioactive river cut across the center of it. Several beams of rock and heated metal cut across the arena in a jungle-gym fashion. K.C. and Mia were positioned on opposite ends of the arena.

Russell: I'm kinda hoping K.C. doesn't win this one. After the whole conversation my team had this morning, it would be nice if he was the weakest link of the team instead of me. Even though I don't know how. I won them a showdown, dangit!

"Gong Yi Tampai!" they chanted, as a barrel fell from the sky into K.C.'s hands.
"Geez, this is heavy," K.C. grunted as he ran with the cumbersome barrel. "Wait a minute, I don't have to carry this, heh! Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash extended and grabbed the barrel for K.C. as he ran to Mia. "Catch!"
He tossed the barrel to Mia, who jumped and caught it. "Oof, this weighs a ton." She pursed her lips for a second. "I'm probably going to regret this, but... Ring of the Nine Dragons!" She split herself into five Mias.
One Mia knelt on the edge of the radioactive river and looked at her reflection. "Pretty green! Teehee!"
Another Mia shook her head and said, "Barrel get! Barrel get!"
"Yes, yes, barrel!" the other Mia's chimed.
From afar, K.C. scratched his head. "Um..."

The five Mias grabbed the barrel, and with their combined strength, hurled it to K.C..
"Whoa, crap!" K.C. gasped. "Third-Arm Sash!" The sash grabbed the barrel moments before potentially exploding against a beam.
"Woo, way to go, K.C.!" Julie cheered from the sidelines, clapping.
Angelina looked at her and asked, "How's that irritable bowel syndrome going, huh?"
Julie quickly put her hands down and stuttered, "Uh, um, it's receding a bit."
"Mm-hmm," Angelina muttered.

Angelina: I don't trust that Julie as far as I can throw her. Which isn't pretty far. (pause) I'm calling her fat.

Back in the arena, K.C. hopped on a beam made of rock and hurled the barrel at the group of Mias, who caught it and tossed it right back at him.
K.C. yelled, "Third-Arm Sash!", however, as the sash made its way to the barrel, it got caught in a mess of intervening beams. In response to this, K.C. leaped toward the barrel and tried to catch it, but missed.
The barrel crashed against a beam and spilled, which caused the power plant to return to its regular state.

"Yay!" the five Mias cheered, three of them holding the Ring of the Nine Dragons, Third-Arm Sash, and Eye of Dashi. The other two played patty-cake with each other.
K.C. slowly walked back to his team. "Um... sorry, guys."
His team, obviously displeased, did not reply, except for Julie, who scolded, "You idiot! How did you not see the beams in the way? They were literally. Right. There. Seriously! I could've done better! I should've never let you do the challenge instead of me!"
Everyone froze and directed their attention to Julie, panting in exasperation.
"... J-Julie?" K.C. stuttered.
Julie suddenly stopped. "Um. I... mean........ Oh, darn, that irritable bowel syndrome is acting up again, hehe, um... I'll be back in a bit."
She sped off to the D.O.J.O. as Chris announced, "Well, then. Uh. Even though Team Water technically got last place, because of the showdown, we'll be seeing Team Earth at the Banishment Ceremony! This'll be good."

At the Banishment Ceremony, the six members of Team Earth sat in the bleachers, completely isolated from each other.
Chris walked in and paused. "Wow. I can smell the tension in here. No, seriously, someone needs to start using deodorant."
Russell awkwardly sniffed himself and blushed.
"Aaaanywho, Team Earth, since this is your first time here, here's how it works. If I call your name, you're safe. Whoopdee-doo! You survive another week. If you end up being the unlucky sap whose name isn't called out, you're gonna have to take off your Belt of Life, walk down the Pathway of Shame, and take the Drop of Shame all the way back home."
"So, let's begin! Bradley, you're safe."

Bradley: So K.C. lost the challenge for us, and lost us the Third-Arm Sash. That Wu was so cool, dude. But Russell's been getting on my last nerve, especially since we would've lost the last challenge because of him if we actually had an elimination! And he's the weakest link. Not to mention, Angelina and Tina are the most annoying chicks on the planet. Seriously. I can't go ten minutes without them arguing or yelling or trying-to-kill-each-other-with-Wu-ing... and then Julie... what the heck was that about?

"Next up... Tina..."
Angelina frowned. "... And Angelina."
Tina snapped, "Why do people always put our names together? I don't deserve that kind of punishment."
"Don't make it sound like I enjoy it either," Angelina scoffed, rolling her eyes.

Tina: I voted for K.C.. He lost the challenge for us. Sure, Julie's like, crazy or whatever, but at least she has attitude. I can respect that.

"You're both annoying, we get it," Chris groaned. "Russell. You're safe too."
Russell breathed a sigh of relief, as Chris looked at Julie and K.C..
He chuckled, "Well, well, well, our ex-lovebirds. Where did you guys go wrong? K.C., well, you lost the challenge. Big time error right there. And Julie, do you really have -- I feel disgusting saying this -- 'irritable bowel syndrome'? Actually, are any of the things you say really true?"
K.C. gave Julie a sad glance, but Julie quickly looked away.
"In any case, the final contestant who is still in the game is... K.C."
Julie stood up, gave Chris her belt, grabbed a parachute, and took the Drop of Shame without saying a word.

K.C.: This was such a tough elimination, guys. I mean, I'm glad I'm safe, but what the heck was that about with Julie?! I thought she was so cool, and then...

"Well," Chris commented, looking for any reaction to Julie's departure, and receiving none. "That was a pretty heavy ending. No worries! Tune in next week for more totality, more drama, and hopefully, more showdowns, on the only show in the world that'll give you all three, Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Chapter Seven: Ruby Rage

Bbhinton15 & Kgman04

The camera zoomed in on an intern reluctantly massaging Chris' feet. Chris stretched on a recliner and placed two cucumber slices on his eyelids.
The intern chimed, “You know, I hear the slices don't actually do anything.”
Chris frowned. “Seem to be doing more than you. Get in there! That bunion won't fix itseeeeeel—” He was interrupted as his eyes caught the camera. “--lllcome back to Total Drama Showdown! Last time, our teams set out to find the Eye of Dashi; a dangerous Wu that shoots lightning like nobody's business. Russell finally lost some of his street-cred on Team Earth, and Team Water's officially turned into a heartwrenching, young adult bestselling-novel. In the end, Mia and K.C. battled it out for the Eye. And when Mia came out on top, Julie flipped. I mean, this girl totally lost it! Seems like Team Earth wasn't having it, because little Julie took the Drop not too long after. Who will prevail? Who will fall? Find out right here, only on Total… Drama… Showdown!”

The members of Team Earth were shown gathered around a table in the dining hall. Bradley was seated next to K.C., and both of them were across an uncomfortable Russell position between Angelina and Tina.
“Well, it's official: losing sucks,” Bradley quietly stated.
Russell sighed, “Yeah, it's a bummer.”
Tina gave the boys questioning glances and sneered, “Well, if someone hadn't tanked the showdown, we'd be one member up from all the other teams.”
K.C. groaned and walked to the food counter. Russell decided, “Uh, I'd better keep an eye on him.”
K.C.: This blows, man. I really liked Julie! But first she goes off on me, then it turns out she might be some crazy liar, and now she's not even in the game anymore! Agh…
Standing up and placing her palms on the table, Angelina declared, “Well, we obviously lost because we don't have a strong leader on this team. I, for one, nominate myself as team leader.”
“You're joking, right?” Tina scoffed, looking up at Angelina from her seat. “If anyone deserves to be leader, it's me.”
Bradley folded his arms. “Here we go again…”
Angelina leaned in toward Tina. “Oh yeah? What have you done for the team?”
Bewildered, Tina shot back, “As if you've done anything for the team? At least I make the team look hotter overall!”
Before Angelina could retort, Bradley shot up out of his seat and barked, “Alright! That's it, you two. If you guys really want to be team leader, we'll settle it this way. Whichever one of you manages to get the next Wu for our team gets to be Queen Bee.”
The girls looked at him, then at each other. “Done.”
Angelina: (doing a pageant wave) Queen Bee…
Tina: Suits me so well, doesn't it?
At the breakfast line, K.C. dragged himself along as he stood between William and Russell.
William took notice and glanced at Russell. “Is he alright?”
K.C. mumbled something unintelligible and curled up into the fetal position. Russell smacked his lips and concluded, “Nah.”
As the line advanced, Wally, who stood behind Russell, ordered, “C'mon, pool noodle, move it.” He shoved Russell forward, causing him to trip over K.C. and crash into William.
William shrieked and fell out of the line, then turned to Wally. “Was that necessary?
Wally smirked. “What are you gonna do about it?”
“I—” William stopped himself short. “I'll— I— Uh—”
“Save yourself the breaths, pipsqueak,” Wally snorted as he walked through the line.
William balled up his fists and brushed himself off before storming to the bathroom.
William: I have had it up to here with that imbecile. Although I know my cultured brain embarrassingly overtakes his any day of the week, it's no question that I'm not exactly a physical match. Well, I'll show him. I'll definitely show him…
Upon exiting the confessional, William bumped into Blake, who was leading Team Water into the dining area. “Watch it, loser.”
“Creative,” William commented, rolling his eyes as he re-entered with them.
Blake decided to sit directly beside Team Fire, causing Garrett to conspicuously inch away from them.
“We don't bite,” Raina teased, taking a seat next to Mia.
Garrett groaned. “Obviously you don't bite. I'd assume you're at least civilized enough to refrain from doing that.”
Raina nearly said something, but Scott placed his hand on her shoulder. “C'mon, let's focus on our own team for now.”
Gushing, Raina turned back to Team Water and nodded. “R-Right! So, uh, um…”
Natalia and Bronwyn gave her and Scott wary glances, while Blake took control of the conversation. “I don't see what we need to talk about. We've been fine so far. I mean, we lost the first two challenges, but we've been fine since. Right? And we've got these four kick-butt Wu, and might I add, the Jetbootsu look great on me.”
Blake kicked his feet up on the table to model them, accidentally activating the Wu. He was shot backward; Hilda, who was returning to her team's table after picking up breakfast, grabbed him by the back of his shirt and held him up in the air. “Whose person is this?”
Bronwyn reluctantly raised her hand and Hilda tossed Blake back to Team Water.
Blake: (massaging his neck) You know, I'm way too good for my team. They're all just a bunch of annoying, lovesick lackeys. It's like I'm the only person who's trying anymore!
“Guys! Look!” Albert pointed out the window.
The contestants rushed over to the side of the plane. “Pyramids?” Eleanor wondered aloud.
“We must be in Egypt,” Bronwyn concluded.
Natalia rolled her eyes. “No way! I would've never guessed.”
Chris' voice dominated the chatter as he announced, “Welcome to the pyramids at Giza! A new Wu has revealed itself, and we'll be arriving shortly. Stock up on your team's Wu and get ready for a… “smooth” landing.”
“Was that what you call 'sarcasm?'” Hilda asked, looking at Mia.
“You're learning!” Mia unenthusiastically replied.
Wally returned to his team's table and declared, “Since our team only has one stinkin' Wu, I think I deserve to hold on to it for the challenge.”
Maxwell folded his arms. “How'd you arrive at that?”
Wally flexed his biceps and glared at Maxwell. “These are bigger than you and little Willy over there combined. And what are the girls gonna do with a cool Wu like that?”
“Sword of the Storm!” Isadora called impulsively, aiming it Wally. He crashed into one of the planes' windows and broke it, causing everyone to to be sucked out of the D.O.J.O..
“This is the worst show eveeeeeeer!” Natalia wailed as she and the other nineteen contestants plummeted toward the desert.
With the sand to break their fall, the contestants painfully crawled their way back to their feet. Bronwyn was lodged in the sand headfirst, emitting muffled cries for help.
Raina approached her, but from several yards away, Scott called out, “I got it! Lotus Twister!” His arms stretched and wrapped around Bronwyn's furiously-kicking legs, then pulled her out of the sand. He rushed over to her.
“Are you okay?” Scott asked, with his arms on Bronwyn's shoulders. She blushed.
“Yeah! I'm fine now.” She giggled, but then sneezed and shot globs of sand all over Scott's face.
Natalia clamped her hand over her mouth and choked out something between a laugh and a gag.
“I'm so sorry!” Bronwyn gasped. Scott laughed, “Oh, uh, no worries, um…”
He removed his shirt and used it to wipe his face, and during the process, caught Bronwyn, Natalia, and Raina's attention.
Bronwyn: Oh.
Natalia: Oh.
Raina: (breathes heavily into a paper bag)
Chris arrived in a dunebuggy and laughed, “Looks like you guys did my job for me this time! How nice of you.”
Hilda hiccuped, causing a cloud of sand to spew out from her mouth. Chris cringed. “Anywho… it's time we get down to business. A new Wu has revealed itself! It's called the Ruby of Ramses.”

At the same time, Angelina and Tina's eyes widened. “Ruby?”
“Yes, the Ruby of Ramses,” Chris repeated. “The user of this Wu has the power of telekinesis, and can make any targeted object move as he or she wishes!”
Wally folded his arms. “Finally, I can get some of my team to start moving.” William rolled his eyes. “So, Chris, where is this Ruby of Ramses?”
Chris pointed to a pyramid fairly far away. “Somewhere in that pyramid.”
“That's so far!” Natalia moaned.
Chris shrugged. “The D.O.J.O. was going to drop you off right in front of the pyramid, but looks like some people had other plans.” He gestured toward Isadora, causing the rest of the contestants to glare at her. She quickly hid behind Alyssa. “Anyway, you guys had better get moving. I'll be seeing the worst team at tonight's Banishment Ceremony!” He sped off and set off his airhorn.

Angelina: (fantasizing) Do you know how beautiful that Ruby...
Tina: (also fantasizing) would look on my ring finger!? I bet it's gorgeous!
Angelina & Tina: (split-screen) I have to have it!

The camera scoped in on Team Wind, who was running with an early lead amongst the other teams.
"C'mon, everyone!" William huffed in front of Team Wind. "It's time to see what I can--I mean, we can do!" William charged ahead of the rest of his team even further.
"Hey!" Alyssa yelled out to him, "Could you slow down just a bit? It won't do us any good if you're away from the rest of us!"
William casually kept his pace and casually lifted his hand over his ear, "Huh? Sorry! Couldn't understand you over all this winning!"

Alyssa: Okay. Confidence looks good on everyone. But, if you don't control it--(static)

Immediately, William cuffed his hands together and placed them below his waist while running and shouted, "Wind!" At that moment, a gust of wind erupted out of his hands, circled itself around William, and began transporting him. "Well, I'll be Mozart's nephew, twice-removed! How great is this?!"
Wally witnessed William's breath-taking speed using the power of wind firsthand and stopped in awe, causing Alyssa, Isadora, and Maxwell to crash into him from behind.
Maxwell peered over Wally's shoulder, "What's the hold up, big guy?" Before Wally could answer, Maxwell looked ahead to see a cruising William headed to the pyramid.

Wally: Pfft. I coulda done that, too. But I don't need my powers yet. Just little distractions if you ask me. Twerp's probably just feeling weaker than he usually does. (small silence; Wally looks down at his hands) Hmm...

In the distance, a faint voice could be heard, "Eye of Dashi!" At that moment, a sharp streak of lightning hurled past Team Wind and headed for William.
Still virtually riding his winds, William exclaimed, "This Wu is as good as m--" Suddenly, the lightning tampered with William's wind and discombobulated it. In a strange turn of events, William began drifting out of control and, ultimately, the Eye of Dashi's strike turned William's wind around and set him on a course toward his own team.
"What? No! Turn around!" William exclaimed. He began to see that he was headed right for his own team, screamed and toppled into the mass. After the wind cleared, William could be seen on top of Alyssa, Maxwell, and Isadora, who were on top of Wally.
All of William's team gave him menacing looks and exchanged words, "Way to go, Wally... What's wrong with you?... You never listen."
Behind them, Team Fire quickly passed the washed-out team; Hilda could be seen wearing the Eye of Dashi as a necklace.
"See you at the Banishment Ceremony!" she screamed out, passing Team Wind.
As he was running, Albert tried to correct her, "You mean we won't see them."
Hilda gasped, "How rude! But didn't we invite them?!"
"No, we-- it-- w-- the gam--" Albert was lost. "Alright, let's just say we did."
Hilda yelled behind her, "Be sure to bring tea and cookies!"
Eleanor ran closely behind Hilda, nearly out of breath, "How much... How much longer? I need a bowl of water!"
Mia gasped, "How did you know about drinking out of bowls so early?!" Garrett, ahead of everyone, overheard the conversation going on and rolled his eyes.

Garrett: It's no surprise that my team is still afloat because of me; let's just be real. But, honestly, I can't take much more of any of their constant babble. It's not getting me any closer to winning this competition. Time to regain some focus.

Garrett began grinning in a subtle fashion and let out the Star Hanabi.
"Star Hanabi!" Garrett yelled out, pointing the jewel behind him. The Star Hanabi emitted snowball-sized fire bursts from its center. The remainder of Garrett's team unexpectedly saw the bursts headed toward them and ducked. Unfortunately, a distracted Hilda saw the balls of fire too late and was punched away from her team.
Eleanor stopped running and looked back, "Hilda!!" She turned back around to see the rest of her team still charging for the pyramid. "Garrett! What's your damage?!"
"Sorry about that! I was definitely aiming for the other teams! Earth and Water are gaining on us!" Garrett lied. As he said that, both Team Water and Team Earth stormed past Eleanor, who ran back to check on Hilda.
"Make sure that the unicorns and the phones are charged at 94%," Hilda stated in a dazed and confused sense. Eleanor gasped at Hilda's current state and gritted her teeth.

Back at the front of the pack, Mia sped up a bit to Garrett, "So, what was that about?"
Garrett huffed, "I needed... I needed you guys to sep... separate. So we can talk about our next move! We can't really... really do that if the team is talking about cats and food all the... the... time! So, I say--"
"Coming through!" a voice was heard behind them. The camera zoomed out to show Scott flipping into the lead using the Mantis Flip Coin. He stuck his landing and continued pacing himself.
"Jetbootsu!" Blake hollered as he rocketed past Team Fire while carrying the females of his team due to the anti-gravity of his boots.
Natalia waved to her competition as she passed them from Blake's shoulder, "We'll be sure to send you a postcard from our vacation after we win!" Albert grunted after hearing this and tried to increase his speed.
Bronwyn looked ahead and was able to see the pyramid containing the Ruby ahead of Scott. She was eagerly excited, "Yes! We're gonna get another one!" She threw her hands in the air and squealed, but as that happened, she fell off of Blake's shoulder and made a crash-course for Albert, Mia, and Garrett.
Unable to slow down, Garrett yelped, "Look out!!" Instantly, the three crashed into Bronwyn's body. The four began moaning unintelligibly.
Blake turned around and saw Bronwyn under part of Team Fire, "Bronwyn! How did you fall off!?" He, with Natalia and Raina on his shoulders raced back to Bronwyn while Scott forged ahead. Blake grabbed his team member, threw her on his back, and rocketed off again, and gradually caught up to Scott, the first to enter the temple.
Scott looked at the inside of the pyramid with awe, "Wow. You'd never see anything like this back home." The pyramid was covered with many different, ancient hieroglyphics and looked to be carved in gold from the inside. As Blake hovered over Scott with the girls, Scott looked up and pointed as he saw a jewel perched at the top of a column, "Look! It's the Ruby! The Ruby of Ramses!" Team Water's eyes turned into stars as they observed the Ruby of Ramses sitting atop the column in the center of the pyramid.
Raina looked to her left and then to her right, "Well? How do you suppose we get it?"
"Hmm," Scott took one small step toward the Ruby and the inside of the pyramid began to shake, causing Team Water to gasp.
Blake questioned the pyramid's rumbling, "That's odd." He deactivated the Jetbootsu and descended to the ground; this caused the pyramid to rumble a second time. At that point, Natalia daintily hopped off of Blake, which started the third rumble.
"Oopsies!" Natalia sounded out. Scott looked displeased, "Guuuuuys, you've gotta be more careful."
Raina adjusted her glasses, "Well, we can't stay on top of Blake forever."

Blake: (shown with a butt imprint and limp within his left shoulder) Yeah... No kidding.

Bronwyn and Raina attempted to slowly descend off of Blake's shoulders; coincidentally, Bronwyn began hiccuping and hiccuped herself off of Blake's body, collapsing to the ground. This startled Raina and made her lose her balance and focus as she ultimately hit the ground. With Raina's added girth, the interior of the pyramid began rumbling more than ever and gradually began to crumble. Fear was in Team Water's eyes as they each eyed the Ruby of Ramses together and noticed that it fell backward and down what looked to be a chasm.
"Nooooooooo!!!" they all shouted.
Bronwyn sighed and got on her knees and covered her face in her hands, "Great, it's hopeless. How on earth do we get it now?"
"What happened?" Garrett called out to them as he, Albert, and Mia, dashed to Team Water's location.
Albert took a good look at the room and deduced, "It's obvious. The power of some of the instances that happened in here caused the inside of the pyramid to turn to dust. My guess is that the Ruby of Ramses was in a high spot but now, it has fallen into a place nobody currently is aware of." A record scratch was heard off in the distance as Garrett, Mia, and Team Water looked at Albert.
"What?" he retorted, "It looks like that's what happened."
"Yes, that--" Scott started.
"That's exactly what happened." Blake finished, stunned.
Albert forcibly chuckled, "Destined for greatness, remember?" He pointed off to the distance, "the Ruby is over there."

"Well, thanks for that information, good sire!" William could be heard, leading Team Wind into the depths of the pyramid. He rocketed past the teens and turned around to coax his own team, "Now! Let's get that Ru--" William wasn't watching where he was going and ran into a boulder.
Wally immediately fell out, laughing, "Heh heh heh, this is why we don't let scrawny people be team leaders!"
Muffled, William was virtually frozen in his crash position and could be heard, "Aw, come on!!"
Alyssa ran to William's side, "Will, are you okay?" William could only be heard groaning as Wally laughed even harder. Alyssa started to get a tad angry, "This isn't funny, you know."
"What are you talking about, it's hilarious!"
"No, it's not. You think it's funny watching our own teammates clobber themselves over and over and over and over an--" William's muffled groans grew louder as he laid motionless up against the boulder.
Maxwell and the other teams watched Alyssa attempt to free William as Wally continued chuckling.
Bronwyn whispered to Max, "Is it like this every week with you guys?"
"Week? Ha. Every day. It's nothing but common rudimentary information that Alyssa is our team leader, but she doesn't have the fortitude to assert herself. The big brute over there and William are trying so hard to convince us when they are only making fools of themselves to her and I." Maxwell pointed to Isadora, who only waved at Bronwyn.
"You know," Wally chimed in again, "maybe if you move the boulder, you could probably more easily help the little squirt outta there." Alyssa heard this, moved a couple boulders in efforts to pick up William but ended up making more boulders topple over William, insinuating Wally to laugh even harder.

"Look ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!!" female voices could be behind everyone. Alyssa and the rest turned around to see Team Earth hurdling toward everyone on a floating boulder. The team skidded into the pyramid and caused a giant crash.
"Angelina?" Mia called out seeing her.
"Tina?" Blake queried.
"Guys?!" Alyssa wondered.
After the wind cleared, the camera made out Angelina and Tina, in front of the rest of Team Earth, staring each other down, "This is all your fault!"
"Thanks to you, I'll never get to wear that Ruby!" Angelina gawked at Tina.
Tina scoffed, "My fault? You're the one who had the idea of using a floating rock! Plus, the Ruby would look so tacky on you--red's not your color; none of them are! Especially this trashy, patchy skin tone you have going on!"
"Uhh, girls?" Bradley got up and attempted to stop them.
Angelina had scorn in her eyes, "Why can't you just accept that I'm the team leader and what I say goes! You don't understand what it means to be a leader so why should you be one?!"
"Girls?" K.C. tried to chime in.
"Well, Ange," Tina continued, "A good leader knows when to be fair and honest. News flash, those jeans died with your brain about five years ago! Just being honest! Also, you're probably going home before I do! Just being fair!"
At that point, both Angelina and Tina shrieked, "You're the worst person ever! EARTH!" Instantly, the boulders, rocks, and remains of the pyramid interior began circling around Angelina and Tina. As the boulders continued spinning, everyone looked up and saw the Ruby of Ramses spinning along with the boulders as well.
The two girls gasped as they peered up, "The Ruby! It's MINE!" The spinning rocks and other Earth-objects began to lower around the girls while the Ruby lowered in between them as they concentrated their energy. Suddenly, the two grabbed for the Wu at the same time and began arguing over it.
"Let go, it's mine! I got it first!" Tina bickered.
Angelina replied, "Hah! Not on your life! Which, from the looks of it, is coming to an end soon!"
Tina over-dramatically gasped, "You take that back!" Angelina and Tina slowly began levitating as the Ruby of Ramses glowed.
Below both girls, K.C., Bradley, and Russell could be seen cheering.
"We did it! Again!" Russell exclaimed.
K.C. looked up, "Victory never looked any sweeter, girls!"
Back in the action, Angelina looked at Tina with death in her eyes, "Why would I take it back? It's totally the truth! And I can prove it! I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"
Bradley's smile quickly turned into a frown, "You said what now?"
"Fine!" Tina accepted. "I'll wager the Tangle Web Comb against your Shroud of Shadows! You're gonna regret ever challenging me!"
Angelina stuttered, "Oh, hush! The game is dodgeboulder! Last one standing wins!"
Chris walked into the pyramid, sipping tea, and saw Tina and Angelina floating with the Ruby of Ramses and stifled laughter, "Wh-- heh heh-- What is this!?"
K.C. grabbed Chris by the collar in fear, "They can't actually do this, can they?!"
"Weeeeeeell..." Chris began.
"Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!" the girls yelled at each other. At that point, the location where the chosen ones were began to morph and resemble that of a gymnasium. Boulders were placed in the center of the stage and each of the Teams were raised at massive levels in order to view the events. Outside the morphed pyramid, Hilda and Eleanor were just about to enter when the area shot out of the ground and suspended itself in the air.

The camera went back into the pyramid gym where Angelina stood on one side of the boulders and Tina on the other.
"This... This can't end well, I just know it can't end well." Bradley scratched his forehead. "Who do we even root for!?"
Russell leaned in and whispered in Bradley's ear, "Psst, dude, it doesn't matter. Look at the playing field!" Russell pointed to both Angelina and Tina, both members of Team Earth.

Russell: Yo, dudes, I'm really surprised Chris isn't calling us out on this. Our two twigs are battling for the new Wu. That means we win by default!
Maxwell: The statistics of this actually being legal fall short below--(static)

"I'm basically destined to be our team leader! It's in my blood!" Angelina yelled to Tina. Her wording caught Albert's attention.
"Yeah, you tell her!" Albert shouted from above as he began to clap.
Tina held out her hand, "In your dreams!"
"Gong Yi Tampai!" the girls shouted. As soon as that was said, they each ran to the center stage, grabbed a boulder and ran back to where they were originally standing.
Tina grunted and began charging, "Your face could use some remodeling!" At that breath, she threw her boulder toward Angelina. Thinking quickly, Angelina gasped and ducked.
"Ha, get those marbles you call eyes checked! You completely missed me!" Angelina happily pranced. "Now, watch a true leader at work! Graaaaaaaaaahhh!!" Angelina ran up and tossed her boulder at Tina.
Struck with fear, Tina stood motionless and stared at the giant rock coming her way. She screamed, "Noooooooo!" Tina threw her hands in front of her; this action caused the boulder to slice in half down the middle and pass by Tina on both sides of her. Tina gasped again and looked at her hands.

Tina: Did you see that?! Take that, everyone at home! Mess with me, I'll mess you up!

"I hope you enjoyed doing that once," Angelina sputtered. She then began charging toward Tina again, boulder-less. "Because you're not gonna do it again! Earth!" As Angelina stampeded toward Tina, some of the boulders Angelina passed imploded into smaller rocks and encased themselves around Angelina's hands, giving her rock hands. She attempted to punch Tina multiple times, missing each one.
"You're in... my bubble! Tangle Web Comb!" Tina activated the Tangle Web Comb and allowed it to shoot out its webbing. The comb successfully wrapped around Angelina as cheers were heard from the stands.
Angelina sounded troubled, "Ewwwww! Get me out of this mess! Your hair has less split-ends than this! But... not by much! Ugh!" she let out a battle cry and, using her rock hands at the time, broke free of the comb's casings. Right as she broke free, Angelina turned to see a boulder headed right for her.
"Ahhh!!" she screamed. "Shroud of Shadows!" Angelina pulled out the cloth quickly, waved it around herself, and immediately vanished in an attempt to avoid the rock.
Murmurs could be heard from the crowd above, "Where did she go? ... She vanished! ... Oh, wow! ... This is intense."
"Show yourself, take this whooping like the mannish-girl you are!" Tina yelled out loud. Tina paced around her side of the gym wanting to know where Angelina was hiding. Instantly, Angelina appeared behind Tina and forcibly pushed her. Tina screamed and accidentally dropped the Tangle Web Comb when plummeting into the ground.
"Look! Angelina's got the comb!" Russell exclaimed to his team as Angelina picked up the Tangle Web Comb.

"Looks like it's game over for you!" Angelina instilled into Tina. Barely able to move, Tina struggled to get up.
"Ah. Ah. Ah," Angelina waved her rock finger. "Time to end this! Tangle Web Comb!" Angelina aimed the comb for one of the boulders. Using the casing the Comb gives, Angelina was able to wrap most of the Tangle Web Comb onto one of the boulders. Leaving it connected to the comb, she began twirling the comb and the boulder like a medieval flail. She flung the boulder around and shot it toward Tina, allowing the comb casing to release itself.
"Tina, look out!" Raina pleaded out to her. The boulder jettisoned over to Tina's location and made ultimate contact, causing everyone to gasp.
"Ha! Yes! Yes, yes! Yes! I win!" Angelina began jumping up and down. Coming onscreen, the Ruby of Ramses descended below Angelina, allowing her to grasp it. As she grabbed it, Angelina stuck her tongue out to the boulder covering most of Tina's body. This action caused the interior of the pyramid to revert itself back to normal.

Team Earth was shown with Angelina in front, holding the Shroud of Shadows, Tangle Web Comb, and the Ruby of Ramses. Tina stood next to her, looking a bit more injured, holding nothing.
Chris walked on screen, clapping, "Awesome work, Angelina. Team Earth are the victors of today's challenge!" Cheers were heard within Team Earth while many eye rolls happened behind them, courtesy of the other teams.
Chris held out his hand, "Whoa, folks, don't think everything is over just yet!" Bradley immediately stopped cheering and gulped.
"For the first and hopefully only time," Chris started as he walked toward Tina and Angelina, who were eyeing each other, "we have just witnessed a team win and lose!"
Bradley snapped his fingers and walked over to Chris, "I knew something was wrong about this. Why didn't you say anything?"
"What? You expected me to stop this? Do you know who I am? This was great to watch; no way I was stopping it! Plus, I really thought it was common sense to know not to fight your own teammates--isn't that right, girls?" Chris winked at the girls. "So, it looks like these girls just gave you immunity as well as took it away! Team Earth, you guys are on the chopping block yet again! As for everyone else, get your teams together and head back to D.O.J.O; you guys are safe for the night!"

Bradley: (groans and imitates Russell) "Dude, look at the playing field! We can't lose!" That's the last time I listen to someone more idiotic than... than... (groans again) Tina and Angelina!

Teams Wind, Water, and Fire were shown walking back to D.O.J.O.
"That's gotta suck for Team Earth," Bronwyn said aloud.
Scott agreed, "Yep. Two losses in a row. I don't feel too bad. They kinda did it to themselves. Heh. Even if that happened to our team. Could you imagine you and Natalia fighting over a Wu? Ridiculous!" Scott kept walking but his comments caused Bronwyn to stop.
Natalia caught up to her, "Is... something the matter?"
"She's thinking about what Scotty just said," Wally interjected.
"Well, what did he say?"
"Oh, nothing."

Bronwyn: (still staring into space as before; snaps out of it) No. No. Uh-uh. Not worth it.

Blake was shown walking alongside Mia, who was checking her nails, "How's your team holding up?"
"Well, we--"
Before Mia could finish, Blake continued, "Our team's literally held together by steel bonds of friendship. I don't foresee any problems. At all. What say you?"
"Our team--"
"Do you guys have some kind of split in your team? I always see you with Albert and Garrett. That cat girl and that Amish girl are never with you guys. They're part of Team Fire, too. We're always together; why aren't you guys?"
"It's only--"
"Oh, that's cool." Blake then noticed that Mia was getting frustrated with his interjections. "What's wrong? Trouble in paradise?"
Mia kicked him in his crotch area, "No, if it was paradise, you wouldn't be here. Instead, I would expect my friend's best friend to be here. She's close enough to be my friend but not my best friend. That's how life rolls." Mia swiftly passed Blake, who was on his knees after the kick. Team Wind began passing him with William impishly laughing as he approached Blake on the ground.

William: (laughs) Well, not all hope is lost. (referring to Blake) At least I'm better than that excuse. (gasps) I have an idea! This'll show everyone!

William began running up toward his team, "Hey, guys!" Blake, then, stood back up right in front of William's pathway, causing William to crash into him and fall to the ground again.
Blake turned around to see William and cringed, "Oops. Sorry, ma'am." He continued walking and caught up to the rest of the others as William laid on the ground, groaning.

At the Banishment Ceremony, Team Earth was shown in the same spots they were sitting in during the last ceremony, away from each other.
Chris walked into the area and looked around, "Look at you guys. Round two of eliminations! What's the matter!?" The team remained silent. "Oh. Well, you know the drill by now, hopefully. If I call your name, you remain to cause another headache to me. If not, you'll be taking the Drop of Shame. First up as safe, we have K.C.!"

K.C.: You know, I think it's pretty obvious who we all voted for but the hard part was deciding which one. One won't shut up, eats everything, whines about the stupidest crap, and expects us to respect her and the other.... well... umm... the other does that but with a skinnier body.

"Next up," Chris continued. "Bradley and Russell!"

Bradley: This may have been the perfect chance to get rid of Russell, but there are bigger, brattier things to tend to.

"Angelina? Tina? One of you will finally be taking your leave." Chris stated. Both girls looked at their team members who each casually looked the other way and began whistling.
"Before I continue, girls, who do you think is about to get the boot?"
Angelina almost cut Chris off, "Tina! It's Tina! Mm-hmm! She's the one! Yeah! Tina!"
Tina tried to retort, "Excu--"
"No more!" Chris interrupted. "I wasn't actually expecting either of you to answer, but then I realized that I'm basically talking to two sassy sharks. Anyway, yeah, Tina, it really is you and it's time for you to get gone! Thank you, Angelina, for doing my job for me."
Angelina winked at Chris and pulled out the Ruby of Ramses, "Oh. No problem! I can do a lot more than that! Ruby of Ramses!" Angelina aimed the Ruby at Tina.
"Now, wait a just minute! I demand to--" Tina started, but before she could finish, she began glowing and levitating at the speed Angelina lifted her arm. "Put me down!!"
"Oh, okay!" Angelina smiled. She threw her arm back and then threw it forward, causing Tina to be hoisted backward, then flung forward out of the Drop of Shame drop-zone.
K.C. and Bradley gasped at the action, but the camera panned to Chris, who was shown, legs only, laughing uncontrollably. The camera panned back to Team Earth.
"That was fierce," Russell mumbled to Angelina.
"Yeah, well, with my leadership, things are about to get a lot fiercer," Angelina snidely said to each of them.
"What? Your leadership?" Bradley interjected.
Angelina smiled, "Uhh, duh? Don't you remember?" She tossed the Ruby of Ramses up and down in her hand as the camera zoomed into Bradley's forehead, causing a flashback sequence.

Bradley remembered the scene:
"Alright! That's it, you two. If you guys really want to be team leader, we'll settle it this way. Whichever one of you manages to get the next Wu for our team gets to be Queen Bee.... the Queen Bee.... the Queen Bee.... the Queen Bee." As 'The Queen Bee' kept repeating in his head, Bradley's flashback sequence ended and he smacked his head and groaned, returning back to his seat.

Finished laughing, Chris jumped into the camera, "Oooooh, guess he forgot about that! Didn't see that coming, did ya, Bradley? Will Bradley's big-mouth and low level of thinking cost Team Earth another teammate!?"
"Hey!" Bradley shouted, off-screen.
Chris ended, "Be sure to catch our teams in action yet again next time on Total... Drama... Showdown!"
The screen faded to black.

Chapter Eight: Are You Smarter than a Chosen One?

Bbhinton15 & Kgman04

The camera faded in on Chris at the podium of the Banishment Ceremony room. He lifted his arms in excitement, "Previously on Total Drama, we all decided to walk like Egyptians and visited the great pyramids of the west! Or the East... the North? Wherever they were, they were home to our newest toy, the Ruby of Ramses! With it, the controller is able to move targeted objects at will! This Wu caused a little friendly competition between everyone's two favorite knuckleheads--Angelina and Tina. Bradley made the unfortunate mistake of speaking for the entire team when saying whoever can get the Ruby for their team gets to be team captain! Meanwhile, on Team Wind, William the Dunce continued wooing each of his team members--and failed miserably each time! I'm counting down the minutes before Wally finally wails on him! Back in the action, all the teams scrambled to find the Ruby when Angelina and Tina barged in and got into an epic catfight! And, what's worse, they both grabbed the Ruby and started a Xiaolin Showdown!" Chris attempted to regain composure from his excitement. "I know what most of you are thinking: 'How is that possible?' or 'They're on the same team.' or, my favorite, 'That's not fair!' Well, none of you host this plane wreck. I d--." Chris was interrupted by D.O.J.O. shaking and hurdling downward.
Chris gasped and ran to the cockpit to see Chef trying to control the plane, "What's going on!?"
"Outta gas!!" Chef yelled at him. He looked at Chris with anger in his eyes. "But I don't suppose you have anything to do with that, now, do you!?"
With the plane still going down, Chris snapped back, "And just what is that supposed to mean?! Huh? Huh!?"
Chef took his hands off the controls, stared Chris down, and got in his face, "I told you that I couldn't put gas in this thang, asked you to do it, and put the money in your room!"
The plane kept shaking as Chris got in Chef's face as well, "And I told you that I needed money for my bunion removal! Who leaves giant wads of cash on beds?! Plus, I saw money, what else am I going to spend it on? Other people? Forget that!"
Chef retorted, "Well, maybe if you didn't 'forget' about--" At that point, D.O.J.O. started shaking vigorously and the two men looked out the main window to see they were approaching land quickly.
Chris manually turned the camera to his face and yelled as they were about to make contact, "Find out what kills Chef first: this crash or me on this episode of Total! Drama! ...... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!"

After the theme song, many of the Chosen Ones were shown panicking and running around D.O.J.O.
"We're all gonna die!" Natalia screamed and ran past Mia.
Blake ran past Natalia and hid in the confessional.

Blake: I lost my bet with Natalia about whether Angelina or Tina would be going home first, so if I die, I don't have to give her a back massage. Check me out, Mr. Brightside!

Mia rolled her eyes, "Whoop-de-doo. Wait a minute..." She looked at her watch and gasped. She pointed upward and yelled, "It's not 12:42, 4, 6, 8, or even 12:40, it's 12:43! That's an odd number! I'm onto you, Universe!"

Mia: (kicking Blake out of the confessional as D.O.J.O. is shaking and plummeting) The universe played a cold hand today. Who likes odd numbers? At home, I have 2 cats, 4 dogs, 2 parents, 6 pencils on my desk, 12 packets of mustard in my jacket's only obscure pocket--because ketchup is so overdone--, 3 brothers, 2-- Wait... 3 brothers. Hmm... (a ceiling rod falls on her head) Ow! (picks up rod and holds it like a bat) Well, I don't care that much for Kasper.
Alyssa: (barges in) Mia! What are you doing in here?!
Mia: Existing.
Alyssa: (arms flailing everywhere) D.O.J.O. is about to crash!!
Mia: (smart-alec tone) Well, I guess I won't be existing that much longer now, will I? (another rod falls out of the ceiling and cracks the confessional camera)

Back outside, Bronwyn and Natalia are shown running in circles as Garrett casually walks past each of them.
"I didn't even get to get my boobs done!" Natalia shrieked.
Bronywn stopped running, fell to her knees and sobbed, "You can have mine! I just want to liiiiiiiive!"
K.C. passed both of them, "This wasn't in our contracts!" He kept running, passing windows that exploded near him.
Blake, Bradley, and Scott were shown huddled together in a corner, hugging.
"I'll miss my mom!" Blake shakily said.
"I'll miss my boards!" Bradley replied, hugging the boys.
"I'll miss--" Scott started. "Wait! Wait, wait, wait! I can fix this!" He broke apart from the boys and ran off to Team Water's room with small parts of D.O.J.O. falling apart behind him as he ran. He encountered the room, ruffled through his bag and found the Jetbootsu. He ran backward toward Blake's belongings and easily encountered the Lotus Twister and dashed out of the room.
Scott ran past Bronwyn, who was now seen next to Garrett, still sobbing.
"Where... where are you going!?" Bronwyn shouted to him.
"Just trust me!" Scott shouted back. Instantly, he hopped out of an open window of D.O.J.O. and yelled, "Jetbootsu! Lotus Twister!!" Both Wu glowed immediately. The Jetbootsu activated and allowed Scott to travel under the D.O.J.O., which was nosediving at this point. The Lotus Twister wrapped around Scott's wrist and extended each of his limbs. Scott used his extended limbs and the zero-gravity from the Jetbootsu to thrust and grab the entire plane. Some of the chosen ones were watching the feat from windows and gasping.
Scott grunted as he gained control of the falling plane and, transitionally, planted it on the ground that it almost impacted. Swiftly, he maneuvered himself out from under D.O.J.O. and flew toward the plane entrance.
Chris and Chef were shown hugging each other with their eyes closed. Chris peeked one eye open to see that the plane was firmly on the ground. He raised his arms, slapping Chef in the process, "We're alive! We're saved!!" He peered over to see that he was on Chef's lap and immediately hopped off; both scoffed and turned their backs to each other.

The scenes switched to show D.O.J.O. still planted where Scott left it and everyone out of the plane, recuperating. The camera panned to show Chris in front of everyone with Scott floating via Jetbootsu next to him.
Chris clapped to grab everyone's attention, "Eyes over here, everyone!"
"Care to explain what just happened?!" Wally furiously asked Chris.
"In due time, Brickhouse," Chris replied. "Due to a few mishaps, we've landed far off from my intentions... I think. Chef is currently trying to figure out our location. In the meantime, thanks to Scott, we're all still here! Some, I'm not as excited about over others, but we're all still here!"
"Ahh, it was nothing," Scott whimsically flipped his hand at Chris. Claps were heard from some of the chosen ones as the camera panned to Raina, Bronwyn, and Natalia, who were all looking at Scott floating with lovesick eyes.

Bronwyn: Did you see the way he risked his life to save us? So selfless! (sighs) My hero.
Raina: Did you see the torque he put on the plane? So measurable! (sighs) My hero.
Natalia: Did you see his butt?! So firm! (sighs) My hero.

Chris continued, "While we wait on Chef, take some time to make sure you're all accounted for and we'll figure out where we go from here."
Scenes switched to show Team Water walking back into the plane. Blake and Scott were in front and, instantly, Bronwyn, Raina, and Natalia ran into Blake, pushing him aside to get to Scott.
"Do you need some water, Scott?!" Bronwyn quickly asked him.
"What about a Brazilian nut?" Raina wondered aloud.
Natalia shamelessly commented, "You really do have a nice butt, though."
Scott impishly chuckled as the girls continued talking to him in the same pattern.
"How about some mints?!"
"I can get you a lozenge!"
"But, seriously, nice butt."
Scott laughed, "Ladies, I don't need anything. Thanks, though." Scott walked over to Blake, helped him up, and they continued walking. The girls stared at both of them as they paced away.
Blake and Scott continued walking off into the distance. Blake looked a bit peeved next to Scott as Scott began speaking, "Man, you do one thing and suddenly you're a hero."
"Yeah. A real big hero," Blake shadily worded out.

Blake: Now Scott's a huge hero and where does that leave me? I should be running this game. I already know I'm going to win; but I guess nobody told me the road would be easy. (sigh) It seems the girls are now even more head-over-heels for Scott. (cringes) They should be noticing me, too! I'm clearly the best the team has to offer. (gasps and ponders) Hmmm...

"Oh, nothing!" Blake replied to Scott's confusion. "So, the girls... now they can't keep their hands off you, huh?"
Scott blushed a bit, "I guess so, but I don't want all this attention. I don't need it. My mom didn't raise me this way."
"Yeah, bro, I hear ya."
"Especially with Raina," Scott continued.
Blake looked intrigued at this statement, "Oh?"
"Yeah, I just... I just feel like she's trying too hard, you know? I've caught all of her signs and she's more obvious than a naked fat girl in a beauty contest. Plus, she almost broke my guitar on accident yesterday. I'm just not interested, bro. But, I don't know how to break it to her. Do you understand?" Scott turned to Blake, who was shown taking notes on Scott's words. "Blake?"
Blake looked up, "Huh!? Oh!" He quickly put the notes up, "Yeah, I totally understand! Maybe you should just be upfront with her. Most girls hate when others beat around the bush--I still don't understand why they do it--but I would just treat it as a 'now or never' problem and do something before it gets worse."
Scott stopped, "Hmm, I think you're right, Blake! It's time I start thinking more about me!" He turned around and ran back toward the girls.

Blake: This is perfect. Soon enough, I'll be back to being the big man on campus! You know, Scott really makes me believe I give great advice... for me, anyway.

Scott ran past Team Wind's room. The camera stopped following Scott and zoomed into Team Wind's room.
"It's foolproof!" Maxwell shouted to his team members.
Alyssa looked concerned, "I dunno, it sounds kinda sketchy and a little underhanded, if you ask me."
"Well, don't you want to win?" Maxwell asked her.
"Short-stack's got a point," Wally motioned to Alyssa. "Just, whatever we do, don't let him do it." Wally pointed over to William, who was looking through his stuff. William looked up to see Wally was pointing at him.
"Ugh! Wally, I haven't even said anything to you today," William pleaded.
"Don't have to, being alive says enough to me."
William started walking toward Wally, "Why I have half a mind to take this paintbrush... and shove it up your--"
"Guys!" Alyssa reprimanded both of them. "Maxwell is talking. Sorry about that, Max. Please continue." Maxwell immediately rolled his eyes at his team members.

Maxwell: (reading a book) Team Wind has been going through growing pains ever since our run-in with Team Water back at the Lotus Temple. If you haven't noticed, we only have one Wu and no team leader. We're basically chickens with our heads cut off. Actually, if we were any fowl, it'd probably be turkeys at this rate. (holds up book) That's why, over the past few days, I've been reading and putting my biggest muscle to the test! Back in the olden days, when these artifacts were first made, my text states that they emit incredible power when combined together. I mean, did you see what Scott did back there? Imagine what could happen with two more powerful Wu combined! I've come up with a proposal.

"I mean, did you see what Scott did back there?" Maxwell reiterated, only this time to his team.
Alyssa replied, "Very true, it was pretty amazing." She looked at Isadora, who only smiled and nodded. Alyssa got up and took the Sword of the Storm out of her belongings and began observing it.

Team Wind continued their conversation as the camera left their room and zoomed in on Team Fire walking to their room, about to pass the other teams' rooms.
"So, are we agreed?" Garrett asked Albert and Mia. Both shook their heads and gave a thumbs-up. As Garrett turned back around and kept walking, Mia rolled her eyes and Albert gave a shrugging look to the camera.

Albert: Garrett informed us yesterday that our first target is probably going to be Eleanor. Personally, I don't care as long as it's not me. I'm 100% positive that I'm still on everyone's good side. And that's the way it will be. (snickers) Garrett used the word "probably". I'm so unfamiliar with that term, it's ridiculous.

Hilda was shown walking and sighing repeatedly.
Mia began to smell her breath and waved her hand in front of her face, "I think you're being a bit too generous with your CO2 emissions, ma'am."
"Oh? I am sorry." Hilda sighed in the other direction, causing Eleanor to hiss when she made contact with the breath.
"Huh? Oh." Hilda stated again.
Eleanor crawled up Hilda's back and leaned into her, "Is something wrong, Hilda?"
"R...R..." Hilda started, "Rumspringa!" She then started sobbing.
"Mew?" Eleanor wondered. "I do not follow."
"Rumspringa. It's part of my culture back in my homelands. I am going to miss it and I have just come to realize!"

Hilda: The day of my birth is tomorrow, and I will still be here... if everyone says the same. Which means, I will miss my Rumspringa! (sobs) During Rumspringa, I am allowed to explore the common life of other, traditional peoples and afterward, choose to live within my community or leave and live the life of others! (thinks aloud) I mean, I guess I am doing the first part now, but 'tis not the same! I miss home! (sobs more)

"I miss home!" Hilda squealed. She, then, began blubbering as Team Fire passed Team Earth and Water's room.
Garrett covered his ears and looked as if he were in pain, "Can someone do something about her please?" Albert immediately went over to console Hilda while Eleanor gave Hilda a hug from behind.
Upon reaching their own room, Albert asked her, "Is there anything we can do to help you, troubled one?"
Hilda continued sobbing, "I just wish I could celebrate Rumspringa! I do not have the proper foods, the proper family, the proper clothing, the proper--"
"Clothing?" Mia sounded intrigued. She then somewhat raised her finger in the air. "I have a subpar idea!" she grabbed Albert and Hilda, who still had Eleanor on her back, and ran into Team Fire's room.
Garrett sighed out of relief, "Good, maybe now we can foc--"
"What about Team Fire?" a voice said from Team Wind's room across the way.
"Huh?" Garrett wondered. He looked swiftly to his left, then to his right, then backed up slowly and placed himself next to Team Wind's room door to eavesdrop.
"You think that would work?" William asked to Maxwell.
Maxwell reassured him, "Well, think about it, I think the Star Hanabi or the Eye of Dashi would work perfectly combined with the Sword of the Storm. I think purposely starting a showdown with Team Fire would work well to our advantage." Team Wind was shown nodding as Garrett looked away from the room and put his index finger to his chin.

Wally: (scratches back of head) I gotta say, Maxwell is really trying to step up. This plan seems to have no backfire! Where was he when we needed a team leader, like, umpteen episodes ago?
Garrett: What are they planning?! Starting a showdown on purpose? With us!? And combining Wu? Even I never thought to do that...

"Yeah," Maxwell continued. "Best case scenario, I go up against Garrett for his Eye of Dashi. I think that'd be an easy win." This statement caused Team Wind to laugh. Garrett was shown gritting his teeth.
"Haha, who did he go up against in Barcelona?" Alyssa wondered.
"I think... I think it was Russell!" William exclaimed. An uproar of laughter was heard, causing Garrett to get infuriated.

Garrett: What!? That was a total fluke! And everyone knows it! (growls)

"Oh, Garrett!!" a voice was heard in Team Fire's room. Team Wind's laughter stopped when they heard this through their open door. Garrett immediately gasped and backed up to the outside of his team's door. Mia came out of Team Fire's room with Albert, who was shown wearing the Third-Arm Sash as a belt, the Eye of Dashi as a necklace, the Ring of the Nine Dragons on his finger, and carrying the Star Hanabi. Hilda followed closely behind Albert.
"What... is this?" Garrett wondered. As he said that, Maxwell came to Team Wind's door, saw Albert, and widened his eyes.
"Uhhh," Maxwell wondered. Before saying anything else, he closed Team Wind's door and they continued communicating.
"You can't tell me this will be the latest trend! I mean, wouldn't you wear this?" Mia asked Garrett. "We need you to break the tie. Albert and Hilda wouldn't, but Eleanor and I definitely would. Eleanor scored 4.6 style points with me when she said she would."
"Remember what we said, Mia..."
"Yeahhhhhh. But that's not important right now. Tell me, would you?!"
Before Garrett could answer, Russell, K.C., and Bradley came up to Albert and awed at his new wardrobe.
"Dude, check out the threads!" Russell told Bradley.
Bradley rubbed his eyes, "This looks too legit to quit."
"My mom wishes she had this," K.C. chimed in. A record scratching noise was heard in the distance as everyone looked at K.C. He responded, "What? My mom is trying to keep up with the latest, hippiest, trends."
Mia looked disgusted, "Wait, did he just call my work 'hippy'? I'm done. Game over." Mia walked back into Team Fire's room and threw her arms up in disgust, "Goodness!"
Albert snickered, "I'm sure the thing that set it off was The Ring of the Nine Dragons!" He held his hand up that had the Ring in excitement. Weirdly enough, the ring began to glow, causing Albert to glow.
"Well, that can't be good," K.C. wondered. The camera panned to Russell and Bradley who looked at Albert as he split into five separate Alberts.

"What even?" Garrett wondered out loud. The five Alberts all looked at each other for a few seconds, smiled, and began hugging each other.
"Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!" they all shrieked.
"Huh. That's... almost kinda cute." Bradley looked at the Alberts hugging.
"I like youuuuu," one Albert said to another.
"Nooooo, I like youuuuuuuuuu, another Albert said to one.
"Liiiiiiike! Liiiiiiike!" the Alberts began saying that and spinning around Team Fire and Team Wind's room.
Garrett blinked as he watched in awe at what was happening. He then tried to get into Albert's mind, "Albert! Err.. Alberts! It is your destiny to stop twirling and piece back together!"
"Ooooh, destiny!" an Albert said out loud.
One Albert bonked another on his head, "Destiny! Destiny!" At that point, those two Alberts began pushing each other, chanting 'destiny'.
Garrett smacked his forehead, "What have I done?"
"It is my destinyyyyyyyyyyy!" an Albert said, somersaulting into Team Wind's room, breaking their door down in the process.
The other four Alberts gasped at this happening and all started shouting 'destiny' as they rampaged into Team Wind's room after the first Albert.
"What the!?" Wally wondered.
"Destiny... Destiny... DESTINY.... Destiny.... DESTINYYYYYY!" the Alberts began chanting to the members of Team Wind.
"This is so confusing!" Alyssa called out. "I've never heard the word 'destiny' this much!"
An Albert slapped Alyssa's face, "My destiny will eat your destiny!! A-hahahaha!"
This caused Team Wind to panic, freak out, and vacate the room with the Alberts chasing after them, chanting 'destiny, destiny!'.

K.C. stared at the events, "Well, I've seen everything now."
"Wanna know what I've yet to see?" a voice trailing behind them asked. Bradley, K.C., and Russell turned around to see who Garrett saw. The voice came from Angelina.
"I haven't seen the next Wu in our hands!" Angelina had a bullhorn, shouting at her team members. "Now, let's hop to that! Get to the room! Hup-two, hup-two, hup-two!" The boys groaned, turned around, and jogged toward Angelina's voice back to Team Earth's room.
Garrett laughed at the scene, "Heh. Poor suckers." He peered around and saw Team Wind's room while talking and, in the background, Team Wind's Sword of the Storm. He wondered to himself as he walked into the room.

Garrett: (laughs) Albert may have actually been useful for once. So, (staring directly into the camera) Team Wind, wanna play dirty? Well, I. Play. Dirty. Too.

Garrett was shown leaving Team Wind's room with the Sword of the Storm; he slid it into Team Fire's room inconspicuously with only Hilda watching.
"Shhhhhh," Garrett motioned to her. Hilda, still looking sad, moped but agreed.

Scenes switched to show Scott, caught up to Bronwyn, Natalia, and Raina.
"Girls!" Scott shouted.
"Yes?" each of them winked at Scott.
"I need..."
" speak..."
"Yes? Yes?"
"...with Raina." Scott finished.
"Oh." Bronwyn replied.
Natalia scoffed, "Whatever."

Raina: (squealing) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Scott looked at Raina with passion in his eyes, "Alone."
Natalia and Bronwyn gasped as Raina blushed cherry-red.

Raina: (jumping up and down, screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (begins to pull her hair out)

Scott and Raina were shown in Team Water's room, alone. Both were in Scott's quarters.
Scott cleared his throat, "Uh, Raina..."
"Yes, Scott?" Raina looked at him hopefully.
Scott grimaced, "Uhh... I--" At that point, an airhorn blew from the P.A. System.
"All contestants report back outside for your next challenge! And some great news!" Chris McLean stated. Raina groaned as Scott wiped sweat from his forehead.

Scott: (sigh of relief) Whew, saved by the bell... or foghorn. (looks nervously to the left and right repeatedly)

Scenes switched to show Chris and Chef outside of D.O.J.O. as everyone began filing out.
Blake noticed Scott and approached him. In a hushed tone, he asked, "So, did you break it to her?"
"Uhhh, not yet," Scott confessed, glancing at Raina, who attempted to wink at him, but instead blinked. She sneezed shortly after.
Chris tossed a gleaming object from hand to hand as the final contestant, Hilda, sulked out of the D.O.J.O. "What's her damage?" he asked Team Fire. "Nevermind, don't care."
"Did you say you had good news for us?" William asked.
"That's right!" Chris beamed. "Luckily for you guys, no need to track down any Wu today, since we've already got it!" Chris revealed a bronze-framed maroon eyeglass. "This baby here is called the Falcon's Eye. Anyone who uses it has the ability to see through certain objects and the ability see more clearly in the dark!"
Russell's eyes widened. "I've got to get that Wu."
Raising her hand, Alyssa wondered, "So what does that mean? No challenge today?"
Chris glanced at Chef and burst into laughter. "No... challenge?!? What... what kind of host do you think I AM?" The host and chef were now on the ground, rolling around, clutching their stomachs.

Blake: (fixing his hair) Some people are just so full of themselves.

Regaining his composure, Chris let out a sigh and explained, "No, no, there's still a challenge. Come hither!"
As the contestants followed the host into a stadium, Raina pulled Scott to the back of the group. "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"
"Well," Scott began, trying to ignore Raina's beaming smile, "I... it's... you..."
Raina's face began to fall as Scott began to turn away from her.
"I... I can tell you kind of have a thing for me," he began, "but I think I should just tell you now that I'm not really interested."
He looked back to her. "I'm sorry! I hope you understand."
Raina turned back to face the group. "No, no, it's... it's okay."

Raina: (eating spoonfuls of ice cream) How could I let myself be so stupid? I knew there was no chance of him actually liking me. I can't believe I deluded myself for so long! (attempts to take a spoonful, realizes the pint of ice cream is empty, and begins to sob)

Inside the stadium was an arena, with nineteen pillar platforms arranged in a circle. "Welcome to today's trivia showdown!" Chris exclaimed with typical grandeur.
"Trivia?" Maxwell grinned. "This should be a piece of cake."
Chris added, "But this is no ordinary, stale pop-culture trivia." Mia's expression shifted into an uncharacteristically perky one. "No, you'll be answering questions about your fellow chosen ones and your time here on Total Drama Showdown!"

A flash transition showed each of the contestants standing on a pillar, grouped by their teams: water, wind, fire, and earth, going clockwise. Each pillar included a stand with a large red button on it. Isadora looked down at the ground below and asked, "Is this safe?"
"Don't worry about it," Alyssa comforted. "Just keep your eyes on the person across from you."
Glancing at the opposite end of the circle, Isadora made eye contact with Angelina, who snarled.
Chris's voice was heard over loudspeakers. "Here's how it works! I'll ask a question, and if you think you know the answer, slam your hand on the big red button!"
"Who would've guessed?" Natalia quipped.
"If," Chris continued, "you answer correctly, you get to use any of your elemental powers or Shen Gong Wu to try to knock an opposing player off their pillar!"
Wally cracked his knuckles. "Sounds fun."
"Since Team Earth only has 4 players, the loser will be decided by the team who knocks off the lowest number of opposing contestants! Shall we get started?"
Eleanor interjected, "Wait! What if we get the answer wrong?"
"Oh! If you're wrong..." Chris's voice was laced with mischief. A loud buzz was heard, and a sudden electric shock went through every contestant on the pillars. "Your entire team pays the price!"

Maxwell: I do not appreciate having unrestricted current flowing through my body! As long as Wally doesn't attempt to answer any of these questions, the team shouldn't have to suffer any more unpleasantries.

"First question! Who was the first person to be voted off of Total Drama Showdown?"
Bronwyn slammed her button. "That's easy, we voted off Zane!"
A pleasant ding was heard as Chris said, "Nice job! Now, you get to try to knock any member of the other teams off their platform."

Bronwyn: If only Natalia was on a different team...

Noticing Mia's generally inattentive demeanor, Bronwyn seized the opporunity. "Lotus Twister!"
Her right arm extended across the circle and smacked the hipster off her platform.
"Looks like one point from Team Water! Mia's out!" Chris taunted. Mia dusted herself off and sat cross-legged in the stands. "Truly unconventional, McLean!"
"Next question! What two contestants fought it out in a showdown over the Eye of Dashi?"
Angelina answered. "K.C. and Mia! I remember because he lost." K.C. pursed his lips as the noise for a correct answer played.
"Nice job!" Chris lauded. "Angelina, you get to--"
"Ruby of Ramses!" Angelina cried, aiming at Blake and dropping him to the ground below. "Guhhhh," he groaned, struggling to get back up.

A montage of button-slamming followed shortly after, which was succeeded by a series of rather painful eliminations from the challenge. Raina used the Mantis Flip Coin to flip to Russell's platform and kick him off; Natalia was shown blasting Isadora off her pedestal with the Orb of Tornami; another clip highlighted Hilda slapping K.C. into the stands with the Third-Arm Sash; even Eleanor was seen shooting fireballs at Scott with the Star Hanabi.

Moments later, Chris announced, "And with that aggressive use of the Lotus Twister, Raina has knocked Albert out of commission! Score is 4-0-3-3, with Team Water in the lead! Team Wind isn't even on the board yet!"
The remaining players from each team were Natalia, Bronwyn, and Raina for Team Water, Alyssa and Maxwell for Team Wind, Garrett and Hilda for Team Fire, and Angelina and Bradley for Team Earth.
From the stands, Wally gingerly applied an ice pack to his forehead. "C'mon, Maxwell! What happened to this being a piece of cake, huh?"
"I haven't been paying any attention to these meaningless facts!" Maxwell defended. "It doesn't seem Alyssa's been any help either."
Alyssa was taken aback. "Hey, at least I've tried to answer a question!"
Maxwell retorted, "Yes, and all it did was get us zapped. Well done!"
Rolling her eyes, Alyssa shot back, "It's not even like I could've done anything if I got it right. You have our only Wu!"
"Huh? No, I don't," the braniac responded with genuine confusion.
Furrowing her brow, Alyssa looked to the stands. "Then who has it? Wally?"
"Don't look at me," Wally said, putting his hands up. He gestured to William. "Leonardo Da Wimpy over here probably has it."
"While your wordplay is impressive, I haven't touched the Sword in days," William scoffed.
Immediately the four members of Team Wind turned to Isadora, who shot back a look of utter disbelief, then shook her head.

Before Alyssa and Maxwell could regain their focus, a jetstream of water knocked Maxwell off his platform. "Got 'em!" Raina cheered. "Take that, vermin!"
In the stands, Scott leaned over and whispered into Blake's ear, "You don't think Raina's all riled up because of me, do you?"
Blake turned to him. "Wha? No way, man. Well... I mean... maybe?" Scott began to protest but Blake recovered by saying, "Look, girls have different ways of dealing with rejection. Maybe Raina just gets really competitive."
"She's taken out more people out of anyone in the game, and they've all been guys," Scott worriedly noted.

Raina: (lets out a battle cry which quickly morphs into ugly sobbing)

"Alyssa's gotta take out four players on her own if she wants any chance of her team winning!" Chris informed. "But, no pressure."
"Thanks," Alyssa stated, disgruntled.
"Next question! Which team currently has the least Wu?" Alyssa excitedly rang in. "Us! We do! Team Wind!"
William rubbed his temples. "That's not exactly something to be proud of."
The ever-pleasant ding rang, and Alyssa concentrated on Natalia, who stared back, unimpressed. Alyssa inhaled deeply, aligned her body, and with one rapid motion sent a gust of wind that seemed to shoot out of her palms in Natalia's general direction. "WIND!!" Alyssa cried out.
Natalia blinked as what seemed to be a gentle breeze passed by her. "That all you got?"
"Well, there's not much else for me to do with no Shen Gong Wu! Where could it--" Suddenly, Alyssa gasped. A flashblack of Team Wind's congregation began to play, highlighting the moment when Alyssa took out the Sword of the Storm, leaving it in the room when Albert's clones invaded.

Alyssa: Is... is this my fault? You know, it's no big deal, I mean, it should still be right there! No other team would have any use taking a Wind-oriented Wu, I mean... right? Right?

"Lame," Chris's voice flatly stated. "Next question! Where in the world did we go to find the Shroud of Shadows?"
Angelina rang in this time. "Oooh! Bartelino? Or Bertomona? That place in Spain?"
"Barcelona?" Bradley answered. "Yeah, that one!"
"I... guess you're right?" Chris questioned. "We'll give it to you!"
"Yes!" Angelina cheered, using the Tangle Web Comb to slap Alyssa off of her platform, but not before the comb's webs made a beeline for the girls in Team Water, who all fell off of their platforms, wrapped together.
Chris announced, "Since Team Wind's in dead last and has no more players left, we have our loser! I'll be seeing them at tonight's Banishment Ceremony. On the flip side, Team Water wins for knocking out the most opponents! Congrats on nabbing the Falcon's Eye. Everyone else, tend to your wounds back in the D.O.J.O.; we've only got this stadium rented for another ten minutes. Get out of here!"
Natalia, Bronwyn, and Raina cheered, then writhed together on the ground in their tangled web. The girls shrieked, "Get us out of here... Help!... I'm too hot for this!"
"Ladies!" Scott ran over to them, tugging at the vines around them. "I'll get you out, don't worry."
Bronwyn and Natalia turned a bright red as they thanked Scott in unison. Raina, instead turned away from him. Scott turned to Blake with a look of concern.

Scott: I thought I did what was best! I mean, Blake gave some pretty rad advice. If I kept leading Raina on, who knows what would've happened? Now I've just gotta figure out what the deal is with the other girls...

An aching Alyssa approached her team, greeted by Wally. "Way to go, you lost the challenge."
"As if this was purely my fault," Alyssa frowned. "We still need to figure out where the Sword of the Storm is."
William shrugged. "The last time I saw it was before the challenge."
The other teams walked past to exit the stadium, and as Team Fire made their way, Garrett slapped Maxwell on the back. "Sorry about your team's loss, but thanks for showing me how to use that Sword last night! Truly amazing stuff, man."
Before Maxwell could even respond, Garrett was halfway out of the stadium and Wally bellowed, "You WHAT?"
Maxwell stuttered, "What? No, no, no, th-this isn't what it seems--"
"No, this is exactly what it seems," William stated, walking toward the D.O.J.O., with the rest of his team except Maxwell following closely behind.

Maxwell: What on Earth is Garrett's problem?! I did no such thing! Even if I did try to somehow test my hypothesis of combining Wu the night before, the Sword was still in our possession this morning!
William: So Maxwell thinks he can be in cahoots with Garrett? Toying around with our only Wu? And the rest of the team is just supposed to be okay with it? Blasphemy!
Alyssa: I really want to save Maxwell's hide but I don't know if it's worth putting mine on the line. I was our team's only hope for today's challenge, and saying that I left the Sword out for anyone to take wouldn't really do me any favors tonight, but still...
Garrett: (makes markings on a notepad, smirking)

The screen panned across the Banishment Ceremony, where Team Wind sat, awaiting their fate. Wally, Isadora, and Alyssa sat behind William and Maxwell.
Chris entered and greeted, "Welcome back, Team Wind! Haven't seen you guys here in a while. I'll keep it short - if I call your name, you're safe. If your name is not called, you'll have to remove your Belt of Life, walk the Pathway of Shame, to take the Drop of Shame. Capiche? Wally, you're safe!"

Wally: We all know who's taking that drop tonight.

"So are William and Isadora!"

Isadora: (folds arms and pouts)

"Alyssa, Maxwell. Tonight, one of you will be going home." Maxwell glanced at Alyssa, who uncomfortably looked away and fidgeted.
"And the final person..."
Maxwell gulped.
"Who will be staying with us tonight..."
Alyssa's eyes darted around the room.
"Will you hurry up?" Wally groaned.
Chris stared Wally down. "Fine. Ruin my incredibly well-planned suspense! Alyssa, you're safe. Maxwell, it's curtains for you!"
Maxwell sighed and stood up. "I suppose I'm not surprised. Goodbye everyone! The show's level of intellect has suddenly plummeted to nothing."
"You know what else is plummeting to nothing?" Chris asked. "You!" He shoved a parachute into Maxwell's hands as Chef grabbed him and tossed him out of the D.O.J.O..
Maxwell's parting words were barely audible. "Don't listen to Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr........."

Chris cleared his throat. "Aaaand with that, Team Wind is down to four, same boat as Team Earth! Will Team Wind pick up speed? Will Team Water start to dissolve? Will whoever's writing my cue cards cut it out with the lame puns? Find out, on the next thrilling episode of... Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Chapter Nine: Buggin' Out


The screen faded into a shot of the D.O.J.O. soaring through the sky at sunrise, as Chris voiced over, "Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our Chosen Ones were put to the test on their knowledge of the game so far! Otherwise, they had to be ready for a shocking surprise. Scott confronted his girl problems by trying to let Raina down easy, only... she didn't exactly take it that way. Sucks to be her! Meanwhile, Garrett pulled the wool over Team Wind's eyes by stealing their Sword! And, let me tell you, did that plan work. Poor Maxwell's plans to sucker Garrett into a showdown are never gonna come to fruition since his team canned him after Garrett made it sound like Max lost his team's one and only Wu!"
Chris laughed with his hands over his abdomen. "Things are just starting to get good here in Total Drama Showdown, and boy, do we have some good stuff in store for you tonight! Sit back and enjoy this action-packed episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Following the theme song, some of the Chosen Ones were seen entering the dining area, and they had all evidently just woken up.
Blake, Bronwyn, and Scott began to form the line for breakfast when Scott looked around and asked, "Where's the rest of our team?"
"Natalia always goes on about how she needs 'nine hours of "beauty" sleep,'" Bronwyn scoffed, "so I'd expect her here later. I don't know about Raina, though."
Scott glanced at Blake for an answer, but he only shrugged and yawned.

Raina: I... am a new woman. I had a dream last night, where I won the competition, graduated from medical school, funded numerous clinics, and moved into my own house by the beach. All by myself! I don't need any man by my side. This is a new age of Raina. An age of independence! I can't thank Scott enough for opening my eyes up to this new, revitalized me!

As Raina nearly skipped out of the confessional, she tripped over Blake who was attempting to enter. Luckily, he caught her with one arm and propped open the confessional door with the other.
"You okay?" Blake mumbled, rubbing an eye.
Raina regained her balance and looked at him. She heard church bells and harps playing in the distance as the camera panned across a close-up of Blake's disheveled, newly-awoken face.
"Y-yeah," Raina blushed. "Actually, wait, I think I left something inside." She bolted back into the confessional and shut the door, allowing Blake to nearly topple over.

Raina: How could I have been so blinded by Scott? Sure, he's sweet, but how did I let him have all my attention when Blake is clearly superior? We haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but I mean, he's strong, he's caring, he's... (struggles to think of a third adjective) ... existent...

The static cut back to the dining area, where almost all of the Chosen Ones were seen struggling with a bowl of a pasty, white substance.
"I don't think this is FDA-approved," William noted to the rest of his team, as he lodged a spoon into his bowl.
Wally slammed a fist against the table. "We're down a player! Again! What are we, Team Earth?" He gestured across the room to Team Earth's table.
"Hey!" K.C. whined.
"We heard that!" Russell chimed.
Wally turned to the rest of his team and asked, "Am I the only one who can see that we're getting pummeled? We have one Wu to our name and we don't even know where it is!" He leaned toward Isadora and angrily whispered, "How can you be so calm?!"
Isadora calmly replied, while picking at her food, "I'm not, can't you see I'm as annoyed as you are?"
"Sure doesn't seem like it!" Wally declared, picking up his bowl and moving to another table.
Alyssa murmured to herself, "I'm gonna go too."

Wally: This team better straighten up. Man, if they had just let me be the leader from Day 1, we'd still have our whole team here and a good slice of the Wu.
Alyssa: Alright, so I still feel pretty guilty about letting the Sword go AWOL during the challenge. But that doesn't excuse Maxwell for partnering up with the enemy the day before! Was he trying to make Garrett think they were friends, and then defeat him in a showdown? I don't... Aghhh.... (rubs temples in aggravation)

As Alyssa made her way back to her room, she intercepted Garrett who was exiting his.
"Good morning," Garrett monotonously greeted. "Shame your team got rid of Maxwell, he was really on to something with that whole 'combining Wu' business."
Alyssa gasped, "How do you know about that?" Garrett snickered, "Your team's really got to learn how to close your doors. Anyone could just listen in on you blather on about your secret strategies. Speaking of which..."
He went back into his team's room and rummaged through his belongings before pulling out the Sword of the Storm. Alyssa's eyes widened. "Why do you have our Wu?!"
Garrett pulled her into the room, closed the door, and in a hushed tone said, "Because you left it out for anyone with a brain to take for themselves. Now, you can either run to your teammates, rat me out, and I'll make sure your team finds out you were the one who left it in plain sight..." Alyssa gulped.
"Or you can do me a favor and pretend you found this under Bradley's bed in Team Earth's room, and I'll consider giving you a pass," Garrett finished. He forced the Sword into Alyssa's hands and exited the room.

Alyssa: I'm stuck between a rock and a fiery jerk. I don't have any reason to make Bradley look bad... but if my team finds out that I let us lose last week, I'm toast.
Garrett: And the seeds are planted. Bradley's the biggest threat on Team Earth besides that monster-of-a-girl Angelina, but she'll get on her team's nerves soon enough to be voted off anyway. If Alyssa pins this on him, I think I can leave it to Wally to take care of that skateboarding loser. (leans back) I've got to start reaching out to the other teams some more - we won't stay in teams forever. If Alyssa's smart, she'll stick with me to the end. But that's only four of us...

As Garrett exited Team Wind's room, he noticed Hilda weeping in the corner. He whispered to himself, "I need the votes." He then sighed deeply, approached her, and awkwardly patted her on the back. "There... there..."
Meanwhile, the boys of Team Earth jogged across the D.O.J.O., followed by Angelina, who donned a pink baseball cap, a clipboard, a whistle, a megaphone, and full athletic wear. "Come on, boys, move it!"
"Is this necessary?" Russell asked in irritation.
Angelina blew her whistle. "Did I say you could ask questions?"
K.C. inched closer to Bradley and whispered, "Next time you make any leadership promises, remind me to kick you in the shins."
"It's not that bad," Bradley defended. "Plus, she looks kind of hot in that sports getup."
"True that, bro," K.C. affirmed. Angelina roared, "Less chatting, ladies!"

All four joggers fell over as the D.O.J.O. surprisingly landed, and came to a halt. "Welcome to Brazil!"
The Chosen Ones exited the D.O.J.O. and stood before Chris, who held a device that beeped wildly.
"What the heck is that?" Natalia asked.
"It's the device we use to detect Wu," Chris explained, "And it's going berserk!"
Eleanor frowned. "Is that bad?"
"Nope!" Chris grinned. "It's actually great." The device suddenly emitted sparks and began to smoke, causing Chris to toss it to Chef, who tossed it back to Chris, who tossed it back to Chef, who tossed it to an intern, who dropped it on the floor and jumped on it grenade-style. The Chosen Ones all either cringed or looked away as the device exploded.
"C'mon, Chef!" Chris whined. "He was the last intern we had! Hmph." He turned to the contestants. "The device I had was sensing multiple Shen Gong Wu deep within the Amazon rainforest, which is where we are now!" He gestured grandly to the thick foliage behind him, filled with exotic flora.
"Exactly how many is 'multiple'?" Blake asked allowed.
Raina playfully punched his arm. "Such a good question!" Blake and Scott exchanged looks.
Chris shrugged. "I dunno. Probably anywhere between two and four Wu. The device went a little bit buggy, so I couldn't get a clear picture of them."
"Great. How are we supposed to know what to look for, then?" Mia snapped.
The eighteen Chosen Ones all began to talk over each other and at Chris.
"You can't just send us in there with nothing to go off of!" Russell complained.
"What if there's like, tigers in there or something?" Natalia protested.
"Was this even in the contract, bro?!" Bradley said.
Suddenly, Chris grabbed Angelina's megaphone out of her hands and ordered, "PIPE DOWN! You know what? Since you guys have all managed to annoy me, here's the rub: any team that does not come back to the D.O.J.O. by tonight with a new Shen Gong Wu is going to elimination!"
Everyone gasped as Chris stormed into the D.O.J.O. with Chef following right behind him. Before the two shut the door, Chef growled, "Get movin', maggots! Go, go, go!"

The shot focused on Team Earth heading into the forest, with Angelina leading the group. "Stupid Chris, taking my megaphone...," she mumbled. "Whatever, doesn't matter. Chris said there's four Wu in this stupid forest. That means each of us better come back with a new Wu!"
"Uh, correction," K.C. said, "he said there could be up to four Wu. There might only be two."
"And," Angelina began sweetly, before roaring, "there could be up to four! Everyone, go separate ways. And don't you dare try to come back without a new Wu!" She huffed and tucked the Tangle Web Comb into her hair.
The boys looked at each other and frowned. "See ya in a bit," K.C. said, wrapping the Shroud of Shadows around him to hide himself.
Russell groaned and looked at Bradley. "This is your fault for putting her in charge." He stomped in one direction, causing small quakes, while he used the Ruby of Ramses to clear any foliage out of his way. At the same time, Bradley skateboarded in the other direction, Fist of Tebigong in hand.

Bradley: Maybe I shouldn't have made any promises about leadership without asking the rest of the guys, but I just said that to shut Angelina and Tina up! I didn't think they'd actually want to follow through on it!
Angelina: Look at that! I'm an effortless leader. I know how to get things done.

"If there's more than one Wu," William instructed to his team, "We should split up."
"Great idea, chump," Wally complimented. "How's about you and me go that way and we let the ladies handle themselves?"
Isadora shrugged and nodded, while Alyssa affirmed, "Sounds like a plan."
William opened his mouth to protest, but Wally grabbed his arm and dragged him into the forest. "C'mon, pool noodle, we're already behind!"

Wally: Like I said, I gotta whip these wimps into shape. And William's the worst out of 'em. So he's gonna have to get through me if he wants to prove himself to the team.

With Team Water, Scott noticed this and said, "Seems like everyone's splitting up."
Raina raised her hand. "Oooh! I have an idea. How about Blake and I go that way, and the rest of you search the other side of the forest?"
"Doesn't matter to me," Blake shrugged, halfway into the forest already thanks to the Jetbootsu.
"W-wait for me!" Raina called. "Mantis Flip Coin!" She backflipped her way over to him in an effort to catch up.

Raina: He's so aloof. (sighs dreamily)
Blake: I feel like I'm slipping under the radar, y'know? I haven't won anything for my team yet. And that's not like me! I'm a winner first, teammate second.

Bronwyn folded her arms, clutching the Lotus Twister. "I guess that leaves us."
"Of course it does, duh," Natalia snorted, not seeing Bronwyn shoot her a glance.
Scott clicked his tongue and rummaged through his pockets. "Aha!" He pulled out the Falcon's Eye and put the new Wu up to his eye. "Falcon's Eye!" He aimed it at the densest area of the forest. "Now I can see through all the thick plants, and maybe we can get our hands on a new Wu!"
Natalia gushed, "Scott, that's so smart of you!" She threw herself at him and embraced him.
"This is pathetic," Bronwyn said, rolling her eyes. She attempted to make a dramatic entrance into the forest, but instead tripped over a vine and landed face-first into a puddle of mud.
"Graceful," Natalia teased. Bronwyn picked her head back up and shouted, "Lotus Twister!" Her left arm extended backward and repeatedly slapped Natalia's face.
Scott tried to appease them to no avail. "Girls, girls! C'mon, please!"

Scott: Maybe I should've just gone with Blake and left the girls alone. (pauses) Nevermind, I don't think any of them would come back alive.

As the members of Team Fire watched the events unfold, Garrett decided, "Alright, splitting up is the best course of action. We'll cover more ground and as a result, likely run into more Wu. Hilda and I will take the Eye of Dashi and Ring of the Nine Dragons this way, the rest of you enter through the denser area."
Albert and Mia gave each other unsure glances.

Mia: Garrett's trying too hard to go against the norm by pairing with Hilda. I mean, come on. At least I get to use the most vintage Wu. (takes the Star Hanabi out of her pocket) It's so worn!
Albert: I'm fine working with Mia, but Eleanor is a bit of a wildcard. Everyone's proved themselves as a worthy teammate so far... except for her.

Mia sighed. "Alright, Eleanor, let's get going." She turned to where Eleanor previously was, only to find out she had disappeared. "Huh?" She looked at Albert, who shrugged in response.
The scene switched to Eleanor walking through the forest, cradling a cat with the use of the Third-Arm Sash. "Don't worry, I know you needed a little time outdoors! Mother knows best."
A flash sent the scene back to Team Fire, sans Eleanor. "Fine," Mia conceded, "I guess it's just me and Albert."
A blubbering Hilda flung herself into the forest, with Garrett unenthusiastically following her. "Count yourself lucky."

Garrett: Hilda's annoying, she smells, and I can never understand what she's saying. But she can be easily influenced, and if I can get on her good side, she'll make for an easy-to-convince ally down the road. If only she would stop crying about her "rumshaker," or whatever it is those Amish people do.
Hilda: (blows her nose into her robe, looks at it, and then sobs even louder)

Wally and William trudged through a section of the forest, with Wally leading the way, thrashing through thicker areas to clear the path.
"You're bound to attract some wild fauna with that noise," William protested. "And you're destroying the natural aesthetic!"
"You really think I care about what some dumb plants look like?" Wally grunted, tearing down a series of vines. "All I care about is getting a new Wu so we can win the challenge and get one step closer to that cool mil."
William sighed. "At least you're determined."
"If it bothers you so much, why don't you just run along on your own, huh?" Wally beckoned. He swatted away a cluster of gnats and grumbled, "Ugh, stupid bugs."
"Fine, I will!" Cracking his knuckles, William faced a different direction and cried out, "Wind!" A concentrated slice of air pierced into the forest, carving out a path to walk through. A few birds were disturbed from their rest and flew away, cawing. "I apologize, feathered friends!" He turned to Wally. "Looks like I don't need you, then," William smugly stated, continuing a barrage of air swipes to further his pathway.
Wally cursed under his breath and swatted a branch out of the way, which held a beehive. "Aw, crap, crap, crap!"

"Look," Garrett began, leading Hilda along a path, "I know you're upset that you're gonna miss your birthday, but you've got to stay focused."
"You do not understand!" Hilda burst. "I will not be able to see my family, and I will miss all of the festivities for my decision!"
Garrett groaned. "Isn't this something you should've seen coming when you signed up for the show?"
Before Hilda could say another word, Garrett clamped his hand over her mouth. "Wait! Do you see that?" He pointed to a glimmering object in the distance.
Standing atop a rock in a swampy area sat a ring-like object the size of a frisbee. It sat upright, and the ring was predominantly white with a golden-bronze handle in the shape of an insect.
"I think that's a Shen Gong Wu," Garrett speculated. He began to slowly approach it, careful not to make any noise.

At the same time, from the other side of the swamp, Russell noticed the object. "No way," he whispered. He made a start for the rock when he suddenly noticed Garrett and Hilda and ducked for cover behind a bush.
"What is this?" Hilda wondered aloud. "It looks like big Ring of the Nine Dragons!"
Garrett's eyes widened, but it was too late. The ring on Hilda's finger glowed, and within seconds she had divided into nine Hilda's.

Garrett: Really? She had to split into nine?! All nine?!?!

Nonetheless, he still grabbed the Shen Gong Wu from the rock, but was ambushed shortly after by numerous Hilda.
"Buhhhhhhhhhhhhh," one Hilda crudely remarked, chewing the handle of the Wu. She managed to pull the Wu out of Garrett's hands.
A different Hilda smacked her across the face and attempted to take the Wu, but a third Hilda intercepted her and drooled.
Garrett looked around and saw a fourth Hilda attempting to climb a tree, while four other Hildas tossed the last Hilda in the air repeatedly.
"Buhhh!!!" cried out the Hilda previously attempting to eat the Wu. Garrett turned to see the Wu was no longer in her possession, but instead seemed to be floating on its own away from the swamp.
"What the...?" Garrett tried to follow it but was held hostage by two Hildas, who began to play with his hair and chew on his arm. "Aghhh! No, no!! C'mon, someone, anyone, help?!?"
Russell, who had witnessed the entire situation, was trying his hardest not to laugh, when K.C. suddenly appeared beside him, taking off the Shroud of Shadows. "Guess who just snagged a Wu from Garrett and, uh, nine Hildas?" K.C. grinned. He turned to Russell, who had apparently fainted from the surprise of K.C.'s voice. "Oh, man."
Over a helicopter's loudspeaker, Chris was heard announcing, "And one Wu's been found! The Moonstone Locust releases an army of angry locusts that'll eat any plants in sight. Don't even think about using that thing in here; they'll take down the entire Amazon!"
K.C. stowed the Moonstone Locust in his robe. "Sweet!" He heard noise from within the swamp and quickly wrapped the Shroud of Shadows around himself again.

Focus shifted to Raina and Blake, who trekked through an area with rather tall grass.
"Alright, I've had enough of this," Blake whined. He crouched down a bit and gestured to Raina. "Hop on."
"You're offering to carry me?" Raina gasped. "What a gentleman!"
Blake shrugged. "Uh, yeah, kind of." As soon as Raina hoisted and adjusted herself on his back, Blake called out, "Jetbootsu!"
The anti-gravity boots shot the two up in the air, initially wobbling, but they were soon gliding steadily over the grassy area. Raina complimented, "You've really gotten the hang of these boots."
"I have, haven't I?" Blake prided himself. "Thanks for noticing! I'm glad someone did."
Raina continued, "And you know, I've been meaning to ask you someth--"
Blake suddenly swerved downward to avoid a series of fireballs. "What the heck?" Upon closer examination, Blake realized he was flying directly toward Albert and Mia, the latter wielding the Star Hanabi and was ready for another round.
"Stop, drop, and roll!" Blake cried out, dismounting the Jetbootsu and dropping both himself and Raina into the grass, narrowly avoiding another barrage.

Raina: I guess he could be more gentle, but no one's perfect.

The two tumbled forward. Upon regaining their balance, Blake taunted across the grass, "Do you two really want to go against us? It's Water vs. Fire, might as well just give up now!"
"The gods say I must overcome my weaknesses," Albert declared, charging toward them.
"Oh, I hope someone gets a good shot of this," Mia said as she ran alongside Albert. "A head-to-head contrast shot would be great for my blog."
Albert leaped forward and pounced downward at Blake, who avoided the attack with a step to the side. "Jetbootsu!" Blake called out, and he ascended just over Albert, seemingly preparing for an aerial attack.
Mia steadied the Star Hanabi against Blake, but Raina tackled her, crying out, "Not against my man!"
Bewildered, Blake looked at Raina and asked, "Your man?" The remark distracted him enough for Albert to leap up at him and knock him back to the ground.
Upon striking the ground, Blake hit his head against a gleaming, yellow object, bulbous at both of its ends. "Muhhhhhhh, the cotton candy's ready in the oven," Blake mumbled in a daze.
Albert picked up the object and called out, "Hey, I think this might be a Shen Gong Wu!" He looked over to Raina and Mia's general direction, where the two girls were still going at it. Mia was tossed up out of the grass and replied, "Hold on to it and run!" She quickly fell back down again and a series of punches were heard, followed by her voice yelling, "Star Hanabi!"
Suddenly Mia was shot out of the field, propelled by a downward flame, and fell toward Albert, who caught her. "Nice," she complimented. "Let's get out of here!" The two scurried out of the immediate area before Raina was able to figure out which way they left.
Blake regained focus and looked around. "Wh-where'd they go?!" He asked Raina, who shrugged. "And what was all that business about me being your man? I'm not anyone's man! I don't even like you!" He stormed back into the forest, and a teary-eyed Raina stood alone in the grass.

Raina: (blows her nose into her robe, makes incoherent noises, eats spoonfuls of ice cream between breaths)
Blake: What's with that chick? First she's all over Scott, now she's on top of me? I'm not anybody's rebound crush! I'm a first-choice only kind of guy!

Chris flew past again, announcing, "And another Wu's been found! The Ju-Ju Flytrap releases a ton of flies to attack the enemy of your choosing. Look at that, two insect Shen Gong Wu. I'm sensing a theme here, people."
In another part of the forest, William continued his method of slicing through the foliage with his wind powers, but began to grow weary. Alyssa and Isadora were then shown, walking and conversing, and suddenly both fell over.
"Ah, crap!" William apologized, running to the girls' aid. "Sorry about that."
"No problem," Alyssa said, struggling to get back up. As she and Isadora recovered, William noticed something behind them. "Wait a minute, is that our Sword?!"
Alyssa turned around and her eyes widened.

Alyssa: I wasn't ready to tell my team I'd found it yet! I was just... keeping it in my robe in case of an emergency during the challenge. Until William literally knocked the wind out of me.

"Right, I forgot to tell you guys!" Alyssa nervously laughed. "I found it in the D.O.J.O. today."
Isadora looked at Alyssa suspiciously as William asked, "Where exactly did you find it?"
Visibly sweating, Alyssa looked for a distraction, and noticed a shining object wedged in a rock in the middle of a river behind William. "Look!"
She crouched behind a bush and pointed to the river. "That might be a Wu." As she looked closer, the object seemed to be a bronze, striped dinner plate with a golden ant welded as the handle.

Simultaneously, on the other side of the river, Scott emerged with his fingers in his ears as Natalia and Bronwyn followed directly behind him.
"Well, I'm on Team Jason. He's hot, he's cuter, and he's way more popular than that freak vampire Edmund," Natalia argued.
"Are you kidding me?" Bronwyn cried. "Edmund actually cares about Ella! They have something real! That matters way more than how attractive Jason is!"
Spotting the same object that Alyssa did, Scott whispered to the girls, "Ladies! Look!" He received no response. "Hello? Earth to Bronwyn and Natalia?? Ah, forget it!" He advanced to the rock on his own.

Scott: Don't get me wrong. Bronwyn's one of the coolest people I know, and Natalia's smoking hot, but when those two are around each other, it's... it's... it's mayhem!

"Stupid William," Wally grumbled, still tearing out his own path with his bare hands. "Thinks he's so much better than everyone. Poor wimp can't lift a barbell past his knees!"
He tossed a log aside and revealed a small clearing with an enormous tree at the center. Peering upward, Wally saw a glimmer atop one of the branches and grinned. "It's mine!"
"Oh, no it isn't!" a voice retorted.
"Huh?" Wally looked around for the source, and instead found himself pinned to a tree, wrapped in rope-like holdings. "What the heck? Get me out of here!"
Angelina emerged from the bushes, tucking the Tangle Web Comb back in her hair. "No Wu for you today!" she smirked.
Wally struggled within the Tangle Web Comb's hold. "Aw, come on!"
Rustling was heard from the opposite side of the tree, and Angelina quickly whipped her head around to see Eleanor carrying her cat in tow with the Third-Arm Sash. Eleanor froze in her tracks and the cat escaped, climbing its way up the tree and nestling itself beside the hidden object, which appeared to be a bronze version of an enormous fly.
"Penelope, no!" Eleanor cried out. She lunged forward to climb the tree, using the Third-Arm Sash to detect holds in the trunk. At the same time, in a two-way split screen, Angelina charged for the tree, using the Tangle Web Comb as a pendulum to help her swing from branch to branch.

A three-way split-screen opened up with William back at the river, reaching for the wedged Wu from one side of the river, and in a four-way split-screen, Scott was shown reaching for the Wu from the other side.
Finally, all four competitors made contact with their chosen Wu at the same time, causing the mystical objects to glow.
William raised his eyebrows. "Seems like we've got ourselves..."
"...into a Xiaolin Showdown," Angelina finished.
Bradley's skateboard screeched to a halt as he entered the clearing with the tree. "What the...?" He looked to his left to see Wally gnawing at the Tangle Web Comb's vines, then looked up to see Eleanor and Angelina levitating with a Wu between them. "Oh boy."

Bradley: I'm not too worried since Angelina laid one heck of a beating on Tina two weeks ago in a showdown, but I don't know what Eleanor can do. Girl's kinda loca, y'know?

Scott made eye contact with William and declared, "William, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown! My Falcon's Eye against your Sword of the Storm." As he said the latter Wu's name, Alyssa tossed the Sword into William's free hand. "The game is a race to the bottom of the river. First to reach the... Uh... What's this Wu?"
As if on cue, Chris flew in above. "Ants in the Pants! Releases a swarm of ants that, well, get in your enemy's pants."
"That's not exactly the most thrilling Wu," Alyssa frowned.
"It's fun at parties!" Chris beamed, but no one seemed amused. "Fine, this is one of the lamer Wu, so if you guys missed this one, it's no biggie."

Back at the tree, Angelina took control. "Eleanor, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown! My Tangle Web Comb versus your Third-Arm Sash. The game is..." She looked around for inspiration and noticed Eleanor's cat. "Capture the cat."
"No, not Penelope!" Eleanor gasped.
"First to grab the cat wins the... uh..." Angelina trailed off.
Chris's voice was heard calling, "Waaaaait! Geez, two showdowns going on at once, give me a little breathing room. This Wu is called the Manchurian Musca! Turns its user into a fly. Rumor has it you also get a wicked craving for sugar."
"Yeah, that!" Angelina finished.
The screen split four ways again as Angelina, Eleanor, Scott, and William locked eyes and chanted, "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

Bronwyn and Natalia, who were still arguing, fell flat on their faces as the showdown began without them noticing. The showdown's effects widened the river's span immensely, angling it downhill. The river meandered much more erratically and the water ran twice as fast. Scott and William stood on opposite sides of the river, with kayaks at their sides: Scott's kayak blue, William's kayak grey. At the bottom of the river, the Ants in the Pants floated within arm's vertical reach. An elevated peanut gallery seated Bronwyn and Natalia on one side, and Alyssa and Isadora on the other.
"Consider this a Lotus Temple rematch," William teased.
"Looks like I'll be two for two then," Scott teased back.
The two hopped into their kayaks and shouted out, "Gong Yi Tampai!"

With the girls' showdown, the tree rotated and expanded, and topped itself with a large dome of intertwined twigs. Within the dome, branches jutted out of the floor and the sides to create a number of platforms and holds for both the competitors and the cat. Penelope was placed on an elevated platform, with Eleanor and Angelina beginning on opposite ends of the dome. Wally and Bradley were the showdown's sole spectators, with Wally still held captive by the Tangle Web Comb.
"You got this Angelina!" Bradley cheered.
"Don't you worry, Penelope," Eleanor called. "I'll get you out of this soon!"
Angelina rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath.
"Gong Yi Tampai!" The girls shouted, and the two darted toward the cat.

Back at the river, Scott and William's kayaks sped along. The river's downhill nature coupled with the whitewater current left no need for paddling.
"Go, Scott!" Bronwyn called out.
"You got this!" Natalia encouraged. "Pound that worm into the ground!"
The kayaks, still neck-and-neck, approached a sharp turn. Scott accelerated through it along the outer edge, while William struggled and slowed down to make the turn.
"Hmph." William, frustrated, pulled out his Wu. "Sword of the Storm!"
Aiming at the water ahead of Scott, William waved the Sword in a circular motion to create a small typhoon.
"Good luck making it through that!" Alyssa smugly jeered. Isadora excitedly waved a grey flag with William's face on it.

Alyssa: If I give enough moral support, maybe they'll forget about the Sword situation. Right? I'm trying my best here, people!

Scott, initially frightened, quickly shook off his fear. "You're forgetting Water's my element! Falcon's Eye!" Scott put the Wu up to his right eye and peered through the incoming typhoon, and noticed a low-hanging vine slung across the river on the other side of the typhoon.
"You tell 'em, Scott!" Natalia growled.
Scott stomped on the back of his kayak to send the front flying upward. He positioned his hands toward the center of the typhoon. "Water!" In an effort to counter the centripetal force, Scott attempted to will the cycling water in the other direction.
"What a genius!" Bronwyn gushed. "Go, go, go, Scott!"
Natalia shoved Bronwyn out of the way and leaned forward. "I bet no one else would've ever thought of that!"
Bronwyn yanked Natalia's hair and dragged her down, calling out, "I said you were smart first!"
"Don't listen to this one!" Natalia insisted, pulling Bronwyn down by the robe.
Scott turned his head to them and pleaded, "Girls, come on!" His concentration broke and the typhoon absorbed him and the kayak into its eye.

Switching to the other showdown, Eleanor attempted to snatch her cat with the Third-Arm Sash, but stopped herself. "I can't hurt Penelope!"
Angelina scoffed. "Well, I can. Tangle Web Comb!"
The comb's hairs made a beeline for the cat, then wildly changed its course toward the peanut gallery. Bradley squealed and ducked, leaving Wally to be tied up even more. "Sorry bro!"
The cat, intimidated, leaped up to a higher branch and meowed at Angelina.
"Oh, bite me!" Angelina dismissed.
"She's too trained, she would never," Eleanor assured, slowly making her way up the branches.

Eleanor: (whispering to the camera) Don't tell any of the others, but, Penelope's my favorite. I've had her for the longest, and she always pees in a heart-shape in her litter box!

Angelina popped up beside the cat and smiled wickedly. "You're mine!" As she tried to scoop Penelope up, the tree suddenly rotated, disorienting both Angelina and Eleanor and causing the cat to sprint across the branch.
Eleanor gritted her teeth. "That's it! Third-Arm Sash!" The sash clung to a branch high above, and Eleanor swung herself Tarzan-style across the arena. "For Penelope!"
"What the...?" Angelina turned to Eleanor too late and was kicked in the chest, and slammed into the dome.
Wally and Bradley cringed. "That's gotta hurt," Bradley commented. Gagged by the Tangle Web Comb, Wally let out a grunt of agreement.

Bronwyn and Natalia gasped as Scott was sucked into the typhoon.
"This is all your fault!" the girls barked at each other. "My fault? Stop saying what I'm saying!"
William, now approaching the typhoon himself, angled the Sword of the Storm to the water behind him. "Let's hope this works... Sword of the Storm!" A blast of wind shot out of the Sword and projectile-launched William's kayak over and past the typhoon, landing abruptly on the rapids. "Excellent!"
Alyssa and Isadora cheered him on as William made progress toward the end of the course, flipping forward to snatch the Ants in the Pants.
The whitewater kayaking area transformed back into its original, tranquil river, with Scott soaked and coughing up water beside Natalia and Bronwyn, and William triumphantly carrying the Sword of the Storm, Ants in the Pants, and Falcon's Eye.
"Revenge is sweet," William beamed, with Alyssa and Isadora cheering him on, while the three members of Team Water groaned.

Angelina, angrier than ever, steadied herself on a branch. "You're going down, crazy cat lady! Tangle Web Comb!"
Aimed at Eleanor, the comb shot out hairs which rather quickly U-turned and enveloped Angelina instead. "Hey!"
"How unfortunate!" Eleanor teased. With Penelope in sight, she knelt down and smiled. "Come to Mama!"
Penelope meowed and leaped into Eleanor's arms. The dome receded and the tree spiraled back into its normal size. Angelina collapsed to the floor and Eleanor elegantly landed, holding her cat, the Manchurian Musca, the Tangle Web Comb, and the Third-Arm Sash.
"Better luck next time!" Eleanor giggled. "Come on, Penelope." The two disappeared into the bushes.
Bradley helped Angelina to her feet. "Hey, it's alright, we all lose every now and then."
"Yeah, well, not everyone loses to some cat psycho," Angelina dejectedly said to herself.
Bradley pulled a few stray twigs out of Angelina's hair. "Hey! You tried your best. C'mon, let's head back to the D.O.J.O."
Angelina momentarily blushed, then held on to Bradley as he skateboarded through the path he came. Suddenly, she asked, "Are we forgetting something?" Bradley shrugged and continued on. By the tree, Wally made incoherent noises as he struggled with the Tangle Web Comb leaving him gagged and tied.

A flash transitioned to the four teams, including a tied up Wally and all nine Hilda clones, standing in front of the D.O.J.O..
"What a day!" Chris chuckled. "Four new Shen Gong Wu multiplied by two showdowns equals eight more Hildas to deal with."
Garrett swatted away a Hilda as Chris tapped the ring on another Hilda's finger. All nine Hilda's snapped back together. "I am sleepy," Hilda said before collapsing to the ground for a nap.
Chris approached Wally and snapped his fingers, finally freeing him from the Tangle Web Comb's hold. "I can't feel my legs," Wally trembled.
"Let's see, with two new Wu, it looks like the winner of today's challenge is Team Fire!" Chris concluded. Mia and Eleanor proudly displayed the Ju-Ju Flytrap and Manchurian Musca, respectively. "As a showdown winner, Team Wind's in second, and even though they lost a showdown, they still brought home a new Wu, so Team Earth finishes in third. On the flipside, Team Water was the only team to not come back with anything new," Chris noted. "In fact, they lost a Wu! Looks like I'll be seeing you five at tonight's Banishment Ceremony. Sucks to be you!"
William blew a raspberry at Team Water as Blake massaged the bandages over his head. "I know who I'm voting for," he grimaced, glancing at Raina, who pouted in response.
Bronwyn and Natalia shot glares at each other and chimed in, "Me too."
Scott looked directly into the camera and sighed.

In the dining area, Team Earth congregated, eating dinner.
"You lost to Eleanor?" Russell laughed. Angelina slammed her hands on the table and leaned forward. "You should talk, I don't see you with any new Wu either!"
Bradley gently nudged K.C.. "This guy saved our butts today, otherwise we'd be stuck voting someone off like those guys." He pointed to Team Water's table.
"Yeah, way to go, K.C.!" Russell clapped. "If anything, dude, you should be our team leader."
K.C. looked at him strangely. "Me? But, well, I mean..."
"As if!" Angelina interrupted. "I earned my title as team leader. Have we lost a single challenge since I was leader?"
"It's been two episodes," K.C. said to himself.
Russell shrugged. "I dunno. And, keeping it real, I'm sick of jogging around every morning! That isn't helping us at all! We're Team Earth, shouldn't we be lifting weights and getting buff or something?"
Angelina nearly shot back at Russell, but K.C. said, "Look, Angelina, I know you're all embarrassed about getting your butt kicked by Eleanor, but that's kinda your fault for using the Tangle Web Comb. That Wu needs a ton of training to master."
Slamming her tray on the table, Angelina stood up. "Fine. Go ahead. Be team leader!" She pointed to Russell and Bradley. "Just remember who to blame at our next Banishment Ceremony."
As she left the dining area, Russell chuckled. "Man, if you can shut Angelina down, you definitely deserve to be team leader!" K.C. nervously laughed.

K.C.: Don't get me wrong, it's cool that the guys want me to lead the team, but... I don't know anything about making plans and strategies and all that. I just go with the flow! (scratches head) But I can't let Angelina know that. Ehhh...

The five members of Team Water were shown at the Banishment Ceremony, all sitting considerably apart from each other. Chris entered shortly after, and recapped, "Welcome back, Team Water! It's been a while. Remember, if your name is not called, you'll have to remove your Belt of Life, take the Pathway of Shame over to the Drop of Shame, and you can never, ever, ev-er come back."
He glanced at a notecard and laughed. "Whoa! Quite the scatter of votes we have here."

Bronwyn: I vote for that witch Natalia. I'm so sick of her moving in on Scott, and she made him lose today's showdown. She's the reason we're here!
Natalia: As if I even need to say her name. She just needs to give it up. Scott's into me. And if he has a brain, he'll vote her off too for throwing him off during the showdown.
Blake: I'm voting for that creep Raina. I barely even talk to her and she's obsessed with me or something. Totally threw me off my game when we were fighting Albert and Mia too!
Raina: My vote goes for that heartless Blake. How could he have led me on for so long and then shatter my hopes like that?! It's... it's inhumane!
Scott: This is a tough vote. Bronwyn and Natalia fight like cats and dogs, Blake isn't too useful on the team, and I think Raina has a bounty out on me. I dunno... I can't bring myself to vote for any of them. (sighs deeply) I guess... (confessional cuts off)

"Scott! Even though you totally tanked your showdown today, you're safe." Scott breathed a sigh of relief.
"Natalia!" Bronwyn shot her a look of disbelief. Natalia smugly held her head up higher, but quickly lowered it again when Chris added, "And Bronwyn!"
Raina and Blake looked at each other momentarily, then to Chris. "Blake, Raina, you're our bottom two for the night. The last Chosen One to continue their journey..."
Scott sighed and looked away as Chris called out the final name, "Raina!"
Shocked, Blake jumped up from his seat. "You guys voted me off?"
"Jerk!" Raina yelped. "Serves you right!"
As Chef escorted him down the Pathway of Shame, Blake yelled back, "Whatever! You know, your team just got way lamer! You hear me? Totally laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa--" His voice trailed off as he took the dreaded drop.

"What a day!" Chris sighed. "With that, Blake's the seventh Chosen One to take the drop. Who will be next? Where will I take these suckers to next week? Find out, only on Total... Drama... Showdown!!!"

Chapter Ten: Stone Cold Drama


Fading into a shot of the last episode's two showdowns, Chris announced, "Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our Chosen Ones dug deep into the Amazon Rainforest to find not one, not two, not even three-- but four, count 'em, four Shen Gong Wu! Before that, Garrett laid down the law against Alyssa, threatening to blackmail her unless she framed Bradley. This is the kind of drama I've been waiting for, people! Over on Team Water, Raina got a bit too comfortable with Blake, and after the two of them flopped the challenge together, he told her like it is. Harsh! Eleanor kicked Angelina's butt in a showdown, which got her impeached from her position as team leader. And she was replaced by... K.C.?! Good luck, dude. Bronwyn and Natalia drove Scott so crazy that he totally wiped out during his showdown against William! In the end, Team Water was the only team to come back empty-handed, and they sent Blake down the Drop of Shame. Will Team Water fire it up this episode? Will K.C. totally blow it trying to lead Team Earth? How grounded is Team Wind feeling with this whole Sword fiasco? And will Team Fire stay hydrated?"
A record scratch was heard as Chris glanced past the camera and pointed to an unseen staff member. "Alright, that was a lame pun. You're on thin ice, bud."
He turned back to the camera. "Stay tuned for more action, more Wu, and best of all, more drama, on this week's episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Following the theme song, the episode opened in Team Water's room, where it was completely silent aside from Natalia's light snoring. Bronwyn was the first to wake up. She breathed into her hand and smelled it, then shuddered. Grabbing a towel, toothbrush, and soap, she left her team's room and bumped into Isadora, knocking her over.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Bronwyn apologized. She helped Isadora to her feet, and as the two began to part ways, Bronwyn froze. She glanced back into Team Water's room, then to Isadora, and called, "Wait, Isadora, come back here." Isadora returned, and Bronwyn leaned in to whisper something into her ear.
A flash transitioned to a few minutes later, showing Isadora scurrying back to Bronwyn with the Ants in the Pants in hand, followed by her handing the Wu to Bronwyn. Suppressing her snickers, Bronwyn slowly approached Natalia's bed.
"Ants in the Pants!" Bronwyn whispered, aimed at Natalia. The Wu's dome-like top cracked open, letting loose a swarm of ants which infiltrated Natalia's bed. She let out a scream which awakened the entire D.O.J.O., while Bronwyn skipped out of the room laughing, "Make sure you get your beauty sleep!" She high-fived Isadora and handed back the Shen Gong Wu.
Natalia, completely livid, jumped out of her bed and scratched herself. "You're going to pay for that, Bronwyn! Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!"
Scott was seen attempting to cover his ears with his pillow.

Scott: I kind of regret voting off Blake last night, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for any of the girls. Guess that was a mistake. (groans) It's like girls are programmed to never get along. Look at Team Earth! They're basically a team full of guys, and they never fight.
Natalia: (scratching herself) Bronwyn is a dead woman, you hear me?

Outside of the confessional, Bradley staggered forward, then backward, laughing madly. "Dude! S-stop! I swear, I'm gonna..."
Scott poked his head out of the confessional to witness what was going on. Bradley reached backward and yanked the Shroud of Shadows off of Russell, who was tickling him nonstop. "Ruby of Ramses!" Bradley pulled the Wu out of his pocket and used it on Russell's hat, lifting it just above Russell's reach.
"Aw, c'mon man!" Russell whined while laughing. Bradley used the Ruby to pull the hat toward him, and then ran away with the hat, with Russell chasing right behind him.
Scott watched the two of them intently, when suddenly K.C. tapped him on the shoulder and motioned to the confessional. "Uh, are you done?"
"Oh!" Scott jumped. "Sorry dude. Man, it must be nice to be on a team where everyone doesn't wanna kill each other. Things seem so mellow with you guys."
"I dunno, I think Angelina wants me dead now that I'm head of the team," K.C. shrugged.
"Leave it to the only girl on the team to mess everything up," Scott joked.
K.C. laughed and agreed, "Yeah, tell me about it." The boys looked around for a few seconds, then Scott suddenly said, "Sucks, you know, that we can't trade elements or something like that. I'd join you guys in a second if I could!"
"Well, just 'cause we're on different teams doesn't mean we can't be friends," K.C. pointed out. "It's not like I can vote you off or anything!" K.C. entered the confessional as Scott ran off in the same direction Bradley and Russell had gone.

K.C.: ... Man, that Scott guy's so relaxed and everything. And he knows how to control his team! (pulls out a booklet from his robe that reads How to Be a Leader) "Chapter 1: Asserting Dominance..."

A loud, wailing noise echoed throughout the D.O.J.O., prompting everyone to cover their ears. The sound emerged from Team Fire's room, where Hilda lay face-down on her bed, kicking her legs and wailing away. Eleanor hissed and crawled underneath her blanket, covering her ears with her pillow.
"Will you shut up?" Garrett snapped. Hilda's crying only grew louder, prompting him to leave the room. He turned to Albert and Mia and motioned for them to follow him out of the room. The three of them left the room and Garrett quickly slammed the door shut, but Hilda's sobbing still penetrated through the door, albeit muffled.
"Okay," Garrett sighed, "I'm making it you two's responsibility to get her to quit crying about her 'rushspringer' situation."
"Rumspringa," Albert corrected, which in return got him an uncaring glance from both Garrett and Mia. Another cry from Hilda, and the D.O.J.O. rumbled slightly.
Mia nearly fell over. "How are we supposed to get her to stop?"
Walking toward the dining area, Garrett threw his hands up in exasperation. "Figure it out! I'm getting breakfast."

Mia: There's no getting through to Hilda. You know the phrase 'in one ear, out the other'? You can't even get in one ear. And if you did, you'd just fall into the nothingness in her head.

In the dining area, Team Wind sat together, with their new Shen Gong Wu displayed on the table.
"Way to go, chump," Wally said, slapping William's back. "But couldn't you have gotten us some cooler Wu? I don't want to use any of these lame ones." He tossed the Ants in the Pants to Isadora and the Falcon's Eye to William.
William raised an eyebrow. "We have three Wu. That's more than the one we had yesterday, and the zero we had two days ago." He turned to Alyssa. "Speaking of which... you never told us where you found the Sword of the Storm."
Alyssa, holding the Sword, looked around for another distraction, only to find that Garrett had entered the dining area, and was looking right back at her.
"You see," Alyssa began, "it's, uh, kind of a long story, um..."
Garrett, carrying his tray, slowly walked by Team Wind's table. "What's a long story?"
Wally snatched the Ants in the Pants out of Isadora's hands and aimed it at Garrett. "None of your business, chump."
"Touchy," Garrett smirked. "Congrats on your two new Wu. Almost as exciting as my team's three new Wu!" Satisfied, he sat himself down just as turbulence hit.
"My bad," Chef's voice gruffly stated over the intercom. "Get ready for landing!"
The D.O.J.O.'s landing gear was deployed, and the wheels screeched loudly as they slid against the icy ground.

"Where are we?" Eleanor asked as she exited. A mild blizzard began to engulf the D.O.J.O., and the remaining seventeen Chosen Ones lined up in front of an icy cavern with two entrances, opposite of Chris who wore a heavy parka and sipped hot chocolate.
"C-c-can we g-g-get s-sweaters or s-something?" Bronwyn asked, holding her robe tightly around herself.
Chris shook his head. "Nope! Why don't you follow Team Fire's example and keep quiet?" The other three teams looked at the five members of Team Fire, who seemed perfectly fine. "Our fiery blood must keep us warm!" Albert gasped. "Fate is on our side."
"Right," Chris smirked. "In any case, welcome to the North Pole! We detect a new Shen Gong Wu called the Glove of Jisaku somewhere deep in this ice cave of doom. This Wu can act as a powerful magnet which can attract any metal object, including other Wu."
"Well, w-what are we waiting f-for?" Natalia snapped. "There's a Wu in th-there, and we're out here f-f-freezing our butts off." She began to sprint toward one of the cave's two entrances, when Chris stopped her in her tracks. "Not so fast. These caverns are dangerous. Your teams are getting pretty small, and there's safety in numbers. So I figured for this challenge, you've got to pair up with another team before you enter the cavern."
Mia pursed her lips. "Since when have you cared about how safe we are?"
"I don't," Chris admitted. "But putting teams together is a sure way to boost our ratings! Luckily, I've already decided for you." He pulled an index card out of his back pocket. "Team Earth and Team Water, you guys are entering from the left." Scott and K.C. pointed finger pistols at each other and high-fived. "Team Wind and Team Fire, you two will go in from the right." Alyssa and Garrett stared each other down. "Any questions?"
Surprisingly, Isadora raised her hand, teeth chattering. "If we're t-teamed up, and there's only one Wu, how do we d-d-decide which team gets it?"
"Seriously?" Chris asked in disbelief. "This is the tenth episode. We've had six showdowns already. This is like, the most fundamental concept of this show. You're gonna showdown for the Wu, duh." Isadora hid behind Alyssa, who frowned. "If there are no more ridiculous questions..." Chris blew his airhorn into a megaphone. "Go, go, go!"
The teams ran into the cavern. The volume of Chris's starting noise caused a small avalanche, resulting in the snow accumulating above the cavern to collapse and seal the entrances. "Whoops," he chuckled.

Teams Water and Earth slowly advanced through their cavern's entrance, with Scott and K.C. leading the way. The teams seemed to walk in pairs, with Bronwyn and Bradley right behind their leaders, followed by Natalia and Angelina, while Raina and Russell walked at the group's tail end.
Russell inched slightly closer to Raina. "So... what's up?"
"We're in a cave," Raina dryly replied, not even looking at Russell.
He nervously chuckled. "Oh, uh, right. I know. I mean, what have you been up to?"
Raina blinked. "The same as everyone else on the show, looking for Wu, hoping to win the prize at the end. Can we stop talking now?" She walked ahead of him.

Russell: Geez, what's her problem? Last time I checked she was all over the guys on her team! Maybe she's got some weird team-loyalty thing, where she can only lose her mind over other Water-guys. I don't know. It doesn't make any sense to me.
Raina: I've absolutely had it with men! All they do is use you until they're through, and then they toss you to the side and vote you off of magical reality shows! I don't get it. What's the biology behind it?

Meanwhile, Teams Wind and Fire were still standing at the beginning of the cavern.
"I say we just go our separate ways," Garrett insisted.
"We can't go separate ways," Alyssa said, exasperated. "There's only one pathway for us. And Chris purposely put us together because he said it'd be dangerous!"
Garrett folded his arms. "What, afraid you and your team can't handle yourselves?"
"I'm just trying to follow instructions, okay?" Alyssa sighed.
"Then follow mine," Garrett reiterated, "And break off on your own."
The entire time, Wally, Isadora, William, Eleanor, Hilda, Albert, and Mia's gaze bounced back and forth throughout this argument until finally, Wally gruffly stuck out his hands toward the two. "Wind!" A column of air shot out of his hands and knocked Garrett and Alyssa off their feet, and sent them flying further down the cavern. Garrett tumbled forward while Alyssa managed to land gracefully.
"Can we get moving?" Wally insisted. "Talking and arguing is for the weak."

Wally: I don't know what's going on between those two, but I'm here to win challenges and money. They're too busy arguing with each other! They probably like each other. (scoffs) No distractions for me on my path to that million!

Switching to the other teams, Scott and K.C. began to chat at the head of their group.
"Really? You've been playing guitar all your life?" K.C. asked with interest. "I tried playing guitar for a few days, but I snapped a string and it hit my friend in the eye... he still doesn't talk to me."
Scott laughed, "I could teach you some time if you want."
K.C.'s eyes lit up. "Seriously dude? That'd be awesome!" Scott smiled. "Sure, whenever you want!"
"Y'know, Russell plays the drums," K.C. said. "We could even start, like, a band or something! Anything to make it more fun around here. Some people take this whole thing way too seriously." He subtly pointed to Angelina.
Scott shrugged uncomfortably. "I dunno. I think music should be more of a personal, intimate kind of thing. Something you only share with people you're close to. Maybe it should just be us." He slapped K.C.'s back.
"Heh, uh, yeah, okay," K.C. fumbled. He paused for a moment, then sighed then asked Scott, "How do you control your team, man? I don't know how to do any of that stuff."
Scott frowned. "What do you mean?"
"I'm no good at strategy and decisions and all of that leadership junk," K.C. admitted.
"Hey, don't worry, I'll help you out," Scott said encouragingly, when suddenly the cavern began to shake.
"What's going on?!" Bronwyn cried.
Bradley's eyes widened. "Avalanche!"
"Indoors?" Russell wondered, as everyone's focus moved to a collection of rather large icicles above the group's heads, which began to fall directly toward them. A number of the Chosen Ones jumped out of the way, while Bradley used the Fist of Tebigong to shatter any that fell in his path.

As the snow dust cleared, Scott jumped up and looked around and counted, "... five, six, seven. We lost someone! Where's Raina?"
She called, "Over here!" While unharmed, Raina managed to get pinned into an icicle prison. Scott nearly took action, but then stopped himself. K.C.'s voice echoed in his head, "I'm no good at strategy and decisions and..."
Scott turned to K.C., who took the hint. He tapped his chin and said, "Can we pull them out?"
The musician shook his head. "Nah, man, those things look pretty lodged into the ground-- uh, snow."
"What if Bradley just pounds them?" K.C. asked, pointing to the Fist of Tebigong in the skater's hand.
"That's risky," Scott again shot down. "We don't know where those leftover chunks of ice might land."
K.C. sighed in frustration. "Well, they're too heavy to move."

K.C.: Agh, this whole team leader thing is really a lot harder than it looks. And Raina isn't even on my team!
Scott: I'm gonna do my best to help K.C. get the street cred he needs as a new team leader, but he's not making it easy on me...

"We might not be able to move them," Scott acknowledged, "but maybe you have something that can!"
K.C. blinked and blankly stared at Scott, who glanced at Angelina. "I wonder what Wu your team has that could help you move that huge icicle." Scott used his fingers to trace out a diamond-like shape.
"Oh!" K.C. gasped. "Angelina! Use the Ruby of Ramses to move those icicles out of Raina's way."
She rolled her eyes. "As if. Why should we help the other team?"
"Hey, listen to your team leader," Russell smirked, as Angelina reluctantly aimed the Shen Gong Wu. "Ruby of Ramses!" She lifted an icicle from the ground and hurled it against the wall of the cavern. Bronwyn had to jump out of the way to avoid getting smashed by it. "Oops," Angelina said flatly.
Natalia nodded approvingly to Angelina, as K.C. rushed to help Raina out of her icicle prison.

Natalia: As much as I want to get Bronwyn voted off, I've got to start thinking ahead. There's no way we'll be in teams for much longer, and I've got to start making friendly with the others. And Angelina seems like the best bet. Maybe I could start something up with her and like, Alyssa or something. We're the only girls left in this game who don't look like ogres.

The internal avalanche affected Teams Wind and Fire as well, who were being led over an icy clearing by Wally.
"Why are we shaking?" Albert asked, terrified.
"There's either a fantastic EDM track playing," Mia thought, "or some sort of internal avalanche."
Alyssa pointed to a rock jutting out over the side of the clearing. "Quick! Let's hide under that rock, we need shelter!"
"We're in a cave," Garrett said incredulously. "How much more sheltered can we get?"
"We need protection," Alyssa calmly began, before panicking and saying, "from the giant ice-stalactites about to kill us!" She pointed upward at the swaying icicles.
Garrett scoffed, "Ice-stalactites? How pretentious is that? They're icic--"
He was interrupted as an icicle pierced the ice behind him, causing the ground around him to shatter and drop him below. The entire clearing began to crack, and the other eight Chosen Ones all plummeted with him.

As the nine of them recovered, Alyssa looked around and asked, "Is everyone okay?"
"Oh, like you really care," Garrett shot back. The two began to bicker until Wally held them both up by the back of their collars and begged, "Will you two please shut up?"

Alyssa: Garrett is driving me up the wall. Not literally, otherwise we wouldn't be trapped in a ditch.
Garrett: I know Alyssa's just stalling because she doesn't want to hold up her end of the bargain. I gave her back her Shen Gong Wu, and now she needs to tell her team what to do!

Isadora palmed the wall of the ditch and asked, "How are we going to get out of here?"
Eleanor shielded her eyes as she glanced upward, noticing a rock poking out along the side of the ditch. "I have an idea." She then called out, "Third-Arm Sash!" The green sash shot upward, but quickly fell back down after falling short of the rock. "Yikes, this is really deep."
Garrett pushed her aside as he wielded the Tangle Web Comb. "Let me handle this."
"Don't even try it!" Alyssa warned. "Team Earth's had that Wu for ages and Angelina still never figured out how to use it. It'll just give us more problems."
Garrett glared at her. "I know another Wu that Team Earth had their hands on for a bit. Why don't you tell your team about it?" He tucked the Tangle Web Comb back into his pocket and folded his arms.
Wally, Isadora, and William all looked at each other, confused. Isadora asked, "What's he talking about?"
Before Alyssa could answer, Hilda sniffed and mumbled, "I would like to help, but I only have this Ring of the Nine Dragons--"
"No!!" the other eight Chosen Ones yelled, but Hilda had already split up into eight identical, babbling Hildas.
Garrett slapped his forehead.

Alyssa: Saved by the bell...
Garrett: I am not letting her off this easy!

A Hilda chewed one of Eleanor's braids. William noticed one Hilda giving another Hilda a piggyback ride, and then proceeded to stand on her shoulders. A lightbulb appeared over his head. "I have an idea!"

As William plotted, the scene flashed back to Teams Earth and Water. Natalia and Angelina were seen conversing quietly, when both teams reached a large gorge. On the other side, the path continued, but at a significantly higher level than the path they were currently on.
"How are we supposed to get up there?" Bronwyn asked.
Scott pulled out the Jetbootsu. "Don't sweat it. These babies will get us across! Jetbootsu!" Flames began to shoot out of the shoe's soles, but they suddenly died out. "Huh?"
Natalia was perplexed. "Do we need to recharge its batteries?"
"Something tells me Shen Gong Wu don't run on double-A's, Natalia," Bronwyn said coldly.
"The cavern's temperature is probably affecting the exhaust mechanisms," Raina pointed out.
Angelina folded her arms. "Perfect. Any bright ideas, team leader?" She glanced smugly at K.C., who now had every other set of eyes on him.
Bradley, noticing K.C. was uncomfortable, suggested, "Hey, uh, you guys have that Orb of Tornami, right? Maybe we could make some kinda ice bridge up there."
"I wouldn't trust that," Raina said warily.
"An ice bridge? What is this, some kind of fairytale?" Natalia cackled.
K.C. furrowed his brow, then noticed the Lotus Twister poking out of Bronwyn's robe. "Oh! I know what to do!"

A flash, and Bronwyn's body was stretched horizontally, with her arms and legs tied at the wrists and ankles around two ice pillars. Bradley stood right in front of her, slowly guiding her stretched-out body backward. "Are you sure this is gonna work?"
"I think so," K.C. chuckled nervously. "Following Raina's calculations, we should clear the distance pretty safely."
"A giant slingshot," Scott nodded approvingly. "Nice idea, man!" K.C. chuckled again. "Ah, y'know, nothing special."
Russell beamed. "This is so cool!"
Bronwyn winced. "I can't hold this much longer!"
"Fire in the hole!" K.C. cried as Bradley released himself. He was launched in the air and landed face-down in the snow on the other side. The other Chosen Ones gasped in concern, but he lifted a thumbs-up to show he was okay. "Wicked idea, K.C.!"

A montage showed Scott, K.C., Raina, Angelina, and, reluctantly, Natalia, all flying across the gorge, safely landing on the other side.
"Alright, this is the last one," K.C. called out. "Remember to let yourself go too this time, Bronwyn."
Russell eagerly nestled himself into Bronwyn. "I never thought I'd get this close to a girl."
"Hopefully you never get closer," Bronwyn cringed. The discomfort led to her releasing the two of them prematurely, and sent them both soaring short of the platform, crashing into the wall. The Chosen Ones all gasped.
"Bronwyn!" Scott called out.
Angelina sighed. "I got it. Ruby of Ramses!" She aimed at the two and removed them from the wall, dropping them rather roughly into the snow next to her.
"Why didn't we just use the Ruby in the first place?!" Bronwyn cried, her voice muffled by the snow.
"Because then you wouldn't have gotten to be a human slingshot!" Russell cheered, his voice also muffled.

Back with Wind and Fire, William managed to put his plan into action; along the wall of the ditch, seven Hildas stood on each other's shoulders, with the eighth on her way up.
"Boop!" the eighth Hilda seemed to apologize as she stepped on her fellow Hilda's heads to make her way to the top.
"That seems high enough," William affirmed. "Alright, Eleanor, try climbing to the top of this Hilda totem and see if you can make your way out of here with the Third-Arm Sash."
Eleanor meowed and literally scaled the pillar of Hildas effortlessly, much to everyone else's awe. She stood atop the eight Hildas, then cried, "Third-Arm Sash!" The green extension shot out and wrapped around a rock jutting out of the side of the ditch, and the Chosen Ones cheered - as well as the Hildas, causing them to lose balance and topple over.
"Timber!" Wally yelled, and the Chosen Ones cleared out of the way. As soon as all eight of them fell, the Hildas snapped back into one Hilda, who rubbed her head. "I am feeling an aching in my bones."
Eleanor remained suspended by the Third-Arm Sash. "Uh, what now?"
"Enough of this!" Albert suddenly groaned. "Manchurian Musca!" A flash, and suddenly a small fly buzzed where Albert previously was. The fly made its way up and out of the ditch, and the fly transformed back into Albert, who peered back down at the group. "Who's next?" He tossed the Manchurian Musca back down into Mia's hands.
She angrily yelled, "You're telling me we've been stuck here for this long when we could've just done that?"
Albert shrugged innocently. "It just came to me!"

Everyone was now out of the ditch except Eleanor, who was still clinging to a rock in the middle of the ditch. Isadora leaned over to toss the Manchurian Musca down to her, but Eleanor shook her head. Instead, she jumped on the wall and quickly scaled it, easily finding footholds and using her Third-Arm Sash for support.
"That was awesome!" William laughed.
"I can see a low-budget superhero film coming your way soon," Mia nodded.
The only person who remained unimpressed was Garrett, who stared at her strangely.

Garrett: Not only is she incredibly annoying, but she's apparently athletic. She also managed to defeat Angelina in a showdown in the last challenge... I smell a threat. And she smells a lot like a litter box.
Eleanor: I've been wearing the Third-Arm Sash for a while now. It really feels like another part of me, like a third... arm... oh. Makes sense.

The group's lauding of Eleanor was cut short when a loud growl was heard off in the distance. "Wh... what was that?" Alyssa asked, concerned. She was answered with a chorus of growls as a group of polar bears emerged.
The nine Chosen Ones backed away. Albert asked, "Are polar bears carnivorous?"
"I don't want to stick around to find out," Garrett replied.
Wally suddenly stood firm. "What are we doing? We can take these little runts. C'mon!"
He charged at the bears and tackled one to the ground. The camera then focused on the other eight Chosen Ones, who looked away. High-pitched cries and ripping noises were heard from Wally's direction. Wally was tossed back to the Chosen Ones, bruised and battered. "Yeah, ready for Round Two?!" He swayed unsteadily as he approached the polar bears.
The bears began to advance as well, and Wally shrieked and ran behind the group. "Okay, nevermind, your turn."
Hilda balled her fists and cried, "FOR RUMSPRINGAAAAAAAAA!! Fire!" A montage of shots depicted her pummeling the bears: punching one square in the jaw, kicking another in the gut, putting one in a chokehold, and pinning a fourth bear down as it seemingly tapped out.
The Chosen Ones were wide-eyed, except for Wally, who instead had hearts in his eyes.

Wally: A girl who can fight! That's what I'm talking about! That's what this show's been needing!
Hilda: (panting heavily) Many emotions... were released...

Hilda stood atop a pile of defeated polar bears and let out an enormous battle cry. The cavern began to shake again - instead of icicles falling, sheets of snow began to descend on the Chosen Ones.
"Oh no," Alyssa warned, advancing to the exit of the clearing, "come on, team, we have to go." She grabbed Isadora and William by the hand and urged Wally to go forth.
"It's a bunch of snow, calm down," Garrett sneered.
Mia reached into her pocket and pulled out the Star Hanabi, aiming it at the cavern ceiling. "Not for long. Star Hanabi!"
A whirlwind of fire met the descending snow, melting it and the surrounding area. The flames momentarily engulfed the area, and when the reaction dissipated, the shot revealed Team Fire swimming in a pool of water, while Team Wind stood at the exit.
"Wasn't expecting a shower right now," Garrett groaned. Eleanor hissed.
"Should we help them?" Isadora asked, concerned.
Alyssa motioned for her team to leave. "I think they can handle themselves."

Alyssa: Okay, I feel bad for not helping them out, but Garrett's been pushing me over the edge lately. He keeps trying to force me to blame Bradley for the Sword situation and I just can't find the right time! I don't even want to! What has Bradley done to anyone?!

Teams Water and Earth followed their path into a large, open room with a large boulder in the center. Atop the boulder was a figure resembling an oven mitt.
Scott squinted and pointed at it. "Is that the Glove of Jisaku?"
"Was Jisaku a chef?" Bradley laughed. "Looks like a pretty lame Wu."
Natalia was halfway there. "Doesn't matter how lame it looks, it's mine!" She jumped on a white mound near the boulder that Glove was resting on to help propel herself up, but the mound moved. Natalia lost her balance and fell. "What the heck?"
She looked up at the mound, which was no longer curled up as it was before. "Y-y-y-yeti!!"
"I didn't know those were real!" Russell worriedly remarked.
Natalia aimed the Orb of Tornami at the yeti and sent a pressurized blast of water toward it. The water froze in midair, and the yeti grabbed the frozen stream to use as a weapon.
"Way to go, Natalia!" Bronwyn scolded.
The yeti used the ice spear to swat Natalia back into the crowd of Chosen Ones.
Bradley began to assume a fighting stance, but Angelina grabbed him by the wrist and whispered, "Ahem. What are you doing?"
"We've gotta take this guy out!" Bradley replied, trying to shake her off. Angelina was surprisingly strong and yanked him back. "I don't know if you've forgotten, but we need to get that Wu. Let those Water idiots distract the yeti while we nab it."

Angelina: Why do the heavy lifting when these losers with hero complexes can do it themselves?
Bradley: I don't feel right making Team Water deal with the yeti, but... a game's a game, I guess. Plus, Angelina's hot. Scary, but hot.

As Angelina and Bradley looped around the area, Scott approached K.C. while Bronwyn and Raina distracted the yeti.
"Alright, dude, what's the plan?" Scott asked a fidgeting K.C..
"Uhhh," K.C. stuttered, looking around for inspiration. "We... could... uh... maybe I could use the...? No, that won't work..."
As he stalled, the yeti swung the ice spear against Bronwyn's side. She was slammed against the wall, causing Scott to gasp. "Bronwyn!"
Scott grabbed the Shroud of Shadows out of K.C.'s pocket. "I'm gonna borrow this." He sprinted to Bronwyn and took the Lotus Twister from her. "Hey, yeti!"
The yeti turned to Scott and growled, then swung its ice spear. "Shroud of Shadows!" Scott yelled, disguising himself. The yeti missed, then looked around in confusion. Shrugging, it turned its attention to K.C. and began to chase him.
"Crap, crap, crap," K.C. muttered, running away. The yeti began to aim the spear at K.C. like a javelin, and when it pulled its arm back to toss it, its wrist was suddenly pinned to the ground. The other wrist followed, until the yeti was completely forced to the ground at its wrists and ankles.
K.C., Bronwyn, Natalia, Russell, and Raina all looked at each other, confused, when Scott ripped off the Shroud of Shadows. His body was stretched and tied up around the yeti, incapacitating it.
At the same time, Team Wind rushed into the area. "Where's the Wu?!" Wally demanded.
"Right here!" a voice called. Everyone turned to see Angelina triumphantly holding the Glove of Jisaku in her hands, while Bradley came up from behind her. "I helped, kinda."

A tunnel-boring machine suddenly pierced the ground in the center of the clearing. Chris popped his head out of a hatch and announced, "Team Earth wins the challenge and the Glove of Jisaku!"
The four members cheered as Chris looked around. "And since Team Fire seems to be M.I.A., it looks like they'll be heading to tonight's Banishment Ceremony! As soon as they show up..."
Albert rushed in, with the other members of his team behind him. All five of them were soaking wet. "Did we win?"
"Far from," Chris grinned. "You're voting someone off tonight. Get dry and head back to the D.O.J.O.!"
Team Fire groaned and began to find their way out, followed closely by Team Wind. Alyssa stuck her tongue out at Garrett.

Garrett: Alyssa may have won this battle, but she definitely hasn't won the war. I'll be here next week to make sure of that.

As Bradley and Angelina made their descent from the boulder, K.C. approached Scott, who was untangling himself from the now-unconscious yeti. "Uh, thanks for saving my butt there, man."
"No problem," Scott said. He freed himself and tossed the Shroud of Shadows back to K.C..
Bronwyn limped over to Scott and smiled. "That was amazing!"
Scott's eyes widened. "Are you hurt? Come on, let's get you back to your room and see what we can do."
He wrapped his arm around Bronwyn and guided her out of the cave. Natalia and K.C. both pursed their lips, then looked at each other.
"I... have to be somewhere," K.C. mumbled, leaving.

Natalia: That is it. Bronwyn's getting a one-way ticket out of here. And if that means taking out Scott with her, then so be it. Doesn't matter how perfect his butt is, I came here for the money.

Team Earth congregated in their room, with their Wu in a pile in the center. Angelina slipped the Glove of Jisaku on and snickered, "Alright, let's see what this thing can do." She angled it toward the pile of Wu and called, "Glove of Jisaku!"
At first, nothing happened. Suddenly, a magnet sprouted from the Glove. It wobbled hesitantly, before pulling itself and Angelina against the ground with a resounding clang. "What the--?"
"No surprise that the Glove is more attracted to this giant metal plane than a couple of bronze trinkets," Russell snarked.
Angelina recalled the Wu and massaged her wrist. "Yeah, whatever."
"Why are you using it anyway?" Russell asked. "K.C.'s the one who led us today!"
"Yeah," Angelina sneered, "and if I'd followed his lead, half of our team would probably be yeti lunch."
Bradley rolled his shoulders back, as if calming himself down would also calm down Angelina. "Hey, K.C. did a pretty good job today. He came up with getting Raina out of that ice, and the slingshot idea was pretty cool too."
Whipping her hair around, Angelina stood from the bed and left the room, tossing the Glove into K.C.'s lap. "Whatever, take your dumb chef-magnet."
As she turned from the door, she noticed Natalia standing with her arms folded. Angelina gave her a wary glance as Natalia said, "Let's talk somewhere real quick."

A flash to the Banishment Ceremony, and the five members of Team Fire sat to face Chris. "Welcome back to the Banishment Ceremony, Team Fire. Haven't seen you bunch here in a loooong time. Here's a reminder. You've all cast your votes in the confessional. The Chosen One who has received the most votes will have to give up their Belt of Life, take the Pathway of Shame down to the Drop of Shame, and he or she will never, ever, ever, EVER get to return."
Chris glanced at his notecard and called, "Albert and Mia! You two are safe."
"Are we a duo now, or something?" Albert asked, glancing at Mia. "I feel like we're always put together."
Mia rolled her eyes and looked away. "Maybe it was 'meant to be'," she teased. Albert gasped and looked into the camera.

Albert: Mia's speaking my language now! She's learning to leave things up to fate. Everyone's got a plan. Maybe she'll be great alongside me!
Mia: Hey, I'll entertain his shenanigans. If I can believe in horoscopes, he can believe in whatever he wants, too. I guess that's the Libra Venus in me.

"Garrett, you're safe too."
Eleanor shifted uneasily in her seat, tilting her head slightly as Chris shot a glance at her, followed by one to Hilda. "Eleanor and Hilda! You're our bottom two."
"But whyyyyyyyyy?" Hilda moaned. "I have done nothing to disrupt my friends!!" She blew her nose into her robe rather loudly.
"Right, nothing at all," Chris chided.
Eleanor pouted, "Well, if I go home, at least I can take proper care of my feline friends."
Chris raised his index finger. "Funny you say that, because you are!"
"I figured as much," Eleanor sighed. "C'mon Penelope, we're going home." The same cat from the previous episode's showdown slithered from her robe, meowing at Chris. Suddenly, the cat's head took a sharp turn to glare at Garrett and hiss, which didn't last very long as the cat and her owner were both tossed out of the D.O.J.O.. "I regret nothiiiiiiiiiii--"
The door slammed shut as the rest of Team Fire shrugged to each other.
"And with that, all of our teams are down to an even four each," Chris states with finality. "Tune in next week for more passion, more action, and - it goes without saying - more drama! On the show everyone loves to watch, Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Chapter Eleven: From Sea to Lying Sea


A shot of from the previous challenge showed the members of Team Earth and Team Water shrieking at the icicles about to fall on them while Chris's iconic voice boomed, "Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our teams were paired up and forced to be buddy-buddy while they trekked through a dangerous ice cave. Garrett and Alyssa have had it up to here with each other! Maybe Alyssa's starting to bite off more than she can chew. The girls on Scott's team are driving him nuts so he decided to take refuge with Team Earth, specifically, his now-best-bro K.C.. Speaking of, the dude sucks as a team leader, but no one needs to know that. In the end, Team Earth took home the gold after Team Water got tied up with a yeti - I didn't even know that thing lived in there! Our last place losers, Team Fire, found themselves at the Banishment Ceremony and set home Eleanor, our kitty connoisseur. Not that I mind, girl might have had a few screws loose. With eight down, there's still sixteen to go. Will Garrett and Alyssa ever get along? What are Natalia and Angelina plotting? And what's the deal with Wally and Hilda? Answers to these questions and more, on this episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

The D.O.J.O. flew silently through the sky, which began to show hints of sunrise. The camera panned to show an empty dining area and a silent confession cam, before zooming into Team Wind's room and focusing on Isadora.
She sat up, released a silent yawn, then smiled and got up, examining the rest of her team. She first glanced at Wally, who was still asleep - face-down, as still as a plank. Her gaze shifted to William, who slept with his legs up against the wall and his body at a complete right angle. She recalled him saying something about that position getting his "artistic juices flowing," but all it seemed to do was make his pale legs look even paler.
Finally, she noticed Alyssa, curled up in the fetal position, muttering in her sleep. "No, don't take that... that's the only pair of underwear that... matches my bra..."

Isadora: I love waking up early. It's so nice to have some peace and quiet sometimes, especially in a place as hectic as this. In the morning, the only people awake are me and Chef, and sometimes he's not even awake at the wheel! (laughs, then realizes what that means)

Shower caddy and towels in hand, Isadora hummed a cheery tune as she entered the bathrooms to find Natalia and Angelina, who stopped in the middle of what seemed to be a conversation.
Natalia's eyes narrowed. "You're up early."
"I-I always wake up around this time," Isadora stammered, caught off-guard.
"Figures," Angelina shrugged, making her way out of the bathroom. "I knew I never noticed you for a reason."
Isadora's face twisted as the other two girls exited, giggling.

Flashing forward two hours, the dining area is now bustling with Chosen Ones. As Scott left the kitchen with his tray of questionable food, Bronwyn waved to get his attention. "Hey, Scott!"
Scott looked up and smiled, walking toward Bronwyn, then straight past her to sit at the table behind her, next to K.C..
"Oh," Bronwyn mumbled. "Uh, okay, maybe we'll have dinner or something together instead." She picked at her food for a second, then sighed.

Bronwyn: Scott's seemed a little... distant. I mean, he made sure I was okay after the whole yeti thing, but he hasn't spoken to me since! He keeps hanging around Team Earth all the time.

Natalia also came back from the kitchen, giving Bronwyn a sneer as she continued past her to sit beside Angelina.
"Crowded table today," Bradley noted.
Scott shrugged. "I guess working together in the last challenge just... made us closer." He playfully elbowed K.C., who spit out his juice on Russell's face.
Russell opened his mouth to complain, but was interrupted when he noticed Raina coming out of the kitchen. He waved. "Hey, Raina! Come sit over here!" Her eyes widened as she quickly slipped into the seat beside Bronwyn instead.
"Anyway," Angelina stated with irritation, "I think Scott has a point. We obviously seem to work well together, so maybe we should help each other out."
Bradley raised an eyebrow, leaning in. "You want to help out another team?"
She also leaned in toward him. "It's for our own benefit."
The two stared at each other for a moment. Russell cleared his throat and asked, "Why don't we see what our team captain thinks about that?"
K.C. looked up, his mouth full of food. "Oh, uh, teaming up with Scott? Sure."
"Teaming up with all of us," Natalia corrected.
Swallowing his food, K.C. stuttered, "Oh, y-yeah, that's what I meant." He chuckled nervously.
Natalia and Angelina gave each other a knowing glance. Scott whispered, "Y'know, this is a pretty great plan, especially since Team's Fire been dominating so far. They've got the most Wu out of any of us."
Angelina frowned. "Which makes no sense. Have you seen their team?"
"Well, whatever they're doing," Scott sighed, "it must be working."

Team Wind sat by the table opposite the Team Earth-Water conglomeration.
"Was Team Earth always that big?" Isadora asked, staring at the six-person table.
"No," William frowned. "I think they're making some kind of alliance."
Alyssa turned around to take a look for herself. "Seems like it. And it makes sense, too. I mean, we can't stay in teams forever, right?" She let out a nervous laugh.
With a bit of an edge to his voice, William prodded, "You make it sound like you want the teams to disband soon."
Garrett, noticing the commotion from his team's table, gave Alyssa a curious glance.
She pretended not to notice. "That's not what I mean. It's just..."
Garrett suddenly appeared behind Alyssa. "I think we should talk."
Isadora gave him a strange glance, to which he replied, "Y'know, team leader to team leader."
"Those aren't even official titles," William pointed out. He turned to Wally. "Are you even awake? What are you do--" He followed Wally's line of sight, aimed directly at Hilda. Rather, the back of Hilda's head.

William: ... Yikes.

Guiding Alyssa into the hallway out of the dining area, Garrett demanded in a hushed tone, "It is now or never. You got your Sword back because of me and now you need to hold up your end of the deal. Unless you want a one-way ticket out of here!"
Alyssa groaned. "Why do I have to blame Bradley of all people?"
"Why does it matter?" Garrett scoffed. "You barely even know him."
"Exactly!" she shot back. "It makes no sense."
Garrett folded his arms. "It doesn't have to. And you should be thanking me for this, if anything. Your team's probably the weakest, no thanks to you, Ms. Team Leader. This should give them some motivation to actually win for once." Before Alyssa could retort, Garrett added, "And clearly, Water and Earth are trying to get rid of us. Not us, actually, probably just my team considering yours isn't much of a threat. So do as I say and maybe you'll come in the top two for this challenge."
Alyssa pursed her lips and remained silent. The two re-entered the dining area and reclaimed their seats at their tables.
She sighed. "Do you guys want to know where I found the Sword of the Storm that day?"
"I kinda forgot about it honestly," William admitted. Isadora blinked.
"Well," Alyssa frowned, "it was... uh... in Team Earth's room."
Isadora and William stared daggers at Team Earth's table, but toppled over once the plane made a sharp dive.
"Is it bad that I'm used to this?" Mia groaned as she and Albert were thrashed against the dining area's wall.
Albert, now with his face plastered against the window, peeked outside. "I see boats!"

The scene switched to the sixteen Chosen Ones standing on a dock, facing the ocean. Four small boats remained docked, each with two contraptions inside of them. Chris exited the D.O.J.O. and greeted the group. "Welcome to Indonesia! Exactly where in Indonesia, I dunno."
"Exciting," Mia quipped.
"I'm glad there's already less of you to deal with," Chris said as his face fell. "A new Wu has been detected called the Gills of Hamachi. This Wu gives you gills, allowing you to breathe underwater! Kinda looks like a metal choker. Super edgy stuff here."
His attention directed to the boats. "As you can see, we've got four boats, one for each team. Since we're an even four per team, two members will be hooked up to diving gear, and it's their job to travel through the depths of the ocean to look for the Gills. The other two members have to stay on the surface, pumping air to keep you kiddies alive. Both jobs are equally important!"
Turning back to the Chosen Ones, he finished, "The first team to grab the Gills wins 'em. If any diver comes back to the surface without the Gills for any reason, they disqualify their team. Capiche?"
Natalia and Angelina glanced at each other and nodded.

Angelina: Here's the deal. That Bronwyn girl's been getting on Natalia's nerves, so Natalia wants me to help her throw the challenge for the team, and make it look like Bronwyn's fault. I dunno why she's dumb enough to want to make her team even smaller, but whatever. My team is safe, and if I nab the Wu, I'll have to be team leader again. It's a win-win.

"So," Chris stated, "choose your divers and your pumpers and we can get this challenge started!"

Team Earth gathered to discuss the challenge. K.C. said, "So, uh, who's the best swimmer here?"
Russell eagerly raised his hand. "I got this! I was only benched for half the season in my high school's swim team. I'm pretty much a pro."
"Got it," K.C. affirmed without additional thought. "And--"
"I'm swimming too," Angelina decided. "And I'm, uh, gonna bring the Fist of Tebigong down there with me."
K.C. shrugged. "Fine by me."
Bradley looked at her suspiciously. "What do you need the Fist of Tebigong for? That's just gonna slow you down."
"There might be rocks in the way or something, I don't know," Angelina countered, staring directly back at him.
Bradley turned away and sighed. "Alright, whatever. Just don't do anything funny down there, like smash another team's diving gear or something."
Garrett overheard this and loudly repeated, "Smash another team's diving gear, Bradley? Seems harsh!"
"What?" Bradley said, whipping his head around.
"Man," Garrett continued, even more loudly, "it's almost like you're a natural at messing with other teams!"
This caught William's attention, and he tapped Isadora's shoulder. "Did you hear that? Bradley's trying to mess with the other teams' stuff."
"It was probably his idea to take the Sword!" she whispered back.

William: There's no way we can let Team Earth win - that's a team full of liars, scammers, and frauds!

The teams entered their boats as the divers examined their gear.
"Hey, uh, Raina," Bronwyn asked, "Mind helping me get this stuff on?"
Raina began to fasten the pipe to Bronwyn's oxygen mask as Natalia purred, "And Scott, would you help me get all of this on, too?"
"Sure thing," he chirped, hopping up to help her. Bronwyn grimaced and looked at the other teams' boats.

Wally snatched the diving gear from William. "There's no way I'm letting you go down there and mess this challenge up for us. I'm swimming."
"But--" Isadora began to protest, before William sighed. "We need your, uh, impressive strength on the surface to help pump. Picasso knows my arms couldn't handle it for that long."
"Huh," Wally pondered, "I guess you've got a point. And you're right, those twigs would snap and half trying to pump any air into my mask."
He chucked the diving gear back to William, who collapsed with a thud. He gave Isadora a thumbs-up. "I'm okay!"

Finally, the divers were lined up; Natalia and Bronwyn for Team Water, William and Isadora for Team Wind, Mia and Albert for Team Fire, and Angelina and Russell for Team Earth. The remaining members stood by their air pumps, awaiting Chris's orders. "Looks like we're ready! Remember, any diver who comes back up without a new Wu disqualifies their team! Don't be that guy. On your marks, get set, go!"
The eight divers plunged into the water, making their way to the seafloor.

Mia: I felt like an obnoxious tourist, the kind you see snorkeling on those disgusting pamphlets that have a giant list of activities you can do to exploit the struggling native population. (rolls eyes)

William and Isadora swam side by side, eagerly looking around for any sign of the Wu. Isadora squeaked and pointed to a glimmer directly below her, which grew in intensity before revealing itself to be an irritated anglerfish. Isadora's eyes widened as she grabbed William's arm and started a panicked swim in the opposite direction.
Russell and Angelina quickly strayed from each other and searched separately. While avoiding a school of clownfish, Russell squinted and noticed a shimmering object. He excitedly swam toward it only to find it was a soda can, and tried to crush it in frustration, but instead cramped his hand.

Russell: I'm not some big environment-freak or whatever, but even I know not to toss a can of pop into the ocean! What kinda country is this?

Back on the surface, Garrett and Hilda pumped air down to Mia and Albert. Garrett was visibly exhausted, while Hilda pumped excitedly.
"How... do you have the energy for that?" Garrett panted.
"Back in my village, we churned our own butter!" Hilda explained. "This is the same, no?"
Garrett scoffed. "Yeah, right. Amish people don't churn their own butter, you guys aren't that far behind."
Hilda replied, "My family is. Veeeeery traditional! But I must be happy when I am there. I do miss them."
He stopped pumping to look at her. "So, uh, is that why you're so sad about your... rum... sprinkler... thing?"
"Ah, Rumspringa, yes," Hilda nodded sadly. "I am believing it has passed already."
Overhearing this, Wally leaned out of his boat and stammered, "Uh, well, this show has kinda been a Rumspringa for you! Flying all over the world, finding magic toys," he listed, and paused before adding, "and, uh, meeting new people..."
Garrett's eyebrows furrowed. "How do you know what a Rumspringa is?"
Sneering back at him, Wally brushed the issue aside. "I actually listen to her sometimes."
Before Garrett could shoot back a response, he felt a tug on the oxygen pipe. "Oh, shoot." He groaned and pumped oxygen back into Albert's mask.
Hilda, processing Wally's words, looked back at him. "You are right! I did not get big farewell celebration, but I did get a Rumspringa. Different Rumspringa."

Hilda: (tapping the camera lens) Hello? Oh. Okay. Yes. I did not know Wally knew so much about my culture! It is a surprise to my mind. Hmm.
Wally: I stole Chris's phone last night to look up stuff about Amish people. (shrugs plainly)

Bronwyn kicked her legs as she swam deeper and deeper, looking all around for any sign of the Wu. Something caught her eye and she focused on it, swimming intently toward it.
Behind her, Natalia slowly swam, holding the Orb of Tornami. She aimed it at Bronwyn's oxygen pipe and whispered, "Orb of Tornami, ice." The Orb released a small jettison of water that created an almost unnoticeable current, but froze a portion of Bronwyn's pipe. Oblivious, Bronwyn continued to swim toward the gleam that caught her eye.
Directly behind Natalia was Angelina, with the Fist of Tebigong in hand. She swiped at the frozen pipe, effectively shattering it and cutting Bronwyn off from the air supply. She and Natalia quickly swam away as Bronwyn shrieked and glanced upward.
At the surface, Raina pumped air when the handle suddenly dropped. "Huh?" She frowned and tugged at the pipe, to find there was no resistance. Her eyes widened. "Um... uh..."
She whipped her head to Team Earth's boat. "Mantis Flip Coin!" Springing forward on her hands, she landed directly beside K.C.. "Sorry about this." She dug into his back pocket and fished out the Glove of Jisaku.
"Hey!" K.C. protested. "What the--"
Raina dove into the water and aimed downward. "Glove of Jisaku!"
Bronwyn's metal mask was immediately attracted to the Glove and sucked her back up to the surface, crashing into Raina and sending them both flying onto the dock.

"What... happened?" Bronwyn managed to say.
Chris, on the dock as well, held up the broken end of her oxygen pipe. "Huh, looks like something went wrong here."
"Oh, I wouldn't have guessed!" Bronwyn groaned. "What exactly happened?"
"Don't know," Chris shrugged, "and don't really care! Though you should care, because you being up here means you've disqualified your team and lost the challenge!"
Bronwyn and Raina looked at him, shocked. Raina argued, "How is that fair? Maybe it was some sort of equipment failure!"
"Nuh-uh," Chris shot down. "I specifically remember losing two of my new interns when we tested this. Impossible!"
"Then it had to be your fault," Bronwyn angrily said, pointing to Raina. "You were the one who hooked up my diving gear!"
Raina backed away. "Wh-what? No! I didn't do anything wrong--"
"What's going on?" Scott called from Team Water's boat.
Chris announced, "Aaaand Team Water is out of the challenge! Other teams, still fair game for you!"

Bronwyn: This is totally unfair! Everyone's going to think it's my fault we lost. How could this even happen?!
Natalia: (breathes on the Orb of Tornami and rubs it against her shirt) Flawless.

With Natalia now out of the water, Scott reluctantly navigated the team's boat back to shore.
On Team Fire's boat, Garrett laughed. "Ha! Must suck to be them." He looked over to where he thought Hilda was, except she was nowhere to be seen. "What?!"
Instead, Hilda was at the hull of Team Wind's boat. "And then I must decide to stay with my family or live in the outside world," Hilda explained to Wally, who was listening intently while also pumping his team's air.
Garrett waved his arms frantically. "Um?? Earth to Hilda?? What happened to the challenge?"
"I thought I was on Team Fire?" Hilda wondered. She gasped. "Oh! Mia!"
She leaped back to Team Fire's boat and yanked on the oxygen pipe in a panic. Her strength yanked Mia out of the water and into the air, landing directly on top of Garrett.
"I apologize!" Hilda cried. Mia stood up and massaged her neck. "It's fine, all of the water pollution was starting to make me sad anyway." She turned to the dock. "Does this mean we lose?"
Chris answered, "Nope, one team managed to be even bigger losers than yours. Though I'd recommend pulling up your last member."
Hilda pulled Albert up in the same fashion she did Mia, causing him to land on Garrett, who was attempting to get back up after his collision with Mia. "Oh... I am sorry again."

Team Fire joined Team Water on the dock to watch the remainder of the challenge. After taking a few seconds to wring out her hair, Mia pointed out, "At least we didn't get disqualified first."
"We still lost," Garrett rebutted. "But how unfortunate for Team Water - losing in their own element, again."
Natalia rolled her eyes and said, "I would've found it if it weren't for this one always messing up our challenges." She pointed to Bronwyn.
"How was that my fault?" Bronwyn argued. "I had nothing to do with it!"
"Oooh, sure," Natalia taunted, "and everyone else's diving stuff just happened to be totally fine. Uh-huh. Cool."
Now furious, Bronwyn lifted her hands and cried, "Water!" A burst of water from the ocean struck Natalia directly in the chest, and tossed her off the dock.
Mia glanced at Natalia. "Tragic."
Once she surfaced, Natalia bared her teeth. "Orb of Tornami!" She revealed the blue sphere and aimed it at Bronwyn, who was tossed off the opposite side of the dock by the shot of water.
"C'mon, you two, quit it!" Scott said. "Lotus Twister!" The roots of the plant Wu wrapped around his wrist as his arms extended out to both sides of the dock. He fished the girls out and pulled them up using their diving gear.

Albert: Bronwyn and Natalia kind of remind me of my two sisters back home. They're both good people, but if you get caught between them when they're fighting, the walls will get painted red in no time. (pauses) I've never seen two girls get so passionate about not sharing lipstick.

Underwater, the Gills of Hamachi were seen gleaming, hidden in a mass of coral. Directly above it, Angelina looked around aimlessly.

Angelina: Now, all I need to do is grab that Wu and I'm leader again. Except it smells like K.C.'s sock and I can't see four feet in front of my face.

William and Isadora approached her. William made an X with his forearms in an attempt to ward Angelina off, who just rolled her eyes. She raised her hand to show that she had the Fist of Tebigong with her and smirked. Isadora glanced down and noticed a shimmer. She pretended not to notice, instead hiding behind William.
Angelina angrily swam toward him and swung the Fist of Tebigong; she missed completely and frantically waved her arms in the water. William breathed in heavily, and shot his arms out in front of him. Using his elemental Wind powers, a small current shot Angelina away from him. He grinned and turned around to see Isadora's reaction, but she had already grabbed the Gills of Hamachi and gave him a thumbs-up.

William: Under any normal circumstances, Angelina probably would've pounded me into the ground. But underwater, she's about as coordinated as Wally trying to do ballet. I wonder, if Water and Fire are natural opposites, does that mean Wind and Earth are also opposites? That's... beautiful!

Upon surfacing, Isadora jumped on William's shoulders and proudly held up the Gills of Hamachi. Chris announced, "Team Wind takes home the gold! Er, bronze, whatever that thing is made of. Congrats!"
From their boat, Alyssa cheered and whooped while Wally gave a satisfied nod.
"Unfortunately, Team Water wasn't as lucky," Chris said, directing his attention to the four of them now on the dock, "and for being the first team to get disqualified, they'll be getting front-row seats at tonight's Banishment Ceremony!"
Raina mumbled something under her breath while Bronwyn glared at her. Natalia attempted to hide her smug expression while Scott just looked away.
"And, uh, I suggest all of our divers take a shower," Chris commented. "This water's gross; you all reek."

The scene flashed to the D.O.J.O.. As the only member of Team Water who managed to stay dry, Scott sat alone in the dining hall for dinner while the rest of his team showered. K.C. claimed the seat next to him. "So, uh, who are you thinking of voting off?"
"I don't know," Scott admitted. K.C. turned to his food when Scott added, "I've been avoiding getting rid of any of the girls for so long and now I kinda just want to vote them all off."
K.C. nearly choked on his spoon. "Really? They're that bad?"
"Well, not separately," Scott hesitated. "Raina's really smart but I think she hates my guts. Natalia and Bronwyn are both really cool, but they just keep fighting and driving me nuts!"
Garrett, walking past with his dinner, heard this and paused.

Garrett: Two people who can't work together, at this point, makes up half of a team. And a team like that isn't meant to last. And as long as it isn't my team, that's the best-case scenario for me.

"Y'know," Garrett said, facing Scott and K.C., "I really think you should give the boot to that Raina."
K.C. backed away. "Don't you have a team of your own?"
"Don't you?" Garrett retorted, before facing Scott instead. "Like you said, she's pretty smart. I doubt we'll stay in these teams much longer, and..."
Scott frowned. "That's a pretty selfish way of thinking about it."
Annoyed, Garrett began to walk away. "We're here for a million dollars, not to be everyone's best friend. Think about it."
Ensuring that Garrett was out of earshot, K.C. asked, "You aren't really gonna vote for Raina, are you? The other two girls are tearing your team apart. All they want is your attention, you know."
"Yeah man, of course they do, since I'm the team's leader, kinda," Scott said, poking at his food.
"Dude," K.C. laughed, "they're crazy for you."
Scott sighed. "I wouldn't say crazy but--"
Groaning, K.C. stood up. "How can you not see when someone clearly's got... a thing for you?" He blinked and looked around to see that Bradley, Garrett, Hilda, Alyssa, and Wally were all staring at him. "Uh, I'm gonna see if the rest of my team's out of shower yet for our team meeting."
Bradley seemed confused. "We don't have a team mee--"
"Team meeting!" K.C. called, quickly walking out.

Mia and Albert were shown exiting the bathroom in their towels.
"I have never felt so clean before in my life," Albert said, refreshed. "That water was pretty gross."
As they turned the corner to head into their room, two large hands suddenly pulled them both back.
Mia complained, "This is a terrible kidnapping. I'm not even blindfolded."
She turned around to see Wally, who hushed them. "I'm not kidnapping you. I need a favor from you two."
"Why should we help you?" Albert asked. "You're on another team."
Wally cracked his knuckles, causing Albert to gulp. "Uh, what are your demands?"
He looked around for any other Chosen Ones, before leaning in between Albert and Mia's heads and whispering, "I need you two... to... be my wingmen."
"I can't fly," Albert confessed. "Your friends on Team Wind might be better at that."
Mia and Wally both looked at each other in disbelief. Mia explained, "Albert, being a wingman has nothing to do with flying. Wally needs help getting some girl's attention." She paused. "Or guy's, I don't know."
Wally growled, "I'm not--"
"Everyone knows you're into Hilda," Mia said, cutting him off.
Wally nearly turned pale. "Uh, is-is it that obvious?"
A flashback montage showed Wally in the morning, mumbling in his sleep, "Yeah, sure, Hil, I'll feed the horses today... anything for you..." Meanwhile, Isadora was staring down at him with her hands over her mouth, suppressing giggles. Another flashback, from just moments ago, showed Wally sitting at Team Fire's table with Garrett and Hilda, spoonfeeding her dinner while Garrett mouthed "help me" to the camera.
"You, uh, aren't the best at being discreet," Albert mumbled.
"The only person who's too oblivious to see it is Hilda," Mia said. "So I guess we'll help you."
Wally pumped a fist in the air, but Mia added, "But you have to do one thing for us."

Wally entered the dining area again, carrying now-dressed Albert and Mia on his shoulders. He said, in the most monotonous voice possible, "Everyone, please welcome the best two members of the best team left in the game..." He looked up at Albert and whispered, "Do I really have to say this part?" Albert nodded, causing Wally to sigh, "... King Albert and the Omnipotent Mia."
The two hopped off his shoulders and gave him a thumbs-up.
Garrett squinted at them. "What was that all about?"
"Oh, nothing," Mia dismissed. "Just a game."
"Better not be making any alliances behind my back," Garrett warned.
"Don't worry," Mia assured. She noticed Hilda listening and added, "But, uh, Wally sure is a strong player. He's so... um... mainstream and is such a conformist and his... fragile masculinity is only matched by his--"
Albert coughed loudly and suggested, "Let's go get some food, Mia."

Albert: I don't have to know what a wingman is to know that Mia probably isn't the best person for the job. Then again, I wasn't destined to be a wingman either, so... I'm sure fate will allow this to play out well!

William and Isadora were seen exiting their team's room. "C'mon," William urged, "let's grab dinner before Chef tosses the leftovers in the fuel tank."
"Is that safe?" Isadora frightfully asked.
"Probably no less safe than putting it in our bodies," William thought aloud.
Just before entering the dining hall, the two encountered Angelina and Russell, also dried off. Angelina leered at the two of them. "Losing that challenge to you two twerps was a total fluke."
The two Team Wind members looked at each other, and William spoke up. "Yeah, well, we don't lose to cheaters."
"What are you talking about?" Angelina nervously asked. "I'm not a cheater! I don't cheat! I could take everyone on right now, fifteen to one!"
"You sound like Wally," Isadora frowned.
"And we're talking about Bradley stealing our Sword of the Storm that time!" William clarified.
Russell whispered to Angelina, "Did that really happen?"
Angelina shook off her confusion and said, "Uh, whatever. I don't control what Bradley does." She scoffed and began to enter the dining hall as Chef was exiting. "Kitchen's closed!" The D.O.J.O. jolted, and flames were seen shooting out of the fuel hatch as Chef nodded. "Food's been taken care of."

The Banishment Ceremony showed the four members of Team Water spread as far apart as possible on the bleachers. Chris whistled, "I can smell the tension! Smells like water pollution and way too much hairspray. Anyway, congrats on losing today's challenge, because you get the pleasure of spending more time with me. Your team's been here more than any other, so let's cut to the chase. You've all cast your votes in the confessional, and tonight, one of you is taking that Drop of Shame!"
Natalia raised her hand. "Why are they here?" She pointed to K.C., Garrett, and a number of other Chosen Ones spectating from a distance. K.C. was seen biting his nails while Mia and Albert shared a bucket of popcorn beside him.
"Hey, all eliminations are open for the peanut gallery," Chris shrugged. "Guess we haven't really had one as cutthroat as this yet in the game! Now, let's get started."

Natalia: Bye-bye! (blows a kiss) That was for Scott, since he's mine now.
Raina: (tapping her chin) I've got to start thinking logically. After this elimination, there'll only be three of us left on Team Water. Chris can't keep us in these teams much longer, so I have to eliminate the best person for me, not for the team.
Bronwyn: I don't really know who to vote for. Natalia's awful, I'm pretty sure Raina's the reason my gear broke, and Scott's been so distant that I don't think I can trust him anymore!
Scott: Should I listen to K.C.? How much do Natalia and Bronwyn really like me? Or should I listen to Garrett? I mean, Raina's definitely way smarter than anyone else in the game. Agh, this is so confusing!

Chris looked at his notecard and laughed. "Man, this team always keeps me on my toes! The first person safe from elimination is Natalia!"
She grinned wickedly and turned to the crowd of onlookers, winking at Angelina.
"The next person safe from elimination is..."
Bronwyn and Scott exchanged a glance, then quickly looked away from each other. Raina nervously fussed with her glasses.
"............... Bronwyn!"
She let out a sigh of relief as Natalia's eyes widened.
"Scott, Raina, one of you has spent your last day here on Total Drama Showdown......"

Natalia: What could've gone through Raina and Scott's thick heads to not vote off Bronwyn?

"You're both strong competitors in different ways. Scott, you're one of the more athletic Chosen Ones in the game..."
Albert whispered to Hilda, "Not as strong as Wally."
Hilda shushed him and grabbed a handful of popcorn from his and Mia's bucket.
"... and Raina, you're one of the smarter ones. But the last Chosen One safe from elimination............"

K.C.: Scott can't go home! We're buds now! This was a good thing we had going!
Garrett: If he didn't take my advice, well, see ya later, Scotty.

"................... is...................."

Mia: (still sharing popcorn beside Albert) How'd you sneak this out of the kitchen? I thought Chef closed it.
Albert: I keep a stash of kernels in my underwear drawer, and I used the Star Hanabi to pop them.
Mia: (mouth drops open allowing a few pieces to spill out)

".............. Scott!"
"YES!!" K.C. cheered, jumping up with his fists in the air. He noticed everyone staring at him and quickly sat down.
Raina frowned. "I guess this is goodbye."
Russell muttered under his breath, "She was just starting to warm up to me."
Grabbing her parachute, she waved to her former team and leaped out of the D.O.J.O., while Chris signed off, "And we're down to fifteen! Will Team Water make a comeback? What do I have in store for the Chosen Ones next week? Find out the answers to all this and more, only on Total... Drama... Showdown!"

Chapter Twelve: Sweet and Sewer


In his quarters, Chris was seen getting a foot rub as he started off the episode. "Previously, on Total Drama Showdown, our four teams had to swim through the depths of the deep blue sea to find their next Wu. Natalia and Angelina, schemers as always, came up with a plan to get Bronwyn eliminated and Angelina back on the throne. Aaaaaaaaaand, neither happened. Boo-hoo! Wally recruited Albert and Mia as his wingmen to get his love's attention - and who is that, you might be asking? Yep, it's Hilda. Looks like the tough guy's got a soft spot for the Amish country. Teams Wind and Earth are starting to butt heads a bit, especially when in the end, William and Isadora swiped the challenge from right under Russell and Angelina's feet. But it was Team Water who got sent to elimination, and they gave Raina the big ol' boot right off of the D.O.J.O.. We're down to fifteen Chosen Ones, and we're not even close to the meat of the treachery, the mayhem, and the drama that this show has to offer! Sit back and keep your eyes glued on this episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

The camera zoomed in on the confessional door.

Natalia: (grunting and moving her legs) Can you move over?
Angelina: (plastered against the door) It's not my fault I was born with wide hips.
Natalia: Why did you want to talk to me anyway? And why here?
Angelina: The other teams can't know we're working together. Not even our own.
Natalia: We were working together. The plan was for you to win the challenge, and for me to get rid of Bronwyn. And we can see how well those two things worked out.
Angelina: So, we had a bit of a fluke. But it's best that we stick together. We won't be in teams forever - your team's already down to three people.
Natalia: (pauses, then offers her hand) Alright, it's an alliance. Now, get me out of here.

Angelina twisted the door handle and the two girls spilled out of the confessional, straight to the floor. K.C. leaped over them, then turned his head around. "I got it, Scott!"
He caught the Orb of Tornami in his hands, tucked it under his arm, and began to charge forward, when he noticed Bronwyn standing directly in front of him.
K.C. skidded to a halt in front of her. Bronwyn took the Orb away from him and scolded, "This isn't a toy, you know. It's one of the most powerful Wu my team's got. The Orb of Tornami--"
Upon saying its name, the Wu faintly glowed and spewed water on her face. K.C., Natalia, and Angelina burst into laughter while Scott held back his chuckles. Bronwyn sputtered and coughed, then carefully stepped over Angelina and Natalia to enter the confessional.

Bronwyn: (still dripping) I'm a nice person! But my team's probably done the worst overall so far, not that I've been helping much. It's time for me to get serious.

Breakfast was already underway in the dining area, though only a few Chosen Ones were seated - Isadora and Alyssa sat together at Team Wind's table, while Hilda and Bradley sat alone at their teams' tables.
Bradley noticed Angelina and Natalia enter together, say a few words, and then part ways. As his team member approached the table, he confronted her.
"What was that about?" he whispered to Angelina.
"What was what?" Angelina innocently asked, taking a sip from his cup.
He looked at the lipstick stain left on the rim for a moment, then back at Angelina. "You getting all buddy-buddy with Natalia. You know she's on a different team, right?"
Angelina reached across the table and adjusted Bradley's robe. "You're always thinking about the game, just relax."

Bradley: Is... is she flirting with me?
Angelina: Bradley's cute and all, but I just need to get him off my case. (thinks for a moment) Or, maybe, he could be a part of the case too.

Before he could say anything else, Angelina said, "You know, I think we're the strongest two on our team." Bradley nodded warily as she continued, "So, I think we should look out for each other... you know, in the future."
She leaned in and playfully walked her fingers up his arm and he shrugged, "I-I mean, that sounds like a plan..."
"Great," she said dryly, sliding back into her seat. "Natalia's in this too, which means we can't let Team Water lose a challenge. I'm hungry."
As she left, Bradley blinked twice and looked at the camera. "Girls, man."

At Team Water's table, Scott, Natalia, and Bronwyn sat together. Scott looked around and sighed. "Can't believe it's just the three of us."
"Yeah, well, we'd better not lose again or one of you two is going home next," Natalia warned.
Bronwyn shot her a look as Natalia continued, "And, if you want my advice--"
"We don't," Bronwyn muttered.
"--I think we should focus all our effort into taking down a team," Natalia whispered.
Scott fidgeted with his spoon. "I don't know... isn't that kinda cheap?"
Natalia folded her arms and answered, "A million dollars doesn't sound very cheap to me."
"She has a point," Bronwyn frowned. She scanned the dining hall for a second, then turned back to her team. "And I think it should be Team Earth."
Both Natalia and Scott froze. Natalia was the first to say, "Uh, um, maybe another team." Scott nodded.
Bronwyn looked at them strangely. "What's wrong with Team Earth? They're all pretty strong."
"E-exactly!" Scott said, laughing nervously. "Y'know, I doubt we could ever take them down really. All four of them are pretty good, and there's only three of us."
Bronwyn tapped her chin. "Well, they have lost a lot of showdowns. I bet if we got ourselves into a one-on-one with them, we'd knock it out of the park. We win the challenge, steal one of their Wu, and someone from their team goes home!"
Bronwyn beamed as she awaited Scott and Natalia's responses. Natalia forced a smile, and through her teeth said, "It's a great plan."
"Yeah, uh, good thinking," Scott added, giving a small thumbs-up.

Natalia: I literally just made an alliance with Angelina. I can't try to sabotage her team! But I can't make it look like I'm not trying to win...
Scott: K.C.'s, like, my best bud here. I can't be responsible for sending his team to elimination! How am I supposed to work for both my team and his team?
Bronwyn: Team Earth is totally gonna lose! This is the best idea I've had in a while. My entrepreneurship teacher always told me my ideas were "too unrealistic" or "unfortunately timed" or "falling apart at the seams." Take that Mrs. Norbury!

About to return to her food, Bronwyn suddenly gasped and looked up. "Oooh! You know what? Team Wind would totally help us out, too."
Natalia accidentally broke her spoon in half. "You are just... on a roll with these ideas."
"I... I don't think they would, I mean, what's in it for them?" Scott posed, hoping Bronwyn would agree with him.
"Are you kidding? They'd totally do it!" Bronwyn grinned. "I'm, uh, sort of friends with Isadora. I could talk to her and she could talk to the team!" She squeaked as a fly zoomed past her face, causing her to fall backward out of her seat and kick her bowl off the table.
Scott scratched the back of his head. "You really think Isadora would do that?"
Natalia scoffed. "She can't talk for more than 5 seconds without turning as red as Team Fire's robes. We're fine." The fly buzzed in Natalia's ear, causing her to flinch. "Ugh! Since when do we have flies in the D.O.J.O.?"
The camera followed the fly out of the dining area, through a hallway, past the confessional, up a stairway and into Team Fire's room. The fly squeaked, "Manchurian Musca!" It quickly grew in size to form Garrett, who slipped his team's Wu back under his bed.

Garrett: Just a little detective work. Looks like Team Water's trying to create an alliance with Team Wind... and Team Water's been hanging around Team Earth a lot lately... that can only mean Team Water is trying to get rid of my team. As if I'd let that happen. Silly Bronwyn. It's your team that's losing tonight.

As Garrett walked out of his room, he noticed K.C. and Russell returning to Team Earth's room. He cleared his throat. "Mind if I talk to you two?"
K.C. and Russell looked at each other and shrugged. The scene flashed to the inside of Team Earth's room, with Garrett sitting across from the other two.
"So, you want us to make sure Team Water loses?" K.C. asked, with reservation.
Garrett nodded. "Pretty simple, right? Your team is safe for another week and you might even win the challenge. I wanted to approach you personally, since you are the 'team leader' and all."
Russell slapped K.C.'s back. "This is awesome! We can totally win this challenge and get them sent home!"
"I dunno," K.C. frowned. "They already have one less player than the rest of us, isn't that kind of kicking them while they're down?"
Garrett argued, "This isn't the time for ethics! There's a million dollars on the line."
"It's your call, team captain," Russell said, "but this is a sweet deal."

K.C.: Get Scott's team to lose? He's my best friend; I couldn't do that to him! But I mean, I can't take his side, not in front of Garrett and Russell...

K.C. reluctantly reached out to shake Garrett's hand. "Pleasure doing business with you," Garrett grinned.
Angelina and Bradley returned as Garrett was leaving. "What was he doing here?" Angelina demanded.
"Our teams made a deal to make sure Team Water loses!" Russell excitedly recapped. "It's a perfect plan!"
"Tell the whole D.O.J.O., why don't you?" K.C. groaned.
Angelina and Bradley exchanged nervous glances.

Angelina: Are you serious? My ally's on that team. Why couldn't we go for Team Wind? They're annoying enough.
Bradley: (thinks for a second) Wait... Natalia's on that team... (pauses) ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Crap.

The members of Team Earth all suddenly collapsed and let out various groans. Chris was heard over the PA system, apologizing. "Turbulence will do that to you! Hang tight, we'll be in the Big Apple in just a few." Chris was seen in the cockpit with his feet on the dashboard, sipping coffee. He then directed his focus to the camera. "The drama could not be juicier! Will K.C. and Scott protect each other from elimination? Will Angelina and Bradley make sure Natalia isn't on the chopping block? Will Garrett stop thinking everything is about him? It's a big ol' mess here on Total Drama Showdown, and you don't wanna miss a second of it!"

After the commercial break, the Chosen Ones were seen standing together on a traffic island, across from Chris. Cars and people quickly sped by while Chris greeted them. "Alright, Chosen Ones, welcome to New York - the city that never sleeps. We've sensed two Wu at the most extreme points in the city - the highest, and the lowest."
"The first Wu, the Thorn of Thunderbolt, shoots bolts of electricity at your opponents. It's pretty fun to mess with." Chris said, and he then pointed up at the tall building behind him. "And it's waiting for you at the top of the Empire State Building."
Mia looked at Chris strangely. "So... is the challenge just whoever can call an elevator to the top the fastest?"
"Now where would be the fun in that?" Chris smirked. "You've got to climb it from the outside. All 103 floors, and the tip. Your Wu's waiting for you at the top."
"Not a problem," Scott said, clicking his feet together. The Jetbootsu glowed faintly.
Garrett snarled. "That's not fair, he gets to just fly to the top?"
Chris shrugged. "Too bad, so sad. Should've won the Wu when it was activated. I'll give you all a minute to come up with a game plan."

Team Water huddled close together. Natalia ordered, "Alright, Scott takes the lead and we'll make sure no one on the other teams tries anything funny."
Scott nodded. Immediately after, Bronwyn looked around and whispered, "By the way, I got Team Wind on our side! Team Earth's going down for sure!"
Natalia and Scott gave Team Wind a cautious glance. Isadora and William met them with thumbs-ups and smiles, while Alyssa waved warily.

Alyssa: I'm glad Team Water trusts us and all, but the only reason Isadora and William agreed to it is because they think Team Earth stole our Sword. I still haven't told them it was my fault we lost it and my fault Maxwell got sent home. I'll give it a few more challenges until it's safe to tell them... if I make it that far.
Scott: K.C.'s a goner if Team Wind's also trying to stop Team Earth. I gotta make sure Team Wind or Fire loses instead...
Natalia: Great. Now we've got an entire other team trying to send Angelina's team home. I bet I could take them. Everyone on Team Wind is pretty weak, except Wally. But he's been in another world lately.
Wally: (looking at a picture of an Amish man) Do you think Hilda would like me more with a beard?

At the same time, Garrett gave orders to Team Fire. "Hilda and Albert, you two need to slow down Team Water. Mia and I will sneak around the back wall of the building to avoid the fighting."
Mia gave Garrett a shocked look. "You're not pairing me with Albert?"
"Does it matter?" Garrett asked impatiently.
Chris glanced at his watch and called, "Time's up! The race for the Thorn of Thunderbolt starrrrrrrrrrts..................... Now!!"

"Jetbootsu!" Scott called, soaring ahead of the pack. He reached the base of the building and tilted his head toward the sky. He squatted down to shoot himself upward but instead froze in place. "Whaaaaaaa---?"
Angelina held her palm out. "Ruby of Ramses!" She swung her arm to the side and flung Scott across the street. "Sorry not sorry!"
She ran up to the door and folded her arms. "Now what?"
K.C., already out of breath, caught up with her. "These... these buildings are made of steel, right?"
"Duh," Angelina plainly answered. K.C. reached into his pocket. "Glove of Jisaku!" The Glove's magnet protruded from the end and pointed directly to the tip of the building. "All aboard!" Angelina hopped on his shoulders as the Glove made a beeline for the top of the skyscraper, carrying the two of them with it.
William saw the two take off. "Well, that won't do. Sword of the Storm!" The Wu whipped up an air column toward the two Chosen Ones and steered them off-course - the Glove of Jisaku ended up pegging them directly into a large screen display advertising a Broadway show. The screen shattered.
"See ya at the Banishment Ceremony!" William called to them, with Isadora following quickly behind. K.C. yelped in pain as he, the Glove, and Angelina slowly slid off the screen.

K.C.: (massaging his wrist) Have you ever punched a giant LCD panel before? It's not fun.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Mia looped around the block, followed closely by Bronwyn and Natalia. Mia activated the Wu around her waist. "Third-Arm Sash!" The extended arm clung to a flagpole poking out of the building's side. She and Garrett swung up and over the pole to reach an inset windowsill about a third of the way up the building.
"Uh, that's about all I got," Mia admitted.
Natalia landed a backflip onto the windowsill and tucked the Mantis Flip Coin back into her pocket, while Bronwyn made a far less graceful touchdown using the Orb of Tornami's water pressure to propel her in an arc, landing on both Garrett and Mia.
"Looks like you are good for something," Natalia chided. "Mantis Flip Coin!" She effortlessly scaled the side of the building, finding miniscule footholds and began to approach another balcony.
"Oh, no you don't," Garrett groaned from underneath Bronwyn. He stretched his arm out and cried, "Ju-Ju Flytrap!"
One of the Wu's bulbous ends opened and released a swarm of flying insects, which overtook Natalia and broke her focus. She fell off the building's side and got her robe caught on a different flagpole. "This is so not cool!"

At the front base of the structure, Team Wind stood in a line with their hands at their sides. The four all cried out, "Wind!" while thrusting their palms downward. A stream of air burst and propelled the team higher and higher, until they reached a balcony near the top of the building. The four cheered and high-fived each other
On the street level, Albert nudged Hilda. "Check out Wally's smooth moves. Bet he could... uh.... get your winds blowing."
An uncomfortable pause followed. "Dude," Bradley calmly asked, "what?"

Focus shifted to the upper balcony, where Garrett and Mia arrived through the use of the Tangle Web Comb and Third-Arm Sash respectively. Bronwyn trailed behind them, using the Lotus Twister to sling herself over the edge.
The entirety of Team Wind faced the three. "Face it, this challenge is ours," Wally laughed. He spotted the Thorn of Thunderbolt's central stone shining at the tip of the building.
Garrett rushed up the tip for the Wu. Isadora followed closely behind him. "Ants in the Pants!" She uncapped the Wu and released a horde of ants that infested Garrett's robe, causing him to itch and fall back down to the balcony. "Ah! Ah, ooh! This is ridiculous! Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!!"
Bronwyn panted. "At least Team Earth isn't up here." As she said that, K.C. suddenly crash-landed into the center of the balcony, with Team Wind on one side and Mia, Bronwyn, and Garrett - still itching - on the other.
"Get that WU!" Angelina screamed from the shattered billboard as she tucked the Ruby of Ramses back into her pocket, which she presumably used to get K.C. to the balcony.
K.C. looked at the tense situation and laughed nervously. "Uh, I'll leave you all to this. Shroud of Shadows!" He quickly disappeared.
"He's going for the Wu! Chaaaaaaaaaaarge!" Wally cried, rushing toward the Wu. He leaped forward but was knocked out of the way by a ball of fire. Mia was seen blowing smoke off of the Star Hanabi. "Who wants a piece of this? That was such a cliche, I'm sorry."
She flipped forward and narrowly avoided a barrage of ants from Isadora and aimed a fireball at her back. Isadora jumped out of the way and the fireball hit Bronwyn instead, who flopped over on top of Garrett.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Isadora squeaked. Bronwyn, with a burnt robe laying face down, assured her, "I'm okay!"
Meanwhile, Alyssa scanned the area using the Falcon's Eye. She was able to see K.C.'s figure, then tackled him and pinned him down. "Sorry about it!"
William and Isadora were moments from grabbing the Wu with Mia just behind them. As they reached to grab it, Mia steaded her aim and called, "Star Hanabi, fire!" A roaring flame shot out at the two Wind members, forcing them to leap back down to the balcony to get out of the way. The fire stopped, and Mia seized the opportunity to grab the Thorn of Thunderbolt from the Empire State Building's tip. "... Nice."

William: (examining his slightly charred robe) I've never seen that Wu emit flames that strong! Such beautiful hues of blood orange...

The Chosen Ones were gathered on the street again, as Chris announced, "What a battle! You guys were really goin' for it, huh? Didn't even have to ask you to mess each other up!"
"Whatever, we still won," Garrett muttered, still itching slightly.
Chris raised his index finger. "Didn't you hear me? There's two Wu here in the city. The other Wu is the Silk Spitter. This Wu can shoot out spider silk to trap and slow down your targets."
"Sounds gross," Angelina cringed. "Where is it?"
"No one ever listens to me, geez," Chris whined. "I said, one Wu lies at the city's highest point....." He gestured to a sewer panel in the middle of the street. ".... and one at the lowest point."
The Chosen Ones erupted into a chorus of protests. "Oh, gross!... I'm not going down there ... No way ... It probably smells like Wally."
"Doesn't look like you have a choice," Chris shrugged. "Because the team who does the worst job of retrieving this Wu is ending up at the Banishment Ceremony. Now, unless all of you want to vote someone off..."

The subsequent shot showed the fifteen Chosen Ones begrudgingly walking through the sewer system, pinching their noses. A number of rats skirted past their feet.
"Y'know," Russell chirped, rather nasally since his fingers were protecting him from the smell, "I hear there's one sewer rat for every person in New York City."
"How many people live in this city again?" Alyssa asked.
Russell shrugged. "Oh, a little more than 8 million."
K.C. stopped dead in his tracks and puked into the sewage beside the group. Hilda gasped. "I have remedy for this!"
"Oh, no," Garrett said under his breath. Hilda hoisted K.C. on her shoulder and flipped him upside-down, shaking him until he got dizzy.
Alyssa hesitantly reached one hand out. "Hilda, I don't think that's--"
Wally stopped her and said, "She knows what she's doing! Keep shakin' him!"
Natalia rolled her eyes. "While Hilda plays Doctor, I'm going to actually look for the Wu. Come on, team."
"Jetbootsu!" Scott said, activating his boots. They shot him forward, and he scooped up Bronwyn and Natalia along the way.
"We can't let them get away!" Russell urged. The rest of his team left out halfhearted jeers. "Uh, yeah... Don't get the Wu... Noooooooooo..."
Russell frowned. "Moonstone Locust!" He aimed his Wu at the sewage, and a surge of locusts burst out of the ring-shaped Wu. The locusts devoured the algae on the sewage's surface, eating their way through a path that led them to Team Water. The locusts swarmed around the three members of Team Water. Scott, flustered by them, jerked around and accidentally dropped Natalia and Bronwyn into the sewage.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the girls screeched, scrambling to get back on the paths along the sewer's sides.

Bronwyn: This is the worst day ever. (several flies buzzing around her drop from the air)

The other three teams caught up with Natalia and Bronwyn, but Scott flew on, attempting to fend off the locusts. He ended up crashing into a wall that crumbled to reveal a gleaming object with spidery extensions encasing a nozzle.
"The Silk Spitter!" Albert gasped. Hilda dropped K.C. as a loud rumbling noise was heard throughout the sewer.
"Relax, K.C., she didn't drop you that hard," Bradley said, already darting for the Wu.
K.C., still dizzy from Hilda's treatment, said, "Th-that wasn't m-me..."
Bradley turned around. "Huh?" He was whacked away by a large limb, and the Chosen Ones all gasped. An enormous spider loomed over them, blocking the way to the Silk Spitter. It towered at over twice their height and its eight legs slowly bent lower and lower, as if it were about to pounce.
"What kind of messed up stuff do New Yorkers dump in their toilets?!" Russell cried out.
"I don't know, but he looks angry about it," William warned.
A series of silk nets ejected from the spider's mouth. Most of the Chosen Ones dove out of the way, but Alyssa and Garrett found themselves encased in a silk cocoon - much to their displeasure - and Wally and Hilda were trapped in another.
"Fancy meeting you here," Wally teased.
"This is not a fancy place to meet," Hilda said plainly, looking at the nearby sewage.

Wally: She's so funny!

"You make the trap and I'll lure it in," Angelina declared.
"Oh, we're not gonna sneak around to grab the Wu this time?" Bradley taunted, referring to the incident with the yeti two challenges prior. Angelina rolled her eyes and shoved him. Bradley jumped forward and aimed for the area in front of the spider. "Fist of Tebigong!" He created a small crater that Mia and Albert collapsed into. The spider then encased them in a silk cocoon as well.
"Hey!" Garrett complained from his cocoon with Alyssa. "Quit messing with my team!"
Bradley spun around. "I didn't mean to, it was supposed to--"
The spider whacked him against the wall. He landed on top of Scott, who was attempting to get up after already crashing into the wall once because of the locusts.

"Mantis Flip Coin!" Natalia used the coin to bounce off of the spider's head, aiming for the Wu that lied behind it.
Russell already had the Moonstone Locust aimed at her. Angelina saw this and quickly grabbed the Ruby of Ramses from her back pocket.
"Huh?" Russell said as he began to glow red. He was tossed to the wall along with Scott and Bradley, all three now unconscious.
"Whoops, guess I need to work on my aim," Angelina quickly said, focusing on Natalia now landing beside the Silk Spitter. She reached out to grab it when another hand met the Wu as well.
"K.C., I... guess I have to... challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown," Natalia reluctantly grumbled. K.C.'s face was a pale green, partially from his sewer nausea, and partially from Hilda tossing him around like a rag doll.
He burped. "Oh, man..."
Natalia cringed and continued, "Uh, my Mantis Flip Coin against your Shroud of Shadows. The game is trap the spider. First to take that thing down wins."
K.C. nodded quickly while his stomach seemed to answer for him. Natalia looked around for a staff member. "Is this allowed?"
"Doesn't matter," Chris's voice said in a sing-songy tone, echoing through the sewers. "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The sewers deconstructed and then rematerialized as an elevated arena. K.C. and Natalia stood at opposite ends, while in the center of the arena, the giant spider emerged from a pond of sewage.
"This is so gross," K.C. muttered.
"Deal with it!" Angelina called from the peanut gallery, most of which was either unconscious or bound together.

K.C.: (hurling into a paper bag) I can't... I can't lose this showdown. I don't want my team to go to elimination, but-- (pukes into the bag again) --but I don't wanna force Scott's team to elimination either! Though I guess that's not really fair... (pukes again)
Natalia: I don't know if anyone's caught on to my alliance with Angelina, but one of our teams is gonna have to send someone home. At the end of the day, I've got to play this game for myself.

"Gong Yi Tampai!"
K.C. steadied himself and sized up the spider, which faced him squarely in return. It shot out a stream of silk at K.C.. Before the stream could hit him, K.C. wrapped himself with the Shroud of Shadows and disappeared. The spider, confused, turned and began to rapidly shoot silk in all directions.
Natalia rolled to the side to narrowly avoid some of the webs coming her way. "Nice job, now he's angry!"
"Sorry!" K.C. was heard calling, when suddenly a boulder burst up from the ground and was shot directly at the giant spider. Its eight knees buckled momentarily, but it quickly regained composure and shot silk even faster.
"Mantis Flip Coin!" Natalia shouted, using pipes as holds to propel her away from the spider's range. On the other hand, K.C. was not so lucky and a silk net made direct contact with his invisible body. He skidded across the arena, into the pond of sewage that the spider emerged from.
"Uh-oh," Natalia said, remembering K.C.'s squeaming from earlier.
K.C.'s fear sent him sprinting out of the pond, Shroud in hand, and it gave him the strength to burst out of the silk cocoon. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Gross, gross, gross!!"
While K.C. darted away from the spider, Natalia charged toward it. "Mantis Flip Coin!" She sprung forward and avoided a swipe from one of the spider's legs, and kicked the spider in its face. She bounced back to examine the damage she'd done, which turned out to be none. "Oh, come on."

In the stands, Bronwyn, Isadora, and William waved blue flags in support of Team Water. William cheered, "Woo! Go Natalia! Crush him!" Angelina unenthusiastically waved her tan flag. "Go K.C.," she groaned flatly.

Bronwyn: This might be the one time in my life that I'm supporting Natalia. It feels weird, but we have to win!
Angelina: Do I want my team to win? Duh. But if Natalia loses, she's definitely going home, and I can't have one of my only allies gone already.

A montage showed numerous failed attempts from both K.C. and Natalia attempting to defeat the spider head-on. While both retreated to catch their breath, Chris teased, "Huh, looks like punching a giant twelve-foot spider isn't gonna work. Great showdown idea, Natalia."
"Go jump in a lake, Chris," Natalia groaned. Her eyes widened. "Or a pond..."
She ran toward the spider again.
The spider spit out a silk cocoon, which she dodged. She then slid underneath the spider toward the pond of sewage it emerged from. "Mantis Flip Coin!" She flipped to the other side of the pond, then whistled to get the spider's attention. "Hey! You want this? 'Cause I know plenty of guys who do!"
Making its way toward her, the spider began to cross through the pond. Once it had all eight of its legs in the sewage, Natalia cried, "Water!" She squatted and faced her palms toward the sky, and with a loud grunt filtered clean water from the garbage surrounding the spider. She then flung her arms back down in front of her. "... and Ice!" The filtered water froze into shards that pierced the garbage around the spider, creating a prison of ice that the spider couldn't escape. "Done and done."

The arena returned to its original form and the fifteen Chosen Ones were back in the sewer, sans the giant spider. Natalia had in her hands the Mantis Flip Coin, Shroud of Shadows, and the Silk Spitter.
"Nice job," Bronwyn said, carrying an unconscious Scott bridal-style.
Natalia had a puzzled look on her face, which softened. "... Thanks."
Chris plugged his nose and announced, "With that, Team Water's our clear winner! As for Team Earth... one of you four is spending your last night on this journey."

K.C.: I'm glad Scott's team isn't in danger, but now my team is. And I kinda just lost the showdown for them... (gulps)

The teams ate dinner later in the dining area. Team Fire spent most of their dinner picking out leftover silk strands from their hair.
"This is actually a pretty good look," Mia said suddenly. "White and grey hair is 'in' right now, but pure silk streaks? Unheard of."
Garrett pulled out a few more threads from his curls. "Whatever you say."
"Hey, at least we're only stuck with some gross hair," Albert said. "Better than having to vote someone off like those guys."
He pointed to Team Earth. The four members were at their table bickering.
"I'm just saying, he lost the showdown," Russell shrugged. "And he lost the one to Mia a while ago."
"Dude, I was puking like right before the showdown started!" K.C. defended. "And Julie distracted me in the last one. Total fluke."
Angelina folded her arms. "We can't afford many more flukes for our team, K.C.. I don't know if you've noticed, but people get sent to elimination when they lose challenges."
K.C. muttered, "At least I'm not dumb enough to battle my own team..."
"That was forever ago, come on!" Angelina growled. "Look, we've all made mistakes on this team--"
"I haven't," Bradley interjected, but was silenced by Angelina's glare.
"--but that's in the past. We need to vote off the person who we think is going to hold us back the most for the future."

Angelina: That's how you lead a team. Can't believe those dimwits thought K.C. was a better leader than me. Pffft!

Russell picked at his food, then said, "Well, I'd vote for all three of you if I could. It's like none of you were trying to slow down the other teams! I was working my butt off out there."
Angelina and Bradley gave each other a quick glance. K.C. stuttered, "Uh, well, see... what had had happened was..."
Chris boomed over the PA system, "Time for elimination!"

"Maaaaaaaaan, can't believe we've already gotten rid of nine of you. And it's about to be ten." Chris snickered as he faced Team Earth at the Banishment Ceremony. The other eleven Chosen Ones watched the ceremony from afar. "Now, you've all cast your votes. The Chosen One whose name I do not call must remove their Belt of Life, walk down the Pathway of Shame, and take the big ol' Drop of Shame. Any final words before I call who's safe?"
Angelina adjusted her ponytail and said, "I've done way more for this team than anyone else. If you voted me off, you've made a big mistake." She sat down and winked at Bradley.
He stood and cleared his throat. "Uh, yeah. I've been pretty chill this whole time. No reason to vote me off. You guys have been great, aaaaand... rock on."
Following Bradley, Russell remained seated and said, "I did the best I could today. Definitely tried way harder than you guys. Suspiciously harder."
"Well--uh," K.C. mumbled, "I'm a good guy. Not doing anything shady. Total team player, right? Haha. This is hard. I didn't know we needed to prepare a speech."
"Sit down, K.C.," Chris sighed. "Time for the fun part. Bradley! You're safe."
"And also safe, we have............."
Angelina gave K.C. a pointed glance, but K.C. was too busy biting his nails to notice. He noticed Scott give him a thumbs-up from the side and calmed down.

Scott: I sure hope K.C. doesn't go. But, I mean, he lost the showdown... and he's lost showdowns before... I don't know if he has much of a chance.
Natalia: Angelina going home would suck, but I think she's safe, right? She's kinda mean, but it's only because she's right. Just like me.

"......... Angelina!"
She smirked. "Duh."
Chris peered over his index card. "K.C., Russell, one of you has spent your final moments here on Total Drama Showdown. The last person to continue for the million dollar grand prize is............."

Bradley: I'm in an alliance with Angelina, man. I just voted for who she wanted. Even if I wasn't teamed up with her, I'd probably still listen to her. (a "whip" noise is heard from off-screen) What? She's hot.

"......... K.C.!"
"Aw, yes!" he cried, exhaling loudly. "Uh, sorry, Russell."
Russell frowned and stood up. "This is so bull!"
Chris rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, what are you gonna do? Take it to court? Sayonara!" Chef tossed a parachute into Russell's arms, then lifted him by the collar and tossed him out.
"Another Chosen Ones bites the dust!" Chris grinned. "Team Earth is down to three. Who will take the fall next? It's anyone's game, and you don't want to miss anything here on Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Chapter Thirteen: Total Drama Hoedown


Chris and Chef Hatchet played Rock, Paper, Scissors in the cockpit. Chef covered Chris's rock hand with his paper hand, and Chris smacked his hand away. "How do you always win?"
Chef focused on piloting the D.O.J.O. and smirked. "Don't pick rock every time, fool."
Before he could retort, Chris noticed the camera. "Uh... last time on Total Drama Showdown! Our Chosen Ones made it to the one and only Big Apple in search of two new Wu, the Thorn of Thunderbolt and the Silk Spitter. Angelina and Natalia are officially partners-in-crime, and poor Bradley's got himself roped up in their business! Not that he seems to mind too much, with Angelina to stare at. Scott and K.C. are also buddy-buddy, so you'd think Water and Earth would be best friends. Wrong! Bronwyn had her sights set on taking Team Earth down to even the playing field, and Team Wind hopped aboard that train. While Mia managed to swipe the Thorn of Thunderbolt for Team Fire, Natalia and K.C. found themselves in a showdown for the Silk Spitter. After hurling all over the place, K.C. fell to Natalia's slick moves, and Team Earth found themselves at elimination. And who'd they send home? The only person not teamed up with the enemies - Russell! It's getting down to the nitty-gritty here on Total Drama Showdown. Fourteen Chosen Ones remain, and someone else has gotta go tonight. Will Wally get his head in the game instead of falling head-over-combat-boots for Hilda? Are Alyssa and Garrett going to reconcile their differences? Will Scott finally be straightforward with his feelings for Natalia and Bronwyn? Find out the answers to all these questions and more, on this episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

A flock of birds flew alongside the D.O.J.O. as the sun rose. One of the D.O.J.O.'s turbines sputtered and sucked all of the birds into it, spitting white feathers out of the other side.
Wally watched this happen from a window in the dining area and sighed. Mia and Albert worriedly looked at each other from Team Fire's table. The three of them, Isadora, and William were the only Chosen Ones awake for breakfast.
"It's not like Wally to be unamused by senseless violence," Albert whispered.
"I know," Mia said, "I think the whole Hilda situation is really getting to him."

Albert: Wally wants me and Mia to help him score a date with Hilda. This is not what I thought was in store for me when I signed up for this show!

Mia slowly carried a tray of breakfast to Wally, with Albert following her. "C'mon Wally," Mia prodded. "You've got to eat."
Without looking, he grabbed a fistful of mulch from the tray and swallowed it whole. "Nothing's working!" He turned to Albert and Mia. "Nothing you guys have been doing is getting me any closer to her."
Albert folded his arms. "We don't know her any better than you do! Maybe we weren't the right people to ask."
Wally turned away from them again. "No way. Who's gonna know her better than her teammates?"
Mia suggested, "I know it's a bit played out, but try just being direct about it with her. We all know Hilda can't really take a hint."
Albert whispered to himself, "Or Wally..."

A flashback montage of all of Hilda's "wisest" moments played, including all of her Ring of the Nine Dragons mishaps. An unseen clip of Hilda and Wally in the North Pole was shown. The two walked directly behind Garrett and Alyssa in the ice cave.
"So, uh, what's your favorite thing to eat?" Wally asked.
Hilda thought for a second. "I enjoy porridge. It is very simple to make and sustains me for the day!"
Wally bragged, "I'm pretty good in the kitchen. I make some dope protein shakes with my biking bros."
Hilda looked at him and frowned. "What is this protein shake?"
Wally stuttered for a second, then paused and asked, "Wait, what's porridge?"
From behind the two, Mia and Albert let out exasperated sighs.

Back in the present, Natalia combed her hair in the bathroom. Angelina entered and set her things down beside Natalia. "Well, great job saving my team yesterday," Angelina mumbled.
"Listen, it was a showdown," Natalia said, pursing her lips. "Tell your team captain K.C. that he shouldn't have gotten his gross, puke-covered hands on it when I did."
Angelina started to brush her teeth. "You could've thrown it."
Natalia put her brush down to look at Angelina in disbelief. "Yeah, lose the showdown and have my team vote me off? You're trippin'. Bronwyn was already trying to get your team to lose."
"What?" Angelina spat out her toothpaste into the sink. "You never told me that!"
"Because I was going to handle it," Natalia said.
"Well, it clearly wasn't handled," Angelina snapped. "Now both of our teams are down to three. And if we don't get our act together, one of us is going down to two tonight."
The girls glared at each other as they entered different showers.

Natalia: I'm so over this. The teams should've dissolved like yesterday. I'm sick of having to work with Bronwyn and Scott! I could just win every challenge by myself. Screw everyone else!
Angelina: Natalia is infuriating, but I need allies once the teams merge! Having just Bradley isn't gonna cut it. If she's in my alliance, then I get to control her. It's only fair. The hottest person in the competition deserves the most power, no?

The dining area began to fill in, with Scott, K.C., and Bradley sitting at Team Earth's table, while Bronwyn, Isadora, William, and Alyssa gathered at Team Wind's.
Scott leaned in and said, "Glad you guys are still here. Sorry about having to send you to elimination though."
"No biggie," K.C. said. "I'm just happy to still be here even though I bombed the showdown." He turned to Bradley. "Thanks for not voting me off. Or did you?"
Bradley shrugged. "Angelina said Russell was 'holding the team back' or something. I didn't really like him anyway, so, I just went with her."
Scott raised an eyebrow. "Holding the team back? That dude was wailing on everyone with those locusts, especially me."
"Who knows what goes through girls' minds sometimes, dude," Bradley quickly said, shoving a piece of bread in his mouth right after.
"You're right," Scott nodded. "In fact, I'm kinda nervous around Bronwyn and Natalia."
K.C. looked at him strangely. "Why? They're all over you all the time."
"Not anymore!" Scott defended. "I thought I was safe around them since they both had a thing for me, but Natalia's always hanging out with Angelina now, and Bronwyn's always with Team Wind." He gestured to Team Wind's table, and then as if on cue, Natalia and Angelina walked into the dining area together.

Scott: I'm seriously losing my cool. I started off dominating this game, but recently I've lost a showdown and had my name called out last at the Banishment Ceremony. If I don't get my act together, I'll be taking that drop sooner than I want to.

He continued, "I almost got voted off two challenges ago. I have a feeling if we lose again, I'm going home."
K.C. quickly gasped, "No! Uh, that would suck, dude! We can't let that happen, right Bradley?" He turned to Bradley, who was still chewing on bread. He managed to shake his head.
K.C.'s eyes lit up. "Hey, what if the three of us make some sort of alliance? A guys' alliance! I mean, Chris won't keep us in these teams forever, right?"
"Actually, that's not a bad idea," Scott said. "We're all solid players, we could just look out for each other these next few weeks, make sure our teams don't lose, and then we're in the top 3!"
K.C. and Scott put their hands in the middle of the table. Bradley let out a muffled noise through his bread and also placed his hand in.

K.C.: Check me out! Team captain, plus a solid alliance? I'm totally getting the hang of this reality show stuff. It's gonna be awesome working with Scott. (pause) Oh, and Bradley.
Bradley: (swallowing bread) I gotta hand it to K.C., he's really getting his head in the game. (pauses) Aw, wait, did I just agree to an alliance? I'm already in one!

At Team Wind's table, Bronwyn conferred with Alyssa, Isadora, and William. She beamed and whispered, "Yesterday was awesome! My team won the showdown and Team Earth is down to three people! You guys did great."
Alyssa nodded. "I wasn't sure about it at first, but it was great to even the playing field a bit."
"So, Team Fire next?" Bronwyn asked, looking around the table.
"Definitely," William said. "I hope they get rid of Garrett. He's not the most... aesthetically pleasing."
Isadora giggled as Alyssa chimed in, "Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to get rid of him."
William suddenly turned to her. "You two were really going at it back in the North Pole. What's up with you two?"
"Oh, uh, just different leadership styles I suppose," Alyssa shrugged off. "I don't care much for his attitude."
Bronwyn leaned in. "It seems like more than that... Oh my gosh, do you like him?"
Alyssa jumped out of her seat. "What? No!"
Everyone turned to look at her as she continued yelling, "No! I need... ketchup. For my breakfast. This won't do." She quickly ran into the living area.
"... Does she have ketchup in her bag or something?" Isadora asked.

Isadora: I don't know a lot about love. But I know sometimes opposites attract. And Alyssa and Garrett are definitely opposites!
William: I really hope Alyssa doesn't actually like Garrett. She can definitely do better.
Bronwyn: ... They're totally into each other.

On her way into the living area, Alyssa bumped into Garrett. "Excuse me," she spat out.
"Hey, wait a minute," Garrett said, grabbing her hand to pull her back. She quickly recoiled. "Whoa, relax. We need to talk."
Alyssa groaned. "About what? Our whole 'arrangement' is over. I told my team that Bradley took the Sword. That's why Team Earth lost last week. Bronwyn helped us out."
Garrett squinted. "So... you're sure you weren't teaming up to get rid of my team?"
"Uh, no," Alyssa replied.

Alyssa: Not last week, at least. Oops!

"Well, I'm impressed," Garrett chuckled. "You're right, you held up your end of the bargain." He began to walk away, then quickly turned around. "Actually..."
He leaned in close to her and whispered, "You would make a great addition to my alliance."
Alyssa brushed him off, then paused. "Wait, what? Who's in your alliance so far?"
Garrett folded his arms. "As if I'd tell you that before you agreed. I'm not an idiot."
"Well, I'll think about it," Alyssa dismissed, before entering her room. She closed the door before he could follow her in.
She turned to her belongings then said aloud, "Wait, what did I come in here for?"

Alyssa: After all that blackmail Garrett laid on me for weeks, I don't see myself in an alliance with him. Definitely don't see myself into him either. I can't believe Bronwyn thinks I'm... (shudders)
Garrett: I'm a bit desperate for allies at this point. Alyssa's probably the only competent person left. She's shown that she can take direction. Let's hope she's smart enough to make the right decision.

A time-lapse showed the sun setting and the moonlight slowly fading onto the D.O.J.O., as it made its descent into a clearing just outside of a small town.
Chris led the remaining fourteen Chosen Ones out of the D.O.J.O. and in front of the town's entrance. "Welcome to Tombstone, Arizona! Thi--"
"You're joking," Bronwyn said. "There's actually a place called Tombstone?"
"Yes," Chris affirmed. "And if you cut me off again, you'll probably find your tombstone somewhere in this town." He glared at her. "Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say, your next Shen Gong Wu has been sensed somewhere in this old town."
Alyssa squinted past the entrance gate. "This place looks straight out of an old Western movie."
Chris nodded, "Fitting, since the next Wu is called the Lasso Boa Boa. It's got two uses, one as a regular ol' infinitely long lasso, and if you want, it'll also turn into a spine-crushing boa constrictor. We love to give you the power of choice here at Total Drama Showdown."
"So where is this lasso exactly?" Mia yawned. "And what color is it? Please don't say gold. It's so overdone at this point."
"Don't know, and don't care, because both of those things are for you all to find out," Chris dismissed. "First team to get back to the D.O.J.O. with the Lasso Boa Boa are the winners. Second and third place teams win squat, but the last team to get all of their members out of Tombstone, Arizona win front-row seats to tonight's Banishment Ceremony!"
A pack of coyotes was heard howling and yipping in the distance, as Chris added, "And you might not wanna stay here very long. I heard this town can get dangerous at night."
"It is night," William noted worriedly.
"Good luuuuuuuuuck," Chris sang as he made his way back into the D.O.J.O..

Team Fire huddled into a circle. Albert kneeled, and with the Thorn of Thunderbolt, traced out paths for his team. "Okay, so I think we should split into pairs - Mia and I will take the west side of town, and Garrett, you and Hilda can take the east side."
"I'm not splitting off with Hilda again," Garrett declared. "I nearly drowned in a swamp last time I worked with her, and it lost us a Shen Gong Wu. Not happening." He looked up at Hilda. "No offense."
"No defense," Hilda replied.
Albert nodded. "Okay, sure, then you and I can take the west, and Mia and Hilda will take the east. Deal?" Mia shrugged.

Mia: I've started to grow close to Albert these last few weeks. I don't necessarily like him, or agree with his whole "destiny" thing, but we've worked well together. I'm not looking forward to having to work with Hilda. If she uses that flippin' ring today I am quitting.
Albert: I don't think it's in the cards for me to constantly be paired with Mia. She's nice, but I find myself getting distracted by her a lot... I can't put my finger on why.

Natalia, Bronwyn, and Scott stood in front of the gates. "We should split up," Natalia stated. "This town isn't too big."
Scott nodded. "Yeah, good call. We should go at this alone."
"But, Chris said it gets dangerous at night," Bronwyn noted. "I don't know if I want to get cornered by some wolves tonight."
"I think they were coyotes," Scott corrected.
"Not helping!" Bronwyn squeaked. "I'm gonna go with Scott."
Natalia looked at the two of them, then rolled her eyes. "If you're that scared, whatever. I'm going alone."

Natalia: I'm over the whole Scott thing. Sure, he's cute, and strong, and he has a great butt... but. There are more important things to focus on. Like winning a million dollars, doy. With a million dollars I can get any man I want!
Scott: What's the deal with Natalia?! I knew she wasn't as into me as she was before, but now it's almost like she doesn't care about me at all! She probably wants me gone. I'm freaking out, man. I can't go home!

As Team Water began to enter the town, Team Earth followed closely behind. "Hey, Scott, you goin' this way?" K.C. called out, pointing to the eastern side of the town.
Scott turned around. "Yeah!" Turning with him, Bronwyn added, "Wanna look together?"
K.C. frowned as Angelina answered for him. "Uh, we're on different teams, you know."
Bronwyn looked around and approached Angelina. She whispered, "Listen, we're working with Team Wind to get Team Fire to lose this challenge." Scott glanced at her. "We are?"
Bronwyn continued, "Is your team down to help make that happen?"
"Sneaky!" Angelina said, impressed. "I'm gonna think about it. As long as you aren't messing with my team."
"Whaaaaaat?" Bronwyn nervously laughed. "I would never try to hinder your team. Never have. Haha! I don't, like, want to mess with you Earth guys. You know? Like, even if I could, or like, had the chance to, or like, was asked to, I'd be all like, 'What? Earth? No way!' You know?"
Angelina and Bradley blinked at her. Bradley stated, "We're going this way." The two of them followed Natalia into the western part of town, as Bronwyn caught up with Scott and K.C. who were making their way into the eastern part.

Team Wind was the last to enter. "I'm gonna go this way," Wally said, pointing to the east. "The rest of you can go that way."
"There's four of us, are you sure you don't want support?" Alyssa warned.
Wally turned to her, annoyed. "I don't need support."
As he walked away, William whispered, "He just wants to follow Hilda." Isadora and Alyssa giggled as they took the western route.

Alyssa: It's pretty cute that Wally has a crush on Hilda! They have so much in common. They're big, loud, eat a lot, and never really speak in complete sentences.
Isadora: Love is in the air! Alyssa and Garrett, Wally and Hilda... I just love love!

An overhead shot of the western side of town showed three groups of Chosen Ones milling about the town: Garrett and Albert; Natalia, Angelina, and Bradley; and Alyssa, Isadora, and William.
Natalia walked slightly ahead of Angelina and Bradley, peering into alleyways between buildings. She noticed a glimmer in one of the alleyways. She gasped. "Oh my gosh, I think I found it."
The three of them hurried into the alleyway, which had nothing but a number of trash cans and a dumpster. Angelina looked around impatiently. "Where is it?"
"Maybe it's in there," Bradley suggested, pointing to the dumpster.
"Oh. No way. You guys can have this one, then," Natalia scoffed, walking away.
Angelina opened the lid of the dumpster and gagged. "Uh, cancelled. And there's no way it's in here if you saw it from the street."
A sheriff entered the alleyway and shouted, "Hey! You little hooligans better get inside before somethin' catches ya."
"Um, no thanks, bro," Bradley assured. "We can handle ourselves."
The sheriff approached them with his hands on his hips, resting on his belt. "It ain't an option, buttercup. Town curfew is 2 hours before the moon reaches her peak."
"You literally could've just said 10 o'clock," Angelina said, annoyed.
"That's it, y'all are gonna have to come with me," the sheriff decided. The three teenagers laughed at him. He mumbled something under his breath and reached into a holster.
Bradley defensively raised the Fist of Tebigong. "Whoa, back off dude!"
"Oh, this won't hurt," the sheriff wickedly grinned. "Lasso Boa Boa!" He pulled out a seemingly endless rope that tied the three Chosen Ones as tightly together as possible. The trio fell over.
"Guess I did find the Wu," Natalia nervously chuckled, as the sheriff dragged them out of the alleyway with the Wu. Angelina was unamused.

Angelina: If I ever listen to Natalia again, slap me. Someone. Anyone. I don't care.

Mia and Hilda, unaware of the teen-napping, searched for the Lasso Boa Boa on the eastern side of town. They were fairly far ahead of the rest of the Chosen Ones who selected the eastern side of town, which were Bronwyn, Scott, K.C., and Wally.
The girls approached a saloon with a "CLOSED" sign on the two swinging front doors.
"It appears they are no longer open," Hilda said. "Oh, well."
Shooting her a quick look of disbelief, Mia swung the doors open and motioned for Hilda to follow her inside. The two girls walked alongside an open bar and some empty tables.
"I have never been allowed in these facilities!" Hilda gasped, peering at the shelves of alcohol behind the bar.
"Well, don't get any ideas," Mia said, looking under a table. "Neither of us is the legal drinking age. And using Fake ID's to get into bars is so early-to-mid 2010's. The newest trend is waiting until you're 21."
Hilda, completely ignoring Mia, grabbed a bottle of alcohol and stuck her right eye directly into the bottle. "Hello? Lasso Boa Boa?"
"I don't think it's in here," Mia concluded, before she turned around to see Hilda. "What are you--"
Suddenly, Hilda was yanked backward out of the saloon by an unknown force. Mia quickly turned her attention to the entrance and wielded the Star Hanabi. "What's going on?"
"Lasso Boa Boa!" A large boa constrictor slithered into the saloon toward Mia. At the boa's tail end was Hilda, completely wrapped. Behind her, the same sheriff approached Mia. "Breakin' and enterin', minors handlin' al-cer-hol... you and yer friend are comin' with me."
"Over my dead body!" Mia defied.
The sheriff shrugged. "Whatever ya say. Get 'er!" The boa shot toward Mia, who kicked it square in the face to the roof of the saloon. "Fire!" Mia yelled, extending her arms out to her sides and spinning. A fiery vortex propelled her out of the saloon and back on the street. She looked down at her hands and laughed. "Okay, that was cool."

Mia: Should I be worried about Hilda? Yes, but get a load of those visuals! Those flames at the dead of night? (pointing directly into the camera) If you got a good shot of that, forward it to me.

Mia scurried away from the saloon as the sheriff exited, dragging Hilda behind him. "Where'd that little missy go?!"
He heard a whistle behind him. "Hey! Let go of my lady!"
"What in tarnation?" the sheriff turned around to see Wally charging at him.
While Hilda's mouth was wrapped shut by the Lasso Boa Boa, her eyes nearly doubled in size as Wally bulldozed the sheriff.
Wally skidded to a halt and turned back to the sheriff. "Alright, let's see what I can do with this." He twirled the Sword of the Storm in his hand. "Sword of the Storm! Wind!" The sheriff's eyes widened as he yelled, "Lasso Boa Boa!" The lasso, Hilda along with it, swung around the post of a porch of a nearby building, and the sheriff held on for dear life as a blast of wind sent him otherwise flying away. Dust kicked up in the air and ruined any visibility in the town for a fairly wide radius.

Once he stopped spinning the Sword, Wally looked around and called, "Hilda! Where'd you go?" He tried to squint to see through the dust storm but couldn't. Faintly, he heard someone yell, "Wally? What's going on?"
Alyssa, Isadora, and William were seen flocking into the dust storm. "Falcon's Eye!" Alyssa used the Wu to look through the dense storm. She spotted Wally, but heard two yelps behind her. She turned to see that William and Isadora were missing. "Huh?"
Suddenly, she was yanked as well, and was roped up with Hilda, Isadora, and William. "No good kids!" the sheriff was heard muttering, and he disappeared as the dust storm finally died down, leaving Wally alone.
Wally sank to his knees. "HILDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

Wally: (with a black headband on and Black Out under his eyes) I'm on a mission to find my woman. And, I guess my team too. Dunno where they went really.

Jumping back to the west side of town, Albert seemed to be alone, when suddenly a high-pitched voice chirped, "Manchurian Musca!" Garrett sprung to life beside him and he panted, "Saw some flames and a bunch of dust from up there. Looks like Mia and Hilda might have found something."
"Great! Let's get moving in that direction," Albert suggested.
Garrett began to jog behind Albert, but nearly collapsed. "Agh! I'm so... tired... need... sugar..."
Albert looked perplexed, but then snapped his fingers in realization. "Right! The Manchurian Musca gives you a sugar craving... you're probably low on energy from all that flying." He paused and laughed. "Haha. Get it? Fly-ing. Because you were just a fly."
Garrett was unamused.

Garrett: (striking a line on a notepad) Not splitting off alone with Albert anymore...

"I need sugar!" Garrett gasped. The two found themselves next to a police station.
"Oh!" Albert grinned. "Police! They usually have donuts, don't they?"
Garrett rolled his eyes. "That's... a... stereotype..."
"Well, that's the best I've got for you, Mr. Hungrypants," Albert shrugged. He let Garrett lean on him and wrapped Garrett's arm around him for support. The two trudged up the stairs to the front door of the station when they suddenly heard screaming. "Huh?" Albert looked around.
"Helloooooooo? Anybody?"
"It's so gross in here!"
"K.C. better not mess this up!"
They entered the police station and saw Natalia, Angelina, Bradley, Hilda, Alyssa, Isadora, and William locked behind bars. "Whoa!" Albert jumped in shock, letting Garrett collapse. "What happened?"
Angelina rushed to the bars. "There's some weird police dude putting all of us in jail! And he took all of our Wu and locked it away! There's no way out of here."
"Alright, alright, just give me a second," Albert said. He took a deep breath and looked behind the main desk.

Albert: I know I was meant to save the day once again. I was born a hero!

He opened a few drawers and searched the perimeter of the desk. "I can't find anything!"
"Tell your teammate to get his lazy butt off the floor and help you look!" Natalia hissed.
"He's hungry," Albert dismissed, looking under a chair. "There aren't any keys or anything around here!"
"That's 'cause I've got the only one," a grainy voice said. The sheriff entered the station. "Lasso Boa Boa!" The lasso wrapped around Garrett and began to reach Albert, who quickly dove out of the way.
Albert hid under a desk. "Oh, wait, that's the Wu we're looking for!" He jumped out from under the desk and took aim at the sheriff. "Thorn of Thunderbolt!"
A shot of electricity emerged from the Wu as the sheriff smirked. "Shroud of Shadows." He disappeared instantly.
Natalia groaned. "I can't believe he's using my Wu."
"Uh, technically, I found it first," Bradley muttered.
Within seconds, Albert was tied up in the Lasso Boa Boa alongside Garrett, who was still in desperate need of sugar. "Nice... job."

Garrett: (angrily licking a lollipop) Albert definitely cost us this challenge. I have no idea where Mia is, but there's no way she'll be able to take down that sheriff. (bites his lollipop in frustration)

Back in the town, Bronwyn, Scott, and K.C. approached the center of the town: a circular clearing with a beautiful fountain that held a statue of a male historical figure in the center. The perimeter of the circular clearing contained various shops and inns. Four roads lead into the clearing, and the moon was visible directly above the road leading north, as the three Chosen Ones entered the center from the southern road.
"Alright, this seems like a pretty suspicious place for a Shen Gong Wu, right?" Bronwyn suggested. "It might be hanging on that statue or something."
Scott nodded and jumped into the fountain and began to scale it. K.C. began to follow him, but noticed two figures running toward the fountain from the eastern road. "Hey, who's that?"
Bronwyn squinted. "It looks like Mia and... Wally? That doesn't make any sense."
Coyotes were heard howling and yipping once again, and Bronwyn jumped behind K.C. out of fear. She lost her balance on the dirt road and fell flat on her behind. "I hate this town."
Mia and Wally approached the two, out of breath. K.C. asked, "What's up guys? Where are your teams?"
"Gone!" Wally gasped. "Some sheriff dude swiped Hilda and the rest of my team with this crazy rope." Scott overheard this and jumped back into the fountain. "That sounds like the Lasso Boa Boa to me. Where is he?"
Mia thought for a moment. "An evil lair seems overplayed. The secret room in the nondescript house has been done already... I think he's probably sitting in a police station."
The other four Chosen Ones gave her a strange glance. "What?" she defended. "It's obvious, but if he's smart, that's where he'll be!"

Mia: I've watched every English-speaking indie movie published since 1950. You start to notice villainous patterns after the first few hundred.

"Alright then, let's find that police station," Scott decided.
"Uh, I think we have other problems first," K.C. whimpered. He looked around and noticed that the five of them were surrounded by a mass of coyotes, blocking off all four roads.
Wally laughed, "I'm not scared of a couple of untrained dogs." The coyotes all howled and charged toward them.
"Okay, maybe I am," Wally panicked, sprinting to the fountain. The rest of the Chosen Ones followed behind him and they all scaled the fountain and statue, kicking away any coyotes who attempted to jump at them.
"Any ideas?" Bronwyn asked, recoiling from a coyote snapping its jaws at her.
K.C. rifled through his robe. "Let's try this... Moonstone Locust!" A swarm of locusts emerged from the Wu, and infiltrated the pack of coyotes. Some of the coyotes broke away to avoid the locusts, but the majority of them simply shook them off. "Great," he mumbled.
Scott furrowed his brows and snapped his fingers. "I have an idea. Bronwyn, I'm gonna need your help."
"Me?" Bronwyn asked nervously. "I... I don't think I can do this." Another coyote leaped and snapped its jaws near her.
"C'mon!" Scott urged, extending his hand to her. "Hey, you're amazing. I know you can do this. I really need your help if this is gonna work."
Bronwyn blushed and took his hand. K.C. gave Scott a confused glance.

K.C.: Didn't Scott say he didn't care about Bronwyn and Natalia liking him anymore? We just made an alliance! What's his deal? He has some nerve flirting with her like that... (folds his arms)

The two Water monks stood atop the highest point of the fountain and held hands. They each balanced one foot on the head of the statue and extended the opposite arm outwards. At the same time, they both took a deep breath and called out, "Water!" The water from the fountain began to rise and encircle the coyotes. It continued to rise until a ring of water levitated directly above the coyotes. Bronwyn and Scott exhaled, and as the ring of water fell, they shouted, "Ice!"
A burst of snow covered the center of the town, and the ravenous coyotes were frozen solid. Mia playfully tapped her finger on one of the coyote's nose. Bronwyn and Scott jumped off of the fountain, exhausted, and looked at each other with assuring glances.
"That... was amazing," Bronwyn said, laughing a bit after. She ran over to Scott and hugged him.
"I knew you could do it," he said. Behind them, Mia smiled and said to K.C., "Aww. We all saw it coming, but, aww." K.C. turned away and noticed Wally sprinting away from the fountain. "Hey! Where's he going?"
Mia also turned around. "Probably looking for the police station. I won't tell him he's going the wrong way." She ran toward the opposite road Wally went and K.C. followed closely behind, but then paused and turn to Bronwyn and Scott. "Uh, hello." The two separated from their hug and followed Mia and K.C..

Bronwyn: I know I said I wanted to focus on the game more, but... Scott is just...(giggling) He's so cute! And so smart, and so focused, and... (blinking) No! I should focus on winning. But I guess I could partner with Scott to make it to the end, right? I mean... there's no harm in that. (smiles and giggles again)
Scott: Bronwyn is really cool. I'm glad she trusts me a little more again. Things were kinda weird for a bit. I'm not gonna let her set me off-track though! I still need to get back in the game. No matter how cute she is. (thinks for a moment) I mean... Ah! No!

Mia and K.C. reached the steps of the police station first and kicked down the front doors. "The jig is up!" K.C. announced, just as the sheriff locked the cell after putting Garrett and Albert inside.
Bronwyn and Scott entered shortly after. The sheriff stood facing the four Chosen Ones, with his hands lingering over his holster.
"Careful, he has all of our Wu!" Alyssa warned.
"Ruby o' Ramses!" the sheriff called, aiming at K.C.. The Wu successfully lifted K.C. in the air. K.C. panicked. "Ahhhhhhhh! Glove of Jisaku!" He pointed the Glove at the sheriff and all of the stolen Shen Gong Wu, as well as the Lasso Boa Boa, were attracted to the Glove's strong magnet. The sheriff held on tight to the Ruby of Ramses, and used it to toss K.C. and the Shen Gong Wu across the room.
The Wu scattered in mid-air. "Mantis Flip Coin!" Scott called out, leaping toward the Lasso Boa Boa.
"Ruby of Ramses!" the sheriff growled, this time lifting Scott and tossing him out of the way as well. Scott landed on top of K.C..
Mia skirted around the edge of the room toward the cell that the rest of the Chosen Ones were locked in. "Let's see if I can't get you out of here," Mia whispered, as she fiddled with the lock.
The sheriff directed his attention to Bronwyn, who managed to grab a few of the loose Shen Gong Wu. "Silk Spitter!" She aimed at the sheriff who ducked behind his desk.
"I'm sick of y'all kids!" He spun around and aimed the Ruby of Ramses at Bronwyn as she sent another volley of webs his way. The webs knocked the Ruby of Ramses out of the sheriff's hands and onto the wall behind him, and the next webs pinned the sheriff down.
"Hah! Take that!" Bronwyn cheered. She collected her team's Wu, along with the Lasso Boa Boa, right as Mia successfully picked the cell lock. "Now, let's get out of here!"

The Chosen Ones made a mad dash for the town's exit, where Chris awaited them. Scott and K.C. struggled to keep up after their battle with the sheriff, and Garrett was also still low on sugar.
"Scott, c'mon!" Natalia called to him. Bronwyn, who was at the head of the group, slowed down. She knelt down in front of Scott and said, "Hop on."
Scott's eyes widened. "Wh-what? You can't carry me!"
"I have another idea," Bronwyn said. Scott hopped on and Bronwyn closed her eyes. "I really hope this works... Jetbootsu!"
She zoomed forward with Scott on her back and extended her hand out to scoop up Natalia as well. The three made it to the exit. Team Wind followed them shortly after.
"We... c-can't... lose!" Garrett sputtered out.
"And neither can we," Angelina cried. She saw K.C. lagging behind everyone. "Ruby of Ramses!" She used the Ruby to toss K.C. to the town exit.

K.C.: (rubbing his back) People have been using that Wu a little too liberally on me lately! I don't appreciate it! (a "crack" is heard) GAH--

Angelina and Bradley made it to the exit, as Team Fire lagged behind them.
"Congrats to Bronwyn and the rest of Team Water for winning today's challenge!" Chris announced. Bronwyn cheered as she unloaded her team on the ground below.
"Team Wind's in second, Team Earth in third, and it looks like Team Fire is our dead last... hang on a second."
Mia frowned. "We get it, we're last, we have to vote someone off. It's all been done before!"
Chris scanned the area and laughed. "Actually, by my count, there's only thirteen of you. Team Wind is short one brickhouse."
Wally charged out of the town, pursued by the coyotes which had now thawed out. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" He made it out as the coyotes halted after hearing a whistle behind them. The sheriff emerged, made eye contact with Bronwyn from afar, and gave her a respectful nod. The sheriff and the coyotes then retreated into the town again.
"Since the entirety of Team Wind didn't make it out of Tombstone until now, it looks like they're heading to Banishment today!" Chris announced. Team Wind groaned as Team Fire sighed in relief, including Garrett who fully collapsed. "Pick your favorite loser, and I'll see you four tonight."

Alyssa: We haven't voted someone off since Maxwell! I was getting used to winning... or at least being safe. I don't know what my team thinks of me anymore.
Wally: Those dorks William and Isadora are probably gonna blame me for this, but everyone but me got their butts handed to them in that town. I'm the only chance they had of winning!
Garrett: (still licking a lollipop) I almost made our team lose the challenge. Not that they would vote me off because of it -- I dare them to -- but it doesn't look good if I'm trying to forge a strong alliance with Alyssa! If she even survives this elimination. (takes a satisfying bite)

Back in the D.O.J.O., the Chosen Ones congregated in the dining area for dinner. Team Water and Team Earth sat together while Team Wind and Team Fire sat as separate teams.
Scott, with a bandage on his arm, said, "Great job again, Bronwyn. You really saved our butts back there."
"Yeah, jail wasn't a cute look for me," Natalia admitted. "Good job not messing this up."
"Thanks," Bronwyn stated plainly. She then asked, "Uh, no offense, but why is Team Earth here?"
Angelina and Natalia gave each other a look, as Angelina cleared her throat and lowered her voice. "So. We're here with a proposition. I made an alliance with Natalia and Bradley already--"
Scott and K.C. gave Bradley a strange glance.

K.C.: Bradley's off making alliances left and right! What's with that guy?
Bronwyn: Am I surprised Natalia is off playing for another team? (staring directly into the camera) ... No.

Bradley then added, "Well, K.C. wanted a guy's alliance between us and Scott--"
It was Angelina and Natalia's turn to give Bradley a strange glance. "You never told us that!" Angelina snapped.
"Uh, yeah, it was a secret alliance," Bradley spelled out. "Doesn't matter now though." Bronwyn gave Scott a concerned look.

Bronwyn: Okay, Natalia's one thing, but Scott? Everyone's playing for a different team except me! What the heck?!

Angelina gave him a suspicious glance. "Anyway. Our teams should stick together. Like, permanently. We have the strongest players in the game and the teams are merging any time now. And apparently, we were all allied together anyway."
"It sounds good to me," Scott stated. "Everybody in?"
Bronwyn nodded hesitantly. "I guess so."
"Great." Angelina flatly stated. "Just lay low until the teams merge. Don't make it obvious that we're teaming up."
"We're on different teams, sitting around the same table, and whispering," Natalia said, rolling her eyes. "I think it's past that point. Anyone with eyes would notice."

Across the dining room, Team Wind was busy not noticing as they argued over their voting rationale.
"We would have been safe if you weren't so busy dilly-dallying!" William accused, pointing at Wally.
"Well, I didn't see any of you three doing anything useful all day!" Wally defended. "I was busy fighting police dudes and wolves and stuff."
Isadora quickly corrected, "Coyotes."
"Whatever!" Wally growled. "You do the least on this team anyway! We're already pretty much a team of three! I feel like I'm on a team of one!"
Isadora huffed and left the dining room. "Great, now she's upset," Alyssa sighed.
William followed her out. Wally stood up with his tray and leaned in toward Alyssa. "I'm not going home tonight. I'm your strongest player. If you vote me off, you'll be going to elimination every single time 'til the whole team is wiped out."
He left to get more food as Alyssa set her head down on the table.

Alyssa: He's... kind of right. I don't like Wally at all, but we've only won, what, two challenges? Out of thirteen? We're definitely the weakest team left and I don't know if we can afford to get rid of Wally before the teams merge together... Hmm...

Wally approached the serving window when he bumped into Hilda. "Uh, oh, uh, hi."
"Hello," Hilda greeted. "Are you also searching for a second helping?"
"Y-yeah!" Wally said. "Uh, ladies first."
Hilda approached Chef. "Hello! Yes. I would like more food."
Chef groaned, "I ain't gonna have anything to feed the engine tonight."
Wally shouted, "Hey! You're gonna give her what she wants! Or else!"
"Or else what," Chef menacingly said, glaring at Wally as he sharpened a knife.
"Or... else..." Wally faltered. He grabbed William and Isadora's unfinished food, and pointed in a random direction. "Yo, Hilda, what's that?" She turned around and Wally scraped his teammates' food onto her plate.
Hilda looked back at Wally. "There is nothing to see! Do Americans always have such bad vision?" She looked at her tray. "Oh!"
Wally backed away. "Hah! Yeah, Chef! That's what I thought!" Chef hissed and Wally yelped before running out of the dining area.

Hilda: Wally is a very sweet man. I do think he should invest in a pair of glasses. But he is very sweet!

At the Banishment Ceremony, the four members of Team Wind sat together, awaiting their fate. The remaining ten Chosen Ones sat to the side and watched, Garrett still licking a lollipop.
"Are you still craving sugar?" Mia asked, concerned.
"No, these are just really good," Garrett admitted.
Chris entered shortly after. "Welcome back Team Wind! The votes are in. The Chosen One who has received the most votes must remove their Belt of Life, walk down the Pathway of Shame, take the Drop of Shame, and never. Ever, ever, ever. Ever, ever, ever come back."
A pause followed. Chris added, "................. Ever. For good measure."
"Alyssa! You're safe," Chris announced.

Alyssa: So. I listened to what Wally had to say, and... I think he's right. I can't vote him off yet. I still need him for my own sake. So, my vote goes to...

Chris played with the notecard in his hand. "The next Chosen One safe from elimination is.........."
William and Isadora gave each other a glance.

William: It's no secret that I voted for Wally. He's a hindrance to our team. A frayed paintbrush, if you will.
Isadora: (lifts of a piece of paper that says "WALLY")

Wally gasped and whipped his head to face Alyssa, who quickly shook her head.
"And finally, William! Wally, looks like you're taking the Drop of Shame tonight."
The peanut gallery gasped, except for Garrett, who loudly crunched his lollipop. Hilda put her hands over her mouth.
Wally sneered as he put on his parachute. "Whatever! Alyssa, I warned you, and you made a big mistake."
"But--" Alyssa attempted to protest.
"Before I go!" Wally interrupted, "I need to say one thing."
He turned to Hilda and said, "Hilda, uh, um, you're... I... you..."
Mia and Albert leaned in with anticipation.
"Oh, would you look at the time?" Chris shrugged. He shoved Wally out of the D.O.J.O., and the last thing Wally was able to yell out was, "We should make some porridge sometiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....."
Hilda blushed as Chris did his sign-off. "Team Wind is down to three, and our headcount is down to thirteen! Where will we go next? What Wu will we find next? Where is Garrett finding these lollipops? Tune in next time to find out, only on your favorite TV show, Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Chapter Fourteen: Great Brawls of China


"Previously on Total Drama Showdown, our Chosen Ones explored the ghost town of Tombstone, Arizona to find the Lasso Boa Boa. Turned out to be a little harder than expected after a vigilante cop started kidnapping my cast! Not cool, dude! I should be the one providing the life-threatening dangers on this show." Chris cleared his throat. "Anywho, Team Water and Team Earth have finally decided to buddy up as allies, after weeks of going back and forth. I'm as relieved as you guys are. Wally went on a wild goose chase to save his beloved, which turned out to bite him in the behind, and cost his team the challenge. Bronwyn saved the day and brought the Lasso Boa Boa back to the D.O.J.O., earning Team Water another win. At the Banishment Ceremony, surprise, surprise, who'd Team Wind send packing but their clumsy brickhouse, Wally? At least he got to tell Hilda what he really felt about her… sort of. I couldn't really hear him over all the screaming. It's crunch time here on Total Drama Showdown, and you don't wanna miss anything coming your way. Will Bronwyn and Scott just give it up and kiss already? Is Team Wind actually screwed without Wally's manpower? What's Garrett planning with Alyssa and his Team Fire alliance? And what's the deal with K.C. lately? Tune in tonight, for more action, more exploration, and more drama, only on your favorite TV show, Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

The camera panned across an empty shot of the dining area. The only noise heard was a faint strumming. The camera flashed over to the confessional door.

Scott: (lightly strumming his guitar and humming) I know this isn't exciting footage, but this is the only place in the D.O.J.O. where I can play this early without waking anyone up. It feels awesome. (stops playing, and rests his arms over his guitar) I can't stop thinking about Bronwyn. We were so in sync last week. She's really something special. (smiles, then resumes strumming)

Isadora was the next to wake up, taking her daily stroll through the D.O.J.O. with her shower caddy in hand. She entered the bathroom and stepped into a shower, closing the curtain behind her. She was about to turn on the water when she heard Angelina and Natalia enter together.
"I'm so not in the mood to look for anything today," Angelina grumbled.
"Ugh, me too," Natalia chimed in. "My legs are so sore."
The girls turned on the faucets at their sinks to brush their teeth. Isadora began to reach for the faucet in her shower when Natalia added, "There hasn't been a new Wu in like almost a week, so it's probably happening today."
Angelina spat out some foam. "I don't know about you, but my team needs more Wu. We only have four right now."
"Whatever, so does Team Wind," Natalia shrugged. "It's not like they know what they're doing with any of them though."
Angelina laughed. "They'd better hope the teams are merging today, since they're so useless."
Isadora pouted as she listened to the two girls cackling.

Isadora: I know I don't talk very much, but I'm not useless. I just like to follow orders; I don't really give them. (sighs)

Bronwyn and Alyssa left their respective rooms at the same time, bumping into each other in the hall.
"Oh, good morning, neighbor," Alyssa yawned.
"Morning," Bronwyn greeted. "Okay, so, I have a question for you."
The two girls began walking, and once they passed Team Fire's room, Bronwyn whispered, "Do you still like Garrett?"
Alyssa groaned. "No. I didn't like him to begin with! We're just… acquaintances. If that."

Alyssa: I don't know what Bronwyn's going through or projecting on to me, but I do not like Garrett. Not even as a friend. I barely respect him as a competitor after how seeing how dirty he plays!
Bronwyn: … She liiiiiiiiiiiiiikes him.

The girls made their way to the bathroom as Natalia and Angelina exited. After briefly exchanging glances, Bronwyn and Alyssa entered the bathroom. Isadora, still camping out in the shower, finally took the opportunity to turn the faucet on, but paused again once the other girls started talking.
"So you're sure you don't like him?" Bronwyn teased.
Alyssa set her toothbrush down on the counter. "No! And even if I did, I wouldn't show it. Not everyone here wears their heart on their sleeve like you do, Bronwyn."
Bronwyn stepped back. "What do you mean?"
"It's just really obvious that you like Scott," Alyssa giggled, putting toothpaste on her brush.
Bronwyn turned beet-red. "Wait, really?"
"Yeah," Alyssa said, "we all know. You know who talks about it all the time? K.C.."
"Huh?" Bronwyn looked at Alyssa through the mirror. "I mean, I guess that makes sense. K.C. and Scott are really close."
"Well, he's not exactly happy about it."
"I don't know, whenever I hear him talking about it, he almost sounds upset."
Bronwyn stared at Alyssa. "Do you… do you think K.C. likes me?"
Alyssa gave a half-hearted shrug and continued brushing her teeth.

Bronwyn: Wait… do you guys think K.C. likes me? That doesn't make any sense! We've never really spent time together other than last week… and he's best friends with Scott. Wouldn't he have told Scott about it? I… I don't know what to think!
Alyssa: You know, I'm a really relaxed person. I don't like to get myself tangled up in other people's drama. But I'm also empathetic! I can't let someone walk around broken-hearted without trying to help out in anyway I can. Maybe planting this seed will help K.C. out.
Isadora: I love love. (taking notes on a notepad) So Alyssa definitely likes Garrett, Bradley probably likes Angelina, Wally liked Hilda, Mia and Albert will probably give up and get married soon, Bronwyn likes Scott, but now K.C. likes Bronwyn! This messes up everything!

In the dining area, Garrett, Hilda, and Mia got in line for breakfast. Albert approached Mia and the two did a strange synchronized dance involving extending their limbs and barely touching. "What… what is going on?" Garrett asked, bewildered.
"May I join?" Hilda asked, attempting to dance with them.
"I wanted to make a secret handshake with Mia," Albert explained, now squatting and kicking outward with her, "but she says they're out of fashion now."
Mia nodded along, as she tucked her ankles behind her neck. "Handshakes have been beaten to the ground. Secret dance routines are the way to go."
The routine finally ended with Mia jumping into Albert's arms and spinning around three times before jumping back out of them and landing in a split. William, the only spectator in the dining area, clapped loudly. Garrett turned back to Chef's serving window.

Garrett: I wish I had time to make interpretive dance routines, but I'm focused on trying to win a million dollars.

Hilda started squatting and shuffling around, attempting to mimic Albert and Mia's dance. She bounced over to William. "Does this resemble the dance?"
William gave a "so-so" gesture with his hand as Hilda continued to kick her legs around while squatting.

Meanwhile, in the men's bathroom, Bradley and K.C. were getting ready. K.C. sat on the counter facing Bradley, who was shaving.
"I don't think shaving on this thing is a good idea," K.C. warned.
"I'm not gonna let myself look like a caveman on TV, bro," Bradley said, carefully shaving along one of his cheeks.
K.C. sighed and kicked his legs in the air while he sat on the counter. "Can I tell you something? You can't tell anyone else though."
Bradley inspected the blades of razor, then kept shaving. "Uh-huh."
"Have you ever liked someone?"
"Like, really liked them. More than just as a friend."
"And you just feel like you can't really be yourself around anyone else?"
"But you can't tell them because you're afraid it might mess up your friendship."
"But not telling them is eating you up inside."
"And the worst part is, that person's falling for someone else but you know you're better for that person instead of that someone else?"
K.C. twiddled his thumbs, then leaned forward and exhaled. "Just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening, man."
As K.C. left the bathroom, Bradley said, "No problem." Once the door closed, Bradley looked directly into the camera. "What was he saying?"

K.C.: I'm glad I have a friend like Bradley who I can vent to. But it only helps so much, you know? I'm kinda stuck right now. (shakes his head) I can't let this throw me off my game, though. I gotta--

K.C.'s confessional was interrupted by Chris's voice heard throughout the D.O.J.O.'s P.A. system. "We're beginning our descent into Yulin, China. Please make sure seatbelts are securely fastened and tray tables are stowed in the upright position. Also, get ready for an awesome challenge."

The remaining Chosen Ones filed out of the D.O.J.O. and lined up opposite Chris, who stood in front of a large brick wall that stretched for miles in either direction.
Chris faced the Chosen Ones and announced, "Welcome to the Great Wall of China! We've got two new Shen Gong Wu for you to hunt down."
He took a laser pointer out of his pocket and shone it on the wall behind him, which projected an image of a globe-like object.
"Whoa, that's awesome!" Bradley gawked.
"I know," Chris beamed. "One of today's Wu is the Sphere of Yun. You can use the Sphere to trap an opponent, and while that opponent is contained, all of their powers and possessions belong to you. That includes Wu and their elemental powers! So if you were getting some elemental envy, this would be a good Wu to snatch."
Garrett perked up at this.

Garrett: I've been flying under the radar lately. A Wu like that could be a gamechanger, especially once the teams dissolve. I'm looking forward to toying with it.

"The other Wu you're looking for is the Woozy Shooter," Chris continued, as the laser projection switched to a trumpet-like object. "The Woozy Shooter emits a purple haze, and anyone who gets a whiff of it will start to feel a little… goofy."
"Are you sure it wasn't activated already?" Garrett asked, gesturing to Albert and Mia, who reprised their secret dance routine.
Chris hit a button on the pointer and it switched to a map of China. "Here's the deal. Both Wu have been activated at the same time. The Sphere of Yun is located at the western end of the wall in Jiayuguan, and the Woozy Shooter is at the eastern end of the wall by the sea, in Shanhaiguan. Nailed those pronunciations, bam!"
"So, what, we have to split up again?" Alyssa asked.
Chris shrugged. "Up to you. If you only want one of these Wu, your whole team can take one direction. With more of you you're more likely to get the Wu. Or you could split up so your team has a chance of grabbing both. All I know is that the last team back or any team that loses a showdown is sending someone home tonight! Strategize amongst yourselves."

Angelina turned to Bradley and K.C.. "I say we all go find the Woozy Shooter. Agreed?" Bradley shrugged and looked to K.C. for an answer, who seemed distracted.

Angelina: K.C. is supposedly our team leader. He hasn't done anything useful! So I'm taking matters into my own hands. He's in my alliance anyway. As far as I'm concerned, I'm Team Earth and Team Water's leaders.

K.C. asked, "Is Team Water coming with us?"
"I don't know, I'm not psychic," she dismissed. "If they want any chance of getting their own Wu, they won't be."
K.C. approached Team Water and overheard Scott say, "... alright, so we're all going for the Sphere of Yun. Sounds good."
K.C. interjected, "Uh, you sure none of you want to split up for the Woozy Shooter?"
Natalia shooed him away. "Go away! We're planning." She gave him an intense glare.

Natalia: Is he trying to expose our alliance to everyone?

Garrett quickly decided for his team. "I'm going with Mia to get the Sphere. Albert and Hilda, you two are going the other way for the Woozy Shooter."
"Will you teach me your dance as we travel?" Hilda pleaded.
"It's a secret dance, Hilda," Albert explained. "If I teach it to you it won't be a secret anymore."
Hilda wailed and ran away from her team. Albert gave Garrett an exasperated look.

Albert: The stars are not aligning well for me today. I don't see this challenge ending very well with Hilda and I paired up.
Garrett: The one time I worked with Mia, we actually got a new Shen Gong Wu. It's strategy, it's not just because Hilda's annoying and useless.

Alyssa looked at her team and assured, "Listen, I know Wally thinks he was carrying our team or whatever, but we're fine without him, right?"
"Yeah!" Isadora boomed, frightening William.
"That's what I'm talking about," Alyssa nodded. "I say we split up. I'll go for the Sphere and you two will get the Woozy Shooter. Sound good?"
William gave Alyssa a concerned look. "You're sure you'll be able to handle yourself?"
Alyssa gave him a thumbs up. "I'll be fine. Team Wind on three!" The three members put their hands in the center of their huddle. "One, two, Team Wind!"

Alyssa: Okay, so, I definitely think Wally had some merit to what he was saying. I didn't even vote for him to go home! I voted for William and I assume Wally voted for Isadora, which is why there wasn't a tie last week. I'm definitely a little nervous, but if I let the others know that, they'll give up on me.

The scene flashed to show everyone on the actual wall. The Chosen Ones split into two groups: those heading to the Sphere of Yun, which were Bronwyn, Natalia, Scott, Alyssa, Garrett, and Mia, and those heading to the Woozy Shooter, which were Isadora, William, Albert, Hilda, Angelina, Bradley, and K.C..
Chris grinned. "The race to the Wu begins… NOW!" The Chosen Ones scrambled.

Focusing on the Sphere of Yun group first, Scott knelt as Natalia and Bronwyn perched on his shoulders. "Jetbootsu!" The three grabbed an early lead on Garrett, Mia, and Alyssa.
"I hate that Wu so much," Garrett grumbled.
"Star Hanabi!" Mia announced, aimed at Team Water. Scott bobbed and weaved in an effort to dodge the fireballs, but spun out of control and the three of them collapsed. "Try something less predictable!" Mia teased, as she and Garrett took the lead.

Mia: The last thing I want to do is pigeonhole myself into any reality television trope, but I would consider myself a dark horse in the competition. I haven't really run into any problems so far and I've won challenges for my team on more than one occasion! Yet everyone underestimates me. I guess there is some benefit to living in a patriarchal society that underestimates women. They won't see it coming when I win!

Alyssa zoomed past Team Water as well, using her elemental Wind powers to pick up speed. "Hey, no fair!" Natalia whined.
"I've got an idea," Bronwyn said. "Orb of Tornami, Ice!" A jetstream of water shot out ahead of everyone and froze on the path beneath them. Alyssa, Garrett, and Mia all slipped on it, while Team Water literally skated by everyone.
"Fire!" Garrett slapped his palms against the ice, melting it. "You're not getting away that easy!"

The Chosen Ones were neck-and-neck as the camera zoomed out from them and focused on the other group headed toward the Woozy Shooter.
Angelina, Bradley, and K.C. led the pack, with William and Isadora not far behind, and Albert and Hilda trailed along.
"Let's make sure we maintain our lead," Angelina snickered. She looked at Bradley, who nodded. "Fist of Tebigong!" He punched the area of the wall directly behind him, causing it to crumble. William and Isadora quickly halted in front of the gap.
"You're gonna have to do better than that," William laughed. "Wind!" He and Isadora soared over the gap, and Isadora called out, "Ants in the Pants!"
A swarm of ants emerged from her Shen Gong Wu, catching up to Team Earth. The three of them dropped to the ground, scratching themselves.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Angelina cried. "I hate bugs!"

Angelina: (rocking back and forth) Tiny bugs are my worst fear. They are so, so, so gross. I just… I can't deal with them. Disgusting little… (gags)

"Oh yeah? Two can play at that game!" K.C. whined. "Moonstone Locust!"
This time, a swarm of locusts caught up to William and Isadora, immobilizing them as they stopped to shake them off. Albert and Hilda casually darted past the two groups.
"We will be victorious!" Hilda cheered.

Albert: Hilda's doing surprisingly well! I made her take her ring off so we don't run into any more cloning issues… the only thing worse than one Hilda is nine Hildas.

The camera flashed back to the six Chosen Ones heading to the Sphere of Yun. Garrett and Mia were ahead of the group, with Mia shooting fireballs behind her from the Star Hanabi.
Alyssa ducked as a barrage narrowly missed her, hitting Natalia instead, causing her to fall off the wall.
"Silk Spitter!" Natalia yelled, aiming at Mia. A web extended from the Silk Spitter and latched on to Mia, allowing Natalia to yank her off of the wall as well.

Natalia: (looking at the burnt ends of her hair) Do you know how much this cost? Do you know how much this cost???

Garrett noticed a gleam in the distance. "The Sphere of Yun!" He also noticed an archway coming up. "Tangle Web Comb!" He used his Wu to latch on to the top of the archway and swing upward, landing on the opposite side of it, out of the rest of the Chosen Ones' sight.
Bronwyn and Scott squinted. "Where'd he go?"
"Falcon's Eye!" Alyssa used the Wu to look through the archway and saw Garrett awaiting the rest of them to pass it, with the Tangle Web Comb aimed downward.
Alyssa stopped in her tracks as Bronwyn and Scott ran past her through the archway. "Tangle Web Comb!" Bronwyn heard him and jumped out of the way, but the comb's ropes entangled Scott. "Ah! Go on without me, I'll be fine!" Scott writhed on the floor attempting to free himself, but to no avail.
Bronwyn glared at Garrett. "Lasso Boa Boa!" She used her newly acquired Wu to snatch him off the ledge of the archway and tossed him back onto the wall's pathway.

Bronwyn: I like to play fair! And Garrett doesn't seem like the kind of guy who plays fair. I won't let him get away with that!

While Garrett recovered from his fall, Bronwyn and Alyssa jumped forward at the Sphere of Yun, grabbing it at the same time.
"I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" the girls said simultaneously.

On the other side of the wall, the seven Chosen Ones saw the end of the wall approaching near a beach. The Woozy Shooter gleamed, with the horn-side down, at the very end of the wall. Albert and Hilda held on tight to their lead, with Team Earth closely behind, and William and Isadora in the very back.
"Wind!" the Chosen Ones suddenly heard, as William and Isadora flew over the crowd making a descent directly toward the Wu.
"Oh no you don't!" Angelina declared. "Ruby of Ramses!"
She grabbed ahold of both of them in mid-air and flung them into the sea, past the Wu.
"A little aggressive, don't you think?" K.C. asked, still picking ants out of his hair.

Isadora: (wringing out her hair) Unnecessary roughness!

Albert noticed this and his eyes widened. He turned around. "Thorn of Thunderbolt!"
Bradley and Angelina jumped out of the way, but the ray of lightning knocked K.C. square in the chest and sent him flying off the wall.
Only Albert, Hilda, Bradley, and Angelina remained on the wall, and they began to close in on the Shen Gong Wu. "Ju-Ju Flytrap!" Albert called out, aiming at Angelina and Bradley.
"Not agaiiiiiin!" Angelina cried, attempting to swat away a swarm of flies. Bradley stomped on the ground in front of him in frustration. "Earth!" As Albert and Hilda were reaching for the Shen Gong Wu, the concrete below them erupted upward, sending both of them flying into the sea just like William and Isadora.
Bradley grinned at looked at Angelina for assurance, but she was making a beeline away from the Wu, still fending off flies. He shrugged and reached to grab the Woozy Shooter when a fin touched it at the same time. "What the--"
The fin turned into a hand, and William was seen removing the Gills of Hamachi from around his neck. "Forgot I had these?"

William: These are so cool! Gills of Hamachi! (places the Wu around his neck) Haha! Oh, crap, can't breathe. (gasps and removes them)

Bradley groaned. "Does this mean we have to go at it?"
"Yep!" William grinned. "I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown! I wager my Gills of Hamachi against your Fist of Tebigong."
Bradley looked at the beach ahead of him and grinned. "The game is Ride the Wave. First to fall off their surfboard loses."

Bradley: I figure surfing can't be that much different than skateboarding, can it? (laughs)

Back on the other side of the wall, Bronwyn and Alyssa still gripped the Sphere of Yun.
Bronwyn dug around in her robe. "Alright, I wager my Lotus Twister against your Falcon's Eye."
Alyssa nodded. "The game is… tag."
Limping toward the two of them, Garrett blankly stared at Alyssa. "Tag? Seriously? You can do whatever you want and you decided to pick tag?"
"It's simple!" Alyssa argued. "Whoever gets tagged first loses. Ready?"
Bronwyn raised an eyebrow. "Alright…"
The screen split in half to show Bronwyn, Alyssa, William, and Bradley locking eyes. "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

Bronwyn and Alyssa's side of the wall transformed into an area of ruins. Walls and other miscellaneous debris blocked the girls' lines of sight. In the stands, Garrett and Scott watched. A blue flag with Bronwyn's face on it was tucked into the ropes entangling Scott, while Garrett didn't hold anyone's flag. Bronwyn gulped.

Bronwyn: I've never actually been in a showdown before, and I don't think Alyssa has done one either. They're really cool to watch, but kind of scary to do.

"Gong Yi Tampai!"
Alyssa whispered, "Falcon's Eye!" She looked around to find Bronwyn through the rubble. The camera cut to Bronwyn, who tiptoed around, making sure to hide behind pillars.
Garrett rested his arms against the banister of the stands. "This is gonna be the most boring showdown of all time."

On the other side, William and Bradley suddenly appeared on surfboards, nearly a quarter of a mile away from the shore. On the actual shore, the rest of the Chosen Ones spectated: Isadora, Hilda, and Albert, who were all dripping wet, Angelina, who continued to swat flies, and a semi-conscious K.C..
A small wave began to approach the boys as they shouted, "Gong Yi Tampai!"
They carefully stood up on their boards. Bradley asked, "You ever surfed before?"
William shook his head as Bradley faced the wave. "Good, me neither." They made it past the first wave with no issues. Angelina booed.

Angelina: This might be the stupidest showdown ever. Why would Bradley suggest a surfing competition if he can't even surf? (folds her arms in irritation) ... At least he looks good with his shirt off. Actually? This showdown can take as loooong as it has to.

The girls circled the ruins, with Alyssa carefully scanning the area. She focused on a wall in front of her and saw Bronwyn's figure on the opposite side. Scott's eyes widened and he leaned forward.
Alyssa crept around the wall and leaped toward Bronwyn. Bronwyn noticed and shrieked. "Lotus Twister!" She bent her torso away as Alyssa jumped right through where it originally was, then rolled away and started chasing Bronwyn.
Alyssa called out, "Wind!" She jumped above Bronwyn and intercepted her path. "It's over." She reached out to tag Bronwyn, who bent completely backward to avoid it. "Not yet!" Bronwyn escaped, moving backward like a slinky, and then stretched over a wall. "This Wu is so cool!"
Alyssa groaned and looked for a path around the wall.

The surfers saw a much bigger wave approach. "Uh oh," William said under his breath. "Anyone know what happens if two people lose a showdown at the same time?"
"Too bad we're not gonna find out," Bradley said, laying flat on the board and paddling to approach the wave. "Here we go!"
Bradley overcame the wave while William stood still. The wave crashed over him and everyone gasped. After the water settled again, William was seen laying flat on his board, clinging on to it for dear life. "I'm still here!"
Isadora waved her grey William flag from afar. Angelina frowned. "C'mon Bradley! Crush him!"
"I'm trying," Bradley yelled back.

Back with Bronwyn and Alyssa, Bronwyn had finally cleared her tracks of Alyssa, who continued to use the Falcon's Eye to try to find her. They were separated by a single wall, which they were both facing away from.
Alyssa slowly turned around with the Falcon's Eye in her hand. She backed away in a circle and stepped on a stick, but not before noticing Bronwyn's figure through the wall again. She made a silent fist-pump.
As she turned to run around the wall, she felt a poke behind her. "Aw, (bleep)." Bronwyn's arm had extended around the wall along the ground, snuck up behind her, and tapped her in the back. From behind the wall, Bronwyn shouted, "Sorry, you lose!"
The wall was restored, and Bronwyn stood victorious at the end of the wall with the Sphere of Yun, Lotus Twister, and Falcon's Eye in her hands.

Bronwyn: My first showdown! And I won! I won, I won, I won!!! (falls into the toilet) … I'm not even upset about that. I won!
Alyssa: I… am… screwed.

At the beach, an enormous wave approached the two Chosen Ones. William gulped. "Okay, there's no way I'm making this one. Wind!" He soared into the air above the wave.
"Hey, no fair!" Bradley whined.
William stuck his tongue out. "Only rule is that I can't fall off - I can still fly over it!"
Bradley pursed his lips and paddled toward the wave, bracing for impact. The wave began to crash and Bradley, in a panic, swam through the tube of it, toward William. As the tube began to collapse on top of him he grabbed on to his board.
The wave leveled out, and Bradley was seen still on his board. "Nice job!" William teased, making his descent back on to his board. Bradley clenched his jaw and swam to William's board. "Fist of Tebigong!" He used the Wu to smash William's board into pieces.
William's eyes widened as he fell into the sea. "No faaaaaaaaaaaair!"

Bradley: Does that count as playing dirty? I dunno man. He did it first. I guess that makes it fair, right?

After the confessional, Bradley was seen beaming on the wall with the Woozy Shooter, Fist of Tebigong, and Gills of Hamachi in his arms. "Dope." Angelina hooked her arm underneath his and walked him back down the wall. "That was so hot how you punched his board." K.C. stumbled behind them. "Y-yeah! Great job, Brian. You did sooooo goodly."
William washed ashore on his back, arriving next to Isadora who shrugged her shoulders.

William: I am such a goner.

The thirteen Chosen Ones reunited at the center of the wall. Chris freed Scott from the Tangle Web Comb and announced, "It looks like we have our winners - Bronwyn and Bradley have each won a showdown for the new Wu!" Alyssa and William looked away as the two winners held up the Sphere of Yun and the Woozy Shooter, respectively.
Chris continued, "Team Fire, you guys came back empty-handed, but lucky for you, you're safe tonight, since Team Wind managed to bomb two showdowns today."
William gasped and looked at Alyssa, who looked at Isadora, who shook her head and pointed back to William.
Chris cackled. "Yep. I'll be seeing Team Wind at the Banishment Ceremony again. This should be a fun vote, huh?"

Natalia: Our team just won three challenges in a row. Sucks to suck, everyone else!
Bronwyn: (still sitting inside of the toilet) I won a showdown!!!!
K.C.: (still dazed from the Thorn of Thunderbolt) Ya know? Who needs love? I's already gots plenty to worry about in this compet-comp-co… (closes his eyes) Competition!

In Team Fire's room, Mia, Albert, and Hilda chatted as they got ready to spectate the Banishment Ceremony.
"Who do you think will be sent home?" Hilda wondered, putting on her shoes.
Mia shrugged. "Could be any one of them. What do the stars say, Albert?"
Albert closed his eyes and concentrated. Hilda whispered to Mia, "Is he okay?"
Mia shushed her as Albert opened his eyes again. "It's a cloudy night. No one knows!"
"I'm sure it is," Mia smirked. Albert smiled at her.

Hilda: (tapping the glass) Hello? I am checking to see if this is working. Helloooooo?
Garrett: (from outside of the confessional) You don't need to check if it's on every time. It's always on. Can you hurry up in there?
Hilda: Okay. It is on. I do know that Albert and Mia are very good friends. What I do not know is if they are more than very good friends! I think this may be the case. What do you think, Garrett?
Garrett: (from outside of the confessional) I think you snuck a whiff of the Woozy Shooter haze, and I also think you need to hurry up so I can go about my business!

In the dining area, William sat at Team Wind's table beside Scott, with K.C. and Bradley across from them. All of them except William were eating ferociously.
"So, how do you feel going into tonight's elimination?" Scott asked, after noticing William's lack of appetite.
"I'm nervous!" William sighed. "I mean, I lost the showdown."
"Well, Alyssa lost one too," Bradley pointed out. "Plus, losing a showdown isn't a death sentence. Look at K.C., he's lost two and we still keep him around."
Scott laughed as K.C. glared at Bradley. "Aw, c'mon dude, it was just a joke," Bradley chided.
"I think the hardest part is voting for Alyssa or Isadora," William admitted. "Alyssa's been a pretty great captain this whole time, but she messed up big time. And Isadora's sweet and all, but she's not really the strongest player, y'know?"
Scott stood up and patted William on the back. "All I gotta say is, I'm glad I'm not making this decision tonight."

In Team Water's room, Natalia, Alyssa, and Angelina discussed the impending elimination as well. Natalia sat on a bed braiding Angelina's hair as she said, "Alright, so, what's the deal? Who are you voting off?"
Alyssa shook her head. "I don't know. I'm afraid they're going to vote me off since I haven't been the best leader."
Angelina said, "So you're just gonna sit here and wait to get voted off? Go talk to them! Change someone's mind! Play the game!"
"What do I even say?" Alyssa asked. "‘Oh, hey, sorry that I lost the showdown today and haven't kept us out of elimination these last two weeks. But vote for the other guy, okay?'"
"Girl. You're just asking to get voted off," Natalia warned. "If you're not gonna talk to anyone, you'd better start praying, burning some incense, lighting some candles…"
Angelina and Natalia laughed together as Alyssa folded her arms and left the room.

Alyssa: This is so hard. I like William and Isadora so much! I don't want to have to choose. And what if they both choose me?!

Isadora and Bronwyn were brushing their teeth together in the bathroom after dinner.
"Are you worried?" Bronwyn asked. "This is the first time a team of three's gone into elimination."
Isadora looked in the mirror. "I don't want to go home. I really tried my best today! That's all I can say."
Bronwyn nodded along. "And, you're the only person on your team who didn't lose a showdown."
The girls laughed together. Isadora added, "If I do go home tonight, I want to say thanks for listening and being a good friend."

Isadora: I never really worried about going home until today. I know I'm quiet, but I've been working just as hard as I deserve to be here too!

The Banishment Ceremony began, with Alyssa, Isadora, and William sitting side-by-side, holding hands. The other ten Chosen Ones sat anxiously in the peanut gallery off to the side.
"Welcome, Team Wind! Or, uh, Trio Wind," Chris corrected. "Soon to be Duo Wind. The three of you have cast your votes in the confessional. Two of you will get to move on after tonight, but for one of you, it'll be a long drop home. The Chosen One who does not have their name called out must remove their Belt of Life, walk down the Pathway of Shame, take the Drop of Shame, and never, ever, ever, ever, ever come back!"
Alyssa and Isadora looked at each other nervously.
"Now, the votes are in! The first Chosen One who will be moving on is……………………"
The camera panned along an anxious peanut gallery, which stopped at Angelina's blank expression.

Angelina: I'm gonna be totally honest, I really don't care who stays and who goes. None of them are gonna win anyway.

Scott, K.C., and Bradley let out a cheer as William exhaled.
"Now, the Chosen One joining him, and moving on to the next episode is……………………..."
The girls held hands even tighter, as William covered his face with his hands.
"......... Alyssa!"
The two girls looked at each other and hugged. Isadora stood up and silently waved to the peanut gallery, making a heart-shape with her hands toward Bronwyn, who returned it.
"Bye everybody! I had a lot of fun!" Isadora said, gripping on to the straps of the parachute for dear life as the Drop of Shame opened underneath her. "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………!"
William and Alyssa waved goodbye as Chris did the signoff. "We're halfway there you guys! Wind's down to two, Water and Earth are at three each, and Fire's going strong with four. What's gonna happen next week? Who will go in the next nail-biting elimination of the season?! Find out next time, only on Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

Chapter Fifteen: Lan-turning It Up a Notch


"Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our teams took a trip to China in search of two new Shen Gong Wu: the Sphere of Yun and the Woozy Shooter. We learned that K.C.'s feeling lovesick, and Bronwyn thinks it might be over her. Too bad she's crazy for Scott, huh? Team Wind thought they could hold their own without Wally and tried not to let what he said get to their heads… except it totally did. Team Wind tanked not just one, but two showdowns in the same week. Bronwyn and Bradley took home the spoils for Team Water and Team Earth, and Team Wind found themselves at elimination yet again. At one of the most suspenseful eliminations yet, we found ourselves saying goodbye to our resident shy girl, Isadora."
Chris leaned forward in his seat in the cockpit. "Half our Chosen Ones might be gone, but as of this week, the competition is just starting to really take off! Tune in for more action, more adventure, and more drama, only on this episode of Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

The Chosen Ones ate breakfast in the dining hall - the tables were now all pushed together to form one large table that the remaining twelve sat around.
"I enjoy this arrangement," Hilda said between bites. "Reminds me of my large family at home!"
"How big is your family exactly?" Albert asked.
Hilda set her fork down and counted on her fingers. "Hmmm. I have my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my other grandmother, my other grand--"
Albert interrupted her. "I mean, people you live with."
"Yes," Hilda blinked, confused. "My other grandfather, my three aunts, my two uncles, my four sisters, my four brothers, my seven cousins, my one niece, my two nephews…"
Albert, amazed, continued to listen intently as the camera panned past the two of them, past Mia - who was eating her breakfast off of the back of her spoon - and then to Natalia. She set her utensils down and cleared her throat. "So, I just want to make it clear to anyone who didn't know, but Team Water has nine Shen Gong Wu. We're like, the best. And you guys should all feel bad. This has been a PSA."
No one reacted immediately, except for Garrett, who scowled.

Garrett: My team has been coasting lately. We used to dominate this game and we're slowly falling behind. If anything, I just want to wipe that smugness off of Natalia's face before the teams merge.
Hilda: (still counting on her fingers) … four goats, two sheep, several chickens, a pig…

Next to Garrett, Alyssa and William poked at their breakfast with defeated expressions after Natalia's announcement.
Garrett noticed their demeanors. "And how many Wu does your team have? Or should we just call you a duo?"
"Two Wu," William answered after a pause.
"Tragic," Garrett snorted.

William: Alyssa and I aren't in the best position right now. We're outnumbered by every other team, we only have two Wu left, and we're on a losing streak. Plus, I know she feels really crappy about voting off Isadora.
Alyssa: (tugging at her hair) This game is stressing me out so much! I've never felt like this before!! I'm always so calm back home! What do I do?!?
Garrett: (cracking his knuckles) It's go time.

Garrett lowered his voice as he turned his body to Alyssa. "So, Alyssa, you want to take me up on that alliance offer?" He leaned forward a bit. "William, you're happy to join in on this too."
"Join what?" William said, looking up slightly.
Alyssa sighed deeply and looked at Garrett. "Okay, fine. I don't really have a choice anymore, do I?"
"I knew you'd come around," Garrett grinned. "Glad William could join us too."
"Join what?!" William nervously whispered. "Also, why are we whispering?"
Garrett turned away from them and Alyssa focused on her food again, leaving William even more confused.

Bradley, Angelina, Bronwyn, and Scott sat next to each other. Angelina took a bite out of Bradley's food.
"Something wrong with your food?" Bradley asked playfully.
"I don't know, you try it for me," Angelina said, using her fork to gather some food, and then placed it into his mouth.
He made eye contact with her while he pulled away from her fork and chewed the food. "Seems good to me."

Bradley: Okay, Angelina's hot. You know that. I know that. But she's kinda crazy, you know? Like, all strategic and stuff. So I don't know if she's flirting with me ‘cause she likes me, or if she's just trying to mess with my head.
Angelina: No, I don't like Bradley. He's easy on the eyes, but that's about it. I need an alliance partner that I know will back me up on all of my decisions, and a dopey skater boy like him is perfect for that.

Bronwyn and Scott sheepishly watched their exchange, eating their own food silently. This prompted Angelina to tease them. "What's wrong? You two don't have anything to be quiet about, especially not with your teammate over here talking about how great your team is." She pointed at Natalia.
"Don't really have much to say," Bronwyn said. She looked at Scott, who shrugged and added, "Same. Can't wait to get back to playing guitar."
"Oh, you were gonna teach me some new chords today!" Bronwyn remembered. "I just started getting a hang of barre chords."
Scott grinned. "I'm glad! Those took me forever. My fingers looked like prunes after a week of practicing them."
They laughed together as Angelina's eyes followed their conversation.

Angelina: Okay, gross, they actually like each other. It'll be easier to take them down together down the road, I guess. Once our mega alliance takes everyone else out, of course. Speaking of alliances, I haven't really seen K.C. anywhere today.

In Team Earth's room, K.C. lay face-down on his pillow. He turned around to lay on his back and jumped when he noticed the camera. "Ah, come on! Can't I get at least a few minutes to myself?"
The camera shook from side-to-side, to show the camerawoman signaling "no."
K.C. sat up against the wall and folded his arms. "Well, I don't want to have breakfast with everyone. It just sucks having to watch them be all obviously flirty with each other, you know?"
He stood up and paced around the room. "This game is hard enough as it is."
The camerawoman cleared her throat. "You know, we have a confessional for this."
K.C. turned to the camera. "But then I have to walk past the dining area! I can't take it!"
The camera switched off.

K.C.: (with a paper bag over his head) If I can't see them, it's not as bad.

Chris entered the dining area. "Welcome Chosen Ones! Today's weather forecast includes clear skies, slight northwestern winds, and a 100% chance of a new Shen Gong Wu revealing itself."
Albert grinned. "I like those odds!"
"Today's Shen Gong Wu is the Sun Chi Lantern - use of this Wu greatly increases your chi, temporarily increasing the strength of your elemental powers. And here's the best part - if more than one person uses the Wu at the same time, their chi is combined."
The Chosen Ones gave each other impressed glances.

Garrett: These Wu have been focusing a lot on our elements recently. I don't really need to use my fire powers, but I wonder… (looks at his hands)
Bradley: My element's Earth, and it's come in handy a few times, but I never really count on it that much, y'know? These Wu are cool enough as they are.
Albert: I love my abilities! I've been able to tame fires, withstand the cold… who knows what else I can do?!
Scott: Bronwyn and I have been getting the hang of our water powers. If we get that Wu… man, the things we could do together would be insane!
Alyssa: My wind abilities really do come in handy sometimes. At this point I think William and I are going to need all the help we can get.
K.C.: (sitting with his legs up against the door, still with a paper bag over his head) … so, yeah, I just don't really know if I'm gonna be able to handle all of that stuff while I'm trying to focus on the game.
Hilda: (still counting relatives) … a third-cousin-once-removed, a fourth-cousin-twice-removed, two lizards, the milkman....

Chris continued, "And we'll be landing in Hong Kong for the challenge…"
The D.O.J.O. bucked around and screeched to a halt. "... Now."
"But I'm not done eating!" William complained, hastily shoving food into his mouth.
"The food isn't that good, you know," Natalia muttered. Chef pressed a button from underneath his serving window and the floor of the dining area dropped, sending the Chosen Ones onto the ground below. K.C. was fished out of the confessional and tossed out soon after.
The Chosen Ones were stranded by the outskirts of a busy, densely-populated area by a beach. The sun was slowly beginning to set. Chris excitedly clapped his hands and turned his back to the beach, facing the contestants. "It's also time for the Chinese lantern festival! The Sun Chi Lantern is hiding somewhere in the festival grounds - maybe some booth is selling it, or some family is going to light it at the end of the night to fly away. It's up to you twelve to find it and bring it back. Do me a favor and don't destroy the festival like some of you did to the Great Wall." He glared at Bradley, and a flashback played showing Bradley using the Fist of Tebigong to punch a gap into the Great Wall of China to slow down the others. "Heh. Sorry."

The Chosen Ones entered the festival gates. Team Fire turned to each other, and Mia suggested, "Let's just all go our own way."
"Done and done," Garrett said, relieved. "I've had it pairing up with all of you." Hilda frowned.

Hilda: I do not think the team likes me very much. None of them want to be my partners in the challenges but I do a good job, I believe.
Mia: It's nothing personal. I just want to visit the vintage booths in peace.

The four members of Team Fire split ways. Team Earth noticed this, and Bradley spoke up. "I think we should do what they're doing, and split up."
"Is K.C. gonna be able to handle himself?" Angelina asked suspiciously.
K.C. looked at her, offended. "What is that supposed to mean?"
Angelina looked away and said, "I don't know! You've been super weird lately. I don't actually care, but whatever's going on better not mess you up in the challenge."
"You can come with me, bud. Let's talk it through," Bradley offered, patting him on the back. K.C. looked up and nodded. "Uh, okay, sure."

K.C.: I already talked to Bradley about it. He should know what's going on! What's up with him? Is he just being nice?

As Bradley and K.C. headed into the festival with their arms around each other's shoulders, K.C. took a quick glance behind him at Bronwyn and Scott. Bronwyn nervously turned to her team and suggested, "Everyone's splitting up. It's a big festival, but I think we're better working as a group."
"Fine by me," Natalia said, looking at her nails. "As long as we don't mess up our winning streak."
The three Water monks entered as Alyssa and William looked each other, nodded, and split ways.

Albert roamed through the festival, peeking into booths and stalls and maneuvering around families. "Excuse me!" he heard a voice say from behind him.
He turned around and noticed a flowing tent. A woman wearing a deep purple robe pointed at him and signaled him to follow her.
"Oh, I would love to," Albert began, "but--"
The sign next to her entrance caught his eye, which read "FORTUNE TELLER." He looked to his left and his right and quickly darted inside.
The fortuneteller drew a curtain over the tent entrance and motioned for Albert to sit at a table with a blanket over it. She sat across from him and removed the blanket to reveal a crystal ball.
Albert grinned as he saw his distorted face in the ball's reflection.
"What do you wish to know?" the fortuneteller asked, moving her hands around the crystal ball.
"I already know that I am destined for greatness," Albert began. "I was meant to win this competition, or at least come in second. What I do not know is, who will make it to the end with me?"
The fortuneteller inhaled slowly. She gripped the table between them at both sides and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Albert started getting nervous.

Albert: I don't like the way she's going about this. The gods don't need to do all of that drama to deliver a result! She's definitely a sham.

The fortuneteller exhaled and looked Albert in the eye. She said, "You will be joined by a young woman with a terrible future ahead of her, and a young man who will fall victim to her advances, ignoring a friend's cries for help in the process."
"That sounds very dark," Albert frowned, dismissing it. "Thanks, but no thanks. I choose my own destiny!" He exited the tent as the fortuneteller cackled to herself.

Nearby, Garrett was seen scanning booths for the Sun Chi Lantern. A crowd of onlookers clapped, which caught his attention. He turned his head and noticed a magic act going on at a nearby stage.
"Behold!" the magician beamed. He took off his large top hat and held it upside-down with one hand, and in his other hand, used a wand to tap the brim of it.
He flipped the top hat right-side-up again, and nothing fell out. Garrett chuckled to himself. "So stupid."
The top of the hat then sprung open and a flock of doves emerged from it. The audience gasped and broke into massive applause. Garrett squinted suspiciously.

Garrett: Magic isn't real. Like, not even a little bit. Sure, we've got these mystical toys that do some crazy stuff, and I can shoot fire out of my hands at will, but that stage magic stuff? Totally phony.

He pushed his way to the front of the stage as the magician pulled a deep purple shroud from a crate. Garrett folded his arms and watched as the magician positioned the shroud horizontally to his side, dropped it, and a white rabbit appeared behind it. The audience clapped once again, causing Garrett to reach into his robe for his Shen Gong Wu. "Manchurian Musca!"
He turned into a small housefly, zipping up and over the audience toward the magician. "Let's see how this phony really performs his tricks."
Garrett flew next to the magician to get a better look at his crate and the stage around him. The magician attempted to swat him away with his hand.
"Hey, watch it!" Garrett squeaked, flying in circles around the magician's top hat. The magician used his shroud to fan Garrett away. He flew out of control, landing on a cotton candy machine as he transformed back into a human. He took an unsatisfied bite out of a cone of cotton candy and flipped off the magician from afar.

Focus shifted to a section of the festival that was heavy on electronics, where Alyssa patrolled. She passed by a number of booths rife with TVs playing ads for cartoons, while the merchants at the booths sold merchandise for the programs.
She stopped and looked around, and said to herself, "Doesn't look like there's anything around here…"
About to head in the opposite direction, she stopped when one of the televisions in the booths caught her eye. A number of small, cute animals were shown playing with each other on the screen before the scene swapped showing them fighting each other by spitting flames, water, and green seeds from their mouths. Alyssa's face lit up.

Alyssa: Okay, Locket Monsters is my favorite game of all time. I loved playing it growing up! I don't really watch the anime based on it but like, I love that game!

She ran over to the booth to examine it, where she noticed two demo handheld consoles available for customers to use to battle each other.
A fairly young child, about nine years old, grabbed one console, and motioned for Alyssa to grab the other. She laughed, "No, it's okay, I'll let you play alone. I get really competitive when I play this."
"Play!" the child demanded, pointing to the other console. Alyssa was taken aback, and grabbed the console. "Alright, I warned you."
The menus started up and she scrolled through her monster options. "I don't recognize any of these… I haven't played since generation four."
She looked around the booth and noticed number of promotional posters for "Generation 8 - Coming This November!" The child impatiently tapped the back of her console, as he was done selecting.
"Okay, okay," Alyssa mumbled. "I guess I'll rep my own element… and go with a flying type."
The battle began and Alyssa grinned. Both of them selected attacks. A loud zapping effect was heard and Alyssa gasped as her monster was immediately knocked out. "B-but—"
The child looked at the line of customers waiting to try the demo behind her. "Next!"
Alyssa glared at the kid and slowly backed away from the booth. The kid stuck his tongue out at her and waved goodbye.

In the food section of the festival, Bradley skateboarded through and K.C. walked next to him.
"So, talk to me," Bradley prompted, as K.C. noticeably sulked alongside him. "What's up?"
K.C. groaned. "I already told you what's happening, Bradley. In the bathroom the other day. It's still driving me nuts. I can't stop thinking about it."
Bradley gave a quick shrug to the camera then turned back to K.C.. "Uh, yeah. Right. Just refresh me on the details, I guess? Who exactly is this whole thing about?"
K.C. sighed deeply and looked at the ground. "I'll tell you, but you have to promise to keep it a secret, okay? No one really knows about this."
"No problemo, dude," Bradley said, peeking into booths.
As K.C. opened his mouth to continue, Bradley grabbed his shoulder. "Wait! Bro! They have barbecue here! You hungry?" K.C. didn't get a chance to answer before Bradley made a beeline for the grill.
Bradley inhaled slowly and grinned. "I love barbecue, man. Steaks, ribs, sausage, you name it. What about you?"
K.C. nodded. "Yeah, same, but as I was saying—"
"What about sides?" Bradley asked. "Mac and cheese is the best. But baked beans are pretty dope too."

Bradley: I love grilling with my dad back home. Back when I messed up my ankle skating, I couldn't really walk on it much, so my dad introduced me to the world of cooking. It was awesome. I might not look it, but I can grill and assemble some mean burgers. If I win this competition, I'm gonna open up a half-skate park, half-grill cookout… area… thing. Still working out the details, but it's a million-dollar idea!

A chef noticed Bradley's enthusiasm and placed two samples of sliced sausage with toothpicks through them on a plate. He slid the plate to Bradley, who grinned and tried one.
K.C. cleared his throat. "Alright. So. This is about--"
"Dude, you need to try this," Bradley said, lifting the other sample to K.C.'s mouth. "It's got cheese! Inside of it! Insane!"
K.C. reluctantly ate the sample.

K.C.: I don't think Bradley actually cares about what's going on. Maybe I just need to talk to him when he isn't in front of a bunch of food. That was some good sausage, though.

On the other side of their booth, Hilda suddenly rushed in, with her nose guiding the way. "Food?"
She was smack in the middle of the food section of the festival, and stared in awe at the different booths and cuisines. A man with a plate of mini-hot dogs walked up to her. "Free sample!"
"For me?" Hilda asked. The man nodded, and she grabbed one and ate it. "Oh, thank you!" She attempted to grab another but the man stopped her. "Only one per person!"
He walked away and Hilda frowned.

Hilda: I cannot focus on the challenge with no food in my body! I can only enjoy the chef's food on the D.O.J.O. so much. I must get more free samples…

Hilda folded her arms in frustration. Her ring scratched the inside of her forearm, causing her wince. Her eyes then lit up. "Ring of the Nine Dragons!"
Instantly, she was divided into six copies of herself. A few pedestrians nearby gasped. The clones all looked at each other and pointed. One giggled, "You… are me!"
The six of them all howled in laughter, one of them even doubling over and collapsing into a fit of giggles. A different Hilda sniffed the air and gasped. "Food!"
The other Hildas snapped out of their laughing fit.
They all turned to face the man providing samples, who had his back turned to all of them. One Hilda approached him and poked the back of his head. He irritatedly turned around. "I told you, only one per person."
The other five Hildas rallied behind her, and the man fainted from shock. The Hilda who tapped him grabbed the tray of mini-hot dogs as it fell, and the six Hildas devoured the samples together. From the barbecue booth, K.C. noticed the commotion, squinted, then shook his head and looked away.

Team Water walked along the outer edge of the festival, closest to the beach, where crowds were beginning to flock in preparation to light their lanterns.
"Alright," Natalia said. "Someone here probably has it. The regular lanterns are made of paper, so the Sun Chi Lantern shouldn't be too hard to spot."
Bronwyn suggested, "Divide and conquer the beach?"
The team nodded in unison. As they were about to split up, a voice from a booth behind them boomed, "Hold on a second!"
They spun around and noticed a carnival-style booth with numerous teddy bears and other prizes scattered within it. A woman with a megaphone set it down and pointed at Scott. "Young man, why don't you try your hand at this game and win a lovely prize for your girlfriend?"
Bronwyn looked at him and blushed, then turned back to the woman. "Oh, we're not--"
"I know you aren't," the woman interrupted. "I said his girlfriend." She gestured to Natalia.
Natalia pointed to herself for clarification, then smiled sweetly. "Yeah, boyfriend, why don't you get me a nice, big teddy bear? It'd be really sweet of you!" She rested her head on Scott's shoulder and looked up at him, batting her eyelashes. Bronwyn's jaw was nearly on the floor.

Bronwyn: We are not doing this again! I thought Natalia had finally gotten the hint and moved on. Apparently not.

Scott gave her an annoyed look as the woman at the booth placed a baseball into his hands. "It's a simple game! Toss the ball to knock down the milk bottles. Knock down all six and you win the grand prize." She pointed to an enormous teddy bear in the back corner of the booth.
Gesturing to the beach, Scott began, "We really should get going--"
"I want that teddy bear!" Natalia demanded.

Natalia: What? The D.O.J.O.'s not comfy, like, at all. I want that teddy bear to sleep on. Plus, playing along is messing with Bronwyn so much. She's trying so hard to act like she doesn't care but she obviously does.

Bronwyn giggled maniacally. "Yeah. Go get that bear, Scott. You can do it!" She stared daggers at Natalia.
"Uh, alright," Scott said. "If you guys insist." He walked up to the booth and cocked his arm back, then tossed the ball at the milk bottles. He only managed to knock the top bottle cleanly off of the stack.
"Aw, too bad!" the woman at the booth said. "You can have one of these." She picked a squeaky toy out from a bag from behind the booth and gave it to Scott, who passed it to Natalia. "Uh, here you go."
Natalia rolled her eyes and chucked it into a nearby trash can. "Whatever, let's find this stupid Wu."

Angelina was already on the beach, weaving through pedestrians and lifting their lanterns to inspect them, and then tossing them back at them.
"This is such a dumb challenge," she muttered under her breath. She noticed William nearby doing something similar, albeit in a much nicer fashion.

Angelina: I am so in the mood to get into a showdown with William right now. I bet if he loses, he'll just get eliminated in the spot. It's not like they can just vote for each other!

She walked up to him. "Hey, Will." William gave her a confused glance. "Uh, hi." He returned to scanning the beachgoers for the lantern, with Angelina following closely behind.
"I was just wondering how you and Alyssa are doing," she asked, peering over his shoulder for the lantern as well.
"Oh, well, that's kind of you," William said. "We're a bit disheartened, I suppose, but we'll make a comeback!"
Angelina suppressed a laugh and said something under her breath.
"What was that?" William asked, turning around.
Angelina shook her head. "Nothing, just thought I saw the lantern."
After giving her a suspicious look, William said, "Alright, well, good luck finding it. I've combed through most of this side of the beach already. No one has it."
Groaning, Angelina pointed to the side she came from. "No one has it there either! How is anyone supposed to find this stupid lantern?"

The scene switched over to Mia, who was digging in a fabric box at a booth stocked with antiques.
She pulled out a roll of fabric and looked at the man in the booth. "Houndstooth? In this day and age?"
He paid no mind to her as she continued rummaging through the box.

Mia: I sew all of my own clothes, or shop at thrift stores. I'm not going to feed the pockets of Big Retail with my hard-earned weekly allowance.

Pulling out a roll of red tartan fabric, she attempted to lift the enormous roll above her head to the man at the register. "H-how much for two yards of this?"
The man's eyes widened as he ran over to her. "Be careful! You will ruin my mood lighting!"
It was too late, as Mia had toppled over and dropped the roll of fabric against the wall, which was lined with vintage wall mounts and lighting. A few bulbs shattered and other objects hanging on the wall and ceiling collapsed, along with most of the booth itself.
After the debris settled, Mia looked around and asked, "So… do you take American dollars here?"
The man was unconscious. Mia shrugged and began to cut out a few yards of fabric, when she noticed the Sun Chi Lantern sitting in the pile of ceiling lighting objects that collapsed. "Oh, of course it would be here."
Seconds later, Chris's helicopter flew over the festival, blaring a horn. "Chosen Ones! Come back to the D.O.J.O., the challenge is over!"

The twelve Chosen Ones stood outside of the D.O.J.O., which sat in perfect view of the beachside, where the festival-goers were getting ready to release their lanterns.
"Congrats to Mia, for finding the Sun Chi Lantern before anyone else," Chris announced. "And for knocking the owner of the booth you destroyed unconscious. Can't sue us if he's not awake."
Garrett, Albert, and Hilda cheered, as Chris delivered the next piece of news, "Actually, I wouldn't be so happy, Team Fire. That'll be the last time I say that, actually, since there are no more teams."
The Chosen Ones gasped. "That's right. Mia has won the first individual challenge, and the Sun Chi Lantern is hers to keep personally!"

Angelina: The merge is finally here! It's time for my alliance to go full steam ahead.
William: I can't say I'm going to miss being in teams. I don't really have much of a team anymore, and it'll be freeing to get to work with people who aren't Alyssa!
Scott: I'm so glad that the teams are dissolved. Don't get me wrong - love working with Bronwyn, but now I can buddy up more with people like K.C. and Bradley.
Mia: I won the first individual challenge? I'm glad, but I'm afraid I may have placed a target on my back. I guess I'll have to stand by whatever alliance I'm in with Garrett to stay safe.

Garrett suddenly asked Chris, "Wait a minute, what about the Wu we've gathered as a team? Who gets what?"
Chris assured, "We've reviewed the footage throughout the season and evenly divided your team's Shen Gong Wu based on what you've used the most, which ones you specifically were responsible for getting, and a bunch of other boring stuff. You'll find out your assignments back in your rooms. But here's the fun part!"
He snapped his fingers, and the robes around all of the Chosen Ones disappeared and transformed into navy blue bodysuits, with their elemental logos emblazoned on their chests.
"As a reward for making it this far, you've all been promoted to Apprentice level. This makes you more in touch with your element, and as we continue through the season, I expect you guys to rely less on your Wu and more on your elemental powers," Chris instructed.
"Not a lot of breathing room in these," Bradley complained, adjusting the fabric between his legs.
Chris ignored him. "I'll give you time to get used to your new powers."
As Chris walked away, Natalia asked, "What, no elimination monologue? Do we just vote for anyone then?"
Chris added, "Oh, right. No elimination tonight! Consider it a present for your promotions."

Alyssa: I'm so glad to finally get a breather between eliminations! I'll be honest, I wasn't convinced that I was going to make it if we had to vote someone off tonight…
Angelina: No elimination? Stupid. (leans into the confessional's camera) You're just delaying my inevitable win, Chris, you hear me?
Bronwyn: I'm kind of excited! I love using my Water powers, and now that they're even stronger, things should get a lot more interesting.
K.C.: Look, I don't even really use my Earth powers that much. I barely got used to them when I wasn't an Apprentice!

Albert gestured to a clearing by the beach. "Onward, Apprentices! Let's get experimental!"
"I'd use different phrasing," Garrett suggested.
The twelve of them distanced themselves from the lantern festival. William gestured to Mia. "Well, as our challenge winner, you get the honor of going first."
Mia turned to William and sarcastically said, "Thanks."
She stepped forward toward the water and inhaled deeply. She assumed a fighting stance, then bent her knees and jumped backward. "Judolette Flip, Fire!" Soaring backward into the air, a ball of fire surrounded Mia as she then propelled herself forward toward the water, shooting fireballs out with her fists. The Apprentices gasped in awe, when suddenly, Mia's focus broke and she plummeted back onto the sand. "Ow."
"That was awesome!" Bradley cheered. "My turn!"
He cracked his knuckles and faced away from the rest of the Apprentices. "Seismic Kick, Earth!" He stomped his right foot into the sand, causing a series of spikes to erupt in a line in front of him that followed the shoreline.
"That is so friggin' cool," he whispered to himself. Following Bradley was Natalia, who pushed Bronwyn and Scott out of the way as she ran to the water. She stood as the waves lapped at her ankles and closed her eyes. "Tornado Strike, Water!"
A tornado of water gathered underneath her, lifting and spinning her upward as she kept her arms horizontal with her palms facing out. Water spewed out of the tornado in concentrated bursts, soaking the Apprentices and knocking a few of them backward.
"Watch it!" Angelina complained, as Natalia made her descent back to the ground.
Finally, William grinned and took a running start away from the Apprentices, before leaping and shouting, "Typhoon Boom, Wind!"
He sailed into the air and looped back toward his competitors, then clapped his hands in front of him. A strong burst of air erupted from his hands that literally blew away the rest of the Apprentices, drying them all off in the process. "Uh, whoops."

As he made it back down to the ground, the eleven others painfully got back on their feet and congregated again. A montage of the Apprentices practicing their new elemental powers played. Albert and Mia synchronized their movements together, shooting a beautiful display of fireballs into the sky. Bronwyn and Scott swam into the sea together and created a small whirlpool that erupted into a shower of snow. Angelina practiced by making fissures in the shoreline with her stomps. Finally, Alyssa and William flew up into the air and circled each other, playfully blowing the other away with gusts of wind.
The twelve of them eventually sat in a circle around a campfire that Albert and Hilda improvised.
"So," Bradley began, "how's everyone feeling?"
William looked at his own hands, still in awe. "Stronger."
"Exhausted," Angelina groaned. "Can we get back to the D.O.J.O.?"
"For once, I think Angelina has a point," Garrett said. "Let's get out of here. Besides, I want to know what Wu are mine."

Garrett: I better not have gotten stuck with any of the lame Wu. If Chris gave me something like the Ring of the Nine Dragons, I'm quitting. (pauses) I'm not actually quitting, duh. I'm here to win.

The Apprentices all perked up as Garrett refreshed their memories of that detail and rushed into the D.O.J.O. and into the dining area, where notecards with the Apprentices' names were placed on the large central table.
Natalia rushed over and grabbed her card. "‘Natalia: Apprentice of Water.' Wow, so official. ‘Shroud of Shadows, Silk Spitter, Sphere of Yun'... I can get behind that."
"Ruby of Ramses and the Woozy Shooter," Angelina said, shrugging. "Sounds good to me."
Garrett snatched his card and read it. "Tangle Web Comb and the Manchurian Musca? Agh, come on!"
The rest of the Apprentices all shared and compared cards, except for William who attempted to sneak back to his room. Albert noticed him and ran over to him. "Hey! What did you get? My Wu are the Ju-Ju Flytrap and the Thorn of Thunderbolt."
William sheepishly looked at him. "Uh, I have the Ants in the Pants."
"And…?" Albert urged.
"That's it," William admitted.
"Oh," Albert said, embarrassed. "Uh. Well. Good night!"

William: Team Wind only ended with two Wu! Not my fault. (flashbacks show William losing his first showdown to Scott in the third episode, and then losing a showdown to Bradley in the previous episode)

As the commotion in the dining area continued, the camera zoomed out of a window and focused on Chris in the foreground outside of the D.O.J.O.. "And with that, our Chosen Ones have been promoted to Apprentices. We've still got twelve of ‘em, but don't worry, it won't be long until another one takes a dreaded Drop of Shame. With the teams merged, who will stay grounded, and who will fly away into the sunset?" He motioned to the beach, where the lanterns were being released into the sky. "The second half of the competition has begun, and you don't want to miss a single second of it! Tune in next week for another wild episode of Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

Chapter Sixteen: The Yin-Yang Theory


The D.O.J.O. zoomed through the sky and made a zig-zag in the air as the camera focused on Chris walking past a hot tub in his quarters. "Last time on Total Drama Showdown - our Chosen Ones traveled to Hong Kong in search of our next Shen Gong Wu, the Sun Chi Lantern. Looking through the festival turned out to be harder than expected, since every single one of ‘em got distracted by something in there. K.C.'s about this close to losing his marbles over his not-so-mystery crush. Seriously, do we need a therapist on board for this guy? Sheesh. In the end, Mia found the Wu and won the challenge for Team Fire. Scratch that, she won the challenge for herself, because there are no more teams! The final twelve have been promoted to Apprentices and divvied the Wu evenly among their team members. It's a free-for-all, and you won't want to miss a second of this week's episode. Kick back, relax, and enjoy our first official merge episode of Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

It was early morning, and shots of the final twelve Apprentices sleeping were shown one after the other. First Alyssa was shown, curled up in her bed, with her pillow covering her ears.
Evidently, the teams had rearranged rooms, as Alyssa was no longer sleeping in the same room as her former teammate William, but instead slept with Mia and Hilda. The former was sound asleep in the bed beside Alyssa, with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet on her pillow, for unknown reasons. Hilda was in the bed to the other side of Alyssa, snoring as loudly as humanly possible.
Alyssa sat up in bed, eyes bloodshot, and glared at Hilda. She threw her pillow on top of Hilda which managed to interrupt the snoring. Alyssa heaved a sigh of relief as she slunk back into bed. A few seconds later, the snoring resumed, louder than before. Alyssa screamed into her pillow.

Alyssa: (with her eyes completely red) I cannot believe Hilda's been snoring this loud for this long. It's a miracle I hadn't heard her through the walls. I'll have to talk to her when she wakes up… if she wakes up. (curls up against the sink in the confessional)
Mia: (pulling out her earplugs) I guess I should have warned Alyssa about it, but she kept trying to tell me to sleep in the "right" direction last night. What she meant was, the "conventional" direction. No thank you!

Exiting that room, the camera focused on what was previously Team Fire's room. William, who slept with his legs up against the wall at a right-angle. His right leg slowly slid off to the side, and he fell over onto his side, still asleep.
Beside his bed, Garrett slept completely still on his back. His blanket lay completely flat across his chest, and he breathed completely evenly with his arms at his sides. Albert, who was awake early, stared at Garrett in confusion.

Albert: Working with Garrett all season, I've noticed he's a bit… stiff. I don't just mean his personality, I mean, his body literally seems inflexible. I know the universe always has a plan for us, but that doesn't mean you can't let loose a bit!

The rest of the girls now lived in Team Water's old room. Angelina was asleep with her right leg dangling off of the bed and her blanket twisted and wrapped around her body. Her hair covered half of her face as she lightly snored with her mouth wide open.
Natalia's hair was up in a sleeping cap as she curled up silently. Across from her, Bronwyn slept in a similar fashion to Angelina, except she rolled and fell off of her bed.
She jumped up and looked around to make sure no one had woken up and seen her, then yawned and crawled back into bed.

Bronwyn: I'm not exactly thrilled to be in an alliance with Natalia, but I think we're at a truce of sorts. Plus, now I get to work with Scott a lot more. It also means I'm near K.C. more, which is awkward… I'm pretty sure he has a thing for me. I don't know where it came from! I think I've spoken to him, like, three times.

Finally, in Team Earth's former room, the remaining guys were seen as the sun began to creep through the windows. Scott slept on his side, with his arm tucked around his pillow. His guitar rested against the foot of his bed.
Next to him, K.C. began to wake up. He kicked away his blanket and turned to his side to sit up, with his arm propping his head up. He stared at Scott intensely for a few moments, before sighing and fully sitting on the edge of his bed.
"What was that?" Bradley asked, yawning.
K.C. jumped a bit. "Oh! You're awake. Good morning."
Bradley got up from his bed and walked to K.C.. "Why were you looking at Scott like that, dude? Kinda creepy."
"Oh, was it? Sorry," K.C. mumbled. "I guess I just kinda zoned out. Still not fully awake, you know?"
Bradley narrowed his eyes as he sat down next to K.C.. "You sure? I know you've been feeling kinda weird lately."
K.C.'s eyes widened as Bradley persisted.

K.C.: Alright, I guess Bradley does care, he's just had a weird way of showing it. (sighs) Here we go.

"So," K.C. began, "you know how I've been feeling weird lately?"
Bradley nodded and motioned for K.C. to continue. K.C. turned around to make sure Scott was still asleep, then let his voice drop to a whisper. "I have a crush."
"On Bronwyn, right?" Bradley whispered excitedly. "I figured, man. You're always acting weird when those two are together."
"W-well," K.C. stammered, turning around again, "you're half-right. I'm weird around them because I have a crush, but it's not on Bronwyn…"
Bradley furrowed his brows for a moment, and then his expression softened. "... Ohhhhhhhhhh." He wrapped his arm around K.C.. "I see, buddy. That's rough."

K.C.: This is probably the worst timing ever in someone's life to realize this, but I think I might like girls and guys. I've always sort of thought that was the case, but when I met Julie here, I figured, nah, I just like girls. Then she turned out to be pretty rotten, and Scott's just so nice, you know? (rubs his index finger nervously) Aw, man, I can't believe I'm saying this out loud.

K.C. checked to see if Scott was asleep one more time, then whispered to Bradley, "Okay, but, you can't tell anyone. I mean it. I'll tell people when I'm ready. Promise?"
"Your secret's safe with me," Bradley assured, pulling in K.C. for a hug. Scott began to stir in his bed and the two quickly left to the bathroom.

Bradley: So that's what he's been so worked up about! I'm glad he trusted me enough to tell me. Some of my bros I skate with back home have been in the same boat as him. Except, you know, they weren't telling the world through national television…

The Apprentices were now all awake, and bustling throughout the D.O.J.O.. In the dining area, Alyssa sat half-asleep at the table with her food in front of her. She used the Sword of the Storm to scratch her back, then rested her head on the table.
Garrett sat down next to her. "Someone's in a great mood today."
Alyssa mumbled something and turned away from him. He leaned in toward her and whispered, "Look. We need to talk strategy. The game is split between our Fire and Wind alliance, and the other ‘secret' alliance between the Water and Earth Apprentices."
Alyssa slowly turned toward him and sighed. "Fine. What do we need to talk about?"
"We need another vote from the other side," he instructed. "I don't know anyone else well enough to convince them, but you're close with Bronwyn."
"Sure," she yawned. "So what am I doing? Telling Bronwyn to ditch her alliance?"
He began to stand up and walk to the serving window. "Whatever you need to secure her vote is fine by me."
Alyssa went back to sleep, face-first into her bowl of food.

Garrett: Now that the teams are merged, this is no time to get comfortable. If anything, I need to be more vigilant than ever to make sure the other alliance isn't trying anything funny.

In the bathroom, K.C. and Bradley were seen brushing their teeth together, when Scott entered.
"What's up?" Bradley said, waving to Scott through the mirror.
Scott yawned and waved back at him, walking behind the two of them as he made his way to a shower stall. He placed his arm on K.C.'s shoulder as a greeting and kept walking. K.C. choked on his toothbrush and spat it out into the sink, then quickly rinsed out his mouth as a nearly-zombified Scott entered the shower.
"Uh, dude, are you okay?" Bradley laughed, as K.C. spat the water back out into the sink.
"No, did you see that?!" K.C. whispered excitedly.
Bradley looked at him strangely. "See what? He just grabbed your shoulder for a sec."
"I mean, he's never done that before," K.C. mumbled.
"I think you might be looking into this too much," Bradley chuckled. "C'mon, let's get breakfast before the D.O.J.O. starts nosediving or somethin'."
Bradley exited the shower as K.C. stared at himself in the mirror, and massaged the spot on his shoulder where Scott put his hand. "You coming?" Bradley called, and K.C. scurried out. "Coming!"

K.C.: I miiiiight be reading too much into things, but I can't help it! I'm so excited that I have someone I can finally talk to about this.

The boys entered the dining area, followed by Hilda and Mia. The former ran to the serving window. "Hellooooo! Good morning, Chef Hatchet. I would like some breakfast."
Chef placed a bowl in front of her, then popped open a can with an unknown substance. He placed the can upside-down over the bowl to pour out the contents, but nothing came out. He angrily tapped the side of the can a few times as a congealed, yellow substance slowly slid out of it, retaining the shape of the can. It plopped into Hilda's bowl.
She clapped excitedly and took the bowl back to the main table. "I wonder what today's meal is! It is always a surprise to my mouth."
Mia was about to get her own bowl of food, but then looked at Hilda's and decided to just sit down. "... I'll pass on breakfast today."
Alyssa's eyes opened slightly as she noticed Hilda shoveling her breakfast into her mouth. Alyssa croaked, "Hilda…"
"Yes?" Hilda managed to get out, with her mouth completely full.
"Why do you snore so loudly?" Alyssa groaned.
Hilda burped and then replied, "I do not know to what you are referring! My family has always told me that I sleep very quietly, like a mouse."
Alyssa didn't have the energy to reply and sank back into her bowl of food.

Hilda: I am afraid that I have… what is the phrase… "gotten on the wrong leg" with Alyssa. Is that how it is said? I am unsure.

The D.O.J.O. began to experience intense turbulence, knocking Alyssa out of her seat. Angelina and Natalia were seen flying across the hallway outside of the dining area. Bradley fell backward and dropped his skateboard, which K.C. then collapsed on. He and the board began speeding into the opposite wall.
Mia frowned and gripped the lip of the table as the rest of her body shook with the D.O.J.O.. "Nothing surprises me about this anymore."

William: (opens his mouth to say something, but the D.O.J.O. completely flips over and drops him to the ceiling, with the toilet water falling on top of him right after) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--"

Chris, barely attempting to hide his panic, announced over the intercom, "Hey Apprentices, we'll, uh, be landing in Rome pretty soon for our next Shen Gong Wu..." A loud screeching sound emerged from within the underbelly of the D.O.J.O.. "Grab on to something and hope we make it in one piece!"
A shot from outside showed the D.O.J.O. narrowly missing the Colosseum, and roughly landing into a farming area west of it. The D.O.J.O. skidded along the farm toward a cliff and then plummeted down that cliff, landing on a beach.
The camera flashed to show the twelve bruised Apprentices outside of the D.O.J.O. standing across from Chris, who scratched the back of his head. "Huh. Well. Looks like Chef has a long day of repairs ahead of him. Anywho, welcome to Rome, Italy!"
He gestured behind him, but then looked and realized the only thing behind him was a cliffside. "Great."
"Oh, darn, no challenge today," Alyssa said, yawning. "Back to sleep, everyone."
"Nuh-uh," Chris said, shaking his head. "We've got Wu to find, two in fact." He took out his laser pointer and shone it on the cliffside behind him. "The Yin Yo-Yo and the Yang Yo-Yo are brother and sister Shen Gong Wu that act as portals to the mysterious Yin-Yang World, which is a pretty wild parallel universe. You can use either Wu by themselves to get into the Yin-Yang World, but once you come back to the real world, everything about you will take a complete 180 if you don't use both Wu. A good person will return evil, and vice versa."
Bradley scratched his head. "So, like, if you went in there, you'd come back all nice and stuff?"
Chris put his hand over his heart. "That's the nicest thing you've said to me, Bradley. And, that's correct. You'll have to go back into the Yin-Yang World and come back to reset yourself."
"What are we ever going to use these for?" Angelina asked impatiently.
"It's useful for teleporting short distances!" Chris explained. "The portal to the Yin-Yang World isn't static; it'll take you places. Assuming you can navigate the insanity that is the Yin-Yang World. These two Wu are located in the Colosseum… which is up and over the cliff we just fell down."
The Apprentices groaned.

Angelina: These Wu are getting stupider and stupider as we go on. Why can't there be a Shen Gong Wu that does my hair for me?
William: I don't have much use for it, but it'd be nice if a few of my less-approachable peers took a trip in there with just one Yo-Yo.
Bronwyn: A challenge is a challenge, and I'm definitely going to do my best to win. Maybe if I get one of the yo-yos, I can toss Natalia in there.

Albert pumped his fists in the air. "Onward to the yo-yos!" He charged toward the cliffside, but Chris grabbed his arm. "Not so fast! In the spirit of these twin Shen Gong Wu, I've decided to throw in a little twist. You'll have to retrieve these Wu as usual, but you'll have to do it in pairs. Pick someone you really like, because…"
He pulled out a suitcase and popped it open, revealing six sets of handcuffs. "You'll be getting real close today."
The Apprentices all looked at each other warily. Bronwyn looked at Scott, who nodded back at her. Angelina linked arms with Bradley, while Albert turned around and waved to Mia. They engaged in their secret dance routine handshake to confirm.
Hilda noticed and folded her arms. "Please teach me the dance!"
While jumping into a split, Mia snapped, "It's a secret!"
William approached Alyssa. "Wind reunion?"
A sleepy Alyssa yawned, and before she could reply, was pulled back by Garrett. "We're pairing up for this."
"Huh? Sure," Alyssa sighed. "Let's do it."
William frowned and looked around at the remaining contestants, which were Natalia, K.C., and Hilda. Natalia also noticed that her options were dwindling and ran next to K.C.. "He's mine!"

K.C.: Natalia is definitely a strong player, I just wish I could've worked with Bradley, or even better, Scott. I'm sure everything will be alright, though.

William reluctantly approached Hilda, who was doing her best to replicate Mia and Albert's dancing. "I suppose we're together, Hilda."
"Hmm?" she absentmindedly mumbled, then turned to William. "Ah, we are partners? This will be a fantastic time!" She hugged William tightly.
Chris confirmed, "Alright! We've got Albert and Mia, Alyssa and Garrett, Hilda and William, Angelina and Bradley, K.C. and Natalia, and Bronwyn and Scott." He walked to each pair and handcuffed them as he continued his instructions. "You need to remain handcuffed for the entirety of the challenge. No getting out of this! Remember, the Yo-Yos are somewhere in the Roman Colosseum, at the top of this cliff! The pair that wins the Yo-Yos wins a Yo-Yo each, and immunity from tonight's elimination." He tightened the cuffs on the last pair of Apprentices. "On your marks, get set, go!"

Bronwyn and Scott managed to get an early lead, reaching the cliffside first. "Lucky for us, we have an advantage," Scott said, looking at his feet. "Jetbootsu!" He used the anti-gravity boots to walk sideways along the cliff.
"Uh, problem," Bronwyn said, as he began to hoist her up by the handcuffs.
"Aw, crap," Scott mumbled. "I guess we just have to scale it."
The two of them began to make their way up the cliff. Alyssa and Garrett followed closely behind them. Garrett scaled the wall faster than Alyssa, who complained, "Can you slow down a bit?"
"It's a race," Garrett said, looking down at Alyssa. "Maybe you should speed up a bit."
"I'd be moving faster if your old teammate let me get any sleep," Alyssa said, looking behind her at Hilda, who was literally dragging William along with her as she sprinted to the cliff.

William: Hilda is like a misplaced pedal tone in the middle of a gorgeous concerto. She means well, and under the right conditions would be a great contribution, but 90% of the time, is just a source of chaos.

Angelina and Bradley reached the cliff next, and noticed Garrett and Alyssa directly in front of them.

Angelina: It's no secret that Garrett has some sort of Fire and Wind alliance going on, but unfortunately for him, the people in my alliance are actually strong players. Except for K.C., I don't really care about him, but numbers are power, people! Garrett needs to go down.

"Ruby of Ramses!" Angelina aimed the Ruby at Garrett and Alyssa and tossed them off the cliff. "Whoopsies!"
"What the heeeeeeeeeck?!" Alyssa cried out as the two fell into the sand.
Angelina and Bradley began their ascent, gaining on Bronwyn and Scott. Albert and Mia were the next to reach the cliffside. Albert admitted, "I'm not the best at climbing."
"Don't worry," Mia said, "I have an idea." She grabbed his free hand and placed it on hers. "Sun Chi Lantern!" The Wu glowed red and the two Apprentices gasped. They grinned and at the same time yelled, "Fire!" Flames shot out of their hands, which were aimed down at the sand. The flames propelled them into the air and up to the top of the cliff, and the heat melted the sand below them, turning it into glass.
Bronwyn and Scott gasped as the two fire Apprentices reached the top of the cliff and looked back down it in awe. "Yo-yos, here we come!" Albert grinned, sprinting across the grassland toward the Colosseum with Mia. K.C. and Natalia witnessed the entire ascent, and Natalia groaned.

Natalia: I'm stuck with K.C. and we're almost dead last already. I need to think of something fast, because I am not losing this challenge, especially not to those two.

She noticed a windmill at the top of the cliff and her eyes widened. "I have an idea." Digging through K.C.'s robe, she pulled out the Glove of Jisaku. "Hang on tight."
"What are you--" K.C. was cut off by Natalia aiming the Glove at the windmill. "Glove of Jisaku!"
A magnet protruded out from the Glove and was immediately attracted to the enormous windmill, sending the two of them skyrocketing over the cliff. Natalia retracted the magnet as they approached the windmill, and their momentum sent them in an arc past the windmill and into the grasslands with Albert and Mia.
They rolled in the grass together and Natalia jumped up first. "Hah! Let's keep moving." She strung K.C. along as she attempted to catch up.

Garrett and Alyssa reached the cliffside again as William and Hilda began their climb. "How are we supposed to catch up to everyone else now?" Alyssa asked. "Do you have any useful Wu?"
Garrett scoffed. "No, I got stuck with my team's lamest Wu."
Alyssa pursed her lips. "I have an idea, but you need to trust me."
"What is it?" Garrett asked.
Alyssa stuttered, "Uh, well, I don't really know how to put it into words, just trust me."
"I don't trust you."
"Trust me!"
"No! What's the plan?"
"Oh my gosh, just do it."
"Will you please tell me what you're going to--"
"Typhoon Boom, Wind!"
A burst of wind sent the two flying up the cliff, and Garrett screamed out of fear and surprise. He gathered his bearings and noticed the windmill at the top of the cliff. "Tangle Web Comb!" The hairs of the comb wrapped around one of the windmill's rotor blades and the two swung to the grassy area at the top of the cliff.
Once they landed, Garrett breathed heavily and looked at Alyssa. "Do not do that again."
"It worked, didn't it?" Alyssa laughed, pulling on the handcuffs to urge Garrett forward.

Garrett: I don't like surprises. Even if it's a so-called "good" surprise, I don't like them. I rely on predictability and patterns to get what I want and I don't need any curveballs thrown my way! It's not productive.
Alyssa: Take it from me Garrett is far from the easiest person to work with. He'd be a lot more fun if he just loosened up a bit. Sure, this is a competition, but we're also travelling the world with our amazing powers! Live a little!

Angelina noticed the pair soar to the top of the cliff. She and Bradley were approaching the top of the cliff, just behind Bronwyn and Scott.
"They're getting away!" Angelina gasped. "Do something!"
Bradley shrugged and pulled the Fist of Tebigong out of his robe. "I dunno, let's try this. Fist of Tebigong!" As he pulled his arm back to punch the cliff, Hilda, who was climbing below them with William, noticed what he was about to do. "Third-Arm Sash!" The sash extended from her waist and wrapped around Bradley's wrist, yanking backward to prevent him from punching the cliffside. It also managed to pull Bradley and Angelina off of the cliff entirely, sending them plummeting into the sand.
Hilda gasped and covered her mouth with her free hand. "I did not mean to do such a thing! I apologize!"
"You are so deeeeeeeeeeeead!" Angelina yelled as she fell past her.
"If you're dead, since I'm handcuffed to you, that means I'm also dead," William pointed out, "so please don't let that happen."

Albert and Mia maintained their lead in first place. Natalia and K.C. were not far behind them in second, and Alyssa and Garrett held third. In fourth, Bronwyn and Scott finally reached the top of the cliff. William and Hilda were close behind, and Angelina and Bradley attempted to catch up in last place.
"Alright, now we can use these," Scott grinned. Bronwyn hopped on his back as Scott zoomed through the grass on the Jetbootsu, quickly gaining on Alyssa and Garrett.
"Not so fast!" a female voice yelled. Alyssa, Garrett, Bronwyn, and Scott looked behind them in confusion, as the female voice was joined by a male voice. "Seismic Kick, Earth!" Suddenly, Angelina and Bradley were seen soaring above the cliff, landing right behind Bronwyn and Scott. "We're not going down without a fight!" Angelina declared. "Woozy Shooter!"
Garrett and Alyssa zoomed ahead as the purple haze of the Woozy Shooter engulfed Bronwyn and Scott. They fell off of the Jetbootsu and rolled around in the grass together, laughing hysterically. Bronwyn crawled over to Scott and gently tapped his nose with her index finger. "Boop!"
Scott wheezed out a laugh and clapped excitedly. "You're so funny!"
The two fell behind as they continued to play in the grass while Angelina and Bradley attempted to catch up to Garrett and Alyssa.

Angelina: Garrett needs to go down. My plan is to end up in a showdown with him and take back my Tangle Web Comb, and show that his alliance is clearly weaker than mine. Everyone in his alliance will get afraid, turn on him, and he's gone!

Angelina took aim at Garrett and Alyssa with the Ruby of Ramses once again, struggling with her precision as she ran alongside Bradley.
William and Hilda reached the top of the cliff and ran past Bronwyn and Scott, still in loopy states. Hilda scratched her head for a moment. "I do not think they are normally like this."
"Come roll with us!" Bronwyn giggled, thrashing around in the grass. Scott had a mouthful of dirt and smiled at William, who shook his head. "No time to worry about these two, we're so far behind! Ants in the Pants!"
A colony of ants emerged from the Wu, and caught up to Angelina, Bradley, Garrett, and Alyssa. The four of them stopped in their tracks and dropped to the floor, scratching themselves. "I hate that Wu so much!" Angelina cried, rolling around.

Meanwhile, Albert and Mia reached the Colosseum first. They ran into the arena, which was empty, aside from a large Roman statue in the center. "Do you see the yo-yos anywhere?" Mia asked, peering into the stands.
Albert shook his head. "No sign of them."
Behind them, K.C.'s voice was heard yelling, "Incoming!" He and Natalia had placed themselves inside of the Sphere of Yun and were rolling their way into the Colosseum. Albert and Mia attempted to jump out of the way in opposite directions, but their handcuffs pulled them back together and dropped them right in the path of the Sphere. They rolled along with the Sphere into the central statue. The top of the statue cracked slightly and revealed the Yin and Yang Yo-Yos.
"Sphere of Yun!" Natalia called, freeing herself and K.C.. Albert and Mia ended up flattened at the top of the Sphere, causing them to fall on top of Natalia and K.C.. The impact of the fall shook the statue, and the yo-yos fell off the statue on top of the pile of four Apprentices.
The yo-yos glowed, and they all looked at each other.
"It's a… four-way Xiaolin Showdown?" K.C. asked, confused. He looked into the stands, where Chris was sitting.
He pulled out a rulebook. "Wait! Gimme a sec…" Chris flipped through a few pages. "Aha! It's called a Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami. Two versus two, everyone wagers one Wu."
The four Apprentices stood up and dusted themselves off. Natalia declared, "Fine! We'll wager my Shroud of Shadows and K.C.'s Glove of Jisaku against your Star Hanabi and Thorn of Thunderbolt."
Albert nodded. "The game is a two-on-two chariot circuit. The first team to complete three laps wins."
The rest of the Apprentices made it to the entrance of the Colosseum, with Hilda carrying Scott and Bronwyn over both of her shoulders. Garrett groaned. "We missed it, great."
"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The Colosseum grew in size, as the statue in the center cloned itself into statues of the four participating Apprentices. The statues faced the four cardinal directions and sat in the center of the arena. The pairs had their handcuffs removed and appeared in two chariots at the starting line.
In the audience, the remaining eight Apprentices sat watching with Chris, except for Bronwyn and Scott who were seen leaning against each other, slowly sliding off of their chairs.
Albert excitedly looked around as he stood next to Mia in his chariot.

Albert: This is my first showdown! I never got to be in one when we were in teams, and I get to be in the first four-way showdown!

"Gong Yi Tampai!" the four of them announced, as the chariots took off.
They were neck-and-neck. Albert took aim at his opponents. "Thorn of Thunderbolt!" A ray of lightning shot out toward Natalia and K.C., who quickly ducked out of the way.
"Oh, we're playing like that, huh?" Natalia scowled. "Fine! Shroud of Shadows!"
She wrapped the Shroud around the entirety of her and K.C.'s chariot. In the audience, Angelina leaned in. "This is gonna be good."
Albert sent another barrage of lightning toward where the other chariot previously was, but didn't hit anything. He frowned and faced ahead, when suddenly both he and Mia jerked forward.
Natalia removed the Shroud and revealed that their chariot repositioned behind Albert and Mia's, and rammed into the back of them repeatedly.
"I don't think our insurance covers this," K.C. joked. Natalia attempted to swerve back around the other chariot, but lost control and ran into the wall of the arena.
Albert and Mia, with a damaged chariot, lost speed but continued forward.

In the stands, Hilda cheered for them. "Yes, Albert and Mia! You will be victorious!"
Next to her, Bradley whooped loudly. "C'mon, K.C.!" He lightly nudged Angelina to convince her to cheer as well. She gave him a look of disbelief and half-heartedly waved a beige flag with K.C.'s face on it.
"That should've been us in that showdown," Garrett mumbled to Alyssa, who was watching intently. She shook her head. "It's fine, don't worry about it. Just be happy for your teammates."
"They aren't my teammates anymore," Garrett corrected.
Alyssa gestured in front of her. "Well, Hilda seems excited for them."
Hilda stuck two red flags in her pigtails, one with Albert's face on it and one with Mia's face on it. She clapped excitedly and jumped up and down.

Hilda: I am very joyous that my friends are competing! I wish for the chance to compete in a showdown myself, but I am happy for them nonetheless!

Albert and Mia completed their first lap as Natalia and K.C. caught up. The former two had lost speed due to the damage to their chariot, and were losing their lead on the other pair.
Mia looked behind her and noticed Natalia and K.C. gaining on them. Her face twisted for a second, and she aimed behind her. "Star Hanabi, Fire!"
A burst of flames erupted from the Wu, causing K.C. to swerve the chariot away. The chariot began to tip over, but Natalia and K.C. ran to the other end of the chariot to tip it back right-side up. Natalia clenched her jaw. "I am not losing this. Don't you have like, earth powers you can use?"
K.C. blinked. "Oh, yeah, let's try that." He sat over the edge of their chariot, with his feet dangling over the ground of the arena, as Natalia steered the chariot to get closer to Albert and Mia. He breathed in deeply, then yelled, "Seismic Kick, Earth!"
He stomped on the ground below him with one foot, causing a fissure in the ground in front of them. Natalia guided the chariot to one side of the fissure while one of the wheels on Albert and Mia's chariot fell into it, rendering them immobile.
"Yes!" Natalia cheered as they took the lead, and completed their second lap.

Natalia: I don't know if showdowns have "rules" or whatever, but I'm just trying to win. I can't do anything useful without my cool Wu! Plus, I want that Star Hanabi.

Mia and Albert hopped out of the chariot to remove it from the fissure, but nothing seemed to work. They nervously watched Natalia and K.C. working on their third lap.
"What are we gonna do?!" Albert asked.
Mia gasped. "I have an idea." She grabbed the Thorn of Thunderbolt from Albert and waited until Natalia and K.C. reached them. "Thorn of Thunderbolt, Fire!"
A helix of thunder and fire hit the helm of Natalia and K.C.'s chariot, sending them severely off-course. They crashed into the wall again and their chariot was nearly in shambles. "Hah! Now…" Albert and Mia hopped back on to their chariot as Mia aimed behind her. "Star Hanabi, Fire!" The flames propelled the chariot forward much faster than their initial speed, and the two sped around the arena, completing their second lap and nearly finishing their third.
K.C. and Natalia watched helplessly as Albert and Mia passed them, when K.C. suddenly pulled out his Shen Gong Wu. "Glove of Jisaku!" Their chariot was yanked as the magnet on K.C.'s Wu was attracted to Albert and Mia's chariot. They sped toward them at lightning speed and smashed their chariot completely into the back of theirs, destroying both.
All four Apprentices were tossed into the air toward the finish line, but Albert and Mia flew across it first.

The Colosseum returned to its regular state, and in front of the statue, Albert held the Thorn of Thunderbolt, Yin Yo-Yo, and Glove of Jisaku, while Mia held the Star Hanabi, Yang Yo-Yo, and Shroud of Shadows. Behind them, K.C. and Natalia fell from the sky and landed on top of each other.
"Congrats to Albert and Mia!" Chris announced. "Not only do they each have a new Shen Gong Wu and immunity from tonight's elimination, but they also each stole one from Natalia and K.C.!"
The two losing Apprentices looked each other and sighed.

K.C.: I think I have the worst record of everyone left. I've been in three showdowns and I've lost every single one. (sighs) Not being in teams isn't going very well for me.
Albert: I knew I was going to win my first showdown. It's how it was meant to play out!

Chris continued, "Everyone needs to cast a vote in the confessional tonight. You can all vote for anyone except Albert and Mia. I'll see you all tonight at our first merged Banishment Ceremony!"

The scene then flashed directly to the Banishment Ceremony, where the bleachers were more crowded than ever before. All twelve Apprentices sat, giving each other a mix of knowing and wary glances.
Chris emerged with a notecard in hand. "Welcome! Lots of you up for elimination today. You've all cast your votes. The contestant whose name I do not call must remove their Belt of Life, take the Pathway of Shame over to the Drop of Shame, and…"
The twelve Apprentices chimed in, "Never, ever, ever, ever come back."
Chris looked at them irritatedly. "Uh-huh. What you guys don't know is that the eliminated contestant also needs to give any Shen Gong Wu they have out to the remaining contestants. How they choose to divide it is up to them."
"Albert and Mia, you two are obviously safe."

Albert: I had trouble deciding who I would vote for, but Garrett seems like he has things under control here.
Mia: Winning challenges is almost… fun! But I know I won't win every week, and the more I win, the more people will want to vote me off. To be honest, I didn't even expect to make it this far.

"Bronwyn and Scott! You two are safe, and hopefully have come back to reality."
They both grinned and looked at each other, then blushed.

Bronwyn: Scott was so much fun to work with today. Even though we both kind of lost our minds near the end…
Scott: Am I okay now? Is the Woozy stuff out of my system? I'm kinda freaking out about it, in all honesty.

"Also safe tonight, we have Alyssa, K.C., Bradley, and Natalia!"

Alyssa: Garrett was right when he said this might be our only chance to vote this person off, so… I'm gonna follow his lead.
K.C.: Do you think if Scott used the Yin Yo-Yo and came back out, he would like guys? (record scratch) What? I'm not saying I'd do it, I'm just wondering.
Bradley: (still itching from the earlier use of the Ants in the Pants) Yo, I'm so sick of people using these bug Shen Gong Wu. Can we ban them or something?
Natalia: … I'm still mad about losing that showdown.

Chris looked at the remaining four Apprentices. "The next Apprentices safe from elimination are… William and Garrett."
William exhaled loudly and Garrett folded his arms and reclined in the bleachers.
"Angelina, Hilda, you're our bottom two of the night," Chris said. "You each tallied up a good amount of votes."
Angelina pursed her lips and looked around, while Hilda seemed confused. "I was voted for? But I have so many good friends here!"
Chris shushed her. "Quiet! You're ruining my suspense. The final Apprentice who will be moving on in the competition is....."

Garrett: Angelina is a goner. She's the biggest threat, and I need to destabilize her alliance.
Angelina: I told everyone to vote for Hilda. She's just annoying.
Hilda: (weeping) I thought I had so many friends here! And now I am in the bottom two! (blows her nose)

"Angelina! Hilda, your time is up."
Garrett quickly whipped his head around to examine his alliance members. He mumbled, "We're going to have a serious talk."
Hilda stood up and wailed. "I do not want to leave!"
"Urgh," Chris sighed. "Took long enough for someone to cry at an elimination. Look, Hilda, before you go, we need you to give your Wu out."
She sniffed and took off her Ring of the Nine Dragons and gave it to Chris. "I… I will leave my Shen Gong Wu with my old team leader, Garrett. He led our team to much success and I believe he will use them well!"
Garrett shrugged. "Uh, sure, thanks."
She waved at the rest of the Apprentices as she put on her parachute and waited by the Drop of Shame. "Goodbye, friends! This was very fun! I will remember you all when I return hoooooooooooooooo--" She trailed off as she took the drop.

As the Apprentices returned to their rooms, Chris signed off. "And that's that! Hilda's taken the drop and we're down to eleven. What'll become of our two alliance superpowers? Who will take the Drop of Shame next? What crazy new Wu is in store for our Apprentices next week? Find out, only by watching, Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

Chapter Seventeen: A Three-Jerk Reaction


"Last time around on Total Drama Showdown, our merged Apprentices made their way over to Rome, on a hunt for the Yin and Yang Yo-Yos, two interesting but dangerous Shen Gong Wu. Our twelve Apprentices were handcuffed in pairs to find the Yo-Yos, and it ended in an epic four-way Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami between Albert, Mia, K.C., and Natalia! In the end, Albert and Mia took home the bacon, rounding up six Wu between the two of them. And who did everyone choose to take the good ol' Drop of Shame? Our resident Amish girl, Hilda, who left her Wu with her old team leader Garrett. In other news, K.C. let Bradley in on his big secret, and man, I did not see that coming! Angelina and Garrett are at each other's throats over whose alliance is going to win in the end, and it's not gonna end pretty. We're at the top eleven, soon to be ten, and you're gonna want to stick around to watch this one! Who's taking the plunge next? Find out here, only on Total… Drama... Showdown!"

The episode began focusing on the door to Team Fire's room. Garrett cracked it open, poked his head out, looked down the hallway in both directions, and then slammed it shut. He turned around to look at Albert, who was sitting nervously in a chair in the center of the room. Garrett sat across from him in another chair facing backward, and folded his arms over the chair's back. "Alright Albert, let me break this down for you. How many people are in Angelina's alliance?"
Albert counted on his fingers, mumbling the names to himself. "Uhhh… Angelina, that's one, K.C., that's two... Bradley... hang on, I lost count."
He paused and started counting again, when Garrett interrupted him. "Six. There's six."
Albert nodded as Garrett continued, "And, counting Hilda, how many people were in our alliance?"
"Is this a trick question?" Albert asked nervously. "I didn't know there would be so much math involved when I signed up for this show."
Garrett removed his glasses and rubbed his temples. "Six. The answer is also six for this one."
"See," Albert began, lifting a finger, "that's tricky. I wouldn't have expected them to have the same answer. This is unfair."
Garrett buried his face in his hands. "I'm losing my mind."

Garrett: Hilda went home last week, but that wasn't supposed to happen. My alliance had six people - myself, Mia, Albert, Alyssa, William, and Hilda. Angelina's alliance has six people - her, Bradley, K.C., Natalia, Bronwyn, and Scott. If we all voted together, there would have been a tie, and Angelina and Hilda would've gone into some sort of tiebreaker. But instead, Hilda went home, which means someone from my alliance didn't vote for Angelina like we planned. And I'm going to get to the bottom of this situation.

Albert swung his legs in the air as he sat. "I should have asked Mia and William for a study sheet before coming in here."
Completely exasperated, Garrett looked up from his hands. "All I need to know is this: who did you vote for?"
"Angelina," Albert plainly answered. "I voted for Angelina!"
Garrett exhaled. "Alright, fine. Get out of here and send Alyssa in." He shooed Albert away and stood up from his chair, stretching his back.

Albert left the room and knocked on Team Wind's door, where Alyssa, William, and Mia were congregated. He motioned to Alyssa, "Your turn! Be careful: there's math involved."
Alyssa gave him a strange glance as she left the room, leaving the other three alone. Albert sat beside Mia, who had William on her other side. Mia absentmindedly played with the Yang Yo-Yo, tossing it from hand to hand, and Albert noticed. "Hey, we haven't gotten to try those out yet."
"You're right," Mia said. "Want to grab your Yin Yo-Yo and go on a field trip?"
Albert excitedly dug the Yin Yo-Yo out of his robe. "Let's do it!"
Mia warned him, "Remember, we have to use both Wu together, or else we'll come out as our complete opposite selves." She turned to William and placed the Sun Chi Lantern in his hands. "Will you make sure we're okay? If something goes wrong, use this to help get us back into place."
"No problem!" William chirped excitedly, now sitting cross-legged on his former bed. "You can count on me."
Mia and Albert stood side-by-side in the center of the room. "Yin-Yang Yo-Yo!" they said together, dropping the yo-yos simultaneously. A strange purple portal appeared before them, and on the opposite side, they saw a completely black and white world with a strange fog covering the ground. The two fire monks glanced at each other and entered, as the portal behind them shut. William tapped his fingers against the Sun Chi Lantern and said to himself, "Well, this is kinda boring."

In the Yin-Yang World, Albert and Mia looked around in awe. Cantonese characters floated around them in a seemingly never-ending black space. Albert looked down at the fog gathering around his ankles and brushed it aside with his feet. He could see his reflection in the black tile below him. "Huh, cool."
The two of them continued walking until they seemingly reached the end of the platform they were standing on. Mia abruptly turned around to retreat, but smacked Albert in doing so. He gasped. "Whoa, whoa!" His arms flailed wildly as he fell off the platform.
"Albert!" Mia choked. She tried to reach for him but he slipped off the platform, but didn't fall. He stood perfectly perpendicular to Mia, standing on the tall side of their platform. "What the…"
"The Yin-Yang World has laws of its own," Albert repeated, remembering Chris's introduction of the Shen Gong Wu. "This is so cool!"
Mia looked around nervously. "I don't like it here. There's too much black and white. Very edgy. Let's go back. William's probably worried."
"Aww," Albert grumbled, reluctantly pulling out the Yin Yo-Yo again.

Albert: How could Mia not be excited about exploring a parallel universe? It's incredible in there! I want to go back.

The two emerged from the portal and landed back in Team Wind's room. William raised the Sun Chi Lantern in defense, but Mia put her hands up. "Relax, we're still good. We went in with both Wu, and everything's fine."
"Oh, cool," William said, relieved. "So, how was it?"
Mia opened her mouth to answer, but Albert cut her off. "AWESOME!!! It's dark and foggy, but I was defying gravity in there! I really wanna go explore some more."
Exiting the room, Mia tucked the Yang Yo-Yo away into her pocket and turned around. "Sorry Albert, but I'm gonna have to pass on that. It's not really my aesthetic." She turned the corner and made her way to the dining area.
Albert frowned and looked at William. "Hmm. Well, we don't need Mia to visit the Yin-Yang World, but it'd be nice."
William nervously fidgeted. "What are you saying? You want to go with just your yo-yo?"
"Well, yeah," Albert nodded. "With the Sun Chi Lantern, you'll be powerful enough to knock me back into the portal. So I go in good, come back evil, go back evil, and come back out good again!"
William shook his head quickly. "I'm gonna have to pass."

William: I don't want to upset the balance of good and evil! The yin-yang symbol represents harmony and balance. Jumping back and forth without both Wu and continuously disrupting that balance doesn't seem like the best idea.

Albert paused and sat down next to William, then placed the Yin Yo-Yo in his hands. "Then you go, and I'll stay behind with the Sun Chi Lantern." William began to protest, but Albert added, "It's a really beautiful place! I know an artist like you would appreciate it there. Plus, I got to see it already, you should give it a try. I'll be sure to give you a return trip so you come back out good."
William gave Albert an affirming look. "Alright, let's do this!" He jumped out of the bed. "Yin Yo-Yo!"
The portal emerged once again, and William dove inside. Albert clutched the Sun Chi Lantern in anticipation.

William fell through the air and saw a mass of clouds beneath him. As he fell, he observed the darkness all around him with occasional streaks of white light cutting through it. "Wow, Albert was right."
He landed with a thud against the clouds below, and groaned as he got back on his feet. He looked down at the cloud he was standing on and jumped a few times, testing the strength of it. "Standing on clouds? This place is really weird…"
The rest of the clouds surrounding him parted, including his own. He braced himself for the fall but instead fell upward, then flipped around and landed on his feet upon a platform that wasn't there before. The platform had a checkered black-and-white tile pattern on it, and the tiles switched color every few seconds. William watched in awe, then shook his head. "I should get back." He took one last look at the floor before pulling the Shen Gong Wu out of his robe. "Yin Yo-Yo!"
He collapsed back on to the floor of Team Wind's room, the portal still open behind him. Albert, standing right in front of him, called, "Sun Chi Lantern, Fire!" He shifted his weight toward William and a burst of flames shot directly forward.
The portal closed, and Albert gave a satisfied fist-pump. He looked down and noticed William had ducked to avoid the attack.
"Thanks for the yo-yo," a lower, unfamiliar voice cackled. Albert's eyes widened as William stood up in front of him. His normally well-groomed hair now swept in front of him, casting a shadow over his eyes and forehead. "I'll be needing it for stealing the rest of the Shen Gong Wu."
Albert gasped and lunged at William, but he missed and crashed into the bed behind him. William laughed and tossed the yo-yo from hand to hand as he left the room.

Albert: Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap--
William: Enjoy your final days on this planet, viewing audience. In a few short days, the world will be all mine. (releases an evil laugh)

Back in Team Fire's room, Garrett finished grilling Alyssa. "So, you promise you voted for Angelina?"
"Yes," Alyssa insisted. "Let's go get breakfast now, I'm starving."
Garrett ignored her and sat down on his bed. "Well, one of you is lying to me, but I don't know who it is. I can't stay allied with a liar."
Alyssa, eager to leave, suggested, "Maybe it was William. I know I'd want to vote Hilda off if I was handcuffed to her for an entire challenge."
"Hmm," Garrett pondered. "Probably. But even if we do pin it on him, we're outnumbered now. Angelina has six votes and we have five. Well, only four fully loyal ones. Did you talk to Bronwyn about leaving the alliance?"
"Gonna be completely honest with you, G," Alyssa began, and Garrett winced at the nickname, "totally forgot you even suggested that. I got no sleep last week because of Hilda, so, wasn't really listening to you."
Garrett sighed, "Guess I'll have to do things myself around here. What about Natalia? She's probably more willing to switch over."
"Whatever you say. I'm hungry," Alyssa declared, getting up from her chair and leaving.

Garrett: This is all a game of numbers! Six is more than five, so six wins. If I steal one of those six, then I become the six! And I win! And I need Natalia.

In the dining area, the rest of the Apprentices were seated as Alyssa and Garrett finally arrived for breakfast. At the mega-table, William, Albert, and Mia were seated across from the other alliance. Albert was wide-eyed and snuck a few nervous glances at William.
Bradley pointed out, "Yo, William, digging the new haircut."
"Thanks," William replied, in his normal voice. Albert squinted in confusion.

Albert: Is… is he back to normal?

William noticed Albert squinting. He quickly made a cutthroat gesture and grinned wickedly before going back to his breakfast. Albert's eyes widened even more and he quickly turned his head forward.

Albert: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. SOS. Call the fire marshall, call FEMA, call--

As Alyssa and Garrett seated themselves, Angelina, in her best impression of Hilda, greeted, "Hello my friends! It is so nice to see you here! Oh, wait, I am eliminated. Because my alliance," she switched to her own voice, "is a dud."
Garrett rolled his eyes as Angelina continued, "Give it up, Garrett. You're outnumbered now. We're just going to pick you off one by one. Make sure you give me back my Tangle Web Comb before you take the Drop." She winked at him as he stared daggers from across the table.
"Alright, Angelina, lay off," Bradley said, attempting to defuse the table. "You made your point."
"What? I'm allowed to be proud," Angelina defended. "My plan's working. Soon this entire game will be all mine."
William let out a low chuckle, causing Albert to shriek. Mia turned to him slowly. "Uh, are you okay?"
Albert laughed strangely. "Yeah! Just, uh, hiccups." He faked a hiccup and started coughing.
"Anyway," Angelina said, redirecting the attention, "I'm going to personally apologize to the viewers for making the next few episodes so boring, since we're going to steamroll you."

Angelina: Don't you worry, it'll all be worth seeing me take home the million dollar prize. I think the first thing I'll do with the money is buy a diamond crown. What? I deserve it.

With that, Garrett stood up and decided, "You know what? Not hungry." He looked at his alliance members. "Meeting in my room."
"Aw, did I hurt your feelings?" Angelina taunted. She stuck her tongue out at the five of them as they filed out of the dining area.
Bradley folded his arms. "You know you were being too mean."
"So what?" Angelina snapped back.
"Just let your ‘master plan' speak for itself," Natalia said between bites.
"I have a perfectly good mouth of my own that I can use," Angelina said, narrowing her eyes. "Why are you both defending them? Are you trying to double-cross me?"
The rest of the table collectively groaned at Angelina's paranoia. Natalia propped her head up. "Geez, no one is trying to double-cross you. I just want to win."
Angelina huffed and stood up, making an "I'm watching you" gesture to Bradley and Natalia. Bradley frowned and followed her, along with Natalia shortly after.

Bradley: Man, why couldn't someone else be the leader of this alliance? Like, I dunno, Bronwyn? She seems cool! I just don't want to have to kiss Angelina's butt so that she doesn't turn on me.

With the sudden exodus of Apprentices, only Bronwyn, Scott, and K.C. were left in the dining area. They looked at each other unsurely, then laughed a bit.
Bronwyn and Scott's glance at each other lingered for a bit longer, and K.C. shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He cleared his throat. "Uh, hey, so, Scott, you said you were gonna show me some of your songs, right?"
Scott snapped out of his glance. "Oh, yeah, sure thing, right after breakfast."
Bronwyn piped in. "Oooh, you should sing the one you showed me last night! I loved it."
"Aw, really?" Scott blushed, as Bronwyn nodded.
K.C. grimaced and added, "Actually, can I hear it now?"
"Uh, sure," Scott said, getting up from the table to get his guitar. As he walked past Bronwyn to leave the dining area, they leaned in and gave each other a quick peck on the lips. K.C.'s face twisted, and the spoon he was holding snapped in half from his grip.

K.C.: I can deal with knowing Scott might never like me back, but actually seeing them kiss each other? That's the final straw.

As Bradley and Natalia followed an upset Angelina, a hand yanked Natalia out of the hallway and into Team Fire's room. The door closed and she pulled her wrist free, and saw Garrett and his alliance facing her.
"What do you guys want?" Natalia groaned.
"We have an offer," Garrett said. "If you switch to our alliance, we'll be in the majority and you can pick off everyone from Angelina's alliance. First choice is all yours."
Natalia folded her arms. "Why would I do that?"
Garrett stammered and struggled to say the next sentence. "Because everyone in Angelina's alliance is a bigger threat."
"Hey!" Mia complained.
Garrett shushed her and looked at Natalia expectantly. "So? What do you say?"
Angelina and Bradley's bickering was loud enough to be heard from Team Fire's room. Natalia closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. "Okay, look, thanks for the offer, but it's a ‘no' for now. I think. Whatever, just don't pull me into a room again, okay?"
She slammed the door shut as she left, and Garrett looked around at the room. "... She'll come around."

Natalia: It's a really tempting offer. But I'm not an idiot. They had a chance to tie the votes last week and they didn't, so clearly they're not the smarter alliance in the game… but Angelina is getting on my last (claps) nerve! (claps) I don't know how much more of her diva-ness I can take. And that's coming from me.

The D.O.J.O. made its descent into a garden surrounding a rectangular fountain. A path from the garden led directly into a bridge over a river. Chris announced over the intercom, "Challenge time!"
As the eleven Apprentices made their exit, they were greeted by the Eiffel Tower standing tall, just on the other side of the bridge.
"Welcome to Paris!" Chris introduced. "Your next Shen Gong Wu is the Reversing Mirror." His handy laser pointer was aimed at the ground between himself and the Apprentices. "The Reversing Mirror is a pretty kick-butt Wu; it reverses the effects of any Shen Gong Wu. For example, using it on the Glove of Jisaku would make it repel metal objects instead of attract them."
"Hmm," Albert said, shooting another quick glance at William.
"The Apprentice who brings back the Reversing Mirror wins immunity from tonight's elimination," Chris finished. "‘And where might this mirror be,' you ask? Well, it's at the tippy-tippy-top of..." He gestured behind him to the Eiffel Tower.
Natalia closed her eyes and threw her head back. "I am so over this show."
"Ready, set, go!"

The eleven Apprentices raced down the path out of the garden, into the bridge. K.C. took the lead, followed closely behind by Bronwyn and Scott.
Angelina raced beside Garrett, and gave him a sneer. "You're not winning this one." She shoved him to the side and caused him to crash into Alyssa, sending both of them falling. From the ground, he looked up and called, "Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash extended out to Angelina and wrapped around her legs, also dropping her to the ground. Bradley tripped over her, while Natalia jumped over the pileup.
Angelina and Bradley turned around and faced Alyssa and Garrett. The two Earth Apprentices each wielded a Wu and aimed it at their opponents. "Fist of Tebigong, Earth!" Bradley called, punching the ground below him. The bridge cracked and crumbled, and a perfect circle of concrete around Alyssa and Garrett behind to collapse.
Alyssa jumped out of the falling section of the bridge and yanked Garrett with her.

Alyssa: I don't enjoy working with Garrett, but I also don't enjoy bullying or being mean just to be mean. And that's what Angelina does - she's a mean bully. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to defend Garrett as much as I have to.

Annoyed, Garrett turned to Angelina and Bradley. "Tangle Web Comb, Fire!" Instantly, flaming ropes emerged from the comb-shaped Wu, directly at Angelina. She jumped out of the way as Bradley knocked the ropes away with the Fist of Tebigong.
"Uh, where are you going?" Angelina yelled to Natalia, who was running past to bridge to the Wu.
"Trying to win the challenge, duh," Natalia replied.
"Help us get rid of these little pests," Angelina demanded.
Natalia groaned and turned around, pulling the Silk Spitter out of her robe and aiming it at Garrett and Alyssa. She mouthed the word ‘sorry' before announcing, "Silk Spitter!" A large silk web emerged from it, trapping Garrett and Alyssa inside of it.
"Huh, déjà vu," Alyssa murmured. Garrett struggled inside of the web, attempting to free his hand which had dropped the Tangle Web Comb.
"Let's give you guys something to talk about," Angelina chuckled, pulling out the Woozy Shooter. "Woozy--"

She was interrupted by a kick in the back, forcing her to drop the Woozy Shooter. "What the--"
Behind her, William laughed and snatched the Wu from her, also stopping to pick up the Tangle Web Comb.
"Way to go William!" Garrett cheered for his alliance member. William reached into Garrett's robe as he was tied up, and pulled out the Manchurian Musca. "I'm going to need this." Garrett began to protest, when suddenly William then dodged a swipe from Bradley and snatched the Fist of Tebigong from his hand, then used the momentum to flip over Bradley and toss him into Angelina.
Running toward the other side of the bridge, he dodged a barrage of silk webs from Natalia's Wu and did a sweep-kick, dropping her to the ground as well, and picking up her Wu.
"I didn't know he could move like that," Alyssa wondered aloud.
"Silk Spitter!" William said, turning around and taking aim at Angelina, Bradley, and Natalia. The three of them were trapped along with Garrett and Alyssa. "I'll be taking all of these," William cackled, putting the stolen Wu in a burlap sack.
"Uh, you're giving those back, right?" Garrett clarified. William laughed and made a run for the Eiffel Tower.

William: Soon I'll have every Shen Gong Wu in existence. Unlimited power… the world will be mine! (releases another evil laugh)

Albert and Mia watched everything unfold from a distance. Mia looked at Albert. "When did William get so good at fighting?"
"Uh," Albert stuttered. "Well, see, I have to tell you something…"
He looked down at his feet. "So, after we went into the Yin-Yang World, William and I tried visiting it again…"
Mia gasped. "Uh oh."
"Yeah," Albert mumbled. "He went in first and came out, but I wasn't able to knock him back in to turn good again. So… he's kind of on a mission to take over the world."

Albert: If anything, I was the one who should have been converted in the Yin-Yang World. I was destined for greatness. Being supremely evil is a form of greatness, isn't it?

Mia folded her arms and turned to the bridge. "We have to do something. We can't let this evil version of William keep running around. We have to get him back to the Yin-Yang World."
Albert sunk even lower. "Uh, about that… he took the Yin Yo-Yo from me."
"Great," Mia mumbled.
"But," Albert began, "I have an idea. The Reversing Mirror flips the effects of Shen Gong Wu, right? I bet if we get the mirror, trick William into going into the Yin-Yang World with both yo-yos and then use the mirror on him, he'll come out good again! Because if you go in with both yo-yos normally, you'll come out unaffected. But under the effects of the Reversing Mirror, his personality will flip back to normal."
Mia paused. "That's… actually pretty genius, Albert. Let's go get that mirror!"

Mia: Albert got us into a really tough situation, but he's also smart enough to get us out of it. This is almost as bad as when I got caught in the rain one day after school and had to borrow my friend Gina's clothes for the rest of the day. Do you have any idea how mainstream I looked? Three people asked me for my Instagraph username that day. Three. One even asked me to follow them back.

Mia and Albert made a dash for the Eiffel Tower, in an attempt to catch up to William. K.C. reached the base of the Eiffel Tower first, with Bronwyn and Scott not far behind him. He reached into his robe, then clicked his tongue in frustration. "Man, the Glove of Jisaku would've been perfect for this." He sighed and ran into the center, awaiting the elevator.
Bronwyn and Scott reached the tower, and Scott kneeled down in front of her. "Your ride is here!"
She giggled and hopped on his back as he activated the Jetbootsu, sending the two soaring toward the tip of the tower. K.C. gasped and as he entered the elevator, he called out, "Moonstone Locust!" The locusts emerged from the Wu and crawled up the oxidized metal along the tower's beams toward Scott and Bronwyn. They were heading straight for the Mirror when the locusts attacked them and they swerved away, crashing into a balcony just below the tip of the tower.

Bronwyn: (scratching her head) I don't mind bugs, but no one likes being ambushed by them. I just hope they aren't lingering around on my clothes. (she reaches into her bra and pulls out a locust) Ew…

William reached the base of the tower and dug into his sack of Shen Gong Wu. He pulled one out. "Manchurian Musca!" He turned into a fly and zipped up along the tower, headed toward the Reversing Mirror.
Albert and Mia, still running from the bridge, skidded to a halt. Mia pointed at him. "We're never going to catch up to him!"
"Not so fast," Albert assured. "I got us into this mess, and I'll get us out! Hang on!" He held her hand, and with his other hand, aimed it at the tower and cried out, "Glove of Jisaku!"
The two of them zipped through the air toward the Reversing Mirror and William. "Yin Yo-Yo!" a small voice squeaked, and a portal to the Yin-Yang World appeared in front of Albert and Mia's trajectory. They yelled and panicked, and Mia flailed her free arm, accidentally swatting William into the portal with the two of them.

Scott and Bronwyn were still scratching themselves free of locusts on the Eiffel Tower balcony. Scott turned toward the commotion. "Did you hear screaming?" He looked around but didn't see anything.
"I think there's a locust in my ear, so I can't really hear anything," Bronwyn admitted. They heard a soft ding and turned to see K.C. emerge from the elevator. He waved at them. "Sorry guys, but this Wu is mine."
The three of them climbed up the tip of the tower, each along a different side, and grabbed the Reversing Mirror at the same time. Bronwyn and Scott looked at each other worriedly as K.C. announced, "Bronwyn and Scott, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"

In the Yin-Yang World, Albert, Mia, and a minuscule William appeared from the portal and were tossed on a cloudy platform. William chirped, "Manchurian Musca!" He returned to his regular size and stood back up.
Albert and Mia faced him and noticed he had dropped his sack of stolen Shen Gong Wu during the fall. They lunged for it and he grabbed it at the same time. He scowled, and in his deeper, evil voice, said, "Albert and Mia, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown."

In a helicopter by the Eiffel Tower, Chris looked down at the three of them. "It looks like we have our first Xiaolin Showdown Trio of the season! Works just like a regular showdown - everyone wagers a Wu, and winner takes all!"
K.C. nodded at Chris and continued to initiate the showdown. "My Moonstone Locust against Bronwyn's Lasso Boa Boa and Scott's Mantis Flip Coin."
"Oh! The name of the game is Eiffel Tower paintball," Bronwyn decided. "Whoever can cover more of Eiffel Tower in their color of paint in five minutes wins."
"That's… an interesting showdown idea," Scott pointed out.

Scott: I'm not looking forward to this showdown. Bronwyn's my gir-- uh, well, we haven't really given it a label yet, but, we're… close. And K.C.'s a great friend!
Bronwyn: I don't want to have to fight dirty. Scott is the best and K.C. is a good guy, so I picked a showdown where we don't have to hurt each other.
K.C.: I was ready to knock them both off the Eiffel Tower if I had to!

In the Yin-Yang World, Mia locked eyes with William. "I wager my Eye of Dashi against your stolen Yin Yo-Yo, and Albert's Thorn of Thunderbolt."
Albert added, "The game is Steal the Wu. The first person to get all three wagered Wu wins."

Albert: I have to admit, I'm nervous. William is clearly much stronger now as an evil-doer. But I know I can stop him! (a pause) … With Mia's help.

A six-way split-screen with Bronwyn, Scott, and K.C. on top, and Albert, Mia, and William on the bottom panned out, as the six of them proclaimed, "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The Apprentices were knocked into the air off of the Eiffel Tower, which rotated and stood alone on a rocky platform. The three Apprentices levitated with jetpacks on, and they were all wielding large paintball guns. Bronwyn's dripped with blue paint, while Scott and K.C.'s dripped red and yellow respectively. "Gong Yi Tampai!" A large digital clock behind them began to count down from the five-minute time limit, and a pie-chart below the clock displayed the what percentage of the tower was covered by each color.
K.C. zoomed forward and aimed his paint gun at the legs of the tower, leaving yellow splotches across them. Scott aimed for the center, while Bronwyn started from the top down.
The remaining five Chosen Ones were in the peanut gallery, still bound by the webs of the Silk Spitter. Garrett looked around and asked, "Wait a minute, where's everyone else? Albert, Mia, William?"
Angelina shrugged. "Who cares? Looks like no one in your alliance is going to be safe tonight. Wonder who we'll vote off?"
Garrett rolled his eyes and focused on the showdown, where K.C. flew below the tower and fired paint upward from below, covering portions of the tip where Bronwyn had painted. "Hey!" she complained.
"Sorry!" K.C. stated plainly.

In the Yin-Yang World, the cloudy platform caved in and transformed into a foggy crater. The floor below them was a perfectly reflective mirror with a large yin-yang symbol in the center of it. The symbol rotated slowly, and the rest of the arena rotated in the opposite direction.
"Gong Yi Tampai!"
The three Apprentices darted toward the center. Just as they were about to run into each other, William jumped high above them and let them run into each other.
"Ow," they said at the same time, before collapsing.
William snickered and pounced on them. They groaned and clutched their Wu tightly. William called, "Wind!" A gust of wind emerged from his open palms and engulfed Albert and Mia, lifting them from the ground and spinning them around in the air. They flew to opposite sides of the arena and fell hard on the floor below.
"You can give up, you know," William taunted.

Mia: (rubbing her back) Albert owes me big time for helping him out with his mess. He's taking me back to that fabric shop in Hong Kong and I'm coming back home with miles of fabric.

In the other showdown, Bronwyn and Scott sped around the Eiffel Tower, covering it with coats of red and blue paint. K.C. had successfully covered the interior in yellow. He peeked at the timer and scoreboard. With two minutes remaining, K.C. had 30% of the tower painted while Bronwyn and Scott had 35% each. K.C. flew back to the outside of the tower and sent a barrage of yellow paint bombs on top of Bronwyn and Scott's red and blue paint.
Bronwyn countered by firing directly at K.C.. "Quit it!" She turned back to the tower and attempted to take back her section of it.
He was covered in blue paint. "Oh, come on, seriously?" He fired back at Bronwyn, who missed, and instead splattered yellow paint all over Scott.
"Dude!" Scott shouted, looking at his ruined robes.
"I'm so sorry!" K.C. said, embarrassed. He focused on Bronwyn and sent more paint in her direction, eventually landing a shot right on her chest. The force of the paintball gun sent her flying into the Eiffel Tower, leaving a yellow silhouette of her on the formerly blue area where she landed.
Scott flew over to her, but a loud buzz was heard. He turned around and the timer was finished, with the scoreboard reading: "Bronwyn - 34%, K.C. - 39%, Scott - 27%."
The surroundings returned to normal, and K.C. stood at the base of the Eiffel Tower holding the Reversing Mirror, Moonstone Locust, Mantis Flip Coin, and Lasso Boa Boa, grinning widely, while Bronwyn and Scott looked at him with irritation.

K.C.: I won my first showdown! Ha! Finally! It only took four tries, but I did it! Take that. Sucks that I had to beat Scott to do it, but I'm not worried about him and Bronwyn anymore. Heh. Hmm… (looks away)

The scene switched to the showdown in the Yin-Yang World. The fog picked up and made it difficult to see. Mia wandered around the arena, carefully looking behind her. She turned around and walked backward, but toppled over after someone crashed into her.
"Eye of Dashi!" She scrambled back to her feet and aimed in a random direction. William appeared behind her and kicked her in the back, and she crumpled to the floor, dropping the Eye of Dashi. It slid across the arena and William smirked, walking toward it. As he bent down to pick it up, Albert slid across the floor on his leg and snatched it from him. "No Wu for you!" As Albert picked up the Wu, Mia was sidelined, and she watched from outside of the arena. "You can do this, Albert!"
William snarled. "Cyclone Crash, Wind!" He spun around with his arms extended, whipping up a small tornado within the arena. Albert was sucked into it and panicked. "Whoaaaaa… whoa! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Mia: Well, if William stays evil, maybe he can just kill off the rest of Angelina's alliance. What? We have zero chance of winning the game at this point.

"Drop the Wu for me, and it'll be over," William suggested, folding his arms.
Albert held both Wu in his hands, and while spinning in the tornado, slapped them against each other. "No way! Thorn of Thunderbolt! Eye of Dashi! Fire!"
The two electric Wu sent a clap of thunder into the eye of the tornado, completely dissipating it. An electric disk formed below Albert's feet, and he soared into the air, before accelerating back into the arena toward William. In an attempt to flee, William jumped to the side, but Albert's electric disk made a sharp turn and crashed directly into William's back. The Yin Yo-Yo went flying into the air, and Albert used his new electric powers to zip upward and snatch it. "Game, set, match!"
He floated back down into the cloudy platforms of the Yin-Yang World with the Yin Yo-Yo, Thorn of Thunderbolt, Eye of Dashi, and the bag of stolen Shen Gong Wu.
William glared at him. "No matter. The world will still be mine. This was just a setback."
Albert sighed. "You're really committed to this, aren't you? Tangle Web Comb!" The ropes of the comb wrapped themselves around William, who fell over.
"Yin Yo-Yo!" Albert opened up a portal behind William, and Mia tossed him through it.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…" William cried out, as the portal shut and he disappeared back into the real world.
Albert and Mia gave each other a glance and laughed. "Let's go back home," Mia suggested. "Yin-Yang Yo-Yo!" They hopped through the portal together.

At the D.O.J.O., eight Apprentices stood facing Chris, who looked around curiously. "Huh? We're short three people."
As he said that, a portal opened up above, and William landed face-first into the grass in front of Chris. "That's nine."
Angelina glared at William. "Where's my Shen Gong Wu?"
"And mine!" Bradley added.
"Mine too!" Garrett snapped. "You took two of mine."
William slowly stood up and rubbed his head. "Huh… what? What are you talking about? I don't have--"
Another portal opened above William, releasing Albert and Mia, who landed on top of him. "Whoops!" Mia said, sitting on William.
Albert held up the bag of Shen Gong Wu. "Here you go!" He distributed the stolen Wu back to their owners. He also handed the Eye of Dashi back to Mia. "And, this is yours."
Mia shook her head. "No, you won it in a showdown fair and square. Keep it."
Chris looked up at the portal which was closing, then back at Albert, Mia, and William. "Uhhhh… was there a showdown I wasn't aware of?"
Albert opened his mouth to explain, but Chris cut him off. "Nevermind. Doesn't matter! K.C. wins the Reversing Mirror and immunity from tonight's elimination! The rest of you had better get packing in case tonight's your final night."

At the Banishment Ceremony, the final eleven sat on the bleachers. William sat in the back with an ice pack to his head. He whispered to Albert, "Seriously, what happened? I don't remember anything from today."
Albert patted him on the back. "It'll be easier to explain when you see this on TV."
"Welcome, Apprentices!" Chris greeted. "Eleven of you are sitting here before me, but only ten will get to spend another night here on Total Drama Showdown. You've all cast your votes. The first person safe from elimination is today's winner, K.C.!"
He fist-pumped and looked around for affirmation. No one returned it.

K.C.: I'm still psyched about my first showdown win! Woo! Or more like Wu. Get it? Like Shen Gong Wu? It's funny.

"Alyssa, Garrett, Bradley, Natalia, Angelina - you guys may have been sitting ducks today, but you all get to be sitting ducks for another day!"
"Uh, thanks," Bradley said, trying to piece together the meaning.

Garrett: We're getting rid of Scott. He's probably the biggest threat in Angelina's alliance.
Alyssa: Garrett wants to vote off Scott, so, I'm going with that. Hopefully, we got through to Natalia after the challenge - we need her vote!
Angelina: I was going to vote off Garrett, but what's the fun in getting rid of him so soon? Plus, his stupid butt-boy William messed up my extensions with the Silk Spitter today. He's gone.
Bradley: (burps) Whoops. William.
Natalia: Garrett and Alyssa are really desperate to have me on their side… and getting rid of Scott is tempting… but I don't know if going back on Angelina's alliance will bite me in the behind. And I have a fine behind.

Chris continued, "Bronwyn, Mia, Albert! Sweet safety for you three as well."
Bronwyn nervously looked at Scott, who awaited his name to be called.
"Scott, William, you're our bottom two for the evening! One of you is taking that Drop of Shame tonight and handing over all your Wu. The person going home tonight…"

Scott: Man, I had a feeling my time would be up soon. At least in my time here I got a girlfr… girlf… g… I'm having trouble actually saying it.
William: I can't even remember what happened today! Why are people voting for me? Did I do something wrong?!

"............. is………………"

Albert and Mia: (sitting together in the confessional, Albert is giving Mia a back massage)
Mia: Lower, lower, a little lower… to the left… your other left…
Albert: Are you sure you just want a massage? You really saved the day by coming into the Yin-Yang World with me.
Mia: Oh, there will be more. A little higher now… to the right… YES!! Oh, my gosh, yes. Right there.
Albert: I really hope no one's listening in from outside.

Scott exhaled loudly and Bronwyn hugged him. Garrett and Alyssa groaned and glared at Natalia, who looked at William neutrally. William stood up and adjusted his ice pack. "Well, uh, sorry for whatever I did to make you guys vote for me. I seriously don't remember anything from today."
Chris tapped his notecard against his desk. "Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say. Who are you leaving your…" He checked the notecard. "... one Shen Gong Wu to?"
"Oh, Alyssa, no doubt," William decided. "I know she'll make the most of it."
He put on his parachute and waved to the rest of the Apprentices, then took the Drop of Shame.

As he fell, Alyssa's robe suddenly began to glow. The sash around her waist turned green, and she looked up at Chris. "Uh, what's going on?"
Chris's eyebrows raised. "Huh. It looks like you've been promoted to Wudai-level since you're the last member of Wind remaining. Congrats! Alyssa's officially the strongest person in the competition."
Everyone turned to look at her, some with awe, and some with envy. She shrank into her seat. "Uh… that's exciting."
Chris signed off. "Ten Apprentices - or, should I say, nine Apprentices and one Wudai Warrior remain! Tune in next week for more Wu, more action, and more drama, only on Total… Drama… Showdown!"

Chapter Eighteen: Niagara Faults


"Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our top eleven Apprentices trekked out to Paris in search of our latest Shen Gong Wu: the Reversing Mirror. Unfortunately, before they even made it out there, Mia, Albert, and William messed around with the powers of the Yin and Yang Yo-Yos. William went in and came back out only using the Yin Yo-Yo and went on an evil rampage, stealing Wu and causing mayhem! In the meantime, Garrett and Angelina fought over whose alliance was better. Spoiler alert: it's Angelina's. Bronwyn, K.C., and Scott battled it out for the Reversing Mirror, and K.C. wound up with the Wu and immunity. Albert, Mia, and William also had an epic showdown in the Yin-Yang World, resulting in a win for Albert and William turning back to normal. Too bad normal William doesn't last very long, since the evil version of himself managed to tick everyone off so much that Angelina's alliance sent him on a one-way trip back home. With William gone, Alyssa was promoted to Wudai Warrior as the last woman standing on Team Wind! What will Alyssa do with her new powers? Is Garrett's alliance truly screwed, or will Natalia save the day for them? The tides are turning, and if you thought this game was getting predictable, you've got another thing coming! Make sure to tune in to this jam-packed episode of Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

After the theme song, the camera focused on Mia reclined in her bed, receiving a foot rub from Albert in Team Fire's old room. Garrett was seen pacing around the room while Alyssa sat alone on her bed.
Alyssa noticed Albert and Mia. "Uh, what's going on?"
"Just a little result of a small bargain," Mia assured. She looked at Albert. "You can rub harder, you know."
Albert had actual beads of sweat on his forehead. "Is this the last thing I need to do?"
Mia let out a hum as she wondered, then said, "Yep, I think that's it."

Mia: I helped Albert out last week when he crapped the bed by messing with the Yin Yo-Yo. So I got to say "I told you so" and get a bunch of favors as repayment. I don't think he minds very much.
Albert: (patting down his forehead with a towel) Who knew foot rubs were so much work?

Garrett stopped pacing and looked at his alliance. "Alright. We have to get through to Natalia if we want any chance of surviving this competition. Otherwise, we're just going to keep getting picked off every week."
"Won't we still get picked off anyway?" Alyssa asked. "They have six people and we have four."
"Right," Garrett said, "but if we get Natalia on our side, we'll be an even five to five. The best we can do is get ourselves into a tiebreaker, which is better than nothing."
He turned to Albert and Mia. "Hello? Are you two even listening? I'm trying to save your butts, too."
They stared at him blankly and he gave them a dismissive hand gesture. "Whatever. Alyssa's the strongest person in the competition anyway now that she's a Wudai Warrior, whatever that means, so it'll be up to us to take care of it."

Garrett: As much as I pride myself on being a natural leader, I don't tolerate deadweight. And to me, Mia and Albert are deadweight. I carried them through the team portion of this competition, and now they expect me to carry them through the individual portion? No way.

He and Alyssa left the room, leaving Albert and Mia alone. Mia sat up and folded her arms. "Alyssa is far from the strongest person. Just because she's got a few extra powers now doesn't mean she's any better than us."
Albert nodded along. "Yeah, if anything, we're the stronger half of the alliance. I'm pretty sure everyone in the game has won a showdown except for those two. We've each won two!"
"Have you been keeping track?" Mia asked, impressed.
Albert held a finger up and walked to his bed. He stuck his arm under the mattress and pulled out a notebook, then handed it to Mia. "I've been keeping track of everything that's happened in the game so far! Who has what Wu, who's won what challenges, what places in the world we've been to…"
Mia flipped through the pages and said, "You know, for someone who leaves everything ‘up to fate,' you sure do like trying to take control over things."
"I'm not trying to control my fate," Albert corrected, "I'm just keeping a record of it."

Albert: I believe that there is a lot of importance in recordkeeping! You know what they say, "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." I don't want my life to play out in the same way someone else's has! Especially since I'm meant to be great.

"Huh, our alliance might be weaker, but we have more Shen Gong Wu than they do," Mia pointed out, reading the pages. "And, according to this, you have the most Shen Gong Wu, and you've won all of your showdowns. Sounds like a strong competitor to me."
Albert grinned. "I know, right? I think I have the best record left in the game!"
Mia gave him a serious look. "Well, I wouldn't go that far--"
"Everyone better watch out today," Albert continued, "because I'm going full steam ahead!" He jumped up out of the bed and cheered, running into the dining area.

Mia: It's one thing to be confident in yourself, but another to think you're a lot better than you actually are. Albert's my friend, so I don't want to be mean, but I can't let him run out there thinking he's unstoppable. Do you think I'll get another foot rub if I help him out again?

In Team Water's old room, Angelina held a similar meeting with her alliance. She stood next to the window while Bradley sat on the edge of a bed near her. Bronwyn and Scott sat on the bed across from Bradley, while Natalia and K.C. leaned against both sides of the wall next to the door, opposite Angelina.
She looked around the room and clapped excitedly. "My plan is working out so well. We're at six to four. They'll all be gone in just a few more weeks!"
"Who are we voting off next?" Natalia asked, inspecting her nails.
"Definitely Alyssa," Angelina said, without hesitation. "She's the strongest person left now that she got promoted or whatever. That's so dumb. I should be a Wudai Warrior."
Bradley ignored the last part of the statement. "Uh, are you sure you want to go for Alyssa and not Garrett? Or anyone else? She might have gotten promoted, but the rest of them are bigger threats, right?"
Angelina laughed incredulously and replied, "Bigger threats? I could take any of them down! Are you kidding me?"
"Didn't you lose a showdown to Eleanor?" Natalia pointed out smugly. "You seem confident for someone who doesn't have a great history against Fire."
Angelina's laughing quickly stopped and was replaced by a scowl. "We're voting off Alyssa. Done and done."
Bradley and Natalia looked at each other and both opened their mouths, but Angelina held up her palm. "Done and done!" She stormed out of the room.

Angelina: It's hard being the smartest and prettiest person in the room all the time.
Bradley: Angelina, man, I don't know what's up with her sometimes. She was kinda hard to deal with when we were in teams, and now she doesn't even listen to what anyone else has to say. It's kinda getting to me.
Natalia: (closing her eyes and breathing heavily) Only four more eliminations. I just need to get through four more eliminations before I can send her packing.

The contestants began to file into the dining area. Bronwyn looked at Scott as they entered. "I can't wait to get back to the real world. I'm losing my mind living on this plane-thing."
Scott gave her an agreeing glance as everyone stood in line for lunch. At the tail end of the line, Mia and Albert waited behind Natalia, Bronwyn, and Scott. Mia talked to Albert quietly. "I just think Garrett's overreacting."
"Me too! We'll be fine soon enough. He thinks he's so great since he's the ‘leader' of the alliance."
Natalia poked her head in between them. "Sounds like you're having the same problems as I am."
Albert gasped and turned away from her. "I will not consort'st with the enemy!"
Mia gave Albert a strange look and then faced Natalia. "I can imagine working with Angelina is… stressful."
"Yeah, well, for a million dollars, I'll stick it out while I can," Natalia grumbled.
From the front of the line, Garrett and Alyssa spotted Mia chatting with Natalia.

Garrett: Huh, maybe Mia is useful for something.
Alyssa: Way to go! Chatting with Natalia makes our job a lot easier.

"Yeah, Garrett's horrible to work with too. Alyssa isn't much better," Mia said.
Natalia began to say something else, but Albert yanked Mia away and whispered, "Natalia's on the other side! We can't buddy up with her!"
"Uh, I can hear you," Natalia said, waving her hand in front of Albert's face.
Mia pulled away from Albert. "Albert, relax. We're just chatting."
Albert hissed dramatically at Natalia and turned away, facing the front of the line.

Natalia: Albert's a weirdo and a creep. Mia's not bad though. I don't know why she hangs out with him, if I'm being real.
Albert: (flipping through his notebook) Where is it… aha! (opens up to a page) This is a list of all of the mean things Natalia has said on the show. (closes his eyes and points to a random spot on the page) Week 7, in Egypt, quote. "No way! I would've never guessed." Unquote. Unbridled sarcasm! She has negative energy. I won't let that interfere with my plan for greatness.

As the line moved forward, K.C., who stood in front of Bronwyn and Scott, turned around to talk to them. "So, uh, sorry for beating you guys yesterday."
"I just finished getting the yellow paint out of my hair," Bronwyn said, glaring at K.C.. "But no hard feelings. A showdown is a showdown, I guess."
K.C. looked over to Scott, who refused to look back at him.

Scott: I don't know what K.C.'s deal is. I didn't mind us having to go against each other, but then he starts playing dirty and hitting below the belt out of nowhere! Man, I spent so much time building him up and helping him out when he was struggling as his team leader. And this is how he treats me?
K.C.: What's Scott so upset about? He won't even look at me. Is he just sad that I beat him at a showdown? I don't want him to hate me for it.

"What's up, Scott?" K.C. asked directly. "You seem down."
Scott shrugged and continued looking away, and K.C. frowned. "Come on, are you mad at me for winning?" No response. "I mean, you've lost a showdown to William before, so it's not like you're not used to the feeling of losing."
"Seriously?" Scott said, annoyed.
K.C. covered his hands with his mouth. "That's not what I meant! You know, it's just, I'm pretty bad at showdowns normally, I'm probably the worst overall. But you still lost to me, so--"
"Not helping, K.C.," Bronwyn whispered, as Scott sulked even more.
"Oh, that came out wrong too," K.C. realized. "I… y'know what? I'll just… stop."

K.C.: (facepalming) Stupid!
Bronwyn: I know K.C. is a good guy deep down, but man, if he doesn't have a severe case of foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Scott left the line and sat down without eating, and Bronwyn followed him to the table. "C'mon, don't worry about it. You know he doesn't mean to be rude, it just… comes out that way."
"It's just a bummer. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing in this game anymore," Scott groaned.
Bronwyn looked around to make sure everyone else was still waiting in line, and whispered to Scott. "I have an idea. I don't know about you, but I don't want to stay in Angelina's alliance forever."
"I don't think anyone does," Scott admitted.
"So why don't we bring K.C. into a little mini-alliance?" Bronwyn suggested. "You know, once everyone in the other alliance goes home, Angelina is probably going to want us and Natalia gone next."
Scott sat up and seemed hesitant. "I don't know…"
Bronwyn added, "You know, to stay ahead of the game! You said you felt like you don't know what you're doing anymore, and this could help."

Bronwyn: I'm not super competitive, but we are in a competition. And last time I planned something out like this, it worked out perfectly!

"Does it have to be with K.C.?" Scott asked, peeking at him from the table. "What about Natalia?"
"Uh, no," Bronwyn quickly rejected.
Scott set his head down on the table, and in a muffled voice, stated, "I'll think about it."

He and most of the Apprentices around him toppled over as the D.O.J.O. touched down suddenly. Mia grabbed onto a pole in the dining area and blankly looked into the camera. "I refuse to fall if everyone else is."
"Is it raining?" K.C. asked, pointing outside, where water pounded against the windows of the D.O.J.O..
A flash transitioned to show the remaining ten Apprentices standing on top of the D.O.J.O., which was afloat in a body of water. Behind them, a waterfall roared, while Chris gently floated down to the top of the D.O.J.O. using a jetpack. "Howdy, Apprentices."
"I didn't know the D.O.J.O. doubled as a submarine," Alyssa noted.
"It doesn't," Chris frowned. "Yo, Chef!"
From a hatch at the nose of the D.O.J.O., Chef emerged and glared at Chris. "You crazy if you think I'm gettin' this out of the water myself."
"What do we pay you for?!" Chris snapped.
Chef stomped over to Chris and lifted him up by his shirt. "Y'all don't pay me! Where are my checks? Where are my checks???"
Chris panicked and turned his jetpack on, sending both of them into the air together. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"
"Turn this dang thing off!" Chef howled, as the two made spirals and flips in the air. From an observation deck nearby, a group of tourists snapped photos of Chris and Chef.
"Tangle Web Comb!" Garrett called out, attempting to grab the two. He missed and instead smacked Chef in the face with the comb's ropes. "Who did that?!" Chef growled.
Garrett hid the Tangle Web Comb behind him and pointed to K.C., whose eyes widened. "Uh, it wasn't me! I swear! Watch, Lasso Boa Boa!"
The lasso extended from K.C.'s hands and wrapped around Chris's ankle. The ten Apprentices grabbed a section of the lasso and yanked the two hosts back to the D.O.J.O..

K.C.: Chef was going to kill me either way, so I might as well give Chris the chance to announce the challenge and let me escape…

Chris turned off the jetpack. "Just fix the plane, Chef!" He dusted himself off. "Anyway. If you couldn't already tell, we're at the beautiful Niagara Falls! Nature's bridge between Canada and the United States. Funny how that works out?"
Mia chimed, "Actually, borders are a societal structure decided by the privileged minority, usually dictated by environmental obstructions, so Niagara Falls' location isn't so much a coincidence as it is a--"
"Today we have two new Shen Gong Wu!!" Chris interrupted, clearly annoyed. His laser pointer shone at the area on the D.O.J.O. between himself and the Apprentices. A wooden rectangle with a tongue in the center of it appeared. "The first new Shen Gong Wu is the Tongue of Saiping. Whoever possesses this Wu can talk to animals!" Natalia chuckled.

Natalia: Hey, maybe if I grab that Wu, I can finally talk some sense into Angelina.

Chris pressed another button on the pointer, and the image switched over to a conch shell with a black pattern on it. "Today's second Shen Gong Wu is the Mind Reader Conch. As you might've figured out by the name of it, the user can hear the thoughts of others nearby by holding the conch up to their ear."
K.C.'s face dropped.

K.C.: I can't let anyone get that Wu other than me or Bradley. What if someone uses it on me and finds out about my feelings for Scott? I can't have anyone else knowing just yet!

"So, uh," K.C. nervously said, "where are these Wu?"
Chris turned off the laser pointer. "So, here's the deal. They've both been revealed at the same time. You guys have to make a choice to go for the Conch, which is up there," he said, gesturing behind the Apprentices toward the top of the Falls, "or the Tongue, which is down here," he finished, pointing into the water below. "Grabbing either Wu wins you immunity from tonight's elimination! So split up and get moving, because the race to both Wu starts… now!"

Immediately, most of the Apprentices turned around to head for the Mind Reader Conch. Angelina looked around and noticed Natalia, Scott, and Bronwyn staring into the water below for the Tongue of Saiping.
"Um, hello?" Angelina said, walking to the three of them and snapping her fingers. "The entire other alliance is heading for the Conch. We're going to need support."
Natalia raised an eyebrow. "Oh, so you need our help? You can't do it on your own?"
"I'm saying I don't want Alyssa to win immunity," Angelina snapped. "I know you're a little slow, so I'll remind you, she's the strongest person in the game now."
Natalia folded her arms. "A little what? Excuse me?"
Angelina repeated, loudly, "I said, 'I know you're a little slow, so--'"
"I HEARD you," Natalia said roughly. Bronwyn and Scott's gaze jumped back and forth between them.

Bronwyn: I don't know what's weirder, watching Natalia fight with a girl that's not me for a change, or the fact that I'm rooting for Natalia.

Angelina stared daggers at Natalia, then turned to Bronwyn and Scott. "Do me a favor and make sure this traitor doesn't win immunity tonight." She turned back to head to K.C. and Bradley.
Natalia gave Bronwyn and Scott a look, and they shrugged. Scott stated, "Listen, I'm just gonna do my best, and if that means--"
He was cut off by Natalia diving into the water and swimming for the Tongue of Saiping. "Oh, okay," he mumbled.

Garrett huddled with his alliance. "I think it's best if we split up."
"Huh?" Alyssa asked. "But the others are strong. We should stick together and make sure at least one of us wins immunity."
"But you're stronger now," he noted. "Mia and I will go for the Conch. You and Albert stay here and get the Tongue."
Alyssa gave Albert an unsure glance.

Alyssa: I'm at Wudai-level now. Whatever that means. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of unstoppable force now, but I just have some extra powers that I don't even know how to tap into!

"Hey, don't worry, you're with me, the showdown master," Albert beamed. "We've got this!"
Garrett whispered to Mia, "Huh, listen to this guy. ‘Showdown master.'"
Albert guided Alyssa to the other end of the D.O.J.O., where Bronwyn and Scott were standing.

"Gills of Hamachi!" Bradley called out, placing the metal collar around his neck. He grew fins and scales, and dove into the water below, heading toward the base of the waterfall.
K.C. looked around and noticed a number of rocks jutting out of the terrain behind the waterfalls. He gulped and whispered, "Let's hope this works. Mantis Flip Coin!"
He flipped forward several times toward one of the rocks, and barely missed landing on it. He panicked and noticed a stick emerging from the rock, then called out, "Lasso Boa Boa!" He wrapped the lasso around the stick, which snapped from the pressure. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"Ruby of Ramses!" Angelina aimed the Ruby at K.C. and successfully placed him on the rock. "Do I have to do everything around here?" She fished around in the water with the Ruby, then lifted Bradley out of the water and into the air. He gasped for air and flailed around as Angelina dropped him beside K.C.
"Uh, Reversing Mirror," K.C. said, aiming at Bradley. The Gills of Hamachi's effects flipped, allowing Bradley to breathe air again. He choked out some water and turned to yell at Angelina. "What the heck? I was fine! I was gonna swim up the waterfall!"
"Not fast enough!" she yelled back.

Bradley: Dudes, I don't know how much longer I can take teaming up with Angelina. She's really creasing me. I was totally fine!

Garrett and Mia placed their hands together behind their back. "Sun Chi Lantern, Fire!" The lantern glowed with a red flame in its center. With their palms facing down, a blast of fire propelled Garrett and Mia into the air above Niagara Falls.
"And, for good measure," Mia added, "Shroud of Shadows!" She wrapped it around herself and Garrett, hiding them from sight, but the flame propelling them was still visible.
"Amateurs," Angelina mumbled. "Ruby of Ramses!" Aiming the Wu just above the flame, she managed to grab ahold of both Garrett and Mia, then flung them off to the side, at the top of the waterfall.
As they plummeted toward the ground, Garrett looked at Mia. "I hate her so much."

Back at the D.O.J.O., Natalia resurfaced and looked at Bronwyn and Scott. "I didn't see anything down there. Maybe it's not in the area."
Chris, in his jetpack, dropped in altitude near the D.O.J.O.. "Oh, I didn't specifically say it was right here, did I? Whoops. I meant it's in the water under that bridge." He pointed to a bridge down the river.
"That would've helped before, Chris!" Natalia barked, irritatedly climbing back on to the D.O.J.O..
"Hey, no worries, just water under the bridge now, right?" Chris laughed, flying away. "I'm so good at puns."
Natalia was fuming as Scott looked at her. "Alright, come on, we've got this. This is literally our element. Easy pickings. Let's go!" He, Bronwyn, and Natalia dove into the water and swam toward the bridge.
Albert and Alyssa looked on helplessly. Albert turned to her. "We can't swim as fast as they can. Especially not me, my element is Fire. What do you suggest, Madame Wudai?"
"Uh," Alyssa hesitated, "I… I don't really... " She felt around in her robe for her Shen Gong Wu and pulled out the Sword of the Storm. "Hm…"
She looked at Albert. "Hold on tight."

Alyssa: This show is seriously the craziest thing I've ever done. I usually just sit at home playing video games and talking to my friends! Now I'm flying all over the world looking for these magic toys… check me out.

"Wudai Star, Wind! Sword of the Storm!" Her Wind powers swept her and Albert off of their feet. She grabbed the hilt of the Sword with both hands as it sped along, gently parting the water in front of her as the Sword barely zipped over the surface. Albert grabbed on to her ankles and skidded against the surface of the water a few times.
They zoomed past the other three Apprentices. "Are you kidding me?" Bronwyn gasped.
Natalia squinted. "Not on my watch. Silk Spitter!" Alyssa zigzagged to try to avoid the webs coming at her, but one made contact and knocked her and Albert off-course into the water.

Alyssa: (dripping water while looking at her hands) That… was so… cool!

Bradley, K.C, and Angelina reached the top of the falls after climbing along the rocks at the edge. They made eye contact with Garrett and Mia across the river leading into the waterfall, and both parties dashed along the river.
Mia aimed the Star Hanabi at them. "Star Hanabi!"
"Reversing Mirror!" K.C. said, and the Star's fireballs redirected back to Garrett and Mia. They both jumped and rolled forward, narrowly avoiding them.
They continued running and noticed the Mind Reader Conch, sitting on the branch of a tree on Garrett and Mia's side of the river. Garrett laughed, "Hah! It's ours!"
"You mean mine," Mia corrected, speeding ahead.
"No way!" Angelina growled. "Woozy Shooter!" She blew a purple smog to the other side of the river. Garrett tripped over the roots of a tree and was engulfed in it. He giggled and pointed at Angelina. "You look so funny! You look like… like… what was her name? Tina?"
Angelina stopped in her tracks. "WHO?!"

Angelina: I did not get rid of that skank just to have someone compare me to her a million episodes later!

K.C. reminded her, "You remember, Tina? The other loud and annoying girl who was just the kind of chunkier version of you?"
Angelina stomped her foot and caused the ground underneath K.C. to crumble. He lost his balance and fell into the river. "Hey!"
"I'm sorry, who?!" Angelina repeated. She noticed Mia reaching for the Mind Reader Conch. "Ruby of Ramses!"
She grabbed Mia using the Ruby's telekinetic powers and yanked her back into the river. "None for you!"
"Gills of Hamachi!" Bradley called out, jumping into the river. The Wu granted him with fantastic swimming abilities, allowing him to overcome the river's current and reach the other side of the river with ease. He removed the Gills as he approached the tree. "Aha! We won!"
As he reached for the Conch, Angelina cleared her throat. "Seismic Kick, Earth!"
She stomped her foot and the ground around her quaked, including the tree on the other side of the river. It began to fall over. Bradley panicked and yelled, "Timber!"
As the tree fell, the Mind Reader Conch flew off of it and landed into Angelina's hands. Bradley was dropped into the river below, and soon after, he, K.C, and Mia plummeted down the Falls, with Garrett pointing and guffawing at them from a distance the entire time.
"That's how you win a challenge," Angelina said, with a satisfied smirk.

Angelina: What does it feel like to be a winner? Correct. Intended. The way the world ought to be.
Bradley: Man, that is it for Angelina. First she yells at me today, now she messes me up in the challenge even though I'm in her alliance! I can't stay allied with her, dudes. No way.
Garrett: (still under the effects of the Woozy Shooter) Hee-hee-hee… everyone went woosh down the water! Like a toilet! (flushes the toilet he's sitting on) Woosh! Woosh! Woooooooosh!!!!! (laughs uncontrollably)

Angelina and a loopy Garrett reconvened at the D.O.J.O., and were shortly joined by Bradley, Mia, and K.C., swimming toward them.
In a sing-songy voice, Angelina said, "I won the Conch, na-na-na-na-na-na! Immunity for me. Now let's put this to use… Mind Reader Conch!"
Putting the conch up to her ear, she listened for the thoughts of nearby Apprentices, looking at Bradley, then K.C., then Mia, then Garrett.
"I can't believe she made me lose. Insane, bro, insane."
"Oh man, I really have to watch what I think about now."
"That Ruby of Ramses is really stupid."
"(elevator music)"
She pursed her lips and looked in the other direction toward the Tongue of Saiping. "Mind Reader Conch!"
"Okay, sure, Alyssa has cool powers now… but I'm still the showdown master!"
"Maybe I actually am strong now… cool."
"If Angelina won immunity today I'm gonna cut someone."
"Scott's a really cute swimmer. Does that make sense? Like, he strokes well. Wait…"
"I gotta win a challenge soon. K.C. beat me in a showdown. K.C.! Come on."
She took the Conch away from her ear and tossed it up and down in her hand. "Oh, I see how it is. Gotcha, Natalia, just you wait."

Albert and Alyssa had the lead as they swam to the bridge, but Bronwyn, Scott, and Natalia were slowly closing the gap. Alyssa squinted and spotted the Tongue of Saiping sitting on a boulder below the bridge.
"Look!" She pointed to it, and she and Albert swam faster.
"I think they spotted it," Scott said. "Come on, we gotta catch up!"
Bronwyn aimed the Orb of Tornami behind the three of them. "Orb of Tornami, Water!" A jetstream erupted from the Orb and sent the three of them speeding toward the Tongue of Saiping like a torpedo. They crashed into Albert and Alyssa on the way and the five of them smashed into the rock.
The Tongue of Saiping rocked slightly, but remained on the boulder. Albert climbed the boulder eagerly, slipping down occasionally due to the water. He stepped on Alyssa's head to reach for the Wu. "Hey!" she complained. "My hair!"
Bronwyn, Scott, and Natalia also climbed it, much more easily thanks to their elemental advantage. Suddenly, two hands grabbed the Tongue of Saiping at the same time.
"Great," Natalia said, locking eyes with Albert. "I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"
"The Showdown Master gets to prove himself yet again!" Albert cheered.
The D.O.J.O., now fully functioning as a submarine, emerged from the water next to the boulder. Mia squinted and saw Natalia and Albert floating with the Tongue of Saiping glowing between them. She frowned.

Mia: Why would Albert get into a showdown instead of Alyssa? She's much stronger now. I commend Albert for trying to go against the norm, but we can't afford to lose a chance at immunity for someone this strong in our alliance!
Alyssa: I can't believe I'm saying this, but the best outcome is if Albert loses. If he beats Natalia, she'll be mad at him and she'll never want to join our alliance!

"Your Thorn of Thunderbolt against my Silk Spitter," Natalia proposed.
Albert nodded, then added, "The game is Last Man Standing! First to fall into the water loses."
"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The boulder beneath them rose into the air, as Bronwyn, Scott, and Alyssa fell off of it. The boulder stretched out into a large, circular arena that floated in mid-air. Small craters were scattered throughout the arena, and geysers periodically erupted from them.
"Gong Yi Tampai!" The two Apprentices charged at each other toward the center of the arena.
"Judolette Flip, Fire!" Albert flipped forward and pounced on the ground, causing flames to shoot out in four different directions, splitting the arena into quarters. A geyser erupted below one of the flames, causing steam to fill the arena.
Natalia squinted. "Show yourself so I can win already!"
"Thorn of Thunderbolt!" Natalia panicked and jumped in a random direction to avoid the lightning ray coming her way. "Hah! You're gonna have to do better than that!"

Outside of the arena, the rest of the Apprentices and Chris watched on.
"This is intense," Scott commented, using the Falcon's Eye to see through the dense steam.
"Let me see," Angelina said, snatching the Wu away from him. "Ugh, she's an idiot. He's right there."
Bronwyn chirped, "She can't see, Angelina."
Rolling her eyes, she passed the Falcon's Eye back to Scott. "She's not trying hard enough. Doesn't matter anyway."

Angelina: I'm sick of Natalia. My alliance doesn't need her to keep our majority, and her attitude is out of control. So I'm going to need Albert to win this one and send her flying back home.

Angelina took out the Mind Reader Conch and placed it against her ear.
"Maybe if I just shoot silk webs everywhere, it'll hit him! Haha!"
Loudly, Angelina said, "Oh, wow, what if she just shoots webs everywhere? He'll definitely get hit by that!"
Albert heard this and his eyes widened. He heard Natalia yell, "Silk Spitter!"
He ducked and avoided the webs coming his way. The steam fully evaporated and revealed most of the arena was covered in silk. Natalia beamed in delight to see the aftermath of her successful plan, then noticed Albert crouching to avoid the webs. "What the heck?"
"Uh, one of your friends tipped me off," Albert said, gesturing to the stands. Angelina mouthed, "Who, me?" She then nodded and made a throat-cutting motion to Natalia.
"Oh, great, she won that stupid conch," Natalia groaned.

Natalia: Now she's sabotaging me. In front of everybody. Oh, she thinks she's slick! Better watch out, because I'm coming for you now.

As she flipped Angelina off, the distraction was enough time for Albert to fire off a shot from the Thorn of Thunderbolt directly at Natalia's chest. She skidded across the arena, landing on her side by the edge of it.
"Finish her!" Angelina yelled.
Albert approached Natalia and frowned. "Some friends you have on that alliance. Sorry, but this one's mine!" He aimed the Thorn of Thunderbolt at Natalia, who struggled to look up.
Noticing a geyser beginning to erupt, she yelled, "Tornado Strike, Water!" She slid off of the arena as Albert fired off the Thorn, just missing her. The water from the geyser redirected to Albert, shooting him off of the arena as well. The extra push from the geyser sent Albert into the water with a splash, just before Natalia also hit the water. The environment returned to normal.

At the top of the boulder, Natalia stood tall with the Silk Spitter, Tongue of Saiping, and Thorn of Thunderbolt in her hands. "I win!"
She stuck her tongue out at Angelina, who scoffed and rolled her eyes. Albert emerged from the water, gasping for air, and looked at the crowd of Apprentices standing on the D.O.J.O.. Alyssa frowned at him while Garrett pointed and chuckled. "Haha, he's all wet! Watery boy! He's a water boy!" He doubled over and laughed hysterically.
Albert raised an eyebrow in concern and Mia dismissed, "Woozy Shooter."
Chris announced, "With both Wu found, that's a wrap on the challenge! Angelina and Natalia both have immunity. Everybody else, you're fair game!"

The Banishment Ceremony was tense. The top ten Apprentices gathered at the bleachers without saying a word to each other. Chris entered shortly after. "Alrighty, you all know the drill. Someone's taking that drop today! When I call your name, it means you're safe."
"First, the winners of today's challenge, Natalia and Angelina!"
They glared at each other.

Natalia: Angelina is dead to me. Officially. I talked to Garrett and Alyssa and they want to vote off Bradley, but I don't have a problem with Bradley. Whatever, you'll see how this vote ends up.
Angelina: I would've voted for Natalia if she wasn't immune, so I voted for the idiot who let her win her immunity after I literally helped him cheat.

"Scott and K.C., you guys are safe."
K.C. looked at Scott and gave him a thumbs-up. Scott did not return it.

K.C.: Man, I'm really worried that I might've messed up any chance I had with Scott last week. At least we're both still here, right?

"Next on the safe docket: Garrett and Alyssa!"
They high-fived each other. Alyssa gave Natalia a quick glance, and she quickly nodded and turned back to Chris.

Garrett: I'm shocked that Alyssa and I are still safe, frankly. We're the strongest people on our alliance. Angelina's an idiot for not targeting us today.
Alyssa: I feel bad voting for Bradley, but with Angelina immune, he's the next biggest threat. I'm glad I'm safe, though!

"Down to four," Chris continued. "Our next safe contestant is………… Mia!"
She glanced at Albert nervously, then squeezed his hand.

Mia: Why would Angelina's alliance go for Albert? I'm not saying he's weak, but Wudai Warrior Alyssa is right there.

"Bronwyn, you're safe, too."
She exhaled and rested her head on Scott's shoulder, causing K.C. to turn away.
"Albert and Bradley! You're our bottom two tonight. You're both solid competitors! But one of you has to go tonight. The final Apprentice who will be staying another week on Total Drama Showdown is………………"
They gulped and looked at each other.
Garrett, Alyssa, and Mia all gasped and whipped their heads at Natalia. She shrugged plainly as Albert looked down at his feet.

Albert: (flipping through his notebook) I was not expecting this! Based on my notes, I should have made it to at least the Top 5! I can't go so soon. Although, tenth place seems like a fitting number for someone of my caliber. It's a milestone number. It's very heroic. Do I get a medal?

"Well, friends, I've enjoyed my time here very much!" He slipped on a parachute backpack. "I leave my Yin Yo-Yo and Eye of Dashi to Mia, my Ju-Ju Flytrap to Garrett, and my Glove of Jisaku to Alyssa."
He waved one last time to Mia, who then stood up and ran over to him.
"Hey, listen," she said, digging in her pockets. She pulled out a piece of paper and placed it in his hands. "It's my e-mail. I know, it's easier to just give you my phone number, but--"
"It's so overdone?" Albert finished.
She smiled and stepped backward as Albert took the Drop of Shame. "Onward to my destinyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Chris took his cue to sign off. "We're down to nine competitors, over thirty Wu between ‘em, and a million reasons for you to tune in next week! Don't miss what's coming next, only on Total… Drama… Showdown!!"

Chapter Nineteen: Shen Gong Wrong


Focusing on the full moon above, the camera panned down to zoom in on Chris, sitting in the cockpit. "Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our final ten took a trip to the beautiful Niagara Falls to find our two newest Shen Gong Wu: the Mind Reader Conch and the Tongue of Saiping. Angelina's becoming a growing pain as the leader of her own alliance, and it looks like Bradley's about to follow Natalia's lead and jump ship. Too bad they couldn't get rid of Angelina last week since she swiped the Mind Reader Conch right from under Bradley's nose, winning her immunity. And it seems like we would've said goodbye to Natalia, but she also won immunity after beating Albert in an epic Last Man Standing Xiaolin Showdown! In the end, as hard as they tried, Garrett's alliance fell victim again to the sheer numbers Angelina had on her side. We said farewell to our fiery competitor Albert and watched him take the Drop of Shame. Nine contestants remain! We've made it to the single-digits, people! Eight will remain to battle it out after tonight's episode, but only one of them will stick around long enough to win the final cash prize. Who's gonna brave their way through to the end, and who will get spooked out of the running? Find out here, only on Total… Drama… Showdown!"

The episode picked up immediately where the previous left off; the nine Apprentices were returning to their rooms. Mia looked behind her at the open door to the Drop of Shame, then sighed.

Mia: I'm going to miss Albert. Pardon the cliché, but he was my partner-in-crime. We did almost everything together! (looks down at her hands) You know what? This could be a good thing. Studies show that spite is the most effective form of motivation.

She and Natalia reached their rooms at the same time. Natalia began to open her door, then stopped and turned to Mia. "Look, I know you're probably sad that I voted off your boyfriend or whatever--"
"Okay, he's far from my boyfriend," Mia corrected.
"You gave him your number," Natalia noted.
"My e-mail," Mia corrected again.
Natalia jokingly raised her hands up in defense. "Okay, look. I didn't just vote him off because I didn't like him." Mia folded her arms in response. "I voted him off because he was a threat. It was strategic."
Mia leaned against the wall and faced away from Natalia, who approached her slowly. "I really am sorry. If it helps I'm definitely part of your alliance now."
"Well, you're one challenge too late!" Mia scolded. "There's only four of us and five of them. At this point I don't even know if our alliance is still sticking together."
Mia slammed the door to her and Alyssa's room in Natalia's face.

Natalia: Okay, first of all, Albert's definitely her boyfriend. And B, she needs to calm down. Sure, on paper we don't have the majority vote, but Angelina isn't just getting on my nerves, she's getting on everyone's nerves. Who's gonna stick around with that mess for another week? No one!

Garrett and Alyssa entered the hallway and approached Natalia.
"So what's going on? Are you in or not?" Garrett demanded. "Because if you voted for Bradley like we agreed, Albert would still be here!"
Natalia groaned. "Look. I voted for Albert because whether you want to admit it or not, he was a threat."
Garrett laughed and exchanged a look with Alyssa, but Natalia persisted, "No, I'm serious. He beat me in a showdown before and almost beat me in another one. Mia is strong too."
"What are you saying?" Garrett asked, narrowing his eyes.
"I'm saying," Natalia began, "that I did what was in my best interest. I'm happy to help you vote off Angelina next or whatever, but I'm also playing this competition for me."
Alyssa pouted and leaned against the wall. "So what you're saying is, we can't trust you."
Natalia held a finger up. "I didn't say that! You have my word for the next elimination. I'll vote off whoever you want."
"Pinky promise?" Alyssa asked, offering her finger.
Garrett swatted Alyssa's hand away. "C'mon, grow up." He looked at Natalia. "I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, but we're really out of options here. Either way, we only have four votes to their five. I'm making it your responsibility to get one more vote from the other alliance." He walked away and entered his room.

Natalia: Garrett's an idiot for telling me to get his fifth vote after I literally just told him I'm playing for myself. Whatever. I know Bradley's almost had it with Angelina, so I'll see if he wants to vote her off.
Garrett: I thought I had control over this game, but it's been blunder after blunder ever since the teams merged. Maybe Natalia's playing this game the right way - maybe I just need to worry about myself.
Alyssa: I'm definitely concerned about my position in the game right now. People still think I'm a huge threat since I'm Wudai-level. My alliance is outnumbered. But I can't give up!

Angelina's alliance was gathered in the dining area around the central table. K.C. yawned and looked around, then asked, "Why are we in here? It's so late."
"We need an alliance meeting," Angelina explained. "And we can't meet in my room since Natalia sleeps there."
"Um, isn't she in the alliance?" Scott asked.
Angelina realized, "Oh, you all think she's still with us? After the way she spoke to me?"
Bronwyn and Scott looked at each other in confusion. Bradley adjusted his hat and looked at K.C., who was falling asleep.
"Natalia is out of the alliance," Angelina clarified. "And as soon as possible, she's going to be out of this competition."
Bradley raised an eyebrow. "Whoa, uh, slow down. You sure you don't want to focus on Garrett and his alliance first? I mean, Alyssa's still super strong, and Mia--"
Angelina slapped her hands on the table, startling a nearly-asleep K.C.. "Natalia. Is. Gone."
"What happened to your plan, huh?" Bradley asked defensively. "I thought we were gonna vote off everyone from Wind and Fire first."
"Plans change," Angelina said plainly. "What does it matter to you? You're still going to be safe. Thanks to my perfect alliance."
Bradley stood up and left the dining area. Angelina called out after him, "Hey! Where are you going?! I didn't say we could leave yet!!"

Bradley: (taking off his hat and resting his head in his hands) Yo, guys, I don't know what to do anymore. I'm a chill guy. I really am. But I've had it up to here with Angelina, bro. I wanna ditch her so bad. But I don't wanna leave K.C., Scott, and Bronwyn in a bad place. They haven't done anything wrong, y'know? And they're all my friends.

Angelina left the dining area to chase after Bradley, leaving K.C., Scott, and Bronwyn alone. K.C. looked around and asked, "Are we done? I'm so tired."
He was about to set his head down on the table when Bronwyn leaned in and said, "Hey, so, I have something to ask you!"
He jolted up and looked at her, annoyed. "Yes?"
"So, with so few people left, Scott and I were thinking that the three of us could make a secret alliance once a few more people go home," she suggested. Scott's eyes widened. He tapped her shoulder and gave her a confused look.

Scott: I didn't agree to this yet! I get that Bronwyn's excited about where we are in the competition, but I don't want to go around making promises about stuff yet. Not to mention, I'm still not over K.C. acting like a jerk the other day.
K.C.: Scott… wants to make a small, intimate alliance… with me? I guess Bronwyn's there too, but, y'know, minor details.

"What do you think?" Bronwyn asked.
Scott quickly stated, "It's okay if you don't want to agree now. I know it's a heavy decision that you might need some more time to think abou--"
"Absolutely!" K.C. said. He reached out and shook Bronwyn's hand, then shook Scott's hand, but didn't let go of it.
"Uh," Scott said, "K.C.? Dude?"
K.C. looked down at his hand firmly gripping Scott's. "Oh. Uh, I was just testing you in case you wanted to… arm-wrestle?"
Scott laughed, "Yeah, sure thing."
"Well, while you two do that, I'm going to bed," Bronwyn yawned. She stood up and kissed Scott on the cheek, then left the dining area. K.C. glared at her as she left, letting Scott slam K.C.'s hand into the table. "I win!"

Angelina entered Bradley, K.C., and Scott's room, where Bradley lay alone face-up on his bed, spinning the Gills of Hamachi around his index finger. She pinched her nose as she walked toward him. "It smells like corn chips in here."
Bradley continued twirling the Gills in his hand without saying a word. Angelina sat on the edge of his bed. "Oh, you're gonna try to do the whole silent thing? Super mature. Look. I don't care if you're mad at me or whatever. I just need to know that you're not gonna do something stupid."
He stopped twirling the Wu and set it down, then sat up. "What's your deal? Like, why are you like this?"
"I don't have a 'deal,'" Angelina sneered, looking away. "I'm competing for a million dollars. That should be everyone's deal, but apparently the only person who cares about winning is me."

Angelina: Before I left for the show my mom said something like, "Remember to be nice! You won't want to regret anything when you watch yourself on TV!" But when did being nice ever get anyone anywhere? I'm not going out of my way to not be nice, but I'm not going to pretend to be anyone's friend to make it far. To me that's like the worst thing you could do - pretend to be someone's friend. (checks her nails) And I didn't come here to make friends! This isn't Total Friendship Showdown.

Bradley flopped back into bed and groaned. "Fine. Just let me go to bed."
Angelina stood up and left the room, but before closing the door, took the Mind Reader Conch from her robe and lifted it to her ear. She whispered, "Mind Reader Conch."
"Man, this is so lame. I'll suck it up for like one more week, two max, and after that I'm done with her."
She pouted and closed the door behind her, then said to herself, "Fine then. One more week - two max - is how long you'll be lasting."

The contestants were asleep as a shot of the D.O.J.O. soaring through the night was shown. The full moon in the background began to glow a sickly yellow, and the D.O.J.O. started to lose altitude. It began simply descending, then took an abrupt nosedive.
Scott was tossed out of his bed and looked around his room in a panic, when suddenly Bradley and K.C. were thrown against the window. "What's going on?!"
Bradley's face was plastered against the window as he saw the ground slowly approaching. "We're falling, dude!"
The door to their room burst open, and the rest of the Apprentices ran inside, looking around worriedly.
Alyssa pleaded, "Anyone have a plan to get us out of here?!"
Everyone began taking out their Shen Gong Wu, looking for a way to save themselves. Mia pulled out her two yo-yos and ordered, "Everybody in! Yin-Yang Yo-Yo!"
She let the two yo-yos unwind as the portal to the Yin-Yang World revealed itself. The nine Apprentices quickly hustled through the portal. The last thing they heard before the portal closed was an immense creaking as the D.O.J.O. plummeted.

The final nine caught their breath and looked around at the Yin-Yang World. The nine of them stood on a bright, illuminated, white pathway that spiraled downward.
"What is this place?" Bronwyn asked, looking down below.
"The Yin-Yang World," Mia answered. "Chris said the yo-yos can let us teleport short distances, so… let's see if I can get us to ground level."
Bradley voiced, "Wait! Let's look around for a bit. This place seems pretty cool."
Mia began to protest, but the other eight Apprentices were already making their way down the illuminated path. She groaned and followed them.

Mia: Not to be that person, but I visited the Yin-Yang World before it was cool. I had an entire showdown here. It's nothing special!

As they made their descent, a cloudy fog began to form around them, getting more dense as they walked.
"I can't see a thing," Garrett complained, attempting to swat away the fog.
"Maybe we should head back," Alyssa suggested nervously.
Natalia yawned and agreed. "I need to get back to sleep. It takes a lot of work to look this good."
Angelina began to say something, but Mia opened up the portal back to the real world. "Alright, all aboard."
Scott began to enter, but then paused. "Wait! Didn't Chris say if we come back out, we'd turn evil or something?"
Mia assured him, "That's only if use one of the yo-yos. Albert gave me his when he was voted off," she paused at the memory, "so we're okay since I used both yo-yos." They jumped through the portal together.

The nine Apprentices exited the Yin-Yang World and appeared at a dock. They were surrounded by sailboats and the only thing they could hear was the gentle crash of a few waves.
"Uh, dudes, where's Chris?" Bradley asked, looking around.
"Let's ask him," Garrett suggested, pointing at a man walking toward them.
He ran up to him and asked, "Have you seen a TV show host? About an inch shorter than me, is about 40 years old, but the makeup knocks him back down to around 28, may have been accompanied by a long, green flying object?"
The man stared at Garrett blankly and made a low, groaning noise.
"Hello?" Garrett asked, annoyed. He waved his hand in front of the man's face repeatedly. "Alright, whatever, you're useless."
The man attempted to lick Garrett's hand, but he yanked it back quickly. "What the--?"
A loud splash was heard behind the other Apprentices, who jumped and yelped. Garrett rushed back to the group and warned, "Listen, I don't know what's wrong with that guy, but--"
"Red alert, Apprentices!" a familiar voice yelled. The D.O.J.O., which was the object that crashed into the water and startled the contestants, surfaced next to the dock. Chris's voice was heard over the PA system announcing, "And yes, I'm okay, thanks for asking." The hatch at the top of the D.O.J.O. was popped open and Chris emerged from it. "We've got a big problem."

Chris now stood at the end of the dock with the rest of the Apprentices facing him. "A new Wu has revealed itself."
"Now?!" Natalia complained. "I'm so tired. Can't this wait until tomorrow?"
Chris waved his hand at her dismissively. "Nuh-uh. This is important." He pointed his laser pointer at the boards of the dock between himself and the Apprentices. "This Wu is called the Zing Zom-Bone. Whoever possesses this Wu can turn anyone around them into an obedient, mindless zombie. Creepy stuff."

Natalia: Angelina doesn't even need that Wu, the rest of her alliance already follows her around like that!
Garrett: Call me unethical, but maybe if I used that on Natalia, she'd listen to me for a change.

"So where is it?" Angelina yawned. "Let's get this over with."
Chris gave her an irritated glance. "You kids really are oblivious, huh? Look around!" He pointed to the yellow full moon behind him. "That's not natural, you know. The Zing Zom-Bone has its greatest effect under a full moon. Now that it's activated, its evil magic is spreading quickly. That's why the D.O.J.O. crapped out on us in the middle of the night!"
"You sure it's not because it's a dingy piece of metal?" Bradley laughed.
Chris ignored him. "Not only that, it's turning the citizens of Toronto into zombies."
"That explains a lot," Garrett said, keeping the zombified man away from the group by pushing him away with the Third-Arm Sash.
Chris urged, "You guys have got to find the Zing Zom-Bone, and fast. It's already taken control of everyone in Toronto, and as the night goes on, its powers will only grow stronger."
Angelina tapped her foot impatiently. "So, where is it?!"
Chris shrugged. "I don't know for sure, but I assume it's somewhere pretty high up if it's already cast its spell on so many people. My guess? The CN Tower." He pointed to the needle-like tower not far behind the Apprentices.

Angelina: (taking bobby pins out of her hair in preparation for the challenge) If Chris makes me climb one more stupid landmark, I'm gonna shove my foot so far up his--

"Get going!" Chris ordered. "The fate of the world is in your hands."
"That sounds really dramatic, but, okay," Natalia said, watching Chris enter the D.O.J.O..
Alyssa turned and asked, "So, what's the pla—" She realized Garrett was already darting away from the group, and toward the tower. "Oh."

Garrett: This is going to be my chance to finally win an individual challenge. I can't rely on my alliance to get through this game anymore. Not that it's my fault things went south, but I'm not going to stick around to witness the carnage if we remain outnumbered.

Bronwyn and Scott made haste behind Garrett who was making his way down the avenue toward the CN Tower, followed closely by K.C., Mia, and Alyssa. The remaining three Apprentices lagged behind the pack. Bradley jogged between Angelina and Natalia, keeping an eye on both of them.

Bradley: Man, this is like that thing with Tina all over again. I'm not gonna get caught in the middle of it. Not this time!

Angelina cleared her throat and requested, "Bradley, can you please tell Natalia that she runs like an elephant on ice skates?"
"And could you tell Angelina that without her makeup she looks like a grimy, ashy elbow?" Natalia asked, smiling sweetly at Bradley.
Bradley immediately halted and turned back around to the dock. "Nope! You girls are on your own! I'm not doing this today!" He sprinted down the avenue all the way back to the D.O.J.O..
The girls glared at him, then at each other, and began to pick up the pace.

The yellow moon began to glow brighter, and tails of white fog seemed to emerge from it. Alyssa looked at it worriedly as she ran alongside Mia. "I don't like the looks of that."
Mia looked up and stopped running. "Really? I do. I wish I had my Polaroid on me."
The sound of shattered glass caught her attention. She whipped her head toward it and noticed a group of men climbing out of the window and stumbling toward her. "Uh=oh." She and Alyssa picked up the pace and darted into an alleyway, where they ran directly into K.C., who was hiding.
The three of them fell to the pavement and groaned as they looked up and found themselves cornered in by a wall of zombies.
"This isn't how I wanted it to end," Alyssa mumbled.
"I will not be an early filler death in this low-budget zombie movie," Mia declared. "Judolette Flip, Fire!"
With a running start, she flipped forward and landed with her palms slammed to the ground. Streaks of fire emerged from her fingertips in all directions, warding away a number of the zombies.
K.C. jumped beside her and yelled, "Seismic Kick, Earth!" With a stomp, the ground beneath all of the zombies slowly began to rise.
"Wudai Star, Wind!" Alyssa finished. A column of air lifted her from the ground. She clapped her palms together, and a burst of wind knocked all of the zombies off of the raised ground and away from the alleyway.
As she slowly made her descent, Alyssa looked at the others and grinned. "We make a pretty good team!" K.C. simply gave her an annoyed glance and walked away.

Alyssa: What's his problem?

Angelina and Natalia continued to run side-by-side, and approached the entrance of a highway underpass. The other end of it was blocked off by an overturned eighteen-wheeler.
"Use your Earth powers to get that out of the way!" Natalia suggested.
Angelina stepped back and glared at Natalia. "Um, I'm sorry, who said you could tell me what to do?"
"Oh my god, just move the truck."
"Now I don't want to."
"Because you told me to."
"Are you serious?"
"Do I look like I'm joking?"
Natalia threw her hands up in exasperation and turned around to see a mass of zombies coming their way. Her eyes widened and she turned around to see even more zombies climbing over the overturned truck, closing in on the two girls.
"Now would be a really good time," Natalia urged.
Angelina folded her arms and looked away. "Nah."

Angelina: I don't care if the sky splits open right in front of me. No one tells me what to do. Especially Natalia. Remember what happened last time I listened to her? I ended up in jail. Now I have a criminal record in Arizona.

Natalia clenched her jaw, then barked, "Fine! If you're gonna be no help... Sphere of Yun!"
Angelina was suddenly encased in a yellow orb. She pounded against the walls of it and yelled obscenities at Natalia, who couldn't hear anything.
"Finally, some peace and quiet," Natalia sighed. "Other than these zombies."
She suddenly snapped her fingers. "Hang on, the Sphere of Yun gives me all of Angelina's powers and possessions..."
With a running start toward the crowd of zombies, Natalia dropped to the ground, sliding on her hip with a leg extended, crying out, "Seismic Kick, Earth!" The concrete below her cracked open and jutted out in a V-shape in front of her, parting open a pathway and disorienting the zombies.
"That's how you use those Earth powers," Natalia stated. She turned back to look at Angelina, who was already sprinting toward her within the orb. She ran over Natalia and blew a raspberry as she hustled along the now-clear path.

Still at the front of the pack, Garrett skidded to a halt at the base of the CN Tower. "First place, perfect." He opened the front doors only to have a horde of zombified security guards turn to stare at him. He quickly shut the doors again and turned around to face Bronwyn and Scott, who caught up to him.
"What's going on?" asked Scott.
"This won't be a good point of entry," Garrett mumbled.
Bronwyn and Scott looked at each other, followed by a quick nod of agreement. "Jetbootsu!" Scott called out. Bronwyn instinctively hopped on his back and the two began to fly to the top of the tower.
Garrett gritted his teeth. "I am not losing this challenge! Tangle Web Comb!"
With both hands to steady the Wu, he braced himself as the ropes burst out of it. The comb's ropes wrapped around Scott's ankle, effectively halting the couple from flying any higher. "Huh?" Bronwyn said, looking back down at Garrett.
Groaning, Garrett began spinning around, using Bronwyn and Scott as a human medieval flail. The ropes of the Tangle Web Comb began to wrap around the CN Tower, until Bronwyn and Scott were pulled in and smacked against the tower. "Ugh."
"Manchurian Musca!" Garrett called out grinning. He morphed into a fly and made his way to the top of the tower.

Trapped by the Tangle Web Comb's ropes, Scott wriggled in place. "We can't let him get it!" he said. He looked at Bronwyn, who nodded. "Lotus Twister!"
Her arms stretched out of the ropes' hold and reached around to Scott. She worked on untying the ropes around him, to no avail. "These ropes are stuck!"
K.C., Mia, and Alyssa reached the tower and examined the situation. K.C. squinted and noticed Bronwyn and Scott pinned to the tower by the ropes. He tapped his finger on his chin, then smirked. "Reversing Mirror!"
The ropes began to unravel. Scott remained suspended in the air by the Jetbootsu, but Bronwyn began to plummet to the concrete below. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"Bronwyn!" Scott gasped.
"I gotcha!" Alyssa assured. "Sword of the Storm!" She launched herself into the air, using the Sword as a steering wheel, and grabbed Bronwyn's arm as she was falling. She gently landed with her, and Bronwyn looked up to give Scott a thumbs-up. K.C. folded his arms, while Alyssa and Mia gave him an unsure glance.

Alyssa: That was pretty reckless of K.C.. Then again, he's always messing things up, even when he's trying to be the good guy.
Mia: You know, I was joking when I said I wanted the other alliance to get killed off, right? Did K.C. overhear me?
K.C.: I was just trying to help out "my new secret alliance." Whoops! (snickers)

Scott soared into the sky and reached the top of the CN Tower, where the Zing Zom-Bone sat. A yellow fog emerging from the Wu filled the area.
"Alright, it's mine!" he grinned. He flew to the Wu and grabbed it, causing it to glow. "Huh?"
A small fly skittered to the top of the Wu, and a voice chirped, "Manchurian Musca!" Garrett grew to full size, with his hand on the Zing Zom-Bone as well. "Scott, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!"
"This is not the time!" Scott snapped. "The world is in danger!"
"And I'm going to save it," Garrett smugly stated. "I wager my Third-Arm Sash against your Jetbootsu."
Scott looked around desperately. "Hello?! Chris?! Anyone?! Can we call this off? This is a lot more high-stakes than some reality show!"
In a jetpack, Chris suddenly appeared next to the two of them. "You know what, Scott, you're right."
"What?!" Garrett shrieked. "No fair!"
Chris shrugged. "This is a high-stakes situation... which is why you two are going to Shen Yi Bu Dare for this Wu!"
On the ground, Bronwyn, Mia, K.C., Alyssa looked around in confusion. Alyssa asked, "A shen yi who?"

Alyssa: He has to be making this stuff up.

Chris narrated, "A Shen Yi Bu Dare works just like a normal Xiaolin Showdown, except the stakes are doubled! In this type of showdown, each person wagers two Shen Gong Wu. The winner takes home five total Wu!"
"Oh, I love the sound of that," Garrett grinned.
Scott stuttered, "This... this isn't the time to... Chris, dude, c'mon—"
"In that case," Garrett interrupted, "I also wager my Ju-Ju Flytrap against your Falcon's Eye!"
Before Scott could jump in, Garrett finished, "The game is... survive a haunted house. First to get captured by zombies loses!"
Mia rolled her eyes from the ground below and flatly asked, "What is this, the Halloween episode?"
The boys locked eyes and chanted, "Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

Scott, Garrett, and the Zing Zom-Bone flew into the air. The dock that the Apprentices originally started their search broke apart into individual wooden planks, and then reassembled in the shape of a two-story haunted house that hovered above the water. The spectators - Bronwyn, Alyssa, K.C., and Mia - watched from a large buoy in the water below.
Garrett and Scott landed in the ground floor of the haunted house. A once-grand staircase, that led up to the second floor and diverged into two opposite hallways, was now falling apart. The boys looked around and heard the low groaning of zombies within the house.
"Gong Yi Tampai!" the two Apprentices shouted, and the showdown commenced. Scott darted up the staircase and into one of the hallways, while Garrett remained downstairs and ventured into the other rooms.

Scott slowly walked through a creaky hallway with various doors on either wall. He dug into his pocket and whispered, "Falcon's Eye!"

Scott: I'm gonna be honest, I've never been a big fan of scary movies. Especially zombie movies. I just don't like jump scares, you know?

He faced a door on his left and used the Falcon's Eye to scan the inside of the room. It was a bedroom, and a single zombie was inside, opening up drawers and tossing away the clothes inside of them. Scott quickly backed away and fell on to the door behind him. The door broke off of its hinges and both Scott and the door collapsed into the previously-closed closet behind him.
The sounds of the crash alerted the zombie in the bedroom, who made its way to the bedroom door. Scott squealed and grabbed a broom from the closet, using it to arm himself as he backed further into the hallway.

Meanwhile, Garrett entered the living room. He held the Ju-Ju Flytrap as if it were a pistol and slowly examined the room. The wind caused the curtains to blow into the room. He gasped, aimed at them, and shouted, "Ju-Ju Flytrap!" The flies swarmed into the living room and flew straight out of the window that the curtains were covering. "Oh."

Garrett: This might not have been the best showdown idea. I can get fairly jumpy. Like I've said before, I don't like surprises.

A groaning from the fireplace caught his attention. "Third-Arm Sash!" The green sash around his belt reached into the fireplace, but Garrett suddenly felt a tug against the sash. "What the—"
A zombie was pulling the sash toward itself, dragging Garrett along with him. "Ah! No, no, no-no-no... Third-Arm Sash, Fire!"
The sash erupted into flames leading into the fireplace, and flames shot up through the chimney, ejecting the zombie out of the house and into the water below. The zombie splashed just next to the spectators on the buoy.
"They must really be going at it in there," Alyssa commented.
"Wish we could actually see what was going on," Bronwyn mumbled. "And these are the premium seats!"

The scene flashed back to Scott, who was backing further into the hallway. The zombie from the bedroom approached him at a slow, menacing pace, while Scott poked the zombie away with the broomstick.
"Go away! I'm trying to win!" he whined. A hand burst through a door on his left, causing him to yelp and run down the hallway.
He made his way into a dead-end with a window. Other zombies began to emerge from various other doors along the hallway and were slowly closing in on him.
Scott gulped and heard the waves crashing down below him. "Hang on... Hah! Tornado Strike, Water!"
A pointed helix of water emerged from the water below and burst through the window, flushing out the hallway of zombies ahead of him. "Jetbootsu!" Scott used the boots to hover over the water that was now beginning to flood the second floor of the house.

Downstairs, Garrett noticed water leaking from the ceiling above him. "Huh?"
Scott zoomed down the main staircase back to the first floor just as all of the zombies from the second floor flushed into the main foyer of the house.
"Ju-Ju Flytrap!" Garrett called out, aimed at the zombies. The flies emerged from the Wu and crawled on the zombies' faces, having no effect.
"They're the undead, dude," Scott laughed, using the Jetbootsu to hover just above Garrett.
Garrett clenched his jaw. "Fine, since you seem to know so much about them, join them! Third-Arm Sash!"
The sash wrapped itself around Scott's ankle, and Garrett yanked on it to send Scott flying into the crowd of wet zombies.
"No way!" Scott cried out, landing smack in the center of the horde. The arena disassembled to signal to end of the showdown, and at the base of the CN Tower, Garrett smugly held all of the wagered Wu along with the Zing Zom-Bone. "Looks like I just added three Wu to my collection."

Just behind him, Scott lay flat on the ground, groaning. Bronwyn ran over to him and asked, "Are you okay?"
He mumbled something as he stood up, and all of the spectating Apprentices faced Garrett, who lifted the newest Wu into the air and announced, "Zing Zom-Bone!"
Immediately, the Wu opened up and released yellow fumes into the air. Angelina, still trapped in the Sphere of Yun, rolled her way to the CN Tower with Natalia just behind her, completely out of breath.
"Did we make it?" Angelina asked, her voice slightly muffled from the Sphere's glass.
"Just in time," Mia smirked.
A number of people began emerging from buildings surrounding the tower, tired, confused, and disoriented. Garrett proudly looked around the city and grinned.
Chris made his way to the ground from his jetpack and announced, "If it wasn't already obvious, Garrett is the winner of this week's challenge! He's got immunity. Everyone else, you're up for elimination, and one of your sorry butts is going home tonight."

Garrett: It feels good to finally get a solo win. I'm solidifying my position as a force to be reckoned with - not that I wasn't before. And, well, frankly, it's nice to know that I won't be going home tonight.
Scott: I lost the only two Wu I had left to Garrett... Man, this sucks. There's no way I'm winning this competition anymore. (slouches in the confessional)
Angelina: What-ever. Garrett thinks he's important now because he finally won a showdown. Newsflash, so has almost everyone else. And I still have a bigger alliance.

Chris looked around, puzzled. "Hang on, there's only eight of you. Where's Bradley?"
The camera flashed over to Bradley standing next to his bed in the D.O.J.O.. He smiled and took a deep breath. "Finally, some chill vibes." He plopped himself into bed and immediately went to sleep.

The Banishment Ceremony immediately followed. All nine competitors sat in the bleachers facing Chris, who walked in shuffling some index cards. "What a night! We took a nosedive, you guys got to visit the Yin-Yang World, and Garrett stopped a zombie apocalypse. And now, one of you is going home."
The camera panned across the bleachers to display a mix of exhausted and anxious emotions.
"I figure, why not top the night off with something even more fun?" Chris giggled. Behind him, Chef wheeled in an AV cart with a monitor resting on it. "Wouldn't it be fun if you got to see who everyone voted for?!"
The contestants all gasped and looked around the room at each other, then at Chris.
"I think it'd be a lot of fun," Chris answered, pressing a button on a remote.

Angelina: See you never, Natalia. Things could have been so much easier if you had just listened to me like everyone else did!
Alyssa: Garrett wants to double-double-cross Natalia and vote her off since she got Albert sent home. Is that a quadruple-cross? I don't know. It doesn't sit right with me. I'm just going to vote for Angelina. Seems like a safe bet.
Bradley: Angelina wanted Natalia gone, but I'm not gonna turn my back on my Water homies yet, you feel? I'm gonna vote for Alyssa. She's too strong.
Bronwyn: The secret alliance is making its first move, which is ignoring Angelina. We're gonna go with the biggest threat: Wudai Alyssa.
Garrett: I won a challenge and I'm sending home this double-crossing liar. Goodbye, Natalia!
K.C.: Alyssa. Nothing personal.
Mia: Natalia it is. I'm proud of Garrett for trying to subvert norms like this.
Natalia: I'm going to place my trust in Garrett and vote off Angelina. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me...
Scott: We talked it through, and it's gotta be Alyssa. Man, Angelina's gonna flip when Natalia doesn't get eliminated...

Before anyone could say anything, Chris declared, "In a shocking 4-3-2 vote, we're saying goodbye to Alyssa! Any final words?"
"I have plenty to say," Angelina said, standing up. She leaned over to Bronwyn who was sitting in front of her. "Secret alliance? What the f—"
"Hang on, I have something to say too," Garrett snapped, looking at Alyssa. "What's your deal? You sent yourself home tonight. We'd at least have a tiebreaker challenge if you picked Natalia! 'Doesn't sit right...' what kind of bull—"
Natalia clapped her hands and turned around to face Garrett. "Nuh-uh. Hold up. You've got a lot of explaining to do. I thought we were cool, and then you wanna go ahead and double-double-cross me? You sneaky son-of-a—"
"Uh, bye, guys," Alyssa interrupted. "I'm gonna leave all my Wu with Mia if that's cool."
A cacophony of screaming ensued between the remaining eight Apprentices, with Chris gleefully watching along. Alyssa looked around the room and shrugged, grabbed a parachute, and jumped off the D.O.J.O..

Chef waved his hand in front of Chris's ecstatic face, but got no response. He whispered, "Um, Chris, you gotta sign off." Still no response. He nervously looked at the camera and stuttered, "Uh, t-tune in next week to, uh, to see what happens... next week. Only on, uh, Total... Drama... which season we on again?"
"Showdown!" the cameraman whispered.

Chapter Twenty: Crystal Clear Consequences


"Last time on Total Drama Showdown, our top nine Chosen Ones took a rather, uh, unplanned trip back to the homeland. The Zing Zom-Bone activated and made the D.O.J.O. totally crap out on us. It also started turning everyone on Earth into mindless zombies! The only zombies I care about are you guys who are watching this stuff."
He cleared his throat and looked off-camera. "They'll cut that, right?"
After a short pause, he resumed, "Right. Poor Bradley's had it up to here with Angelina's garbage, but nothing comes close to how much Natalia can't stand her. Bronwyn, Scott, and K.C. made their own little secret alliance... that didn't stay secret for very long. After Garrett kicked Scott's butt in the first Shen Yi Bu Dare of the season, I revealed everybody's votes at the Banishment Ceremony. In one of the biggest nail-biters yet, our Wudai Warrior Alyssa took the Drop of Shame, and she narrowly avoided the mess that's about to happen! Will Bronwyn's not-so-secret alliance stand their ground against Angelina? What's up with Garrett and Mia going behind Natalia's back? Has Scott lost his mojo for good? I'm no psychic, but I have a feeling the future looks juicy on tonight's episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!"

The three-day saga continued as this episode picked up immediately from the previous week. Chris, still paralyzed with joy, stood from behind his podium and watched the remaining eight Apprentices bicker over the previous elimination.
"Literally every single one of you betrayed me!" Angelina said, glaring at her former alliance.

Angelina: The plan was so simple. Vote off Natalia. That's all they had to do. Somehow every single one of them screwed it up and voted off Alyssa!

Bradley leaned back further into the bleachers. "Yeah, well, you haven't been the easiest to work with, you know."
Incredulously, Angelina walked up to him and leaned in toward his face. "Easy? EASY!? I have made your lives so easy these last few weeks. All you had to do was listen to me and I was going to take everyone to the top five. But nooooooo, you had to go off and make a," she then directed her attention to Bronwyn, "'secret alliance?!'"
Bronwyn gulped.

Bronwyn: Having a secret alliance isn't that much fun when everyone knows about it... but hey, it was bound to come out sooner or later.

"Hey, back off," Scott said, coming between Bronwyn and Angelina. "This is a game! She was thinking ahead. No offense, but we want to win a million dollars, too."
Angelina sneered, "Right, because you're demolishing the competition with all the Wu you just lost." Scott dropped his determined glare.

Scott: I might be down, but I'm not out... right? Ah, who cares? Angelina's right. I lost my last two Wu to Garrett in the Shen Yi Bu Dare tonight. I'm gonna need to do some serious work to get back in the game, but is it even worth it at this point? (scratches his head and sighs)

Natalia whistled to gather everyone's attention. "So are we just not gonna talk about how these two," she pointed to Garrett and Mia, "tried to double-cross me?! I gave up Angelina's alliance to help y'all and this is what happens?!"
"Too little, too late!" Garrett said, folding his arms. "We gave you chance after chance to join us and you kept letting us down. You're too much of a wildcard!"
Mia shrugged and nodded. "If you're going to go against the grain, you've got to commit. Take it from me."
"Hmph, I see how it is," Natalia said, slowly backing away out of the room.

Natalia: So that's it. I'm a lone wolf. Honestly, this kind of... feels good. I'm sick of worrying about alliances and all that crap. I can just focus on winning challenges for me.

Chris finally snapped out of his trance and clapped. "Wow, I really need to start revealing the votes some more. That was epic."
He received menacing glares from the remaining Apprentices in the room, followed by Angelina storming away. Everyone else glanced at each other.
"Guess it's a free-for-all from here on out, huh?" Bradley realized.

Bradley: Dudes, this might be a good thing! I can finally be free from Angelina... I can just do my own thing. No alliances, no meetings, no screaming... awwwww, yes!
Bronwyn: I wonder if Scott and K.C. still want to go forward with our not-so-secret alliance. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to have some people I can fully trust left in the competition.

Yawning, Garrett, Mia, and Bradley began to leave and return to their rooms. Scott and K.C. began to follow, but Bronwyn gestured to them to stay behind.
"I'm so tired," Scott sighed. "Let's head to bed."
Bronwyn whispered, "Okay, but first, are we still on as an alliance?"
K.C. frowned. "You don't have to whisper. Everyone already knows about us."
She cleared her throat, and with her regular speaking voice, Bronwyn resumed, "Uh, right. I think we should keep this up. Three votes out of eight makes a pretty huge impact. And no one's allied anymore! This could be our chance, you know?"
"Let's sleep on it," Scott suggested, dragging his feet back to bed. "Today has been exhausting. I just fought off a bunch of zombies like, two hours ago."
"Here," K.C. offered, squatting down in front of him, "let's get you back to bed."
Scott barely had time to object before he collapsed on K.C. and was piggybacked into the sleeping quarters. Bronwyn looked at the camera and shrugged.

K.C.: I've pretty much accepted the fact that nothing's ever gonna happen between me and Scott. I'm over it. (exhales and smirks) Time to focus on the game. Now there's nothing standing between me and the million. Nothing! Nothing!!

K.C. struggled to carry an asleep Scott into their room, where Bradley was already in bed. He dropped Scott onto his bed and let out a huge sigh, then limped into his own bed. Bradley propped himself up on an elbow and smirked, "Smooth moves."
Pursing his lips, K.C. got comfortable between his sheets. "Shut up."
"I'm joking," Bradley whispered back. "You gonna tell him soon? Better get some kind of closure before one of you gets eliminated."
"We're not getting eliminated any time soon," K.C. immediately replied. "And I don't need closure. I've moved on."
Bradley narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Hm."

Bradley: Okay, first off, he's totally lying. Dude is crushing hard. And also, I dunno, K.C. just doesn't seem like himself lately. He's always been such a chill guy, even about the competition stuff. That's what I liked about him! What's gotten into that guy?

Mia joined her most recent roommate, Natalia, in what was previously Team Wind's room. Natalia furiously tossed and turned in her bed, trying to get comfortable, while mumbling, "... Stupid Angelina... stupid Garrett... stupid pillow."
She finally threw the pillow against a wall and sat up, to see Mia worriedly staring at her. "What?"
"Nothing," Mia muttered.
"Yeah, that's right, nothing," Natalia reiterated. "That must be what I am to you after you tried to vote me off."
Groaning, Mia sat down on her bed. "Come on, look at it from my perspective. We were counting on you for so many votes and you kept flaking on us!"
"I was choosing the safer option," Natalia said. "Garrett might think he's smart, but look at how many people are left in his 'alliance.' Everyone from Angelina's is still here!"
Mia looked away toward the door. Natalia added, "But it doesn't matter anymore, since I can't trust anyone. I'm going to go at this game all by myself. And I'm going to win! All. By. My. Self!"
Natalia flopped back down into her bed to face the wall with finality, then slowly turned around again. "... Can you pass me back my pillow?"
"Yeah," Mia said, flatly, tossing Natalia's pillow at her with a sigh.

Mia: I really do like Natalia as a person. And I can't fault her for how she's feeling. But I think she's making a mistake. As much as I hate to admit it, you need friends in this competition if you plan to win. I know how hard that is, believe me. I had to become friends with Garrett. And are we really even friends?

Bronwyn tiptoed into her room, which only housed herself and Angelina at this point.

Bronwyn: Hooooonestly... I'm not entirely sure Angelina won't kill me in my sleep tonight.

She crept back out of her room with her pillow, sheets, and toiletries, then walked down the hall and knocked on Mia and Natalia's door.
Yawning, Mia opened the door. "We weren't expecting company."
"I know," Bronwyn apologized, "but I, uh, don't really feel great about sleeping in the same room as Angelina. No witnesses, you know?"
"Take that bed," Mia said, pointing to the bottom bunk across from her and next to Natalia. Mia flopped back into bed face-down.

The next morning, the D.O.J.O. touched down in a dirt plain. Behind the D.O.J.O. was a number of trees, and even further behind, the camera panned across an enormous, gorgeous, roaring river.
The remaining eight Apprentices filed out in front of Chris, who ceremoniously whipped out his laser pointer. "Welcome, my final eight! You guys have outlasted sixteen of your competitors. How's it feel to make it this far?"
A few shrugs and mumbled emerged from the crowd. Someone burped. Chris frowned, looked past the camera, and muttered, "Just cut to confessionals."

Bradley: I'm pretty psyched. This is like, the halfway point of the second halfway point, I think. I'm not that good at math, but I know I'm doing pretty good in this competition!
Natalia: I just need to survive seven more eliminations and I'm out of here with that sweet, sweet grand prize. I can definitely make that happen.
Garrett: Who knows what's coming in this final stretch? All I know is that between Mia and I, we should be able to stick together until at least the top four. Mia's a lot stronger than I gave her credit for. I may have underestimated her...
Bronwyn: This is great! With me, Scott, and K.C., we should be able to at least make it to the top five without any trouble. I don't know if K.C. will be onboard past that, and I don't blame him. But my hope is that Scott and I can make it to the final two! (squeals)
Scott: I have got to get my head back in the game. This is my last chance to make it to the front of the pack again. If I don't win this one, I might as well kiss the million goodbye.
Angelina: (folds her arms in silence for a moment) These scumbags are going to try to vote me off tonight, aren't they? What am I going to do... I did not make it through all these dumb challenges to go home now.
Mia: I would say I'm surprised I made it this far but everyone's expecting me to say that. So I'll say I knew I would get to the final eight. Confidence is sexy and refreshing. Self-deprecation is out.
K.C.: (tossing the Mantis Flip Coin in the air and catching it) This game is so mine. Just you guys wait!

Chris feigned excitement. "Wow. So glad you guys are happy to be here."
"Where is 'here'?" Bradley asked, looking around.
"We're in Sudan!" Chris announced, gesturing around him. "And that bad boy," he pointed to the river, "is the Nile River. Your next Wu lies somewhere along this famous waterway."
He shined his laser pointer on the ground between himself and the Apprentices. "We're looking for the Crystal Glasses. This Shen Gong Wu lets the user peer into the future!"
"Oh, so you guys can just look ahead to the finale and watch me win," Angelina assured.
"The future isn't always entirely accurate," Chris qualified, "since you can always take action to change it. But it takes a lot of action to change the future. Technically, your fate is still in your own hands! Or, uh, eyes."
Bradley shrugged. "Sweet. Let's get this done!"
"Not so fast," Chris interrupted. "We only have four kayaks for everyone, so you'll have to work this out in pairs."
Angelina immediately grabbed Bradley's hand and pulled him toward her.

Bradley: Dudes, I've been trying to get away from Angelina for so long. I need space!
Angelina: Bradley is the last person I can trust here, even though he totally didn't listen to me last week. I think he's just dumb. I can't blame him for that. (pause) And he's cute, so what?

"Go for it!" Chris said, jumping out of the way to avoid the eight Apprentices rushing for the kayaks.

Bronwyn and Scott grabbed one kayak, causing K.C. to purse his lips and walk to another one. Angelina and Bradley hopped into the kayak K.C. was about to enter, leaving Natalia, K.C., Garrett, and Mia to pair themselves together. Natalia took a seat in one and before she could say anything, Mia pushed that kayak into the river.
Natalia protested, "Hey, what are you—"
"We have a lot to talk about," Mia stated, jumping into the kayak as it entered the river.
Garrett and K.C. looked at each other strangely.

Garrett: Considering we've been on opposite teams and alliances this whole time... I've never worked with K.C. before. And he hasn't made a very good first impression. Or second impression. Or any...
K.C.: (stares at the camera with his arms folded, then throws them up in exasperation) Okay! I'll work with Garrett I guess! Thanks, Bronwyn and Scott!

"Let's get in before we fall too far behind," Garrett instructed, reluctantly getting into the last kayak.
"Don't sound so excited," K.C. mumbled.

Bronwyn and Scott sped ahead, with a comfortable lead on the second place kayak which held Angelina and Bradley. Not far behind them was Natalia and Mia, and Garrett and K.C. finished off the race in last place.
The camera focused on Angelina and Bradley who paddled steadily, with Angelina sitting in the front and Bradley behind her. Angelina raised an eyebrow and slid backwards, between Bradley's legs and sunk into him. "Ugh, my arms are already so tired."
"Uhhh, we're gonna fall behind," Bradley noted, slowing down his paddling.
"I just like, need a second, you know?" Angelina said, now laying down on his lap, looking up at him.
Bradley squinted at her and asked, "What are you doing?"
"Resting," Angelina stated. "I told you."
"You're getting pretty comfy," Bradley said as he tried his best to paddle faster, noticing Natalia and Mia's kayak closing in on them.

Angelina: Okay, maybe he's not that dumb.

Angelina groaned as she got back up. "Ugh, fine, whatever." She reluctantly began to paddle again. Mumbling to herself, she reached into her bodysuit and pulled out the Mind Reader Conch. She put it up to her ear and listened intently.
"Man, she's hot. But I know she's just messing with me... right? Oh, man, what if we hook up in the confessional or something? That would be kinda hot."
Rolling her eyes and smirking, she tucked the Conch back in and paddled faster.

Mia squinted from her and Natalia's kayak and asked, "What is Angelina doing? Did she just give up?"
Natalia didn't reply and kept paddling. Mia looked at her and cleared her throat. "Okay. So it sounds like we have some stuff to unpack."
Raising an eyebrow, Natalia looked directly at Mia. "I don't have anything to talk about. We just need to win the challenge."

Mia: (exhaling slowly) This is going to be harder than I thought.

Mia paddled slower and said, "I know you're not really happy with me and Garrett trying to vote you off—"
"That's a nice way to put it."
"Okay, you're pretty mad about it, but you kind of get why we did it, right?"
Natalia stopped paddling completely, and crossed her legs. "Not really! And I don't care about it! I don't need you two anymore. I don't need anyone. How many times do I have to tell you? I can win this game all by myself."
"You can't," Mia said plainly. "You know this game is all about numbers. And Angelina still wants to get rid of you."
Natalia looked down for a second, then back at Mia. "Why do you care? Why are you trying to help me?"
"Because I think of you as a friend," Mia stated. "Those are pretty hard to come by around here, you know?"
"Yeah, I'm 'a friend' you tried to vote off," Natalia reminded.
Mia gripped her oars. "Okay, sure, but you're still here! I'm trying to help you, come on."

Natalia: I don't trust this girl as far as I can throw her. Which... is probably... pretty far, actually. She's tiny. Okay, forget about that. But this sounds sketchy, right? She's just trying to get me to trust her so I don't suspect it when they try to vote me off again. Not gonna work this time!

"Orb of Tornami!" Bronwyn pointed the Orb into the water behind her and Scott's kayak to propel them forward. "That should give us a comfy lead."
"Nice thinking," Scott commended, looking ahead.
Bronwyn sat next to him and grabbed his hand. "Hey, are you okay?"
Scott squeezed her hand and nodded. "Yeah, I just... I feel like I've kind of hit a wall here, you know?"

Bronwyn: Scott is really hard on himself sometimes. One of the things I like the most about him is that he always gives 100%, and he's not doing that at all right now!

Bronwyn rested her head on his shoulder and said, "Well, you're still here. And I'm still here. So we're gonna make these last weeks count until we get to the end, okay?"
"Yeah," Scott said softly.

Scott: Honestly guys, I'm not a quitter, but I really don't know if I should keep on pushing. I've got no Wu left to my name. My chances of winning are pretty slim. But if I can't win, I really want Bronwyn to take home the prize. Hmm...

K.C. and Garrett paddled in silence. Garrett cleared his throat and turned around to look at K.C., who stared blankly at him. Garrett nodded quickly and faced forward again.

Garrett: (picking his nails) What? K.C.'s a complete stranger to me. What do we even talk about? I don't know how to engage in that generic "guy talk." It's so meaningless and shallow.

"So," Garrett mumbled, swatting away mosquitoes, "is there someone... significant in your life back home? Another person? Like a... significant... other?"
K.C. froze for a moment and stopped rowing. "Uh, no."
"Cool," Garrett said, scratching his ear. "Is there... anyone here you're interested in?"
"No!" K.C. quickly replied, now rowing incredibly quickly. "Why are you asking me all these questions?"
Garrett slapped his thigh, trying to ward off more mosquitoes. "I don't know! This is an awkward ride! Honestly I couldn't care less - but I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes right now. Argh! Ju-Ju Flytrap!"
He shielded his face with one arm, and with the other, twirled the Wu to unleash a swarm of flies that scared off the majority of the mosquitoes in the area. The flies then buzzed ahead to the kayaks in front of them.
"They won't be happy about that," K.C. said, looking at Natalia and Mia's kayak.
"Who?" Garrett asked, looking up now that the bugs were gone. "Oh. They'll survive."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Natalia screeched, swatting away flies. "Get them away! Get them away!"
Mia used an oar to smack at the bugs. "I'm trying!" Her face lit up. "Wait a second." She crawled to Natalia and grabbed the Tongue of Saiping from her pocket.
"What are you—"
"Tongue of Saiping!" Mia chanted, placing the Wu against her mouth. "Alright, do me a favor and go bother some other people, like... Angelina and Bradley. Those two over there." She pointed to the kayak in front of her and Natalia's.
The flies swarmed ahead to Angelina and Bradley's kayak, allowing the girls to exhale. "Thanks," Natalia mumbled.
"No problem," Mia assured, handing back the Wu she borrowed. "It's... what a friend would do."
Natalia put the Wu back into her pocket and gave Mia a quick glance, then resumed paddling.

Mia: I think I'm finally getting through to Natalia that I'm just her friend! We're just on a reality show together and need to vote each other off sometimes!
Natalia: Maybe Mia doesn't have anything up her sleeve, or maybe she's just trying to use me for a vote again... you never know with those quiet ones.

The scene switched over to Angelina and Bradley's kayak, where Bradley was seen swinging at the flies with the Fist of Tebigong.
"Yeah, you want a piece, too?" Bradley asked, hurling his entire body weight across the kayak.
Angelina narrowly avoided his swing and let out a panicked shriek. "Watch it! Make sure those gross little things don't touch me!"
Bradley gave the Fist of Tebigong another swing and fell over, accidentally punching a hole into the center of his and Angelina's kayak, causing it to flood.
"Uh, um, so," he stuttered, "I..."
Angelina inhaled slowly and closed her eyes. "Bradley."
One of the flies landed on her forehead. Angelina screamed at the top of her lungs, causing the rest of the flies to scatter. As their kayak sunk, Mia, Natalia, K.C., and Garrett paddled past them, waving goodbye.

Bradley: I kinda messed this up for me and Ang... man, she's gonna be peeved.

Angelina and Bradley swam to the edge of the river and sat on a large rock. Bradley looked at her and stammered, "Hey, so, uh, sorry about the whole, you know, the hole in the thing, and the—"
He was interrupted by Angelina pulling his face toward hers and kissing him. Bradley's eyes widened, then he closed them. When they broke away from each other, he blinked a few times as she stared back at him.
"Uh... what was that for?"
"A taste of what you'll be missing if you keep messing up these challenges."
Angelina stood up and began to walk away. She turned back to Bradley and said, "We are sticking together for the rest of this competition. So that means I need you to get it together," she instructed, clapping between each of the last three words, "or else we're both going home."
Bradley stared directly into the camera as Angelina walked away. "Bro, I'm so confused."

Angelina: Whatever, yeah, I just wanted to kiss him because he's cute. But I need to lock him down as an ally. I am going to do whatever it takes to save both of us from elimination tonight, because at this rate, it is not looking good.

Bronwyn and Scott maintained their lead. The river's current began to pick up as their kayak sped downhill toward a gulf. In the middle of the gulf, there was a small island with a statue of a deity wearing the Crystal Glasses.
"There!" Bronwyn said, spotting the Wu and pointing to it. "We're home free!"
"Not so fast!"
Bronwyn and Scott whipped their heads around to see Natalia and Mia speeding toward them, the former wielding the Silk Spitter and taking aim. "This one's mine! Silk Spitter!"
"Reversing Mirror!"
The silk shot out of the Wu and immediately U-turned, smacking Natalia in the face. She tumbled backward into Mia and the two fell out of their kayak and were carried into the river. From the kayak behind them, K.C. smirked and tucked the Reversing Mirror back into his robe. "We're still in this, too!"
Bronwyn and Scott's lead grew smaller and smaller as K.C. and Garrett began to catch up. Garrett steadied his aim and yelled, "Tangle Web Comb!"
Ropes emerged from the Wu in his hand and made a beeline for Bronwyn and Scott. Quickly, Bronwyn reached into her robe and pulled out a Shen Gong Wu. She and Scott grabbed it and both called out, "Lotus Twister!" Their torsos bent away from the combs' ropes.
Garrett continued to try to grab them with the Tangle Web Comb. K.C. began to twirl the Lasso Boa Boa over his head while eyeing the Crystal Glasses on the incoming isle. Bronwyn nervously called out, "We can't keep this up much longer!"
Scott exhaled and nodded, then dove into the water between the two kayaks. "Scott!" Bronwyn called out.

Bronwyn: Is he insane? He totally just threw the challenge for us!

Garrett chuckled, "Huh, guess your boyfriend couldn't handle the heat."
A few bubbles emerged from below the surface, and suddenly Scott shot out of the water like a torpedo. He yelled, "Tornado Strike, Water!"
An enormous wave pushed Garrett and K.C.'s kayak back toward the river, and another wave of equal size carried Bronwyn's kayak further toward the isle. She used the powers of the Lotus Twister to reach her arm out and snatch the Crystal Glasses before the wave completely washed over the statue.
"And that's the game!" Chris cheered, standing from the riverbank. "Bronwyn wins the Crystal Glasses and immunity from tonight's elimination. Everyone else, you know the drill! Cast your votes in the confessional, and I'll see you at sunset."
Garrett and K.C. washed up on the riverbank, coughing up water. K.C. looked up just in time to catch Scott swimming over to Bronwyn's kayak to share a kiss with her. He balled up his fists.

K.C.: So Scott just completely throws the challenge for himself to give her the win? Are you kidding me? I... (puts his hands over his mouth) Oh, man, that is it. I know I said I was over my feelings for him, but I'm going to make sure I'm over him once and for all.

The Apprentices gathered for dinner. Bradley sat alone and was joined shortly after by a silent Angelina.
"What, no strategy talk tonight?" Bradley teased.
"I'm probably going home," Angelina said quietly. "Everyone left hates me. I don't have immunity. And I'm like, the smartest and strongest person left."
Bradley tilted his head. "So you're just gonna accept that? Come on, you've never turned down a fight until now. What are your options?"
Angelina rubbed her temples and looked down at her plate. "Look, I don't know, okay. The only other person people might vote for is Natalia because she's flakier than her back skin."
"Then let's vote for Natalia!" Bradley encouraged. "Who else could vote for her?"
Angelina slowly looked up at him. "God, I love it when you talk strategy to me. Say 'vote' again."
"Uh, 'vote.'"
"No, not like that, say it sexy, like the way you just said it."
"One more time."
"This is weird."

Angelina: Bradley's right, I can't give up. I need to use what I've got and make a plan. And the only person who might have something against Natalia is... (sighs) ... Garrett.

As Angelina stepped out of the confessional, she bumped immediately into Garrett.
"Filming your goodbye speech?" Garrett teased.
Angelina pursed her lips and glared at him. "I'm not going home tonight. And you're not letting me go either."
Garrett burst into a cackle and looked around. "I'm sorry, who are you again?"
"Look," Angelina said, lowering her voice as she walked toward Garrett, "Natalia has screwed you over week after week. You could have all your little Wind and Fire friends here with you if she wasn't so afraid of me. Not that I blame her. This is your chance to vote her off."
Garrett looked at Angelina strangely. "Why would I pass up the chance to vote you off over her?"
"Because everyone's going to vote me off if I'm not immune anyway," Angelina argued, "so why not take the opportunity to get rid of a more popular target?"
Garrett squinted at her.

Garrett: Angelina's obviously desperate. And if I spare her, I could use this as leverage later on in the game... and it would be nice to have another strong player in my corner.

"Fine, we get rid of Natalia tonight," Garrett said, offering his hand. "I'll tell Mia and you tell Bradley."
Angelina shook his hand. "That's only four votes. We need five to seal the deal."
K.C. cleared his throat and revealed himself standing at the doorway. "I've got another target in mind, if you're open to ideas."
Garrett and Angelina exchanged surprised looks.

In Scott, K.C., and Bradley's room, Bronwyn and Scott sat together on Scott's bed.
"Thanks again for today," Bronwyn said, holding Scott's hand.
"For sure," Scott nodded. "Had to make sure one of us was safe tonight."
Bronwyn pulled the Crystal Glasses out of her pocket and smiled. "They're so pretty, look!"
"Wanna give 'em a try?" Scott offered.
Bronwyn began to put the Glasses on, then stopped and took in a deep breath. "What exactly did Chris say about these again?"
"They let you see the future," Scott remembered. "But it's not like, totally set in stone. Although it's mostly accurate."
Bronwyn nodded. "Gotcha. Okay, let's do this." She put on the Crystal Glasses and sat in silence for a few moments. Scott looked around the room awkwardly while he waited.
A few more moments passed.
And another.
"Hey, are you—"
He looked over and saw a tear running down Bronwyn's face from behind the lenses. He jumped off the bed and knelt down in front of her. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"
Bronwyn slowly took off the Glasses and covered her mouth, then ran out of the room into the confessional.

Bronwyn: (barely speaking in between sobs) He... Scott... breaks up with me... gets me voted off... and then wins and splits the money with... Natalia?! Why?! How could he... why could he... (wails)

Scott was left bewildered in his room, and the camera zoomed out to show K.C. in the hallway holding the Reversing Mirror, satisfied with himself. The camera then zoomed out even further to reveal Bradley in the opposite room, staring at K.C. in confusion.

K.C.: (balancing the Reversing Mirror upright and spinning it on his thigh) Reverses the effects of any Shen Gong Wu... so whatever future Bronwyn had in store probably didn't look too bright.
Bradley: What was K.C. doing with that mirror? And why is Bronwyn crying? Something isn't right here, dudes.

Bronwyn rushed out of the confessional and back into the sleeping quarters, where K.C. intercepted her. He softened his tone and said, "Hey, hey, what's going on? Have you been crying?"
"I don't want to talk about it," Bronwyn muttered, trying to head into her room.
K.C. braced his arm over the door and looked directly at her. "Come on, you won the challenge today, you're safe. You should be happy, celebrating with Scott or something."
Bronwyn let out a laugh. "Yeah, I'm not going to be doing anything with Scott for a while."
"Oh?" K.C. asked. "Why not?"
Bronwyn looked down the hall and motioned for K.C. to come into her room. They sat down next to each other on her bed, and she said, "Well... I... used the Crystal Glasses today, and..." She started to choke up.
"Go on," K.C. stated dryly.
"Well," Bronwyn began, "I... saw that Scott was going to break up with me and vote me off—"
"Oh, noooooooooo!" K.C. gasped dramatically. "That's so awful!"
Bronwyn wiped some tears from her face and nodded. "It's... it's not good. Sorry, this must be so weird for you to hear, especially because I know you like, have a crush on me or something, and—"
"What?" K.C. asked indignantly.
Bronwyn inched backward and looked at him. "Yeah, I mean, right? I was talking to Alyssa about it before and... she said you would always talk about me and Scott, so I figured..."
"You know what?" K.C. said, standing up, looking away, "Forget about that. I have an idea. Let's change the future. Scott can't vote you off if we vote him off first, right?"
Bronwyn hesitated. "Right."
"So let's do that tonight," K.C. said, turning back to her. "I know it'll be hard, but it's better to rip off the band-aid, right?"
Bronwyn nodded slowly in silence. K.C. forced a smile and nodded. "Sounds like a plan. I'll spread the word. Sorry your boyfriend's a jerk. Well, ex-boyfriend, right?" He left the room before she could answer.

K.C.: She thinks... I liked her? This whole time? And other people thought I liked her? I... I mean... (yells at the top of his lungs)

The Banishment Ceremony followed soon after. The final eight Apprentices sat on the bleachers across from Chris. Everyone exchanged worried or knowing glances with each other except Bronwyn, who folded her arms and slouched.
"Welcome back to the Banishment Ceremony!" Chris grinned. "Only seven of you are going to make it to the next week here on Total Drama Showdown, so let's get right down to it. If I call your name, you're safe."
He looked at Bronwyn. "Why the long face? You're the only one who's making it to next week for sure!"
She sighed and looked down at her hands.
"Huh, weird," Chris mumbled. "Anyway, Garrett, Natalia, and Bradley, you're all safe too! No votes for you guys."
Natalia's eyes widened in surprise as she looked around the room at Angelina and Garrett.

Natalia: Gonna be totally honest with you guys, I was not banking on making it to next week.
Bradley: So, like... why was K.C. in the hallway with the mirror...? That felt fishy to me, dudes. I had to vote for him.

"Next on the safe docket is Angelina!"
She smiled and crossed her legs in satisfaction.

Angelina: Who knew we had another strategic player in this game? And he was on my team this whole time? Things are really getting interesting.

"K.C., you're safe too. That means Mia and Scott, one of you is going home tonight!"
Mia's blank expression next to Scott's horrified expression left little room for interpretation. Chris announced, "Seems like you all knew before I did. Mia, you're safe! Scott, time to go, buddy!"
Scott jumped out of his seat and turned to the other seven Apprentices. "But... but why? What's going on?! Bronwyn, why won't you talk to me?"
"You know why," K.C. answered, standing up and moving toward Scott. "You know exactly why."
"Scumbag," Angelina tossed in.
"Not cool," Garrett added.
"Generally frowned upon," Mia chimed.
Scott let out a few confused sputters and turned to Chris. "Do you know what's going on?!"
"Uh, yeah, dude," Chris said, "you're going home, duh. Later, dude!" He tossed a parachute into Scott's arms and pushed him out of the D.O.J.O..

"Seven Apprentices remain here on Total Drama Showdown! Tune in next week to reveal some more secrets, break some more hearts, and hopefully figure out what's gotten into some of these kids. I mean, seriously, this is some wild stuff. See you next time, only on Total... Drama... Showdown!!"

Chapter Twenty-One: Canyon Feel the Heat?


A shot of the D.O.J.O. from above rotated into the window of the cockpit, where Chris kicked his legs up on the dashboard. "Previously on Total Drama Showdown, our top eight contestants took a trip to the Nile River in search of the Crystal Glasses. But not before pretty much every single alliance in the game totally fell apart. Angelina and Bradley are still 'sort of kind of maybe' into each other, or as much as Angelina wants to be as long as she can guarantee his vote every week. Natalia can't trust anyone, and our resident cynic Mia took it upon herself to give Natalia a change of heart in that department. As for the challenge, Scott 'took the L'--"
He paused and looked off camera. "Is that really what the kids are saying now? 'Taking the L'? That's so many extra words. They could just say 'lost.' I'm not saying that part of the script."
He refocused his attention back to the camera. "Alright, anyway, Scott threw the challenge to make sure his girl Bronwyn won, and that sent K.C. off the deep end! In a last-minute alliance that literally no one could see coming, Garrett, Angelina, and K.C. joined forces to stack almost every single vote in the game against Scott. How'd they pull that off? All thanks to K.C.'s treacherous use of the Reversing Mirror, which did not go unnoticed! Detective Bradley's on the case to figure out what's going on, although he's, uh, a little slow with figuring it out."
Chris sat up in his chair and nearly toppled over after the D.O.J.O. made a roaring, creaking noise. "Yeesh. Poor Bronwyn's heartbroken and vulnerable... perfect state of mind to be in for the last leg of a reality TV show, am I right? Will this tenuous alliance hold up? Will Natalia finally forgive Mia for voting her off? How will Bronwyn continue without her other half? It's too late in this competition for any missteps, and you won't regret tuning into this week's action-packed episode of Total... Drama... Showdown!"

The camera zoomed out on a mountain of tissues. Another tissue was tossed into the pile, followed by a loud wail. The camera zoomed out even further to reveal Bronwyn laying in her bed, blowing her nose, wrapped in a blanket.
Panning across the room, Natalia was shown inside of the Sphere of Yun, sleeping soundly with a pillow and blanket in the Sphere with her.

Natalia: Bronwyn has been crying over Scott for the last, I don't know, like, six days? Since whenever the last elimination was. It's felt like forever since a new Wu was announced and I have gotten zero sleep with her stupid whining... until tonight. Who would've thought that the Sphere of Yun was soundproof?

Bronwyn continued sobbing in her bed. On the other side of the room, a portal opened up where Mia jumped out. Natalia raised an eyebrow and released herself from the Sphere of Yun, then walked over to Mia.
"You need to be careful with that Yin-Yang world business," Natalia warned.
Mia folded her arms. "Where else am I supposed to get a good night's sleep with all this crying?" She gestured to Bronwyn, who blew her nose into a tissue again. The tissue ripped, and snot ended up all over her hands. She cried even louder.
"... Fair point," Natalia mumbled.
"Plus," Mia added, "I know what I'm doing. It's pretty easy stuff: come out only using one yo-yo, your good and evil gets flipped. Come out using both, and you're fine. Nothing too complicated."
Natalia shrugged. "Whatever you say. All I know is that William and your boyfriend Albert—"
"Not my boyfriend," Mia corrected, tucking the yo-yo's back into her pocket.
"—messed with it," Natalia continued, smirking, "and William went crazy and started stealing everybody's Wu."
Mia was about to respond, but was cut off by another one of Bronwyn's wails. She let out a frustrated groan and left the room instead.

Garrett exited the bathroom when Angelina yanked him into her room - Team Water's former room, which she now occupied alone - by the loop on the back of his bathrobe.
"Hey!" Garrett yelped, whipping his head around and holding his robe in place. "What the heck?"
Angelina shut the door and took a seat on her bed, crossing her legs. "Look. The next challenge is going to happen any day now, so we need to talk."
"About what?" Garrett asked, dramatically massaging his neck.
"About who we're voting off, ally," Angelina reminded, cocking her head to the side.
Garrett grimaced. "Right. Look, I know you want to vote off Natalia, but—"
"The only 'butt' I care about is Natalia's when it's getting tossed off the D.O.J.O. at the next elimination," Angelina said with finality. "I just needed to make sure you knew that. Now, get out of my room." She pushed Garrett out of the door and slammed it shut. From the end of the hall, Bradley poked his head out of his room and looked at Garrett in his bathrobe, then at Angelina's bedroom door, then at the camera.

Bradley: Dudes... what has been going on lately? Angelina's kind of into me still... maybe? She might be using me. Who knows. And I still don't know what K.C. was doing with the Reversing Mirror last week. And then it turns out Scott was gonna cheat on Bronwyn this whole time! So he's gone. And now Garrett's just hanging out half naked with Angelina? Probably just talking strategy... but maybe that's something she's into, I don't know. I didn't sign up for all this drama, bro! (immediately cuts to the Total Drama Showdown logo, zoomed in on the word "Drama")

Garrett scurried away back into his room. Bradley turned back into his own room where he saw a spiraling portal open, followed by Mia stepping out of it.
"I don't need you to lecture me about the Yin-Yang World too," Mia said, holding a finger up to Bradley.
Bradley lowered her arm. "I don't know anything about that stuff. I don't know anything about... a lot of stuff here, honestly." He sighed and sat down on his bed.
Mia looked at him and inhaled deeply. "I suppose I'll take the social cue to console you." She sat down next to him and asked, "What's going on?"
"I just... you know how Bronwyn's been so sad about Scott and everything?" Bradley asked, staring intently at the portal which was closing.
Mia rolled her eyes. "Who doesn't? She won't stop crying. Man, falling into a severe depression was a lot cooler before everyone started doing it."
"Well, last week, when the whole Scott thing happened," Bradley continued, "I saw K.C. holding the Reversing Mirror outside of their room, and I don't know what that was all about."
Mia's eyes widened as she turned directly to Bradley and slapped his arm.
"Ow! What the heck?"
"How long have you known this?! Why didn't you say anything?" Mia shouted, grabbing his shoulder.
Bradley stuttered, "Uh... I-I don't know, since it happened, I guess. It just felt weird."
Mia stood up and paced around the room. "Bradley, think about it. Bronwyn put on the Crystal Glasses to see the future. If K.C. used the Reversing Mirror on her while she used the Crystal Glasses, whatever she saw was going to be the opposite of what was actually going to happen."
"Wouldn't she just see the past?" Bradley argued.
"... Nah, what I'm saying makes more sense," Mia dismissed. "But why would K.C. do that? Why would he do something that mean to hurt Bronwyn?"
Bradley nearly said something, but covered his mouth.

Bradley: Even if K.C. is up to no good, I can't just out his secret like that! His feelings for Scott are for him to talk about. But man, what a low blow. K.C. was so into Scott that he did whatever he had to do to split up him and Bronwyn... no bueno, guys. But that sounds pretty dramatic, even for K.C.. He's always been kind of a screw-up, never the type of guy to think something through like that.

"Come to think of it," Bradley paused, "K.C. hasn't really been himself for a while. Ever since we were in Toronto and had to deal with all those zombies."
Mia tapped her finger on her chin. "He did let Bronwyn almost fall to her death. What could have happened?" She absent-mindedly let the Yo-Yo's in her hands fall and rise. Bradley watched them spin and his eyes suddenly widened. "Holy (bleep)."
"Eloquent," Mia mumbled.
"Sorry. But hang on," Bradley said, rushing to her and grabbing the Yo-Yo's. "Remember when the D.O.J.O. started falling when we were in Toronto? You brought everyone into the Yin-Yang World."
Mia nodded with a raised eyebrow. "Right."
"But before that, we all started freaking out. We didn't know what we were gonna do. Everyone started taking out their Wu and stuff, like my Fist of Tebigong, and K.C. took out the—"
"Reversing Mirror," Mia finished.
"Right!" Bradley said, looking down at the Yo-Yo's in his hand. "And everyone went into the Yin-Yang World with you using both of the Yo-Yo's, so instead of doing that wild flippy thing where we all turn bad, we all still came out good. But! K.C. walked into the Yin-Yang World holding the Reversing Mirror, so instead of coming out normal, he still flipped! K.C. is evil now!!"
Mia walked backward and sat down on a bed. "... Holy (bleep)."
"Yeah," Bradley whispered. "So... we have this bad version of K.C. hanging around who does stuff like... what he did to Bronwyn and Scott."
They were both silent for a moment, and Bradley clutched the Yo-Yo's in his hand and asked, "Do you mind if I borrow these? I gotta bring the good K.C. back."
"Go for it," Mia offered. "But be careful. Albert and I had to do that to save William and it was not easy. I'm not doing it again."
"For sure."

Bradley: This is wild, guys. Evil K.C.'s been running around for the last week! Honestly, how didn't I see this earlier?! I should've known when he started pouring his milk into the bowl before his cereal... totally backwards, man.
Mia: Bradley can go on this rescue mission alone. I already had my share of fighting in the Yin-Yang World and honestly, it wasn't really worth it. (pause) What? I'm not invested in William's morals! I only did it for Albert. (smiles)

Meanwhile, in the dining area, K.C. absentmindedly tossed the Mantis Flip Coin from hand to hand.

K.C.: Now that Scott’s gone, I’ve got my eye fully on the prize. Nothing, or no one, is going to stand in my path to the million dollars. I don't care who I need to get rid of or what I need to do to get there!

Natalia strolled into the dining area and asked, "Did Chef make breakfast yet? My back is killing me. Sleeping in a literal bubble does not do a body good."
K.C. asked, "Why are you sleeping in the Sphere of Yun, again?"
"Because poor little Bronwyn won’t stop crying over her boyfriend."
"Ex-boyfriend," K.C. corrected.
"Whatever," Natalia muttered, taking a seat across from him. "I still can’t believe he got voted off. Now it’s only me and her left from Team Water. I could've bet anything she would've gone before him."
K.C. suddenly perked up. "Oh? So that means one of you is going to be a Wudai Warrior soon, like Alyssa was."
"And it’s gonna be me," Natalia stated.
"I bet it will," K.C. nodded. He then lowered his voice and leaned in toward her. "Want to make sure of it?" He grinned and offered his hand.
Natalia tilted her head in confusion, then her expression softened. "Okay, Mr. K.C., I see what kind of game you're playing." She shook his hand.

The D.O.J.O. touched down and halted to a screech in a deserted plain. The scene flashed over the seven Apprentices standing in front of the D.O.J.O. with Chris walking toward them, laser pointer in hand. "Welcome to the Grand Canyon! One mile deep, ten miles across, and over two hundred miles long. Somewhere in this, uh, friendly abyss, lies our next Shen Gong Wu."
He shone the laser pointer on the ground, revealing a bronze mouse with red jewels on its eyes. "The Hoduku Mouse! It lets the user fix any mistake they’ve made, like eating too much at a buffet, or murder."
"Too bad I don’t make any mistakes," Angelina shrugged. Garrett stifled a chuckle.
"We’ve senses the Hoduku Mouse somewhere at the bottom of the Grand Canyon," Chris instructed. "You’ll have to rappel your way down to safely make it to the bottom of the canyon, and then scour the base for the Wu. Capiche?"
"Fettuccine," Bradley replied, looking nervously at the canyon.

Bradley: Man, heights have never been my thing. And dark spaces all the way down in the ground are even more not my thing! This challenge is gonna suck. But I don’t care about winning this one. I’m doing this to get my friend back!

Chef trudged into frame holding rappelling gear and dropped it on the ground. Chris instructed, "You know the drill! Whoever gets the Wu wins immunity. It’s been a looooong time since a new Wu’s been revealed, so one of you kiddies is overdue for a trip down the Drop of Shame. Make sure it isn’t you. Go!"
The Apprentices dashed for the gear and began putting it on. Bronwyn sniffled and asked, "Can someone help me get this on?" The other Apprentices exchanged glances. Bradley put his finger on his nose. "Not it."
Angelina rolled her eyes and walked over to Bronwyn. "Sure."

Angelina: Numbers are power, people. I have Bradley wrapped around my finger, and I think I have Garrett and Mia on my side too, but I can't be sure of that! If I want to get rid of Natalia tonight, I need to make sure I have all the help I can get.

While Angelina strapped up Bronwyn, Mia approached Natalia and asked, "Need any help?"
"What's your angle?" Natalia asked, squinting at her.
"I don't have any angle!" Mia said, exasperated. "I'm just trying to help you because you're my friend. Again."
Natalia sucked her teeth and allowed Mia to buckle the rappelling gear on to her.

Natalia: I still don't really trust Mia. And I definitely don't trust Garrett. But they both could've voted me off last week, and Chris said I didn't get any votes... maybe she actually means well?

Bradley rushed over to K.C. and asked, "Hey bud, wanna partner up for this one?"
"Sure," K.C. mumbled, already putting on his gear. "Can't hurt to have some minions to help out."
"Mind if I tag along?" Garrett asked, already walking toward them. "Too late, I'm coming."
Bradley looked at Garrett suspiciously. "What brings you to our side of the skate park?"
Garrett shrugged. "K.C. and I just bonded so much last week on our kayak, you know. Would love to continue the friendship."
Bradley and K.C. both stared at Garrett in disbelief. Garrett shrugged and began to put on his gear.

Garrett: Alright, you know that's a lie, I know that's a lie, even Hilda would know that's a lie if she were still here. K.C.'s got some tricks up his sleeve, and I refuse to let myself fall victim to any of them. You know what they say: keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your frenemies closest.

The Apprentices started making their way down the side of the Grand Canyon in three groups: Angelina and Bronwyn; Natalia and Mia; and K.C., Bradley, and Garrett. Angelina and Bronwyn silently rappelled down the canyon. Angelina paused and asked, "So, um, how are you feeling?"
Bronwyn sniffled as a reply. Angelina groaned quietly and dug into her pocket, then whispered, "Mind Reader Conch." She put the Conch up to her ear and quickly pulled it back, since all she heard was a loud wailing. "Mmm. Got it."

Focus shifted to Natalia and Mia, who were a bit further down the cliff.
"What kind of music do you like?" Mia asked, striking up a conversation.
"Nothing you would listen to," Natalia answered.
Mia stopped and looked at her. "Oh? And what do you think I listen to?"
Natalia waved a hand in Mia's direction. "You know, all those like hippie indie boys who sing in funny voices because they don't actually know how to sing."
Mia shrugged one of her shoulders and tilted her head. "Yeah, that sounds about right." The two girls giggled. "But I swear I listen to other stuff! French rap is on the rise. You have to try it."
"Sis, that is a hard sell," Natalia said warily, making her way down the cliff. "I'm gonna stick to my English rap."
Mia looked at the camera and gave a thumbs-up.

Mia: I think she's coming around! Look, I really just want to be her friend. She's witty and sarcastic. And for someone who really doesn't wear a lot of clothing, she's got great style. Minimalism in the fashion industry is what we need nowadays.

Over to their right, K.C., Bradley, and Garrett were also making their way down the cliff together. Garrett began whistling the Total Drama theme song as he made his way down to fill the silence. K.C. looked at him with irritation and said, "Not now."
"Uh, right, sorry," Garrett nodded. "Need any help? Is your gear on tight enough?"
"I'm fine," K.C. dismissed.
Bradley looked back and forth at them in bewilderment.

Bradley: Dudes, this is so weird. Like, I get it, K.C.'s a jerk now, but that doesn't explain why Garrett's basically acting like his buttboy.

Suddenly, Garrett's rope snapped.
"Whoaaaaaaaa!" Garrett yelled as he fell. "Jetbootsu!" He attempted to steady himself with the boots, but couldn't get control over them and began to fly in random directions, smacking himself against the cliffside a few times.
"Hang on, we'll help you out, man!" Bradley assured.
K.C. raised an eyebrow. "We will?"
"Come on, dude," Bradley urged.
"It's one less competitor for the million," K.C. bargained.
"K.C.!" Bradley yelled.
"Hmm," K.C. pondered, "I guess we could keep him around for another vote... Lasso Boa Boa." He spun the Lasso over his head a few times and threw it at Garrett. It wrapped around Garrett's body a few times as K.C. and Bradley both pulled the Lasso to keep Garrett from moving too much. "Thanks, guys!"
"Uh-huh," K.C. unenthusiastically replied. Bradley gave Garrett a nervous thumbs-up.

The seven Apprentices all reached the bottom of the Grand Canyon. K.C. quickly unraveled Garrett from the Lasso Boa Boa's hold, disorienting him. K.C. then began walking in one direction, away from the group. Garrett steadied himself and chased after K.C.. "W-wait! I'm coming!"
Bradley exhaled and gave Mia a glance, then chased after the two boys. "Hold up, me too!"
"I'm heading that way," Natalia and Angelina both said at the same time, gesturing in the opposite direction that the boys went. The girls glared at each other.
"Guess I'll have to make sure you don't win immunity," Natalia declared.
"Only if you can make it there sane," Angelina smirked. "Woozy Shooter!"
Natalia's eyes widened as she jumped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the purple fumes from the Woozy Shooter. Instead, the only person affected by the Wu was Bronwyn.
"Crap," Angelina muttered, as Bronwyn began twirling down the canyon, singing nursery rhymes as loudly as possible, while messing up every other word.
Mia offered, "Honestly, I think I prefer this over the crying." She walked in Bronwyn's direction while Natalia and Angelina reluctantly followed.

Natalia: I'm not thrilled about getting stuck searching with Angelina, but maybe I can keep an eye on her while I also keep an eye on Bronwyn. I talked to K.C., and the goal is to make sure Bronwyn doesn't win immunity again so we can finally get rid of her, and I can be a Wudai Warrior.
Angelina: Great, now I have to babysit Bronwyn - who I accidentally just made crazy - and deal with Natalia's gross face. Whatever. When Bronwyn comes back from la-la land, she'll be grateful I helped her and I'll have to have her vote back.

Bradley, K.C., and Garrett walked side-by-side, with K.C. in the middle of the two, walking slightly ahead and leading the way.
"Funny how we split off into guys and girls," Garrett noted. "Four of them and three of us..."
"Guess we're outnumbered," Bradley thought aloud.
Garrett stopped in his tracks. "You don't think they would..."
K.C. and Bradley also stopped walking. The three boys thought for a second as flashbacks played of Natalia, Angelina, and Bronwyn arguing in previous episodes, and when it returned to the present, they all shook their heads. "Nah," they agreed.

Garrett: Even if the girls did make an alliance against us, Mia's too loyal. She's the only person I've been able to count on for another vote this entire time, and she's stiff competition. Too bad I'll have to get rid of her soon.

The girls reached a flowing, light blue waterfall which flowed into several other pools at its base.
"Havasu Falls," Mia read aloud, looking at a sign. "Can't believe there's a waterfall all the way down here."
"Did you say Havasu?" Natalia asked, turning around. "Isn't that what Chris said the Wu was called? The Havasu Mouse or something? It has to be around here!"
Bronwyn broke free from Angelina, who was holding her hand and guiding her for most of their trek. She sprinted into the pool fully clothed and yelled, "BATH TIME!!!!!"
"Bronwyn!" Angelina scolded. "You— ugh, I'm sick of this."
"Oh, I can take care of her," Natalia smirked. "Sphere of Yun!"
Natalia lifted the golden Sphere causing it to glow. Bronwyn was trapped in a giant Sphere in the middle of the pool and looked around in confusion. Her muffled voice asked, "No bath?"

Natalia: Bronwyn's definitely out of the running for this challenge. (makes a checkmark in the air with her finger) Now, to get rid of Angelina.

"Well, she's harmless now," Angelina admitted. "But you aren't slick trying to take her out of commission from this challenge." As she said the second sentence, she made a dash into the water.
"I'm literally in my element," Natalia assured with confidence. "And with Bronwyn trapped in the Sphere of Yun, I have her Water powers too, so..."
Mia gave Natalia a confused glance, then her eyes widened in shock as Natalia took a deep breath and lifted her arms, causing all of the pooled water to slowly rise from the ground. It carried away both Angelina and an encapsulated Bronwyn, until there was a giant orb of water floating above Natalia and Mia. Natalia taunted, "How's the weather up there?"
Angelina flipped Natalia off from within the water.

Mia: I have never seen anyone use their element like that the entire time I've been here. Let alone talk smack while doing it.

"Oh, you want to get down?" Natalia said in a mocking tone. "Got it." She dropped her arms down, and with an enormous splash, all of the water fell back down. Angelina landed crouched with one knee and her palms on the ground, with her hair soaked over her face. Bronwyn bounced away off to the side in the Sphere of Yun, receiving a half-concerned glance from Mia.
Angelina looked around at the empty crater she was in and grinned. "And now, we're in my element. Seismic Kick, Earth!"
With a stomp from her foot, a pillar of rock shot out from underneath Natalia and sent her flying into the air. She began to panic and noticed an overhang from the top of the waterfall, then called out, "Silk Spitter!" The silk from the Wu shot out and latched on to the overhang, allowing her to swing back to the pool toward Angelina.
"Okay, Spider-Woman," Angelina teased, kneeling down and allowing the rocks below her to coalesce around her hands, "let's see what you've got."
As Natalia swung past, Angelina side-stepped and used her stone fists to punch Natalia off-course, into the side of the cliff below the waterfall. Natalia landed against it with a thud, causing some of the rocks on the cliffside to rumble. From the path, Mia noticed a glint at the top of the waterfall. "Hmm... Shroud of Shadows!" Mia turned invisible as Natalia slid down to the ground, which began to pool with water again, and charged at Angelina.

Over by the boys, the search was not so fruitful. K.C. haphazardly smashed a few larger rocks along the path they were on using Bradley's Fist of Tebigong. Some of the debris flew and hit Bradley, who lazily looked through some tumbleweeds, keeping a careful eye on K.C.. Garrett, however, apparently used the Ring of the Nine Dragons to split into two copies of himself to cover more ground.
"We're never going to find this stupid Wu," one Garrett moped, stalking around a large boulder.
"Not with that attitude!" the other Garrett beamed, as he used the Falcon's Eye to peer into the cliff sides that flanked them. "Come on, fellas, we're so close!"
K.C. gritted his teeth and muttered to Bradley, "How are they each more irritating than he was alone? I'm so sick of him."
Bradley let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah. Super annoying."
"You seem tense. Talk." K.C. stopped smashing rocks to turn to Bradley.
"Nothing, just want to win the challenge and all," Bradley lied. "Haven't had much luck there so far."
Before K.C. could question anything, the peppier Garrett squealed and pointed to a cliffside. "I spotted it!"
A pause, and all four boys looked at each other, then dashed for the Wu.

Returning to the waterfall, Natalia ducked to narrowly avoid a boulder barreling toward her. She ran backward into a pool of water, while Angelina jeered, "What, running away from me?"
"Shut your trap, Angelina," Natalia sneered, wading into the pool which was now shin-deep. "Or, I can do it for you. Silk Spitter!"
A glob of silk shot out at Angelina's face. She lifted her arms in an X-shape in front of her, causing a wall of rock to form in front of her to take the hit. From behind the wall, she snickered, "Got anything else?"
As she lowered her arms, causing the wall to crumble in front of her, she was surprised to see Natalia standing directly on the other side. "I've got plenty. Tornado Strike, Ice!"
Natalia spun a ribbon of water around Angelina's feet, which began to solidify. She pooled more and more water around her foe that slowly hardened until Angelina was trapped in an ice cocoon from her neck to her feet.
"Now, time for me to find that Wu, uninterrupted," Natalia smugly stated.
"You can forget about that," a voice called out. Natalia looked up at the top of the waterfall to find its source, which revealed itself to be Mia after she removed the Shroud of Shadows. Mia sat on the dry ledge of the waterfall with her arms folded. "There's nothing up here! I thought I saw the Wu, but I guess it was just the sun reflecting off the water."
"Then where is it?" Angelina groaned, throwing her head back. Bronwyn rolled back into the action from within the Sphere of Yun and shrugged her shoulders.

The boys practically tripped over themselves as they barreled to the cliffside.
"Fist of Tebigong!" Bradley yelled, punching a crater into the rocky wall. As the dust settled, the four Apprentices found themselves standing at the back entrance of a hidden cove. In the center of the cove was the Hoduku Mouse, perched upon a stone pillar in the water.
"It's mine!" K.C. called out, running toward the Wu. He was stopped in his tracks by a rumbling noise. "Uh, what's that?"
One Garrett backed out of the cove and looked up at the cliffside above, to see boulders tumbling down. "I think that punch caused an avalanche. I'm going to die. I can't wait."
The happier Garrett yanked in the other Garrett by the arm as the rocks sealed the opening to the cove. He then frowned. "How are we getting out of here?"
"Let's figure that out after I get the Wu," K.C. decided, wading into the waters of the cove.
"After him!" one Garrett called out. "Jetbootsu!" He began to unsteadily fly toward the Hoduku Mouse.
The other Garrett frowned. "Hey, I wanted the Jetbootsu. Come back here! Third-Arm Sash!" He used the Sash to grab his counterpart's leg and yank him back to the entrance. The two Garretts started slapfighting as K.C. closed in on the Wu.
Bradley bit his lip, bouncing his gaze from K.C. to the fighting Garretts.

Bradley: This might be my only chance to switch K.C. back... and I'm gonna take it.

He dug into his pockets, then announced, "Yin-Yang Yo-Yo!" He dove into a purple spiraling portal and disappeared. K.C. turned his head around and asked aloud, "Since when does Bradley have the Yo-Yo's? Huh, whatever. Doesn't matter. This one's mine."
He reached for the Hoduku Mouse and grabbed it as a portal opened from directly above the Wu. A hand reached out of the portal and grabbed the Wu at the same time, followed by Bradley's head poking out of the portal.
"Aw, come on," K.C. whined. "Fine then. Bradley, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown."
Bradley hopped out of the Yin-Yang portal entirely and landed across the pillar from K.C.. "I wager my Yin Yo-Yo against your Reversing Mirror."
"You want to showdown with only one of the yo-yo's?" K.C. asked, raising an eyebrow.

K.C.: What does he have up his sleeve?

Bradley cocked his head and said, "You're right, let's make this a... what did they call it? Shen Yi Bu Dare? Let's throw in my Yang Yo-Yo and your Lasso Boa Boa."
"Now we're talking," K.C. grinned. "The game is Rock Slide. First to make it up to the Hoduku Mouse wins."
"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

The two Apprentices rose into the air as the cove around them disassembled into stone fragments. The fragments reassembled into an incredibly steep, rocky hill, with the sun beating down on the two showdown participants, who stood at the base of the hill. The two Garretts watched on from a floating rock above the hill with their arms folded.
"That could have been us," one Garrett complained.
The other Garrett swatted his clone's arm. "Shh! It's starting!"
"Gong Yi Tampai!"
Boulders began to rain down from the top of the hill and barreled down toward the two Earth Apprentices. Bradley dove to the side to avoid one boulder while K.C. ducked as one bounced right over him.
After recovering, K.C. turned to Bradley and with suspicion, asked, "Why do you have the yo-yo's? I thought those were Mia's."
"I, uh, thought they were cool," Bradley hesitated. "Asked if I could borrow them."
"Well, too bad she won't get them back," K.C. said coolly, stepping aside to dodge another boulder, "because I'm winning this showdown."
He charged up the hill and cried, "Lasso Boa Boa!"
The lasso stretched out and latched on to a cactus, and K.C. used the lasso as a rope to hoist himself up the steep hill, swinging from side to side like a pendulum to avoid oncoming rocks.
Bradley held his hand over his eyes to protect himself from the sun and huffed.

Bradley: He's making this look easy! But all I have to do is make sure he takes the Reversing Mirror into the Yin-Yang World, and he's back. I can do this.

"Seismic Kick, Earth!" Bradley yelled. He leaped forward and stomped his right foot into the hill, causing a fissure. The boulders coming down began to roll off-course into the fissure, leaving Bradley a clear path to run up toward the Hoduku Mouse.
K.C., now reaching the cactus he lassoed, gritted his teeth. "No way! I'm not losing this. Let's take care of you permanently. Lasso Boa Boa!"
He ripped the lasso off of the cactus and instead grabbed Bradley, and yanked his ex-team member down into the fissure. Several boulders tumbled down into the chasm directly after Bradley.
The two Garretts gasped. One covered his eyes while the other leaned in with excitement. As Bradley fell, he shut his eyes and cried, "Yin-Yang Yo-Yo!" He opened a portal directly underneath him and fell into it just before hitting the ground.
K.C. didn't hear the Wu activate and shrugged. "Guess he's gone. Which means the Wu is mine by default."
With no boulders in his path, K.C. charged up the hill to the Hoduku Mouse. As he leaped toward it, a black and white portal opened up in front of him. "What the...?"
He collapsed and fell into the Yin-Yang World. He quickly stood up and turned around to see Bradley exiting the portal, waving goodbye to K.C..
"No way!" K.C. gasped. "You can't trap me in here! Reversing Mirror!"
The portal's spirals switched direction and spat K.C. back out into the showdown, directly on top of the Hoduku Mouse. The surroundings returned to normal, and K.C. stood torso-deep in the cove's water, holding the Hoduku Mouse, Reversing Mirror, Lasso Boa Boa, and both the Yin and Yang Yo-Yo's.
"Did I win?" K.C. mumbled, confused, looking around. The two Garretts approached him at the same time, leaving K.C. wide-eyed. Bradley put his hand on K.C.'s shoulder which caused him to jump and faint.
"... Yeah, he's back," Bradley smiled.

The scene flashed over to in front of the D.O.J.O., where the final seven Apprentices stood, exhausted. Chris announced, "And the winner of today's challenge seems to be K.C.!"
K.C. shrugged and held up the Hoduku Mouse.
"You know what this means," Chris instructed, "K.C.'s immune from tonight's elimination. Everyone else, get ready to say goodbye to another Apprentice tonight."
Natalia gave Garrett and Mia a glance, and they nodded.

Natalia: I know Mia doesn't have it out for me anymore, and plus, she's got an in with Garrett. Between the three of us and K.C., Bronwyn is so gone.
Garrett: Angelina really wants to get rid of Natalia, but why not play around with her for a little longer? And maybe get some sleep in the meantime. I could get used to K.C.'s plotting for a few more challenges.

In the dining area, K.C. sat alone, picking at his dinner, when Garrett sat next to him.
"Um, hello?" K.C. said, looking at Garrett in bewilderment.
"What?" Garrett asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "Yes, I'm one person again. No, I am not going to do that again. It gave me a splitting headache. No pun intended."
K.C. rubbed his temples. "I barely know what's going on in this game."
Garrett waved his hand dismissively. "No need to play dumb. Natalia filled me in, and I agree, Bronwyn should be the next to go. She's been a strong player and she won't stop crying over Scott going home."
"Yeah, I can't believe he's gone," K.C. mumbled.
Garrett looked at him strangely. "Uh, what do you mean you can't believe it? You orchestrated that entire thing. The trick with the Crystal Glasses? Truly brilliant."
"Wait, wha—"
"And getting Natalia to take care of Bronwyn today was also a power move."
"Garrett, I don't—"
"Oh, Angelina's coming. I'm not dealing with her. Good luck."
Garrett scurried away as Angelina gave him a dirty glance and sat on K.C.'s other side.
"So, what's the deal with this three-way alliance?" Angelina asked. K.C.'s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets with how wide-eyed he was.

K.C.: Guys... what has been going on?!? I feel like I've been asleep for almost a week. I'm in an alliance with Garrett and Angelina? Just the three of us? And I got Scott eliminated?! Am I in another dimension?!?!!?

K.C. began to open his mouth, but Angelina put his finger over it. "Nevermind. I know, you just eliminated Scott, that was a big play. I can take it from here."
Angelina leaned in and whispered, "Natalia is next. For. Sure. Okay? Capiche?"
"I mean—"
"Perfect," Angelina smiled, walking away with her tray.
K.C.'s head sunk into his hands as Bradley looked at him worriedly from afar.

Bradley: Poor guy.

The Banishment Ceremony followed. The seven Apprentices gathered on the bleachers across from Chris, who gave each of them a quick glance. "Welcome, my final seven - soon to be final six. You've all cast your votes in the confessional. Tonight's loser must remove their Belt of Life, give away all their Wu to their comrades, and take the Drop of Shame - never to be seen again! Again, I say." He leaned in toward the contestants. "Again!"
Bronwyn held her hands over her ears. "Ugh, could you keep it down? I have a headache from the Woozy Shooter fumes."
"Oh, you're complaining about volume now?" Natalia sniped from the highest level of the bleachers. Bronwyn turned around and stuck her tongue out. "A lot of sass for someone who isn't immune."
"It's called confidence," Natalia corrected.
Angelina piped up, "And it looks terrible on you."
"A-HEM," Chris coughed. "As I was saying. During my elimination monologue. On my show. The following people are safe: K.C., of course."
K.C. nervously waved to the camera.

K.C.: So apparently we're voting for Bronwyn. I mean, yeah, it kind of sucked having her and Scott being all lovey-dovey around me... but... was that all worth this much revenge?

"Mia, Garrett, Bradley, another day on the D.O.J.O. for you guys, too."
Mia crossed her legs and examined the remaining Apprentices up for elimination: Angelina, Bronwyn, and Natalia.

Mia: I can't believe we're losing another female presence in this game. The men left here are so... Wonder Bread. No spice, no zing. Not since Albert left!

"The next contestant to live another day on Total Drama Showdown," Chris began, "is..."
The camera panned across the three girls' faces.

Angelina: Natalia may have 'won' today in that waterfall - and I use word that loosely - but she's in for a rude awakening when she takes that drop tonight. Of course I voted for her. And if they know what's good for them, Garrett and K.C. did too.

"Bronwyn and Natalia," Chris stated, "one of you girls has spent your last day here, and the other is moments away from her promotion to Wudai Warrior!"
Bronwyn shifted uncomfortably in her seat while Natalia leaned back in hers.
"The final Apprentice staying with us tonight is Natalia!"
Angelina gasped as Bronwyn turned back to the bleachers in horror.
Bronwyn began to sob again, "You guys... want me gone? Fine, I get it, I've been crying a lot—"
"You're crying right now," Mia noted.
"B-b-but," Bronwyn said, looking at each of her former competitors, "you would be too if you had your heart broken like I did!" The last person she looked at was K.C., whose face twisted.
Chris groaned and said, "Enough with the hysterics. Bronwyn, you've got three Wu. Who's taking 'em?"
"I don't care who takes them!" Bronwyn declared.
Garrett leaned forward and raised a finger. "Uh, I'll take them, if no one else—"
"You guys are heartless," Bronwyn lashed out. "Every single one of you."
As she turned to the open door of the D.O.J.O., Natalia looked down at her robes with anticipation. Just as Bronwyn leaped out of the Drop of Shame, K.C. bit his lip, dug his hand into his robe, and yelled, "Hoduku Mouse!"

A flash of light, and the Apprentices were suddenly transported back in time to dinner, where K.C. sat next to Garrett.
Garrett said, "No need to play dumb. Natalia filled me in, and— huh? Wait, what? Have I been here before?"
K.C. looked around the room. Angelina and Bradley stopped in their tracks in the dining area. From their bedrooms, Bronwyn, Mia, and Natalia rushed in. Before anyone could say anything, Chris's voice was heard over the PA system. "K.C., you need to use the Reversing Mirror right now."
K.C. folded his arms. "No! I made a mistake, and I'm fixing it."
Chris repeated, "K.C.. You need to use the Reversing Mirror. Right. Now."
"I don't know what's going on, but I would listen to him," Garrett gulped from beside K.C..
"The Hoduku Mouse fixes mistakes," K.C. recited. "I don't want Bronwyn to go home. I need to fix my mistake."
Bronwyn looked at him with a soft expression and smiled.
Over the PA system, Chris said once more, "K.C.! If you don't use the—"
Suddenly, every Apprentice was thrown against the wall as the D.O.J.O. took a nosedive. The episode cut off with a simple screen of text reading, "TO BE CONTINUED."

Chapter Twenty-Two: TBA


Charts and Statistics

Elimination Chart

Total Drama Showdown Elimination Table
Rank Player Element Episodes
11 2 3 4 51 6 72 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 151 16 17 18 19 20 211 22 23 24 25 26
18th Blake Water IN IN WIN IN IN IN IN WIN OUT
19th Maxwell Wind WIN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
20th Tina Earth IN IN IN WIN IN IN OUT
21st Julie Earth IN IN IN WIN IN OUT
22nd Thomas Fire IN WIN IN OUT
23rd Alice Wind WIN IN OUT
24th Zane Water IN OUT


     NAME: This player was male.

     NAME: This player was female.

     WATER: This player's element was Water.

     FIRE: This player's element was Fire.

     WIND: This player's element was Wind.

     EARTH: This player's element was Earth.

     WIN: This player won invincibility for themselves or their team.

     WIN: This player was on the winning element team.

     IN: This player neither won nor lost.

     IN: This player was up for elimination but was deemed safe during the Banishment Ceremony.

     LOW: This player was deemed safe last during the Banishment Ceremony.

     LOW: This player was going to be banished during the Banishment Ceremony, but something saved them.

     OUT: This player was banished during the Banishment Ceremony.


1 - This chapter did not feature an elimination.

2 - This chapter featured a Xiaolin Showdown between two members of the same team, allowing the team to win and lose.

Possession Chart

Possession Chart
Shen Gong Wu Chapters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Mantis Flip Coin Wind Water Scott K.C.
Third Arm Sash Fire Earth Fire Hilda Garrett
Jetbootsu Water Scott Garrett
Lotus Twister Water Bronwyn
Shroud of Shadows Earth Water Natalia Mia
Tangle Web Comb Earth Fire Garrett
Ring...Nine Dragons Fire Hilda Garrett
Orb of Tornami Water Bronwyn
Fist of Tebigong Earth Bradley
Star Hanabi Fire Mia
Sword of the Storm Wind ? Wind Alyssa Mia
Eye of Dashi Fire Mia Albert Mia
Ruby of Ramses Earth Angelina
Falcon's Eye Water Wind Water Scott Garrett
Ants in the Pants Wind William Alyssa Mia
Ju-Ju Flytrap Fire Albert Garrett
Manchurian Musca Fire Garrett
Moonstone Locust Earth K.C.
Glove of Jisaku Earth K.C. Albert Alyssa Mia
Gills of Hamachi Wind Earth Bradley
Thorn of Thunderbolt Fire Albert Natalia
Silk Spitter Water Natalia
Lasso Boa Boa Water Bronwyn K.C.
Sphere of Yun Water Natalia
Woozy Shooter Earth Angelina
Sun Chi Lantern Mia
Yin Yo-Yo Albert Mia K.C.
Yang Yo-Yo Mia K.C.
Reversing Mirror K.C.
Mind Reader Conch Angelina
Tongue of Saiping Natalia
Zing Zom-Bone Garrett
Crystal Glasses Bronwyn
Hoduku Mouse K.C.

Showdown Chart

Showdown Chart
Episode Contestants
(Wagered Wu)
Game Winner Wu Won
3 Scott
(Mantis Flip Coin)
Race to the Lotus Twister Scott Lotus Twister
4 Garrett
(Third-Arm Sash)
(Shroud of Shadows)
Running of the Bulls Russell Tangle Web Comb
6 K.C.
(Third-Arm Sash)
(Star Hanabi)
Toxic Barrel Hot Potato Mia Eye of Dashi
7 Angelina
(Shroud of Shadows)
(Tangle Web Comb)
Dodgeboulder Angelina Ruby of Ramses
9 Scott
(Falcon's Eye)
(Sword of the Storm)
Kayak Race William Ants in the Pants
(Tangle Web Comb)
(Third-Arm Sash)
Capture the Cat Eleanor Manchurian Musca
12 K.C.
(Shroud of Shadows)
(Mantis Flip Coin)
Beat the Spider Natalia Silk Spitter
14 Alyssa
(Falcon's Eye)
(Lotus Twister)
Tag Bronwyn Sphere of Yun
(Fist of Tebigong)
(Gills of Hamachi)
Surfing Competition Bradley Woozy Shooter
16 Albert
(Thorn of Thunderbolt)
(Star Hanabi)
(Glove of Jisaku)
(Shroud of Shadows)
Chariot Race Albert/Mia Yin Yo-Yo
Yang Yo-Yo
17 Bronwyn
(Lasso Boa Boa)
(Moonstone Locust)
(Mantis Flip Coin)
Eiffel Tower Paintball K.C. Reversing Mirror
(Thorn of Thunderbolt)
(Eye of Dashi)
(Yin Yo-Yo)
Steal the Wu Albert Bag of Stolen Wu
18 Albert
(Thorn of Thunderbolt)
(Silk Spitter)
Last Man Standing Natalia Tongue of Saiping
19 Garrett
(Third-Arm Sash & Ju-Ju Flytrap)
(Jetbootsu & Falcon's Eye)
Survive the Zombies Garrett Zing Zom-Bone
21 Bradley
(Yin Yo-Yo & Yang Yo-Yo)
(Lasso Boa Boa & Reversing Mirror)
Rock Slide K.C. Hoduku Mouse


  • The Shroud of Shadows and Third-Arm Sash have been wagered in showdowns more than any other Wu, with four times each.
    • The Mantis Flip Coin, Falcon's Eye, and Thorn of Thunderbolt have been wagered three times.
    • The Star Hanabi, Tangle Web Comb, Jetbootsu, Lasso Boa Boa, and Yin Yo-Yo have been wagered twice.
  • The Glove of Jisaku has the highest number of unique owners, with five.
  • K.C. has the record for most showdowns with five total.
  • Albert has the record for most back-to-back showdowns, with three in a row. He also wagers the same Wu in all three.
  • Eleanor and Russell are the only contestants to win every showdown they were a part of.
  • Alyssa and Tina are the only contestants to lose every showdown they were a part of.
  • Team Fire has had the best showdown success rate at 67%, followed by Earth at 45%, Water at 44%, and Wind at 20%.
  • Team Earth has had the most of its members participate in a showdown, with five, followed by Fire, Water, and Wind, with four, three, and two respectively.
  • Tina is the lowest-ranking competitor to compete in a showdown.
  • Hilda is the highest-ranking competitor, and only merged competitor, to not compete in a showdown.
  • Tina, Eleanor, and Russell are the only non-merged contestants to compete in a showdown.
  • Albert has his first showdown the latest of anyone, not competing in one until Chapter 16.
  • Three pairs of contestants have been able to rematch each other: Scott vs. William, Mia vs. K.C., and Albert vs. Natalia.


Shen Gong Wu
Name Meaning Intro
Ants in the Pants A bug-related Wu that releases a massive swarm of ants to invade the enemy's clothing. 9
Crystal Glasses A pair of crystalline glasses that allows the user to see into the future. 20
Eye of Dashi A powerful Wu that emits lightning from its central gem. 6
Falcon's Eye A Wu that allows its user to see through solid objects, and in darkness, gives the user night vision. 8
Fist of Tebigong An Earth-elemental Wu that allows its user to create tremors, earthquakes, and manipulate any type of strong material by punching down on it. 5
Gills of Hamachi A metallic choker-shaped Wu that gives its user the ability to breathe underwater, along with temporary gills and fins. 11
Glove of Jisaku A Wu that attracts metal objects, including other Wu, to its magnetic core. 10
Hoduku Mouse A bronze Wu in the shape of a mouse with jeweled red eyes that can fix a mistake the user has made. 21
Jetbootsu A Wu that grants its user the ability to flight and to defy gravity. 3
Ju-Ju Flytrap A bug-related, drumstick-shaped Wu that releases large flies to attack the user's target. 9
Lasso Boa Boa A boa constrictor in the shape of a lasso that can stretch to infinite lengths. 13
Lotus Twister A flower-shaped Wu that allows its user to stretch his or her arms and legs far distances and heights. 3
Manchurian Musca A bug-related, fly-shaped Wu turns its user into a fly. It also gives them an intense craving for sugar. 9
Mantis Flip Coin A coin-shaped Wu that gives its user the power to soar great heights the act of flipping and jumping. 1
Mind Reader Conch A brass conch-shaped Wu that allows the user to read the minds of people nearby. 18
Moonstone Locust A bug-related, white, ring-shaped Wu with a bronze handle that releases a horde of locusts, which will eat any plant in sight. 9
Orb of Tornami A Water-elemental Wu that allows the users to control the waters and create storms and floods at will. 5
Reversing Mirror A mirror-shaped Wu that reverses the effects of any Shen Gong Wu. 17
Ring of the Nine Dragons A ring-shaped Wu when, worn on the finger, allows a user to divide into as many as nine. However, the division of characters divides everything within the user. 5
Ruby of Ramses A large red jewel-shaped Wu that allows its user the power of telekinesis, or moving targeted objects at will. 7
Shroud of Shadows A sheet, or shroud, that when draped around any object, makes the object completely transparent and invisible. 4
Silk Spitter A handheld nozzle that shoots out spider silk, which can entangle or slow down targeted objects. 12
Sphere of Yun An orb that can capture an entity inside of it. The owner of the Sphere of Yun will have the captured entity's powers and possessions as long as they are captured. 14
Star Hanabi A Fire-elemental, star-shaped Wu. The jewel in the center creates firestorms and allows the user to manipulate fire in any way possible. 5
Sun Chi Lantern A lantern Wu that allows its user to elevate their inner chi, strengthening their elemental powers. 15
Sword of the Storm A Wind-elemental Wu that possesses the power to create heavy windstorms and allows the user to manipulate the power of the air around him or her. 5
Tangle Web Comb A Wu in the shape of a comb. When used, it shoots out vine-like strings that entangle the target. The strings can only be broken out of using absolute focus. 4
Third-Arm Sash A Wu that is worn around clothing. It gives its user a small, mechanical third arm that can stretch to short and far distances, capable of many abilities. 2
Thorn of Thunderbolt A brass Wu with a red jewel at its eye, which can emit small bolts of electricity to attack and paralyze targets. 12
Tongue of Saiping A rectangular wooden block with a tongue in the center of it, which allows the user to speak to animals. 18
Woozy Shooter A trumpet-shaped Wu that emits a purple haze when blown into. The haze causes its targets to act goofy and uninhibited. 14
Yang Yo-Yo A yo-yo that opens a portal into the Yin-Yang World, which is a parallel universe with laws of its own. Entering and exiting the Yin-Yang World results in switching the good and evil parts of the user, completely inverting their personality and values. This can be averted by traveling with both the Yang Yo-Yo and its brother Wu, the Yin Yo-Yo. 16
Yin Yo-Yo A yo-yo that opens a portal into the Yin-Yang World, which is a parallel universe with laws of its own. Entering and exiting the Yin-Yang World results in switching the good and evil parts of the user, completely inverting their personality and values. This can be averted by traveling with both the Yin Yo-Yo and its sister Wu, the Yang Yo-Yo. 16
Zing Zom-Bone A Wu that allows its user to turn anyone in the vicinity into a mindless, obedient zombie. 19
Other Terms
Name Meaning Intro
Earth The element possessed by the fourth quadrant of Chosen Ones: Angelina, Bradley, Julie, K.C., Russell, and Tina. 1
Element The most essential part of life in the Total Drama Showdown universe. The Chosen Ones are shown to possess one of the four classical elements--Water, Fire, Wind, or Earth--each with their own unique powers and abilities. 1
Fire The element possessed by the third quadrant of Chosen Ones: Albert, Eleanor, Garrett, Hilda, Mia, and Thomas. 1
Legendary Mystic Supernatural Shen Gong Wu Wu for short, are powerful, mythical objects created by Chris McLean, who is responsible for hiding them around the world for the Chosen Ones to recover. Wu each have one function unless combined with another and can be activated for use by simply calling out its name. Shen Gong Wu is also another shortened term used to identify these objects. 1
Shen Yi Bu Dare Functions identically to a Xiaolin Showdown, except both players wager two Wu each rather than one. The victor claims all five Wu involved in the showdown. 19
Water The element possessed by the first quadrant of Chosen Ones: Blake, Bronwyn, Natalia, Raina, Scott, and Zane. 1
Wind The element possessed by the second quadrant of Chosen Ones: Alice, Alyssa, Isadora, Maxwell, Wally, and William. 1
Xiaolin Showdown In the Total Drama Showdown universe, this occurs when two opposing players touch a Wu with each trying to claim the Wu for his or her own. One player is to challenge the other, getting the privilege to choose the Showdown challenge or obstacle that is needed to be conquered. In order to start a Xiaolin Showdown, both players must have at least one Wu in possession to wager in the battle. The victor of the Showdown keeps the Wu (s)he wagered, wins the Wu wagered by the opponent, and claims the Wu that started the Showdown, totaling three. 3
Xiaolin Showdown Trio This is a type of Xiaolin Showdown in which three different players compete rather than the standard two. All three players wager one Shen Gong Wu each, and the winner of the showdown claims all Wu involved and the Wu that started the showdown, totaling four. 17
Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami This is a type of Xiaolin Showdown in which four different players compete rather than the standard two. This can take the form of a 2 vs. 2 showdown or a free-for all. All four players wager one Shen Gong Wu each, and the winner(s) take all Shen Gong Wu involved. 16


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