This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

This is my first fan fiction story. It might not make sense but it's still good to check for updates. Please comment. It'll be updated whenever I finish a new chapter. Keep checking to see who'll win. Written by Owenguy101.(Edit: The campers say weird stuff so if you think it makes no sense I'll fix it up.)



Chris (The host)

Chef (The assistant)

Phil (The other assistant)

Camera crew (The filming people)

The contestants who will be returning

Owen (The lovible fat guy)

Gwen (The goth girl)

Heather (The bossy bratty girl)

Duncan (The juvie dude)

Leshawna (The big loudmouth)

Geoff (The party dude)

Izzy (The crazy girl)

DJ (The lovible guy)

Lindsay (The dumb blond)

Bridgette (The surfer girl)

Trent (The musical guy)

Eva (The strong girl)

Harold (The nerdy guy)

Beth (The nerdy girl)

Katie and Sadie (The BFFFFLs)

Justin (The pretty boy)

Eliminated contestants

1) Heather (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: She lost control in the surfing challenge)

2 and 3) Katie and Sadie (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Refused to jump in hang glide challenge)

4) Ezekiel (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Shot an arrow into Courtney's butt)

5) Cody (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Put a bunch of stuff in bowl and didn't check what they were)

6) Noah (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Didn't do well in obstacle course plus lost all his clothes)

7) Courtney (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Kicked down her teams sandcastle making them lose)

8) Tyler (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Chickened out when he saw a giant chicken causing his team to get lost)

9) Harold (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Accidently saw Lindsay's boobs causing him to lose.)

10) DJ (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Justin thought he was a wimp and decided to vote him off.)

11) Justin (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Yizzy told everyone that he voted off DJ due to that everyone likes DJ.)

12) Yizzy (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: She completely freaks out when she saw a fish.)

13) Eva (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: She wouldn't help her team.)

14) Trent (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: He got injured by a stingray and he had to leave. Note: He survived, as always)

15) Izzy (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Didn't get a single point in the sea carnival games)

16) Geoff (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: He and Bridgette were bothering everyone by making out a lot.)

17) Beth (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Duncan voted her off to get backa t everyone.)

18) Owen (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Duncan voted him off because he was mad at him.)

19) Gwen (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: The losers voted her off.)

20) Lindsay (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Couldn't make it halfway through the course.)

21) Leshawna (Team: Killer crabs. Reason: Got stuck at the bell gate area and ultimately gave up.)

RUNNER UP) Duncan (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Couldn't carry the Gilded Chris and ended up landing on his foot.)

WINNER!) Bridgette (Team: Screaming seagulls. Reason: Got to the finish line first.)


1) A surfing race (Winner: Bridgette / Screaming seagulls)

2) A one hundred drop from the sky with hang gliders (Winner: Killer crabs)

3) A paintball hunt with everyone dressed up as pelicans (Winner: Killer crabs)

4) Preparing a seafood meal for Chris (Winner: Screaming seagulls)

5) Survive a very hard obstacle course made by Chris (Winner: Duncan / Screaming seagulls)

6) Make a very good sandcastle (Winner: Killer crabs)

7) Escape from Boney Island (Winner: Screaming seagulls)

8) A jet skiing race (Winner: Lindsay / Killer crabs)

9) Get through 3 laps in a swimming race (Winner: Geoff and Bridgette / Screaming seagulls)

10) A fashion show in order to win a dance party (Winner: Screaming seagulls)

11) Try and catch a very big fish (Winner: Screaming seagulls)

12) Set up plans for a good beach party (Winner: Boys)

13) Catch a sea animal (Winner: Mostly everyone though Duncan got his in first)

14) Compete in games in a seaside carnival done by Chris (Winner: Leshawna)

15) Find a treasure chest underwater (Winner: Lindsay and Beth)

16) Do pirate challenges. (Winner: Leshawna, Gwen, Bridgette and Owen)

17) Find a rare fish. (Winner: Girls)

18) Visit the losers at Playa des losers. (No winner)

19) Redo the past challenges but much harder in a huge course. (Winners: Duncan and Bridgette)

20) Race to the beach and back. (Winner: Bridgette)


Chapter 1: Bummer Vacation

“Hey dudes! I’m Chris Mclean and welcome to Total Drama Summer, a spin off to Total Drama Island. The place will take place at an old summer resort for 8 weeks competing in challenges for rewards. And here come the contestants.” The 22 people come to the old summer resort. “You mean we’re staying here?” said Gwen. “Aw c’mon, it could be fun!” said Owen. “You’ll be settling in to your resort buildings over there.” Said Chris, “Plus you’ll be sharing your chats in the sauna confessional.” (In confessional) “A nice steaming place to confesta. Booyah!” said Geoff. “You’ll be settled in two teams.” Said Chris, “When I call your name, step over there.” “Yeah okay.” Replied Ezekiel. “Owen, Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, Geoff, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Harold, Gwen, and Trent, step over there.” Said Chris, “From this moment on you’ll be known as The Screaming Seagulls.” “I’m a seagull! Whoo!” said Owen. “The rest of you over there.” Said Chris, “Leshawna, Heather, DJ, Lindsay, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, and Eva. Move move move! This moment on you’ll be known as The Killer Crabs.” “Wheee.” Said Noah rudely. “Just be quite.” Said Eva. “As usual, one team will win and the other will watch they’re team member go to the dock of shame to the boat of losers.” Said Chris.” (In confessional) “This stuff Chris has is still crummy.” Said Heather, “I still don’t have hair.” “Okay, Seagulls will be in the west resort house and Crabs in the east.” Said Chris. Later that night, everything is settled. “These people need to be ready tomorrow because they’re first challenge will start soon.” Said Chris, “See yah later.”

Chapter 2: Ultimate Surfing

“Listen up!” yelled Chef, “You guys better eat before your start your challenge!” “Gosh! You don’t need to rush us!” shouted Harold. Later, Chris and the campers are outside at the beach. “Today’s challenge is a surfing challenge.” Said Chris. “Piece of cake.” Said Bridgette. “The waters are filled with live man eating sharks.” Said Chris. “Oh wow.” Said Bridgette. “Two people will do a race around the resort.” Said Chris, “Whoever finishes makes that persons team win invincibility. The losers will send someone home.” “I’ll surf for the seagulls.” Said Bridgette. “I can win any day!” said Heather. “Alright, on your marks, get set, and go!” said Chris. Bridgette and Heather pick up the winds and went off. Bridgette was ahead. “Cue the wave effects!” shouted Chris to Chef. Chef turns on a machine. Waves suddenly appear. Bridgette starts to ride them easily but Heather loses control and lands near the sharks. Bridgette crosses the finish line. “The winners! The Screaming Seagulls!” said Chris. The people on the seagulls team cheers. “Killer crabs.” Said Chris, “Pick a person to vote off and I’ll see you at the pool ceremony. Later at the pool ceremony. “You’ve all casted your votes.” Said Chris, “There are only 9 Mr. Coconuts here. When I call your name, get your coconut. Lindsay, Beth, Noah, Eva, DJ, Cody, Tyler, Justin. Leshawna and Heather. The final coconut goes to…” Leshawna and Heather look nervous. “…Leshawna.” Said Chris. “Whohoo!” Screamed Leshawna “What!?” shouted Heather. “Sorry buts that’s the rules.” Said Chris. “Fine!” shouted Heather, “But you’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” Heather gets on the boat of losers and leaves. “That’s a wrap on chapter 2.” Said Chris “Will Geoff and Bridgette ever stop kissing? Will Gwen and Trent’s love survive? Will Owen get some lunch?” “Thank you.” said Owen off screen. “Tune in later on Total Drama Summer!” said Chris.

Chapter 3: The Hang Glide Drop

“Campers!” said Chris “Your next challenge is a one hundred drop from the sky with hang gliders!” “Yeah!” said Tyler “I bet I can do that!” “I’m not sure about that.” Said Justin. “Oh man.” Said Owen “I don’t like flying. “Me either.” Said Izzy. “Whoever’s team member on which team wins their team invincibility.” Said Chris. “It might be hard.” Said Chris “We lost a few interns doing this.” Harold gulps. Later on Chris’ plane, everyone jumps except Katie and Sadie. “I don’t want to jump.” Said Katie. “If she’s not jumping I’m not jumping.” Said Sadie. Cut to other campers. “Be careful Izzy!” screamed Owen. “E-scope!” said Izzy. “Sorry.” Said Owen. “Aaaaahh!” screamed Cody. Duncan glides normaly. “These people are wimps.” Said Chris. Owen suddenly falls due to his weight. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Owen. Pretty much most of the Crabs landed at the goal except for Tyler who wiped out. “We have a winner!” said Chris “The killer crabs!” Everyone cheers. “Seagulls.” Said Chris “Pick 2 member to vote off and I’ll see you tonight.” “2 people!?” said Gwen shockingly. “Don’t worry.” Said Trent “I won’t vote you off.” Gwen has a sweet look on her face. (In confessional) “I have to say Katie and Sadie because they didn’t do the challenge.” Said Courtney. (In confessional) “Yeah, I guess Katie and Sadie.” Said Owen “They didn’t do a thing at all.” Later at the pool ceremony, only 4 people left. “There are only 2 coconuts left.” Said Chris. Owen, Izzy, Katie, and Sadie all look nervous. “The next coconut goes to Owen.” Said Chris. Owen gets his coconut. “The last coconut goes to…” said Chris stopping. Katie, Sadie, and Izzy look nervous. “Izzy.” Said Chris. Izzy gets her coconut. Katie and Sadie seem okay. “That’s alright.” Said Katie “We’re still together.” “Uh huh.” Said Sadie. Katie and Sadie go off on the boat. “Who will be voted off next?” said Chris “ Will DJ befriend more animals? Will Izzy listen to her actual name? Will Courtney stop being very bossy? Find out next time on Total Drama Summer!”

Chapter 4: Paintball pelican hunt

It’s just another morning. Geoff and Bridgette are making out, Cody and Noah are reading books, Duncan’s doing pranks, and Owen is just being himself. “Campers!” said Chris on the speaker “Please come outside for breakfast!” “All right!” said Owen “I’m starving!” Outside the resort, the contestants have breakfast. “Today’s challenge is similar to the paintball deer hunt, but this time it’s pelicans.” Said Chris “Uh oh.” Said Gwen. “Hey I can do this eh?” asked Ezekiel. “Oh I sure hope so.” Said Gwen. “The seagull hunters will be Owen, Harold and Ezekiel.” Said Chris. “Yeah!” said Owen. “It’s awesome.” Said Harold. “The crab hunters will be Leshawna, Justin, Beth and Lindsay.” Said Chris. “Yay!” said Beth and Lindsay. “The rest of you are now pelicans.” Said Chris. “Uh oh.” Said everyone that were pelicans. Later, everyone had started the challenge. “I don’t know about you but I’m out of here.” Said DJ. He flies off all of a sudden. Duncan just looks weirded out. Meanwhile, Ezekiel is in the woods and he finds an arrow on the ground. “How’d this get here eh?” said Ezekiel. He’s wondering where to put it. He puts it in his paintball gun not knowing it’s a paintball gun. Meanwhile, Owen finds DJ. “Yaaaaaaaah!” screamed Owen. DJ runs off. “Gee.” Said Owen “I’m not sure I’m good at finding prey. Meanwhile, Ezekiel sees a pelican tail and remembers what he was doing. He fires the arrow, not knowing it’s there right into, surprisingly, Courtney’s butt. “Oops.” Said Ezekiel. Later after Chris tells the campers to come back. “Whoh!” said Chris shocked “You shot an arrow in her butt?” “Not funny!” shouted Courtney. “Well” said Chris “The killer crabs got more hits than the seagulls, so I guess the Crabs win.” The people on the Killer Crabs cheer. “Seagulls.” Said Chris “Pick a person to vote off and I’ll see you at the pool ceremony.” Later at the pool ceremony. “You’ve all cast your votes.” Said Chris “When I call you name, get your coconut. Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, Trent, Harold, Izzy.” They all get their coconuts. “Courtney, Ezekiel.” Said Chris “Down to you. The final coconut goes to…” Courtney and Ezekiel look nervous. “…Courtney.” Said Chris. Courtney gets her coconut. “Sorry dude.” Said Chris “At least you got farther this time.” Ezekiel gets on the boat of losers and leaves. “That’s another rap up on Total Drama Summer.” Said Chris “What’ll happen to our campers next? Well I ain’t telling. See ya later.”

Chapter 5: Seafood Gourmet

“Welcome back to Total Drama Summer.” Said Chris “We are just about to get to the next challenge, so get to the challenge already.” Later, over at the beach. “Today’s challenge is to prepare a seafood meal for me to test.” Said Chris “Obviously, this will be an easy challenge.” A truck appears out of the water. “Every day, a dolphin driver will bring us seafood.” Said Chris “Today’s task starts there.” “I’ll be head chef.” Said Geoff. “Okay then.” Said Duncan. “I’ll be head chef for my team.” Said Leshawna. “Okay, the teams are set.” Said Chris “You’ll have 3 hours to prepare the meal.” Later in the kitchen. “We need to win this challenge or we’ll lose again!” shouted Courtney. “Relax.” Said Duncan “We won the last cooking challenge so I’ll bet we’ll win this one.” “I guess you’re right.” Said Courtney. “Plus we need to keep an eye on Owen.” Said Duncan. Meanwhile at the crabs kitchen, Leshawna needed to use the bathroom so Cody’s keeping an eye on what to do. “Hmm.” Said Cody “What did she say to put in?” Cody just puts in random stuff and doesn’t even know what the stuff are. 3 hours later. “Be back with your meal Chris.” Said Geoff. “You’re meal’s coming up Chris.” Said Leshawna. “Boy.” Said Chris “I sure hope this is better than Chefs food. No offense Chef.” “None taken.” Said Chef sarcastically. Duncan and Courtney bring out a big fried fish with crabs at the side. “I sure hope he likes it.” Said Owen “It looks tasty.” “Be quiet Owen.” Said Gwen. Chris tastes the seagulls’ food. “Hmmm.” Said Chris “Pretty good. 7 points. How will the crabs respond.” Leshawna and Lindsay bring out they’re food. “It look like glop, but I’ll taste it anyway.” Said Chris. He takes a nibble but quickly spits it out. “Bleach!” said Chris spitting it out “What’s in there?” “I don’t know.” Said Leshawna. Cody backs away nearby. “This is worse than Chef’s cooking!” shouted Chris “No offense again Chef.” Chef growls. “Okay.” Said Chris “I’d say the winners are the Screaming seagulls.” Everyone on the seagulls team cheers. “See, I told you.” Said Duncan to Courtney. She just smiles. “Killer crabs.” Said Chris “Pick a person to vote off and see me at the pool ceremony. (In confessional) “Cody looked very suspicious so I’d say him.” Said Leshawna. (In confessional) Lindsay just stares. The tape ends. Later at the pool ceremony. “Well I’m glad you people have your coconuts.” Said Chris. Leshawna, DJ, Beth, Tyler, Justin, Noah and Eva all have coconuts. “There’s only one left.” Said Chris “The final coconut goes to…” Lindsay and Cody look worried. “Lindsay.” Said Chris. “Whooho!” said Lindsay. “Time to go bro.” said Chris. Cody goes on the boat of losers looking sad. “Well, I’m glad that this challenge is done.” Said Chris “But the next one may be tough for the contestants. See you next time on Total Drama Summer. Mclean out!

Chapter 6: Chris’ obstacle course of tricks

“Campers!” said Chris “You may be wondering what all that noise was last night?” “You clonking your head?” said Noah rudely. “No.” said Chris “Your next challenge is to survive this obstacle course that we put some stuff like sharks, piranhas, and even bears in.” The bear looks odd. “Uh oh.” Said Noah. “Here’s the deal.” Said Chris “One person from each team will compete in the obstacle course. Whoever’s team that person is on loses has to go to the pool ceremony. Alright. Pick your person.” “I’d say Duncan.” Said Gwen. “Why not me?” said Harold. “Because, you stink.” Said Courtney. “Don’t be harsh Courtney.” Said Trent “But we’re still doing Duncan.” Over at the crabs team. “I’d say Noah.” Said Leshawna. “Why me?!” shouted Noah. “Because we like seeing you suffer.” Said Justin. “Well you’ll pay if we lose.” Said Noah. Everyone looks nervous. Later, after everything is situated. “On your marks, get set, and go!” said Chris firing a gun. A bird falls down. “That’s going to provoke some angry emails.” Said Chris. Duncan and Noah start the course. Duncan gets by the sharks easily but Noah has trouble. “Couldn’t someone like Tyler do this!?” shouted Noah. “Oh. Maybe Tyler can do it.” Said Lindsay. “Lindsay, be quiet. Said Beth.” Noah had saw that Duncan was nearly done with the piranha section. Noah starts to run over to it but a shark jumps up and eats his clothes and was now completely naked. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” shrieked Noah. Chris looked odd but noticed Duncan had finished. “Well due to Noah losing his clothes, Duncan had finished unharmed. The screaming seagulls win!” said Chris. The screaming seagulls people cheer. “Killer crabs. I’ll see you at the pool ceremony. Again” said Chris. Later at the pool ceremony. “Well since most of you are tired about the loud noise last night, I’ll just give you your coconuts.” Said Chris. “Lindsay, Beth, Justin, Eva, DJ, Leshawna. Tyler and Noah. The final coconut goes to…” Tyler looks nervous but Noah’s himself. “Tyler!” said Chris. “Yeah!” said Tyler. “What! Are you kidding me!” shouted Noah “Well good luck. I’m leaving.” “Well that’s another chapter of Total Drama Summer.” Said Chris “And I still got paid. Bonus!”

Chapter 7: Sandcastle building mayhem

The sun rises over Chris’ resort, then Chris sets off the megaphone. “All contestants out to the beach right this second!” shouted Chris on the megaphone “I love this thing.” (In confessional) “I so hate that Chris!” shouted Courtney “He needs to get better with waking us up.” (outside the confessional) “Yo, Courtney!” said Leshawna “Can you please let someone else have a turn?!” Courtney sighs. Later at the beach. “Your challenge today is to make a very neat sandcastle. If it falls down before me and Chef can see it, the team will lose. “Real nice.” Said Eva. Later, the contestants get to their sand boxes. “I think I should help make the sand castle.” Said Harold. “No!” shouted Courtney “You totally stink at challenges!” “Calm down Courtney.” Said Gwen “We’ll lose the challenge if you continue this.” “Fine.” Said Courtney. “Yes.” Said Harold. Over at the killer crabs sand box. “So what do we do again?” asked Lindsay. “We need to build a sand castle.” Said Tyler. “That sounds easy.” Said Lindsay. “I think we need some flags.” Said DJ. Lindsay sees a hermit crab. She puts it on the sand castle. “Here’s one.” Over at the seagulls box. “Ta da!” said Harold. It’s shown he made a very perfect sand castle. They all look amazed. Back at the crabs’ box “Tyler!” shouted Justin “Stop!” “It can’t hold much more!” said DJ. “But it needs one more.” Said Tyler. The sand castle falls down. “It’s over.” Said Justin. While everyone is arguing, Eva and Beth work on the sand castle. Back at the seagulls’ castle. “It’s perfect.” Said Trent. “Really perfect.” Said Geoff. Suddenly a seagull lands on the castle. “Hey get off our sand castle!” shouted Courtney. She kicks the sand castle to shoo it away. “No!” shouted everyone. “Uh oh.” Said Courtney. “Ooh.” Said Chris “False move. But the crabs had finished the castle once yours fell down. So the winner is the killer crabs!” They all cheer. “So Screaming seagulls.” Said Chris “Go vote someone off and see me later. Later at the pool ceremony. “There are only 2 coconuts left.” Said Chris. Courtney, Harold, and Duncan are left. “When I call your name, come get your coconut. Duncan.” Duncan gets his coconut. “The final coconut goes to…” Harold looks nervous but Courtney doesn’t. “Harold.” Said Chris. “Yes!” said Harold. “What?!” shouted Courtney “You voted for Harold, again?!” “Sorry honey bunch but you made us lose.” Said Duncan. Chris and Chef take her to the boat of losers and it drives off. “What will happen to our contestants next?” said Chris “Find out next time on Total Drama Summer.”

Chapter 8: Return to Boney island

All the contestants are sleeping happily until Gwen wakes up and notices something. “Guys?” said Gwen a little odd “I don’t think were at the resort.” Everyone else wakes up. “Uh oh.” Said Trent “Not this place again.” That place happened to be the scariest place in Muskoka. Boney Island. “Where’s Chris?” asked Leshawna. “I’m up here.” Said Chris from his helicopter “Your next challenge is to get out of Boney island alive. The team who gets out first wins invincibility. And the challenge starts now.” Everyone starts to run through the woods. “This’ll be fun.” Said Chris. Through the forest, the Crabs are running. Tyler looks very nervous. “I’ve never been here before.” He said. “We’ll get out.” Said Leshawna. “I sure hope so.” Said DJ looking nervous. Over at the seagulls team. Trent slips and lands in the pit of quicksand. “Uh oh!” he said “Why does this always happen?!” “It happens to me too.” Said Lindsay also stuck. Geoff and Bridgette get a stick (While making out) and put it in the quicksand. Trent and Lindsay get out. “Phew.” Said Trent in relief “Thanks.” “No problem.” Said Geoff. Meanwhile back at the crabs team, they continue running. “Heh heh.” Said Chris chuckling “Wait till they see what I’m doing to them.” The team stops to see a giant chicken going by. “AHHHHHH!” screams Tyler. He runs “Taylor wait!” said Lindsay. “It’s Tyler.” Said Beth. “Oh right.” Said Lindsay. Back at the seagulls team, Owen steps on a stick and a bunch of man-eating birds appear. “Darn it!” said Owen “Why does this always happen?!” “Probably bad luck.” Said Gwen “At least we don’t have a cursed tiki doll.” Said Trent. “Well I think we should run!” shouted Gwen. The birds started chasing them. A dim light appears near the trees. “Light!” said Harold. They run toward it. It’s shown they are now on the beach of Boney Island. “Wow.” Said Chris “It looks like you made it, so I guess you’ve won. “Yeah!” said all of them cheering. “Hey.” Said Chris “Where’s the other team?” The giant chicken arrives carrying the other team. Tyler’s all shaky. “They got lost because sporty dude ran off.” Said Chef controlling the giant chicken. “Wow.” Said Chris “Well then, killer crabs. Pick a person to vote off and see me later. Later at the pool ceremony. “You’ve all cast your votes.” Said Chris “As usual, whoever doesn’t get a coconut must go to the boat of losers and leave. The coconuts go to Leshawna, Lindsay, Eva, Justin, and Beth.” DJ and Tyler are left. “The final coconut goes to…” DJ and Tyler are left. “DJ.” Said Chris. DJ gets his coconut. “Tyler.” Said Chris “It’s time to go.” Tyler goes to the boat of losers (crying) and it drives off. Tyler’s still crying until he notices Chef driving the boat in a chicken suit along with the giant chicken. “AHHHHHHH!” he screams. “I did that trick.” Said Chris “See you next time.”

Chapter 9: Ultimate jet skiing

“Okay campers.” Said Chris “You may find this next challenge easy if you do it right. “Why is that?” asked Harold. “Because you’ll be jet skiing again.” Said Chris “This time on water.” “You’re right about the easy part.” Said Duncan. “What’ll happen is the driver tries not to go to the finish line while the skier from the other team catches the flags.” Said Chris. “Can I ski again?” asked Harold. “If you want to.” Said Chris. “Yes!” Said Harold back. “Can I drive?” asked Lindsay. “Okay then.” Said Chris. “Yay!” said Lindsay cheering. “Okay.” Said Chris “If Harold crosses the finish line, he wins. If Lindsay does, she wins. It’s that simple.” “That’s sounds like fun.” Said Lindsay. “Couldn’t they do something more dangerous?” asked Izzy. “No.” said Chris “Can’t we get started?” Later after everything is set. “On your marks, get set, and go!” said Chris. “Lindsay starts and Harold hangs on. The flags hit Harold and quickly catches them. “Harold has 3 out of 5 flags.” Said Chris. He catches the other two. “Harold has all flags now.” Said Chris. Lindsay sees a seagull flying bye. “Birdie.” She says. A stick on a log goes near Lindsay’s braw and tears it off. Lindsay notices her boobs are showing. “AHHHHHHH!” she screams. Harold gasps. He sees a rock. “Uh oh.” Said Harold. He smashes into it. Lindsay hits a rock too and is flown in the air. “Wheeee!” said Lindsay in the air. She goes past the finish line. “She won?” said Chris confused “The killer crabs win!” They all cheer. “Seagulls.” Said Chris “I’ll see you at the pool ceremony.” Later at the pool ceremony. “Well since it was pretty much Harold who lost, I’d say he gets the boot.” Said Chris. “Well, it’s alright.” Said Harold “I need to do other things anyway.” Harold goes over to the boat. “Wait!” said Lindsay. She runs over to Harold. “Huh?” he says. Lindsay kisses Harold all of a sudden. They wave goodbye as Chef drags off Harold. “I’ll sure miss Tyler.” Said Lindsay. “Girl.” Said Leshawna “That was Harold.” “Oh.” Saying Lindsay. She runs off suddenly. Leshawna hears her puking and gagging. “I better leave now.” Said Leshawna as she walks off. “Well that was weird.” Said Chris “Anyway, see you next time.”

Chapter 10: Cousins and pool tracks

Everyone is relaxing at the old resort. Chris have given them a few hours to relax before the next challenge so everyone was having a chat. Owen and Izzy were talking. “So you have this cousin of yours named Yizzy?” asked Owen. “Uh huh.” Said Izzy “She likes make up and stuff besides me.” “Reminds me of Lindsay.” Said Owen. “I sure wish she was here.” Said Izzy “We have good times together.” Meanwhile outside the resort, a girl heads over to were Chris was. “Hey miss?” asked Chris “Were are you headed to?” “To see my cousin.” Said the girl. “Okay then.” Said Chris “We’ re doing a challenge in a bit.” Back over where Owen and Izzy are, the girl comes in. Izzy looks. “Yizzy!” said Izzy excitedly. “Izzy!” said Yizzy also excitedly. “It’s great to see you.” Said Izzy. “It’s great to see you too.” Said Yizzy. “You two look alike.” Said Owen. “Everyone says that.” Said Yizzy. “Contestents please go to the pool course for your next challenge.” Said Chris on the megaphone. “Come watch.” said Izzy. “Okay.” Said Yizzy. Over at the swimming course. “Your next challenge is to swim three laps in this swimming pool.” Said Chris “If some of you have trouble swimming, be careful.” DJ looked nervous. “Two people from each team will do the swimming track, so choose your teammates.” Said Chris. “I’d say Geoff and Bridgette.” Said Trent. “Why?” asked Izzy. “All they do is make out.” Said Duncan. “Yes but Bridgette’s athletic.” Said Trent. “Okay.” Said Duncan. Over at the crabs team. “I’d say DJ and Lindsay.” Said Leshawna. “Why DJ?” said Eva. “Poor guy can’t swim.” Said Justin. “Give him a chance.” Said Beth. “Okay.” Said Justin and Eva. Later, after everything is set up. Izzy waves at Yizzy whose in the bleachers. “And go!” shouting Chris. Bridgette suddenly goes off like a shot companied by Geoff. Lindsay catches up. “I need to take more swimming lessons.” Said Lindsay. “I can’t do it.” Said DJ. When he goes over to the ladder he suddenly got flown in the deep end and started to drown. “Help!” he shouted. Chris saw Yizzy suddenly jumped into the water. Yizzy came out pushing DJ to see if was okay. He spat out a lot of water. “You’re okay.” Said Yizzy. She hugged him. “Wow.” Said Chris “Touchy.” Geoff and Bridgette were almost done with the third lap with Lindsay catching up. Lindsay braw came off due to that it still had a rip. “Dang.” She said “I need a new braw.” Geoff covered his eyes. “Were almost there Geoff.” Said Bridgette. They got to the goal. “And that’s it.” Said Chris “Geoff and Bridgette win the challenge which makes the screaming seagulls win.” They all cheer and Geoff and Bridgette hug. “Killer crabs.” Said Chris “See you at the pool ceremony later.” Later at the pool ceremony. “They are only 2 coconuts left.” Said Chris. DJ, Justin, and Lindsay are left. “The next is Lindsay.” Said Chris. She gets her coconut. “The last coconut goes to…” DJ and Justin look nervous. “Justin.” Said Chris. “Yes.” Said Justin. Everyone else gasps. “But Chris.” Said Leshawna. “We didn’t vote DJ off.” “Take DJ away Chef.” Said Chris. Chef carries DJ off with him crying. Yizzy looked sad. “Can I take his place?” she asked. “Well okay.” Said Chris. “Yay!” she says excitedly. “And there you have it.” Said Chris. “See you next time.” (In confessional) It shows Justin switching the votes. “DJ’s a wimp and it takes me the most to win.” Saying Justin. Over at the pool. “Yes!” saying Justin with a sinister look on him.

Chapter 11: Battle against hotness

Yizzy was still mad about what Justin did to DJ, but she’s happy she’s doing challenges. Chris talks in the megaphone. “Would everyone please come to the theater at once.” Said Chris. Everyone walks over. Over at the theater, Chris appears in a tux. “Now some of you who go to proms at school may do good with this challenge.” Said Chris. “Why?” asking Lindsay. “Because today’s challenge is a fashion contest.” Said Chris “Each person from each team will show their best way they would dress up for a prom. The best one will make his or her team win a dance party. The losers will vote someone off.” “I think I can do it all right.” Said Lindsay. “I bet you can.” Said Beth. “Now I’ve been at many proms and party’s you guys and I had neat suits.” Said Geoff. “Nice dude.” Said Trent. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to a prom.” Said Owen. “How come?” asked Izzy. “Because I can’t find the perfect girl.” Said Owen. “I don’t think Owen will do it.” Said Duncan. “Give him a chance.” Said Gwen. “Hey.” Said Trent “I don’t think the killer crabs are arguing.” “I wonder why?” asked Bridgette. Over at the crabs team. “I’ve been to many proms and dances.” Said Leshawna. “Me too.” Said Lindsay. “And me.” Said Beth. “I don’t go to proms.” Said Eva. “Why?” asked Lindsay. “Because you dance the entire time.” Said Eva. “Hey.” Said Leshawna “Where’s Justin?” “And where’s that Yizzy girl?” asked Lindsay. Over at the crabs team, Yizzy appears near Izzy. “Psst.” Saying Yizzy as she whispers to Izzy. She suddenly has a mad look on her face. They sneak off to confront Justin. Later at the theater. “Okay.” Said Chris “It’s time for the first 6 people so step right up.” Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Beth step up. Chris looks at Owens suit. “Hmm.” Saying Chris. It looked a little ugly. I’d say 2 out of 5. “Aw man.” Said Owen. Meanwhile near the beach, Izzy and Yizzy find Justin posing. “On three, okay.” Said Yizzy. Izzy and Yizzy jump near Justin. “AHHHHHHH!” he screams. Later back at the theater, it’s shown Izzy, Yizzy, and Justin are up and their clothes are messed up. “By golly!” shouting Chris “You three have looked like you got in a fight.” “Well Justin’s a jerk because he voted off innocent big guy DJ!” Shouted Yizzy. The other people gasp. “Whoa.” Said Chris “Well currently, the seagulls are ahead because I thought Gwen looked good. It’s time for the last two. Geoff and Bridgette.” Geoff and Bridgette arrived in a very nice looking clothing. “Whoa.” Said Chris “You like what you would dress like at a wedding, and I like it. A 5 score for both of you so the screaming seagulls win.” “Yeah!” saying all of them cheering. “Killer crabs.” Said Chris. “I’ll see you at the pool ceremony, again.” Later at the pool ceremony. “Well, all of you seemed to do well.” Said Chris. Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, and Eva have their coconuts. “And now the final coconut goes to…” Yizzy and Justin are left. “Yizzy.” Said Chris. “Phew.” She said relieved. “What?” said Justin surprised. “I’m sorry dude but it’s not nice to vote off a nice guy that everyone likes.” Said Chris. “I’ll get revenge on you Yizzy!” shouting Justin as Chef drags him off. Yizzy gulps. “Will Yizzy and the others survive what’s coming up for them?” said Chris “Find out next time on Total Drama Summer.”

Chapter 12: Fish to win

“Okay contestants.” Said Chris “Your next challenge is another easy one. You have to try and catch the biggest fish.” “Oh boy!” said Owen “I’m starving for fish.” “Chef’s food is always yucky.” Said Gwen “No offense Chef.” “None taken.” Said Chef. “Now all of these fishing polls are very strong so you can easily catch a big fish.” Said Chris “So get to work.” The teams head over to the fishing polls. “Okay.” Said Gwen “We need to get to work.” “Try looking for the fish in the water.” Said Trent. “That’s a good idea Trent.” Said Gwen. “Wow.” Said Trent “I’d never knew that my ideas were good.” “Well we should get to work.” Said Gwen. “Let’s do this.” Said Trent. Over at the crabs team. “We got to win this!” shouted Eva “We only got five people left and the other team has seven!” “Girl, relax.” Said Leshawna “Just try and stay calm.” “Uh Leshawna?” asking Beth. “What?” said Leshawna. “I don’t think Yizzy’s okay.” Saying Beth. Yizzy had a freaked out looking face with her eyes in two directions. “Uh oh.” Said Leshawna “She’s having a mental breakdown.” Lindsay and Beth gasp. “Ignore it!” shouting Eva “We need to win this.” Over at the seagulls team. “I don’t think my idea was good.” Said Trent. All they had was seaweed, rocks, and rotten like boots. “You’re not trying hard enough.” Said Izzy. She got a worm Owen was going to eat (he doesn’t know it’s gone) and casts the line very far away. “Wow.” Said Trent “That’s far.” “Now we wait for a while.” Said Izzy. Back at the crabs team, Eva’s poll tugged. “Eva!” shouted Leshawna “You’re polls tugging!” “I know that!” she shouted. Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, and Yizzy help Eva. Yizzy sees the fish. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screams. The fish gets away. “Yizzy!” shouted all of them. “Whoops.” Said Yizzy “I forgot to tell you I was afraid of fish. They all moan. Back at the seagulls team. “Guys!” said Izzy “I think I got something!” They run over. (except Geoff and Bridgette who are making out.) “It’s a big one Izzy!” said Gwen. “C’mon, pull!” said Owen. They all tug it very hard. The line goes in the air and it’s shown they caught a shark. Geoff and Bridgette stop kissing. “Whoa!” said Geoff. Chris comes over. “Whoa!” said Chris “Well this shark is big, so I guess that the screaming seagulls win yet again.” They all cheer. “Nice work Izzy.” Said Trent. “Thanks.” She says. “Screaming seagulls.” Said Chris “For winning, you get to have a nice fish feast.” “Yeah!” said Owen. “As for you Killer crabs.” Said Chris “Go vote someone off and meet me at the pool ceremony.” Later at the pool ceremony. “I got five crab members here but only four coconuts.” Said Chris “When I call your name, get you coconut. Leshawna, Lindsay, and Beth.” They get their coconuts. “The final coconut goes to…” Eva and Yizzy are left. “Eva.” Said Chris. She gets her coconut. “Well we all have to go someday.” Said Yizzy “At least I get to see DJ.” “Hey Yizzy?” Asked Leshawna. “Why did you have a breakdown?” “Because my brain shuts off at times.” She said. “Oh.” Said Leshawna. “Well, see you girls later.” Said Yizzy. “Bye Yizzy.” Said Izzy nearby. She gets on the boat of losers. “Who will get voted off next?” said Chris. “Will Izzy be as crazy as she is? Will my reader host digest ever get here? Find out next time on Total Drama Summer!”

Chapter 13: TDI spaces: Boys vs. Girls

The contestants head over to the beach where Chris is waiting for them. “Now the eleven of you survived this entire way so today’s challenge is different.” Said Chris. “Why is that?” asked Duncan. “Because this challenge is a battle of the sexes challenge.” Said Chris. “Oh boy!” said Owen. “The challenge is to see how well to design a beach party.” Said Chris “The team that wins will get to have an awesome beach party while the losing team votes someone off.” “I believe that we’ll win.” Said Duncan. “I sure hope so.” Said Trent. “Now choose the style of what you want your party to be.” Said Chris. “I think we should do a tropical theme.” Said Geoff. “Yeah!” said Owen “I love tropical parties.” “I agree with Geoff.” Said Duncan. “Me too.” Said Trent. “Then let’s do it.” Said Geoff. Over at the girl’s team. “I’d say a dance theme.” Said Gwen. “That’s great.” Said Leshawna. “A very good idea Jen.” Said Lindsay. “Gwen.” Said Gwen. “Oh.” Said Lindsay. “All right.” Said Chris “The themes are decided, so get to work on how your party will be.” “I’d say we need palm trees for our tropical party.” Said Geoff. “That’s a good idea.” Said Duncan “Besides. All the palm trees Chris has are in pots.” “I wonder why.” Said Owen. Over where Chris is. “It’s because the trees we order always go haywire underground.” Over at the girl’s team. “Eva.” Said Gwen “Aren’t you going to help?” “Yes.” She said “I need to work out first.” “Okay then.” Said Gwen. “Hey.” Said Leshawna “Can someone help me with this disco ball?” “I’ll help.” Said Beth. “Whoa.” Said Leshawna “It’s wobbling.” “Help us Eva.” Saying Beth. She just lifts her weights. The disco ball falls down. “Aw shoot.” Said Beth. Over at the boy’s team. “There.” Said Trent “We got the palm trees all set.” “With coconuts.” Said Owen. “We got a jukebox.” Said Duncan. “I guess what we need now is a bonfire.” Said Geoff.” “Man Geoff.” Said Duncan “You’ve been getting the most greatest ideas today.” “Aw thanks bud.” Said Geoff. “I believe we could win this.” Said Duncan. Later once the party ideas are finished. “Alright.” Said Chris “Everyone’s done. Now I’m going to see who’s party set is the best. First up, the boys.” Chris walks over to the boy’s party set. “Hmm.” Saying Chris “ Great way to set up a tropical party guys. Good job.” “Wow.” Said Owen “We did better than I thought.” “Now time for the girl’s.” said Chris. He walks over but the disco ball falls on his head. “Owww.” Said Chris in pain “No wonder that fell. There’s no screws.” “I thought Eva put them up.” Said Leshawna “Eva. You were supposed to put the screws on.” “Well I had some other business to do!” shouted Eva. “By lifting weights?!” asked Leshawna mad at her. “Yes.” Said Eva. “Well your dance party can’t be good with a disco ball falling on someone’s head, because that hurts, so I guess that the boy’s tropical party set wins.” Said Chris. The boys cheer. “As for you girls.” Saying Chris. “Go vote someone off and meet me at the pool ceremony.” Later at the pool ceremony. “There are seven of you here but only six coconuts.” Said Chris “When I call you name, come get your coconut. Gwen, Lindsay, Beth, Bridgette, Izzy. Leshawna and Eva. Down to you. The final coconut goes to.” They don’t look that nervous. “Leshawna.” Said Chris. “Yes.” She says. “That’s nice.” Said Eva “I lose right before the final ten.” “Well not helping you team isn’t fair, but we’ll be seeing you later.” Said Chris. “Well, I’m out of here.” Said Eva. “And there you have it.” Said Chris “See you next time and see how our last ten contestants will survive what’s coming for them on Total Drama Summer.”

Chapter 14: Sea creatures gone wild

It’s another morning and the ten remaining contestants go see Chris at the beach. “As of now, due to that we’re at the final ten, all teams are officially dissolved.” Said Chris. “I love it when it’s every man for themselves.” Said Owen. “And every girl.” Said Gwen. “Yeah, I think I should’ve said that too.” Said Owen. “So what’s today’s challenge?” asked Duncan. “Glad you asked.” Said Chris “Today’s challenge is to catch a sea animal in the safety zone.” “Why the safety zone?” asked Leshawna. “Because the waters outside of it got a lot of man eating sharks and jellyfish.” Said Chris “We lost a lot of interns by checking.” “Poor guys.” Said Trent. “Now the safety zone is right above a coral reef so there’s lots of sea critters around in there.” Said Chris “I’ll give you a card to see what animal you’ll catch. Please get your cards.” “Fish.” Said Gwen. “Eel.” Said Duncan. “Crab.” Said Leshawna. “Octopus.” Said Owen. “Clam.” Said Lindsay. “Turtle.” Said Bridgette. “Starfish.” Said Geoff. “Lobster.” Said Beth. “Ray.” Said Trent. “Tiger shark, yes.” Said Izzy. “Okay.” Said Chris “Put on this scuba gear and get going.” Later, once everyone’s at the waters. “I guess mine is easy.” Said Gwen “It’s just fish.” “Well they’re pretty fast.” Said Chris. “I know where to find a sea turtle.” Said Bridgette. “I think you’ll do well.” Said Geoff. “That’s so sweet.” Said Bridgette. She kisses him. “Okay.” Said Chris “Time to find your sea critter.” At the coral reef, Gwen has a net to catch a fish. “Here fishes.” Said Gwen “Want some fish food?” She throws some. The fish swim over. “That’s it.” Said Gwen. She moves the net a little but the fish swim off. “Darn it.” Said Gwen. Near a hole in a rock, Owens in a octopus suit. “Maybe there’s one in here.” He said. He reaches in, but pulls out a moray eel. “Uh oh.” Said Owen. Duncan goes by. He sees Owen with the eel. “Owen.” Said Duncan “Give it to me.” “Okay.” Said Owen. He gives it to Duncan. “Ha.” Said Duncan “See you later Owen.” “Hey.” Said Owen “Oh well. I have to look for that octopus.” At a tank near the beach, Chris is waiting for everyone to bring their sea animal. “Open the tank!” shouted Duncan. He goes over with the moray eel strangling and throws it in. “Nice work Duncan.” Said Chris. “Does this mean I won?” asked Duncan. “Yes you did.” Said Chris. “Yes!” said Duncan. “Now you can sit down and watch the others get their animals in the tank.” Said Chris. “Open the tank.” Said Gwen. She comes over with a lot of fishes in the net and dumps them in. “Great job Gwen.” Said Chris “But Duncan won already.” “Oh well.” Said Gwen “I need to relax.” Over where Leshawna is, she’s trying to catch the crab. “Come over you crab.” Said Leshawna. She tries to catch it but misses. “Of everyone catching their animal, I don’t think Izzy’s able to catch a tiger shark.” Said Leshawna. She notices her wrestling a tiger shark nearby. “I guess I was wrong.” She said. Back at the tank. “Open the cage.” Said Owen. He goes over with an octopus on his head and puts it in the tank. “Good work Owen.” Said Chris. “Open the cage.” Said Geoff and Bridgette. Bridgette’s riding the turtle while Geoff’s covered with starfishes. They dump them in. “Good work you two.” Said Chris. He notices they are just making out all of a sudden. Beth and Lindsay arrive. “I found this weird looking rock Chris.” Said Lindsay. “That’s a giant clam.” Said Beth. “Oh.” She said. “Well you two got your animals, so all that’s left is for Izzy, Trent, and Leshawna to get their animals.” Said Chris. Izzy comes out of the water with the shark, Leshawna, and a crab. “Wow.” Said Chris “You two got you animals.” “Did you have to bring me with you?” asked Leshawna. “Yes.” Said Izzy. “Where’s Trent?” asked Beth. “I’ll look.” Said Gwen. She jumps into the water. She suddenly gasps to notice that Trent had been stabbed by a stingray. “Chris!” she said. “Uh oh.” He said “I guess we need to get him to the Playa des losers medical center, so he needs to be out of the competition.” “That’s fine.” Said Gwen a little said. “In the meantime, for the nine of you, rest up.” Said Chris “You’ll be relaxing for a while.” “That’s good.” Said Duncan. “Anyway.” Said Chris “See you next time for another exciting chapter of Total Drama Summer.” At a medical center, Trent is laying there, luckily survived notices a note from Gwen. “Trent. Get well soon. Love Gwen.” It said. Trent had a smile on his face and knows he’ll miss her.

Chapter 15: Chris’ sea carnival and challenging games

Gwen had just got off the phone. “That was the medical center.” She said “They said Trent’s going to be okay.” “But I thought stingrays are fatal.” Said Duncan. “Apparently it went through his leg and barely injured him.” Said Gwen “His leg is numb currently.” “Well that’s a relieve.” Said Duncan “Chris would get some angry e-mails because of this.” “Speaking of which, what’s our next challenge going to be?” asked Gwen. Outside near the beach, Chris and Chef are building something. “Almost there Chef.” Said Chris. Chef puts a sign up that said Chris’ sea carnival. “Perfect.” Said Chris. “I’m glad we’re finished.” Said Chef “My back is killing me.” “You might be wonder what this is contestants?” asking Chris to the contestants. “A sea carnival?” asked Owen. “Correct Owen.” Said Owen “Today’s challenge is to do games in this sea carnival. Each person who does the games right will earn points.” “Like in video games?” asked Geoff. “Yes Geoff.” Said Chris “Anyway, the person who gets the most points wins invincibility. The person with the least points gets voted off. No pool ceremony. No earning a coconut. Just straight to the boat of losers.” “This’ll be hard.” Said Gwen. “Okay.” Said Chris “Let’s get this challenge started.” The first stand was a hit the clown with the water pistol. “And go!” said Chris. Everyone squirts water at the clowns. “Take that you clowns!” shouted Izzy. But she notices that she’s aiming the wrong way and instead going into Owens mouth. “Good water Chris.” Said Owen. “Dang.” Said Izzy. It’s shown that Leshawna had gotten the most points for the first part. “Okay.” Said Chris “That’s the end of the first part. We’ll do two more stands and decide who wins and who will be voted off.” The next stand was a ring toss with bottles that were far out. “Whoever can get three rings on the bottles over there will win the most points.” Said Chris “If someone can get a ring on a bottle will still earn points. Whoever doesn’t get a ring on a bottle won’t get any points. And go!” Duncan got a ring on a bottle. “And Duncan gets some points.” Said Chris. Izzy throws some but misses. “Dang.” Said Izzy. Gwen gets a ring on a bottle. “And Gwen gets some points.” Said Chris. Leshawna throws all three rings and they land on three bottles. “Wow.” Said Chris “Leshawna won again, so that’s the end of the second part. Time for the last one.” They walk over to the last part. “Your last challenge for this is the classic whack the bell game.” Said Chris “Whoever wins this will be the winner and we’ll also see who’ll be voted off. And go!” Duncan went up and nearly got it near the bell. “Nice try Duncan.” Said Chris. “I need to do these more.” Said Duncan looking a bit upset. Later, it was just Izzy and Leshawna. “Okay, it’s your turn Izzy.” Said Chris. Izzy gets the hammer. She tries to lift it up but she accidently flings it off and hits Chef in the head. “Oops” said Izzy. “Girl, I can do this.” Said Leshawna. She lifts the hammer, hits the press and she hits the bell. “Well, my guess is that Leshawna wins.” Said Chris. “Yeah!” she said. “And I tallied up the scores and it appears that Izzy didn’t get any points so I guess she’ll be leaving.” Said Chris. “Well we had a good time.” Said Izzy. “We’ll be seeing you later Izzy.” Said Owen. “Well goodbye everybody.” Said Izzy. She goes on the boat of losers and it drives off. “Who will be voted off next and what will be the next challenge for our contestants?” saying Chris. “Find out next time on Total Drama Summer!”

Chapter 16: 20,000 gold coins under the sea

The final eight contestants were relaxing after all they have gone through. Gwen and Duncan were playing cards, Owen was eating, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Beth were doing girl stuff, and Geoff and Bridgette were making out. “Do they do anything else than that?” asked Duncan. “I guess not.” Said Gwen. Near the beach, a submarine comes out of the water and Chris comes out of the hatch. “Well I guess the challenge is ready.” Said Chris “Chef. Go get the other contestants please?” Chef goes to get the contestants. Later after Chef had gotten the contestants. “Today’s challenge is a treasure hunt.” Said Chris. “Yes!” said Duncan. “But there’s only one treasure chest and it’s hidden.” Said Chris. “That won’t be too bad.” Said Duncan. “And the chest is underwater.” Said Chris. “It always gets from bad to worse does it?” asked Duncan annoyed. “Yes.” Said Chris. “I knew it.” Said Duncan. “Whoever finds it first will win invincibility.” Said Chris “If two people find it, they’ll still win invincibility.” Lindsay and Beth smile. “Okay, let’s get started.” Said Chris. The contestants put on the scuba diving suits they used two chapters ago and they dive into the water. Owen takes one step into the water and immediately. “Wow.” Said Chris “And that’s not even the deep area.” At the ocean’s surface, Duncan had a metal detector. “Now this waterproof metal detector is indeed going to help me find the treasure.” Said Duncan. “Actually, I found your waterproof metal detector.” Said Owen. The one Duncan was hold short circuited and it exploded. Duncan growled angrily at Owen. “Uh oh.” Said Owen. Owen was screaming as Duncan was chasing him. Meanwhile, Gwen and Leshawna were looking in a rock pit. “The treasure chest must be in here.” Said Gwen. “Well check.” Said Leshawna. They check but they just pull out a fish. “Oh man.” Said Gwen. “Have Geoff and Bridgette been searching?” asked Leshawna. “They’ve just been making out which is so annoying.” Said Gwen. “Totally.” Said Leshawna. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Beth are searching and Lindsay notices something. “Belle, can you look in there?” asked Lindsay. “Okay.” Said Beth “And it’s Beth.” “Oh.” Said Lindsay. They search in the area and they both gasp. Meanwhile, Duncan’s still chasing Owen until the megaphone turns on. “Attention contestants.” Said Chris on the megaphone. “Please come over and see who has won.” The contestants are on the beach. “Well it seems that Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, and Bridgette haven’t found the treasure.” Said Chris. “So who found the treasure?” asked Gwen. “Lindsay and Beth.” Said Chris. “Yay!!!!” said Lindsay and Beth excitedly. “As for the rest of you, go voted someone off and see me later.” Said Chris. Later at the pool ceremony. “Since Lindsay and Beth won, they get their coconuts first.” Said Chris handing Lindsay and Beth their coconuts. “Next it’s Leshawna, Gwen, Duncan, and Owen.” Said Chris. He hands them their coconuts. “Geoff and Bridgette, the final coconut goes to…” saying Chris. Geoff and Bridgette are nervous, knowing they’re going to be separated. “Bridgette.” Said Chris. “NOOOOO!” they both shouted. “I don’t want to leave you Bridgette.” Said Geoff. “Me neither.” Said Bridgette. Chris calls security and the guards drag Geoff away. Bridgette lays on the ground crying. “Okay, that’s done.” Said Chris “See you next time on Total Drama Summer!”

Chapter 17: Pirates of the lame-o Caribbean

Bridgette was still sad about Geoff leaving so Gwen and Leshawna come to help her out. “We’re sorry about what happened Bridgette.” Said Gwen. “Totally girl.” Said Leshawna. “I know.” Said Bridgette. “We really didn’t mean but you and Geoff were bothering us.” Said Gwen. “We could make it up for you.” Said Leshawna. “How?” asked Bridgette. “Geoff would like it if you won, would he?” asked Leshawna. “Yeah I guess.” Said Bridgette. “So I was thinking we need to form an alliance with me, you, and Gwen.” Said Leshawna. “That’s a good idea.” Said Gwen. “How come?” asked Bridgette. “I’ve noticed that Duncan’s looking a bit suspicious and I think he’s planning something.” Said Leshawna. “Well I’m in with your alliance.” Said Gwen. “Me too.” Said Bridgette. “Okay let’s work together for these next challenges.” Said Leshawna as all of them do a handshake. Over at the corner, Duncan looks at what they did and he look suspicious. “Oh they did.” Said Duncan as he goes away with him thinking up a plan.Owen is eating some snacks until Duncan takes him. “Where are you taking me?” asked Owen.“We’re doing a little alliance.” Said Duncan. “Oh boy.” Said Owen. Out on the beach, the seven contestants are at the beach with Chris. “Your next challenge is to do pirate challenges.” Said Chris. “Pirates!”said Owen “All right!” “The challenges are to get the treasure chest that’s surrounded by sharks, build a pirate ship, and reach that island and back.” Said Chris. “That’ll be easy.” Said Gwen. “Okay, and go!” shouted Chris as the contestants went to the first part of the challenge. Duncan and Owen get to the area where their chest is. “Okay Owen.” Said Duncan “If you mess up, you’ll pay.” “Wha?” asked Owen confused. “What am I supposed to do again?” asked Lindsay. “We have to get the treasure chest over.” Said Beth. “Lift it up.” Said Gwen. Bridgette, Gwen, and Leshawna carry the chest. “How did we get past the sharks?” asked Gwen. “I had Justin’s shirt.” Said Leshawna. They get to the beach. “Oh no! They beat us!” said Duncan. “I forgot what to do.” Said Owen who was eating the chest. “Okay. Time for the next part.” Said Chris. He throws building equipment to them. “Get started on your ship folks.” Said Chris. The contestants go over to build their pirate ships. "Okay Owen. No messing up." said Duncan. "Okay." said Owen. He bites some of the wood. "Ow! Splinter in my toungue!" shouted Owen. Duncan just sighs.Much later, Owen messed up the pirate ship but the time was up. “The winner for the second part of the challenge is Leshawna, Gwen, and Bridgette!” said Chris. “Not again.” Said Duncan. He grabs Owen. “Listen bud. If we lose again, I’m going to vote you off.” He says. “No!” shouts Owen. “But if you do good this time, I’ll save your butt.” Said Duncan. “Okay.” Duncan thinks to himself. “I’ll either vote off Lindsay or Beth.” At the beach, the contestants use their boats to prepare for the next part. “For the last challenge, you must use your boats you built to get to that small island and back.” Said Chris “Whoever reaches the island and back wins invincibility.” Duncan finishes his and Owens boat. “On your mark. Get set. Go!” says Chris. “The girls and guys boats start off but Lindsay and Beth’s boat is still on the beach. “What do we do again?” asks Lindsay. “Get to the island and back.” Said Beth. “Oh.” Said Lindsay. Duncan’s boat confronts the girls’ boat, aiming cannons at them. “Taste this girls!” said Duncan. He fires the cannons at them. “Girls! Look out!” exclaimed Leshawna. “Wow. This is getting good.” Said Chris eating popcorn. Duncan continues to fire cannons at them but Owen looks nervous. He suddenly sees a vision of Duncanlooking like the devil because he’s attacking them “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” Owen shouts in rage. He jumps out of the boat and lands in the girls’ boat. “You traitor!” shouts Duncan. He fires at Owen but they bounce off. “Leshawna! We passed the island! Back to the beach.”Said Gwen. Leshawna picks up speed knocking Owen back. They land on the beach. “We have our winners! Leshawna, Gwen, Bridgette, and Owen!” said Chris. They cheer. “Time to see who’ll go home.” Said Chris. “Nice one Owen.” Said Duncan. Later at the pool ceremony. “There are two coconuts left. When I call your name, get your coconut.” Said Chris “Next goes to Lindsay.” She gets her coconut. “The final coconut goes to…..” said Chris pausing. Beth looks nervous. “Duncan.” Said Chris. Everyone else gasps. “Huh?! I didn’t do anything wrong!” said Beth. “Yeah. She did nothing bad.” Said Leshawna. “Two people take Beth away. “I’ll miss you Beth.” Said Lindsay. “My work here is done.” Said Duncan with an evil look on his face.

Chapter 18: When you fish upon a star

The contestants (except Duncan) are all siting by a campfire on the beach. “That was rude of Duncan for voting off Beth.” Said Leshawna. “He nearly killed you guys last challenge.” Said Owen. “But you saved us big guy.” Said Gwen. “Aw. Group hug!” said Owen. They give him a group hug. Meanwhile, Duncan is tearing his ship apart from the previous challenge. “That Owen. He’s going to pay. Or I might vote off one of the girls next.” Said Duncan. “Meanwhile, on a computer, it shows a symbol of a fish. “Hm. Just about that time of year. Good for next challenge.” Said Chris. He jumps toward the roof and disappears. On the beach, Chris jumps out of the ground in front of everyone. “How did you?” said Gwen until being interupted. Just to tell you that your next challenge is to catch a rare fish that comes around this time of year. Duncan comes over. “What rare fish?” asked Duncan. “A rare golden rainbow fish. It’s bigger than the fish you got back in the other fish challenge(see chapter 12).” said Chris. “I’m so going to find this fish.” Said Duncan. “If we work together, we’ll find that fish.” Said Leshawna to Gwen and Bridgette. “Okay.” Said Gwen and Bridgette. “Can I help you Lindsay?” asked Owen. “Sure Omar.” Said Lindsay. “Uh. It’s Owen.” He said. “Sorry.” Said Lindsay. “Okay. Go to the boats over there and search in the water for that fish.” Said Chris. “The girls team goes out to the boats and take off. Lindsay’s riding Owen like a horse. “Woof woof!” said Owen. “You’re supposed to be a horse!” said Lindsay. “Oh.” Said Owen. They go to the boat and Owens weight knocks Lindsay out of the boat. “AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Lindsay as she flew off. “Oopps.” Said Owen. Leshawna, Bridgette, and Gwen are now in the center of the lake. “The fish must be in this lake somewhere.” Said Leshawna. “Is that it?” asked Gwen. “Nah. It’s just a stick.” Said Leshawna. “Hey. Where’s Duncan?” asked Gwen. “Right here!” shouted Duncan with a harpoon. They screem. Chris looks at them with binoculars at the beach. “Hm. This is interesting.” Said Chris. “Well they should do it! I’m not sitting here all day!” shouted Chef. “Hush Chef.” Said Chris. Duncan is about to fire the harpoon but Owen suddenly falls on him making him loose it. “No!” shouted Duncan. “Sorry.” Said Owen. Owen’s weight causes him, Duncan and the boat sink and a huge blast of water came out. Lindsay flies out all of a sudden and the rare golden rainbow fish. Leshawna, Bridgette, and Gwen catch Lindsay and the fish. “The winners! The girls!” They cheer. “We won?” asked Lindsay. They just shake their heads. “As for you two. See me later.” Said Chris. Duncan looks mad at Owen. Later at the pool ceremony. “I’ve just got one coconut tonight so when I’ll call your name you’ll be safe. The person who’ll be safe tonight is…” Chris pauses. Duncan glares at Owen. “Duncan.” Said Chris. Duncan grabs his coconut. “See you later Owen. “Well I had a good time here.” Said Owen. “We’ll miss you.” Said Gwen. “Aw. Group hug.” Said Owen. Everyone (except Duncan) gives Owen a group hug. Owen goes on the boat of losers waving good bye but falls through the floor of the boat. “Aw come on!” shouts Owen. “Well we’ll miss our big guy Owen but see you next time on Total Drama Summer.” Said Chris.

Chapter 19: Return to Playa Des Losers

Chris does the recap. “In today’s episode, you’ve seen Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Bridgette, and Lindsay make their way to the final five. Now some of you are wondering, where do the losers go? Well we are about to find out, right now on Total Drama Summer.” He drives off in a jet ski. Cuts to Playa des losers. “The losers are none other than here. At playa des losers.” Said Chris, “Here all the losers will relax (or recover) from their challenges in the competition. Once at the final 2, all of these losers will help out the final two contestants.” “Yo Chris!” said Geoff. “What’s up dude?” asked Chris. “Nothing much. Partied a lot, but I miss Bridgette.” Said Geoff. “I feel you dude. I also miss Gwen.” Said Trent. “I’ve seen you’ve recovered from the stingray incident.” Said Chris. “Yes. You’re just glad I didn’t sue you.” said Trent. “Don’t mention that.” Said Chris, “Now if you excuse me, I have to pee.” Chris runs off. “Okay then.” Said Trent. Over near the pools. “This isn’t too bad. It’s really nice here. Lots of food and you off course.” Said Owen to Izzy. “Oh that’s sweet Owen.” Said Izzy. “This place stinks!” shouted Heather, “Why was I the first one voted off?!” “It’s because all of us don’t like you.” Said Izzy. “Well your crazy cousin instead despises mr. pretty boy.” Said Heather. “I don’t like him either.” Said Izzy. “Probably due to that he’s a liar and voted off poor innocent DJ.” “It’s true. He voted me off because he thought I was a wimp.” Said DJ. “That’s harsh of him.” Said Owen. “Hey. Why’s the pool water yellow?” asked Heather. “Sorry.” Said Owen. Everyone except Owen and Izzy run off. “I just went too.” Said Izzy. They just sit there in the pool. Meanwhile at the juice stand. “Yeah, I’m still upset for being the sixth one voted off but I’ve needed a recover.” Said Noah. “You lost all you clothes in the challenge you lost.” Said Katie. “That’s like ew.” Said Sadie. “Don’t mention it!” shouted Noah. “Yeah don’t upset him.” Said Eva. “We especially don’t want to upset you.” Said Katie. “You shouldn’t.” said Eva. “Where’s Tyler?” asked Sadie. “I think he’s still recovering from the challenge he was eliminated in.” said Katie. It cuts to Tyler in a straight jacket in a insane house twitching a lot. “Poor guy.” Said Sadie. “I got stung by a sting ray but lived.” Said Trent. “Oh yeah.” Said Sadie. It’s now night time and everyone’s sitting by the pool with Trent playing his guitar. Cody then walks over. “Dude! You really got cooked today.” Said Trent. “Who me?” asked Cody. “AH OW EEK!” he shouts as he sits down. “Yeah you got cooked.” Said Trent. “So who do you think would win?” asked DJ. “Probably Gwen, Leshawna, or Bridgette. They’re good people.” Said Beth. “Definitely Leshawna.” Said Harold. “Definitely Gwen.” Said Trent. “Definitely Bridgette.” Said Geoff. “You and your crushes. It should be Duncan.” Said Courtney. “But Duncan’s been mean lately. He voted me and Owen off.” Said Beth. “What?! If he did that, I’m calling my lawyer!” said Courtney. “He did. Watch this.” Said Beth. It shows Duncan voting Beth off. “What?! That’s it!” she said as she dialed her phone. “Lindsay should try her best as well.” Said Sadie. “Leshawna should try.” Said Justin. “Definitely Leshawna.” Said Yizzy. “I think Bridgette should win.” Said Izzy. All of a sudden, a flash of dust appeared and Chris was there. “Okay losers. Here’s a surprise. Tonight, you’ll vote the next person off of Total Drama Summer!” he said. “Be careful guys. We don’t want to mess up.” Said Trent. “Katie and Sadie. Who do you want to see tonight?” asked Chris. “I miss Gwen the most.” Said Sadie. “Definetly Gwen.” Said Katie. Everyone gasps. “Why are you voting off Gwen?” asked Trent. But when he said Gwen, the vote got counted. “Okay. No one say Gwen!” shouts Izzy but the vote got counted. “Awwk. Gwen.” Said a parrot. “No!” shouts everyone. “I’m liking this.” Said Heather. “Chris. That was the parrot who voted off Leshawna. I don’t think it knows who Gwen is.” Said Trent. The vote gets counted again. “Awwk. Polly know Gwen.” Trent slaps his head. Meanwhile, Chef pushes Gwen to the boat of losers with an odd look on her face. She’s then at Playa des losers. “And with that. We’re down to four. See you next time on Total Drama Summer.” Said Chris. “Awwk. Gwen.” Said the parrot.

Chapter 20: Race to the final two (part one)

Now at the final four, a huge storm has arosed. The four remaining people, Duncan, Leshawna, Bridgette, and Lindsay are at their resort huts. “I can’t believe that the losers voted Gwen off.” Said Bridgette. “It was an accident.” Said Leshawna. “Well I bet we don’t have a challenge today.” Said Duncan. “This is the most intense storm I’ve ever seen.” Said Leshawna. “I bet all we can do is relax today.” Said Duncan. “You maggots get over here!” shouted Chef in his master chief outfit. “What happened?” asked Lindsay all woozy. “Chris wants your sorry butts over here.” Shouted Chef. “There is a challenge.” Said Bridgette. “Why in this weather?!” exclaimed Duncan. “Chris wants you to feel the pain.” Said Chef with an evil grin. “Uh oh.” Said Duncan.Later, the four contestants arrive at a huge long path that had everything from the past challenges. Chris arrives in a general suit. “Are you ready maggots?” said Chris. “I have to go to the bathroom.” said Lindsay. “Do it later.” said Chris. “But she’ll go in her (pauses) pants.” Said Leshawna. “Eww.” Said Chris “Do it quick. Lindsay runs to the bathroom. She runs back out with toilet paper on her foot. “Okay and go!” shouts Chris. Duncan and Bridgette get a head start and Leshawna and Lindsay run behind them. “They need to use those sails to get to the other side of that pool.” saying Chris over viewing the challenge. Bridgette gets on the sail and gets past Duncan. “Hey!” shouts Duncan. “Hey. I’m good at sailing.” Said Bridgette. “I thought you were good at surfing!” exclaimed Duncan. “I’m good at anything sailing or surfing.” Bridgette replied. “She’s right.” said Leshawna getting past Duncan. He growls at them then gets on the sail. “Bridgette and Leshawna now must use the hang gliders to get past that cliff. Luckily we added a huge fan so they’ll get over safely.” overviewed Chris. Leshawna and Bridgette grab on and fly over safely. Duncan flies over after followed by Lindsay who has a hard time. “Now they must get by the paintball field.” Chris explained again. Bridgette and Leshawna make it past the paintball shots. Duncan gets by them fast with no impact. Lindsay gets hit by a lot. “Time for a break! Who wants seafood?” asked Chris. “Wait. I remember this challenge.” Leshawna said noticing. “I’m not hungry.” said Bridgette. “Me too.” said Duncan. “Okay but this is your only time.” said Chris. They move on and Lindsay comes over. “Can I have some?” asked Lindsay. “You sure can.” said Chris. She eats the fish but immediately pukes afterward. “Ha! Got her!” said Chris to Chef. “I knew that stale fish would get her.” said Chef. They chuckle at each other. Leshawna, Bridgette and Duncan are now at the obstacle course now with Lindsay behind them. “I can’t go on anymore.” Said Lindsay and immediately falls into the water. “Ooh. Lindsay gave up. That means she’s out of the game. Now she must watch the game in the bleachers at the very end of this.” Said Chris. “We must do this.” said Leshawna. “We can’t lose against Duncan.” said Bridgette. They move on. “With three left will they get to the end of this course? The only thing I can say is to stay tuned!” said Chris.

Chapter 21: Race to the final two (part two)

“Previously on Total Drama Summer,” said Chris doing the recap “Our final four contestants had to do one heck of a huge obstacle course with stuff from all the previous challenges. Leshawna and Bridgette luckily pasted through most of the obstacles but Duncan immediately caught up. In the end it was dumb blonde Lindsay who failed at the course, immediately giving up and failing the competition. Will the last three get to the end of the course? Find out on Total Drama Summer!” Leshawna, Bridgette and Duncan are now going throw a pool of water. “Chris! You skipped a lot of challenges!” shouted Chef. “We didn’t have time for those ones.” said Chris “Anyway, we have to wait for them at the end.” “Okay.” said Chef “You won’t make me dress up will you?” “No. Of course not.” said Chris sarcastically. Chef growls at him. The final three get out of the pool water. “Why did Chris fill that up with vicious sea creatures?” asked Duncan. “It’s because that was the challenge when we had to catch a sea creature.” replied Leshawna. “Oh, yeah.” said Duncan upset. They get to a gate with a “hit the bell” game near it. “It’s locked.” said Bridgette. “That’s right.” said Chris in his helicopter. “How do we open it?” asked Leshawna. “You try and hit the bell. It opens when you hit the bell but closes when one person passes through. That means this area can give one person a chance to get ahead. Good luck.” said Chris as he flies off. “I’ll go first.” said Bridgette. She gets the hammer and hits it and it luckily hits the bell, opening the gate. “Good job girl!” shouting Leshawna to Bridgette. “Now I’ve got to get ahead.” Bridgette says to herself. The gate closes. “Out of the way Leshawna!” shouts Duncan pushing Leshawna out of the way. He hits it but it misses. “Darn It!” he shouts. “Let me try!” exclaiming Leshawna. She hits it but also misses. She mutters to herself. Meanwhile, Bridgette was almost to the end as she had to use a small pirate boat to get across the lake. Chris appears in his helicopter again. “You two better hurry up. Bridgette’s near the end and we need two people to finish this challenge.” he shots to Duncan and Leshawna below. It shows them fighting over the hammer. “It’s my turn!” shouts Duncan. “Okay. Sheesh.” replies Leshawna. Duncan hits it again but this time hits the bell and the gate opens. “See you later Leshanwa!” shouts Duncan. Leshawna in anger breaks the hammer and throws it to the ground. “Chris! I give up! I’m too far behind now!” she shouts. “Okay then. We’ll take you to the end where the finale is.” said Chris. He takes her on his helicopter and flies to a stadium. Meanwhile, Bridgette finishes the boat part and heads toward the stadium. “Almost there.” She said. Duncan then swoops down and they both land at the finish. “Congratulations Duncan and Bridgette. You are the last two to finish which means you are the final two!” said Chris waiting for them. “What happened to Leshawna?” asked Bridgette. “She gave up.” said Chris, “Now. Time for the final challenge!” Duncan and Bridgette walking into the stadium. “Who will be the grand winner of Total Drama Summer and the prize money? Find out next time for the finale of Total Drama Summer!” saying Chris. He then walks into the stadium.

Chapter 22: The Showdown to end it all

Chris appears at the camera. “Welcome to the most exciting episode yet!” saying Chris with a party hat, “It’s been a long time here but now it’s finally coming to end. Two contestants left. Who will win? Tough punk Duncan? Or surfer girl Bridgette? Go grab a snack. Go pee if you have to and get ready for the finale of Total Drama Summer!” Chris then takes a drink. It then cuts to the stadium from the previous episode. All the eliminated contestants are watching with Bridgette and Duncan in athletic gear. “Okay losers. There are two areas here. One where you can root for Bridgette and one where you can root for Duncan.” saying Chris to the losers. Everyone moves and Courtney, Eva, and Heather are in the Duncan section. Everyone else is in Bridgette’s section. “Please win Bridgette!” shouting Geoff. “Go Duncan!” shouting Courtney. “Okay. Duncan and Bridgette. Tell the peanut gallery of failure what you would do if you won.” telling Chris to Duncan and Bridgette. “I guess I’d use the money to pay my parents to repay for the stuff I caused.” telling Duncan. Everyone in Bridgette’s section is quiet and Owen just coughs. “I’d also share the money with Courtney and might take her on a nice date.” Duncan continues. Courtney blushes in the peanut gallery. “Wow. Boring. But sweet.” replying Chris. “He he. Paying his parents.” snickering Harold in the peanut gallery. “Now Bridgette. What would you do if you won?” asking Chris to Bridgette. “I’d use the money to have a beach party and invite all my friends.” said Bridgette. “I’d love a beach party.” saying Lindsay in the peanut gallery. “What else will there be?” asking Chris. “I’d probably get tickets for a vacation and take Geoff along.” Bridgette continued. “That’s my girl!” telling Geoff to Bridgette. She blushes. “Okay. Time for the challenge. Race down to the beach which is pretty far down and grab a gilded Chris statue and come back. The first one back is the winner.” Said Chris to Bridgette and Duncan. “Why do we have to wear these clothes?” asking Duncan. “It’s to make you humiliated.” said Chris snickering. Duncan growls at him. “Losers. You are welcome to assist them in the challenge.” telling Chris to the peanut gallery. “Okay then.” replying Geoff. Duncan and Bridgette are at the starting line. “On your marks. Get set.” Chris stops and looks at watch. “And go!” he finishes firing a gun. Duncan and Bridgette run toward the beach. Chris notices a bird falling down. “That’s going to cause some angry emails.” he says to himself. Duncan and Bridgette are heading down the beach with Courtney, Geoff, Gwen, and Leshawna following them. “Duncan. If you don’t try hard, we won’t have that vacation you’ll plan in the future!” shouting Courtney to Duncan. “I’ll try hard princess.” replied Duncan. “Bridgette, please win. I want to go on that vacation with you.” said Geoff. “Aw. That’s sweet.” said Bridgette. They were about to kiss until Leshawna stopped them. “No time! We’re almost to the beach.” She says to them. “Oh yeah.” replied Geoff. They get to the bottom of the beach. Bridgette picks up the Gilded Chris but has trouble. “Why is this so heavy?” asks Bridgette. “Oh yeah. Forgot to tell you about that.” Chris tells them. Leshawna growls. “Wait. It’s not chocolate?” asking Owen with a mouthful of chocolate. “It’s a lot of chocolate.” replied Chris. “Oh.” Saying Owen. Bridgette and her followers head back up to the stadium with Duncan and Courtney passing by. “Why is this heavy?” asking Duncan to Courtney. “Chris said it’s stone hard candy.” replied Courtney. Duncan just sighs. Courtney then helps Duncan carry it but her hands slip and it falls right on Duncan’s foot. “YOUCHH!” shouting Duncan with a burst of pain. “Duncan!” exclaimed Courtney. She runs over to him. “Wow.” said Chris who’s randomly there, “Serious injury triumphs all. But take a look over there.” Courtney and Duncan look at where Chris is pointing. “Aw heck no!” shouts Duncan as shown that Bridgette had gotten to the finish first. “Bridgette! You won!” shouting Geoff with excitement. “Oh well. At least I tried. Now help me up please?” said Duncan to Courtney. “My pleasure.” said Courtney as she helps Duncan get up. Later that night, Chris does the awards ceremony. “Here we are. At the last ceremony ever. It’s my pleasure to announce the winner of Total Drama Summer. Bridgette!” he said presenting Bridgette and the prize money. Everyone cheers except Heather and Eva. “Aren’t you a bit bummed Duncan?” asked Gwen. “Naw. I came in second out of at least twenty-three.” Duncan replied. Bridgette gets the prize money check and sits near Geoff. “Great job Bridge.” said Geoff with a smile. “Aw thanks Geoff.” said Bridgette blushing. “Hey guys. You know what it’s time for?” asking Owen. The guys glare at Chris. “Wait guys! My hair!” shouting Chris with the boys carrying him. They toss him in the water. “I wanted to do that the entire summer!” shouted Chef. “Hey Chef. You’re next!” said Owen and the boys start chasing Chef with him screaming. The girls laugh. Chris gets out of the water. “Okay that’s the end of Total Drama Summer…….Or is it?” he says and everything fades to black. The end…..For now.

Chapter 23: It's not over yet!

“Welcome back to Total Drama Summer. It’s been a long time since we saw the finale.” said Chris as he walks over, “Since the competition has come to a close, our contestants can chow down on some good food.” Cuts to Chef who looks very angry. “No offense Chef.” says Chris, “We had only one camper left after all we’ve gone through. That camper was Bridgette, surfer girl and girlfriend of Geoff. She and the contestants are now having a huge party at Playa des losers. And soon they’ll go home. Or are they?” Chris has a funny look on as he continues. “Find out on Total Drama Summer!” The contestants are all partying at Playa des losers with Owen and Izzy dancing. “Whohoo! This party rocks!” shouts Owen. “Yeah! No more challenges!” exclaimed Cody. “I don’t get why I lost? I had mad skills.” asking Harold upset. “You saw Lindsay’s boobs.” said Heather. “Oh. Yeah.” He pauses. “Boobies.” he said smiling. Heather just looks grossed out. “Excuse me princess but where’s the hosts of the party?” asked Duncan to Courtney. “They’re making out in the hot tub. And don’t call me that.” she replied. “Ick. They always do that.” said Duncan. Justin walks by Izzy mad. “What’s the matter pretty boy?” she asked. “Where’s your cousin?” asked Justin. “Oh. Yizzy?” Izzy replied. “Yeah!” shouted Justin. “She went home after the finale.” Izzy replied. “Well she lost her chance for season two.” said Justin. “I don’t think there is a season two.” Izzy continued. “I hope not. I’m tired of competing.” said Duncan as he lies down on a beach chair. “If there’s a season two I’m going to try and win.” said Heather. At that moment ominous music played on the loudspeaker. Chris and Chef then arrived. “Hello contestants!” said Chris. “Uh ex-contestants.” Duncan told Chris. “Your game is over!” shouted Heather. “Yes it is. But there’s one last challenge.” Chris told the contestants. “Oh boy! Another challenge!” exclaimed Owen. “Anyway. Congratulations to Bridgette! Our winner!” said Chris. Everyone except Heather and Eva cheered. “But what I have may change that.” Chris said to the contestants. “Wha?” asked Harold surprised. “Inside this is One million dollars!” Chris told everyone. “Didn’t we do this already?” asked Duncan. “Yes but there’s something else too.” Chris told Duncan. “What’s in it?” asked Lindsay. “It’s the ultimate Gilded Chris award. The Platinum Gilded Chris!” Chris said. “Platinum?” asked Heather. “Yes. It’s very special. We’ve only made one.” said Chris. “I’ll so win this.” Heather said to herself. “The million dollars and platinum chris will be located somewhere here.” said Chris. “Where?” asked Owen. “I’m not telling you!” shouted Chris. Owen hides behind Izzy. “Heh heh. I love scaring people.” said Chris to himself. Chef takes the case. “Okay. Chef’s going to hide the case somewhere on the island.” said Chris. “Wait. Aren’t you going to take Bridgette’s check like you did with Owen?” asked Duncan. “Yeah. The producers said not to take something important from a girl.” Chris replied. “I hear that.” said Heather annoyed. “Okay and…” Chris stops. “Where’s Owen?” he asked. “He thought you started already and got a head start.” Duncan told him. “What the heck. Begin” Chris told the contestants. The contestants all run over him. Chef comes back. “Can you get my medical kit please?” asking Chris in pain. Chef drops his first aid kit on Chris. Meanwhile Owen, DJ, Tyler and Cody were in their team again while Izzy was yet again with Eva and Noah. “Why are you in the same teams as before?” asked Heather. “We like it this way. Besides. Justin’s with Beth and Lindsay this time.” Cody replied. “What happened with the Bfffls?” Heather asked. It shows Katie and Sadie in a tree. “I can’t believe Justin said that he saw the money in this tree.” said Kaite. “We’ll be so rich when we find it.” said Sadie. Izzy, Noah and Eva pass by the tree Katie and Sadie are in. “Maybe the case is in the tree.” said Izzy. She climbs up the tree. She then comes back down. “I got it!” she shouts. “That’s not the case.” said Noah shocked. “What?” asked Izzy. She looks at what she’s hold and it’s shown she had a beehive. Izzy, Noah and Eva all scream. “RUN!” shouts Izzy. They run off. “Ha ha!” laughed Chris in his helicopter, “I set that up. I can’t believe they fell for it!” “Wait. Were those bees?” asked Katie. She and Sadie see them and jump out of the tree screaming. While they are running they trip on something on the ground and the bees pass by them. “Ouch. What did we trip on?” asked Katie. “Was it a rock?” asked Sadie. “No. I think it’s that thing sticking out of the ground.” said Katie. “What is it?” asked Sadie. “I don’t know but let’s dig it out.” Said Katie going to get some shovels. Meanwhile, Owen, DJ, Tyler and Cody are still searching for the case with the Platinum Chris. “Where could it be?” asked Owen. “Hey. Do you hear buzzing?” asked Tyler. Izzy, Noah and Eva run out of the bush with the bees still chasing them. “Bees!” screamed Owen. Both teams were now running away from the bees. “Why are they so mad at us?” asked Owen. “I kinda knocked their hive off of the tree.” “Why’d you do that?” asked DJ upset. “Because I wanted to check if the case was up there.” replied Izzy. “Well now we’re running for our lives!” shouted Eva. “Uh oh.” said Owen. “What do you mean uh oh?” asked Tyler. “That uh oh.” said Owen pointing to a banana peel. They all scream and slip on it. Owen, DJ, Izzy and Eva land in the water while Tyler, Noah and Cody get sent into the woods. “Ha ha.” laughed Chris again, “I set that up too.” Back in the woods Katie and Sadie continue to dig up what they tripped on. “Hey. I think I hit the thing we tripped on.” said Katie. “Pick it up!” said Sadie excited. She picks it up and gasps. “It’s the case!” she said excited. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” they squeal. “What? They got the case?” said Heather surprised. “Not anymore.” said Harold with the case. “What? How’d did you?” asked Heather. “I took it from them while they were eeing.” replied Harold. “But now I’m taking it.” said Heather kicking Harold. “OW! Hey!” he shouts. Heather then runs away. “Come back!” shouts Harold. “No way!” shouted Heather. “But there’s a cliff there!” exclaimed Harold. “What?” asked Heather. She falls down and loses the case. “No!” she shouts. She falls in the water and the case floats away. Back at the dock, Owen, DJ, Izzy and Eva get out of the water. “Where did that banana peel come from?” asked Owen. “I don’t know.” replied DJ. “Whoever did it I’ll crush his skull!” shouted Eva. “A little too far.” said Izzy. “Sorry.” replied Eva. “Hey. What’s that?” asked Owen. They all look in the water and see the case. “It’s the case!” exclaimed Izzy. “We’re rich!” shouted Owen. “Let’s go find Chris.” said DJ. “I’m up here!” shouted Chris in his helicopter. “Hey. We can’t get up there.” said Owen. “I think we should head back to the resort.” said Izzy. DJ notices something. “Where’s the case?” he asked. “Oh silly. It’s right here.” said Owen as he looks in his hand but sees that it’s gone. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he screams. “Who took it!” shouted Eva. Meanwhile Duncan is walking along on the beach. “Where did Courtney go?” he asked to himself. “Oh Duncan.” said Courtney. “What princess?” he asked. “Look what I’ve got.” she said holding the case. “Way to go princess!” Duncan said excited. “We just have to make sure no one is nearby.” said Courtney. They then hear a plane and shows Justin in the plane. “What?! How’d he get the keys to the plane?” asked Chris. Chef looks at a picture of Justin. “Uh. I don’t know.” he said hiding the picture. Justin jumps out of the plane and snatches the case from Courtney. “Hey!” she shouts. “Get back here pretty boy!” shouted Justin. Justin’s parachute comes off and reveals he has a hang glider underneath. “Wow. Never knew he can do that.” said Chris. Katie and Sadie see Justin and go after him. Heather gets out of the water and goes after him as well. Pretty soon everyone was chasing Justin now. “Wow. That case is a magnet.” said Chris. “Hey. Where’s Leshawna, Gwen and Trent?” asked Harold. They appear in a jeep with Geoff and Bridgette making out behind them. “Wow. I never knew everyone liked my beauty.” said Justin to himself. “Hey! Get back here pretty boy!” shouted Leshawna. But when she speeds up one of the wheels falls off. “Leshawna?” asked Gwen. “I think we’d better jump off!” exclaimed Trent. They jump off and the jeep spins out of control. Leshawna jumps off and Tyler, Noah, Cody, Ezekiel jump into the water. Justin still flies by with the case but a tree branch rips his hanglider and he falls down. Everyone then slips on the oil from the jeep and they all slide. Justin gets caught by someone’s leg and gets dragged down. Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie and Justin all fall in the lake and the case flies off not to be seen again. “Great! Now what?” asked Leshawna upset. Chris appears angry. “Wow. You all lost. But the eighteen of you all tied. Which means that you’ll get a chance of the prize money and Platinum Chris again.” He said. Everyone cheers. “In season two!” he shouts. “Season two?” asked everyone surprised. “Oh. Tyler, Noah, Cody and Ezekiel. You all failed.” said Chris. They look disappointed. “Oh boy! Season two!” shouted Owen. “Yes! Izzy’s coming back!” “Eeee! Another season!” said Katie excited.” She and Sadie eeeeeeee. “In two days, you’ll back in another location so tune in for Total Drama Universal! Mclean out!” said Chris as the screen fades out. THE END.

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Elimination chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
2nd Duncan In Win In In WIN WIN IN Win In Win Win Win Win Win In In LOW LOW IN IN WIN Runner Up Pass
3rd LeShawna In Low Win Win In In Win In Win In In In Low In Win In Win Win IN IN OUT Pass
4th Lindsay In In Win Win Low In Win In Win In In In In In In Win In Win IN OUT Pass
5th Gwen In Win In In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win In In In In Win Win OUT Pass
6th Owen In Win In In Win Win In Win In Win Win Win Win In In In Win OUT Pass
7th Beth In In Win Win In| In Win In Win| In In| In In| In In| Win OUT Pass
8th Geoff In Win In In Win Win In Win In| Win Win| Win Win| In In| OUT Pass
9th Izzy In Win Low In Win Win In Win In| Win Win| Win In| In OUT Pass
10th Trent In Win In In Win Win In Win IN Win Win Win Win OUT Pass
11th Eva In In Win Win In| In Win In Win| In In| Low OUT Pass
12th Yizzy Enters Episode 10 In Low OUT FAIL
13th Justin In In Win Win In In Win In Win| Low OUT Pass
14th DJ In In Win Win In In Win Low Win| OUT Pass
15th Harold In Win In In Win Win Low Win OUT Pass
16th Tyler In In Win Win In Low Win OUT Fail
17th Courtney In Win In Low Win Win OUT Pass
20th Ezekiel IN WIN IN OUT FAIL
21st Katie IN WIN OUT PASS
22nd Sadie IN WIN OUT PASS
23rd Heather IN OUT PASS


  • Dark green= Screaming Seagulls
  • Maroon= Killer Crabs
  • Black = Merged team
  • Yellow= That team or person won the challenge / that person moved on to next season
  • Light green= That team or person lost but is still competing
  • Red= That person was eliminated / that person didn't move on to next season
  • Pink= That person left without being voted off
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