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Total Drama Super Powered is the sequel to Total Drama Time Travel. This time around, an outbreak of reports of people displaying superpowers has taken the world by storm. Chris felt it was only natural to take some of these confused individuals, and put them in a reality competition show. The gathered contestants will compete in challenges, vote each other out, and ultimately a winner will be declared.




Chris McLean


Acid Tongue



Buoyancy Lad






Her Royal Hotness

Kent Clark

Man Kitten



Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl



Sprinkle Mist

The Flaming Guy

The Perfect Gentleman




Chapter 1 - Power Strangers

Chris McLean is shown standing in front of a rundown building that has a makeshift sign that reads 'Secret Fortress' on it. Chris is wearing a tight, blue and yellow, spandex costume. He says in an excited manner, "Hello, everyone! I'm 'super' excited for this season. You see, ever since I was a ruggedly handsome, little boy I had a special love for all things superhero related. I dreamed of being one. I used to run around in my superhero underwear with a towel around my neck." Footage of Chris McLean running around a kitchen table in his superhero underwear and a towel around his neck. The footage is dated one week prior to today. Present day Chris says, "Imagine my utter delight when I heard that people reportedly began developing superpowers. I did what any good citizen would do, I tried to force powers upon myself. When that didn't work, I decided to gather a group of individuals with superpowers and have them compete in a reality competition. Each episode, after this one, will feature an exciting super challenge for our contestants. They will form alliances and rivalries, and also vote each other out. It's sure to be an exciting season, so get ready for Total... Drama... Super Powered!" Chris gives a wide smile. He says, "Let's meet our first contestant. Her words sting more than my mother's, and cause physical damage to whoever she insults. Let me introduce Acid Tongue."

A young woman with auburn hair, and a bright green costume steps up to where Chris is standing. She says, "That introduction was pathetic at best." Chris flinches. "My pet cat could have done better, and she's been dead for three years."

Chris clutches his stomach in pain. He says, "Poor kitty."

"And what's with those tights?" Acid Tongue asks. "Tights are for people who have the legs to pull them off."

Chris winces. He rubs the back of his leg. He says, "I'm suddenly pondering why I decided to include you in this." Chris sighs. "Our next competitor is known as The Flaming Guy." Acid Tongue raises an eyebrow. "He has been attempting a life of heroism, despite his intellectual capacity."

The Flaming Guy walks up to Chris. He is wearing a brightly colored spandex costume, and his curly auburn hair defies gravity. He says excitedly, "Hi! My secret identity is Eric! Nice to meet you both!"

"Someone doesn't know what secret identity means," Acid Tongue states. The Flaming Guy looks hurt. Acid Tongue goes on, "Your superhero name is stupid." The Flaming Guy flinches. "And what's up with that costume?"

"Pretty tight, huh?" The Flaming Guy says with a smile. "It belonged to my best friend. He let me borrow it for the cause."

Acid Tongue says, "Yeah, well it's entirely gender inappropriate."

The Flaming Guy looks to be in physical pain. He says, "I hate it when people use words I don't know."

"Which is probably whenever people use words," Acid Tongue states. The Flaming Guy winces.

Chris says, "Well, that was fun." Chris chuckles. He says, "You forgot to insult his legs." Acid Tongue looks at The Flaming Guy's legs. She shrugs. Chris sighs. He introduces, "The next super powered person is known as Moodswing."

A girl with aquamarine hair leaps up to Chris and the others and spins around in a circle. She says, "I'm new, here! I'm so happy to meet all of you."

The Flaming Guy smiles and says, "I'm happy to meet you, too."

Moodswing looks angrily at The Flaming Guy and says, "What's that supposed to mean? Is it some sort of come on?" The Flaming Guy blushes.

Chris explains, "Moodswing has the ability to change people's moods, but it comes with a lack of control of her own emotions."

Moodswing blushes and says, "Oh, Chris."

Chris states, "Moving on." Chris inserts earplugs in his ears. He shouts, "Our next contestant is a lovable giant, who loves rock and roll. He has the power to amplify other people's powers with a surrounding..."

"Rock and rollllllllllla!" a large, tattooed man loudly interrupts. He puts his hands in 'rock on' symbols and says, "The name is Amp!"

"What is?" The Flaming Guy asks.

Amp laughs and hugs The Flaming Guy close to him. Amp laughs and says, "Never change, man."

The Flaming Guy looks confused and asks, "What do you..."

"Wooooo!" Amp yells. "I'm ready for this!" He asks The Flaming Guy, "So what's your power, man?"

The Flaming Guy explains, "I can cover my body with fire."

"Whoa," Amp says. "Awesome power, man."

"I know," The Flaming Guy states. "It only lasts for three minutes without my getting burned, though." Acid Tongue raises an eyebrow. "But if I apply sunscreen to my body, I can get up to almost five minutes!"

Amp laughs. He says, "Wicked."

Chris says, "Next up is Her Royal Hotness. You may know her, as she has been in the public eye for years. But she has acquired super powers, as well."

"Oh, really?" Moodswing asks. "What are her powers?"

"Will someone tell this blob to get out of the way?" a voice asks.

Amp turns around. He says, "You must be Her Royal Hotness, man. Pleased to meet you, you little hottie, you."

Her Royal Hotness looks up at Amp with a confused expression. She asks, "Did you just speak to me, and junk?"

"Uh," Amp says. "I think so."

Her Royal Hotness rolls her eyes. She says, "You have a hotness level of 1.5."

"Is that good?" Amp asks.

Her Royal Hotness shakes her head. She says, "Like, are you kidding me? I only speak with guys that are at least a 7.7 on the hotness scale."

"Oh," Amp says with a frown. He says, "So what's your power?"

Her Royal Hotness sighs. She says, "Let me show you." She turns and says, "Men, move this obstacle from my path, and junk." She pauses. She says, "I don't care if you'll strain your backs. You have to do as I command, or whatever!"

"Who is she talking to?" The Flaming Guy asks.

Chris explains, "She has a group of invisible men at her command."

Amp's eyes widen. He says, "Whoa. Who's touching me?" He is slightly lifted off of the ground and moved a few inches.

"You guys are so worthless," Her Royal Hotness scolds. "I didn't say you could rest." She pauses. "I don't care how heavy he is, you losers!" Amp blushes.

Chris laughs. He says, "I love this job." He clears his throat. "Next up is the super cool Sandstorm. He controls sand and stuff."

The stoic young man walks up to the others. Her Royal Hotness stares at him. She giggles and says, "Hey! We're on the same show together!" Sandstorm looks at her. She hugs him and says, "Let's be besties!" Sandstorm raises an eyebrow.

The Flaming Guy stands by Sandstorm and puts his arm around him. He says, "Leave my friend alone." The Flaming Guy smiles and says, "I'm The Flaming Guy!" Sandstorm's eyes widen. "Let's be besties."

"You two make an adorable couple," Acid Tongue states. Sandstorm winces in pain.

The Flaming Guy says, "Thanks!"

Acid Tongue looks at The Flaming Guy with wide eyes. She then looks at Sandstorm. She says, "What's wrong? Couldn't afford a shirt?" Sandstorm clutches his chest, looking in pain.

"Our next contestant is known as Zen," Chris introduces. "She has the ability to cause others to become really relaxed or even lazy."

The Chinese young woman walks up, slouching, with her eyes half closed. She says, "Hi, everyone." Zen yawns. Everyone else present yawns, and they suddenly look tired. The Flaming Guy falls asleep in Sandstorm's arms. Sandstorm blushes.

Chris yawns. He says, "Our next..." Chris yawns, again. "Our next..." Chris yawns, again. "Let's just meet Kent Clark."

A very tall, muscular young man walks up. He says, "I really don't even know why I'm here. I really don't have any superpowers." Kent accidentally hits the side of a building with his shoulder, causing some of the bricks to break off of the wall with a loud noise. He wakes up the others. Kent looks embarrassed. He says, "Oh, shoot."

Amp looks at Kent with wide eyes. He says, "Whoa, man! You're huger than I am!"

"In height, not girth," Acid Tongue adds. Amp winces.

Amp looks at Kent's abs. He says, "You work out? Me, too. Let me do the official ab test." Amp punches Kent Clark in the stomach. "Yaaaaaah!" Amp screams in pain. "Dude, ow." He shakes his throbbing red hand. "Your abs are like steel, or something." Kent blushes.

Kent says defensively, "I really don't have powers. I'm just strong, I guess." Everyone stares at Kent. "I still don't know why I'm here. I think there was some mistake."

"Uh, dude," The Flaming Guy says.

"What?" Kent asks.

"You're flying," The Flaming Guy informs. Kent Clark looks down. His face turns bright red. He lands on the ground. He lets out a heavy sigh and freezes Amp's face.

Chris laughs. He says, "As much as I'm loving this, we must go on with the show."

A beautiful young woman holding a mirror walks in front of the others. She says, "I'm Vanity. Great to be here." She doesn't take her eyes off of her hand held mirror.

The Flaming Guy says to Sandstorm, "Check out the hottie." Sandstorm blushes. Her Royal Hotness looks at him and frowns.

Her Royal Hotness says, "What's she got that I don't?"

"Well," Chris explains, "she has the power to create and control these glass fighter humanoid figure thingies."

"I meant appearance wise," Her Royal Hotness corrects. "I'm way hotter. My numerous ex-boyfriends always told me how hot I was." The guys ignore Her Royal Hotness and stare at Vanity.

Chris clears his throat. "Ahem. Next up is a young man that can control temperature and air currents. Everyone, I'd like you to welcome Cloudburst."

"That's my favorite candy!" Moodswing exclaims. Everyone looks to the side, waiting for Cloudburst to arrive. They wait.

"What are you all looking at?" a voice says from above. Everyone looks upward to see the spiky haired young man floating down toward them.

"Cool!" The Flaming Guy shouts. "You can fly!"

"Pretty sweet, huh?" Cloudburst states, as he lands on the ground, "Check this out." Cloudburst holds up one of his hands, that has a slight red glow around it. He puts his hand near The Flaming Guy.

The Flaming Guy giggles and says, "You make me feel all warm and tingly." Several eyebrows raise.

Cloudburst states, "N-no! That's my power. I can warm up the air with this hand, and make it cold with this one." Cloudburst raises his other hand in the air. He says, "And check this out." He holds his hands together and creates a small vortex. "Pretty awesome, right?"

The Flaming Guy nods rapidly. Acid Tongue says, "Pretty lame, if you ask me."

Cloudburst winces. "Ow," he says. "Good thing no one did ask you."

"Wait," The Flaming Guy says. "So... You, like, control wind and the like?"

Cloudburst shrugs. He says, "Yeah, I guess."

The Flaming Guy's eyes widen. He puts one arm around Cloudburst, and one arm around Sandstorm. The Flaming Guy says, "Awesome! I can control fire, for a limited time only. My buddy, Sandstorm, can control sand. We should be friends! We'd make an awesome team!" Cloudburst chuckles. The Flaming Guy states, "Oh! I know! We can be called 'Earth, Wind, and Fire'!"

Chris looks at them with wide eyes. He says, "Anyway... Next up is the contestant with the awesomest name ever, Sprinkle Mist!"

"That's a name?" Acid Tongue asks. "It's pretty stupid, I'd say."

A native American girl walks up to the group. She says, "Hey, everyone. I'm Sprinkle Mist."

"What kind of powers do you have?" Cloudburst asks.

"I can control water," Sprinkle Mist answers.

Cloudburst lets out a laugh. He says, "Water powers? Lame!" He chuckles. "Nobody cool ever has water powers."

Sprinkle Mist glares at Cloudburst. She looks at some rain water in the gutter, and lifts her hands. The water rises in the air, and Sprinkle Mist causes it to rapidly fly at Cloudburst, knocking him to the ground. "Still lame?" she asks.

Cloudburst's face is red. He says, "No. I guess not. How about my fall? That was pretty awesome right?" He stands up.

"Sure," Sprinkle Mist says with a confused expression.

Cloudburst smiles. "She digs me," he says. Sprinkle Mist rolls her eyes.

"I'd like you all to meet The Perfect Gentleman," Chris announces.

A pale, blond young man walks forward. He says, "Thanks for the introduction, Chris. I'm pleased to make all of your acquaintances." He takes Sprinkle Mist's hand in his and kisses the back of her hand. Sprinkle Mist blushes, while Cloudburst frowns. The Perfect Gentleman looks around. "There are certainly quite a few beautiful young women, here."

"I don't fall for that kind of garbage, The Perfect Gentleman," Her Royal Hotness says with an eye roll. "Only guys with no money use sweet words to try to woo girls. That crap will not work with me."

The Perfect Gentleman says, "Please, call me Matthew. 'The Perfect Gentleman' is kind of a ridiculous name." The Perfect Gentleman blushes. He reaches behind his back and extends his hand to Her Royal Hotness. He holds a diamond encrusted gold watch. He says, "Please accept this small token."

Her Royal Hotness swoons. She snatches the watch and puts it on. "Thank you," she says. "It's lovely."

"Not as lovely as you, my sweet," The Perfect Gentleman states.

Her Royal Hotness sighs. She randomly shouts, "Shut up, you guys! You're just jealous!" The Perfect Gentleman looks surprised. Her Royal Hotness blushes and says, "Don't mind me. I just have a group of invisible lackeys that do my every bidding." The Perfect Gentleman attempts to look understanding as he nods.

Chris states, "We have to move on to our next competitor. She has no cheesy super hero name, like the rest of you." Kent Clark looks confused. "Her name is Elli."

A sweet looking teenage girls walks toward the group. She eyes up the others. The Perfect Gentleman takes her hand and kisses it. He says, "An honor to meet you, my sweet."

Elli blushes and giggles. She says, "You're sweet."

"We know," Cloudburst states with a roll of his eyes.

"What can she do?" Zen asks, before falling asleep.

Chris says, "Well, Elli here has the power to..."

Elli interrupts Chris, "They don't want to hear all that boring stuff. I'd prefer that they just see my powers in action."

Chris shrugs and says, "Suit yourself. Next up we have Man Kitten."

"Man Kitten?" Cloudburst states. Everyone present laughs.

A very tough, strong looking young man walks up to the group. He pushes The Perfect Gentleman to the ground. Moodswing shouts, "You better not touch him, again!" Man Kitten responds by kicking The Perfect Gentleman in the side.

Man Kitten says, "No one tells me what to do." He spits toward the ground.

"Ew!" The Perfect Gentlemen states. "Did you just spit on me?"

"No," Man Kitten states. "I spit on the ground, and you got in the way, punk."

Amp asks, "So... Why are you called Man Kitten?"

Man Kitten blushes. He says, "I'm not sure..."

"What are your powers?" Cloudburst asks with a raised eyebrow.

Man Kitten narrows his eyes. He says, "I turn into a powerful, mythical beast. Nothing can stop me when I transform."

"Whoa," Cloudburst says. "Sounds sweet."

A beeping noise is heard. Man Kitten sighs. He pulls a stopwatch from his pocket, and clicks it. He then transforms into a giant, man-sized kitten. Everyone stares at him with wide eyes. He says, "Hewwo, everyone!"

"Oh, Mylanta!" Elli shouts. "That is the cutest thing I've seen in my life!" The Perfect Gentleman frowns.

Elli, Sprinkle Mist, and Amp bombard Man Kitten and begin scratching him behind the ears. He giggles and says, "That tickles." He falls to the ground, purring and rubbing his back on the ground. Amp scratches Man Kitten's belly. Man Kitten rolls around on the ground. He abruptly stands up. He says, "Thank you, everyone, for your nice welcome. I has to change back, now!"

Several contestants say, "Aaaaaaw!"

Man Kitten transforms back to his human form. His face is bright red. Cloudburst asks, "Powerful, mythical beast?"

"Sh-shut up!" Man Kitten demands. Man Kitten quickly glances at Amp, and then down at the ground, while blushing. Man Kitten says quietly to Amp, "You're really good at scratching bellies." Several nearby contestants laugh. Man Kitten blushes, some more.

Chris says, "Next we have Dreamweaver."

A tall girl with pink hair and gothic clothing walks to the group. She says, "Hi, people."

"Whoa," Man Kitten says. "You look like a nightmare I had once."

"Were you in kitten form at the time?" Cloudburst asks. Man Kitten glares at Cloudburst.

Amp stares at Dreamweaver with wide eyes. He says quietly, "So beautiful..."

"What's your power?" Sprinkle Mist asks the newly arrived girl.

Dreamweaver states, "Allow me to demonstrate. I'll need a volunteer." She looks at Man Kitten and says, "You'll do."

Man Kitten protests, "I don't volunteer for power demonstrations." Man Kitten folds his arms. He says, "Mm... What smells so nice..." He looks down at the ground with wide eyes. He then quickly darts his head to the left. He looks embarrassed, while trying to look like he isn't bothered. He quickly looks to the left, again, and lunges toward nothing. He darts his head to the right and lunges in that direction. He then stands back where he was, looking flustered.

"What just happened?" Moodswing asks.

Dreamweaver explains, "I have the power to make people vividly see their wildest fantasies."

"What were you seeing, man?" The Flaming Guy asks.

Man Kitten blushes. He says, "You know..." He darts his eyes to the left. "A hot babe."

"He saw the red light from a laser pointer," Dreamweaver clarifies. Man Kitten blushes as the others laugh at him.

Chris laughs, as well. He states, "Awesome." He looks past the contestants. "It looks like our next contestant is arriving. This kid's name is Bryan. Make him feel welcome."

Bryan arrives, wearing a white costume with laced details, and a pair of boxer shorts. Man Kitten laughs. He says, "Nice outfit, loser." Most of the others laugh.

Bryan holds his head down. He says, "I wish grandma didn't make me wear this." Most of the others laugh, again. Bryan sighs. "There goes the opportunity for a good impression."

"Yeah," Man Kitten states. "Not all of us can make a good impression." The timer on the stopwatch in Man Kitten's pocket goes off. He sighs and transforms into his kitten form. He plays with a butterfly that passes by.

Bryan walks down the line and stands by Acid Tongue. She says, "When's the last time you washed your hair?" Bryan looks hurt, as some of the others laugh. Amp holds his head down.

Amp walks over and takes hold of Bryan's shoulder. He says, "You can stand by me, little buddy." Bryan follows Amp to his former position in the group.

Bryan softly says, "Thanks. But I don't really like it when people call me little. I don't know, it's just a pet peeve I have."

Amp laughs. He puts his arm around Bryan and says, "Don't worry, little man. If you haven't noticed, compared to me everyone is little." Bryan laughs slightly. Amp looks at Kent Clark. "Except that guy."

Chris states, "Okay, we're moving on."

"Wait," Her Royal Hotness states. "Not like I care, but what is Pete's power?"

"Pete?" Chris asks.

"That kid that just showed up," Her Royal Hotness states as she points at Bryan. She adds, "Try paying attention. Gosh."

"Hey, everyone," a newly arrived female contestant says. "I'm excited to be here... Maybe."

Chris looks at the newly arrived, wildly dressed Asian girl. He says, "This is Flip-Flop."

She walks over to Vanity. She says, "You look cool."

"Yeah," Vanity says.

"Let's be friends," Flip-Flop states.

Her Royal Hotness states, "You can't be friends with her, and me, too."

Flip-Flop looks at Her Royal Hotness, shrugs, and says, "Okay." She walks over by Her Royal Hotness.

Chris states, "Flip-Flop here has the ability to transform into whatever desired object."

"Really?" Sprinkle Mist states. "Weird."

Chris nods. He says, "Sure. Next up is Freestyle."

"Wicked awesome name," Cloudburst states. "What's his power? Is he like a super skateboarder or snowboarder, or something?"

Freestyle salsa dances toward the other contestants. Everyone looks at Freestyle with wide eyes. He lets out a heavy sigh. The other contestants laugh out loud. "Your power is dancing?" Man Kitten asks, now in human form.

Freestyle nods. He says, "I know it sucks." Freestyle is now samba dancing. "But I can't stop it."

Between laughs, Flip-Flop says, "What a useless power."

Freestyle shrugs and shimmies. He says, "I thought it was, at first. But I'm able to dodge attacks with it." Freestyle bends down, avoiding a punch from Man Kitten. "Thanks for the demonstration, man."

"Yeah, whatever," Man Kitten states.

"I've also been able to learn how to use my body movements for fighting," Freestyle adds.

Flip-Flop states, "Now that I think about it, your power is quite useful."

"Thanks, I guess," Freestyle says.

"I thought about it more, and it's pretty dumb," Flip-Flop states. Freestyle gives a depressed sigh.

Chris states, "Only a few more contestants left to arrive. Next is Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl." The others laugh at the name.

A plain looking girl holding a book steps forward. She says, "Hello."

"You couldn't think of a better super name?" Moodswing asks in a mocking tone.

"Nope," Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl states honestly.

"I'm curious as to what this lovely young lady's power is," The Perfect Gentleman states.

Chris explains, "Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl has the ability to summon imaginary people with her powers. Unfortunately, she lacks any creativity or imagination. And from now on, she will be known as RIPSG. It's an acronym."

"Ironic power," Freestyle says with a sigh. He continues dancing.

Chris states, "The next person is almost here."

A young, pudgy man in a bright yellow Speedo steps forward. He winks at Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl and says, "Hey, senorita. Lookin' good."

Acid Tongue states, "Unlike you." The others laugh.

The young man smiles and says, "Thanks, mama. I know I look good." Acid Tongue looks confused.

"This is Buoyancy Lad," Chris introduces. The other contestants laugh.

"Nice name," Flip-Flop says sarcastically.

"Thanks," Buoyancy Lad says. "I know."

Buoyancy Lad stands between RIPSG and Freestyle. Freestyle asks, "So, uh, Buoyancy Lad, what are your powers, man?" Freestyle is still dancing.

Buoyancy Lad looks at him. He says, "I have the ability to float on air. I can get around by swimming, but my swimming skills are lacking." Buoyancy Lad begins floating, but starts doggie paddling mid-air.

Freestyle laughs. He says, "My power is dance. Isn't it nice knowing that you're not the only one with lame powers?"

Buoyancy Lad raises an eyebrow. He says, "Whatever, loser. My power is awesome." Buoyancy Lad doggie paddles to the other side of the line. Freestyle holds his head down and sighs.

Chris states, "Only two more contestants left to introduce." Chris shudders. "Next up is Nightshade. She can teleport using darkness, and she's super creepy."

Nightshade slowly joins the other contestants. They all look at the disheveled young woman wide eyed. She says eerily, "Hello, everyone."

Everyone shudders. The Flaming Guy leaps into Sandstorm's arms. "Hold me, bro." Sandstorm looks embarrassed.

Chris states, "Okay, only one person left to introduce. Last, and also least, it's Shockwave."

An obnoxiously dressed Indian, young man joins everyone. He says, "Hello, lovies. Nice to see all of you." He surveys the contestants. He stops at Amp. Shockwave's eyes widen. He approaches Amp and repeatedly pokes him in the stomach.

"Um, what's this guy's deal?" Amp asks.

"Your belly is pokable," Shockwave states. "Hehe."

Chris says, "Shockwave has the ability to disrupt technology by touch, and..."

Shockwave smirks. He pokes Amp, again, and causes him to be stunned. Amp falls to the side. Bryan attempts to catch him, but Amp falls on top of him. Shockwave laughs. He says, "It's true what they say. The bigger they are, the more damage they cause when they fall on a random, innocent spectator."

"Who says that?" Vanity asks. She remains focused on her mirror.

"That's everyone," Chris states.

"Now what?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Chris explains, "This abandoned warehouse is where all of you will be staying."

"Sparing no expense with the budget, I see," Freestyle states. Amp stands woozily, Bryan also stands up, looking dazed.

"No way am I staying in this dump," Her Royal Hotness states.

Chris shrugs. He says, "Maybe it's been revamped on the inside, to be completely epic."

Her Royal Hotness smiles and runs inside. She says, "This place is just as bad on the inside!"

"I said 'maybe'," Chris states. "Before you guys get to select your rooms, the teams will be decided, and then we can begin the competition." Chris awkwardly pauses.

"Well?" Elli states. "What are the teams?"

Chris smiles and says, "We'll find out next time on Total... Drama... Super Powered!" Several contestants groan.

Chapter 2 - The Kids Are Not Alright

Chris says, "Last time on Total... Drama... Super Powered, I introduced the cast. Then I told them that they would be living in this fine establishment." Chris gestures at the shoddy warehouse around him.

"This place is really horrible," Elli states.

"Just like your fashion sense," Acid Tongue states. Elli winces.

Chris shrugs, "Now about those team that I was talking about. We're going to have a small challenge to decide who is team captain, and then we'll have a classic schoolyard pick."

"Aw, man," Bryan says. "I was never good at those."

Amp assures, "Don't worry, little buddy." Bryan winces. "You got me behind you." Shockwave randomly pokes Amp's belly.

Bryan asks, "You used to get picked relatively quickly?"

Amp narrows his eyes and says, "Um..."

Chris says, "Anyways, let's get on with the challenge. Within this warehouse, I've hidden several items related to superheros. I want you to rush and find an item and bring it back to me. Whoever does so in the fastest times, gets to pick the first member of their team. Then, the one they pick will choose their next team member, and so on. So if everyone is ready... You can start looking." Several contestants rush off to look for a desired item.

Her Royal Hotness demands, "Men! I demand you to find whatever it is we're looking for... I don't care, figure it out!" Her Royal Hotness pauses. "Oh, please. Men don't have feelings.... Quit crying!"

Moodswing asks Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl, "If you were a random superhero item where would you hide?" RIPSG puts her hand on her chin and stands contemplatively.

The Flaming Guy is shown with his arm around Sandstorm. He looks around, and then up by the ceiling. He points at a spiderweb and says, "Dude, do you think that spider is radioactive?" Sandstorm shrugs. "I'mma find out." The Flaming Guy pulls a few crates over to the corner and begins stacking them. He climbs the pile of crates and extends a finger in the direction of the spider. He says, "Hey, spider bro. Bite me." The spider scurries away. The Flaming Guy puts his hand in front of the spider, again, but it goes in the other direction. "Aw, come on, spider bro."

Vanity is shown standing, looking at her mirror. She looks up briefly at Kent Clark who is standing with his head held down. Vanity says, "Aren't you going to look for something?"

Kent Clark says, "Why should I? I shouldn't even be here."

"But you are," Vanity states. "You might as well participate."

"I guess you're right," Kent Clark replies. He walks off in an effort to search the warehouse. He sees Nightshade and shudders. He walks over to another part of the warehouse, and grabs hold of part of the floor and lifts it off of the ground. His eyes widen, and he grabs a pair of tights hidden there. He rushes to Chris and says, "I found something!"

Chris nods and says, "Kent is our first team captain. Who will be next?"

Sprinkle Mist sighs. The Perfect Gentleman stops searching to ask, "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

Sprinkle Mist blushes. She says, "I really wanted to find one of the items, too."

"You do?" The Perfect Gentleman asks. Sprinkle Mist nods. The Perfect Gentleman smiles, and reaches behind his back. He hands Sprinkle Mist a meteorite. "Here you are, my dear."

Sprinkle Mist smiles, takes the item, and rushes toward Chris. She turns around and says, "Thank you!" The Perfect Gentleman nods.

The Flaming Guy is shown harassing the spider. "Aw, spider bro. Just bite me, already." The Flaming Guy loses his balance, and falls off of one of the crates. Sandstorm fails to catch him. One of the boxes bursts open, and a plutonium rod falls out, and into The Flaming Guy's hands. He says, "This must be a superhero thingy. It's all sparkly glowy." The Flaming Guy takes Sandstorm's hand and runs toward Chris. He gets to him just after Sprinkle Mist. The Flaming Guy cries into Sandstorm's shoulder. Sandstorm raises an eyebrow.

Chris says, "Sprinkle Mist came to me second, so she is the second team captain." Chris' eyes dart around. He says, "And The Flaming Guy is the third team captain." The Flaming Guy looks at Chris with a smile.

"Wait," Dreamweaver asks. "There are three teams?"

Chris nods and says, "Yup."

Cloudburst says, "But there are twenty-two of us. Three teams wouldn't leave even teams." Cloudburst smiles at Sprinkle Mist and says, "Yeah, I did the math that quickly."

Chris says, "You're right. One of you won't be on a team, and you must immediately leave the warehouse." Several contestants look at each other with worried expressions.

"Let's begin the team choosing," Chris states. "Kent Clark, since you were the first to find your superhero item, you pick first." Kent, Sprinkle Mist, and The Flaming Guy walk to separate areas.

Kent Clark looks around at the other contestants. He says, "Vanity helped motivate me, so I choose her." Vanity nonchalantly walks to where Kent is standing.

Chris says, "Sprinkle Mist? Your pick."

Sprinkle Mist blushes. Cloudburst smiles wide. Sprinkle Mist says, "I choose The Perfect Gentleman." Cloudburst immediately frowns.

The Perfect Gentleman walks up to Sprinkle Mist and kisses her hand. He says, "Thank you, my sweet." Sprinkle Mist blushes and giggles. Cloudburst rolls his eyes.

The Flaming Guy excitedly says, "I choose Sandy!" Sandstorm blushes and walks over to The Flaming Guy, who hugs him tight.

Chris says, "Vanity? Your choice."

"Man Kitten," Vanity chooses.

Man Kitten smiles and walks by Vanity. He says, "You want me, don't you?" Vanity ignores him.

The Perfect Gentleman says, "I would be honored to have Her Royal Hotness on my team." Sprinkle Mist gives Her Royal Hotness a jealous glare.

Sandstorm whispers something in The Flaming Guy's ear. The Flaming Guy giggles and says, "You have a sexy speaking voice." Sandstorm's face turns deep red. The Flaming Guy pats Sandstorm's chest and says, "Sandy here wants Cloudburst on our team." Cloudburst smiles and walks over to the two guys.The Flaming Guy shouts, "Earth, Wind, and Fire lives!"

Man Kitten surveys the remaining contestants. Elli smiles and waves at him. He blushes and says, "Um. I pick Elli." Elli cheers and runs to her new team.

Her Royal Hotness says, "I pick Flip-Flop."

Flip-Flop gives a disappointed sigh and says, "I wanted to be on Vanity's team." She walks to Her Royal Hotness and says, "Yay! I so wanted to be on this team!" Her Royal Hotness looks at Flip-Flop in a confused manner.

"Cloudburst?" Chris asks. "Your turn."

Cloudburst rubs his chin. He says, "I choose Dreamweaver." Dreamweaver nods and joins her new team.

Elli says, "I want Freestyle on our team."

Freestyle dances in the direction of his team. He says, "Really?"

"Yeah," Elli says. "Someone has to be eliminated first."

"Thanks," Freestyle says with a sigh.

Flip-Flop looks at the remaining contestants. She says, "I want Amp... No, Buoyancy Lad... No, wait... Zen... Um, wait..."

Chris says, "Just pick someone."

"Um..." Flip-Flop says. "Shockwave."

Shockwave walks up to Flip-Flop and says, "Thanks." He starts making out with Flip-Flop.

Everyone stares at them with wide eyes. Chris awkwardly says, "Okay... Dreamweaver's choice."

Flip-Flop and Shockwave stop making out. Flip-Flop says, "You're a good kisser."

"Thanks," Shockwave says with a smirk.

"No wait," Flip-Flop says. "You aren't actually a good kisser." Shockwave frowns.

Dreamweaver rubs her chin. She says, "I choose Moodswing."

"Thanks!" Moodswing says excitedly. She stands by her team and angrily folds her arms.

Freestyle says, "I choose Buoyancy Lad."

Buoyancy Lad struts toward his team. He holds out his hand to shake Freestyle's hand. He says, "Thanks, man."

Freestyle grabs hold of Buoyancy Lad's hand and performs a samba roll with Buoyancy Lad, while blushing. He says, "Don't worry, man. Us lame powered people need to stick together."

"My power is not lame," Buoyancy Lad insists. He breaks free from Freestyle's samba roll, and doggie paddles away from him.

Shockwave looks at Amp and smiles. He says, "Come on over, big guy."

Amp stays still. He nervously says, "You aren't going to make out with me, are you?"

"I can't make any guarantees," Shockwave replies with a smirk. Amp hesitantly walks toward his team. Shockwave repeatedly pokes Amp's stomach with his index finger.

Moodswing says, "I choose my best friend, Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl."

RIPSG walks toward her team and her eyes get narrow. She asks Moodswing, "Who are you?"

Chris says, "Only four contestants left to chose from. Buoyancy Lad, it's your turn."

Buoyancy Lad looks at the remaining four contestants. He says, "Um... Creepy zombie girl." Nightshade slowly walks over to her team.

"Why did you pick her?" Man Kitten says with a shudder. His stopwatch goes off. He sighs and transforms into his kitten form. He says, "I wuv everybody! Yayz!"

Chris says, "So cute..." He stops looking at Man Kitten and says, "Amp?"

Amp smiles and shouts, "Woo! Bryan, buddy, get your buns over here!"

Bryan's face turns red. He walks over to his team. Acid Tongue says, "You're picking that loser over me?" Bryan flinches.

Chris says, "Yup. It's between you and Zen." Zen is fast asleep. "RIPSG gets to choose between the two of you." Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl stands without saying anything. Chris says, "Well?"

"I'm trying to imagine who would be best on our team," RIPSG states.

Acid Tongue says, "We're going to be here all day." RIPSG flinches. Zen snores.

Sandstorm whispers into RIPSG's ear. She says, "Okay. If you think that's the best choice. By the way, you have a really nice speaking voice." Sandstorm blushes. Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl says, "We decided to choose Zen."

Chris nods and glances at Acid Tongue. He says, "I'm so shocked." Acid Tongue looks disappointed. Chris says, "Well, it's off with you." Chris leads her outside, and slams the door. "Ahem. Team names time." Chris hands out team flags, with bold colors. He hands a bright blue flag to The Flaming Guy. He says, "You are the 'Supercilious'."

"Cool!" The Flaming Guy shouts.

"You know what that word means?" Chris asks in surprise.

The Flaming Guy looks confused. He says, "It has 'super' in it."

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl explains, "It means someone who is haughty."

"Sweet," The Flaming Guy states. "I don't want to brag, but I'm kind of a hottie." He high fives Cloudburst. Sandstorm slaps his own forehead. The Flaming Guy looks confused and says, "That's not how you do it, man." He holds up his hand. Sandstorm reluctantly high fives The Flaming Guy.

Chris hands a bright yellow flag to Sprinkle Mist. He says, "This is your team color."

"Who chose these awful colors?" Her Royal Hotness asks.

Chris says, "They're superhero-y. Anyway, your team name is 'Chemical Imbalance'." Man Kitten, in human form, laughs.

"I like it," Amp says. "Oh yeah!"

Chris hands Kent Clark a red flag. He says, "And lastly, we have 'The Power Walkers'."

"Nice team name, Man Kitty," Shockwave taunts.

Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "Shut up."

Chris says, "Now that that is out of the way, we can start you first challenge. I believe the children are our future. No matter how you look at it, you are all going to be viewed as role models to kids, everywhere. Today, I've gathered a focus group for you to attempt to impress. They'll vote on the team they like best, and the top two point getters will be safe. The bottom group will need to vote out a team member."

"Our first challenge is a focus group?" Man Kitten asks. "Lame."

"It's not lame!" Chris insists.

"You're right," Man Kitten states. "It's lame, and stupid."

Chris sighs. He says, "One at a time, each team will enter the room with the children and try to make a good impression. We'll start with the lamest team. That's you, Supercilious."

"Woohoo!" The Flaming Guy shouts. He huddles his team together and says, "Let's go in there, and be super!"

"Why am I not feeling motivated?" Moodswing asks.

The Flaming Guy frowns and says, "Because you're a killjoy. Let's go!"

Chris directs the team into the room with the focus group. Several frightened children look up at them. One of the children asks, "Who are you people? Where are my parents?"

"Did Chris kidnap these children?" Cloudburst asks with wide eyes.

Chris pokes his head around the door and says, "Don't listen to them. Their parents are close by."

"You asked who we are?" The Flaming Guy says.

"Yeah, like five minutes ago," one of the children says.

"We're superheros!" The Flaming Guy states, ignoring the child.

The child says, "Is he always like that?" Sandstorm nods.

The Flaming Guy says, "Sure, take her side."

"I'm a boy!" the child shouts.

"Is this going well?" RIPSG asks.

Cloudburst smirks. He says, "Check this out." Cloudburst warns, "Stand back." His hands begin glowing and he puts them together. A vortex appears.

"Whoa!" some of the kids say.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Cloudburst asks.

"What can you do, creepy lady?" a girl asks Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver smiles. The girl looks to her side and says excitedly, "A pony!"

Sandstorm is getting poked by several children. "What do you do? What do you do?" they chant. Sandstorm spots a dead potted plant in the corner. He lifts his hand toward it and the pot bursts. The soil spins around in the corner. "Ooooh!" several of the children say.

Chris pokes his head in the room. He says, "Times up. Remember when you're voting, later, that this is team blue." The kids nod.

Supercilious walks out of the room. Chris says, "Okay. It's Chemical Imbalance's turn." The team enters the room.

Amp yells, "Whoa! Are you kids ready to rock?!" The children cheer.

Flip-Flop laughs and says, "That guy is good with kids."

"He is a giant kid," Shockwave states.

"Do you guys have powers, too?" One of the children asks.

Flip-Flop turns into a spatula and falls to the ground. In spatula form, she says, "Hey, kids. I'm a spatula!"

"Lame," one of the children states.

"You want to see something cool?" Shockwave asks. The children nod. "Does anyone have a handheld, battery operated, electronic device."

One of the children volunteers, "I have my Gamebuddy XD." The boy takes the handheld game system from his pocket and hands it to Shockwave.

Shockwave turns it on and holds it up. He emits a disruptive pulse, and the game system explodes. The boy starts crying, while the other children clap. Shockwave bows and says, "Thank you!"

One of the children points at Bryan and asks, "What does nerdboy do?"

Bryan's face turns red. He says, "It's boring."

The child says, "Oh, come on."

Bryan insists, "You don't want to know. It's nothing special."

The child shrugs and says, "Whatever you say."

Amp puts his arm around Bryan and says, "Is this kid giving you a hard time?"

Bryan shakes his head. He says, "No, it's alright."

"Good," Amp says. "Because if he was, I wouldn't hesitate sitting on him, or something." The kid's eyes widen, and he runs off.

Chris puts his head through the door and says, "Time is up. This was the yellow team." Chemical Imbalance steps out of the room.

Chris says, "Finally, it's The Power Walkers turn." The team walks into the room.

Man Kitten narrows his eyes and says, "Keep these brats away from me." He stands in the corner and crosses his arms.

"Hello, children," Nightshade says creepily. "Want to play?" Most of the children start screaming and crying, as they run to the corner.

Freestyle dances as he looks at Nightshade. He says, "What do we do? She scared them."

Buoyancy Lad sighs and says, "I'll handle this. I'm great with the kids." Buoyancy Lad approaches the children and they scream and cry even harder.

"My eyes!" one of the children shouts. "I'm blind!"

Buoyancy Lad nods and says, "My beauty tends to blind people."

Vanity stares at her mirror. "You could help, you know?" Elli says.

"Oh?" Vanity says. "And what are you doing?"

Elli thinks. She smirks. She retreats behind a crate and transforms into a child. She holds up her pants and joins the terrified group of children. She says, "Hey, guys." She points at Man Kitten and says, "I heard that that guy can turn into a kitty!"

"Really?" one of the girls asks.

"Yeah!" young Elli says. "Go ask him!"

The children run to Man Kitten and yell, "Turn into a kitten! Turn into a kitten!"

Man Kitten's eyes widen. "Who told you I turned into a kitten?" Man Kitten asks.

"I don't know," one of the children says. "Some little girl. Come on! Turn into a kitty!"

"No!" Man Kitten insists. "I ain't gonna!" His timer begins sounding. He slaps his forehead. "Crap!" he yells.

"Ooh!" one of the children says. "You said a bad word!"

"Shut up!" Man Kitten says.

"Oooh!" one of the children says. "You said the 's-h' word."

Chris opens the door and sticks his head inside. He says, "Okay, red team. That's all. I'll talk to the kids to see who lost the challenge." The Power Walkers walk or dance out of the room. Chris grabs Elli and says, "Where do you think you're going, little girl? You stay here." Elli's eyes widen.

Man Kitten gives a heavy sigh and transforms into a kitten, after exiting the room. He says, "Those childrens was so adorable! I wanted to play with them." Several contestants laugh.

Chris emerges a few minutes later. He says, "The decision was split between two teams, Supercilious and The Chemical Imbalance. Though, one kid voted for The Power Walkers for some reason." Elli steps out of the room in her usual form, whistling innocently. "Nonetheless, they lose. One of them will be voted out." Chris points to a room. He says, "That's where your elimination ceremony will take place. Meet me there after you vote in our confessional." He points at a door and then goes into his room.

At the elimination ceremony, which is in a shoddy looking room with brown wallpaper peeling off of the walls, Chris says, "Okay. The votes are in. Kent Clark, you're safe. So are Buoyancy Lad and Elli." Buoyancy Lad winks at Elli. "Freestyle is safe, too." Freestyle does the Macarena while sighing. "Man Kitten. You're safe, too."

Man Kitten says, in kitten form, "I did it! Yay!"

"So cute..." Chris says. He regains his composure and says, "That leaves Nightshade and Vanity. The first person voted out is..."

"This is the dramatic pause," Chris explains.


Nightshade nods. Freestyle sighs. He says, "Come on, guys. She may be freaky, but at least she tried." He glares at Vanity and Man Kitten.

Elli shrugs. She says, "But she's still freaky."

Chris says, "Well, Nightshade. You're out. You can leave through the..." Nightshade steps toward the shadows at the back of the room. She slowly seeps into the shadows and disappears. Everyone stares with wide eyes. Freestyle shudders.

"Can we go to our rooms, now?" Elli asks, looking uneasy.

"Not yet," Chris says. "As a special reward for coming in last for the first challenge, you get a new team member."

Acid Tongue walks into the room. Several contestants gasp.

Kent Clark says, "I thought she was out of the competition."

Chris says, "Nah. I just said she was leaving. I didn't say she wouldn't be back. Welcome your new teamie."

"Hey, morons," Acid Tongue states. "I guess I got put on the sucky team. Oh, well." Everyone flinches.

Chapter 3 - Old Ladies in Waiting

Chris McLean states, "Welcome to today's episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time, the three teams were decided. Acid Tongue wasn't chosen by any team, and she had to leave the competition. In the elimination challenge, The Power Walkers lost, partly because Nightshade frightened the children they were meant to impress. Nightshade was eliminated and she creepily disappeared into the shadows. The Power Walkers got another surprise when Acid Tongue returned to join their team. Ha ha! They were so excited. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Super Powered?"

Bryan is shown standing outside his room. Moodswing walks up to him and says, "Hey... Bryan, was it?" Bryan nods and blushes. "What are you doing out here?"

Bryan's face is still red. He says, "Uh, I was just waiting to see who got voted out on the other team. I'm just curious, I guess."

Moodswing looks at Bryan, blushes, and smiles. She asks, "Why are you so embarrassed, right now?"

Bryan blushes. "I'm not embarrassed. Why do you say that?"

"Even if I didn't have the power to read people's moods, I think it's pretty obvious," Moodswing states.

Bryan gives a nervous laugh. He says, "No one ever seems to remember my name, honestly. I guess I'm a little flattered that you remembered it."

The Perfect Gentleman walks up to them. He puts his arm around Bryan and says, "You really shouldn't be fraternizing with the other team." He looks at Moodswing and adds, "But I can hardly blame you with such a lovely young woman in your presence." The Perfect Gentleman smiles. Moodswing's face turns red. He turns to Bryan and says, "We should get to our room. A true gentleman always goes to bed early."

Bryan looks down at the ground. He says, "Go on ahead. I'll be there in a few minutes." The Perfect Gentleman goes to their room.

"Somebody's jealous," Moodswing states.

"You can really read me like an open book, huh?" Bryan says. Bryan and Moodswing look up to see The Power Walkers emerge from the elimination room without Nightshade, and with Acid Tongue. The team walks, or dances, by them. Bryan looks at Acid Tongue and asks, "What's she doing here?"

Buoyancy Lad explains, "She was our 'bonus prize' for losing the challenge." He puts his fingers in parenthesis when saying 'bonus prize'.

"I'm not entirely excited to be on the worst team, here, either," Acid Tongue states. Her team members cringe. Bryan lets out a laugh. Acid Tongue asks, "What are you laughing at, scrawny?" Bryan flinches. Moodswing looks at him with a concerned expression. Acid Tongue walks after her female team members toward their room. The male team members leave, as well.

Moodswing looks at Bryan who is looking down at the ground. She asks, "Is everything, alright? I just thought that..."

"Everything's fine," Bryan says while forcing a smile. "I'll be heading to my room, now. Later." Bryan walks off. Moodswing looks after Bryan with a concerned expression.

In confessional, Moodswing states, "Something is wrong with Bryan. Whenever he gets insulted, no matter how minor, he takes it a lot harder than the others do. Even with Acid Tongue. I can tell, on account of my mood readin' powers."

Bryan enters his team members' room. He lets out a sigh. Shockwave is sitting on Amp's bed with his arm around him. Amp looks uncomfortable. The Perfect Gentleman is unbuttoning his shirt. He says, "Can you guys believe all the fine honeys we're here with? Mmm." He removes his shirt, revealing his very muscular torso.

Shockwave states, "You're ripped, dude. I was not expecting that."

The Perfect Gentleman states, "I know what the ladies like."

Amp narrows his eyes and gazes at The Perfect Gentleman's arm. He asks, "Is that an anchor tattoo?"

The Perfect Gentleman nods, flexes his bicep, kisses it, and says, "Yup. The ladies like tattoos." Amp smiles. The Perfect Gentleman states, "But not to excess." Amp frowns. The Perfect Gentleman says to Bryan, "How are things going with your girlfriend?"

"Moodswing?" Bryan says.

"Sure, whatever her name is," The Perfect Gentleman says. "Not like it really matters."

"She's not my girlfriend," Bryan insists.

"Really?" The Perfect Gentleman asks. Bryan nods. The Perfect Gentleman says, "Good. Because I wouldn't mind gettin' with that, if you know what I'm sayin'. Though, she definitely isn't the hottest girl, here. That wetsuit girl is pretty fine." The Perfect Gentleman laughs. He says, "Besides. You know what they say about a girl in a wetsuit. Am I right?" His male team members look at him with confused expressions.

Bryan says in confessional, "That 'Perfect Gentleman' guy is just an incredibly obnoxious jerk." Bryan shudders.

In their room, The Perfect Gentleman says, "I better get to bed, though it's been awesome chatting with you bro's. Girls are crazy about well rested guys." The Perfect Gentleman gets in his bed and falls asleep quickly.

Amp tries to break free from Shockwave's grasp. Shockwave states, "Where are you going, Ampy Bear?"

"Ampy Bear?" Bryan asks with a raised eyebrow. Amp blushes.

Shockwave states, "I didn't bring my cuddle pillow, and I can't fall asleep without it." Shockwave yawns and falls asleep, drooling on Amp's stomach.

Amp surrounds himself in his amplification field, putting Shockwave into a deeper sleep. He stops using his power, and pushes Shockwave off of him. Amp stands up. Bryan says, "Quite the team we have, huh?" Amp nods. He looks through his bag, and pulls out his pajama bottoms. He takes off his pants, and Bryan's eyes widen, as he looks at the tattoos on his rear. Bryan says, "Is that a Karen Saint Baez tattoo?"

"Uh," Amp says, as he quickly puts on his pajama bottoms. "I was really drunk one night, dude, and accidentally told the tattoo guy..."

"I love her music," Bryan says.

"Oh, my gosh!" Amp exclaims. "Me, too! I usually don't like the light stuff, but her songs really speak to me, ya know?"

Bryan laughs and says, "Yeah."

Bryan says in confessional, "Amp is actually pretty cool. I thought he was kind of annoying at first, but he's the most normal guy on my team... Though, that really isn't saying much."

In the Supercilious female team members' room, Moodswing says, "We better get to bed... Though, I'm not remotely tired."

Zen says, "I'm always tired." She yawns. Dreamweaver, Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl, and Moodswing fall to the ground, instantly falling asleep. Zen says, "I was hoping to chat all night. Oh, well." She falls asleep, too.

In The Power Walkers' guys' room, they receive a knock on their door. Man Kitten opens the door and sees an intern with their luggage. "It's about time," Man Kitten growls. The intern runs off. Man Kitten transforms into his man-sized kitten form and says, "Come back! I wanna cuddle!"

Kent Clark walks over to the pile of luggage and begins sorting them out and tossing them into piles, after using his x-ray vision to see what's inside each case, in order to determine who they belong to. He picks up a garment bag and raises an eyebrow. He asks, "Whose is this?"

Freestyle dances over and says, "Be careful with that!" He takes hold of the garment bag and dances back to his side of the room, gently hanging the garment bag up on a hook in the wall.

"What's in there?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Freestyle answers, "I had a superhero costume made. I haven't worn it, yet. I'm still trying to decide whether to become a superhero or not. I just brought it... I don't know why I brought it."

Man Kitten is sleeping in a ball, and Kent Clark is sleeping in his bed, and he begins levitating. Buoyancy Lad looks at them, and then at Freestyle. He says, "Uh. This will sound pretty corny, but... your power is pretty cool, man."

"Not really," Freestyle says while blushing. "You don't have to say that to try to make me feel better."

"Yeah," Buoyancy Lad says. "You're right. Goodnight." Freestyle nods, and gracefully places a sleeping mask over his eyes. He dances in place. Buoyancy Lad asks, "Uh, you can fall asleep like that?" Freestyle's head falls to the side and he begins snoring, while continuing dancing. Buoyancy Lad shrugs.

In the morning, Chris is shown shouting through a megaphone, "Wake up, everybody! Challenge time!"

The contestants emerge from their rooms. Chris looks around and says, "You all look horrible." The Perfect Gentleman is dressed in his suit, he gives a wide smile. Chris says, "Almost all of you."

"You told us to get out here," Vanity says in an annoyed tone. "We had no time to get ready."

Chris says, "Well, it's implied that you can get ready before coming out here. I'm not a tyrant."

"Since when?" Elli asks with a yawn.

Chris says, "Whatever. Go get changed and meet me back here." Most of the contestants go back to their rooms. RIPSG, Dreamweaver, Zen, and Moodswing look particularly tired. They fail to leave to get changed. Chris says, "Uh. I said you could go get changed."

"Shhh," RIPSG says. "I barely got any sleep last night."

"Why's that?" Chris asks.

"I don't normally dream, but I had this horrible nightmare," RIPSG explains. "I was being chased by something nondescript."

"You had a nightmare, too?" Zen asks. "I had one where I had to do stuff. And I couldn't fall asleep. It was awful."

Chris looks at Dreamweaver and Moodswing and asks, "What about you two?"

"I had this awful dream that I was dating this nerd," Moodswing states. "His name was Carl." Moodswing shudders.

Dreamweaver says, "I would be offended by that if I wasn't so tired. My nightmare was about some creepy old reality show host."

Chris says, "That sounds awful. Reality shows should have young, virile, hottie hosts like me. You should still get ready for your challenge, though." The girls slouch off as they leave to get ready.

The contestants return after getting ready. Bryan is not wearing his costume, but normal clothes. Sprinkle Mist asks, "So what's the challenge?"

Chris clears his throat and says, "Historically, the demographic that most needs rescuing are little old ladies. Your challenge is to find an old lady, and help her."

"That's it?" Flip-Flop says. "That's the challenge?! That is so stupid!"

"Hey!" Chris says. "I put a lot of thought into these challenges!"

Her Royal Hotness states, "And thinking was never your strong suit." Some of the contestants laugh. Her Royal Hotness glares at the air. "Why aren't you guys laughing?" She pauses and says, "That's better."

Chris says, "Enough banter." He hands communication devices to each team. "These are really important." Shockwave creates a pulse, causing his team's device to malfunction. He laughs. Chris sighs. "You will need to use those to communicate with me. I'll update you if the challenge is over, or if it changes." He hands a new device to Bryan. Chris says, "Now go out there and help a little old lady."

The teams sigh and nod, and leave the warehouse.

Bryan says in confessional, "I love little old ladies. My grandma is a little old lady."

The teams step outside and run in different directions. The Flaming Guy has his arms around Sandstorm and Cloudburst. He says, "Okay. Like, where will we find a little old lady?"

"A nursing home?" Cloudburst suggests. "Power walking in a mall?" He looks at his sleeping female team members. "What's wrong with those four?" Sandstorm shrugs.

The Power Walkers are shown. Elli shifts her eyes and runs off. "Where is she going?" Freestyle asks.

"Who cares?" Man Kitten replies.

Elli is shown stepping out of an alley, as an old woman. She has a shawl over her shoulders. She attempts to run toward her team, but is grabbed by the arm by a boyscout. He says, "Hey, old lady person! I am here to help you across the street."

"I never said anything about wanting to cross the street, punk," Elli says.

"All old ladies want to cross the street!" the boyscout insists. Elli tries to get free from the boys' grasp, but fails.

The Chemical Imbalance team is shown walking around. Flip-Flop says, "I love this challenge. It's awesome."

"Not as awesome as you," The Perfect Gentleman says with a smile. Flip-Flop swoons. Bryan rolls his eyes.

Shockwave clutches Amp's chest and points. He says, "There! An old lady! And she's looking at a map, looking all disoriented."

"Perfect," Sprinkle Mist says. "Let's go help that old woman." The team runs at the old woman. She looks at them, screams, and runs in the other direction.

Bryan says, "Maybe only one of us should go help her."

"I'll go," Amp volunteers.

"No offense, Amp," Bryan says. "But you might frighten her by yourself."

Amp says, "Whatever, man! Old ladies love me!"

"I should go," The Perfect Gentleman says.

"I don't know," Bryan says hesitantly. "I thought that I could do it."

The Perfect Gentleman says, "All in favor of me going, raise your hand." He raises his hand, as well as his swooning female team members. He says, "Oh, look. The majority." He walks in the direction that the old woman went. Bryan sighs.

The Flaming Guy, Sandstorm, and Cloudburst spot an old lady looking ahead at a busy street. The Flaming Guy excitedly says, "An old lady in trouble! Let's help her."

"Let me go help her," Cloudburst insists. Cloudburst excitedly runs toward her, jumping in the air and saying, "I got this." He gets to the short, stout, old woman and says, "Hey, old lady. I'm Cloudburst."

"Your parents must have been hippies," she says.

"I'm here to help you," Cloudburst states. "But first, check out my abs." He lifts up his shirt.

The lady shouts, "Flasher!" She starts hitting him with her purse.

"Ow!" Cloudburst states. "What do you keep in that purse? Bricks?"

"I don't pry into your personal life," the lady states. "Kids these days. No respect."

"Look," Cloudburst states. "I just want to help you across the street."

The old woman frowns. She says, "Okay. I'm going to be late to my Purple Hat Society meeting, so I guess I could use your help."

Cloudburst grabs hold of the old lady and says, "Hang on!" She begins hitting him with her purse, again. "Ow!" he shouts, as he flies above the busy street, carrying the old lady. He looks sweaty and says, "How much do you weigh, lady? I can easily bench three-hundred and fifty pounds. You must weigh way more than that." She hits him with her purse some more.

The Power Walkers are shown. They are with an old woman by a tree. She is small and frail looking with white hair. She says, "My kitty is stuck in that tree."

"No problem, ma'am," Vanity says in a disinterested manner. "We'll help you."

Acid Tongue says, "If it were up to me, old people would not be allowed in public." The old lady looks hurt.

Kent Clark runs at Acid Tongue in a blur, and grabs hold of her lips. He says, "Um. She's a little socially challenged."

Man Kitten's stopwatch goes off. He says, "Oh, no... Not now." He sighs, and transforms into his kitten form. The woman looks at him with wide eyes. He says, "Hello, lady! I hope to belong to a cute, little, old lady like you someday!" He looks up in the tree at the meowing cat. He says, "Oh, noes! I'mma gonna rescue my widdle fwiend!" Man Kitten climbs the tree, but begins meowing, after he gets stuck in the tree, as well.

Freestyle rhythmically slaps Buoyancy Lad on the chest. He says, "This is all you, man." Buoyancy Lad nods. He begins floating midair.

The woman asks, "What is wrong with you people? Are you on drugs?"

"No, ma'am," Freestyle says, while dancing. "We have superpowers." Buoyancy Lad doggie paddles up to the tree, and grabs hold of the nape of the cat's neck with his teeth. He doggie paddles back to the ground and hands the cat to the woman.

The woman says, "Thank you, young man." She pinches his cheek, and walks off.

"I feel really good about what we did just now," Freestyle states. Most of his team nods. Elli walks up to her team, in her usual form.

"Let's tell Chris that we finished the challenge," Vanity states. The team nods some more.

The Perfect Gentleman walks back to his team. He says, "Consider that nice old lady helped. She was such a dear. She needed help to find a nearby bank."

"Awesome!" Amp shouts. "Let's contact Chris about it." Bryan turns on the communicator.

Cloudburst is shown talking to his male teammates. He says, "Then I was all, 'I just want to help you across the street'. Pretty heroic, I'd say. Then I was all flying. That lady was pretty heavy, but it was no problem for me." Cloudburst flexes his muscles.

"Cool, man!" The Flaming Guy states. "Those old ladies can be pretty heavy."

"I know!" Cloudburst states. "I bet the other teams couldn't do what I did."

"Uh, guys," Sandstorm states. "I think we're..."

"Whoa!" Cloudburst states, with his eyebrows raised. "You have a really sexy speaking voice."

"I know, right?" The Flaming Guy states. "He should speak more often."

"I think you're forgetting..." Sandstorm begins.

"But if he spoke more often," Cloudburst explains, "it wouldn't be as special when he did."

"Oh, yeah," The Flaming Guy agrees. "You're smart, dude."

"I don't like to brag about it, but yeah," Cloudburst states while blushing.

Sandstorm says, "We still have to..."

The Flaming Guy places his hand on Sandstorm's face. He says, "Shush, man. I want to be able to savor that voice of yours."

Cloudburst lifts his arm and looks at his communicator wristband form Chris. Chris says from it, "Are you guys there?"

"Uh, yeah," Cloudburst confirms.

"The challenge is over, you lost," Chris says.

"But we completed the challenge forever ago," The Flaming Guy says.

Chris says, "I don't care. Meet me back at the secret hideout. You guys will have to vote one of your teammates out. Peace." Chris turns off the communicator.

The Flaming Guy sighs and says, "I forgot all about that." He looks at Sandstorm and says, "You should have said something." Sandstorm sighs.

The Flaming Guy asks, "Who do we vote out?" He looks in the direction of his sleeping female teammates. "What's their problem?"

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "One of you has been voted out. It saddens me, really. Okay, so The Flaming Guy, Dreamweaver, and Moodswing are safe."

"Yay!" Moodswing says between yawns.

"RIPSG is safe, as well," Chris states. He looks at the three remaining contestants, Sandstorm, Zen, and Cloudburst. He says, "The one of you that was eliminated is..."

"Zen." Zen snores. Chris shouts, "Zen! Get out of here!"

Zen wakes up. She says, "What's going on?"

"You were voted out," RIPSG explains.

"Oh," Zen says. "Wake me up when something interesting happens."

Chris sighs. He says, "Somebody bring her far away." Some interns walk in and carry out a sleeping Zen.

Moodswing says, "I'll miss her." She begins crying. She looks suddenly angry and says, "I bet that little so-and-so was the source of our sleeping problems. I hate her." The others nod.

Chris says, "Right, so..." He looks at his watch and says, "Oh, man! The news is on." Chris quickly puts his television on.

"You care about the news that much?" RIPSG asks.

Chris nods. He says, "It will give me challenge ideas. Now be quiet, and let yourselves out." Chris turns up the volume on his television.

A male reporter states, "Thanks, Janet. The city was again rampaged by three woman known only as 'The Purple Hat Society'." Cloudburst's eyes widen and he turns around to look at the television.

The Flaming Guy asks, "Isn't one of those ladies in that picture the one you helped across the street?"

"Quiet!" Chris demands.

The news report goes on, "These innocent looking women are really hardened criminals. They pretend to act vulnerable, while they carefully stake out different jewelry stores and banks to rob. They also get well meaning young people, and boy scouts to aid them in their evil deeds. Using their tank, and cat powered ray guns, they are a force to be reckoned with." Footage is shown of the woman that The Power Walkers helped firing her cat powered ray gun. "We advise our viewers to report these women to the police if they see them. Do not attempt to stop them yourself, as they are extremely dangerous."

Chris says, "Ooh! I know what the next challenge is going to be." Cloudburst slaps his forehead.

Chapter 4 - The Purple Hat Society... of Evil

Chris McLean states, "Welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time our contestants went on a quest to aid little old women in peril. The trick was to communicate with me when they had done so. Cloudburst was a little busy retelling his glorious deed to remember to inform me on the communicator, and his team lost. Due to their sleepy team members, Supercilious eliminated Zen. But, thanks to a news report, it was discovered that the teams aided several ruthless criminals known together as The Purple Hat Society."

"It was?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

Chris nods, and says, "And it will be up to you three teams to try to stop them, starting right now. Whoever defeats them best, as judged by me, will get invincibility."

"But we didn't even get time to rest," Elli complains.

The Flaming Guy clears his throat and says, "But super heroism never rests, just as crime never rests."

"Well put, my friend," Cloudburst states with a smile.

"It's also like how caramel corn never rests, or orthopedic shoes," The Flaming Guy goes on.

Cloudburst's face shows his confusion. He says, "Okay. You lost me, bro."

Chris says, "Um, guys? All you did was help one evil old lady for each team. It's only noon-thirty. Now go stop that evil crime wave, before those old ladies do some real damage, or before they break a hip, or something."

The teams rush out of the warehouse base of operations. Freestyle states to his team, while dancing, "We need a plan of attack."

"You can't attack old ladies," Vanity states monotonously. "It's wrong."

Man Kitten puts his hand over his heart and says, "What's wrong is letting this sort of injustice continue. If these old women are terrorizing people, it's our job to stop it." He pounds his fist in the palm of his hand. "I don't want to be part of a team that feels that doing the right thing is the wrong thing, and that any group is beyond the grips of justice."

Man Kitten's teammates applaud him. Buoyancy Lad says, "Nice speech, brother. I feel even stronger about this. We should go help the citizens of this fine city we're in. Let's go." Buoyancy Lad lifts off of the ground and doggie paddles through the air. Most of The Power Walkers rush off along with him.

Freestyle is dancing alongside Man Kitten. He says, "That speech was great, man. I didn't know you were so passionate about justice."

Man Kitten says, "I'm not. I just really feel like punching something." Man Kitten gets a vicious look in his eye.

Freestyle looks concerned. He laughs and says, "I should have known."

Supercilious is shown walking through the city. Cloudburst states, "My superior observation skills are telling me that the girlies on our team aren't as tired as they were earlier."

"I can't speak for everyone," Moodswing states, "but I'm still really tired." She yawns. "But I think I'm able to function better without Zen here."

The Flaming Guy shouts, "Okay, people. We need to go find the old lady people in order to bring forth justice." The Flaming Guy frowns. "I just wish I could concentrate, but I can't because of the sound of all the screaming and destruction coming from that direction." He points to the east. Sandstorm slaps his own forehead.

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl is reading a book. She looks up to say, "Maybe it's my imagination, but there's probably a connection."

The Flaming Guy looks confused. He says, "With what?"

The others on the team sigh. Dreamweaver says, "Let's just look to see what's going on over there." The team begins walking in the direction of the commotion.

The Flaming Guy raises his arm in the air and shouts, "Let's go eradicate that evil!"

"Now he knows what's going on," Moodswing says with a sigh.

"Eradicate?" RIPSG says in a surprised way.

"You know," The Flaming Guy says. "It means 'watermelon'."

RIPSG says in confessional, "Sometimes I want to know what's going on inside that guy's head. But most of the time... No. I don't want to know."

Chemical Imbalance is shown standing around. "So, uh," Sprinkle Mist begins, "Has anyone ever stopped a group of evil old ladies, before?" She gets several blank stares.

The Perfect Gentleman smiles and says, "Leave it to me, my lady." Sprinkle Mist giggles.

Her Royal Hotness glares at Sprinkle Mist and says, "He was talking to me."

"No, he wasn't," Flip-Flop protests. "He was talking to you."

The Perfect Gentleman says, "Ladies. All this arguing is counterproductive. I cherish everyone on this team, equally. Now let's go see what we can do."

Amp's face is bright red. He says, "You cherish us all equally?" The others walk off. Amp shrugs and follows after his team members.

Supercilious is shown hiding behind a mailbox as a tank is firing in front of them. "Okay, what do we do?" Moodswing asks.

"Hide," Cloudburst suggests.

"We already are hiding," Dreamweaver states.

"Right," Cloudburst states. "Let's keep doing this."

Sandstorm clears his throat. He stands up and says, "I know what I must do. I can not allow this violence to continue. I will do all in my power to stop this carnage so no innocent lives are taken." Sandstorm walks in the direction of the tank.

"Wow," RIPSG states. "That guy's voice is really soothing."

"What he said was right," Dreamweaver states. "We have people to protect."

Cloudburst stands up. He says, "Yeah. He expressed my thoughts exactly."

RIPSG nods. She says, "It's a hero's duty to do whatever is necessary to protect citizens."

"Yeah!" Cloudburst exclaims.

"No matter the cost," RIPSG states.

"Yeah!" Cloudburst agrees.

"No matter how badly they may get injured," RIPSG goes on.

Cloudburst looks weary. He says, "Uh."

"I mean," RIPSG goes on, "Something may happen in the face of crime that could leave even the most super superhero scarred, dead, or otherwise maimed for life." Cloudburst begins backing away.

The Flaming Guy puts his arm around Cloudburst. He says, "We have nothing to worry about. I mean, I take medications that have worse side effects than what Random Imagination Sampler Lady described. This will be a piece of cake. Come on, Cloudy." The Flaming Guy drags Cloudburst toward the action.

Chemical Imbalance is shown arriving on the scene. They see Sandstorm hurling a small amount of sand at the tank, while The Flaming Guy runs around in circles on fire. Sprinkle Mist says, "We better go get involved in the action if we want to win the challenge." Most of the team runs toward the tank.

Shockwave looks up at a nearby tree. He laughs. He says, "Cloudburst, right? Way to stay out of the action."

"Uh," Cloudburst says. "I thought this would be a good vantage point. I need to carefully consider how I'm going to act. Besides, man. I don't see you doing anything."

Shockwave shrugs. He explains, "Not my challenge. Vehicles aren't really the kind of thing I like to make malfunction."

Cloudburst smirks and says, "You probably can't."

"Yeah," Shockwave replies, "don't challenge me." Shockwave reaches up into the tree, touches Cloudburst's ankle, and he becomes stunned. Cloudburst falls from the tree and onto the ground.

The Flaming Guy stops being on fire. He says, "Well, that's about all I can do. I'll be back in an hour or so." He walks toward Cloudburst and Shockwave.

Bryan is standing by Moodswing, RIPSG, and Dreamweaver. He says, "So, uh, what are you three doing?"

Moodswing explains, "Our powers aren't really cut out for this kind of thing. They're more mental." They watch as Amp enhances Sprinkle Mist's beam of bubbles.

"Yeah," Bryan says. "Mine, too." He looks at RIPSG as she is reading a book. He asks, "What are you reading?"

She answers, "It's a biography on this old time singer, Fred Singatya. The ladies used to love him before hip gyration was popular. All this talk of old ladies kind of reminded me of him."

Bryan nods. He says, "My grandma still plays his records. If he were alive today, I'm sure the old ladies would go crazy."

RIPSG narrows her eyes and says, "Yeah. I guess." She continues reading.

Moodswing's eyes widen. She says, "Maybe Dreamweaver could make The Purple Hat Society see Fred Singatya with her daydream powers."

"Nah," Dreamweaver states. "I'd have to be in their vicinity. They're kind of in a tank."

"Oh, yeah," Moodswing says.

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl closes her book. She says, "Okay, I see what I must do." She concentrates. An older man walks up behind them and says with his smooth voice, "Hello, ladies. How can I be of service?"

"I'm a guy," Bryan clarifies.

"Get a haircut," the man says.

"Wait, you're Fred Singatya," Bryan realizes with his eyes wide.

"The very same," Fred says with his smooth voice.

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl says, "Okay, Fred. Could you sing or something?"

"Sure," he says. "I am a materialized figment of your imagination, and all."

"Thanks," RIPSG states.

"This is unbelievable," Bryan states. "I can't believe I'm meeting you, right now. Can I get an autograph for my grandma?"

Fred frowns and says, "Stop bothering me, twerp." He grabs Bryan's face and pushes him to the ground.

Bryan looks peeved in confessional, "That Fred Singatya guy is a jerk."

RIPSG says, "I apologize for Fred's behavior. He became a pretty big diva later on in his life, according to the book I read." RIPSG turns attention toward Fred and asks, "How 'bout that song?"

Fred nods, and walks into the street. He begins singing a song entitled, "I Get a Punt Out of You".

The Power Walkers finally arrived. "Who's that old, stupid guy?" Acid Tongue asks.

"RIPSG summoned an incredible simulation of Fred Singatya and he's singing," Bryan explains. "And he's a jerk."

"Where have you guys been?" Dreamweaver asks.

Kent Clark explains, "Buoyancy Lad thought it would be a good idea to search a local diner for the old ladies."

"It was a solid plan," Buoyancy Lad states. "It's not my fault they were the only old women not there."

"Right," Man Kitten says. "But it was your fault that we had to sit there and wait for you to finish the afternoon special." Man Kitten folds his arms and looks to the left. "They canceled all you can eat soup and salad after Buoyancy Lad here was finished."

Bryan turns to Kent and says, "If I had your powers, I'd go stop that tank."

"Think of the innocents!" Moodswing tearfully shouts.

Kent looks uncomfortable. He says, "Uh. It looks like they're handling it fine." The others are shown lying on the ground next to the tank.

Amp rolls over and reaches the imaginary Fred Singatya. He turns on his amplification power, and Fred sings louder. The tank immediately stops it's destruction and one of the old women jumps out after opening the tank. Cloudburst narrows his eyes as he looks at her. He says, "Her."

One of the women inside the tank yells, "Gertrude! Get back in here!" The short, stout woman pays no attention and leaps to the ground. She runs by Fred, and swoons as he sings and sways.

Dreamweaver whispers to Moodswing, "Quick! She's distracted!"

The woman looks in their direction. She says, "This is a trap?" Fred disappears.

"How did you..." Dreamweaver begins.

Gertrude states, "For some reason, my hearing has gotten better." Amp whistles innocently and turns off his amplification field, which was surrounding Gertrude. Gertrude shouts, "Hey, girls! It looks like we got some wannabe heroes among us." A frail woman emerges from the tank holding a ray gun connected to a cat. The cat meows.

Man Kitten's eyes widen. He asks, "You don't have a larger one of those, I hope? Like a cat powered cannon?"

The frail woman says, "You disrespectful young people with your slang." The frail woman points her ray gun at Man Kitten and fires. He grabs hold of Freestyle and nonchalantly holds him in front of the blast. He tosses Freestyle to the ground, who has a hole in his shirt, and charred fabric surrounding the hole in his shirt. He unconsciously break dances.

"Ethel," Gertrude states. "We have no reason to shoot these people. They don't look like they have any money." Gertrude looks over at Her Royal Hotness. "Wait a second." She narrows her eyes at Her Royal Hotness. "Do I know you for some reason?"

Ethel says, "It looks like that one heiress hussy I seen on the T.V."

"Oh?" Gertrude says. "She'd certainly make an ideal hostage." The third old woman nods.

"I'm not an heiress!" Her Royal Hotness insists. "I'm a hero named Her Royal Hotness! Uh... and the 'royal' is figurative."

"Notice how she didn't refute the accusation of being a hussy," Kent Clark says with a chuckle.

Gertrude inspects Her Royal Hotness's tiara and clothes. She says, "Well, even if you aren't an heiress, you look like you have some money."

Her Royal Hotness quickly takes off her tiara and insists, "No! Not a cent."

The Flaming Guy stands by looking bored as the old women point their weapons at the contestants. He looks around him and picks up a tabloid from a destroyed newsstand. He reads, "Ooh! Her Royal Hotness was just named as the superhero who stands to inherit the most wealth. You know. Unless she dies, or something."

Her Royal Hotness slaps her forehead. "I hate you," she says in The Flaming Guy's direction. She is quickly grabbed by Ethel from behind, and she points the cat powered ray gun at her.

Gertrude says, "Nobody move, or the brat gets it."

"Should we be moving, or..." Vanity gets quiet when she gets concerned glances.

"I have an idea," Flip-Flop states. "I'll turn into a samurai sword, and someone can use me to battle off these sweet, old hags." Flip-Flop transforms and falls to the ground.

Gertrude says, "Nobody move." She walks up and picks up Flip-Flop by the handle, and points her at the contestants.

"That could have gone better," Amp says.

"Are we winning?" Flip-Flop asks, still in sword form. Her team members sigh.

"Ha!" Her Royal Hotness shouts. "Little do you evil, old people know, I control a series of invisible musclemen. They'll rescue me, before you know what's hitting you. And even then you won't know." She pauses and looks around. She says, "Any day now, guys."

Ethel says, "Just because I can't see 'em, don't mean I won't hit anyone if I fire by random." She points her ray gun at nothing and begins firing.

Her Royal Hotness grimaces. She says, "Uh... You totally missed." She pauses. She then shouts, "You wimps better get your cowardly booties back here!" She listens for a second. "I don't care how much you insured your butt for! It belongs to me!"

"Uh," Sandstorm says with a raised eyebrow.

The third old woman randomly shouts, "Bingo!" She runs off, saying, "I won! I have to go to the local jailhouse to collect my prize."

Gertrude looks after her and says, "What's with her? She doesn't even play bingo."

"Yeah," Ethel says. "But it's always been a secret dream of hers."

Man Kitten looks over at Dreamweaver and smirks. She whistles innocently. Freestyle gets up after becoming conscious, again, and he is right next to Dreamweaver. He shouts, "I'm not dancing! I can't believe it. I... I'm not dancing!" The others look at him with confused expressions, as he is still dancing.

"Where did you kids come from?" Gertrude asks. "Has there been a breakout at the local asylum?"

Ethel says, "We should go, now that we have a hostage. She'll get us a pretty penny."

"Guys," Bryan says to his team. "What do we do? None of us have useful powers in a situation like this."

Amp asks, "Yeah. Wait, what exactly is your power, little buddy?"

Bryan says, "Um."

The Perfect Gentleman puts his arm around Amp and says, "A gentleman never asks such things."

"Oh," Amp says. He blushes. "I had no idea."

Sprinkle Mist says, "I'm not sure what to do, honestly. There isn't really any water around."

"Just the water of my heart that bubbles forth for you, my dear," The Perfect Gentleman states. Sprinkle Mist giggles, as Bryan rolls his eyes.

Shockwave sighs. He says, "Are you people this useless in your daily lives?"

"Hey!" Bryan says, looking offended.

Shockwave walks up to Ethel. She points her cat powered ray gun at him and says, "Don't try anything, hippie."

Shockwave puts his hands in the air. He says, "Look. I'm not going to try anything."

Ethel demands, "Then get back."

"Okay," Shockwave states. "No need to get your support hose in a knot." He pushes his hands forward, smirks, and lets out a pulse. Ethel's cat powered ray gun falls apart, and the cat runs loose.

Man Kitten says, "Aw, dangit." He begins transforming into a kitten, "I can't control this one." He turns into a kitten. The other cat runs down the street and Man Kitten chases after it, saying, "Wait! I wanna be your fwiend!"

Kent Clark says, "That was useful."

"Wait," Buoyancy Lad says. "Is he neutered?"

"I don't want to think about it," Freestyle says with a shudder.

Freestyle states in confessional while Vogue'ing, "Yeah. I realized that I was dancing all along. It felt good when I thought I wasn't, but then the harsh reality set in." Freestyle sighs.

Ethel is shown. She says, "There goes another cat powered ray gun. I hope you ingrates feel ashamed of yourselves." The Perfect Gentleman walks toward her. She says, "Don't get close to me, sonny."

"My apologies, young miss," The Perfect Gentleman says. He smiles, sweetly. Ethel lets out a soft smile. "I was just hoping to find someone with some hard candy, that I could call on weekends, and occasionally play bridge with."

A tear comes to Ethel's eye. She says, "Oh, sweetie. Let me go bake you some cookies, or some other old woman related activity." She rushes off.

Gertrude frowns and says, "Ethel's gone soft." She hits The Perfect Gentleman in the back of the head with her purse. He falls to the ground. "But I won't be so easy to defeat."

Buoyancy Lad says to his team, "Guys, the others have each taken out a member of The Purple Hat Society. If we defeat the leader, we'll win the challenge."

"What about keeping the citizens safe?" Freestyle asks.

"There's that," Buoyancy Lad states, looking to the side.

Freestyle thinks. He says, "I have an idea. Acid Tongue! Can you go insult that lady somewhat? Not enough to really hurt her or anything."

"Whatever will make you stop talking with that irritating, nasally voice of yours," Acid Tongue states. She adds, "You dancing freak." Freestyle looks hurt.

Acid Tongue approaches Gertrude. She points Flip-Flop at Acid Tongue, and says, "Stay back."

"Oh, yeah," Acid Tongue, "like every gentleman suitor that you ever showed interest in?" Gertrude looks physically hurt.

"Whoa," Amp says. "I felt the hurt on that one."

"I..." Gertrude begins. "I don't care what you say."

Acid Tongue says, "Oh. Now you know how the rest of the country feels about old people." Gertrude looks hurt. She drops Flip-Flop to the ground.

"Okay, ouch," Kent Clark says. "That was way harsh."

Freestyle says, "Uh, Acid Tongue. Good work. I'll take over from here." Acid Tongue walks away. Freestyle approaches Gertrude and uses his jazz hands to disorient her. Freestyle grabs hold of Gertrude's hands.

She says, "Let go of me, hooligan."

He says, "Shh. Let's enjoy this dance." They dance together. Freestyle begins dancing faster, and spinning Gertrude about. He laughs and says, "Consider her apprehended!"

"How long do you plan to keep that up?" Flip-Flop asks, in human form, again.

"Until the authorities arrive," Freestyle replies.

An hour later, Freestyle is shown still dancing with Gertrude. Chris is there. He says, "Nicely done. I really didn't think any of you would survive this challenge." He gets several concerned looks. The police arrive and quickly go toward Freestyle and Gertrude.

One of the police officers states, "Thanks, kid. You were instrumental in capturing this wanted felon."

Flip-Flop says, "Aaw! Someone does want her."

"We'll take it from here," the police officer states.

Freestyle nods. He says, "It was an honor to do my duty, officer." Several other contestants applaud. He spins Gertrude toward the officer. She looks dizzy, and collapses in front of the officer.

Everyone stares at her on the ground. "She's not moving," Sprinkle Mist feels the need to point out.

Time elapses, and an ambulance is shown leaving the scene. "I'm sorry," Freestyle says. "I wasn't thinking everything through."

A police officer says, "It's alright, kid. The paramedics said she'd be okay."

"What a relief," Freestyle says with a sigh, still dancing.

"You can stop dancing, kid," the police officer says.

"No," Freestyle answers. "No, I can't."

"Anyway," the police officer says. "The crime boss's insurance expects your program to foot the bill for her ambulance ride, and hospital stay. Who do I give the bill to?" Everyone points to Chris.

Chris takes hold of the bill, and the officer leaves with a wave. Chris looks furious. He says, "The Power Walkers lose the challenge." He storms off. Freestyle receives glares from his teammates. He sighs.

At the warehouse, Freestyle sadly dances alone in his room. Buoyancy Lad walks in. He says, "Oh... You're in, here."

"Look," Freestyle says, "I'm sorry. I screwed up."

Buoyancy Lad says, "I agree." He looks at Freestyles tattered clothes. "That cat powered ray gun hurt, huh?"

"Nah," Freestyle says. "I don't get hurt easily." He looks down at his clothes and says, "Man. I didn't bring any other clothes. My clothes never wear out. Do you have anything I could bor..." He looks at Buoyancy Lad's Speedo. "Never mind. I'll manage."

Buoyancy Lad points at the garment bag that Freestyle brought with him. He says, as he points, "What about that?"

"That?" Freestyle says. "I don't think so. I mean, I don't have the confidence in my powers." He holds his head down.

"How did you feel today when you were saving the day?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Freestyle looks up. He says, "Probably the most confident I ever felt." Buoyancy Lad nods. "But I don't know. I messed up, today. I wish I had confidence like yours."

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "Great. Gushy moment time. Listen, I haven't always been confident in myself."

"You?" Freestyle says.

"Well, believe me," Buoyancy Lad says. "I know I'm short, chubby, and not the best looking guy. I used to get really depressed about myself. But eventually I realized that there was nothing I could do to change it."

"What about exercise and plastic surgery?" Freestyle suggests.

Buoyancy Lad says, "I exercise a little, but nothing extreme. Too much effort. And I don't have money to throw around for plastic surgery."

"So what made your attitude change?" Freestyle asks.

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "I just realized that I was the way I was. All that really mattered was how I felt about myself, so I decided to be more confident." He shrugs. "That's all there is to it."

Freestyle says, "Okay. Uh, thanks for talking with me, man." He continues dancing. "Hug?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "Yeah, well. I'm leaving." Buoyancy Lad walks out. Freestyle sighs.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Okay. Is everyone here?" He looks around. "Where's Freestyle?" Freestyle dances into the room. Everyone gasps at his new costume, an open magenta shirt with sequins on it, and tight black pants.

"Nice costume," Man Kitten states sarcastically.

"Thanks," Freestyle says. "It's based on a Latin ballroom costume I saw once. I thought it applied."

Buoyancy Lad smiles and points at Freestyle. He says, "Lookin' good, man." Freestyle smiles.

Chris says, "Well, let's actually eliminate someone. You know, why we're here? The first person safe is Elli." Elli smiles. "Kent Clark and Buoyancy Lad are safe, also." Kent Clark nods. "Acid Tongue is safe, and so is... Vanity." Man Kitten scowls at Freestyle. Chris says, "What an appropriate scowl, as you two are the bottom two, one of you for losing the challenge." The camera shows Freestyle smiling nervously. "The other for chasing after another cat, while in kitten form." The others look at Man Kitten.

He says, "Why does everyone assume he's talking about me?"

Chris says, "The person eliminated is..."


Freestyle dances and nods in acknowledgment. "I figured it'd be me," he says. "I'm sorry everyone, I didn't mean any harm."

"We know," Acid Tongue says, "but we just voted out the most useless team member."

"Correction," Freestyle says. "You voted out who you perceived as the most useless team member. I'm leaving this competition knowing why I have these powers, and that is to help people. Thank you, Buoyancy Lad in particular." Buoyancy Lad avoids eye contact. Freestyle dances toward the door. He says, "I'm out. Bye, all." Freestyle dances his way out of the room.

Man Kitten states, "Okay, now with that guy gone, we might actually win something." Most of the team nods.

Chris says, "Another episode has come to a close. What will happen next time? Who will be voted out? Who will not be voted out? Find out, next time on Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 5 - Custom Designers

Chris McLean gives a wide smile. He recounts, "Last time on Total... Drama... Super Powered, three teams had a mission; stop three old women on a rampage. Each team successfully stopped one of the women, but The Power Walkers sent the leader to the hospital, thanks to Freestyle." Chris rolls his eyes. "I got hit with the bill, so The Power Walkers lost. Freestyle was voted out, and he danced his way out of our lives. Another challenge awaits the contestants. See what happens this time!"

Her Royal Hotness, Sprinkle Mist, and Flip-Flop are shown in their room. Flip-Flop starts undressing. Sprinkle Mist states, "That was quite the interesting challenge. I hope that one old lady is okay."

"She doesn't deserve to be okay," Her Royal Hotness replies. "She's evil."

"So you're one of those vigilante types," Sprinkle Mist says with a sigh.

A bra clad Flip-Flop says, "I'm not sure how I feel about that."

Her Royal Hotness glares at the air and says, "You guys are such nasty pervs. Why can't you be gentleman, like, I don't know, The Perfect Gentleman?"

Sprinkle Mist says with her eyes wide, "You mean your troupe is in the room with us right now?"

"Um, yeah," Her Royal Hotness states. "Where else would they be?" She glares at the air and shouts, "I don't care that you're hot-blooded males who haven't known the company of women since being my servants! I command you not to be pervs."

"Can't you make them go outside?" Flip-Flop states, wearing a moo moo.

"Don't worry," Her Royal Hotness states. "They aren't allowed to go near you, via my command."

"What kind of lowlifes do you control, anyway?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"Yeah," Her Royal Hotness says. "They're pretty uncivilized." Her Royal Hotness pauses. She says, "I know all you did was say she was pretty. Don't think I don't know what that translates to in guy language."

Flip-Flop and Sprinkle Mist look at each other with confused expressions. Flip-Flop says, "I don't know how to feel about any of this."

The girls from Supercilious are shown sleeping in their room. Moodswing wakes up screaming. Her teammates wake up, also. Moodswing says between heavy breaths, "I had a nightmare."

"Me, too," Dreamweaver admits.

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl states, "I did, too. I had a vague nightmare about an unspecified breed of bear eating my corn flakes."

"That's a nightmare?" Moodswing asks.

"I feel like something strange is going on," Dreamweaver states.

"What do you mean?" RIPSG asks.

Dreamweaver explains, "I never have nightmares at home. Don't you both find it strange that we've been having nightmares every night we've been here?"

"I guess," Moodswing answers. "So you think somebody is using their power to give us nightmares?"

Dreamweaver's expression looks blank. She says, "No, but that makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking."

Dreamweaver says in confessional, "I thought that meeting Chris was giving us nightmares. But you live, and you learn."

RIPSG says, "So there are two people who have powers we don't know. Bryan and Elli. Note how they don't have descriptive names telling us what their powers are."

"That's very true," Moodswing says, looking contemplative. "Who has a room by us?"

RIPSG thinks. She says, "The The Power Walker girls are that way," RIPSG points. "And the Chemical Imbalance guys are on that side." RIPSG points in the other direction.

"That really doesn't help narrow things down, does it?" Dreamweaver states.

The Power Walkers girl's room is shown. Vanity is lying in her bed, still looking at her mirror. "She's always like that, isn't she?" Elli states.

"Yeah," Acid Tongue replies. "What a conceited snob."

Vanity winces. She says, "Yeah, I can hear you."

Elli states, "I'm guessing you know what you look like by now. You don't have to always be looking at your reflection." Vanity doesn't reply. Elli lets out a sigh. She turns to Acid Tongue and says, "At least I have you."

Acid Tongue states, "I'm not a huge fan of annoyingly desperate wannabes." Elli winces.

The next day, the contestants are gathered together with Chris. He explains, "So today's challenge will require each team to make super hero, or villain if you swing that way, costumes."

"Chris," Buoyancy Lad says. "The majority of us already have costumes, though only a small percentage of us look good in them." Buoyancy Lad winks and smiles simultaneously at Her Royal Hotness. She shudders.

Chris says, "Um, yeah. You're right about some of what you said, but there are some of you that don't have costumes." Chris puts his hand inside a velvet bag. He explains, "Inside here are the names of the contestants that each team has that doesn't have a super costume. I will pull a name out of the bag and their team will be designing a costume for them." He pulls out a name, and states, "Supercilious will be designing a costume for Sandstorm." The Flaming Guy excitedly squeals. Chris pulls another name out of the bag. He says, "The Power Walkers will be designing a costume for Man Kitten." Man Kitten groans. Chris states, "And Chemical Imbalance will design a costume for Flip-Flop."

"How come you didn't pull a name out of the bag for their team?" Vanity asks.

Chris points at Flip-Flop and states, "I hate her outfit."

Flip-Flop winces. She says, "Chris and Acid Tongue have the same power, apparently."

Chris walks up to a sheet on a table in the middle of the room. He says, "Underneath this sheet are the absolute finest materials. I demand only the best for my contestants to choose from. He removes the sheet and reveals various fabrics.

Kent Clark looks closely at one of the materials. He says, "Duct tape is one of your absolute finest materials?" Chris nods and smiles.

Elli picks up a ball of yarn and says, "Ooh! We can do knitwear?" Chris nods. Elli tosses the ball of yarn up and down. Man Kitten's eyes widen as he looks at the ball of yarn. He begins nervously sweating, as he attempts to look away.

Chris instructs, "Take what you need. You kids can start assembling your costumes. You have two hours, and then it's time for the runway show."

"Only two hours?" Her Royal Hotness protests. "That's how long it takes me for my men to apply my make up."

Chris nods. He says, "I considered giving you more time, but you all are superheroes. Now get started, as your time starts now."

Most of the contestants rush to pick out fabric. The Supercilious female members are all sleeping on the floor. Cloudburst looks at them and says, "Looks like they're going to be pretty useless, again."

The Flaming Guy grabs hold of some fabric and says, "We have the best looking model, so we'll win even if we send him down the runway in his skivvies."

Sandstorm looks nervous and says, "Please, don't." The Flaming Guy randomly hugs Sandstorm.

As Chemical Imbalance picks up some fabric, The Perfect Gentleman states, "I personally believe that Flip-Flop looks beautiful as she is."

Flip-Flop blushes and giggles. Her Royal Hotness assures, "He's just making up lies so you feel better." Flip-Flop glares at Her Royal Hotness.

As The Power Walkers pick out fabric, Buoyancy Lad asks Man Kitten, "What do you want your costume to look like?"

"Manly," Man Kitten grunts.

"I think we should incorporate kittens," Elli says. Man Kitten looks worried.

"Yeah!" Buoyancy Lad says. He picks up some black, fuzzy material, and holds it up against Man Kitten. "I think we can make this work."

"Why do I feel like I'm not going to like this?" Man Kitten asks. He looks at Kent Clark and says, "Are you as not enthused about this as I am?"

Kent Clark shrugs. He says, "I'm just happy that I wasn't chosen." He laughs. "You don't want to see a guy like me in tights."

Man Kitten nods. He says, "You're never going to see me in tights, I guarantee you that."

Elli says to Man Kitten in a sing song voice, "Guess who's wearing tights... And if you don't you won't be considered a team player." Kent Clark laughs, as Man Kitten looks peeved. Elli looks at Kent Clark and says, "We decided to make a second costume, as you're in desperate need of one. Man Kitten is going to be wearing leather pants." Man Kitten laughs as Kent Clark glares at him.

"Do we have a game plan?" Bryan asks, in the work room with his teammates.

The Perfect Gentleman states, "We're going to make a beautiful gown to accentuate Flip-Flop's beauty." Flip-Flop giggles.

Shockwave laughs. He says, "I wish Ampy Bear got chosen as our model. He's definitely the most voluptuous on our team."

Bryan looks at Amp and asks, "Why aren't you blushing?"

"Should I be?" Amp asks. "Uh. What does 'volamptious' mean?"

Bryan laughs. He says, "I don't feel the need to explain it to you."

"Thanks, little buddy," Amp says with sing-song shout. "You always know what's for the best."

Bryan forces a smile and says, "Uh. I don't like being called little."

Supercilious is shown in their work room. The female team members are sleeping on the ground, while Sandstorm is changing into the costume that was made for him behind a screen. Cloudburst says, "I'm pretty confident in my sewing skills, man." He blows on his fingernails.

The Flaming Guy nods. He says, "With Sandy as our model, we'll win for sure."

Sandstorm walks out from behind the screen in beige, sleeveless, full body tights. He says, "I don't know about this. Aren't tights on a superhero a little nineteen nineties?"

"Dude," Cloudburst says, "This is what Chris wanted in this challenge. It's perfect."

The Flaming Guy has a hand on his chin as he stares at Sandstorm. He says, "You know. I think there's something missing."

"I'm not compromising my creative vision with a cape," Cloudburst states.

"No, not that," The Flaming Guy assures. He snaps his fingers and says, "I got it! I know what's missing. I'll be right back." The Flaming Guy runs out of the workroom.

Sandstorm and Cloudburst stand in silence for a few minutes. Dreamweaver wakes up screaming. She says, "I had another nightmare." She looks at Sandstorm. "It wasn't as bad as this, though." Sandstorm blushes.

The Flaming Guy returns, holding two rolled up socks. He says, "Stuff the crotch of your costume with these, dude." Sandstorm's face turns a deeper shade of red, while Cloudburst laughs. The Flaming Guy frowns. He says, "It's nothing to laugh at. Some guys just need..." Sandstorm puts his hand on The Flaming Guy's face to keep him from finishing his sentence.

The main room is shown, with a shoddy looking runway set up in the middle of the room. Chris is wearing a beret and sunglasses along with his usual outfit He says, "The teams are all ready, it's time for the runway show. Let's start with Supercilious."

Cloudburst steps out from behind a curtain holding some index cards. He stands to the side of the runway and begins reading an index card, "Hello, and welcome to Supercilious team's fashion extravaganza." Sandstorm walks out onto the runway. "Sandstorm is modeling a subdued, beige singlet to accentuate his sand themed powers."

The Flaming Guy sticks his head out from behind the curtain and says, "The lack of sleeves was my idea." He goes back behind the curtain.

Sandstorm poses, while blushing. Cloudburst states, "Notice how his movement is supported by the tight fitting costume. The tightness of the costume adds a hint of vulgarity that is essential to all the top notch crime fighters. If you'll notice how the tight..."

Chris' face is red. He says, "Can you stop talking about how tight the costume is?"

Cloudburst looks through his index cards. He says, "Um, that's all. Thank you, Sandstorm." Sandstorm walks behind the curtain, and Cloudburst follows after him.

Chris says, "Okay, next we'll have The Power Walker's fashion show."

Kent Clark walks out in red and blue tights, with a 'KC' printed on the chest of his costume, and a cape. Kent nervously steps to the side of the stage. He says, "Um. Man Kitten, please, join us out here, please." Man Kitten walks out from behind the curtain. His face is bright red as he wears leather pants, no shirt, and a fuzzy black hood that is made to look like it has cat ears. "Yes," Kent Clark states. "Um. Man Kitten is wearing pants. He is also wearing, um, like cat ear thingies. They bring out his power that he can, um... transform into a cat... Or feline. Um... He is... He can 'catform'. I like that. Okay, so... That's it."

At the end of the runway, Man Kitten transforms into a kitten. In kitten form, he says, "Please, pick us as the winners, Mr. Chris." Man Kitten jumps off of the stage and licks Chris face.

Chris screams in pain. Man Kitten looks scared. He runs back to the curtain, falls on his back, begins playing with the curtain, and purring loudly. Chris says, "It hurts bad enough when a normal cat licks you. Your tongue feels like a giant piece of steel wool, dude."

Kent Clark laughs and says, "You don't hear that sentence every day." Chris glares at Kent. Kent says, "Okay... I'll be leaving now." Kent Clark walks backstage.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "Come on out, Chemical Imbalance." Her Royal Hotness steps outside. Chris says, "Hm. I would have chosen The Perfect Gentleman, but that's just me."

Her Royal Hotness steps to the side and Flip-Flop steps out in a flowing pale blue gown. Her Royal Hotness states, "Flip-Flop needed a lot of help, from where she started. It's a sad truth, but not everyone can be as hot as I am." Flip-Flop glares at Her Royal Hotness. "So, the dress looks fashionable, but it doesn't get in the way of her superpowers. Flip-Flop. Transform now."

"Would it hurt you to say 'please'?" Flip-Flop asks in an annoyed tone.

"Yes," Her Royal Hotness states.

Flip-Flop laughs and says, "Oh, you." She transforms into a blender wearing a blue gown. She says, "I'm a blender."

Her Royal Hotness walks down the runway, posing and strutting. She picks up Flip-Flop and says, "There you are, Chris. The best team, ever. Byesies." She walks back down the runway and goes behind the curtain.

The teams are all shown gathered in front of Chris. He says, "We have a clear losing team. The Power Walkers, not only was Man Kitten's costume poorly conceived, he also licked my face. Kent Clark didn't help matters with his awful narrating."

"So?" Buoyancy Lad asks. "Did we win?"

Chris shakes his head. He says, "You lost. Badly. You will need to vote out another team member." The team sighs collectively.

Elli and Acid Tongue are in the girl's restroom. Elli says, "We know who we have to vote for."

"You, you annoying person?" Acid Tongue asks. Elli winces.

"No," Elli says. "Vanity. She does nothing on our team."

"Like you?" Acid Tongue asks.

Elli looks hurt. She says, "No. I do plenty. I'm just not all up in everyone's face about it. Now, I'll go talk to the guys and tell them who to vote for." Acid Tongue shrugs.

Elli knocks on her male team members' door. She says, "Can I come in?" She walks in, sees Vanity with the guys. Elli asks, "What's she doing here?"

"None of your business," Man Kitten says with his arms folded. He is still wearing his costume from the challenge.

Kent Clark, who has changed back to his normal clothes, says, "She just showed up a few minutes ago. She hasn't really said much."

"She digs me," Buoyancy Lad says with a wide smile.

Elli sighs. She says, "I guess I'll be going, then." She walks out of the room.

Kent Clark looks at Man Kitten and says, "Aren't you going to change out of that outfit?"

Man Kitten says, "Yeah. It's totally lame... Uh. I'll change out of it... eventually."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris eyes the contestants. He says, "Your team needs an intervention. You have to stop losing."

"Great advice, Chris," Man Kitten says with an eye roll. He is still wearing his cat ear costume.

Chris says, "Why are you still wearing that?" Man Kitten blushes. Chris goes on, "Let's get to the results. Acid Tongue is safe, so are Man Kitten, and Buoyancy Lad." Buoyancy Lad smiles confidently. "The next safe contestant is Vanity."

"What?" Elli says. "She doesn't do anything."

Chris says, "Yes, but she's hot." Chris glances at Elli and Kent Clark. He says, "One of you has been voted out. The next super dud eliminated from this competition is..."


"What?!" Elli shouts.

Buoyancy Lad says, "You said Vanity doesn't do anything, but I haven't seen you even use your powers."

"That's because I only use them in secret," Elli states. "I've been..." She pauses, then smirks. "You know what? I didn't like this competition, anyway. All the challenges had us doing goody goody missions, and that is so lame. I'm tired of it."

Chris says, "Um. Okay. You can leave, now."

"I'll leave," Elli says with a smirk. "But believe me, I'll be back. I'll sabotage the teams whenever I can, and use this competition as practice for my life of crime. You'll never know when I decide to strike. Muahahahahaha!" After laughing maniacally, Elli leaves.

Kent Clark says, "She took that well."

Chris shrugs. He says, "No big deal. She isn't anyone to be scared of." Chris turns to the camera and says, "Tune in for more crazy super powered antics, next time on Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 6 - Hostage Stamp - Part 1

Chris McLean states, while sipping from a smoothie, "Welcome to episode six of Total... Drama... Super Powered! If you'll remember with me what happened last time, you'll recall that the girls on the Supercilious team continued having nightmares. You'll also recall that the contestants had to take part in a costume design challenge. The Power Walkers lost, yet again, and ended up sending home Elli when she couldn't convince her team to vote out Vanity. What will happen this time?"

The inside of the Chemical Imbalance team's guys' room is shown. Shockwave is sitting on his bed picking his teeth with a hunting knife. The Perfect Gentleman goes on, "You should have seen that hot babe. She was all, 'Of course I'll go to the prom with you, I don't care that you already have five dates'." The Perfect Gentleman laughs. Bryan places a pillow over his own head. "I'm telling you guys. I have the best power, ever. Basically the ability to get with any girl I choose."

"Must be nice," Amp states with a half smile.

"You know it," The Perfect Gentleman states. "I'm sure your power is just as awesome. The way you can amplify... stuff." The Perfect Gentleman laughs, and slaps Amp on the back. "Oh, who am I kidding?"

Amp is shown frowning in confessional. He says, "My power is cool, brutha." He folds his arms.

The Perfect Gentleman states in confessional, "I hate to admit this, but I was really nervous coming on this show. I can handle the female side of things, but I've always had trouble relating to other guys my age. The guys here are great, and we get along really well. I really have no idea how to act around other guys, so I kind of just... guess as to how they act around each other. I'm surprised that things are going so well."

The Perfect Gentleman looks over at Bryan with his pillow over his face. He says, "Oooh! Someone's imagining making out with Moody Cutie."

"I am not," Bryan says in a muffled voice.

"Moody Cutie?" Shockwave repeats.

The Perfect Gentleman laughs. He says, "Don't try to deny it, man. I can tell you have the hots for her. Though I'm sure you need lots of practice with kissing." He laughs, again. "You seem like the type who never kissed anyone, not including a mirror, or the back of your hand, am I right?" Bryan remains silent. "Ooh! Someone's being shy."

Bryan is shown in confessional with his face bright red. He states, "I hate that guy, so much."

The Perfect Gentleman says in confessional, "Bryan is like the kid brother I always wanted. You know? Another guy I could gently tease, and give relationship advice to." The Perfect Gentleman cracks a smile. "I'm really enjoying myself, out here."

The next day, pounding is heard on the warehouse door, and the sound of squealing tires. A groggy looking Sprinkle Mist leaves her room and goes to the front door. She opens it and picks up a note. She walks back and knocks on Chris' door. She shouts, "Chris! We have an anonymous ransom note."

Chris quickly opens his door, still in his nightshirt. He says, "Awesome! I was waiting for one of these babies!"

"You mean this isn't from you, for some sort of challenge?" Sprinkle Mist asks. Chris shakes his head. Sprinkle Mist looks at him and says, "Nice nightgown."

"It's a nightshirt," Chris insists. "Get the others ready for the challenge, while I go get changed." Sprinkle Mist nods, while Chris goes back into his room.

Sprinkle Mist clears her throat and shouts, "Challenge!" The contestants and Chris rush out, dressed, and ready to go.

Chris says excitedly, "We got our very first ransom note!" The contestants look confused as Chris holds it up. "They even cut out letters from a magazine, and glued them to a piece of paper so we couldn't trace their handwriting!"

"What does it say?" Sandstorm asks.

Chris says, "I'll tell you. You have a really nice speaking voice, by the way." The others nod. Chris reads, "Dear Chris and other people, We have taken some loved ones of your precious contestants. This is what you deserve for what you did 2 us. Come alone, and we'll work out a deal in exchange for some of the lives of our hostages." Chris states, "It's signed, 'Suscepti-Bill' and 'Sheep Dawg'."

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl asks, "Who signs an anonymous ransom note?" She yawns.

"Chris, what does it mean that they've taken some of our loved ones hostage?" Kent Clark asks.

Chris shrugs. He says, "It's probably some riddle, or a metaphor."

"It didn't sound like a metaphor," Cloudburst states. Several of the contestants glare at Chris.

Buoyancy Lad states, "Come on, guys. We don't have to be worried. Those guys couldn't even find our families," Buoyancy Lad glances at The Flaming Guy, "or whatever, if they wanted to."

Chris nods. He says, "Buoyancy Lad is right... Unless..."

"What do you mean, 'unless'?" Bryan says with wide eyes.

"Well," Chris explains. "It is kind of funny when you think about it." Chris continues to receive several glares from the contestants. "You see, I kind of put some of your personal information on the show's website."

"You suck," Acid Tongue assures Chris.

Chris flinches. He says, "I don't know why you're all being so defensive. If I were ya'll, I'd be helping my family member, and or loved one, instead of being all mad at a handsome reality show host."

"Chris is right," The Flaming Guy states. "If we want to be superheroes, we have to be used to this sort of thing."

Man Kitten shrugs. He says, "Whatever. Some of us don't have loved ones."

"OMG," Her Royal Hotness says. "That is so sad." Man Kitten blushes.

Chris says, "Well, go ahead, find your loved ones, and get them back." The guys of Supercilious run outside, while the female members of the team are sleeping on the floor. Shockwave nudges RIPSG with his foot. Chris asks, "Why aren't you going anywhere? You must not really care about your loved ones."

Flip-Flop states, "The note didn't say anything about a location to find the kidnappers."

"Oh," Chris says in realization. "Well, I guess you just have to figure it out."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

The Perfect Gentleman says, "Don't worry, my sweet. Leave it all to me." He takes her hand and kisses it. Sprinkle Mist smiles. Bryan rolls his eyes. "Follow me." The Perfect Gentleman walks outside, and his female teammates follow after him.

Bryan sighs, and says, "I guess we better follow them." Amp nods.

Shockwave jumps into Amp's arms and says, "Carry me." Amp sighs, but carries Shockwave outside.

The Power Walkers begin going outside, but Vanity says, "I don't know what they're thinking." She turns to Chris and asks, "Do you know who sent the ransom note?"

Chris looks at the ransom note. He says, "Suscepti-Bill and Sheep Dawg..." He looks contemplative, but then shrugs and says, "Doesn't ring a bell."

"Oh, well," Man Kitten says. "We tried." Buoyancy Lad grabs Man Kitten's lips. Man Kitten looks shocked and annoyed.

Acid Tongue states, "Chris is so old, it seems his memory is fading."

Chris winces. He says, "I am not old. My memory is fine... Well, when it comes to myself. Memories involving other people are pretty fuzzy." Chris thinks. He says, "Wait. Sheep Dawg... I do remember this rapper guy when I was casting this season. He has the torso, arms, and head of a man, but the lower half of his body is that of a sheep."

Buoyancy Lad lets go of Man Kitten's lips and laughs. He says, "That is the stupidest power, ever. It's even worse than Freestyle's power."

Man Kitten has orange fingerprints around his mouth. He wipes his mouth, looks disgusted, and says, "Blech. Why do I taste suntan lotion and salt?"

"You scoff," Chris says. "But he was really close to being on this season. He's probably all upset about not getting chosen." Chris says, "I better get going, so I can properly judge the challenge, and also see a real live hostage situation." Chris leaves the warehouse.

"We better follow after them, too," Kent Clark says.

"Not yet," Vanity replies. "Let's search Chris' files."

"In his room?" Man Kitten asks. "I don't want to set foot in there." His stopwatch goes off. He sighs, but transforms into kitten form. He says, "But I is will set paw in dere." He paws at Chris' door.

Dreamweaver, lying on the floor, opens her eyes and says, "So cute." She yawns and stands up. She asks, "What's going on?"

Kent Clark answers, "Some of our loved ones were taken hostage. Your team has already gone to..." He stops talking and looks somber.

"And?" Dreamweaver asks. "Oh, sorry. My powers were activated. We'll go check things out..." She drags RIPSG and Moodswing outside.

Buoyancy Lad nudges Kent's arm. He says, "What is it, man?"

Kent smiles. He says, "Nothing. Let's search Chris' room."

Kent Clark is shown in confessional. He says, "What I saw when Dreamweaver was around..." He removes his glasses, and wipes his tearful eyes on his arm. "I was normal."

Supercilious is shown outside. "Look who decided to show up," Cloudburst states.

"Sorry," RIPSG says. "We all keep having these awful nightmares, and we aren't getting a second of sleep. We think that either Elli or Bryan are behind it."

"Well, it probably isn't Elli," Cloudburst states. "She was voted out."

"She was?" Moodswing says.

"So that leaves Bryan," Dreamweaver states. Moodswing looks down at the ground.

"We have a challenge to perform," Sandstorm states.

"Sandy is right!" The Flaming Guy shouts. "We need to do our best and give it our all, or our name isn't Superlicious!"

"Um," Sandstorm starts. "It isn't, actually." The team stands still.

"So?" Moodswing asks. "What are we doing?"

The Flaming Guy narrows his eyes and says, "We're waiting for one of the other teams to make a move." The Flaming Guy excitedly says, "Then we're going to follow them!"

Dreamweaver gets wide eyed. "That's our plan?"

The Perfect Gentleman is shown caressing Flip-Flop's cheek. He says, "What's the thing you want most in the world?" Flip-Flop blushes and giggles. The Perfect Gentleman's face is bright red.

The Perfect Gentleman says in confessional, "Okay. That girl is really weird. I wasn't about to put on a latex rabbit suit. Well, not in front of everyone."

The Perfect Gentleman sighs. He says, "I'll tell you what I want. I want to find the location of the hostages." The Perfect Gentleman puts his hand to his heart. "I'm so scared for them."

"Then that's what I want, too!" Flip-Flop insists, after changing her mind.

The Perfect Gentleman smirks. He reaches behind his back, and pulls out a map with a location circled in red ink. "Whatever you want, my dear." He holds the map out to Flip-Flop.

Bryan rolls his eyes. Amp grabs hold of Bryan's cheeks. He says, "My pappy always told me, that if I kept rolling my eyes, they'd fall out of my head. Do you really want that to happen to you, man?" He shakes Bryan's head to make it seem like he is shaking his head 'no'. "I didn't think so, little buddy." Bryan cringes. "I wouldn't want that to happen to you, either." He hugs Bryan. Shockwave randomly joins the hug.

"This is no time for hugs, and junk," Her Royal Hotness says. "We should go find the hostage people." Her Royal Hotness looks at the air in an annoyed manner. "I have always cared about other people." She rolls her eyes. "I don't want to hear any more of your lip."

The Perfect Gentleman takes her hand and says, "You are so right, darling. We should go quickly." Flip-Flop looks at the map and rushes to where it leads. The Flaming Guy slaps Sandstorm on the chest and points toward the others. They begin following Chemical Imbalance.

The Power Walkers are shown in Chris' room. Most of them search the room, while Man Kitten scratches Chris' expensive looking sofa. Vanity looks through a folder with files in it. Buoyancy Lad looks at a mirror in the room, and pouts at himself. He says to Vanity, "You should like this room. It's full of mirrors." He smiles at his reflection.

Vanity states, "I found it. Sheep Dawg's address. It also has a short bio on him, as well." She reads. "He's a rapper, with his own recording studio in his apartment. They're probably all being held there. We should hurry over there." She looks at Man Kitten, sleeping and purring on Chris' now destroyed sofa. Vanity sighs and says, "Somebody wake him." Buoyancy Lad approaches Man Kitten, and Man Kitten wraps his legs around him. The others leave.

Supercilious is shown outside of a ritzy looking apartment building. Cloudburst blows on his fingernails. "Are we sure this is it?" Dreamweaver asks between yawns.

Cloudburst assures, "Um, yeah. I figured out where we were headed, due to my smartness." He smiles. "I'm not just a gorgeous face and body."

"Right," Sandstorm states with a concerned expression.

The Flaming Guy returns from the front of the building and says, "The security is tight at this place. Could you believe they wouldn't let me inside?" Sandstorm whistles innocently.

"I'm going to go use my awesome flying powers to try to see if I can see through the windows and find the hostages," Cloudburst states.

"Is that the best..." Sandstorm begins. Cloudburst flies off.

The Power Walkers arrive, as well as Chris. The Flaming Guy explains, "Cloudburst flew off to find the hostage peeps." He looks at the team and asks, "Where is that Speedo guy, and the giant kitty head?"

Kent Clark looks behind them and says, "I don't know."

Vanity says, "I suppose we could survey the building if Buoyancy Lad was here... Unless you..." Kent Clark looks down at the ground. Vanity sighs.

Chemical Balance arrives. Chris asks, "What took you guys so long?"

Her Royal Hotness points at Flip-Flop and says, "Someone couldn't make up her mind as to which way would be easiest to get here."

Cloudburst comes back down. He says, "Guys, I did it! Well... At least I think I did. I saw a room full of tied up people, but I didn't recognize anyone."

"I guess that's good enough," Amp states. He shouts, "Let's break out our people!"

The Flaming Guy says, "Wait, just a second. Those definitely sound like hostages, but how do we know they're our hostages?"

"I guess we don't," Bryan answers.

"I'm going to fly up with Cloudburst's help and see if I recognize someone," The Flaming Guy states. Cloudburst shrugs. He uses his powers and carries himself and The Flaming Guy on the air.

Bryan laughs. He smiles at Moodswing and says, "Hey, how are you guys doing? You seem a little more awake then before." Moodswing looks at Bryan. She looks at RIPSG and Dreamweaver who look disapprovingly at her. Moodswing ignores Bryan's question. Bryan looks confused, but then he looks down at the ground.

The Flaming Guy and Cloudburst are flying through the air. Cloudburst reaches the window and looks inside. He says, "Here they are. Do you recognize anyone?"

The Flaming Guy peers inside. He surveys the group of hostages, and his eyes widen. He says in disbelief, "That's my best friend, Jamal. Why is he here?"

"Looks like he's one of the hostages," Cloudburst states. The Flaming Guy suddenly looks very angry. His eyes flash red, and he goes on fire. "Calm down," Cloudburst states. He flinches, trying to avoid the heat emanating from The Flaming Guy. The Flaming Guy punches the window, but it doesn't break. Several hostages look at the window, tied up and gagged. Cloudburst states, "The glass isn't breaking, and it seems like it's soundproof. We should really go back and think of another way to get inside." The Flaming Guy doesn't listen and continues hitting the window.

The Flaming Guy cries, "I'm not leaving until I save him." He continues hitting the window."

Cloudburst says calmly, "Look, dude. We can assist them better if it's more than the two of us..."

"Quit being a coward!" The Flaming Guy shouts.

"I'm not a coward," Cloudburst states, looking a little hurt by The Flaming Guy's words. Cloudburst looks over The Flaming Guy's shoulder. Several hostages are still looking at the window. A nondescript, brown haired man in a dress shirt and black tie looks at them, looking particularly concerned. A figure approaches him, and hits him over the head with a blunt object. The man falls to the floor, unconscious. "What's going on?" Cloudburst says.

The Flaming Guy looks concerned. His power shuts off. He says, "I didn't do anything. I..."

Cloudburst looks panicked, as he and The Flaming Guy realize that they're falling. "I don't know what's happening!" Cloudburst shouts as they fall. "My powers aren't working!" The Flaming Guy hits the side of the building and falls unconscious. Cloudburst reaches toward him but doesn't catch him. Cloudburst begins floating midair, after his power kicks in. He is too far from The Flaming Guy for his power to effectively reach him, and The Flaming Guy continues to fall.

On the ground, Sandstorm looks up and says, "He's falling." Buoyancy Lad rides on Man Kitten's back on to the scene.

Buoyancy Lad begins floating and slowly doggie paddles toward The Flaming Guy. Kent Clark gulps and flies at incredible speed at The Flaming Guy. He reaches him, catches him, and gently lands on the ground.

Buoyancy Lad gets back on the ground. He folds his arms and says, "I would have gotten there on time."

Kent Clark looks at The Flaming Guy with his X-ray vision, after setting him on the ground. He explains, "I'm scanning him with my X-ray vision."

"You're invading his privacy," Buoyancy Lad says under his breath.

Cloudburst lands on the ground holding his head down. Kent states, "What happened up there?" Cloudburst looks down at the ground. He looks back at The Flaming Guy. "He doesn't look good."

"He hit the side of the building pretty hard," Cloudburst reveals.

"He has a few broken bones, and some fractures," Kent reveals.

Chris says, "Well, I guess that means he's out of the competition. Oh, well." The contestants look at Chris with wide expressions.

"We can't worry about that now," Cloudburst says. "Someone needs to take him to the hospital."

Chris says, "I'll do it. It isn't far from here."

Cloudburst says, "This situation is serious. The kidnapper guy I saw was dangerous. We can't back out, now. We have to rescue everyone."

Chris nods and says, "I'll leave the situation to you guys, while I bring The Flaming Guy to safety." Chris clears his throat. "What will happen next? Find out in the exciting conclusion of 'Hostage Stamp'. Next week. Same Total Drama Super Powered time, same Total Drama Super Powered channel."

"Will you go, already?" Cloudburst asks in an annoyed tone. Chris looks around, finds a gurney, and Cloudburst gently places The Flaming Guy on it with his powers. Chris rushes off.

To be continued...

Chapter 7 - Hostage Stamp - Part 2

"So Chris left us to fend for ourselves against dangerous kidnappers in a hostage situation," Amp states. "Woo! Yeah!"

"Maybe we should call the police, or something," Kent Clark suggests.

Flip-Flop looks at Kent Clark with wide eyes. She says, "Are you kidding? You were amazing! You're like a one man army."

Buoyancy Lad nods and says, "She's right. Your flying could use some work, but you could be on your own super team all by yourself."

Kent blushes. He says, "It wasn't anything special. I only used my powers because it was an emergency."

Cloudburst rolls his eyes. He says, "Omnipotent heroes. Psht."

"How are we going to get inside?" Moodswing asks between yawns.

"The Flaming Guy said that they had someone guarding the entrance," Sandstorm reminds.

Cloudburst states, "But the window was all flameproof, or whatever. I don't think we could get inside that way."

"So we go in through the front door," Amp says. "Yeah! Front door!" Amp rushes toward the front door.

"I guess we better follow after him, before he hurts himself," Sprinkle Mist states with a shrug.

"I don't see the urgency," Man Kitten, in his human form, states, with his arms folded. The other contestants walk toward the front of the building, ignoring Man Kitten. He shrugs and follows after the others.

At the front entrance, Cloudburst laughs as he sees the doorman. He says, "He's like three-foot-nothing. Let's go inside." Cloudburst goes toward the door, but is met by a flying kick by the short doorman, sending him to the ground. Cloudburst shouts, "Ow!" He looks tearful and says, "Guys, this guy is unstoppable."

"That's right," the grey haired, moustached doorman says. "No one gets by me without permission from inside."

"Oh, well," Man Kitten says, as he begins to walk in the other direction.

Buoyancy Lad nudges Kent Clark and says, "I bet you could beat the snot out of that guy."

Sandstorm looks at Kent Clark with a worried expression. Kent Clark states, "No. I don't feel right about using my powers that way."

"Whatever, man," Buoyancy Lad says with a sigh.

Her Royal Hotness looks like she's not paying attention to the situation. She looks around and looks up at the building. She says, "Oh. My daddy owns this place. That's funny."

The doorman's eyes widen. He says, "Miss Olivia. I'm so sorry. I didn't recognize you. You're free to enter."

"No, that's okay," Her Royal Hotness states. She gets several disapproving looks. She says, "I mean... If I have to." She walks toward the door and says, "Come on, everyone."

The doorman says, "Er, I'm sorry Miss Olivia, but I can't let these other people in."

"I understand," Her Royal Hotness states. The doorman looks relieved. She goes on, "I'm impressed that you would risk losing your job over your ethics, and junk."

"Uh," the doorman says. "Your friends are free to enter."

"You use the term 'friends' loosely," Her Royal Hotness states. She walks inside. She looks back at Vanity, as the others enter and says, "Don't let her inside. She's nothing to me." Vanity walks inside without being stopped. Her Royal Hotness folds her arms and scowls.

"That was amazing!" Shockwave states. He attempts to hug Her Royal Hotness.

She says, "Ew! Don't come near me." She looks at The Perfect Gentleman and says, "But you can, sweetie." The Perfect Gentleman takes her hand and kisses it.

Vanity says, "You don't know where that thing has been." Her Royal Hotness glares at Vanity.

Dreamweaver states, "We can banter later, people. We should really find out where the hostages are being held."

"They are on the seventeenth floor," Cloudburst states. "I remember that much."

"We'll ask the front desk," Moodswing says as she drags Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl toward the front desk.

RIPSG says, "Whoa, I would have never thought of trying that."

Everyone waits around. Moodswing returns and says, "They wouldn't tell us."

"Oh, well," Cloudburst says. "We tried our best." He begins walking toward the door.

Her Royal Hotness looks blank. She says, "Oh, right. Sheep Dawg rents a room on the 17th floor with a recording studio in it. It's number 1701, or whatever." The others look at her in disbelief.

"Well, uh," Buoyancy Lad says. "I guess we should go, then." Sandstorm grabs the back of Cloudburst's collar and drags him toward the elevator. The Power Walkers and Chemical Imbalance are already occupying the two elevators.

"Oops," Shockwave says. "No more room. Byesies!" The elevator closes.

Dreamweaver says, "So we either wait for the next elevator, or take the stairs."

"I think we should wait down here in case the hostages come down here," Cloudburst says, as he gets a few glares.

"The stairs it is," Dreamweaver states. RIPSG, Sandstorm, Moodswing, and Dreamweaver walk toward the stairs. Sandstorm turns around and approaches Cloudburst.

"What's the matter?" Sandstorm asks.

Cloudburst blushes. He says, "Matter?" He begins laughing. Sandstorm stares at Cloudburst. Cloudburst sighs and says, "Fine. I'm scared, okay?"

"Why?" Sandstorm asks.

Cloudburst sighs. "Something happened when The Flaming Guy and I were up there. Something made our powers shut off. It made me realize that this isn't just another challenge, and what happened to TFG... It made me realize that we could be seriously injured."

Sandstorm nods. He says, "I feel bad about Eric."

"Yeah," Cloudburst states. "I never thought anything like that would happen to any of us, let alone him. I mean, he seemed untouchable, like nothing bad could happen to him. I mean, it made me realize that it could be any of us."

Sandstorm nods and says, "That's right."

Cloudburst says, "It is?" Sandstorm nods. "Man... I thought I was wrong for feeling this way."

"Why did you feel that your feelings were wrong?" Sandstorm asks.

Cloudburst looks blank. He says, "Uh. I dunno. Maybe everyone expects us to be all heroic?"

"Or?" Sandstorm asks.

Cloudburst looks down at the floor. He says, "Or maybe... I felt bad about those hostages. They must be scared out of their minds." Cloudburst sighs. "I was only thinking about myself. We should go try to rescue them." He punches Sandstorm on the arm. "Thanks, man. Your voice is smooth, and you know just how to use it."

Sandstorm's face turns red. He says, "Don't ever say that, again." Cloudburst laughs. One of the elevators reaches the ground floor with a dinging sound.

"Our ride's here," Cloudburst states. Sandstorm nods.

Chemical Imbalance and The Power Walkers are shown on the seventeenth floor. "Do we have any plan of action?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"How about we knock on the door and play it by ear?" Amp suggests.

"I don't think that's the best idea," Bryan says. Amp already knocked.

"Oops," Amp says.

"Who are you people?" A tall, hunched over man asks, at the door.

"Um..." Vanity states. "Room service?"

"Oh, come inside," he says. The contestants look at each other with concerned expressions, but go inside. The man wipes his runny nose on his sleeve, after locking the door.

Acid Tongue says, "You are the most disgusting person I've ever met."

He flinches in pain. He says with a sigh, "Tell me something I don't already know. I'm sure you're all here to get an autograph from Sheep Dawg. Stay here, and I'll go see if he..." The man begins violently coughing. He sighs and leaves the room.

"Hm," Bryan says. "It didn't seem like he realized we have superpowers, or that we knew Sheep Dawg has taken those hostages."

"Wait a second," Flip-Flop states. "If these guys knew who are loved ones were, and did research on us in order to find them..."

"Why didn't he recognize us, then?" Kent Clark states.

A voice comes over a loudspeaker, beginning with a cough, "Oh, I recognized you. I just had to lead you into a trap. I thought of it myself."

A green gas seeps in through the vents. "Gas!" Amp shouts.

"Ew!" Her Royal Hotness says. "I don't want to hear about your gas."

"No," Amp says. He suddenly looks somber, and collapses.

"Knockout gas," The Perfect Gentleman states.

Coughing and laughing is heard. The voice over the loudspeaker states, "That's right. Quite clever, if I should say so myself."

"Please," Acid Tongue states. "More like entirely cliche. What? Did you get the idea from 'Villainy 101'?"

"Ouch," the voice says. He whines defensively, "Shut up! It's a good idea!"

"Whatever," Vanity states. The present contestants all fall unconscious. The man behind the loudspeaker laughs maniacally, and then coughs violently.

Supercilious is shown outside the door to the room. "Everyone else must already be inside," Dreamweaver states.

"We're going to lose, again," Moodswing says sadly. "That makes me so mad!"

Sandstorm assures, "We don't know what's going on in there."

"I guess we should get inside," Cloudburst says. "But how?" He rubs his chin and says, "I'll melt the handle." He uses his heat power in order to heat the door's handle. "It'll be melted in twenty-seven hours."

Moodswing slaps her forehead. RIPSG says, "It's alright. I brought a book to read." She opens a book and begins reading.

Dreamweaver sighs. She asks, "What's it about?"

RIPSG replies, "It's a detective story about this master thief that specialized in breaking into hotel rooms and stealing jewelry from wealthy women."

Dreamweaver's eyes widen. She says, "Isn't your power materializing someone you think about?"

"I'm not following," RIPSG states.

Dreamweaver sighs. She says, "Why don't you imagine the thief from the story, and he can pick the lock to this door."

RIPSG frowns and says, "It's a woman, actually."

"Well, whatever," Dreamweaver says.

RIPSG shrugs, and begins concentrating. The masked, female thief appears. She says, "What's going on?"

RIPSG explains, "You're a figment of my imagination."

"Oh," the woman says. She eyes the contestants and says elegantly, "None of you seem to have anything worth stealing, so I'm off elsewhere." She begins walking off.

Moodswing states, "Wait! We brought you here to break inside this room."

Dreamweaver smirks and says, "One of the most wealthy musicians of today is inside. He wears jewelry that you wouldn't even imagine how diamond encrusted it is." The thief's eyes light up.

She says, "I suppose you've caught my interest." She pushes Cloudburst out of the way and begins picking the lock, quickly opening it. She looks inside and says, "There. Now let's find those sparklies, shall we?" Dreamweaver nudges RIPSG, and she nods. The thief vanishes.

"Nice work," Dreamweaver states. "Now let's get in there." Once inside, they look around. "Oh, great more rooms with locks."

The sickly looking man enters the room, looking surprised. He says, "Who are you people? I thought I captured everyone still in the contest." He stares blankly at them. Sniffles, and says, "I mean. You must be here for an autograph from..."

"We know who you are!" Moodswing says.

He says, "Please. No one knows who..."

"You're Suscepti-Bill, aren't you?" Moodswing says.

He looks surprised. "Uh, yeah. I am. How did you know?"

"You signed the anonymous ransom note," Moodswing explains.

"Look," Suscepti-Bill explains, "I have to do all the work around here. It gets frustrating, so I'm bound to make little mistakes like that every now and then." He sighs, then coughs.

Moodswing concentrates, and smirks. She walks near Suscepti-Bill, puts her arm on his shoulder, and cringes. She says, "It must be hard for you."

Suscepti-Bill cries from his eyes, including his rather red looking right eye. He says, "Nobody appreciates me. Sheep Dawg treats me like a common henchman, when I have superpowers, too. I mean, I can make anyone sick when I choose to. That's an amazing power, even though..." Moodswing pats Suscepti-Bill on the back. He starts looking more depressed than sad. He says, "I don't know what I did to deserve a power like this. I used to be so healthy. I'd work out, every day. Watch what I eat. I wash my hands, all the time... Then I get sick one time, and it never went away, and only got worse." He sneezes, and wipes his nose on his sleeve.

Moodswing winces. She says, "There, there. It's okay. I can tell you're not a bad guy. I think you should release the hostages, and work on making things right."

Suscepti-Bill sighs and says, "I know, but it feels like I've already done so much bad stuff. It feels like it's too late to stop, now."

"It's never too late to change sides, man," Cloudburst assures. "And your power is..." He thinks for a moment. He winces as he says, "Really awesome."

"You think so?" Suscepti-Bill asks.

"Sure," Cloudburst says, obviously lying.

"Thanks, man!" Suscepti-Bill says. He goes over and hugs Cloudburst, who looks particularly disturbed by the contact. "I just... After I got rejected from TD:SP, I felt pretty lame, you know?"

RIPSG says, "You mean you were a potential contestant for the show?"

Suscepti-Bill nods. "So was Sheep Dawg. He took it harder than me, but he like sought me out, and made me feel bad, and made me want to get revenge, or whatever, though I never wanted to hurt anyone. He just kept telling me that my powers were only good for evil, anyway, and that's why I didn't get on the show."

"Will you help us free the hostages?" Sandstorm asks.

Suscepti-Bill sighs, and sneezes. He says, "I can't. If I do, Sheep Dawg will get all mad at me. I can give you the key to where they're being held, though, but then I'm out of here." He holds up a slimy key ring. The contestants look at it haphazardly.

In the room where the hostages are being held, the members of The Power Walkers, and Chemical Imbalance are bound. Kent Clark looks weak, surrounded by his weakness, Samsonite. Shockwave's hands are bound in metal cases. The Perfect Gentleman is tied up and gagged. Buoyancy Lad is bound, and has sandbags tied to him. Man Kitten, in human form, is trapped in a small cat carrier. Bryan is tied up. Sprinkle Mist is kept in a very dry plastic box. Vanity is tied up, looking worried, as her mirror is across the room, next to Her Royal Hotness's scepter. Her Royal Hotness and Flip-Flop are tied together. Acid Tongue is tied up and gagged. An African man, with a tattooed neck, no shirt, and the lower half of his body is that of a sheep sits on a throne across from most of the hostages. He says, "Nice, yo. Even mo' hostages. I'm sure Chris is all out his mind with worry, y'all."

"I love your music, man," Flip-Flop states. "And your power is so cool. But I don't understand why you're turning to a life of crime, though."

Sheep Dawg says, "I be a gangsta rapper, girl. It's how I roll. Plus, that Chris guy burns my biscuits."

Vanity asks, "Because he didn't let you on the show?"

"Yeah," Sheep Dawg states. "How'd you know? I shoulda been on this season." He folds his arms and looks to the side. "I'm already a mega-superstar, but I wanted to expand my audience, ya know?"

"If you just let us go, I'm sure..." Her Royal Hotness sweetly begins.

Supercilious burst into the room. Moodswing shouts, "Let go of these innocent people!"

Sheep Dawg laughs and says, "Ooh, more applicants."

"Guys, lets get 'im," Cloudburst states. He holds up his hands threateningly.

"Ah," Sheep Dawg says. "I don't think so, man." He stands up.

Flip-Flop shouts, "Come on, you can stop him! He has, like, the lamest power ever."

Sheep Dawg says, "No way. I mean, I can produce all the wool I ever need, and I can bleat." He bleats. "See. I don't need to autotune, no more." Supercilious approaches Sheep Dawg. He says, "Not so fast." He approaches the hostages and grabs hold of a straight-laced looking man in a white shirt and tie.

Dreamweaver shouts, "Carl!" Carl sadly looks down at the ground. "Let go of him."

Sheep Dawg smirks and says, "I don't think so. This guy belongs to me now, and I ain't getting rid of someone so valuable."

"I don't know what you mean," Dreamweaver says. "What use could you have from him?"

Sheep Dawg smirks. He raises his arm. Carl says, "Babe, I'm sorry." Sheep Dawg hits him in the head, knocking him unconscious, and throws him to the floor.

Dreamweaver shouts, "Carl!" She runs to him.

Sandstorm states, "You will regret harming him." He gets in position to use his power, but nothing happens.

Sheep Dawg laughs. He says, "It's useless. As long as that dope is asleep, you're all just plain, old humans."

"I'm not old!" Her Royal Hotness states.

"What are you saying?" Dreamweaver asks.

Sheep Dawg explains, "He has the power to cancel out superpowers, only when he's sleeping, though." Dreamweaver looks surprised. He goes on, "All your relatives and friends here, except two, I got those ones wrong, also have superpowers."

"So you didn't kidnap them to bring us here..." Kent Clark says weakly.

"That's right," Sheep Dawg states. "I'm casting my own reality show, based on who I suspected might have powers. It's gonna be way bigger than your show. These are the guys I found so far." Sheep Dawg walks over to a soundproof cage holding an Asian man inside, pounding on it from the inside, with his identical twin brother outside of the cage, tide up, and looking lethargic. He says, "These is Zen's brothers. When in each other's vicinity, they have super hyperactive powers." He turns to a tied up and gagged guy in a wetsuit and says, "This dude was once a dolphin." He points to a blond man and says, "This guy has quite the power. He can cause any woman to fall in love with him." The Perfect Gentleman turns his head, and his eyes get particularly wide. "He's The Perfect Gentleman's father." The contestants look at The Perfect Gentleman with confused expressions, as he holds his head down. "These two," Sheep Dawg points to an Indian man and a young black man, "are the duds. No powers, yo. Lame."

"But why only men?" Moodswing asks.

"You know how hard it is to find a good female superhero?" Sheep Dawg asks. "It ain't easy. Nope."

Cloudburst says, "This is ridiculous. Let us all go, or..."

Sheep Dawg holds up a gun. He says, "I don't think so."

"Whoa, man," Cloudburst says, looking nervous. "I didn't mean anything."

Sandstorm whispers to Dreamweaver, "Get Carl out of here, so we can use our pow..."

"Don't move," Sheep Dawg states, "or I shoot."

Dreamweaver holds Carl to her and says, "Please, wake up."

"Nah," Sheep Dawg says with a laugh. "Once he's out, he's out cold." He motions toward ropes and says, "Start tying each other up."

Moodswing looks particularly angry. She approaches Sheep Dawg and shouts, "You are completely messed up. Hurting all these people, because you didn't get on a stupid reality show?"

"Get back," Sheep Dawg states as she approaches him. He says, "Stay back. I'll shoot if I have to."

"You wouldn't," she says. "You're too much of a coward."

He angrily glares at her. And says, "No one calls me a coward." He aims the gun at her.

Bryan looks particularly nervous. He keeps his eyes fixated on Carl. Dreamweaver hugs Carl closer to her. Sheep Dawg places his finger on the trigger. Carl's eyes open. Bryan shouts, "Sheep Dawg! Stop!"

Her Royal Hotness looks at Bryan and says, "Big help." She looks over at Sheep Dawg and realizes that he is frozen in place.

Bryan continues, "Put the gun down." Sheep Dawg bends over and places the gun on the ground, his eyes looking glazed over. Bryan holds his head down and says, "Let go of all of us." Sheep Dawg approaches the hostages and contestants, and unties them, or undoes their traps.

Amp looks at Bryan and says, "That's your power?"

Bryan nods, but continues looking down. He says, "Yeah. I can control people's minds through verbal command."

Amp's eyes get wide. He says, "Whoa. I thought it was gonna be something lame, or embarrassing."

After the hostages are untied, Chris is in the room as the police have Sheep Dawg handcuffed. They take him away as he mutters under his breath. Chris sticks his tongue out at him as he leaves. Chris says, "So, Supercilious and Chemical Imbalance win the challenge."

"We could have died, Chris," Her Royal Hotness states, as she grabs hold of her scepter.

"And it saddened me, greatly," Chris assures. "Anyway, The Power Walkers have to vote out another contestant, so..."

"Chris, wait," Dreamweaver says, holding her boyfriend close to her, as he looks extremely despondent. "I'm leaving the contest."

"What?" Moodswing says. "You can't!"

"I have to," Dreamweaver states with a smile. "Carl needs me at home."

Carl says quietly, "I'm so scared... I never thought someone boring like me might have powers..."

Dreamweaver hugs him. She says, "I'm sure you all remember what it was like when you discovered your powers. I don't think he should go through it alone."

"I guess I understand," Moodswing states.

"I will miss you all, though," Dreamweaver says. She gets hugs from RIPSG and Moodswing.

Chris shrugs and says, "Alright, then. With Dreamweaver dropping out, The Power Walkers are safe from eliminating someone, this time." Chris looks around the room and says, "I'll arrange for everyone's families and friends to be brought home. But I'll let you say goodbye." Chris leaves the room.

Zen's brothers jump up and down. One of them says, "Man, being bound was awful. I can't wait to be able to move around, and run around the block."

"Maybe we can run home, I have a lot of energy to burn, man," the other twin states. "A lot of energy. Let's go." They run off at super speed.

Sandstorm approaches Jamal and says, "Eric was injured trying to rescue you."

"He was?" Jamal says. He holds his head down. "That's awful."

"He's a good guy," Sandstorm states.

"I know," Jamal says with a nod. "Thanks. He gets teased, a lot, but acts like it doesn't bother him. He's always more concerned about others than himself. Whenever I get made fun of, he always defends me, so... I'm fortunate." Sandstorm nods.

Sprinkle Mist hugs Squeakers. She says, "Aw, Squeakers. Were you scared?"

Squeakers nods and loudly says, "Eeeeee!" The others cover their ears.

Shockwave stands by the Indian man. He says, "You know, dad, today was awfully eye opening for me. It was all so exciting. I think I want to be a super criminal. You know. Use my powers for evil?"

"That's nice, son," his father says, not sounding like he minds or cares. Shockwave folds his arms and looks over to the side. His father hands an envelope to him. Shockwave looks at it. His father explains, "I would like for you to read that. It has something I never could bring myself to say." Shockwave takes the envelope and stuffs it in his pocket.

Everyone leaves but The Perfect Gentleman and his father. The Perfect Gentleman looks at his father. He says, "So..."

His father says, "I'm sorry you had to find out that way."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" The Perfect Gentleman asks.

"I didn't want to scare you," he answers. "I only ever told your mother, but..." His eyes fill with tears. He looks straight up at the ceiling and sighs. "She thought that I used my powers to get her to marry me, or something, or that I might use them to cheat. I told her I didn't and wouldn't, but why should she trust me?" The Perfect Gentleman looks down at the ground. "Mattie, I felt so bad when I found out that you had powers similar to mine. I wanted my son to be normal, but I don't love you any less. I just want your life to be happy, and with powers like we have... Though yours is different, it makes it hard for others to trust us."

The Perfect Gentleman sighs. He says, "I never want to get close to anyone, because of my power. Like, I'd have to stop using it, or something, if I started dating..."

"Maybe that would be for the best," The Perfect Gentleman's father says. The Perfect Gentleman stares at him.

The Perfect Gentleman looks down at the floor. He says, "Dad. I don't know." His father hugs him.

Dreamweaver and Carl are shown outside, hailing a cab. Dreamweaver says, "How are you feeling, Carl?"

"Better," he says, quietly. "You didn't have to leave the competition for me. I know how much you wanted to be here."

"Well," she says. "I think your power has been working longer than you might think."

Carl says, "What do you mean? I didn't know until that guy abducted me from the office."

Dreamweaer laughs. She says, "I think I have the power to cause nightmares when I sleep."

"But I never get nightmares at home," Carl says.

Dreamweaver sighs. "You are so slow," she says. "But I still love you." She kisses him.

Chapter 8 - The Apparent Trap

Chris McLean gives a smile. He says, "Welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time, the contestants had to break into a building and rescue several hostages. What made things difficult was that Dreamweaver's boyfriend was there, and he apparently has the power to make other people's powers stop working only when he's unconscious, and trust me, Sheep Dawg used that ability to the full. In a climactic standoff between Sheep Dawg, his gun, and Moodswing, Bryan finally revealed his power as soon as Dreamweaver's boyfriend woke up. He was able to command Sheep Dawg to stop what he was doing, and free them. And believe me, no one has ever told Sheep Dawg what to do. After all the chaos had ended, Dreamweaver decided to leave the competition to help her boyfriend cope with his newly discovered power. What's in store for the contestants this time?"

The Perfect Gentleman states in confessional, "I saw my dad, again, in the last challenge. It was revealed that he had the power to make any woman fall for him. The news hit me pretty hard."

The Perfect Gentleman is standing outside of the warehouse. Bryan and Amp walk toward the door. The Perfect Gentleman says, "Hey, fellas. I was hoping we could..."

Amp continues his conversation with Bryan. He says, "I still can't believe your power, man. It must be so awesome! Yeah!"

Bryan looks embarrassed and says, "It's not the best."

"Aw, come on," Amp says. "Tell me to do something!" They walk inside, together.

The Perfect Gentleman lets out a sigh. He looks up to see Her Royal Hotness and Flip-Flop returning. The Perfect Gentleman smiles sweetly and says, "Why if it isn't the contest's two loveliest..."

"Save it," Her Royal Hotness says. "I don't want you to be, all, forcing us to be your girlfriends, creeper."

The Perfect Gentleman blushes and says, "My power isn't like that."

"Whatever," Her Royal Hotness states. She turns to Flip-Flop and says, "Let's go inside." She nods and the two women go inside. The Perfect Gentleman sighs, again, and sits down on the ground.

Moodswing is standing in the main room of the warehouse, by herself. Bryan steps out of his room and sees her, and quickly approaches her. He says, "Hi, Moodswing."

She quietly says, "Hey. Thanks, for earlier."

He blushes and says, "I had to use my power in the situation."

"I'm sure you would have done it for anybody," Moodswing replies.

Bryan smiles and says, "Oh, sure. Right. What were you doing out here, anyway?"

"Have you seen The Perfect Gentleman?" Moodswing asks. Bryan immediately frowns. "He seemed pretty upset after the last challenge, and I didn't see him come back inside here."

Bryan forces a smile and says, "I haven't seen him, but I'm sure he's okay." Moodswing looks at Bryan and then down at the floor. He suggests, "I'll help you look for him."

She says, "No, that's alright. I shouldn't worry about him, and I wouldn't force you to do something you wouldn't want to do."

Bryan's eyes get wide. He says, "Uh. Yeah. Right. Goodnight." He walks to his room.

Moodswing looks around, and sneakily walks outside, finding The Perfect Gentleman still sitting on the ground. She says, "There you are."

He looks up at her and asks, "You're not disgusted by me?"

"Not at all," Moodswing says with a smile. "I know you would never use your power to hurt someone."

"How can you be so sure?" The Perfect Gentleman asks.

Moodswing answers, "Trust me. I can tell. Is seeing your dad what's bothering you?"

The Perfect Gentleman states, "Yeah. Everyone is ignoring me, or acting like I might take advantage of my powers. I'm sure it's because they found out about my dad, and they think I have the same ability. And now, even I'm not sure if I would use my powers selfishly."

"Are you sure?" Moodswing asks.

He looks at her and says, "Maybe not now, but in the future, who knows? All I ever wanted was to find someone who would love the real me. I don't want to use my powers to make someone love me, but I don't want to hide my powers, either. You know?"

Moodswing leans in and kisses The Perfect Gentleman. His face turns bright red. She says, "I know the real you, and it wasn't your powers I fell for."

The Perfect Gentleman stands up. He says, "I can't do this. Bryan is crazy about you."

"I know," Moodswing replies. She stands up. "But I honestly don't like him in that way."

"Why not?" The Perfect Gentleman asks. "He's a great kid." He holds his head down and says, "But I can tell that he's not the one in your heart."

Moodswing nods. She says, "Yeah. Um. I guess we should go inside. I hope you feel a little better."

The Perfect Gentleman smiles and says, "I think so. Thanks." He holds the door for Moodswing and they go inside.

The next morning, The Power Walkers' guys are in their room. Man Kitten is curled up in a ball, sleeping, in his human form. Buoyancy Lad smiles at Kent Clark. He says, "'Ey, man. How you doin'?"

"Um," Kent Clark says. "Fine."

"I have to admit, man," Buoyancy Lad begins, "you were quite the spectacle when you were using your power. It was nice to see that you finally are accepting it."

Kent Clark smiles faintly and says, "Thanks. I suppose I realized that I don't have a choice. I don't want these abilities, but it's the lot I've been given in life, I guess."

Buoyancy Lad gets up and pats Kent on the back. He says, "Give it some more time, man. You'll learn to love your powers." Buoyancy Lad begins floating midair, and doggie paddles around the room. He says, "See? This is fun."

Kent Clark smiles. He says, "It's not that fun to look at."

Buoyancy Lad frowns, doggie paddles toward Kent Clark, and punches him in the arm. He says, "You're just jealous."

Chris' voice is heard over the loudspeaker. He says, "It's time for your next challenge."

Kent Clark says, "We better go." Buoyancy Lad continuously punches Kent in the arm.

Man Kitten gets up and scratches himself. He says, "Good morning, freaks." He gets on all fours and stretches.

The contestants are shown gathered around Chris in the main room. Chris explains, "The challenge of the day is for you to go to this location." He hands maps out to one contestant from each teaam, with a location circled with red ink. "There are two rare vases there. I want you to find them and retrieve them."

"That's it?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

Chris smirks and says, "Yup. The teams that successfully bring back one of the vases will earn invincibility."

"How is that not stealing?" Kent Clark asks.

Chris says, "Uh, I won them in an online auction. So..."

Vanity asks, "Can't The Perfect Gentleman use his power and instantly win this challenge?"

Chris says, "Sure, if that's what one of the female contestants wants." Everyone looks at The Perfect Gentleman.

He smiles and says, "Our team is going to do this the hard way, like everyone else has to."

"Noble," Chris says. "Now, off with the lot of you."

The teams exit the warehouse, and begin rushing toward the location on the map. Cloudburst flies ahead saying, "Whoosh!"

Sandstorm asks his female teammates, "Did you sleep well last night?"

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl states, "Yes. Now that you mention it. How did you know?"

Sandstorm shrugs and says, "It was a feeling I had."

Shockwave is shown in confessional. He states, "Seeing my father, yesterday, made me realize something. What I've been doing hasn't been upsetting, enough. I have to step up my shock value. And no, I haven't read his note. I couldn't care less about what he has to say."

Shockwave is shown running down the street toward the marked location. He spies an elderly man on the sidewalk. As he approaches him, he pushes him, and he stumbles into traffic. Shockwave's eyes widen. Traffic comes to a stop, and the elderly man gets out of the way. Shockwave laughs, and continues running. He runs ahead of Acid Tongue, and slows down. She says, "It looks like your obvious lack of exercise has finally caught up with you." He smirks and extends his foot, making her trip and fall to the ground.

Man Kitten laughs and says, "Nice, man. You've got balls."

"That's not the first time I heard that," Shockwave states.

"Um, what?" Man Kitten says with a confused expression. Shockwave laughs, and runs ahead.

The rest of the team members of Chemical Imbalance are shown running on the sidewalk. Amp sweats heavily, and collapses. He says, "Go ahead without me!"

"You can do it, Amp," Bryan assures.

Her Royal Hotness says, "Yeah, right. Men! Carry this whale the rest of the way!"

Bryan says, "Hey! That's not very nice!"

Amp stands up and smiles. He says, "It's okay, buddy. I've heard plenty worse." He begins running, though obviously winded. Bryan glares at Her Royal Hotness as everyone runs forward. Trash cans bombard the team from an alleyway. The Perfect Gentleman is hit by one, as Bryan smirks.

Sprinkle Mist shouts, "Who's doing that?"

Shockwave steps out of the alleyway, laughing. He says, "Sorry. I was trying to buy us some time."

"Helpful," Her Royal Hotness states sarcastically.

Sprinkle Mist double checks the map. She says, "We're here." They look over to see a Chinese restaurant.

Flip-Flop says, "That has to be it, but that can't be right."

Sprinkle Mist looks at the map, again, and says, "Yeah. That has to be it. Let's go." The team rushes to the Chinese restaurant, followed by the other two teams.

Chemical Imbalance goes inside first, meeting a elderly restaurant hostess. She says, "Yes. Seating for how many?"

"No," Amp says. "We're here to steal your vases."

"Oh," the elderly woman says. "One is right over there." She points to the vase, and Amp walks toward it. A statue on the side shoots an arrow from its mouth, pinning Amp's pants to the wall.

Amp walks back without his pants, wearing his leopard print bikini underwear. He says, "I think we need to come up with a new strategy."

Sprinkle Mist says, "I'm guessing this place is full of booby..." Shockwave giggles. "Traps," Sprinkle Mist finishes while glaring at Shockwave. "Booby traps."

"Nonsense," Her Royal Hotness states. "Men! Go get that vase." Her Royal Hotness rolls her eyes. She says, "I control you, of course I'm going to boss you around." She pauses. "Oh, please. Your lives aren't worth valuing. Now go in there!" The team looks on as arrows fly, trapdoors open, rocks fall from the ceiling, a snare catches one of the invisible men, and a Buddha statue falls on top of one of the invisible men.

"This is strangely fascinating," Flip-Flop says as she and her team look on.

Supercilious enters the restaurant and stands at the entrance with Chemical Imbalance. Cloudburst asks, "How did you get passed the doorman?"

"You didn't tip the guy?" Her Royal Hotness asks.

"Where's the other team?" Bryan asks.

Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl explains, "Kent Clark used his x-ray eyes to locate one of the vases, then he punched a hole in the wall, took it, and flew off with it."

"If that's true, how come we didn't hear it?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

Cloudburst explains, "He strapped pillows to his fist."

"Oh," Sprinkle Mist says, with a nod of her head.

The elderly hostess walks over to an archway and looks over. She nods, shrugs, and says, "It's gone."

Moodswing looks over at the other vase floating toward them. She says, "What's wrong with the vase? Is it haunted, or whatever?"

"Nah," Flip-Flop states. "Her Royal Hotness's invisible man friends are carrying it over."

Sandstorm looks around and spots a zen garden. He stretches his hand toward it and makes the sand spin around. He then pushes his hand forward and causes the sand to surround the vase, and pulls his hand toward him, causing the vase to come toward him. He grabs hold of the vase, and gently returns the sand to the sand garden. "Hey, no fair," Her Royal Hotness states. "It's not nice to take advantage of my invisible guys, just because their pathetic and useless." She pauses. "Invisible men having feelings, too, is debatable."

"So now what?" Flip-Flop asks.

"We take the vase from them!" Shockwave shouts.

"Eh?" Moodswing says.

Sandstorm runs out of the restaurant, being chased by the others. Cloudburst flies alongside Sandstorm. He says, "Come on, dude! Toss it to me! I'll get it back to Chris faster." Sandstorm tosses it to Cloudburst with a nod. Cloudburst tosses it between his hands, struggling to catch it. Sandstorm's looks surprised. Cloudburst grabs hold of it and laughs. He says, "I was just playing. I totally had a hold on it. You should have seen your face, man." Cloudburst turns around and flies backwards. He taunts the other team, and holds up the vase toward them, "Ooh! Ooh! You want it? Ooh! Ooh!"

A boomerang is hurled at Cloudburst and his eyes widen. The boomerang, Flip-Flop, says, "I'm a boomerang!"

Cloudburst grabs the vase close to himself, and dodges the human boomerang. He says, "Ha! Can't hit me!" He sticks his tongue out. Flip-Flop sails by him as a javelin. He turns around and says, "I'mma pay better attention." He smiles and says, "Oh, look! The warehouse! And Chris is waiting for me to hand this baby to him." Chris is standing outside of the warehouse with the vase and The Power Walkers.

"It's a vase," RIPSG reminds, "not a baby."

Bryan says to his team, "Quick! We need something else to throw."

Shockwave looks around. He sets his sights on Her Royal Hotness, smirks, and grabs hold of her scepter. He pulls it from her grasp. Her Royal Hotness protests, "Give that back!"

Shockwave focuses and aims at Cloudburst and hurls the scepter at him at full speed, it spins rapidly, and Cloudburst's eyes widen as he turns to see the spinning projectile. He dodges to the right, and the scepter whizzes past him. Cloudburst flies to Chris and proudly hands him the vase. Everyone looks at the scepter as it smashes against the brick wall, breaking apart. Everyone's jaws drop. Shockwave laughs and says, "Oops. Clumsy me."

Amp looks around and says, "Does anyone else see six really attractive guys in loincloths, or have the thoughts returned?"

The others look around and see the men Amp described. One of the men says to another, who has dark skin, "Dudebro, they can see us?"

"Yeah," Chris says. "We definitely see you."

Two of the men are identical twins. One of them says, "They can see us! I can't believe it!" They hug.

"Who are you people?" Flip-Flop asks with a raised eyebrow.

"We were trapped by that scepter," a blond with shaggy hair states, as he points to the scepter.

Flip-Flop asks, "And why are you so hot?" She drools a little.

"We're male models," one of them answers. "We were on a photo shoot for loincloths when we suddenly went invisible, and were drawn to that scepter."

"Wait, a photo shoot for loincloths?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"What was your connection with the scepter?" Kent Clark asks.

One of the twins explains, "I'm not positive, but we think it's because she found the scepter." He points at Her Royal Hotness.

She says, "Oh, sure. Blame your problems on me, like always."

"What difference does that make?" Chris asks.

The other twin explains, "Dude, we found out later that we were all her ex-boyfriends."

"I don't remember all that," Her Royal Hotness states with her arms folded.

"Oh, come on," one of them says. "We kept reminding you."

Her Royal Hotness says, "I can't remember every fortunate loser that I decided to date."

"I'm tired of your mouth," the blond man states. "Treat us with respect for once."

"I don't have to," Her Royal Hotness states. "You have to do what I say. Now kiss my feet."

The guys look at each other. One of the twins says, "No!" The guys laugh and cheer. "You can't control us, anymore."

Her Royal Hotness picks up the broken scepter. She says, "Run around in circles."

The male models hug each other. One of the twins says, "We're free!"

The other twin is running around in circles. The other guys look at him. He says, "What? I'm running around in circles, because I want to."

The guys run off shouting, "We're free! Free at last!"

Man Kitten states, in kitten form, "How come nobody noticed those poor fellas went missing?" Man Kitten transforms back to his human form. He answers, "They're male models. Who's going to care or notice that they're missing?" The others look at him. He looks at them nervously and says, "What?"

Chris says, "Well, anyway. Chemical Imbalance needs to vote someone out."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "It's your team's first time here. You did well with staying away from this room, but you failed this time. Now that I've made you feel bad, I'll announce who is safe. Bryan, Flip-Flop, and Sprinkle Mist are safe." Flip-Flop hugs Sprinkle Mist. "Amp, you are safe, and so is The Perfect Gentleman." Amp slaps The Perfect Gentleman on the back. Chris states, "Alright. The first person eliminated from this team is either Her Royal Hotness or Shockwave. The eliminated contestant is..."

"Her Royal Hotness."

Her Royal Hotness says, "Oh, come on! Haven't I had enough of a bad day?"

Amp says, "Sorry. But you kind of don't even have powers, anymore."

"Pssht," she says. "Technicalities."

Chris nods and says, "Amp is right. This is a contest for super powered individuals. You would have been automatically eliminated, but it's been forever since we've had a traditional elimination, so we proceeded with the formalities."

"This is so not fair," Her Royal Hotness protests.

Sprinkle Mist states, "Yeah, it is. You can leave, now."

Her Royal Hotness stays put. She says defiantly, "I'm not moving from this spot."

Chris says, with a frown, "Get out of here."

"You can't make me," Her Royal Hotness says.

Chris smirks and says, "I was hoping you'd say that." He lets out a whistle. Her Royal Hotness's ex-boyfriends enter the room, wearing various articles of fashionable men's clothing. Chris says, "Take her away, boys."

"Yes, sir!" one of the men says. The men drag Her Royal Hotness outside, as she yells bleeped out obscenities.

Sprinkle Mist looks at Chris and asks, "Wait, so those guys were tired of being bossed around by Her Royal Hotness, but let you boss them around?"

Chris nods and says "Yup. They're my new interns."

Flip-Flop places her hand on her forehead and says, "Those poor saps don't know what they've gotten themselves in to."

Chris nods. He says, "I feel bad for them. Anyway, tune in next time for some more Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 9 - Just for Sidekicks

Chris McLean states, "Welcome, all of you faithful viewers, to another episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Let's talk about last week's episode, shall we? The contestants were instructed to go to a Chinese restaurant in order to retrieve this sweet vase." Chris holds up one of the vases, and spits into it. "Nice. The Power Walkers dominated the challenge, and it was a race for second between Chemical Imbalance and Supercilious. In an effort to prevent Cloudburst from getting to me with the second vase, Shockwave threw Her Royal Hotness's scepter at him. He entirely missed Cloudburst, but made a direct hit with a brick wall, tragically breaking Her Royal Hotness's scepter. The fun didn't end there, as her 'tribesmen' were revealed as six not as hot as me, Chris McLean, male models, who were tired of being bossed around by Her Royal Hotness. Not surprisingly, Her Royal Hotness was voted out for no longer having any powers. And I got me some new interns."

"Here's your drink, Chris," the blond intern states, handing Chris a drink contained in a coconut, with a straw and paper umbrella sticking out of it.

Chris frowns and says, "What did I tell you to call me?"

The intern sighs and says, "His Royal Hotness." One of the other interns laughs.

Chris glares at him and says, "Did I say you could stop massaging my feet?"

"No," the intern says with a sigh, as he continues to massage Chris' feet.

Cloudburst and Sandstorm are shown in their room, awkwardly silent. "So..." Cloudburst says, in an effort to break the silence. "Read any good books, lately?" Sandstorm shrugs. Cloudburst says, "I have this awesome pamphlet about hair gel application, if you want to read it." He pauses to look at Sandstorm's short hair. Cloudburst says, "Oh, right." He lets out a sigh.

"Things got a lot more quiet around here, once The Flaming Guy left," Sandstorm admits.

Cloudburst nods, sighs, and puts his chin on his knees. He says, "I really miss the guy. I hope he's okay."

"As do I," Sandstorm agrees.

"I mean," Cloudburst begins, "now we're just Earth and Wind. It's kind of lame. I mean, my side of it is awesome, though." Sandstorm laughs, but then clears his throat.

Out in the main room, Moodswing and The Perfect Gentleman are shown talking. The Perfect Gentleman looks down at the floor. Moodswing says, "I'm glad you're still here."

"Thanks," The Perfect Gentleman says while blushing. He looks over his shoulder.

"What's that for?" Moodswing says in an annoyed tone.

The Perfect Gentleman blushes. He says, "Nothing, my pet. I just wanted to make sure no one was there."

"Why?" Moodswing asks in a sweeter tone of voice.

"I just think someone would be really upset that we were spending so much time together," The Perfect Gentleman admits.

"Okay," Moodswing says. "I understand. You can go back to your room, but I'll miss you."

"And I you," The Perfect Gentleman states. Moodswing giggles. Moodswing leans in to kiss The Perfect Gentleman. He looks behind him, sees that no one is there, and kisses her gently. "Now, go to bed."

"Okay," Moodswing says with a smile. She skips off.

Moodswing says in confessional, "Ever since The Perfect Gentleman and I became an item, my shifts in mood have been less dramatic. I usually switch between lovey to happy." She gazes off dreamily. "I'm in lovey mode, right now."

The Perfect Gentleman enters his room quietly. Amp is lying on his back in his bed, while Shockwave jumps up and down on his belly. Amp sighs and asks, "Hey, man. Where were you?"

"Uh," The Perfect Gentleman says. "Out there." He points at the door.

"Doing what?" Shockwave asks, as he continues bouncing.

"Um..." The Perfect Gentleman says as he furrows his brow.

"Why do we care, anyway?" Bryan says with an eye roll, as he is ironing some of his clothes, wearing just his boxer shorts. "It was probably something perverted."

The Perfect Gentleman laughs, and points at Bryan, moving his hands up and down. He says, "You." He puts his arm around Bryan and says, "Always good for a laugh." He slaps Bryan's butt and walks off. Bryan stops what he was doing and looks forward with an annoyed, embarrassed, and dazed expression.

Bryan is shown in confessional. He says, "I really do not like that guy. I don't want people I don't like slapping my butt." Bryan pauses. He blushes and says, "Not that I want people I do like to slap my butt." He slaps his forehead, and then shakes his head.

In Vanity and Acid Tongue's room, Vanity is staring at her mirror. Acid Tongue stares at her. She asks, "You haven't done anything since you got here, have you?" Vanity ignores her. Acid Tongue goes on, "I'm sure if you did something, it would be lame, because you are lame." Vanity continues to ignore her. Acid Tongue shrugs and gets into her bed.

Vanity states in confessional with little interest, as she gazes into her mirror, "I was so thrilled when I saw that Her Royal Hotness was eliminated. It's about time."

Moodswing and Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl are shown in their room. Moodswing giggles happily. Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl looks at her. She says, "I couldn't even imagine what you're thinking about."

"A boy," Moodswing admits with a sigh.

"Is it that Dustin Beaver kid?" RIPSG asks.

"What?" Moodswing asks angrily. "No!"

"Oh, sorry," RIPSG states.

"Nah, it's okay," Moodswing replies, calmly. "It's actually..." Moodswing sighs. "The Perfect Gentleman."

"That jerk?" RIPSG replies. Moodswing looks surprised. "I wouldn't waste my time thinking about him. I thought he was nice, but that was before we learned what his powers were."

Moodswing admits, "He's not like that. Trust me."

RIPSG shakes her head and says, "Nope. I know a sleazy... person when I see one... Or at least once I learn what his powers are."

Moodswing says quietly, "Maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

"What was that?" RIPSG asks. "You know I can't hear you when you're inaudible."

The following day, the contestants are gathered in the main room with Chris. He explains, "Every good hero needs a sidekick."

"Not true," Man Kitten states. "Only people with powers that can't cover all bases need a sidekick."

"Says the man with a built in sidekick," Kent Clark states. He high fives Buoyancy Lad.

Man Kitten says, while blushing, "Sh-shut up!"

Chris says, "Man Kitten is right. Shut up. Now, we have set up the secret lair for auditions. Each team will screen several possible sidekick candidates and choose the one that they think is best."

"What if I already have an epic sidekick?" Sprinkle Mist asks. "Wait. You're bringing them to our secret lair?"

"Yeah," Chris says. "Why? Is that a problem?" Sprinkle Mist sighs. Chris goes on, "I had my new interns set up some tables for each team for the audition process." The contestants look over at an upside down table, with a chair to the side, and a fold up table still not set up, leaning against the wall.

Flip-Flop points to a cardboard box, with 'Kemikal Umbalense' written on it with crayon. She says, "This is the best they could do?"

"They're male models," Chris replies. "Don't expect miracles." Chris looks toward the door, he walks toward it, and says, "If everyone is ready, we'll let in our applicants." He opens the door. Revealing nine people.

"That's all, huh?" Sprinkle Mist states. "I guess I can't say that I'm surprised." She smiles at the options and says, "Right this way."

A young man in green spandex, with a lettuce leaf for a mask, introduces himself to Chemical Imbalance, "My name is Super Salad!" He smiles widely revealing his braces.

"What are your powers?" The Perfect Gentleman asks with a concerned expression.

Super Salad proudly smiles and excitedly says, "I have the ability to toss salad! And with my condiment belt, I can season any salad perfectly!"

"Next!" Sprinkle Mist shouts. Super Salad holds his head down and moves on.

An eight year old girl steps in front of Chemical Imbalance. She says, "Hi! I'm Becky Mae! Yay! I'm eight and three quarter years old! Yay!" Bryan sighs and puts his head in his hands.

Over at The Power Walkers table, a sickly man stands in front of the team. Buoyancy Lad says, "Wait a second. Aren't you one of the guys that held us hostage the other day?"

"Um, maybe," Suscepti-Bill replies, looks nervous, and then sneezes several times in a row.

"Get out of here," Man Kitten says gruffly. Suscepti-Bill dejectedly walks away. "Next!"

A morbidly obese man in ill-fitting tights steps forward and says, "I am known only as Best. Sidekick. Ever."

Kent Clark has his hands over Acid Tongue's mouth. Kent asks, "So, Best. Sidekick. Ever. What exactly are your powers?"

Best. Sidekick. Ever. scoffs. He says, "Only the most useful power in the history of sidekick history!"

"Okay," Kent Clark replies. "Care to elaborate on that?"

"I only have an encyclopedic knowledge of every hero, villain, and comic book in existence," Best. Sidekick. Ever. explains.

"Lame," Buoyancy Lad says, with his arms folded.

Best. Sidekick. Ever. says, "Oh. Excuse me. I guess you people don't want someone that can help you with his knowledge of every plot line there ever was, and can get you out of any problem with said knowledge." A watch timer goes off. Best. Sidekick. Ever. looks at his watch and says, "Oops, pardon me. It's cheeseburger time." He reaches into his fanny pack and pulls out a cheeseburger.

Man Kitten clenches the table with his hands. He begins shaking uncontrollably. Buoyancy Lad looks at him and asks, "Is there a problem?"

Man Kitten sweats profusely. He says, "Um... No? No problem." His eyes widen and he says, "Oh, no. I can't stop it." He transforms into his kitten form and asks, "I can has cheeseburger?"

Best. Sidekick. Ever. looks on with wide eyes. He asks, "What just happened, or whatever?"

"I can has cheeseburger!" Man Kitten shouts. Best. Sidekick. Ever. tosses the cheeseburger to Man Kitten and faints. Man Kitten eats the cheeseburger, saying, "Om nom nom nom nom nom!" His team looks at him with wide eyes. Man Kitten returns to his human form, lying on the ground next to the cheeseburger. He looks down, begins crying, and says, "I'm so ashamed." His team looks on with worried and confused expressions.

Kent Clark walks over, lifts Best. Sidekick. Ever. and drops him in front of Chemical Imbalance. He calls, "Next!"

Supercilious is shown at their table. A preteen boy in tights stands in front of them. He explains, "I can walk backwards, talk backwards, sing backwards, and fly, but only backwards. I have to work out the kinks so I can tell where I'm going."

Cloudburst nudges Sandstorm and says, "How about him? He seems sidekick-y."

Sandstorm says, "Yeah, but it would seem kind of odd for me to have a prepubescent boy as my constant companion. Weird rumors might start."

Cloudburst thinks for a moment and says, "Yeah. I see your point. Next!" An elderly woman walks up. Cloudburst says, "I have had my fill of old ladies. Next!" The woman glares at them, transforms into a dragon, and flies through the ceiling. Supercilious looks on with wide eyes.

The Power Walkers are shown with a good looking, young man standing in front of them. He says in a deep, emotionless voice, "Hey. I'm Bryce. It's like rice with an extra dose of 'b'."

"Um," Kent Clark says, "right. What is your superpower, Bryce?"

"I could explain it, but I will show it," Bryce says.

"Umkay," Kent Clark replies.

Bryce begins dancing 'The Robot'. "So am I in?" Bryce asks. Kent Clark sighs and shakes his head.

An average looking guy in street clothes is standing in front of Supercilious. He says, "Hi, everyone. I'm happy to be here."

RIPSG says, "I say we choose him."

"I don't have any powers," the guy replies.

RIPSG shrugs and says, "That's not really an issue, is it?" RIPSG gets disapproving glares from her team.

"Actually," the guy explains, "I'm here for my brother. He's a tad shy, so I'm here to introduce him." He turns to his brother and says, "Come on over, bro." Another average looking, extremely timid guy steps forward. His brother explains, "This is Greg. Oh, sorry. 'The Hot Dude' is his super name."

Moodswing looks at Greg and says, "He doesn't look that hot to me."

Greg's brother says, "No, no. That's what his power is."

Cloudburst says, "Look, we have hot powers covered." He holds up his left hand, and heat emits from it.

"No," Greg's brother says. "It's not like that, either. Why don't you show them, Greg?"

Greg reluctantly steps forward and nods. He raises his head and begins screaming. Supercilious looks at him with confused looks. Fire then shoots forth from Greg's mouth. Supercilious applauds, and Greg stops, looking embarrassed. Cloudburst asks, "Did you just scream fire?" Greg nods. Cloudburst takes Sandstorm's hands in his, and they look at each other with wide eyes. "You're hired!" Cloudburst declares while pointing at Greg.

"You need a better name, though," RIPSG states monotonously. "How about 'The Boy Who Cried Fire'?"

"No, that's dumb," Cloudburst states. "How about 'Screamfire'?"

Greg's brother looks at him, and Greg nods. Greg's brother says, "He likes it."

"I know," Cloudburst states. He smiles smugly. "I rock at coming up with superhero names."

The teams are gathered around Chris. Chris says, "Let me meet your choices."

"We'll go first," Cloudburst states. He pushes Greg forward. "This is Screamfire! I named him myself. Show 'em what you got, Greg." Greg nods and begins screaming. His scream turns into fire, again.

"Whoa," Chris says. "Impressive." He looks at Chemical Imbalance and says, "What did you scrounge up?"

The obese man steps forward and says, "Only the Best. Sidekick. Ever. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things super."

"You guys chose that loser?" Acid Tongue asks, causing the team, and Best. Sidekick. Ever. to wince.

"He is pretty lame," Chris admits. "What about you, The Power Walkers?"

Bryce steps forward and says, "I'm Bryce. It's like rice with an extra dose of 'b'."

"Right, Bryce," Vanity says. "Just show everyone your power." Bryce begins dancing 'The Robot'.

"That's it?" Chris says in disbelief.

Best. Sidekick. Ever. scoffs and says, "And you thought I was lame."

Chris shakes his head. He says, "I guess I have to declare the loser, now." He eyes the three teams. He says, "The losing team is... Supercilious."

"What!?" Cloudburst shouts. "Our guy screams fire! Screams... fire."

"Yeah, Chris," Buoyancy Lad states. "Our guys were totally lame."

Chris nods. He says, "Exactly. Your guys were lame, exactly what a good sidekick should be."

"Ha!" Best. Sidekick. Ever laughs.

"He called you lame, dude," Shockwave replies. "Which you are." Best. Sidekick. Ever. folds his arms and looks off to the side.

Chris nods and says, "Yeah. We all know that sidekicks are only there to get kidnapped, or to shield the hero from speeding projectiles. They can't be as awesome as the hero. That would entirely defeat the purpose. So, after these losers leave, we can begin the elimination ceremony. The Perfect Gentleman looks over at Moodswing, and then down at the floor.

In the elimination ceremony room, Chris states, "You guys really need to learn how to be better superheroes. You aren't doing a great job."

"Yeah, well," Cloudburst says, "just get on with it."

Chris shrugs and says, "Alright. If you say so. Wait, you're not the boss of me." Chris defiantly crosses his arms. He then says, "Moodwing and Cloudburst are safe." Cloudburst looks confused. "So it's between RIPSG and Sandstorm. The next eliminated contestant is..."

"Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl, or whatever."

RIPSG shrugs. She says, "Oh."

Cloudburst hugs Sandstorm and cries, "I was so worried about you. You're my earth, dude." Sandstorm looks concerned, and gently pats Cloudburst on the back.

Moodswing says, "Sorry, RIPSG. We don't have much of a choice, and I figured that the guys would vote together."

"Yeah," RIPSG says. "I know you were just mad because I don't like your boyfriend."

"Ooh!" Sandstorm, Cloudburst, and Chris say. "Who is he?"

Moodswing blushes and says, "Oh... You know..."

RIPSG stands up and says, "Alright. I guess I'll be leaving." She walks out the door.

Chris turns to the camera, "As we continue to weed out the contestants, be sure to tune into the next episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered. McLean out."

Moodswing is shown in her room sitting on her bed. She looks around the empty room and lets out a slight sigh. She hears knocking on her door, and goes to answer it. She asks, "Who is it?"

A heavy sigh is heard. The voice says, "Me."

Moodswing smiles and opens the door, revealing The Perfect Gentleman. Moodswing says, "Hi!"

"I was so worried that it might be you," The Perfect Gentleman says. "I don't know why. But now that I see you're still here, I'll head back to my room."

Moodswing takes his hand and says, "No, don't leave."

The Perfect Gentleman blushes. He says, "A gentleman shouldn't be alone with a member of the opposite sex, especially in her room."

Moodswing laughs. She says, "You big fuddy duddy. I just wanted to talk, a little."

"We can talk, later," The Perfect Gentleman insists. "I really should go back." Moodswing takes The Perfect Gentleman's face in her hands and they kiss passionately. The Perfect Gentleman looks flustered. Moodswing laughs. "I'll see you, tomorrow. Goodnight, my love." The Perfect Gentleman blushes, a little, and leaves, closing the door behind him.

Moodswing calls out, "Goodnight."

The Perfect Gentleman walks to his nearby room and looks behind his shoulder at Moodswing's door. He lets out a light sigh, and turns around. A large hand grasps his throat. He attempts to gasp, but fails. The Perfect Gentleman is immediately punched in the face, and knocked unconscious.

Chapter 10 - Gentleman's Acquirement

Chris McLean states, "Welcome to another installment of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time, the contestants had to weed through a handful of hopeful sidekicks. Most of them were lame. Supercilious chose the one that wasn't lame, forgetting that sidekicks are there solely to be lame. Supercilious had to vote someone out, and they chose Random Imaginary Person Summoner Girl." Chris pauses. "I feel like I'm leaving something out..." He looks thoughtful, shrugs, and says, "Oh, well. Let's get on with the show."

Vanity and Acid Tongue's room is shown. Acid Tongue is sleeping. She says in her sleep, "So... stupid... So... useless..." Vanity briefly looks at her, and then back at her mirror. She lets out a sigh.

The Power Walker guys are shown in their room. Man Kitten asks, "Will you turn off that light, already?"

"Why?" Buoyancy Lad retorts. "Need a catnap?" Buoyancy Lad poses in front of the mirror in their room.

Man Kitten replies, "You're so funny."

Kent Clark says, "What are you doing, anyway, BL?"

Buoyancy Lad answers, "Practicing some new poses to accentuate my beauty." Man Kitten growls and puts a pillow over his face.

A knock is heard at their door. "Who could that be?" Kent Clark asks.

"Maybe it's my dream lover looking for some buoyancy in their lives," Buoyancy Lad suggests. He struts over to the door, and opens it.

Amp says, "Hey, guys."

Man Kitten laughs and says, "It looks like you were right, BL." Buoyancy Lad glares at Man Kitten.

Kent Clark asks, "So, what are you doing here, so late?"

"Oh, right," Amp says. He says, "It's really late."

"Thanks for coming here in the middle of the night to tell us that," Man Kitten states.

Amp laughs. He says, "I was just wondering if you guys have seen The Perfect Gentleman."

The guys look at each other. Kent Clark looks confused and says, "We can't say that we have."

Amp nods. He says, "Alright. Uh... Then goodnight. Rock and rolllll!"

"Is he missing?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

"Oh," Amp replies. "Yeah. He left the room and hasn't come back."

Man Kitten rolls his eyes. He says, "Have you checked the girls' rooms?"

"Yeah," Amp replies. "This is the last room we checked. We didn't want to have to come here, as you guys weird us out..." He gets blank stares from The Power Walker guys. "Anyway, I was just leaving. Rock and rollllll!" Amp walks away.

"We weird him out?" Man Kitten says with a raised eyebrow. "Well, goodnight fellas." He throws a shoe at Buoyancy Lad's lamp, causing the room to go dark.

Kent Clark states, "Don't you think we should go help them look for him?"

"No," Man Kitten replies. Man Kitten's stopwatch is heard going off. He sighs heavily. Man Kitten's kitten form voice says, "Let us go wook for the missing guy person head. Yay! I'm so worried."

In the main room, the other contestants are already gathered. Man Kitten has a barrel strapped around his neck. He holds his head to the side and says, "Is we going to wook for The Puuuurr-fect Gentleman?" Man Kitten giggles.

"We were just discussing that," Moodswing answers. "We decided that we would tell Chris about it. He should know what to do." Moodswing knocks on Chris' door.

He walks out wearing a nightshirt, a blindfold, and a sleeping cap. He says, "What do you ingrates want? I need my beauty sleep."

"I'll say," Acid Tongue states. Chris flinches.

Chris lifts his blindfold, and the contestants gasp at the bags under his eyes. He points at Acid Tongue and says, "Never insult my appearance, again. Now, leave me alone." He turns around.

"The Perfect Gentleman is missing," Shockwave states.

Chris sighs. He says, "And what do you expect me to do about it?"

Sprinkle Mist rubs her chin. She says, "Can't you check camera footage for any answers?"

"Yeah, yeah," Chris says. "I have to do everything around here." He holds his finger up in the air and says, "I've got an idea. This will be the next challenge. Whatever team finds The Perfect Gentleman first will win invincibility!" He gets blank stares from the contestants. "I'm going back to bed."

"That's it?" Moodswing replies. "Aren't you going to help us?"

Chris sighs. He says, "I'll check the camera footage and report to you guys when I'm done." He slams his door.

Moodswing sighs. She says, "Well, we better start looking for him." The other contestants begin returning to their rooms. "Where are you going?"

"Back to bed," Flip-Flop answers.

"What?" Moodswing says. "With a missing person missing?"

"None of us actually liked the guy," Man Kitten replies, now in human form. "He's a jerk, plain and simple."

"He is not!" Moodswing shouts. "Well, I don't care what you people do. It shouldn't matter what you think about him. He's in trouble."

Bryan looks at Moodswing. He says, "I'll help."

Moodswing looks at him. She says, "Really?"

Bryan forces a smile and says, "It means a lot to you. I don't exactly like him... But you're right. We should put our feelings aside."

Moodswing smiles and says, "Great!"

Cloudburst puts his arm around Sandstorm and says, "She's right, man. We should help. We're heroes."

Sandstorm says, "Right."

Cloudburst sighs. He says, "I can't get over that voice of yours. Could you say, 'Cloudburst is my hero'?" Sandstorm stares at him with a concerned expression.

The Power Walkers walk up to the forming search party. Man Kitten says, "We're going to help, too."

Moodswing hugs Man Kitten and says, "Thank you!"

Man Kitten blushes and says, "Stop it. We're only helping so we don't lose the challenge. " He looks at Moodswing and asks, "What's the big deal, anyway? Why are you so concerned about that little, creepy guy?" Moodswing quickly looks annoyed.

Vanity answers, "Because they're romantically involved." The others look at her.

"What?" Flip-Flop says. "How do you know that?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Vanity asks. Moodswing blushes and looks down at the ground.

"This is the best search party I've ever seen," Man Kitten states.

Sprinkle Mist says, "Right. We should start searching."

"Or partying," Amp replies. He gets a few glares. He says, "What?"

"We should start by searching the warehouse," Kent Clark suggests. The contestants disperse.

The contestants return, after a few minutes. Buoyancy Lad states, "He's not in my luggage."

"He wasn't in our room, at all," Kent Clark states.

Amp states, "He wasn't in his bed, either." He gets several stares. He points at Buoyancy Lad and says, "He says he wasn't in his luggage, and you look at me like I'm the idiot?"

Flip-Flop looks over to another door. She says, "What's that room?"

"I don't know," Cloudburst states. "But it has a sign on it that says 'Keep Out', so we should probably leave it alone." The others look at each other.

Moodswing runs to the door and tries to open it. She says, "It's locked."

"Oh, well," Cloudburst says. "We did what we could."

Kent Clark says, "Move." He approaches the door, and rips it off of its hinges.

"I don't know how The Perfect Gentleman would get in there," Cloudburst states. "He must be elsewhere."

Moodshift goes through the door. She holds up a bow tie. She asks, "Isn't this The Perfect Gentleman's?"

"Yeah," Bryan says. "I think so."

"You know what this means?" Flip-Flop states with wide eyes.

Man Kitten suggests, "That nerd finally gave up the pansy look?"

"No," Flip-Flop states. "I forgot what I was about to say."

Sprinkle Mist says, "It means he is probably down those stairs." She points at the stairs. "Let's go." Cloudburst stands still. "What are you doing? Come on."

Cloudburst says, "I was just thinking that someone should guard this door."

Sprinkle Mist looks at him. She says, "That's actually a really good idea, in case someone tries to escape."

Sandstorm says, "I'll guard the door."

Cloudburst says, "Ah, man." The contestants begin walking down the stairs. Cloudburst stays behind with Sandstorm.

Sandstorm looks at him and says, "What are you doing? I thought you were over your fears, and wanted to be a hero."

"I do," Cloudburst replies. He looks down at the floor. "I just have a really bad feeling about this." Sandstorm puts his hand on Cloudburst's shoulder. Cloudburst says, "You're touching me."

Sandstorm nods. He says, "Don't be afraid. Can you imagine what The Perfect Gentleman is feeling, right now?"

Cloudburst sighs. He says, "He must be really scared, unless he's just playing hide and seek, or something. You're right, man. I have a dude to rescue." He runs down the stairs. Sandstorm looks after Cloudburst with a smirk.

"What is this place?" Shockwave asks.

"It seems like a basement that hasn't been cleaned in forty years," Man Kitten replies. He sneezes.

Flip-Flop looks around. She says, "This place is so huge. Why is the ceiling so high?" She shrugs.

A rat runs by on the floor. Moodswing screams. Bryan rushes toward her and puts his arm around her. He says, "Don't be scared. I'm right here."

Moodswing pushes his arm off of her. She says, "I'll be alright."

Cloudburst says, "Hey, everyone. Check out what I found." He points over at The Perfect Gentleman's purple jacket.

"He must be close," Moodswing says. Bryan looks at her and holds his head down.

Man Kitten looks at the jacket and says, "Man. I sure hope he's not naked by the time we find him."

The contestants approach a door. "Do you guys think he might be in there?" Flip-Flop wonders.

Sprinkle Mist inspects the area. She says, "It's the only clean part of the whole room. Somebody must have been here recently."

Bryan tries to open the door. He says, "I can't open it."

Acid Tongue states, "How about someone with some upper body strength tries, peewee?" Bryan's face turns red, he flinches, and looks down at the floor.

Cloudburst attempts to open the door, and does so successfully. He shouts, "Yeah! How awesome am I?"

"Matthew!" Moodswing shouts. The Perfect Gentleman is lying on the floor, with an obviously broken arm and leg. He looks up with one black eye, one eye swelled shut, and his nose broken. She runs toward him, and puts her arms around him. Bryan looks to the side.

Acid Tongue states, "Someone got a lot less pretty."

Moodswing says, "What did Bryan do to you?" Bryan's eyes get wide.

The Perfect Gentleman says weakly, "Bryan? He didn't do this." His speaking reveals several missing teeth.

Moodswing looks at The Perfect Gentleman tearfully. She says, "He hates you, though."

"What?" The Perfect Gentleman says with confusion in his weak voice.

Kent Clark says, "Let me carry you back upstairs."

The Perfect Gentleman shouts, "Stay away from me!" He pushes himself back and flinches in pain.

"What's wrong?" Sprinkle Mist says.

"He did this," The Perfect Gentleman states. He shakes as he points at Kent Clark. The others look at Kent.

"I-I don't know what he's talking about," Kent Clark states.

"Yeah," Buoyancy Lad says. "He was in our room, all night."

The Perfect Gentleman winces. He says, "I know who it was."

Moodswing looks at Man Kitten. He sighs and says, "I guess I have to be the one to carry you." He gently lifts The Perfect Gentleman. "We'll bring you back to Chris, man. Don't worry."

"Aw!" Flip-Flop says. "You're almost as sweet as your kitty version." Man Kitten blushes.

"What do we do about him?" Sprinkle Mist says, while looking at Kent.

Cloudburst states, "I'm strong, but not strong enough to apprehend that criminal."

Kent Clark holds his head down. He says, "I'm not going to do anything. I'm innocent."

The group slowly heads out of the basement. Bryan says, "I'll run ahead and tell Chris."

"Thanks, buddy," The Perfect Gentleman states.

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Sprinkle Mist says.

Bryan runs ahead. Shockwave trips him, and Bryan falls face first on the concrete. "Oopsie," Shockwave says. "My bad."

Bryan stands up. He wipes his nose, which is bleeding. He looks at his hand and begins shaking. He angrily looks at Shockwave. He pauses. He says, with his voice trembling, "I was just leaving." He runs toward the stairs.

"Real classy," Flip-Flop says quietly in Shockwave's direction. He smirks.

Chris quickly runs down the stairs. He says, "After a nap, I just saw the footage of what happened to The Perfect Gentleman." He pauses. "Oh, you found him."

"Didn't Bryan tell you?" Flip-Flop states.

Chris looks confused. He says, "Oh, yeah. I passed him upstairs. What team found The Perfect Gentleman first?" The upstairs door slams shut. Chris says, "You can tell me later. You would never believe who attacked The Perfect Gentleman." Bryan runs down the stairs.

"Who?" Kent Clark asks.

Chris looks at him with a confused expression. He says, "It was you, dude." Kent Clark looks surprised. Chris says, "I should have called the cops to take you away. You wailed on him pretty hard." Chris pauses. "I'll go and call the cops."

Vanity says, "Wait, Chris. I know what really happened." She holds her mirror down.

Chris says, "What do you mean? I saw the footage from the main room."

"Was he in the footage?" Vanity asks while gesturing toward Bryan.

Chris looks confused. He says, "Yeah, like a few seconds before the attack, but he didn't have anything to do with it."

Vanity sighs. She says, "I saw what happened. I've kept one of my powers hidden, but I have the ability to see into one mirror, and look through another." She looks at Buoyancy Lad and says, "You should really stop posing in front of the mirror."

Bryan's eyes get wide. He says, "You're lying."

"Bryan entered The Power Walker's room, and told Kent Clark to beat The Perfect Gentleman and then take him downstairs," Vanity states. The others look at Bryan.

Bryan laughs and says, "She's lying."

Moodswing says, "Bryan. I can tell that you're the one lying."

"You mean, it was him?" The Perfect Gentleman says.

Buoyancy Lad shakes his head. He says, "Bryan never came into our room, and Kent never left."

Vanity explains, "Bryan simply stayed in the room until Kent returned, and told them all to forget that he was there, and what happened. It apparently worked."

Amp looks at Bryan, sadly. He says, "I know you didn't do it. Right, little buddy?"

Bryan begins shaking. He shouts, "Don't ever call me little, again! I hate it!" Amp's eyes get blank. Bryan looks up at Amp's expression and says, "Oh, no..."

Cloudburst says nervously, "Let's get out of here."

"Stop!" Bryan shouts. He puts his head in his hands as Cloudburst stops moving.

Acid Tongue says, "So the pathetic twerp is a villain, after all." Bryan winces.

"I am not!" Bryan shouts. "The Perfect Gentleman is the bad guy. He's a complete jerk." He turns toward Moodswing and says, "Why can't you see it? You should hear the things he's said, and what he said about you."

Moodswing sighs and says, "I know he really loves me, Bryan. I can just tell. And I love him."

Bryan grabs her arm and says, "Stop loving him. Love me, instead." Moodswing's eyes get blank. She wraps her arms around Bryan.

"You're insane," Sprinkle Mist says with her eyes wide. "Everyone, get out of here. It seems like Bryan can only command one person at a time."

"You're right," Bryan says, "though the effect lasts, I can only command one person at a time." The other contestants, and Chris run toward the stairs. Bryan commands, "Amp, use your power." Amp's amplification field turns on. Bryan smiles and steps inside of the field with Moodswing. He says, "Everyone stop moving." The others freeze. "Sandstorm, get down here." Sandstorm walks down the stairs, with his eyes blank. Bryan says, "Use your powers to keep the others away from me, in case they try anything." Sandstorm complies and uses the dirt from the basement floor to swirl and spin around Bryan, Amp, and Moodswing.

The Perfect Gentleman states, "I don't understand any of this. I thought we were friends, Bryan."

"Stop lying!" Bryan shouts.

"I'm not lying," The Perfect Gentleman replies.

Bryan's face drops. He says, "Man Kitten, drop The Perfect Gentleman to the ground." Man Kitten drops The Perfect Gentleman.

The Perfect Gentleman screams in pain. "Why are you doing this?" The Perfect Gentleman asks.

"You stole her from me," Bryan answers. "She liked me, before you stole her from me."

The Perfect Gentleman replies, "No, she didn't, Bryan."

"Stop lying!" Bryan shouts. "I know you're lying."

"I'm not lying," The Perfect Gentleman replies in a sad tone.

Bryan looks nervous. He says, "Well, it doesn't matter, anymore. She loves me, now."

Acid Tongue states, "Oh, how romantic. You can only get a girl to like you by forcing her to."

Bryan winces. He says, "You... You only say horrible things to me."

"She says those things to all of us," Man Kitten replies. "It's her power."

"Shut Up!" Bryan commands Man Kitten. Man Kitten's expression is blank. Bryan looks at Acid Tongue and smirks. He says, "I command you to only say nice things from now on."

Acid Tongue's eyes get blank. She says, "It's so nice we could all get together like this."

Bryan laughs. He says, "That's better."

"You're sick, man," Shockwave says. "Let us go."

Bryan looks at Shockwave. He says, "I forgot about you." Bryan smiles. He says, "Punch yourself in the face." Shockwave's expression turns blank, and he punches himself in the face, knocking himself to the ground. Bryan laughs. He says, "Keep doing it." Shockwave punches himself in the face, repeatedly.

Acid Tongue smiles and says, "You're such a good person, Bryan."

Bryan's face turns blank. He says, "What are you... Oh, I get it. Is that supposed to be sarcasm?"

Chris says, "You said she could only say nice things. Why? Don't you believe her?"

Bryan blushes. He says, "Sandstorm, cut out the... uh... sandstorm." Sandstorm stops using his power. Bryan says, "Acid Tongue, come stand by me." Acid Tongue walks over to Bryan. He asks, "You have to understand me. I'm not the bad guy, here."

Acid Tongue smiles and says, "I know you aren't a bad person."

Bryan lets out a deep sigh. He smiles. He says, "Thank you."

"You should really let all of these nice people go," Acid Tongue suggests.

"Why?" Bryan says with wide eyes. "You know what they've all done to me."

Acid Tongue nods. She says, "I think you're a beautiful person, Bryan. You are so sensitive. There aren't many people like that."

Bryan continues smiling. He says, "I know." Bryan begins crying. He says, "I don't understand why everyone is always so mean to me. Don't they know how hard my life is, already?"

Acid Tongue puts her hand on the back of Bryan's head. She holds his head to her shoulder. She says, "No, Bryan. They really should be more considerate toward you."

"Yeah," Bryan says. "They should be."

"But you can't force people to treat you how you want them to," Acid Tongue states. "Everyone has their own problems they need to deal with, and we can't know everyone's circumstances."

"So now you're taking their side?" Bryan says with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Acid Tongue shakes her head. She says, "I was once a normal girl, then I couldn't stop saying mean things about people. I can see what everyone is insecure about. I know what they go through, and I can't help but insult them. Amp, here, was manipulated and used by people he trusted. While it hurt him, he still can't help but be trusting. That's the beautiful thing about him." Bryan looks at Amp.

Bryan looks at the ground, he says, "Amp, you can stop using your power, for now." Amp stops using his power.

"Sandstorm's family was brutally murdered," Acid Tongue reveals. "He is against violence, because of it, and I think that that's a great trait. He could have responded with violence."

Bryan holds his head down. He says, "I didn't know."

"Moodswing was in love with a boy at her high school," Acid Tongue reveals. "She received her powers, and while she was dating him at the time, her power revealed to her that he didn't love her the way she loved him. She was really selfless and broke up with him, overlooking her feelings."

Bryan looks at Moodswing. He holds his head down. He says quietly, "You don't have to love me if you don't want to. You can love whoever you want." Moodswing's expression turns back to normal. She rushes toward The Perfect Gentleman.

Acid Tongue says with a wide smile, "Don't you feel so much better?"

Bryan sighs. He says, "How could I be so selfish? I'm a monster." Bryan falls to his knees and cries into his hands.

"You're not a monster," Acid Tongue assures. "You just made a mistake, like we all do. You're fortunate, though. You can undo this mistake."

Bryan lets out another sigh. He says, "Right... Amp could you, please, use your power, again?" Amp looks to the side, nods, and turns on his power. Bryan says, "Everyone, forget what I commanded you to do, today." Everyone returns to normal. "I'm sorry," Bryan says quietly.

Back upstairs, the medics are shown putting The Perfect Gentleman on a gurney. Moodswing is by his side. The Perfect Gentleman smiles and says, "That was a rough day." He says, "I bet I look pretty awful. I wouldn't blame you for not liking me, anymore." Moodswing kisses The Perfect Gentleman. He says, "Ow."

Shockwave gently rubs his face. Man Kitten says to him, "It's good for you that you punch like a girl." Shockwave glares at him.

Bryan emerges from his room with his belongings. Some of the others hold their heads down. He sighs. He says, "Bye, everyone. I thought it would be best for me to leave."

"He's not getting arrested?" Flip-Flop asks.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "There isn't a law that covers using his powers in that way. I'm guessing he learned his lesson, though."

Bryan says quietly, "I hope it never happens, again." He looks toward the front door. He begins walking toward it. He stops when he gets near Acid Tongue. He hugs her and says, "Thank you."

She says, "Get off of me you little creep."

Bryan says, "I know how hard your power must be for you. I wish I could tell you not to use your power anymore, but I know that would be wrong." He sighs. "Just know that I understand, okay?" Acid Tongue looks over to the side, without saying anything. Bryan walks out the front door.

Moodswing looks after Bryan. She looks down at The Perfect Gentleman. She says, "I wish you didn't have to go, too."

The Perfect Gentleman replies, "Me neither, but I have no choice. Promise to visit me at the hospital whenever you can." Moodswing nods. She waves as he is brought outside.

Chris says, "Well, we all saw a lot of action, today. Due to the double elimination, no one will have to get voted out."

"Is that all you think about?" Moodswing replies.

Chris says, "Hey, someone has to keep things on schedule." He looks at his watch and says, "Be sure to tune in next time to another episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 11 - The Incredible Shrinking Contestants

Chris smiles at the camera and says, "Hello, Chris McLean fans. Welcome to another Total... Drama... Super Powered. Last time... all heck broke loose! The Perfect Gentleman went missing, and thanks to my orders, the contestants found him, severely beaten. He accused Kent Clark of being the one to assault him, but, later, Vanity revealed her power of being able to see through mirrors. She saw the whole thing and knew that Bryan had commanded Kent to attack The Perfect Gentleman. So... that's when the heck broke loose. Bryan controlled everyone to various degrees, including telling Amp to amplify his power, and telling Moodswing to love him. After telling Acid Tongue to stop saying mean things, she was able to empathize with him, and eventually calm him down, and bring out the things that some of the other contestants suffered. Bryan undid what he had just done, and let everyone go. He decided to leave the competition. The Perfect Gentleman also left the competition to seek medical attention, or whatever. So, anyway, who will be eliminated next?"

Cloudburst and Sandstorm are shown in their room together. Cloudburst says, sitting on his bed, "So..." Sandstorm remains silent. "That was pretty crazy." Sandstorm nods. Cloudburst looks at Sandstorm and holds his head down. He asks, "So... what Acid Tongue said about your family..."

"I don't want to talk about it," Sandstorm replies.

"Right," Cloudburst states. "I noticed that you're not much into talking."

Sandstorm sighs. He says, "I'm just afraid of getting close to anyone. I don't want to get too attached, in case..."

Cloudburst says, "Yeah." He looks uneasy. He says, "It was a long day. We should really just get to bed, yeah?" Sandstorm shrugs and nods.

Cloudburst is shown in confessional, saying, "Talking with Sandstorm... I didn't know what to say, you know? I've never had anything all that bad happen to me, all my life, so... I just didn't know what to say."

The Chemical Imbalance guys are shown in their room. Amp goes from the door to his bed. He lets out a heavy sigh. Shockwave looks at him with a sad expression. He says, "Uh, hey Ampy Bear. Wanna cuddle, or something?" Amp sighs, again. "Look, I know I've been... different, but if you want to talk about Bryan..."

"No," Amp replies.

"Come on, man!" Shockwave says. "I don't like seeing you like this. Where's the fun, crazy, loud Amp that everyone loves?"

"I went out of my way to befriend him, then he used me," Amp states. "What's the point of trusting anyone?"

"I don't know, uh..." Shockwave begins. "But you can't be depressed, forever."

"Why not?" Amp asks.

Shockwave furrows his brow. He says, "Quit asking these complicated questions. Let's do something fun!" Amp raises his eyebrow. "I know," Shockwave states. "Let's go prank some of the others. That will take your mind off of what happened earlier." Shockwave grabs hold of Amp's wrist, and attempts to walk, but fails.

Amp asks, "Why is it that you're so focused on me all the time?"

Shockwave looks confused. He says, "Uh... I..."

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Amp asks.

Shockwave's eyes widen. He says, "Uh, no, dude. I'm not into that."

"Oh, I thought you were," Amp says. He pauses. "Wait, you don't think I'm pretty?"

Shockwave laughs. "I don't know, man," Shockwave answers. "I was just acting that way. I'm all about shock value."

"To upset your dad?" Amp asks. Shockwave's eyes get wide. "Didn't he give you a note, or something? Did you read it?" Shockwave holds his head down. Amp says, "Uh... Let's go prank those people, man. Yes!" Shockwave nods. Amp heads toward the door.

Shockwave says, "Wait. Let's put on some disguises, first." Amp nods.

Buoyancy Lad is shown in confessional. He says, "I'm pretty worried about Kent Clark. Ever since he found out that Bryan used him to beat up that Perfect Gentleman guy, he hasn't wanted to talk. I don't blame him, though. If someone made me use my doggie paddling powers for evil... I would be pretty crushed."

The Power Walker guys are shown in their room. Buoyancy Lad looks over at Kent Clark, lying in his bed facing the wall, and sighs. Man Kitten rolls his eyes. He says, "Just what we needed. A melodramatic sigh."

Buoyancy Lad states, "You and I didn't have to go through what Kent did."

"Yeah, yeah," Man Kitten states. "But this life has its risks. We know that."

"I never wanted these powers," Kent Clark says quietly.

Man Kitten laughs. He says, "You think it was my lifelong dream to be able to transform into a giant kitten? None of us asked for these powers, dude. Deal with it, and move on."

"I kind of agree with Man Kitten," Buoyancy Lad says. "It's not like something like that will happen, again."

Kent says, "If it happened once, it could happen, again."

"Listen, dude," Man Kitten starts.

Kent says, "I'm like the perfect weapon. If someone is able to control me, somehow... I would be unstoppable."

Man Kitten frowns. He says, "I don't know, man. Maybe you're right."

Buoyancy Lad shakes is head. He states, "You're only thinking of the worst case scenario. Try to think of the good that your powers can do. You could prevent evil people from doing evil things." Buoyancy Lad struts in front of their mirror and poses. "Thousands of people want the powers you have, man, even one of them would make them happy."

"What are you doing?" Man Kitten asks.

"I'm hoping Vanity is watching," Buoyancy Lad replies. He paws at the mirror and says, "Meow!"

Man Kitten glares at Buoyancy Lad and says, "I find use of that word offensive."

In Sprinkle Mist and Flip-Flop's room, Sprinkle Mist states, "How are you holding up?"

"Alright," Flip-Flop answers. She thinks for a moment. "Now that I think about it, not so good."

"Yeah," Sprinkle Mist agrees. "I didn't enjoy feeling so helpless. I wanted to stop Bryan, but couldn't do anything about it."

Flip-Flop nods. She says, "I could have done something, like turn into a turkey baster, or something. But I couldn't."

Sprinkle Mist looks at Flip-Flop and raises an eyebrow at her. She says, "Right, since that would..." She is interrupted by a knock at the door.

Flip-Flop stands up and says, "I'll get it." She sits back down and says, "I changed my mind."

Sprinkle Mist sighs, stands up, and approaches the door. She opens it and says, "Hello?" She looks around to see no one outside. She shrugs. "I guess I was too slow."

Shockwave and Amp are shown in confessional laughing. Amp is wearing Shockwave's pink transparent shirt, though it is a little small for him, and his hair is combed down so one of his eyes are covered. Shockwave has his hair in a ponytail, and is otherwise wearing Chris McLean's outfit. Shockwave slaps Amp on the back and says, "That was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Amp states. "It really was. What are we going to do next?" Shockwave puts his hand under his chin and looks contemplative.

The next day, Chris says over the intercom, "Emergency! Meet me in the main room!"

The contestants step into the main room. Chris is wearing a robe, and sunglasses. "Going for the playboy look?" Cloudburst asks. "Nice."

"No," Chris says with a frown. "And thanks. Somebody stole my clothes." Amp and Shockwave stifle laughter. "And I can't find my contact lenses." Amp and Shockwave look at each other with confused expressions. "Now, the clothes I'm not so worried about, as I look great naked." Vanity shudders. "But the contact lenses... That's another story." Chris sobs. "I mean, how am I supposed to look at myself in the mirror?"

Man Kitten folds his arms. "So the challenge is to find your stupid contact lenses?" he asks. "That is so dumb."

"How is that remotely superhero related?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Chris nods. He says, "I'm breaking out the oldest superhero plot line cliche in the book."

"We already had a spandex challenge," Vanity reminds.

Chris shakes his head and reaches into his robe. The contestants cover their eyes. Chris pulls out a ray gun. He says, "This is a shrink ray. I'm going to shrink all of you down to tiny person size, then you will find my contact lenses. Each team that does so successfully earns invincibility."

"That sounds simple enough," Sprinkle Mist states.

Chris holds up the shrink ray and says, "Now that you understand your mission, prepare to be miniaturized."

Acid Tongue states, "Sounds like Buoyancy Lad's life story." The others laugh, as well as Buoyancy Lad.

Chris aims his ray gun and fires. He says, "Did I hit anybody?"

Moodswing answers, "No. But you did hit a support beam."

Chris tries, again, and successfully hits the contestants, shrinking them to a tiny size. He approaches them and asks, "Did it work? Where are you, guys?" They run around, trying to avoid getting stepped on by Chris. He puts his foot down, about to crush Flip-Flop. She quickly transforms into a thumbtack. Chris winces, and hops up and down on one foot in pain.

He removes Flip-Flop from his foot and holds her in his hand. She transforms into her regular form. She says, "Chris! It's me! I was the thumbtack."

Chris laughs. He says, "Your tiny person voice makes me laugh."

Flip-Flop asks, "Don't you have eyeglasses, or something?"

"I do," Chris replies. "But they make me look like a total nub."

Flip-Flop says, "Well, you should put them on just for this challenge, so you don't accidentally step on Acid Tongue, or something." Chris rubs his chin in contemplation. "What?"

"I'm wondering if that's a bad thing," Chris replies.

Flip-Flop shouts, "Chris!"

He laughs and says, "I kid. I guess I have no choice. Promise not to make fun of me."

"I promise," Flip-Flop states. Chris removes his sunglasses, reaches into the pocket of his robe, and pulls out a pair of glasses. He puts them on his face, and his eyes look huge due to the magnified lenses. Flip-Flop laughs and says, "You do look like a total nub."

Chris sighs. He looks down at the other contestants. "You guys are adorable," he says. He takes them all in his arms and says, "I have the complete set."

"Put us down, you weirdo," Man Kitten shouts in his tiny, high-pitched voice.

Chris giggles. He says, "So cute." He clears his throat. "Relax. I'm just taking you all into my room so you can find my contact lenses. I'll put you down once we're inside." He sets the contestants down once he gets inside. He states, "Now go look for those contact lenses."

"Right-o," Moodswing says.

Chris smiles and says, "So cute."

Cloudburst and Sandstorm run alongside Moodswing. Sandstorm asks, "What should we do?"

Moodswing suggests, "We should split up so we can cover more ground."

Cloudburst looks at Moodswing. He says, "You seem surprisingly calm, despite what happened, yesterday." Moodswing's eyes widen. She begins crying heavily. Sandstorm looks at Cloudburst and shakes his head. "What?" Cloudburst asks.

"I'm going to search," Sandstorm states. He begins walking away. Cloudburst follows after him. "What are you doing?"

Cloudburst explains, "Following you, man."

"I thought we agreed to split up," Sandstorm says.

"I don't want to be apart from you, man," Cloudburst admits.

Sandstorm sighs. He puts his hand on Cloudburst's shoulder and says, "It'll be fine. I'll be close by if you need me."

Cloudburst nods and smiles. He says, "Thanks for having such a calming voice, man." Cloudburst walks off. Sandstorm looks after him and shakes his head.

Shockwave and Amp are shown walking behind Flip-Flop and Sprinkle Mist. Shockwave puts his arm around Amp and pulls his head close to his. He says, "Dude, do you remember seeing his contacts, anywhere?" Amp shakes his head. "And we were extra careful not to knock anything over, when we were in here, last night."

"I swear," Amp says. "We just took his clothes from the closet." Amp narrows his eyes. "Unless..."

"Unless what?" Shockwave says.

Amp explains, "There was a glass of water on the nightstand."

"Don't tell me you drank it," Shockwave says.

"What if I was thirsty?" Amp asks.

"Dude," Shockwave says, with his hand on his forehead. "That glass could have had Chris' contacts in it."

Amp says, "Relax. I didn't drink it. I just, kind of... knocked it over onto the floor."

Shockwave sighs. He says, "I told you to be stealthy."

"What?" Amp replies. "I was sucking in my gut, and everything."

Shockwave makes his voice more audible to Flip-Flop and Sprinkle Mist, "We should totally check over there." He points toward the nightstand.

Flip-Flop says, "I don't see why we should, but it's as good a place as any to check."

"Those were two separate ideas," Amp says to Flip-Flop. The team makes their way over to the nightstand.

The Power Walkers are shown walking. "How huge is this room?" Vanity asks.

"It just seems large due to our perspective," Kent Clark replies.

Buoyancy Lad suggests, "Why don't Kent and I fly ahead to get a better look at the room?" Kent holds his head down. Buoyancy Lad says, "Maybe we'll just walk like the rest of you."

Man Kitten says, "This is pointless. I'm not walking, anymore."

"I don't want to hear that talk from you,' Buoyancy Lad states. "We're The Power Walkers! This task was made for us. Who are we?"

"The Power Walkers," Man Kitten, Kent Clark, and Vanity quietly reply.

"Say it louder!" Buoyancy Lad states. "Who are we?"

Vanity says, "Shh! Keep it down. I don't want the others to hear this lame motivational speech."

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "You guys are a bunch of losers." The team hears a loud noise that sounds like stomping. "What is that?" They look under Chris' bed and see a bunny made of dust running at them. They scatter. Sandstrom is riding on the back of the dust bunny as he searches the room for a contact lens. He rides away from the area.

Kent Clark asks, "What was that?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "I don't know, but it's a good thing I found this protective invisible bubble to hide under." Kent Clark slaps himself in the face. He breaks his glasses, and they crumble to the floor. Buoyancy Lad's eyes widen. He says, "Dude, are your eyes red?"

Kent Clark covers his eyes with his forearm. He says, "Don't say anything. They make me even more of a freak."

"I wasn't going to say anything," Buoyancy Lad says. "I think they're pretty cool."

"I have a few replacement pairs of glasses in our room," Kent Clark states. "Don't let the others know."

Buoyancy Lad frowns. He says, "If you say so." He looks at the contact lens. "Help me carry this back to Chris." Kent nods and lifts up the contact lens. Kent keeps his eyes shut as he walks toward Chris. Buoyancy Lad asks, "Dude, how can you see where you're going with your eyes closed?"

Kent Clark explains, "I'm using my x-ray vision to see through my eye lids."

"Whoa," Buoyancy Lad states. "Your powers are almost as cool as mine."

Chemical Imbalance is shown. Shockwave asks, "Did anyone find anything, yet?"

"There it is!" Flip-Flop says as she points. She says, "Oh, wait. That's the air." Shockwave sighs.

Sprinkle Mist looks around. She says "There's a really wet spot around, here."

"Ew!" Amp says.

"It's just water," Shockwave states, as he slaps Amp's belly.

"Oh, right," Amp says.

Sprinkle Mist looks confused. She says, "I think you're right, but how do you know?"

Amp and Shockwave look at each other. Shockwave suggests, "Water detection powers?"

Sprinkle Mist says, "Oh, cool." Flip-Flop presses her hands against something. Sprinkle Mist says, "This is no time to practice your mime act."

"No," Flip-Flop says. "I think I found the contact lens."

"Awesome!" Amp shouts. "Yeah!"

"Hurry!" Sprinkle Mist says. "Let's push it back to Chris." The team attempts to push the contact lens.

"It's no use," Shockwave says. "It's too heavy."

"It should be easier to push if we can just turn it over," Sprinkle Mist suggests. The team flips over the contact lens. "Wait... Everyone get in the contact lens. I have an idea."

Amp gets into the contact lens and helps Shockwave and Flip-Flop get in. "I don't know where you're going with this," Flip-Flop says.

Sprinkle Mist moves her hands around, and the wet spot dries as she lifts the water out of the carpet. She turns the water into a wave, and rides it into the contact lens. The water causes the contact lens to flow toward Chris. The team cheers once they reach Chris. He stoops down and picks up his second contact lens. He says, "The Power Walkers and Chemical Imbalance are the winners of the challenge!" The teams cheer.

"Where is the other team, anyway?" Man Kitten says, in his kitten form.

"You're even cuter when you're tiny," Chris states. He rubs Man Kitten against his face. Chris answers, "I'm not sure, but I just have to set the dial on the shrink ray, and everyone will grow back to their normal heights." Man Kitten transforms into his human form. Chris stares at him as he holds him in his hands.

"Put me down!" Man Kitten shouts in his gruff, squeaky voice.

Chris continues to stare at him. "You're still so cute!" He rubs man kitten against his face.

"O-ow!" Man Kitten shouts. "Your stubble hurts! Put me down, you psycho!"

Chris sighs, and puts Man Kitten down on the floor. He adjusts his ray gun and says, "Here goes." He pulls the trigger. The contestants grow to their regular sizes.

Man Kitten looks at Buoyancy Lad, and says, "It didn't work on him." Buoyancy Lad rolls his eyes.

Sandstorm crawls out from under Chris' bed. He coughs. Cloudburst steps out of Chris' closet with a pair of tighty whities in his hair. He says, "I found some of Chris' clothes." He immediately vomits.

Chris states, "Cloudburst, Sandstorm, and Moodswing must vote someone out of their team."

"Where is Moodswing?" Cloudburst asks.

The others hear her voice say, "A herd of mice found me and carried me into a hole in the wall. That was all before I got big, again."

"You're in the wall?" Chris asks.

"Yeah," Moodswing answers. Chris puts his hand on his forehead and shakes his head.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "There's only three of you, so I'll make this short. One of you is out, and I won't declare anyone safe. It'll be more dramatic that way, maybe." Sandstorm and Cloudburst hug. Chris announces, "The next eliminated contestant is..."


Moodswing shouts, ""I can't believe it!" She pauses and says, "No, wait. Yeah, I can."

"Sorry," Cloudburst says. "I will never vote out my earth."

Sandstorm smiles. "Nor I my wind," Sandstorm states.

"Aw, I'm your wind," Cloudburst says.

Moodswing says, "I wouldn't expect you to. But you guys are kind of weirding me out, I won't lie."

Chris says, "I'm going to ask you to go."

Moodswing nods. She says, "I understand. Would it be okay if I went to see The Perfect Gentleman at the hospital?"

Chris nods, and says, "I'll have my interns bring you there, after they get back from their waxing." Moodswing looks at him with a raised eyebrow. Chris turns to the camera and says, "That does it for one more episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered. Be sure to watch next time!"

Chapter 12 - Rescue Mission Trip

Chris McLean states, "Hello, faithful viewer. Are you ready for an all-new Total... Drama... Super Powered? I know I am. But first, we must talk about last time. Last time, the contestants were shrunken down to mini-mode in order to find my rogue contact lenses. Supercilious lost, just like old times, and the unbreakable bond of Sandstorm and Cloudburst remained unbreakable as they voted out the only other remaining team member Moodswing. Be sure to watch what happens next. If you don't, I'm out of a job." Chris laughs nervously.

Sandstorm and Cloudburst are shown in the main room. Cloudburst smiles and hugs Sandstorm. Cloudburst says, "I know this will sound awkward."

"I'm used to it," Sandstorm states.

"Well," Cloudburst says. "I was hoping to get on this show and meet a hot girl, and then we'd be a sexy, hot couple, you know?" Sandstorm raises an eyebrow. "But... I found you, instead." Sandstorm raises his other eyebrow. "Maybe if TFG wasn't here, we would have never spoken to each other." Cloudburst sighs. He says, "I'm rambling. What I'm trying to say is, I don't have friends like you at home. They're a bunch of flaky goofballs." Cloudburst's eyes widen. He looks at a nearby camera and says, "No offense, guys." Cloudburst clears his throat. He says, "Thanks for being my friend, man." Cloudburst hugs Sandstorm. Sandstorm looks uncomfortable. Cloudburst lets go. He says, "Sorry. I didn't mean to be awkward." He lets go. Sandstorm lets out a sigh. He puts his arms around Cloudburst, and hugs him tight. Cloudburst pats Sandstorm on the back.

Sandstorm says quietly, "I'm not as good with words as you, but... I'm glad we're friends. I didn't want to make friends, since... I don't want to lose them."

Cloudburst assures, "Don't worry, man. We'll be friends for life, man."

"You sure say 'man', a lot," Sandstorm laughs. They walk back toward their room.

Cloudburst opens the door, and sees Chris' model interns in their beds, and lying on the floor. Cloudburst asks, "Uh, what are you guys doing in here?" Cloudburst turns to Sandstorm and asks, "What are these guys doing in here?" Sandstorm shrugs.

The blond intern states, "Ugh. Chris let us have your room. We didn't have anywhere else to stay."

"This room is only meant for three people," Cloudburst states.

Sandstorm says, "I'd argue that it was meant for only two."

"It is pretty cramped, dudes," one of the interns states.

"Um," Cloudburst says. "We're forgetting the issue here. You hot dudes, but less hot than me, are taking up space in me and Sandy's room."

Sandstorm says, "Aw, you called me 'Sandy'."

"Aw," Cloudburst says. "You said 'aw'."

One of the twin interns says, "They sound like us bro." He hugs his twin.

The blond intern has his hand on his forehead. He says, "This isn't your room, anymore."

"Why?" Sandstorm asks. "Who gave you the authority?"

"Chris," the blond intern replies. The other interns shiver at the sound of Chris' name. "Didn't he tell you?"

"What?" Cloudburst asks.

The blond intern explains, "The teams are now merged. You're supposed to share... um... The Power Walker guys' room."

"Thanks for the information," Sandstorm states. He carries Cloudburst out of the room.

The blond intern states, "Well, that went well..." He is kicked in the face by one of the other interns. He groans. "Remind me why we have to share this one room?"

"Chris is using the other three rooms to store his clothes, shoes, and... magazines," the black intern states.

"Oh," the blond intern says. "That's right." He frowns and looks to the side.

Cloudburst and Sandstorm are shown inside the room with the other five male contestants. The room is particularly crowded. "This sucks," Cloudburst states. "Why do we have to sleep on the floor?"

"Seven people, four beds," Kent Clark explains.

"And you came in here last, " Buoyancy Lad says.

Shockwave is busy scratching Man Kitten behind the ears. Man Kitten purrs loudly and moves the back of his head around in Shockwave's lap. Shockwave stops petting Man Kitten, and says, "Chris provided us with sleeping bags, which is actually kind of thoughtful for him. So the floor isn't that bad." Man Kitten paws at Shockwave, and Shockwave begins petting him, again.

"You're on the floor, too?" Sandstorm asks.

"Wow," Shockwave says. "Love that voice. Anyway, yeah. When I was a little younger, my dad took away my bed and the door to my room when I made him mad." He pauses. Man Kitten paws at him, again, and he resumes petting him. "Like I said, it's no big deal." The other guys blankly stare at Shockwave. He looks down at the floor.

Amp asks, "Whoa, man. That's pretty serious. What did you do? Kill a guy?"

Shockwave blushes. He says, "Uh. I got a bad grade at school." The others look at each other with surprised looks. "My dad is really strict like that. He thought I was goofing off in my room instead of studying, but I just had a hard time with that one quiz."

"Wow," Cloudburst says quietly. "That's pretty harsh. I don't know what I would do if my dad was that strict."

Shockwave frowns. He says, "Trust me, you don't want to grow up like..." A beeping noise starts. "What is that?"

"Oh," Buoyancy Lad says. "That's just Man Kitten's timer. It tells him when he needs to transform."

Man Kitten transforms into his human form. Shockwave looks down at him, with his head in his lap. Man Kitten's face is bright red. He sits up quickly. He says, "Uh..."

Shockwave laughs. He says, "Looks like I can add another member to the Shockwave fan club."

Man Kitten's face is still bright red. He says, "Sh-shut up." He pauses for a moment. "I just wanted to say... If you want, you can share my bed."

"Er," Shockwave says. "I don't think so, mate. But thanks for the offer."

Man Kitten looks around at the others. He asks, "Did I say, 'share'? I meant have. I mean, I feel all bad about his dad, and uh..."

Buoyancy Lad cracks a smile. He says, "You can admit it, man. You love you some Shockwave." The others laugh.

"No," Man Kitten states. "It's not like that." He sighs. "Whatever. I'm keeping my bed to myself." He pushes Shockwave to the ground and lies down in his bed.

Man Kitten states in confessional, "I hate my power. Not only do I have to transform into a giant, 'wovable' fluff ball, but..." Man Kitten sighs. "I can't always separate my feelings between forms. I can try to hide it, but... It's not what it looks like." Man Kitten's face turns red. "It's just that when somebody scratches behind my ears, or is good at petting... I develop... um... affection for them." Man Kitten groans. He says, "I know I don't actually like that freakazoid." Man Kitten looks to the side, frowning. "He's all... male... and stuff."

The next day, the female contestants are shown in the main room. Sprinkle Mist rubs her eyes. Flip-Flop states, "I loved sharing a room with you, guys."

"Really?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"Oh, right," Flip-Flop says. "I hated it."

Acid Tongue says, "After staying with you two, I can't remove the loser smell from my clothes."

Sprinkle Mist points at Acid Tongue and asks, "Does all she do is insult you all night?"

Vanity nods. She says, "Yeah, but I normally tune her out."

"How do you do that?" Sprinkle Mist asks. Vanity stares into her mirror, and ignores Sprinkle Mist. Sprinkle Mist sighs and says, "Right."

Vanity states, "Oh. Looks like the guys are on their way."

The male contestants enter the main room, shortly followed by Chris. Chris states, "Oh, goody. Everyone is ready. It's time for the challenge."

"What will we have to do?" Amp asks.

Chris nods. He says, "There is a gorgeous damsel in needing of rescuing."

"Okay," Sprinkle Mist states. "That is definitely sexist."

Chris shakes his head. He says, "No, it's not. It's cliche. Anyway, the damsel is being held in this location." He holds up a map with an abandoned amusement park circled on it. "You are now playing this game as individuals, so the one of you that rescues our damsel will win the challenge, and invincibility. Get to rescuing!"

"So what should we do?" Cloudburst asks Sandstorm.

Sprinkle Mist runs passed Chris, snatching the map from his hands. She runs out the door. Shockwave puts his arms around Amp and Man Kitten. He says, "Okay, fellas. I say we team up and win this challenge for me. Any objections?"

"Not really," Amp states.

"Not really?" Man Kitten asks. "How can you agree to that?" Shockwave scratches Man Kitten's back. Man Kitten's voice quivers as he says, "I'm in."

Shockwave laughs. He says, "That's more like it. Let's go."

"But that water girl has the map," Amp reminds.

Shockwave laughs. He says, "I know this city like the back of my ex-girlfriend."

"Did she have a tattoo with a map of the city on her back?" Amp asks.

Shockwave sighs and says, "It's an expression."

"It is?" Man Kitten asks.

"I've got to get up to date with what the cool kids are saying," Amp admits. "Before we get going, Shockwave. I was wondering about your dad. If you want to talk about it, I'd really..."

Shockwave coughs. He says, "There's no time for that. Hey, Man Kitty. Transform into your other form."

Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "Not gonna happen. I've scheduled each day to know precisely when I will transform."

"And it matters why?" Shockwave asks.

Man Kitten rolls his eyes. He says, "If I don't perfectly balance the day, I might get really sick."

"Haha!" Shockwave laughs. "You're such a pussy."

"Hey!" Man Kitten replies.

"He has a point," Amp says. "You are part kitty."

Man Kitten states, "Wait. Why do you even want me to transform?"

"So I can ride you to the location," Shockwave explains.

Man Kitten's face turns bright red. He says, "No way." Man Kitten's timer goes off. Man Kitten's eyes widen.

"Right on time," Shockwave says with a laugh.

Man Kitten groans. He transforms into his kitten form and says, "I is here! Yayz!"

Shockwave states, "Hey, buddy! So how about it? I ride your back to the location?"

"What's in it for widdle, ole me?" Man Kitten asks.

"I'll scratch behind your ears," Shockwave promises.

Man Kitten looks contemplative. He says, "Hmmmm... Okay!"

Shockwave says, "Thanks, buddy." He hugs Man Kitten. Man Kitten begins purring. Shockwave gets on Man Kitten's back.

Amp states, "Wait a second. I just thought of something."

"What's that?" Shockawave asks.

"Where do I fit into all this?" Amp asks.

Shockwave frowns. He says, "I think I stepped in gum, or something." He looks at the bottom of his foot.

Amp asks, "Come on, buddy. I can come along, too, right?"

Shockwave laughs. He shakes his head, and says, "It's nothing personal. This is an individual challenge, and I'm an individual. I have to go, bud. See ya." He gently kicks Man Kitten's sides and says, "Mush... or whatever." Man Kitten runs off, carrying Shockwave.

Amp looks down at the floor. He says, "This bites."

"Hey," Buoyancy Lad says. "I just saw what happened. I'm sorry, man."

Amp smiles. He says, "It's alright. It isn't a team challenge, anymore." Buoyancy Lad frowns. Amp says, "Hey. Where did everyone else go?"

"They're doing the challenge," Buoyancy Lad states. Kent Clark walks over. "Except for us. Kent, here, isn't so into using his powers for the challenge, and I..."

"You're too slow to do anything worthwhile?" Amp suggests.

Buoyancy Lad frowns. He says, "No. I had to take a pee break."

Amp says, "Oh."

"You can come with me and Kent for the challenge if you want," Buoyancy Lad offers.

Amp rubs his nose. He says, "Nah. I guess not. It's an individual challenge, and all. I'll figure something out. I can't be a good hero if I always have to rely on others." Amp walks outside.

Buoyancy Lad turns to Kent Clark and asks, "Doesn't his power require him to rely on someone else?"

Kent shrugs. "I guess," he says. "Though, it's kind of like... he's only useful to people when they need him."

"Deep, man," Buoyancy Lad states.

"So..." Kent Clark begins. Buoyancy Lad looks at him with a raised eyebrow. "Aren't you going to try at the challenge?"

Buoyancy Lad shrugs. He states, "I'm pretty sure I've lost it, by now." Buoyancy Lad pauses. He says, "Wanna play jacks, or something?"

"Jacks?" Kent Clark says. "Buoyancy Lad, we're full-grown adults." He stares at Buoyancy Lad. "Okay. I'll play." They walk to their room.

Sprinkle Mist is shown running toward the location marked on the map. She arrives at the abandoned amusement park. Vanity walks out and says, "What took you so long?"

"Wha..." Sprinkle Mist states. "How did you... But I..."

Vanity smiles and says, "I found where the 'damsel' was being held here. It was pretty easy to figure out where it was."

Cloudburst lands on the ground. "Hey," he says. Sandstorm runs up behind them.

"And you found it, how?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"Sandy thought of an awesome idea," Cloudburst says with a nod.

Sprinkle Mist asks impatiently, "Which was?"

Cloudburst states, "Take to the skies and look for a girl in a wetsuit. Then, follow her." Sprinkle Mist slaps her forehead.

Shockwave arrives at the entrance on Man Kitten's back. He hops off of Man Kitten and Man Kitten says, "Thanks for the adventure! I wuvz you, Shockwave! I should transform, now." He licks Shockwave's face. Man Kitten transforms into his human form. He clears his throat. "Um, what's everyone just standing around for?"

"There's a lock on the gate," Vanity explains. Cloudburst is shown attempting to break the lock by pulling it apart.

Cloudburst says, "It's no use. Let's go back."

"Well, we can't say we didn't try," Vanity states as she and Cloudburst begin walking back to their secret base. Sandstorm looks at the ground. He raises his hands and causes sand on the ground to lift up. He causes the sand to seep into the lock. He twists his wrist, and the lock opens and falls to the ground.

"Whoa," Shockwave states. Everyone but Sandstorm, Shockwave, and Man Kitten rush inside. Shockwave puts his hand on Sandstorm's back. He says, "That was quite the display, man. Major props."

"Thanks, I..." Sandstorm begins. His eyes widen. He collapses to the ground.

Shockwave laughs. He says, "Sorry, brother. I have to take out my competition if I want to win."

Man Kitten says, "Uh. Is he going to be alright?"

"Of course," Shockwave says. "Just a little stun to paralyze the guy."

Man Kitten says quietly, "You wouldn't do something like that to me just to win, right?"

Shockwave assures, "You're kidding. I would never. Besides..." Shockwave pauses and bats his eyelashes, "I wuvz you!"

Man Kitten's face turns bright red. He says, "I didn't really mean all that. It was my kitten form talking."

"Whatevoo youz say," Shockwave taunts.

Man Kitten continues blushing. He says, "Shut your face. We better get in there before somebody else wins."

"Right," Shockwave states.

"And..." Man Kitten says, while still blushing.

"Yeah?" Shockwave asks.

Man Kitten looks at the ground. He says, "You taste like tangerines."

Shockwave blushes and says, "What?" Man Kitten looks embarrassed. "Oh. When you licked me in kitten form... Uh, I use a tangerine scented body wash."

"I like tangerines," Man Kitten states.

Shockwave laughs. He says, "Are you sure you aren't in kitten form right, now?"

"If you want me to, I could be," Man Kitten assures.

Shockwave laughs. He says, "Nah, we should just look for the girl we're looking for. And didn't you say you schedule your transformations?"

"Yeah, you're right," Man Kitten remembers. He says, "Uh... We should go." Shockwave nods and they run inside the amusement park together. Sandstorm is still shown on the ground looking dazed.

Amp is shown in a taxi cab. He steps out and says, "Thanks, man. Oh, man... I forgot I had to pay you."

The cabdriver says, "Don't worry about it. This one is on the house."

"What house?" Amp replies.

"I just hope your wife gives birth without any complications," the cabdriver says.

"No, I only said it was an emergency," Amp says with a confused look. "I'm not even married, man."

The cabdriver says with a twitching eye, "And be sure you and the little one avoid the mother ship. It's coming for us."

Amp has a raised eyebrow. He says, "Um. Are you okay, man? Wait... Are you even a cabdriver?"

The alleged cabdriver begins laughing maniacally. He shouts, "Wah wapalooda!" Amp slowly backs away.

Buoyancy Lad and Kent Clark are shown back at the warehouse, lying on the floor in their room playing jacks. Kent Clark says, "I win, again."

"Best one hundred out of one hundred ninety nine?" Buoyancy Lad asks. A knock is heard at the door.

"One of us should get it," Kent states. "Chris and the interns are out to view the challenge." Kent and Buoyancy Lad stare at each other. Kent says, "Let me rephrase it. You should get it."

Buoyancy Lad sighs and says, "I'll get it." He gets up and doggie paddles out of the room. Buoyancy Lad is shown at the front door. He opens the door and gasps. He says, "It's you... How did you find me here?"

At the amusement park, Amp is shown walking into the center of the park. He looks around and sees Vanity standing still, with Cloudburst also standing around. Amp asks, "What are you guys doing, and why was Sandstorm lying on the ground at the gate?"

"What?" Cloudburst asks. "I'm coming for you, Sandy!" Cloudburst runs to the main gate.

Amp stares at Vanity. He looks around the area and sees a food stand. He says, "I'm checking there." He walks toward the food stand.

Vanity takes her eyes off of her mirror. She looks to her left and to her right. She then walks inside a hall of mirrors. Shockwave and Man Kitten are shown standing to the side behind a picture with the faces cut out. Shockwave steps out from behind a picture of a body builder, while Man Kitten steps out from behind an image of a woman's body in a bikini. Man Kitten says, "Why are we following that creepy mirror girl, again?"

Shockwave answers, "It's obvious that she knows where our damsel is."

Amp walks out from the food stand. He says, "Well, she's not in the refrigerator." He looks at Shockwave and Man Kitten. "Oh... It's you two. I was just about to check somewhere... by myself!" He walks into the hall of mirrors.

Shockwave sighs. He says, "Let's get in there, too." Man Kitten nods. His timer goes off. He sighs and transforms into his kitten form.

Back at the warehouse secret base, Buoyancy Lad walks back into his room. Kent Clark asks, "Where have you been? Who was at the door?"

Buoyancy Lad holds up a box of girl scout cookies. He smiles and says, "I love these babies. Want some?"

Kent Clark takes the box of cookies and looks at the nutritional information. He states, "Do you realize what's in these things? I'll pass."

"Your loss," Buoyancy Lad states as he snatches back the box of cookies. "Mm... These get even better by the fifth box."

"Please don't tell me you were out in the main room eating more boxes of those things," Kent Clark says. Buoyancy Lad stares at Kent, as he shoves more cookies into his mouth.

In the hall of mirrors, Man Kitten and Shockwave are shown surrounded by there reflections. Man Kitten hisses at several of his reflections. Shockwave raises an eyebrow and says, "You do realize that's you, right?"

Man Kitten growls, "Stay away from Shockwave. He's my fwiend, not yours!" Shockwave places his hand on his forehead and shakes his head. A series of reflective glass humanoid figures appear. Man Kitten looks scared. He asks, "What are those? I is scared!"

Shockwave says, "It looks like Vanity knows we're here." One of the figures swipes at Shockwave. Shockwave instructs, "You take care of these things, while I search for Vanity. If I can... incapacitate her, we can move on."

"I heard that," Vanity can be heard saying.

Shockwave is attacked, again, but Man Kitten pounces and destroys the glass figure that threatened Shockwave. Shockwave says, "Thanks." He rubs the back of Man Kitten's head. Man Kitten begins purring, again. Shockwave looks up and sees Vanity's reflection. "Stay here, boy. Keep smashing those glass things." Man Kitten nods heavily.

Shockwave stealthily moves through a passageway. He looks at the reflections of Vanity and himself. Vanity says, "You'll never find me." Shockwave rubs his chin. He walks forward and touches Vanity, causing her to become stunned.

Man Kitten walks into the room and says, "That was tewwific! How'd you know where she was?"

"It was obvious," Shockwave says. "She was the only one not distorted... And I wasn't reflected in that passageway." Shockwave walks ahead to where Vanity was standing. Man Kitten follows him. Shockwave turns around and says, "Why don't you stay here, so you can keep anyone else from following me?"

Man Kitten says, "But I want to go with youz!"

Shockwave sighs and says, "Alright. It's not like I can stop you." They walk into the passageway.

Amp is shown walking through the hall of mirrors. He stops in front of a mirror that makes him look thinner and muscular. Amp says to himself, "I look good." He strikes a pose.

Sprinkle Mist walks into the same area. She looks at his reflection and says, "You do look good."

Amp blushes and says, "You heard that."

Sprinkle Mist looks over and sees Vanity on the ground. She says, "Over there." They rush over. "What happened to her?"

"Shockwave," Amp states. He must be up ahead.

Sprinkle Mist nods and says, "Let's go." She grabs hold of Amp's wrist and runs ahead with him.

Cloudburst and Sandstorm are shown in the hall of mirrors. Sandstorm has his hand over his face as Cloudburst poses in front of a bunch of mirrors. Sandstorm asks, "Are you almost done?"

"I'm never done looking so awesome, man," Cloudburst assures.

"No, I mean..." Sandstorm begins.

A voice can be heard shouting, "Help me!" though the sound is feint.

"You hear that?" Cloudburst states. "Let's go!" He runs with his arms forward and says, "Whoosh!" Sandstorm sighs and follows Cloudburst. Cloudburst runs into one of the mirrors and falls to the ground. Sandstorm helps hm up. Cloudburst laughs and says, "How about that crash? It was awesome, right? I totally did that on purpose."

"Help me," is heard, again.

Cloudburst says, "There's a hot girl in need of rescue, man. This is no time to stand around." Cloudburst runs forward.

Shockwave and Man Kitten are shown together. Shockwave asks, "Did you hear that 'help me'? It sounds like we're really close. But..."

"Thewe's no pwace weft to go!" Man Kitten says.

Shockwave nods. He says, "You're right." He looks around. "There must be some secret entrance."

"I'll help you wook," Man Kitten assures.

"Thanks, pal," Shockwave states. The two begin feeling around the mirrors for a hidden door.

Man Kitten excitedly says, "I foundz it!" He opens one of the mirrors, and rushes inside. Shockwave follows after him.

Man Kitten states, "There she is! The damsel!" Someone with long hair is tied to a chair.

"We did it," Shockwave says.

"Yeah!" Man Kitten says. "Let's untie her!" Man Kitten looks at the damsel and says, "She sure is ugwy."

Shockwave says, "I really owe you, Man Kitten."

"It was no big deal," Man Kitten assures.

Shockwave says, "You're so cute!" He scratches behind Man Kitten's ears. Man Kitten begins purring, and falls on his back. Shockwave says, "Sorry, man. I have to win this by myself."

Man Kitten asks, "What do you..." Shockwave grabs hold of Man Kitten tighter, and uses his power. Shockwave lets out a laugh. Man Kitten's eyes widen. He begins violently convulsing. Shockwave steps back, looking concerned. He trips over something and falls to the ground. He looks down at Flip-Flop, who he tripped over. "How did you get here?"

"I was the gum on your shoe," Flip-Flop states.

Shockwave stands up. He puts his hands on the back of his head, and says, "Oh, man. What's going on? What's wrong with Man Kitten?" Man Kitten continues to convulse. He transforms into his human form and continues to jolt up and down. He transforms into his kitten form, and back to his human form.

Flip-Flop asks, "I don't know what happened."

"I-I used my stunning power on him," Shockwave states.

"And have you used it on a giant feline beast, before?" Flip-Flop asks.

"No, but..." Shockwave starts. "I didn't mean for something like this to happen."

The 'damsel' rushes over, still tied to a chair. He says, "You two are useless in an emergency, huh?" He puts his head to Man Kitten's chest.

"Wait," Flip-Flop says. "You're that one intern, right?"

The intern nods. He says, "Chris needed a damsel, and I pulled the shortest straw. Then I had to wear this wig."

"So what's wrong with Man Kitten?" Shockwave asks. "Is he going to be okay?"

"There's not much I can do with my arms bound," the blond intern states.

"Right," Flip-Flop states.

Cloudburst rushes in. He says, "I'm here to save the day, my fair maiden." He quickly unties the intern from his chair. He takes his hands in his and looks at him. Cloudburst states, "Ah, I've dated worse. You're a handsome woman."

The intern removes his wig, and tugs his dress down to cover himself better. Cloudburst looks at him with wide eyes. The intern rushes over to Man Kitten and begins doing chest compressions on him.

Later, the contestants are shown exiting the hall of mirrors. Shockwave has his head held down. Man Kitten walks outside, as well, but he also is holding his head down. He is in human form. Flip-Flop states, "It sure was lucky that that intern guy had paramedic training, and he also studied to be a veterinarian."

"Why did you start modeling?" Cloudburst asks.

The intern states, "I eventually realized that I was too good looking for science."

"Oh," Cloudburst says understandingly.

Chris walks toward the contestants eating a corn dog. He else, "Cloudburst wins invincibility. Everyone else is fair game. You can all vote when we get back to the lair."

Amp asks, "Where did you find that corn dog?"

Chris states, "It was lying on the ground over there." Chris points.

Vanity states, "You realize that this place has been abandoned for, like, five years?"

Chris shrugs and says, "Whatever."

"You must be dumber than I thought to think that Chris has any form of common sense," Acid Tongue states. Vanity and Chris both flinch.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris pulls out a sheet of paper. He explains, "There are far too many of you for you to expect me to remember your names." He clears his throat. "Cloudburst is safe for winning the challenge. Buoyancy Lad, Kent Clark, Amp, and Flip-Flop are safe, as well." Flip-Flop hugs Buoyancy Lad, and then pushes him away from her, frowning. Chris states, "Vanity, Sandstorm, and Man Kitten are safe." Chris looks at the last three contestants. He says, "For whatever reason, Acid Tongue is safe."

Acid Tongue says, "No one will accuse you of being unbiased, old man." Chris flinches.

"So that means that Sprinkle Mist and Shockwave are the bottom two," Chris says. "The contestant leaving us, today, is..."


Shockwave holds his head down. He says, "Yeah. I figured." Shockwave stands up. He holds his head to the side to avoid making eye contact with anyone else. He mutters, "Some hero I turned out to be. I'm sorry for the way I acted, everyone. I really am."

Amp sighs. He says, "I forgive you, man."

"Thanks," Shockwave says. "But I don't deserve your forgiveness. I should have thought about how I was acting was effecting people, but I figured that out a little late." He turns to Man Kitten and says, "I'm really sorry, Man Kitten. I shouldn't have used you the way that I did."

Man Kitten says quietly, "Look. It's okay. It was my fault for trusting you."

Shockwave sighs. He says, "I'll be going, then." He walks out of the elimination room.

Chris states, "Well, that will conclude another episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered. Be sure to watch what happens next time."

Shockwave is shown outside the abandoned warehouse. He sadly looks behind him. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the note from his father. He sits down on the ground. He reads out loud, "Dear Bijal, I'm sorry." Shockwave looks confused. He continues reading, "I was all wrong with how I raised you. I was so strict and unreasonable. That's why your mother left. After that happened I realized that how I treated both of you was wrong. It was too late, though, as I made your mother leave. I understand your anger toward me, and your reason for rebelling. I deserve every part of it, even though it hurts my heart. I hope you can forgive me, but deep down, I know you never will be able to." Shockwave puts the note down. He puts his face in his hands and cries.

Chapter 13 - Android Rage

Chris is shown in front of the camera. He says, "Hello, there. You can call me Chris McLean. Last time on Total... Drama... Super Powered, the contestants were asked to rescue a lovely damsel." Chris snickers. "Ahem. On the epic quest, Shockwave rode Man Kitten and otherwise manipulated him into helping him, and Man Kitten was all for it, due to a little man crush. When they came upon our damsel, Shockwave tried to stun Man Kitten while he was in kitten form. Things went badly as Man Kitten was in his kitten form, and he reacted poorly to Shockwave's powers. He began to convulse, and switch between his forms uncontrollably. Shockwave was stunned by what was happening, and Cloudburst was the one to rescue the damsel from... its bonds. Fortunately, due to my excellent damsel choosing skills, Man Kitten was saved. Shockwave was voted out for obvious reasons. See who will be eliminated, and how obvious the reasons are, this time."

The guys are shown in their room. Cloudburst, who is sitting on the floor next to Sandstorm, goes on, "And I was all, 'I'm here to save the day, my fair maiden', then I untied... it. I could have used my powers to untie the ropes, but that would have just been showing off."

Sandstorm says with a smile, "I'm sure it was awesome, buddy. I wish I was there to see it."

Cloudburst nods his head rapidly and says, "It was awesome. And if I didn't untie... it exactly at the right time, Man Kitten would have..."

"Would you shut up?!" Man Kitten shouts from his bed.

"Ooh," Buoyancy Lad says. "Someone's a little testy."

Cloudburst frowns and says, "What's the deal, man? I think you should be a little more grateful." Sandstorm puts his hand on Cloudburst's shoulder and shakes his head. Cloudburst folds his arms and looks to the side.

Amp states, "Come on, Cloudy. Man Kitten went through a lot, earlier."

Man Kitten gruffly says, "I don't need to be defended by you, fatso."

Amp's eyes widen. He says, "Uh, sorry."

"Hey," Kent Clark says. "I don't care what happened to you, I won't tolerate name calling."

Buoyancy Lad looks over at Amp and says, "He is pretty fat."

"Oh," Cloudburst says. "Look who's talking."

Buoyancy Lad frowns and says, "Excuse me? I am not fat." He rubs his stomach. "I'm pleasantly plump."

"More like entirely delusional," Man Kitten states.

"Haha," Cloudburst laughs. "Good one."

Man Kitten growls, "Shut it, big mouth."

"I'll have you know that my mouth is entirely proportionate," Cloudburst says.

Kent Clark states, "It does match your ego."

Man Kitten laughs and says, "Nice."

Cloudburst has wide eyes. He turns to Sandstorm and says, "Sandy. Aren't you going to defend me?"

"Well..." Sandstorm says.

Cloudburst's eyes are still wide. He says, "I don't even know who you are, anymore. I thought we were BFFs."

Sandstorm opens his mouth. "BFFs?" Buoyancy Lad says with a laugh. "Only girls say that." Sandstorm's face turns bright red.

Cloudburst puts his arm around Sandstorm and says, "Please. Sandy and I don't pay attention to gender stereotypes." Sandstorm continues to blush.

"Ooh!" Buoyancy Lad taunts. "Romance is in the air." Kent Clark gives a disapproving sigh. Sandstorm lifts Cloudburst's arm and drops it away from him.

Cloudburst looks at Sandstorm and says, "I can't believe this. Now you're embarrassed around me?"

"No," Sandstorm assures. "It's not like..."

"Say what you want," Cloudburst says. "Your actions speak louder than words." Cloudburst lays on his side, looking particularly hurt.

Amp is shown in confessional, looking sad. He says, "I never saw a group of guys that didn't get along like that. Except for... when I was in my rock and roll band. Everyone was all about themselves and worried about what everyone thought of them, and stuff. I don't know. We're definitely divided, now. I'm trying to stay out of it, but..." Amp begins counting on his fingers, "Cloudburst is mad at Sandstorm, Kent Clark is annoyed with Buoyancy Lad, and Man Kitten... he hates everyone right now. I wish everyone would get along, but this kind of stuff happens, especially when six guys are forced to share a room." Amp smiles. "See? I'm not just another pretty face." Amp smiles for a few seconds. He looks down and his smile slowly turns into a frown.

The girl's room is shown. Flip-Flop looks over at Vanity, looking through her mirror. Flip-Flop asks, "What's on the mirror tonight?"

Vanity states, "I'm seeing what the guys are up to."

"Ooh," Flip-Flop replies. "Are they in their undies slapping each other with pillows?"

Vanity raises an eyebrow and says, "No."

"Aw," Flip-Flop says.

Sprinkle Mist says with a worried expression, "I worry about you."

"Thanks!" Flip-Flop says with a smile.

"That isn't a good thing, dummy," Acid Tongue states. Flip-Flop winces.

Flip-Flop assures, "I was totally just joking."

"I don't really care," Vanity states. "There's a lot going on with the guys."

"Like what?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"They aren't exactly getting along," Vanity states.

Flip-Flop says, "Wow. I thought those guys were all good friends. I feel kind of bad about it." She pauses. "We should totally take advantage of their feuds, and vote them out."

"I like the way you think," Vanity says. "Sometimes."

In the morning, the contestants are gathered around Chris. All of the guys, except for Amp and Chris, have their arms folded, and are staring off to the side. Chris asks, "What's with them?"

Amp begins to explain, "They..."

"They're all mad at each other," Vanity answers.

"Whoa," Amp says. "It's like you could read my mind."

"This should be fun," Chris states, "Since I have something special planned."

"The interns finally agreed to wax your back?" Vanity asks.

Chris folds his arms and says, "No. You're making me miss Chef. Anyway, you will all be teamed up, again. You'll make up five teams of two."

"I don't want to be on anybody's team," Man Kitten says gruffly. "They're all a bunch of losers."

Buoyancy Lad says, "I can't wait to see your kitten form, again. He's not a nightmare to be around." Man Kitten's timer sounds, and he transforms. Buoyancy Lad smiles and says, "There you are, pretty kitty."

Man Kitten hisses at Buoyancy Lad and says, "Weave me awone! I hatez you!"

Buoyancy Lad's eyes are wide. He says, "That was not what I was expecting."

Chris states, "Enough with the theatrics. Once everyone is ready, I expect you each to pick someone to be on a team with. I'd do it myself, but I do enough work around here."

One of the interns, shirtless in overalls, approaches and says, "I fixed the sink like you wanted, Mr. McLean." Chris shoos him away.

Chris states, "Start picking your teams, then I'll explain the challenge."

Sandstorm says to Cloudburst, "I know you were mad at me earlier, but I still want to be friends."

Cloudburst folds his arms and defiantly looks away. He puts his arm around Amp and says, "My new best friend and I have decided to team up."

"We did?" Amp asks.

Sandstorm looks down at the floor. Cloudburst says, "Sorry, old best friend. You'll have to find someone else to be uncomfortable around."

Buoyancy Lad struts up to Sandstorm and says, "Hey. How's about you and me?" Sandstorm shrugs and nods. "Good," Buoyancy Lad says. "All the girls paired with each other, and I don't want to be stuck with Kent or Sourpuss."

Chris says, "Alright. Everyone is teamed up. Great. The challenge is to stop an invading wave of killer robots from destroying the city."

"What now?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

"The team that destroys the fewest robots," Chris continues to explain, "will automatically be eliminated." Chris receives some nervous stares.

Cloudburst laughs and says, "Good. Me and my new best bud are going to rock this challenge. Right, new best bud?" Cloudburst has one arm around Sandstorm, and he places his other hand on his belly. Cloudburst says, "Whoa." He moves his hand around. "This thing is awesome! I thought having an awesome set of abs was the way to go, but I want one of these."

Amp blushes. He says, "Thanks? It took a lot of years of avoiding hard work to get a gut like this, man."

"Ooh," Cloudburst says as he continually pokes Amp's belly. Sandstorm looks over and then sadly looks at the floor.

Chris says, "What are you all waiting around for? Those killer robots won't destroy themselves."

"I thought you were joking about that," Kent Clark states.

The teams mostly rush outside. Man Kitten stays put. Kent Clark pleads, "Come on, man. I don't want to have to do this challenge alone." Man Kitten glares at Kent Clark. Kent sighs and walks outside.

Cloudburst says, "Chris wasn't lying. This city is under siege from killer robots, for sure." The camera shows burning buildings, and running civilians. "Come on, Amp. Let's go take care of some killer robots!" Amp nods and follows after Cloudburst.

Amp says, "What's gotten into you? You seem awful eager to do this challenge, when it could be really dangerous."

Cloudburst says, "It's not like that, no more. After the last challenge, I realized what it means to be a hero, I guess. It felt awesome when I was helping someone, you know? And I guess it was really nice to see how proud Sand..." Cloudburst gets quiet. "Anyway, let's go blow up some robots." He points ahead and says, "Hey, there's one!" He laughs and says, "That's a killer robot?" The tiny robot approaches Cloudburst and Amp. It shoots a laser from its face and hits Cloudburst's foot. Cloudburst hops up and down on one foot and says, "Ow! You suck!" He punches the robot and shakes his newly hurt hand. "Ow!"

Amp says, "Let me try." He stomps on the robot, crushing it.

Cloudburst laughs and says, "Good work! I call the next one, though."

Nearby, Sprinkle Mist and Vanity are shown fighting a horde of tiny robots. Vanity destroys several with her glass fighters, while Sprinkle Mist douses some with water, short circuiting them. Sprinkle Mist says, "This is going great. I wonder how everyone else is doing."

Sandstorm is shown breaking apart several robots with his sand powers. A robot falls from the sky and breaks on the ground. "Yes!" Buoyancy Lad says. A few minutes later, he is shown doggie paddling toward the ground. He says, "One for me." He picks up a tiny robot and doggie paddles toward the sky, again.

Cloudburst is shown looking over at Sandstorm in particular. He looks over at an approaching swarm of the block-ish robots. He rushes toward one and puts his hands on it. He stares at it. He says, "Man, my powers aren't made for destroying robots." Amp stomps on another robot. Cloudburst says, "We have to pick it up if we don't want to get eliminated."

Kent Clark is shown standing around being shot by laser firing robots. He looks around and sighs. "Help!" someone is heard shouting. He looks over and sees a bodybuilder with a mustache surrounded by robots. Kent Clark lets out a heavy sigh and slaps apart the robots that were shooting lasers at him. He rushes to the bodybuilder and uses his ice breath to freeze the intimidating tiny robots.

Kent says, "There you are, sir. I would suggest seeking shelter."

The bodybuilder hugs Kent Clark and says, "My hero!" He skips off into the distance. Kent Clark looks after him with a concerned expression.

Acid Tongue and Flip-Flop are shown. Flip-Flop sighs and says, "How about I turn into a hammer and you beat the robots with me?"

Acid Tongue, "I can't say I'm surprised that you came up with such a stupid idea." Flip-Flop winces.

Flip-Flop says, "Hey. Why don't you use your power to insult the robots? Maybe they'll blow up, or whatever?"

Acid Tongue shrugs. She says, "Are you robots or wind up toys?" Nothing happens. "Do you mind if I call you 'robutts'?" The robots have no reaction.

"I guess it's true what they say," Flip-Flop says. "Robots don't have feelings. It's kind of sad, really."

Cloudburst is shown running toward Amp. He says, "If we want to beat the others, we have to think up something better than stomping. Wait a second... What would happen if you used your power to amplify mine?"

"I don't know, honestly," Amp says.

"Well, let's try it!" Cloudburst says. Amp smiles and turns on his amplification field. Cloudburst turns around, raises his left arm, and shoots a fireball from his hand, disintegrating a large group of robots. Cloudburst's eyes widen. He turns to Amp and says, "Did you see that? Did you?! That was awesome!" He turns around and shoots more fireballs at robots. He squeals happily. He then proceeds to freeze another group of robots using his other hand, and then he shoots another fireball at them, bursting the robots to pieces. "This is so cool!"

Sandstorm looks over at Cloudburst and gives a small smile. Another robot falls near him, breaking apart. "Oh, yeah!" Buoyancy Lad can be heard saying.

Sprinkle Mist says to Vanity as she looks over at Cloudburst and Amp, "We better turn up the robot destruction if we want to win this thing."

Vanity says, "This isn't about winning. It's about not doing the worst."

Sprinkle Mist frowns. She says, "A hero always does their best." Vanity sighs.

Cloudburst and Amp are shown, again. Amp says, "Are you almost done? I'm pretty sure we aren't going to lose."

"Shh," Cloudburst says. "This is so fun, dude. Your power is the second best, ever!" Cloudburst continues to freeze robots, or hit them with fireballs. He puts his hands together and creates a large tornado. "Flippin' sweet!" Cloudburst shouts, as the tornado attracts a lot of tiny robots toward it, and destroys them. Cloudburst jumps up and down happily. "Did you see that?"

Amp looks tired. He smiles and nods. "Pretty amazing, bro."

Man Kitten is shown walking out of the warehouse. He sits down on the ground and looks at the other contestants as they participate in the challenge. He holds his head down.

Man Kitten is shown in confessional. He says, "I won't lie. That challenge looked pretty fun. I wanted to go out there, but I just felt like I had to be alone for a while. It may be a mistake, but it looked like Kent Clark was holding his own, out there." Man Kitten sighs. "I feel like an idiot. I couldn't help how I felt about Shockwave, and he had to go and betray me... People are jerks."

Kent Clark is shown punching some of the small robots. One of the robots fires a missile from the top of its head. It hits Kent Clark directly in the crotch and explodes. Buoyancy Lad says, "Oh, man. Ouch!" Kent Clark looks fine. Buoyancy Lad says, "You aren't even remotely in pain right now?"

"Why would I be?" Kent Clark asks.

"Dude," Buoyancy Lad says. "You just got shot in the junk by a missile."

Kent Clark shrugs and says, "I'm invulnerable.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Even down there?" Kent Clark shrugs. Buoyancy Lad says, "Man. I wouldn't trade my power for anything, but that is awesome." Buoyancy Lad looks down at the ground. He says, "I'm sorry if I upset you earlier, man. I apologize."

"I accept," Kent says. "I wasn't all that mad, really. Wait, what made you apologize, in the first place?"

Cloudburst can be heard laughing and saying, "This is so tight!" He continues destroying robots with his enhanced powers.

Amp says, "Alright, Cloudburst. I never used my power this long. I should really stop using it."

Cloudburst says, "Come on, man. I just want, like, two more minutes."

"I don't know," Amp says. He lifts his bandanna and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Cloudburst looks at Amp with wide eyes and asks, "Pretty please? I won't ask anything from you, ever again."

Amp pants. He says, "Al-alright."

"Awesome!" Cloudburst says. "You rock, dude!" He turns and continues shooting ice beams and fireballs.

Chris says, looking up from his notes tallying the robot destruction, "Alright, I've got the results." The few remaining robots flee.

Cloudburst says, still shooting fireballs at the retreating robots, "Aw. I just want..." Amp's amplification field begins flickering. Cloudburst says, "What's up, man? What's going on?" Amp's light blue amplification field flashes red before stopping, and Amp falls to the ground. Cloudburst turns toward him and says, "Dude, what's wrong? Why did you stop?" Cloudburst's face drops on seeing Amp lying on the ground unconscious.

Chris rushes over, followed by the others. "What happened?"

"I don't know," Cloudburst replies. "He was just amplifying my powers and then he... Something is wrong."

"You think?" Flip-Flop says. "Amp is kind of lying unconscious."

"I'm sure he's been to parties that ended worse than this," Buoyancy Lad replies.

"No," Cloudburst says. "I'm not talking about Amp." Cloudburst holds up his hands, looking concerned.

"How compassionate, dude," Buoyancy Lad says.

"Stop it!" Cloudburst shouts. He has his hands on his head. He puts his hand to Buoyancy Lad's face. Cloudburst asks, "How does that feel?"

"Awkward?" Buoyancy Lad answers.

Cloudburst's face drops. He says, "You don't feel anything? Warm? Cold?" Buoyancy Lad shrugs and shakes his head. "No!" Cloudburst falls to his knees. He puts his head in his hands.

"What's going on?" Flip-Flop asks.

Kent Clark helps Amp to his feet after he awakens. Cloudburst shouts at Amp, "You did this!"

"I'm not following," Sprinkle Mist says.

"My powers," Cloudburst says, tearfully. "Where are they?"

Amp says, "I-I don't know."

"No..." Cloudburst says. "I don't have my powers, anymore..."

"Maybe the effect will be temporary," Chris says.

"I don't think so," Cloudburst says. "I lost my powers temporarily before. This feels different." Cloudburst looks at the ground. "They're gone." Sandstorm puts his arm around Cloudburst.

"Sorry, Cloudburst," Chris says. "But that means that you're out of the competition."

"I..." Cloudburst begins. "Why?"

Chris frowns. He says, "It's not easy for me to say this, but this is a competition for people with superpowers, and I already have enough interns. You don't belong here, anymore. I'm sorry."

Cloudburst says quietly, "I understand. It's not fair, but... I'll go. Just let me pack my things, and I'll be out of your lives." Cloudburst walks toward the warehouse.

Kent Clark asks Amp, "Are you okay, man?"

Amp frowns. He says, "I feel fine, but... I feel sorry for Cloudburst."

"So," Flip-Flop says, "Amp is out, too, because of the double elimination?"

Chris shakes his head. He says, "He wasn't on the worst team. We'll change up what I planned since Cloudburst has to leave us. Everyone will vote one of the members of the team that did worst, and that was... Flip-Flop and Acid Tongue."

"Aw," Flip-Flop says. "That stinks."

"You didn't destroy any of the robots," Chris states.

Flip-Flop says, "I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Amp, Buoyancy Lad, Kent Clark, Man Kitten, Sandstorm, Sprinkle Mist, and Vanity are safe. That leaves Flip-Flop and Acid Tongue. The person voted out, as chosen by the safe contestants, is..."

"Acid Tongue."

Acid Tongue states, "You all are so predictable." The others flinch. Acid Tongue is carried outside by the interns, who are conveniently wearing ear muffs to block the sound of her voice. She says to them, "It takes all six of you to carry me outside? I thought you were men, though you act differently."

Chris states, "Well, that's all. Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Cloudburst is shown by the main door. He looks back, and then forward with his head held down. Sandstorm approaches him and says, "Cloudburst."

"My name is Brandon," Cloudburst replies.

"Oh..." Sandstorm says. "Um, Brandon."

"I have to go," Cloudburst says. "I'm not welcome here, anymore." Cloudburst walks outside, but Sandstorm follows after him. Once outside, Cloudburst sits down on the ground and says, "Why did this have to happen to me? I loved my powers. Now I'm completely useless. I'm nothing without my powers."

"Don't say that," Sandstorm says.

"But it's true," Cloudburst states.

Sandstorm says, "I was friends with you, not with your powers."

Cloudburst mutters, "Thanks. But... Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a hero. When I got my powers, I was so excited, and now... It's all over. I have to go back to being ordinary. I'm sorry I got mad at you. It never would have happened if I didn't overreact. I wanted to partner up with you after this competition and fight crime with my best friend. Now..."

Sandstorm says, "That's what you think? That you need powers to be a hero?"

Cloudburst says, "Well, yeah."

"Nonsense," Sandstorm says. "It's what in your heart, and the fight you have that makes you a hero."

"But..." Cloudburst begins.

"No," Sandstorm says. "After this is over, we're going to be a team, you and me. We can stop crime, together, and put an end to violence where we can."

Cloudburst says, "That's just your hormones talking."

Sandstorm laughs. He says, "No. I'm serious. Promise me you'll be my team member after this is over."

"I guess," Cloudburst says. Sandstorm extends his hand to Cloudburst, and they shake hands. "But you don't have to feel obligated to say that to make me feel better."

Sandstorm says, "I mean it. I need you. I would sooner stop using my powers than to use them without you."

Cloudburst sighs. He says, "You're the best friend I've ever had, man. I want you to win this competition for me."

"I'll do my best, Brandon," Sandstorm says.

Cloudburst winces. He says, "You, but only you, can still call me Cloudburst. It sounds way cooler then when you say 'Brandon'." Sandstorm nods and smiles. The two friends hug.

Chapter 14 - Journey to the Center of Buoyancy Lad

Chris McLean states, "Chris McLean, here, looking as handsome as always." Chris winks at the camera. "Last time on Total... Drama... Super Powered, our contestants were asked to pair up in teams of two for the challenge. Due to an argument, Cloudburst and Sandstorm didn't team up with each other. Cloudburst teamed up with Amp, instead, and Sandstorm... well, that's not really that important. Cloudburst got super excited when he realized that he could shoot fireballs and ice beams with Amp's power amplification power. He got a bit carried away, as he pushed Amp to keep using his power despite Amp feeling weak. Amp went unconscious, causing Cloudburst's powers to vanish when his amplification field turned off. Cloudburst had to leave the competition, due to not having powers, anymore. So that brings us to... Oh, and Acid Tongue was voted out, too. That brings us tonight's episode. What will happen next?"

In the guys' room, Amp looks particularly sad, lying on his bed. Man Kitten says, "Amp? I had something I wanted to say..."

"Leave him alone," Kent Clark states. "He went through a lot, today. He needs his rest." Amp smiles at Kent Clark.

Man Kitten glares at Kent Clark and says, "Don't tell me what to do, but I guess you're right."

Buoyancy Lad says to Man Kitten, "So you're not all angry, anymore?"

"Don't get me wrong," Man Kitten begins, "I'm still angry with what that Shockwave punk did, but I'm not going to let it rob me of my joy."

"You have joy?" Buoyancy Lad asks with wide eyes. Man Kitten glares at Buoyancy Lad. Buoyancy Lad reaches into a box of girl scout cookies and says, "At least I have joy in cookie form."

Amp perks up. He asks, "Where did you get those?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "A girl scout stopped by, selling them, when you all were doing the damsel challenge. She said I could have them for free if I put some clothes on. I lied." Buoyancy Lad eats some of the cookies. He asks Amp, "Do you want some?"

Amp nods rapidly. He says, "Yeah, I do." Buoyancy Lad walks over to him and holds the box out to him.

Kent Clark says, "I thought you ate all of the cookies you had."

"Funny story," Buoyancy Lad states. "I completely forgot about the box that I stored in my swim trunks until just a few minutes ago."

Amp stops reaching toward the box. He says, "I suddenly lost my appetite."

"Your loss," Buoyancy Lad states. He walks to his bed, sits on it, and proceeds to eat more cookies. Sandstorm looks at the other guys, but doesn't say anything.

In the girls' room, Vanity states, "And then there were three."

"Three what?" Flip-Flop asks.

"Three wombats," Vanity says.

"Oh," Flip-Flop says.

Vanity sighs. She says, "Three girls in the competition."

Flip-Flop says, "Oh, that makes way more sense. Do you think we're going to get picked off?"

Sprinkle Mist says, "Gender doesn't usually matter in these reality competition shows. It usually has to do with who is a threat, or whatever."

"The guys definitely have some threats among them," Flip-Flop states. "What does your mirror tell you?"

"I'm spying on the interns, now," Vanity explains. "They're much more entertaining to look at. Besides, I didn't want to see Buoyancy Lad binge on cookies, anymore."

"Buoyancy Lad has cookies?" Flip-Flop excitedly says. "I love cookies. Wait... cookies are those, like, little baked thingies? Never mind, I hate those."

"What's wrong with you?" Sprinkle Mist says. "Cookies are awesome."

"I beg to differ," Flip-Flop replies.

Vanity sighs and says, "It's a good thing I have this mirror to keep me from having to be part of this conversation." She stares at her mirror.

In the morning, most of the contestants are shown in the main room, gathered around Chris. Chris says, "Today's challenge will require you to... Wait. Someone is missing."

"It's Buoyancy Lad," Kent Clark explains. "He ate one too many cookies, and now he has a stomach ache."

"I don't care," Chris says. "Somebody get him out here."

Man Kitten explains, "Trust me. You don't want to go in there. It's pretty bad."

"Please," Chris says. "How bad can it be?"

Amp shakes uncontrollably. He says, "I saw things that man was never meant to see."

Chris raises an eyebrow. He says, "Well, I can't ask the interns to do it. They're at a photo shoot."

"What kind of photo shoot?" Flip-Flop asks.

"It's for banana costumes," Chris explains.

Vanity raises an eyebrow and asks, "What kind of models are they?"

Sprinkle Mist says, "I'm tired of waiting around. I'll go get him." Vanity puts her hand on Sprinkle Mist's arm and shakes her head. Sprinkle Mist says, "I suddenly change my mind."

Chris sighs and says, "It looks like I'm left with no choice. I'll go." He places a surgical mask over his mouth. He enters the guys' room. The contestants listen as they here moaning and things breaking. Chris emerges from the room a few minutes later with his hair messed up, his eyes looking stressed, and vomit stains randomly on his clothing. "It's worse than I expected," he says. "I think it's something worse than a simple belly ache. Something is seriously wrong with him."

"He'll be okay, right?" Flip-Flop asks.

"I can't be too sure," Chris says. "If only we had a way to give him an x-ray in order to see what might be wrong." Everyone looks at Kent Clark.

Kent suggests, "We could take him to the hospital."

Chris says, "Let me rephrase that. If only we had a free way to give him an x-ray."

"Where's your sense of duty?" Vanity asks nonchalantly.

"Yeah!" Chris, Flip-Flop, and Man Kitten, in his kitten form, chime in.

Kent Clark looks at Man Kitten's large, shiny eyes. He says, "Fine." He walks into the room and comes out a few minutes later. He says, "I can't really explain it, but Buoyancy Lad swallowed something that definitely wasn't a cookie."

"I'm not surprised," Man Kitten says. "What was it? A boot?"

"I'm not sure," Kent Clark says. "I don't think it was a boot, though."

Chris sighs and says, "Well, there's only one thing we can do about it."

"Shrink us down with your shrink ray and have us find out what's going on with Buoyancy Lad from the inside?" Flip-Flop asks.

"I like that," Chris says. "I was actually going to bring him to the hospital, but I really like your idea."

"Please, no," Sprinkle Mist says.

Chris says, "So it's decided. I'll get you your protective garments. We wouldn't want the stomach acid to burn through your flesh, or anything."

"You have protective suits for an occasion like this?" Flip-Flop asks.

Man Kitten, now in human form, says, "I've learned not to ask Chris any questions."

Later, the contestants are shown in white protective suits around Chris. Chris says, "So it looks like everyone is ready to go."

"Aren't you coming with us?" Sprinkle Mist asks.

Chris says, "Yuck! I would never... Uh... Someone needs to stay out here and be able to return you to your average size."

"Wait, how are we getting out?" Man Kitten asks with a worried look.

Chris laughs and says, "I'm not sure, but I'm sure it'll be hilarious."

Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "That's why I don't ask him questions."

"Alright," Chris says, holding a glass of water. "I'll shrink you down, put you in this convenient glass of water, and you can enter Buoyancy Lad."

"That sounds so wrong," Sprinkle Mist says, looking queasy.

Chris holds up his shrink ray. Amp holds up part of his protective suit and asks, "Is it bad that my protective suit has a hole in it?" Chris shrinks the contestants down, stoops down to pick them up and puts them in the glass of water.

Sprinkle Mist says, "I'm not sure I want to do this challenge..."

Chris laughs at her squeaky voice. He says, "So funny." He enters Buoyancy Lad's room.

"Ew!" a few contestants say as they look around the room.

Chris approaches Buoyancy Lad and says, "Yuck... Well, this is it." Buoyancy Lad moans and holds his stomach, lying in his bed. He weakly looks up at Chris. Chris says, "I brought you a glass of water." Chris looks at the glass. "It has some medicine, or something, in it." Buoyancy Lad nods. Chris holds the glass up to Buoyancy Lad's lips and says, "Try not to chew." Buoyancy Lad swallows the water and the contestants. "Bon voyage," Chris says.

"Hm?" Buoyancy Lad groans, wincing as he does so.

Chris says, "Uh, don't you say bon voyage when you take medicine?"

Inside Buoyancy Lad's esophagus, the contestants are shown sliding down. "This is so gross," Sprinkle Mist says. "So gross."

"I think it's fun," Flip-Flop says. "I always wanted to slide down an esophagus!"

"You need to reexamine your life," Man Kitten states.

"Wheee!" Flip-Flop shouts. On the outside of Buoyancy Lad, Chris looks at his stomach as it starts visibly rumbling. Chris says, "It looks like they've arrived to your stomach." Buoyancy Lad looks at Chris suspiciously. Chris says, "Um... I was... Okay. I won't lie, anymore. A bunch of little health pixies were in that glass of water." Buoyancy Lad nods, looking in pain as he does so.

Inside Buoyancy Lad's stomach, Kent Clark pulls Amp out of a pile of cookies that have yet to be digested. "Thanks," Amp says. "I should learn how to land when I fall into a stomach."

Man Kitten looks around and says, "I thought that Buoyancy Lad would be beautiful on the inside, on account of his ugly, but I was wrong. He's ugly in here, too."

Sprinkle Mist is sitting to the side, holding her legs close to her. Flip-Flop asks, "Aren't you going to help look for what's wrong?"

Sprinkle Mist's face almost looks green. She says, "No, that's okay."

Man Kitten laughs. He says, "You know, if you're going to puke, it would be hilarious, since it would be trapped in that suit of yours."

"Don't mention it," Sprinkle Mist says. "I get sick watching those medical shows. This is a million times worse."

Man Kitten's timer starts going off. His eyes widen. "Uh," he says.

Sprinkle Mist laughs and says, "Will your suit hold up when you transform to kitten form?"

"Shut up," Man Kitten says, while blushing. "I have no choice." He transforms into his kitten form, causing his protective suit to burst at the seams. He says, "Yayz! We took a field trip!" He looks around. "Where is we?"

"Inside Buoyancy Lad's stomach," Sandstorm states.

"Your voice is so nice!" Man Kitten says. Sandstorm blushes. Man Kitten hugs Sandstorm. "Tell me I'm a pretty kitty!"

Sandstorm continues blushing. He says, "Uh. You're a pretty kitty."

"Hehe," Man Kitten says. "I knowz it."

Kent Clark is shown digging through a pile of cookies. He pulls out a shiny metal object. "Is that what you saw?" Vanity asks.

"I think so," Kent Clark answers.

"Buoyancy Lad apparently isn't into chewing his food before swallowing," Amp says.

"Ooh," Flip-Flop says. "Is it a coin, or something?"

"I'm not sure what it is," Kent Clark replies.

"So now that we have it," Amp says, "Let's go."

Kent Clark nods. He winces and says, "Ow!" He drops the metallic object.

"I thought you were invulnerable," Vanity says.

"I am," Kent Clark says. "When I'm this size, though, I feel like I only have the strength of a normal sized human. I felt a sting, though."

The contestants look at the object as it begins transforming. By the time it is done transforming it resembles a scorpion, with a red laser beam shooting tail. It fires laser beams at the contestants. They can here Buoyancy Lad moan when it misses them but hits the side of his stomach. "What is that thing?" Flip-Flop asks.

"Let's kill it, now, and ask questions, later," Vanity states.

Kent Clark rushes toward the scorpion and punches it. It fires a laser at him, and he flies backward. "Whoa!" Flip-Flop shouts. "Kent Clark is our strongest guy. We're doomed."

Vanity suggests, "Maybe Amp could amplify Kent's strength and take care of that thing." Amp looks hesitant. "Come on, Amp."

Kent Clark stands up. He says, "It should be up to Amp when he wants to use his power."

"But what other choice do we have?" Flip-Flop asks.

Sandstorm looks around. He holds his hands toward the pile of cookies. The others dodge attacks from the metal scorpion. The cookies begin to break apart. Once they break apart, Sandstorm points his hands at the scorpion, causing the crumbs to surround it. He causes a sandstorm that spins around the device like a cyclone. The scorpion stops moving, but Sandstorm continues using his powers. The mechanical scorpion begins to slowly break apart as pieces of it break and spin around in the cyclone. "You did it!" Flip-Flop cheers. "Death by cookie crumbs. What a way to go."

Kent Clark asks, "Wait, don't you control sand?" Sandstorm nods. "What was in those cookies?"

"Let's talk about something that matters. I don't know, like, how do we get out of here?" Sprinkle Mist asks, on the verge of panicking.

"Isn't the body, like, seventy percent water?" Vanity asks. "Couldn't you use that to..." Sprinkle Mist turns a greenish color.

Kent Clark sighs. He says, "I have a different idea, though it isn't going to be pretty."

"I'm fine with it," Amp says. "As long as it doesn't involve digestion." Kent Clark nods. He flies back up Buoyancy Lad's esophagus.

On the outside, Chris says, "I wonder how everyone is doing." Buoyancy Lad's eyes widen. Kent Clark flies out of his mouth. Buoyancy Lad's cheeks swell up and he vomits out Man Kitten. Chris laughs and says, "Is that a hairball?" Buoyancy Lad soon vomits out the rest of the shrunken contestants, some cookie pieces, and the broken mechanical scorpion.

Chris touches a part on his shrink ray and the shrunken contestants return to their normal size. Amp asks Kent, "So how did you get him to throw us up, man?"

"I punched him in the uvula," Kent explains.

Sprinkle Mist shudders in the corner of the room. She says, "S-s-so disgusting..."

"What's wrong with her?" Chris says.

Kent Clark asks, "Have you ever been vomit before?"

Chris thinks for a moment. He says, "No. I was mucus in a school play, once, though." Chris says, "Well, anyway. I saw the footage of Buoyancy Lad's insides."

"What footage?" Amp asks.

"As I was saying, before the rude interruption," Chris says, "Sandstorm gets invincibility from the vote due to him destroying that unexplained scorpion robot. Let's get the vote over with."

"Isn't anyone going to ask how I'm feeling?" Buoyancy Lad says.

"Fine," Vanity says. "How are you feeling?"

Buoyancy Lad smirks and says, "About as good as I look." Vanity rolls her eyes.

In his human form, Man Kitten says, "That bad, huh?" Buoyancy Lad glares at him.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states, "Alright, that was quite the adventure. We all know that Sandstorm is safe for winning invincibility. Kent Clark, Vanity, and Amp are safe, too." Chris looks back and forth at the contestants. He says, "Buoyancy Lad and Flip-Flop are safe, as well." Chris looks back and forth at Sprinkle Mist and Man Kitten. He states, "The contestant leaving the competition is..."

"Sprinkle Mist."

Sprinkle Mist sighs, and says, "I was totally not a threat this time. You guys should be eliminating threats, like Kent Clark."

Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "Kent is hardly a threat. He only whines about his powers, all the time. You, however, are a threat, if not now, you'll be one in the future."

"Thanks," Sprinkle Mist says with a slight smile.

Man Kitten laughs and says, "I can't believe I just said that to someone with water powers."

"I can't believe you said it with a straight face," Buoyancy Lad says while laughing.

Sprinkle Mist sighs. She says, "People with water powers are people, too, you know."

"Yeah, yeah," Chris says. "You can leave, now." Sprinkle Mist nods, and walks out of the room. Chris says, "So that ends another exciting gastronomical episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered. Be sure to watch next time for more crazy super powered antics."

Chapter 15 - Recruit of the Matter

Chris McLean says, "Welcome to this week's episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time, Buoyancy Lad was all pukey sick and the other contestants got to the bottom of it. Well, not the bottom... per se... Anyway, they were all shrunk down and battled a robo-scorpion inside Buoyancy Lad's stomach. You know, the usual. Sandstorm used the crumbs from cookies in Buoyancy Lad's stomach to dismantle the killer robot scorpion, winning the challenge. Sprinkle Mist didn't get too involved in the challenge, being too grossed out to use Buoyancy Lad's body fluids to help out. She was eliminated as a threat, when the others had the opportunity to vote for her. So let's get right down to episode fifteen."

Flip-Flop is shown in her shared room with Vanity. Flip-Flop stares at Vanity. She holds up her hand and counts, "One, two... That's it."

"What are you going on about?" Vanity asks.

Flip-Flop admits, "I was just counting how many of us there are. How many guys are left, again?"

Vanity states, "Four." Vanity thinks for a second. "I mean, five. I forgot to count Buoyancy Lad."

Flip-Flop's face turns green. She says, "Don't mention that name."

In the guys' room, Amp is shown looking at the ingredients of one of Buoyancy Lad's boxes of cookies. He says, "I don't see sand among the ingredients... or robot scorpions. Wait, do these things have prizes in them?"

Buoyancy Lad shakes his head. He says, "Cookies don't need prizes. The cookies are prize enough."

Man Kitten says, "Wait a second. If there wasn't any sand in those cookies, how was Sandstorm able to control them?"

"Apparently," Kent Clark states, "Sandstorm can control cookie crumbs, as well as sand."

"Wow," Buoyancy Lad says. "You just got ninety percent cooler." Sandstorm blushes. "Aw, come on, man. Don't be so shy."

Man Kitten says, "So that makes you Cookiestorm?" Sandstorm shrugs.

Buoyancy Lad puts his fist on his chin. He says, "I just might change my name to that."

Man Kitten grunts, "As intelligent as this conversation is, I think we better get some sleep."

"Oh, that's right," Buoyancy Lad says. "You average fourteen hours of sleep a day." Man Kitten is already sleeping, curled up in a ball.

Amp says, "He's kind of cute when he's sleeping." Amp gets a few worried stares. "What? I'm confident enough in my masculinity to say something like that."

"Yeah," Buoyancy Lad says. "We're not quite as confident in your masculinity." Amp blushes.

Kent Clark frowns. He says, "Buoyancy Lad. You know better than that. It's good that Amp can say something like that. You shouldn't tease him for it. Apologize to him."

Buoyancy Lad says, "I didn't mean anything..." Kent Clark glares at Buoyancy Lad. Buoyancy Lad says, "Fine. Sorry, or whatever." He looks at Kent Clark and says, "I'm only saying that, because Kent is stronger than me." Kent Clark shifts his head and cracks his neck.

Amp smiles at Kent Clark. He says, "Uh, thanks, man. I guess. I mean, I don't really care what people say. I've been teased all my life, about nearly everything."

"It's important to stand up for yourself, though," Kent Clark says. Amp nods.

Sandstorm asks, "I don't mean to sound rude, but do you guys stay up and talk every night?"

"If you're not trying to sound rude, you're doing a poor job of it," Buoyancy Lad says. Sandstorm blushes.

Kent Clark says, "No, he's right. It's important for you humans to get your rest." Kent Clark looks down. "I, uh..." Kent walks over to his bed and lies down in it. Buoyancy Lad shrugs.

In the morning, Amp is shown talking to Kent Clark in their room. Amp says, "So then I says 'You ain't the boss of me, man!' Then I jumped on his desk and yelled 'Rock and roll!'"

Kent Clark laughs. He says, "Oh, man. What did he do?"

Amp's eyes get narrow. He says, "Uh. He fired me."

Kent laughs, again. Kent Clark says, "You really are too funny, man."

"Thanks," Amp says with a wide smile.

Man Kitten growls, "What time is it? Some of us are trying to get some sleep, still." He looks at Amp and says, "Besides. Aren't you supposed to be a rocker? You shouldn't be awake until, like, five in the afternoon."

Kent Clark says, "That's just a shallow stereotype."

"Yeah," Amp agrees. "Plus, I haven't even gone to sleep, yet." Kent Clark glares at Amp. Amp asks, "What?"

"Some of us need our beauty sleep," Buoyancy Lad says groggily.

Man Kitten glances at Buoyancy Lad and says, "And some of us need six months of hibernation."

Amp laughs. He says, "Good one." He nudges Kent Clark and says, "Right?"

Kent chuckles and says, "Yeah, sure."

Sandstorm sighs and says, "Can't we all get along? When I was on a team with Cloudburst and The Flaming Guy... You know? I'd rather not talk about that."

Chris is heard over the loudspeaker, "Will the contestants meet me in the main room? I repeat, will the contestants meet me in the main room?"

"This early?" Amp asks. "Man, doesn't Chris care about anyone else?"

Man Kitten looks at Amp and says, "Uh, that reminds me. I wanted to tell you..."

Sandstorm states, "We have to hurry up. It might be an emergency."

"Like what?" Man Kitten says. "Chris ran out of rosewater scented body wash?" Amp laughs. He nudges Kent Clark, and Kent forces a smile.

Amp asks, "Dude. After nudging you so many times, I can tell that you're, like, 0.5 percent body fat. Awesome." Kent Clark blushes.

In the main room, the contestants are gathered around Chris. Chris asks Amp, "Couldn't you at least have put some pants on?"

Amp waves, in his leopard print bikini underwear. He says, "We thought it might be too urgent for me to take the time to put pants on. In addition, I like the way the breeze feels."

"No emergency is too urgent for you to not put pants on," Chris states.

"So what is this big emergency?" Vanity asks.

Chris explains, "Well, uh... Someone kind of broke into the warehouse and hacked into my computer, stealing files on some kids with superpowers I had."

"Sheep Dawg is out of prison?" Man Kitten asks.

Chris shakes his head. He says, "The perp destroyed a lot of the tapes from the cameras." Chris points to a stuffed ocelot with a camera obviously protruding from its mouth. "They did miss one, though." Chris hands a picture of the intruder to Sandstorm.

Flip-Flop quickly takes the picture from Sandstorm. She says, "That's a little girl in a trench coat and sunglasses." She hands the picture to Kent Clark.

Chris says, "Right."

"Wait," Flip-Flop says. "Sheep Dawg wasn't a little white girl, right?"

Chris sighs and says, "Right."

Buoyancy Lad is looking at the image. He says, "This is weird. Why does this girl look so familiar?"

Man Kitten looks over Buoyancy Lad's shoulder. He says, "A girlfriend of yours?"

Buoyancy Lad glares at Man Kitten and says, "Funny. Real... Wait a second. This is the girl that sold me cookies the other day. I never forget a girl scout."

"That's a strange skill, man," Amp states.

Flip-Flop asks, "But why would she break into the warehouse to steal files?"

"I think it's highly probable that she was the one that slipped that robotic scorpion in a box of those cookies," Kent Clark suggests. "She then used the whole situation as a distraction to steal the files she wanted."

Chris says, "That matches up with the timing of the incident, but what possible motive could she have had?"

"It doesn't make any sense," Flip-Flop says. "There isn't a patch that requires all of that. At least, I don't think there is."

Amp blushes and says, "Gee, you're smart."

Chris looks back and forth at Amp and Flip-Flop. He says, "Anyway... What were we talking about, again?"

Vanity says, "The stolen files."

"Oh, right," Chris says. "So... Go find the kids and make sure the girl scout didn't get to them first. I suspect that she has evil intentions."

"You think?" Man Kitten asks. "But how are we supposed to find those kids if the evil girl scout took the files."

Chris presents the contestants with papers. He says, "I printed these out before the girl scout could get to them. You'll notice the names and addresses of each potential freak... I mean, super powered individual."

"Nice save," Vanity states.

Chris smiles and says, "Thanks. Okay, so the challenge is to get to these kiddies and try to recruit them to the side of good, before they are undoubtedly recruited to the dark side. The first contestant to return their candidate to the warehouse will win invincibility." Chris hands out individual sheets of paper to each contestant. "It's up to you to find these people and you will likely determine whether or not they will be good or evil, so have fun with it."

"This seems really serious," Amp states with a frown.

"You can leave, now," Chris states while frowning. Most of the contestants rush outside. Amp stares at his piece of paper.

Kent Clark asks, "What's wrong?"

Amp says, "Well, honestly. I'm not so good with directions."

"Let me help you out with your part of the challenge," Kent says.

"You would do that?" Amp asks.

Kent smiles, nods, and says, "What are friends for?"

"Thanks!" Amp shouts.

Kent Clark winces. He says, "Super hearing."

"Sorry," Amp says quietly. "But wait a second, what about your recruit? Aren't you going to go try to talk to them?"

Kent Clark says, "Uh, I'll get to it later. I want to help you win the challenge. You deserve it."

"Okay," Amp says. "You're awesome."

Kent gives a slight smile and says, "Thanks."

Out in a nice neighborhood, Buoyancy Lad walks up to Vanity. He says, "Hey."

Vanity asks, "Why aren't you at your assignments house?"

Buoyancy Lad explains, "I tried. Her mom took one look at me, and decided that I was way too attractive to enter her house."

"I'm sure that was it," Vanity states with a frown.

A police officer rolls up to Vanity and Buoyancy Lad and asks, "Ma'am. Is this... man bothering you?"

Buoyancy Lad smiles and says, "It's not like that, man. We're..."

"Yes," Vanity says.

Buoyancy Lad frowns. The policeman steps out of his vehicle and says, "I would like to ask you a few questions, sir. Ma'am, you can go about your business." Vanity walks off.

Buoyancy Lad says, "I don't understand. I wasn't doing anything, brother."

"I'm not your brother," the officer states. "I'm taking you to the station for further questioning."

"On what grounds?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

"Indecent exposure," the officer states. "And the fact that you are highly probable to be an alien."

Buoyancy Lad raises an eyebrow at the officer. He looks at his vehicle. He asks, "Is that a taxi cab?" The police officer whistles innocently. "You aren't a real officer, are you?"

The police officer jumps into his car and shouts, "They're on their way! Don't say I didn't warn you!" The impostor officer speeds off.

Buoyancy Lad says, "That was kind of weird." He shrugs and walks toward the warehouse.

Sandstorm is shown in the home of one of the recruits sitting on a couch with him and his parents. They awkwardly sit in silence. "So..." the boys father says. "Sandstorm was it?" Sandstorm nods. "Why are you here, again?" Sandstorm points at their son. "You want to recruit Tony to some sort of superhero team, on account of his plant control abilities? You aren't from one of those evil organizations, right?" Sandstorm shakes his head. "Well, then, I don't see what's wrong with it."

"Honey," the man's wife says. "A random strange man showed up at our door asking us to entrust our son to him. I think we need to put a little more thought into it."

"You're right, dear," the man says. He rests his chin on his hand and looks contemplative.

Flip-Flop is shown at a door. She knocks on the door. A little girl comes to the door. She says, "Who is it?" from inside.

"Flip-Flop," Flip-Flop answers.

"Well, I don't know you," the girl says. "My dad isn't home, and I'm not supposed to talk to strangers."

"Oh, okay," Flip-Flop answers, as she turns around. She turns back around and says, "Wait a second. Aren't you already talking to me?"

"Um..." the girl says.

Flip-Flop smiles and taunts, "Oooh! You're gonna get in trouble!"

Man Kitten is shown sitting on a couch with a girl and her parents. He frowns and says, "So are you coming with me or not?"

"Sir, this is a difficult time for my family," the girl's father says. "Your academy for, uh, mutated freaks sounds appealing, but we need to stick together as a family for our daughter's well-being."

Man Kitten folds his arms and scoffs. He says, "Well-being. She'll be fine. I turned out the way I did because I left my family young." The girl's parents hold her closer to them.

Amp and Kent Clark are shown drinking tea with a concerned looking man. Amp says, "It's really awesome back at our secret base. Your daughter would love it there."

"Son," the man clarifies.

Amp picks up a portrait of the man's daughter on a side table and looks closely at it. He says, "Oh. Um, so what do you say?"

"Look, gentlemen," the man says. He looks back and forth at Amp and Kent Clark. "Our son is taking having superpowers really hard. His skin has turned green, he sticks to whatever he touches, and his school expelled him stating that he was a possible threat to them. He doesn't want to see anyone, and he's stayed in bed since all this happened. I think it would be best for you to leave."

Amp says, "But having superpowers is awesome! We could teach him how to fit in better, and how to use his powers more..." Kent Clark puts his hand on Amp's shoulder and shakes his head. Amp nods. Amp and Kent Clark head toward the door. Amp says, "Thanks for your time, or whatever."

Vanity is at the door staring at her mirror. A woman looks at her. She says, "I had to tell another woman who wanted to talk to my son to leave us alone, earlier." She looks at Vanity, again. "If you're here to sell mirrors we have plenty."

Vanity states, "No. I'm here for your son."

"He's far too young to date," the mother says.

Vanity frowns. She says, "Then you wouldn't like that he's been dating a girl behind your back."

"What?" his mother says. "Not my little angel."

Vanity states, "Just because he has white wings doesn't make him an angel."

"How do you know that?" the boy's mother asks.

Vanity states, "I'm here to bring him to a special... school... for gifted individuals."

"Oh, that sounds like my little Hubert," the boy's mother says. Vanity stifles laughter. "Ever since he was in my womb I knew he would be special." The woman reaches into her purse and pulls out a photo album. "Here's his very first picture. Isn't he the most adorable embryo you've ever seen?" Vanity looks concerned.

In the city, Amp and Kent Clark are shown walking together. Amp looks down as they walk. He says, "I don't feel so good about what happened. That kid seemed really upset, and we didn't even see her... or him."

Kent states, "Amp, there are a lot of people with superpowers that don't want them."

"I don't really understand," Amp says. "If it's something that makes you different, it makes you even way more awesomer than everyone else, right?"

Kent sighs. He says, "There are some people with superpowers that can't hide it like you. It makes their lives really difficult, like that kid we didn't get to talk to."

Amp looks down. He says, "Maybe you're right. I feel bad for him."

Kent puts his hand on Amp's shoulder and smiles. He says, "Don't you get it, Amp? You could change it for people like him."

"What do you mean?" Amp asks.

Kent Clark explains, "Amp. You have the ability to cure people of their powers."

Amp frowns. He says, "I don't know. Cloudburst was really upset, and me... I felt so drained after it happened."

Kent Clark states, "I know, man. But don't you think it would be worth it for people who just want to be normal?"

"Maybe," Amp says. "I don't know."

Kent puts his hand on Amp's shoulder, again. He says, "Amp, you've been given a gift. You should share it with the world."

"But I don't even know if it would work, again," Amp says. "All the circumstances might need to be there, and I might end up hurting someone."

Kent Clark smiles. He says, "You really should try, again. I think it's definitely worth the risk."

"I'm not sure," Amp says with a frown.

"I believe in you, Amp," Kent Clark says."You could make a lot of people's lives better."

Amp nods. He says, "I think you might be right. I want to make sure that it's safe, though, and that anyone I might try it with understands that it might not work, or whatever."

Kent Clark says, "I think you're making the right decision." Kent Clark smiles. "And why not start with me?"

Back at the warehouse, Sandstorm walks in with the boy he was sent to recruit. Chris smiles and says, "Great job, Sandstorm. You successfully completed the challenge. Unfortunately, Man Kitten completed the challenge first, and has won the challenge."

Sandstorm asks, "Who would entrust their child to him?" Sandstorm looks over at the girl playing with Man Kitten in his kitten form. "Oh, I get it."

Man Kitten says, "My new friend adopted me! Yay! I has a owner!"

Chris says, "Although her parents moved in, too. But it's okay, there is plenty of room with the interns."

"Right," Sandstorm says.

"Has anyone seen Amp and Kent Clark?" Buoyancy Lad says.

"They went off together," Chris explains.

Flip-Flop says, "They've been gone for a long time."

Vanity holds down her mirror and says, "We need to go to them, now."

"Why bother?" Chris asks.

Flip-Flop asks, "Mr. McLean? She actually put down her mirror to say it. It must be pretty darn important." Flip-Flop thinks for a second. "Or maybe her arm is just tired."

In a secluded alleyway, Amp is shown using his amplification field. Kent fires amplified lasers from his eyes, and swings his arms, causing wind to go forth from his arm. "Whoa, that was pretty cool," Amp says. Kent continues using his powers. Amp wipes his sweaty forehead on his arm.

"How much more of this do I need to do?" Kent Clark asks. "Did it take this long with Cloudburst?"

Amp sighs and says, "I don't remember. I'm feeling pretty exhausted. It should be any..." Amp stops talking. He puts one of his hands on his side, and looks like he is in pain. "Th-this didn't happen before."

"Are you alright?" Kent asks.

"I don't know," Amp says. "We better stop."

"No," Kent Clark states. "We're almost there."

"But I don't think..." Amp begins.

Kent Clark puts his hand on Amp's throat. Kent states, "I have been waiting for this moment for years. You'll be perfectly fine, if you continue to cooperate." Amp looks scared, and gently nods. Kent Clark takes his hand off of Amp's throat and continues firing eye laser beams in the air.

The other contestants are shown running through the city. "Where could they be?" Flip-Flop asks.

"Over there," Vanity says, pointing in their direction.

"You see that through your mirror?" Flip-Flop asks.

"No," Vanity says. "There are lasers flying around over there." Everyone else nods and they run in that direction.

The contestants arrive to the scene and run past the spectators. Amp forces a smile and says, "You're all here. Great. Kent has gone all..." Amp wheezes. He says, "I... uh..." Amp's amplification field begins to flicker.

Kent Clark shouts, "It's happening!" His amplified shout knocks the others to the ground. Amp's amplification field flashes red, and he falls to the ground.

"Amp!" Man Kitten shouts, in his human form. He rushes over to him.

Kent Clark lets out a deep sigh. He says, "This is it." He takes a deep breath, and shoots lasers from his eyes. "No!" he shouts. "Why didn't it work?"

"Maybe it's because you're an alien," Man Kitten grumbles.

Kent Clark grabs hold of the back of Man Kitten's neck and tosses him into the side of a brick building. Man Kitten falls unconscious. Kent Clark states, "That can't be it." He grabs hold of Amp's vest and begins shaking him violently. "Wake up!"

Amp's eyes open. He says, "I feel wiped, man... What were we doing? Did you let me near booze?"

"We're trying it, again," Kent states. "Turn on your power, again."

"Oh, right," Amp says weakly. "It didn't work?"

"No," Kent Clark answers. "Something must have went wrong. Let's try it, again."

Amp says, "I don't think that's a good idea, man. You understand?"

Kent Clark glares at Amp and says, "We're trying it, again." Kent Clark's eyes shine red through his glasses. Amp gulps and activates his power.

Flip-Flop says, "We have to stop Kent."

Chris says, "Uh, he's unstoppable when he's regular. Now he's all amplificated."

Sandstorm lets out a sigh, steps forward, and lifts his hands. He begins causing a sandstorm, but is stopped when he is hit by Kent's amplified laser beam. Sandstorm flies backward. "Don't try to stop this," Kent demands.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Kent, I don't get it. This is so unlike you."

"I guess you don't get it," Kent Clark states. "I've always hated my powers. This is my opportunity to get rid of them."

"Okay," Buoyancy Lad states. "Maybe that is a lot like you, but the Kent Clark I know wouldn't hurt others in order to get what he wants."

Kent Clark says, as tears stream down his face, "You wouldn't understand, Buoyancy Lad. You aren't a walking freak. You don't have people scared of you because of the way you look."

"Are we talking about the same Buoyancy Lad?" Vanity asks.

Buoyancy Lad states, "Well, you're only confirming their fears."

"Ooh," Chris says. "Good one."

Kent Clark states, "In a few seconds, I won't have to worry about it, ever again." He looks up and fires a laser toward the sky. Amp begins to look dizzy. He slouches forward and holds his stomach, letting out a painful sounding yelp.

Flip-Flop says, "Someone needs to stop this before Amp gets seriously hurt."

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "Reason didn't work, now it's time to pull out the big guns." Buoyancy Lad begins floating in midair. He doggie paddles toward Amp's amplification field.

Vanity says, "I'd warn him that he's risking losing his power if it would be more of a loss."

"Get back, Buoyancy Lad," Kent Clark states. "Don't force me to hurt you."

Buoyancy Lad slowly doggie paddles toward the amplification field. He states, "I'm serious, bro. I didn't want it to come to this."

"What does he plan on doing?" Vanity asks.

Buoyancy Lad reaches the amplification field, and Kent gets ready to fire his laser. Buoyancy Lad enters the amplification field and speeds toward Kent Clark, so fast that he breaks the sound barrier. The others cover their ears. Buoyancy Lad knocks Kent Clark to the ground before he can react, sending his glasses flying. Amp quickly turns off his power and falls to his hands and knees, heavily panting. The crowd gasps, seeing Kent Clark's red eyes. Kent Clark covers his eyes with his arm and says, "My glasses! I can't be seen without my glasses. Where are they?"

The sound of crunching can be heard, Buoyancy Lad lifts up his foot with a piece of the glass from the now broken glasses sticking out of it. Buoyancy Lad says, "That was a better idea in my mind, in retrospect."

"How could you?" Kent Clark states. "You know I don't want anyone to see my eyes."

Buoyancy Lad nods. He says, "I was counting on it, man. I needed to stop you."

"I thought we were friends," Kent states.

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "We are, man. But I couldn't stand aside and let you go all psycho." Buoyancy Lad sighs and says, "I'm getting all mushy. Let's just go back to the warehouse, man. I'm sure everyone will overlook what happened, today." The others fold their arms and glare to the side.

Kent Clark holds his head down. He says, "No. I can't go back there. Not with everyone thinking I'm going to..." He looks through his arm at Amp. He says, "Look. I think it would be best if I left. I have a lot of stuff I need to sort out, and I don't know how long it will take me to adjust."

"Maybe, we can help you?" Buoyancy Lad suggests.

Kent Clark frowns. He says, "Thanks for the offer, but no. I need to go. Bye, Buoyancy Lad. Thanks for tackling a little sense into me. I think it would best for me to drop out of the competition." Kent Clark looks through his arm at some bystanders holding pitchforks and torches. "Uh. Maybe I'll see you again, sometime. Bye." Kent Clark flies off.

Amp stands up and looks after Kent Clark. He then looks at the ground. Chris says, "Wow, Buoyancy Lad. You handled that situation perfectly."

"Pssht," Buoyancy Lad states. "It was nothing. I once had to calm my brother down when he got his first back hair."

"Okay, ew," Flip-Flop says. "Back hair is so sexy."

Chris looks at Sandstorm and Man Kitten still unconscious on the ground. He says, "It looks like everyone is alright. We'll see you next time on the next Total... Drama... Super Powered."

Chapter 16 - The Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains - Part 1

Chris states, "Welcome to this week's episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! Last time, the contestants were asked to speak with young people that newly discovered that they have powers in order to recruit them to the side of good. Man Kitten came off victorious in the challenge, due to his lovable kitten persona enticing the girl he went to talk with and convinced her family to move into the old abandoned warehouse on 33rd and Maple... I mean, the secret base. In other news, Amp was taken advantage of, yet again, when Kent Clark convinced him, and later forced him, to attempt to use his power canceling power in an attempt to free Kent from his powers. It didn't work. Kent refused to take no for an answer and put Amp in danger by making him overuse his power. Buoyancy Lad, of all people, knocked Kent Clark to the ground, with the help of Amp's amplification field. He was then able to convince Kent to leave Amp alone, and while he tried to get Kent Clark to return to the competition his answer was no. He flew off into the sunset... Well, not literally." Chris looks contemplative. "He probably could, though. Anyway, enough with the deep theorizing. Let's get on with the show!"

Flip-Flop and Vanity are shown together in their room. Flip-Flop asks, "How did your recruitment thingy go?"

Vanity answers, "I didn't even get to talk to him because of his overprotective mother. I'd ask how yours went, but your kids house had a mirror right by the door so... No need."

"It must be nice always knowing what's going on," Flip-Flop states.

Vanity nods. She says, "It is, but sometimes I see things I don't want to see."

"Like Buoyancy Lad?" Flip-Flop asks.

Vanity smirks. She says, "Yes. But for whatever reason, I can rarely get myself to look away."

"It's just like I thought," Flip-Flop says. "A pretty awful ability."

"Can't you keep your opinion on anything?" Vanity asks.

"Look at me!" Flip-Flop says, after transforming into a mirror. "I'm a mirror." Vanity sighs, but continues to look at her mirror.

In the guys' room, Buoyancy Lad says sympathetically, "Are you feeling okay, Amp?"

"Me?" Amp says. "Never felt better." He smiles wide.

"Odd," Buoyancy Lad says. "I just thought that after being manipulated for... What? The fourth time in the competition? I thought you'd be upset." Amp frowns. Buoyancy Lad goes on, "I'm just glad I could stop Kent from going completely crazy. I told ya'll that my power was awesome."

Man Kitten leans in toward Sandstorm and asks, "He does realize that his power was being amplified?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "Uh, yeah. I do know. But it made me want to maybe... learn how to swim."

"You can't swim?" Amp asks.

"He does doggie paddle with his power," Man Kitten states.

"True," Amp replies.

Buoyancy Lad says, "I tried to learn before, but... I'm a little scared of water. Nothing traumatizing happened to me, or anything, it just made me apprehensive to try harder to learn. Any of you guys know how to swim?" Sandstorm shakes his head.

Man Kitten states, "I used to when I was a kid, but after I got my kitten powers..." Man Kitten blushes. "I kind of... became terrified of water." Buoyancy Lad laughs.

"I like swimming," Amp says.

"You do?" Buoyancy Lad says. "Awesome! You can totally teach me how to do it."

Amp furrows his brow. He says, "Oh, no. I can't go to a pool or beach, or anything."

"But you said..." Buoyancy Lad states.

Amp replies with a frown, "Whenever I show up at the beach, I get all sorts of teasing or name calling."

"Aw," Buoyancy Lad sadly says. "Don't listen to the haters. You look good, man."

Sandstorm asks, "Did you try swimming at a community center, or something?"

Amp blushes and says, "Uh, yeah. Those old people can be really mean..."

"Wow," Buoyancy Lad says. "Isn't anyone ever nice to you?" Amp looks down at the floor.

Man Kitten looks over at Amp. He frowns. Man Kitten says, "Look, Amp. I've been trying to tell you something for a few days. Now that Kent Clark isn't here to interrupt me. I finally get a chance to say it." Man Kitten takes a deep breath. "Amp..."

Chris McLean barges into the room. He shouts, "Emergency challenge! Get out in the main room, right away."

The contestants begin to rush out of the room. Man Kitten shouts, "Oh, come on!"

In the main room, Man Kitten asks through grinding teeth, "What was this giant emergency?"

Chris states, "I received a flyer."

Man Kitten's eyes widen. He says, "You what? That was the big emergency? It's not even midnight, yet!" Chris frowns and hands Man Kitten the flyer. Man Kitten reads, "The Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains?" Chris nods rapidly.

"Who are they?" Flip-Flop asks. "Are they nice?"

"I should say not," Chris says. "Though, I'm not really sure." He grabs the flyer from Man Kitten and reads the back. "According to this, they plan to terrorize the city. It also says that they were formed in response to my competition. So it's pretty much a confirmation of my success at starting my own superhero franchise." Chris hands out mugs that say 'Chris McLean's Justice League o' Canada' on them.

"So what are we supposed to do about them?" Amp asks.

"Stop them, duh," Chris says. "The flyer states that they are shutting off the city's water and electricity until they can meet with you guys. So go out there. Your first mission is to find a member of the evil organization. There are five of them, apparently. The contestant that doesn't find one of them will be leaving the competition."

Man Kitten says, "What sense does that make? If we can have an advantage in numbers, shouldn't we take it?"

Chris frowns and says, "A team of heroes can't outnumber the villain team. That's just not fair."

"How do we find our adversaries?" Sandstorm asks.

Chris states, "You won't be getting any maps this time. You'll just need to follow whatever clues, and or the sound of terrorization, to the location of one of the villains. Then the second part of the challenge will deal with whoever does the best at apprehending one or more of the villains. You can go find the villains, now."

The contestants rush outside. Man Kitten puts his hand on Amp's arm. He says, "Hey. Maybe we should team up. There's strength in numbers."

Amp frowns. He says, "I don't think that's the best idea. Besides, Chris said that we had to find each villain ourselves, or whatever."

"Yeah," Man Kitten says. "Suit yourself." Amp nods. Man Kitten's timer sounds. He sighs and says, "It's that time, again." He transforms into his kitten form and cutely sings, "Here I is to save the day!" He scampers off.

"He's so cute," Amp says with a frown.

Flip-Flop says, "Uuuuuh..."

Amp states, "I mean his kitten form."

"Sure you do," Flip-Flop states. "So, how do you plan on getting to the villain people?"

"I didn't really think about that," Amp states.

Flip-Flop says, "I have an idea! Why don't you ride me to the villain?"

"Uh," Amp says with wide eyes.

"Hey!" Flip-Flop says. "I'm a bike!"

"Oh," Amp states. "I get it. But what's in this for you?"

Flip-Flop says, "Maybe you can bring me to another villain after you meet yours. It should work really good with speed, and stuff."

Amp nods and says, "Alrighty." He mounts Flip-Flop as a bike and rides off.

Vanity is shown outside of a mirror store. She says, "I knew I'd find you here."

A teenage boy with wings and flowing blond hair smiles and says, "One of my many female admirers, I see. I totally already have a girlfriend, though." He frowns and shouts, "You should be looking at me, not your own reflection!" His voice cracks.

"I'm here to stop you, Hubert," Vanity states.

Hubert's voice cracks as he shouts, "Don't call me that! Nobody is supposed to know my real name! I go by 'Angel Dust'. Cool name, huh?"

Vanity asks, "What are you doing here, anyway? When I met your mother, you seemed a little disobedient, but you aren't a bad kid."

Hubert folds his arms as he hovers in mid air. He says, "My girlfriend told me that my powers would be put to better use in practice. I'm here to steal all of these mirrors, and look at my gorgeous beauty. Then we're going to use these mirrors to... Why am I telling you all this?"

Vanity shrugs and says, "A guilty conscience? You enjoy bragging? General villain protocol?"

Hubert shrugs. "Whatever it is," he says. "I was put in charge of apprehending whoever tried to stop me."

"And how are you going to do that?" Vanity asks.

"You seem to know a lot about me, but apparently you don't know why they call me Angel Dust," Hubert states. He spread his arms out and a glittering cloud of dust surrounds him. He smiles and says, "Awesome, right?" He directs the cloud of dust to surround Vanity. She causes her glass minions to appear. Vanity looks dizzy and falls to the ground, unconscious. Her glass figures disappear. Angel Dust pumps his fist and says, "Alright!"

Amp is shown riding Flip-Flop in bicycle form on the street. He looks over and waves at Buoyancy Lad who is slowly doggie paddling above the sidewalk. Amp waves at Buoyancy Lad and smiles. He continues riding. He looks over at a taxi cab and says, "That looks like an awesome idea. See ya, Flip-Flop. Thanks for the ride!" He hops off of Flip-Flop and sets her against a wall. He gets into the taxi cab and rides off.

Flip-Flop turns into her human form and looks dazed, sitting against the wall. Buoyancy Lad reaches her and stands next to her. He says, "Hey, are you okay?"

Flip-Flop says, "I've never been in so much pain..."

"Do you want some help, or..." Buoyancy Lad begins.

Flip-Flop shakes her head and says, "I think I want to rest for a while."

Buoyancy Lad nods and says, "See ya." He begins floating midair and begins doggie paddling away.

Amp is shown inside the taxi cab. He says, "Thanks for the ride, man. Have you heard anything about some crazy villain people attacking the city." The cabdriver remains silent. Amp says, "Hey, man? Are you hearing impaired, or..." Amp takes a closer look at the cabdriver. He says, "It's you! The psycho who gave me a ride to the abandoned amusement park..." Amp looks uncomfortable and nervously says, "Uh. We're here. If you'll just let me out I'll be on my..."

"You ain't leavin' my cab, sonny," the cabdriver says. "I warned you that the aliens were coming, but I'm on their side, now."

Amp attempts to open his door, but it is locked. He says, "Come on, bro. I don't want any trouble, I'm in the middle of a challenge. If I don't find one of the Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains, I'll be eliminated."

"Oh," the cabdriver says. "If it makes you feel better, I'm a member of the Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains." The cabdriver laughs maniacally.

Amp frowns and says, "This is sort of bittersweet."

Man Kitten is shown running to a location where people are screaming and running away. He says, "Oh, yayz! This must be it!" He transforms into his human form. He asks a bystander, "What's with all the panic?"

The woman answers, "It was horrible! A horrible villain appeared here. He went inside that building. Horrible!" She points to a nearby building.

Man Kitten furrows his brow, punches his palm with his fist, and says, "Let's do this." He enters the building and the metal door closes behind him. He calls out, "I'm here to beat the snot out of you." He looks around the empty room. "Is someone there?"

An eerie male voice says, "I've been waiting for you, Raul."

Man Kitten raises an eyebrow and says, "How do you know my name?"

"I know everything about you, Raul," the man states.

"Everything?" Man Kitten asks.

The voice says, "Yes, Raul. I know about your childhood, your relationship with your father, and your deepest fear."

Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "I ain't afraid of nothin'."

The man laughs. He says, "We'll see about that."

Man Kitten looks around the dark room. He says, "If you think I'm afraid of the dark, you would be wrong." Man Kitten pauses. He says, "What's that smell?"

The man explains, "Gas. Poison. There's no way out. You'll be dead in a matter of minutes."

Man Kitten's face drops. He shouts, "No!" He lunges at the door he entered and tries to open it, but fails. He attempts to scratch at the door, violently. "Let me out of here! I can't die, now!"

"I thought you said that you weren't afraid of anything?" the man taunts.

Man Kitten cries. He says, "What do you want from me?"

The man laughs and says, "I'm entirely willing to turn off the gas, Raul. All I want is for you to join me. Your powers are quite impressive and formidable, and could prove to be quite the asset. Your choice is simple. Join the Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains and live, or... don't." Man Kitten looks in the direction of the voice. His expression shows his concern.

Sandstorm is shown running toward some commotion. He looks around and sees things on fire. A blonde woman appears in a burst of fire in front of him, floating in midair, she giggles and strokes his chin with her gloved hand. She says, "Hiya, handsome. What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"I'm here to stop this destruction," Sandstorm states. "I will not tolerate your putting these innocents in danger."

"Oh, them?" the woman says. She giggles. "You're silly. I'm not here to hurt them. I was trying to get your attention."

"My attention?" Sandstorm asks while blushing.

The woman smiles, giggles, and says, "Of course, sweetie. You're the ideal, man. Tall, dark, handsome, strong, and silent... Well, I guess you're two types of an ideal man."

Sandstorm frowns. He says, "I understand. You have the ability to seduce men. I will try my hardest to resist. You will return with me to..."

The woman giggles. She says, "Aren't you forward." She smiles and says, "Alas, all I can do is teleport and levitate. Any attraction you have to me is a bonus." She pokes his nose with her finger.

Sandstorm's face drops. He says, "You mean... All you can do is teleport?" She nods. "So what I'm feeling is..."

"That's right, sweetie," she says. "It looks like this was love at first sight! How exciting! I only read about this."

"I..." Sandstorm starts, looking stunned.

"What do you say, sweetie?" she asks. "You want to go back to my headquarters and join my cause?" Sandstorm's face is red, he looks down at the ground and nods. The woman giggles and says, "Aw! That's what I wanted to hear, you know... Non-verbally." She kisses Sandstorm and they teleport away in a burst of fire.

Buoyancy Lad is shown doggie paddling in the city. Flip-Flop catches up to him. She says, "Did you find an evil person, yet?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "Nope. But it should be any second now."

Flip-Flop says, "I'll follow you." She looks over at another part of the city. She says, "I'm going over there. See you." She runs off in that direction. Buoyancy Lad shrugs and continues doggie paddling.

Flip-Flop reaches the area that Sandstorm just left. She says, "No ones, here. Oh, well." Someone puts a sack over her head from behind. She says, "Ooh! This is exciting." She is dragged off.

Buoyancy Lad stops for a break. He rubs his leg and says, "Oh, man. Charlie horse..."

A woman steps in front of him and says, "Hello, Buoyancy Lad."

"Hey," he says. He looks up at her. He says, "You look familiar."

She says, "Of course. I was only on your team."

"No," Buoyancy Lad says. "That's not it." He snaps his fingers and says, "I know! You're that girl scout! Man, you aged quick."

"I'm Elli, you imbecile," Elli states. "I must say that I'm quite surprised that you're still here, let alone alive."

"What can I say?" Buoyancy Lad states. "I have staying power."

Elli frowns. She says, "Well, it's time for my revenge. This took plenty of planning and forethought."

"And you went with those shoes?" Buoyancy Lad says. "Really?"

Elli sighs and shakes her head. She says, "Prepare to meet your demise."

"Is my mom here?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Elli says, "You know? I'm just going to stop trying to talk with you. You make my head hurt." She points a stun gun at him and fires it at him. Buoyancy Lad is struck and falls to the ground. He shakes and yells uncontrollably. Elli looks away from him and says, "Ew. You're way too jiggly. Men! Carry him away."

Ten men appear in ski masks and three of them lift Buoyancy Lad. A weakened Buoyancy Lad says, "I thought there were only five of you in the League of Evil Something or Others."

"They're henchman," Elli states. "They don't count."

"Gee, thanks, boss," one of the henchmen says. "I'd be upset if this job didn't offer health benefits."

"Just be quiet and carry him away," Elli commands. The henchmen nod and carry Buoyancy Lad in the direction Elli walks.

At the warehouse, Chris' interns dump Flip-Flop out of the burlap sack. Chris says, "Well, Flip-Flop, it looks like you were the only contestant to not confront a villain. So sorry, but you have to leave." Chris looks around and says, "Where did she go?"

"Was this chair here, before?" the black intern asks.

Chris shrugs and says, "It's nice. I say we keep it."

"Yes!" Flip-Flop states, in chair form. "I fooled them."

Chris frowns and says, "Guys, take her away."

"Shucks!" Flip-Flop says as she is carried outside by one of the interns.

Chris states, "That was quite the interesting footage, I must say. How will our heroes fare against Elli's team of bad guys? Will any of them survive? Be sure to tune in to the next part of this compelling story arc next time on Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 17 - The Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains - Part 2

Chris McLean states from his room, "Hey, all. I'm just watching the action from the safety of my monitor. Last time, the contestants were told to meet with a member of a newly formed team of villains. All of them found one of the villains, except for Flip-Flop, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately." Chris shrugs. "Flip-Flop was eliminated for her lack of finding a villain, but at least she avoided capture. Vanity was captured by a sleep inducing teenage winged freak." Chris looks off camera. He rolls his eyes and says, "Whatever. I guess the proper term is 'super powered individual'. Anyway, Man Kitten's life was in jeopardy as he was threatened by a mysterious villain to join his evil organization or die from a poisonous gas. Amp was driven away by the crazy cabbie that we all know and love. Sandstorm was seduced by a fiery vixen that convinced him to join her side. And last, and least, Buoyancy Lad was captured by the leader of the evil group Elli." Chris rubs his chin and says to himself, "I wonder if The Legion of Extraordinarily Evil Villains is interested in their own reality show." Chris looks off camera and says, "What? I only mean if the Total Drama Super Powered contestants don't survive this. Anyway, I guess I should let you all see what's going on."

Amp is shown in a dimly lit room with his hands strapped inside two metal devices above his head, and his feet strapped in similar metal devices. He woozily opens his eyes and looks around. He looks up at his confined hands and says, "That must have been one wild party last night."

"Ooh, goodie," a voice says from the darkness. "You're awake."

Amp lets out a gasp. He says, "You!"

The crazy cabbie nods and shouts, "It is I! Burglesnarf of the land dwellers!"

Amp says, "Please! Stop the madness!"

"I take great offense to that," the cabbie says with a frown. The crazy cabbie approaches Amp with a crazed look in his eye.

Amp looks worried. He says, "What are you going to do to me?"

The cabbie says, "Something I've been wanting to do since I met you." The cabbie cracks his neck.

Amp gulps and says, "No! Stay away!" The cabbie walks up to Amp and begins to poke his belly repeatedly. The cabbie giggles. Amp sighs and shakes his head.

Vanity is shown in a separate room with Angel Dust. Vanity looks nervous, tied up in the corner of the room. Angel Dust looks at himself in Vanity's mirror. He says, "I don't get what's so intriguing in this mirror of yours. I mean, it's not like you always have my gorgeous self to look at in here." Angel Dust begins laughing. His voice cracks and he clears his throat.

"Please, give me my mirror back," Vanity states.

Angel Dust smirks and says, "Nah. That's not the order that my gf gave me." Angel Dust sighs and says, "She's amazing."

"Why?" Vanity asks. "Because she accepts you with that pimple on your forehead?"

Angel Dust barks, "I do not have a..." He looks at Vanity's mirror and says. "Oh, ew." He adjusts his bangs to cover the blemish. He says "I can see why that Dustin Beaver kid wears his bangs like that."

Vanity asks, "Ah. Can I have my mirror back, now?"

Angel Dust laughs. He says, "Nope. Wait, can't you just get it back with your mirror minion peeps?" Vanity looks to the side. Angel Dust says, "Oooooh! I get it! You need this mirror in order to..." He looks at her mirror and says, "Man, I'm gorgeous."

Sandstorm is shown in a room with the villainess he arrived with. She places a black and red cape over his shoulders and says, "There you are. You're looking more like a villain, already!"

Sandstorm blushes. He says, "Don't villains usually wear pants, uh, sweetie?" He attempts to cover his boxer briefs with his hands.

The villainess replies, "Leave the fashion advice to me. Your measurements are going over to the tights people as he speak. I hope you like puce!"

"I'm not so sure about wearing tights, honey pie," Sandstorm replies. "Wait a second. This is kind of embarrassing, but I don't remember you telling me your name."

"Oh, right," the villainess says. "I go by Burning Passion. You like it?"

Sandstorm blushes and says, "Yeeeeah." He giggles a little.

Burning Passion smiles and says, "You're so sweet. You need a new name... Sandstorm is so... geographical?"

"But I like my name," Sandstorm says.

"Ah, I thought you loved me," Burning Passion says while frowning.

Sandstorm blushes and says, "Of course I do, sweetie. I agree with you. I could really use a different name."

"Ah, I can't stay mad at you with a voice like that," Burning Passion replies with a smile. "Ooh, I know what your new superhero name can be! Cuddlebuns! Do you like it?"

Sandstorm looks worried. He says, "I don't know..." Burning Passion pouts at him. He says, "Uh. Yeah, I like it." Burning Passion continues pouting. Sandstorm says, "Er, I love it?"

"Yay!" Burning Passion says. She hugs him.

Buoyancy Lad is shown in a different room being held down by ropes tied to sandbags. He says, "Let me go!"

"I don't think so," Elli replies. "I don't think you're a threat, or anything, but it's the principle that counts, here."

Buoyancy Lad sighs and says, "What do you want with me, anyway? Is it my body?"

"N-no!" Elli replies with her face red. "Goodness, you're annoying." Elli explains, "I'm just trying to do my part in keeping your kind off of the streets." She puts her hand to her heart. "I'm proud that I can have a hand in making villainy and petty crime more available for we hard-pressed criminals."

"Are the others here?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

"Maybe," Elli replies. "But what do you care, anyway?"

Buoyancy Lad replies, "They're my friends, duh. Except Vanity. I think she's about ready to propose to me."

Elli rolls her eyes and says, "Please. Like she would ever like you."

Buoyancy Lad smirks and says, "You're so jealous, right now."

Elli holds her head down and shakes her head. She says, "I can't even remember why I came in here to talk to you. I'm leaving." She opens the door with a barred window, walks out, and slams it behind her.

Buoyancy Lad stares at the door for a little while, smirks, and says to himself, "She'll be back."

In the room where Amp is being held captive, an unconscious Man Kitten in human form is dragged inside by some henchmen. He is tossed inside a cage, the door to the cage is closed, and they high five. Amp scolds, "You two should be ashamed of yourselves, ya hear?"

"Whatever," one of the henchmen says with a frown. "A job's a job, dude."

"Yeah," the other henchman adds. "Have you tried finding a job with the way the economy is? I have, like, four degrees, and this is the only job I could get."

Amp stares at the henchmen for a few moments. "Four degrees of what?" Amp asks. The henchman shakes his head, and both of them walk out of the room. Man Kitten can be heard groaning. Amp asks, "Is that you, Man Kitten?"

Man Kitten groans, "Who else would it be?"

"If I could shrug, right now, I would," Amp replies. "Besides, I'm not sure if that cheeseburger they gave me is agreeing with my stomach..."

Man Kitten's eyes get wide and he asks, "They has cheeseburgers?" He shakes his head quickly and coughs. "Never mind what I just said. Wait... I'm not dead?"

"I don't think so," Amp replies. "So what happened to you?"

Man Kitten frowns. He says, "I went into this building and this voice was telling me I would die if I didn't join his team of evil people."

Amp asks, "What did you do?"

"I'm here aren't I?" Man Kitten replies. "I said no, that I would never use my powers for evil."

Amp's eyes are wide. He says, "Whoa. I'm kind of surprised."

"That I made such a huge stand in the face of death?" Man Kitten asks, trying to hold back a smile.

"Well," Amp says. "Not exactly. I just thought you already were evil."

Man Kitten frowns. He says, "Sure. Stereotype me, why don't you?" Man Kitten sighs. "Look, I know I've been pretty mean, and a little hard to get along with, but I'm not a bad person. Once I got these powers, I wanted to take the opportunity to use them for good. I don't know. Maybe in an attempt to undo some of the mean things I've done to people?" Man Kitten lets out a sigh. "I know I've been kind of mean to you, but I have been meaning to apologize to you for the comments I made about your weight. It was uncalled for."

Amp says, "Don't worry about it." He forces a smile. "I don't even remember you mentioning it."

"Save it," Man Kitten replies. "I know how it is, I was a pretty hefty kid. I know how those kinds of comments hurt on the inside, and I know you can say they don't bother you, but they really do."

"Yeah," Amp says quietly. "I've never done anything to hurt anybody, at least not on purpose. I don't understand why I need to be insulted. It's not like I don't know how big I am. I may act like I don't care, but I think I trust people easily, because I want to be accepted so bad."

Man Kitten says, "Sorry. I can't speak for everyone, but I can say that teasing people made me feel superior. And maybe I thought that my being a bully made other people respect me. I don't know. I really do want to change, but it's not easy, especialy with people like Buoyancy Lad floating around."

Amp assures, "You can do it, man. Don't give up."

"Thanks," Man Kitten replies with a slight smile. "It's not like I'll get a chance to act different, being all trapped in this fortress o' doom, and all."

"We'll get out," Amp assures. "Something good will happen."

Man Kitten says, "Right..." His timer begins to sound. He says, "Be prepared for my kitten form."

"I'll try," Amp replies.

After a few moments of silence, Man Kitten says, "Um..."

"What is it?" Amp says.

Man Kitten replies, "I can't transform..."

"Oh," Amp replies. "Why not?"

Man Kitten quietly replies, "I'm not sure. I... it could be the cage." Man Kitten remains quiet.

After a few minutes, Amp asks, "Uh, is everything alright?"

Man Kitten quietly answers, "I'm scared."

"You are?" Amp states. "Don't worry, man. Like I said, I'm sure we'll be fine."

Man Kitten says, "Yeah. Just... the last time I didn't transform, I got real sick. I really thought I was going to die. That's the most scared I've ever been."

Amp says, "I, uh, didn't know. Sorry, man. But I'm sure you'll be okay."

"I'm so scared of dying," Man Kitten says. "I never told anyone about that. I'm all I have... I don't have anyone else in my life."

Amp attempts to look at Man Kitten's cage. After a little silence, Amp says, "I'm going to figure out some way to get you out of there, man. You'll be fine."

"Thanks," Man Kitten says quietly. "It means a lot."

"Really?" Amp asks, while blinking.

"Er, no," Man Kitten says. "Not really." Man Kitten lets out a sigh.

The door to the room opens and Amp looks it. Sandstorm walks in with Burning Passion. Amp asks, "Who's the hottie?"

Sandstorm lets out a sigh and replies, "Burning Passion, my love."

"Aw," Burning Passion answers. "You're so sweet." She kisses Sandstorm on the cheek and he blushes.

Amp asks, "Did you come in here to break us out of here?"

"Sure," Sandstorm replies. Burning Passion looks at him disapprovingly and shakes her head. Sandstorm says, "Uh, sorry. I guess not."

"Why not?" Amp asks.

Sandstorm says, "Well, I..."

"You switched sides," Man Kitten states.

"I didn't so much switch sides as I..." Sandstorm begins. "Uh, yeah. I switched sides."

"You don't mean..." Amp says.

"I'm a villain, now," Sandstorm says, looking down at the floor.

Amp looks shocked. He says, "What? That's not what I was thinking. But... How could you, man?"

"I, uh," Sandstorm replies.

Burning Passion hugs Sandstorm and says, "Sandstorm is my boyfriend, now." Sandstorm blushes.

Man Kitten says, "Great. He's controlled by a girl with romance powers."

"That's what I thought, too," Sandstorm replies. "Until sweetie pie told me she doesn't have romance powers."

"Sweetie pie?" Amp says. "Awesome name..."

"It's Burning Passion, actually," Burning Passion states. She teleports in a burst of fire in a display of her power. Sandstorm applauds. Burning Passion says, "Aw, thanks, Cuddlebuns!" Sandstorm blushes. "Now could you be a dear and use your powers to convince Amp to use his powers?"

Sandstorm says, "I don't know. I usually don't like using my powers except to stop violence, you know?"

"Aw, do it for me, sweetie?" Burning Passion asks.

Sandstorm blushes and says, "Alright, snookums."

"This is disgusting," Man Kitten states. "The worst power of all... A controlling girlfriend."

"Don't talk bad about her!" Sandstorm shouts. "She's special." Sandstorm starts crying.

"Whoa," Amp says. "That voice of yours is awesome for yelling."

Sandstorm approaches Amp and says, "I'm going to need you to start using your power. Sorry..."

Amp looks over at Man Kitten and says, "No."

Sandstorm looks over at Burning Passion. She gives him a disapproving look. Sandstorm lifts his hands and says, "I'm really sorry." Burning Passion rushes over to Amp and scatters some sand on the floor. She goes back over to the side of the room.

Amp says, "Wait a second." Sandstorm puts his arms down. "I'll use my power if I can talk to that cutie for a second." Sandstorm looks over at Burning Passion.

Burning Passion groans and says, "Fine."

Angel Dust walks into the room holding Vanity's mirror and says, "Hey, guys. How's it going in here? Is Elli around?"

Burning Passion walks up to Amp and says, "What do you want?" Amp turns on his amplification powers.

Amp's face turns red. He says, "You're real pretty." He giggles.

"Uh-oh," Burning Passion says.

Angel Dust puts down Vanity's mirror and says, "Wow. I never noticed how hot you are." His voice cracks as he says, "I'll do whatever you want..." He begins drooling.

"I don't get what the big deal is," Man Kitten states.

Sandstorm glares at Angel Dust and says, "Don't hit on my girl, you little..." Sandstorm blinks. He looks over at Burning Passion and says, "Wait a minute. You lied to me. You do have men controlling powers."

"I, uh, I can explain," Burning Passion states. Amp shakes his head and turns off his amplification power. Sandstorm uses his sand control powers in order to surround Burning Passion with the sand from the floor, in order to keep her from teleporting away. She attempts to teleport, but is unable. She says, "Ugh. My seduction powers are only unbreakable when my target is unaware that I'm using them." Burning Passion looks to the side in an annoyed way. Sandstorm uses his sand power in order to form the shape of the key that unlocks Man Kitten's cage and proceeds to unlock the cage. Man Kitten steps out of the cage and hugs Sandstorm. He blushes and lets go of him.

Man Kitten says, "Er. Thanks." He transforms and says, "I is free! Yayz!" He looks at the winged youth, licks his lips, and says, "Who's the birdie?"

"I'm not a bird," Angel Dust says, looking nervous. "I'm lost. That's it." He looks around. "This isn't the restroom." He quickly rushes out of the room.

"That guy was weird," Amp says. "Hey, guys. Help me out of these cuff things." Sandstorm controls the sand and puts Burning Passion inside the cage that once held Man Kitten. He closes the door to the cage and goes back to Amp.

Man Kitten asks, "Hey, Ampy. How didz you know that that creepy lady was controlling Sandstorm?"

Amp attempts to shrug. He says, "Her name is Burning Passion, and all. Plus, Sandstorm was acting way out of character." Sandstorm blushes.

"You're a smarty every day!" Man Kitten tells Amp.

Amp blushes. He says, "Thanks." Sandstorm uses his sand powers to break apart Amp's shackles. "I'm free. Thanks, buddy!" Amp hugs Sandstorm. Sandstorm blushes.

"What does we do now?" Man Kitten asks. He transforms into his human form. He clears his throat and says, "What do we do now?"

Amp says, "I guess we should look for Vanity and BL." Amp looks at Man Kitten with a coy smile. "Hey, dude. That Passion mama's powers didn't seem to work on you."

Man Kitten blushes and looks to the side. He says, "The cage must have blocked her power."

Amp pokes Man Kitten and says, "Sure. Blame the cage." The guys walk out of the room together. They look along the hallway and see several doors.

Man Kitten says, "Aw, man. Where do we start?"

"Should we split up?" Sandstorm asks.

"Nah," Man Kitten says. "Have you noticed? Nothing good happens when we split up."

"I have noticed that," Sandstorm replies.

"That's interesting," Amp says. "Nothing good happens to me when I team up with people." Man Kitten and Sandstorm look at each other.

"Is anyone out there?" someone calls out.

Amp asks, "Did you guys hear that?"

"Yeah," Man Kitten says. He points at a room. "It came from in there." He pushes Sandstorm forward and says, "You go first, man." Sandstorm shrugs and opens the door.

Vanity says, "There you guys are. I was so worried. Have you seen my mirror, anywhere?"

"No," Amp says.

Sandstorm says, "Didn't that Angel kid have it?"

"Oh, yeah," Amp says.

"I have to have it!" Vanity exclaims.

Sandstorm unties Vanity. She rushes out of the room. Man Kitten says, "She was acting weird."

Amp says, "She's definitely... Uh... addicted to that mirror of hers. Anyways, let's find BL."

"Must we?" Man Kitten asks. Sandstorm and Amp drag Man Kitten out of the room.

A montage is shown of Man Kitten, Amp, and Sandstorm searching several rooms for Buoyancy Lad. The occasional footage of Vanity looking for her mirror is shown.

Man Kitten shrugs and says, "We definitely tried looking for him. Let's go back to the warehouse."

"Nah," Amp says. "We can't give up." He points to one room and says, "We haven't checked this room, yet." Amp walks over to the room.

Sandstorm says, "Um. That was where you two were being held."

Amp opens the door and sees Buoyancy Lad caught in the trap that Amp was earlier. Amp smiles and says, "I found him! Did the bad guys trap you in there, too?"

Buoyancy Lad answers, "Well... I was kind of messing around with these bond things and they kind of closed on me." The other guys shake their heads disapprovingly.

Sandstorm goes over to let Buoyancy Lad out of the bonds. The door opens and Elli, Angel Dust, and a dark figure enter the room. "We got company," Man Kitten states.

"Hey, baby," Angel Dust says to Elli. "You want me to put these suckers to sleep?"

"I don't think so," Elli replies.

Man Kitten looks closely at Elli. He says, "You're Elli, right? Why do you look younger than I remember?"

Elli folds her arms and says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Amp nudges Man Kitten and asks, "Who's the creeper in the trench coat? My stranger danger powers are tingling."

The man states, "Hello, Raul."

Man Kitten gulps. He says, "It's him. Amp, that guy is bad news."

"Okay," Amp says. "Who's Raul?"

"This is getting boring," the man states. "I'm leaving." He exits the room.

Angel Dust says, "Where is everyone? Isn't that weird cab driver around somewhere?"

"That guy comes and goes as he pleases," Elli answers.

"Then it's just you and me, baby," Angel Dust says with a smile. He puts his arm around Elli.

Man Kitten says, "Okay, guys. We can handle these two."

"What power does Elli have, again?" Amp asks.

Man Kitten blinks. He says, "I don't remember."

Buoyancy Lad is freed by Sandstorm. He floats over and says, "Let me handle this." Elli quickly puts her arm around Buoyancy Lad's neck and threateningly holds him to her. "She wants me."

Elli says, "Nobody move. I can turn... guys into salamanders."

The guys look hesitant. "A little help, guys?" Buoyancy Lad says.

"I'm undecided if I want to be a salamander," Amp replies. "Wait, what does Elli even want?" Buoyancy Lad smiles wide and points to himself. Vanity bursts into the room. "Thank goodness!" Amp says. She snatches her mirror from Angel Dust and leaves the room. "That was weird," Amp says.

Man Kitten groans. He walks over to Elli and says, "Screw this. I don't care what you do to me."

"What about me?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Man Kitten puts his hands on Elli's shoulders. Angel Dust shouts, "Hey! Hands off my lady!" Man Kitten removes his hands from Elli, turns to Angel Dust, and knees him in the groin.

Amp asks Man Kitten, "This is you being nice?" Angel Dust falls to the ground with his eyes crossed.

Man Kitten defends, "It's okay if it's a villain." Man Kitten grabs Elli by the shoulders, pulls her away from Buoyancy Lad, and tosses her toward the cage that contains Burning Passion. Elli's power deactivates and she turns into an old woman.

Angel Dust looks over and says, "Ew. Baby, why are you so old?"

Man Kitten states, "She can shapeshift, or something. That must be her true form."

Angel Dust puts his arms up and says, "Look, I'm not into cougars. I'm out of here." He struggles to stand up, and then runs out of the room. He shouts, "Mommy!"

"So, I guess that's it," Sandstorm says. "We should apprehend her, though."

"I'll do it," Amp volunteers. He approaches Elli and sees that she is crying.

"Now everyone knows my secret," Elli sadly states.

"What secret?" Amp asks.

Elli snaps, "That I'm old."

"Oh, that," Amp says. "Everyone gets old. It's no big deal."

"It's a big deal to me," Elli replies. "I always wanted to stay young, and that power was granted me. Getting old isn't fun. I tried to act young and have fun."

Amp helps her up. He says, "I don't know what you're so mad about. So you're old. Me and BL are fat."

"Hey!" Buoyancy Lad states. "I am not."

"Man Kitten's a closet..." Amp begins. He says, "Anyway, that's not my point. Who doesn't hate how they are, or getting old? You're taking your anger out at aging by being all villain-y, that's not the answer."

"You're right," Elli says. "Thanks. It will still take some adjusting, now that you whippersnappers know, but... I never really liked being a criminal type. What do the kids say these days? A gangbanger?"

"Please, don't say that," Man Kitten states with a frown.

Elli sighs. She says, "I guess you'll be bringing me to the authorities."

"Yeah," Amp says. "Sorry."

"It's what I deserve," Elli says with a sigh.

Sandstorm asks, "Did you actually break any laws here?"

"She captured us?" Man Kitten says. He thinks for a moment. "Look, if we let you go without pressing charges, will you start being good?" Elli nods.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Maybe you could join an organization, or something. What's that one called? The Purple Hat Society?"

"Don't listen to him," Man Kitten pleads. "You're free to go, lady."

Elli nods. She pinches Man Kitten's cheek. She says, "Bless your heart." Man Kitten blushes.

"Go on and git," Man Kitten orders. She nods and leaves the room.

Amp puts his arm around Man Kitten and says, "You were totally into that old chick, dude. Way creepy." Man Kitten blushes and pushes Amp's hand away.

Buoyancy Lad says, "We better head back to the warehouse." The guys nod and leave.

Burning Passion calls out from her cage, "Everyone? Did you forget I'm still in here?" She pauses for a moment. "Anybody?"

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "I've been watching the footage all day. Nice work, almost everyone. I've decided to choose who to eliminate myself, I like controlling things, sometimes."

"Sometimes?" a randomly present intern asks.

Chris says, "You're fired."

"Woohoo!" the intern shouts.

Chris frowns and says, "I take it back. Your contract allows take backs. You get leg waxing duty, tonight."

"Aw, man," the intern says as he walks out of the elimination room. "I'll go get the wax."

"On with the elimination," Chris says. "Amp, Man Kitten, and Sandstorm all did what they needed to, today. Great job fellas. As for Vanity and Buoyancy Lad, let me point out your flaws. Vanity, you were obsessed with getting your mirror back and took it from Angel Dust when you had the chance to help everyone else. Buoyancy Lad... you got yourself trapped in one of the villain's devices. Not cool, man." Chris shakes his head. "But in the end, I have chosen who I think should be eliminated. The next contestant eliminated is..."

"Vanity." Vanity stands up and leaves without looking away from her mirror.

"That was anticlimactic," Man Kitten states.

"It was wasn't it," Chris says.

Buoyancy Lad floats over to Chris and hugs him. He says, "You kept me in the game! You love me!"

Chris pushes Buoyancy Lad away from him. He says, "It's not like that, dude. Vanity put all of you in danger, while you... put yourself in danger. It was really selfless of you."

Buoyancy Lad gives two thumbs up and says, "Thanks."

Chris sighs. He says, "That's the conclusion to this two part episode. Tune in next time for another one part episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered."

Amp says, "Hey! I just noted that only guys are left."

"You just noticed that, now?" Man Kitten asks.

"Yeah, just now," Amp replies. Man Kitten pinches himself on the arm, making himself wince.

Chapter 18 - Stranger Danger Zone

Chris states, "Welcome to another episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! This is Chris McLean! Last time, our contestants were in the evil clutches of a team of villains. Amp and Man Kitten bonded as they were captured in the same room and Man Kitten apologized for some of the harsh things he said about Amp. Eventually, all of them broke free, and turned the tide with their captors. Two members of the group of villains bailed, while one of the villains, Burning Passion, was put into a power nullifying cage. Man Kitten put an end to Elli's reign of terror, or whatever, by tossing her toward the power nullifying cage. It was then revealed that she was actually an old woman with the ability to shift her age. A boy she got to join her group of villains by posing as his girlfriend got creeped out and abandoned the villain team. Our group of heroes felt bad for Elli and let her go... Which in itself is a federal crime, but... Anyway... Vanity was eliminated by me for not aiding her fellow heroes when she had the chance, and just took back her mirror. What will happen on tonight's episode?"

The final four contestants are shown in their room. Buoyancy Lad looks around the room and says, "This is it, huh?"

Amp nods and says, "An all male final four." He randomly shouts, "Yeah!"

"I really wasn't expecting to make it this far," Man Kitten states.

Buoyancy Lad says with wide eyes, "You didn't think you'd make it this far?" Man Kitten shakes his head. "Wow. I thought you were more confident than I am, you know, without the looks."

Man Kitten glares at Buoyancy Lad. He sighs and says, "The truth is. I figured that my acting like a jerk would get me sent home real early."

"I guess I thought the same thing," Sandstorm states. "I mean, about myself. I'm not a big talker, so... I thought I'd be out a lot sooner."

Amp shrugs. He says, "I guess I thought I'd be out sooner, too. I'm not the best at anything." Everyone looks at Buoyancy Lad.

Buoyancy Lad looks back at them with a confused expression. He asks, "What?"

"What do you bruthas think the next challenge will be?" Amp asks.

"I hope it's not anything too traumatizing," Man Kitten admits.

"We haven't gone to space, yet," Buoyancy Lad suggests. He gets several confused stares. "What? It's like you guys have never read a comic book."

"Um..." Sandstorm says quietly. "What's a comic book?" Buoyancy Lad slaps his forehead.

Man Kitten shrugs and says, "I'm going to sleep, guys. See you in the morning."

Amp sighs and says, "I was hoping we could stay up, all night. Come on, guys, what do you say?" Man Kitten, Sandstorm, and Buoyancy Lad are already in their beds, sound asleep. Amp sighs, again, and gets into his bed.

The next morning, Amp opens his eyes and asks, "What time is it?" He looks around. "Where am I?" He sees that he's in a small room that appears to have no doors, or any other way out. "Hello?" Amp asks.

"Hello, Amp," a voice replies. "Or should I call you Julian?"

Amp narrows his eyes. He asks, "H-how did you know my real... my... uh... birth name?"

"I know a lot of things, Julian," the voice replies. "I know about your drug and alcohol problem. By the way, good work with being sober these last few years. I also know about the band you were in."

"Do I know you?" Amp asks with a slightly concerned expression. He looks around for the source of the voice.

"Who I am is unimportant, Julian," the voice answers. Amp winces.

Amp says, "Can you, please, call me Amp?"

"Sure, Amp," the voice replies.

"Where am I?" Amp asks.

"You're in my... fortress," the voice answers.

Amp asks, "How did I get here?"

The voice answers, "I brought you here."

Amp asks, "I mean, how did you get into the warehouse... I mean, secret base?"

The voice laughs. He says, "It was no trouble, at all, Amp. Everyone was asleep. I used chloroform to put you into a deeper sleep."

"Uh," Amp begins. "Can I go, now?"

The voice laughs, again. He says, "You're very funny, Amp. I would not have gone through all this trouble if I didn't have a reason behind it."

Amp says, "Should I ask what that reason is?"

"It's simple," the voice says. "I need you, Amp."

"Look, I don't swing that way," Amp replies.

"I'm serious, Amp," the voice says. "Your power would be very useful to me for my... goal."

"This is about my power?" Amp says. He looks to the side and says, "What else is new?"

The voice says, "What do you say, Amp?"

Amp replies, "You want to know what I have to say? I'm tired of people using me for my power. It's not going to happen, again."

The voice answers, "I thought you might say that. I admire your resolve, Amp. You're a different man than you once were."

"Are you positive that I don't know who you are?" Amp asks.

The voice replies, "I'm positive. Just think of me as a distant observer. I'll ask you, again. Will you use your power to aid me?"

Amp shakes his head. He says, "No way."

"Alright," the voice answers.

The lighting in the room changes. Amp sees through a one way mirror. His expression drops. He sees Man Kitten lying on the floor with a metal collar around his neck. "What's going on?" Amp asks. "Is Man Kitten, alright?"

"He'll be fine, Amp," the voice says.

"That's a relief," Amp says with a sigh.

The voice states, "He will be perfectly okay. If you cooperate with me."

Amp looks at Man Kitten with a worried expression. He asks, "What is that collar around his neck? It doesn't cancel out his power, or something, does it?"

"Not exactly," the voice replies. "I should let you in on a little secret, Amp. You remember that cage that nullified Man Kitten's powers?" Amp nods. The voice states, "I designed that cage, Amp."

Amp looks down. He says, "You're that mysterious guy from The League of... Extra... Bad Guys, aren't you?"

The voice replies, "I wasn't exactly a full fledged member. I wanted to use that opportunity to observe some of your... weaknesses."

Amp pleads, "You have to take that collar off of Man Kitten. He might get seriously hurt if he can't transform."

"I feel an explanation is in order, Amp," the voice says. "The way that collar works is a little different. It does cancel out Man Kitten's power, but only at my command. It's up to me to determine whether he can use his power or not, by turning off the power of the collar."

"And that depends on my cooperation?" Amp asks.

The voice answers, "You're very smart, Amp. What do you say, Amp? Will you cooperate with me?" Amp looks at Man Kitten.

In another room, Sandstorm is shown. He wakes up and silently looks around. The voice that spoke with Amp says, "Oh. Good morning, Sandstorm. Did you rest well?" Sandstorm looks around, but says nothing in reply. "I have noticed that you're a man of few words, Sandstorm. I can respect that. Let me cut right down to the chase. I want you to join my cause."

"No," Sandstorm strongly states.

"I thought you might say that," the voice replies with a slight laugh. "Are my intentions so obviously bad?" Sandstorm remains silent. Sandstorm hears a sigh. The voice continues, "I know that you would do anything to stop a violent act." The lighting in the white room changes, and Sandstorm sees a muscular man in a superhero costume standing, looking around. The man says something, but Sandstorm is unable to hear what he says. Another man enters the room in a ski mask, and dark clothing. That man holds up a baseball bat, and Sandstorm looks on in horror. The voice states, "All you have to say is that you'll join me, and use your powers for me. Then, I'll call off the attack. What do you say, Sandstorm?"

Man Kitten is shown in the room across from Amp, though he doesn't see Amp through the one way mirror. He opens his eyes and yawns. He begins scratching at his neck and feels the metallic collar. He grips it and looks generally confused. He asks, "What is this?" He looks around the unfamiliar room with a concerned expression.

"Raul, you're awake," the voice states.

Man Kitten puts his hand on his face. "You," Man Kitten states. "Why are you back?"

The voice says, "I just wanted to congratulate you."

Man Kitten states, "For what evil purpose?"

The voice laughs. He says, "I'm sorry you view it that way. Your role here is complete."

Man Kitten frowns and says, "What's the collar for?"

"Security," the voice answers.

Man Kitten growls, "Care to elaborate?"

The voice says, "Still feisty, as ever, I see. I spoke with a friend of yours, Raul, Amp to be specific. The good news is that he values your friendship. He agreed to work for me on your behalf. As long as he does what I say, you can lead a perfectly normal life... for someone who can transform into a cat."

"Kitten," Man Kitten corrects. "So I just have to live my life with a giant collar around my neck? This is bull..." Man Kitten's timer sounds. He says, "Hold that thought." He transforms into his kitten form. "You's a very bad man!"

Amp is shown in his room, intently looking at Man Kitten through the one way mirror. "What are you looking at, Amp?" the mysterious voice asks.

"Nothing," Amps answers. He watches as Man Kitten transforms back into his human form. Amp gives a disappointed sigh.

"Were you expecting his collar to break when he transformed, Amp?" The voice asks. Amp looks to the side. "His power doesn't work that way, Amp. It's the same reason his clothes don't burst off of him when he transforms. Thank goodness for that."

Amp looks down and says, "So I'm stuck working for you?"

"For as long as you want Man Kitten to live, yes," the voice states.

Amp sighs. He asks, "What exactly is it that you want me to do?"

Buoyancy Lad is shown in a separate room. He remains asleep. The mysterious voice says, "Don't you ever wake up?"

A few minutes later, Buoyancy Lad wakes up, blinking his eyes. He stands up and stretches. He looks around and says, "Chris must have remodeled our room."

"Good... afternoon, Luciano," the voice states.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Hey, Chris. Time for the challenge, already?"

The mysterious voice says, "No, Luciano. I am not Chris."

"Okay," Buoyancy Lad states. "How do you know my name?"

"That's not important," the voice states.

Buoyancy Lad asks, "Where are you?" He looks around the room. "Are you invisible?"

The voice states, "Not exactly. I wanted to discuss something with you, Luciano."

"What's that?" Buoyancy Lad asks, scratching his rear.

"I want you to quit being a superhero," the voice states.

Buoyancy Lad says, "You're another one of those villain recruiters, aren't you? I'm not interested."

"I'm sorry," the voice states. "You misunderstood my meaning. I simply want you to stop using your super power, in general."

Buoyancy Lad rolls his eyes and says, "Not going to happen."

The voice states, "Let me clue you in on something, Luciano. Your power is pathetic."

"No, it's not," Buoyancy Lad states, folding his arms.

"Oh, no," the voice states, "it really is. What are you going to do to stop a runaway train, a bank robbery, a burning building?"

Buoyancy Lad states, "I would leave those things to the people that could handle them."

The voice says, "So you admit that you're limited in what you can do?"

"Yeah," Buoyancy Lad states. "But that's not important." Buoyancy Lad grabs his chest and says, "Being a hero is about heart. I can still help people in other ways."

The voice asks, "Do you understand the risks involved in being a superhero?"

"Of course," Buoyancy Lad says. "But there's risk in practically everything."

"Well said, Luciano," the voice states.

Buoyancy Lad looks up to see a door open. A big man tosses another person to the floor, leaves, and closes the door behind him. Buoyancy Lad looks at the body on the floor and says, "Alfonso?" Buoyancy Lad kneels next to his badly beaten brother. "What happened to him?

The voice states, "I'm surprised that you even recognize him."

Alfonso opens his eyes and sees Buoyancy Lad. He says, "Hey, bro." Buoyancy Lad wipes blood off of Alfonso's lip with his hand.

"What did they do to you?" Buoyancy Lad asks with a sad and concerned expression.

Alfonso coughs. He says, "I'm not really sure how I got here. I was out patrollin' the streets, and got nabbed by some big muscular guys."

"More muscular than you?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

"You kiddin' me?" Alfonso asks. He attempts to flex his bicep. "Ow!" He explains, "I was brought to this one room, you sees? And this guy came in, and... that's why I look like this."

Buoyancy Lad asks, "What did he do to you?"

Alfonso explains, "Uh... My rainbow powers didn't do much to stop his baseball bat..."

Buoyancy Lad frowns. He says, "I'm going to get you out of here."

"How do you propose to do that, Luciano?" the voice states.

"He found out your secret identity?" Alfonso asks.

Buoyancy Lad states, "I'll find a way out of this room."

"Let me help you out," the voice states. "You hang up your Speedo... metaphorically, and I'll let you and your brother go. Then I'll never bother you or your family, again."

Buoyancy Lad asks, "If you think my power is so pathetic, why do you feel so threatened by me?"

"That's a good question, Luciano," the voice states. "Part of my goal is to rid the world of you hero wannabes to make my ultimate goal easier. I'll accomplish the former one way or another, but I'd prefer your cooperation." Buoyancy Lad looks at his brother with a sad expression.

Amp is shown in his room. The voice tells him, "All I want you to do is amplify someone's super power for me. That's all. I will never make you overuse your power."

Amp says, "Wait... Why didn't you put one of those collars around my neck in order to control me?"

The voice states, "You're very observant, Amp. It has to do with the nature of your power. The collar only works on people with powers dealing with their body, to put it basically. For example, someone like your friend Flip-Flop's powers have to do with her body. Bryan, for example, has powers that involve his vocal chords. You, on the other hand, have a power that visibly surrounds your body, while it does come from your body. But do you understand the difference?"

Amp thinks for a moment and says, "I think so."

"It will be still some time until I can create a device to use on people with powers like yours," the voice states. "If you're ready, I would like to introduce you to the young man whose powers I want you to amplify."

"You mean, I have a choice?" Amp asks.

The mysterious voice says, "Of course not, but it sounds more pleasant if I make it sound that way. Here he is."

The door opens and a young man enters the room, holding his head down. His hands are cuffed, and he has a collar like Man Kitten's around his neck. Amp looks at him, his eyes widen, and he says, "Bryan?"

Bryan looks up at him, with tears in his eyes. He says, "I'm sorry, Amp."

Sandstorm is shown. He is sitting on the floor with his arms around his legs. The mysterious voice states, "You failed to concede, despite that man's beating. Pretty heartless, if you ask me."

Sandstorm states, "I thought about the consequences if I gave in to you. I have a feeling that it would be worse than what you showed me, monster."

The voice states, "Well, I no longer need to talk to you. You should be very proud of yourself." After a slight pause, the voice continues, "If you're wondering about what will happen to you, I understand that you don't need food or water to survive. I find that interesting. I'll leave you in this room. I'm assuming you will remain in this room for the rest of your life... However long that may be. Goodbye, Sandstorm." Sandstorm looks up, and then buries his head in his arms.

Buoyancy Lad is shown with his brother. The voice asks, "So Luciano, have you made your decision?"

"Yes," Buoyancy Lad says. Alfonso looks at him. "Your effort to dissuade me backfired. Seeing my bro like this only reconfirms my decision to protect people from jerks like you."

After a few moments of silence, the voice states, "Alright. That's your decision. Goodbye, gentlemen. You'll live the rest of your days in that room."

Buoyancy Lad puts his hand on his brother's shoulder. "Don't worry, man. We'll find a way out of this."

Alfonso says, "Thanks. Uh, I have a question."

"Shoot," Buoyancy Lad states.

"How do you know a big word like 'reconfirms'?" Alfonso asks.

"Oh, that," Buoyancy Lad says. "I stumbled upon it when I was looking up naughty words in the dictionary."

Alfonso laughs and says, "Nice." He extends his fist toward Buoyancy Lad and they bump fists.

Amp and Bryan are shown sitting by each other. Bryan explains, "He promised me that he would get rid of my powers." Bryan tugs at his collar. "He kind of did that, but he's been forcing me to use my power for him. He's a really bad guy."

"Why did you agree to help him after you found out more about him?" Amp asks.

Bryan replies, "He has my grandma. He says he'll hurt her if I disobey him with my commands. He wears a chain that makes my power ineffective against him." Bryan sighs. He says, "Are you ready to go out there?" Amp looks down at the floor, but nods. They exit the room.

Man Kitten is shown being let out of his room by a large man in a ski mask. He exits the room and is slowly led toward a door. Man Kitten says, "I have to live with this collar for the rest of my life." The henchman shrugs. Man Kitten looks at him. "So are the other guys here, too?"

The henchman says, "Yeah. Two of them are going to be held captive here, but that Amp guy was convinced to work with us."

Man Kitten nods and says, "I have been wondering for a long time what might happen if I did this. I guess we're about to find out." Man Kitten grabs hold of the earring that helps him control his power, and rips it out of his ear. He lets out a cry of pain as his new wound bleeds. He begins to transform and his collar breaks off.

Sandstorm is shown in his room, lying on his back. He lets out a deep sigh. He looks around the room for a trace of dirt or sand. Sandstorm hears a feint uproar, and quickly sits up. Sandstorm hears scratching. He steps back, and one of the walls breaks open. Sandstrom lets out a shocked gasp.

Buoyancy Lad is shown doggie paddling in the room he and his brother are trapped in. His brother says, "You can stop that, bro. You're not going to find a way out of here, and you're just wastin' your energy."

Buoyancy Lad states, "I'm not going to give up hope." A wall to their room bursts open as concrete flies to the floor of the room.

Alfonso says, "What is that?"

Buoyancy Lad floats back to the floor and hugs his brother. He says, "I have no idea, bro. It's some grotesque man feline hybrid."

Sandstorm steps out from behind the terrifying beast. He says, "Buoyancy Lad, this... creature is Man Kitten." The beast growls.

"Man Kitten?" Buoyancy Lad says. Alfonso laughs at the name. Man Kitten growls at Alfonso and swipes his sharp claws at him. "Did he get a new form, or..." He looks at one of his ears and sees that his earring is missing, and there is a split in his ear where it once was.

Man Kitten forces out, "I... took out... the earring..." He looks scared and says, "This... form... is... is a... lot harder... to control..."

Buoyancy Lad asks, "So why are you using it?"

Man Kitten looks down. He says, "It just... happened."

"We better find Amp," Sandstorm says.

In a control room of the strange building, Amp looks at the intimidating man in the trench coat. The mysterious man says, "It's good to formally meet you, Amp."

"Right," Amp says, looking to the side. "What exactly do you want me to do?"

The mysterious man smirks and says, "I gave Bryan, here, a few words to say. You two will be escorted to the mayor's office, and..."

The door to the control room is ripped apart by Man Kitten. "What the..." Amp begins.

The mysterious man steps back. Man Kitten leaps at him, and scratches his chest with is claws. Sandstorm looks at Bryan. He says, "Bryan, do something."

Bryan says, "Man Kitten, stop attacking him." The command fails to do anything. Bryan says, "My power is suppressed by this collar. I can't do anything."

Sandstorm looks around. He lifts his arms and uses some dust from the room to surround Bryan's collar. After it falls apart, Bryan shouts, "Man Kitten, stop!" Man Kitten obeys the command. He sits down. Sandstorm whispers in Bryan's ear. Bryan nods and says, "Man Kitten, return to your human form." Man Kitten's expression looks blank.

Buoyancy Lad asks, "Why isn't he turning back?"

Man Kitten says, "I... can't..."

"He's going to be stuck like this?" Amp asks. He looks concerned.

Man Kitten reaches into his pocket, pulls out the metal earring, and holds it out. Sandstorm uses his power and surrounds the piece of metal with sand. The sand lifts it into the air and he quickly surrounds Man Kitten's other ear with the metal and sand. He removes the sand, revealing that Man Kitten's other ear has the piercing in it. Man Kitten turns into his human form. He rubs his ear and says, "I can't do this too often... There are only so many body parts I can pierce and then..." Man Kitten looks down at the injured villain. He says, "I... did that?" The other guys in the room look down.

Bryan is shown looking through several papers. He says, "This guy had some awful plans." He looks through more of the papers. "He had files on all of us with our personal information."

"That's how he knew those things about us?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

"I don't feel the need to reply to that," Bryan says. He takes a piece of paper and says, "This has where my grandma is being held on it. I'm going to go find her. Bye, guys." He leaves the room.

Chris walks into the room looking tired. He says, "Here you guys are. It took a lot to find you guys." He looks around and asks, "What happened?"

"We'll explain later," Sandstorm says. "We need to get this creep to a hospital... then a prison."

"I vote for prison first," Alfonso states.

"Who's that?" Chris asks.

Buoyancy Lad says, "My bro."

Alfonso states, "I emit rainbows."

Chris stares at him and says, "I would be selective about who I told that to."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "The police let Man Kitten off the hook because that guy was a wanted criminal, and they thought his kitten form was cute." Man Kitten folds his arms and looks to the side. "Sandstorm and Buoyancy Lad get to stay in the competition." Chris looks at an empty chair. "We'll tell him when he gets back from visiting his rainbow spouting brother in the hospital." Chris looks at Man Kitten and Amp. He says, "The next contestant to be eliminated from the competition is..."

"Amp." Amp looks up and nods.

Sandstorm says, "I'm sorry."

"No," Amp says. "I understand. I gave in to that creep." He looks to the side.

Man Kitten says, "You did it for me, though." Man Kitten gives a half smile and says, "No one's ever done anything nice for me, before."

Chris says, "And look at it this way, Amp, even the best heroes make the wrong decision, at times." Man Kitten glares at Chris.

Amp says, "Well, I couldn't have lost to three better guys." He hugs Man Kitten and says, "I was afraid of you, earlier in the competition. And now we're friends."

"Thanks for everything, man," Man Kitten says, as he pats Amp on the back.

Amp says, "I'm going back to my life. I'm not cut out for being a hero." He lets out a sigh. "See ya, guys." He waves and heads to the door. He looks at Man Kitten and says, "But if you ever need a sidekick, give me a call."

Man Kitten nods, smiles, and says, "Will do." Amp smiles and leaves. Man Kitten frowns and says, "Wait, I don't have his number."

Amp opens the door and says, "You can reach me at 1-800-ROK-N-ROL!" He shuts the door, again.

Man Kitten frowns and says, "I wonder if that's his real number."

"I wouldn't doubt it," Chris says. Chris turns toward the camera and says, "We're now down to our final three. Be sure not to miss the next installment of Total... Drama... Super Powered!"

Chapter 19 - Ad It Up

Chris McLean states, "Welcome to the final three episode of Total Drama Super Powered... I mean, Total... Drama... Super Powered! On our last episode, our contestants were kidnapped by some evil dude. Said evil dude trapped each of the final four in a room and gave each of them an ultimatum, except for Man Kitten who was used as a pawn to get Amp to join forces with the bad guy. Not wanting to see Man Kitten hurt, Amp agreed to join the dark side. Sandstorm, on the other hand, didn't waver, even when presented with a potential beating for an innocent stranger, who happened to be Buoyancy Lad's brother. His beaten brother was put in the same room as Buoyancy Lad, and he was asked to stop crime fighting. Buoyancy Lad refused, reaffirming that he wanted to protect people from evil, any way he could. Buoyancy Lad and Sandstorm were left for dead, while Man Kitten was carried to conditional freedom by a henchman. Man Kitten pulled the earring out of his ear that was designed to control his powers. He transformed into a feline... man beast and rescued the others. He had trouble controlling his power, and took it out on the evil dude that trapped them. I was dashing when I dashed in and rescued everyone for real, and had the bad guy taken to a hospital. Sandstorm pierced Man Kitten's ear with his sand powers... That has to have a high risk of infection. But anyway, Man Kitten can control his powers once again, presumably. Amp was voted out for compromising his heroism. With only three competitors left, what's going to happen next?"

Man Kitten and Sandstorm are shown in their room. Sandstorm says, "I wonder when Buoyancy Lad will get back from the hospital." Man Kitten shrugs. "I hope his brother is okay."

Man Kitten says, "Eh. It happens. Superheroes, if you want to call him that, always run that risk. Wait, what do you care, anyway?"

"I, uh, just don't want to see anyone get hurt," Sandstorm says.

Man Kitten looks at Sandstorm and smiles. He says, "You're a good guy. I guess I should learn to be a little more compassionate. I don't want to be one of those hard nosed heroes, who don't even seem to care about the people they help, and would rather beat the snot out of a bad guy."

"Hard nosed?" Sandstorm asks with a confused look.

Buoyancy Lad walks into the room with a sad expression. He says, "Hey, guys. I'm back."

"Really?" Man Kitten sarcastically says.

"How's your brother?" Sandstorm asks.

Buoyancy Lad sighs. He says, "He was pretty messed up. I hated seeing him like that."

Sandstorm looks down at the floor. He states quietly, "I'm sorry."

Buoyancy Lad gives a half smile. He says, "Don't be sorry, man. It wasn't your fault."

"Right," Sandstorm replies, looking to the side.

"He's awful quiet," Buoyancy Lad says, pointing at Man Kitten.

Sandstorm says, "I think he's already asleep."

"Oh, right," Buoyancy Lad replies.

Sandstorm lets out a sigh. He says, "Buoyancy Lad, I have something to admit."

"What is it?" Buoyancy Lad asks, with a half smile.

Sandstorm says quietly, "I was responsible for what happened to your brother."

"Huh?" Buoyancy Lad asks with a confused expression.

Sandstorm nods. He explains, "When we were in that awful place, I was asked to join that bad man. He told me that if I didn't join him, he would have me witness a beating. I refused, not wanting to be the cause of violence and crime in the future. I... didn't know it was your brother."

Buoyancy Lad's expression falls. He forces a smile and says, "You did what you had to do, man. I don't know what I would have done in that situation. I guess, that's just part of being a hero, I guess, making those tough decisions." Sandstorm nods. "Don't be upset, man. My brother knows the risk of what he does. Plus, he'll be fine."

Sandstorm says in a halfhearted way, "Thanks for the kind words."

"I'm serious, man," Buoyancy Lad says. "Don't be upset over this."

"I guess I'll try," Sandstorm answers. "I should get to sleep."

"Good idea," Buoyancy Lad says. "Thanks for being honest with me about what happened." Sandstorm nods.

The next morning, Sandstorm is shown lying in his bed wide awake. He looks over at Buoyancy Lad and then at Man Kitten. The two are still asleep. Sandstorm gets out of his bed.

In confessional, Sandstorm says, "I couldn't sleep, last night. I still feel guilty. Maybe it isn't so much about what happened, but that I was helpless to stop it. I couldn't use my powers to help him. I wish I could have..."

Sandstorm walks out of the confessional. He sees several camera crews walking in to the warehouse and setting up their equipment. Sandstorm sees Chris and asks, "What's going on, Chris?"

Chris explains, "These guys are setting up for the next challenge. Could you be a dear and tell the other guys that it's almost time for the challenge?" Sandstorm nods. He walks into his room.

The three remaining contestants walk out of their room and meet with Chris. Man Kitten asks, "What's all this crap and stuff?"

Chris says, "The next challenge!"

"Please explain," Buoyancy Lad says.

Chris says, "Well. Once you three become official superheroes, if that even happens, you will no doubt be admired by several youths across the globe. They will admire you, and want to be like you. Right down to the products you endorse."

"I don't like where this is going," Man Kitten says with a frown.

Chris says, "That's right. Each of you will be given an assigned product to endorse. You will be in charge of your own commercial, and given all the desperate actors you might need." Chris' interns walk into the room begrudgingly. Chris holds out a hat. He says, "Reach into this hat and pull out the name of the product you'll be doing an advertisement for."

Man Kitten pulls out a piece of paper and reads, "X-ray glasses?"

Sandstorm reads his piece of paper, "Chuck Atlus' instant muscle kit."

"Hostice Fruit Pies™!" Buoyancy Lad shouts. "I love those!"

Chris nods and dramatically says, "And so does justice, Buoyancy Lad. So does justice." Chris ends his dramatic announcement and says, "So with that, I'll let you guys get down to business. I'm excited to see what you come up with." Chris walks away.

The crews of the three contestants walk up to them, and drag them toward them. Buoyancy Lad says to his crew, "Most importantly, before we begin, did we happen to get any Hostice Fruit Pies™ to sample... I mean, as a reference?"

A cameraman states, "Yup. They's right over there." He points at a large crate. A crew member opens the crate with a crowbar, and a bright golden glow emits from the crate. Buoyancy Lad floats in the air and doggie paddles toward the crate. Once he reaches it, he dives in.

Man Kitten is shown wearing a pair of X-ray glasses with thick green frames, and purple lenses with green spirals on them. He frowns, looks at Sandstorm, and says, "These things don't even work. I'm not about to put my name behind a piece of garbage like this." He removes the glasses and throws them to the ground.

One of the crew members says, "We know they don't work, but the public doesn't know." The crew member points at Sandstorm and asks, "Uh, why were you looking at that guy with the glasses?"

Man Kitten blushes and says, "I wasn't looking at him on purpose. I already knew these things wouldn't ever work, anyway." He folds his arms and looks to the side.

Sandstorm is shown with his crew members. He says, "So what do you guys suggest we do for the commercial?"

"You have a golden voice," one of the crew members says in a slight swoon.

"Thanks," Sandstorm says while blushing.

One of the crew members says, "We should definitely use your voice in this ad. You could sell anything with a voice like that. You could sell wool to a sheep. You could sell ice to an Eskimo. You could even sell a book without pictures in it to Chris McLean."

The blond intern says with a smirk, "Good one. So, Sandstorm, you want to do voice over for your commercial?" Sandstorm shrugs.

Buoyancy Lad is pulled out of the crate of fruit pies by a crew member. He says, "Save some for the commercial." The crew member looks at his notes and says, "Here's what we were thinking for the commercial." He points to the twin interns dressed in pirate costumes. "You are confronted by these two villains."

The twins put their arms around each other and state, "We're the Plunder Twins!"

"They have a hostage," the crew member explains. The Plunder Twins hold up a tied up mannequin. "You tell them to let go of the hostage, and they refuse. Then you pull out the Hostice Fruit Pies™, and they agree to trade. You got it?"

Buoyancy Lad says, "Huh? Sorry... I was thinking about fruit pies." The crew member slaps his forehead.

Man Kitten is shown insisting, "And furthermore, selling this kind of stuff to impressionable youths is against everything I stand for. I want to be a good example from now on, and not a con artist. And in view of the foregoing..." Man Kitten's timer sounds. He says, "Aw, man." He transforms into his kitten form. He says, "Hewwo! Isn't I a pretty kitty?"

The crew says, "Aaaaw!" as they nod. One of the crew members says, "So, would you be okay with promoting our product?" He holds up the X-ray glasses.

Man Kitten says, "Ooh! Are those catnip glasses?"

The crew looks at each other. One of them says, "Why, yes. Yes they are."

"Yayz!" Man Kitten excitedly says. "I will does it!"

Sandstorm is shown looking at a script. A crew member asks, "Are you ready to start recording?"

Sandstorm shrugs. The cameras point at him. He asks, "Are the cameras on?" The cameraman nods. Sandstorm begins sweating. He says, "Uh... My name is Cloudburst. No... Uuuuuh... Is that good?"

"Cut..." the director says. "Um. Sandstorm... Are you alright?" Sandstorm shrugs. "Have you worked in front of a camera before?" Sandstorm shakes his head. "I would have never guessed," the director says. "Here's what we'll do. We'll film you flexing and modeling the product, then we'll have one of our people do a voice over. All you have to worry about is looking pretty." Sandstorm blushes.

The contestants are shown standing in front of Chris each holding a DVD. The camera crews are shown packing up their things and leaving. Chris says, "I'm excited to see what you three came up with. Who should we start with?" Sandstorm and Man Kitten point at Buoyancy Lad.

Buoyancy Lad steps forward. He says, "Be prepared to be astounded." He hands Chris his DVD. The guys follow Chris into his room and he puts the DVD into his computer's hard drive.

Buoyancy Lad's commercial starts. The Plunder Twins are shown holding obviously plastic swords to their tied up mannequin. One of them says, "Argh, bro! We be The Plunder Twins." The other twin nods. "And we be havin' a hostage, and stuff." The other twin nods. The twins look off camera. "Um... I hope Buoyancy Lad doesn't come to try and stop us, argh." They continue staring off camera.

The camera pans over to Buoyancy Lad sitting on the ground with a bunch of fruit pie wrappers around him. He says, "So good," as he eats another fruit pie with neon green cream on his face. He says, "Key lime... Mmmm..."

"Uh, Buoyancy Lad?" One of the twins asks. "Aren't you going to thwart us?"

"Ha ha, thwart," the other twin says.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Shhh! Can't you see I'm trying to enjoy my Hostice Fruit Pies™ in peace?" Buoyancy Lad smiles at the camera. The words 'Hostice Fruit Pies™, so good... you'll shirk your responsibilities!' appear on screen.

Chris stares at his computer with wide eyes. "Good, right?" Buoyancy Lad asks.

Chris shakes his head while looking down at the ground. He says, "Let's move on to Man Kitten." Chris tries to take the DVD from Man Kitten, but Man Kitten is reluctant to let go of it. Chris finally gets it from him. Chris takes Buoyancy Lad's DVD out of his computer, and inserts Man Kitten's.

The commercial begins with Man Kitten in his kitten form wearing the X-ray glasses. He says, "Hewwo, young peoples! I is Man Kitten and I is here to tell you about a fantastic product that you can use to see through objects and stuff and find the hidden catnips of the world."

"So cute," Chris says as he watches the commercial.

The commercial continues with Man Kitten saying, "They is like drugs for kittehs. Yayz!" Chris, Buoyancy Lad, and Sandstorm stare with wide eyes. "Anyways, I..." Man Kitten transforms into his human form. He says, "What's going on here?" He looks at the camera and shouts, "You tricked my kitten form into doing your stupid commercial, didn't you?!" He angrily pulls the glasses from his face and throws them to the ground. He says, "You people disgust me!" He attacks the cameraman and the footage becomes static.

Man Kitten has his face buried in his hands. Buoyancy Lad asks, "Did you just say 'yayz' after comparing catnip to drugs?"

Man Kitten says, "Drugs are very, very bad. They'll mess you up." His face is red.

Chris says, "Let's move on to Sandstorm. It can't be much worse than the first two." Chris takes out Man Kitten's DVD and stomps on it. He then inserts Sandstorm's commercial.

Sandstorm is shown standing nervously in front of the camera. A voice over, that is obviously not Sandstorm, says seductively, "Hey, baby. My name is Sandstorm. You wouldn't believe it if I told you that I was once a ninety pound weakling. That's right, baby." Sandstorm begins flexing. "That was all before I purchased the Chuck Atlus Hunk o' Man Instant Muscle Kit. It comes with a box o' muscle pills so you can build muscle while you sleep, two three pounds weights, and the Chuck Atlus 5,000 calorie protein milk. That's right, fellas. You can look like me with one easy phone call. And ladies, you can call me, too, just in case your man doesn't purchase the Chuck Atlus Hunk o' Man Instant Muscle Kit." Smooth music plays as Sandstorm awkwardly walks off set. Chris, Amp, Sandstorm, and Buoyancy Lad stare with wide eyes.

Chris says, "Wow. You guys all did horribly. But I have to choose a winner, so I guess I'll go with... Sandstorm. Congrats Sandstorm, you will receive the sole vote at the elimination to determine who you will compete against in the final two." Sandstorm nods. "See you guys, there, and please don't give up your day jobs."

"This wasn't our idea," Man Kitten insists.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris says, "Since Sandstorm gets the sole vote, I'll leave the rest to him."

Sandstorm says, "Uh, thanks, Chris. Guys, over the course of this series, I got to know you two kind of well, though we weren't originally on the same team. I want to say that it was an honor to meet the both of you, and I hope you understand my vote." Sandstorm lets out a sigh.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Man, you have a nice voice."

Sandstorm blushes and says, "Thank you. Anyway, I felt the most logical choice for me to make was to vote out the bigger threat. That's why I've decided to eliminate..."

"Buoyancy Lad. I'm sorry."

Buoyancy Lad shrugs and says, "It's okay, man. I get it."

"Wait," Man Kitten says. "He's the bigger threat?!"

Sandstorm shrugs and says, "Yeah. Um. I didn't mean anything by it." Man Kitten looks ticked off. He has his arms folded.

Buoyancy Lad says, "Aw, well. This was kind of fun, but I really should go check on my bro. See ya, guys." He doggie paddles toward the door, opens it, and doggie paddles out.

Man Kitten says, "I still can't believe that anyone would think that that floatie is a bigger threat than me." He lets out a growl.

Chris says, "Well, that wraps up another episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered. We're down to our final two. Be sure to tune in to the finale and see who will be crowned our winner, and who will be crowned our loser on the next Total Drama Super Powered!"

Chapter 20 - Abduct Tape

Chris McLean states, "Hello, viewers. Welcome to the big finale episode of Total... Drama... Super Powered! On our last episode, I made the mistake of asking our final three to film a commercial. Buoyancy Lad's commercial told impressionable youth to shirk their responsibilities in order to enjoy tasty fruit pies. Man Kitten is apparently pro-catnip, and after returning to his human form, he attacked the cameraman for tricking his kitten form into filming the commercial. Sandstorm failed to use that magical voice of his to endorse his product, for awkward results. In the end, I had to choose a winner, and I found Sandstorm's commercial to be the least offensive of the three. Sandstorm had the determining vote of who to eliminate, and he chose to eliminate his biggest threat... Buoyancy Lad. Yeah, I couldn't believe it, either. So this is what it has come down to. The typical final two. The strong, silent sand wielder versus the butch guy that... can transform into a kitten. Anyway, it's sure to be an exciting challenge. I thought up the perfect challenge to decide a winner for this competition. But that should be a given, since I am Chris McLean, and..." A knock is heard at Chris McLean's door. He says, "Who can that be?" Chris walks up to his door. He opens the door. He blinks and says, "Um. Hi? What are you doing here?" Chris' eyes widen. He says, "I'll go with you, peacefully, just don't harm my face." Chris is pulled out of the room.

Man Kitten is shown lying in his bed. He says, "I still can't believe you think Buoyancy Lad is a bigger threat than me."

"Sorry," Sandstorm says, quietly.

"I mean, what on Earth does he even bring to the table?" Man Kitten asks. "I can turn into a giant... creature! He floats!"

Sandstorm shrugs. He says, "Maybe I should have worded it differently. Sorry... again."

Man Kitten lets out a small laugh. He says, "Whatever, man. It's not like I'm actually upset over it." Sandstorm lets out a sigh of relief. "But, I mean... Why would you say that? I mean... I'm just curious."

"I don't know," Sandstorm replies.

Man Kitten glares to the side. He says, "There must be some reason... not that I care, or anything."

"I, uh..." Sandstorm begins.

"I don't even want to hear it," Man Kitten states. He turns around in his bed. "I'm going to sleep." Sandstorm looks over at Man Kitten, and sighs after he realizes that Man Kitten is asleep.

The next morning, Sandstorm is shown sitting on his bed while Man Kitten is still asleep. Sandstorm looks at Man Kitten momentarily. He then looks away, but continues sitting.

A few hours later, Man Kitten finally wakes up. He scratches his stomach and yawns. He asks, "Hey, man. I feel really well rested for the first time since I've been here." He pauses. "I think I'm going to go back to bed, but in a different position this time." He walks around on his bed and curls up into a ball.

Sandstorm says, "Man Kitten?"

"What?" Man Kitten replies. Man Kitten pauses for a moment. He says, "Wait, what time is it?" Sandstorm shakes his head. "Have you heard from Chris?" Sandstorm shakes his head, again. Man Kitten rubs his chin. "That's weird. He usually loves waking us up at a completely unreasonable hour..." He pauses. "Well, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, whatever that means. Goodnight... I mean... Good afternoon?" Man Kitten stretches and lies his head down.

Sandstorm asks, "Do you think we should go see what's going on, or..."

Man Kitten sighs. His timer sounds. He says, "I was hoping to sleep through that..." He transforms into his kitten form. "I hopes Mr. Chris is alright! I miss seeing his unrealistically white teeth. Wet's go!"

"Wet's go?" Sandstorm repeats quietly.

Man Kitten paws at the doorknob. He says, "A widdle help here?" Sandstorm nods and opens the door. "Thankies!" Man Kitten lifts Sandstorm by his scarf with his teeth and carries him into the main room.

Sandstorm knocks on Chris' door. He asks, "Chris?"

Man Kitten says, "Wet me try." Man Kitten clears his throat and says, "Chwis?" Sandstorm stares at Man Kitten. Man Kitten transforms back to his human form. He looks at Sandstorm and asks, "What?"

Sandstorm explains, "Chris seems to be missing."

"Oh," Man Kitten says. He quietly asks, "Do you think he's alright?"

"You care, now?" Sandstorm asks.

Man Kitten shrugs. He says, "I guess, a little bit. We is supposed to help people..." Man Kitten's eyes widen. He violently coughs. "I mean, uh, we are supposed to help people. Even people like Chris."

"Yeah," Sandstorm agrees. "What do we do about Chris?"

"This is against my better judgment," Man Kitten says. He turns the doorknob to Chris' room and the door opens. Sandstorm shields his eyes. Man Kitten assures, "It's okay, man. There's no one in here." Sandstorm gives a sigh of relief. "Let's go inside." Sandstorm nods.

Sandstorm says, "It looks like there was a struggle."

Man Kitten shakes his head and says, "This is what it looked like when we were in here for that stupid..." Sandstorm looks at Man Kitten disapprovingly. "For that... intellectually limited challenge with the contact lenses."

"Right," Sandstorm says with a nod. "I forgot."

The guys investigate the room for any sort of clues. Man Kitten holds up a black rectangular object. He says, "I've never seen anything like this before. What is it?"

Sandstorm looks at the object. He says, "It's a VHS tape."

Man Kitten blinks. He says, "V... H... S?" Sandstorm nods. He looks at Chris' entertainment center. He lifts up a dusty VCR, blows on it, making the dust fly around. He uses his sand powers to make the dust plug in the VCR. Man Kitten folds his arms and says, "Show off."

Sandstorm ignores the comment and inserts the VHS into the device. The tape begins to play. Chris is shown tied up and crying. He says, "I'm so scared." He turns and says, "That's better. This is my better angle."

"What sort of technology is this?" Man Kitten asks. "And why does it exist when DVD players are way better?" Sandstorm sighs and shakes his head.

Chris states in the video, "Sandstorm and Man Kitten, if you guys are watching this, I intended to have the last challenge be having you guys compete at becoming my idiot sidekick, but there's been a change of plans. I've been kidnapped! Or mannapped, I guess... I digress. The challenge is now: Rescue me! I'm to pretty to be a hostage! I'm not sure who the kidnapper, since his disguise is extremely well crafted. I just know that he's dangerous... And he has a really old camcorder... He said something about an old abandoned amusement park. So, to make a long story short..."

"It's too late for that," Man Kitten says.

Chris goes on, "The one of you that rescues me will win the competition. Please, hurry! All this stress is giving me wrinkles... and not the sexy kind." The tape ends and the television screen goes to static.

Man Kitten and Sandstorm stare at the screen. Sandstorm asks, "What kind of wrinkles are sexy?"

"Crow's feet," Man Kitten answers. Sandstorm nods.

"So what do we do?" Sandstorm asks. "This guy could be dangerous."

"I think we should..." Man Kitten begins. He blinks. "Wait a minute. This isn't a challenge where we team up. Sorry, man. But we have to do this one on our own."

Sandstorm says, "You're right."

Man Kitten nods. He says, "Later. You can congratulate me when I win." Sandstorm smirks and shakes his head. Man Kitten runs out of the room and closes the door behind him. Sandstorm tries the doorknob and the door doesn't open. Man Kitten calls out, "Sorry, man. I blocked the door with..." Sandstorm breaks the door down. Man Kitten looks at him with wide eyes and says, "Uh oh." Man Kitten rushes outside. Sandstorm follows after him.

Man Kitten looks around. He says, "If my memory is working right, the amusement park was that way." He looks to the right. He then stands still. He sits down on the ground.

Sandstorm walks up to him. He says, "Hey... What are you doing?"

Man Kitten says, "I thought I could get there faster with my kitten form, so..."

"You're waiting for your timer to go off?" Sandstorm finishes. Man Kitten nods. Sandstorm laughs. He then begins running left.

Man Kitten begins, "Dude. The amusement park is the other... Never mind." Man Kitten continues to sit on the ground.

Some elderly women walk by. One of them says, "Poor, dear. Here's a dollar, sweetie." She hands Man Kitten a Canadian dollar.

He says, "Uh, I'm not..." The group of elderly women walk away. He looks at the dollar and smiles. A businessman walks by. Man Kitten says, "Hey, mack. You got a cellphone?" The business man hands Man Kitten his cellphone.

The man says, ""You can have it! Just don't hurt me!" He hands Man Kitten his wallet and belt, and runs off, holding his pants up.

Man Kitten says, "I just wanted to borrow it..." He holds up the wallet and says, "Ooh. Patented leather." He looks both ways and slips the wallet into his pocket. He says, "It was a gift." Man Kitten flips open the cellphone and begins dialing. He lets it ring.

The cellphone says, "Heeeeey!" Man Kitten holds the phone away from his ear. "This is Amp! Yeah! I can't get to the phone right now, sorry. But I'll let you hear some of my epicness." Amp clears his throat. "Mary had a little..." Man Kitten hangs up the phone, while frowning.

"Why am I standing around waiting for my timer to go off?" Man Kitten says to himself. "This is important. My power doesn't control me, I control my power!"

A group of spectators cheer. One person shouts, "Preach it, man!"

Man Kitten says, "I'm going, now." He walks off. He looks back and grumbles, "That was a really weird spot." Man Kitten transforms into his kitten form and says, "I'mma gonna win!" His timer sounds. He pouts and says, "I should have waited. Oh, wellz." He runs in the direction of the amusement park.

Man Kitten is shown arriving at the amusement park. He transforms into his human form. He turns around and sees the crowd behind him. He says, "Break it up. There's nothing to see here." The crowd disperses. He looks around the amusement park. He says, "Where could they be?" He looks at a cardboard display of a clown holding a plastic case containing one pamphlet guide to the park. He grabs it and flips through it. He says, "Uh, this is as good a place to start as any." He walks off.

Man Kitten is shown emerging from the 'Howdy Kitty Castle' wearing a pair of kitten ears. Sandstorm arrives pushing The Flaming Guy in a wheelchair. Cloudburst follows close behind. Man Kitten quickly removes his headband with kitten ears and shoves it one of his empty pockets. Man Kitten asks, "What are those freak... in' awesome guys doing here?"

Sandstorm explains, "What am I without my wind and fire?"

"Aw," The Flaming Guy and Cloudburst say as they hug Sandstorm.

Man Kitten looks to the side. He asks, "Where did you find them?"

"The hospital," Sandstorm answers.

Man Kitten points at The Flaming Guy and says, "He was still there? I thought he'd be healed by now."

The Flaming Guy states, "Oh, I was. I was at the hospital, getting my casts removed. After that, I fell down the stairs. It was awesome." He holds up one of his arms with a cast on it. Sandstorm signs his cast.

Man Kitten asks, "What about him?" He points at Cloudburst.

Cloudburst explains, "I still want to be a hero, so I was at the hospital volunteering as a candy striper." He holds up a bag of candy canes. He says, "I'm almost done with this batch!"

Man Kitten rolls his eyes. He says, "Well, try not to let those guys get in your way." He runs off.

"Wow, that guy was jealous," The Flaming Guy states. The other two nod.

Sandstorm asks, "So what's our plan?"

"I'll fly up and get a good view of the park," Cloudburst suggests. He frowns and says, "Oh, wait..."

The Flaming Guy suggests, "I could turn on my fire powers and that way you could see better, and in turn be able to find Chris better."

Sandstorm stares at The Flaming Guy. He says, "It's daytime."

"Whoa," The Flaming Guy says. "Love that voice." Sandstorm puts his hand on his forehead.

Man Kitten is shown is shown looking around the main area. He says to himself, "Who would want to kidnap Chris?"

Cloudburst says, "I can think of forty-five people off the top of my head." Sandstorm and The Flaming Guy walk up beside them. "Chris has done a lot of inconsiderate things to a lot of people. There are twenty two contestants from this season, alone, not to mention his latest and former interns. Oh, and Chef Hatchet."

Man Kitten grunts. He says, "Those are some good possibilities, actually."

"See?" Cloudburst says. "I have a brain." He looks over at one of the attractions. He tugs on Sandstorm's arm and says, "Oh! Can we go in their, again?" Sandstorm looks over at the Hall of Mirrors. He shakes his head. "Please!" Cloudburst pleads. "He could be in there."

"You just want to look at your reflection, again, don't you?" Sandstorm says.

Cloudburst puts his arms around Sandstorm and The Flaming Guy. He says, "That would be selfish of me. I want you guys to get to look at me, too. See how selfless I am?"

"Very," The Flaming Guy says as he rapidly nods his head. "Let's go!" Sandstorm sighs and walks toward the Hall of Mirrors with his friends.

Man Kitten throws his head back and says, "I can't believe those guys." He stares upward, and rapidly blinks. "I can't believe it." He looks to the side and says, "I apparently can't believe a lot of things. But how do I get up there?" The camera reveals someone tied to the tracks of a roller coaster.

Sandstorm and company are shown in the Hall of Mirrors. The Flaming Guy flexes his non-broken arm. He says, "Guys, check out how ripped my wheelchair looks."

"Awesome, bro!" Cloudburst says.

Sandstorm states, "I, uh, don't want to sound rude, but how is this helping with the challenge."

Cloudburst explains, "The hero that looks good, is good."

The Flaming Guy's eyes are wide. He says, "Dude... You just blew mind. You're so wise."

"I don't like to brag, but..." Cloudburst begins.

Sandstorm grabs Cloudburst by the shirt collar, and The Flaming Guy by the hair. "Ow!" The Flaming Guy shouts.

Sandstorm states, "Guys, this is serious. Chris could be in danger. Are we going to stand around and check ourselves out in mirrors, or save someone?"

Cloudburst says, "Whoa, dude. You spoke your mind without regard for hurting our feelings. You passed our little test."

"This was a test?" The Flaming Guy asks. Cloudburst punches The Flaming Guy in the arm. "Ow!"

"What should we do now, Sandstorm, sir?" Cloudburst asks.

"We should head back outside," Sandstorm instructs. Cloudburst and The Flaming Guy nod.

Man Kitten is shown at the entrance of the roller coaster. Everything is chained and locked. He pulls on the chains, but nothing happens. He looks behind his back. He says, "Why am I so suspicious when I want to use my power without my timer going off?" He sighs and transforms into his kitten form. He shouts, "You is goin' down chains!" He begins scratching at the chains and they fall apart. He transforms back into his human form and proceeds.

Once outside, Sandstorm looks up at the roller coaster. He sees Man Kitten walking carefully along the track and some other figures, as well. He sees Chris. He says, "Men, I'm going to go up there. There may be time for me to get to Chris first, if I hurry."

"Roger," Cloudburst states. Sandstorm runs off.

The Flaming Guy has tears streaming down his face. He says, "Sandstorm called me a man." Cloudburst stares at The Flaming Guy.

Man Kitten is shown on the roller coaster tracks with a slender man with a ski mask over his face. He says, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to save Chris, or whatever," Man Kitten states. "It's not a major priority, though."

Chris shouts from afar, "I heard that."

The man sits down on the roller coaster track. He says, "Why did it have to be you?"

Man Kitten scratches the back of his head. He says, "I'm sorry. Who are you?"

The man removes his ski mask. He says, "It's me, Shockwave."

Man Kitten blinks. He says, "Get out of my way."

Shockwave says, "I'm sorry, man. I told you that, already."

"Why are you here?" Man Kitten asks, looking to the side.

Shockwave admits, "I suggested this challenge idea to Chris. I read his idea on his blog, and thought it was... lacking. He didn't tell me who was still in the competition."

"Figures that this was your idea," Man Kitten states. "Could you have chosen a more dangerous location?" It begins raining and thundering. "Oh, fantastic."

Shockwave frowns. He says, "I wanted it to be somewhere everyone was familiar with, so it would be fair. I didn't know it would start raining..."

"Sure, you didn't," Man Kitten states with his arms folded.

Shackwave says, "I've got an idea, man. I was told to guard Chris, but... I feel wrong about this. I want you to win."

Man Kitten looks down. He says, "You'd do that for me?"

"Yeah," Shockwave says. "It won't repay you for what I did before, but I hope it can be a start to our being friends, again."

Man Kitten continues looking down. He says, "Okay." Shockwave hugs Man Kitten.

Shockwave says, "You go ahead. I'll go back and try to stop..."

"Sandstorm," Man Kitten says. Shockwave nods. "Thanks."

"No problem," Shockwave says with a smile.

Man Kitten goes ahead, while Shockwave goes back. Sandstorm is shown at the base of the roller coaster. He looks around. He pushes buttons on a control panel and a roller coaster car begins going forward. Sandstorm smiles and hops in. He says, "This will help me catch up." The car gets out in the rain and Sandstorm looks to the side of the car, seeing the rusty wheels creating sparks on the track. He says, "Uh oh." He approaches Shockwave.

Shockwave says, "Hey, man. I'm here to stop you." He hops inside the roller coaster car. He puts his hands on it and a pulse is emitted. The sparks on the side of the roller coaster car flash even bigger. The roller coaster car doesn't stop, it simply goes faster.

Sandstorm asks, "What were you expecting to happen?"

Shockwave says, "I thought it would stop." Shockwave looks green in the face. He says, "I'm sorry, man. Now, thanks to me, we have an out of control roller coaster car." Shockwave looks dizzy. He vomits off the side of the track. "What are we gonna do, man? I'm, too... nondescript to die!" He wraps his arms around Sandstorm. "Help!"

Sandstorm reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bad of sand. He opens it and begins to control it. As it leaves the bag, the rain makes it wet. The mud falls, not being as easy for Sandstorm to control. He says, "Uh oh."

"Uh oh?" Shockwave asks. "Uh oh? What uh oh?"

Sandstorm says, "Um. Uh oh, I can't do anything."

Shockwave sighs. He says, "This is it then."

"You're calm all of a sudden," Sandstorm says. Shockwave closes his eyes. Sandstorm looks at him, and then he looks down.

Man Kitten is shown reaching Chris McLean. He says, "I'm surprised you put yourself in danger like this."

Chris laughs. "There's no danger," he says. "That Shockwave punk spilled the beans, huh?" Chris says, "Shut up and untie me." Man Kitten rolls his eyes and begins untying Chris. "You're on your way to becoming the winner of Total... Drama..."

Man Kitten's eyes widen as he looks behind him. He says, "Um, remember when you said there was no danger?"

"Vaguely," Chris replies.

Man Kitten gulps. He says, "Does a speeding roller coaster cart bounding toward us constitute as danger?"

Chris' eyebrows go up. He looks over at the said roller coaster car. He commands, "Untie me, untie me, untie me!"

"Hold still," Man Kitten demands.

"Untie me, untie me, untie me!" Chris shouts.

Man Kitten says, "I have an idea. If I transform into my kitten form, I can cut through the ropes faster with my claws."

"Good idea!" Chris shouts. "Do it, do it, do it!"

Man Kitten shakes his head and sighs. He transforms into his kitten form. He hisses at the rain. Then he says, "Oh, Chwis! I is here to save yous!"

"This is no time for improper grammar!" Chris insists.

"Okay!" Man Kitten agrees. "I'll just..." Man Kitten is interrupted by a loud creaking sound. "What that be?"

"Er," Chris says. "How much do you weigh?"

Man Kitten says, "How rude! I'll have you know that I is not..." The track begins creaking more severely. Man Kitten looks scared as he steps back a few feet. The track breaks, and Man Kitten falls to the side. He grabs on to the side of the track. Man Kitten shouts, "Help! Help! This isn't fun! I does not want to end up like basement cat!"

The roller coaster car is shown, again. It approaches Chris and Man Kitten at a fast speed. Shockwave shouts, "I can't believe I'm going to die before I get my Chuck Atlus instant muscle kit!" The car suddenly stops. Shockwave and Sandstorm continue hugging. "What just happened?"

Chris states, "Your doom cart stopped." He lets out a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad the rain disguises the fact that I wet myself." Chris thinks for a moment. "Remind me to edit out that sentence. So that's it. Untie me and win, Sandstorm." Sandstorm nods.

"Help!" Man Kitten shouts.

Sandstorm looks to the side. He says, "Man Kitten!"

Chris says, "Save him later. Me first. You know, in case that cart starts up, again."

The roller coaster track begins creaking, again. Sandstorm says, "I can't do that. Sorry, Chris." He reaches out to Man Kitten, after kneeling. He grabs hold of his paw. He fails to pull him up. He shouts, "Man Kitten! You have to transform into your human form. You're lighter in that form!"

"I is not fat!" Man Kitten shouts. The track creaks some more. He says, "Okay, I is fat! I is a fat cat! I is will now be are transform!"

"Wow," Shockwave says. "That sentence was more screwed up than normal. He must be terrified." Shockwave looks concerned. Man Kitten transforms. Sandstorm quickly lifts him up. Man Kitten hugs Sandstorm tight. He says, "Thank you, thank you!"

Sandstorm blushes. He says, "Uh, I'm... glad I could help."

"I hate to break up this sparkly, magical moment, but no one has untied me, yet," Chris butts in.

Man Kitten asks, "What should we do? I feel bad about winning, now."

"Me, too," Sandstorm says. "What do you say to splitting the prize money?"

"I'm fine with that," Man Kitten says. "But how do we decide who gets the title?"

"I have an idea," Shockwave says with an extended pointer finger. "Why don't you guys decide over a match of rock, paper, scissors?"

Sandstorm looks at Man Kitten and shrugs. He says, "That's as good a suggestion as we're going to get."

Man Kitten says, "Okay, I guess."

"I can't believe this," Chris says through his teeth.

Sandstorm and Man Kitten say, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"

On the ground, Amp, Vanity, The Flaming Guy, and Cloudburst are standing around. Cloudburst asks Vanity, "What are you doing here, again?"

"I saw you guys through the House of Mirrors," Vanity explains. "I came to see what the commotion was."

Cloudburst lifts his shirt and says, "How did you know what I named my abs?"

"You named your abs 'The Commotion'?" The Flaming Guy asks. "What should I name mine?"

Cloudburst looks at Amp. He asks, "And why is he here?"

Amp and Vanity look down at the ground, blushing. Amp says, "Well, uh, you know..."

Vanity answers, "We're dating."

Cloudburst collapses. The Flaming Guy says, "You and Amp? That's... nice?"

Cloudburst stands up and says, "Oh, I get it. You don't care what your boyfriend looks like since you're always looking at your mirror. Which is..."

"In my purse," Vanity replies. "Amp's helped me overcome my obsessive voyeurism."

Amp looks down at the ground. He says, "It felt to me like she was addicted to it. I've been there... with other mediums. I didn't like seeing someone like that, so I insisted on helping." Vanity puts her arm through Amp's.

"Amp is the most beautiful guy I ever met," Vanity states. Amp blushes and smiles.

Cloudburst lifts up his shirt and says, "Do you not see these? What is this couple, like that implausible married couple principle from sitcoms?"

The Flaming Guy says, "Don't worry, man. You got me."

"That's not the same thing," Cloudburst says, looking to the side. Shockwave, Chris, Sandstorm, and Man Kitten come down from the roller coaster.

"Hey, guys!" The Flaming Guy says."That was an exciting challenge."

"Do you know what happened that stopped the roller coaster cart?" Sandstorm asks.

Vanity waves. Amp explains, "My boo did."

Shockwave says, "But I made the cart malfunction."

Vanity explains, "I turned it off from the control panel. That trumped your power on the cart. There was still some control."

"Let's get out of here," Chris says. "I don't want to be caught trespassing."

"What about when this comes out on television?" Shockwave asks.

"I'll say it was a movie set," Chris states. He shrugs.

The groups walks toward the entrance. Cloudburst says, "Wait, a second... Who won?"

"Won what?" Chris asks.

"The competition," Cloudburst clarifies.

Man Kitten folds his arms and looks to the side. He says, "We decided to split the money, so I don't see why who won matters."

"Aw," Cloudburst says. "I wanted to know." Everyone continues walking. Sandstorm turns around, points at Man Kitten, and winks.

Elimination Chart

Freestyle SAFE WIN OUT
Nightshade OUT
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