20 teenagers come to the biggest building in the USA, the Surprise Mansion. The teens will compete in random challenges for $1,000,001. At the end of each challenge, the winning team gets Immunity while the losing team will have to vote off a player in their own team. This is Total Drama Surprise, where everything isn't certain!

Theme Song

Dear Mom and Dad

Derald and Andre are shown yelling at each other inside the mansion's entrance hall

I'm doing fine

Goes to Mandy chasing Tiffany May in the woods, where they both run over Ronald

You guys are on my mind

Yvette is seen eating all the ice cream in the dining room

You asked me what I wanted to be

Sylvester, Billy and Xav are seen being taunted by Winston

And now I think the answer's plain to see

Keith and Ronald are both looking at Candice oddly in the Surprise Shed of Vote

I wanna be famous!

Lauren is gardening, then Oliver comes and laughs at her. Both start fighting.

I wanna live close to the sun

Penelope is seen in the tanning room, reading a fashion magazine

Well, pack your bags

Suri Mane is seen laughing at Drake as he trips over a camera

'Cuz I've already won

Everyone is seen as toys in a present box

Nanana nananana nana nana. I wanna be

Erin is seen laughing at Nathan as he falls from the Brave Illusionists' bedroom window

I wanna be, I wanna be famous, I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous... Whistling

Rex and Rosalie are seen kissing near a fireplace, where they are disturbed by Dustin, who is sleeping, snoring. Then it shows all 20 contestants plus Suri Mane and Drake smiling at the camera outside the mansion.

TDS Elimination Table
Rank Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 TDS2
18th Nathan IN WIN IN OUT FAIL
19th Candice OUT PASS

The numbers don't represent the episodes or weeks

WIN - This person was on the winning team before the merge, and won immunity after the merge

IN - This person wasn't eliminated, and survived

OUT - This person was voted off, or eliminated

WINNER - This person is the Winner of TDS

RUNNER-UP - This person is the Runner-Up of TDS

PASS - This person was chosen to compete for Season 2 along with new characters

FAIL - This person wasn't chosen to compete for Season 2

Contestant That Were On The Brave Illusionists

1. Derald

2. Billy

3. Sylvester - WINNER

4. Candice

5. Xav

5. Penelope

6. Rex

7. Dustin

8. Rosalie

9. Nathan

10. Erin

Contestants That Were On The Tricky Mimes

1. Andre

2. Keith

3. Mandy

4. Ronald

5. Tiffany May

6. Winston

7. Oliver

8. Lauren - RUNNER-UP

9. Drake (Quit before the competition to become Suri Mane's assistant for an immediate $1,000)

10. Yvette

The First Week (Arrival Week, No Challenges)

Day 1

Everyone arrives at the Surprise Mansion, and their host, Suri Mane, greets them.

Suri Mane: Welcome everyone, and things... *Stares at Tiffany May's stuffed animals stuck on her suitcase*

Tiffany May: They are not things! They are living people in Toy Land!

  • Everyone snickers*

Suri Mane: Anyway, welcome to Surprise Mansion. I hope you enjoy your first week, because the first person will be eliminated next week. Spend the next six days getting ready for the challenges. Drake! My latte!

Drake: Yes Suri *Hands his master's latte mug filled with Choco Latte*

Suri Mane: Thank you. Everyone take this map, which also has team names and where you'll be sleeping. *Hands a map to everyone*

Rex: Are you serious? One team has to share one room?

Oliver: I know. I can't be with too many people near me.

Suri Mane: Take it or leave the $1,000,001

Everyone: Take it

The Food Fight

Rex: Hey is your name Rosalie? *Smiles*

Rosalie: Yea, why do you ask?

Xav: He likes you *Keeps walking on*

Rosalie: Um...okay (CONF: Okay, this guy named Xav is so freaky, and I'm so dulled that he's on my team. But Rex, oh my gosh I think I'm falling for him already!)

Rex:'s true *Blushes*

Suri Mane: Alright, everyone settled? Good, get ready for dinner!

The Chefs: Dinner, is served! *All place trays of food on a long table in the dining room*

Keith & Yvette: Dinner TIME!!! *Both dig into the hamburgers and hot dogs*

Sylvester: Yummy...I think I'll just have the duck for now (CONF: Dinner is good and all, but duck kinda freaks me out you know?)

Mandy: GROSS! *Takes a french frie from her hair*

Keith: Oh I'm so sorry...

Mandy: I just curled my hair, stupid! *Throws a twinkie at Keith*

Yvette: Woo! Food FIGHT!!! *Throws a hamburger at Ronald*

Ronald, Andre and Winston: *All throw pudding at Yvette*

Suri Mane: How's dinner everyon- *Gets hit by a duck leg* HEY! WHO THREW THIS AT ME!?

Everyone: *Stand still*

Suri Mane: *Throws a spoon at everyone* Clean this place up with those spoons, then go to bed. I have to redo my hair! *Walks out*

Lauren: Mandy, you started this! It's been 20 seconds and already our dinner is ready!

Mandy: Watch it big mouth! Before I shut it for you with this fork.

Billy: We might as well clean this all up, come on.

Everyone: *Cleans resentfully*

The Second Week - Episode 1: Obstacle Race

Suri Mane: Rise and shine! *Blows into a flute loudly*

Everyone goes outside in their daytime clothes, yawning.

Suri Mane: Alright, you see that course over there in the woods? You're gonna be competing in an Obstacle Race this week.

Penelope: I'm not good at this stuff...

Nathan: Neither am I.

Suri Mane: Try or be immediatly eliminated *Stares coldly at the two*

Penelope and Nathan: Okay...

Alright, Brave Illusionists, you guys go first. Run over there.

Erin: More torture, and this is the first one!

Suri Mane: I will repeat what I said to Penelope and Nathan-

Erin: Yeah yeah, whatever. *Starts running to the Obstacle Course*

When the Brave Illusionitst arrive, the Tricky Mimes and Suri Mane arrive in a helicopter.

Rex: Are you kidding me?

Suri Mane: Nope.

Everyone in the helicopter get off.

Suri Mane: Okay, starting with Billy and ending with Xav, you will run around the course. The team with the fastest time wins Immunity, and the other team is going to lose a player!

Billy: Me First? *Gulps*

Xav: Good thing I'm last.

Suri Mane: Alright Billy, on your mark, get set, GO!!

Billy: *Starts running, jumps over a tire, grabs a rope and swings over a lava filled ditch, runs around a field filled with broken glass, and then fails to go over a rock wall*

Suri Mane: Interesting. Candice come on now, GO!!

Candice: *Starts running, jumps over a tire, grabs a rope and swings over the "lava lake", but fails to fully run around the glass field, pricking her right little finger*

Suri Mane: Okay, that's so lame how you couldn't get past that, but okay.

The Rest of the Brave Illusionists run, with Rex and Sylvester completing the course.

Suri Mane: Okay, Yvette, if you don't complete this course, the Tricky Mimes will lose. Try your best!

Tiffany May: Come on Yvette! You can do it!

Oliver: Yea, go Yvette!

Yvette: Thanks for the luck! *Runs through the field, even getting past the huge giant robot near the end, but when she gets to the buffet monster, she couldn't resist and stayed there*


Derald: Gosh Mandy, don't overdo it.

Mandy: *Shoots a look at Derald*

Yvette: Getting past the buffet monster, Yvette makes her way to the finish line. She completes the course*

The Tricky Mimes: YEAH!!!!! WOO!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Suri Mane: Alright, congrats to the Tricky Mimes. Looks like the Brave Illusionists will have to vote a person off. *Makes her way to the losing team* Okay guys, while the Tricky Mimes will go back to the Surprise Mansion to rest, you'll have to go to the Surprise Shed of Votes to vote a player off. I'll meet you there, you can use that heli-

Candice: We got it Suri Mane.

Suri Mane: ....... *Gets on helicopter*

Week 2 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald's Vote: Candice. We have to choose somebody right?

Billy's Vote: Candice, I'm sorry, but who else? She's too quiet to be here.

Sylvester's Vote: Candice. I don't know why, but I guess I'm sure I want her to go.

Candice's Vote: Xav. Kinda weird to me.

Xav's Vote: Rex. He's a troublemaker and I barely know him.

Penelope's Vote: Xav, very very weird.

Rex's Vote: Xav. Too boring to be here.

Dustin's Vote: Candice. Period.

Rosalie's Vote: Xav, because Rex chose him *Smiles*

Nathan's Vote: Candice. What if we had a talking contest? We'd lose with her on the team.

Erin's Vote: Candice. I go with Nathan, this is a Surprise Competition. We could have a talking test.

Suri Mane: Alright. Everyone has voted. If I hand you a question mark trophy, you are safe. If you don't recieve one, you are eliminated and you must bosrd the Loser Helicopter. The first one goes to Derald, then Billy, Sylvester, Penelope, Dustin, Rosalie, Nathan, Erin, and Rex. Candice. Xav. You are the last two left. The last Question Mark goes to ........................................ Xav, I'm get the last Question Mark! *Smiles*

Xav: *Smiles and gets the Question Mark and walks over to the Winner Bleacher, where the winners sit*

Suri Mane: I'm sorry Candice, but you are eliminated.

Candice:! *Is showed to the Loser Helicopter by Drake, sobbing while in it*

Rex: (CONF: I don't know why she's crying. At least Xav was the second most voted)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

The Third Week - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

Suri Mane: REX!! ROSALIE!!

Sylvester: Suri, no need to be rude, but shut up! We're all trying to sleep here.

Suri Mane: Rex and Rosalie aren't in their beds. We can't go on this competition if people go missing *Looks out the window*

Xav: They're in the nearest restroom. I saw them leave the room an hour ago.

Suri Mane: Uh, thanks. Why were you awake? It was 5:00 in the morning an hour ago.

Xav: I'm reading a novel *Shows Suri Mane his "How to See Personalities" book*

Suri Mane: ... *Leaves and goes to the nearest restroom, where they find the two making out*

Suri Mane: Gross.

Rex and Rosalie: Huh? Suri Mane!

Suri Mane: Yea. If you two don't get out of here, I'm banning you two.

Rex: I don't care *Smiles at Rosalie, who doesn't smile back*

Rosalie: I do. I'm going back to the room Rex.

Rex: ...I'll go too. Sorry Suri Mane.

Suri Mane: Yea right.

A Few Minutes Later...

Suri Mane: Everyone have a good sleep?

Mandy: Oh yea. Candice leaving this place is the funniest thing that happened my whole time here!

Winston & Oliver: Speak for yourself *Both look at each other, and say Jinx*

Oliver: You owe me a coke Winston.

Yvette: I can give you the coke right now Oliver *Takes out a coke from her pocket*

Oliver: ...Thanks. (CONF: Yvette keeps drinks in her pocker? Weirdo!!)

Suri Mane: ENOUGH TALKING. Anyway, I'll be going away this week. Drake has died.

Dustin: Drake died?

Suri Mane: Yep. Bye! *Gets in a helicopter and flies away*

Billy: Okay. We're stuck in this place for a week. Awesome!!

Xav: I'm not sure about...nevermind.

Rex: What? You're not sure about what Xav?

Yvette: Leave him alone. What did he do to you?

Andre: Uh, guys...where's Mandy?

Derald: And where's Nathan?

???: Mwahaha!!! *Coughs* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

???: Ha.

???: You're supposed to laugh evily!

??? Mwahahahaha.

???: Forget you. I am the PlasticKnife Man, Screech! And my minion, Mandiistheveryevilminionwhohelpsplasticknifeman, or Mand for short.

Erin: Oh come on, like we're supposed to- *Falls*

Ronald: A trapdoor? Huh? *Falls*

Sylvester: Okay, I'm scared now. I'm gonna go back to the mansion.

Rosalie: Yea me too.

Lauren: What about the woods? We can all camp there.

Tiffany May: Sounds good to me.

Lauren: Okay, everyone follow me!

Everyone follows Lauren to the woods.

Xav: Okay we're here. Now, what are we gonna use for shelter and food huh? I can't go- *Is caught by a rope and dragged into the deeper part of the woods*

Tiffany May: AHHH! I can't stay here! *Runs away*

Oliver: I suggest we go somewhere else. Like the mansion.

Lauren: Rex followed Sylvester to the mansion. I'm sure they're gone too.

Screech: Mwaaaaa! *Catches Lauren and Oliver and disappears*

Andre: Oh...we're dead. *Panics and runs away*

Rosalie: Okay now I'm sure I'm going to the mansion *Runs to the mansion, but is caught by Screech*

Yvette: Okay. If you want to live, stay here!!

Keith: *While eating chicken* Yea!

Yvette: Okay, Ronald I need- Ronald?

Ronald: .........................

Yvette: Ronald? He was caught!

Penelope: Why are we standing here, just panicing when someone's caught? Run!

Everyone starts running like crazy. When they get back to the mansion, they stop to find Screech.

Winston: Take this *Throws a stick at Screech*

Screech: Ow? *Catches Winston*

Penelope: Okay we had enough *Grabs a flashlight from the ground and shines it on Screech*

Screech: NO!!!! *Starts to fall down*

Mand: No. My master died. No. *Falls*

Penelope: Pathetic.

Yvette: Okay...who wants lunch?

Keith: Me!

A Few Days Later...

Suri Mane: Okay, you guys knew it was a joke. Ha ha.

Mandy: Playing as Mand was so boring. We should might as well end this competition and vote me as winner. You all are losers except me, especially you Tiffany May, and Nathan!

Lauren: Watch it big mouth!

Tiffany May: That was so rude *Starts crying*

Suri Mane: Okay, since Penelope "killed" Nathan, who played Screech, I guess the Brave Illusionists won. Tricky Mimes, time to head to the SSV, Surprise Shed of Vote.

Ronald: Mandy, I think you should know to be nicer.

Mandy: Oh be quiet. I don't care about you. I care about me and my rich father, you hear me!!

Oliver: Calm down gosh. (CONF: Mandy's gone)


Week 3 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Andre: Mandy. She's too mean.

Keith: Mandy. Too rude!

Mandy: Tiffany May. Total jerk.

Ronald: Mandy. Have you seen her be nice? Nope.

Tiffany May: *Sobs* Mandy.

Winston: Mandy. She didn't need to insult Tiffany May or Nathan.

Oliver: Mandy. GONE!!

Lauren: Oliver. He suggested we go to the mansion when staying in the woods was perfectly good. I want him gone for not liking nature!!

Yvette: Mandy. She'll take up my appetite.

Suri Mane: Allright, let's do this. If you get a Question Mark, you're safe. You don't you're out. Andre, Keith, Ronald, Winston, Lauren, Yvette and Oliver. Mandy, you and Tiffany May are left. Are you ready for this? ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................

Tiffany May, you're safe.

Tiffany May: Yay!!!!!!!! Did you hear that Mrs. Piggy? We're safe!!

Mandy: WHAT?? I'll SUE YOU SURI MANE AND TIFFANY MAY! *Is dragged to the Loser Helicopter* I'LL SUE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany May: (CONF: Yay she's gone!!)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

The Fourth Week - Swimming For Your Life

Oliver: WHAT?

Suri Mane: I said, this week's challenge contains swimming for your life! That's the last time I'm saying it.

Lauren: Suck it up Oliver. So what if you don't know how to swim.

Oliver: Look who's talking, nature girl.


Suri Mane: Thank you Rex, anyways as I said, you'll be swimming in a pool. I havn't decided what you should be swimming from.

Yvette: Will there be Ice Cream?

Keith: Or chicken?

Derald: No! Do you two love food so much that you'll lose this competition for the world's biggest buffet?

Yvette: No!

Keith: Yup.

Derald: *Stares at Keith*

Suri Mane: Anyways, to the pool!

A Few Minutes Later...

Oliver: This isn't a pool! It's a lake filled with pearls.

Suri Mane: Exactly. I thought that while you guys collect pearls, a whale will be swimming around swallowing you guys whole

Keith: (CONF: Is there food inside the whale? I hope so)

Erin: Pearls? Real or fake?

Xav: They're fake. They don't shine very much.

Everyone: *Falls to the lake*

Suri Mane: Okay guys. Catch as many pearls, and the contestant who isn't swallowed with the most pearls win immunity for their team.

Ronald: Heheh, I'm a top swimmer *Grabs three pearls and places it in his Pearl Bag, which Suri Mane gave everyone before the challnge*

Derald: *Grabs five pearls, puts them in the bag then grabs two more pearls*

Whale: ... *Swallows Penelope*

Xav: *Grabs ten pearls with his two hands and puts it in the bag, and then is swallowed*

Derald: Oh come on, why only our team?

Rex: Heheh, stole some for Lauren.

Lauren: *Is swallowed*

Suri Mane: Rex no cheating! *Rex is swallowed*

Winston: *Grabs six pearls*

Sylvester: *Is swallowed*

Rosalie: *Is swallowed*

Suri Mane: Hold on, where's Dustin?

Dustin: *Is sleeping still*

Nathan: *Is swallowed*

Erin: We're gonna lose!

Tiffany May and Ronald: *Is swallowed*

Andre: *Grabs eight pearls*

Derald: *Grabs three pearls*

Yvette: *Is swallowed*

Keith: *Grabs a pearl*

Erin: *Is swallowed*

Derald: *Is chased by Whale, then is swallowed*

Billy: * Is swallowed*

In Whale, Rex: This place is dark. And stinky.

In Whale, Yvette: It's not so bad...

In Whale, Erin: Where's Dustin? Why isn't he here at the challenge?

In Whale, Winston: AHHH!!! *Lands on Yvette*

In Whale, Yvette: Oww!

Suri Mane: Looks like the Brave Illusionists are losing. I'll stop it now *Presses off on a remote*

Everyone inside Whale: AHHH!!!

Keith: It was a robot. I knew it.

Xav: That place was horrible.

Suri Mane: Alright, Tricky Mimes, with a total of 20 pearls, and Brave Illusionists with a total of 9, you win!

Andre: Yea!!

Lauren: Yay!! (CONF: I kinda wish we lost, so I could vote Oliver off...)

Tiffany May: Really? Wee!!!

Dustin: ...

Nathan: Dustin! You weren't here. You're the best swimmer on our team, and we could've won if you were here!

Dustin: I overslept....

Xav: (CONF: Dustin, gone)

Week 4 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Dustin. We could've won if he didn't "oversleep"

Billy: Rex. He also could've let us won if he didn't cheat.

Sylvester: Dustin.

Xav: Dustin. Possibility of winning if he was there at the challenge: up by 35%

Penelope: Rex. I hate cheaters.

Rex: Dustin. He lost his chance of us getting immunity.

Dustin: Xav. I heard what he said about me being gone.

Rosalie: Dustin. Ugh we could've won!!

Nathan: Dustin.

Erin: Dustin. I agree with Nathan, we should've won if he was there.

Suri Mane: Allright, you all voted. As you know, Question Mark equals good, none equals bad. Derald, Billy, Sylvester, Penelope, Rosalie, Nathan, Erin and Xav. Rex and Dustin. Let's hope both of you get a Question Mark, even though that's impossible! ...................................................................................Rex.

Rex: WOO!!

Dustin: (CONF: I guess I deserve it. I wasn't there for my team) *Goes to the Loser Helicopter*


1. Candice - Obstacle Race

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

The Fifth Week - Talent or Nothing

Suri Mane: Huh. I didn't expect you all to get comfortable.

Yvette: How could we not? We have awesome dinner!

Erin: Yea yea, anyways what's the challenge Suri?

Suri Mane: Talent Show

Everyone: Talent Show?

Xav: If Candice and Mandy were here, Candice would win the Quiet Talent and Mandy the Brat Talent.

Andre: True! *Laughs*

Derald: Our team only has 8 people now. We have to have a lot of talented people to win this.

The Brave Illusionists go to their planning room.

Derald: Alright, tell me your talent when I call your name. Billy?

Billy: Video Games...heh...

Derald: Well that won't help...Sylvester?

Sylvester: Dancing.

Derald: Good, that'll help. Xav?

Xav: Reading people's minds.

Derald: Excellent! Penelope?

Penelope: Singing in a very high pitched voice.

Derald: Allright. Rex?

Rex: Doing stunts with my motorcycle.

Rosalie: Hot! *Giggles*

Derald: ...Okay, Rosalie what's your talent?

Rosalie: Playing the piano.

Derald: 'Kay. Nathan and Erin?

Nathan: Nothing special...

Erin: Yea me too...

Derald: That's fine. Okay, Sylvester, Xav, Penelope, Rex and Rosalie will be in the talent show?

Everyone except Billy, Nathan and Erin: Yea!

Meanwhile, the Tricky Mimes are also planning.

Andre: Allright, Keith?

Keith: Eating!

Yvette: Yeah me too!

Andre: Awesome. You two will be together in the show then. Ronald?

Ronald: Playing the drums.

Andre: Good! Tiffany May?

Tiffany May: Talking to my friends!

Andre: Good...I think. Winston?

Winston: Nothing.

Andre: Okay. Oliver?

Oliver: Making drinks!

Andre: I don't think that'll do. Lauren?

Lauren: Gardening very fast!

Andre: Good! Allright, we're set!

One Hour Later...

Suri Mane: Okay! Let's get this Talent Show on the road! Oh and I have a surprise. I'll be judging with three other people.

Tiffany May: Who?

Suri Mane: Candice, Mandy and Dustin!

Everyone: .............

Mandy: Well say something!!

Nathan: No! Why don't you shut your mouth, brat!

Mandy: Excuse me? Do you want trouble, punk? I'LL GIVE YOU MORE THAN YOU NEED!!! *Charges at Nathan*

Candice and Dustin: *Holds Mandy back*

Suri Mane: Heh, this is fun. BEGIN!!!

While Sylvester is dancing, Mandy: BOO!!!

Derald: Hey! She can't do that!

Dustin: Mandy, will you sit down?

Mandy: He sucks....I give him a 1.

Candice: 7

Dustin: 9

Xav: Mandy, please stop thinking of trying to stop me from performing.

Mandy: ...

Candice: 10!

Dustin: 10!

Mandy: 2...

During Rex's performance, Rex: WOO!! *Jumps over a fake mountain, then lands on a real rock*

Rosalie: REX!!

Mandy: 10!!!

Candice: 3

Dustin: 5

Suri Mane: Just so you know, the contestant with the lowest score is immediatly eliminated.

Rex: At least I got a ten...

After The Talent Show That Mandy Screamed Very Loudly A Lot Of Times During It...

Suri Mane: Allright. Everyone is in the shed.

Lauren: Was my gardening to slow?

Andre: No Lauren, it was fine.

Suri Mane: Brave Illusionists got an average of 7.

Mandy: Suckish 7...

Candice: Sshh!

Suri Mane: Tricky Mimes got an average of..........

Everyone on Tricky Mimes: *Holds breath*

Suri Mane: 8.

Erin: UGH!

Yvette: WOO!!!

Suri Mane: The lowest average on the Tricky Mimes was 5, while on the Brave Illusionists 4. The one who got 4 for an average was.......

Rex: *Holds breath even longer*

Xav: Say it!!

Suri Mane: Well, 3 people, but they're not eliminated...

Suri Mane: Nathan, Erin please leave the shed momentarily.

Nathan and Erin: Okay...

Suri Mane: Since the 2 of them didn't compete and were on the losing team, one of them has to go. Tricky Mimes, you may leave. Brave Illusionists, you must vote.

Week 5 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Nathan.

Billy: Erin...

Sylvester: Nathan...

Xav: Nathan.

Penelope: Nathan.

Rex: Nathan. Erin could be my girlfriend and me and Rosalie broke up.

Rosalie: Erin. What if she becomes the next girlfriend of Rex if we break up?

Suri Mane: Allright. Nathan, Erin. One of you is going home.

Erin: *Is in shock*

Suri Mane: That person is Nathan.

Nathan: Huh? How could you guys vote me off?

Sylvester: We had too!

Nathan: No!! I was doing so well! *Is dragged into the Loser Helicopter*

Rosalie: (CONF: Oh no!!!)

Rex: (CONF: WOO!)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

The Sixth Week - Locked

Suri Mane: Everyone have fun, because this week is challenge free!

Winston: Really? Awesome!

Tiffany May: Finally!

Suri Mane: I'll be in the Mansion if you need me.

Yvette: Hey Tiffany May, let's go do a makeover and then eat some chips!

Tiffany May: Will they be fatfree?

Yvette: Yea!

Tiffany May: Sure!

Rex: Hey Rosalie, come on and follow me.

Rosalie: *Turns red* Okay...

And that's that, everyone went on to do what they wanted to do, but then...

Lauren: The door's locked!

Andre: What?

Lauren: Literally, the bedroom door is locked. We can't get out!

Yvette: Oh, we're in trouble. Let's go through the window.

Ronald: No! We have to go through the vent!

Keith: The vent? It's cold in there!

Ronald: It's that or nothing.

Andre: Okay, well the vent's the only way out of here unpainfully. I'll open it *Gets a portable ladder in the closet, which was surprisingly in the closet, and opens the vent*

Yvette: I'll go in first...

Winston: It's kinda getting hard to breathe...

Lauren: The windows are locked too.

Andre: We have to get out.

Meanwhile, the Brave Illusionists are also in trouble.

Sylvester: The vent won't open!

Erin: What do you mean it won't open? It has to open!!!

Derald: The window isn't...and there's a trampoline on the ground underneath it.

Billy: That's weird. Well we'll have to go there.

Xav: I'll go first. Penelope follow me.

Penelope: Allright.

Xav: *Jumps out the window and lands on the trampoline, then is bounced up the air back to the window* Penelope grab my hand!

Penelope: *Grabs Xav's hand and they both fall back to the trampoline, bouncing up in the air and landing on the ground* Ow!

Xav: Allright, the next person jump out!

Erin: AHHH!!! *Lands on trampoline, then lands on the ground* We need something less painfull...

Derald: Woah!!!!!!! *Barely lands on the trampoline and flips over* My neck!!

Penelope: Are you allright?


Sylvester: Yeaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! *Lands facefirst on the trampoline and also flips over* My face has rubberburn!

Billy: AH!! *Falls straight to the floor*

Xav: Ouch. Hold on, where's Rex and Rosalie?

Rex and Rosalie: *Make out session in the bathroom*

Erin: They're probably making out in the bathroom.

While most of the Brave Illusionists were out of the building, only Yvette and Andre are the only ones out in the Tricky Mimes.

Lauren: This vent is so dirty!

Winston: Eww, I think all the dust entered my nose. ACHOO!!!

Everyone in the vent: AHH!!! *Vent breaks*

Keith: We're allright, oww! *Oliver lands on him*

Suri Mane, outside: 5 more minutes...

Lauren: A window!

Everyone: *Looks at each other* AHH!!! *Race to the window*

Lauren: I made it first!! *Gets out of the window and is caught by Yvette* Thanks Yvette!

Yvette: No problem!

Tiffany May: Out! *Falls and is caught by Andre*

Ronald: Yes I'm out!

Meanwhile, Rex and Rosalie notice it's awfully quiet.

Rosalie: We have to go.

Rex: Ugh, allright.

Rosalie: *Looks out the window* Everyone's outside! Come on!

Rex: *Opens the window, and shoves Rosalie out, where she lands in Derald's arms*

Rosalie: REX!!

Rex: Sorry! *Gets out*

Suri Mane: Hey guys!

Brave Illusionists: AH!!

Suri Mane: Calm down! I just wanted to tell you that you won.

Billy: Won what?

Suri Mane: The challenge.

Erin: That was the challenge? Locking us in our room?

Suri Mane: I wanted to see teamwork *Smiles*

Penlope: Not a very good way...

Suri Mane: Anyways, I'm gonna tell the Tricky Mimes that they need to go to the SSV. *Makes way to the Tricky Mimes*

Yvette: We're saved!!

Suri Mane: lost!

Lauren: Lost what? *Winston falls behind her*

Suri Mane: The challenge.

Andre: That was the challenge! Why I outta...

Suri Mane: Time for the Surprise Votee Ceremony!!

Week 6 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Andre: Winston. He was the last one out.

Keith: Lauren. Very very bossy.

Ronald: Winston.

Tiffany May: Keith. He eats too much, and so does Yvette but she's nicer!

Winston: Keith.

Oliver: Lauren. Nature nature nature, that's what you all hear!!

Lauren: Oliver!! NATURE RULES!!

Yvette: Winston. Last one, he should be out.

Suri Mane: Allright, prepare! Andre, first one. Ronald, Tiffany May, Yvette, Keith and Oliver. Lauren and Winston,, one of you is going home....

Winston and Lauren: *Looks at each other evily*

Suri Mane: Lauren. You are safe.

Lauren: Yes!

Winston: What? Why did you guys...

Yvette: You were the last one out.

Winston: That's it?!!! *Is pushed into the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: Allright, that was awesome!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan: Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

The Seventh Week - Instrument Making

Lauren: I wonder if Winston deserved to leave the mansion...

Yvette: He was the last one out.

Ronald: Did that mean he had to go? (CONF: I wonder if voting Winston off was a good choice...)

Yvette: I guess so.

Suri Mane: Allright, for this week's challenge...hold on, where's Rex and Rosalie? I'm tired of asking that question!

Rex: We're right here... *Comes out of the bushes with Rosalie*

Suri Mane: That is gross. Anyways, on with the announcement, it's an instrument challenge.

Rex: Yea!! I can rock the guitar way better than anyone.

Rosalie: That's so true!! (CONF: He's so hot...heehee!)

Suri Mane: Okay, everyone will have to make their own instruments.

Rex: Wait, making? I thought playing!

Keith: You heard him! We have to make our own instruments!

Suri Mane: Yup. START!! *Runs to the mansion*

Rex: Okay, I'm gonna get started *Grabs five strings from the ground, then wanders off to the forest*

Rosalie: Oh no, I can't make anything!

Derald: Make a triangle *Curves a wooden stick with a knife*

Rosalie: Good idea!

Rex: Done! *Shows off his wooden guitar!

Yvette: Yea me too *Shows off drums*

Lauren: That was impossibly fast!

Yvette: I had ice cream last night, so it wasn't a problem.

Rex: I'm a guitar specialist...unofficially.

Ronald: Done! I made cymbols *Bangs the cymbols together* BANG!!

Everyone: AHH!!!

Erin: Real nice Ronald...

Ronald: Sorry...but at least it works!

Meanwhile, Oliver and Tiffany May are at the beach looking for things.

Tiffany May: I found this rock...

Oliver: I don't think that'll make an instrument.

Tiffany May: Maybe if I soften it, maybe it will! *Takes out make up*

Oliver: Tiffany May...I don't-

Tiffany May: Done! *Grabs a stick and bangs it on the rock* Clink! Clink! Clang!!

Oliver: That surprisingly sounded better than my bass.

Andre: What do you two think you're doing?

Tiffany May and Oliver: Andre!!

Andre: Yea. Get back already, a lot of people finished their instruments.

Oliver: Already?

Tiffany May: How long were we gone?

Andre: Not long, but this challenge seems the easiest and fastest.

Oliver, Tiffany May and Andre: *Heads back to the mansion*

Keith: There you guys are. Look at my recorder!

Tiffany May: Oh my gosh, that's so cool Keith! Let's go play a song together!

Keith: *Blushes* Allright...

Sylvester: Okay, I finished the violin.

Penelope: And I finished the harp...the small version.

Rex: *Plays a rock song on the guitar* Sweet!!

Rosalie: Oh gosh...I didn't make anything yet.

Xav: Well if you don't finish we'll lose! You're the only one who hasn't made an instrument! *Shows off metal triangle*

Rosalie: I'm trying to make a wooden triangle just like your metal one Xav, but I can't make one!

Xav: Well hurry! Suri Mane told us we have 10 minutes.

Billy: Rosalie, make cymbols, just like Ronald.

Suri Mane: 8 more minutes!!

Rosalie: *Yelps, starts making wooden triangle*

Rex: Come on Rosalie, here I'll help you *Bends the sides*

Suri Mane: 6 more minutes!!

Lauren: I'm so proud! Hey Yvette, look what I made!! *Trips over Rosalie*

Rosalie: Oh no! My triangle! I was so close...LAUREN!!!!!

Lauren: Oh my gosh Rosalie, I'm so sorry.

Suri Mane: Time's up!! Tricky Mimes, did everyone make an instrument.

Andre: Yup. *Shows off the teams' instruments*

Suri Mane: Intresting. Brave Illusionists?

Derald: ...Rosalie is the only one...

Suri Mane: Rosalie, since you didn't finish you are immediatly eliminated.

Rosalie: ...This is all Lauren's fault!! I can't go...I didn't stay here long enough!! No!! *Is shoved into the Loser Helicopter*

Rex: Rosalie!!! Rosalie don't leave!!

Derald: She has to go Rex, she has to go.

Keith: (CONF: Very funny. They sound like Rosalie died)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

The Eighth Week - Toy Love

Rex: ROSALIE!!! *Puts head down*

Sylvester: Rex, it's okay.

Rex: No it's not! Rosalie is gone!

Penelope: Is anyone ever gone...?

Erin: In this competition...I'm guessing so.

Billy: People can't come back?

Erin: Well, an exception for Candice, Mandy and Dustin. They came back to "judge" the talent show.

Derald: Mandy screamed through the whole thing. She is a spolied rich brat.

Rex: ...

Xav: I havn't seen anybody so sad...

Rex: Very surprising Xav...very surprising.

Suri Mane: Okay. This week's challenge is being turned to toys and temporarily shipped to a toy store.

Tiffany May: That sounds so exciting! YEEE!!!

Yvette: Is that even possible?

Suri Mane: Yup! The scientists found out how yesterday!

Andre: I have a bad feeling about this...

Suri Mane: *Gets out Toy Transformer, and shoots everyone*

Everyone: AHH!!!

Tiffany May: I feel so small...*Looks at legs* Awesome! I'm a Barbie!!

Xav: AHH!!! I'm a...Barbie Doll also!!

Rex: Haha!!

Xav: You're a Barbie too Rex, laugh for yourself.

Rex: ...

Yvette: I'm a chef Barbie. WOO!!

Keith: Yea so am I!
Yvette: Cool. Wanna kiss? Heehee...

Keith: Sure! *Starts kissing Yvette*

Erin: ...Weird...

Suri Mane: Very cute. Everyone in the box!! *Puts all the contestants in a box*

Everyone is put in the box, and are temporarily given to Surprise Daycare.

Tiffany May: I have completed my dream of being a doll! Yay!!

Andre: Oh gosh...

Billy: Ow, who's foot is on my face?

Penelope: Oh sorry

Billy: Better be...

???: We're here!

Tiffany May: We're at the daycare! I AM READY!!!

Xav: I'm not.

Children: YAY!! NEW TOYS!! *All try to grab Rex and Tiffany May* Let's make them kiss!! *Puts Rex and Tiffany May together*

Rex: AHH!! HELP!!

Tiffany May: They can't hear you... *Is grabbed by a girl* Hey, my name is Tiffany May!!

Erin: Oh gosh!

Ronald: Oh how Mandy would love to crush us dolls...

Rex: Oh gosh, that makes me even more scared! *Punches Ronald* Thanks a lot!

Boy: Oh my gosh! This doll moved!

Ronald: Uh oh *Grins* Rex is in trouble...

Tiffany May: *Fixes hair*

Girl: AHH!! The barbie moved!!

Yvette: This is fun!! *Is thrown into an ice cream cone* AWESOME!

Keith: Isn't that cute...

Children: *All go inside the school*

Boy 2: *Throws Xav into a desk*

Penelope: This is just awful!

Derald: ....

Andre: Come on Tricky Mimes, LET'S SURVIVE!!

Ronald: Um... Yvette is already in the cone.

Andre: We can still win!!

Derald: You're one to talk. GO BRAVE ILLUSIONISTS!!

Billy: We are all ready!

Sylvester: Oh really.... Candice would've won this challenge if she was still here. If we didn't vote her off, Xav would be gone.

Billy: Oh...I guess we shouldn't have voted her off.

Girl: *Ripps Tiffany May*

Everyone: AHH!!!!

Tiffany May: I'm okay! It tickles!!

Everyone: ...

Ronald: Are you sure Tiffany May?

Tiffany May: Oh Ronald, I said I was okay.

Keith: These little kids will all tear us!!

Rex: ... (CONF: Okay, being a toy sucks way more than being a freakin' hobo)

Suri Mane: Heh. They must be having fun, right guys?

Candice: I don't think so...

Suri Mane: Hey! If you want to stay at the Losers Resort, you should respond awesomely!

Candice: ...

Mandy: Grrrr....I WANT TO BE IN THE COMPETITION!! *Throws a chair at Winston*

Winston: Hey! Why did you throw that at me!?

Mandy: Because I'm suggesting you were one of the people who voted me off!!

Winston: ...Well you did-

Mandy: Like I'm supposed to believe that...

Dustin: Maybe if I was at the challenge, I would be still in the competition.

Rosalie: I miss Rex...

Dustin: It's okay Rosalie...I mean you were only here for a week and you didn't even smile once.

Candice: I've been here for seven weeks, and when Mandy arrived during my second week here, it was terrible!

Mandy: Excuse you?

Candice: Oh nothing...

Derald: AHH! *Is ripped*

Keith: HELP! *Ripped*

Andre: GO TRICKY MIMES!! *Legs pulled off*

Suri Mane: Well, they suffered enough. Just a few more...

Penelope: EEK!! *Butt stabbed by a plastic knife*

Lauren: AHH!! *Head pulled off*

Suri Mane: Allright that's enough. *Reverses the toy transformation*

Tiffany May: Huh? We're back at the mansion!

Lauren: We were there for ten minutes...and it felt like a year of suffering...

Suri Mane: Heh...funny!!

Tiffany May: It was so fun!!

Oliver: ...

Tiffany May: It was so funny how everyone was ripped (CONF: SO CUTE!!)

Suri Mane: Okay, well the Tricky Mimes had the most members who were ripped...

Andre: This was the stupidest challenge ever.

Suri Mane: I know. I didn't finish college, but my father is rich so look where I am now!

Tiffany May: Oh my gosh, you are so right!!

Derald: Well, anyways woo!! Brave Illusionists won!! (CONF: We lost too many people. Our team is we need to make the Tricky Mimes go down!)

Suri Mane: Allright, Tricky Mimes it's time.

Week 8 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Andre: Tiffany May...I know there's a reason, but I can't seem to remember.

Keith: Tiffany May. Isn't she kinda stupid?

Ronald: Oliver. He didn't do much did he?

Tiffany May: Andre. My gosh, he isn't a good leader!

Oliver: Lauren. I just hate her.

Lauren: Oliver. I decided I hate him more than a lot of things.

Yvette: Tiffany May. I guess so...Andre and Keith chose her, so she's out!

Suri Mane: Okay. These Question Marks go to...Keith, Ronald, Lauren, Yvette and Andre. Oliver and Tiffany May....

Oliver: Oh no... (CONF: Are you kidding me?)

Tiffany May: Eek!!...

Suri Mane: Well this isn't surprising. Oliver, here you go.

Oliver: Yes!!!

Tiffany May: Well it's okay. Bye everybody!! *Drake shows Tiffany May to the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: She seemed happy. Anyways, get ready for the next challenge Tricky Mimes!!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love

The Ninth Week - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

Suri Mane: It's time for baseball!!!

Xav: ... (CONF: I didn't sign up for any sports...)

Rex: Woo! Let's do this!

Andre: (CONF: I can't believe Derald's team is catching up to us...we need to win even more)

Derald: (CONF: I'm thinking of getting rid of OIiver from the Tricky Mimes. It's show time!)

Suri Mane: Allright, Derald and Andre, you will be first batters and pitchers. Erin and Yvette, last batters and catchers.

Derald: Let's kick some Mimes' butts!

Erin: Look who's finally talking some sense!

Yvette: I'm ready!!

Oliver: (CONF: Watch out Lauren, I'll be sure to trip you during the game!)

Suri Mane: Okay *Presses button, mansion turns to baseball field*

Penelope: ...Lots of surprises up your sleeves huh Suri Mane?

Suri Mane: Yup. Heheh...

Ronald: I'm not a fan of baseball...

Suri Mane: Like I care...okay come let's get ready!!

Everyone: *All go to baseball field*

Derald: Okay team, get ready! *Pitches a fastball*

Andre: Uh oh *Tries to hit the ball, but misses*

Erin: In your face Andre, when your team loses they're all gonna vote you off!

Andre: Shut up! Some people voted for you to go in the talent challenge, but you just got lucky.

Erin: (CONF: ...Is that true? Well whatever, still Andre has a huge ego)

Derald: Strike 2! *Throws another fastball*

Andre: Ugh. *Misses*

Keith: Come on Andre!

Andre: *Grins* I got this Keith.

Keith: *Gulps*

Derald: And STRIKE 3!! *Throws a curveball*

Andre: *Hits the ball* HAH!! *Starts running to first base*

Billy: ...The ball is coming to me!! *Runs to the ball*

Sylvester: *Follows Billy*

Billy: I can't catch up to it!

Rex: *Jumps and catches the ball* IN YOUR FACE ANDRE!!

Andre: *Reaches first base* ... (CONF: I just can't win any challenge...)

Keith: *Grabs a bat* I'm ready.

Erin: Hey Keith, are you ready to be out?

Keith: We'll see.

Derald: *Throws a fastball* Watch out Keith!

Keith: *Quickly hits the ball and starts running to first base*

Penelope: *Gets hit on the head with the ball*

Xav: Go get it Penelope!

Penelope: Oh, sorry! *Starts running to the ball*

Keith: Almost there... *Runs to second base, then to third*

Penelope: Erin, catch! *Throws ball to Erin*

Keith: *Reaches home plate* Yea!!

Erin: *Misses the ball* ...

Keith: I guess you were wrong Erin.

Ronald: Good job Keith! *Gets a bat*

Derald: (CONF: Keith was just lucky...) *Throws a fastball*

Ronald: *Misses*

Derald: *Throws a curveball*

Ronald: *Misses again*

Rex: So pathetic!

Derald: *Throws a fastball*

Ronald: Uh oh *Misses*

Derald: Yes!!

Erin: Strike 3, and you're out Ronald!

Ronald: Oh, I told them I wasn't good at this...

Xav: Just one more out...

Oliver: Batter is up!

Derald: *Throws a curveball*

Oliver: *Hits, and starts running*

Sylvester: Uh oh *Starts running to the ball, then jumps and gets it* Woo!!

Derald: *Grabs a bat* Come Andre, try your best!

Andre: Sure. *Throws a curveball*

Derald: *Hits, and starts running to first*

Oliver: Lauren, it's near you!

Lauren: Huh? *Ball hits her on head*

Oliver: Oh come on Lauren, you need to try more!

Lauren: Oh like you're the best baseball player on this team!

Oliver: At least I play better than you!

Yvette: HEY!! Derald is getting to home!

Lauren: Right, forgot *Throws ball to Yvette*

Derald: *Reaches home plate* Yea!!

Penelope: Yay!!

Sylvester: We got this big time!

Yvette: *Throws the ball to Andre* Oh, we're dead.

Suri Mane: Just to let you guys know, we're only doing four innings, so yea!

Andre: *Throws a fastball at Billy*

Billy: *Misses*

Andre: *Throws a curveball*

Billy* Hits, and runs*

Ronald: *Misses the ball* Yikes...

Keith: Go Ronald, go get it!!!

Billy: *Goes to second*

Ronald: *Gets the ball, and throws it to Yvette*

Billy: *Reaches home plate* Yea!!

Andre: UGH!!

Suri Mane: So guys...

Tiffany May: Oh my gosh, this Losers Resort is so awesome! Who knew it was only on the other side of the woods, and the people who are voted off come here!

Everyone: ...

Mandy: You talk to much. Anyways, watching these people playing baseball is so boring.

Dustin: Suri Mane, is there gonna be a challenge where some of the voted off people return?

Suri Mane: Oh I can't tell you that...

Dustin: I'll take that as a yes...

Candice: I want to come back. Dustin, Rosalie and Nathan, why did you guys vote me off?

Nathan: Well...

Rosalie: I didn't vote you off. I voted for Xav.

Winston: It's surprising how Xav got this far...I thought he would be the first one to go.

Candice: He was almost going to be. If a few more people voted for him, I might be in the competition still.

Suri Mane: Ugh, too much talking! Okay, here's the score. The Brave Illusionists have 6, and the Tricky Mimes 3.

Mandy: Wow, I was on the loser team.

Winston: Our team was winning when you were eliminated...

Mandy: ... *Throws a rock at Winston* I'm still mad at you for voting me off.

Suri Mane: Well I gotta head back. The Tricky Mimes need to vote someone off.

Andre: Ronald, can you please leave the room for a sec?

Ronald: Uh sure...

Oliver: I know, I know, we need to vote him off. All of us right?

Lauren: Let him say it! And I'm not voting for Ronald...

Oliver: Oh yea? Well I've been choosing you to leave for a long time!

Lauren: You want a piece of me? *Slaps Oliver*

Oliver: Oh that's it! *Pushes Lauren and slaps her*

Lauren: Ugh get away from me!

Oliver: *Near Lauren's face* Oh...sorry. *Blushes*

Lauren: *Blushes* better be (CONF: OH MY GOSH!!! I don't know if I'm happy or mad at Oliver for almost kissing me!)

Week 9 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Andre: Ronald. We all agreed, well except for Oliver and Lauren.

Keith: Ronald. We all gotta do what we all gotta do.

Ronald: Andre...

Oliver: Ronald...I'm not gonna vote for Lauren for a while...

Lauren: Ronald...

Yvette: Ronald. Andre told us too.

Suri Mane: Okay. These Question Marks go to Keith, Oliver, Lauren and Yvette. Andre and are the last two.

Ronald: (CONF: Oh no...did they all vote for me?)

Suri Mane: Andre, you are safe.

Andre: Yea!!!

Ronald: What? *Drake pushes him inside the Loser Helicopter* I don't deserve this!!

Suri Mane: Heh, I love that scene.

Andre: (CONF: We got rid of him)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

The Tenth Week - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

Suri Mane: It's nature challenge week!!

Everyone: *All look at Oliver*

Oliver: (CONF: Hey, I don't love nature, but I don't hate it!!)

Yvette: (CONF: Okay, I know something's up between Oliver and Lauren...and I wonder what the contest would be like with Drake...)

Drake: Suri Mane...

Suri Mane: What?

Drake: ...I think that um...


Drake: (CONF: ...Is this how you work this? Okay, I'm quitting on this idea for now) Nothing...

Suri Mane: Anyways, everyone has to plant 15 daisies in 50 minutes. The team that planted the 15 or closest wins!

Lauren: That's easy except for one thing, there are so daisy seeds anywhere!!

Suri Mane: Let's see about that...challenge begin!!

Lauren: Oh, i keep 10 daisy seeds in my purse... (CONF: I have a feeling Oliver might be voted off this week, so is it too bad to help?) Oliver, want 5?

Oliver: Oh sure... (CONF: ...Have you ever noticed Lauren is kinda cute?)

Derald: Okay, well I found 2 underground, everyone go and find more

Yvette: Now is the right time... *Walks to Keith* Hey Keith, let's go search for daisy seeds with Lauren and Oliver. That okay with you?

Keith: Oh sure, Oliver and Lauren, wanna go search for some daisy seeds with Yvette and me?

Oliver; Oh sure.

Lauren: Fine with me.

Penelope: I planted 4 daisy seeds, that's 6 altogether.

Andre: Our team planted 2 daisy seeds, so that's uh...

Lauren: 12.

Andre: Yes! (CONF: You're dead Derald)

Rex: I found 7! I think these are Suri Mane's...since I see daisies around her bedroom window.

Derald: That's 13!!

Suri Mane: Okay, Losers, what do you guys wanna do today?

Mandy: Sue people.

Suri Mane: ...Serious problems Mandy...serious problems...

Mandy: (LOSERS CONF: I could've won you know!! Daddy, if you're watching this dumb reality show, YOU BETTER GET A WAY FOR ME TO GET BACK IN THE SHOW!)

Ronald: Wow, this place is very nice. Does every voted off person go here?

Suri Mane: Yea...sure.

Tiffany May: Mandy, what makes you happy?

Mandy: I like to sue people for no reason, and getting stuff.

Candice: (LOSERS CONF: Mandy is crazy! A rich brat, an insane suer and a rich brat!!)

Nathan: I'm really sad we don't get anything, not even a small amount of money?

Suri Mane: Nope.

Dustin: I think we should get $50.

Mandy: I agree.

Dustin: You do?

Mandy: 100% on it.

Dustin: (LOSERS CONF: Mandy isn't as bad as I thought she was)

Oliver: Well, I'm not finding anything. I'll go search in the waves...just in case.

Yvette: Keith, can you go ask Lauren if it's okay to watch the sunset?

Keith: Oh...uh sure! *Walks to Lauren* Lauren, wanna watch the sunset together wi-

Yvette: *Throws an ice cream colored banana at Keith's foot*

Keith: Woah! *Falls on Lauren:

Yvette: (CONF: Well, a french girl has a right to do a lot of things to stay in the competition)

Lauren: AHHH!!!!!!

Oliver: I found 1...HEY! KEITH, GET OFF OF HER! *Punches Keith*

Keith: Oh...(CONF: What in the world happened? Okay, Suri Mane really shouldn't have 19 16 year olds in one place, it's too much! Of course, Drake quits too much)

Andre: Woah, I saw that.

Lauren: You are such a pervert!!

Keith: I didn't mean to- *Is slapped by Lauren*

Oliver: You okay Lauren?

Lauren: Yea...


Erin: Found 4 seeds!

Billy: That's 16, but we need 15. Come on!

Andre: Oh, I'm not giving up that easily! *Throws a huge rock at Erin*


Yvette: Take the seeds! *Runs to the seeds*

Sylvester: Not on my watch! *Runs to the seeds*

Yvette and Sylvester: *Fight*

Erin and Keith: I'm in so much pain...*Keith unknowingly kisses Erin on the cheek*

Lauren: Oliver, thanks *Kisses on cheek* (CONF: I'm gonna faint!)

Billy: Sylvester, watch out for Andre!

Derald: Ugh! *Kicks Andre* Come on Sylvester!!

Andre: *Punches Derald* Yvette hurry!

Sylvester: Got it!! *Plants the seeds*

Brave Illusionists: YEA!!

Yvette: ... (CONF: My planned at least Keith will be gone!)

Suri Mane: Allright, Tricky Mimes again, time to vote!!

Week 10 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Andre: Keith, that was pervish

Keith: Lauren, it wasn't my fault!

Oliver: Keith, no one is touching Lauren like that again...well not everyone

Lauren: Keith, a pervert!!

Yvette: Keith, he's finishing all the ice cream so I had to get his off the show

Suri Mane: Okay. Question Marks ready, set, go! Andre, Oliver and Yvette.

Lauren: (CONF: He is a pervert)

Keith: (CONF: Not my fault!)

Suri Mane: Lauren, you are safe.

Lauren: Ha!!

Keith: Suri Mane, please don- *Is thrown in the Loser Helicopter*


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

The Eleventh Week - Each Person For Themselves! (No Challenge)

Suri Mane: I have a surprise!!

Andre: What is it?

Suri Mane: There will be no more teams! Each person is for him or herself!

Derald: Aww...I loved leading the winning team.

Andre: Grr...

Suri Mane: Yea! So be happy about it!

Yvette: Hey, where's Oliver and Lauren?

Oliver and Lauren: *Kissing in the woods*

Derald: I think they're a couple now, anyways Suri, does that mean that in order to win immunity, we have to win the challenge?

Suri Mane: Sure thing sherlock.

Billy: Will there even be a challenge today?

Suri Mane: Oh no. The day of merging never has a challenge, so have fun!

Drake: Yea (CONF: ...I think I just broke the camera, and why is the confessional in the storage room?)

Penelope: This is a great day to, uh, tan?

Erin: Or just watching tv.

Suri Mane: Oh yea, you guys still stay in the same bedroom!

Erin: Okay! (CONF: Crap, I still have to be stuck with mister Derald)

Penelope: Wanna go watch The Young Chicks 2?

Erin: Never heard of it.

Penelope: Great!!

Keith: Yvette tricked me!!

Mandy: Heh, I'm proud of her.

Keith: (LOSERS CONF: I will get revenge Yvette, I will get revenge)

Mandy: (LOSERS CONF: WOO! Go Yvette! *Places an X stamp on Keith's picture)

Candice: What are the other people doing this week?

Nathan: Nothing, I heard there are no more teams.

Candice: Already?

Winston: Suri Mane?

Suri Mane: Don't bother me.

Winston: Okay...

The Twelfth Week - Hide and Dodge

Suri Mane: This week, we will play Dodgeball and Hide and Seek!

Sylvester: Oh gosh. (CONF: Why!?)

Lauren: So, we have to get everyone out to get immunity right?

Suri Mane: Mm hmm. You can also hide, but I suggest more action. There are dodgeballs everywhere, so start!!

Billy: *Gets a dodgeball and throws it at Lauren*

Oliver: Lauren watch out! *Throws a ball at Billy's ball, which hits Penelope*

Penelope: Ow!

Drake: Penelope is out.

Lauren: Ugh *Throws a ball at Billy, but misses*

Derald: Watch out Andre! *Throws a ball at Andre*

Drake: Andre is out!

Andre: (CONF: ...This merge stinks)

Sylvester: Ah!! *Is chased by Erin with a ball in her hand*

Erin: I've got you now!! *Throws a ball at Sylvester, but misses terribly*

Sylvester: Weak! *Throws a ball at Erin's face*

Erin: Oof!

Drake: Erin is out!!

Bells ring.

Derald: Huh?

Suri Mane: 3 eliminated contestants are returning to Total Drama Surprise!

Sylvester: What!? *Trips on a tree root*

Tiffany May: Aww, I havn't seen this place in two weeks!

Dustin: I'm back! And I promise I won't oversleep!

Mandy: Remember me people!?

Everyone: AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy: That's right. I told daddy to make Suri let me be back in the show. I'm here for payback!!

Erin: *Faints*

Mandy: *Throws ball at Derald*

Drake: Derald is out.

Mandy: *Throws ball at Tiffany May*

Tiffany May: Oww...

Mandy: Heheheh

Drake: ...Tiffany May is out... *Secretly throws a ball at Mandy* and Mandy!

Mandy: WHO HIT ME!? *Looks at Sylvester*

Sylvester: Not me!! It was Drake!!

Mandy: *Looks at Drake* I'll get you!!

Drake: AH!!! *Is chased by Mandy*

Sylvester; *Throws ball at Dustin but misses*

Dustin: Woah! *Dodges*

Yvette: *Throws ball at Dustin* IN YOUR FACE!!

Suri Mane: Dustin is out! Guess the returning contestants suck!

Sylvester: *Throws a ball at Lauren and hits*

Lauren: Ahh!!

Suri Mane: Lauren is out!

Oliver: ... *Throws a ball at Sylvester's groin*

Sylvester: *Gasps* Mommy... (CONF: are so dead!)

Suri Mane: Hah! Sylvester is out!

Xav: Time to come out of hiding... *Throws ball at Rex*

Rex: *Dodges* That's all you got Xav?

Xav: *Throws another ball, but misses*

Rex: Haha *Throws a ball at Xav's arm*

Xav: AHH!! MY ARM!!

Rex: Never mess with the Rexman!!

Suri Mane: Xav is out!

Rex: *Throws a ball at Billy*

Billy: Yikes. *Tries to dodge, but fails*

Suri Mane: Billy is out!

Yvette: *Throws a ball at Oliver and hits*

Oliver: ...

Suri Mane: Oliver is out! Just Rex and Yvette left!

Rex and Yvette: *Looks at each other, then angrily charge for the last ball*

Yvette: HAH! Got the ball!!

Rex: *Looks around, and finds a ball stuck on a tree branch which he goes to* Got one too!

Yvette: *Throws the ball at Rex*

Rex: *Throws the ball at Yvette*

Suri Mane: Very dramatic.

Mandy: Go Yvette!!

Dustin: Come on Rex!!

Rex: Agh!

Yvette: Yay!! I win immunity!!

Suri Mane: Yes you did.

Mandy: In your face Rex *Throws money at Rex* That dollar is for trying.

Suri Mane: Allright, time to vote people! Remember, you can't vote off Yvette.

Week 12 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Andre, he must go.

Billy: Mandy, she shouldn't have come back.

Sylvester: Mandy, that girl has to go.

Xav: Rex, worst contestant so far in my opinion.

Penelope: Mandy, anger issues, plus a brat.

Rex: XAV!

Dustin: Mandy...

Erin: Mandy.

Andre: Mandy, I'm scared of her, but that doesn't mean I will never not vote off Derald!

Mandy: Rex.

Tiffany May: Mandy...I hope she doesn't kill me.

Oliver: Rex!

Lauren: Rex!

Yvette: Rex...Mandy rooted for me!

Suri Mane: Okay! This merge is gonna make things harder for you guys to stay on the show...Derald, Billy, Sylvester, Penelope, Dustin, Erin, Tiffany May, Oliver, Lauren, Yvette, Xav and Andre. Rex and Mandy...

Mandy: WHAT!?

Rex: ...

Suri Mane: What the heck, Rex here's a Question Mark.

Mandy: I JUST GOT HERE! I WILL SUE YOU SURI MANE!! I WILL SUE YOU *Police push her into the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: She is out again!! Heh.


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

The Thirteenth Week - All Day Sports Contest

Derald: Welcome back Dustin! Sorry we voted you off, but you did miss the challenge.

Dustin: Oh it's fine. I know I deserved it. At least I didn't get voted off again in the last challenge.

Tiffany May: Hey guys! Did you all miss me!?

Oliver: No.

Lauren: *Nudges Oliver* He's just kidding. Yes we did Tiffany May.

Yvette: So what did you do while we were gone?

Tiffany May: Oh I was at the Los-

Dustin: Um Tiffany May...

Tiffany May: Oh right. Watch lots of movies!

Yvette: Cool, cool.

Suri Mane: Okay!! It's another sports day people!

Dustin: ...

Tiffany May: ...

Suri Mane: A mix of all sports!

Billy: All?

Sylvester: Are you serious?

Suri Mane: Not ALL. Just some. The first one is racing to the finish line, while...

Billy: WHILE!? (CONF: This is so stupid)

Suri Mane: While...trying to keep a volleyball in the air!

Tiffany May: Oh that'll be easy. I play volleyball!

Suri Mane: Whoever wins this challenge will get immunity. The winner of the next does too, and the winner of the last, ditto.

Xav: 3 odd challenges, great.

Rex: Watch your mouth Xav!

Xav: (CONF: Rex should be gone by now, I'm surprise he passed the challenge where Winston was voted off in)

A Few Minutes Later When The First Challenge Was Ready...

Suri Mane: BEGIN!!

Tiffany May: *Starts dashing to the finish line while hitting the volleyball into the air repeatedly*

Yvette: *Purposely "accidently" spills ice cream on Tiffany May's tracks, then keeps running forward with the volleyball*

Tiffany May: Ow! *Slips, and people get ahead of her*

Suri Mane: Okay, so far the results! Yvette is in first place, while Billy is in dead last! Will anyone capture Yvette in a trap?

Rex: Heheh...*Throws a small rubber ball at Xav's face*

Xav: Ow! *Drops volleyball, Lauren passes*

Yvette: *Reaches the finish line*

Yvette: (CONF: I wonder if I'm gonna be the winner or runner-up...)

Suri Mane: Yvette wins immunity once more!!

Oliver: *Finally reaches the finish line*

Suri Mane: Oliver in second!!

Derald: Woo!! *Reaches the finish line* Third place!

Suri Mane: What Derald said!

Tiffany May: *Reaches finish line* My shoes are dirty with ice cream...

Suri Mane: Tiffany May in fourth.

Rex: Done! *Reaches finish line*

Suri Mane: Rex, fifth!

Lauren: I arrived! *Finishes*

Suri Mane: Lauren, sixth!

Xav: *Reaches finish line*

Suri Mane: Xav, seventh.

Dustin: *Reaches finish line*

Suri Mane: Dustin, eighth.

Penelope: *Finishes*

Suri Mane: Penelope, ninth!

Erin: *Reaches finish line*

Suri Mane: Erin, tenth!

Sylvester: *Finishes*

Suri Mane: Sylvester, eleventh!

Andre: *Finishes, while sad about being next to last*

Suir Mane: Twelfth...

Billy: *Finishes in dead last place*

Suri Mane: Billy is last! Now for the next challenge...

When The Second Challenge Was Ready...

Suri Mane: Volleyball, but you can't use your hands!

Penelope: But that's like soccer then!

Suri Mane: Exactly! Each person will take a turn scoring goals, and the one with the highest wins! Of course, Yvette has won immunity from the first one!

Yvette: I'm staying another week people!

Suri Mane: Andre, you are first! The net is in the air, and you can use the trampoline to kick the ball, begin!!

Andre: Okay! *Jumps on the trampoline, while Drake throws a soccer ball in the air, kicks the ball, scores*

Drake: 1 point.

Andre: *Kicks, scores*

Drake. 2 points.

Andre: *Kicks, barely scores*

Drake: 3 points.

Andre: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 4 points.

Andre: *Kicks, barely scores*

Drake: 5 points

Andre: *Kicks, misses*

Drake: Andre has 5 points!

Suri Mane: Billy, go!

Billy: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 1 point.

Billy: *Kicks, barely scores*

Drake: 2 points

Billy: *Kicks, misses by a lot*

Drake: Billy has 2 points.

After everyone, it was Xav's turn last.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 1 point.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 2 points.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 3 points.

Xav: *Kicks, scores

Drake: 4 points

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 5 points.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 6 points.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 7 points.

Xav: *Kicks, scores*

Drake: 8 points.

Xav: *Kicks, barely scores*

Drake: 9 points.

Xav: *Kicks, misses*

Drake: Xav has 9 points.

Suri Mane: I will post the results on the goalpost, go look at it to see who won immunity.


1. Sylvester: 16 points

2. Rex: 15 points

3. Erin: 13 points

4. Xav: 12 points

5. Penelope: 8 points

6. Tiffany May - 7 points

7. Dustin - 6 points

8. Andre - 5 points

9. Oliver - 5 points

10. Lauren - 4 points

11. Billy - 2 points

Sylvester: I won immunity! Woo!!

Yvette: Welcome!

Suri Mane: Okay, next challenge!

Billy: (CONF: I'm starting to do horrible!)

Andre: (CONF: Get ahold of yourself Andre, you must win...beat Derald!)

Suri Mane: The next one is: ...Um let's forget the last one!

Erin: Yes!

Suri Mane: Well, Yvette and Sylvester have immunity, time to vote people!

Rex: Ugh, so close to immunity!

Oliver and Lauren: *Kissing unknowingly in the public*

Week 13 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Billy.

Billy: Andre.

Sylvesterl: Billy, he was last.

Xav: Rex!

Penelope: Rex.

Rex: Billy, he's not a help now that the teams are gone.

Dustin: Rex...

Erin: Billy! He's gone!

Andre: Billy.

Tiffany May: Rex, meanie!

Oliver: Rex.

Lauren: Billy.

Yvette: Billy!

Suri Mane: Another Surprise Vote Ceremony! Here you go...Derald, Xav, Penelope, Dustin, Erin, Tiffany May, Oliver, Lauren and Andre! Rex and Billy...

Billy: (CONF: I have a bad feeling now...)

Rex: (CONF: I know Billy's gone)

Suri Mane: Billy, I'm sorry *Hands the last Question Mark to Rex*

Billy: I knew this was coming...*Is pushed into the Loser Helicopter

Derald: Well, he's gone.

Suri Mane: Allright contestants, time to rest.


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

The Fourteenth Week - Can You Please Not Barf?

Penelope: I'm in the final twelve!

Andre: I'm surprised Derald got this far...

Yvette: (CONF: I'm wondering if Penelope will fall for my tricks this week...) Hey Penelope, I'm not surprised your in the final twelve!

Penelope: Really? Cool! (CONF: Yvette is so nice you know? *Broom fall on head* Ow! Stupid storage room confessional)

Derald: What's the challenge gonna be?

Suri Mane: Trying not to barf!

Rex: Oh great, what do we have to do, ride an insanely fast roller coaster upsidedown?

Suri Mane: Yea!

Rex: ... (CONF: Suri, you have problems! Suri Mane: I heard that!)

Xav: So, I'm guessing the person who doesn't barf wins immunity right?

Suri Mane: Mm hmm. So... *Roller Coaster field appears* Go on!

Everyone: *Gets on the roller coaster*

Suri Mane: This week, we will be talking to our losers! Come on audience!

Mandy: I can't believe...I WAS VOTED OFF AGAIN!!

Winston: It's okay Mandy...

Mandy: *Slaps Winston* How dare you! NO IT'S NOT!

Candice: Oh gosh, calm dowm already!

Rosalie: I wish I could go back...

Suri Mane: Well, I'm announcing there's gonna be another season of Total Drama Surprise, at a different location!

Mandy: ...Really? *Smiles* Heheh...

Suri Mane: Not everyone can come though, I'll eventually tell you how!


Xav: AHH!!! *Barfs everywhere and falls off the rollercoaster*

Penelope: I CAN'T BREATHE! AHH!!!!!!

Yvette: WOO!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! *Eats an ice cream flavored bar*


Erin: MY STOMACH! *Barfs and falls on Xav*

Andre: ... *Barfs and falls on Erin*

Erin: I feel so gross!!

Yvette: Uh oh, that ice cream bar didn't do me good! *Barfs and falls on Andre*

Sylvester: Oh... *Barfs and falls on Yvette* My stomach!!

Dustin: I will...survive!! *Tries not to barf*

Tiffany May: AHH!! *Falls without even barfing*

Dustin: *Barfs and falls*

Lauren: YAHH!!! *Barfs and falls*

Oliver: I'm coming Lauren!! *Barfs and falls*

Suri Mane: Penelope and Rex are the last ones. Whoever falls and barfs with be immediatly eliminated!

Penelope: AHH!!!!

Rex: WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penelope: *Barfs and falls*

Suri Mane: Heh, looks like Penelope is immediatly eliminated!!

Penelope: Ohh....

Rex: Woo!!!!!! *Falls*

Xav: Poor Penelope... *Barfs again*

Penelope: *Is dragged to the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: Let me take this time to talk to the losers once more!

Suri Mane: Guys, who should leave next week? We will continue this conversation next week!

Mandy: (LOSERS CONF: I plan to qualify for the next season, you all hear me!?)


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

The Fifteenth Week - Losers Decide

Suri Mane: Okay losers, time to decide who goes home this week!!

Mandy: It's quite simple. Everybody!! But if it's one person, I guess it's Andre.

Candice: Um...Rex? I guess he shouldn't be in the competition.

Suri Mane: True, true.

Nathan: What if I choose Rex too...

Winston: Yea, I agree with Rex!!

Rosalie: I'm going with Dustin.

Ronald: Dustin.

Keith: Yvette!

Billy: Rex.

Penelope: Woah *Arrives to Loser Resort*

Suri Mane: Welcome Penelope!

Penelope: This place is across the woods from the mansion! I should tell the others!

Everyone: NO!!

Penelope: Okay...

Suri Mane: Okay Penelope, who should go home this week?

Penelope: Totally Rex!

Suri Mane: Allright, Rex is gone!

Meanwhile, at the mansion

Rex: Huh? Wait, why am I going!! I DEMAND TO STAY!!!! *Is pushed to the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: Allright people, rest up, rest up


1. Candice - Obstacle Race

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

The Sixteenth Week - Stay Awake...

Oliver: Yes, I'm in the final eight!

Lauren: I'm so surprised...I didn't think I would get this far

Derald: Why are you still here... *Looks at Andre*

Andre: Just be lucky I havn't been voting you off!! (CONF:

Dustin: Suri Mane...what's the challenge...

Suri Mane: To watch a sad movie...then a romantic sad movie...then a horror, then a sad comedy...

Xav: Okay...I just realized...Penelope was wrong about being in the final twelve. She was in the final ten

Yvette: Like we care *Eats ice cream*

Oliver: Allright, let's get this challenge started

Suri Mane: Oh, and you have to stay awake during these movies. The last one awake wins immunity

Dustin: This is gonna be the hardest challenge ever (CONF: Really Suri Mane? This isn't fair)

Sylvester: Hmm... *Watches the sad movie without an expression*

Yvette: Oh my gosh, poor Missy!! *Cries into a napkin* Why did she do that?

Xav: Because she's miserable...

Sylvester: This movie is nothing!


Oliver: Right... (CONF: That movie wasn't sad, only the girls were crying)

Andre: ... *Tries not to cry, but couldn't help it* DON'T DO IT GEORGE!!!

Derald: *Grins* Poor poor Andre

Dustin: *Is already asleep*

Tiffany May: Dustin...this is the best part!! *Cries*

Dustin: *Is still asleep*

Tiffany May: POOR GEORGE!!

Sylvester: *Falls asleep*

After the movie ends

Derald: This romance movie is AWESOME!!

Andre: *Falls asleep*

Yvette: Oh wow, she's so big for a pregnant woman!

Tiffany May: Eww...that's so gross Yvette

Yvette: What? It's true... (CONF: Time to trick...) *Secretly takes Tiffany May's bear*

Tiffany May: I need a drink *Goes to the water fountain*

Oliver: BORE!! *Falls asleep*

Lauren: *Falls asleep too* (CONF: Heheh...I slept next to Oliver!!)

Derald: It's just me...Tiffany May...Yvette...Xav...and Erin

Erin: These movies are boring...

Xav: I know... *Falls asleep*

Erin: (CONF: Worst challenge yet...did you guys know there's a second season of this thing at a different location? 10 of us are going...10 of us aren't...and 10 new ones to replace the 10 that aren't able to go!)

Tiffany May: *Goes back, and realizes that her bear is gone* BEAR? BEAR!?!?!?!?

Yvette: ...


Erin: Hey...I didn't steal it, gosh!

Tiffany May: *Punches Erin* CRAP!!

Erin: ...

Derald: Uh... *Falls asleep*

YvetteL *Looks at watch* It's been like 14 hours. These movies are long!!

Horror movie starts

Yvette: AHH!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!

Erin: (CONF: The horror movie one was great. Nobody fell asleep!) AHH!!!!!!!! HER HEAD IS IN THE BATHTUB!!! DON'T GO THERE TAGI!!

Tiffany May: *Slaps everyone that's awake, which is Yvette and Erin (XD)* BEAR?

Erin: You're so annoying!! *Kicks Tiffany May*

Tiffany May: Oh no you didn't...

Yvette: (CONF: Heheheh...)

Erin: Oh yes I did!! *Pushes Tiffany May and slaps her*

Tiffany May; *Kicks Erin in the chest*

Erin: OW!!! YOU WENT TO FAR!!! *Punches Tiffany May*

Yvette: *Looks at watch* It's been a day...6 more days till the next challenge, and I'm guess Tiffany May won't be there

Sad Comedy...

Erin: *Is bleeding* Stupid Tiffany May...

Tiffany May: (CONF: ...I hate Erin so much!)

Yvette: How could a comedy be sad?

Erin: I don't exactly know...

Tiffany May: Uh oh... *Falls asleep*

Erin: Yes!!

Yvette: I know who's gonna win this challenge...

Erin: Not you!!

Yvette: Oh yea, let's bet!

Erin: Nope *Slaps Yvette*

Yvette: ... *Hits Erin's pressure point*

Erin: *Passes out*

Yvette: I win...HAH!!

Suri Mane:'s been 2 days, and you've been awake for like, that 48 hours...

Yvette: Yea!

Suri Mane: Okay...

Dustin: *Wakes up* Wait...who won?

Yvette: Me

Andre: *Wakes up* Oh gosh

Derald: *Wakes up* Go Yvette...

Yvette: Everyone's waking up! Yay...

Derald: (CONF: She's onto something...)

Erin: *Wakes up* Not fair!!

Yvette: (CONF: I change it to tricking Erin...or cheating)


Xav: *Wakes up* What's not fair?

Erin: Yvette hit me somewhere, and I passed out!

Yvette: I hit your neck!

Xav: Impressive... *Hits Yvette in the neck and she passes out* Heh!

Erin: Wow...awesome!

Xav: I say we vote for Tiffany May

Erin: I totally agree!

Suri Mane: Allright, time to vote!!

Week 16 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Erin...

Sylvester: Erin

Xav: Tiffany May

Erin: Tiffany May!

Andre: Derald

Oliver: Erin

Lauren: Erin

Suri Mane: Okay...everyone gets a Question Mark except Erin and Tiffany May

Erin: *Grins* Just gimme it!

Suri Mane: Nope!

Tiffany May: So gimme it!

Suri Mane: Okay!

Erin: What? You guys voted me off?

Lauren: We had to vote SOMEONE off...

Erin: Well why me!? *Is pushed into the Loser Helicopter*

Suri Mane: Okay...have a good rest contestants!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

The Seventeenth Week - Back In Time

Suri Mane: We're going back in time!!

Xav: That's so surprising...

Suri Mane: *Narrows eyes at Xav*

Tiffany May: In which time period?

Suri Mane: The dinos!

Derald: Oh no...

Andre: Awesome! Can't wait to touch a T-Rex

Yvette: Which will eat you!! *Pushes Andre onto the ground*

Andre: (CONF: Is it just me, or did Yvette change?)

Dustin: Well...what's the challenge there?

Suri Mane: Find a dino egg and bring it back. The person that does that wins. Also, today is a double elimination!!

Everyone: *Gasps*

Suri Mane: *Presses a button*

Everyone: *All are teleported back to the dino time period*

Oliver: Crap, dinos...

Lauren: Why is everyone saying dinos? It's DINOSAURS!!

Derald: Well we don't want to say it

Lauren: Well you better!

Andre: Um...Lauren

Lauren: What?

Andre: WATCH OUT!!!

T-Rex: *Chases the contestants*

Lauren: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvette: *Runs* Oh this is great!!

Tiffany May: Oh my gosh!! *Is grabbed by the T-Rex*

Meanwhile, at the Losers Resort

Ronald: Back in time?

Suri Mane: Yea!

Nathan: What if they die?

Suri Mane: More ratings?

Nathan: What if it doesn't?

Suri Mane: SHUT UP!

Nathan: Okay...

Candice: (LOSERS CONF: Wow...)

Rosalie: *Finishes making out with Rex* Why did Erin have to give away Season 2 Info?

Rex: Yeah...

Suri Mane: I don't know, but still, ten of you 19 aren't coming...this would be easier if DRAKE participated...

Drake: Sorry...

Winston: We didn't need you anyways Drake...


Erin: Well...let's see what'll happen to them...oh, and sorry about giving away the info...

Mandy: Like we'll forgive you, annoying girl

Erin: UGH! This is just crap

Back to the remaining contestants

Sylvester: AHH!!!! *Runs from the T-Rex* This isn't fun one bit!! (CONF: Scariest challenge ever!!)

Xav: You can say that again!!

Oliver and Lauren: *Making out*

Yvette: COME ON GUYS, RUN!!!

Oliver and Lauren: *Stop making out* Oh, sorry!

Derald: *Spots the egg on the top of a mountain* I see it!!

Andre: *Pushes Derald* I'm getting there first!!

Yvette: *Narrows eyes at Andre, and trips him* To the egg!! (CONF: Andre is my next victim)

Lauren: Eww...look at my shoes!!

Sylvester: Who cares about your shoes right now Lauren?

Oliver: Me!

Sylvester: *Rolls eyes, and starts climbing the mountain*

Dustin: *Trips* Oh shoot...

Yvette: *Starts climbing mountain, and trips Sylvester*

Sylvester: *Hits Andre*

Andre: *Falls off mountain* AHH!!!!!!!

Dustin: *Starts running again, and passes Tiffany May*

Tiffany May: Hey!

Xav: *Starts climbing*

Yvette: Oh no... *Trips and falls*

Xav: Woah! *Dodges Yvette*

Tiffany May: *Starts climbing*

Derald: I'm getting there!! *Is almost near egg*

Lauren: AHH!!!! *Rock hits*

Oliver: Lauren!!

Xav: (CONF: Okay, it was almost impossible to climb up that mountain, with so many obstacles!) AH!! *Dodges Lauren*

Derald: *Gets egg* GOT IT!!! I win immunity!!!

Yvette: *Is next to Derald* Ugh... *Trips Andre*

Andre: *Falls again* CRAP!!!!!!! (CONF: Sh** Yvette is annoying, good thing I can vote her off!)

Yvette: Hah!

Oliver: *With Lauren* We're here!

Lauren: Ow my leg...

Dustin: *Reaches the top* AIR!!

Tiffany May: *Reaches* Me too!

Sylvester: *Reaches* So tired...

Derald: We all is Suri Mane gonna get us back in the present?

In the Losers Resort

Candice: They're done Suri Mane

Suri Mane: I know

Candice: Well, send them back forward

Suri Mane: Later

Mandy: Good idea!!

Winston: It's not a good idea Mandy!!

Mandy: DON'T TELL ME WHAT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!! *Slaps Winston*

Winston: (LOSERS CONF: I'm tired of Mandy...I think we all are. I envy Dustin and Tiffany May)

Nathan: Why later? What if they're hungry?

Suri Mane: Stop saying what if!

Nathan: ...

Rex: Just get them back!

Drake: She will, when she decides!

Suri Mane: Thank you Drake

Drake: You're welcome

Ronald: That's pretty harsh

Erin: Do something about it then...

Keith: (LOSERS CONF: I'm keeping quiet for a reason) Just take them back!

Suri Mane: FINE!! *Presses button, and goes back to mansion*

Keith: Thank you

Derald: I won immunity Suri Mane!

Suri Mane: Good for you, was it scary?

Tiffany May: Of course it was!

Sylvester: Too scary

Suri Mane: Okay, time to vote!

Yvette: Ugh, I deserve the immunity

Xav: No you don't, Derald got it fair and square

Yvette: Oh whatever

Xav: Sure...

Week 17 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Sylvester: Yvette, she has changed a lot

Xav: Yvette for sure

Dustin: Andre, he's going home

Andre: Yvette

Tiffany May: Andre...

Oliver: Andre

Lauren: Andre

Yvette: Andre

Suri Mane: Everyone has voted, the question marks go to everyone except Andre and Yvette

Yvette: What?

Andre As long as you're going down too!

Oliver: To bad this won't be a fight!

Lauren: Oliver!

Oliver: Sorry...

Sylvester: Hurry up already!

Suri Mane: Yea, get in already!

Andre: Ugh *Is pushed into Loser Helicopter*

Yvette: I'll be back, you'll all see... *Eats ice cream and goes in Loser Helicopter*


1. Candice - Obstacle Course

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

The Eighteenth Week - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, Where Losers Decide, Again!


Mandy: Boo...

Suri Mane: Hey, I paid extra for this! So be nice...

Mandy: ...

Nathan: Okay, well in this season, there will be only two Aftermaths, but in the next season!

Candice: There will be lots!!

Nathan: Okay, let us introduce two of the ten new contestants that will replace 10 of us in the next season!! The first one is...Timothy!!!

Candice: Welcome Timothy!!

Timothy: Hey! I'm Timothy everyone!!

Andre: Yay

Rosalie: What Andre said

Timothy: Hey...

Candice: And the next one is...Vivian!!


Nathan: Yes you are!


Winston: Tbmoml?

Vivian: The best moment of my life!!!!!!

Everyone: Oh...

Timothy: Cool, well we're excited for season 2!

Vivan: Yea me too! I heard it was gonna be held at an-

Candice: *Covers Vivian's mouth* Ssh

Vivian: Oh right!

Nathan: What if she said it, anyways, this week losers and the two new contestant will decide who should go home!

Candice: Everyone vote!

Timothy: Xav...he's kinda annoying

Vivian: I totally agree except with the annoying part!

Yvette: I think Xav should go too!

Nathan: Interesting...

Rosalie: I think Oliver should go home!

Rex: Lauren should...

Rosalie: What?

Rex: Nothing...

Keith: I think Xav should go

Ronald: Yea me too

Candice: Well, not everyone voted, but we don't have time! The majority is Xav!

Nathan: Surprising!!

Ronald: Can't you give more time Candice?

Vivian: Let her decide, geeky!!

Ronald: Hey...

Billy: I vote for Xav too!!

Penelope: Oh my gosh me too!!

Nathan: Okay...Xav will be going home. Anyways, Derald and Dustin are the most popular to be in the top 2! Tell me which team your on!

Andre: Team Dustin

Yvette: *Raises eyebrow at Andre* Team Derald

Timothy: Wait, that doesn't mean they are gonna be in the top 2!

Nathan: It's a what if Timothy

Vivian: Omg!!!! It's another of Nathan's what if!!!!!

Candice: Okay...

Billy: I'm on Team Derald!

Winston: Go Team Dustin!

High Pitched Voiced Girl: I'm on Team Mandy!!!

Candice: *Looks around* Who said that?

High Pitched Voiced Girl: Mandy should've won!!!!! She deserves the money!!! *Back to normal voice* And everyone else is pathetic!!

Timothy: That's Mandy posing as her own fan!

Vivian: So embarrassing

Rosalie: I know!
Mandy: .....

Nathan: Wow, very desperate to win!

Candice: I know!

Vivian: Ikr!

Yvette: Ikr?

Vivian: I know right!

Mandy: You have no proof!!

Candice: We don't need proof, anyways I'm on team Derald!

Nathan: I'm on Team Dustin...

Candice: ...

Nathan: ...

Candice: Team Derald!!

Nathan: Team Dustin!!!

Candice: Team Derald!!!!

Nathan: Team Dustin!!!!!

Mandy: *Throws a rock at Candice and Nathan* Shut up already!!!!

Candice and Nathan: ...

Vivian: Harsh...

Timothy: I agree

Billy: Anyways, Xav is going home!!

Xav: *Drops down into the middle of the stage* Where am I?

Nathan: On the Aftermath stage! What happened....

Xav: I was in the Loser Helicopter, and it dropped me and the ground opened up and I fell here!

Vivian: Wow...awesome!!

Xav: Who's that?

Nathan: Oh that's Vivian

Xav: And why is she here? She's not even a contestant!

Candice: She will be

Xav: ...

Rex: Come on Xav, I thought you could get farther, but you can't even get passed Oliver!

Xav: I'm tired of you...

Timothy: Awesome, a fight!!

Vivian: Go Rex!!

Rosalie: Go Rex!!

Mandy: Go Mandy!!

Winston: Shut up!

Mandy: *Slaps Winston* You!

Candice and Nathan: And that's that! On the next and final Aftermath of this season, we will introduce 1 more new contestant, and guess what? By the next Aftermath, only two people will remain!

Penelope: Wow, you guys said that at the same time!

Nathan: What if we didn't...would it sound better?

Vivian: A what if!! *Hugs Nathan*

Nathan: ...

Candice: And that's the Aftermath!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

2. Mandy - Screech The Plastic Knife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

17. Xav - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, Where Losers Decide, Again!

The Nineteenth Week - Final 6 Try Out Disgusting Food! (And Things)

Suri Mane: Welcome to Final 6!

Oliver: Xav was wrong about the final 8, or was he?

Lauren: I don't know

Derald: And where's Xav? He disappeared like Rex

Tiffany May: I don't know...

Suri Mane: Anyways, the challenge today will be trying food Drake cooked

Dustin: Cool! I'm hungry

Drake: I got last place in a cooking contest!

Dustin: Oh no...

Suri Mane: Okay, the first one up is Lauren!!

Lauren: *Gulps* (CONF: *Shudders* The food was so scary...SO SCARY!!!)

Drake: Here you go! *Gives Lauren a shoe filled with swiss cheese*

Lauren: Are you serious? A shoe?

Drake: I'm serious!

Lauren: *Gulps*

Oliver: (CONF: Poor Lauren, she had to eat that crappy shoe...)

Lauren: *Bites the shoe, then faints*

Tiffany May: Wow!

Sylvester: Well, it must've been very bad

Oliver: Lauren!! Are you allright?

Lauren: No...

Suri Mane: Hah! Anyways, it's Sylvester's turn

Sylvester: ...

Drake: *Gives Sylvester raw chicken*

Oliver: Oh come on! You give Lauren a shoe with cheese and you give Sylvester raw chicken?

Sylvester: (CONF: The raw chicken...was horrible!!) Um...just a bite?

Suri Mane: Yeah

Derald: That's just gross

Sylvester: *Bites the chicken* Gross!!

Oliver: *Angrily stares at Suri Mane*

Suri Mane: *Grins* Up next is Oliver!

Drake: *Gives Oliver brownies*

Sylvester: You're kidding

Dustin: That's not fair!

Oliver: Heheh *Eats the brownies, pauses, then pukes*

Dustin: Nevermind...

Tiffany May: Suri Mane, what was in the brownies?

Suri Mane: Manure

Derald: ...I don't even think that's legal...

Suri Mane: Sure it is!

Drake: Tiffany May! *Gives Tiffany May pizza filled with roaches*

Tiffany May: AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE ROACHES!!!!!!!!!!! (CONF: *Cries* That was horrible!!!!!!)

Derald: Well you better eat it...

Lauren: *Wakes up* Uhm...

Tiffany May: I can't!!

Suri Mane: *Grins* Derald, you're up

Drake: *Gives Derald stwool surprise* This is Stwool surprise!

Derald: What?

Drake: Stwool surprise!

Oliver: Doesn't sound very tasty...

Dustin: (CONF: You know, I have a feeling that I'm lucky to have been eliminated, then return. It's way easier enduring less challenges)

Derald: *Drinks the Stwool surprise* ...What is that taste?

Drake: Sheep wool!

Derald: (CONF: *Pukes everywhere*)

Suri Mane: And finally, Dustin, it's your turn!

Drake: *Gives Dustin a pizza that was thrown onto the floor and stepped on* Here's pizza!

Dustin: It doesn't look...good

Drake: Just eat it...I'm being paid for this!

Dustin: *Takes a bite of the pizza, and turns green*

Suri Mane: *Laughs* Okay, that's it for this week! This is the only reward challenge for the season! The winner is Derald, since he's the only one not to react to his food!

Derald: What's the reward?

Suri Mane: The hot tube resort room!

Derald: Awesome!!!

Suri Mane: And that's it for this week. Tune in next time on Total Drama Surprise!!!

The Twentieth Week - Final 6, And Soon To Be 5, Are Left In The Woods, At Night

Derald: That hot tub was awesome!!

Oliver: That's only because you didn't get the worst food...

Derald: (CONF: I admit, I'm surprised I'm in the final 6. I never thought I would get this far!)

Tiffany May: Being eliminated isn't the bad, I mean you go to the Lose-

Dustin: *Covers Tiffany May's mouth* Watch it!

Lauren: Weird...

Suri Mane: Hey guys! The challenge will be tonight, so you can do whatever you want...

Lauren: (CONF: Night challenge? Great...)

At Night

Sylvester: *Wakes up* Ugh, why is it so col- AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derald: What!?

Sylvester: We're in the woods!!

Tiffany May: I'm scared!!

Sylvester: Well you better be, where's Suri Mane!?

Dustin: She is so go this far?

Suri Mane: Hello!

Lauren: AHH!!!!!

Suri Mane: *Giggles* Okay, so you 6 have to find your way back to the mansion by sunrise, or it's immediate elimination! *Disappears*

Oliver: Wait!! Ugh...

Tiffany May: Aww, an elimination challenge...

Dustin: What do you expect? I suggest we all stay together!

Oliver and Lauren: *Both are already gone*

Sylvester: I guess it's just us 4...

Derald: looks like we're in the middle of the woods

  • A face appears, and the contestants see a flash*

Mysterious Person: OMG, I GOT IT!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Derald: Who's there?
Mysterious Person: Uh oh! *Leaves*

Sylvester: Okay...

Lauren: ...What's that?

Sylvester: No idea...

Derald: Guys, I found a way back! Follow me

Dustin: Got it *Immediatly gets lost*

Tiffany May: Okay, I swear Dustin was right next to me!

Oliver: This is so much like the second challenge *Smiles nervously at Lauren*

Lauren: *Frowns at Oliver*

Derald: Well anyways, let's go!!!

Dustin: *Makes way to mansion* Wow, that was easy

Suri Mane: And you win immunity!

Dustin: Yes! A free ticket to the final 5!

Derald: Ugh, this is so hard...

Oliver: These woods are jus- AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *A bear appears*

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren: *Starts running* This was so uncalled for!!!!!

Sylvester: *Runs in front of everyone* AH!!!!!!!!! I HATE BEARS!

Derald: *Runs with Sylvester* DOESN'T EVERYBODY??

Oliver: *Trips and falls on Lauren*

Sylvester: (CONF: I've never seen a couple start making out when they're about to be eaten by a bear)

Derald: *Gets to mansion* Dustin? You're already here...

Sylvester: *Appears* Already...

Tiffany May, Oliver and Lauren: *All appear*

Suri Mane: Well, it's sunrise! I guess this will be a vote elimination, Dustin has immunity, to the SSV!!!

Week 20 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Uh...Oliver

Sylvester: Tiffany May

Tiffany May: Oliver!

Oliver: Tiffany May

Lauren: Tiffany May!!!

Suri Mane: Okay, the Question Marks go to, Derald, Sylvester and Lauren. Oliver and Tiffany May, one of you are going home

Oliver: *Gets nervous*

Suri Mane: ........................................Oliver

Oliver: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany May: Aww...anyways, at least I got to the final 6! Goodbye everyone!!! *Goes to Loser Helicopter*

Dustin: She's very cool about being eliminated...TWICE!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

17. Xav - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, Where Losers Decide, Again!

18. Tiffany May - Final 6, And Soon To be 5, Are Left At The Woods, At Night

The Twenty-First Week - Final 5 Dancing And Singing

Suri Mane: Okay, this week you guys will play Dance Dance Revolution!!

Derald: The one where you step on arrows?

Suri Mane: Duh...

Derald: (CONF: I've taken in 21 weeks of horrible challenges...I've been turned into a barbie, I've been sent back in time, and I've been fed sheep wool! How much worse can this get?)

Oliver: Um...

Suri Mane: The 5 of you must do it at the same time, the first song is called You've Gone To Far!!! Are you ready?

The song starts

Everyone: *All start pressing the arrows with their feet along with the song*

Suri Mane: You have to sing too...

Derald: Ugh, Dancing is horrible...Suri Mane why?

Lauren: We are so used to this, we don't even have to try!

Dustin: What's so bad about this?

Derald, Sylvester, Lauren and Oliver: Suri Mane, you just won't STOP!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvester: We came here, just to have the riches and fame!

Oliver: But this turned out to be so lame!!!!!!!!

Derald, Sylvester, Dustin, Lauren and Oliver: We've been brave, and we've been strong, we've kept our heads up, very long!!! Won't you ever give us a break? You've went too've went too far....YOU'VE WENT TO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suri Mane: Nah...

Lauren: You.......expected us to run over an obstacle course!!

Oliver: And to avoid a cheesy killer!

Sylvester: And then collect pearls and being stalked by a fake whale?

Derlad: You've made us go through a talent show...

Oliver: Then you've locked is in, which is very low of you!!

Lauren: You made us make instruments for nothing!

Sylvester: You turned us into toys!

Oliver: You made us get hurt in a baseball game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derald, Sylvester, Dustin, Lauren and Oliver: Do we even have to go this far? We really hate've gone to far!! You've gone too far, you're lucky none of us quit!!! So please, don't go too far....don't go too far....DON'T GO TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake: *Claps*

Suri Mane: Oh and look, nobody missed the arrows. Anyways, the next, and last, song is called Enduring Hard Challenges!!

Derald: We

Sylvester: Endured

Dustin: So

Lauren: Many

Oliver: Challenges!!

Derald: What more do you want?

Lauren: We know you're doing this for laughs!!!

Sylvester: And by the way, we hate you!

Dustin: We endured, races! We endured, killers!! We endured, T-Rexes!!!

Oliver: We've done a lot for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derald and Sylvester: We endured a lot of things!

Dustin: What's not to love about this? Tons and tons!

Suri Mane: Okay stop. This song is crap

Derald: Good, and look, we didn't miss any too!

Suri Mane: Okay...I'll make this over already...and it only took 10 minutes too!

Lauren: Wow...

Suri Mane: Anyways, I decide who wins immunity, and that goes to Sylvester

Sylvester: Yes!!!

Lauren: What? How come he gets it?

Suri Mane: Because I want him too!!!!

Derald: (CONF: This was so lame)

Week 21 Surprise Vote Ceremony

Derald: Wow...I vote for Oliver

Dustin: Oliver...

Lauren: Dustin

Oliver: Derald

Suri Mane: Okay, the Question Marks go to Lauren and Derald. Dustin and Oliver?

Dustin: ...

Oliver: ...

Suri Mane: ...Dustin

Lauren: No!!!!

Suri Mane: Yes

Oliver: What? You voted me off Lauren?

Lauren: No!!! I voted for Dustin!

Oliver: Wait Suri M- *Is pushed into the Loser Helicopter*

Lauren: NO!!!!!!!!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Mane (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

17. Xav - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, And Where Losers Decide, Again!

18. Tiffany May - Final 6, And Soon To Be 5, Are Left At The Woods, At Night

19. Oliver - Final 5 Dancing and Singing

The Twenty-Second Week - Final 4 Get Dares

Lauren: (CONF: WHY OLIVER!?)

Sylvester: (CONF: Lauren has been so sad about Oliver's elimination that the whole week, she spent her whole time in the Grand TV room crying!! How am I supposed to watch my favorite TV show if she's crying!?)

Suri Mane: Guess what this week's challenge is gonna be!!!

Dustin: Something...

Derald: What he said

Suri Mane: You guys are gonna get dares from 5 eliminated contestants!!

Derald: Well isn't that exciting!! (CONF: Let's just hope these dares are GOOD)

Suri Mane: Okay, Mandy, Winston, Rosalie and Keith

Mandy: *Shows teeth evily*

Sylvester: Why is SHE ALWAYS APPEARING!!!!

Mandy: *Kicks Sylvester in the groin*

Sylvester: Oh sweet mother!!! *Falls*

Winston: Wow...

Keith: (CONF: That was harsh. Oh look, I'm using the storage room confessional when I'm already out! Suri Mane should really reward me...) I'm just glad Yvette's gone

Dustin: Her elimination was shocking

Suri Mane: Enough chatting!!

Rosalie: Gosh...

Suri Mane: Okay, the final 4 sit down on the bleachers with desks

Sylvester: *Gets up* With desks?

Lauren: We should just go...

The Final 4: *All go to the bleachers*

Suri Mane: Rosalie, you're up first, choose a person

Rosalie: *Narrows eyes at Lauren immediatly* I dare you to lick the ground...with ants!! *Drake gives her a bottle of ants and throws them on the floor*

Lauren: Um...

Suri Mane: Oh and this and next week's challenge is immediate elimination. If you don't complete a dare by it's description you will be eliminated

Lauren: (CONF: I really want the money...) *Licks the ground, and an ants gets on her tongue* AHHH!!!!! *Throws the ant*

Rosalie: *Frowns* Ugh so close

Suri Mane: Hahah!!!!! Anyways, next is Keith

Keith: *Looks at Dustin and Sylvester* I dare you two to go in a large crate with a huge bear in it *A large crate with a huge bear appears*

Sylvster: You're kidding!

Keith: Nope!!

Dustin: Ugh, anything for the money!! *Goes in the crate*

Sylvester: I guess so... *Goes in the crate*

Dustin and Sylvester: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvester: *Runs out the crate with blood pouring out of his arms and face* It burns!!!!

Keith: That was so harsh it was awesome!!!

Sylvester: (CONF: I hate Keith so much...more than I hate duck)

Suri Mane: Winston

Winston: *Looks at Dustin, who came out* I dare you to...lick Lauren in the face

Lauren: *Angry face*

Dustin: *Gulps* (In mind) Elimination...or Lauren? So hard... (Reality) Okay...

Lauren: AHHH!!!!!! *Pushes Dustin down and starts slapping him* (CONF: Okay, just to let the kids know, I was so stressed about Oliver!!)

Dustin: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derald: Wow... *Sees that he's the only one sitting*

Suri Mane: *Grins* Mandy, you have Derald

Derald: *Eyes widen*

Mandy: *Grins* I dare you to swim in the water with a shark in it

Shark: *Grins*

Derald: Oh come on Mandy *Gets in water and gets out*

Mandy: *Gets angry*

Suri Mane: Well this was boring...anyways, Dustin, you're out!

Dustin: What?

Suri Mane: I said you're out. I'm sorry

Dustin: Wait, how am I out!?

Suri Mane: You didn't complete the dare. and I SAID SORRY!!!!!!!! *Shoves Dustin in Loser Helicopter*

Mandy: At least you got far Dustin!

Keith: That was kinda harsh Suri Mane


1. Candice - Obstacle Course (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together?

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

17. Xav - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, And Where Losers Decide, Again!

18. Tiffany May - Final 6, And Soon To Be 5, Are Left At The Woods, At Night

19. Oliver - Final 5 Dacing and Singing

20. Dustin - Final 4 Do Dares

The Twenty-Third Week - Final 3 Cook Pizza

Suri Mane: Final 3!

Derald: Cool

Sylvester: Lauren, have you been enjoying sleeping alone in the lonely Tricky Mimes' room?

Lauren: Oh shut up (CONF: I'm proud to be in the final 3!)

Suri Mane: I'm craving pizza! Cook me pizza, the person who cooked the worst pizza will be eliminated, and you know what that means, the final 2!

Derald: I hope I'm in the final 2

Lauren: We all hope that Derald

Sylvester: *Goes to the Kitchen and immediatly starts cooking pizza*

Lauren: *Gets out dough* Derald, do you know how to make pizza?

Derald: No... *Looks at dough and tomato sauce* Um...

Sylvester: (CONF: Derald is gonna go home, I know)

Lauren: (CONF: Poor Derald...he's going home, but I'll be in the final 2 right?)

Sylvester: *Puts cheese on tomato sauce* I wonder what's season 2 gonna be like

Derald: Probably horrible! I just know I'm gonna be in it, since I was a team captain

Sylvester: Mhm

Lauren: *Puts pepperoni* I don't know...another season of horrible challenges?

Derald: And ten new people...

Sylvester: Well I want to be in it, to win the money! If I made it this far, I can do it again

Lauren: Good for you!

Sylvester: Right... *Puts pizza in oven*

Lauren: And what was that flash we saw in the challenge Tiffany May was eliminated?

Derald: Probably a camera Suri Mane used *Puts dough in oven*

Lauren: Derald...nevermind *Puts pizza in oven*

Suri Mane: I'm ready for pizza!

Derald: At least this was a short challenge, again!

An hour later

Drake: Guys, this is your pizza rating

  1. Lauren 10/10
  2. Sylvester 8/10
  3. Derald 0/10

Derald: No!!!!

Lauren: I'm sorry Derald

Suri Mane: I'm not *Pushes Derald into Loser Helicopter* And this is your final 2!

Sylvester: Yes!!!

Suri Mane: And guess what? You two earn an immediate pass to Season 2!

Lauren: Oh...

Sylveser: YES!!!!

Suri Mane: Allright, next week one of you are gonna win the money! Tune in next time to Total...Drama...SURPRISE!!!!


1. Candice - Obstacle Course (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

2. Mandy - Screech The PlasticKnife Man (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

3. Dustin - Swimming For Your Life (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

4. Nathan - Talent or Nothing (Host of Season 1 Aftermath)

5. Winston - Locked

6. Rosalie - Instrument Making

7. Tiffany May - Toy Love (Returns In Hide and Dodge)

8. Ronald - Take Me Out To A Ballgame...

9. Keith - Doesn't Planting Bring Us Together

10. Mandy - Hide and Dodge

11. Billy - All Day Sports Contest

12. Penelope - Can You Please Not Barf?

13. Rex - Losers Decide

14. Erin - Stay Awake...

15. Andre - Back In Time

16. Yvette - Back In Time

17. Xav - Aftermath I: The First and Late Aftermath, And Where Losers Decide, Again!

18. Tiffany May - Final 6, And Soon To Be 5, Are Left At The Woods, At Night

19. Oliver - Final 5 Dancing and Singing

20. Dustin - Final 4 Do Dares

21. Derald - Final 3 Cook Pizza

The Twenty-Fourth Week - Aftermath II: Who Should Win?

Candice: Welcome back!

Nathan: What if I said that?

Candice: Oh be quiet!


Timothy: Hsw?

Vivian: He should win

Timothy: Ah

Nathan:'s Fisher, another new contestant!

Keith: Fisher?

Xav: Odd...

Derald: Yeah...

Oliver: Woah...

Yvette: Hmm...

Andre: Ah...

Nathan: Okay we get it!

Fisher: Hey guys *Had evil smile at first, then smiles nicely*

Rex: I don't trust him at all

Mandy: Me neither

Candice: Okay, since Dustin and Derald didn't make it to the final 2, who should win? Lauren or Sylvester? Everyone vote!!

Candice: And everyone voted!!! Let's hope this actually happens...

People who voted for Lauren:

  1. Winston
  2. Rosalie
  3. Rex
  4. Penelope
  5. Erin
  6. Ronald
  7. Keith
  8. Oliver
  9. Nathan

People who voted for Sylvester:

  1. Tiffany May
  2. Timothy
  3. Vivian
  4. Fisher
  5. Mandy
  6. Xav
  7. Derald
  8. Andre
  9. Yvette
  10. Dustin
  11. Billy
  12. Candice

Nathan: Wow...poor Lauren!

Oliver: She should win!

Vivian: Sylvester should win! He's my future husband!

Fisher: What she said, except about the husband part

Candice: This was so boring...anyways that's it!

The Twenty-Fifth Week - Final 2!

Lauren: This is so exciting!!!

Sylvester: Yeah

Suri Mane: Okay, let's go to the Final 2 Grounds!

Suri Mane: And we're here! Hold on guys, everyone who has been eliminated are coming back to choose a side! I guess everyone chose a side already

Sylvester: *Sees that he has more people than Lauren* Yes!!

Lauren: least Oliver's on my side though!

Oliver: *Smiles and waves*

Suri Mane: Okay, this is the deal. Whoever crosses the finish line on the other side of the Mansion Land will win the money! There will be obstacle courses. One person will help each of the two

Vivian: I'll help Sylvester! *Hugs Sylvester*

Sylvester: Uh...I don't know her!

Suri Mane: New contestant for Season 2, don't ask

Oliver: I'll help Lauren

Suri Mane: Okay, you guys ready? GO!!!!!!

Lauren: *Starts running*

Sylvester: *Starts running*

Oliver: Lauren, the first obstacle is...monkey bars over lava!

Lauren: LAVA!!!!!????

Oliver: Yea

Vivian: I'll do it Sylvester! *Throws Sylvester over the lava*

Sylvester: Thanks... *Starts running*

Lauren: No fair!!!! *Starts climbing and crosses, almost falling*

Oliver: *Crosses*

Vivian: *Crosses*

Lauren: *Starts running*

Vivian: Sylvester, watch out!

Sylvester: *Falls down a slide filled with cold water* AHHH!!!!!!

Vivian: I'm coming!!! *Goes for Sylvester*

Oliver: Come on Lauren! *Slides down with Lauren*

Sylvester: *Finishes slide and starts running and shivering*

Vivian: *Is close to Sylvester* I'm not cold!

Lauren: *Starts running and passes Sylvester*

Vivian: No!!

Oliver: Come on Lauren, you can get passed that huge bear!

Lauren: HUGE BEAR?

Oliver: Yeah...

Bear: *Slashes at Lauren*

Lauren: *Dodges* Yes!!

Oliver: TOLD YOU!!

Lauren: Don't yell!

Oliver: Sorry, I'm just excited! We passed Sylvester

Sylvester: AHHH!!!!! *Turns back from bear*

Vivian: Oh no you're mister!!! *Picks up Sylvester, kicks the bear away, and carries him past Lauren*

Lauren: No!

Keith: *Watching on the Monitor* Wow

Mandy: Ugh, Sylvester should just win!

Derald: Go Sylvester!

Yvette: These obstacles seem really fun! *Eats Pistachio Ice Cream*

Tiffany May: Green colored ice cream?

Yvette: Yeah, it's good!

Candice: Doesn't look like it...

Yvette: You have no taste Candice!!

Vivian: Sylvester, swinging blades!

Sylvester: AHH!!! *Dodges and runs from Vivian* AHHH!!!!!!

Vivian: Teehee!

Lauren: EEEEK

Oliver: Watch out Lauren! *Pushes Lauren away and is pushed by a blade* It's fake!


Sylvester: Yes, I'm winning! *Gets tired* Whew...

Vivian: Don't give up Sylvester!!

Keith: Go Lauren!

Mandy: Go Sylvester. Lauren's a fake!

Sylvester: *Falls into a hole, and slides immediatly closer to the finish line* Awesome!

Vivian: *Follows* Let's go!

Lauren: *Runs, and misses the shortcut hole*

Oliver: Where's Sylvester?

Lauren: Ugh, he's ahead again!?

Ronald: Wow! That was so shocking!

Dustin: Oh isn't it?

Nathan: What if he didn't find the hole?

Erin: Oh come on Nathan!

Nathan: What?

Rex: COME ON!!!!!

Rosalie: Rex!

Rex: Oh sorry...

Xav: Come on somebody, pass it!

Sylvester: *Passes finish line* I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People who voted for Sylvester: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvester: *Is hugges by his voters* I won the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suri Mane: Sure you did *Hands Sylvester the last Question Mark*

Lauren: *Passes finish line* Oh no!!

Oliver: He won? Aww...

Vivian: That's right, he won!!!!!!

Mandy: Took you long enough though!

Timothy: You have to ruin everything Mandy...

Mandy: Oh shut it Timmy!

Timothy: Timothy!

Mandy: Yeah yeah

Fisher: Well, give him the check!

Suri Mane: Not yet, everyone to the Loser Resort!

Lauren: Loser Resort?

Suri Mane: Drake, escort them there! And, what will happen in the next episode of Total Drama Surprise!?

The Twenty-Sixth Week - Suri Mane Chooses The Contestants For Season 2

Sylvester: It's not fair, you guys stayed here!?

Billy: Yeah

Suri Mane: Before you guys get chatty, I'll post a note on who I chose to compete for Season 2

  1. Sylvester
  2. Lauren
  3. Derald
  4. Dustin
  5. Andre
  6. Candice
  7. Yvette
  8. Erin
  9. Rex

Mandy: WHAT!?

Suri Mane: And the 11 new people

Erin: I thought it was 10

Suri Mane: Yeah you're wrong! Allright, well this is the end of Total Drama Surprise! You guys will stay here for 2 months, then it's time for Season 2!

Everyone: This is Total...Drama...Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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