Chapter 1: Borneo Begins (Final 22)

22 contestants come out for an adventure of a life time. If they win they get 1,000,000 bucks and the first ever title of Sole Survivor. Who will win who will lose mostly everyone and take home the money and the title.

Contestants (Screaming Tagi):

1. Ben

2. Brittany

3. Christian

4. Angel

5. Kev

6. Jessica
Total Drama Survivor Chapter 1 Sinking up scene

Sinking up scene

7. Mild Goth

8. Alex

9. Kitty

10. Christine

11. Jenny

Contestants (Killer Pagong):

12. Jesse

13. CJ

14. Ashlyn

15. Jaydin

16. Crazy Fred

17. Gina

18. Krista

19. Lizzie

20. Hannah

21. Emily

22. Amanda

Chris: Time for the challenge your first challenge is go under water for the longest time. The winning team is the one with the last person under water.

Elapse 5 minutes

22nd. Lizzie

21st. Mild Goth

20th. Emily

19th. Crazy Fred

18th. Alex

17th. Gina

Elapse 10 minutes

16th. Jaydin

15th. Krista

14th. Kitty

13th. Jessica

12th. Jenny

11th. Amanda

10th. Ben

9th. Kev

8th. Angel

7th. Hannah

6th. Christian

5th. Christine

4th. CJ

3rd. Ashlyn

2nd. Jesse

1st. Brittany (Winners: Screaming Tagi)

Killer Pagong votes:

Jesse- Lizzie

Ashlyn- Lizzie

CJ- Lizzie

Hannah- CJ

Krista- CJ

Jaydin- CJ

Gina- CJ

Crazy Fred- Lizzie

Emily- Lizzie

Lizzie- Crazy Fred

Amanda- Crazy Fred


3. Crazy Fred

2. CJ

Out: Lizzie

Chapter 2: Desperate times call for an alliance (Final 21)


CJ- I am so going to have to form an alliance if I want to win. So who will do whatever I say

Crazy Fred- Me survive bottom 3 me get some votes or 1

Emily- Easy choice for a weak player now I need to find the hidden immunity idol

(End of confessionals)

Emily: Uh I am going to take a walk *walks over to the waterfall and jumps off looks in water and finds the hidden immunity idol in a cave opening* there it is *squeezes through cave and grabs it* Ha ha *her brown highlights fade in*

Crazy Fred: *Finds Emily* Hey whats that

Emily: Nothing Nothing *slips it into her back pocket*

Chris: Challenge time your challenge is a knock your opponent in water challenge Ok Christine and Crazy Fred

Christine: *Pushes Crazy Fred in* Yes

Chris: One point for Screaming Tagi

Chris: Send Crazy Fred up for another chance

Christine: *Finds a bone floating up in the air and grabs it the bone is plastic and a balloon ties to it* Hiya *Hits Crazy Fred*

Chris: We are playing till 10 points so another point for Screaming Tagi

Screaming Tagi: 2/10

Chris: Kev and Gina

Gina: Ha hiya ha *hits Kev in the water*

Killer Pagong: 1/10

Chris: Another redo

Gina: *slips close to the side*

Kev: *pushes Gina*

Gina: *dodges from falling off grabs Kev's ankle and they both fall in but Kev falls first*

Killer Pagong: 2/10

Chris: Krista and Alex

Alex: *Pushes Krista in well she trys to hold on*

Screaming Tagi: 3/10

Chris: Another redo

Krista: *Gets angry he knocked her in so hard so she punches him hard into the water*

Killer Pagong: 3/10

Chris: Kitty and Emily

Kitty: *Attacks Emily and pushes her to the side*

Emily: *Pushes Kitty in by pushing her down and kicking her off the platform*

Killer Pagong: 4/10

Chris: Gina, Alex, Emily, Kitty join on the platform and then you will attempt to knock the 2 players on the other team into the water

Gina: *punches Kitty into the water*

Killer Pagong: 5/10

Alex: *Trys to hit Emily in the water*

Emily: *pushes Alex in but thinks Gina is on The Screaming Tagi and pushes her in*

Killer Pagong: 6/10

Screaming Tagi: 4/10

Chris: Everyone get on the platform and try to hit each other off

Amanda: *Hits Ben and Brittany in the water*

Killer: Pagong: 8/10

Kitty: *Hits Krista, Gina, Crazy Fred, Jesse, and CJ in*

Screaming Tagi: 9/10

Amanda: Oh that is it *hits Kitty and Angel in the water*

Killer Pagong: 10/10

Chris: Killer Pagong win immunity so Screaming Tagi vote your 1st person out.

Screaming Tagi Votes:

Ben: Angel

Brittany: Kitty

Christian: Angel

Angel: Kitty

Kev: Kitty

Jessica: Angel

Mild Goth: Angel

Alex: Angel

Kitty: Angel

Christine: Kitty

Jenny: Kitty

By a 6/5 vote the person eliminate is Angel the bottom 2 Kitty


2. Kitty

Out: Angel

Chapter 3: Take them down (Final 20)

Crazy Fred: immunity idol

Jaydin: What

  • Emily comes by and secretly hears what they are saying*

Crazy Fred: Emily has immunity idol

Jaydin: Are you kidding me

Crazy Fred: No I don't think so

Jaydin: Why do you think she has the idol

Crazy Fred: Because I think I saw it she acted suspicious and by the waterfall in the water she was next to the cave and said she had nothing and slipped something in her back pocket

Jaydin: You know what we need to do

Crazy Fred: What Jordan

Jaydin: That's Jaydin

Crazy Fred: Sorry so what is the plan

Jaydin: We lose our challenge and make Emily think she is on the block then she plays the idol and she has no votes against her and then next episode we get our whole team to vote for Emily eliminating her

Crazy Fred: Good plan Jordan

Jaydin: That is Jaydin

Crazy Fred: Ok sorry Joe Biden

Jaydin: Fine *leaves and goes up to Emily* Emily you have a high risk of getting eliminated

Emily: *pretendingly scared voice* How do you know

Jaydin: Because everyone over at camp is saying that you are going next on our team

Emily: Uh ok bye *runs to her hiding spot by the waterfall* well I always have my immunity idol *pulls out her immunity idol and looks at it then puts it back into her pocket*


Emily- I know Jaydin is lying to me about that whole I'm going to be voted out I secretly heard what she and Crazy Fred were talking about

Crazy Fred- Me and Jaydin need to form an alliance

CJ- I hear talk of an alliance *smirks* I wanna go form one

Jaydin- I am going to ask Crazy Fred and CJ to form an alliance

(End of confessionals)

Chris: Ch, ch, challenge time

Jaydin: Whats the challenge

Chris: Each team has a mat they need to go up 2-2 boy or girl matches then 1 member of each team will dig for the bag and 1 member from each team will try to block them the first person back gets their team a point now each team will pick their team's 2 now pick who is the blocker and the runner who also digs

Screaming Tagi picks- Jenny (blocker) Brittany (runner)

Killer Pagong picks- Gina (blocker) Jaydin (runner)

Jaydin: *Runs with no trouble and gets point for Killer Pagong*

Killer Pagong: 1/5

Chris: I didn't mention you are playing till 5

Screaming Tagi picks- Kev (blocker) Ben (runner)

Killer Pagong picks- CJ (blocker) Crazy Fred (runner)

Crazy Fred: *Gets close to passing gets a cramp falls down*

Ben: *passes and gets the point*

Crazy Fred: Ow my leg

Chris: Medical this looks pretty bad *shows the Medical team Crazy Fred's leg*

Crazy Fred: I think I broke my leg

  • Medical team: *comes and looks at Crazy Fred's leg*

Paramedic: Sorry Crazy Fred but we need to remove you from the game

Crazy Fred: Why look I'm all better *walks on broken leg and falls into the sand and the sand gets in his eyes* Ow

Medical Team: *puts Crazy Fred in the ambulance gently*

Chris: No Tribal Council today and no more challenge today it had to come to an early hault because of Crazy Fred's injury so with that Killer Pagong is down to 9 ok I will see you next episode

Chapter 4: Totally Blindsided (Final 19)

Chris: Hey Chris McClean here and last time Crazy Fred was the first person evaucted from the game in Total Drama Survivor History and the first person evacuated this season


Jaydin- Why did it have to be Crazy Fred we could have made the final 2 sorry about your injury C.F.

Emily- I am so going to win by sending out my teams pawns or maybe rooks but not my team's king or queen

C.J.- Why Crazy Fred we could have made the final 2 and my team probably doesn't know this but my name is Cody Joshua

Amanda- Hey I know I will totally win but the next person going home is Kev I'm sure of it

(End of Confessionals)

Chris: Hey does anyone miss Lizzie, Angel, or Crazy Fred

Amanda: No way I miss them

Jaydin: I do

Chris: Your challenge is the first reward your reward will be picking who on the other team is out and a meal of team's choice

Jaydin: Awesome so what is the challenge

Chris: One team will wear a flag on their back well the other team tries to get it if they don't get it in 30 seconds the other team gets the point you will switch off each round we are playing till 7 points but only 1 person will wear the flag and 1 person for the 2 teams to make it fair so the runner for Pagong Gina and the flag runner for Tagi is Jenny

Gina: *Runs fast and 19 seconds pass*

  • 31 seconds pass and Jenny grabs the flag*

Chris: Aw Jenny it doesn't count you got it 1 second late

Jenny: *Throws a tantrum* I hate losing

Killer Pagong: 1/7

Chris: Jaydin for Pagong Brittany for Tagi switch

Jaydin: *Grabs flag in 17 seconds of the 30*

Killer Pagong: 2/7

Chris: Ok you both go out the 2 that played if they can't get both flags in a minute approximitly 60 seconds the other team will get 2 points if the grabbers get them in a minute or under they get 2 points so the Killer Pagong are runners and Screaming Tagi are grab runners

  • minute passes by but only Jenny's flag is pulled*

Killer Pagong: 4/7

Chris: A rematch of that

  • Only Jaydin's flag is pulled in the minute*

Killer Pagong: 6/7

Chris: Amanda Pagong Ben Tagi and you probably know that Amanda is running

Amanda: *runs for 28 seconds without stopping*

Ben: Almost got it *grabs the flag at 30.1 seconds*

Chris Extremely close but Amanda and the Killer Pagongs immunity this is shocking goes to you

Amanda: *squeals* yay

Tagi Votes

Christian- Christine

Kev- Christian

Brittany- Kev

Ben- Brittany

Kitty- Ben

Jenny- Ben

Mild Goth- Kev

Jessica- Kev

Chris: I'll tally the votes first vote Ben

Ben: :(

Chris: second vote Kev

Kev: :(

Chris: third vote Christine

Christine: :(

Chris: fourth vote Brittany

Brittany: :(

Chris: fifth vote Christian I bet none of you got 2 votes

Christian: :(

Chris: sixth vote Ben thats 2 votes Ben 1 vote Christine 1 vote Kev 1 vote Brittany and 1 vote Christian

Ben: ;(

Chris: seventh vote Kev 2 votes for Ben and Kev 1 vote for Brittany, Christine, and Christian

Kev: ;(

Chris: The 3rd person voted out of Total Drama Survivor Borneo *takes a few minutes to make Ben and Kev nervous and sweaty* *looks at vote and shows it* Kev you need to bring me your torch

Kev: ;( *brings his torch up*

Chris: *tells Kev too put the snuffer which is a coconut and a stick*

Kev: *lights out his torch*

Chris: Kev the tribe has spoken

Kev: *walks deep into the mysterious woods*

Chris: See you next time on Total Drama Survivor Borneo

Chapter 5: Total Thailand Island (Final 18)

Chris: Last time a blindside got rid of Kev but who will go in this Survivor Thailand Challenge themed week find out on Total Drama Survivor Borneo


Jaydin and Amanda- We became BFFs

CJ- I hate this show *breaks confession cam*

Ben- I hope I stay *runs out*

(End of Confessionals)

Chris: Come on in guys

  • Final 18 come in*

Chris: Kev voted out at the last tribal council now the challenge I will pick 2 people 1 from each team to go on a platform held up by their team the only people who can fight are the platform people if 1 falls off they have to start all over then you will go get the 5 puzzle piece then you get a point then solve the puzzle correctly if so then you get the final point I will check your puzzle if it is right you win but you need to get the 3 points first

Jaydin: *buys a snow cone at the local competition store and drops it on Amanda's head*

Amanda: What was that for *puts her thumb on the roof of her mouth*

Gina: *Runs through challenge and gets to the 2 final parts

Ben: *Makes it to the same spot as Gina*

  • 7 minutes later*

Chris: Its a tie now Pagong votes then Tagi

Killer Pagong Votes

Jesse- Gina

Ashlyn- Gina

CJ- Hannah

Hannah- Krista

Krista- Hannah

Jaydin- Krista

Gina- Hannah

Emily- Hannah

Amanda- Krista

Chris: I'll tally the votes there are 8 votes in this jar if you get 5 votes you are out for sure but if some were unwise with their votes it might get them kicked off with maybe 2 votes first vote Gina, Gina, Hannah thats 2 votes Gina 1 vote Hannah, Krista, Hannah, Krista, 2 votes Krista 2 votes Hannah 3 votes Gina, ok if someone gets the 2 last votes they are out if they are tied we will have a tie breaker challenge Hannah, the 4th person voted off and 5th elminated Hannah you need to bring me your torch *grabs Hannah's torch* Hannah the tribe has spoken *extingushes Hannah's torch and puts it on the wall with Lizzie, Angel, Crazy Fred, and Kev's torches*

Hannah: *walks away to a boat and waves to her tribemates*

Chapter 6: Manipulated and then eliminated (Final 17)

Chris: Last time some how Hannah got the boot 5th she waved farwell as her team sat down on their wooden carved stools


Jaydin- Amanda and me are bffs so we could form an alliance

Amanda- I wonder who the Losing Tagi are going to vote out hopefully a strong person

Gina- Wow I think my team hates me I got so many votes but I'm still in and I'll try to win

Kitty- I have a major target on my back I hope to survive 1 more tribal council

(End of Confessionals)

Ben: Hey Kitty want to form an allaince

Kitty: Sure who do you want to vote for

Ben: Christine

Kitty: Ok


Ben- I am going to bamboozle Kitty at tribal council

Kitty- I can trust Ben I think I'll survive tonight's tribal council

Christine- I hope Kitty gets voted off or Ben

(End of Confessionals)

Ben (to everyone except Kitty): Vote off Kitty she is a major threat and at elimination we can scam her

Christine: Sure I'll vote for Kitty

Screaming Tagi votes

Ben- Kitty

Kitty- Christine

Christine- Ben

Brittany- Kitty

Christian- Kitty

Jessica- Ben

Mild Goth- Christine

Alex- Kitty

Jenny- Ben

Chris: I'll tally the votes Kitty, Christine, Ben thats 1 vote for Kitty, Christine, and Ben, Kitty, Kitty thats 3 votes Kitty 1 vote Christine and Ben, Ben, Christine 2 votes Ben and Christine and 3 votes Kitty the 5th person voted out and 6th person eliminated Kitty you need to bring me your torch *grabs Kitty's torch* Kitty the tribe has spoken *snuffs Kitty's flame and puts her torch on the wall*

Kitty: *walks in the mysterious woods crying* I didn't deserve that Ben is an idiot I hate him and hope he gets voted off next

Chris: Well today's challenge is going to be for next episode's elimination 6 people from each tribe will be decided to go up against another tribe's member on their ranking they are picked so go back to your camp and pick who goes on what rank and who is sitting out

Screaming Tagi Camp:

5th. Ben

3rd. Brittany

2nd. Christian

4th. Jessica

6th. Alex

1st Christine

Sitting out:


Mild Goth

Killer Pagong Camp:

3rd. Ashlyn

2nd. Jaydin

5th. Gina

4th. Krista

6th. Emily

1st. Amanda

Sitting out:



Chris: Ok there are 3 perches which gets smaller every 10 minutes as in you walk down a perch if you get to the last perch it is the same as every other perch as in if you outlast your opponent you get a team point first to 4 wins immunity and is guaranteed atleast 1 more day in this game and a reward *takes off a cloth covering a box of pizza, snickers, and coke* and immunity is up for grabs so first up Alex and Emily

Alex: *Falls with in 20 minutes*

Chris: 1 point for Pagong Ben and Gina

Ben: *falls with in 14 minutes*

Chris: 2 points for Pagong its get really close for Pagong to win half of their points already won Krista vs. Jessica

Krista: *sees a cute bunny and falls off in 28 minutes*

Chris: Jessica scores 1st point for Screaming Tagi next 2 Ashlyn and Brittany

Brittany: *falls off in 3 minutes*

Chris: Ok Pagong wins immunity and reward but just for fun Jaydin and Christian up on the perches

Christian: *falls in 7 minutes*

Chris: Pagong immunity and reward is for you now Tagi vote

Chapter 7: Battle Zone (Final 16)

Chris: Ok 5 tribal councils 1 evacuation and a whole lot of drama 16 remain who will be voted off tonight

Screaming Tagi votes

Ben- Jenny

Brittany- Mild Goth

Christian- Jenny

Jessica- Mild Goth

Mild Goth- Jenny

Alex - Mild Goth

Christine- Mild Goth

Jenny- Mild Goth

Chris: I'll tally the votes Jenny, Mild Goth thats 1 vote Jenny 1 vote Mild Goth Jenny, Mild Goth, 2 votes for the both of them Jenny, Mild Goth 3 for the both of them Mild Goth, and the 6th person voted off and 7th eliminated Mild Goth you need to bring me your torch *grabs Mild Goth's torch* Mild Goth the tribe has spoken *snuffs Mild Goth's torch and puts it on the wall*


Emily- For the past few challenges I haven't really helped so if my team loses tonight I might play the idol

Brittany- *Holds up her bunny* I was the only 1 to get a bunny last episode our team is on a losing streak by 1 member

Christine- I want the merge I hope it comes soon then I won't have to try in challenges

(End of Confessionals)

Chris: Your challenge is cake walk you all will walk around the circle and the number Chef Hatchet pulls out is their team's immunity winner and this is the final team immunity challenge then next episode's challenge is coconut dodgeball and last person not hit or last in wins first indiviual immunity challenge

Gina: I'll sit out

Chris: Ok Survivors ready go

  • everyone walks in the circlce except for Gina*
  • Jenny starts a fist fight with Ashlyn*
  • Ashlyn: Jenny stop bothering me
  • Jenny: You never help your team and will probably get voted off
  • Ashlyn: Stop be such a jerk because if we go to the merge together I'm voting for you to be next eliminated
  • Jenny: *punches Ashlyn*
  • Ashlyn: *punches Jenny and pushes her off her piece

Chris: *turns off music*

Chef Hatchet: *pulls out a number between 1-14* 4

Brittany: Yay I'm number 4

Chris: Ok Pagong I'll see you at your last team tribal council and Tagi here is a reward cake *passes Screaming Tagi cake*

Chapter 8: I am so going to win (Final 15)

Chris: Someone is leaving in a few minutes find out who soon

  • commericial plays of 7 eliminated contestants*

Jesse- Ashlyn

CJ- Ashlyn

Ashlyn- Jaydin

Jaydin- CJ

Gina- Ashlyn

Krista- Ashlyn

Emily- CJ

Amanda- Ashlyn

Chris: If you get 5 of 8 votes its an official elimination I'll tally the votes Ashlyn, Ashlyn, Jaydin, CJ thats 2 votes Ashlyn 1 vote Jaydin and 1 vote CJ, Ashlyn, Ashlyn and the 7th person voted off and 8th person eliminated Ashlyn Ashlyn you need to bring me your torch *grabs Ashlyn's torch* Ashlyn the tribe has spoken *snuffs Ashlyn's torch and puts it on the wall*

Treemail (first treemail) (sent to both tribes): Now Pink Pagong and Blue Tagi are no more it is now Red tribe and you name it now go to the beach

  • tribes arrive at the beach and name their tribe Surviving Rattana and paint the flag Red with white letters and their names in white letters

Chris: Jesse what's the name of your new tribe

Jesse: Surviving Rattana

Chris: Well Surviving Rattana Coconut dodgeball explained last challenge

Krista: *hits Emily with dodgeball*

14th. Emily

Gina: *hits Krista with dodgeball*

13th. Krista

Jesse: *Hits Gina with dodgeball*

12th. Gina

Brittany: *Hits Jesse with dodgeball*

11th. Jesse

Christine: *Hits CJ with dodgeball*

10th. CJ

Christian: *Hits Alex, Christine, and Brittany with dodgeballs*

9th. Alex

8th. Christine

7th. Brittany

Jaydin: *Hits Ben and Christian with dodgeballs*

6th. Ben

5th. Christian

Jessica: *Hits Jaydin and Jenny with dodgeballs*

4th. Jaydin

3rd. Jenny

Amanda: *Hits Jessica with dodgeball*

2nd. Jessica

Chris: Ok Alot of people got hit by the coconut dodgeballs but Amanda wins immunity atleast 1 more day in this game *gives Amanda a beautiful feather necklace*

Amanda: Yay another day

Chapter 9: A new bunny for me (Final 14)

Chris: Who will be voted off tonight in a few minutes you'll find out

Surviving Rattana

Amanda- Jenny

Jenny- Jaydin

Jaydin- Jenny

Ben- Jenny

Christine- Jenny

Christian- Jaydin

Alex- Jaydin

Brittany- Jenny

Emily- CJ

CJ- Jaydin

Jessica- Jenny

Jesse- Jenny

Gina- Jenny

Krista- Jenny

Chris: I'll tally the votes since there are 14 of you it takes 8 votes for an official elimination but it might take less if the votes are all scrambled Jenny, Jaydin thats 1 vote Jenny 1 vote Jaydin Jenny, Jenny thats 3 votes Jenny 1 vote Jaydin Jenny, Jaydin, 2 votes Jaydin 4 votes Jenny Jaydin, Jenny 3 votes Jaydin 5 votes Jenny CJ, Jaydin 1 vote CJ 4 votes Jaydin 5 votes Jenny Jenny, Jenny, 7 votes Jenny 1 vote CJ 4 votes Jaydin and the 8th person voted off 9th person eliminated and 1st member of the jury Jenny you need to bring me your torch *grabs Jenny's torch* Jenny the tribe has spoken *snuffs Jenny's torch and puts it on the wall*

Jenny: *Walks into the mysterious woods crying and goes into a car*

Treemail (the second treemail sent to the Final 13): Meet Chris at the beach he has a suprise for you

Chris: Next challenge for a reward and immunity you are having a King of the hill water style tournament Amanda give it back *grabs her feather necklace* for this and this *shows the Final 13 the immunity necklace and a bunny* so the last 1 not hit is safe plus if you are still in you can twist things up give 1 of your friends another shot at the reward and immunity but once they trade themselves in nobody can trade them back unless the traded in person is out you can trade them in now get your water guns and water balloons and go wait one more thing

Jessica: what is that

Chris: Its going to be an uneven team challenge Krista, Gina, Jesse, Jessica, CJ, and Emily vs. Brittany, Alex, Christian, Christine, Ben, Jaydin, and Amanda but you need to hit the other person with the balloon or watergun before they reach home base which is their side of the beach so there is a green mat for the 6 people team which is larger for an advantage for having less people and orange mat for other team now go

  • everyone is in the middle of the beach where waterballoons and water guns are on the ground*

Gina: *Hits Alex before he makes base*

13th. Alex

Krista: *Hits Brittany before she makes base*

12th. Brittany

Christine: *Hits CJ before he makes base*

11th. CJ

Krista: *Hits Amanda before she makes base*

10th. Amanda

Gina: Hey Pretty Girl you ain't getting the feather necklace tonight

Jaydin: *Hits Gina and Krista before making base*

9th. Gina

8th. Krista

Jaydin: *Hits Jessica before making base*

7th. Jessica

Jesse: *sprays Jaydin before making base*

6th. Jaydin

Emily: *sprays Ben before he makes base*

5th. Ben

Christine: *sprays Jesse before he makes base*

4th. Jesse

Christian: *Sprays Emily before she makes base*

3rd. Emily

Chris: Now it's Christian vs. Christine

Christian: *sprays Christine and hits her with water balloon but she makes base but falls and lands head first*

2nd. Christine

Chris: Christian wins immunity and is safe at tribal council tonight and this *gives Christian bunny*

Chapter 10: Another one goes to Dolphin Cove (Final 13)

Chris: Who will be voted out

Surviving Rattana

Amanda- Christine

Jaydin- Ben

Ben- Christine

Christine- Ben

Christian- Christine

Alex- Christine

Brittany- Christine

Emily- Christine

CJ- Christine

Jessica- Christine

Jesse- Christine

Gina- Ben

Krista- Christine

Chris: Well this ceremony and for the duration of the game you'll get marshmallows so when I call your name I'll toss you a marshmallow so Christian for winning immunity here you go *passes Christian a marshmallow* Emily, Gina, Krista *passes them marshmallows* Jesse, Alex, *passes marshmallows to them* bottom 7 Jessica *passes her a marshmallow* bottom 6 Brittany *passes her a marshmallow* wow bottom 5

Christine: Just shut your mouth and give me my marshmallow

Chris: Ok moving on CJ *passes him a marshmallow*

CJ: Yes finally

  • The bottom 4 sit on their carved stools waiting to be called*

Chris: Jaydin *passes her a marshmallow* and Ben *passes Ben a marshmallow*

Christine: *scared*

Amanda: *confident*

Chris: Another chance and a spot in the final 12 Amanda

Amanda: Yes

Chris: Amanda you weren't even in the bottom 2 maybe if some people changed their votes you would be in the bottom 2 or 3

Amanda: Bye Christine *waves and smiles*

Chapter 11: Castaways (Final 12)


Amanda- I hid my fear but I really didn't care of Christine getting voted off

Jaydin- Yes me and my bff survived elimination again we are major threats but nobody sees us that way

Ben- Ok I think I was in the real bottom 2 so I need to manipulate them all

(End of Confessionals)

Jaydin (to Amanda): Amanda I want us in the final 2 so we need to manipulate others into voting who who say and eliminate major threats in our way

Amanda: I'm in but who deverses to be eliminated Ben if he doesn't win immunity he needs to go or if that happens Alex

Tree mail (third treemail): Hey meet Chris at the beach to direct the challenge to you with a twist

Amanda: A twist what would that be

Jaydin: II don't know but probably more toture

  • at the beach with the final 12*

Chris: *rides to the beach on jet ski* *gets off jet ski* Hey the twist is your going to Dolhpin Cove aka Playa Des Ponderosa where the losers will compete for the marshmallows they get to decide which 11 of you would get the marshmallows ok they don't know that yet but I'll explain it to them

Jaydin: What are those other jet skis for

Chris: Oh yeah *takes out a note* for making it to the final 12 you are getting free jet skis for a half way through or almost halway through the game present

Amanda: *dolphin squeal* yay

Chris: Now I'll ride my jet ski to Ponderosa you follow me but none of you are safe tonight unless you play an immunity idol which I will have a call for if you want to play the immunity idol that's right it is now time you get a call if you want to play the idol no me not saying anything and you say I have an immunity idol can I play it

  • Chris directs everyone to Dolphin Cove named for its Dolphins and they meet up with the ousted contestants*

Chris (to the ousted cast): Ok the 10 of you ousted contestants will compete in a competition where you will compete for the marshmallows to give to 11 of these 12 contestants and the other will not ride back to camp with the rest of us but will stay with you

Kitty: I don't want to compete

Chris: Fine so here is something that the contestants will do for one of the next immunity and reward challenge the 9 of you competing will go on top of platforms that are a little slippery then you will move to a more slippery one then it goes down there are 5 platforms then if you stay longest of the other 8 you win the marshmallow competition you will move down from the platforms every 10 minutes

Elapse 8 minutes

9th. Crazy Fred

8th. Kev

Chris: Ok in 2 minutes you will move down the next platform

  • 2 minutes later*

Chris: Final 7 move down a platform

Elapse 17 minutes

  • Hannah slips and falls off*


6th. Angel

5th. Lizzie

  • 3 minutes later*

Chris: Moved down Final 4

Elapse 23 minutes

4th. Christine

3rd. Jenny

  • 7 minutes later*

Chris: Final 2 move down

  • 10 minutes later*

Chris: Move down to your last platform

  • 72 minutes later*
  • 76 minutes later*

Mild Goth: *wipesout to end the challenge because of bordem*

Chris: Ashlyn here is your plate *passes Ashlyn marshmallow plate* now give marshmallows to the 11 you want to survive and the 1 to join you guys here at Dolphin Cove

Chris: If you have an immunity idol and would like to play it now is the time to do so if you do play it Ashlyn does not have to call you first but save you from elimination though

Emily: I would like to play my immunity idol *takes out idol and gives it to Chris*

Chris: The rules of TDS state that if you play a hidden immunity idol it will save you from elimination this is in fact a hidden immunity idol

Ashlyn: Amanda Jaydin Christian Alex Brittany Emily CJ Jessica Jesse Gina and Krista I'm sorry Ben but you have been bothering other contestants we watch the episodes we know what goes on

Chris: Ok

  • everyone gets back to camp*

Chris: Final 11 immunity challenge labyrinth challenge you each get 3 labyrinth puzzles but you need to run the labyrinth course if you get hit by an obstacle or fall down the wrong path you have to restart when you finish those puzzles you win immunity and you are safe at the campfire tribal council so a 1 in 10 shot at the title and 1,000,000 dollars

Amanda: *Finishes the first puzzle starts on the second puzzle*

Gina: *Finishes the first puzzle ties with Amanda*

Amanda: *shoves her down the puzzle finishes the puzzle goes to the third and final puzzle*

Gina: *catches up and shoves her down the puzzle*

Krista: *finishes first puzzle goes to second puzzle*

Amanda: *she is leading*

Krista: *catches up to Gina*

Gina: *catches up to Amanda*

Krista: *catches up to Gina*

  • 3 minutes later*

Amanda: *finishes labyrinth*

Chris: Amanda wins immunity

Chapter 12: Another hidden immunity idol finally (Final 11)

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Survivor Borneo Ben got eliminated by Ashlyn for being annoying to the remaining players for which Ashlyn probably wanted the remaining players unannoyed who will win it all find out here on Total Drama Survivor Borneo who will be voted out tonight

(Back at camp)

Amanda: We need to vote Emily because she doesn't have the hidden immunity idol anymore so tomorrow we won't have a threat on our hands for finding the idol or atleast the biggest threat

Jaydin: Yeah we should vote her off and I know how to eliminate her

Amanda: How Jaydin

Jaydin: We tell everyone that they are on the block and then we say unless they vote Emily

Amanda: Perfect


Amanda- I totally trust Jaydin

Jaydin- Amanda and me we are going to the final 2 for sure

Christian- Wow Jaydin and Amanda are being sneaky I wonder what they're up to

(End of Confessionals)

Amanda: Christian Emily says your dumb even though you aren't

Jaydin: Brittany Emily says your fat even though you aren't

  • at tribal council everyone has a marshmallow except for Christian, Brittany, Emily, and Jaydin
  • Chris: Brittany and Jaydin you are safe *passes them the 2 of 3 marshmallows left on the plate*
  • Chris: Just 1 marshmallow it goes to Christian *passes Christian the marshmallow*
  • Christian: Bye Emily that's what you get for calling me dumb
  • Brittany: You called me fat too
  • Emily: No I didn't
  • Amanda: *puts her thumbs behind her back and gives Jaydin a thumbs up*
  • Chris: Emily you need to bring me your torch *grabs Emily's torch* Emily the tribe has spoken *snuffs Emily's torch and puts it on the wall*
  • Jesse: Emily you didn't deserve to win so that's why I voted for you
  • Jaydin: Final 10 so Christian then CJ I think should go next

Amanda (CONF): I am going to the final 2 with my bff who is so unliked by the jury and I'll so win

Jaydin: Christian needs to leave

Christian: I can hear you

Jaydin: I don't care

Christian (CONF): If Jaydin doesn't win immunity she is so gone then Amanda

Jaydin (CONF): So obviously Christian is targeting me I need to find that idol or win the immunity challenge

Amanda: *Finds an immunity idol clue* I'm going to the cave (cave seen in TDI Episode 21) *runs to the cave*

Jaydin: I'll wait behind meet me at the cabin

Amanda: There it is *camera shows to an immunity idol hidden in a little hole and Amanda grabs it*

Jaydin: *Is waiting* Where is Amanda. *gets angry*

Amanda: I'm back and look what I found *shows Jaydin the hidden immunity idol*

Jaydin: Wow that's awesome

Amanda: Here I found it so I could give it to you *gives Jaydin the idol* I think we should get everyone to vote you out then you play the idol and then only our votes will count to eliminate Christian

Jaydin: Sure but we need to start drama with the remaining so they pick each other off 1 by 1

Chris: Today's challenge stay on a pole longest the one to do so wins immunity now get on your poles

Elapse 2 minutes

10th. CJ

Elapse 25 minutes

9th. Brittany

8th. Christian

Elapse 72 minutes

7th. Jaydin


5th. Gina

4th. Krista

Elapse 98 minutes

3rd. Alex

Elapse 245 minutes

2nd. Jessica

1st. Amanda

Chris: Amanda wins immunity

Chapter 13: Exile Island (Final 10)

*At tribal Council everyone has a marshmallow except Gina, Jaydin, and Christian
Chris: Gina you are safe *passes her a marshmallow*
Chris: The final marshmallow goes to Jaydin *passes Jaydin a marshmallow*

Chris: Christian you need to bring me your torch *grabs Christian's torch* Christian the tribe has spoken *puts the 13th torch on the wall*

Chris: Challenge time you need to race at boney island 3 laps ride there on your jet skis make a fire and ride a canoe back you will be split into 3 teams of 3 to make things fair first 2 teams back get to vote out 1 of the other 3 who lost they will stay here until I come back with the results now Survivor ready go wait and the teams Amanda, Jaydin, and Krista, CJ, Gina, and Brittany, and Jesse, Jessica, and Alex ok now Survivors ready go

  • everyone rides their jet skis to boney island Amanda, Jaydin, and Krista finish the 3 laps and CJ, Gina, and Brittany completed 2*

Amanda: We need flint *finds flint rocks and makes a fire*

  • Amanda, Jaydin, and Krista are at their final challenge and CJ, Gina, and Brittany are getting flint, Jesse, Jessica, and Alex made it at the second challenge of 3 challenges

Jesse: *Gets flint gives it to team and they make fire*

  • Amanda, Jaydin, and Krista are safe and Jesse, Jessica, and Alex made it to second place*

Chapter 14: Tribal Council 14 (Final 9)


Amanda- CJ

Jaydin- CJ

Krista- CJ

Jesse- Gina

Jessica- CJ

Alex- Gina

Chris: Ok I'll tally the votes first vote CJ, CJ that's 2 votes CJ it takes 4 to be eliminated CJ, Gina 3 votes CJ, 1 vote Gina the 13 person voted off 14th eliminated and 6th member of our jury CJ you need to bring me your torch *grabs CJ's torch* CJ the tribe has spoken *passes the 6 their marshmallow gives results to other contestants and gives them an immunity idol call and gives the other 2 still in marshmallows*

Chris: So Final 8 who will be voted out

Treemail: So now you'll race no one will chase to vote you out if you wins this you'll win some trout if you don't you'll have a chance to be out out 15th and sad with no chance

  • The final 8 arrive at the beach*

Chris: Your challenge is a race across the island and this one is going to be the first person to cross the finish line after running 5 laps picks who is out sound fair

Amanda: Uhhhh

Chris: Go

  • everyone runs and Amanda is in last and jogs*
  • Krista and Jesse are tyed for first with 4 laps Gina 3rd with 3 laps Jaydin 4th Amanda 5th Jessica 6th with 2 laps and 7th Alex with 1 lap

Chapter 15: 7 to go and then I win the 1,000,000 (Final 8)

Chris: Ok Jesse you won so who gets the marshmallows plus does anyone want to play a hidden immunity idol if you have one and would like to play it here is your call

Jaydin: *reaches into bag grabs out hidden immunity idol* Chris I would like to play my idol

Chris: Ok Jaydin is safe

Jesse: Me, Jaydin, Amanda, Brittany, Jessica, Alex, *passes them their marshmallow* ok this last marshmallow goes to Krista Gina you are out *passes Krista the marshmallow*

Gina: What I ain't deserve that

Chris: Oh and here is your trout Jesse *passes him some trout*


Jesse- I had to get rid of Gina she totally deserved it

Brittany- Final 7 yes but Gina deserved it

Alex- This game is getting so easy finals here I come

(End of Confessionals)

Chris: Today is the auction so you can bid on items you want or mystery bags now first item gourmet dinner the way to bid on items is you get a wallet in that is $500 now here are your wallets *passes Final 7 wallets* Plus you can give someone else some of your money or all of it but you can not share items I tell you that you can't but I might give you a number for an item like this one or something else when you win a bid you come up and get it

Brittany: $70

Amanda: $120

Jaydin: *passes Amanda $300*

Amanda: $400 Chris: $400 dollars going once going twice

Brittany $403

Chris: $403 dollars going once going twice

Brittany: $462

Chris: $462 going once going twice

Krista: *passes Brittany $340*

Brittany: $703

Chris: $703 going once going twice sold to Brittany

Brittany: Yay I won *goes up to Chris*

Brittany: Can I have my item yet

Chris: Wait *scratches off a card saying Brittany crossing off $500 making it say $840 crossing that off saying $137 and gives her the gourmet dinner ticket* I will scratch off what you spent on these cards and then you keep coming up to see how much you have left next item mystery bag Brittany you can take 2 people to dinner tonight it will be before tribal council aka the campfire who are they

Brittany: Krista and Jesse

Amanda: $788

Chris: $788 going once going twice sold to Amanda

Amanda: Yes *goes up to Chris*

Chris: *scratches off her card making it say $800 making it say $12* Now Amanda take off the cover

Amanda: *takes off the cover* What is it

Chris: A marshmallow for the campfire tonight a pass for immunity and someone else to be safe

Amanda: Yay and pick Jaydin to be safe

Jaydin: Yay I have the best bff ever

Amanda and Jaydin: *hug eachother* Yay *dolphin squeal*

Jaydin: Chris may I be exiled

Amanda: Me too

Chris: Sure you both can be Exiled that was going to be one of the items though Oh well never mind *puts mystery bag in a draw on his auction desk*

Amanda and Jaydin: *go to Exile Island*

  • Meanwhile at Exile Island*

Amanda: The immunity idol has to be somewhere

Jaydin: Your right

Jaydin (CONF): Amanda doesn't know this but when we go to the final 2 together I'll win because of people liking me and popularity with the jury

Amanda (CONF): The final 2 with Jaydin easy I would so win because of people liking me and popularity with the jury

  • Meanwhile at the auction*
  • everyone is seen with items they won from the auction*

Chris: 2 more items next a mystery bag and then help in the next immunity challenge starting off with mystery bag

  • everyone has $4 except for Brittany with $9*

Jesse: $3

Chris: going once going twice

Brittany: $4

Chris: Brittany wins this auction

Brittany: Yes *goes up to Chris*

Chris: *scratches off Brittany's card to $5

Brittany: *opens up bag with food for her*

Chris: You can pick someone to share it with you

Brittany: Krista

Chris: Ok now 1 last item the advantage in the immunity challenge

Brittany: $5

Chris: Ok you win this auction is officialy over ok Amanda Jaydin come on in

  • camera shows to Amanda and Jaydin walking in and Jaydin's pocket is stuffed*

Chris: Ok Amanda and Jaydin will not play in today's immunity so the 5 of you will compete for immunity in today's immunity you will get up on 5 slippery platforms starting from the top you will climb down to smaller and more slippery platforms except Brittany you can fall off and get back on twice and you pick which platform you want to stay on for 20 minutes so for others it will be harder then you now get up on the platforms now Survivors ready go

Krista: *slips from platform*

Brittany: *jumps to Krista platform and pulls her up*

Jessica: That isn't legal

Chris: Yes it is anything goes

Jessica: *jumps onto their platform and pushes Krista to the side*

Britany: *grabs onto Jessica's ankle*

Jessica: *grabs onto Krista's ankle and they both fall in*

5th. Jessica

4th. Krista

Chris: move down a platform but Brittany do you want to stay on your platform

Brittany: No thank you *jumps on to Jesse's platform*

Jesse: *pushes her off*

Brittany: *gets back up on the platform*

Jesse: *pushes Brittany in again*

Brittany: *gets back up on platform*

Chris: Ok Brittany if you get hit off 1 more time your chance at immunity is no more

Brittany: *pushes Jesse off the platform*

3rd. Jesse

Alex: *pushes Brittany off the platform*

2nd. Brittany

1st. Alex

Chris: Alex wins immunity

Chapter 16: Survivor Witch Project (Final 7)

Chris: So Brittany, Jesse, Krista, or Jessica is leaving the rest of you are safe cast your votes

*at camp*

Jaydin: Amanda, Brittany, Krista do you want to form an alliance well I already have Amanda in my alliance but do you guys want to join because the 4 of us will survive elimination for sure

Brittany and Krista: Sure who should we vote for

Jaydin: Jesse

Brittany, Krista, and Amanda: Sure

Surviving Rattana votes

Jaydin- Jesse

Amanda- Jesse

Brittany- Jesse

Krista- Jesse

Jesse- Brittany

Jessica- Brittany

Alex- Krista

Chris: If anyone has an immunity idol and would like to play it now is the time to do so Marshmallows go to Amanda, Jaydin, Alex *passes marshmallows to them* bottom 3 next marshmallow goes to Krista *passes her a marshmallow* final marshmallow goes to Brittany *passes her a marshmallow*

Treemail: Ok today is day 16 of 22 the finale is day 21 do you want immunity well what was the genre of episode 9 of TDA The Horror film the way this works is there are 5 masks at your camp they are in a pile by your cabins they have 3 answers but only one is correct on each mask the first person to solve the masks correctly win immunity and a 1 in 5 shot at 1,000,000 dollars and the title of Sole Survivor

Alex: *runs to pile* *gets a mask* Which person got eliminated that episode

a. Lindsay

b. DJ

c. Justin

Alex: *cirles b* *grabs another mask* what elimination was that

a. 9

b. 2

c. 6

Alex: *circles c* *grabs another mask* how many votes did the eliminated person get

a. none

b. 17

c. 19

Alex: *circles a* *grabs another mask* who gets voted off 12 episodes after this one

a. Justin

b. Lindsay

c. Harold

Alex: *circles b* *grabs the final mask* If the eliminated person didn't get voted off in this episode which next episode would they get voted off name next elimination episode and this episode

a. 11 and 9

b. 7 and 8

c. 15 and 22

Alex: *circles a* *runs to Chris and gives him his masks*

Chris: *checks answers with answer page* Alex wins immunity

Chapter 17: Happy Final 6 day (Final 6)

Surviving Rattana votes

Krista: Jaydin

Jaydin: Jessica

Amanda: Jessica

Jessica: Jaydin

Alex: Jaydin

Brittany: Jaydin

Chris: Ok immunity idol call does anyone have an immunity idol and would like to play it now is the time to do so

Jaydin: *grabs into bag* I have an immunity idol and I would like to play it

Chris: Ok I'll tally the votes Jaydin, Jaydin, Jessica, Jessica, Jaydin the 16th person voted off 17th eliminated and 9th member of our jury Jessica well Jessica you didn't get the last vote but it was a 4-2 Jaydin had 4 votes but played the idol and you had 2 votes so Jessica you need to bring me your torch *grabs Jessica's torch* Jessica the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch*

Jessica: *hugs Krista, Brittany, and Alex*

Jessica: *walks down the mysterious path to a car going to Dolphin Cove*

Brittany: *waves*

Krista: *waves*

Alex: *waves*

Jessica: *waves back*

  • camera shows car riding away with Jessica in it*

Treemail: Go to the beach Ahoy matie today is the pirate challenge you will all dress up like pirates and climb up a slippery pole when you get to the top grab the flag slide back down walk the plank and jump off diving into the water swim getting 3 bags bring them back to a floating dock on top of the map make a puzzle first to do it correctly wins immunity

  • Final 5 go to the beach*

Chris: Now get on the ship and do the challenge

Krista: *dresses up like a pirate*

Amanda: *dresses up like a pirate*

Alex: *dresses up like a pirate*

Jaydin: *dresses up like a pirate*

Brittany: *dresses up like pirate*

Amanda: *climbs up pole and grabs flag and slides back down*

Alex: *climbs up pole and grabs flag and slides back down*

Jaydin: *climbs up pole grabs flag and slides down*

Krista: *climbs up pole grabs flag and slides down*

Brittany: *climbs up pole and grabs flag and slides down*

Jaydin: *walks plank and dives down into the water*

Brittany: *walks plank and dives down into the water*

Alex: *walks plank and dives down into the water*

Amanda: *walks plank and dives down into water*

Brittany: *dives down and grabs the 3 bags and brings them back to the floating dock*

Krista: *walks plank and dives down into water*

Amanda: *dives down and grabs the 3 bags and brings them back to the floating dock*

Krista: *dives down and grabs the 3 bags and brings them back to the floating dock*

Alex: *dives down and grabs the 3 bags and brings them back to the floating dock*

Jaydin: *dives down and grabs the 3 bags and brings them back to the floating dock*

Amanda: *works on puzzle*

Alex: *works on puzzle*

Jaydin: *works on puzzle*

Krista: *works on puzzle*

Brittany: *works on puzzle*

Chris: *checks Jaydin's puzzle* Jaydin wins immunity

Chapter 18: Final 5 (Final 5)

  • camera shows to the campfire ceremony where there are only 4 marshmallows*
  • at camp*

Jaydin (To Amanda, Brittany, and Krista): We need to vote Alex if we do then we will be the final 4

Amanda, Brittany, and Krista: Sure

Jaydin: Krista I need you to do me a favor

Krista: What is it

Jaydin: Go up to Alex with a fake hidden immunity idol which looks real tell him to play it he thinks it's real and he is the last boy sent home and humiliated

Krista: Sure would be great sure

Jaydin: Thanks

Krista (to Alex): Here I found the hidden immunity idol *passes fake idol to Alex* all of the girls are voting you out so you play it we vote for one of them and they're out

Alex: Sure let's vote Amanda

Krista: Sure I'll vote Amanda

Chris: Ok if anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it now is the time to do so

Alex: *grabs fake immunity idol out of bag* I would like to play my idol

Chris: The rules of TDS state that if a hidden immunity idol is played you are safe from elimination this is not a hidden immunity idol

Chris: First marshmallow goes to Jaydin, Krista, Brittany *passes them a marshmallow* the final marshmallow goes to Amanda *passes marshmallow to her*

Alex: No why am i out why

Chris: Guards take him away

Guards: *throw Alex into car taking him to Dolphin Cove*

Treemail: Go to the beach there will be bridges for each of you get across jump on the right tiles with out stepping on the trap door and then you'll fall into a hole if you set off the trap door you will be in the water you need to get up and get on to the sphere shaped platform either way you need to get an immunity idol off one of those stone table quickly replace the immunity idol with a bag or rocks or waterbottle or whatever get back from the cave tiles and bridge first with the immunity idol and you are in the Final 3 for sure

Brittany: *dolhpin squeal* yay Final 3

Amanda (CONF): Brittany will probably not be in the Final 3 but I need to win that immunity challenge

  • Final 4 go to the beach*

Chris: Now do the challenge

Amanda: *gets across bridge*

Jaydin: *gets across bridge*

Krista: *gets across bridge*

Brittany: *gets across bridge*

Jaydin: *jumps on tiles and gets to the cave*

Brittany: *jumps on tiles and gets to the cave*

Amada: *jumps on tiles and gets to the cave*

Krista: *jumps on tiles and gets to the cave*

Amanda: *jumps onto sphere shaped platform and gets immunity idol and replaces it with bag of rocks and runs out of that part of the cave and gets to the part where the boulder is*

  • boulder comes for Amanda*

Amanda: *finds a whip on the ground throws it up to the hook and flies up from the boulder makes it out of cave and gives immunity idol to Chris*

Chris: Challenge over Amanda wins immunity

Chapter 19: Will I win I know I will (Final 4)

Amanda- Brittany

Brittany- Jaydin

Jaydin- Brittany

Krista- Jaydin

Jaydin: Thanks Amanda I would like to play my idol

Chris: This is in fact a hidden immunity idol marshmallows go to Amanda, Jaydin, and the final marshmallow of the night goes to Krista The 18th person voted off 19th eliminated and 11th member of our jury sorry Brittany the tribe has spoken time to bring me your torch *grabs Brittany's torch* Brittany the tribe has spoken *snuffs Brittany's torch and puts the 19th torch on the wall*

Krista: *goes back to camp sadly*

Jaydin: *goes back to camp*

Amanda: *goes back to camp*

Jaydin (CONF): Krista better not win the final immunity if I win I'm taking Amanda to the final 2 with me

Amanda (CONF): It's 2 against 1 if Jaydin or me wins immunity we both are going to the final 2 but if Krista wins Jaydin is probably going

Krista (CONF): If I win immunity bye Jaydin

Treemail: Final immunity challenge no more immunity idols to play if you do play them they won't work they are expired so final immunity is at the beach all of you need to be ready

  • Final 3 go to the beach*

Chris: Hey Final 3 your immunity challenge is there are 10 bags out in the water in 9 of those bags are 2 totem pole heads in 1 of those bags there is 1 totem pole head when you get them out of the water you stack them on top of eachother to make things easier when you stack something wrong it won't fit so then the first person to finish gets a clue then the next person to finish gets a clue and then the next person to finish gets a clue if we get that far so then if you open the right vault you can can get a head start if you don't open the right vault if the others will try to open the right vault then when you get the immunity idol out of the vault you have to swim with it holding it or in your pocket or somehow bring it back to your mat first to do so wins immunity and is safe tonight at tribal council and picks who sits next to them in the finale Survivors ready go

Amanda: *swims out and gets the 10 puzzle piece bags and swims back up* Ok so I think it went

1st. Lizzie

2nd. Angel

3rd. Crazy Fred

4th. Kev

5th. Hannah

6th. Kitty

7th. Mild Goth

8th. Ashlyn

Krista: *swims out and gets the 10 puzzle piece bags and swims back up* Ok I don't rember that well

1st. Lizzie

2nd. Kev

3rd. Angel

4th. Crazy Fred

Jaydin: *swims out and gets 10 puzzle piece bags and swims back up* Ok so

1st. Lizzie

2nd. Angel

3rd. Crazy Fred

4th. Kev

5th. Hannah

6th. Kitty

7th. Mild Goth

8th. Ashlyn

9th. Jenny

10th. Christine

11th. Ben

12th. Emily

13th. Christian

14th. CJ

15th. Gina

16th. Jesse

17th. Jessica

18th. Alex

19th. Brittany

Jaydin: Chris I think I got it

Chris: *looks at head puzzle* Correct *gives her number sheet*

Jaydin: *opens vault 2*

Chris: Correct

Jaydin: *grabs immunity idol puts it in swim suit poket and gets back to mat*

Chris: Jaydin wins final immunity

Chapter 20: They finally decided to eliminate me that was dumb (Final 3)

Chris: Ok The first marshmallow obviously goes to Jaydin now Jaydin I'm going to give you another marshmallow and you are going to have to cast your vote right in front of these 2 oh and give a speech

Jaydin: Well Krista you are a major threat and I don't think I would have a chance of winning against you and Amanda has been so nice to me and we are bffs so this final marshmallow goes to my bff Amanda *passes Amanda a marshmallow* sorry Krista you played a good game though *waves*

Chris: The 19th person voted off 20th eliminated and 12th member of the jury Krista you need to bring me your torch *grabs Krista's torch* Krista the tribe has spoken *snuffs Krista's torch* *puts the 20th torch on the wall*

Krista: *cries as guards take her to the car which takes the contestants to Dolphin Cove*

  • back at camp

Jaydin: Yay Final 2

Amanda: *dolphin squeal* I knew we would make it

Jaydin: *dolhpin squeal* So If I win I'm taking you and my mom on a cruise

Amanda: Yay and if I win I'm taking you and my mom on a cruise

Jaydin: Actually the one of us wins should bring the other and our moms

Amanda: I agree bff

  • at tribal council

Chris: Now coming in Jaydin and Amanda

  • Jaydin and Amanda come in

Chris: Ok this is how this finale is going to work there are 2 cheering peanut galleries and you give your reason why you want or deserve to win or answer their question then they go to a cheering peanut gallery if they go to your's it has your face on the flag

  • takes off a blanket covering the eliminated contestants faces

Chris: They choose your fate

To be continued

Chapter 21: Total Drama Survivor Borneo Finale (Final 2)

Chris: Oh yeah the jury was just the merge so all 20 of those eliminated contestants will decide your fate oh and they are voting a winner

  • car comes to the island with Lizzie*

Lizzie: Hi congratulations

Amanda: Thank you

Jaydin: Thank you

Chris: Now you guys I need to tell you once someone goes to a peanut gallery they stay and can not change who they are voting for I will write that down on this white board *writes on white board you can't change who you are voting for*

Lizzie: Amanda why do you deserve to win more then Jaydin

Amanda: I think I played a better game

Lizzie: Jaydin why do you deserve to win more then Amanda

Jaydin: I think I played a good game and if I didn't I would'nt have made it this far oh and Lizzie I love your hair what did you do with it

Lizzie: Chris I've made my descion

Chris: *writes on board voting for a winner*

Lizzie: *walks over to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: Bring in Angel

Angel *comes in* *walks to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: Look at the white board

Angel: *looks at the white board* ok

Chris: You can't change who you are voting to win

Angel: Ok I get it

Chris: It's 2-0 it takes 11 votes to win so 9 more and Jaydin is our winner 11 more and Amanda is our winner who will be the Sole Survivor now bring in Crazy Fred

Crazy Fred: Amanda I feel you played a better game then Jaydin *walks to Amanda's peanut gallery*

Chris: 1 vote Amanda 2 votes Jaydin now bring in Kev

Kev: *walks to Amanda's peanut gallery* I don't want the person Angel wants to win to win

Chris: A 2-2 vote so far who will win Jaydin or Amanda bring in Hannah

Hannah: *is sad* congratulations final 2 *walks to Amanda's peanut gallery*

Jaydin: What was that for

Hannah: I just picked a random person it's not like I have anything against you

Chris: 3-2 vote Kitty

Kitty: Amanda *goes to Amanda's peanut gallery*

Chris: 4-2 Jaydin any feelings about this

Jaydin: I feel that people want Amanda to win more then me well some of them

Chris: Ok Mild Goth

Mild Goth: I vote for Jaydin *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: Wow 4-3 vote Ashlyn

Ashlyn: *dolhpin squeal* hey girls I vote for Amanda *walks to Amanda's peanut gallery* Jaydin this doesn't mean I don't love you

Chris: A 5-3 vote Jenny

Jenny: I vote for Jaydin *walks to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: A 5-4 vote Christine

Christine: Amanda and Jaydin I hate to have to vote you are hopefully my friends but we need a winner so my vote goes to Amanda *goes to Amanda's peanut gallery*

Chris: 6-4 vote Ben

Ben: I vote for Jaydin *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: It's getting close a 6-5 vote Emily

Emily: I'm voting for Jaydin *walks to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: 6-6 tie so we need another vote to break it and also if Jaydin or Amanda gets 5 more votes they win it all Christian

Christian: Amanda you played the role of the threat it was a very bad way to play the game being in a conflict with Jaydin and then hanging a coat tail onto her and making the final 2 so I vote Jaydin *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: 7-6 so close but now Jaydin is leading by 1 vote so if Jaydin gets 4 more votes she wins if Amanda gets 5 votes she wins CJ

CJ: I think Amanda was being a brat at the beginning and then as same as Christian said hung a coat tail on Jaydin to bring her to the final 2 bad way to play the game *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: 8-6 vote Jaydin in the lead with 2 votes Amanda suprised of this

Amanda: Totally I thought I was really getting votes but I'm happy for my bff *cries* *hugs Jaydin*

Chris: Ok next is Gina

Gina: I really hated being on the island with a threat like Amanda who won immunity so much so Amanda why do you deserve to win

Amanda: I played the game better thats why

Gina: Jaydin why do you deserve to win

Jaydin: It has been an honor outlasting 20 of the competitiors and staying so long but if you want to vote Amanda it is your choice I still want to be friends though it's been fun

Gina: I've made my descion I am voting for Jaydin for giving a good reason to win *walks to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: A 9-6 vote

Chris: Ok Jesse

Jesse: I am voting Jaydin *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: Ok if Amanda gets the last 4 votes it's a tie if Jaydin gets 1 more vote she wins it's a 10-6 vote Jessica

Jessica: Amanda has been the nicest of you 2 so my vote goes to Amanda *goes to Amanda's peanut gallery*

Chris: A 10-7 vote Alex

Alex: Ok I decide if Jaydin wins or if Amanda gets 1 more vote so Amanda if you win then what will you do with the money

Amanda: Same as Jaydin taking me, Jaydin, and our moms on a cruise

Alex: Ok good Jaydin what would you do with the money

Jaydin: Yep so it's a win win *whispers to Alex* but if you vote for me I'll buy you a ticket for the cruise

Alex: My vote goes to Jaydin *goes to Jaydin's peanut gallery*

Chris: The winner of the first Total Drama Survivor competition is Jaydin Amanda the tribe has spoken *snuffs Amanda's torch and puts the 21st and final elimination torch on the wall*

Jaydin: *dolphin squeal* Yay *hugs Amanda*

Amanda: I'm so happy for you

Jaydin: You too good job on making runner up

Amanda: Good job at winning

  • Amanda and Jaydin hug some more*

Chris: That's it for this episode see you next time for the final episode the reunion *puts Jaydin's torch on the winner's spot on the wall*

Chapter 22: Total Drama Survivor Borneo Reunion (Reunion)

22nd. Lizzie Day 1

21st. Angel Day 2

20th. Crazy Fred Day 3

19th. Kev Day 4

18th. Hannah Day 5

17th. Kitty Day 6

16th. Mild Goth Day 7

15th. Ashlyn Day 8


14th. Jenny Day 9

13th. Christine Day 10

12th. Ben Day 11

11th. Emily Day 12

10th. Christian Day 13

9th. CJ Day 14

8th. Gina Day 15

7th. Jesse Day 16

6th. Jessica Day 17

5th. Alex Day 18

4th. Brittany Day 19

3rd. Krista Day 20

Runner up. Amanda Day 21

Winner. Jaydin Day 21

The winner
of Total
Drama Survivor
Borneo is

Chris: Ok The 22 of you are here at Playa Des Ponderosa for a reuion but Jaydin you also get this for winning Total Drama Survivor this season *points to a brand new car*

Jaydin: *dolphin squeal* I'm going to give my new car to Amanda

Chris: Ok then

Amanda: Yay *dolphin squeal* *hugs Jaydin*

Chris: Now I'm going in an order of asking questions It will go first eliminated second eliminated third eliminated like that Lizzie how did it feel to be voted off first

Lizzie: It felt bad but it was ok at that wonderful resort

Chris: Cool moving on to Angel ok Angel how far did you think you'd make it

Angel: 3rd

Chris: Wow but good job you played a good game now Crazy Fred how did it feel to be evacuated because of injury

Crazy Fred: It felt terrible both ways as in I was hurt pain and being eliminated pain

Chris: Ok Kev who did you think was going to be voted off first

Kev: Angel

Angel: Grrrrrr *is angry at Kev*

Chris: Hannah what was that blind side like for you

Hannah: Terrible it was so sad but it was pretty fun well I was in

Chris: Kitty being bamboozled

Kitty: I hate that stupid Ben *gets angry*

Chris: Ok security *calls security in and they take Kitty away* Mild Goth well what happened after you were voted off

Mild Goth: After I was voted off I went to Playa Des Ponderosa and felt pretty bad but I'm glad I made it that far people got voted off 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th

Chris: Ok Ashlyn any idol did you find

Ashlyn: I have a secret clip I filmed on my cam corder

Chris: play it

  • cast sees the movie*

Chris: *schocked* you mean Emily almost gave you the idol

Ashlyn: Exactly

Lizzie: I could of used that to be safe from elimination and being voted off 1st

Ashlyn: Yep and also that was a shocker right

Chris: Right moving on to Jenny how did it feel to be the first ever member of the jury

Jenny: Good bad Good as in I made Total Drama Survivor history and bad because I didn't win

Ashlyn: You didn't deserve to win *fights Jenny*

Jenny: Quit it *fights back*

Ashlyn: No I won't

Chris: Ladies Ladies be quiet so we can finish this reuion now Christine did you think you had the advantage for being one of the cutest of the bunch

Christine: I totally did have the advantage but I thought I would win not 13th place of 22

Chris: Ben if you were going to the next season what other contestant would you take with you to Season 2

Ben: Christian

Chris: Ok so now Emily if you went to the final 2 who would go with you

Emily: None of those losers

Chris: Wow you really are mean

Emily: I know

Chris: Christian who deserved to go first

Christian: Emily she is so evil

Emily: Thank you

Chris: CJ your elimination felt

CJ: Weird akward bad terrible

Chris: Ok Gina do you despise Jesse

Gina: I can forgive but never forget

Chris: Good answer Jesse are you sorry to Gina

Jesse: Yes I'm sorry also I dug my grave and it targeted my down fall when I did not winning immunity

Chris: Ok Jessica feel proud

Jessica: No but I'm happy I made it that far sorry if that sounds proud

Chris: Ok next Alex how does it feel to be ousted by the girls

Alex: Terrible I wish I kept boys who could become allies of mine in the game longer and could have won

Chris: Ok Brittany who did you think was out in that episode

Brittany: Jaydin

Chris: Ok Krista who did you want to win of the final 2

Krista: Amanda for not voting me off that episode

Chris: Ok Jaydin and Amanda are you still bffs and glad you 2 made it to the finale in the competition

Jaydin and Amanda: Yep we are still bffs and glad we made it to the finale

Chris: Well that's your reuion see you next season on Total Drama Survivor

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Ranks
Jaydin Winner 1st
Amanda Runner up 2nd
Krista out 3rd
Brittany out 4th
Alex out 5th
Jessica out 6th
Jesse out 7th
Gina out 8th
CJ out 9th
Christian out 10th
Emily out 11th
Ben out 12th
Christine out 13th
Jenny out 14th
Ashlyn out 15th
Mild Goth out 16th
Kitty out 17th
Hannah out 18th
Kev out 19th
Crazy Fred out 20th
Angel out 21st
Lizzie out 22nd
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