This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.
This is a completed competition story by Whitney12. The second installment of Total Drama Teens, Total Drama Teens 2.0! There is a whole new and improved cast of twenty contestants, all new drama, and all new challenges. All for a trillion dollar grand prize!
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Chris McLean


Anais, The Down to Earth Girl

Cadence, The Popular Girl

Clover, The Party Girl

Declan, The Overachiever

Eunice, The Compulsive Liar

Ezra, The Blogger

Frederick, The Geek

Garth, The Awkward Guy

Holland, The Prep

Ig, The Skater

King, The Ladie's Man

Merrin, The Innocent Girl

Quinlan, The Bully

Rigel, The Punk

Tamsin, The Artist

Una, The Feminist

Viktor, The Gloomy Guy

Vivica, The Spoiled Girl

Xenia, The Goth

Zia, The Nature-Loving Sweetheart


Raging Rebels:











Daring Delinquents:












Chapter #1: "Welcome, New Campers!"

The camera pans to Camp Wawanakwa where Chris McLean is standing on the Dock of Shame, where it is a sunny afternoon.

"Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa! We just finished and announced our winner for our first season! Well, this is the second season, Total Drama Teens 2.0! We’re still shooting at Camp Wawanakwa which is more new and improved. Also, we’re going to have all new challenges and a new cast!” Chris explains.

“Speaking of our all brand new cast, let's meet the new contestants!” Chris announces.

A boat arrives at the dock and a girl with blonde short hair and dressed in short shorts is dancing on her boat while music plays. She then jumps onto the Dock, right next to Chris.

“Welcome, Clover, you're the first one to arrive!” Chris greets.

“Woohoo! I’m ready to party!” Clover says and she high-fives Chris.

“Got a lot of spirit huh?” Chris asks.

“Uh-huh!” Clover smiles.

“Well, that’s gonna change soon!” Chris laughs, Clover’s smile disappears into a confused look.

Another boat arrives and a sandy-haired boy wearing a sport shirt and shorts steps onto the Dock of Shame.

“Hey, Holland!” Chris greets.

“Well, this isn't much huh? Can I leave yet?” Holland complains.

“Too bad, its too late to leave now!” Chris laughs as Holland’s boat leaves.

“Dammit.” Holland rolls his eyes.

Another boat arrives and lets off a red-haired girl in a yellow dress onto the dock.

“Hi guys, I’m Merrin. Nice to meet you.” Merrin smiles.

“Oh wow, a teenager that’s polite? I can’t believe it.” Chris says.

“Oh, um thank you.” Merrin says with a confused look, then goes to stand with the other two.

One boat arrives to the dock and a boy with green hair and a sideshave, wearing glasses and a beanie comes off of it.

“This is-” Chris begins to introduce him, but gets interrupted by the boy.

Ezra. Or you may know me by my blog, greenforestelfboy.” Ezra introduces himself.

Clover, Holland, and Merrin exchange confused looks.

“No one knows any of my blogs?” Ezra asks.

“No idea.” Clover says.

“Sorry.” Merrin apologizes.

“Haha, no.” Holland laughs.

Ezra glares at Holland. “Well, then that’s depressing.” Ezra says.

Another boat arrives and lets off an overweight girl clad in bright pink leggings, gold belt, and gold necklace comes off of the boat.

“Welcome, Vivica!” Chris greets.

“This is a joke right?” Vivica asks.

“Haha, nope!” Chris says.

“I’m calling my lawyers. No, I’m going to call my dad on you.” Vivica says and takes out her phone.

“Good luck with that.” Chris laughs.

Vivica groans loudly.

“I have no bars! What is this, hell?” Vivica complains.

“There’s no service here?” Ezra asks, then faints.

Another boat arrives and lets off a sharply dressed, brunette boy off onto the dock.

“This is Declan.” Chris introduces.

“Well, this is not what I signed up for.” Declan scoffs.

“Too bad, so sad.” Chris says.

A boat playing angry punk music arrives and lets off a girl with long silver hair with a cornrowed side, face covered in piercings, and a tattoo of a toxic symbol on her arm. She stomps onto the dock.

“Welcome to camp, Rigel.” Chris asks.

“Yep. This place is a mess, just the way I like it.” Rigel says, then spits.


Rigel and Declan meet for the first time.

“Ugh, how can a female be so, so rude?” Declan ponders.

“What did you just say to me, suit?” Rigel angrily asks and holds up a fist.

“Nothing important.” Declan replies, voice shaky.

“Mhm.” Rigel rolls her eyes.

A boat arrives with the next contestant, a boy with longish blond hair and a green t-shirt on with the word, ‘rock’ on it. The boy steps onto the dock and Chris introduces him.

“What’s up, Garth?” Chris greets.

“Um, you too.” Garth replies, everyone gives him a confused look.

“I mean, um, not much.” Garth says.

“Okayyy, then. Let’s meet our next camper.” Chris says. Garth laughs awkwardly and walks to the other campers.

The next boat arrives and lets off a girl with black & lavender hair, wearing tights and shorts steps onto the dock.

“Hey, Tamsin!” Chris greets.

“Hey Chris! Um, I thought this place might’ve been a little prettier.” Tamsin says as she looks around.

“It is what it is.” Chris says, Tamsin shrugs.

Her eyes light up when she sees Ezra.

“Oh my god, are you greenforestelfboy???” Tamsin asks Ezra.

“Ugh, finally someone who has good taste in blogs!” Ezra says, and hugs Tamsin.

“I love your blog, you have no idea.” Tamsin compliments.

The next boat arrives and lets off a guy with brown and blond hair wearing a flannel and a beanie off the boat.

“Hey, Zia!” Chris greets.

“Uh hi Chris! And hi everyone else!” Zia greets everyone and smiles.

Some campers wave back and the others look off into the distance, still mad about the camp.

“Okay, then.” Zia shrugs, and walks and stands with the other campers.

Another boat arrives and lets off a brunette long-haired girl wearing all pink onto the dock. She slow walks before Chris introduces her. She catches Holland and Declan’s eye.

Cadence. Welcome.” Chris greets her.

“Mhm, yeah. And where’s the stage?” Cadence asks.

“You’re looking at it!” Chris says.

“Wow, that’s hilarious! Now, seriously where is it?” Cadence taps her foot.

“No, this is really it.” Chris answers.

“Oh no, you’re serious.” Cadence says and groans.

She then walks over to the other campers as Holland gives her a look, Cadence lifts her nose in the air, ignoring him.

The next boat arrives and lets off a boy with dark hair, dressed in grey and blue, and with a sad look on his face.

“Hey, Viktor!” Chris greets.

“Hi. Oh this is it?” Viktor asks with no emotion.

“Yep!” Chris answers.

“Great.” Viktor sighs and walks over to the other campers like a heavy rain cloud.

The next boat arrives and lets off a girl with red wavy hair, wearing a shirt with the female symbol on it and jeans.

“Hey welcome, Una!” Chris greets.

“Hey, Chris. Pleasure to be here.” Una smiles.

Another boat arrives right after and lets off a lanky brunette boy with glasses. He gets off of the boat and spots the girl’s right away.

“Ladies.” He says with a lisp, revealing his braces.

Some of the girls laugh at him, but he doesn't notice.

“Well, this is Frederick.” Chris introduces.

“Frederick Frankleson, so you can call me F squared.” Frederick says and laughs.

He then walks over to the other campers and stands next to Cadence and smiles and raises an eyebrow at her. Cadence shudders.

The next boat arrives and lets off a girl with dark hair and a purple striped shirt on.

“Welcome, Eunice.” Chris welcomes the girl.

“Thanks. Wow this place isn't what I’d thought it be.” Eunice says. “I was hoping so!” Chris says.

“Oh, Chris. You’re such a horrible liar!” Eunice laughs and Chris raises an eyebrow.

Eunice then walks over to the other campers. The another boat arrives with an appealing, tan, fit guy with a man bun. When he steps off onto the dock, he winks at all of the girls. Clover, Cadence, Ezra, Eunice, Tamsin, Vivica, and Merrin swoon. Una glares at him, then rolls her eyes.

“This is King.” Chris introduces him.

“He sure is one!” Clover says.

“Hey, everyone.” King smiles and raises an eyebrow.

Most the girls drool over him when he walks over to him.

The next boat arrives and lets off a blonde girl wearing a white tank top and black leggings.

“Meet Anais.” Chris introduces the girl.

“Hey, guys!” Anais greets everyone and smiles.

“How’s it look here?” Chris asks.

“Super rad, man.” Anais answers.

“Wow. Someone appreciates it.” Chris says.

Anais walks over to the other campers while the next boat arrives and Zia smiles at her. The next boat lets off an overweight, short boy with a buzz cut off onto the dock.

Quinlan, welcome!” Chris greets.

Quinlan doesn’t say anything, but grunts and walks right past him to the other campers. Quinlan growls and glares at the other competitors.

“Okayyy. Next camper.” Chris continues.

The next boat arrives and lets off a tall, pale, dark-haired girl with black clothes and fishnets on.

“Welcome, Xenia!” Chris greets.

Xenia steps off onto the dock and towers over Chris.

“Thanks.” Xenia’s emotionless voice trails off.

Xenia then looks around her at the camp and shrugs. She then walks over to the other campers and Viktor stares at her.

“Alright, our last but not least camper!” Chris announces as the last boat arrives.

A boy with black hair with bleached blond bangs, wielding a skateboard jumps off of the boat.

Ig! What’s up my man?” Chris greets.

“Just living the skate life, dude!” Ig answers and high fives him.

Xenia rolls her eyes.

“Skaters.” Xenia mutters.

Ig then walks over to the other campers, making the cast complete.

“Welcome, new campers! We’re going to go to the campfire now and I’ll explain the rules and choose the teams. Let’s head over now, hurry up.” Chris commands.

The camera pans to the campfire where Chris and the twenty campers are.

“Some of you probably know about the way the game goes already, but I'm gonna go over it anyway.” Chris says. All of the campers groan.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway, each week you will compete in challenges. The losing team will come here to have a marshmallow ceremony where you will vote off a camper. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow is eliminated and must go to the Dock of Shame and ride the Boat of Losers to never return ever. Whichever camper lasts throughout each marshmallow ceremony and final challenge, will win the trillion dollars.” Chris explains.

“Oh and you know how I said the camp is new and improved? Well the cabins have been updated, the beach and forest have been expanded and have a few more addition which you’ll find out later, and the food is a little more… well, edible.” Chris laughs.

“That’s reassuring.” Xenia states sarcastically.

“Now, since I’ve explained all that, it’s time for me to pick the teams.” Chris says.

“Clover, Declan, Eunice, Ezra, Garth, Holland, King, Rigel, and Tamsin. You are the Raging Rebels!” Chris announces.

Declan looks at Rigel and gulps, she then goes to look at him as well, but he quickly looks away out of fear.

“Anais, Cadence, Frederick, Ig, Merrin, Quinlan, Viktor, Una, Xenia, and Zia. You are the Daring Delinquents!” Chris announces.

“Um, can I change teams?” Cadence asks.

“Nope!” Chris says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend.” Frederick whispers to Cadence.

“In your dreams.” Cadence shudders.

“You guys can go unpack your stuff now. There’s two cabins now, one for each team. One side is for guys, the other for girls. Had to tell you because I didn't think some of you could figure that out on your own.” Chris says.

The camera pans to the Raging Rebels cabin first on the girl’s side.

Eunice, Clover, Vivica, Rigel, and Tamsin open up their door to their side of the cabin. The cabin is revealed to look no different than the cabins last season.

“I thought he said they were updated.” Vivica complains.

“When I said they were updated, I meant rebuilt as the same models, cause you know I bulldozed the old ones for fun, haha.” Chris’s voice is heard over loudspeaker.

“Whatever, I’m bunking alone.” Vivica scoffs and picks the first bunk bed.

“Hey you wanna be my bunkie?” Clover asks Eunice.

“Oh, I’d love to!” Eunice answers.

“Yay my new bunkie! And we’re both already wearing the same color tops!” Clover squeals. “I am going to puke.” Rigel rolls her eyes.

“I guess that means we’ll be bunking together, huh?” Tamsin asks Rigel.

“Seems like it. Please tell me you’re not a brainless moron like these three clones.” Rigel says. “Don’t worry, I’m not one of them.” Tamsin assures.

Vivica screams and the other four look at her.

“Ew! Spider!” Vivica screams.

Vivica, Eunice, and Clover scream while Tamsin and Rigel stare. Rigel then gets up and stomps on it.

Rigel is shown in the confessional.

"Those three are really a bunch of idiots." Rigel says.

The camera cuts back to the inside of the Raging Rebel's cabin.

“Well, that’s the end of that.” Rigel says.

The camera then pans to the guy’s side of the Raging Rebels cabin.

Garth, Declan, Ezra, King, and Holland continue inside their cabin to unpack.

“Well, this place is rather… unpleasant.” Declan complains.

“I could not agree more. I mean I have no service, how am I supposed to update my blog?” Ezra says.

“Gentlemen, it’s all worth it. I mean this whole thing is for a trillion dollars.” King says with a soothing voice, putting one hand on Declan’s back and the other on Ezra’s back.

“You’re right. Hey would you want to be my bunkmate?” Ezra fawns.

“Pleasured!” King answers. Ezra smiles and almost faints, but King catches him.

“Thanks.” Ezra says.

“Looks like we’re bunking together, De-man!” Holland says.

Garth opens his mouth and puts a finger up to speak, but gets interrupted.

“I guess we are. And, Declan. It’s Declan.” Declan says.

Garth's face goes to disappointment.

“I guess I’ll just bunk by myself then, haha.” Garth sighs to himself and he goes to the lone bunk.

Garth is then shown in the confessional.

"I really wish I could talk to people, it's just that I'm so, so awkward." Garth facepalms.

The camera then pans to the girl’s side of the Daring Delinquents cabin.

Anais, Cadence, Merrin, Una, and Xenia open up the door of their cabin and proceed to unpack.

"Ugh this place is disgusting." Cadence complains.

"It's really not that bad." Anais disagrees.

"Did I ask you?" Cadence angrily asks, and Anais doesn't say anything.

Cadence then looks around the cabin at the four other girls and spots Merrin.

"Merrin, right? Yeah, you seem the most normal of these people so want share a bunk? Great. I get top, called it." Cadence says.

"Um, okay that sounds good, I guess." Merrin says.

"Hey Xenia, you want to bunk with me?" Anais asks Xenia.

"Sorry Barbie, I bunk alone." Xenia answers.

"Oh, okay then that's cool." Anais says.

Anais is shown in the confessional.

"Ah, man was I just called Barbie?" Anais asks, with a worried look on her face.

The camera then cuts back to the Daring Delinquents girl's side of the cabin.

Xenia then slides all of her stuff onto the lone bunk bed.

"Hey, you can bunk with me Anais!" Una says.

"Ah, thank you dude." Anais smiles.

The camera then pans to the guy’s side of the Daring Delinquents cabin. Viktor, Frederick, Ig, Quinlan, and Zia open up the door of their cabin and proceed to unpack.

"Wow, this is awesome!" Ig says.

"Oh, shut up." Quinlan grunts, Ig's eyes widen.

Quinlan then picks the first bed, and jumps onto the top bunk which makes the top bunk lower all the way to the bottom. Despite the noise, he is the only one who doesn't notice this.

"I guess he's bunking alone." Frederick whispers to Viktor.

Quinlan grunts which startles Frederick enough for him to run to the corner out of fear.

Frederick is then shown in the confessional.

"All the other guys seem pretty cool, but Quinlan, well, Quinlan scares me." Frederick shakes.

The camera cuts back to the Daring Delinquents guy's side of the cabin.

"Do you want to bunk with me?" Zia asks Ig.

"Of course, dude. You seem pretty cool!" Ig agrees.

"Thanks, you too dude." Zia smiles.

"I guess that leaves us two!" Frederick smiles at Viktor.

"Unfortunately." Viktor mutters.

"Do you want top bunk or bottom?" Frederick asks, Viktor shrugs.

"Alright, bottom it is!" Frederick says.

Chris's voice is then heard over the loudspeaker.

"Unpacked or not, all campers must meet me again at the campfire, so that I can explain your first challenge! And hurry up, we're on a schedule!" Chris commands.

Chris is then shown alone at the campfire, awaiting the contestants. 

"We've met all of the campers this time and they got all moved in to their new 'high-class' cabins, haha. We'll see them compete in their first challenge and see what drama withholds and who will bed voted off, next time on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris announces.

Chapter #1.5: "Are You Sure This is Safe?

Chris McLean is shown on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a bright, sunny day.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time we met the whole new cast of twenty campers! I chose the teams and then let the campers set in to their new cabins. We left off where I was about to explain the challenge, so let's get back to Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera cuts back to the campfire where the last chapter had left off, with Chris standing in the middle and all of the twenty campers are sitting with their teams on the tree stump seats.

"Chris, we're having a challenge already?" Vivica groans.

"Yeah, we haven't even eaten yet. I'm starved." Declan complains.

"Yeah isn't it time for lunch?" Ig asks.

"You're right." Chris agrees. Chris then snaps his fingers.

An intern quickly goes up to Chris and hands him a pizza box. Chris grabs a piece of pizza out and continues to eat it. All of the camper's stomachs growl.

"It's lunch time for me. Challenge time for you all." Chris laughs. All of the campers glare at him and groan.

"You can eat after the challenge! Don't get mad at me, it gets more views this way. So, for your first challenge you have to run 20 kilometers!" Chris announces.

"That's it?" Cadence asks, hopeful.

"Of course not! I wasn't done talking anyway. The challenge is to find three objects for this scavenger hunt while racing the other team to the finish line here at the campfire. These objects are in three different places on the island that your whole team will have to run 20 kilometers to get to. I will give each team maps of where their things are and a list of the three objects you must find. I also numbered the map in the order you need to find the things. Whichever team gets to the finish line first with each object assigned your team was assigned to find and all of their team members present will win immunity, and the other team will have to vote someone off in the first ceremony." Chris explains.

Chris hands the Raging Rebels their map, then he hands the Daring Delinquents their map. 

"Alright teams, remember the faster you finish this challenge, you can eat, haha! Oh yeah, and you guys can start now." Chris states.

The two teams then race off and begin to read their maps. Chris gets out a lounge chair and puts shades on, and continues to eat his pizza while he watches the teams.

The Raging Rebels are shown reading their map first.

“Okay, says here we have to find a blue jousting stick first.” Ezra points out.

“Whatever that is, am I right?” Holland laughs. Everyone glares at him.

“Look, it’s located on the beach!” King observes the map.

“Ooh, the beach! Yay!” Clover squeals.

“Stop squealing, come on we have to go now!” Rigel commands.

The Raging Rebels then continue off to the beach. The Daring Delinquents are now rushing to read their map.

“Quick, someone read the map!” Una commands.

“Number 1 is a pink jousting stick, guys!” Merrin says.

“Looks like it’s on the beach!” Zia observes.

“My favorite.” Xenia sarcastically says.

“Alright, we got this gang. Let’s go Delinquents!” Frederick says, raising a fist in the air, smiling.

He then notices his team is already running towards the beach and he races after him, pumping his inhaler as he is running. The camera then cuts back to the Raging Rebels running as the Daring Delinquents are catching up to them.

“Oh no, they’re catching up to us!” Tamsin warns her team.

“Pshhh, no they’re not.” Eunice lies, Tamsin gives her a weird look.

The rest of their team looks behind them just to see if the Daring Delinquents really were catching up to them.

“We have to, um, go faster!” Garth suggests.

The Raging Rebels pick up their pace, but the Daring Delinquents follow shortly behind. The camera then focuses on the Daring Delinquents.

“You all run like a bunch of pansies.” Quinlan grunts.

“Wow, thanks for the support.” Viktor sighs.

“Hey, guys we’re almost to the beach, so don't worry!” Anais tries to assure her team.

Quinlan grunts and rolls his eyes. The Daring Delinquents then hurry along and catch up to the Raging Rebels as they arrive to the beach shore. Once both teams arrive to the beach, they immediately comb the beach.

“I’m just gonna catch my breath here. You guys can start looking, I’ll catch up.” Vivica pants.

“Wow, thanks for the help!” Rigel sarcastically calls out to her as she’s looking on the beach.

“Spoiled and lazy, never would’ve guessed.” Tamsin says, making Rigel laugh.

“You cannot be more right, girl.” Ezra says.

“So we’re looking for a blue jousting stick right?” Clover asks.

“Yeah! You know I’m actually a professional jouster, I’m in a royal lineage of jousters.” Eunice says.

“Wow, that actually really cool.” Clover says in awe.

“That’s no big deal. You know my high school football team is known around the nation.” Holland brags.

“No offense, but I’m sure no one cares.” Declan dismays.

“Hey!” Holland says, angered.

“Not to interrupt up this chit-chat, but we must be finding that blue jousting stick now, we can do that right?” King reminds his team.

Eunice and Clover then drool and nod. Eunice and Clover then begin searching.

Holland is shown in the confessional.

“What’s with this guy?” Holland asks.

The camera cuts back to the Raging Rebels on the beach.

“Well, he is right.” Garth says.

“Thank you.” King says.

Holland rolls his eyes, then the rest of them continue to search as well.

The Daring Delinquents are quickly searching the beach.

“You know, I’ve jousted before.” Frederick winks at Cadence. 

Frederick attempts to flirt with Cadence.

“Ugh, shut up and search, dweeb.” Cadence says and she continues to look.

“Yeah, shut it dweeb.” Quinlan mocks. Cadence glares at him.

Frederick frowns, and continues to search as well.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to find, it’s supposed to be pretty big right?” Zia suggests.

“Don’t forget that we’re looking for a pink one, not a blue!” Una reminds.

“How about half of us search along the water, and the other half search the side more towards land?” Merrin suggests.

“Sounds good to me! I’ll help along the water line.” Anais agrees.

“I’ll help you, too.” Ig says.

“Me too!” Zia adds.

“Alright, thanks guys.” Anais thanks.

“Ow.” Xenia shields her eyes.

“What is it?” Viktor asks her, concerned.

“I think it’s the thing or whatever.” Xenia answers.

Xenia points to a part of something pink behind a few rocks, both her and Viktor then investigate it.

“Good eye.” Viktor compliments Xenia.

“Thanks.” Xenia says.

“Hey valued team members, we found it!” Viktor emotionally announces to his team.

The rest of their team rushes over to them to retrieve their pink jousting stick.

“Hey good job, Xenia.” Una compliments.

“And Viktor.” Xenia adds, making Viktor blush.

“I got it!” Ig says and tries to pick it up. He drops it right away as it is very heavy.

“Nevermind.” Ig says.

Quinlan rolls his eyes.

“I got it, since the rest of you are pretty weak.” Quinlan says, and picks the jousting stick up with ease.

Merrin is shown in the confessional.

“Quinlan isn’t very nice.” Merrin sighs.

The camera then cuts back to the Daring Delinquents.

“Okay I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that.” Anais says.

“Where’s the next place we have to go?” Zia asks.

“Looks like the woods, let’s go!” Una commands.

The Daring Delinquents then run towards the woods with Quinlan carrying their jousting stick, leaving the Raging Rebels behind. The camera then focuses on the Raging Rebels again.

“Oh no the other team is getting away!” Vivica exclaims.

“Maybe if you actually helped us, they wouldn't be right now.” Rigel states.

“Excuse me? Do you know who my father is?” Vivica yells.

“Ladies, calm down! I just found the jousting stick.” King points to the blue jousting stick laying on the ground.

“Oh.” They both say and stopped fighting.

“What does the map say?” Tamsin asks.

“Okay we have to go look in the woods now!” Clover says.

“Let’s run.” Declan says.

Rigel, Garth, and King pick up the jousting stick, then all of the Raging Rebels run off to the woods to catch up. The camera then cuts to the Daring Delinquents, who have just reached the woods.

“What’re we looking for now?” Merrin asks.

“So, we’re looking for a chicken hat apparently.” Frederick points out.

“How stylish.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Alright we got this, let’s find this chicken!” Ig enthuses his team, Quinlan grunts.

The Daring Delinquents begin searching for their chicken hat. The Raging Rebels are then shown finally arriving in the woods.

“At least the other team is still here!” Ezra looks up.

“Okay we got to look for a cow… hat?” Clover points out.

“Looks like you’re right, Clover.” Garth agrees.

“Ugh I hate the woods so much.” Vivica complains.

“Hey, it’s not too bad. We’ll be out of here soon enough.” King smiles at her making her almost faint, but he catches her.

“Is this it?” Holland asks, picking up a chicken hat and putting it on, which makes him laugh.

“Do you know what a cow is?” Rigel angrily asks.

“That must be the other team’s object.” Tamsin points out.

“Oh, okay then.” Holland says. He takes off the hat and throws it towards the other team.

“No don't throw it at the other team!” Declan yells.

“Sorry, no one told me!” Holland shrugs.

The Daring Delinquents then see the chicken hat Holland had just thrown.

“There it is!” Una points towards it.

“Here I’ll grab it!” Anais says and she goes to pick the chicken hat up.

“Woo! We’re almost done!” Zia celebrates.

“Yay.” Xenia says, emotionlessly.

“We should probably get going now.” Viktor suggests.

“Looks like the next thing is going to be in the water.” Ig points out.

“Let’s head for the beach then! Hurry!” Cadence commands her team.

“No running like pansies.” Quinlan mutters.

The Daring Delinquents begin to run back towards the beach. The Raging Rebels are shown still looking for their cow hat.

“Wow, I actually found something.” Garth quietly announces as he hold up the cow hat. Before anyone sees, Eunice grabs it from him.

“Found it!” Eunice says, holding up the cow hat.

“But I-“ Garth begins to speak but Eunice shushes him.

“Good job bunkie!” Clover says.

“Thanks!” Eunice says.

“The map says the next item is in the water.” Declan states.

“Alright, let’s head back to the beach then!” Tamsin commands.

The Raging Rebels then begin to run attempt to catch up to the Daring Delinquents. The Daring Delinquents are shown already arrived at the beach.

“The last item is a Chris head!” Ig announces.

“Ugh, of course we’re looking for a Chris head. He's so narcissistic.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Uh guys, I don’t think it’s in the water.” Frederick points out while observing the map.

“What do you mean, shrimp geek?” Quinlan asks.

“Um, I mean it’s on a tiny piece of light brown in the middle of blue, so it has to be land.” Frederick says, voice shaking.

“So it’s an island?” Merrin asks.

“It has to be.” Una says.

“Like that one over there?” Zia says, pointing at a tiny island.

“Oh wow, good eye! I think I see two Chris heads sitting on it too!” Anais points out.

The camera zooms in on the tiny island, which is a small swim from shore.

“Thanks.” Zia blushes.

“One of us can probably swim towards it and get it.” Xenia suggests.

“I can do it. Looks easy enough.” Frederick says.

Frederick walks towards the shore ready to swim, but then a shark jumps out of the water and jumps back in. The whole team gasps, and Frederick steps back.

“On second thought, I’m allergic to sharks.” Frederick shakes.

The camera shows Chris still lounging on his chair, now drinking a daiquiri. He is watching the teams on a TV screen.

“I added the sharks special, haha!” Chris laughs.

The camera then shows the Raging Rebels arriving to the beach as well. The Raging Rebels then rush towards where the Daring Delinquents are.

“What does the map, or um list say?” Garth asks.

“We’re looking for one of those Chris heads.” Tamsin points out.

“Now where is it? I’m hungry.” Vivica complains.

“I say we might as well follow the other team, they figured where it is.” Declan points towards the other team, whom are looking at the island.

The camera focuses on the Daring Delinquents, still deciding who will cross.

“Okay look, someone needs to make the sacrifice, but it’s not going to be me!” Cadence says, putting her nose in the air.

“Any volunteers?” Merrin asks nicely.

“I’ll go. I got nothing to lose.” Viktor shrugs.

His team looks shocked. Quinlan is then shown in the confessional.

“Emo kid has got some guts. Never would’ve known.” Quinlan says.

The camera then shows Viktor jumping into the shark-infested water and begins to swim towards the tiny island as his team cheers him on. The camera then shows the Raging Rebels determining who to send into the water.

“So who’s going to swim across?” Ezra asks his team.

“Well, I’m super good at swimming, I mean can’t you tell how athletic I am?” Holland proudly volunteers.

Right after he says that, a shark jumps out of the water, Holland then backs off from the water.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Declan asks.

“It'll be okay, I’ll do it.” King says.

“Oh no, we can’t risk King!” Clover says.

“He’s too beautiful!” Eunice fawns.

“Ladies, you’re too kind!” King winks and smiles at them.

“Ugh, whatever I’ll do it.” Rigel says, then jumps right into the water.

Declan is shown in the confessional.

“Sure Rigel is a little crass or unladylike, but at least she’s a team player. Don’t tell her I said that.” Declan admits.

The camera then cuts to Rigel and Viktor both swimming towards the tiny island to retrieve a Chris head for their team. A shark attempts to bite Rigel, but she punches it in the face and it leaves her alone. Viktor reaches the island before Rigel, but she is close after him.

“Wow, he really went to a lot of trouble hiding these.” Viktor sarcastically says to himself as he comes across to the two Chris heads, situated next to each other.

Rigel then reaches the island and goes to Viktor and the Chris heads.

“How do you know which one is which?” Rigel asks.

He picks one up and it has the initials ‘RR’ on the bottom, then he picks up the other one with ‘DD’ carved on the bottom. Rigel grabs the one with ‘RR’ carved, then jumps straight back in the water.

“Thanks!” Rigel calls out as she is swimming back.

Viktor sighs, then dives back into the water and begins to swim back to his team. Both of their teams cheer them on while they swim back to them. Rigel makes it to shore first.

“Hell yeah, Rigel!” Tamsin cheers her on.

“Come on let’s go!” Rigel commands her team.

The Raging Rebels then begin to run off with all three of their items. Viktor finally reaches shore with his Chris head.

“Impressive, Viktor.” Xenia emotionlessly compliments, Viktor stops frowning for a brief second.

“Alright team, let’s go!” Una leads her team.

The Daring Delinquents then rush to catch up to the Raging Rebels. The camera then shows the campfire where the finish line and Chris is still lounging, waiting for the teams. The two teams are very neck and neck, but the Raging Rebels cross the finish line first. All of the Daring Delinquents then cross it afterwards.

“Woo! We won!” Clover celebrates.

“No, actually you didn’t. The Daring Delinquents won because they crossed with all of their team members!” Chris announces. Chris then points to a panting Vivica and Holland just crossing the finish line.

The Raging Rebels glare at their two team members whom did not cross the finish line in time, as the Daring Delinquents cheer for their first victory.

“Okay, so I know you guys haven't eaten since you've gotten here. So, I will let all of you go to the mess hall to eat dinner, but right afterwards the Raging Rebels you guys will have to vote one of your own off and meet me at the campfire for the first marshmallow ceremony.” Chris announces.

After the campers have eaten, the camera shows Chris and the Raging Rebels at the campfire for the first marshmallow elimination ceremony of the season. 

“Now welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are nine marshmallows on this plate, and ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Rigel." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

"King." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to him.

“Ezra, Tamsin, Clover.” Chris says and he tosses their marshmallows to them.

“Garth and Declan.” Chris says, passing both boys their marshmallows.

"Eunice." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

Holland and Vivica are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Both of them look anxious about their fate.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Vivica." Chris says.

Vivica proudly eats her marshmallow, and Holland frowns.

“Mhm.” Vivica indulges on the marshmallow.

“What the hell? I thought everyone liked me?” Holland says, confused and angry.

“Eh, not really.” Declan admits.

“Oh, whatever.” Holland says.

“Alright man, Dock of Shame and Boat of Losers awaits!” Chris announces, and pushes him along to the Dock of Shame.

Holland walks on the Dock of Shame and approaches the Boat of Losers.

“You guys are gonna suck without me!” Holland laughs.

Holland then boards the Boat of Losers and rides off into the far distance, leaving the island for good.

Chapter #2: "Out of All Things We Have to Chase After, it’s a Shark."

Chris McLean is shown on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a bright, sunny day during the afternoon.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the campers had their first challenge which was a scavenger hunt! Daring Delinquents won the challenge since the Raging Rebels lost due to Vivica and Holland not crossing the finish line at he same time as them. This left them as the bottom two, but Holland was eliminated because I guess also they found the kid too annoying. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera then pans to the campfire where Clover, Eunice, and Vivica are walking to meet King whom is sitting on one of the logs.

“I’m so happy you three lovely ladies actually came!” King greets and smiles. The three girls drool at the sight of him.

“Oh, we are too!” Clover squeals.

“Totally!” Eunice agrees.

“Mhm. Anyway, what’d you call us here for?” Vivica asks.

“I just wanted to ask for all you beautiful girls, to join me in alliance. You three are the strongest contestants on our team and I love to get the honor to get to the final four with all of you. What do you think?” King offers, then winks at all three of them almost making them faint.

“Yes, anything for you.” Vivica drools.

“Oh my god, yes!” Eunice agrees.

“Of course, how could I even say no?” Clover smiles.

“Excellent! Just don’t breathe a word about this to anyone else, okay?” King demands, politely.

The three girls mindlessly nod their heads and smile at him, King smiles back. 

Eunice, Clover, and Vivica join King's alliance.

“Alright great! I’ll see you gorgeous girls later!” King smiles and waves, then walks out of shot.

“He’s so dreamy.” Eunice says.

“Tell me about it.” Vivica fans herself.

Clover is shown in the confessional.

“Eee! He called me beautiful!” Clover squeals.

King is shown in the confessional.

“Oh gorgeous girls, you are beautiful girls! Literally, all I had to say. This game is going to be so much easier than I thought!” King laughs.

Declan then is shown that he had been spying on them and raises an eyebrow.

Declan is then shown in the confessional.

“I knew that guy would be up to something. Now I need a team of my own to protect myself, ugh.” Declan says.

Declan is then shown approaching Rigel, Tamsin, Ezra, and Garth whom are sitting at a table right outside the Arts & Crafts Center.

“Oh no, what’s the suit doing here?” Rigel asks, stomping off of the table.

“You can stop calling me that. I’ve come to make a proposition.” Declan announces.

“And that proposition is?” Tamsin asks.

“I may have heard King making alliance with the other people on our team. I don't trust him, so I think that we should bond together to make an alliance to stay safe. Anybody in?” Declan offers.

“King would never do that! Just because you’re not as hot as him doesn’t mean you should make an alliance against him. Ugh, I’m leaving.” Ezra rants.

Ezra then gets up and leaves, walking out of shot. Declan sighs.

“Anyone?” Declan sighs.

Garth puts up his finger and begins to open his mouth to speak, but is interrupted.

“So how do we know that you’re not lying?” Rigel asks.

“Yeah, good point.” Tamsin agrees.

“Okay, I can’t prove it. Just watch King, he's sketchy. And if you think of joining me, just tell me. I’ll be here.” Declan says.

Declan raises his eyebrows, shrugs, and walks out of shot.

“What do you guys think?” Tamsin asks Rigel and Garth.

“Uh, um, I don’t know!” Garth nervously answers.

“He’s a narc, but I hate to admit, he may be right. We should probably pay attention to both King and Declan more.” Rigel suggests.

“Good deal. We should definitely think it through first.” Tamsin suggests.

The camera then shows the Dock of Shame where Ig, Zia, and Viktor are hanging out. Ig is testing out his new skateboard, Zia is sketching, and Viktor is writing something in a sketchbook.

“Hey dudes, check this out!” Ig says.

Viktor and Zia look up from what they’re doing and watch Ig. Ig gets steady on his skateboard and skates towards the water, does two flips and then stops right as he is at the edge of the dock, right above the water.

“Pretty cool huh?” Ig says, then falls abruptly along with his skateboard into the water.

“Definitely. Teach me how to do that?” Zia laughs.

“Ah, whatever man. I meant to do that.” Ig says, getting back onto the dock.

“Actually yeah, it’d be cool to learn some things on the board though.” Zia says.

“I’ll teach you if you teach me how to draw! What’re you drawing now?” Ig asks.

“Uh-“ Zia begins to speak. The camera zooms in onto his sketching of Anais’ face. He quickly crumples the page.

“Nothing, haha.” Zia finishes his sentence, Ig raises an eyebrow.

“Are you drawing too, Viktor?” Zia nicely asks.

“No, I’m writing poetry. You probably wouldn’t get it.” Viktor sighs.

“Oh, okay.” Zia says, confused.

The camera shows inside of the Daring Delinquent girl’s cabin, all five girls are present.

“Okay Merrin, we’re like going to have to do something about your shoes.” Cadence says. “But what’s wrong with my shoes?” Merrin asks.

“First off, I’m pretty sure white shoes after Labor Day is illegal. They’re also not heeled or open, so yeah. We’re going to change them.” Cadence points out.

“Oh, okay I guess.” Merrin says, with a bit of a sad tone.

“Hey dude, she can wear whatever she wants.” Anais says.

“Excuse me?” Cadence rudely replies.

“It’s her decision, so just chill and leave her alone.” Anais says.

“I’m just helping her out, leave me alone, dumb blonde.” Cadence says.

“Hey, hey! Us girls cannot be fighting, we must work together. We’re independent strong females!” Una says.

“Whatever.” Cadence says.

“Hey good job on standing up to the queen bee. You’re not as Barbie as I thought.” Xenia whispers to Anais.

“Thanks, dude.” Anais smiles and then they both high-five.

The camera then shows Frederick running while Quinlan is chasing him down.

“What did you just call me, shark bait?” Quinlan yells.

“Just Quin! It’s a nickname I promise you!” Frederick answers back.

“That’s a girl name! You’re the girl, um, Fredericka!” Quinlan yells.

“Quick I think that’s Sean Jena!” Frederick points somewhere in the distance, Quinlan stops to look.

Frederick quickly hides in a bush.

“Hey, that’s just a tree!” Quinlan realizes, he begins to walk and sniff the air.

“Now where is that dweeb?” Quinlan spits.

Frederick shakes out of fear in the bush, and Quinlan pulls him up out of the bush and makes a fist. Chris’ voice is then heard on the PA speaker.

“Alright campers, it’s time for your next challenge! Meet me at the campfire and I’ll explain it all.” Chris announces.

“You got lucky, kid.” Quinlan grunts and lets him go, then walks out of shot. “I think I may have pissed myself.” Frederick squeaks.

The camera then pictures the campfire where both the teams and Chris are.

“Welcome campers to your second challenge! You will be carrying a canoe with your team all the way to to the top of the feared cliff. Then you will dive off the cliff at the same time as the rest of your team, because you’ll be diving off the cliff in the canoe, haha!” Chris explains.

“Please tell me that’s it.” Vivica says.

“Of course that’s not it! Then you will paddle your way to find a flag with your team color on it, which will be attached to one of the sharks! Then you will paddle back to shore with your team, the team that survives and gets to the shore first with your flag, will win!” Chris explains.

“You had to complain, didn’t you?” Rigel glares at Vivica, who rolls her eyes.

“Okay kiddies settle down. Quickly change into your swimsuits. Then let’s head for the base of the cliff where you’ll grab your canoes then run up the infamous cliff! Let’s hurry campers!” Chris demands.

The camera then shows the Chris and the two teams located at the base of the cliff, one blue canoe and one purple canoe sit next to them.

“Okay Daring Delinquents take the pink canoe and Raging Rebels take the blue one. And you guys can start… now.” Chris announces.

The two teams rush to take hold of their canoes to carry them up the cliff. Each member of each teams helps hold up their team’s canoe. The two teams begin to charge up the cliff. The camera zooms in onto the Daring Delinquents, whom are taking the league.

“Yes, we’re in the lead!” Ig enthuses.

“Yeah, we’re uh doing good!” Frederick pants.

“You sound like you’re going to keel over.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Haha, the hot brunette girl’s right.” Quinlan agrees.

“Ugh, don’t speak or agree with me.” Cadence glares and Quinlan just shrugs.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“Cadence is kind of scary, but that just shows that she’s more of a fair lady.” Frederick smiles and raises an eyebrow.

The camera then zooms onto the Raging Rebels, whom are somewhat lagging behind the Daring Delinquents.

“Oh no, we’re lagging.” Ezra points out.

“Come on, team we can do it!” King encourages.

“Let’s hurry for King!” Clover whispers to Eunice and Vivica. Tamsin overhears them and raises an eyebrow.

Eunice is shown in the confessional.

“Sure, I’ll help King out for now. But he doesn’t need to know that I can manipulate him enough so I can get rid of him whenever.” Eunice laughs maliciously.

The Raging Rebels then pick up their pace to catch up with the Daring Delinquents to get on the top of the cliff. The Raging Rebels eventually catch up with the Daring Delinquents as both teams arrive to the top of the cliff.

Both the teams peer out in fear as they look down the cliff.

“Okay, well I guess that’s it.” Viktor sighs.

“Um, I think we might, um die.” Garth stammers.

“I didn't do two years of diving practice for nothing! Let’s do this.” Declan commands his team.

Rigel then laughs at him.

“What’s so funny?” Declan asks.

“I can’t get over that you wear a speedo!” Rigel laughs, Declan rolls his eyes.

“It’s for water polo.” Declan mutters.

Then the Raging Rebels go ahead and jump into the canoe as King helps push the canoe over the edge, and jumps into the canoe right after, setting the team’s canoe along with the whole team falling down the cliff. All of the Raging Rebels simultaneously scream.

“Alright we can do this, it’s not too far down, I don’t think.” Merrin enthuses her teams but the Raging Rebels screams get louder in the distance.

“We got this, come on warriors! Oh yeah, and men.” Una enthuses.

The Daring Delinquents then rush and jump into their canoe as Una pushes them off, then jumps into the canoe, sending them off of the cliff as well. All of the Daring Delinquents scream as they fall with the exception of Xenia and Quinlan.

The camera then shows the Raging Rebels whom had just landed in the water, all of them are panting from screaming.

“Woo! We made it out alive!” Clover celebrates.

“Alright, we should be a look out for our flag now. Which is on a shark.” Tamsin nervously points out.

The camera then zooms in on the Daring Delinquents landing on the water, making a big splash.

“That wasn’t hardcore at all.” Xenia sighs.

“Wait what’re we supposed to look for again?” Zia asks.

“A shark with our team’s flag on it.” Anais answers.

“Oh, that’s groovy.” Zia nervously says.

Shark fins are then shown circling both canoes and some campers shake in fear. One shark jumps out across both canoes with an indigo flag with a ‘R’ on it.

“That should be our shark!” Ezra points at the shark that had just jumped out.

“But how are we supposed to catch it?” Tamsin asks.

“We can follow and then one of us can catch the flag off of it!” Garth suggests.

“Well, that sounds like a good plan, Garth! Any volunteers?” King asks.

“Well, I swim at a collegiate level and have a gold medal in the-“ Eunice begins to go off.

“Actually, don’t fret your pretty little head. I will do it!” King volunteers himself as he interrupts her, but he smiles at her.

The Raging Rebels then begin to row their canoe to follow their shark. Another shark with a magenta flag swims past the Daring Delinquents.

“Hey that shark is getting away with our flag!” Ig announces.

“Let’s go after it!” Anais suggests.

“Everyone, row harder!” Zia directs.

“Out of all things we have to chase after, it’s a shark.” Frederick shakes.

“Don’t be such a baby.” Quinlan grunts.

“Both of you just shut up! Let’s go bag this shark or whatever.” Cadence says.

The Daring Delinquents then begin to paddle after their shark with the flag. The camera then zooms onto the Raging Rebels who have targeted their shark and now are about to grab the flag.

“Here everyone just keep rowing until King reaches the flag!” Declan suggests.

“But my arms hurt.” Vivica complains.

“Just do it for King, look how hot he is!” Clover points out.

“Whatever works for you.” Rigel mutters then rolls her eyes.

King manages to grab the flag and his team cheers. He then winks at Vivica, Clover, and Eunice. Tamsin then gets a suspicious look.

“Here, Garth you can hold it!” King throws the flag to Garth who struggles to get ahold of it, due to it being wet.

The flag slips out of Garth’s hands into the water.

“Oh no, oh no, I’m so sorry!” Garth apologizes repeatedly.

“Ugh. Dammit, Garth.” Vivica scoffs.

“Someone’s gotta dive and get it!” Clover says.

“Well I’m a fifth generation professional diver and-“ Eunice begins to speak.

“Shhhh. I’ll get it.” Declan interrupts.

Declan then dives into the water to get the flag.

The camera then shows the Daring Delinquents chasing down their shark and finally become close enough to their shark to make their move.

“We’re not close enough, are we?” Viktor sighs.

“No, don’t be down Viktor! We’re close enough!” Merrin enthuses.

“We need someone with long arms to grab it. What about you Xenia?” Una asks.

“Ugh, fine. I will get the flag or whatever.” Xenia confirms.

“You go girl!” Una enthuses, Xenia rolls her eyes.

Xenia leans out of the canoe and picks the flag from the shark with silent ease. Her teammates cheer her on.

“Great job, man.” Anais compliments.

“Yeah, thanks.” Xenia says.

“Hey, we got leeway on the other team, they’re still trying to get their flag!” Zia points out.

“Hell yeah!” Ig celebrates.

“Now’s our chance!” Merrin states.

“Get to paddling, peasants!” Cadence smirks.

“Yes, m’lady!” Frederick obeys.

“Ew.” Cadence shudders.

The Daring Delinquents then paddle past the Raging Rebels whom are still trying to get their flag back. The camera zooms back into the Raging Rebels.

“We wouldn’t behind if you didn’t drop it Garth.” Ezra complains, Garth sulks.

“Hey come on, leave him alone.” Tamsin defends Garth, Ezra just shrugs.

Declan gets out of the water with the flag in his hand as he gets back into the canoe. His team cheers him on.

“Woo! The suit pulled through!” Rigel celebrates.

“Paddle.” Declan pants.

The Raging Rebels then begin to paddle back towards shore and also attempt to catch up to the Daring Delinquents. The camera zooms in onto the Daring Delinquents.

“We’re not going to make it.” Viktor sulks.

“Shut up and paddle.” Quinlan grunts.

“We’ll get there, just be more positive guys!” Una smiles then glares at Quinlan.

The camera then shows the beach where Chris and Chef await for the first team to arrive.

“God they need to hurry up already! The suspense is killing me!” Chris says, Chef rolls his eyes.

The camera then shows the Daring Delinquents in their canoe crossing over to the shore, with the Raging Rebels way behind. The Daring Delinquents reach the shore before their enemy team.

“We’re here and we got out flag!” Zia announces.

“Yes, we won!” Anais cheers.

“You’re right, you guys did win! Again. Kind of expected, but whatever. Anyway your team is free to go, your reward is being safe, haha.” Chris announces.

The Daring Delinquents cheer.

“Of course, there’s no award.” Cadence scoffs.

“Whatever, we won.” Xenia shrugs.

“Don’t get too excited, now run along kiddies.” Chris says.

The Daring Delinquents then all walk off of screen to go celebrate and relax.

The Raging Rebels finally approach the shore with their flag.

“Finally! You guys lost, again. So, I’ll meet you losers at the marshmallow elimination ceremony, so go ahead and vote someone off!” Chris announces.

“I cannot say we didn’t try.” Rigel says and gives a laugh Declan rolls his eyes.

“Not again.” Ezra sighs.

“It’ll be okay friend, we will work harder to be a better team!” King smiles at him.

Garth is shown in the confessional.

“Oh god, I already know I’m going home. I didn’t mean to ruin the challenge for us, I’m just clumsy.” Garth sulks.

King is then shown in the confessional.

“I’ve already told my little alliance who to vote for and they all mindlessly agreed. I got this game in the bag.” King smiles.

After the Raging Rebels had voted, the camera shows Chris and the Raging Rebels at the campfire once again for their second elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to your second elimination ceremony. There are eight marshmallows on this plate, and nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for King." Chris says as he tosses it to him.

“Clover and Tamsin.” Chris says and he tosses marshmallows to both girls.

“Declan and Vivica.” Chris tosses them their marshmallows.

“Rigel.” Chris says, passing her a marshmallow.

"Ezra." Chris says as he tosses it to him.

Eunice and Garth are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Garth looks both sad and anxious while Eunice looks normal and then sticks her tongue out meanly at Garth.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Garth." Chris says.

Garth has a shocked look as Chris passes him his marshmallow, a few other campers look shocked as well.

“Excuse me?” Eunice gasps.

“What’s done is done, Dock of Shame awaits.” Chris says.

“You will all regret this!” Eunice yells.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Chris pushes her towards the Dock of Shame.

“I may be a liar, but I’ll tell you this: King is-“ Eunice begins to call out, but Chris puts her hand over her mouth.

“Your lies are way too boring, bye now.” Chris pushes her off onto the Boat of Losers.

Eunice is heard yelling, but is muffled as she is on the Boat of Losers and rides off into the far distance, leaving the island for good.

Chapter #3: "This is My Worst Nightmare."

Chris McLean is shown on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a bright and sunny afternoon.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the campers had to dive off the cliff in canoes with their whole team, then catch a flag from a shark and come back to shore with it! Daring Delinquents won and Raging Rebels lost, again. It came down to Eunice and Garth, but Eunice was eliminated. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows Cadence and Merrin in the Daring Delinquents girl’s cabin.

“So who do you like like? Or think is hot?” Cadence asks.

“Um, I don’t really know.” Merrin says.

“Don’t be so boring, Merrin. King is totally hot though.” Cadence says.

“I guess so.” Merrin shrugs.

“Ladies.” Frederick’s voice is heard outside the window.

“Oh!” Merrin is shocked.

“Get away you little perv!” Cadence yells.

“Alright, I understand you need your space, you’re a lady.” Frederick says and leaves from the window.

“What a creep.” Cadence sighs with disgust.

The camera then shows Anais, Ig, Una, and Zia at the beach.

“It’s so nice out here!” Una says.

“Yeah, I love the beach.” Anais says.

“Oh yeah, me too!” Zia agrees.

“Let’s go swimming guys!” Ig says.

“And girls. But yeah, let’s go!” Una enthuses.

“Come on Zia!” Anais grabs him by the hand and takes him near the water.

“I’m coming!” Zia blushes.

The camera shows Xenia and Viktor at the dock.

“You write some miserably amazing poetry.” Xenia compliments.

“You really do too, I can write you a poem some time.” Viktor offers.

“That’d be brutal.” Xenia says. Quinlan comes into view.

“You crazy emos.” Quinlan rolls his eyes, Xenia hisses at him.

“Nevermind.” Quinlan says and quickly runs away.

“I think I love you.” Viktor wide-eyed, says to Xenia.

The camera shows Declan, Ezra, Garth, Rigel, and Tamsin at the mess hall.

“Okay, so did any of you decide about my alliance?” Declan asks.

“Look, if King had an alliance with those three, why was Eunice voted out last time?” Ezra asks.

“King’s up to something, that’s why.” Declan says.

“Well, I don’t believe you. I’m leaving.” Ezra says and leaves the mess hall.

“Um, well I almost got eliminated last time. I’ll join, if I’m allowed.” Garth accepts.

“Thank you, of course you’re in.” Declan says.

“I think you might be right about King, it’s suspicious. I’ll join too.” Tamsin says.

The three look at Rigel waiting for her decision.

“Fine, I’ll join for now, at least. But if you turn on us suit, you’ll be in a world of hurt.” Rigel accepts.

The camera shows Clover, King, and Vivica at the campfire.

“So, wait why did we vote off Eunice again?” Clover asks.

“She was planning on voting us all out, remember? I heard her, she said she wanted to kick us all off first.” King lies.

“Glad we got rid of her then. I mean we’re supposed to be the final three.” Vivica says.

“And we shall be, I guarantee.” King smiles. “Eee! I cant wait!” Clover says.

Chris’s voice is heard over the PA speakers.

“Campers, report to the stage where I’ll give you your new challenge! It’s an oldie, but a goodie!” Chris announces.

The two teams are shown at the stage awaiting their challenge, along with Chris whom is on the stage. The teams of campers sit in the bleachers.

“Okay, campers your challenge is a Total Drama Island original, the fear factor challenge! You all will face your deepest fears! The team with the least amount of people bail on their fear wins! So Raging Rebels that means you need to step up your game!” Chris explains.

“But how do you even know what we’re scared of?” Clover asks.

“That doesn’t matter. Alright, let’s start with individual fears first with King for the Raging Rebels and Zia for the Daring Delinquents!” Chris announces.

King and Zia move from the bleachers and get on stage with Chris. Chef comes out wearing a beekeeper uniform and is carrying a box of bees. A nice-looking lady comes out on stage as well and has a makeup kit.

“Zia, we’re going to coat your beard with honey and let some bees stay for at least four minutes. King, this nice lady is going to give you an ugly makeover and you’re going to have to keep the makeup throughout the whole challenge!” Chris explains.

“Oh god.” Zia says, scared.

King looks absolutely shocked, but shakes it off.

“Make me over, sweetheart.” King says to the lady, whom blushes.

The lady begins his ugly makeover, while Zia’s beard is coated with honey. After Zia’s beard is fully coated with honey, Chef releases the bees. Zia shakes as the bees collect around his beard. A timer appears for four minutes to time the bees. Zia becomes very still and King is still getting his makeup done.

Zia appears in the confessional.

“I think the trick is to stay still right? But it’s kind of hard when bees are literally stuck in your beard.” Zia says.

The camera goes back to the stage. The timer gets to four minutes and Chef removes the bees from Zia’s face and some stings are revealed on his face.

“Ow.” Zia says, a point then rings for the Daring Delinquents.

King’s makeup is done; Some of his teeth are blacked out, he has a drawn unibrow, and made up pimples all over his face, most people look shocked to see King look unattractive.

King whimpers, but goes back to the bleachers along with Zia.

“Alright, next up is Vivica for the Rebels and Xenia for the Delinquents.” Chris announces.

Vivica and Xenia step up onto the stage along with Chris. Chris then motions a random, cheery child onto the stage as an intern brings out a cage that hold a black widow spider. Xenia smiles at the spider, then spots the child and her eyes widen. Vivica screams when she sees the spider.

“Alright to earn your team a point, Vivica, you will have to pet the spider. And Xenia, you have to hug the child.” Chris explains.

“Hi! You’re tall! You kinda look like a ghost too!” The child greets Xenia.

Xenia lets out an emotionless yell and then groans. She then closes her eyes and bends down to hug the child.

“Yay!” The child says as she hugs them, a point rings for the Daring Delinquents.

“Get it off of me, now.” Xenia says. The child releases from her and Xenia shivers as she goes back to her seat.

“Your turn, Vivica.” Chris says.

“Ahh!” Vivica lets out a battle cry and beats the spider death with her pocket book.

“I told you to pet it, you murderer!” Chris says. A point rings for the Raging Rebels.

“Whatever.” Vivica scoffs.

Vivica and Xenia go back to the bleachers.

“Clover for the Rebels and Merrin for the Delinquents, come on up.” Chris says.

Clover and Merrin walk up to the stage. Chef rolls out a heavy strange-looking machine and Chris hands Clover a remote with one button.

“Clover, you’re going to have to last in an open space under this stage for ten minutes. If you can’t handle just press the button and we’ll pull you up, but your team doesn't get a point.” Chris explains.

“Oh, no-“ Clover says, but falls due to a trap door triggered by Chris.

A timer is put up for ten minutes.

Clover is shown under the stage, in a vast open space, alone. She screams and starts to pace back and forth. The camera pans back to the stage.

“Merrin, this little machine here can form mini tornadoes and to get your team a point you’ll have to outrun one until it dies down.” Chris explains.

“I didn’t think you'd be able to make one.” Merrin shakes.

Chef cranks up the machine and a tiny tornado forms. Merrin is wide-eyed and begins to run from it, as the tornado somehow follows her.

Clover is shown under the stage again.

“No! I can’t do this anymore, I need to see people!” Clover screams. She presses the button and is pulled up back to the stage.

“Go sit down, Clover. You shamed by not getting them a point.” Chris says.

Clover goes back to the bleacher and sits with her team. Merrin is still frantically running from the tornado, but the tornado is beginning to die down. Eventually the tornado dies out and disappears and Merrin covers her head, then realizes the tornado is gone as a point rings for her team. Merrin lets out a sigh of relief and goes back to the bleachers.

“Okay, Garth for the Rebels, and Frederick for the Delinquents come up.” Chris says.

Garth and Frederick go up onto the stage. Interns bring out a somewhat small refrigerator and Chef brings out a tank of water that holds a shark.

“Garth, you must get in this fridge, a tiny confined space and stay for ten minutes. If you can stay, you’ll earn a point. Frederick, you will have to swim with this shark for about five minutes to earn a point.” Chris explains.

“Come on, I have to deal with another shark.” Frederick sighs.

Frederick nears the tank with the shark, then the shark goes up to the glass of the tank and shows its teeth. Frederick gulps.

“I can do this.” Garth says and takes a deep breath.

Garth goes into the fridge and shuts the door on himself. A timer appears for ten minutes.

Frederick gets to the edge of the tank, about to get into the pool. The shark then gets its head out of the water and shows Frederick its teeth once more.

“No!” Frederick squeaks and pees himself. He then runs away from the shark back to the bleachers and shakes.

“Good lord.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Well that was something.” Chris says awkwardly.

Eventually, the timer gets to ten minutes and Garth gets out of the fridge. A point rings for the Raging Rebels. Garth then goes back to the bleachers.

“Okay, next up is Ezra for the Rebels and Anais for the Delinquents.” Chris says.

Ezra and Anais step up onto the stage. Interns pull up two closed cardboard boxes onto the stage.

“Alright Ezra, since you have that mainstream fear of holes, so you’re going to be staring at this cardboard box filled with tiny holes for five minutes.” Chris explains.

“Wait, that’s a thing?” Rigel asks.

“Unfortunately.” Ezra shudders.

“And Anais, you will have to stick your hand in the other box filled with centipedes and let them crawl on your hand.” Chris says.

“Why does it have to be centipedes?” Anais pouts.

Anais closes her eyes and quickly sticks her hands into the box and lets the centipedes take hold of her hand. A point rings for the Delinquents, and Anais shakes her hand off, then shivers.

“Never again.” Anais shudders, then goes back to her seat.

Ezra is closing his eyes to the board, but is struggling to open them.

“All you have to do is stare at it, dude.” Chris comforts.

Ezra opens one of his eyes.

“No, it’s too much! Too many holes!” Ezra squeals and runs back to his seat. His team rolls their eyes.

“Okay next up, Ig and Cadence both for the Delinquents.” Chris announces.

Ig and Cadence come up to the stage. An intern comes out with a snake around their neck and Chef comes out with a dead fish in hand.

“Alright, Ig you will have to take being slapped by a dead fish in the face and Cadence you have to carry the snake on your shoulders.” Chris explains.

“Sick, dude!” Ig says, shivering.

Cadence screams at the sight of the snake.

“Oh no way, like that snake could kill me.” Cadence refuses.

“Come on, do it for our team.” Ig enthuses.

“No way, I don’t want that disgusting slithering thing on me. We have enough team members anyway.”

Cadence shrugs and goes off to the bleachers.

“Seriously? Whatever let’s get this dead fish thing over with.” Ig says.

Ig nears Chef and Chef wields the fish. Ig closes his eyes as Chef slaps Ig in the face with the dead fish. Ig lets out a cry and gags, but a point rings for the Daring Delinquents. Ig goes back to sit down in the bleachers.

“Okay, let’s have Quinlan for the Delinquents and Tamsin for the Rebels up!” Chris commands.

Quinlan and Tamsin then step up to the stage. Chef comes out with a puppet in hand and an intern comes out with a crate, but it is not visible what is inside.

“First off Tamsin, you'll have to kiss this puppet that Chef is holding to win a point for your team.” Chris says.

“Of course I do.” Tamsin rolls her eyes.

“And Quinlan, all you have to do is pet this guy!” Chris says and points to the crate as the intern is about to open it.

The intern opens the crate door all the way and a baby kitten walks out of the crate.


Quinlan is revealed to be scared of kittens.

“So, Quinlan is scared of kittens?” Frederick laughs.

“Shut up dweeb! Chris, I hate you.” Quinlan grunts.

“That’s what I was aiming for!” Chris laughs.

Tamsin quickly gets kissing the puppet that Chef is holding over with. A point rings for the Raging Rebels.

“I’m going to go have nightmares now.” Tamsin says, then moves back to her seat on the bleachers.

“Okay, hurry up Quinlan.” Chris says.

Quinlan and the kitten lock eyes and Quinlan starts sweating frantically due to nervousness. The kitten then meows at him, and he screams and runs back to his seat.

“Okay then… next up is Una for the Delinquents and Declan for the Rebels.” Chris announces.

Una and Declan step up to the stage.

“Since you both have the same fear of heights, you will have to do the same thing to get your team a point.” Chris says, then he snaps his fingers.

The curtain of the stage is pulled back and a wooden pool and extremely high ladder with a diving board.

“You will have to jump from this height into the pool to win your team a point.” Chris explains.

Una and Declan climb on top of the ladder and onto the diving board. Both of them peer over the diving board and shake.

“This is my worst nightmare.” Una admits.

“I’m going to die.” Declan shivers.

“Well, I’m not going to let a man beat me to this. No offense.” Una says.

“None taken.” Declan says.

Una jumps off the diving board and makes it into the pool, a point rings for the Daring Delinquents. Declan then shrugs and closes his eyes, and jumps for his team. A point rings for the Raging Rebels. Both Una and Declan then go back to their seats in the bleachers.

“Last, but not least, lets have Viktor for the Delinquents and Rigel for the Rebels come up.” Chris says.

Viktor and Rigel step on up to the stage. Two clowns come out on stage.

“Both of you will have to shake these clown’s hands, that’s all you have to do.” Chris explains.

“Come on, man.” Rigel rolls her eyes.

“This is the worst moment of my life.” Viktor sighs.

Rigel quickly shakes one of the clown’s hands, then the clown laughs. This startles Rigel and she screams, then kicks the clown. A point rings for the Raging Rebels. Rigel then goes back to the bleachers. Viktor then gets close enough to the clown and it starts to laugh, and Viktor starts to scream.

“Sorry I can’t do this!” Viktor cries.

He runs back to the bleachers.

“Alrighty then. King also wins a point for his team because he has kept that hideous makeup on all day.” Chris states.

A point rings for the Raging Rebels.

“So the Raging Rebels had two people who bailed and the Daring Delinquents had four people who bailed, which means Delinquents lose and Rebels win! See you at your first elimination ceremony, Daring Delinquents! So, Delinquents go vote for who you want off your team!” Chris announces.

After the Daring Delinquents had voted, the camera shows Chris and the Raging Rebels at the campfire for their elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are nine marshmallows on this plate, and ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Zia." Chris says, then tosses it to him.

"Una." Chris says and tosses her a marshmallow.

“Anais and Xenia.” Chris says then tosses marshmallows to the girls.

“Merrin and Ig.” Chris tosses them their marshmallows.

“Viktor.” Chris says, passing him a marshmallow.

"Frederick." Chris says and he tosses it to him. Cadence and Quinlan are the only two without a marshmallow left. Cadence rolls her eyes and Quinlan glares at everyone.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Cadence." Chris says.

“Alright, cool.” Cadence says, then eats her marshmallow right away.

“Screw you guys, bunch of losers anyway.” Quinlan grunts.

“Yeah, yeah. Dock of Shame awaits.” Chris says.

“****ing losers!” Quinlan glares at his now ex-teammates, then heads onto the Dock of Shame.

Quinlan boards the Boat of Losers and rides off into the distance, out of view.

Chapter #4: "Yeah Sure Dude, I’ll Model."

Chris McLean is shown wearing a raincoat on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a dull and rainy morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the campers had to face their darkest fears! Some triumphed, when others well… sucked. Raging Rebels actually won the challenge for once and the Daring Delinquents had to send someone home. It came down to Cadence and Quinlan, but Quinlan was eliminated. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

Clover, King, and Vivica are shown at their usual meeting place, the campfire.

“Yay, we won finally!” Clover cheers.

“We’re just one step away from victory ladies!” King smiles.

“We’re so gonna win.” Vivica laughs, clawing her hands together.

“Yes we are! But we need to get down to business, who are next target is. Any suggestions?” King proposes. A huge gasp is then heard from a bush.

“What the hell?” Vivica says.

“Is that bush talking?” Clover asks.

King goes and inspects the bush and finds Ezra spying.

“So you do have an alliance! Oh my god!” Ezra gasps.

Ezra is shown in the confessional.

“I can’t believe it, Declan was right!” Ezra gasps.

The camera then cuts back to the campfire.

“Please keep this on the down low, Ezra.” King begs.

“What’s in it for me?” Ezra asks.

“You’re my friend. I’ll cut you a deal.” King says.

The camera cuts to Tamsin and Rigel spying on the previous four in the far distance with a pair of binoculars.

“Ezra just came out of nowhere, he’s talking with them!” Rigel announces as she spies with the binoculars.

“What are they saying?” Tamsin asks.

“Crap. Hey can you read lips?” Rigel asks.

“Kind of, here let me look.” Tamsin then gets the binoculars and looks.

“Oh no, I think he’s joining them.” Tamsin sighs.

“We gotta go tell Declan and Garth.” Rigel says.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“King is such a weasel! I can’t believe he sucked one of my friends into his scheme.” Tamsin sighs, angry.

Declan and Garth are shown in the cabin.

“I feel like I can finally relax since we actually won a challenge.” Declan stretches.

“Yeah, um me too.” Garth agrees.

“But we still have to watch out for King and his… harem. I don't know what else to call it.” Declan says.

“That’s true, and harem is the perfect word, haha.” Garth laughs.

A rock is then throw hard through their window.

“Holy-“ Garth yells.

Declan picks up the rock and a note is shown on it, the note reads ‘meet us at arts & crafts ASAP - R & T’.

The camera then shows Anais and Zia down at the beach, lounging in the rain.

“Your favorite movie is Dr. Somebody too?” Anais asks.

“Yep! What’s your favorite place in camp?” Zia asks.

“I think this is my favorite spot in the whole camp.” Anais says.

“Me too, it’s just so pretty out. Like you.” Zia blushes.

“Aww, you're too sweet. You’re pretty cute yourself too!” Anais says.

“Um, Anais would you want to be my girlfriend? I mean you don't have to if you don't want to-“ Zia asks and then Anais cuts him off by kissing him. 

Anais and Zia kiss and become a couple.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” Anais smiles.

Anais is shown in the confessional.

“Zia is the sweetest and sweetest guy on the island, I can't believe he asked me.” Anais blushes.

The camera then shows Frederick, Ig, and Viktor in their cabin.

“Hey Ig, I have a question.” Frederick says.

“Ask away, little dude.” Ig says.

“How do you talk to girls? I’m kind of lost.” Frederick says.

“I don’t know that much dude, why do you ask me?” Ig asks.

“You just seem pretty cool and that you'd be able to.” Frederick says.

“Thanks man, just use your confidence and be chill!” Ig hesitantly yet happily gives advice, Frederick nods.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“I’m definitely gonna use Ig’s cool advice to get my fair lady Cadence!” Frederick says, hopeful.

The camera cuts back to Frederick, Ig, and Viktor in the cabin.

“I have a question for you too.” Viktor says.

“Yeah, dude?” Ig awaits the question.

“How’re you so happy all the damn time?” Viktor sighs.

“Look at the glass half full, my man!” Ig advises. “Eh.” Viktor shrugs.

Cadence, Merrin, Una, and Xenia are shown in their cabin.

“Merrin, it’s Wednesday.” Cadence says.

“Yeah, and?” Merrin innocently asks.

“We don't wear yellow on Wednesdays.” Cadence says.

“Oh, but I don’t-“ Merrin begins to trail off.

“Okay, I’m all for the girl team here, but you Cadence need to let Merrin be her own woman.” Una calls out Cadence.

“I don’t need to listen to someone who doesn't know how to match their outfit.” Cadence scoffs.

“That was a bit rude, but it doesn't bother me. But Merrin has 100% of the right to be her own.” Una states.

“She is her own, I’m just helping her improve. Something you would know nothing about.” Cadence says.

“All the offense, no one wants your tacky help or even here, Regina George.” Xenia rises from her sleep just to say this.

“Whatever.” Cadence says, then storms out the cabin.

“Hey thank you guys.” Merrin whispers right as Cadence leaves.

Chris’s voice is heard over the PA speakers.

“Time for your next challenge! Meet me in the mess hall, happy campers!” Chris announces.

Chris, Chef, and the two teams are then all shown in the mess hall. The mess hall's tables are replaced with clothing racks and four dressing rooms are on the side. A runway is also placed in the center of the mess hall.

"I'm sure you can guess this challenge already, unless you're dumb." Chris says.

"That's a mean thing to say." Merrin quietly pouts.

"I'll explain it anyway for the simple-minded campers. The challenge is for you to pick one male and one female camper of your team to model clothes and walk down this runway. You will also pick one photographer from your team to take a good picture of your models on the runway. The rest of you will design the clothes your models will be wearing. Chef, the guest judge, and I will be judging on the picture, the clothes, and the models. Whichever team has the most points wins." Chris explains.

"Um, who's the guest judge?" Garth asks.

"Well, she wasn't the original judge we were going to have, but she was the only one available I could legally make come here!" Chris introduces the guest judge.

Gwen walks out of the kitchen.

"I hate Chris and I hate it here. I'm only doing this for the money." Gwen says.

"You're one of my idols." Xenia says in awe of Gwen.

"Hey, thanks. Your makeup is awesome!" Gwen says, Xenia almost smiles.

"Let's get started with this challenge now!" Chris says, anxious about getting the challenge over with.

The Daring Delinquents are shown deciding first with their team.

“Who wants to model?” Una asks.

“Me.” Cadence demands.

“We need someone less basic, like Anais.” Xenia points out.

“Me?” Anais says.

“Yes, Anais sounds good!” Zia agrees.

“You’ll win the battle another day, my sweet.” Frederick whispers to Cadence and she shivers.

“Aw, thanks Zia! Want to model too?” Anais asks.

“I have a bit of stage fright, I’ll photograph though, I’m really good!” Zia says.

“Who’s going to be our guy model?” Xenia asks.

“I would, but I’m not photogenic, unfortunately.” Viktor sighs.

“I got this!” Frederick stands up.

“Nope.” Cadence rejects him.

“Ig, do you want to?” Merrin asks.

“Yeah sure dude, I’ll model.” Ig says.

“Alright the rest of us will design clothes.” Una says.

The Raging Rebels are then shown about to decide as well.

"King definitely has to be our male model!" Clover says.

"Well, I do model a bit back home." King agrees.

"Alright experience is good, what about the female model and photographer?" Tamsin asks.

"Don't you want to, Tamsin?" Garth asks.

"I deserve to be the female model, because just look at me." Vivica interrupts, bragging then Tamsin glares at her.

"That's not narcissistic at all, but okay fine." Declan confirms.

"I take about 50 pictures a day for my 16 fine and artsy blogs, I can definitely photograph. I won't disappoint." Ezra volunteers.

"Okay everything sounds good, everyone else let's get to designing." Rigel says.

"You have 30 minutes to design, so hurry up!" Chris announces.

The camera then shows the teams' stylists individually working on the outfits as a timer ticks down for 30 minutes. Eventually the timer ticks down to 0 and the stylists stop designing.

"Okay, quickly get your models dressed and ready for the catwalk!" Chris demands.

The models; Anais, Ig, King, and Vivica are pushed into their individual dressing rooms and quickly get dressed. An intern rolls out a judging table along with three seats. Chris, Chef, and Gwen then take their seats at the judging table.

"Photographers come on out, I'll give you guys polaroid cameras. We will judge everything after the models walk. And let's start with the Raging Rebels' male model, King!" Chris announces.

Ezra and Zia get their polaroid cameras, and Ezra gets ready to shoot his as King comes out. King is shirtless, but is wearing jungle-themed shorts that are sleek, yet wild. He comes out with a strong walk and poses professionally and flexes for the camera. King then goes back.

"Let's have Ig next!" Chris calls.

Ig walks out wearing dark skinny jeans, glasses, black dress shirt with a red tie and dark boots. He does a laid back, yet confident walk and poses for the camera. Ig then walks back to his place.

"Now, Vivica's turn!" Chris announces.

Vivica walks out wearing a somewhat long, gold, futuristic dress, with lots of silver jewelry. She stomps for her walk and keeps her hands on her hips the whole time, she then confidently poses for the camera, she then goes back to her place.

"Lastly, Anais!" Chris says.

Anais comes out with a gothic lolita dress, black stockings, and large combat boots. She walks professionally, but does not overdo it. She then does a variety of poses for the camera at the end. Anais then goes back to her place.

"Photographers, give me the pictures and we will then judge! Chef will judge the walks, Gwen will judge the clothes, and I'll judge the photos." Chris demands.

Zia and Ezra hand the judges the pictures they had taken of the models.

"King's walk was pretty manly, I'll give it 7." Chef says.

"The shorts were kind of cool, but he had no shirt. And I'm judging clothes, so I give it a 5." Gwen says.

"What is this? This isn't even a picture of King, it's a selfie of Ezra! Dude! Zero." Chris says.

Ezra facepalms. The Raging Rebels' scorer appears with the number 12.

"Ig had an okay walk I guess, 5." Chef states.

"The clothes were pretty wicked, I give them an 9. He really pulled them off." Gwen scores.

"Ig actually looks like a model in this picture, huh. 8." Chris says.

Ig smiles. The Daring Delinquents' scorer appears with the number 22.

"Vivica's walk scared me a bit. I don't scare easy. I give it a 2." Chef states.

"In my personal opinion, way too much gold. I was blinded a bit, but the style of dress was kind of pretty. I give it a 5." Gwen states.

"Another selfie, Ezra. I'll give it a one because you can see a fourth of Vivica in the back." Chris scores.

The Raging Rebels' scorer appears with the number 20.

"Anais' walk was pretty modelly by my standards. 8." Chef scores.

"The clothes were incredibly amazing. I give it a 10." Gwen scores.

"The photo is well taken too and the pose as well. 9." Chris scores.

The Daring Delinquents' scorer appears with the number 49 and dings with victory.

"The obvious winners are the Daring Delinquents! Now go off and do whatever campers do. Except you Raging Rebels, you gotta go vote off someone! Meet you guys at the elimination ceremony." Chris announces.

After the Raging Rebels vote, the camera shows Chris and the Raging Rebels at the campfire for their marshmallow elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to another marshmallow elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are seven marshmallows on this plate, and eight of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Rigel." Chris says, then tosses it to her.

“Tasmin and King." Chris says and tosses them their marshmallows.

“Garth.” Chris tosses him a marshmallows.

“Clover.” Chris says, passing her a marshmallow.

"Declan." Chris says and he tosses it to him.

Ezra and Vivica are the only two campers without a marshmallow left. Both look equally as nervous.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Vivica." Chris says.

“Damn right.” Vivica says, then eats her marshmallow with her nose in the air.

“Our team was getting too dramatic anyway.” Ezra rolls his eyes, then gets up.

“I’ll miss Tamsin’s kindness and definitely King’s looks.” Ezra says.

“We don’t have anytime for speeches, dude. Dock of Shame and the Boat of Losers await.” Chris says.

“Bye guys.” Ezra shrugs and walks onto the Dock of Shame headed for the Boat of Losers.

Ezra then boards the Boat of Losers and rides off into the distance, out of sight.

Chapter #5: "Ahhh! A Zombie!"

Chris McLean is shown on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a foggy and early morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the campers had to do a fashion show with two models from each team and a photographer. Daring Delinquents won once again and the Raging Rebels had to send someone home for the thousandth time. It came down to Ezra and Vivica, but Ezra was eliminated for some possible shady reasons. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera pans to the camp outside of the cabins, no camper is out.

“Time to wake up, campers! Come get your breakfast!” Chris announces on high volume via PA speakers.

The camera pans to the Daring Delinquent boy’s cabin, Chris’ call woke up all four guys in the cabin.

“Oh god!” Zia yells, he had woken abruptly from Chris’ rude awakening. Frederick, Ig and Viktor stare at him.

“Don’t fret dude, it’s just Chris!” Ig says.

“That’s still pretty bad.” Frederick says.

“Hey! You’re so right dude!” Ig agrees.

“I wish I could have slept in for once. Oh, well.” Viktor lets out a big sign.

“Come on, Viktor! Be happy to be alive! It’s amazing!” Zia attempts to cheer up Viktor.

“Have you realized where we are yet?” Viktor asks and sighs.

“Um, yes?” Zia replies.

Viktor sighs again and leaves the cabin quietly, Zia shrugs the situation off.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to get some breakfast.” Frederick says and walks towards the door of the cabin.

“And you know, see the ladies.” Frederick smiles and raises an eyebrow, then leaves.

“That kid is something else, but breakfast sounds good.” Ig agrees.

“You’re right and I’ll get to see Anais too!” Zia says, excited.

Zia and Ig then leave the cabin as well. The inside of the Daring Delinquent girl’s cabin is shown, all of the girls in the cabin are awake.

“Ugh, Chris is killing me.” Cadence groans.

“Not fast enough, obviously.” Xenia mutters under her breath.

“Whatever, Wednesday Addams.” Cadence scoffs.

“I take that as a compliment.” Xenia says.

“Ew, you’re such a creep.” Cadence says, Xenia shrugs.

“Cadence, that’s a little mean.” Merrin tries to point out, politely.

“Merrin, don’t be silly, she’s just a goth. I’m going to breakfast, so if you have any sense at all, you’d come too.” Cadence says and then leaves the cabin, Merrin sighs once she closes the door.

“Neither of you deserved that treatment, god she makes me so mad.” Anais says.

“I don’t mind her too much, it’s kind of funny.” Xenia says.

“Yeah, her spouts of nonsense are pretty ridiculous.” Anais says.

“Merrin, you don’t need that treatment! You must stand up for yourself against her!” Una suggests.

“Um, okay, I can try.” Merrin nervously agrees.

“That’s my girl!” Una says.

“Don’t worry too much, Merrin. We’ll kick her out of here soon enough.” Anais says.

The four girls then exit their cabin to go to the mess hall. The camera shows inside the Raging Rebels guy’s cabin. Declan, Garth, and King are all awake.

“I always love hearing Chris’ voice in the morning.” Declan sarcastically states.

“I got about two hours of sleep, I’m not ready for today.” Garth yawns.

“Don’t dread, friends. It’s a beautiful day!” King smiles and pats both Garth and Declan on the back, which seems to wake them both up.

“Thanks King you’re right, I need to start looking on the brighter side of things.” Declan agrees.

“Um, oh yeah, me too. Thank you, King.” Garth nervously smiles.

“What do you say we get some breakfast then, guys?” King suggests happily. “Oh yeah.” Garth agrees.

Declan is shown in the confessional.

“I only appear nice to King since his alliance is slowly disappearing and I don’t want him to suspect me or any of our alliance.” Declan explains.

The camera then shows the inside of the Raging Rebels girl’s cabin, all four girls were awaken by Chris’ call except for Vivica, whom is sleeping soundly with an eye mask on.

“I swear, I’m gonna kill Chris.” Rigel groans.

“I felt like I haven’t slept in ten years.” Tamsin yawns.

“How is she still asleep?” Rigel points at Vivica whom is now snoring loudly.

“It’s the eyemask.” Clover answers.

“Wait that doesn’t make any sense.” Tamsin says.

“It has built-in ear plugs too, it’s hella expensive.” Clover laughs.

“Well, I guess that does explain that.” Rigel shrugs.

“I’m going for breakfast, wanna come Rigel?” Tamsin asks.

“You know it.” Rigel replies.

Rigel and Tamsin exit their cabin, then eventually Vivica and Clover do the same. The camera then shows the mess hall where all of the campers, Chris, and Chef are present for breakfast. Chef is serving his usual gruel to the poor campers with a frown on his face. Each team sits on their individual tables after getting their ‘breakfast’.

The camera zooms in on the Daring Delinquent’s table first.

“Oh hello, Merrin.” Frederick greets.

“Hey, Frederick. How are you?” Merrin says.

“Dandy, how’re you this fine morning?” Frederick asks. Merrin begins to answer, but is interrupted by Cadence.

“Um, hello Frederick? Aren’t you forgetting something?” Cadence rudely asks.

“Nope, don’t think so.” Frederick answers.

“Like along the lines of annoying me, the woman of your dreams?” Cadence says.

“Eh.” Frederick shrugs.

Cadence angrily sighs, crosses her arms, and glares.

“That’s awesome you two are together, two of the raddest people here!” Ig says to Anais and Zia.

“Thanks, dude!” Anais says.

“No problem, dudes!” Ig says.

“Zia, you better treat her right. Anais is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to be treated badly!” Una says.

“I will, don’t worry. I really like her.” Zia says.

“You better, or I’ll kick your ass to the moon.” Una says.

“Um, okay.” Zia nervously agrees.

“Calm down, Una.” Anais laughs.

“I just get protective over my fellow girls, sorry.” Una laughs it off.

“Hey, Xenia, can I ask you a question?” Viktor asks.

“Ask.” Xenia says.

“Will you, I don’t know how to say this, but will you-“ Viktor begins to stammer.

“What is it?” Xenia awaits the question.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Viktor asks.

“Um, I would, but I’m actually gay.” Xenia admits.

“Oh, okay then.” Viktor sadly accepts.

Viktor is shown in the confessional.

“Well this is the biggest upset yet, oh well.” Viktor sighs.

Xenia is then shown in the confessional.

“I feel bad about Viktor, but it is how it is.” Xenia says sadly and shrugs.

The camera then pans back to the mess hall and zooms in on the Raging Rebel’s table.

“I wish I had cellphone service here so I could call my dad, so I could give an actual five-star meal in here.” Vivica complains.

“This gruel is pretty nasty, I’d love a five-star meal.” Clover says.

“I never thought I’d agree with you, but I would kill for anything other than this.” Declan says.

“Thank you?” Clover hesitantly says, Declan rolls his eyes.

“Isn’t this what they serve in jail or something?” Tamsin asks.

“Yeah, but it’s a bit better there.” Rigel answers.

“How do you know- oh.” Garth says.

“Yep.” Rigel says.

“King is the only thing that can make gruel look good.” Vivica says. Both Clover and Vivica are staring and drooling over King eating his gruel.

“Team, we have to be more positive! We must do our best to win this challenge today!” King advises.

“We do need to get it together a little bit more.” Tamsin agrees.

“That’s right Tamsin! I’m so glad I have you on my team, you’re really a valued team member!” King smiles at her.

“Damn right she is.” Garth mutters.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“God, King is hot. But I know he’s an evil manipulator! I don’t trust him whatsoever.” Tamsin strongly states.

The camera goes back to the mess hall and all the campers are done eating and Chris is ready to announce their new challenge.

“Campers, I just got really into this new TV show called the Running Zead. It’s about zombies, intense stuff. So, your challenge will consist of one team being zombies and the other team being humans. The zombies will be put into makeup to look more scary than they already are and will have their hands painted green. A zombie can get a human out by getting green paint on them or tagging them. The humans will have red paintball guns to get the zombies out. Whichever team has the most people standing at the end will win.” Chris explains.

“So, what team is what?” Anais asks.

“The Daring Delinquents will be the zombies and the Raging Rebels will be the humans. So, zombies get into makeup and humans better start hiding now!” Chris announces.

The Raging Rebels grab their paint guns then run out of the mess hall to hide while the Daring Delinquents are getting made up as zombies.

The camera then starts off with the Raging Rebels seeking places to hide out before the ‘zombies’ come out.

“Okay, I have no idea how to deal with ‘zombies’. If anyone has pointers or a plan, share it now.” Declan advises.

“I’m really scared of zombies.” Clover points out.

“I haven’t even watched a zombie movie before, there for poor people.” Vivica states.

“Okay then and that doesn’t make any sense. Does anyone have an actual plan?” Declan asks.

“I’ve read the zombie survival book and seen a million movies. I, um know some pointers.” Garth says.

“I excel at kicking zombie ass on video games, I guess that’s something.” Tamsin says.

“I’m pretty strong, also I can distract the zombies with my looks.” King says.

“I just can kick ass in general, so I’ll be good offense.” Rigel says.

“What about we split up? We’ll cover more ground that way.” King advises.

“That doesn’t sound right to me.” Tamsin disagrees.

“Sure it does! We’ll split up so we’re not all together so the zombies can’t find us just in one group.” King says.

“Huh, I guess that makes sense.” Declan says.

“Of course it does, it came out of King’s mouth.” Vivica rolls her eyes.

“Who will go with who though? And where?” Clover asks.

“How about you, Vivica, and Tamsin go with me?” King suggests.

“I’ll go with you too then.” Garth says.

“That just leaves Rigel and Declan though.” Tamsin says.

“I’ll stay with them.” Vivica groans.

Clover, Garth, King, and Tamsin head for the forest to hide while Declan, Rigel, and Vivica head to hide not too far from the mess hall. The camera then pans to the mess hall doors and they are abruptly opened by the Daring Delinquents, whom are all made up completely as zombies with their painted green hands.

“Ugh, I feel so disgusting.” Cadence says.

“It works for you.” Xenia laughs, Cadence glares.

“What’s our plan dudes?” Ig asks.

“It doesn’t matter to me. Nothing matters.” Viktor sighs sadly, and Xenia gets a sad look on her face.

“We can split up in three equal groups, and sneak up on the humans.” Frederick points out.

“We could scope out different areas and ambush them too.” Anais suggests.

“That sounds like a good plan. What’s our groups?” Merrin asks.

“I wanna go with Anais!” Zia says.

“Me too, let’s scope the beach.” Una says.

“Merrin and I will go around the cabins.” Cadence says.

“Can I come?” Frederick asks.

“Sure-“ Merrin replies but is quickly interrupted by Cadence.

“No. We’ll take Ig, I guess.” Cadence says, Ig gulps.

“I guess I’ll be with you guys, yeah!” Frederick enthuses Xenia and Viktor, both groan.

Anais, Una, and Zia go off to the beach. Cadence, Ig, and Merrin head for the cabins. Frederick, Viktor, and Xenia head for the forest. The camera then shows King’s group in the forest, ready with their paintball guns.

“This is so boring.” Clover says.

“This suspense is killing me.” Garth says.

“Hey, quiet down. We don’t want any zombie to hear us.” King says.

“I wonder where they are.” Tamsin whispers.

“Ahhh! A zombie!” Clover screams as ‘zombie’ Xenia marks her with green paint.

Clover falls to the ground and Xenia sprints off in the distance. Garth, King, and Tamsin cock their guns, ready for the next zombie. Something splats Tamsin in the back, making her out and falling to the ground.

“Tamsin, no!” Garth screams.

A ‘zombie’ Frederick is revealed to have outed her along with a ‘zombie’ Viktor next to him.

“I will avenge her, my love!” Garth screams.

"Wait what did he just say?" Tamsin asks, confused.

Frederick tries to run and Viktor stays put because he simply does not care anymore.

Garth shoots Viktor first making him out, then chases down Frederick, tackles him, and shoots him. Garth runs back towards King.

“Wow, that was impressive.” King says shocked.

“Come on now, let’s get hunting.” Garth says and King nods.

Chris’ voice is heard over the PA speakers.

“Two humans down, two zombies down.” Chris announces.

The camera zooms in on Rigel, Declan, and Vivica hiding in bushes, scoping out zombies with their paintball guns. They see ‘zombies’ Cadence, Merrin, and Ig walking by the cabins.

“Ow, this bush is too prickly.” Vivica complains, Rigel and Declan shush her.

“What?” Vivica says, annoyed.

Cadence, Merrin, and Ig hear them and start to walk towards them.

“There’s definitely some humans in there!” Merrin whispers.

“Brains!” Ig exclaims and laughs.

“Ugh, shut up.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“I can’t stay in this bush any longer.” Vivica refuse and gets up out of the bush, she is unaware of ‘zombie’ Ig being right next to her.

Ig marks her green and gets her out.

“You ruined this jacket you peasant! It’s worth more than your life!” Vivica exclaims.

“Sorry!” Ig says.

Rigel and Declan then simultaneously shoot both Merrin and Cadence making them out, Ig runs at the sound of gunfire.

“Ow!” Cadence angrily exclaims.

“Declan, we have to move now.” Rigel advises.

“Aye aye, captain.” Declan sarcastically agrees, Rigel rolls her eyes.

Declan and Rigel then move from their bush with their paintball guns and run off into the distance. Chris’ voice is heard via PA speakers.

“Three humans down, four zombies down.” Chris announces.

The camera pans to the beach where ‘zombies’ Anais, Una, and Zia are waiting to ambush any humans while they hide in a cave.

“We have to be really quiet and stealthy once we see the humans.” Anais advises.

“I think I see some humans!” Zia points outside the cave where King and Garth are walking on the beach.

“I’m going to have some fun taking that woman manipulator down.” Una says.

The three zombies sneak out of the cave to follow Garth and King to ambush them. Garth and King are oblivious to the three zombies present until a paintball gunshot is heard. Zia had been shot down which gives away Una and Anais’ position. Una quickly marks King out and Anais does the same to Garth before they can shoot. Una and Anais then get shot down by Rigel and Declan. Chris’ voice is heard over the PA speakers once more.

“Two humans and two zombies left. Final showdown at the beach.” Chris announces.

Declan and Rigel ready themselves for the final two zombies to come to the beach. Ig is then in sight while he comes down to the beach.

“There!” Rigel points.

“I got him.” Declan says and shoots Ig down.

“Ah, man.” Ig says.

“Now where is the other one?” Rigel asks.


Rigel and Xenia have a final show-down.

“Right here.” Xenia says and slaps Declan on the shoulder with green.

Rigel jumps back away from Xenia.

“Looks like it’s mono e mono here.” Rigel says, wielding her paintball gun.

“Yes it sure is.” Xenia says and starts to come after Rigel.

Rigel quickly shoots her gun and hits Xenia out.

“Nice shot.” Xenia compliments.

Chris comes out onto the beach and begins to clap, he then raises Rigel’s arm up in the air. The rest of the contestants also come out onto the beach.

“Congratulations, Rigel lasted the longest so the ‘humans’ or the Raging Rebels win! That was an awesome challenge! Anyways Daring Delinquents, I’ll see you at the campfire! Have fun voting one of your zombies off, haha.” Chris announces.

After the Daring Delinquents vote, the camera shows Chris and the Delinquents at the campfire for their elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to another elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are eight marshmallows on this plate, and nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Xenia." Chris says, then tosses it to her.

“Ig and Una." Chris says and tosses them their marshmallows.

“Anais and Zia.” Chris tosses them their marshmallows.

“Merrin.” Chris says, passing her a marshmallow.

“Frederick.” Chris says and tosses him a marshmallow.

Cadence and Viktor are the only two campers without a marshmallow left. Cadence glares at her fellow campers and Viktor looks extremely sad.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Cadence." Chris says.

“Of course.” Cadence says.

“Oh, well.” Viktor sadly shrugs and sighs.

“Dock of Shame and the Boat of Losers await, my man.” Chris says.

“That’s cool, I guess.” Viktor sighs.

Viktor begins to walk towards the Dock of Shame, but Xenia comes running after him.

“I’m sorry you got voted off, that sucks.” Xenia says.

“Yeah, I guess.” Viktor says.

“Well, you’re a really good friend and I never even do this for anyone.” Xenia says.

“You never do what?” Viktor asks, but is abruptly hugged by Xenia tight.

This hug is the only thing that was able to make Viktor smile all season. After the hug, Viktor comes to terms and walks onto the Dock of Shame heads for the Boat of Losers.

Viktor then boards the Boat of Losers and rides off into the distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

Chapter #6: "Cake Wars?"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a sunny and bright afternoon.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the campers had to act as zombies and humans! Rigel and Declan were the final two humans along with Ig and Xenia being the remaining zombies. Eventually Rigel and Xenia had a final showdown, and Rigel claimed victory for the Raging Rebels. In the Daring Delinquents elimination ceremony it came down to Cadence and Viktor, and Viktor was sent home for being too much of a downer. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera pans to King sunbathing on the beach while Clover and Vivica watch him while they talk away.

"Oh my god, I hope I can be as tan and hot as you one day!" Clover admires.

"King, you're like money and gold in human form. Makes a girl swoon." Vivica flirts.

"Ladies, ladies thank you. I'm so glad both of you are here for me." King lies.

"Anything for you, I mean you are King." Vivica says.

"Ooh, King the king! Oh my god, it's like your destiny that you were named that!" Clover rambles.

"Okay girls, I'm done catching rays. I'm going to go do my exercise routine now, so you girls can relax and talk amongst yourselves." King says.

"Have fun!" Clover and Vivica smiles.

King gets up from his spot and walks among the beach out of view. He is then shown in the confessional.

"I love being flattered. But those two are a little too much, but I need them. For now." King says.

King is shown walking on the beach once again, then he squints his eyes as to see something. The camera focuses on a shiny flash nearby a beach cave. King walks towards it and finds a part of a shiny object poking out of the sand. He digs it out, and it is revealed to be an immunity idol. He smirks and quickly picks it up and hides it.

The camera then pictures outside of the Raging Rebel cabins. Declan is outside on the guy's cabin porch and he is stretching. Rigel then comes out of her cabin and yawns loudly.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rigel laughs at Declan.

"It's called a morning routine. Something normal people do." Declan rolls his eyes and continues to stretch.

"Oh, someone's sassy this morning." Rigel snickers.

"Give me a break, I'm just waking up." Declan says.

"You know I'm just messing with you, dude." Rigel laughs.

"Sure you are. Hey where are Garth and Tamsin?" Declan asks.

"I have no idea, I just woke up." Rigel shrugs.

"Figures." Declan laughs.

The camera pans to the Arts & Crafts Center where Garth and Tamsin are sitting together, sketching away. Tamsin stops sketching for a minute to look up at Garth.

"I've been meaning to ask you something." Tamsin says and puts her pencil down.

"Um, yeah. Ask away." Garth says.

"What did you mean by 'my love' last challenge? You know when I got tagged out and then you defended me." Tamsin asks.

"Um, it was nothing. I was just being stupid." Garth nervously laughs.

"Oh, I just thought it was really sweet of you. It wasn't stupid at all." Tamsin admits.


Tamsin and Garth kiss, becoming a couple.

"You really did? I just care a lot about you because I like you." Garth says and nervously rubs his neck, Tamsin is quiet for a second.

"Sorry, I'm being stupid again." Garth says.

"No you're not. I like you too." Tamsin confesses and kisses him.

"That's amazing. Do you uh- want to go with me?" Garth asks.

"I'd love to." Tamsin smiles and they kiss again.

The camera then shows Merrin, Una, and Xenia inside their cabin. 

"Hey, where did Venice Hampton go?" Xenia asks.

"Cadence must be off yelling at someone else with her ridiculousness." Una says.

"Wow, I actually feel free for once. Cadence isn't here to berate me with her opinions and rules." Merrin says.

"As you should feel! You don't deserve to be held down like that!" Una enthuses.

"Is it bad I kind of want her to be voted off?" Merrin asks.

"I think we all want Cadence voted off. She should've been voted off last time, but poor Viktor got the boot. He was my friend." Xenia says.

"Yeah, I agree that wasn't fair." Merrin admits.

"I think we should make a one-time alliance just to vote Cadence off." Xenia suggests.

"That's not a bad idea. We should get the others on this." Una says.

"I'm in too. I know Frederick probably won't vote for her, but we should ask the other three." Merrin agrees.

The girls nod at each other then leave to find Anais, Zia, and Ig. The camera then pans to the the girls finding the other three hanging out by the dock.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Anais asks.

"We've come with a good game plan guys." Una says.

"We wanted to see if you guys would join our one time alliance to vote out Cadence." Merrin offers.

"That's rad, dude. I'll join." Ig agrees.

"I'll join as long as Anais does too." Zia shrugs.

"I'll vote with you guys, Cadence just gives off bad vibes. It can't be good for our team." Anais says.

"Sold. This will be great." Zia says.

"The queen bee is going down!" Xenia smiles.

The camera then shows Cadence painting her nails by the mess hall, Frederick sees her and continues to walk towards her. 

"Ew, what do you want?" Cadence asks.

"You just looked, well, lonely." Frederick shrugs.

"Why should you care? I don't even like you." Cadence says.

"Because I know how it is." Frederick says and then sits down with her.

"You know nothing like how it is to me. You have no friends." Cadence blows on her nails.

"You don't really either." Frederick says.

"Please." Cadence rolls her eyes.

"Okay, maybe you're right. But what's it to you?" Cadence asks.

"I just want to be friends. I'm here for you, okay?" Frederick says.

"Okay then. This doesn't mean I'm going to hug you or anything though." Cadence says.

"Alright." Frederick says.

"Don't tell anyone, but this actually means a lot." Cadence says and Frederick smiles.

Cadence is shown in the confessional.

"Hmm. Maybe I can actually use this dweeb as an advantage." Cadence smirks.

The camera then cuts to the base of the camp and the PA speakers are shown as Chris begins to speak through them.

"Meet me in the mess hall campers, it's time for your next challenge." Chris announces.

The camera pictures the two teams, Chris, and Chef in the mess hall. There is a small pile of aprons along the tables and the door to the kitchen.

“Oh fun, cooking.” Xenia sarcastically states.

“Shhh. Yes you will have a cooking challenge. Cake wars!” Chris announces happily.

“Cake wars?” Declan raises an eyebrow.

“Yes. Cake wars. Each team will make a different cake for Chef and I to enjoy… I mean judge. The cake will be judged on appearance, taste, and unique flavor. For the unique flavor you will send a person or two from your team to gather an ingredient outside the kitchen to flavor your cake. The only ingredients you can use are the ones in the kitchen and the ingredient you gather outside the camp. I suggest you pick chefs, gatherers, decorators, and waiters to bring out the cakes when done. Obviously, best cake wins.” Chris explains.

The teams nod in understanding.

“What are you people sitting around for? Make your game plan and get cooking!” Chris demands, Chef laughs.

The teams scurry to the kitchen to figure out their own plans. The camera fixes on the Daring Delinquents first.

“So what does everyone want to do? I’ll help decorate since I do that for rallies back home anyway.” Una asks and volunteers.

“I’ll help decorate too, I’m actually decent with art stuff.” Zia volunteers.

“You’re a very talented and creative artist, Zia! I’ll help cook.” Anais volunteers.

“Aw thanks, Anais!” Zia thanks.

“Oh, I can gather! I got a good nose, dude.” Ig volunteers.

“I’ll go with nose guy. I hate cooking.” Cadence complains.

“I’ll help you cook, Anais. Waiting tables brings back bad memories. The days I was paid to smile.” Xenia dreads.

“That leaves Merrin and I to serve them!” Frederick figures.

“That’s perfect actually, I’m a waitress back home.” Merrin says.

“Alright we got this, man!” Anais enthuses her team.

Cadence and Ig exit the mess hall to search and gather, Anais and Xenia put on their aprons, Zia and Una start sketching designs for the cake, and Frederick and Merrin assist. The camera focuses on the Raging Rebels.

“I’ll serve the cake. I do have the best smile out of the team.” King quickly volunteers.

“Not narcissistic at all, but okay.” Declan mutters under his breath.

“I can decorate, I do it in my free time anyway.” Tamsin shrugs.

“Ooh, decorating sounds fun! I’ll do that!” Clover volunteers.

“I can help cook, I have a good taste in five-star meals.” Vivica brags.

“I have done quite a couple cooking classes and excelled in them. I’ll cook as well.” Declan volunteers.

“So that leaves Rigel and I to?” Garth asks.

“We’re going to find something edible on the island with some flavor pretty much.” Rigel explains.

Garth and Rigel exit the mess hall to search and gather, Declan and Vivica put on aprons, Clover and Tamsin start sketching designs for the cake, and King lays back. The camera focuses on the Cadence and Ig on the beach searching for ingredients.

“We can use the coconuts in these trees!” Ig points out.

“Yeah, sure. But how the hell are we going to get a coconut from there?” Cadence rudely asks.

“I can scale the tree somehow.” Ig suggests.

“Yeah, you go do that.” Cadence carelessly says, Ig nods.

Ig jumps onto the tree and begins to climb it with struggle, as he is trying to climb, Cadence sneaks off screen. Once Ig gets to the top of the tree he grabs a coconut.

“I am the coconut king!” Ig shouts.

He then slides down the tree and Cadence is back in the shot.

“Hey where did you go?” Ig asks.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was here the whole time.” Cadence lies.

“Okay then, let’s should head back now.” Ig says.

Cadence and Ig head on their way back to the mess hall and the camera fades to Garth and Rigel searching for ingredients in the forest.

“So you and Tamsin huh?” Rigel asks.

“Yeah, I can’t believe we’re dating now. I really like her.” Garth says.

“That’s awesome dude, two of my best friends on the island. You two are good for each other.” Rigel says.

“Hey, thanks.” Garth smiles.

“What about these berries? Do you think they’re poisonous?” Rigel asks pointing to a purple berry bush.

“They smell good, I don’t know if they’re edible though.” Garth scratches his head.

“Well,” Rigel pauses and eats a berry. “That’s pretty good, and I haven’t died yet.” Rigel confirms.

“So we’re solid. Alright, we’ll grab a bunch and go back.” Garth says.

Garth and Rigel head back to the mess hall with a bunch of berries. The camera focuses on all of the Daring Delinquents in the kitchen.

“We got a coconut!” Ig announces.

“Awesome! We could do some kind of tropical-themed cake.” Anais suggests.

“Yeah, we could use pineapple to go along with it too.” Xenia agrees.

“That gives me more ideas on decorating too!” Zia says.

“We can make the top beach-themed, we’re gonna need some food dye!” Una says.

“Anais and Xenia I can help get the ingredients together, just tell me what you want.” Merrin offers to help.

“And I can do conversions!” Frederick suggests.

Anais and Xenia begin to mix the ingredients for their cake and the rest of their team continues to help. The camera then zooms to the Raging Rebels.

“We got berries!” Garth announces.

“Are they poisonous?” King asks.

“Nope.” Rigel says and reveals her tongue to be purple.

“We could do a rainbow citrus cake design!” Tamsin suggests.

“Ooh, rainbow!” Clover agrees.

“Good enough.” Vivica shrugs.

“Let’s get cooking.” Declan says.

Declan and Vivica begin to mix for their cake while their team helps and continue to work. The camera goes back to the Daring Delinquents, and Anais and Xenia are done mixing.

“We just have to let it sit for five, then we can pop it in.” Anais says.

“Alright, let’s go check out the designs until then.” Xenia suggests.

Anais and Xenia leave the mixture on the countertop and go over to Una and Zia whom reveal their designs for the cake. While no one is looking, Cadence sneaks over to the cake mixture and pulls a little bottle out of her pocket. She drops a few drops of the liquid into the mixture then quickly walks away to make sure no one saw.

Cadence is shown in the confessional.

“A little something I picked up in the infirmary.” Cadence laughs as she holds up the bottle revealing it was ipecac.

The camera switches back to the Raging Rebels and Declan & Vivica have finished mixing their cakes and had just put it in the oven.

“Let’s see those cake designs.” Declan says to Clover and Tamsin.

“It’s cake decorating in layers of rainbow roses, what do you think?” Tamsin presents the design.

“That’s actually impressive.” Vivica admits.

“I love it.” Declan agrees.

“Let’s get icing!” Clover says.

The Raging Rebels start making the icing for their cake while it is in the oven. The camera switches back to the Daring Delinquents and their cake is in the oven as well. “Una and I will dye the coconut shavings in food color.” Zia suggests.

“Sounds brutal.” Xenia agrees.

“And Xenia and I can make yellow and white icing for the cake!” Anais says.

The team begins to make the icing and color the coconut shavings for decoration of their cake. The camera then switches to a split-screen of both teams getting their cake out of the oven, then decorating their cakes with colored icing in a replica of the team’s designers designs. Eventually, both teams finally finish their cakes and are ready to be served by their waiter(s). King grabs his teams plate to bring it out to Chris and Chef to judge and Merrin and Frederick do the same. The three waiters sit the cakes down on the table in which Chris and Chef are sitting. The rest of the teams come out for the judgement.

“Since King came out first, we’ll try your cake first, but first tell us about it.” Chris explains.

“It is a vanilla and native berry cake, with native berry filling in layers, decorated with vanilla rainbow roses for the icing.” King explains.

Chris and Chef then take a slice of the cake and both taste it.

“It kind of tastes boring, but the texture is good.” Chris shrugs.

“Nothing special, it kinda tastes funny. The roses look good though.” Chef judges.

The two judges move onto the next cake and await Merrin and Frederick to explain it.

“It’s a coconut and pineapple cake.” Frederick says.

“With coconut and pineapple icing to match along with a beach design on top made out of coconut shaves dyed in food color.” Merrin explains.

The two judges take a bite of the new cake and taste.

“This taste a lot better than that cake over there.” Chris admits.

“I love coconut.” Chef says seriously.

“This is so good! Wait a minute-“ Chris stops and then he proceeds to throw up.

“That’s just nasty.” Chef says and then he throws up as well.

“Nevermind, Raging Rebels win, Daring Delinquents lose. That’s what you get for making a good cake bad! Delinquents go vote for one of you cake ruiners and meet me at the campfire.” Chris angrily announces and gags again.

“How could this have happened?” Anais worried.

“It’s not your fault, maybe some of the ingredients were expired.” Zia comforts her.

“I hope it wasn’t the coconut.” Ig rubs his neck.

The Raging Rebels celebrate on their win while the disappointed Daring Delinquents go to vote.

After the Daring Delinquents vote, the camera cuts to Chris and the Delinquents at the campfire for their elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to another elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are seven marshmallows on this plate, and eight of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Una." Chris says, then tosses it to her.

“Zia and Frederick." Chris says and tosses the guys their marshmallows.

“Anais.” Chris says and passes her a marshmallow.

“Xenia.” Chris tosses the girl her marshmallows.

“Ig.” Chris says and tosses him a marshmallow.

Cadence and Merrin are the only two campers without a marshmallow left. Cadence angrily sighs and she glares at Merrin. Merrin looks somewhat worried. "One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Cadence." Chris says.

“Huh?” Merrin says puzzled.

The other team members look extremely confused and shocked as well.

“Don’t be so dramatic.” Cadence rolls her eyes and grabs her marshmallow from Chris.

“This can’t be-” Merrin sadly sighs.

“Blah, blah. Bye now.” Cadence rudely says as she eats her marshmallow.

“I’ll miss all of you, well except Cadence.” Merrin admits.

“Rude.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Alright Merrin, Dock of Shame awaits.” Chris says and escorts her to the Dock of Shame.

The rest of the Delinquents glare at Cadence and she shrugs.

Once Merrin gets to the Boat of Losers, she gives a friendly wave to her now former teammates. She then boards the Boat of Losers and sails off into the distance until it is out a view.

The caption ‘Earlier…’ is shown on screen as the camera cuts to Cadence sneaking around an empty campfire area and she quickly grabs the vote box without anyone seeing. She quickly takes out all the pieces of paper and shoves new paper inside, presumably votes. Cadence then is shown in the confessional.

“Like my team thought they could get rid of me so easily.” Cadence smirks, then laughs manically.

Chapter #7: "I Don’t Know, I’m Just Holding on for Dear Life!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is an extremely sunny and warm morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, Garth and Tamsin became a couple, most of the Delinquents formed an alliance against Cadence, and they had a cake war as a challenge! The Raging Rebels won because the the Daring Delinquent’s cake made both Chef and I throw up. Cadence was almost voted out by the one-time alliance, but shockingly Merrin went home instead. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera fades to Cadence sitting alone near the Arts & Crafts center and Frederick continues to walk towards her and sits with her.

“Ugh, you again.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“I saw what you did last challenge.” Frederick says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Cadence says.

“The ipecac to sabotage our team.” Frederick points out.

“Why did you do it?” Frederick asks.

“I had to get a chance to get rid of Merrin. She was too likable and there would be no chance of her going soon.” Cadence admits.

“Cruel, yet smart.” Frederick says.

“Don’t you dare tell the others. Because I can get you out of here faster than I did Merrin.” Cadence threatens.

“Calm down princess. I’m a fair knight, I won’t tell a soul.” Frederick says, Cadence glares.

“I promise!” Frederick says, Cadence lets out a smirk.

Una and Xenia are seen in the bushes watching them from a distance.

“You’re right, there’s something fishy going on here.” Una whispers.

“I told you, she’s not to be trusted.” Xenia agrees.

“I wish I could understand what they’re saying.” Una says.

“I think we have what we need, we should tell the others.” Xenia whispers.

The camera pans to Anais, Ig, and Zia relaxing down by the beach.

“I can’t believe Merrin is gone, she was so sweet.” Ig sighs.

“I can’t believe it either, she was my friend. It’s suspicious though that she left.” Anais agrees.

“Hey get your head up guys, at least we’re still in!” Zia enthuses them.

“Thanks Zia, you always know what to say.” Anais smiles and kisses him.

“That’s right we’re still in it for the wins dude!” Ig smiles.

Una and Xenia join the trio.

“Oh hey guys!” Anais greets.

“Hey Anais, and guys. We have some news.” Xenia starts.

“You know how Merrin got eliminated last time? Was that not suspicious?” Una asks.

“Yeah, that was pretty weird.” Zia agrees.

“And we all voted for Cadence.” Ig adds.

“We think Cadence is all behind this and we believe she’s trying to get Frederick involved.” Xenia explains.

“Poor little dude.” Ig sympathetically says.

“All we’re saying for now is that we should be way more wary of Cadence.” Una says.

“Most definitely, man. She’s bad vibes.” Anais agrees.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Zia thanks.

The camera pans to Clover, King, and Vivica at the campfire meeting for their alliance. “I have a mission for the two of you to do.” King proposes.

“Anything for the king!” Vivica says.

“Ooh sounds fun, what is it?” Clover asks.

“I need you two to spy on our other teammates for me. We need to make sure they’re not making any alliances against us.” King explains.

“Woo! I’m down!” Clover agrees.

“Am I getting paid for this though?” Vivica asks and raises an eyebrow.

King takes off his shirt in awe of Vivica and Clover.

“Is this enough to pay?” King asks and the two girls mindlessly nod. “Good, Clover you can spy on the two other guys and Vivica spy on the girls.” King instructs.

“On it.” Vivica says.

“I got this!” Clover says.

“Thanks ladies.” King winks.

Clover and Vivica then walk out of screen separate ways, leaving King to himself. King is then shown in the confessional.

“Hey, I don’t want to strain myself while spying. Especially since I have two ‘lovely’ and incredibly gullible fans to do it for me.” King laughs and files his nails.

The camera pans to Vivica walking towards Rigel and Tamsin at the dodgeball court whom are playing dodgeball by themselves.

“Hey, girls!” Vivica greets.

Tamsin and Rigel stop playing dodgeball and get quiet, just staring at Vivica.

“Oh, okay then.” Vivica says awkwardly.

“Um, hi.” Tamsin greets.

“What’s up?” Rigel asks.

“Just wanted to hang with the girls, you know.” Vivica lies.

“Uh-huh.” Tamsin says.

“Where’s Flower or whatever her name is?” Rigel asks.

“Uh, she's probably with King. I just wanted to hang out with you two.” Vivica says.

“You haven't spoken a word to either of us since the start of the whole game.” Tamsin states.

“Yeah, so why do you want to hang out with us?” Rigel asks.

“To get to know you two of course! Maybe start a girl’s alliance huh?” Vivica asks.

“We’re not the alliance type, sorry.” Tamsin declines immediately and Rigel nods along.

“You know how to play dodgeball though, right?” Rigel asks.

“Uh- I gotta go. Nice chat.” Vivica scurries out of screen.

Rigel and Tamsin exchange looks that are the equivalent of ‘Is she serious?’. Then the two continue to play a one-on-one game of dodgeball. The camera shows Declan and Garth whom are setting up a canoe at the dock.

“I don’t even think this canoe can float.” Declan says.

“I think you’re right, this thing must be as old as Chris.” Garth says.

“Hey! I heard that!” An angry Chris is heard over the loudspeaker.

Declan and Garth give worried looks, then laugh. Clover then walks over to them much to their confusion.

“Hey guys!” Clover greets.

“Hello.” Declan raises an eyebrow.

“Do you need something or something?” Garth asks awkwardly.

“Um, no. I just wanted to hang out with you two! Be one of the guys you know!” Clover happily lies.

“Um, what?” Garth asks, wide-eyed and confused.

“Yeah, what he said.” Declan says.

“Uh-um-uh-“ Clover stammers as the two guys stare waiting for a response.

“So, what about an alliance, huh?” Clover asks, then forces a smile.

Declan and Garth just raise an eyebrow and stare at her.

“I guess, not gotta go thanks bye!” Clover yells at them as she runs away.

“Well, that was weird.” Declan says.

“Very.” Garth agrees.

Chris’ voice is then heard over the PA speakers.

“Time for another challenge campers! Meet me at the new beach meeting area and we’ll get started!” Chris announces.

The next scene pictures Chris at the beach area with stone seats in which the Raging Rebels and Daring Delinquents are sitting on, divided with their teams.

“Since the teams actually have an even number of people now-“ Chris begins to speak.

“Actually Chris, we both of an odd number. Seven is odd.” Frederick interrupts.

“And you’re odd, don’t interrupt.” Chris glares at Frederick.

“As I was saying, you’ll be doing a one-on-one sport challenge! One person from each team will do a different sport against another individual from the opposite team! If you beat the other person at the sport, you’ll earn your team a point. The team with the most points wins, obviously.” Chris explains.

Chef comes into screen with two different cups in his hands, then walks up to Chris.

“Now I’ll pick the first two people randomly to go against each other in the first sport!” Chris announces as he closes his eyes and continues to pick a sheet of paper out of each cup.

He opens his eyes, pulls each paper up and reads off of both of them.

“Cadence and Rigel! You will be jousting!” Chris announces.

“Good lord.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“That’s not lame at all.” Rigel says.

The next scene pictures Cadence and Rigel wielding jousting sticks while on a short platform above water. In the near of them, on shore are the rest of the teams and Chris.

“So, first one to knock the other one down wins a point. You can start when I blow the whistle.” Chris says.

Cadence and Rigel take hold of their jousting sticks tighter and await Chris’ whistle. Chris then puts three fingers up and puts them down one by one, then he blows the whistle.

“You’re going down, basic chick!” Rigel yells as she swings her jousting stick at Cadence.

“I’m not basic! I got anger in me, metal face!” Cadence screams and she takes a swing at Rigel.

“Probably angry at the fact you can’t get Suncoins latte here!” Rigel laughs and takes another swing.

“I. Am. Not. Basic!” Cadence screams and takes another hard swing at Rigel, which makes Rigel wobble over the edge.

“Not today!” Rigel yells as she gains her balance and takes the hardest swing yet, knocking Cadence off the platform into the water.

When Cadence comes out soaked, she glares at Rigel, whom laughs. The camera focuses on Chris, Chef, and the other teams.

“Rigel earns a point for the Raging Rebels! Rebels- 1 , Delinquents- 0 .” Chris announces.

Chef holds the two cups for Chris as he picks the next two campers.

“Zia and King! You will be running against each other on the track!” Chris announces.

The camera changes to a track with bleachers. Chris is present on the track along with Zia and King on the starting line, while the two teams watch from the bleachers.

“Why haven’t I seen this place before?” Ig ponders.

“When I blow the whistle, you will race each other one loop around this track and whomever gets back to the starting line first wins a point for their team.” Chris explains.

The guys nod and assume racing position, Chris then blows the whistle and the two take off. King and Zia are both neck and neck until King picks up the pace and passes Zia at the halfway point.

“King is so totally gonna win!” Vivica says, and Anais hears her.

“You say that, but-“ Anais mutters to herself.

Zia then picks up his speed and catches up to King, then Zia speeds up to a sprint and passes King by far. Zia reaches the starting/finishing point way before King does.

“How in the hell?” King asks himself.

Chris holds Zia’s arm up in victory as Zia pants.

“And Zia wins a point for the Daring Delinquents! Rebels-1, Delinquents-1.” Chris announces.

“He’s a track star back home.” Anais finishes her sentence with the biggest smile.

“That guy can run.” King admits.

Chef walks up to Chris with the two cups and Chris picks out another two names.

“Frederick and Garth! You will be wrestling!” Chris announces.

The next scene is at the stage where a wrestling ring is stationed. The teams sit in the bleachers while Chris, Frederick, and Garth are up on stage. Frederick and Garth are wearing wrestling uniforms which makes Chris laugh.

“Once I blow the whistle, you’ll have to pin down your opponent for at least 15 seconds to win a point for your team.” Chris explains.

Frederick and Garth get into the wrestling ring on different sides and await Chris’ whistle. Chris eventually blows the whistle, and Garth tackles Frederick right away.

“You were the zombie who marked out Tamsin!” Garth says as he holds Frederick down.

“What?” Frederick says, having the air knocked out of him.

“Nevermind, it doesn’t matter right now!” Garth says as he pins Frederick down.

Frederick then passes out and Garth gets a confused look.

“I guess that means Garth wins a point for his team! Because Frederick is passed out or whatever! Rebels-2, Delinquents-1.” Chris announces.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“Yeah, I learned how to make myself pass out as a defense mechanism. It works pretty well, but I guess not this time.” Frederick nervously laughs.

The camera cuts back to the stage where Chef and Chris are standing next to each other. Chris picks the two next names out of the cups and reads them aloud.

“Ig and Declan! You will be doing some archery!” Chris announces.

The camera cuts to Chris, Ig, and Declan in the woods where an archery station is set up. The rest of the teams watch from the distance as usual. Two interns hand Ig and Declan bow and arrows.

“After I blow the whistle, you will take three tries shooting arrows at the target. Whoever gets the most arrows closer to the center, will win the point for their team.” Chris explains.

Ig and Declan both put an arrow in their bows and pull it back, awaiting the whistle. Chris quickly blows the whistle and both boys shoot their arrows. Declan makes it relatively close to the center and Ig completely misses the target.

“Damn.” Ig says as he readies his bow for the next arrow.

“Sorry guy, I went to arching school for a month.” Declan shrugs.

“Arching school?” Ig asks.

The two both shoot their arrows again and Ig makes the arrow closer to the center than Declan did last time. Declan’s arrow makes it farther from the center.

“Huh.” Declan says.

The two ready their bow and arrows once more and shoot away. Declan’s arrow makes it closer to the center than last time, but Ig makes it right on the center.

“Nice one.” Declan says, impressed.

“Well, I’m a Sagittarius. I gotta get a point arching somehow.” Ig shrugs.

“Ig earns a point for the Delinquents! Rebels - 2 , Delinquents - 2.” Chris announces. Chef then comes up to Chris with the two cups, and Chris picks out of the cups once again.

“Una and Tamsin! You will be racing each other via power cruising in water!” Chris announces.

The next scene is pictured at the beach where Chris, Chef, and the two teams are present. Una and Tamsin are shown getting onto power cruisers in the water.

“When I blow this whistle, you will race on the power cruisers across to that blue buoy out there and back. Whomever reaches the shore first wins a point for their team.” Chris explains.

Once Chris blows the whistle, the two girls race off far out into the water.

“How do you even work this thing?” Una asks as she struggles to speed in her power cruiser.

“I don’t know, I’m just holding on for dear life!” Tamsin screams back, hugging her power cruiser tight.

Both girls wobble on their cruisers, but manage to stay on. They both eventually pass the buoy and turn around. Tamsin eventually finds the faster speed switch on accident and speeds her cruiser much faster, which splashes water on Una, making her fall off of hers.

“Woah!” Una yells out when her head peaks out of the water.

“Sorry!” Tamsin sympathetically calls out.

Una quickly gets back on her cruiser and attempts to catch up with Tamsin, but Tamsin gets to shore way before she does.

“Looks like Tamsin wins a point for the Rebels! Rebels - 3, Delinquents - 2.” Chris announces.

Chef then comes up to Chris once more with the name cups. Chris does the routine of picking two names out and reads them.

“Next up, Xenia and Vivica! You will be skiing!” Chris announces.

The next scene is pictured at the ski resort on the island, the same one that was featured in the season prior. There is steep ski slope in which the two teams are stationed at the bottom of. On top of the slope is Chris, Xenia, and Vivica. Xenia and Vivica both have skis on and waiting for Chris’ instructions.

“So, when I blow this whistle you two will race each other down the mountain. The one who gets to the bottom where their team is and falls the least, will win the point for their team.” Chris instructs.

“I got this, my daddy always takes me skiing on the weekends all over the world.” Vivica snarks.

“Good for you.” Xenia rolls her eyes.

Chris then blows his whistle and the two girls begin to ski off down the mountain. Xenia curves left and right with grace while Vivica skis straight down extremely fast.

“I’m gonna win.” Vivica says, closing her eyes.

Xenia skis right past Vivica, then because Vivica is not looking she skis right into a tree.

“Nice!” Xenia sarcastically calls out.

Vivica angrily grumbles as she tries to get back up on her skis. Xenia takes long curves down the mountain, but gets to the bottom before Vivica. Vivica is still trying to get down the mountain, failing many times. Chris is already at the bottom of the mountain as well to congratulate Xenia.

“How’d you get down here so fast?” Xenia asks.

“Ski lift, haha. Anyways, Xenia you win a point for the Delinquents! Rebels - 3, Delinquents - 3. And since we have a tie, we will have a tiebreaker. And the last two campers who weren’t picked yet will break this tie.” Chris announces.

Chris then points to Anais and Clover, signaling that they were to be the tiebreakers for the team.

“It’s Anais vs. Clover, in a swordfight!” Chris announces.

“To the death?” Clover gasps.

“No, idiot. Plastic swords, still going to be intense though.” Chris replies.

“Sweet.” Anais says.

The next scene pictures a very tall platform above water in which Anais and Clover are standing on. Both girls are wielding big plastic swords. Chris, Chef, and the teams watch from down below. 

Anais and Clover sword fight for the tiebreaker.

“You know the drill, once I blow this whistle you will start. Your main goal is to knock the other one out of the water, determining which team wins and which team will vote someone off tonight.” Chris explains.

Both girls tighten their grips on their swords and wait for Chris to blow the whistle. Once Chris whistles, the two girls begin the sword fight.

“Wow, this is so intense right, like oh my god!” Clover squeals as she takes a swing at Anais.

“Yeah, pretty cool.” Anais shrugs and swings harder at Clover.

Anais keeps taking quick swings at Clover while she barely blocks them.

“You’re like so serious right now!” Clover says and laughs.

Anais then takes another swing at Clover which sends her to the edge.

“Ahh!” Clover screams.

“Sorry about this, man. I gotta win.” Anais says to a shocked Clover.

Anais takes a final swing which sends Clover flying over the edge, into the water. “Woo!” Anais screams.

Clover gets out of the water, soaked.

“That was like so scary!” Clover exclaims.

Chris gets out his loudspeaker and continues to speak into it.

“Anais wins the final point for the Delinquents! Daring Delinquents win the challenge! That means Raging Rebels, you’ll have to vote out one of your own tonight. I’ll see you guys at the campfire pit for your next elimination ceremony.” Chris announces.

The teams disperse their different ways; the Delinquents go to celebrate and the Rebels go to vote.

After the Raging Rebels vote, the camera cuts to Chris and the Rebels at the campfire for their elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to another elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are six marshmallows on this plate, and seven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Tamsin." Chris says, then tosses it to her.

“Rigel and Garth." Chris says and tosses them their marshmallows.

“King.” Chris says and passes him a marshmallow.

“Vivica.” Chris tosses her a marshmallow.

Clover and Declan are the only two campers without a marshmallow left. Clover looks shocked and Declan looks worried, both anxious about the final decision.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Declan." Chris says.

Chris tosses Declan a marshmallow and he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Aw, this sucks.” Clover pouts.

“Clover your time has come, the Dock of Shame awaits.” Chris says.

“Bye, Vivica you’ll always be my friend. King you will always be my love.” Clover says.

“You’ll always have a special place in my heart, Clover.” King winks at her, and she drools.

“Okay, okay, let’s get this over with.” An impatient Chris says.

“Fine, Chrissy.” Clover says.

“And don’t ever call me that either.” Chris shudders.

Clover is pushed along onto to the Dock of Shame by Chris. She walks onto the dock towards the Boat of Losers.

“Bye everybody!” Clover lets out a cheerful farewell.

Clover then boards the Boat of Losers, which sails off into the far distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

Chapter #8: "I Dove in Dirty Pond Water for Nothing?"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is an cloudy and cool morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, King had Clover and Vivica spy on his other teammates, but that didn’t go so well. Oh yeah, Frederick and Cadence are friends now which make the rest of their team members suspicious. The campers had a one-on-one sports challenge. The two teams had to have a tiebreaker in which Anais and Clover fought in a sword fight. Anais won for the Delinquents, so the Raging Rebels had to vote someone off. It came down to Declan and Clover, but Clover was sent packing. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows King and Vivica at the campfire pit, their ‘secret’ meeting place.

“I’m kind of freaking out now that Clover is gone now. What’s going on?” Vivica worries.

“I’m convinced, more like I know for a fact now that the rest of our team is in an alliance.” King answers.

“What’re we going to do? If we lose either you or I’m getting voted off.” Vivica worries.

“Just calm down, have I failed you yet?” King asks and smiles at her.

“No you haven’t, but what’re we going to do?” Vivica asks again.

“Okay, I have something to help us. But it’s a secret.” King says.

King then continues to whisper in her ear about his plan, but none of it can be heard.

The camera shows Declan, Garth, Rigel, and Tamsin hanging out by the stage together. “What happened to the Arts & Crafts Center?” Declan asks.

“Two people from the other team stole our spot.” Tamsin replies.

“And we’re both too awkward to ask them to leave.” Garth shrugs.

“Which ones? I can beat them up.” Rigel says.

“Classy.” Declan rolls his eyes.

“You know I’m just kidding, jeez.” Rigel says.

“Hey, the stage isn’t too bad though.” Tamsin looks up.

“Yeah, it’s nice and spacey!” Garth says.

“It does kind of remind me of back home when I play punk shows.” Rigel smiles.

“It’s also far away from King so that’s a good point, too.” Declan adds.

The four continue to relax on the stage while their stomachs growl of hunger, and they watch clouds to pass the time. The camera shows Anais, Una, and Xenia swimming by the beach.

“There’s nothing better than starting your morning at the beach!” Anais says and she stretches.

“I agree, sister. It’s so nice out.” Una agrees.

“I’m not a real beach person, but this is a bit better than the cabin.” Xenia shrugs.

Anais starts to do yoga in the sand as the other two girls relax.

“What’re you doing, Anais?” Una asks.

“Just a little yoga. I need something to wake me up in the morning since they don’t have any coffee here.” Anais says.

“It should be illegal that they don’t have coffee here. Yoga isn’t a bad idea though.” Xenia says and she joins Anais in yoga.

“Hey, I wanna try too!” Una says, then joins in as well.

The camera shows Frederick, Ig, and Zia in their cabin.

“Man, I could’ve slept forever!” Ig says.

“Me too, but I’m starved!” Zia agrees.

“Same here, dudes.” Frederick says nervously, he then heads for the door.

“Hey, where are you heading to?” Zia asks nicely.

“Uh, you know just getting fresh air.” Frederick sweats.

“Well, have fun dude!” Zia says.

“Um, thanks!” Frederick says, he then rushes out of the cabin.

“I think that kid is a lot cooler than people give him credit for.” Ig admits, Zia nods in agreement.

The camera shows Cadence sitting alone at the Arts & Crafts Center, impatient.

“Where is that little dweeb?” Cadence angrily sighs, tapping her foot.

Frederick is shown running to her. Once he gets to her, he takes a break to breathe and puffs his inhaler.

“Where were you?” Cadence rudely asks.

“I just woke up, Ig and Zia were talking to me.” Frederick pants.

“What? What did they say? Are they on to us?” Cadence asks.

“No, I don’t think so. They’re pretty clueless, but I was still nervous.” Frederick says.

“Okay good, guys are pretty dumb anyway. Except you actually, you’re strangely smart.” Cadence says.

“Wow, you really think so? Thank you!” Frederick blushes.

“Stop asking questions, just take the compliment.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

Chris’ voice is heard over the PA speakers. “Campers, it’s breakfast time!” Chris announces.

The camera shows the two teams, Chris, and Chef in the mess hall. The campers all grab their breakfast gruel from Chef and then sit at their team respective tables. The camera zooms to the Raging Rebel’s table first.

“I can’t stand this gruel anymore. It’s disgusting.” Vivica complains, Chef then glares at her.

“It’s okay, Vivica. Soon we will have better food.” King winks at her, and Vivica smirks.

Declan catches this action between them and raises an eyebrow, he is then seen in the confessional.

“King makes it too obvious that he has an alliance, maybe he just doesn’t care anymore. No wait, that’d be too good to be true.” Declan ponders.

The camera goes back to the Raging Rebels table.

“Hopefully a merge happens soon, maybe then we’ll get more edible food.” Garth says.

“Let’s cross our fingers.” Tamsin hopes.

“Any food is good with me right now, I’m starved!” Rigel says.

The camera goes to the Daring Delinquent’s table next.

“Only you can make eating gruel cute!” Zia says.

“Aw, no that’s you!” Anais says.

“Ugh, shut up already!” Cadence yells.

“That wasn’t rude at all.” Anais mutter, then she shrugs and continues eating.

“This gruel is like a simile for our lives right now, miserable.” Xenia struggles to eat her breakfast.

“That’s deep, dude.” Ig says, Xenia nods.

“I’d kill for anything to make this gruel taste better.” Una yawns.

“If only they had sugar packets here, I’d stock up on them.” Frederick agrees.

After the campers all eat, Chris begins to speak.

“Campers, it’s time to start your next challenge!” Chris announces and all of the campers groan in response.

“Too sad, too bad! For this challenge, you will be searching in the deep woods of the island for three keys. I will give both teams maps of the woods, with riddles or clues in where the keys are that are written on the back. There are only three keys on the island, so to win your team must bring back at least two keys to me. That’s it.” Chris explains. The teams get up from their tables, but Chris stops them.

“Wait, not so fast! I have to give you your maps! Kids these days don’t know how to listen.” Chris says.

Chris hands both teams their maps with written clues and then he signals that they can start.

“Please take your time!” Chris shouts out to him as an intern gives him a margarita in hand.

The camera shows the two teams rushing for the woods in different directions. The camera focuses on the Raging Rebels first.

“Alright, what’s the first clue?” King asks.

“The key is high up, atop blue leaves.” Tamsin reads the map.

“So, we’re looking for a tall blue tree.” Rigel says.

“Sounds like it.” Garth says.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to find a blueish tree.” Declan says.

“I beg to differ.” Vivica scoff pointing at the numerous trees in the forest.

“Here on the map there’s bluer trees, which is nearby!” Tamsin says.

“Let’s go team!” King smiles, trying to enthuse his team.

The Rebels head towards the bluer trees of the forest and eventually come across to some of them. The team goes up to the biggest bluer tree and inspects.

“I guess we can all take shake the trees to get the key out.” Garth suggest.

“Ugh, fine.” Vivica complains.

“Let’s shake some trees!” Rigel enthuses.

“I hope there’s a key in one of these.” Declan says.

The Rebels begin to shake sets of the bluer trees in hopes of a key falling down so they can get on their challenge. The camera then focuses on the Daring Delinquents in the opposite side of the forest.

“What’s the first clue?” Zia asks.

“The key is high up, atop blue leaves.” Una reads aloud.

“So, tall tree with blue leaves?” Anais suggests.

“That should be simple enough.” Xenia says.

“That’s the problem, it’s too simple. I think the blue means something else.” Frederick interjects.

“What other meaning can ‘blue’ even have? You’re being over cautious.” Cadence says, annoyed.

“I think it’s a class of trees. I mean right on the map there’s a patch of trees labeled ‘blue spruce’.” Frederick points out.

“Sounds smart enough to me, let’s head over there.” Ig accepts.

The Delinquents make their ways to the Blue Spruce trees area of the forest. “So, what now?” Xenia asks.

“I say we try the highest tree first.” Anais suggests.

“There!” Zia points to the tallest Blue Spruce tree.

“How are we going to get the key though?” Cadence scoffs.

“Someone can climb one.” Frederick suggests.

“I can!” Ig says.

“It’s okay Ig, I got this.” Una says and she immediately jumps onto the tree.

Una climbs atop the tree, searching for the key. Once she reaches the top, a cling is then heard.

“I think it fell, does anyone see it?” Una asks, as she climbs down the tree.

Zia picks up the first key, and announces “I got it!”

“Great job, Zia.” Anais smiles and Zia blushes.

The camera switches back to the Raging Rebels whom had searched every bluer tree with no success.

“Well, that was an utter disaster.” Declan admits.

“Yeah, we can start on the next clue at least.” Tamsin says.

“And we only need two keys anyway.” Garth says.

“The next clue is: the key is wet, but don’t you fret, you can catch it with a net.” King reads.

“Where would it even be wet?” Vivica asks.

“Maybe this one little blue spot on the map, it’s a pond.” Rigel points out.

“Sounds like a plan team.” King says.

The Rebels continue to head on their way to the pond.

“This better be it.” Vivica says.

“Let’s hope so.” Garth says.

“Is there a net around here that we could fish for the key?” King asks.

The team looks around the pond for any net-like object.

“That’s a negative.” Rigel answers.

“Someone can dive for it, any takers?” Tamsin suggests, her whole team is silent.

“Fine, I’ll go. Just this one time.” Declan says.

Declan then takes off his jacket and proceeds to dive into the pond to retrieve the key and Rigel’s eyes widen.

Rigel is shown in the confessional.

“Declan is actually very tough for a suit,” Rigel starts to smile then stops, “But he doesn’t need to know I said that.” Rigel crosses her arms.

The camera goes back to the Daring Delinquents, figuring out the next clue.

“The second clue is: the key is wet, but don’t fret, you can catch it with a net.” Anais reads.

“We’ll head for the water of the forest!” Zia says.

“There’s a pond on the map, it should be there.” Xenia points out.

“Pond it is!” Ig says.

The Delinquents are then shown heading to the pond, once they get there they notice the Rebels are already there.

“Should we turn back?” Una asks.

“Hell no, this is our challenge to win!” Cadence says.

“Hopefully they haven’t found that key already.” Frederick says.

The camera zooms in onto the Raging Rebels whom are now noticing the Daring Delinquents have caught up to them.

“Oh no, the other team’s here.” Garth warns.

“Hurry up, Declan!” King says.

“Don’t rush him.” Rigel glares and King backs off.

Declan comes back up out of the pond and notices the other team.

“Well did you get it?” Vivica rudely asks.

“No, I didn’t.” Declan says, then he looks to the other team and then his own.

“Oh I see, okay.” Tamsin understands Declan’s signal.

The camera focuses back onto the Daring Delinquents.

“Wait, did they get the key?” Zia squints his eyes.

“Well, they are leaving.” Una points out.

“So, no?” Zia asks.

“I say we risk trying the next clue in case they already got this key.” Anais suggests.

“Good idea, what’s the final clue?” Ig asks.

“The key is in the dark, but you can be brave, it’s just in a _.” Xenia reads.

“Cave.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“Well that was simple enough, let’s head for the cave ranges!” Frederick leads his team.

The Daring Delinquents begin their journey to the caves as the camera switches back to the Raging Rebels whom had just left the pond.

“Hey, thanks for diving, that was pretty brave.” Rigel admits.

“Wow, thanks Rigel.” Declan says, and he smiles.

“We need to hurry, what’s the final clue?” King rushes his team.

“The key is in the dark, but you can be brave, it’s just in a _.” Vivica reads the clue.

“Cave sounds pretty reasonable.” Tamsin shrugs.

“This is going to be fun.” Garth says.

The Raging Rebels then head on their way to the caves, a different set than the Delinquents had gone to. The camera switches back to the Daring Delinquents by their set of three caves.

“We can split up into groups to search each cave, it’ll make finding the key easier.” Anais suggests.

“Not bad, blondie.” Cadence mumbles.

“I’ll go with Cadence!” Frederick volunteers, Cadence rolls her eyes.

“I wanna go with Anais.” Zia smiles.

“So, that leaves Una and I.” Xenia says.

“And me too, dude.” Ig says.

“And you too, let’s get cave searching!” Una enthuses.

The individual groups of the Delinquents continue to search their caves for the final key and the camera switches back to the Raging Rebels and their set of two caves.

“What’s the plan now?” Vivica asks.

“Garth, Tamsin, and King can take one cave. While Declan, Vivica, and I take the other.” Rigel suggests.

“Fair enough.” King shrugs.

“I hope nothing’s living in these caves right now.” Declan points out.

“Like what?” Garth worries.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get this final key, guys!” Tamsin tries to enthuse her team.

The team splits into two while they search their individual caves for the final key. The camera switches right back to the Daring Delinquents whom are still searching their caves. The focus is on Anais and Zia on their cave first.

“This cave is so big, it might take us an hour to find the key.” Zia says.

“Only if we had a flashlight right?” Anais says.

The camera switches to Cadence and Frederick in their cave.

“Ugh, stupid cave. I hate the dark.” Cadence shivers.

“Just calm down, fair maiden.” Frederick says and puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t tell me to calm down.” Cadence snaps, Frederick’s eyes widen at her.

“Sorry.” Cadence apologizes.

The camera switches to Ig, Una, and Xenia in their cave.

“Hey guys, I think I found the key.” Xenia quietly announces.

“Oh yeah dude, you’re right.” Ig says.

“Alright, let’s tell the others.” Una says.

“Wait a minute, I’m not seeing things am I?” Xenia asks.

“No, why do you ask? Oh.” Ig says, then becomes silent.

The trio’s eyes widen as they are in awe of a giant Sasquatch towers over them and growls.

“We better run.” Una says, Xenia and Ig nod in fear.

The three continue to run out of the cave for their lives as the Sasquatch chases after them. 

Ig, Xenia, and Una run from the Sasquatch.

“What’s going on?” Anais asks as she gets out of the cave.

“We got the key, but just run!” Xenia warns her team.

The rest of the Delinquents run out of their caves along with them as the Sasquatch chases after the whole team. The camera focuses on the Raging Rebels unsuccessfully searching for the final key.

“Whoever hid this key, hid it pretty well.” Rigel says.

“Yeah, it’s extremely frustrating.” Vivica complains.

“You’re barely even looking.” Declan points out and Vivica angrily sighs.

“I didn’t think finding a key in a cave would be so hard.” Tamsin sighs.

“It’s okay, it’s the thought that counts.” King tries to assure her.

“Wait, what?” Garth asks, confused. King just shrugs at him.

Chris’ voice is then heard over the PA speakers.

“Raging Rebels give up searching, the Daring Delinquents have found the two keys which means they win! Also it means you lose, again! Go vote someone off and when you’re done meet me at the campfire!” Chris announces.

“I dove in dirty pond water for nothing?” Declan shudders, and Rigel pats him on the back.

After the Raging Rebels vote, the camera cuts to Chris and the Rebels at the campfire for their elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to another elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are five marshmallows on this plate, and six of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Declan." Chris says, then tosses it to him.

“Tamsin." Chris says and tosses her marshmallow.

“Rigel.” Chris says and passes her a marshmallow.

“Vivica.” Chris tosses her a marshmallow.

Garth and King are the only two campers without a marshmallow left. Garth looks very nervous and King looks extremely confused.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Garth." Chris says.

Chris is about to toss Garth his marshmallow, but King interrupts.

“I think I’ll change your mind about that.” King says.

“Why?” Chris asks, impatient.

King reveals his immunity idol and hands it to Chris.

“I will be using this lucky guy, now.” King smiles.

“Well, looks like King is actually safe!” Chris announces.

Chris tosses King the final marshmallow, which makes King smirk, but no one sees.

“So that means, Garth it’s time, buddy.” Chris says.

Declan, Garth, Rigel and Tamsin’s jaws all drop.

“What the ever-loving hell?” Tamsin angrily exclaims.

“Um, what just happened?” Garth stammered.

“Sorry, dude. The Dock of Shame is waiting for you.” Chris says.

“This is too unfair, I’m sorry to see you go. We’ll miss you.” Declan hugs Garth.

“I’ll miss you guys too.” Garth says.

“This is a ****ing shame.” Rigel says, then hugs Garth.

“It really is, but it’ll be okay.” Garth says.

“I can’t believe this is it, I’m really going to miss you.” Tamsin cries and kisses Garth.

“I’ll miss you too, babe. You can do this though.” Garth smiles.

“Don’t worry we’ll take care of King for this, for you.” Tamsin whispers before her farewell kiss with Garth.

“It’s time. Boat of Losers, dude.” Chris hurries him along, Garth nods.

Garth waves to his three friends and continues onto the Dock of Shame. Once he reaches the Boat of Losers, he boards the boat, then he sails off into the distance and out of view.

Chapter #9: "It's Time for the Grand Merge!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is a partially cloudy and warm morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the two teams searched for keys in the forest for their challenge. Ig, Una, and Xenia got chased down by a Sasquatch, then got their whole team endangered by the thing. Declan dived in pond water for his team to get a key, but the Rebels still lost to the Delinquents yet again. King was originally going to be voted off, but he used his immunity idol which made Garth go home instead. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

Chris’ voice is heard over PA speakers, “It’s time for breakfast! Also, I got an announcement so you better come to the mess hall!” The campers and Chef appear in the mess hall. Chef is seen not serving his usual gruel, but watery oatmeal instead. The campers take notice to this quickly.

“Oh yay, it’s not gruel.” Xenia emotionlessly states.

“Oatmeal is the best thing I’ve ever seen in a lifetime.” Zia admires.

“It doesn’t taste any different.” Cadence disagrees.

“I hate oatmeal.” Vivica pouts.

“Now, this is better than juvy food!” Rigel says, and eats it quickly. This makes Vivica make a disgusted face at her.

“It is definitely better than that gruel.” Tamsin agrees.

Chris comes into the mess hall as the campers are eating their breakfast.

“Morning campers!” Chris announces and the campers groan.

“Don’t be so down, you have better breakfast now!” Chris says and Chef lets out a “Hmph.” “Anyways, the announcement is that it’s time for the grand merge! It’s every man for themselves now!” Chris announces.

“The game’s getting serious now!” Una says.

“I knew it.” Ig says.

“We all did.” King rolls his eyes.

“It was serious before now and you did not all know that we were having a merge!” Chris disputes.

“Well, we kind of did.” Frederick adds.

“Well, whatever. You’re not moving into your new cabins yet because we are going to start off your first merge challenge right now! And I’m going to the spa, so Chef is hosting it and taking charge!” Chris explains.

“Well, that was quick.” Anais shrugs.

“This will be fun.” Declan sarcastically says.

“Bon voyage, suckers!” Chris says his farewell before leaving the mess hall and leaving Chef in charge.

Chef comes out of the kitchen into the mess hall wearing his military uniform, the campers all become silent and scared of his entrance.

“Attention maggots! It’s time for my boot camp challenge! Meet me at the track in five, before I get there, and we’ll do the first test!” Chef announces and then he runs out the door, boards a golf cart, and heads to the track.

“How does he expect us to get there before he does?” Cadence asks.

“Run.” Xenia rolls her eyes, pointing at the rest of the campers running to the track. Cadence and Xenia then do the same.

The camera pictures all campers panting at the track while Chef relaxes in his golf cart, drinking coffee.

“First test: the pacer test. You will run across these two lines and whenever I say ‘beep’, you will have to reach the opposite line. If you don’t make it after I say ‘beep’, you’re out. I will say fifty beeps. Do I make myself clear maggots?” Chef screams, the campers all nod with fear.

“I feel like I’m in middle school again.” Ig laughs to Zia.

“What was that maggot? Did I tell you to speak? No, I did not! You’re out!” Chef yells in Ig’s face. 

Ig and Zia get yelled at by Chef.

“Ah, man.” Ig sighs and sits in the sidelines.

Ig is shown in the confessional.

“I was just trying to lighten the mood.” Ig shrugs.

The camera goes back to the track.

“Do you have anything to say, soldier?” Chef yells at Zia, and he shakes his head.

“Good. Let’s get this pacer over with!” Chef announces.

All the campers line up on one horizontal line on the track waiting for Chef’s instruction to start.

“Beep.” Chef says, starting the pacer.

All campers reach the line before Chef says the next ‘beep’. They all continue to succeed until Chef’s fifth beep, where Vivica gives up.

“I can’t-“ Vivica then proceeds to pass out.

“You are a disappointment soldier! Go sit with the skunk-haired boy!” Chef yells at Vivica.

Vivica gets up and pouts at him, then goes to sit with Ig.

“I’m not skunk-haired am I?” Ig asks.

“Don’t… talk… to… me. Trying… to… catch… my… breath.” Vivica says.

Chef has the other campers continue to run the pacer test, until the tenth ‘beep’, where Frederick collapses.

“Too much running.” Frederick gasps.

“Tiny soldier go sit with the skunk and the spoiled rotten soldiers!” Chef yells and Frederick gets up and nods.

Frederick goes over to sit with Ig and Vivica, as Chef continues to pacer test.

Eventually it gets around to the 49th ‘beep’, all the campers pass the final line, yet Anais just touches the line on the final beep.

“You’re out, Barbie!” Chef yells.

“Damn.” Anais mutters.

“But she was on the line.” Zia tries defending her.

“Would you want to join her, soldier?” Chef yells at Zia.

“It’s okay, Zia just keep going.” Anais mouths to him.

“No sir!” Zia replies and he smiles at Anais, who does so back.

Anais is shown in the confessional.

“Zia is such a sweetheart, it’s not fair that Chef is yelling at him so much because he was trying to defend me. I hope he lays off him a little bit.” Anais says.

The camera shows the track once again.

“Maggots! You eight will continue to the next round! Let’s get the second round over with right here, right now! You will be doing my old military work out routine and you will be timed for each exercise! If you don’t do as many as I say in time, you’re out! Get to it soldiers!” Chef yells at the campers.

The eight remaining campers; Cadence, Declan, King, Rigel, Tamsin, Una, Xenia, and Zia all stand at attention to Chef.

“100 army push-ups in four minutes!” Chef announces and the eight campers begin their army push-ups.

Cadence is the only one whom fails to do all of the push-ups in time.

“You’re out, princess! How do you feel you failed?” Chef yells at her.

“I’ll take my chances.” Cadence shrugs and Chef steams.

“Run to the other losers, and not another word!” Chef yells and Cadence rolls her eyes. Cadence walks over to the other four campers that are out.

“100 burpees in five minutes!” Chef yells at the remaining campers who get right to the exercise.

“Those aren’t burpees, boy! You’re out!” Chef yells at Zia, pointing to where the losers are sitting.

Zia sighs and goes over to the loser, but smiles when he sees Anais and he hugs her. The other ‘soldiers’ continue with their workout. Eventually they get done with burpees, and Tamsin is the only one to fail just being one burpee short.

“Hustle over towards the other losers, pink head!” Chef yells at Tamsin.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“Pinkhead? I swear my hair’s lavender, I think.” Tamsin worries, looking at her hair.

The camera goes back to the campers awaiting Chef’s next instructions. Chef throws down a duffle bag full of dumbbells.

“Fifty lifts of these on each arm, hustle!” Chef yells.

The five campers rush to the dumbbells and start lifting. Xenia is the only one who can barely lift the dumbbells.

“Ow.” Xenia says emotionlessly.

“Ghost girl, you’re out!” Chef yells.

“Cool.” Xenia says, Chef glares.

While Xenia goes over to the losers, the four remaining campers finish their weightlifting.

“You four maggots are ready for the final challenge to determine the winner of immunity! Let’s head to the forest now and we’ll get started on your final test! Hustle, soldiers!” Chef yells.

The camera pans to the forest where a military obstacle course is set up. The losers are sitting in the sidelines while by the obstacle course are Chef and the four remaining campers; Declan, King, Rigel, and Una.

“The final test is your ability to finish this obstacle course before any of your opponents do! Now, start maggots!” Chef yells.

Declan, King, Rigel, and Una get the obstacle course underway. The first part of the obstacle course is crawling through mud and King can barely make it through as he does not want to harm his face with mud.

“Nope.” King refuses.

“Typical.” Una laughs as she passes him, King glares.

King goes to sit with the other losers and watches the final three complete the course. King winks at Cadence and she raises an eyebrow and smiles at him.

Declan, Rigel, and Una come to the tire part of the challenge where they have to run over them, avoiding the holes of the tires. Rigel and Una make it with ease, but Declan trips.

“Ouch.” Declan says.

“You’re out soldier!” Chef yells.

Declan gets up from the tires and walks over to the sidelines along with the losers. Declan is then shown in the confessional.

“I’m not surprised Rigel got farther than me, she’s a tough chick. Don’t let her know I said that, though.” Declan’s eyes widen at the fact he was admiring Rigel, then he cross his arms.

The camera switches back to Rigel and Una going head-to-head on the obstacle course. They are both covered in mud, but still going strong. They both come to final wall-climbing part of the challenge.

“I guess this is the final part.” Rigel says.

“Looks like it.” Una agrees.

The two attempt to climb the wall, trying to beat the other. One of the girls makes it across the wall first and Chef announces them the winner.

“Looks like Rigel is the winning soldier of immunity! I salute you soldier.” Chef salutes Rigel.

“Wow, thanks.” Rigel says.

“Since Chris isn’t here yet to do the ceremony, you soldiers have time to move into your cabins. The former Raging Rebels team are all moving into the Daring Delinquents team. Take advantage of this free time, maggots.” Chef explains to the campers.

The camera shows the inside of the former Daring Delinquent’s guy cabin which is now the permanent guy cabin. Ig and Zia are inside while Declan comes in to unpack his stuff.

“Hey, Declan right?” Ig greets him.

“Yeah it’s Declan.” Declan confirms.

“Hello, I’m Zia.” Zia says.

“And I’m Ig.” Ig says.

“There’s also another small dude named Frederick, but we don’t know where he went.” Zia explains.

“Ah, I see. There’s another roommate to come in here from my old team, King. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you, by the way.” Declan explains.

“Thanks for the heads up, man.” Ig thanks.

“No problem, he’s just sketchy.” Declan says.

“Well there’s plenty of room in here, you can take one whole empty bunk or a bunk with Frederick.” Zia suggests.

“I might just take the lone one for now, it’s more my style.” Declan shrugs.

“I hear you, dude.” Ig says.

The camera then switches to the former Daring Delinquent’s girl cabin which is now permanently the girl’s cabin. Anais, Una, and Xenia are already inside while Tamsin and Rigel are just coming in to unpack their things.

“Welcome to your new cabin, guys!” Anais greets.

“Yay, new roomies.” Xenia sarcastically states.

“There’s a bunk free under Xenia, or you guys can just take Cadence’s bunk. She’s the devil.” Una says and warns.

“Thanks guys!” Tamsin says.

“At least Vivica’s not here, we can claim our beds already.” Rigel says to Tamsin.

“Oh yeah, Vivica is like your Cadence.” Rigel notes.

“That’s just great.” Xenia rolls her eyes.

“Tamsin, your hair is awesome. And Rigel, your piercings are just badass!” Anais compliments.

“Thanks, I love your choker!” Tamsin says.

“Hey, thank you!” Anais says.

“First one to compliment them all season, thanks dude.” Rigel says.

“No problem, man.” Anais says.

“Hey, I wonder where Cadence is anyway.” Una ponders.

“Making people’s lives miserable and/or plotting evil schemes, probably.” Xenia suggests.

The camera then shows Cadence, Frederick, King, and Vivica whom are in the forest together.

“Okay, so what did you call me and dweeb kid for?” Cadence asks.

“Hey!” Frederick says.

“Calm down.” Cadence mouths and Frederick is silent.

“I just saw you two as valuable team members out there and I have a proposal for you two.” King says.

“What is it?” Cadence asks.

“Well, Vivica and I already have an alliance, and we trust you two enough to tell you.” King says.

“That’s right.” Vivica agrees.

“Go on.” Cadence listens.

“We were wondering if you would like to join our alliance, so we can continue to the final four together.” King proposes.

"Hold on, let us talk about this." Frederick says.

"As you wish." King says.

Cadence pulls Frederick to the side and they whisper, then they return to converse with King and Vivica.

“We’ll take your opportunity.” Frederick agrees.

“So we should start voting together tonight?” Cadence asks.

“Yeah, we will. You have to prove you’re trustworthy.” Vivica says.

“No problem with us, who’s your suggestion to vote out?” Cadence asks.

“We have a few, but there’s one threat I really want to get rid of first.” King says. “And that threat is?” Cadence asks.

The camera cuts back to the outside of the cabins and Chris is shown to be back from the spa, as he is drinking cucumber water. He then gets out a device so that he can speak over the PA speakers to get the campers’ attention.

“Campers, I’m back from my spa day! So that means it is time for you to vote out the first merged camper! Remember, no voting for Rigel because she has immunity! After you vote, meet me at the campfire for your first merged elimination ceremony!” Chris announces, he then proceeds to drink his cucumber water.

After the twelve merged campers vote, the camera shows Chris and the campers at the campfire for their first merged ceremony. 

“Welcome to your first merged ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are eleven marshmallows on this plate, and twelve of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for the challenge and immunity winner, Rigel of course." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

“Next marshmallow is for Declan." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to him.

“Zia and King.” Chris says and he tosses marshmallows to both guys.

“Anais.” Chris tosses her a marshmallow.

“Tamsin.” Chris says, passing her a marshmallow.

"Xenia." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

“Vivica.” Chris says and tosses her a marshmallow.

“Ig.” Chris says, then passes him his marshmallow.

“Frederick.” Chris calls and passes him a marshmallow.

Cadence and Una are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Cadence gives a confused mean look to King and he shrugs, Una gives a worried and confused look. "One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Cadence." Chris says.

Cadence softens her look to King and smiles at him, Chris then tosses her the final marshmallow.

“Thanks, Chris.” Cadence gives an evil smile to Una.

“How did I get voted off? I thought people liked me.” Una says confused.

“It’s just how the game goes, girl.” Chris says.

“Well that’s unfair.” Una says.

“Like’s unfair, now hurry up. The Dock of Shame and the Boat of Losers is waiting.” Chris says.

Una catches King’s smile and gives him a death glare.

“We’ll miss you, Una!” Anais says and she hugs her friend good bye.

“I’ll miss you too, you were one of the not annoying ones.” Xenia says her farewell.

“Thanks girls. I wish you both luck.” Una smiles.

“Are you done yet?” Chris asks, impatient.

“Chill out, yes I am.” Una rolls her eyes.

Una then pushes off the to the Dock of Shame towards the Boat of Losers.

“Bye everybody!” Una yells before she boards the Boat of Losers.

She finally boards the Boat of Losers, then she sails off into the far, far distance where she cannot be seen anymore.

Chapter #10: "Is This Real Snow?"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is shown to be nice, sunny morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the two teams were merged and the twelve campers are fighting for themselves. Chef hosted the challenge as I was at the spa. Chef set up a bootcamp for the campers consisting of three rounds of his military training. The last four remaining in the challenge were Declan, King, Rigel, and Una. Rigel was the one who came out on top and won immunity. Cadence and Frederick joined King’s new alliance with Vivica. Cadence and Una were the bottom two in the elimination ceremony, but Una was eliminated, possibly due to King’s new alliance? Who knows? What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The outside of the cabins are shown and Chris is visible, holding a megaphone.

“Wake up, campers! It’s almost breakfast time!” Chris yells into the megaphone, and multiple groans from the campers are heard.

“Teenagers.” Chris laughs.

The camera then shows the inside of the girl’s cabin, all of the girls woke up due to Chris except for Vivica.

“Always rely on Chris to wake us up so nicely.” Xenia sarcastically yawns.

“You’re telling me.” Tamsin agrees.

“Wait how is she still asleep?” Anais asks, pointing to Vivica.

“Something about her sleep mask ear plugs or something ridiculous and expensive.” Rigel says.

“Ah, that makes sense. Kind of.” Anais shrugs.

“Ugh, can you all just shut up. It’s too early for this.” Cadence complains.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to disappoint the queen.” Rigel talks louder, making Tamsin, Xenia, and Anais laugh.

“Whatever, metalface.” Cadence scoffs.

“Real original.” Rigel rolls her eyes.

“Hey does anyone want to go to the beach before breakfast is called? I rather go there than stay in this place.” Tamsin suggests.

“Yes, dude!” Anais agrees.

“I’ll bite.” Xenia joins as well.

Rigel gives a thumbs up to Tamsin. Then Anais, Rigel, Tamsin, and Xenia leave the cabin to go to the beach. Cadence gives a big sigh of relief, then she looks at Vivica whom is snoring quite loudly. Cadence slings off Vivica’s eye mask to wake her up.

“Hey!” Vivica yells.

“Sorry, not sorry. We have to meet King soon so hurry up.” Cadence says, Vivica gives her annoyed look but nods.

Vivica is shown in the confessional.

“Strike one for skinny over there.” Vivica rolls her eyes.

The camera pictures inside of the guy’s cabin, every guy has been awoken by Chris’ call. King is doing no-hand push-ups on the ground as the rest of the guys are just getting out of bed.

“What the-“ Zia says. “How… how do you do that?” Ig says in awe.

“Holy-“ Frederick begins to speak.

“Lots of practice, my friend.” King replies, Declan rolls his eyes.

“Woah.” Ig says.

“I can teach you sometime if you want.” King says.

Declan shakes his head at Ig, reminding him King cannot be trusted.

“Well, I think I’m going to the beach. Anais left me note saying that’s where she was.” Zia smiles.

“I’ll come too!” Ig joins.

“Can I come as well?” Declan asks.

“Of course, you can come along!” Zia nicely accepts.

Declan, Ig, and Zia then exit the cabin and head to the beach, leaving King and Frederick in the cabin.

“So, what’s the plan?” Frederick asks King.

“We’ll go meet the girls in the forest again and discuss our next move.” King explains.

“Gotcha.” Frederick says.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“I know it’s not like me to be in alliance, but I really need it. I already calculated that I’m the weakest link, so I need all the help I can get.” Frederick admits, then shrugs.

The camera pictures the next scene in the forest where Cadence, Frederick, King, and Vivica are now meeting up.

“Morning ladies.” King greets and the two girls swoon.

“Morning, King.” Cadence winks at him, Vivica sees this and becomes suspicious.

“So what’s our next move?” Vivica asks.

“Well, I believe Cadence needs more protection because she was almost voted off next week. Either we need to have you win immunity this challenge or place the bounty on someone else somehow.” King explains.

“That sounds good to me.” Cadence immediately agrees, King winks at her.

“But how are we going to do that?” Frederick asks.

“Yeah, if she doesn’t win immunity, who are we putting the bounty on?” Vivica asks. “I already have plans for both.” King says.

Vivica is shown in the confessional.

“I don’t know why he’s getting so close to skinny all of the sudden, I don’t like it. Strike two for skinny.” Vivica glares.

The camera goes back to the alliance discussing, but the words are not heard. The camera focuses on a bush and it is revealed to be Declan spying on them. He raises an eyebrow, then quietly leaves the bush without anyone noticing.

“Interesting, his alliance is growing.” Declan raises an eyebrow.

The camera switches to the beach and it pictures Anais, Rigel, Tamsin, and Xenia hanging out together.

“I can’t believe I haven’t been out here yet, it’s so nice.” Tamsin says.

“I didn’t even think this island could be this nice.” Rigel says in awe.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too, man.” Anais agrees.

“This place actually makes me forget where I am- which is a good thing.” Xenia admits.

Zia and Ig then walk into view by the four girls.

“Zia!” Anais greets.

“Anais, yay!” Zia says and they hug and kiss.

“Hey dudes, I’m Rigel.” Rigel greets both Zia and Ig.

“And I’m Tamsin.” Tamsin nicely greets.

“That’s Egg, the one with zebra hair.” Xenia points to Ig.

“Hey! It’s Ig, dude!” Ig corrects Xenia and she laughs.

“Nice to meet you dudes though!” Ig smiles.

Declan then comes into view as well and approaches the six campers.

“Hey everybody!” Declan greets and everyone greets him as well.

“I just need to talk to Tamsin and Rigel for a sec.” Declan adds.

“Ah, okay.” Tamsin says.

“Gotcha dude.” Rigel says.

“See you later guys!” Anais says.

Tamsin and Rigel leave with Declan out of shot, but the camera focuses on the four campers on the beach.

“They seem nice.” Zia says.

“Yeah, they’re both pretty cool!” Anais says.

“What’s the deal with the sharp-dressed guy?” Xenia asks.

“Oh, that’s Declan. He’s cool too, a little more serious though.” Ig says.

“I’m just glad we can talk to more laid back people like them now!” Anais says.

The camera shows Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin.

“What’s up, Declan?” Tamsin asks.

“Yeah, what’s the deal?” Rigel asks.

“I just found out King’s alliance is growing- they have that prissy girl who only dresses in pink and that geeky guy. They have one more than us, guys.” Declan warns.

“Ugh, I wish that dude was so shifty.” Rigel says.

“We’ll figure something out, because they are a real threat.” Tamsin says.

“I just hope they don’t target us.” Declan says.

“I don’t want them too either, or any of the others. They’re so nice.” Tamsin says.

“I got some ideas, dude. We’re going to be covered.” Rigel assures the two.

Chris’ voice is then heard over the PA speakers.

“Alright, it’s finally time for breakfast! Hurry up and eat, I want get to challenge time!” Chris announces.

The camera then shows all of the campers, Chris, and Chef in the mess hall. The campers are all eating their breakfast, awaiting for Chris to give them instructions on their next challenge.

“Okay campers! Right after breakfast, it’ll be time for your next amazing challenge!” Chris announces.

“I wouldn’t say amazing, but-“ Declan begins to speak, but is interrupted by Chris shushing him.

“Anyway, I don’t feel like explaining the challenge in here, so just meet me at the ski resort when you’re done.” Chris says.

“What ski resort?” Cadence asks.

“The one from last season, the one we went to like two challenges ago.” Chris explains.

“Well, that’s lame.” Cadence rolls her eyes.

“You must have some bad taste in everything then.” Chris snaps, Cadence glares.

The camera fades to the ski resort with all the campers and Chris present, they are settled down at the end of the mountain by a ski lift.

“Welcome to your nice and icy challenge!” Chris announces.

Ig puts out his tongue to catch a snowflake and when he does, he looks disgusted.

“Is this real snow?” Ig asks.

“Nope!” Chris says.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Ig says.

“Back to point, your challenge will consist of three parts. The first part you must go up to the top of the mountain via ski lift and find a yeti cave. The second part you need to search for jewels, or somewhat big rocks I had interns to paint to look more like jewels, and you must take one. Oh yeah, don’t let the yeti see you, because that won’t be ideal. The third part is to ski down the mountain with your jewel on hand and race the others down to the bottom. The person who gets to the bottom first with their jewel wins immunity.” Chris explains.

“I’m gonna go for some hot chocolate then find the hot tubs, so you guys go ahead and get started.” Chris brushes them off.

The eleven campers rush to the ski lift, struggling while they are wearing skis and trying to rush across flat land. Eventually they all get in line along with some tourist, and try to skip them in attempt to get to their challenge quicker. The ski lift only seems to hold two people at a team, so the contestants rush to get into pairs.

“Anais we have to get on together!” Zia says.

“Let’s grab the first one, quick!” Anais points to the first free ski lift.

The two wobble over on their skis and get a seat on the ski lift, then are lifted up by the cables.

“Cadence, would you do me the honor?” King offers Cadence, winking.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Cadence swoons. Frederick is shown looking down in the background.

Cadence is shown in the confessional.

“Okay, I may hate almost everybody here, but King is just perfect for me. Hot and shifty, just like me.” Cadence says.

The camera shows Cadence and King taking the next ski lift, then being lifted up by the cables.

“Come on, shrimpy, we gotta catch up to our people.” Vivica orders Frederick.

“I’m coming!” Frederick calls out, trembling on his skis as both him and Vivica ski towards the next lift. The two take off onto the cables, up the mountain.

“Hmm, you guys can take the one after me. I’m going to go solo to find out what they’re doing.” Tamsin tells Rigel and Declan.

“Ah, okay then.” Declan raises an eyebrow, as does Rigel.

Tamsin goes up to the next ski lift and goes up by herself, Rigel and Declan take the next ski lift after her. Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“Okay, maybe I’m trying to play a bit of matchmaker here. They’re two of my best friends, and you know opposites attract.” Tamsin admits.

The camera then shows Xenia and Ig getting on the ski lift together and going up. “Woo for the snow challenge! It’s like skating, but like on snow!” Ig says.

“How are you even so upbeat? Are you even human?” Xenia asks, and gives out a stale laugh.

The camera then shows the peak of the mountain where the eleven campers are being let off the ski lift, pair by pair. Cadence, Frederick, King, and Vivica are shown conversing first.

“Okay, you and Vivica can search one side for the yeti cave, while Cadence and I search the other. We’ll report back once we find it.” King instructs.

“Gotcha dude.” Frederick says in a forced deep voice, Cadence gives a confused look.

King and Cadence go one way as Frederick and Vivica go the opposite. The camera goes back to Anais, Declan, Ig, Rigel, Tamsin, Xenia, and Zia.

“Now where could the yeti cave be?” Zia asks.

“It might have something to do about that sign over there.” Anais says and she points to the sign labeled ‘YETI CAVE’ with an arrow pointing.

“Wow, good eye.” Zia says and Anais kisses him on the cheek.

The two lovebirds begin skiing towards the way the sign had pointed to.

“What a discreet sign.” Xenia sarcastically states and begins to ski down that way.

“Awesome, it’s yeti cave time!” Ig says and he skis on after the three.

“So, where is this cave supposed to be?” Rigel asks.

“Probably where everyone is skiing towards, would be the best bet.” Declan says.

“Come on guys, we can do this!” Tamsin says as she starts to ski off as well.

Rigel and Declan nod at each other and they do the same. The camera goes to King and Cadence near a cave.

“It’ll be just like this, you and me, mi amor.” King says, Cadence smiles.

“I can’t wait, love.” Cadence says and they both kiss.

Vivica is seen in the distance, spying on them with a disapproving face. Vivica is then shown going back to Frederick whom is right near the yeti cave already. 
Vivica catcheskingcadence

Vivica finds Cadence and King kissing.

“Gerald! Gerald!” Vivica screams.

“It’s Frederick!” Frederick corrects.

“I have bad news.” Vivica announces.

“Can it wait? I just figured this is the yeti cave, we need to tell the other two.” Frederick says.

“No, screw them. They were kissing, I’m sure they’re making an alliance against us. Let’s grab our jewels quick and not tell them.” Vivica says, Frederick looks heartbroken.

“Okay just hold on. I gotta- I have to go.” Frederick then skis off into the distance.

“What, where are you going? Ugh!” Vivica yells.

Vivica continues into the cave looking for the jewels and then Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin are seen outside the cave.

“Did you guys hear any of that?” Rigel asks.

“No, what was it?” Tamsin asks.

“The alliance is breaking up possibly because Cadence and King are a couple now.” Rigel states.

“I’ve never been so proud of you for spying.” Declan says and he hugs her.

“Yeah, thanks.” Rigel laughs.

“Yes!” Tamsin says quietly to herself.

“What was that?” Declan asks.

“I said let’s get these jewels!” Tamsin enthuses.

The trio ventures off into the cave to find the jewels. Anais, Ig, Xenia, and Zia are shown arriving in the cave as well, from the opposite side.

“If I was a jewel where would I be?” Ig ponders.

“Is that Chris’ so-called jewels?” Xenia points to a pile of painted rocks.

“Damn, Xenia you’re awesome!” Anais says.

“Oh god, they’re heavy!” Zia says, picking one up.

The other three pick a ‘jewel’ up from the pile and then Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin come into view.

“Hey friends, the jewels are here!” Anais announces to them.

“Wow, thanks!” Rigel says in awe of her kindness.

“Why’d you tell them?” Zia asks.

“Hey, they’re friends, it’s not like it’s Cadence or King.” Anais shrugs.

“You’re such a sweetheart!” Zia smiles and they kiss.

“Race you all down the mountain!” Anais says and she begins to shred down the mountain.

“You’re on!” Ig says and he skis on after her.

“Me too!” Zia yells as he follows in.

“I guess I’m in too.” Xenia says as she skis down as well.

The camera shows Vivica whom is still searching for the jewels. She then spots something shiny.

“Ooh, actual jewels!” Vivica squeals as she reaches for the actual jewels.

She is then interrupted by a large and tall yeti. The yeti roars out which sends Vivica skiing and screaming. Vivica skis and bumps past Declan, Tamsin, and Rigel then continues to ski down the mountain.

“What’s her problem?” Tamsin asks.

The yeti comes into view and the trio quickly pick up a jewel before being stampeded by the yeti, the three then continue to ski down the mountain, away from the yeti as quick as possible. The camera then pictures and twelve split-screen of all the camper skiing down the mountain and the yeti as well. The camera then shows Chris in winter garb drinking a latte, waiting on the winner down at the finish line.

“This is taking forever!” Chris says, but right after he finishes it someone crosses the finish line.

“You have a jewel with you right?” Chris asks them.

“Yes, I do Chris!” Anais reveals him her ‘jewel’.

“Well, looks like you’re the winner of immunity, congrats.” Chris announces, sipping his latte.

Zia makes it down next.

“Oh yay you won immunity Anais!” Zia congratulates her by kissing her.

“Oh god, I don’t want to be stuck with you two. I’ll speed this process up.” Chris says and he takes out a remote and pushes a button with a snowball on it.

“Oh no, what did you just do man?” Anais worries.

“It doesn’t matter.” Chris laughs.

The camera goes back to the split-screen, now a ten split-screen and a snowball is shown growing as it rolls down the slopes. The snowball gets ridiculously big and consumes the ten remaining campers along with the yeti. The snowball eventually makes it down to the finish line to where Chris, Zia, and Anais are.

“What the hell, Chris?” Cadence yells.

“Just wanted you all to know Anais won the challenge and your elimination ceremony is in thirty minutes. So, you guys better get voting while I’m finishing up this latte here.” Chris announces.

After the eleven merged campers vote, the camera shows Chris and the campers at the campfire for their second elimination ceremony. 

“Welcome to your another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are ten marshmallows on this plate, and eleven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“Winner of immunity gets the first marshmallow which is Anais." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

“Second marshmallow is for Tamsin." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to her.

“Zia and Ig.” Chris says and he tosses marshmallows to both guys.

“Declan.” Chris tosses him a marshmallow.

“Xenia.” Chris says, passing her a marshmallow.

"King." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

“Rigel.” Chris says and tosses her a marshmallow.

“Cadence.” Chris says, then passes her a marshmallow.

Frederick and Vivica are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Frederick gives an extremely worried and sad look and Vivica just rolls her eyes and glares.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Frederick." Chris says.

“Okay then I guess this is it, wait what did you say?” Frederick asks with disbelief.

Frederick is in complete awe and Vivica erupts with anger.

“What the hell? How does this kid stay over me?” Vivica yells.

“That’s what the people voted, so yeah.” Chris shrugs.

“Ugh, I’m going to sue!” Vivica screams.

“Have fun with that, when you signed the contract you kind of signed up for all of this.” Chris laughs.

“You’ll be hearing from my father!” Vivica scoffs.

“I don’t think so, but okay.” Chris says.

“Ugh!” Vivica screams.

“Interns, we got a difficult one.” Chris says into a walkie talkie.

Two interns rush into screen and grab Vivica by the arms, Vivica spits on Cadence and King, then the interns drag her to the Dock of Shame.

“Ew!” Cadence squeals.

“It’s okay my love, she’s gone now!” King comforts, Declan raises an eyebrow to this.

“Chris, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers!” Vivica screams.

“What’s with you kids and lawyers these days? Sheesh!” Chris says.

Vivica is then thrown onto to the Boat of Losers and her screams are heard, similar to that of a child throwing a hissy fit. The interns run away, scared of Vivica. The boat then sails off away with Vivica into the distance until it cannot be seen.

Chapter #11: "Who’s Ready to Play Total Drama Tripardy!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, and the setting is shown to be clear-skied, warm, and bright morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the eleven campers visited the ski resort! Their challenge was to get to the top of the mountain, search a yeti cave for ‘jewels’, and win immunity by getting down the mountain first holding one of these ‘jewels’. Cadence and King became an item secretly, but not secret for long when Vivica told Frederick who was pretty upset. Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin found out about this too from spying, those sneaky ones. Vivica tried to split off the alliance with Frederick, but he kind of ran off. Anais won the challenge however and she was awarded immunity. It came down to Frederick and Vivica, but Vivica was sent home finally. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows the ten campers already eating their breakfast in the mess hall, the camera switches to the door of the mess hall, where Chris is now entering.

“Morning campers! Are you ready for your new challenge?” Chris announces in a chipper attitude.

“No!” The campers simultaneously groan.

“Well, too bad! After breakfast, meet me at the stage for your next challenge!” Chris announces.

After the campers finish eating, the camera shows them along with Chris are then pictured on the stage where two tables are set up, one blue and one red. The tables have five individual buzzers each on both tables. A board with four categories with five squares below each is set up in between the tables, and two scoreboard are set up behind and above the tables.

“Okay, campers this challenge is like a trivia/jeopardy type challenge about your memory of the game. I call it Total Drama Tripardy!” Chris announces.

“How original.” Xenia sarcastically states.

“Shush now, child. You ten will be split up into two groups of five. I already picked the teams alphabetically by every other letter so if you can’t figure that out, I’ll tell you the teams. The blue team will be Anais, Declan, Ig, Rigel, and Xenia. Which makes the red team; Cadence, Frederick, King, Tamsin, and Zia. Now go to your assigned tables and I’ll explain further.” Chris announces.

The two assigned teams go off to their color-coded tables, then they wait for Chris’ next instructions.

“Okay, so this is how the game goes. One team will pick a square from a category, each square is a question about the category. Since there are five squares per categories, there is twenty questions to answer in all. However, any team can buzz in an answer no matter what team picks the category. But, if the first team gets it wrong the other team can steal a point. You can discuss with your team for the answer. As long as you buzz in first and get the answer right, you win your team a point. Whichever team wins will win a reward of going to the spa for the night and also immunity. Yes, immunity for all five people.” Chris explains.

King is shown in the confessional.

“Wow, this is serious. If my team wins, I get to save my whole alliance.” King maliciously laughs.

Declan is then shown in the confessional.

“I know Tamsin is on the other team and all, but I cannot let them win. That means all of King and his minions are safe. Rigel and I will be able to save Tamsin anyway.” Declan says.

The camera cuts back to the stage where the campers are sitting at their tables and the categories on the board are now revealed to be; Challenges, Eliminated Campers, Relationships, and Elimination Order. Chris is shown in a blue snazzy suit and is holding a microphone.

“Who’s ready to play Total Drama Tripardy!” Chris announces.

“Us.” The campers simultaneously groan.

“Alright, blue team first! Pick a category!” Chris says.

“Let’s go with relationships, dude!” Anais chooses for her team.

“Okay, first question is: Who did Viktor ask out, but got rejected by?” Chris asks.

Xenia frowns at the questions and reaches for the buzzer, but Frederick on the other team buzzes in first.

“Xenia. Yeah, he told me.” Frederick answers.

“That’s correct! One point for the red team!” Chris announces, a ‘1’ then appears on the red scoreboard.

“Now, it’s your time to choose, red team!” Chris announces.

“Let’s go with Eliminated Campers, that should be fun.” Cadence says.

“Okay! First Question for eliminated campers is: Who was during the first challenge?” Chris asks.

The red team begins to discuss the question, but Declan from the blue team, buzzes in.

“It was that annoying prep, Holland.” Declan answers.

“And that is correct! One point for blue! Now it’s time for the blue team to decide!” Chris announces, a ‘1’ then appears on the blue scoreboard.

“Let’s do Challenges!” Ig suggests.

“Okay first question for challenges: What did you all have to do for your very first challenge?” Chris asks.

Anais buzzes in.

“That scavenger hunt for three items around the camp, I think.” Anais answers.

“Wow, good memory dude.” Rigel compliments.

“And that is correct! Blue team wins another point! Red team it’s your time to decided a category.” Chris announces, a ‘2’ then appears on the blue scoreboard.

“Let’s go with Elimination Order.” Zia picks.

“First question for Elimination Order is: Who was placed in 17th?” Chris asks, the two teams both take a bit to discuss, Tamsin then buzzes in.

“I think Eunice was in 17th.” Tamsin answers.

“No, it was Ezra.” Frederick whispers.

“That is incorrect! Blue team can steal!” Chris announces.

“Hey, just let Frederick answer for now on. He knows what he’s doing.” King tells her. Tamsin is in the confessional.

“Yes, I’m trying to throw my team off. Most my friends are on the other team and I’m on a team with all my enemies except for Zia. I’m sure Zia will be okay if we lose, I just don’t want any of the other team to go home.” Tamsin admits.

The camera goes back to the ‘Tripardy’ and Rigel buzzes in.

“It was Ezra.” Rigel answers.

“That’s correct! Blue team wins a point. It’s blue team’s time to decide.” Chris announces, a ‘3’ then appears on the blue scoreboard.

“What about Eliminated Campers again?” Xenia picks.

“Second question for Eliminated Campers is: Who was eliminated in the first merged challenge?” Chris asks, Ig immediately buzzes in.

“It was Clover!” Ig answers.

“Nope! Red team, do you want to steal?” Chris asks, the red team then discusses for a bit.

Frederick buzzes in quickly.

“It was Una!” Frederick answers.

“That is correct, point for the red team! It’s time for you guys to choose too!” Chris announces, a ‘2’ then appears on the red scoreboard.

“Let’s go with relationships!” Zia chooses.

“Second question for relationships is: Who is Tamsin dating?” Chris asks. King buzzes in first.

Garth.” King answers, Tamsin glares at him as she was reminding King was the reason he had left.

“Correct! Another point for red, and you’re tied! Blue team’s time to choose.” Chris announces as ‘3’ appears on the red scoreboard.

“Let’s go with Elimination Order.” Declan chooses.

“Second question for Elimination Order: Who was placed in eleventh?” Chris asks, Xenia immediately buzzes in.

“Vivica.” Xenia answers.

“Correct! Another point for the blue team, red team’s time to choose!” Chris announces as a ‘4’ appears on the blue scoreboard.

“We’ll pick Challenges again.” King chooses.

“Second question for Challenges: What was your first merged challenge?” Chris asks, Frederick buzzes in right away.

“The one where we had to a boot camp ran by Chef. It was traumatizing.” Frederick shakes.

“Correct, red team wins a point! We’re at another tie!” Chris announces and a ‘4’ then appears on the red scoreboard.

The camera shows the contestants continuing the ‘Tripardy’ until they get to the final four questions, leaving one final question in each category. The scoreboards both are scored at ‘8’.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is the final round. If we end up with a millionth tie, we’ll have a bonus question. Anyway, let’s have the blue team choose the first final question.” Chris announces.

“We’ll pick Elimination Order.” Declan chooses.

“Okay final question for Elimination Order: Who was eliminated before Quinlan?” Chris asks, the two teams are shown discussing quietly, Xenia buzzes in.

“I think it was Eunice.” Xenia answers.

“That is correct, another point for the blue team! Red team’s turn to pick a category!” Chris announces, and a ‘9’ then appears on the blue scoreboard.

“Let’s go with Eliminated Campers.” King smirks.

“Okay, final question for Eliminated Campers: Who was unfairly voted out?” Chris asks.

The two teams ponder while they discuss, knowing many people had fallen victim to alliances. They stop discussing when a quiet Cadence buzzes in.

Merrin.” Cadence answers, then she clears her throat out of guilt.

“That’s correct! One point for the red team, now blue team’s turn to choose!” Chris announces, and a ‘9’ then appears on the red scoreboard.

“How about we go with Relationships again?” Anais chooses for her team.

“Okay, final question for Relationships: Who just very recently become a couple?” Chris asks, Anais is ready to buzz, but King beats her to it.

“Cadence and I.” King answers, smiling. Frederick cringes a bit with sadness.

“That’s true! Another point for the red team!” Chris announces and a ‘10’ then appears on the red scoreboard.

“Okay this is the moment of truth, if the red team gets this right they win, and if the blue team gets it right, we’ll battle it out with the bonus question.” Chris explains, the campers nod in understanding.

“Final question for Challenges is: What was your fourth challenge?” Chris asks, the two teams to seem to have a more tense discussion before about the answer, the discussion stops once Ig buzzes in.

“It was the zombie one where we had to dress as zombies and the humans had to go against us!” Ig answers.

“And that is- wrong! Red team it’s your time to steal!” Chris says.

The red team begins to discuss without the help of Tamsin and Zia. Zia is shown in the confessional.

“I know the answer, but I don’t want to win over the other team. I really don’t want to risk Anais or Ig or Xenia getting eliminated, but especially Anais.” Zia admits, rubbing his neck.

The camera goes back to the Tripardy and Frederick is shown buzzing in.

“It was the modeling one, we had to choose two models and a photographer from our team.” Frederick answers.

“And that-“ Chris takes a pause.

“Is correct! Congratulations Red Team or Cadence, Frederick, King, Tamsin, and Zia! You all are safe tonight and get to enjoy the spa before the elimination ceremony!” Chris announces.

Only Cadence, Frederick, and King cheer while Tamsin and Zia seem somewhat upset. “As for you Blue Team or Anais, Declan, Ig, Rigel, and Xenia, you all are on the chopping block. You can hang around this dump, I mean camp, before going to the elimination ceremony.” Chris says.

The five losers are looking at each other somewhat nervously, due to their possible fate.

“Don’t just stand around! Get off my stage, losers scurry, and winners get going to the spa. I got things to do people.” Chris snaps.

Cadence, Frederick, King, Tamsin, and Zia head off to the spa while the Anais, Declan, Ig, Rigel, and Xenia go off into the camp. The camera switches to the spa where the Cadence, Frederick, and King are sitting in a sauna while they are wearing seaweed face wraps.

“Woo, we won baby!” Cadence celebrates and kisses King.

“You know it, we’re still in it.” King winks.

“Go us, guys.” Frederick tries to kindly get in onto the conversation.

“Frederick you did really great, buddy. You saved all of us, thank you.” King appreciates.

“Oh, it was no big deal.” Frederick shrugs it off.

“Yeah, Freddy, thank you.” Cadence seems to sincerely thank him.

“Final three, here we come.” King raises his glass of cucumber water to do a cheers with the other two.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“I’m glad I got to help both of them out because they're my only friends, but at the same time it hurts so bad since I still really like Cadence. I should’ve known not to get my hopes up.” Frederick sighs.

The camera shows Tamsin and Zia hanging around by the pool, but aren’t seeming to enjoy the spa as much as the previous three.

“No spa for you either?” Tamsin asks.

“Yeah, I refuse. I’m too upset thinking that my girlfriend might be eliminated tonight, or my two other friends.” Zia says.

“I feel the same way, my two best friends are on the other line too. Also, Anais is my friend, too.” Tamsin says.

“I don’t think the other three, well Cadence or King deserved this win. They don’t play the game clean.” Zia admits.

“Trust me, I know what you mean. If only they weren’t invincible.” Tamsin says.

“That’d be the day.” Zia daydreams.

The camera then shows Anais, Ig, and Xenia hanging out by the mess hall.

“Well, this blows.” Xenia says.

“I agree, man.” Anais states.

“I don’t like being so down as a person, but this isn’t the best of situations.” Ig shrugs.

“Well, if any one of us leaves I just want you two to know you’re awesome and Zia, that I’ll indefinitely miss him.” Anais says.

“I’ll miss all three of you guys too, but let’s enjoy our time just in case and not focus on the negative, we must be positive!” Ig says.

“I hate to admit, but you’re right. Let’s be positive, woo.” Xenia dryly, but sincerely admits.

“Yeah, let’s live in the now, man!” Anais agrees.

The camera then shows Declan and Rigel at the beach together, walking in the sand.

“I can't believe we lost to King and Cadence. I could’ve done so much better.” Declan says in awe.

“It’s okay, you tried your best, so don’t beat yourself up over it.” Rigel says.

“I just wish I could’ve beaten them, I feel so down we could begging home and not them.” Declan says.

“Dude, you did awesome, you have to stop kicking yourself and be proud of yourself. You’re basically perfect.” Rigel admits and she rubs her arm.

“Wait, what did you just say?” Declan asks, slightly smiling.

“Nothing.” Rigel lies, and they both accidentally trip over some beached rocks and Declan falls atop Rigel, face-to-face. Declan kisses her and Rigel looks shocked. 

Declan and Rigel kiss.

“Sorry.” Declan says.

“No, it’s actually okay.” Rigel laughs, then Declan does as well.

The two are about to share a kiss, but Chris’ voice comes on the PA speakers.

“It’s time to vote campers, then meet me at the elimination ceremony!” Chris announces.

After the campers vote, they are seen at the campfire for their next elimination ceremony along with Chris and his plate of marshmallows.

“Welcome to yet another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are nine marshmallows on this plate, and ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“First marshmallows go to the half that won immunity; Cadence, Frederick, King, Tamsin, and Zia.” Chris says as he tosses it to the five immunity winners.

“Next is for Xenia." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to her.

“Anais.” Chris says as he passes her a marshmallow.

“Declan.” Chris announces as he tosses him a marshmallow.

Chris holds only one more marshmallow, Ig and Rigel are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Ig looks really nervous as does Rigel, whom also looks surprised.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Rigel." Chris says.

“Woah.” Rigel says in awe when Chris gives her the last marshmallow.

“Ah, man.” Ig sighs and scratches his head.

“Sorry, dude.” Rigel sympathetically says.

“It’s alright.” Ig shrugs it off.

“I’ll miss you dude, you’re my best friend.” Zia says to Ig and they hug.

“I’ll miss you too, good luck dude!” Ig wishes him.

“We’ll both miss you too, Ig, even though Xenia won’t admit it.” Anais says and bids him farewell.

“Mhm.” Xenia admits and she shakes Ig’s hand.

“I’ll miss you guys too! And everyone else, I wish you all good luck!” Ig says happily.

“Ugh, can’t we get this over with.” Cadence rolls her eyes, impatient and annoyed.

“Right, Cadence. Come on Dock of Shame is waiting for you, Ig.” Chris addresses.

“Ah, alright dude. The game was fun when it lasted.” Ig gives a happy shrugs, and pushing towards the Dock of Shame.

Ig walks onto the Dock of Shame and he once again waves the remaining nine campers farewell and good luck. He then board the Boat of Losers and the boat sails off away into the far distance out of view.

Chapter #12: "You’re Finally Going to Go to Boney Island!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as usual. The setting is shown to be cloudy and rainy, so Chris is seen clad in a raincoat.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the ten campers played a game of what I like to call Total Drama Tripardy, where they were put into two teams and had to answer trivia questions about the game so far to win points. Also, the twist was that the team with the most points all won immunity, leaving the other team up for elimination. Tamsin and Zia attempted to sabotage their team because they didn’t want Cadence or King to win, and also they wanted to save the whole other team. Their sabotage though didn’t work due to trivia machine, Frederick. The five enjoyed a spa treatment while the rest hung around camp, nervous about their fate. Oh yeah, Rigel and Declan kissed too, pretty weird match if you ask me. In the end it came down to Rigel and Ig, but Ig was sent home. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera pictures Cadence, Frederick, and King in their usual meeting place in the forest, but under some type of leaf roof to hide from the rain.

“Where did this roof even come from?” Frederick asks.

“I made it for the three of us, this morning. I’m looking out for my friends.” King smiles.

“Aw, babe. You’re too sweet.” Cadence winks at King, Frederick shudders.

“Not as sweet as you.” King makes Cadence swoon, Frederick shudders more.

“So, um, what’s our next move guys?” Frederick nervously asks, desperate to change the subject.

“Well, we finally got rid of Ig since he was just a threat of his excessive niceness, like yuck.” Cadence laughs.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“Ig was my friend and I feel really bad for voting him out, but Cadence and King gave me no other choice.” Frederick sighs, sadly.

The camera goes back to the alliance in the forest.

“I say we go for either Declan, Rigel, or Tamsin. I have a feeling they have an alliance against us, so we need to start kicking them off one by one.” King suggests.

“Great plan, mi amor.” Cadence says.

“Thank you, my cherub.” King kisses her, Frederick does a gagging motion at the camera in annoyance of the two.

The leaf roof King had made falters back due to the wind, and rain soaks Cadence.

“Ugh! Stupid leaf!” Cadence screams.

“It’s just water…” Frederick quietly says.

King then shushes him, wide-eyed as Cadence screams and complains about the rain.

The camera shows Anais, Declan, Rigel, Tamsin, Xenia, and Zia hanging around the stage, shielded from the rain.

“It’s a bummer that we couldn’t go to the beach because of the rain, man.” Anais says.

“It’s kind of poetic in a way, when someone so bright like Ig leaves the island, it rains.” Xenia says.

“Damn, that is deep.” Declan surprisingly admits.

“He was my best guy friend here.” Zia shrugs.

“I’m sorry, dude.” Rigel apologizes.

“Hey, at least we have each other!” Tamsin tries to brighten the group up.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“I feel bad about Ig, I only voted for him because he was the least close to me out of the people who were on the chopping block.” Tamsin sadly admits.

The camera goes back to the six friends at the stage.

“Tamsin’s right. We’re all good friends here and we’re in the final nine!” Anais lightens up.

“Woohoo.” Xenia sarcastically says, but laughs afterwards.

“And I can't believe I missed you two becoming a couple! I shipped you guys since day 1!” Tamsin says to Declan and Rigel.

“You did?” Declan asks, surprised. Tamsin nods.

“Who would’ve thought, a suit and a punk?” Rigel laughs. Declan rolls his eyes, but smiles.

“I’m so happy for you guys! I love seeing happy couples just like Anais and I.” Zia smiles.

“Hey thanks, dude.” Declan thanks.

“Woah, did the rain just stop?” Anais observes, everyone else notices the rain disappearing.

The rain then starts up again, much to their upset.

“I’m not surprised with the way this island is.” Xenia says and shrugs.

Chris’ voice is then heard over the PA speakers, “Come get your lunch campers, you need to fuel up for next challenge!” Chris announces, then snickers.

The campers and Chef are all then shown in the mess hall where they are eating lunch. Every camper is reasonably dry with the exception of the soaked Cadence.

“Someone was out enjoying the rain, huh?” Xenia says to Cadence.

“Don’t you dare.” Cadence snaps, Xenia laughs as does Rigel.

Eventually Chris comes into the mess hall to instruct the campers.

“Okay, campers after you finish eating lunch come meet me at the beach for your next challenge!” Chris announces.

The camera then shows Chris and the nine campers by the beach and nine canoes are pictured as well.

“Well, happy campers, you’re finally going to go to Boney Island! Yay!” Chris introduces. The campers shake in fear, wide-eyed.

“Oh stop, I know you’re all totally excited, haha. Anyway, your challenge is to take an individual canoe and row it to Boney Island. Once you get to Boney Island, your main goal is to find the immunity idol I had my smartest intern- I mean me- hide. Whether you find it or not, whoever brings back the idol back to shore will win immunity. The rest of you will have the chance to get eliminated. Comprende?” Chris explains, the nine campers nervously nod.

“Okay happy campers, then start your engines! Or start your rowing your canoes! Whatever, it sounded better in my head. Just start.” Chris waves the campers off.

The nine campers rush to each of their individual canoe and begin to row off towards the treacherous island of Boney Island.

All of them struggle to row their canoes as the current is stronger as usual due to the heavy rainstorm. Eventually the nine campers reach the terrifying island, and drop their canoes on shore one by one. Once each camper drops their canoe, they run off in to different directions, searching for the idol.

Anais and Zia run off in one direction. Declan, Rigel and Tamsin run off into the opposite direction, Xenia runs off in another. King, Cadence, and Frederick run off together. The camera pictures Anais and Zia first, by a river.

“Maybe it’s by this river! Also, I thought this would be romantic.” Zia blushes.

“Aw that’s so sweet!” Anais says and kisses him.

“But, let’s find this bad boy now, shall we?” Anais extends her hand out to him to help her search.

“We got this, my dear!” Zia says.

Zia begins to look around the rocks of the river and Anais dives in, looking in the water.

“Holy s***!” Anais exclaims.

“What? What is it? Are you okay?” Zia asks.

“It’s just really cold in here, man!” Anais shivers.

“I believe in you, babe!” Zia enthuses her, and Anais smiles and continues searching.

The camera then pictures Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin near the caves of the island. “The hardest things are always hidden in caves.” Declan points out.

“On this show at least.” Rigel laughs.

“These caves freak me out a bit, so we must be looking in the right place.” Tamsin says.

“That cave looks creepy enough, let’s go in.” Rigel points to the darkest cave.

“Look I really like you and you’re my girlfriend and all, but are you crazy?” Declan asks.

“No, she’s right. Let’s look.” Tamsin shrugs.

The three continue into the cave. Shortly after their entrance, the camera shows them being chased out by woolly beavers. The stampede of the beavers pass, but Declan and Rigel are shown to be the only ones in view.

“That was close.” Declan sighs a sigh of relief.

“Wait, where’s Tamsin?” Rigel quickly realizes that Tamsin is gone.

“Oh, no.” Declan says, wide-eyed.

“Tamsin!” Rigel screams out.

The camera then focuses on Xenia, who is hanging upside down in a tree. Xenia squints her eyes, as if scanning the whole forest.

Xenia turns to the camera, “Don’t judge me. This has worked before.” Xenia rolls her eyes.

“Ah, there it is!” Xenia says.

Xenia backflips out of the tree and successfully lands on her feet, she then continues to walk into a different direction. She turns to the camera once more.

“Told you.” Xenia winks and continues on her way.

The camera then focuses on Cadence, King, and Frederick whom are hidden by many tall trees.

“How are we going to find the stupid idol thing?” Cadence asks, impatient.

“We don’t have to, my love. And I’ll tell you both why.” King says, then he whispers in both their ears.

“That’s sweet.” Cadence smirks with evil.

“Yeah, that’s great, but what are we supposed to do during the challenge?” Frederick asks.

“Waiting’s no fun, Frederick! We will mess with the other campers for fun, like hiding or stealing the idol when they find it.” King plans.

“Oh, okay then.” Frederick shrugs.

“Sweet idea, babe! Let’s go fool these losers!” Cadence snickers.

The three then go off into the distance to set their fiendish plan to work.

Anais and Zia are pictured once again, but now they have moved on towards the caves.

“Oh my god, Anais!” Zia yells.

“What is it, Zia?” Anais asks.

“It’s the idol!” Zia smiles, pointing to the idol on the ground.

“Sweet! Awesome find, babe!” Anais compliments and she kisses him.

“Quick, let’s take it.” Zia says.

“I’m on it.” Anais quickly and swiftly grabs the idol.

“Let’s head back to the island now!” Zia instructs, Anais nods.

The two begin to run, but trigger some type of booby trap. A fishline net enclosures them off the ground and into the air.

“What, what just happened?” Zia panics.

“I don’t even want to know. At least we still have the idol!” Anais lightens up, she then looks down and notices her hands are empty.

“Oh no.” Zia says as they both see the idol on the ground, several feet below them.

The idol is then pulled away off into the distance by some invisible force, the two lovebirds blink in awe.

“What- what the hell?” Anais says, wide-eyed.

“We gotta get out of here.” Zia says.

“We need to MacGyver out of here.” Anais says.

“You mean maneuver?” Zia asks.

“MacGyver, maneuver, same thing.” Anais shrugs.

The camera goes to Declan and Rigel who are searching both for the idol and Tamsin by the river.

“I hope she’s okay. Tamsin!” Rigel calls out.

“Me too. Tamsin!” Declan calls out too.

“I guess she’s not here, damn. No luck, huh?” Rigel shrugs, but keeps searching.

“No luck here for Tamsin, but the idol’s a different story.” Declan says.

“Huh, what do you mean?” Rigel asks and then she sees Declan pointing at the idol, lying right in front of them.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Rigel exclaims and quickly kisses him.

The couple runs towards the idol to pick it up, but they fall through a grass booby-trap, and fall into a dug-out hole.

“What in the name of-“ Declan exclaims.

“I can still see the idol!” Rigel points to the idol above the hole.

The idol then gets pulled away once again by the invisible force.

“What was that?” Declan shivers.

“I don’t want to know, but let’s get the hell out of here!” Rigel shudders.

The next scene shows Xenia near the forest part of the island, where she is scanning the forest down for the idol.

“Where could’ve gone? I swear I saw it in the trees before.” Xenia ponders to her self.

An object falls from the sky and hits her in the head.

“What the-“ Xenia begins to speak, but is silent when the immunity idol is revealed in her hands.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Xenia smiles.

Xenia then begins to run with the idol, but the idol is pulled back through the air and attempts to take her with it. The idol seems too strong and Xenia falls to the ground and is knocked out once she falls. The camera follows the idol up the trees and within the one it is pulled back, it is revealed that Cadence, King, and Frederick are behind this. King is reeling in a fishing reel with the idol on the other end. Cadence and King laugh maniacally and Frederick forces laughter.

“This is just too easy!” Cadence laughs.

“Oh, this is the most fun I had all season.” King laughs.

“Haha yeah, me too.” Frederick lies.

“Who’s next?” Cadence asks with delight.

“Well, who haven’t we ‘messed’ with?” Frederick asks, making quotation marks with his fingers on the word ‘messing’.

“Well I know we trapped the dumb couple and the weird couple already.” Cadence rolls her eyes, laughing.

“And, erm, the goth girl as well.” Frederick attempts an insult.

“So that leaves?” Cadence asks.

“Ah, Tamsin! Quick let’s find her.” King suggests.

The alliance of three ventures off to find their last and final victim of their cruel game. The alliance eventually spots Tamsin, whom is searching on the beach for the idol.

“Quick, the bush!” Frederick whispers.

“Good thinking, Freddy.” King smiles.

Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“Did he just call me Freddy?” Frederick raises an uncomfortable eyebrow.

The camera goes back to antagonistic alliance, who has now hidden themselves well in the bush. King is holding the fishing reel along with the idol.

“I want to do it this time!” Cadence says with excitement.

“Okay love, here you go. I’m so proud.” King winks and smiles as he hands Cadence the reel, Frederick frowns.

Frederick is shown in the confessional once more.

“I know Cadence isn’t truly evil, but maybe King has changed her. I don’t know, it’s just sad.” Frederick sadly sighs.

The camera goes back to the bush and Cadence has already thrown the idol out towards the beach, where Tamsin will be able to find it. Cadence is still with the reel, waiting for Tamsin to notice the idol. The camera then focuses on Tamsin.

“Where is that damn thing?” Tamsin says, tired.

Tamsin continues to search and finally finds the idol by some rocks.

“Finally.” Tamsin sighs a sigh of relief.

Tamsin picks up the idol and notices the ‘invisible line’ attached to it and she smirks. Tamsin quickly grabs some scissors out of her pocket and snips it. Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

Tamsin outsmarts Cadence, Frederick, and King by cutting the fishing line.

“What? I’m an artist, you never know when you’re gonna need some scissors.” Tamsin shrugs.

The camera goes back to the alliance watching for the bush, unaware of Tamsin snipping their fishing line.

“Okay, now reel it in, quick!” King instructs.

“I am!” Cadence yells and begins to reel the line in.

“Wait, she’s walking away. Why isn’t it working?” Frederick asks.

Cadence has finally reeled all of the line in, but no idol on the other line.

“Why the hell?” Cadence is angered.

“She must’ve compromised it!” King suggests.

They then spot Tamsin jumping in her canoe along with the idol and begins to row back to the island.

“No, we have to go!” Cadence yells and commands the two guys.

The alliance of three begin their way to their own canoes to catch up to Tamsin, but they are too late. Tamsin is shown arriving at the shore of Camp Wawanawkwa, where Chris greets her.

“You have the idol?” Chris asks.

“Hell yeah I do!” Tamsin says and shows him the idol.

“Nicely done, you win immunity. Now let me call in the other teams.” Chris says and he speaks into a walkie-talkie like device and his voice is transmitted all over Boney Island.

“Come back to camp, Tamsin won immunity! Once you get back, you guys will vote one of your own out! Oh yeah, and I’m sure some of you need help getting off Boney Island, so I’ll send help.” Chris announces, then laughs.

As he was speaking shots of Rigel and Declan trapped in the dug-out hole, Xenia knocked out, Anais and Zia trapped in the net are shown. Plus Cadence, Frederick, and King panting as they were canoeing back to shore to reach Tamsin.

Once the campers all arrive back to camp they go to vote someone off.

After the campers vote, they are seen at the campfire for their next elimination ceremony along with Chris and his plate of marshmallows.

“Welcome to yet another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are eight marshmallows on this plate, and nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“First marshmallows go to the immunity winner, Tamsin.” Chris says as he tosses the first marshmallow to her.

“Next is for Rigel." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to her.

“Zia.” Chris says as he passes him a marshmallow.

“Anais.” Chris announces as he tosses her a marshmallow.

“Xenia.” Chris calls and throws her a marshmallow.

“Cadence.” Chris says, tossing her a marshmallow.

“King.” Chris says and throws him a marshmallow.

Chris holds only one more marshmallow, Declan and Frederick are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Both Declan and Frederick look incredibly shocked and extremely anxious.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Declan." Chris says.

“Thank god.” Declan sighs with relief.

“Oh, well.” Frederick frowns.

“No, this isn’t fair.” Cadence says, sadly.

“Don’t act like you care Cadence, you obviously used him and don't care about him.” Xenia snaps.

“Oh really, I don’t care about him? You know what. I’ll show you.” Cadence opposes.

Cadence reveals an immunity idol out of her sweater and hands it to Frederick.

“Here, Frederick. You deserve this more than I do. More than King does.” Cadence says.

“What, really?” Frederick’s sadness lightens up.

“What did you say?” King asks, shocked.

“And, also you know what-“ Cadence begins to speak, and she kisses Frederick.

“I’ve been waiting that moment for so long.” Frederick smiles in awe.

“You’re so much better than King, I finally realized. King, screw you, you’re just a lying manipulator. Frederick’s the real man here.” Cadence says.

“Excuse me?” King asks, sounding hurt and angry.

“You heard me. It's over.” Cadence says.

“So, you know that means Frederick is safe now and you’re the one being kicked off right now, right?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, that’s the point. I can go now. I don’t care about anyone else, but Frederick.” Cadence says, she kisses Frederick farewell.

“Bye, my fair lady!” Frederick calls out to Cadence as she walks towards the Dock of Shame, Cadence blows him a kiss.

Cadence then reaches the Boat of Losers and boards the boat. Eventually the boat takes off into the distance, out of sight.

“Wow.” Rigel says in awe.

A tear comes into Frederick’s eye as Cadence leaves and King is shown crying and glaring towards Frederick.

“Wow, that was dramatic. See you next time on Total Drama Teens 2.0!” Chris ends the chapter.

Chapter #13: "It’s a Battle of the Sexes!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as usual. The setting is shown to be bright and sunny morning where the sky is clear.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the nine campers went to Boney Island to find an immunity idol. Cadence, Frederick, and King decided to mess with the other six campers with booby traps and had the idol on a fishing line. They seemed to get Anais, Declan, Rigel, Xenia, and Zia all stumped. However, Tamsin outsmarted them and got away with the idol and she won immunity. During the elimination ceremony Frederick was to be voted off, but Cadence sacrificed her spot and immunity idol for him. Cadence was eliminated and she broke up with King and kissed Frederick before she left. How dramatic! What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

Frederick is shown hiding in a bush right by the guy’s cabin, King eventually walks out of the cabin and away. Frederick is shown in the confessional.

“I’m really happy that Cadence and I are together, but I’m really sad that she’s gone. Also, I’m scared to death about King and I’m pretty sure he’s plotting to kill me… yeah.” Frederick grinds his teeth with nervousness and paranoia.

The camera shows Frederick scattering off to somewhere else in camp, opposite of King. The camera then focuses on a saddened King sitting alone in the forest on a tree stump. He lets out a big, sad sigh. King is then shown in the confessional.

“I can’t believe it, my heart is actually torn apart by the only woman I have ever loved, Cadence. But I need to get over this, make a new alliance, while still maintaining Frederick as leeway. Guess I’m going to find my new victims, erm- my new friends.” King smirks.

The camera shows Anais and Zia down by the beach, cuddling.

“This is seriously my happy place, man.” Anais smiles up on him.

“Mine too, love.” Zia agrees and he kisses her.

“This is most perfect part of my day.” Anais blushes.

“Aw you’re too sweet, mine too! Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.” Zia smiles, speaking too soon. King then comes into their conversation, ruining the moment.

“Hey gang!” King greets.

“Uh- hi.” Zia says, somewhat angry.

“Wait, do we know you?” Anais acts confused out of resentment.

“Yeah, we’re like best friends, I’m your best friend third wheel remember? Anyway, let’s start an alliance guys, what do you think?” King confidently proposes.

“Alliances aren’t our style, man.” Anais shrugs him off.

“Yeah, and we’re gonna watch the sunrise as we cuddle, so you can like leave.” Zia attempts to make King leave.

“But the sun has risen, friends.” King points to the sun.

“Sorry, I don’t think so.” Zia denies him, and he finally leaves.

“He’s all bad vibes.” Anais shudders.

Anais is shown in the confessional.

“I don’t like drama or alliances or mean people or anything, so I want nothing to do with King. He’s just a user of women and I just hate men like that, it’s not cool to use, man.” Anais glares.

Zia is then shown in the confessional.

“What nerve that a guy has! I can’t stand that guy, he’s so disrespectful of women. I can’t believe he’s been here this long!” Zia rants for the first time.

The camera cuts to Xenia sitting and drawing by the dock, alone. King is then visible and he smirks, as he sees her as a valuable victim.

“Hey, Xenia what’re you doing?” King asks, and attempts to sit down with her. “No, don’t sit. Stand at least 15 yards away.” Xenia says.

“Now Xenia, you don’t need to be so harsh. I know how it’s like to be alone and I wanted to ask if-“ King begins to speak, but Xenia cuts him off.

“Stop right there. I’m gay, so don’t even try me you breeder.” Xenia says, King looks shocked for a moment but smoothes his expression.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends though right? You’re the smartest and prettiest one here, you know that right?” King smiles, hopeful.

“I will stab you a thousand times.” Xenia hisses, and King finally takes off.

Xenia cracks a satisfied smile and continues to draw. The camera shows Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin by the stage.

“Finally, King’s alliance has come apart.” Rigel says with relief.

“Yes, we can finally relax!” Tamsin says, happily.

“It’s time to celebrate, guys!” Declan cheers.

King then comes into the scene and tries his last try with the alliance that was created to get rid of him in the first place.

“Hey how’s it going friends?” King asks the three, whom stare at him aimlessly.

“Uh, guys?” King tries to get their attention, the three still stare silently.

“Okay, I’m just gonna go.” King gives up and leaves.

King is shown in the confessional.

“I don’t know why I try anymore.” King sighs.

The camera goes back to laughing Declan, Rigel, and Tamsin at the stage.

“Was he serious?” Declan laughs.

“Did he really expect an answer?” Tamsin wipes a tear of laughter from her eye.

“Oh my god, that’s just too rich.” Rigel laughs.

Chris’ voice is heard over the PA speakers. “Come get breakfast campers, I have a surprise!” Chris announces.

The camera shows the campers continuing into the mess hall, where a huge breakfast feast is set out for them on both tables. The campers smile and laugh in awe of the food and begin to advance towards it, Chris then walks out of the kitchen to stop them.

“Not so fast, campers!” Chris yells and he pulls six set of handcuffs off-screen.

“This is your first part of your challenge! It’s a battle of the sexes! Whichever gender wins, wins immunity. Chef will handcuff the boys together and I will handcuff the girls.” Chris explains.

Chef handcuffs Declan, King, Frederick, and Zia all together as Chris handcuffs Anais, Rigel, Tamsin, and Xenia together.

“So what’s the first part of the challenge?” Frederick asks, uncomfortable.

“Impatient much? Your first part is to eat this whole feast with your team. Whichever team finishes or eats all their food first, wins.” Chris explains.

The girls sit by their feast table as the boys sit by their table, both waiting for the challenge to begin.

“Alright, boys and girls, start eating!” Chris instructs, the two teams begin their feast.

The girl’s team is focused on first.

“I can man the waffles!” Anais says in happiness, eyeing the waffles.

“I can get all the meat.” Rigel drools.

“Muffins and pancakes.” Tamsin chooses.

“And I’ll get whatever else.” Xenia decides.

The four girls nod in agreement and begin to chow down on the great breakfast feast. The camera then focuses on the guy’s who haven't even eaten yet.

“Everything with cheese on it or mushrooms, I’m on it!” Zia suggests and begins to eat. “I’ll start on anything.” Declan shrugs, and starts to eat.

“Same here, and you must eat.” King glares and points at Frederick.

“I will.” Frederick gulps nervously and starts to eat.

The camera shows a split-screen of the two teams feasting as fast and as much as they can until the winning team calls out.

“We’re finally done.” Declan manages to say, breathing heavily from all he had just eaten.

The camera shows the two tables: all the food has been eaten on the guy’s table, but on the girl’s table little food is left. All of the campers look stuffed, even sick. “Looks like the guys win this round! Now, meet me in the forest for the second round people!” Chris announces.

The two individual teams stand up and succeed to stand, despite the handcuffs. Except for Frederick who falls when he tries to stand up as King pulls him down on purpose. The camera then shows the two handcuffed teams and Chris in the forest. They are all standing in front of the obstacle course from Chef’s military challenge.

“Uh Chris, didn't we already do this one?” Xenia asks.

“Yeah, but not for this challenge! You and your team will try crossing this obstacle course, together, and whichever team crosses it first with all of their members, wins this round.” Chris explains.

“Joy.” Rigel rolls her eyes in sarcasm.

“So glad to see someone is excited! Anyway you guys can start with the count of three.” Chris replies, and the two teams assume starting position at the beginning of the obstacle course.

“3, 2, 1, go!” Chris yells as he plays a gunshot noise off of his phone.

Once he announces ‘go’ the two teams take off, the girls successfully run together. However, the guys; Declan, King, and Zia are running, but Frederick is being dragged behind.

“Uh, guys!” Frederick tries to get their attention, with his muffled voice.

Zia helps him up, so that Frederick can get back his balance.

“Sorry about that, dude.” Zia nicely apologizes, King rolls his eyes.

King is shown in the confessional.

“Great, Zia and Frederick are going to be friends. More people not on my side. Hm, maybe Declan will come around.” King ponders.

The camera goes back to the girls enduring the obstacle course, whom are now all crawling in the mud.

“Hey, we’re beating the guys!” Anais smiles.

“Hell yeah.” Xenia unenthusiastically celebrates.

“Let’s go, soldiers!” Rigel laughs.

“Left, right, left, right.” Tamsin guides her team.

The girls crawl in sync and eventually get out of the mud pit. The camera then focuses back onto the guys whom are behind them.

“Come on, men! Hurry up!” King commands.

“We’re trying.” Zia glares.

“Yeah, just-“ Declan begins to speak, but is stopped short by gagging.

“Oh no.” Declan says.

“What’s wrong?” Zia asks, concerned.

Declan then vomits. “Too. Much. Food.” Declan gags.

“Oh god.” Frederick says and he vomits due to seeing Declan vomiting.

Zia gags at this, but manages to hold it in. King looks away and has a disgusted look on his face, he is then shown in the confessional.

“I would vomit, but not on TV.” King shudders.

Zia is shown in the confessional.

“I was so close to vomiting, but I had to hold it in for Anais. I would be so embarrassed.” Zia nervously laughs.

The camera shows the girls whom are all at the final part of the obstacle course, climbing the wall.

“We made it!” Tamsin says.

“Not just yet.” Xenia points to the wall.

“So, how're we going to do this?” Rigel asks.

“We could go half and half, two of us will climb first and pull the others up.” Anais suggests.

“Nice plan, Anais.” Tamsin compliments.

“Here, Anais and I will go first and pull you and Xenia up.” Rigel says.

“Sounds like a plan.” Xenia gives a thumbs up.

Anais and Rigel are in sync as they climb up the wall, after they reach the other side they pull Tamsin and Xenia over.

“Congratulations girls, you win this round! Guys, you need to clean yourselves up, have some dignity!” Chris announces as the girls cheer and the guys sigh. “Anyways, let’s go to the final part of the challenge, the winner-deciding part. Head for the mine now!” Chris announces.

The two teams are shown, muddied, along with Chris in front of the mine cave.

“The final part of your challenge is for you to find the key to your handcuffs in this mine here! Whichever team fins their key and unlocks their member’s handcuffs first, all win immunity. I will give both teams maps tot ind your way to the keys and picks that you may need to use to find your keys, haha. Oh yeah, you can use the mine carts to get a start on your way there, but they’re a bit faulty.” Chris explains then he points to the two old, beaten-up mine carts on two tracks beginning at the entrance of the cave.

“Is this safe?” Tamsin asks, worried.

“Who knows? Alright, let’s get this challenge started shall we!” Chris replies.

The teams struggle to get all of their people in the mine carts, but manage to cram everybody in.

“Bye bye, campers!” Chris yells as he pushes both carts off into the mine.

The camera shows the carts carrying four of each team down the tracks. The carts shake and tumble down the tracks scaring all of the campers. The campers scream in fear as the mine tracks get more and more rough and dangerous. Eventually the two carts come to the same abrupt stop and the campers fall out of their carts.

The camera focuses on the four-girl team first.

“Okay, who has the map?” Tamsin asks.

“I got it. We’re we headed?” Xenia asks.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to go up here!” Anais points in the distance.

“Alright, let’s grab our picks.” Rigel says.

The four girls quickly grab the mining picks from the mining cart and run off into the distance, the direction Anais had pointed to. The camera then focuses on the guys who are still recovering from falling out of their cart.

“Quick, who has the map?” King asks.

“I, uh, have it.” Frederick answers him nervously holding up the map.

“Looks like the keys are just over this way.” Zia points out.

“Man your picks, gentlemen.” Declan attempts to lead his team.

The four guys run to grab their picks from the cart and they head off into the direction to find their keys. The camera then focuses back to girls who are already mining away for their keys. Anais, Rigel, and Tamsin are mining away while Xenia can barely lift her pick up.

“You need a little help?” Rigel asks.

“No, I’m just a little tired.” Xenia shrugs it off and picks up her pick all the way up finally.

“Anyone find anything yet?” Anais asks.

“Not yet, I can’t believe the keys are in these rocks. Chris loves to torture us.” Tamsin wipes sweat off her forehead.

The camera goes back and shows the guys who are mining away as well.

“Any luck anyone?” Zia asks.


Frederick finds the key for his team.

“Not yet.” King replies short.

“Nope. God, Chris hid these well, I must say.” Declan admits.

Frederick takes a weak swing at a rock and the keys are revealed.

“Oh my god, really?” Frederick says in awe, holding the keys up.

“Quick, give me those.” King demands and he unlocks the guy’s handcuffs.

“Finally.” Declan lets out a sigh of relief and soothes his wrists.

“We did it!” Zia cheers.

Chris’ voice is heard over hidden intercoms throughout the mining cave so that everyone can hear, “The guys win this challenge, therefore they win immunity, so we’re losing a lady tonight!” Chris announces.

The split-screen shows the guys cheering and the girls sighing.

“Okay, that’s enough celebrating, now go vote!” Chris announces.

After the campers vote, they are seen at the campfire for their next elimination ceremony along with Chris and his plate of marshmallows.

“Welcome to yet another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are seven marshmallows on this plate, and eight of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“First marshmallows go to the half that won immunity, the guys; Declan, Frederick, King, and Zia.” Chris says as he tosses it to the four immunity-winning guys.

“First girl safe is Anais." Chris says as he throws his marshmallow to her.

“Rigel.” Chris says as he passes her a marshmallow.

Chris holds only one more marshmallow left, Tamsin and Xenia are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Tamsin looks somewhat nervous and scared, as Xenia just stares blankly in an apathetic state.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Tamsin." Chris says.

“Oh my god.” Tamsin sighs a sigh of relief as Chris tosses her the final marshmallow.

“Sorry, Xenia.” Tamsin says, sympathetically.

“It’s okay, I was getting bored here anyway.” Xenia shrugs.

“I’ll miss you dude.” Anais says.

“You too. I’m sorry I called you Barbie at the beginning of the season, you’re so much cooler than that.” Xenia says.

“Man, that’s so sweet.” Anais says, tearfully and hugs her.

“Zia, you’re pretty cool too. And Rigel and Tamsin too. Declan maybe.” Xenia says.

“Well, this is such full-hearted goodbye that we need to be wrapping up now.” Chris says, looking at his watch, impatient.

“Fine, I catch your drift. Dock of Shame, here I go.” Xenia says.

“Hey that’s my line!” Chris says.

“Whatever, Christopher.” Xenia shrugs and begins to push off to the Dock of Shame.

“Christopher?!” Chris says in annoyance, Xenia is heard quietly laughing in the distance. Xenia walks onto the Dock of Shame and she slowly waves back to the final seven. She then boards the Boat of Losers and the boat sails off away into the far distance out of sight, ending the chapter.

Chapter #14: "Why the Face?"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as usual. The setting is shown to be somewhat cloudy, but warm morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time King attempted to make new alliances with the most of the campers, but was denied of course. The challenge that the eight campers had a battle of the sexes! The guys barfed, but won and the girls strived, but lost. Since the guys won immunity, the girls were on the chopping block and the bottom two were Tamsin and Xenia. However, it was Xenia’s time to go and we are now left with seven final campers. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows Anais, Declan, Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia all hanging out by the beach together. The couples; Anais and Zia, and Rigel and Declan are cuddling.

“It’d be so nice if we didn’t have a challenge today and we all could just relax, man.” Anais says, stretching.

“I know what you mean, Anais.” Rigel agrees, yawning.

“I wish we all could just go to that spa Tamsin and Zia went to that one challenge.” Declan dreams.

“Trust me, it wasn’t as awesome as you would think it to be.” Tamsin says.

“Yeah, she’s right. It kind of sucked to be honest.” Zia shrugs.

“I’m good right here with my love and all my friends honestly though. But a facial would be nice too.” Anais laughs.

“Aw Anais! There is no place I rather be than here with you.” Zia says and kisses her.

“I would walk a million miles just to be with you, my Rigel.” Declan attempts to be romantic.

“You can be so damn cheesy, but you’re cute so you can get away with it.” Rigel says and kisses him.

“You four are too cute! God though, you guys make me miss Garth.” Tamsin says, hopeful.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“Yeah I really do miss Garth so much, I hope he’s doing okay at the Playa de Losers or whatever it’s called.” Tamsin sighs.

The camera then shows King coming out of the cabin, then inspecting the bush Frederick usually hides in from him. King then finds Frederick hiding in it as usual, and Frederick squeaks. King rolls his eyes and continues to lift him up out of the bush.

“Let’s talk.” King says.

“Okay.” Frederick gulps.

The camera shows the two boys in the forest now.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Frederick squeaks.

“Hurt you? You’re my friend, I wouldn't do that.” King says.

“You wouldn’t? But what about the whole Cadence-“ Frederick begins to speak, but King shushes him.

“The past is in the past. But Anais, Declan, Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia all hate us.” King says.

“I don’t think they hate me-“ Frederick begins to speak, but King interrupts him again.

“Look what I’m trying to say here, we need to keep our alliance strong, we’re the two outcasts here.” King says.

“You have a good point, I’m in.” Frederick hesitantly agrees.

“Excellent!” King agrees.

King is shown in the confessional.

“Frederick is so vulnerable, this is just too easy.” King laughs.

Chris’ voice is then heard over the PA speakers. “Campers meet me at the campfire for your next amazing challenge!” Chris announces.

The camera shows the campfire where the seven campers are standing in front of Chris, waiting for their next challenge. Next to Chris is a big wooden cage.

“So, this challenge is based off of a throwback challenge from Total Drama Island! This challenge will be started by being assigned an animal by choosing popsicle sticks out of can, just like in school!” Chris explains.

“Grade school, you mean?” Declan raises an eyebrow.

“Hush, now pick a stick everybody!” Chris demands and holds out a cup with seven popsicle sticks in it.

The seven campers advance toward the cup and take a popsicle each, revealing their animal.

“What did everyone get?” Chris asks.

“Armadillo?” Zia says, surprised.

“Jellyfish.” Declan says, unimpressed.

“Bear, I got this.” Rigel smirks in confidence.

“Deer, huh?” Frederick gulps.

“I got a bat.” Tamsin says, raising an eyebrow.

“A parakeet, alright.” Anais says in a laid-back tone.

“I got bunny, sweet.” King smirks and the six other campers look at him in disbelief and shock.

Zia is shown in the confessional.

“Is karma on a vacation or something?” Zia says in angry disbelief.

The camera goes back to the campers and Chris back at the campfire.

“Now that you have all your animals, there is no switches. Your challenge is to find the animal you had chosen on the island and bring it back to camp to put it in the cage here. Whoever brings back their animal first wins a gourmet meal reward. Oh yeah, the person to bring their animal last, is to be eliminated! Shocking, isn’t it?” Chris laughs.

“Eh, not really.” Frederick shrugs.

“Sh-hush! Anyway, go ahead and grab some equipment out of the boathouse. Once you grab whatever equipment you think you need, go get those animals, people!” Chris announces.

The seven campers then head off to the boathouse to gather equipment.

“Oh-ho-ho, this is perfect!” Rigel lights up, as she finds the tranquilizer gun. “Any advice on jellyfish hunting?” Declan asks Rigel.

“Did you look over there?” Rigel says as she smirks as she points to a fishing net.

“Ah, I should've known that.” Declan says, Rigel laughs and rustles his hair.

Rigel then quickly exits the boathouse, confident, and wielding her tranquilizer gun. Declan laughs and calmly leaves with his fishing net.

“Good luck, guys!” Tamsin wishes her two friends.

King spots a bag of carrots in the boathouse and smiles.

“Well, that is excellent.” King brightly smiles and the other four campers in the boathouse looked shocked at his underserved luck.

“Good luck, my friends.” King winks as he exits the boathouse with his bag of carrots as well as a crate.

“I can’t believe that guy.” Zia shakes his head.

“It’s ridiculous right?” Anais says.

“And-“ Frederick begins to speak, but King comes back into the boathouse and interrupts him.

“Oh, Frederick there’s another tranquilizer gun over there, you may need it.” King advises, then leaves once more.

“Well, he isn’t wrong.” Frederick shrugs and grabs the tranquilizer gun, barely lifting it.

“And maybe this too.” Frederick says to himself, grabbing a saddle.

Frederick then exits the boathouse.

“That was, um, strange.” Tamsin says, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, Anais, what do armadillos eat?” Zia asks.

“I’m not too sure, love. But maybe a cage will help?” Anais suggests.

“Ah thanks love! You’re so smart!” Zia says, grabbing a cage. Zia then kisses Anais and leaves.

“I have no idea what you catch a bat with.” Tamsin admits.

“Well, I was going to take this bird seed and this cage, but you can have the cage if you want.” Anais smiles.

“Are you sure?” Tamsin says.

“Yeah man, it’s no big deal.” Anais shrugs and hands Tamsin the cage.

“Thank you, I really owe you one.” Tamsin says.

The two girls then exit the boathouse with their equipment.

The camera first shows Rigel in hiding in a bush in the forest as she is staking out a bear while she holds her tranquilizer gun tight. Rigel The bear that she is watching is asleep, so Rigel begins to take aim at the bear. Once she gets the bear in aim, she pulls the trigger. The bear, however lazily wakes up and moves slightly enough to miss the dart.

“Damn. Next time I’ll get you.” Rigel narrows her eyes at the bear.

The camera then shows Declan by the beach, wading in the water with his fishing net.

“Where are all of the damn jellyfish? I thought this would be easier.” Declan rolls his eyes, then he spots a jellyfish farther and deeper into the ocean than him.

“There we go.” Declan says and begins to advance towards the jellyfish with his net.

The camera then shows King in a grassy area of the island where he finds a rabbit. King advances towards the bunny as he holds out a carrot.

“Come on little guy, I won’t hurt you.” King gives a promising smile to the rabbit.

The rabbit begins to hop closer to him and begins to smell the carrot.

“That’s it.” King says as he attempts to pick up the rabbit.

Once the rabbit notices his hand, the rabbit reacts by jumping up and biting him in the face. King cringes in pain and the rabbit happily hops away.

“Why the face?” King cries out.

The camera then shows Frederick in the forest, struggling to carry the tranquilizer gun and the saddle along with him. Frederick then spots a lone, peaceful deer. Frederick quietly drops his saddle and begins to aim his tranquilizer gun. As he’s aiming, he observes how peaceful the animal is.

“I can’t do this.” Frederick sighs and drops his tranquilizer gun.

Frederick then drops his tranquilizer gun and picks up the saddle.

“This is probably better.” Frederick says with hope, and he then advances quietly towards the deer.

The camera then shows Zia carrying his cage, looking around the caves for armadillo.

“I really hope this is where the armadillos are.” Zia says.

Zia then makes a strange animal call to attempt to signal any armadillos.

“What am I even doing?” Zia asks himself, confused.

An armadillo then comes out of the cave by Zia.

“Woah, it actually worked.” Zia says, surprised.

Zia then stealthily advances towards the armadillo with his cage.

The camera then shows Anais climbing a tree in the forest, with her hands full of birdseed. Anais attempts to whistle for the birds, but cannot even whistle.

“I never thought not being able to whistle would drag me down in life.” Anais laughs to herself.

A parakeet flies and lands quite a few branches above her.

“Well, at least I can climb trees.” Anais smiles and begins to climb upward her tree to get the bird.

The camera shows Tamsin whom is in a cave, searching for a bat.

“I can’t believe there were no flashlights in the damn boathouse.” Tamsin says, shakily as she enters the cave.

“They could be anywhere in here.” Tamsin says to herself, then something smacks her in the face.

“What the-“ Tamsin grabs whatever smacked her and it is revealed to be a bat.

“That works!” Tamsin says, but the bat smacks her repeatedly with its wings and flies off.

“Or not.” Tamsin says, annoyed.

The camera then goes back to Zia, whom is attempting to corner the armadillo, so that he can trap it.

“Come here, buddy. I got some food!” Zia attempts to bribe the armadillo.

The armadillo falls for the bribe and walks straight into the cage. Zia quickly closes the door on the cage, securing the armadillo.

“Okay, buddy! We’re on our way to camp now!” Zia cheers with delight.

The camera then shows Frederick who is befriending the deer and feeding it.

“Atta girl, let’s call you Cadeerce.” Frederick smiles.

“Okay girl, I’m gonna have to saddle you up, so bare with me.” Frederick says to the deer.

Frederick puts the saddle on the deer with no problem as the ‘Cadeerce’ is too carefree and peaceful. Frederick then gives ‘Cadeerce’ a handful of leaves to eat, then hops on the saddle.

“Let’s get us to camp, Cadeerce!” Frederick commands.

Surprisingly, the deer takes off into the direction of camp as Frederick is saddled on her. The camera then shows Declan in the water trying to net the jellyfish.

“Almost there-“ Declan speaks as he touches the jellyfish with a net.

He misses the jellyfish as it slides out of the net.

“Damn. I’ll just have to get closer.” Declan says.

Declan dives down with his net to capture the jellyfish. He gets the jellyfish in the net and comes back up to air with it.

“Woo!” Declan exclaims, then the jellyfish shocks him through the net.

“Loo ca lamp!” Declan says, pointing toward camp as he is recovering from the first jellyfish shock. 

Declan gets shocked by his jellyfish.

The camera then shows Tamsin in the cave as she finds sleeping bats in the cave. She finds the closest sleeping bat to her and carefully picks it up.

“Okay, careful Tamsin.” Tamsin says to herself.

She then puts it into her cage without waking it up.

“I got you now!” Tamsin says in victory.

The camera shows the campfire where Chris is waiting for the campers next to the empty cage.

“I think I see a winner!” Chris announces.

Zia is then revealed on the horizon carrying his crate with the armadillo inside. Zia sprints to the empty cage and quickly releases his armadillo in it.

“Congratulations, Zia you won the challenge and a gourmet meal!” Chris announces.

“Thanks, armadillo buddy!” Zia smiles at the armadillo.

“Um, okay then.” Chris says, confused.

Not shortly after, Declan comes into their area as well, and he is seen with the jellyfish wrapped around him. Declan lugs himself over to the cage, limping. He struggles to pry off the jelly fish, but does pry it off where it fits in a water bowl in the cage. Declan lugs himself out of the cage and is trembling.

“Congrats, Declan, you got second.” Chris says.

“Are you okay?” Zia asks.

“Yeah, just a little woozy from being in space.” Declan replies in stupor.

“Wait, what?” Zia asks, then Declan drops to the ground, passing out.

“Wow. Maybe he needs to go to the infirmary.” Chris says, Zia nods.

Frederick then comes into view riding his deer, Cadeerce towards the empty cage. Frederick gets Cadeerce into the cage and gets off of her. He pets her nose and closes the cage.

“You’re the best deer ever, Cadeerce!” Frederick says.

“Now that’s just weird.” Chris laughs.

“Hey!” Frederick says, offended.

Tamsin then enters the campfire as well, with her cage holding her bat. She puts her caged bat into the big cage along with the other three animals.

“Finally.” Tamsin gives a sigh of relief.

“Woah, what happened to Declan?” Tamsin asks.

“He’s a bit messed up right now, you know how jellyfish are.” Chris shrugs.

“I don’t, but okay.” Tamsin raises an eyebrow.

The camera then shows Anais in her tree attempting to get closer and closer to her bird.

“Hey, come on, man.” Anais whispers up to the bird as it flies up another branch. Anais eventually gets to the branch that the bird is perched on, and somehow manages to lures it with the birdseed. The bird then attaches itself inside of the birdseed bag.

“Wow, I didn’t actually think that would work.” Anais says with surprise.

Anais then continues to climb carefully back down the tree along with her birdseed bag. The camera then shows King attempting to sneak up on his rabbit. The rabbit is chewing at some grass, oblivious that King is even near. King eventually sneaks up on the rabbit and ambushes it by pulling the cage over it.

“No one messes with my face and gets away with it.” King says, revealing his bite-marked face.

The rabbit growls at King, and King begins to whistle as he makes his way back to camp. The camera shows Rigel hiding in a tree, aiming her tranquilizer at the bear from before. “Slow and steady.” Rigel says as she is about to pull the trigger.

Rigel pushes the trigger and a dart comes out and successfully hits the bear. The bear immediately is knocked out and Rigel cheers with victory.

“Hell yeah!” Rigel yells as she nears the passed out bear.

“Now, how am I going to get you back to camp?” Rigel ponders.

The camera shows Chris, Declan, Frederick, Tamsin, and Zia all waiting by the animal cage, waiting for the other contestants to arrive.

“I hope Anais comes soon, the suspense is killing me.” Zia says, anxious.

“Rigey.” Declan calls out, with his face in the ground.

“I hope Anais and Rigel both make it out, King doesn’t deserve this.” Tamsin admits.

“Look, it’s another contestant!” Chris interrupts their conversation to point to the horizon.

The next camper is revealed to be King, much to the camper’s despair. King runs with his rabbit and gets to the cage as fast as possible. He quickly puts the caged rabbit into the animal cage and closes the door.

“We all did it gang!” King says.

“What happened to your face?” Frederick asks.

“Let’s never speak of it.” King says, rubbing his face.

“Well, it’s just between Rigel and Anais now! One of them will join the final six, and the other will be going home.” Chris announces.

Tamsin and Zia let out a shudder and Declan lets out a loud groan from the ground. The camera shows a split-screen of Anais running with her birdseed bag and the other screen is of Rigel lugging her bear back to camp as fast as she can. The camera then focuses back on the campfire horizon, as Chris and the five campers wait. One of the last two campers begin cross the horizon.

“Looks like it is…” Chris begins to speak as the camper nears the campfire.

“Rigel! Congrats!” Chris says.

Rigel lugs her bear into the cage and shuts the door.

“What do I win?” Rigel asks.

“You’re not going home!” Chris says.

“Fair enough,” Rigel shrugs. “Who’s missing?” Rigel asks.

“Anais…” Zia pouts.

Anais then crosses over to the campfire with her birdseed bag with her bird than puts it inside of the animal cage.

“Woo!” Anais cheers.

“You’re eliminated, Anais! You were the last one here so the Dock of Shame you go!” Chris announces.

“Ouch, man.” Anais says.

“Nooo!” Zia cries.

“It’s okay, Zia. You’ll be alright you got this game in the bag, babe.” Anais says and she kisses him.

“Come on, Dock of Shame, Anais.” Chris says.

“I’ll miss you girls too, and tell Declan when he wakes up.” Anais laughs and she hugs Rigel and Tamsin.

“I’m sorry that you’re leaving, dude.” Rigel says.

“We’ll miss you too!” Tamsin calls.

Anais then kisses Zia farewell.

“I’ll miss you so much!” Zia cries.

“I’ll miss you too, my love!” Anais says as she walks onto the Dock of Shame.

Anais then boards the Boat of Losers and she rides off into the distance, out of view.

Chapter #15: "No, not the egg!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as usual. The setting is shown to be dark, cloudy and humid morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the seven campers caught animals that were assigned to them and brought them back to camp, racing for the reward and also not being eliminated. Zia won the challenge as he came back first with his armadillo and was rewarded a gourmet meal. Declan got shocked by his jellyfish a few times, so he was a bit messed up. Tamsin got smacked by a bat, Frederick rode a deer, and King got bitten in the face by a rabbit. These four were all safe as the last two came down to Anais and Rigel. However Rigel beat Anais by dragging her bear to camp before Anais could bring her parakeet. Therefore Anais was eliminated and the final six remain. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows Zia crying in the guy’s cabin, as Declan is just waking up. Declan notices Zia’s crying right away.

Declan is shown in the confessional.

“Usually I’m not very good with other people’s emotions, but I could see he really needed someone to talk to.” Declan shrugs.

The camera shows inside the guy’s cabin once again.

“Hey, do you want someone to talk to?” Declan awkwardly asks.

Zia nods holding his pillow and Declan sits next to him on his bed.

“I just can’t believe she’s gone!” Zia cries.

“There, there. It will be okay.” Declan says.

“No, it won’t, not without her!” Zia cries.

“Hey, all you can do is to try your best for her you know?” Declan suggests.

“I guess so.” Zia says, wiping a tear.

“Have you eaten yet?” Declan says.

“…No.” Zia answers.

“Let’s get breakfast, it will make you feel better I swear.” Declan says.

“I sure hope so.” Zia ceases crying, but his voice is shaky.

Zia is shown in the confessional.

“I hate it so much that Anais is gone, but I guess Declan is right that I have to do my best for her. But that’s so hard when she’s not here.” Zia sobs.

The camera shows Frederick and King in their usual meeting place, the forest.

“You see that Frederick, we’re in the final six.” King rubs his hands together.

“Just four away from the final two, right?” Frederick says.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” King lies.

“So do you have any plans?” Frederick asks.

“Well, I think anyone is good to go except for Zia, he has proven weak for now.” King says.

“What do you mean weak?” Frederick asks.

“He is weak because Anais is gone, so he won’t be trying as hard. I guess it might be good to destroy the other couple as well.” King suggests.

“Ah, I see what you mean, I guess.” Frederick shrugs.

“No worries or doubts, my friends. You’ll be in the final two as long as you stick with me.” King gives a smile.

“Okay then, I trust you.” Frederick says.

King laughs then stops and becomes serious, “You better.”

The camera then shows Tamsin and Rigel down by the beach.

“This weather really sucks.” Tamsin says.

“Huh, Xenia was right.” Rigel says.

“What do you mean?” Tamsin asks.

“That the weather sucks when someone bright and nice leaves. Damn, that’s crazy.” Rigel answers.

“Wow, she really is right. Anais didn't deserve to go at all, King should have been late.” Tamsin says.

“If only, we’ll get him soon enough though.” Rigel says.

“I hope so. He got rid of Garth and I still haven’t got my revenge.” Tamsin says.

“Here’s to two awesome chicas taking down an evil alpha male from his reign.” Rigel lifts her hand up in a high-five.

“Hell yeah, we’re gonna take this evil down!” Tamsin celebrates and high-fives Rigel.

Chris’ voice is heard over the PA speakers.

“Campers! Meet me by the campfire so I can explain you next challenge!” Chris commands.

The camera then shows the final six campers along with Chris at the campfire.

“Okay, final six! Your next challenge you will be working in pairs!” Chris announces.

“Do we get to choose?” Tamsin asks.

“Of course not! I’m Chris McLean, aren’t I?” Chris grins and the six campers groan.

“Anyway, the pairs are; Declan & Zia, Frederick & Rigel, and King & Tamsin.” Chris announces.

Declan and Zia look at each other, shrug and nod. Rigel looks confusingly at Frederick as he looks scared towards her. King smiles at Tamsin and she glares at him. Rigel is shown in the confessional.

“I have to work with that dweeby kid that works with King, I don’t know how I feel about this.” Rigel ponders.

Tamsin is shown in the confessional.

“I can’t believe I have to work with King! Wait a minute, this could be good if I can sabotage our team somehow.” Tamsin ponders.

The camera goes back to the final six as they are waiting for Chris’ next instructions.

“Your challenge is to carry an egg with your partner through the dangerous conditions on this island. These dangerous conditions I’m referring to; is scaling the tallest mountain of this island with your partner and egg, to where you will cross a bridge over the volcano. After crossing the bridge you will slide down the mountain’s rocky terrain in a land canoe to get back on your way to camp. Whichever two pairs get back down are safe as long as your egg is not cracked, and the last pair is on the chopping block for elimination.” Chris explains.

“This doesn’t sound dangerous at all.” Declan sarcastically says, Zia forces a laugh. “So when do we start, Chris?” King asks, chipper.

“Right now, so grab your eggs!” Chris says, Chris then pulls out an egg carton that holds the three eggs, one for each pair.

The three pairs of campers rush over to the carton and grabs their egg. Once each pair grabs their egg, Chris commands them to start their challenge. The three pairs then begin to run in the direction of the mountain as they hold their egg.

King & Tamsin are in the lead as he is dragging her along, as she is going purposely slow.

“Let’s go, Tamsin! We are a team, we can win this!” King attempts to encourage Tamsin.

“Eh, I’m not feeling it.” Tamsin shrugs and almost drops the egg on purpose, but King catches it.

“Okay, look you’re not doing this to me.” King says.

“I’m not doing anything, I don’t know what you are talking about.” Tamsin lies.

King rolls his eyes and grabs Tamsin by the arm and tries to run with her to make them go faster, which succeeds.

The camera shows Declan & Zia who are right behind them, but Zia is a bit sluggish due to his sadness.

“Come on Zia, we’re getting behind.” Declan attempts to enthuse Zia.

“But what about Anais?” Zia pouts.

“Do this for her man, plus King is in the lead! Do you really want him to win?” Declan encourages Zia.

“You know what you’re right, I’ll do it for Anais and for King not winning!” Zia picks up his speed

Declan smiles and the two pick up their speed, while carefully carrying their egg.

Rigel & Frederick are in last, as Frederick struggles to keep up with Rigel.

“Hurry up, shrimpy!” Rigel yells.

“I’m trying, I can't run as fast as you!” Frederick calls out.

“You know what, hold on.” Rigel says as she stops.

“Hold on what?” Frederick asks, confused.

Rigel goes over and picks up Frederick and carries the egg along with her. Frederick yells in confusion, but stops as he know she won't let him down.

The camera then shows the three pairs arriving at the bottom of the volcano mountain. The pairs all look at each other, shrug, then they all continue to try to scale the mountain faster than each other.

The camera focuses on Declan & Zia scaling the mountain, first.

“We’ll get there first!” Zia says.

“We got this now!” Declan says.

“Yes, we must beat King!” Zia cheers.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Declan says.

“Hell yes!” Zia cheers as he almost drops the egg on accident.

“Except be careful with that.” Declan eyes widen as he catches the egg, Zia nods in agreement.

The camera then shows Frederick & Rigel scaling the mountain as well.

“Here, get on my back!” Rigel says.

“What, are you crazy?” Frederick asks.

“Maybe a little, but don't question just do it, dude.” Rigel says.

“If you say so.” Frederick complies out of fear and gets on Rigel’s back.

“And make sure the egg doesn't fall or crack either!” Rigel commands.

“Yes, sir.” Frederick accepts and holds the egg tight. Rigel then continues to climb the mountain with Frederick on her back.

The camera then shows King & Tamsin climbing the mountain.

“Tamsin, we’re getting behind!” King notifies.

“Good, I’m glad.” Tamsin says . “It’s not the time to be hating me right now, we could go home!” King urges her.

“Hey, maybe then I can see Garth. I wonder what happened to him.” Tamsin goes on.

Tamsin expresses her hatred for King in the challenge.

“I understand you’re angry, but it’s called playing the game!” King says.

“Whatever, dude.” Tamsin rolls her eyes.

King rolls his eyes at her and attempts to drag her up the mountain as she lays limp on purpose, to make it harder for him.

The camera then shows the top of mountain, where the opening of the volcano is exposed and the bridge across it. The camera focuses on the horizon of the edge, focusing on whichever pair will make it up first.

The pair revealed to reach the volcano first is Declan & Zia, but King & Tamsin are right behind them.

“There’s the bridge!” Zia points out.

“Let’s go!” Declan says.

“Oh no, I’m not letting them get ahead.” King notices Declan & Zia in front of them.

“Guys, watch out! King’s planning something!” Tamsin warns them.

“Oh, shush. I would never do such a thing!” King lies.

“Wow, you’re the most honest person I know.” Tamsin sarcastically says.

King rolls his eyes and drags Tamsin with him, and brushes past Declan & Zia to attempt to break their egg.

“No, not the egg!” Zia yells.

“Oh, ****. Quick, check it to see if it’s okay!” Declan exclaims.

King runs past them laughing, as he drags Tamsin to the bridge. Declan & Zia look down to inspect their egg of any cracks, then Rigel & Frederick get to the volcano as well. Rigel & Frederick run past Declan & Zia as they are still trying to recover their egg.

“Hey guys, bye guys!” Rigel calls out.

“Can you let me down now?” Frederick begs.

“Not yet, we’re almost there!” Rigel says.

“Aww.” Frederick whimpers.

“Oh my god, I see actual magma!” Frederick panics.

The two then run towards the bridge, passing Tamsin & King.

“Sorry Tamsin!” Rigel calls out.

“It’s okay, I don’t care!” Tamsin smiles.

“You need to be more helpful.” King says.

“Really now?” Tamsin laughs.

“You know what, Rigel gave me an idea.” King says.

“Oh great, what?” Tamsin asks.

King then picks up Tamsin and she hits his back to let her down.

“Let me down!” Tamsin yells.

“This is for the game!” King says.

King then runs, carrying Tamsin and their egg as they try to pass Rigel & Frederick. The camera then focuses on Declan & Zia who are still behind.

“Woah, the egg is fine!” Zia says.

“Thank god, let’s go now!” Declan says.

Declan and Zia then cross over the bridge fearfully and carefully.

“This bridge is not in the best structure.” Declan observes as he and Zia run.

“I feel like I’m about to fall to my death.” Zia worries.

“Just whatever you do, don't look down!” Declan advises.

“Oh god, I already did!” Zia says.

“Me too, oh god.” Declan worries.

“Let’s just close our eyes and run!” Zia advises.

The two boys close their eyes and run across the bridge successfully. The camera then shows all the pairs caught up to each other and all three pairs finding the land canoes they are to ride down the mountain.

“This terrain is too rough, we can’t make it out alive!” Frederick exclaims.

“May the best pair win!” Rigel calls out, ignoring him.

Rigel & Frederick jump in the first land canoe and ensure their egg, then they are off.

“Quick, let’s get to a canoe!” Zia says, raising the egg.

“You got it!” Declan says.

The two guys run off to the next canoe and get into it, then go off down the mountain. King & Tamsin are shown.

“Woo, we’re in last!” Tamsin cheers.

“I don’t care if you hate me, but we’re gonna win.” King says.

King drags Tamsin to the canoe along with the egg. King then mans the lead of the canoe and begins to go down the mountain.

A triple-split screen is shown of each pair going down the rough terrain in their canoes. King & Tamsin then pass Declan & Zia.

“That bastard!” Declan says under his breath.

“We’ll get him.” Zia says, determined and vengeful.

Tamsin attempts to drop the egg to get King to stop, but he quickly grabs the egg from her.

“Let me have the egg!” Tamsin says.

“No, I’ve had enough of you ruining this challenge for me!” King yells.

King then steers their canoe past Rigel & Frederick and he also budges into their canoe, making it fly off course.

“What the hell?!” Rigel exclaims.

“We’re gonna die!” Frederick worries.

Chris is then shown at the bottom of the mountain, waiting for the three pairs to come down. The camera then focuses on the first pair to make it down, King & Tamsin. “Congratulations King & Tamsin! You’re the first team to make it down here and your egg is not broken! You two are safe!” Chris announces.

“Yes! Good job, partner.” King cheers, then smirks at Tamsin.

“Goddammit.” Tamsin sadly sighs and facepalms.

The camera then shows a split-screen of Rigel & Frederick and Declan & Zia rushing and struggling down the mountain.

“Now, who will be the next pair that will be safe from elimination tonight?” Chris asks.

The camera then focuses at the bottom of the mountain once again, to reveal the next and final safe team from elimination. This team is then announced by Chris.

“Good job, Frederick & Rigel! You are safe as well!” Chris announces.

“We better be.” Frederick pants from his treacherous journey with Rigel.

“Yeah! Oh wait, that means-“ Rigel says, realizing King had won and that had left Declan & Zia.

Declan & Zia finally make it down the mountain, panting and sighing. They reveal their egg and show that it’s not broken.

“Good job on not breaking it, but you two are on the chopping block!” Chris announces.

“Dammit, no!” Zia says.

“We tried so hard.” Declan sighs.

“I’m sure you two did, but it’s time to vote now! See you campers at the elimination ceremony!” Chris announces.

After the campers vote, they are seen at the campfire for their next elimination ceremony along with Chris and his plate of marshmallows.

“Welcome to another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are five marshmallows on this plate, and six of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“The first two marshmallows go to the first winning pair: King and Tamsin.” Chris says as he tosses the marshmallows to the pair.

King smirks as he eats his marshmallow, Tamsin glares at him as she just crushes her marshmallow out of her anger for him.

“The next pair, the second winning pari gets the next two marshmallows. Frederick and Rigel.” Chris says as he throws the two marshmallow to the pair.

Chris holds only one more marshmallow left, Declan and Zia are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Declan looks somewhat scared and anxious as Zia just looks sad and accepting of what his fate may be.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Zia." Chris says.

“Anais, I’m coming home. Wait, did you say my name?” Zia says in awe as Chris tosses him a marshmallow.

“Yep.” Chris says, pointing at the marshmallow he had just tossed him.

“Well, damn.” Declan says in defeat.

“I feel bad now, I don't want my friend to be eliminated.” Zia says.

“It’s okay, don't worry about it.” Declan shrugs it off.

“Well, the votes have spoken. So hurry up on the Dock of Shame, Declan.” Chris commands.

“Okay well, I’ll miss you Tamsin because you’re one of my best friends.” Declan starts.

“I’ll miss you too, bro.” Tamsin says.

“But most of all, I’ll miss my sweet badass Rigel, good luck dear.” Declan says and he kisses her.

“You’re so cheesy, but I’m going to miss the hell out of you.” Rigel says solemnly.

Declan then begins to walk to the Dock of Shame, but stops to turn around for a minute.

“Oh yeah, and screw you, King. You just generally suck at being a good human being.” Declan then flips him off, and continues on his way to the Boat of Losers.

Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia all laugh at Declan’s action, and Frederick almost laughs, but King glares at him.

“Well, then.” King scoffs.

“That’s my guy.” Rigel says, proud, and wiping a tear from her eye.

Declan is then shown at the Dock of Shame, boarding the Boat of Losers. The Boat of Losers then leaves off into the distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

Chapter #16: "Can You Read Hieroglyphics by any Chance?"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as usual. The setting is shown to be somewhat cloudy and warm morning

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the six campers competed in a pair challenge! King & Tamsin won safety at the challenge first due to King’s sabotage toward the other campers and despite Tamsin’s own sabotage towards King. Rigel & Frederick also won safety despite being taken off track by King. Therefore, Declan and Zia were on the chopping block in the elimination, and Declan was voted off. What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows Chris standing outside of the camper’s two cabins. Chris then holds up a huge megaphone, bigger than anyone he has used this season.

“Wake up final five! It is time to be alive! It’s almost breakfast time!” Chris yells into the megaphone, sounding like a sonic boom.

The simultaneous groans of campers come from the cabins and Chris laughs, then walks off. The camera first shows inside of the guy’s cabin; Frederick, King, and Zia are all waking up.

“No, I was dreaming about Anais!” Zia abruptly wakes up.

“Chris must have a lot of caffeine in his system 24/7, waking us up this early all the time.” Frederick yawns.

“Maybe something other than caffeine…” King mutters under his breath.

“Wow, I can’t believe us three made it to the final five!” Frederick observes.

“I’m not too surprised. But this game is for the guys, fellas!” King tries to do a cheers.

“Oh, haha yeah.” Zia nervously laughs, then quickly escapes their cabin.

Zia is then shown in the confessional.

“Yeah, I don’t like being around the other guys that are left. Frederick is okay, but he is siding with King. And I absolutely hate King, he doesn’t respect women! If Anais and Una were here still, they would’ve kicked his ass out of here!” Zia vents and laughs as he ends his vent.

King is shown in the confessional.

“I know Zia hates me, but I’m not threatened by him, so I don’t target him. I’m only a bit worried about Rigel and Tamsin, two girls I could never get wrapped around my finger. Then again, I did get rid of Rigel’s Declan now didn’t I?” King smirks and maliciously laughs.

The camera then shows inside the girl’s cabin as Rigel is in the process of waking up as Tamsin is already awake.

“One more hour mom, I don't want to go to school.” Rigel groans.

“Hey, it’s not your mom, it’s the devil this time.” Tamsin laughs.

“Dammit Chris! If only we could sleep in for once.” Rigel heavily yawns.

“Ha, that would be the day. My sleep schedule is screwed up beyond recognition.” Tamsin stretches.

“It’s not right, dude. Neither is Declan being gone.” Rigel sighs.

“Hey, I’ve been there. We still got each other though, so let’s kick these guys asses, what do you think?” Tamsin encourages her.

Rigel smiles in agreement and high fives her. Rigel is then shown in the confessional.

“Yeah, it super sucks Declan is gone. I swear King is going to pay for Declan, and Garth too! God, I’m so damn heated!” Rigel rants.

The camera then shows the PA speakers centered in the camp, Chris’ voice is then heard coming through them.

“It’s finally breakfast time, happy campers!” Chris announces.

The camera then shows the five campers entering the mess hall and Chef is sitting at his window through the kitchen.

“Wow, something smells edible.” Tamsin says in awe.

“You’re right.” Frederick sniffs the air.

“It’s probably a trap.” King rolls his eyes.

“Don’t be such a downer, face.” Rigel snaps at King, who raises an eyebrow.

“It’s not a trap! I see real crepes!” Zia points out Chef who has raised up a plate of actual gourmet crepes and a variety of toppings onto the window.

Chef leaves the window and the final five rush to grab their own plates of crepes. The five campers help themselves to the topping as well, then they dig into their food like they have never eaten before. Chris then enters the mess hall to welcome the campers.

“Wow, I never seen kids eat gruel like that before!” Chris laughs.

Chris then takes a double look at the camper’s plates and notice that it not gruel, but crepes.

“Hey, those were meant for me and a party tonight! Chef!” Chris yells.

Chef then comes to his window and scowls at Chris.

“What is it now Chris?” Chef asks, annoyed.

“Those crepes were meant for my party!” Chris yells.

“Whatever, man.” Chef shrugs, then leaves the window leaving Chris speechless. Chef is then heard laughing in the kitchen, Chris glares.

“I was going to give you an easy trivia challenge today, but you can forget it, you crepe eaters!” Chris says.

Chris then rushes to the plate of crepes at the windows as the campers watch him wide-eyed.

“There’s not even any left!” Chris sighs then continues to speak, “It’s fine.” Chris swallows a tear.

The campers look at him confused, silent, and wide-eyed. Chris then clears his throat. “Anyway, whenever you’re done I’ll have some interns to take you to the secret desert of the island. I’ll explain your challenge there.” Chris explains.

The camera then shows the final five campers along with Chris stationed outside of a sandy tunnel in the desert.

“This challenge is simple; you head into this tunnel tomb to find a pouch of treasure and gold doubloons. There is five pouches so that the challenge is fair. There’s symbols and hieroglyphics on the walls to help you find a pouch. Whoever makes it out of the tomb first with a pouch of treasure wins immunity in the elimination ceremony tonight. The other four will be up on the chopping block. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the tomb is riddled with booby traps, haha. Good luck guys, you’re going to need it!” Chris explains and he sends the five campers off.

The five campers look at each other confused, shrug, then run off to the tomb hesitantly.

The campers enter the tomb all at the same time and come into the first room of the tomb. The first room is shown to have three paths that go deeper into the tomb. The five campers stop to decide which way they shall take.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Zia says as he picks out the path he chooses.

Zia picks the first path and goes down it, and he is shown in the confessional.

“Hey don't judge me, in this game I’m sure they’re all just as dangerous.” Zia admits and shrugs.

The camera goes to Frederick, King, Rigel, and Tamsin deciding their paths.

“Why do you think Tamsin?” Rigel asks.

“I find usually in these things the middle and first paths are always more dangerous, I say the last one.” Tamsin decides.

“Sounds good to me, dude!” Rigel agrees.

“Let’s go get some treasure!” Tamsin high-fives Rigel, then the two girls run off into the last path.

“Why don't you say we work together, my friend?” King asks.

“Yeah! What path do you want to take?” Frederick asks.

“Middle, I have a feeling it will be the most… rewarding.” King observes.

“Uh, okay then, if you say so!” Frederick stammers, but agrees.

The two guys go off to the middle path. The camera then shows Zia exploring his path, the path is lighted by torches among the walls. Creepy hieroglyphics cover the walls and Zia tries to decipher the hieroglyphics.

“What the hell is the symbol for treasure in Egyptian anyway?” Zia questions himself.

Zia squints his eyes and finds a treasure-like symbol in a pharaoh’s hands, then an arrow pointing forward.

“Huh, well that was weirdly easy.” Zia shrugs happily, then continues down the path the way the direction shown that the hieroglyphics did.

Zia then comes across a sarcophagus as the treasure arrows point to it.

“Well this seems pretty legit.” Zia shrugs and opens the sarcophagus.

A pharaoh-like mummy holding a pouch of treasure tight to its chest is revealed. Zia lights up with victory and attempts to pry the treasure from the mummy’s chest and he struggles.

“This thing is like glued on!” Zia says as he is grabbing the pouch.

Zia eventually breaks the pouch free from the mummy’s arms and cheers in victory.

“Finally!” Zia says, wiping off sweat from his forehead.

Zia then begins to walk away from the sarcophagus, holding his treasure. The mummy’s eyes begin to light up red and the mummy comes to life, but Zia does not notice. The camera then shows Tamsin and Rigel going down their path.

“I kinda take back going this way, it’s a bit sketchy.” Tamsin shudders.

“Yeah, it’s creepily cold in here too.” Rigel shivers.

“I just want to get my treasure and get out of here.” Tamsin admits.

“Hopefully these symbols actually help.” Rigel says, pointing at the walls.

“I think we hit the jackpot.” Tamsin says, pointing to the wall that has a symbol of treasure and a ‘x2’ next to it.

“Looks like it’s inside this wall too!” Rigel says.

“Quick let’s push the walls to see if there is any secret places for the treasure!” Tamsin suggests.

The two girls then continue to do so and push around the walls, looking for loose blocks.

“I got it!” Tamsin calls as she pulls a wall block out and two pouches of treasure is revealed.

“Sweet!” Rigel says.

The two girls grab each a pouch, then seal up the wall. Once they seal up the wall, a quiet click is heard. They then continue to walk away, but then a loud rolling is heard.

“What is that?” Tamsin asks.

“That…” Rigel answers, pointing at a huge spherical boulder in the distance, coming quickly towards them.

The two girls scream and run quickly with their pouches as the boulder comes hurdling towards them. The camera then shows Frederick and King going down their path.

“Watch out!” Frederick warns.

“Huh?” King says, appalled.

Frederick points to a string King almost had stepped over, then points that the string was attached to some type of trap.

“Ah, thanks my friend. Can you read hieroglyphics by any chance?” King asks.

“I can try to, I have studied it before I believe.” Frederick answers.

“What a nerd.” King says under his breath.

“Did you say something?” Frederick asks.

“No, it was just the wind.” King lies.

“Okay then.” Frederick shrugs then continues to read the hieroglyphics on the wall.

“Well? What does it say?” King impatiently asks.

“It says there is some treasure up ahead, let’s go for it.” Frederick answers.

King nods, and the two guys are off to find their treasure. They eventually come to a lighted room, where two pouches sit in the center.

“Yes!” King cheers as he runs over to the treasure.

“That was strangely easy.” Frederick says with suspicion, but shrugs it off.

Frederick then continues to go over to the treasure with King, then the two guys grab a pouch each.

“Okay let’s get out of here now, just in case there are any traps.” Frederick says.

“Let’s go the way we came in.” King suggests.

The two guys go back to the narrow hallway they were once in before. King is walking on the center of the hallway as Frederick walks nearer to the wall. King then pushes a block without Frederick noticing, then the wall spins around and takes Frederick somewhere else.

“King?” Frederick calls out, muffled.

“Too easy.” King says to himself, he then runs off with his treasure with evil delight.

The camera then shows Zia who is now being chased by a mummy. 

Zia is chased by a mummy.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry I took your treasure, but I need to win this!” Zia yells.

The mummy lets out a loud groan and chases him faster, Zia screams and holds his treasure tight.

The camera shows Rigel and Tamsin, who are still being followed by the huge boulder. The two girls are both panting and running like crazy.

“I don’t know if I can keep up this running!” Rigel pants.

“We can do it, we’re not dying today!” Tamsin calls back with determination.

The camera shows King, who is walking and whistling throughout the tomb with no troubles at all. He then looks in his pouch and sees the precious gold.

“If only it were real.” King rolls his eyes and laughs, then continues to walk and whistle.

The camera then shows Frederick whom is in a dark room, holding his treasure.

“Damn, I was betrayed.” Frederick sighs.

He then manages to light up the room with a torch and finds that scarabs cover the ground. Frederick squeals and runs so quickly out of the room, then he does not stop running whatsoever.

The camera shows Chris sunbathing outside the tomb with a mixed drink in hand, waiting for the challenge winner and other campers.

The first camper rushes out of the tomb with their pouch and Chris announces them.

“Congratulations, King! You won the challenge, therefore you won immunity!” Chris announces.

“Why thank you, Chris.” King raises a proud eyebrow.

Rigel and Tamsin are then shown running out of the tomb, and collapsing on the ground from running for their lives.

“Did we, did we…” Tamsin begins.

“We win?” Rigel pants.

“No, King did!” Chris says and King winks at the two girls.

Rigel and Tamsin let out angry, but tired groans. Frederick then comes out of the tomb, with a few scarab bites on his arms.

“Woah, what happened to you?” Chris asks.

“Scarabs.” Frederick squeaks.

“Sorry, buddy the tomb has too many traps. It was a shame we got separated.” King genuinely lies.

Finally, Zia comes running out of the cave, panting and shaking.

“Mummy!” Zia mutters.

“It was probably just an intern wrapped in toilet paper, chill dude.” Chris says.

“Either way, it was horrifying.” Zia shakes, then shrugs.

“Anyway, looks like it’s time to vote campers. King has immunity, so anyone else is game!” Chris announces.

All of the campers sigh and groan with the exception of King.

After the campers vote, they are seen at the campfire for their next elimination ceremony along with Chris and his plate of marshmallows.

“Welcome to another elimination ceremony. As you know, marshmallows represent life in this game. There are four marshmallows on this plate, and five of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

“The first marshmallow goes to the immunity winner: King.” Chris says as he tosses the marshmallows to King.

King smirks at the other campers as he eats his marshmallow.

“Next marshmallow goes to Zia.” Chris says as he tosses him his marshmallow.

“One for Rigel.” Chris says and he tosses her a marshmallow as well.

Chris holds only one more marshmallow left, Frederick and Tamsin are the only ones without a marshmallow left. Frederick looks extremely scared and nervous while Tamsin looks anxious and worried.

"One final marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Tamsin." Chris says.

Chris tosses Tamsin her the final marshmallow, and she lets out of sigh of relief.

“Sorry, Frederick.” Tamsin says, sympathetically.

“It’s not your fault, and I did calculate this would happen.” Frederick says with a sign of acceptance, then shrugs.

“Well, you calculated right! Dock of Shame is waiting Frederick!” Chris says.

“Well, this was certainly an… experience.” Frederick observes.

“This is riveting.” Chris sarcastically says, rolling his eyes.

“I shall miss you my friend!” King hugs Frederick.

“Technically you won’t, or in anyway. I know I was being used, but it got me far in the game. So, if you don’t mind, I’m off to see Cadence.” Frederick tells King off, then walks off to the Dock of Shame.

“Oh my god, Frederick just told me off.” King stares off in awe as the other three remaining campers laugh quietly about him.

Frederick moves off to the Dock of Shame and stands in front of the Boat of Losers.

“Take me to see my fair lady, Cadence, gentlemen!” Frederick says to the anonymous boat driver before he gets on the boat.

Frederick then gets on the Boat of Losers and sails off into the far distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

Chapter #17: "I’m Okay; I’m Just Alone, Hungry, Wet, and Cold."

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as he always is. The setting is shown to be a fair-weathered and warm morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the five campers endured on a journey through a tomb to find pouches of treasure. Zia worked alone and found his treasure first, but a mummy had chased after him. Tamsin and Rigel worked together, of course. They found their treasure together and got almost rolled down by a huge boulder. King and Frederick worked together, Frederick lead him to treasure, then King backstabbed him, what a shocker. Anyway, King won immunity. The elimination ceremony came down to Frederick and Tamsin, but Frederick was ultimately sent home. We’re now down to the final four! What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows King alone in the guy’s cabin.

King stretches and smiles to himself with delight.

“Just three more challenges and I win my trillion dollars.” King lets out a satisfied breath.

King is then shown in the confessional.

“Sure Frederick is gone, and I have no one now, but that doesn't matter. I can take down the other three easily. I can always somehow get Zia to my side since Rigel and Tamsin are tough competitors. Shame the plan voting out Tamsin last challenge, didn't work, but honestly I couldn't care less that Frederick or her would go home. As long as I win the gold, that’s the only thing that matters to me.” King winks at the camera.

The camera shows Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia hanging out at the beach.

“Is it bad I knew I wasn't going to be eliminated last challenge?” Tamsin worries.

“No, we all agreed we vote either King or Frederick, and King got immunity.” Rigel assures her.

“I feel bad about Frederick, too bad we couldn't have voted King out.” Zia shrugs.

“I feel bad too, but at least we can get King down now.” Tamsin observes.

“Yeah! We’re gonna take that sucker down!” Zia says.

“Hell yeah, we’ll be the final three!” Rigel shouts.

The three campers high-five. Their stomachs all growl loudly.

“Before we take the tyrant down, what about we see if there’s breakfast.” Tamsin suggests account to their hunger.

“Hell yeah, I hear you. I’m totally starved.” Rigel says.

“I’m down, hopefully there’s crepes again!” Zia laughs.

The three campers go off heading towards the mess hall to get their breakfast, King is shown spying on them. King then proceeds to follow them without being noticed. The three campers proceed to move into the mess hall, but Zia is grabbed by King before he can enter. Rigel and Tamsin do not notice King had taken him, so they enter the mess hall as usual for breakfast. The two girls then notice Zia’s disappearance.

“That food smells amazing, oh my anarchy!” Rigel says.

“Hey, what happened to Zia?” Tamsin asks.

“He just vanished, the hell?” Rigel says confused.

“Who knows, with this show? It’s probably Chris or some challenge, something outrageous.” Tamsin observes.

“Yeah either or, but I’m hangry, so let’s eat!” Rigel says.

“I’m right with you dude, I’m ready for some pancakes, or anything really.” Tamsin says as her stomach growls.

The two girls shrug and they go off to grab their breakfast. The camera then focuses on Zia being pulled into a bush by King, then the camera focuses inside of the bush.

“Oh god, what’s happening?” Zia asks.

“I just wanted to have a talk, guy!” King answers.

“Oh no, no, no.” Zia declines.

“You haven't even listened to what I need to say!” King says.

“Don’t-“ Zia says and then is cut off by King.

“Listen here dude, we’re the last two guys. Those girls are strong as hell and honestly they kick our ass right now, then they'll be the final two. Do you want that? I don't think so. Come on together, we can take them.” King proposes.

“No, I can’t. I hate you, plus Rigel and Tamsin are my friends. You’re just a manipulator, bye.” Zia refuses.

Zia leaves the bush abruptly, brushes himself off, then continues into the mess hall.

“You’ll come around! I know you will!” King calls out and Zia is heard slamming the mess hall door.

The camera shows inside the mess hall once more.

“What happened to you, dude?” Rigel asks, eating some pancakes.

“The damn tyrant.” Zia says.

“Oh no, trying to rope you in alliance, huh?” Tamsin asks.

“Yeah, a guy’s alliance. I was like, ‘really dude?’” Zia says.

“You tell it girl.” Rigel says.

“You’re an independent dude who don't need no King in your life!” Tamsin laughs.

“Hey! Okay, that was a good one. I’ll admit.” Zia says.

“Thanks dude. Sorry about King though, he really isn't as smart as he thinks.” Tamsin says.

“Yeah, King should know better. He’s screwed us all over.” Rigel admits.

King then walks into the mess hall.

“Hello friends! What’s for breakfast?” King smiles.

Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia just stare at him silently, King raises an eyebrow.

“Okay then, I’ll see for myself.” King shrugs and walks to the food window.

Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia all roll their eyes at each other with their mutual annoyance of King. The final four continue to eat their breakfast as King eats alone. After they are done eating, Chris then walks into the mess hall and greets the campers.

“Good morning campers! I hope you’re ready for your next challenge!” Chris announces.

“Always ready for a challenge, Chris.” King says.

“Oh boy, am I ever!” Rigel states, sarcastically.

“Sure!” Zia says, unsurely.

“As long as there are no bats or boulders involved.” Tamsin says, unenthusiastically.

“Well, you guys seem so excited! So, I’ll just go ahead and tell you your challenge. You will all be living out in the deep wilderness of the island with no supplies for a total of 24 hours. When the 24 hours are up, you will return back to camp on your own. You cannot communicate with or get help from anyone else or you will be eliminated. I’ll give you all a button to carry which if pressed, you can return to camp, free from the wilderness before the twenty-four hours. However you will be eliminated if you do so. Whichever three can make it through this test of solitude and survival mode without pushing the button and able to make it back to camp on time, will be the official final three. Wow, that was a mouthful.” Chris explains.

Chris then hands each of the four campers a button, then motions for them to come outside. Once outside, a helicopter is revealed to be sitting.

“I’m going to take you four to the wilderness now, but we’re gonna have to take the helicopter. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.” Chris laughs, putting a helmet on.

“Are you even licensed?” Tamsin asks.

“It doesn't matter does it?” Chris asks.

“Chris- nevermind, it’s not worth it.” Tamsin rolls her eyes.

“Okay good! Everyone fasten your seat belts!” Chris says.

The four hesitant campers board the helicopter, then Chris jumps in the pilot seat and continues to fly the helicopter shakily and dangerously. Eventually, the camera shows Chris landing the helicopter along with the final four into the remote wilderness of the island.

“Okay kids, remember I know if you’ll talk to each other because cameras are everywhere, all the time. Go off your separate ways now, because your 24 hours start about right… now.” Chris says looking at his watch.

The four campers then shrug and nod towards Chris, then the four go off each different ways into the deep wilderness. Chris lets out a sigh of relief, then jumps back into the helicopter to fly off to who knows where. Once the campers are all spread out into different parts of the wilderness, the cameras begin to focus on the individual campers.

The camera focuses on King first, walking throughout the forest confidently.

“God, this challenge cannot be any easier.” King laughs to himself.

Rain starts to patter about him and King shudders for a second, but shakes it off.

“No matter.” King says and he attempts to create a roof out of leaves.

His leave roof comes apart as the rain becomes more rapid and hard. King lets out a huge sigh.

“Seriously?” King angrily sighs.

The camera then shows Rigel deep in a jungle-like area in the wilderness. She has already made a makeshift tomahawk out of a pointed rock, twine, and a stick. Rigel then hears a crackling of leaves as if someone else is there. Rigel wields her tomahawk closes and stands guard.

Rigel lets out a bird call.

A tribesman with face paint comes out of the forest and walks towards her, Rigel holds her tomahawk against him.

“Stay back!” Rigel yells.

More and more tribesman come out of the forest and walk toward her, she then drops her weapon.

One of the tribesman grunts and points at her, then draws a symbol in the ground and points at it, then her again. The tribesman cheer, then bind her hands in twine and walk with her. Rigel is silent the whole time due to fear. The camera then cuts to Tamsin who is by a river, attempting to make a spear.

“They make this look a lot easier on television.” Tamsin says, looking confusingly at her stick, twine, and arrowhead.

Tamsin then looks over at a tree and gets an idea.

“Sap! I should've known.” Tamsin observes.

Tamsin extracts some sap out of the tree and puts it on her stick. She then wraps the twine tightly around it, then the arrowhead.

“Now is time for some fishing!” Tamsin says to herself, feeling accomplished.

Tamsin then goes over to the river and begins to attempt to catch a fish.

“Holy hell is that salmon?!” Tamsin exclaims and she quickly spears a salmon.

“Delicious, let’s get some firewood to cook you up, fishy guy.” Tamsin says as she holds the flopping fish.

Tamsin then goes off to find some firewood along with her fish and spear in hand. The camera then shows Zia walking amongst the trees in the rain. His stomach begins to grow ferociously.

“Damn my fast metabolism. I better find something to eat.” Zia says.

Birds chirp above him and Zia is inspired by them to hunt. He quickly finds an arched stick and looks for some twine.

“Probably should make some arrows, too.” Zia says to himself.

Zia eventually makes a makeshift bow, then looks for spears and sticks for arrows. Once he makes his arrows, he attempts to hunt some birds by shooting arrows. He renders unsuccessful at first.

“Who knew archery could be this hard.” Zia shakes his head.

Zia takes one more try with his bow and arrow and manages to strike a bird.

“I bagged a bird!” Zia cheers.

Zia runs to the bird to grab his game.

“Now I need to remember how to make a fire.” Zia face-palms, but shrugs.

The camera then shows the sun beginning to set, so the setting becomes darker as it is turning to night. The camera then shows King sitting, curled up in a ball, still in the rain. King is intensely shivering.

“I’m okay.” King says, repeatedly.

“I’m okay; I’m just alone, hungry, wet, and cold.” King admits and cries.

Without noticing it, a snakes comes to cuddle up next to King. The snake seems friendly at first, until King notices it and screams. King’s scream startles the snake, and it bites him on the shoulder.

“Damn bastard!” King calls out to the snake as it slithers off.

King then weeps and then stares at the button, debating on pressing it.

“No, no, I mustn't ever give up, giving up is for ugly people!” King says.

King tears off a pieces of his sleeve and uses it to cover his wound. The camera then cuts back to Rigel, whom has been taken into a tribe and she is still bound in twine. A fire is shown being lit in the center of the tribe, scaring Rigel. Many tribesman begin to dance around the fire and two tribesman come to Rigel and pick her up.

“Oh god.” Rigel manages to squeak and she closes her eyes.

The tribesman lift her up towards the fire, then cut her from the twine and plop her into a huge throne. The two tribesman bow to her, than when the dancing tribesman finish the dance, they bow as well.

“What is going on here?” Rigel asks, confused.

“Queen… Queen Orionis!” One tribesman shouts and they all cheer.


Rigel is crowned queen of a tribe.

The tribesman then awards Rigel by putting a huge feather and wood crown on her head. Another tribesman serves her a pheasant and berries. Then the tribesman dance around the circle in celebration of finding what they believe to be their queen.

“Hell yeah, I could get used to this.” Rigel says.

The camera cuts back to Tamsin, who has finally collected all her firewood and is continuing to create a campsite. She places her wood down on the ground and brushes her hands off with determination. She then picks up her fish.

“Okay, fish. Let’s get some pinecones and sticks to get this lit.” Tamsin says to the fish.

Tamsin walks over a few yards from her firewood to search for some sticks and pinecones, as she holds her in fish in hand. She then takes another step, and falls into a hole.

“I knew it was too dark out here, damn.” Tamsin observes.

Tamsin shrugs.

“No big deal, holes are easy to climb out of, I think.” Tamsin says to herself.

Tamsin attempts many times to scale the hole, but fails each time. Tamsin then sits down next to her fish to think for a minute.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, fish.” Tamsin says to the fish.

Tamsin then begins to paint her cheeks and nose with lines of mud. She then begins to carve the mud walls of the hole with a stick. The camera then switches to Zia whom is successfully making a fire out of a pile of sticks and pinecones.

“I guess I can rotisserie you, right?” Zia asks his hunted bird.

“What am I doing asking a dead bird? Of course I’m gonna rotisserie it!” Zia says.

Zia puts the bird on a stick and holds it over the fire. Zia whistles an upbeat tune and takes in the night air, then stares sat the stars as he roasts the bird.

“Man, this night sky is beautiful. It makes me miss Anais though.” Zia sighs calmly, then looks back at his bird.

“****!” Zia exclaims.

Zia holds up his bird to revealed it is totally burnt.

“Maybe I could take the burnt part off.” Zia says, unsure.

He shrugs and continues to pick at his bird as he warms himself by the fire.

The camera then focuses on the moon, then it is sped up to when the sun is rising, and it is day once again. The camera then shows a four split-screen of every individual camper sleeping; King sleeping curled up in a ball, Rigel sleeping in her throne with her crown, Tamsin sleeping in the hole she fell in, and Zia sleeping by his burnt-out logs. Chris’ voice is then heard throughout the wilderness in hidden microphones.

“Campers, you have an hour to find you way back to camp! Whoever is last is eliminated, so I suggest that you hurry!” Chris announces.

The camera shows each and every camper abruptly waking up to this.

The camera first shows King waking up and he winces in pain of his shoulder.

“Ack! My shoulder!” King winces.

“It’s only a flesh wound, I need to get back to camp now!” King picks himself up.

King then acts like her shoulder is not even wounded and he begins to run as fast as he can, back to camp.

The camera then shows Rigel waking up in her throne, all of the tribesman are sleeping. Rigel peers out of her throne and sneaks out of the tribe as quickly and quietly as she can.

Once Rigel is out of the tribe, she runs back to camp while wearing her crown.

“Final three, here I come!” Rigel cheers.

The camera then shows Tamsin who has dug out a step ladder of mud in the hole and she quickly climbs on them to get out of the hole. Tamsin then runs quickly on her way back to camp.

“Can’t be the last one, can’t let fish down!” Tamsin says to herself to motivate her.

The camera then shows Zia waking up next to his fire.

“Must beat King!” Zia mutters then he begins to sprint towards camp.

The camera shows a four split-screen of each of the campers running towards camp. Then the camera cuts to the campfire where Chris is waiting for them.

“I can’t believe no one pushed their button. Oh well, let’s see the final three!” Chris announces.

Eventually the first camper quarries to camp, panting profusely.

“Congrats, Zia! You made it to the final three!” Chris announces.

“Woo, yeah!” Zia shouts and then he passes out due to fatigue.

The next camper arrives shortly after and Chris announces them.

“Congratulations, Tamsin!” Chris says.

“I made it in time, hell yeah!” Tamsin cheers then she pauses.

“Wait a minute… fish!” Tamsin shouts as she realizes she forgot about her salmon. Her shout is heard throughout the island, then the camera shows the fish in the hole still sitting.

The camera goes back to the campfire where Chris, Tamsin, and Zia stand.

“Well, that was just… awkward.” Chris says.

“Anyway, will it be King or Rigel that makes into the final three? We’re about to find out!” Chris says.

The next camper finally arrives and Chris announces them.

“Welcome back Rigel!” Chris announces.

Rigel is shown with tribal markings on her arms and wearing her crown, she nods and then laughs.

“So this means we’re the final three huh?” Rigel lights up.

The camera then shows King arriving right then to the camp.

“Wait, I’m last, this can’t be! I got bit by a damn snake too!” King shouts.

Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia cheer in their victory.

“Hold on a sec, I did mention the final three yet. Technically Zia and Tamsin made it safe, and Rigel did make it before King. However, Rigel broke the rules by speaking to tribesman. Also it was a lizard that bit you, not a snake, bro.” Chris explains.

“I thought you said I couldn't talk to other campers!” Rigel is angered.

“I meant people in general! You’re disqualified though, Rigel. The final three are King, Tamsin, and Zia.” Chris explains.

“Ha! I knew it.” King smirks at his own victory.

“Damn, I can’t believe this.” Rigel says.

“Dock of Shame, Rigel.” Chris hurries Rigel.

“Good luck, Tamsin and Zia! You’re the only two that deserves it now!” Rigel says.

“Thanks!” Zia smiles and high-fives her.

“I’ll miss you, thank you.” Tamsin hugs Rigel.

“I’ll miss you too, you should've seen me become a tribal queen, it was priceless.” Rigel laughs with Tamsin.

Rigel then pushes off to the Dock of Shame and boards the Boat of Losers. The Boat of Losers then sails off into the far distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

“We’re finally down to the final three! Who will be eliminated next? Who will become the final two? Find out next time on Total… Drama… Teens 2.0!” Chris announces, ending the chapter.

Chapter #18: "Be a Good Sport!"

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, as the usual. The setting is shown to be a sunny and bright morning.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the final four went on a wilderness trip and had to spent the night without any communication between anyone else. King pretty much sucked, Tamsin got stuck in a hole but got out of it, Zia burnt a bird but still ate it, and Rigel became a tribal queen. Rigel, Tamsin, and Zia made it back to camp first, and King came last. However, Rigel was eliminated and disqualified since she had communication with others. This resulted in King, Tamsin, and Zia becoming the final three. Who will be eliminated next? Who will become the final two? What happens next? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

The camera shows the campground and focuses on the PA speakers.

“Come get your breakfast now, final three!” Chris says via the speakers.

The camera then shows the mess hall as the final three; King, Tamsin, and Zia enter it. A table in the mess hall is set up buffet-style and has a variety of breakfast foods; scrambled eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, toast, waffles, pancakes, french toast, toppings and so on. The three camper’s eyes and mouths widen in awe of the glorious food.

“Let me at whatever I can put cheese on!” Zia says and runs to the buffet first.

“French toast, oh hell yes.” Tamsin cheers and goes over to the buffet as well.

“Finally, I can get the extra protein that I’ve needed.” King praises, he then moves to the buffet last.

The three campers continue to load up their plates.

“They even have waffles! Anais’ favorite!” Zia observes and grabs a bunch of waffles for his plate.

“Lavender yogurt with this french toast, I think yes!” Tamsin says grabbing some yogurt topping.

“I have a balanced meal of protein; yogurt, eggs, and meat. I think I’ll be good for the day.” King smirks to himself.

The final three then sit at the empty table of the mess hall and continue to chow down on food. They don't speak with each other due to them eating like they never have before.

King is shown in the confessional. He is filing his nails and twisting his man bun.

“I’m definitely not surprised I’m in the final three, I know this game in-and-out, plus I’m a great strategist. This game is almost completely in my hands for victory, all I have to do is knock the other two out, which will be simple. Zia is simply too nice although he hates me, but Tamsin is a strong competitor, yet I’m sure enough I can push her to the edge by just pissing her off one more time. Just watch me become the most handsome trillionare anyone has ever seen!” King says.

Tamsin is then shown in the confessional. She is sketching on her stockings with a pen.

“It’s so rad to be in the final three! I’m just so stoked, just getting this far is a victory on its own. This game has really been a crazy, but inspirational ride. I can’t believe I actually have a 1/3 chance of winning a trillion dollars! It’s so crazy. I’m also glad there’s at least one other sane person in the final two, Zia, because if there were two King clones I couldn’t stand living in this place! Then again, I could probably outlast it just because, well, it’s a trillion dollars!” Tamsin says.

Zia is shown in the confessional.

“Wow, being in the final three is absolutely amazing! Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it this far as I did, but I really surprised myself here! I mean hell, I have a chance of winning a trillion dollars! Now that is so insane! I’m just so hyped up right now in the game and everything is just so awesome! I wish King wasn’t in the final three though, he doesn’t deserve it at all. Wow, just to imagine though that I might become a trillionare just in two challenges! Oh my god!” Zia says.

The camera then shows inside the mess hall once more and the campers are shown done eating their breakfast of champions. Chris then walks in the mess hall.

“I hope you enjoyed your feast, because it cost me a bit! I swear I’m too generous. Well, I just came in here to tell you guys that it is time for your final three challenge! Come meet me down by the beach and I’ll explain it more there.” Chris explains.

The camera shows the final three along with Chris at the beach. In the water there are three pillars standing up, right near the shore.

“Okay, this challenge will be on a point system. The first part of this challenge is the endurance/strength part. Each one of you will climb one of these pillars and then hold your positions atop the pillar. Whoever holds on the longest wins the most points, then whoever slips off into the water first gets the least points. I think that’s clear enough, so get climbing!” Chris explains.

The final three exchange determined looks and run into the water and begin to climb atop their pillars.

Tamsin and Zia seem to struggle climbing at first, as King climbs with such confidence he has no trouble. However, all of the three manage to get on top of their individual pillars.

“Let’s begin the enduring!” Chris laughs maniacally.

“Please this isn't barely a challenge.” King mutters under his breath.

“I can do this, I can do this.” Zia repeats to himself.

“Yeah, this isn’t too bad.” Tamsin shrugs, managing to stay on her pillar.

“Barely a challenge, not too bad? Well, just wait a few minutes and you’ll start getting tired, I guarantee it.” Chris disputes them.

About half an hour passes by and the final three are shown struggling and somewhat shaking to stay holding onto their poles.

“This is going by way too slow right now, I think I’ll speed things up.” Chris says and he pulls out some type of remote.

Chris smirks and pushes the button on the remote and the three pillars begin to shake.

“What the hell?” King exclaims.

“I should've known that would happen some time or another.” Tamsin says to herself.

“You know, I could've used a warning!” Zia calls out to Chris.

“Well, you know me!” Chris calls out, laughing.

The final three hold onto their shaking pillars even tighter. The pillars get even quicker and more shaky, which results in Zia slipping, and falling into the water.

“No!” Zia groans as he makes a splash in the water.

“3 points!” Chris calls.

“Aw, man.” Zia sighs.

Zia comes out of the water and onto the shore to watch King and Tamsin battle it out. King and Tamsin are shown exchanging glaring looks as they keep tight holds on their pillars.

“Come on Tamsin, be a good sport.” King condescends.

“Please, I don't need any of this pathetic patronizing, dude.” Tamsin says.

“Okay, just to make it a little harder. Watch this.” Chris laughs as he pushes another button on the remote.

The pillars become uncontrollably shaking back and forth, bending all the way back almost into the water. King and Tamsin both begin to slip, but try their best to hold their grips. Eventually a big splash is heard, hinting one of them had finally fallen.

“We got one!” Chris manically laughs as Zia stares him, wide-eyed.

Chris then pushes the buttons for the pillars to stop shaking to see who had won. A disappointed and angry King is just coming out of the water as a nervous Tamsin still holds her ground atop her pillar, closing her eyes.

“Congratulations Tamsin! You won this round, you have 10 points and King has 5!” Chris announces.

“Woo! I won!” Tamsin cheers.

“I let you win.” King mutters under his breath and rolls his eyes.

“I heard that! Be a good sport!” Tamsin calls, mimicking what King said about her earlier.

“Okay, it is time to advance to the next part of the challenge. Let’s head for the stage, everyone!” Chris announces.

The camera shows the final three, Chris, and Chef on the stage for the next part of the challenge. Three tables with a buzzer each are set out for each camper. Chris motions the campers to sit in their seats. Once they do so, Chris begins to explain the challenge.

“Time for the knowledge part of the challenge! It’s simple; you will answer random questions about this season and last season that I ask you, and whoever answers the most correctly wins the most points! Just buzz in when you think you know the answer!” Chris says.

The final three contestants nods and get their hands ready near their buzzers.

“First question is easy; Who won last season?” Chris asks.

Zia quickly buzzes in.

Anton!” Chris says.

“Correct! One point for Zia!” Chris says.

“Next question is; Who sabotaged the votes this season?” Chris says.

Zia buzzes in again.

“King!” Zia answers.

“Ha, ha.” King says, emotionlessly.

“Incorrect!” Chris calls.

Cadence!” Tamsin answers.

“That is correct!” Chris says.

“Next question is; Who was second voted out this season?” Chris asks.

King buzzes in.

Eunice.” King answers with a smirk.

“Correct! Next question; Who on last season was left on Boney Island by the other contested during the four and was eliminated that challenge?” Chris asks.

The three ponder for awhile, then Tamsin buzzes in.

“Was it, Alison?” Tamsin asks.

“Correct! Next question; who was the first couple this season?” Chris asks. Zia buzzes in.

“Anais and I!” Zia answers proudly.

“Yes, that is correct. Next question; Who was eliminated just before the merge?” Chris asks.

King buzzes in.

“I believe it was Garth.” King says and winks at Tamsin. Tamsin glares at him for this.

“Next question; who were the original three members of King’s first alliance?” Chris asks.

King is about to buzz his buzzer, but Tamsin quickly buzzes before him.

Clover, Eunice, and Vivica.” Tamsin says as she glares at King.

“Correct, another point for Tamsin!” Chris calls.

The camera then speeds up while the campers answer their questions, the scoreboard shows the scores of each camper. King has 3 points, Tamsin has 10 points, and Zia has 5 points.

“Okay, I think it’s obvious that Tamsin wins this round already since she’s got the highest possible points, again. King and Zia both are tied in total points of 8. Tamsin you have completely sealed your place in the final two. As for you two, King and Zia, you will need a tiebreaker to win your place in the final two. Let’s head back to the campgrounds to do so.” Chris explains.

The camera shows the final three and Chris back at camp.

“Since Tamsin won the last two rounds completely, you two have to battle it out in this tiebreaker. There are secret buttons all over the camp and all you have to do is tag them with your name. Whoever tags the most buttons, advances to the final two. As for the other, you’ll be sent packing.” Chris explains.

King and Zia assume both sprinting positions as Tamsin stands out with Chris.

“Okay, I’ll be timing you two for thirty minutes. Remember whoever tags the most buttons wins. I’ll hand you your taggers now and then on the count of three you can start.” Chris explains.

Chris hands both King and Zia a tagger with their name on it. King and Zia then assume position once again. “You’re going down.” King mouths at Zia.

“In your dreams.” Zia mouths back at him and rolls his eyes.

“1... 2... 3!” Chris counts off and the two guys run off within the camp. A timer appears for thirty minutes.

“It feels so weird to just watch them scramble around.” Tamsin observes.

“Hey, I do it for a living, it’s pretty sweet.” Chris laughs and Tamsin raises an eyebrow.

The camera then shows King and Zia running around the campground to find buttons to tag as the timer counts down.

“I can do this, I’m going to beat King!” Zia says to himself as he tags his first button.

“I need to beat, Zia, I’m supposed to win this damn game!” King says as he finds his first button.

King and Zia are seen tagging buttons all throughout the camp finding them under rocks, on the cabins, underneath the mess hall, and everywhere else you can think of on the camp. The timer then alarms when the time is up.

“Come on back now and I’ll reveal the final results!” Chris announces.

King and Zia hurry back to Chris and Tamsin who are now waiting by the campfire. An intern runs up to Chris and gives him the paper of the results.

“Okay the results are in! The one who made the most points during the button challenge is...” Chris says reading the paper the intern just gave him.

King, Tamsin, and Zia all wait for him to finish his sentence with great anticipation.

“It was another tie! Wow.” Chris says, seemingly disappointed.

“A tie? That can’t be.” King disputes.

“So no one is getting eliminated?” Zia asks.

“No, because I already made arrangements for the final two challenge. Hmm, since Tamsin won the two rounds, it’s up to her to choose who she wants to go in the final two with.” Chris explains.


King and Zia's fate now lays in Tamsin's hands.

“Me? I get to choose?” Tamsin asks, shocked.

“Yeah, why not! Just hurry and make your decision.” Chris answers.

King and Zia’s eyes widen as their fates are now in Tamsin’s hands.

“So who is going to the final two, Tamsin?’ Chris asks.

“Well it’s obvious who I’m going to choose, Zia of course. King doesn’t deserve the final two.” Tamsin makes his decision loud and clear.

“So does that mean I’m in the final two now?” Zia beams.

“Yep! And King is going to the Boat of Losers now!” Chris announces.

“No way is this fair, I demand a recount!” King yells.

“What’s done is done, dude. Deal with it.” Chris shrugs uncaringly.

“You can’t take me down!” King yells.

“Maybe I can’t, but Chef sure can!” Chris then calls for Chef.

“Hey, third isn’t so bad, King.” Tamsin says.

“Whatever, Tamsin.” King rolls his eyes as he is pulled to the Dock of Shame.

Chef drags King to the Dock of Shame and throws him on the Boat of Losers.

“You’ll regret this for the rest of your life! I’ll make sure of it!” King calls out before the Boat of Losers takes off.

“Yeah huh, sure.” Chris replies and rolls his eyes.

The Boat of Losers then sails off to the distance until it cannot be seen anymore.

“The tyrant has been taken down finally!” Tamsin cheers.

“Ding dong the king is dead!” Zia cheers after.

“Congratulations, you’re the final two!” Chris announces.

“Thank you so much, Tamsin! This is awesome!” Zia cheers and he high-fives Tamsin.

“You’re welcome, dude! Oh my god, we’re in the final two!” Tamsin cheers.

“Next time the final two will battle it out and the winner will be claimed! Find out the winner next time on Total... Drama... Teens 2.0!” Chris announces, ending the episode.

Chapter #19: "The Second Winner of Total Drama Teens is..."

Chris McLean is seen standing on the Dock of Shame, one last time. The setting is shown to be a sunny and clear-skied morning.

"Welcome to the last installment Total Drama Teens 2.0! Last time, the final three finally had their breakfast of champions feast. For the challenge there were three rounds; an endurance round where they had to hold onto shaking pillars above water, Tamsin won that one. Then a trivia challenge which Tamsin won again, so King and Zia embarked on a tiebreaker by tagging buttons. The tiebreaker resulted in yet another tie, so I let Tamsin choose who went to the final two with her. Zia was chosen, so King was finally eliminated. Now who will win the trillion dollars? Tamsin or Zia? Let’s find out right now on Total Drama Teens 2.0!" Chris explains.

Chris is then shown having set up a huge stereo system outside of the two cabins and he holds a remote in hand.

“Watch this.” Chris laughs, then snickers.

Chris pushes the button on the remote and takes out a megaphone. The stereo system continues to play very loud, upbeat music and Chris begins to yell in the megaphone.

“Wake up final two! Your lives change forever today!” Chris yells.

Tamsin and Zia drag themselves out of their individual cabins, both stretching and yawning.

“Look alive, campers! It’s your final day!” Chris says.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I’m in the final two!” Zia cheers.

“Holy hell, I’m in the final two, too! Hell yeah!” Tamsin cheers.

“Glad to see you both so hyped up so fast! Now, before your challenge I need you guys to use the confessional one last time. You know say how this game has been for you, you know the drill.” Chris explains.

Tamsin is first shown in the confessional.

“Wow, it really is phenomenal to be in the final two. I’m so in awe I’m actually here! I’m so hyped though! This game has been a lot of hell, but at the same time I’ve met some of the coolest people of my life especially; Garth, Rigel, and Declan! This whole game has definitely inspired me for so many different ideas for artwork too! Overall though, this experience has changed my life for the better, whether I win or lose. I’m just so grateful to be here!” Tamsin confesses.

Zia is then shown in the confessional.

“I really can’t believe I made it into the final three, yet the final two! I didn’t know I had it in me, but I proved myself so wrong! This whole game has been the best experience of my life! I got an awesome and super cute girlfriend Anais, and a chill and cool best friend, Ig! Most the people I met here are really great, well except for King and Cadence of course, haha. I’m just so stoked I might just win a trillion dollars within hours!” Zia confesses.

The camera shows Chris, Tamsin, and Zia back at the campground.

“Let’s go over to the campfire to get this challenge started!” Chris says.

The three then continue to the campfire. Two empty bleachers are shown placed in the middle of the campfire, one bleacher has Tamsin’s picture above it, the other has Zia’s picture above.

“Before we start your challenge, let’s introduce the eliminated contestants! We’ll be going by elimination order. Once introduced, they’ll choose the bleacher under the picture of the person they support.” Chris announces.

“First up is Holland! What victor does the first loser pick?” Chris introduces Holland.

Holland comes into view and makes a loud entrance.

“Hey, I’m the winner of everything else. Anyway, I’ll go with the guy.” Holland shrugs and sits in Zia’s bleachers.

Okay, next up, Eunice!” Chris introduces Eunice.

Eunice walks into view and waves to the camera.

“I’ll choose Tamsin because she reminds me of my great cousin who was famous for being a-“ Eunice begins to speak but Chris cuts her off.

“Shut it, and sit.” Chris interrupts.

“Um, rude!” Eunice says and continues to sit under Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Next, is Quinlan!” Chris introduces Quinlan.

Quinlan stomps angrily as he comes into view.

“I’ll pick the girl, because Zia was on my team, and that team sucked!” Quinlan grunts and sits in Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Next up, Ezra!” Chris introduces Ezra next.

Ezra comes into view and takes a quick selfie.

“Sorry had to update my blog. Anyway, I’m going with Tamsin! Girl’s got style!” Ezra smiles at Tamsin and then he continues to sit under her bleachers.

“Next loser is Viktor! Who’ll he choose?” Chris introduces Viktor.

Viktor walks on screen with a slouch.

“Eh, Zia, I guess.” Viktor sadly shrugs and then sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next up is Merrin! Who do you want to win?” Chris introduces Merrin.

Merrin comes on screen and smiles nicely to everyone.

“Um… I guess Zia. So it will be even.” Merrin says and sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Alright, next up is Clover.” Chris introduces Clover.

Clover runs excitedly on screen.

“Yay, I’m on TV, again! I’ll go with Zia, just because Tamsin was in an alliance against mine!” Clover says happily and sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next is Garth!” Chris introduces.

Garth comes into view and smiles at the sight of Tamsin.

“Tamsin, my heart!” Garth says and he runs up to hug and kiss her.

“I’m so happy to see you, too!” Tamsin says and kisses him.

“Hurry along, we have more losers to cover.” Chris hurries.

Garth hugs Tamsin once more, then runs and sits in Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Next is Una.” Chris introduces Una.

Una walks on screen and raises an eyebrow of curiosity.

“Normally I’d go with the girl, but Zia is my friend and I don’t know Tamsin as well.” Una decides, then sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next loser, Vivica!” Chris introduces.

Vivica comes into view, walking proudly.

“Zia, because Tamsin scares me.” Vivica scoffs then continues to sit in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next up, Ig!” Chris introduces.

Ig skates on his skateboard into view.

“I’m going with Zia, my best bud!” Ig says happily and continues to sit in Zia’s bleachers.

“Our next loser, Cadence!” Chris introduces Cadence.

Cadence rolls her eyes as she comes on screen and looks at her nails.

“Tamsin, stronger competitor.” Cadence says without interest, then continues to sit in Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Next loser is Xenia!” Chris introduces Xenia.

Xenia seemingly floats on screen with carelessness.

“Zia, he was my friend first.” Xenia shrugs, then sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next up is Anais!” Chris introduces Anais.

Anais comes into view and immediately hugs and kisses Zia when she sees him.

“Awe, my love is in the final two!” Anais cheers.

“Yay, my love is back!” Zia says.

“Get in the bleacher and shush now!’ Chris says.

Anais then backs off and sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next loser, Declan!” Chris introduces Declan.

Declan walks on screen, adjusting his tie.

“Both my friends, but Tamsin’s been my friend much longer.” Declan answers and advances to Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Next is Frederick!” Chris introduces Frederick.

Frederick comes on screen, waving, and smiling which shows his braces.

“Zia’s the dude! I’ll go with him!” Frederick says with confidence, then sits in Zia’s bleachers.

“Next up, Rigel.” Chris introduces Rigel.

Rigel comes into screen, smirking in a non-evil way.

“Tamsin all the way!” Rigel answers and sits in Tamsin’s bleachers.

“And finally, King.” Chris introduces King.

King comes into view raising an eyebrow and winking to Cadence, who shudders.

“Tamsin, she put up more of a fight.” King says and he sits in Tamsin’s bleachers.

“Alright, now that the losers have chosen who they’ll support, it’s time for the final two to choose two of their supporters to help them in the final challenge! You can pick one boy and one girl. Zia can choose first.” Chris explains.

“Anais and Ig of course!” Zia chooses right away.

Anais and Ig leave the bleacher and stand by Zia’s side.

“Dream team; Garth and Rigel!” Tamsin chooses.

Garth and Rigel then proceed to leave their bleacher and join Tamsin.

“Alright, now that you have your helpers, it’s time for me to tell you about the final challenge. Just like last season you will have to find the suitcase and bring it back to the campfire. Except there is only one suitcase this time, that holds the billion, and in general. You will start on the starting line and you will find three clues with my face on it on the way that will help you make way to the suitcase. Whenever you find the suitcase, make sure you’re the one to bring it back to me, not the other competitor. So whoever brings the suitcase back to me first, wins!” Chris explains.

Zia and his team stand at the starting line, as Tamsin and her team does the same.

“Okay, go!” Chris announces.

The two final two teams run off, onto the course. The camera looks onto Tamsin’s team first.

“We gotta find a Chris head!” Garth points out.

“Does anyone see one?” Rigel asks.

“Right there!” Tamsin points to the first Chris clue which is in plain sight.

The three run over to the first Chris clue and Tamsin picks it up.

“First clue is where the trees and the birds are through.” Tamsin reads.

“Sounds deep.” Rigel laughs.

“So, the forest?” Garth suggests.

“I guess so, let’s go!” Tamsin agrees.

Tamsin’s team continues to run towards the forest as the camera begins to focus on Zia and his team.

“Okay, I see the Chris head up ahead!” Anais points out for Zia.

“Wow, that thing is creepy dude!” Ig says about the giant Chris head clue.

“Here, let’s read what it says!” Zia says.

“First clue is where the trees and the birds are through.” The three say in unison.

“The woods!” Zia suggests.

Anais and Ig nod, then the three run off to the forest. The camera focuses on Tamsin’s team once more searching in the forest for the next clue.

“Would it be in a tree or something?” Rigel asks.

“Or a bird’s nest?” Garth suggests.

“I’m not sure, let’s just split up to find the next clue around the forest.” Tamsin suggests.

The three nod at each other, then split up to find the clue. The camera then focuses on Zia’s team who are in the forest as well.

“Maybe we should climb some trees to find it?” Anais suggests.

“Ooh, I like that!” Ig says excitedly.

“It’s worth a shot my love!” Zia answers Anais.

The three begin to climb trees, searching for their clues.

“Oh, I found it!” Anais claims as she finds the clue, she immediately slides off her tree and hands Zia the clue.

“What does it say?” Ig asks.

“Your next clue you shall find is covered in mud, beware, of the dangers that lurks with cold-blood.” Zia reads.

“Sounds like the mudpit, but the cold-blood thing sounds weird.” Ig says.

“I wonder what that’s about, but, it’s worth a try though!” Anais says.

“To the mudpit!” Zia commands his team as they run off to ways towards the mudpit.

The camera then shows Tamsin’s team once more. Rigel is then shown finding the next Chris clue in the tree she is climbing.

“Found it!” Rigel claims.

“Quick, what does it say?” Garth asks.

Rigel hands Tamsin the clue so that she can read it.

“Your next clue you shall find is covered in mud, beware, of the dangers that lurks with cold-blood.” Tamsin reads.

“Well that’s not creepy at all.” Rigel says sarcastically.

“What place is where all the mud is again?” Garth asks.

“It’s the mudpit, let’s go guys!” Tamsin happily commands her team.

The camera then shows both Zia and his team and Tamsin along with her team now at the mud pit.

“Let’s get in the mud and find this clue!” Tamsin commands her team.

“Let’s do the same, team!’ Zia commands his team.

The two teams continue to dive into the mud pit to search for the clue. The search is abruptly stopped, as a group of alligators comes into the mud pit.

“That’s what the cold-blood thing was about.” Anais gulps.

“Should we fend them off for Zia?” Ig asks.

“Yeah, Zia keep searching, we got you!” Anais assures Zia.

“I can take these guys!” Rigel says.

“Uh, I guess I can too, Tamsin I’ll save you my love!” Garth calls out.

“Thank you guys!” Tamsin thanks.

Garth and Rigel go to guard Tamsin from the alligators as she continues to search for the clue.

As Anais and Ig fend off an alligator with sticks and Garth stands watch as Rigel wrestles an alligator, Tamsin and Zia both find their final individual, muddied Chris clue.

“To get your cash, you must go way up, then way down to make a deep splash.” Tamsin and Zia read at the same time, on their each individual clue they had just found.

“The cliff, the water!” Tamsin and Zia observe at the same time.

“Garth and Rigel, we're going to the cliff!” Tamsin calls to her team.

Rigel stops wrestling the alligator and she comes over with Garth to Tamsin, then the three start their way on the cliff.

“Come on guys we really have to get to the cliff!” Zia calls.

Anais and Ig run from the alligators over to Zia, then the team is off to cliff as well. The camera shows both Zia’s team and Tamsin’s team sprinting up the cliff. The two teams are pretty head to head, then they reach the top of the cliff at the same time.

“Is this part we leave at?” Rigel asks.

“I think so.” Ig answers.

“Best of luck to you my dear!” Garth wishes to Tamsin.

“Good luck, sweet love!” Anais wishes Zia, then kisses him on the cheek.

The four helpers exit the screen, so the final two; Tamsin and Zia, stand alone at the edge of the cliff. The two peer out below, seeing the great height above the water that they stand over. 

Tamsin and Zia stand over the cliff one last time.

“We can make this even, if you want?” Tamsin asks.

“Yeah, we’ll both jump at the same time.” Zia agrees.

“Best contestant wins, good luck dude!” Tamsin shakes Zia's hand.

Thank you, you too!” Zia says.

Tamsin and Zia both do a count of three before they jump. Once they reach three, they jump and dive off the cliff at the same time. The camera shows the two individuals falling, then diving into the water. They both make an extremely large splash of water, heard throughout the campground, as the losers in the bleachers cheer. The camera shows both Tamsin and Zia searching underwater with their eyes open, to find the suitcase.

Eventually, a voice speaks out of water, but it is too muffled to be recognizable, “I got the case!”

The camera then goes back to the campground, picturing Chris, Chef, and all of the losers in the bleachers awaiting the winner to cross the finish line with great anticipation.

Wet footsteps are heard running up towards the campfire, and the anticipation grows.

“Tamsin, Tamsin!” Tamsin’s supporters cheer in unison.

“Zia, Zia!” Zia’s supporters chant in unison.

As the winner is about to approach the finish line, Chris begins to announce them.

“The second winner of Total Drama Teens is...

Tamsin! Congratulations, you just won a trillion dollars!” Chris celebrates as Tamsin clears the finish line, panting, and holding up her suitcase.

“Holy ****! I can’t believe this is real!” Tamsin happily cries.

Tamsin’s supporters cheer with great happiness as Zia’s supporters sigh.

“I knew you could do it, babe!” Garth congratulates Tamsin.

“Thatta girl, I knew you were gonna win.” Rigel hugs Tamsin.

“Tamsin, I’m so proud.” Declan wipes a tear from his eye.

“I love all of you! I love everything! Woohoo!” Tamsin cheers and hugs the three of them. Zia then proceeds to cross the finish line with some animal in hand, and he looks very accepting and even highfives Tamsin.

“Good job dude, you deserved it!” Zia congratulates her.

“Thank you, you were a great competitor to go up against! Hey what’s in your hand?” Tamsin asks.

“It’s a baby platypus, I think!” Zia says.

“Aw, it’s so cute! You did great babe!” Anais says and kisses him.

“You’re too sweet, my love!” Zia says.

“Congratulations, Tamsin! You can now open your suitcase!” Chris exclaims.

Tamsin opens up her suitcase and becomes in awe of the trillion dollars in cash. “Hey, anyone want to join me in a nice yacht party? Dinner’s on me!” Tamsin cheers.

Everyone cheers in agreement. Tamsin leads the campers to the yacht that is already parked at the Dock of Shame. Party music plays and laughter is heard. The camera turns back to Chris one final time.

“Well, there you have it folks! Tamsin, the artist, won the second season of Total Drama Teens 2.0! This has been such an awesome season! But stay tuned for the most exciting season yet, with all brand new cast, new drama, and all new setting! See you then!” Chris ends the final episode and the camera cuts out one last time.

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1.5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
#18 Quinlan WIN WIN OUT
#19 Eunice SAFE OUT
#20 Holland OUT

Color Code:

     On the Daring Delinquents team

     On the Raging Rebels team

     WIN: Was on the winning team or won individually on a challenge.

     SAFE: Got a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     OUT: Voted off in this episode.

     OUT: Disqualified, therefore eliminated.

     QUIT: Quit the game, therefore eliminated.

     WINNER: Won the game.

     RUNNERUP: Came second place/runner-up in the game.

1: Frederick was originally going to be voted off, but Cadence used her immunity idol to save him, and she was eliminated instead.

2: King would have been eliminated as he was the last one to make it back to camp, but Rigel was eliminated through disqualification because she broke the rules of the challenge.

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