After a season filled with joy, gifts and snow... lots and lots of snow. Saint Productions brings you, Total Drama Tides. Three pirate ships, and a new, much more Zactastic host! With the song of Sirens in their hearts, the bodies of true Hotties, the mental state of a Shark, and the goal of becoming a Pirate, these Twenty-Four sailors are in for a memorable Summer! 

Written By: Mroddy



Zac - Host

Rhonda - Co-Hostess

Mana - Inten


Alfie - The Candy Lover 

Andre - The Musically Inclined 

Angel - The Fan-Girl 

Blake - The Hockey Star

Cherry - The Basic White Girl

Colin - The American

Damien - The Legacy 

Elyar - The Secret Agent

Emmett - The Muscle Head

Fleur - The Foreign Fashionista

Grayson - The Prep

Hannah - The Gamer

Kimmi - The Best Friend 

Leo - The Thespian

Malia - The Parent's Favorite

Sam - The Thirsty  Pretty Boy

Sarah - The Singer

Tameron - The Butler

Trixie - The Puck Bunny

Viola - The Pessimist 

Wing - The Pirate

Yasmin - The Scholar

Youri - The Effeminate 

Zaina - The Flower Girl



Chapter One: The Lowest Ebb 

A tall, and incredibly dashing man walked through the white sand. The man had brown hair that was messily gelled, and light blue eyes that looked on in awe at the vista before him. The turquoise water of the Atlantic ocean allowed him to check himself out. He wore a white short-sleeve button down, with a vibrant tie-dye tee beneath it. Dark denim shorts covered his thighs, with leather flats for his feet. He stood on the shore staring out at the ocean, behind him the green ecosphere of Brazil.

"It's really warm," a girl's voice sighed from behind the man. The camera panned to show a shorter teenage girl. She had hazel eyes, and brown hair. She wore a purple sweater, and simple denim. "How much longer do we need to wait, Zac?" The girl pulled on the collar of her sweater for a breeze.

Zac shrugged, "Well, if you let me give you a makeover so that you wouldn't look so boring, you wouldn't be sweating ten pounds off right now." He looked at the girl and rolled his eyes, "You just look so plain, and what kind of name is Rhonda?! You Americans are just so… so weird." He made a disgusted face, and waved her away.

"You're just jealous that I get to bring Total Drama to America," she teased.

"If you survive until then." Zac said flatly, and walked over to the docks. Rhonda followed quietly behind him. "Where are the contestants, they should be here by now."

"They're probably hiding from you," Rhonda whispered and giggled. "Who would have thought that Canada would vote for YOU to be the host. I mean you put Heather to shame during the aftermath."

The host growled, "The old cast was made up of losers and wannabes. They weren't worth my time, they almost ruined a perfectly good show with their levels of crazy. No, this time I have a good cast, a cast I won't need to mock and destroy."

"AHHHHHHH!" A voice screamed, as a male raced out of the rainforest behind the pair. He was tall and had darker skin. His dark mane of hair was filled with twigs and his brown eyes were fully dilated. He wore a navy tee with a tribal design print on it and denim. He was barefoot.

The host stared at the intern, "You're late Mana. And where's the contestant? You're supposed to guide them here. And where's the machete I gave you! You're ruining everything!"

"OH MY GOD," the intern panted, "There's something in there!" He spoke with a Brazilian accent. "It tried to eat me! It grabbed the machete and it tried to take my head off!"

Zac blinked. "Well, are you going to bring me the contestants or what?"

Rhonda gasped and ran over to the intern and gave him a hug, "You're kidding right?"

"I'm the host, I'm not going to go in the rainforest where there are things that want to eat me. And you're here learning to host, so if you died I think I would get sued. He's just an intern, a rather disappointing intern."

Mana's face lit up, "I can do it! I will do it! Don't be disappointed in me!" He announced as he raced back into the forest.

"He's going to kill himself for you, and you don't even care?" Rhonda gasped.

Zac shrugged as he sipped from his glass of pink lemonade. "You'll understand when you host your own, lesser version of Total Drama."

"I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice." The interning host laughed, as she walked beside Zac. A voice let them know that the first contestant was on their way. The pair waved into the camera and smiled, "Welcome to Total Drama Tides!"

"This season we have the wildest cast yet, and we're going on a wild adventure! The seven seas are waiting!" Zac added.

Mana jumped out of the forest followed by a fit male with deep green eyes, matching the tropical greens surrounding him. He had deep brown hair that was perfectly gelled up, a handful of freckles were laid out across his face. He wore a navy and grey prep school uniform. with his school's beaver emblem sewn into the shoulder. "See!? I can do it!"

Zac smiled, "Now go get the other fourteen." He turned to the new arrival. "Welcome my-man Grayson!"

"Why can't we be somewhere, less warm?" Grayson groaned, removing his blazer.

The host sighed, "I didn't want to have to pay for our Brazilian intern to fly all the way to Canada. You know with our currency and all."

Rhonda stared at Zac. "So instead you flew 18 contestants, a camera crew, a hair and makeup staff, me, and you to Brazil?"

"Well, duh. It was the best option." He placed his hand on Rhonda's shoulder, "When you're host you'll understand."

"Wait you mean you're not a contestant?" The prep asked staring at Zac. "You look so young."

"You're so sweet! But no, I'll be your host, and this is Rhonda-"

Rhonda cut in, "You think I look older than HIM?" Grayson whistled and slowly walked away as Rhonda's face turned red.

Grayson walked towards the water, and stared down at his reflection, "Why is the water so… green?"

"We weren't allowed to film anywhere else. Just don't touch the water ok?" The host rolled his eyes.

The next contestant was much more petite. He had platinum blond hair that shagged to one side of his face. He had light green eyes, with large eye lashes, he seemed eager to be here. "I know what you're going to say! And let's just get it out in the open now. I'm an actual guy," he held his crotch, "I was just born beautiful. I can't help that," the contestant laughed.

"Whatever you say pip-squeak." Grayson shrugged and ruffled the smaller boy's hair.

Rhonda laughed, "Well, at least you tried, Youri." Youri's optimistic face turned into a frown.

(CONF): Youri groaned as he stood behind a wooden steering wheel, "I was hoping that people wouldn't bug me about my feminine looks here…" He huffed, "Well I'll just have to prove to them that I'm a manly-man!" He flexed, but his tiny cupcake biceps caused the camera man to laugh.

Mana groaned as a slim teen wrapped her arms around his neck. She wore a lightly tanned cowgirl hat, a pastel blue ribbon wrapped around it. She had a light denim jacket, with a white tee, and beige capris. Her cowgirl boots, with every step Mana took slammed into the intern's more delicate regions. Her wild blonde hair blocking most of his view. "I don't get paid enough for this," he groaned, falling over in front of Zac and Rhonda. The girl landed on her two feet.

"You don't get paid at all," Zac stated, before turning to the new arrival, "Welcome to the show Trixie!"

The cowgirl took a step towards Grayson, "The pleasure is all mine." She undid the ribbon wrapped around her hat, formed a lasso, and threw it at Grayson. She pulled on the ribbon once it landed over the teen, pulling Grayson to his knees.

"Can I help you?" Grayson rolled his eyes.

"Do you even workout? You're kinda slim." Trixie examined as she walked in circles around the teen.

"I'm the captain of my school's fencing team, now do you mind, like I don't know, untying me?"

Trixie yawned, "Boring, I've already dated a fencer." She pulled on her ribbon, which forced Grayson spin around, until he was free. "So where are all of the other guys?" She asked looking around.

"Ummm, hello?" Youri groaned.

The cowgirl giggled, "You're adorable. Don't ever change."

Grayson had just finished picking himself up from the ground when the next girl arrived. She wore a modern styled white dress that danced in the breeze, a thick black belt was tied around her waist showing her petite figure. Her grey hightops barely left an imprint as she walked in the grass. She carried a wide brimmed olive coloured hat in her hands. "Heeeello!" Grayson purred as she walked towards the group.

"Let's welcome Fleur to the show! Our international guest for this season." Zac clapped slightly, "Let's hope she isn't as much of a failure as the last one." He yawned.

Rhonda nudged the host, "Don't say that about the aftermath host!"

"I'll never understand what Canada sees in him."

"You did single-handedly make him the most emphasized person in the country less than a week ago," Mana added. The intern ran off when Zac threw a fruit at him.

Fleur blushed as Grayson approached, "Allo." She blinked a few times.

"Do you understand me?" He asked.

"Ah," Fleur played with the necklace around her neck, "Little."

Grayson shrugged, "Talk to you later! Ok?"

Trixie walked towards the girl, and wrapped her arm around her. "Don't worry about him, he's just a fencer! You can have me instead!" Fleur smiled again.

"Thank you," she tried to say, but her french accent covered the word and she blushed further.

"De rien," Trixie whispered, which caused Fleur to light up. The french girl placed her hat on her head as she walked alongside Trixie.

(CONF): Fleur stared at the camera, "This is not fashion show?" She pouted. "But I will, how you say, make the best of the maple syrup!"

(CONF): Trixie smiled, "Who knew dating that cyclist wouldn't be such a waste of time." The girl pulled out a small diary, and pointed to a picture of a teen on bike, the word 'cyclist' underneath it.

"Finally! My ratings booster, I could feel the cancellation coming!" Zac announced as Damien arrived. The newest arrival had ragged brown hair covered by a red ball cap. He wore khaki shorts, and a deep blue tank top. "How's Heather's little brother doing these days?"

Damien scratched the back of his head as he arrived, showing his arm pit hair. "Hey guys! What's up!"

Rhonda pulled Zac to the side, "Wait you actually stunt-casted Damien? You do know that he -"

Zac cut his interning host off, "That he's super famous, yes I do. Now if you don't mind, I thought we agreed you would speak after me."

"Whatever, your loss."

Youri stared at Damien, "Your, uh," he grimaced, "Hair is showing." He pointed at Damien's armpits.

"They gotta breath too man!" He hugged the smaller guy, his arm pits wrapping around Youri's face, turning him green.

"Help. Me." The smaller teen begged, as his eyes rolled into his head.

"Sorry little guy!" Damien apologized, and let go. "So is this where the shows taking place? Is it cheaper production this year or something?"

"Not exactly, you'll see." Zac announced.

Rhonda snickered "The government was afraid we'd ruin the Olympics." The host glared at Rhonda who waved innocently.

"Put me down!" A new contestant yelled as he stared at Damien with his blue eyes. The new arrival had short dirty blond hair, and was tall and slim. He wore a heathered maroon and grey baseball tee, and khaki shorts. A dark red bandanna was pressed against his hair. His arms were wailing out trying to touch Damien. "Please!"

Mana dropped the teen, "Ok? But you told me to carry you because the bugs would eat you?"

"Good morning Sam," Zac greeted, but the contestant was too busy casually flexing in front of Damien.

Sam innocently flexed by Damien, "How you doing?"

Heather's brother eyed Sam, "Is that even a question?" The blonde stared back, and flexed his bicep.

"Do you go to the gym?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah?" Damien questioned.

Sam grinned, "You should, like you know, prove it." He encouraged, trying to get the boy to show off his muscles.

"I'm gonna go…" Damien cautiously said, as he pointed left, and started to walk to his right. "Wherever you're not…"

"I can flex for you if you want," Youri spoke up, as he did the muscle man pose.

Sam shook his head in defeat, "Thanks, but I'm into guys." Sam walked away as Youri's face went red.

Fleur sat along the dock with Trixie, "You are…. Tres belle, in heart and body." She smiled and brushed some of her own hair out of her eyes.

"Thanks Fleur!" The cowgirl took off her hat, and switched it with the one that Fleur was wearing. The two girls giggled at each others mismatched outfits.

"Ahhh Angel! You wouldn't believe how much paid me to have you on the show!" Zac smiled at the latest arrival. She had long brown hair with blonde streaks going into Zac's mouth causing him to cough it up. She wore a white flowy tee, with Cody Simpson's face on it, his signature on it in hot pink. She wore light-wash jeans with multiple rips, and hot-pink high top shoes.

Angel blushed, "He did that, for me!? Ahh, isn't Cody the sweetest!?" She lifted her shirt slightly so that she could kiss the singers face.

"I don't think that's something to be happy about." Youri scoffed, and rolled his eyes. "What are you, his stalker?"

"There's nothing wrong with being a stalker!" Rhonda spat out, as she wrapped her arm around Angel. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe from all the meanies!"

Zac threw a rotten fruit at Rhonda. "No picking favourites! That's like rule number one!"

Rhonda growled as she wiped the gooey substance off, "We'll see about that…"

"Thanks for your concern everyone!" Angel smiled, "But I'm Cody's girlfriend!"

Youri nodded, "Yes, and I'm super macho," he stared at her, "Some things just aren't believable."

"I believe her," Rhonda sighed. Angel giggled as she skipped over to where Fleur and Trixie were still giggling.

"No. Please! Make it stop!" The latest contestant moaned. As she tried to run away. Her brown hair was curled. Her darker skin, matched her dark ensemble. A charcoal cardigan, with a cheetah print romper. She looked mortified. "Make the giggling stop! I can't do this! Take me back!" She jumped onto Mana, but he dropped her.

Zac laughed, "Sorry you'll be stuck here like me. Now Viola, I got over it, so you should too. I don't like whining." The host groaned and turned to Rhonda who was braiding Angel's hair.

Viola huffed as she stomped over to a secluded bench. "If I die. I blame the gigglers." She pointed at the girls who innocently waved back.

"Tu join us?" Fleur asked, her eyes wide. Viola responded by facing the other direction.

The host turned to his intern, "Mana? Why are you stopping you're only halfway through?"

"I'm so tired," he panted. "I wasn't built for this."

"Then why don't you use the rover?" The host pointed to the four-wheeler. Mana groaned but got into the four wheeler and drove off.

"Mana do this! Mana don't eat my egg rolls! Mana come do my hair! Mana! Mana! MANA!" The intern yelled as he was out of earshot.

"Hello?" A girl whispered in front of the rover. "I think I might be lost." Mana managed to stop just before he rammed into her.

"Sorry! Malia! You shouldn't be here!" Mana yelled as he jumped out of the rover. "I could have killed you!"

Malia frowned, "I thought you had forgotten about me. I didn't want to be alone!" She apologized. The intern gave the girl a hug.

"It's ok, come on, let's get going." He motioned for her to get in the rover. She wore a hijab flecked with the colours of a sunset, and a coral coloured sun dress that complimented her sandy skin. Her deep brown eyes stared at the intern in awe.

"You're very kind."

The rover made it back to the dock. "It's about time." Zac yawned as he stared at the sky. "It's getting dark! Unless you want to drive that thing in the dark I suggest you hurry up."

"He's not," Mana whispered to Malia who giggled as she jumped off of the rover.

"Hello friends. My name is Malia." She introduced herself, but everyone was busy with their own conversations. The girl sighed and walked over to sit beside Viola. Viola turned to look at Malia before she closed her eyes again.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! C to the H, to the E to the R-R-Y is here!" Cherry announced as she stood on the rover, waiting for someone to help her get down. Her white short-shorts easily contrasted her sun-kissed skin, and her hot-pink crop top brought out the pink streaks in her blonde hair.

Grayson was the first to respond. He approached the girl. "Hey, I'm Grayson." He said smugly. "What would you do for me if I helped you down?" He winked.

Cherry blushed, "How about I don't destroy you. What do you think I am, some blow up doll that you can just kiss and make me fall for you." Cherry put her aviators on. "Just don't drop me ok?"

Grayson shrugged as he put his arms out to catch Cherry, "Whatever, you're not worth it anyways."

"GRAYSON!" A females voice squealed as she ran through the forest.

Zac groaned, "She's supposed to arrive last!"

"I couldn't stand to be away from my," She put on a baby voice, "Gray-Son! Any more!" The new arrival wore a red flannel dress, and a beige utility jacket over top. She had straight black hair, and wore a heart locket around her neck.

In shock, Grayson failed to catch Cherry who face planted into the dirt. "K-Kimmi?" He tried to play it cool. "What's up?"

"I hope you don't mind! But when I heard you applied for the show I just HAD to!" Kimmi giggled as she skipped over top Cherry and jumped into Grayson's arms. "Did you miss me?" She asked as she kissed his cheek.

"You bet I did!" He replied smiling, and swung his girlfriend around.

Viola stared at the pair. "Yep. There's no way they're going to last past the first elimination." She laughed to herself.

"But they're so cute together! And he's such a gentleman, did you see how he was going to help Cherry down from the rover?" Malia added, as she smiled at the couple.

"Not everything is what it seems." Viola sighed.

"Excuse you?" Cherry shouted. "Like, hello? Who do you think ARE jumping on top of ME!?" Cherry picked herself up from off the ground, her cherry red lips leaving a kiss-print in the dirt. "Someone get me a tall, nonfat latte with caramel drizzle stat! But first, let me take a selfie!" She pulled out her phone, and did her best duck lips and took a selfie. She looked at the picture, and saw Kimmi and Grayson kissing in the background. "Wait what! Hello? Like why are you kissing HER?"

Grayson stared at Cherry, "She's my girlfriend."

"Yeah, well. Ok." Cherry snapped and walked away from Grayson.

(CONF): Chery sat on the giant conch shell, "Like why is he dating HER? Like she's not even on my level of pretty!" She pointed to an app on her phone that ranked the hotness of the people around her. "See? I'm number one, Grayson is number two, and she's all the way down there at 21!"

Trixie sighed looking at all of the contestants, "Where are all of the guys! I mean I love my cowgirls, but common, I need me a real cowboy!"

Rhonda nodded, "It is a little… feminine right now. Did you actually cast any guys?"

Zac huffed, "Of course I did! Everyone just came in the wrong order!"

Another contestant arrived. The new teen wore a blue and white plaid tee that hugged his torso, khaki shorts to show off his defined legs and white sneakers. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" Trixie announced as she motioned for Fleur to watch, and jumped into action. "Hey, I'm Trixie."

"Eh, uhh." The contestant mumbled his words. "Gonna go…" He fumbled and ran off to where Sam was waiting.

Sam eyed the teen, "Nice to meet you," he offered his hand, having learnt from his encounter with Grayson.

"Blake," he replied. He gripped onto Sam's hand, and Sam fell onto him.

"Oh! Sorry! My bad, I lost my footing…" Sam chuckled blushing.

Blake nodded. "Yeah sure whatever… Why are there so many girls." He groaned.

Sam lit up, "You… don't like girls?"

"Something like that," Blake scratched the back of his head. "Do you play hockey?"

The blond shook his head, "Maybe you could show me how?"

"Sure! It's really all about getting a good grip on the stick, not gonna lie." Blake added, which caused Sam to blush.

"Hey guys!" A new voice introduced himself. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face the new arrival.

"American!" They all silently said.

"Or Colin, Colin's cool too," he announced and put his arms up to protect himself from the objects they might throw.

"Don't hurt him!" Rhonda shouted as she watched the Canadians all pick up nearby objects to toss at the American. "I'm American too!"

"No you're not! You don't sound like. Them." Damien growled and lowered the stick he had found.

Zac blew a whistle, trying to calm everyone. "Look! Rhonda is American, I just had her take Canadian lessons before coming onto the show. Now if any of you hurt Colin I'll make sure this show takes a pit stop to America." The contestants all gasped in fear.

"Uh, thank you?" Colin sighed and walked over to Damien. "What's up?"

"Not much… Just chilling you know, the usual." Damien said slowly as he looked at the new arrival. Colin had shaggy amber hair covered by a green beanie. His chin was covered in light stubble. He wore a chocolate baseball tee, and light wash ripped denim, around his wrist there were a number of coloured bands. He was fit.

"Do you play any sports? Like football?" Colin asked, but Damien shook his head.

"In a field yeah, but not on an actual team or anything."

Youri spoke up, "I play football! It's hard to catch someone like me!" Colin looked at Youri before he returned his gaze to Damien.

"Maybe we could play sometime?"

"The idea of you tackling me to the ground isn't very pleasant…" Damien laughed.

Zac shot daggers at Mana, who arrived riding the back of a blond contestant. "He offered! I swear!" Mana yelped as he jumped off the contestant and raced off.

"Why would you help him Alfie! He's not getting paid to do this, so I hope you know you won't either!" Zac sighed.

The curly blond shook his head. His big blue eyes stared at Zac. "It was fun! Plus it was the right thing to do!" The new arrival wore a denim jacket over his yellow tee, with navy shorts. "This is going to be such a fun Summer!"

"That's the spirit!" Rhonda encouraged.

Alfie ran over to where Sam and Blake were talking. "What are we talking about?" He eagerly asked. The two teens smiled down at him.

"Just sports." Blake grinned, "Do you play?"

"I'm a swimmer! I play water polo sometimes too! Like an otter," Alfie made otter sounds, drawing laughter from the guys.

"Nice!" Sam smiled, and stared at Alfie's slim body. "You must be strong if you carried the intern all the way over here!" Alfie nodded.

"FINALLY!" Zac groaned as Mana arrived one last time along with a teen with breezy blond hair and blue eyes. His short-sleeved button-down shirt was a dark chambray, with a white tee underneath. He had dark emerald shorts and white toms. "Welcome to the show Leo!"

"It is my pleasure to be here!" The teen quickly walked over to Zac, "I didn't get the script, am I supposed to improv?"

Zac sighed, "I knew you were going to be a problem, but Mana insisted you stay on the cast. This is a reality television show. Just be yourself, ok?"

Leo frowned, "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Then play someone interesting, ok?" Zac groaned.

"To be… or not to be…" Leo started to proclaim.

Mana dragged the teen off to the side. "Hey! Look I stuck my neck out for you, don't let me down ok? Just don't be so… theatrical, be the best version of yourself."

Leo nodded, and looked around at the other contestants. He slouched a little, "So, what's on the agenda?"

Zac grinned, "Much better." He snapped, and Rhonda jumped onto a giant gong, which echoed across the dock yard. The contestants all perked up, and formed a circle around Mana, Rhonda and Zac. "Now that you're all here -"

"Where are Andre, Hannah and Emmett?" Damien asked.

Rhonda spoke up, "We're getting there, just shhh for now!"

Zac smiled, "You're learning!" He chuckled, "Before we talk about those three losers, let's get you guys set up in teams for now yeah?" Mana, Rhonda and Zac all revealed bandannas in their hands, fuchsia, turquoise, and gold respectively. "This season there's going to be three teams! The first," He started.

"Will be the Screaming Sirens!" Mana shouted as he tossed bandanas to Cherry, Damien, Grayson, Kimmi and Leo. The team cheered as they formed a circle. Cherry and Grayson stared at each other. Cherry kissed her middle finger and blew a kiss towards him.

"We can all become best friends!" Kimmi cheered as she pulled everyone in for a group hug.

Rhonda spoke up next, "The second team, known as the Killer Sharks will be, Alfie, Angel, Malia, Trixie and Youri!" She handed them all their turquoise bandanas.

"This is so cool!" Alfie grinned as he raced around, high fiving all of his team mates.

Trixie frowned, "it's be cooler if there was an athlete on our team! We're going to get destroyed!"

"What are you talking about, Alfie's a swimmer!" Angel grinned. Trixie wrapped her arm around Alfie.

(CONF): Trixie turned the pages of her diary until she reached her destination. She turned the book to show the camera. The page had the word 'swimmer' written in, but above there was no picture. "Finally! A swimmer, they're a rare class of man!"

Zac grinned, "And finally! The best team! The Zactastic Hotties!" Blake, Colin, Fleur, Sam and Viola all groaned as Zac gave them their golden headwear.

"Was the name necessary? I feel so objectified." Viola groaned.

"Let's take it as a compliment," Sam suggested. "We are all attractive after all."

Zac turned to face all of the contestants, "Now that you have your teams let's get this show started! Last season the cast spent their time embarrassing themselves, and my company at a winter camp! This season, with the generous donations that have been made to my company, we will be sailing the seven seas! We'll have you face all kinds of new and extreme challenges! This is one Summer you won't ever forget."

"For better or for worst…" Rhonda quietly added.

"So like World Tour? But on a boat?" Youri asked.

"Not, a boat," Zac sighed, "multiple boats!" He pointed at the three pirate ships at the end of the much-longer-than-needed dock. "And your first challenge is to get on those ships and meet me at a local island! Your team captains will be waiting for you on the ships. You're going to have to learn to sail those things sooner or later!"

The contestants all stood around talking with their new teams. "That means go…" Mana added, as he tried to shove the contestants towards the ships.

"Oh! Let's go guys!" Blake shouted as he started to race down dock. Once he got close to one of the ships, a cannon ball blasted a hole directly in front of him. "WHAT THE MAPLE!"

Zac whistled, "Oh… Yeah, so those aren't actually my ships… so try not to die." Zac, Rhonda and Mana all boarded a smaller motor boat. As the trio started to sail away, pirates started to race out of their ships.

The contestants stared at the hosts as they left them alone on the dock, and then turned to face the horde of pirates coming for them.

The screen faded to black as the words "To be continued" took it's place.

Chapter Two: Brings the Highest Tide 

“This is it. This is death.” Viola slowly said, as she opened arms, embracing her impending doom.

Fleur slapped the girl. “Non! Tu must have faith!” She beamed as she took off one of her shoes and threw it at a pirate who was about to tackle Viola into the ocean. The pirate froze and then began to cry.

A second pirate groaned as he dropped his cutlass, “Look what you did now!” He stomped over to his companion, “Don’t worry lil’guy she’s just a big old jerk, let’s go home to momma, she’ll make you your favourite ice cream!”

“Oh. I guess I won’t die today.” Viola sighed, and rubbed her face, “That hurt.”

“Sorry,” Fleur frowned.

Blake grabbed a stick from the ground, “Did you still want me to teach you how to play hockey?” He turned to Sam with a grin.

Sam bit his lip, “Yeah I do!” He paused, getting an idea, “You know, I should probably hold onto your shirt, you wouldn’t want it to get… damaged.” The blond said, trying to hide his smirk.

The hockey star nodded. “That’s a good idea, thanks man!” He pulled off his top, revealing his toned body. Sam eagerly took the shirt from him, and wiped the drool away from his mouth. Blake raced down the dock, stick in hand. When a pirate appeared, he struck them into the ocean.

Standing away, where it was safe Sam started shouting, “WILL HE GET THE HAT TRICK?” As Blake launched a third into the ocean Sam cheered out, “HE DOES! Blake scores a hat trick!”

The hockey star turned around and did his victory dance. Behind him, a cannon ball was barreling towards him. From the side, Colin tackled him into the ocean. “Watch out!”

“What gives!” Blake groaned as he swam away from Colin. “I was fine!” Beside them, a cannonball sunk to the ocean below.

Colin rolled his eyes. “You were about to become fish food.”

“Let me worry about me.” Blake pulled himself onto the dock, and removed his now soaking wet shirt.

“Why do you have to be so ignorant.” The american huffed and got himself onto the dock, and also removed his shirt.

Blake walked over to Sam before looking back, “Coming from the American?” Sam sat down, “This is all too much,” he whispered to himself as his head turned from one heart throb to the next. “The heat… It’s getting to me.”

Blake nodded and pulled Sam onto his back. “I won’t leave you behind budd, because that’s what Canadians do.”

Kimmi giggled as she watched Grayson enter a sword fight with a pirate, “I believe in you Gray-Bear! Protect my honour!”

A swarm of pirates were circling Cherry. She stared at them all as she applied her Starbucks branded lip gloss. “She smells pretty.” The tallest pirate said, the other all murmured, “Pretty.”

“Is anybody going to help me or what?” Cherry groaned as she started to file her nails.

Damien ran towards the circle, but Leo stopped him. “Wait! She can do this, she’s a strong and independent woman.”

The trickster shook his head, “No. No she is not. She’s just a basic white girl.”

“I heard that!” Cherry yelled. “Don’t compare me to those,” she spat, “girls. I’m unique!”

“Then lose the lipgloss, it’s all they want,” Damien shrugged.

Leo grabbed a stick from nearby and started to swing at a nearby pirate. “It’s amazing what life skills the theatre teaches you.” He grinned as he shoved a pirate into the ocean with ease.

“Yeah! Go team!” Kimmi cheered from the side.

Grayson, after he took care of his own pirate ran towards Cherry. He swung at the pirates dispersing them. “You’re welcome.” Grayson slyly said.

“I didn’t ask for your help.” Cherry rolled her eyes as she finished braiding her hair. “I was distracting them for you.”

Kimmi skipped over to the rest of her team. “That was great everyone! We’re like a super team of besties!” She wrapped her arms around Grayson’s waist. “Let’s go get ourselves a pirate ship!”

At the furthest edge of the dock, the Killer Sharks weren’t having such an easy time. Angel, Malia and Youri were tied up as Alfie and Trixie hid behind barrels. Alfie turned to Trixie, “So what’s the plan.”

“Why me? Why don’t YOU have a plan?” She asked.

The candy lover shrugged, “You have a hat, people who wear hats usually have the plan!”

Trixie sighed. “Fine.” She looked over at her teammates who surrounded by pirates. She returned her gaze to the swimmer beside her, with a smirk. “Hold still.” She grabbed her lasso, as Alfie’s cheerful face fell to regret.

The scene cuts to Trixie dragging a tied up Alfie behind her. “How do you boys feel about having a cowgirl sailing with you?” She beamed, and fluttered her eyes. Angel, and Youri both rolled their eyes.

The taller pirate, who was busy poking Youri with a stick looked up. “We’ve never sailed with any girl who wasn’t mother before.” He jumped up and walked over to Trixie. “Who’s this?”

“He’s my offering to you. He’s the last remaining member of my team. Wouldn’t want anybody trying to stop us from sailing away into the sunset now would we?”

The pirate walked closer to examine the boy, “How did you, a girl, manage to tie up him, a man.” Angel and Malia both growled into the fabric tied against their mouths.

Trixie winked, “I guess you could say I’m good with ropes.”

The smallest pirate, a child walked over. He had big eyes and simply held up his shoes to the girl, “Can you tie these for me?” He whimpered. Trixie nodded and sat the boy down so she could tie his laces.

The scene cuts to the inside of one of the pirate ships. In a poorly lit room, Alfie, Angel, Malia, Youri and a mysterious person were tied up. “So what exactly was her plan?” Youri spat. “Because as far as I can tell, we’re still tied up.”

Alfie gulped, “I uh, didn’t ask. She had the hat!” Youri just stared at the boy before turning to Angel and Malia.

“Trixie did remove our gags atleast. She must have a plan.” Malia tried to calm her team.

“Who’s that between you?” Youri pointed his head towards the person with a bag over their head.

“I’m not sure? I got here when you did.” Angel shrugged. “Hello? Mr. Bag head? My name’s Angel, and you are?”

Youri tried to schooch over, but ended up falling on his face. Angel and Malia giggled. “Stop laughing! Just take the bag off of them!” The pair nodded, and using their mouths pulled the sack off of their head, revealing a male. He had pale grey eyes, and short dirty blonde hair. He wore a emerald green tee and grey sweat shorts. His arms were both tied, a gag placed around his mouth.

“Emmett?” The team said in unison.

The scene cut to the Zactastic Hotties. Blake and Colin both raced up a rope that attached to one of the pirate ships. They both furiously looked over at the other. At the dock, Fleur, Sam and Viola watched. Sam spoke up, “Aren’t they dreamy.” He moved their shirts that he held to his nose and sniffed. He passed it to Viola, “Smell it, doesn’t it smell dreamy?”

The pessimist stared at Sam, “I do not have time for such trivial things. Relations always come to an end…. One way or another.”

Fleur frowned. “Oui, but that is le point, non? To become better, et uh,” She flexed her arms.

“Stronger,” Sam snapped his fingers as he guessed the word.

“Oui! Stronger.” Fleur giggled and gave Sam a hug.”

Viola shook her head. “If you plan on losing this challenge, please continue giggling. If not, let’s get climbing.” She pointed to the ship where the boys had managed to make it aboard and were motioning that it was all clear.

Once the three were on the ship, Colin spoke up, “We’re behind.” He pointed at the two other ships that were starting to leave the dock.

“Then let’s get moving,” He said quickly, as the girls approached. He raced down to the lower deck and cut the ropes that attached them to the shore.

Viola climbed up the mast, and let the sails fall. “I can feel the wind in my hair… I don’t like it.” She growled as she jumped down.

“What took you guys so long?” A voice called out from the other end of the ship, where the wheel is located.

“Did we miss one?” Colin asked, as he readied himself to tackle the pirate into the water.

“Non!” Fleur shouted and wrapped her arms around Colin before he charged at the mysterious person. “C’est Hannah!”

“Who?” Sam asked.

Colin whispered, “Crazy chick from the first season who tried to kill Britt.”

“Oh yea!... Wait she’s our captain? Lord have mercy on us all.” Sam whispered back as the girl in question approached.

Hannah had long brown hair that rested on her shoulder. Around her neck was a simple key necklace. She wore a baggy white t-shirt, with a power star on it, and short black shorts. “Wait! Where’s the other guy?” She asked, as she counter her team mates.

“I don’t know, he left when the girls and Sam got here.” Colin shrugged.

“But he was the cute one!” Hannah whimpered.

Viola’s eyes went wide, “Not another one!”

The scene cut to the third and final? Ship. “Do you ever feel like you’re forgetting something really important?” Damien asked as he scratched at his head.

“Sometimes I forget my lines, but then I just adlib and no one ever finds out!” Leo chuckled.

Kimmi smiled as she rested her head on Grayson’s shoulder, the pair sat by the edge of the ship and watched as the waves crashed against the ship. “I’m so, so, so! Excited that we get to do this together!”

Grayson smiled, and turned to kiss her forehead. “Me too, Kimmi cub, me too.”

Cherry stood behind the wheel, alone. “She’s like a sorority girl. All bubbly and peppy, who is she trying to fool?”

Leo turned to Cherry, “What are you trying to say?”

The basic white girl shrugged, “No girl is ever THAT happy to be with a guy.”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” Damien chided in with a grin.

“Of her? No, she’s trying to hard to be unique.” Cherry scoffed and walked off.

“Gray? Why are there three ships behind us?” Kimmi asked, confused. She pointed to the first ship, that was a pale yellow, and then to a second that was turquoise, and then to a third, that seemed to be coming out of the fog that was a dim purple.

Grayson jumped up, “Guys!? Do any of you know how to arm the cannons?”

The scene cuts to their destination, a tropical island. In a cabin, Mana, Rhonda and Zac are watching the events take place on a number of monitors. “I don’t remember hiring the pirates to chase after them?” Rhonda whistled innocently. “What did you do!”

The co-host turned to Zac, “Well, don’t be mad! But, I well, wanted to practice picking a cast so I made a fourth team.”


Mana, who had stopped watching the monitors, turned to watch the argument, and stuffed popcorn into his mouth.

“Get rid of them!” Zac shouted.

“I can’t they signed contracts, like the rest of the cast.” Rhonda repeated. “They’re part of the show now.”

The host breathed heavily, “Who did you get for their captain!”

The scene cuts to the fourth pirate ship, this one a dim purple colour. The words ‘Introducing The Pillaging Pirates’ appeared over the screen briefly. Standing at the bow of the ship with outstretched arms, was a girl. She had long blonde hair, around her head she wore a floral crown. She wore a spring green dress that was much shorter than it was in the back. “I’ll make you proud Lexi,” She whispered into the wind, “No matter what.”

“Lady Zaina!” A masculine voice called from the deck behind her. “I think the other ships are about to fire at us.” The captain turned to face the man. He had bright blond hair, and green eyes. He wore a grey blazer, with a white button down beneath it, his legs were covered by grey dress pants.

“Thank you Tameron. Wing? Out maneuver them! We can’t be put out of this on the first day!” The teen behind the wheel nodded. She wore a maroon captains hat, her emblem two wings in the center of it, covering her amber hair. A gray frilly shirt covered her torso, a maroon sash wrapped around her waist, gray flare pants covered her legs leading to her leather boots.

“Aye, aye!” Wing shouted back, as she dramatically spun the wheel, and the ship instantly turned, causing the team to lose their balance.

A dirty blonde haired girl was knocked into a boy as they crashed to the floor. She wore a bright, floral patterned dress, a large green-jeweled necklace hung from her neck and ivory flats. She blushed as she picked herself up. “I’m so sorry Elyar!” She gasped.

He wore a short sleeve black button down, with a white tee. Black shorts covered his fit legs. He picked up his black shades from the wooden ship and put them back over his eyes. “Fear not Sarah! This happens all the time.” Sarah helped Elyar up, and they both walked over to the helm to see what was going on.

In the captain’s cabin, an African-Canadian teen with long black hair that clung to a dusty book. She wore a simple grey skirt, a beige tee and an army-green utility jacket. She grabbed her glasses before they fell to the ground, and put them back on. “I’ll get back to this later,” She hid the book beneath the mattress and climbed up the ladder to the helm.

“We’re under attack,” Zaina sighed, as the rest of her team arrived.

Yasmin spoke up, “It would seem that Rhonda forgot to mention we were joining the competition.”

“That’s terrible!” Sarah clapped her hand to her mouth in horror as a cannon ball flew past their ship.

“Arrrg! But this be my favourite part!” Wing grinned devilishly as she steered the ship out of harm's way.

Tameron held onto Zaina’s hand, “My lady, might I suggest we escort you down below for safety.”

Zaina shook her head, “Thank you, but I’m the leader here, I need to lead.”

Sarah jumped into Elyar’s arms, as the pair rushed downstairs. “Great minds think alike,” he chuckled.

The screen switched back to the dark cabin of the Hottie’s ship. “What’s taking her so long,” Youri complained.

“Did you hear that!” Malia whispered, as a cannon fired.

“It’s that that bad guys, I’ve been fired out of a cannon before, it’s fine.” Angel encouraged.

“Why?” Alfie asked.

“Cody Simpson was staying in the penthouse suite.” She replied innocently. Emmett tried to speak, but his words were blocked by the rag.

Alfie stuffed some skittles into his mouth and laughed. “I like you.” He proclaimed.

The other teens all stared at Alfie. “YOU’RE UNTIED?” They all shouted.

“Well yeah? Trixie wouldn’t just tie me up and abandon us.” He replied.

“And you didn’t want to mention this before because?” Youri glared.

“We were bonding…” He whimpered back.

“Just untie us.”

At the helm of the ship, Trixie was living the life of luxury. She laid in a hammock as the pirates fed her grapes. “Momma’s gonna love you!” One of the pirates encouraged as he fanned the cowgirl. “So brave, and strong. Just like momma.”

“I’m real excited to meet momma bear too! Just make sure that we drop the prisoners off at that island. And we’re good to go.” The sound of cannon shots knocked Trixie out of her hammock. “What was that!” She muttered as she jumped back to her feet.

“Some of the other ships are firing at each other.” A pirate replied. “What should we do?”

“Just get us to the island!”

The screen switched to the Siren’s ship. “These balls are heavy!” Leo groaned as he barely managed to load the cannon again. “How much longer until we get there?”

“I can see it!” Cherry shouted, “But we’re falling behind! At this rate we’ll get there last!”

Kimmi perked up, “As long as we don’t arrive last we’re fine!”

Grayson though that over, “So just target one ship, ignore the pirates.” He pointed towards the yellow ship in front of them. “That one.”

“You don’t have to outrun the bear, just your slowest friend…” Damien repeated, “Nice thinking!”

Grayson grinned, and Kimmi kissed him, “He’s my little thinker!” Cherry turned to the ocean and gagged.

On the yellow ship, Blake raced up to the helm, “Sam! We have a problem!” The hockey star was exhausted from loading the cannons, “They stopped firing at each other.” He groaned, as he tried to catch his breath.

“That’s a good thing,” Colin rolled his eyes.

Blake shook his head and weakly pointed at the other ships. “They’re just firing at us.”

Viola turned to Fleur. “Can I go back to thinking we’re going to die?” She asked sarcastically.

Fleur face turned to a frown. “Oui, my friend.”

“They really hold a grudge against me, don’t they?” Hannah groaned.

“I have a plan though,” Blake offered, and pointed to the three rowboats. “We’re almost there, he stared at Sam and Colin, and very briefly looked at the three girls. “We might be able to get there before they do.”

“I call dibs on being with Blake!” Hannah shouted as she tried to grab the heart-throb, but he dodged.

Blake blushed, “Actually, I was hoping to go with Sam.” Sam turned red, as joined Blake int he first row boat.

“I’m honoured,” Sam smiled, and when Blake wasn’t looking he blew a raspberry at Hannah who growled. “Who can resist me?” Hannah muttered as she watched the pair fall into the water.

“Plenty of people,” Viola said flatly.

“Come!” Fleur dragged Viola into the second rowboat. “See you there!”

Colin turned to Hannah, “Guess that leaves us,” he offered his hand, which Hannah gladly took.

Back on the Pirates ship, Zaina grinned. “We’re catching up!”

“I am glad, m’lady.” Tameron bowed.

“What island do you come from again?” Wing questioned Tameron.

“It is very small, but it is a beautiful place. Some know it was Floria, I know it as home.”

“I have never heard of such a place,” Yasmin stated. “And I know of many, many places.”

Wing scuffed her nose, “Ye would not want to know of such place. It is not a home. It is a place filled with civil war and crime.”

“Coming from the pirate,” Tameron growled.

“I think it sounds beautiful, tell me about it again.” Zaina asked, her eyes wide.

In the cabin, Elyar and Sarah sat across from each other. “Rhonda asked me to come onto the show,” Sarah sighed. “She never told me why though, she said I would know why when I got here.”

Elyar nodded, “I feel like Rhonda has many secrets. I can not believe that she's hosting this season, she's so… new.”

Sarah nodded, “But at least she seems really nice! She's nothing like Chris!” She paused, “It’s funny I used to always dream about coming onto the show, a lot of my friends did actually. I can't believe that I’m here.”

The screen jumped to the Shark’s ship. “On three,” Emmett repeated. “One,” he started, as he and his other team members started to sneak out from the cabin. “Two,” he continued as they reading their ropes. “Three!” He shouted as they jumped at the pirates who were surrounding Trixie.

“Ahhh!” Trixie yelled out. “What did you do?” She asked, as they tied up and gagged the pirates.

“We’re rescuing you!” Emmett said flatly, “Because it seems like you forgot about the rest of your team.”

Trixie shook her head, “No. I did not. I was just making sure that we would get here first. Who better to drive the pirate boat then the pirates?” She pointed to the sand that the ship was slowly rolling onto. “Oh, would you look at that, we’re here.” The cowgirl smiled and attached rope to the side of the ship. “Well, are you ready to win?”

The rest of her team only stared at her, but followed as she zipped down the rope. “Way to go Trixie!” Angel cheered.

“Yes, you did good!” Malia smiled.

“You could have told us your plan,” Youri, the last to fall to the ground growled.

“Pouting doesn’t look good on you,” Trixie commented.

Mana, Rhonda and Zac waited eagerly for the them. “Congratz! You’re the first to arrive and the Killer Sharks win the first challenge of the season!” Zac announced, and then he saw Emmett who only glared at the host. “Sorry about the after show… and you know tying you up against your own will and stuff.”

“Uh huh.” Emmett said flatly.

Alfie pulled all of his teammates into a hug, “We won! Cheer up!”

(CONF): Emmett sat on a giant clam shell. “Do I want to be here? No.” He paused, “Would I rather be here, than with Rosalie? Yes.”

“YES!” Rhonda cheered as the purple pirate ship dragged across the sand. “My team beat you precious Hotties!”

“Who even is on your team?” Mana questioned as he waited for the teens to get off of the ship.

Zac groaned as he saw their captain - Zaina. “You picked Zaina?” He hissed.

“Oh shush! She’s a queen!” Mana cheered and gave Rhonda a giant hug. “You’re the best ever!”

“Oh, trust me, that’s not the biggest surprise,” She smirked and pulled out a camera to take a picture of Zac’s face. As the last member of the Pirates came into view, her floral dress and dirty blond hair made Zac turn white.

“Sarah?” He muttered. “How did you even find her?”

“I’ve learnt from the best.” Rhonda giggled, and walked over to welcome the second place team. “Great work guys! You’ve placed second and have avoided elimination!”

“Who are they?” Sarah asked, pointing to Mana and Zac.

“That’s Mana, the intern here, and the taller one is Zac… The host.” She whistled innocently before skipping back over the pair.

(CONF): Zac stared into the camera. “Sarah used to be a…. Friend. That’s all!”

(CONF): Sarah ran a hand through her hair, “Well, atleast now I know why Rhonda wanted me on the show.”

“What’s wrong?” Elyar asked Sarah, but she only shrugged.

“Nothing! Let’s celebrate!” She announced and she skipped over to the other team, Elyar in hand.”

“What should we do?” Yasmin asked Zaina, as she, Tameron and Wing waited for her decision.

“Let’s go meet the other competitors!” Zaina was met with a cold look from Emmett but he softened it as she approached. “I’m sorry about Rosalie, Emmett. I know we weren’t close but I know how it feels.” He nodded.

“Wait? Who are they?” Youri questioned.

“They’re the fourth team,” Zac groaned out, “The Pillaging Pirates.”

Mana walked over to the sailors, “Come, we have food prepared for all of you,” He announce and led the two teams into the forest.

Rhonda stared at Zac, “So…. About Sarah…”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Where are the other two teams,” He glared at the ocean, not looking at his co-host.”

Rhonda looked down at her gps tracker, “They should be here any second.”

On queue, five contestants raced down the beach towards the hosts, while three rowboats appeared on the shore. “It’s a race to the finish, make sure the cameras catch this.”

The screen shows Grayson as he runs towards the host, and the splits the screen to add each additional contestant as they make their race to the finish. “Faster!” Grayson yelled out as he saw the other team start to run. “We’re almost there!”

“CHARGE!” Hannah yelled as the rowboats landed.

“I can’t believe we landed so far away!” Leo groaned, “My body wasn’t meant for all this running!”

“The cannons didn’t kill me so I could die of exhaustion.” Viola muttered.

Damien shook his head, “You’re really something else.”

“Go! Go! Go!” Fleur shouted.

“Stop talking and just run!” Cherry yelled.

Sam raced behind the still shirtless, Blake and Colin, “I don’t know if I’ll make it!”

“WE DID IT!” Kimmi cheered as her team arrived just moments before the Hotties.

“Crap!” Blake sighed, as he and the rest of his team arrived.

“We were so close!” Colin added.

Rhonda and Zac looked at eachother and nodded. Zac spoke up, “Well, the Screaming Sirens were the third team to arrive, however it seems as though they forgot a key part of the challenge.”

Rhonda continued, “You were to rescue your team captain and bring them here. Without Andre your team is not complete, and that means….” The Zactasic Hotties started to cheer.

“No, not this time,” A familiar voice sung out from behind the hosts. Everyone turned around to see Andre. His shaggy brown hair was dripping. He wore a black tee with a coloured explosion on it. Maroon shorts covered legs. “Who knew that, that time that Dania’s dad tied me up would end up being useful?” Andre scratched the back of his head.

The Sirens rushed over to hug their captain, “At least we know what we forgot now,” Leo added.

Zac turned back to the Zactastic Hotties. “You all disappoint me. I name my team after you and you let me down like this!” He shouted.

“What he’s trying to say,” Rhonda finished, “Is that you all suck, and lost today’s challenge let’s head back to your ship, because it’s time to send someone home.

The screen fades to black, and then returns to show the yellow pirate ship. In the background, the sun is setting. Zac and Rhonda are standing at the edge of the ship, while Blake, Colin, Fleur, Hannah, Sam and Viola are all sitting on treasure chests. Zac spoke up, “Congrats on being the biggest let down of the season! Here we are at the elimination ceremony. You have all cast your votes. Rhonda will fire fireworks out of the cannon, if your face appears, you are safe. If it does not, first of all that means your team thinks you suck. And second, it means you must take the plank shame, into the ocean of losers. And you’ll never return to my show again, because you’re pathetic.”

Rhonda blinked, “In a nice way, if your face doesn’t appear in the sky, you’re out.” The contestants all nodded.

Zac turned to Hannah, “You’re the captain of the team, who do you think are the strongest members of your team?”

Hannah shrugged, “Blake and Colin. They basically did the entire challenge for us.”

“Sam,” Rhonda asked, “How did you feel when you found out that Hannah would be your captain?”

“Have you ever eaten toxic sludge?” Sam retorted.

“Ok!” Rhonda smiled weakly, and turned to Fleur, “You have big shoes to fill, with a lot of the early polls saying you’re the next Britt, thoughts?”

The french girl blushed, “It is, an, how you say,” She motioned a salute.

Viola muttered, “Honour.”

“Oui! An honour to be put in same boot as Britt.” She smiled.

Zac nodded, “Viola? Your thoughts on your team?”

“I feel as though I have been put on an episode of Degrassi.”

“Colin, and Blake? Who's the weakest member of your team?”

“Colin,” Blake muttered.

“Hannah,” Colin stated.

“Well, that’s all the questions we have for tonight. Rhonda, could you fire the first three?” He asked, and she nodded as she shot three cannons. “These three sailors received no votes tonight.”

As the shots were fired into the sky, Sam’s, Fleur’s and Viola’s faces let up the pink sky. “Yay!” Fleur cheered as she wrapped her arms around Viola.

Sam grabbed onto Blake’s shoulder, “We made it!”

“Not yet,” Blake said slowly, as he waited for the next cannon, but Hannah’s face lit up the sky.

“Blake and Colin, it seems that your team wants to continue to be the laughing stock of the show.” Zac muttered out.

“Did you vote for me?” Colin turned to Blake who nodded. “I didn’t vote for you, I want us to stay strong. We need to win!” Colin’s face paled as he turned to sky and watched as the final face lit up the sky - his own.

Sam gasped, “What?”

Blake sighed, “Don’t make a scene, it happens.”

“Why? He was our best teammate!” Sam shouted as he watched Blake make his way across the plank of shame.

“You’re reaction is exactly why.” Viola said coldly. “We don’t want you two to become a power couple. We don’t need another Alejandro and Heather.” ]

Blake’s face paled, “But I’m straight!”

“Too late!” Zac laughed as he shoved him into the ocean.

“What do you mean he’s straight? If he was straight he would have wanted to be with me in the row boats!” Hannah argued.

Sam shook his head, “He’s afraid of girls!”

“Crap.” Viola muttered.

Zac turned to the camera, “And that was the second part of episode one! Be sure to catch next week’s episode because the cast is going to go exploring! And let’s just say the locals may have died out many years ago!”

Rhonda continued, “Will the Hotties come to regret their decision tonight? Will the Sirens keep their happy-go-lucky friendships, or will drama finally erupt. Will the Sharks be able to continue to win under Emmett’s leadership or will they crumble under the pressure. And will the introduction of the fourth team blow the minds of the others or what?”

“What fourth team?” Hannah asked.


Zac turned to Rhonda. "Have you seen my hair gel? I ordered some extra stregnth stuff because of the high winds." He sighed as he palmed his hair back into position as the wind tried to send it crashing down. 

The cohost shook her head. "No? Is it missing?" 

"Obviously, if I'm asking." Zac rolled his eyes and walked away. "Can't trust an American to do anything right." He said as Mana fanned him.

Chapter Three: Tribute to the Pirate Gods

The screen jumps to the night sky, then panns down to reveal Rhonda and Zac standing on a beach. Zac spoke up, “Last time on Total Drama Tides!” The screen switches to pirate ships docked as pirates rushed out of them and charged at the contestants. “Our sailors arrived, and fought their way to their very own pirate ships!” The scene changes to a green pirate ship, “The Killer Sharks through Trixie’s brilliance won the first challenge, securing Emmett for their team.”

Rhonda began to speak, and the screen switches to show a purple ship, “A secret team joined the show, led by Zaina! They managed to place second, surprising everyone when they turned out to not be killer pirates!” The screen switched back to the beach, in black and white. “In a race to the finish The Zactastic Hotties came in last! When Andre, who the Screaming Sirens had forgotten to rescue proved himself and managed to get here all on his own! In a shocking! Elimination, Blake was sent home after his team feared that he and Sam would become a power couple! Plot twist? Blake’s straight!”

“Find out what happens next right here on, Total Drama TIDES!” The pair shouted.

“That was… decent.” Zac assured. “By the end of the season you should be able to do a much better job.”

Rhonda rolled her eyes. “Yeah whatever! It’s not like I’ve been practicing that in my bedroom for years or anything.” Zac sent a questioning stare at the co-host who blushed.

The scene switches to a large bonfire, with carved tree stumps surrounding it, filled with tropical fruits and meats. Seated around the fire were all of the sailors, and Mana who casually poked at a ham cooking over the fire.

The screaming sirens sat together. “This food is so good, man!” Andre said in between bites. His teammates stared as their captain ate.

Leo spoke up, since no one else would. “Andre? We’re sorry about you know… leaving you to die in a cabin. I usually don’t play the hero, not used to saving people.” He tried to joke.

Andre stared back at the teen, a banana half sticking out of his mouth. “It happens. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t you… sing instead of talk?” Damien chided in.

The musician chuckled, “Lindsay would only fall asleep if I sang to her, and she got very upset and confused when she heard my normal voice.”

Kimmi grabbed her wooden cup and raised it in one hand, and grabbed her locket in the other “A toast! To us becoming the best of friends, for now, and forever!” Grayson raised his cup, and the others followed.

“To friendship!”

“To us,” Grayson smiled as he pulled Kimmi in for a kiss. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He whispered, causing Kimmi to giggle.

(CONF): Grayson stood in front of the ship’s wheel, “Having Kimmi here is great! I don’t know what I would do if she weren’t here.” He said slowly.

Cherry rolled her eyes and got up from the makeshift table. She trotted over to Mana. “Excuse me? Intern?”

“Mana.” He repeated.

“Ok, sorry. Mana,” She said sarcastically while moving her hands in a formal way, “Where are the starbucks coffee, and cresents located? I’m on a strict diet regiment.”

The intern stared at her, “One second. Let me go get you some from the nearest Starbucks on this deserted island.”

“Awww! Thanks!” Cherry smiled and pinched his cheeks, “Like you’re totally the best!” She walked back to her team and Leo only laughed.

“You know he’s kidding right?”

“What!?” She turned back to see that Mana hadn’t moved a muscle, in fact he had pulled out a book. “I need him to like me!” She groaned.

“Mana likes everyone. Just not you.” Leo laughed more. “But I’ll bite. Why?”

Cherry crossed her arms and motioned for him to follow. Once the pair were back at their shore she spoke up. “People just aren’t THAT happy! There is like something seriously wrong with her!”

Leo grunted. “Are you seriously back on this!? I already told you! I’m an actor. I would know!”

“Fine! Don’t believe me!” Cherry threw her arms up and turned to the ship. “I was just, like, trying to be nice!”

“Nice? Or trying to get with Grayson?” Leo remarked as he rolled his eyes and walked onto the ship.

The scene jumps to one of the cabins on the Pillaging Pirates ship. “Why is it that we have to share a room together?” Yasmin questioned as she stared at Sarah. “It is like oil on water. We are not compatible!”

Sarah shook her head, “I think that we’ll get along great! You can tell me all about,” She read the book in Yasmin’s hand, “The Wing Family, and I can tell you all about all of the fun and cute things I saw today!”

Yasmin hid her book, “There is nothing to talk about today.” She crawled into the bunk bed. “I am going to sleep now, and you should too.”

A knock was heard on the door. “We need to talk.” A voice echoed.

Yasmin stared at Sarah who smiled shyly, “I’ll be back soon!” She assured.

Sarah followed the figure to the deck of the ship. He removed his hoodie, revealing it to be Zac. “You need to leave.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “No I don’t.”

“Yes. Yes you do. This is not a good idea. What were you even thinking?”

The girl slapped him. “Not everything is always about you! Why do you have to be so selfish. Sometimes I might want to, you know live out my own dreams!”

“This isn’t over.” Zac scoffed and rubbed his face. “You will leave. One way or another.”

“I’d like to see you try. We both know you wouldn’t!” Sarah smirked. “Now, I’m going to go to sleep so I can win the challenge tomorrow. Night boo.” She sang out as she climbed down the ladder. The host sighed as he walked off of the ship, hoping he wasn’t seen.

The scene jumped back to the bonfire. Tameron watched in disgust as Wing shoved banana after banana into her mouth. “Must you eat in such manner?” He questioned.

“I don’t tell ye how to eat!” Wing retorted, as she watched Tameron gently cut his ham before delicately placing it in his mouth.

“Because I eat properly, perhaps?” The butler said slowly.

“Oh look at you and ye big words! Arrr!” Wing shouted as she popped another banana into her mouth.

They both turned to Zaina. “What do you think?”

Their captain looked at the two before sighing, “I think we have more important issues at hand.” She got up from her seat and walked over to the fire pit to throw the rest of her food away. “I’m not going to let you down again Lexi. Not this time.” Mana gasped as Zaina walked beside him. His breath left his body as he stared.

Elyar sat alone, with his perfectly gelled hair as he watched his team disperse. “Mission under control. Target locked.” He said into watch as he moved over to join the Sirens.

“Faster!” Emmett yelled as he stood in front of Alfie, Trixie and Youri who were doing pushups on the beach. “We will win. And you will be strong. We won’t let anyone take us down! But you must go faster!”

Trixie seemed to have no trouble as she moved her torso close to the sand and then back up. Her eyes watched Alfie, as he pushed himself against the ground. Youri however seemed to be having issues. “This is stupid!” He grunted, as he fell face first into the sand.

“What was that?” Emmett asked as he marched over to Youri.

“This. Is. Stupid. There’s no way that doing some pushups is going to make us any better. You’re big and strong, and you were an early boot last time!” Youri spat out, causing Alfie and Trixie to both ooooooh.

Emmett sighed. “I was distracted last time. I let my emotions cloud my judgement. I can assure you that won’t happen again. I’m here to win. If you don’t want to win, feel free to leave - I don’t want any quitters on my team.”

“We’re done for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Right?” Emmett asked, and stared at the three, who all nodded.

(CONF): Youri slouched against the wheel, “No matter how much he tries I won’t ever be big or strong like Emmett.”

“Do you want a lollipop?” Alfie asked innocently.

Trixie’s eyes went wide. “You’re very forward.” She took a step closer to the teen.

Alfie pulled out a lollipop from his pants, and shoved it into her mouth. “It’s strawberry flavoured.”

“Mhmmmph!” She mumbled as she took the lollipop out of her mouth. “Oh. Why do you have so much candy?”

The blond shrugged, “Why not?”

“It can’t be healthy… How do you stay in shape?” Trixie gasped.

“I work extra hard!” Alfie smiled and walked off to the pirate ship. “I’ll see you in the morning? It was nice hanging out!” He said with a bounce in his steps.

Youri smirked. “As long as he has candy he won’t need any of your sugar.” The feminine boy walked off, leaving Trixie on her own. She pulled out her journal and stared at the blank swimmer page.

The scene switches to one of the cabins. “Can you keep a secret?” Angel asked Malia as they crawled into bed.

“Of course!” Malia replied. “It isn’t right to break a the trust.” Angel nodded as she pulled out an mp3 player. “No! You shouldn’t have that! If Zac see it you’ll get in so much trouble!”

Angel frowned, “He won’t find out! Come here.” Angel motioned for Malia to sit with her. “Cody gave it to me. It’s filled with all sorts of fun music.”

Malia shook her head. “Your secret is safe with me. But I can not indulge in this. It is wrong!”

“Come on! It’s not that bad! It’s just Cody Simpson!”

“Who is this?” Malia asked puzzled.

Angel’s face went white. “You don’t know who Cody Simpson is? 1D? Justin Bieber??” Malia shook her head. “Please! Just listen to one song!”

Malia bit into her lip, “Fine!”

The Zactastic Hotties ate in silence. “Food is very good, non?” Fleur suggested, trying to make conversation.

“You’re still gay though, right?” Colin asked as he looked over at Sam.

Sam shrugged, “Obviously.” He replied scootching closer to the American. “Why do you ask?”

Colin pulled on his beanie and looked back at the teen, “We don’t want another Blake-Gate incident.”

Hannah gasped. “Wait! That means he just wasn’t into me? That’s not possible!”

Sam chuckled. “I would argue that point.” The team captain threw a juicy fruit at him, which exploded on contact. “I take that back.” He muttered as he licked his face clean.

“I think it is time for leaving,” Fleur whispered and tugged on Viola’s hand.

“Stay and get caught in a food fight over love or leave with the bubbly blonde.” Viola looked up at the sky. “Why have you done this to me?” She shouted, but followed Fleur back to the pirate ship.

“Tu are very nice to me. Thank you.” Fleur smiled and tried to give Viola a hug, but she jumped out of the way, as if a snake was about to bite her.

“Goodnight.” Viola replied and walked onto the ship.

The screen pans up to show the moon, before it slowly pans back down to show four figures standing in the darkness. It zooms in, revealing them to be the veteran players.

“Why did you bring us here?” Hannah sighed. “Do you have more mean things to say about me? Don’t think I didn’t hear the interviews that you and Rosalie did.”

Zaina nodded, “Just because you two got a happy ending doesn’t mean the rest of us did.”

Emmett shook his head. “Guys, not everything is as it seems ok? We all have a reason for being here. And we all want to go far right?” He asked, and the others all mumbled in agreement.

“Dania’s dad bet his lucky racing horse I would be first out.” Andre commented with a grin. “Guess who has a new horse!”

Zaina spoke up. “Emmett. What are you suggesting?” The girl tightly braided flowers together as she spoke, barely looking up at the others.

“We could work together. We all want to go far, we can do that together.” Emmett suggested, moving his hand into the centre of the others.

“I think I’d like to decline this quest,” Hannah stated. “My team doesn’t need you, and neither do I. Not after everything you’ve done to me.”

Zaina spoke out next, “And I remember correctly, you three were all basically the first boots, I don’t need you. You need me.” The flower girl smiled before she finished. “Good luck though, because my team is something Lexi can be proud of.”

“Same here.” Hannah added, as she followed Zaina’s lead back to their ships.

“Didn’t your team just lose… and then vote off your strongest member?” Andre muttered.

“It was a bug. My team’s updated now, and stronger than ever.”

Emmett turned to Andre as the others left, “What about you?”

“I would man, really.” The musician offered the muscular teen a smile, “But I can’t give Dania’s any reason to think that when I win it was because of someone else.” Andre patted Emmett on his back, “Good luck.” He whispered out as he walked away.

Emmett stared at his hand surrounded by darkness. “I can’t believe that.” He fell to his knees in defeat. “This is going to be harder than I thought.”

The screen fades to black, an image of the sun shining down on the beach, with the sailors standing in front of the hosting trio replacing it. “Have a good night's rest?” Zac questioned.

Youri rubbed his eyes. “No. All I could hear were those two.” He stared at Angel and Malia, “Singing some teen pop song that nobody cares about.” Malia blushed.

“I could hear you singing along!” Angel teased the boy.

“Not gonna lie, I was singing along too.” Rhonda whispered.

“Do you even know how to be professional?” Zac asked, while staring at Rhonda.

Rhonda smirked, “I don’t know have you tried asking Sarah?” Zac turned a bright red. “Moving on! Today we have your second challenge! We’re going retro and taking a note from Total Drama World Tour! In the finale, Alejandro and Heather had to build each other and then toss it into a volcano. So today, you’ll be building your team captain, and using them as an offering to the overlord Cthulhu.”

“Cthulhu, a creature praised by cults, part dragon, part octopus, part man.” Yasmin stated.

Grayson raised an eyebrow, “Is this for real?”

Wing squished a banana on his forehead, “Yes! Cthulhu rules the ocean! Do not mock his name.” She said, her face a pale white. “No one lives a day on the sea if they do not make this offering.”

Kimmi giggled as she licked the banana off of Grayson’s face, “Tasty.”

“Isn’t the white stuff supposed to be on your face?” Damien teased, and Grayson punched him in the arm.

“I don’t get it?” Kimmi said innocently. Mana giggled innocently and whispered into Kimmi’s ear. “Oh my god!”

Zac groaned. “What did I say about helping the contestants?” The host squirted a bottle of water at the intern. “The last team to put their offering into the volcano will be sending someone home tonight. The volcano, for those of you who don’t know is the big mountain thing in the sky.”

Damien spoke up, “Also. No pineapples guys, just no.”

“Go or whatever.” Zac announced and pulled both Mana and Rhonda by their ears. “Looks like we need to go over how to interact with the contestants again.” The two moaned out in pain. The screen pans to show the Killer Sharks. Emmett wrapped his arms around his team to form a huddle. “Ok! Here’s the plan. Alfie, Trixie and me will get the parts for the tribute, you three,” He pointed at Angel, Malia and Youri, “Will put it together! Then we’ll all take it to the volcano where we will win!”

“Sounds good! I really like the part where we win.” Alfie grinned.

Trixie lit up, “Come on Alfie! Let’s go!” She tied her rope around her wrist, and then around Alfies, “This way we won’t get lost!”

(CONF): Trixie is shown sitting on the edge of the pirate ship, “This is the perfect challenge! I will finally be able to get close to Alfie and then he won’t be able to resist me!”

(CONF): Alfie is shown sitting crossed-legged. “This here is my treasure! Don’t tell Zac about it!” He begged as he opened up a treasure chest that was filled with candy. “My precious!”

Youri’s face fell flat. “Why do I have to stay here? With the twiniots?” He motioned towards Angel and Malia who were building a sand castle.

Emmett smiled and brought Youri in close, “Some one has to make sure they don’t get lost. And you’re just the man to do it!”

“I can’t believe that we get to build Emmett today!” Angel cheered.”Our team must really have a lot of faith in us!”

Malia nodded. “It’s nice to not feel like the weak link. My parents would be so upset if they thought I was doing bad here!”

“I think Cody would break up with me if I was the weakest link!”

The camera pans over, to show the Pirates. “What shall we do mi’lady Zaina?” Tameron asked, and gently bowed to their captain.

“Arrrr! Yes, what will you be wishing we do!” Wing added and glared over at Tameron.

Zaina looked at her team and paused, “Well I think, that we should all go and collect the pieces that we need to make me! I’ll go alone, Tameron and Wing you can search together, and then Elyar, Sarah, and Yasmin!”

Sarah giggled and wrapped her arms around Elyar and Yasmin, “Let’s get going!”

Elyar nodded, “Mission accepted! Agent E is on the mission.” He pulled Sarah onto his back. Zaina weakly looked over at him at the mention of the word Agent.

“We’ll meet back here when you find your stuff.” She murmured out before walking away on her own. Yasmin groaned, “Why me?” She stared at both Elyar and Sarah who waved and smiled back at the girl before they dragged her off. “Help me!”

“Come on Yasmin! It’ll be fun! You can tell us all about that story you’ve been reading!” Sarah encouraged.

With the trip out of sight, Tameron and Wing shot daggers at one another. “So we meet again, Captain Wing.”

“Hello Tam-Tu,” Wing bowed at the butler. “Pleasure to see you again.” She teased. “If you think you’re going to get the treasure, ye best be thinking again. This one is all mine,”

The butler growled. “You stole from us once, you will not do it again. It will be coming back with me.” The two stared at each other before they walked off in opposite directions.

(CONF): Tameron is shown polishing the wheel, “She can not be allowed to run off with it again. This time I will stop her. I must.”

“We need to get going.” Cherry decided, as her team stood in a circle.

“We need a plan first!” Grayson argued.

“If we don’t get going, we’re going to to lose this challenge.”

“If we don’t have a plan we won’t even do the challenge!”

Kimmi stepped in between the pair, “Come on guys! I thought that we were all BFFs!”

“She’s right,” Damien added, “We won’t be able to win if we’re fighting against each other.”

Leo added, “Together or not at all. The show must go on!” The actor nudged Andre.

“Ah yeah! What they said. Damien, you and I will go and try and slow the other teams down. Kimmi and Grayson you two try and get some wood and stuff for the tribute, Cherry and Leo you two can get fruit and yeah.” He declared. His team split into the smaller groups and started to walk off.

“Blessed up, that I don’t have to be with Kimmiot or her boy toy.” Cherry sighed and turned to Leo. “Have you thought about what I said?”

Leo sighed, “Are you still on this? And no. Even if I DID think you were right, which I clearly do not, why would it even matter.”

“They’re totally playing us!” Cherry sighed. “Like why can’t you see that! They don’t love each other.”

“If I play along for just one day will you finally drop it?”


“Fine, then let’s get to spying.” Leo sighed. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

Andre turned to Damien, “So what do we do now?”

Damien stared at his captain, “I mean, that’s kinda what you’re supposed to tell me.”

“Oh, sorry? I’m still getting used to this whole competition thing.”

Damien patted Andre on the back, “Don’t sweat it bro. If we set up some traps we can slow the others down!”

The singer nodded, “So how do we do that?” Damien facepalmed.

(CONF): Damien stared at the camera. “Andre’s a great guy and all… but his skills on this show… maybe not the best.”

“I’m going to go with Colin!” Hannah announced.

“But I called dibs!” Sam shouted and grabbed on Colin’s arm.

“When did you do that?” Hannah glared.

Sam shrugged, “Right now, DIBS!”

Fleur spoke up, “Why we no go together? We are strongest when we stay together!”

Colin lit up. “Yeah! We will do best when we stand united.” He shrugged Hannah off and wrapped an arm around Fleur.

“Her?” Hannah and Sam both muttered under their breath, and looked at each other.

“Next time on The Bachelor,” Viola slowly said and motioned as if there was a noose around her neck.

The screen jumps to the forest. “Are you having any luck?” Trixie asked as she tried to lasson some fruit down from a nearby tree.

Alfie shook his head. “The trees are really strong, I can’t break anything off.”

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” Trixie sighed. Her lasso knocked a coconut out of the tree, and Alfie tackled her out of the way. “Woah- Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it!” Alfie smiled and offered Trixie a hand to get back up. “Maybe we should just head back we’re not having any luck here.”

Kimmi rested on Grayson’s back. “We’re finding so much!” She giggled as she grabbed more of the branches from the trees.

Grayson smirked, “Maybe we could take a break?” He stopped walking, as they approached the base of a waterfall.

Kimmi blushed, “I guess so!” She jumped off of his back and the two sat down on the rocks and watched the water pour down the waterfall. She leaned in and gave her boyfriend a kiss.

Behind the foliage, Cherry turned to Leo. “See! That’s like not a real kiss!”

“I mean, maybe she’s just not very good at it?” Leo offered but stared intently.

Elyar put Sarah down. “I’ll be right back ok?” He turned to Yasmin, “Don’t let anyone do anything to her ok?”

Once Elyar was out of sight Yasmin turned to Sarah. “What do you know of Elyar?”

“He was recruited, like me.” Sarah shrugged, “He seems like a nice guy!”

Yasmin nodded, “I see.” She turned back to her book.

“So what’s so interesting about your story book?” Sarah asked as she ran her hand through her hair getting rid of the twigs.

“It’s about a far away kingdom. It has an interesting history,” Yasmin noted.

(CONF): Yasmin is shown scanning through her book. “Something isn’t adding up. Elyar… Sarah… AND me? All recruited? Something’s fishy about this team.”

The screen jumped to where the trip of hosts waited on the volcano. "I can't believe another intern quit today." Zac sighed. "They're dropping like flies! This one said something about a monster at night?" The host rolled his eyes, "Come on, just man up. If you're too afraid to work here, just quit no need for pety excuses." 

Mana nervously laughed. "Yeah monsters... so not real." 

Rhonda eyed the intern. "Didn't you say something a monster in the woods back in Brazil?" 

"No!" He gasped and quickly fanned Zac, trying to change the topic. 

“Are you guys seriously ok with letting the team carry you?” Youri stared at both Angel and Malia who were counting the clouds in the sky.

Angel shrugged, “We’re a team for a reason, we all bring different skills.”

Malia nodded, “It just so happens that strength is not one of my skills. “

“So what exactly are your… skills?”

“I’m really sneaky! And can shoot myself out of a cannon!” 

“I’m very polite, and very good at being silent.”

“Sounds useful,” Youri groaned and then groaned even louder when he saw Alfie and Trixie come back empty handed.

Alfie frowned. “Things didn’t turn out so good.” He popped some skittles into his mouth.

“Yeah, it turns out the jungles a lot harder to deal with.” Trixie added.

Emmett walked towards the others, dragging a giant makeshift bag filled with sticks and fruits. “Are you guys ready to build me?” He grinned.

Angel and Malia cheered, “Nice job!” While Youri only glared.

The hotties appeared on the screen. Fleur carried a makeshift version of Hannah, she was only missing her hair. “You look very pretty,” Fleur smiled as she patted the tribute Hannah.

“Let’s make sure we throw the right Hannah into the fiery pits of the island, we wouldn’t want to lose our captain.” Viola stated and sent a stare towards Hannah.

Colin started to climb a tree, “There are some vines up here!” He grabbed onto a vine, that sent a cage down over his teammates sans Hannah.

“You did this!” Sam glared at Hannah.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Hannah rolled her eyes, and then locked arms with Colin when he fell back to the ground. “It looks like we’re going to have to finish this challenge on our own.” Hannah grinned.

“I’m so sorry guys! I don’t know what happened.” Colin groaned and tried to lift the cage to no avail.

Viola looked at both Fleur and Sam. “Please help, I’d much rather be our tribute than stuck here.”

“I like your enthusiasm,” Fleur smiled and hugged Viola, “But we be stuck here!” She frowned.

“If only we had Blake here to help lift the cage.” Sam sighed.

“Just give us the tribute,” Hannah declared. “We’ll finish the challenge without you guys.”

“She’s right.” Colin sighed. “We’ll come back for you guys later. But we need to win this.” Fleur nodded and handed the tribute through the cage to Colin, their hands briefly touched. “We’ll come back.” He assured.

“I’m not worried about you,” Sam stated, “It’s her I’m worried about.” He stared at Hannah.

The scene jumped back to the beach where Tameron and Wing both just arrived carrying an assortment of items. “I see you didn’t get eaten by the man-eating villagers,” Wing observed.

“Likewise.” Tameron calmly said. “Shall we put together our tribute?” Wing nodded. When the pair had finished, the trio of Elyar, Sarah and Yasmin returned.

“Wow! You guys are good!” Sarah cheered as she saw the finished tribute of Zaina.

Elyar nodded, “You work like a great team!”

“Yes… They do.” Yasmin noted. “Now we just need our captain.”

“Sorry…” Zaina muttered. Her knees covered in grass stains, “I got lost.”

“Arrr! That'd be ok lady captain! We are ready to venture forth! And offer tribute to Cthulu!”

Zaina nodded, “Then let’s get going.”

“I’ll lead the way,” Elyar added. “I think I found a path earlier.”

The screen jumped to the volcano. Mana, Rhonda and Zac waiting at the top. Mana carried a giant leaf as he cooled Zac down from the heat of the volcano. Rhonda stared through binoculars trying to spot the teams. “Are you prepared to lose another one of your Zactastics?” She asked.

The host removed his sunglasses, “No. They won’t be losing today. I can feel it.”

“Feel it? Or Rigged it?” Rhonda countered.

“No. Listen.” He paused and motioned down below.

“You can hold me a little less.” Colin shouted as Hannah clung to his back while he scaled the volcano.

“Ooooh, burn!” Mana chuckled.

“Did I tell you to stop fanning me?” The host groaned as he felt a bead of sweat drop off his face. “I don’t do well in the heat!”


“ONE! TWO! THREE! ONE! TWO! THREE!” Emmett shouted as the camera panned down to show the Killer Sharks all attached by a vine rope, and Emmett and Alfie scaling the mountain while the rest of the team hung on.

“Looks like it’s a race to the finish!” Rhonda announced. Colin turned to Emmett who turned to Hannah who turned to Alfie. “We’re that far behind!?”

The two teams quickened their pace as they tried to scale faster than the other team. “Not this time Emmett!” Hannah shouted as she encouraged Colin to climb faster.

Emmett turned to Alfie. “Give me your rope!”

Alfie shook his head, “There’s no way you can carry everyone and still climb to the top!”

“I’m not going to! You’re going to race up there and drop the tribute in!”

Alfie nodded and shoved candy into his mouth before he climbed beside Emmett so that he could drop off his load. “Are you trying to kill us!?” Youri shouted up.

“Oh hush! He has a plan, I’m sure,” Angel shouted back as she started to feel herself drop. She looked back up and Emmett barely holding onto the four of them.

“No! You need to go faster Colin!” Hannah shouted.

“I can’t!” He groaned out, as his movement slowed. To his side Alfie raced past.

“I have a plan!” Hannah announced as she used her arms to throw the tribute up and over the ridge - except once her hands let go on Colin, she started to fall. Colin managed to catch the tribute but missed Hannah. “Bad idea! Bad idea! She shouted as she fell.

To the side, Emmett managed to swing his team over to catch Hannah, but the extra weight pulled him down further. “Grab on to the rocks everyone!” He shouted.

“We have a winner!” Rhonda announced, as she turned to Alfie who launched the tribute of Emmett into the volcano.

“Winner? You mean we just did all of that to come in first? I thought we were almost eliminated!” Trixie shouted as she desperately clung to the rocks.

“GO COLIN GO!” Hannah shouted as the American slowly, but surely climbed to the top and dropped their tribute off.

“Second place goes to the Zactastic Hotties!” Zac announced and gave Colin a giant hug. “Way to go!”

“Water?” He moaned out. Mana threw a bottle of water to the teen.

The scene switches to the jungle, and splits into halves. On the left, the Screaming Sirens, and on the right, the Pillaging Pirates. “Why do we have to walk in such a strange path?” Zaina argued as they followed closely behind Elyar who led them in a zigzag motion.

“Just trust me.” He replied.

On the left side of the screen, Damien grinned as he could hear a team trapped inside a cage shout for help. “Well our plan worked!”

Andre nodded, “Yeah! I can’t believe it!”

Leo watched as Grayson and Cherry walked in front of the rest of the team. “I think she likes him,” he said, not realizing who he was talking to.

Kimmi gasped. “What!? No she can’t! He’s my boyfriend!”

“Oops!” Leo’s face went white as Kimmi started to panic.

“She’ll ruin everything!”

(CONF): Leo stares into the camera. “She was right… Somethings up with her. No one likes their boyfriend - especially Grayson? Of all guys that much.”

“How long have you been dating Grayson?” Leo asked.

“Since the Winter formal,” She said, starting to calm down. “He was the perfect gentleman, and brought me flowers.”

The actor nodded, “And has he always been so… friendly with girls?” He asked, as he pointed to Cherry who had her arm wrapped around him.

“He’s a nice guy, silly.” She giggled “He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings is all.”

Snap. A cage fell down onto the team. “What?” Andre gasped.”We didn’t put a cage here?”

Damien nodded. “We didn’t. Somethings wrong about this.” He groaned and tried to lift the cage.

“Way to go guys.” Grayson sighed. “This prolly cost us the win.” He grabbed onto the cage to help lift it.

Kimmi jumped onto Grayson’s back, “I’m scared!”

“Like, of course you are.” Cherry sighed.

The screen grows to only show the Pillaging Pirates as they arrived at the base of the volcano, and then it fast forwards to show them as they drop their tribute. “Coming in third! The Pillaging Pirates!” Rhonda grinned.

“Mana. Go rescue the others. Let them know they lost, and they will be voting someone off tonight.” Zac stated as she jumped onto Rhonda’s back. “Take me to the beach.”

“Oh I’ll take you somewhere, alright.” Rhonda rolled her eyes.

The screen jumped to the first place team, the Killer Sharks as they began to sail to their next destination. “I can’t believe that worked!” Alfie cheered as the team celebrated by eating a large amount of fruits.

“To Emmett!” Angel announced, and raised a glass in honour of their captain.

“To Alfie!” Trixie added and raised her own glass. The team all raised their glasses in honour of their win.

Malia smiled, “I am really proud of our team today!”

Youri walked off, and Trixie followed. “Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you were wrong!”

“About what? About the twiniots? The muscle head or the toddler boy?”

“Alfie!” She said. “I don’t think his candy is going to stop him from falling for me.


(CONF): Youri is shown slumped against the wheel. “My team will see! Emmett isn’t all he’s cracked up to be!”

The camera pans over to show the yellow pirate ship, with the Zactastic Hotties. “You came back for us!” Fleur grinned and gave Colin a giant hug which caused him to blush.

“I couldn’t just leave you all!” He gave his team a hug. “We’re stronger together,” He smiled.

Sam blushed, “I still wish we kept the cage… it could have been fun.” His team laughed, but shook his head, “I’m not kidding,” he whispered.

Colin turned to Hannah, “And you! Because of you we didn’t lose!” He gave Hannah a giant hug and she started to blush. Viola slapped herself.

“What are you doing?” Hannah questioned.

“Sorry I just wanted to fit in.” She rolled her eyes, as he cheeks also turned red.

The camera shows the fourth place team as they sat around the Plank of Shame. “Welcome!” Zac started, “This is the elimination ceremony, you don’t want to be here. But because you guys managed to trap yourselves you’re going to stay here! And one of you will be going home.” Rhonda turned to Andre, “So how? How did you end up in your own trap?”

Their captain muttered, “We didn’t put the cage there. I don’t get it.”

“Great answer,” Zac rolled his eyes and turned to Kimmi, “Your relationship with Grayson has been put into question by your team, thoughts?”

Kimmi who sat in Grayson’s lap gave her boyfriend a kiss. “I love him. He’s just so good to me. I don’t know what I would do without him.” She turned to Cherry who rolled her eyes.

“And your thoughts Grayson?”

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in us can leave.” He shrugged.

“Cherry? Do you think that their relationship is a threat? Or a benefit to the team?”

Cherry laughed while she applied her lip gloss. “I don’t see little girls as a threat.” She turned to Kimmi and Grayson.

“Leo?” Mana asked. “I put my faith in you, but you loss today. Why do you think that is?”

Leo sighed, “There’s a lot of drama on our team. It might be behind the scenes but it’s still there. You can’t put on a great show if your actors hate each other.” He stared at Cherry.

Zac turned to Damien. “Your sister used to be on the show, do you think Heather would be proud of you right now?”

“She’ll always be proud of me.”

Zac shrugged, “Well you all cast your votes. If you face is shot out of the cannon you are safe. If not, say goodbye and walk the plank.” He snapped his fingers as Rhonda lit the first two cannons, and both Kimmi’s and Grayson’s faces appeared. They shared another kiss.

The cannon fired again, and Rhonda turned to both Damien and Andre, as their faces lit up the sky. “It looks like your little fumble today didn’t influence the others.”

Cherry turned to Leo. “Like, later.” She waited, for the final cannon to fire, and watched as her own face appeared one final time.

“Wait what?” Leo questioned.

“I love Kimmi. You shouldn’t question that.” Grayson said flatly,

Mana sighed as he shoved the actor onto the plank. “You just couldn’t lay low, could you?”

“You!” He glared at Cherry who winked back. “Like…. Oh my god, I think they’re faking it.” She rolled her eyes and blew a kiss towards Leo.

Damien turned to Andre, and whispered, “Do you have any idea what just happened?” His captain shook his head.

Zac turned to the camera. “Bye Leo! Nobody liked you anyways! Tune in next week when our sailors finds out that when you become an explorer you might just be opening a huge can of worms! Will the Sharks keep up their winning spree? Will the Sirens bounce back - And just what is the relationship between Cherry and Kimmi? Will the Pirates be able to come together or will they fall apart. And finally how will my little Zactastics fare I’m think GREAT!?”

The screen jumps to the fourth and final ship - belonging to the pirates. Zaina stood at the front of the ship as she tried to attach her creation as a figurehead for the ship. Her tears were silent as she desperately help onto her floral figure of Lexi. Behind her, Tameron appeared and helped her. “Do not fear Lady Zaina. You are broken now, but I will help you return to your glory. One way or another.” He finished tying the knots, and carried Zaina away.

She wrapped her arms around him and continued to cry. “She hates me…”

Case Four: An Incy Situation.

“Time: Unknown. Location: Unknown. Crime: Destruction of an Incan Monument. Culprit: To be determined.” A narrator's voice spoke out, the sound of a typewriter clicking in the background.

The screen fades to show the cast of the show surrounded. Incan warriors pointed their spears at the outsiders. The steady beating of war drums echoes throughout the stone temple. Zac hid behind Mana while Rhonda was discussing terms with the larger Inca who had a feathered headdress. The co-host turned back to Zac with a gloomy face. “They require a sacrifice. Someone needs to be given up in order for the rest of us to be let go.”

“Ok!” Zac bounced back up, his hair magically springing to attention with him. “Hannah you go!”

“WHAT!?” She jumped into Colin’s arms. “I’m not ready to die yet! I haven’t gotten to play the new Pokemon yet!” She turned to Sam. “Take him instead!”

The Incan leader nodded approvingly, “We like!”

“COLIN! SAVE ME!” Sam screamed, and jumped into Colin’s other arm. The american stared at the two in his arms.

“I’m not this strong,” He groaned as the three crashed to the floor. The Incan warriors laughed and threw fruit at Colin.

Fleur stepped in front of her team. “Stick together! We refuse to be, uh, err” she pulled out a knife and pretended to stab her chest.”

“Sacrificed?” Viola said flatly. “Actually… That sounds like a great idea, I’d finally get out of being on this soap opera.” She turned to the trio on the floor, both Hannah and Sam had wrapped themselves around Colin who desperately tried to get back up.

“Fine with me!” Zac grinned. “You guys lost the challenge anyways.”

“Might I suggest…” Mana pulled out a detective's hat and magnifying glass, “We find the team responsible and then offer a sacrifice based off of that?”

Rhonda nodded, “Their leader agrees. We have until the Moon starts to set to figure out exactly what happened.” She walked closer to both Mana and Zac, and whispered “We need to get everyone off of this island.” The pair nodded. The warriors rested their weapons, and just stood in a circle around the sailors.

Mana walked over to Pillaging Pirates. “Where were you before this whole thing started?” He looked at Zaina. The team captain sighed, before she started to recount her story. The scene fades to purple, a chibi version of Zaina appears in the bottom left corner. The purple fades to black and white, revealing the Pillaging Pirates, pirate ship. Zaina is shown to wake up in her cabin, beside her is a picture of Lexi she turned to it, whispered she was sorry before she got out of bed. She walked towards the door of her cabin and waited, hearing voices.

“What were you doing in lady Sarah’s room?” Tameron asked, as he scrubbed the cabin floor, and watched Elyar as exited the singers room and stretched.

The secret agent put his shades onto his face, “She had night terrors. I did what any man would do and helped her sleep.”

The butler nodded, “Was it him again?” Elyar nodded back. The door opened and Sarah walked out, “Good morning, lady Sarah.”

“Gooooood morning,” she sang softly. She turned to Elyar and gave him a hug before she walked back up the stairs.

Zaina walked out of her bedroom and strutted past the two boys towards Sarah. She wrapped her arms around the girl. “Don’t worry. The nightmares go away. Believe me.” She looked into Sarah’s dim eyes who smiled back.

“Thank you… But I think it’s just beginning.” She whimpered and continued her ascend to the deck of the ship.

Wing hung from the sail ropes, and yelled at their captain. “ARR! Zaina me captain, I be thinking!” She dropped down, driving her knife straight through the floor. “Ooops.” She muttered before turning back to Zaina. “Ye should join me crew!” Wing pulled out a Captain’s Hat from her jacket and placed it on the flower girls head. “It fits!”

Zaina blinked. “Arrr!” She grinned and gave her friend a giant hug.

“Aye! Let us begin the sacred ritual to Cthulu!” Wing pulled out two bananas from her hat and smushed them in her hands. She rubbed the mush across Zaina’s face with two fingers creating two stripes. She whispered words into the wind before she grabbed Zaina and threw her overboard.

(CONF): Zaina stood behind the wheel, her pirate hat sitting proudly on her head. “I will sail the seven seas, and I will find a treasure worthy of Lexi’s heart.”

The screen faded back to the present, as Zaina’s chibi icon vanished. “Is that what you were doing in the water” Yasmin questioned.

“Yes?” Zaina replied.

“I had to get up from my book to go help you out of the water because captain crazy threw you overboard? This is illogical. There is no documentation that, THAT is how you appease Cthulhu anyways.” Wing growled. “For the ocean we please. They,” She pointed at the Sirens, “Made not an offering, and now we be here!”

“Like it wasn’t our fault!” Cherry burst out. “We were totally trapped!”

Mana turned back to Yasmin, “Continue explaining how your team got here.”

The screen fades back to purple. A chibi version of Yasmin appeared in the corner. It fades to black and white and the Zaina is shown drenched in water on the ship's deck. “Welcome to me crew.” Wing grinned and walked away from Zaina who was coughing up water.

Yasmin looked down at her leader and sighed, “If you are attempting to kill yourself I know of much faster ways.”

Zaina’s eyes glossed over as she looked up at Yasmin, “It’s not that.” She sighed and walked off.

“Finally,” Yasmin smiled. “Peace and quiet. She crawled to the floor, and put her back up against the mast and pulled out her book. She placed her cup of coffee to her side.

“Is it story time already!?” Sarah chimed out as she plopped herself down beside Yasmin.

Elyar sat on the other side. “I love a good story. Great for the battle field.”

The scholar looked up at the pair. “You’re not going to leave until I read this to you are you?” The pair shook their heads. “Fine.” Elyar pulled out a white blanket and pulled Sarah in to snuggle. “The kingdom was always a peaceful place. It was off of the maps, and any explorer who found it kept the kingdom a secret in order to keep the peace. The people were kind and beautiful. But this new ship, it wasn’t much like the others. There was a lone pirate who sailed it. He was brave and courageous. His maroon clothes were slightly tattered but his captains hat was intact, it bore his crest a set….” Yasmin gasped and closed the book. She picked herself up, “That’s all for today!” She muttered and rushed off.

“Arrrr!” Wing cheered out, “We be here!” She announced as the ship pulled onto the sandy beach of their destination.

Sarah turned to Elyar and shrugged, “I wonder what happened?”

Elyar nodded. “I’m sure we’ll find out sometime! Come on, let’s go!” The teen smiled and pulled on Sarah's hand as he rushed to the beach to meet the hosts.

“It’s about time you got here!” Zac groaned as he got up from his towel where he was tanning. “We’ve been waiting! I almost got a sunburn!” As the host got up, Mana stopped waving a giant leaf to cool him off.

“You know you really don’t have to do that, right?” Rhonda whispered, as she raised an eyebrow. “It’s not like Zac’s going to abandon you on some island if you don’t as some strange sacrifice to Cthululululu or whatever.”

“Anyways,” Zac announced. “Our best experts,” Zac pointed to Rhonda and Mana who both pulled out glasses, “believe that this used to be an island that was settled by the Inca. Today, your challenge will be to bring back an ancient treasure, whoever brings back the worst treasure- or doesn’t will lose the challenge.” The host started to walk off.

Once he was out of earshot, Rhonda spoke up, “If you guys can’t find anything, then I hope you’re good at crafting stuff! We tried our best, but the Inca have been lost for centuries.” She gave a shy smile before she followed Zac. Mana stared at the contestants, and then ran after the hosts.

The pirates all stared at Zaina who was observing one of the flowers on the ground. “This one is so pretty,” She picked up the fragile purple flower.

Tameron walked up behind her, “Fragile, but resistant, and ever-so beautiful. Reminds me of someone,” he smiled gave her a pat on the back.

She turned back to the rest of the team, and noticed that the other teams were already gone. “Today, we win!

Wing jumped in front of the others, “Follow me! I know my treasures well!” She announced and sent a wink towards Tameron.

As Wing led the group, Yasmin rushed up beside her, breathing heavily. “Wing? May I ask a question, for my research?” The pirate simply nodded. “Your crest, the wings? What do they mean? Why did you choose it?”

The pirate stopped. “Do ye hear that?” She whispered, and pulled Yasmin into a brush, the rest of the team was only a few feet behind them.

“You didn’t answer my question!” Yasmin groaned as she tumbled into the foliage.

Out of nowhere, darts flew at the rest of the team, knocking Elyar, Sarah, Tameron and Zaina out. “Shhh!” Wing growled and moved her hand over Yasmin’s mouth. The pair waited in silence as they watched their teammates get dragged off by buff men in feathered outfits.

“Were those…” Yasmin asked as she flipped through the pages of a book. “The Inca?”

Wing growled. “It’s because they didn’t offer a sacrifice to Cthulhu. We can still live. Just don’t be touching ANYTHING.”

“But this could be the find of the century!” Yasmin argued.

“Finders keepers? No. Be found and be kept. SHHH!” Wing muttered as she dragged Yasmin behind her. “We be rescuing me crew!”

The scene fades back to the present, Yasmin’s chibi icon disappeared. “See? We didn’t touch anything.” Yasmin said flatly, while glaring at Wing.

Mana stepped closer. “OBJECTION! Your story proves nothing.” The intern stepped towards Sarah who cowered as the man approached. “Your turn.”

The screen faded back to purple, a chibi version of Sarah appeared in the bottom corner. The screen jumps to black and white. Sarah shook Elyar who was asleep beside her. “Wake up! Elyar? Please? I can’t do this alone right now.” The singer sighed as she watched from inside a giant cage. The Incans were preparing a giant bonfire.

Zaina turned to Sarah, “It will be ok. I promise.” She gave the girl a hug, and offered her a flowery bracelet. “It brings peace.” Sarah nodded.

“Would that be sire Sam?” Tameron questioned as he looked through the cage, at a teen who seemed to be in close quarters with the head chief.

“He looks like he’s in trouble!” Sarah groaned. “We’re going to die here!” She moved her hand to cover her mouth.

Elyar woke up, and instantly jumped to his feet. “Fear not. They can do nothing to us here.” The secret agent pulled out a badge and called for one of the Incas to come over. He revealed the badge, and the Incan nodded and ran off. The cage was shortly lifted off of the four. Elyar walked over to Sarah and offered his hand. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I’m sorry, but what just happened?” Tameron questioned and stared at Elyar.

“I am part of an elusive group of agents.” He started, “I’m afraid that is all I can tell you without killing you.” He flashed a charming smile before he started to walk off with Sarah. “Come on, I want to show you something.”

Tameron sighed, “I hear you’ve joined the pirates. May I ask why?” He turned to Zaina who shrugged.

“Wing makes me feel like I belong. I have a purpose with her.”

The screen switched back to follow Elyar and Sarah. “This island is one of the islands under my protection,” he whispered softly. “A number of islands throughout the world are home to a wide range of tribes and kingdoms that have either been… forgotten or never discovered. This one is where the Incas were relocated.” The pair arrived at a giant wood port. “Many years ago, agents brought them here to preserve them.” He pointed up at a giant statue of man in tattered clothes. “Aile.”

Sarah stared at the statue it was at least four times bigger than either of them. “Was that his name? Was he the one who brought them here?”

Elyar nodded, “Yes. The Inca look up to him like a god now. He saved them, and now, it is part of my job to keep them safe.”

“You’re not going to kill me, right?” She giggled and hugged her friend.

He shook his head. “No, but I do need to go explain what has happened. Stay here, ok?” She nodded as he walked away.

Sarah sat as she watched the waves crash against the wooden dock. She heard sounds and turned, “Youri?” She asked as a petite person raced across the dock, they stopped and looked at her briefly before they ran off again. When she turned back around, a hooded man was there.

The screen fades back to the present. “Enough!” Zac growled. “This isn’t getting us anywhere move on to the next team.” Sarah looked up at Zac briefly before she returned her gaze to the ground.

“Fine!” Mana turned to The Killer Sharks. “Start your story, Trixie.”

“I mean… if you insist.” She shrugged.

The screen fades to blue, and then fades into black and white as chibi version of Trixie appeared in the corner. Angel, Malia and Trixie are in a cabin together. “Finally some girl talk!” Angel grinned as the three girls sat on their beds.

“What is girl talk?” Malia questioned as she stared at the other two.

“You know? Where we talk about things that we don’t want the guys to hear.” Trixie smiled. Malia still looked confused, so Trixie started. “Like how I think that Alfie is really, really adorable and hot!” Malia giggled.

“Oh yes, yes! I understand!”

“We already know that Angel doesn’t have place in heart for anyone besides Cody Simpson…” Trixie started.

“Hey now! I can make it room if I really wanted to! But I don’t because he loves me!”

“Yeah, ok.” Trixie forced a smile, “but what about you Malia? Is there a guy here that you like?”

Malia blushed. “Well… My parents would NEVER approve but…”

“GIRLS? Where are you? We’re almost there.” Emmett shouted out as the three giggled.

“We’ll continue this later!” Trixie smiled and ran out of the room.

Emmett stared at Trixie, “You missed our morning training!”

“Sorry!” Trixie sighed, “It was just nice to hang with the girls.”

“We need to make sure the team is performing the best….” The muscular leader sighed, “Alfie was looking for you.” She lit up slightly before wandering over to wear the blond boy was.

“Trixie!” Alfie beamed and gave his friend a hug. “You weren’t there for boot camp! Were you sick? Do you want candy? It always makes me feel better!? I don’t want you to be sad!” He quickly said, handing her a candy bracelet. “Smile Trixie!”

Trixie giggled. “I’m feeling better already.” She attached the bracelet to her wrist. “Where do you even keep all of this?” She asked.

“All of my candy?” He replied and looked around to make sure that nobody was looking. He leaned in close to Trixie and whispered, “The treasure chests!”


A barrel crashed against the deck. “You need to drop your attitude Youri. You’re going to drag the whole team down.” Emmett stated between his teeth.

“You need to stop thinking you’re in control here!”

Emmett sighed. “I am doing what’s best for the team. I don’t want any of us to go home.”

“No. YOU don’t want to go home. Stop trying to make this seem like it’s about us as a team! You just want to prove your blood-sucking thing of a girlfriend that you’re not a total farm-boy loser!”

Malia whimpered as she arrived onto the deck. “Guys? Please stop, fighting is not the answer. Think of what your families would think. This is not how we do things.”

Angel jumped behind her, “Agreed! Let’s just go down there and win this challenge, and forget this ever happened ok?”

“Who asked you?” Emmett and Youri both growled out and stared at the two girls.

The screen returned to the present. “I hope we make it out of here alive,” Zac muttered to Rhonda.

“Me too! I don’t know what Toby or Jenny would do without me!”

Zac groaned at the names, “Don’t tell me those two are going to be your co-hosts? Are you trying to ruin the Total Drama brand?”

Rhonda stuck her tongue out at Zac, “Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Don’t act like one then.” He pulled out a mirror and adjusted his hair, “Do I look ok?” Rhonda rolled her eyes.

The screen fades back to blue, and then to black and white. A chibi version of Emmett appeared in the bottom of the screen. “I like can not believe that like he just passed out!” Angel gasped dramatically.

“Atleast you won’t fight anymore,” Malia shrugged.

“It’s not my fault. He started it!” Emmett chuckled.

Trixie nodded, “It doesn’t matter I’ll carry Youri, let’s just get going. I don’t want to lose this challenge!”

Alfie’s nose perked up, “Do you smell that?”

“Smell what?” Angel asked confused.

“SUGAR!” He cheered out and raced through the forest. His team chasing after him.

“Alfie! Come back, this isn’t a good idea!” Emmett shouted.

“My nose never lies!”

Angel pipped up, “I believe him! It’s like that one time I lost Cody in the West-Ed mall, and I had to spend forever trying to find him. But then I remembered I had a gps tracker in his shoe!”

Malia whispered to her friend, “What does that have to do with smelling?”

“Cody smelt sooooo good!” Angel giggled and hugged her friend.

“Are those two even for real?” Trixie giggled as she and Emmett chased after Alfie.

Emmett shrugged. “Angel atleast has wits about her, Malia… I don’t know she just seems so out of place.”

The cowgirl nodded, “She is a little off…. Isn’t she.” She sighed.

“MY NOSE LIED TO ME!” Alfie gasped stuck a lollipop into his mouth. “Oh…. It was prolly just my lollipop.” He turned back to his team. “Sorry guys, all that’s here is a giant temple of some sorts.” He started to walk back towards his team. “Way to go Alfie! You might have just won us the challenge!” Emmett grinned and gave the boy a giant hug. “Come on!”

Alfie whispered, “But there’s no candy in there! And I’m almost out!” He pulled on his pockets to reveal all he had left was a few pieces of licorice. “I won’t make it man!”

Trixie handed Alfie his candy bracelet, “Here.”

Alfie’s face lit up. “Are you sure? Do you really mean it?” She nodded. Alfie wrapped his arms around Trixie. “Thank you!” He started to munch on the bracelet.

“Let’s go!” Emmett announced.

The screen fades back to the present. “You mean, you knew we weren’t alone on the island, and you still chose to go into the scary temple of death?” Mana questioned, shocked.

“Yeppers! That’s exactly what we did!” Youri rolled his eyes, and Emmett elbowed him.

“Is that where you found this?” Rhonda pointed to her head dress. And the Killer Sharks all nodded.

Zac grinned, “Now that’s a story I want to hear!”

A chibi version of Malia appeared on the screen as it faded to blue, and then to black and white. “It’s really dark in here,” Malia whispered as she clung to Angel.

Angel pulled out a lighter and lit it, giving the team some light. Her team turned to her questionly, “What? How else am I supposed to get past Cody’s security?” She turned to a torch on the wall and lit it aflame and handed it to Emmett.

“My parents would never approve of our friendship,” Malia giggled and she intertwined her arm with Angel’s. “You're far too adventurous.”

“I just like having fun is all,” Angel shrugged. She handed Malia a lit torch, and marveled at the way the light reflected off of her hijab. “That’s really beautiful,” she commented.

Malia blushed. “Thank you, I made it myself.”

“AHH!” Alfie shouted as the ground beneath him shattered. Trixie quickly lassoed him, and Emmett helped pull him back up.

“Is this… safe?” Malia asked.

“We’ll be fine. You can wait outside if you want.” Emmett offered. “It shouldn’t be too much farther.”

“I’m sorry team… It’s just I can’t.” She whimpered and made her way out of the temple.

“That wasn’t part of the plan!” A voice argued.

“What plan? This is MY plan. MY idea, you’re just part of it!”

“But he was actually totally nice! He so didn’t deserve that!” Malia listened carefully, trying to match the voices to the other contestants, but she couldn’t.

“Why are you even doing this to yourself?”

“I have my reasons, and you have yours! Just stick to the plan.”

“Do you really think he’s going to fall for it?”

“I know he will.”

“RUN MALIA RUN!” Trixie shouted, as she grabbed onto the small girl. The rest of the Sharks racing behind her. “It’s going to crash!” She quickly added, as they rushed down the stairs.

On Angel’s head was a feathered headdress. “Do I look amazing or what?” She giggled once they made it out of range of the crumbling temple.

The screen returned to the present. The blue sky had started to make way for the orange of dusk. “So you destroyed an entire temple?” Mana questioned.

“Yes,” Emmett replied, “But not the statue! My entire team was with us. We had nothing to do with it.”

Zac spoke up, “He was a point. They,” he looked over to where the Inca were sharpening their spears, “Want us to offer up whoever destroyed the statue. They either don’t care about the temple… or don’t know. Let’s not remind them.”

Mana turned to the Hotties. “Your turn. Speak up now, or forever be guilty.”

“Oh boy… You may as well slaughter us all know.” Viola started. The screen turned to a golden yellow, and a chibi Viola appeared in the corner of the screen. The colour faded to black and white as Viola sat on the stairs that led up to the deck where the wheel was.

“Day three. My teammates are insane. I am now certain I am on the new season of Degrassi. With great and emotionally deep characters, such as Fleur. The girl from Paris who unknowingly accepted to go on a date with Colin. May her soul find peace after Hannah and Sam finish with her. Sam and Hannah, thirsty gay and thirsty psycho. Colin. The American who is seemingly attractive, but oblivious to everything around him.” Viola stared at the camera before biting into her apple. “And me, Viola. Only normal member of the team.” A loud scream pierced the air, and Viola turned to the sound. “It looks like Hannah and Sam just found out that Fleur and Colin are on a date. Good luck Fleur.”

The screen followed Viola as she walked down the stairs and into the cabins below. Hannah and Sam were yelling at one another. “WHAT! Do you mean he’s on a date with HER?” Hannah huffed.

Sam groaned as he did a quick rep of push ups, trying to get his muscles to glisten in his sweat. “I just woke up, and Colin wasn’t there! There I saw him with FLOWERS going to HER room! She must be stopped, we can’t let this happen!” He jumped to his feet. “He loves me!”

The gamer slapped Sam. “Don’t you dare! My hotness level is WAY higher than yours ever will be! Besides, you’re a guy! He’s totally straight!”

The gay teen stared at her. “Just you watch little missy.” Sam grabbed his shirt and wiped the sweat off of himself, and then tossed the dirty laundry at his team captain. “I have a plan.”

“Same here!” Hannah growled as she raced past Viola. “Shouldn’t you be steering the ship?”

Viola’s face turned white as the ship rocked back and forth, “Ooops.”

“Oww!” Voices called out from one of the cabins nearby. Viola walked towards the room, and opened the door. In front of her, Colin, Fleur, Hannah, and Sam who was still shirtless were in a dog pile in the centre of the room. A small table, flowers and steak was spread across the floor.

“Why wasn’t I invited to the team orgy.” Viola sighed, and went to help Fleur up.

Fleur was blushing, “We were in the eating of breakfast, when Sam and Hannah joined us. I asked them if you would be in the joining of us, but they said died.” Fleur blinked. “And then,” she motioned around the room, “caput.” She sighed and wrapped her arms around Viola who groaned and stared into the camera.

Colin was blushing as he tried to get out from beneath both Sam and Hannah but they weren’t budging. “Hello? Are you alive?”

Sam groaned, “I think my mouth is injured, can you feel it for me?”

“If I could move.” Colin muttered back, and Sam jumped to his feet. “That’s what I thought,” He winked at Sam who blushed. Hannah still didn’t move.

“I think she died. We’re finally free!” Viola said cheerfully.

“Does anyone know CPR?” Colin gasped as he shoved the girl off of him. The contestants stared at each other before Sam begrudgingly stepped forward.

“I hate my life.” He groaned as he got down onto his knees and performed the kiss of life. Hannah’s eyes lit up as their lips touched, she slapped the teen and ran away. “You’re welcome.” He rolled his eyes and turned to Colin. “How was your date?”

Fleur's eyes went wide. “D-date? Is what?”

Colin winced, “You mean… you didn’t know this whole time?” The american’s face went red as he slapped himself.

Viola stared into the camera. “See? Such a diverse and deep team.”

The screen returned to colour as Zac groaned. “Ok. We get it, you don’t like your team.”

Fleur frowned and gave Viola a giant hug, “This can not be in the truth!” With her touch, Viola’s eye twitched.

“Friendship is futile. We will all leave sooner or later. In your case,” she glanced over at both Hannah and Sam, “It will likely be sooner.”

Mana turned her focus to the french girl. “Your turn! Please, tell me you saw who destroyed the statue!”

The screen switched to a golden colour, with a chibi version of Fleur appearing in the bottom of the screen. It fades to black and white, and the Zactastic Hotties are seen cowering in the bushes. Hannah spoke up, “See! I said stalking the pirates would be greatest option! Wing really knows how to sniff out treasure.” She whispered as the Incans captured the majority of the other team.

Fleur whispered, “Shouldn’t we help them?”

“I am in agreeing with her. They might get hurt!” Colin turned to Fleur and smiled.

“Same!” Sam cheered out.

Viola sighed as she turned to her other team members. “The coast is clear, we should be in the following of them.” Fleur turned to Viola and nodded.

“Lead the way!” She cheered. Hannah glared at the pretty blonde and back at Sam, she ran her finger across her neck, and Sam nodded. The captain made her way to the front, as she followed the tracks left by the Inca.

“So… Fleur. Why are you on the show?” Sam asked as he walked beside the french girl.

Her eyes lit up, “I thought this was Britain's Next Top Model!” She frowned, “I was mistaken.”

“You would be a true beautiful model.” Colin smiled and wrapped his arm around her. “You should be in the showing us of your model walk!” Hannah suggested and winked at Sam.

“Ok!” Fleur giggled as she left Colin’s embrace and walked in front of the others. As she began to strut Hannah turned to Sam and nodded.

“LOOK OUT!” They both shouted as they threw fruits at the girl. Before the fruit could reach the girl, Viola jumped into the way, wielding a large stick and swung at the fruit sending them flying. “Wow! Where did the monkeys appear from?”

Viola glared at the pair before turning back to Fleur. “I used to be in the playing of basketball before I discovered my teammates were useless.” Fleur ran up and jumped to hug Viola who reluctantly opened her arms.

“You’re amazing!” She kissed Viola’s cheek in thanks.

“We are here!” Colin announced as he peered over the cliff, and down at the Incan village. He pointed to the cages where the Pirates were held. “We need a plan.”

Hannah stared down, “If my years of gaming experience have taught me anything,” She paused, “It’s that there will be only one way we can do this and still be making it out in all pieces.” She turned to Sam. “You, will be the wench and will flirt with him.” She pointed at the leader of the Inca. “While we, rescue the others.”

The screen returned to the present. Rhonda sighed as she looked up at the sky, “We’re running out of time.”

Fleur frowned. “I am sorry I was not in the mode of helping.”

Mana frowned, “Don’t worry! I think I almost figured it out! You were great!” He smiled and turned to Colin. “What happened next?”

The screen returned to the golden colour, as a chibi version of Colin appeared. It faded into black and white, showing Colin, Hannah, Fleur and Viola running away from a hoard of Inca. “I don’t think that the plan worked!” Colin shouted as he carried Fleur who had hurt her ankle.

Hannah groaned, “Sam must of insulted him or something! I knew I should have sent you! You’re hotness and charisma skill are way higher!” The american blushed.

“You’re really… kinda handsome.” A girl's voice flirted.

“It’s not the time to state your affection, Hannah!” Viola growled.

“You’re kinda hot too, I guess.” A voice replied.

Fleur turned to Colin, but he didn’t say anything. “Who is in the speaking?” She called out to no reply. As the group raced towards the shore, stone came crashing down behind them. The team looked up, and saw what remained of the statue, and two figures who ran away. The Inca surrounded the team. The leader walked towards them, attached to a chain was Sam, who was now shirtless and being walked. “I think I’m his pet now.” Sam groaned as the leader petted his hair.

The screen returned to the present. “We’re finally getting somewhere!” Mana cheered out. “Now for the last team so i can finally put all of the pieces together!” The intern turned to Sirens.

The screen turned to a light red, as a chibi version of Kimmi appeared in the corner. The screen faded to black and white. The girl is shown waking up from her bed, “Grayson?” She whispered out. When no one replied, she turned to her side, and saw that he was missing. “Oh….” She whispered to herself. She crawled out of the bed and pulled on one of his shirts, and put on her own jeans.

The door opened, as Grayson cheerfully walked in, with two plates with fruit and bacon. “Breakfast is served,” He smiled and crawled into the bed with Kimmi, wrapping an arm around her.

“I missed you,” She whispered.

“I know,” He smiled back and stuffed an orange slice into his mouth and smiled, revealing orange teeth. Kimmi giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

Once the pair were eating Kimmi got up. “I’ll see you later, right?” She asked as she headed for the door. Grayson nodded. The girl kissed her heart locket as she left the cabin.

“Kimmi!” Andre sang out and waved at the girl.

“Andre! Hey!” She smiled as she approached her captain who sat on the steps playing his guitar. “What are you doing?” She asked as she sat beside him.

“Just working on a song for Dania,” he blushed. “I like to think she’s at home right now, watching me.”

Kimmi giggled and wrapped her arms around him. “That’s so cute! She’s a very lucky girl!”

“Or unlucky,” he sighed dropping his pick.

“Don’t say that!” Kimmi frowned and moved her fingers to Andre’s face and made him smile. “Be happy!”

Andre flashed a smile. “It's just hard knowing that if I don’t go far here than her dad will never let us date. Why did she have to like me, of all people.” He groaned.

“Then we will just have to make sure we don’t lose!” She cheered.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A STARBUCKS COFFEE!” Cherry shouted at Damien who raced out of the kitchen in an apron.

“She’s nuts. Save me!” He shouted as he cowered behind the pair.

Cherry stormed out of the kitchen. “I require my tall triple frappe mocha-mellow pumpkin spice latte EVERY Friday!”

“Well I’m sorry that this isn’t Starbucks!” Damien groaned.

Cherry put her sunglasses on, “If I don’t get my mocha-mellow you can like totally forget about us winning today.” She crossed her arms and turned away from team.

“One tall triple frappe mocha-mellow pumpkin spice latte, cooled to the right temperature,” Grayson announced as he walked out of the kitchen and handed the girl her coffee.

“How did you know how to make this.” She questioned, staring at the fluid and sniffing it. “It smells divine!”

“Gray-bear used to work at the Starbucks at his school,” Kimmi giggled.

The taller, white girl stared at Kimmi. “Like, who asked you?”

“She’s just trying to be nice, someone Cherry.” Grayson said. “This is our peace offering.” He winked as he pointed to the message he had written on the cup.

Cherry lipped her lips. “Cherrylicious.”

The screen returned to the present. “Your team is low-key insane,” Zac sighed as he turned to the sky. “And if you don’t finish telling your story we’re all going to die.” Mana nodded and turned to Damien.

Kimmi raised her hand, “Can I pee?” Rhonda nodded and led Kimmi away from the group

The screen turned to the dim pink, and then to black and white. The Sirens were walking through the forest. “I think that we should split up,” Grayson announced.

Cherry nodded, “Yeah… like we’re not really getting anything done here.” She scoffed as a plant touched her skin.

Andre nodded, “That seems like a good plan, “Damien and I will keep going, you three should head back and see if we missed anything.”

“No!” Cherry, Grayson and Kimmi all said in unison.

“I think I should come with you two,” Kimmi suggested, “I really feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to get to know my new BFF’s” She smiled and wrapped an arm around both Andre and Damien.

“Yea, and I think Cherry and me should be able to figure this out… quickly.” Grayson added.

“Like yeah!”

Andre and Damien turned to each other and then at Cherry and Grayson, and then at Kimmi. “I mean if you’re ok with it broski,” Damien shrugged.

As the trio walked away Kimmi turned to Damien. “So why did you audition for the show!”

Damien shrugged, “I don’t know. My sister was on it awhile ago, and I just thought it would be a good idea. To get out there and stuff? I was supposed to be on last season, but Lindsay thought it wouldn’t be a good idea…Zac didn’t seem to think so though!”

Andre frowned. “Last season would have been the bomb if you were there! Maybe I wouldn’t have left first!” He chuckled and lightly punched Damien in the arm.

Kimmi smiled, “Aww, last season looked like so much fun! I’m jealous that you got to be on it for even an episode!” She frowned.

“Why did you join the show Kimmi? You see like you already have it all? You know, with Grayson.” Andre asked.

She blushed and then lightly giggled. “Graybear is such a cutie, isn’t he? I’m so lucky that I found him… But I made a promise,” she grabbed onto her locket. “And I can’t break it. Not now… Was that Youri?” Kimmi gasped as a figure raced through the woods. Before the guys could say anything she had already raced after him.

Once she was out of earshot Andre turned to Damien, “How can she be so oblivious to Cherry?”

Damien shrugged, “I don’t even know, it’s so obvious.” He groaned, “Let’s climb up the tree so that we can get a better view.” Andre nodded as they climbed up.

“Do you see that?” Andre gasped and pointed to where two figures, Cherry and Grayson were basically on top of each other. “We can’t let Kimmi find out.”

The screen returned to the present, Kimmi and Rhonda were still away. Mana turned to Grayson and Cherry, “You’re lucky this challenge wasn’t about finding the biggest cheaters. But you may as well explain yourselves.”

The screen faded back to the light pink, and then into black and white. Cherry and Grayson were a mere centimetres apart as they stood in front of a giant rock statue. “You’re kinda, like so, handsome.” Cherry winked as she leaned in a little bit further.

Grayson blushed, “And you’re kinda hot… If only I knew what two attractive people are supposed to do when they’re alone… together.” He grabbed Cherry’s shoulders and moved around her, and pressed her against the stone.

Cherry’s breathing got deeper. “Like, I don’t know either…. Maybe you should teach me.” Grayson leaned in to kiss Cherry, and she kissed back. Leaving a trail of cherry-red lip marks across his cheek and neck. “I should go!” She gasped and raced into the forest behind them.

Grayson wiped his face and neck off before he raced after the girl. “Cherry wait!”

The screen flashed back to the present. Cherry glared at Grayson, Andre was busy wiping off what lipstick was still on Grayson’s body. “I have everything I need.” Mana announced. He walked towards the Sharks, “Your team was the only team to actually do the challenge, and also the only team I know for a fact had nothing to do with the destruction of the statue. You guys were never anywhere near it.”The sharks cheered out and shared a group hug, asides from Youri who groaned.

Mana turned to the Pirates next, “And you… Well you were the obvious choice at first. No one seems to know what happened to Wing and Yasmin after they were separated from the rest of the team. Plus your team had the opportunity to destroy it, while Sarah was alone with it…” Zac growled out. “But she had no reason to… So you are also safe.” The pirates cheered.

The intern turned to face both the Sirens and the Hotties. “I think the answer is obvious.” He turned to Grayson and Cherry. “Cherry ran off after you kissed her because the force was so much that it crashed the statue, sending it falling onto the Hotties who were being chased by the Inca.”

Everybody gasped. “And we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you, and your meddling manatee!” Grayson said light-heartedly.

Kimmi skipped back after using the restroom, “So what did I miss?” She asked.

Zac finished reviewing the footage and turned to Mana, “Mana is correct. The Sirens caused the statue to collapse and will now need to vote one of their own to be offered as a tribute to the Inca.”

“You had footage of this the entire time?” Youri groaned.

Rhonda shrugged, “Sort of. Someone scrapped most of the footage so it mostly useless... Besides this was way more fun.”

“We don’t have time to have an actual elimination ceremony,” Zac pointed to the sky above, so if you guys could all just announce who you want to eliminate, that would be perf.” Andre stepped up, “Cherry.”

Kimmi cast her vote next, “Damien, like I’m sorry! You’re really like nice, but yeah.” She frowned at her friend.

Damien turned to Cherry, “Cherry. You know why.”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “Damien.”

“Cherry.” Grayson announced last.

Cherry gasped. “This wasn’t according to the plan either! I didn’t want to be on this like stupid show anyways! But I totally don’t want to be offered up as a tribute to the Inca gods!” The girl tried to run away but tripped over her Starbucks lip balm and fell into the Inca leaders open arms.

“Me likey.” He announced and dragged Cherry away. The Inca army vanished into the forest, leaving the remaining contestants shocked.

“That was… just a challenge right?” Yasmin asked, “If there was actually an Inca city here, someone would have found it already…”

Zac and Rhonda frowned. “Sadly not. And Cherry was one of our biggest rating boosters.” The hosts sighed as they walked back to the ships. “Tune in next time when the teams deal with the aftermath of almost being sacrificed to the Incan god! And will Kimmi finally discover the truth about Grayson? All of this and more… next time on Total Drama… TIDES”

The screen fades back to black and white. Sarah is shown in front of the statue. “What are you doing here?” She whispered, backing away from the figure. “I didn’t tell anyone! I swear! I won’t!”

The figure approached Sarah. “They better not. I can not afford for this to get leaked.” Sarah took another step backwards, and knocking the statue over. She gasped.

The screen fades back to the present.

(CONF): Sarah is shown in the dark, staring at the camera. “Thank you Zac… I don’t know why, or how you did it… but thank you.”

Chapter Five: Red Sky at Morning...

The screed showed the casting trip, Mana, Rhonda and Zac on their jet boat, the four pirate ships behind them. Zac spoke up, “Last time on Total Drama Tides, our pirates found themselves in an Incy situation when the island we were visiting turned out to be inhabited by the lost Inca civilization - this was made worse when one of the pirates destroyed their prized statue.”

Mana slowly put his detective hat away, “After taking a closer inspection, I was able to discover that it was Cherry and Grayson who while making out caused the statue to fall.” Zac looked away from the camera while Mana continue, “Knowing the truth, Andre and Damien voted off Cherry, leaving her to spend her life with the Inca.”

Rhonda pulled out a paper umbrella and used it to block the sun, “In the end though, last episode just brought out more questions and mysteries than it seemed to answer! Who exactly are Tameron and Wing? Where exactly was Youri? And who keeps visiting Sarah?” She poked Zac’s cheek. “Stay tuned, because this episode is going to be a wild ride!”

As the intro cut, the three stared at eachother. "So which one of you is it?" Zac asked as he stared at the pair. 

"Is what? You're pet?" Rhonda chuckled as she nudged Mana in the arm. 

"I am simply dedicated to the job!"

Zac turned to the pair again. "No. There was another monster sighting last night." The host pointed at Mana, "You're the only intern I have left. I had to hire... actual filmographers or whatever they're called to film the show."

"Why is that bad?" Rhonda asked confused, "Don't you want better quality?" 

The Canadian turned red. "No, because now they will be able to tell just how low-quality you actually look! WHY WON'T YOU TAKE MY FASHION ADVICE!" He growled as he flipped through his phone, showing Rhonda a number of potential outfits that she could wear. 

"..." Rhonda gasped. 

"PJ?" Mana jokingly added. Mana and Rhonda turned to each other and giggled as Zac walked away from them. 

"Was it something I said?" Rhonda blinked. 

The screen switched to the Killer Sharks’ dining cabin. The six members sat at the table eating their breakfast in silence. Emmett reached over for the pepper and gently sprinkled some onto his eggs. Beside him, Youri made a face.

“Are we going to talk about yesterday?” Trixie questioned, and turned to the other members of her team.

Malia spoke up, “About the fact that we just lied to Zac! He’s going to find out! I don’t feel good about this, at all!” Angel wrapped her arm around Malia.

“What were you even doing Youri? I hope that it was worth it.” The fangirl sighed. “It’s not even like you were good at being sneaky, the other teams saw you!”

The petite boy chewed his lip. “Not all of us can be expert stalkers. And it doesn’t matter. Like always Emmett saved the day, didn’t he?”

The muscle head sighed, “I shouldn't need to save the day. We’re a team. We do this as a team.”

“Then maybe we should all start pulling our weight.” Youri sent a glare over at Angel and Malia. “As far as I’m concerned we could afford a few less mouths to feed.”

“Can you pass the sugar?” Alfie asked to no one in particular as he poked his eggs.

Angel grabbed her toast and threw it at Youri. “We’re valued members of this team! Isn’t that right guys?” No one said anything as Youri pulled the buttered toast off of his face. “Guys?”

Malia looked into her friend's eyes and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go Angel… I don’t think we’re needed here.” She sighed softly, as tears started to fall from her eyes.

“Is no one going to pass me the sugar?” Alfie frowned, and got up from the table and grabbed the sugar pot. He gasped in horror and dropped it as it shattered on the floor. “It’s… It’s empty!” The teen raced to his secret stash of candy, only to find it was also missing. He turned to the camera, eyes wide and let out a scream.

(CONF): Alfie sat on the dinghy attached to the ship, “I don’t think I’ll make it. This is the end. He gasped as he licked the last bit of sugar from his hand. Send help!”

“We can’t tell her.” Andre groaned.

Damien sighed as the pair sat on the edge of their ship, “What do you mean we can’t tell her?” He looked over and saw Kimmi standing at the bow of the ship, her arms wide opened as the wind danced with her hair.

Andre stared back at him. “You should know more than anyone considering yous sister and all, and how you were low-key on last season. But Jade? Ivy? Hannah? HEATHER? A woman scorned is a monster! And it’s always the sweet ones that end up being the scariest!”

The legacy contestant turned back to the musician, “You don’t think that she would do anything bad… do you? She’s so sweet.”

Andre shook his head. “And she’s so in love with him.” He sighed as he watched as Grayson walked up behind the girl and wrapped his arms around her waist and they shared a kiss. “He’s such an ass.”

“Agreed. So we don’t tell her?” Damien asked, and Andre nodded.

“Now we just need to make sure the other teams don’t get any funny ideas.” Andre sighed.

(CONF): Andre sighed. “I don’t know what I’m doing here anymore. I used to think that if I had a second chance I would be able to do it! You know, win? But my team has lost twice in a row now, and we’re basically a ticking time bomb now.”

(CONF): Damien sat in the crow's nest as he gazed into the camera. “If Kimmi finds out, and if she wants revenge, I don’t think I’ll stop her. Sometimes revenge can be the best kind of therapy.” He chuckled.

The camera panned to the bow of the ship. Kimmi pressed her cheek against Grayson’s as they watched the red sky. “I’m really glad that we got to come here together Graybear. I don’t know what else I would rather be doing this Summer!”

Grayson smiled and played with her hair. “You’re such a cutie, and I’m so glad you followed me here. “I’m sorry we eliminated Cherry… I know you were kinda friends.”

Kimmi smiled widely, “That’s ok! As long as I still have you! And it’s not like you have a history of getting rid of my friends or anything!” She grasped her locket. “Let’s just make sure that we win today ok? I don’t think I’m ready to lose you.” She stared into his eyes.

“I don’t want to lose you either Kimmi cub.” He planted a final kiss on her forehead before he turned to the boys and rolled his eyes. Once he was close enough he whispered, “Thanks for not ratting me out.” Andre and Damien both turned to each other and smiled lightly.

The screen jumped to the purple ship. Elyar and Sarah stood in front of the wheel. “You know, you never told me why you were washed up on that island.” He teased.

Sarah gasped. “Don’t remind me!” She covered her breasts. “I like to think that I was fully clothed back then!” She giggled, but then looked back at the sea.

“Was it bad? Did something happen?”

The singer sighed and gently turned the ship's wheel. “I was sailing around the world with my… best friend. There was a storm one night,” her voice started to fall from it’s normally peppy sound, “And then I woke up with you staring down at me… I thought he died.”

“Did he?”

“No…” She smiled lightly. “Was that one of the islands you protect?”

(CONF): Elyar sat on his bunk bed and stared at the camera. “Sometimes I wonder about my team… We just seem so linked together but... Why?”

Wing gazed down at the newest member of her crew, Yasmin who had just finished crawling back aboard the ship and was soaking wet. “Arrr, now ye be a real member of the Wing clan.”

Yasmin wrang out her clothes. “Does this mean,” she took a breath and wiped her glasses off, “That you will finally tell me about your family?”

“We all be family now. Tell me about yours and ye will learn of mine.”

The scholar groaned. “Why does everything have to be about tricks with you. My parents both work for a university. They’ve been away studying for years.” She pointed to her book. “This is what they sent me last year. That’s all I know about them. Ok?”

The pirate captain grinned. “Me father passed away, but not before telling me about mother. She was a fair maiden and she was captured. Now she’s a prisoner.” Wing spat as Tameron walked past the pair, with Zaina in tow. “And I won’t be stopping until I see her.” She shoved a banana into her mouth.

“Tell me more about your home country please?” Zaina asked as she walked beside Tameron. “It sounds so beautiful. Lexi would love it.” She whispered.

Tameron pointed at the bandana that Zaina wore on her head, “Take it off first. Pirates are not welcomed in the Kingdom of Floria.” Zaina nodded slowly and removed it, “Second, you are strong, Lexi will come back.”

“Only if I can prove to her that I’m worthy.”

“Perhaps, or perhaps milady simply needs to believe herself worthy.” The butler grabbed onto Zaina’s hand and sat her down. “As promised. My home kingdom was once a glorious place, protected from the outside world. But a storm came one night and everything changed.”

The screen divided into three, as Elyar, Tameron and Wing told their stories. “That island was home to a kingdom, we had been serving and protecting it for many generations, but that night everything changed.”

“A storm caused me father's ship to end up on an island. He had good relations with the people there for many moons... But that night everything was different.”

“A pirate ship attacked that night. Our people were unprepared. Many children were taken in hopes of finding the princess.”

“My father was stationed at the island... but he had to keep me safe... He... He left his post for me." 

“Me father's crew sought protection from the storm, but they took me mother.”

“The battle continued throughout the night. The event is known as the Deflowering of Floria. The royal children were kidnapped. With only the Queen left to protect her people…”

“A civil war broke out, with the people of Floria hoping to end the reign of the Queen who clearly could not protect them any longer, I was forced to flee with my father and my people have not since returned. Many say the civil war is still happening.”

“His crew lost, and me mother gone. Father left the island. He vowed to one day return to Floria and rescue me mother… So now it’s me task.”

The screen jumped to the Hotties ship. “Can she walk?” Viola questioned as she watched Fleur attempt to step away from Colin’s protection, but tumbled over.

“Uh yuy!” She murmured out, as the American helped her back to her feet.

“I wish that was me…” Sam groaned as he watched the way Colin held Fleur close to his body. He and Hannah were leaning against the railing, and looked down at the other members of their team.

Beside him Hannah groaned. “He prolly thinks that we’re a couple now, since you just HAD to perform CPR on me.” The gamer groaned, “I had a couple extra lives stored!” “I know I would be jealous if someone was dating me.” Sam muttered.

“Yeah! Ever since Saber my hotness level has been rising!” The pair turned to each other.

“Are you thinking…”

The scene cut back down to the trio. “I think I will be in the ok.” Fleur sighed as she gripped onto a wooden cane. “Thank you two.”

“I can’t believe that happened.” Colin gasped. “I just hope you heal soon, this is a dangerous show.” He said as he remembered that they were almost all killed by the Inca empire. He looked up and gasped.

Fleur turned her attention where Hannah and Sam were making out. “Are they, how you say?” she made kissing sounds with her lips.

“Dating? Making out? Kissing? Showing their eternal love? Yes. Yes they are.” Viola turned to Colin who stared at her.

The pair stopped locking lips and looked down. “Oh sorry… Didn’t see you there.” Sam scratched his head and wiped away Hannah’s excess saliva from his face.

“You’re such a great kisser Sam!” Hannah said shocked.

“Well duh?”

The screen jumped, revealing the four ships all docked on an island. The cast stood in front of the three hosts. “So after yesterday's traumatic events I thought it would be a good idea to offer some assistance in your grieving process.” A tall teenager walked out from behind Zac, he had large, strawberry blonde hair, and wore a light blue flannel shirt. He had a fit body, and blue eyes that stared longingly into Zac’s before they shared a kiss. The host coughed slightly, “Welcome Hayden, my boyfriend, and your counselor for today.”

“Hayden is going to be shadowing you guys as we go through today's challenge.” Rhonda started, “I think it’s important to make sure that you guys keep him safe… because I don’t think Zac would like it if his boyfriend got killed.”

“That being said…” Mana dropped a giant bag filled with swords. “This is another dangerous challenge. We’re going to be saying hello to some of our old… friends. Who stole a map that we need.”

Sam raised his arm. “Does Hayden do private sessions?” He winked innocently at the new arrival.

“Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?” Zac replied and stared at Hannah who blushed.

“Girlfriend?” Everyone else asked shocked from the other teams.

Hannah pulled Sam into a kiss. “We’re dating now.”

Sarah raised her arm. “Boyfriend? You’re dating someone, Zac?” She asked lightly and the host nodded. “Oh…” Elyar wrapped an arm around his friend.

“So what exactly is the challenge today?” Emmett asked as he grabbed one of the swords and practiced swinging it.

As if on queue, the screams of pirates filled the shore, as a hoard ran at the contestants. “GET ME MY MAP!” Zac shouted as he, Rhonda and Mana jumped on their jet boat and rushed away.

“Not these guys again.” Trixie yawned and walked towards the pirates. “Miss me?” She winked.

Alfie tackled the girl out of the way as an arrow raced past her face. “Momma told us not to trust you!”

“Thanks!” Trixie screamed as she and Alfie raced back to the other contestants.

“What do we do?” Malia asked as she frantically looked around for a way to help.

“Figure that out.” Youri rolled his eyes as he finished wrapping his fists in a cloth. He walked towards the closest pirate and kicked them to the ground. Angel raced up beside him and tied the pirates arms together. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?”

The girl winked. “I have lots of practice!”

“There’s so many of them!” Alfie shouted out as the pirates kept clashing against the teens.

“We’re not alone.” Emmett added, as he looked at the other three teams who were also fighting back the pirates.

“We make a break for it!” Damien grunted to the rest of his team as the pirates swarmed them. “We should be able to sneak away while they’re busy with the others. “We can’t afford to lose again!”

Kimmi’s face went white. “No! We can’t they’re our friends! You don’t just leave people behind!”

“If we don’t we’ll lose the challenge,” Grayson added. “There’s no way four us will cover as much ground as all of them.” “You guys go. We’ll stay.” Andre decided. “We’ll make sure they don’t suspect anything.”

(CONF): Andre smiled weakly into the camera. “I can’t let them tell Kimmi about Grayson… If she was going to stay, one of us had to keep her away from the others.”

The team nodded in agreement as Damien and Grayson snuck off. Kimmi smiled at Andre, “Thank you!” She giggled and picked up a sword. “CHARGE!”

“Who should keep an eye on her?” The Hotties asked as they stared at Fleur. “I am feeling useless.” The french girl pouted as she attempted to walk in the sand with her cane but toppled over.

Viola helped her back to her feet. “I will. At least it will be a quick and painless death. Just don’t giggle or squeal, or be happy.” She stared down at Fleur who offered a smile.

With swords in hand, Colin, Hannah and Sam walked away from the pair. “Since when were you two… a thing?” The American asked as he smacked a pirate away.

Hannah offered a laugh, “Since always… You didn’t know?” She nervously glanced at Sam who facepalmed.

“Ever since I first saw him-” Sam blushed, “I mean her all tied up, I knew it was meant to be.”

Colin smiled, “That’s really cute! I kinda feel the same way about Fleur… But she just doesn’t seem to understand when I try to flirt with her.” He frowned. “Any tips?”

Hannah and Sam stared at each other and grinned. “Maybe save the day or something. Girl’s love that.” Sam smiled.

“Heroes always get the girl at the end of the game!” Hannah added.

“They’re really queite good at this.” Yasmin observed as she, Sarah and Zaina watched the other three members of their team fight off the pirates.

Sarah giggled. “Yeah, Elyar is really something isn’t he…”

“He’s so brave and strong,” Zaina added.

“Hey girls!” Hayden smiled as he walked over. “How are you all feeling?”

“Right now?” Yasmin asked and pointed to the pirates that were surrounding them. “Attacked.”

“How long have you and Zac been dating?” Sarah asked curiously.

Hayden chuckled, “I’m supposed to be asking you guys the questions, come on!”

“I feel so lost without her.” Zaina admitted.

“Without who?” Hayden asked.

“Lexi.” She frowned and fell into Hayden’s arms. “I’m not strong or brave like them. I’m weak. I’m stupid. I’m useless. I didn’t deserve her.”

Sarah and Yasmin exchanged a look as Hayden pulled Zaina away from the others. “Why do you say that?”

“I’m not special like Tameron. I’m not from somewhere beautiful. I was adopted. I fell in love with flowers and plants and everyone at school hated me. I’m not a pirate like Wing,” she pointed at the bandana on her head. “I’m not smart like Yasmini, or charming like Elyar. And I’m not attractive like Sarah. I’m Zaina, the lame-a.” She started to cry onto Hayden.

“Shhhh,” he hushed. “Don’t say that. You’re special! You’re Zaina! You have a giant heart. And it’s natural to miss someone who was so important to you, like Lexi was. But if you want to recover, and have a chance at being friends with her again, you need to move on.” He pointed to the other members of her team. “They need a leader. Lead them.”

In the safety of their ship, Rhonda and Mana gasped at Hayden’s recommendation. “Your boyfriend is trying to ruin our favorite couple!” Rhonda booed as they threw popcorn at Zac. “Why did you even bring him here?”

“Our contestants needed some closure.” He said flatly.

Mana sipped from his cup of Tim Hortons and smiled. “You know this is starting to taste not bad.”

Rhonda slapped the cup out of his hands, “Don’t you dare say that! Come back to me Mana!”

The scene returned to the shore. “TEN!” Elyar shouted out as he knocked another pirate to the ground.

“Thirteen” Tameron announced as he used an umbrella to KO another.

“Pssssh. Twenty-one!” Wing yelled as she flung two bananas at two separate pirates, knocking them out.

The trio all looked at each other. “This doesn’t mean the past is in the past.” Tameron said courtly. “Floria remembers what you both did.”

“HA!” Wing laughed. “More like what Floria did!”

Elyar sighed as he walked past the pair. And back to the rest of his team, “It’s clear now.”

(CONF): Elyar stared at the camera, “I knew those two were familiar… This won’t end well.”

The four teams came together again. “Any idea on where we need to go?” Emmett asked.

Hannah shrugged, “Even if we knew, I doubt we would tell you.”

“We need to not hate each other guys,” Andre groaned. “This isn’t just a challenge. Those are real pirates! We need to stick together.”

“Is that why Grayson and Damien snuck off during the challenge?” Youri said flatly and stared at Kimmi. “She doesn’t know does she?”

“Know what?” Kimmi asked as Andre dragged her away.

“Nothing, Youri’s just being a jerk. Let’s go.”

Zaina returned to the contestants after talking with Hayden. “There.” She pointed to the giant tree house. “That’s where the map is. It’s in three parts. Whichever team doesn’t get a part is voting someone off.”

The camera panned to show four paths through the forest. And it zoomed in on as the Zactastic Hotties took walked through one. “You were all tres, tres amazing!” Fleur giggled as she rode on Viola’s back. “Oops! Sorry, me forgot!” She hugged Viola who grimaced.

“We have a good shot at winning this I think,” Colin grinned as he pointed to a rope ladder that led up to the tree tops.

“Looks like Fleur’s going to have to stay down here,” Hannah shrugged.

Sam nodded, “There’s no way she will be able to climb up the rope with her ankle like that.”

“I’ll stay with her.” Colin said quickly.

“No!” Viola muttered. “I will. You need to win the challenge.”

“Be the hero!” Hannah and Sam cheered, which cause Colin to nod.

“Fine.” He climbed up the rope, and Hannah and Sam followed behind him.

Hannah and Sam walked slowly behind Colin as they walked across the rope bridges that linked the trees. “Do you really think this is going to work?”

“Of course!” Sam said as he locked hands with Hannah who barfed in her mouth. “Love always wins!”

She nodded. “Always.”

The screen jumped to the Pirates. “We just need to work together!” Zaina said as they walked through the jungle.

“We’re a great team!” Sarah smiled. “Maybe we can even win a challenge for once!”

Tameron stared at Wing, “Perhaps. Perhaps not. Only if we all want to work together.”

The pirate snickered. “Comeon Tam-Tu, like old times. Captain Momma prolly misses us!”

Yasmin stared at the pair, “Captain Momma?”

Tameron sighed. “A fierce pirate captain. She takes in a large number of orphaned lads for her crew. She is renowned and feared by all.”

“If she’s actually here we could all be in trouble.” Elyar said grimly.

The team stopped as they found a wooden cabin. “What do we do?” Sarah asked.

“Move forward.” Zaina announced and opened the door. Inside they found a staircase. “And upwards.”

The screen cut to Damien and Grayson. “Why did you do it, bro?” Damien asked as the pair wandered through the treehouse fortress.

Grayson shrugged. “You saw Cherry. You saw how hot she was and she was basically throwing herself at me.” He opened another door. “What was I supposed to do?”

“Say no? Be true to Kimmi?”

The prep-school boy grinned. “Common, you would have done the same.”

“No. No I wouldn’t have.”

Elsewhere in the fortress, Alfie was shivering. “Am I the only one who feels like I got locked in an ice cream truck?”

Trixie looked over at Alfie who was shaking. “No… It’s actually really warm here. Are you ok?” She asked as she pressed a hand against his forehead.

“He looks sick,” Malia added.

Angel frowned. “He looks like what Cody looks like when he sees me after a long time.”

“Sounds like a bad time all around,” Youri shrugged.

Emmett stopped. “We can’t have him holding us back. Trixie and Youri you two stay with him” He turned to Angel and Malia. “Time to show that you’re valued members of the team.”

Angel and Malia turned to each other and smiled. “We won’t let you down!”

Once the trio disappeared, Trixie dragged Youri away from Alfie. “I know what you did. But why? What does getting rid of his candy have to do with anything?”

Youri shrugged. “Let’s watch Emmett save the day now.” He crossed his arms and sat down. “With Angel and Malia there’s no way.”

“You’re willing to lose the challenge to prove your point?” Trixie gasped.

“Trixie…” Alfie moaned out in pain. The cowgirl sent a final glare at Youri before she returned to Alfie. “I’m here.”

(CONF): Trixie flipped through the pages of her diary. “I’ve dated lots of guys… but Alfie is the first that I actually care about. Ugh. What is wrong with me?”

“Are you not telling me something?” Kimmi asked she she and Andre wandered through the jungle.

Andre rubbed the girl's back. “It’s nothing honest. Just keep smiling and let’s win this challenge.”

Kimmi huged Andre. “Dania’s a lucky guy to have you.”

He smiled back. “Thanks… Sometimes I wonder if she would be better off without me though, her father can be a scary man sometimes.”

“Love conquers all.” Kimmi replied.

The screen switched to show a map of the treehouse fortress. The Killer Sharks, Pillaging Pirates and the Zactastic Hotties all appear to be just outside of a large chamber where Grayson and Damien are.

“You smell of Cthulu.” A female's voice called out to the pair in her chamber. “Idiots you are for thinking you would survive the seven seas without making a sacrifice.” Damien and Grayson exchange looks as three doors opened around them. Emmett, Angel and Malia walked in through one, the whole Pirates team in the second, and Colin, Hannah and Sam in the third. “Oh…. you brought some friends. It’s a shame you will all end here.” A slim woman with scarlet red hair jumped to the floor of the room. She snapped her fingers and pirates stormed the room, dragging Colin, Emmett, Elyar, Sarah, Yasmin and Zaina away. “Now it’s even.”

“Miss me?” Wing smiled innocently as she appeared behind the Captain and tricked to smack her with a banana, but she moved in such a way that she ate it instead. “Ahhh, Little Wing. It’s been too long.” She kicked her to the ground. “And you brought your little Tam-Tu with you? Adorable.”

“Who is she?” Malia gasped as she raced to hide behind Angel, who puffed out her chest.

“An old friend… And who might you be?” She smiled at Malia. “You do not need to fear me.” She motioned for Malia to join her. “You feel lost and abandoned. Why is that.”

“Ignore her Malia. Remember you’re part of the team!” Angel cheered and hugged her friend.

“She’s the captain of all those pirates.” Tameron stated and nudged Wing pointing towards the map on the wall.

“You can call me mother.” She smiled and turned to Hannah and Sam. “Why is it you fake your love for one another? Is it because of the boy you came here with?” She paused, “This is why girls are not allowed in my crew. Pathetic.” She slapped Hannah and then Sam. “Get it together.”

Damien and Grayson bolted for the map on the wall. Mother jumped to the pair and grabbed them by their shirts. “You hate each, other yet work together. Who is your captain? Do they have no mind?”

The screen switched to the jungle floor. Fleur cuddled up against Viola as she napped. “Why am I left with you? What have I done to deserve this.” Viola groaned.

Sarah groaned as she wrestled against the cage bars. "Why do I always end up behind bars. It's like that one time at band camp... and that other time at music camp," she frowned, "And that time with Elyar..." 

Hayden walked over to her. "I thought you guys were supposed to keep me safe?" He chuckled, pulling up a seat as he examined her from the other side. 

"Hayden?" The singer sighed. "This really isn't the time." 

"I think it is." He smiled, and pulled out a notebook. "You seem down, and confused. Friends of Zac shouldn't ever be sad. I want to help." 

Sarah's face lit up slightly, "He called me his friend?" 

The american nodded, "He spoke of you very fondly last I saw him." She blushed and looked away. "Can we talk now?" 

"Yes..." She stared into Hayden's light eyes, "I can see what he likes about you. You're very persisitent."

It was Hayden's turn to blush, "Don't tell him I told you, but... He misses you Sarah."

"Then why did he leave me," she slowly said and looked away. 

"Leave you?" Hayden questioned, confused. 

"I'm done talking." The singer decided.

The screen jumped to Andre and Kimmi. “Do you hear that?” Kimmi asked and perked up.

“It’s the others!” He grinned.

“Our friends! They need help!” The pair raced to the sounds, and found two pirates guarding a door. Kimmi screamed out for help, as the pirates raced to find her. She then knocked the two out. “All clear!” She giggled.

“You’re amazing. Grayson’s… a lucky guy.” He smiled.

The pair opened the door and saw the contestants who were captured. “Let’s help them!” Kimmi decided, but Andre put an arm out to stop her.

“Kimmi… If we help them we might not win.” He said slowly, thinking.

“But they’re our friends!”

The scene jumped to where Hayden was sitting with Youri. “You have a lot of hate going on. You’re aware that Canada has you voted as one of their least liked on the show?”

Youri rolled his eyes. “Once Emmett is gone they’ll see! They’ll see that I’m a good guy!” “Why is it Emmett’s fault? Why do you project your failure onto him?”

Trixie shouted out, “Because he’s a coward.” She craddled Alfie who was passed out, and whispered to him, "He won't get away with this."

“Just leave me alone. I don’t need this.” Youri groaned, and walked away from Hayden.

The scene returned to Mother’s lair. The eight contestants all stood in front of Mother who blocked their way to the map. “My crew worked hard to get this map, why would I let you take it?”

Malia jumped at Mother, but she swatted the small girl to the side. “Your determination is nice. But you are weak. Come here, girl. Allow me to be nurture you, and make you strong. Look at Little Wing.” She pointed to the girl who was close to the map on the wall, but slipped on a banana peel. “I can do wonders for you.”

“She doesn’t need you!” Angel decided. “She’s strong without you.” Malia looked at her friend with hopeful eyes but shook her head weakly.

Hannah and Sam stared at each other. "Why are we still holding hands? Colin isn't even here." They both recoiled at the realization. 

The doors to the room opened, as the other contestants raced in. “CHARGE!” Emmett shouted as the contestants all raced at the pirate captain. Mother swung at the first handful, but she was greatly out numbered. 

"Noooo!" She screamed as they tied her down. "This can not be happening!" She tried to loosen the ropes but to no avail. 

Behind the group, Kimmi gave Andre a hug, "You made the right choice!" 

"Did I though?"

“Good bye mother.” Wing waved as she grabbed onto a piece of the map. "I can't wait to see ye get out of this mess!"

“This isn’t the end.” She muttered and stared at Tameron. “I helped you escape her once and this is how you repay me?” Tameron sighed looking at Mother.

"That is far in the past now Mother, I do not care to remember those days." He pulled out a single rose from his pocket and left it with Mother. "For beauty can not hide a thorny past." 

"I got it!" Colin grinned as he grabbed the second piece to the map. He raced over to both Hannah and Sam who kissed on his approach. "Do you guys want some alone time or something...?" He made a face and walked past the pair. 

"This stupid plan of yours isn't working," Hannah groaned and stomped in place. 

"MY PLAN? This was your plan!" Sam growled. 

The scene jumped back to the jungle. Fleur had woken up. "Come on, let's be in the method of going." The french girl smiled and jumped to her feet. 

"You... You can walk?" Viola stared as the fashionista was able to bounce of both of her feet. 

Fleur blushed and raised a finger to her mouth. "How you say, ummm, secret?" She giggled. 

"Why would you lie about that?" Fleur shrugged and walked away from Viola. Viola turned her gaze to the camera, "Things are getting complicated here at Degrassi high."

Andre and Emmett looked at the last piece of the map as they tackled each other to fight for it. Angel shoved Malia forward as she raced for the piece, Grayson, Kimmi and Damien behind her. The girl watched as they were catching up. With a tug at her hijab, she undid it and threw it backwards, blinding her pursuers, allowing her to get the final piece of the map. The room went silent as Angel tore off her top to give to Malia to cover her hair. “No.” Malia gently shook her head, allowing her hair to flow. “I can do this.”

The screen cut to the dock. Zac stared at the contestants as Mana put the map together. “Sharks, Hotties and Pirates, congrats you all win. Bonus points to Malia and the Sharks for that performance. The Sharks cheered out and hugged Malia - asides from Youri who rolled his eyes.

Rhonda turned to the Pirates, “You guys did great too!” Tameron and Wing sent each other a glare but joined in on their team hug.

Mana walked towards the Hotties. “And somehow, you guys also won... “

“Sadly.” Rhonda added. The hotties joined Fleur on the ground and shared a hug.

“And like always, we’ll be seeing you all at the elimination.” Zac turned to the Sirens and sighed.

The screen switched to the Screaming Siren’s ship. The Kimmi sat on Grayson’s lap, and Andre and Damien sat on either side of the pair. Rhonda sighed as she turned to the team. “Zac would be here, but he’s too busy locking lips and saying goodbye to Hayden. So I guess you’re left with me!” She giggled, “And Mana!” She cheered as the intern waved to the contestants.

“We tried to warn you that you were going to get cursed,” Mana frowned. “But you guys didn’t listen and now look, after tonight there will only be half of you left.” The intern walked towards Andre. “After you went through so much in the first season, why don’t you take this seriously? Don’t you want to get Dania back!”

The musician looked at the ground. “I miss her. But I don’t know if I can go against my morals just to win a challenge. I want to prove to her dad that I can win, but I’m not going to change who I am to do so.”

Rhonda turned to Kimmi, “You’re the last girl on the team, don’t you think you owe it to Cherry to win?”

Kimmi smiled lightly, “Cherry was my friend in so many ways… but in other ways she wasn’t. Cherry’s gone now though, so that doesn’t matter. I want to move forward.”

Grayson raised his hand, “I have something to say,” He lifted Kimmi off of his lap and turned to look her in the eyes. “I think we need to br-”

“Wait!” Damien shouted. “Kimmi, you need to know this! Grayson cheated on you with Cherry!”

“I know.” Kimmi shrugged. “Grayson always cheats on his girlfriend.” Everyone gasped and turned their attention to her. “That’s why I wanted to come on the show.” She pointed to the cameras. “Millions of girls are at home watching this, and now they all know the truth about him. No matter how pretty he is, or how wonderful his words are. He’s famous now, and no girl will ever want to date him again.” Kimmi grabbed her locket and threw it at Grayson. “Remember Jamie?”

Grayson stared at Kimmi who was starting to tear up. “Jamie jumped off the bridge after she saw you kissing girl number 4. I couldn’t keep her safe from you! She wouldn’t believe me!” She sniffled and looked up at the red sky. “I made a promise that night that I would end you!”

Rhonda and Mana turned to each other speechless. The girl host started to slow clap, “Power to you!”

Kimmi looked down at Grayson. “Cherry? She didn’t want to be here. She was willing to do anything to leave the show and get home to her Starbucks sooner. She doesn’t want to be your girlfriend.” The girl groaned, “before taking a seat beside Damien. “Let’s move on.”

The intern lit the first cannon as Andre’s face appeared in the sky. “As you know,” Rhonda started, “If your face appears in the sky you are safe tonight. You still have your shot at staying with Dania,” Rhonda smiled. Mana shot the second cannon, and Damien’s face appeared. “And you still have your chance to get your revenge. Lord have mercy on Zac’s soul.” Mana chuckled as he and Rhonda shared a look.

“I think it’s obvious who’s going home at this point,” Rhonda stared at Grayson who was still speechless. “But fire away Mana.” Mana shot the final shot into the sky as Grayson’s face appeared.

“What?” Everyone apart from Andre and Damien gasped. The pair stared at each other.

“We didn’t know Kimmi.” Andre apologized.

Damien spoke up, “We didn’t want you to get hurt!”

“Bye-bye Kimmi Cub,” Grayson muttered as he walked away from the elimination ceremony, Kimmi’s locket in hand.

Kimmi turned to Andre and Damien, “it’s ok.” She gave them both a giant hug. “It’s not your fault! I should have told you guys. Friends forever ok?” She whispered and they nodded.

Mana and Rhonda wiped away each other's tears as they pointed to the plank of shame. “It’s time to go Kimmi.”

The girl nodded as she walked onto the plank. She whispered softly to herself, “Red sky at night, sailors delight.” Before she jumped into the ocean below.

The scene jumped to the shore where Hayden was locked in Zac’s arms. “I’ll miss you,” the Canadian whispered.

“I know you will.” Hayden blushed, “But don’t worry about it, you’re doing a great job here!”

The host frowned, “It’s hard… being here without you. Mana and Rhonda hate me I think.” Zac snuggled his head onto Hayden’s shoulder.

Hayden smiled, “Speaking of Rhonda… You wouldn’t believe it! She asked me to join her show!”

“WHAT!?” Zac screamed into the sunset as Hayden chuckled. Somewhere in the distance Rhonda slept with a grin on her face.

Back on the island... "My little Tam-Tu, I knew you wouldn't leave Mother here to rot." She rubbed the ropes that contained her against the thorns of the rose to loose the rope enough for her to break free. She let out a screech, and summoned a number of pirates. "Arm the ships. We have a new mission."

Chapter Six: The Lost City...

The screen flashed to reveal the trip of hosts on their motor boat. They led the the four pirate ships behind them to their next destination. Zac who, having run out of hair gel had resorted to wearing a red and orange ballcap, stood up and turned to the camera, “Last time, the four teams battled it out against the Mother of the ocean in order to retrieve this,” He pointed to the map.

Mana smiled and spoke next, “This map is going to lead us to the most dramatic location yet! And after Kimmi’s shocking reveal and elimination, the show is really just starting to heat up!”

Rhonda stared at her phone as she sent another text message, Zac glared down at the co-host, as Mana nudged her. “Oh!” She shouted, shoving her phone into her pocket, “Will the cast be able to find clarity, or will all of the mysteries blow up in their faces! Stay tuned and find out!”

Zac waited a few seconds before he turned to his co-host. “What was that? Are you trying to get my show dropped? Our rankings are topping Frozen, and we’re one of the highest rated shows on the network!”

“No! That’s not it,” She turned to her phone, “It’s just… You know, stuff.”

“Whatever. I’ll be back. Just make sure you keep following the map.” The host muttered as he pulled off his shirt and hat and jumped into the water.

“Where is he going?” Mana asked, and frantically tried to catch his boss’s clothing before they got wet.

Rhonda snickered. “Probably going to pay a visit to get some sharks ready to tear the teams limb from limb.”

“Why don’t you like him?” The intern asked, as he scooched over beside Rhonda.

“You do realize he could single-handedly ruin the Canadian stereotype of being a nice?”

Mana shook his head, “He’s just determined. Why would you even come here if you thought he was so mean?”

Rhonda stared at the rising Sun, “The network made me. It’s not like I thought he was interesting, or cool, or Zactastic before I actually met him!”

(CONF): Fleur is shown sitting on a treasure chest. “My team is still not knowing of my ankle. It is in the feeling of goodness, but,” she blushed, “It is tres nice to have them care for me.” She frowned, “Viola knows… But I am thinking she won’t tell. She is how you say,” the girl paused, thinking of the words, “golden in heart.”

The Zactastic Hotties all sat on Fleur’s bed as they ate their breakfast, asides from Viola who was slumped against the side of it. Colin fed a handful of berries to Fleur who blushed as she nibbled down on them. “You all really did not have to eat on my sleeper. I could have been in the joining of you upstairs.

“I told you this was just a waste of time.” Hannah groaned as she tried to get comfortable on the petite bed, but just ended up snuggling closer with her faux-boyfriend, Sam who winked back at her.

Sam awkwardly patted Hannah’s head. “Don’t be silly. Fleur loves it here. And all of us sharing a bed with Colin is kinda great…” He paused, “I mean us all sharing a bed is great!” He quickly corrected.

“Yes. All of us.” Viola repeated as she banged her head against the wooden side of the bed.

Colin sent a gaze at Sam and Hannah. “Wait are you two… a thing?”

“Well duh!” Sam announced and pulled Hannah in closer.

(CONF): “As attractive as Colin is,” Sam observed as he rummaged through Colin’s clothes. “He has the memory of a goldfish.”

Hannah got off from the bed and pulled on Sam, “Well… we’re going to go do.. Couple stuff.” She said innocently. Once the pair were out of the room, she turned to Sam, “See! He’s starting to get jealous! This is my best plan ever!”

Sam stared at Hannah. “You do know that they probably think we’re going back to my cabin to do the…. Coitus, right?”

Hannah blushed, “Where’s the rewind button when you need it. This is why I need a higher charisma level.” She moped.

Back in the cabin, Viola got up to leave. “Well… I see when I’m not needed.” She spoke and turned for the door.

“NO! Please be in the staying!” Fleur pleaded and gave Viola her best puppy-dog eyes.

Colin pinched one of her cheeks, “You’re cute when you do that.” Fleur gave the American a strange look but then smiled when she saw Viola return to her seat on the floor.

“Can I… Can I PLEASE be doing your face?”

“Excuse me?” Viola and Colin questioned.

Fleur pulled out her makeup kit. “Please?”

“No!” Viola argued and got up to leave, but Colin grabbed her.

“Come on, she’s injured it’s her only request.” Viola stared at Fleur’s ‘injury’ and then back at Colin. She returned to her seat.

“Do you have any midnight blue.” Fleur squealed in delight, as she went to work on Viola’s face.

(CONF): Wing stood at the edge of the pirate ship, staring through her personal handheld telescope. “Seeing Mother again reminded me of the past… Of me childhood and how lucky I am to have had Tam-Tu at one point. Arrrrrrr,” She sighed and put the spyglass away, “When he left me… Me be stuck with her alone.” A tear fell from her eye and she walked away.

Elyar, Tameron and Wing stood alone in a room staring at one another. Elyar spoke up, “We’re all obviously here for a reason. Would one of you care to explain why?”

“To you? You let my kingdom fall to into her father's hands.” Tameron groaned and stared at Wing. “You failed us. You do not deserve to know.”

“For once,” Wing paused, “Me be agreeing with Tam-Tu. You abandoned your post many moons ago to keep her safe. A stranger whom ye know nothing about.”

The agent sighed. “We all know what could have happened had she wandered into the kingdom. It’s a mess there.” He examined the pair. “Is she here… The princess?” Tameron and Wing exchanged glances before they left the room.

Zaina sat behind the captain's wheel as she and Sarah took turns steering the ship. “Hayden seemed like a nice guy.” Zaina smiled and gave a nervous glance to Sarah.

“He was nosey. And I KNOW nosey, I went to band camp! Four times!” Sarah groaned and walked over to the edge of the ship and stared out at the water below, where Zac was swimming. She rolled her eyes and turned back to Zaina. “He seemed to be a miracle worker with you though.”

The flower girl blushed. “He was.” She walked over to Sarah and offered her a hand. “We can do this, ok?”

The singer nodded. “I don’t think there was really ever a doubt that we could.” She teased and accepted Zaina’s hand.

“How do you know Elyar?” Zaina added.

The pair walked back to the wheel. “I had a sailing accident a few months ago. He rescued me. He’s been by my side ever since.”

“Is he…. Your boyfriend?”

“Omg! NO!” Sarah gasped. “He’s like my big brother!”

(CONF): Elyar is shown seated on a barrel. He pressed a button on his watch, and a hologram appeared. ‘Target: Sarah Weiss. Secured.’ He let out a long sigh, as a timer ticked down above the name. He banged his head against the wall, and turned the watch off.

Yasmin clutched an envelope that a seagull dropped on her. It had her family’s signature crest, a tree sapling. She quickly tore it open and stared at the hand-written letter. The written appeared rushed and ragged. The edges of the parchment were torn. Yasmin’s eyes caught the final two words, “Save us.” The academic shoved the letter into her pocket and stared out at the sky.

The screen jumped to the turquoise ship. Emmett and Trixie are sparring on the main deck. The pair clashed and danced as their foil blades created a show of sparks. Each step they took was matched, and every swing parried. “Where’s Alfie?” Emmett asked, “I was hoping he would be here for training.”

Trixie sighed. “He still has the shivers. He’s trembling like a cold horse in July.”

“And the girls?”

“I don’t know, having fun?” She groaned and dropped her weapon. “I think I’m done for today. Alfie’s probably getting lonely.” Trixie stepped away from Emmett. “Maybe you should get some rest. You’ve been working really hard lately.”

The captain shook his head. “I’ll rest when we win.”

Once Trixie was out of sight Youri walked out from the shadows. “Looks like you’re losing your team. It’s going to get hard to win the challenge when you’re the only one left trying. Mr. Macho man.”

“Don’t you ever get bored of hating on me?” Emmett groaned as he walked over to the crow's nest, wrapped his arms around it and began to climb.

“Surprisingly not. Well.. When you’re ready to win the challenge you know who to apologize to.” Youri chimed as he skipped away, biting into a chocolate bar.

The scene jumped to Angel’s and Malia’s shared cabin. The walls were plastered with black-market posters of teen heartthrobs. “You were so brave yesterday!” Angel shouted as she ran her hand through Malia’s dark hair. “You won the challenge for us and shut Youri up!”

Malia blushed, “I was just being a team player. We all would have done it!”

“Youri wouldn’t.” Angel corrected. The girl looked at Malia’s hair, “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes! Not wearing my Hijab makes me stronger. It makes me more…. Like me, and less like the person I am at home. I don’t need to take care of my brother all of the time here. I get to be myself. And I would LOVE to have my hair braided by my best friend.” She encouraged Angel.

The pig-tailed girl nodded. “What about your parents though… Won’t they be upset?”

Malia looked away from the camera. “Not if this is what makes me happy.”

(CONF): Trixie stared down at the diary in her lap. It was opened to the swimmer page. Alfie x Trixie was elegantly scribbled randomly across the page. “This isn’t good.” She flipped through the pages, each page had a sport and a photo of a guy. “Why is he so special.”

“Feeling a little under the weather?” Youri slyly asked as he walked into Alfie’s cabin. Trixie sat along the edge of his bed, a damp cloth pressed against his forehead.

“Does this make you feel big and tough?” Trixie hissed. “You’re no better than Duncan or Heather.”

Youri shrugged, “They both won.” He pulled out another chocolate bar. “Mhmm, so good.” He bit into the cocoa filled goodness.

Alfie’s eyes lit up. “Candy?” He weakly whispered.

“Yes. Candy.” Youri offered Alfie a bite, who eagerly sunk his teeth into it.

Trixie dragged Youri by the shirt of his collar out of the room. “What do you want?”

“Throw the challenge, and I’ll make sure your little sweety gets some sweets for his sweet tooth.”

“You’re insane.”

“Angel and Malia won’t get lucky twice. Emmett can’t win the challenge if you two aren’t competing. If you want Alfie to be back on his feet you better throw the challenge.” Youri pulled out a bag of gummy bears. “An act of good faith.”

Trixie took the bag. “You need to have more faith in those girls. They’re going to surprise you.”

“They’re too busy having a self-discovery moment.”

The screen switched to the final ship, that belonged to the Screaming Sirens. Grayson is shown in his bedroom barely clothed, a small locket hanging over his exposed chest. He carefully made his bed and then pulled on his outfit for the day.

In Damien’s room, Andre and Damien sat in silence. “We mucked up,” the singer frowned as he solemnly strummed his guitar.

The legacy contestant nodded and rubbed Andre’s back. “How were we supposed to know. She never said anything.” Damien jumped onto his bed on his back and sighed. “We’ll just have to make sure he leaves next. For Kimmi.”

Andre shook his head. “No.” He stopped playing his guitar and turned to face Damien. “We can’t keep losing. We’ll win. For Kimmi.”

“Bro! What about Grayson!? We can’t just let him get away with that! It’s like he doesn’t even care!”

“Let him live with the guilt then. We can’t lose. We have to be strong, for Kimmi, for Cherry, for Leo.”

On a small jet boat Zac, Emmett, Hannah and Zaina were gathered. “Where’s Andre?” Emmett asked.

“Was he eliminated?” Hannah gasped. “Not really shocking, I guess he came in with the lowest experience level.”

Zaina shook her head. “Kimmi went home, don’t you pay attention to the fireworks?”

Zac pulled out three files, turquoise, golden yellow, and a deep purple, he handed them to the respective team captains. “Inside you’ll find a profile on the three remaining Sirens. Today there will be two challenges. One challenge for immunity, and a second for the members of the Sirens. The second challenge only you three will participate in.” The host started to explain as he watched the three captains.

Emmett flipped through the file and then looked up at Zac. “Have you even read these?” He asked as he stared at Damien’s booklet.

“No. That’s why I have a co-host and an intern.”

Hannah spoke up, “But- I think you’d want to-” But Zac cut her off.

“I know everything I need to know about you all. Stop wasting my time.”

“So what’s the challenge?” Zaina asked.

“You three will be responsible for convincing the remaining Sirens to join your team. After the elimination today whoever is left on the Sirens team will be given the choice on what team they want to join.” Zac waited to see if the three had any questions, and when they didn’t he shoved them off of his boat and raced off. “Good luck!”

The four ships stopped at a rocky ledge. “We’re here!” Rhonda announced through a megaphone as she, and Mana stared at the map. “Welcome to the lost city of Atlantis.”

Zac glared at Rhonda, “You need to use a happier and more excited voice for that. We’ll have to have you rerecord that later for the actual show.” Rhonda sent a glare at Mana who smiled apologetically.

“Like totally sorry!” Rhonda rolled her eyes.

“Is that sass I’m detecting?”

(CONF): “Is that an ass I’m detecting, eh?” Rhonda muttered to herself as she stared into the camera. She gasped as she realized that she said ‘eh’. “This is not good.”

Zac walked towards the ships to greet the others. Mana raced over to Rhonda’s side. “He needs you. Don’t forget that! All of the polls show that you are JUST beneath him in popularity!” Mana handed Rhonda a small plush Manatee. “Without you the ratings would tank!”

“So this is Atlantis?” Damien asked and pointed to the rocky cliffs that surrounded them.

Andre nodded, “It always seemed a lot more lively in the movies.”

Wing jumped in front of the others and raced to the rocky mountains, her ear pressed against the stone. “Shhhh! Cthulhu speaks to me!”

“Cthulhu!” Grayson announced, as if remembering something. “That’s why all of this bad stuff has been happening to me! I’m cursed because we never offered a tribute to him!” He declared.

Damien rolled his eyes and muttered to Andre, “Yeah, it has nothing to do with being a cheater.”

Andre nodded but turned to Wing, “Do you know some way for us to stop the curse?”

The pirate groaned and threw a banana at Andre. “Me be speaking with ze lord, hush.”

(CONF): Zaina stared at the camera, “There’s strength in numbers, if I can get them to join my team, I can’t lose!”

Zaina walked over to her pirate captain. “We should help them.” She giggled lightly and pulled out a banana from Wing’s hair and started to eat it. “We’re not here to make enemies.”

Wing who was half-listening to her captain slammed her hand against the rock wall which caused a staircase to appear that led deeper into the mountainous cliff. “Ay-Ay captain.”

The remaining contestants stared in awe at the hidden passage. “How did you do that?” Emmett asked quickly as he pulled out a flashlight from his pocket.

Sam groaned. “THAT’S what that was?” The blond blushed and shoved his hands back into his pockets.

His gamer of a ‘girlfriend’ wrapped her arms around him. And whispered into his ear, “If you’re trying to blow our cover keep flirting with the Apollo apostle.”

Yasmin was already on the scene with a pocket lamp, and a journal. “It appears to be rather dated. This hasn’t been opened in centuries.” The scholar tried to take a step forward, but the host blocked her path.

“Not so fast!”

Fleur who was conveniently on Colin’s back spoke out. “Is this the being of place of new challenge?”

The american nodded, “Is that why we had to get the map to lead us here?” He walked closer to the stairway, as Fleur lit it up with a match.

Mana walked over to the others and started to hand out torches. “This is the next location, and this is why we needed the map. This is Atlantis and you will all be the first people to explore it in a very…. Long time.” The intern stopped as he returned to Zac’s side.

Elyar’s eyes went wide. “Wasn’t Atlantis lost?”

“All of the stories say that it sunk forever ago, no one's been able to find it since.” Sarah added.

Tameron walked towards the doorway as well, he pulled out a handkerchief and brushed the edges of the arch revealing a blue-green colored stone. “It was always Mother’s dream to find the city and make it her new lair. Luckily we got here first.” He turned to Wing who gave a solemn nod.

(CONF): Tameron appeared in front of the camera as he adjusted his bowtie. “Mother set me free once. She let me leave her crew so I could search for my sister.”

Trixie, and a now much peppier Alfie joined Emmett by the doorway. “This isn’t gonna be a normal rodeo, now is it?”

The candy lover put his arm on Trixie’s shoulder, which caused her to blush. “No… It doesn’t look like it.”

“This one time, Cody Simpson and I tried to find Atlantis!” Angel cheerfully explained to Malia. “Except he ended up going to the Atlantis casino and I ended up just snorkeling in the fountain…” She giggled.

Malia, who’s hair was skillfully braided now giggled. “He must really love you! You two were always off on adventures!”

Youri groaned as he rolled his eyes and stubbornly walked over to Viola. “Do you ever feel like your team is just filled with a bunch of whackjobs that Zac found on Tinder?”

“Daily.” Viola replied as she glanced over to where her team waited. Hannah and Sam were busy scheming in an attempt to get Fleur off of Colin’s back, while Colin was attempting to ask Fleur out again, while Fleur was just being plain adorable.

Rhonda spoke up. “Before you is the path to the City of Atlantis. Today your challenge is simple, get to the city of Atlantis. The last team to arrive will be sending someone home. But be warned, all is not what it seems as you make your descent into the city.”

The three hosts all gathered by by another rock formation. The host hugged his employees close to his chest. “Ta-ta for now!” he slammed his elbow against the stone wall. “HOLY MAPLE BEAVERS!” He screeched out in pain as Rhonda and the contestants all snickered. Mana pulled out a bag of ice from his safety pack that was inside of his bag. The host turned to Rhonda, his face a flush red, “YOU SAID IT WAS HERE!”

“Eh?.” The American girl looked at the Canadian host. “My bad.” She slammed her own arm against a different section of the rock, as the three vanished from sight.

The teens stared at where the hosts were standing just moments before. “They’re like a dysfunctional family.” Andre chuckled.

“You would know.” Youri rolled his eyes, and grabbed the torch from Andre’s hands. “Say hey to Dania’s daddy when you go home for me.”

Emmett lifted the petite teen by his collar and placed him back in front of Andre. “Say that you’re sorry and give him the torch back.” Youri struggled against Emmett’s force as his limbs waved throughout the air.

“Sorry.” Youri muttered out, knowing Emmett wouldn’t let him down until he did so. The captain let him down and he raced off to the rest of his team who were giggling at his expense.

Andre looked up at Emmett. “Thanks.”

“I’m really sorry about everything, you know. With Dania?” The muscular teen wrapped an arm around Andre. “I’m here if you need to talk ok?”

(CONF): Hannah grimaced at the camera. “Zaina and Emmett are basically fighting over those three. Your party is only as strong as your lowest level and those three have yet to win a challenge. Idiots.”

Zaina and the other Pillaging Pirates were in a circle. Zaina looked over at Wing who kept trying to creep over towards the entrance, but Elyar kept pulling her back. “I know I haven’t really been all there for the past while,” She started as she stared at the Lexi-sculpture she had created and then mantled to the front of the ship. “But I want to do better! I want to do this for us, for us to win!” The blonde girl cheered, for the first time in a very long time.

The team all put their hands into the middle and raised it shouting “Pirates!”

“With that in mind,” Zaina turned to Wing and rubbed her back. “I need you to do a favor to me.” She looked over to where the Screaming Sirens were frantically trying to patch their ship that had crashed into the rocky shore. “You need to break their curse, and help them find Atlantis.”

The team stared at Zaina. “But Zaina… how are we supposed to find Atlantis if she’s helping the other team?” Sarah asked. “This seems like that one time at band camp when we thought merging with the other camp would make us more popular.”

“Did it work?” Elyar asked.

“That was my last year of band camp… it burned down.” Sarah shrugged.

Tameron pulled Zaina aside, “Are you sure this is a wise choice mi’lady? You are still fragile. Are you certain.”

Zaina squinted at Tameron. “Yes.” She said sure of herself.

Yasmin shoved her letter into a pocket. “I’d like to join Wing if that is ok.” Zaina nodded in reply. “It is very appreciated.”

Tameron attempted to protest, but Zaina shook her head. “We can do this.” She plucked a small flower from the ground beneath her and placed it in Sarah’s hair, “We will all do this.”

“It’s good to see you back in action, Zaina.” Elyar patted his captain's back.

Wing and Yasmin made there way over to the three remaining Sirens. Wing pulled out her banana war paint and smudged it across their faces. “This be a tough task at ye hooks. But a strong pirate will break the curse of Cthulhu.”

Yasmin nonchalantly nodded along as Wing described the trials they would face. A great creature would need to be slain and delivered to the ocean, a sacred dance performed, and, an oath made. Everything that she had read about. The scholar looked confused though when Wing tore their shirts off. Once Wing pushed the three Sirens through the doorway Yasmin spoke up, “Why did you do that? They don’t have to be shirtless to break the curse. That’s not in the book.”

Wing nodded as she shoved a banana down her throat, “But they be hot like Sun.” Wing raced after the trio giving a hearty laugh. Yasmin blushed lightly and picked up their shirts.

(CONF): Yasmin showed a white tee covered in red stains. “Someone is hiding something. I’m going to find out who.”

Angel picked up a message in a bottle from the shore. She peered inside of it, finding a Cody Simpson touring flyer. The pig-tailed girl squealed and jumped onto Malia hugging her. “CODY SIMPSON IS GOING ON TOUR WITH BLAINERSON MCMANLY!”

Malia gasped as she saw the image. “Is this the Cody Simpson you are always speaking of?” She pointed at the image in Angel’s hand. “There used to be a girl at my school who posted posters of her everywhere before she got expelled or something.” She bit her lip, “But he is very… appealing to the eye.”

The fangirl blushed and looked away. “I wish I could have met her…” She giggled awkwardly.

(CONF): Angel stared into the camera. “That girl was me… But I wasn’t expelled… not exactly.” She twiddled her thumbs. “Someone's parents petitioned the school that I be homeschooled until I could learn to control my emotions towards Cody!” She huffed. “Like that would ever happen! He’s like such a dreamboat!” She kissed the poster and then stared at the camera. “Do you mind? This is a private moment!”

(CONF): Malia blushed. “My parents are very strict on boys. When the crazy girl started to shove images of Cody Simpson into everyone’s lockers they took it upon themselves to have her removed from the school. She retaliated by painting his face onto the football field… She’s kind of my idol.” Malia’s face looked worried, “You can’t put that on the television! My parents would disown me!” She reached out to the camera and tried to get the footage but to no avail.

Alfie sucked on a lollipop, his peppy attitude having returned. “I can not believe that we’re about to find the city of Atlantis! That is WAY cool!”

The country boy looked over at Alfie. “Glad to have you back on board… But where did you find the candy?”

The candyholic looked over at Trixie who replied, “We found some stashed away,” She took a defensive step towards Alfie and placed her cowgirl hat on his head. “He’s still recovering though. Right Alfie?” She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pressured it.”

The blond teen coughed a few times and smiled up at Emmett. “Yeah!”

Youri walked towards his team. “Such a shame. I was,” Youri put a heavy emphasis on his next word, “really, looking forward to us winning the challenge today.” The teen pointed to a small splinter in his finger, “But it looks like I won’t be able to help out too much either.”

Emmett looked over his team. Angel and Malia were doing their own thing as they hugged and spun each other around in circles, Trixie was comforting Alfie and never let Emmett get close, and Youri… Well Youri cradled his injured finger. “Well…” He started but no one listened, “Let’s get going?”

(CONF): Emmett cupped his face. “I don’t get it. I thought we were making progress as a team! But now it’s almost as if no one is even trying! If I need to win the challenge all by myself I will!”

Deep below the surface the camera turned to show Zac, and his team as he waited on a large seafoam throne. To one side, Mana fanned him with a giant piece of kelp, to the other Rhonda sat on her own throne. “See, I told you this was a good idea!”

“You mean stealing a map from one of the most fearsome pirate crews that ever lived, and then instead of turning over the location of the city to a university or something, you kept it for yourself for a CHALLENGE?” Rhonda rolled her eyes and rolled her fingers against her throne.

Mana’s eyes went wide, he knew the hosts were about to have another one of their fights.

Zac let out his acclaimed Chewbacca sound. “We can not simply let our ratings tank! Once you’re a host you’ll understand- You do what must be done, matter the cost.”

Rhonda tugged on the strings to her hoodie. “I’d NEVER endanger the lives of my cast! That’s dangerous and cruel!”

“You say that now, but you’ll see. Everything changes. It’s my job to prepare you for that.”

“Holy maple syrup! Well you’re doing a bad job at that!” Rhonda shouted and then gasped, slapping her hand across her mouth.

Zac snapped his fingers. “Get us some Timmies,” The host turned to stare at Mana.

Rhonda groaned. “I need some air!” She jumped out of her seat and marched away.

Mana stopped fanning the host and started to race after her, but Zac stopped him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“This place isn’t safe! What if she gets hurt.”

“I want Tim Hortons,” The host restated. Mana frowned as he turned around and walked the opposite direction of his friend.

The camera pans to show Zac sitting alone on his throne.

The scene jumped to show the Hotties as they made their way through the labyrinth. Fleur clung to Colin’s body as he carried her through the rocky pathways.

Sam whispered into Hannah’s ear. “How does she do it? How does she always end up beside him?”

The captain shrugged. “Maybe it’s a love potion! She is from Paris after all.”

“I’m sure that’s exactly what it is.”

Viola gripped her arms as her teeth chattered, “I always knew I’d die freezing and alone.”

“Non! You are in the having of me!” Fleur shouted and quickly corrected herself, “us!” The frenchy blushed as she hid her face in Colin’s neck.

The American blushed at the feeling of Fleur’s lips against his neck. “You know in America usually we start by kissing each other's lips.” He teased as he swung Fleur around so she was in front of him and puckered his lips.

“Nonon! Not in the meaning!” Fleur tried to protest but Colin’s laughter cut her off.

“I’m just kidding! Dinner first, ok?” She nodded nonchalantly.

The team shared a laugh, including Viola. Sam stopped as and stood straight, and perked his ears up. He turned left and then right. “My gay-dars going off!” He whispered into Hannah’s ear. “This is not an alarm! Fire the cannons!”

Hannah gripped onto Sam. “This is it! Now you can finally prove that Colin is straight! Go free my little Navi. Lead us to the holy grail!” The captain turned to the rest of her team, “Sam’s going to lead the rest of the way, he thinks he caught whiff of something.”

The scene switched to the Sharks as Emmett led his team through a knee-high water pathway. “We’re almost there guys! Just a little bit further!” The farmboy turned to the rest of his team but they were less than enthusiastic.

Youri, with his short high was waist high in the water and essentially swam through the path. “Why do we even let you lead us again? It’s not like you care about our limits.” The teen pointed to Alfie who clung desperately to Trixie’s back.

“I’ll be alright!” Alfie gave a goofy grin towards Emmett. “I’m just a little tired still! I’ll be ok!”

“Stop being so nice,” Trixie grunted. “Emmett either we take a break, or we’re not going to make it.”

“There’s no way to say this song’s about no one else,” Angel sung out loud, letting her voice echo through the cave. “I love this song!” Malia cheered out as she added her voice to Angel’s as the pair sang Cody Simpson together.

Youri groaned. “Why are they still around?”

Trixie rolled her eyes, “Because they actually try to win.”

“Do you see all of the pretty stars Trixie? I think you’d like them.” Alfie giggled as he stared into thin air.

“We can’t just take a break, we’ll fall behind. I don’t want to lose any of you. We’re a team.” Emmett adjusted his train of thought.

“Is it just me or did the air suddenly become ten times less annoying?” Youri asked.

“The girls!” Trixie shouted, realizing the singing had stopped. The group stopped arguing in time to turn around and see a giant crab cornering Angel and Malia.

Trixie who was the closest tried to jump to their rescue but Youri started to drop gummy bears into the water below with a sly grin on his face, and she stopped. “I can’t do it Emmett. It’s too big.” She whimpered out and turned away from the crab and everyone else.

Emmett charged towards the crab. “What’s gotten into you?” The captain let out a bear growl and rammed into the shell.

The girl of faith stared at her savior as the crab released both her and Angel. She clutched onto her friend, “This is my punishment.” She whispered and tried to cover her hair up with her cardigan.

Angel placed a hand on Malia’s shoulder and stared deep into her eyes. “Are you sure? When even Cody’s body guards try to get me to leave Cody alone I never did. I kept fighting. I kept sneaking into his washroom. I kept stealing his pillows. I never let them keep me away. Are you really going to let a big dumb crab decide that you need to be lost in the wind again?” Malia nodded as she pulled her cardigan back over her arms.


Emmett looked back at Trixie and Alfie and then to Youri. “A change in plans. I’ll carry Alfie. Angel you keep Youri safe, and Trixie and Malia you two watch each other.” Youri glared at Emmett. “I’m just teasing,” he winked.

(CONF): Emmett lifted the cameraman as if he was a weight. “My team is broken up into three main pairs. Emmalie 2.0, Trixie and Alfie, the twins, Malia and Angel, and me and my champ Youri. Hopefully by splitting us all up we’ll be able to grow more as a team.”

(CONF): Angel stared blankly at the camera, “This is like that one time when Cody said we should take a break. Not. Going. To. Happen.” She rolled her eyes and started to giggle.

The screen revealed the Sirens and their two guides, Yasmin and Wing as they traveled through ruins. The walls were covered in drawings, most seemed to depict the great Cthulhu as he destroyed man.

“The King of the sea had many children,” Yasmin spoke out as she translated the writings on the wall, “while most were loyal he had many who betrayed him, Cthulhu was one.”

Wing nodded as she peeled a banana and tossed the peel behind her, it landing on Grayson’s head which caused both Andre and Damien to laugh. “Aye, this is the tale of how Cthulu came to be.” The pirate captain paused, “And it will be how we break ye curse.” She turned to the Sirens. “Cthulhu had made many an enemy by dethroning his father, many still be searching the seas for him.” Wing motioned for the others to listen. In the silence a soft buzzing could be heard. “Some went mad with anger.” In the darkness ahead a soft yellow glow faded in and out of vision.

Damien jumped onto Andre. “What is that!”

“What? Is Heather’s brother suddenly afraid of… well I mean, what exactly is that?” The musician teased

“A killer electric eel,” Grayson noted as he pointed to a drawing on the wall.

“No one asked you,” Damien scoffed.

Yasmin yawned, “At least now we know why you guys lost so much, Elyar owes me a book.” The scholar smirked at Wing.

“What’s that supposed to mean!” Andre challenged.

“Ye fight more than a bucket of lobster.” Wing added.

Damien growled, “It’s not our fault that we have the lowest of the low on our team,” the prankster glared at Grayson.

“Ignore him, he’s just upset that he’s not living up to his sister’s legacy. How do we defeat the creature?” The prep questioned as he picked up a branch from the ground.

Wing nodded, “If I be in the knowing do ye really think it’d still be living?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be helping us?” Damien asked as he got off of Andre’s back and walked towards the pair. “Or are you just making sure that your team doesn’t come in last?” He turned to Andre and whispered, “We can’t trust them.”

The scene switched to join the Pillaging Pirates. Zaina led the team with Sarah by her side. “I’m really excited!” Sarah beamed as she and Zaina walked through the cob-web filled halls. “This is way better than band camp!”

Zaina smiled at her friend. “This is SO crazy,” she pushed open a door, “I never thought I’d get to visit Atlantis!”

The singer turned and wrapped her arms around Zaina, “I’m so happy that you’re happy again! You were totes my favourite last season! You were so robbed!”

The flora lover blushed, “Really?” She wrapped her arms around Sarah, “That actually really means a lot. Thank you. I thought that everyone hated me…”

Sarah gasped, “No! Everyone loves you! I think Mana and Rhonda are secretly hoping you win!”

“Who?” Zaina asked.

(CONF): Rhonda stood on Mana’s back as they glared at the camera. “We want to be mad right now… but she’s too much of a queen!”

“Are you ever going to admit that Floria was your fault.” Tameron said flatly, not even bothering to look at Elyar.

The agent groaned. “Stop. This isn’t helping. And you know it.”

Tameron shrugged. “Just stay away from Zaina.”

“Why are you so obsessed? She’s just a girl…. Oh wow!” Elyar gasped, “Do you like her?”

The butler turned a bright red, “No! It’s nothing like that. She’s getting too close to Wing. We-I-We… ugh! She can not become one of those…. Things.”

Elyar put an arm out to stop Tameron. “It’s her, isn’t it?” Tameron gave a solemn nod.

The team arrived in a giant chamber, the centre had an Atlantean warrior statue it was surrounded by water. Three other doors led to into the room. “I think we’re getting close.” Tameron announced. The four walked to the edge of their platform before the water.

“How deep do you think it is?” Sarah asked as she clutched onto Elyar.

The agent pulled out a flashlight from his pocket, turned it on and then tossed it into the water. For a few seconds the light danced across the water until it returned to the darkness. “Deep.” Sarah’s hand locked onto Elyar’s.

Zaina looked around the chamber. The small platform formed a ring around the room, but their was no path that crossed to the middle portion. “I think it’s too dangerous to try and swim across. We don’t know what’s in there.” She sighed and pointed down at the water beneath.

Zac is shown alone in the throne room. “What’s taking them so long,” he frowned as he looked around the room and frowned. “I always knew I was meant to be King… but I thought there would be people around there with me…”

The scene switched to show Mana and Rhonda as they sipped from their cups of Tim Horton’s. “Won’t Zac get mad you gave me his coffee?” Rhonda asked quietly.

Mana chuckled, “Not if I say I lost it, throw in a little bit of an accent, maybe say ooops! He’s not the brightest guy around.” He wrapped an arm around Rhonda. “We don’t get to spend as much time together as I’d like.” He admitted.

The co-host smiled, “I know! We’re always busy working!”

“Who keeps calling?”

“Just the higher-ups. Apparently Canada and the States are actually really starting to like me. They think I should start my show early! Like soon. The beginning of June!” She revealed and stared into her coffee.

Mana pullled out his phone, “But it’s already June first!” He looked over at Rhonda who didn’t return his gaze, “Oh…” His voice dropped into sadness. “Are you leaving me?” Rhonda didn’t say anything and only wrapped her arms around her tall friend and started to sob.

The screen switched to show Grayson as he parried the giant electric eel as it lunged at the teen. “Maybe a little help over here?” The teen heartthrob begged but his teammates stood on the side watching.

“I don’t know I’ll have to think about it.” Damien chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“You are your sister! You’re both the same! Always in it just for yourselves!” Grayson spat.

Damien charged at Grayson knocking him to the ground. “Don’t you dare talk about Heather like that! The producers did that to her! She’s nothing like that!” The pair fell to the ground as they wrestled for dominance.

The eel charged up to lunge at the fighting pair, but Andre raced in front of them and tossed his guitar to block the hit. “Guys! This isn’t the time!” Upon the impact his guitar exploded, driving giant splinted through the eel, pinning it to the wall.

Wing examined as the eel stopped moving. “Interesting strategy mates. Me likes.”

Yasmin shook her head, “I don’t even think it was a strategy. I think they’re just idiots.” She grabbed the bloody white shirt from her small bag and tossed it at the three guys on the ground. “I don’t even think this mystery is worth solving.”

“Why did you bring my shirt?” Damien asked as he picked up the white tee up and got back onto his feet.

“So we made an offering to Cthulhu what’s next.” Andre said softly as he played the air guitar sadly.

Wing jumped at Damien and grabbed his shirt, “No! No shirts allowed in me crew!”

Yasmin chuckled. “You must make your oath to Cthulhu. You must swear to not let anyone stand in his way and aid in his quest to dominate the seas…. But be sure that’s what you want to do. He takes this seriously.”

“He doesn’t exist. This is just dumb guys. We’re not even cursed! Can we please just move on and win this challenge?” Grayson pleaded.

“No. I swear fealty to Cthulhu.” Damien swore as he placed a hand on his heart. “What afraid you won’t even be able to be loyal to Cthulhu eh?”

Grayson looked down at the ground, “I swear my loyalty to Cthulhu.”

Andre glanced between Damien and Grayson, “I swear fealty to the lord of the sea, Cthulhu.”

(CONF): Andre stared at the camera shaking slightly. “First I lose Dania… and then I lose the guitar she gave me… And now we’re going to lose the challenge-again because I can’t lead a team. And I can’t win anything. Only lose things, people… and everyone thing else.”

(CONF): Damien rolled his eyes as he sat on a conch shell. “There’s nothing I hate more than when people call Heather a monster! She’s not! The show lied!”

Wing walked towards the three boys and began to paint images on their torsos, while Yasmin demonstrated the ancient ritual dance they would need to perform. The screen cut to black, the words “To avoid accidental selling of your soul to the lord Cthulhu this portion of the episode has been edited for your protection.”

The screen returned to show the Hotties as they entered the giant chamber with the statue. “Huh! This is not fair at all! I’m positive that my gay-dar led me here but this place is basically empty! Where are all of the hotties!” Sam pouted as he stomped in place.

The rest of the team stared at him, “Oh, honey, stop acting like Bowser, we still have a challenge to win.” Hannah said as she tried to not gag on her own words. The gamer wrapped an arm around the teen and whispered, “You better get your gay-dar back up and running soon!” “We’re not alone!” Colin stated as he pointed to the fully reunited Pirates, and the Sirens who were on the other side of the chamber. “I wonder why they’re still waiting here.” He said as he started to walk towards the other teams.

“Excuse you? Since when did you become Mario and not a Toad? We don’t go anywhere unless I say so!” Hannah argued, but the rest of her team had already started to follow Colin.

“This is, how you say…. Like popular thriller show on the Netflix,” Fleur questioned.

“Strange?” Viola finished. The french girl gave her a giant hug to which she cringed slightly. “Why are you always so mushy, it’s low-key scarier than those two over there.” She pointed at Hannah and Sam.

“We are in the being of friends, non?” Fleur replied.

“Yeah! Come on Viola, we’re all budds here.” Colin grinned and wrapped the three into a group hug. Hannah and Sam looked at each other and then raced to join the hug and touch Colin- Sam made it first.

The screen jumped to show the Sharks as they dragged themselves out of the water and onto the stone pathway. “Feeling a little better champ?” Emmett asked as Alfie faded back into consciousness. The bigger teen ruffled the blond's hair. “Huh. Uh yeah!” He beamed and started to cough. “Are we there yet?”

Emmett smiled at Alfie, “Almost, I can feel it.” The blond smiled back and closed his eyes as day-dreamed eating a lollipop, and licked Emmett’s cheek. The buff teen blinked twice before he kept moving towards the open chamber ahead.

Angel stared at Youri. “You remind me of Cody’s maid. She had really pretty eyes like yours.”

The small teen blushed and groaned. “Stop! I don’t want to be pretty!”

“It was just a compliment,” the fangirl sighed as she let a frog out of her hair. “I was hoping maybe we could be friends!” She flashed a smile.

“With the crazy-stalker girl? Yeah, maybe not. This isn’t a nightmare.” He stared at Angel as she smiled harder, “Not yet atleast.” He shuddered. “Besides, you’re obviously a pathological liar. Really, you dated Cody Simpson? Please.”

Angel slapped Youri. “I did!” The boy rubbed his face and turned and walked away.

Malia walked beside Trixie. “Do you love Alfie?” She questioned without skipping a beat.

The cowgirl stopped dead in her tracks, “Wh-what? Where did that come from?”

“You spend all of your time with him, and take care of him. You smile when he looks at you, and he seems to make you happy. It’s like one of my romance novels.” Malia smiled and took Trixie’s hand.

Trixie blushed slightly. “Love’s a little bit more complicated than that.”

“So do you love him?” Malia repeated.

“Well I guess the whole gang is here,” Zaina acknowledged as the final team arrived in the chamber.

“Did we lose?!” Emmett and Youri both shouted, with varying intentions.

“No.” Andre reassured Emmett, “We just can’t figure out how to move on from here.”

“I HATE HIM!” Rhonda screamed as she raced into the chamber and awkwardly stared at the teens. “Oh… hello contestants.” She whispered and then ran back the way she came. Damien grinned and ran after the girl.

Hannah shrugged. “Has anyone tried jumping into the water?” She asked and stood over the ledge.

Zaina shook her head. “We tossed a flash light in. It’s deep.”

“Really deep,” Sarah repeated.

Yasmin read the words along the walls. “It could just be an illusion,” She pointed to the water, “the Atlanteans were known for being tricksters.”

“I say we jump!” Wing shouted and ate a banana in preparation. Zaina tried to walk up beside Wing to join her, but Tameron grabbed onto her arm.

“Do not. This is not sane. It can not be safe. Please mi’lady.” The butler pleaded. Zaina stared back at Tameron.

“If ye want to win, this is the way, pirate Z,” Wing assured as she launched herself headfirst into the water. The chamber fell into silence.

The scene switched to show Damien as he cornered Rhonda. “Why so glum?”

“Chum.” Rhonda snickered quietly to herself before turning to face Damien. “Zac’s a monster. He’s too cruel to be Canadian.”

Damien nodded, “He’s let the production get to him. Media can be a tough world. Let me help you.”

Rhonda’s eyes lit up, “I don’t ever want to become like him. I can’t. I won’t let it happen.” She whispered and walked into Damien’s arms. Heather’s younger brother smirked as he closed his arms around the girl.

The screen returned to the chamber as a message in a bottle floated to the top. Colin and Emmett fished it out of the water and read the note, “It’s safe.”

“We can win this Andre! We just have to jump! Now! Before they do.” Grayson shouted at his captain who hesitated.

The musician shook his head. “Damien… He’s not here.” He frowned. “We can’t win now.”

Hannah shrugged at Andre, “Once a loser, always a loser. “ She laughed as she jumped into the water below.

Colin looked at Fleur as he grabbed her hand. “Are you ready?” Once the girl nodded, he looked over grabbed onto Viola’s hand. “Are you?”

“If I’m going to die it may aswell be in the lost city of Atlantis.” Viola shrugged.

Sam silently sniffed around the room, “I can smell it, he’s around here somewhere.”

Colin pushed Sam into the water, “Come on no time to waste!” The teen then jumped into the water.

Zaina and Emmett stared at each other and then at Andre. “We’ll wait.” They both announced to their teams.

“Finally decided you want to lose too?” Youri grinned.

Emmett shrugged, “Something like that.”

Andre gave Emmett a hug, “Thank you.” The teen turned to Zaina and offered her a hand shake, “You too, for everything.” The two other captains smiled at Andre.

“Do you guys even care about winning?” Grayson gasped. “Whatever, I’ll see you on the other side.” The prep decided and jumped into the water.

“Emmett?” Trixie asked. “Why aren’t you trying to win? You always try to win.” The muscular teen didn’t reply.

“Mi’lady -” Tameron started.

Zaina smiled back at Tameron, “It’s ok. I understand, you just wanted to keep me safe. I think you four should just go through for now.” Her team appeared confused but complied with her request and jumped down. Emmett turned to his team, “You guys should too.”

“How do we know you won’t just jump in right after us?” Youri growled. Once the team refused to jump, Emmett picked up Youri and tossed him in. The other jumped in after him.

“What’s going on?” Andre asked as Emmett and Zaina stared at him.

“Nothing.” They both stated.

“Hey guys! What’s up?” Damien asked as he walked back into the room.

“Jump.” Emmett stated without looking at Andre or Damien.

“What?” Damien asked.

“Jump.” Zaina repeated.

“Jump,” Andre reassured, and then Damien jumped. Andre stared at the pair, “thank you.” He said before he jumped into the water.

“Jump.” Emmett said as he stared at Zaina.

“Jump.” Zaina requested.

“There’s someone on my team who needs to go.” They both said at once.

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Zaina requested?”

Emmett grinned. “Rock. Paper. Scissors,” he nodded.

The scene jumped to the elimination ceremony. “Welcome for the first time,” Zac grinned as he walked around the glass room. Outside fish were swimming. “The Pillaging Pirates.”

The pirates stared at Zaina. “Why?”

“I know how it feels to be Lexi now. I understand who I was now. I get it. I was over powering and restricting. I wasn’t a good friend.” The girl said her voice low.

Sarah placed her hand over Zaina’s giving her strength. “Be strong.”

“I had to do this. For her, maybe now she’ll know I forgive her, and I understand.” Zaina smiled softly and turned to the other members of her team.

“I don’t understand?” Yasmin questioned.

“I don’t expect you to.” Zaina stated and stared at Elyar, Tameron and Wing. “I can’t keep letting you guys fight over me. I’m not a secret agent on a mission to save the world. I'm not a lady who wears dresses and dances in the moonlight. And I'm not a pirate lord who is seeking to rule the seas. I'm just Zaina. The girl in love with flowers..." She stared into Sarah's eyes, "And Lexi." 

“This is like my favourite soap back home.” Mana gasped and shoved popcorn into his mouth. "I knew she loved her! #TeamZexi!" He shouted and ripped off his shirt to reveal a Team Zexi tee.

“This is getting to be too much talking, let’s cut to the drama!” Zac tossed a marshmallow to Sarah, Elyar, and Yasmin. “Congrats you’re all safe.”

Yasmin stared at her team members. “Are we though? This doesn’t feel right.”

“Zaina.. Are you sure?” Sarah asked and strengthened her grip.

Elyar gulped. “There was no right answer tonight.”

Zaina nodded. "I have to learn to be ME! Not who everyone else wants to me to be. I can't believe I did this to Lexi last season. She just wanted to have fun and be my friend." 

“Wing” Zac tossed a sweet to the pirate captain. “For some reason you’re still safe.”

Tameron tried to walk over to hug Zaina, "I don't want us to end like this." He whispered

Wing stopped him. “No. Ye heard her. She doesn’t want us. Any of us.” The pirate turned to stare at Tameron and Elyar.

“Zaina… You can’t be doing this. You can’t go home because of this. There’s too much that you don’t know. Please mi’lady don’t do this.”

The girl stared at Tameron, “Who said I was going home?”

“Zaina. You are also safe. Tameron, it’s time for you to go.” The team stood in silence as Mana dragged Tameron away tears starting to fall from his face.

“Zaina… You must know you’re my sister. And we’re-” Tameron shouted before Wing tossed a banana into his mouth cutting him him.

Zaina stared as her long-lost brother was torn away from her. And turned to Wing who shrugged, “Oops.”

A scream was heard and a trident flew through the air and lodged itself into the floor and through a familiar purple hoodie. “Rhonda?” Zac questioned and looked around the room. “Where’s Rhonda!? I knew the room smelt less American than normal!” A rhythmic beating was heard as if an army was approaching.

The screen faded to black as the words “To Be Continued…” appeared.

Chapter Seven: (Wo)Man Down!

… and now the Continuation of Total Drama Tides.

Wing pulled out a cutlass from her sash and jumped to protect Zaina. “ARRG! Ye do not have time for the tears of the Kraken! Sash up, this be war.” The pirate captain announced as he eyes darted around trying to find the source of the sound.

Zac raced to the hoodie the usual purple was stained with red. He gripped the trident and pulled it out of the hoodie. “Rhonda?” He softly said. He then turned to the contestants. “Hide. This is not a drill.” He stared at the teenagers who did not move. “I said RUN!”

Yasmin looked up from a book she had found. “It would appear that perhaps Atlantis did not simply sink on it’s own. It seems that it was sunk. The inhabitants were not the friendly type.” She announced and shivered as the lights in the room went out.

“Elyar!” Sarah yelled as she raced into his arms. “I’m scared.” She whispered as he squeezed her. “This never happened at band camp, and if it did usually it was because Billy was making out with his trumpet again.”

Elyar tried to not laugh. He looked at at Wing who had Zaina on her back. Their leader was still in shock from Tameron revealing they were siblings. “Let’s go.” He announced as he pulled on his infrared glasses and gripped onto Sarah’s hand. Yasmin walked beside him and beside her was Wing.

“They’re awakening.” Yasmin whispered.

“I know what to do. Don’t worry.” Elyar ensured. “This is a classic situation.”

Wing rolled her eyes, “Always by ye blasted code book.”

(CONF): The angle is different than normal, the screen is moving and is focused on Wing’s face. “Arr! Tam-Tu be gone now. The treasure be all mine! Unless the dreaded traitor agent gets in me way.” She growled and moved her hand over the camera screen.

The Sirens sat around a coral sculpture. “I guess this is goodbye, yeah?” Andre said softly, not willing himself to look over at his teammates.

Damien nodded. “I suppose. We could stick together though. We won’t be as likely to get voted off that way.” Grayson away from the pair and listened, he too was figuring out which team he wanted to join.

“So we should join the Sharks.” Andre said, just as Damien muttered out the “Pirates.” Andre shook his head and looked at the legacy contestant, “Emmett has been nothing but nice to us.”

“But Zaina made it much further last season. And she seems to be a capable captain… Emmett seems… I don’t know he just doesn’t have what it takes. I wouldn’t be surprised if his team voted him off next.” Damien added.

“He’s my friend.” Andre sighed. “We’ll stay friends though, right? Even on different teams?” Damien nodded as they both turned to Grayson to hear his response.

“Unlike you two idiots, there’s only one valid option. The Hotties. Unlike the other loser squads they actually tried to win the last challenge.” Grayson shrugged and started to walk away to find his new team. He whispered to himself, “Plus neither of you will be there to ruin it for me.”

“This is code NOT ZACTASTIC! I REPEAT CODE NOT ZACTASTIC!” A voice screeched over the cameramans walkie. “This is not a drill. Code NOT ZACTASTIC!” The hosts voice repeated. “RUN!”

The camera fell to the ground, the frantic running of the camera man could be heard. “What just happened?” Andre’s voice asked as he walked towards the camera and picked it up. He turned it towards Damien.

“Do you think this is a challenge? They old producers liked to do this a lot.” Damien stated.

“I don’t think Zac’s that clever.” Grayson replied as he returned to view. A loud scream echoed through the glass halls of Atlantis as the trio stared out, the lights flickered off. “Definitely not this clever.”

The scene jumped to show Emmett as he lit a conch shell torch. “I can’t believe they just left us.” He examined as Alfie picked up the camera.

“It’s clearly just a challenge. What, suddenly not macho enough to handle it?” Youri rolled his eyes. “Just because you some how managed to win the last one, don’t think you can do so this time.”

The captain groaned. “Can we not get past this? We all know you want me gone.” He turned to Alfie and Trixie. “I know he’s blackmailing you guys or something.” The pair said nothing. “Can we not just move on? We all have something to prove here. We can do this together.”

Youri rolled his eyes. “He doesn’t care about us. Don’t even fall for it. He just wants to go back home and rub it in the media’s face that he can do this without Rosalie.”

Alfie’s voice broke the silence. “We can do it guys! All together! Emmett’s right! We need each other. Let’s just stop fighting. Please? It was way more fun before all of this drama!”

Trixie spoke up, “No. Youri’s right. Emmett doesn’t care. He’ll do whatever it takes to win.” She turned to the camera in Alfie’s hands. “You can not trust him, for your own sake.” The cowgirl turned on her cowgirl boots and started to walked off. “Come on girls, we have to go.”

“Why did you stop humming Alfie?” Emmett questioned as he tried to look past Alfie into the darkness.

Alfie shrugged, “The girls stopped singing.” Trixie started to run, “They NEVER! Stop singing.”

Youri laughed to himself, “Well would you look at that the weakest links are the first out.” Malia’s scream broke the veil of silence and was soon replaced by her sobbing.

The Sharks found the girl on her knees crying. Angel nowhere to be found. “A knight. He- he -had a trident.” She muttered as her face fell into Trixie’s open arms. “He took Angel.”

The scene switched to a large glass dome. The Hotties were pressed against the glass as they watched the angler fish, one of the few sources of light. “It’s how you say,” she pointed to Viola.

“Dark?” Hannah asked.

“Depressing.” Sam added.

“Nono, comme Hannah.”

“Pretty.” Colin affirmed and Fleur nodded eagerly.

“It’s pretty.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Hannah blushed and walked over to Fleur.


“I think we’re going to die now.” Viola stated. As the subtle sound of foot prints echoed into the chamber. The little light they had from the angler fish moved around the large room as the fish moved.

Sam, who was holding the camera groaned. “But Colin hasn’t admitted to being gay yet!”

The American let out a laugh, “I’m bi dude.”

The thirsty teen blinked and grabbed hold of Hannah. “We didn’t account for this.”

“Well, is he the blip on your gaydar?” Hannah whispered as she lavished in the light that hit her skin.

Sam paused and closed his eyes as he listened for his gaydar. “No! There’s someone else!”

A soft breeze entered the room sending chills down the teens. “Maybe we should be in the act of walking? Non?” Fleur whispered.

“For once I agree with her.” Hannah chuckled. She pointed to a doorway on the other side of the dome, the light from an angler fish shone its light on it. “There.” “Why walk, when you can run?” A cold voice whispered somewhere close to the teens, concealed by the darkness.

“Run!” Colin shouted as the team bolted for the door. The screen is filled with darkness. Light sporadically lights the way. The sound of heavy breathing replaced the sound of their voices.

“Close it!” Colin shouted. The door closed behind Sam as he threw his body against the door. Something banged against the other side before it fell into silence again. The lights in the hallway were dim, but it was enough to see. “Roll call! Colin!” The teen shouted.



“Viola,” the teen muttered.


“Fleur?” Colin, Hannah and Viola all whispered, but to no reply.

Sam quickly opened the door back up. The light from the fish shone on Fleur’s wide brimmed hat, and a manhole that led into the tunnels beneath. “Why did you make me close it!” Sam gasped.

Elyar led his team into a chamber. He lit a conch torch and laid Zaina down on one of the large seaweed hammock beds. “I’ll take first watch. You four should rest.” The agent said and started to leave the room.

Sarah grabbed onto him. “Don’t leave us! You could get hurt!”

He smiled down at Sarah, “Don’t worry about me. You make sure that every is safe in here ok.” She nodded. Once the boy was out of the room she turned to the girls. “Who's ready for the first official Tides slumber party!?” She grinned but everyone else just grimaced.

“I don’t think now is the time, Sarah.” Yasmin stated and returned to her book on the Atlantean knights. “Not while we are being hunted by an ancient civilization in their city.” Sarah frowned and turned to Wing.

The pirate captain was lying in her own bed. “What is a slumber party? Will there be bananas?” She questioned staring at Sarah who nodded.

“Of course! It’s not a slumber party without them!” Sarah gulped, hoping Wing still had a collection in her hat. She turned to the final girl on the team, Zaina who laid in the fetal position. “It’ll be fun, Zaina. I know you’re not feeling the best right now… but it could help cheer you up. Make you happy!”

“Happy?” Zaina whispered and peeked her head out from underneath her sweater. “I want to be happy.” Sarah smiled and join Zaina on her hammock.

“Slumber parties are the best cure for sadness.” She wrapped an arm around the flower girl and watched as Wing eagerly shoved a banana down her throat.

“Now what?” Wing questioned as she tossed the banana peel at Yasmin who scoffed.

Sarah giggled, “We talk about whatever we want!” Sarah turned to Zaina. “What was it like being on the first season!”

Zaina pulled herself out from her sweater and turned to the girl. “Lonely. But then,” She whispered, “I met Lexi.” She smiled lightly. “She was my first true friend.” She sniffled, “I thought that Tameron and Wing were my second and third.”

Wing gasped. “Don’t be such a landlubber, we’re friends like Jack and his Black Pearl!”

Zaina stared up at the pirate. “You weren’t just pretending?” Her voice rose a little.

The band geek frowned. “I’m glad you guys are friends.”

Zaina wrapped her arms around Sarah, “You were my second real friend!” She assured which made Sarah blush. She sighed, “But Tameron… was my brother?”

“Aye. That he be.” Wing confirmed.

“How do you know that?” Yasmin questioned, as she put her book down and stared at the pirate.

“He said so.” She quickly replied.

“No. You sound almost certain. What do you know of Tameron. You used to call him Tam-Tu, what are you not telling us.” Yasmin questioned.

Wing slid out of her bed and walked towards the door, but Sarah and Zaina blocked the exit. “This is a slumber party Wing, we can trust each other.”

The pirate captain sighed and returned to her seat. “Fine. The truth, but Elyar must not ever hear of this.”

Sarah stared, “Why not! He’s a good guy.”

“Is he?” Wing spat out. “Tam-Tu, and I were ship wrecked when we be nothing but babs. Mother,” She started.

“The pirate queen?” Yasmin questioned.

“Aye. She took us in. Raised us as her own.” Wing smirked, “Then he abandoned me with her. He went back home,” a tear fell down her face, “He escaped back to Floria and I turned into this.” She spun in a circle as her pirate clothes spun with her.

Zaina jumped out to give her a hug, “That’s terrible! That should have never happened. On behalf of my brother, I am deeply sorry.”

“He… broke me heart that day.” Wing fell into Zaina’s arms. “We used to plan our escape picking bananas. We were the best of mates and he left me.”

Yasmin nodded, “This is making much more sense now.” She pulled out a parchment of paper where she had the members of their team listed with lines connecting them. “We were not an accident. We were hand picked. She pointed at Wing, you were connected to Tameron. Tameron knew of you and Zaina. Zaina, you were related to Tameron, you just didn’t know it.” Yasmin paused. “My family is somewhere is Floria. They were there doing research, but I haven’t heard from them in a very long time.” She whispered, “Elyar is an agent who protects the islands, I’m assuming he had something to do with the night that all of this happened in Floria.”

“Nonsense!” Sarah shouted. “He couldn’t have! He’s our age! That doesn’t make any sense.”

The scholar thought for a moment, “His father is the right age. In either case, that leaves us with you,” She turned to Sarah. “You said you were recruited, like the rest of us. But why. You know Elyar closely, how.”

Sarah blushed. “It’s complicated.”

“It’s a slumber party,” Zaina assured, “We understand.”

The singer sighed and told her story. “It’s Zac.” She gulped. “We used to date.” The girls gasped. “We were on a sail boat sailing the world. We had always dreamed of traveling. But the engine blew, we crashed on an island. I’ll never forget the scent it was fragrant and the flowers they were so vibrant.”

“Floria.” Wing stated.

“And I never saw him again until the show started.” Sarah finished. “Elyar rescued me. He took me back to Canada and he’s been near me ever since.”

“Do not trust him. He’s a turncoat.” Wing promised. “He could have rescued me and Tameron many times, yet refused.”

The room fell into silence. On the other side of the door, Elyar listened carefully. He spun his watch around, and spoke into it. “The mission could be hitting a hiccup. I will keep you informed.”

The scene switched to show the Hotties. Sam still had the camera, the team had managed to find their way into an elaborate library. Bioluminescent starfish hung from the ceiling and were pressed against the walls. “This has to be a challenge, right?” Colin asked as the group caught their bearings.

“It’s pretty elaborate to be a challenge.” Hannah said. “Lindsay never did anything like this.”

“You do know that you guys went into a tower with zombie snowmen, correct?” Sam reminded.

“I mean yes, but that wasn’t on purpose. Lindsay obviously just has a low stat count in intelligence. For as quote unquote Zactastic Zac is, he’s more of an evil mastermind than she ever was.”

“I think that this is the end for us all.” Viola stated again as she motioned to the shadows that were closing in on them.”

“RUN!” Andre shouted as he and Grayson showed up panting. “We’re all going to die.”

“Why are you a team captain again? You’re more like a minion.” Hannah chuckled.

“Not the time, Hannah, or should I say captain.” Grayson winked.

“WHAT! I tried so hard to make sure you didn’t join my party!” Hannah groaned.

“Less flirting, more running?” Andre suggested as he pointed to the shadow behind them.

“Where’s Damien?” Colin asked, slightly upset.

“Hopefully dead,” Grayson muttered.

“I like you!” Sam beamed.

“Guys? Seriously, time to run!” Andre shouted and grabbed Grayson’s hand.

The scene switched to the Sharks. They had found an underground lagoon. Emmett was stripping down to his boxer briefs. Youri rolled his eyes. “Really? Is now the best time?”

“If you guys want to lose the challenge, can we at least enjoy ourselves?” The captain offered.

Alfie was the first to dive into the water, showcasing his superman boxers. “I haven’t gone swimming in forever!” Youri facepalmed, “You do realize that one, we’re usually on a pirate ship… that floats on the water. And two, that we are currently getting chased down by a knight who wants to kill us all?

Trixie pulled off her clothes leaving nothing but her bra and underwear, “If you’re so brave why don’t you take care of it?” Emmett grinned as Trixie joined him and Aflie in the water. “Come on Malia!” Trixie sent a splash of water towards the girl.

“I… don’t understand. My friend is gone and you just want to swim?” The girl questioned and turned to Youri. “Will you help me avenge her.”

“Yes.” He grinned. “Because I’m not afraid.” The pair left the underground lagoon.

“This is a challenge… right?” Trixie asked.

“I think so…. I hope so.” Emmett corrected.

Alfie appeared in the water between the pair and started to make otter sounds and splashed them. “Come on!”

“It’s nice of you to let Youri try and save the day.” Trixie put a hand on Emmett’s shoulder. “Rosalie would be proud.”

The scene switched to show a pair of white vans as they approached a fallen camera. The figure picked it up and revealed herself to be Angel. “Malia, if you ever see this, I lived. I knocked out the knight. I will find you.”

The scene switched to a brightly lit room. Monitors filled the walls. Seated in a chair was Rhonda with a manic grin. She stared at a screen that showed Zac cowering beneath a blanket. “That’ll show you I have what it takes to be a host.”

“See. You have all the power,” Damien grinned. “Zac is nothing.”

“I am not in the understanding. Zac is like honey, sweet.”

The pair turned to Fleur. “Girl you crazy.” Rhonda let out an evil laugh, and Damien joined her.

The screen returned to the slumber party, as Elyar opened the door and saw the four girls fast asleep, with braids in their hairs. He smiled softly to himself. Behind him, an Atlantean knight raised its trident to knock the teen out. “Not this time.” The agent chuckled and jumped out of the way.

“Wrong way.” A voice laughed in response as a second knight grabbed onto Elyar and knocked him out.

“RUN!” Wing screamed as she woke up to see the knights. She tried to wake her companions, but she was outnumbered. The pirate grabbed onto the closest person, Sarah and used her sleeping body as a baseball bat to knock the knights out of the way as she escaped with a groggy Sarah in tow.

The pirate dragged the girl as she marched aimlessly. “Why does my body feel like it got marched over by the marching band again.” Sarah groaned. Wing let the the girl go, and helped her to her feet.

“The knights captured the rest of our team. Arrr. This be not good.”

“Will the be ok?” Sarah shouted, but Wing covered her mouth.

“Yasmin be right, ye be loud. Aye, they be ok- if this be a challenge.”

“If not?” Sarah gulped, but Wing was already starting to walk away.

The scene switched to show the remaining members of the Sirens and the Hotties. They sat around a small bonfire made from the vast amount of pages around them. Viola led the discussion. “According to horror movie rules Sam and Colin will be the last two standing. LGBT people are immune… Unless they make out then even that can’t save them.”

“I’m sorry what?” Grayson questioned. “Kimmi made me watch all kinds of horror things the pretty girl always makes it to the end with the geeky one. He pointed to himself and then Hannah. “I’m obviously the prettiest one here, and she’s the dweebiest we’ll survive.”

Colin laughed, “Nah guys. Maybe in Canada that’s how it works but in America,” he pointed to Andre and Viola. “We’re all about the sequels. Andre has a girl pining for him back home, Viola will likely be regarded as a g.oddess for not really caring about any of us. They’ll be fan faves for sure.”

“You know, I completely forgot that you were American.” Hannah gasped, “I can’t believe I ever had a thing for you.”

“Aren’t you dating Sam?” Everyone questioned. The pair looked at each other and then raced to say “I think we should break up.”

“We were just trying to make him jealous.” Sam groaned. “But that’s fine now, because my gaydar is going off. There’s another one somewhere close.”

Grayson jumped in, “Are you sure it’s not just Zac?”

“No. They’re close. Real close.” Sam sniffed the air.

Andre stared at the Hotties. “And here I was thinking my team had problems.”

Hannah rolled her eyes, “Need I remind you your party got KOed.”

“Wait what do you mean?” Viola questioned.

Andre sighed. “My team was too small, so during the last challenge, Emmett, Hannah and Zaina were supposed to try and convince us which team we should join… Some tried harder than others.” Hannah whistled innocently.

“What! They don’t meet the minimum level required!”

The group of six burst out into a group laugh. “For people who are about to die you’re all rather cheery.” A voice echoed through the room as the starfish all faded into black.

The scene switched to show Zac underneath the covers. “One thousand, four hundred and twenty-three bottles of maple syrup.”

The scene jumped to show Youri. Malia followed closely behind with a camera. “You don’t think they… killed her do you?” Malia gulped.

Youri turned around. “No. If anything they have her captured somewhere. We just need to find out where. But you HAVE to stop humming that ridiculous song.” Malia blushed and nodded her head.

“Why do you hate Emmett so much?” Malia innocently asked.

The petite boy groaned. “He’s everything I hate about highschool. A big jock who thinks that he can do whatever he wants and we’ll just follow blindly. I’m not just some wimp who needs to be protected!” The boy walked into a spider web and instantly panicked. “GET IT OFF!”

Malia rushed over and began to pull the web off of the boy. “I don’t know, I think he’s just looking out for us all. In his own… aggressive way. He wants us all to be the very best!” She smiled as she pulled the last of the spider's web off.

“No. He just wants all of the credit for himself.” Youri muttered.

She shook her head, “That’s not true! Trixie won us the first challenge, and then Alfie did,” She ran a finger through her hair, “we all lied for you during the third challenge, and then I won us the fourth.” She paused and then continued, “And for the first time Emmett won us a challenge last time.”

“He’s just making you think that.” Youri argued. “Can’t you see he’s trying to make it seem like you’re helping! He’s prolly gushing about how amazing he is in the confessional!”

Malia gulped, “You know what, I think I’m just going to go back with the others. I think Angel can handle herself.” The scene panned around to show the Atlantean knight that Malia just walked into. The girl yelled for help, but Youri raced off.

Angel jumped down in front of Youri. “You will not be forgiven for this.” The crazed-fan stared at the boy before he ran past her. Angel raced after the knight.

The scene returned to the blue lagoon. Emmett filmed the pair in the water as they splashed around and had fun. The country boy himself sat on the rocky cliff. “I wonder when they’ll find us.” He chuckled.

In the water Alfie swam close to Trixie. “Thank you Trixie. For helping me with Youri. I don’t know what I would do without my sweets.”

Trixie blushed. “I had to do whatever it took to make sure you were in the best possible shape for the team.”

Alfie grabbed onto Trixie’s hat and placed it on his own head. “You know how they say the person with the hat comes up with the plan?” He grinned.

The cowgirl blushed even more, “Yes?”

“Emmett could you be a pal and look away?” The buff teen nodded and turned away. “Well, here’s what I’m planning.” Alfie smiled as he leaned in and kissed Trixie on the lips.

“Are you guys done yet?” Emmett groaned. “The rocks are kinda boring to look at.” His voice echoed off the walls. “Guys?” He turned back around in time to see the pair getting dragged into a runnel beneath the lagoon by the knights. “Oh come on!”

The scene returned to Rhonda’s evil lair - as announced by the sign she had put on the door. “This was the best challenge yet,” Andre decided. “Sucks that I was out so early.” He frowned and looked over at Hannah and Viola who were also captured in the library.

“I don’t get it though, Zac seemed really shocked to see your sweater. He’s not that good of an actor.” Yasmin noted, “And this book, and all of the writing on the walls.”

Rhonda smirked. “Zac doesn’t know.” She let out an evil laugh. “And all planted to ensure it seemed as real as possible.”

A knight entered the room and dropped off Malia. He pulled off his mask and he was revealed to be a cameraman. A few seconds later Angel kicked the door in and slapped the cameraman silly. “WHERE IS SHE!” She shouted, before realizing what was happening. “Well this is just a little bit awkward.”

“It’s nice to see that you care about your friend so much,” Zaina smiled softly.

“That means there’s only seven left.” Elyar noted and pointed to the screen.

“Let’s go Sam!” Hannah cheered.

“Weren’t you two arch nemesis?” Zaina asked.

“No! I thought they were dating?” Damien asked.

Hannah shrugged. “It’s a long story with a whole lot of filler and eye candy. But in the end every protagonist needs a GBF. That’s gay best friend.” The contestants and Rhonda shook their heads at the delusional girl.

The scene returned to show the two remaining pirates. Wing was trying to bandage Sarah so that her bruises didn’t hurt so much.

“I still don’t know where all of these bruises came from.” Sarah sighed.

“Ay… not a clue.” Wing gulped and shoved a banana down her throat.

Wing laid her hand against Sarah’s face, “Ye know, ye could be from Floria. Such fine skin, and ye have the hair and eyes.”

“Thank you… Wait does that mean Zaina is from Floria?” Sarah gasped as she started to piece together the puzzle Yasmin proposed.

Wing nodded slowly. “Ay.” The pirate lord looked up to see a knight approaching. “Close ye eyes Sarah. Rest now.” She assured. Once Sarah’s eyes were closed the pirate lord threw a banana at Sarah, knocking the girl out. She grabbed hold of the girl and used her to knock the knight out. She paused, “Why did I just use the banana for the knight…” She shrugged and raced off, leaving Sarah behind.

The scene switched to show Colin, Grayson and Sam as they rode on giant seahorses across a small river. “Of all the ways we could have escaped,” Grayson huffed.

“We’re alive! That’s all that matters.” Colin argued.

“For another second or so,” Sam shouted at Colin to jump, but the fishing net had already trapped the teen.

“Win for us!” Colin shouted at the pair.

Grayson and Sam kept moving forward. “Grayson?” Sam spoke softly. The teen didn’t reply. “Grayson.” Sam spoke louder. “Oh Grayson, I know your secret.” Grayson’s face paled he turned around just in time to see Sam get dragged into the sea below.

“It’s not true.” The teen muttered, as if to assure himself. He grabbed the camera and started to record himself. “My name is Grayson LeChance, I am one of the last remaining survivors of the attack of the Atlantean Knights.”

“Me name be Captain Wing, and I will not allow such knights to float away alive.”

“My name is Youri Sun… and I am afraid.” A tear fell down the teens face.

“I am Emmett Cullen, and I be strong for those who are not here.”

“Ten-thousand, eight hundred and one, maple syrup bottles.” Zac whispered.

Rhonda grinned at the contestants, “It’s time for the grand finale!” She pointed to the screens and where the four teens were all headed.

The screen revealed a large chasm filled with water. In the centre was a familiar stone statue of an Atlantean knight. Grayson was the first to arrive as he jumped off of the seahorse. Emmett was next, as he jumped off of the rocky cliffs. Youri appeared next as he walked out of the darkness and into the sun-lit casm. Wing jumped out from the water beneath and stared at the others. “This be it? We are all who remain?”

Emmett nodded, “We can move in their honour.”

Grayson walked towards the others. “But do we really know them well enough to honour them?” He frowned.

Youri huffed. “If you guys haven’t figure it out yet, this is just a stupid challenge designed to get us to reveal our deepest darkest secrets!m Any second know four big bad knights are going to appear and challenge us to a duel.”

“Youri. Not everything has to do with a challenge!” Emmett shouted, but sure enough, four knights rose from the water below. Each one targeted a survivor.

“Don’t forget to save the day Emmett!” Youri shouted as he faced off against a knight. He swung his legs at the knight but he parried most of the blows.

At the opposite end of the statue, Grayson was fencing with a knight. They matched blow for blow.

Around the corner, Wing squashed banana after banana, as she fired the yellow fruit at her opponent.

Emmett wrestled with his knight in a fight for dominance. “Youri, you can do this! Prove me wrong. Show me how brave and strong you are!”

Youri managed to land a kick and the knight stumbled for a moment before he regained his composure. “Don’t tell me what to do! You won’t take credit for this!”

Wing’s eyes went wide ashe reached for another banana but failed to find any hidden within her hat. It was only a matter of seconds before a splash was heard and Wing and her knight were out of sight.

“Guys? Who was that?” Grayson shouted as he parried another blow from the knight. A few seconds later he could hear Emmett and Youri argueing. “Of course they would still be here.”

“I don’t need your pity Emmett. I just want you to admit it. You just want to win to go back home and prove you’re not as weak as everyone thinks.” Youri threw another punch at the knight but he wrapped his hand around the small boys wrists. Emmett didn’t reply as he tried to pin his knight to the ground. Youri’s knight grinned as he spun Youri around and into the water.

A second knight appeared behind Grayson and shoved him into the water. “NOT FAIR!” He screamed.

Confetti fell from the ceiling. The knight announced, “Congratulations you have won the challenge.”

Emmett stared at the knight in disbelief. “It really was just a challenge?” The knight nodded.

The contestants and Mana all silently piled into a secluded room. In the centre was a bed with a person cowering beneath as he counted bottles of maple syrup. Mana motioned a count down. 3…..2….1…. The teens all jumped in place as they watched Zac jump from the bed and scream.

The teens all started to laugh. Emmett spoke up, “Zac it’s time for the elimination see you there in five minutes.” He grinned and high-fived Andre.

“Ch-challenge? What challenge? Elimination?” Zac questioned but quickly readied himself. “Ah, yes the challenge I had prepared.” He blushed.

The scene switched to show all of the contestants sitting around a giant water globe that seemed to float in the air. Mana and Zac walked towards all of the contestants. “For the first time this season you are all available to be eliminated. Emmett having won the challenge will get to decide which of you he will be sending home.” Zac announced, but when he spoke a number of contestants snickered.

Mana spoke up next, “To clarify, Rhonda is still M.I.A, no one has seen her since the the previous challenge. During the previous challenge the team captains were given a second challenge of trying to recruit the members of the Sirens. In doing so, Andre has decided to join the Sharks, Grayson has joined the Hotties, and Damien the Pirates. You may now choose to eliminate someone.”

Emmett gulped as he looked around the room. “Before I eliminate this person I would like to apologize. To my team, and to Youri. I have not been completely honest. Ever since I found out Rosalie eliminated me from Frozen, and with all of the media attention on her I’ve been afraid that she would leave me because I wasn’t good enough for her. I was afraid I wouldn’t be strong enough.” He paused as the other contestants awwwed. “So it is with a heavy heart that I choose to eliminate a member of my own team.”

The other contestants gasped. Youri glared at Emmett as he stood up. Emmett continued, “I have decided to eliminate this person because I believe they have proven all they can here. I have decided to eliminate… Myself.”

The teens erupted into another gasp. Andre walked over to Emmett. “Good luck with Rosalie man… If you see Dania can you tell her I miss her?”

The big teen wrapped his arms around Andre, “Of course man. Look out for them ok? They’re strong but they need a helping a hand.” The musician nodded. The other Sharks walked over and joined the group hug - all but Youri who stood in disbelief.

Zac turned to the camera. “Well that’s all from us here at Total Drama Tides! Tune in next episode for the first episode of the companion show, After The Drama! With veteran hosts, Britt and Jade!”

“What?” Hannah laughed, “Because that’s a trainwreck waiting to happen.”

“Watch and find out what our eliminated contestants have been up to and how they feel about their eliminations now that they’ve had time to digest. ALSO! Be sure to vote in the latest poll to decide which of our first six eliminated sailors will be returning at the merge! And find out who in the next episode!” Zac tried to seem excited, but his normal Zactastic attitude just wasn’t there.

“We can refilm that later,” Mana assured. Zac nodded as he walked away.

On a yacht kilometres away, Rhonda is seen relaxing as she sipped from a glass of pink lemonade. A petite girl in a green shirt and overalls walked over to her. Her purple high top sneakers lit up with light with every foot step. “Why did we have to drive this thing all the way to the middle of the ocean, and why did we need to bring you this?” The girl groaned as she tossed a purple hoodie at Rhonda. Her red ponytail bounced as the ship moved.

“Because,” Rhonda grinned, “You’re both going to be my co-hosts on my new hit television show!”

A tall boy with sleep-stained eyes approached. He had a grey flannel top that somehow was covered in wood chips and worn light wash jeans stained with grease, likely from the engine of the ship. He dipped his finger into Rhonda’s glass and moved it to his permanent frown of a face and tasted it. “Not fun juice in here.” He turned to the girl, “Jenny, she might actually be serious.” Jenny’s eyes went wide in horror. “JUST because we fell asleep in your yard that one time doesn’t mean you can make us do whatever you want!” She turned to Toby, “Turn this ship around! We can’t do this!”

“Come on Jenny, it could be FUN!” He said, almost monotonous. “I thought you liked fun. Afraid Rhonda is going to outshine you on national television?”

“She could never! Just look at her!” Jenny shouted as she stared at her plain looking friend.

“I don’t know. She could become a hit sensation.”

“TAKE THAT BACK!” Jenny shouted as she jumped on the boy.

Rhonda pulled out two contracts, “Our dreams are just a signature away!” Once the two friends were done wrestling they each signed a contract.

“What are we going to tell your mom?” Toby asked.

“YOUR MOM!” Jenny replied as if it was a challenge. Behind the pair Rhonda is grinning as she pulls the pair into an unwanted hug.

Chapter Eight: Shipwrecked!

The screen is filled by the crystal blue colour of the ocean. Dolphins ebbed and flowed through the waves. The sky was clear, the sunbeams dancing across the surface of the water. The camera panned over to a large cruise ship, the letters S.S Total Drama clearly imprinted on its side.

The screen zooms in and shows the deck of the ship, and quickly leads the camera through the cruise ship; The sauna room, the kitchen, the casino, a long hallway and finally the screen goes black as it enters a room without lights.

“We’ve been watching them for weeks now,” a familiar british voice echoed. A spotlight flashed on, revealing Britt. The teens dark brown hair was pushed to one side with a hard cut. His bright blue eyes seemed dimmer than normal. He wore a tight-fitted floral print button down with a beige trench coat over it. He wore tight beige khakis with dark boots. “As they’ve competed against one another for the attention of the nation and for the grand prize!”

A second spotlight turned on revealing Jade. She moved her hands up in order to block the bright light from her green eyes. Her brown hair was held down by a jade-coloured headband. She wore a green flannel dress with a denim jacket. “... With seven episodes down and nineteen more to go, the drama is really starting to heat up.” The girl cowered as she pulled down on an elastic band on her wrist. Britt looked over at Jade and their eyes met, and then they quickly parted their gazes. Jade sighed, “For now! We’ll be taking a look back at the six, lucky, losers. And you’ll,” she gave a weak smile at the camera, “will be giving one of them a second chance to ruin their lives!” She snapped down on another one of her elastic bands.

The screen lit up as the studio lights turned on. The room had a window that filled the entire back wall, a screen slowly retracted revealing the bright sunshine outside. Britt clapped his hands together as a colourful beach umbrella dropped from the ceiling shielding him from the rays. Jade walked hesitantly to the center of the room and sat on one of the large beach balls. Britt sat on the ball next to hers. A rhythmic beating of bongos filled the studio. Britt flashed a smile at the camera. “This is After the Drama!” A neon sign that said “applaud” lit up above the stage, and the audience erupted into cheers.

Jade groaned, “Now, let’s find out what our eliminated cast members have been up to.” She read off in a monotone voice.

The glass window lit up with colour as it digitalized. The sky was replaced with video footage. A cave with a small fire is shown. The walls are covered in cave paintings, most portrayed a giant maple leaf being set aflame by a bald eagle. At the center of the cave a teenage boy cuddled a hockey puck. “Sam I will find someone to rescue us! Fear not! It is the Canadian thing to do!” He muttered and stroked the hockey puck.

A rock fell nearby. The teen jumped to his feet, grabbed a nearby stick and whacked the puck at the sound. “OWW!” A voice hollered out. The camera turned to face a boring looking man, with nothing of significance. “Hey Brennon! You know what would be cool, if you came and helped me out on my show!” The intruder mocked, “Yeah sure, Zac! That sounds like a great brotherly bonding time!” He rubbed his head where the puck had hit him. Brennon looked around to see where his target, Blake had run off to. To his right he noticed the hockey puck was missing. “He’s gone feral. I hate you Zac!” Brennon groaned. He pulled out his Canadian Mounties Badge and used its reflective surface to spot the teen running behind him. The Mounti jumped backwards and landed on the boy. “Blake. It’s ok. I’m going to help you.”

The hockey star growled and banged his hockey puck against his attacker’s head. Brennon stared down at the gnat of a target before he knocked him out. “I’m going to kill you Zac.” He groaned once more and stared at the camera.

The video faded, and the bright sunshine filled the window again. Rising through the floor on a platform was Blake. “Let’s give a warm welcome to… Blake.” Jade pulled back on one of her elastic bands as she muttered something under her breath.

Britt got up from his seat and walked over to give Blake a bro-hug. Blake blushed. “Don’t worry mate. I’m sure Brennon forgives you water under the bridge, yeah?” He turned to face Zac’s brother who sent a glare back at the pair. “You could always come stay with me in Britain, I do have a spare room now.” He said and then quickly returned his gaze to the ground. Jade snapped another one of her elastic bands.

The hockey player smiled lightly, “I think I’m good. But really, thanks for the offer. I don’t need all of Canada thinking I’m gay… again.” He chuckled and walked over to wear 6 beach chairs were laid out.

“You’re not gay?” Britt questioned. Blake shook his head. The brit muttered into his headset, “Don’t send in pride stick. I repeat do not send in the pride hockey stick.” He returned his gaze to the hockey star and gave a shy smile.

The window lit up with colour again, as a new scene appeared. A group of monkeys huddled around what looked to be a stage. A coloured teen stood on the stage dressed in a banana skirt and a leafy top. “Oh Romeo, oh Romeo…” He shouted at a nearby monkey.

Seated with the monkeys was Brennon. He used a tuft of monkey fur to wipe away his tears. “This is all too much, why can’t they just be together.”

The performer looked at Brennon. “Oh praise the great apes of this island. SAVE ME!”

“But the show must go on, Leo!” He replied as he wiped away another stream of tears.

“Do you really,” Leo stared at Brennon, “want to mess with me right now?” The actor banged on his chest and shouted something and pointed at Brennon. The monkeys all turned around and stared. “Will you please take me back to civilization?” He batted his eyes.

“But the show.” Brennon groaned and walked over to Leo. “You owe me the finale!”

“Fine. Whatever. Just get me away from these dirty chimps already it’s been over a week since my last proper shower.”

Brennon sniffed the air, “I can tell.”

The screen dedigitialized. Leo waved out to the crowd as he appeared from beneath the stage. “Glad to know that I’m not entirely hated!” He grinned.

“Welcome to S.S Total Drama.” Jade muttered. “You remind me of myself, when I had total star power!” She flipped her hair. Britt gave her a worried look, when she realized what she had said she snapped down on the elastic. “That’s not who you are. Be you Jade. Be you.” She whispered.

“Well… That’s cool. I’m just gonna go sit over there.” Leo nervously said.

The screen turned to static. “Footage not found.” Flashed over the screen, below it a image of Cherry was in black in white. Brennon spoke up. “I’m sorry to announce the exact wherabouts of Cherry at this time are still unknown. When we returned to the island we found no sign of the Inca, or of Cherry…. Except for,” he pulled out a paper coffee cup with a cherry-red lip imprint on the side, and the word Cherrylicious written above it. “At this time we do not believe Cherry to be held captive- we believe that the Inca are being forced to work for her.”

“BUT SHE’S OUR GODDESS!” Someone shouted out in the audience. “It’s not even worth being here if she’s not!” The man announced and got up from his seat. Before he could take a step, a bacon lasson had him seated again.

Brennon stared at the rude audience member. “There will be no leaving. This is a live show.” The Canadian Mounty continued, “Besides, where would you go? We’re on a cruise ship.”

“But do you know which mate we do have here?” Britt grinned, “KIMMI!” He announced as the crowd erupted into cheer. A large portion of the crowd was dressed in pink team Kimmi shirts.

The screen switched from the black static to show Kimmi hugging a worn-out plush teddy bear on the beach. Surrounding her were the letters S.O.S formed out of sticks and rocks. “Don’t worry Jamie, I’m here for you. I won’t let anything happen to you this time. I won’t let him get between us again. Sisters before misters.” She rubbed her hand against the plush bear, her wild eyes stared out to sea.

Brennon approached the frail girl. “Kimmi?” He asked.

She turned to face the man. “I’m dreaming Jamie. I see someone here. I’m going crazy… Maybe he’s my new imaginary friend.”

“Kimmi. I’m real. I’m here to take you home. Do you want to go home?” He offered her his hand.

“Can Jamie come? We promised to be best friends forever. I can’t leave her.”

Brennon bit his lip. “She can come too. No one gets left behind.” Kimmi nodded and grabbed onto his hand.

The screen returned to being a window, the bright rays seemed to create a halo around Kimmi as she rose from the ground below. The audience went wild.


“You helped me break up with my cheating ex!”


Blake turned to Leo, “What exactly did I miss?”

“I… don’t really know.” Leo replied and stared as Kimmi blew a kiss out to the audience before joining the other eliminated contestants.

The pig-tailed girl giggled, “Thanks so much everyone! I just thought that the truth had to be shared, you know? For all the girls out there, we have to be strong.” Blake and Leo looked at each and shrugged,

Jade glared at Kimmi. “She’s not right Britt.”

“Calm down, she’s fine.” Britt turned back to the screen, “And up next we have Zaina’s long lost brother!”

The screen switched to show Tameron seated on a makeshift throne in the middle of the jungle. “I’ll find her mother. Sister will be our salvation. She will take her place on the throne and the rebels will quiet”

“Talk about an ego problem.” Brennon muttered as he approached the butler. “Look bud, it’s time to go.”

“Who dare speaks to the lord in such a tone.” Tameron snapped his fingers but something happened. “Just because I am not female does not mean you can simply not listen to my orders!”

Brennon sighed as he approached the teen. “I thought you were supposed to be the sane one. The logical one.” He groaned as he knocked the boy out and carried him over his shoulder. “Who do you think you are? A prince to a long lost kingdom or something?” He laughed, “Where does my brother find these people?”

The window returned to its transparent state. As Tameron rose from the stage. He bowed before the crowd. “Mi’lady, mi’lord,” he offered both Britt and Jade a kiss on their hands but they both refused.

“There is only one true Queen, and I am not her.” Britt sighed. “But a lad can dream.” His gloomy attitude was quickly lifted once he saw Emmett join them on stage, he was soaking wet.

“Where am I? Where is this? Britt? Jade.” He questioned as he looked around the room.

“Welcome to After The Drama! Considering you’re a tad wet, I’d going to assume you were just recently found… Oh my.” Britt concluded.

“Where’s Rosalie?” Emmett asked.

Jade snickered. “Oh lover boy, she’s not here this is for losers only.”

“Jade.” Britt muttered out. The two guys shared a bro hug before they returned to their respective seats.

The female co host stood up. “And now, for the news that you’ve all been waiting for! To discover who will be returning out of these six… er five losers, at the merge!”

Emmett shook his head, “What? No. I just left there to talk to Rosalie.” Jade snapped her fingers as a screen with the six eliminated contestants dropped down.

Britt stood up and walked over to the screen. “Ever since the very first episode Canada, and the past contestants have been ranking the cast on who their favourites were! Today, for the first time, we’re going to showcasing the results. By the end of this episode whichever loser is ranked the highest will be given a spot at the merge.”

“No shockers here.” Jade announced as the list started to assemble, and revealed Kimmi to be first. “Ever since her quote on quote heroic elimination the nation has been in love with her.”

“What did she do?” Emmett asked the other guys but they all shook their heads - they were just as confused as he was.

Kimmi stood up, “I’m just glad that the nation knows the full truth about Grayson. I’m sorry that I had to deceive the nation in order to get the truth out.” She smiled at the camera and brushed her hair back.

Jade rolled her eyes and returned to the screen, “Emmett is ranked second. Mostly due to Rosalie campaigning across the nation in his honour. She’s been on the Emmett tour rallying fans together. Who knows what she ever saw in you.”

“Jade!” Britt hissed. “So… she’s not mad at me?” Emmett blushed.

“Nah, mate.”

“In third we have Blake.” She paused, “I’m not really sure why, but I feel like Rhonda has something to do with it.” She pointed to the window-screen that revealed a number of shirtless photos of Blake, and one where he was cuddling Sam. “It seems the nation doesn’t think we have enough LGBT cast members.” She chuckled and snapped onto a rubber band.

“I’m not gay! Guys, I swear!”

“Then kiss me!” An audience member shouted, but Blake recoiled in disgust. Britt chuckled.

Jade rolled her eyes. “In fourth we have Cherry who has some how managed to elude the Royal Canadian Mounties. If only we were all so lucky.” Jade groaned and stared at Brennon, “I’m not going to hurt anyone!”

“I have my orders.” He replied.

“Cherry gained a very elusive fan base due to her typical white-girl attitude. A social media campaign was started to get her back on the show but was quickly shut down by the white girl community who thought Cherry was offensive.” Jade sighed. “Are we done yet? I do have things to do.”

“No you don’t.” Britt teased. “We’re stuck on this ship until the show ends.”

Jade jumped in place. “Woo hoo?” She pointed at the screen, “In fifth we have Tameron. Obviously due to his treatment of Zaina. Who again, is somehow popular?”

Tameron nodded. “I only did what i thought was best for my sister. She has not had the easiest of paths. I only wished to not burden her further.”

“And in last, we have Leo!” Jade shrugged, “I’m pretty sure that the only person who enjoys you is the new intern Mana. Even Kaleb has more fans than you.”

Leo laughed, “Hey now! That’s not true. Right?” He turned to the crowd but no one made a sound. “Oh… Well then.”

Britt jumped in front of the screen, “But don’t worry mates! Jade and I have been working hard ever since day 1 to pick out some of our favourite, unreleased scenes of yours to try and turn the tides for you! And that goes for all of you! So grab some popcorn and get comfy!”

The screen faded and revealed Mana and Leo. The intern had snuck into Leo’s room. “What are you doing here?” Leo demanded as he finished doing his push ups.

“I was lonely.” Mana shrugged and walked over and sat on Leo’s bed. “Cheetos?” Mana offered the bag to the teen.

Leo jumped to his feet and pulled on his shirt, “So you decided to come visit me?”

“Yeah. Why not?” Mana hugged his plush manatee. “I thought we could have a…. Slumber party!” The intern grinned and pulled out his mp3 and played Regina Spektor.

“I thought I said that the last slumber party was going to be the last one! Zac almost caught you!” Leo rubbed his hand over Mana’s back. “You don’t want to get fired do you?”

“No….” The inten looked up at Leo. “But sleeping besides Zac’s bed in case he gets a nightmare or wants a midnight snack is really depressing.”

The actor smiled, “Don’t sweat it ok. You can stay the night. But this is the last time. Ok?”

“Ok!” Mana grinned and gave Leo a giant hug. “Sometimes I feel like you and Rhonda are the only ones who like having me around.”

The scene was replace by Emmett and Trixie as they prepared breakfast for their team. “You remind of her a lot.” Emmett sighed and cracked another egg.

“You’re the reason why I auditioned,” Trixie admitted. “You showed that just because you grow up in the country doesn’t mean that you have to be a country lass for life, you know?”

“Really?” The muscular teen blushed. “I thought everyone just thought I was Rosalie’s second fiddle.”

Trixie shook her head. “Not everyone.” She finished chopping up the garlic and herbs and started to mash it together with the butter. “I remember being devastated when you were eliminated! I refused to go to class. My dad had tie me up just to get me to my exams!” She looked over to Alfie.

“Maybe you’re like me in more ways than one?” He pointed out. “Do you like him?” He pulled the toast off of the grill.

She sighed and began to spread the butter over the toast. “I don’t know. Maybe? I’ve never really… dated anyone before? At least not for awhile.”

“Oh? Afraid to get attached?” Emmett teased as he wiped some butter across her face.

“No! Well, yes. But it’s not because i have daddy issues or something!” She reflected.

Emmett wrapped his arms around her. “I never said you did. I’m here if you ever need to talk, ok?” Trixie nodded. She picked up four of the plates filled with food, and balanced them along her arms as she walked over to the rest of the team. Behind her, Emmett grabbed a piece of bacon and munched down on it. “Girls.” He chuckled to himself.

The scene faded. In its place Rhonda appeared, beside her were both Damien and Tameron. “May I ask why you’ve brought us here? Mi’lady RHonda?” Tameron asked as he bowed slightly to the co-host.

“If this is about the green hair dye I put in Zac’s shower…” Damien blushed, “I can explain!”

Rhonda paused, “That’s a great idea!” She burst out laughing, “Why didn’t I think of that!” She offered a fist for Damien to pound, and he did. “No, I’m here because as co-host I have taken over the responsibility of hosting the social media accounts… And you both aren’t in any potential ships. And that’s a problem. It’s really hurting your popularity.”

“I’m sorry but I do not understand.” Tameron said confused.

“She means that we’re not being flirty enough, and no one thinks we’re crushing on anyone.” Damien stated. “Sorry but have you seen my team?”

Rhonda nodded, “Exactly, well asides from Wing and Zaina but I can’t really consider those a ship with you, all things considered one if your sibling and the other your sworn enemy.” She sighed. “But don’t worry! I have a solution!” She grinned.

Damien turned to Tameron, “He’s not my type. He’s too stuck up.”

Tameron huffed, “Yes, because I’m the problem in this relationship!”

The cohost shook her head. “No no! Not each other! ME!” She grinned.

“Mi’lady, I believe you have forgotten how old you are.” Tameron said as he patted her on the back.

“I’m sorry what!”

“Dude, you never call a girl old!” Damien laughed.

“I’M THE SAME AGE AS YOU BOTH!” She growled and pulled out her ID. “SEE! Eighteen!”

“Feisty,” Damien winked.

Tameron bowed, “I am sorry, I did not mean to offend, it would be an honour to date you Rhonda.”

Rhonda frowned. “I can’t date you! That’s wrong, and Zac would kill me!”

The butler stared, “Then I am confused again.”

“You just need to be flirty with me! We need to have some kind of chemistry! Gawsh, you’re just so innocent!”

Damien chuckled. “What do you say we go shrink all of Zac’s clothes before he wake up so he thinks that he’s gaining weight?” Rhonda grinned and gave the boy a giant hug.

“You know me so well!” She turned back to Tameron, “See this, this is how you get shipped!”

The scene was switched out for one of the ocean. Blake sat with Sam on a small row boat. “I wonder where the rest of the team is?” Sam asked as he leaned over the ship trying to find them.

“I’m sure they’re around. It’s nice to be away from Colin though.” He chuckled. “He really gets me going, y’know?”

“Oh trust me, you both get me going too.” Sam smirked.

“What?” Blake asked as he continued to paddle.

“Nothing. Oh no! I’m falling overboard!” Sam slowly said as he let himself fall overboard. Blake launched himself on top of Sam to stop him from falling.

“Hey now! You’ve got to be more careful!” He smiled and got off of Sam - who still managed to fall into the water. “Sam!” He shouted and pulled off his shirt and jumped in the water after him.

A few minutes later the pair were both back on the boat. Blake had torn Sam’s shirt off and searched for the sound of his breathing but found none. “Come on buddy!” He groaned as he began to perform CPR. As if it were a complete miracle, the second his lips touched Sam’s, Sam returned to life.

“My hero!” Sam blushed and wrapped his arms around Blake. “How will I ever repay you!?”

Blake scratched his head, confused. “I’m sure I’ll think of something. But hey look our team!” He grinned and waved at their team mates.

“Why are you guys shirtless…” Hannah questioned.

“Huh?” Blake muttered, “Oh yeah!” He blushed and pulled his shirt back on.

“It’s a long story!” Sam smirked.

The scene faded and was replaced by the Sun rising. Kimmi was curled up in Grayson’s arms as they cuddled in the dingy boat that hung off the side of the ship. “Do you ever miss her?” Kimmi asked as she clutched her heart-shaped locket.

Grayson looked out towards the sea. “Sometimes. You know, I like to think that she’s out there somewhere. Just waiting for us to find her.”

Kimmi nodded. “I dream about her sometimes. I hear her laugh everywhere. I can smell her sometimes if I try really hard.” She reached out to the rising Sun. “What I wouldn’t do to touch her again.” Kimmi giggled. “So what’s all of this with Cherry eh? Are you cheating on me?” She teased.

“Majorly. I’m not a one-woman type of guy.” He laughed and gave Kimmi a giant grin.

“You’re not an any woman kind of guy.” She retorted. “I see how you look at Sam.” She poked her best friend's cheek. “You could just tell him! I’m sure he’d be all over you in an instant!” She beamed.

Grayson looked around making sure that there was no camera. “You know that my parents would disown me if they ever found out.” He gave her a quick peck on her forehead. “You’re the best friend I could ever have.”

Kimmi looked away. “Sometimes I think that you’re just afraid of being alone. Why do we need to pretend to date? Why can’t you just be single.”

The prep shrugged, “I’m not the single type.” The screen faded back to the sea.

“And that’s all the behind the scenes, top secret footage we have for you today!” Britt announced. He turned to Kimmi who was trying to blend in with her chair. “I think that you have some explaining to do.”

Jade smirked, “But we do have one last bit of information to share before the voting ends.” She turned to britt who seemed confused. “Call her.” She announced.

The screen cut to a young girl with heart-shaped glasses and deep purple and pink hair. Her pale blue eyes stared in regret at the camera. “Why did you do it Kimmi.” The voice questioned without any emotion.

Jade turned to the screen, “I’m sorry but you’re going to need to be a bit more clear.”

Britt walked over to Kimmi who stared in disbelief at the screen.

“I’m sorry allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jamie. Kimmi’s ex-best friend and I’d like to clear up a little something about my mortality.” The crowd and the guests all stood in shock, not a sound was made not even from the mice.

Jade frantically pulled on the elastic bands that covered her wrists. Britt watched in silence he wanted to go over and hug her but he would only make it worst. The female co-host spoke out first, “I’ve done some cruel things but what you’ve done is lower than low.” Jade spat out as she pressed a button to show the popularity rankings. Kimmi was a solid first while Grayson was ranked last.

The peppy girl let out a tear, “I thought she died… I looked for you.”

Jamie laughed. “And how long did it take for you to start dating Grayson after that?” The Skype caller spoke louder. “It all happened that night at the party. You begged me to take you. I thought you were just jealous you had to share me with Grayson. But no, you were just jealous of me for being with Grayson.”

“Jamie…” Kimmi uttered, “Please. “

The girl did not stop. “Preach, preacher preach. How can you be leading the country against Grayson when you forced yourself upon him. Grayson isn’t perfect, I know that. You KNEW that. He’s Grayson Hunt! Cheater by night but teen heartthrob by day. I understood what it meant to date him! So did the entire town.” Jamie paused, “Now why don’t you tell the country how I died.”

“Y-y-you jumped off of a bridge.”

“A bridge I was dared to jump off of. Yeah, you never saw me after that because I didn’t exactly want to see my supposed best friend after she made out with my boyfriend.”

Kimmi’s usual cheery demeanor fell. “I had to show you… You had to know he was a cheater.”

Jamie scoffed. “A cheating boyfriend and a liar for a best friend. That’s who Grayson and Kimmi are. Not a deranged killer and not an advocate against cheating boyfriends. If you want to hate Grayson for being an alpha male go ahead but stop hating him for something a nut job said.” The girl finished by pulling off her heart-shaped locket and dropping it into the trash dispenser. “Isn’t it ironic? You thinking I was dead - But just so we’re clear here. You’re dead to me.” The screen turned black.

The studio was silent except for near the entrance. “I’m sorry we’re live we can’t allow anyone else on stage.” Brennon said to the girl.

The girl gasped. “Do you know who I am? I am the Incan Goddess of beauty, Cherry. So I like think you should let me on before my people arrive.” She rolled her eyes and tried to step past Brennon but his arm stopped her. “Well, like you can’t say I didn’t try.” Cherry clapped her hands together and suddenly throughout the studio Incan warriors appeared. Including a very buff one by her side who picked her up and carried her towards the stage. “Fear not people of Canada! For I, Cherry, Incan goddess of Beauty am here to take my revenge on like the biggest lying ho in the room. KIMMI!”

Kimmi jumped up and tried to run away, but Cherry and her escort blocked her path. “You’re too late! Canada’s already voted! I’m going back on the show!”

“Like, i think, not totally sure, that you need to be breathing to be on the show.”

“Cherry? We all hate her too, but that’s a lil’ bit extreme, don’t you think?” Britt gasped and tried to get in between the two girls but he was easily tossed to the side.

“She like left me for dead, and not the good kind!”

Blake added, “To be fair they all left you for dead.”

Cherry paused. “You make a good point. And if it weren’t for you.” She glared at Kimmi. “I may have never created the best coffee chain on the planet!” She pulled out a Cherrylicious cup of coffee, “Well, like soon to be! The Inca are still like conquering rival tribes to use them for production.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s so hard to find good help these days.”

“Fire!” Leo shouted as he launched the cannon at Cherry, sending Jade flying out of the cannon. She soared through the air and landed on Cherry, as she pulled her to the ground.

“People think I’m insane. Clearly they haven’t met you.” Jade growled. “Now call off your army before I go psycho Jade all over you. And you better hope that Britt’s ok!”

“NO!” Kimmi screeched. “How can this be!” She gasped in horror as the popularity rankings changed one last time. 6th. Leo. 5th. Kimmi.. 4th. Tameron. 3rd. Emmett. 2nd. Blake. 1st. Cherry. “WHY!”

“Probably because she makes for great T.V,” Leo acknowledged, “Plus you might have surpassed both Grayson and Hannah as the most hated in Canada with your lies.” He sighed, “But somehow you’re still more popular than me.”

“What!” Cherry gasped. “Like, I can’t go back! The Inca need me! My company needs me! They’re like my people!” Brennon slowly walked over to the girl as she began to freak out and planted his fist against her face - knocking her out.

“I think we’re done here.” He announced. Britt and Jade nodded.

The hosting duo returned to the center of the screen and waved at the camera. “Well, this was certainly a dramatic episode of After the Drama… the title is kinda ironic now…. Stay tuned next week when Total Drama Tides is back! And coming up next, Total Drama Genesis, with fan-favourite, Rhonda!”

Chapter Nine: In Her Memory

The camera zoomed in on Mana the intern, his long hair blowing in the crisp wind. His arms rested against the rail of the balcony of his hotel room. “Welcome back to Total Drama Tides!” He announced, “I hope you all loved the special as much as I did! It had so much drama!” He smiled and walked towards the camera. “It was nice to see Britt and Jade again… even if they’re only a little heartbroken,” he sighed.

He pushed through the glass doors into his clean resort room, and jumped onto his king-sized bed. “We’ve watched our sailors travel to historic, and dangerous locations! They’ve faced off against pirate lords, ancient civilizations and a rebellious co-host, Rhonda! Now, 18 remain!” The intern jumped back onto his feet and peered through the curtains that led to a separate room, Zac is seen cowering beneath his covers. In a hushed tone Mana continued, “As you can see, Zac is still a little shaken up about the loss of Rhonda - mostly because he thinks that he killed her. But that’s ok! Because we get to stay in a resort while he cheers up!”

“Mana is that you!?” The host whispered, and pulled the covers away. His hair was a mess, and his eyes a deep red. “I’ve missed you! Come give me a hug!” The intern obliged then quickly hurried out of the room- bumping into Sam.

“What are you doing here?” Mana gasped.

Sam blinked. “He used to be so attractive!” The teen groaned, “He’s so… so… needy now. Not even in the cute way.”

“That’s none of your concern right now!” The intern hurried the contestant away, “Go spy on Colin I think he’s in the hottub!”

The thirsty teen shook his head, “As if. We’re over him! He’s too American.” He followed Mana as he walked through the halls.

“Well excuse me! It’s hard to keep up with you and your man-crushes.”

Sam shrugged, “There haven’t been that many!” He started to count on his fingers but then stopped, “Ok so maybe there were! But I found someone new! And this one is going to stick!”

“Whatever you say,” Mana stopped, “Now leave me alone! I have a show to plan!” He closed the door and returned to his room. He glanced over at the manatee plush and the pen and paper by his desk. “Rhonda…” He sat at the desk and stared at the nearly blank page and read over what he had written ‘Dear Rhonda’. “I miss you.” He stated and banged his head against the wood.

The screen jumped to the boys half of the Killer Sharks room. Andre is seen on the edge of the large bed. Behind a large pillow wall, Alfie had just woken up. The blond teen rubbed his eyes and looked over at Andre, “Morning Andre.” He smiled.

The musician chuckled, “I was thinking of leaving, but then again, I only just met you.” He teased and offered Alfie a mug of hot chocolate. “You like sweets right?” Alfie quickly grabbed the mug and sipped down the sweet syrup. “Do I ever!” The boy quickly got on his feet and threw on his clothes for the day. “See! I told Trixie you’d be a great addition to the team!”

The musician pulled his t-shirt on over his messy hair. “What do you mean?”

“She was worried you’d drag us all down like your last team.” Alfie quickly said while searching the room for more sweets.

(CONF): Andre is shown in a silver elevator. “Is this… the confessional here? Weird.” He turned to the camera, “I know I don’t have the best track record with Total Drama but I was hoping my new team would have had hope for me, y’know?”

In the room next door, Angel is seen painting Malia’s nails, while Trixie applied makeup to the girl. “Girl, are you sure you want all of this?” Trixie asked, “You already looked stunning.”

Angel nodded, “You really don’t have to Malia. I remember the time when I first put on makeup to go see Cody Simpson in person.” The fangirl daydreamed as she painted Malia’s toe. The pair giggled and Angel wiped it off.

“I want to!” Malia reassured and blushed slightly.

Trixie gasped, “Is it a boy!?” She stopped applying makeup and stared into Malia’s eyes who gave back a weak smile. “OH MY GOD! It is!”

The fangirl pinned Malia to the bed and started to tickle her. “Tell us who it is!”

“But---” Malia started to giggle uncontrollably, “You might,” she tried to breath, “Tell him!”

Angel and Trixie both gasped. “Never!” Trixie announced

“It would completely go against girl code!” Angel reassured. Malia blinked, confused. “You do know girl code… right?”

“Didn’t your mom ever teach you?” The cowgirl winced, “I don’t know how you’ve managed to live so long!”

Malia turned away from the pair, “Well, that’s just it. I really haven’t lived.” She sighed tears welling up in her eyes.

“We’ll teach you. You won’t have to be alone,” Angel wrapped her arms around the girl, “Not while we’re here.”

Youri is shown seated at a tiki bar on the beach, the three pirate ships docked in the pearly white sand. He grabbed a glass bottle with ‘Definitely Just Soda’ written on it’s label and took a sip. The teen looked out at the ocean with his big eyes and sighed. “Why do I feel like this.”

Sam stumbled over taking the seat next to Youri. “Why so glum chum? Relax!” The teen chugged from his own similarly labeled bottle.

“It’s whatever. I don’t want to talk about it.” Youri grunted, and tried to jump off of his high stool but fell onto Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Fine, I’ll leave. I bet Grayson is probably sunbathing nearby anyways.”

Youri’s face turned a brighter red. “See that’s it just there! Why don’t you even consider me?!” Youri pulled off his shirt to reveal his slim- but toned body. “Am I not man enough for you to stalk!” He dropped to the ground and started to do pushups. “Now that Emmett’s gone everyone was supposed to see! That I’m a man! That I’m not just some wuss! It was all his fault!”

The blond shook his head. “Is that why you’re always so hot and bothered?” He let out a laugh and handed Youri another bottle. “You’re like, at least a 7 out of 10 on the hotty scale but you don’t act like it.”

“Act like it?” Youri asked silently.

“You don’t understand your own worth. It’s off-putting. Almost pathetic. Like you want us to feel sorry for you because you can’t even do it yourself.” Sam groggily took another sip. “Even though Emmett was a pathetic, massively sexy sack of meat, he knew deep down he was worth it - he wanted to prove it. He wanted to show he was a man.” Sam grinned, “It was hot.” He returned his gaze to the Youri who was in the sand. “You just wanted to be better than him, like a child. Not hot, and also illegal.” Sam let out a burp and bubbles floated out of his mouth.

Youri managed to stumble away, “Whatever man! You, you, you’re just jealous!” He grumbled as he fell into Mana’s arms.

The intern blinked, “What have you two been drinking?” His eyes narrowed, “And where can I get some of that.”

The scene switched to show Colin and Fleur as they ate beneath a large pink umbrella on the beach. “This is in the how you say, le romantic!” Fleur giggled.

Colin grinned, “See I knew you would come around.” He poured her a glass of bubbling water.

“Why are you not here with pretty girl?” Fleur questioned and Colin facepalmed. The french girl pointed to a nearby girl in a bikini, “I would be in the thinking she would like to kiss!”

The American scratched his head, “Yeah, one would think.” He paused and looked over to where Sam sat alone at the bar. “Can you believe him? He spent all season fawning over me and then he just stops?” He groaned. He looked the other way and saw Hannah failing to flirt with a topless male. “And her? Like come on!” Fleur blinked. “Tu est, how you say, jello?”

Colin stared at her, “Of course not. Not of those two.”

(CONF): Colin is seen in the silver elevator. “It’s just not the same when they’re not trying to make out with me every minute, ok?”

The camera showed Hannah as she failed to flirt with yet another guy. “I don’t get it! Why does no one ever want to kiss me!” She jumped into the sand upset. “I checked my romance skill! It should be more than high enough.”

Damien walked over to the teen, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” She muttered. “I don’t need YOUR help! You’re probably just like your sister.”

“Coming from you? That’s fresh.” Damien laughed and started to walk off. “But maybe no one wants to date you because they only know the way that the show showed you. Everyone knows you as the insanely bitter girl who cheated on her boyfriend and then made him lose in the finale.”

Hannah looked up at Damien, “Is that what they did to Heather?”

Damien shrugged, “At least in her case, it wasn’t true.” He turned back at Hannah, “You’re basically satan.”

The screen panned to show Grayson as he tanned beside Viola. “Living in 2017 sucks.” She groaned, “All these beauty standards we have to conform to.”

Grayson chuckled, “Tell me about it!” He removed his shirt to show off his fit torso. “This is a lot of hard work!” Grayson paused, “You know, I’ve never noticed but your voice is really familiar.”

Damien appeared next to the pair, “Viola, don’t trust him. He’s a liar, a cheater and a murderer.” The prep said nothing.

“Thanks for the advice,” Viola stated and offered Grayson some of her pizza.

“Did you not hear what I just said?” Damien said shocked.

“It excites me.” Viola shrugged. The legacy sailor muttered under his breath and walked off.

Grayson looked down at the pizza- the red tomato sauce was replaced with a white donair sauce, and was topped with donair meat and onion and cheese. “I know I’ve heard of this before.” He grinned and looked over at Viola, “You host the This Is It Podcast don’t you! Me and my friends watch that all of the time! Your view on life is so wild!”

Viola smirked and bit into her donair pizza. “I do wholeheartedly enjoy meeting my fans - especially those of the killer variety.” She laughed.

“Wait! That means you go to school with Kimmi!” His eyes went wide, “You know about Jamie… and Kimmi.”

The gloomy girl shrugged. “It’s all going to come to an end sooner or later why not indulge in the pleasures while you still can.”

Grayson started to pack up his stuff. “Thanks Viola but if you know about Jamie than you know what happened to her.”

“Yes, I know she recovered and is perfectly fine and is pretending to be dead to punish her ex-best friends.” She took another bite of her pizza, “This is one of the few things that gives me life.”

“WHAT?” Grayson gasped and turned to Viola. “What do you mean?”

“It tastes so good?”

“About Kimmi.” He laughed. “And Jamie?” He pulled out Kimmi’s locket.

“Oh.” She took another bite. “She hates you and Kimmi for making out and betraying her. Which I don’t even understand because you’re gay.”

Grayson jumped on top of Viola and covered her mouth. “KEEP IT DOWN!” He looked into Viola’s brown eyes. “Jamie’s alive?” She nodded. Without hesitation Grayson threw the locket into the ocean, and watched as a shark conveniently jumped into the air and ate it. “And you couldn’t tell me before this?”

Viola blinked. “It was the little bit of humour I found here.”

“I need more pizza.” Grayson muttered as he laid back down on the sand and Viola handed him a slice.

The scene switched to Wing and Yasmin at the tikki cafeteria. The pair sat as they ate their tikki burgers. Yasmin looked up at Wing. “When we were in Atlantis… You… you said you used to live in Floria?”

Wing looked away from the girl. “This be not the case.”

Yasmin nodded, “Your dad was a pirate king. Captain Wing. He attacked Floria.”

“NEVER!” Wing growled. “He did no such thing.” The pirate removed her hat and started to peel a banana but Yasmin stopped her.

“They attacked him didn’t they?”

Wing nodded. “I be just a child then. But I never laid me eyes on him again.” She turned away to wipe a tear away.

“And somehow you and Tameron both ended up together.” Yasmin asked staring at her.

Wing nodded. “Aye. This is what I said.” She glared as she watched Zaina walk over to sit with Elyar.

The camera panned to focus on the pair. “Elyar? May I sit here?” Zaina asked before she took her seat. He nodded and she sat down.

“Have you seen Sarah?” He frowned, “She’s been distant ever since Atlantis.”

Zaina stared at him, “That’s why I’m here. I don’t think you should speak to her anymore.”

Elyar shook his coffee before he took a sip. “Is that so?”

She nodded. “You’re bad mojo. Us girls can take care of her from now on.”

The agent removed his shades so that he could stare into Zaina’s eyes. “In order to properly take care of someone else you must first be able to care for yourself.” He brushed the crumbs off of his shirt and continued, “besides, you’ve been down this path before. Do I need to remind you of Lexi?” He stood up and looked down at the girl, “I’m going to go speak to my friend now, enjoy your food.” He picked up his shades and returned them to his face.

“At least I care about her.” Zaina spat out.

“Her being is of the utmost importance to me as well.” Elyar grinned.

Wing sighed and returned her gaze to Yasmin. “It be time ye know the truth about Zaina. She’s the heir to the throne of Floria.”

Yasmin’s eyes went wide as she looked over to where the girl sat by herself. “That makes so much sense.” She pulled out a notebook and looked over her notes. “This entire team it makes so much more sense. But how did Rhonda know! How did she find all of us, and Sarah? How does she connect to all of us? She can’t just be here to bug Zac.”

Wing shook her head. “I am uncertain.” She returned her gaze to Elyar who removed his shades so that he could give a wink to the pirate. “But he must not be allowed near her. If Elyar and the agency be interested in Zaina then she is in danger.”

(CONF): Yasmin frowned. “I know my parents are in Floria somewhere. And I am almost certain someone on my team knows where. I just don’t know who.”

Sarah is seen walking down the beach, following a small duckling. “Come here lil’guy! I just want to help!” She called, and looked behind her to where a duck family seemed to be walking in the other direction. “I know what it’s like to be the ugly duckling! I was in band for how long!” Not looking where she was going, Sarah tripped over a sunbathing Viola. “Ahhh!”

“Ah yes, this is why you don’t wear heels when running in the sand.” Viola remarked, “It’ll be the end of you.”

The singer picked herself up and groaned. “Hey now! There’s no reason to be sassy! Or a big ball of doom and gloom!” Sarah adjusted her jewelry and her hair and began to chase after the duck once more.

“But why even bother trying if you know you’re just going to fail.” Viola stated as Sarah fell face first into the sand again. “Why are you even chasing a duck? I know you enjoy the better things in life but do you really need to eat a duck today?”

“It’s not like that!” Sarah angrily said. “It’s just important to me ok!”

“An ugly duckling? Important to you. Ha. Ha.” Viola forced a laugh.

Sarah picked herself back up from the sand and looked around, but the duckling had vanished. “See! Why did you have to scare it away with all of your negativity!”

Viola shrugged. “It had nothing to do with you chasing it.”

Sarah pouted, “You know what, I don’t have time for people who don’t even care! Good luck being alone!” She shouted and ran off.

Grayson returned to the scene, with two glasses in his hands, “What was all of that about?”

“Nothing.” Viola muttered.

(CONF): Viola rolled her eyes. “It’s not my fault that I understand there’s no point in having a friendship because your friends are just going to abandon you. There’s no point in loving because they’re just going to move on.”

The screen switched to show all of the contestants gathered around Mana who stood in front of a tiki totem. “As some of you may know, Zac isn’t exactly…”




“Good at his job?” Mana stared in disbelief at the contestants who were laughing. “He is nothing of the sorts! I was going to say that Zac is currently feeling down about the ill fate of Rhonda.”

Yasmin adjusted her glasses, “You mean he is still unaware that Rhonda ditched him for her own show?”

Mana jumped down so that he was directly in front of Yasmin, “And he must never know!” He walked in front of all of the contestants, trying to be brave. “He is sad. And your challenge today will be to cheer him up! I have tried everything that I could think of…” He sighed, “But to no luck.” He paused, “And if you even think about letting him know the truth about Rhonda you will be instantly eliminated - and will NEVER be allowed back on the show.”

“Can you….. Even do that?” Youri slurred.

“Don’t test me. You have until sunset.”

The three teams split up and held meetings. The Hotties grouped up in the sauna. Hannah sat beside Sam in her power flower one piece. She stood up and began to rub her finger through the steam on the glass wall, writing ‘Zac’. “So. What do we know about Zac? Have we discovered any of his secrets? Or his traits?”

Colin got up and moved between Hannah and Fleur, resting his arm close to Sam’s. “Well, we know he likes to look hot, and hot people.” He slowly removed his shirt, flexing his biceps. “Speaking of, it sure is hot in here.” Grayson stared at the teen and gulped.

“It’s a sauna. What did you expect?” Viola stated, she sat between Sam and Fleur.

Sam spoke up, “Well, he really hates the Frozen cast.” He looked around the room, “And I think he likes Sarah? He’s always sneaking around her.”

“He likes to play games with our heads too.” Grayson added. “Like a lot.”

“HAYDEN!” Fleur shouted out, remembering Zac’s boyfriend. “He is in the missing of his blonde!”

“I think we just figured out how to beat the level!” Hannah exclaimed excitedly, “I’m so happy I decided to like you again!” She cheered and gave Fleur a giant hug. The team captain quickly split her team into three pairs and give them all jobs to do. “We can do this!” The teammates moved in for a group hug, Colin seemed disappointed.

Back in her hotel room, Sarah could feel the eyes of the other pirates staring at her. “What?” She asked.

“Well, I mean,” Damien started, but wasn’t sure how to approach her.

Elyar tried to move closer to Sarah, but Wing blocked his path. “You do have history with him,” he offered. “If we are to have any chance at winning this it’s going to be because of your inside knowledge.” Yasmin contributed.

Zaina wrapped her arm around her friend. “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” She smiled. “We understand it’s not the best history.”

Wing huffed, “But if ye want the treasure…” Zaina shoved a banana into Wing’s mouth to quiet her.

Sarah started to laugh, “What? Do you guys think I wouldn’t want to help?” She shook her head. “I’m actually SO happy I finally get to be useful!” She grinned and hugged her team. “Look, the past it just that. The past, and besides despite not hearing from Zac in over a year we have a lot of good history too.”

“So? How do we do it? How do we win?” Damien asked.

“It’s a long shot! But it’s the best option,” Sarah smiled and began to explain her plan.

(CONF): Elyar growled. “The mission can not become a failure. I can not afford that.”

The Killer Sharks were still standing around the tiki totem, argueing. “Hold up! Why do you get to be the captain?” Trixie groaned after Andre suggested they perform a musical number.

Andre shrugged, “I just assumed, I have the most experience…”

“At losing!” Youri muttered.

Malia spoke up in Andre’s defence, “A team is only as strong as their weakest link.” Andre smiled at the girl causing her to blush. Trixie and Angel shared a surprised look.

“You guys sound like Cody’s bodyguards whenever I snuck in,” Angel sighed, “It was your fault! No yours!” She giggled and mocked the bodyguards. She pulled out a bottle. “Common, we’re friends right?” She placed it in the centre of the team, “We’ll spin the bottle and whoever it lands on will be the leader.”

“I think Trixie should be the leader,” Alfie suggested, “She has the hat! That’s how this is supposed to work!” He walked closer to Trixie who seemed uncomfortable, “She did win us the first challenge.”

“What about me?” Youri hissed.

“You left Malia for dead last time!” Angel muttered.

Andre started to walk away. Trixie shouted after him, “Are you just going to abandon us like your last team?” The group went silent.

“I thought I was joining a team,” he looked around at other Sharks who looked like they were about to start a fight, “I guess I thought wrong.” The Sharks went silent, and after Andre was out of sight, they also went their separate ways.

Mana took a deep breath as he returned to his desk and stared down at the letter he’d written to Rhonda. “I just… Why did you have to leave me with him?” The intern wiped a tear away. “I’ll get a teaching job in Canada… All of this, it’ll be worth it.” He assured himself and grinned into the mirror meekly. “How long until the finale again?”

“Tell me about Cody,” Malia asked as she and Angel build a sand castle. “You talk about him a lot, did you… Did you love him?”

The brunette paused, her hands in the sand. “I did, at one time.” She gave a smile to the girl. “But that’s in the past now.” She blushed. “Besides I’m totes over him now!”

Malia moved her hand over her friends. “Are you really? Is love so… Forgettable?”

Angel put on a smile, “No! It’s not.” She assured Malia. “We just had a… complex history. A lot of people thought that we shouldn’t be together.”

“How did you know you were in love?”

“You just know. It’s like staring into the night sky and making a wish, except there’s nothing to wish for because you already have everything you could ever dream of.” Angel wiped away a stray tear.

“That sounds… wonderful.” Malia spoke out.

“Well don’t believe it. Everyone knows she’s lying Malia. She’s just some crazy fan girl who tried to make out with her teen idol.” Youri grumpily muttered as he stumbled past the girls. Angel shot daggers at the teen.

Andre arrived and carried Youri away. “Come on budd, I think it’s time you lie down.” He sighed and turned to the girls. “I hope he didn’t bother you.”

(CONF): Andre banged his head against the side of the silver elevator. “Dania, I don’t think I can do this. The Sirens were dysfunctional, but the Sharks are no better. I don’t know how Emmett managed to lead them, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to. I can’t win with them.”

Damien and Zaina are seen walking down the beach. “Do you miss her?” Zaina asked and glancing over at Damien.

“Who?” “Heather,” Zaina clarified.

Damien looked out at the ocean, “It’s hard being here without her, but she’s my inspiration. But yeah, I miss her. Why do you ask?” He turned his attention back towards Zaina.

“No reason. It was a dumb question.” She quickly responded. “We should keep looking.”

The legacy contestant stopped, “Is this about Tameron?”

Zaina exhaled. “I… I miss him. Does that make me a weak person? I barely even knew him and he lied to me… but…”

Damien grabbed onto her hand, “You’re allowed to miss your brother. It’s in your blood to miss him. I’m lucky I knew my sister, the real version of her before she came here… The show changes people, you have to know that. I’m sure that Tameron never meant to hurt you Zaina.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around an unsuspecting Damien. “Thanks! I’m really glad that you chose to join our team.”

The scene switched to show Colin and Viola as they stood against one of the walls in the hotel. Viola stared at the clock on the wall, trying to not make any more awkward than Colin was already making it. “I just don’t get it. Why can’t Fleur see that I’m into her?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you try asking her.” Viola stated.

Colin grunted. “I can’t just ASK her! She seems to really like you, do you think that you could… Y’know put in a good word for me? Or at least give me some advice?”

Viola’s eyes went wide as she tried to contain her surprise and vomit. She forced a smile and turned to the boy. “Sure.” The hands on the clock ticked over and Viola pulled the fire alarm.

“Now it’s up to the rest of the team,” Colin shouted as he and Viola ran from the water that began to rain down on them.

(CONF): Viola stared at the camera. “I have three options here, and none of them are overly exciting. One. I can give the guy a break and speak highly of him to Fleur and let him be disappointed by love itself. Two. I could do nothing and let the game of life play itself out. Or three, I could….”

(CONF): Colin grinned at his own reflection in the elevator. “Viola’s so nice! I knew she was a true friend after all, I’m glad that I have her and Fleur around.”

Alfie smiled and joined Trixie by the sundae bar. “What’s my sweety up to?” He chuckled.

Trixie bit her lip and turned to the teen. “We should talk.”

“About?” He asked as he shoved a spoonful of cherry ice cream into his mouth.

“Us and the fact that…” Trixie started, but Alfie cut her off.

“I know. I like us too.” He moved over to wrap his arms around the girl but she stood up.

She looked away from Alfie, “No Alfie. That’s the thing, I don’t think there should be an us.” Trixie sighed. “It’s not you, it’s me.” The cowgirl walked away, leaving Alfie with a scoop of ice cream in his mouth.

Alfie looked pulled out a small pouch from his pocket and poured out the candy hearts into his hand. He frowned as he read them “#DreamTeam,” he plopped the heart into his mouth and chewed on it, “#Tralfie” he tossed it into his mouth, “#HatLove” he put the final heart into his mouth and crunched down on it.

(CONF): Trixie tearfully opened up her journal and turned to the swimmer's page and scribbled Alfie’s name down. “I can’t Alfie… I don’t want to be broken hearted, I can’t become my mother. I have to keep my eyes on the prize.”

“You won’t stop me my little Wing. The plans already in motion, it’s been in motion for years. My father started it when you were taken and now I’ll finally end it.” Elyar shrugged as he and Wing searched the resort's garden.

Captain Wing shook her head. “No. Ye can not be wrecking the heart of a pirate, nor will you plunder the kingdom of Floria. If ye think ye be so smart, why not tell me ye plan?”

Elyar raised his eyebrows, “Oh little Wing, I’m not an idiot like those on the tele. Besides right now we have a challenge to win.” He reminded as he pointed to a duck on the ground. He grabbed Wing’s hat and tossed it at the lone duckling.

“Does the man behind the shades have a heart, or is it just darkness?” She muttered.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” He paused, “If it makes you feel any better you’ll have a chance to see your mother very soon.” Wing’s eyes went wide as she cradled the small duck.

Elsewhere Mana is seen rushing out of his suit. “OF COURSE THERE WOULD BE A FIRE ON THE ONE DAY I HOST!” The intern yelled at himself, “I should have seen this coming!”

Hannah put her hand across the door frame before the door could close. “I always knew my sneaking skill was high enough to be a secret agent.” She grinned and pushed the door open for both her and Grayson. She shut it behind them and stared at the new comer to her team. “I’ve heard a pretty rumour about you.”

“And I of you.” He shrugged and began to search the interns room.

Hannah put her hand on the teen, “You don’t understand me. I don’t want you on my team. Not now.”

Grayson nodded, “I see where you’re coming from. But I’m giving you a second chance here, at least give me the same opportunity.”

The gamer stared at the prep and remembered her conversation with Damien, “Fine.” She muttered. “But don’t make me regret it. I’ve played Attack on Titans!”

“Let’s just find the phone ok?” Hannah nodded as she and Grayson tore the room apart in search of the cell phone.

(CONF): Grayson groaned, “It seems Kimmi’s story is getting around… But I can’t come clean about it. It would ruin me!”

Andre is seen sitting by the poolside with a sleeping Youri. He played a beat on the beach balls and sang a soft song to himself. “It’s been a long time coming, the low from your eternal high. But boy was it worth it? Did you get everything you wanted? It doesn’t matter now, because we’ll set things straight and raise your spirits.”

“You know you’re actually decent.” Youri stated, rubbing his eyes. “I have a killer headache.” He groaned.

Andre quickly wrote down the last of his lyrics, “Thanks. Glad to have you back.”

“So what are we doing for the challenge?” Youri asked.

The musician shrugged, “Nothing.”

Youri’s face paled. “What!” He jumped to his feet, “No! We can’t just do nothing! We’ll lose!”

Andre sighed, “Well the team doesn’t seem to care.”

“Well I Care!” Youri shouted and raced out of the room, “I’ll go home!”

(CONF): Youri repeatedly banged his head against the silver elevator. “I screwed up! My team hates me, and now they’re throwing the challenge to send me home!”

Yamin stared at Sarah as they waited outside of Zac’s room. “You still care about him, don’t you.”

Sarah looked away, “He’s an old friend now. I love him like a brother. Seeing him like this…” She glanced through the door at the boy, “It’s not a good feeling.” She huddled closer to Yasmin who was using an umbrella to protect them from the sprinklers.

“Sarah. I need to tell you some things. Things that will be hard to believe, but you if we are going to be a team going forward you must know.” The scholar started, but the low-pitched quacking interrupted her.

“Elyar.” Yasmin grumbled.

“Yasmin, Sarah.” He smiled as he and Wing brought the duck to the pair.

“Elyar…” Sarah whispered out.

Yasmin returned her gaze to Sarah, “Are you sure this will work?”

Sarah nodded, “It will. And.. we’ll talk later ok?” She replied to Yasmin and then looked over at Elyar, “Us too.” The singer gently took hold of the duck and walked into Zac’s room.

“Mana? Rhonda? Hayden?” Zac’s voice quivered from beneath the covers. He peeked out just enough to see Sarah. “S-sarah? You’re dead! Is this the ghost of Christmas past?” He shrunk back beneath the blanket.

His old friend took a seat on the bed beside him. “Oh Zac, my friend. It’s ok.” She rubbed his back over the covers. “I’m not dead, I’m not a ghost. We were separated, Elyar kept me hidden, he kept me safe.”

Zac took a calming breath. “I missed you. I looked for you. I didn’t stop.” He peeked out from the covers. “I loved you.”

Sarah entangled her hands with Zac’s. “I know. I know. I know. I’m so sorry.” She wiped the tears away from her eyes. “I found this,” She giggled and showed him the duckling.

“Oh my god.” Zac burst into a smile. “An ugly duckling, my ugly duckling he stared into Sarah’s eyes. “I can’t believe that’s how we met.” He covered his face as his cheeks turned red.

Sarah giggled lightly, “Hey now, you gave me the best makeover Canadian reality tv has ever seen, I’m not an ugly duckling now.” She smiled.

“Debatable. Your hairs a mess and your makeups running, were you out in the rain?” Zac teased.

“It’s a long story, there was a fire alarm and-”


“Because you’re more important.”

“D’awwww!” Elyar, Wing and Yasmin are whispered to themselves from outside of the room.

Zac nodded, “Well, you’re important to me too, but y’know I like my life so let’s go.” He encouraged as they stood up.

Sarah stopped him, “I’m sorry but you can’t go out like that.” She pointed at the sweat shorts the boy wore, and the tear-filled tissues that clung to his torso.

“Good point.”

The scene switched to show most of the cast in front of the giant tiki idol. Mana and Zac exchanged glances as they approached the mic. Zac grabbed it, “So, I hope that you’ve all enjoyed your time here! But the shows budget isn’t that big, so we have to do a challenge and then we’re going to have to leave.” The host announced.

“We already did a challenge…” Damien coughed.

“We did?” Zac questioned. Mana walked beside him and whispered into his ear. Zac turned red and yelled at the intern, “You turned ME into the challenge!? What am I supposed to do with all of these tiki spears now!” Mana winced, thinking Zac was going to spray him with water.

“So far, the Pirates are in a commanding lead, considering how they somehow managed to get Zac out of his room, showered and dressed so good job!” Mana smiled as the pirates cheered. “What about you?” He turned to Andre and the Sharks.

“Well uh,” Andre scratched the back of his head.

“We baked you a cupcake!” Youri grinned and presented a cupcake with Zac’s likeness iced on top.

“We did?” Alfie, Andre, Angel, Malia, and Trixie all questioned.

“We did.” Youri replied. Before he knew it Zac had engulfed the cupcake.

“Tastes great!” He commended. “Now what do you have to present to the greatest host ever?” He asked as he turned to the Zactastic Hotties.

Elsewhere… “Come on Fleur! We don’t have much time left!” Sam urged, “let’s just find his number and go!”

“It is tres hard!” Fleur shouted, feeling the pressure as she clicked through all of the Hayden’s on Zac’s friends list. “He knows so many!”

“It’s that one!” Sam declared pointing at a random Hayden.

“Quoi? How do you knew!?” Fleur asked startled.

“It’s the hottest one, it’s the one I’d do.” Sam chuckled.

“But ack, he looks… Americano.” Fleur said, trying her best to be Canadian.

Sam nodded, “Good point,” He clicked the mouse a few times, “Oh boy, won’t the others love this! Turns out Zac has a soft spot for it below the border.”

“Le gasp!” Fleur announced as she and Sam raced back to the others.

“It’s about time!” Hannah shouted.

“We were about to lose!” Grayson added and handed the pair Mana’s cell phone.

“Dial it!” Viola urged.

“You got this Fleur!” Colin winked and the french girl blushed.

The pair walked up to Zac and dialed Hayden’s number. “We thought you might want to hear his voice, it’s not often that we have cell service.” Sam smiled and put the phone on speaker phone. Zac’s face lit up as he heard the phone ring.

And ring.

And ring.

And ring.

Rhonda’s familiar voice was heard, “Thanks for calling Hayden! Sadly he’s competing on Total Drama Genesis and can’t come to the phone right now, or for the next few months! Sorry!”

Zac let out a scream, and all of the contestants ran, including Mana.

Later that night, Mana arrived on the Zactastic Hotties ship, where they were waiting for him. He called everyone over for the elimination ceremony.

“Well, I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you.” Mana said, “I just managed to calm Zac down after the stunt you all pulled. Ironic considering how you’re his team, but it is what it is.”

“We didn’t know that was going to happen,” Grayson groaned.

Hannah frowned, “Why would she cast his boyfriend for her show and how? He’s Canadian!”

Sam let out a laugh, “About that.. Hayden’s American.”

The teens shared a gasp. “He is?” Colin asked. Fleur nodded, “It’s how you say, true.”

Viola facepalmed, “If you know how to say the word, you don’t have to say, how you say.”

“Anyways.” Mana continued, “You’ve all had time to cast your votes, and now one of you will be leaving.” He turned to Colin, “What is the most important thing to you when it came to this vote?”

Colin looked over at Fleur, “Staying with the people who I care about, it’s what we do in America.”

“What about you Fleur?”

“I am in the wanting to keeping team strong like Canadian beaver!” She giggled.

“Because that makes sense,” Sam chuckled, “Besides this was the easiest vote we’ve had yet.” He looked over at Grayson and winked.

“It was?” Mana questioned. “Well ok…” The intern walked over to the cannons, “If you see your face light up in the sky you’re safe.” He shot the first three cannons, as Sam’s, Hannah’s and Fleur’s face all appeared.

Grayson gulped, “Viola? I thought you believed in me.”

She raised an eyebrow, “I do. But I am not the entire team.” Viola’s face brightened the night sky, ironically.

“I know you guys don’t like me anymore but I thought we could still be friends…” Colin turned to stare at both Hannah and Sam.

“This team is like a soap opera.” Grayson muttered.

“Trust me, I am fully aware. I’ve been trying to off myself for a long time. It just doesn’t work.” Viola grunted.

Mana turned to Colin and Grayson, “The nooby, and the American. Let’s see if the team values loyalty or their country.” He shot the final cannon into the sky as Grayson’s face appeared.

“Guys?” Colin asked, shocked. “I thought we were tight?”

Sam shrugged, “We were, but I mean you know the whole power couple thing, we really don’t need another Zoey and Mal over here, sorry.” Sam rolled his eyes and pushed the American over the edge of the ship. “That’s for Blake!”

Mana looked at the teens, “You confuse me and make me not want to work with children. But I want to be a teacher so…. I am conflicted.” He chuckled as he walked away.

(CONF): Viola’s confessional from before is continued, “Or three. I could lie and turn the team against him.”

Fleur turned to Viola, “Thank you,” she wrapped her arms around Viola which caused her to blush. “For telling me how he really felt about my accent.” Viola stared at the camera, her face filled with more regret than normal.

The scene changed to Sarah’s cabin, as Yasmin leaves the room and Elyar walks in. “Sarah… Things are about to get revealed and you need to know the truth.” The agent walked closer to the girl and tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she back away.

“I know the truth Elyar. About everything.” She stepped back, “I know what you said to Wing, I know about Zaina, I know.”

The agent shook his head, “You do not know Sarah!” He sat down. “Sarah, you’re my first and most important mission while I’m on this show. I needed to keep you here until this point.”

“What? Why?”

“Zaina can not be allowed to take the throne, she’s unstable. You are to pretend to be the long lost princess in her place.”

“You’re insane!” Sarah shouted.

“No. You have all of the features of a florian, the blonde hair, the green eyes. You have the bubbly personality, and most importantly you’re strong and smart. You can rule them.” He reached out to her again but she backed off, “I know you can.”

“Why would I do this? Zaina deserves to be home!”

Elyar smirked, “Yes, but the agency wants you on the throne. You will do as we ask, if anyone else rises onto the throne we won’t guarantee their safety, we are more than willing to end the civil war in Floria if you take your place on the throne. Besides, Zaina is just beginning to be happy again, do you really want to take that away from her?”

“This is too much Elyar!” She shouted. “This isn’t some soap opera! Things don’t just happen like that in real life! Can’t I atleast think about it?”

“You have a day, Sarah. We’re on our way to Floria right now.” He paused, “And do not think about telling the others, the agency will have agents throughout Floria tomorrow. I will find out.”

Elsewhere Mana hugged a plush manatee and placed it inside of a box with his letter to Rhonda. He put the postage stamp on it, and sent it away. "I hope you miss me too." He sighed. 

Chapter Ten: The Crowned Princess

Zac appeared on the screen, he sat in front of a giant map alongside his intern, Mana. His cell phone was pressed against his face as he rolled his eyes and nodded. “Yes, I understand. Yes but-, Ok. Yes. We will. We are? SHE IS? Hahahahah! Oh… Sorry.” He hung up his phone and turned to his intern. “The producers.” He smiled.

“And?” Mana asked.

“Rhonda’s show doesn’t have super high ratings right now, I mean it can’t be too hard to figure out why.” He shrugged and grabbed a pin and searched the map for their next destination. “The producers also insist that we go here next. Apparently it’s very important.” He placed the pink pin onto a small island off of the coast of Europe, and tied the string that connected all of the destinations so far onto it.

“Floria?” Mana questioned, “That sounds really familiar.” He paused, but shrugged it off. “Must have been from one of my history lessons.” He returned his gaze to Zac, “Her ratings aren’t high? Do you think… You don’t think that they’ll cancel her show do you?”

The host sighed. “One could only dream, but our production company doesn’t just cancel shows willy nilly, especially down there in America they have incredibly low standards.” Zac smiled at Mana, “Who went home by the way?”

“Colin. I’m not really sure why though. I thought he was pretty well-liked on his team.” Mana shrugged and stuck the maple lollipop into his mouth. “These are really good.”

Zac grinned, “Yeah they are! And what a shame, that means Fleur’s the last foreigner this season, they were supposed to help our ratings.” He turned to leave the room, to get some sleep before the next day. “And thanks, I appreciate what you did.” He said as he left the room. Mana hid his smile.

The scene switched to show the turquoise coloured pirate ship. Alfie and Andre sat on two crates by the edge of the ship as they stared out at the reflection on the starry sky on the water. “That’s really rough man, I’m sorry.” Andre said and put his arm on the blond’s back.

“What’s wrong?” Malia gasped as she walked over to the pair and noticed how upset Alfie was.

Alfie looked up at her wide eyed, “Trixie doesn’t think we should date.” He sniffled, “She even used ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’”

Andre spoke up, “You know Alfie, true love will conquer all. You just can’t give up. Don’t let something like this make you stop trying. Ok buddy?” He looked over at Malia for help.

“Yeah,” She blushed and smiled, “If you believe hard enough anything will happen Alfie! Just don’t lose your hope.”

Alfie nodded weakly. “Ok. I won’t give up.” He got up, and started to walk away, “She’s special. She needs to know that.”

Malia took Alfie’s place on the crates. “You’re very kind to help him out.”

The veteran shrugged, “Anyone would do the same. Besides I didn’t really know they were dating.” He chuckled and noticed Malia’s nails. “That’s a nice colour on you, almost like the sun rise.”

She blushed. “Thanks…” She pursed her lips looked into the musicians eyes, “Did you really mean what you said… About true love always winning?”

“I did yeah.” He grinned and stretched out his arms. “Anyways it’s getting late, tomorrow’s a new day, maybe we’ll actually work together and win!” He waved goodnight to Malia and climbed into the lower deck.

Malia looked up at the moon glowing down on her, “It’s working. He’s starting to notice me.” She put a fist up into the sky and squealed, before she turned to the camera, blushed and raced to the lower deck.

In Youri’s cabin, he and Trixie were having a meeting with Angel. “You need to stop lying.” He groaned. “No one likes a liar and you’re lowkey insane.” He crossed his arms and stared down at Angel.

Angel gasped. “Lying?! About what!” She looked over at Trixie, “And since when were you buddy-buddies with him! He left Malia for dead! And has been a major jerk to all of us since day one!”

The cowgirl moved to sit beside Angel, she removed her hat and placed it on the girl's head. “It’s not about that right now. It’s about you and being a bad influence on Malia.” She tried to smile, but Angel ignored her.

“No. This can’t be happening. An intervention!?” Angel gasped and ran her hand through her hair. “I refuse! I’m not lying!”

Youri laughed, “L.O.L. Do you actually believe that any of us think you dated the Cody Simpson? That’s pitiful.”

“But I did!” Angel argued and jumped to her feet. “He loved me!”

Trixie looked weakly at her friend, “Then why did you have to break into his room so many times? It just doesn’t add up dolly.”

“It’s a long story!”

“Or some fan-fiction where the crazy girl ends up with the hot foreign guy. I hate to break it to you Angel but this isn’t Frozen.” Youri laughed and rolled his eyes.

Trixie placed her hat back onto her head. “Just don’t confuse Malia ok? She’s still getting used to the whole love thing. We don’t need her to think what… you think you had with Cody is what she should be aiming for.”

Angel bunched her hands into fists. “I knew we weren’t friends she shouted at Youri,” then she turned to Trixie. “But I thought that we were. I must have just been living in some fan-fiction again!”

The fangirl left the room leaving Trixie and Youri. Trixie spoke up first, “What if she really is telling the truth. I’d feel terrible.” Trixie confided.

Youri began to push the girl out of his room. “Yeah ok. That’s cool, but y’know just because you lost your best guy friend, your boyfriend and now your girl pal, doesn’t mean I want to be your friend.” He waved the girl away and slammed the door behind her.

The screen switched to the night sky as the shining stars fell into the waves and the morning rays danced across the glittering ocean’s surface. Grayson sat beside Viola as they ate their Tropical Rush cereal. “Hannah really doesn’t like me.” Grayson chuckled, “She thinks that I’m a killer or something.” He grinned. “Just because I went to prep school doesn’t mean I have to be the villain, right?”

Viola moved the spoon into her mouth and cringed. “This is sweet. I don’t like sweet.” She muttered and returned her gaze to Grayson. “Well, she would have good reason to believe you were a killer. If you have not noticed Damien seems to really not like you and is spreading Kimmi’s story.”

“Whatever.” Grayson groaned. “It’s fine.” He winked, “Besides I have a friend right here.”

Viola blinked at him. “I think I might already be at my friend capacity.” She pointed at Fleur who eagerly waved back.

“One? You can only have one friend?” He teased.

She shrugged. “It’s a major commitment, it’s not something that I can just do.”

“Okay… so can I be a slightly less annoying person in your life?” He asked.

Viola thought about it while she sipped the milk from her bowl. “I think I could manage that.” She and Grayson shared a smile.

“But speaking of villains…” Viola’s face paled. Luckily, Grayson stared at Hannah. “How have you guys managed to deal with her so far?”

“Oh. Well. It’s not hard when she’s completely insane and incompetent. She’s living in her own fantasy world.” Viola paused, “I wonder if the world is more juste there.”

Grayson nodded. “But that makes her even scarier! She actually shot a cannon at somebody! And you guys act as if she’s perfectly fine.”

“Oh. Right. I completely forgot about that.” She got up from the table. “This is enough friendly relations for now.” She waved goodbye to Grayson and walked away.

The camera panned over to show Fleur, Hannah and Sam as they also eat their cereal. “I can’t believe she’s treating him like an actual person! He’s obviously the arch nemesis that we’re all supposed to gang up on together!” Hannah shouted jabbing her spoon into her bowl, splashing milk everywhere.

“If Vi is thinking he is kind, I wants to be in the believing.” Fleur offered. “She’s very, how you say…” She paused thinking of the words, “Good judge of persons.”

“Close enough.” Sam teased. “And that’s true, she is the one who figured out that Colin was a jerk. I still can’t believe it! And we all thought that he was so cute!” He licked his lips as Grayson walked by. “Speaking of!” His eyes stalked his prey.

Hannah slapped her gbf. “No! He’s EVIL!”

Sam grunted, “But, he’s so yummy.”

“And evil. If we want to be the heroes of this season, we can’t align ourselves with the villains.”

Fleur blinked, “But you are in the being of evil, non?”

Hannah’s face turned red. “Was. And that was just a misunderstanding between Britt and I!” Fleur and Sam exchanged a glance. “What! Last season was told from his point of view, this season, I’m going to be the protagonist and you two are my sidekicks! We’re going to dominate this raid quest! Ok?” She clarified and they nodded.

(CONF): Sam stood behind the ship's wheel. “Hannah’s my friend… Somehow, I don’t really know when it happened or why. But hear me out, she is 100% crazy, but it makes me look more sane in comparison. Fleur and I plan on getting her to apologize for her actions. We just… aren’t sure how to do that yet, without her yelling at us.”

Sarah is seen inside of her cabin, her eyes red from crying. Her hands wrapped around her necklace as she fidgets with the jewels.

There’s a knock at the door. On the other side, Damien, Wing and Yasmin waited. “Sarah?” Yasmin called. “It’s us, can we come in?”

“Go away!” She shouted back and locked the door. Damien whispered into Wing’s ear, “So why exactly are we here?”

The pirate captain stared at the boy, “Do ye not listen?” She growled and shoved a banana into his mouth before he could ask another question.

Yasmin adjusted her glasses and turned to the newcomer, she took a deep breath and then explained. “Zaina is a long lost princess of a kingdom called Floria. Tameron was her brother who was trying to groom her into becoming a princess so she could go back to rule her kingdom that’s in a civil war. Wing,” she pointed, “Is the daughter of the pirate king who was attacked while staying in Floria. When fleeing his ship sank, and he Wing was seperated. Zaina was lucky and washed up in Canada...some how, but Tameron and Wing were raised by Mother - the evil pirate lady we fought.” She exhaled, and Damien tried to speak up but she cut him off. “Elyar, is a secret agent for the agency. His father we think is why the civil war happened, and why Wing’s father was attacked. We know that Elyar rescued Sarah after hers and Zac’s ship crashed and that he’s been protecting and using her so that she will take Zaina’s place on the throne so that the agency has control of the kingdom.” She paused and looked at Wing, making sure that was everything. “I also think that my parents are somehow involved and they need my help.”

Wing looked at Yasmin and wrapped her arm around her friend. “Aye, we will plunder the city until we find them. We will be traveling the seven seas to Floria next.” She added.

Damien stared at the pair. “I’m sorry what? I thought this was a reality competition show, not a soap opera.”

Sarah opened the door to her cabin. “You know!? How do you know!” She asked, astonished.

“Well, I’m not exactly an idiot.” Yasmin muttered, “Asides from that, Mana showed us the tape of Elyar threatening you.

“No! He’ll find out and hurt you!” Sarah’s face turned red, “You can’t do anything!”

Damien stepped up. “No. I won’t let him. We’re a team now and if he wants to do anything I’d like to see him try.”

Wing patted the shorter boy on the head. “Your bravery speaks loudly. But, Elyar and the agency are a scary bunch. We will need to navigate this battle carefully…”

“What about Zaina?” Damien asked.

“No!” The three girls all yelled at the same time.

Sarah spoke up first, “She’s finally living a normal life, we can’t take that away from her.”

Wing nodded, “She’s not yet ready for the threats ahead.”

“Do you really think Zaina can rule a kingdom? She can barely manage our team.” Yasmin added.

“I guess but don’t you think she’s going to be curious about her brother? She knows she’s from Floria now, doesn’t she?” Damien asked and the girls faces paled.

(CONF): Sarah leaned against the wheel. “I won’t allow Elyar hurt anyone. And I won’t let him take Zaina’s life away… Or mine.” She assured herself weakly.

“Oh Zaina?” Elyar spoke out softly. “I think that we should talk.” He decided as he crept into her cabin.

“Or not?” She replied and pulled covers over herself and rolled over in her bed to face away from him.

He sighed. “Oh Zaina, I’m here to help. Wing is going to try and use you today. She has a long history with Floria. I would suggest you avoid her until the day is done or you might not be leaving with us on the ship tonight.”

Zaina raised an eyebrow and turned around but Elyar was gone as quickly as he came.

The scene switched to show the three ships as they docked at a rather peaceful dock. The wood was a light oak, but the dock was covered with flowers. The camera panned around, turning away from the ships. It revealed the pink sands of Floria, a rose hedge at the each of the beach acted as a wall. In the distance the ivy-covered towers of a castle could be seen.

“And let d-day commence.” Sarah groaned as she looked at Damien, Wing and Yasmin for support they all nodded as they walked off of the ship after Elyar.

“Is this it?” Zaina gasped. “Floria? Wing? Is this… is this where I was born?”

Wing bit her lip and nodded slowly. “It is.”

The flower lover inhaled the scents that surrounded her. “It’s all so pretty.”

Elyar put his arm around Zaina. “Oh but this is only the beginning.”

The other teams arrived on the sands, meeting Mana and Zac. The host spoke up, “Welcome! This is perhaps the most beautiful place you will ever see, so I do encourage you to spend your time wisely while you are here. This is a kingdom with a long history, most recently it had a civil war, and these very docks were blockaded by pirates for many years. However we arrived just in time as it seems that is all behind them.”

Mana sent a glare at Elyar, “It would seem they managed to find common ground.”

The Pillaging Pirates all exchanged glances before they settled on Elyar. “The agency?” Yasmin questioned. Elyar nodded in response and sent a wink towards Sarah.

“He’s kind of an ass,” Damien noted.

Zac continued, “Today, we’ve been invited by the Queen to attend the coronation of the princess,” he locked eyes on Sarah. “So before we can do that, we need to understand the culture of Floria. “We’ll go through five challenges today that will hopefully enrich you, so you don’t embarrass me in front of royalty.”

“Follow along,” Mana said as he and Zac began to walk down the small pebbled path that led through a large arch-opening in the hedge wall.

Fleur had a giant smile on her face as she walked beside Viola. “This is tres cool! I’ve always wanted to be in a castle!”

Viola smiled, “You lived in France, I’m sure they have castles there.”

The French girl blushes, “Well, yes. Mais, I never go.” She stated before she grabbed onto Viola’s hand and pulled her forward.

Behind them, Hannah, Grayson and Sam walked. “Grayson.” Hannah said.

“Hannah.” He replied.

“Come on guys! Let’s just be friends for once!” He pulled them both in for a group hug but they both slivered out of it.

Grayson ran to catch up with Fleur and Viola. “You know what I’m gonna go.”

“He doesn’t like you Sam. Give it up.” Hannah grumpily said.

“Stop!” Sam shouted. “You don’t know that! But at least he’s not constantly ragging on you!” He turned away and raced after the rest of his team, “Wait up!”

Angel turned to Malia with a smile, “This reminds me of the time Cody went to perform for the queen of England.” She blushed. “He asked me to come, but I was busy.” She frowned.

Malia hugged her friend. “I’m so sorry to hear! But… do you think that maybe,” she started but stopped herself. “No, do you think you could teach me about girl code now?”

Angel glared at Trixie, “Of course! The first rule of girl code, we don’t lie to each other.” She paused, “The second rule, we believe each other, no matter what!”

Malia nodded vigorously as she jotted the rules down into her notebook. “I can do that! I never lie anyways!” Trixie sighed as she walked beside Andre. “I think I made a mistake.” She confessed.

“Yeah, Alfie is really broken up about you two.” Andre admitted.

Trixie shook her head. “Not about that.” She said flatly and motioned her head towards Angel. “About Angel, she keeps coming up with these stories about her and Cody Simpson, and I was worried she was going to get Malia’s hopes up about love… So I asked her to stop.”

Andre nodded briefly, “I can see how that could be a problem… You’re supposed to trust your friends.” He shrugged. “If it makes you feel any better I’ve decided I don’t want to be the leader of this team so have fun.”

(CONF): Andre is sitting on the edge of giant fountain. “I don’t get it, Trixie seemed to be really nice. She seemed to care. Emmett really looked up to her, but the way she’s been treating everyone lately? I don’t know. In either case, I need to win this show for Dania, so we can be together.” He bit his lip and stared into the camera with his big brown eyes, ”Maybe I just wasn’t meant to lead though.”

Youri shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked alongside Alfie. “I heard you guys broke up?”

Alfie turned to Youri. “Yes… and you stole my candy.”

“About that…” Youri scratched his head, trying to come up with the words that could excuse himself. “I was… I was jealous of the bond you and Emmett had. I just wanted to be part of the guys.”

“But you are a guy. So therefor part of the guys.” Alfie stated, confused.

(CONF): Youri facepalmed. “Ever since my talk with Sam, I’ve been rethinking my strategy. Kill them kindness, or something like that.” He paused, “Besides after the last challenge I need to make sure they don’t want to send me home.”

The path led to an open meadow. The ground was filled with flowers of all colours. Birds made their nests in the ground, not afraid of potential predators. The gentle sea breeze carried with it an array of butterflies as they drifted from one part of the meadow to the next. “I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this.” Zaina gasped as she began to twirl.

Mana smiled, “It’s nice to see her happy.” He noted to Zac who rolled his eyes.

The host spoke out. “This will be the very first part of the challenge.” He announced and clapped his hands together. Suddenly three pirates each bearing unique crests walked into the meadow. They each carried a rapier.

Wing stared at them, they were all familiar, but the only one that worried her was the third- Mother’s. “Ye should not be here.” She growled at the third.

“Hey! Mother told me to come! It’s the only way for peace!” He quivered and ran to hide behind Zac who roared at the pirate.

Wing pointed at the other two. “Did the crumpets release the hostage?” She asked, referring to the royal family. They shook their heads. “Then why have ye ended the blockade?” She snapped. They both shrugged, as if not sure the answer- or at least not willing to give it.

“Calm down Wing. This challenge isn’t for you.” Zac rolled his eyes, as the three pirates passed their blades to Andre, Hannah and Zaina. “It’s for the veterans. It’s much more dramatic this way.”

Zaina swung the blade through the air. “This is… so cool!” She grinned. “I can’t believe my people use swords.

“They don’t.” Mana clarified, “Not normally, but when the pirates blockaded it was something they had to adapt to.”

“Oh.” She nodded her eyes examining the intricate floral designs that patterned the hilt.

“I always knew I was meant to be the knight!” Hannah grinned and jabbed the air with the pointy part of her blade.

Andre’s eyes were wide as he stared at the weapon. “Won’t this… you know hurt?” He gulped.

Grayson raised his hand, “Wouldn’t it make more sense if I did this challenge? I am a fencer after all.” He muttered.

“Oh pish-posh! Why do things have to make sense!” Zac laughed as he motioned for the other sailors to back away. “Besides these blades are dulled they won’t cut you.” He pointed to the circle of white flowers that surrounded the three veterans. “The first challenge,” The host stepped out of the ring. “Is to be the last one standing in there.”

Andre stared at the other two, “So how do we know who wins the whole challenge though?” He questioned as he readied himself.

“For every challenge you win, you get three points. If you’re the runner up you get one.” Mana said.

“For last, you get nothing.” Zac added. “Now hurry up, we’re on a time limit today.” He stared at his watch.

The three veterans were far enough from the other contestants that they couldn’t be heard. They stalked each other in a circle, no one willing to make the first blow. Andre followed Hannah, “It’s just us now guys… Emmett was eliminated.” Hannah stalked Zaina’s every step. “Yes, and? He betrayed all of us by insulting us on live television. Don’t tell me you forgot about that!” She hissed.

“Hannah…” Zaina hushed, “It’s a shame that he’s gone. It sometimes feels… lonely.” Zaina looked at Andre who nodded. “He was one of us.”

The gamer turned and jumped at Andre, her blade in the air. The musician rolled out of her range. “We could still work together… Like he wanted.” The musician suggested. “Like old times.”

“We never spoke once.” Hannah flatly said she jumped at Andre again. “Any of us. For an entire season.”

Zaina giggled as she watched Hannah pounce on Andre, again and again. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t want too!” She stepped closer to where the others were dueling. “I was too focused on Lexi and trying to have a friend.” She jumped in between Hannah and Andre just as the gamer was about to land a blow and parried it. The other contestants gasped. “I know better now! Friends can come in all shapes and sizes!”

“Why did you do that!” Hannah shouted. “Get out of the way! He’s mine!” The gamer pushed Zaina to the ground. “I’ll show you both. I’m the strongest. If it wasn’t for Britt I would have won last time!”

Andre raced to his feet and helped Zaina back up- causing some applause from the other sailors. “Thanks.” They both said and turned their attention to Hannah. The musician shook his head. “Hannah! Listen to yourself! You’re still just as obsessed with guys as you were last time and you still blame them for your own issues. You did this to yourself. You’re on this season just like us because we all sucked last time.”

“No!” Hannah growled and charged at the pair, but they both moved out of the way and she was sent out of the circle. The pair shared a fist bump.

“And the Hotties score no points.” Zac growled and sent a glare at them. “After last challenge you guys better not disappoint me again.”

Sam helped Hannah back to her feet, “You really need to calm down. I’m all for hot messes but girl, you’re too much.” She rolled her eyes in response.

Back in the circle, “She’s lucky to have you.” Zaina smiled as she and Andre lightly swung at one another. “Seeing someone care for someone so much… It’s really nice.”

Andre blushed. “I’m failing her though.” He frowned, “I wasn’t able to lead the Sirens, I don’t have what it takes.”

“Have more faith in yourself Andre, people like you. You’re a people person.” She smiled as she very dramatically tripped over her own feet out of the circle. “Dang it.” She giggled. Mana rushed over to help her up. “Good try!” He smiled as Zaina thanked him.

“The Sharks score three points, and the Pirates earn one.” Zac declared. He pointed at Malia, Sam, and Sarah. “You three follow Mana to your next challenge, the rest of you, with me.”

Angel hugged Malia, “Just remember if you win he’ll be proud of you.” She winked.

“You think?” She blushed and looked over at Andre. Angel nodded and wished her friend good luck.

As Elyar walked past Sarah he whispered into her ear, “Don’t even think about running.”

As Sam started to walk away, Viola shoved Grayson towards the teen. She smirked as Grayson sent daggers at her. “Oh hey.” He muttered.

“Hey?” Sam replied.

“I just, uh… Good luck?” Grayson spat out before he raced back to the others.

(CONF): Sam grinned as he stared at the camera. “Maybe I won’t have to chase nearly as hard as I thought!”

Mana led the trio into a glass dome. “This is the Florian Observatory.” They stood on a glass floor. Beneath and surrounding them a jungle of flora. “When the people of Floria go exploring they bring back seeds of wild and exoctic flowers and bring them back here.” He smiled as the teens looked around in awe. “This is their pride and joy. It is customary that for grand celebrations, like the coronation of their princess,” he sent a sad glance at Sarah who was fidgeted with her necklace. “That guest offer a beautiful bouquet. Your challenge will be to create the prettiest arrangement of flowers, I’ll judge.”

“I get it, make the gay guy do the challenge.” Sam rolled his eyes and chuckled.

“The contestants were all randomly selected.” Mana assured.

“They all look so pretty, just like your eyes.” Malia smiled as she handed Sam a bright flower.

Sam blushed, “Flattery will get you nowhere.” He jumped through the hole in the ground to the jungle below. “Let’s get this over with, I have a boy to chase.”

“I was just trying to be nice.” Malia frowned as she climbed down the silver ladder.

Sarah was about to join her, but Mana grabbed her. “I didn’t tell Zac. You should. He might be able to help.” He assured.

The singer shook her head. “Mana, thanks. But, this is my battle. Zac has the show to worry about.” The intern shook his head. “I can’t just let you do this. If you don’t tell him I will Sarah.” Mana walked away and motioned for the camera crew to follow Sarah. As he left he told the guard to lead them to the throne room once they were finished.

The three turned to each other. “I can’t believe this is actually happening. It’s like a fantasy world.” Malia gasped as she sniffed the nearest flower.

“Or a nightmare.” Sarah groaned as she walked away in search of flowers for the challenge.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Such a diva.” He grabbed a handful of flowers and started to create his bouquet using the basket provided.

Malia giggled, “That’s not going to look very nice! You have to take your time silly.” She pointed out that none of his flowers were beautiful. “They have to look wonderful, and have chemistry. They have to bond, and belong together, like a couple.” She offered him a smile and handed him a vivid orange and pale yellow flower.

The pretty boy shook his head as he placed more flowers in the basket. “That doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter if they’re good quality! It’s just about getting the job done!”

Malia looked up into Sam’s brown eyes, her own tearing up. “You can’t mean that! Love is a sacred bond.”

“What?” He spat out quickly confused. “What does this have to do with-” He paused. “Oh.” He blinked. “I guess that really does say a lot about me.” He turned to Malia and grabbed her hand. “You don’t think that… that I’m a… a…” He couldn’t bring himself to say the word.

“Of course not!”

“Oh phew! Because in that case,” He grinned, “There’s a real hunk out there waiting for me!” Sam quickly knotted the flowers he had together and raced up the ladder.

Malia blinked and cocked her head to the side. “I really thought I was getting to him.” She sighed. “He doesn’t understand love… but I guess I don’t really either.” She frowned and fell to her knees. “Why does it have to be so confusing?”

The screen switched to show an ornate chamber. The ceiling was high, a number of pillars held it up, each had roses teaching across their spines. “This is the banquet hall.” Zac announced after a Florian resident whispered into his ear. “This is the third challenge of the day.”

The teens stared in awe at the room. “Why can’t we just stay here the rest of the season?” Angel gasped. “It reminds me of when Cody took me to France.”

“You’ve been in the land of my people?” Fleur stared in awe and gave Angel a kiss on the cheek. Youri rolled his eyes. “She hasn’t.”

“But she is in the saying she has!” Fleur cheerfully responded.

Trixie stepped in, “She says a lot of things.”

Angel shook her head. “Believe what you want.”

Alfie grabbed Angel’s hand. “I believe you. You’re my friend. Friend’s don’t lie.” He sadly looked over at Trixie.

“Enough of the melodramatics.” Zac groaned. “There’s only so much I can handle. Youri, Viola and Wing you three will be doing this challenge.” Three well-dressed Florians pulled out the elegant ivy chairs for the three to sit in. They looked similar to Tameron. “Take a seat.”

Youri and Yasmin took their respective seats. They sent a worried glance at each other. “This isn’t one of those eating challenges is it?” Youri gulped.

“Come on Youri!” Alfie cheered. “I know you can do this! You’re the man!” This made Youri blush a little.

Andre gave Alfie a nuggy, “He’s right. You can do this!”

Grayson gave Viola a thumbs up. “You love strange food!”

Zac grew impatient. “Wing?” He looked around but couldn’t find her. “Zaina? Where is she?” He snapped, but Zaina was nowhere in sight. “Damien? Where did they go?”

The legacy shrugged. “Looks like your production team is getting a little short-handed there eh?”

“What is that even supposed to mean? Everyone wants to work for me!” He growled.

Elyar’s eyes went wide. “Yasmin? Where did they go?”

“I don’t know!” She adjusted her glasses. “I read books not people!” Elyar ran off mumbling to himself.

Zac stared at the pirates confused. “Whatever your little problem is. Get. It. Under. Control.” He pointed at Damien. “You. Sit.” He looked at Yasmin. “And if you even think about running I will end you!” She nodded.

(CONF): Yasmin gulped. “As an academic I know when to be afraid. This is one of those instances, Zac can be a highly frightening person if he chooses to be.”

The host regained his composure, “Now, your challenge is simple. Eat whatever is platted in front of you. If we are to sit through the coronation it would be nice if we didn’t vomit after eating their food.” He stared at his watch, “We are their honoured guests after all.”

The servants brought out three domes, and placed them in front of the teens before lifting the covers. One of the servants spoke up in a high, but elegant voice. “Your first course, Salad of the Meadow. The flowers were freshly picked.”

The three teens stared at the dish in front of them. It had the appearance of a salad, but with a wide assortment of colours. “This is far too colourful for my tastes.” Viola groaned as she poked it with a fork.

“Vi, I am in the believing of you!” Fleur grinned.

Youri has already started to shove the food into his mouth. “It’s not… bad?” He swallowed.

Damien put a forkful in his mouth after he saw it was ok to eat. “It’s almost like…” He swallowed. “Cotton candy?” He assured Viola.

“I can’t!” She muttered and shook her head. “It’s too,” she grimaced, “Happy.”

Youri had managed to finish the first course, Damien shortly behind him.

“Your second of three courses, Nuts of the River. Hallowed nuts, with fish eyes.” She summarized.

Damien and Youri turned slightly green. Viola looked over, “Now that I could eat!” She groaned.

Grayson grinned. “I got this.” He pulled off his tie and wrapped it around her eyes. “Now you can’t see how pretty the food looks!”

“I would have thought of that!” Hannah whispered to Fleur who innocently nodded.

In a matter of second Viola was on the third course. “Your final course, Drink of the Sun. Fresh squeezed star fruit, and sunflower. It’s really a magnificent colour.” The servant said, attempting to get Viola to look at the drink before she chugged it.

“No! Don’t tell me that.” She blindly patted the table in search of the drink before she swallowed it aswell. “Spicy.”

Youri and Damien stared in awe as Viola let out a burp. “I can’t do this.” Youri sighed as he stared at the nut covered eyeball. “It’s just too much.” He turned to Damien who had bit into it, and watched as the eye oozed out of the shell. Youri turned to his side and spewed the flower salad like confetti.

Zac turned to Viola, “Well it appears you win, and Damien comes in second.” He sighed and looked at Youri, “Try not to vomit comet when the princess gets crowned.”

“Trust me. That won’t happen I think I lost my appetite for the day.” He groaned and looked over at Viola who had popped his nut covered eyeballs into his mouth. He spewed up flower confetti again.

The music changed to a slow piano, and the screen switched to show Wing and Zaina as they walked down an ornate, viney hall. “This was the first Queen of Floria.” Wing showed her a portrait on the wall.

“Thanks for teaching me about where I come from.” Zaina smiled and gave Wing a hug. “I really, really, super-duper appreciate it!”

The pair walked further down the hall, “And this is the current Queen, sort of.” She pointed to a portrait of a smiling woman with sun-kissed skin and hair. “After her babs were taken… among other events, the kingdom revolted. They feared for their safety, something she was not able to provide.”

“But Zac said it was safe now, Elyar’s people. They saved the kingdom!” Zaina smiled as she gently touched the portrait.

“Ay… In a way. The people are expecting a new Queen today. Their long… lost princess. If she were to be returned, the people would feel safe again.” She pointed at the portrait. “This here be Tameron’s mother.”

Zaina’s face paled. “Tameron’s mother? But that… No.” She struggled to speak. “You’re wong!” She pulled the flower from her hair and stared into it, trying to calm herself. “That would make me… but no! I would know!”

Wing gave Zaina a smile. “It is as true as the North Star. You Zaina, are the long lost princess of Floria. And as my friend, I need you to do something for me.”

Zaina’s memory flashed back to when Elyar warned her of Wing and her feet took control as she tried to run away. Wing grabbed onto her. “No. Ye will be doing this for me.” She stared at the girl and covered her mouth so she couldn’t shout for help. The pirate dragged Zaina to the end of the hall and then pulled on the fairy lantern that lit the hall, and walked down the secret passage that appeared. At the other end of the hall, Elyar raced to catch up to the pair.

The scene returned to the flowery jungle as Malia finished tying together her bouquet. She could hear the muffled crying from Sarah behind the bushes. “Sarah?” She questioned as she peered through the foliage. “Are you… ok?”

Sarah sniffled and looked over at Malia. “It’s… complicated.”

“Oh…” Malia nodded and walked over to the girl and wrapped her arms around her. “Is it about love? I’m also just learning about love.” She offered a smile.

Sarah shook her head. “It’s not that kind of love.” She brushed her hair out of her face and looked into Malia’s eyes. “It’s my friend, I love her very much. But I’m going to lose to her.” She frowned. “I can’t think of anyway to keep her.”

Malia pressed her finger against Sarah’s nose. “You know, in my faith there is a very old expression.” She helped Sarah up to her feet, “And if He bars against you all ways and passages, He will show you a secret way, which no man knows.” Malia wrapped her arms around Sarah. “Have faith in yourself to find that path.”

The singer nodded, “Thank you. I needed this.” She smiled and ran off to find flowers for her bouquet. “And Malia, Angel is lucky to have you as a friend.”

The scene returned to show the majority of the cast as they walked into a floral circuit for horses. “This is your fourth challenge.” Zac announced as he motioned for the teens to look around them. The circuit was a huge stadium, the bleachers were filled with Florian residents. “It is customary that guests participate in a horse race to show the people of Floria they are caring people.” Zac paused, “Since horseback riding it’s something everyone does, and I don’t want to get kicked out of the first kingdom I’ve ever been in, the three sailors selected were deliberately the best riders from each team.” He pointed at Trixie and Grayson, “Now, if Elyar were here, he would be riding for the Pirates, but since he is not, Yasmin you’ll have to do.”

“Guys… I have a fear of horses.” Trixie gulped and looked at her teammates.

Youri shrugged, “Ah, shucks. Isn’t that a shame. I sure hope we don’t lose this challenge because of you.”

Angel rolled her eyes, “If we were friends I’d help but… Y’know we’re not.”

Trixie looked at Andre for support but he silently looked away. She sighed. “Ok. I get it.” She pulled off her hat and put on the riding helmet. “I’ll just have to get over my fear. No big deal.”

Alfie silently walked over to her and handed her a candy. “It’ll calm you down.” He muttered before he walked back to his team.

“Hopefully your horseback riding skill is high enough that you don’t break a leg.” Hannah smirked at Grayson.

He shrugged. “I’m sure it’s higher than your sword fighting skill.” He chuckled as he pulled on his helmet and climbed onto the horse. “What else do you think we learn at a private academy?” Fleur clapped her hands together and cheered for Grayson.

“Are you sure you can do this?” Damien asked as Yamin pulled on the helmet.

She smiled. “I am more than well-versed in the art of horseback riding. My parents ride horses on their expeditions, it helps connect with the people in the area.” She climbed onto the horse.

Damien nodded. “And about the others… do you think they’re ok?” He whispered.

“Positive, Wing is probably making sure that Zaina stays out of trouble and doesn’t find out she’s the princess.”

Grayson and Yasmin rode to the starting line of the circuit, while Trixie was chased by the horse. Andre sighed and turned to Youri. “You know, if we lose. Angel and Malia still really don’t like you.” He paused, “And I can’t see Alfie voting her off.”

Youri grumbled and then chased after Trixie and her horse. “Don’t mention it.” He growled as he stared at the horse before letting out a roar. “He’ll behave now. So win this for us.” Youri huffed and walked back to his team. Trixie was able to climb onto the horse, but she still seemed unsure about it.

“When the flowers drop the race begins. It’s just one lap.” Zac declared. Soon after the petals drifted to the ground, and the horses launched forward. The crowd erupted into cheer as Trixie and her horse took the early lead, followed by Yasmin and Grayson.

“What did I miss?” Sam asked as he arrived at the circuit.

“Not much. Just a bunch of the pirates going missing.” Viola shrugged.

“Is that Grayson?” Sam questioned as he watched Grayson race on the horse.

“Sadly.” Hannah groaned.

Sam instantly raced to the edge of the circuit. “LET’S GO GRAYSON!” He cheered a crazy grin on his face.

Whether or not Grayson noticed, he pulled ahead of Yasmin, and then Trixie. When the horse passed Trixie her own horse began to slow and buck trying to get her off. Yasmin raced ahead of her. “Sigh.” Youri rolled his eyes and walked down to the edge so that he could glare at Trixie’s horse, calming it.

“Grayson wins! With Yasmin coming in second! Trixie finishes but in last!”

“Too late buck,” Sam teased as he walked over to congratulate Grayson who blushed and walked away.

(CONF): Trixie sighed as she pulled off the riding helmet and returned her own hat to her head. She turned through the pages of her diary until she landed on the riders page. “Oh mother… You should have seen it coming.” She stared down at the big red X that covered the page.

The scene switched to reveal Wing as she pushed Zaina through the dark passage “Your people did this.” She spoke. “They kidnapped my mother.”

“But I.. I didn’t do this!” Zaina tried to calm her friend. “I didn’t. I was a baby! I washed up in Canada!”

“Ye be the only one who can end this.” Wing growled. “This has gone on for too long.” Wing stopped. She hurried as she heard footsteps behind them. She kicked the door in front of them open. “Don’t trust him.” She whispered. “Don’t be like me Zaina. I was weak.” She muttered as she turned to the dungeon. “Mother?” She whimpered and raced to the cell where her mother was held. “I missed you.” She whispered.

Zaina took the opportunity to run away, but Elyar stopped her. “Elyar! Help!” She shouted. “She’s nuts!”

Elyar smirked. “Oh Wing, you’re so weak and pathetic.” He shook his head as he watched Wing and her mother reunite. “Come along Zaina. I have something to show you. You have a good friend in Sarah. She’s willing to do anything to protect you.”

He turned to Wing and tossed her the keys to the cell. “Good work. The agency thanks you for your service.”

Wing looked away from her mother to Zaina, “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m confused.” Zaina muttered her eyes welling up with tears.

“About what my sweet princess?” Elyar questioned as he grabbed onto her wrists and pulled her back through the passage.

“Why not just tell me? I don’t want to be a princess. I just… I just…” She whimpered.

Elyar brushed her hair out from her eyes. “You just want Lexi to forgive you. I know and don’t worry I have no intentions of having you take the throne.”

The screen switched to the throne room. Malia waited along with the guards for the others with the bouquets. “Glad to see you didn’t run off Malia.” Zac said flatly as he and the other contestants walked into the grand room. Seated on the throne was a fair women with sun-kissed skin. “I present to you, her royal highness, Freya.” The teens bowed at her.

“Thank you.” She smiled, “And I have, along with this young man,” she pointed to Mana, “Judged your bouquets. And might I say they were wonderful.”

Mana nodded. “It’s a clear victory for the Pirates, although Sarah seems to have gone missing…” He turned to Zac who paled, “The Sharks came in second and the Hotties in last.”

Zac glared at Damien and Yasmin, “What is your team up to?” But they both shook their heads. “In any case this is the final challenge, and you all still have a chance to win. The Hotties and Pirates lead with six points each, and the Sharks are in last with four.”

“I am most delighted to see you perform your dance.” Freya clapped her hands together in anticipation. “I had my best designers create your outfits.” She snapped as a number of servants entered the room carrying ball gowns and dress clothes for men.

“Ah yes.” Zac smiled at the teens. “The final challenge, it is the way in Floria to host a ball before the coronation and so you will all be participating. You will dance as you see fit, it is part of their culture to create your own dance. Angel and Alfie, Fleur and Grayson, and Yasmin and Damien you will be the ones who Freya will be watching. If you win this due to the points you win the challenge, losing means you will be in last and will have to eliminate someone.”

The scene flashed forward a few minutes allowing the teens to get changed. “This is far too traditional, and plus a guy and a girl dancing together how bland.” Viola sighed.

“I know! Not cool,” Sam groaned as he stared at Grayson who was practicing with Fleur before they had to go out and dance.

“My last kiss with Cody was at a ball.” Angel looked away from Alfie for a moment. “You know, sometimes I really miss him.” She frowned.

Alfie looked over to where Trixie sat alone in her gown. “I know the feeling.” He quickly smiled before he handed Angel a chocolate kiss, “For good luck.” She nodded.

“I’m starting to worry,” Damien sighed. “They’ve been gone for a long time.. And now Sarah’s missing.” He wrapped his arm around Yasmin’s waist. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. I have a bad feeling.”

Yasmin nodded. “It has been too long.” She looked up at the ivy covered clock that hung from the center of the chamber. “It’s almost nine… It’s been hours.”

Grayson had a hard time keeping step with Fleur. “Are you in the oking? I know that you are in the kissing with Kimmi, but we needs to put that behind you.” She offered Grayson a smile.

“No… I wasn’t.” He admitted. “She.. she was my friend.” He looked over at Sam. “It was complicated.”

Fleur brushed her hand against his face. “Be in the pretending that I am Samuel.” She whispered.

“What! No! It’s not like that!” Grayson stammered.

“The heart wants, what the heart is wanting.” She blushed. “Tu can not be hiding from it for never.” She placed her head onto his shoulder.

The music of the Florian kingdom began to play. The silent but beautiful strumming on the harps signalled the start of the challenge, and of the ball. The sound of wild flutes echoed through the halls. “It’s beginning.” Elyar smirked as he pulled the curtain slightly open to show Zaina the ball that was happening beneath them. “Your coronation, or should I say, Sarah’s.”

“What! No! She can’t do that for me!” Zaina pleaded.

“She’d do anything to keep you happy Zaina. Really, you might have been an amazing ruler after all. But I do have my orders.”

Zaina gasped as she looked down at her friends dancing. “I don’t understand why. What orders?”

“From the agency my darling. You are what we call a risk to your people. We couldn’t have you running the most important kingdom of the forgotten seas. Wing wanted to see her mother and was willing to use you in order to save her. And Tameron well, he was just a brother concerned for his sister. He wanted to help you, make you strong enough to rule. We couldn’t have that though.”

“Sarah… would do this… for me?” Zaina questioned.

Elyar shrugged. “She’s loyal behind question. It’s ironic because you seemed to only care for Lexi, yet she only ever shoved you away, but down there.” He pointed to where the rest of her team was. “You have people care for you and you can never see that. You’re always too concerned with getting Lexi back.”

“That’s… not true.”

“You don’t have to convince me of that, try convincing yourself.”

The camera panned out the window to show the teens as they dance among the Florian people. Trumpets and horns joined the melody. Elyars watch came to life as a man's face appeared. “Elyar. Scratch plan a. It is no longer feasible.”

“But Harry.” Elyar muttered.

Harry shook his head. “No buts. If you want to be a free man after all these years you will ensure the young princess takes her rightful place on the throne. Mission B is now to be your only focus. Succeed and you will be removed from the agency. Permanently. That is all. Good day agent Elyar.”

Zaina looked into Elyar’s eyes. “You’re…. You’re a prisoner aren’t you?”

“That’s them!” Sarah shouted. “Your princess and her kidnapper!” She pointed at the pair, with the royal guards behind her.

“No!” Zaina announced. “Yes, I am your princess. But he is my saver.” Sarah and Elyar both looked shocked. “It was the pirate, Wing. She kidnapped me. Elyar saved me, he’s from the agency it’s what they do. They save people.” She sent Sarah a knowing smile.

“The pirate women!” The guards announced. “The prisoner!” They raced out of the chamber leaving Elyar, Sarah and Zaina.

“Zaina he’s not what you think.” Sarah tried to explain.

“No. I know exactly what he is. Wing was using him Sarah. Trust me.” Zaina looked into Sarah’s eyes and promised. “I know what you were willing to do for me…” She whispered.

Sarah frowned, confused. “I.. I know you wouldn’t approve you hate when we shelter you but you were finally happy! I… Didn’t- no I couldn’t ruin that for you.”

Zaina walked beside her friend. “You are a true friend,” she smiled and hugged Sarah. “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you. Now we have a coronation to get to.” She blushed, “Mine.”

“We’ll dance together.” Sarah promised before she left to join the others.

Elyar walked over to Zaina. “Why? Why did you lie?”

Zaina looked into Elyar’s eyes. “Because we all deserve to be free Elyar. And I was never hurt. You did what you had to do but you did it kindly. I am a forgiving person.” She walked away. “And you were right. I was still hung up on Lexi… But not anymore. I know who my friends are. And I hope you can prove to me that you are one.” The agent stood still while the soon-to-be-princess walked away.

The screen returned to the ball. The music faded into laughter, which faded into chatter which faded into silence. The Queen looked over the teens. “I understand how hard it must be to be so far away from home for so long.” She stood up from her throne. “And until very recently I wouldn’t be willing to say this, but you have all proven to be worthy of the Florian people. This kingdom will always be a home to you. We welcome you with welcome arms.” She turned to face Fleur and Grayson. “Never have I seen a pair dance like they meant so much to one another, bravo. It is in my understanding that you are the winners of this… challenge of sorts.”

The pair bowed to the Queen. “Thank you.” They shared a group hug with the other Hotties.

Freya continued, “Now. While I applaud your enthusiasm, you two should never be allowed to dance with one another again. You two seemed to be crying the entire time.” She sighed and announced, “I am sorry but Alfie and Angel you’ve lost this challenge.”

Andre and the Pirates nodded and came together. “I’m sorry guys, we really tried though.” He smiled. “That’s what counts here.”

Malia nodded, “We almost did it! We almost won!”

“We did, didn’t we.” Alfie smiled. “Together. We almost won, all together.”

Youri rolled his eyes. “But we didn’t. Clearly because we’re a terrible team with a terrible leader, and delusional teammates.”

Zac shrugged. “Well your highness, we have one last thing to do before we attend the coronation. It shouldn’t take long.”

She nodded. “I understand, the banquet will be prepared and waiting… As will I. For my darling daughter.”

Zac whispered to Mana, “Could you please find the Pirates? They seem to have gone missing.” He looked over at Damien and Yasmin who waved innocently. “I’ll take the Sharks to the elimination.”

“Found them.” Mana stated as Sarah, Elyar and Zaina all walked into the throne room.

“Not. All. Of. Them.” Zac muttered. “Find Wing.” The host led the Sharks away.

“Sarah! Zaina!” Damien whispered. “We were so worried about you!”

Yasmin nodded. “It was not adding up. Something went wrong.” The scholar stared at Elyar. “What is he doing here? And where’s Wing?”

“We were wrong.” Sarah admitted. “Elyar wasn’t the bad guy. Wing was. She kidnapped Zaina, and he saved her.” She sighed and turned to Elyar. “I’m so sorry that she made you do all of this.” He nodded silently.

“Well,” Zaina perked up. “Who's excited to see my coronation?”

“She knows?” Damien and Yasmin both said.

“I know.” Zaina nodded before she pulled her friends into a group hug.

Elyar watched as the royal guards rushed to speak to the Queen. “She’s gone. She took her mother and she’s gone.” He flatly said. “We won't be seeing Wing again.” He pointed to where the Queen seemed to be upset. He turned to Zaina. “Come with me, it’s time to prepare you.” He looked over at his other teammates who stared skeptically, “You can come as well.”

On the beach, the Sharks were meeting for their second elimination. They sat on their ship in silence. “You managed to lose despite one team only having two members.” Zac flatly said. “I thought your team was supposed to be the strong one?”

“That was with Emmett.” Alfie smiled, “Andre isn’t Emmett.” He innocently said.

Andre gave his friend friendly push. “I’m really not, but I’m also not the leader of this team. That would be Trixie. She has the har.” He winked at Alfie who smiled.

Zac turned to Trixie, “Ok. Well, if you’re the captain then why did your team lose?”

Trixie adjusted her cowgirl hat before she glanced over at Angel. “It’s hard to work together when you can’t believe what your team says.”

“Angel?” Zac questioned, “It seems that you’re being targeted here.”

The fan-girl shrugged. “I tried to be nice. I really did.” She turned to Malia. “I haven’t lied. Just because I don’t look like a movie star, doesn’t mean I couldn’t have dated Cody.” She wiped the tears from her face. “But I think we have bigger fish and liabilities to fry.” She turned to Youri.

“Yeah I get it. The team doesn’t like me. So what. I’m over it.” Youri shrugged,

Zac nodded, “In any case. The votes have already been cast.” He walked over to the cannons and lit the first two.

Andre’s and Alfie’s faces both lit the sky. They shared a bro hug. “Yeah!” They grinned.

“No surprise there.” Zac shrugged and lit two more cannons, as Malia’s and Trixie’s faces burst into the sky.

Angel glared at Trixie, “I put our difference behind us.” She nodded, but Trixie looked away.

“Us too.” Youri smirked as he watched his own face appear in the sky. “Oh wait no, just a lie, sorry. My bad.”

(CONF): Youri grinned as he stood behind the captain's wheel. “Getting Alfie and Andre to vote with me was easy once they accepted me as a bro. Trixie’s vote was a little harder, but once she was all alone on the team getting rid of Angel meant she could be close to Malia.” He shrugged. “Who says you need to lead when you can just manipulate.”

Angel pulled out a photograph of her and Cody Simpson kissing on the balcony of a castle staring out at the stars, and a letter from her pink hightops. She handed it to Malia. “I never lied to you Malia.” She turned to Trixie and Youri. “Why was it so hard to believe that someone like me could be with someone like him?” She wiped away a tear before she jumped off of the plank.

Malia quickly read through the letter. “Cody… I will always love you, you have to know that. But I can’t keep doing this. I can’t bare it to see people send you hate letters over me, I know your producer wants me gone. I’m not good for your image… And the way everyone looks at me when I tell them I’m dating you… It’s heart breaking. I’m not famous, I’m nothing special. I’m just Angel. We need to break up. I talked to your producer, I have a restraining against you now. So don’t try and find me.” Malia looked over at her teammates who were dead silent. “That… that’s what love is.” She gulped. “I always believed you Angel.” She whispered. “Always.”

Later, the teens waited in the throne room to see the coronation of the princess. “I can’t believe we get to see a real live coronation.” Grayson muttered. “I’ve been taught how I should act but… It’s surreal.” He said.

In a side room, the Pirates stood in awe at Zaina. She wore an elegant floral dress and glass slippers. “Who knew those were actual things.” Damien chuckled as he saw her step into her shoes.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Zaina muttered. “I haven’t even met my mom yet.” She looked down at her feet. “This isn’t me.”

Sarah grabbed onto Zaina’s hand. “Your mother will love you. Your people will love you. If this isn’t you, then make it you Zaina.”

“Don’t leave my side.” She whispered and Sarah nodded.

“Thank you.” Zaina admitted and turned to her friends. “All of you.” Her fellow pirates nodded as the chirping of birds rang through the room.

“That’s your queue.” Elyar stated. “You know what to do.”

She gulped as she and Sarah walked onto the stage, hand in hand. Behind them Damien asked, “Do you think she’s going to leave us now?”

“Probably…” Yasmin frowned. “But it’s for the best. She’s with her family now.”

Freya wiped away her tears as she watched Zaina walk onto the stage. “My daughter,” she whispered.

“Mother.” Zaina said as she let go of Sarah’s hand to hug her mom. The pair didn’t move for minutes. “Ok. I’m ready,” Zaina nodded as her mother began the coronation.

“Wait what.” Zac said to Mana. “What’s happening?”

Mana pointed to Zaina, “She’s the long lost princess. Didn’t you read Rhonda’s file on the Pirates?” The host blushed.

“God oh my!” Fleur gasped as she watched the coronation happen.

“She’s… a princess?” Andre said, shocked. Viola stared, shock. “Well, this is a twist to the telenovela that is my life.”

“I, Zaina LaFleur take this crown,” Zaina said as he mother placed the floral tiara on her head. “As my lineage dictates as my duty to protect the people of Floria from all the shadows of the sea, and the shadows within its walls.”

Freya gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead. “And I, Freya LaFleur take you, Zaina LaFleur, my blood, my daughter, as the princess to Floria.” She smiled, “At long last.”

The crowd erupted into cheer. “Long live the princess!”

Zaina blushed before she spoke up again. “Thank you. But I do have one more thing.” She turned to face her mother and her people. “I can’t rule yet. I can’t stay here.” She gulped as the crowd went silent. “I know it is my duty. But, I have a duty to my other family.” She turned to Sarah, and the other pirates behind her. “They led me her, they have helped me grow so much. It’s the least I can do to not abandon them yet. THey need me, and you still have my mother who I am sure will keep you safe for now.” She wiped away a tear before her mother took her hand and raised it into the air.

“Long live the princess! And may we see her again!” Freya cheered.

Zac turned to the camera. “Well. How’s that for shocking!? Because I know that I am shocked! And still confused to be honest… But whatever! It’s come to my attention that Wing took a prisoner and fled the kingdom, and thus the show.” He sighed. “I was just starting to like her bananas too.” He shrugged. “That doesn’t change things. Sadly Angel is still eliminated.” He gulped. “But, stay tuned, because next episode our teens are going to get to see more of the kingdom of Floria and all it has to share with us.” He grinned, “But for now, this is Zac and thanks for watching Total! Drama! Tides!”

Chapter Eleven: From One Mother to Another

The screen fades from black to reveal Canada’s most talked about reality host, Zac as he crept amongst the shadows in the stoney halls of the Florian castle. He crouched and rolled avoiding the rays of moonlight. He was on a mission. There were surprisingly fewer guards than he had expected. Then again the people of Floria didn’t really seem like the type to go to war. Zac chucked at the thought of watching of the Florians wielding giant sunflowers as they tried to fend off the pirates. At long last he found his target. He pushed the enormous wooden doors to the throne room open, and stood in awe at the ornate throne. Fresh flowers were woven into the soft violet felts, the oak wood carved with large white stones set into it. He tiptoed forward. He would sit upon the throne, if only for a moment. He had to do it. It was meant to be. It was only a few steps away.

“Zac?” A familiar voice echoed.

The host dropped to the ground, careful not to make a mess of his hair. He stared at Zaina who smiled softly at him. His gazed turned to the floor, ashamed of himself. He pushed his body up from the stone and brushed himself off. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“I never said it looked like anything.” The freshly-crowned princess walked over to her throne. A pale gown covered her pale body. It flowed with each step she took. “Thank you,” She announced. “For everything. It’s because of you and Rhonda.” Zac attempted to cut in, but Zaina quickly continued, “That I found out my heritage. You gave me my second chance.” She sniffed the floral scent in the air, “I found my home… And thank you for not making us leave right away. I appreciate it.”

Zac shoved his hands into his pockets. “Yes. That is exactly why we’re staying another day.” He turned to walk away. “And you’re welcome. I suppose.”

(CONF): Zac stared at the confessional camera. “Ok, so the truth is, basically the entire production team quit. It’s basically just me and Mana now.” He sighed, “I can’t leave without a proper camera team.”

The next morning things were unusually similar. Despite the drastic change in scenery, the three teams still had the same personal issues that plagued them as they sailed across the forgotten sea. Zactastic Hotties resided in the Eastern Tower of the palace. The team sat spread out on a large picnic blanket, in the middle of the dining hall. The dining hall itself was more of a meadow than anything, an array of flowers were spread through the room, and large windows acted like paintings revealing the village far below them.

Sam sat with Fleur at one side of the room, as they bit into honey-roasted sunflower seeds, dropping the shells into a small pouch beside them. Sam gave an odd look at Fleur who was grinning like five-year old girl who had just seen Santa Claus (also known as Twilight). “Are you dying? If so can I have your hat?” He questioned.

Her smile dropped into a gasp as she clutched her hat close to her heart. “Non! It is in the mine!” Her face turned a red, “I am in the knowing of something you are not.” She teased, as she dipped her finger into a jar of jam and wiped it on his nose. She lowered her voice into a whisper, “Maybe I should be in the asking of Grayson to come and clean that up.” She lowered her voice further, “With his mouth!” She giggled.

Sam’s hands covered her mouth instantly. “Are you trying to let the whole world know about how I FEEL!?” He gasped, slightly too loud as the rest of their team sent them strange looks. “We went over this, I’m going to slowly ease my way into his life, and eliminate anyone who gets in my way.” He said matter-of-factly.


“No buts! Except for his butt, because mhmmmm.” His voice trailed off as he stared at Grayson.

“BUT!” Fleur continued, “Everyone is in the knowing except for him.”

“Impossible. That only happens in the movies, and some teen television shows.” He corrected.

“Well, I know.” Hannah stated as she scooched over to the pair. “And I still do not approve. He’s a murderous prep kid. And we all know the prep kids are always the villains on teen television, or any video game.” She sighed and stared at the pair again, “Speaking of, why did you two sit here, when I was sitting over there?” She motioned to the center of the blanket. “As my minons I don’t think you should be thinking for yourselves like this.”

Fleur and Sam gave each other a confused look, before Sam spoke up. “Must have been a bug in the AI.”

“Oh. Ok. Well I hope that gets fixed.” Hannah shrugged and bit into her jelly sandwich. Fleur and Sam exchanged a glance again, still confused.

On the other side of the picnic blanket, Grayson and Viola were having their own chat. “Snuggle, Marry, Kill - Emmett, Sam, Andre.” Viola questioned.

Grayson blushed. “You’re lucky that the camera crew just up and left. If you said that on the show I would have been peeved.” He groaned. “It’s not supposed to be common knowledge.”

Zac walked into the room, carrying a large camera and a studio microphone attached to his back. The host was clearly exhausted, and sweat, or ‘tears’ as he would prefer you refer to them was dripping all over his body. “The fact that you’d rather date me than Rhonda has already been aired.” Zac rolled his eyes. “It was one of the many reasons why I was rated higher than her on last week's host ratings.”

“What?” Grayson and Viola both gasped at the same time. “HOW?”

“That’s a good question, and I don’t really remember.” The host shrugged, “Just pretend that I’m not here. Just act natural.” Zac smirked at the teens, “For once… If it makes you feel any better it’s done miracles for your ratings with the public.”

Grayson’s posture had shriveled. “Well it doesn’t.” Viola tried to speak up but he cut her off. “I know you didn’t have anything to do with this- but I can’t right now.” He groaned and raced out of the room.

Viola shrugged and returned to eating her lunch. “Aren’t you going to run after him?” Zac urged.

Viola put her snack down for a moment, as she finished chewing. “How many times must I remind you that this is not Degrassi, or some teen drama. He’s a grown boy, he can do what he wants, likewise I can do what I want - And I want to eat this sandwich.” She paused for a moment before she turned to the rest of her rest. “Are we just going to keep avoiding the pink elephant in the room?” She eyed Sam.

Sam blushed. “No idea what you’re talking about.”

Hannah returned Viola’s stare, “She’s clearly talking about your raging hormones for the devil.” Fleur blinked wildly at the turn in the conversation.

Viola let out a scoff, “Actually no. I was talking about how Zaina was just crowned a princess… and he’s not nearly as bad as you think.”

Zac sighed, “Well it’s time to get moving, you guys are becoming well, drastically less dramatic than I had hoped.”

(CONF): Fleur let out a loud sigh. “I am feeling as if Viola has rehired me with Grayson. I will be in the learning of English to speaks with her more!”

The Killer Sharks were exploring the Western Tower, as Mana followed close behind them a camera in his hand. Trixie trailed behind her team, “Do I really have to be here?” She muttered to Mana.

Mana gently rubbed her back, “I know it’s been a rough few days, but we’re a little short staffed so you need to stay with your team.” He positioned the camera to get a close up on Trixie’s gloomy expression.

“Can’t I just not be in this episode?” She begrudgingly replied.

The intern shook his head again, “Sadly not. The contract you all signed requires you each be in every episode for a minimum of five minutes each.” Mana pulled out an unsigned copy of the contracts the contestants had signed, “See?” He said before shoving it back into his pocket.

Trixie rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She pulled out her lasso and practiced her knotting skills while her team explored the extensive art gallery.

Mana moved closer to Trixie, “If it helps, Alfie asked me to give this to you,” He handed her a rainbow-monkey lollipop.

“It doesn’t.” She whispered as she stashed the treat beneath her hat.

“What do you think this one represents?” Alfie asked as he stared at a painting of a siren posing on a rock, floating pieces of wood surrounding it in the water.

Youri shrugged, “It’s clearly demonstrating Andre’s proficiency at leading his team, the Sirens.” He teased and gently punched Andre’s shoulder.

“Funny guy, eh?” Andre sighed. He pointed at the painting, “I think it shows how much power a woman can have over man.”

Malia spoke out softly, “Maybe it shows what happens to a group of people when they start to not trust each other and give in to temptation.”

Alfie frowned. “Oh… Those make a lot more sense.”

Andre turned to his friend, “... What did you think it was?”

Alfie gulped, “The sinking of the last Twinkies Cargo ship, and that’s why they were discontinued.” He said without blinking. The rest of the team fell to silence.

“He’s not kidding is he,” The musician whispered to Youri who burst into a loud laugh.

“Sure am glad to be a part of the bros.” Youri put on a fake smile and groaned.

Malia tussled Youri’s hair, “Come on! There is nothing to be sad about here. Angel would want us to be happy.” She decided, as she turned her own frown into a shining smile. She pulled on Youri’s and Andre’s hands leading the pair to a sculpture of a familiar pirate captain, Mother. A small metal plaque titled the statue as “Bringer of the End”.

“Accurate.” Youri stated. “She was bat-sh--” Malia covered his mouth.

“Language!” She whispered.

Trixie spoke out, “Well, any theories about Mother being an actress hired by Zac to terrorize us, can go out the window.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have clear trust issues?” Malia flatly said. Andre and Trixie exchanged shocked looks. The musician wrapped his arm around Malia.

“Come on, there’s no need to be feisty. We’re friends here.” He whispered into Malia’s ear. She blushed and nodded.

(CONF): Elyar let out a soft sigh. “It’s almost relieving to have the truth… or some version of the truth, out in the open. Keeping everything under wraps isn’t as easy when you’re forced to deal with the targets on a personal level.” He put his shades over his eyes. “It’s not like I wanted to lie to my team, but… I had no choice.”

The screen revealed Elyar as he videotaped himself walking along the beach. “I can’t believe I have to record myself if I don’t want to be with the team.” He kicked the sand, blurring the screen momentarily.

“My team might say they forgive me but… It’s hard to be around them right now. I was so close to destroying their lives, and now I might have actually ruined Wing’s life.” He gulped, removing his sneakers and walked into the ocean. “Does it still make me the villain if my actions were justified? They never taught us about this at the agency. Just to get the task done.” He pulled out a photograph from his shirts pocket, a number of young kids dressed in all black, all wearing shades, are shown. Elyar gave a soft smile before he returned the image to its secure spot.

A bottle got lodged between his legs. He glanced at the bottle, was that a message inside of it? “Tacky.” He muttered. He grabbed hold of the bottle and returned to the sand to open it.

“Me fellow pirates,

I’m sorry.

Me mother is everything to me. She’s the wind to my sails, the cannons to my ship. She’s me mother. In the pirate code, the way you get the treasure does not matter, just the X at the end of the map… You showed me that is wrong, but some things ye can not change. Ye be me mates, and all of ye… Even Elyar are welcome on me vessel.

Stay strong, keep flying.

Stick together, Wing.”

Elyar crumpled the message into a ball, and shoved it back into the bottle.

The other Pillaging Pirates were still lying on Zaina’s enormous bed. A canopy of flowers hovered above them, and a thin veil wrapped acted as a wall around the bed. The four teens were sprawled out across the bed, Zac filming them at the end of the bed.

Damien was the first to tease the host, “What? The crew finally realized that you only care about your ratings and hair?”

“No comment. And this show is supposed to be about you. Not me.” Zac growled.

Sarah gave a bright smile, “I can’t believe it’s all over. We finally solved the mystery. We’re all safe now.” She wrapped her arms around Zaina.

“Not all of the mysteries,” Zaina corrected, and looked at Yasmin, “We will figure out what happened to your parents. I promise.”

Sarah gasped, “I can’t believe I forgot! I’m so, so, sorry!”

Yasmin shrugged, “That’s fine, they’re easy to forget.”

“What do you mean?” Damien asked. “I couldn’t forget my parents… even if I tried.” He chuckled.

The scholar shrugged, “It’s not so hard when you spend years trying to forget.” Her teammates shared a look.

“What did they do?” Sarah whispered.

Yasmin closed the book she was reading, “The better question would be what they didn’t do. They had no respect for history, or for culture. They weaseled their way into historic moments for their own benefits. We spent my childhood traveling the world, we explored tombs, investigated the occult. Until one day I wake up alone in Amazon, no note, no letter. Just the cold, and my books. Now I need to find them to figure out what happened.”

“Maybe they got taken…” Sarah gasped.

“That’s not the issue. I didn’t get to grow up giggling like you did. I grew up brushing off skulls, and running from boulders.” Yasmin snapped. “I grew up afraid and alone. So forgive me if I try to forget they exist, and forget about my childhood. But it’s not something that I want to remember. My childhood, the childhood I choose to remember is spent in Neverland, or at Hogwarts, in Narnia…” She clutched her novel close to her heart. “This is my childhood.”

Zaina nodded. “I understand what it’s like to grow up someplace you don’t really fit in.”

Yasmin shook her head, “That’s not entirely true. When I was little I wasn’t always so… theory based. You saw me on the horse yesterday, I belonged there.”

“But you chose to go against who you are to make a point.” Damien nodded, “That I can understand. Sometime there’s just something bigger to deal with than yourself.” Yasmin nodded.

“We can get Elyar to help us.” Zaina smiled, but her suggestion was met with a no from the rest of the team.

Sarah put on a smile, “Zaina… whether you choose to believe Elyar or not, we still don’t trust him. He needs to prove himself. He did a lot of bad things.”

“And so did I, last season, I destroyed my very first friendship because I was jealous, are you really going to just ditch Elyar and the friendship you had because he was using you the entire time to take my place on the throne?” Zaina stated but then paused, “You know.. That didn’t really sound as convincing as I hoped.” She gave Sarah a hug and got up from the bed with her team behind her, “Just talk to him. Give him a chance to explain, Lexi never gave me that.”

The contestants are all gathered in the throne room. Mana is filming, while Zac has moved his camera to a headband and stands beside Freya. “Glad you all finally decided to join us.” He eyed Zaina and the other Pirates. “Due to some unforeseen resignations, Mana and I will be filming this episode, and so Freya has graciously decided to host.” He bowed slightly to the Queen.

Freya gave a glowing smile to the teens, and gave a small wave. “Good morning little ones. It is my pleasure to take over as host for this… episode, whatever that means. I have decided since you all have gotten to know the Florian culture rather well through your last challenge, I would like to get to know more about you, and the world that my princess,” she smiled at Zaina, “Grew up in. The challenge is to put on a talent show, for the people of Floria, I’ll be the judge. Each team must put up two acts.” She paused. “Zaina darling, where is your team?” She asked, puzzled.

“This is my team, mom.” Zaina corrected, confused, as she pointed to the other Pillaging Pirates.

“Oh. I thought they were you hand servants, my apologies.” She gulped.

Youri shot his hand up, “Don’t you think you’re a bit… biased?”

“I’ll have you know that, that could be seen as treason, but no. I am not biased. Despite Zaina finally being home, I will respect her wishes of continuing with the show.”

“Not what I meant.” He whispered to Andre who ruffled his hair.

“You’ll have until the final petal falls from the chapel to prepare.” Freya pointed above to the ornate tower with a large flower in the center.

“Or two hours,” Zac added.

“Ohhhhh.” The teens let out.

As her mother was about to leave, Zaina raced up to stop her. “Mom! I need.. I need to ask you something.”

“I’m listening.”

“Yasmin’s parents…. Do you know what happened to them?” Zaina pulled out the letter that they had sent to their daughter, and pointed at the tree seal. “This is their family crest.”

Freya stared at it for a moment before she looked into her daughter's eyes. “Don’t look into this any further.” She grabbed the letter and walked away, to her own chambers. “Decisions lie heavy on the restless heart,” she murmured and put the letter away in a drawer, beside a book with a similar crest.

“I hate to barge in but I thought we should speak face to face. Besides, I grow tired of stalking your shadows.” Mother stated as she stepped out from the darkness. “Don’t call for your guards, we both know what happened the last time you did that. Besides, I have something you must be dying to see.” The pirate queen pulled out a Total Drama Frozen DVD box set. “If you want to see what Zaina was like before she met you, this will show you.”

Freya grasped onto the knife in the drawer. “I don’t see the relevance. Zaina is my daughter, and she is home now, that is all I need to know.”

Mother shrugged, “But then you’ll never know who your darling daughter wishes to marry. Or who her true friends are, or perhaps more importantly, what the world really thinks of her.” Mother smirked, "And if you thought your people hated me, wait until they see who their princess truly is."

Freya lunged for the box, but Mother stopped her. “No, we will watch this together.” She pulled out a portable television. “Just like old times when we used to watch the knights joust.”

The screen switched to reveal the Zactastic Hotties. Hannah took lead, “Clearly we need our more talented members to take the lead here.” She turned to Fleur and Sam.

Viola let out a soft laugh, “I’m sorry but asides from being able to drop his jaw and have his tongue fly out to the side like a thirsty dog, what exactly can Sam do?”

Sam tried to defend himself but conceded, “I mean she has a point.” He turned to look at Grayson, “I think he should do something. He went to a prep school, he must have a bucket of talents.” The prep blushed.

“Absolutely not. He’s an alleged murderer, and his first team went down in flames. We can’t trust him.”

Fleur blinked, “At least he was not in the attempting of killing Britt.”

“I didn’t try to kill him.” Hannah barked. “I had my reasons, and you’re supposed to be on my side here.”

The french girl shook her head, “We are team together.”

“Fine. He can perform. But he better not mess up his combos.”

Grayson grinned, “Thanks for the inspirational speech, I appreciate it.” He turned to Fleur, “What are you going to do anyways?”

Fleur clapped her hands together rapidly, “What I came on the show in ze for doing!” She grabbed hold of Hannah, “A MAKEOVER!” She squealed, as Hannah’s eyes went wide. The rest of the team, including Viola laughed as Fleur dragged Hannah away.

Elsewhere the Killer Sharks tried to find their acts. “Clearly Andre should perform.” Youri decided. “He is lowkey actually talented.” Andre gave him a smile. “Don’t get used to it.”

“I’m a super swimmer! I’ve done shows!” Alfie added.

“While incredibly interesting, and surprising” Youri chuckled, “There’s no pool here.”

“That’s ok! I can swim in the air!” Alfie suggested as he began to wail his arms around as if he was swimming.

“Malia?” Andre asked, “What about you?”

She shook her head. “Unless there’s housework to do, I don’t think I’ll be very useful. My parents didn’t believe in extra curriculars, they were a distraction.”

Trixie spoke out, “That’s not true, she can sing. She used to sing all the time with Angel.” She trailed off, remembering she’s why Angel wasn’t around anymore. “You two should do a duet.”

“I couldn’t!” Malia gasped. “I’ve never!”

Andre wrapped his arm around her, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you out. It’s a blast, I swear man.”

“Ok! And I’ll put on a kung-fu performance.” Youri decided.

“What about Trixie?” Alfie asked.

Youri shrugged, “I don’t know if we can,” he put on emphasis on his next word, “Trust her.” The team went silent as they spit up to practice their routines.

The Pillaging Pirates, weren’t having as much luck. “I hate to be the barer of bad news,” Damien sighed, “But I just don’t think we’re super talented.”

“Sarah is a singer and she went to band camp.” Elyar noted, “I wouldn’t say she’s not talented.”

Yasmin shook her head, “Sadly for us, Andre is also a musician, and it’s hard to not compare the two when the only thing that makes them drastically different is that Sarah wasn’t the first boot.”

“While I appreciate your support, I am a traditional musician, classically trained, Andre is far from that. He’s rough around the edges, and edgy. We are not similar at all.” Sarah corrected.

“Then we have our first act!” Zaina cheered, “We just need one more!” She looked at her teammates but no one offered anything. “Ok then… Elyar you’ll be our second act!”

“What?” He said shocked.

“Well, I have no clear talents. Damien’s main skills involve pranking people, and well Yasmin… You know she reads.” Yasmin sent her a glare. “Which while very fascinating, isn’t very… interactive. Elyar you’re a secret agent, clearly you must have some talent up your sleeve.”

“I mean maybe?” Elyar groaned. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

As Elyar ran off to figure out his talent Sarah dragged her teammates back to their pirate ship. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! I have your costumes and everything!”

“Costumes?” Yasmin questioned.

“Well yes! I’m not going to perform alone!” Sarah grinned, “Don’t worry I’ve planned out the choreography already, it’s really not that hard!”

“Is… that glittering gold spandex?” Damien questioned his eyes growing wide.

“If it’s too tight, that’s fine! I’m sure the audience won’t mind!” Sarah teased as she handed her team their outfits. “Go on! Go get ready!”

When the others had left the room, Zaina turned to Damien. “Damo… Could I ask you something?”

“Shoot. Anything to prolong me wearing… this.” He groaned as he stared at the golden unitard.

“Am I a bad sister? I was so mean to Tameron and all he wanted to do was protect me. I basically did everything he told me not to do.”

Damien took hold of her hand. “Zaina… Don’t beat yourself up about that. Total Drama brings out the drama on the inside of people. Tameron will understand why you did what you did. He’ll forgive you. You just need to forgive yourself.”

“Damo. How did you forgive your sister, after, well after everything she did. And how that must have affected you at school. Her actions, they didn’t just change her life they changed yours.” Zaina looked into his eyes.

He returned her stare, “I forgave her because she was doing whatever it took to protect me. She had to win, no matter what, for us.” He gulped and returned his gaze to his costume. “Wish me luck.” He smiled and walked away.

“Sometimes I worry about you.” Zaina whispered. “I know what it’s like to be alone.” The scene returned to the throne room, where an elaborate stage had been constructed. Freya sat on her throne. “Welcome people of Floria,” she waved out to the audience that were gathered below the balcony of the throne room. “And our honoured guests,” She smiled at the teens, “And Zac.” She stated. “I would like to welcome you all to the first official Total Drama Show in our Kingdom. Our guests have prepared a number of acts for us to better understand where they come from, for us to better understand our young princess.” She motioned as Andre and Malia walked onto the stage, “Our first act, please bless them with your applause.”

Once the crowd calmed, Andre began to strum on his guitar, as Malia sat on the edge of the stage, snapping her fingers to the beat. Andre began to sing in his raspy voice, “There's no way to say this song's about someone else, Every time you're not in my arms…” The familiar lyrics from Cody Simpson’s La Da Dee filled the air. He kept singing as he marched towards Malia, when the chorus started, Malia joined in on the song, blending their voices in a harmonic sound. Andre helped her to her feet as the pair began to dance freely across the stage.

In the audience, Alfie and Trixie lit candles and waved them in the air, and instructed the others to do the same. Soon the entire crowd had created a mesmerizing performance to go in hand with the musical talent on stage. Andre took the opportunity to twirl Malia as she held back her giggles and kept singing.

“They’re really good,” Alfie commented, “Good idea.”

“Yeah… They’re perfect.” Trixie sighed. While Alfie’s eyes were on the performance, hers were focused on the sweet bot.

Underneath the stage, Elyar had hammered away at a contraptraction. "If plan A is my main priority... This better work." He whispered as he pulled on a string, hoping to send flames shooting up through the stage - instead a geyser of flowers filled the air. He groaned, "I'm losing my touch."

As the song came to a close, Malia pulled Andre in close and kissed him softly. “Oh my god.” Alfie and Trixie both gasped, as the crowd erupted into cheer. On stage, Andre was speechless, as was Malia.

“Great touch.” Andre stammered, “They really loved it.” He said trying to figure out what happened.

“Anything for the team,” Malia held back a tear, “Right?” He nodded and gave her a hug.

Freya calmed the crowd as she spoke out, “Well that was certainly something! It’s great to see that love is a universal emotion. It would be a shame if they didn’t believe in it, like we did.” Freya took the opportunity to clarify, “Not that there is anything wrong with loving someone unconventional.” She tried to find Zaina’s eyes in the crowd but she had no luck. “Our next act, is something that I have been told is a very traditional musical number for our guests and really showcases their values.”

Damien, Yasmin and Zaina (albeit forced) walked onto the stage in their skin tight golden glittering outfits. The sound of trumpets announced the start of the number, as Sarah strutted her way onto the stage. She wore a tight red corset dress, with long black gloves, and heavy black eyeliner, a fur scarf draped around her neck. In a well-rehearsed theatre singing voice she called out, “Whatever happened to Fay Wray? That delicate satin draped frame As it clung to her thigh, how I started to cry, Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same…”

“Don’t Dream It… She's not performing Rocky Horro is she?!” Zac panicked into the camera. “Is she trying to get the show taken off of the air!?” He gasped as he desperately raced to find the camera crew to get them to stop recording the semi-erotic performance- failing to realize the camera was still on his head, and as he watched Sarah and Damien come very close to kissing, or as Yasmin awkwardly attempted to appear sexy, or even as Zaina eagerly licked a flower, the entire thing was recorded and he knew there was no way he could convince the producers to exclude the number.

The audience was a mix of emotions. While some whistled and cheered, others averted their eyes. Once the performance ended Freya quickly introduced the next act. “Wasn’t that… Something else. I am so happy to see that… uh… Well…. That they have such great choice in colours.” She gulped. “Our next family-friendly performance is by a prep, what I have come to understand is similar to the royal family.” She clapped as she eagerly encouraged Grayson onto the stage.

Grayson grinned as he took the stage, bow in hand. He cheerily pointed at the target in front of him as she shot an arrow, and hit the center of it. He proceeded to shoot three more arrows, each splitting the previous. The crowd erupted into cheer. He shook his finger, signaling he wasn’t done. He pointed in the air as Sam and Viola threw balls up. He shot each of them down, and on contact they exploded into fireworks.

Sam whispered into Viola’s ear, “This is so cool.”

Viola let out a dry laugh, “Your tongue is mopping the floor again.”

Grayson finished his performance by quickly shooting up dozens of roses into the sky while he danced across the stage dodging them as they impaled the ground. He bowed to end his show, revealing the roses formed a heart. He sent a wink out into the audience.

“Seriously, it’s kinda gross.” Viola poked at Sam’s tongue that was drooling over the floor.

“While violent, that was quite the act…” Freya announced… Well she didn’t. But her voice did. Someone who looked almost identical to Freya walked onto the stage and continued to speak in Freya’s voice. “It’s always great to see a young flirt.”

The audience broke out into a chorus of questions as they saw two of their queen side by side.

Freya, who was still seated in her throne stared at the imposter. “Guards!” She called.

The fraud shook her head. “There’s no need,” they announced as they ripped off their mask and clothes and revealed himself as Elyar. In his own voice, “My talent,” He bowed. “I do great impressions,” He cheekily said.

In the audience Sarah and Yasmin looked impressed. “He does have significant skill.” Yasmin noted.

“But is that a good thing? Or…” Sarah sighed.

Freya clapped, impressed. “Clearly.” She took a deep breath, “Well, that’s quite the talent, truly unique.” She confirmed. “Now, for a talent close to the heart of all of us girls.” She announced as Fleur walked onto the stage with Hannah.

Fleur giggled as she spun Hannah around to reveal her simple outfit. Hannah was wearing her usual jeans, pink converse and pink t-shirt with the one-up mushroom. “What are you doing?” Hannah whispered.

“Makeover!” She whispered back as she pulled out scissors. “Do not be in the movement!” She suggested. Fleur tore the ribbon off of her own hat and then began to cut at Hannah’s hair. Happy with the cut, she braided her hair and tied her ribbon in it as a giant bow. She paused as she spun Hannah around again and snapped her fingers. A maid brought some fabric over that Fleur quickly cut into. Her scissors moved from the fabric to Hannah’s shirt, as she cut a straight line along the back, and removed it. She handed Hannah her hat to cover herself with.

Another snap called another maid over, this one with a heavier denim. Once more, she eagerly cut into it, and the remains of Hannah’s tee shirt. She gently cut rips and sewed pink patches into her jeans. She sewed the one-up mushroom on the back of a white denim jacket, and handed Hannah a pink lace top, that was made from a curtain.

She made Hannah twirl one last time for the audience in her new outfit. Her brown hair was tied back with a pale green bow, and braided. She wore light denim jeans with rips and pale pink patchwork. A lace top, and a white denim jacket, with her signature one-up mushroom on the back, her key necklace hung from her neck, with an second charm, the fleur de lis. Fleur bowed and handed Hannah a mirror so she could see herself.

Freya clapped wildly. “I think that we could all use our own personal Fleur!” She cheered as she saw Hannah’s face light up.

“I’m… I’m beautiful, just like you.” She gasped and hugged Fleur. “Thank you!”

“She misses you.” Sam pointed out, as he caught Fleur trying to catch Viola’s eyes.

“I haven’t left?” Viola stated.

“You’ve been spending your time with Grayson.” The blond pointed out, “She hasn’t spent much time with you lately.”

“Our final act, shows that powerful things can come in all shapes.” Freya waved to Youri as he jumped onto the stage.

The teen was surrounded by the Florian guards. The crowd gasped, ready to see the knights knock the small boy out. They gasped more when Youri jumped into the air and kicked two of the knights to the ground. He turned to the other two and performed a number of combat moves in the air. One guard ran away- which caused the audience to laugh.

The final knight raised his blade as he charged at Youri, but he dodged and slid beneath the knights legs, punching his sensitive area in the process. The crowd erupted into laughter once more. While he was still distracted, Youri kicked at the knights knees, forcing him to the ground.

“Victorious!” Freya cheered. “Although it seems we might need to get some better knights.” She teased.

“He really isn’t all that bad, is he?” Alfie suggested.

“He is. He really is.” Trixie said to herself. “And I won’t let him get away with it.”

The scene flashed to the stage, where all of the contestants had gathered. Freya stood in front of the three teams. “It was… An experience seeing what you value and what you consider to be a representation of yourselves.” She smiled brightly, “You all are so unique and diverse, and I think you will all be the talk of the kingdom for many moons.”

She began to pace in front of the three teams. “That being said there was a clear loser.” She stopped in front of the Killer Sharks. “But I was told to make this very suspenseful.” She walked in front of the Pillaging Pirates. “So the winner of the challenge is….” She returned to her place in front of the Sharks. “The Killer Sharks! And in a very close second,” She walked in front of the Pillaging Pirates, “The Zactastic Hotties? Who chose this name and what is the meaning?” Zac whistled innocently. “I’m sorry sweety, but your team had some very controversial performances. The Pillaging Pirates will be sending someone home tonight.” She began to walk away. “I’ll see you at your ship in when the moon reaches its peak.”

“Twenty minutes.” Zac translated.

The scene switched to show Malia as she stood at the edge of a balcony, her face stained in tears. Behind her, Trixie approached, “I’m sorry I sent Angel home. I was wrong about her.”

Malia wiped her eyes. “No you’re not.” She stared at Trixie’s eyes. “You fail to see the consequences of your actions time and time again. First with Alfie, and now Angel.” She started to walk away. “I can not be another casualty in your quest for…” Malia paused, “Whatever it is that you seek.” “Malia please…” Trixie called out. “You can talk to me about Andre… I’m here for you.”

The screen switched to show Malia and Alfie sucking on lollipops. “I thought I could show him how I feel by kissing him.” She cried out. “But then he said good job. Like it meant nothing to him!” Alfie blinked casually and nodded his head as he continued to suck his lollipop. “I just. I never kissed anyone before! And he… he didn’t think it meant anything.” Alfie’s eyes went wide at the revelation. “Maybe I should kiss him again. Angel always said the first kiss doesn’t mean anything, it’s the second that makes a statement!” Alfie licked his lollipop. Malia wrapped her arms around Alfie. “Thanks! You were so much help!” She wiped her eyes and walked away. The camera panned out as Alfie took another lick from his lollipop.

“You can’t keep running from her forever.” Grayson decided as he watched Viola approach him instead of Fleur who sat alone.

“I’m not running anywhere in these shoes.” Viola retorted. “And I’m not running from Fleur.”

Grayson nodded. “Yeah sure. So you’re not taking an interest in my interest with Sam to hide the fact that you’re interested in Fleur- who is clearly interested in you.”

“Exactly.” Viola smirked. “Does this mean we’re friends again?”

Grayson nodded. “I’d marry Sam, snuggle Andre, and kill Emmett.”

“Same.” Viola bit her lip.

“Sure you would.” Grayson rolled his eyes jokingly.

The scene jumped to the Pillaging Pirates ship, where Freya stood in front of the team. “Sadly you’ve all lost the challenge.” She sent a look of sadness at Zaina, “I’ve only recently come to understand how upsetting it can be to lose these and send one of your own home, so I sincerely am sorry.”

“Are you? Are you really?” Zaina asked. “You shut me out earlier. My parents never did that to me… It hurt.” Zaina confessed.

Freya nodded, “I understand. But there are some instances when being Queen trumps being your mother… As much as I hate to say it.”

“Do you want us to go? Or…” Damien asked.

“No.” Zaina sniffled. “She made her choice, and we’ve made ours. Let’s get this over with please.”

The Queen walked over to the cannons. “Yasmin, I want you to know that your parents are no enemy of the people of Floria, and they will be honored in our festivals…. But moving on, Yasmin, you have to send someone home tonight, how did you make your choice?” The scholar adjusted her glasses. “I know in order to keep moving forward and discovering what happened to my parents, I need a strong team. I voted for the weakest member of the team to go home tonight. And I am truly sorry.”

Freya turned to Damien, “And how did you make your choice?”

“I think that there’s a rift in the team, that isolates a particular member.” Damien paused, “But, there is a weak link on the team, and we can’t have them costing us challenges like this.”

“Well… it would seem that you have made your choice tonight to get rid of your weakest link, let’s find out who that is.” Freya announced as she shot the first two cannons into the sky, as Zaina’s and Yasmin’s faces appeared. “I’ve been told seeing your face explode into a million burning fires is a good thing.” She shrugged.

“We’ll figure out what happened, I promise.” Zaina assured Yasmin.

Freya sent a pained look at her daughter as she shot another cannon, Elyar’s face appearing briefly in the sky. “Despite being the odd man out it’s clear your teammates value your many talents.”

Sarah’s teammates sent her an apologetic look. “Hey, don’t worry about it guys. I get it, band camp girl doesn’t make the cut.” Sarah said softly standing up. Freya shot the final cannon into the sky, as Sarah’s face lit up the night sky.

“That’s not possible.” Yasmin stated.

“What?” Damien questioned. “Guys? I thought we were voting off Sarah.”

“So did we.” Zaina stared at both Elyar and Sarah. “What did you do?”

“Nothing!” They both shouted.

“Zac? Is it possible someone pulled a Harold?” Zaina asked.

“I suppose it is possible.” The host shrugged.

“Well? Why don’t you check?” Damien fought back as Freya tried to lead the teen to the plank.

Zac gulped, “Well, sadly… you see, without a proper camera crew, we didn’t have anyone recording the votes… We have no way of knowing if anything happened.” He turned to Mana, “Please help her, remove him.”

Freya, with Mana’s help was able to make Damien walk the plank. Unlike the contestants before him, Damien wasn’t met with the cold of the ocean, instead the burning sensation of rope burn as the teen was trapped in a net. His vision going black as he came face to face with Mother’s grin.

Freya stood on her balcony pacing. “What’s taking so long.” She groaned. So many things could have gone wrong.

“Sorry, but it’s not easy sneaking into your kingdom, let alone with a prisoner.” Mother huffed as she finished climbing the rope ladder to the balcony. She threw the rope net to the ground, letting Damien free.

“What? What are you two doing together? I don’t understand!” He pointed at Mother, “She’s evil! Why aren’t you running, call the guards!”

Mother brushed Damien’s hair from his eyes. “Oh sweety, there’s so much you just don’t know.”

Freya spoke out. “Damien, don’t think we are not aware of what you’ve been doing to Zac’s show. Mother informed me of when you pretended to be a monster to scare the crew at the beginning of the show, and how you’ve been stealing Zac’s hair product, and turned Rhonda against him… And let’s not forget how you forged letters to the crew from me, allowing them to spend the remainder of the season here.” She paced slowly. “This would be seen as treason in the eyes of Floria.”

Damien gulped. “I had to! They ruined my sister! They turned everyone against her! Against me! The show can’t be allowed to go on! It destroys people!” Damien shouted.

Mother wrinkled her face, “Not to mention the amount of times Zac has gotten in the way of me crew.” She groaned.

Freya offered Damien a hand, to help him to his feet. “Damien, please don’t misunderstand us. We don’t wish to hurt you. We want you to work with us. I’ve seen what the show can do to someone. I can not allow it to continue. My daughter can not be mocked any further.” She invited the pair into her quarters and closed the doors to the balcony. “I think it’s about time Total Drama came to an indefinite end.”

Chapter Twelve: Island of the Lost

The screen appears to be blurry. Zac is shown lying on his bed, in his quarters when suddenly a familiar purple-clothed woman jumps down onto the host from the wooden ceiling of the ship. “Rhonda?!” Zac shouted. “I thought you were in America?!” She tilted her head, speechless. She pulled out two scissors, wielding them as she pinned the host down and attacked his hair. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Zac screamed for help, but his voice was replaced with a bad laugh track.

The screen flashes to show Zac jumping out of his bed, and pulling out the mirror from beneath his pillow to check his hair. His face turned from panic to relief as he realized his hair was perfectly fine. “It was just another nightmare.” He collapsed backwards onto his bed, as a bald eagle flew through the porthole and dropped off an envelope. The host tore open the envelope and his peaceful blue eyes turned to ice. “This is not happening!” Zac pinched himself. “This has to be another nightmare!” He slapped himself, but to no avail.

“Zac?” Mana knocked on the door, before entering. “Are you ok?”

“NO!” He hissed. “Total Drama Genesis is moving up in the ratings!”

“Isn’t that a good thing? They’re part of the company afterall…” Mana said carefully- but clearly not careful enough as Zac threw his mirror at the intern, shattering it as it fell to the ground. Mana’s eyes went wide as he slipped out of the cabin.

The scene switched to show the familiar turquoise painted pirate ship. Youri is seen sitting alone in his cabin. He pulled on his pastel tank top and peeked through the hole to the ocean. “Sam was right about one thing, honey definitely works better than sriracha sauce. So all I have to do is keep poisoning everyone else's watering hole and soon I’ll be the only one left.” The small-framed boy watched as a shark came out of the water and ate a floating water lily.

Malia is seen sprawled out on a towel on the deck of the ship wearing a bikini that Angel had given her, enjoying the sun. “Thank you, for your beams of inspiration.” She whispered up at the Sun. She attempted to apply her lotion to her back, but struggled to reach parts of her back.

“Need help?” Andre chuckled, as he walked over to Malia, who had blotches of lotion across her face and body. She quickly grabbed the towel that was beneath her, sending her rolling across the floor in an attempt to cover herself up.

“Andre!” She gasped. “I thought you would be sleeping!”

“And miss the Sun?” He smiled. “Never!” Malia stared at him, “Ok, so Alfie kinda woke me up. No biggie.” Andre stepped closer to Malia, offering her a hand.”

Malia blushed, “Ok!” She almost said too eagerly. “But no funny business!” Although in her defence she didn’t really know what funny business meant, only that her parents strictly forbid it. The musician applied the lotion to his hand as he massaged it into her back. “You have to be careful, you know, the sun is really hot, you might just get burned.” He wiped the excess lotion off onto his arms, “Make sure you protect yourself, ok?” Malia nodded, although his advice was lost on her as she stared into his eyes.

“Come on Andre! You said you’d play fetch with me!” Alfie groaned.

“Yeah, yeah.” Andre smiled, as he grabbed the tennis ball and threw it out into the ocean. Alfie immediately jumped off of the edge and into the water to fetch it. “Alfie’s something else,” he chuckled.

The scene switched to show Trixie hiding in the rowboat that hung off of the side of the ship. She flipped through the pages of her journal, staring at the men of her past. Tears fell down her face. She stared at Alfie’s page, she moved her hand over his name. “Why Alfie… Why did I let you go.”

Nearby Alfie stared at Trixie with hope in his eyes. He grabbed a handful of nearby kelp and fashioned himself a hat- It was his turn to come up with a plan to solve his relationship trouble.

The Pillaging Pirates were having a meeting. Zaina held a makeshift gavel in one hand, and a cookie in the other. “We are gathered here today to discuss last night, and how Sarah, was not eliminated.” She stared at her friend, “No offense!”

Yasmin put her hands up into the air. “It’s him!” She groaned. “It didn’t make sense. Everything with Wing. He’s rotten. He’s going to betray us over and over again. When will you see that!” Yasmin hissed. Her teammates were shocked by Yasmin’s sudden change in attitude.

“I had nothing to do with this. It was a rookie move, something clearly an amateur would do.” Elyar adjusted his button down shirt, “I do not make such mistakes.”

Sarah pulled off her dangling earrings, and began to wipe her makeup off of her face. “I thought that we were all in this together. Until the bitter end. I didn’t realize, that meant until I wasn’t good enough for you.”

Elyar grabbed onto Sarah’s hand. “I didn’t vote for you. You’ll always be my friend.” He wrapped his arms around her. “We’ve been through too much.” The singer nodded, accepting his embrace.

“I still care about you Sarah!” Zaina declared. “It’s just what’s best for the team!”

“How can you even know what’s best for the team?” Sarah muttered. “Your mind has been everywhere- but not on the game.”

Yasmin chuckled, “And yet, she still manages to be useful. Face it Sarah, you’re just not as trained as the rest of us. You have very little talent. Zaina dominated competitions in her season, Elyar has agent training, and I grew up exploring the world. What have you done? Go to a PG-13 band camp, and date our host?” Yasmin pulled a book out from the bookcase beside her. She flipped through the pages showing her as a child, climbing Mt. Everest, exploring the pyramids, scuba diving alongside sharks. “You’re just not as talented, and right now you’re making it more difficult than it needs to be for me to find my parents, and figure out exactly why they abandoned me.” The academic slammed her book shut. “It’s not personal. It’s a game. Get over yourself and let the real competitors, who actually have a reason to be here, compete.”

The singer sniffled, as she pulled off her golden bands. She stared at Yasmin, her eyes growing teary, “I’m sorry that your parents abandoned you. But that doesn’t give you permission to abandon me- your friend.” Sarah removed her necklace and it dropped it to the ground. “We’ll just see who is really slowing who down at the next challenge.”

Sarah and Yasmin both turned and walk away from the team meeting. Zaina dropped her gavel and raced after Yasmin. Elyar turned on her heels and walked after Sarah.

(CONF): Elyar sighed. “I’ve had to bring spoiled prince’s from one nation to another in the past, but nothing would have prepared me for this team. It’s like a seesaw, one day it’s kumbaya, and the next it’s world war seven.” He groaned. “But Sarah is my friend, I think. And I will protect her- for real this time.”

(CONF): Zaina weaved flowers together. “I never wanted to be team captain. It’s a lot of pressure. Sarah’s my friend, and so is Yasmin.” Zaina screamed. “This is just so much work! I don’t know if I’m the right girl for the job.”

(CONF): Sarah is seen wearing black sunglasses, her usual dress, replaced with a fitted black dress. “It’s Smith. Misses Smith.” She stated boldly, before breaking out into a giggle fit. “How does Elyar do this for a living?”

(CONF): Yasmin stared at a map as she tried to piece together the puzzle that was her parents. “Do I feel bad? Of course not. This is a competition. It is always the wisest decision to cut your weakest member. While Sarah and I did have some friendly relations, at the end of the day she isn’t going to bring me any closer to my parents.”

On the Zactastic Hotties ship, the sailors were gathered in Viola’s and Fleur’s room. They were spread out on the large bed. “I am thinking it is the time for the truthing or daring!” Fleur giggled as she gave both Hannah and Viola a tight hug.

“What are we in high school?” Grayson chuckled. “I thought we all just graduated.” Fleur blushed.

Viola smirked, coming up with a plan. “I think it’s a great idea. What better way to explore the despair and emptiness inside each of us?” Sam gave her an odd look, “I don’t think you understand how the game works.”

Hannah put down her hand mirror, finally accepting that her new look wasn’t just going to vanish into thin air. “I think it’d be fun!” She rested her head on Fleur’s shoulder. “Last one last game before we all go to university.” She looked at her teammates, “Besides, I’m the highest level T Or D’er in my entire school!”

“Prove it.” Grayson stated. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Hannah said proudly.

Grayson smirked. “Do you still have feelings for Britt?”

Hannah’s face paled. “I think you were right, let’s play a different game!”

“HANNAH!” Her teammates shouted.

Sam gave Grayson a fist bump, “Nice question, but I mean, he was basically the cutest guy that season, can’t blame Hannah for that one.” Grayson’s cheeks flushed slightly when Sam made contact with him.

The gamer looked at Fleur, “Truth or dare!”

“Le truth!” Fleur grinned.

“Have you ever liked someone on our team?” The french girl blushed and nodded. “Colin?” Hannah pressed, but Viola stopped her.

“She already answered your question!” Viola shouted.

“Viola, truth or dare?” Fleur asked innocently.

“Truth.” She shrugged.

“Are we friends?” Fleur looked into Viola’s eyes.

Viola paused as she looked at the petite french girl. “You make me believe in having hope for the world.” She admitted, “You are, and I hope always will be, my friend.” She, for the first time gave Fleur a hug. “My turn.” She turned to Sam, “Truth, or dare.”

“Come on man, show them how to play the game!” Grayson teased, encouraging him to pick dare.

Sam shrugged, “Fine. Dare.”

Viola sent a knowing look at Grayson. “I dare you to kiss Grayson.” The other teens gasped.

“What?!” The two boys shouted.

“Come on Sam!” Hannah teased. “Just this once, I’ll let you interact with my nemesis.”

Fleur cheered, “Oui! Show us girls how it is done!”

Grayson stared at Sam, waiting for him to make his move. His heart beating faster. Everyone in the real world knew the truth now. About him and Kimmi, about him and Jamie, and about his feelings for men- but not all of the competitors knew, and he wasn’t sure he was ready for them to know. He still had at least a month before he faced the real world. Before he had to live up to his sins. He looked into Sam’s inviting brown eyes, but maybe he wouldn’t have to do it alone. He gulped, and gripped onto Viola’s hand.

Sam wasn’t sure what to do. His gaydar was constantly going off when Grayson was nearby, and he had started to fall for the prep, surprisingly. Maybe it was just because he was forbidden fruit. Or maybe because he was actually a decent guy. If he kissed him, what then? He went for it anyways. He leaned in, ready to see what the next step would be.

Fate, however had other plans as the ship came into contact with the shore, sending the teens to the floor.

Zac’s voice boomed through the halls of the three pirate ships. “We’ve landed at our next destination. Meet me on the shore. NOW!” Grayson and Sam quickly jumped to their feet and raced out of the room, Fleur and Viola followed quickly behind their friends.

(CONF): Hannah gasped. “Wow! That was SO intense. I was biting my nails. Sam was about to get heartbroken, when he realized that Grayson isn’t gay!”

The camera switched to show the three teams standing on the beach in front of Zac and Mana. Mana spoke up, “Luckily Floria has offered a few citizens to help film for the day, so Zac and I can continue to host.”

Zac sent Mana a glare, “Remember, you’re still an intern.”

“Remember, we like him better though.” Grayson teased.

“And Rhonda!” Hannah cheered. “I miss her.”

“Yeah, she was really nice!”

“Enough!” Zac shouted. “You’re stuck with me whether you like it or not.”

“I still like you,” Sarah smiled.

Zac stared at Sarah’s new, black-agent look. “Interesting.” He gulped. “Today, your challenge is simple, recruit a new filming crew.”

Andre looked around confused, “But we’re on an island?”

“Correct!” Mana cheered. “And on this island are lost children, well teenagers technically - we don’t support child labour.” He clarified. “With intel from Freya we know they are willing to work, and travel with crews that are able to defeat them in their games.”

Zac nodded. “Your challenge today is to defeat, and therefore recruit as many of the lost children as you can. The team that defeats the most, will win, while the team with the least will have to vote one of their own off.” The host ducked, as a nerf dart pierced the air above him. “At least you won’t be alone.”

“Are they in the being of friends?” Fleur asked, as she heard a chant come from within the misty forest behind them.

Zac shrugged, “That’s why you guys are going in there, and we’re staying here.”

Elyar and Sarah were the first to race off into the forest. They ducked and somersaulted behind a tree. “It looks like the coast is clear.” Elyar whispered. He looked at Sarah who was pulling out twigs from her hair. “Come on, we don’t have time for that. You need to show you’re not the weak link.”

Sarah nodded, and instantly walked into a tree. “Gah!” She pulled off her sunglasses, “How are you even supposed to see with these things on?”

“You don’t.” Elyar moved closer to his friend and covered her eyes. “You need to rely on your other senses.” He took in a deep breath. “Listen for the quietest of chirps, feel the breeze on your skin.”

Sarah nodded, taking another step into a tree. “I can’t do it!” She groaned as she dropped to the ground.

“Can not is not possible. It is simply will not. You choose not to be more than you are.” Elyar echoed.

The camera panned away to show Sam and Youri as they chased after a shadow. “This one’s all me!” Sam grinned.

“Yeah right.” Youri stated as they both dived at the teen, bringing him to the ground.

“I will join you, but only if you can beat me.” The boy chuckled. “But no one beats me.” He kicked the hacky sack to Youri who sent it to Sam with ease. “It’s called hacky-sack. Just don’t miss the sack.”

“There you go, playing with confidence.” Sam sent Youri a grin as he sent the sack to the outcast. “Confidence looks good on you.” The flirt smiled.

The lost child stared puzzled at the two. “Less chatting and more playing!” He groaned as kicked the ball high into the air towards Youri. “I can take advice when it suits me.” Youri stated. “You’re just upset that you’ve spent all of this time chasing after Grayson, and not me.” He rolled his eyes and sent the ball towards Sam, who kicked it back to the outcast.

“You two are worst than the girls here.”

Sam shook his head. “There you go again, Youri. You’re acting like a kid. This is why people don’t think you’re attractive.” The sack continued to pass between the three, until Youri came up with a plan.

“Hey Grayson!” Youri grinned and waved at the space behind Sam. When Sam turned to look, Youri sent the sack directly at his… er sack. Sam fell to the ground defeated. “Maybe you should worry more about your own manhood before you try to give me any more advice.” Youri rolled his eyes and returned his focus on the lost child.

The teen raised his hands in defeat. “I surrender! I’ll join you!”

(CONF): Youri smirked. “The last time I spoke to Sam, he gave me the plan to take down my entire team. I felt it only fair to return the favor and give him some advice of my own.”

Elsewhere, Alfie, Grayson and Yasmin stood at the base of a tree. “Come on! Afraid you’re too old to climb a tree?!” A voice tease from the top. “It’s not THAT dangerous!” The voice called again, as they dropped a beehive at the teens, forcing them to run or start climbing to escape the bees.

Aflie, still wearing his seaweed hat was the first to start climbing and was shortly followed by the others. “These kids seem like fun!” He grinned.

Yasmin looked at Aflie as she easily climbed past him, “Remind me again, how has your team not voted you off?”

“Hey come on! He seems like a good guy. There’s no reason to be rude.” Grayson tried to defend Alfie, but Yasmin was already near the top of the tree.

“Yet clearly, you’re both outmatched here. Move along.” Yasmin shouted down at the pair. “Besides who would trust you considering everything that you’ve done, and lied about. Your opinion is meaningless.”

Alfie blinked. “I thought she didn’t speak?”

“I wish.” Grayson sighed. “But she’s right there’s no way we can catch up to her. She clearly knows her way around a tree.” They both jumped from the tree, and were quickly met by a swarm of bees. “We’re idiots.” Grayson facepalmed as he raced for the nearby lake.

“But at least we’re both idiots!” Alfie laughed as he dived into the water.

“I guess?” Grayson chuckled as he jumped into the water.

“You found me!” A girl's voice giggled. “Aren’t you going to take your shirts off?” She teased as she swam closer to the pair. “You’ll swim faster that way! And if you think I’m going to go anywhere with you, you’ll need to catch me!”

Grayson pulled his shirt off, and in the moment that his vision was hidden, Alfie had already caught the girl. “I forgot. You’re literally a swimmer.”

Alfie shrugged. “Sorry brosky! You seem distracted, maybe you should clear your head.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

The camera returned to the beach where Andre was walking alongside Malia. “I’m sorry that your friendship with Trixie didn’t end the way you wanted.” Andre offered his friend a smile.

Malia nodded as she looked out to the sky. “It is best to know who you can trust before they have a chance to prove you can not trust them.”

“Well put.” A volleyball flew into the air past the pair, and Andre instinctively knocked it back towards where it came from, as a pair of teenagers eagerly appeared.

“You’ve accepted our challenge!”

“Now be prepared to see how much stronger our love is!”

“We’re not dating!” They both shouted.

“The game’s volleyball, first to three points!”

They served the ball towards Andre and Malia who both dived for the ball - and missed, banging their heads together. “Clearly you’re not dating. You don’t even trust the other would get the ball.”

Andre and Malia shared a look, “We got this.” Andre nodded. “Trust me.”

“Always.” She agreed.

The pair were able to return the ball this time. “We did it!” Malia cheered as the ball landed beside her. “Not exactly Malia. We need to keep hitting the ball towards them until it hits the ground.” Andre explained.

“Oh.” She blushed. “I’m so sorry!”

“And we think that we’re sheltered.” The teens laughed as they served again, but this time Malia was able to spike the ball between the pair.

“It’s not like I chose to not know how to play volleyball. The game revealed too much skin! I was not allowed to participate.” Malia explained.

The teens shrugged, as the served the ball once more, “Do you expect pity. From us? The children who are lost, and live on an island, separated from everything that we love?”

It was Andre’s turn to spike the ball, “Not at all. But we do expect you to lose graciously.” He turned to Malia and gave her a high-five.

“Oh it’s SO on!” The teens shouted, as the served, and began a long-lasting set. The ball seemed to bounce from one end of the court to the next, neither side really willing to give up.

“Lift me up,” Malia decided as she jumped towards Andre, as the ball came to their side of the court. Malia compiled, his hands pressed against her body. His eyes went wide as he realized what he was holding her by. Malia blushed, but managed to spike the ball down, with the added height.

Andre instantly dropped her to the ground. “I am SO sorry!” He muttered, before he ran off.

(CONF): “Dania! I am so so so sorry! I didn’t mean to! We had to win, and that was how. Oh my god. I’m the worst boyfriend ever.” He moped as he stared at Dania’s signature on his guitar.

Sam is seen with a cold rock pressed against crotch. “Rough day?” Grayson teased as he walked over, and pressed kelp against his many bee stings.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Sam blushed as he tried to hide the rock.

“Same, to be honest.” Grayson shrugged as he joined Sam sitting on the edge of the water. He looked into Sam’s eyes. “So I think you owe me a kiss, no?”

Sam’s eyes lit up and he pounced on Grayson, sending the pair into the water as they made out.

Elsewhere, Trixie and Zaina approached a teen sitting on a rock. “Is she ok?” Trixie whispered.

Zaina shrugged. “Maybe? I don’t have super powers now that I’m a princess.” She and Trixie shared a giggle.

“FRIENDS!” The girl cheered as they approached. “Will you play with Ribbit and me?”

“Ribbit?” The two girls repeated.

“Sure!” Trixie gulped. “What could go wrong?”

Zaina stared at the mist as a large shadow appeared. “A lot. A lot could go wrong!” She shouted as a large pink tongue wrapped itself around the three girls.

“RIBBIT!” The lost child giggled as the giant frog dropped the girls off on its back. “My game is simple! It’s like in the olden days! Whichever of you can last the longest on Ribbit, will win me!”

“Like a rodeo?” Trixie perked up.

“Aren’t you afraid of horses though?” Zaina asked.

“Does this look like a horse?”

Zaina shrugged. “Fair enough. Let’s start! I’m kinda excited!”

“Me too!” The teenage girl cheered. “Ribbit loves to make new friends!” She patted Ribbit’s back a few times and he jumped high into the air, above the trees and mist.

“AHHH!” Trixie and Zaina shouted as she wrapped their arms around each other.

“Come on sillies! If you do that, if one of you falls you both will!” The young girl separated the pair, as Ribbit jumped once more into the air.

“I think I’m going to hurl!” Zaina shouted.

“Do you think you’ll hurl flowers?” Trixie teased, but Zaina didn’t find it amusing as she puked over the side of Ribbit.

“EWWWWWW!” The girl shouted as she pushed Zaina over the edge. “You’re going to make Ribbit sick!”

Trixie looked down at the ground, worried for Zaina, but saw a splash from the water below. “At east she’s safe!” She turned to the lost child. “Can we… you know land now?”

She pouted, “Come on! Let’s keep going! It’s so much fuuuuuun!” She cheered as Ribbit ribbited. “No one ever last this long!”

The screen switched to show Hannah as she easily defeated one of the outcasts at a game of pong. “Really? I am the reigning champion at this in the real world.”

“Hannah?” The child gasped. “Is it really you?” The boy questioned. “I have heard many stories about you across the spiders web!” He dragged the gamer to where a giant spider had made a huge web, and articles and newsletters were caught in it. He pointed up to wear her photo was and the many articles around it. “You’re our hero! The true gamer!”

Hannah blinked, stunned. “Thank… thank you?”

The boy eagerly grinned. “Can I hug you?” Hannah nodded slowly. “We are ALL so proud of you for sticking up to Britt, and taking him down. He was the evilest boss in all of Frozen!”

(CONF): Hannah stared at the camera. “People… worship me? For… For breaking someone's heart, and then costing them the win to the biggest competition of their life?” She bit her lip. “What have I done.”

Fleur and Viola are seen hiding in the mist. “Do you think they’ll find us here?” Fleur asked.

Viola shook her head. “I was great at hide and seek when I was younger. I would hide for days and my parents wouldn’t find me. Though, maybe they stopped looking, and technically they didn’t know we were playing.”

Fleur frowned. “Vi! You always seem to be in the sadness in your past!”

“I didn’t have anything to look forward to until recently.” Viola stated flatly.

“What is it that you are in the looking forward to now?” The french girl asked, as she looked up into Viola’s eyes.

“I look forward to-”

“FOUND YOU! With minutes to spare!” A voice laughed. “Sorry looks like I won’t be joining you today! That other girl wins.” The lost child shrugged.

“Sorry girls. But I am on a mission now, and I won’t let anything get in my way.” Yasmin stated as she jumped down from the tree above them.

“We should get back to the shore. The challenge is almost up.” Viola sighed. “I’m sorry we couldn’t stay hidden.”

Fleur shrugged. “I got to spend time with my friend of the bestest! I was missing you!”

The scene showed the final sailors as they competed against two of the lost children in a game they called ‘battle of the bands’. Sarah was singing into a snake, as was one of the lost children, while Elyar played the drums on giant eggs, while another lost child strummed the spiders web. “Whoevers giant chinchilla wakes first loses.” The lost children explained.

“You’ve made a man out of me!” Sarah sang as she jumped from tree to tree, showcasing her new-found skills. “Tranquil as the forest!” Sarah grabbed onto a giant leaf, and floated down to the ground. “But on fire, within!” She sang, setting the lead on fire once she reached the ground. “Once I found center, I was sure to win!” She sang out as the other chinchilla began to wake.

Elyar joined in on Sarah’s song, “I’m never gonna catch my breath!” He played a smooth beath on the ‘drums’, “Say goodbye to those who knew you!” He stopped drumming as he jumped to Sarah’s side.

The pair sang out the last lines together, “BE A MAN!” They cheered, as the other chinchilla slowly opened its eyes. “WE MUST BE SWIFT AS THE COURSING RIVER!” They dived out of the way as the chinchilla charged at the lost children. “BE A MAN!” They sang the final line and hugged each other.

“Yasmin and Zaina don’t know what they’ve awoken.” Elyar grinned as he wrapped his arms around Sarah.

“I don’t even know what they, and you awoke!” Sarah gasped. “I never thought I could do such things!”

Elyar nodded. “The agency would be honoured to have someone like you. You’ve a fire within that none will see coming.”

Sarah blushed. “Really?” She pulled the sunglasses onto her face. “Because I still can’t walk with these on.” She announced as she walked into yet another tree.

“We’ll work on that.” Elyar laughed, as they arrived back at the shore.

Zac sat on the throne that Mana had created for him. “Well, it’s about time you got here!” The other teens got up from where they were sitting. “The challenge has officially come to an end, let’s look at the results.” The host snapped his fingers, expecting his new production crew to instantly walk out, but they didn’t.

Mana whispered to the lost children, “That’s your queue.” They nodded and raced out onto the beach from the ship. They wore shirts that matched the colour of the team that defeated them. Five of the children wore turquoise shirts, four were dressed in magenta, and only two wore gold.

“Clearly, the Sharks win, but is that really a surprise at this point?” Zac sighed.

“But I recruited so many more than that!” Hannah shouted, and pointed at the remaining lost children who waited on the ship. “While accurate, you didn’t defeat them, they only offered to come along because they worship you.” Mana stated.

“Worship her?” Youri burst out laughing. “Did we just recruit a bunch of sociopaths?”

“That is yet to be determined.” Yasmin stated, “They appear rational enough.”

A giant frog jumped towards the contestants and licked Trixie. “Oh hey… Ribbit.” She slowly said. “Nice to see you again, are you coming too?”

Zac nodded eagerly. “Well duh! I bet Rhonda doesn’t have a giant frog on her show!”

(CONF): Alfie is seen staring at two gingerbread people, one that looked like him and one that looked like Trixie. He groaned. “Looks like she doesn’t need me at all.” He crushed the cookies within his hands and pulled off his hat. “You weren’t any good to me!”

Zac continued, “Anyways, in the event that the Zactastic Hotties, which will now be known as the Rhontastic Hotties, since you’re all failures, scored the least amount of points today, they will need to vote one of their own off.”

The Pirates are shown as they board their ship. “Clearly we might need to reevaluate who is the weakest link on the team.” Yasmin stated as she eyed Zaina, the only one to not recruit a lost child.

Zaina gasped. “What?”

“You’re the only one on the team who didn’t score a point.” Elyar clarified.

“I just wanted to help.” Zaina sighed.

“Be yourself Zaina. Go back to before Lexi, before Floria, before Tameron. Be yourself. We miss your giggling self.”

Sarah snuck past Elyar, and Zaina and waited in Yasmin’s room for her. “What are you doing here?” Yasmin stated as she stared at Sarah who was sitting on her bed.

“I’m here to give you a choice. Either apologize to me. Or else.”

“I’ll take the or else.” Yasmin shrugged. “Wear what you want, because at the end of the day, you will always be the ugly duckling. Zac might have made you into a swan, and Elyar might have made you into flamingo, but I see right through that Sarah. I see you for what you really are.” She took a step closer to Sarah and made realistic quacking sounds. “Another talent about me you didn’t know.”

Sarah stared at Yasmin and walked towards the door. “We’ll see who sees through who.”

(CONF): Sarah is seen crying. “I’m not an ugly duckling anymore. I’m not!” She sniffled. “I’m not.” She whispered.

On the Killer Sharks ship, Alfie sulked on Andre’s bed. “Why can’t Trixie and me be like you and Dania?”

Andre sighed as he crawled onto the bed beside Alfie and wrapped an arm around the teen, trying to comfort him. “Because you’re Alfie and she’s Trixie.” He rubbed his back. “You’re not me and Dania, you can’t expect to have the same story as us.”

“But I feel so cold and alone when she’s not here.” Alfie groaned.

Andre nodded. “Just give her time, budd. If she cares for you, she’ll be back.”

“What if she never comes back… she had that frog now.”

Andre held back his laughter. “She’s not going to date the frog.”

“Are you sure?” Alfie sniffled.


Malia is seen in her room reading through Angel’s letter. “I miss you.” Malia whispered as she moved the letter to her heart. “It’s not the same now that you’re gone.”

“It’s hard to lose someone you care about, isn’t it.” Youri declared as he walked into the room.

Malia nodded. “How would you know, you don’t care for anyone but yourself.”

Youri shrugged, “That’s not true. I tried to convince Andre not to vote off Angel, but he said it was the only way! He didn’t want her to get in the way.”

“The way of what!” Malia eagerly shouted.

“His feelings, obviously.” Youri whispered as he turned to leave the room.

“His feelings…” Malia whispered to herself as she fell backwards onto her bed. “He likes me.” She grinned.

Outside, Trixie played with Ribbit. “Sit Ribbit!” The giant frog refused to listen and pulled the girl onto his back. “Great.” She muttered. “I’m turning to Britt, talking to animals because everyone else hates me.” She groaned. “But hey! Don’t worry at least I make it to the finals, and then lose because of a vengeful ex.” She thought of Alfie, and of their kiss beneath the waterfall.

The scene switched to show the final ship, the Rhontastic Hotties. They were seen spread out on Fleur’s bed once more. Fleur spoke up first. “I… I don’t think I can do the voting of you.”

Viola nodded. “I would have to agree. It would be depressing to have to vote for one of you.” She gasped at her own words, as did her teammates. “I know. Shocker.”

Sam looked at Grayson who sent him a shy smile, “I really don’t want to either. You’re all so… great. Like really, really great.” He bit his lip as he stared at Grayson.

Grayson nodded. “I don’t even want to vote you off,” he turned to Hannah, “If you weren’t around where would I get my daily dose of crazy?” He sighed. “Too bad, if we all chose not to vote we know you would still vote me off.” The other Hotties agreed.

“I wouldn’t.” Hannah declared, shocking her teammates. “You’ve shown yourself to be have an honest character trait… You all have more boons than you do debuffs.” She sighed. “I’m… uh.” Hannah gulped, “I don’t know how to say this.” She looked at Grayson. “I’m sorry.”

Fleur and Sam exchanged looks and then at the camera. “Did you get that?” Sam asked.

Fleur felt Hannah’s forehead. “She is in the feeling of health!”

“Thank you Hannah.” Grayson said dazed. “In all honesty then,” Grayson said as he looked at Sam excitedly, but Sam cut him off, by once again pouncing on the teen and having another makeout session.

“He’s gay?” Hannah gasped.

“Clearly.” Viola smiled, happy to see her friend get his happy ever after. Grayson eyed Viola and nudged her towards Fleur. “We should get going to the elimination.”

The scene flashes forward, to where the teens are all standing in front of Zac. Hannah steps forward. “Zac, we uh.” She gulped. “We refuse to vote one of our own off.”

Zac blinked. “That’s fine. That’s why we have cameras. We saw that little… reveal of yours and made preparations for it.” He pointed to where the Killer Sharks ship floated. “They voted one of you off for you.” He rolled his eyes. “But I’m glad you all got your happy ever after before, because now let me ruin the ending.” The host snapped his fingers, as Mana shot four cannons from the other ship, revealing Hannah’s, Grayson’s and Viola’s face. Sam and Fleur shared a look as they watched Sam’s face appear.

“Don’t try to pull a fast one on me again.” Zac growled as she shoved Fleur overboard. “Because it won’t work. Zac- no, Rhontastic Hotties, face it, you lost.”

Grayson, Hannah, Sam and Viola stood in silence as they Fleur’s scream of shock echoed through their ears.

Zac turned to the camera, “Well I hope that was exciting enough for you all! Tune in next week when we watch the teams battle it out once more. If you liked Sarah’s singing the past two episodes, you’ll love next episode where the teams are forced into a sing-off against real-life sirens. Who will prove they have the pipes to avoid the rocky shore? And which team, be it the Killer Sharks, Pillaging Pirates or Rhontastic Hotties will face the dreaded elimination! Find out next time, on the most dramatic episode yet of Total. DRAMA. TIDES!”

“We’ll have to do that again.” Mana groaned. “They forgot to turn the camera on.”

Zac stared at the lost children and sprayed them with a water gun. “STEP. IT. UP!”

(CONF): Viola is seen staring at the camera. “Everyone else got their happy ever after… but mine just got sent into shark-infested waters.” She wiped a tear away from her eye.

Chapter Thirteen: A Siren's Song

Zac is shown on a small motor boat, while Mana drives. “Welcome back to Total Drama Tides!” He cheered out, as a fish jumped into his mouth. He quickly removed it and growled at the lost children, “Make sure to catch the fish before they go in my mouth!” He sighed and returned his gaze to the camera, “Last time, our sailors battled it out against the Lost Children, and convinced them to join my crew as the production team, that left the team formally known as the Zactastic Hotties, now known as the Rhontastic Hotties in last place. Though through the power of friendship, or whatever.” He rolled his eyes. “They were unable to vote one of their own off, so I had the Killer Sharks do it for them.” He shrugged and pulled out a megaphone.

“HELLO TEAMS!” He shouted. “If you haven’t noticed, you’re now making your way into our next challenge. The Screaming Sirens!” He declared, and the camera panned to reveal the waves crashing against a circle of jagged rock. Lying on the stone appeared to be beautiful women. “These are the screaming sirens. Failing to calm them through song will lead to them crashing your ship against the rocks. If your ship gets wrecked, your team loses and will need to eliminate another sailor!” Zac grinned. “Good luck! I hope your voices are lubed up!”

Mana took this chance to finish explaining, “Once we’re out of their sights, you can stop singing! Until then, good luck!”

Lion King Medley Anthem Lights Mashup

Lion King Medley Anthem Lights Mashup



bagithi baba


Inyaho venyama

Elyar and Sarah started to sing from the top of the mast, swinging from the ropes as their voices echoes across the ocean’s tides.

Below them, Zaina was trying to talk to Yasmin, who politely declined. “I have more important things to deal with, than you and your mix & match personality. Decide if you want to be happy and a good leader, or if you want to be mopey and depressed about your life.”

Zaina stared in disbelief. “Whatever happened to my galpal?” She walked over and tried to give Yasmin a hug, but the former adventure easily jumped out of the way.

“Clearly being stuck in my books wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I adapted. Why haven’t you?” Yasmin counted on her fingers, “What it’s been atleast a month since you saw Lexi at After the Drama, and you still have that massive tribute to her on the front of the ship.” Yasmin walked over to Zaina, “You used to have fans, you used to light up the room.”

“I’m still that person! I just… I just had to work some things out.” The captain protested.

Yasmin clapped her hands. “All I’m hearing are excuses. And excuses get you lost, or killed in the real world. Show me, no, show everyone you’re back.”

I’m gonna be a mighty king

so enemies beware!

Well I’ve

never seen a king of beasts

with quite so little hair

Gonna be the mane event

like no king was before

Zaina continued to sing for her team as she walked out to the front of the ship. Her teammates watched in awe. As she sang out her glory song she continued to march to the figurehead of Lexi she had created at the front of the ship.

Sarah gasped as she turned to Elyar. “She’s finally going to do it.”

Elyar put his arm around Sarah. “She’s come so far.” “She’s proving she can move on.” Yasmin stated. “What can you prove Sarah? Because it’s clear you still rely on your crutch. No strong woman in history ever relied on a man as much as you rely on Elyar.” She scoffed and quickly walked away to read over her notes once more.

Zaina while singing, managed to climb over the rail of the ship and was clinging to the floral representation of her long-lost friend, Lexi. She slowly untangled the flowers and let them drift into the ocean breeze.

Elyar and Sarah stood along the rails as they watched the flowers drift into the open ocean. Sarah whispered. “It almost feels like the finale.” She rested her head on Elyar’s shoulder. “Zaina is learning to let go of her past and how to balance her life. I learnt to be strong. You were able to let the truth out and begin a team player, and Yasmin… Well she’s not just reading anymore.” She giggled slightly.

“It is often the most silent who can end up being the most deadly.” Elyar stated. “We failed to see Yasmin and her past, and we were made fools when she was able to showcase her wide arrange of skills.” The agent reached out to grab a rose and placed in firmly in Sarah’s hair. “But fear not, for we are friends once more, and we will prevail, for while this might feel like the end, it is clearly just the beginning.”

Back on the figure head Zaina held onto the final flower. She remembered all of the good times she had with Lexi, and all of the dark times that followed. She remembered finding her way with her team, and discovering the truth about herself. Somewhere while recounting her memories she let go of the final flower, as a handful of tears fell down her face. “Gone, but not forgotten.” She whispered into the breeze.

Brushing up on looking down

I’m working on my roar

Thus far, a rather

uninspiring thing

Yasmin continue to sing for her team as she paced within her cabin. She stared at a map of the Forgotten Seas. While large portions of the map were not drawn out, key landmarks, like Atlantis, and Floria were displayed in detail. She pinned another sticky note to the board over Floria. ‘Freya knows where they are. Last known location Floria.’

She finished pacing in front of the map, giving up trying to deduce any more information. She pulled out a journal from her bookshelf and flipped through the pages. She stopped on a page where she had sketched Sarah’s face. The page detailed Sarah’s time on the show, and her past, her strengths and weaknesses. She flipped through the pages, revealing similar pages for all of the sailors.

She stopped on a final page. ‘Plan to win Tides, and win the truth.’ In big letters she had written ‘RHONDA KNOWS’. Her plan was detailed beneath, while most was blurred out, ‘Begin to create drama, and be an antagonist.- they go far, use your wits to protect yourself’ was clearly written. They don’t care for you, just look at what they did to Damien.’ She nodded as she exhaled. “So be it.”

Oh I just can’t wait to be king

Both Yasmin and Zaina sang out the verse with smiles on their faces.

‘Cause it means no worries

for the rest of your days


it’s a problem free


Elyar continued to sing for the Pirates as he helped pull Zaina up to the ship and wiped her tears away. Sarah instantly raced into Zaina’s arms giving her a giant hug.

“I am so, so proud of you!” Sarah cheered.

Zaina smiled and let out a giggle. “It was a long time coming!” She pulled Elyar in for the group hug. “All I needed was a little push from a certain someone,” she stared off at Yasmin. “Whatever happened to her?”

Sarah shrugged, “She’s been like this ever since Damien left. Maybe she’s not taking it very well? It’s like this one time when I was at band camp, and Meghann broke up with Cole, and Cole spent the rest of the Summer blowing into his trombone whenever someone walked past him.”

Zaina giggled. “Oh my god!” The captain looked over the edge of the ship. “I really need to go to band camp sometime! You make it sound so magical!”

Elyar shook his head at the girls as they bonded. “Oh come on Elyar, you know you’re just jealous you never got to go to band camp!” Sarah teased as she, and Zaina ran up to Elyar and grabbed onto either of his arms and began to dance.

Hakuna matata

hakuna matata

hakuna matata


Sarah and Zaina took over singing as the twisted and pulled Elyar to the rhythm of the song. “Thank you both, for forgiving me for my wrong doings. You’ve helped me see the error in my ways.” Elyar sighed as he pulled out the message in a bottle that Wing has sent her team. “I think it’s time I show you this.”

“Oh my god.” Zaina gasped. “That’s so… sad. Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I’m in a fairy tale.” She exhaled. “We will make it up to her! We will stick together, all of us.” She looked around for Yasmin who was out of sight. “Because we’re a team, and that’s how we should stay! Best friends! FOREVER!” Zaina cheered and pulled both Elyar and Sarah in for a tight hug.

Elyar smiled. “I’m glad you feel that way, I’ll go and speak to Yasmin, perhaps she will listen to me.”

“Yes!” Zaina jumped in place. “That sounds like a wonderful plan! Agent Z is on your side!” She giggled and pulled Elyar’s shades from his face and onto her own. “Operation friendship is a go!” She whispered into Elyar’s ear, “I’m glad I forgave you.”


you feel

the love tonight?

It is where

we ar~uh~are

Sarah and Zaina continued to sing and dance across the deck of the ship. From a distance, Yasmin watched.

“What do they hope to accomplish? This charade brings us no closer to finding my parents than we were yesterday, and they ALL promised to find them. After everything I did to discover the truth about Zaina, and Wing, and Elyar… And now they just abandon me?” Yasmin huffed. “It is to be expected, this is why all great adventurers travel alone. There is no one to disappoint them.”

Yasmin turned away from the giggling girls and thought of Damien. “He was always on my side.” She paused. “And he was actually good at the competition. He wouldn’t have dragged me down. So why, and how did they manage to send him home? It doesn’t add up.”

It’s enough

for this

wide~eyed wanderer

That we’ve got

this far

“It doesn’t add up, simply because it does not make sense, Yasmin.” The agent appeared beside Yasmin. “Sarah and I share a bond, but even I voted her off.” He put his hand on Yasmin’s shoulder, but she brushed him off.

“Then she changed the votes herself!” She accused.

“No. Not Sarah.” Elyar paused. “She wouldn’t know how to do that.”

“Who else would want to get rid of Damien?” Yasmin argued. “It doesn’t make sense. One of you two did this. One of you two put us on this dangerous path.” She pointed to the sirens. “We’ll end up in a wreckage, sooner or later, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t fix stupid.” The scholar flatly said as she returned her gaze to Sarah.

“Insults asides, someone got Damien eliminated, but it couldn’t have been one of us. So stop acting like a wrecking ball, and work with us.” Elyar scoffed, as he grabbed onto a rope and swung out of sight. “I have a mission to attend to.” He shouted.


Can you

feel the

love Tonight?

Zaina sang out softly as Sarah approached Yasmin.

“Friends?” Sarah whispered out softly.

Yasmin looked the girl over. “Well, if you want to be friends. Why don’t you use your new secret-agent skills and figure out who rigged the elimination to send Damien home instead of you.” The scholar stated.

“Are you still on this!?” Sarah gasped. “Honestly?” Yasmin nodded. “Why? Why is it so hard to believe that the team kept me instead of him. I’m friends with all of you!”

“But you provided nothing to the team.” Yasmin corrected. “At the end of the day, this is a competition. The sooner you understand that the fact the better.” She huffed. “Solve the mystery, and I’ll drop it.”


How it’s laid to rest?

Yasmin danced around Sarah while continuing to sing.

Sarah stared at Yasmin as she danced around her. “Fine! Because clearly you’ve drank the koolaid!” Sarah rolled her eyes. “If none of us did it, and it couldn't have been another contestant because they didn’t have access to our ship!”

Sarah paused for a moment, “That leaves the hosts,” she looked at her feet, “But! They were filming us that day, so they couldn’t have done it.”

“Oh my god.” Sarah gasped. “Freya.”


It’s enough

to make

kings and vagabonds

Sarah and Yasmin continued to sing while they both stared at Zaina.

“NO! Enough!” Zaina gasped. “It wasn’t my mother!” She shouted. “It doesn’t make any sense! Why would she do that!”

Zaina shook her head. “No. I don’t believe it. Figure something else out.”

Believe the

very best

Zaina began to sing while Sarah and Yasmin faced off.

Sarah spoke up first. “No, she’s right. It doesn’t make sense. Just because she had the chance to do it, doesn’t make her guilty. Like that’s like saying because I used to date Zac, that he gives me special privileges.”

“Maybe he does!” Yasmin shouted. “Because clearly someone thinks you’re worth keeping around!” Yasmin rolled her eyes. “Either Zac saved you, or Freya did.” She tackled Sarah to the ground. “Admit it!”

“AHH!” Sarah screeched. “What is wrong with you!” She pulled on Yasmin’s hair trying to get her off of her. “I did everything you asked!”

Yasmin screamed out in shock. “No! You didn’t. You failed to work with the team, you’re off making kissy faces to Zac.” Yasmin clawed at Sarah’s sunglasses. “But guess what! HE’S GAY!”

“Guys! We’re a team! We’re supposed to be best friends!” Zaina shouted, trying to pull Yasmin off of Sarah.

“No. We’re a team. We’re supposed to win.” Yasmin hissed. “We’re supposed to stick together, and figure out what happened to our parents!”

Sarah and Zaina both gasped. Sarah looked into Yasmin’s eyes. “Is that what this is all about?”

Zaina spoke next, “We never stopped looking, we just needed a lead.”

Yasmin shook her head. “Well we know it was your mother, so we have our lead.”

Elyar was suddenly back on the ship. “GUYS!?”

“WE’RE HAVING A MOMENT!” The girls all shouted.

“Ok. Well that’s nice and all, but please, allow me to save your lives.” He chuckled as she pulled the three girls onto his back and swung off of the ship to the water just as it crashed into the Siren’s rock. “You stopped singing.” He sighed.

It’s the circle of life

(circle of life)

And it

moves us all

Mana sang softly while the Pillaging Pirates were brought onto Zac’s personal ship.

“Welcome back.” Zac chuckled. “Sadly for you guys, you’ll need to eliminate yet another one of your members tonight.” The host shrugged. “Honestly, this was the easiest challenge yet, how did you guys manage to screw up?”

Elyar let out a sigh as he stared at the girls on his team. “We had a team bonding moment.”

“Well allow me to give you another bonding experience.” Zac teased. “You all cast your vote to eliminate one of your own today.”

Sarah spoke up, “This isn’t fair! We finally got to be a team, a real team!” The singer wrapped her arms around her teammates.

“Yes! This is so sad!” Zaina groaned. “We were finally working together, and finally back to being ourselves.”

Yasmin shrugged. “Being back to ourselves, and actually being efficient at the competition are two drastically different things.”

Mana shot the first cannon into the sky, as they all watched Elyar’s face appear.

(and it moves us all)

Through despair and hope

(through despair and hope)

Through faith and love

(through faith and love)

Mana continued to sing.

“Elyar!” Sarah cheered, “I’m really glad you’re safe. You deserve it.”

Yasmin nodded. “Statistically, you have the lowest chance of costing the team the challenge.”

Zaina eyed Yasmin, “I thought we were back to being friends?” She offered Yasmin a giant smiled, but the scholar looked at her oddly.

“No, see you must have misunderstood.”

Mana shot another cannon, as Zaina’s face lit up the sky.

'Till we find 'our


On the path


“Misunderstood?” Zaina questioned.

“Yes, clearly you failed to recognize the difference between me using your emotions to keep myself safe- one of your biggest weaknesses might I add, and me actually caring for you. Because you see Zaina, I care not for you, only to figure out what happened to my parents. And at the end of the day, you are still the weakest link.”

Elyar sent a stare at Yasmin, “For someone so smart, you seem to have made a miscalculation, there are still three of us, and only one of you.”

“Right? Zac?” Sarah gasped. “Mana please shoot my face up into the sky.”

“I do not make such errors.” Yasmin concluded.

In the Circle

The Circle of life

Mana shot two more cannons into the sky, as both Sarah’s and Yasmin’s faces appeared.

“I don’t understand!” Sarah shouted.

Zac shrugged. "Your votes were not counted today." 

Mana continued, "One of you was eliminated for another reason." 

"You figured it out. Who rigged the votes then?" Yasmin glared at both Elyar and Sarah. 

Zac shook his head, "Sadly not." 

Zaina stepped forward. “I offered to send myself home so that you three could reconnect.” She gave Sarah a huge hug. "I know that deep inside you, you can forgive her." 

"I don't know." Sarah said bluntly. "She's just... so brutal." 

Elyar joined in on the hug. "You have a big heart, but I am not sure if this was the right choice." He glance over at Yasmin who was staring at them intensely. 

"But we voted her off!" Sarah groaned. "It's just not fair!"

“Funny, because I’m pretty sure we voted you to go home last time, and look how that turned out. Obviously this is your fault.” Yasmin flatly said.

Zaina let go of Elyar and Sarah, and whispered, "Besides, if my mom had anything to do with the last vote, I need to know why." 

Elyar nodded, "Good luck."

"Stay crazy for me!" Zaina giggled as she dived off of the plank of shame. 

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala


Elyar and Sarah sang out to the night sky, in respect to their former captain Zaina. Sarah rested her head on Elyar’s shoulder as they both pulled on their shades and looked to their side where Yasmin gave them a smirk. “I think it’s time we sent you on your very first mission.” Elyar stated.
Little Mermaid Medley Anthem Lights Mashup

Little Mermaid Medley Anthem Lights Mashup

Look at this stuff

Isn't it neat?

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

The remaining Rhontastic Hotties were cleaning through Fleur’s old cabin while they sang together. Viola flipped through her French-English dictionary while Hannah combed through Fleur’s suitcase filled with a range of fabrics. Grayson and Sam were having a mini baguette-sword fight between themselves.

“I’ve been trying to get rid of her for so long.” Sam admitted after Grayson easily knocked his breadstick out of his grasp and pushed the teen onto Fleur’s bed, the prep gave Sam a smirk. “But…” Sam sighed.

Hannah picked up from where he left off, “You never thought that you’d feel like this when she was gone?” Hannah collapsed onto the bed, and curled up next to Sam. “It’s like one of my closest allies was just KO’ed.”

Viola wordlessly joined the team cuddle session. Grayson, who was still standing on the side of the bed frowned at his teammates. “I don’t remember joining a team of emotionally unstable hotties.” The prep teased, trying to cheer up his team.

“Come cuddle.” Sam whined. “Stop talking.” Grayson nodded. “It’s kind of cute. I like this side of you.” He dived into the cuddle bomb.

The seaweed is always greener

in somebody else's lake

“She wouldn’t want us to sink into the darkness.” Viola decided. “She wouldn’t let us, devolve into sadness.” Viola bit her lip before she let out a (poor) attempt at a giggle. Her teammates stared at her.

“Did you just?” Grayson gasped.

“Girl, just did!” Sam said, shocked.

“She’s right! We should honour her, like they do in any half-decent game when someone dies!” Hannah declared, giggling herself. “Let’s create a shrine to Fleur!”

Look at this trove

Treasures untold

How many wonders can one cavern hold?

Hannah left the cabin first, followed shortly by Grayson as they continued to sing the song.

Sam stared at Viola, who stared at him. “So… uh,” Sam offered a smile. “Been to any parties lately?” She gave Sam an odd look. “Ok, yeah that was a stupid question.” He paused, “Drank only blood lately?” He tried to make a joke, but no one laughed.

Viola began to walk away but Sam grabbed onto her hand. “Yes?” She asked.

“Thanks.” Sam smiled. “For being there for Grayson.” He tried to give Viola a hug, but she jumped out of the way. “I know you helped him come to terms with… well everything with Kimmi and me.”

“He is my acquaintance. Don’t confuse that with friendship.” She stated. “He talked, I listened.”

Sam shrugged, “If that’s how you want to look at it! Power to you! But just know, if you need to talk about Fleur, I’m here…. I know how you felt about her.”

Viola huffed and turned on her heels. “You don’t know anything about how I felt.”

You dream about going up there

But that is a big mistake

Viola stood in the crow's nest as she sang out to the ocean.

“What made you change your mind?” Grayson asked, as he and Hannah made a paper-mache reconstruction of Fleur’s hat.

Hannah looked into the camera(man) who waved eagerly at her. “Oh you know… Just this and that.” She dipped more paper into the paste. “My quest changed, besides I could always use more people in my party!” She cheered.

The prep gave Hannah an uneasy glance. “Are you sure? Because you were calling for my head just the other day, saying I was your nemesis.” He paused. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you don’t want to spear my head on your mantle, but where I come from, people don’t turn 180 like that unless they want something.” He sighed, “Trust me, I know first hand.”

“Kimmi?” Hannah pried.

Grayson looked up at Hannah momentarily before he was glomped by Sam. “I’m SO HAPPY you two are getting along finally! No more of this Grayson VS Hannah drama!” Sam laughed. “I was getting tired of having to split my time between both of you!”

The prep blushed as Sam clung to him. “I’ve gotta take a leak.”

“Mind if I join?” Sam teased.

“Down boy, down!” Grayson laughed, “I’ll be back. I promise.”

“Fiiiiiiiiiine.” Sam sighed and turned to Hannah who was grinning at the boy.

Gadgets and gizmos of plenty

I've got whose-its and whats-its galore

Grayson climbed up and joined Viola who was intently staring at the ocean while she sang. “You can take a break, Sam and Hannah are singing now.” He offered.

“I suppose.” Viola sighed. “It’s just so… empty.”

He nodded and put his arm around his friend. “Come on, I thought we went over this. She wouldn’t want you moping around.” Viola sent a look at Grayson, “Well any more than usual.”

“What are you doing up here anyways? Shouldn’t you be with your lover boy?” She paused, “Was that offensive?” She paused again, “Since when do I care,” she gasped.

Grayson gulped, “Yeah, about that. I don’t know if that’s going to work out.”

Viola slapped Grayson across his face. “Don’t. You. Dare. You have a chance to be happy, don’t duck it up.” She stared at Grayson while he rubbed his face. “What’s wrong with him? He’s cute, funny, when he’s not being too happy, doesn’t giggle, and he likes sushi.”

“He’s just…” Grayson sighed while he stared at the ocean. “He’s perfect.” He muttered. “I don’t want to mess it up. I’ve never actually dated anyone I care about.”

Viola rolled her eyes. “And yes, breaking up with him is clearly the answer.”

“Do you always have to be so blunt?”

“Only when you’re being an idiot,” they looked at each other, “So yeah, basically.” She grinned, and they shared a hug.

Just look at the world around you

Right here on the ocean floor

While Grayson and Viola sang to the breeze together, Hannah and Sam were reminiscing

Sam popped a chocolate into his mouth. “Do you remember the time I broke your doorknob so you wouldn’t get to see Colin when he got out of the shower.”

Hannah nodded and laughed. “Or the time I shrunk all of your shorts?”

“Not gonna lie, that kind of helped me.” Sam blushed. “What about the time I snuck a beehive into your shower?”

“THAT WAS YOU?” Hannah shrieked and tackled Sam, while he roared with laughter. The pair instantly began a chase throughout the ship.

You want thingamabob's I've got twenty But who cares? No big deal

Hannah and Sam collapsed on a pile of bananas. “That was refreshing.” Hannah exhaled. “Definitely leveled up my athleticism.”

Sam nodded, and inhaled. “Definitely think I needed that after Youri humiliated me.”

“Youri’s like the tiny villain who just wants to be noticed.” Hannah laughed. She grinded her fist into her hand. “Come the merge, he’ll be so easy to exterminate.”

Sam sent a worried look at his friend, “You’re not going to shoot a cannon at him are you?”

“NO!” Hannah said assured.

“Come on!” The cameraman whined.

“I’m not like that anymore.” Hannah stated.

“You’re not?” Sam gasped. “I’m not.” Hannah assured herself more than anyone.

“I owe Fleur a boyfriend.” Sam sighed.

I want more

What more is you looking for?

Hannah and Sam sung together.

“I never thanked you.” Grayson offered while he and Viola climbed down from the crow’s nest. “For telling me the truth about Jamie.”

Viola chuckled. “Ah yes, my biggest regret. I really managed to lose a lot of entertainment by telling you the truth.” She stared at him, “Kimmi sounds like a real good friend.”

Grayson shrugged. “It’s whatever. She has her reasons, I’m sure.”

“So did Hannah when it came to Britt, doesn’t mean she wasn’t bat-sh!t crazy.”

Grayson chuckled. “That’s fair enough. Hannah never lied about me being a murderer though.”

“That is a plus.” Viola noted. “She did try to murder someone though.”

He nodded, “I didn’t have to make out with Hannah.”

“To be fair, you didn’t have to make out with Kimmi either.”

“You know what I mean!” Grayson groaned.

Under the sea

Under the sea

Darling, its better down where its wetter

Take it from me

Hannah came face to face with the forgotten children. “Will you sign my body?” One of them asked.

“Will you marry me?”

“Will you be my mom?”

The captain stared in disbelief at the teenagers. “I’m not who you think I am!”

“You are the the brave girl who stood up to her oppressor!” A girl shouted. “You’re an icon!”

“I- You- I…” Hannah gasped in shock before she ran away.

“Is it something we said?”

Up on the shore they work all day

Out in the sun, they slave away

While we devoting for time to floating

Under the sea (Under the sea)

Under the sea (Under the sea)

Under the sea (Under the sea)

Under the sea, yeah

Sam is seen in front of a mirror practicing different poses, shirtless in his boxers. He snipped at his hair and flexed his muscles. “Yeah, I look pretty dope.” He acknowledged.

He fluffed his hair and sniffed his armpits before grabbing Viola’s deodorant and covering his armpits with it. He turned and saw the forgotten children filming him, “Is there really nothing better to film?” The camera moved left to right.

“Meh. Whatever.” He chuckled. He applied powder to where a tattoo could barely be seen on his lower back, covering it. He winked at the camera before leaving the restroom.

There you see her

Sitting there across the way

He don't got a lot to say

But there's something about him,


Hannah and Viola are seen singing alongside each other while they prepared sandwiches in the kitchen. “Isn’t this a little… sexist.” Viola groaned while she buttered the slice of bread.

“It’s for our friends!” Hannah said. “But yes, it’s very sexist.” She shrugged. Hannah put grapes in her eye sockets and tomato slices in her mouth and turned to Viola and yelled boo.

Viola shook her head at the childish act while Hannah had a giggle fit. “I thought I was finally free of the giggling.”

“You don’t mean that!” Hannah pointed out, “We all know you were friends with Fleur.”

“Let’s stop talking about Fleur.” Viola pulled out a bat, “Let’s get down to business.” She turned to the window and called out for Sam and Grayson. As they ran into the kitchen, Viola whacked them each with the bat, knocking them unconcious.

“Can I try?” Hannah asked, while she grabbed a pot and banged Grayson on the head with it. “Eh, the combat stats aren’t as strong as the bat.”

And you don't know why

But you're dying to try

You wanna kiss the boy


Hannah and Viola continued to sing while they pushed a small boat away from the ship that carried an unconscious Grayson and Sam.

“You really know how to make the bed rock.” Sam groggily said, opening his eyes.

“While I won’t argue with that, this isn’t exactly a bed,” Grayson teased. His eyes instantly locked on the picnic basket in front of him. “Food?” He eagerly said opening the basket to find a homemade lunch. “Did you do this?” Grayson blushed.

Sam shook his head. “I thought you did.”

Hannah waved eagerly from the ship, “We hope you don’t mind, but we wanted you two to have a real date!”

“They’re actually really sweet when they’re both not being nuts.” Sam chuckled and eyed the banana in the basket. “REALLY VIOLA?” He grabbed onto the banana and threw it overboard. Grayson laughed at his boyfriend.

Grayson smiled as he looked up at his laughing boyfriend. “I’ve never really done this before.” Grayson admitted.

“Date a guy?” Sam asked, “I kinda figured, you don’t exactly scream rainbows.”

The prep bit his lips. “Date, actually.” He paused. “I pretended to date,” He clarified, “but I never…”

“You and Kimmi? That was just for show?” Sam gasped, while Grayson nodded. “You make a great actor.”


Float along and

listen to the song

The song say

kiss the boy

Hannah and Viola continued to sing through a microphone so that Grayson and Sam could still hear them.

“I think they want us to kiss.” Grayson blushed, ruffling his hair.

“They’re not the only ones,” he teased, and leaned in.

“You’re right.” Grayson pointed to the ducks who were staring intently at the pair.

“I think they just want the food,” Sam sighed, still leaning in. He quickly tossed the rest of the picnic overboard, while the ducks attacked the food.

Grayson let out a fake yawn and stretched, “Man, I sure am tired.” He turned to Sam, “What about you?”

Sam pulled Grayson in, by the collar of his shirt. “Oh shut up and just kiss me already!” Grayson smirked and pressed his lips against Sam’s.

“I hope that was worth it, you just wasted a perfectly good picnic.” Grayson teased.

“You’re happy, I’m happy. It’ll always be worth it.”

Kiss the girl

Kiss the girl

Kiss the girl

Viola sat on Fleur’s bed while she went through her things once more. She sang softly to herself wondering if she made the right choices when it came to Fleur. Or if she should have been more forward. If she should have told Fleur how she felt.

She placed Fleur’s jewelry into the a treasure chest she brought into the room. She lingered on a sunflower-shaped anklet, which she snapped around her ankle. She smiled to herself - Fleur could still bring a ray of sunshine to her day without being there.

Up where they walk

Up where they run

Up where they stay

all day in the sun

Sam continued to sing while he worked on a picture of Fleur.

“Did she know you didn’t love her?” Hannah asked while she painted the hat with Grayson.

“Who? What?” Grayson asked, confused.

“Did Kimmi know you didn’t love her.” She repeated.

Grayson nodded. “She knew. It was her idea.” He looked over at Hannah who was staring intensely at the paper-mache hat. “When did you realize you didn’t love Saber?”

“Too late to make it up to Britt.” She whispered. “There’s no redo button when it comes to that.”

“Choose your own adventure, make your own do-over.” Grayson stated.

She shook her head, “It’s too late. I don’t think he would ever forgive me. I didn’t just hurt him, I betrayed him. I turned everyone against him.”

“Did you ever tell him you were sorry?” Grayson questioned.

Viola walked into the room, “It’s ready,” she placed a treasure chest filled with some of Fleur’s favourite things on the table. She shared a smile with her team, “I think it’s time to say good bye.”

Out of the sea

Wish I could be

Part of your world

Viola sang out softly as she watched Fleur’s shrine sink into the ocean. Grayson walked out to join her. He wrapped an arm around his friend and she laid his head on his shoulder. Sam joined them, as he clutched onto Grayson’s hand. Hannah was the last to join, as she waved good bye to their ~fallen comrade~, while they drifted out of the siren’s

Frozen Medley Anthem Lights Mashup

Frozen Medley Anthem Lights Mashup

Do you want to build a snowman?

Come on lets go and play

I never see you anymore

Come out the door

It's like you've gone away…

Alfie started to sing for the Killer Sharks. His rhythm was quick as he paced outside of Trixie’s door.

While Alfie sang to her, Trixie curled up in her blanket and stared at the door. “Why Alfie. Why can’t you just give up?” She whispered to herself.

Youri rolled into the cabin through the window. “Because he’s clearly in love with you.” He groaned and wiped the dust off of himself.

“How did you?” Trixie asked as she looked outside of the window, only to be licked by Ribbit. “Of course.” She sighed.

“I’m here to offer you an alliance.” Youri stated. “Clearly you're on the outs on the team.” He motioned at the giant frog outside the window. “Ribbit is your only friend- but he doesn’t vote.”

Trixie used her blanket to dry her face off. “Well maybe it’s time I go home.”

Youri burst out laughing, and began to roll on the floor. He got up, looked at Trixie took a deep breath, and then did it all over again. “Ok, ok, sorry I couldn’t help myself.” He looked Trixie in her eyes. “If there’s anything I know about you it’s that you’re a competitor, and that you want to earn Alfie back one day.”

“But-” Trixie tried to speak up but Youri stared at her intensely.

“I expect an answer by the end of the day.”

Outside of Trixie’s room, Alfie is seen with a hand pressed against her door. His big blue eyes shed a tear as he stepped back. “I miss you.” He whimpered before he walked away, his head hanging low.

We used to be best buddies

And now we're not

Malia continues to sing from her room. She gently makes her bed, her voice low. She looked up at the Cody Simpson posted that hung from the ceiling. She reached into her mattress and pulled out the mp3 that Angel had left and put the music in her ears, remembering how she used to listen to Angel sing her to sleep.

“Malia?” Alfie knocked on her door. She hid the MP3 player and went to her door. “Alfie!” She beamed. “How are you!?”

The teen shrugged as he crawled onto Malia’s bed. “Lonely.” He said. “Andre’s talking to Youri, and he low-key, high-key scares me.”

Malia giggled, “Youri really is something else!” She jumped onto the bed, sending Alfie slightly into the air. His eyes immediately lit up and he and Malia shared a grin as they began to jump up and down on her bed.

“I SO needed this!” He shouted.

“This is so very exciting!” Malia looked at Alfie. “Are you still down about Trixie?”

He stopped jumping and dropped to the floor, sprawling himself out on the floor. “Yeah....” He sighed. “I just thought she was special. But I guess I thought wrong.”

Malia nodded. “I thought I could trust her too.” She sighed, “I guess not everyone is as they seem.” She turned to Alfie. “Like Youri, he’s really not all that bad. He’s kinda sweet if you give him a chance.”

“Do you think he’ll play catch with me?”

“If you ask him, I’m sure he would!”

I wish you would tell me why!

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn't have to be a snowman

Alfie and Malia sang together as they played tagged across the top of the ship.

Andre approached Trixie in her cabin. “You haven’t left here all day.” He stated.

“Are you worried about me?” She laughed. “I have Ribbit.” She pointed at the giant frog who licked her face, “He’s really good at bringing me food.”

Andre sighed. “That’s not what I meant, it’s not like you can just be alone forever and be ok man.”

“Aren’t you bros with Alfie? Shouldn’t you be on his side?”

The musician groaned. “Side? We’re one team.”

“You know, bros before… cowgirls.” She clarified.

“Oh god. No. He’s my friend, and you know, if you stopped being such a sooke, and came out of your cabin maybe we could be friends too.”

Trixie rolled her eyes. “Stop playing the good guy! Just leave me and Alfie alone. I broke up with him, I don’t want to deal with this.”

Andre sighed. “I don’t know what happened to you. You used to be confident, you used to be strong. Now you’re just locking yourself in your cabin and talking to a giant frog.” He walked out of the room, “Come and find me if you manage to leave your room.”

for the first time in forever

There'll be music, there'll be light

For the first time in forever

I'll be dancing through the night

Andre sang to himself as he prepared a fruit juice for his team, he left it on the table while he left to the top of the ship.

Malia and Youri instantly took a sip of Andre’s famous special juice. “He’s really good at making this.” Malia moaned.

Youri licked his lips. “Honestly the best.” He walked over to Malia. “I think he makes it so much because he knows how much you like it.”

Malia blushed. “Do you really think so?” She gushed. “I’m starting to think that he might like me! When we kissed in Floria, it just felt so magical!”

“Like he could be the one?” Youri edged her on.

“YES!” She exclaimed. “Angel never really finished explaining to me what love is like, but I just know this is that!”

Youri nodded, “I can see it in your eyes- and his. It’s meant to be.”

Malia blushed. “I just don’t know what to do next, how do you show someone you like them?” Youri pulled Malia over and whispered a plan into her ear.

Don't know if I'm elated or gassy

But I'm somewhere in that zone

Cause for the first time in forever

Andre swam with Alfie beside the ship, while Trixie sang from her cabin. “It’s been so long since I was swimming.” Alfie said.

“You were swimming yesterday!” Andre laughed.

“Exactly! That was so long ago!” Alfie gasped.

“You know,” Andre started, “I was thinking about you and Trixie.”

“You were!?”

Andre nodded, “Yeah,” He floated on his back, while Alfie eagerly swam in circles around him. “Maybe she was just afraid she’d do something to mess it up with you. I know that I’m always scared that I’m going to ruin things with Dania.”

“So what can I do?” Alfie begged. “You’re the expert! You have chest hair! That proves you’re good with the ladies!”

Andre chuckled, “Yes. That is exactly what that means.” He switched positions so that he was facing Alfie. “Maybe you just need to show her that you’re worth it, or wait long enough for her to miss you.”

“WAIT!?” Alfie gasped in horror. “I hate, hate, hate! Waiting!”

Andre shrugged as he climbed back onto the ship. “That’s all the advice I got budd, take it or leave it.” Andre laughed as he went to dry himself off.

Alfie looked down at his chest, “Why can’t you just grow some hair already!”

I mean it's crazy... What?

We finish each other's-


That's what I was gonna say!

I've never met someone-

Who thinks so much like me!


Jinx again!

Our mental synchronization

Can have but one explanation

Youri sang with a smirk on his face while he watched Malia approach Andre’s room. She looked over at him for reassurance before she knocked on his door. “Andre?” She asked.

“It’s open.” Her captain said, as she pushed open the door. Andre was sitting on his bed strumming to his guitar. “What’s up?”

Malia shrugged as she wandered around his room. “I’ve never been in a boy’s room before.” She giggled. “It’s… not as exciting as I thought it would be.” She admitted.

“Sorry to disappoint?”

“No! Don’t be sorry!” She exclaimed. “It was rude of me to say that!”

“I’m just teasing.” Andre chuckled and made a place for Malia to sit on his bed. “Come here.” She blushed and walked over to join Andre. “Have you ever played?” He asked. She shook her head.

“Here.” He pulled her hands into place on the guitar. “This is C.” He used her hands to strum the note. “Now you try,” he encouraged.

She lightly strummed the guitar and it produced the sound. “I did it!” The pair continued to practice notes for some time. “Andre?”

“Malia?” He replied, jokingly.

“Do you miss Frozen?”

“Of course! I miss my friends all the time!”

Malia moved closer to the musician, “Do you think that… You’ll miss me?”

“Of course I’d miss yo-” He started to say, but Malia’s lips cut him off. Andre’s eyes went wide. He dropped the guitar.” He was still for a moment, before he walked out of the room.

Youri walked in, “Where did he go!?”

“I… I don’t know!” Malia started to tear up. “I did everything just like you told me!”

He sighed. “Trixie.” He shook his head. “I knew she would try something like this, she must have told Andre you liked him.”

“She wouldn’t! Angel said that was against the girl code!”

“I’ll talk to her. I can not believe she would do that to you, i thought you were friends.”

“Yeah. Were.” Malia corrected, as she dried off her tears.


And I-



Meant to be!

Malia sang on the deck while she searched for her bracelet.

Trixie stared at Ribbit. “Do you know how to say anything other than Ribbit?”


“Can you do anything other than lick me, or jump really high?”


“Well, atleast I can trust you. And you won’t betray me.” She sighed, then groaned once Ribbit jumped into ocean, to chase after a fly. “Or not. Even giant frogs abandon me, must run in the family.”

Say goodbye...

Say goodbye...

To the pain of the past

We don't have to feel it anymore!

Andre sang in the confessional, trying to distract himself from what had just happened.

Youri joined Alfie in the crow's nest. “Are we almost out of range?”

“Almost.” Alfie noted. “But not there yet, we need to keep singing!” Alfie sighed, “Do you know where Andre went? I tried to find him, but I can’t seem to find him!”

“Last I saw him, he was with Trixie, they seemed really close.” Youri sighed, apologetically.

“Andre… with Trixie?” Alfie gasped in horror.

Youri patted Alfie on the back, “Alfie, I think it’s time I tell you the truth. I promised Emmett I wouldn’t, but he’s not here anymore, and you deserve to know. Alfie, Trixie just used you for your candy, she’s in love with Andre.”

“My… My candy?” He gasped.

“I know Alfie… I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner, but Emmett said if it got out that Andre was cheating on Dania with Trixie… It just, it wouldn’t go well.”

Alfie shoved his hand into a jar of peanut butter and spread it across his face, like war paint. “This means war.” He chanted.

Love is an open door!

My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I'm never going back, the past is in the past

The Sharks took turns singing, as they filed into the confessional.

(CONF): Andre sighed, “Just when I think I have my team figured out… Malia… she… she ugggggh!” He banged his head into the camera. “I just don’t understand where all of the drama is coming from!”

(CONF): Alfie stared daggers into the camera, “I’m coming for you Andre! I know the truth, and this peanut butter proves it!”

(CONF): Malia is seen crying. “I… I thought he… liked me!” She let out a heavy breath. “Why… why didn’t he kiss me back! This is how it works in all of the movies!”

(CONF): Trixie is seen with her cowgirl hat in her lap. “I just need someone. Someone to be on my side… Maybe that someone will be Youri. He’s a liar, and manipulative, but at least he’d be on my side….”

(CONF): Youri is seen rolling around laughing.

Let it go, let it go 

And I'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone

Alfie and Trixie bumped into each other. “Uh, hey Alfie.” Trixie gulped. “Sorry about earlier… I was, napping?” She weakly smiled.

“I’m sure. Youri told me all about it.” He sent an evil glare at Trixie. “I know you only dated me so that you could steal my candy.”

“What?!” Trixie gasped, confused. “That’s not it at all!” The cowgirl frowned, “I dated you… because I cared about you.”

“That’s what everyone says before they steal my candy!” He shouted back. “And to think, I even made a hat to try and get you back!” Ribbit, jumped back to the ship, and licked Alfie’s face.

Trixie looked confused, but then remembered that the one who wore the hat, made the plans. She closed her eyes, not able to look at the cute teen in front of her. “Alfie, I just can’t date you.” She whispered, “I'm sorry.”

“And by that, she means won’t.” Youri shrugged, while he walked into the cabin with Malia. “Just like she wouldn’t trust Angel, or share Malia with her.”

“Youri!” Trixie growled. “WHat is your probl-” She started to shout, but instead of words, vomit spewed from her mouth.

“Trixie!” Alfie shouted, concerned. “Drink thi-” Alfie vomited out, and raced beside Trixie who was hurling over the ledge of the ship.

“See Malia, when you don’t have anything nice to say, this is what happ-” Youri started, but the vomit comet in his mouth cut him off. Malia wasted no time joining her teammates at the edge of the ship, puking.

Let it go, let it go

Andre sung cheerfully as he searched the ship for his teammates. He walked onto the poop deck and saw his teammates leaning over the edge of the ship, curious as to what was so interesting, he joined them. Although his singing voice soon betrayed him, and joined the vomit train over the side of the ship. Without a singing voice, the ship steered into the rocks and crashed into pieces.

for the first time in forever

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam

Love is an open door!

“You were all so close.” Zac laughed. “Well, not close enough. Honestly, who ever does the cooking for you needs to work on that, you all had raw chicken in your system.” The host looked at the teens.

“We didn’t eat chicken today though.” Andre stated. “You’re wrong.”

Mana shrugged. “Well, our doctor is only 15, but he’s apparently an expert in the matter. In any case, you lost the challenge when you stopped singing.

“And for the first time in awhile, I really have no clue which of you is going to go home.” Zac looked at Andre, “You still manage to fail to lead your team.” He turned to Alfie, “You’re… well you’re more innocent than the lost children.” His eyes turned to Malia, “You’re still moping around because someone was eliminated?” He paused and turned to Trixie, “You broke his heart,” he pointed at Alfie, and then turned his head to Youri, “You fail at proving you’re a man.”

“What he means to say is that this is a real nail-biter,” Mana translated, “You’ve all had a rough few days.

“Some rougher than others.” Youri smirked and looked over at Andre and Trixie.

“In anycase.” Zac stated. “You’ve all had your chance to cast your votes. Let’s see how they turned out.” He motioned for Mana to light the cannons.

Alfie’s and Malia’s faces lit up the sky. The pair shared a hug. “YEAH!” Malia cheered.

Alfie grinned and handed Malia the ball for them to play catch with.

The cold never bothered me anyway!

Youri sang out and laughed while he watched Andre’s face light up the sky. He looked to his side to where Alfie looked worried. He smirked and waved good bye to Trixie.

Okay, bye...

Alfie, Andre, Malia and Trixie sang out the final lyrics as they watched Trixie’s face light up the sky.

“WHAT!?” Youri screamed. “This isn’t possible!”

Andre shook his head. “Emmett proved himself to be a man.” He shrugged. “You also proved yourself to not be a girl.”

Malia continued, “You just proved yourself to be a lying, deceitful, snake.”

“You can’t do this to me!” Youri shouted. “How?! I’ve turned you all against each other?!”

Trixie stared at Youri in disbelief, and then motioned at Andre, “He’s actually a pretty good captain after all, he figured out what you were planning and explained it to us all.”

Zac and Mana each took one of Youri’s arms as they threw him into the ocean.

The scene cut to Zac on the ledge of the rock, the moon rising behind him. “Stay tuned because coming up next is a Total Drama Tides Special! Where we visit the homes of the sailors, to see just how their families are reacting to their time on the show!”

Chapter Fourteen: Retracing Your Steps 

The camera zoomed over the crystal blue waves of the ocean, dancing through the coral reefs, until it stopped, showing the familiar cruise ship, the S.S Total Drama. Two silhouettes are seen back to back. The camera zooms in, to reveal both Britt and Jade. “Welcome back lads!” Britt cheered as he waved the camera over.

“It’s been too long.” Jade muttered, as she snapped the elastic band on her wrist. The pair turned and the camera followed as they began to walk around the cruise ship. Angel is seen on Emmett’s shoulders playing catch with a giant beach volleyball in the pool across from Fleur on Colin’s.

Britt smiled and waved at the eliminated contestants, “Clearly I should have been eliminated way earlier in Frozen!” He teased, but Jade just stared at him. Blake is seen going down a waterslide, followed shortly after by Damien.

The hosts continued to lead the camera around. “Our eliminated contestants have been living it,” Jade raised her hands excitedly, “Wild.” She said monotonously. “Ever since their departure from Tides.” She pointed at Cherry and Kimmi who were playing darts - With Grayson’s face. “Some clearly not over their eliminations.”

Britt led them into the dining hall, “We even have our very own chef, but they refuse to be named.” He chuckled, as he watched Wing shove an entire banana down her throat, while Tameron shook his head in disapproval. Zaina on the other hand tried to shove the banana down her own throat but ended up choking.

“The teens have been busy, making new friends, and bonding over their memories.” Jade shrugged. Behind her, Leo and Youri were filling Emmett’s room with balloons.

“It’s all in good fun though mates!” Britt chimed in.

The pair stopped in front of a large metal door. Jade spoke up, “But we’re not here to talk about them, not yet atleast.”

Britt nodded, “Being away from your family can be heart-wrenching, and difficult.” The brit sighed, remembering when he felt alone back on the island. “But we always forget that there’s another bloke to that.”

Jade continued, “While some families gathered around the television to celebrate your success,” she eyed Britt, “Others were arranging for you to be deported to a mental asylum.” Jade snapped on the elastic band on her wrist, snapping it. “Let’s take a look at what our sailors families have to say about them.” Jade and Britt pushed through the doors into the darkness.

The scene switched to reveal the world Alfie in turquoise letters, it shattered into black revealing Alfie carrying Mana back in episode one. The clip switched to show him being tied up by Trixie. It showed his secret stash of candy, and Youri stealing it. The clip showed Alfie curled up in Trixie’s arms when he had no candy and then switched to show him and Trixie kissing by the waterfall. It showed Alfie as he made the candy-hearts for Trixie, and then him destroying them after she broke up with him. It showed his growing bromance with Andre, and his many attempts to get Trixie back, and then showed Youri convincing him that Trixie and Andre were dating. The clip ends with Alfie standing alongside his fellow Sharks while Youri is shoved off of the plank of lame.

The camera switched to show a blonde woman sitting beside her husband on a swing set. “Oh my!” She cheered. “He’s really made the merge!?”

“Our little Alfie?” The man asked, as he adjust his hat.

“This is simply wonderful news!” The woman beamed. “AND he got a little girlfriend too!” She gushed, squeezing her husband.

“Had, Darlene. Had. She broke up with him, if you recall.”

She rolled her eyes. “No one can resist our little Alfie for long! It’s all that candy he eats! He’s just utterly irresistible.” She pulled out a photo of Alfie from her wallet. “See isn’t he?!” She showed the camera.

“He already knows what Alfie looks like darling…” The man sighed. He turned and watched as another group of children were led into Willy Wonka's factory. “If only he wasn’t so obsessed, he might actually use the money he wins on something productive.”

Alfie’s mother nodded. “It’s not like he needs it, he’s already been accepted to all of the best schools for swimming!”

“That’s not the point dear, he has an addiction. It’s a serious problem.” Alfie’s father turned to the camera, “Could we have a moment?”

The screen was replaced by the word ‘Hannah’ in golden font, it shattered revealing Hannah tied up with the rest of the Rhontastic Hotties. The clip shows Hannah’s many failed attempts to try and catch Blake’s and Colin’s eye - and then her growing feud with Sam over Colin. It showed her rejecting Emmett’s veteran alliance, choosing to have faith in herself. It showed her and Sam creating a truce to destroy Fleur, and then her faux-romance with Sam to make Colin jealous. It shows her friendship with Sam, and her hatred for Grayson. Scenes of her leading her team to victory are shown. Her makeover in Floria is revealed, and her friendship with Fleur. The scene ends with her, and the other Rhontastic Hotties watching as Fleur’s tribute sank to the bottom of the sea.

The scene switched to reveal a man wearing glasses sitting in front of a computer. “Ah, yes. My Hannah is doing well!” He smiled.

He turned off the monitor to his computer and continued. “I don’t think anyone could have expected her to do so well. Not after… the incidents.” He gulped, “But hey! Hannah is starting to become some-what liked again. I haven’t received a death threat from Britain recently.” Hannah’s father smiled, “And she’s even making friends… Real ones.”

He motioned toward the wall behind him where sketches of a character that looked like Hannah dressed in knight’s armor hung. “She’s my greatest inspiration. People across the globe will finally be able to see her like I do.” He turned the monitor on, and revealed an RPG game, where Hannah was the main character. “She’s grown so much over the past month… Now if only her being didn’t revolve around a boy.” He sighed.

The screen swapped to show ‘Elyar’ in purple lettering before it cracked to show him and the other Pillaging Pirates on the first day, maneuvering around the cannon shots from the other teams. It showed Sarah tripping onto on him and them lying on the ground. It showed him as he conforted Sarah in her room. The reel showed him as he snuck away from his team during challenges. It showed him as he explained who he was back at the Incan island to his team. The screen switched to show the events that led up to the Florian coronation. It showed as he kidnapped Zaina and convinced Wing to play along with his plan. It showed as he finally told Zaina the truth about her parents, and about his mission, and showed her giving him a hug. The clip continued to show as Elyar rebuilt his friendship with Sarah, and the rest of his team, and then Sarah’s agent training. The clip ended with him and Sarah watching as Zaina jumped off of the plank of shame.

“Dad?” A soft voice questioned. “What are you doing? We don’t have time to make a phone call!” Dania groaned, holding a cutie clue. “Once again work takes priority over me.” She crossed her arms and watched as a musician played on the corner of the street.

Harry shook his head. “This is important. It won’t take much longer.” He waved at the camera. “Good evening, Elyar has no remaining family members, so I’ll be taking their place for this.”

“Elyar!?” Dania gasped. “I haven’t seen him in forever! What’s he up to?”

Harry shot his daughter a look, “This is important work business.” He handed Dania some money. “Go shop, or something.” He paused, and waited until Dania was out of sight. “Elyar has been a disappointment thus far.” He shook his head. “He’s made the merge, something that Dania never did- but he allowed Andre to make it there as well. All of his attempts to end Andre’s hopes have failed.” Harry shrugged. “Perhaps he’s gotten too close to this Sarah girl.” He adjusted his blazer.

“I believe it’s time to remind Elyar just why he works for me.” He pulled out a photograph of a young girl from his wallet and handed it to a nearby crow. “I expect results. Not foolish romance.” He stated into the camera. “Andre can not be allowed to win. I will not allow my daughter to date someone so… so… juvenile.”

The screen faded to reveal ‘Grayson’ in hot pink, it drifted off of the screen to show Grayson as he flirted with Cherry - until Kimmi showed up. It showed his romance with Kimmi, while he juggled his advances on Cherry. It switched to show Grayson has he dueled a pirate, while Kimmi cheered him on from the sidelines. The clip showed Grayson as he kissed Cherry, and then kissed Kimmi. It showed as he voted Cherry off. A clip of Grayson and Kimmi sharing breakfast in bed was shown, and then lightning crashed the scene, and Kimmi is seen at her elimination, as she revealed her truth about Grayson - that he’s a cheater and he is why her best friend is dead. A scene is shown where Grayson is holding onto Jamie’s locket, and crying himself to sleep. His rivalry with Damien is shown, until Grayson becomes a member of the Rhontastic Hotties. His friendship with Viola is shown, when she reveals that Jamie is still alive, and Grayson’s feelings for Sam are revealed. The truth or dare scene is shown, quickly followed by Sam tackling Grayson to make out with him. His date with Sam on the rowboat is shown. The clip ends with him and the other Rhontastic Hotties watching Fleur’s tribute sink.

The scene switched to show Grayson’s father, mother and daughter sitting on a couch. HIs mother spoke up first. “I’m glad that he finally broke up with that Kimmi girl, she was never good enough for him! Those south-enders always taking advantage of us.” She titled her head up slightly.

His father nodded. “It’s a shame that Cherry was eliminated though, she would have been perfect with my boy! Both over-achievers, with bright futures ahead of them.”

The teenage girl stared at the camera in disbelief. “Have you two even been watching?!” She gasped. “So much has happened to Grayson!”

Her mother spoke up, “This is not the time for you to speak Payton!” She hissed. “Know your place, we’re discussing your brother right now!”

“You should be proud of him!” Her father spoke up, “He’s made it all the way to the merge already! You didn’t even get accepted!”

Her mother shook her head at Payton disappointed, “You should be more like Grayson. He even made a friend with one of ~them~.” She stated.

“Sam? Are you actually referring to Sam as one of them!?” Payton shouted.

Their father glared at Payton. “Enough! Do not yell at your mother! We raised you better!”

“Sam isn’t a ~them~.” She stood up from her seat between her parents. “He’s Grayson’s boyfriend.”

Her parents gasped. “Don’t you dare speak such lies!” Her mother hissed.

“We all know Grayson could never keep his hands off of the girls, I’ve seen all of the girls he brought back home.”

Payton shook her head. “Yeah. I couldn’t think of any reason why he would want you to think that.” Her mother huffed. “Enough of this! You’re going to your room! Stop trying to drag your brothers reputation down with such despicable lies. Just because he was born three minutes before you does not mean you get to be jealous of him.”

Payton screamed. “Yeah. You’re right! I’m jealous of him right now.” She stormed off, “But because he finally got away from you two!”

‘Trixie’ bounced onto the screen in turquoise letters, and then bounced off. The clip shows Trixie sitting in the confessional flipping through her journal, as she looked back at all of her exes, she paused when got to the swimmer page, that was blank. She’s seen watching in awe as Alfie swam in the ocean. It cuts to show her tying up Alfie and offering him to the pirates in the first challenge, and fast forwards to show her winning the challenge for her team. Her friendship with her teammates is shown- minus Youri who tries to use her and Alfie to get rid of Emmett. Her kiss with Alfie is shown, as well as her hugging Emmett goodbye. Her conflict with Andre over who should be captain is seen, and her becoming nervous about Angel and her ability to tell the truth. Her breakup with Alfie is seen, and her fallout with Angel and Malia in Floria. Her isolation is shown, until she meets Ribbit. She’s seen again alongside her teammates when Youri is finally eliminated.

The scene cuts to show a tall woman in cowgirl boots inside of a ranch. Along the walls are portraits of Trixie, her mother and her father every year since she was born, until the eleventh when it’s just her and her mother. Trixie’s mother waved at the camera. “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for Trixie.” She climbed onto a horse and rode out of the barn, the camera following. “She’s really making me proud. She’s strong, and independent…” She bit her lip and sighed. “But I can’t help but think I’m why she broke up with Alfie.”

Trixie’s mother slowed the horse down so she could speak clearly into the camera. “Trixie would never tell you but, her father left us when she was young, for an Olympian soccer player. “I could never compete with that.” She sighed, getting off of the horse. “I used to think she was normal, you know, she dated people… but.” She looked shamefully at the camera, “They were all athletes, and her relationships never lasted long.” She wiped a tear away. “I’m afraid I’ve ruined any chance of Trixie falling in love. I’m worried that Alfie might be her last chance.”

She took a deep breath, “But that’s not important. What’s important is that Trixie is going to win Tides! She’s strong, so strong, and I believe in her.”

The word ‘Sarah’ sparkled onto the black screen in purple letters before it faded back to black. The scene switched to show Sarah on top of Elyar, blushing. The next clip showed Sarah when she sees Zac the first time, and then her in the confessional explaining their history. Her friendship with her teammates is shown, followed by her incompetence in the challenges. Her night terrors of Zac are seen, and Elyar staying with her at night to keep her safe. Her role in the Floria story is shown, as Elyar tries to convince her to take Zaina’s place on the Throne to protect her friend. Sarah rescuing Zaina from Elyar is seen, and then her standing by Zaina’s side when she is crowned princess. Sarah is seen arguing with Viola about trying to look pretty, and then her crawling into Zac’s bed when he’s upset with a duck is shown. The clip ends as she completes her agent training with Elyar, and she watches Zaina walk down the plank of lame.

The screen jumped to show Sarah’s little sister and mother in Sarah’s bedroom. Posters of musicals, and awards for singing filled the walls. “SARAH!” Her younger sister giggled. “I am so, so, so happy for you!” She squealed.

“Claire,” her mother teased as she giggled the smaller girl, “come on now, calm down.”

“Ok momma!”

Sarah’s mother smiled. “At first I was really nervous,” she sighed and pulled out a photo album from under Sarah’s bed it was filled with photos of Sarah before she met Zac on the Ugly Duckling, and then photos of her and Zac travelling the world. “She had so much history with Zac. They traveled the world looking for the old cast of Total Drama.” She showed a picture of Sarah and Zac posing beside Courtney and Trent. “They used to be so happy, and then the incident happened and they hadn’t spoken… I thought that being so close to him again would ruin her.” She smiled softly at a photo of a family dinner with Zac. “But it’s made her that much stronger.”

“Why hasn’t she kissed Zac again momma?” Claire questioned.

“Oh ducky,” her mom giggled. “That’s a long story.” Her mother closed the album. “She’s constantly growing. I remember when she used to come home crying after school, and then she met Zac and she just seemed so happy. And now… Now she’s becoming so strong and independent. What more could a mother ask for?”

“I WANT A LITTLE SISTER!” Claire demanded as she curled up on her mother's lap.

Her mother’s eyes went wide. “If Sarah had a baby --- WHICH SHE WILL NOT! She would be your neice. Not your sister hun." 

"Oh... I WANT A LITTLE NIECE." Claire giggled, while her mother sighed. 

The word Malia blossomed onto the screen in turquoise lettering. She’s seen back in Brazil, lost until she almost gets run over by Mana. Her friendship with Angel, and Trixie is shown. She’s seen singing beside Angel in their cabin, as Angel teaches her about girl things. She’s seen upset with Angel that their team doesn’t believe in them. The next scene shows Malia as she wins the Mother challenge for her team, as she shed her hijab. She’s seen growing closer to Andre after Emmett is eliminated, and losing touch with Trixie as Youri turns the girls against each other. She’s seen crying after Angel is eliminated. Her feelings for Andre are explored, as she uses all of the advice that Angel had given her, including how to use make up. She’s seen asking other contestants what love is, and the clip ends with her kissing Andre.

The screen cut to show a wooden door. “Are you sure there is nothing you want to say about your daughter?”

A voice on the other sound shouted. “My daughter would never disgrace her family like SHE has.”

‘Viola’ flashes onto the screen in golden letters and is replaced with her panicking when she hears Fleur giggling. Clips flash in succession, showing her slowly becoming friends with Fleur- and growing jealous of Colin who wants to date Fleur. Her confessional where she explains that she lied about Colin to get him eliminated is shown. She’s seen arguing with Sarah about the amount of effort Sarah puts into her looks. The clips jumps to show her growing friendship with Grayson, as they help each other work through their feelings for their teammates. She’s seen curled up in the Rhontastic Cuddle, after Fleur is eliminated, and her voice over explains how she’s happy Grayson got his Happy Ever After, but how hers is gone now. She’s shown watching with the rest of her team as the Fleur tribute sinks into the ocean.

Viola’s mother is surrounded by small children. “VIOLA!” The kids all scream in unison as they throw their hand-made confetti into the air.

Viola’s mother smiled at the camera. “I don’t know if you can see this, but I AM SO HAPPY for you!” She paused, “And I know your father would be too.” She pointed at the wall behind her where (poorly) drawn images of Viola and her adventures thus far covered the all. “The kids are really excited for you!”

“I can’t believe you made a friend!” Her mom bit her lips. “Not just one.. But three?” She put her hands on her hips. “But I expect you to write an apology to Colin. You know that lying is wrong. And you should be setting a better example for the kids!”

“VIOLA JE T’AIME!” The children giggled out.

Her mother giggled. “I’ve started to teach the kids French, they all really like Fleur…. I… I do too.” Her mother said slowly, not really sure how to say it.

‘Andre’ drifted across the black screen in pink lettering. He’s seen tied up and alone, but he manages to set himself free, and ensure his team doesn’t lose the first challenge. He’s shown trying to keep his team in check, but ultimately failing - a lot. Clips of Leo, Cherry and Kimmi getting eliminated, and the feud between Damien and Grayson growing are shown. Alfie’s seen not knowing what to say when Emmett suggests the veteran alliance. His friendship with Kimmi is explored, and his bonding with Emmett. He’s shown joining the Killer Sharks, and again, failing to control his team. His friendship with Alfie is shown, and his bonding with Malia, including both of their kisses, and him apologizing to Dania in the confessional. He’s seen convincing his team that Youri can not be trusted and that he’s ruining the team.

Andre’s parents are revealed in the recording studio, Andre’s music filling the air. “He’s so talented.” His mother exclaimed as she listened to his actual EP; “No S’more.”

His father nodded. “He’s going to do it!” He grinned. “He’s going to show Harry who's boss! He’s my boy!”

“We’re getting his EP released soon. His actual EP. Not whatever Harry released for him.” His mother beamed as she showed the cover of the EP.

His parents shared a look. “We were honestly worried after what happened on Frozen. We thought he would make the same mistakes and be eliminated early. But he’s learnt so much! He’s doing this all for her.”

His mother turned the EP over to reveal a photo of Andre and Dania holding hands on the beach. “She’s been so good to him. She’s given him inspiration, and courage.”

“They’re good for each other.” His dad corrected. “He’s going to win this thing, and he’s going to be with Dania again.”

“Unless Malia convinces him otherwise.” A voice laughed from the distance.

“Oh god. That girl.” His mother groaned. “Who raised her!? To just kiss random boys, not once but twice!”

“Andre’s smart hun, he’ll deal with her.”

“He better. I don’t want to see him and Dania break up over some lovestruck home wrecker.”

‘Sam’ appeared on the screen in golden lettering before it formed a heart and switched to show Sam flirting with Grayson and Blake in Brazil. He’s shown making a pouting face after Blake is eliminated. His feud with Hannah is showed as they fought over Colin. Their truce is shown as they try to stop Fleur from getting the boy. Their faux-relationship is seen as they tried to make Colin jealous. Sam is seen following his gaydar around Atlantis, until he finds Grayson. He’s seen flirting with Grayson, and becoming friends with Fleur and Hannah. He’s seen giving advice to Youri at the hotel, and then getting his manhood injured by Youri at the lost island. He’s seen making out with Grayson, and then sharing a picnic with him on the rowboat. The sizzle reel ends with a blurry clip of Sam showering, a tattoo being revealed on his back.

The scene switched to show a fit teenager on the beach, wearing shorts and holding onto a surfboard. “I can’t even believe my bro wasn’t the first one out!” He laughed. “Man I sure lost that bet!”

He waxed his surfboard. “Fynn, FYI, Sam’s younger brother.” He flexed slightly for the camera. “But hey now! I’m so stoked for him! He’s doing so good! The bros and I watch every week! We make nachos and pizza and crack a cold one!”

He paused, “Though, man, come on bro, could you give me some warning before you go full on third base?!” He cringed. “Talk about an awkward moment!” He lifted the surfboard and started to walk towards the water.

“Anyways man. You’ve got no idea how stoked you’re making me, and I’m pumped you found someone to call your own! You deserve him, you really do. He’s a good guy!” Fynn bit his lip, “Just… you know, make sure you know what you’re doing. I’m not there to help you out this time.” He flashed a peace sign at the camera, “I’ve got some tides to catch!”

‘Yasmin’ was neatly written on the screen in purple font before it was erased. Yasmin is shown to be annoyed with her team, and their lack of maturity. She’s seen scribbling in her journal, the camera zooms in to show her creating profiles for her fellow sailors. She’s seen receiving a letter from a crow - from her parents asking for help. She’s seen joining Wing’s pirate crew in order to get answers. She’s seen piecing together the truth about why the Pirates were chosen by Rhonda to be on the show - Floria. She’s shown to befriend Damien, and explains how her parents abandoned her when she was young, and now she just wants to find them to ask them why. She’s shown to be upset when Damien is rigged to be voted off, and then she’s shown to be incredibly brutal to her teammates, picking on all of their weaknesses and insecurities.

“How did you find us?” An explorer asked as he hugged his wife close to his body. The pair were exploring ancient ruins.

Zac’s brother, Brandon shrugged. “This is my job. I find people. So I found you.”

The woman rolled her eyes. “See. I told you she wasn’t cut out for this life. She couldn’t even find us herself. She had to use some what, ex military man?” The woman huffed, “To do it.”

“We’re not discussing this right now.” The man decided and turned to Brandon. “You don’t know what you’re doing. You need to leave before they find out.”


The woman let out a small laugh. “Pathetic. You found us, but you don’t know why we’re here?” She snapped, as a monkey climbed onto her shoulder. “You’re just as useless as our daughter.”

“She’s not useless.” Her husband muttered. “We left her when she was a child, of course she didn’t know how to do what we do.”

“And it’s been years since she’s seen us, but she hasn’t found us yet. We’ve been doing the same job since then.”

The man sighed. “She’s getting close. I know she is. She can do it. I know she can.”

“Well so are we.” She groaned. “And if we do this…” She shivered, “Who knows what will happen to the Forgotten Sea.”

“She’ll do it.” He assured her.

“She’s on a reality television show. I don’t consider that great work ethic.”

Brandon stared at Yasmin’s parents and sighed, walking away.

The scene switched to show Britt and Jade standing in the After the Drama set. The crowd erupted into cheer, as the lights flashed onto the hosts. Britt grinned, “Well mates, it looks like not all of sailors have all of the support of their parents.”

“But that’s fine.” Jade shrugged. “I didn’t, and I turned out just fine.” She snapped on the elastic band.

“Yep. She’s like totally fine!” Cherry rolled her eyes.

Britt put his hand on Jade’s back to comfort her, but she shrugged him off. “And now, a short break! When we’re back we’ll see just what our eliminated sailors have been up to, and see who will be joining Cherry at the merge!”

Chapter Fifteen: Lost but not Forgotten

High above the stage the applause sign flashed, and the crowd erupted into cheer as Britt returned to the stage. Sitting in bleachers off to the side were the first batch of eliminated sailors, Blake, Leo, Cherry, Kimmi, Tameron and Emmett. Britt bowed to the crowd and spoke out, “Welcome back to After The Drama! Last time we checked out how the sailors families were feeling about their loved ones. Now, we’ll take a look at the most recently eliminated sailors!”

Britt adjust his tie and pointed at the giant screen that descended onto the stage. “First though, let’s take a glance at some scenes our mates might not want us to see eh, while Jade freshens up in the powder room.” He sent a wink towards the screaming girls in the crowd.

The screen revealed Blake and Emmett working out in the ship's gym. The pair were both drenched in sweat, while Emmett hung over Blake who was on the bench press. “Man, I can’t believe your team voted you off for dating Sam… You must be kinda bummed that he’s with Grayson now.”

Blake’s face turned red. “Wait what!? I wasn’t-” He dropped the weight, but Emmett caught it with one hand before it could injure him. “Th-thanks. But I wasn’t dating him, I’m not gay!”

Emmett patted his friend on the back, “You know you can tell me anything right man?” He smirked at Blake, who sighed.

“I hate you sometimes man.”

“I aim to please!” Emmett chuckled. “Man, I wonder why Rosalie hasn’t been around to visit yet. She hasn’t even called.” He pulled out his phone and checked one last time.

Blake gulped. “Emmett.” He nervously tried to move the weight from above him, “There’s something you need to know… About Rosalie.” The hockey player pulled out his own phone and showed Emmett the trailer for Twin It To Win It.

Emmett stared in disbelief. “So… She wasn’t going around getting support for me. Huh.” He dropped the weight on the ground and started to walk off. “I can get Youri to spot you if you want… but I… Yeah.” He muttered heading for the showers.

The screen cut to black, and returned to show Britt on stage. “Now! For a special segment,” Britt gave a weak smile, trying to sell the producer's latest idea. “Let’s make a match!” He cheered out, and welcomed Emmett, Angel, Kimmi and Zaina to the stage - though Kimmi seemed to absent.

The screen switched to backstage where Kimmi was crying in the makeup room. Jade stared at her. “Crying doesn’t help.” She said flatly.

“Well it helps me!” Kimmi shouted, more tears falling from her face. “The entire country hates me! Do you know how that feels!? My parents don’t even know what to say to me!” Jade snapped the elastic band on her wrist and stepped towards Kimmi. “I am the original. So yes, I understand more than you might remember.”

Kimmi sniffled, and wiped her snot on Jade’s clothing. “R-really?” She stared at Jade. “I just thought you were heartless and did all of those things because you didn’t care about anyone except for yourself!”

Jade glared at Kimmi, and snapped the elastic band on her wrist in succession. “I’m going to forget you just said… Any of that.” She took a tissue to wipe Kimmi’s snot off of her. “You didn’t know any better. You thought you were making the right choice when you betrayed Grayson’s trust.” Kimmi nodded. “You wanted to get revenge on him for hurting you- for hurting Jamie.” Kimmi nodded furiously. “But you clearly misjudged the circumstances.” Jade slapped Kimmi who yelped. “So get yourself together and get on stage.” Jade groaned and turned around to get herself onto the stage. “It doesn’t get any better. The regret will haunt you every day. People will stare, some will throw things. You’ll wake up to people calling you, just to hate on you. You’ll push the people you love away. But it’s all your fault.” Jade stated without missing a beat. “Everything comes back to you - and you thinking you were right, when you were most definitely wrong.” Jade went to snap the elastic band on her wrist again but Kimmi caught her hand, and gave Jade a hug.

Kimmi sniffled. “Thank you.”

Jade didn’t move, confused. “For what.”

“Reminding me that I’m not alone.” Kimmi giggled and skipped onto the stage. Jade blinked and gently let go of the elastic, smiling slightly and followed behind Kimmi.

Britt’s face lit up when Jade joined him on the stage. “You’re back! And you brought Kimmi!” He turned to look at Emmett who sat in a enclosed box.

“Do we have to do this?” He sighed, “I just broke up with Rosalie. This is cruel.”

Britt shrugged, “I mean, while that’s true mate. So is hating a guy for who he was dating.”

“Fair enough.”

In front of Emmett, and out of his sight, Angel, Kimmi and Zaina sat in chairs. Jade spoke up. “We tweeted out to a professional matchmaker, you might know her as the wannabe host, who is totally not as hot as Zac, or as good of a host as he is - his words, or as Rhonda, host of Total Drama Genesis!” She paused as the crowd erupted into cheer. “For her thoughts on which of these three girls Emmett should take on a date to Paris.”

“And by Paris, we mean a french lunch made by Fleur.” Britt smiled towards Fleur who waved innocently.

Angel giggled excitedly beside Zaina. “This is so fun!”

Zaina nodded. “I know right! I never thought I’d have a chance to date Emmett!” She giggled. “Although I’m not even sure if he’s my type.”

Kimmi blushed. “I think he’s a hunk.”

“Totally!” Angel and Zaina both giggled.

“Oh my god!” Zaina gasped as she saw Rhonda’s face appear on the screen. “I’ve missed you!” She squealed, and waved at her former host.

“Britt? Jade? Do I really need to watch this?” Tameron sighed. “It’s just.. A tad awkward.”

Rhonda brushes her frazzled hair. “Tell me when we start filming.”

“We’ve already started.”

Rhonda tosses her brush aside and forces a smile. “Hello Canada! I hope all of you are doing wonderful, and enjoying Tides, even with Zac’s hosting. I know a lot of you have been watching Genesis, so thank you! If only I could get America to tune in like you guys…”

The cameraman coughed. “Any day now, we still have a challenge to set up…”

“Right,” Rhonda replied. “So we need to set up a date for our macho meat man? Ooh, sorry I couldn’t be there Emmett.”

Rhonda winked at the camera, then giggled. “Haha, don’t get jealous Tameron or Damien. Or any of you other boys. Maybe we'll meet again, if paths ever cross…”

“Are those real people?”

Rhonda scowled. “Obviously! Those canadian boys couldn’t get enough of me.”

“Are all Canadians blind?” a female voice asked. “And deaf? And have no fingers to feel your awkward forehead?”

“You didn’t actually date any of them?” the cameraman asked.

Rhonda shushed her attendants. “Thankfully, it's sounds like Emmett has some pretty good choices. They are little...crazy admittedly, but the crazy ones are the cutest!”

Rhonda pulls over a chart, full of photos and notes. “I’ve been doing the math. So let’s see...I definitely think Emmett and Kimmi, or Kimmett, could be cute. It's the best ship name of the choices, which is always important. I think Kimmi is a cuddler, and Emmett needs some cuddles. I do worry if Kimmi would suffocate him a bit, but girl needs some love, especially since Samson is going on.”

Rhonda flipped the board, revealing pictures of Zaina. “Now Emmett and Zaina, aka Emania, is cute too. I’m calling Zexi officially sunk, and maybe for the best. Now Emania wasn’t that popular while Frozen aired, due to being on opposite teams, but both returning did lead to increase in fan shipping. ”

Rhonda picked up a piece of paper to read over it. “I can see the potential. Both have came here, found their inner strength, moved past their pairs and sacrificed themselves for their teams. The idea of the two veterans is cute, and I lowkey would enjoy the drama when Rosalie finds out...but I’m not sure how much they have in common interest-wise. But opposites attract for a reason…”

Rhonda pulled over another chart. “Now Emgel, or Emmett and Angel. I have to say, Angel hooking up with her sexy captain? The fanfiction of them on the Shark's ship writes itself! They are the two who know each the most, and I think Emmett has learned that Angel has a lot of inner strength he overlooked. Plus, both do need to move on desperately! Angel, Cody couldn’t commit but Emmett is loyal! Emm, Rosalie put herself first, but Angel is just as loyal!”

Rhonda pushed away her chart, stroking her chin. “It's a tough call; there all good ships in their own ways. I’d say let each have a separate date so I could gather more evidence, but I can only pick one. So I pick...Angel. Now, if Zaina and Kimmi are still interested, I have plenty of other ships we could try-”

The video cuts off there, the battery having run out.

Kimmi frowned slightly and was shocked to receive a hug from Zaina. “Man! So much for a cute little date.” Zaina giggled. “What do you say me and you grab lunch instead?”

Kimmi blinked, “You’d want to get lunch… with me?”

Zaina nodded, wrapping her arm around her. “Of course, we all make mistakes, we just need to remember to move past them.”

Emmett awkwardly walked over to Angel. “So uh…”

Angel lightly punched his arm. “Look don’t worry about it! Let’s just grab lunch as friends ok! Besides it’s been awhile, we need to catch up anyways!”

The muscle-head nodded. “Yeah! That sounds great.” “Let’s welcome Leo, and Youri to the stage.” Britt waved the two over, inviting them to sit beside him and Jade.

Jade stared the two boys. “It’s well known that you two have bonded since Youri’s… dramatic elimination.”

“It’s hard not to bond with someone when you both have common enemies.” Youri growled, staring at Emmett.

Leo nodded. “We both have a grosse disliking of specific veterans, and feel they should have never been brought back to the show.” Emmett rolled his eyes.

“Do I even know you?” Zaina asked as she stared at the two.

“You don’t really want to.” Emmett remarked.

Jade sighed. “Unfortunately for these two,” she motioned at both Leo and Youri. “Britt’s actually really good at being an aftermath host.” She snapped her fingers as images of Youri performing ballet flashed across the screen. The eliminated sailors, and the audience erupted into laughter.

“I THOUGHT I DESTROYED ALL OF THOSE!” Youri screamed trying to run, but Britt stopped him.

The brit shrugged. “Nothing can hide from the Queen.” He turned to Leo who was holding back his laughter. “Thoughts about your latest friend?” Leo tried to speak, but couldn’t hide his laughter. Youri groaned, and walked back to his seat.

“Why is it so hard to put THAT in my past. It’s not my fault my parents thought I was going to be a girl!” Youri muttered.

Emmett shrugged. “I gave you an out when I eliminated myself. You chose not to take it.” The muscular teen chuckled, “and Andre of all people stopped you!”

“He got lucky.” Youri pouted. “My team was just too blind to see how much of an asset I was.”

Angel shook her head. “Or maybe you were too busy trying to be someone you’re not.”

Jade rolled her eyes. “Anyways let’s move on to people who the country actually care about.” She motioned for the remaining sailors to take their seats on the stage, Colin, Wing, Damien and Fleur. The crowd cheered, eagerly waving signs for their favorite sailors. “And in particular, let’s catch up with Tameron, and Wing.” She said as their chairs moved to center stage, belts flying out from the bottom of the chairs and locking the teens in. The stage parted to reveal a pool. “It’s time to play a game first popularized in….” Jade gulped, “America.” The crowd gasped, but then burst into cheer when Jade and Britt shouted, “DUMP THE CHUMPS!” The crowd echoed, louder and louder. Tameron and Wing nervously looked at each other.

“Here’s how this works mates. We’re going to ask simple questions, and if Zaina.” He waved at his former competitor, “Can answer correctly neither of you get dumped.” He raised his eyebrows. “I bet you’re regretting some of your choices now eh?”

“I got this guys!” Zaina grinned. “Elyar, Sarah and… Yasmin helped me piece together my history!”

Jade held back a grin, “Tameron and Wing were both held captive by Mother.”

“TRUE!” Zaina eagerly shouted, excited to know the answer.

“I wasn’t done.” Jade blinked. “Tameron and Wing were both held captive by Mother, and Mother helped Tameron escape…”

“TRUE!” Zaina shouted once more.

“Arrrrr Zaina,” Wing sighed, “She was not finished.” The pirate looked down at the pool that was glowing from the electric eels.

“And Mother helped Tameron escape.... Why?”

Tameron grit his teeth, “How is she supposed to know that? Mother was a secretive woman!”

The princess frowned. “He’s right, I don’t know.”

Jade pulled a lever as both Tameron and Wing were dunked in the electrifying water. “Care to explain the correct answer Wing?” Wing looked at Tameron sadly. “She let Tam-Tu be free like the seagulls after I made an oath I would aid her in her quest to destroy Floria.”

Tameron gasped. “You… You did that for me?”

“NEXT!” Britt smiled. “Tameron, is the crowned Prince of Floria, but he was exiled from Floria for what reason?”

“Exiled?!” Wing and Zaina both gasped.

Jade pulled the lever, sending Tameron and Wing into the water again.

Tameron shook the water off, looking tired. “Our mom could not bare to look at me, knowing that you were still out there. I was not allowed in the kingdom until you were returned. It was my duty to protect you,” He sighed. “And I failed so many years ago.”

Zaina rushed to the side of Tameron and Wing and unclipped them, giving them both a giant hug. “I forgive you both! You’ve been through so much!” She kissed her brother's cheek, and whispered in his ear, “Plus, I think she likes you.” Tameron blushed.

“But we had more questions.” Britt sighed.

“Well that’s nice. But you won’t get any ratings from us.” Zaina said calmly.

Britt pressed a button, and the screen switched to show Viola in the confessional. “I can not believe that Colin asked me to help him out with Fleur.” She shivered. “I refuse to believe I signed up for Degrassi 2.0. I have three choices. One- I could help him out. Two- I could do nothing and let him disappoint himself because Fleur is obviously not into him…. Or three, I could lie, and turn the team against him.” She gulped and nervously looked into the camera. “Yeah…” She sighed.

“I told you I thought your accent was cute!” Colin shouted, and looked excitedly over at Fleur.

She blushed. “You are in the believing that I am cute?” Fleur blinked her wide eyes at the boy.

“Obviously!” The other sailors shouted, and laughed.

“He’s only spent like,” Cherry looked at the clock, “The past month trying to kiss you.”

Fleur gasped. “Kiss moi? Pas Viola? She is in the ways of perfect?”

Colin walked beside the girl. “Not for me.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

Fleur ducked. “I am in the needing of date first!”

The American laughed and nodded. “That’s fair enough.” He opened up his phone and started to flip through different images he had saved. “These are all of the date ideas I had…” He gulped. “I’ve had a little bit of time to think about it.” He gave her a weak smile, hoping he didn’t sound like a stalker.

“Why did you not speak your love before?” Fleur asked, still shocked.

Cherry rolled her eyes. “He did. You’re just like TOTALLY oblivious.” She gagged, “Like it’s really sickening.”

Britt looked at Jade. “This whole drama thing isn’t working.” He muttered under his breath.

Jade shrugged. “They’re all friends, what did you expect?”

“We used to all be mates too…” Britt nervously said, looking down. “More than friends actually.”

“Britt…” Jade muttered. “We can’t get into this again. We broke up. I’m just not right for you.” She snapped an elastic band and turned to the audience, giving Britt the cold shoulder. “Who's excited to see what Cherry has been up to?” The crowd erupted into cheer, while the rest of the cast groaned.

“Do we have to?” Leo muttered. “I could really go without more of goddess Cherry talk.”

Cherry who had already made her way to center stage waved elegantly to the crowd. “Like it is an honour to be able to speak to you all today! Like ever since the Incan Army like totally started worshipping me I’ve been like totally PERFECT!” She squealed. “Under ALL of your seats you will find my like totally amazing coffee brand, Cherry-licious!”

Britt and Jade shared a look. “Leo was right. Let’s move on to…” Jade looked at the cast, “Hey, we’re actually at the last segment.” She snapped her fingers as the screen lit up once again.

Rhonda’s face returned in a pixelated form. “Keep running Toby! It’s working! You’re powering it up again!” The American host shouted. “Oh…. I’m on air again. Awks.” She blushed and waved.

Britt shook his head. “Ey Rhonda! Care to share with the world who will be joining Cherry back on the show?”

The host nodded. “Oh yes! Well see when I was offered the co-hosting position I was allowed to choose one member to return to the merge…” She started to explain but was met with bored faces. “Well OK THEN!” She huffed. “I made a promise to a certain sailor before I left… And I feel like this person would bring lots of drama to the show… And I think the fact that Zac is still oblivious to their intentions is amazing!” She giggled. “Like how is your host?” She shook her head in confusion. “Anyways! I choose to bring back Damien.”

The crowd gasped, and burst into cheer. Damien looked up from where he was playing on his phone. “Me?”

“Yeppers!” Rhonda grinned. “If only I could be there to get a hug!” She sighed. “Maybe soon!” She winked.

“Rhonda… this is…. Tiring….” Toby groaned, letting out heavy breaths as he ran on the giant hamster wheel. The screen started to turn to static.

“And tell Zac that----” She started but was cut off as the screen completely faded.

Britt and Jade walked to the center of the stage and gave a quick bow. “Well, it looks like the tides are changing, and Zac and the rest of the sailors are about to hit some bad weather and find some stowaways.” They gave a sly wink, as Cherry and Damien were yanked off stage and tied up. “Until next time!” They waved innocently.

Chapter Sixteen: A Cut Above the Rest

The screen cuts from theme song to reveal Zac and Mana on their motor boat, behind them, two pirate ships were sinking. The host motioned for the cameraman to return focus on him. “Welcome back to Total Drama Tides!” He rolled his eyes, and took a step toward the camera, almost falling into the water if it wasn’t for Mana pulling him back. “I hope those washed up wannabes didn’t sink our ratings too much.” He elbowed Mana, forcing him to laugh.

“If your puns don’t shipwreck them first.” Mana chuckled. The host glared at the intern.

“Last time, two of our teams lost control of their ships…” Zac shrugged. “And basically just crashed, and wasted a good portion of the budget for the season.”

Mana blinked, watching as the sailors swam in the water calling for help. “So why did we leave them on the rock again?”

Zac smirked and pulling out a megaphone. “Oh yeah.” He shouted. “Welcome to the merge! Rhontastic Hotties if you could rescue the rest of the merge sailors that would be pretty dope!”

“Is this how you plan on generating ratings? Senseless violence?” Mana shook his head. “This is why your ratings are staying stable, and Rhonda’s are going up.”

Zac glared at the intern. “No. Her ratings keep going up because SOMEONE keeps watching her show.” He growled, shoving Mana off of the boat.

(CONF): Mana rolled his eyes. “It’s been a few days since the last elimination. Zac had the teens set up camp on the rock - and they were told not to interact with one another until today.”

The scene cut to show the Rhontastic Hotties by the wheel of their ship. “The merge?” Sam gasped. “We made the merge!” He grinned pulling Grayson in for a kiss.

Grayson blinked rapidly but fell into a smile. He stared at his boyfriend’s eyes. “Yeah. We did! Together.” He grinned.

Hannah jumped up in joy. “Wow! I’ve never made the merge before! It’s like I’ve evolved into a better character or something!”

Viola stared at her former captain, “You’re still just as insane as always.” She paused. “I mean that in a good way.” She paused again, “I think.”

“Down girl.” Grayson teased Viola, who gave her friend a small smile.

“Let’s promise to stay together!” Sam bit his lip, “I know that like, everyone and their gay dad says that they will stay together at the merge, but like, let’s actually do it.”

Viola put her hand in between her friends. “For Fleur.”

“For Fleur!” They cheered together.

“Hannah?” Andre yelled out from the water below. “Some assistance would be pretty cool… Before we, you know get eaten by a shark.” The Rhontastic Hotties laughed and rushed to the side of the ship to help the other teens aboard.

The sailors were all safely placed on the ship, asides from Alfie who was swimming laps around the ship. “Do I have to come up?” He pleaded with Andre.

“I mean man, don’t you want to meet everyone else?” Andre asked.

“Not really. I already have you and Malia!”

Sarah giggled. “Is he always this adorably awkward?”

“Yes.” Malia nodded.

“No. Why?” Trixie muttered.

“Sorry?” Sarah raised her eyebrows and stepped away from the cowgirl.

Elyar joined Sarah at the side of the ship. “Remember. We don’t know much about the other sailors. We don’t have very good intel on them, we’ll need to use our deduction skills to figure out who we can trust with our mission.” He looked over at Yasmin who stood alone, furiously writing into her journal.

Sarah nodded. “I guess you’re right… I think that Alfie is adorable though!” She waved down at the boy who had climbed aboard and was shaking himself dry. Elyar chuckled softly, and nodded.

“Does she talk much?” Malia asked, pointing at Yasmin.

Elyar and Sarah exchanged a glance. “It’s complicated.”

Andre looked at the ex-pirated in shock. “Does that mean you voted off Zaina?”

“It’s complicated.” The pair echoed.

Yasmin closed her book and moved her pencil behind her ear. “Well it’s only complicated because these two are about as clueless as Alfie over there.” She pointed at Alfie who slamming his hand against his head to get the water out of his ears. “Zaina chose to leave on her own.”

“Another one? Man us vets sure do know how to make an exit.” Hannah laughed and looked at Andre. “Don’t expect me to give up so easily!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Is that a nyan cat?” Alfie gasped looking off at the ocean. The sun's rays hit the waves giving the appearance of a rainbow swimming straight for the ship.

Grayson gently pushed Alfie out of the way to get a better look. “It can’t be! That only happens in that other reality show!”

Sam jumped onto Grayson’s shoulders. “It kind of… It looks like dolphins!” He exclaimed as the rest of the sailors gathered at the side of the ship to watch the dolphins.

“They’re hitched to something!” Trixie exclaimed. “It’s like a horse-drawn carriage!”

“Except with dolphins!” Malia squealed. “I’ve always wanted to see a real life dolphin!” She hopped in place.

Sarah nodded. “They’re so majestic! It’s like riding a mermaid!” She sighed, realizing Zac wasn’t around. “Zac took me to ride them once,” she explained. “I’ll never forget it!”

“C to the H, to the E, to the double R, Y!” One of the figures shouted out.

“Oh no.” Andre, and Grayson both muttered. Viola’s eyes lit up at the thought of returnees.

Yasmin stopped taking notes and looked out at the oncoming dolphins. “Statistically speaking, Cherry would be a likely choice to return, along with Angel or Fleur.”

“Angel!?” Malia gasped squinting, trying to see her best friend.

“Damien?” The sailors gasped, as the dolphins stopped swimming, allowing the two former sailors to climb aboard.

The legacy contestant shrugged. “Rhonda’s choice…” He waved over at Cherry, “She was the most popular sailor.”

Cherry sent a smirk at Grayson. “Oh gray-bear, guess who knows your secret.”

Cherry quickly grabbed Damien’s and Yasmin’s arms and raced below decks, and closed the door behind them.

“Did you forget that I don’t actually like you?” Damien asked.

Cherry rolled her eyes. “I’m a goddess, you sorta like, totally have to like me?” She applied her own branded chapstick. “But like that’s not the point.”

Yasmin took a heavy breath. “Damien.” She said somewhat warmly. “Ensure me that she does not always speak like a preteen who just watched High School Musical.”

Damien burst out into a chuckle. “I can not tell a lie.” He wrapped an arm around Yasmin. “I missed you.”


“HELLO?” Cherry groaned. “I exist! Look at me!” She motioned towards her grinning face. “I, as the totally cherrylicious, goddess of the Incan people am here to offer you two mortals like only the most life-defining opportunity of your like totally pitiful lives!”

Yasmin stared blankly at the girl. “Yes. Because aligning myself with someone who is entirely full of herself, and hated by basically everyone who is left sounds like an incredibly logical idea.” Yasmin shrugged. “May aswell wear that meat dress that WIng left me and jump into the ocean and play with the sharks.”

Damien blinked. “Someone’s gotten sassy since last time.”

“Like don’t forget that you kinda sorta have no friends here anymore either. Like atleast I’m well aware that I’m on a superior level than all of you.” Cherry blew on her nails. “You’re still like just a little moody that your best friend was eliminated unfairly, and managed to make your entire team like totally hate you.”

Yasmin tried to speak up, but Cherry kept going. “Like the way I see it, we’re like all on the outs here.” She pointed at herself. “I’m just too cherrylicious for these people,” she walked behind Damien, “your team wrongfully got rid of you and like totally refuse to admit it,” she turned to Yasmin, “and if you truly want to be like a badass villain and find your parents you like SO need to join my unholy trinity!”

“Unholy Trinity?” They both muttered.

“Well duh! Our alliance name!”

Yasmin stared at her. “Fine. There is indeed power in numbers.”

“Ok. Sure. Whatever.” Damien nodded along.

Cherry grinned. “YAY! So like, let’s destroy Grayson. I know a juicy secret about it that’s going to make him eliminate himself!”

Damien and Yasmin turned to each other and sighed. “He’s already dating Sam. We know.”

Cherry gasped. “Ok. So like, I’m gonna need a minute to reformulate my totally amazing plan!”

(CONF): Damien bit his lip. “I know that my team didn’t eliminate me… And I know what I should be doing while I’m here. What I came here to do, for Heather.” He sighed. “But Yasmin… She’s well you saw her!”

(CONF): Yasmin sighed. “The final 5. That’s how long we need to keep that fruit-loving so-called goddess.” She adjusted her glasses. “I’ve done the math.”

(CONF): Cherry huffed. “My ex-sirens will PAY! No one like eliminates Cherry and leaves her to be sacrificed to like the big scary Incan people and gets away with it!”

The scene returned to the deck of the ship. Andre stood with Alfie. “Thanks for believing me man.” Andre wrapped his arm around Alfie. “About Youri and all.”

Alfie smiled, licking his lollipop. “Youri never liked my candy anyways.” He laughed. “Who doesn’t like candy!” The teen offered Andre the lollipop he had just licked.

“Ah, no thanks budd.” The musician shook his head. “I can’t believe Cherry’s back.”

“She’s cute.” Alfie shrugged. “Why don’t you date her? I think she’s way more your type than Malia.”

Andre’s eyes went wide. “Has everyone forgotten about Dania already?”

“Who?” Alfie shrugged.

“My girlfriend?”

Alfie gasped. “Woah man! And you cheated on her with Malia!?”

“She kissed me!” Andre groaned, banging his head against the wooden side of the ship.

Elsewhere, Trixie was petting Ribbit. “We did it Ribbit. We got rid of the villain!”

“Ribbit.” Ribbit wrapped his tongue around Trixie, hugging her.

Trixie giggled. “It only took half the season! But that’s ok, right girl? Now if only I could make it right with Alfie. I broke his heart… twice.” She rested her head on the frog, “Instead of getting hurt, I hurt someone else.”


“I know I’m an idiot! No need to rub it in Ribbit!” Trixie sighed.

Hannah slowly back away from Trixie.

(CONF): Hannah’s eyes are wide. “I was going to go talk to Trixie… but that girl is loopier than me when I did that 48 charity gaming stream! She needs help.” Hannah scratched her head, “And that’s coming from me, most hated girl in Canada last year!”

Zac is seen boarding the ship. He snapped his fingers, and Mana blew into a giant tuba. “I’m summoning all of you. So get here. Like now.” The host rolled his eyes, as the sailors slowly joined him at the helm of the ship.

“He’s still like the host of this lame show?” Cherry groaned.

“Not lame! That’s Genesis!” Zac growled. “This show is ZACTASTIC!”

“Kinda lame.” Damien agreed.

“Don’t listen to them.” Mana whispered. “You’re doing awesome. Your ratings will pick back up!”

Zac paused and took a deep breath. “If you haven’t noticed we have some new sailors to welcome, Cherry and Damien- unfortunately.”

Grayson shrugged, “If they didn’t say it, one of us would have.” He gave Sam a high-five.

“Well at least they’ve all bonded over something.” Mana whispered.

“NOT HELPING!” Zac shouted with such intensity Mana was knocked over. He turned to the sailors. “Since this is the last remaining ship. You will all be sleeping here.”

“We don’t have nearly enough cabins!” Hannah explained.

Mana shrugged, “You’ll be sharing! Your beds have been switched to bunkbeds!”

Zac pulled out a piece of paper and read out the new sleeping situation. “Hannah and Malia. Sarah and Trixie. Viola and Yasmin. Cherry and Andre. Damien and Eylar. Alfie… Grayson and Sam.”

“But there’s three of us in one room!?” Sam groaned.

“And he’s like a boy!?” Cherry pointed at Andre.

Zac shrugged. “I thought you might want to thank him for abandoning you to the Incan’s for dessert.” He turned to Alfie, Grayson and Sam. “And I just thought that you three would make great roommates.” He laughed.

Viola nudged Grayson. “Hope you’re quiet.” She teased.

“VIOLA!” Grayson blushed. “That’s not going to happen!”

The host nudged Mana to blow the tuba again. “But first, let’s have a challenge!” Zac pointed at the dojo shaped like a giant pirate ship on the shore. “Wing was kind enough to inform us of this place.”

“Wing? She’s safe?” Sarah perked up.

“She’s ok? With her mom?” Elyar added.

“Yes. And with the others on a cruise.” Mana nodded. “She made up with Zaina.”

Zac rolled his eyes. “As I was saying, Wing told us about this dojo.”

“What do have to steal this time?” Andre chuckled.

“Whose life are we going to ruin?” Viola muttered.

“Which ancient civilization are we going to interrupt?” Yasmin added.

“None.” Elyar gulped. “We’ll be lucky to make it out of here alive.”

“What!?” The sailors shouted.

Zac shrugged. “I’m sure you’ll all be fine! And if you don’t make it out in one piece then you definitely wouldn’t survive what’s coming up!” Zac climbed down onto the shore, motioning for the sailors to follow him. “This is a pirate dojo. They train you on how to become a true pirate.” He sighed. “You’re all honoured guests as long as you’re with me.” He looked up at Elyar who looked like he was about to vomit. “Even you Elyar. They’ve forgiven you for trying to burn the dojo down.” He walked started to walk towards the giant mountain where the dojo stood. “For now atleast.” He chuckled beside Mana.

Mana turned back to the sailors, “Maybe you should get to know your new roommates.” He pointed at the mountain. “It’s going to be a long trip.”

Andre tried to outpace Cherry, but she managed to keep up with the musician. “Trying to run away from me like so soon?” She gave him the puppy dog eyes. “Like don’t worry, I won’t try and like makeout with you.”

“You know?” Andre gulped.

Cherry smirked. “Like everyone does. It has over like two million hits on youtube!” She wrapped an arm around Andre. “So, like how was she?”

“Dania…” Andre sighed. “She must hate me. I didn’t know Malia felt like that.”

“Oh boy. She does!” “How do you know!” Andre pleaded.

Cherry licked her lips. “She was like at the aftermath!” She paused, “The producers like totally thought you would have been eliminated and brought her onto the show to like spend time with you!” Andre let out a scream- scaring the birds away. “Well, if it like makes you feel any better, you’re not my target- yet.”

“It doesn’t.”

The camera panned behind them to Viola and Yasmin. “Thank you Viola.” Yasmin stated.

“For what?”

“Not being one of those giggling, preteen idiots.”

“They’re not all bad.” Viola shook her head. “You get used to it, eventually.”

Yasmin stared at Viola. “Unlikely. I would prefer if we continued this trek in silence. Your opinion has been invalidated.” Viola blinked rapidly.

The camera panned behind them to Elyar and Damien. Elyar put his hand on Damien’s shoulder. “I know why you’re back. And I know how you were eliminated.” He turned Damien to look in his eyes. “I believe the path you are on now is not wise. It’s filled with revenge and emotion. You will,” Elyar paused, “regret it.”

“Because you’re not on a path to revenge?” Damien taunted. “Or should I go tell Andre why you’re actually here eh?”

“I see.” Elyar paused. “Just leave Sarah out of this.”


(CONF): Elyar sighed. "I've been informed of the truth of Damien's unfortunate elimination. He can no longer be trusted. Mother has contacted him. He's been tainted and honestly shouldn't be here considering his true goals..." He paused, "But like, Zac has it coming." 

The camera panned further back, to Hannah and Malia. “You’re not going to try and kill me like you did with Britt right?”

“What?” Hannah stopped walking.

“Because if you do, could you give me a day or so. I really need to write some letters to say my goodbyes and stuff.”

“Malia? You’re not some mob in a game. Why would I kill you?” Hannah gasped.

Malia shrugged “Why did you try to kill Britt?”

“I didn’t! The media just made it all up…” Hannah looked into Malia’s eyes who peered into her soul. “Ok stop.” She gulped. “I didn’t try to kill him… I just wanted to make sure he didn’t win Total Drama Frozen because I didn’t want him to have a happy ending!”

“Why? He was nice, especially to you!”

Hannah bit her lip. “Because…” Malia gripped onto Hannah’s hand, encouraging her. “Because I wasn’t in love with Saber, and I wasn’t happy. And I didn’t want Britt to be happy.”


“Because… I.. I still love him.” Hannah confessed.

Malia perked up at the word. “I know all about love!” She stared longingly at Andre.

Hannah turned away from Malia and stared at the camera, mouthing for help.

The camera panned to show Sam on Grayson’s back walking beside Alfie. “Are you two dating?” Alfie asked. “If not, can I get the next piggy back ride?”

Sam looked down at Grayson. “Are we?”

Grayson gulped. “I.. I think so.” He blushed.

“But you can still hop on.” Sam encouraged. “Grayson’s strong enough. Right bucko?” He ruffled his boyfriend's hair.

“I guess!”

“YAY!” Alfie grinned and climbed onto Sam’s back.

The camera panned a final time to show Trixie who was trying to convince Sarah to get on Ribbit’s back. “It’ll be fine! He loves company!”

“But he’s a giant frog!” She sniffed the air, “And he smells like a frog!”

Trixie blinked, holding back her laugh, “Yes, that is what frogs smell like.”

“Can’t we just walk?” Sarah pleaded.

“Come on! It’s fun!”

Sarah shook her head. “So is walking…”

“You can thank me later!” Trixie beamed as she lassoed Sarah, and pulled onto the frog.

“AHHHH!” Sarah shouted as Ribbit jumped into the sky.

The scene cut to the entrance of the pirate dojo. Sarah was seen kissing the ground. “I’ve missed you!”

“I really thought you would like it.” Trixie apologized.

Zac pushed Trixie out of the way. “Time for your next challenge.”

A pirate, with a long black beard, and eyepatch, hobbled over to the sailors, on his peg legs. “Welcome me maties!” The sailors gulped. “In order to be a true pirate, ye must past three trials.” He pointed at the entrance to the dojo, where blades swung from the walls. “The first will test ye courage.”

“Zac?” Sarah gulped. “Please tell me he’s kidding.”

“Sorry ducky, nothing but the truth. A true pirate will make it through alive.”

Elyar stared at the pirate, who stared back. “Nothings changed then eh?”

“The test is older than the waves.”

Elyar nodded, and jumped through the grand entrance. He somersaulted over the pit of spikes, and danced around the blades. He turned back to the other sailors and gave a wink. “It was much harder the first time.” He assured them.

Sam gripped onto Grayson. “Don’t do it!”

Grayson smiled. “Come on, you know I can do it!”

“And I know I like looking at your face.” Sam stared into Grayson’s eyes. “Please!”

Grayson shook his head. “I can do it! I know I can!”

Sam sighed. “Fine. You’re lucky that you’re really hot.”

Grayson kissed Sam on the cheek before he tumbled into the dojo- Cherry right behind him. “Graybear! Like I said we’d talk later. I think it’s like totally time!” She giggled as she jumped over the pit after Grayson.

“Really?” Grayson muttered, as she stopped right before one of the swinging blades.

“Well duh? How’s Sam treating you?” She smiled, and dodged the first swinging blade.

Grayson followed behind her, “I don’t want to talk about that with you.”

“Have you seen him naked yet?” She teased, and cartwheeled around the remaining blades.

“What did I just say.” Grayson muttered as he ran through the remaining course.

Cherry shrugged. “So you like, haven’t seen his tattoo yet?” She winked.

Back at the entrance Zac stared at the sailors. “Any other takers?” He looked at Alfie. “I think there’s candy over there!”

“Candy!” Alfie shouted, and raced through the obstacle course.

“Alfie!” Trixie muttered, chasing after him to ensure he was safe. The pair hopped and raced through the course - safely.

Andre stared at the blades. “Yeah I think I’m good.”

Hannah nodded. “Only so many life and death experiences I can take for one day- I don’t have infinite lives here.”

Viola paused. “I may see little point in living, but I refuse to go out by being impaled by a giant metal rod.”

“I’ll do it.” Yasmin stated, having finished calculating the speeds of the swinging blades. She easily walked along the side of the spike pit, and walked past the blades without skipping a beat.

“She’s so smart.” Malia stared.

“She is.” Damien muttered. “She really is.”

Zac waved at the sailors. “Well, we’ll see you losers later. Wait here ok?” He pointed at Mana. “Keep an eye on them.” Zac hopped on the pirates back, and entered the dojo.

“Trial two. Endurance.” The pirate pointed at the pool filled with black liquid.

“He doesn’t speak much,” Zac noted about the pirate. “Your second challenge is to stay in that liquid.” He stared as the liquid bubbled. “The first three who chicken out will not move onto the final stage with the other three.” Pirates came up from behind the sailors and shoved them into the liquid.

Elyar kept a straight face, and looked at the other sailors. “You don’t have to endure this. You can leave.”

“Too hot to talk!” Grayson said through his teeth.

Cherry instantly jumped out. “HEY!” She walked up to the pirate. “This is like my coffee!” She pointed at the liquid. “Why do you have it! You totally stole it!”

The pirate nodded. “Yes. I am a pirate, it is what I do.” He pointed at the sailors in the drink who were turning red. “Plus it has extreme burning abilities.”

Trixie threw a lollipop outside of the pool. “Wow! Look at that, candy!” She gasped, and watched as Alfie jumped out of the liquid.

“Candy!” Alfie grinned, then realized he was eliminated. “Oh.” He frowned, shoving the lollipop into his mouth.

“I calculate we can last only a few more minutes before we have permanent scarring.” Yasmin said.

Grayson turned to Trixie. “You won’t be eliminated. You have my word.”

“His word like means nothing! He’s a liar!” Cherry growled.

Trixie got out of the coffee. “But I believe him.” She stated, and used Trixie’s hair to dry herself off.

Outside of the dojo, Malia sat on the staircase. Sam walked over beside her. “Aren’t you normally the never ending giggling machine?”

“Andre hasn’t spoken to me today.” She frowned, and stared at Andre.

Sam looked confused. “Ok?”

“I kissed him!” She groaned. “And he hasn’t said anything to me since. I thought he loved me.”

Sam took a deep breath. “Since no one else seems to want to give you the bad news hun. Andre has been dating someone since last season. He’s prolly really mad at you right now.” Sam gave Malia a smile.

“What!” Malia gasped. “Oh my god!” She jumped to her feet and tried to race over to Andre, but Sam stopped her.

“Give him some space for now…” Sam looked over at the veteran, “He has a lot to think about.”

Hannah looked up at Mana. “Do you always just follow Zac around and do what he asks? Like a sidekick?”

“No!” Mana gasped. “Ok… maybe, but it’s my job!” Hannah shrugged, “Sounds like a lame job… Oh no.” She muttered as she saw the lost children appear after climbing the mountain. “Hide me!” She shouted and dove into Mana’s mane of hair.

“Why?” He asked, adjusting his hair.

“They’re like my own personal Sierra… times one hundred.” She paused. “Is this a laptop?” Hannah asked, as she pulled out a laptop from Mana’s hair.

“Be careful in there! I have personal things in there!”

The scene cut back to the dojo. Sam, Sarah and Damien were escorted in, tied up. “Final trial.” The pirate handed Yasmin, Elyar and Grayson a sword each. “Heartless.”

Zac grinned. “This is the ratings right here!” He pointed at their loved ones. “To be a true pirate you must be cruel and heartless. Prove it by stabbing your loved one.” Zac walked behind the sailors. “I’ve been assured it’s not fatal.”

“No way!” Grayson shouted, instantly dropping his sword and diving to take the tape off of Sam’s mouth and untie him.

“I was just starting to really get into it.” Sam winked, as he and Grayson laughed.

Grayson looked up at Cherry. “You can try to make me turn against him again, but it won’t work Cherry. I’m finally happy.” He gave Sam a kiss. “Why would I throw it all away because someone from my past decided he wasn’t good enough for me?”

Cherry shrugged. “Clearly you forgot why the last person Sam got close to was eliminated.”

Sam’s eyes went wide. “Blake!”

“Sam? What is she talking about?”

“Blake.” Sam said again. “He was my friend, but my team was afraid we’d become a power couple.”

“And I just showed that I love you… and that I’m a threat.” Grayson said slowly.

Sam wrapped his arms around Grayson. “It’s ok. We’ll work this out.”

“Like good luck.” Cherry winked.

The camera panned to Elyar who was staring at the pirate. “I passed this test once before, what makes you think I wouldn’t this time?”

Yasmin spoke up for him. “Because Elyar, you actually care about someone for once. You’ve gotten weak.” She stated. “Go on, do it. Stab her. She deserves it after everything she did.”

Elyar sighed. “You’re right.” He dropped the sword.

Damien gulped staring up at Yasmin. "Come on, you're not actually planning on stabbing me...." He nervously said, as Yasmin stated at the sword.

"If I wish to win the challenge, I would need to." She said simply. "Besides, if I want to get my revenge on those weaklings," She pointed over at Elyar who was protecting Sarah, "Then I need to ensure my safety."

"Ok!" Damien quickly said. "But like, my life? You know? Heart beat and stuff?"

“Sorry Damien. But I have things to do.” She raised the sword above his chest and rammed it against him - snapping the paper sword into pieces. Damien’s eyes went wide.

“You could have killed him!” Elyar gasped.

“Please. It was clearly paper. You were too blind to see that.”

Zac paused. “Well… That was clearly… shocking. Yasmin wins the first individual challenge of the season.”

Sarah wrapped her arms around Elyar. “Thanks.”

Damien laid on the ground, the sword in pieces around him. He watched as Yamin walked away with Zac. "She... She actually did it." He gulped. "What's happened since I've been gone." He watched as Sarah and Elyar left the dojo. "It wasn't supposed to go down like this." He muttered, picking himself up from the ground. 

The screen switched to show Andre and Hannah in the kitchen of the ship. “You know…” Andre started, “We could maybe team up now?”

Hannah bit into her apple. “We could… We are the only veterans left.”

“And we both have the trust of our teams.” Andre added.

“We’re both not exactly challenge threats.” Hannah complicated, before spitting into her hand. “Ok. Deal. Shake on it.” She offered her hand to Andre.

Andre spat into his own hand and shook hers. “Deal.”

“And as our first order of being allies, can you please deal with Malia so she can stop groaning about you.”

Elsewhere, the Unholy Trinity were meeting. “So we’re agreed?” Damien asked.

Yasmin sighed. “If that’s who you two want out. I suppose I will go along with it. But it’s not the most logical choice.”

Cherry shrugged. “Like once he’s eliminated then we can go after whoever it that you like totally wanted. But HE leaves first.”

“She did create the awesome plan that gave us the opportunity, I say we use it while we still have the chance.” Damien added.

The scene switched to show the sailors seated on the deck. The night sky above them. Zac looked at the sailors, “So, who do you think is going home tonight Andre?”

The musician shrugged. “I think it’s clear that there are some strong competitors here…”

“And then people like you.” Cherry smiled sweetly.


“What about you Viola? Any thoughts?” Mana asked.

“I think that the sky isn’t darker than some of our spirits. And that certain people shouldn’t have returned.”

“Ooooh kay.” Zac forced a smile. “What about you Sarah?”

“I still can’t believe we’ve made it so far! I never dreamt I would be on the show, let alone the merge!” She explained.

“Well, I definitely never thought you would be here, either.” Zac smiled and turned to Mana. “Since Yasmin won immunity,” he pointed to the sky where her face lit up the sky, “She is safe.”

“Clearly.” Yasmin muttered.

Zac snapped as Mana lit the cannon once more and Alfie’s, Viola’s and Sarah’s faces appeared.

“Do I get more candy now?”

“No.” Alfie shrunk into his seat.

Zac snapped again, and Sam’s, Damien’s and Andre’s faces lit up the night sky.

Cherry eyed Damien. “You like totally didn’t do what I think you did!” Damien sent her a wink. “Yasmin!?”

“It’s all calculated.”

Zac snapped once more as Hannah’s, Malia’s and Trixie’s faces appeared in the sky. “That leaves… Cherry, Elyar and Grayson.”

Mana spoke out, “You all proved to be true competitors today, and real threats.”

“And some of you came back and were still major monsters.” Hannah giggled alongside Viola who smirked.

“But that monster is still safe.” Mana sighed, and lit the cannon as Cherry’s face appeared.

“Like I so, knew it! You can’t eliminate a goddess!”

Grayson and Elyar exchanged looks. “You two might not know each other, but you both have big hearts and a competitive spirit.”

Sam looked on at Grayson. “He can’t leave! Not yet!” He looked at the other sailors who didn’t return his glance.

“Elyar?” Sarah asked. “Why him? Come on! He’s such a nice guy!”

Zac snapped as Mana lit the final cannon, and Grayson’s face appeared in the sky.

Cherry stared at Damien and Yasmin. “What about the plan!”

“You guys make a terrible alliance.” Andre stated and high-fived Hannah.

“Like really?” She laughed.

Sarah walked over and hugged Elyar who had slid off his watch and gave it to the crying girl. “Be strong Sarah. Remember your training, you are strong. You are Sarah, singer of the seas.” He looked over at Yasmin. “Do not forget what your mission is.”

Sarah nodded and slid the watch onto her wrist. “I won’t. I will do it! For you!”

Elyar shook his head. “No. For you. Do it for you.” He wrapped his arms around Sarah before he walked down the plank of shame, and into the ocean of lame.

Zac smirked and looked at the sailors. “Well that was the merge guys! And it looks like there is a definite divide between the lot of you! Will the sailors continue to clash like the ocean's waves or will things settle down? Who knows, but you can find out next time on Total Drama Tides!”

The screen cut to show Damien alone in his room. “The coast is clear, my roommate is eliminated.” He said, and opened the window, as Mother crawled in.

“Good. Then let’s get the plan in action.” She grinned.

Chapter Seventeen: Sunken Dreams

The static cut to reveal Zac, waving at the camera from the helm of the gold-painted ship. “Welcome back to Total Drama Tides!” He snapped, as Mana opened a grey umbrella over the host, protecting him from the drizzling rain. “Last time, the sailors from the three teams merged, and two unwelcomed sailors returned to the hunt for the prize money! After a grueling series of challenges, Yasmin proved she was the most cut out to be a pirate, and won the first EVER, individual immunity. Cherry’s new alliance, the unholy trinity targeted Grayson, trying to show he was a threat in the social, and physical aspects of the game, but in the end it was Elyar, another competition threat who was sent home.”

The screen flashed to static, before it switched to show Sarah’s and Trixie’s cabin. “Aren’t you going to come for a run with me?” Trixie asked, as she hopped down from the top bunk, her hat drifting slowly to her head.

Sarah pulled the covers off from over her face. “The Sun is barely out.” She groaned. “I still need my beauty sleep.”

“Are you sure it’s not about Elyar being eliminated?” Trixie asked as she laced up her boots. “Because we can have girl talk if you want?”

The singer groaned out again, returning the covers to their rightful place over her face. “No! I just need to sleep. It’s a show, I knew Elyar would go at some point. We prepared for this.”

Trixie nodded. “Ok girl. But if you need me. I’m here for you ok!? I know what it’s like to have your heart broken.”

“Heartbroken?” Sarah gasped. “Did you… .Oh my god. Did you think we were dating?” The singer pulled the covers off of her body once more, revealing her glittering night gown. “I can assure you, that we were not!”


“He was like my brother! My big brother who wanted to protect me!” Sarah explained as she grabbed her towel. “Like a stalker-brother who kidnapped me…. But then saved me!”

“Yeah… uh.” Trixie gulped.

“He just wanted me to rule the kingdom!” Sarah continued.

“So… This isn’t what I meant by girl talk…” Trixie stated before she snuck out of the room.

Sarah blinked and shrugged. “Well time to shower.” She left the cabin and walked towards the showers.

“Elyar!?” A voice hissed.

“Stop reminding me!” Sarah sighed, looking around for the source of the sound, but to no avail. She shrugged it off as her hearing things, and removed her gown, covering herself with her towel as she turned the water to the shower on.

“Elyar! Do not ignore me.” Sarah’s watch commanded, vibrating on her wrist. She looked confused, and pressed the screen of the watch. A middle-aged man appeared as a hologram in front of her.

“EXCUSE YOU!” She gasped. “I’m naked underneath this tower!” She tried to turn it off, but couldn’t figure it out.

“Yes. I can see that. What have you done to Elyar? And why do you have his watch.”

Sarah eyed the man. “Are you… Are you him? His boss?” She gasped, waving her hand through the hologram.

The man seemed content. “Ah yes. Sarah. I should have known, he has failed his mission to eliminate Andre, and got himself eliminated.” The agent sighed. “This is a shame. I suppose Elyar will continue to work alongside me, for failing to complete his final mission.”

“No!” Sarah shouted, before remembering she was still in a public place. She lowered her voice. “I’ll do it, whatever his mission was. He needs to be free. He’s not your personal slave.”

The man stared intensely at Sarah. “Very well.” He tried to contain his laughter. “If you, Sarah, former contestant on the Ugly Duckling, daughter to Jocelyn, can succeed in this mission, of ensuring Andre does not win, Elyar will be allowed to live a normal life. If not… Well, I suppose I should get a new watch made for you aswell.” He smirked, waving good bye.

“If not what!?” Sarah shouted again, trying to turn the watch back on, but it was black.

The scene switched to a close up view of Alfie lying on top of a cuddling Grayson and Sam in their bunkbed.. Sam murmured out in his sleep, “Gray… when did you get so bulky. I told you to lay off the cookies man.”

Grayson half-groggily replied. “Hey now… now….” He yawned. “At least I hit the gym up, you’ve put weight on too.”

“Mhmmmm.” Alfie moaned, while he spread his body over the sleeping couple. “Cookies.” His face turned to one of pure pleasure.

“Alfie!?” Grayson and Sam gasped as they shot up from the bed, knocking Alfie to the ground.

“Hey!” Alfie frowned. “Why did you do that?”

Sam rubbed his eyes. “Why. Why were you in our bed?” Sam bit his lip, “Like we’re not at that part of our relationship yet.” Sam turned to Grayson to make sure.

“We never will be.” Grayson shook his head, chuckling.

Sam pulled Grayson in closer on the bed, “Babe, I was just saying…”

Grayson sat up in the bed. “So uh, why were you on top of us?”

Alfie rubbed his head. “Well, Cherry and Damien were having a bet over which of you slept on top, and who slept on bottom.” The teen absent-mindly explained, “so I decided that I would figure it out… But it seems like you both sleep on bottom, because I was on top.” He shrugged. “I guess they both lose.”

Sam eagerly looked into Grayson’s eyes. “Can we keep him?”

(CONF): Grayson held onto the steering wheel. “Cherry is back. Man, this can’t end well for anyone. She already tried to get rid of me- but she seems to have forgotten that I’m actually likeable?” He sighed. “Whatever, who knows what goes on in her head.”

The screen cut to static momentarily before switching to Andre’s and Cherry’s cabin in the ship. “The colour of this room is like, totally messing up my mojo!” Cherry complained, while Andre silently strummed on his guitar.

Andre cocked an eyebrow. “Yes. You’ve said that. Four times in fact.”

Cherry shook her head, and frantically waved her arms. “So like, what are you going to do about it?”

“Probably finish playing my guitar, then make a sandwich.” He shrugged. “Maybe two, you hungry?”

Cherry gasped. “HOW LIKE, DARE YOU. I do not eat gluten. It makes me look like that Sadie chick. And I totally am way cuter than her.”

“That’s nice.” Andre slowly said, trying to regain his focus on his guitar.

“UGH!” Cherry exhaled. “It’s like you’re totally not even listening to me! What kind of terribly lame roommate are you!?”

“Meh.” Cherry stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Andre smiled to himself, singing out to himself, “Dania it’s been so long, and you’re prolly in Hong Kong, but darlin’.... I think I cheated on you.” He shook his head. “Nah, that’s not good at all.”

Outside, Cherry rushed to Damien’s room. “We, like need to talk!”

Damien closed his window before turning to Cherry. “Did you break a nail?”

“Like, not this time! It’s Andre!” Cherry rolled her eyes. “He like, needs to go.”

“I thought we agreed Grayson goes first.”

“Yes, and like I changed my mind?”

Damien collapsed on his bed. “Andre doesn’t make sense, he’s useless. Remember, he is why you got eliminated in the first place. He’s too busy thinking about Dania.” Damien sighed. “Grayson, now he’s a real threat.”

Cherry fumed in the doorway, “And somehow, he like wasn’t eliminated! My plan failed!”

The legacy sailor walked up beside her, “So let me do it. Remember, I’m Heather’s brother, I know a thing or two about the show.”

“Well, like, maybe it’s like time to show it?” Cherry rolled her eyes.

Damien shrugged. “Ok! I will.” He shook his head. “You need to work on your people's skills.”

Cherry waved good bye to the teen. “Whatever, like we both know I am going to go further than you. You like returned to the competition, that totes never works out well.”

The legacy sailor paused while staring at Cherry. “But-”

“Like SHHHH!” Cherry moved a finger to Damien’s lips. “Like, be silent. This totally awesome Unholy Trinity meeting has concluded!” She snapped, turning on her heels and left Damien’s room.

(CONF): Damien adjusted his ball cap. “I don’t know, that girl… She’s just.. Yeah.” He sighed. “But my plan to get rid of Grayson is full proof. He might not be a murderer like Kimmi claimed, but he’s still a serial cheater, and that’s just not cool.”

The screen cut to static, and then showed Viola and Yasmin both lying on their beds. Yasmin was scribbling down the different ways that Elyar could have been eliminated, instead of Grayson. “Viola? Is it possible that you voted for Elyar last night?”

Viola who was sprawled out on the bottom bunk, surrounded by a blanket fort shrugged. “Well, I voted for Elyar if that’s what you means. Shouldn’t you be happy? I thought you didn’t like him.”

Yasmin chewed on her pencil, her eyes growing wide. “It’s not that I don’t like him… He’s just in my way.” She quickly jotted down Viola’s vote, as she realized that the only people who voted for Grayson were the members of her alliance. “Viola. Could you give me a hypothesis on who the most unliked sailors are? Hypothetically speaking, that is.” The morbid teen rolled her eyes. “I would much rather lay in silence, if that is ok with you.”

“If you answer my question I’ll leave you be.” Yasmin stated, as she hopped to the cabin’s floor, and peeked into Viola’s fort. “This is fairly childish, no?”

Viola glared at Yasmin. “Children are happy.” She grit her teeth then replied, “But you, Damien and Cherry are prolly the most disliked people around here.” She threw a pillow at Yasmin. “Now get out you’re making this ‘happy’,” she made bunny ears when she said the word, “more difficult than it needs to be.”

“I see. Thank you for your hypothesis!” Yasmin nodded, and left the room.

The screen cut to static, and switched to reveal Malia poking a sleeping Hannah. “Oh Hannah?” She asked, blinking slowly. “Hannah?” Malia pulled up a bowl of jello and poured it on the sleeping sailor. “Hannah!” She cheered, once she saw Hannah’s eyes go wide.

Hannah stared, confused at Malia. She licked her lips, “Is this jello?”

Malia nodded excitedly, “I know it’s your favourite!”

“It is.” Hannah paused, “But why did you pour it on me? That’s a… strange interaction, it’s almost like you’re bugged.”

“Sure?!” Malia gripped onto Hannah’s hand, and pulled her out from the bed. “So, I heard what you did for Grayson and Sam! And I was hoping you could do the same for me and Andre!”

Hannah stared at Malia. “Has Andre not spoken to you yet?”

“No?” Malia paused. “Is that a bad thing?! Sam said he had a girlfriend! But I think he just doesn’t want me to get hurt! But I am SO ready for love!”

The gamer pulled on her Ludwig nightgown and walked out of the cabin. “Stay here.” She pleaded. She walked into the cabin next to hers, and gripped Andre by the collar of his shirt. “You have a girl to set straight.” She pleaded.

Andre tried to grab onto his bed frame, but Hannah had bested him. “You know you’re strong… Also you’re kinda slimey?”

“Yes.” Hannah stated, as she plopped him in her cabin, where Malia was waiting on her bed. “She’s been waiting.”

“OMG! Thank you so much, Hannah!” Malia giggled as she twirled, and jumped onto Andre. “I missed you!”

Andre looked over at Hannah with pleading eyes, but she closed the door, leaving for the shower. He gulped, and plucked Malia off of him. “Malia… I think, uh.” He paused, “I need to clarify something.” He pulled out his guitar pics, that were photos of him and Dania. “This is Dania, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Girl… friend? Like you and Trixie… Right?” Malia asked, her eyes wide. “Like just friends?”

Andre scratched his head. “No.”



“I don't understand!" Malia gasped. "We kissed! I felt it! It was real!" She pushed her face into her hands. "It was supposed to be love at first kiss!"

Andre blinked apologetically, "Yeah... Uh." He wrapped an arm around Malia. "You kissed me." He paused, "Twice." He stared at Malia who was hyperventilating. "Umm." He sighed, picking the girl up and carrying her bridal style out of the room. He spotted Cherry and handed the girl off to her. "I think she's broken." 

Cherry glared at Andre before turning to Malia. "Did he like hurt you?" 

Malia looked innocently up at her savior and sniffled. "Not exactly." She sighed. "I thought he loved me." 

Cherry nodded. "Boys." She shook her head. "They like use you up until they don't need you anymore and then like BAM they ditch you on an island to get eaten by like the totally scary Incan people." 

Malia wiped her tears away. "I forgot that Grayson did that to you!" She gasped. "How did you get over it?" She whispered, as Malia put her on the ground. 

"Like icecream, DUH!" Cherry cheered, gripping onto  Malia's hand and dragged her to the freezer. 

The scene cut to static, and revealed the sailors eating on the top deck. The guys sat at one table, while the girls at the other. Mana instructed the lost children on how to serve the food. “Just make sure you don’t eat it!” Mana snapped, glaring at the help.

“See Mana! I told you I would get you a teaching job.” Zac smirked, as he walked towards the breakfast set.

The intern sighed. “This isn’t really what I had in mind….”

Zac winked, “I know. I know.” He put an arm around his intern, “I’m just jhoshin’ yah.” He looked at the sailors as they enjoyed their meal. “This is kinda peaceful.”

“Has anyone noticed that Zac is…. Happy?” Grayson gulped.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Alfie cheerfully said, as he poured more sugar on his eggs. “Everyone deserves to be happy!”

“But when Zac is happy it means bad news.” Andre sighed, looking around for explosives.

Sam gulped down his orange juice. “Is it just me or are there less attractive guys to stare at today?”

Grayson lightly elbowed Sam, “Really?”

Damien chuckled. “I mean in some way, he is right. There are less and less of us… There’s what five guys, and seven girls?”

“And they’re low-key crazy.” Andre added. “Cherry was going on and on about nonsense all morning!”

“If this is your way of trying to propose a guys alliance, forget it.” Grayson stated. “We know you’re part of that unholy trinity or whatever you whack jobs call it.”

Alfie perked up. “Did someone say Unholy Trinity? That’s only my most favourite ice cream flavor!” He closed his eyes, “The creamy taste of cherry, and the sour lemon sauce, with chunks of dark chocolate.” Alfie moaned out.

“I’ve gotta take a leak.” Grayson muttered. Sam tried to give him a kiss goodbye, but Grayson shook him off. "Nah, like I gotta pee, now!" Grayson said urgently, racing off to the washroom. Damien tucked a vial of pills into his pocket, with a smirk.

Across from the guys, the ladies were sharing their own breakfast. “For you,” one of the lost children bowed giving Hannah a flower. “Our glorious leader!” ‘

Cherry scrunched up her face. “HELLO ZAC!? This is like totally not fair!” She pointed at the lost children. “Why does SHE, of like all people,” Cherry rolled her eyes, “Get to have a minion army, when you like told my Incas they couldn’t stay!” She crossed her arms.

“Well.” Zac paused. “They didn’t try to kill us.” He nodded, “Yeah I think that’s a good enough answer.”

Malia cheerfully took a seat next to Cherry, rather than beside Trixie. “I’m Malia!” She smiled and gave Cherry a hug. “You seem so nice!” Trixie and Hannah both coughed up their food, and gave each other a glance.

Cherry smirked. “And look at you! You’re like totally so pretty!” Cherry looked over at Damien who gave her a thumbs up. “Ooops! I like totes need to use the ladies room, excuse me!”

Malia watched as Cherry left. “She’s so polite!”

Sarah nodded, “She is, isn’t she.” She poked at her food, while eyeing Andre.

Malia whispered into her ear, “I think he’s looking for a second girlfriend, if you’re into that kind of thing.” Sarah blinked mindlessly.

“Has she drank the Cherry-flavored kool aid?” Viola asked Trixie, and Hannah who both shrugged.

“No clue.” Trixie bit her lip. “Malia how have you been?”

Malia stared at Trixie, “I still would rather not talk to you, you can’t be trusted.” She swallowed her juice. “You broke poor Alfie’s heart, and you chose to eliminate Angel.” Malia looked over to wear Cherry disappeared to. “You weren’t happy with yourself, so you made everyone else unhappy to!” She got up from the table, upset. “But Cherry is happy! She’s a good person!” She decided, and walked off, after Cherry,

Yasmin took notes. “Has she always been so gullible?”

Sarah glared at Yasmin. “We’re not going to help you, Cherry and Damien take out the rest of us with your stupid alliance.”

The scholar adjusted her glasses, “Well, if you all know about our alliance, then why don’t you just try and eliminate us then?”

Trixie pointed at Yasmin, “Because you’re the only threat, and you were immune.” She sent an apologetic glance at Sarah, “There are people who are still here, who are actually threats to the rest of us.”

Hannah nodded. “Besides, we don’t know what kinds of powers your friends got when they returned…. It’s too risky.”

“That’s why you’ll never win Hannah.” Yasmin stated but gasped when she saw Cherry and Grayson collapse onto the ground, Cherry on top of Grayson. They were making out, (or Cherry was.)

Damien smirked. “Well that didn’t take long for you two to start that back up again.” The other sailors all gasped.

Sam walked up to the pair, shocked. Cherry stopped making out with Grayson long enough for him to try and explain the situation. “Don’t!” Sam shouted. “Don’t even!” He stepped closer to the pair. “I can’t believe this! Really? This is the best you can come up with?” Sam let out a laugh, as he kissed his boyfriend and shook his head at Cherry. “He’s not a cheater.” Sam stated clearly, before coughing. “Still tastes like evil.”

“Back to the drawing board.” Yasmin sighed.

Malia walked back to the top deck. “There you are!” She cheerfully said, and raced to Cherry’s side. Trixie and Hannah facepalmed.

Zac finished applying his hair product, “Well, now that we’re all back, let’s announce today’s challenge!” Andre spat his food out, “I knew this was a trick!” He started to scrub his tongue.

Mana let out a soft giggle. “Nope! We actually just felt like being nice.” He turned to Hannah and whispered, “It has nothing to do with Total Drama Genesis throwing a feast for the newcomers.” The gamer giggled.

The host regained control, “As I was saying. Your challenge today requires these…” Zac waited for the lost children to bring out the scuba gear.

“What!?” Sarah gasped. “Zac! You know I don’t like being submerged under water, not after we almost drowned!”

Zac put on a fake smile, “You’re more than welcome to sit out the challenge.”

Alfie raced to the scuba suit. “It’s ok Sarah!” He made fish lips, “I love swimming! I’ll keep you safe!” He cheerfully said, jumping into the bright yellow scuba gear.

“Thanks Alfie!” Sarah giggled. “It’ll be just like that time at band camp when Gavin,” Sarah stared at Zac, “Had to rescue me from the sand pit.”

The host shook his head. “You’re not going to make me jealous with Gavin.”

Trixie picked up a teal scuba suit. “Ok. So what do we do with these?” She stared at the giant flippers.

Mana spoke up, “Rumour has it, a great pirate sank here once. Below is his treasure.”

“Whoever manages to bring back the treasure chest will win immunity.” Zac paused, “And can pick two other people to be immune with them.”

A number of the sailors sent a glance to wear Cherry, Damien and Yasmin had grouped out. Sam rolled his eyes, “Well, we know who can’t win the challenge today.” Sam peeled off his shorts, and began to pull on the scuba suit.

Cherry sent a glare at her rival. “What, not going to take your shirt off?” She licked her finger, “Isn’t that going to be uncomfortable.”

“It’s fine.” Sam muttered, and quickly zipped the suit up around him.

Grayson whispered into Sam’s ear, as he too stripped down to his knickers to put on the suit. “What was that about?”

“Nothing. Cherry’s just trying to get to us. Again. She just won’t give up.” Sam kissed Grayson. “You’re really hot in that suit.” He winked.

Damien and Yasmin both waved innocently towards Grayson.

“Your oxygen tanks have enough air for three hours.” Zac explained. “Unfortunately for us, you won’t be able to speak when you’re down there.” He turned to Mana and whispered, “So I had to find other ways to create ratings.”

The camera cut to static, then showed the sailors in their suits and scuba masks standing at the edge of the ship. An air horn blew, signalling the sailors to jump.

Cherry, Damien and Yasmin were the first to take the plunge, in their Cherry-red, Maroon, and Burgundy suits. Beneath the calm surface laid an underwater paradise. Schools of luminescent fish danced in the current lighting up the dark water. Coral reefs, and other plant forms created tall pillars trying to touch the surface- but the sunken ship was not in sight. Yasmin took point, leading the unholy trinity deeper into the depths of the sea.

(CONF): Damien stared at the camera. “The plan was simple, we were to make sure we found the treasure so we could all be safe. Yasmin has experience finding treasure, it wasn’t supposed to be so hard.” He sighed.

Malia who wore a light orange suit, jumped in after the trio. She instantly swam towards a lonely fish who she air hugged. She looked around, in search of Cherry, and the others but didn’t have luck. The small fish began to lead her away.

(CONF): Malia is seen tearing up. “I just thought he wanted a friend! Everyone wants to have a new friend!”

“Ribbit!” Ribbit croaked, as Trixie hopped on his back, and the pair plummeted into the ocean's depths. In the water, Trixie instantly spotted Malia, as she swam carelessly away from the others. She pointed Ribbit in her direction, hoping to keep the girl safe.

(CONF): Trixie was drying off her hat. “Worst. Challenge. Ever!”

Back on the ship, Andre and Hannah finished discussing their plan. “You take Alfie, and Sarah and get the treasure,” Hannah planned, before looking back at her former teammates.

“And you’ll make sure they don’t get there, right?” Andre asked. Hannah nodded in response, and pulled on her mask.

She walked to Grayson, Sam and Viola and led them into the sea. They stared in amazement. Grayson and Sam playfully swam around each other while Viola made a gagging motion, the pair stopped and swam in circles around her, giving her a hug. Hannah smiled as she looked back at her former teammates. They were happy.

(CONF): Hannah shook her head in defeat. “I finally thought I did it! I made up for my mistakes last time around. I supported… sort of, a happy couple! I paid back my karma after hurting Britt. We were ALL happy…” She slammed her hands together. “Were. Key word.”

Alfie, with Sarah on his back was in the water next, Andre shortly behind them. Alfie eagerly swam through the water. The Sharks former captain cautiously waded in the water, before he pointed beneath them, where they could see the faint outline of a structure.

(CONF): Sarah gulped. “I feel like I’m on the outside of everything. It’s like I’m an ugly duckling again.” She wiped a tear away. “My former squad have turned into evil villains, or something. I don’t know about Damien, but he’s working with them…. And then there’s the whole Elyar thing.” She muttered playing with the fancy watch he left her. “Maybe I just made it all up.”

The screen cut to static, then showed Yasmin, Cherry and Damien as they swam through an underwater graveyard. Rocks marked with named floated in the oceans, attached to the seabed by seaweed. Cherry let out a scream, creating a storm of bubbles, as she swam over to Damien, after seeing what they were swimming beside.

Yasmin sent a glare at the girl, and pointed ahead, where they could make out the outline of a ship.

Cherry shook her head in disgust and fear. Damien held onto her hand and nodded slowly. The pair swam forward, following in Yasmin’s lead once more.

Elsewhere, Malia was playing tag, poorly, with her fishy friend. Oblivious to the fact that the water continued to grow dark around her, and that the bright schools of fish turned to scaly creatures.

Trixie watched carefully from Ribbit’s back, as Malia continued her descent into darkness.

The Hotties swam onwards, seeing the Unholy Trinity approach the ship. Grayson and Sam plucked out a giant piece of seaweed, and grabbed onto either end as they swam up to the trinity. Hannah and Viola, waited off to the side in case the plan backfired.

The scene returned to show Andre as he watched Alfie and Sarah swim through the schools of fish, and around the coral reef. Andre shook his head as he looked at the oxygen meter. They had a challenge to do. The musician swam towards the teens, but stopped when an explosion shoved him, and the others backwards.

Safe from the explosion, Malia continued to chase after the glowing fish.

Trixie’s eyes went wide, as she realized exactly where Malia was swimming - the mouth of a giant fish. She gently kicked the side of Ribbit, as she and her frog rushed to Malia’s side. Ribbit threw his tongue at Malia, and swallowed her, just as the jaws of the mighty fish crashed down.

(CONF): Trixie sighed. “That girl. She’s so careless.” She rubbed her hand on Ribbit’s face. “Who's a good froggy?”

At the source of the explosion, Grayson and Sam were sent flying, as Viola and Hannah raced after the pair to rescue them, the boys suits were badly damaged.

Just ahead of them, the Unholy Trinity managed to get into the ship, before the shockwave- but were met with their own peril, a swarm of electric eels. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she quickly raced away from the ship, the swarm chasing her. As she swam, smaller explosions chased her back to the surface.

Back at the ship, Damien and Yasmin shrugged, as they began to search the ship for the treasure. They pointed at the portrait of the captain of the ship, who had the same crest as Wing.

The screen cut to static before it revealed Malia as she was spat up by Ribbit. “Ewwww!” She groaned. She glared at Trixie. “I was having fun! Why did you do that!”

Trixie shook her head. “You were swimming into a monster's mouth.”

“You don’t make sense. Did your parents never teach you about how to respect people around you? About TRUSTING them, and now you’re LYING?” Malia shook her head. “How can you look at yourself in the mirror?” Malia sighed and walked off.

“You’ll see one day Malia… You’ll see that I’m just looking out for you.” Trixie frowned. Ribbit wrapped his tongue around Trixie and tickled her.

The screen cut to show Andre as he tried to warn Alfie and Sarah about the shark that had woken due to the explosions- but without his voice, he wasn’t able to warn them.

Luckily for Alfie and Sarah, Alfie was an exceptionally fast swimmer, as he dived deeper and deeper into the sea. From his back, Sarah navigated, pointing towards the ship ahead of them. To their side, they watched as Cherry was chased by the electric eels. Unbeknownst to them, they too were being chased, but by something far deadlier.

The Hotties managed to get themselves back to the ship, where Mana waited to help the sailors to the medical room. He instructed the lost children to carry the unconscious Grayson and Sam, and for Hannah and Viola to wait outside.

“No!” They both demanded, as they barged into the room. They watched as Mana stripped Sam of his suit and shirt, leaving him in his trunks. He sprayed a liquid onto Sam’s back, in order to clean out the small scars from the blast.

In the bed beside him, Grayson was drifting back awake. “What… What happened?” He asked slowly. “SAM!” He shouted and attempted to rush to his boyfriend's side, but couldn’t support his own weight. Viola rushed to Grayson’s side and helped him up.

“It’s fine. You’ll both be fine. Explosions went off, and Sam was sent into a patch of coral, it’s nothing major just some cuts.” Viola stated.

“Oh my god.” Hannah and Mana both said as they looked at Sam’s tattoo.

“What?! What is it!” Grayson pleaded, as he tried to get to Sam.

Hannah shook her head and jumped on top of Sam, trying to hide the tattoo. “It’s nothing!”

Grayson, with Viola’s help managed to get to Sam’s side. “Show me!” He gulped. “I can handle it…. It’s not his dick is it?”

Mana and Hannah shared a depressed look, as the girl climbed off of Sam’s back, revealing a tattoo of an engagement ring engraved with ‘Sam x Tyson’. Grayson fell backwards, into Viola’s waiting arms. She blinked, “Oh god. This is why we can’t have happy things.”

The scene returned to the pirate ship, where Damien and Yasmin had managed to find the treasure. Together they began to carry the chest out of the ship -- only to come face to face with Alfie and Sarah. They instantly dropped the treasure and swam out of the way. Alfie and Sarah shared a giggle, as Sarah let go of Alfie’s back to grab the treasure. When she looked up, she realized why Damien and Yasmin were racing away from the pair. She gasped, and tried to wave Alfie off, to warn him about the shark, but he was soon out of sight. Sarah gulped as she began to carry the chest to the surface.

The scene cut to the med-bay once more. Sam awaited for Grayson to wake up. “I can explain,” Sam gasped once Grayson’s eyes opened.

“No!” Grayson shouted. “Get him out!” He pleaded. “You’re married!?” Grayson shouted, when no one came to remove Sam from his bedside.

Sam sighed. “Not exactly. Just engaged.” He ducked as Grayson swung at him.

“I came out. For YOU!” Grayson moaned. “I fell in love, with YOU!” He banged his head into the pillow, “And you never even loved me! What was I, a side treat?”

Sam shook his head. “No! It’s not like that! I was drunk, it was in Vegas! It doesn’t mean anything!” Sam pleaded, trying to calm Grayson down. Hannah and Viola silently stepped out of the room.

Grayson grunted. “You don’t understand! That’s a thing! That’s a REAL thing.” He pointed at his tattoo. “I asked you about it! And you didn’t tell me! You lied to me Sam!” He looked away from the teen. “Straight to my face. You lied to me.” He tried to hide his tears.

“Atleast I didn’t cheat on you - or anyone!” Sam blurt out, trying to change the topic. He instantly regretted his words as Grayson threw a pillow at the boy.

“That’s SO NOT FAIR!” Grayson shouted. “Get out! GET OUT!” He screamed.

The scene cut to show Zac helping Sarah out from the sea with the treasure. “Where is everyone else?” She asked, when she removed her suit.

Zac shrugged. “There’s a fight going on in med-bay.”

Sarah blinked, “Is someone finally giving the trinity what they deserve?”

The host shook his head, “Not exactly.” He motioned for Sarah to follow him. He pointed to wear the other sailors had gathered, eating popcorn as they watched Sam and Grayson tackle each other to the ground. “It’s kinda hot.” Zac said honestly.

“Oh my god. Hot. ALFIE!” Sarah shouted, and raced back to the deck. “A shark wants to eat him!” She screamed. Trixie raced up, shoving everyone out of her way.

Trixie waited at the edge of the ship, waiting for Alfie to surface. Trixie turned to Zac. “You killed him!” She emotionally whacked at the host. “You got Alfie killed with your stupid challenge!” She burst out crying. The other sailors raced to the deck, even Sam and Grayson who had stopped tackling each other to make sure Alfie was safe.

The calmed surface of the sea broke, as Alfie arrived, behind him the shark. He beamed and waved at his fellow sailors who screamed in horror, trying to warn him. Alfie laughed, as the shark surfaced, and they shared a fist bump. “THAT WAS AWESOME!”

Zac let out a laugh. “See, everyone is fine! Now Sarah, as the winner of the challenge you can pick two other sailors to be safe.”

“Alfie, and Andre.” She quickly decided as she raced to give Alfie a hug. “I’m glad that you’re safe!” She sent a smile towards Andre.

Mana looked up at the sky. “We don’t have much time left, and you all still need to shower and eat before the elimination ceremony.” He pointed at the Lost Children who had prepared clothes and towels for each of the teens. “Relax, figure out who you’re voting for and then meet us back here.”

The scene cut to show Hannah and Sarah as they sat on the edge of the ship, dangling their legs off above the pink sea. “Aren’t you excited that you won?” Hannah asked.

Sarah shook her head. “Should I be? I barely know anyone here, and the people who I do know, don’t want anything to do with me.”

“Can we get your autograph please?!” The lost children pleaded, offering a pen to Hannah. The two girls rolled their eyes, and shoved the two kids off into the water.

“They really need to stop that, it’s like having groupies.” Hannah laughed. “And yeah… I know the feeling.” Hannah sighed. “I don’t know if Grayson and Sam aren’t going to work this out.”

Sarah looked into Hannah’s eyes sympathetic. “They were so cute. I can’t believe they’re trying to get each other eliminated now.”

“RIGHT?!” Hannah sighed. “They were the perfect couple! Andre thinks that I worry too much, and that I should let them figure it out themselves.”

Sarah perked up at the mention of Andre. “What does he have to do with any of this?”

Hannah shrugged, “He’s just a good guy. A really good listener.”

“Oh.” Sarah paused, thinking. “I think I know of a way to stop Grayson and Sam from getting rid of each other.” The outcast exhaled, and made a twirl in her misty breath. “Do you really want to make it up to Britt? To mend a broken heart, instead of crushing it?”

“YES! This is my true quest. I can feel it!” Hannah begged. “I need to do this!”

The scene panned upwards to the setting Sun, when it panned back, the moon took its reign over the sky, and the sailors waited for Zac at the elimination ceremony. “He really does know how to take his time.” Sarah giggled.

“SORRY!” Zac groaned, as he finished throwing his phone out into the ocean. “Producers just wanted to have a chat.” He forced a smile. “Let’s get this over with, I need my beauty sleep.”

“Clearly.” Viola dead-panned.

Mana held back his laughter. “We all know how the elimination ceremony works, if you see your face in the sky, you’re safe.”

(CONF): Cherry grinned, “Like it’s about time! With Malia’s help. Gray-bear is totes going home!”

Zac looked at the sailors, “How did you feel about the challenge today?”

Alfie jumped up. “AMAZING!” He beamed. “I’ve never swam for my life like that before!”

(CONF): Grayson bit his lip, his face was still damp from crying. “Sam, I can’t believe you kept this from me. I’m better off without you now.”

(CONF): Sam frowned. “He’s taking it all out of proportion! Grayson!” He groaned. “I think it’s better if you’re just not here anymore. You need to cool off!”

Zac turned to Grayson who was being comforted by Viola. “Don’t even.” Viola spat.

(CONF): Viola shook her head. “Sam’s a bloody idiot. He wanted all of the happiness in the world but he wasn’t honest. This is why love doesn’t exist. People are greedy.”

(CONF): Sam banged his head against the steering wheel. “I change my mind. Cherry. She has to go. I need to work it out with Grayson. I have to.” He sighed.

Mana sighed, “I asked Zac not to use the explosives, I swear!” He apologized to the teens, but they shrugged it off. No one was really in the mood to talk.

(CONF): Malia applied the cherry-red nail polish. “I can’t believe that Cherry let me borrow her nail polish if I voted with her! She’s such a nice friend! Unlike other girls here!”

Zac looked over at Mana. “Maybe we should just get this started.” He motioned for Mana to let the first few cannons go off. The winners, Andre, Alfie and Sarah let the sky up. They silently nodded. Andre looked over at Hannah upset.

(CONF): Yasmin jotted down the votes for tonight. “It’s a science. Damien’s a genius.” She grinned. “He managed to turn Sam and Grayson against each other, keeping us safe, and getting rid of one of the biggest threats- AND dividing all of the sailors. Bye Grayson, I don’t fully understand why Cherry and Damien hate you, but now I won't have to listen to it.”

The night sky was lit up with Viola’s, Malia’s and Trixie’s faces. Viola looked down upset at Grayson. Malia and Trixie shared a look of disappointment.

(CONF): Damien grinned. “I hope you’re proud of me Heather! I orchestrated two eliminations in a row. Bye Grayson. Maybe you’ll think twice before you cheat next time.”

Mana lit another set of cannons, as Damien and Yasmin appeared in the sky. Leaving Cherry, Hannah, Grayson and Sam. “You all… somehow received votes.”

Zac nodded, “You’re a very indecisive bunch.”

Sam tried to look at Grayson apologetically, but Viola blocked his view. Cherry filed her nails, and smiled when she saw her face light up the sky next.

The host rolled his eyes. “And this is why I had to rename you to the Rhontastic Hotties, always such a disappointment!” Zac scowled at Hannah, Grayson and Sam.

“The captain goes down with her ship.” Mana echoed sadly, as he shot the final cannon into the sky. Grayson’s and Sam’s faces appearing together happy above the sailors, perhaps for the last time.

(CONF): Hannah sighed. “I understand now. Why Emmett and Zaina did what they did.” She brushed her hair from her face. “This is my redemption story, this is my chance to make a difference, to save the cheerleader and save the world, or whatever. I vote for myself- because they don’t deserve to be sad. They deserve love.” She wiped a tear from her face, “Something I might never get again.”

(CONF): Sarah looked into the camera innocently. “I’m doing this for you Elyar. I’m going to take Andre’s support system down with Hannah and he’ll be an easy target next. I might not be the best agent out there, but I’m a great gal pal… Or was… Oh my god, Hannah I am so sorry.”

(CONF): Trixie waved at the camera. “I understand what heartache feels like…. And I just don’t want Grayson and Sam to end up like me and Alfie.” She sighed. “Hannah, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

(CONF): Alfie sucked on a lollipop. “Sarah said if I voted off Hannah, she’d make me a bowl of Unholy Trinity!” His eyes went wide. “I AM SO PUMPED!” He cheered.

(CONF): Andre sighed. “I… I don’t get it! We were all given a second chance! This is that. This is where we get to prove we’re not losers. We can prove all of the haters wrong. First Emmett eliminated himself. And then Zaina… Hannah, I thought… I thought we were on the same page.”

The screen cut to static before it returned to show Hannah on the plank of shame. Sam and Grayson both looked over at Hannah confused. On the other side, the Unholy Trinity looked on dissapointed.

“You both failed.” Yasmin growled. “It’s my turn now.” She looked over at Grayson, “Don’t expect to get away scott free this time.”

The ship was silent, asides from the Lost Children weeping. “Why Hannah! Why did you do it!” They moaned, passing tissues amongst themselves.

Hannah stood on the edge of the plank of shame, and looked back at her groupies, with a smile. “I came here as a loser villain, don’t you see that? The things I did back in the Winter.” She shuttered, “Those were acts a villain makes, and not the end-game powerful one either, the weak kind that everyone laughs about.” She pounded her fist into the sky. “This was my second chance! I got to lead my party to victory, I led them the secret loot, we were powerful… But that’s not what makes a hero a true hero.” She waved goodbye, “A hero makes sacrifices for the people they love.” She said, looking over at her former teammates. She stepped backwards, launching herself into the cold water below.

“Talk about being totes dramatic.” Cherry rolled her eyes, as she whispered to Damien.

“DON’T DISS THE CHOSEN ONE!” The lost children screamed, throwing their used tissues at Cherry.

Chapter Eighteen: Wanted- Dead or Alive

“Hey Zac!” Mana gleefully shouted out, “Come check out this commercial for a hotel!”

“I’m doing my hair.” Zac shouted back from his room. “Just raise the volume!”

Mana shrugged, turning up the volume for the Pentagram Hotel ad. “And enjoy the luxury of our penthouse suites.” Man waved eagerly at Rhonda who was the focus of the ad.

“Sounds great Mana!” Zac said, continuing to blow dry his hair, having heard none of the commercial.

“You didn’t listen to it at all did you?” Mana frowned, as a raven dropped off a letter from his pen pal in America.

“Of course I listened!” Zac gasped. “How dare you say otherwise!”

Mana groaned. “Why can’t I go enjoy the day off with the sailors?”

Zac peeked his head out from his room. “Because then I would be alone!” He explained.

The scene cut to static. It returned to show a port city seated on a dark rock cliff. Tall watch towers in the form of crows nest overlooked the ocean. The ravenous cliffs looked like they could have the villains of the oceans. Ominous mist covered the city like a blanket. The camera switched to night vision, to see through the thick mist. The city’s structures were rugged, and made up with the remnants of ships that crashed against the jagged cliffside. The camera panned down to five rowboats, where the sailors were rowing towards their next destination - Marauders Reef.

Grayson and Viola sat in the first rowboat. Grayson gripped his fencing blade tightly. “She shouldn’t have done that.” He muttered, still upset about Hannah’s elimination.

“She went down with the ship,” Viola mentioned, trying to hide her smirk.

“It’s not the time to be making puns!” Grayson groaned. “We need to figure out how to get rid of Sam, once and for all!”

Viola gulped. “Are you sure? Normally I would be so down with the idea of breaking down romance and stuff, but… It’s Samson.” Viola twirled her hair slightly, “If anyone was going to find happiness out here, I thought for sure it would be you two.”

“That was before he lied to me Vi, I just can’t get it out of my head. The idea that he’s going to get married to some guy.” Grayson shivered and looked ahead at the city. “This place looks like a maze.” He concluded, looking at the different paths formed by the rocks. “I wonder what the city is like.”

“Does this mean we don’t have to plan Sam’s demise just yet?” Viola asked, offering a smile.

Grayson looked at Viola, “Let’s find a distraction for now…. And then we plan how to ruin the heartbreaker.” He pulled a torch off of the cliffside, as their rowboat reached the edge of the dock.

Damien stared at Yasmin. “So what’s your big plan? To get rid of Grayson?” He asked, rubbing his neck. “Clearly, my plan failed.”

“Failed?” Yasmin processed, “Your plan was not a failure. In fact it got rid of Hannah instead, and she might have been a bigger threat than Grayson.” She turned to Hannah’s page in her notebook. “Her experience as a veteran put her at a level that most of us couldn’t reach.” She quickly turned to Grayson’s page. “As for Grayson,” she examined, reviewing her notes. “I don’t think we need to do anything about him. He’s going to get himself eliminated.”

“What do you mean? And when did you find time to take all of these notes? We’ve only been merged for like a week.” Damien pointed out.

Yasmin adjusted her glasses. “When you don’t talk to people, or care about anyone around you, you would be amazed at what you can accomplish.” She shrugged, “As for Grayson. He’s petty, has an ego, and he was in a relation on Total Drama. There’s no chance he’s not going home within the next few eliminations.” She looked at the nearby row boats, “We need to figure out our next move.”

“Our next move.” Damien said slowly and turned to Yasmin. “What happened to us.” He let out a soft chuckle. “We went from standing beside Zaina at her coronation to plotting the demise of our friends.”

“You.” Yasmin pointed at Damien, “You were my friend. The others were liabilities.”

Damien raised an eyebrow. “Liabilities?”

Yasmin nodded. “Sarah’s the last one standing.” She lt out a fake laugh, “That says it clear enough.” She looked Damien over, “What about you? When did you start working with Mother?”

Damien sighed, “Nothing get past you eh? Let’s just say we share similar goals.”

“I fail to see how someone sweet like you could have anything in common with Mother.” Yasmin stated,

“You think I’m sweet eh?” Damien teased.

“Looks like we’re here.” Yasmin pointed out, jumping off the small row boat.

The screen cut show Alfie and Trixie sitting beside each other in silence, casually admiring the scenery. “I could just swim.” Alfie suggested, trying to break the awkward silence.

“No!” Trixie half-shouted, turning to Alfie. “I uh,” The cowgirl tried to find a topic for them to talk about. “I’m worried about Malia.” She decided, looking over to where Cherry was doing Malia’s nails.

Alfie scratched his head, “I think they’d make great friends!” He smiled. “They look really happy together. And maybe now she’ll stop coming to me asking for relation advice, because well know how that ended for me.” He gasped, realizing who he was talking to.

Trixie bit her lip, trying to avoid the topic. “Alfie please tell me you’re not being serious right now.” She pointed at Cherry, “She’s a total witch! She’s already broken up one couple, who knows what else she is capable of!”

“Cherry didn’t break them up. They broke themselves up.” Alfie shrugged. “At least they got to actually have a relationship before one of them ruined it.” Alfie idly said, again forgetting who he was talking to.

“Alfie…” Trixie sighed. “I’m sorry.” She confessed. “I never should have let you go.” She admitted.

Alfie’s eyes lit up as Trixie tried to wrap an arm around him. The swimmer ducked away from her arms. “Cherry and Damien said you would say that.” He frowned slightly, “They heard everything you said when they were eliminated.” He pulled off his shirt and dived into the water. “I know all about your diary. I know what I meant to you.” He shook his head in disappointment, doggy-paddling towards the coastline.

“I don’t think you know Alfie… I don’t think you know just how much you mean to me.” She rubbed her arm, “meant to me.” She corrected.

The screen switched to show Cherry carefully painting Malia’s finger nails. “Your nails are like totally going to be cherrylicious after this!”

Malia blinked cautiously, “Is that a word? What does it mean?”

Cherry looked up at Malia. “Of course it’s like totally a word! It means like, being fierce, proud and like HOT of course!” Cherry giggled, as she finished painting one of Malia’s hand, she turned to the other hand, only painting the pinky-nail.

“H-hot?” Malia nervously said. “No! I don’t think I can do that!” She gasped, trying to bite her nails, but Cherry swatted her hand away.

“I just like did those!” She groaned. “And like of course you can totes be hot! With your a-mazing hair, and these nails, like you’re going to be the hottest girl here- asides from me.” Cherry quickly corrected. Malia blinked. “R-really?”

“Of course!” Cherry ran her hand through Malia’s hair. “Andre is going to like totally SO be jealous.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Malia asked, flashing a shy smile. “I’m not really good at the challenges, and I’m not… cherrylicious like you.”

Cherry wrapped her arms around Malia, “Because that’s what just girlfriends do!”

“Like girl time?” Malia asked, almost afraid. “Because last time I had girl-time, my best friend was eliminated, and then my other best friend turned out to be a fake.”

Cherry patted Malia on the back. “Don’t worry, like I know ALL about it. And like, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.”

(CONF): Cherry kissed her fingers and moved them towards the camera. “Like Malia is such a drag. But she has like SO many girl-issues, that she’s basically a puppy dog. It’s lowkey super pathetic.” Cherry shrugged. “But she’s like my pathetic minion now.”

“I still can’t believe she did that for me.” Sam gasped. “I don’t even think any of my friends back home would do that for me.” The pretty teen sat on the edge of the boat, thinking.

“I can’t believe she did that to me! She was my alliance partner.” Andre groaned. “This was supposed to be our chance at redemption.”

Sarah shrugged. “I think she redeemed herself pretty well. She’ll be remembered as the girl who saved a relationship, not the girl who tried to kill her ex, after she cheated on him and convinced everyone he was the cheater.” Sarah paused. “You know, I’m surprised she made it this far to be honest.”

“She was a sweetheart.” Sam corrected, turning to Andre and Sarah. “She deserved better.”

Andre rubbed his hands. “Sorry, she was.” He wrapped his arm around Sam. “But you’ve got us now,” he turned to Sarah, “Who were you again?”

Sarah stared Andre. “Sarah?” She gasped. “Singer, band geek, Zac’s former lover!?” She listed off her many attributes, expecting Andre to figure it out.

Andre gave a weak smile, “Yeah. Uh, I remember you now.”

Sam let out a soft laugh, “He really doesn’t.”

“Come on man!” Andre groaned, blushing. “Sorry Sarah. We never really had the chance to talk to people from the other teams.”

“I guess.” Sarah shivered, as the trio stepped off of the boat and onto the stoney shore. The path to the town lit by skull lanterns. “Does anyone else feel like we’re going to regret this?”

“Zac wouldn’t willingly put us in danger.” Andre said slowly, “Well he would, but it’s not a challenge day.”

Sam grabbed onto a nearby torch, taking the lead. “Zac will do anything for drama.” He grunted. “He just wants the ratings.”

Andre and Sarah shared a look. “So… Andre, we know what Hannah wanted to accomplish by being here. What about you?”

“It’s personal.”

“Come on! I think you owe me one after not knowing who I am.” Sarah teased, and tripped over a rock, Andre catching her.

“Fine.” He sighed. “Dania’s dad doesn’t think I’m worth dating Dania. If I can win this, I’ll be able to prove to him that I’m not a loser.” He looked at the ground, “I know it’s lame.”

Sarah and Sam shook their heads. “That’s sweet.”

“At least Dania isn’t plotting to murder you in your sleep.” Sam sighed, “I’ve had to share the bed with Alfie the past few days and he keeps sucking on my fingers like they’re lollipops.”

“Well.. I mean you are engaged to someone.” Andre shrugged.

“And if I could find the guy, I would end it. I haven’t seen him since we were in Vegas.”

(CONF): Sarah stared into the camera, as she pulled the petals off of a small flower. “How am I supposed to eliminate Andre when he just wants to be with his girlfriend?!”

The screen cut to Zac has he took a bath in the treasure they found in the sunken graveyard. Mana stared at the host. “Aren’t you worried that might be cursed or something?”

“That only happens in the movies!” Zac shook his head laughing. “Besides this is so much fun!”

“Yeah. Not at all childish.” Mana rolled his eyes, returning to his letter to Rhonda. ‘Zac’s losing his mind. I swear he’s going to get us all killed soon. He’s been making enemies left right and center.’

The screen cut to static before it switched to show Trixie in a tailor's. “Do you think you could make something like this?” She showed her hat. “But in… maybe an extra… extra… like SUPER large?” She asked.

“Payment?” The tailor asked, filing his nails. He eyed Trixie over, realizing she must be another foreigner. “We take deadly weapons, skulls, and treasure maps as payment.”

Trixie emptied her pockets before pulling out her lasso from her belt. She lashed it out at a nearby vase, shattering it. “This is really all I have.” She sighed.

The tailor raised his nose at the girl. “It will suffice. Better than the last girls.” He pointed at the skeleton sofa. “Wait here. It shouldn’t be much longer.”

“Last girls?” Trixie asked, but the tailor was already in the back room, finding the fabric for the request. As if on queue, a curtain was pulled open, as Cherry and Malia walked out. “You look like totally cherrylicious in that!” Cherry promised, clapping eagerly at Malia’s new outfit.

Malia stared at herself in the mirror. What used to be a coral maxi dress had been remastered. She wore a tight coral skirt that ended just above her knees. A t shirt was tucked into the skirt, with numerous rips in it, revealing much of Malia’s torso. She ran her hand through her hair, that once fell freely but was now pushed back into a high ponytail. “You… Don’t think it’s too much?” She asked, wiggling her finger through one of the holes in her shirt.

“Like of course not! I’m like totally jealous I don’t have an outfit like that!” Cherry cheerfully said, wrapping an arm around her friend.

Trixie’s jaw was still on the ground. “Malia?” She gasped.

“Of course, SHE would be here. Like what’s your problem Trixie? You like don’t have to babysit Malia.” Cherry rolled her eyes, pulling on Malia’s arm so that they could leave.

Malia walked with Cherry towards the door. “I’m allowed to feel fierce too Trixie.” She said proudly, walking out of the door after Cherry.

Trixie stared at the door in shock. “There’s a difference between fierce and… that.” She said to no one in particular.

The scene cut to static, and revealed Andre, Sarah and Sam sitting in a giant colosseum made of bones. Below, pirates faced off in duels. “There can only be one!” A feminine voice shouted out. “Only one pirate will make it out of the battle! The other will be joining my crew”

The teens oblivious to the voices were looking at the shirtless pirates below. Andre pointed to one of the pirates who had a similar build to Emmett, “What about him?” He whispered to Sarah. “He’s decent right?”

Sarah shook her head in disgust. “No! Too big, do you want him to crush all of Sam’s bones?”

Andre sighed, “Ok. What about him?” He pointed at a slim pirate, with a tattoo of a dragon crawling up his back.

Sarah shook her head once more, “Too much of a twink. Sam’s more into the guy type.”

“This is hard.” Andre groaned. “What about him!” He pointed at a teen that looked similar to Grayson.

Sarah paused, grabbing her spyglass to get a closer look at the teen. “He would do. He’s definitely Sam’s type.” She passed the spyglass to Sam. “What do you think?”\

Sam swiped the spyglass away. “No. It’s not him. I only want Grayson.” He groaned.

“Have you tried apologizing? One time I accidently stepped on Dania’s foot and all I had to do was say sorry.” Andre offered.

“Yeah! And it’s like the one time at band camp when I was cleaning out my tuba, and all the spit landed on this cute boy!”

Sam looked at Sarah, “Did that actually happen?”

She looked meekly at the ground, “Yeah.”

Sam offered a smile, “That sucky.” He got up. “I need something to drink.”

Andre and Sarah sighed as the teen walked off. “I don’t know man, I think he might actually be broken.”

“He might… All he needs to do is get back together with Grayson. I have faith though.” Sarah shrugged, “Worst case you could always snuggle him.” She teased.

“I’ve had enough random romance for one season.”

The scene cut to show Alfie, Damien and Yasmin walking through the market. “Where’s the candy shop?” Alfie groaned, as he raced up and down the aisles of the market.

“Candy?” An elderly pirate asked, as he walked towards Alfie on his cane. “I have some candy. It’s just back here.” He pointed down a dark alleyway. (Where a cage, and other pirates were waiting.)

Damien raced over and grabbed Alfie’s hand. “Let’s not.” He muttered, dragging a kicking Alfie away from the pirate.

“How did we get stuck on babysitting duty?” Yasmin hissed. “This is a great location to find out more about my parents. It’s literally filled with pirates.”

“Who are we babysitting?” Alfie asked, as he jumped over a crack, so he didn’t break his mother’s back. He looked at the fortune teller’s sign and raced towards it. Damien who was still gripping onto Alfie’s hand, was dragged along the ground behind him. Yasmin shook her head in disappointment. “Lose one deadweight only to get another.” She muttered. She followed behind the teens into the fortune teller’s shack.

“Alfie. Damien…. And even Yasmin. Welcome.” An elderly woman croaked, as she shuffled her deck of cards. She handed Yasmin a bubbling drink and instructed her to drink it. "For you thirst."

“Why did you tell her our names?” Yasmin hissed, glaring at Alfie. The scholar hesitantly sipped from the cup.

Damien looked at Yasmin. “He… He didn’t.” Damien gulped.

“Your time on our island is running short, so let me be quick.” He tossed three cards towards Alfie.

Alfie flipped the three cards revealing a rusted anchor, a bronze scale and a danger engraved with a skull. “Ahhh, Alfie.” The woman smiled. “Your days of being a burden will be coming to an end… Perhaps.” She stared at the cards once more. “You’ll have a choice to make, the balance of many will lie in what you choose.” She shed a tear. “Betrayal.” She whispered. “Oh sweet Alfie, you’ll betray someone close to you.”

“Burden?” Alfie gasped. “I’m not a burden! Right guys?” He turned to Damien and Yasmin who gave a weak smile at the teen.

“It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.” Yasmin muttered.

Damien’s hands were filled with three cards, that he laid out on the table. “When did those get there?” He demanded.

The woman looked at the first card, “The yellow brick road.” She put her finger over the card. “It’s not common to see this, no. You are on a needless path. You are destined to fail if you continue along it.” She pointed at the next card, the moon. “You’re second fiddle to the Sun. An echo of what someone else is but…” She revealed the final card - the mermaid. “You have potential. You have a great task ahead of you,” she paused. “But it will take you out of your element.” She smirked at Damien. “And to be frank, you’re not prepared for it.”

Yasmin grabbed onto Damien and Alfie. “Let’s go. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“Afraid Yasmin?” The card reader asked, as she pointed at the 3 cards faced down on the table.

“It’s hard to be afraid of something that does not exist.” Yasmin snapped back.

“Let the games begin!” A parrot screeched as he floated in front of the door.

“What games?! I love games!” Alfie cheered out, jumping onto Damien’s back.

“Oh sweet Alfie, this is a game you don’t want to be playing in.” The woman handed Yasmin their bounties. “I don’t need to read the future to know what you must do next.” The trio raced out of the shack. The woman flipped Yasmin’s cards over; The kraken dragging a ship to the ocean’s depths, an angel, and the plank. “I see.” The woman whispered. “You we will need more than just luck in your future.”

The screen cut to black, and revealed Grayson and Viola playing pool at the Inn. “6 ball, back left pocket.” Grayson muttered as he made his shot.

“You missed.” Viola raised an eyebrow. “I thought you said you were good at this game.” She pointed at the fact that she had one ball left, while Grayson still had all of his.

“It’s whatever.”

Viola glared at the boy. “You’re ruining the mood.” She sighed. “That’s my thing.” She grabbed the teen and walked towards where a band of parrots were singing. “Let’s dance.” She suggested, as she told the band to play Since You’ve Been Gone. The parrots squawked, before singing out the popular song.

“I don’t dance.” Grayson stated, refusing to budge.

“That’s not what all the girls at my school say.” Viola said, grabbing onto the boy's hands. She jumped in place, while forcefully moving Grayson’s arms into the air. “All of the girls back home will be so jealous!” She teased.

Grayson let out a soft smirk. “Not when they all find out I’m gay.” He blushed, looking towards the ground.

“Then let’s make all the boys at your all boys academy jealous.” She teased with a big grin.

Grayson slowly started to dance on his accord. “You don’t have to do this.”

Viola stared at the teen. “Of course I do! You’re my close acquaintance,” She winked. “Remember!?” A swarm of pirates gathered around the dancing teens.

“Mind if we cut in?” Two male pirates asked, both were fairly well groomed- considering they were pirates.

Grayson and Viola shared a worries look, but nodded. “Parrots, play Rumour Has it!” The pirates grinned. They grabbed onto the teens tightly, and danced in tight quick steps.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” The pirate asked Grayson.

“No. I’m not.” He muttered, as the pirate pulled him in close, sniffing the boy.

The pirates spun the teens towards each other, as they shared a worried look - they snapped them back close to their bodies. The pirate leaned in and kissed Grayson, shocking the teen.

“Grayson!” Viola muttered, but the teen was distracted.

“Dristle!” A familiar voice hissed. Mother appeared from behind the bar. “The race hasn’t begun yet! Let the boy and the girl go!” She sliced the rope that the pirates had tied the teens up when they were distracted.

“Mother, it was so easy, come on please!” The pirate whined.

“Who taught you to whine like this? It most certainly was not me.” She hissed once more, turning to both Grayson and Viola. “Oh my dear friends. You don’t know what you’re about to face.”

“How did you find us?” Viola gasped.

Grayson gulped, grabbing onto Viola. “That’s not what we should be worried about.” He pointed at the bounty posted for the entire cast spread out on the walls. “Where did you get all of that coin?” He gasped.

Mother shrugged. “Hello? Pirate QUEEN?” She rolled her eyes. “Besides, I’ve recently formed a mega alliance, I have all the power I need.” She stared at the teens, before whispering to the parrot on her shoulder. “Let the games begin.”

The parrot flew off of her shoulder, and raced to the roof, where a swarm of parrots waited. “Let the games begin!” The parrots hollered out, as more and more parrots joined in the call.

Mother stared at the teens. “That means run!” Grayson grabbed onto Viola and raced out of the inn, as pirates chased after them.

“We’re going to split up.” Grayson decided. “You get back to the ship. I need to find Sam.”

Viola smiled lightly. “So you forgive him?”

“No.” Grayson declared. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to work it out.”

The scene cut back to the ship. Mana turned to Zac who has staring at himself in the mirror. “Do you really think sending them onto a pirate’s outpost for their day off was the best idea?”

“They’ll be fine.” Zac said, adjusting his hair.

A parrot flew into the shot. “Let the games begin!”

Mana and Zac shared a look. “You were saying?” “Maybe they’re playing hopscotch or something.” Zac offered.

The scene cut back to show Trixie in the tailors. “Did you hear that?” Trixie asked. “It sounds like birds?”

The tailor stepped back from behind the curtains, holding an absurdly large pair of scissors. “And so it begins.” He sighed. The tailor snapped, summoning his own swarm of flamingos. “I will have my flamingos deliver your hat to your ship.” He offered.

“No!” Trixie yelled. “How do I know you’re actually going to do that?”

The tailor shrugged. “Because I’m about to do you, like a huge favor. He motioned for Trixie to follow him. “I’m going to cut and dye your hair. And give you new clothes.”

“Why? I like the way I look!” Trixie tried to walk away but the tailor gripped onto her wrists, and pointed at the bounty poster with Trixie’s face on it.

“You’ll never make it off the island looking the way you do.” He offered her a smile. “Let me help you.”


“Because I don’t even want to be a pirate. It was always my dad’s dream for me.” He rolled his eyes. “Now honey, stay still.”

The scene switched to show Cherry and Malia getting cornered by a swarm of pirates. “Cherry!” Malia cried out.

“Like what? Take a chill pill.” Cherry waved at the pirates. “Hello? It is, Cherry, The Incan goddess. If you like even look at us, I will smite you down!” She snapped, and sprayed her perfume on one of the nearby pirates. “See?”

“But that was just perfume.” Malia whispered.

“SHH!” Cherry hissed. “Like let us go!” The white-girl declared taking a step forward, the pirates making a path for the pair. “It’s like all about feeling Cherrylicious.” Cherry whispered. “Feel fierce, and like everyone will do what you want.”

“R-really?” Malia gasped. “Mom always said to treat people with respect.”

Cherry gasped. “No. Like never! If you give people…” She whispered, “The r word, they will like never listen to you.”

The screen cut to static, then revealed Andre and Sarah as they managed to sneak out of the stadium, after causing a brawl. “That was a close one!” Andre said, wiping the sweat off of his face as they started to walk towards the docks. “Yeah!” That was quick thinking!” Sarah smiled. “I can see why your team looks up to you so much.”

Andre blushed. “They said that?”

Sarah nodded. “Alfie really thinks of you like a big brother.”

“Alfie!” Andre gasped, looking around. “I can’t just leave him here.”

“And Sam!” Sarah added. “He never came back! I hope he’s ok!”

“There they are!” A voice shouted from just outside the stadium. Pirates began to chase after the pair, as a scooby doo sequence was shown. The sailors raced in and out of the small huts, the pirates right behind them, but every time they went into another hut, the sailors were already in another. Sarah’s watch began to glow, her eyes growing wide.

“We should split up.” Sarah whispered, as they hid inside a bathtub.

“No.” Andre decided. “Splitting up never ends well.”

Sarah nodded, “But we’re wasting our time here.” She peeked her head out from the tub. “We’re not going to lose them unless we separate.”

“But…” Andre whispered.

“No. This is what we have to do.” She replied, putting her hand on Andre’s shoulder. “It’s what Elyar would have done.” She said, a glisten in her eyes. “I’ll go first, and lead them away. You go find Alfie and Sam!”

Andre looked up in amazement as Sarah volunteered to be bait. She jumped out of the tub and out of Andre’s sight. Outside, she tore her clothes to shreds, and ruffled up her hair, and raced towards the nearest pirate. “Arr!” She greeted, “I be seeing one of those land-lubbers in the hut there!” She pointed at the hut, as the pirate nodded and raced towards the hut. Sarah turned back, biting her lip. “I’m sorry.” She whispered into the breeze, racing off to the dock.

The screen switched to show Viola as she ducked between the shadows. “Viola!” A voice gasped. Viola looked up to see a girl with white hair pulled back into a braid. She wore a red velvet captains jacket, and black corset beneath it.

“No!” Viola shouted, throwing pebbles at the woman. “This is not how I’m going out!” She declared, trying to race away.

“It’s Trixie.” The girl whispered. “Have you seen Malia?”

“The giggling machine?” Viola raised an eyebrow, still skeptical on whether on not the woman was Trixie or not.

“I told you to stop calling her that.” Trixie giggled, to taunt Viola.

Viola nodded. “It is you… what happened?” She gasped at Trixie’s new look.

“Long story. Where’s Malia?”

Viola pointed at the shoreline, where Cherry and Viola were getting into a rowboat. She turned back around to see Sarah. “Of course. This is karma. I don’t know what for, but this is karma.” She stared at Sarah who giggled slightly.

“AHHHH!” Sarah shouted, as she jumped into the air to kick the woman in front of Viola - unfortunately, she mistimed her jump, and she ended up kicking a rock.

“It’s Trixie.” Trixie rolled her eyes. “Let’s go.” She said, dragging the two girls towards the shore so they could get into a rowboat.

The screen cut to static, revealing Damien and Yasmin who were tied up on a pole. “How is it that Alfie managed to get away?” Yasmin grunted, trying to undo the ropes around her wrists.

Damien shrugged. “He’s like an energizer bunny.”

“Well. What is she going to do us?” Yasmin asked, looking at Damien.

“She doesn’t actually want any of us.” Damien grunted.

Yasmin looked to her side. “Then why the rope? Clearly, the two ideas are in conflict.”

“She’s sending a message to Zac.” Damien calmly said. “She can find us, wherever we are. Whenever she wants - and that she is not alone.”

“Scary.” Yasmin rolled her eyes. “So how do we get out of here?” She asked, looking around at the pirates surrounding them.

“THIS WAY!” Alfie cheered, as he jumped out of the ocean, leading a family of sharks onto the shore as they dived at the pirates. “My friends want to play! Will you play with them?” Alfie asked the pirates, who were already racing off.

“DEMON!” They shouted at Alfie.

“Finally someone else agrees.” Yasmin stated, getting a chuckle out of Damien.

“Looks like he’s not so much of a burden…” Damien gasped, as he and Yasmin shared a look.

“Impossible.” She hissed.

Alfie walked towards the pair and undid their ties. “Come on will you play with my sharks?” He asked, but the pair shook their heads.

“Come on, we have to get back to the ship.” Damien said.

The screen cut to static, then revealed Sam as he got into one of the rowboats. On the horizon Grayson appeared, pirates chasing behind him. “Sam!” He gasped, taking a deep breath. “I’ve been looking every where for you!”

“Grayson!” Sam shouted.

“We need to talk.” Grayson shouted back, racing towards the shore.

The scene cut show their ship as it sailed away from Marauders Reef. On the deck, Mana finished running around the ship, counting the sailors for the third time. He gulped and turned to Zac with a panicked look. Zac nodded “Gather the sailors.”

The screen zoomed forward, with the sailors gathered in front of Zac. “So… I have some good news, and some bad news.” He bit his lip. “Good news, is that you’re all in the final ten!”

“And the bad news?” Trixie asked.

“Who in the world are you?” Zac asked.

“Trixie.” Sarah said. “It’s a long story.”

Zac nodded. “Ok… Bad news, well you’re the final ten... “ He gulped. “We started the day with eleven.”

The sailors looked around to see who was missing. Sarah hid her smile as she noticed Andre was still missing. Yasmin raised her hand. “You clearly need to learn to count, as there’s only nine of us here.”

Mana nodded. “Yes, that’s because Andre is currently in the infirmary.” He paused. “Grayson never made it back.”

The teens looked at Sam. “Are you going to be ok?” Alfie gasped. “I can snuggle you if you want?”

Sam walked off in silence to the edge of the ship, looking back at Marauders Reef as it shrunk in size.

The screen faded to black and white, returning to show Grayson and Sam. “Sam! I need you.” He said, as got closer to the row boat. “You made the world feel full. Before… when I dated... And cheated on all of the girls, I was just trying to find the one person who made me feel whole. The person who I could see myself falling in love with again, every morning.” He said, a tear dragging down his face. “I found that person. I found you! And I’ll help you find your fiance, and we’ll move on. Together.”

Sam looked at Grayson as he reached the shore, lifted the paddle towards Grayson, before smacking it down on the teen, knocking him out. “I saw you kiss him.” He turned away, tears welling up in his eyes. “I won’t let your smooth words trick me like you did all of those girls.”

The scene switched to show the boy sailors gather in Alfie’s and Sam’s room. “I’ve always wanted to have a slumber party!” Alfie cheerfully said, as she circled on his pile of pillows before he sat on them.

Andre shrugged. “I mean, I can see why we’re having it.” He looked out the window at the pirate ships that were in the distance. “It’s safer this way.” He looked down at his body that was covered in bandages, the teen barely able to move.

“What happened to you anyways?” Damien asked, turning to Andre.

“The pirates dog piled on top of me.” He sighed. “At least Sarah got away safely.”

Sam looked at the bed where he and Grayson slept in silence.

Alfie turned to Sam, “Do you want a hug?” Sam said nothing, so Alfie tackled the teen anyways, giving him a hug. “Hugs always make me feel better.”

“Thanks.” Sam whispered.

Damien picked up Andre, and carried him to where Alfie and Sam were hugging, as the four shared one group hug. “We’ve all been there man.” Damien sighed. “We’ll get you through it.”

Sam nodded, but in his mind he replayed him smacking Grayson on the head with the paddle over, and over again.

The camera panned to next cabin, where the girls were waiting. Cherry spoke out first, staring at Trixie. “I like can’t believe you’re wearing THAT!” She rolled her eyes, “Way to copy Malia and her new look. You like couldn’t give her one second in the spotlight.”

Malia looked up at Trixie and frowned. “Why do you always do everything you can to ruin my time here?” She frowned. “You keep saying you’re my friend, but you keep doing things that say otherwise.”

Viola groaned, as she buried her head into a pile of pillows. “I really could go without a new episode of Degrassi today.” She peeked out from the pillows. “It was a long day, can’t we just sleep.”

Yasmin looked up from where she sat in the corner, making notes about the tarot cards. “Does anyone here believe in tarot cards?” She questioned.

“They’re so so cool!” Sarah grinned. “Why?”

Yasmin opened her book, and showed the three cards that she had drew during the tarot reading. “What do these mean?”

“I didn’t take you for the type to believe in tarot cards.” Trixie stated.

“Why do you like have to judge everyone?” Cherry rolled her eyes.

Trixie sighed and grabbed a blanket. “I’ll go sleep with Ribbit.” Cherry smirked smugly.

Sarah looked at the cards intensely. “The kraken dragging a ship to the ocean’s depths, an angel, and the plank…” Sarah looked up with a blank face. “I have no idea what any of these mean.”

Yasmin shrugged. “I didn’t expect you to.” She closed her journal. “It doesn’t matter anyways, it’s all just hocus pocus.”

Outside, Trixie curled up with Ribbit. “I see you got your hat.” She smiled at Ribbit who was wearing a cowfrog hat. “Do you like it?” She asked, in reply Ribbit licked her face. “I’m glad.”

The screen cut to show Zac and Mana. “Is that hotel nearby?” Zac asked, cautiously.

Mana perked up. “Yeah! It’s only like a few days away.”

“I’ll let the producers know we’re on our way.” He looked at Mana skeptically, “Why are you so happy? It’s a haunted hotel, I thought you were afraid of like, everything.”

“Oh nothing….” He grinned, as Zac dialed up the producers.

Chapter Nineteen: The One That Zac Wished Never Happened

The camera zoomed in on Zac. The young adult was wearing his signature white button down, and vivid tie dye tee-shirt. He sat on the edge of the ship, his legs dangling off. He looked out at Washington’s cityscape in front of him, his blue eyes lingered on the tall buildings. He looked at his side where Mana had just arrived. “Have you located the nearest Tim Hortons?”

Mana gulped. “Uh, about that Zac.” The intern pulled out a map of the city. “There well, isn’t any.”

The host’s eyes went wide. “WHAT?” He shook his head in disbelief, grabbing the map out of Mana’s hands, sending him into the water below in the process. “This can’t be happening to me!” He let out a screech, scaring the seagulls off. “I knew there was a reason why I hated America!” Zac pulled out his phone to make arrangements with the producers to import the Canadian delicacy to their hotel.

The camera panned further down the ship where a number of the sailors had gathered. Sarah jumped up and down excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to visit Washington again!”

Viola stared out at the city covered in the night's darkness. “Our chances of getting murdered just went up significantly.” She said as she pointed out the flashing red and blue lights of a police car. “I never thought I would say this, but are you sure we can’t just stay on the ship?”

Sam shrugged. “I guess I could use the distraction.” He turned to Viola, “Who knows maybe we’ll both find really cute boys? It is America after all!”

Sarah glomped both Sam and Viola. Her luggage slamming against Sam’s back. “This is going to be SO fun!” The singer turned to Zac. “It’s just like old times! Do you remember when we were in San Francisco and you lost your-” Zac threw a donut into Sarah’s mouth.

“I thought we agreed to never speak of that again.” The host glared. Sarah innocently nodded, chewing the chocolate delicacy.

The camera panned over to show Trixie giving Ribbit a goodbye hug. “I’m not going to be able to bring you into the big city pal.” She sighed, rubbing her giant frogs head. “The city folk, they won’t understand.”

“Ribbit!” The frog croaked wrapping Trixie up in his tongue. The cowgirl giggled kissing her pal on the head. “I’ll miss you!” She pointed at the Lost Children. “Take good care of the kiddos ok?”

“Ribbit!” The frog croaked, as the Lost Children piled onto its back.

The camera panned to the galley where Alfie was shoving sugar-filled treats into his suitcase. “I don’t think this is going to be enough!” He frowned. “How am I supposed to fit all of my candy in here?” He turned to Cherry and Malia. “How’s your packing going?”

Malia finished packing the rest of Cherry’s clothing into her own suitcase. “There I think that about does it!” She smiled up at her mentor. “You’ll look fabulous the entire time we’re away!”

“Cherrylicious.” Cherry corrected. “But like thanks, I already knew that, it’s like totes impossible for me not to!” Cherry looked at Alfie, “Could you be a doll and like y’know carry our bags to the hotel for us, Alfie?” Cherry gave her new ‘friend’ a hug before strutting off with Malia.

Alfie looked at Cherry’s and Malia’s suitcases and then back at his own, and then at the candy. He dove for their suitcases pulling out all of their clothes, leaving only a set of PJ’s for each, and filling the rest of the space with candy. “She did say she’d look cherrylicious no matter what.” Alfie shrugged, “And I can’t just leave my candy behind!” He held a topaz coloured jelly bean in his hand and stared at it before devouring the gummy. His eyes lit up with excitement, as he raced after the girls, their luggages trailing behind him.

Elsewhere on the ship, Damien was relaxing with Yasmin. “This is going to be great.” The legacy contestant smiled. “Catch a few rays, relax a little bit.”

Yasmin glared at the teen. “No.” She scribbled into her notebook. “This is not great.” She gasped, shocked that her ally would say something so idiotic. “Whenever a cast goes to a foreign location things get messy.” She straightened the covers on her bed. “I don’t do messy. Messy isn’t clean, it isn’t precise. I can’t calculate messy.” She stated.

“Are you alright?” Damien asked.

“No.” She hissed. “That card reader! She was crazy! Nuts!” Yasmin growled. “But I can’t get her out of my head.”

“Ah come on Yasmin. You know she was just a bunch of hocus pocus.” Damien got up from the bed. “Nothing to worry about. We have me and you, and… Cherry, and Alfie and Malia now!”

Yasmin looked at Damien. “Your statement may hold true. But it does not bring the warmth that you intended. I don’t like this trip. I don’t like it at all.”

(CONF): Andre is seen standing behind the captains wheel. “I don’t know anymore. It just seems that every time I get close to proving I’m worth it, I lose someone. I almost lost Sarah at the pirate’s hideout. And now Trixie and Alfie are on the rocks… What kind of captain can’t even keep his team together?”

The scene cut to show Zac, Mana and the ten sailors in a limousine pulling up to the Pentagram Hotel. Zac coughed, quieting the buzz of the sailors. “We may be taking a momentary pause on the competition due to unforeseen issues.”

“Murderuous pirates.” Viola corrected. Zac sent her a glare. Mana spoke out, “Something like that. But just because we’re in America…”

“PARTY!?” Sam shouted grinning, as he pulled Alfie in for a hug.

“No.” Zac stated. “Just because we’re in America and pausing the competition doesn’t mean we won’t be filming. So keep the drama rolling. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to make a special, or spin off or something out of the footage.”

“Can we go now?” Sarah squelled, holding on the door handle, ready to burst out.

“Yes. Fine.” Zac grumbled.

Zac, Mana and the ten sailors entered the eerie doors of the Pentagram.

Sarah, shivered. “Does anyone else find this place…”

She turned to look at a portrait with shifting eyes, then a lump moving in the rug, and finally a vulture circling them in the sky.


“I was going with tacky,” Zac said. He walked up to the front desk, running his finger across it and blowing away dust. “Are you sure this is the place Mana?”

Mana nodded. “I hope so…”

Zac dinged the bell...and waited. After a few seconds he rang it again. No response. He picked up the bell and chucked it down the hall.

“My eye!”

Vance, a cowboy walked up from down the hall, rubbing his eye. “Who in tarnation threw a bell?”

“Mana you didn’t tell me this was Western themed!” Zac stated. “Where’s my hat at?”

“So all Americans are cowboys,”  Maila gasped.

“Not all of them,” Trixie muttered.

“You do remember Colin wasn’t, right?” Viola asked.

“It might have been an improvement,” Cherry stated, adjusting her red streaks in her hair. 

“We’re here for our rooms,” Zac stated.

“Well go get them then,” Vance scoffed. 

“We’re staying at this hotel,” Damien, added. “Unfortunately."

“Ooh,” Vance replied. “You the new interns or somethin’?”

“Do I like an intern to you?” Cherry asked. “This Cherrylicious face is TV made!”

“For a crime show maybe,” Viola added. 

From down the hall, Melissa, a sweet girl, and some other teens walked up.

“How many bellhops does it take to get a room in this place?” Yasmin asked.

“You didn’t see all the bags Cherry brought,” Damien teased.

“Cool, new interns!” Weston, a single twin cheered. 

“I’m here for a room,” Zac stated. “I need your best suite. Run a bubble bath in your master suite, rose petals decorating the room and your finest scented candles lit. I’ll take a three course meal delivered by room service. And six rooms for them.”

“How generous,” Tessa, a former athelete stated.

“That sounds like a wonderful stay,” Melissa said. “But um...this hotel is unfortunately closed?”

“Closed?” Zac asked. “But I was told I’d be staying here!”

Melissa paused and stared at the young man’s face for a moment. “I’m sorry...have we met before? You seem very familiar?”

“I doubt it,” Zac replied. “But I’m sure you’ve probably seen my face. I am the host of-”

“Oh my god, it’s you!” Ness, an unluckty girl squeeed, jumping up and down.

Zac smirked. “Yes, yes it’s me. Autographs are twenty dollars, thirty for a self-”

Ness ran forward and pushed him aside, walking up to a brunette boy carrying a gutair case. 

“You’re Andre!” Ness exclaimed, blushing deep red. “I can’t believe it! I’ve listened to your debut single like a hundred times.”

Andre blushed. “Really? I’ve never actually met a fan before..I think you might be my first one.”

Ness giggled and blushed even redder, stepping back and tripping over Cherry’s luggage, faceplanting on the floor.

“Maybe I need to learn to play an instrument,” Ignacio mumbled.

“Who is this again honey?” Lita, a fiesty teen asked, helping her friend from off the floor.

“It’s Andre!” Ness giggled. “Remember I was telling you about him, from Total Drama Frozen! The Canadian version of Total Drama. Wait if you’re here then that means…are you all the cast of Total Drama Tides?”

“Duh,” Cherry replied. “Have you been living under a rock?”

“Kind of,” Riley, a tomboy admitted.

Melissa snapped her fingers. “Wait a minute, Zac right?”

“Finally!” Zac exclaimed.

“You’re Hayden’s little Canadian boyfriend, right?” Melissa asked.

Zac’s eyes grew wide. “Hayden? You’ve talked to Hayden? Is he here?”

“Preferably shirtless after a workout?” Sam, added.

Yasmin adjusted her glasses. “I thought it was suspicious that you were all teens. But the fact you know Hayden can only mean one thing; you’re the cast of the American Total Drama.”

“Also they have people filming us all over,” Damien added.

“Oh yeah,” Alfie, said. “I didn’t notice those cameras.”

“Wait, they were on this show the whole time?” Weston asked. “I’m worse with names than I thought.”

“No Weston,” Vance replied. “It’s worse than that they’re...Canadian!” 

“Can we backtrack a little,” Kalino, a chill dude said. “Hayden was dating the Canadian Rhonda?”

“Do I look frumpy and sad to you?” Zac asked.

“How do you know this Andre guy if it’s a current season,” Ignacio, a hunk asked. “Just you know, out of curiosity…”

“Andre was on the last season,” Ness said. “I heard he got on the new season! I’m totally rooting for you by the way.”

Andre blushed again. “Well, so far so good. I am at the final ten.”

“We’re at the final ten too,” Ness said.

“Woah, so you guys are like parallel versions of us,” Alfie said.

Trixie shook her head. “Alfie that’s not-”

“Woah!” Weston exclaimed. “Like our mirror world counterparts! Who’s Canadian Weston?”

“Can someone explain what’s going on here?” Damian asked. 

Zac turned to Mana. “Mana."

“So this hotel is really-”


“By the way, your hair is-”

“MANA. Why are we at the location of Rhonda’s show?” Zac asked. “Because if her little troop of teens is here, then that can only mean-”

“-What’s all the commotion?”

Rhonda exited the stairway and immediately froze. “No. *********. Way.”

Zac and Rhonda immediately locked eyes. 

“Zac,” Rhonda stated.

“Rhonda,” Zac replied. “You look nice for someone who’s supposed to be dead.”

“And you look mature,” Rhonda replied. “Is that a gray hair?”

“Don’t even joke,” Zac gasped.

“Rhonda!” Malia cheered, some of the other Tides teens cheering too. The Genesis newcomers raised an eyebrow. 

Mana ran up to Rhonda, glomping her. “Rhonda! You have no idea how much I missed you.”

Rhonda was startled for a second, before bursting into a smile and hugging him back. “I missed you too Mana!”

“I get what’s going on here,” Zac said. 

“I’m glad someone does,” Tessa said. 

“You arranged this whole trip Mana,” Zac stated. “Just so you could see your old buddy Rhonda.”

Mana rubbed the back of his head. “That’s not exactly what I-”

“You lied to me that this was hotel so you could trick me to coming here,” Zac said.

“I mean you could have actually checked out the hotel,” Damian said. “You know like done an internet search or-”

Zac turned to the legacy brother, immediately silencing him with a glare.

Rhonda groaned. “The producers said that we would be temporarily offering rooms to some special guests...they failed to mention it was you. Why are you even staying here?”

“We’re hiding from an army of evil pirates,” Trixie said. “Again.”

“That sounds hardcore!” Riley cheered.

“All we’ve done is capture a serial killer’s ghost,” Vance pouted.

“I’m still a bit confused,” Lita asked. “So you know these people Rhonda?”

Rhonda nodded. “Before I could get the job as Genesis’ host, the network wanted to prove I could do it and gain some experience. So I worked as a co-host on Canada's current Total Drama season. This old man is their host Zac, who I worked under until Genesis started.”

Zac rolled his eyes. “You conveniently left out the part where you cast my American boyfriend on your show to spite me and then let me think you had been killed while you left.”

“It sounds bad when you say it like that!” Rhonda replied.

“How do you make it sound good?” Tessa asked.

“Wait, who's the guy with the pretty hair?” Weston asked.

Zac smirked. “I’m Zac, former executive producer of TD, now beloved host-”

“-I was talking about the guy still hugging Rhonda,” Weston said.

“I’m Mana,” the guy greeted. “Rhonda and I kind of co-hosted together under Zac. It’s wonderful to meet Rhonda’s friends.”

“Friends isn’t how I’d describe it,” Ignacio said.

“More like the opposite of how I’d describe it,” Kalino stated.

“So in that reality, Rhonda was an alternate Jenny?” Weston asked.

“Weston sweetie,” Melissa said. “Canada is not an alternate universe.”

“I think they pronounce it as North Mexico there,” Riley added. 

“The only good thing about being here is that I get to see Hayden,” Zac sighed. “Where is he?”

The Genesis cast shared a look.

“Awkward,” Vance whispered.

“I’m guessing it’s fair to say your boytoy has been eliminated,” Yasmin stated.

“WHAT?” Zac asked.

“It’s sad but true,” Melissa sighed. 

“They did say this was the final ten,” Trixie said.

“I only count like nine of these wannabes,” Cherry stated.

Jasper raised his hand. “You probably missed me…”

“’re a contestant?” Alfie asked.

“You’re a person?” Cherry asked. “I thought you were a potted plant.”

“I get that a lot,” Jasper sighed. 

“You mean you All American Rejects voted out Hayden last episode?” Zac asked. 

“More like...several episodes ago,” Vance stated.

"REALLY?” Zac asked. “My sweet Hayden is way too good to be voted off before the merge like some loser?”

“Thanks Zac,” Damien sighed, as he, Cherry, Tessa and Jasper glared at the host.

“So not to cut this happy, weird reunion short,” Trixie said. “But...are we staying here?”

“I’d rather die,” Zac replied.

“By pirates out for our head?” Viola asked. 

“There blades were pretty pointy,” Sarah added. 

“I don’t care what the network says,” Rhonda said. “If you think I’m letting you stay here and micromanage me Zac then-”

“Ooh please Rhonda,” Malia begged. “I’ve always wanted to live and act wild like a crazy American teenage girl.”

“Crazy and wild?” Tessa asked. “My day today consisted of doing laundry.” 

“I’m just happy to see Rhonda again,” Damian stated.

Mana nodded, still hugging her. 

Rhonda blushed. “Well...even if it means giving Zac a room, if it means you sailors get to stay here then welcome to the Pentagram!”

The sailors cheered as Zac rolled his eyes.

“You mean it?” Sarah asked.

“Of course,” Rhonda replied. “You know I love all of y’all!”

“Love?” Vance asked.

“I didn’t know Rhonda was capable of that anymore,” Lita asked. 

“It is like a parallel world,” Ness said. “One where Rhonda is nice and liked?”

“It must be the evil universe,” Tessa shuddered.

Between the applause, Cherry coughed. “Um, aren’t you going to introduce us?

“I would love to meet this new cast you’ve been telling me about,” Mana replied.

"Oh right,” Rhonda said. “Newcomers, meet the sailors of Total Drama Tides! This is Alfie.”

The short ditzy blonde boy sniffed the air. “Do I smell...sweets?”

“And Andre…”

The brunette guy nodded, setting down his guitar. Ness clapped quietly.


The blonde with red streaks in her hair blew a kiss towards the male newcomers before talking a selfie of them behind her.


The short, familar looking asian teen winked at the cast.


The shortest sailor waved at the others. Cherry elbowed her. 

“Oh,” Malia replied, blowing an awkward kiss at them in imitation of Cherry. The It-Girl nodded in approval.


The attractive blonde teen, who was staring at Ignacio, came to attention as his name was called. He blushed and waved.


The blonde girl did an overdramatic bow, though she seemed a little worn out. 

“Trixie…who’s sporting a new look?”

The cowgirl blushed, tipping her hat. “It’s a long story.”


The downer shrugged, not bothering to smile.

“And finally Yasmin.”

The girl with the glasses didn’t look up from her journal, taking notes on everything around her. 

“Curious to see who all made the final ten,” Rhonda admitted. “But I’m super happy for you guys!”

“What about us?” Lita asked.

“Huh?” Rhonda said. “Uh, yeah. These are our final ten newcomers of Total Drama Genesis, America’s first Total Drama season!”

“And probably last,” Zac whispered.


The model shyly waved at all the stares, Cherry, Malia and Sam more intense than the others.


Kalino flashed a peace sign at them.


Lita winked at the newcomers, the guys and Viola blushing.


“A pleasure to have you with us!” Melissa greeted.


Ness blushed and waved, trying not to trip while standing.


“S’up,” Riley greeted, pointing finger guns at them. “Welcome to America dudes.”


Tessa forced a smile and waved.


“Howdy,” Vance replied, tipping his cowboy hat...and knocking it off. 

“And Weston.”

Weston didn’t react, counting the others while trying to figure out who was whose alternative universe version.

Lita shook her head. “Rhonda you forgot-”

“And Jasper of course!” Rhonda added with a forced laugh. Who could get forget lovable Jasper. Certainly not me.”

Jasper tried to smile and wave...but none of the sailors seemed to notice him.

“Where is he?” Sarah asked.

“Is he behind that potted plant?” Damian asked.

“Thanks anyway,” Jasper whispered to Lita.

“Now that the overly long intros are done,” Zac said. “I guess we should figure out where we’re staying.” 

“We were suppose to do a challenge today,” Rhonda said. “But I guess we’ll postpone it for another day.”

“Woooo!” the Genesis cast cheered.

“Glad to know you’re so lenient as a host,” Zac said. “Good thing I’m here to give you advice.”

“You’re one to talk,” Rhonda replied. “Mana and I had to host an elimination ceremony while you canoodled with Hayden in the hottub!”

The two hosts walked off squabbling, as the sailors and newcomers stood there awkwardly chatting amongst their own groups.

The camera panned away from the doors where the two hosts had just exited. A familiar duo walked down the staircase into the lobby, Toby’s whistling filling the empty air where yelling had just taken place. “Do you think that’s him?” Toby whispered to Jenny as they closed in on where the teens waited. 

“His hair isn’t that fabulous.” Jenny assured him. “Right?”

“Right!” Toby confirmed. The pair shared a nervous glance before exciting jumping off of the final step to face the crowd. 

“So… Uh Rhonda might kill us for this but since she’s going to be occupied for most of the night now.” Toby started before Jenny excitedly cut him off. 

“And well, since there are so many of you again! And we have all these party supplies…..” The pair pulled out fire crackers and set the room aglow. “We’re throwing a FIESTA!” Jenny looked at the Canadians who seemed confused. “That means party.” 

Melissa frowned, “But I haven’t had a chance to prepare enough baked goods for such an event!” The scene cut to show an image of the hotel kitchen being buried with baked goods, before cutting back to crowd. 

“I’m sure we’ll manage Melly!” Weston eagerly cheered biting into a chocolate chip muffin. “My detective’s intuition says there’s more than enough!” 

“Does he remind you of someone?” Damien whispered into Yasmin’s ear as he looked at Weston and then at Alfie. 

“Clearly lack of brain power is a trait that gets you far in this show.” Yasmin noted. “No matter what country you’re from.”

“Not cool brah. Not cool.” Kalino shook his head in disappointment. “Aren’t you supposed to be extra nice or something?” 

“KALINO!” Ness half-shouted. “You’re in the presence of royalty! You can’t speak to them like that.” 

Sarah looked around excitedly, “Is Zaina here!? I really need another girls night!” She confessed. 

“It’s Heather’s little brother! Damien!” Ness cheered wrapping her arms around Damien. “Your sister was one of my idols… Well not really but she was so important to the first season!” 

“He’s Heather’s little brother?” Alfie asked confused. 

Andre shrugged. “I thought he looked familiar.” 

Sam turned to the co-hosts of Genesis. “Lead the way to the party!”

Lita grabbed onto Sam’s hand. “Finally someone who knows what’s up!”

Jenny and Toby looked up at the teens. “Mana! Could you help out? We just need some more streamers from upstairs in room 711.” Jenny asked innocently, while she and Toby hid their grins. 

“Oh uh.. Sure? Why not! I’ll be right back!” Mana cheerfully agreed, while the duo shared a fist-bump once he was out of sight. 

“Good luck taking Rhonda away from us now.” Toby snickered. 

The pair led the teenagers to a large room they hadn’t been to before. Flashing lights, and music filled the space. Along the edges of the room tables were filled with food and totally non-alcoholic beverages. “You sure Rhonda won’t miss these?” Toby asked nervously looking around the room. 

“They were meant for the finale night… We’ll just replace them before then!” 

“Dance with me Vi!” Sam begged. “I could use it.” He dragged her onto the dance floor. No Excuses, by Meghan Trainor blasting off of the walls. 

Viola stared at the teen. “Do I look like I dance?” 

“This is America! Brosky.” Riley laughed as she placed a pair of hot pink shades over Viola’s face. “Everyone dances!” The teen did the moonwalk as she left the pair. 

“I LOVE IT HERE!” Sam announced loudly, as the other teens erupted into a cheer. 

Off to the side Ness was dancing in place beside Lita who was truly letting loose. “I’ve never been to a real party before!” Ness giggled. “My parents always thought it would be a bad idea. But nothing bad has happened!” 

“Oh girly, the party’s just starting!” She teased getting closer to Ness to help her loosen up. 

Ness blushed as Lita’s body got closer to hers. “Are you going to ask Jasper to dance?” She shouted over the music. “I saw the look you gave him at the last challenge!” 

Lita eyed Jasper who was eating from the bowl of pretzels at the far end of the room. “Why would I do that?” She sighed. “It’s not like the last boy I liked really worked out for me. I don’t need to embarrass myself on television twice!” 

Ness paused. “I feel like it’s been more than twice…” 

“Ness! That’s besides the point! Just because he’s really cute, and kinda sweet and a great listener…. Well uh, doesn’t mean he likes me!” Lita smirked. “Are you going to ask Ignacio to dance?” 

“I can’t do that!” Ness blushed. “I’m not ready for that!” 

“Then I guess we’ll just dance with each other!” Lita said before being interrupted by Andre asking Ness to dance. 

Ness blinked. “M-M-Me?” She asked, but Lita instantly shoved her into Andre’s arms as the pair drifted to the center of the room, becoming the first trans-show dancing partners. 

Andre looked around the dusty elevator. “Ah yes… Let’s make America great again.” He chuckled. “But Ness seemed really nice.. And she was a fan of mine, and there’s no way there won’t be a challenge here, so I need all the help and info I can get.” He shrugged. “I’ll win this whole thing for you Dania!” 

Sarah sighed as she poured herself a glass of sparkling water. “Elyar… I don’t know what I’m doing here. You never trained me for this. I thought it was all just for fun.” She pouted staring at the watch on her wrist. “I’m not actually a secret agent. I was able to help Zaina with everyone else's help… But it’s just me now.” 

“You don’t have to be just you! No bro’s left behind!” Riley chimed in, offering Sarah a fist bump. “So are you going to introduce me to your imaginary friend, or am I not cool enough for that just yet.” Riley teased. 

Sarah gave a weak smile. “Elyar was my first friend on my season.” She let out a puff of air. “And I promised I’d do something for him… but it’s just….”

“Complicated.” RIley confirmed. “I know the feeling! I feel like everyone here is on the edge of making out in the broom closet!” 

“Oh no.” Sarah let out a groan. “You’re reminding me of my first summer at band camp.” She shook her head trying to get the image out. 

“Dancing will help.” Riley offered. “Besides if you stay here any longer I’ll feel like America failed you, and we just can’t have that now can we!” 

Sarah smiled. “You’re honestly an adorable little human.” 

“Eh. I’ll take it!” Riley chuckled dragging Sarah out to the dance floor. 

The scene cut to show Melissa piling baked goods onto a plate in the kitchen. “Thanks again so much for helping me Weston! I’m sure everyone will appreciate all of the cookies we baked!” She sniffed the air, “I put an extra dash of love in this batch!” She looked down at the teen who had inhaled the cookies. 

“SUGAR!” Alfie cheered. 

“Wait…. You’re not Weston. How could I have gotten this muggled up.” Melissa sighed. “But I am so glad you love the cookies!”

Elsewhere Cherry was detailing all of the things that were wrong with Trixie to who she thought was Alfie. “If she ever loved you, she wouldn’t have just broken up with you. Like that’s not a Cheryliscious thing to do, and like she totes was just using you for that weird fetish athlete book thing. Like what the bleep.” Cherry turned to the camera. “In Canada, we bleep ourselves, because like swearing is wrong.” She flashed a smile. 

“Which one was Trixie again?” Weston sighed looking out at the dancing teens, “And I don’t think Cynthia would like it if another girl loved me.” 

Cherry blinked. “Well who in the cherry are you?!”

“I’m Weston!’ The twin offered his hand to the girl. 

“Ok, like bye?” Cherry rolled her eyes, leaving in search of her allies. Weston waved awkwardly at his new friend. 

The camera panned to wear Yasmin stared at a painting. “This is oddly specific and out of place for a haunted hotel.” The scholar noted looking down at her notebook. “It has to just be a coincidence though…” 

“The Kraken dragging down the ship.” Kalino nodded. “A true classic. Back home people fear the kraken, but I think he’s a sign of growth.” 

Yasmin stared at the relaxed surfer. “How so. It’s a mythological creature of mass destruction. 

“And after destruction comes rebirth.” Kalino exhaled. “It’s all about finding that inner zen.” He stripped off his shirt and sat cross-legged on the floor. 

“Pardon? But no. There is nothing peaceful about this. In fact this must just be the producers messing with me.” Yasmin stated. 

“Find your chill.” Kalino offered grabbing onto Yasmin’s hand. “You need it.” 

“She honestly does.” Damien teased as he walked past the pair with Tessa.

Yasmin glared at Kalino’s hand. “No touching!” She swatted his hand away. “I don’t have time for this kind of interaction.” She climbed onto Kalino’s back and reached for the painting. “I need to inspect this further.” She kicked the side of Kalino, “Take me to the nearest laboratory.” 

“Pardon here, lassy, but I don’t think that Kalino is your personal steed.” 

Kalino sighed as Yasmine’s legs tightened their grip around his torso. “How about we double the chill for you?” He pulled out a bath bomb from… Well the narrator isn’t entirely sure, and held it in front of Yasmin. “I bet you haven’t had a bath in a long time. Rhonda has an ultra-top secret spa here, that we’re not supposed to know about if you want to try it!” 

Cherry raced over grabbing the bath bomb. “LIKE DIBS!” She cheered her eyes going wide, gripping the bath bomb like it was her savior. “It’s been like totes too long since I had an opportunity to relax my pores!” Cherry gave the peace sign as she raced out of the room, following the scent of lavender bubbles. 

It didn’t take long for Cherry to find the ‘ultra top-secret’ spa. In fact she followed the arrows along the walls of the hotel. The spa was spacious, with steam blurring the air. “C to the H to the E!” Cherry sang to herself as she began to strip off her clothes.

A not-so-silent gulp stopped Cherry in her tracks.

“Hello? Is this like where the totes not cool serial killer is waiting to like axe me in half because like, could you atl east cut off a few extra pounds before you like leave so people will forever see me as the Cherrylicious babe, and not the chunky monkey the show is turning me into?” She begged pulling at the ‘fat’ on her stomach. 

“No. That was last challenge, it’s just me.” Jacob sighed. “Did you really not see me?”

Cherry’s eyes went wide. “Well like. Why are you still here?” She gasped covering up her cherrylicious goods. “Also, like why are the butlers in the spa?” 

Jared banged his head against the wall. “It’s Jasper. You know the guy who…” He paused, trying to think of a way to describe himself. “Well I’m a newcomer on Genesis.” 

“Is that… Like the best you got?” Cherry asked, shaking her head. “Come on, like you must be something more than that?!” She scoffed. “What kind of wannabes did they like recruit for the American show.” 

“They meant to get my brother but there was a mistake.” Jasper explained. 

“Oh.” Cherry frowned. “Like don’t tell anyone I did this but.” The It-Girl wrapped her arms around the boy, forgetting her lack of clothing. “Like everyone deserves to be someone.” After a brief hug she shoved Jasper out of the spa. “Now like leave. I need to like shine.” 

Jasper stood out the door awkwardly. “But uh...that’s the men’s changing room…”

The scene cut to show Damien and Tessa pouring themselves a glass of the punch. “Aren’t you that big-shot gold medalist Tiffany or something?”

Tessa stared the shorter teen. “Aren’t you demon-Heather’s dweeb brother?”

“Touche.” Damien shrugged raising his glass for cheers. 

“What are we toasting for?”

“Making things better.” The sailor offered a smile. “I’m here to help my sister. You’re… well I don’t know why you’re here.” He paused. “This is my second chance at this. I can’t screw it up again, not until I prove them all wrong.” 

Tessa sighed. “I’m kind of here for the same reason.”

“This your second chance too?” Damian asked. “How did an olympian get voted off from her team?”

“By being the worst,” Tessa admitted. “I was almost as bad as Heather.”

“Allegedly was,” Damian stated sternly. 

Tessa forced a nervous smile and nodded. Damian returned to his chipper self and the two clinked their glasses.

Tessa raised an eyebrow as she sat in a different confessional than usual; a giant clamshell. “I guess we can use this as an alternate confessional while the Tides cast is here? It’s somehow less tacky than our elevator at least…”

Tessa shifted in the clam. “I loved Total Drama when it started. I still watched after that terrible fifth season...even if I still did relate to a few of those players in it. I admit there’s a quite a few past players I disliked, but honestly? I’ve always hated Heather. She was the mean, popular girl. The original antagonist. After being eliminated the first time, I kinda realized that one of the main reasons I hated Heather is…

Tessa groaned.”...because she reminded me of my own bullies. I don’t really believe Heather was falsely edited, but I want to believe Damien. But I do that my own ‘Heather’ moments weren’t; they were very real.”

“Is it true your school has special flag twirlers when you say the Pledge of Allegiance?”

Lita laughed. With Ness gone, Lita was now being asked questioned by her new dance partner, Malia.

“Not at my school,” Lita replied.

“Do you release the Eagles before or after the fireworks on 4th of July?” “Girl, who told you all this stuff?” Lita asked.

“Zac,” Malia replied. “He’s dating an American, so he should know.”

“Either Hayden has some weird traditions or your host was just joshing you,” Lita said.

Malia blushed. “Ooh. Darn, being American seemed really fun and silly.”

“You I don’t think we’re that different,” Lita said. “I mean America and Canada aren’t exactly twins, but maybe we’re more similar than we are different.”

“Really?” Malia asked. “I think we are pretty different.”

“We’re both the prettiest girls on shows, aren’t we?” Lita teased. 

Malia blushed and giggled. “Of course! Speaking of, where did you get that scarf? I’ve been thinking I should get one; they're very chic!”

“This thing?” Lita replied. “Uhh...from a thrift store. That’s all. It’s not a big deal.”

“Darn,” Malia said. “I know scarves are all the rage in America along with bear cubs in your purses...or was that another lie?”

“Why ask me all this questions?” Lita said, shaking her head.

“I guess I just thought it’s because you look like what I thought a wild American girl was,” Malia admitted. 

“Excuse me?” Lita asked.

“I just and pretty,” Malia replied. 

Lita forced a smile. “Thanks sweetheart, but really you’re gorgeous. And who says you don’t have some freedom? You’re far from home!” You sail the seven seas! You’re in a whole other country!”

“The land of the free,” Malia giggled.

“Point is you can do whatever you want,” Lita replied. “So let’s live it up. If you want to get wild...then let’s get wild.”

Malia nodded as Lita motioned her to follow.

At the other end of the room, Ignacio sat by himself. He watched as Andre and Ness dance. Ignacio stood up and started to walk over...only to run into Sam.

“Oops,” Sam said as his drink spilled on Ignacio’s shirt. “My bad, I was watching that shirtless meditating guy and...woah.”

“It’s fine,” Ignacio replied. “It happens all the time actually.”

“I guess you better take it off,” Sam replied. “Get it in the wash before it stains.”

“What were you drinking?” Ignacio asked.

“Uhh...grape soda,” Sam answered. “It’s the worst really. But if you get it cleaned soon.”

“I guess I should go change,” Ignacio replied.

“No time!” Sam shouted. “You need to take it of now.”

Ignacio blushed. “Then I’d be shirtless and what would I-”

“You can borrow my shirt,” Sam replied, already having taken off his shirt. “I can even put yours in the wash if you need me to!”

“Do you even have knowledge of its location?” Iggy asked.

“You could show me,” Sam replied. “And while we wait for it to wash, maybe you, me and that Kalino fellow could stop by the spa and-”

“Pardon me, I left an excuse in my room I need to go attend to,” Ignacio stated, before running off.

“Wait!” Sam called. “I can help you with that too! Did I mention I just broke up and am so single?”

Alfie strolled out of the kitchen with sweets in his hand...but stopped as Weston stood right in front of him, also carrying a handful of sweets. The two stopped, starring at each other. Alfie raised his and Weston did the same. Weston titled his head and Alfie did the same. Both started mimicking each other.

“Is this a mirror?” Alfie finally said.

“I think so,” Weston replied.

“A magic mirror!” Alfie gasped.

“No way,” Weston said. “But I usually look that short?”

“And what happened to my hair?” Alfie asked.

“Wait...are we seeing parallel realities?” Weston asked. “Which means…”

“Your alternate universe me!” The two exclaimed.

“I’ve seen some crazy stuff on this show,” Alfie said. “But this is amazing. you think we can travel?”

Weston’s eyes grew wide. He slowly tip-toed over, until he could reach Alfie’s hand. Alfie ‘pulled’ Weston through, and the two fail on the floor.

“It’s not just a mirror, it’s a portal!” Weston exclaimed.

Tessa shook her head. “This maybe the saddest thing I’ve seen today.”

“Just today?” Damien asked.

“So what should we do now that we’ve traveled worlds?” Weston asked.

Alfie scratched his chin. “Well…”

Two minutes later, Aflie and Weston were stuffing their faces with sweets.

Trixie starred forlorn at Alfie as she poured herself a glass of punch.

“Pardon me mam.”

Trixie turned to see Vance smiling at her.

“Are you from Tennessee?” Vance asked. “Cause your the only ten I see!”

Trixie raised an eyebrow. “Is that suppose to mean something?”

Vance facepalmed. “Of course. You foreign gals don’t have a Tennessee. Let’s see...are you angel? Because you are the answer to my prays.

“Wow,” Trixie forced a laugh. “Has that line ever worked before?”

“All the time,” Vance replied.

“It’s hilarious,” Trixie said.

“It’s funny because it’s true,” Vance replied. “I can tell you and I are kindred spirits.”

Vance tipped her cowgirl hat.

“It’s going to be a hard pass,” Trixie replied. “I’m getting over a breakup...and have standards.”

“There’s only one sure fire way to get over heartbreak,” Vance replied.

“Yeah, and I can’t find any ice cream,” Trixie replied.

“Come on,” Vance replied. “Have you ever been with a rodeo star before?”

Trixie blushed. “I But I’m not trying to date athletes anymore just to date them.”

“Even ones with cute mustaches?” Vance asked.

Trixie smirked. “Tell you what bub. How about we arm wrestle for it. You win, I’ll dance with you. You lose, and you go away.”

“I’d hate to hurt you,” Vance replied.

“Or lose?” Trixie teased.

Vance glared, shoving the punch bowl off the table and slapping down his arm. “Let’s go!”

Trixie got in position and the two went out it. Immediately, Trixie slammed Vance’s arm down.

“Rematch!” Vance shouted.

“Sure,” Trixie replied. “I can beat you all night…”

The two went at it and once again Trixie almost had Vance pinned...till he coughed on her face.

“Ack!” Trixie cried out, before Vance took her down in the moment of surprise.

“Yeehaw!” Vance cheered.

“That doesn’t count,” Trixie sighed.

“A win’s a win darlin,” Vance replied. “So how about a square dance?”

“You really know how to treat a girl, don’t cha?”


All the teens ran outside as they heard the sound of an explosion. As they exited the hotel they saw the sky being lit up by a colorful fireworks display. Lita and Malia, the two culprits, bumped fists at the others watched them.

“Ooh pretty,” Sarah sighed.

Off by herself, Viola sighed and rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe it.”

“I know! Isn’t it just a wonderful way to cap off the night?”

Viola turned to Melissa standing there. She held out a plate of fresh, heart shaped snickerdoodles. “I noticed you haven’t been eating much. Would you care for a cookie...Viola isn’t it?”

Viola shook her head. “I’m not hungry for...that.”

“Is there anything you are hungry for?” Melissa asked. “I’m sure it’s been rough out at sea, probably having to cook for yourself.”

“Are you a maid at this hotel or just have a mom complex?” Viola said.

“Oh no, I just like helping people,” Melissa replied. “You know, sharing a little love with everyone. Baking is just the easiest way.”

Viola cringed. “That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. And I’ve almost been killed by pirates. A few times actually…”

Viola turned and shook her head at the fireworks. “Do they even have a permit for this?”

“Probably not,” Melissa said. “Ms. Rhonda won’t be happy that Lita and your friend did this. Still, it does fit the rather special occasion. Fireworks are kind of like an explosive night rainbow!”

“No wonder I hate them,” Viola admitted.

“Hate?” Melissa asked. “Isn’t that a bit of strong word?”

Viola nodded. “You’re right. Despise is more like it. You know we see fireworks all the time on Tides. They shoot off Fireworks of our face if we’re safe at elimination.”

“Ooh,” Melissa gasped. “How charmingly unique.”

Viola rolled her eyes. “They’re an omen. The more you see your face up there, the more false hope it gives you. And if you don’t see your face, that means it’s it. You don’t even go out with a bang. You’re just gone. Like Fleur or Grayson or Hannah.”

Viola turned and walked off to the hotel, not waiting for Melissa to reply.

The next morning, the newcomers and sailors ate breakfast together.

“This place did seem a little scary,” Sarah admitted. “But it’s pretty amazing you get to live in this hotel.”

“Not as cool as living in a pirate ship,” Riley replied. “Finding ancient treasure, fighting bad guys, playing the accordion and singing sea shanties…”

Sarah giggled. “We don’t usually do that last part. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting when Rhonda asked me to join…”

“Another improvement you have on us,” Ignacio stated. “A better host.”

“Are you kidding?” Damien asked. “Zac is the worst. He’s not kind or cool like Rhonda.”

“Rhonda and cool in the same sentence?” Kalino asked. “You only see that if ‘is not’ is in-between them.”

“I don’t know how you all knew Ms. Rhonda,” Melissa stated. “But she’s changed. Even when I met her before the show, she seemed enthusiastic and sweet but now she’s desperate, meaner-”

“-I refuse to believe that,” Damien said. “At least she’s not an egomaniac like Zac.”

“Zac is actually a sweet guy,” Sarah stated. “I think maybe this show or job has changed him to. Maybe it changes everyone…”

“Attention sailors and...whatever the rest of you are again,” Zac said over the P.A.

“Speak of the devil and he shall appear,” Viola said.

“Your challenge is in ten minutes,” Zac stated.

“Give me back the speaker!” Rhonda screamed.

“Over my, ahh! Don’t touch the hair!”

The P.A. cut to static.

Mana motioned for Jenny and Toby to follow him into Rhonda’s office, where the two hosts were facing away from each other with their arms crossed.

“I have a plan,” Mana whispered, not noticing Jenny and Toby’s glares. “Um, everything is almost set up for today’s challenge.”

“Thanks Mana,” Rhonda replied.

“Mana tell Rhonda not to talk to my intern,” Zac stated. “And also, stop being buddy-buddy with her!”


“Like that party you threw last night,” Zac said.

“That was you Mana?” Rhonda asked.


“Yup!” Jenny replied, pushing Mana forward. “Mana snuck into your secret supplies and used everything we were saving for the finale. Tsk, tsk.”

“Wonderful idea Mana!” Rhonda stated.

“Wait...what?” Jenny asked.

“That stuff’s easily replaceable,” Rhonda replied. “But that party was a brilliant idea to get more footage for the crossover special the network wants us to do.”

Mana blushed. “I can’t take all the credit; Jenny and Toby helped too.”

“Oh don’t be modest,” Rhonda said. “They wouldn’t do actual work like that.”

“On second thought maybe we should get rid of her,” Jenny whispered.

“There is one thing you need both to approve before the challenge,” Mana said. “It’s in a broom closet down the hall, all the way inside. That also requires also to take a chair.”

“Okay,” Rhonda replied. “Makes sense.”

Toby facepalmed.

Minutes later, Mana propped the chair against a door knob as Zac and Rhonda screamed for inside of the closet.

“You don’t think they’ll be too upset, do you?” Mana asked.


Toby shrugged. “It’ll be fine.”

The sailors and newcomers stood apart in two groups, each standing across from their respective co-hosts.

“Where’s Ms. Rhonda and Mr. Zac?” Melissa asked.

Mana gulped. “Um...they’re...busy. We’ll be filling in for them today.”

“I hope your intern is better than our co-hosts,” Tessa whispered to Damien.

“He’s certainly cuter,” Damien teased.

“The network loves the idea of a crossover,” Mana said. “They think it's great promotion for the Total Drama brand.”

“Shouldn’t they be more worried about us being on the run?” Viola asked.

“Guess that’s great for the brand too,” Jenny teased. “They think this Total Drama Crossover can get viewers interested in each others seasons, so they can start airing this season in America.”

“Genesis already airs in Canada,” Mana added. “But this will make it even more popular?”

“The crossover maybe good for international markets,” Toby added.

“Our season is more popular in Canada than its home country,” Ignacio whispered to Riley, who just shrugged.

“So both casts will participate in today’s challenge!” Mana stated.

“Obviously,” Yasmin replied. “Who hadn’t figured out that?”

“Together?” Vance gasped.

“Total blindside man,” Kalino agreed.

“I know not all Americans are idiots,” Yasmin stated. “Thomas Edison, Nikola Tessa, Henry Ford, Mark Twain, B.F. Skinner...but some of these contestants are making me question this. Is it in the air? Is it contagious?”

“The network also sees this as a good opportunity to promote their other interests,” Toby added.

“If you can say anything about network execs,” Tessa said, “it’s that they have no shame in their shameless promotions.”

“So today’s challenge will also be tying into an upcoming reality show,” Mana said. “Twin It To Win It!”

“So today’s challenge is about being a twin?” Malia asked.

“Ooh!” Weston cheered. “Does that mean I win?”

“No,” Jenny replied. “The show is about pairs of people traveling around the world, competing in a race.”

“How original,” Sam whispered.

“But it’s being hosted by Katie and Sadie,” Mana said. “The BFFFLs from Total Drama’s first season from forever ago, Total Drama Island!”

“The giggling ones?” Viola asked.

Mana nodded. “It also features a bunch of former reality show contestants, including from Total Drama’s past seasons.”

Only Ness seemed that impressed, awwing and clapping.

“So what is this lame challenge?” Cherry asked. “Being annoying like Katie and Sadie?”

“I think you’ve already got that covered,” Trixie said.

“You’ll being doing your very own mini Twin It To Win It race through Washington D.C. and beyond,” Mana explained. “A race that features challenges representing both Tides and Genesis!”

“So we’ll be killed by pirates and serial killers?” Viola asked.

“The winners not only get invincibility and to share the penthouse suite,” Toby said. “But also to watch the first episode of Twin It To Win It at a private, catered screening tonight.”

“You guys really go all out for your rewards,” Andre said. “I wonder if anyone from Frozen is on it…”

“Of course each cast will be having an elimination ceremony tonight too,” Jenny snickered. “You’ll each vote off a new loser, with one sailor and one newcomer saying goodbye.”

“Thanks for the downer reminder,” Sarah sighed.

“To make this crossover extra special,” Mana continued, “The pairs for this challenge will be one sailor and one newcomer!”

“Dibs on Ignacio!” Cherry, Sam, and Malia cried out. The three tackled the model.

“We’re randomly assigning the pairs to keep it fair,” Mana said.

Toby pushed out a cart, with a red and blue top hat on it. Mana went over and pulled out a name from each. “First we have...Alfie and Weston!”

Alfie and Weston stepped forward, inspecting each other.

“So this alternate universe me or my new twin?” Weston asked. “Does that mean Easton and I are now triplets?”

“While you figure that out,” Jenny said, “we’ll continue. The next pairing is...Viola and Melissa!”

Viola’s eyes widened. “I-”

Before she could finish, Melissa’s arms were thrown around her neck. “Ooh, won’t this be an exciting cultural exchange and chance to make new friends?”

“Probably...not…” Viola replied, gasping for breath.

“Then we have...Trixie and Vance!” Mana said. “The cowgirl and the cowboy together, nice right?”

Vance winked at Trixie, who rolled her eyes.

“Sarah and Riley,” Toby said. The signer and the bro stepped forward, Riley initiating a fist bump.

“Malia,” Mana said, reading the first card. “And…”

Malia crossed her fingers and whispered, “Please be the hot one, please be the hot one…”


Lita smiled and walked over to her shorter partner. “You ready?”

Mailia blushed and nodded.

"I didn’t mean that hot one…” Malia admitted.

Jenny snickered. “Ignacio...and Sam!”

Ignacio immediately felt someone grab his hand and pull him close. Viola raised an eyebrow at her old teammate, but said nothing. Cherry rolled her eyes.

“Two of the sexiest guys getting paired together?” Sam teased. “It can’t be a coincidence.”

“At this point it really can’t,” Ignacio replied, although he was looking at the ceiling as he said it.

“Damian and Tessa!” Mana stated.

The two nodded and smiled as they stepped closer together.

Yasmin looked around at the remaining newcomers and sighed at her remaining options. “Please don’t let it be-”

“Yasmin and Kalino!”

Yasmin shook her head and sighed again as Kalino strolled over. He smiled and threw an arm around the brainiac, almost knocking the book out of her hands.

“Yeah,” Kalino said, “I’m not a fan of Yasmin. Honestly she just reminds me too much sister. Thinks she’s the smartest think since the written language or indoor plumbing. Obsessed with control. And she always has to be right; she’s never been wrong. So ambitious she’s self destructive. But I’m going to try to work with her. I just don’t think she’s gonna be my twin.”

Mana reached way down in the hats until he pulled out two notes. “Now we have Andre...and Ness!”

Ness tried to contain her squeal, letting out a strange gasp, blushing and walking over to the confused Andre.

“You mean my teammate gets to be Andre!?” Ness asked. “One of my favorite musicians? A Total Drama veteran? An adorable hunk? I really, really don’t want to jinx it but...I’ve never been this lucky!”

She finished her confessional by finally letting out the squee she’d been holding. It lasted for almost three minutes.

“Um, like what about me?”

Cherry, the only remaining sailor looked around for a newcomer, but couldn’t find a one.

“You’re with Jasper,” Toby stated.


“Um...hi again.”

Cherry nearly jumped again. “Oh yeah, I remember you. But wait...why am I stuck with the intern?”

Jasper sighed. “I’m actually a contestant. Haven’t we already done this?”

The other sailors, and a couple of newcomers, raised an eyebrow.

Like I honestly couldn’t remember if he was a contestant on Tides or not,” Cherry admitted. “To be like far though, I was sacrificed to Incas before I knew the other teams that well. Wait...he wasn’t like on the Screaming Sirens was he?”

“Now that we’ve paired you off,” Mana said. “Let’s get to it. The goal is to cross the finish line first after doing all the challenges. To find where to go you’ll need these!”

Mana held up a sparkly pink card that looked homemade.

“Made by Katie and Sadie themselves,” Toby said, hardly putting the effort to toss one to each team.

“They call them Cutie Clues,” Jenny explained. “It’ll give you a hint on where to go. You’ll need to do challenges to earn some...but first you’ll have to find them. Here’s a freebie, just to get things started!”

“On your mark, get set...go!”

The teens raced out of the hotel door...only to all get stuck in it together. Mana, Jenny and Toby snuck out the back.

“Let’s get to our spots,” Mana stated.

“You go on without me,” Jenny replied. “I just remembered I have to...get something ready for the elimination ceremony tonight.”

“Aww,” Mana said. “I was hoping we could all do it together.”

“Oh don’t worry your hairy little hed,” Jenny replied. “I’ll join you shortly.”

Mana smiled and nodded. Toby turned to look at Jenny. “What are you really doing?”

“What makes you think I’m lying?” Jenny asked.

“Because you said you were going to do work,” Toby answered. “And I know you can’t, considering you’ve never done it before.”

“YOUR MOM!” Jenny shouted.

She grabbed Toby to her level. “Listen, you distract Rhonda’s old friend. I’m going to ‘accidentally’ let Zac and Rhonda out. Then I’m going to make sure that never, ever makeup…”

“ Rhonda never leaves,” Toby stated. “That’s actually a smart plan...for you.”

“See, this is why you’re the sidekick,” Jenny stated. “Now go!”

“The first clue was a little confusing,” Weston stated. ”But my new detective intuition made it easy.”

He held up the sparkling clue and read. “To newcomers this is the genesis challenge of Genesis. To sailors it’s the ancient one’s home that you don’t want to miss!”

Weston smiled. “Our first challenge was a race to the Lincoln Memorial! Not to mention the show kind of always reuses that location. So we have to head there!”

“The Ancient One is a nickname for Abraham Lincoln,” Yasmin stated. “I spent time this morning using Pentagram’s library to study the area for the challenge. With the target I have, I need every win I can get.”

Most of the newcomers easily solved the clue for their team, with pairs hailing taxis to get themselves there.

In a surprise lead, Weston and Aflie reached there first...and found a giant blue tank taking up most of the space nearby.

“Is that normally what monuments look like in your world?” Alfie asked.

Weston shrugged. “Not that I remember. My gut is telling me it’s a challenge.”

“Wow!” Alfie exclaimed. “You’re really good at this detective stuff.”

Weston blushed. “Aww, thanks! I try, but I’m not a real detective yet. I’m missing something.”

Alfie clapped his hands. “A hat!”

“A hat?” Weston asked.

“Important people have hats,” Alfie said. “If you had a hat, you’d had authority like a detective.”

“You’re right!” Weston replied. “Policemen, firefighters, astronauts all wear hats! Wizards even have those pointy caps. I need a hat!”

Alfie sniffed the air. “Do you smell...maple syrup?”

The two ran up the stairs, revealing the tub to actually be a giant swimming pool of maple syrup.

“Wow,” Weston said. “Your nose knows...just like almost all the great detectives I know!”

“Really?” Alfie asked. “We really are alternate versions of ourselves!”

“Sweet!” they cheered, high-fiving.

“Move it,” Yasmin demanded, shoving them aside with a martial arts like chop. Kalino casually strolled after her.

“Weston does realize that most detectives he knows have great noses... because most detectives he knows are dogs, right?” Kalino asked. “Eh, I won’t spoil his and his mini-Wes’ fun.”

Yasmin grabbed a Cutie Clue suspended from one of ten diving boards and read aloud, “Fun For One?”

Mana and Toby paddled on a giant flapjack in the syrup pool. “A Fun For One is a kind of challenge where only one teammate participates in it. Usually pairs will alternate between doing them.”

“Obviously meaning they’ll be another my so called partner must do,” Yasmin decided.

“Is she always this likable?” Kalino asked.

“A ‘Sticky Swim’,” Yasmin stated. “We have to swim out and retrieve a syrup bottle, then bring it back. Only a few will have a cutie clue in it. Now then who should-”

Kalino pushed Yasmin forward, sending her into the pool. “Ahhhhh! What was that for?”

“You should do the challenge,” Kalino stated. “If this one is Canadian themed, then I’ll be more useful in the American themed one, right?”

“There is logic in what you say,” Yasmin stated, eyeing Kalino suspiciously, before swimming off.

“I’ll cheer you on from here!” Kalino shouted, before lying down and taking a nap.

Ignacio ran up and began to read the clue. Sam popped his head between Ignacio’s arms, causing Ignacio to fall back in surprise.

“A swimming race,” Sam stated. “Crap, Alfie’s got this one.”

“How so?” Ignacio asked.

Sam pointed to where Alfie dived into the pool and zoomed through the water. “Little guy’s a swimming expert or something.”

“Would you care to do the honors?” Ignacio asked.

“Yeah I’d love to except...I’m terrified of water,” Sam replied. “So you do totally dive in.”

“It isn’t water, it’s syrup,” Ignacio replied. “And doesn’t your season take place on the ocean?”

“What I mean is that I’m terrified of swimming after just eating,” Sam said. “So you should do it. And probably strip so your clothes don’t weigh you down.”

Ignacio rolled his eyes and opened his mouth, but stopped as he heard Ness giggling. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her chatting with Andre and glared. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Strip?” Sam asked.

“The challenge,” Ignacio replied. He stood on top of the platform and tossed off his shirt, letting the sunlight hit his abs. Sam gasped falling to his knees, staring at the hunk. Ignacio turned and smiled towards Ness...but she was already swimming away in the pool. Ignacio sighed and jumped in.

Ignacio maybe one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen,” Sam stated. “In person or not. I mean even for an American. Like, Colin who?”

Alfie raced back to the start with his third bottle and opened it, a Cutie Clue falling out.

“Sweet!” Aflie cheered, picking it up. “Let’s see. ‘To reach the beach you may have to travel far, so go to this point and we’ll give you a car.’ Ooh, there’s an address too!”

Weston picked up his syrup coated partner and dashed off. “You did it little buddy! Let’s book it!”

“Wait,” Mana called. “We have complimentary towels so you can...and there gone.”

“Less work for us,” Toby replied.

“I guess,” Mana replied. “Speaking of, where’s Jenny?”

“Uhh...probably just using the bathroom…”

Jenny tiptoed down the hallway, until she heard screaming.

“You spent a good amount of the budget on your favorite hair gel!”

“I’m suppose to look good on camera! It’s my job as a host. You still haven’t learned that!”

“I didn’t learn anything from you!”

Jenny moved away the chair blocking the handle and threw open the door.

“Jenny?” Rhonda asked.

Zac pushed her away and jumped outside. “Finally! Where’s Mana? He is going to be on deck cleaning duty for the next month…”

“He is...uh…”

“And where are the contestants?” Rhonda asked. “We have a challenge to do!”

“Never heard of them,” Jenny replied.


“Okay, so Toby and Mana are hosting the challenge,” Jenny replied. “Less work for you, am I right?”

“That’s true,” Zac stated. “More time for me to go to the spa.”

“Well I’m going to do the real job of a host,” Rhonda said. “And go to the challenge!”

“Then I’ll go to,” Zac replied. “It’ll give me a chance to remind you how it’s done.”

“Uh, wait!” Jenny said. “Uh...don’t you want to know why I let you out?”

“I don’t really care,” Zac replied.

“But it’s super, duper, mega, ultra important!” Jenny whined.

“What is it?” Rhonda asked.

“Uh...I’” Jenny replied.

Rhonda facepalmed. “Go order a pizza then! We might still have enough time to reach Sandy Point.”

“But, but...I want fresh cooked food!” Jenny spat out. “So instead of going where Mana is, not that i don’t want you to see him, you should...make me dinner! I’m super hungry!”

“That does make sense,” Zac said. “I mean, America doesn’t even have a good doughnut place.”

“Don’t you start with your Tim Hortons!” Rhonda yelled.

“Tim Hortons is vastly superior and you know it!” Zac shouted.

“You guys should settle it,” Jenny said. “Once and for all, America vs Canada! You should do a cook-off of traditional foods and I’ll decide whose better!”

“Easy,” Zac stated. “Hayden’s always loved my cooking!”

“He never mentioned it,” Rhonda replied. “You know, the little he was actually here. He did love the meal I made though.”

Zac hissed. “That’s it! Let’s do this, but on a bigger stage! For a whole audience to see whose better!”

“Just an audience?” Rhonda asked. “I say we broadcast it live!”

“A broadcast was implied!”

“No it wasn’t!”

“Phew,” Jenny sighed. “Thank gosh I came up with that plan. At least I got a free meal of it…”

First to leave, Alfie and Weston rushed into their taxi. They started driving away as Vance and Trixie arrived. Alfie sighed.

“We’re in the lead!” Weston cheered. “...What’s wrong buddy?”

“Weston,” Alfie said, “do you think you can help me? Since your such a smart detective?”

Weston blushed. “Smart...well I don’t know about that. But I can try.”

“Well there’s this girl,” Alfie said. “Trixie. I really, really liked her.”

“The white haired girl?” Weston asked. “I understand; I’m in love with a white haired girl too! So I get it. Sometimes love is scary.”

Alfie nodded.

“And you’re not totally sure you can’t trust her,” Weston added.

“Exactly!” Alfie admitted.

“And inside you’re a little worried that one day she’ll bury your maimed, mangled body in a backyard to never be found,” Weston continued. “But that’s love.”

“I wasn’t worried about that,” Alfie said. “Until now. Part of me wants to try to be with Trixie again, I think she wants it...but part of me is afraid I’m going to just get hurt again.”

Weston scratched his head. “I get it, but like I said...I think that’s love. You could always get hurt. But if you really think it could work and she wants it to work, you should give it a second chance.”

Alfie shrugged and Weston patted him on the back.

“I hate to interrupt this moment,” the taxi driver said. “But did you exactly want me to drive somewhere?”

Alfie blushed. “There went our lead…”

I love my partner!” Malia admitted. “She might be stronger than Emmett. She nailed the swimming challenge for us. I wanted to do the American one for myself. I wonder if she can do my hair after the challenge?”

Now in the lead, Malia and Lita arrived at a car lot where ten cars sat in parking spots. Racing out of their taxi, Malia immediately went to the purple car. “It’s perfect! I love purple and it matches your scarf!”

Lita nodded tossing aside the door and heading in the front seat. “The keys are inside. Let’s book it honey!”

“Yes, let’s ‘honey’,” Malia giggled. “So where are we going?”

Malia and Lita stared at each other for a moment. “...Uhh…”

“You don’t know?” Malia asked.

“There aren’t exactly a lot of beaches in the city,” Lita replied. “There was an indoor one in that hotel…”

“So we go there?” Malia asked.

Lita shook her head. “They wouldn’t give us car for down the street. It must be a beach somewhere.”

“Maybe we should go look for someone with a smartphone?” Malia suggested.

“Gurl, good idea,” Lita replied.

“Wasn’t it Cherrilicious?” Malia asked.

“Uh...more Malialicious, right?” Lita replied.

Malia gasped and squeed as she fell against the seat. Lita raised an eyebrow and started driving.

“Malia’s a cutie,” Lita stated. “She’s friendly and excited, but also a little innocent and naive. You just want to protect her, like a baby bird or a bread bowl of good soup. I’m little worried she’s too desperate for others to like her though…”

“Sandy Point State Park,” Yasmin read from a smartphone in the back of their taxi. “Just as I theorized, it’s the nearest beach to Washington D.C. Enough time to stall for this last minute challenge, but closest enough it won’t take too long.”

“Is there a reason you have to figure everything out?” Kalino asked.

“Knowledge is power,” Yasmin replied, writing down directions from the phone. “Especially in a game like this. If I can predict this game, I can predict any outcome. I’ll drive.”

The two raced out as the entered the parking lot. They ran to the closest car, a black car. Yasmin started the car, but gasped. “Stick? They want us to drive stick?”

“You didn’t predict that?” Kalino teased.

“I can learn how to drive stick,” Yasmin replied.

But by that point, Kalino was already climbing into the front. “Scoot over rover, I know stick.”

“I’m surprised you know how to drive,” Yasmin stated.

“And I’m surprised you can stand with how big your head is,” Kalino replied, forcing Yasmin in the passenger seat.

“It’s called a brain,” Yasmin said.

“Or just a lot of hot air.”

Eventually, all the teams finally got on the road and were in Maryland, approaching Sandy Point State Park.

“We’re here!”

Lita slammed on the breaks, right in front of a sunbather. In the distance, Mana and Toby were sitting on a towel, talking and sharing drinks from a cooler.

“Really?” Mana asked. “Canada actually loves your season. I’m sorry to hear the network’s been so down your throats.”

Toby shrugged. “Doesn’t sound half as bad as what y’all have been dealing with. By the way, did you ever figure out what was up with that mystery of Floria?”

“Actually I-”

“We’re here!”

Lita slid in front of the co-hosts, kicking sand onto them. Malia trailed just behind her.

“Where’s the Cutie Clue for us cuties?” Lita teased.

“Check the cooler,” Mana coughed.

Malia reached in and pulled out a Cutie Clue. “A Quick Pick? Is that like a selfie?”

“A Quick Pick is another kind of challenge,” Mana replied. “In this one, you can pick from two different kind of challenges for you clue. In this case, you get to pick your season.”

“You mean I could switch to Genesis?” Malia asked. “It’s been fun but I don’t know if I could-”

“We don’t need any more of you,” Toby stated. “Then neither of these fanfictions will ever get finished.”

Malia looked at Lita, who just shook her head.

“Winter or summer,” Toby stated.

“Or to be more specific,” Mana continued, “Sand or Snow?”

Malia and Lita looked at the clue.

“Snow,” Lita read. “We have to head to a nearby blue building where you’ve made it snow inside?”

“Or Sand,” Malia added. “Which is at the other end of the beach.”

“That’s the only hints you get,” Toby stated. “If you suck at one, you can do the other…”

“...but there’s only enough equipment for five teams to do a challenge at a time,” Mana added. “Each have their own advantages though.”

“Which one should we do?” Malia asked.

Lita shrugged. “I don’t care. Which one do you want to do?”

“Me?” Malia asked. “I usually don’t pick...but I do want to be more independent. Let’s pick...Sand!”

Malia raced off, with Lita following after her this time.

“I guess we should head to our next places,” Toby sighed.

“I’ll take Jenny’s place at Snow,” Mana said. “Is she still busy?”

“She probably stopped for a bite to eat,” Toby replied.

“Do you think she’d get us something to?” Mana asked.

“Ha ha...oh, you were being serious?”

“Are you ready?”

Jenny stood against a crowd in the middle of a makeshift stadium made of bleachers. She spoke into a microphone as a crowd of onlookers cheered. On the stage behind Jenny were the two competing hosts, each wearing a chef’s hat that had a print of their respective country’s flag. They each stood behind a kitchen.

“Let’s get to it,” Jenny stated. “Here it is, our International Platinum Cook-Off! Our competitors will each make a dish for yours truly to represent themselves and their country. They’ll have to cook me breakfast, dinner, and desert! Whichever is the tastiest to my taste buds wins! Zac, what will you be cooking for us?”

“I’ll start with my Zactastic flapjacks,” Zac replied. “Topped with authentic maple syrup. Then from beautiful Quebec, Je vais cuisiner la poutine! French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. And for desert, a British Columbia nanaimo bars; chocolate wafer bars filled with my homemade strawberry icing.”

“Fancy and foreign,” Jenny stated. “Rhonda, what’s your counter?”

“For breakfast it’s eggs benedict,” Rhonda replied. “That’s an english muffin topped with bacon, ham, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce for you viewers up north. Except instead of an English muffin, I’ll be using doughnuts. Since doughnuts are American, originating from Dutch immigrants in New York.”

Rhonda cast a look at Zac who sneered. She then proceeded to drop an entire grill on top of the counter. “Then I’ll follow that up with an American cheeseburger, freshly grilled and all the fixins. And for desert something as American as good taste; apple pie. You’ll slap your grandma over the last bite.”

“To be fair I’d probably slap a grandma for any food,” Jenny replied. “But that sounds delicious.”

“It sounds like a heart attack,” Zac scoffed.

“If I have one then Rhonda will totally lose,” Jenny replied. “But if not, then it’ll be up to taste. So, let’!”

The crowd erupted into cheers again as the hosts started preparing their dishes while glaring at each other.

Damien and Tessa ran up a hill a snow covered hill.

“Remind me again how your co-host was able to make it snow inside?” Damien asked.

“Something about reengineering air conditioners or something,” Tessa replied. “I’m not sure, I wasn’t here for the snow fort challenge.”

“Well he certainly made it cold,” Damien joked. “I didn’t sign up for Tides to get frozen.”

“Hey, I was right,” Tessa stated. “Look!”

At the top of the hill sat a cardboard promotional cutout of Twin It To Win It, with Katie and Sadie in eskimo outfits. In the cutout were clues. On the left were five sleds fashioned into different colored stations. On the right was a stable where barking could be heard.

“No one else picked it yet,” Tessa stated.

Damien grabbed the clue from the cutouts. “Awesome, it’s a straightforward race down the hill to the finish line...via dog sledding!”

“So it’s farther than Sand but likely a simpler challenge,” Tessa guessed.

“You get the dogs,” Damien stated, “I’ll grab the sled…”


“Woo!” Riley cheered. “Okay, so that hotel wasn’t the beach. But I think we’re making great time to Sandy Point.”

Sarah nodded, wearing two seat belts and grabbing the safety handle of her car so tight it snapped. “Good...uh Riley?”


“Yeah?” Riley asked.

“Have you actually driven before?” Sarah asked.

“We did a go-kart challenge like almost a week ago,” Riley stated.

“I just meant like an actual car,” Sarah replied.

“Nope, never had one,” Riley said. “Why do you ask?”

Sarah turned around, seeing multiple wrecks as Riley swerved again.

“No reason…do you think we could listen to some music?”

“Smart thinking,” Riley replied. She turned on the radio and started blasting rap music. “Oh sweet, there’s a little mirror here to look back!”

Riley adjusted her rearview mirror and noticed Sarah sighing. Turning down the music, she asked “Are you alright Rah-Rah?”

Sarah shook her head. “I’m really nervous.”

“Dude, we can totally turn this around,” Riley stated. “We’re in the middle of the pack but-”

Sarah shook her head. “Not the challenge. Riley, can I tell you something?”

“Of course dude,” Riley replied. “What’s on your mind?”

“It’s about Eylar,” Sarah replied.

“Ooh, the boy toy they voted off?” Riley asked.

Sarah shook her head. “I don’t like him. But...basically he’s been forced by some bad people to work for him. And now to help set him free, I have to do something for them.”

“Oh crap,” Riley stated.

“And I’m not sure if I can do it,” Sarah stated. “And I don’t really want to do it!”

“Then don’t,” Riley replied.

“But if I don’t then Eylar will never be free!” Sarah sighed. “I either does this or he won’t be free.”

“Who says those are the only options?” Riley asked.


Riley shrugged. “I mean if these are bad mochachos do you think they’ll really let him go after this? They won’t keep their word...and might ask more of you.”

“I guess you’re right,” Sarah sighed.

“Would Eylar want you to do this?” Riley continued. “If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t.”

“So what do I do?” Sarah asked.

“Well I’d talk to Eylar first,” Riley replied. “Then I’d pick answer C; you and Eylar work together to stop them.”

Sarah nodded.

Suddenly, Riley swerved her car as they barely missed a seagull. “I think we’re here!”

“Riley sounds right,” Sarah admitted. “But...what can I do to stop an agency like that? Maybe if it was Yasmin or Wing or Zania...but it’s just me. I know what I have to do. I’m sorry Andre, I know you wanted to win so you and Dania could be together but that’s not possible anymore…”

At the beach, Ignacio and Sam reached the next stage. Toby sat by, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, swim trunks, flip flops, and sunglasses. The colorful attire didn’t match his pale skin or frown. Lita and Maila, Yasmin and Kalino, and Alfie and Weston were sculpting in the sand. Toby handed the new arrivals their next clues.

“We have to build a sandcastle?” Sam asked.

“A sand white house,” Toby corrected. “Your clue comes with a photo for reference, but it’s got to be at least semi-accurate looking and solve the equations for the proper dimensions.”

“ mean math?” Sam asked. “As in math during summer? That’s medieval!”

Sam turned to see Ignacio had already written down the dimensions in the sand.

“You can grab a bag with pails and shovels from over there,” Toby stated. He pointed to under an umbrella, where color coordinated bags sat. Sam nodded, grabbing the yellow bag and returning to a rectangle that Ignacio had outlined.

“So you're sexy, smart and strong,” Sam purred. “Anything you don’t do handsome?”

“I don’t play for the same team,” Ignacio replied. “Sorry to disappoint.”

Sam pouted. “Fine. But I’ll have you know my last boyfriend said the same thing...till he was on my team.”

“Do you actually want to date me?” Ignacio asked.

“Date, makeout for a few hours, whatever,” Sam replied. “Why, you interested yet?”

“You said last night you broke up,” Ignacio stated. “I figured you wouldn’t want to start a new relationship so soon.”

Sam sighed and sat on the ground. “Not really...not after he cheated me.”

“Oh,” Ignacio said. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Sam shrugged. “I should be use to guys breaking my heart with how often I fall.”

“So why are you looking for someone else so soon?” Ignacio asked.

“I just can’t deal with these feelings right now,” Sam admitted. “How sad I feel about Grayson and how guilty I feel it went down. I just throw myself at the next guy to move on. It’s not great, but it’s what I’m good at.”

Ignacio sighed. “It sounds like maybe another guy isn’t what you need. You need a friend.”

“You’re probably right,” Sam sighed.

“After this challenge, how about we get ice cream together?” Ignacio asked. “Platonically, of course.”

“I’ll still call it a date,” Sam teased. “But sure. And maybe I can help you talk to that blonde girl you keep staring at.”

Ignacio blushed. “What? I don’t-”

“I’m not oblivious,” Sam replied. “Apparently she is though. But you don’t have to worry about Andre. He’s head over heels for his girlfriend back home.”

Ignacio sighed. “Thanks not that I’m jealous or any similar theory.”

Sam rolled his eyes and laughed. “Sure sweetie…”

Tessa ran back to the sleds leading a trail of sled dogs on reins. “You will not believe how these...what are you doing?”

Damien held a sleigh in his hand, using a coin to slowly loosen the nails of a sled’s rudder. He placed in back in it’s light blue station. “Ooh…I’m just making adjustments to this sled.”

“Why?” Tessa asked.

“This color is exactly the color of Dania’s dress,” Damien answered. “Andre’s girlfriend. They were right behind us. With this we can-”

“-Sabotage them?” Tessa asked.

“It’s not sabotage,” Damien replied. “It’s all fair in the rules.”

“I said something like that once,” Tessa admitted. “But this doesn’t feel right.”

Damien shook his head. “It’s not personal. Truth is Andre was one of my best friends. He was captain of our old team, the Screaming Sirens.”

“That makes it sound way worse,” Tessa admitted.

“He’s a threat and I’m just worried he’s getting too close to Sarah,” Damien said. “Who may I remind you, wants to vote off my alliance.”

“Your alliance?” Tessa asked.

“With Cherry and Yasmin,” Damien replied.

“ mean the mean popular girl and the hyper aggressive gamebot?” Tessa asked. “You have a final three alliance with them?”

“Yasmin is a good person,” Damien replied.

“She judo chopped Weston and that little blonde boy’s face,” Tessa reminded. “I mean you being in a final three alliance that’s sabotaging others? That kind of sounds like…”

“It’s not like Heather’s alliance,” Damien stated. “Yasmin is my friend. I care about her...a lot.          If I can’t win, then I want her to! She deserves it.”

“That’s sweet,” Tessa said. “And Cherry’s your friend too?”

Damien bit his lip. “No...she’s actually the worst. But I wouldn’t let someone as undeserving as her actually make the final three.”

“So that’s a lie?” Tessa asked. “Meaning you plan on betraying your alliance member, just like-”

“-It’s not personal,” Damien replied. “It’s part of the game. Heather shouldn’t be vilified for playing the game. And our alliance is nothing like that. Now, let’s go already.”

Damien rushed ahead. Tessa glared at him as Andre and Ness ran up.

“Phew,” Ness sighed. “I was worried I cost us that lead in the syrup race.”

“You did amazing,” Andre replied. “Especially for a non-Canadian.”

Ness giggled. “Thanks! So now what’s our snowy challenge?”

“I hope you like fleas and slobber,” Tessa teased.

“You mean...puppies?” Ness asked. “Aww, I knew we picked the right one! I bet their so cute!”

“Tessa! Let's go!”

Tessa sighed, looking at Ness and Andre start untangling their harness. She grabbed the sled closest to them and tossed her sled to Andre. “See you down there…”

“We’re looking amazing,” Malia cheered as she sculpted another side. “Who knew all that sandcastle building I did with Angel would pay off?”

Malia reached for her bucket, but it wasn’t there. She looked over to see it behind Kalino. She ran towards him, but he looked up and came to her. “This yours?”

Malia nodded. “It must have rolled away.”

“No biggie,” Kalino replied. “Go kill it little mama.”

He winked, causing the girl to blush as she skipped away with her pail. Back at her side, she dug up more sand and packed into their white house...only for a crab to bust out of their sculpture and destroy a fourth of it as it went.

“Oh no!” Malia cried. “I must have dug up the crab, I had no idea…”

“Crap,” Lita replied. “Relax Malia, it ain’t your fault. But I have feeling it might be someone else’s.”

From afar, Kalino shook his head. “That sucks for them.”

“I saw that,” Yasmin stated.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kalino replied.

“The crab,” Yasmin continued. “You stole her bucket when you thought no one was looking, then put that crab inside it. You sabotaged their whole structure.”

“Like I said, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kalino replied. “Now let’s hurry; we almost have the lead.”

“So you’re not as dumb as you act,” Yasmin said. “Or look.”

“It’s called being subtle,” Kalino replied. “It’s not a multisyllabic word like you’d prefer, but you’d be surprised what it can do. It might even prevent you from constantly making enemies.”

“I’m start realize you might be the smartest newcomer,” Yasmin said. “Not saying much from what I’ve seen today, but still. I underestimated you.”

“I don’t want to lose today either,” Kalino stated. “I’ve got my own plans cooking, and I want to be safe if some kind of twist happens.”

“You’re predicting a twist?” Yasmin asked.

Kalino nodded. “I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rhonda tried to capitalize on the crossover with this. With our schedule changed due to an unexpected returnee, I could see a double elimination. And I’m not risking that.”

“That’s entirely possible,” Yasmin stated. “Zac could even do something so ridiculous as triple elimination or another twist, just to show up Rhonda.”

Kalino jumped up. “Done!”

Yasmin smirked. “I can’t believe I’m saying this...but I think this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership Kalino.”

Trixie and Vance panted as they ran up the snowy hill.

“How are we not last?” Trixie asked.

“Don’t question it,’ Vance sighed. “Just be glad we got through the traffic.”

“Where did that horse even come from?” Trixie asked. “And why is it destroying downtown?”

“ one really knows, “Vance replied.

Trixie and Vance gasped as the watched Ness run by screaming, as a team of sled dogs chased after her and Andre chased after them.

“A sled race,” Trixie stated. “That should be easy let’s-”

Trixie was interrupted as Vance threw her on the sled and pushed off.

“We need slay dogs,” Trixie cried out as they dashed off.

“Psh,” Vance said. “Not with me you don’t my lady. Observe.”

Vance fashioned the reins into a makeshift lasso and twirled it, landing on a branch of a nearby tree. He grabbed the sled as he used the lasso to swing forward, sending them forward. He yanked back at the lasso, returning it to their hands.

“That was pretty ingenious,” Trixie admitted.

“I’m known for being an ingenius and an outgenius honey,” Vance replied.

Trixie rolled her eyes, grabbing the lasso and using it to reach a rock and pull them forward again.

“She can lasso too?” Vance asked. “God, she may have just lassoed my heart as well. Rawrrrr…”

Damien turned back to see Trixie and Vance slowly gaining.

“I don’t think so,” Damien stated. He grabbed snow as they sailed down, making it into a snowball. He flung it forward nailing Trixie in the face.

“You dirty, low down coward!” Vance cried out. He tried to make a snowball but was pelted by another from Damien before he could even finish.

Trixie growled, grabbing another and sailing it right at Damien’s face. “It’s going to take more than a few snowballs to slow us down!”

“Like losing your reins?”

Trixie and Vance looked to see their reins were gone. Trixie facepalmed as their sled slowed down, having no lasso or huskies to continue their momentum. Damien snickered.

“Let me guess,” Tessa said. “She was a threat to your alliance?”

“She could be,” Damien admitted. “Especially if she convinces Malia to leave Cherry…”

“You know how earlier you said your alliance wasn’t like Heather’s?” Tessa asked.

“It isn’t,” Damien replied.

“You’re right,” Tessa said. “It’s worse; it’s an alliance of three Heather wannabes.”

“Heather wasn’t a bad guy,” Damien stated. “I thought you would understand that.”

“Maybe she isn’t,” Tessa replied. “I do understand making choices I wish I could take back...but I can’t. I can only make the right choices now. Are you doing that?”

“Huh?” Damien asked.

“How are you hoping to redeem Heather’s name?” Tessa asked. “By winning Tides? By sabotaging your old best friend? By using your alliance of jerkwads to dominate the game? I mean gosh, the only way you three could be more evil is if you called yourselves something like the Axis of Evil or…”

“We don’t call ourselves that,” Damien replied. “We’re the...Unholy Trinity!”

“That’s so evil!” Tessa replied. “You are such a Heather!”

“Heather was not a bad guy!” Damien yelled. “I know my sister better than anyone. She stood up to bullies for me. She always played with me. She always accepted me. Sure, she changed when she lost all that weight and moved schools…and we fought for along time.

Damien sighed. “I admit it, I used to prank her. We were at each other's’ throats. And then after the show I saw all the hate she got. She won’t admit it, but I know it gets her down. But I know that she’s still that sister who was good to me.”

“Who are you trying to convince?” Tessa asked. “The audience or yourself?”

Damien glared at Tessa. “My sister was nothing like this show made her seem. She wasn’t a bad person. Not you like were, like you admitted.”

“Yeah,” Tessa sighed. “But don’t you see, you’re acting more like Heather was portrayed. And that’s all your own choice! That’s why I can’t let you win this challenge.”

“And how do you intend to stop me?” Damien asked.


Damien snapped his head back to see Andre and Ness racing past with their sled dogs. Andre flashed his former friend a peace sign as they passed.

“Wait, if their sled is working then-”

Tessa smirked. Her and Damien’s sled immediately snaps. They fall and start tumbling to the ground as their dogs ran off without them.

“Really?” Damien asked. “Did you have to actually grab the sabotaged sled.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Tessa snapped back, as she tumbled through a prickly bush. “I’m still calling this a win for me!”

“What a win,” Damien sighed as he and her body sledded through a snow mound.

The two ended up crashing into each other, tangling and becoming a giant snowball...that fell off a cliff. “Ahhhhhhh!”

“Isn’t this fun!”

Viola sighed as she and Melissa worked on the sand white house challenge. “I knew we should have picked Snow.”

“We can still do that one if you want to try it,” Melissa replied. “But I think our sand house is super cute. Maybe some nice crabs or other little critters will move in!”

“Yeah, and get swept back into the shore when it’s eventually destroyed,” Viola replied.

“I suppose so,” Melissa admitted. “But I guess that’s the nice thing about sandcastles. They don’t last forever, which is why you have to appreciate them while they’re here.”

“Does anything get you down?” Viola asked.

“Of course things do,” Melissa replied. “But not everything. Only really harsh things. But you can’t stay down forever.”

“How are you this?” Viola asked.

“Like what?” Melissa asked. “Sandy?”

“Optimistic,” Viola replied. “It’s almost admirable...if it wasn’t gross. I mean life can be so terrible and cruel.”

“It can,” Melissa replied. “But that’s why I’m so happy. Because everything good that happens, even if it will change, is proof that there are good things. Proof that it can get better.”

“I don’t know if I could ever see things that way,” Viola replied.

Suddenly, Cherry and Jasper ran up.

“Stupid horse and it’s like stupid traffic jam,” Cherry whined.

Jasper ran over and grabbed the last bag of sand tools, only to return to Cherry sunbathing.

“What are you doing?” Jasper asked.

“I didn’t worn on my Cherrylicious tan yesterday,” Cherry replied. “Listen Jello or whatever your name is, we’ve already lost. There are already about four teams ahead of us, not including like whose snowing. So I’m going to make the most of my beach day.”

She pulled out a pair of sunglasses and sighed as she laid back down. Jasper shook his head.

Cherry yawned, but accidentally swallowed sand that was being tossed. She coughed it up and turned to see Jasper beginning work.

“Like really?” Cherry asked. “After all I just said?”

“I was voted off once,” Jasper replied. “Maybe we’ve lost already, but I got to try. I didn’t think I’d even have the chance to do this, so I’m going to take it. I want to do it.”

He turned his back and started working again. Cherry sighed, but stood up and start digging as well.

“I guess you have like a point,” Cherry replied. “And it would super lame for me to bail on my partner.”

Jasper smiled and nodded as the two got to work.

“We have ten minutes left till the tasting,” Jenny teased as the crowd cheered again. Zac and Rhonda shared another glare. “Who's it going to be; Canada vs America?”

“Almost finished,” Rhonda said. “Now I just have to put the egg on the dough...ahhh!”

Rhonda tossed aside a box of doughnuts to the ground. She turned to Zac in fury. “Did you replace my doughnuts with Tim Hortons?”

“You’re welcome,” Zac replied.

He started laughing...until an egg landed on his head. Rhonda started laughing now.

“You did not just mess up my hair,” Zac stated.

“I call it an improvement,” Rhonda replied.

“That’s it!” Zac yelled.

“Bring it!” Rhonda shouted.

The two charged and tackled each other, fighting each other on the ground. The audience cheered them on as Jenny watched.

“You think you’re some pro host,” Rhonda stated. “But this is still your first show! Before this you were just an executive.”

“I still had experience hosting other venues.” Zac replied. “More experience than someone like you. And I still tried to take you under my wing!”

“Under you wing?” Rhonda asked. “You call that under my wing? You were lazy and mean.”

“But I didn’t fake my death,” Zac said. “I was so upset when I thought you died...and it was my fault. Even though I know you didn’t like me, I thought we were friends.”

Rhonda stopped and stood up. “Really?”

Zac nodded, wiping his face. “Duh. Why didn’t you like me?”

“Because...because...because you always reminded me of everything I’m not,” Rhonda admitted. “Always saying you wanted to give me a makeover or what I needed to improve, I just felt like I still wasn’t good enough. Even after everything I did to get here, I still wasn’t there. I guess I went a little crazy because of it.”

“I just mean that stuff as advice to help you,” Zac said. “I just wanted to help you, because I wanted us to be friends.”

“I wanted to be friends at first too,” Rhonda admitted. “I was so excited to be working on Tides at first, cause I loved Frozen. I’m sorry. I’m not proud of a lot of things I did to get here. But I admit the thing I regret most...was not being your friend.”

“You mean that?” Zac asked.

“Yeah!” Rhonda replied. “I mean we’re two big fans who are living the dream of hosting our fave show! We should be teaming up and doing fun crossovers like this was suppose to be.”

“I’m sorry too,” Zac replied. “And your totes right! And listen, you turned into a good host. Your show is all the rage in Canada. It’s...Rhondatastic!”

“Really?” Rhonda asked. “You mean that?”

“I said it, didn’t I?” Zac asked. “And these people are idiots for not liking it.”

“We can hear you,” one of the audience members yelled.

“This is a private conversation,” Zac replied.

“ we want to try to be friends now?” Rhonda asked.

Zac pulled her into a hug.

“Boo! Boo!”

“I came here to watch sense violence and nationalistic rhetoric!”

The crowd started booing and tossing things at the hosts, who dunked behind counters.

Yasmin and Kalino raced to their next stop, where Mana stood waving and waiting at a large table.

“Welcome to the first to arrive,” Mana said.

“Obviously,” Yasmin stated. “Am I right to presume this is the next Fun for One?”

Mana nodded. “Yup! It’s our American themed portion...the Cheeseburger Chowdown!”

Mana pulled out a tray and lifted the lid to reveal a plate stacked with burgers. There were all kinds, from one patty to three, all different toppings and cheeses and even different buns.

“The first person to eat all of their burgers wins the final Cutie Clue,” Mana said. “Which will lead to our finish line!”

Kalino sat down at the table and tied a bib around himself. “Easy peasy.”

“I’d say we’ve already won,” Yasmin stated.

“Not yet!”

Ness and Andre ran up to the table, with Riley and Sarah following close behind. “It isn’t over till it’s over.”

“Good luck,” Kalino replied in the middle of eating a burger.

“You got this Andre!” Ness cheered as the musician took his seat.

‘Don’t worry Sarah,” Riley said. “I’ve got a little something that’ll help me; my special hot soon as I can find it.”

Riley turned to Sarah running over and setting it down next to her. “Huh?”

“You...dropped it back in the snow,” Sarah replied. “I didn’t want you to lose it.”

“It does make everything taste better,” Riley joked.

Mana placed an open tray in front of Andre, then lifted the next tray for Riley.

All three began chowing down. Kalino had an obvious lead, but Riley was gaining as she poured hot sauce on each burger. Andre tried to catch up, but was coughing violently.

“Andre! Andre! Andre!” Ness cheered.

“Are...are they all suppose to be this spicy?” Andre asked. Mana shook his head.

“Compliments to the chef,” Kalino joked as he finished a large one.

“Less talking, more winning,” Yasmin stated.

Riley frowned as she shook an empty sauce bottle. “Already but that...Sarah?”

Sarah shot her partner a pitiful look, almost begging her without saying a word.

“I know you can do it Andre!” Ness cheered.

Yasmin scoffed. “Andre? Really? Are you just shouting rhetoric or-”

“Done,” Andre said in-between violent coughs. He held up his empty plate.

“Me too!” Kalino shouted, tossing his plate at Toby’s face.

“Same,” Riley said before belching.

“You’re all good!” Mana cheered. “And here are your final Cutie-”

The teens tackled the intern as they grabbed their cards and ran off.

Yasmin tore open the clue. “The finish line is close but can’t be found. Something can help you see that it’s around…

“We need to find a giant pair of glasses!” Sarah blurted out.

Kalino grabbed Yasmin’s hand and started running.

“Where are they going?” Ness asked.

“No idea,” Andre replied. “But when in America, do what the Americans do.”

The other two teams started racing after them. They followed them to the shore, where rowboats sat. Off in the distance there was…

“A lighthouse,” Yasmin exclaimed. “I see; a lighthouse uses its light to help ships see the closeby shore. That’s what the clue was trying to hint at.”

“Duh,” Kalino replied. “Also, it’s like the only landmark in this place.”

The dastardly duo hopped into a rowboat and pushed off the shore, their competitors approaching the sure as they did.

Mana and Toby parked a speedboat behind the Sandy Point Shoal Light, where a heart shaped mat and a camera were waiting.

“We did,” Mana stated. “We actually hosted a challenge all on our own!”

“No thanks to Jenny,” Toby added.

“Where is she?” Mana asked.

“Right here.”

Jenny stepped out from the other side of the lighthouse.

“What are you doing here?” Mana asked.

“I’m here to stop you and your nasty, mean plan!” Jenny shouted.

“My...what?” Mana asked.

“Don’t play coy fish head,” Jenny said. “You’re here to whisk Rhonda away back on your pirate ship so the two of you can sail away into the sunset and host all the future Canadian seasons together!”

“What?” Mana asked.

“Rhonda is our best friend,” Jenny stated. “She’s staying with us!”

“I’m not trying to take Rhonda away,” Mana said.

‘Wait...what?” Jenny asked.

“Hear Mana out,” Toby said. “He’s actually really nice.”

“I don’t want to be an intern forever,” Mana said. “I actually want to teach English in America. Zac promised to help me do that; that’s why I’m on the show.”

“Then why did you trick Zac into coming here?” Jenny asked.

“Because I miss Rhonda,” Mana said. “We were in the same position and she managed to always put a positive spin on everything. She was just so excited she was about to host her own version, or was hosting on Total Drama at all. Things have been rough since she left, especially with Zac. I thought if they made up, maybe we can take some of that positivity with us. Maybe things would be better.”

Toby shook his head. “I don’t know. This show might have killed what Rhonda was. At least that’s how I see. She’s changed from when you knew here.”

“She has a little,” Mana admitted. “But she’s also still her. That’s what I think.”

Toby shrugged while Jenny frowned. “ really aren’t here to take her away?”

Mana shook his head. “I know what this means to her. Besides, I wouldn’t want to take her away from her friends. I mean you guys really care about Rhonda, huh?”

Jenny blushed. “Yeah...just don’t tell her that. Okay?”

“Sure,” Mana laughed. “But I do wish Zac and Rhonda could makeup.”

“It’s a long story,” Jenny said, “But you probably shouldn’t worry about that anymore…”

“Really?” Mana asked.

Jenny and Toby nodded. Mana pulled them into a hug, before Jenny shoved him away. “Okay, okay, let’s just finish this challenge already!”

Out in the water, Kalino and Yasmin took the lead.

“They’re gaining on us,” Yasmin said. “We need to do something.”

“I’ll take care of them,” Kalino stated.

Kalino stood up, holding his paddle into the air as Andre and Ness approached.

“Sorry Nessie,” Kalino said. “But I need a win. You can understand right?”

Kalino swang his paddle, almost knocking Andre out of the boat.

Ness growled, grabbing her paddle and jumping up. “Have at you then. On guard!”

The two began sparing with their paddles, clashing like fencing swords as they swung at each other. Finally, Ness tossed her paddle. Kalino ducked and winked.

“You aimed a little too hard.”

“I wasn’t aiming for you.”

Kalino looked behind him to see Yasmin, knocked overboard. He turned back, only to meet the end of a paddle that sent him falling into the water with his partner.

“And that’s for earlier,” Andre added, twirling his paddle in his hands.

The two partners high-fived and left the two behind.

“Now what,” Yasmin sighed.

Kalino shrugged, lying back and floating on the water. “It’s a nice day for a swim, right?”

Yasmin gawked. She splashed him, before a wave came and swept both of them away.

“...and that’s how we meet each other,” Toby finished.

“Wow,” Mana stated. “I was not expecting that.”

“The really crazy thing is what happened after,” Jenny replied. “You see-”

Mana pointed ahead. “Wait! Someone’s coming! It looks like...”

Sarah and Riley ran up the stairs and raced across the finish line. “Riley and Sarah! The winners of our Tides/Genesis crossover challenge!”

“Yesssss!” Sarah cheered, tackling Riley. Riley only looked down at the ground.

“You both will be staying in the luxury suite tonight,” Mana stated.

“Along with invincibility tonight,” Toby added.

“Which will be real useful if there’s a twist” Jenny teased.

“Twist?” Riley asked. “Tobster, is there a twist?”

“That was supposed to be a secret,” Toby stated. “Just another thing Jenny can’t do right.”

“YOUR MOM!” Jenny shouted.

Riley shook her head. “No, no, no.”

“Riley?” Sarah asked.

“I’m sorry Rah-Rah, but I can’t do this,” Riley replied. “We can’t win invincibility. We cheated!”

Andre and Ness raced up the stairs and stared.  “Wait, what’s going on?”

Mana gasped. “You cheated?”

“And you actually admitted it?” Jenny asked. “Lame…”

“What?” Andre asked. “That doesn’t make any sense. Sarah is way too nice to try cheating.”

Sarah looked down at the ground. “I...I put hot sauce on your burgers. I hoped it would slow you down. And it kinda did...for a bit.”

“That’s why they were so spicy,” Ness gasped.

“But why?” Andre asked.

“Sarah, this isn’t about Eylar is it?” Riley asked.

Sarah opened her mouth, but said nothing. She ran off.

“The guy who always wears sunglasses?” Andre asked. “Even at night? I don’t think we’ve even talked before…”

“Well the rules in the Cutie Clue strictly forbid messing with anyone else’s cheeseburgers,” Mana stated. “So that means Sarah and Riley get an hour penalty. That also means that the winners of this challenge are whoever crosses the finish line next...ahem...”

Andre and Ness share a look, then immediately run over the finish line.

“Ness and Andre!” Mana announced. “Congrats on winning invincibility, the luxury suite, and being the first person to ever watch Twin It to Win It! You’re our Tides-Genesis crossover champions!”

“We did it!” Andre cheered. “We actually did it!”

“I can’t believe it!” Ness squealed.

“It’s all thanks to you,” the partners said to each other before hugging.

“They said I’d be the first gone,” Andre sang. “That again I would say so long. Told me not to reach the halfway point. That all I would do again is disappoint. Here I am! Here I am! I’m getting my first win! I’m no longer that first out has ben! Here I am! Here I am…”

“I won a challenge,” Ness sighed. “Me. Miss trips into the garbage can. Miss wears a dog cone. Miss gets attacked by crows. I won invincibility. I just...I can’t believe it! Maybe I got lucky with Riley and Sarah but...I don’t feel like I got lucky. I feel like me and Andre earned it. Eeeeeeeeeeee!”

Riley caught up to Sarah, who was singing alone to herself.

“I’m sorry Sarah,” Riley stated. “I just couldn’t do that.”

“I didn’t think I could either,” Sarah admitted. “Which makes all the worse I actually could. That I actually went that far. But Eylar…”

“I told you,” Riley said. “You have another choice. There’s always more than two choices.”

“To go against this agency?” Sarah asked. “What could I do? I’m just a music geek. An ugly duckling. I can’t help Eylar...even now.”

“Are you kidding?” Riley asked. “You’ve battled pirates. You helped restore a queen to her throne! You survived band camp!”

Sarah giggled and finally broke into a smile.

“The point is you don’t know what you can do till you try,” Riley stated. “There are a lot of things I didn’t think I could do before I joined this show. And I’m still proving myself wrong. And you’re not alone.”

Sarah glomped her friend, who returned her hug.

The scene cut to Ness squeezing a pillow in excitement. The teen was sprawled out on the california king bed. A quilted blanket entangled her. Andre sat at the end of the bed, his back pressed against the headboard. He was softly strumming the chords on a white guitar.

Ness turned to Andre. “Aren’t you excited!? You get to see Dania after all this time!”

The musician stopped. “Only a recording of her.” He looked down at the guitar in his hands. “It’s like listening to your favorite song on your phone, instead of live in concert.” His eyes locked onto the black television screen. “Besides, what if she’s off having fun and she’s already forgotten about me?”

Ness tossed a handful of popcorn at Andre. “Why do you have to be such a downer!” She squeezed the pillow more. “I just won my very first merge challenge! Well, with you of course.” She corrected when Andre gave her a questioning look. “And now we get to watch the very first episode of a brand new competition show!”

She squealed. “We get to see all kinds of new faces. We’re going to experience the kind of awe and wonder that only happens when a bunch of teenagers meet for the first time!” She pulled out the whiteboard from under the covers. “And we get to rank them all of course!”

She tossed Andre a green marker. “I already ranked your number 1 for you.” She teased, pointing at Dania’s name.

The black screen immediately cut to a bubbly pop version of “I wanna be famous” sung by none other than Katie and Sadie. The two girls flashed across the screen in bright pink explosions. They marched down the catwalk, every few seconds their outfits changing. One second they’re wearing the Canadian Mounties uniform, and then the next they’re dressed like traditional geishas.

The pair posed at the end of the catwalk.

“Twin It!” Katie shouted.

“To WIN IT!” Sadie finished.

The pair are lifted into the air and then appear in the pilot’s cabin of a plane, wearing stewardess uniforms.

The scene fasts forwards to show Ness finishing her rankings as the end credits play. “WOW!” Ness exclaimed. “So many of my favorites! From so many different seasons!” She gasped. “And it was so…. So…”

“Cheesy?” Andre teased. “But it works.” He nodded. “Oddly enough.”

Ness revealed her rankings to Andre. Dania was at the top of her rankings too. “Dania’s amazing! I mean I always thought she was a little boring in Frozen… But the way she just sticks it to her dad? That’s so awesome!”

Andre blushed. “Yeah she’s pretty great isn’t she. Too great.” He sighed. “She’s losing everything because of me.” He slid into the bed. “And I’m not even going to win Tides for her.” He hid his face in the pile of pillows.

“Don’t say that!” Ness shouted. Crawling over to wrap her body around Andre’s. “You made it this far! And everyone here, and on your show loves you! You have a solid chance!”

“I’m just a loser.” Andre groaned. “Her dad’s right. That’s all I’ll ever be. I’ll never be good enough to deserve her.”

“No.” Ness refused. “You deserve each other. You know why? She’s literally competing with the person she hates the most right now, all because she wants to have a chance with you! She wants to convince him that he was wrong. And I believe in her!”

Ness offered a smile to Andre. “There’s no better love story on reality television right now than the story of Andre and Dania.” Ness tucked her stuff bear into Andre’s arms. “Just make sure it gets a happy-ever-after ok?” She whispered turning off the TV.

“Promise.” Andre whispered pulling Ness in for a group hug. “Thanks Ness. Really. For everything. I’ll miss you when I leave here.” The musician mumbled as he drifted off to sleep. The camera panned away revealing Ness’s smile.

“So yesterday’s challenge was super fun!” Weston exclaimed. “Me and Alfie had a lot of fun. I think everyone had fun. Rhonda and Zac did! So much that they decided they were going to wait for elimination. So we spent all day with the sailors at the hotel. I showed Alfie all the sights...and the best sweets shops. But then at dinner...I guess the fun had to end sometime.”

At dinner, the sailors and newcomers were chatting with one another.

Riley and Sarah were apologizing to Ness and Andre. Cherry was bragging to Jasper. Lita was styling Malia’s hair, while Yasmin and Damien were talking to Kalino.

Trixie and Tessa were chatting, as Ignacio and Sam were laughing with Melissa. A slightly less grumpy looking Viola sat next to Sam.

At the end of the table Vance, Weston and Aflie were playing poker, using candy as poker chips.

Even Mana, Jenny and Toby were talking in the kitchen. Rhonda stood in the doorway and laughed as Zac strutted up.

“Where have you been all day?” Mana asked.

Zac blushed. “Oh you know…”

“You’ve been to see Hayden haven’t you!” Sarah exclaimed. “I can see it on your face.”

“Okay, yeah I have!” Zac bragged. “We had a romantic day out on the town! Thanks Rhonda.”

“My pleasure,” Rhonda replied.

“I hate that we have to leave,” Zac sighed.

“Do we have to?” Malia asked. “Can’t we stay just a little bit longer?”

“I still need to use that spa like five more times,” Cherry added.

Zac shook his head. “The network wouldn’t let his. Not to mention I can’t let Tides be brought down in the ratings by being with Genesis.”

“Excuse me,” Rhonda replied. “But Genesis is killing it’s primetime slot and beating Tides in Canada.”

“I mean it’s good,” Zac said. “But we’ll still have the most Zactastic ratings. As long as Tim Hortons it delicious.”

“It never was,” Rhonda stated.

“There they go again,” Toby sighed.

“Yeah, but I think it’s a little less angry,” Mana stated.

“And what of the eliminations?” Yasmin asked.

“You had to remind me,” Damien whispered.

“There are quite a few people I’d like to be rid of,” Yasmin replied.

“We haven’t forgotten,” Zac replied. “We’ll be having ours in an about an hour once we get back to the ship.”

“We’ll have ours about the same time,” Rhonda replied. “So say your goodbyes...and decide who your sending home.”

“What do you think we’ve like been talking about all day?” Cherry asked.

Rhonda and Zac shared a smirk, like conjoined twins.

“Oh crap,” Sam stated.

“The twist,” Riley sighed.

“We had to do something special to celebrate an international crossover,” Rhonda teased. “So Zac and I put our heads together and decided we needed a twist.”

“Like we said earlier,” Zac contiuned. “You’ll each be voting off a new loser...just not one of your own.”

The collective teens gasped, except for Vance who seemed very confused.

“So there isn’t an elimination?” Vance asked.

“I think Zac means we’re voting off one y’all,” Trixie replied. “And your voting for one of us.”

Zac and Rhonda nodded eagerly. “The sailors will vote for the newcomers and the newcomers will vote for a sailor.”

“Let’s see if these new friendships you’ve made pay off,” Rhonda teased. “You’ve gotten hour to talk. To the sailors; it’s been wonderful to see you all again. Good luck on the Forgotten Seas!”

“And it was a joy to meet you newcomers,” Zac added.

The hosts and their sidekicks walked off as the teens began to pair off...

The sailors sat on the benches of the ship as the Statue of Liberty faded away into the darkness of night. Zac and Mana lit sparklers, revealing their faces. Zac spoke up, "That was... Well that was something." Zac admitted. He turned to Mana. "Thank you for that. I needed it." 

Mana and the sailors gasped. "Did he just?" Trixie asked, turning to Andre who nodded. 

"He did." 

Mana blinked. "Uh... Oh... Uh, so..." The intern blinked again. "Ok well, the newcomers have all cast their votes, so I guess it's time to reveal just who it was that was eliminated." Mana shot the first firework into the sky as Cherry's face appeared. 

Alfie held onto a small skull dagger. "Like this is so cool!" He grinned. "My twin, or was he my clone... Or was it a... Hmmm." Alfie paused. "My new best friend!" Alfie corrected. "My new best friend Weston traded this to me for a bucket full of my candy!" Alfie grinned as he waved the blade in the air around him.

"I think it was a hard one today." Sarah sighed. "It was really hard." Sarah gulped. "But I think I learnt a lot today. Riley reminded me that I am more than just a singer girl. I don't need to be some queen, or some secret agent to have a happy ever after. I just need to be true to myself. So I promised I'd vote for whoever Riley wanted. Hopefully she does the same."

Damien looked into the camera with a sigh. "Do you think that... Do you think she had a point?" The camera didn't move. "Could Tessa actually be right about me... And my alliance?"

Trixie let out an exhale. "I can finally breath again! I swear Vance must have covered me in his 'scent' once every ten seconds! Boy needs to learn to take a hint! I don't envy the Genesisters one bit!" She laughed. "Yeah Genesisters isn't right coming from me."

Viola stared at the camera. "It's just how these things go. Another face will light the sky, and I'll just be reminded about the time when her face didn't. And then all of the times that her face wasn't there to light up my world anymore." She twirled the friendship bracelet that Melissa had given her. She sighed as the beads scattered across the wooden planks. "Sorry."

Zac looked at his final ten. He wondered what it felt like to be sitting there, waiting. To know that everything you've been working for is just a light of a match away. He looked over at Cherry, her face was smug. But it always was. She was safe for another episode. She did bring the ratings, so that was ok, he thought.  He wondered what the Newcomers had thought of him... And what Rhonda and Hayden had said about him. Andre's and Trixie's faces lit up the sky. Typical. The immunity winner, and Trixie. The pair was basically guranteed to be in the finals at this point. They were well-liked, and there was no way the Unholy Trinity could make it all the way...  Yasmin's and Damien's faces appeared in the sky. Zac's face was just as shocked as the other sailors. Now this, this he didn't see coming. Just what did Rhonda and her cast do. He watched the sky, refusing to say anything as Sam, Viola, Alfie, and Malia all lit up the sky. And then the feeling of lost hit him.

He looked out in pain at Sarah. Why did the Newcomers choose her? Was this Rhonda's doing? One final jab at him? He thought they had made ammends. But clearly not. He could see Sarah's tears. He knew them well. Was this how Hayden felt? He watched as no one made a move to comfort Sarah. Was he left alone? 

Sarah gulped. "I don't..." She looked up at him. He already had his arms wrapped around his old flame. He wouldn't let her leave in fear. He wouldn't let her leave alone. 

"They're idiots." He whispered. "All of them. All of the Americans. Idiots." He promised. 

Yasmin and Cherry shared a smirk. "We may not have had the votes here." Yasmin stated point at herself, Malia, Cherry and Damien. "But it wasn't all that hard to get the votes over there." 

Cherry waved goodbye to Sarah. "Like toodles!" 

Zac watched as Andre held onto Sarah's hand and walked her to the plank. "I forgive you. I don't understand why, but I forgive you Sarah." 

Sarah nodded, wiping her tears away, and tossing her heels at Viola. "Viola. Please," She sniffled. "Think of the heels. You can stand high in them, and forget the past. You walk tall and mighty. You're in high heels now Vi." She looked down at the ocean below. "Stand tall, look pretty. Do it for you." 

Viola looked at the empty place where Sarah once stood, and then at the heels in her lap. She turned to Yasmin who was confused. "Did that even make any sense to anyone?" Viola pulled off her pumps and put on Sarah's heels, and put on a small smile.

Back in the Tides confessional, Yasmin reread over her notes. "Someone in particular is working to undermine me. This is the perfect chance to get rid of them. The fact they've had payback coming is just an added incentive. I don't know why Kalino wants that girl gone, but I told Cherry and Damien. Let's see if he held up his end of the bargain."

Alfie munched on a chocolate bar. "Weston wasn't really sure why I should vote for her, but he says it's because she's super strong. And Malia did say she was stronger than Emmett. So I hope that eliminates a threat for you! I really don't care who he votes for it...though I did tell him not Trixie."

Malia sighed. "I don't want to but...I have to vote Lita. Cherry told me it was best! If I wanted to prove I'm Cherrilicious and independent, than I have to be willing to get rid of baggage. She said I have to show America what's what and I have to prove I don't need someone protecting me. I'm sorry Lita, but I have to do what's best for the new me!"

Chapter Twenty: Blood on the Water

The camera focused on Zac who stood at the helm of the newly refurbished viking ship. He grinned at the camera, “Last time on Total Drama Tides…”

“And Genesis!” Mana added, before Zac shoved him into the water below.

“As I was saying,” The host walked began to walk down the stairs to the main deck. “The final ten from Tides paired up with the new comers on Genesis for the ULTIMATE Crossover. While some of our contestants made new friends, and,” Zac rolled his eyes, “Hung out with Rhonda.” She coughed, “Sarah in her pursuit to get revenge for Elyar failed to leave a good impression, and was voted off by the newcomers.”

Mana climbed back onto the ship, his hair dripping with the water from the ocean. “While in America we decided it would be a great chance to welcome some very special guests to the show!” The intern shook his hair out to dry it.

Zac’s eyes went wide as he was drenched with the water. He exhaled and glared at Mana who scurried below deck. “It has nothing to do with the current pending lawsuits against Total Drama for the endangerment of youth.” Zac grinned at the camera before he turned to reveal the nine guests. He snapped his fingers, as an array of Lost Children walked out carrying trays.

“Zac?” A familiar dancer glared. “Speaking of guests, like where are the contestants?” He asked stepping closer to the host, doing his best to look intimidating.

“Oh Mitchel,” Zac shook his head. “Do I need to get on the phone with your mother to let her know exactly why you haven’t been home?” He pulled out his cell phone and hovered over one of the numbers. “I have her on speed dial.” The host smirked.

Mitchel, one of the contestants from Total Drama Frozen backed off. “Whatever. I just wanted to see my best buddy, Andre.”

A tall, african canadian woman stepped up and put her hand on Mitchel’s shoulder. Her curly hair danced with her steps. “Now young Zachary! That is in no way to speak to someone!” She opened her hand out, gesturing for him to put the phone in her hand. “Now, you might be able to intimate the sailors, but-” She stared at the host and pulled out a sock puppet. She spoke through the puppet, “I’m not so easily scared.” She moved the puppet into Zac’s face, “Where is my daughter Viola?”

Zac moved his phone into pocket and stepped back from the woman. The other guests started to speak up. Zac blew an air horn to silent the crowd. “Now Ms. Fufuu….” The host read her name again, “Well, it’s no wonder why Viola has issues.” He gulped. “I assure you that your loved ones are all perfectly safe.”

“Bro, there better not be a single hair missing from Sam’s head.” A surfer stepped up.

“Fynn.” Zac gulped again, “I promise, all of the sailors are in mint condition.” He turned away and pointed out to an island that looked similar to Alcatraz. “They’re just…. Waiting for you at Zartacla, the east coast version of Alcatraz!”

A woman stepped up, her long black hair flowed with her step. “Please, who do you think I am? I am a world renowned explorer and historian, Cassio. I know for a fact that island does not exist.” She pulled out a book as if to prove her point. She adjusted her glasses, “Now just where is Yasmin.” She stared at Zac. “I have some unfinished business with her.”

Ms. Fufuu coughed, “Well, this explains why Yasmin is the way that she is.” The school teacher glared at Cassio. “I believe in love and kindness.” She gave Fynn a gold star sticker, “You are such an aspiring young man!”

“Is she for real?” Fynn asked looking at Zac.

“Just go with it,” Mana shrugged.

“As for the island. You are correct we’re just reusing the set to a cancelled reality television show. But your loved ones are still there.”

An older man with dark skin stepped forward. “Is Malia there?” He half-heartedly said. The host nodded. “How do I get there.” He replied quickly.

Zac sighed. “I’m getting there but you all keep interrupting me.”

A woman in flannel, jeans and a cowgirl hat and boots stepped towards the man. “You must be Terad.” She offered her hand, “My name is Cheyenne.” She stared at the man as he refused to acknowledge her hand.

“I’m not here to make friends. I am here for Malia.” He growled.

“Oh don’t play nice like that!” Cheyenne hissed. “Your daughter has a lot of explaining to do! She betrayed her friends - ALL of them. Y’all raised a monstrosity.”

Terad turned to Cheyenne. “Do you think I am unaware of my daughters acts against her values.” He stepped away. “She will repent for her disgrace against her family in such a public manner.”

“Are you Trixie’s mom?” A small woman asked, her blonde hair braided back. She pulled out her wallet and revealed photos of Alfie. “I’m Darlene, Alfie’s mom!” She grinned. “I’ve been DYING to meet you.” Darlene wrapped her arms around Cheyenne. “I think we have SO, much to talk about. I’ve discussed to with my husband, we’re willing to relocate to where you live so that Alfie and Trixie can be together!”

“Oh ducky.” Cheyenne gulped. “Y’all realize that our little chicklets aren’t dating no’ more right?”

Darlene nodded. “Well yes, but that could change!” She smiled.

A woman in suit stepped forward to join the others as she put her phone away. “Daphnee, of Daphne and Co. Lawyer to six of our ministers in the council.” She offered her hand to Zac. “I’ve been elected to investigate your show to ensure that no one is at risk. After all, we wouldn’t want another Cherry situation.” She smiled. “And what is this about pirates having a bounty for all of you?” She questioned.

“You must be Cherry’s mom.” Zac forced a smile before stepping backwards as Heather made her way to the front of the crowd.

“Enough of the games. Where’s Damien?” Heather demanded.

“Like I’ve said over, and over again.” He pointed at the prison island. “They’re waiting for you to rescue them.”

“So a challenge.” Heather exhaled. “You brought me back here for a CHALLENGE?”

Zac smiled and looked down at his watch. “Well looks like time is running out, I think you should all start this challenge.” He pointed at the rowboats below. “The last one to rescue their loved one will be the reason they get eliminated from the show and will not be joining the final eight.”

Darlene jumped in front of the camera. “Oh hunny!” She cheered. “Momma’s coming!” She announced and pulled Cheyenne along with her to the row boats below.

“Put me down young man!” Ms. Fufuu exclaimed as Fynn lifted the woman and carried her towards the rowboats.

“Bro….ette?” Fynn questioned before he continued, “Viola is one of Sam’s last remaining bros, no way I can let him down with Viola walking the plank today!”

Ms. Fufuu nodded. “Ok… But young man, what happened to your shirt and shorts?” She gasped.

Fynn looked down, realizing he was only wearing his boxer shorts. “Oh man, not again!” He groaned.


“Start rowing.” Daphne demanded as she looked down at the raven-haired Heather.

“I was saving that seat for someone.” Heather responded.

“Yes, well it’s clearly taken now.” Daphne replied, as she began to speedily text. She looked up from her phone. “Oh Mitchel? Please. Don’t you think it’s time that Andre goes home anyways?” Heather didn’t move. “You know more than anyone that relationships that form on this show never last. Andre is a relic of the old show, it’s his time to go.” The lawyer looked around, “Besides I don’t see him, do you?”

Heather looked out at the water, where a number of boats were already making their way to the island. “Fine. But this doesn’t mean you win.”

The camera panned over to show Terad. He raised his hand to cover his face. “I do not give my consent to this foolish show. Just because Malia was stupid enough to come here does not mean she can just drag me into her mess for fun.” The man refused to let the cameraman join him. “She’s done nothing but make a mockery of our family values.”

One of the lost children tried to speak up, “But sir… It’s why you’re here. To be on the show.”

Terad shook his head. “No. I am here to ensure that my family’s name is not dragged through the mud any further. We are already the disgrace in the neighbourhood.”

The screen returned to show Zac has Mana massaged his back. “I really do love hosting.” Zac said, with a face of pure bliss. “So much better than sitting back in the office deciding what commercials we should air.”

Mana sighed. “Yeah. This is so much better than teaching children.” The intern karate chopped Zac’s back.

“Don’t forget you have a job teaching after Tides.” Zac looked up at Mana. “I promised you, didn’t I?”

“Well. Sometimes it’s hard to really know what goes on in your head.” Mana said honestly.

“HEY!” Mitchel shouted as he sprang up to his feet after Cassio poured water over his unconscious body.

“Let’s get moving. Stop being such a waste of space.” The woman declared, as she dropped the bucket and walked towards the rowboats.

“Was… Was I knocked out?” Mitchel asked rubbing his head.

Cassio stared at the teen. “Yes. Like a true idiot you walked face-first into Daphne’s hand bag.” She motioned for the dancer to hurry up. “Who knows what she carries around in that thing. But at least she’s already doing the challenge. Unlike you. HURRY.” She shouted.

Mitchel clumsily stumbled towards the rowboats. “Why? Why did you wait for me?”

“Because this is Total Drama. Who knows what kind of dangers lie ahead, and I need someone to trigger all of the booby traps for me.” She pointed at her head. “My mind is too great to be lost on reality television.”

The scene switched to reveal the sailors in separate cells. “I always wondered what prison would be like!” Alfie said as he poked his head through the barred door to his cell. “It smells a lot stranger than I thought it would.”

“Got the jailbird blues.” Andre sang softly as he nursed his arm that was in a cast. “Oh I’ve got the jailbird blues.”

Yasmin stared at her notes. “This is a challenge. It has to be right. We weren’t… captured were we?” She looked at Damien for confirmation of her theory.

“I don’t know. I mean in Heather’s first season they dropped the campers off on an island expected them to find their way back.” He shrugged. “Maybe that’s what we have to do.”

Cherry scoffed. “Ok. But like, I have a strict diet to keep. And I like require so much sun in a day. This isn’t going to like work for me.”

Malia nodded. “Yeah! It’s not easy to look so cherrylicious!”

“Since when did you care about looking cherrylicious chickadee?” Trixie asked, worried for her former friend.

“Since when did you care?” Malia crossed her arms and looked over at Cherry who gave her a proud smile.

Viola banged her head against the rocky wall. “There are many worse ways for us to forgotten about. We could have been left on a tropical island, forced to each other or something.” She trailed off, as she heard Malia and Cherry giggle. “Maybe I would have prefered that actually.”

“Guys,” Sam stared at the other guys. “Just make sure not to drop the soap.” He teased, sending a smile at Viola who shook her head in defeat.

“Sam, you better keep your hands to yourself, I’m taken remember.” Andre jokingly replied.

“Couldn’t forget it if I tried.” Sam said as he turned to the wall of his cell and sat down. “Wish I could say the same.” The teen sighed and closed his eyes, but images of him abandoning Grayson filled the darkness.

The scene cut to Ms. Fufuu and Fynn as they rowed towards the prison. The teacher shook her head. “You must be so upset with your brothers actions.” She looked at Fynn who was focused on rowing.

“Sam,” He smiled lightly and looked at the elementary teacher. “Sam’s a good guy.”

“But he abandoned Grayson! To be attacked by the pirates!” She pulled out a pirate sock pocket from her purse. “I had to create an entire puppet show to teach the kids how terrible that was! You don’t abandon your friends!”

Fynn stopped rowing to face Ms.Fufuu. He puffed his chest out, “Have you ever been in love Ms.Fufuu?”

The woman’s face faded from a smile momentarily. She nervously twisted her wedding ring. “Of course. Mr. Fufuu was my first love! We met during one of puppet shows at the orphanage.” She smiled, her eyes glowing. “He had a vision for the world! A better place, where every child was loved.” She looked up at the sky, “And now, I truly believe he’s up there, giving those who left too soon all the love they never got to have.” She wiped a tear from her face, “Sorry.”

Fynn nodded. “No sweat. I’m sorry for your loss.” The teen offered a shoulder for Ms.Fufuu to lean on. “I think Sam found the love of his life here.” He grinned. “The guys back home were so pumped for him, y’know. They spent hours taking down all of the mean posters people made for him.” He chuckled, “I think they were just happy that he would finally stop flirting with them.” He put a hand on Ms.Fufuu’s. “And then- not knowing the whole truth, his heart got shattered into a million pieces. Man, I don’t know about you, but that would ruin me.”

“Love always wins.” She assured him. “But he still… He didn’t need to do that.” Ms.Fufuu squeezed Fynn’s hand. “But you- and Sam are not my students.” She nodded. “It’s not my job to lecture you.” She put her puppet away. “How about we make sure that Sam finds out the truth. Let’s make sure that, after this show is done, that I can go back home and tell the love story of Sam and Grayson.” She cheered. “I already have the puppets made!” She giggled. The teacher looked up at the sky noticing the rainbow that had formed. “Viola would love to see this!”

Fynn raised an eyebrow at the woman. “I’m sure.”

The screen cut to static and revealed Sam and Viola as they talked through the bars. Viola shivered and turned away from the barred window in horror. “We’ll figure a way out right?” Sam asked sawing a plastic spoon against the bar before it snapped.

Viola shrugged. “I don’t see how us sitting here can be great ratings.” She looked around at the other cells where nothing all that interesting was happening. “Unless we end up eating each other.” She looked over at Alfie who was bouncing around in his cell. “I call dibs on the sugar plum prince.”

Sam laughed. “Fine. Fine.” He looked at Viola, “Thanks Vi, for not reminding me about Grayson all of the time. I’m glad I have a friend like you around.”

“Clearly.” Viola placed her head on her hands and forced a smile. “I always needed a GBF anyways.” The pair stared at one another before breaking out in laughter.

Across from the pair, Andre, Alfie and Malia were having their own chat. “You’ve changed so much since we first met.” Andre said as he looked Malia over again.

“Yeah?” Malia asked, “You think?” She applied her cherry-red lipstick and puckered up, blowing a kiss towards Andre. “Still thinking about Dania?”

Andre sighed. “I remember when you were so sad when Angel was eliminated.” He pointed out. “You promised you’d make her proud if it was the last thing you did on the show.”

Malia rolled her eyes. “I’ve made Cherry proud! I’m so sure that Angel would be happy for me now too! I’m a somebody now! I don’t have to live in my parents shadow anymore! I’m FREE!”

Alfie sucked on a lollipop he found. “I miss when you used to read me stories to bed.”

“Well, how do you expect me to get my beauty sleep, if I don’t look beautiful when I sleep?” Malia sighed. “I’m sorry Alfie, I just have to make sure that the camera gets my good side.”

Andre looked over at Alfie. “It’s ok buddy, I’ll sing you to sleep.” He returned his gaze at Malia, “Do you think your parents would be happy about… Well you know you now?” He pointed at Trixie. “You don’t think you’re being a little cruel to her?”

“Are you talking about when me and Cherry locked her in the washroom at the hotel?” Malia giggled. “That was just a prank!” She rolled her eyes. “Get a sense of humour Andre! And I bet my parents are probably freaking out!” She giggled again, “I took my hijab off, and now I know what the real world is like! Who's going to babysit now!?”

The screen showed Cheyenne and Darlene as they arrived at the island first. “Nothing like a little exercise in the morning!” Darlene smiled. “I’ve been watching this new workout video session but Inna!” She explained using her hands. “She is a miracle!” Alfie’s mother lifted her shirt slightly and pinched her stomach, “You can barely even tell that I’m a mom!” Cheyenne stared at Darlene’s stomach, her jaw dropping. “Oh chicky.” Cheyenne gulped. “Don’t forget why we’re here. We can’t get distracted by every ranch we spot.”

Darlene nodded eagerly. “Oh yes! Operation, Alfxie!” She jumped in place. “I almost forgot! She grabbed onto Cheyenne’s hand and ran up the stone staircase to the prison.

With her free hand, Cheyenne face palmed. “Darlene!” She muttered. “We’ve been over this. They’re not kids anymore. We can’t go playing matchmaker like at the county ball.”

“But… But…” Darlene’s eyes began to well up with tears. “Alfie was so happy!” She cried into her hands. “I just wanted my baby to be happy!” She looked up at Cheyenne, a snot bubble bursting from her nostril, “Don’t you want Trixie to be happy!?”

Cheyenne pulled out a handkerchief from her pocket and handed it to Darlene. “Of course! But it’s complicated.”

Darlene sniffled as she dried her face. “Like Masterchef souffle complicated?” She tried to catch her breath, “Because I’ve watched every episode!”

The cowgirl sighed as Heather and Daphnee raced past them. “Can we have this thanksgiving blessing talk some other time?” Darlene shook her head. Cheyenne pinched the bridge of her nose. “Trixie’s father… He walked out on us when Trixie was just a girl, and she’s seen what being heartbroken looks like.” She bit her lips and nodded slightly. “I just… I think she’s afraid to end up like me.”

Darlene instantly wrapped her arms around her. “If she’s afraid of being a caring, and strong woman then that’s her business! But I’d kick myself if I didn’t try to help my baby be happy.”

Cheyenne stared at Darlene. “They were happy together…”

“YES!” Darlene cheered out.

“Fine. I’ll talk to Trixie.”

The scene switched to show Trixie as she tried to reach out to Alfie. “Alfie…” She whispered, but to no response. “Alfie.” She kept trying. “They lied to you.” She played with her white braided hair. “Alfie… I cared for you.” She sighed, giving up. “I still do.”

On the other side of the wall Alfie frowned and looked to Damien and Yasmin for assurance. Damien spoke first. “You know the truth now Alfie. You know how she dates athletes because of some weird fetish.”

Yasmin nodded. “Besides she’s clearly one of the weakest competitors remaining, aligning yourself with her would be suicide.”

“But she has a giant frog!” Alfie pouted. “I’ve always wanted to ride a frog!”

Malia giggled. “Alfie, would you date anyone if they had a giant frog?”

Alfie paused. “No, prolly just Trixie!”

“Damien will give you piggybacks whenever you want.” Yasmin stated. “He’ll even ribbit for you.”

“I will?”

“He will!” Alfie beamed, drawing the dagged he got at the hotel out to pick the lock to his cell. “Oh man!” He jumped up and down as he left the cell. “I’ll go get my frog riding clothes! I’ve picked out an outfit and everything!” He announced cheerfully as he raced out of the room. The other sailors stared as he left, confused.

“Wanna bet his frog riding clothes is a yellow shirt and denim jacket, just like his everyday clothes, and lunch clothes, oh and his sugar high clothes?” Damien chuckled.

Yasmin grabbed onto Damien with wide eyes. “A dagger!” She hissed, pulling out her journal and flipping through the pages.

“Yeah, I didn’t take Alfie for the type to carry weapons around.” Damien noted. “Man, too bad he didn’t let us go before he left, eh?”

Viola shoved her journal into Damien’s face. “The deranged card reader!” She gasped. “One of Alfie’s cards. A dagger.”

“Yeah? You said it yourself it’s just a deranged woman.” He shook his head.

Yasmin shook her head. “No Damien! This is a sign!” She threw the book at the wall. “He’s going to betray someone!”

“Have you been eating Alfie’s candy again?”

The scholar stared at Damien through her glasses. “This is serious. We need to make a new plan!”

Damien bent down and picked up her journal, he looked it over. “The kraken pulling a ship down… Like the painting we saw back at the hotel?” He asked looking over at Yasmin.

“Do you see now!” She gasped. “Look! LOOK!” She shouted.

Damien continued to the next card, “And Angel?”

Yasmin pointed at Malia who was talking to Cherry. “She’s been going on and on about Angel, and how she and Alfie used to do everything together.” “That’s a stretch….” Damien raised an eyebrow as he looked at the last card. “The plank?” He laughed. “Like the Plank of Shame?”

Yasmin nodded. “We can’t let this come true!”

Damien nodded. “Do you think that maybe you’re just reading too much into this?”

The scholar glared at Damien. “Just because you can’t wrap your tiny brain around it doesn’t mean it’s not happening! SHE CURSED ME! Alfie’s already betrayed Trixie! We can’t let my curse come true!”

The scene switched to show Cassio and Mitchel as they climbed a rock wall within the prison to get to the second floor. “How are you so good at this? You’re like forty!” Mitchel gasped as Cassio waited for him at the top of the wall.

She glared at the teen. “I’ll pretend you didn’t just say that. But this is what I do for a living.” She looked around while she waited for the teen. “Besides, I need to find Yasmin. There’s nothing that will get in the way of that. Don’t you want to see… What was his name again?”

“Andre.” Mitchel said, as he pushed himself up onto the second floor. “And of course man! It’s been so long, I have so much to tell him! Being on tour-”

Cassio put her finger to his mouth. “I didn’t ask for a life story.”

“Ok man, no need to get snippy.” Mitchel shrugged. “Let’s go that way.” He pointed at the long hallway with red lasers creating a gymnastic course ahead.

“Sounds reasonable. There’s likely a switch on the other side, to deactivate the lasers. I think you should go ahead.”

Mitchel nodded. “You need a young guy to do it eh?”

Cassion shook her head. “No. But my brain is too valuable to risk.”

Mitchel laughed but easily danced through the corridor, avoiding the lasers. He pulled the switch on the other side. “I guess I do have some talents.” He smirked.

“NOW!” Heather shouted as she and Daphnee charged out from around the corner. Daphnee threw handcuffs at the pair like ninja stars, and they wrapped around the pairs ankles, tripping them.

“Pleasure doing business with you.” Daphnee smugly said as she strut through the hallway alongside Heather.

“Some people never change.” Mitchel shook his head.

The screen cut to static before it revealed Cherry taunting Trixie. “What, jealous that like Malia was finally getting some attention?”

Trixie glared at Cherry. “I did it to save her. To get off that island.”

Cherry wiped an imaginary tear from her eye. “Sucks huh. Too bad she like doesn’t need you. She has me!” She lifted her hands in triumph, “And I’m better than you in like every imaginable way.” She gave her a wink. “First I like became total BFF’s with Malia, and like if he dated you, Alfie would be honoured to date goddess Cherry.”

“Stay away from him.” Trixie stated, jumping at the bars.

Cherry looked at Malia. “See Malia, like this is how you treat people who aren’t better than you.” Malia nodded blowing a kiss at Trixie. “Like, nice touch!” Cherry added, encouraging her friend.

“Thanks. I like learnt from the best!”

The scene cut to a poorly filmed angle of Terad. The man was throwing a shoe at the camera man. “I said to stop filming me!”

“Man calm down!” The crew groaned. “We’re just doing our job!”

“I. Don’t. Care. Just show me where Malia is!” Terad slowly spun in a circle, trying to figure out where the sailors could be kept.

A voice broke the silence. “Are we throwing shoes at the camera man!? You have a hat so is that the plan!?” Alfie asked looking up at Terad.

“You! Boy! Where is Malia!”

“My mom says I shouldn’t talk to strangers.” Alfie blinked.

“You’re a teenager.”

“Yeah, but you seem kind of mean.” Alfie shrugged. “I thought people in hats are supposed to be nice.”

Terad huffed. “I just want to see my daughter. Please.” He begged.

“You’re Malia’s dad?” He asked, shocked. “You’re… Well, I guess exactly what I should have expected.” Alfie pointed to the right. “They’re that way.”

Not much later, Alfie was tackled to the ground by Darlene who kissed her son repeatedly. “ALFIE BABY!” She cheer-cried. “MY BABY!”

Cheyenne slowly approached the pair, her boots clicking against the stone floor. “Nice to meet ya’.” She smiled at Alfie. “I’m Trixie’s ma’.”

Alfie managed to squirm out from his mother's embrace and looked at Cheyenne. “Why are there so many old people around lately? And why are they all wearing hats?”

“It’s a challenge hunny!” Darlene said, before she gasped. “Does this mean we won? I WON?”! She gasped before she burst out into tears again. “I won my very first challenge.”

“A challenge?” Alfie asked, confused. “Zac didn’t say anything about a challenge.”

Cheyenne nodded. “We have to rescue our loved ones.” She explained.

“Who's your loved one ma’? You said you won! Look at you! See and you said you would never be good at a competition!” He chuckled as he mom glomped her son again.

“I can see the resemblance.” Cheyenne smiled and laughed. “So stud, do you think you could help a cowgirl out? Where can I find Trixie?” Alfie pointed to the left. “Thanks.” She looked back at Darlene. “It was… Really nice to meet you.”

“She’s going to talk to Trixie for you Alfie!” Darlene cheerfully said. “You’ll be able to date her again!”

“But mom… I don’t want to date Trixie.” Alfie explained. “She… She used me. Like do that family that had me teach their kid how to swim, but were really just using me to babysit.”

Darlene scratched her head. “Are you sure?”

“Have I ever been wrong before?” Alfie asked, standing proudly.

“Well son… yes.”

“I think she really likes you.” Darlene assured her son.

“Well, she has a funny way of showing it. She got a new friend!” He told his mom all about Ribbit.

The screen panned backwards, showing Terad who was walking down the right path, and Cheyenne who walked down the left.

The scene switched to show Fynn and Ms. Fufuu as they opened yet another door. “How many more doors can there be in this place?” Fynn questioned, leaning against the door frame, looking into another empty room.

“There could be many.” Ms.Fufuu explained. “But it’s about never giving up!” She placed a gold star sticker on Fynn’s arm. “You’re a real trooper!”

Fynn blushed. “Thanks.”

“Do you hear that?” Ms.Fufuu asked, putting her hand to her ear.

“It sounds like singing!” Fynn gasped.

“Andre!” The two shouted, and raced towards the sound.

Ms.Fufuu pulled out a puppet as they ran. This one looked like a vampire. “VIOLA! I want to suck your blood!” The teacher shouted out in an vampirey-accent.

The scene cut to show Viola and Sam. “Please pinch me.” Viola gasped. “I think I just heard my-” She gasped as the door to the prison cells opened and Ms.Fufuu walked in, with Fynn and the Count.

“Fynn?” Sam gasped.

The other sailors looked at the newcomers questions filling the air. “Who are they?”

“Are you here to save us?”

“Did Zac pay you to do this?”

Ms.Fufuu looked around the room until she found Viola hiding in the corner of her cell. “Viola!” She grinned, she pulled the key to the cell door out from her purse and pushed the door open.

Ms.Fufuu wrapped her arms around Viola who tried to escape her embrace. “Oh Viola!” She cheered, kissing her daughter’s cheek repeatedly. “I am so proud of you!”

“Mom!” Viola muttered.

“Oh my Viola!” She squeezed her daughter tight. “I’ve missed you so much!” She pulled out a binder and opened it, revealing the childrens fan art of Viola. “The kids all think you’re the coolest.” Viola said nothing as her mother turned through the pages. She gasped as she saw an image of her and Fleur in a tree, K-I-S-S-N-G scribbled beneath it. “We’re still working on spelling.”

“I can explain.” Viola said instantly turning to her mother.

Ms.Fufuu shook her head. “No. Don’t. Explaining yourself is for when you’ve done something wrong.” She brushed a strand of hair out of Viola’s face. “But,” She smiled. “What Sarah said at the hotel. She was right. You know that, right?” Viola tried to avoid her mother's heartfelt gaze. “Mom. I can’t. Love only leads to sadness.” She gulped. “You should know more than anyone.”

Ms.Fufuu said nothing, kissing her daughter. “Viola Fufuu!” She said. “I do not regret loving your father, his love gave me you. He might not be here for me to express my love to every day, but when he was, I was the happiest person on the planet.” She looked at Viola, “And I know Fleur made you happy.” She licked her thumb and brushed the dirt away from Viola’s face, “And the more you hold off on showing it, the more you’ll regret it. But you know that already.”

“But what if…”

“You shouldn’t start your sentences with but, it’ll only lead you to worry.” Ms.Fufuu assured her daughter.

The camera panned to show Fynn looking at Sam. “It’s been awhile bro.”

Sam groaned. “Did you really lose your clothes again!”

“It just happens!” Fynn shrugged. “I can’t help it!” “I mean, yeah. Yeah you can.” Sam blushed, suffering from second hand embarrassment. “You can’t just walk around on television in your underwear.”

Fynn turned to the camera and winked. “Sure I can man. They have websites dedicated to this kind of thing.”

“I know….” Sam paled, making a mental note to never visit said sites again.

“Wouldn’t I be the raddest brother ever if I made sure you didn’t lose this challenge?” Fynn asked.

“Challenge!?” The others gasped.

“Yeah bros… and broettes. You all have a loved one here to rescue you. Last one here is eliminated.”

“So what are you waiting for!” Sam shouted gripping the bars to his cell. “Let me out!”

“We’ve gotta talk first bro.” Fynn said, pulling up a chair. “What you did to Grayson wasn’t cool man.” Fynn shook his head. “First, you didn’t tell him about he-who-shall-not-be-named, and then you single-handedly got him eliminated. Sam tried to speak up, but Fynn cut him off. “The amount of people out there Sam, the amount of people who are upset about what you BOTH did. You wouldn’t believe it. There was a small riot at a Toronto club over which of you was to blame for breaking up Canada’s favourite reality couple this year.” He pointed at Sam. “You need to fix this. I know you still care about him.”

“But he-” Sam gasped.

“But he cheated on you like he did all those other girls?” Fynn stared at Sam. “No. He didn’t. I promise you.” He pulled the key out from what little clothes he was wearing and unlocked Sam’s cell. “Now hug your big brother.”

“But you’re not wearing any clothes!” Sam made a disgusted face.

“Hug your big brother who just made sure you weren’t eliminated!” Sam groaned as he wrapped his arms around Fynn. The moment was short-lived when Viola slapped him.

“YOU! You did that to Grayson!” She gasped. “You said he never found you back on the island! But he did. You’ve let me believe that Grayson was just unlucky and that he was eliminated because of it!” Viola shook her head in disappointment. “You don’t deserve Grayson’s love.” She started to walk out of the room. “Or my friendship.”

Ms.Fufuu turned to the two boys. “I’m so sorry! She’s usually never like this!”

Fynn shrugged, “He kinda deserved it.”

“Umm hello? My name’s Cherry, like C-H-E-R” Cherry fluttered her eyes, trying to get Fynn’s attentions.

“R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D. Rejected.” Fynn laughed as he left the room with Sam who laughed alongside him.

“He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on!” Malia encouraged.

“He didn’t.” Trixie gasped turning to Andre.

“Oh he sure did.” He grinned. The two awkwardly shared a look before they broke out laughing.

“How’s the frog treating you?” Andre asked, rubbing his arm.

“He’s pretty chill.” She shrugged. “His tongue is really good at giving my hair some shine.”

“I can tell.” He pointed at her white hair. “I never got to tell you, but it’s a sick look. Different but pretty chill.”

Trixie smiled. “Thanks. Sorry about your arm. I can’t believe Sarah did that.” She offered.

Andre shrugged, “She had her reasons. I feel that. Sucks I had to be her target but I’m over it.” The door to the room opened once more as Daphnee and Heather entered the room. “You know, I almost forgot you were related.” He chuckled looking over at Damien.

Daphnee instantly opened Cherry’s cell. “Cherry. Let’s a have a talk.” She insisted before Cherry could escape the cell. “It’s come to my attention that you think you’re a goddess of the Inca’s. And that you were almost sacrificed.”

Cherry shrugged. “Yes, and like what’s the problem?”

Daphnee blinked. “The pure fact that you fail to see the issue with that sentence worries me.”

“I also created a coffee brand, Cherrylicious, it’s like all the rage all over the forgotten sea.”

“Totally!” Malia pipped in.

“Is this your minion?” Daphnee looked Malia over. “Good choice.” She opened her briefcase and began to read off the many times that the contestants lives were endangered. “Are you trying to tell me that you were never actually at risk during these?”

Cherry shook her head. “No we like were. But it’s reality television mom, nothing bad ever like happens! It’s a trope!”

“I see.” Daphnee made some notes. “Well I suppose my work here is done.”

Heather approached Damien’s cell shaking her head. “I know, you’re disappointed I was eliminated.”

“I was relieved you were eliminated.” The veteran gasped. “Damien, what in the world do you think you’re doing?” She raised her hands into the air. “You’re making a joke of yourself. The memes are all over the internet. Brother tries to protect sister’s reputation, instead ruins his.” She sighed. “You do realize that everything you’re doing is completely nuts.” She looked at Yasmin, “And why on Earth did you choose HER!?” Heather groaned. “You can’t even pick a good alliance partner.” She looked back at Andre. “Why not him? He’s at least capable of doing something, but clearly won’t win because he’s a veteran.”

“Like-” Cherry started before Heather stared her into submission.

“I’m not even going to talk about her.” Heather looked her brother in the eyes. “Damien, Damo. The show can’t portray you in a way that you don’t act.” She reached through the cell to touch her brother. “Damo, I wasn’t nice back on the Island. I was a bitch. You’re my brother you didn’t see that, and I’ll always appreciate you for that, but I can see you. I can see what you’re doing.” She shook her head. “And you’re going to regret it Damien. You’re not this person, you were never cruel.” She leaned in close, “Turning people against each other,” She whispered. “Damo, you’re a good guy. Stop giving the show a reason to show otherwise.” She unlocked her brothers cell.

Damien wrapped his arms around Heather. “I know. I know. I’ll do better. I promise.”

“YOU!” Cassio shouted as she and Mitchel worm-crawled into the room, their ankles still handcuffed.

Heather and Daphnee shared a look and turned to their loved ones. “Well, it’s time for us to go!” The four left the room before Cassio could reach them.

Yasmin stared at the woman who just crawled into the room. She backed away from her cell door and grabbed her journal and turned to where she had a photo of her parents. “Mom?” She asked.

Cassio managed to get on her feet and hopped towards Yasmin’s cell. “Yasmin.” She stated.

“Mom?” Yasmin asked again.

“Yes, how many brain cells do you have?” Cassio asked, rolling her eyes.

“I have so many questions.” Yasmin gasped, flipping through her journal.

Cassio shook her head. “Let me put it this way. We were kidnapped by people who work for the Agency. We’ve been tracking things down for them in the forgotten sea for years now. And guess who never came to find us.” Cassio glared at her daughter. “Oh yes, our daughter, who we trained to be an explorer, to follow the clues.

Yasmin stared in disbelief. “I… I didn’t know! I thought you abandoned me!”

“That only happens in movies.” Cassio stated as she pulled the key out to unlock Yasmin’s cell. “If you have any chance of redeeming yourself, you are going to sit down, and listen.” She commanded, and waited for her daughter sit. “We are working on something big. Not like anything we ever did before, we could change history, the Florian Kingdom, I know you were there. We are tracking the lineage from centuries ago. We’re close to proving that this pirate woman has a claim to the title.” She gulped. “And if that happens,” she shook her head. “Let’s just say the civil war will look like child’s play.”

Yasmin blinked before she wrapped her arms around her mother. “Mom.” She let a tear fall from her face.

“Don’t.” Cassio stated. “Until you fix this, I refuse to see you as my daughter. Because my daughter would have fixed this by now. She’s a smart and creative girl.” She shook her head in disappointment at Yasmin. “And who are you? A teen on reality television?” Cassio turned for the door. “Yeah, not even close.”

The screen panned to show Mitchel dancing to Andre’s beat. “Oh man.” Andre grinned. “I’ve missed this!” He fist bumped Mitchel. “But like, where are my folks man?”

Mitchel grinned. “Oh man, you don’t even know. I can’t tell you. But when you’re done here,” He grinned. “Man you’re going to owe them a big one!”

“What about your tour with your dad? And Ivy!?” Andre asked.

“The tour ended… But it feels like I just met him yesterday.” Mitchel exhaled. “Man, It was amazing. I’ll never forget the experience.” He smiled. “Me and Ivy are still a thing.” He shook his head. “I can’t believe that either. Man. Frozen feels like so long ago, but being here just brings back all of the memories.” He grinned. “And look at you! The final 9 - 8” He corrected himself.

Andre nodded as he strapped his guitar to his back. “Yeah. Yeah.” He smiled shaking his head. “I don’t even know what to say. Last vet standing.”

Mitchel grinned. “That shocked a lot of us.” Mitchel said honestly. “We all bet on it actually. Dania and me backed you up though!” He shrugged. “You earned us the pot man.”

“Let me guess everyone bet on Emmett?”

Mitchel shook his head. “Nah man, Hannah. Some radio show did pre-show rankings and gave everyone a likelihood to win, and she was at the top.” He turned for the door. “Common man, I’m starving!”

“I feel that, could go for some tacos.” Andre grinned as he turned for the door. He looked back to see Malia and Trixie left. “You got this Trixie.” He offered before he left.

“Found a new friend?” Malia asked.

Trixie sighed and looked at Malia. “I’m sorry that I failed you.”

“Failed me?” Malia giggled. “You let me become stronger by destroying my faith in you. Like, I should be thanking you.”

“No.” Trixie turned to Malia. “You shouldn’t. I should have been there for you, but instead you turned to Cherry and… well yeah.” She looked at Malia’s new look. “I failed you.”

The pair went silent as the door creaked opened. “Trixie!” Cheyenne shouted, racing to her daughter’s cell.

“Better late than never, mom!” Trixie gasped hugging her mom.

“Oh Trixie.” She smiled. “Let’s walk and talk, ok?” Trixie nodded as the pair left Malia alone in the cell. “You know Trixie, just because my relationship with your dad didn’t work out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date. And it doesn’t mean I regret it.” Cheyenne said as the pair stopped walking.

“Why are you telling me this mom?” Trixie asked, confused.

“Trixie, I know you’re not dating Alfie because of me and what happened with your father, but not every guy is like that.”

“At first mom.” Trixie said. “At first, I was afraid, he was just… He was great mom and I was afraid I’d hurt him, or he’d hurt me…. But then, then I realized how much more complete my life was with him in it.” She leaned her head on her mom's shoulder. “I just don’t know how I can get him back mom. I’m not good at this part, just the breaking up part.”

“Speaking of, when you get home you’re calling all of the boys in your journal to apologize.”


The scene switched to show Malia as she looked up at the moon through the small window in her cell. “I bet they didn’t even come.” She shook her head. “They’re just pety that I’m happy now.”

“Malia.” Terad said gasping for air as he walked into the room.

She rolled her eyes. “Or you just waited long enough until you knew everyone else was already rescued. You just wanted to make sure I was eliminated so you could ruin my fun.”

“No Malia. A blond boy told me where to find you but he tricked me and I have been running in circles though this prison in search of you.” “Alfie? He betrayed me?” Malia gasped. “I guess he finally grew a pair.”

“Malia!” Terad growled. “Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

Malia scoffed. “Because I actually like the way I look now? Get with the ages dad!”

Terad shook his head. “No Malia. We do not care that you shed your hijab. We were proud of you. We had the whole community watching because we thought you were amazing!” He glared at his daughter. “You’ve made a fool of us. You betrayed your friends, Malia. They trusted you, they cared about you, and now you treat them with no respect.” Terad looked at his daughter with disappointment in his eyes. “I don’t understand Malia. I understand you wanting to experience the american culture, that is fair. But this.” He pulled out his phone to show Malia the headline of last weeks paper, “Malia- Canada’s upcoming brat.” He flatly said. “It’s an article about you, and your actions. It warns parents about how to tell if their child is becoming a brat.” He slid the key into her cell door. “I do not understand where we went wrong Malia.”

“They’re just jealous, dad.” Malia explained.

“No Malia. They’re not.” Terad played a video of Cherry explaining how she was using Malia on youtube. He began to read the comments. “This is so juicy, talk about a blindside!... Or Wow, and we thought Britt was oblivious!.... Talk about karma- wait does that make me racist?”

“Dad. Stop. Dad!” She teared up falling into her dad’s arms. “I didn’t mean to dad.”

“I know.” Terad said as he rubbed his daughters back. “I know.”

The scene cut to show Zac on the viking ship. “Ouch! Talk about a painful elimination!” He cringed. “Well we’re down to the final 8, and that means it can only get more intense and dramatic from here on out! Tune in next time to see how their loved ones inspired, or not, the sailors to compete! And find out which unlucky sap will be the next eliminated on TOTAL DRAMA TIDES!”

Chapter Twenty One: Forget-Me-Not Lagoon

The camera focused on Zac who looked down at the sailors as they said good byes to their loved ones. “Last time on Total Drama Tides, the final 9 were visited by their loved ones, who competed in a challenge to save them! While some,” the screen cut to show Alfie and Darlene sharing a hug, “Faced a happy reunion,” the screen switched to show Yasmin as Cassio yelled at her, “Were faced with the harsh reality.” The host slowly walked towards the steering wheel where Mana stared intensely at a map. “Today, the final 8 face off against their toughest opponent yet - themselves.”

Mana gulped as he located their destination on the map. “Are you sure this is safe!?”

“Of course! We have a disguise now. They’ll never even know that we’re back!” Zac beamed, eagerly spinning the ship's wheel to their next destination.

“I meant the challenge.” The intern corrected. “It could be toxic!”

“That’s why we have lawyers. It’s like I haven’t taught you a thing since you’ve been here.” Zac laughed.

Mana handed the map to one of the lost children, climbed down the rope ladder and joined the emotional sailors as they finished their farewells.

“That was so touching.” Mana whimpered, drying his tears as the last of their guests got onto the rowboat and began to drift out of sight. “It’s just too much for me.”

Viola eyed the intern. “They left hours ago. Why do you have to make everything so dramatic?”

Mana straightened his back. “Why do you always have to ruin my fun?” He frowned, “I used to like you!”

Cherry sat alone at one of the tables, pushing her plate of egg whites around. In a mocking voice she muttered, “Strawberry wouldn’t have been eliminated.” She rolled her eyes, remembering her mother's words.

“Who’s Strawberry?” Sam asked, sitting in the seat across from her.

The white girl looked up from her plate, “Like what are you doing here? Like you may have forgotten, but,” she paused, motioning to the two of them, “Are totally not friends.” She dropped her fork and groaned. “I’ve like lost my appetite.” She pushed her plate away from her.

Sam raised an eyebrow. “Yeah… But it’s not like I have anyone else to talk to.” He looked over at Viola who was sitting by herself, staring at the teen. “And I get lonely.” He muttered quickly.

“And you just thought that like I would accept you with open arms?” Cherry’s eyes went wide. “I have my own posse. We like even wear cherry red together!”

Sam raised an eyebrow, “So just where is your trinity then?” He sliced into his french toast, and ate it, while he watched Cherry’s eyes dart around the deck. “That’s what I thought.”

She scoffed, lowering her voice. “She was like… my imaginary friend when I was little.” She pouted. “She was my parent's favourite.” Sam coughed up his breakfast in laughter. Cherry slammed her knife into the wooden table. “You and your brother are like both total jerks!” She tried to get up from the table but Sam stopped her.

“Hey come on! I deserved that, you did try to break me and Grayson up.”

Cherry smugly smiled, sliding back into her seat. “And like, remind me how that worked out for you?” She blinked innocently. “Fine! I’ll stay. But like not for you, but because like I can’t be the first one to leave breakfast, people will think I’m a pig or something!”

Sam forced a smile. “Great.”

(CONF): Sam is seen in front of the ships wheel. “Viola figured out what I did to Grayson,” He gulped. “I can’t say I’m proud of it… I wasn’t thinking clearly. I thought he cheated on me. But Fynn says he didn’t? I know what I saw!” He dropped his face into his hands, “Or at least I think I do?” He shook his head. “But I can’t explain that to Viola. She hates me. And… I was never good at apologies.” He let out a groan. “What have I done.”

The camera revealed Andre seated opposite of Alfie and Trixie. The girl smiled, “Thanks for doing this for us Andre.”

The musician ruffled his hair. “Are you sure I’m the right guy for this?” He looked into Alfie’s and then Trixie’s eyes. “I don’t exactly have the best track record with this kind of thing.”

Alfie pulled out a paper mache hat from beneath the table. “Don’t worry! I got this for you!” He cheerfully said. “Besides, you’ve never given up Dania. That’s more than enough for me… For us?” Alfie said slowly looking at Trixie by his side.

“I… Guess.” Andre nodded. “Ok. So, uh. Trixie why do you think you’re here?”

“I’ve never dated someone like Alfie before.” Trixie said. “Well, to be fair I haven’t really dated anyone before- and the people I did date were all kind of bad boys.” She hesitantly looked over at Alfie who was juggling skittles, debating which one to eat first.

The teen stopped, “I can be a bad boy!” Alfie eagerly declared. “I’m bad at French, cooking, spying on people, lifting weights -”

“That’s not really what she meant.” Andre chuckled. “Oh.” Alfie looked up at Trixie, his eyes wide, “Sorry.”

Trixie reached over to give Alfie a hug. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” She smiled.

Alfie handed Trixie a yellow skittle. “If you were a skittle you’d be the yellow one.” He decided.

Andre and Trixie shared a confused look. “Why do you say that Alfie?” Andre asked.

“Because the yellow ones are my favorites.”

Trixie blushed pulling Alfie in for a kiss. “You’re sweeter than corn on the cob.”

Andre stared. “Since when do you talk… like that?” He questioned before deciding to give the pair space.

“Hearing my ma, it just reminded me of home.” Trixie said, but Andre was already gone.

The camera pans across the ship and through the trapdoor to the lower deck, it stops to show Damien and Yasmin in one of the emptied cabins. “Damien! This is urgent! We need to create a plan immediately! Everyone is in danger!”

Damien gulped looking at his friend. “Deep breathes Yasmin. In,” He inhaled, “Out.”

Yasmin did as instructed, “IT WAS IN THE CARDS DAMIEN!” She shouted. “THE CARDS!”

Damien nodded weakly. “We went over this Yasmin. The cards were just cards.”

“My mother!” Yasmin shouted.

“Yes. I know, she finally found you. It must have been a very emotional time for you.”

The scholar looked into Damien’s eyes. “I’m not crazy!” She looked around the room. “You think I’m crazy!” She gasped.

Damien shook his head. “I never said that… But Yasmin you need to calm down.” He said softly.

“MOTHER!” She shouted. “She’s BACK!”

“Yes…” Damien sighed. “We went over this. Your mother found you.”

Yasmin stopped. “No.” She gripped onto Damien’s shoulders. “Mother! The pirate, she has my parents! She wants to rule the Dark Sea, she wants to rule Floria! And you ALREADY knew this, because you’re in cahoots with her!”

“Yasmin… Come on.” Damien shook his head. “Let’s get some food in you. And then we can talk ok?”

“You don’t believe me!” She swatted his hands away. “It’s happening, we need to stop it! I need to stop it! I need to save my parents!” She raced out of the room, her journal with her.

The music turned to deep violins, and flashed to the ground. It slowly panned up, revealing Cherry’s and Sam’s toned legs, until it showed their torsos. They flashed a pose, leaning against each others backs in the doorway. “So like, just where have you been!?” Cherry questioned.

Damien stared at the dramatic pair, before pushing past them, without saying a word.

“If you like leave, consider yourself DEAD to me. LIKE TOTALLY DEAD!” Cherry screamed, but the teen didn’t stop. “AND I WANT MY STARBUCKS LIP BALM BACK!” She looked over at Sam. “Like was it something I said?”

(CONF): Sam banged his head against the wall. “Worst. Decision. Ever.”

(CONF): Damien stared at the camera. “I’m taking my sister’s advice.” He smiled weakly. “I came onto the show to prove she wasn’t the cruel monster that the showed made her out to be… But instead I just made myself into that beast.” He shrugged. “And I took Yasmin down with me. I’ll fix this. I know I can. Be the hero you want the world to see.” He nodded slowly. “I got this.” He tried to assure himself.

The scene cut to show Viola approaching Andre who was playing a beat on the viking shields. “I don’t see the point in this.” She sighed, taking a step forward. “But Andre, my happiness might rely on you.”

Andre stopped his beat and stared at Viola. “Uh, who are you again?”

Viola took in a heavy breath. “Forget it. I knew this was only a fool's plan. Who was I to think I could be happy - no one is ever happy. Especially on Total Drama.” Viola turned on her heels and walked off.

“Hey! Wait up!” Andre shouted, tripping on shoelaces and face-planting into the wooden deck. “Really?” He muttered, and pulled himself back onto his feet. It didn’t take long for him to catch up to Viola. “What’s up?”

She stared at Andre’s bruised face. “It doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t have come to you.” She said, trying to avoid looking at Andre as he raced around her trying to look at her face.

“Hey, come on! I just made a fool of myself, the least you could do is tell me why.” He stood behind her, placing his fingers on her face to force a smile. Viola let out her eagle-cry of a giggle, as Andre jumped back. “What the!”

“Sorry.” Viola sat down on the edge of the ship, brushing her curls away from her face. “I’m still working on the whole giggle thing.” She shrugged. “I think it’s about time I give up on it though. Giggling is for the gullible.”

Andre moved to sit beside Viola. “I giggle sometimes.” He leaned in and whispered, “Just don’t tell Dania.”

“Are you happy Andre?” Viola asked flatly, looking at the musician.

He nodded. “I have a lot of good things in my life. A lot of good people.” He smiled. “Yeah, I guess you could say I was happy.”

“Isn’t it true that you need to win to show Dania’s dad that you’re worthy of his daughter?” She asked.

Neither spoke for a minute.

“Yes.” Andre looked out at ocean. “There’s a lot of obstacles in my way. And I don’t think I’ve proven I’m good enough yet.” He shrugged and returned his gaze to Viola. “But I think I can do it.” He grinned. “I know I can!”

“How?” Viola asked. “How can you remain so positive when everything points to disaster. How are you able to remain faithful and devoted when they’re not here to steer you right?”

Andre raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong Viola? Why did you come see me?”

“I… I think I’m in love.” She whispered before running off in fear, leaving Andre standing alone, staring at the space that Viola once occupied.

(CONF): Andre scratched his head while looking at the camera. “I’m not really sure why, but everyone seems to come to me for relationship advice.” He gulped. “I don’t think they realize just how… interesting my relationship has been.”

The screen switched to reveal Zac being swarmed by the children. “We want cookies!” They shouted.

“Chocolate milk!”

“Candy!” The smallest of the children innocently looked up at Zac before shouting, “Broccoli!” The other kids stared at him.

“Settle down!” Zac whimpered, as he cowered in the corner - the host having a fear of small children. “MANA!” He shouted.

The aforementioned intern popped his head into the cabin and waved. “Yes?”

“Help me!” He gasped, as the childrens sticky hands made their way into Zac’s hair.

“I’ll think about it.” Mana chuckled to himself.

Zac shouted, “I’ll make sure you’re not teaching small children!”

Mana slowly twirled his hair on his finger, “And?”

The host panicked, trying to swat the hands of the small demons away from him. “And… And I’ll make sure you get a 1 on 1 session with Zaina!”

The intern grinned, pulling out a box of cookies. “Come little demons, I have sweets!” Mana laughed before looking back at Zac, “Man, you’re right, I really have learnt a lot since working with you!” He teased.

(CONF): Zac looked sheepishly into the camera, “I’ve created a monster!”

The screen switched to show the lush jungles of one of the many islands in the Forgotten Sea. The final eight teens followed behind Mana and Zac, who led them to their next challenge.

At the back, Alfie and Trixie walked awkwardly. Their hands danced, as Alfie tried to hold Trixie’s hand, but the pair kept missing. “Trixie.” Alfie gulped. “I did a very bad thing!”

Trixie stopped and looked at her boyfriend. “What do you mean?” She adjusted her captains jacket, keeping herself warm.

“I lied!” He gasped, collapsing into Trixie’s arms. “I don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list!”

Trixie rubbed Alfie’s back. “That won’t happen, trust me. I won’t let it.” She rubbed her hand through his hair. “Nothing bad will happen to you.”

Alfie’s teary eyes looked up at Trixie. “I lied! I tricked Malia’s dad!” He took in a deep breath and whispered. “It’s my fault she got eliminated.” Trixie stared blankly at Alfie, unsure of what to say. “She was being mean to you. I couldn’t stand it anymore!”

“Alfie…” Trixie soothed. “You did the right thing. Malia wasn’t Malia anymore. You stopped her from becoming Jade.” She kissed his forehead, “Thank you.” She clapped her hands together. “Do you want to ride Ribbit the rest of the way?” She asked as Ribbit bounced behind them, he sent out his tongue wrapping the young couple and placing them on his back.

“Ribbit!” Alfie cheered out, wrapping his arms around Trixie’s waist.

“Ribbit!” The frog croaked.

The scene cut to show the teens as they reached their destination. Zac and Mana stood in front of a clear coloured lagoon. A makeshift dock was constructed above the water, with 8 seats. Zac casually knocked a caution sign into the water before the teens noticed. “Welcome to your next challenge!” He cheerfully announced.

“No volcano?”

“No lost civilisation?”

“No pirates that want to kill us?”

“No long-lost princess getting crowned?”

“No Willy Wonka buffet, with go-karting and clowns?”

Mana stared at Alfie with a dazed face. “No.” The intern pointed at seats above. “Just a simple trivia challenge!” He and Zac led the teens onto the dock. “We’re trying to keep a low-profile this time around.”

“Ohhhhh.” The teens echoed. They each took a seat in one of the chairs.

Zac smiled, “So today’s challenge is very exciting!” He beamed and pointed at the water below. “This island is a legend out here in the Forgotten Sea.” He walked along the dock. “Legend has it, one the great pirate lords once used this island as his hide away. He and his crew would leave the island, wreaking havoc across the sea.”

Mana continued, “But the Kraken didn’t appreciate the imbalance in the waters. The Kraken attacked the pirate lords ship, and plunged it deep within this lagoon.”

“So… like this is dead people water?” Cherry blinked.

“.... KRAKEN. SHIP WRECK!?” Yasmin gasped, trying to jump out of the chair, but metal latches clamped down on the teens wrists and ankles, trapping them.

“I figured you might not want to sit… So I had those latches installed.” Zac shrugged. “No one died in this lagoon. The legends says that after the ship was wrecked in the water, the pirates drifted to the surface, but their memories were gone. They were no longer poisoned by greed.” Damien spoke out, “So you’re going to remove our memories?” The teens gasped.

“It’s just a legend!” Mana assured. “It’s never been proven!”

Viola’s eyes lit up, “I’ll forget?” Her mind flashed back to Fleur and the empty space in her heart.

“We don’t know that for sure!” Zac rolled his eyes. “But think of the ratings we could get! Rhonda is SO going down! Eliminate my boyfriend, this will show her!” He let out an evil laugh.

Mana stared at Zac. “Sorry about him.” The intern stepped in front of the host who was still laughing. “The challenge is easy. We’ll ask you questions about your fellow sailors. First one to press the button in front of you gets to answer. If you’re right you get to pop someones elses balloon.” He pointed at the two balloons floating above each of the sailors. “Once your second balloon is popped, you’re eliminated.”

“How are we supposed to press the button if our hands are literally tied?” Trixie questioned.

Zac stopped laughing. “Just shout the answer! You’re ruining my moment here!” He tried to laugh but ended up in a coughing fit. “Well, it was fun while it lasted.” He stepped forward, “Mana you forgot the most exciting part! If you get the answer wrong, you get dunked into the lagoon! But you don’t lose a balloon, because I really want to see just how this whole memory thing works!”

“I can like totally not wait to forget about those ungrateful traitors!” Cherry announced blowing a raspberry at Damien and Yasmin.

“Mature. Very mature.” Damien shook his head.

“First question!” Zac grinned, reading a from a card one of the lost children. “Which sailor currently has the most followers on twitter.”

“ME!” Cherry shouted out.

“Makes sense.” Andre noted to Trixie who nodded.

“Wrong.” Mana shrugged, pulling the lever, sending Cherry into the water below, and then again to raise her.

“Wha- Why am I all wet?” She asked. “Followers? I like have a lot don’t I?”

“Had.” Zac corrected. “Your mother shut it down.”


“At least give us earplugs.” Viola groaned.

“No other takers?” Mana sighed. “The answer was Hannah.” The teens stared at the host in confusion.

“Believe me. I was also confused, but it turns out that the Lost Children have a lot of free time on their hands.” Zac glared at the children as they handed him the next question. “Moving on, which contestant was voted the hottest teen on reality television at the latest award show.”

“ME!?” Cherry declared, but was sent into the water once more.

“Trixie.” Alfie declared, but was also sent into the water.

“Cherry.” Viola said, but was sent into the water as well.

“Ok, one, Cherry was already guessed. And two, the answer was Hannah… Again, the lost children have way too much time on their hands.”

Andre looked over at Viola, “Don’t do this Viola. I know what you’re planning. Just don’t.” She refused to return his gaze, instead looking at her own reflection in the water below. She practiced smiling, she’d be needing that.

“Alfie?” Trixie said concerned, looking over at the teen.

He blinked, “Trixie? I think my skittles got wet.” Alfie pouted. “Wet skittles are the worst.”

Zac read over the next question before flipping to the next one. “Are these all about Hannah?!” He shouted, turning to the lost children.

“She’s the only important one.” One of the kids stated. “She let me smell her hair!” The host facepalmed.

“Fine. Mana, start working on new questions - not about Hannah.” Zac groaned. “Since being eliminated this sailor has honed their cooking skills, and is now the cook on the S.S Total Drama.”

Cherry rolled her eyes, “How are we supposed to know that? And what’s the S.S Total Drama?”

Mana gasped. “Cherry… The cruise ship you were on…. You don’t remember?”

“Like, I think I would remember being on a cruise ship!” She puffed, “This challenge is like rigged!”

“Blake.” Sam declared. “He promised he’d make me his famous bacon and egg muffins.” He turned to glare at Viola, “But someone eliminated him because we were a power couple.” He rolled his eyes.

Viola shrugged. “Clearly we eliminated the wrong person. Maybe Grayson would still be here, like he deserved. Instead we have a homewrecker, who is possessed by greed.”

Trixie stared at the pair, “I thought you two were close?”

“We were.” They both snapped.

Mana looked at Sam, “Whose balloon do you want to pop?”

“Viola’s.” Sam stated.

“Ok, Viola you have one life in the challenge left.”

Zac did his best to contain his giggling. “This is working better than I thought,” he confessed to Mana who handed him the next question. “This sailor came onto the show with the intention of destroying the show, and Zac never found out about it… Until now.” Zac read and then looked at Mana, “What does this even mean?”

“Tameron.” Viola said flatly before being dunked into the water.

Andre groaned. “Viola, come on.”

“Damien!” Yasmin screamed.

The accused whistled innocently. “That was the old me.” Damien flashed a smile. “I’ve changed!”

“And when was that? Because I distinctly remember you, and the rest of your unholy trinity trying to turn Alfie against me, and break Samson up.” Trixie stated.

“Since… Well yesterday!” Damien admitted. “But honest, I’ve changed!”

“I believe him!” Alfie declared.

“Of course you do buddy.” Andre chuckled.

“Not helping!” Trixie muttered.

Zac shrugged. “Are you talking about you stealing my hair gel? And pretending to be a monster?” The host began to laugh evilly again.

“You knew!?” Damien and Mana both gasped. “I didn’t know at first.” Zac shrugged. “But when we were at the hotel I was able to watch a few of our past episodes. You literally talk about wanting to destroy the show like every second episode. Talk about ratings!” He beamed. “Plus you got rid of Rhonda for me!” The host put his hand to his chest, “I should be thanking you.”

Damien’s face fell flat, “Great. I even suck at ruining things.”

Mana turned to Yasmin, “So whose ball-”

“Damiens!” She shouted again.

“Ok like hello? Can you like please just stick to one personality, because you’re like totes confusing. First you were silent and studious, and then like a rampaging biotch, and like now you’re like … uh what was her name from season one?” Cherry asked.

“Jade.” Sam said.

Zac flipped the next question, “Which sailor has won the most challenges so far?”

“Trixie!” Alfie grinned.

“Cherry.” Viola said.

“Andre.” Damien corrected.

“Alfie.” Yasmin stated, watching as trio were dunked in the water below. “Damien’s balloon!” She eagerly shouted.

“Wait what?” Andre asked. “No offence, but how?”

“He’s my little winner.” Trixie winked at Alfie who blushed.

“Sorry Damien, you’ve been eliminated from the challenge.” Zac pointed at the towels on the dock. “You can dry yourself off if you want though.”

Damien shook his head in defeat. “Why Yasmin? I thought we were friends.”

The scholar looked down at the teen. “Clearly the legend of the lagoon is true because you’re not remembering things right. You’re either with me, or against me.” Yasmin turned her gaze to Zac. “Next question.” The legacy contestant frowned and took a seat opposite the sailors.

“I don’t appreciate being told what to do.” Zac muttered. Yasmin glared the host, frightening him. “But ok, calm down.” He gulped and nervously pulled the question, “This contestant came onto the show to find their sister.”

“Damien,” Alfie declared but was quickly dunked into the water.

“Yasmin!” Cherry eagerly said, but was also dunked into the water.

“Tameron.” Yasmin announced.

“What?” Andre asked, “Who was his sister?”

“Zaina.” Damien added.

Andre blinked, “Where have I been this entire time?”

“Cherry.” Yasmin said proudly, not giving Zac the chance to ask.

“Is that bad?” She asked, as she watched a balloon above her head pop. “Like, I’m too pretty to die!”

Trixie lightly coughed, “You’re not that pretty.” She turned to Andre who was holding back his laughter.

“Are you guys even going to try or can we just give Yasmin the win before someone gets hurt.” Mana stated looking at both Alfie and Cherry were soaking wet.

Alfie grinned. “I love playing games!” He looked around, “Where’s the game?”

Trixie gulped, “Alfie… Just hang on there ok.”

“Which former sailor has already locked in their contract for the next season of Total Drama Seasons?” Zac asked.

“There’s another season?” Sam groaned.

Mana shrugged. “I wouldn’t worry about it, the producers don’t like you all that much.”


Viola rolled her eyes. “Who would have thought. Nobody likes a heartbreaker.” She blinked softly, “Fleur.” She hesitated as she said her name, expecting her world to crash into the nothingness of the lagoon, but it never came.

“Correct!” Zac grinned. “Fleur has become a fan-favourite across the globe, giving even Britt a run for his money!”

“Sam.” Viola said clearly. “I’ll make sure you apologize to Grayson if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Apparently the whole world feels that way, so why don’t you just get in line.” Sam groaned. Andre looked over at Trixie, “Have you ever noticed how much drama there is on this show?” She nodded, not saying anything, staring at Alfie.

The screen cut to static, then zoomed forward through the challenge. The clip showed Alfie, Cherry and Viola getting dunked into the water multiple times, along with Yasmin answering the majority of the questions, eliminating Cherry, and Trixie. The clip slowed down, returning to a normal pace when Alfie, Andre, Sam, Viola and Yasmin all had one balloon left.

“Four questions left.” Zac grinned. “Four more opportunities to forget everything.”

“To forget about how hollow I am.” Viola whispered.

“Four chances left to win.” Andre grinned.

“Yeah, but that’s way less dramatic!” Zac shrugged.

“Where am I?” Cherry asked Trixie. “I love your hair!” She gasped. “Can you do mine like that? Strawberry always had the nicest hair.” She frowned. “Strawberry always had the nicest everything.”

“Are you forgetting something?” Trixie asked, annoyed as Cherry played with her hair.

Cherry blinked, “Am I?”

Trixie turned to Cherry annoyed, “Like, don’t you have the urge to say Cherrylicious, or like, I don’t know totally?”

“No? Why would I do that? Do you think we can be friends? You really have nice…” She played with Trixie’s hair some more, “What’s this called again?”

“Andre!” Trixie shouted. “He hasn’t said anything about candy has he?” The cowgirl jumped to her feet worried.

Andre shook his head, “I don’t think so why-” His eyes went wide. He turned to Alfie, “Hey buddy how you doing?”

“I’m doing rather pleasant, thank you for asking. Shame about the handcuffs though.”

“Alfie?” Trixie choked up, as she fell to her knees, her head resting on Alfie’s lap.

“Hello my dearest Trixie.”

“You remember me?” She asked, sniffling.

Alfie nodded. “How could I forget the star that guides me?” He looked down at his girlfriend, “But if you wouldn’t mind, you’re getting my pants a little soggy.” Zac grinned, “THIS!” He shouted. “This is how we’re going to make people forget about Genesis!” The host licked his lips, “The ratings this episode will bring will be unstoppable!”

Yasmin stared calmly at the host. “If you could, you know finish this challenge?”

Zac turned to Mana and mocked Yasmin. “Which former contestant has taken out a restraining order against famous pop star Cody Simpson.”

“Who?” Yasmin gasped. “Why are you asking us about pop stars! This is serious!” Yasmin gasped.

“Angel.” Andre muttered, looking out at Trixie who hid her face.

“Sorry what was that?” Zac shrugged, “Couldn’t hear you.”

“Angel.” Andre said again.

“Correct!” Mana shouted.

“I choose Alfie.” Andre stated.

Alfie looked over at Andre. “But why? It’s nonsensical, we’d have a higher chance of winning if we were both still in the challenge.”

“Some things are just more important than winning.” Andre smiled, catching Trixie mouth thank you.

Viola banged her head against the back of her seat. “It’s not working.” She muttered. “I can’t forget. Why can’t I forget.’ She gasped, feeling tears drip down her face.

Andre turned to Viola, “You can’t just forget about love Viola. It courses through your veins.”

“No!” She muttered. “I can’t. I don’t want to be one of those girls who lives for a relationship.” She motioned over at Sam, “Being in love gets you nowhere. It just sucks the life out of you and kicks you until you can’t get back up. Love sucks.”

“Viola.” Yasmin stated, having gotten another question correct. She watched as Viola was let down from her seat. The pessimist stared into space, not saying anything, letting the single tear stain her face.

“Ok seriously though.” Sam stared at Yasmin. “How does she know all of this!?”

Damien gulped, “She has a journal. She knows everything there is to know about you all.” He looked over at Yasmin who turned away. “She studies it. She’s very determined. She knows how to pin you all against each other. She knows how far you’re all willing to go to win. She knows.” Trixie looked flatly at Yasmin, “You turned Alfie against me. You did this.”

“I’m not against you my darling, I would never do that. You’re like the wind in my wings, you set me free.” Alfie whispered into her ear, causing her to blush.

“Before.” Trixie stated.

Yasmin shrugged. “I did what any of you would have done if you were serious about winning. But clearly you’re not. You’re all selfish! You all think that the show is all about YOU!” Yasmin shook her head. “There’s more to this than just the show! Floria! The Incan, Newton knows how many other lives we’ve ruined just being here! It needs to end!” Yasmin huffed. “Floria is in danger, we need to stop it!”

“She’s been like this ever since we were at the hotel.” Damien shook his head. “There was a tarot reader back at the pirate fort…” He sighed, “It’s a long story.”

“She’s insane.” Cherry said flatly, “Like totally insane!” She gasped and did a slight dance. “C-H-E-R-R-Y. Guess who is like totally back in action!” Cherry grinned before cringing. “I need to like have a little chat with myself. Calling TRIXIE pretty?” She air gagged.

“I choose Yasmin.” Sam declared.

“What do you mean?” Yasmin asked twisting her head to look at the flirt.

“I mean, I got the question right, and I’m choosing to eliminate you.”


Sam shrugged, “Hey you were right, the show doesn’t revolve around any of us. So going on for a solid rant five minute rant during the challenge? Not the best idea.” The teen sent a wink towards Yasmin.

The scholar turned to Zac. “This isn’t fair! I was talking!”

He shrugged. “Andre, Sam. Whoever gets this right will win the challenge and be guaranteed a spot in the top seven, the loser well, will join the other 6 sailors and be up for elimination.” The host paused as he read the question, and looked at Andre, “Sorry man. Which former sailor has a sister named Payton.”

Andre looked over at Sam, waiting for him to answer. “Why are you looking at me? It’s creepy!”

The musician softly said, “Grayson. The answer’s Grayson.”

“No.” Sam shook his head. “Dunk him!” Sam gasped, as he felt the air from the balloon above his head burst. “No. No! He would have told me if he had a sister. We were dating! He would have told me.”

“Sam it’s ok.” Andre offered. “You don’t always know everything about the person who you’re dating. You learn as you go.”

“I should have known. We were dating. How could I not know he had a sister. Why didn’t he tell me.”

Yasmin pulled out her journal. “Grayson and Sam, dating for 28 days. First interaction during Atlantis. 178 kisses since then, 160 kisses more than Alfie and Trixie.” She declared.

“I was his boyfriend.” Sam muttered.

“You’ve made it more than clear that you weren’t.” Viola said shaking her head.

Zac grinned, “Well that’s a wrap here, pack up your things and let’s get back to the ship before people realize that we’re here.”

The scene cut to show the final 8 eating together, due to the lack of available tables. Viola stared at Sam as he bit into his slice of pizza. Her face was emotionless, eyes wide.

Cherry poked at her food with her fork before settling her gaze on Viola. “Would you like you know stop staring at Sam?” Cherry said. “You totally look like he forgot to feed you.” She scoffed.

Viola looked down at her spinach and cheese pizza. “I was just wondering how it felt to truly have no emotions. To have no heart.” She put her slice of pizza down and walked away. Andre jumped to his feet and followed her out of the dining cabin. “Because I would kill to feel like that.”

“You… Defended me?” Sam asked, looking up at Cherry.

“Well, duh! You’re like totes my friend now!” She ruffled Sam’s hair. “Us attractive people like totally need to stick together!”

“Don’t touch my hair.” Sam stated.

Yasmin is shown flipping through pages of her journal covered in ‘I’m not crazy. Floria needs me. They all need me.’

“Viola!” Andre shouted as he followed the girl. “Come on, you don’t have to do this.”

“Do what exactly.”

“You don’t have to be sad.” Andre smiled. “It’s hard being apart from the person you love, I get that. Trust me. I know.”

“She doesn’t even know.” Viola sighed. “I never told her. It haunts me.” She gulped. “I don’t want to be this person. I don’t want to only talk about her. I don’t want to remember how empty I feel. I don’t want to be sad.” Andre smiled, wrapping his arms around her. “What are you doing?”

“Hugging you.” He whispered. Alfie and Trixie walked up and joined in the hug, and for the first time in a long time Viola’s mind was put to ease.

The screen cut to static then showed the final eight sailors at the elimination ceremony. Mana stood by the cannons. “You’ve cast your votes tonight, choosing one person who you don’t want to be in the top 8. Viola glared at Sam, who stared back.

Zac walked onto the stage. “It was a busy day. We had the most memorable.” He laughed, “Challenge yet.” He looked at the teens, “Get it, memorable because people forgot things?”

Mana coughed, “Trixie, how did it feel knowing Alfie could have forgotten you at any moment?”

“I choose not to think about it.” She placed her hand on Alfies. “He means a lot to me, and it was a relief when I heard him say I was his stars. It made my day.”

Zac pointed at Sam, “You seem to be running low on friends out here, does that make you worried?” He motioned at Viola who was sitting with the former Sharks.

“There’s a lot more to this than just having friends, like winning competitions for example.” Sam replied smugly.

“Alfie. Winner of over half of the total challenges since being on the show. Cherry, winner of 0 challenges.” Yasmin stated.

“She is seriously creepy.” Sam eyed the scholar.

“She’s just lost right now. We were all lost at some point.” Damien sighed. “But I’ll get her back on track. I promised Heather.”

Mana turned to Alfie, “Earlier today you compared Trixie to a skittle… Why?” Some of the other sailors laughed.

“Because she’s my favourite… Like a skittle.” Alfie blinked, confused why people were laughing.

Zac nodded. “Well I think we’ve heard enough for tonight.” He motioned for Mana to shoot the first two cannons. “Andre and Trixie.” He stated as their faces lit up the sky. The pair shared a smile. Zac snapped once more, as Cherry’s and Damien’s face both lit up the sky. “No surprises there either… huh.” The host shrugged.

“How about this?” Mana teased shooting two more cannons into the sky, as Viola’s and Sam’s faces blended in with the stars.

“What?” They both muttered staring at the other. “Really?”

Trixie gripped onto Alfie’s hand. “I don’t understand, what had Alfie done? He’s the sweetest person here.”

“Yasmin said it best. He’s won over half of the challenges.” Sam shrugged.

Yasmin looked up from her journal where was scribbling “I’m not crazy,”. “Of course, I’m always right.”

“Put her out of her misery,” Zac sighed signalling for Mana to shoot up the final cannon.

“Oh.” Trixie gasped as the face lit the sky she turned to Alfie giving him a kiss. “I’m so glad you didn’t forget about me.”

“Kiss number 19, the final kiss of Alfie and Trixie” Yasmin stated. No one said anything. “What? Send him away.”

Mana walked over to Yasmin, “It’s you Yasmin. It’s you.”

“NO!” She shouted throwing her journal into the air.

“Grab her!” Zac shouted at the lost children. “Restrain her!”

“NO!” Yasmin screamed as she looked up at the sky, the ship's flag, a kraken dragging the ship into the ocean was waving against the wind. “A kraken and the ship.” She looked over to where her journal had fallen on the ground, open to the page where she had drawn the tarot cards. “NO!” She screamed again fighting against the grip of the children.

“Hey, maybe if you knew more about Angel this wouldn’t have happened. But you can’t know everything about everyone. People are dynamic, we’re complicated.” Andre shook his head.

Yasmin eyes stared at the card of the Angel. “It’s not possible! NO!” She bit onto the hand of one of the lost children. They let go, giving her enough time to run away from them. “No! You don’t understand! You need me! Floria is in danger! You’re ALL in danger!” She screamed flailing her arms at the children as they cornered her. Her back against the plank. “The plank.” She whispered as took another step backwards. And then another as the lost children got closer. And then another, until her foot found nothing but the air. “NO!” She screamed as she fell backwards into the Forgotten Sea. “I’m not crazy.” She shouted before her screams were replaced with the splash of her body.

The final seven sailors stared at the space where Yasmin once stood. No one willing to be the first to say anything. The screen cut to static.

Zac’s voice is heard over the black screen while the credits rolled. “Yasmin has been confirmed to be safe and healthy following the taping of this episode. She has been diagnosed with having a psychotic break due to the nature of the competition, and having been reunited with her family after being abandoned by them. She is receiving the best mental care we can provide on the S.S Total Drama until the show is finished filming.

(CONF): Alfie frowned. “I can be better. I’ll be better.” He pulled out a giant jug of crystal clear water. “I’ll make you smile, and blush. I’ll be better for you. I won’t call you a skittle anymore.” He opened the jug of water and took a chug. He blinked before turning to the camera, “My dearest Trixie, I will make you feel like the stars.”

Chapter Twenty Two: Cool and the Navy

The screen opened with static, as Zac’s voice filled the void. “Sometimes things don’t end up the way you plan.” The scene switched to show Zac struggling to stay afloat in the dark waters of the Forgotten Sea. “Sometimes, it’s just easier to let it go. To forget.” The hosts frantic movements slow, as his body is pulled under by the current. “Sometimes… Well sometimes you just need to give up.” The camera zooms in as the small golden orb Zac held drifted back to the surface.

The scene switched to show Alfie knocked out on a velvet red carpet. “Ma'’ always said I had a sweet tooth. Could never resist the sweet temptation of candy… And then I met Trixie and she turned my life upside down.” The camera panned back, revealing a navy officer holding a rapier above Alfie’s body. “What I wouldn’t do to have one last taste, or to hear her say my name one last time.”

The image was replaced with Andre as he was being ushered towards the plank by the captain of the navy ship. “I wish I knew that the last time I held Dania was the last time…” Andre’s face paled as the officer stepped closer, his blade pressed against Andre’s chest. “I.. I never would have let you go. We could have run away…” Andre is seen falling to his knees at the end of the plank. “We could have been happy.”

Cherry is seen staring at a broken nail, a roaring flame behind her. Her face is splattered with her running makeup. “Like, I should have seen this coming. Bad things like totally always happen to the hot ones.” She wiped her face. “This is so going to put a dent in like my future modeling career, who wants a nail polish model with a broken nail?”

Damien’s voice takes over, as he is seen by Mother’s side on a small rowboat, the disaster fleeting behind them. “I couldn’t stop it Heather. I couldn’t. Maybe it runs in the family. Maybe right and wrong, good and bad, maybe it’s in your blood.” Mother puts her hand on Damien’s shoulder and gives a triumph grin. “Maybe at the end of the day, no matter how hard you try, no matter how badly you want to be good, you’re still only in it for yourself.” Damien glanced up at Mother with frail eyes. “I just wanted to prove them wrong… I wanted to be your hero.” The teen turned away from the rising smoke and looked forward.

The scene changed to show Sam locked behind bars on the navy ship. His hands gripped the metal bars. “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let go.” The teen glanced down at the water rising at his ankles. “I tried. I tried to move on. To forget you. To forget your goofy grin whenever you made a move on me.” Sam rested his head against the bars. “But I couldn’t. I guess that makes me the idiot boyfriend who runs at the first sight of trouble.” He looked down as the water lapped his waist. “Grayson… I’m sorry.”

Trixie’s screech filled the air, as she called out for Alfie, and then for Andre has she watched him walk the plank. The cowgirl herself was strung up by her lasso, dangling upside down from the sails. “Well I did it mom. I found him. I found the one.” Trixie’s body swung back and forth, her eyes darting around in search of Alfie. “And then I lost him…” Trixie’s vision started to fade as the world around her grew dark. “Mom? I know you said to make my own way… to be my own knight in shining armor… But I… I don’t think that’s enough this time.”

Viola is shown cowering beneath a wooden bed frame. Her eyes wide, watching for movement. “I tried to be happy, and then my heart was stolen from me and left me feeling cold.” The wooden floor creaked in the distance, and Viola whimpered. “Then I got over myself and tried again… And then my friends were literally ripped from my hands.” Viola bit into her hand trying to contain her emotions as she saw a shadow creeping closer to her hiding place. “But now I’m afraid. I’m afraid, and I don’t know what to do.”

The screen jumped back to the sailors ship. Mana is seen frantically dialing a number on his phone. “Rhonda?” He gasped. “Rhonda!” He let out a cry. “I need you. I don’t. I don’t. I can’t.” He whispered. “I don’t know what to do.” His breathing slowed as Rhonda spoke to him. “They’re gone. They’re all gone.” Mana looked behind him at the Lost Children. “They took them all. Even Cherry!” Mana gulped. “I… I… I need you Rhonda.” The intern eyes glowed as tears dripped down his face. “I just wanted to be a teacher! I didn’t sign up for this!”

9 Hours Earlier

“You know you don’t have to sleep here anymore right?” Sam asked, as Alfie jumped down from the top bunk. “There’s actually empty rooms now.”

Alfie began to suck on a lollipop, while pulling on his shirt and denim vest. “I know.” The bubbley teen smiled.

Sam rubbed his eyes. “Then why do you keep sleeping here?”

“Who would keep you company if I didn’t?” Alfie blinked and tossed Sam a pixie stick. “Nobody deserves to be lonely!”

Sam tore open the pixie stick and chugged it, he grimaced. “This is like pure sugar!” He groaned.

Alfie blinked. “Well, duh?”

“And besides, I’m not alone Alfie.” Sam got out of the bed in nothing but his briefs and put his arm around Alfie’s back. “I have Cherry and Damien!”

“I think you’d be better off alone.” Alfie looked down at the ground. “They tried to break me and Trixie up… and you and Grayson.” He commented, ducking away from Sam’s grip. “See you around!” Alfie beamed as he skipped out of the room.

(CONF): Sam stood against the steering wheel. “It’s not like they hated me or Grayson… It was the smart thing to do. You eliminate your competition. We were the competition at the time. Right?”

The scene switched to show Trixie walking back into her cabin where Viola was still lying in bed. Trixie carried two bowls of cereal and glasses of water. “Vi? You up?” Trixie asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I brought you breakfast.”

Viola’s eyes fluttered opened. “... You actually stayed?”

Trixie placed the food on the bed. “Of course! I wouldn’t let you sleep alone!” She handed Viola a glass of water as she sat up. “You know, I don’t really like talking about stuff like this, but I think I know how you’re feeling.” Trixie sipped from her glass. “There was a time when all I could think about was Alfie. And believe me, I’m not that kind of person.” She laughed.

“Somehow you got past the self-loathing.” Viola noted. “How?”

“Well… Uh.” Trixie twirled her hair. “I put all of my energy into destroying the unholy trinity.” She shook her head. “I mean looking back, maybe not the best idea.”

Viola shook her head. “That sounds perfect! Destroying their happiness, taking away what little they care about! It will be the perfect redemption story.”

Trixie blinked. “I mean… Uh, that wasn’t exactly what I meant.”

Viola let out a snort. “KIDDING!” She grinned before her face returned to its unemotional state. “You should have seen your face.” Viola teased.

Trixie drank the milk from her cereal. “You’re a real kidder you are.” She shook her head slightly. “Gotta work on your sarcasm tone though.” She pointed out.

“Where’s the fun if everyone knows I’m being sarcastic though?”

“Fair enough.” Trixie stuck out her tongue, while she played with her lasso.

Viola gasped. “Trixie! I don’t know you well enough to know what you and Alfie do when you’re alone!”

“What?” Trixie blankly asked before she realized. “Oh my goodness, no!” She frantically said. “I… We… We just kiss!” Trixie blushed.

“Don’t worry! I can keep your deepest, darkest secret.” Viola raised her hand. “Scouts honour.”

“But but!” Trixie sighed.

The screen cut to static then showed Damien standing at the edge of the plank of shame. “I’m sorry Yasmin.” He clutched her journal close to his chest. “It was the only way that I could give you peace. I couldn’t let you continue destroying yourself.” The teen tossed the journal out into the ocean, and turned around. “I can do it though Yasmin. I will make it better. I’ll save the day.”

The scene jumped to show Andre and Cherry in their room. Cherry glared at Andre. “Way to manipulate Viola into joining your side.” She rolled her eyes, pulling on her crop top.

Andre shook his head from beneath the covers. “It’s not like that Cherry. She needed a friend. Not everything is about winning.”

Cherry huffed. “Yeah. Like we all know you totally don’t care about winning. It’s not like Dania even wants to be with a loser like you anyways.”

The musician ripped the covers off of him and jumped off of the bunkbed to face Cherry. “Don’t spread lies about Dania. You don’t know anything about us.”

“I think that’s like, kind of the point?” Cherry shook her head and strutted towards the door. “Nobody knows anything about you two. Like her dad? He just sees you as the punk stealing his daughter away, and like how are you even supposed to support her if you can’t survive a simple elimination?” Cherry grabbed her Starbucks branded body soap and closed the door behind her.

(CONF): Cherry is seen glaring at the camera. “Don’t like look at me like that! He needed to hear it! He’s been like spending his entire time here trying to impress some girl he barely knows! And like besides, I don’t have many allies left. I like totes need to get in their heads!”

The sailors were gathered by the helm of the ship. Mana and Zac watched as the teens divided themselves into two groups; Alfie, Andre, Trixie and Viola stood on one side, while Cherry, Damien, and Sam on the other. Zac waved at the sailors. “It’s been awhile since you first came together.”

Mana nodded, “And now we’re down to the final seven! We’re just about 3/4ths of the way through! We’ve been through alot together -”

“We?” Cherry gasped. “Yeah, like how about, us?” She pointed at the other sailors. “You’ve been… Well like who are you?”

Sam shook his head. “He’s Mana. The intern.”

“Oh, so like a total no body? Why is he speaking to us?” Cherry huffed.

Zac let out a chuckle. “Well anyways. It’s time for another challenge! And this one is perhaps the most challenging yet! It’ll take all of the skills you’ve been developing into action!”

Mana opened up a scroll and revealed the image of a large golden egg. “This is your objective.”

Trixie blinked. “An egg? You want us to catch your breakfast?”

“What’s so special about an egg?” Andre asked. “You’ve never made us get something that wasn’t special.”

“It’s just an egg!” Zac shouted.

Mana shrugged, “It kind of looks like a duck's egg.”

Zac glared at his intern. “It doesn’t matter!” The host opened up the door behind him to the captains quarters. “In here you will find your disguises.”

“Disguises?” Alfie asked. “Like dress up?” He jumped up. “Can I be a long-lost prince!?”

Viola shook her head. “Is he always like this?”

Trixie giggled and nodded. “Isn’t it great?”

Viola forced a smile. “Sure?”

Damien walked into the cabin, “So where exactly is this egg?” “Oh you know,” Zac smiled. “Just the local navy.” He gulped. “No big deal!”

“Of course.” Viola groaned. “Why live a long and free life when we can all just get imprisoned by the navy of a foreign power, never to see our loved ones again.”

Mana chimed in. “We have a plan! Don’t worry! They’ll be docking at a nearby trading hub. With these disguises they’ll never see you coming.”

“When they’re docked, you lot will sneak on.” Zac explained. “You’ll each have a flare gun, once one of you secure the egg, you are to shoot the flare gun into the sky and we will come and get you.”

“Won’t they notice the flares?” Andre questioned.

“It’ll be fine!” Zac assured. “What’s the worst that could happen?” He glared at Viola, daring her to speak.

“Whoever secures the egg will granted immunity, and safe passage to the top 6. The others will be forced to vote off one of their own.” Mana explained.

6 Hours Earlier

The camera panned across the dock-market. Numerous stalls selling food, weapons, cloth and animals covered the large dock. Colour ship were docked, each waving its own unique flag. The camera zoomed in on Andre and Trixie as they carried a pig together onto the Navy ship. The pair were dressed in matching navy and silver officer uniforms.

Trixie sighed as they passed a stall with colourful fabrics. “Malia would have loved to be here.”

“Yeah. Emmett too.” Andre used his head to point towards an acrobatics group. “This place is really something special.”

Trixie gulped, “Do you… Do you ever feel like we let them down?”

“Every day.” He admitted. “We could have helped Malia. She was so lost, she was confused.” The musician frowned. “Maybe if I didn’t avoid her after the kiss. Maybe she would have… Maybe she would have been fine.”

“And if I wasn’t so focused on getting back with Alfie, and taking Cherry down.” The cowgirl looked at Andre. “Viola will change that.” She promised. “She’s our redemption.” He nodded, as the pair walked onto the navy ship.

“You’re back early.” One of the navy guards stated.

“We’re preparing a feast for the corporal.” Andre responded. The guard licked his lips. “Save me the tail.” Trixie held back a gag and nodded.

The camera switched to show Alfie as he dragged his candy stash onto the navy ship. “Special order!” He cheered as he bounced beside the guard.

The navy officer raised an eyebrow. “We really got to stop recruiting kids.”

Alfie pulled his chest into the closest doorway and opened it. He beamed as he saw the vial of lagoon water, and his candy. He reached for the vial and took a chug. “Oh Trixie. I will forever be your dashing prince.” He looked down at the candy and licked his lips. “But first, I must finish the task at hand.” He closed the chest and walked back onto the deck in search of the golden egg.

Sam is seen carrying a bundle of cloth, with Cherry hiding inside. “You’re heartless and honest.” Sam stated, squeezing the bundle tight so that Cherry couldn’t respond. “Do you think that me and Grayson rushed too much? That we didn’t get to know each other enough?” Cherry mumbled through the cloth. “Oh, sorry.” He mumbled loosening his grip.

“If you like, ever do that again, I will like totally sick my cherrylicious fans onto you!” She growled. “But like, you and Grayson were like a mistake. Hands down the worst couple this season.” Cherry scoffed. “You deserve way better.”

Sam wrinkled his face. “What do you mean.”

“Well like, you know about his whole serial dating slash cheater- not killer, thing.” Cherry stated. “It was like screwed from the start, no way would he like stick to just dating you.”

Sam sighed. “I forgot you. You’re actually biased here. Considering how kissing Grayson is what you eliminated the first time.” He covered the cloth as he approached the navy ship. “Besides, it’s not like I was completely honest with him either. I never told him about well… A lot of things.” He frowned.

“Your fiance?” Cherry laughed. “Yeah, that was like totally a dick move.”

“Shhh!” Sam hushed.

“Don’t like SHH me! I’ll SHH you!” Cherry complained.

“We’re here.” He muttered, silencing Cherry. Sam smiled at the guard as he walked past him and onto the navy ship.

The screen switched to show Damien and Viola as they watched the acrobatic performance. Damien looked over at Viola calmly. “They forgive you, you should know.”

“What are you talking about.” Viola said. “Why are you even talking to me? Shouldn’t you be getting Cherry’s pink toiletry or something?” Damien blinked. “Ok. I deserve that. But hear me out.”

Viola shook her head. “You just voted off your closest friend here. Why should I listen to you?” Viola looked away from the teen. “If there’s one thing I’ve learnt being here. It’s that friendship isn’t just something you can throw away.”

“I didn’t throw it away.” He sighed. “It’s complicated.”

“No.” Viola walked off towards the ship. “Life is complicated. Things happen and you’re left wondering why. Why me. Why does everything you do end up hurting. But friendship?” Viola stopped to look back at Damien. “Friendship is simple. It’s pure. It’s good!”

“Viola!” Damien shouted. “Colin and Fleur.” He stated. “They forgive you for getting Colin eliminated.” He scoffed as he walked beside Viola. “Don’t ever talk to me about Yasmin again.” A crow landed on Damien’s shoulder, and his eyes went wide. “Good luck with your friendship, or whatever.” Damien stated walking off.

Viola stood alone looking at the space where Damien once stood, her face flushed of any colour. “I just wanted to be happy.” She whispered.

The camera followed Damien as the crow led him behind a pile of crates. “Where have you been!” Mother hissed as she crawled out from a crate of limes. “My birds have been looking everywhere for you.”

Damien looked away. “We were on a detour. It was last minute. We’re back now.”

“Good!” Mother declared. “I’ve put too much time and energy into this plan for you to simply give up now. Floria will be mine!”

“What?” Damien asked. “I thought we were just destroying the show.”

Mother laughed. “Yes. And when those scholars finish tracing my lineage I’ll be able to prove that I,” She grinned, “Not that frilly princess am the rightful heir to Floria.” She handed Damien a pouch of black lotus flowers. “Don’t forget to drop this in the water as you travel. It makes finding you easier.”

Damien nodded, as Mother raced off onto a rowboat. “Yasmin wasn’t crazy.” He blinked. “She wasn’t crazy and I didn’t believe her.”

The screen flashed back to the sailors ship. Mana and Zac were drinking freshly squeezed lemonade while playing a game of Go-Fish branded by the Frozen cast. “Do you have any Britt’s?” Mana asked

“Go fish.” Zac countered. “Do you have any Zaina’s?” Mana sighed and handed Zac a Zaina card.

“So… Are we going to just sit here and pretend like this challenge means nothing to you?” Mana asked, placing his cards on the table.

“Yes.” The host stared at Mana. “That is exactly what we’re going to do.”

The intern shook his head. “No. You’re not going to take me to Canada to become a teacher, the least you can do is tell what’s so special about this egg.

Zac squinted. “Nothing. It’s just an egg!” The host shouted, flipping the crate they were playing on over. “And I promised you, that you would teach in Canada. I don’t break my promises.” Zac walked off. “Not anymore.”

4 Hours Earlier

Alfie and Andre are seen searching one of the cabins of the navy ship. Andre sighed as he lifted the covers of the blanket only to find nothing. “This ship is massive. Finding anything is going to be impossible.”

Alfie pulled off his shoe to look inside of it. “There’s not egg within the darkness of my shoe either. Dang.” He pulled off his other shoe. “Nope. None in there either.”

Andre smiled, and ruffled the teens hair. “Don’t ever change man. Don’t ever change.”

“Why not?” Alfie questioned. “Shouldn’t I always be attempting to better myself for the benefit of those around me?”

Andre blinked at the teen. “Are you feeling alright there budd?”

“Of course. I just thought that perhaps change could be a good thing. Trying to be better for someone. Like you for Dania.” Alfie shrugged.

Andre eyed Alfie carefully. “Did you forget to have your daily dose of sugar again?” Alfie asked as he tackled Alfie onto the bed and began to tickle the teen.

Trixie opened the door and shook her head. “I should have known if my boyfriend wasn’t with me that he’d be off cheating on me with you.” She teased.

“Trixie!” Alfie declared, jumping to his knees to kiss her hand. “My love! It’s been far too long.”

The cowgirl looked at Andre who shrugged, unsure of what was going on. “Well… I guess I’ll be going. Want me to close the door behind me.” He winked.

“Andre!” Trixie gasped.

“I’m just jhoshin’.” He chuckled as he left the room.

“So, have you found anything?” Trixie asked as she laid back on the bed. “This place is like a maze!”

Alfie laid down beside Trixie, wrapping him up in his arms. “I found you didn’t I?” He smiled.

The scene is switched to show Viola as she searched the kitchen. “Why is there so much rabbit.” She pushed another slab of rabbit meat out of her way. “Like you live on a ship, shouldn’t there be fish or whatever.”

“Oh.” Sam muttered as he walked into the kitchen. “I’ll leave.”

“Sam! Wait!” Viola said looking over at her former teammate. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“Eh?” Sam asked, as he moved closer to Viola. “For what? I thought you hated me?”

Viola smiled. “Oh. No, I do.” She assured him. “But you showed me what an unhealthy relationship looks like. I know what to avoid if I don’t want to end up alone and trapped in the kitchen.”

“Huh?” Sam asked.

Viola walked behind Sam and out the door. “But don’t worry, I’m sure a nice navy officer will be by soon!” She winked, as she slapped the door behind her and jammed a chair up against it.

Sam blinked. “Well… uh. Ok?” He said. “I take it she’s still salty about the whole Grayson thing.” He shrugged. “Whatever. They don’t call me king petty back home for nothing!”

The scene switched to show Cherry fixing her hair in front of a mirror while Damien searched through the lavatory himself. “So like, I’ve decided that you can join the unholy trinity again. Like now that Sam’s here, we are SO totally going to dominate!” She cheered.

Damien stared at Cherry. “I thought I was dead to you? Besides, I have better things to do then going around calling myself the unholy trinity.” He shook his head. “That’s a surefire way to get eliminated.”

“HA!” Cherry gasped. “Yeah like, no. A surefire way to get eliminated is having no allies. And like, Damien, right now you have none.” Cherry offered her hand to Damien. “Kiss my hand Damien.” She whispered. “Like become one with the unholy trinity!”

The teen stared at Cherry. “You know that you’re insane right? Like actually insane.” Damien laughed as he dropped a towel to the ground, still searching for the golden egg.

“Ok. Like I’m not crazy. I’m cherrylicious, like how many times do I need to go over this with you! Stop being such a spoilsport!” Cherry groaned, wagging her hand in front of Damien. “Like Kiss my hand Damien!”

“Fine. But only because I don’t want to get eliminated.” Damien grunted as he kissed Cherry’s hand.

“O-M-G! YAY!” Cherry squealed. “But like, we need to work on your enthusiasm. That was like a totes 4 outta 10 kiss. Not worthy of my hand.”

2 Hours Earlier

Alfie, Andre, Cherry, Damien, Trixie and Viola are seen eating together in the mess hall. The rest of the navy officers occupied the remaining tables. Andre split his piece of bread and handed some to Viola. “Has anyone found the stupid egg yet?”

Trixie shook her head. “No. And they’re going to start getting suspicious soon. We can’t stay for much longer.”

“What do you mean there’s no food left! You always make just enough food for everyone!” A voice shouted. A navy officer turned to face the mess hall. “You all know the rules! No taking seconds!” He and the other handful of officers in line grumbled and left the room.

Damien gulped. “It shouldn’t take us much longer. Right?”

“We could help each other out and say where we’ve looked so far.” Alfie offered. “It would be the correct course of action.”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “So like you four could lie to us three, to win immunity.” Cherry looked to her side where Sam should have been. “Wait. Like where is Sam?” She gasped, looking around the room.

Viola pointed to one of the other tables where Sam was sitting close to a navy officer. “Looks like he’s getting cozy.”

The camera panned over to show Sam at a seperate table. “Thanks again for helping me out of the kitchen. I can’t believe I locked myself in there.” Sam blushed.

A burly officer shrugged. “No worries! It’s all in the days work, right!?” He cheered raising his drink, the other officers following suit.

“Yeah… Ha. Ha.” Sam smiled and stood up. “Anyways I should get going.” He gulped.

“What? Already?” The officer frowned. “I was hoping we could watch the pirates get splattered with fruits and chill.”

Sam’s eyes went wide. “Oh, yeah. Sorry man. I’m.. Seeing someone.” He patted the officer on the back before walking out of the cabin.

“Oh.” The officer said. “Well… Make sure you check out the art gallery in the gallows. I saw it on my first day here, it was a great sight.”

Sam nodded and raced off, “Art gallery!” He said as he past the table of his fellow sailors. In an instant the group was on