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Total Drama Tokyo is the fourth season of Toad's canon. 22 all-new contestants fight for the million-dollar prize in Tokyo, Japan, but giant robots, radioactive monsters, and candied fish tails await... Who will win the million bucks? Tune in to the most dramatic season yet, Total Drama Tokyo!

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Chris McLean

Chef Hatchet

Suzuki (co-host)

Smoothie Guy

























Chapter 1 - Say Konnichiwa To... California

Chris is at what looks like an airport in California. "Hey, everybody! It's me, Chris McLean, and I'm here to host the next season of Total Drama, which I like to call Total Drama Tokyo! Last season, we had twenty contestants battle it out in Revolution City in North America. In the end, Tasia beat Kavren, winning the billion dollars. But Kavren got a consolation prize, also known as the fair Abbey! So, yeah. Rich dudes. Anyways, we have twenty-two all new contestants here to battle out in the largest city in the world! I hope our cohosts get here soon..."

Chris stands there for a minute. Then, a limo drives up, and out steps Chef Hatchet, with a squat Japanese dude.

"Yo, Chris. Here I am. And Suzuki is here, too," says Chef.

"Konnichiwa," says the Japanese dude, who is apparently Suzuki.

"What's he doing here? He already got eliminated from Total Drama Arcade," says Chris.

"Yeah, but I'm Japanese. Chef hired me for money, man. Lots and lots of money," says Suzuki.

"Can we just meet our first contestant?" asks Chris.

"Yeah, man. Here you go," says Chef. "Looks like they're here. Wait, Chris, why are we in California? I thought this was Total Drama Tokyo."

"It is. But the producers decided that they wanted to film us at the airport for whatever reason. So, anyway, let's meet our first contestant, Estrella," says Chris.

A big plane flies down, and lands next to Chris, Suzuki and Chef. Out hops a pale girl with gothic clothes and a nose stud.

"Hi," says the girl, who is obviously not in the best mood.

"There you are. We were looking for you!" says Chris.

"Shut up, dude," says Estrella, who takes out a book entitled "Animal Skulls of the World" and sits down.

"Hey, just be happy you're here! Total Drama, the experience of a lifetime, you know," says Chris.

"Oh, I am happy. I'm just not one of those people who express a lot of emotion. You got a problem with that?" says Estrella.

"I kind of do. You need to shape up, or we'll replace you with Dolph. Ooh, that'd be good. Ratings love him!" says Chris.

Another kid literally flies out of the plane. He also has red hair, and a green hoodie. He is wearing feminine pants.

"Sup, dudes and dudettes?" asks the kid with a sketchy grin on his face and a scratchy voice.

"Anderson, my man! How's it going?" asks Chris.

"You know. It's been alright, I guess. My sister is pissed at me for pulling one too many pranks on her, and my folks grounded me for 'treating others poorly' a few days ago, so I had to escape by coming here. I'm gonna win," says Anderson.

"Yeah, and I'm Rudolph the Red-Nosed freaking Reindeer," says Estrella.

"Chillax, bro, we're just here to have fun. Winning isn't everything." says Anderson.

"But you just said you wanted to win. Keep track of the things you say, moron," says Estrella.

"Anderson, you're already making yourself out to be a big target, so either shape up or get replaced by Dolph," says Chris.

"So, we'll both be replaced by one guy if we don't shape up? That would be an odd number of contestants, though," says Estrella.

"Must you say something rude to everything I say?" asks Chris. "Yeesh."

Another plane comes up, but this time it looks like a private jet. A girl with an angry frown on her face, and expensive-looking clothes, steps out of it with a butler following her.

"Charles, pick up that gum wrapper. I hate litterers," says the girl angrily.

The girl's butler haplessly picks up the gum wrapper. "But Layla, you litter every day."

"So? That doesn't mean others should copy me," says Layla.

"Guys, this is Layla!" says Chris. "Everyone give her a warm welcome." Nobody says anything.

"Charles, make them give me a warm welcome. I didn't come here to be overlooked. I came here to win, and add more bucks to my collection. So make them welcome me," says Layla.

Charles pulls out a chainsaw. Everyone starts to wave at Layla. "Glad you're here, dude," says Anderson.

"Let's move on to our next contestant, it's everyone's favorite geek, Tolkien!" says Chris.

"Gary was my favorite geek," says Suzuki.

"Nobody cares," says Chef.

A short, somewhat handsome guy with a big nose, wavy brown hair, and colorful clothing comes out of the plane shuffling what looks like trading cards.

"Hi, everyone!" he says cheerfully. "Have any of you ever played Luncheons and Laggins?"

"Um, yeah, no," says Estrella.

"What's that? Charles, look up Luncheons and whatever on your uPad," says Layla.

Charles takes out a gigantic pad and searches it. "It is a roleplaying game for nerds, dorks, and forever alone people," says Charles. Layla nods her head.

"Looks like this dude here fits all three of those categories," chuckles Anderson. Tolkien flashes him an angry glare.

"Is it just me, or is Tolkien the only pleasant person here?" asks Chef to Chris.

"I'm pleasant enough," says Charles meekly.

"Did I give you permission to talk?!" snaps Layla. She slaps Charles in the face.

Tolkien feels around in his pocket. "Oh no," he says abruptly. "Where's my Black Lich card?! I brought it here for good luck. It's super rare, and has this dope Shadow Wand attack that does TONS of damage. This isn't good..." 

"Oh, you mean this thing? I found it on the plane ride here," Anderson pulls something out from his pocket. It looks like a glob of mold with ketchup and cheese on it. A mouse is nibbling off the cheese.

Tolkien lets out a little shriek. "That is one of five of those cards in the world! What did you do?!" He turns white and faints.

"Calm your balls, big boy," says a girlish and excited sounding voice.

"Ooh, I love balls! Especially those kinda of ones you use at the beach! What are they called again? I think they're called tennis balls. But I don't know!" says another voice, this one innocent and high-pitched.

"Ugh, Chris, who is THAT? Her voice irks me. Get rid of her," says Layla. Charles shakes his head.

"Everyone, here's Isabel!" says Chris. Another voice clears their throat. "Oh, and Roz."

"Where am I?" Isabel asks cluelessly, walking into the frame. She's tall, blonde, and pretty, but has a confused expression.

"You're in Tokyo, Japan," says Layla. Under her breath, she mumbles, "Idiot."

"Oooh, I love Tokyo! I climbed the Eiffel Tower here when I was four," says Isabel. Everyone sighs and slaps their heads.

"Actually, we're not in Tokyo, we're in California, so who's the real idiot here?" says Chris matter-of-factly. Layla glares at him.

"She would be hot, but she's dangerously stupid," says Tolkien. Anderson nods.

"You're so pretty! I've never met a girl like you," says Isabel, approaching Tolkien.

"Uh... I'm not a girl..." says Tolkien.

"Ohhhh," says Isabel. "I knew that."

"I'm sure you did," says Anderson wisely.

A large black guy with a red and white shirt with a nametag reading "CAVI," bling, and a big nose steps out of the plane.

"'Ey, guys, wassup? I'm glad to be here," says the boy.

"Hey, guys, this is Shawn," says Chris apathetically. "You may know him from such hits as Water Rushing, as well as, uh... yeah, I got nothing."

"I hope ya guys know me. After all, I am an amazing singer. Got all sorts of hits on the charts, Chris," says Shawn.

"Yeah, whatever," says Chris.

"Eeee, I love music!" says Isabel happily.

"Eww, I don't. It makes my ears bleed," says Anderson.

"Dude, didn't you die in that jet ski accident?" asks Estrella.

"Nope, Kishawn Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam Anderson is still alive and well!" says Shawn.

"Whoa, that name is longer than Dolph's," says Tolkien.

"Hey, baby," says Shawn, walking past Tolkien and approaching Layla seductively.

"Yuck," says Layla. "Charles, get me away from this creep." Charles pushes Layla away from Shawn. "I'd rather date skinny-jeans over there." Anderson makes a clicking noise and winks at her.

"Uh, guys? Where's Roz? I thought I introduced her a few minutes ago," says Chris.

"YO YO YO!" screams a voice. The contestants look around, and see nothing. Then, a lanky brunette with a Batman shirt and a crazed expression falls out of the sky onto Tolkien.

"Hey, boys and girls, goooood news! I'm here! And that's a relief, since I'm gonna be the most hilarious person on the show!" says Roz.

"Aaack... Can't... Breathe..." says Tolkien.

"..." says Estrella. 

"Wassup, everybody? I'm Roz, but you guys probably know me. Or at least my cousin. Wait, that could actually apply to two people! LOVE YOU GIRLIES!" says Roz, getting off of Tolkien, who gasps for air. "So, uh, anyway, why aren't we in Tokyo?"

"We have to catch our plane. But knowing you, you can probably fly, so no need to worry." says Chris.

"Hehe, I totally can. Who wants to see? Oh, yeah, by the way, I've been stalking my science teacher lately, for anyone who cares. His name is Mr. Chapman. I call him Chappy. Anyone care for a status update?" asks Roz. Nobody says anything.

"Everyone, back by popular demand, it's Ori," says Chris, reading off of a cue card after five seconds of silence.

"Whoa, sweet, I loved that guy! He was my favorite," says Roz.

"Just kidding. Ari. Whoops," says Chris.

A cute, brunette girl comes out of the bus, wearing blue jeans and a red shirt depicting a cartoon bird's face and looking very uncomfortable at her surroundings.

"Mad Avians? I love that game!" says Tolkien, looking at her shirt.

Ari giggles. "Yeah..."

"I like your nose, girl," says Layla, touching Ari's nose. "Did you get it done?"

"No..." says Ari awkwardly.

"Oh, uh, I know. I was just kidding," snorts Layla.

Ari giggles again. "Yeah."

Roz rushes up to Ari with a glassy-eyed look. "Oh my god. You seem beyond cool. Like, my perfect soulmate... or something."

"Uh-huh," says Ari. "I see."

"Dude..." Tolkien says, whispering to Anderson. "I feel like she's actually my perfect soulmate." Anderson laughs rudely.

"Hey, everybody!" says a strange-looking man who is wearing a tux, red boutonnière, and sunglasses. "I know that times are tough, and sometimes life gets you down, but I think we should just all try to... Keeping The Faith." He starts to snap his fingers. 

"Uh, who even is that?" says Estrella.

"Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot to introduce the guy... This is Horatio, everyone! Say hello to him, and whatever," says Chris.

"That's odd," says Ari.

"Uh, yeah, so I'm not exactly sure what to say now, so let's meet our next contestant, Julian," says Chris. Horatio slaps his head.

"What's up, guys? The name's Julian. That's it, I suppose," says a black dude with an Afro, fashionable clothing, and drumsticks, walking out of the bus. He then walks over to a park bench, sits down, and starts playing on it like it's a drum.

"Wow, yeah, make my ears bleed already, why don't you," Estrella says from the corner.

"You know, I'd make a comeback, but it looks like you're blushing right now," says Julian. Estrella looks away immediately.

"Okay, well--" begins Estrella. She then glances over at Julian again, and he's fast asleep.

"This guy is super awesome," says Anderson. "I hope he's on my team."

"That reminds me, this time there's gonna be three teams of seven. Well, actually one team will have eight at first, but that'll change after some poor loser gets booted!" says Chris.

Everyone looks at Anderson. "What?" he says.

"Yeah, you heard me. Anyway, here's our next contestant, who's actually a native Tokyo resident - Yuri!" says Chris.

A Japanese girl comes down on a unicorn. "Let's see here..." she says. "You two. Eeee!" She points to Shawn and Julian.

"What are you talking about?" asks Shawn.

"Yeah, man, I like girls," says Julian.

"You two would make a PERFECT couple!" she squeals.

"Um, none of us are gay, so just shut up," says Layla.

"Well, that's rude. You don't know that!" says Yuri.

"Charles, throw her in the dumpster," says Layla.

"Erm, Layla, I am fine standing right here," says Layla's butler, and she glares at him. 

"..." says Anderson.

"All right, looks like half of the cast is here already, and we're shockingly not over the time limit yet! Time to introduce the next bunch. Warning, most of them are pretty weird," says Chris. "But so are you guys, so I'm sure you'll get along."

A short, nerdy boy comes out of the bus, with a top hat, cape, and glittery clothing. "Hello, young children. I am the great Kai. I will now take a rabbit out of my hat."

"What freak show did you get this guy from? But I do enjoy a good magic trick. Do it, kid," says Estrella.

"And now, I will do it," says Kai. He takes out a plush bunny from his hat. "Ta-daaaa!"

"Hey, you weirdo, that's not even a real bunny. You disappoint me. Charles, find me a bunny," says Layla.

"Personally, I think that was a pretty good show..." says Ari happily. Tolkien shakes his head.

"You're pretty cool. Can I have your autograph, kid?" asks Estrella.

Ari nods, "Me too."

"Relax, ladies, there's enough of Kai to go around," says Kai. He takes out a pad of paper and starts signing his name.

"Ugh," says Tolkien, as Julian comes up to him.

"I feel your pain, bro. Girls are tricky," he says, patting Tolkien on the back.

"So, what's your secret?" says Anderson.

"What do you mean?" asks Kai after he's done signing autographs.

Anderson pauses, then says, "How do you get all those chicks?"

Kai chuckles. "It's all in the wand, kid. But I'm not planning on dating."

"All right. Here's our next contestant, Puck. He's a bit special. But aren't all of you?" asks Chris.

"Not funny, Chris. You just made that joke. Let's just see him," says Shawn.

A squat guy who resembles a penguin more than a human comes out of the bus. He is wearing a black "BB" shirt, purple pants, and a blue hockey helmet.

"Hey, guys! What's chillin'?" He chuckles. "I'm Puck! Just an average guy, tryin' to make my way in the world." He approaches Yuri, Isabel, and Layla. "'Water' you guys' names?! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" Nobody else laughs. 

"You know, that's not funny at all," says Isabel. "And I think a lot of things are funny! Teehee!"

"Chris, are you kidding me? A wannabe magician? A fat kid who relies on puns? Get me away from these creeps," says Layla.

"Halfway through casting, we realized we didn't have enough comedic characters in the cast, and too many sarcastic ones. So we decided to bring these guys in. And you think they're creepy? Ha," says Chris.

"Creepy, I'm not creepy. I'm more 'cool', if I do say so myself. Chill out, bro," says Puck.

"By the way, what kind of a name is Puck? It sounds like fu--" says Roz.

"Haha! Good Q, b-b-baby! My name's not actually Puck. It's Cornelius, but you guys didn't hear that," says Cornelius Puck. "I nicknamed myself Puck because I'm a super pro at hockey! I'm even better than Chuck Norris."

"Doubt it. Chuck Norris is good at everything," says Tolkien.

"You know, I don't find Chuck Norris jokes funny at all," says Estrella.

"Girlie, do you find anything funny at all?" asks Roz.

"No," says Estrella.

"Let's meet our next weirdo, Casey. Everybody give her a warm welcome. She's a bit awkward," says Chris.

"Like, me-awkward, or more...?" asks Ari.

"Yeah, she may be a contender. But here she is," says Chris.

A tall girl comes out of the bus. She looks like Ari, only less pretty, although she is somewhat attractive. She is wearing preppy clothes and has flowing ginger locks.

"Like, hey, guys. S'up?" She takes out a notecard and starts looking at it intensely. "Hmm... Popularity meter... Best part of a kid's life... Little kid over there... Crap, I forgot what's next."

"Uh, whatcha doing over there?" asks Ari.

"I was trying to memorize Chelsey's lines... Aww, it's no use. Hi, everyone. I'm Casey. You guys look nice," says Casey.

"Quite odd," says Ari.

"Uh, guys, I may have made a weird first impression on you guys, but I wanna get accepted and stuff," says Casey.

"She's hot. How about yes," whispers Anderson. Tolkien and Horatio nod.

"All right, chick, you're with us now," says Anderson after some debating.

"Okay, sweet!" says Casey. She walks over to the three guys.

"Anderson," says Anderson.

"The name's T-$waqq," says Tolkien.

Horatio slaps his head and says, "Horatio. Pleasure to meet you."

"Well, look on the bright side, at least those guys won't bother us," says Roz, right as Casey is seen sprinting away from the three boys in the background.

"Uh, I don't know, most of them are weird... But one of them is kinda cute, I guess..." Ari says.

"All right. Everyone, say hello to our next contestant, his name's Wolfgang," says Chris.

A guy with fashionable clothing and wild, dyed blue hair stomps out of the bus wearing an angry expression. He says nothing, then sits on a bench.

"What's wrong with this one?" asks Shawn.

"I think he's more of an introvert," says Chris.

Wolfgang is grooming his hair as Puck comes up to him.

"Hey, guy! I'm Puck! I think I've seen you somewhere, but I don't remember where exactly. Wanna be friends?" asks Puck.

Wolfgang grunts dismissively, then kicks Puck in the gonads.

"Haha! Groin kicks always loosen me up! You seem cool, buddy!" says Puck, and he reaches in and bear-hugs Wolfgang. Fire burns in Wolfgang's eyes as he stares intensely at Puck. 

"He's attractive," says Estrella while looking at Wolfgang. "He reminds me of... Me."

"No, he's not. He's gross and he has bad breath. Seriously, I can smell it from over here," says Julian.

Wolfgang growls like an animal, then sticks up his middle finger at Julian.

Chris then says, "Here's our next contestant, Vivienne!"

An interesting-looking girl comes out of the bus. She has pink hair and is wearing an all purple dress, with a striped hat and velvet gloves.

"Ooooh," says Kai. "You are perfect magician's assistant material! Here, lemme show you how to take a rabbit out of a hat."

"You're so cute," says Vivienne. She kisses Kai on the cheek.

"Um, you're taking things a little too fast there, huh? Maybe I don't need an assistant..." says Kai.

Vivienne walks away. "Oh, sorry... I guess I'll never get a boyfriend..." She starts to cry.

"No, I didn't mean to hurt you! Come on! Sorry?" says Kai. Vivienne then disappears in a puff of smoke. "Huh?" says Kai.

"Vivienne also claims she has magical powers. I guess that was a major detail that I left out," says Chris.

Vivienne then randomly appears in a tree. Everyone looks at her strangely, she then vanishes again.

"Anyways... Let's meet our next contestant. He's not in the best mood today," says Chris.

"None of us are. As a matter of fact, I'm the only one who's not as grumpy as crap today," says Tolkien.

"I'm not grumpy," says Roz. She then takes out a lighter. "Calm yourself, Roz." She puts it back in.

A short boy wearing a sweater vest comes out of the bus.

"Neal Schweiber at your service," he says.

"Oh, you're Neal?" asks Chris.

"No. My name is Brian Williams. I just said my name was Neal so I could trick you. And I happen to look exactly like the Neal on your sign up sheet, but it's a complete coincidence," says Neal.

"Ooh, hi Brian! You look cute! I love your cute little vest," says Isabel. She runs up to 'Brian' and strokes his hair.

"This is one of the advantages of being on a show like this," says Neal smoothly. He sits back and relaxes while Isabel fawns over him.

"Hey, man, you seem like me. I like that," says Anderson.

"Last time I checked, I wasn't wearing pants made for women," says Neal. Some people snicker, and Anderson growls. "Shut up, Neal," he says.

"His name isn't Neal. It's Brian. Stop being so mean to him!" says Isabel angrily. Neal chuckles.

"Um. Okay. Let's meet our next contestant," says Chris. He glances at his cue cards. "Uh, Bennett, and his lady friends."

A really short kid with blonde Dustin Nutria-esque hair comes out, with his arms around two random girls.

"Heeey, ladies and gents," he says. "Th' name's Bennett. I'm just a kid who has extraoooordinary luck with th' laaadies."

"We love you, Bennett!" say the two girls at the same time. They both kiss him on the cheek.

"Hey, I thought I was the only one who could have someone following me around. Charles, kill those girls," says Layla.

Charles takes out a bazooka. The two girls scream and hide behind Bennett.

"No need to be afraid, giiirls. They're just jealous," says Bennett.

"Why would I be jealous of you? I'm a girl," says Layla.

"Oh, you know you want to get into these arms," says Bennett. The two girls nod.

"How many people are left, again? This is getting a bit long," says Chris, checking his watch.

"That's not the only thing that's a bit long," says Anderson immaturely.

"All right, here's Gail," says Chris. A cute and tall girl comes out of the bus.

"Hey, guys. I'm glad to be here," says Gail.

"You are? Why? So you can get a fantastic and 'cool' boyfriend, like ol' Pucky here?" asks Puck.

"No, so I can make some friends," says Gail. A chipmunk lands on her shoulder.

"And you want a fantastic and cool boyfriend! Right?" asks Puck.

Gail snickers. "No, I'm not really into boys. But you can be my friend. You look like a penguin."

"I take pride in my penguin-like appearance," says Puck.

Wolfgang scoffs from the distance. "Ooh, that guy over there is cute," says Gail.

"No, he's not. He's gross and has bad breath," says Julian for the second time, randomly popping into the conversation.

A really tall guy comes out of the bus. He trips over the steps and hits his face on the ground.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas," says Chris. "Already making an interesting first impression, I see."

"Hey, there, small boys. It's Thomas here, ready to win and stuff," says Thomas.

"Is your whole gimmick going to be physical comedy? Because that stuff is awesome!!!" yells Roz.

Thomas gets on two skateboards, one with each of his feet, and rides them. He slips and falls.

"Physical comedy kind of worries me..." says Tolkien. "Unless it's in video games."

"All right, Thomas, try not to get kicked off too early, okay?" asks Chris.

"That basically means I'm first out, right? Nice," says Thomas. "Oh, and guys, I'm in a band, too."

"Sweet, bro, so am I. I play drums. You?" asks Julian.

"Electric guitar, man," says Thomas.

Julian looks at Thomas, then at Shawn, and Horatio. "Epic band."

"All right, I think there's 2 left... Oh, man. Okay, Delia... She's a little bit dangerous," says Chris.

"Like, me-dangerous, or more...?" asks Roz.

"Yeah, she may be a contender. But here she is," says Chris.

A tall, scary-looking girl comes out of the bus. She flashes a cold glare at everyone. Everyone suddenly becomes completely silent.

"Hello," she says in a surprisingly high, but quiet, voice.

"..." says everyone.

"I came into a bunch of PJs. Sounds fun," she says. She then becomes quiet again and starts to survey everyone.

"Hi, hi. I'm Roz! I don't know why everyone's so scared of you. You seem nice, kind of like me. I hope we can be friends!" says Roz.

"Roz, don't," whispers Ari.

Delia starts to groan. "Goodbye." She takes out a notepad and starts to jot down something.

"Maybe you were right," says Roz to Ari. Delia's notepad says 'Skull Death' on the front.

"Here's the last contestant," says Chris.

A plain-looking girl steps out of the bus. "Hi, guys," she says. "I'm Flora."

There is another awkward silence.

"So... Who watched Revenge of the Island?" asks Kai, trying to break out of the awkwardness.

"Ugh, don't even get me started," says Estrella.

"IKR?" says Yuri. "There were no gay couples. Frowny face."

"All right, guys. It's time to get on the plane. We're getting really low on time," says Chris. He motions the contestants to get on the plane.

"Wait, we're not in Tokyo yet?" asks Isabel, pausing.

"Just keep walking," says Neal.

"Who will be the first voted out? Will we ever arrive in Tokyo? Will everyone get equal amounts of screentime? Probably not, but find out next time on... Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 2 - Battle of the Bots

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, lots of crap that nobody cares about happened. I mean, the 22 contestants came here, but that was about it. We have a pretty annoying cast this season. Anyways, let's get to the plane. We're going to Tokyo, I guess." says Chris.

A new and improved version of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet comes up behind Chris, with the 22 contestants inside of it.

Chris then enters the Jumbo Jet. "Where were you?" demands Neal.

"Calm down, dude. I have seating assignments for you all," says Chris.

"Ooh, I hope I get paired with a hot guy," says Vivienne excitedly.

"We'll see. So, first pair is... Wait, Chef, where's the papers?" asks Chris.

"Uhhh..." says Chef. "I totally didn't drop them in the Pacific Ocean."

"CHEF! Fine, you guys get to pick your partners," says Chris sadly.

"'Kay, you're my partner," says Tolkien immediately to Ari.

"Hop off, she's mine," says Roz. Ari giggles.

"Anderson, do you wanna be with me, then? I'll tell you my deepest, darkest secrets," says Tolkien.

Anderson sighs obnoxiously. "Fiiiiiine."

Tolkien and Anderson sit down. "I get the window seat," says Tolkien.

"Uh, nice try, I get it. Otherwise I get plane-sick," snaps Anderson.

"You can't get plane-sick," scoffs Tolkien. "It's physically impossible."

Anderson holds up a barf bag from under the seat. "Wanna see me try?" he snaps.

"I'd rather not. Now, let's just get along and we'll get to Tokyo a lot quicker," says Tolkien.

"Charles, let me sit by the window," says Layla.

Charles sighs and lets Layla sit by the window, then he sits next to her.

"Can't I sit with someone a little bit nicer?" he pleads.

"No," says Layla.

Bennett sits down, with his girls. "Heeeey, girls. You're lucky you get to sit next to me."

"Ooh, we love you, Bennett," say the girls simultaneously. They kiss him on the cheek.

"I hate that guy. Don't you, Wolfie? Don't you? Doesn't he just make you want to--" says Puck.

Wolfgang elbows Puck in the shoulder, and mutters something.

"Aw, c'mon, you're still actin' shy?" says Puck. "Don't worry, be 'chill.'"

Wolfgang falls asleep, then draws a mustache on Puck's face with a Sharpie while sleeping.

"You know how lucky I am to get to sit next to someone like you?" asks Julian.

"Would your feelings be hurt if I didn't speak to you once this entire trip?" says Estrella, cracking open an ominous-looking book.

"Aw, come on, girl. Live a good life," says Julian.

"I can't. It's not painful enough," says Estrella.

"That's what sheeee said," says Julian. Estrella rolls her eyes.

"Help me, please," whispers a voice. Julian turns around, and sees Shawn squeezed next to Yuri, who is taking notes.

"OMG, guess what, Shawn. A few days ago, before I got here, I made this super insane crack pairing. Wanna hear it?" says Yuri gleefully.

"I'd rather not," says Shawn. "Wanna hear my new song instead?"

"NO," yells Yuri. "Anyways, my pairing is... Ready? EZEKIEL AND DJ!"

"Did they even interact? Like, at all?" asks Shawn.

"Probably not, I don't care. They're really cute together," gushes Yuri.

"Did you write any inappropriate fanfictions?" asks Shawn.

"Actually, I did. It's called 'Beast and the Beast.' Isn't that such a good title? Yaoieee!" says Yuri.

"It's a horrible title," says Shawn. "Worst thing I've ever heard, it's not even funny," says Julian.

"Wanna hear my shortened synopsis?" asks Yuri.

"No," say Estrella, Julian, and Shawn simultaneously.

Yuri clears her throat. "DJ was just a normal, wimpy lad. Ezekiel was just a normal, recently-un-zombified lad. One day they ran into each other in the grocery store, and went home to play video games. And then they did some 69. The end."

"Wait, that was the whole story?" asks Shawn.

"You said it was a shortened synopsis," says Julian skeptically.

"They sure are being loud over there, huh?" asks Thomas.

"I'm sorry. I don't wanna talk to you. You're not popular enough." says Casey.

Thomas says in the confessional, "I'm just trying to be nice. Not even a relationship or anything, just making conversation. If she stopped acting like a poser, then maybe I'd like her."

"Alright, what's your problem?" says Casey.

"I don't have a problem, I'm just sitting here, reading this SkyShop magazine," says Thomas.

"No, you're too tall, and ugly," says Casey.

"Just like your idol, Chelsey," says Thomas snidely.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," says Casey.

Casey says in the confessional, "That Tommy kid, or whatever his name is, is so annoying. He doesn't shut up, he's really awkward, and he's probably not popular. I have to share a locker with some guy who reminds me of him, at my school. Wait, maybe it is him. If it is, why don't I know his name? Oh, right, because I don't care. But he's kinda cute, isn't he... Snap out of it, Casey. You know he's unpopular."

Yuri says in the confessional, "I think that Julian and Shawn are being very disrespectful. I worked a whole fifty seconds on that yaoi story, and all they do is say it's short. It's not short, it's really long."

"That's what sheeee said," says a Julian-like voice from outside.

"So, uh, how's life? Do you have any pets?" asks Gail.

"Yeah, I have a dog," says Flora.

"Oh..." says Gail. "That's disappointing..."

"Yeah. And a brother named Aiden, and a sister named Emily," says Flora.

Gail says in the confessional, "Flora's just so... boring. We have nothing in common, she's so impossible to talk to. She's just the average teen girl. Ugh, she's just so... Ugh."

"My full name is Flora Marie Smith. Yours?" smiles Flora.

"My full name is Roxette Madelleine Gail Zzyzwicz," says Gail.

"That's a really weird name. What are your hobbies?" asks Flora.

Gail says in the confessional, "I'm prepared to act shy around this chick, she's working my last nerve."

"I have a pet parakeet named Crackers too," says Flora.

Gail waits for a moment. She then starts to sob.

"Did I say something? I'm so sorry," Flora pats Gail on the back.

"No, it's fine. You can't control your boring-ness," says Gail.

Horatio is sitting there awkwardly. Delia stares at him evilly from the other seat.

Horatio says in the confessional, "That chick scares me... So freaking much... Calm down, Horatio... Keeping the faith... Keeping the faith..."

"Uh... So... Nice weather today, huh?" asks Horatio.

"Yes. It's beautiful," says Delia quietly and intimidatingly.

Horatio jumps out of his seat and rushes to Neal. "Lemme sit next to you, man!"

"But I'm with Isabel here," says Neal. "I suppose you could switch girls."

Horatio sits down next to Neal, and pushes Isabel out.

"Ooh, an adventure! I wonder who I'm going to get to sit next to?" asks Isabel.

"Hi," says Delia.

"Ooh, you're so pretty. I love your hair, do you do it yourself? I love redheads. They're cute," says Isabel.

"I'm not..." says Delia. "Never mind. Just, never mind."

"I'm going to sing you a song. Do you want to hear a song?" asks Isabel.

"No," says Delia.

"All right," says Isabel. She takes out a kazoo. "We found loooove in a hoooopeless plaaay-eeeece..."

"That is the worst thing I've ever heard," says Delia.

"We found sheeps in a goatless place," says Roz, from her seat.

"Hey, that's actually pretty funny. Got any more?" asks Tolkien.

"We found ships in a boatless place," says Roz. "We found gloves in a coatless place."

"XD" says Tolkien.

Ari looks at the two, then shakes her head.

"What's wrong, chick?" asks Anderson. "U jelly of Tolkien and Roz? Forget it, she's out of his league."

"Yeah, I guess..." says Ari.

"You secretly like Tolky, don't you," says Anderson. "I knew it. Anderson Dotcubed for the win, again. Dude, we've only been here for like twenty minutes."

"Well, uh, I like a lot of guys. I mean, I think a lot of guys are cute, I mean... Whatever..." says Ari.

"Heh, heh, heh," says Anderson.

"Anderson, come on... You have no right to spread rumors about me unless I explicitly say 'I, Ari, like Tolkien,'" says Ari.

"You just did," says Anderson.

"That's not what I mean..." says Ari.

"So, Kai, what's your favorite magic trick thingy you've ever done?" says Vivienne.

"Well, I like the... I don't know, they're all great," says Kai.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" asks Vivienne.

Kai says in the confessional, "Yes, there is something wrong. Vivienne is the most annoying person in the world. I don't want to say that I don't like her, but..."

"No, there's not, I'm just feeling tired. Why don't you go talk to someone else, and let me sleep," says Kai.

"Okay," says Vivienne. She disappears in a puff of smoke, and Thomas replaces her.

"I have honestly no idea what just happened," says Thomas.

The plane then begins to sputter, and an alarm goes off.

"Oh, crap," says Anderson.

"Oh, that doesn't matter," says Vivienne.

She disappears. Then, a hole is made in the ceiling somehow, and she pops out. "Hellooo!"

Chris walks in with a pilot's uniform on.

"Guys, we're experiencing some technical difficulties, so just sit tight and hope you don't die," says Chris.

"I've died five times before, no biggie!" says Roz.

"Somehow I have trouble believing that..." says Tolkien.

The plane then starts to drop, and crashes in the middle of the wilderness.

The contestants, one by one, get out of the plane woozily.

Puck barfs. "What just ha-ha-haaaappened?" he slurs.

"We crashed, guys. Who's ready for a life threatening challenge?" asks Chris.

"Nobody. I think we need time to recover..." says Bennett, whose girls are on top of him.

"So, your first challenge is..." says Chris.

"привет, дети," says a man with a beard, coming up to Chris.

"Dude, is that Japanese?" asks Julian.

"No," says Yuri.

"Just ignore him, he's probably mentally ill," says Thomas.

The man walks away. "That was odd," says Ari.

"First part of the challenge," says Chris, ignoring everyone, "is to pick teams. The team captains are..."

Tolkien looks giddy, Horatio jumps up and down, Layla growls, and Estrella flips off the camera.

"Roz, Puck, and Gail can be the team captains," says Chris.

"Ooh, yay!" says Roz. "Chris, can I pick first?"

"I guess so," says Chris.

Puck opens his mouth to say something, but is shushed by Roz picking.

"Okay. I pick Ari!" says Roz.

"Good choice," giggles Ari, and she walks over to Roz.

"I pick my homie, Wolfie!" says Puck.

Wolfgang stomps over to Puck and farts in his face.

"I can tell you're excited about being on my team, man. I'm with ya," Puck bear hugs Wolfgang.

Wolfgang's face gets red and he blows steam out of his ears.

"I pick that one kid. The top hat dude," says Gail.

Kai walks over to Gail. "You made a good choice," Cards appear from his hand. "Pick a card."

"I'd rather not, I'm wondering the catch," says Gail.

"M'lady, there is no catch," says Kai. Vivienne snorts.

"All right, lemme pick another one. Strelly," says Roz.

"Muh," says Estrella, and walks to Roz and Ari.

"Casey the hottie," says Puck.

"Yuck," says Casey, as she walks over to Puck and Wolfgang.

"Hmmm..." ponders Gail. "Bennett?"

"Good choice, duude. You're really coool, man. You made the right choice. My girls approve. Right, girls?" asks Bennett.

"Yeah, totally, Bennett. We love you," say the girls.

"Is it just me, or are those girls creepy as @#$%?" whispers Kai.

Gail responds, "They're creepy as @#$%."

"Yuri," says Roz. "I'm pickin' a 'dysfunctional' team, as you can see."

"No boys yet? Pick the mighty Julawn," says Yuri.

"That's what I was planning on doing," cackles Roz.

Julian and Shawn shake their heads and whimper.

"We're screwed," says Shawn.

"I know," says Julian.

Puck points to Layla, who walks over to the team. Isabel follows her.

"He didn't pick you, moron," says Layla. "Charles, take her back over to the rejects squad."

Charles is about to pick up Isabel, when Puck says, "No, keep her."

Layla groans, and Isabel jumps up and down happily.

"Uhh... Thomas?" says Gail. Kai nods.

Thomas strolls over to his team, and makes a clicking noise. "Good choice."

"Now I'll pick the mighty Julawn," says Roz.

"Hey, no picking more than one person," protests Chris.

"Puck just did," says Layla, pointing to Puck, who picked Layla and Isabel simultaneously.

"Yeah, all right, whatever," says Chris.

Julian and Shawn walk over to the team. Yuri pops up and squeezes them together awkwardly.

"Neal," says Puck.

"Cool, man," says Neal. "I knew you were cool."

Kai then picks Horatio, who says, "Awesome job, guy."

"Tolkien," says Roz.

"That's not how you pronounce my name. It's 'toe-keen'," whines Tolkien. "Not like 'tolk-ien'."

"Whatever, toe-keen," chuckles Roz. "Your toes are very keen."

"That's not that funny," growls Tolkien.

Ari laughs at him, and Tolkien winks at her, to no avail.

"Ugh," says Puck. He looks at Anderson, Delia, Flora, and Vivienne. "Do I have to choose? None of them are 'cool'."

"Just pick the creepy girl," says Layla.

Delia stomps over to her, stares her in the eye, and joins her team.

Layla says in the confessional, "Which is why I called her the 'creepy girl'."

"Uh, Flora and Vivienne, we'll take both," says Gail. Kai nods.

Flora walks over to her team, and Vivienne stares Kai in the eye.

"Last one picked? Weak, guys. Weak," says Anderson.

Anderson stomps over to Tolkien and Roz's team, then grumbles something extremely rude.

"All right, guys, Roz's team has requested to be named the Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails," says Chris. "Therefore, you are now named the Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails."

"Whoo, I love Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails," says Shawn happily.

"Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails are nasty," yell Estrella and Julian at the same time.

"Great minds think alike," winks Julian. Estrella shakes her head.

"Uh, Puck's team will be called the Mini Dharmas," says Chris.

"What's a dharma?" asks Puck.

"Some Japanese egg thing. The producers thought of the name, I'm not really that smart when it comes to Japanese culture," says Chris.

"Gee, I never would've guessed," says Neal.

"Aaand, the third team will be the Wily Tanukis," says Chris.

"Alright, man, I'm not entirely sure what that means either, but..." says Horatio.

"Don't worry, neither am I!" says Chris.

"Yo, Chris-o, what's our challenge-o?" says Puck.

"You're not cool, Puck. But basically, you have to get in those giant robots over there and fight them," says Chris. He motions to two gigantic robots, one dharma shaped and one tanuki shaped, and also a small plane shaped like a fish tail.

"Why didn't we notice those before?" asks Ari.

"More importantly, why do we just get a wimpy little plane?" says Anderson angrily.

"Calm down, Anderson. I loooove piloting things and making them cra-- making them safe for everyone..." says Roz.

"You are a messed up young lassie," says Estrella.

"Now, this challenge is gonna be short because the author hasn't put up a new chapter in weeks and is lazy," says Chris.

"Um, what?" asks Tolkien.

"Just get in the robots already," says Chris.

Roz gets in the Fish Tails' plane first, and giggles with excitement. She is followed by Ari, Tolkien, Estrella, Julian, Yuri, Shawn, and Anderson.

Thomas, Bennett, Horatio, Flora, Gail, Kai, and Vivienne get in their giant raccoon-shaped robot.

Thomas pops his head out from the top. "This good?"

"Yeah, it's good enough," says Gail.

Vivienne says in the confessional, "I've been getting this weird vibe from Kai... Maybe I should try another boy."

"So, how are ya doin', Bennett?" she asks, leaning in close to Bennett.

"BACK OFF!" yell Bennett's girls, and slap her.

Vivienne says in the confessional, "Horatio or Thomas? Or should I stick to Kai?"

Layla, Isabel, Delia, Casey, Neal, Wolfgang, and Puck get into their robot, too.

"This robot is puny," says Puck.

"You know what else is puny?" asks Neal.

"Can it," says Puck. "You ain't cool."

Then, suddenly, the Tanuki's robot explodes. The Tanukis are sent flying out of the robot.

"Woo-hoo," says Thomas sarcastically.

Chris groans. "CHEF!" Chef comes to him, and Chris whispers something. Chef nods.

After a long pause, Chris says, "Well, since one of the robots is gone, let's send the Tanukis to elimination. We can do this challenge another time," says Chris.

"Whaaaaat?" says Kai.

"Ha!" says Neal.

Chris then motions the contestants to some cabins, which are not that big and are strangely shaped like onions.

"Hey Chris, why is there snow here? It's the summer," says Horatio.

A reindeer then comes up to the Tanukis and snorts.

Gail walks up to the reindeer and pets it, but asks, "And reindeer? I don't think this is Tokyo, or even Japan."

"Just ignore it, the natives are making us feel welcome," says Chris. "I guess."

Later, the Wily Tanukis are in their cabin, playing Truth or Dare.

"Hmm, all right, Horatio, truth or dare," says Kai.

"Dare," says Horatio.

"I dare you to take off your underwear," says Kai.

Horatio reaches into his pants and takes out his underwear with his pants still on. Kai gasps, and Horatio says, "Vivienne, truth or dare."

"Truth," says Vivienne.

"Who is the cutest boy in this room?" asks Horatio.

"Well, Bennett sure is a cutie," Bennett looks worried, "Thomas too," Thomas snorts, "Ooh, Horatio, you're really mysterious and stuff. But I like Kai the most." She hugs Kai.

"..." says Kai.

"Just ask someone else already," says Thomas. "All right, whiny, truth or dare," says Vivienne.

"Truth," says Thomas. "I guess you guys wanna know my secret, right?" he sighs.

"You have a secret? I'd love to hear it," says Flora.

A bunch of random animals sit down by Gail, and take out popcorn. Bennett and his girls sit down, and Vivienne, Kai, and Horatio take out video cameras.

"I'm a Brony," says Thomas.

"What's that?" asks Flora.


"Well, we all know who to eliminate tonight," says Vivienne.

"What? Bronies are chill, guys," says Horatio.

"Uh, no they're not, they're for dorks," says Kai. "Magic tricks are where it's at."

"Eh," says Thomas. "I don't care what you guys think. I embrace my brony-ness."

"I like ponies, but not Bronies," says Gail.

Chris then comes in, says nothing, and leaves. He then meets them at the elimination ceremony.

"Blah, blah. It's cold outside. The person who does not receive a piece of sushi will have to take the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers," says Chris. "Kai, Horatio, Viv."

Kai, Horatio, and Vivienne get their sushi. Horatio bites into it, and it's hard as a rock. "What gives?" he asks.

"Can you feel the temperature?" says Chris. "Anyways, Gail and Flora are safe, too."

Gail gets her sushi, and Flora just sits there.

"Thomas and Bennett. What can I say? Thomas, you're a Brony. And Bennett, you're weird. Final sushi goes to..."

"Thomas. See ya, Ben."

"Aww, come on, dude. You guys are lame. Come on, girls, let's scoot," says Bennett.

"First, you gotta push back your hair. Let's see your eyes," says Chris.

Bennett reluctantly pulls back his hair, revealing the bushiest eyebrows ever and tiny dotted eyes.

"You look like an idiot," says Kai.

"How do those girls like you now?" asks Thomas.

"We love him no matter what," scold the girls.

"Okay, Bennett, time to go now," says Chris.

Bennett and his girls start to leave, but Chris then says, "Not so fast. Girls, you stay here, you can be the newest victims, I mean, interns."

Bennett passes out. The girls turn into dust, and Chris picks up the unconscious Bennett, putting him in the Insert-Vehicle-Here, which drives away.

"All right, guys, time to go to bed. I still don't know why it's so cold," says Chris.

The strange foreign man from earlier suddenly walks up to them.

"Hey, mister, do you have a TV we could use? We wanna check the weather for tomorrow, and--" says Chris.

"In Soviet Russia... You don't watch TV. TV watch you," says the man.

Chapter 3 - I'm on a Boat

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo," says Chris, still at the elimination ceremony. "The campers built robots, or more like I built them for them. And then they battled them and whatnot. We weren't even in Tokyo, though, and we still aren't. We're in Soviet freaking Russia. So, yeah, no challenges until we find a way to get out of here. Sad, isn't it? Oh, yeah, and Bennett was voted out. But he was annoying, so yeah."

"You know, Chris, you're way different than you were in TDI, and even TDWT," says Kai. "You're a little bit OOC lately."

"Yeah, I'm getting older and as a result, grumpier," says Chris. "Dolph and Smoothie Guy last season really put a load on me."

"So, are we gonna get out of here, or what?" asks Thomas.

"Don't rush me, losing team, I've got a plan, kind of. Where are the other teams?" says Chris.

"Maybe they're enjoying themselves in their cool Russian onion dome thingies," says Gail.

"Sounds fun," says Flora happily.

"Yeah, I wonder what they're doing?" says Horatio.

The scene switches to the Fish Tails, who are in their Russian onion dome thingy playing games and stuff.

"Hey, dude, who do you wanna boot first?" asks Anderson to Tolkien. "Estrella is the least hot chick here, so her? I don't know, man."

"Excuse me?" says Estrella, looking up from her book, titled "Valley of Death 3: The Death Files."

"I didn't say anything," says Anderson.

"Dude, this place is so boring, let's go outside," says Tolkien.

"Since when did you like to go outside? All you do is play with your nards," says Anderson.

"What?!" shouts Tolkien.

"Nerd cards. You get it, right? Nerd cards? Nards?" says Anderson.

"I get it," says Tolkien. "Never speak of it again."

Julian and Shawn are listening to Epic Hip-Hop Wars of History.

"So, it's pretty obvious you're attracted to that Estrella girl, man," asks Shawn.

"I mean, yeah, she's hot," says Julian. "But there's no way she's actually into me, especially considering how obnoxious I act around her."

"Are you sure?" says Shawn. "Lemme ask her."

"She'll obviously deny it, dude, she doesn't wanna admit her love for me," says Julian.

Yuri pops out of nowhere. "Just like how you two won't admit your love for EACH OTHER!!" she yells.

"Bug off, Yuri," says Shawn.

Shawn says in the confessional, "How does she pop out of nowhere like that? It's creepy, honestly."

"Hey, where are Ari and Roz?" asks Tolkien.

"Why would you care? Unless you like one of them. Or even both," says Anderson.

"They're both really hot. I've never been around so many pretty girls before in such a short period of time, man," says Tolkien.

Shawn comes over to Tolkien. "Lemme speak to you. Anderson doesn't know crap about girls."

"All right, dude," says Tolkien.

"So, Ari and Roz are two different types of girls. With Ari, she may not be the most attractive girl ever, but her personality is really awesome. She's super nice and stuff. And then Roz, all she has is looks. Her personality sucks, like, would you wanna have a girlfriend who could stab you any time she wanted? Or, there's Option 3: screw the girls, and focus on being more of a Fantasy Geek," says Shawn.

"Well, you haven't rapped yet," says Tolkien.

"There's a lot of time for rapping," says Shawn. "Did you even hear anything I just said?"

"No, not really," says Tolkien. "Something about peanuts? I don't know."

"You're a sad, sad little boy," says Julian.

"True dat," says Shawn.

"Well, I'll be a sad, sad, little girl if you guys don't start da--" says Yuri.

"WE KNOW," says everyone simultaneously.

The scene switches to Ari and Roz, who are in the attic.

"What'chya doooin'?" asks Roz.

"I'm texting my friend. What are you doing?" asks Ari.

"Friend? Is it a guy? Friends with benefits? Heehee," says Roz.

"You know, we really should stop talking about relationships," says Ari. "And no, she's a girl."

"All right. Let's talk about..." says Roz. She takes out a large hat labeled "SUBJECTZ." She puts her hand inside, and takes out a piece of notebook paper that says "Chappy."

"Chappy? Your science teacher, really? Do we have to? You talk about him all the time..." says Ari.

"Chappy is awesome. So, last year, me and my friend Zari joined his whale club. It was really boring, but we joined because he's so awesome. We baked him an apple pie one day. True story," says Roz.

"Cool..." says Ari.

"Don't be a hater," says Roz.

The scene then changes to the Mini Dharmas' room.

"Charles, give me a foot massage," says Layla. "I'm tired."

"Yes, mistress," mutters Charles. He gives Layla a foot massage.

"Oooh, I wanna foot massage too! Teehee!" says Isabel.

"No," says Layla.

"Don't be so mean to me..." says Isabel.

"Oh, I'm not being mean," says Layla.

Isabel says in the confessional, "I'm in the bathroom! Haha, Layla is my best friend, but I don't think she likes me."

Delia is on her bed, sitting with her eyes closed.

"Isabel, I think Delia is lonely. You wanna go talk to her?" asks Layla.

"Uh, miss--" says Charles.

"Go talk to her," says Layla.

"Ha, okay!" says Isabel. She walks over to Delia. "What's up?"

Delia's eyes open, and she stares at Isabel very closely. "Go."

Isabel quickly runs away from her and back to Layla. "That girl is scary."

"Hey, Wolfie!" says Puck. "Wassup?"

Wolfgang shakes his head and sighs.

Casey leans towards Puck and whispers, "Dude, don't talk to him, we know he hates you."

"No, he's just shy!" says Puck. "Come to think of it, has he even said anything besides grunts?"

"I don't think so," says Casey. "So, what's up?"

"Nothin' mu--" says Puck.

"WAIT. I'm not supposed to talk to you. Where is Elle," says Casey. "I need a TV, to watch Nebraska Shore, stat."

"Uh, you're not Chelsey," says Puck.

"Yes, I am. Don't deny it, you turd," says Casey.

Neal says in the confessional, "My team is interesting. Way better than my friends back home. Wait, if you guys heard that, I didn't mean it. Sorry."

"Anyways, back to our normal conversation about my bro-migo Wolfie," says Puck.

Wolfgang shakes his head and buries himself under the covers.

"I bet even PJ has talked more than him," says Puck. "But he's still 'cool'."

"Enough with the ice puns. Charles, make him stop," says Layla.

Charles walks over to Puck, flicks his helmet, then walks away.

"Just chill out, man..." says Puck.

Chris walks in. "Time for the challenge, I realized we're five minutes away from the ocean. So, expect a boat racing challenge."

"Really, Chris? Couldn't we, like, catch sharks or something?" asks Neal. "That would be way more fun."

"Meh, I'll try to fit some shark-catching in," says Chris.

"Sweet," says Puck. "Wait, there are no sharks up here!"

"So? We brought some in, I mean, I'll find a way to spot some," says Chris.

"You're a really bad liar," says Layla.

"Just come with me," says Chris.

The Mini Dharmas walk out of their cabin, followed by the Fish Tails, then the Wily Tanukis.

"So what do you think our challenge is gonna be?" asks Tolkien.

"Something crappy," says Julian. "Why aren't you hanging out with Anderson?"

"Anderson is a douchebag," says Tolkien.

Julian waits for a second, then starts laughing. "You just now realized that?"

Yuri pops out of nowhere. "Wanna know something else you should realize?!"

"NO," yell Shawn and Julian.

Chris is waiting for the campers at the dock, with a pad of paper. "Okay, so before we start, I have to address a few mixups I have with the cast list. Who's Jimmy Meyer?"

"I don't think there's anyone named Jimmy Meyer here..." says Ari.

Puck raises his hand solemnly.

"Wait, I thought you said your name was Cornelius? Okay, I'm not even going to question it," says Chris. "Oh, yeah, and who's Rosalind?"

"C'est moi," says Roz. "Mon nom est tres mauvais."

"Since when did you speak..." says Anderson. "You know, I'm not even going to ask."

"Now, time for the challenge. You will see these little motorboats. Two people will be assigned to them, or whatever, and the challenge is simple, to race to Japan," says Chris.

"What's the catch?" asks Kai.

"Man-eating sharks, mines, maybe a tsunami or two, but nothing big," says Chris.

"This game isn't safe," says Horatio.

"That's the point. Now, get in your boats," says Chris.

Anderson hops into the first boat, and Shawn gets in after him.

Julian slides into the second boat, and Tolkien gets in after him.

Roz sprints into the third boat, and Ari gets in immediately after her.

Estrella sulks to the fourth boat, and Yuri gets in after her.

"It's a privilege to be in this boat with me," says Estrella. "I'm going to try to read, so don't annoy me."

"We'll see about that," says Yuri. "I'll be writing my inappropriate fanfictions."

Delia stalks into the fifth boat. Nobody gets in after her.

Delia says in the confessional, "Maybe it's my appearance... Whatever, they won't last long."

Isabel gets into the sixth boat. Layla gets in after her, and Charles follows her.

Neal and Casey get into the seventh boat, and Wolfgang and Puck go into the eighth.

Horatio and Thomas get into the ninth, Gail and Flora get into the tenth, and Kai and Vivienne get into the eleventh.

"You guys wanna start the challenge?" asks Chris.

"Sure," says everyone.

The motorboats then zoom off into the distance.

"So, did we get maps?" asks Ari.

"No," says Roz. " But I know my way around these parts."

"I'll take your word for it..." says Ari.

Roz swerves to avoid a mine, then the two see a fin in the water.

"Oh, crap," says Ari. "We're so screwed..."

"Don't panic. I've killed a shark with my bare hands before!" says Roz. "This is a piece of cake."

"Would you rather try to fight it, and get us killed, or just drive the boat super fast so we can get away?" asks Ari.

Roz contemplates for a moment. "Good idea."

The two speed away on their boat extremely fast, and escape the shark.

"That was a close one," says Ari. "You're an idiot, Roz."

"But i'm still your BFFFFL, right?" asks Roz.

"What does that stand for?" asks Ari.

"Best F&@kin' Female Friend For Life," says Roz. "How did you not know that?!"

"..." says Ari. The two speed away.

The shark then comes out of the water, and it is revealed to be Dolph with a plastic fin strapped to his back.

"Purrrr-fect," he says. The Nyan Cat then comes out of nowhere, and he hops on it and flies away.

The scene changes to Julian and Tolkien, trapped on a puny little island.

"So, how did we get here, again?" asks Tolkien.

"We crashed, thanks to your great driving skills." says Julian.

"Hey, I don't have my license yet," says Tolkien. "I'm only 15."

"That's not the big problem here. The big problem is that we're stuck on this island, our boat is busted up, and nobody's in sight," says Julian.

"What about Estrella and Yuri over there?" Tolkien points to Estrella and Yuri, who are zooming by.

"Estrella would be great, but I'm not about to be stuck on a two-person boat with Yuri," says Julian.

"True, true. Wanna play some L&L?" asks Tolkien.

"No," says Julian.

"Come on, I'll teach you how to play," says Tolkien.

"Can I sleep?" asks Julian.

"Aw, fine," says Tolkien. Julian falls asleep.

Estrella and Yuri then pull up to the little island. "Wanna ride?" asks Yuri.

"No, don't le--" says Estrella.

"Be nice," says Yuri.

Tolkien hops in. "Thanks, girls. Let's go."

"But what about Julian?" asks Yuri. "We can't just leave him here."

"Yeswecanlet'sgo," says Estrella. She turns on the boat, and sputters away, leaving Julian asleep on the island.

"How is he going to get..." says Tolkien.

"Don't worry about it," says Estrella.

The three then leave in their little boat.

Julian then wakes up. "Tolkien? I'll play your stupid card game... Tolkien? Where did you go? Aw, crap."

A coconut falls onto Julian's head and he passes out.

Estrella, Yuri, and Tolkien then pass a suspicious helmet floating in the water, but ignore it.

The suspicious helmet then reveals to be Puck, floating in the water. Wolfgang, Neal, and Casey come up, as well.

"You have no idea how pissed I am at you guys," says Casey.

"Hey, 'bumper boats' is super fun!" says Puck.

"Not when it ends lethally," says Casey.

"It was actually pretty fun," says Neal. "I enjoyed it."

Wolfgang sticks up his middle finger, and makes a jerking motion with his legs.

Puck cries in pain and holds his crotch. "So, who's a good swimmer?"

"Aren't you? You said you were raised by penguins," says Casey.

"But... Uhh..." says Puck, realizing that lying wasn't the best idea. "The water's not cold enough."

"Yeah, uh-huh," says Neal. "Come on, guys, let's go."

"Don't just leave me hangin', chills! Come on, just cool down!" says Puck.

The three others swim away, leaving Puck.

"Darn it," says Puck. "Some team."

Puck says in the confessional, sopping wet, "I really wanna do good in this game. But how am I supposed to when everyone hates me? Except Wolfie, my best buddy, but he doesn't even talk! Man, this ain't chill."

Wolfgang is shown in the confessional. He holds up a crudely-drawn picture of Puck getting eaten by a bear, and shakes his head.

Chris is then shown at the dock at Japan, with Chef.

"So, when do ya think they're gonna get here?" asks Chef.

"Honestly, I have no clue. Was the challenge too dangerous?" asks Chris.

Chef looks for a moment. "...Naw."

Tolkien, Estrella, and Yuri then come up to the dock, get out of their boat, and head to Chris and Chef.

"Whoop-dee-doo, we won again," says Estrella.

"Actually, you need all your team members," says Chris.

"All right. Anderson and Shawn will be here soon," says Tolkien.

Anderson and Shawn come up to the others. "We're here. S'up?" asks Shawn.

"And we have no idea where Ari and Roz are. Julian's on an island," says Tolkien.

"Ha-ha. That sucker," says Anderson mischievously.

"How are we going to get him out?" asks Shawn.

"Meh, the interns will send a rescue party," says Chris. "INTERN!"

Cammy comes up to Chris, dressed in interns' garb. "What now?"

"Go find Julian on an island," says Chris.

"Can I take the plane?" asks Cammy.

"No, you must swim," says Chris.

"Damn it," says Cammy. She swims away, angrily.

"Was that my friend? I didn't even get to talk to her," says Estrella.

"Ooh, I love Cammy x MacKenzie. It's way better than Cammy and Trick, who should be with Antoine," says Yuri.

"Wait, so you like yuri, too?" asks Tolkien. "Your name fits."

"Yuri sucks, yaoi is 69,000 times better," says Yuri.

Then, the contestants look at the dock. Wolfgang, Neal, and Casey come out, carrying an unconscious Puck.

"Bad things happened," says Casey.

"Yeah? I can see," says Chris.

"Where are bratty, Tweedle-idiot, and creeps?" asks Anderson.

"Oh, they got lost somewhere, I think they'll be here soon," says Casey.

The scene switches to the middle of the ocean. The Tanukis are surrounded by sharks.

"What did you do, Gail?!" asks Kai.

"I'm sorry, I thought it was a nice shark, I was trying to be cool... I gave it a little bit of fish!" says Gail.

"Kai, just work your magic or something," says Horatio, trying to stay cool.

"I left my wand in my pants!" says Kai.

"Oh, so you need your wand to use magic?" asks Horatio. "That sucks."

"I suppose I could do something..." says Vivienne. "Hold on to me, guys."

"Oh, no way," says Kai.

Vivienne clutches everyone close to her, then everyone disappears.

Thomas then pokes his head out of the water after everyone has gone. "Where is..." He notices the sharks. "I'm screwed."

He swims away as fast as possible.

The scene changes to the dock, where everyone is back.

Julian glares at Tolkien. "You have no idea how pissed I am with you."

"Actually, I kind of do, wanna make up?" asks Tolkien.

"I'll think about it," says Julian.

"So, which team lost?" asks Casey, coming to Chris.

"Well, since Thomas and Julian came back at the exact same time, the Dharmas win, and the Fish Tails and Tanukis are both going to elimination!" says Chris.

"What?!" says everyone on the Fish Tails and Tanukis.

"When are we gonna see our hotels?" asks Flora.

"Tomorrow, this chappy is getting long," says Chris.

"Hehehehe. Chappy. Long," says Roz.

"Shut up, Rosalind," says Anderson.

"Make me," says Roz.

"Let's go to elimination..." says Ari, attempting to change the subject.

The Tanukis and Fish Tails are now at elimination.

"All right, I got a lot of sushi for you. First piece goes to Flora."

Flora catches her sushi happily.

"Anderson, Tolkien, and Shawn are safe," says Chris.

Tolkien and Shawn get their sushi. Anderson just grumbles.

"Vivienne, and Kai, too," says Chris.

Kai takes out his magic wand, zaps his sushi, and it turns into a chocolate cake.

"How did you--" asks Tolkien.

"I got the magic in me," winks Kai.

"I thought only the Black Mage could do that!" says Tolkien in awe.

"Anyways, Ari, Roz, and Yuri are safe, too."

The three girls get their sushi. Roz growls, and the other two girls give their sushi to her, and she licks it up.

"Estrella, Julian, Horatio," says Chris.

The three get their sushi, and Horatio makes a clicking noise.

"Thomas and Gail. Fish Tails, you guys are safe, nobody's going home tonight. Tanukis, one of you will be out. Final sushi goes to..."


"I got sushi. Cool," says Thomas, and he eats the sushi.

"Wait, you guys voted me off just because of that shark? Some team," says Gail.

"We could have died!" says Horatio.

"You were mean to me," says Flora.

Gail starts to cry. A bird flies onto her shoulder, and spits on Flora. She then boards the Insert-Vehicle-Here and leaves.

"What an anti-climactic elimination. She was made to be an early out," says Tolkien.

"I hope we don't become the next Terrible Tikis..." says Vivienne.

"As long as we have you and Kai's magic, we'll be fine. Keep the faith," says Horatio.

The Tanukis leave.

"Who will be the next voted out? Will Julian do something else idiotic?" asks Chris.

"I'm right here, you know," says Julian.

"Findoutnexttimeontotaldramatokyo," says Chris. The episode then ends.

Chapter 4 - Bath House Blues

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants were stuck in Russia. They then went on boats, and did stuff on the boats... Julian was stuck in a deserted island, while Ari and Roz ran into Dolph. Other things happened, and the Dharmas won. The Tanukis voted off Gail, since she made them run into some evil and hungry sharks... Who will get the boot next? Find out today on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The Dharmas are in their cool hotel, hanging out.

"I can't believe we're finally in Tokyo. I've been wanting to go here for so long!" says Casey.

"Uhh, last episode you said that Tokyo was, er, a rude word," says Puck.

"Meh, it doesn't matter. We're here," says Casey. "What do you think our next challenge is gonna be?"

"I don't care," says Neal, while playing a video game.

"I'm with ya, kid," says Layla, while Charles is giving her a sponge bath. "Charles, scrub faster. I ain't getting any younger."

Charles sighs, and scrubs the sponge around Layla's moist body.

Wolfgang is asleep, and snoring loudly.

"He's annoying, I hate people who snore," says Layla. "Charles, wake him up."

"But I'm giving you a sponge bath," says Charles. "You can't expect me to multitask, can you?"

"Actually, I can. Do it," says Layla.

"But Wolfgang's a little, er, dangerous," says Casey.

"So is that chick over there," says Layla, pointing to Delia, who is reading a book in the corner.

Puck approaches Delia. "Hey, what's up? What book is that?"

"You know, it's a book about ponies... You wouldn't care," says Delia softly.

"I LOVE PONIES!" yells Puck. "Can I borrow it?"

"No," says Delia even more softly. "Especially since the ponies are kelpies, ferocious Celtic water spirits that lure you to go into the water, then drag you down to your death."

"Even better..." says Puck nervously.

Puck says in the confessional, "Delia's creepy... But she's hot. And hotness trumps creepiness, any day."

Charles is twiddling his thumbs, while Layla is still in the bathtub.

"Charles, I'm waiting for you to wake up Wolfgang," says Layla.

Charles sighs. He approaches the snoring Wolfgang, and pokes him with a pencil.

Wolfgang tosses and turns in his sleep, grunting.

Charles takes out some scissors, and cuts Wolfgang's hair.

Wolfgang wakes up. He stares at Charles for a moment, then screams at the top of his lungs extremely loudly, in an incredibly deep voice. He then goes back to sleep.

"Is this real life?" asks Puck.

"Yes, Puck, this is real life," says Charles. "Layla, that was painful."

"50 push ups, stat," says Layla.

Charles sighs, and gets on the floor. He rips off his shirt, revealing an extremely buff body with a 12-pack, then does the 50 push ups in less than a second.

"Well then," says Casey.

The scene then changes to the Fish Tails' dorm.

"Four episodes in and no elimination yet. I must say, I thought we were gonna suck @$$, but we're doing a'ight," says Anderson.

"Gee, thanks for the kind words," says Estrella.

"You're welcome, m'lady," says Anderson.

"Anderson, wanna play my new game, Groundrim?" asks Tolkien. "I've been addicted. It's the best game ever."

"Oh, so that's where you've been for the last day and a half. Where did you get the game?" asks Julian, while playing the drums loudly.

"Some shady dude in a dark alley," says Tolkien.

The scene switches to some shady dude in a dark alley. He has a bag full of Groundrim games, and is passing them out to strangers who walk by. He is dressed in a trenchcoat and a top hat, so you cannot see his face.

"Hey, man, can I have a game?" asks a tourist, walking up to him.

"Oh, yes. Here you go," says the guy. He hands the tourist a Groundrim game.

"Thanks, man. You're the best," says the tourist, and he walks away.

The shady guy says to himself, "I forgot to mention that those games are illegally downloaded, and anyone who owns one may be arrested." He then rips off his top hat, and the scene immediately changes before it is revealed who he is.

"I think it was Dolph," says Tolkien. "Sure reminds me of him."

"What would Dolph be doing in Japan?" asks Shawn.

"I don't know man, that Nyan cat can go up to 2000 miles per hour..." says Anderson.

"Hey, babe, what's the haps?" asks Julian, walking up to Estrella.

"Sorry, dude, but I'm really not in the mood. So, get outta here before I do something," says Estrella.

"I'll do something if you and Shawn don't date," says Yuri, popping out of nowhere.

"Shut up, Yuri," says everyone.

"I'll shut you up," says Yuri threateningly. "Oh, by the way, who wants to hear my new fanfic?"

Everyone stares at her, then resumes to what they were doing beforehand.

"Aww, come on, guys. It's an Owen x Brick one. It's called, 'The Brick and the Brick'," says Yuri.

"They weren't even on the same season..." says Shawn.

"Oh, guys, how do you like ROTI so far?" asks Roz, swinging down from the ceiling. "Me and Ari are watching it."

"I didn't want to, but she strapped me to a chair..." says Ari. Roz giggles sheepishly. 

The scene then changes to the Wily Tanukis, or what's left of them.

"You're looking at the new Team Victory, right here," says Thomas.

"Don't be so down on yourself, honey," says Horatio.

"Honey?" says Thomas.

"Honey is a yummy food," says Flora happily. "I also like going to Mickey D's. You guys?"

"I really want to say PJ right now, but that meme is basically over, so I don't want a resurgence..." says Kai. "Who wants to see some magic?"

"I hate magic," says Thomas.

"Don't hate the player, hate the game," says Vivienne.

"I hate the game, too, since I just lost. Darn it, Vivienne," says Thomas.

"Well, do you guys think we have a chance to win the challenge, at all?" asks Vivienne.

"Not really, but whatever. We can go down in history as the crappy team of the season," says Kai.

"Don't be down on yourselves, guys," says Horatio. "Just believe in yourself, and everything will turn out fine."

"Horatio is right," says Flora happily. "If we work together, our goals will be accomplished."

"Don't be so optimistic. We're a failure," says Kai.

"Kai, you still have your magic," says Vivienne. "Don't be sad."

"Failure," says Kai. He then waves his wand and disappears in a cloud of purple smoke.

A noise is then heard outside. The Tanukis, excluding Kai, walk out, and see a gigantic, looming, Japanese building in front of them.

"Funny, I didn't notice that before..." says Thomas.

"Well, hello, everyone," says Chris, floating down. "Thanks to Chef and the Total Drama Tokyo construction crew for constructing this beaut!"

"Oh, man..." says Anderson, looking at the massive building.

"All right, so if you know, this is a bath house," says Chris. "You guys are going to bathe customers, and do other stuff that I tell you to do, all right?"

"Ooh, I like bathing old men!" says Roz.

"Alright, sure. Anyway, you guys have to pick members from the team to fill up the baths and bathe the customers, run the front desks, and make sure nobody eats the food." says Chris. "Believe me. If that food is eaten, there will be SERIOUS consequences. Sound good?"

Puck's stomach growls, and Casey stares at him. "You better not."

"All right, time to split up and start working," says Chris.

The Fish Tails walk to their bath. The people who are running the baths set up their stuff.

Anderson picks up a little pebble and throws it at Layla, on the other team.

"You little twerp. Charles, give him a nice spanking in the buttocks," says Layla.

"Madam, I'd rather not. I'm quite tired," says Charles.

"Oooh. Spank me in the buttocks. Come on, do it," says Anderson, wiggling his butt.

Charles shakes his head, and spanks Anderson extremely hard. His butt gets red.

"Uh, Anderson, don't start a fight," says Roz. "Charles seems feisty."

"I'll get feisty if Julian and Shawn don't date in the next thirty seconds," says Yuri angrily.

"Why? Just why?" says Shawn.

Tolkien stands up. "So, guys, I think we should divide into groups. Me, Anderson, Ari, and Roz can bathe the customers. Julian and Shawn can run the front desk, and Estrella and Yuri can make sure nobody eats the food."

"How did I know?" says Estrella snidely.

"Don't complain, Estrella, we can have fun. I'll tell you about my forum," says Yuri.

"Oy vey," says Estrella, and Yuri grabs Estrella, pulling her to the food tables.

"Uh, guys, will the people we're bathing be..." says Ari. "Clothed?"

"Hopefully," says Tolkien. "Sounds almost as bad as Chatrotate." Ari laughs.

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Yay, Ari's laughing at stuff I say. Either she has a horrible sense of humor or I'm the King of Komedy. Wait, that's my cuz, Kavren."

Anderson takes his clothes off and dives into the bath.

"Whaddya waitin' for, guys? Wanna bathe me?" asks Anderson.

"I don't think you're a customer," says Roz, who is playing with a lighter.

"So? Will someone massage my--" says Anderson.

"EWW NO," says Tolkien.

The bell then rings. Shawn goes over, and lets the first customer in. Elle walks in.

"Hey, guys," says Elle. "I really kind of want a bath."

"I call bathing her," says Tolkien and Anderson simultaneously.

"Relax, guys, there's enough of me to go around. Hehe," says Elle. She takes her shirt off, and puts a towel around her chest, then gets into the bath.

"I'll be..." says Roz. "Anywhere but here."

She climbs onto the ceiling, then disappears.

"So, first, I want you guys to put ointment on my back. I haven't tanned in forever, and it's getting all crackly," says Elle.

Meanwhile, the Mini Dharmas are not doing well.

"We haven't had any customers..." says Casey, from the door.

"And plus, I have all this luscious food in front of me, and I can't eat any of it. I hate you guys," says Neal, in front of the food table.

"I'm content with just taking a bath, personally," says Puck.

Wolfgang flicks Puck.

"Whoa, just take it easy, man," says Puck.

A customer finally rings the bell. "I'm ready to be baaaathed," says a growly voice.

"Let him in," says Casey. Neal walks over to the door and lets the customer in.

"Who wants to take my clothes off for me?" asks Arthur.

"Isabel does," says Layla cunningly.

"I'd love to!" says Isabel. She rushes over to Arthur.

"Wait, no, I was kidding," says Arthur. Isabel takes off Arthur's shirt.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is quality entertainment right here," says Neal.

"I'm fine," says Arthur. He jumps into the tub. "Get your soap ready, peeps."

"I refuse to do this," whispers Delia. Wolfgang grunts, and pushes Delia.

"Wolfie, try to 'chill' out. Come on, hang loose!" says Puck. Wolfgang pushes him into the bath, with Arthur. Some bubbles rise out of Arthur's rear, and Puck vomits in the water, then gets out.

"Charles, since you're the only tolerable person here, bathe Arthur," says Layla.

Charles gets a sponge. "I hate my life," he mutters.

"Aaah, that's the stuff," says Arthur. "This is what I came here for."

"For being sponged by an old crotchety butler?" asks Neal. Charles glares at him.

Puck is looking at the food. He drools, and picks up a chicken wing.

Wolfgang slaps him, and Puck puts it down. Wolfgang then points to his groin, and then the water. He leaves.

The second that Wolfgang leaves, Puck picks up the food and begins to scarf it down.

"OH, CRAP, PUCK, DON'T--" says Neal.

There is a poof, and Puck turns into a pig.

"Oink," says Puck.

The scene changes to Thomas, who is walking around in the lobby.

"I gotta find ointment for Vincent..." he says to himself. "Ooh."

Thomas gets into the elevator. Then, a gigantic blobby spirit gets in with him, as well as three bouncing green heads.

"This is so awkward," says Thomas.

The large spirit farts, and three heads bounce around. "Oi! Oi! Oi!"

Thomas stares awkwardly into space as the elevator keeps moving.

He then gets to the top floor, and the radish spirit and the three heads bounce away. Thomas sighs, and walks into a candlelit room.

"Where am I?" he asks.

"Oh, hey, dude," says Casey. "You're in the ointment shop."

"Why are you here, Casey?" he asks.

"I was looking for ointment. Oh, wait..." says Casey. "I shouldn't be talking to you. Get away from me, you jerk."

"Uhh..." says Thomas. "I just want ointment..."

"Oh, well, get it yourself, I'm not helping you," says Casey. "Stupid unpopular guy."

Thomas walks over to the ointment shelf and picks up the ointment. "There, thanks, I guess."

Casey looks at Thomas. He waves at her awkwardly. She then sprints over to him and begins to make out with him. Thomas gasps for air as Casey is violently kissing him. She then releases him, and his face turns green, and he passes out.

"I'm going to go now..." says Thomas.

"Be the Donny to my Chelsey," says Casey seductively.

Thomas says in the confessional, "What is wrong with that chick? And I thought Vivienne was weird."

Thomas then walks past the elevator, deciding to take the stairs instead.

"Aww, man, I'm so screwed!" yells a naked Anderson, running past Thomas.

"Come back here, you little--" says Roz, running past Thomas as well. "We don't want to do this, but we might have to." Roz takes out a lighter. Ari follows her, as well.

"Please don't kill me!" says Anderson, while running.

"Uhhh, we shouldn't kill him..." says Ari.

"I'm just a poor little boy!" whines Anderson. He then ducks into a corner.

"Where'd he go..." says Ari.

"I got him," says Roz. She finds Anderson, picks him up, and continues running, with Ari running as well.

"Where are we taking him?" asks Ari. "To Chris?"

"No, to the bathroom," says Roz. "He's gonna get his just desserts." Roz puts duct tape on Anderson's mouth.

The three get to the bathroom, and Roz takes a towel from a towel rack. Roz gets it wet, and whips Anderson with it in the butt.

"OW!" yells Anderson.

Ari hands Roz a towel, and she whips Anderson with it, again.

"Come on, guys, spare me! I'm just a poor boy!" asks Anderson.

"No! I'm tired of your shenanigans!" says Roz.

"Roz, this isn't a good idea..." says Ari.

"Calm your moobs, gurl," says Roz.

"Fine, I'll stop complaining and being annoying! Just stop whipping me in the butt with these frickin' towels!" says Anderson.

"Our work here is done. Come on, let's take care of some bid-ness," says Roz. Ari follows her.

Tolkien comes in. "Did it happen again?"

"You got it, dude," says Anderson.

Shawn then comes in. "Guys, it's time for the elimination, meet Chris outside."

"My butt is on fire," whines Anderson, on the ground.

"What's wrong with him?" asks Shawn.

"Towel met butt. Many times. Towel won," says Tolkien, and Shawn cringes. 

Chris meets the contestants outside the bathhouse.

"So here's the deal. Tonight will be a reward challenge, as long as nobody touched the food," says Chris.

"Did anyone touch the food?" asks Horatio.

"Uhhh..." says Neal, holding up a pig with a helmet on.

"Oink," says Puck.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!" yells Chris. "I was afraid that would happen. Which is why I told you specifically not to eat the food."

Chris snaps his fingers, and Puck turns back into a human.

"Uhhh. What just happened?" asks a woozy Puck.

"Nothing, nothing at all. You just hit your head," says Casey.

"So, Dharmas, I'll see you at elimination tonight," says Chris.

"Dang it!" says Layla. "You guys suck. Charles, give me a lollipop."

Charles reaches into his satchel and pulls out a lollipop.

"I licked it, I hope you don't mind," says Charles.

"What do you mean, of course I mind! Clean it up," says Layla.

"But..." says Charles.

"NOW," says Layla.

Charles trots away, and lets out a fart.

Puck says in the confessional, "Aww, man, I'm gonna be out tonight... Darn it. Why did I have to eat that food?"

Casey says in the confessional, "Wolfgang or Puck... I can't stop thinking about my new boyfriend, haha."

Wolfgang angrily votes Puck in the confessional, without saying a word.

Chris meets the Dharmas at elimination.

"So, team, what happened? Thought you were gonna be like Over Nine Thousand," says Chris.

"So did we, but I guess not," says Delia softly.

"Delia, you get sushi, same with Neal," says Chris.

The two get their sushi.

"Isabel, and Layla," says Chris.

"Charles, pass me my--" says Layla. "Oh, wait, he's cleaning off my lollipop."

"Casey," says Chris.

"Why, thank you, Chris," says Casey, as she gets her sushi.

"All right... Wolfgang and Puck. Wolfgang, you're a jerk to Puck, who was turned into a pig because of his own stupidity. The sushi goes to..."


"WHOO, YEAH!" says Puck. "Wait, why Wolfie?!"

Wolfgang stares at Puck for a moment. He then begins to talk, in the highest voice imaginable.

"Puck... I hate you. I always did. You're just too much of a CRETIN to notice it. So just bug off and leave me alone!" he snaps.

"I thought you liked me!" says Puck.

"Liked you? LIKED YOU?!" yells Wolfgang. "MY LIFE IS LIKE A FART!" he screams, then runs away.

"...All righty, then. Who will be out next? Will Puck get through a whole episode without making an ice-related pun? I doubt it, but find out next time on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 5 - Take Me Ohm

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants worked in a bathhouse. The Dharmas experienced some troubles with Arthur, and the Fish Tails won... again. Yeah, I'm starting to think there's something wrong with them. The Dharmas lost, and they voted out Wolfgang, probably for being annoying and rude. He left, but not before he confessed his hatred towards Puck. Who will be out next? Find out now!"

"So, would anyone like to play some sort of game?" asks Charles.

"I hate games," says Layla. "Charles, give me some jelly beans."

"We're all out, you ate them all yesterday," says Charles.

"Well, find more," snaps Layla. "Like, now."

"But the kind of jelly beans you like are not available in Japan," says Charles.

"So? Just cause they may be a little bit hard to find doesn't mean you shouldn't get me any. GO," says Layla.

"So, tell me about yourselves," says Neal, lying in bed with Isabel and Casey.

"Well, I really like ponies. They're so cute," says Isabel.

Neal gasps. "Whaddya know. Me too." He winks.

"Neal, don't you have better things to do?" asks Casey.

"No, not really, actually," says Neal.

Casey goes to the bathroom, and begins to brush her teeth. A bucket falls onto her head from the ceiling.

Delia pops out of a board in the ceiling. "Give me my bucket, please."

"Why did you just throw it at my head?" asks an angry Casey.

"I didn't mean to. It accidentally dropped. Give it," says Delia.

Casey reluctantly hands Delia her bucket.

Delia throws it onto Casey's head again and Casey gets knocked out this time.

Neal looks at the violent scene in the bathroom. "So, Isabel, tell me more."

The camera moves to Puck, all alone in the boys' room, in bed under the covers, playing his Wintendo SD.

"This is great! Now that Neal is talking to the girls, I get the whole guys' room to myself! And that means I can walk around..." says Puck. He pulls off the sheets, revealing... his nude, pixelated body. "Naked."

Neal walks into the room, sees the naked Puck, then slowly backs away.

"Brrrrrrrrr," says Puck. "It's cold without any clothes!" Puck then finds a spotted, leopard-print loincloth and puts it on. "There, that's better." He then picks up a book.

Casey walks in. "What are you doing?"

"I'm readin'," says Puck. "Ever done it before?"

"Nope, I hate reading, unless it's Gossipy Gurl, or The Secret Life Of The Canadian Adolescent," says Casey.

"That's poor, Casey. You gotta occasionally read a book, or you'll fall behind the times," says Puck.

"Ugh, Puck, I'm trying to concentrate," says Casey.

"On what?" asks Puck. "All you're doing is talking to me."

"Why are you wearing a loincloth, anyways?" asks Casey.

"Why aren't you wearing one?" winks Puck.

Casey groans, then walks away.

Casey says in the confessional, "Puck is so annoying, it's not even funny. My whole team sucks. Except for Isabel, but she's an idiot. Sigh... Although, I think I could do some things with Puck. Let's see how this turns out." She laughs evilly.

"Yo, so, Casey-o, whatcha wann--" says Puck.

Casey runs up to Puck and begins to kiss him violently. Puck gasps for air, but Casey does not let go until about twenty seconds later, then she skips away.

"See you later, sweetie," she says cheerfully.

Neal walks into the room.

"What just happened?" he asks suspiciously.

"I..." says Puck. "Something very 'cool' happened..."

Neal says in the confessional, "All right, there's something weird about that Casey. She's up to no good."

Kai then walks into the room.

"Who's the weirdo in the top hat?" asks Layla, walking in.

"I'm Kai, the amazing magician," says Kai. "Surprised you don't know me."

"And, why are you here?" asks Neal.

Chris then walks in.

"Kai here is going to be joining your team! The other team, the Tanukis, will get Casey and Puck," says Chris.

"What?!" yell Casey and Puck simultaneously.

"Vivienne is controlling Kai, and he needs to have personality, like magic tricks. Casey and Puck need to be on the Tanukis cause Thomas is on there. Ha," says Chris.

A flashback is shown to Casey making out with Thomas the day before.

"Oh no..." mutters Casey.

"What's up, my chill babe? Polar bear got your tongue?" asks Puck.

"Uhhhh..." says Casey. "I'll be right back."

She runs into the bathroom, and pukes. She then comes out.

"All right, so I'll get my stuff ready," says Puck. He gets his suitcase and leaves.

Kai plops down on Puck's old bed.

"Great, 'tis warm," he says sarcastically.

"So you're on our team now?" asks Isabel.

"No, he's not, Chris just said he was a billion times," says Neal.

"Ohhhh. Silly Chris. Hehe," says Isabel.

The scene changes to Puck and Casey, walking to the Tanukis' room.

Casey is holding Puck's hand. "Your hands are cold."

"I know. That's what living with th' penguins can do to ya," says Puck.

"Oh, Puck, you're so cute," says Casey. She makes out with Puck again.

Puck says in the confessional, "All right, I don't mind all this kissin', but Casey is kind of weird. Doesn't she like that Thomas guy?"

Casey says in the confessional, "Do I like Thomas or Puck?"

Casey and Puck walk into the Tanukis' room, still holding hands.

Thomas looks up from a video game. "Uh..."

Thomas says in the confessional, "Man, that Casey chick is really screwed up."

Vivienne walks to the door. "You guys are our new team members?"

"Indeed, we are. What's up?" asks Puck.

"Nothing much," says Horatio, walking to the two while snapping his fingers. "This is the chill zone."

"I'm glad you guys are part of our team," says Flora happily.

"Who's she? I've never noticed her," says Puck.

"Meh, she's just there," says Horatio.

Vivienne begins to sniffle. "I miss Kai already."

"Get over it, and you can see him when, if, you make the merge," says Thomas.

The Fish Tails are chilling out in their dorm.

"Roz, what are you doing?" asks Anderson.

Roz is at the computer, looking at disturbing pictures.

"I enjoy expressing myself," she says.

Roz then clicks on another file, and it is a large picture of Chappy.

"This is Chappy," she says.

"No, this is Patrick," says Anderson.

"No... This... Is... SPARTAAAA!" yells Julian.

"No, this is the-author-is-running-out-of-ideas-and-has-to-resort-to-internet-memes," says Tolkien.

"True dat," says Julian.

Ari comes down. "I'm not even gonna..."

"Oh, Ari, just in time, wanna join us in our fun?" asks Roz.

Ari moves away from Roz and sits on the couch.

Tolkien walks to the couch and sits next to Ari.

"Hey..." he says.

"Hi..." says Ari.

"What's the haps?" asks Tolkien.

"Heh, he's trying to be cool. Trust me, kid, it all goes downhill from here," says Estrella, reading a book.

"My life will all go downhill from here if Julian and Shawn don't date in the next 60 seconds." says Yuri, popping up.

"I don't find your humor funny," says Estrella dryly.

"I don't find your status as Julian's beard funny," says Yuri.

"Your mom doesn't find what we did in bed last night funny," says Anderson.

"Anderson, that's gross," says Tolkien.

"I live to be gross," says Anderson.

Chris is shown watching the contestants' interactions.

"All right, the crude humor is really getting annoying. Chef, if you please?" asks Chris.

Chef pushes a button, and a burlap sack drops from the sky and onto Anderson.

"Mmrpht! Schmrph!" says Anderson, muffled.

"Let's keep him in there," says Estrella. "It will be fun."

"Indeed, it certainly will," says Julian.

"Don't agree with me," says Estrella. "It annoys me."

Anderson says something vulgar within the sack.

"How did he even say that?" asks Tolkien.

"Who knows? And who cares," says Estrella.

Julian says in the confessional, "All right, Estrella is hot, but she sure isn't nice. Man, what can I do to win her over?"

Tolkien walks over to the computer and gets on HeadNovel.

"Oh, you have a HeadNovel? I'll friend you," says Julian. "What's your last name?"

"That's personal info," says Tolkien.

"Good, same here. I'll change my HN last name to Flexkdhnsvrjst," says Julian.

Estrella is reading a book. "HeadNovel is for losers who have no social life and must resort to fake-socializing on an Internet site."

"So, I guess that makes me a loser who has no social life and must resort to fake-socializing on an Internet site," says Julian.

"Yup," says Estrella.

"Whatever, I can live with that," says Julian.

The scene changes to the contestants, who are being brought up on a gigantic hot air balloon.

"Chris, what are we doing that requires the use of a hot air balloon?" says Casey.

"You'll see. Be patient!" he snaps.

"'Cause this doesn't really look like Japan," says Yuri.

"Your mom doesn't really look like Japan," says Anderson crudely.

The contestants get out of the balloon and onto a circular platform in the middle of the sky.

Thunderclouds are booming, and five people in hoods are on smaller platforms hovering in the air.

"Hey, this reminds me of a minigame I played in Super Jario Fiesta," says Tolkien.

"Oh, yeah, I'm Coming Ohm?" asks Julian.

"Yeah, cause the writers totally didn't play Jario Fiesta and jot down notes because they couldn't think of Japanese challenges," says Chris. "I swear."

"Ugh, Chris, you get worse every episode," says Estrella. "So, what are the rules?"

"Well, you guys will all be dumped onto the platform. The five people in hoods will control a barrage of ohms, which will attack you and zap you. You must jump over the ohms in order to survive. If an ohm ray hits you, you're out, and the last one standing wins invincibility for their team," says Chris.

"Are you sure this is safe?" asks Puck.

"No, not really," says Chris.

"And who are those weird hooded guys?" asks Kai.

"Well, guys, introduce yourselves, will ya?" says Chris.

The first three hooded figures take off their hoods and are revealed to be three nondescript interns.

"Yawn," says Chris. "Okay, the next one is more interesting, I promise." 

The fourth hooded person reveals to be Dolph.

"Hello, chaps, ready to die?" he says nefariously.

"Aw, man, Chris, you had to bring him back again?" asks Shawn.

"Man, I hated that guy so much," says Neal.

"Would you guys like to give me a hundred bucks, or get blasted by ohms?" asks Dolph.

"I kinda want to get blasted by ohms," says Anderson.

Chris puts on a boombox and it starts to play heavy metal music.

"Okay, and the fifth shadow figure is also an intern, ready to go?" asks Chris.

Mattie rips off her hood. "I'm not an intern."

"Well, someone who nobody cares about, ready to go?" asks Chris.

"Nobody cares about me..." mutters Flora. "But I'm happy."

"READY TO GO?" asks Chris.

"Uh, sure," says everyone.

Chris blows a whistle, and the challenge begins.

Dolph pulls a lever, and sends an ohm flying towards Anderson.

The ohm zaps Anderson in the butt, and sends him flying.

"Ouchies!" he says. "My arse!"

"Quit complaining, you're gonna lose it for our team," says Estrella, while sitting down and reading a book.

An ohm zaps Estrella's book and it disintegrates. Another ohm zaps Estrella's hair, and it sticks up, all spiky.

"Purrrfect," she says, and she sits in the sidelines.

An ohm is flying towards Layla and Charles.

"Charles, be my human shield!" says Layla.

Charles runs away extremely quickly.

Isabel walks by Layla.

"Isabel, you be my human shield," says Layla.

"I don't wanna!" says Isabel. "I wanna win the challenge! Teehee!"

"Be my human shield, you runt!" says Layla.

Layla pushes Isabel in front of her, but an ohm zaps both of them.

"Gee, thanks a lot," says Layla.

Charles, whose head is completely black from most likely getting zapped by an ohm, walks over towards the girls.

"Layla, I'm getting tired of your antics," says Charles.

Kai is dodging the ohms. An ohm then appears thanks to Dolph, and begins rolling towards Kai.

"Kai, I'll save you!" says Vivienne, rushing towards him.

"I do not need to be saved, plus you're on the other team!" says Kai.

Vivienne starts to cry, then teleports.

The ohm is getting closer to Kai.

"Razzamafoo!" says Kai, waving his wand. The ohm turns into chocolate rain.

The chocolate rain sprinkles on Kai, and he licks it up.

"Whoa, how did you do that?" asks Puck.

"Magic," says Kai. "Do not question."

"I didn't," says Puck.

"Uh-huh," says Kai.

An ohm then zaps both of them. Kai's hat and Puck's helmet turn into dust.

Neal is standing in the middle of the stadium.

An ohm zaps his foot, and his shoe falls off.

"What the--?" asks Neal.

Dolph throws a banana at Neal, and it hits him in the head.

"Is he allowed to do that?" asks Delia. "Because I'm not afraid to do stuff."

"He's not technically competing on the show, so he can do anything he wants," says Chris.

Dolph throws a watermelon at Delia, and laughs obnoxiously. Delia takes out a knife, and Dolph quits laughing and jumps off the side of the stadium.

Ohms then zap many of the other contestants.

Tolkien is shown running away with Ari.

"Ari, save me!" says Tolkien. He jumps into Ari's arms.

"Uh, Tolkien, can you get off of me?" asks Ari.

Tolkien wets his pants, then tumbles away, straight into an ohm.

"Aaaieeee," he says, rolling around.

"All right, now I feel bad..." says Ari.

"Don't!" says Roz. She falls out of the sky, scoops Ari up, then runs away. "Come on!"

An ohm is following them. It quickly catches up to them, then zaps them.

Horatio then emerges from a bush. He looks around, and sees that everyone is gone.

"Chris, where is everyone?" he asks.

Chris points to the sidelines, where everyone is. They are all burnt, with their hair sticking up or some of their clothes burnt/gone.

"I took two hours fixing this hair this morning," whines Layla.

Tolkien is hugging Ari and sighing.

"Can you get off of me? It's kinda creepy," says Ari.

"Yeah, the only reason guys hug girls is so they can feel the girls' boobies," says Roz.

Everyone stares at Roz.

"It's true, actually," says Estrella. "Very true." She narrows her eyes at Julian.

"What?" says Julian innocently.

Chris then speaks on his loudspeaker. "Since Horatio is the last one standing, the Tanukis win! Somehow. Maybe it's because of Casey and Puck. But whatever, Fish Tails, wanna go to elimination?"

"Dammit!" says Anderson loudly.

Julian says in the confessional, "Yuri's nuts. I hate her humor, and her fanfictions are scary, dude. But Anderson's annoying. Who to vote out?"

Anderson says in the confessional, while naked, "Yup. Just loungin' around. I really like bein' in the buff, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, and also it's kind of freeing. Don't even ask, dude."

Ari says in the confessional, "I really like this alliance-with-Roz thing, but she's dangerous..."

Yuri says in the confessional, "If something specific doesn't happen very soon, someone's gonna get dangerous."

Chris is at the elimination. "Sushi bags go to Roz, Tolkien, and Julian."

The three collect their sushi bags.

"And Ari, and Shawn. Also Estrella." says Chris.

"I couldn't care less," says Estrella.

"Yuri and Anderson. Final sushi goes to..."

"Yuri. Honestly, I'm shocked."

"You know what? Whatever," says Anderson. "I don't need this dumb show anyway."

"Anderson, I honestly don't think you're that horrible of a human being," says Tolkien. 

"I do!" says Roz gleefully, and Ari stares at her. 

Chef pushes an angry-looking Anderson into the Insert-Vehicle-Here, and he then drives off.

"I hate all of you!" he says, while trailing off.

"Who will go next? Find out... next. See ya," says Chris, signing off the episode.

Chapter 6 - Puckémon

“Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants had an electric challenge. The Tanukis won, or did the Dharmas? I don’t even remember. But whatever, I know that the Fish Tails lost, and they voted off Anderson, mostly just for being extremely irritating. Yuri, who's also pretty irritating, was somehow saved! Shocking, huh. All right, time to check in on the contestants. McLean out.”

The Fish Tails are in their dorm. Tolkien is slumped onto the couch.

“Why are you so sad that Anderson’s gone again? That means you get some quality time with Ari. Sounds good, eh?” says Julian, in an attempt to cheer up Tolkien.

“I don’t care, man. Anderson gave me good advice on how to pick up chicks, including Ari,” says Tolkien.

“Yeah, but I can give you advice, too. Ever thought of that?” asks Julian.

“All right. That will work. What do you have?” asks Tolkien.

“Well, first of all, don’t wear cologne. Girls don’t like cologne unless they like gross, pompous jocks, and you’re not a gross, pompous jock. So, yeah, no cologne. Let your pits develop a natural smell. That’s what I do, and you know Estrella loves me," says Julian.

“She really doesn’t, but whatever, go on,” says Tolkien.

“All right. Also, you can’t be too obvious. Girls think you’re creepy when you’re constantly trying to flirt with them and whatnot. So, don’t spend all of your time with the girl trying to hit on her,” says Julian.

“But that’s exactly what you do…” says Tolkien.

“Fine, whatever. One more thing, ditch the cards. Girls think they’re dorky, and you don’t want to look like a nerd in front of a hot girl,” says Julian.

“But I am a nerd. You know what, your advice sucks. I’m going to a more reliable source,” says Tolkien, and he walks away.

“Whatever, it’s his loss…” says Julian after Tolkien is gone. “Besides, since Shawn is showering, who’s a reliable source on this team?”

The scene switches to Tolkien, who’s upstairs with Roz.

“All right, so ya want girl advice, eh?” says Roz. “I can help you, if you want. Hehe.”

“Fine, Roz. But only because Anderson is gone, and Julian sucks at advice. What do you think? How can I impress Ari?” pleads Tolkien.

“Well, first of all, you can’t. She doesn’t like you, man. But you can still try to win her over or whatever. First of all, you should wear cologne, she likes it. She thinks it smells good,” says Roz.

Ari walks in to the room. “What’s going on here…?”

Roz suddenly screams at the top of her lungs, and Ari leaves quickly.

“All right, back to girls,” says Roz. “You should try to flirt with her whenever you can, since the more you flirt, the better chance you have of winning her over. Girls like that too, unless they’re into gross, pompous jocks.”

“I’m going to kill Julian...” says Tolkien quietly.

“Eh?” asks Roz.

“Nothing,” says Tolkien quickly.

“Also, one more thing. You gotta keep th’ cards. Ari secretly loves Luncheons and Laggins…” Roz realizes what she has just said. “Oops. Sorry. I’m an idiot.”

“She does?!” screams Tolkien. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“She’s super self-conscious about it, so don’t mention it. She has a secret stash in her backpack, though,” says Roz. “Don’t look.”

Tolkien runs over to Ari’s backpack.

“...or you can look. But heed my warning,” says Roz.

Tolkien digs through for a few seconds, then pulls out a golden, glittering card. “OH… MY… GOD...” he says loudly.

“What?” yells Roz.

“Ari has… the rarest card in the Devil’s Stronghold expansion pack… Oh my god, the Moss Giant… 1500 attack, 3600 defense, 30 speed. Obviously, speed isn’t its forte, hehe. But still, I want this thing so bad!” says Tolkien.

“Steal it,” says Roz.

"Why would I do that? I want Ari to like me, not to try and kill me!" says Tolkien.

"Yeah, but it would be pretty frickin' funny," says Roz. Tolkien stares at her. "It would," says Roz.

Estrella says in the confessional, "Seems that our team is a gigantic love dodecahedron. Yuri likes Shawn and Julian's pairing, while Julian likes me, and I like, er, nobody, then Tolkien likes Ari, but he also likes Roz, and Ari doesn't like Tolkien, and I have no idea about Shawn... Wow, such a screwed up team, hope I get voted off next... But then I wouldn't be with Jul-- I mean, Roz. Yeah, definitely Roz. DARN!"

Yuri says in the confessional, "Seriously, if Julian and Shawn don't date in the next episode..." She pauses. "All right, this thing has taken over my personality. Time to write some inappropriate yuri fanfictions! Yeeeep! I just really hope that my secret crush on Shawn doesn't get in the wa... Wait, what did I just say? DARN!"

Ari says in the confessional, "Tolkien's cute. But I don't know if I want to date him, since he's kinda weird... Let me see what he does today."

The scene changes to the Mini Dharmas, in their dorm.

"Ugh, this crossword puzzle is so irritating," says Layla, reading a magazine. "Charles, solve it for me."

"But I don't know how to do crossword puzzles. It was the one thing I never learned," says Charles. Layla flashes him a grimace, and he takes the crossword puzzle.

Charles says in the confessional, "Layla is not a nice girl."

"Ooh, I love wordcross puzzles, Layla. They're soooo fun," says Isabel.

Charles says in the confessional, "Isabel is a very nice girl."

"Charlie, can I help you? This is so fun!" says Isabel happily.

"Here, it's all yours." Charles throws the crossword puzzle magazine at Isabel's face, and she topples over.

Delia is jotting down notes in her notepad. Her notepad reads, "Blonde rude @#$%& must go, now. Stupid one may be a valuable ally. The butler is a tool, and Mr. Top Hat is somewhat all right."

There is a puff of smoke. Kai appears next to Delia. "Whatcha doooin'?" he asks.

"None of your business. Besides, why should I tell you? You can't be trusted," says Delia.

"Oh, you are mistaken, I can totally be trusted. Except around my older brother. I hate him so much," says Kai.

"Tell me about him," says Delia. "Now."

"Well, he's a jerk, and he's always pushing me around and stuff," says Kai.

"Cool," says Delia.

"And he likes to think he's better than me, which he is not," says Kai.

Neal appears. "Who, me? Cause I'm better than you guys."

"Neal, can you leave? We're trying to have a conversation," says Kai.

Neal shakes his head, and leaves.

"So, uh, Delia, where were we at?" says Kai, attempting to restart the conversation.

"There's the door," says Delia rudely.

Kai looks at the door, then exits out of it.

Kai says in the confessional, "Is it weird that I find Delia somewhat attractive?"

The scene changes to the Wily Tanukis' bedroom.

"So, guys, this team sure is 'cool'. I love you guys," says Puck.

"I love you too, Puck," says Flora. "I try to be kind to everyone."

"Even though you have no personality?" says Thomas.

"Yes, I have a lot of personality, thank you very much," says Flora. Thomas throws a pillow at Flora. "Ow," says Flora blandly.

Horatio shakes his head. "Thomas, chill out, dude."

"All right, small boy," says Thomas.

Casey comes out of the bathroom. Her hair is straightened, she is wearing make up and eyeliner, and she looks overall gorgeous.

"Oh my god..." exclaim Puck and Thomas simultaneously.

"Yeah, hey guys," says Casey. "Like my makeover?"

There is a boinging noise. Puck looks at his trousers.

"That's borderline-R rating," says an offscreen voice.

"Willie, you should be monitoring the censors." says another one.

"I miss Kai..." says Vivienne. "It isn't the same without him."

"Meh, he didn't do much," says Thomas.

"Yeah, but even his presence could brighten up someone's day..." says Vivienne.

"I beg to differ," says Casey.

"Excuse me?" asks Vivienne.

"Never mind..." says Casey. "Just, never mind."

Chris walks into the cabin.

"Today's challenge is gonna be super fun, guys. You ready?" asks Chris.

"Actually, no, not really, and what do you mean by fun?" asks Puck.

"You'll see. Heck, we even named the challenge after you!" says Chris.

"Is it hockey?!" asks Puck gleefully.

"How does 'hockey' relate to 'Puck'?" asks Chris. He thinks for a moment. "No, it's not hockey."

"Is it something that doesn't have to do with Japan at all?" asks Horatio. "Because it seems that we've had a lot of those."

"It kind of has to do with Japan, or at least, something that was made in Japan," says Chris.

Chris meets the contestants outside. He has a large trunk of costumes.

"Today's challenge is called 'Puckemon!'" says Chris. Everyone groans.

"Whoo, I love Pogeyman! I have every single game!" says Tolkien.

Ari says in the confessional, "Man, Tolkien plays Pogeyman? So do I, but I don't feel like saying anything... He'll just like me even more... Ugh."

"The three teams will all dress up as Puckemon and battle. You can use 'moves' and stuff, and basically it's a LARP," says Chris.

"Eww, I can't be seen doing this. I have to be a Trainer," says Layla.

"Sorry, the trainers will be Chef, Billy the intern, and Smoothie Guy," says Chris. "You're gonna be a Poke, Layla."

"Ugh, Charles, tell him to let me be a trainer," says Layla.

"Actually, I think it will be very enjoyable to see you in a big blobby costume," says Charles.

"You irritate me!" Layla stomps on Charles' foot.

"Oh, also, you guys can't choose which Puckemon you're going to be. We got the ones with the closest names to yours," says Chris.

"Tolkepi?" jokes Tolkien.

"Actually, yes," says Chris, and he tosses a gigantic egg costume to Tolkien.

"Ugh," says Tolkien, putting on the egg costume. "I look stupid."

"You're all going to look stupid soon, so deal with it, or you're out," says Chris.

An intern tosses Shawn a Pikachu costume, Ari an Ariados costume, Roz a Roserade costume, Julian a Reuniclus costume, Estrella a Gothitelle costume, Yuri a Jirachi costume, and then holds up a Charmander costume.

"Hey, why isn't there anyone for this Charmander?" asks the intern.

"Well, since 'Charmanderson' left last episode, there's nobody to put it on," says Chris.

"Just give it to me," says Horatio.

The intern tosses Horatio the Charmander costume.

Horatio puts on the costume, and it is extremely tight.

Puck giggles at Horatio, but is then tossed a Piplup costume.

"Hey, why can't I be 'Puckachu'?" whines Puck.

"Tough luck, man. Pikachu went to Shawn," says Chris.

"But 'Shawnkachu' doesn't sound any good!" complains Puck.

Chris ignores Puck, and gives Thomas a Torterra costume, Flora a Dunsparce costume, and Casey an Infernape costume. Vivienne gets a Misdreavus costume.

"Hey, this costume kind of matches my personality," says Vivienne.

Vivienne disappears. She then reappears with the costume on.

"How did you... Never mind," says Casey.

Chef comes in with the last set of costumes, and gives Layla a Lickilicky costume, Kai an Alakazam costume, Isabel a Marill costume, Neal a Nidoran costume, and Delia a Gardevoir costume.

"Hey, can I be the mascot?" asks Neal, putting the costume on.

"We can't see your face," says Kai.

"Isn't that the point of a mascot?" says Neal. He bounces around, and falls on his butt.

"Eww, what is this?" says Layla, holding up her Lickilicky costume. "It's ugly."

"No, it's super pretty!" says Isabel. "I love it!"

"Well, I don't. Let me trade costumes with you, Isabel," says Layla angrily.

"No! I like mine. Heehee," says Isabel.

"All right. Weird girl. Gimme your costume," says Layla.

Delia stares at Layla creepily.

"Please?" says Layla.

Delia does nothing, then walks away.

"You need to try to be respectful to others. People like that when you respect them," says Charles.

"Shut up, Charles, I don't need your crap," says Layla.

Chris, who is dressed as Ash Ketchum, blows a horn.

"Hey, Ash McLean here, and the first battle is going to be between... Ari and Casey!"

"But, that's unfair. Bug-types are weak to Fire-types..." says Ari.

Tolkien stares at her.

"I mean, I was just assuming, because fire burns stuff, and yeah..." says Ari.

Ari says in the confessional, "I have to make sure Tolkien doesn't find out that I like this kind of stuff. Or else he'll never leave me alone. What to do..."

Roz says in the confessional, "Hehe. Ari and Tolkien. What a weird couple. Maybe I should boot Tolky so Ari can have some time with just me."

"All right, you two, wanna start the battle?" says Chris.

"No, not really..." says Ari.

"YEAH!" yells Casey enthusiastically.

"3... 2... 1... GO!" says Chris.

Ari just stands there. "Wait, who has higher speed?"

"Obviously me!" says Casey.

Ari says in the confessional, "Well, I knew that Infernape is one of the fastest Fire-types, and Ariados doesn't really do anything special... I'm so pathetic."

Casey uses 'Flame Wheel', and she spins around, spraying ketchup from her pocket.

The ketchup hits Ari, and she sways to the side.

"Ariados has taken 20 damage!" says Chris. "She is in danger of fainting!"

"Wait, but I only took 20," says Ari dubiously.

"Yeah, but did I forget to mention that all the Puckemon are level 1?" asks Chris.

"Wait, that's impossible. Almost all of us are evolved forms, and Infernape learns Flame Wheel at level 21..." says Ari. "I mean, I'm just assuming."

"Wow, your babe sure does know a lot about Pogeymans for someone who doesn't play it," says Julian from the sidelines. Tolkien says nothing, wearing a wide grin.

Casey sprays more ketchup at Ari.

"Uh, I'm gonna use... Spider Web!" says Ari.

"You can't!" says Chris. "Ariados learns it at level 32! You can only use String Shot and Bug Bite!"

"That's so rigged!" yells Roz from the sidelines. "Why does Casey get to learn all that stuff?!"

"Hey, don't complain, chica," says Puck. "Casey's my teammate, so she can win."

"Aw, just shut up, you little runt," says Roz.

"I pride myself on being a little runt," says Puck.

"I'm really not sure how to respond to that," says Roz.

Casey then uses Blast Burn, and throws ketchup-filled balloons at Ari.

"This ketchup doesn't even look like fire!" says Ari, right before one hits her in the face and she keels over.

"Ariados has fainted! Infern-casey, you can move to the next round!" says Chris.

"Cool, I think," says Casey.

"Trainer Dharma is about to send out Nealdoran. Would you like to switch Pokemon?" says Chris.

"Uh, sure, bring in Tomterra," says Casey.

Casey leaves, and Thomas in his Torterra costume comes out.

"Let's rock this thing!" says Thomas.

"GO!" yells Chris.

Thomas uses 'Razor Leaf' against Neal, which consists of sprinkling leaves over Neal's head.

"Ow, that hurt," says Neal flatly.

"Grass is ineffective! The move does 0 damage!" says Chris.

"Suck on that, Tomterra!" says Neal. "I use Poison Sting!"

Neal takes out a needle, and pokes Thomas with it.

"Ow, that hurt! What was that for?" says Thomas.

"Hey man, I want to win as much as you do," says Neal.

Thomas gets woozy, and passes out.

"And Nealdoran has won! Now, the score is 1-1-0, with the Fish Tails way behind. Will Shawnkachu be able to pull out a victory against the hulking Laylicky?"

Layla struts out in her big, bulbous costume.

"This is ruining my social status," says Layla.

Shawn comes out in a Pikachu costume.

"I guess this will be tolerable," says Shawn.

"GO!" yells Chris.

Layla uses 'Slam', and runs into Shawn at full force.

"Ow!" says Shawn. "My kiwis!"

"Shawnkachu has taken 40 damage!" says Chris. "He only has 0.9 HP left!"

"Can I use a Max Revive?" asks Shawn.

"Sorry, your pockets are empty!" says Chris.

"And also, having 0.9 HP isn't even possible," says Shawn.

"GET ON WITH IT!" yells Chef from the sidelines.

"Go, Shawn!" says Yuri loudly. "Impress your boyfriend!"

Julian glares at Yuri. "Okay, that's getting old."

Shawn uses Thunderbolt, hitting Laylicky with a foam thunderbolt.

"Ow," says Layla sarcastically.

"Laylicky's ability, 'Thick Fat' prevents damage from being done!" says Chris.

"Hey, but Lickilicky can't even have Thick Fat! And that's not what it does, that's Wonder Guard," says Tolkien loudly.

"You tell him, man!" yells Julian.

"Guys, quit your whining!" says Chris. "If I hear one more thing, I'll have to cut the challenge short."

Shawn gets all sweaty and faints.

"Shawnkachu has taken damage due to fatigue! He can no longer battle, so he's out!" says Chris.

Shawn makes a rude hand gesture to Chris.

"And since Laylicky has won, the score is 2-1-0! This last round will determine the winner!" says Chris.

"But we're already winning!" says Kai.

"Shhh, it's funny to see them march around in stupid costumes. LAST ROUND is Pucklup versus Rozrade!" says Chris.

"Remember, Grass is weak to Water!" says Ari.

Tolkien stares at Ari.

"I find it suspicious that you know all this stuff, and you say you've never played a Pogeyman game," says Tolkien.

"Listen, I have something to tell you..." says Ari.

Tolkien grins widely, and a foam thunderbolt hits Ari in the face.

"Never mind, it's nothing," says Ari.

Tolkien shakes his head sadly.

"Meh, man, you'll be a'ight," says Julian.

Chris looks at the battlefield. Puck is standing on top of a fainted Roz.

"What the crap just happened? He just kicked me in the boob!" says Roz. "Is that even a move?"

"No, but it attracts excited teenage viewers. So, the Dharmas win!" says Chris.

"Wait, I'm not on the Dharmas anymore," says Puck.

"Yeah, but you guys win too, I guess. So, the Fish Tails have to go to elimination!" says Chris.

"Dang it!" says Shawn.

"That was so screwy," says Yuri.

"I'll see you guys later, at elimination," says Chris.

Julian says in the confessional, "Yuri probably should get my vote, but y'know, I'm having second thoughts about various things."

Shawn says in the confessional, "I vote Yuri."

Roz says in the confessional, "Shawn, dude, you weren't that great today."

Estrella is asleep in the confessional. She wakes up, and says. "Meh."

Tolkien is talking to Roz and Ari on the bed.

"So, guys, who are you voting?" asks Tolkien.

"We're thinking Shawn," says Roz. "You?"

"Aw, but Shawn's my friend. I might have to vote Yuri," says Tolkien.

"Yuri's creepy, that's for sure, but Shawn's a threat, plus he screwed up in the challenge," says Roz.

"We all kinda did..." says Ari.

"That's not my point," says Roz.

"Darn it..." says Tolkien.

Chris meets the contestants at the elimination ceremony.

"Tolkien, Julian, and Estrella, you three get sushi," says Chris.

Tolkien eats his sushi, and is looking nervous, while Julian tries to fist-bump Estrella.

"Nice try, dude," says Estrella. "Not in the mood."

"Hey, you just rhymed," says Julian.

"And you just lost the game," says Estrella.

"Dang it!" yells Julian.

"Aaaand... Roz," says Chris. He tosses Roz the sushi, and she catches it in her mouth.

"Yuri, Shawn, and Ari. One of you is safe tonight," says Chris dramatically.

"Wait, but there's three of us left," says Shawn.

"Did I mention the double elimination?" says Chris. Everyone gasps.

"Anyways, the final sushi goes to..."

"Yuri. Other two, see ya."

Yuri catches her sushi, and cheers.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what just happened?" asks Shawn. "I mean, I can understand why you booted me, but Ari? What did she do?"

Shawn gets into the Insert-Vehicle-Here, and waves to his team.

"I don't know. She's just... I don't know, there's something up with her," says Julian.

"All right, guys. I love Pogeyman. I'm not-so-secretly obsessed with it. I also like Luncheons and Laggins..." says Ari.

"Whoa, me too!" says Tolkien.

"I know..." says Ari. "Anyways, I'll miss you, Roz."

Roz is bursting into tears. "Just... go... BWAAAAA!"

"Ari, I'll sure miss you. You were cool, and nice, and stuff... It will be weird without you," says Tolkien.

Ari climbs into the Insert-Vehicle-Here. "Aww, Tolkien, come here."

Ari gives Tolkien a little kiss on the cheek. Tolkien turns red and passes out.

"Wait, it's becoming canon?!" yells Yuri. "NOOOO!"

"See you, everyone," says Ari. She smiles, waves, and heads towards the van. "One more thing, I'd like Tolkien to have this."

Ari reaches into her pocket and pulls out the Moss Giant card that Tolkien found earlier.

Tolkien gapes at the card. He blushes, and takes the card.

"I'll be sure to take good care of it," says Tolkien, in awe.

Ari gets into the van, and Shawn drives off with Ari.

"Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next time on... Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 7 - Skit in my Pants

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants did some weird Pokemon-type LARP thing. I don't even really know how to describe it. Puck won for the Dh-- oh, wait, no, he didn't. I really don't remember who won, or what team, but the Fish Tails lost for the second time in a row, and what do you know, it was a double elimination! They decided to boot out Shawn, who did really badly in the challenge, and for some reason, Ari. Poor old Tolkien, but at least he got the girl of his dreams! Well, kind of. She gave him a really rare trading card and kissed him for a split second. This recap is getting long, so let's see what happens next, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The Fish Tails are in their dorm. Tolkien and Julian are playing video games.

"So, we're really the only guys left on this team?" asks Tolkien.

"Yeah, unless, you know, Yuri is hiding something else from us," says Julian.

"Man, I miss Ari," says Tolkien. "She was really nice. And she, like, understood me or whatever."

"Maybe you could teach me your nerdy card game thingy. I might be good at it," says Julian.

"No thanks, I'm not in the mood. Besides, you're already crappy at this video game," says Tolkien.

Julian scoffs, then gets up and goes to his room. "I feel like takin' a nap. Later."

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Maybe I should just quit. Without Ari, I feel pretty empty. Sigh..."

Roz is lying in bed, slumped over. Julian walks in.

"Hey, I thought this was my room. What are you doing?" asks Julian.

"Imissarrrrrriiiiii," says Roz sadly.

"You know, just because one person is gone, doesn't mean this team has to turn into a depress-a-palooza. Let's pretend that, uh, Estrella is Ari. A'ight? It'll be just as good," says Julian.

Estrella walks in with a book. She sits down. Julian tosses her a can of hair dye and one of Ari's outfits. "Go crazy."

"What are you doing?" asks Estrella warily. "I'm not Ari, you know. Or, at least I hope you know."

"Be Ari. Just for today," says Roz.

"No," warns Estrella. "I'm not in the mood."

"Look, kiddo, do you wanna get eliminated and put in a bodybag?" says Roz angrily.

"All right, fine, but just for today. If I have to do it any more, I'll be super angry. Even more so than I already am. This is your warning," says Estrella, and she leaves.

"Wow, she didn't really seem that happy..." says Julian.

"YOU DON'T SAY," says Roz obnoxiously.

Yuri walks in. Her eyeliner is dripping, and she doesn't look very pleasant.

"Oh my god, what happened to you, Yuri?" asks Julian, shocked.

"Shawn is gawn," says Yuri. "What am I supposed to do now?!"

"Maybe you could try acting like a normal person," says a small voice.

Yuri looks around angrily. "Who said that?"

"C'est moi, mademoiselle," Estrella walks out, dressed as Ari. "You know, I should start being nice now."

"You really should," says Julian. "You know, you look hot dressed as Ari."

"Oh, go--" Estrella's inappropriate language is censored.

Tolkien walks in. "LOL, Estrella, is that you?"

"Yes, it is. Can I stop being Ari now?" she whines.

Roz gives Estrella a death glare and pulls out a knife.

"All righty then, I guess I'm still Ari," says Estrella. "...Hee-hee."

The Dharmas are in their dorm, as well.

Kai is sitting down on his bed. "So, guys, what is the opposite of down?"

"Brown?" guesses Isabel.

"Uh, I was actually just trying to say 'what's up' coolly. But that's all right, I guess," says Kai.

"All righty then," says Isabel. "Hee-hee!"

"Hey, Charles, I want an Oompa Loompa," says Layla.

"But, Layla, they are not real," says Charles.

"I don't care. Get me one NOW," says Layla.

"What am I supposed to do?" asks Charles. "I cannot get you something that does not exist."

"5... 4... 3... 2..." begins Layla. Charles starts to sweat, then runs away.

"That's more like it. I freaking love Charles," says Layla.

"You know, you're kind of a jerk to him," says Neal.

"Kind of?" asks Kai skeptically.

"You guys tell me that every day, but I really don't care. He's a jerk to me. He never gets me the stuff that I want. And since I'm rich, and pretty, by default I deserve to get everything I want," says Layla snootily.

Kai rolls his eyes, takes out a pack of gum, and begins to chew it.

Delia is sitting in the corner, listening to screamo that can be heard extremely loudly, even though she is wearing headphones.

"Hey, creepy girl, want to turn that down?" asks Layla angrily.

Delia takes off her headphones, pauses the music, and stares at Layla intimidatingly. "Excuse me?"

"I said, kill the music. It's loud," says Layla angrily.

Delia looks at Layla, seething with rage. "Well, I want to listen to it. So, screw you."

Layla begins to laugh. "Did you just sass me?"

Delia just scoffs, and then returns to listening to her screamo.

Charles walks in, with Suzuki who is wearing a green wig.

"Hai, hai," says Suzuki.

"That is not an Oompa Loompa!" yells Layla. "Charles, you annoy me so much!"

"I do not try to be annoying. I try my hardest to be a good citizen. But oh, well, if you think I am annoying, maybe that's something I should work on," says Charles.

"Well, duuuuuh," says Layla.

Delia says in the confessional, "Layla is a horrible person. Unless she wants to have fun burning in the depths of Hell, she better be nicer to me. Which may or may not happen."

The Tanukis are chilling out in their dorm.

"Whooo! It's a party, let's have some fun, guys!" says Puck from in bed. "Turn up th' music, Horatio!"

"What is he talking about?" asks Casey.

"I don't even know. I think he's asleep or something. Let's just humor him and let him sleep," says Vivienne.

"That Puck dude is kind of annoying," says Thomas.

"You know who's more annoying? That Thomas guy. I hate him," says Horatio.

"Hey!" says Thomas, offended.

"See, people don't like it when you make fun of them," says Horatio coolly.

"Asajieurcywjystrejtguherbtshacvhswrsndgryvt, djrrsgbrzgsdyvxrhtnsadhyvncn, mskoaritsjvnir," says Puck in his sleep, rising up from bed and stumbling around the room.

"All right, now he's just speaking gibberish. Time to put the duct tape over his mouth," says Casey.

Thomas takes out a roll of duct tape and puts it onto Puck's mouth. He falls asleep silently.

"Hey, where could Flora be?" asks Horatio.

Flora is right next to Horatio.

Flora says in the confessional, "All right, I'm sick of being ignored. Seriously, what's so boring about me? I'm just like Vivienne! Except she has some personality..." Flora bursts into tears.

Puck then gets up from the ground and makes a dry gasping sound.

"What's he doing now?" asks Thomas.

Puck then picks up Casey and throws her at Thomas. Casey screams.

"What the crap, Puck?!" yells Casey.

"Ow, my kidney!" says Thomas.

"Dajcwbsjvtthvhyrdtn," says Puck.

Horatio stands up and gets close to Puck. "I may be a pacifist, but I have no choice." He then slaps Puck in the face.

Puck wakes up. "What the puck just happened?" he asks woozily.

"Were you drunk on ice cubes again?" asks Thomas.

A flashback is shown to the night before. Everyone is asleep. Puck runs downstairs and shoves a whole tray full of ice cubes into his mouth, and swallows them. He then puts some more into a blender, and eats them too. He gets all woozy and passes out.

"," says Puck.

"Okay. Whatever you say. I guess I should believe everything you say," says Casey.

Chris comes in. Everyone looks at him, he points to the door, and they all follow him outside.

"Well, hey campers, did you guys have a good sleep? Not that I care. Ha. Anyways, today's challenge should be pretty familiar, it was used in Total Drama World Tour! And no, it wasn't human pinball, it's the Chef's Total Drama Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails challenge... of celebration fun," says Chris.

"That was my favorite challenge ever! I love fish tails!" says Puck.

"Who doesn't? Anyways, you guys probably know what to do, all you have to do is prepare a skit advertising the fish tails. So, it's basically Take a Skit from last season, except you have to have something referencing the fish tails," says Chris. "You guys can also pick a contestant from past seasons to help you guys with the skits. Now, disband!"

"Ooh, guys, let's choose Dolph. That guy was epic. And I'm sure he knows all about skits," says Thomas.

"Did somebody say Dolph?" says a British voice. Bubbly Japanese pop music begins to play as Dolph swoops down on his Nyan Cat, this time he has extremely long hair and no hat on.

"Whoa, Dolph, you're here. Wanna think of an idea for our skit?" asks Thomas.

"I'm sure we can think of it by ourselves if we put our minds to it," says Horatio calmly.

"No, we can't," says Casey angrily. "Let this weirdo do it for us."

"First of all, I don't really like being called a 'weirdo', even though I am one. Second of all, I have an idea for you all. Who's ever heard that one cover of that Sheepyay song by Run On The Moon? Where five people are playing one guitar? That very much captured my imagination, and I would like to do it with you all," says Dolph.

"Well, I don't really know how to play a guitar, and I'm good at lighting and stuff, so could I do that? I can make my own smoke bombs," says Vivienne.

"I'll do the camera," says Flora dejectedly.

"Ooooh. Who's gonna be Beard Guy?" says Dolph.

Everyone looks at Puck. Puck shrugs. "I don't even know what this video is, but it sounds chill."

Dolph hands Puck a black beanie and a blatantly fake black beard. "Here you are, mate. Put on the beard."

Puck puts on the beard, beanie, and a black shirt. "Also, I don't know how to play the guitar. Except for, like, a clinky noise."

"You were meant to be Beard Guy," says Thomas.

"I really don't even know what you guys are talking about, but a'ight," says Puck.

"I'll be the second guy, the one next to Puck, who sings most of it," says Thomas.

"I shall be the one in the middle who hits all of the high notes," says Dolph.

"I'll be the girl," says Casey. "I can kinda sing, I guess."

"And I guess I'll be the drummin' guy on the left," says Horatio.

The camera zooms to the Fish Tails, who are thinking about their play idea.

"Maybe we should do a take-off of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. That would be pretty fun," says Tolkien.

"No, it wouldn't," says Julian.

"Hey, I'm just trying to help!!" says Tolkien angrily.

"By the way, where's Estrella?" asks Julian.

Estrella is talking to Delia. "All right, here's the deal: you get your team to collaborate on a skit with us, and we'll go easy on you during the merge."

Delia pushes Estrella away, angrily.

Estrella returns. "I was using the restroom. DO NOT question me."

"Okie-dokie. So, ROTI take-off it is?" asks Tolkien.

"Sure," says Estrella. "Where are Roz and Yuri? And who will be who?"

Roz and Yuri come out dressed as Zoey and Dawn respectively.

"Greetings, citizens of the universe," says Yuri, in a voice 1000000 times higher than her normal (already high) voice.

"I'm boring and have no personality!" says Roz. "Like Flora times a billion!"

A voice from the other set says "Hey!"

Julian comes out with different clothes, a hat on, and many, many pillows in his shirt.

"Why couldn't you be someone closer to your weight, like Cameron or something?" inquires Estrella.

"..." says Julian.

"He's trying to get into his personality," says Tolkien, with a blue shirt and hair slicked upwards.

"Hey, you're one to talk. You look nothing like Mike. Sam could work more, you just have to put some of those pillows in your shirt," says Roz. "I wonder who Estrella's gonna be?"

"Speaking of which, where's that air pump we were gonna use for the hot air balloon?" asks Tolkien.

"Meh, we probably lost it," says Roz. "I actually didn't do anything this time."

A gigantic round thing comes out wearing pink. It looks like Estrella, but with inflated clothes that are so large they are shaped like a beach ball. She waddles to the others.

"Yah," she says.

"..." says Julian.

"I'm sorry, but I just lost all respect for you. And I used to be scared of you, but not anymore," says Tolkien.

"My great-great-uncle Kirby invented the words 'shut up', ever heard of them?" asks Estrella.

"All right, guys, let's rehearse. How do we start?" asks Tolkien.

"Dawn says that fish tails are good for the bones," says Roz. "Then, Staci says that fish tails are her uncle Henry's favorite snack. And Mike and Zoey kiss for some reason. Ready?"

"Wait, so I have to kiss you...?" asks Tolkien.

"Yes," says Roz.

Tolkien says in the confessional while hyperventilating, "EEEEH! Sorry... Ari... Ugh, what am I supposed to do? Roz is soooo hot, but Ari is... Eeeeh." He turns white, and passes out.

"..." says Julian.

"I can read his aura, and he is sweating his butt off in his costume," says Yuri in her high voice.

"Well, so am I, and do any of you care? NO," says Estrella.

The Dharmas are not doing very well.

"Do you think Chris will notice if we don't have a skit?" asks Neal. He glances around the room.

"Ugh, you guys are so stupid!" yells Layla to Charles and Isabel. There is an empty bag of Fish Tails next to Charles.

"Abracanoodles," says Kai, and he turns a microwave into a Cold Pocket.

Delia is sitting there, planning someone's death.

"Charles, you really ATE the Fish Tails?" yells Neal, walking up to him.

"Yes, I was feeling peckish. My stummick was havin' the rumblies that only some yummy ol' Fish Tails could satisfy," says Charles.

"Hmm, okay, let's just not have a skit. See how pissed Chris gets," says Neal.

"The only person who's getting pissed right now is you... Calm down," says Kai.

"I don't want to calm down, all right?" asks Neal. "I'm angry."

"Hush," says Delia.

"All right, then. We need a skit," says Neal.

"What I really need right now is some chicken. CHARLES!" says Layla.

Charles is playing with a balloon animal.

"Eh?" he asks.

"Go to Mickey D's and get me some chicken, pweese?" asks Layla.

"Sure, fine, whatever," says Charles. He takes Dolph's Nyan Cat and leaves.

"Wait, a sec. I remembered that we can get a former contestant to help us! Maybe that will work. Who do you guys think should do it?" asks Kai.

"Probably someone who's good with skits, I guess," says Neal.

"So, that would be Oc--" says Layla.

"Arthur," says Isabel.

"HEY, HEY, HEY," yells a voice, and Arthur then breaks through the wall due to his girth.

"Isabel, you idiot. Why would you summon Arthur?" yells Layla.

"Heehee. 'Cause he's funny. I like how fat he is," says Isabel.

Arthur shakes his moobs. "I am not fat. I am morbidly obeeeese. So, what did you need me for?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all," says Neal.

"Well then, why did you summon me?" asks Arthur. "Are you saying that I wasted twenty seconds of my life coming here?"

"Yes," says Delia.

"A'ight. I'm out," he says, and he leaves.

"Wait, we can use you fo--" says Kai.

Arthur walks out of the hole that he broke in the wall.

"Great, thanks a lot, Delia," says Layla.

"You just ruined our entire thing," says Neal.

Delia stares at everyone menacingly.

"All right, let's blame it on someone else..." says Kai.

They all see a random intern walk by.

"That intern!" says Layla.

"That intern is so stupid. I hate him," says Neal.

The intern looks at them, then begins to bawl.

"Aww, poor intern-y!" says Isabel.

She runs over to the intern and pats his head.

"My life is already essentially a piece of crap," he says.

"Uhhhh..." Everyone backs away from the intern.

"Go on. Leave me alone. Let me bask in this sorrow," he says melancholy.

"I know a good psychiatrist..." says Layla.

"All right, man, I'll be sure to go there," says the intern. He winks, then hops away gleefully.

"What just happened?" asks Kai.

"All right, we're completely screwed, Arthur left us, and we have no skit," says Neal.

"Cool story, bro," says Layla. "Don't be a jerk."

"Remember when Team Amazon didn't have anything, then they came from behind and won? That may happen," says Kai.

Layla makes a loud scoffing noise. "Pshaw."

Charles walks back with a bag of chicken.

"Here is the chicken you wanted so badly," says Charles.

"Ohh, I'm not hungry anymore. You're so incompetent!" yells Layla.

Charles curls up into a ball and rolls around on the floor.

Meanwhile, not much is getting done with the Tanukis.

"Heeey, daddy-o's, what's chillin' with the fillin'? Are all you cool cats and hipsters having a chill old time, diggity-dig?" says Puck.

"Puck, you're not cool. You never will be cool. Don't try to act cool," says Casey.

"You know you secretly have a crush on me, lady-love," says Puck.

"You're right. Come here, you," says Casey.

Casey violently kisses Puck.

"I wish I was her..." says Vivienne.

"Eww, you like Puck?" asks Thomas.

"No, I just wanna kiss a guy..." says Vivienne.

"Well, you could, uh, maybe try to kiss me..." says Thomas.

"Eww, no," says Vivienne.

"Poor li'l Small Boy Thomas. Always so small," says Horatio.

"Dude, I'm taller than you," says Thomas.

"I like cookies," says Flora. "Do you?"

"Yeah," says Thomas. "Why?"

"I brought some. I made them at home," she says gleefully.

Flora takes out a tray of cookies. "Voila."

Puck stops kissing Casey.

"Heehee, your beard is tickly," says Casey.

Puck takes one look at the cookies, then violently scarfs them down.

"Uh, all righty, then," says Flora.

"Puck, you sick, twisted lad," says Thomas angrily.

"All right, time for the challenge!" says Chris.

The contestants walk to the amphitheater.

The Fish Tails walk onto stage.

"Our commercial is called, 'TDROTI-a-palooza,'" says Tolkien. "Enjoy."

Yuri comes out, as Dawn. "Fish tails are great for the bones, and wild animals love them."

"Yah, my great-great-uncle Henry invented them," says Estrella.

Tolkien, as Mike, looks at Roz, as Zoey.

"Fish tails also... uh, promote romance..." says Tolkien.

Roz passionately kisses Tolkien. Tolkien then breaks free, holds up a bag of fish tails, gives a thumbs up, and faints.

"All righty then. Next up, the Tanukis," says Chris.

The Tanukis emerge, with their guitar.

Puck makes a clinky noise. Casey, Thomas, and Dolph begin to play, while Horatio starts to drum on the guitar.

"Now and then I think of when we were together..." sings Thomas. "And when you said you were so happy you could die... Told myself you were right for me, but felt so lonely in your company... But that was love and it's an ache I still remember..."

Puck makes the clinky noise.

"You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness... Like resignation to the end, always the end... So when we found out we could not make sense, well, you said that we would still be friends..."

"BUT I'LL ADMIT THAT I WAS GLAD... THAT IT WAS OVAAAAAH...." sings Puck obnoxiously and out of turn.

Everyone stares at Puck angrily.

"Puck, you weren't supposed to sing, Beard Guy doesn't sing!" whispers Casey.

"Oh, sorry," says Puck. "Guess I just ruined it. Hehe."

"But you didn't have to ruin the song," sings Dolph, ad-libbing. "Completely screw up every single thing that we all worked on. Don't even need you on the team... Cause you're just a little idiot, and you act so tough... No you didn't have to stooooop so low... Once you go to elimination you will not come baa-aaack... I'm guessing that you're sorry, though... But you're still somebody that I used to know."

"Wow! I'm impressed that you made that up from scratch, even if it is bashing moi," says Puck.

"All righty. That's our skit," says Horatio.

Layla walks up to the stage.

"Our team doesn't have a skit, thanks to freaking Delia," she says.

"It was not my fault," says Delia.

"Whatever. Loser," says Layla.

"Do not be so mean, Layla. Delia is not a loser, in fact, she is much nicer than you are," states Charles.

"Shut up, Charles, no one likes you," says Layla angrily.

"Actually, we do have a skit," says Kai, who busts out in a glittery pink suit.

"Eww, what the..." says Layla.

"Hee-hee! You look so cute, Kai!" says Isabel.

"Why, thank you! Now let's get this show started!" says Kai.

Funky 80's music begins to play.

"Mts, mts, mts, mts, mts," says Kai, making syncopation noises with his mouth. "Total... Drama... Yum Yum... Happy Go Time... Candied... Fish Taiiiiiils. Yeeeeeah."

He says all this while breakdancing violently. He then takes out his magic wand and creates fireworks.

"Whoooo," he says.

"All right, time to judge," says Chris. "Fish Tails, you guys were ehh. You're in non-winning, non-elimination purgatory. Your skit still sucked, but all right, whatever. Dharmas, or Kai, that was really... Not even going to talk about it. So, I guess the Tanukis win. Dharmas, time to go to elimination."

"So, who to vote out, everyone?" asks Kai.

"No idea," says Neal.

"I have an idea," says Delia quietly.

The team looks at Layla, who is sitting there eating Charles' lettuce.

"Hey, that is my lettuce," says Charles.

"GET YOUR OWN," says Layla.

"But that is... Gosh. You know what, never mind..." says Charles.

The Fish Tails are chilling out in their dorm.

"Hehe, wanna read my new FF? It's super-inappropriate. It's my favorite one yet," says Yuri.

"I'm not sure if we want to..." says Tolkien.

"You totally do! It's about my new OC, Hayden, who meets my other new OC, Dennis, at a strip club. They have lots of sexual escapades. Heh," says Yuri.

"My day just got 50 times worse. Thanks, Yuri," says Estrella dryly. "And it already sucked to begin with."

"Ugh, Estrella, wanna at least appreciate me? Also, stop taking Julian for yourself. We all know he belongs with Shawn," says Yuri.

"First of all, I don't like Julian. Second of all, he doesn't like Shawn," says Estrella.

"How do you know?!" yells Yuri.

"Julian. Is. Straight," says Estrella.

"He may be closeted!" says Yuri angrily.

Julian looks up from his nachos that he is eating. "Ehh?" he says with food stuffed in his mouth.

The Dharmas are at the elimination ceremony with Chris.

"All righty, Dharmas, your second loss... Remember Wolfgang? Maybe you shouldn't have booted him, he could have brought good luck. Anyways, first sushi goes to Kai..."

Kai catches his sushi happily.

"Isabel, you're safe too. So is Delia," says Chris.

The two girls get their sushi. Delia glares at Layla. Isabel attempts to as well, but fails.

"Layla and Neal. The final sushi goes to..."

"Both of you. Here you go, sushi for everyone tonight!" says Chris.

"What?!" says everyone.

"But we all voted Layla!" says Delia softly. Isabel nods in agreement with Delia, then quickly realizes what she's done, and gasps.

"Well, that's good to know for next time, isn't it?" grins Layla evilly.

"Sure, I guess. But anyways, why is there no elimination?" asks Kai.

"Well, the producers found Yuri's stack of erotic fanfictions... And they said that that kind of stuff 'doesn't belong a kids' show', whatever that means. So, yeah. Yuri's out of the game," says Chris.

Julian rushes up to Chris. "Did you just say what I think you said?!" Chris nods. Julian whoops for joy and begins to dance around like an idiot.

Two big, burly men who are assumed to be the producers are seen dragging Yuri to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers.

"NO! This is a mistake! Nobody likes my yaoi fanfiction yet! You can't eliminate me! Without me, this show is CRAP!" yells Yuri.

One of the producers grunts, and puts duct tape over Yuri's mouth. She screams, and they throw her into the Insert-Vehicle-Here, then it drives away.

A sound of tape ripping is heard. Yuri yells, "JULAWN FOR THE WINNNN!" but is drowned out by a taxi.

Chapter 8 - Yōkai Gabba Gabba

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo. The contestants had an old challenge, also known as making and performing skits. This time, they had some help from Dolph and Arthur, although Arthur busted out real quickly, before the Dharmas could even use him. The Dharmas failed miserably for their play, and the other teams did all right. I guess. Actually, they all sucked, but this is just me attempting to be nice. Anyways, the Dharmas were sent to elimination, but they all got out alive... Thanks to the Fish Tails' very own Yuri, who went too far with her yaoi fanfictions and was eliminated by the producers and I. Who will be out next? What kind of warped challenges will I think of today? Find out right here, right now, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Julian wakes up, stretches, and begins to cheer loudly.

Estrella takes off her sleeping mask. "What the crap are you yelling about?"

"Estrella. You don't realize that scary Yuri is gone. Forever. EEEE!" yells Julian.

"Wait... She's gone? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me," says Estrella. "I may have to smile..."

"You've never smiled?" asks Julian. "Come to think of it, you do growl and frown a lot..."

"No. I don't smile. Smiling is overrated," says Estrella.

"Come on, Yuri is gone, which gives us time to get our heads in the game!" says Julian.

Tolkien comes out of the bathroom with his hair dryer on extremely loudly. He tries to say something, but his hair dryer drowns out every bit of noise.

"WHAAAAT?" yells Julian, trying to understand him.

"WE CAN'T HEAR YOU. SPEAK UP," yells Estrella.

Tolkien tries to speak, and points to the off switch on the hair dryer. Estrella nods.

Tolkien switches off the hair dryer. "Oh. Good morning, guys. Did you have a good sleep?"

"Never had a better night of sleep," says Julian.

"Don't you guys miss Yuri? I mean, at all?" asks Tolkien. "Despite her creepiness?"

"No, not really," says Estrella. "But then again, I somehow didn't miss Ari, so my heart is probably just really small and blackened."

Tolkien says in the confessional, "I have bigger things to worry about. Ever since me and Roz kissed last night, I've kinda had a little thing for her... She's so cute and fun. But Ari is too. Ugh, I'm so freaking conflicted. I feel like playing some Planet of Battlecraft."

Tolkien logs onto a computer and gets onto his PoB account.

"Hey, is that Planet of Battlecraft?" asks Roz, swinging down from the ceiling.

"Yeah, you know about it?" asks Tolkien happily.

"Well, it used to be my, like, favorite game. Hehe. I used it to take my disturbing inner emotions out on goblins," says Roz.

"I love taking my disturbing inner emotions out on goblins!" exclaims Tolkien.

"Whaddya know, we're so much alike! Hehe," says Roz.

There is a note under the door. Julian walks over to it. "What's this?" he inquires.

He picks up the note and reads it aloud. "Dear Fish Tails, since you guys are really pathetic and are down a member (even though you had the most members to begin with), you guys get a new teammate. Write down who you want on this team from the Tanukis, and we'll send them over here."

"All righty, guys, who should we choose?" asks Tolkien.

"Well, Horatio seems really chill and nice," says Julian.

"Yeah, I like Horatio. Casey is quite attractive," says Tolkien.

"Calm it, little one, you already like two girls. I'd stop right there if I were you," says Estrella.

"Whatever. What about that one purple witch chick? She's all right," says Roz.

"Yeah, Vivienne? Ehh. Then there's Thomas and that one girl who nobody remembers..." says Tolkien.

"What one girl? I thought Casey and Vivienne were the only chicks on that team," says Julian.

"Exactly," says Roz.

"Horatio, Casey, Thomas, Flora, Vivienne..." Julian counts on his fingers. "There's one more. Who is it?"

"Oh, god. Puck," says Roz.

"That creepy penguin guy?" asks Estrella. "I hate him. DEFINITELY not him."

"But he's so funny. I love his comedy. Hehehehehe," says Roz.

"I hate it!" says Estrella.

"Y'know, I kinda wanna choose Puck just so I can troll you..." says Tolkien.

"Please don't. Unless you want to wake up tomorrow morning underwater," says Estrella.

"Actually, that would be fun," says Julian.

Estrella takes out a pair of scissors. "That is not my point."

"All right, we'll choose Horatio," says Roz quickly.

Tolkien takes the sheet of paper and writes down "Puck.", then giggles.

Chris comes out of nowhere and takes the paper.

"I'll be taking that. Hmm, you wrote Puck, eh?" he asks.

"You WHAT?!" yells Estrella angrily.

"Well, you're not getting Puck. The producers have found that he's the funniest around Casey and Thomas. So, we're gonna go with your second choice, Horatio!" says Chris.

Everyone cheers.

Horatio walks in. "Hey, you cool old Fish Tails. What's the haps?" he asks.

"Hey, Horatio, dawg. Glad you're on the Fish Tails now. We're totally a G team," says Julian.

"Yeah, tell me more about how you've always been so 'G,'" says Estrella cynically.

"You're not that mean, or funny," says Roz. "That's Layla's job."

"Speaking of Layla..." says Chris.

The scene changes to the Dharmas' dorm.

Layla is asleep with an undershirt and sleeping mask on. She holds up a sign that says, "CHARLES WAKE ME UP".

Charles sighs, then takes out a bullhorn, and blows it in Layla's face, waking her up as well as everyone else.

"What the crap was that for, Charles?!" she yells groggily.

"You had informed that you wished to be awakened," says Charles.

"Did it ever come to you that I might have been kidding?" asks Layla angrily.

"Well, there is no way of knowing, since you were, of course, asleep," says Charles.

"Ugh. Isabel, get your butt over here," says Layla.

Isabel comes over to Layla.

"Heehee! Hey, Layla-y! You look so pretty!" she says.

"I just got up, dipwad," says Layla.

"Acceptable story, my brethren," says Charles.

"Charles, you said that wrong," says Isabel wisely. "The proper form is 'cool story, bro'."

"How did you know that? You don't even know your ABC's," says Layla dubiously.

"Well, maybe her strength lies in other areas," says Charles.

"Teehee!" says Isabel, who is sticking pens up her nose and laughing.

"Yeeeah..." says Layla. "We'll go with that."

"Oh, and also, Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz," says Isabel.

"..." says Layla.

"By the way, where are the boys?" asks Charles.

"Why do you care, Charles? Do you have a thing for teenage boys?" asks Layla rudely.

"No, I was just looking out for their safety," says Charles.

Neal is asleep. Kai is playing with matches.

"Kai, that's dangerous. You're gonna kill us," says Layla angrily.

"Nah, it's a new trick I've been practicin'. Watch this," says Kai.

Kai rubs the two matches together, and instead of fire, paper streamers come out.

"Kai, why can't you use your magic to help us in challenges?" asks Layla.

"Well, 'cause that would be cheating, and I don't cheat," says Kai. "Sorry, miss."

Layla makes a derp face.

Kai claps his hands, and a giant ball of mist shaped like a snake comes out of his hands.

"How is that even..." says Charles.

The scene switches to the Tanukis.

"Hey, where's Horatio?" asks Thomas, waking up.

"Chris gave us a note. It says that he gave him to the Fish Tails," says Vivienne. "Oh no!"

"Poor little Horatio," says Casey sarcastically. "He didn't even do anything."

"Yeah, but he was my friend!" says Thomas.

"Well, I'm your friend too. Come here, honey," says Casey, winking.

Thomas reluctantly comes over to Casey.

She seductively pulls him close to her. "Now, you aren't missing Horatio, are you now?"

"Actually, you didn't affect my emotions at all," says Thomas.

Puck wakes up. "I'm up!"

"Yeah, we can see it, no need to broadcast it to the whole team," says Casey.

"Hey, babe, you like me, eh? Why you bein' rude?" asks Puck.

"I'm just not even gonna bother anymore," says Casey. "I think I'm better single."

"Okay. Whatevs. It's not like I care..." says Puck, right before he breaks out in tears.

Flora then wakes up.

"Hi, guys, that was a great night! What's up?" asks Flora.

Everyone ignores her.

"All right. I guess you can do that, too... Ugh..." says Flora.

Puck says in the confessional, "Man. Casey is really bothering me these days... I just wish Wolfie was still here. I could totally connect with him."

Flora says in the confessional, "I am so freaking tired of being ignored. I think I should make myself a little bit more noticeable."

Chef meets the contestants outside for the challenge.

Flora walks up to them wearing an Afro wig. "Hey, everyone!"

"Who are you? And what's wrong with your hair?" asks Layla disgustedly.

Flora tears off the wig. "It's no use. Ugh."

"Anyway, Chef, why are you here? And where's Chris?" asks Horatio.

"Chris is in th' bathroom. Today's challenge is t' find a key somewhere in Tokyo. Th' key opens some sorta treasure chest, which has invincibility passes inside. Got it?" says Chef.

"Sure. Sounds fun, I guess," says Julian.

"Are you kidding? It sounds like torture. I hate when you try to be enthusiastic," says Estrella.

Tolkien begins to attempt to lead his team.

"All right, guys, where should we look? The city? The countryside? The sewers?" he asks.

"I think the countryside, the best spots are there," says Julian.

"Guys, I kinda know a shortcut. Haaaaa," says Roz.

Chef is shown in the confessional. "I may or may not have mentioned that the forest is full o' Japanese Yōkai thingies. No idea what they are, but they sound dangerous. So, the contestants should have some fun with that."

"Roz, what kind of shortcut do you know?" asks Tolkien.

"It doesn't matter," says Estrella.

"Guys, we gotta work together if we wanna accomplish our goals," says Horatio calmly.

"I know a shortcut through the woods. I've been here before," says Roz.

"What a surprise," says Estrella snidely.

"STFU, Strelly," says Julian.

"Whatever. Let's just go, guys," says Tolkien.

The Fish Tails see an umbrella lying there in the middle of the forest.

Tolkien picks up the umbrella, and puts on sunglasses.

"Oh, I say! I am Mary Poppins! Jolly good show!" he says in a falsetto British accent.

"Uh, I don't think..." says Horatio.

The umbrella begins to change. The handle turns into a single leg with a geta on, the parasol part grows an eye and a grotesque mouth.

"What the crap is that?!" yells Tolkien.

"I told you that it wasn't a good idea!" warns Horatio.

"Blargh!" says the umbrella thing.

"Come on, drop the freaking thing! Let's go!" yells Roz.

"It's a karakasa obake," says Estrella wisely. "I read all about them in this one weird book I checked out from the library once. They're a kind of yōkai, Japanese monsters, called Tsukumogami. They're basically household objects that transform into creatures. It's heavily disturbing, but ... cool."

Tolkien throws the karakasa obake into a bush, and it growls. He then runs away, and motions for the rest of them to come with him.

The scene changes to the Dharmas, who are walking through the sewers.

"So, why again are we in the sewers? Charles, get me a juice box," says Layla.

Charles reluctantly hands her a juice box.

"We're in the sewers because there are kappas in here. And even though they're jerks, they can help us find the key," says Kai.

"What the crap is a kappa?" asks Layla.

"Layla, can't you just shut up for like, 10 seconds?" asks Neal. "Gosh."

A creature that has a flat head with hair, and a green body that resembles a turtle or monkey with a turtle shell, appears drinking water.

"Hey! You! You're a kappa, right?" asks Kai.

"Yeah, whatsittoya?" asks the kappa rudely.

"We're just looking for a key," whispers Delia. "Help us?"

"Uh, sure, fine, whatev. I haven't seen no key 'round these parts. But your best bet is th' countryside," says the kappa.

"All right, thanks, little monkey dude!" says Isabel.

"Now, you must give me a cucumber, or I will suck your blood," says the kappa. It opens its mouth to reveal fangs.

"Uh, we don't have any cucumbers," says Neal.

"Blood is just as yummy," says the kappa.

"Charles, get him a cucumber," says Layla.

Charles shakes his head. "I do not have a cucumber in my possession."

"Well, then, we can't let him suck our blood. We gotta get out of here!" says Kai.

"Use some of your magic!" says Layla angrily.

"I already told you, I don't use it for anything other than novelty," says Kai.

The kappa licks its lips. Layla throws a rock at it, and then the team runs away. The kappa chases after them, screaming dirty things.

Kai reluctantly waves his wand, and a rope appears in front of the kappa. He trips over it, and the water spills out from his flat bowl-shaped head.

The kappa gets woozy and falls over. "Urgh... Need water... Can't move..." The kappa then passes gas loudly.

"Come on, let's get out of here," says Delia softly.

The Tanukis are searching along for the key.

"So, we're in the countryside, but there's no key," says Puck.

"We've been searching for five minutes, dude," says Thomas.

"So what? I expected to see the key the second we started the challenge!" says Puck.

"I'm afraid it doesn't work that way," says Vivienne.

They then see a large raccoon dog thing standing in the middle of the woods. It is jolly looking and wearing a hat.

"Hey, it's our team mascot!" yells Thomas.

The tanuki waves cheerfully at them.

"I didn't know tanukis were real," says Puck.

"Well, they are, loser," snaps Casey.

Puck sighs sadly. "Whatever."

The tanuki makes a squeaking noise, holds up a drawing of a key, and points to a direction in the forest.

"Hey, I think he's showing us where the key is!" says Flora gleefully.

"Yeah, guys, let's go," says Thomas.

"I'm gonna take a wazz. Where's the nearest bathroom?" asks Puck.

"Nature is your bathroom," says Vivienne.

"Ooh, I see a port-a-potty in the woods!" says Flora, pointing to a port-a-potty that looks to be made of wood.

Puck points to his bladder, nods, then sprints to the port-a-potty. He opens the door to the port-a-potty, then gets in, and takes off his pants and underwear.

"You guys can catch up with me later, okay? I gotta go poop-a-doop!" says Puck loudly so the rest of his team hears.

"OK!" yells a voice resembling Thomas.

Puck gets up, and reaches for the toilet paper, but is interrupted by a voice.


"What the..." says Puck. "Okay, Puck. Calm yourself. You're probably just having hallucinations again... Calm down... It's just a dream..."

"I REPEAT, WILL YOU CHOOSE RED PAPER OR BLUE PAPER?" repeats the horrifying voice.

"All right, uhh, blue, I guess... Eek..." says Puck.

A mysterious hand comes out of nowhere and begins to strangle Puck until his face turns blue.

"Eeeeegggcccchhhh!" he yells, gasping for air. The hand doesn't let go until Puck says, "No paper." The hand then disappears, and Puck runs out of the stall extremely quickly.

"Ohhhmygod! There was a spooky thing in there! It strangled me!" says Puck, panting and running up to the team.

"Was it an Aka Manto? They're Japanese spirits that live in bathrooms and ask you for red or blue toilet paper," says Vivienne.

"How do you know this kind of stuff?" asks Casey.

"I did some research," says Vivienne. "Now, we should probably keep our eyes peeled, there are most likely more yōkai in the woods. Just make sure to be quiet."

"LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE," says Puck extremely loudly and obnoxiously. "Whoops. What did you just say?"

There is a rustling in the bushes. Suddenly, twenty gigantic red Onis come out with spears, surrounding the Tanukis.

"We're screwed," says Thomas.

The Fish Tails are fishing for stuff.

"Why, again, are we fishing? There won't be a key in the water," says Estrella angrily.

"Fishing is a fun thing to do," says Julian.

"Darn right," says Horatio.

"Hee, hee, guys, look what I caaaaaught," says Roz. She holds up some sort of fish creature.

"What the crap is that?" asks Tolkien. "It looks like the Water Spirit from Luncheons and Laggins!"

"It's called a ningyo," says Roz. "It's supposed to bring us good luck and all that chiz. I've done research too!"

"Actually, that's not true. They bring misfortune and storms," says Estrella. "I know this stuff."

Roz just stares at Estrella.

"What are you waiting for, throw it in the pond!" yells Julian.

Roz stares at Julian, then throws the ningyo into the pond. It says something softly, then swims away.

"All right, guys, let's get out of here," says Tolkien. "It's getting dark out. I'm getting scared."

A gigantic wall creature appears in front of the Fish Tails.

"What's that?" asks Horatio.

"It's a nurikabe. Relax," says Roz.

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Sorry, Ari, but Roz's knowledge of nerdy Japanese stuff is so hot..."

"Don't even t--" says Roz.

Horatio tries to move around the nurikabe. It extends to where Horatio is and he hits his face on it.

Horatio angrily kicks the lower part of the nurikabe. It then vanishes.

The Dharmas are now camping under the stars.

"So, you set up the tent?" asks Neal.

"Yeah, just did it," says Kai. "We can share it. I wonder what kind of monsters we'll see now?"

"Ugh, I hate all of the monsters. They're creepy. Charles, get rid of them," says Layla.

"But there are no monsters around at the moment," says Charles.

A gigantic head of a scary-looking woman appears in the sky.

"All right, the kappa at least had a meaning, but this thing is random as crap," says Kai.

"An Ōkubi," says Delia softly.

"What do they do?" asks Isabel, who is scared.

"If they are in the sky, they are a warning of an impending disaster..." says Delia quietly.

"Oh, I wonder what that could be," says Layla.

It then randomly starts to thunderstorm. Lightning crashes, and it rains heavily.

"Welp, that's what it is," says Neal.

"Ugh, we gotta get in our tents," says Kai.

"But I'm super hungry. Ooh, look, there's a tree over there. Charles, get me one of those fruits," says Layla.

Charles, who is extremely wet, walks over to the tree and grabs a fruit. The fruit, which has a human head, cackles. Charles screams loudly, drops the fruit, and runs back to Layla.

"What are you doing?! I told you to get the fruit," says Layla.

Isabel picks up the fruit and shows Layla.

Layla turns green and passes out onto Charles.

"That was a Jinmenju, or 'human-face tree'," says Delia. "Don't worry, they are just creepy-looking and do not do any harm."

"Like you?" asks Neal. Delia glares at him.

The Tanukis are walking through the forest.

"All right, this is the last straw. It's raining, we almost got killed by Onis, there's nowhere to sleep, we can't find the key anywhere, and Puck won't stop complaining about his itchy butt," says Casey.

"Uuuuuuu," says Puck, itching his rump.

"Hey, look, a person. Let's ask for directions," says Thomas. He points to a woman, who is standing in the rain wearing a kimono.

"Hello, can you possibly give us directions to find a key?" asks Puck, talking while moving his hands annoyingly.

The woman just stands there, staring at Puck.

"Maybe she can't speak English?" asks Puck.

"Wait, something's not right..." says Casey.

The woman turns around, and has a gigantic mouth on the back of her head.

"BLAAAARGH!" yells the mouth.

Thomas screams like a little girl, grabs Puck, and the whole team runs away, past the Fish Tails.

"Wait, it's Horatio!" yells Thomas. "Where ya goin'?"

"Sorry, but I'm not on your team anymore," says Horatio, while running.

Estrella slaps him. "Don't talk to him!"

Horatio shakes his head, and the Fish Tails run away.

They eventually get to a shrine. The weather clears up, revealing two lion-dogs sitting on rocks, and a box on a pedestal.

"Hey, look, it's the key!" says Julian.

A small Japanese man comes up to the Fish Tails.

"YOU... SHALL... NOT... PASS!" he yells.

"Oh, look, a shrimpy Japanese dude who's gonna turn into some warped monster," says Roz.

The dude's neck begins to grow extremely long. His face then warps into a horrifying, troll-esque face. "You got it, missy."

Estrella throws a pebble at the creature, and it falls over.

"All right, let's get the key!" says Tolkien.

Roz runs up to the pedestal, and grabs the key.

"Got it. Looks like we won the challenge!" says Roz.

Chris comes up to them, in a helicopter. He says, using a megaphone, "Good job, guys. You won, finally! Now, you can have invincibility, and get out of these creepy woods."

"Okie-dokie, artichokie!" says Tolkien.

"My life was so much better before you said that," snaps Estrella.

The Tanukis and the Dharmas come up to Chris and the Fish Tails as well.

"You don't even want to know what kind of things were in that forest," says Thomas.

"I do know! The producers enjoyed them!" says Chris.

"Which team lost?" asks Kai.

"Uh, how about both of you? Hehe. See you at elimination!" says Chris.

"Ugh." says Layla. "What a crappy team."

"Relax, Layla, you might not get eliminated today. It may very well be a Tanuki," says Charles.

Isabel says in the confessional, "Today was creepy. So many weird people! Why can't they just leave us alone?"

Neal says in the confessional, "No idea who's going home tonight. Better be Layla."

Layla says in the confessional, "Charles, get in here."

Charles comes into the confessional. "Yes?"

"Oh, nothing, I just like saying your name," says Layla.

Charles slaps his head. "A butler's work is never done."

Chris is at the elimination ceremony.

"All right, where do I start... Tanukis and Dharmas. You two teams are both named after Japanese spirits, yet you lose the Japanese spirits challenge. Pathetic. Anyway, the first marshmallow goes to Kai."

Kai catches the sushi in his hat. "You said marshmallow."

"Do I look like I care?" says Chris. "Next up are Flora, Vivienne, and Casey."

The three girls get their sushi.

"This looks nothing like a marshmallow," says Casey.

"Shut up, I get confused!" says Chris. "Isabel is also safe."

Isabel giddily gets her sushi.

"Aaaand, Puck. Aaaand, Thomas," says Chris.

Puck and Thomas get their sushi.

"Layla," says Chris.

"Charles, gimme my sushi," says Layla.

Charles hands her the sushi, and she throws it. It hits Suzuki, who walks away grumbling.

"That was a waste of a perfectly good sushi," says Charles.

"I like wasting things," says Layla.

"Delia and Neal. The final sushi goes to..."


Delia catches her sushi and crushes it in her palm.

"You should have known better," she says. She then walks away, leaving everyone spooked.

"Well, that was creepy. But why would you vote me out?" asks Neal.

"You're annoying," says Layla. "Plus, last challenge, you got really pissed at us, and we were gonna vote for you, but Yuri got taken away."

"All right. You guys just lost your best player," says Neal angrily, as he storms off.

"I never really liked him," says Kai.

"Who will be the next voted out? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 9 - Up the Tokyo Tower

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants were ambushed by gigantic monsters in the woods. They were Japanese yo-moms, or whatever they're called. It was really weird and confusing, and the challenge made no sense. Anyway, I think the Dharmas lost, and I can't even recall who they voted out... Oh yeah. Smart-ass Neal, who let his smartassery get the best of him once again, poor guy. But yeah, so tune in today to see what happens on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chef walks in to Chris' room. "Hey, dude, bad news."

"What? Jimmy burnt my bagel again?" asks Chris.

"No, th' producers say that Tokyo ain't successful, whatever that means. I think we're losin' viewers," says Chef.

"Why? Aren't the kids this season likable?" asks Chris.

"Naw. There's th' problem," says Chef. "Everyone says th' TDRev cast was better."

"Well, they were... I mean, no way! These guys are awesome!" says Chris.

"No, they ain't. Jus' bring back th' TDR cast for an episode or somethin'," says Chef.

"That won't get us viewers!" says Chris.

"Yeah, it will," says Chef. "Trust me."

"Fine, contact the TDRev contestants and tell them that they can make an appearance this episode," says Chris.

"But, what if they do bad stuff? Like... y'know, BAD stuff?" asks Chef.

"Relax, if they do that, we will get into lawsuits and win," says Chris.

"Aight," says Chef. "See ya."

The scene changes to the Tanukis' room.

Puck is listening to his uPod and singing along extremely loudly. His headphones are rustling, and the music can be heard from his earbuds.

"Puck, STFU," says Thomas. "Tryin' to sleep."

"Yeah, if you don't stop we'll vote you out," says Casey. "JK, I love you."


"Ugh, I hate that band, the boys aren't cute and one of them looks like Kavren," says Casey.

"Kavren was cute," says Vivienne.

"No, he was fuglier than a rotten banana," says Casey.

Casey says in the confessional, "Actually, Kavren was kind of cute. Except, Chelsey hated him, if I remember correctly, and I gotta be like Chels."

"Hi, how is everyone?" asks Flora, waking up.

"Crappy," says Thomas. Everyone except Puck agrees.


Thomas throws a rock at Puck's uPod, and it explodes.

"Gee, thanks, guy," says Puck.

"Any time," says Thomas. "Now, can we talk about our team, and how we can make it better?"

"Maybe we can vote Puck out next," says Casey.

"Aww," says Puck. "But whatever, it don't affect me!"

"I just miss Kai and Horatio," says Vivienne. "Our team keeps getting smaller."

"Yes," says Flora. "Sad, is it not?"

"Kai didn't really do much, and Horatio was kind of weird, like he was too chill," says Thomas.

"Hey, criticizing others is wrong!" says Puck. "By the way, I hate that Layla girl."

Thomas scoffs. "Exactly."

Meanwhile, the Dharmas are chilling in their dorm as well.

"Well, at least Neal's gone, he kind of annoyed me," says Kai.

Delia is watching Pora the Adventurer.

"That's my favorite show!!!" says Isabel gleefully. "Can I watch?"

"Yes, as long as you don't talk," says Delia.

"I can't talk!" says Isabel. "No worries. Heehee."

"You can talk, you just said you can't talk. That makes no sense," says Kai. "Hey, where's Layla?"

"In the bathroom with Charles," says Delia.

"She always tells Charles to go to the bathroom for her, though. Why is she in there?" asks Kai.

"I may or may not have locked her in," says Delia maliciously.

"That's fine, she's rude," says Kai.

"Hehe, this show is so great! Shoes the gorilla is soooo adorable!" says Isabel.

"Um, yeah," says Kai.

"You disgust me," says Delia.

Layla is shown in the bathroom with Charles, who is texting.

"Charles, tell Tiffany to send me a pic of her new boyfriend," says Layla.

"But I do not know the 'texting language'," says Charles.

"Just... do whatever," says Layla. "Ugh."

Charles sends a text to Layla's friend. It says, "Salutations, Tiffany. I would like to see a new, groovy, hip snapshot of your new B.F. TTYL, Layla-poo."

"What did it say?" asks Layla.

Charles shows the text to her. Layla makes a growling noise.

"Can't I get out of here? I am having a migraine," says Charles.

"Nobody cares about your health issues, Charles," says Layla. "Especially me."

"I am old, my health is declining," says Charles.

"Cool story, bro," says Layla. "Floss my teeth. I just ate some Mickey D's Crunchy Zesty Chik'n, and the breading is stuck in my teeth," says Layla.

Charles takes out a container of floss. "All right..."

"FASTER!" yells Layla. Charles flosses a bit faster.

The Fish Tails are shown in their dorm. Tolkien is writhing in his bed.

"Is he having a dream?" asks Horatio.

"Think so. Shh, maybe he'll sleep-talk. This is gonna be great," says Julian, taking out a camera.

A thought bubble appears over Tolkien's head, and the camera is led into his dream, where he's standing on a grassy field with an olive leaf in his hair and a toga on.

"What's happening?" he asks, looking at his Greek-styled clothing.

Roz then appears out of nowhere. She is wearing a helmet and war clothing.

"Pick me," says Roz. "And your life will be super fun and exciting and stuff. Like, I'm super hot and cute and whatever you like in a girl."

"What the..." says Tolkien.

Ari then appears out of nowhere. She is wearing a silk dress and has a crown on.

"Pick me!" she says. "Because I truly like you, and you're the one boy I've actually had a real crush on... You're cute."

"I am? I am!" says Tolkien, smiling ostentatiously.

A gigantic figure in a black cloak carrying a scythe appears.

"The Black Mage..." says Tolkien in awe.

"Piiiick meeeee," says the Mage in an insanely deep voice. "Because you have been neglecting your caaaards, and you now only care about girls, you fooool. We need some love, tooooo."

"What the crap is happening?" asks Tolkien. "Is this some realization that I'm torn between three things I really love, and I have to pick one?"

"Yeah, basically," says Roz.

"Crap, what am I going to do?" he says in shock.

"Pick one, Toooolkien. You must pick one, or I will obliterate yoooou..." says the Mage.

"I pick..." says Tolkien. A burrito appears in his hand. "Burrito?"

Julian and Horatio are shown dangling a burrito in front of Tolkien's face while he is asleep.

"Noooo!" says Ari, Roz, and the Mage as they disappear into smoke.

Tolkien wakes up with bags under his eyes, sweating a lot. "What? Where am I?!"

"Don't worry, it was only just a dreeeeam..." says Julian.

"That was so weird. Like, I had to pick between Roz, Ari, and the Black Mage from L&L, and I picked burrito!" says Tolkien.

Roz falls from the ceiling. "Did somebody say Roz?"

"Shut up, Roz, he's trying to explain," says Estrella.

"Since when did you care?" asks Horatio.

"I don't," says Estrella. "I just enjoy silencing others."

"Tolky, you had a dream? What was it about? Me?" asks Roz.

"If you paid attention, you would know," says Estrella snidely.

"STFU, Estrella. And yes, it was about you," says Tolkien. "And Ari, and a character from my card game."

"Was I in a bikini, being sexy?" asks Roz.

"No," says Tolkien.

"You wish," says Julian jokingly. Tolkien glares at him.

"All right, whatever," says Horatio.

"Could this be an omen?" asks Tolkien nervously.

"An omen that you need to start playing more L&L? Yes, it sure is," says Estrella.

"Ooh, cool, you like L&L?" asks Tolkien with wide eyes.

"No, I just want you to not talk so much, and L&L seems like it could do that," says Estrella.

Tolkien pouts. "I'm going to make myself a sandwich."

"Make me one, I be hungry," says Julian.

"Nah," says Tolkien.

Roz turns on the TV to the movie Step Sisters.

"Ooh, I love this movie! And double-ooh, it's the steamy part!" says Julian. "Suddenly I'm not hungry anymore."

"You just like the steamy part because you'll never get a girl to do that with you and you like to imagine me and you in place of the two characters. Not gonna happen," says Estrella.

Julian looks pissed. "Nooo..."

"Ha ha, Julian the lover-boy," says Horatio.

"So, guys, how is everyone?" asks Tolkien, attempting to make conversation while making his sandwich.

"Can I have your sandwich?" asks Horatio.

Tolkien throws his sandwich at Horatio.

"Fatty," says Julian.

Horatio throws the sandwich at Julian.

"Hey, man, don't overreact," says Julian.

Horatio rolls his eyes. "K, whatever you say."

Chris walks in. "Hey, everyone!"

Everyone is completely silent.

"So much for trying to be nice," says Chris. "Anyway, you have a challenge, be sure to meet me in the middle of the city."

"But it's like 2:00 in the morning," says Tolkien.

"Yeah, so? Tokyo is pretty at night," says Chris. "And the challenge will be pretty easy."

"I've heard that before," scoffs Estrella.

"Are there Yokai this time?" asks Julian fearfully. "Or gigantic bouncing green heads?"

"Nope," says Chris. "Even better."

The contestants are all shown at the bottom of the Tokyo Tower at night time, with small ropes.

"You call this fun? We could die," says Kai.

"Why don't you just use your magic to fly?" scoffs Layla.

"Can't, it comes out randomly, that's only happened once," says Kai. "And it happened to be the day I was robbing a Duncan Donuts. Pretty lucky, eh?"

"Ooh, I love donuts! They're so cute!" squeals Isabel.

"Whatever," says Chris. "Now, today's challenge is pretty simple. You guys just gotta climb up the Tokyo Tower, all the way to the top."

"Where are our harnesses?" asks Thomas.

"You don't get any. You guys have to use these little ropes, but not without the help of some veteran contestants," says Chris.

"Ooh, the TDRev-ites you were talking about?" asks Casey. "Can we get Chelsey?"

"You'll have to see," says Chris. "Now, Chef, will you please?"

Chef comes in driving an ice cream truck. He throws out a gigantic sack that seems to have people in it.

"Each team will get a boy and a girl, who will be put on a platform near the top and will help you get to the top safely," says Chris.

"Whoo-hoo!" says Tolkien. "I hope I get my cuz!"

"I don't, he's disturbing," says Estrella.

"You know what, so are you. So zip it," says Tolkien, offended.

"All right, guys, Fish Tails, here are your two helpers," says Chris.

Kavren crawls out of the bag, walking on his hands.

"Hey, everyone!" he says happily.

"Hey, cuz!" says Tolkien.

"Wow, sure are a lot of sexy ladies here, eh?" he whispers to Tolkien.

"Yeah, but you have a girlfriend..." says Tolkien.

"Oh, wait. Sorry, my noodle," says Kavren, referring to Abbey.

"So, we get this Kavren kid? Who's the other one?" asks Julian.

Chris then opens the bag, and Cammy comes out.

"I don't want to do this," she says.

"Well, this is a little bit better. Hello, Cam. Glad to see you again," says Estrella, smiling.

"Are you SMILING?!" yells Julian.

Estrella realizes what she has done, and changes back to a scowl.

"Hey, Strelly," says Cammy. "How's Tokyo?"

"Crappy," says Estrella. "Mr. Afro over there likes me."

"Ouch," says Cammy. "Me and Trick are still going strong..."

"You're lucky. Trick is attractive," says Estrella.

Julian makes an abhorrent face and mimics Estrella, obviously jealous.

"Oh, shut up, Julian," says Estrella.

"Seems like an interesting bunch," says Cammy dryly.

"Sure is," says Estrella.

Kavren is watching Tolkien play cards.

"Hey, since when were you so nerdy, bloops?" asks Kavren.

Tolkien looks at him, then shakes his head.

"Can you just show us the people we get?" whines Layla.

"Be patient," says Chris.

"Charles, make time go faster," says Layla.

"Is that possible?" asks Charles sullenly.

"Nothing's impossible, butt-wipe," says Layla angrily.

Chris shakes his head, and goes to the bag.

PJ walks out.

"YES!" yells Delia loudly.

Kai, Isabel, and Layla glance at her.

"Never heard you talk so loudly..." says Kai.

"Sorry, but PJ is my hero," says Delia.

"Ugh, I hated this chick," says Layla.

"Can you guys at least acknowledge my presence?!" yells PJ.

"Oh, hey, Peej," says Kai.

"..." says PJ.

"And, the other contestant, please welcome that jerk who everyone hates, Northworth," says Chris.

"Hey, that's kind of dirty," says Northworth. "Anyway, s'up, guys?"

"Nothing much," says Kai irritatedly.

"Swaaaaaaaaaag," says Northworth.

"You have none," says Delia quietly.

"Ooh, I love swag! Hee, hee. Who is that short little cute guy? His ears are soooo big!" says Isabel.

"What is wrong with this chick? I mean, she's hot, but..." says Northworth angrily.

"I'm not hot. I'm actually shivery. Can I borrow your sweatshirt, Delia?" asks Isabel.

"No," says Delia gruffly.

Chris then goes to the bag and blows a loud whistle.

Everyone suddenly shuts up.

"The Tanukis are left," says Chris.

Casey is crossing her fingers, and Puck just stands there.

Chelsey walks out of the bag with a scowl on her face.

Casey just stands there.


"Well, hello, I see I have a fan. Have I seen you before?" asks Chelsey.

"Yeah... You don't recognize me?!" yells Casey happily.

"Oh, yeah, you're that one weird unpopular girl who follows me," says Chelsey.

Casey makes a little squeal and turns green.

"Casey, right?" asks Chelsey.

"You... know... my... name!" yells Casey extremely gleefully.

Casey turns even more green and passes out.

"Uh, can we get an ambulance?" asks Chelsey.

"Sure," says Chris. Two interns come in, stomp on Casey's chest, then leave.

"I think she's good," says the first intern.

"Yup," says the second one.

"Who's our other guy?" asks Puck.

Dolph appears out of nowhere. The bag turns into paper streamers.

"Greetings, loved ones," says Dolph.

"Hey, Dolph, ready to win this challenge for us?" asks Thomas.

"I will certainly try my hardest," says Dolph. He then chuckles.

The scene then switches to about twenty minutes later, where the TDRev contestants are on platforms with the team colors (pink, purple, and orange) on them.

"Try not to kill them," says Cammy angrily to Kavren.

"Don't tell me what to do," says Kavren.

"Just, can you not talk or something?" asks Cammy.

"You still mad at me for being annoying?" asks Kavren. "Grow up."

"I'm the one who has to grow up?" asks Cammy.

Kavren waggles his finger.

At the bottom of the tower, Tolkien says, "Roz, wanna climb with me?"

"Ha, you're just saying that so I can catch you when you fall," says Roz.

"Not true," says Tolkien. "Just climb with me."

"Charles, make Kai and Delia climb so I don't have to," says Layla.

"What about Isabel?" asks Kai.

"She's dangerously stupid," snaps Layla.

"Yeah, I didn't know that," says Kai sarcastically.

Thomas is shown with Casey.

"Let's climb, dude," says Thomas.

Casey is hyperventilating. "I'm only climbing... so I can get... closer to... Chelsey."

"Aww, come on, even Puck is better than that fugly Chelsey girl," says Thomas. Puck winces.

Casey slaps Thomas. "TAKE IT BACK."

"Wow, someone sure likes Chelsey..." whispers Vivienne. Flora nods.

Chris takes out a gun.

"Ready to go?" he asks.

"Yup," says everyone.

Chris shoots the gun extremely loudly. The contestants begin to climb.

Northworth and PJ are shown at the top of the tower.

"All right, you creepy fat chick, if you want to win the challenge for these artards, you better help me pull," says Northworth.

"..." says PJ.

"Why won't you answer me?" he demands.

"Muh," says PJ.

"All right, this is hopeless," says Northworth.

PJ pulls the rope.

Kai and Delia are hoisted a little bit upward.

"PJ, you stink," says Northworth. "Ever heard of deodorant?"

An irritated PJ slaps Northworth.

"Hey, now that was uncalled for," says Northworth angrily.


"Bring out your magic," says Delia. "They are obviously not cooperating."

"I might have to..." says Kai.

Kai takes out his magic wand. "WANNA SEE ME USE THIS?" he yells.

"Yeah, let's see this @#$%& make a complete ass out of himself on national television," says Northworth.

"..." says PJ, seething with rage.

"Just pull the damn rope," says Northworth.

Meanwhile, Roz is climbing up the rope with Tolkien on her back.

"Look! I'm a rabid monkey! Aiyayayayaya," says Roz peppily.

"Hey, didn't Izzy say that?" asks Tolkien.

Roz nods excitedly.

"How do you know how to climb so well?" asks Tolkien.

"Eh, I've been to climbing school," says Roz.

"Wow, that weird chick sure is doing well. If we win, we may get the 20 bucks Chris promised us," says Cammy.

"Chris never said anything about twenty bucks," says Kavren.

"Eh, whatever," says Cammy.

Roz and Tolkien get a bit higher.

Kavren and Cammy are just standing there awkwardly next to each other.

"Bloop pork!" says Kavren, attempting to encourage the contestants and start a conversation.

"You know, dude, that's not really helping," says Tolkien loudly.

"Whatevs," says Kavren.

"Kavren, just shut up so we can win," says Cammy. She then takes out her phone.

"Who ya teeextin'?" asks Kavren annoyingly.

"My boyfriend, hop off," says Cammy.

"Is he saying, 'Ooh! I love Cammy! I totes wanna kiss her! Ooh, yeah! And do other naughty things! Hee, hee!'" says Kavren in a falsetto voice.

"Yes, Kavren. That's exactly what he's saying," says Cammy sarcastically. "Cause Trick totally says that kind of stuff."

"That Kavren kid is annoying," says Thomas while climbing with Casey.

"SHUT UP," says Casey. "We need to get to Chelsey."

"Are you even a small bit worried that the ginger is so obsessed with you?" asks Dolph.

"Nah, I'm pretty flattered, actually," says Chelsey, giggling.

"Can we just climb a bit faster?" asks Kai.

"I am trying to go slowly so we do not die," says Delia softly.

Thomas and Casey pass Delia and Kai, leaving them in last.

Kai shouts something rude.

"Oh, forgot to say!" yells Chris on his megaphone. "You can only win the challenge if both climbers make it to the top! If one falls, and they're still alive, then they have to be rescued!"

"Chris is getting worse and worse!" says Flora to Vivienne, who nods.

Thomas begins to stumble.

Casey looks on in shock. "Thomas, whatever you do, do NOT fall. I will slaughter you," she says.

Thomas says in the confessional, with bandages all over him and a broken arm, "Ugh, Casey is annoying. Why can't she get over her Chelsey obsession? The chick doesn't even like her."

"All right, all right. Roz, we're almost there," says Tolkien.

"I think I can see that, Tolky," yells Roz.

Kavren looks at Tolkien and Roz.

He works with Cammy to pull the rope, reluctantly, and the two pull Tolkien and Roz up to the top.

"Whoo-hoo! We did it!" says Kavren. "Bro-five?" he asks to Cammy.

Cammy shakes her head. "Nice try."

Tolkien is sweating heavily. "That was insane... Ugh, Kav, mind if I puke in your shirt..."

"Lawlz, sure," says Kavren. "Arthur does that all the time."

"Sometimes I question your sanity," says Cammy.

"You know, you should really be saying that to Roz," says Tolkien.

Roz is banging on the Tokyo Tower, and a bird flies out. She growls at the bird and it flies away, frightened.


Kai is dangling over the side. "Uh, a little help here?"

"I won't help you," says Delia. "I want to lose, so we can vote out Layla."

"Ugh, sure, fine, whatever," says Kai.

Casey and Thomas are about an inch from the finish.

"Thomas, now, be sure to not do anything stupid..." says Casey.

Thomas sneezes, and he falls off the rope and to the bottom of the tower, screaming.

A loud "WHUMP!" is heard, and Thomas makes a human-shaped hole in the ground.

Thomas comes out, looking woozy with his bones broken. "Eeeeegggh." He gives a thumbs up.

"NOOO!" says Casey. She quickly finishes climbing. "Hai Chelsey!" she says gleefully.

"Ugh, leave me alone," says Chelsey.

"Chels, you said you were flattered a few minutes ago," says Dolph.

"Well, I realized that this chick is unpopular and creepy," says Chelsey.

Casey looks for a second, and begins to cry.

"Oh, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything!" says Chelsey.

"SJDRYNFYHID!" yells Casey. She gracefully jumps off the side of the tower, lands on one of the wider parts, then slides down.

"Something tells me she won't like Chelsey too much anymore," mutters Puck.

Casey comes down. "Nah, I still love her, I'm just not happy."

Puck slaps his head in anger.

"Yo, Chris, did we win?" he asks, going up to Chris.

"Nope, cause Thomas fell before you both touched the finish. The Dharmas got 2nd, and you guys have to vote someone out!" says Chris happily.

Kai and Delia cheer from atop the tower.

"Whatever," says Northworth to PJ. "I did all the work."

PJ, quite angry, kicks Northworth off of the tower.

"AAAAAAAAUGH!" yells Northworth while falling.

"My work here is done," says PJ.

Kai looks at Delia. "I guess Layla will have to stay another day, huh?"

"I guess," says Delia.

"..." says PJ, and she waves, then slides down the tower.

"That never gets old," says Kai.

The Tanukis are shown in their room, later.

"Ugh, that hurt a lot," says Thomas, in a full-body cast.

"Well, it's your fault for sneezing," yells Casey.

"Who are we going to vote out?" asks Flora happily.

"Casey, Thomas, or Puck," whispers Vivienne.

Puck is playing a video game. "Ehhh?"

"Oh, nothing..." says Vivienne.

Puck says in the confessional, "Well, Casey is pretty 'chill', but Thomas isn't 'cool', then again, neither is boring ol' Flora."

Casey says in the confessional, "You have no idea how pissed I am. CHELSEY, I STILL LOVE YOU!" She blows a kiss to the camera.

The Tanukis are shown at elimination.

"All righty, time for another elimination. Flora and Viv, you two are safe," says Chris.

Vivienne cheers, and Chef reluctantly tosses the two sushi. Flora's sushi hits her in the head.

"Ow," says Flora blandly.

"Also, Casey," says Chris. "Unfortunately."

Casey catches the sushi and crushes it in her hands. "Ugh."

"Puck and Thomas..." says Chris. "Thomas, you're crippled now, plus you're not too nice, and Puck, you're just annoying. The final sushi goes to..."

"Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandroooo..." sings Dolph.

"Shoo," says Chris irritatedly.

Dolph flies away on his magical Nyan Cat.

"As I was saying, final sushi goes to..." says Chris.


Thomas loudly says something censored that rhymes with Puck.

"Whoo, yeah!" says Puck. He starts to dance, and goes back to the camp.

"Well, whatever," says Thomas. "Kind of expected this. Casey, you idiot, who do you like? Me or Puck? Make up your mind. Vivienne, you're creepy, and I hate the color purple, as well as witch hats. Flora, you're the most boring person I have ever met. And Puck, just shut up, and you'll be liked better."

Everyone gapes at Thomas.

"We love you too, Tom," says Vivienne sarcastically.

"Just get out of here," says Casey. "By the way, I like Puck."

"Hehe, hehe, hehe," chuckles Puck. Casey pinches him, and he stops.

Thomas limps to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers, and gets in.

"Another contestant gone! Who will be out next? Will Casey try to find Chelsey again? Will Tolkien have any more warped dreams? And what will Layla make Charles do this time? Find out on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 10 - My Neighbor Toadoro

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, we had some Total Drama Revolution contestants cameo for a change! It was all right, I guess, but we still didn't get that many viewers... Anyway, the challenge was to go up the Tokyo Tower, and most of the contestants did that... Except Thomas, who fell off thanks to his sneeze, and was later eliminated because not only was he a jerk, he was also crippled, and he was no help to his team. The Tanukis lost, obviously, since Thomas got voted out. And Casey tried to get close to Chelsey, but failed!" Now, who will get eliminated? Find out today on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chef walks in. "'Ey, Chris, how was th' episode? Did we get viewers?"

"No," says Chris. "Maybe we're just not a good show."

"Nah, we's a'ight," says Chef. "We just gotta do stuff that appeals to children."

Chris pauses for a moment. "Chef, you are a genius!" he then says.

"What? Nah, I was jus' makin' a suggestion," says Chef.

"So, we'll have a challenge based on a Japanese kiddie movie!" says Chris.

"Naw, dude, I hate kiddie movies," says Chef.

"Well, the viewers don't. I freaking love you, Chef!" says Chris, and he hugs him.

"Get offa' me, fool," says Chef.

Chris awkwardly gets off of him.

The Tanukis are shown in their dorm.

"Hey, so, since Thomas is gone, why don't you focus your attention on me?" bargains Puck.

"Well, I still have to decide. I like Chelsey too, you know," says Casey.

"Yeah, but Chelsey is a girl, and so are you. I mean, I'm cool if you're into that, but you gotta make up your mind!" says Puck.

"Yeesh, Puck, hop off," says Casey.

Flora wakes up. "Oh, what a beautiful morning."

"It seems like every morning begins with Puck doing something weird, Casey saying something about Chelsey, and Flora waking up and saying it's a beautiful morning," says Vivienne, waking up as well.

"True dat, true dat," says Puck.

"Well, most mornings are beautiful, I don't see the problem in expressing that," says Flora.

"We're just saying, it gets old after a while..." says Vivienne.

"Yeah. Flora, you're extremely boring," says Casey.

"That's not very nice," says Puck in an obnoxious voice.

"You know what?!" yells Flora.

Everyone suddenly becomes silent.

"Oh, did I just... I'm sorry," says Flora.

Puck looks at Flora, then makes a Trollface.

Vivienne says in the confessional, "Being the strongest player on the team, I feel like I may be able to hide in the shadows then emerge in the finals. Puck does nothing, and Casey is just annoying. Flora won't even last much longer..."

Flora says in the confessional, "Why am I so boring? I just want people to like me!" She bursts into tears.

Puck says in the confessional, "I joined this game so I could follow in the footsteps of my hero, Alex. I mean, I'm extremely lazy. I don't do ANYTHING, but I'm still in the game. Why is that? Like, do girls think I'm hot stuff? Haha!"

Casey says in the confessional, "I need an "Elle". Someone who I can trust, and manipulate, and be best friends with. But, who can it be? Not Puck, not Flora... Viv?"

Casey walks up to Vivienne. "So, tell me more about those disappearing powers of yours."

"I don't necessarily want to," says Vivienne. "You planning to use me for my powers?"

"...Yes," says Casey after a long pause.

Vivienne shoos Casey away from her.

Vivienne says in the confessional, "Seriously, how much of a moron does she think I am?"

The Dharmas are then shown in their room.

"Charles, unwrap this candy bar?" asks Layla.

"I am not feeling it right now," says Charles.

"Fine, I'll unwrap it myself," says Layla angrily.

Layla tries to pick up the candy bar, and her hands writhe in pain.

Layla says in the confessional, "Ugh, I guess I haven't done anything in so long, my hands aren't used to this. God, that was painful... Ha, I'm never doing it again, that's what Charles is for."

Charles unhappily unwraps the candy bar. There is a golden, shiny piece of paper inside. Charles crumples it up, and throws it in the garbage can.

"Feed me?" asks Layla.

"Here comes the airplane," says Charles happily, bringing the candy bar close to Layla's mouth.

"Yay!" she says childishly.

Isabel comes out of the bathroom.

"Hey, guys! I'm out of the bathroom!" says Isabel.

"Yeah, we can see, you just walked out of the bathroom, so of course you are out," says Delia darkly.

Kai is in the other room, poking a potato with his magic wand.

"What is he doing?" asks Delia.

Kai looks at them, then timidly closes the door.

"That guy is creepy," says Layla.

"Well, yes, you have expressed that," says Charles calmly. "Maybe if you were nice to others, they would like me more."

"You tell me that all the time. It doesn't work. I hate being nice," says Layla.

"Well, sometimes people have to do things that they don't like to do," says Charles.

"You've said that, too. Jeez, the author is getting lazy," snaps Layla.

Delia is sitting there angrily.

"Charles, go talk to Delia?" asks Layla.

"She is a nice person, so sure," says Charles.

Charles walks towards Delia.

"Hello," he says.

Delia makes an extremely enraged face.

"Goodbye," says Charles.

He then scoots away timidly.

"Why aren't you talking to her?" demands Layla.

"She is not as nice as I thought," says Charles.

"Yeah. See?" asks Layla.

"'See' is a letter that comes after Q and before N! Hee-hee!" says Isabel happily.

"All right, you're so stupid that you don't even know the alphabet?" says Layla.

"Wait, she had said the alphabet a few days ago," says Charles.

"Isabel, are you secretly smart?" asks Layla.

"Nooo! I don't like to fart," says Isabel.

Isabel says in the confessional, while putting spectacles on, "Okay, fine, I'm not as stupid as I say. But I'm really not too smart... I mean, the whole acting-like-I'm-ten-years-younger-than-I-actually-am thing is just so I can appear as an idiot, and people will feel sorry for me. I'm really self-conscious about my smarts... I was rejected from 20 colleges so far. It's not my fault that I don't know basic subtraction!"

Delia is jotting something down in her notepad.

"Blonde one is secretly a genius," she writes. "Evil antagonist who pretends to be stupid to get farther in the game."

Isabel walks up to her. "Hey, what are you readin'?" she asks.

"I'm not reading. I'm writing in my notebook," says Delia.

"Oh, well, they're basically the same thing to me!" says Isabel.

"Can you read?" asks Delia warily.

"Uh, lemme see a book," says Isabel.

Delia takes out a book called "The Black Death."

"Read it," says Delia. "The first three sentences."

"The Black Death was a plague that spread through Europe like wildfire. Many people died or were tortured thanks to it. It eventually killed over nine thousand people, way over nine thousand," reads Isabel.

"Congrats. I didn't know you were that smart," says Delia.

"I can read. I'm not three," says Isabel.

"Well, neither am I," says Delia.

"Yeah, I know that," says Isabel.

"Okay," mutters Delia.

"Okay," says Isabel.

Delia stares at Isabel for a second.

"This conversation isn't going anywhere," she whispers. "I am going to drop the kids off at the pool."

Delia heads to the bathroom. Isabel jumps off the bed and walks away.

The scene then changes to the Fish Tails' cabin.

"Ugh, this team is so boring," says Tolkien.

"Go play with your cards," says Estrella.

"They went missing last night. I have no idea where they are," says Tolkien.

Julian is shown in the attic, looking at Tolkien's cards.

"These are totally weird," says Julian. "Heh, maybe one more minute, then I'll return them."

"Hey, where's Julian?" asks Horatio.

"Who cares?" asks Estrella.

"I think you do, lover girl," says Roz excitedly.

"Actually, I couldn't care less. Julian is annoying," says Estrella.

"Hey, let's play a video game, guys," says Tolkien.

Horatio turns on the Wuu! to Super Smash Sisters Rumble.

"How do you play?" asks Estrella.

"What, you've never played a video game before?" asks Tolkien in shock.

"No, what do you think I am, five?" asks Estrella snidely.

"Well, I play video games," says Tolkien.

"I stand by my theory," says Estrella dryly.

"Basically, you just mash random buttons," says Roz.

"No, there's strategy involved! Roz, you don't play video games either?!" yells Tolkien.

"No, I have better things to do," says Roz pompously.

"Like what? Stalk Mr. Chapman?" asks Tolkien cynically.

"No..." says Roz.

She puts away her phone, which has a background of Chappy smiling.

"Maybe..." she then says.

She quickly takes out her phone again, which reads, "1 NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM: Zari A." and underneath that, "Found Chappy's address. Tomorrow night?"

"Yes," says Roz sheepishly.

"All right, Horatio, you play video games, right?" asks Tolkien.

"Yeah, dog, totally. The SNES is what's big now, right?" asks Horatio.

Tolkien just looks at him.

"Horatio, how old are you?" asks Estrella.

"It doesn't matter," says Horatio, beginning to sweat.

"But it does," says Tolkien. "If you're too old, Chris will kick you out!"

"So, man? I'm not scared of Chris," says Horatio.

The scene changes to Chris, who has a large suspicious container next to him.

Chef walks in. "What's that?"

"Dinner," says Chris, as he laughs evilly.

Chef slowly backs away.

The contestants meet in the middle of the city for the next challenge.

"So, what's the challenge today?" asks Flora happily.

"You don't care, do you?" asks Chris.

"I actually do. I can't wait to see how my skills are tested," says Flora.

"God, you're so boring," says Chris.

Flora backs away.

"Seriously, bro, just tell us the challenge!" whines Puck.

"All right, all right!" says Chris. "Today's challenge involves big, furry creatures that have a possibility of injuring or killing you."

"My favorite kind of challenge," says Layla sarcastically.

"I know, right?" says Delia, not sarcastically.

"There are three Totoros hiding around the city. They may be easy to spot, because they're huge, but they can turn invisible, so that will be the challenging part of the challenge. Your job is to find all three Totoros, then we can go onto part two," says Chris.

"Wait, but Tokyo is huge. How are we supposed to find them?" asks Julian.

"You have twenty minutes," says Chris, ignoring Julian. "GO!"

"But how do we catch the Totoros?" asks Tolkien.

"Time's a-wastin'," says Chris.

The Fish Tails hurry off.

"Our best bet is the middle of the city. There's a lot of good hiding spots there. We should probs go for the biggest Totoro," says Horatio.

"Yeah, it will be easiest to find," says Tolkien.

A small white Totoro falls from the sky, bounces off of Julian's afro, then hops away.

"Hey, I just felt something funny in my hair," says Julian.

Roz points to the Totoro which is scurrying away in shock.

"HURRY UP, GET IT!" yells Estrella.

Roz crawls on her hands and knees in a swift, monkey-like manner. She jumps and grabs the Totoro, cupping it with both of her hands so it is trapped on the ground.

"Gotcha," she says.

"Quick, get it, before it turns--" says Tolkien.

Roz opens up her hands, and it is gone.

"--Invisible," says Tolkien.

"Well, it must be around here somewhere," says Julian.

"Who cares?" asks Estrella. "The Totoros aren't even cute."

Everyone gasps.

"Do you think ANYTHING is cute, Estrella?" asks Tolkien.

"Blood," says Estrella. "Centipedes crawling across people's skin. Knives flying out of nowhere and almost stabbing people's heads. Dead dogs in the highway. Vultures that eat human carcasses. Gory, grisly corpses hanging out to dry. Oh, and teddy bears."

"I'm not really sure how to respond to that," says Julian.

"On that happy note, let's go get those Totoros," says Horatio.

The Fish Tails run away, all while trying to avoid Estrella.

Julian says in the confessional, "Lucky for her, I have gotten cut many times. A centipede once crawled into my shirt when I was at summer camp. When I was six, a psycho madman with a knife was in the same continent as me. My dog once, er, took a walk into the highway. I went to the zoo once and saw a vulture. At my Great-Aunt Reba's funeral, she was hanging out to dry, not a pleasant sight. And I have a teddy bear named Pooky, who is currently in my suitcase at the hotel. Does that make me cute?"

The Dharmas are hunting about in the countryside.

"Why are we here?" asks Layla. "Charles, I'm thirsty."

"Charles is takin' a wazz," says Kai.

"Plus, there's a lake right there," says Delia quietly.

"So? I never told Charles that he could do that. He needs my permission," says Layla.

"He's just peeing," says Kai.

"Yeah, Layla, give Charlie a break," says Isabel.

Charles comes jogging out from behind a tree.

"All right, I am back. Layla, what did you need?" he asks.

"I said, I'm thirsty," says Layla.

"Well, I do not have any drinks with me," says Charles.

"So?" asks Layla.

A rustling noise is heard in a tree. Suddenly, nothing comes out, but something is heard falling, and seemingly nothing drops onto Layla, crushing her under.

"Hey, it's an invisible Totoro!" says Kai.

Kai waves his magic wand, and the Totoro appears, but Layla disappears.

"Where's Layla?" asks Isabel.

The Totoro scampers away into the bushes.

Layla then comes out. She is now a small white Totoro with evil-looking eyes, mini versions of her clothes, and her hair.

"Kai, I officially hate you," she says in a squeaky voice.

"Gee, thanks," says Kai. "I didn't mean to."

"Charles, turn me back into a human," Layla squeaks.

"All right, Kai, let me see your magic wand..." begs Charles.

"But you're not a trained magician. You gotta practice first," says Kai.

"Practice schmactice, just let him do it!" squeaks Layla angrily.

Delia points to a Totoro in the bushes. But the others are too busy arguing, and it scampers away.

"Nice going, you missed a Totoro," says Delia angrily.

"I don't even care about the freaking Totoro. I just want to turn back into a human," squeaks Layla, beginning to sob.

"I think we know her weakness..." says Delia enigmatically.

"Ooh, Layla, can you turn into a fish next?" says Isabel happily.

Layla jumps and hits Isabel in the foot. Isabel says, "Owie."

Kai says in the confessional, "Ok, so I screwed up. I hope I can make it farther, I really need the money to show my jerkass brother who's boss."

Layla the Totoro says in the confessional, "I am going to kill Kai."

The Tanukis then creep by, behind a bush.

"Shh, there's the Dharmas!" says Puck quietly.

"All right, guys, just don't make any noise. And Puck, no LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE-ing," says Casey quietly.

"Let's just be PJs," says Vivienne.

"And there's the Totoro!" says Flora, who doesn't know that it's actually Layla.

"I got it," says Puck valiantly.

Puck tiptoes out from the bush, and pounces on top of Layla.

"Hey, it's that fat penguin guy!" yells Layla. "Get off me!"

"Don't try to get me with your tomfoolery," says Puck. "Guys, I got it!"

Puck runs away. Everyone glares.

"Maybe it's better that she's gone," says Kai cheerfully.

"Hey, that looks a lot like Layla..." says Casey, looking at the Totoro that Puck caught.

"It is Layla, fool. Now, bring me back to my team," says Layla in anger.

Casey looks, and starts to laugh loudly at Layla.

"It's not funny, guys," she squeaks.

The scene then changes to night, where they are all in the middle of the city.

The Fish Tails have the two larger Totoros with them, in nets.

"Nice going, Fishies," says Chris. "Where's the little white one?"

The little white Totoro crawls out of Charles' trousers, and makes a squeaking noise.

"Ugh, so it was in there the whole time?" yells Layla, still a Totoro. "Charles, you're so useless."

"Um, what sort of accidents happened here?" asks Chris warily.

"I did stuff," says Kai.

A strange British guy rides by on a rainbow Nyan cat, and sprinkles magic dust.

The dust covers everyone, and they all begin to cough. Once it clears, Layla is a human.

"Gee, it's about time," says Layla.

"Just be glad you're a human," says Delia hauntingly.

"So, the Fish Tails, for winning the first part, get an advantage in the second part," says Chris. He hands them all pogo sticks.

"What are these gonna do to help us?" asks Estrella.

"You'll see," says Chris. "Anyway, your challenge is to jump on Large Marge, the big gray Totoro. Last contestant standing wins. You guys can push and kick each other to get each other off if you want."

"Why is it named Large Marge?" asks Tolkien warily.

"Do I look like I know or care?" asks Chris.

"No, not really," says Tolkien.

"Okay, good. Those pogo sticks seem pretty helpful now, eh?" he asks.

"...Can I sit out?" asks Estrella.

"Not unless you want to get voted out," says Chris.

Estrella says in the confessional, "Okay, I may not look like it, but I actually want to win."

Large Marge roars loudly.

"Uh, does it do that frequently?" asks Puck, scared.

"Nah, only when it's hungry," says Chris.

Everyone looks at Chris. Realizing what he's said, he then says, "But I fed it. Last night. Heh, heh."

"Can we just end this challenge already?" asks Casey.

"Fine, get on Marge," says Chris angrily.

The contestants get on the large Totoro, who begins to wriggle about.

"Uh, I'm not sure this is safe..." says Tolkien.

"Ha, relax, little boy. It'll be fun," chirps Roz, getting on her pogo stick.

"Ready?" yells Chris. "Set..."

Tolkien begins to sweat. Horatio takes off his sunglasses, and Puck takes off his helmet, revealing to be completely bald.

"What?" he asks, noticing everyone is staring at his bald head. "Oh, this. Heh. I should prob grow it out, eh?"

"I will love you more if you do," says Casey.

Puck puts his helmet back on self-consciously.

Chris blows a starting whistle. "GO!"

The contestants begin to hop around the Totoro. Soon, Puck trips and falls off.

"Nice going!" yells Casey sarcastically.

"Sorry, Case, I tried," says Puck.

"Just--" Before Casey can finish her sentence, Delia pushes her off and she lands on Puck.

"You deserved it," says Delia.

"For what?" yells Casey innocently.

Delia flashes her an evil stare and jumps away.

"Don't ask me," says Puck. Casey glowers at him.

Horatio bumps into Layla with his logo stick.

"Ow!" she yells, and falls off. "Charles, get him!"

Charles charges at Horatio, who easily pushes him off with a pogo stick.

Roz is hopping about, carrying a crowbar.

"How did you find that?!" yells Estrella, while boinging.

Roz just giggles, then flits away, hitting members of the other teams with her crowbar and making them fall off.

"While the contestants violently fight, please enjoy this ten second commercial," says Chris.

The scene switches to a psychedelic background. Funky music is playing.

Kavren comes out and begins to speak in Japanese. He then dances in his banana suit for ten seconds.

The scene changes back to Chris, who is sitting on a lawn chair sipping a martini.

"Now, back to the show," he says pleasantly.

The camera zooms to Large Marge, who is lying down. All of the contestants except Roz are piled up in heaps below the Totoro.

"So, you won, eh?" asks Chris.

"No, they're just piled up like that for fun," says Roz. "Yah, I won. Now, can my team be invincible?"

"Sure," says Chris.

Everyone on the Fish Tails gets up hesitantly. "Whoo-hoo!" says Julian woozily, fainting soon after.

"Other two teams, I'll see you at elimination," says Chris.

"Ehh?" asks Puck.

"You heard me," says Chris.

Puck says in the confessional, "Well, that was no fun. I wanna vote for someone on the other team, but..."

Casey says in the confessional, "This game is getting too boring. Maybe I should quit. Would Chelsey like that?"

Layla says in the confessional angrily, "I am this close to firing Charles. Ugh, that jerkface."

Chris is at the elimination ceremony.

"Dharmas, Tanukis... Once again, you let the Fish Tails swim by. You guys gotta get your game on, eh? Anyway, the first sushi goes to Kai," he says.

Kai grabs his sushi and eats it. Layla glares at him menacingly.

"Isabel, Casey, Puck..." says Chris.

The three get their sushi. Puck chews on it obnoxiously, and Casey throws hers at him, while Isabel giggles.

"Chris, may I have a sushi? I am quite peckish," says Charles.

"Sure, Charles," says Chris. "Anything for the most important non-contestant on the show. Besides me."

Chef comes in and glares at Chris, then he stamps out in a huff. Chris tosses Charles a sushi, and Charles happily eats it.

"Anyway, Flora and Viv are safe, too," says Chris, tossing them both sushi.

"Mmmm, I love sushi," says Flora. "You don't say," says Vivienne.

"Layla and Delia. One of you is snobby and got turned into a Totoro, then whined."

"I had a good reason..." scoffs Layla.

"And Delia, you're creepy. Final sushi goes to..."


"Woo-hoo," says Layla sarcastically. "Let's go, Charles."

The two walk back to the hotel.

"You all will regret that this ever happened..." mutters Delia.

"Delia, I'll miss you. Kind of. You were hot. And better than Layla," says Kai.

Vivienne looks on in horror. "Don't worry, he's probably kidding," says Flora, attempting to comfort her.

"Whatever. I am out," says Delia. She stomps to the Taxi of Losers, then disappears.

"Yay, a three-person team!" says Isabel happily.

"What, I am not a person?" asks Charles.

"No, I was referring to Layla," says Isabel. Layla glowers at her.

"Who will win? Who will lose? Who will turn into an animal next? Find out on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 11 - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (I've Got Sushi in My Tummy)

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants had some sort of challenge that was basically forgettable... Oh, wait, no it wasn't. It was the Totoro one. I forgot. Heh. Anyway, they first went into the forest to look for the famous Japanese movie characters, and then they jumped on them. Pretty deep challenge, huh? In the end, the insane psycho maniac person known as Roz won the challenge, I'm pretty sure, granting her team invincibility. Sadly, Delia got voted off of the Dharmas, for no reason other than the fact she was creepy. I think. Anyway, find out who will win, who will lose, and who will make it to the merge today on Total... Drama... Tokyo1"

The Fish Tails are in their dorm.

Tolkien is sitting in front of the television, eating a "KidzTVDinnerz" lasagna which looks more like a sickly red mush with corn sticking out of it. 

Julian comes out of the other room. "Yo, I smell lasagna. You have any? Hit me up, dog," he says.

"I don't know what you're talking about," says Tolkien, attempting to cover it up.

"I see your lasagna right there," says Julian. "Just be a cool dude and share, will you?"

"Nah, I'm super hungry. Roz has been eating everything for the last few days," says Tolkien.

Horatio smoothly walks out of his bedroom.

"Hey, guys, eating time? I'd like some lasagna. Tolky, get the hint?" says Horatio.

"I am not giving any of you my food," says Tolkien crossly.

"Meh, I could use something to eat," says Estrella loudly, while listening to dubstep.

"Whoa, when did you get here?" asks Julian.

"I've been here the whole time, are you blind?" says Estrella.

"Actually, I have some hearing loss--" says Julian.

"Shut up," says Estrella.

"Just kidding..." says Julian.

Roz swings down from the ceiling, upside down.

"Eee! I love food. Tolkien, please? You like me, right?" asks Roz.


Roz then says, "Pretty please with sugar on top?"

Tolkien smashes the lasagna mush thing into Roz's face, but Roz licks it up with her extremely long tongue.

"Thanksies," she says happily.

"Tolkien, why are you so grumpy?" asks Horatio.

"I had a crappy dream last night," says Tolkien.

"Did it involve doing explicit things with chicks, dubstep, or partying?" asks Julian.

"Eww, no," says Tolkien.

"Then, I'm out. Time to play some Grand Theft Tricycle," says Julian.

Julian sprints back into his bedroom.

"So, what was your dream about, bud?" asks Roz.

"Well, it involved Ari..." says Tolkien.

Roz and Horatio simultaneously say, "Oooooooooh..." Estrella facepalms.

"Basically, I was in school," says Tolkien. "I think it was the first day back."

"Is this dream gonna take a weird turn like your last one? Remember, the Black Mage?" asks Horatio.

Tolkien ignores him, and keeps talking. "So, it was the first day back to school, and I was with Julian," says Tolkien.

Julian looks at Tolkien while drumming on the wall with straws.

"Yes, your name's Julian, isn't it?" asks Estrella.

"Nah, it's Eric, and Julian is my middle name," says Julian.

Everyone just looks at him awkwardly.

"Jksies," says Julian. "You guys knew I was joking, right?"

"Then, I saw Ari. But she was making out with Bennett," says Tolkien, while completely ignoring him.

"Oooooooooh..." say Roz and Horatio again, but this time less happily.

"Sucks, little dude. I feel sorry for you. And I almost never express feelings of sorrow," says Estrella dryly.

"Shut up and let me talk!" says Tolkien.

"Meh, whatev," says Estrella. She then resumes listening to her dubstep.

"And then Ari turned to dust, and Bennett started making out with ME," says Tolkien.

"Gee, if only Yuri was here..." says a voice from the other room.

"And then, Bennett turned into Ari, and we made out. But I looked at myself, and I was Bennett," says Tolkien.

"That dream made no sense whatsoever," says Estrella. "But I don't dream."

"You don't? Everyone dreams," says Horatio.

"Not me," says Estrella. "I only think about teddy bears and black holes."

"That's dreaming," says Roz. "Anyway, Tolk, that dream's an omen."

"What, you think Ari and Bennett will return to the game and be dating?" asks Tolkien.

"Bennett has his girls, remember?" asks Horatio.

"Plus, he was first out, and nobody likes first outs," says Estrella.

"What about Lizza? She had some friends... er, friend," says Horatio.

"Lizza is my kind of person. Hehe," says Roz.

"Er, sooo..." says Tolkien. "You guys glad you're still in?"

Julian, who is still drumming on the wall with straws, says, "Eh."

"I couldn't care less," says Estrella snidely. She then mutters, "Yes, I'm glad."

"Hey, guys, we're all friends, right? If we just work together, we can be the final five," says Horatio.

"Bleh, bleh, bleh, whatevs," says Roz in a singsong voice.

"Roz, you should show some respect," says Horatio. "It makes you more likable."

Roz gets out her phone and starts texting.

"Did I ever say I was likable? Heh," says Roz.

The scene changes to the Dharmas.

"This team isn't even a team," says Kai.

"Ugh, Kai, stop talking," says Layla. "Charles, buy me a root beer."

Charles goes to the fridge and gets her a root beer. He throws it and it hits her in the face.

"Ow, that hurt!" yells Layla.

"Pain is an important part of growing up," says Charles.

"Where's Isabel? She was here a few minutes ago," says Kai.

"Ugh, who cares?" asks Layla sourly.

"I do, since it is safe to know where people are located," says Charles.

"I also care, because if she's gone, then I'm stuck on a team with you," says Kai, shuddering.

"Gee, thanks, I'm so honored," says Layla sarcastically.

"Layla, are you even drinking the root beer that I gave to you?" asks Charles.

"No, I never said I was gonna eat it, I just wanted it in my possession so I could drink it when I'm thirsty," says Layla.

"That's pointless," says Kai. "Completely pointless."

A faint screaming noise is heard.

"Hey, I wonder what that noise is?" asks Kai.

"Probably just the wind," says Charles.

Isabel then busts through the door, creating a human-shaped hole and screaming.

"What's wrong?!" yells Kai.

"Nobody cares!!" yells Layla.

"Hey, guys!" says Isabel peppily. "I just went on an adventure! Heehee!"

"Ugh, what kind of adventure?" asks Layla.

"It was an adventure where I went to a vending machine and bought some pop for you guys!" says Isabel.

"..." says Charles.

"Where's the pop...?" asks Kai dubiously.

"Oh, sorry, I got really thirsty and drank all of it," says Isabel. "Sorry!"

"Don't you have any more money?" asks Kai.

"No, I don't. Sorry about that," says Isabel sadly.

"Then, what was the point of even going to get pop?" asks Layla angrily. "Can't you think about others?!"

Charles laughs hysterically.

"There's nothing funny about that, Charles," scolds Layla.

"I am sorry, but there is," says Charles.

"I'm not even gonna bother anymore," says Layla.

Layla takes out her phone and begins to text.

The scene changes to the Tanukis' room.

Puck, with shades on, prances to the radio and turns it on.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie. All them otha brothas can't deny," sings the radio.

"When a girl comes by with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung," says Puck, singing along and shaking his butt.

"Ugh, that song is so 10 years ago," says Casey.

"I know, right? What a dinosaur," says Flora.

Everyone looks at Flora. The music stops.

"Did you just say, 'what a dinosaur'?" asks Casey.

"Who says that?" asks Vivienne, while laughing.

"Guys, I'm just trying to fit in with you guys," says Flora sadly.

"Yeah, but nobody says, 'what a dinosaur'," says Casey.

"I do, sometimes," says Puck. "Not really."

"All right, guys. Is there anything that I can do to make you guys like me?" asks Flora.

"No, not really," says Casey.

"Flora, I like you. In a way," says Vivienne.

"Yeah, you're all right, little ice cube," says Puck.

There is an awkward pause.

"Sooooo..." says Casey.

"Buttons," says Vivienne.

A loud whistle is heard blowing outside. The contestants, realizing that it means there is a challenge, all walk outside.

Chris is shown in front of what looks like a large factory.

"Hey, guys, are any of you hungry?" he asks happily.

"Yeah," says Layla, glaring at Isabel.

"Well, good, since today's challenge is a sushi challenge! You all will have to eat as much sushi as you can, and whoever eats the most sushi wins invincibility for their team," says Chris.

"Sounds easy enough," says Tolkien.

"You kasshole, you just jinxed it, he's gonna make a twist," says Estrella.

"Kasshole?" asks Julian.

"Don't question my vocabulary," says Estrella angrily.

"Nope, no twist today, at least for the challenge," says Chris. He begins to laugh evilly.

"Eh, if we win the challenge, we'll be fine, guys," says Horatio reassuringly.

"So, guys, follow me inside to the factory," says Chris.

The kids follow Chris inside to the factory.

Chef hands them all aprons and chef hats.

"Today, y'all gonna be me," says Chef.

"Uh, all righty," says Tolkien.

"Experience my pain every single freakin' day," says Chef.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" asks Flora.

"Oh, nothin', jus' that I'm forced t' spend m' life workin' for smelly teenagers, nothin' really," says Chef.

"Moving on," says Flora.

Chris then leads them to the kitchen.

"All right, guys, you all have to sit down at these tables," says Chris.

"Don't tell me what to do," says Layla angrily.

"Wanna get voted out?" asks Chris.

Layla and all the rest of the contestants sit down at the tables.

A bunch of interns walk in and dump bags of sushi out in front of every contestant.

"Are you ready?" asks Chris.

"No," says Tolkien.

Chris blows an airhorn loudly. "GO!"

"Oh, I can totes do this. Sushi is my food of choice, guys," says Puck, while eating sushi.

"Just be careful, Puck," says Casey while picking her sushi apart.

Puck then passes out.

"Puck is out of the challenge!" says Chris.

"Food of choice, eh?" asks Casey angrily.

"Askrthndtkhtk," says Puck on the ground.

"Guys, please, just focus!" yells Vivienne.

"I hate sushi," says Layla at the Dharmas' table. "Charles, feed me."

"But I am not allowed to. You must do this yourself," says Charles.

"Who said that?!" yells Layla. "Ugh."

Layla begins to lick up the sushi using her mouth.

Isabel is slicing her sushi into little pieces.

"Isabel, don't be so slow!" yells Layla.

"I'm trying to do it efficiently," says Isabel happily.

"Also, where's Kai?" asks Layla.

Kai is passed out on the ground with sushi in his mouth.

"Can we just end this challenge?" asks Tolkien.

A strange ticking noise is then heard.

"What is that mysterious ticking noise?" asks Charles.

Some magic dust is sprinkled from the ceiling, then everyone passes out.

Chris says in the confessional, "Hey, that challenge was gonna be cool! It can't get cut short!"

Chris begins to snap his fingers angrily. "Guys, get up. The challenge isn't over yet."

"Aww," says a groggy Horatio.

"Who's left?" asks Chris.

"Everyone except Puck," Casey says and points to Puck who is lying on the ground drooling, "and Kai." Kai is sitting there, traumatized.

"All right," says Chris. He blows a whistle. "RESUME!"

Tolkien scarfs down his sushi.

"Hurry up, Tolkien!" yells Roz.

The camera pans across the tables. Julian is attempting to eat sushi but failing, while Estrella is reading.

"Estrella is disqualified for not participating!" says Chris.

Estrella makes a rude hand gesture at Chris.

The Fish Tails then slowly begin to get out, in a montage.

Three hours later, the only contestants left are Flora and Layla.

"Go, Layla! You can do this! Heehee!" cheers Isabel.

"Don't tell me to go, I'm going!" says Layla angrily.

Flora is eating spoonfuls of sushi.

"Flora, go faster!" pleads Casey.

Flora ignores her and continues to eat the spoonfuls of sushi.

Layla then begins to turn green.

"I don't feel so good..." says Layla.

"No, Layla, you must continue!" says Charles.

Layla then passes out.

Everyone looks at Flora, who is eating her spoonfuls of sushi slowly.

"Flora, did you just win?" asks Puck.

"Oh my god," says Casey.

"Looks like you're good for something after all..." says Vivienne.

"I guess we're sorry we treated you that way," says Casey.

"It's all right, guys. I know I'm boring, but I guess there are some things that make me interesting," says Flora.

"Boring? You're our team's hero now!" says Vivienne.

"Yeah, I suppose..." says Flora.

Tolkien then runs out from the bathroom.

"Wait, what is that little rat doing?" asks Casey.

"Oh, I was peeing, I'm still in the challenge, guys," says Tolkien.

The Tanukis blankly stare at Tolkien.

"He's correct. Tolkien wins invincibility for the Fish Tails!" says Chris.

"WHAT?!?!" yells everyone else.

"This is worse than I See London...!" says Flora.

Everyone on the Fish Tails cheer and hoist Tolkien up on their shoulders.

"Guys, I'm gonna play a little celebratory jazz!" says Horatio, taking out his saxophone.

"Don't do anything stupid," says Estrella.

"Relax," says Horatio.

Horatio begins to play a serenade on his saxophone.

The contestants look at him with wide eyes.

Sure enough, Dolph is creeping up behind him with a knife, while riding on his Nyan Cat.

"What the--" screams Horatio, looking at Dolph.

Dolph snaps his fingers, and the roof of the factory comes off, revealing a gigantic, rainbow-colored void in the sky.

"This is what you all get for not accepting me into All-Stars!" yells Dolph evilly.

"What the crap?!" yells Chris.

The contestants slowly begin to get sucked into the void, all while screaming and yelling.

"Thanks a lot, Horatio!" yells Julian.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know!" yells Horatio.

Horatio holds onto a lamppost, while the others hold onto various objects to avoid getting sucked into the void.

"AAAAAUGH!" screams Puck.

The void then suddenly closes, and everything turns back to normal.

"What just..." says Chris. "Let's just go to the elimination ceremony... Everyone has to come today."

Layla says in the confessional, "Ugh, that was so unfair. At least my team didn't lose, but still, that sucked."

Isabel says in the confessional, "Heehee! So fun!"

The scene changes to the elimination ceremony.

"All right, Tanukis, this is your last elimination ceremony, because tomorrow, the three teams will become one," says Chris.

Everyone cheers. "Is that why you brought us here?" asks Julian.

"That, and other things," says Chris mysteriously.

"Just tell us who gets the marshmallows," whines Casey.

"Fine," says Chris. "Casey and Viv, you two are safe."

Chris tosses the two girls some sushi.

"I don't even wanna see any more sushi today," says Vivienne, who looks green.

"Puck and Flora. Both of you did crappy in the challenge," says Chris.

"Hey, I almost won," says Flora.

"And I was the first to lose," says Puck sadly.

"The final sushi goes to..."

"Puck, unfortunately."

"Cool beans," says Puck. He tries to avoid the sushi that is tossed to him.

"Aww, but I thought you guys liked me," says Flora.

"I do, and so does Puck, don't worry," says Vivienne.

"Was I really that boring?" asks Flora sadly.

"Yes," says Casey. Everyone glares at her.

"No, you're a nice girl. Hopefully people will appreciate you a little bit more when you come back home," says Vivienne.

Puck and Vivienne hug Flora, and she waves at them while going to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers.

"I still think she's boring," says Casey. Everyone glares at her again.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot!" says Chris. The contestants look at him. "Horatio, dude, bad news."

"Aw, crap," says Horatio, anticipating what's to come.

"That Dolph thing psychologically traumatized some of us, and we wanna make sure it doesn't happen again. So, sorry dude, but you're out," says Chris.

"Wut? That's the stupidest elimination ever," says Tolkien.

"Yeah, some eliminations are stupid. Deal with it!" says Chris. "Get out of here."

"All right, guys. It was fun working with you, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future projects," says Horatio. "Remember, if you believe, you will achieve. Peace out."

Horatio sashays to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers.

"Wait, why was there a double elimination?" asks Julian.

"Returnee, anyone?" asks Chris.

Puck, Tolkien, Roz, and Julian all begin to cheer, thinking of their friends.

"Anyway, who will be the special returnee? Who will get voted out? Will any new relationships blossom? Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 12 - Sumo Like It Hot

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants had a challenge where they had to eat lots of sushi, and lots of them experienced some, er, difficulties... It was quite funny, anyway, so yeah. The Fish Tails won, thanks to my amazing logic, and the Tanukis and Dharmas both had to go to elimination. Although, Horatio summoned Dolph with his saxophone playing, and Dolph did some evil stuff, so Horatio had to be evacuated from the game so he couldn't cause any more harm. Basically my way of saying, 'he was too weird.' Flora almost won the challenge, but then she didn't, so she was eliminated! Poor boring girl. Today's the merge! How will the contestants react to their new cabinmates? Who will win? Who will fail? Find out today on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Julian is shown lying on the couch, texting.

"Man, I'm gonna miss you guys, you were a cool team," he says sadly.

"I'm not gonna miss you. You were creepy," says Estrella.

"Oh, yeah, sure," says Julian. "You want it, and you know that."

Tolkien is gathering together his nerd cards.

"Well, Julian, we can still have a bro-lliance, right?" asks Tolkien.

"Sorry, guy, it's every man for themselves now," says Julian glumly.

"Wut?!" yells Tolkien. "But I thought we were friends!"

"We are," says Julian. "But... Hey, where's Roz?"

Roz appears out of thin air.

"Oh, don't mind me, just grabbin' all my stuff," she says. "See you later, Tolky."

"What's with all these goodbyes?!" yells Tolkien.

"Nobody likes you," says Estrella snidely.

"Hey, that's not nice. I happen to like Tolky, and I'm sure Julian does too, riiiight?" asks Roz.

"Eh?" asks Julian, looking up from his phone. "Oh, yeah, totally." He goes back to texting.

"Hey, Julian, am I ugly?" asks Estrella.

"Eh?" asks Julian, looking up from his phone again. "Oh, yeah, totally." He goes back to texting once again.

"Gee, thanks," says Estrella. "Kids these days and their stupid phones."

"Estrella, you have a phone..." says Tolkien.

"I use it for emergencies, and only emergencies," snaps Estrella.

"Eh?" asks Julian, looking up from his phone again. "Oh, yeah, totally." He goes back to texting once again.

"Who are you even texting, Julian?" asks Tolkien.

"Shawn," says Julian. "He says to expect a special surprise. Wonder what he means?"

"Ooh, maybe he's the returnee," says Tolkien.

"That would suck. I want Ari," says Roz. "And if it's not Ari, I will go psychotic."

"Looking forward to that," says Estrella sarcastically.

There is a knock on the door. Then, Puck walks in.

"Sup, chill dudes?" he asks, trying to introduce himself.

"Oh, hey, you're Puck, right?" asks Julian.

Estrella looks at Puck. "I'm out of here," she then says, and leaves. "Come on, Roz."

Roz follows Estrella. "Au revoir."

"So, guys, this is the dude cabin, huh?" asks Puck coolly.

"Nah, we're the chicks. The people who left are the dudes," says Julian.

"Those are the hottest dudes I've ever seen," says Puck.

There is an awkward pause.

"JK, folks. I'm not like that. I know you're the dudes, aren't you?" asks Puck.

"Yeah..." says Tolkien. "So, how's Casey?"

"Oh, Casey. I miss her already, yo. She's so cool and nice, isn't she?" asks Puck.

Tolkien says in the confessional, "No, actually she's annoying as the Court Jester in L&L. And that thing almost made me quit playing."

"Uh, sure, she's cool," says Tolkien.

"Cooler than a block of ice, dog," says Puck.

"So, are there any more boys?" asks Julian.

"There's Kai," says Puck. "And Layla's butler. But he's stayin' with the girls. I wish I were him."

"Dude, he's like 100," says Julian. "That's creepy, man."

"Eh, I would still do it," says Puck.

There is a puff of smoke. Kai appears with his suitcase.

"Hey, everyone, the name's Kai, but I assume you know that," says Kai. "Sup?"

"Nothing much, we're just discussing grown men and young girls," says Julian coolly.

Kai pauses. "...I'll be in the bathroom." Kai then runs away as fast as he can.

Meanwhile, the scene changes to the females' room.

Roz is sitting on her bed, playing on her laptop.

Layla walks in. "Oh, hey, it's some trash," she says.

"Excuse me?" asks Roz angrily.

"Charles, don't you agree that she's trash?" asks Layla.

"No, since she looks like a human girl, and not garbage," says Charles.

"All right, Charles, you need to learn today's vocabulary," says Layla angrily.

"I shall work on it," says Charles.

"Anyway, Layla, wanna sleep as far away from me as possible?" asks Roz.

"Ohhh, sure," says Layla. "I'd totally love to."

Layla scoots away from Roz. Roz claps happily.

Isabel then walks in.

"Hey, hey, hey!!!" she says happily. "New teamies? Cool!"

"It's the merge, dumbarse," says Layla angrily.

"What's a merge? Is it a girls' name? When I grow up, I'm gonna name my kid Merge!" says Isabel.

"That's Marge, plus who would name their kid Marge these days?" asks Layla.

"My mother is named Marge," says Charles.

"Yeah, well, you're like 1,000 years old," snaps Layla.

"No, I am not. You shouldn't judge people based on their age," says Charles wisely.

Vivienne and Casey then walk in.

"You're mad at me just because I said that you're not Chelsey?" asks Vivienne angrily. "You should know that."

"Hmph!" says Casey, and she keeps walking.

"Hey, look, it's that reject from our team who switched," says Layla meanly.

"All right, chick, wanna tussle?" snaps Casey.

"Eh, I'd rather not," says Layla.

Vivienne says in the confessional, "I seem to be the most likable girl left... Other than Roz, but she's just insane."

"So, Roz, how's it going?" asks Vivienne.

"Oh, you're that chick with the cool powers, right? Pretty good," says Roz. "You?"

"Just looking for an ally to help me get farther," says Vivienne.

"Oh, that's sweet," says Roz. "What about Kai?"

"I think he hates me," Vivienne begins to tear up.

"Aww, well, you two would be cute. Try to get him, okay? Then I'll be in an alliance with you," says Roz.

"Whatever," says Vivienne. "I'll try."

"Good," says Roz. "Do it for me." She then grimaces.

Chris walks in. "Hey, guys, time for a special surprise!"

"I hate surprises," mutters Estrella. "They're too predictable."

"That makes no sense..." says Chris. "Just come out."

The girls, followed by the boys, walk out of the building.

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me, maybe?" asks Puck, looking at Roz and giving her a slip of paper.

"Hehehehehehehehehehehe," laughs Roz obnoxiously. "No," she then says seriously.

"Yeah, she's mine, guy," says Tolkien.

"Yeah, no, Tolky," says Roz.

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Did I just get rejected? Oh, wow. I get this feeling that Roz doesn't like me, and maybe Shawn was right, am I wasting my time?"

Roz says in the confessional, "Poor Tolky doesn't know that Rosalind is a lone wolf."

Chris blows a loud whistle. Everyone pays attention.

"All right, contestants, now that it's the merge, it's time for a little twist in the gameplay," says Chris.

"Teams of two?" asks Casey.

"Harder challenges?" asks Estrella.

"Charles actually being competent?" whines Layla.

"Make out parties?" asks Puck. Everyone looks at him awkwardly.

"No, no, and no," says Chris. "It is my pleasure to announce that every contestant is hiding a secret!"

Everyone looks at Chris like they have no idea what he's talking about.

"...Just kidding. Actually, there's a returnee!" says Chris excitedly.

"We know," says Estrella. "Who is it?"

"Oh, god, please don't be Yuri..." says Julian.

"Or Wolfgang," says Puck. "I don't think he likes me, y'know?"

"Or that creep, Anderson..." says Roz.

"Well, actually, their identity will be kept secret for right now. Come on out, returnee!" says Chris jubilantly.

A person walks out from behind a car. They are wearing a ninja mask, sunglasses, a sweatshirt that conceals their chest, baggy jeans, combat boots, and a fedora.

The person pulls off their mask. "'Ello, chaps," says Dolph.

"You're not returning! Get out!" demands Chris.

"Gee, fine..." says Dolph.

Dolph disappears in a puff of smoke, and another person wearing the exact same outfit appears in his place.

"Take your hood off, dude," says Chris.

The person takes their hood off, and they are Dolph as well. "Hi, again."

Chris points to the van. Dolph gets in, and the van turns into a Nyan cat, rocketing him away.

Chef walks in, and whispers something to Chris, who nods.

"All right, new idea," says Chris. "The ten of you will get an eliminated contestant, excluding Horatio or Flora, since they both just got out. You'll have to compete in a challenge, and the person assigned to the winner of the challenge gets to return to the game."

Ten people, all in the same outfit, walk out of a limo.

"This outfit is so sweaty. I don't even wanna return," says a voice resembling Neal.

"Same, especially since Casey and Puck are still in," says a Thomas-like voice.

"I got a new pairing I support," says a high-pitched voice mischievously.

"Ahh gawt uh noo paaairing ahh suppawt," says a mocking voice.

The ten eliminated contestants sit down in a set of bleachers.

Neal takes his hood out. "Quite a bit better. I hope I get someone crappy like Isabel so I don't have to return."

Wolfgang takes out some body spray and sprays himself. It smells horrible.

"Wolfgang, can you please put that away, dude?" says Bennett coolly, without his girls.

Wolfgang farts on Bennett and laughs gruffly, and Bennett keels over.

Gail picks up Bennett. "Sorry, Ben! He's a jerk, huh?" she says.

Bennett pretends to cry. "Yeah... I'm not trying to hurt him... I just want a girlfriend..."

"Aww, you poor thing," says Gail. She hugs Bennett tightly.

Bennett says in the confessional, "I'm not a mean person, and I ain't using her, but with my girls gone, I need some new ones, man."

"Come here, you. I still have another arm open," says Bennett to Delia.

Delia moves away from him. "Don't waste my time."

Ari takes off her hood in the bleachers. Tolkien turns completely white.

"What's wrong, Tolk-boy? Want some ice cubes? Got some in my pocket, for emergencies," says Puck.

"B-b-bubba-bubba-hobba-hobba-wah-wah," stutters Tolkien.

Puck puts an ice cube in Tolkien's mouth. He turns green, spits out the cube, and it flies all the way to the bleachers where it hits Shawn in the face.

"Ow!" says Shawn. Puck winks at him.

Horatio walks into the stands with Flora right behind him.

"Ooh, hi, Fellatio!" says Isabel happily.

"...What?" asks Horatio, extremely disturbed. "What did you just..."

"Oh, I have trouble with names sometimes, sorry!" says Isabel happily.

"Hehe. Reminds me of a fic of mine. It was Cameron and Geoff. So awesome!" squeals Yuri.

"That's borderline R-rating..." says Horatio, still in extreme shock. "So, Chris, seriously, what's the challenge?" asks Julian.

"Sumo wrestling!" says Chris happily.

"Oh, god..." everyone except Puck says simultaneously.

Puck claps. "Finally, a challenge that can put my pudgy penguin body to the test!"

"First round is..." says Chris.

Chef whispers something to Chris.

"Oh, wait, I forgot about the singlets!" says Chris happily.

"Oh, dear god, no," says Tolkien. "Please, do we have to?"

"The girls wear singlets," says Chris, and Tolkien cheers, but then Chris says, "And the boys must wear diapers!"

"WHAT?!" yells Tolkien.

Casey looks at Puck, and shudders.

"You know you wanna see my sexy buff bod," says Puck.

Casey says in the confessional, "K, is it just me, or did Puck suddenly turn into Nic?"

"Anyway. The first round is Puck against Tolkien!" says Chris exuberantly.

Tolkien looks at Puck, in the diaper, and shakes his head sadly.

Chris toots a loud horn. "Go!"

"Wait, but I don't even know how to--" says Tolkien.

Puck charges at him full blast, and tackles him onto the ground. The other contestants watch the two almost naked boys writhing around, trying to pin each other.

"This is so awkward..." says Bennett. Gail hugs him tightly.

Wolfgang holds up a giant sign that reads "BEAT PUCK'S LITTLE $&@#%".

Puck pauses from his wrestling to look at the sign. "Hey, that's dirt--"

While he is talking, Tolkien begins to creep up behind Puck, then winks at Ari.

Tolkien charges at Puck. "What the--" says Puck. "Holy penguins!" he yells.

"1... 2... 3!" cheer Roz and Julian, and Chris blows the whistle to end the round.

"Hey, but that wasn't fair, dude," says Puck. "I say rematch."

"Sorry, kid. Not everything is fair in the world of Total Drama," says Chris.

"Yo. That's cray cray," says Puck obnoxiously.

Chris, ignoring him, blows the horn again, and yells, "Vivienne versus Roz. Go!"

"Wait, but, I don't even--" says Vivienne.

Roz gallops towards her insanely, and pins her on the ground. "Hai-ya!"

"I wasn't even ready!" yells Vivienne in between breaths of struggling.

"Say uncle!" says Roz threateningly.

Vivienne then disappears from under Roz mysteriously. "Nah," she then says, and appears again behind Roz, pushing her onto the ground.

"How did you do that?!" screams Roz.

Vivienne winks. "I have my ways," she says cunningly.

"1... 2... 3!" the crowd cheers, especially a sweaty Tolkien, Julian, and Ari.

A montage is then shown, with Isabel and Charles wrestling while a lazy Layla is yelling, as well as Julian versus Casey and many other matchups.

"It's the final round!" narrates Chris. "Kai versus Estrella!"

"GOOOO, KAI!" yells Vivienne in the stands.

"He doesn't like you. Jussayin'," says Casey. "Trying to look out for you."

"Ah, well... I'll get him to like me!" says Vivienne.

"Whatever you say, chick," scoffs Casey.

"These pairs are all so weird," says Kai while trying to pin down Estrella.

"Eh. I'm not even paying attention. I don't care if I lose the challenge, sumo is a complete waste of time," says Estrella.

"K, so I suppose I can do this," says Kai. He pushes Estrella over, sits on her, and counts to three.

"Kai just won, Chris," says Layla, who seems to be irritated.

"Hey, that was crap. I deserve another chance," says Estrella.

"Awesome, Kai, congratulations for winning the challenge!" says Chris.

Kai is looking dazed. "I... hate... sumo wrestling."

"Guys, wanna see who Kai's contestant was? The one who gets to return?" asks Chris.

"No, not really," says Estrella dryly.

"Hey, I do. I can't wait for Shawn to be back," says Julian determinedly.

"Don't you mean Thomas?" asks Casey.

"Hey, I thought you hated Thomas and liked me!" protests Puck.

"I have rapid changes in my mood," explains Casey solemnly.

An intern appears next to the losers, who now all have their hoods on. The intern whispers something, and they all leave except one.

The sole remaining loser walks from the bleachers and down to the other contestants.

The loser then takes off their mask.

"Welcome back to the game, Ari," says Chris. Everyone gasps.

"B-b-bubba-bubba-hobba-hobba-wah-wah," stutters Tolkien.

"HEY, GUYS!!!" she says happily. "Glad to be back!"


"Roz! Yay! Ooh, my friends are still here, cool!" says Ari. "I missed you guys!"

"I MISSED YOU TOO!" yells Tolkien. He runs up to her and hugs her.

Ari pushes him off. "Tolkien, I just got back, don't rush things..."

Casey pushes everyone out of the way to get to Ari. "Watch it," glares Layla.

"Hey, Ari," Casey pronounces it like 'airy.' "Wanna be friends? You seem popular enough. You were a fan favorite and all."

"I don't know you..." says Ari.

"Maybe that can change," grins Casey widely. "I'm Casey. Hot girl extraordinaire."

"Ain't that right," winks Puck. Casey glances at him.

"Oh, and you're that odd kid. Pack, right?" asks Ari. "You're funny."

"Puck is not funny," says Tolkien jealously. "I'm way funnier. Right?"

"Hey, he ain't funny. All he does is talk about how much he loves you," says Puck.

"I really don't want to get caught up in an argument about who's funnier. Is this the King of Komedy, part 2?" asks Ari.

"You're right. My cuz is the king, and I'm not..." says Tolkien, and then he pauses. "I'm the Prime Minister. Ha-ha-haaa."

"Okay, bub, that's going too far," says Puck angrily.

Puck and Tolkien begin to get into an intense argument about jokes and girls.

"Soooo, how's everything?" asks Roz.

"Fine, I suppose..." says Ari. "You?"

"Eh, just being forced to live with these morons," says Roz.

"I totally feel for you," says Ari. "Let's go to the dorms so I can unpack my stuff, ok?"

"Meet you there," says Roz. She throws down a smoke bomb and disappears.

The camera turns to Chris. "While Ari is getting situated, the other contestants have to go to elimination! How exciting is that?" he asks happily.

"I couldn't care less," says Julian.

Ari says in the confessional, "Well, I'm glad I'm back with my friends... Mostly Roz. I still kinda like Tolkien, but I don't know if I should go advertising that... I think that Kathie chick changed my status to "Relationship: Tolkien" on the official site... Crap. Maybe I should avoid him..."

Chris is then shown at the elimination ceremony.

"Kai, you won the challenge, and Ari, you just returned, so both of you are safe, for now," says Chris. He tosses the two of them sushi.

"Cool, man," says Kai.

"Layla, Tolkien, Roz, and Puck are safe, too," says Chris. The four get their sushi.

Tolkien attempts to move close to Ari and gives her a flirtatious look, but she scoots towards Roz.

"Julian. Estrella. Aaaand, Casey," says Chris.

Julian grabs his sushi and looks at Estrella, who gives him the finger in return.

"Isabel and Vivienne. One of you will be out tonight. Who will it be? Find out in approximately twenty seconds. The last sushi goes to..."


"Yay, I love sushi!" squeals Isabel.

"Viv, whyyy?" asks Roz sadly.

"All right, guys, I voted myself out. Truth is, I don't want to continue if the boy I like doesn't like me. That's the reason I even joined this game in the first place, to get a boyfriend," says Vivienne.

Everyone stares at Kai. "This couldn't possibly get more awkward..." he says.

"Beans and cornbread," says Puck in a deep, gruff voice.

"It just did," says Kai.

"Well, I suppose I'll miss you guys. Time to go back to crappy home life with my sisters," says Vivienne, and she disappears.

"WAIT!" yells Kai.

Vivienne resurfaces. "What do you want?"

"Kay, Viv. I re-re-really like you. I, I, I, I actually... L-l-l-like you," says Kai.

"That's what they all say..." she mutters sadly.

"I s-s-seriously do. I'm just super shy around girls... I can't talk to them. Like, I, I, I'm, I'm, I'm stuttering, ri-ri-right now, cause I'm just about to p-pee my pants..." says Kai. "W-w-will you g-g-go out with... Me?"

"That is the cutest thing ever!" squeals Isabel happily.

Vivienne beams. "YEEEEEESSSSSSS!"

The two run towards each other cheesily, while romantic music plays, but then the music stops, and Chris says, "Time to go."

"I'll do it for you!" yells Kai. Vivienne disappears.

"Soooooo..." says Casey.

"Go to bed," says Chris. Once they have all left, he says, "Who will be the next to leave? Will Ari survive? Find out on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 13 - Epic Crap Battles of Tokyo

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants had a sumo wrestling challenge for the first day of the merge. It was announced that a contestant would return, and sure enough, one did... It was Ari, which made Roz and Tolkien pretty happy, obviously. I think that Kai won the challenge, although nobody really cares about that. Oh, wait, he probably does. Anyhoo, Vivienne got eliminated, but not before a super-cheesy ending with Kai. Who will win? Find out today on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The girls are shown in their room of the dorm.

"Soooo, Ari, what's up?" asks Roz. "Having fun?"

"Uh, kind of..." says Ari. "Why do you keep asking me this kind of stuff?"

"I just wanna socialize," says Roz.

"Yeah, whatever... Roz, you're my friend, but you say the weirdest stuff sometimes," says Ari.

"You know who says weirder stuff? Layla," says Roz.

"Ugh, I hate her. She's too spoiled..." says Ari.

Layla is lying on her bed reading "Humans" magazine while Charles is filing her nails.

"Charles, faster, I'm not getting any younger," whines Layla.

"I would appreciate it if you gave me a chance to work at my own pace," says Charles. "You're lucky that I am even doing this in the first place."

"Can it, geezer," snaps Layla.

"I will can it, just because you asked me to," says Charles wisely.

"Hey, where are the other girls?" asks Roz. "I'm lonely. I just have you. Boo-hoo."

"Uh, I think they're trying to stay away from us," says Ari.

"And why would they do that? We're cool..." says Roz. "Riiight?"

"Here, let me see," says Ari.

Ari logs on to her computer and onto the official Total Drama Tokyo site. There is a poll that is titled "Who is the best contestant still in the game?" She clicks "View Results" and sees the results.

"Oh, wow," says Ari. "Why is Puck winning?"

The scene changes to Puck's room. Suzuki is messing around on his computer.

"So, Suzuki, you rigged the site to make it look like I'm winning the poll, even though I only have one vote, from myself?" asks Puck.

"Yes, I did. Where is my video game?" he demands.

"Oh, I don't have a video game, bro. Sorry, chilly," says Puck.

Suzuki storms out of Puck's room.

The scene changes back to Ari and Roz on their computer.

"Puck's winning, and then it has Julian second, with Isabel and Tolky tied for third," says Roz. "I'm second to last, only in front of Layla. What the crap?"

"How many votes do I have?" asks Ari.

"69," says Roz. "Puck has 1,000,000. I don't even think that many people watch this show."

"And what about me?" snaps Layla from the bed.

"You have two," says Roz. "You should step up your A-game."

"Ugh, don't tell me what to do," says Layla.

"I'm willing to bet that the two votes are from her and Charles," whispers Roz. Ari laughs.

"Actually, I voted for Kai," says Charles. "Oh. I shouldn't have said that out loud."

"KAI?!" yells Layla. "Go onto your uPod and change your vote to me. Now."

"I do not have a uPod in my possession," says Charles.

"Well, go out and buy one," yells Layla.

"I don't understand Japanese," says Charles.

"That's why they have RosettaStone!" yells Layla.

"You are impossible," says Charles. "I am going to take a wazz."

"Did you get permission?" snaps Layla.

"No," says Charles. "But I am aging, and my bladder is small."

"Well, hold your wazz until I say you can go!" yells Layla.

"Wow," says Ari. "Is this what you've been going through?"

"Nah, she wasn't on my team," says Roz. "Come with me, we're gonna go into the closet."

"I hate closets!" says Ari, but she is dragged into the closet with Roz.

"We're gonna talk about stuff," says Roz. "Tolky stuff."

"Oh, no..." says Ari. "I suppose it's better than Chappy."

"Do you or do you not like Tolky?" asks Roz. "He totes loves you."

"Yeah, but he's kind of creepy," says Ari. "I know that I kissed him when I was eliminated, but I don't know if I like him or not, it was just an impulse."

"Well, take charge of your feelings, and get Tolky for yourself," says Roz.

"Who do you like?" asks Ari. "We keep talking about my love life, but you won't say anything about yours..."

"I am a lone wolf," says Roz. "I've never dated."

Roz's phone vibrates, and she gets a new text.

"Who's Chaz O'Brien?" asks Ari.

"Oh, just a friend," says Roz. "We tried dating. It didn't work out."

"Why does the text say..." Ari picks up the phone and reads it. "'Miss and love you, babe'?"

"Oh, he thinks we're still dating, he needs to move on, right?" giggles Roz.

"Roz, do you have a secret boyfriend?" asks Ari.

"No..." says Roz suspiciously.

Isabel barges in. "Ooh, is this a cool kids' party?"

"Please get out, Isabel," says Roz. "We're having a conversation."

"Hey, be nice, she's special..." whispers Ari.

Isabel says in the confessional, "Ugh, I just tried to make friends with them, and they shoo me away? How am I supposed to make friends with these people? Maybe, since it's the merge, I don't have to act like a 4-year-old anymore..."

"Hi, Casey, what's up?" asks Isabel, walking to Casey.

"Ugh, get away from me, you dumb sack of potatoes," says Casey angrily.

"What? I'm just trying to make conversation," says Isabel.

"How do you sound so smart right now?" asks Casey. "Is this stupid thing all an act?"

"No, no, no, no, no," says Isabel. "I'm not smart... I'm dumb, and I'm really self-conscious about it. I've been rejected by a bunch of colleges, and I don't even know basic multiplication. I can communicate, though, and the 4-year-old acting thing is basically for sympathy."

"So you're a villain?" gasps Casey.

There is a long pause.

"Did you hear anything I just said? I'm stupid, but not dangerously stupid. Please don't tell anyone, okay?" asks Isabel.

Casey grins evilly. "Oh, I definitely won't tell anyone."

"Yay, thank you!" Isabel hugs Casey happily.

Once Isabel leaves, Casey types out a synopsis of what just happened on her phone and clicks "Send to All Contacts".

Casey says in the confessional, "OMG, I'm actually doing mean things for once! I feel so proud of myself! Wait... If I'm evil, will I get karma? And will Chelsey like me still? Oh, man, I wish I didn't send that message..." She bursts into tears.

The scene changes to the boys' room.

"So, guys, let's rate the remaining girls here, with #1 being the hottest, and #6 being so fugly I wanna throw up," says Julian.

"Wow, that's nice," says a voice. "Don't destroy people's self esteem."

"Estrella, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in the girls' room?" asks Julian.

"Oh, yeah, whoops," says Estrella, and she walks away.

"...What?" says Kai cluelessly.

"Dafuq just happened?" asks Tolkien. "Let's just rate the chicks. None of them are bad looking."

"Especially Ari, right? You know you have a thing for her," winks Puck.

"I'm not afraid to admit that I do. Yes, I do like Ari," says Tolkien.

"Harharharharharharharhar," laughs Puck obnoxiously. "I do love me some Casey, personally."

"And I have Vivienne," says Kai. "I miss her already."

"Don't worry, we can vote you out so you can be with her," says Julian happily. "Jk, dude, we're not that mean."

"What about you, Julian? Do you like Estrella, or not?" asks Kai.

"Me and Estrella are pretty tight, yo. But it's nothing serious. She likes me, she just doesn't admit it," says Julian.

"Hah, sure," says Puck rudely.

"Hey, dude, you're one to talk, Casey doesn't like you," says Julian. "Take a hint."

"Seriously, guys, let's rate the girls," says Tolkien forcefully.

"Why are you so obsessed with rating the girls? We all know that Roz is the hottest," says Kai.

"Kai, you naughty kid, you have a GF," says Julian.

"I would say something like 'we're not exclusive' in this situation, but people would view me as a Kavren copycat, so yeah, whatever," says Kai.

"Casey hottest, then Roz, Ari, Isabel, Layla, Estrella," explains Puck.

"You have crappy taste," says Julian. "Switch Estrella and Casey. She's fugly."

"Estrella is fuglier," fights back Puck.

A loud noise that sounds like mainstream pop radio is then heard from outside.

"I think that's our signal for the challenge," says Tolkien. He races outside happily.

"Little guy just wants to talk to Ari. Can't say I blame him," says Kai.

"Let's go," says Julian.

The other boys gather their stuff, and then they all walk outside after Tolkien.

Chris is outside, grooving to the mainstream pop music on a gigantic boombox.

"Turn that crap off," demands Estrella.

"All right. Wanna know the reason why I'm playing this music?" asks Chris.

"To annoy the crap out of everyone?" asks Layla.

"No, it actually ties in with the challenge!" says Chris. "Which is... Rap battles!"

"How does that have anything to do with mainstream pop or Japan?" asks Ari.

"It doesn't, we like throwing in random challenges in between the Japanese ones," says Chris. "Anyway, no improv, just making stuff up as you go along."

"That is improvising..." says Kai.

"Oh, then, do that," says Chris, and he turns on the stereo, but this time it's a beat. "Epic Rap Battles of Tokyo! Round One! Puck Something-or-other! Versus! Julian Reddick!"

"Julian's last name is Reddick?" giggles Puck immaturely.

"What are you, like five?" snaps Julian.

"BEGIN!" announces Chris.

"Yo, Julian, you think your rhymes are sick. But that ain't true, cause you're just a red dick. Your Afro looks like armpit hair, right on your little head. And you're so darn ugly, I'm surprised that I'm not dead. You think Estrella likes you, but in real life, she does not. It sucks that you keep trying to give her another shot. You might as well get voted out, so there's no point in tryin'. Just surrender now, nub, before you start cryin'," raps Puck.

Some of the other contestants cheer.

"Ooh, Puck, what the $&@%? Your big flabby nose looks like the snout of a duck. You rap like the author, who's really bad at this. You know, I don't think I can come up with a good diss. Peace," raps Julian.

"Eh, good enough," says Chris. "So, audience, WHO WON?"

Half the contestants say "Puck", while the other half says "Julian".

"In the event of a tie, we go alphabetically, which means Julian wins this round!" says Chris.

"Ugh, whatever," whines Puck.

"And I didn't even have a full verse. Sweetness. Next round?" Julian asks.

A van then drives up. A bulky guy with a baseball cap, sunglasses, various necklaces, and surfer dude clothes steps out.

"Yo, Chris. You wanted me to announce, or something?" asks the dude.

"Who are you? I swear, if you're Dolph..." says Chris.

"No, I'm the guy you hired yesterday. Your new intern. Chaz," says the guy.

Ari looks at Roz. Roz looks up, then squeals, "CHAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZ!"

"Oh, yeah, just friends," Ari rolls her eyes.

Roz runs towards Chaz romantically and hugs him.

"Whoa, hey, babe. Didn't know you were competing," says Chaz coolly.

"All right, quit the lovefest, we have to continue the challenge," says Chris.

He looks at Roz and Chaz, who are making out.

"Roz doesn't get invincibility this challenge," says Chris. "Next battle. Chaz, announce."

Chaz looks up from the kissing.

"Oh, whoops. Round two. That one rich snob, versus the stupid blonde one," says Chaz. "Begin."

Him and Roz then resume kissing.

"This is awkward..." whispers Tolkien. Ari nods her head.

"Personally, it turns me on," purrs Puck.

Ari scoots away from Puck slowly.

"Wow, Isabel, you're such a stupid hoe! Everyone thinks you're hot, but I say no! You don't even listen to anything that I say, because you're almost too dumb to live, so hey. Look at me, I'm rich, and Charles does stuff for me, but you just go around saying 'hee-hee-hee'. You're gonna get out soon, so how about now? Just don't even respond to this rap, you cow," raps Layla.

"Uh, that was quite a bit harsh, don't you think?" asks Charles.

"NO," yells Layla. "Isabel, go."

"Ooh, Layla Knee, time to bow down to me! Personally, I enjoy saying 'hee-hee-hee'! You're a lazy old bum, who makes Charles do your work. He secretly hates you and calls you a jerk! I may be stupid, but I know how to rap. So go into your room, and take an endless nap," raps Isabel angrily.

"Wow, sister," says Casey. "You go!"
"So, uh, who do you all think won?" asks Chaz.

"Isabel," agrees everyone.

"All right, Isabel, you won. Layla, get the #$%& out of here," says Chaz rudely.

"Uh, Chaz, that's not the way to tell the losers that they're losers," says Chris. "This challenge is over. I think that Julian won. He had the best rap."

"That was a short and super lame challenge," says Estrella. "Then again, all challenges are."

"I'm not offended in any way," says Chris. "That's the producers' fault."

"So, guys, head back to your cabins, and vote someone out," says Chaz, in between breaths while making out with Roz.

"Chaz, get out of here..." says Ari.

"Yeah, I don't wanna see another Gidgette," says Tolkien.

Roz stops kissing Chaz. "Tolky, you're just jealous, hehe."

Chaz looks at his watch. "Actually, I should scoot. Mom gets pissed when I'm not at home by 6:30. Bye, folks."

He struts towards his car, gets in, and drives away.

"Who's that guy even supposed to be?" asks Kai dubiously.

"I don't know, but I don't like him," says Tolkien.

"Well, yeah, obvie," says Puck.

"Say, Roz, if you and that guy are just friends, what was that for?" asks Ari.

"Oh, yeah, he had some stuff on his upper lip. I wanted to get it off," explains Roz.

"I'm sorry, but that's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard," laughs Casey.

The contestants all walk to the hotel, while discussing Roz and Chaz.

Inside the hotel, Puck gets a text message.

"Hey, I wonder who it's from..." he says. "Ooh, Casey. She's probably confessing her love for me."

"I got the same text," says Tolkien.

Julian reads it out loud. "isabels actually smarter than she looks and shes playing the 4yrold thing 4 sympathy and shes a villain" he reads.

"Wow, didn't expect that... Wait, how do we know she's not lying?" asks Kai.

"We don't," says Tolkien.

"Well, she's Casey. We can trust her. She's a sexy babe," says Puck.

The camera moves to the girls' room.

"Soooo, Isabel, have you said anything to anyone lately?" asks Layla.

"All the time! Heehee!" says Isabel happily.

"That's not what I mean," grumbles Layla. "What do you know about--" she shows Isabel the exact same text message, "--this?"

"What's that? Is that a Wintendo SD? Ooh, let me play!" says Isabel.

Isabel says in the confessional, "All right, this can't last much longer. Time to come clean."

Isabel sighs. "Truth is, Layla..." She tells her the whole story.

"Why, thank you," says Layla, and she laughs evilly.

Layla grabs Charles' arm, and yanks him away with her.

"Wait, I just told Layla..." says Isabel. "WHYYYY?"

Casey looks at the two.

"Lawlz, my plan's working. Isabel's a villain now!" says Casey nefariously.

"Eh?" asks Estrella, reading a book. "Isabel couldn't hurt a gnat."

"That's what she wants you to think..." says Casey.

"Whatever," says Estrella.

Chris is at the elimination ceremony with the other contestants.

"Soooo, since Julian won the challenge for some reason, he gets the first sushi," says Chris. He tosses Julian his sushi.

"Sweet," says Julian, eating the sushi.

"Layla, Estrella, Tolkien, and little Roz are safe too," says Chris.

The four get their sushi, and they all eat it. Charles tries to take Layla's, but she slaps him.

"Aaand, Ari," says Chris. Ari walks up to Chris and gets her sushi.

"Puck and Kai," says Chris. The two boys get their sushi and fist-bump.

"The last sushi goes to either Casey or Isabel. Both of you have done some stuff that I haven't really paid attention to. Final sushi goes to..."


"What? I thought I was doing well!" says Isabel. "Well, I guess I'll go. Bye, all."

"Wait," says Kai. "Why did you just sound smart all of a sudden?"

"She's a villain who pretends to be stupid to gain sympathy!" yells Casey. Everyone gasps.

"Ignore her," says Layla. "Isabel isn't a villain." Everyone gasps louder.

"What? I thought you hated me," says Isabel.

"Truth is... You're my only friend. I know I was, like, rude to you, but I actually do like you, as messed-up as that may seem. Isabel isn't evil, she's not the smartest person ever, but the acting like a toddler thing was just so she could fool me, I guess. But she's still stupid," says Layla.

"Gee, thanks, Layla," says Isabel. "I'm not sure if I'm happy or depressed. Anyway, see you later."

Isabel heads to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers and drives away.

"Whoa-oh-oh-oh!" says Chris. "Down to the final nine! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 14 - Maid in Japan

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, our challenge was a not-so-epic rap battle contest. I don't remember who won. Maybe it was Julian... Oh, yeah, it was him. Isabel got out because it was revealed that she wasn't as stupid as she seemed... Wait, yeah, she was. But in a different way. Poor Isabel, now Layla has no friends except her and Charles. And also Roz's boyfriend, or whatever she wants to call it, showed up... But nobody really knew why or what he was doing. It was a weird day. Who will be out next? What will happen for the next challenge? Find out today!"

The scene changes to the boys' room.

"Hey, whatcha doing, Kai?" asks Puck curiously.

"I need some privacy," says Kai, covering up his laptop.

"Seriously, whatcha doing?" asks Puck. "I'm just trying to make conversation, dude."

"Is he looking up porn?" asks Julian, who is in bed.

"No, eww, gross," says Kai. "Why would I do that?"

"Well, judging by the fact that you won't let anyone see--" says Tolkien.

"Fine, fine," grumbles Kai.

He then shows all the other boys the laptop reluctantly. It is opened to a drawing tool, and a good drawing of Vivienne is on.

"D'awwwwww," says Puck cutely.

"Guys, she's my GF, and I have artistic license," grumbles Kai.

"Blah, blah, you don't see me drawin' pics of Estrella, do you?" asks Julian.

"You two aren't officially dating," says Tolkien.

"Yeah, whatever. I like to think we are," says Julian.

"In yo' dreams, boyeeee," says Puck.

"Now, guys, should we make a guys' alliance?" asks Kai, attempting to change the subject.

"Well, that would be cool. We could take out all th' chicks," says Puck. "Except Casey."

"Why are you so obsessed with Casey? You keep bringing her up," says Tolkien.

"You're one to talk, Mr. Ari-Ari-Ari," jokes Puck.

"But, seriously. We need to make an alliance," says Kai.

"The chicks outnumber us," says Julian. "We're toast."

"Yeah, but most of the chicks are stupid," says Puck. "Except Casey."


Puck walks into the bathroom, closes the door, and screams.

He then opens the door again, and Charles comes out, with only boxers on.

"I felt that I should start to socialize with the contestants of my gender," says Charles wisely.

"Get out," says Julian.

"Layla has kicked me out of her room," says Charles. "She has said she wants to be alone."

"All right, can you go upstairs or something?" asks Kai.

Charles reluctantly walks up the stairs.

The boys then resume their conversation.

"Well, that was awkward..." says Tolkien.

"Wanna play some L&L?" asks Julian.

Tolkien gleams. "Nothing could make me happier."

The two then walk up the stairs, leaving Kai and Puck alone.

"Sooooo..." says Kai.

"I'm gonna go brush my teeth," says Puck.

"Today is just awkward. Yesterday was weird, and today is awkward," says Kai.

"Every day is awkward for me!" croaks Puck.

The scene then changes to the girls' room.

Layla is lying in her bed, doing absolutely nothing.

"Where is Charlessssssssss..." she whines loudly.

"Layla, shut up. We're trying to do stuff," says Estrella.

"Like what?" snaps Layla.

"Ignore you. Right, girls?" asks Estrella snidely.

"Stop talking to me," says Casey. "I'm trying to do IMPORTANT stuff."

"What do you mean by important? Do you mean pathetically attempt to mimic Chelsey?" asks Estrella. "Because that isn't getting you far, honey."

"You know, you're probs just jealous," says Casey.

"Why would I be jealous? Nobody likes you," says Estrella.

"Nobody likes Layla, either," snaps Casey.

"Hey, people like me," says Layla.

"Then, explain why you're only getting one vote in the fan poll," snaps Estrella.

Ari and Roz are shown, upstairs.

The noise can be heard all the way upstairs. "Wow, they sure are arguin', right?" asks Roz.

"I suppose. They're all weird. I prefer to talk to you..." says Ari.

"Awww, that's sweet," Roz hugs Ari tightly. "So, how's Tolkien?"

Ari sighs. "Can we go one day without you asking me about Tolkien? I barely even see him..."

"Yeah, but I'm curious," says Roz sadly.

"I really don't wanna talk about him. It's awkward," says Ari. "Can't we talk about TV shows or something?"

"I don't own a TV," says Roz. "Sad, eh?"

"I don't watch TV except for some stuff..." says Ari.

"We need to talk," says Roz. "You're too awkward."

"What do you mean..." asks Ari.

Roz laughs. "I mean, you need to be more confident and stuff, hehe. Like meeeee."

Ari says in the confessional, "Oh, god, this won't end well..."

"So, here's the first thing. Your clothes are too girlish and kiddy. You need to show cleavage, and wear short-shorts, and curl your hair. Just go wild with your appearance," says Roz.

"..." says Ari.

"Come on, don't Peej on me. I'm just trying to help you, hehe," says Roz.

"Roz, can't we talk about normal stuff? Like, how's your life at home?" asks Ari.

"Nonexistent," says Roz. "I'm never at home, lolz."

"Do you have any siblings?" asks Ari.

"Yeah, a stupid brother named 'Eric'. Of course he gets a bland name, and my name is all exotic and whatnot," says Roz.

"What makes Eric stupid?" asks Ari.

"He's just boring. He's in college, nerdy, perfect, and everyone likes him and crap. I'm just th' little sister," says Roz glumly.

"And what about your parents, do they like him better or something?" asks Ari.

"No, no, they love me, and they don't care about him. I just think he's a stupid pie sack," says Roz.

"Well, then, why are you ranting about him..." wonders Ari.

"Because I like telling you about my emotions!" yells Roz.

"Hey, jeez, calm down..." says Ari.

"Sorry, boo," says Roz.

A loud megahorn is blown from outside, which everyone hears.

"Oop, time to go to th' challenge. Let's stick together, pumpkin," says Roz happily.

"Sure, whatever floats your boat," says Ari.

Chris is shown outside in the challenge area.

"Today's challenge is a traditional thingimajig in Tokyo. It's the maid cafe," says Chris excitedly.

"Chris, you said that in a weird tone. Are you sexually aroused by the maids?" asks Julian suspiciously.

"Who isn't? Pppprrrr," says Chris.

"That isn't Chris," says Tolkien. "Dolph, let me guess."

"Chris"'s body begins to shimmer, then changes shape into Dolph.

"You are correct, laddie," says Dolph. He pulls the real Chris, who is dazed, out of his pants, then disappears somehow.

"What the crap?" asks Chris. "He really needs to stop coming here... Anyway, the challenge is the maid cafe."

"What exactly is a maid cafe? Sounds sexy," says Puck.

"It's a fancy cafe, where the waitresses are dressed in maid outfits for the creepy otakus here, and they serve you in a house, instead of a restaurant," says Chris.

"Dafuq?" asks Kai.

"You guys have to play board games against the waitresses. This challenge was suggested by the famous Twinklefog, before the season even started," says Chris.

"Eww, I hate Twinklefog," says Layla. "Charles, delete everything related to him from my Web history."

Layla hands Charles her uPad. Charles gets to work deleting.

"Twink is a good guy," says Tolkien. "I think I saw him at the mall once."

"Cool story, bro," says Casey rudely.

Chris blows a whistle, and everyone calms down.

"Now, guys, get to your tables in the cafe, and sit down. The waitresses will be with you. The winner of the most board games wins the challenge," says Chris.

"But there's no cafe..." says Tolkien.

Chris points to the cafe that's suddenly right in front of them.

"That wasn't there five seconds ago," says Julian. "How does that happen?"

Chris completely ignores them. "GO!"

The kids race into the cafe and take their seats.

A maid walks up to Kai, who is seated.

"Whoa, fast service," says Kai. "What are we gonna do, lady?"

"Wareware wa bōdogēmu o purei shiyou to shite iru," says the woman.

"All right, can you speak English?" asks Kai.

The young maid shakes her head.

She then takes out a "Candy Land" board game. "Time to play."

"But you just said you couldn't speak English!" says Kai.

"Silly boy, I was kidding," giggles the maid.

"What's your name, anyway?" asks Kai.

"That is classified information! I can't give that to you!" yells the maid.

"Touchy," says Kai. "Let's just play."

The two begin to play Candy Land.

Tolkien is then shown sitting, playing his Wintendo SD.

A maid with an extremely short dress, and a prominent front side walks up to him.

"Homina homina homina," he drools.

The maid raises her brow in suspicion.

"Oh, never mind, I was just admiring your..." says Tolkien. "Hair."

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Maybe my pervy side is coming out... Nooo! Ari can't see!"

The maid sits down, and takes out what seems to be a Japanese board game with sushi-shaped playing pieces.

"How exactly do you play this?" asks Tolkien.

The woman says something indiscernible in Japanese.

Tolkien then grins. "I know a better game to play..."

"Hm?" asks the maid.

Tolkien reaches into his backpack, and takes out what he has of L&L. He unfolds the gaming board, the cards, and everything else.

"This is called Luncheons and Laggins," he says. "It's the best game ever."

The maid squeals happily, then says something else in Japanese.

Casey is then shown sitting at her table, looking extremely bored.

A woman who looks hairy, jowly and unattractive comes up to her.

"Hello. You Casey? You gonna play me in a board game?" asks the 'woman'.

"Sure..." says Casey. "You sure you're a chick?"

The 'woman' takes off her wig. "No, I am not a 'chick'. I am Suzuki Biggu Fatto Himan Gai Yoshihama."

Casey screams in horror, then runs to the restroom.

"Huh. I guess she does not like me," says Suzuki. "Sad, so sad."

Roz is shown playing poker with her maid.

"I don't understand this game," says the maid cluelessly.

"Yeah, yeah, just play, you're a boring maid," says Roz. "Why can't I get a cool guy?"

"I'm a cool guy," winks Suzuki.

"Yeah, no," says Roz. Suzuki walks away.

"UGH, you're so crappy at poker!" says Roz to her maid.

"I cannot help it! I'm sincerely sorry!" whimpers the maid.

"Wait, why am I complaining, I'm winning. Never mind, keep being crappy, hehe," says Roz.

The maid curses under her breath.

"Whoa there, Sally. You sure do know some slang English," says Roz.

"I use these words to express my feelings," says the woman.

Roz then glances at Puck, who's getting his picture taken with an extremely hot maid.

"Yeah, a little bit closer," says Puck.

Right as the picture is being taken, Casey runs out of the bathroom and photo-bombs the picture.

"Wow, thanks a ton, Casey," says Puck.

"Are you cheating on me?!" yells Casey. "You know I hate that."

"Chi-i-i-ill, bro. I didn't even know we were officially datin'," says Puck calmly.

"Ugh, Puck, you're so annoying... But hot," says Casey.

Casey begins to kiss Puck, right in front of the Japanese maid.

The maid says something in Japanese that is somewhat suggestive and rude.

Chris is then shown with Chef.

"How long until everyone is done?" yells Chef. "This is borin'."

"Chef, be patient," snaps Chris. "Remember, they're teenagers."

"I'm tellin' you, when I was a teenager..." says Chef.

"I don't want to hear any war stories," says Chris anxiously.

Tolkien excitedly runs up to Chris and Chef.

"Just beat my waitress in a little game," says Tolkien.

"What game? Did she pick?" asks Chris.

"Uh..." says Tolkien. "No..."

"Well, then, play this," Chef hands Tolkien a Japanese version of Maplopoly.

"Aww, but I hate Maplopoly," whines Tolkien.

Chris points to Tolkien's girl, and he mopes away.

The second he gets to the table, the maid beats him in the game somehow.

"Aww, noodles-in-a-bowl!" yells Tolkien.

"Bowl? Cups are better," whispers Roz.

"I enjoy bowls, okay?" asks Tolkien.

The scene then switches to about an hour later, when everyone is done.

"So, who managed to beat you the most, maids?" asks Chris to the maids.

The maids all point to Casey, who winks.

"Wow, even though you destroyed an otherwise awesome pic, you managed to kill in the challenge..." says Puck.

"So, Casey wins invincibility, and everyone else... Time to vote someone out," says Chris.

"Oh, crap," says Julian anxiously.

The boys are conversing in their room.

"So, which of the five chicks is the most expendable?" asks Kai.

"Well, there's Estrella, Ari, Roz, Layla, and Casey," says Julian. "I say Casey."

"NO!!!!!!!!!1111" yells Puck. "I won't let you vote Casey out. If you do, I'll vote you out."

"Dude, she treats you like crap, why do you like her?" asks Julian.

"I'm a determined lad," says Puck bravely.

"All right. We need to strategize. I think Estrella is the weakest link at the moment," says Tolkien.

"Eh, strategizing is for losers, I'm gonna take an ice cube bath," says Puck.

"Ice cube bath?" asks Kai curiously.

"Dump a bunch of ice cubes in a bathtub, then get in. Try it, dude. It's supah-fun," says Puck.

Kai walks into the bathroom, and sees a bunch of ice cubes in the bathtub, which are halfway melted. He suspiciously steps in, and then yelps.

"Augh, that's cold!" yells Kai.

"I told you, ha. But I'm cold-blooded, so I'm used to it," says Puck.

"Puck, are you all right? Like, in the head?" asks Julian.

"Yeah, I'm swell, guy," says Puck.

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony.

Kai is wrapped in a towel and shivering, while Puck is patting him on the back reassuringly.

"Le obligatory first piece of sushi goes to Casey," says Chris. He tosses Casey her sushi.

"Wanna give me a bite?" asks Puck. "No," snaps Casey.

"Layla, Kai, and Ari are also safe," says Chris.

The three get their sushi. Layla eats it obnoxiously in front of Charles.

"Puck, Roz, and Estrella," says Chris.

The three all get their sushi. Julian winks at Estrella.

"Julian and Tolkien. Both of you are, er, interesting competitors. The final piece of sushi goes to..."


Everyone gasps. "Whaaaaaaaaat?" asks Tolkien.

"Cue the super-cheesy romantic moment with Ari..." mutters Casey under her breath.

"Why me? Like, seriously. What did I do?" asks Tolkien.

"Everyone likes you," says Estrella, while reading. "You're a threat."

"Yeah, plus, you're annoying," snaps Layla.

"Well, you're one to talk," says Tolkien. "Anyway, goodbye, everyone. I thought I would win and whatever, but I did have a good run..." He approaches Ari.

Tolkien begins to sweat. "Ari, c-c-can I have a hug?"

"Nah," says Ari. She then walks away to Roz. "See you, Tolky."

Tolkien stands there, with his mouth wide. Julian man-hugs him, and says, "See you, bro."

He waves to everyone, then walks to the Vehicle, and gets in sadly.

"Whoa, that was the most dramatic one yet! Who will be out next? What sort of warped challenges will I think of? Find out on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 15 - Another Chapter

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, the contestants had a challenge where they had to be in a maid cafe, but I don't exactly remember what happened in the maid cafe, or who won the challenge. Hey, I'm not lazy. Anyway, Tolkien was eliminated, and surprisingly he didn't end the game with the girl, I.E. Ari. She sadly rejected him, or something like that. Today, there will be an interesting challenge... Who will win? Who will lose? Who will be insanely annoying? Find out today on TOTAL DRAMA TOKYO!"

The three remaining boys are shown in their room.

"Man, it seems so empty without Tolk here. He seemed to be so upbeat," says Kai. "And let's face it. We're not."

Julian rolls his eyes. "Doesn't matter if you're upbeat, mean people sometimes win, i.e. Alejandro."

"Well, he only won in Canada. I'm not Canadian," says Kai. "So, hot Heather won for me, lolz. By the way, where's Puck? He wanted me to show him this trick of mine."

"Upstairs, dropping the kids off at the pool," responds Julian. "He claims that he poops ice cubes. Wanna find out if he's lying?"

Kai scoffs. "He's obviously lying, what kind of a weirdo craps ice? Unless you're, like, not a human."

"Maybe he's not a human. Maybe he's like, Dolph's kin. And Dolph has to be some sort of psycho alien," Julian says.

"Well, this conversation isn't going anywhere," Kai says after a long pause. "Wanna go upstairs and hit on the chicks?"

"Woooow, I like this new Kai. Yesterday, you were all like, 'Blah blah Vivienne blah blah', and today you're feisty," says Julian.

The two boys walk up the stairs and open up a door. "This should be the girls' room, right?" asks Kai.

"Yeah, think so," says Julian in response to him. "If it's not, then--"

Kai finds himself interrupted by the door opening, and it isn't the girls' room, but instead, it's Puck doing business.

Puck squeals like a pig and attempts to cover up his groin with a newspaper that he was reading.

"Can't you give a brotha a little privacy?" asks Puck, while sweating. "You scared the noodles outta me."

"Well, we're going to the gurls' room to chill out," says Julian. "Wanna come with to see your little friend, Casey? She's missing you, probably."

Puck blushes. "Oh, totes. I'll be out with you guys once I... uh, change. Go on without me, a'ight?"

The two other boys follow Puck's orders, and close the door, leaving him in privacy. They then go to the girls' room.

Julian opens the door to the girls' room, and sees them sitting in a circle, on the ground, with a bottle in the center of the circle.

"Uh, you guys playing what I think you are?" asks Julian suspiciously.

Casey sees Julian, blows a whistle that was hanging around her neck, and then Charles throws the bottle at the window, breaking the window and sending the bottle flying out.

"You guys like each other, or something?" asks Kai.

"It was all Roz's idea," everyone says. Roz shrugs. "I was bored, k?"

"Roz, can't we play something like Sausages? That game is fun..." says Ari. "Unlike spin-the-bottle, especially when there's only chicks."

"Well, the dudes are here, so feel free to play spin-the-bottle as much as you want," Puck says funnily.

Julian glances at Puck, who wasn't there a few seconds before, then shrugs.

"Charles, go get the bottle," snaps Layla. "No sass today."

"I am sorry to metaphorically burst your bubble, but the bottle you speak of is broken, and in the street, where there are many cars," Charles retorts.

"You need to get your ears checked. I said no sass," says Layla. "Now go get the bottle so we can play with the boys."

Charles takes a deep breath, then gracefully jumps out the window. Some loud screams and something shattering are heard.

"Uhh, he'll be fine," says Layla after an awkward silence. "Let's just use a cup or something."

Chris then walks into the room. "What are you doing here so early? You usually come later," growls Estrella.

"Yeah, well, there's no challenge today!" Chris says, in a strangely happy tone.

Everyone just stares at him. Finally, Kai says, "What's the catch? Do we have to massage your bunions or something?"

"No," says Chris. "Actually, I worded that kind of weird. There IS a challenge, but you don't have to do anything, just sit here and socialize."

"Seriously, you can't act that nice without something being wrong. What, is there some sort of killer in the building?" asks Estrella.

"No, but I'm gonna stand here in this room and monitor you guys for the whole time," Chris responds.

"Oh, the horror!" weeps Casey. "That's worse than a killer!"

"Wait, so we can't do the nasty?!" complains Puck.

"When would you ever be allowed to do that?" asks Chris. "Well, I mean... Moving on. I promise that I won't bother you, I'll just sit here and listen to He-Man singing for 10 hours."

"Hey, can we at least order some 'za?" asks Puck. "I be hungry."

"Nobody says 'za'," retorts Layla. "Besides, if we do, Charles is picking it up."

"I don't want to do that. I would rather eat crisps and sleep," says Charles. "I am exhausted from yesterday."

"Oh, when you made him run a marathon with a bunch of Japanese guys? Wasn't that a bit harsh?" asks Julian.

"Nah, that's nothing," snaps Layla. "You irritate me."

Puck picks up the phone book and takes out his cell phone. "All right, peeps, I'm gonna order the 'za. Which place sounds the best? Pizza Palace, Sushi-Za!, or P.J.'s Pizza?"

"Look up some customer reviews," says Julian. "And then I'll assess."

Puck types in the names of the places on the computer, and a page pops up. "K, some guy says he found a finger in his pizza at Pizza Palace... Crossing that one off the list."

"What if you like eating fingers?" Roz says, and gets some glances. "I mean, if anyone here does. I don't know people's eating habits, hehehe."

"Roz, want to take some pills I have...?" asks Ari. "I think they'd make you healthier."

"Nah, I take too many pills," says Roz. "Puck, let's order from P.J.'s."

"Shh," says Puck, indicating that he's on the phone with P.J.'s Pizza. "Hello?"

A muffled voice is heard from the other side of the phone.

"I want breadsticks," yells Layla loudly. "SHHH!" yells Puck. "All right? I can't hear what you're saying," he is saying to the person on the phone.

"What?" he then asks. "I can't understand you. Speak up. Hello? Hello?"

"Wow, what a great pizza place," whispers Julian sarcastically. Casey and Kai laugh.

"All right. I want like six pizzas," says Puck. "With extra anchovies." After saying that, he winks at the others.

"Eww! No! No anchovies!" everyone says, attempting to grab the attention of the person on the other side of the phone.

"Yeah, anchovies with mushrooms. And no cheese, just tons of chunky tomato sauce," says Puck. "That's one. For the others, cheese and pooperoni."

"I'm vegetarian," whispers Casey.

Puck winks at her. "Drop the pepperoni. Also a huge order of breadsticks, and like a 2 liter can of Diet Fizz."

The person on the phone with Puck says something inaudible.

"Shut up! I am not a girl," says Puck. "Just bring it to 2929 Tokyo Street. Yeah, that's a real street. Wait, what do you mean? Who's Paul? I'm not Paul. What are you talking about? Yes, I'm a human!"

"I guess that answers our question from earlier," whispers Kai. Julian nods.

"What do you mean, of course I like hockey, why would I be named Puck if I didn't?! Am I good at it? Sure, I'm decent. Now I can't understand a word you're saying. Ugh, screw it and just bring the pizza quick." With that, Puck quickly hangs up.

"How was that?" laughs Ari. "Did you order the stuff for us?"

"Yes, he did," says a voice in the corner. Everyone turns around and sees Chris in the large rocking chair behind them.

"Whoa, I forgot you were still here," exclaims Julian. "Wanna leave?"

"Nah," says Chris happily. "I'm content staying here. Anyway, guys, wanna play a game?"

There is a brief moment of silence. Julian then says, "AAAAAUH!" in intense anger.

A large Japanese guy in a samurai suit comes in, stuffs Julian in a sack, then sneaks away stealthily.

"Dafuq?" asks Puck in a confused manner.

"...What was that?" asks Estrella. "Is that the catch to the challenge?! I knew there was one."

"Just sit tight for a moment, we're gonna play a game now," says Chris.

"Oh, damn it, I--" says Estrella.

She is cut off by the Japanese samurai guy, who comes in again and stuffs her in the same sack, then leaves in the same way.

"Chris, how did you think of this challenge? Was it in one of those visions you have?" asks Roz. "I have visions a lot, heh. Most of them involve Chaz and I making out, but they vary."

"Roz, you need to break up with him," says Ari. "You haven't been acting normal lately, and I bet it's because of him."

"He makes me haaaaappy," Roz croons. "Even more so than Chappy."

"So, let's play that game that Chris said we were gonna," says Casey.

"Actually, I was just kidding," says Chris. "There is no game. You guys just have to sit here and entertain yourselves. Problem?"

"Ugh, Chris, you irritate me so much!" yells Layla. "Charles, tell me when the pizza is coming."

"How am I supposed to know that?" asks Charles.

"I don't know, use your psychic powers or something," Layla growls.

"I do not ha--" says Charles.

"I DO NOT CARE!" yells Layla. "Just go pick up the pizza."

"Actually, I ordered take-out..." says Puck meekly.

"Ugh, Puck, what the @#$%?!" yells Layla. "I'm gonna go have some quiet time in the bathroom..."

Layla storms away in a huff, then everyone breathes deep sighs of relief.

"When is the pizza gonna get here. I'm hungryyyyyyy," whines Roz.

"Roz, seriously, chill..." says Ari.

Ari says in the confessional, "Roz is my friend and all, but she's also really weird. If I wanna win this competition, I should probably start acting like my own person, and not just Roz's sidekick."

Roz says in the confessional, "I freaking miss Chaz. He is too freaking hot. Asdfghjkl."

Puck is playing on his Wintendo SD.

"What sort of game are you playing there, Puck? You know, when I was a super nerd, I was obsessed with Jario," says Kai.

Puck grunts, obviously trying to focus on his game.

"You know, you can play your game and talk to me at the same time," says Kai.

Puck gives Kai a rude hand gesture.

"Hey, Puck," says Casey.

Puck quickly looks up from his game, flings it across the room, and says to Casey, "What?"

"Oh, I was just saying hey, and you just destroyed your game because I said hey," says Casey.

Puck looks at his game system, which is now a pile of smithereens. "B-b-bba-bubba-hobba-wah-wah."

"Heh, and I don't even like you," says Casey.

Puck says in the confessional, "Well, RIP Gamey. You were a good friend." He lights a match, and throws it in the sink, and then begins to sob. Once he is calmed down, he says, "Casey really annoys me, but I'm attracted to her at the same time."

Roz is talking on the phone.

"Hey, let's annoy Roz while she's talking to her stupid boyfriend," whispers Ari.

"Why? I thought you liked Roz," says Kai.

"Yeah, I do, but she's been really weird lately... Weirder than usual," says Ari.

"All right, who wants to make disturbing noises?" asks Kai.

"I DO!" yells Puck enthusiastically, before Kai finishes his sentence.

"All right, what types of noises can you make?" asks Kai.

Puck makes a shrieking sound that sounds like some sort of pteranodon.

"SHHH!" yells Roz while on the phone. "Oh, sorry, baby, I wasn't talking to you, hehe. I gotta go now, can we talk later? K. Hugs and kisses. Bai." She turns off the phone.

Everyone looks at Roz.

"What? Oh, you heard my conversation? Hehe," says Roz.

Ari walks over to Roz and whispers something in her ear.

"What? Whispering? Oh, that's fun. Oh, I..." says Roz. She pauses. "NOOOOO!"

The samurai swoops in the window, and grabs Ari and Roz, then stuffs both of them into the sack.

"..." says Kai.

"Only four left. Me, Kai, Puck, and wherever Layla is," says Casey determinedly.

"Seriously, Chris, what is going on here?" asks Charles. "Do you find this a small bit dangerous?"

"What do you mean? This is like, the least dangerous challenge yet!" laughs Chris.

"So?" asks Puck. "Anyway, I wonder when the pizza is--"

The doorbell rings.

Kai, Casey, and Puck cheer, and head for the door. Even Layla comes out of the bathroom and comes to the door. They open the door and see a Japanese dude.

"Hello, is this the right apartment?" asks the guy.

"Yeah, just give us the food," snaps Layla, and she tries to grab the pizza boxes.

"Whoa, simmer down, chick, no need to get grabby," says the guy. "You gotta pay first."

Layla pulls out an $100 bill from her pocket and gives it to him.

The guy looks at the bill, begins to drool, and then sprints away, with the pizza.

"What the crap?!" yells Layla. "I only have like 1,000,000 more of those!"

"He took our food!" yells Kai.


"Uh, by the way, why do you think that everyone is getting taken away by that samurai dude?" asks Casey.

"Maybe they did something wrong," says Kai. "But what?"

Puck places his hand on his chin, and ponders. He then stomps his foot, and grunts.

Sure enough, the samurai is just in time, and takes away Puck.

"I got it," says Kai. "How can that be... Oh, man!"

The samurai puts down the sack with Puck, grabs Kai, stuffs him in the same sack, then leaves.

Chris gets up from his chair, and then claps his hands.

"Congratulations, final two," says Chris. "You two can get immunity, I guess."

Layla puts her hands on her hips, and groans, while Casey cheers.

"So, can you tell us why they were taken away?" asks Casey.

"I sure can," says Chris. "...THE GAME."

"What's that?" asks Layla. "Something for idiots?"

"Ugh, I hate you, Chris," whines Casey.

The contestants who were eliminated in the challenge then come back in to the room, and are still grumbling.

"Can we just eliminate someone already?" groans Julian.

"Sure," says Chris. "After you clean up this room for me."

"Ugh, I hate doing stuff!" yells Layla.

The scene then changes to the elimination ceremony.

"All right, everyone..." says Chris. "The votes have been tallied. Why don't we watch them on this flat-screen TV today?"

Everyone groans. "You're such a jerk," says Casey.

The TV turns on, and is on the confessionals.

Ari is shown in the confessional. "I'm sorry, but I have to vote for Roz. She's my friend and crap, but she's been really awkward, and she only talks about her boyfriend... Sorry, Roz."

Roz gasps, and then Ari's face turns bright red.

Casey is shown in the confessional. "Ugh, Puck. What an annoying little string bean. I like him one day, and he's annoying and unpopular the next. What the crap, Puck?"

Puck then shakes his head sadly.

Estrella is shown in the confessional. "Well, since I have this weird love-hate relationship thing with Julian, guess it's time for him to go. He's hot, but annoying as crap, and there is no way that I will ever like him."

Julian makes a clicking noise.

Julian is then shown in the confessional. "Kai seems to be the weakest link here. Sure, he's a bro, but I gotta do the right thing."

Kai shrugs. "Meh, whatever."

Kai is shown in the confessional. "Estrella is creepy and weird, so I think it should be her, plus, Julian constantly talks about her."

"Dude, I don't even know you," says Estrella.

Layla is shown in the confessional. "I hate everyone here, but I have to vote Ari. She irritates me, and she has more fans than me. She does NOT deserve that, I tell you. Bye-bye."

"Hey, I don't control how many fans I have..." says Ari.

Puck is shown in the confessional, sleeping.

"Well, that one is a bit interesting," says Roz. "Hehe."

Roz is then shown in the confessional. "Layla's a meanie, so, see ya."

Chris then gasps, after seeing the results. "Looks like we have a seven-way tie... Why did you guys, I mean Roz, vote Layla, she's invincible. Well, I guess it's time to draw from the Hat of Death!"

"No, not the Hat of Death!" yells Casey.

"Relax, we're safe, idiot," whispers Layla.

Chris puts his hand into Chef's hat, which has a bunch of paper slips in it, and draws a name.

"The name that I have drawn is..."


Estrella shrugs. "Eh, I didn't like this game anyway. See you guys."

"Aww," says Julian. "I'll miss you, babe."

"I won't," says Estrella dryly. "This was a mediocre experience. Hasta."

Estrella walks into the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers, then drives away.

"Eh, I never liked her anyway," says Julian. Many stare at him.

"Well, that was brief..." says Chris. "Who will win? Who will order pizza, only to find out that it has been stolen? Find out tomorrow, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 16 - A Whale of a Tale - Part One

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo... The contestants faced some difficulties, such as ordering pizza, trying to not lose The Game, and attempting to socialize. The pizza finally got there after a really long time, but the delivery guy just took the money and left... What a scumbag! Hey, I'm not complaining, more drama for the contestants! Anyway, Casey and Layla won the challenge, and did not lose The Game, except Estrella DID get voted off, sadly. Or maybe she liked it. Who knows what's going on in her twisted mind? Anyway, who will get booted off the show next? What sorts of drama will be in today's episode? Find out on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The camera zooms to the girls' room, which is now also the boys' room.

"I am sooooooooo bored," whines Roz.

"Well, why don't you find something to do, such as scrub my feet?" asks Layla.

"Wow, going too far, chick. I ain't Charlie," says Roz.

Casey is then shown listening to music on her enormous uPad.

"Gurl, whatcha listenin' to?" asks Roz sassily.

"OMG, Larry Fashions is soooooo hot!" Casey squeals, ignoring Roz's question.

"Ew," Layla shudders. "Gross. No, he's not. The other four are ten times hotter. And they're all ugly."

"Speaking of which, where is Ari?" asks Roz.

"How is that a speaking of which? Larry Fashions and his other little friends don't have anything to do with Ari," Layla yells.

"Well, Larry kind of sounds like Airy, which is what Casey calls Ari," giggles Roz.

"You have a response to everything, don't you?" Layla rolls her eyes. "And where is my latte? It was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. CHAAAAAAAAARLES!"

"He's playin' video games with the dudes," says Roz. "I guess he needed some alone time."

"Yeah, he said something about a 'rich b****', then he took some aspirin," Casey says.

"You weren't supposed to say that!" hisses Roz.

Layla shrugs. "Doesn't matter. People call me that crap every day. Does it bother me? No."

"Rich b****," says Casey, attempting to see if it will bother her.


A rock is thrown at Layla's head, but she dodges it, and it hits the flat-screen television instead.

"Ugh, again?!" yells Roz. "Way to go, Layla."

After a short period of time where nobody speaks, Casey says, "Wanna go prank the boys?"

"Sure," says Roz. Layla snorts condescendingly.

Casey leads the two other girls into the boys' part of the room, and they peek their heads in, only to find that the boys are all asleep.

"Purrrrrfect," says Casey. "Sleeping boys are even better."

Roz opens up the pantry and gets out a can of Cheez-In-A-Can.

"OMG, I hate that stuff, it's like nastiness in a can," says Casey.

"That's why we're gonna use it," says Roz evilly. "Leggo."

Roz tiptoes to Julian's bed, and sprays the Cheez-In-A-Can in his mouth, while laughing obnoxiously.

"Shhhh, you'll wake them up," whispers Layla.

"Mmmmrshmmmmmm," mumbles the sleeping Julian.

"All right, are there any more noodles-in-cups in the fridge?" asks Casey. "Let's put them in Kai's hat."

Roz opens the fridge and flings some noodles at Casey, who catches them all.

"Impressive," says Roz happily.

Casey quickly picks up Kai's hat, which is on the ground, and dumps the dry noodles into it, then puts the hat on his head.

"Don't you think you guys are being a little bit mean?" asks a voice from the doorway.

The girls all turn around and see Ari.

"Whoa, you surprised me, sista," says Roz.

"Yeah, I just woke up from a nap, and... What are you guys doing?" Ari asks.

"Prankin' the dudes," says Roz.

Layla then says, "Puck is the last one who we need. CHAAAAARLES!"

"SHHHHHH!" Casey and Roz hiss quietly.

Roz farts in Puck's face. "Good enough," she says, and the three then leave, leaving Ari standing there alone.

Ari shakes her head, and walks away.

The boys then begin to groan and move around.

"Shhh, they're wakin' up," whispers Roz.

"This is gonna be epic," Casey cheers.

Kai wakes up, and the girls hide behind the couch.

"What the..." says Kai, talking to himself. "There's something wet in my hat..."

He takes off his hat, and noodles are poured all over his body.

"What the crap? Who did this?" asks Kai loudly. "PUCK, I SWEAR..."

Puck wakes up. "What? Did someone say my name?"

He then suddenly smells the stench wafting around in his face.

"Dear god, who blew one? Ughhh! It smells like Great-Aunt Edna's beans and rice dinner! THE PAIN!" he yells, turning green.

"Maybe it was Roz, I saw her eating some beans last night," says Kai.

"Yuck, that's so nasty, dude!" Puck says.

"Seriously, whoever did this needs to be taught a lesson," says Kai.

"Unless it was Casey. That chick is hot stuff, man," Puck responds.

"Dude, you need to stop obsessing over Casey..." Kai says.

"You need to stop obsessin' over magic tricks. You're not nine, bro," Puck snorts.

"Hey, look at Julian," Kai points out the asleep Julian, with Cheez-In-A-Can all over his face.

Julian wakes up, and coughs loudly.

"JSTGVEKSK!" he screams, muffled because of the cheese. "What is in my mouth?!"

"Cheez-In-A-Can," Puck says. "It's good, just eat it."

Julian licks up the Cheez. "I suppose you're right," he says. "Mmm."

"You do know that we have to get revenge on the chicks, right?" asks Kai.

"Ooooh, I'm so scared," Roz mocks from behind the couch. Casey and Layla giggle, while Ari sits there awkwardly.

Chris then barges in to the scene of the "crime".

"Yo, yo, Chris, what's the shizzle?" Puck says.

"By shizzle, he means, 'what kinds of evil things are you going to make us do today'?" Layla scoffs.

"Actually, today, I felt like being a little bit nice to you guys!" says Chris.

Everyone looks at Chris suspiciously.

"That's not possible. You have to be hiding something," says Julian.

"Well, you guys know that Japan is known for its history of whaling, right?" asks Chris.

"No, I had no idea," Casey says.

"What the crap is whaling?" asks Roz. "Ooh, wait, does it have to do with Whale Club?!"

"Well, Roz, I gotta give you points for that. We have some special guests for the challenge today, and I won't be hosting," Chris replies.

"Then, who will? Lemme guess, Chappy?" Ari says skeptically.

"Yes!" Chris responds. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go do something."

"What are you gonna do?" asks Kai.

"Go to McDonald's so I can avoid all you annoying little teenagers," Chris says. "Toodle-oo!" He then jogs away.

The noise of a car coming to the building is heard, and the kids go outside to see.

"ZOMGLEE!" yells Roz enthusiastically.

A van then pulls up, and an old man who seems to be in his early 60's walks out. A few kids come out after him, and some of them look familiar.

"Why, hello, everyone. Did you all know that even though whaling is banned in Japan by the IWC, also known as the International Whaling Commission, Japan still hunts whales for research? Yes, and the whale meat ends up in restaurants and supermarkets," says the old man.

"Oh, god, is this Chappy?" whispers Casey to Ari, and Ari nods.

"I don't see how Roz loves this guy so much, he's so.... boring," Ari responds quietly.

"I have been to Japan about three times, but this is the first time coming with the Oceanography Club of Michigan," Mr. Chapman says. "Now, I would like to introduce you all to them."

"This is Zari," Mr. Chapman points to a familiar-looking girl, who waves happily, "Scott," he points to a dude who's reading a book and flips off everyone, "Jason," he shows a small and perverted-looking boy who's staring at Casey, "and Toad." Toad walks out, and begins to boogie.

"Why is the club so small?" asks Layla rudely.

"Because nobody likes whales," Scott replies. "Sad, huh?"

"No, it's cause of the fact that the hot chicks all quit," Toad says. "That's even sadder, dude."

"Hey, Zari's got a nice behind, and I do love me some Shelby," Jason whispers to Toad.

"Dude, Shelby's not even here, she said something about not wanting to get harassed by two boys," Toad responds, and they get some dubious looks from the other females.

"It is actually because many people have had conflicts regarding their personal life, such as studying for final exams, or spending time with their significant others," Mr. Chapman says.

"Final exams? It's the summer," Casey says.

"Shhhh, he doesn't know that!" Zari snaps.

"So, Christopher has informed me that you will all be competing in a challenge to catch whales, do some water testing, and maybe we can stop and get some Japanese ice cream," says Mr. Chapman.

"Yo, Dave, can we just skip to the ice cream?" asks Jason.

"I have said that I do not like when you call me that," Mr. Chapman replies. "It is extremely disrespectful."

"Yeah, jeez, Jason," Scott replies.

Jason mouths something dirty to Scott.

Kai says in the confessional, "K, so I don't really like these people. They're taking the spotlight away from us."

Roz says in the confessional, "EEEE! Whale Club is finally here! There are a lot less members than there were before... Huh, maybe me leaving made everyone else leave! And I sure don't remember that Jason kid in there. Maybe he scared off all the girls, hehe."

Smoothie Guy comes up to the dock, riding on a semi-large schooner.

"Welcome to the S.S. Crappyboatthatbreakseasily," Smoothie Guy says. "Get on in the next twenty seconds or I'm leaving without you."

"Actually, that would be such a jerk thing to do," Layla says. Charles looks at her.

While getting onto the boat, Toad says, "Aww, I wish Bella was still here, she was a Class-A hottie."

"No, just no," Jason says to him.

Puck mutters to Julian, "And I thought I had issues." Julian laughs.

Chapman is instructing the contestants on the boat. "All right, so who would like to do the dissolved oxygen testing? There's that, and the pH testing, and the Ponar grab."

"Whaaaat?" asks Casey. "Repeat that, please?"

"You should have been paying attention," Chappy waggles a finger.

"I really hate to say this, but I like Chris better..." whispers Ari.

"IKR?!" says Casey.

Mr. Chapman points to Kai and Julian. "How about you two do the dissolved oxygen?"

"Yaaaaaay," the two boys cheer sarcastically.

"Oh, come on, it will be fun," says Mr. Chapman.

"I'd rather listen to a dying horse," Julian says.

"You two," Mr. Chapman points to Puck and Casey, "You can use this net to pick up some little critters."

"Heh, we get the fun job," Puck says to Julian and Kai.

"Words can break my bones but sticks and... Wait, wasn't it... Never mind," Kai responds.

"And you three girls," says Chapman. "Roz." He narrows his eyes at her. "You can do the pH testing."

"Ugh, seems boring," Layla says rudely.

"You cannot say that something is boring until you try it," Mr. Chapman says.

"I like this man..." Charles whispers.

"All right, the boat is leaving right now!" Smoothie Guy yells from the front.

Mr. Chapman gives a thumbs up, and the boat begins to drift away from the dock.

Julian and Kai are working on the dissolved oxygen.

"How do you even do this thing?" asks Julian.

"Do you really think I know?" asks Kai.

"Eh, let's just drop it in the ocean or something," Julian responds. "He won't notice. He's old and senile, dude."

"Yeah, but don't you think it's..." says Kai.

Julian throws the dissolved oxygen basket thingy in the ocean.

"....Never mind," Kai says. "Whatever, he won't care."

"How are you doing on the dissolved oxygen?" Mr. Chapman says, walking over to Julian and Kai.

"Oh, uhh, we gave it to Smoothie Guy, because we didn't know how to open the container!" Julian quickly says, attempting to cover up that the container is in the ocean.

"It was already opened," Mr. Chapman says. "There's something fishy going on here."

"Fishy. I c wat u did thar," says Kai.

"All right, I will go to Alex and see if the container is opened," says Mr. Chapman, walking away.

Once he's away, Julian says, "We're screwed."

Mr. Chapman walks up to Smoothie Guy and says, "Do you have the dissolved oxygen?"

"What the @#$% is dissolved oxygen?" asks Smoothie Guy. "Leave me alone, you old sack."

"Well, two of the boys informed me that you were given the container to open it," says Mr. Chapman.

"...Are you high?" asks Smoothie Guy.

Mr. Chapman walks away sadly.

"All right, everyone, since there has been a technical difficulty, we will now just go on to the whale catching," says Mr. Chapman. Every single person cheers loudly.

"How are you supposed to catch a whale?" Casey asks.

"Well, you use this large net, and hoist it in," says Mr. Chapman.

"And how do you win this challenge, anyway?" asks Ari.

"Obviously, the person who catches the most stuff will win," Zari responds.

Mr. Chapman hands everyone a gigantic net.

There is a whoosh, and everyone looks at Puck, who is completely tangled up in the net.

"I got carried away," Puck says.

"Here, let me--" Casey attempts to fling the net off of Puck, which sends him flying backwards and into Scott, who falls into the ocean.

"Gee, thanks, you're a nice person," Scott says, angry and wet, in the ocean.

"Okay, who wants to get him out?" Zari says dryly.

"I got it!" Toad says, and he climbs down the ladder leading into the ocean, grabbing Scott.

"I've gotcha, buddy!" he then says, and he throws Scott back onto the boat.

"Wow, Toad..." Scott says, on the boat. Zari gives him a towel.

"Wait, how am I supposed to get back on? I can't swim!" Toad yells, splashing around in the water.

"I can totes swim, since I'm half-penguin!" Puck says, diving under the water.

Everyone waits for Puck to resurface, but he doesn't.

"I guess I should probably save him..." Casey says.

She dives into the water. A hand grabs her head, and pulls her under, while she screams.

"All right, I must face my fears and grab both of them!" yells Toad. "Here I go."

"Secretly, I hope he drowns," whispers Layla.

"That's kind of rude..." Ari says. "I agree, though."

"Never wish death on others," says Charles.

Toad dives underwater, and everyone waits. He then resurfaces with Casey and Puck, who are both unconscious.

"Get 'em onto the boat!" Smoothie Guy yells

Toad climbs onto the boat, and drops the two unconscious contestants on the ground.

"Anyone know mouth-to-mouth?" asks Toad.

"I do!" yells Charles. "Move away!" Roz screams, and heads towards the two.

"YAAAAA!" yells Roz, and kicks both of them in the stomach. Puck coughs up a fish, and they both wake up.

Mr. Chapman gets a call from Chris, and answers it.

"Hello?" he says. "Yes? Too dangerous? Elimination on the boat... Survival... All right, I will try as best as I can."

Everyone stares at Mr. Chapman.

"Your host has informed me that you will be voting off a player on this boat, since he is apparently too lazy to pick you up, and Alex is too lazy to drive us back to shore. So, under the boat, there is a confessional where you can vote," says Chappy.

"How is the eliminated person gonna get out of here?" asks Casey.

"We'll find a way," says Mr. Chapman.

"And what about our ice cream?" says Julian.

"Yeah, he most definitely promised us some ice cream," says Kai.

"Chappy doesn't always come through on his promises," Zari says. Roz nods.

Ari is shown in the boat's 'confessional'. "Tonight I'm voting Roz again. With her other friends, she's even more annoying than she is with Chaz. I just don't want her to find out my deepest and darkest secrets. Wait, why did I say that..."

Casey is shown in the confessional. "Voting Puck tonight, seems like something Chelsey would do!"

Julian says in the confessional, "Man, how I miss Estrella. I don't even care who gets out tonight, as long as it's not me. Personally, Dave is a cooler host than Chris."

Kai says in the confessional, "I don't think I'll last much longer in this game. I seem to be that guy who sits in the background, and occasionally does something interesting, then gets far. Like Donny from last season."

Layla says in the confessional, "If I don't win this game, I'm firing Charles. I need more money, I only have $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000... in my wallet."

Puck says in the confessional, "Whoo! That was a lot of fun. Swimmin', quality time with Casey, blah blah. I really want to date her, she's so hot and chill."

Roz says in the confessional, "Hehe, Chappy is so cool!"

Mr. Chapman is shown with the other contestants, as well as the Whale Club members who are playing games on Zari's uPad. There is a makeshift fire in front of the boat.

"Tonight, you will all get cookies," says Chappy.

"Yay, that's better than sushi, at least," says Julian.

"Puck, Layla, Julian, and Kai, you four are not going to get eliminated tonight," Chappy says.

"Whoo, yeah!" Julian and Puck cheer, and fist-bump. Kai eats his cookie.

"Ari, you are safe as well," says Chappy.

Ari catches her cookie and eats it.

"Roz and Casey. I cannot explain why you two were voted for, I don't pay attention to these kinds of things. The person who will not go to elimination, who will stay another day, and who gets this last cookie is..."

"Roz." Chappy passes Roz a cookie.

"You know what, guys? You're jerks. You all went down 69% on the popularity-o-meter," yells Casey. She takes out some note cards. "Hmm... All right, guys. Bye, I guess. Elle, text me, yeah, yeah."

"Elle isn't here..." says Kai.

"Oooooh, I forgot about the Donny part, crap, what to do..." says Casey.

"WAIT," yells Puck.

He runs up to Casey and violently makes out with her.

Casey looks woozy. "What just happened...?"

"We replicated the Donny part, baby," says Puck.

Dolph suddenly comes down on his Nyan Cat. "Hop on, I am serving as the vehicle of transportation."

Casey hops onto Dolph woozily, and makes a heart symbol with her hands to Puck. "Bye, everyone!" The two rocket away into the night sky.

Chapter 17 - A Whale of a Tale - Part Two

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, we had a few fun challenges and things planned," says a voice that is certainly not Chris. "Seven contestants went on a schooner with me and Alex Nichols, and my faithful Oceanography Club. We did not partake in any challenges, since we experienced some technical difficulties, but it was cool enough. The contestants are currently asleep downstairs in the ship, and today they will finally do their challenge. Who will prevail? Who will fail? Find out today, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The contestants are shown asleep, in the downstairs part of the ship. The only awake person is Puck, who is jamming out to music obnoxiously.

"Ugh, calm down," Layla mutters in her sleep. "Charles, rub my back so I can go back to sleep..."

Charles is shown snoring, in his boxers which depict women in hula skirts and coconut bras. Layla groans loudly.

"Touch me... And everyone will go wild, yeah, then I'd like to see you smile..." Roz sings in her sleep.

"Man, we have a sleep-singer?" Puck says, taking his Beets by Dre (which are shaped like the vegetable) off.

"Lolz, Puck, you're the same..." Roz says in her sleep.

"How does everyone have the ability to have conversations while asleep?" Layla whines.

"Hey, yo, it's fun," Julian says groggily.

"Why don't we just wake up, so we don't talk like this forever?" Roz asks.

"Cause we don't wanna disturb Ari and Kai, who are sleepin' still," Puck replies. "Man, Ari's so cute when she's asleep."

"Wait..." Roz says, waking up with a disturbed face. "I thought you liked Casey. Seriously, you basically are dating her. And you've never shown any sorts of attraction towards Ari... Dafuq, Puq?"

"You freaking made out with her yesterday," Julian says. "Come on, man."

Ari rolls around in her sleep, and says something unintelligible.

Puck winks. "See, that's what I'm talkin' about."

"Puck, you are so messed up..." Kai mutters, while sleeping.

"Hey, wanna pull pranks on the Whale Club people while they're asleep?" Layla asks.

Everyone else nods, and they all go into the other room. To their surprise, nobody is asleep except Scott, who is lying there with his headphones on and his mouth open wide.

"Hey, peeps and peepettes," Toad greets the contestants. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Nothing really, we just woke up. What is Jason doing?" asks Kai.

Jason is shown taking suggestive pictures with Zari Arbinian, who is lying on the couch, asleep.

"Eh, he does that stuff every day," says Toad. "Where's Ari? I miss her sexiness."

"Asleep," Puck says in an extremely strange way, and gets some glances.

"OMG, by the way, any of you guys know that Dustin Nutria's new album came out yesterday? ZOMG, so excited!" Roz says.

"Dustin Nutria is a piece of poop, he's fugly and I dressed up as him once, but I was hotter as him," Toad says.

"Yeah, why do you like D-Noots, Roz? He's terrible," Julian says.

"I hate his pre-puberty voice. But now he's a cutie pie, and he's purrrrty," Roz responds.

"Just think, how would Chaz react if he knew of this?" says Scott snidely.

"Dude, how do you know about Chaz?!" Roz yells. "You been stalking me, hehe?"

"Um, no, he was in whale club with us, remember? Before you left to compete in this stupid show, and he quit because he apparently had better things to do, which is highly doubtful," Scott responds. "You happy?"

Ari then walks into the room wearing her pajamas, and she looks tired and scraggy.

"Ugh, you guys are so loud..." she says. "I got no sleep last night, Puck was snoring."

"Oh, that's what that mysterious noise was. Ugh, Puck. Whyyyy?" Kai says.

"Hey, I can't control it, it's a force of habit," says Puck. "Gawsh."

"And then after you woke up at like midnight, you started playing really loud music. I say we vote him off," describes Layla. "He is a threat to my popularity."

"You know, I'm right here," Puck replies.

"Or unpopularity," Charles mutters.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" yells Layla, and Charles shakes his head.

Roz takes out a megaphone, and yells into it extremely loudly. "GUYS!"

Everyone stops talking. "All righty, whale club kiddos, get out. We need to talk."

The people of Whale Club leave quickly. Jason drags the asleep Zari out the door.

"So, as we know, six of us will soon become five, k? We need to discuss who to vote out," Roz says after everyone is gone.

"What's the challenge going to be today?" asks Julian.

"Uh, I think we're gonna do some whale catchin'," Roz replies. "We should be good at that. Now, Ari, c'mere."

Roz drags Ari into the closet. "What do you want, Roz?" Ari sighs.

"We need an alliance, k? Me and you. And mayle Layla, if she's up for it. We can call it 'The Alliance of Chix'. Sound good?" Roz says.

"Uh, well, I kind of want to vote by myself..." Ari says.

"Whyyy? Come on, we're BFFs, though," Roz responds sadly.

Ari says in the confessional, "Still have mixed feelings about Roz... IDK if I should vote her out, or just go with her to the finals... Darn."

"All right, fine, I'll vote with you," Ari says. "Who should we vote?"

"I say Puck," Roz says.

"I HEARD THAT!" yells a voice from outside. Ari and Roz look shocked.

"Uh, maybe we can save him for later... How about Julian?" asks Ari. "Or Layla? Both of them seem to be minor."

"Layla, minor? Hehe. Layla is like the main character of this story, why would the author vote her out next?" asks Roz.

"What?" Ari says.

"Never mind," says Roz.

"So, what about Julian? He hasn't done much, same with Kai, but Kai is a bit nicer..." says Ari. "All Julian did was flirt with Estrella, and now that she's gone, he doesn't really do much..."

"True, sista, I get you," Roz says. "Julian? All right. And..." She begins to whisper. "When should we vote Puck?"

"Uh, final three or four? We can go to the F2 together, all right?" Ari says.

"OMG, gurl, I would totes love that. Let's do it!" says Roz. "So, Julian, then Kai, then Layla, then Puck? Sounds like a plan."

"All right," says Ari.

"Okay," says Roz.

The two walk outside awkwardly. "Hey, guys," Ari says. "...What are you doing?"

Julian is shown moving around a cold, frozen sack of peas on Puck's naked chest, while Kai is sitting there playing his Wintendo SD.

"Don't ask me," says Kai. "I've been doing nothing this entire time."

"Uh, this is a bit awkward, wanna go back in the closet?" asks Ari.

"Yah," says Roz. The two sprint back into the closet as fast as they can.

"Hey, my belly is cold too," Layla says. "Charles, get some frozen peas and massage me."

"All right, that crosses the line. I will do odd jobs for you, I will go to the bathroom for you, but I will NOT massage your flabby old belly with some frozen vegetables," Charles says forcefully.

"..." Layla says in awe.

"Whoa, Chuck, are you okay?" Julian says.

"Oh, yes, I am fine," Charles says while panting. "Never been better."

"Charles... Go do 50 push-ups," Layla says. "NOW."

Charles sighs, then drops to the floor and does them all very fast, because of his buff body that was shown earlier in the season.

"Whoa, nelly, nice bod," Julian says. "Uh, in the most heterosexual way possible."

"Yes, I do work out at times," Charles says. "Are you happy, Layla?"

"NO," Layla responds. "Get me some grapes." Charles runs to the kitchen. "That's better."

Mr. Chapman then opens up the door. "Hello, everyone! Excited for the challenge?"

"Holy crab cakes, I forgot we were still on a boat, the interior looks just like our cabins," says Kai.

"Well, you are indeed on a boat, and it is time for the challenge. My Whale Club has mysteriously disappeared, so it is just you guys and me," Mr. Chapman explains. "It'll be fun, don't worry."

"Yeah, I'll be the judge of that," Layla snarks.

Mr. Chapman walks up to the exterior of the boat, and is followed by the contestants.

"Whoa, it's dark out," Julian says. "What time is it?"

"2:30 in the morning," says Chappy. "It is the perfect time for whales."

A loud and high-pitched noise that sounds like a humpback whale is heard in the water, and a gigantic fin is seen splashing in the water.

"Holy crap, did you just hear that?" says Roz. "Is that Chappy's dream whale?"

"Yes, I believe it is..." says Chappy. "I have worked for six years trying to catch Ol' Humpy. But he has always evaded me."

"Ol' Humpy..." giggles Puck. "Funny name, bro."

"By the way, while you are working on catching the whale, who would like to hear my story about the time I went to jail?" says Chappy.

"Wait, you went to jail? This should be cool, let's hear," Puck says.

Chappy begins. "So, one day, I was taking a camping trip with my friends in the woods. It was me, my friend Pete, and my friend John. It was the middle of winter, and we had set up our tent outside. After about twenty minutes of peacefully sleeping in the woods and socializing in the tent, a large snowstorm suddenly struck. So, me, Pete, and John decided that we needed to find shelter. We decided to take our tents down, and go to the nearest facility where we could sleep for the rest of the night, for we were too cold and tired to go back home, and it was also a good 200 miles away. So, then, after walking for about two hours, we finally reached a building. It was the prison closest to us, so we stayed there for the night with the police officers' consent."

"Wait, so you didn't get arrested?" asks Ari.

"Of course not, Chappy isn't an evil person," Roz says.

"Ugh, what a letdown, I thought you shot someone or something," says Layla. "Jerk."

Chappy laughs. "No, I did not get arrested, would I be teaching if I did? Anyway, go catch your whales."

"Wait, do we get any instructions?" asks Kai.

"No, just... How about the first person to catch a whale wins," Chappy says.

"What if nobody catches a whale?" asks Kai. "Because, I don't know if that's entirely possible."

"How about, we can cross that bridge when we come to it," says Chappy.

Kai sighs, and walks away, grabbing the net and hoisting it into the water.

"Come on, Whaley, win this challenge for Papa Kai," he mutters.

A whale noise is heard, once again.

"Whoa, yeah!" Kai throws a fish into the net. "Now, eat the fish..."

Julian walks up to Kai. "Dude, that's not really gonna work."

"I don't care, just believe in yourself and you can achieve," says Kai.

"Since when were you Horatio? Also, whales don't eat fish, they eat krill," says Puck.

"Whatever, can you guys go away?" yells Kai.

Julian and Puck slowly inch away.

"Yo, dude, seriously, why are you so angry right now?" Puck says, while away.

"Can we not talk about it? I want some private time..." says Kai. "Just shoo."

Julian and Puck walk over to the other side of the boat.

"Seriously, what is up with him?" asks Julian.

"Our mission today is to figure out, all righty? It's a plan, Stan," Puck says.

"Sounds good," says Julian.

The two sit there. Julian takes out his phone and begins to text.

"Estrella?" says Puck. "She talkin' about how much she loves you?"

"No, Shawn, and he's saying that he just got signed to another record deal," Julian says. "Man, he's had like five in the last month."

Layla is shown with a fishing pole in the water, looking bored.

Charles walks up to her. "Layla, how are you going to catch a whale with a fishing rod?"

"Don't tell me how to do things," Layla snaps. "I have the right to express myself freely."

"I was just trying to be helpful," responds Charles.

"Well, if you want to be helpful, you can go and make my bed for me," Layla says.

"Roger," Charles says, and he goes downstairs.

Chappy then yells extremely loudly. "EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!"

Everyone looks at Chappy. Layla throws her fishing pole in the ocean, and a dolphin comes out and picks it up with its mouth. Kai is shown asleep, Ari and Roz pay attention to Chappy, and Julian and Puck sit down in front of him.

"So, as you know, Christopher will be back tomorrow, and this whale catching thing is not necessarily working," Chappy says.

"No, really?" scoffs Layla sarcastically.

"So, I have decided to instead do a trivia challenge! The Whale Club and I are big fans of you guys, and the past seasons as well, so I will proceed to ask you questions," Chappy says. Everyone except Roz groans.

"K, hit us up. Is it like whoever gets the most points wins?" Julian asks.

"Yes, and here is the first question," says Chappy. "Who was the first character voted out in Total Drama School?"

Everyone groans once again. "Oh, crap, I didn't watch TDS..." Ari mutters.

"Ricky," Kai says. "Like a bawss."

"Ding-ding-ding, that is correct, Kai has one point," Mr. Chapman says. "Next question. Which character in Total Drama Revolution was famed for being quiet, and saying not much other than '...'?"

"PJ," blurts out Roz immediately after Chappy is done.

"Roz now has one point. Who would like to get me a soda so I can think better?" Mr. Chapman says.

A pop can randomly falls from the sky and lands in his hands.

"That is cool," says Chappy, taking a sip of his pop. "Diet Choke happens to be my favorite pop flavor."

"You say 'pop'? I say soda. Who says pop?" Puck says.

"I say pop," everyone else says.

"Well, you guys are totally uncool, then," Puck says.

"NEXT QUESTION!" Mr. Chapman yells. "Who won Total Drama--"

"Carson," Puck blurts out, interrupting Chappy.

"You did not even hear what season I was about to say," says Chappy.

"Well, y'know, I figured it would be a 1-in-3 chance I'd get it right," Puck explains.

"I was actually planning on saying Tiki Jungle, so you are incorrect, and you get a penalty," Chappy says.

"Oh, I'm so scared," says Puck sarcastically.

"You should be." Chappy snaps his fingers. "Dante! Eugene!"

Two buff men walk out of the office and throw Puck into the ocean.

Puck sputters and splashes about in the water. "B-b-but... I can't sw.... I mean, I'm a pro at swimming, I can handle..." He then disappears under the water.

"How many times has he almost drowned this season?" Layla scoffs. "Like, ten?"

"Three!" yells a bubbly-sounding Puck from under the water. "Going on four!"

"When was the third?" Kai asks, counting on his fingers.

"There was a hot tub accident... You don't wanna know," Puck yells.

Mr. Chapman ignores Puck and continues on with the challenge. "Next question. Which character placed 7th in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle?" he asks cryptically.

"How are we supposed to know that?" Layla responds.

"Trey," Ari says. "I loved Tiki Jungle."

"Oh, yeah, the weird orange dude who pretended to like the actress chick. IDK why he dumped her, she was really cute," says Kai.

"...Kai, do you have a pink hair fetish?" asks Julian suspiciously. Kai glances to the side nonchalantly. 

Chappy clears his throat, and everyone listens.

"So, the score is Ari, Roz, and Kai all with one point. Julian and Layla, you have absolutely nothing," Chappy says.

"You don't have to rub it in," scoffs Layla.

"And Puck is still in the ocean, doing who knows what? Perfect. Next question. Which character is 'morbidly obeeeese'?" Chappy says.

"Arthur!" yells Layla. "Ha, in your face, Julian!" Julian shrugs.

Then, Chappy says, "Next question. Which character, in this season, is famous for being gothic, rude, and--"

"ESTRELLA!" Julian yells. "Who's doing crappy now? I totally couldn't miss a Q about a hot chick."

Charles is shown panting, and walking back up the stairs to the other contestants. "Layla... I have gotten your grapes. You should be happy..."

He dumps a ginormous sack of grapes onto everybody, covering Layla completely with grapes so only her eyes are showing.

Layla's mouth suddenly turns into some sort of vacuum, and she sucks up every single grape, then licks her lips.

"There is absolutely nothing I can't do," Layla says haughtily.

"Except be respectful and nice to others," mutters Charles.

"Oh, Charlie, I can be a nice person when I want to," Layla says.

"When have you ever called me Charlie?" Charles says. "It is not a tradition."

"AHEM," yells Chappy. "All right, thank you."

"How long is this trivia game going to take?" whines Roz. "I'm tired."

"Last question. You guys all have one point, so this shall determine who wins the challenge," says Chappy.

"Bring it on, brotha," says Julian. "It better not be too hard."

"Oh, it will be hard. Which character won individual invincibility for themselves in episode sixteen of Total Drama Revolution?" Mr. Chapman says.

"How are we supposed to know that?" Kai says.

"Oh, this is just the useless one, and I do not expect any of you to know it. Just guess," Chappy giggles.

Before anyone can say anything, there is a flash of rainbow light from the ocean.

"Holy..." says Julian.

"It can't be..." says Ari in awe.

"OL' HUMPY?!" yell Roz and Chappy at the same time.

Sure enough, Puck comes riding from the ocean depths, on Ol' Humpy the gigantic humpback whale. Humpy makes a whale noise, and proceeds to run into the boat, destroying it completely.

Everyone is violently flung from the boat back onto shore, by their dorms, where Chris and Chef are sitting, eating pizza and watching television.

"WHOAAAA!" yells Chappy. He is flung into the sky, and creates a small "ding!"

After a long pause, Chris turns off the TV. "Well, hey, final six! Casey's gone? Pity, she was fun. Anyway, Puck, you have won the challenge!"

"What?" asks Puck. "Who? Where? Why? When? How?"

"Well, you got rid of that annoying old guy, and you rode a whale. Seems pretty worthy, huh, Chef?" asks Chris. Chef nods in approval. "Rest of you, go vote out a player!"

Ari says in the confessional, "All right. Time to take control. Roz, I'm voting you tonight. This is hard, but it's the right thing."

Puck says in the confessional, "Whoo, my first win! Who to vote off... Probs Layla, since she's a rude dude."

Chris is shown back at the original elimination ceremony.

He sighs happily. "Ah, don't you love the smell of sushi and mainland Japan? Anyway, sushi goes to Puck, Kai, and Layla."

Puck and Kai catch their sushi, and Layla dodges it so it hits Charles in the face.

"Ari, you are safe as well," says Chris, and Ari catches her sushi.

"Roz and Julian... I don't know, guys. Final sushi goes to..."

"Roz! Julian, time to say hasta la vista."

Julian shrugs. "Well, everyone's time has to come to an end, right? Except the winner's, of course, and the runner-up, because they're in every episode... What am I sayin'? Aw, I'll miss you guys."

Julian walks over to Puck and Kai, and gives them hugs.

"And, I'll ignore you girls since I am no longer single, as of twenty minutes from now, and I'm guessing you guys voted for me," he says.

"You guessed correct," mutters Layla.

"Bye-bye, guys. It was an awesome experience. I swear, you guys are like a family," Julian says sentimentally, as he walks into the Vehicle and drives away.

"Who will win? Who will lose? Will fans rejoice as the title for the new season is announced, since it's the final five now? Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 18 - Chocolate Pain

"Last time on Total Drama Tokyo, I have no idea what the contestants did, because I wasn't there. So, why don't I just put on this video of a walrus eating ice cream?" begins Chris. He's then shown in front of a TV, and he turns it on to, sure enough, a video of a walrus eating ice cream. He lays back in a La-Z-Boy chair and takes out a bottle of "Chris Cola" then starts to drink it. He slowly begins to fall asleep in his recliner chair. A few minutes later, he wakes up, and turns the TV off. "All righty, then. Let's see how the final five are doing, right here, right now, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The contestants are shown in their room, all sleeping except for Puck, who is nowhere to be seen. Roz is snoring loudly and holding her stuffed whale, while Ari is sleeping soundly, Layla is sleeping while Charles is massaging her shoulders, and Kai is snoring.

The door swings open loudly, and Puck walks in. He is covered in dirt, twigs, leaves, and other debris.

"Whoo," he says. "What a fun night." He slowly walks over to his bed and turns on his Wintendo 3SD, which is on full volume. The sound of the loud game wakes every other contestant up, and they're not too happy about it.

"What the crap, Puck? Where were you?" Layla asks, infuriated that she has been woken up.

"The woods," says Puck nonchalantly. He then goes back to playing his 3SD.

"Come on, dude, be more specific. What were you doing in the woods?" asks Kai curiously. "Eating berries? Fighting yokai? Skinny-dipping?" Kai gets some quick glances. "All right, maybe I shouldn't have said that last one. But seriously, what's up?"

Puck shrugs, and continues to ignore Kai as he plays his 3SD.

"Dude, put that freaking video game away, it's impolite to ignore others," Layla yells. Charles begins to snicker, and she glances at him angrily.

Roz wakes up, and stretches. "Haiiii, how was everyone's night? Did you have cool dreams? I sure did. Mine was about me and Chappy riding on a dolphin."

"Not a whale?" Ari skeptically states. "That's... different."

"Yeah, whales have gotten kind of old, but that's okay. So, whatcha guys doin'?" Roz asks, trying to make conversation.

"Sleeping. Puck was in the woods," Layla scoffs. "Probably picking his butt."

"HEY!" yells Puck, extremely insulted. After a pause, he states, "...I stopped doing that like two months ago."

"So, final five, huh? We sure did get far in the game, huh, guys?" Ari says, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah, totally. I wonder what our challenge is gonna be today?" asks Roz. "Hopefully something cool and exciting."

"Chris is probably gonna be a real jerk and make us, like, scuba-dive in the toilets or something," Layla scoffs.

"Hey, that would actually be really fun," Puck says. "Minus the stench. And the leeches. And the floating piles of crap. And the Zubats and Rattatas. And the... Never mind, yo, that wouldn't be fun. It would be terrible."

"Knowing Chris, he'll probably make us do it. Hey, Layla, remember when we saw that kappa in the sewers? Bet he's still there, with no water in his head," Kai says.

"Ugh, don't even remind me of that challenge. It was terrible," Layla responds. "Charles, get me some sushi."

Charles runs to the kitchen, and throws a bag of freeze-dried sushi at Layla's head. It hits her in the head, and she scowls.

"Hey, what if Chris is feeling lazy, and decides to skip the challenge and just let us vote someone out?" asks Ari. "I'd like that..."

"As would I," says Puck. "I got th' perfect idea on who to vote out."

Puck says in the confessional, "Scratch that. I have no idea at all on who to vote out. I love everyone here, dawg. Even the really annoying ones, like Layla."

Roz says in the confessional, "Hehehehehe. I miss Chappy. Ari is a pretty cool person, though, so I can get to the final two with her. Although, I get this strange vibe from her... I don't know what it is. Whatevs, she's still awesome. Colon-three."

Layla says in the confessional, "Ugh, everyone here is such a moron. Especially Charles. I'm prepared to quit, it's not like I even need the money."

Ari says in the confessional, "All right, I'm going to pause from trying to eliminate Roz. Puck is more annoying. I think I can win this..."

Kai says in the confessional, "When I joined this show, I thought I was going to be the first one out. People don't like magic-loving nerds. But I've gotten far, and I have a chance of winning. Is that even possible? I think Puck's gonna win, though."

Chris is shown with the contestants in the amphitheater where they made their skits earlier in the season. "Well, hey, guys! Ready for today's challenge?"

"No," everyone unanimously says.

"Anyway," says Chris, ignoring their complaints, "Japan is known for its famous viral videos, anime, and other TV and media. Today, your challenge is to create a completely new viral video. I mean, that's part one of the challenge. You have twenty minutes. Ready? GO!"

"Wait, but you didn't even..." Ari says.

"GO!" repeats Chris. Ari walks away.

Roz is shown in the pantry of the kitchen, looking for pop-tarts.

"Roz, are you sure you're supposed to be in here? The sign on the door says 'CHRIS ONLY'..." says Ari, walking in to the kitchen.

"I could say the same thing to you, bebeh," Roz responds. "Anyway, not like I'm doin' anything evil, just looking for pop-tarts for my Nyan Cat video."

"Why don't you just call Dolph and borrow his?" Ari says. "It would be a lot easier."

"I have no idea how to call Dolph, that's the thing," Roz says "Wanna help me?"

"I don't know either," Ari states. "Let's ask Kai, he probably knows."

"Ooooh, Kai is a funny and cute little guy," Roz says.

"Roz, you have a boyfriend, and you two are madly in love..." says Ari. "Don't be a cheater." After saying this, her face turns bright red.

"Ari, what's up with yo' face, gurl? Somethin' wrong?" Roz says. "Come on, you can tell me."

"Uh, sure, I'll tell you..." Ari responds. "If you promise not to tell anyone. Otherwise, you're going to go to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers... Mkay?"

"Yeah, I'm a trustworthy person," says Roz happily. "Go ahead and tell me. Pweeeese."

"All right, sit down," Ari says. Roz sits down next to her. "So, you remember Tolkien, right? And how I flirted with him, and he flirted with me, and I admitted that I liked him before I was eliminated the first time?"

"Mmm-hmmm. How could I forget Tolky?" asks Roz.

"So, yeah. That whole time I was flirting with him, I actually had a boyfriend... We had been dating for about a year and a half..." Ari says.

"Whaaaaaaaat?" Roz yells.

"Yeah, I knew that would be your response..." says Ari. "Anyway, I wasn't trying to be a two-timer, but I hated that dude who I was dating, and I just wanted to get away... After I was voted off, he dumped me... So, I guess it's fine now, right?"

Roz looks very angry. "Ari, that's really a mean thing to do to Tolky. He's probably listening to this and crying."

Tolkien is shown at the losers' resort, watching the episode with Julian and Anderson. His mouth is hanging open slightly, like a dead fish.

"Don't worry, dude, there are plenty of other noodles in the cup," Julian says. "You'll find someone."

"Personally, I like feisty girls," says Anderson. "Mraaaaooow."

The scene switches back to Roz and Ari. Roz makes a pouty face, and walks away.

Chris is then shown with the contestants, back in the center of the auditorium.

"So, everyone, let's see your videos! We'll go in alphabetical order, with Ari going first," Chris says.

Ari walks up to the stage, and turns on her video. Two puppets are shown on the screen. One of the puppets puts its hand in the other puppet's mouth, and the other puppet bites the hand. "Oww! Charlieee!" screams the puppet in a fake British accent. "Charlie bit maaaayyy. Thaht really huht, Chahlayyyy." The little puppet bites the other puppet's finger again, and laughs evilly. "Ow," says the puppet. "OW! CHAHLAAAAAAY! OW!"

Ari turns off the video and walks off the stage.

"All righty then," says Chris ."Next up, Kai. What's your video?"

Kai walks up to the stage and turns on his video. Piano music is heard playing, as Kai appears on the screen close to a microphone. He begins to sing in a deep voice. "Chocolate raaaaiiiin... Some stay dry and others feel the pain. Chocolate raaaaaiiiin... A baby born will die before the sin." He keeps singing, and the other contestants look on in awe, and Kai turns off the video.

"You lip-synced that," Layla scoffs.

"I know," responds Kai. "We didn't have to make new videos, just do our takes on them, I thought."

"Actually..." says Chris. "I said to create a completely new viral video! Layla, Roz, and Puck, what are your videos?"

"Nyan Cat," Layla and Roz say simultaneously. "Hey!" they say simultaneously again. "You stole my idea!" they say again. "Copycat!" they say.

"Uh, and what about Puck?" asks Chris.

"Actually, mine is just filmed footage of me in the woods earlier today, it was pretty funny, wasn't it?" Puck says.

"Oh, yeah, that was hilarious!" says Chris. "Let's use that for the second part of the challenge."

"And what about the rest of us, why don't you just put our heads somewhere in the video so we get famous too," Kai says.

"Good idea," says Chris. "Be back in a few!"

In a few, Chris is back. He puts the newly made video in the DVD player, turns on the video, and Puck is shown in the woods, walking around. He walks into a tree, and falls on his face, unconscious. Suzuki comes up to him and farts on his face. Then, a monkey swings by and poops on his helmet, then drops down and steals the helmet, revealing Puck's bald head. Puck gets back up, but trips over a tree branch and lands unconscious in a pool. Crudely made screenshots of Ari, Roz, Kai, and Layla pop up in the background and begin to dance. Then, Chris turns off the video.

"What was that?" asks Layla.

"Puck's adventures in the woods, and we gave you guys cameos like you asked! Anyway, here's the second challenge. I just uploaded the vid to MyCircle under the title 'fat kid bloopers', and it already has 70,000,000 views, somehow. You guys' job is to go into the city and try not to get maimed by the obsessed fans. The last contestant standing wins invincibility," Chris says. "Ready? Let's head into the McLean Van and go into the city!"

Chef pulls up to the contestants, driving a gigantic blue van with Chris faces painted all over it. "Hop in, suckas," he says.

The contestants get into the car and drive to the middle of downtown Tokyo, where obsessive fans lead by Yuri are lying in wait.

"ZOMG! THEY'RE HERE!" yells one hyperactive little girl.

"I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPHS!" yells a little boy.

"Calm down, kiddos, I know them, so I get the first pick!" yells Yuri.

"Who said you were the boss?! GET HER!" yells some other kid, and they start a dogpile on Yuri.

"Wait..." says a kid. "Why are we dogpiling her?! The stars are over there! LET'S GET THEM!"

The kids suddenly hop off of Yuri and run onto Ari, Layla, Roz, Kai, and Puck, and begin to tackle them.

"Ow, my kiwis!" yells a voice who is presumably Puck.

"Sha-zoobie!" yells Kai, and a flash of green light is shown. A bunch of the kids transform into platypi and run away strangely.

"How did you do that?!" yells Layla.

"MAGIC, BRO!" Kai responds, trying to yell over the raging kids.

Although, his efforts aren't very effective, because the kids fight back, covering everyone up in an angry mob.

A title card is shown, reading "Four hours later..."

The contestants are all shown, dazed and unconscious. It's nighttime, and the fans are completely gone.

"That... was... terrible..." Kai says, being the only contestant still standing. "Did I win....?"

"Yes," says Chris. "But that was just a lazy challenge by the author because he hasn't posted one in a while and wants to end so he can make the All-Stars season! But yeah, you did win. Let's go back to the hotel room, guys."

The contestants hop back into the McLean Van, and Chef drives them all back to the hotel.

Ari says in the confessional, "Roz or Puck? And now I have a normal reason to vote Roz, since she's been ignoring me... I don't see how that was really bad, what I did. Come on..."

Puck says in the confessional, "Whoooo. That was a fun, but brief, challenge. Lol, I'm all sweaty and stuff. Time to take an ice bath, after I survive this elimination."

Chris is shown at the elimination ceremony.

"Well, hey, everyone. The first piece of sushi goes to Kai, since he won the challenge, or whatever you want to call it. I'm still disappointed by this episode's length, but it was longer than most of Total Drama School," says Chris, and he throws Kai a sushi.

"Hey, I enjoyed Total Drama School," says Kai. He catches the sushi in his mouth.

"Roz and Layla are safe too," Chris says. The two get their sushi.

"Ari and Puck. The final piece of sushi. You two have been quite the interesting competitors, but for one of you, you will no longer compete. The final sushi goes to..."

"Ari. Puck, your time in the competition is up."

"Whaaaaaaaaaat?" Puck says. "I seriously thought I was gonna win, but I guess not. It was a really chill game, yo."

"Everyone thought you were gonna win. Why did everyone vote for Puck?" Chris says. "Even I thought he was gonna win."

"Well, it was a dramatic twist, dudes and dudettes. You'll always be my chill ice cubes. Kai, best of luck being in the F4 with all babes, I'm jelly. See you later," Puck says, as he shimmies down to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers. "Oh, one more thing! My real name is Cornelius Puckerschmidt. But you didn't hear that from me. Peace."

"I'm still shocked that he was eliminated..." Ari says. "Ah, well, hopefully he'll have fun with Wolfgang."

"Who will win? Who will lose? What will happen to Charles?" Chris glances at Charles, who is cleaning up dog poop from an unknown source. "Find out next time on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 19 - The Abhorrent Race

"Last time on Total... Drama... Tokyo! The contestants, or what's left of them, were forced to go into the city and confront some raging fans, who saw the viral videos that they had to create beforehand... Puck was sadly eliminated, even though everyone thought he was going to win. It is now up to the final four, where Ari, Kai, Layla, and Roz will battle it out today, right here, right now, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

The remaining four contestants are shown in their dorm. Kai is playing video games and listening to music, Layla is getting her back massaged by Charles, and Ari and Roz are shown discussing in the corner.

"All righty, Ari. So, you know that we're the only four left, right? Well, if we make an alliance with lil' Kai, we can take out Layla so she doesn't get to the finale. Because if she does, she'll take out all of us and crap, got it?" Roz says.

"Uh, sure. You know, Kai might not want to vote with us..." Ari says. "It doesn't matter, though. If we both vote Layla, and she votes one of us, and Kai votes... Wait, yeah, we do want Kai to vote with us..."

"YO, KAI!" yells Roz. "Get your butt over here, we're talkin' strategy!"

Kai shuts off his music, and walks over to Ari and Roz. "What's up? Are you talking about how Charles smells like an old British woman? Because he does, and it's getting really funky."

"Holy chiz, I never noticed that," gasps Roz. "But no. We're talking about voting out Layla, 'cuz she's a threat, and we want all good guys in the final three with us. Will you vote with us?"

"Well, the thing is..." Kai says shakily, and then begins to sweat. "ImadeanalliancewithlaylasoIcantvotewithyoubecauseI'mplanningtovoteforoneofyou... Gotta go pee... Bai!" He runs off extremely fast.

"That little traitor!" Roz responds. "Why would he make an alliance with Layla, of all people? She's a psycho!"

"Uh, she does play the game well..." Ari says.

"No, she doesn't! Unless you call sitting around on her lazy butt and forcing Charles to do stuff for her playing the game well," Roz responds.

"Charles!" yells Layla. "I'm thirsty. Go get me some whiskey or something. Just anything."

"Whiskey? If memory serves, you are not at the age of twenty-one yet. You are not allowed. Even your mother and father said so," Charles says.

"Still your tongue, Charles!" Layla responds. "Go. Now."

Charles goes to the refrigerator, and sees no whiskey. He then says, "Layla, we are all out. My dearest apologies."

"Apologies? That's not the only thing you should be sorry for, wanna do 15 push-ups?" she snaps.

There is a knocking on the door. Suddenly, Chris McLean walks in, and begins to talk, without anyone acknowledging his presence. "Well, hello, everyone! How's your day so far?" he says.

"Terrible," says Kai.

"Awesome!" Chris responds. "Anyway, today's challenge will be the last normal challenge. I want you all to race from this side of Tokyo, the north side, to the south side, because that's where you'll be competing in the finale! The last contestant to arrive at the southernmost point of Tokyo is automatically eliminated. Won't this be fun?"

"Wait, so that means that there won't be any alliances..." Ari says. "Because it's an auto-elimination... Crap."

"And also, Tokyo is gigantic. How are we supposed to race there in like a day? It's impossible," Kai says.

"Well, you're not going to be racing on foot. Am I really that mean?" Chris says

"...Yes," says Kai.

"I'm just going to ignore that," says Chris. "So, yeah. You guys will get two hours to build a sort of vehicle, then you'll be required to race to Tokyo by midnight. Of course, if you want to, you could race on foot, but I don't know why anyone in their right mind would do that, unless you're like, Meg or something."

"Can we start working now?" Ari asks.

"Go for it!" says Chris. He presses a button on his remote, and a bunch of materials come raining down from the ceiling. "Get to work, you have two hours." He slowly walks away.

Ari walks up to Roz as she's building stuff. "Hey, Roz. Do you wanna, like, ride in a vehicle together or something?"

"Oh, totes, sista," Roz says. "Let's build some sort of race car."

"Hey, did you know that 'race car' is the same backwards?" Ari responds. "Just a random, useless fact..."

"KKKKKKKKKKKKK," laughs Roz. "But seriously, gurl, we need to focus."

Kai is shown building something that looks like one of those old-fashioned bikes.

"See, look at Kai. He's working. Let's do that too," Roz says. "Look at Layla for what you don't wanna do."

Layla is shown drumming on bongos and lying on the couch. Charles walks up to her, and she hisses at him violently, making him walk away.

Kai says in the confessional, "That's so random... Seems like something Puck would do. I really miss that guy, now I'm the only guy left. It's a reverse sausage fest. Whatever you wanna call it. Puck, whyyyy? At least I can win this challenge, and get into the finals."

Layla says in the confessional, "You know, screw this challenge. I have enough money at home, so if I get eliminated, it's no biggie. I don't wanna work on a stupid vehicle, so I'm not going to. Haha."

Roz and Ari are shown, still working on their race car. It's looking pretty cool, with flames, and red paint.

"Yo, Ari! Get over here!" whines Layla.

"Don't listen to her," says Roz. "Who knows what she's gonna make you do?"

"Eh, I'll just humor her..." says Ari. "What do you want, Layla?" she says, walking over to her.

"So, what would you say if I told you that I was planning to make an alliance with you and Kai? So we can destroy Roz in the finals," says Layla.

"Uh, Layla... The thing is, I'm in an alliance with Roz... So, I can tell her everything you just said..." Ari says.

"FUCK!" yells Layla. Everyone stares at her. "What, it's PG-13, and we're allowed to drop one F-bomb. Hehe, I took it from you guys. Ari, get me a latte."

"Wait, but I'm not Charles..." says Ari.

"Charles is doing stuff that he claims is more important. What's more important than doing stuff for me? Argh. Just be my replacement butler," says Layla.

Ari walks back to Roz. "She's going on about me being her replacement butler or something..." Ari says.

"Hey, get back here! I never said you could walk away!" Layla says angrily.

In about an hour, Chris walks back into the room. "Hey, everyone! Two hours have passed, and you know what that means!"

"Ugh, Chris. None of us are even done..." says Layla. She looks around the room. "Wait, everyone finished except me... I blame Charles! Get over here, you old fart!"

Charles comes out of the bathroom. "You need to learn to not rely on me as much to do your everyday tasks."

"So, Kai, you got a bicycle there... Nice job. It looks really old, like 1920s old. Whatever, it'll work. You pass the first part of the challenge," Chris says.

"Awesomesauce," says Kai.

"Ari and Roz... Didn't I say that you would all be building your own vehicles? But whatever, if it breaks, both of you will get a disadvantage... Just how I like it. You two pass," says Chris.

"Wow, didn't think about it that way..." says Ari.

"Chill out, bra, it's gonna be fine. It won't break," Roz says.

"And Layla... Oh, Layla. You did absolutely nothing, so I guess I have to provide something for you," says Chris.

Layla cheers. "ZOMG, Chris, you're totally the best. I don't hate you as much now."

"...Just kidding," says Chris. "You're on your own, sista."

"Just kidding to you too, I still hate you," snaps Layla. "Congrats."

Chris, ignoring Layla's statement, leads the other contestants outside, where they are shown to a starting line. "This is the starting line," he says.

"No dip, Sherlock," says Layla rudely.

"...Okay. You guys will be able to start the race in approximately five seconds..." says Chris. He looks at his watch. "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... GO!"

The contestants take off, although they all go different routes. Ari and Roz quickly get in their car and drive into the city, while Kai decides to pedal through the countryside on his old-fashioned bicycle.

"Charles! We're already behind. Give me a piggyback, now!" Layla says. "Hurry up, oldie!"

Charles hoists Layla onto her back, and begins to run.

"Excuse me if I get tired, my body is quite old and frail..." he says, while jogging and breathing heavily.

The scene cuts to Ari and Roz in the city. "Hey, Ari, did you know that our vehicle is totally the fastest out of everyone's?" Roz says.

"Oh, awesome..." says Ari. "Would you be mad at me if I said I wanted to get some sushi and take a little break?"

"Ari, we've been driving for about two minutes. You be soooo lazy, and you're not even driving, just listen to music or something," Roz says.

"Fine, we can eat lunch later..." says Ari. "Crap, Roz, you just went past a stop light..."

"So what? Who cares? I never listen to stop lights, they don't tell me what to do, hehe," Roz says rebelliously.

"Dude, there's a police car following us..." says Ari.

"Hehehehe, you're so silly. There are no police cars in Japan..." says Roz.

"All right, whatever you say. But if we get arrested, lose the challenge, and both get voted out, it's your fault," says Ari. "Let's talk about boys."

Kai is then shown, sitting at an ice cream shack in the middle of the countryside.

"Well, this is weird," he says to himself. "There's nobody here. Just a big can of vanilla ice cream sitting there. The thing is, I hate vanilla..." He takes out his wand and zaps it, turning it into chocolate. "So much better." He begins to eat sloppily.

The window of the ice cream stand slowly creaks open, and a weird bearded blonde dude peeks his head out. "BLARGHSCHMICKLE!" he yells.

Kai screams like a small child. "What the crap, dude?!" he yells.

"Listen," says Smoothie Guy. "You wanna win this challenge? I got a way. But you have to give me a hundred bucks first."

"Dude, first of all, how can I trust you? You're the shadiest person ever. Second of all, we're in Japan, so all I have is yen," says Kai.

"Whatever. Gimme some of that, and I'll show you my vehicle," says Smoothie Guy.

"Dude, I have my own vehicle," says Kai. "Just let me go."

Smoothie Guy snaps his fingers. A bomb flies out of nowhere and sticks to the bicycle, then blows up. "Now, can you let me help you?"

"Why do you want to help me so much?" asks Kai. "Something's amiss."

"Nah, dude, I just want money," says Smoothie Guy. "So I can spend it on Bavarian sausages and inappropriate magazines. Give me the money."

Kai, while grumbling, reaches into his pocket and gives Smoothie Guy the money.

"HA!" says Smoothie Guy. "You're such an idiot! Time to go!"

"Wait, but what about that super-awesome thing you promised? You didn't lie to me, did you?" Kai says.

"...I did," says Smoothie Guy. "You're so gullible. Hey, look, a tree!" Kai looks. "Just kidding. Hehehehe. So long!" He takes out a jetpack and flies away.

Kai says in the confessional, "How much of an idiot am I?"

Kai then sees Layla and Charles, who walk past him. Layla spits on Kai's face.

"Wait!" says Kai. The two turn around to look at him. "What do you want?" asks Layla, while Charles wheezes.

"I know this sounds really stupid, but can I... hitch a ride?" asks Kai. "I really need to get to the finish line. That way, we'll get invincibility, and either Ari or Roz will be eliminated."

"Yeah, you know, I really want to. The thing is, Charles doesn't seem to be having fun..." says Layla, looking at Charles who is now fainted.

"Since when did you care about Charles?" Kai asks.

"Oh, I don't. I just want him to go fast so I can win. Charles, get up, you bum!" she yells.

Charles sits up. "Wuh?" he asks.

"Carry Kai and me," says Layla. "No whining."

Charles suddenly sees something in the woods, and a lightbulb goes off above his head. "!"

The scene then suddenly flashes, and Charles is shown pulling Layla and Kai in a large, mossy, wooden carriage. He looks really tired and is wheezing, but is running really fast as well.

"Yeah, this is more like it," says Kai. "Layla, you're a genius."

"Pshaw," says Layla. "Don't thank me. Thank Charles."

"Thank you, Charles!" Kai yells. Charles flips the bird at Kai.

The scene then flashes to Ari and Roz, who are going across the Rainbow Bridge. It's nighttime, and there's a lot of traffic.

"Oh my god, I love these lights. They're so pretty and romantic and stuff," says Roz happily.

"What are you suggesting, Roz..." Ari says.

"You know, just that I so totally miss Chaz," responds Roz wistfully.

"Uh, didn't you say earlier that you broke up with him?" asks Ari. Roz doesn't respond. "Roz?"

"SHHHH, listen," says Roz. Sure enough, a "ssssss"-ing sound is heard.

"What is that noise..." Ari says.

The tire of the car is shown slowly deflating. Suddenly, it pops, and flies around, hitting a random drived in the head. The driver curses in Japanese. Ari and Roz's car then abruptly stops.

"Ugh," says Ari. "What are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know..." says Roz. She takes out a whistle from her pocket and blows it. "HEY! WE NEED A TOW!"

"Roz, they're not gonna hear you, there's too much traffic..." Ari says.

Some Japanese guy then pulls over. "Get in my van, little girls. I will take you to the finish."

"Yippee!" Roz yells.

"Uh, Roz, are you sure this guy is trustworthy...?" Ari says.

"Relax, it will be fine," says Roz. "Let's just get in his van."

The two get in his van, Ari looks reluctant but Roz looks really excited.

"So, whatcha gonna do to us? Like, kidnap us or somethin'?" asks Roz.

"No," says the guy. "I am just giving you a ride. What's wrong with that?"

"Come on, Roz, let's get out of here..." says Ari. "This guy seems dangerous..."

"Dangerous? What did you say? No, I am just a guy, trying to make my way in the world," says the dude.

"..." says Ari.

Chris is then shown, at the Tokyo International Airport. "Hey, Chef," he says. "What should we do? It's gonna take them another two hours or so to get here."

"You know, let's play some Yahtzee or somethin'," says Chef.

"...That's a good idea," says Chris. He takes out the Yahtzee box, and empties it. Instead of dice and a cup, a bunch of brussels sprouts fall out of the box. "What?" he says. "This doesn't even make sense... Who... What?"

Chef says in the confessional, "It was me," then he begins to cackle maniacally.

"Uh, I have no idea who would do that, Chris," says Chef. "Totally not me." He looks from side to side and starts whistling.

Chris and Chef look at the road. A loud screeching is heard, and there is a small speck in the distance, coming closer to them.

"Hey, I wonder who that could be?" Chef says sarcastically.

"AAAAAAAAH!" yells someone in the distance.

"I predict it's Layla and Charles," says Chris.

"Twenty yen says it's Ari," says Chef. "She don't scream much, so maybe she's lettin' her anger out."

Sure enough, Layla and Charles race up to Chris, in their chariot. Charles passes out on the ground and doesn't move.

"Well, looks like you two won't be going home tonight!" says Chris. "What's wrong with Charles?"

Charles is on the ground, still not moving.

"Eh, who cares?" Layla responds. "We're safe, so woot." She high-fives Charles, and he just groans.

"...Wait. Where's Kai?" asks Chef. "Wasn't he wit' you guys?"

"Oh, crap, that's right..." says Layla. "Ugh, he must have fallen off! Charles, you incompetent fool!"

"Don't worry, guys. Just sit tight for a moment and Ari, Kai, and Roz will come by soon," Chris says.

"Are you sure about that?" asks Chef. "It might take a while, guy."

"Shhh, don't say that. Layla will get fussy," whispers Chris.

"Excuse me?" asks Layla, overhearing their conversation.

"...Never mind," says Chris. "Now, where could they be?"

The scene flashes to Ari and Roz. They're tied up and stuck in the trunk of the creepy Japanese guy's van. Ari says, "I knew we shouldn't have trusted that guy..."

"Hey, I wonder if Kai, Layla, and Charles have won already," says Roz. "That would be a bummer."

The two girls pass a person who suspiciously looks like Kai. His head is stuck in a ditch, so only his body is showing, and a black and red top hat is lying on the ground next to him.

"Holy crap, that's Kai! DUDE! STOP THE VAN!" yells Roz. She waits for a moment, but the guy keeps driving.

"All right, that's it," says Ari. "Let's jump. 1... 2... 3!" Ari and Roz jump out of the car and land on Kai's butt.

"YOWZIES!" yells Kai. "Oh, hey, guys." He takes his head out of the ground. "How far away is the finish?"

"Oh, it's right there," says Roz, and she points to the finish line. Chris and Chef wave at them from a distance.

"...Will you guys get mad at me if I do..." Kai says. He then starts to sprint as fast as he can to the finish. "THIS?" he yells.

"Oh, god! Get back here, Kai!" yells Ari. "Roz, let's go!"

Roz picks up Ari, and she screams. The two sprint as fast as they can to the finish line, and Layla and Charles are seen looking at them.

"Ugh, I don't even care who gets there first. They all suck," says Layla.

"You should not talk like that," responds Charles.

Suddenly, everything turns to slow-motion. Kai is seen bounding to the finish, but Ari and Roz come out of nowhere, and touch the finish 0.000000000000001 seconds before Kai...

It turns back to normal speed. Ari and Roz collapse in front of Chris, and Kai collapses on top of them.

"Well, well, well..." says Chris. "Kai, it's time for you to go to the Insert-Vehicle-Here of Losers."

"AWW SERIOUSLY?" says Kai, disappointed.

"Yes, seriously. Girls, time for you to vote a contestant out," Chris says.

Everyone gasps. "Wait, I thought that Kai was just eliminated!" says Ari.

"Yeah, I never said that we wouldn't have a normal vote as well," says Chris. "Vote, vote, vote!"

Ari says in the confessional, "Welp, I'm not surviving this vote... Eh, whatever, I guess I'll vote Roz, since Layla won invincibility..."

Layla says in the confessional, "Ari, just because Roz will be easier to take down in the finals. You know, Ari is so popular and all. Threat."

Roz is shown in the confessional, weeping. "BWAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, b-b-b-but I have to do this..."

Chris is shown with the contestants at the elimination ceremony. Layla is already holding a piece of sushi and grinning evilly. Kai is shown grumbling at the Insert-Vehicle-Here.

"Ari and Roz. One of you buds will get voted out tonight. The final piece of sushi of the entire season goes to..."

"Roz. Ari, it's time to go with Kai and get out of here."

"Wow, second time being eliminated..." says Ari. "Weird, I guess. But I already know how it feels, so not too bad. Roz, I will seriously miss you so much. You're the best friend I've ever had, to be completely honest..." Ari gives Roz a bear hug, and Roz begins to sob.

"Bye-bye, loser," says Layla. Ari glares at Layla.

"Come on, Ari. Let's go, I'll show you some magic tricks on the way there," winks Kai.

"...What would Vivienne think of that?" Ari says.

Kai gasps. "Or not..." The two walk into the Vehicle, then are driven away by Chef.

"It's down to the final two! Who will win, the maniac or the rich snob? Find out next time, on the last episode of the season, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chapter 20 - The Epic Finale of Epicness

"Hello, hello!" says Chris McLean, who seems to be in the countryside of Japan. "Today, it's the finale of the fourth season, Total Drama Tokyo! Last time, we had a double elimination, with Kai and Ari both taking the boot, making Roz and Layla our final two! Now, only one of them will take home a million-dollar prize, but the other will get a consolation prize... Which may or may not be awesome, depending on her enthusiasm! It's a final two of chicks, and we'll see who will win, right here, right now, on Total... Drama... Tokyo!"

Chef comes in and whispers something in Chris' ear, then walks away silently.

"Oh, wait, looks like the losers will be here any minute," says Chris. A bus pulls up next to him, and parks on the driveway. "I was right! Anyway, since I presume that it will go by elimination order, here's everyone's favorite playa, Bennett!"

"Yo, Chris," says Bennett, as he walks off the bus with his two original girls. "What's up, my man?"

"...Bennett, how do you have your girls with you? Didn't they explode or turn to dust or something?" responds Chris.

"Oh, yeah, them? Nah, these are new chicks, dude. They just got plastic surgery to impress me," says Bennett.

"All right, I'm worried now," says Chris. "But who do you want to support?"

"Well, I'll go with Roz, since she seems nicer," Bennett says. "C'mon, girls." The three walk over to Roz's support section, and sit down.

Gail walks out of the bus. "Hey, Chris. I don't think you remember me, since I was supposedly 'boring'. Still extremely angry about that. Anyway, I am supporting Roz, just because she has a fascination with whales, which are some of my favorite animals."

"Well, you are extremely boring..." Chris says quietly. "Hm?" says Gail. "Nothing," says Chris. "Go sit in Roz's section or whatever."

Gail walks off to Roz's support section and sits far away from Bennett.

Wolfgang stomps out of the bus, violently kicks Chris in the groin, then lays down on the ground.

"Uh, hey, Wolfgang," says Chris. "Got anyone who you want to support?"

"Shut up, Chris," growls Wolfgang. "I'll support someone if I feel like supporting someone. Now, leave me alone."

"Wow, your voice got deeper," says Chris. "I'll give you points for that. Wanna support Layla, since she has no supporters yet?"

"No, I don't," grunts Wolfgang. "But I will, just to humor you and your crappy behavior." Wolfgang stomps away, to Layla's support section, and sighs loudly.

"Uh..." says Chris. "Anderson should be coming out any minute."

Anderson falls out from the bus, and tackles Chris.

"Gotta run, bro!" he says. "I'm supporting Roz 'cause she's sexy!" He sprints over to Roz's section and hides behind Bennett and his two girls.

"Um, what are you doing, man?" Bennett says.

"Dude, I pulled an epic prank on Shawn. I made him lose the game, and ate half of his candy bar. He's raging at me, and he should be here any second, so I gotta hide!" says Anderson.

"All righty," says Bennett. "Keep calm, and he won't find you."

Shawn then walks out of the bus. "Yo, Chris. I'm with Roz today too. Looks like she's gettin' a lot of supports, huh?"

"Yeah, people don't seem to like Layla too much..." says Chris. "So, go over to Roz's support section."

Shawn walks over to Roz's support section. He looks at Anderson, and shakes his head silently.

Anderson says in the confessional, "Wow, he sure took that a lot better than I thought he would... Score one for the Anderson-meister. Does that even make any sense? I think I should start going by that."

"Please welcome..." says Chris, taking out a cue card. "Oh, god. Yuri."

Yuri sprints out of the bus. "EEE! I've gotten into yuri, guys! My namesake! And of course, my biggest shipping is in the final two! Yippee, guys, aren't you just so excited?!"

"...No," groans Wolfgang.

"Hmph!" snorts Yuri. "I guess I'll have to abandon the Wolfpuck ship. Anyway, since I have no idea who to support, I'm just gonna sit on the ground. K, Chris? Do you mind? All right, cool."

"Whatever floats your boat," says Chris. "Now, the next contestant to be appearing is... Hmm, let me see here, oh yeah. It's Neal. Everyone say hi to him."

Neal walks out of the bus. "Well, Chris. I do have to give you props for picking a semi-decent final two, I would hate to see that annoying Puck guy and that weird Tolkien guy in the final two. No offense to either of them, of course."

"You know, saying 'no offense' doesn't make everything extremely pleasant and whatnot," says Chris. "Just pick a supportee."

"Supportee? The opposite of supporter? Good word choice, Chris. I like it. Anyway, I pick Layla, for no reason other than the fact that she seems a lot more mentally stable than Roz," says Neal, as he walks to Layla's support group. He then sees Wolfgang sitting alone, and says, "Hey, what's up?"

Wolfgang stuffs a few chili peppers in his mouth, then breathes fire out of his mouth as his eyes turn red. "Harsh," says Neal.

The next contestant to arrive is Thomas. He walks out of the bus, and says, "Hey, small boy Chris. What's happening?"

"A lot more, ever since you were eliminated," says Chris. Anderson yells from the sidelines, "Ooooooh."

"But seriously, I'm going to support Flora," states Thomas. "She's in the finals, right?"

"No, she's not," responds Chris. "Have you even been watching, like, at all?"

"Why would I watch it, if I was eliminated?" retorts Thomas. "Whatever. I pick Roz."

"Shocker," snarks Chris sarcastically, as Thomas walks over to Roz's section.

Delia then slides out of the bus mysteriously, and without saying a word, walks over to Layla's support section.

"Well, hello there," Wolfgang says as she arrives. "You know, I didn't remember you being in this competition."

Delia stares at Wolfgang intensely, then slaps him across the face.

"YES! A girl just like me! I love that!" Wolfgang yells.

"You're gone," she states darkly.

Flora averagely walks out of the bus. "Hello, Chris," she says happily.

"Hey, Flora," says Chris. "As boring as ever, I see. What's up?"

"Oh, I'm just hanging out, trying to be a little bit less boring..." says Flora. "I think I'll just go sit down now. I wanna support Roz, okay?"

"Whatever you say, boring," Chris says. "I mean, what?" Flora walks to Roz's stand.

"Quit overusing the word boring!" yells Wolfgang from the stands. "It makes my head spin. Variety is the spice of life, you idiots!"

Horatio walks out of the bus. "What's up, daddy-o? I'm gonna support Roz," he says to Chris.

"Gee, I totally wasn't expecting that," Chris says sarcastically.

Horatio gives Chris a funny look as he shimmies to Roz's support section.

A shadow appears from the ground, and Vivienne appears suddenly in front of Chris.

"Hi, Chris," she giggles. "I think I'll support Roz. Of course, if that's okay with you..."

"It's not okay with me," snaps Yuri, who's sitting on the ground still.

Vivienne ignores Yuri, then goes back into the ground with her shadow. She suddenly pops up at Roz's support section, scaring some others.

"OMG, Chris! I'm totally excited to be here, heehee!" says a voice.

Chris turns around, and then says, "Ladies and gentlemen, it's Isabel the idiot.. I mean, mentally challenged... wait, no, the, uh... Person."

"Chris, I actually am going to support Layla, as weird as that seems," says Isabel.

"Wait, what? But she was a huge jerk to you! Not that I'm complaining, I love the drama," says Chris.

"Oh, I kinda decided to forgive her... Eh, see you later, Chrissy-poo!" Isabel chirps.

"What did she just call me..." mutters Chris.

Isabel skips happily to Layla's support section, and sits down awkwardly next to Neal, Delia, and Wolfgang.

"What's up?" she says happily, trying to make conversation.

"Your mom," growls Wolfgang.

"Just boners and airplanes," scoffs Neal.

Delia just stares at Isabel disturbingly. She lets out a shriek, and scoots away.

"Next up," says Chris. "It's Tolkien, everyone's favorite little fantasy nerd. At least, I think it's him next, I didn't really pay much attention to the eliminations."

Tolkien walks out of the bus, looking kind of depressed.

"What's up, little dude? You okay?" Chris says. He waits for a second, then says, "Oh, wait. I don't care."

"Roz," mutters Tolkien. "I heard that she broke up with Chaz."

"Who told you that?" yells a voice from the cabins.

"Teehehehehehe," giggles Tolkien. He walks over to Roz's support section, and fist-bumps Anderson.

"What's hangin', bro?" Anderson asks, trying to make conversation. "I see you didn't win. Shame, dog."

"Yeah, haven't you been watching?" asks Tolkien, shuffling his Majyk: The Meeting cards. "Pssh, no," responds Anderson.

"Aaaand, here we have Estrella... I think," says Chris, looking at a small slip of paper in his pocket. "Yup, Estrella!"

Estrella walks out of the bus. "Hey, Chris. Seems like your annoying and jerkish ways haven't changed. Anyway, since everyone is supporting Roz, I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and support Roz, too. You happy?"

"Uh, sure..." says Chris. Estrella flashes Chris a dirty look as she walks to Roz's section.

Casey then walks out of the bus. "Hey, Chris, why didn't I get an introduction?" she whines.

"I was just about to introduce you..." says Chris. "Whatever. Who are you supporting?"

"PICK LAYLA," 'whispers' Yuri from the ground, loudly.

"Uhhh..." says Casey, looking at Yuri. "Sure? I'll pick Layla."

"I thought you said that you didn't even want to vote," says Chris, confused.

"Whatever, Chris," responds Casey, while walking to Layla's stand. She looks at Wolfgang, Neal, Delia, and Isabel, then sits down, uncomfortably.

"Stop breathing so loudly," Wolfgang snorts. "Of course, an annoying girl would be the perfect match for that jackass, Puck."

"Dude, you're too unpopular for me to even care," scoffs Casey.

The second Julian shimmies out of the bus, Yuri yells, "EEEEEE!"

"Well, hey, everybody," says Julian, looking at Yuri cautiously. "I'm supportin' Roz."

He walks over to Roz's section, then sits down next to Shawn, Anderson, and Tolkien.

Yuri looks at Julian and Shawn, and makes a heart with her hands. The two scoot away from each other.

"Hey, babe," Julian says to Estrella, who is reading a book.

"I don't want to hear it," snaps Estrella.

Puck walks out of the bus casually. "Yo, Chris! What's up, dude? As chill as ever, I see. Where's my buds, Wolfie 'n' Casey? Gotta chill with them."

Chris points over to Layla's section. Casey blows a kiss at Puck, and Wolfgang makes a rude hand gesture.

Puck walks over to Layla's section, with Casey and Wolfgang, and sits down next to them. "Hey, babe," he says to Casey.

"Hiiii, Puckie," Casey purrs flirtatiously. "I missed you, baby."

"Baby, because he acts like one, sometimes even younger," grumbles Wolfgang.

"You missed me, huh?" Puck says happily. He pats Wolfgang on the back heartily. "Don't worry, dude, I missed you too."

"All right, let's get this over with..." says Chris. He blows a whistle. Chef comes out of the bus with Kai and Ari in his hands. He chucks both of them to Layla's support section, then walks away.

"Wait... I don't want to support Layla!!!" Ari says sadly.

"First of all, don't use, like, 29482085025 exclamation points. Second of all, you're supporting her, whether you like it or not. She's low on supporters," Chris says.

"Fine..." says Ari. She looks at Kai, who says, "You know, I actually kind of want to support Layla..."

"And, here they are now!" says Chris, pointing to the cabin, where Roz walks out.

"Hai, guysies!" yells Roz enthusiastically. "Who's ready to see me win?!"

"...Where's Layla?" asks Chris. "She's supposed to be with you."

"Uh, she had some business to take care of..." says Roz. "She'll be out in a sec."

"She better be, or else you automatically win... I mean, what?" answers Chris.

The scene switches to Layla in the cabin, yelling at Charles, who's lying face-down on the ground.

"Dude, you have to get up! I don't care if you're tired from that last challenge, we have to win the finale so I can get even more rich!" yells Layla.

"No... can't... I... feel... dizzy... going... to... barf..." wheezes Charles.

"Ugh, but how am I supposed to do physical work by myself?" asks Layla.

"Just... do... it... believe... in... yourself..." Charles whispers. He then turns green, and passes out.

"NUUU! Charles! Ugh, incompetent fool..." she grumbles, walking out the door.

Once the others see her walk out of the cabin without Charles, they all gasp.

"Where's Charles?" asks Roz, grinning extremely widely.

Roz says in the confessional, "YES! Now that li'l ol' Charlie is gone, that means I can beat Layla even quicker! Who's rich now, huh?"

"Okay," says Chris. "I'm gonna explain the challenge. But, before I do, I'd like to--"

Unfortunately, Chris is interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up.

Chris groans. "Who is it now?!"

Mr. Chapman walks out of the car, followed by his Whale Club members. Zari is wearing a shirt with Roz's face on it, and face paint. Scott is grumbling, and Jason and Toad are whispering to each other, most likely about perverted things.

"I have heard that one of my students, Rosalind, is in your finale and may well win a large sum of money, so we decided to take a field trip and cheer her on," explains Chappy. "Of course, if this is all right with you, Chris."

"Actually, nobody cares about this TV show, we just came for the sushi," says Scott.

"Amen, soul brotha," Toad responds.

"Soooo..." says Chris, ignoring Chappy and the Whale Club. "The challenge will be a simple obstacle course. Roz and Layla, you first have to sprint from here to over by that hill, which is a mile long run. Then, you'll see a bathtub where you have to bathe sweaty, naked men. Once the two men are bathed, you'll both go to the next challenge, which is to fight some yokai."

"Oh, god," mutters Kai, when he hears the word "yokai".

Chris continues his explanation. "After the yokai are all gone, you'll have to enter a maid cafe and play Maplopoly against attractive Japanese women. And then, after that's over, you'll be going to the stadium at the end, where everyone will be. You'll have to throw darumas at each other, and see if you can knock each other out. And, the first person to knock the other out wins the cash prize!"

"Knocking out? That's dangerous..." Roz says. "YES! Danger!"

"So, yeah..." says Chris. He takes out a starting pistol. "Ready?"

"No..." grumbles Layla. "CHARLES!"

"He won't come," says Roz. "Just face it, girlie. Hehe."

"Oh, yeah," says Chris. "You can also pick two people to be your helpers, just like in earlier seasons. Layla, who do you pick?"

Layla looks around at the various contestants. "Uhh... Well, I think I'll pick... Ari and Tolkien," she says evilly, grinning at Roz.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" Roz says, with her mouth open slightly like a dead fish. "Fine. I pick Isabel and Casey. Get over here, chicas."

"You know, that didn't make me jealous at all," says Layla.

"Same here!" says Roz. She sheds a single tear, but tries to cover it up.

"Wait..." says Chef. "Aren't they s'posed to pick people who're supportin' them?"

"Uh..." responds Chris. He thinks for a moment. "The author realized this as he was proofreading the chapter, but was running low on time and so didn't bother changing the whole rest of the chapter."

"Makes sense," shrugs Chef.

"Are you ready?" Chris asks. "Set..." Chris shoots the gun, and then yells loudly, "GO!"

Layla and Roz begin to sprint to the hill. Layla seems to bbe having some difficulties, since she is without Charles to lift her up.

"Come on, guys!" yells Layla to Tolkien and Ari, who are running behind her. "Carry me!"

"Ah, ah, ah," Chris yells with a megaphone. "No carrying allowed!"

A few minutes later, Layla, Roz, and their helpers come to the hot tub, where two obese, elderly, and naked men are bathing, with nothing but a bar of soap and one small towel.

Tolkien opens Layla's pants pocket, and barfs in it.

Tolkien says in the confessional, "Today, I saw some things that should never be seen by any human being..."

Layla grabs the bar of soap and begins to scrub the old dude.

"Ahhhh, that's the stuff," says the guy, seeming content. "Hey, can you get down by the crack?" Layla takes out some gloves from her pocket, and reluctantly keeps scrubbing. "Ahhhh, that's better. There we go. Oh, right there. Ohhhh."

"Tolkien! Ari!" snaps Layla. "Can you guys scrub with me? I could use some help."

"Uh, Layla, Tolkien doesn't seem to be doing very well..." says Ari.

Layla glances over at Tolkien, who's slowly rocking back and forth while shivering.

"Ugh!" yells Layla. "First Charles, and now you? Come on, Tolky, get to work!"

"Layla, Roz already finished..." says Ari. "You should really hurry up!"

Roz is shown running away with Isabel and Casey. She winks at Layla, and then waves at Ari.

Layla says, "Come on, kids." She then gets up, dumps a bucket of water on the fat guy, and runs away with the other two.

As they sprint into the distance, the guy yells, "Hey! You didn't finish!"

"Oh, god..." Roz stops at the next section, where she sees a kappa, a tree with human head fruits dangling from it, a gigantic head, and an outhouse with two red eyes peeking out of it.

"Oh my god, that turtle is soooo cute! I wanna go over there and pet it so badly!" Isabel says.

"No, Isabel! It's dangerous. Step aside, ladies, I've got this," says Roz confidently.

Roz swoops onto the kappa, then begins tackling it to the ground.

"Ow, my rumpus!" yells the kappa. "You better give me some cucumbers after this, you @#$%."

Roz punches the kappa in the face, and it gets knocked out cold. She then takes off a human headed fruit from the tree (which starts cackling) and eats it. Once she eats it, she kicks the tree, making the heads fall off. She chucks the little heads at the gigantic head, making it explode. She then goes into the outhouse, and yells, "No paper." A small, red demon runs out of the outhouse, crying.

"What? How?" Casey says, in awe.

"Let's go, women," says Roz. "We've got some Maplopoly to do."

The second Roz and the girls leave, Layla comes up to the yokai, which are all gone.

"Hey... where are the yokai?" she asks.

"Maybe Roz defeated them already..." says Ari. "That's not unlike Roz to do something like that... Come on, let's just keep walking. It just makes it easier for us, after all. Hey, where's Tolkien?"

"Oh, I left him back there," Layla responds, pointing to the sweaty guy in the bathtub, where Tolkien is still rocking around.

"What? Why?!" Ari says. "You're gonna lose if you only have one helper! And I can't really do anything!"

Layla puts her hand on Ari's shoulder. "Ari," she says. "Calm down. We can do this. We just have to think, and strategize. I don't have Charles here, and I'm getting by just fine. Now, let's go win some money! If we win, I'll split some with you."

"Seriously? I thought you would want it... No offense, but you're kind of greedy..." Ari says.

"Greedy?" Layla says, angered. "Let's just... go."

Layla and Ari keep running, until they get to the maid cafe.

"Where's Roz?" Ari asks, when they walk in.

A Japanese woman, presumably a maid, says something in Japanese. The subtitles say "She left ten minutes ago."

"Aw, dang it!" yells Layla.

"...Uh, how do you know Japanese?" Ari asked.

"My parents paid me $1,000,000 for me to take Japanese lessons from the most renowned Japanese speaker in the world, AKA Charles," says Layla.

"Wow, that Charles is a man of many talents..." says Ari. "What did he do with the money?"

"Oh, I took it..." says Layla sheepishly. "Not the greatest idea."

Ari says in the confessional, "Not greedy, huh?"

Layla is shown, finished with the board game. "Congratulations!" says the Japanese maid, in English.

"I thought you didn't..." Ari says. "These Japanese folk are weird."

Suzuki flies by, wearing a jetpack. "Weird, huh? You should meet my mother," he says while zooming past the girls.

"..." says Ari.

"All right, Ari. Only the last part of the challenge left! Let's do this! I believe in you," says Layla.

"Since when were you so nice?" asks Ari skeptically.

"People say that I'm better when Charles isn't around. They say I'm less bossy and demanding. Pssh, no idea what that means," says Layla. "Let's go."

Roz is then shown, walking to the stadium with Isabel and Casey.

"I can't believe we're so far ahead! We're totally gonna beat Layla for sure," Casey says with a determined tone in her voice.

"That's the spirit, Case! I like your enthusiasm, hehe," Roz says.

"OMG, there's the stadium!" Isabel says happily.

"Yeah, she just said that, like, 5 minutes ago," scoffs Casey.

Five minutes later, Roz and Layla are both in the stadium. A gigantic pile of dharmas is in the middle.

Chris says, while in a referee's jacket, "All right! Helpers, you may not help for this part."

"Awwww," says Ari. Isabel and Casey soon join in on the "Awwww"-ing.

"...Where's Tolkien?" asks Chris. A loud shriek is heard from over by the bathtubs. "Oh, there he is, let's just leave him there. Anyway, girls, are you ready? ...GO!"

The second Chris says that, Layla and Roz both throw darumas at each other. They hit each other in the face, and both of them pass out.

Everyone sits there, silently, for a few seconds.

"Well, we can't just stand here, do something, Chris!" yells Wolfgang from the stands.

Chef whispers something to Chris, who nods. Soon enough, Chris says, "All right. Steve, get the darumas out of here. It's now just wrestling, flat-out wrestling."

Josh pulls up in a studded convertible, and shrieks, "Catfight! Catfight!"

Chappy yells, "Go, Roz! You can do it! If you win, you shall replace me as the host of Whale Club!"

"Noooo, Chappy, you can't leave!" yells Zari.

Roz's eyes turn wide. "That... is my lifelong dream..." she says quietly. "FOR CHAPPY!"

"For Charles!" yells Layla.

"GO!" yells Chris.

Layla and Roz charge at each other. Layla grabs Roz by the neck, but she kicks Layla in the face. Roz then tackles Layla, who struggles to get out from underneath Roz. Layla chucks Roz to the other end, and struts towards her. They then get into a gigantic scuffle, where only flailing limbs and floppy passion are viewable to the naked eye.

Then, soon enough, one person is shown on top of the other, and the audience counts, "1... 2... 3!" The person reveals herself to be...

Layla, as she gets off from on top of Roz and bows.

"Layla, you are the winner of Total Drama Tokyo!" yells Chris loudly and happily. "Here's your million dollars!"

After a long pause, Yuri says, "Lolwut?"

"HA!" yells Layla. "Well, good game, Roz. You deserved it way more than I did... Wait. Why is nobody cheering?!"

"Well, to be honest, we all wanted Roz to win..." Gail says.

"Ugh," says Layla. "Where's Charles?"

Charles staggers out from behind the hill, and walks up to Layla.

"Well," he says proudly. "My dear Layla. You managed to win a whole season of me doing pointless errands for you. How does that make you feel?"

"Charles, listen," responds Layla. "Today, I learned something."

"Reminds me of those pointless kiddie edutainment shows, where the drippy little pipsqueaks learn something new every episode, like how 'sharing is caring' or all that annoying crap," mutters Wolfgang.

Layla ignores Wolfgang's rant, and continues to speak. "Charles, I learned that you don't need to be by my side for me to accomplish stuff. Man, I actually did some really good and efficient stuff today, with the help of Ari, of course. She's really a true friend." Ari blushes from the stands.

"Wait... Really? After sixteen years of making me do your dirty work, you're FINALLY realizing this?" Charles says, extremely shocked.

"Yeah," says Layla. "That's why I want you to have this million-dollar suitcase."

Charles' mouth opens wide. "And you will not steal it?"

"Psshaw, no," Layla says happily. "Take it, do whatever you want with it. I'm already rich, and this would probably just be used for the stuff I bathe in. Quit your job, buy your own mansion, I don't care. Just do whatever your life leads you to do."

"YES! Now I can buy a fancy motorcycle and relive my past career as a world-famous heartbreaker!" Charles states dreamily.

Layla laughs. "Have fun, dude. You earned it. After all, you did way more than I did this season. Alex, you have competition."

Roz is shown, being consoled by Chappy, Ari, Tolkien, and Whale Club.

"You know, Roz, I just wanna confess something. I love you, and I always have. You know, I had that crush on Ari, but I liked you more," says Tolkien.

"Gee, thanks," Ari grumbles.

Tolkien reaches out to kiss Roz on the lips. Surprised, Roz returns the offer.

"Hehe, Tolky, yeah. We can date if you'd like, teehee. Chaz was a bum, anyway. And Chap, I think you're a way better host than I would ever be," Roz says cheerfully.

"...So, when do we get the sushi?" Scott snarks.

"Let's just go," says Chappy, and they return to their car, driving off into the sunset.

"Roz, you're the best friend I've ever made... People don't seem to like me much because of my awkwardness, but you really made me grow as a person... Thanks for everything, Roz. I love you like a sister," Ari explains. She gives Roz a big hug, and Roz smiles.

"Well, well, well!" says Chris. "Tune in next season, where favorites from earlier seasons, including this one, will duke it out for a new amount of money! Oh, Roz. There's something I forgot to say. Wanna know your consolation prize?"

"Uh, sure..." says Roz, expecting it to be something crappy.

"You get to host next season!" says Chris. "That may seem amazing, and better than the winning prize. Truth is, you have to spend months thinking of stupid challenges, hanging out with annoying kids, and you barely get paid. I, however, am living here for the rest of my life! So, happy hosting!"

"YES! I've always wanted to host a reality show!" says Roz. "Do I get to pick the peeps who return from this season?"

"No, that's the one thing you can't do," says Chris. "Flora. Layla. Puck. Wolfgang. Estrella. Tolkien. Get in the car with Roz, the new season starts in two weeks. Have fun! The rest of you... Who knows what I'm gonna make you do? The next flight leaves here in a month, so you might have to hang out with me! Hahaha! Bye, guys, have fun!"

Roz and the all-star contestants get into the car. While Layla is walking, she says to Charles, "I'll miss you, Charles! Be sure to have lots of fun with your new job, or whatever you're doing!" Charles waves back at her.

"Well, buddy, looks like we're in another season together! Can't you just feel the excitement?" Puck says to Wolfgang. Wolfgang slaps his forehead, and mutters, "This is gonna be a loooong season."

"Yay, people may think I'm less boring!" Flora chirps. "Don't count on it," says Estrella.

"So, dating, huh? Official yet?" Tolkien says, walking with Roz.

"Hehe, Tolky, I'll let you know," says Roz.

"But you just said..." says Tolkien. "Ah, whatever, I like you like this way better."

As the seven all-stars get into the car with Chef, Chris turns around. "Thanks for watching an amazing season, and don't forget to tune in next time for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown! Oh, it's gonna be good! See you then!"

The car drives into the sunset, and as they pass the ocean, a large whale does a flip out of the water, and makes a soft cooing noise.

Elimination Table

# Contestant 2 3 4 51 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 TDSS?
19th Anderson WIN WIN WIN OUT NO
20th Wolfgang WIN WIN OUT YES
21st Gail IN OUT NO
22nd Bennett OUT NO
  • 1 = Kai went to the Dharmas, and Puck and Casey went to the Tanukis.
  • 2 = Yuri was eliminated because her erotic fanfictions were deemed inappropriate by the producers, even though her team won the challenge. Layla or Neal would have been eliminated otherwise.
  • 3 = Horatio went to the Fish Tails in chapter eight.
  • 4 = Roz returned to host Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, instead of being a contestant.

Theme Song

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine, (Shows the city of Tokyo while the camera zooms through it, and zooms past Gail, who is in the water with sharks)

You guys are on my mind. (Flora tosses a minnow down to Gail and the sharks, and they growl)

You asked me what I wanted to be (Anderson is shown paddling by naked with Tolkien behind him)

And now I think the answer is plain to see, (Ari pops up from underwater and Tolkien stares at her romantically)

I wanna be famous. (Roz swings from a vine, and picks up Ari while swinging, leaving Tolkien with Anderson)

I wanna live close to the sun, (Thomas and Horatio are drinking soda)

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won, (Casey comes in and squeeze hugs Thomas, while Horatio stares awkwardly)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way (Julian and Shawn run by, scared, from Yuri)

I'll get there one day. (Julian trips over a book, and falls into Estrella's arms)

'Cause, I wanna be famous! (Bennett is shown with his girls, while Neal looks on jealously)

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na! (Puck is shown, dancing around, while Wolfgang stares at him angrily and Delia jots down notes)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Layla yells at Charles, who goes into the fridge and gives her a broccoli, while Isabel claps happily)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (Kai turns a bunny into Suzuki, while Vivienne stares in awe)

(Whistling: I wanna be, I wanna be famous) (Tolkien and Ari are shown staring at each other romantically but stop when Chef comes out, dressed as a Godzilla, with Chris, and the two are shown with all of the contestants outside the hotels, while a streak of rainbow light appears in the sky behind them)


Fans Vs. Faves

  • This was originally a story with twenty characters. I realized I didn't like some of the characters, so here I am now.
  • Ari, Casey, Roz, Thomas and Tolkien are all somehow based on people I know.
  • Neal, Puck, Shawn, Vivienne, and Wolfgang are all based on people or characters in media, like TV shows and video games.
  • Bart, Bess, Christina, Keenan, Milo, Oz, Quincy, Valencia, and Yasmin were all taken out of this story. They all are going to different stories now.

Original Version

  • I was originally going to do an all star story after Total Drama Revolution. However, I thought of some good ideas and a setting.
  • Tokyo was originally the setting of Total Drama Revolution.

Chapter 1

  • Estrella's intro reminded me a lot of Helga's whole character. I try to make them differ somewhat.
  • I realized Anderson's pants looked feminine, so I decided to make them female pants.
  • Layla A. Knee is an obvious reference to Lalainee.
  • Orange Crushment and Mountain Fizz are parodies of Orange Crush and Mountain Dew. uPod is a parody of iPod. Woman GooGoo and Bruno Jupiter are parodies of Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars.
  • Luncheons and Laggins is a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. Majyk: The Meeting is a parody of Magic: The Gathering.
  • Shawn's full name is a reference to singer Akon's real name.
  • "TNWPJS" means That's Not What PJ Said, a way for people to say "..." without being told "PJ".
  • Kavren and Dolph cameo.

Chapter 2

  • Layla's many cousins are mostly references to other media and fanfictions, plus stereotypical "rich kid" names. See if you can find the references.
  • 'That Twinklefog Chick' is Holly.
  • Shawn's girlfriend on another show is Linda from Total Drama Danger.
  • The strange French music that plays is "Elle me dit" by Mika.
  • Monty Cobra is a reference to Monty Python. The song, 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' is from Monty Python.
  • Yasmin was eliminated for plot reasons, and I found her annoying to write for. Plus, I had another contestant who said "like" addictively.
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