This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
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The sequel to Total Drama Oweguy! There will be 10 contestants returning from season one and 10 new contestants joining this season leading to 20 contestants traveling all over the world to different citys, landmarks, tourist sites, and many more. Who will win the prize money? Who will fail ultimatly? Find out on Total Drama Tourism!



Oweguy - The Main Host

Arnold - Oweguy's assistant

























Chapter 1: Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 1

“It’s time for season two of the Total Drama Oweguy series.” announced Oweguy at an airport. “I’ll be taking a vacation all around the world. But unfortunately I’m forced to have twenty teens come along with me. They’ll be going to different landmarks and competing in different challenges. First let’s see our ten contestants who are returning from the previous season, Chad, Dax, Emily, Flare, Jasmine, Kronk, Kuro, Marine, Pat, and Yuki.” The ten contestants come out of a bus that arrived at the airport. “An airport?” asked Flare. “We’re traveling?” “Correct Flare.” replied Oweguy. “Yay!” cheered Dax. “I’ll be traveling to places I’ve always wanted to go!” “Well I think every place we go to will be random.” said Kuro. “Whatever but still we’ll be traveling to places we’ve always wanted to go!” cheered Dax.

“Now before we show you the plane we need to meet the ten new contestants.” explained Oweguy. “First we have a girl who thinks she’s the queen of beauty or I think she just says that to get noticed, Bianca!” Bianca walks out of the bus smiling and waving to everyone. “Hi guys.” she greeted. “We know you.” said Chad. “You helped us get onto the show.” “Yes indeed.” said Bianca. “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be here right now.” “I helped too.” said Jasmine. “Yeah.” replied Flare. “By driving the bus off a cliff.” Jasmine growls at Flare.

“Next we have someone who’s strong and can’t control his temper, Bluto!” announced Oweguy. Everyone sees Bluto struggling to get his suitcase out and then pushes the bus door walls to make the door wider and gets his suitcase out. “Hello Bluto.” greeted Oweguy. He doesn’t talk to Oweguy. “Hi.” greeted Dax. Bluto growls at him and he crouches in fear. “It’s going to be tough making friends with him.” said Kuro. “True.” replied Marine.

“Next is a very nice girl who’s smart and pretty, Chloe!” announced Oweguy. Chloe walks out of the bus waving at everyone and Dax then stands up. “Chloe!” he cheered jumping into her arms. “Were you always this heavy?” she asked. “No.” replied Dax. “Oh wait it’s my luggage.” she said accidently dropping Dax. “Ouchy.” he said. “Oops.” said Chloe. “Sorry Dax.” “No prob.” said Dax weakly. “Next is a smart boy who’s good at fixing anything that has bolts and oil, Hendrick!” announced Oweguy. He walks out of the bus waving and sees Dax. “Need some help?” he asked. “Thanks.” said Dax. “And you.” said Hendrick to Chloe. “Do you need help with your bag?” “Sure but isn’t yours heavy?” asked Chloe. “Oweguy said you’re a mechanic.” “I’ve been carrying heavy stuff for a while.” explained Hendrick. “I can do it.” Chloe gives him her bag and he carries both in his arms. “Can you carry mine?” asked Dax. He throws the bag on his head and Hendrick falls down. “Of course there’s a limit.” he said. “Ow.”

“Next up is a boy who has trouble figuring out how to get somewhere without getting hurt, Jerry!” announced Oweguy. Jerry walks out but falls off the bus stairs and lands face first on the ground. “Are you okay?” asked Chad. “I’m fine.” said Jerry standing up. “This has happened a lot.” “You’re so sweet asking him if he was okay.” said Emily. “Uh uh!” shouted Flare. “No making out!” Emily punches Flare in the cheek and everyone looks surprised and a banana that Kronk had in his mouth falls out. “What?” asked Emily. “Now we have a nice girl who doesn’t want to do any girlish stuff and instead chooses to be a fit and athletic tomboy, Molly!” announced Oweguy. Molly walks out of the bus and waves at everyone. “Hi guys.” she greeted. “Hi Molly.” replied everyone else. Molly sees Hendrick on the ground struggling and helps him by picking all of them up without trouble. “Wow you’re strong.” he said. “I work out.” replied Molly. Hendrick starts smiling at her.

“Next up is a girl who just doesn’t want to smile, Nianah!” announced Oweguy. Niannah walks out not look all that happy. “Hello.” greeted Kuro. She doesn’t reply back. “I said hello.” said Kuro trying again. “I heard you the first time.” she said upset. “Why aren’t you happy?” asked Kuro. “I just not happy.” she replied turning away. “Boy what a grouch.” said Kuro.

“Now we have a very scary girl who you should look out for and try not to make her mad, Raven!” announced Oweguy. She walks out of the bus not waving to the contestants or talking to them. Plus her hair was covering her face. “Uh hello.” greeted Kuro looking nervous. She doesn’t say anything. “Let me get that hair out of your face.” said Kuro. When he moves her hair it shows a very scary face and Kuro screams. “I scared you didn’t I.” said Raven removing the face which was really a mask. “Not funny.” said Kuro shivering. “I told you to watch out for her.” said Oweguy. “I’ll remember next time.” said Kuro still shivering.

“Next up is a guy who loves electronic and thinks he’s cool but I don’t think he is, Sparky!” announced Oweguy. “Hi everyone!” he shouted in excitement. “It’s so awesome to be here and compete!” he then slips on a banana peel on the ground and slams into Chloe, Dax, and Hendrick’s luggage. “Are you alright?” asked Molly. “I’m fine.” said Sparky. “This happens all the time and I was born to get humiliated and get abused.” “Okay.” said Kuro confused.

“And now last but definitely not least we have a very skilled gamer, Wentworth!” announced Oweguy. “Hi everyone!” greeted Wentworth who was excited. “It’s so great to be here!” He then gets stuck in the bus door due to his weight. “Help!” he shouted. “I’m stuck!” “Suck in your gut.” said Sparky. Wentworth does that and flies out the door landing on Dax. “Help.” he said. “Oh.” said Wentworth noticing. “Sorry Dax.” “Well that’s everyone.” said Oweguy. “Now it’s time to board the plane.” The twenty contestants see a plane with Oweguy’s face all over it come toward them. “Is this plane safe enough?” asked Yuki. “Of course.” said Oweguy. “This one is not like the Total Drama Jumbo Jet though it does have some leaking problems in some rooms but other than that it’s ay okay. Now please board. I want to get to our first destination.” The contestants then board onto the plane with Jerry falling down the stairway and then catching up.

“Time for a little tour of the plane.” explained Oweguy. “Where we are now is the airplane dining room. This is mostly for the losing teams for them to enjoy meals before an elimination ceremony or to relax after a challenge.” “Let’s hope it’s not ravioli.” said Marine. “Nope.” replied Oweguy. “No ravioli. Sunshine’s still on her vacation so this season we have DJ as our cook. “Oh boy!” cheered Dax. “I’ve always wanted to eat his food.” “Me too.” said Wentworth. “I drool whenever I see those episodes of him cooking.”

“Here’s the economy class room.” explained Oweguy. “This is where losing teams go and stay until we get to our next destination.” “Let’s hope I don’t stay in here.” said Marine. “Where’s the beds?” asked Emily. “No beds.” replied Oweguy. “Just benches and straps.” “That doesn’t seem comfortable.” said Jasmine. “No comfort for losers.” said Oweguy. “That’s my rule.” “Now I definetly don’t want to be in this room.” said Marine. “Now here we have the first class room.” explained Oweguy. “This is where the winning team will stay after winning the challenge. There’s comfy chairs, a fruit stand, nice meals, and waitress’ that deliver nice snacks such as chocolate creams.” “Yum.” said Dax smacking his lips. “Let’s hope that I’ll be staying here.” said Bluto. “If you do please take a shower.” complained Nianah.

“Last stop, the elimination ceremony room.” explained Oweguy. “If you don’t receive a Oweguy peanut bag you’ll have to jump out my own variation of the drop of shame. If you forget to put on a parachute it’ll lead to a problem.” Everyone gulps in fear. “We should remember to get parachutes if we’re eliminated during the ceremony.” whispered Marine to Kuro. “Yep.” whispered Kuro back.

“And that’s everything.” explained Oweguy. “Now sit tight. We’re about to head to our first location. New York!” “We were originally going to head there until these stupid kids stopped our limo.” explained Bluto. “Yeah you weren’t originally going to go there.” said Oweguy. “What?!” asked Bluto upset. “You were supposed to be rescued.” replied Oweguy. “I set it up for all of you to get on this show.” “So that explains why we were in a desert.” said Jasmine. “Now please stay in a safe spot.” explained Oweguy. “In a few hours we’ll be in New York.” “Yay!” cheered Dax.

A few hours past and the contestants had arrived at New York and were now on a boat. “Welcome to New York.” welcomed Oweguy. “This city is famous for its big city and its most fascinating statue. The Statue of Liberty. “It’s so pretty.” said Bianca. “Now the reason I’m mentioning the statue of liberty is because that’s where your first challenge is located.” explained Oweguy. “The challenge is called Statue of Liberty outside inside. You’ll choose whether to climb up the Statue of Liberty by climbing up with these ropes or by getting up using a very long stairway from the inside. When you arrive at the top there are twenty flags that all of you need to get in order to win the challenge. You understand?” Everyone nods in agreement. The boat then parks near the statue of liberty. “Ready, set, go!” shouted Oweguy. Half of the contestants go to the ropes near the statue of liberty while half go inside.

Inside the Statue of Liberty, Marine, Kuro, Jasmine, Dax, Chloe, Wentworth, Sparky, Bianca, Pat, and Yuki were stuck at three stairways upon getting in. “Great.” said Jasmine. “Our host forgot to mention that there’s more than one stairway.” “One’s got to be a quick way up.” said Kuro. Marine thinks for a minute. “Let’s take the one on the left.” she said. Kuro, Marine, and Jasmine take the left path while Dax, Chloe, Sparky, and Wentworth think. “Let’s take the middle.” said Dax. “Okay.” agreed Wentworth. The four then go down that path leaving Yuki, Bianca, and Pat thinking. “Let’s take the right.” said Yuki. “It’s the only one left.” “Sure.” said Pat. “I hope it brings good luck.” The three of them then head up the stairs.

Outside the Statue of Liberty the other half was looking at the ropes. “Is it too late to go inside?” asked Hendrick. “Molly seems to be doing okay.” said Emily showing that Molly was already pretty high up.” “Need help?” asked Molly grabbing Hendrick’s hand. “Kronk can climb easily.” said Kronk already climbing up high. “C’mon Emily.” said Chad. “Let’s climb together.” Emily smiles at Chad’s comment and the two begin climbing together.

Back inside Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine were looking tired. “How long is this stairway?” asked Marine. “Pretty high.” replied Jasmine. Kuro sees a map showing where they were and it shows that they were only halfway up. “Darn!” shouted Kuro. “We’re only halfway up.” Marine and Jasmine groan in exhaustion. “It’s going to take forever to get up there.” complained Jasmine. “Well look at them.” said Kuro pointing to Dax’s group showing that Chloe was carrying Dax because he was tired and Sparky was trying to pull Wentworth up. “Wimps.” said Marine. Back outside the people climbing were already halfway up. “It’s been twenty minutes and no one’s up at the top yet!” shouted Oweguy. “You guys are slower than I thought!” “We’re trying as hard as we can!” shouted Flare. “Little help?” asked Jerry who was tangled in the rope. Nianah rolls her eyes and helps out Jerry. “Kronk almost there!” cheered Kronk. “We’re almost up too.” said Chad still carrying Emily. “We’re currently at the head.” “You stupid kid!” shouted Nianah. “Thanks to you getting tangled I’m getting far behind!” “Sorry.” said Jerry. Nianah starts climbing up the rope fast eager to get up there. “Wow.” said Jerry. “Make a girl mad and they get fast.”

At the top of the statue of liberty Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine get out looking exhausted. “The flags.” said Marine. The three of them grab them. “Time to go back down.” said Jasmine. She, Marine, and Kuro slide down on the fireman’s pole very fast and make it to the bottom and run out. “Congratulations Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine.” said Oweguy congratulating. “You’re the first to arrive.” “Yeah!” cheered Kuro. “We’re first!” “Now let’s wait for the others to arrive.” said Oweguy.

At the top, Flare and Raven had gotten up. “If I ever had to climb that much again I’m going to scream.” said Flare. “Look!” said Raven pointing. “The flags!” Raven grabs her flag while Flare grabs his. “You’d think Oweguy would make better flags.” said Flare. The two then slide down the pole and run out. “Second group to arrive with their flags, Flare and Raven!” announced Oweguy. The two of them stand in a victory pose. “You two will now be standing with Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine.” explained Oweguy. “Please don’t tell me that they’re our teammates.” said Kuro. “Oh yes they are.” said Oweguy. “I knew it.” said Kuro.

Dax, Chloe, Sparky, and Wentworth manage to get to the top of the Statue of Liberty and see the flags. “The flags guys!” shouted Chloe. “Flags?” asked Dax. “Oh boy!” The four of them collect the flags and slide down the pole. They get down but see Wentworth wasn’t with them. “I’m scared of sliding down poles.” said Wentworth who was slowly going down the pole. Chloe thinks and gets an idea. “There’s a game at the bottom.” she said. “Wentworth quickly slides down and the four of them get out. “Is this the team we’re joining?” asked Wentworth seeing Flare, Jasmine, Kuro, Marine, and Raven. “Nope.” replied Oweguy. “This season, four teams! Those people round up team one. You four are the first members of team two. You just need one more member.” “Okay.” said Chloe. The four of them just sit around waiting. “Where’s my game?” asked Wentworth. At the top of the Statue of liberty Nianah, Jerry, Molly, and Hendrick make it to the top. “There’s the flags.” said Hendrick. The four of them collect the flags and Jerry trips along the way. “Back to the bottom!” shouted Nianah. “Sheesh, you don’t need to shout.” said Molly. The four slide down and three of them land safely while Jerry slams to the ground. “There’s the others.” said Hendrick. He gets out first followed by Nianah, Molly, and Jerry. “Congrats on making it out.” said Oweguy. “Hendrick, you’ll be joining team two. Nianah, Molly, and Jerry, you’re the first members of team three. “Who else do we get?” asked Nianah. They hear a slam in the Statue and see Bluto there with the flag. “Bluto will be joining your team.” said Oweguy. “I figured.” said Nianah.

At the top of the Statue of Liberty Chad, Emily, and Kronk finally got up. “Did you have to take a banana break Kronk?” asked Chad. “Yeah.” replied Kronk still eating a banana. Yuki’s group finally gets to the top too. “Bianca kept talking about her beauty and Pat kept talking about Katelyn and Amanda.” said Yuki looking annoyed. “Sorry to hear that.” said Chad. “But we’re at the top so let’s get our flags. The six of them run up to the flags and Bianca slides down the pole first followed by Yuki, Chad, Emily, Kronk, and Pat. “We made it!” cheered Bianca. “Yes.” said Oweguy. “You made it. Now Bianca, join team three and the rest of you, all of you are team four. That means we have all of our team members now.” “Wait.” said Yuki noticing something. “I’m not with Kuro?” Kuro waves at her in team one looking sad with her waving back sadly. “No sad moments.” said Oweguy. “Now for the next three minutes, think of team names while I enjoy this creamy sundae.” “Team Goth!” shouted team one. “Team Electric!” shouted team two. “Team Newbie’s!” shouted team three with Jerry getting kicked in the groin. “Team Nature!” cheered team four. “Me’s wanted it to be Team Bananas.” said Kronk disappointed.

“Okay we’ve got our teams and team names so we’re ready for our next New York challenge. “ explained Oweguy. “It’s a race from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park, so you’ll be going through the huge city of New York. “How are we going to do the race?” asked Jasmine. “You’ll see soon.” said Oweguy. “Which team will win the first challenge of Total Drama Tourism? Who will be the first team to lose? Who will be first voted off? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 2

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, the contestants had arrived and met their new home. A plane with my face all over it. When we arrived at our first location, New York, our contestants had to collect flags on top of the Statue of Liberty by climbing ropes from the outside or climbing stairs from the inside. Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine managed to make it first and the teams were formed. This season we’ll have four teams competing for the prize. We’ve got the first team challenge up head right now. Which team will win? Which team will lose? Which team member will have to jump out of a plane? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

The contestants were still where they were from last chapter with starting mats in front of them. “Why’s our mat a red violet color?” asked Nianah.” “That’s what I decided on.” replied Oweguy. “Just like I gave Team Goth black, Team Electric yellow, and Team Nature green.” “I like the color.” said Molly. “I think it’s stupid.” said Bluto. Molly looks at Bluto. “Watch out for him.” said Nianah. “Okay.” said Molly agreeing. “Okay listen up.” said Oweguy. “This is how we’ll do the challenge. You’ll each go into these rafts toward the city. Each one is your team color. Then you must dock at the city and race through the city. If you’re lucky you might find a taxi pass and be able to use a taxi to get a little bit farther. Once you get through the city you’ll have to go through the market area, then go through the park trail and the goal is located right in the center of Central Park. Whichever team makes it first will win invincibility. The team that comes in last place will need to vote someone off.” Everyone looks at each other. “What about the teams that don’t win or lose?” asked Yuki. “If you don’t win or get in last place you are automatically safe from elimination but you still need to stay in the loser class area.” Everyone groans after hearing that. “Now on your mark, get set, go!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants board the rafts and drive off toward the city.

Team Goth makes it into the city first followed by Team Electric, then Team Newbie’s, and last Team Nature. “C’mon!” shouted Chad. “We need to catch up!” Team Newbie’s were going alright until Jerry trips slowing them down. “C’mon!” shouted Nianah. “I’m trying but my shoelace is caught in this sewer vent.” said Jerry. “Anyone got a knife?” asked Nianah who was still upset. “I’ve got a kitchen knife, a pocket knife, and a butcher knife.” replied Bluto pulling them out of his back pocket. “Which one do you want?” “Pocket.” replied Nianah grabbing it and trying to cut the shoelace until she sees Team Nature get past them. “We’re behind now!” she shouted. She then cuts the shoe lace fast and they move on but Jerry trips again causing them to keep slowing down making her and Bluto mad.

Meanwhile Team Goth was in the busy part of the city where there were a lot of cars. “Man if only there was a taxi pass in this part of the city.” said Marine. “There are a lot of cars here.” “Maybe it could be here somewhere.” said Kuro. “Let’s look.” Marine, Kuro and Jasmine start looking on the floor while Flare and Raven just look at them. “They think a stupid pass is on the ground?” asked Flare. “It’s more likely that it’s going to blow toward us.” “Like this one that I just saw blow over to me?” asked Raven with a Taxi pass in her hand. “Yes.” replied Flare. The other three were still looking. “Let’s ditch them.” whispered Flare. “Yeah.” said Raven. Flare and Raven walk away get on a taxi and leave while the other three still look.

Meanwhile Team Electric were in the city and looking around. “We’ve lost Team Goth.” said Chloe. “Aw.” said Wentworth disappointed. “Now how will we win?” “I know!” shouted Dax getting an idea. “Taxi pass!” “Where will we find one?” asked Hendrick. “I found one when we got to the city.” replied Dax. “That’ll help.” said Hendrick. “Taxi!” shouted Chloe. A taxi arrives and the team boards on. “Take us to the market place.” said Chloe. “Sure thing missy.” said the driver who looked like he was related to Kronk. The taxi drives off to the marketplace.

Back with Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine the three gave up on looking. “No pass.” said Kuro. “Let’s head to the marketplace.” “Where’s Flare and Raven?” asked Marine. “They probably got a head start.” said Jasmine. “They probably couldn’t find a taxi pass either and just gave up early.” It cuts to the entrance of the market place and it shows a taxi dropping off Flare and Raven. “Easy peasy.” said Flare. “Now to get through the market.” said Raven. “But slowly so our pathetic team makes can catch up.” The two of them enter the market place.

Meanwhile Team Nature was still in the city running down the sidewalk. “I wonder what happened to Team Newbie’s?” asked Chad. “They probably slowed down because of that kid who gets hurt or by that big mean guy.” replied Yuki. “That’s true.” said Chad. “Now c’mon! We’re almost to the marketplace and we’re barely in last place!” At the entrance to the marketplace the other taxi stops and Team Electric boards out with Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine coming up behind them. “Hey guys.” said Dax noticing. “Have you’ve seen Flare and Raven?” asked Marine. “We haven’t seen them.” replied Chloe. “They must’ve gone ahead into the market place.” “Thanks.” said Marine with the three of them running in. “Maybe we should’ve gone in first so we’d get ahead.” said Chloe. After standing for a few seconds Team Electric runs in.

Back in the city Team Newbie’s was very far behind due to Jerry. “Great, just great!” shouted Nianah. “Thanks to Jerry getting his shoelace stuck, tripping, nearly getting hit by a car, and now stuck hanging from a lamp post because I threw him up there, we are now very far behind!” “You threw him up there.” said Molly. “So you could get him down.” “Okay okay.” said Nianah. She kicks the lamp post and Jerry falls down. “Thanks.” said Jerry. A car goes by and his shirt gets caught on the wiper blade pulling him away. Nianah then slaps her head after that.

Meanwhile, back at the marketplace, Team Goth was still in first followed by Team Electric and Team Nature. “Ooh they’ve got stuff on sale.” said Emily noticing one of the stands.” “Not right now sweetie pie.” said Chad. “We’ve got a challenge to win.” She gives him bambi eyes and the puppy dog mouth. “Okay okay.” said Chad buying the stuff she wanted. “Yay!” cheered Emily. “It’s not likely we’ll get in last place.” said Pat. “I still hear Nianah screaming in the city.” “Well that’s good.” said Chad paying. “Now let’s role!” The five of them continue the challenge.

At the entrance to the park trail Flare and Raven were waiting and Marine, Kuro, and Jasmine arrived.” “Where have you been?” asked Raven sarcastically. “We decided to continue our path while you looked for a stupid taxi ticket!” “So you walked all the way here?” asked Kuro. “No.” said Flare. “We found a taxi tiki and left without you.” “You could’ve told us!” shouted Jasmine. “Oh sorry.” said Flare. “Now let’s win this challenge and argue later!” “He’s right.” said Marine. “We need to finish the challenge.” “And fast because Team Electric is catching up!” said Kuro. It showed them at a pretzel stand near the entrance to the park. “Large pretzels are the best.” said Wentworth. Kuro sees a wagon at a stand that was only two dollars. “I’d like to buy that wagon.” he said at the stand. Kuro buys it and gets back. “Everyone get in.” he said. The four of them get in and it looked a little crowded. “There’s not enough room.” complained Flare. “Well deal with it.” said Kuro. They start to roll down into the park with Team Electric looking at them with Wentworth eating the pretzels. “Good thing I’m always carry this spare shopping cart in my back pocket.” said Sparky. “How is that possibly?” asked Hendrick to Chloe. She just shrugs. “To the finish!” shouted Dax after they boarded into the shopping cart and rolled down into the park.

Meanwhile at the marketplace Team Newbie’s finally arrives with Nianah carrying Jerry who was tied up so nothing bad would happen to him. “C’mon!” shouted Molly. “We can still make it!” Near the entrance of the park Team Nature was still there with Chad carrying a lot of bags. “Uh oh!” said Chad. “The other team is catching up!” “How do we get through the park quickly?” asked Pat. Kronk sees an old shopping kart nearby and grabs it. “Use this thing!” said Kronk. “Good idea.” said Chad. The five of them climb in with Chad pushing it. “To the finish!” he shouted. “No!” shouted Nianah noticing. “We need to catch up.” She gets an idea. “Bluto.” she said. “Stand on Jerry.” “What?!” he screamed but his voice was muffled from the rope. Bluto stands on him and Nianah orders Bianca and Molly to climb up with Nianah getting on top. “Now move.” she said. Bluto then pushes them down toward the hill slope and the fall down catching up with Team Nature.

Midway through the park Team Goth was still in the lead followed by Team Electric. “Lot of people rolling down the hill today.” said Kuro. “At least we’re the only one in a wagon.” said Flare. Marine looks nearby and sees Calvin and Hobbes in their wagon. “Not anymore.” she said. “Look!” shouted Jasmine. “The center of Central Park!” “C’mon!” shouted Kuro. “Pick up speed!” Team Electric’s shopping cart accidently hits Team Goth’s wagon giving them a boast. “Well that helped.” said Kuro. “Wentworth, stop leaning toward the front.” said Chloe. “Sorry.” said Wentworth.

Near the beginning of the park Team Nature was still ahead of Team Newbie’s but they were desperately trying to catch up. “There’s a lot of trees here so let’s try not to crash into them.” said Chad. The team then sees Team Newbie’s catching up and getting past them. “Later losers.” taunted Bluto. But when it seems that Team Newbie’s got ahead Jerry’s head smashed into a tree and he was stuck and Team Nature got in the lead. “You okay Nianah?” asked Bianca showing that Nianah’s face was blood red. After seeing her face Bianca slowly backs away.

At the center of Central Park Oweguy and Arnold were at the fountain waiting for the contestants. “She’s got a sister you know.” said Oweguy. “Can we stop talking about your cousin?” asked Arnold. “Okay sheesh.” replied Oweguy. “Oh look here comes one of the teams.” The first team to cross the finish line was Team Goth. “Congratulations Team Goth.” said Oweguy. “You’ve crossed the finish line first so you win invincibility.” The team cheers in victory. Team Electric arrives next followed by Team Nature. “Sorry dudes.” said Oweguy. “You weren’t able to win and enjoy first class but the good news is that you won’t be voting anyone off.” “Thank goodness.” said Wentworth. “Kronk not ready to go home early agains.” said Kronk. “Now let’s see which team is the biggest loser but I think we already know which team it is.” said Oweguy. Team Newbie’s crosses last with Nianah holding the tied up Jerry looking mad. “Congratulations Team Newbie’s.” said Oweguy. “You are today’s biggest losers which means that you’ll be voting someone off your team.” Bluto and Nianah both look mad about losing. “Pick your choice wisely.” said Oweguy. Bianca, Bluto, Molly, and Nianah all glare at the tied up Jerry who was just looking at them.

Later the contestants were back on the plane as it heads toward its next destination while Team Newbie’s was in the elimination room. “Team Newbie’s you were the last team to cross the finish so now it’s time to say goodbye to one of your teammates.” explained Oweguy. “You all have done your votes just now so now let’s see who is leaving. Like I said earlier if you don’t get an Oweguy peanut back you’re out.” “Yeah yeah.” said Bluto. “Can we just get this over with?” “Don’t rush me!” shouted Oweguy. “Okay, peanut bags go to Molly, Bianca, and Bluto.” Jerry and Nianah were now in the final two. “Nianah, reasons for you to take the Drop of Shame, being bossy and rude, and Jerry , reasons for you, slowing your team down.” explained Oweguy. “Just get it over with.” said Nianah. “Fine.” said Oweguy. “The last peanut bag goes to…..”

“…..Nianah.” She collects her bag with Jerry looking shocked. “What?!” asked Jerry surprised. “But I need the money to help pay doctor bills and not get injured as much.” “Sorry dude.” said Oweguy. “Now you’ve got ten seconds to get this parachute on or it’s going to be a painful ride.” Jerry grabs his parachute and walks off. “Some teammates.” he said. “You’re all a bunch of.” Oweguy then pushes him out of the plane because the ten second limit ended. “And there goes our first contestant to take the Drop of Shame.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Team Newbie’s manage to not come in last next time? Will Team Goth’s winning streak continue? When am I going to get a refill for my creamy sundae? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Outside of the plane it shows the tail and it showed that Jerry was still hanging on to the plane. “I’m not giving up!” he shouted. “I’m going to get back into the game if it’s the last thing I do! This game will be mine!” It then fades to black.

Chapter 3: Mama Marina

Last time on Total Drama Tourism we had some fun in New York. The contestants climbed the statue of liberty, raced through a city, bought stuff in the market, and rode wagons and shopping carts to the goal. In the end, Team Goth emerged victorious and Team Newbie’s were the biggest losers and we said goodbye to Jerry, the first person eliminated from the show for costing his team the win. Where will we dump our remaining contestants next? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

The plane continues on to its next destination while Team Electric, Team Newbie’s, and Team Nature sit in the economy class. “This place stinks.” said Nianah. Next challenge we should not be the bottom losing team.” “Well at least we got rid of our losing problem.” said Bluto. “True.” said Nianah. “Economy’s not that bad.” said Dax. “Well we should be somewhere cleaner.” said Chloe. “This place is leaking.” “Yeah.” said Sparky with a bunch of water falling on him.

Over where Team Nature was they were just sitting around. Chad, Emily, Pat, and Yuki were thinking while Kronk was sniffing his fur. “Well I’m glad we didn’t lose anyone on our team but how are we going to win?” asked Chad. “We need to compete with all our might.” said Yuki. “She’s right.” said Pat. “We need to try our best, right guys?” “Right.” replied everyone except Kronk. “What?” asked Kronk.

Meanwhile in the first class area Team Goth was relaxing. Kuro and Flare were getting spa treatments, Jasmine and Marine were sleeping in the chairs, and Raven was by herself on the couch near the window. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to win this show even if it means taking down my teammates.” she said to herself. The plane intercom suddenly turns on. “Attention contestants.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time to explain our next destination. All teams meet me in the dining area of the plane.” “Well time to do another challenge.” said Marine waking up. “I’d wish we could relax more.” said Flare. “Well we can’t.” said Raven. “The host wants us to get tortured.” Flare groans at what she said and heads down to the dining area.

Later the nineteen contestants (and Jerry who was hiding under the table) wait for Oweguy to arrive and explain to them what’s happening. Oweguy walks in and Jerry hides under the floorboards under the table. “Where are we going this time?” asked Kuro. “Good question dude.” replied Oweguy. “Do you guys like food?” “Yeah.” replied Bluto. “And I thought you said DJ was the cook. The food tastes not at all like DJ’s cooking.” “Are you talking about the TDI DJ?” asked Oweguy. “He couldn’t make it here. Our plane’s chef is my DJ.” It shows a tired ugly looking guy stirring some soup looking bored. “Ew.” said Molly. “Get to the location already.” said Flare. “Okay.” replied Oweguy. “For today’s challenge we’re stopping at Italy!” “Oh boy!” cheered Dax. “I love Italian food, especially spaghetti and Italian pizza!” “Now we’ll talk about more of the challenge once we arrive at the Italian airport so just sit down for now and chat.” explained Oweguy. Everyone just sits around while Wentworth’s stomach growls and some of the people stare at him with him smiling.

About an hour later the plane had landed in Italy and the contestants were now in the city with a bunch of food shops nearby. “Okay.” explained Oweguy. “Here’s how the first challenge will go. Arnold and I have some food supplies but you guys need to get the rest. Each team has to get a certain food supply that will be needed for the second part of the challenge. I will be assigning the supply for you. Team Goth needs to get a box of spaghetti, Team Electric needs to get sauce and pizza ingredients, Team Newbie’s has to get a bag of pizza dough, and Team Nature needs to get Italian bread. Got it?” “Yes.” replied everyone. “Good.” said Oweguy. “Now each food supply you need costs at least ten bucks so you’ll each have a ten dollar bill. Don’t spend it on anything else. And if you manage to get change give it back to me.” “Darn!” shouted Flare to himself. “Now you’ve got ten minutes to get the supplies and once you’re done meet me back at this Italian restaurant for the second challenge.” explained Oweguy. “I can’t read the title because hey I haven’t studied Italian.” “Wimp.” said Bluto. “Now please get you supplies okay?” asked Oweguy looking impatient. “We will.” said Kuro. “Now!” shouted Oweguy. Everyone runs off after he said that.

The four teams walk around town square and head to different food shops. “Hey a bakery!” said Chad noticing. “Why don’t we get some bread here?” “I’d get it.” said Pat. “But I don’t know how to speak Italian.” “Just use this card.” said Yuki giving him a card that said “One loath of bread” in Italian. “Okay.” said Pat walking into the shop. Meanwhile Team Newbie’s was going into a pizza shop that said Mario’s Pizza in order to get some pizza dough. “Where can we get some dough?” asked Bluto. Molly looks around and sees a stand that said “Make your own pizza” and it was ten dollars. “Over there guys!” she said. “Yes!” cheered Nianah. “And it’s only ten dollars.” The team walks over to the counter and a guy who looked similar to Mario rose up. “We’d like to buy this pizza dough.” said Molly. “Ookie dokie.” said the guy with an Italian accent. “That’ll be ten Italian bucks.” Nianah looks at the money and sees it was ten American bucks. “Uh oh.” said Nianah noticing. “It cuts to Oweguy and Arnold back in front of the restaurant. “I think I forgot to give Team Newbie’s their Italian money.” said Oweguy. “You did this last time!” complained Arnold. “You gave them American money on our trip to England!” “Oh rub it in will yah.” said Oweguy upset.

Meanwhile Team Goth was at an Italian supermarket in order to find a spaghetti box. “I can’t read any of this junk!” shouted Flare. “I’ve studied Italian in school so I’ll find what we’re looking for.” said Jasmine. “Are you sure.” bragged Flare. “I’ve never seen you study Italian.” “That’s because you’ve never gone to my school.” said Jasmine. “And to think they’ve never seen spaghetti box before.” said Raven to herself. “Could you two stop arguing please?” asked Kuro. “Marine and I got the spaghetti.” “You could’ve told us.” said Flare. The team then leaves the market after buying their item and heads back to where Oweguy was.

Back at the pizza shop Team Electric was now buying their pizza ingredients. while Team Newbie’s walked out. “Pizza supplies are definitely here.” said Chloe. “And Wentworth, stop eating those guy’s pizza.” “Sorry.” said Wentworth eating two men’s pizza which they were upset about. “Can we please have some pizza ingredients and some pizza sauce?” asked Hendrick to the guy who looked like Mario. “Sure!” he said in an Italian accent again. “That’ll be ten Italian bucks. “I’ve only got fifteen Italian bucks.” said Hendrick. “Deal.” said the guy at the counter swiping the money. “How’d you manage to get Italian money?” asked Chloe. “The money Oweguy gave us looks like American money. “I went to Italy earlier this year and still had some left over.” explained Hendrick. “Well we’ve got our stuff.” said Chloe. “Let’s head back to the restaurant.” The four teams were now outside the restaurant with their supplies. Team Goth had their spaghetti, Team Electric had their pizza ingredients and sauce, Team Newbie’s had their pizza dough, and Team Nature had their bread which was very tall. “I’ve never seen bread this long before.” said Pat to Yuki. “Congrats on getting your supplies.” said Oweguy. “It’s going to be a half hour till the next challenge starts so you’ll have time to relax and see the nice Italian buildings.” “Just to let you know you gave most of us American money when we needed Italian money.” complained Nianah. “Yes I know.” said Oweguy. “Arnold here complained about it for a long time just now. Now we’ll remind you when the next challenge starts so stay put.” Oweguy and Arnold walk into the restaurant while the four teams waited outside.

A half hour later the four teams were now inside the Italian restaurant sitting at a long big table. “Welcome to the second challenge!” exclaimed Oweguy. “Thanks a lot for getting those food supplies so now let’s do our second challenge. “What’s the second challenge?” asked Nianah. “An eating contest!” replied Oweguy. “Oh no.” said Jasmine. “Each team member must eat at least five Italian dishes as fast as they can without fainting, choking, or throwing up.” explained Oweguy. “Last person standing wins invincibility for the team. Now each team must have at least one member do the challenge so pick wisely.” “I’ll do it for Team Goth.” said Kuro. “I won the Chinese food eating contest at the Chinese fair back home.” “I’ll do it for Team Electric.” said Wentworth. “I’ve got a big belly to fill food up with.” “Meh, I’ll go for my team.” said Bluto. “How about you go for us Pat?” asked Chad. “What?!” asked Pat shocked. “But I’m trying to lose weight!” “Too late.” said Oweguy. “I think you’re the good choice for Team Nature. I’ve seen the others. They probably won’t eat an entire Thanksgiving banquett.” “Hey!” shouted Chad. “Oops.” said Oweguy.

Kuro, Wentworth, Bluto, and Pat were now sitting at the table with Pat looking nervous. “First dish, pizza!” announced Oweguy. “Whoever finishes their dish will move on to the next dish. On your mark, get set, and go!” Kuro, Wentworth, and Bluto start eating fast while Pat just eats his pizza little by little. “Pat what are you doing?!” asked Chad upset. “Eating pizza.” replied Pat. “Well eat faster!” exclaimed Yuki. Kuro finishes his dish and moves on to the second dish followed shortly by Wentworth. “Next dish, spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs!” announced Oweguy. “Oh boy!” cheered Wentworth. He starts slurping up the spaghetti fast making Kuro look nervous. He then gets an idea and eats the entire plateful of spaghetti in one gulp. “Whoa.” said Oweguy shocked. After chewing for a bit he swallows it while Wentworth finishes eating the meatballs and Bluto finally finishes the pizza. “Kuro and Wentworth move on to course three while Bluto moves on to course two.” explained Oweguy. “Pat needs to catch up.” “C’mon Pat.” said Yuki to herself.

“Up next for course three, some nice Italian soup!” announced Oweguy. Wentworth starts smacking his lips because he was hungry. “Finished the spaghetti.” said Bluto with his stomach growling. “Sounds like you’re a little bit full.” said Oweguy. “I can have a little bit more.” said Bluto. The three then star having the soap while Pat finally finishes the pizza. “Finished.” he said. “Want some spaghetti?” “Nah I’m good.” said Pat. He gets up and leaves while getting a breath mint from a waiter much to the shock of his teammates except Kronk. “What’s happened?” asked Kronk.

“Looks like Pat’s dropped out so now we have three people left.” explained Oweguy. Kuro, Wentworth, and Bluto finished the soup and moved on to course four. “Time for some side dishes.” explained Oweguy. “Some nice tasty salad and some nice and tasty Italian breadsticks.” “Ew I can’t eat salad.” said Bluto. “I’m a meat eating guy. And besides I’m full.” He then faints with Nianah not showing much reaction. “Now we’ve got Kuro and Wentworth left.” explained Oweguy. “Who will move on to course five first?” “Me.” replied Wentworth with all the food he ate gone. Kuro sees and eats his food quickly and manages to finish it. “I’m done too.” he said. “Wow, you are a speed eater.” said Oweguy. Yuki smiles at Kuro’s speed eating.

“Time for the last course.” said Oweguy. “The fifth and final course is ravioli!” “Good thing I’m not eating that.” said Flare. “I got tired of ravioli since day two of last season.” “I’m starting to get full.” said Kuro. “Me too.” said Wentworth. Both their belts burst apart revealing their fat bellies. “Wentworth sure has a hairy belly.” said Sparky. Kuro and Wentworth start eating their ravioli slowly because they were getting full. “C’mon.” complained Oweguy. “I left my creamy sundae in the plane and it’s starting to get cold. They finish one piece of ravioli and Wentworth then burps and faints leaving Kuro the last one left. “Kuro wins!” cheered Oweguy. “And that means Team Goth wins invincibility.” “Yeah.” cheered Kuro but immedietly faints and burps on the floor. “In the meantime, Team Electric is in second again so they don’t go to the elimination ceremony.” explained Oweguy. “Same goes to Team Newbie’s. Team Nature on the other hand needs to vote someone off.” “I already know who.” said Yuki. “Same here.” said Chad. “What?” asked Kronk not knowing what happened.

Back on the plane Kuro and Wentworth were running on treadmills to lose their weight. “That’s it boys.” said Oweguy. “Burn that fat away.” “A very teeny bit of fat from Wentworth goes away making him look like his usual self. “Well I’m done.” he said. “Showoff.” said Kuro sweating a lot. “I take it this happened at the Chinese food eating contest.” said Yuki walking in. “Yup.” said Kuro. “Oh and I hope you don’t get eliminated tonight.” “Not a problem.” said Yuki already knowing who is leaving.

Later at the elimination ceremony Team Nature was sitting there with Jerry hiding in a vent on the roof. “You’ve all casted your votes and now it’s time to see who’s the first to leave Team Nature.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever doesn’t get a peanut bag is eliminated. Peanut bags go to Yuki, Chad, Emily, and last but definetly not least, Kronk!” The four of them receive their peanut bags with Pat looking shocked. “What?!” he asked surprised. “But I thought I was well liked. “Well you turned us down by losing the challenge. “I’m sorry but…” he is interrupted by Oweguy who pushes him near the Drop of Shame door. “Sorry Pat but it’s time to go.” He pushes him out and he falls down screaming but luckily had a parachute in his hand.

“That was quiet an episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. As we leave Italy where will our next stop be? Will Team Goth continue to win? Do Team Newbie’s and Team Nature stand a chance now that they’ve now lost one member? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 4: I See France...

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, the contestants visited Italy, home to the yummiest Italian food ever. Here the contestants collected food supplies, then competed in an eating contest. Flare and Jasmine’s conflict continued and most of the teams encountered a money problem. During the eating challenge Kuro and Wentworth were shown to be good at eating contests but Pat in the meantime gave up pretty early while Bluto got full. In the end, Kuro won the challenge for Team Goth and Team Nature sent Pat packing. Who will be the next one to jump out of this plane and where’s our next location gonna be? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

On the plane Team Goth relaxes in the first class room. Kuro rocks his chair back showing that Jerry was hiding under it and he pulls it down with Kuro looking confused. Nearby Marine and Jasmine were sleeping in the chairs while Flare and Raven were at the juice bar. “Well I’m glad we won the challenge but I wish I wasn’t on a team with my three worst enemies.” said Flare. “Wasn’t Marine originally your friend?” asked Raven. “I was but she then discovered my true nature.” replied Flare. “Well I’ll take down our teammates but I might need help.” said Raven. Flare gives her a thumb up in agreement while she gives one to him.

Meanwhile in the economy class room Team Electric, Team Newbie’s, and Team Nature were all sitting there. “Stupid economy class.” said Nianah. “At least we didn’t lose anyone this time.” said Molly. “Well if only Bluto managed to eat more.” said Nianah. “Oh sorry!” complained Bluto. Everyone in the room then hears a sucky slimy sound. “What’s that?” asked Hendrick. Everyone sees that it was Chad and Emily making out. “This has happened before.” said Yuki. “I can’t stand hearing this all the way to our next destination.” complained Nianah. “I think it is cute.” said Bianca. Nianah just rolls her eyes.

“Attention passengers!” announced Oweguy. “We will be landing very shortly so please buckle your seatbelts.” Everyone in first class buckles their belts easily but everyone in the economy class was having trouble. “I can’t buckle mine!” shouted Wentworth. “Suck in your gut dude!” shouted Sparky. Wentworth breathes in and gets his belt buckled. He then exhales and the belt snaps. The plane lands in a runway at a nighttime city which was shown to be Paris, France.

“Welcome to Paris, France folks!” greeted Oweguy. “The city of light, home of the Eiffel Tower, Home to various French restaurants and also home to many pieces of artwork.” “What’s the challenge going to be?” asked Bluto. “Is it another eating contest?” asked Wentworth. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “Your first challenge takes place at the top of the Eiffel Tower.” Everyone looks at the very top of it and Sparky gulps in shock. One person from each team must bungee jump off the tower and grab one of the boxes that’s circling around the tower. The thing that’s in that box will help you in the next challenge. Now one person from each team must jump off the tower to collect any of the boxes. You only have three tries. Now pick your choices wisely.”

The four teams think of who to choose for the bungee challenge. “Let me go for our team.” said Kuro. “I’ve done bungee jumping before.” “But I’m the professional dare devil!” shouted Flare. “I think I should go!” “I think I’ve got more skill.” said Kuro upset at Flare. Flare growls looking upset. It then cuts over to Team Electric. “Let me go guys.” said Dax. “I want to show you how good I am at bungee jumping, especially you Chloe.” Chloe just rolls her eyes. “I’ll make sure to call the frech hospital just in case he gets hurt.” said Hendrick sarcastically.

Over at Team Newbie’s they had trouble figuring out who would go. “Okay, Bianca says she doesn’t want her underwear being shown, Bluto’s too heavy, and I don’t want to go because I hate bungee jumping so that leaves you Molly.” explained Nianah. “No prob.” said Molly. “I’m a professional athlete.” “And just to tell you Nianah I’m not that heavy.” said Bluto upset. “Well you did gang more weight last challenge.” said Nianah. “Okay you got me there but I’m still not fat!” he said raising his voice.

Over at Team Nature Yuki and Kronk were the only ones to talk due to that Chad and Emily were making out. “Who should go for our team?” asked Yuki. “You?” asked Kronk. “Fine.” she replied not having much choice. “Okay we’ve got our bungee jumpers!” announced Oweguy. “Remember you’ve got three tries to grab a box and it’ll help you during the next challenge. If you don’t get one, uh, well I haven’t gotten to that yet but just try and get one. Ready, set, go!”

The four contestants had gotten to the top of the Eiffel Tower and jump down to get the boxes that were circling around. Dax nearly grabs his but misses and Kuro and Yuki grab theirs but have trouble holding on. Kuro drops his while Yuki manages to hold on to hers. “Yuki gets her box!” announced Oweguy. “Yes!” she said cheering. “Little help?” asked Dax shown that he was tangled up. Oweguy just rolls his eyes and signals Arnold to help him.

Molly then jumps down and manages to get the box on her first try without any help. “Molly has got her box so now we need Dax and Kuro to get theirs!” explained Oweguy. Kuro takes his second turn and manages to grab it. “Got it!” he shouted. “All we need now is Dax to get his.” said Hendrick. Dax jumps down but hits his head hard on one of the moving platforms and he starts swinging around but grabs the box. “I caught it!” he shouted with his eyes acting funny. He then hits the top of the Eiffel Tower and falls down with the cord snapping and lands on Arnold. “Why’s the spaghetti and meatball watching television?” asked Dax. “Uh oh.” said Oweguy. “Looks like Dax got a concussion so he’ll spend the second challenge in the medical tent.” Chloe looks worried about what Oweguy said. “Now it’s time for the second challenge.” said Oweguy. “Follow me!” The other contestants walk off with Chloe looking worried. Oweguy then walks back and pushes Chad and Emily to the next location while they were still making out.

The contestants were now in the Louvre building where Oweguy was going to announce the next challenge. “The doc said that Dax is going to be okay.” explained Oweguy. “Just a minor concussion so he’ll be back for next challenge, If he doesn’t get eliminated.” Chloe sighs in relief. “Time for the next challenge.” announced Oweguy. “Would you mind opening those boxes?” The contestants open their boxes while Chloe opens Dax’s. “Paint supplies?” asked Yuki. “That’s right.” said Oweguy. “For the next challenge you’ll be choosing someone to paint a lovely picture for my museum. Team Goth you shouldn’t do Marine because I’ve got a lot of stuff from her already.” It cuts to inside Oweguy’s museum and it shows all of Marine’s stuff from the art challenge last season and an intern dropping off more. “Please choose your choices wisely and don’t pick anyone who stinks at drawing.” explained Oweguy.

“Great, just great.” said Flare upset. “Marine’s the only one who I know is a talented artist and Oweguy won’t make her go.” “I’m talented.” said Jasmine. “No one cares.” said Flare. “Hey!” shouted Kuro. “If we lose we’ll probably vote you off!” “I don’t think that will happen.” taunted Flare. “We might not get last place.” The three of them start to argue while Marine sneaks away and Raven is farther away mad at them. “Let them argue.” she said. “I’ll do the painting myself.”

Over at Team Electric there was no arguing problems with their team and already knew who should go. “You should go Chloe.” said Sparky. “A nice picture for Dax would cheer him up.” “You’re right Sparky.” said Chloe. “I should.” The rest of Team Electric cheers while it cuts to Team Newbie’s. “Well, who should go?” asked Nianah. “Not me!” shouted Bluto. “I got an F in art in Elementary.” “I’m not much of the artist type.” said Molly. “Isn’t there anyone on our team who can draw?!”asking Nianah. “Pick me pick me!” shouted Bianca jumping up and down. “Fine.” said Nianah. “Bianca will go.” “Yay!” she cheered.

Over near Team Nature they were still deciding who to go. “Can I try the art challenge?” asked Emily. “I guess so if you want to.” said Yuki. “But she’s got eliminated in the arts challenge last season.” reminded Kronk. “But Chad’s here so no distraction.” said Emily. “I think she should go right sweetie pie?” asked Chad. “Sure Chaddy poo.” replied Emily as the two started kissing. “I’m getting a little tired of them kissing.” whispered Yuki to Kronk. “Kronk thinks its cutesy.” he said.

“Okay so everyone has selected their artists.” said Oweguy. “Now for the next fifteen minutes they must draw a nice picture and then, me, Marine, and Dax who has recovered from his concussion will judge the pictures. The team with the picture that the judges really like wins invincibility. The team with the worst picture will be sent to the elimination room. Now don’t rush and do a great job. I’ll see you in fifteen minutes.”

The contestants were behind a stage painting their pictures with Raven looking over at Emily. “I promised Flare to vote off our team mates but I’m also going to get rid of the others in order to make it to the final two.” she said in her head. Emily finishes her picture which was her and Chad running through a garden which looked childish. Emily then gets up and walks into the bathroom. When she was in there Raven starts to sabotage the painting by putting smears and smudges all over it and making it like she did a poor job.

Later Oweguy, Marine, and Dax were at their judging tables while everyone else was watching from below. “Okay, the paintings are done.” said Oweguy. “Let’s have Bianca go first.” Bianca walks out with her holding a painting of the Eiffel Tower. “Well judges?” asked Oweguy. “What do you think?” “To me it looks like a regular picture but still think it is alright.” said Marine. “I agree.” replied Oweguy. Dax didn’t say anything. “Sorry I wasn’t paying attention but I like her painting.” “Good work Bianca, time for the next entry.” said Oweguy. “Yay!” cheered Bianca. “I did a good drawing!”

“Next up, Raven.” said Oweguy. Raven walks out with a very gothic designed picture of a spider beast. “Ah!” screamed Dax ducking behind the table. “Well I have to say it’s scary but detailed.” said Oweguy. “What do you think Marine?” “Well even though I don’t really like Raven I have to give credit for the painting.” “And you Dax?” asked Oweguy. “Scary.” he replied hiding. “Good job Raven, time for the third entry.” said Oweguy.

Emily comes out next with her looking upset because her painting was splattered. “Someone ruined my picture!” she cried. Raven starts acting innocent. “Gee I wonder who?” she said. “Well I can still see your drawing so I can review It.” said Oweguy. He looks closely. “Well you did alright but you could’ve done a little more work and try to get the paint off sooner.” explained Oweguy. “I agree.” replied Marine. Dax was still hiding and didn’t give an answer. “Well it’s time for the last entry from Chloe.” explained Oweguy. “Let’s just hope it’s good.”

Chloe then walks out with an extremely detailed painting of a forest and animals. “Wow that is amazing!” shouted Oweguy. “Don’t you think that’s amazing Marine?” “Well I like Raven’s even though I hate her but this one is like a photograph. “I really like it!” exclaimed Dax. “Okay it’s settled.” said Oweguy. “The winner of the challenge is Team Electric!” The team cheers in victory and high five each other. “In the meantime, Team Goth gets second place, Team Newbie’s gets third, and Team Nature gets last. Looks like you’re heading to the elimination room again folks.” Emily looks worried as well as Chad.

Back on the plane Team Electric was in first class. Hendrick and Wentworth were getting back massages, Chloe was getting foot rubs, and Dax and Sparky were enjoying the treats. “The cookies are delicious!” said Dax excited. “First class rocks!” “And we got here because of your crush’s painting.” said Sparky. “I sure hope we win next challenge too.” said Dax. “We shall see guys.” said Chloe.

Meanwhile in the elimination room the four team members had finished their votes and were now waiting for their peanut bags with Raven hiding to see who would leave. “You’ve casted you votes and three of you are going to get delicious peanut bags.” explained Oweguy. “The person who does not get a peanut bag will have to jump out of the plane. Peanut bags go to Chad, and Yuki.” Emily and Kronk were in the bottom two. “Kronk, reasons for you to take the Drop of Shame, haven’t really done much for your team, and Emily, reasons for you, not doing a perfect painting and making out non-stop with your boyfriend. “I’m sorry but I tried.” said Emily. “Kronk doesn’t know why he’s in bottom two.” said Kronk a little upset. “Okay, the last peanut bag goes to…..”

“…..Kronk.” announced Oweguy. “I’m sorry Emily but your time has come to jump out of a plane. “No!” shouted Chad. “You can’t!” “I’m sorry Chad but you and Emily needed a break from making out.” said Yuki. “I’ll miss you Chad but promise me you’ll win for me?” asked Emily. “I’ll try.” said Chad. The two try to kiss one more time but are interrupted by Oweguy. “Enough hold up time.” he said. “It’s time to jump out of a plane.” Emily puts her parachute on and jumps out with Chad waving goodbye looking sad. Nearby in the shadows it shows the hiding Raven looking happy at Emily’s departure. “That’s one more down.” she said to herself. “But soon I will be making everyone jump out of the plane then I’ll be the only one left and I’ll win this stupid show.”

“Ooooh.” said Oweguy in the cockpit closing the episode. “It looks like we have a big strategist on the plane. Does Team Nature stand a chance now that they’re down to three members? Where will our next location be? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 5: Hawaii Five-10

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, we visited the city of light, Paris, France. Here the contestants bungee jumped off the Eiffel Tower and did a painting contest. Dax slammed on a moving platform hard and got a minor concussion and Raven revealed her true nature by sabotaging Emily’s painting. In the end, Team Electric had their first victory while Team Nature sent Emily packing much to the sadness of her boyfriend. Who will be the next one to jump out of the plane? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

It was very stormy in the clouds and the plane had run into some rain. Due to the poor plumbing conditions in the economy class it was leaking in there. “Now I really hate loser class.” said Nianah upset. “My dress is getting soaked.” said Bianca disappointed. “My scalp is wet!” complained Bluto. “I wish you guys would stop complaining.” said Kuro nearby. “Oh be quiet.” said Nianah turning her head away. “Geez what a bossy pants.” said Kuro. He sees Yuki nearby and waves at her with both of them smiling. “Loser class is boring.” said Jasmine. “For once I agree with you.” said Flare. “I’m sure we’ll be back in first class soon.” said Marine.

Meanwhile in first class Team Electric was doing different stuff. Dax and Chloe were sitting together and doing stuff, Sparky was reading a comic book, Wentworth was playing his Nintendo DS, and Hendrick was sitting on the couch. “Sure is raining out there.” he said. “Rain always makes me have to pee.” said Wentworth. Sparky scoots away from him a little when he says that. It then thunders and Dax hides under his chair. “It’s just lightning Daxy.” said Chloe comforting him. “I know.” said Dax. “It’s just that I can’t help being scared, especially around Raven.” “I know.” said Chloe.

Meanwhile in the cockpit it shows Arnold having trouble flying through the stormy clouds. “Are you sure you can fly a plane?” asked Oweguy. “Yes!” shouted Arnold. “It’s just that it’s stormy here.” “Well this is a perfect time to do the challenge.” said Oweguy. Arnold starts to mutter to himself.

“Attention passengers.” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “Please fasten your seatbelts because we’re coming in for a rough landing!” Everyone in first class get’s theirs on quickly except for Wentworth who was having trouble. “C’mon!” he shouted. He sucks in and buckles it but when he breathes out it snaps. In the economy class everyone was having trouble and Bluto’s belt rips due to that they were old. “Aw c’mon!” he shouted. In an air vent it shows Jerry taping himself to the floor so he wouldn’t get hurt. The plane comes out of the stormy clouds and lands on a beach.

The seventeen contestants were now on the beach along with Oweguy who was in a raincoat. “Welcome to Hawaii, home to some of the nicest beaches and volcanoes!” explained Oweguy. “Couldn’t we go when it’s not raining?!” complained Flare. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “This is perfect for today’s challenge. You must build four surf boards for some of your team members then they must battle some of the fiercest waves out in the water. “Sounds a little dangerous.” said Kuro. “Don’t worry.” said Oweguy. “Surfers always like this weather. Now you’ve got three minutes to pick a teammate to surf then the rest of you need to design their boards so choose wisely.”

The four teams stand out in the rain which started to get a little rougher. “Obviously Chad should go for our team.” said Yuki. “True.” said Chad. “I’ll grant us a win with my surfing skills.” It then cuts to Team Newbie’s. “You should go Molly because you’re the athletic one.” said Nianah. “Yes I’ll go.” she said. “I’m glad we did it quickly because this rain is getting rougher.” A tiny piece of what remained of Bluto’s hair flies off. “My hair.” he shouted. “It’s just one hair.” said Nianah. “I know.” said Bluto. “I just don’t want to go completely bald.”

Over at Team Electric they were having trouble deciding who should surf. “I can’t surf.” said Wentworth. “I’m too heavy.” “I don’t know how.” said Sparky. “I never did sports.” said Hendrick. “Can you go please Chloe?” asked Dax. “I don’t know how to surf either.” “Well I seem to be the only one who knows how to surf so that means I have to go.” said Chloe. “But once it stops raining I’ll teach you how to surf, okay Dax?” “Sure.” replied Dax looking nervous.

At Team Goth they were having trouble choosing as well. “Who’s good at surfing?” asked Marine. “Uh, I think I might’ve done it once in my life.” said Kuro. “Then go.” said Flare. “All right.” said Kuro. “We have our surfers!” announced Oweguy. “Now let’s go in that nice little hut while the storm dies down a little.” It was show to be really rainy now and a lot of stuff were flying by like trees, cows, Arnold, hula dancers, surfboards, and Jerry. The contestants then run into the hut while Arnold slams on the door. “I hate my life.” he said.

The four teams were now in a kitchen inside the hut. “Time for the first challenge.” said Oweguy. “The other four people from each team must build a surfboard for their surfer. You’ve got tools, wood, paint, wax, and other stuff that I didn’t mention.” “What does the surfer do in the meantime?” asked Kuro. “Surfing videos?” asked Oweguy holding a how to surf video. All the surfers groan because they didn’t want to watch a teaching video.

While the surfers were watching the video the four teams work hard on their boards. “Add Japanese markings to show its Kuro’s board.” said Marine. “Good idea.” said Jasmine adding Japanese markings. Over at Team Electric the boys were making the board scientific like while Dax kept adding I like you Chloe all over it. “Perfect.” said Hendrick. Over at Team Nature they were having trouble due to that there were only two people working on the board. “I wish we wouldn’t come in last every challenge.” said Yuki. “Soon we won’t have enough team mates.” “Kronk agrees.” said Kronk. “But I’m sure we’ll win for once due to Chad.” said Yuki. Kronk smiles when she says that.

Over at Team Newbie’s Nianah, Bluto, and Bianca were working hard on their surfboard. “It’s a good thing I had a job at the surf board building place.” said Nianah. “This will definitely grant us an advantage in the challenge.” said Bianca excited. “I sure hope so.” said Bluto. “We really need a win.” “Finished!” said Nianah showing the team the board which looked nearly plastic like and real smooth. “Okay everyone has finished their surfboards so now it’s time to surf.” said Oweguy. “Finally.” said Kuro. “I’m getting tired of this video.”

Outside the hut the contestants were watching the surfers do the challenge while Oweguy gave them the instructions. “Okay surfers.” he said. “Here’s how it’ll work. Whoever manages to surf the biggest waves out there will win invincibility for their team. You must surf a total of three gigantic waves in order to win. And one more thing, the first person who wipes out their team goes to the elimination ceremony so please be careful.” The four of them look very nervous. “Now before we start, take a minute to do some stretching exercises.” said Oweguy.

While the surfers were exercising, Nianah snuck away to the boards and put a lot of grease on Chad’s surfboard to make it very slippery. “Perfect.” she said. “All right, that’s enough exercising.” said Oweguy. Nianah runs away quickly before Chad grabbed the board and the surfers swim out toward the water. “On your marks, get set, go!” shouted Oweguy.

While swimming up the water the contestants see the first huge wave. “Here’s an opportunity for you guys!” shouted Oweguy through a megaphone. “I’ve got this!” shouted Chad. “Me too.” said Molly. The two swims up and Chad stood up but noticed something. “That’s odd.” he said. “My board seems slippery. But I’ve got this wave!” Chad starts to catch the wave but due to his slippery board he falls off and lands in the water. “Ooh!” shouted Oweguy. “Chad wiped out! Sorry Team Nature.” Yuki looks upset.

Molly climbs up the wave and manages to surf it perfectly while Kuro has trouble and wipes out. “Aw, too bad Kuro.” said Oweguy. “Molly’s in the lead right now so Chloe you need to catch up.” Chloe sees a huge wave coming and starts to surf it perfectly while doing it on one foot. “Wow.” said Dax watching. “Now its tied.” said Oweguy. “And girls, I see the next wave coming up.” The two girls swim toward it and once catching the wave Molly does a bunch of tricks and poses that Chloe tried to do as well. “This girl’s good.” she thought.

The girls finish the second wave and land back near Oweguy. “The score is still tied girls.” he explained. “That last wave over there will decide the winner.” The two girls see a giant wave heading toward the beach. “Let’s do it.” said Molly. The two start swimming toward the huge wave coming up. “Go Chloe!” cheered Dax. The two girls catch the wave but Chloe has trouble staying on and the wave crashes with her flying off but Molly manages to not wipe out and makes it toward shore. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. Everyone sees Dax dive into the water and swims toward Chloe. “Wait, I thought Dax had trouble swimming?” asked Hendrick. Chloe then walks up to shore carrying Dax who was spitting out water, fish, and Chloe’s surfboard. “We have our winners of the challenge!” announced Oweguy. “Team Newbie’s wins for the first time!” The four of them cheer in victory. “Good job Molly.” said Hendrick. “Thanks.” she replied blushing. “In the meantime, Team Electric gets second, Team Goth gets third, and Team Nature is in last.” explained Oweguy. “Sorry dudes but you need to go back to the elimination ceremony, for the third time in a row.” Chad, Kronk, and Yuki all look disappointed about them losing again.

Later the plane was heading toward its next location (with Jerry hanging on the wing) while Team Newbie’s was in first class. “May I ask why you were talking to that mechanic boy?” asked Nianah looking suspicious. “Are you trying to make an alliance with the other team?” “No.” replied Molly. “He just gave me a compliment.” “Well you should stay away from that team for now.” said Nianah. Molly looks upset and Bianca looks at her. “Ignore her.” she said. “I’m sure we’ll try and vote off either her or Bluto next time we lose.” Molly smiles at what she said and gives her a thumb up.

Later at the elimination ceremony Team Nature was there once again looking disappointed that they kept losing. “Tisk tisk tisk.” said Oweguy. “You guys just can’t stop losing. After this elimination ceremony you’ll be down with two members remaining. Kronk and Yuki, you seem to be the only ones who might be safe. Chad on the other hand failed to win the challenge due to a slippery board.” “I think someone plastered grease on It.” said Chad. “We’ll talk about it later.” said Oweguy. “As always, if you don’t get a peanut bag, you’re out. The first bag goes to Yuki. And now the last bag goes to…..”

“…..Kronk. I’m sorry Chad but it’s your turn to go.” “Oh well.” said Chad. “I was expecting that I was going to leave, after costing my team to win.” “Goodbye Chad.” said Yuki waving goodbye. Chad then jumps out of the plane but notices something as he jumped out. “Wait!” he shouted. “I forgot my surfboard!” His surfboard then hits him on the head as he parachutes down to the ground.

“That’s one more person out of the plane.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Now that Team Newbie’s scored a win is Team Nature going to be the only team with no wins? Is there going to be a team other than Team Nature to lose? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 6: Total Drama Tourism and the Temple of Doom

Last time on Total Drama Tourism we went to Hawaii, during a rainstorm. The contestants had to choose surfers, make surfboards, and then had to battle the fiercest waves out there. Nianah was shown to be a very sneaky girl when she put a bunch of grease on Chad’s surfboard while no one was looking, and apparently Hendrick might have a crush on Molly which Nianah isn’t that fond off. In the end, Team Newbie’s scored their first win while Team Nature lost yet again with Chad jumping out of the plane after costing his team the win. Who will win the next challenge as we head toward our next location? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

As the plane heads toward its next destination Team Goth, Team Electric, and Team Nature were sitting in the economy class area. “Loser class again?” asked Flare upset. “I thought we were the team with the big winning streak.” “Oh hush.” said Raven. “I’m sure we’ll get back in first class soon.” Nearby Marine and Jasmine were looking around, Kuro was hugging Yuki, Kronk was searching through the storage containers, and Team Electric were doing their things. “Stinks that your team is down to two.” said Kuro. “I know.” said Yuki. “But I’m sure we’ll win soon.” “I don’t think that’ll happen.” said Flare. The two of them glare at him.

Over at Team Electric the two were just sitting around. “Rats.” said Hendrick. “I had a feeling we weren’t going to be back in here again.” “Team Newbie’s just got lucky this time.” said Chloe. “I’m sure we’ll make it back. We want to beat Team Goth.” “Shouldn’t you thank me for saving you Chloe?” asked Dax smiling. “I saved you last challenge.” said Chloe. “Oh.” said Dax disappointed. “Don’t worry.” whispered Sparky. “You’ll get her soon.” Dax then smiles when he says that.

Meanwhile in first class Team Newbie’s was relaxing and enjoying their stay there. “First class is awesome.” said Bluto. “I sure hope our winning streak continues.” said Nianah. “I feel a little bad about Jerry.” said Bianca. “He would’ve loved first class.” “That injury filled guy wouldn’t have gotten us in first class if he was still around.” said Nianah upset. There were two angry eyes in the vent nearby as well as growling. Bluto and Molly notice but the eyes were gone. “That sounded like…” said Bluto thinking. Molly looks worried at what just happened.

“Attention passengers.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “We’re about to land at our next location so please fasten your seatbelts.” The contestants all buckle up their seatbelts. “So much better than the ones in the economy class.” said Bluto. In economy class Flare was having trouble. “Stupid seatbelts!” he shouted. The plane flys over a jungle and lands near a bunch of ruins. A few minutes later the contestants had gotten off the plane to hear the next challenge.

“Welcome to Peru, birthplace of the Amazon river and the temple of Machu Picchu.” explained Oweguy “Why’s everything crumbled?” asked Kuro. “There was an incident here about a month ago.” replied Oweguy. “Some fat guy wrecked the place with a jewel.” “Don’t look at me.” said Wentworth acting innocent. “Now let’s explain the challenge.” said Oweguy. “Each team must go into this temple right in front of us. Deep inside it there is a mysterious treasure.” When Oweguy said mysterious treasure the two eyes were peaking from the window and looked happy when he said that. “Now each team must get through this temple’s dangers and obstacles so whatever you do don’t make a wrong turn, got it?” asked Oweguy. “Yes.” replied everyone. “Good, now go find that treasure!” shouted Oweguy. “The four teams run in and while Oweguy walked away and wasn’t looking a bush with legs walks into the temple as well.

Deep inside the temple the four teams had gotten to four passage ways each with a different symbol on top. “Kronk, let’s take the one with the monkey symbol.” said Yuki. “Kronk agrees.” said Kronk. The two walk in while Team Newbie’s figure out where to go. “What do these symbols mean?” asked Nianah. “I don’t know but let’s go into the one with the bird.” replied Bluto. The team walks in while Team Nature watches. The person inside the bush runs in and Chloe recognizes the legs. “Was that?” she pauses for a sec. “Nah.” said Dax. “You must be imagining things. Let’s go find that treasure!” The team runs into the entryway with a totem symbol on it.

Team Goth was the last one to select a passageway. “Let’s go into the one with the skull.” said Kuro. “I don’t know.” said Marine. “It could be dangerous.” “But we’re Team Goth!” said Kuro. “And I think the skull will be good luck for us.” “Well we’ll try.” said Flare. “But if we get harmed and lose the challenge you’ll be sorry.” Kuro looked nervous about what Flare said but just ignores it and the team enters the doorway.

Meanwhile, Team Electric had ended up in a large empty room. “This room looks huge.” said Hendrick. “But it looks save.” The team starts walking and Dax steps on a tile that sinks down and a whole bunch of stone walls appear forming a maze. “Okay.” said Chloe. “This just got trickier.” “Don’t worry.” said Sparky. “I’m excellent at mazes.” “Then lead us to the end!” cheered Wentworth. The team walks in but keeps making wrong turns and keeps heading through different ways. “Are you sure you know mazes Sparky?” asked Chloe. “I’m positive.” he replied. “I think.” Chloe then groans.

Meanwhile Team Newbie’s was in a place with a lot of water. “Nothing but water, looks like we’ll have to swim for It.” said Nianah. “But my dress will shrink if it comes in contact with water.” said Bianca. “Ignore it, you’ll be fine.” said Nianah. Bianca looks disappointed and the team jumps in and swims to the other side. At the same time the person in the bush jumps in and floats toward them. “Made it.” said Nianah making it to the other side. Bluto then makes it over followed by Molly and then Bianca. “Great.” said Bluto. “Now my clothes are soaked.” “It’ll dry.” said Nianah.” “Now let’s move!” The team enters the next entryway while the person in the bush catches up with them and continues to follow.

Meanwhile Team Nature was in a place with a lot of plants. “How did these plants get here?” asked Yuki. “Me don’t know, but Kronk can swing on vines to next location!” said Kronk. “Good idea.” said Yuki. She puts Kronk on her back and he starts to swing on the vines and manages to avoid the twisty vines nearby and makes it to the other side. “We did it!” cheered Yuki. “Maybe due to our teamwork we won’t end up in last place for once!” “Kronk agrees!” said Kronk smiling. “Hurry, to the next area!” commanded Yuki. The two of them then head toward the next entryway.

Meanwhile Team Goth was in their passageway which had a lot of holes everywhere. “This looks suspicious.” said Jasmine. Kuro throws a rock near the holes and a whole bunch of sharp spears appear with no way through. “No way to get through.” said Kuro. “Way to go dude.” said Flare upset. “Hey don’t blame him.” said Marine. “He didn’t know that there were spears in here.” “Whatever.” said Flare. “We need a way to get through.” The two thinks and Jasmine got an idea. “Kuro, do you still have your bowling ball?” she asked. “Yeah.” replied Kuro. “It gets heavy at times.” Jasmine grabs the bowling ball and roles it toward the spears destroying most of them making it accessible. “Hurry before more appear!” she shouted. They make it through just before the next few spears appear. “We did it!” cheered Marine. “And I don’t think there’s anything bad in the next room.” said Kuro. They enter the next way and see a lot of jaguars in the room. “Ah ****!” shouted Flare.

Back in the maze room Team Electric had made it to the end. “We made it.” said Dax. “And it only took twenty minutes. “At least I found a map of the maze at one dead end.” said Sparky. “That was just pure luck.” said Chloe. “Now what’s in this next room?” They enter and see a huge stairway and at the top was a golden tiki. “The treasure!” cheered Dax. “We’ve got to get it!” As they walk in they see Team Newbie’s had arrived also. “Team Newbie’s!” shouted all of them. “That’s right.” said Nianah. “And we’re going to get that treasure first!” “No I am!” shouted someone. Everyone sees the bush nearby. “A bush?” asked Dax. The person inside the bush comes out and it was revealed to be Jerry. “Jerry?!” asked all of them shocked. “That’s right!” he shouted. “If I can’t get into this competition I’m going to get that treasure!” “Not if we get it first!” shouted Dax. He, Jerry, and Nianah start running up the stairway to grab the treasure.

Meanwhile back in the jaguar room Team Goth looked nervous. “I knew we shouldn’t have gone into the skull room.” said Raven upset. “Well we need to get out of here.” said Marine. “Stand back you jaguars!” shouted Jasmine fending them off with one of the spears. The jaguars break it and then start attacking her. “Jasmine!” shouted Kuro. “Get away from my friend!” Kuro starts beating up the jaguars and throws one which lands on the wall pushing one of the bricks back trapping them in a cage. “Thanks a lot.” said Flare glaring at him along with Raven. Kuro then looks worried.

Back in the treasure room Jerry grabs the golden tiki first leaving Dax and Nianah shocked. “It’s mine, all mine!” he shouted. He runs down but trips losing the treasure which Chloe catches. “Dax!” she shouted. “I’ve got the treasure!” “Gotta go.” said Dax running away. “Get back here with my treasure!” shouted Jerry. “You’re treasure?!” asked Nianah chasing after him. Suddenly a rumble is heard and they all stand still for a sec. “What’s that?” asked Bianca. A giant boulder suddenly drops down and begins rolling toward them “Run!” shouted Chloe. The two teams and Jerry start running out of the room screaming.

Meanwhile Team Nature was in a hallway wondering where to go next. “Nothing really in here.” said Yuki. Team Electric, Team Newbie’s, and Jerry run past them screaming. “What’s that?” asked Kronk. The two of them then see the boulder and start running along with them. “Give me that treasure!” shouted Jerry. “No!” shouted Chloe. Jerry jumps and grabs it. “It’s mine, all mine!” he shouted. Team Electric, Team Newbie’s, and Team Nature move away from Jerry because something was coming. “What, are you afraid of me now?” asked Jerry. Everyone points behind him and he then sees the boulder. “Uh oh!” he screamed the boulder then runs over him resulting in him with twisted arms, a black eye, and scratches all over him. “Ouch.” he said. Nianah smiles at Jerry triumphantly. “Guess that takes care of him.” she said. “Now we won’t need to tell Oweguy.” “I think he might be hurt.” said Bianca. “We’ll let’s not tell Oweguy he’s still here.” said Nianah. “Now let’s get that treasure.” As Nianah leans to grab the treasure near Jerry she sees that it was gone. “Where’s the treasure?” asked Bluto. “We have our winners!” shouted Oweguy from the entrance. Team Newbie’s runs toward the entrance and sees Team Electric and Team Nature with the treasure. “Team Electric and Team Nature have tied for first!” announced Oweguy. The two teams cheer in victory. “What?!” shouted Nianah upset. “We lost?!” “Nope.” said Oweguy. “Team Goth isn’t here yet.” “Found them.” said Arnold carrying Team Goth who looked badly scratched from the jaguars. “Sorry Team Goth.” said Oweguy. “You’re going to your first elimination ceremony tonight.” Flare and Raven glare at Kuro who looked worried along with Marine and Yuki. “Can you call Santa to fix my DVD player?” asked Jasmine who had a concussion from being attacked by the jaguars.

Back in the plane Team Goth was sitting in the loser compartment where Kuro was sitting disappointed and Marine sits next to him. “What’s wrong Big K?” asked Marine. “Nothing.” replied Kuro. “I’m worried that I’m going to get eliminated by costing our team the win.” “Don’t worry.” said Marine. “Earlier today I made a deal with Jasmine that if both of us and you vote for Flare, you’ll be safe.” explained Marine. “It just might work.” said Kuro. “Thanks.” The two give each other fist bumps.

Later at the elimination room, Team Goth was sitting there wating for Oweguy to give the results. “Did you vote for Kuro?” asked Flare to Raven. “Yes.” she replied. “That dude’s a goner.” Flare looks happy. “Welcome to your first elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy. “If you don’t get a peanut bag you’re out. First bag goes to Molly, then Jasmine, then Raven, and last but not least.....”

“…..Hm.” Kuro and Flare noticed that Oweguy didn’t give the results on who’s leaving. “We have a problem here.” said Oweguy. “Kuro and Flare each have two votes so we need to do a tie breaker challenge to see who is leaving.” “I’m going to ace at a tie-breaker.” said Kuro. “Here’s the challenge.” said Oweguy. “Kuro and Flare must feed bananas to these angry monkeys. They haven’t eaten for a while and they get mad when they’re hungry. Oh, and you can only crawl to them, no walking, and you must carry the bananas in your mouth. First person to get their bananas to the monkey will stay for another episode. Now begin!”

Flare and Kuro start crawling toward the monkey cages with their bananas. “These bananas aren’t staying in my mouth well.” said Kuro. He drops one on the floor which causes him to slow down and Flare catches up. “Here’s your bananas you stupid monkey.” said Flare giving the monkey the bananas. He then gets attacked by the monkey while it’s eating. “Here’s your bananas.” said Kuro. The bananas were very dirty and the monkey starts throwing them at him. “Ouch, hey, stop!” shouted Kuro getting hit by the bananas. “Flare wins so Kuro’s going to be jumping out of the plane.” Kuro and Marine gasp in shock at Kuro being eliminated. “What happened?” asked Jasmine coming toward her senses. “Any last words Kuro?” asked Oweguy. “Yes.” he replied. “Tell Yuki that I’m going to miss her. And Flare, suck it in your face!” Flare gets mad at that comment. Kuro then jumps out of the plane and when he falls down with the parachute he sees Jerry on the plane win having survived the rock impact and was very angry and his other eye was starting to turn red. “Nianah will pay.” he said with his voice sounding scary like.

“Well we’ve lost last season’s winner.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Flare ever get voted off by his teammates? Can Marine and Jasmine get rid of Flare after what he did to their friend? And who will be the next one to jump out of this plane? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 7: Arctic Arctic Baby

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, the contestants went to Peru to look for a mysterious treasure in the ruins of Machu Picchu. Team Electric and Team Newbie’s really wanted that treasure while Kuro kept leading his team into trouble. Meanwhile, Jerry came back and tried to steal the treasure but failed to do so. In the end, Team Electric and Team Nature tied for the win and poor Kuro was sent home after losing a tie breaker challenge against Flare. We’ve got fifteen contestants remaining. Who will be the next one to jump out of the plane? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In the plane Team Electric and Team Nature were relaxing in first class. “First class sure is nice.” said Dax. “And it was all thanks to this golden tiki.” “I can’t believe Kuro’s gone.” said Yuki disappointed. “Flare’s going to pay for what he did.” “Don’t worry.” said Chloe. “Jasmine and Marine told me that the next time they lose they’ll vote off Flare.” “I sure hope they can.” said Dax. “That guy’s a jerk.” “I think they’ll do the best they can do.” said Yuki looking worried.

Meanwhile in the loser class area Team Newbie’s, Flare, and Raven (who were cuddling) were sleeping while Jasmine and Marine were the only ones awake. “I swear Flare is a jerk with a capital j.” said Marine. “I agree.” said Jasmine. “Let’s try and vote him off immediately the next time we lose.” “But he’s working with Raven so it’s going to be tough.” said Marine. “Don’t worry.” said Jasmine. “I’ll try and talk her into voting off Flare or maybe she’ll do it herself.” The two of them then smile.

Later outside the plane it had show to have started snowing. “Brr.” said Dax. “Did it just get cold out?” “Yeah.” said Chloe. “It does feel cold.” “Attention passengers.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “We’re about to land at our next destination so buckle up. Boy its cold.” As everyone buckles up, the plane lands in a very snowy area.

“Welcome to Antarctica!” shouted Oweguy. “The biggest sites here are snow, ice, penguins, scientists, and the south pole!” “Why are you dropping us off on this giant ice flow?” asked Flare upset and shivering. “Because this is where the challenge is located.” replied Oweguy. “What’s the challenge?” asked Jasmine. “You must spend one night here.” replied Oweguy. “But it’s a frozen wasteland!” shouted Bluto. “There’s no way we can survive a night here!” “Especially without coats.” said Flare. “Excuse me?” asked Oweguy. “Are you saying I didn’t bring coats for you? I brought coats for you. If I didn’t and you all died of frostbite here I’d get sued by your parents.” “Wow, the host actually cares for us.” said Jasmine.

“Here’s one more thing.” said Oweguy. “The following morning where you get picked up you need to compete in a race to the plane. Last team to make it will have to send someone home. Oh and don’t waste these supplies I’m giving you. They’ll help you with the challenge and will help you get through the night without dying of hunger or frostbite.” “Well that sounds good.” said Marine. “Wait.” said Flare noticing something. “You mean you’re leaving us here?” “Yup.” replied Oweguy. “Arnold and I are stopping at a South American hotel for the night while you do your challenge, then we’ll be back for you guys to finish the challenge. See you guys later.” Oweguy boards the plane and it flies off while the contestants stand there with their supplies and coats.

A couple hours later there were now four igloos for each team. “It’s a good thing I’m good at sculpting igloos.” said Marine. “Like you are at sculpting your lovely host?” asked Flare teasing her. “Shut up Flare.” replied Marine. Flare growls. “Forget this.” he said. “I’m taking a nap.” Flare lies down on the snow and when he falls fast asleep Marine and Jasmine covers him up with snow. “That’ll take care of him for a while.” said Jasmine snickering while Marine snickers as well.

Over at Team Electric Chloe and Hendrick had finished the inside of their team’s igloo while Dax, Sparky, and Wentworth play with penquins. “I sure hope these supplies will help.” said Chloe. “Sure they will.” said Hendrick. “We’ve got firewood to make a fire, a saw to make a hole in the ice in case we need fish, some food, and a ton of blankets.” “I sure hope it’ll help.” said Chloe. “And Oweguy also dropped us off in the middle of nowhere.” “Quit worrying.” said Hendrick. “We’ll do fine.” “Our chocolate bar is frozen.” said Wentworth. “Nooooo!” scream Hendrick. “Spaz.” said Bluto nearby.

Over at Team Nature Kronk was inside their igloo while Yuki was ice fishing. “We should make sure to have enough food by tonight.” said Yuki. “Okay.” said Kronk. He takes out a banana and tries to eat it but its frozen solid. “Yeow!” he screamed. “Wait until we make a fire.” said Yuki. “You’ve got such a dumb teammate.” said Raven. “At least we managed to win last challenge.” said Yuki upset. “Yeah but I have a feeling that you’re going to be the first team to go extinct.” taunted Raven. “We’ll see about that.” said Yuki upset.

Later that night each team was now inside their igloos. “Well here we are.” said Nianah. “We collected fish, have a nice igloo, and Bianca made us a nice fire.” “Ugh.” said Bluto. “I’m not ready for the fish yet.” “Me too.” said Molly. “Alright.” said Nianah. “Let’s have some of our snacks.” “Uh.” said Bianca looking nervous. “What?” asked Nianah. Bianca points to the fire and there was a box that said food on it. “You made our fire with our food?!” asked Nianah shouting. “I can put it out.” said Bianca. She pours water on it and the fire goes out but the food was completely burnt. “Ah forget the food.” said Nianah. “I now need a drink.” “Uh.” said Bianca nervous again. “What?” asked Nianah. She points to her that they had no more water. “I’m going to kill you.” she said in a very scary voice. Bianca looked nervous after she said that.

Over at Team Electric’s igloo the team was sitting around the fire. “Chloe?” asked Dax. “I need to go to the bathroom.” “Go outside.” said Chloe. Dax runs out. A few minutes later the ice they were on started to melt. “What the heck?” asked Chloe. They then fall into the water. “Sorry.” said Dax standing nearby. “I really had to go.” Hendrick and Chloe look a little upset at Dax while Sparky floats and Wentworth sinks but then comes back up. “There’s a seal swimming underwater.” he said.

Meanwhile at Team Goth’s igloo it was just Marine, Jasmine, and Raven in the igloo while Flare was still buried under the snow. They then hear knocking and Marine crawls out to see Team Electric outside. “Dax melted our igloo.” said Chloe. “Can we stay in here?” asked Wentworth. “Sure but only Chloe can be on the girls’ side.” replied Marine. “Thank you.” said Dax. “Now let’s get some shut eye.” said Marine. The two teams start to fall asleep and Wentworth inhales deeply and when he exhales he blows the fire so hard that it went through the igloo, melted the snow off Flare who looked surprised, and melts Team Newbie’s tent. They all glare at Bianca. “It wasn’t me this time!” she shouted. They still didn’t look happy at her.

Meanwhile at Team Nature’s igloo Yuki was asleep while Kronk was tossing and turning. “What’s wrong Kronk?” asked Yuki. “Kronk is too hot!” he shouted. “You’ve got a lot of fur so why are you wearing a coat?” asked Yuki. “Kronk fear he’d get a little cold.” replied Kronk. Yuki slaps her head and takes Kronk’s coat off and gives him earmuffs. “Better?”she asked. “Kronk still cold.” Replied Kronk. She then gives him a scarf. “Better now?” she asked. “Kronk now too warm.” said Kronk. Her face starts turning red. “I wish you were human.” She said. “Kronk hopes so too.” said Kronk. “Let’s just get to sleep.” said Yuki. The two fall asleep but Kronk’s eyes then open. “Kronk now hungry.” He said.” Yuki’s face turns red and starts growling. “Kronk wait til later.” said Kronk scared. He then hides under the covers.

Back at Team Goth’s igloo the two teams were sleeping until someone crawls in. “You!” shouted the guy to Marine and Jasmine. They wake up and the person was revealed to be Flare with blue skin but soon turned red due to his anger. “Do you call burying me in the snow funny?!” he shouted. “I could’ve gotten frostbite! If it wasn’t for my anger I would’ve frozen solid!” “Sorry but we were getting back at what you did to Kuro.” said Jasmine. “Well next time we lose I have to say you’ll be leaving next.” said Flare. “We’ll see about that.” said Jasmine. “Guys, settle down.” said Hendrick. “Let’s get some shut eye. Oweguy is picking us up tomorrow morning so we need to get up early in order to win.” “Why is the geek team in here?” asked Flare. Team Electric looks mad at Flare after he said that. “Their igloo melted.” said Marine. “Well like mechanic boy said let’s get some sleep.” said Flare. The two teams fall asleep but Marine and Jasmine’s eyes were still open glaring at Flare in anger.

Morning had arrived and Team Newbie’s was sleeping on the ice ground cold. “This had to be the worst night I’ve ever slept through.” said Bluto. “I agree.” said Nianah. “And thanks to that blast of fire the blankets got burned away.” “Maybe our bad luck might turn.” said Bianca. “Let’s hope so.” said Bluto. “You did waste our food and water and I’m starving right now.” “I’m sorry.” said Bianca. “Let’s just try and wait for Oweguy and get a head start.” “Okay.” said Nianah. “But if you mess up again, you’re toast.” Bianca looks worried.

About a half hour later the plane lands at Antarctica and Oweguy peeps out of the window. “We’re back guys!” he shouted. “It’s time to leave this frozen wasteland!” “That’s our cue!” shouted Flare. “Let’s go!” Team Goth and Team Electric start running. “Kronk!” shouted Yuki. “It’s time to go!” She puts him on her shoulders and they start running. Team Newbie’s starts running but Bianca notices something. “Nianah!” she shouted. “Our stuff!” She throws it to them but it hits Nianah on the head knocking her out and the team stumbles while running and they trip on her and fall in the water. “Oops.” said Bianca.

“Man, there’s no way we’re going to make it to the plane in time!” shouted Flare. “This ice is too slippery!” “Look out!” shouted Wentworth. A huge seal slams into Flare which was carrying Team Goth and Team Electric. “Where’d you get this seal?” asked Flare. “Wentworth found It.” said Marine. “Anyway, to the plane!” shouted Flare. The seal starts to slide on the ice and they make it to the plane just in time immediately followed by Team Nature.

Later all the teams were back on the plane in the dining room waiting for the results of the challenge. “Welcome back guys, and congrats to Team Goth and Team Electric.” said Oweguy. “Due to that they made it to the plane first at the same time they tie and both win invincibility!” Team Goth and Team Electric cheer in victory. “Hooray for teamwork!” cheered Dax. “In the meantime, Team Nature, you’re not in first or last so you’re safe from elimination and sorry Team Newbie’s, it’s time for you to go back to the elimination room for the second time. “Can’t we warm up first.” said Bluto who was shivering and dripping along with Molly while Nianah had an ice pack on her head from getting hit. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “Take fifteen minutes to warm up and then meet me in the elimination room. “Do we know who we’re voting off?” asked Bluto. “Yep.” said Nianah. “We know who we’re getting rid of.” Bianca looks worried about what Nianah said and runs off.

Later in the elimination ceremony Team Newbie’s was sitting in the elimination room with Oweguy about to tell them who’s leaving. “You’ve all casted your votes.” said Oweguy. “Like before, if you don’t get a peanut bag you must jump out of the drop of shame and you can’t come back, ever. The first two bags go to Molly and Bluto!” The two get their peanut bags leaving Nianah and Bianca in the final two. “Nianah, reasons for you being in the bottom two, being a bossy leader.” said Oweguy. “Shut up.” said Nianah upset. “And Bianca, reasons for you, wasting your teams supplies.” said Oweguy. “I said sorry about a million times.” said Bianca. “Well anyway we’ve come down to the final peanut bag.” said Oweguy. “The last peanut bag goes to…..”

“…..Nianah. I’m sorry Bianca but your time here is up.” Bianca sighs. “I sort of expected it.” She grabs her parachute and walks toward the exit. “You shouldn’t have messed up.” said Nianah. “If you didn’t waste our stuff you’d still be here.” “Quit rubbing it in!” shouted Bianca. She then throws her shoe at Nianah knocking her out again. “Yikes.” said Oweguy. “Never make her mad again.” Bianca grabs her shoe and then prepares to jump. “Goodbye everyone.” She said. “Oh and tell Nianah to shove it!” “Will do.” said Oweguy. Bianca jumps out of the plane and everyone hears a rip. “My dress!” she shouted. Oweguy, Bluto, and Molly cover their eyes because the jet had sucked her dress off. “That’s the problem with wearing a dress.” Said Oweguy. “True.” said Bluto.

“We’ve got fourteen contestants left on this plane.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Marine, Jasmine, and Flare continue their plans to get rid of each other? Will Team Newbie’s catch up? Will the contestants warm up after their cold experience? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 8: Revenge of the Ripper

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, the fifteen teens went on a camping trip. In Antarctica! There they had fun with the penguins, melted some ice, swam in cold water, and rode on seals. Bianca kept ruining her teams’ chances with wining while Team Electric’s igloo melted due to Dax peeing. Still mad at Flare Marine and Jasmine buried him in the snow which made him very angry. In the end Team Goth and Team Electric both won the challenge while Team Newbie’s sent Bianca home. We’ve got fourteen contestants left on the plane. Who will be the next one to leave? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

Outside of the plane it was raining and thundering while inside the cockpit it shows a shadowed person running around and sees a Jack the Ripper costume. The shadowed figure grabs it but then hears someone which was shown to be Oweguy. “I wish Arnold wouldn’t put all my important stuff in here.” He said. The shadowed figure hides behind some crates while Oweguy goes through the stuff and once Oweguy leaves the shadowed figure grabs a knife in the Jack the Ripper costume and runs off.

Meanwhile in first class Team Goth and Team Electric were relaxing and enjoying the treatment. “First class yet again.” said Dax. “We’re totally winning this.” said Wentworth. “Technically it was a tie.” said Jasmine. “True.” said Wentworth. Nearby, Flare and Raven look at the two teams who were not looking quite happy.

“I wished that it was the merge so we wouldn’t have to share first class with these losers.” said Flare. “Listen, I heard that our two other teammates are planning to vote you off and I know one thing it’s Jasmine who’s strategizing.” explained Raven. “So you’re saying we should vote off Jasmine next?” asked Flare. “Yep.” replied Raven. “And once we lose again we’ll vote off Marine, leaving us as the last two members of our team.” “I like your plan.” said Flare. “I’ll do it.” Raven then smiles victoriously when he agrees with her plan.

Meanwhile in the cockpit an inflatable Arnold is shown piloting the plane and the mysterious person then pops it and takes control of the plane. “This plane’s making a detour to the Ripper’s hideout.” said the mysterious person taking control of the plane. In Oweguy’s room he and Arnold were playing chess while the room starts shaking.

“Uh, who’s controlling the plane?” asked Oweguy. “I don’t know.” replied Arnold. “Let’s just continue our game.” “I’m going to check real quick.” said Oweguy walking out of the room to the cockpit. When he walks in he sees no one while the mysterious person hides in the shadows behind the chair. Oweguy suddenly notices that they were about to crash into the Big Ben clock tower.

“Um attention passengers.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “You should please fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to crash into a building!” Everyone buckles up quickly with them screaming in fear. “We’re all gonna die!” screamed Wentworth. Oweguy tries to move the plane as fast as he could by tilting to the right and manages to not crash into the tower. “Phew.” he said. “I saved all of us.” The plane then flies close to the Tower of London and Oweguy sees the plane door in the cockpit open and sees the mysterious man jump out. “Hmm.” He said looking suspicious.

Later the fourteen contestants were now standing in front of the Tower of London with Oweguy in front of them. “Sorry for the surprise contestants.” said Oweguy apologizing. “We were going to visit London on a later day but apparently some jerk that was on the plane grabbed control of the wheel and almost killed us all.” “So where is he now?” asked Sparky. “He’s somewhere inside the Tower of London.” replied Oweguy. “This is just like that TDWT episode with Jack the Ripper.” said Dax. “Come to think of it he was wearing the same Jack the Ripper costume that I got at the party store.” said Oweguy noticing. “So what’s the challenge?” asked Nianah. “Don’t rush me!” shouted Oweguy. “If it wasn’t for me you’d all be dead now.” Kronk then farts with a scared look on his face while Yuki, Nianah, Bluto, and Molly who were near him scoot away.

“Here’s the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “Whichever team that catches this mad man first will win invincibility. The team that comes last and doesn’t have anything with them will go vote someone off. If you come in last but still managed to have caught something you won’t go to the elimination ceremony. You hear me? You’ll lose if you don’t have anything or anyone caught. Got it?” “Yes sir.” replied everyone. “Good.” said Oweguy. “Here are your bags to catch the mad man and here’s a kit of tools for each team in case you can’t get into a room. Now I want to leave London in at least an hour so catch him fast. Now move!” The contestants run into the Tower of London while Marine walks toward Oweguy.

“You were pretty brave by taking control of the plane.” she said to Oweguy. “Well I could’ve used help but Arnold wanted to continue the chess game.” “You’d think he’d keep on flying the plane when a mad man is on the plane.” said Marine. “Seriously I’ve seen almost every horror film and I know what to do if there’s something dangerous on a plane.” “Wow you’re smart.” said Oweguy. “That is why I like you.” He then picks up a flower and gives it to her. “Aw thanks Owie.” she said smiling. “Wait there’s a bee still on that flower.” said Oweguy noticing. The bee then starts attacking him with him screaming and her staring.

Inside the halls of the Tower of London Team Newbie’s and Team Nature were in the same hall. “This hall is dark.” said Molly. “The man could be anywhere.” The mysterious man then jumps down, grabs her and jumps back up. “What was that?” asked Nianah. She and Bluto see that she wasn’t behind them. “Where’d she go?” asked Bluto. “The Ripper might’ve got her!” shouted Nianah scared.” “Hey I thought you were the brave one.” said Bluto. “You’re right.” said Nianah. “We must find that mad man.” The two continue on with Team Nature stopping at a door behind them.

“What’s in here?” asked Kronk. “I don’t know.” replied Yuki. “The ripper might be in here.” The two enter the room and it was shown to be a bedroom. “This looks like the Queen’s bedroom.” said Yuki. “Kronk check this out.” She notices that Kronk wasn’t in the room. “Kronk this isn’t time for fun and games.” She said. She goes into the hall and she sees the man escaping with a bag that sounded like a monkey screaming. “No!” screamed Yuki. “He got Kronk!” She grabs the bags and chases after the man.

Meanwhile Team Electric was in the dungeon room looking around. “No sign of that man.” said Chloe. “Maybe we can look for a clue?” asked Wentworth. “I don’t think Oweguy left clues.” replied Chloe. “I don’t think this is even staged.” “Yeah.” said Hendrick. “This is probably serious.” Chloe then notices Dax clinging onto her legs looking scared. “We should split up and find that Ripper.” explained Chloe. “Dax and I will be a team while the rest of you go as the other team.” “Good idea.” said Hendrick. The boys run off to search the dungeon while Chloe has trouble walking due to Dax grabbing her leg in fear.

Meanwhile Team Goth was in a hall looking for the man while without Marine and Jasmine knowing Raven cuts the bags causing a hole. “So girls, still in the competition even though your friend Kuro is gone?” taunted Flare. “Shut up Flare.” said Jasmine. “What I do know is that Marine and I are going to send you packing right Marine?” The three of them noticed that Marine had suddenly disappeared. “Where’s Marine?” asked Jasmine. The team hears something on the ceiling and sees the man with Marine. “You’re now short on one person.” said the man. He then cuts a hole in the ceiling and gets away with Marine.

“Crap.” said Flare acting sarcastic. “We’re short on one person and she was important.” He then winks at Raven who winks back. “Something seems suspicious with those two.” thought Jasmine. “Forget them, I’m going alone.” she then leaves the two of them with the bags.

Meanwhile Yuki was alone in the hall having lost the ripper. “Darn!” she shouted. “I almost had him but that person’s like part animal.” “That’s right.” said someone. “I am part animal.” Yuki turns around and sees the Ripper who catches her before she can get away. He then pulls out a list and crosses out Yuki and also puts a lot of red X’s on Nianah.

Back in the dungeon the Team Electric boys were looking around trying to see if they can catch the man. “This dungeon is spooky.” said Wentworth. “Don’t be a coward.” said Hendrick. “Let’s try and win.” Above them there was a cage and the rippers hand cuts the rope carrying it and the three get trapped in a cage. “We’re trapped!” screamed Sparky. “Game over boys.” said the Ripper pulling out a knife. They look nervous like he was going to kill them but throws the knife at a spiky ball breaking a box carrying an ax. “Not a lot left.” said the Ripper. “But one I’m killing!” He grabs the ax and walks away.

Meanwhile back in the hall Flare and Raven reach a dead end. “It’s too dark in here to see a door.” said Flare. “Use the flash light.” said Raven. Flare uses it but the batteries die when he turns it on. “Crap!” shouted Flare. “The batteries died.” A bag then snatches the two of them and the person who was shown to have caught them was the Ripper. “Done and done.” He said. “Now to take care of the rest of that electric team before I take on Nianah.” He then puts X’s on Dax and Chloe’s names showing that he’s going to get them next.

Meanwhile on the roof of the Tower of London Dax and Chloe were there. “It’s so much better up here, out of the dark.” said Dax, “It is still night out.” said Chloe. “That’s nicer than pitch black.” said Dax. “Now let’s find that ripper.” A cage suddenly falls on Chloe. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. “It’s too late to save your girlfriend.” said the Ripper. “Nobody locks up my girlfriend in a cage.” said Dax looking mad. “I’m going to get you!” “I’m getting him first!” shouted someone. The person was revealed to be Jasmine who bags the ripper but it only slides through him. “What?” asked Jasmine noticing the hole. The ripper then pushes her off the building. “Stupid Flare!” she shouted falling down. “Before she hits the ground Oweguy catches her in a blanket along with Marine, Wentworth, and Sparky while the other caught ones were with her. “Are you all right?” asked Marine. “Yeah.” said Jasmine but Dax and Chloe are still up there. “Wait while I get the popcorn.” said Oweguy running onto the plane.

Dax and the Ripper face each other ready to fight. “I won’t let you take Chloe!” shouted Dax grabing a bag. The ripper pulls out a knife and charges at Dax. “Look out Dax!” shouted Chloe. Dax kicks the knife out of his hand and punches his face knocking the hat off. Dax, Chloe and everyone else gasp in shock and it shows that the ripper was shown to be Jerry who had grayish green skin, the black eye from before, and cracked skin.

“Jerry?!” asked everyone in shock. “No time!” shouted Jerry. “I’m going to kill you Dax and then Nianah!” Dax then punches him again knocking him out and bagging him. “Gotcha!” shouted Dax. He then lifts the cage that Chloe was in and Chloe hugs him for saving her which Dax blushes to. “Aw c’mon!” shouted Oweguy. “It finishes when I finish the popcorn.”

Later the plane heads to its next destination while everyone was back on the plane. The contestants and Oweguy were in the first class room along with Jerry who was still in the bag. “I can’t believe you stowed away.” said Oweguy to Jerry upset. “Haven’t you seen Ezekiel?” “I need to money for my family!” shouted Jerry. “If you won’t let me back on then I’m just going to kill you!” He rips out of the bag and everyone scream including Oweguy. Marine tries running toward Oweguy but is stopped by Jasmine. “Now let me back on or your life ends here!” shouted Jerry. Nianah looks at the emergency exit door and opens it which starts to suck up everything. Everyone holds on including Oweguy while Jerry had trouble finding something to hang onto and gets sucked out of the door. “Nooooooooooooooooooo!” he screamed as he fell toward the jet engine. Oweguy then closes the door before it shows what happened when he fell but everyone did hear screaming and shredding sounds.

“Well that was something.” said Oweguy. “I do have a feeling I’ll get sued by his parents but for right now I’m going to give the results. “Due to catching Jerry and for saving my life Team Electric and Team Newbie’s will tie for first!” The two teams cheer in victory. “You’re welcome.” said Nianah. “As for the other two teams, due to both being caught and not being able to finish the challenge Team Nature will be spared so sorry Team Goth but you’re going back to the elimination ceremony.” explained Oweguy. The four look disappointed while Team Nature look relieved. “Now I know we’ll a bit shook up so let’s do the elimination ceremony in an hour so we can relax.” explained Oweguy. Marine and Jasmine see Flare and Raven smiling at each other and the two look nervous. “Uh oh.” they said.

Later in first class Team Electric and Team Newbie’s lay in the chairs looking nervous, especially Nianah. “Something bothering you?” asked Molly. “A little.” replied Nianah. “I know we got rid of Jerry but I have a feeling he’s still here. “Quit worrying.” said Bluto. “He fell out of the window and I don’t think he’s coming back.” “You’re right.” said Nianah. “I need to stop worrying. They lay back down in the chairs but Nianah still looks nervous even after her talk.

Later at the elimination ceremony Team Goth was sitting there waiting for the votes. “I have three peanut bags for you to enjoy but one of you won’t be getting one.” explained Oweguy. “If you’re the one without a peanut bag you must jump out of this plane. The first peanut bag goes to Marine and the second one goes to Raven.” The two grab their bags leaving Flare and Jasmine in the final two. “Flare and Jasmine, one of you will get a peanut bag and one of you will have to leave this plane.” explained Oweguy. “The final peanut bag goes to…..”

“…..Flare! Sorry Jasmine but your time is up.” Marine and Jasmine gasped in shock while Flare catches his peanut bag. “But why would anyone vote me off?” asked Jasmine. “I didn’t do anything wrong. “Oh you failed to catch the Ripper with a torn bag.” said Flare. Jasmine then notices that Flare had voted her off. “You sneaky little jerk!” she shouted. “I’m going to…” she gets interrupted by Oweguy. “Sorry Jasmine but time’s up.” He said pushing her out of the plane with a parachute in hand with her screaming as she falls down. “I’m sure she’ll get the parachute ready.” said Oweguy. “If she does not I’m going to be facing some lawsuits.” Marine then glares at Flare and Raven who were smiling victoriously.

“Team Goth is now down to three and with only one good person left on It.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Can Marine manage to get rid of Flare for good? How much longer will Team Electric’s winning streak last? And is Jerry gone for good? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Outside the plane it had run into some dark clouds and on the plane wing a veiny light green hand comes up and it’s revealed that Jerry had once again grabbed onto the plane with most of his hair gone save for twenty strings, his shirt shredded, light yellow and sharp teeth, and red eyes looking very angry and growling apparently wanting revenge.

Chapter 9: The Land of Theme Parks

Last time on Total Drama Tourism we had a slight detour as some mysterious person disguised as Jack the Ripper took control of the plane and nearly crashed it into the Big Ben Clock Tower but I managed to regain the controls and save us all. Then the contestants searched for the ripper inside the Tower of London but many were unfortunately captured but Dax managed to stop the ripper and reveal who he really was which was Jerry granting Team Electric the win but Jerry tried to kill me but Nianah sent that dude packing for good I hope granting Team Newbie’s a win as well. In the end Flare and Raven voted off a threat on their team which was Jasmine leaving Marine as the only hero on the team. Where will we be stopping next as we have lucky number thirteen left on the plane? Find out next on Total Drama Tourism!

As the plane heads toward its next location Team Electric and Team Newbie’s enjoy their time in first class, however, Hendrick and Molly were somewhere else. “Where’s Molly?” asked Nianah upset.” “I don’t know.” replied Bluto. “I don’t care where she is.” “If she’s with that mechanical boy she’s dead.” said Nianah. “Why don’t you want them to love?” asked Bluto. “Because they can give away secrets on our team.” replied Nianah. “I don’t think they know any of our secrets.” said Bluto. Nianah thinks for a second. “You’re right.” she said. “And plus Molly will help cause that electric team to lose due to mechanic boy being so love struck. The two of them start to smile.

Meanwhile near the juice bar of first class Hendrick and Molly were sitting there. “Why’d you ask me over here?” asked Hendrick. “Because I wanted to talk to you.” replied Molly. “About what?” asked Hendrick. “Well I’ve seen you help me at times and you’ve looked at me at times so.” Hendrick interrupts. “Are you upset?” he asked. “No.” replied Molly. “Now I need to whisper something to you.” Hendrick moves closer but instead of her whispering she started to kiss him with his eyes getting big. “See I’m not mad at you like liking me.” said Molly. Hendrick starts smiling weirdly with Nianah watching. “Can I have another kiss?” asked Hendrick. “Sure.” replied Molly. The two start to kiss again with Dax rising up from the juice bar stand. “Get out of here!” shouted Hendrick and Dax hides.

Meanwhile in loser class Team Goth and Team Nature were sitting around with Jerry hiding and watching them looking upset. Marine was sitting with Yuki, Kronk was sleeping, and Flare and Raven were sitting close to each other smiling.

“Great, just great.” said Marine. “I think the two are starting to like each other.” “I’d hate to be you right now.” said Yuki. “Those two voted off your friends leaving you to fight for yourself.” “I know.” said Marine. “I just want good luck to happen because I know they’ll get rid of me next.” “That reminds me, I have this for you.” said Yuki. She hands him a panda on a keychain carrying a jewel. “It’s a good luck charm.” she said. “It’ll probably bring you some luck.” “Thanks.” said Marine. “I’m sure this is going to help.”

Later the plane flies toward North America and lands at a Florida airport. “I feel hot all of a sudden.” said Dax. “Me too.” said Sparky. “Attention passengers!” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “You’d better change into your summer clothes because we’re at a hot place today!” “I guess I’d better get rid of this lab coat.” said Chloe. She takes it off showing that she had a short pink shirt underneath with Dax was drooling at. “Ha ha.” said Bluto laughing. “He likes the color pink.” “No I don’t!” shouted Dax. Chloe’s lab coat then lands on him.

Later the contestants had boarded out of the plane and were now on a bus to their stop. “Welcome to Orlando Florida!” announced Oweguy. “A nice hot place with palm trees, sunshine, and of course its fun places such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and Sea world!” “I love Disney World!” said Dax happy. “I don’t get to go much.” “You’re in luck Dax, the teams that win the challenge today will spend this weekend at a nice hotel of their choice right at Disney world!” explained Oweguy. “The losing teams however will stay on the plane while the team in dead last has to send someone home.” “So much for perfect vacation.” said Chloe.

After the bus ride the teams were at different transportation stations. “Your first challenge is a scavenger hunt.” explained Oweguy. “In each park here at Disney World there will be a clue which will lead to something that’ll help your team for challenge two. The team that manages to find the thing they’re looking for first will get an advantage in the first challenge.” “Where will we find our clues?” asked Dax. “Good question Dax.” replied Oweguy. “Each team has a park to find their clues at. Obviously I won’t make Team Goth go to the Magic Kingdom so Team Newbie’s you’ll go there instead. Team Electric will go to Epcot, Team Goth will go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Team Nature will go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.” “Good choice.” said Yuki. “You’ve got one hour to find all of your clues so no slacking off.” explained Oweguy. “Now let’s go!” The four teams run off to their parks with Team Newbie’s walking into the Magic Kingdom, Team Electric taking a monorail, and Team Goth and Team Nature taking a bus.

At the entrance to Epcot Team Electric stops at the ticket booth. “Hi we’d like to get into this park.” said Chloe. “Do you have enough money to get in?” asked the man at the counter. “How much money do you have guys?” asked Chloe. “I have fifty bucks from the time I won the lottery.” said Wentworth. “We’ll use that.” said Chloe. She hands the guy the money. “Have a nice day.” said the man. The team walks into the park ready to search for the clues.

Meanwhile at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Team Goth sit on a bench. “Well so far the only clue we’ve found is this one that guy at the counter gave me.” said Flare. “It says you’re next clue is somewhere with food and rockets.” Marine thinks for a second. “The Pizza Planet restaurant!” she said. “It’s got food and rockets.” “Well I’m impressed for once.” said Flare. “Take us there at once.” The three of them head off to Pizza Planet.

Meanwhile at the Magic Kingdom Team Newbie’s was at the center of the park. “Couldn’t we search the cool areas of the park?” asked Bluto. “Well I found our first clue on the Walt Disney statue.” said Nianah. “It says your first clue is located in a big tree.” Molly thinks for a second. “I know, the Swiss Family Robinson Tree!” she said. “Great!” said Nianah gladly. “This will be a piece of cake!” The team runs off to their destination.

At Animal Kingdom Yuki had found Team Nature’s first clue and was reading it. “It says it’s somewhere sandy.” She read. Kronk has trouble thinking of where it would be. “Me don’t know.” He said. “Kronk never had been to Disney World.” “Well a sandy place that’s here is the bone yard.” said Yuki. “Let’s check that out.” “Okay.” replied Kronk. “The two head off to the bone yard. Back at Epcot Team Electric had gotten a bunch of clues already. “We’ve done five clues and we haven’t found what we’re looking for yet.” said Chloe disappointed. “It’s been nothing but clues.” Dax then notices something on the ground. “What’s this?” he asked. “It was shown to be another envelope. “It’s another clue.” said Chloe. She opens it up and it said Look in the Trash. “Ew.” said Chloe disgusted. “Wentworth can you look in that trash can?” “Sure.” replied Wentworth. He puts on sanitary gloves and starts to dig through. “Let’s hope there’s not another clue in there.” said Chloe as trash started to fly by.

Back at Hollywood Studios Team Goth was carrying six envelopes with Raven reading the sixth one. “The next clue says it’s inside a hat.” She read. “Duh, the sorcerer hat.” said Marine. “Let’s hurry.” said Flare. “The others will catch up.” The three run to the sorcerer hat and right underneath it there were three helmets.

“Helmets?” asked Flare. “Is the next challenge a bike race?” “I don’t know but these are probably useful.” said Marine. “Hurry, back to where Oweguy is!” shouted Raven. The three leave the park with their helmets and board the bus back to Oweguy’s location.

Meanwhile back at Animal Kingdom Yuki was alone with a bunch of clues and elbow and knee pads. “Okay Kronk I found what we were looking for.” she said. She then notices that Kronk wasn’t with her. “Kronk where are you?” she asked. “In here.” replied Kronk who was behind some glass. “Why are you behind that glass?” asked Yuki. “Park men put me in here.” replied Kronk. “Where’s the guy who put you in?” asked Yuki. “Right next to you.” said Kronk. The park man was shown to be standing right next to Yuki the whole time.

“Excuse me sir but that ape belongs to me.” said Yuki. “You look familiar.” said the park keeper. He thinks for a few seconds. “Oh yeah, you’re Yuki from Total Drama Oweguy!” he said. “Yeah and that’s Kronk from Total Drama Oweguy.” “Why didn’t you say so.” said the park keeper. “You two continue what you’re doing.” He lets Kronk out and then gives both of them a Mickey lollipop. “Let’s get back to Oweguy.” said Yuki. They head back to the bus station as the two of them enjoy their lollipops.

Back at Oweguy’s area Team Goth arrives followed by Team Electric. “Congrats on making it first Team Goth.” said Oweguy. “You’re helmets will be useful in the next challenge and since you made it first you’ll also get these.” He hands the three of them tennis rackets. “Tennis rackets?” asked Flare. “Why all the sports stuff?” “Because you’ll need it for this.” replied Oweguy pointing to a machine placed at the center of the lake with a swinging bar covered in gym mats, platforms, and ball dispensers dropping hard balls. “Ah crap.” said Flare.

“Darn.” said Chloe. “We really could’ve used those rackets but at least our reward is good.” The team each had some shoulder pads. “Who would want to throw these out?” asked Wentworth looking at the shoulder pads. A few minutes later Team Nature had arrived followed by Team Newbie’s. “Figures we came in last.” said Nianah. “Our reward was band aids.” “Me and Kronk got Elbow Pads and Knee Pads.” said Yuki. “Don’t worry guys.” said Oweguy. “Each of your rewards will be useful. Now let’s move on to the next challenge.”

Later the contestants were on a boat that was right at the machine at the lake. “Arnold and the interns took a long time to make this machine.” explained Oweguy. “It’s based off that platform thingy from Wipeout but I added some ball dispensers that drop balls on you. During this challenge one person from each team must stay on the platforms and must jump when the bar heads toward them or else they’ll get knocked off. The balls are a threat too. The armor you’ve received will help you from getting hurt. As for you Team Goth, you’re tennis rackets will help knock the balls away which will give you an advantage in the challenge. Now then, each team must decide who’s going to do the challenge. You’ve got a minute to decide so choose wisely.”

“I’ll go for our team.” said Marine. “Whatever.” replied Flare. “I’ll go for Team Electric.” said Hendrick. “I’ll go for Team Newbie’s.” said Nianah. Kronk just points at Yuki making her go. “Okay everyone’s ready.” said Oweguy. “Here are some more rules. The person who is knocked off first his or her team will have to send someone home. The person who stays on the longest will grant their team invincibility. Got it? Now begin!”

The machine starts to spin the bar and the contestants looked nervous. “You guys better jump!” shouted Oweguy. Marine sees the bar and jumps in time, Yuki then follows and so does Nianah. Hendrick then sees Molly waving to him and he smiles but right when he looks at her the bar knocks him off and falls into the water screaming.

“Ooh, sorry Team Electric but your man is down.” said Oweguy. The four others look upset. The balls from the machine start to fall out and Nianah gets hit on the head and arms with the balls. “These band aids aren’t going to help!” she shouted. Another ball hits her in the stomach causing her to fall off the platform.

“We’ve got Marine and Yuki left.” announced Oweguy. “Whoever is the last one remaining wins the challenge for their team.” Marine then hits one of the balls away with her racket but after swinging there was a hole in it. “Crap!” shouted Marine. “I knew this racket wouldn’t work!” “Don’t worry Kronk.” said Yuki. “I’m going to help us win for our…” Before she can finish a ball hits her on the head and the bar then knocks her off with everyone staring at what happened. “Team Goth wins today’s challenge!” announced Oweguy. The team cheers in victory. “As a reward they get to spend the weekend here at Disney World!” “Can we choose the hotel?” asked Raven. “No you’re sharing mine.” replied Oweguy. “Drat!” shouted Flare. “C’mon Raven. Let’s go to a park for the next few hours.” “Will do.” she replied.

“In the meantime, with Team Nature and Team Newbie’s being in second and third place they are safe from elimination so sorry Team Electric but you’re going to the elimination room for the first time.” explained Oweguy. The team looks disappointed except for Hendrick who was hugging and kissing Molly. “I already know who to vote off.” said Chloe. “Me too.” said Dax. “Same here.” said Sparky and Wentworth. They all look at Hendrick who was too busy kissing Molly to notice.

Later at sunset Team Electric was on the plane. “Why are we on the plane if we’re just going to land back at Florida?” asked Chloe. “Because I want the eliminated person to jump out of the plane.” replied Oweguy. “Anyway you’ve all casted your votes so if you don’t get a peanut bag you’re out. The first bag goes to Chloe. Next two go to Sparky and Wentworth!” The three of them get their peanut bags leaving Dax and Hendrick in the bottom two. “Okay we’re down to the final peanut bag.” said Oweguy. “The person who’s receiving the final peanut bag is…..”

“…..Dax! Sorry Hendrick but your time here is up.” “What?” asked Hendrick. “What did I do?” “Oh making your team lose because you were too distracted with your love life.” explained Oweguy. “Now it’s time for you to leave.” “Can’t I say goodbye to Molly first?” asked Hendrick. “Nope.” replied Oweguy. “This program is about a half hour and we’ve got like three minutes left.” “Fine.” said Hendrick. He grabs his parachute and jumps out waving goodbye to Molly who was in the window looking sad. He then notices that he was about to land into the Jaws ride. “No no no no no!” he screamed and starts to scream in the water. “Mommy some weird guy is with the shark.” said a boy with his mom. “Just ignore him.” said his mom covering his eyes.

Later at night Oweguy was sitting on a porch from his hotel room looking at the Cinderella’s castle. “It’s so much fun to be a host.” He said to himself. Marine then walks in and sits next to him. “How’d you get in here?” he asked. “The lock on the door was busted.” She replied. “It’s such a nice time to be a host.” she said. “Yep.” replied Oweguy. The two watch the fireworks with Marine’s hand on Oweguy’s. “Such a nice night.” said Marine. “Yep.” replied Oweguy. The two then look at each other and then moved closer and started to kiss with Dax rising up from the porch. “Oh get out of here!” shouted Oweguy.

Meanwhile at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Flare and Raven were sitting at a bench in front of the Tower of Terror with their arms on their shoulders. “What a nice night.” said Raven. “Yeah.” replied Flare. They look at each other and start to kiss as well with Sparky and Wentworth rising up from under the bench. “Okay stop it with this gag!” shouted Flare.

Later on the plane Arnold is shown alone. “Okay I don’t know where Oweguy is so I have no choice but to close the episode.” he said ready to close the episode. “What will happen next? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism. Man I’m not cut out for this.”

Chapter 10: Terror on Monster Island

Last time on Total Drama Tourism we went on a Florida vacation. Well only for the winners. The losers had to spend their vacation on the plane. During the challenge the teams had to find clues for something to help them with the next challenge then they had to survive a machine with a swinging bar and ball dispensers. During the challenges Kronk accidently got caught by a park worker at Animal Kingdom while Wentworth dug through a trash can. In the end love struck Hendrick cost his team the win and he ended up jumping out of the plane. And finally I had a little kissing session with my girlfriend while Flare and Raven did the same. Vacation’s done now folks. As we now head to our next location who will be voted off next? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In the first class room Flare and Raven were asleep while Marine was drawing in a sketch pad. The drawing that she was drawing was a picture of Oweguy. She then writes to Oweguy from Marine and walks toward the entrance to his quarters and slips the drawing under. Oweguy then notices the drawing and smiles at it.

Meanwhile in loser class Team Electric, Team Newbie’s, and Team Nature were all sitting there looking bored. “So is your winning streak finally done?” asked Nianah to Team Electric who also looked happy. “Our winning streak will probably continue since love struck Hendrick is gone.” explained Chloe.” Nianah looks over Molly who looked sad about Hendrick being gone. “Well we might gain an advantage soon.” said Nianah. “I hope not.” said Chloe. Dax, Sparky, and Wentworth looked concerned about Chloe and Nianah fighting.

Meanwhile in the cockpit the Arnold dummy was piloting the plane with Jerry sitting in the other seat looking. Suddenly a giant silhouetted object appears and hits the plane with Jerry ducking. “Did you hear something?” asked Oweguy. “Something hit the plane.” said Arnold. One of the engines was shown to be hit by the impact and the plane then starts to fall down with everyone screaming. “We’re all gonna die!” shouted Wentworth. The plane then falls down toward an island with labs, planes, and security stuff on it but before it crashes a giant mechanical claw grabs it and safely places it on the run way.

Later the twelve contestants were in outside the plane and in front of one of the labs. “Yeah uh this is where we were supposed to land but I wasn’t expecting the near death experience.” explained Oweguy. “Thanks a lot for nearly killing us again.” said Flare. “Hey!” shouted Oweguy. “I saved you the last time!” “It’s true Flare.” said Marine. “Oh shut up.” replied Flare. “Where are we anyway?” asked Chloe. A giant monster roar is suddenly heard. “We’re on Monster Island!” replied Oweguy. “But I thought that place didn’t exist.” said Nianah. “This is a cartoon.” said Oweguy. “Fictional places can exist.” “Wait, we’re a cartoon?” asked Wenworth.

“Anyway, here’s the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “Each team must get through Monster Island in order to get all the way to the top of that mountain.” The mountain was shown to be very far away from where they were and also there was a giant nest on it. “It’s so far away.” said Yuki. “Yep.” replied Oweguy. “At the top of that mountain there is a Golden Oweguy. First team to grab it wins invincibility. Last team to arrive has to send someone home.” “Excuse me but why is there a nest on top of the mountain?” asked Chloe. “That nest is home to the giant pterodactyl Rodan.” replied Oweguy. Rodan’s roar is suddenly heard and everyone covers their ears while Oweguy had earmuffs. Everyone then sees Rodan fly over them and they all gasp in shock while Dax faints.

“Rodan will be an obstacle in today’s challenge.” explained Oweguy. “He’ll be guarding the treasure and beware, some people have taking a close look at him for proof that he exists but they’ve never come back.” Everyone gasps in shock. “How long will it take to reach the mountain?” asked Yuki. “Probably a day so you’ll have to sleep at night and in case you guys get lost here’s some walkie-talkies.” replied Oweguy. He gives each team some walkie-talkies. “Now I’m tired of waiting around so go get that statue!” he shouted. The four teams run off onto the dangerous island while Oweguy walks into the laboratory and sits in the security camera room with the people there watching. “At least I’m in the safe area.” He said.

As Rodan watches over his giant nest the four teams end up at a path that splits. “Uh oh, the path splits right here.” said Marine noticing. Raven takes a look and says “Let’s take the one on the left. That one looks safe.” “Alright.” said Flare agreeing. The team walks in with Team Electric looking. “Let’s follow them.” said Chloe. The team follows Team Goth into the left path while Team Newbie’s and Team Nature figure out where to go.

“Okay someone’s got to take the right path so let’s take the right path.” said Nianah. Bluto and Molly just shrug and follow her. “Let’s take the right.” said Yuki to Kronk. “Someone has to rescue them if they get in trouble.” Kronk nods in agreement and they set off on the right path.

Meanwhile Team Goth walks along and Raven forces them to stop. “It’s a lava pit.” she said showing a huge pool of lava and molten rocks. “How do we get across?” asked Marine. They then hear a loud crash sound and a huge rock falls on the lava which acts as a bridge. “That’ll work.” said Flare. “Hurry!” shouted Raven. “It’s starting to sink!” The team walks across the rock and it sinks into the lava as soon as the make it across. “That was close.” said Flare. “Let’s move on.” The Team moves on but behind them a giant claw leg lands behind them.

Back on the right path Team Newbie’s and Team Nature were close and the area they were at had a lot of giant spider webs. “What’s with these spider webs.” asked Nianah. “As I remember from some Japanese monster movies I think a giant spider lives on this island.” explained Yuki. “Me don’t like spiders.” said Kronk. “Well I don’t think there are any spiders’ here.” said Nianah. She then bumps into a giant hairy claw like leg. The two teams look up and see that above them was Kumonga the giant spider. “Oh crap.” said Nianah. The two teams run off as a blast of webbing gets sprayed behind them.

Later as sunset had arrived Team Goth was in a jungle close to the mountain with Team Electric shown in the trees behind them. “It’s starting to get dark.” said Raven. “Let’s spend the night here.” Chloe peeks through the trees and looks at Team Goth. “They’re stopping so let’s spend the night here.” She explained. “It’ll be too dangerous at night. “Okay.” said Dax. As the sun set the two teams had made camp and were sitting by campfires once it became dark. But near Team Electric’s camp a bunch of glowing eyes were in the trees.

Meanwhile Team Newbie’s and Kronk were tied up and hanging down in webbing but Yuki was gone. “Get me down from this!” shouted Nianah. “Where’s Yuki?” asked Molly. Bluto and Kronk suddenly fall down. The other two look and see Yuki burning the webbing with a torch who frees them. “Hurry, while it’s not looking.” she said. Team Newbie’s runs off while Yuki and Kronk notice the mountain close by and instead of joining the others they run up the mountain.

Back at Team Electric’s camp as they were sitting by the fire a bunch of screeching sounds were heard. “Is that your game Wentworth?” asked Chloe. “I didn’t bring it with me.” He replied. They hear the screeching’s again. “What is that?” asked Dax. The flame gets huge and a bunch of giant mantises were behind them and they start swarming them as the wind blows out the fire with them screaming.

Morning had arrived and Team Goth was the first to wake up. “Daybreak.” said Raven. “Let’s go get that statue.” The team then starts to run up the mountain as a giant silhouette flies over them.

At Team Electric’s camp the mantises had fled and all of them were covered in scratches and were tired. “Man what a night.” said Wentworth. “At least it can’t get any worse.” said Sparky. Rodan’s roar is suddenly heard and he swipes down and snatches Chloe with her screaming. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. Rodan then flies her toward the next. “Now what?” asked Dax to Sparky and Wentworth. The three then look over at a laboratory nearby with two people talking about a machine and they sneak over.

Near the top of the mountain Team Goth had made it to the top and see Rodan at his next and the Oweguy statue right near Chloe. “There’s the statue.” whispered Raven. “Who’s going to get it?” “I’ll get it.” said Marine. She sneaks toward the statue but as soon as she was about to grab it she sees Kronk about to grab it as well. “No way.” She said. “I saw it first.” “Kronk wants it!” shouted Kronk. Rodan hears Kronk screaming and turns around looking angry. He gives Marine the statue and runs off but is stopped by Yuki. “Uh.” said Marine looking nervous. The lucky charm that Yuki gave her was shown and the sun reflected on it which blinds Rodan for a second as well as Flare. “My eyes!” he shouted. He then slips and falls off onto a cliff below. “Ow my back.” He said. Raven looks worried about him.

At the lab Oweguy was watching the other contestants with Team Newbie’s in there as well. “I can’t believe you ended up back at the start.” He said. “Well we got attacked by a giant spider and accidentally ran the other way.” explained Nianah. “That’s a laugh.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, some of the contestants are about to be a Pterodactyl snack, including my Mariny-poo.” Bluto and Nianah look confused about what Oweguy said about Marine. He then sees a giant thing fly on one of the cameras. “What was that?” asked Molly. No one replied because they didn’t know.

As Rodan is shown to about to eat Marine two missiles explode into the rock wall and Rodan covers himself with his wings. “What was that?” asked Flare. A huge rock then lands on both his legs and he screams in pain. Marine, Chloe, Raven, Kronk, and Yuki look at where the missiles came from and they see the rest of Team Electric controlling Mechagodzilla.

“We’re here to rescue you Chloe!” shouted Dax. Rodan flies off from his next to challenge the boys while Marine runs off with the statue. “I think my legs are broken.” said Flare lying on the cliff rock. Two more missiles crash into the wall and the rock he was on breaks off and slides down the mountain with him screaming. He then sees that he was headed toward the lava pool. “Aw…” Before he could finish he falls into the lava and screams in pain. Raven looked worried while Marine stares at her good luck charm.

As the Team Electric boys continue fighting Rodan they grab him by the throat and begin to strangle him. “What are you going to do now pterodactyl butt?!” taunted Dax. Rodan looks mad and then breathes fire on the arm which causes it to melt off. “Aw ottsel fudge!” shouted Dax. At the bottom Flare crawls out all burnt and his legs twisted as a huge shadow appears above him. “Ah crap.” He said. Mechagodzilla’s arm then crushes him.

“Raven we have a problem.” said Marine. The two notice that the top part of the statue was gone. “Great.” said Raven upset. “Where did the other half go?” “We have it.” said Yuki who was carrying the other half. “Let’s head back to the lab.” said Marine. “With what?” asked Raven. They see two old hang gliders and use them to fly back to the lab. “Wait, what about Flare?” asked Raven. “It’s too dangerous where he is.” replied Marine. The two teams fly with Raven looking behind.

Back at the lab Oweguy and Team Newbie’s were watching a YouTube video laughing as they heard screeching outside. “Let me check that.” said Oweguy. He walks out and sees Marine and Yuki forming the complete statue with Raven and Kronk behind them. “Congrats on making it first Team Goth and Team Nature!” congratulated Oweguy. He then noticed something. “Where’s Flare?” he asked. Two Japanese doctors were carrying a burnt and mangled Flare. “This guy’s been seriously hurt so we’re taking him to the closest hospital.” said one of the doctors. “Okay.” replied Oweguy. “Is there one last thing to say to me Flare?” asked Raven. “Yeah.” He said weakly. “Is my hair okay?” she frowns in disappointment. Flare was then put in a helicopter and was flown away.

“Well with that Flare’s out of the competition.” explained Oweguy. “Before we can leave, we need to wait for Team Electric.” Mechagodzilla lands in front of them and the boys slide down on a rope along with the rescued Chloe. “We made it!” cheered Dax. “Yes, but you didn’t win the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “The winners are Team Goth and Team Nature.” Team Electric looked disappointed but they then hear Rodan again seeing that he was about to attack them again. “Yikes!” screamed Oweguy. “Let’s get out of here!” The eleven contestants board the plane and flies off and disappears with Rodan shaking his fist in anger at the plane.

In first class Team Goth and Team Nature were relaxing with only two people on each team now. “So Flare went to the hospital?” asked Yuki. “Yep.” replied Raven disappointed. “Um were you two dating?” asked Yuki. “Sort of.” replied Raven. “But I shouldn’t focus on love. I need to focus on the game. Marine and Yuki sneak off and Yuki takes a look at the good luck charm. “This charm is more powerful than I thought.” said Marine. “At least Flare’s gone but I think you should look out for Raven.” explained Yuki. “I will.” said Marine looking back at Raven.

“And that concludes another exciting episode of Total Drama Tourism.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With now two teams down to two people will they survive until the merge? What will happen with Marine and Raven next? What about the others? Where will our next location be? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!

Chapter 11: Jungle Boogie

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the contestants took a visit to dangerous Monster Island. There they encountered giant bugs, got caught in webbing, battled a monster, and fell in lava. In the end Team Goth and Team Nature emerged victorious but Team Goth was now down to two when Flare experienced bad karma by falling off the mountain, getting his limbs crushed, falling in lava, and having a giant mechanical arm fall on him, sending the bad daredevil packing. Eleven contestants remain. Who will be the next one to jump out of this plane? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

As the plane heads off towards its next destination Team Goth and Team Nature were sitting in first class quietly. “Both are teams are down to two.” said Raven. “This totally sucks.” “I know.” said Marine. “Pretty soon Team Electric and Team Newbie’s will get stronger due to there being four and three members on each team compared to us only having two.” “Don’t worry.” said Yuki. “There are eleven of us left. Pretty soon it’ll be the merge and we’ll have nothing to worry about.” “I sure hope so.” said Marine. She pulls out her good luck charm and holds it tightly in her hand.

Meanwhile in the economy class Team Electric and Team Newbie’s were sitting in there. “Loser class again?” asked Nianah. “I told you we should’ve had asked them for directions.” “Hey at least we didn’t lose a team member.” said Bluto. “True, but we must try and win invincibility again soon.” said Nianah. “I don’t want to be in here again.” “Don’t worry.” said Molly. “I’m sure we’ll be back in first class soon.” “I hope so.” said Nianah with a look on her face knowing that they weren’t going to be back in first class.

Later the plane was shown to be flying near Africa and Oweguy then turns on the intercom. “Attention contestants.” He said. “Please meet me at the elimination ceremony room where I’ll be announcing today’s challenge.” “I hope it’s a fun challenge.” said Dax. “Ah once you start it it’s not really that fun.” said Bluto. “True.” said Nianah.

The eleven contestants were now in the elimination room with parachutes in front of them. “Today’s challenge is for you to be like Tarzan’s of the jungle and spend one night in this African jungle.” explained Oweguy. “Oh boy, another camping trip!” cheered Dax. “At least it’s not going to be in Antarctica this time.” said Raven. “Well this time it’ll be different.” said Oweguy. “You’ll have less food and water than before this time. Plus you’ll have some hunting weapons for catching a meal.” “It’s only spears.” said Nianah. “Yeah the other hunting equipment I had was busted after Arnold and I came in contact with a bear family.” explained Oweguy. “Ouch.” said Marine.

“So is this everything for the challenge?” asked Yuki. “Only one last thing.” said Oweguy. “Take off your clothes and put on these loin clothes to make you official jungle people.” Everyone groans except for Kronk. “Kronk you’re good.” said Oweguy. “You don’t wear pants anyway.” “Okays.” said Kronk. “Lucky ape.” said Nianah.

A few minutes later the contestants were in their jungle outfits and started to jump out of the plane with one person from each team carrying their supplies. “Last thing to say for the challenge.” said Oweguy. “The first team to arrive back will win the challenge while the last team to arrive will lose. If two teams arrive at the same time then it’ll result in a tie. “Now enjoy a day in the African jungle and I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning.” The contestants jump out with Marine last giving Oweguy a goodbye kiss and jumping out of the plane.

In one part of the forest Team Goth lands in an area with their team logo as the landing point. “This must be where we’ll be spending the night.” said Raven. “Okay, we’ll set up camp here.” said Marine. She sets up the tent while Raven makes a fire pit. “It’s odd that there’s only two of us left.” said Marine. “Yeah, I miss Flare.” said Raven. “We shouldn’t argue today.” said Marine. “We need to win this challenge okay.” She holds out her handing hoping for Raven to agree with her in which she does.

Meanwhile Team Electric was setting up their camp with Wentworth’s stomach growling. “I’m hungry.” said Wentworth. “Well try not to eat all the food.” said Chloe. “We need that food to survive and like Oweguy said, there’s not that much this time.” “Alright but can I at least have this huge chocolate bar?” asked Wentworth. “Sure.” said Chloe. He eats it very fast and still feels hungry. “A bit more food wouldn’t hurt.” He said who then continues to eat the food in the box.

Meanwhile at Team Newbie’s camp the team had set up their tent and fire pit. “Okay, we need to work together in order to win.” explained Nianah. “Bluto, gather some food in case we run out. Molly, make sure you start the fire before it gets dark. I’ll set up the inside of the tent.” “Sounds good.” said Bluto. He grabs one of the spears and heads off into the jungle while Molly sets up the wood in the fire pit. “We’re definitely not going to lose this time.” said Nianah.

Meanwhile Team Nature lands at their camping spot only to see a hut already there. “Uh oh.” said Yuki. “I think someone lives here.” “Hey!” shouted someone from the hut. “Keep it down! I’m trying to take my monkey nap!” An old ape that looked like Kronk walks out of the hut. “What’s wrong father?” asked another ape who was wearing glasses and had a beard. He then sees Kronk who shouts “Papa!” “Son!” shouted the ape. “Wait, you’re Kronk’s dad?’ asked Yuki. “Who are you?”asked Kronk’s dad. “She’s teammate.” replied Kronk. “Well I see she has food so let’s use it for the party.” said Kronk’s dad swiping the container of food. “Hey, give that back!” shouted Yuki but she notices that they didn’t hear her and had ran into the hut leaving her alone. “Who needs Kronk.” She said. “I’ll do the challenge by myself.” She then starts setting the tent and fire pit up but keeps getting interrupted by Kronk’s family. “This is going to be a long challenge.” She said looking like she was getting a headache.

Night had arrived and Team Goth had cooking some meat over a fire. “It’s a good thing you’ve gone hunting before.” said Marine to Raven. “Techically it was my dad who taught me,” replied Raven. “Well with our teamwork we shall make it till morning.” said Marine. “Oweguy will probably get us tomorrow morning.” The two finished eating their food and Raven then yawns and says “Well time to hit the hay.” “You said it.” replied Marine. “If you wake up near morning, be sure to wake me up.” “Deal.” said Raven yawning who then falls asleep alone with Marine.

Meanwhile at Team Electric’s camp Chloe was going through the food container and was upset because most of the food was gone. “Wentworth you idiot!” she shouted. “You ate most of the food! All we have left are some candy bars that have gone bad and some dried fruit!” “Sorry.” said Wentworth disappointed. “I just got hungry. “Well what do we eat now?” asked Chloe. “This dried fruit doesn’t even look good.” “I have my stash of food from the plane.” said Sparky. “That’ll do.” said Chloe. “Why don’t you want to hunt for food?” asked Dax. “Because I’m a vegetarian and I hate to kill animals.” replied Chloe. “Oh.” said Dax. He then eats one of the chocolate bars from the box.

Back at Team Newbie’s camp the team was sleeping but Molly was shaking around. “What’s wrong?” asked Nianah. “I have to pee like crazy but who knows what dangerous animals are outside in the jungle. “Just go in this cup.” said Nianah throwing her a cup. As Bluto sleeps he hears a trickle sound. “Mom, turn off that faucet.” He said. The trickle continues. “I said turn off that faucet!” he said again getting angry. It still continues. “I said turn off that…” he then sees that it was Molly peeing in the cup but luckily sees her from behind. He then runs out of the tent screaming and saying ew over and over.

Back at Kronk’s families’ hut Kronk and his family which consisted of his mom, his dad, his grandparents, his older brother, and his younger sister were all having a laugh which was keeping Yuki awake. “Tell us about the time you tried to eat the world’s largest banana.” said Kronk’s Dad. “Okay.” said Kronk. “I can’t sleep like this.” said Yuki. She grabs her sleeping bag and runs out into the jungle and settles down deep in the woods. “Now I’ll get a good night’s sleep.” She said falling asleep.

Morning had arrived and the sun reflected on Raven’s face waking her up. “It’s morning.” She said to Marine who wakes up when she touches her. “Doesn’t seem like Oweguy’s here yet so let’s have some breakfast.” said Marine. “Okay.” said Raven. “Then one of us will look out for Oweguy.” As Raven walks out Marine pulls out her lucky charm and opens the middle which was shown to have a picture of Oweguy. “This is for our love.” She whispered to herself.

Back at Team Electrics camp they hear a large rumble and gurgle sound. “What was that?” asked Chloe. “Sorry.” said Wentworth. “I’m hungry.” “Well thank your stomach for waking us up.” said Chloe. “It’s morning so let’s prepare for Oweguy’s arrival.” “But first let’s eat.” Said Wentworth. “Sparks, do you have any cereal with you?” “I’ve got Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch.” replied Sparky. “Lucky Charms will do.” said Wentworth taking the cereal.

At Team Newbie’s camp Nianah was rolling up the tent, Bluto was packing up the supplies, and Molly was emptying her pee cup. “Why’d you scream last night?” asked Nianah. “I accidentally saw Molly peeing.” replied Bluto. “Well you should watch out for what you see.” said Nianah. “Remember, this is a kids / teens show.” “At least I didn’t see her from the front.” said Bluto. “Yeah, that would be bad.” said Nianah. “Now hurry, Oweguy will be here any minute.”

Back in the woods Yuki wakes up with reddish and baggy eyes. “Man those nighttime animals were loud.” She said. “I’d better wait for Oweguy and get Kronk. But he’s going to pay for his family ruining my night.” She walks through the woods angry about what Kronk’s family has done for her.

Above the African jungle the plane arrives and four ropes fall down from it. “Ahoy jungle folk!” shouted Oweguy. “The challenge is done! The team that gets up here first wins!” Team Goth and Team Newbie’s both grab the ropes at the same time while Team Electric follows. Back at Team Natures camp an angry Yuki drags Kronk out of the hut. “What’s wrong?” asked Kronk. She doesn’t reply back. “I can’t climb much more.” said Wentworth. “Well hurry.” said Chloe. As Oweguy reads a book in the plane he hears five thumps and looks down. “We have yet another tie!” announced Oweguy. “Team Goth and Team Newbie’s have arrived at the same time so they’re first!” The two teams cheer in victory. “Now let’s see which the team that is not first and not last.” Team Electric then bored the plane looking exhausted lastly followed by Team Nature. “Team Electric is safe from elimination while Team Nature has to send someone home.” explained Oweguy. Kronk looks disappointed while Yuki falls asleep from her long night.

In first class Team Goth and Team Newbie’s were back in their regular clothing and enjoying first class. “I feel bad about what happened to Yuki today.” said Marine. “Whatever.” said Raven. “At least both our team and Team Newbie’s had used strategy to win.” “True.” said Nianah. “We used strategy to win.” “Now let’s forget about the game for now and enjoy first class.” The five of them relax in the first class chairs.

Later in the elimination room Team Nature was sitting there with Yuki well rested. “This is a tough decision.” said Oweguy. “Since there are only two of you left I skipped the peanut bags today. So instead it’s a sudden death elimination. Any one of you has a chance of leaving.” Kronk and Yuki gasp in horror. “Here’s how it’ll work, this roulette has both of your faces on it.” explained Oweguy. “Whichever person the arrow lands on is leaving.” Arnold spins the arrow. “Here we go.” said Oweguy. “The person leaving today is…..”

The arrow lands on Kronk. “…..Kronk!” announced Oweguy. Yuki sighs in relief with Kronk looking disappointed. “Cheer up Kronk.” said Oweguy. “Your family’s down below.” Kronk then grabs a parachute and a giant inflatable banana and jumps out of the plane. “Wait for Kronk guys!” he shouted as he falls down into the jungle with Oweguy, Yuki, Arnold, and Jerry who was on the plane wing staring. “Let’s hope he survives the fall.” said Oweguy.

“That’s ten contestants off of this plane now.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “As we now reach the final ten what will happen next? Will Marine and Raven continue working together? Will Team Newbie’s get stronger? And where’s my pudding cup? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 12: Where Have They Landed?

Instead of the normal recap on the plane it shows a nice resort with Bridgette standing in the front. “Hello everyone.” she said. “Bridgette here hired by Oweguy to check out his fancy beach club and resort for losers. This is his own version of Playa Des Losers and today he told me to check out how the eliminated contestants are doing. Let’s check them out.”

As she walks in the nine eliminated contestants were doing a bunch of different stuff. Kuro and Hendrick were sunbathing, Chad and Emily were making out in the hot tub, Pat and Bianca were swimming, Jasmine was getting food at the snack bar, and Kronk was eating bananas from a banana tree that was in a pot. Flare was sitting near the snack bar not being able to swim due to that he had two casts on his legs and was in a wheelchair.

“This place is sweet.” said Kuro. “It beats competing.” “True that.” said Hendrick. “Although I do miss Yuki.” said Kuro. “Same for me with Molly.” said Hendrick. “But we shouldn’t miss them too much. Let’s just enjoy the resort.” “You’re right.” said Kuro. “I want to work up on a tan.” Despite saying that he puts a whole bunch of sun screen on as well as covering most of his body with a parasol. “It’ll probably take a while.” said Hendrick watching what Kuro did.

As Pat and Bianca catch their breaths after swimming Bridgette walks over to talk to them. “So how do you like this resort guys?” she asked. “Its great.” said Pat. “This place is better than that cruddy old plane.” “I agree but I do wish I was still competing.” said Bianca. “Speaking of which, where’s Jerry?” asked Pat. “When I arrived here I was the only one despite being voted off second.” “Last time I saw him was in Peru but he got run over by a boulder and I haven’t seen him since.” explained Bianca. “Well I last saw Jerry in London.” said Jasmine. “Well apparently he’s still on the plane.” said Bridgette. “At least I think so. All I’ve got was this tape from a camera in the cargo hold.” She puts it in a video player and starts it.

The tape shows inside the cargo hold of Oweguy’s plane and nearby a silhouetted person with red eyes resembling Jerry was there behind two crates. A rat goes behind the crates and the figure goes behind them and there are suddenly loud squeaking sounds. The figure comes back up and notices the camera and throws an ax at it ending the video.

“Wow that’s not the same Jerry back in New York.” said Pat. “Or Peru.” said Bianca. “Or even London.” said Jasmine. “I would call Oweguy but his plane doesn’t have a phone unfortunately.” explained Bridgette. “But let’s forget about Jerry. I should catch up on everyone else around here.” “You do that.” said Pat jumping back into the pool.

Bridgette then walks over to Kuro and Hendrick who were getting tanned. “Kuro, how did you think of the competition this season?” Bridgette asked. “It was alright.” replied Kuro who was a teeny bit darker than what he would normally look. “I hoped to make it farther but ole Flare managed to beat me in a tiebreaker. But I’m not that upset. I’d managed to win last season.” “That’s true.” said Bridgette. “Don’t you still have some money left over?” “2000 dollars remaining.” replied Kuro. “That’s more than I make in a year helping out with my dad.” said Hendrick shocked.

“Hendrick, what did you think of the competition?” asked Bridgette. “It was alright.” He said. “Most of the contestants on my team were pretty nice as well as Team Goth and Team Nature. The only people I didn’t really think were nice were Flare, Raven, Bluto, and Nianah.” “Hey!” shouted Flare. “I resent that!” Jasmine pushes his wheelchair down and he has trouble getting up.

“Wasn’t there someone on the show you really liked?” asked Bridgette. “Yeah.” said Hendrick. “I thought Molly was super cute when I met her on day one but I was too nervous to tell her. But she figured out that I love her by kissing me in first class, but it did cost my team the win and sending me here but I like it here and I’m sure Molly’s doing fine.” “I think so too dude.” said Kuro. “It’s the same with Yuki doing fine without me.” “Yuki’s also the last member of Team Nature remaining.” said Pat. “True.” said Kronk from the tree. “Wow.” said Kuro. “She’s stronger than I thought.”

Bridgette then walks over to Jasmine and Flare at the snack bar. Jasmine was eating a burger while Flare was struggling to get up. “Hello guys.” greeted Bridgette. “Hello.” replied Jasmine. “Yo blondie.” said Flare. “Help me up.” Bridgette doesn’t look happy but helps him up anyway. “So Jasmine, how did you enjoyed this season?” she asked Jasmine. “It was fine but I wish I made it farther but someone managed to ruin my chances at winning.” explained Jasmine pointing at Flare when she said someone. “I was hoping you’d get farther too but there’s always next season.” said Bridgette. “Yep.” said Jasmine a little disappointed.

“Now Flare, how was your time on Total Drama Tourism?” asked Bridgette to Flare. “It sucked.” he replied. “The plane food was gross when we weren’t in first class, the plane was a piece of junk, I got seriously injured, and everyone wasn’t cool.” Jasmine looked upset about what he said. “Except for one person.” he continued. Both Bridgette and Jasmine looked shocked about what he said. “Did he just say?” asked Bridgette. “Yep, he did.” replied Jasmine.

“The only person I liked on the show was Raven.” explained Flare. “We didn’t act lovey-dovey on purpose; we really had something for each other. But now that’s she’s still on that broken down plane and I’m stuck here all broken legged I’m feeling miserable.” Everyone including Kuro and Jasmine looked sad about what Flare just said. “That was so sweet.” said Pat. “Why was he such a jerk during season one?” “I don’t know.” said Jasmine feeling disappointed about Flare.

“We’ve still got three people left to talk to so let’s go see Chad, Emily, and Kronk.” explained Bridgette. Chad and Emily were still making out in the hot tub while Kronk drops down from the tree with a banana in hand. Bridgette then walks over noticing Chad and Emily. “I swear I’ve seen this before.” She said. The two stop making out when they hear her. “Uh hi Bridgette.” said Chad. Bridgette snickers and says “You two are just like me and Geoff when we’re making out.” “Aw that’s nice.” said Emily.

“So Emily, what did you like about Total Drama Tourism?” asked Bridgette. “I liked it but someone made me go home early.” replied Emily disappointed. “Well apparently the cameras show that it was Raven who ruined your painting that got you a bad score.” explained Bridgette. Emily and Chad both gasped in shock. “That two faced son of a…” the word she said gets bleeped out with Chad looking surprised.

“You know, I have a feeling that I was sabotaged too.” said Chad. “My surfboard was slippery in the Hawaiian challenge which got me eliminated. I have a feeling it was Raven.” “Think again Chad.” said Bridgette. “We caught the person who sabotaged you on tape.” Bridgette plays the tape showing the contestant’s surfboards before the challenge started and Nianah putting the grease on Chad’s surfboard leaving Chad with a shocked face. “I can’t believe I got booted off by that jerk of a girl.” He said angry at what he saw. “Same with me.” said Emily. The two look at each other and start making out again. “Well I guess I won’t talk to Chad about his time on the show but we are running out of time so I’ll talk to the last person here which happens to be Kronk.” explained Bridgette as Chad and Emily kiss in the background.

Kronk was shown to be eating bananas near some planted banana trees while Bridgette walks over. “Hello girl who likes to surf.” greeted Kronk. “My name’s Bridgette.” She said a little upset that he didn’t know her name. “Now I’m here to talk to you about your time on Total Drama Tourism. For one thing, I’m impressed that you made it this far without returning.” “Kronk has improved since season one.” said Kronk. “Yeah but you lost your chances at making it farther once you arrived in that African Jungle.” explained Bridgette. Kronk looked disappointed about what she said.

“Now about your time this season, what did you like most of all?” “Me liked the plane food and the challenges as well as teammates.” explained Kronk. Bridgette looked a bit disgusted at the food part. “Well I’m glad you liked the challenges and your teammates but I do recall that you were in the bottom two whenever your team had to vote.” She explained. “But Kronk was safe each time.” said Kronk. “Yeah but then you arrived in the African jungle and your family ruined your chances at winning.” said Bridgette. Kronk then realized what she just said and looked sad at first but his face slowly turned into an angry one. “Parents ruined chances at winning!” he screamed. “Uh oh.” said Bridgette. Kronk grabs a lamp post and runs off screaming with everyone staring. “What’s with monkey butt?” asked Flare. “Oh he’s just a little upset.” replied Bridgette. Kronk then comes back all soaking wet. “Kronk couldn’t swim.” He said. Everyone just rolls their eyes.

“And there you have it.” said Bridgette. “It seems our losers are doing just fine after getting eliminated. In the meantime, how are the remaining ten doing? What fierce challenges will they face next? Will there be more hook ups? And what will happen with Jerry? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism! You know maybe I should host someday.

Chapter 13: When In Rome

Last time on Total Drama Tourism, the four teams camped out in an African jungle. Kronk had a family reunion, Marine and Raven worked together, Wentworth ate most of his team’s food, and Bluto saw Molly peeing in a cup. In the end Team Goth and Team Newbie’s won immunity and Team Nature went back to the elimination room after avoiding it for a while. Since two people were left the vote was done by using a roulette and Kronk ended up being the one to jump out of the plane. We’ve have ten contestants left on the plane. How much longer can they survive? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In first class Team Goth and Team Newbie’s were sitting around. Marine was drawing in a sketch book, Raven was sleeping, Bluto was using a dumbbell, Nianah was writing in note pad, and Molly was reading a Sports Illustrated magazine.

“What’s with the notepad?” asked Bluto. “I’m strategizing.” replied Nianah. “There’s ten of us left and I’m worried that Team Electric is going to beat all of us due to having four members compared to us having three, Team Goth having two, and Team Nature with only one.” “Don’t worry.” said Bluto. “There are ten of us left so I’m sure soon enough it’ll be the merge.” “Oweguy could wait until the final eight probably to start the merge but just in case we should take down anyone that’s a threat.” explained Nianah. “I agree.” said Bluto. “Good, we’ll work together until the merge.” said Nianah. Bluto then thinks for a second when she said work until the merge and then gets up and leaves.

Meanwhile in loser class Team Electric was sitting on one side while Yuki was sitting on the other side. “Sorry your team is down to one Yuki.” said Chloe. “It’s okay.” said Yuki. “The teams will probably merge soon anyway.” “I hope so.” said Wentworth. “I have a feeling the other teams are going to get stronger.” “Well we just have to find out until we get to our next location.” said Chloe. “I guess so.” said Yuki.

About an hour later the plane flies toward Italy and later the ten contestants were outside the plane with Oweguy walking toward them.

“Excuse me Oweguy but I believe we’ve already been to Italy.” explained Raven a little upset that they were back in Italy. “True Raven but were in a different part of Italy last time.” explained Oweguy. “Today we’re visiting the capital of Italy. Rome!” “Cool.” said Dax.

“Rome is home to a huge town, magnificent buildings, originally home to the Roman Empire, and also home to its most recognizable icon, the Colosseum!” Everyone except for Raven and Nianah looked amazed when he mentioned the colosseum. “For today’s challenge we’ll be having gladiator fights similar to a tournament.” explained Oweguy. “Two people will be fighting against each other and will move to the next round when they beat the person in the first round. Whoever beats the person in the last round will win.” “Ha, I’m good at fighting!” shouted Bluto. “I once sent the champion of my schools boxing team to the hospital.” “I think that’ll grant us the win.” said Nianah.

“Oh, one more thing.” said Oweguy. “Since we’re now in the final ten I’m busting up the teams. No more Team Goth, Electric, Newbie’s, or Nature, just every man and woman for themselves.” Some of the contestants looked shocked while some looked relieved. “So much for working together.” said Bluto quietly.

“Here’s how it’ll go for round one.” explained Oweguy. “Bluto will battle Chloe, Dax will battle Marine, Molly will battle Nianah, Raven will battle Sparky, and Wentworth will battle Yuki.” “Sounds good.” said Wentworth. “Now I might get sued for hurting you with swords so instead of swords you’ll be using these giant foam bats.” explained Oweguy handing them the foam bats. “There are five platforms inside the colosseum that’ll lift up into the air. The person remaining on the platform will move on to round two, okay? Now let’s get this challenge started!”

The contestants stand on the platforms and they then lift up into the air but not very high due to the hard ground. “And begin!” shouted Oweguy as Arnold blew a battle horn. “I’m defiantly going to be sorry for hurting you.” said Wentworth to Yuki. “I’ll be fine.” She replied. Everyone starts to hit each other with their bats and Bluto manages to whack Chloe off. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. Marine then knocks Dax off while he wasn’t looking. “That was just too easy.” She said.

Everyone continues to fight as Raven manages to knock Sparky off and Wentworth manages to whack Yuki off. “Sorry.” said Wentworth. “I’m alright.” she said from the ground. “I think I can manage to knock down my former teammate.” said Nianah to Molly. However she then hits Nianah off the platform to the ground. “I forgot to tell you I’ve done fencing.” said Molly. Nianah looks angry as she lies on the ground.

“Time for round two!” announced Oweguy. “Since there’s five left here’s an addition to challenge. Two people will fight and one person needs to be rescued but that one person won’t be in the final round. The person who needs to be rescued will be chosen at random and that person is.....Raven!” “What?” she asked. “Why?” “Because I picked you randomly.” replied Oweguy. “Plus I had my eyes closed.” Raven looked upset because she wasn’t in the final round. “Okay the parings this time will be Wentworth vs. Molly and Bluto vs. Marine.” explained Oweguy. “Two people will be advancing to the last round and the person who rescues Raven first will get an advantage in the last round. The people who are knocked off the platform will not move on, okay? Now let’s begin!” Arnold blows the battle horn.

Wentworth, Bluto, Marine, and Molly start fighting each other as Raven watches. “I’ll never let you rescue Raven!” shouted Bluto to Marine. “I don’t even want to save her.” said Marine. “Look up there!” shouted Bluto with Marine looking up. “I don’t see any…” before she can finish Bluto knocks her off with Oweguy screaming and manages to catch her before she lands on the ground. “Gotcha sweetie poo.” he said with her smiling when he calls her that. “Aw, so cute.” said Dax.

Wenthworth then manages to knock Molly down with him saying sorry again but sees that Bluto had managed to rescue Raven first. “No!” cried Wentworth. “Ha, sorry sucker.” taunted Bluto. “Bluto has rescued Raven first so he gains an advantage in the final round.” explained Oweguy. Arnold then hands him a shield. “A shield?” asked Bluto. “That’s right, for protection for the last round.” explained Oweguy. “I’m starting to like this.” said Bluto. “Sorry fatty but I guess you won’t get invincibility in this round.” Wentworth then starts looking mad.

For the last round the platform was gone and they were now fighting in the center of the colosseum. “Alright, for this last round Wentworth and Bluto must stay inside this giant white circle.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever gets knocked out of it first will lose and the person remaining in the circle will win invincibility.” Bluto smiles victoriously at Wentworth. “A little extra for this challenge.” said Oweguy. “To make this challenge harder I’ve added a voracious boar to attack you!” The boar was shown to be a bear with tusks tied to its mouth. “Can the producers on this show manage to get an actual boar?” asked Raven. “I doubt it.” said Sparky.

“One last thing.” said Oweguy. “To make this like an actual roman fight, please put on these Roman costumes that the interns made.” “It doesn’t even look shiny.” said Bluto. “Yeah the interns don’t really have enough money.” explained Oweguy. “Probably because you don’t pay them.” said Raven. “No I pay them, it’s just that those people just waste their money on a whole bunch of crappy junk.” “Those interns never learned to save money.” said Arnold. “I spend my money at once too.” said Sparky. “I guess that’s why I can’t afford stuff for school projects.” Chloe just rolls her eyes.

Later Wentworth and Bluto got into their outfits and started to fight with everyone watching. Nianah then walks over to Raven as Wentworth and Bluto continued fighting.

“Raven?” whispered Nianah. “I have a question for you.” “Shoot.” whispered Raven. “If Bluto loses I want you to convince some of the others to vote him off because he’s a threat and I’d rather leave the strategists to the girls, okay?” asked Nianah. “Deal.” replied Raven.

As the fight continues Bluto starts to whack Wentworth near the white line. He tries to hit him back but he blocks the bat with his shield. “Ha, there’s no way you’ll win now!” shouted Bluto. “Look out!” shouted Wentworth. “Ha!” shouted Bluto. “I’m not going to fall for that…” The bear suddenly hits Bluto knocking him out of the white circle. “That’s what I warned you about!” shouted Wentworth.

Oweguy then walks over toward Wentworth. “Well it appears Bluto got knocked out of the ring by the boar but since Wentworth’s the last one standing he wins invincibility!” he announced. “Yay!” cheered Wentworth. “I knew I would win!” “As for the rest of you, please vote off anyone you’d want other than Wentworth.” explained Oweguy as the contestants looked at each other.

Back on the plane Nianah was near the bathroom door with Jerry looking angrily at her behind a trash can but hides when Raven walks in. “Did you convince the others?” asked Nianah. “Some already wanted to vote him off but I told some to vote him off.” replied Raven. “Perfect.” said Nianah. “Then my plan is settled.” The two had a victorious look on their faces.

Later in the elimination room the ten contestants were sitting in the seats waiting for Oweguy to announce the results. “Welcome to the first merge elimination.” said Oweguy. “You’ve all casted your votes and now it’s time to see who will jump out of the plane. On this plate there are nine bags of Oweguy peanuts and whoever doesn’t get one is eliminated. Wentworth since you won the challenge you get the first peanut bag.” He throws the bag at him which he catches. “Thanks Owe.” said Wentworth as he started to eat the peanuts. “The next three bags go to Dax, Sparky, and Chloe.” announced Oweguy with them catching their bags. “Marine, you’re safe as well and so is Molly.” The two catch their bags. “Next two bags go to Yuki and Raven. The two catch their bags leaving Nianah and Bluto in the bottom two. “Nianah, reasons for you being in the bottom two, being rude to others.” said Oweguy. “Hey!” shouted Nianah. “It’s called strategy.” “And Bluto, reasons for you, getting pawned by a bear and being a very bossy guy.” said Oweguy. “I don’t want to hear anymore about me thanks.” said Bluto. “Okay, the last bag of peanuts goes to…..”

“…..Nianah!” announced Oweguy. “Sorry Bluto but your time is up.” “What?!” asked Bluto upset. “You heard the man, time for you to jump out.” said Nianah. “You sneaky little jerk!” shouted Bluto figuring out that it was her who planned his elimination. “You’ll pay for this!” “Oh would you look at the time.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for you to go.” He pushes Bluto out of the plane with a parachute in his hand screaming as he plummets down.

“Wentworth since you won you’re allowed to have one person join you in first class.” explained Oweguy. “Who do you want with you?” Wentworth thinks for a few seconds. “I’m going to invite my best friend Sparky with me.” “Yay!” cheered Sparky joining beside him. “Well that’s that.” said Oweguy. “You two enjoy first class. The rest of you have to spend the flight in loser class.” Nianah looks upset by that.

Before Marine heads into loser class Oweguy signals her over to tell her something. “I made this for you.” he said giving her a skull necklace that opened up so you can put a picture in. “It’s very nice.” said Marine giving Oweguy a kiss and heading into loser class.

“That’s one more contestant out of the plane.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Nianah and Raven continue convincing others to vote off threats? Can Marine and I keep our relationship a secret much longer? Who will win the next challenge? And who will be the next one to jump out of this plane? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 14: Japandemonium

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the teams were dissolved as the remaining ten contestants had fun in Rome. They battled each other gladiator style, rescued a damsel in distress, and got owned by a bear. In the end Wentworth gained victory and Bluto ended up taking the drop of shame after getting voted off by the combined forces of Nianah and Raven. Nine contestants remain. Who will be the next one to jump out of this plane? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In the loser class section of the plane the seven contestants who lost the last challenge were in there. Marine was drawing, Raven was carving a skull on the seat, Dax and Chloe were sleeping as well as cuddling which they didn’t know about, Molly was reading her magazine, Yuki was sleeping, and Nianah was looking at the others not looking very happy.

“They’re all pathetic.” She said quietly. “One by one I’m going to take down all of them and I’ll probably make it to the finals and win.” “What was that?” asked Raven. “Nothing.” replied Nianah. Raven looks suspicious about her. Meanwhile in first class it shows a lot of half eaten candy bars and wrappers on the ground with Jerry grabbing one of them and it shows Wentworth and Sparky on the couch looking ill.

“Ugh.” moaned Wentworth. “I don’t think it was a good idea to eat all that candy at once.” “I agree.” said Sparky nearly throwing up. “Yeesh, this place is a disaster.” said Wentworth noticing the trash. “I think we should clean this up before Oweguy notices. What do you say Sparks?” Sparky was shown to have fallen asleep. “I’ll wait a few more minutes.” said Wentworth sitting down.

About ten minutes later the nine contestants were in the dining room with Oweguy announcing the next challenge.

“Where are we going?” asked Dax. “Good question Dax.” replied Oweguy. “You guys should make sure to wear your radioactive monster repellant.” “Why?” asked Nianah. “We’re not going back to Monster Island are we?” “No.” replied Oweguy. “We’re going to be landing in Japan!” “Oh boy!” cheered Dax. “I’ve always wanted to go to Japan!” “Me two!” said Wentworth. “Me three.” said Sparky. “Wimps.” said Raven. Chloe looked upset when she said that.

Later the plane had arrived at Japan and the contestants were inside a Japanese game show studio. “Cool, this is just like that Japanese Game show I saw.” said Dax. “I think I saw it as well.” said Molly. “Okay, here’s how we’ll do the challenge.” explained Oweguy. “Each of you will compete in three Japanese themed challenges in this Japanese game show studio. The person who does the best in all three challenges will win and will be able to have someone join them in first class by choice. The rest of you will have to vote someone off. Now let’s get started!”

“The first challenge you’ll be doing is the human pinball smash challenge.” explained Oweguy. “Each of you has these pinballs for you to score points with. The person who gets the highest score will win a point.” “So all of us have to go at once?” asked Sparky worried. “Yep.” replied Oweguy. “This is going to be rough.” said Yuki.

Later the contestants were inside the pinball machine and huge mechanical claws pulled the levers that the balls were leaning against and the contestants were shot into the machine. Some of the interns were controlling the flippers in a machine nearby. “I’m too heavy!” shouted Wentworth. “My ball is rolling toward the bottom. His ball ends up going to the bottom with him not being able to score a point. “Wentworth’s out so only eight of you left.” explained Oweguy.

The eight balls were bouncing around as the interns shot them very high up into the machine. Chloe, Marine, Molly, Nianah, Raven, and Yuki were doing alright while Dax and Sparky had tripped and were rolling around in their balls. “I think I’m gonna barf!” shouted Dax. “Glad to know!” shouted Raven. Dax and Sparky’s balls crash into each other’s and they break with them sliding to the bottom. “Dax and Sparky are out so the rest of you have to continue getting points.” explained Oweguy with Dax throwing up in the background and Sparky shouted “Dude, not the hair!”

As the challenge continued Marine had managed to find a way to keep hitting the bumpers without falling while both Nianah and Chloe fell to the bottom. “Hmm, this challenge doesn’t seem hard enough.” said Oweguy. “I know just what to do.” He placed the empty pinballs into the machine and shot them into it as obstacles. “Uh oh.” said Molly. They try to dodge them but most of them fall to the bottom. Afterwards everyone had fallen down but the person who’d managed to get the most points was Marine.

“With a score of 250,100,350 points Marine wins the first challenge!” announced Oweguy. Most of the contestants cheer except for Nianah and Raven. “Ready for the second Japanese challenge?” asked Oweguy. “Heck yeah!” shouted Dax. “Easy tiger.” said Oweguy. “This one is a little more challenging because in this one you each need to get through these walls with different shapes in them. I got it from a TV show as well as Harold.” “You get everything from TV.” said Raven. “Not everything.” said Oweguy a little upset. “I tend to get stuff from the internet.” “Oh sure.” said Raven sarcastically. “Let’s just start the next challenge.” said Oweguy with a mad face.

The platforms started moving which was just a standard hole where they just had to stand. “Piece of cake.” said Nianah. Everyone gets through except for Wentworth who was too fat. “Ah panda sticks!” he shouted. “You’re just not doing it today dude.” said Oweguy. “Maybe I should start dieting.” said Wentworth looking at his belly.

The next shape was one where they had to lift a leg up. Everyone gets through except for Raven whose leg got tangled in her dress. “Stupid dress.” she said. The next one required them to jump while doing a split. Every does it except for Dax and Sparky who slam into the boarding. “Pathetic.” said Nianah. Chloe then slaps her. “Hey!” she shouted. “How dare you slap me!” “Stop making fun of my former teammates!” shouted Chloe. “It’s Raven who’s making fun of them.” said Nianah. “Well you’re both getting on my nerves.” said Chloe. “I don’t trust you two.” “Well do what you can but try winning first.” said Nianah. She then slaps Chloe back and says “That was for slapping me.” Chloe looks mad and says “Nobody hits a scientist.” and jumps on Nianah as the two started to fight. “Catfight catfight!” cheered Oweguy. Dax and Raven pull them apart as everyone else watches. “Well I wanted to see this continue but since everyone seemed to see this happen I don’t think there’s a winner for this challenge.” explained Oweguy. “Are you sure.” asked Yuki who was still on the track. “Okay so since Yuki’s still on the track she wins a point.” explained Oweguy. “Yes!” cheered Yuki. “Time for the final round.” said Oweguy.

As the contestants stand in a huge stadium Nianah walks over to Chloe and says “Listen, I’ll forgive you if you vote off someone for me.” “And who would this one person be?” asked Chloe. “I want you to vote off Molly because she’s strong and athletic which could be a threat for later challenges.” “I can’t.” said Chloe. “She’s very nice and I shouldn’t vote her off when she hasn’t done anything bad.” “If you won’t take her down then I’ll take her down the hard and brutal way.” said Nianah with Chloe looking worried.

“It’s time for the third and final Japanese challenge!” announced Oweguy. “Now Marine and Yuki are tied right now so one of them has to earn a point in order to win. If someone else wins a point in this round then there will be a three way tie and I don’t want to do a tie breaker this time.” “What’s the challenge?” asked Dax. “It’s a good ole classic sumo wrestling battle, but on very high platforms over shark infested waters.” replied Oweguy. Nianah smiles when he says that. “Whose idea was that?” asked Raven. “Mine and the interns’.” replied Oweguy. “We had some sharks and we didn’t know what to do with them.” “How are we going to wrestle? asked Wentworth. “We have inflatable sumo wrestler costumes for you guys to use.” replied Oweguy. “I think you’ll be fine with your fat belly dude. Wentworth then looks at his belly again.

“Are we going to be fighting in pairs again just like in Rome?” asked Raven. “Nope.” replied Oweguy. “For this one you have to try to be the last one standing. The person who’s left will get a point and if either Marine or Yuki win one of them will win invincibility. Now let’s get started because my show is on in thirty minutes.”

The contestants were on the platform high above the pool of sharks. “And go!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants start pushing each other with Marine pushing Sparky off due to him not weighing much. “No!” shouted Wentworth. “Not Sparky!” He then pushes Marine but her heels manage to save her from falling. “Uh oh.” said Wentworth and is then thrown off by her.

“The competition is fierce right now.” said Oweguy. “Seven contestants are still on the platform right now.” Dax then falls into the water and runs away from the sharks screaming. “Make that six.” The contestants still fight with Nianah against Molly. “I’m sorry Nianah but remember I’m strong. “Are you sure?” she asked punching and kicking her legs making her fall to the ground then grabs her legs and swings her around throwing her into the wall as everyone looks shocked and worried. Molly then rolls off the wall and lands into the water as the sharks jump to where she was as the water turns red. “My juice box!” screamed Wentworth picking up a box of cherry juice which caused the water to turn red. “Medic!” shouted Oweguy as two interns arrived with a stretcher but instead carried off a shark that Wentworth had landed on when he fell in.

“What is wrong with you?!” asked Chloe angry at Nianah “You could’ve killed her!” “I took her down the hard way due to you not helping me vote her off.” She explained. Chloe looks mad and then shoves her off the platform into the water with her screaming. “Serves you right.” she said but when she wasn’t looking Raven shoves her off. “Gotta watch out when you’re not looking.” she said.

“We have three people left.” said Oweguy. “Who’s going to win?” Raven pushes Yuki to the ground who then rolls off the platform. “I’m not sure I really like this suit.” She said as she falls down. “Last two!” announced Oweguy. The others cheer for Marine while some cheered for Raven. “Oh Marine, remember when we worked together?” asked Raven. “Yeah.” replied Marine. “We’re done with that.” said Raven as she tries to push Marine off but she is stopped by her and throws her off the platform into the water.

“With a score of two points out of three compared to Yuki who has one and everyone else who has zero, Marine wins the japanese challenges!” announced Oweguy. Everyone cheers as Marine throws off her sumo costume. “As for the rest of you, I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony on the plane later.” explained Oweguy. Everyone glares at Nianah for what she’s done.

Later on the plane the contestants were there with Molly in a wheelchair with two leg casts, one arm cast, a neck brace, and a black eye. “Okay, first I’ll explain who did the poorest today.” explained Oweguy. “Wentworth, losing each challenge very early, shame on you.” He looks disappointed when he said that. “Nianah, nearly killing someone, not cool at all.” said Oweguy. Nianah growls when he says that. “And Chloe, losing the second challenge by getting mad at Nianah, should’ve stayed on the platform.” said Oweguy. “I’m sorry but someone made me do it.” she said glaring at Nianah who glares back. “One of you three is going to be leaving and the person leaving is…..”

“…..Molly.” announced Oweguy. “But she wasn’t one of us.” said Wentworth. “Yeah, and she didn’t get a vote.” said Yuki. “I know but the doctor said that she’s got some serious injuries and has to be escorted to the hospital just like Flare back on Monster Island.” explained Oweguy. “Plus some of the next challenges require people without casts. Anyway, a helicopter is coming to pick her up.” The drop of shame door opens with a hospital helicopter near it. “Time to go Molly.” said Oweguy. Arnold then rolls her into the helicopter as everyone waves goodbye to her. The helicopter then flies off to the nearest hospital.

“Marine, as for you, who do you want to join you in first class?” asked Oweguy. Marine thinks for a second as she looks at everyone. “I’m choosing…..Yuki.” she says. “Despite her not winning I still think she deserves to be in first class.” “Aw, that’s nice.” said Dax. “Okay.” said Oweguy. “You girls enjoy first class. The rest of you except for Nianah, go to the economy class room. Nianah, I’ll talk to you in a few minutes.” Arnold then takes her to Oweguy’s room.

“Eight contestants remain.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What will happen with Chloe and Nianah’s newly formed conflict? What about everyone else? And what will happen with Nianah? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 15: The Dax-Files

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the contestants go to Japan, home to busy Japanese cities, radioactive monsters, and Japanese game show studios. Nianah started to show her true nature which made Chloe mad when she called her former teammates wimps and the two started to fight. Then she greatly injured Molly causing our favorite athlete girl to leave the competition. In the end, our goth girl Marine managed to win the Japanese challenges while Chloe, Nianah, and Wentworth were saved from elimination due to Molly’s injury. We’ve got eight contestants left on the plane. Will our contestants believe what will happen in today’s challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

It was nighttime on the plane and everyone was sleeping. In the loser class Chloe, Dax, Raven, Sparky, and Wentworth were sleeping, while Marine and Yuki were asleep in first class. Nianah wasn’t in loser class and sneaks into first class digging through Marine’s bag. She then pulls out the lucky charm that Yuki gave her and smiles evily.

Meanwhile outside the plane a saucer like object flies by and was shown to be an alien saucer that zaps the plane along with another one. Oweguy then wakes up in his room. “What’s happening?” he asked. The UFO’s shut down both engines and the plane starts falling down with everyone waking up screaming. “What’s happening?!” asked Dax screaming. “We’re all gonna die!” screamed Wentworth. The plane nearly crashes into the ground but is stopped by the UFO and lands safely.

Later the contestants were outside the plane along with Oweguy and Arnold. “Okay so I knew this alien thing was going to happen.” explained Oweguy. “I just didn’t know that it was going to be this late while I was trying to sleep.” “Where are we?” asked Yuki. “We’re at the super dangerous government protected area, Area 51!” replied Oweguy. “But this is the middle of the Nevada desert.” said Raven. “I know.” said Oweguy. “That’s Area 51 over there.” Area 51 was shown to be at the bottom of the hill with a lot of search lights and patrol cars inside it. “It’s very dangerous over there so all of us are outside of the border so we wouldn’t get killed.” explained Oweguy. “Well all of us except for Nianah.” “What?” asked Nianah as she suddenly gets shot with a huge laser blast leaving her charred in black. Everyone starts to laugh. “I’m still alive you know!” she shouted.

“What’s the challenge?” asked Dax. “Good question.” replied Oweguy. “Remember that time the TDWT contestants had to get alien artifacts from this place?” “Yeah.” replied Dax. “Well it turns out that the alien cube that he got was very important and plus he had more artifacts that were very important like a capsule of alien DNA and another copy of that portal that Courtney broke.” explained Oweguy. “I managed to find eight of the stolen artifacts so each one of you must get them back to Area 51’s warehouse without getting caught or killed. The first person back will win invincibility while the others have to vote someone off.”

“Excuse me Owe but how are we going to get past the security?” asked Raven. “Figure out a way.” he replied. Raven groans. “Now I’m going to stay on the plane while the rest of you do your challenge.” explained Oweguy. “I hope to see you before dawn because that’s when we’ll be leaving.” Everyone leaves toward Area 51 but Marine gets stopped by Oweguy. Nianah notices and hides behind a rock.

“This device will help you get past the lasers.” whispered Oweguy to Marine. She just looks concerned about what he gave her but instead runs off to catch up with the others. “Marine’s working with Oweguy?” Nianah asked herself confused. She then had a changed face and went with the others.

At the bottom of the hill the contestants were looking at the huge security system. “Okay, there are eight of us so we should split up in two groups.” explained Raven. The contestants split up with Raven, Marine, Yuki, and Nianah going to one area while, Chloe, Dax, Sparky, and Wentworth go to another. The first group runs into an area with a lot of lasers.

“How are we going to get by?” asked Yuki. Raven remembers something and picks up some rocks. “We’ll use these rocks.” she said. “I have to thank Duncan when I see him one day. She throws a rock and the lasers spot it while Raven runs toward the gate. Nianah does the same thing followed by Yuki who both make it to the gate. Marine just stands there thinking about the thing Oweguy gave her but then decides to throw the rock anyway and joins the rest of them. “Piece of cake.” She said. Nianah looks at her suspiciously.

Over at the second group the two had watched what the first group did. “Do what they did.” said Chloe. “We’ll use these rocks to get by.” Chloe throws her and makes it to the gate. “C’mon Dax!” she shouted to Dax. He throws his but crashes into a rock and then gets buried. She then comes back for him before the lasers spotted them again.

“C’mon dude!” shouted Sparky to Wentworth. He runs with the rock still in hand and the lasers hit him sending him flying. “Why didn’t he learn from World Tour?” asked Nianah watching him fly off. He then smashes into a lever on a wall which shut down the security. “Good work Wentworth.” said Chloe. “What happened?” he asked regaining consciousness. “You smashed into the security box and shut the security off.” explained Dax. “Oh.” said Wentworth. “C’mon, let’s get these artifacts back before the security turns back on!” shouted Chloe as the eight contestants run into the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse the contestants were looking around. “You’d think we could just put them down and leave.” said Nianah. The speaker then turns on. “Just to remind you that you need to put these back where they belong.” said Oweguy on the speaker. “They say where they belong so that won’t be hard. Oh and just to say something the security system is back on.” The alarm suddenly goes off and everyone runs to different areas screaming.

In one part of the warehouse Dax and Sparky were hiding behind some boxes as some guard people run by. “How are we going to find where this artifact belongs?” asked Dax. Sparky sees something underneath it. “There’s writing underneath it.” he said. “It says ‘This item belongs in the examination section.’” “Then that means that this is the alien cube that was on top of the alien examination room.” said Dax. “Let’s go!” The two run off toward their destination.

Meanwhile in another part of the warehouse Marine and Yuki were in one area with their artifacts. “Something wrong Marine?” asked Yuki. “Well I’m worried that Oweguy’s making me cheat so I can stay longer.” she explained. “I’m not going to break up with him, I just need to tell him to stop or do something else.” “Like what?” asked Yuki. “I don’t want to talk about it.” replied Marine. “Let’s just get this challenge done.” The two proceed deeper into the warehouse.

Over near the examination section Dax and Sparky had arrived. “Okay, how will we get it up there?” asked Dax. “A ladder maybe?’ asked Sparky. “That’ll help.” said Dax. As they were looking around the cube started flashing. “What’s happening to it?” asked Dax. A bunch of lightning flashes come out of it producing a bunch of aliens which flew toward them. “This would be a good time to run.” said Sparky. Before they could run off the aliens started to zap them.

Meanwhile in one room Nianah had found a bunch of capsules with alien like creatures. “This room has a code that’s also on this artifact.” she said. She then sees a spot that had the name of the artifact. “This is where the artifact belongs.” she said. “That’s why the codes were the same. She placed it down but accidently elbows a button while putting it down. The button causes one of the canisters to open and a deadly alien creature comes out. “Oh crap.” said Nianah.

Back at the examination room Chloe sees Dax and Sparky getting shocked. “Chloe, help us!” shouted Dax. She rolls her eyes and tries to get the alien off Dax. “Don’t forget me!” shouted Dax. “I’m going to help you when I’m done.” replied Chloe a little upset. She rips the alien off Dax who stumbles into Sparky smashing the alien leaving him covered in alien goop. “Gross.” said Sparky. “Anyone got a sponge?”

Meanwhile Raven and Wentworth had put their artifacts back but touch something nearby accidently. “I think we touched something bad.” said Wentworth. “It’s nothing.” said Raven. “Let’s get out of here.” The things they had touched were the alien clone pods and an alien Raven and Wentworth emerge out of it. “Alien clones!” screamed Wentworth. “Am I really that fat?” “Yes!” shouted Raven. The aliens then jump on them and started to attack them with them screaming.

Meanwhile, Marine was alone with her artifact when she suddenly hears her phone ringing. “Who’s calling me at this time?” she asked answering it. “Marine, it’s Oweguy. I just wanted to remind you that your artifact goes in that room with the shelves.” explained Oweguy on the phone. “See you on the plane.” Marine closes her phone and has a suspicious look. “Now I know what to do.” She said throwing her artifact in the room and running off.

About a half hour later everyone had gotten their artifacts back and everyone was in one room. “Okay we’ve all gotten our artifacts back, got attacked by aliens, and knocked over some stuff that might’ve been important, let’s now head back to the plane.” explained Chloe. “What’s a way to have someone win?” asked Yuki. “We’re all in one area.” “How about a race?” asked Dax. Everyone glares at each other with a victorious look and start running back toward the plane.

As they run out of Area 51 they accidently run past some lasers setting off the security system. “Uh oh.” said Wentworth. “We set off the security system.” A bunch of laser cannons come up and start firing at them with the contestants screaming. “Hurry!” shouted Chloe. Nianah then runs toward her and purposely trips her causing her to slow down. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. “No dude, it’s dangerous!” shouted Sparky. Chloe manages to get up before the laser cannons got to her. “Darn!” shouted Nianah. “I can’t seem to get rid of her. But at least I have Marine’s good luck charm to help me win.” She then notices that the good luck charm was gone. “What?” she asked. “Where is it?” “You accidently dropped it in the warehouse.” said Chloe wearing it. Nianah growls at her then gets shocked by the laser again.

As the contestants kept running they saw the plane at the top of the hill. “We’re almost there, just a climb up that hill!” “We’re gonna make it.” But the two accidently hit two mines and the two are sent flying off screaming. “Dax!” screamed Chloe. “Sparky!” screamed Wentworth. Inside Oweguy’s plane quarters he drinks a cup of coffee and Dax and Sparky suddenly crash through the window and land in his hot tub. “Well this is awkward, but since you two made it back first, you win!” Dax and Sparky cheer and high five and then slide back in Oweguy’s hot tub. “Out of my hot tub!” shouted Oweguy with the two jumping out and running off. “As for the rest of you guys, try and decide who you want voted off but it can’t be Dax or Sparky.” Chloe and Nianah glare at each other while Marine has a suspicious face with Yuki noticing.

In first class Dax and Sparky were sitting in there and they heard Chloe and Nianah screaming in the loser class. “Boy they sound very mad.” said Sparky. “Psst.” whispered Wentworth behind the curtain. The two walk over to him. “I was thinking we should vote off Nianah.” He explained. “She’s too rude and is being mean to your girl Dax. You want to vote together?” “Sure.” said Dax. “She’s been a pain in my but since day one.” “I agree too.” said Sparky. “She’s a pain in my butt. “Great, see you at the vote.” said Wentworth leaving.

In loser class Nianah was sitting near Raven and looks at her. “Hey Goth girl.” She said. “It’s Raven.” reminded Raven upset that she called her that. “You want to vote off Chloe?” asked Nianah. “She stole that good luck charm that was going to help me win.” “Well even though that was Marine’s at first I’ll help you vote her off.” said Raven. “Besides, I want to see Dax lose control with her gone.” Nianah has a victorious smile on her face with Chloe noticing and looking worried.

Nearby it shows Marine and Yuki sitting together. “So who are you voting for?” asked Yuki. “Unfortunetly, myself.” said Marine. “Why?” asked Yuki. “Because Oweguy is just making me go through the competition with him helping me.” explained Marine. “I’m sorry but if that doesn’t work I’m going to do something else.” “You’re going to dump him?” asked Yuki. “Absolutely not.” said Marine. “I love him. I just don’t want him making me get through the competition the wrong way.” “Well do what you want to do.” said Yuki. “I’m going to help Chloe vote off Nianah.” Marine then sits down and thinks for a bit.

Later at the elimination ceremony the eight contestants were there with Chloe and Nianah glaring at each other. “There are eight of you here but only seven peanut bags.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever doesn’t get one is eliminated and has to jump out of the plane. Dax and Sparky, since you guys won you get the first two bags.” “Yay!” cheered Dax with him getting hit by the bag and Sparky unable to catch it. “Darn.” said Sparky after missing. “The next bags go to Wentworth, Raven, and Yuki.” announced Oweguy giving them their bags. Marine, Chloe, and Nianah were the only ones left. Oweguy looks concerned about a vote and ignores it. “Marine.” He said with Marine looking greatly upset at him. “We’ve got Chloe and Nianah left.” said Oweguy with Dax and Chloe looking worried about her getting eliminated. “The final peanut bag goes to…..”

“Stop!” shouted Marine. “I quit.” She throws the peanut bag back to Oweguy with everyone including Arnold and the interns gasping in shock. “Well that was shocking.” said Flare watching the show at the loser resort. “Why are you quitting?” asked Dax. “Because Oweguy was helping me with the challenge without my permission.” explained Marine. “Everyone except Yuki gasps in shock with Oweguy looking worried. “But I didn’t mean it.” said Oweguy. “I really love you and I want you to get through the competition farther.” Everyone says aw when he says that. “But if you want to break up with me that’s fine.” said Oweguy starting to tear up. “No no no!” said Marine shocked. “I’m not breaking up with you. That’s something I would never do. I just don’t want you helping me out during the competition. And I promise you I’ll take you on a big date when the show is over.” “You can stay if you want.” said Dax. “We’d rather want Nianah gone than you. “Sorry but I’ve made my decision.” said Marine. “See you at the finale guys.” She then hugs and kisses Oweguy goodbye as well as waving goodbye to the contestants before jumping out of the plane.

“Pathetic.” said Nianah. “But at least she spared me from elimination.” Everyone looked mad at Nianah because she was still in the game. “Let’s get out of here for now.” said Chloe with everyone leaving except for Nianah who was still sitting there. “Fine, leave me!” shouted Nianah. “I’m better off without you guys!” She then throws her sandal at the wall which bounces off and hits her in the eye causing her to fall down.

In the cockpit Oweguy had a huge pile of tissues near him because he was sad about Marine’s departure. “Get over it.” said Arnold. “It’s the final seven. You’ll see her soon.” “You’re right.” said Oweguy. “I need to continue this show.” He then starts to close the episode. “With seven contestants left who will be the next one to leave? How hot will Chloe and Nianah’s conflict reach? And will I get more tissues? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!” An alien then smacks into the glass and windshield wipers then turn on.

Chapter 16: Crouching Chloe, Hidden Nianah

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the final eight went to Area 51 to return the alien artifacts that Chris had taken before that turned out to be important. They managed to get past the huge security systems and survive the many dangers inside including aliens and alien clones. In the end, the geek duo of Dax and Sparky won the challenge and it was either going to be Chloe or Nianah jumping out of the plane but Marine ended up quitting the competition because I ended up helping her and it was starting to bother her. Seven contestants remain. Who will be the next one voted off? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In first class Dax was sleeping at the juice bar with food near him which a silhouetted Jerry tried to grab but hides when Sparky walks over. “Man I don’t know what to do.” said Sparky. “About what?” asked Dax. “About getting rid of Nianah.” replied Sparky. “We just want her to leave but she keeps getting good luck and not getting booted.” “Hey I don’t think it will happen today.” said Dax. “Let’s just do the competition as normal.” “You’re right.” said Sparky. “Let’s just get far.” He falls asleep in the seat along with Dax with Jerry taking the food while they weren’t looking.

In loser class no one was paying attention to Nianah except for Raven who was still helping her and Wentworth who had no one to talk to. He then sighed which makes her get mad at him. “Stop sighing so loud.” she said. “Sorry.” said Wentworth. “I just feel lonely right now due to my best buds being up in first class.” Nianah then gets an idea and smiles evilly. “I don’t think you should trust them.” She said. “They’re just using you to get farther in the game. “What?” asked Wentworth shocked. “But we were having so much fun. Why would they be using me?” “Because they think you’re a strong player and they think you’ll help them get farther.” explained Nianah while lying. “What should I do?” asked Wentworth. “Just stay with me and you’ll do fine.” said Nianah. He then smiles at her explanation.

Meanwhile the world map shows the plane flying over China. The plane then flies past a pagoda accidentally knocking a piece of the roof off causing a nearby Chinese man to shout at the plane. “I think we just did something bad.” said Oweguy. “You think?” asked Arnold upset because they did hit something.

A few minutes later the contestants were in front of the start of the Great Wall of China. “Welcome final seven to China, home to ancient buildings, Chinese food, and the amazing Great Wall!” greeted Oweguy. “Cool.” said Dax. “I’ve always wanted to go to China.” “My great grandparents were originally from China.” said Yuki. “But I thought you were Japanese.” said Sparky. “Actually my grandparents moved to Japan to study the culture and then my parents moved to America so technically I’m part Chinese, Japanese, and North American.” explained Yuki. “Confusing.” said Dax.

“Enough about Yuki’s culture.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to do the challenge. Here at the great wall you must get to the end using these bikes, skateboards, and other things with wheels to get to the very end where that pagoda is. Over there is the short but challenging second challenge. Whoever finishes first during that challenge will win invincibility and the others will have to vote someone off.”

“Excuse me but why are we recycling challenges from Total Drama World Tour?” asked Raven. “We’re on a budget but I’ve also added some stuff to the great wall.” explained Oweguy. “At some areas you need to do something in order to move on along with the said land mine from TDWT.” “You still sound like you’re recycling stuff.” said Raven. “Oh complain about it.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, you can choose the stuff available but chose quickly because when you chose it you’re off and there’s no time limit.” “The person we hate is probably going to get the best item.” said Chloe. “Ditto.” replied Yuki. Nianah was then shown with a speed bike. “Aw.” said Dax. “I wanted to ride that bike.” “Tough beans.” said Nianah. “Yeah tough beans.” said Wentworth upset confusing Dax.

Seconds later the contestants had their transportation. Nianah had the big bike, Chloe had a smaller one, Dax was on a donkey similar to Ace, Sparky was on a pogo stick, Wentworth had a unicycle, Yuki was on a small but healthy horse, and Raven was stuck with the Asian sandals. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She said. “Sorry but I’m already wearing sandals and I’m sticking with mine.” said Yuki. “Raven growls as she puts them on.” “Okay why haven’t you started?” asked Oweguy. “I told you once you had the vehicles you can get started.” “But you didn’t say go.” said Dax. “Yeah, we’re more used to that.” said Sparky. “Fine, go.” said Oweguy and as soon as he said that the contestants disappeared quickly with Raven behind due to the sandals. “Stupid shoes.” She said.

As the contestants rode up the wall some of them were in heat. Nianah and Chloe were battling for first place, Dax was a teeny bit behind Yuki, Sparky and Wentworth were equal, and Raven was trying to catch up. “How is your horse faster?” asked Dax to Yuki. “Because mine is faster and a horse.” She explained. “Plus yours is a donkey and it’s got a little more weight.” When she said that the donkey gets tired and slows down. “You had to say that.” said Dax upset. “Sorry.” said Yuki getting far ahead leaving Dax disappointed while the donkey farts.

Meanwhile Nianah and Chloe were tied for first and were trying to knock one of them behind. “I’m going to win this challenge!” shouted Nianah. “I don’t think so.” said Chloe. Nianah then whistles and Wentworth than comes toward her. “Wentworth?” asked Chloe shocked. He then knocks her down the wall a little causing him and Nianah to get farther. “Thanks alliance buddy.” she said to him. “No problem.” said Wentworth. Chloe looked upset at what happened when Dax and Sparky arrived at the same time.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sparky. “Wentworth’s working with Nianah.” replied Chloe. Dax and Sparky gasp in shock. “But doesn’t he know she’s evil?” asked Dax. “I think she tricked him.” said Chloe. “But we should focus on trying to get him back. One of us goodies has to win the challenge.” “You’re right.” said Sparky disappointed. “We need to continue.”

Meanwhile Nianah and Wentworth had ended up at the first trial area with Arnold inside a booth. “What’s the thing we have to do?” asked Nianah. “Eat this wonton.” said Arnold holding it with chopsticks. “That doesn’t sound so hard.” said Nianah taking a bite but her face then turns red and spits the piece out. “This is very hot!” she shouted. “It was dipped in hot sauce.” said Arnold. Nianah does her best to eat it while Wentworth eats it in a bite. “Delicious.” He said. “I love spicy foods.” Nianah gets an idea and makes Wentworth eat it while Arnold wasn’t looking. “Done.” She said showing her chopsticks without the wontons. “Same here.” said Wentworth. “Alright, you can move on.” said Arnold. The two move on with Nianah smiling that her plan worked.

Meanwhile Raven was still last place but managed to start running to catch up. “Gotta catch up with others.” She said. She caught up with Dax, Sparky, and Chloe and saw her run past. “Look out for the mine up ahead!” shouted Sparky. “What?” asked Raven stepping on the mine and when it exploded she was sent flying. “This isn’t my day!” she screamed as she flew off in the air. One of the shoes she was wearing falls off and the heel hits Dax in the eye. He was quiet for a few seconds and then screamed in pain. “Ouch.” said Sparky. A few minutes later Nianah and Wentworth were still on the great wall but saw the goal very close to them. “The goal!” shouted Wentworth. “We’re going to gain an advantage in the next challenge!” “Yes!” cheered Nianah. But as soon as they were about to reach the goal Raven appeared and crashed right behind it with her other shoe flying off hitting an intern of screen. “No!” shouted Nianah. “My own partner beat me!” “I thought I was your partner.” said Wentworth. “I have more than one.” She said.

“Congratulations Raven!” congratulated Oweguy holding a first aid kit. “You arrived first gaining an advantage in the second challenge!” “Yay.” She said weakly and charred from the explosion. “Now we have to wait for the others.” said Oweguy. Nianah and Wentworth then cross next. “We made it!” cheered Wentworth. “Wentworth and Nianah have arrived!” said Oweguy. Yuki then arrived and lastly came Chloe, Dax, and Sparky. “Everyone has arrived.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for the challenge that’ll decide the winner.”

About five minutes later the contestants were outside a giant circle drawing on the ground with interns arriving with Chinese armor and fake swords. “What’s with the armor and cardboard swords?” asked Raven. “This is for the second challenge.” explained Oweguy. “A samurai battle to the death. But no one is allowed to get killed because A, I might get sued and B, because of what happened back in Japan, Nianah.” She looked upset. “Whoever gets knocked out of the circle is out and the last person remaining will win invincibility.” explained Oweguy. “No need to get violent. Just try and knock them out of the circle. Once you get your armor and swords we’ll begin the challenge.”

About a minute later the contestants were wearing their armor and had their swords and were now inside the ring. “Raven since you won the first challenge your armor has extra plating’s so you won’t get too much damage.” said Oweguy with Nianah looked mad about that. “It’s time to start the challenge. Ready, set, and begin!” The contestants start pushing around in the ring with Nianah mostly focusing on Chloe and Wentworth focusing on Dax and Sparky. “How dare you use me so you can get ahead!” Wentworth shouted. “Dude, Nianah’s tricking you!” shouted Sparky. “Nice try.” said Wentworth pushing Dax out of the ring. “She told me to only trust her. He then proceeds to push Sparky out of the ring and then says “They were too easy.” Chloe then goes near him when Nianah and he wasn’t looking and sadly pushes him out of the ring. “It was for your own good.” She said.

“Three people have been pushed out and only four remain.” said Oweguy. “Who will win?” Nianah then sees Chloe close to the edge and pushes her out leaving only three. “Too easy.” She said. Nearby Raven managed to push Yuki out leaving her and Nianah the only ones left. “We’re down to the last two.” said Oweguy. “And to make it interesting, I planted mines in the ground.” “What?!” they both asked shocked. The two accidently stepped on one and ran away from the explosion. “This is insane!” shouted Raven. “I like to add a little action to the challenges.” said Oweguy.

“Prepare to lose Raven!” shouted Nianah. “I thought you were working for me alliance partner.” said Raven taunting at the same time. “I’d rather win than help out.” said Nianah running toward her with Raven doing the same. But as the two run toward each other they set off a mine and the explosion set the two of them out of the circle landing on the pagoda that Oweguy wrecked earlier with the Chinese guy shouting again.

“Well since they got shot out at the same time and I wasn’t looking who got blown out first the two tied for the win.” explained Oweguy. There were no sounds after he said that. “I thought I’d hear cheering from the winners.” He said. “Normally the winners cheer but they’re not here.” explained Chloe. “Oh yeah.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the five of you need to vote off someone.” Dax, Sparky, and Chloe look at Wentworth nearby and sadly nod at each other.

Later on the plane the contestants were at the elimination ceremony with Nianah and Raven in bandages from the explosion and slamming into the pagoda. “You all did well today but someone still has to leave after today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “Raven you suffered foot blisters, getting blown away from explosions, and slamming into a pagoda, but you along with Nianah managed to win. Because of that, you two get the first peanut bags.” He throws the bags to them with the two getting pains from moving their arms. “Next bags go to Yuki, Chloe, and Dax.” The two get their peanut bags leaving Sparky and Wentworth in the bottom two. “Wentworth and Sparky, one of you is going home tonight.” said Oweguy. “The last peanut bag goes to…”

“...Sparky. I’m sorry Wentworth but it’s time to go.” “What?” he asked. “But I didn’t do anything wrong.” “I’m sorry Wentworth but you unfortunately betrayed us by helping the villain, aka Nianah.” said Chloe. “But she said that Dax and Sparky were using me.” said Wentworth. “Oh guess what.” said Nianah managing to move. “I lied to you so they could vote you off. Plus I voted you off as well.” “You tricked me?” asked Wentworth. He gets angry and throws a Game Boy at her knocking her out. “I’m sorry Sparky and Dax for not understanding.” He said to them. “It’s alright but it’s too late to regret voting you off.” Said Dax disappointed. “Big whoop.” said Wentworth. “So I loss but I still have my friends.” The three of them have a group hug but are interrupted by Oweguy.

“Wentworth, guess what?” he asked. “It’s time for you to take the drop of shame.” He throws him a parachute and proceeds to walk toward the exit. “Bye guy see you at the finale.” said Wentworth waving goodbye with Dax, Sparky, Chloe, and Yuki waving back. He then jumps but gets stuck. “A little help?” he asked with Oweguy pushing him out with a toilet plunger. Dax, Sparky, and Chloe looked disappointed about what they had done.

“It’s down to the final six.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Dax, Sparky, and Chloe regret what they have done to their friend? Will Nianah get defeated? Will Yuki have a major role soon? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Later in the cargo hold Raven was there alone holding a dead rat. “Nianah may be the main villain to the others but no one else knows that this villain is going to take her down with a secret weapon.” She said throwing the rat in an area between two crates. The skeleton of the rat is then pushed out with two red eyes shown along with growling. Raven then smiles evily.

Chapter 17: Texas, We Have a Problem

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the contestants visited China and had a huge race on the great wall. Nianah tricked Wentworth by telling him that his best buds were using him to get farther. With that said he started to trust only her. Meanwhile Raven had to wear painful shoes and got blasted off by explosions, twice. In the end she managed to win invicibility along with Nianah and Wentworth was voted off by his past teammates but managed to discover what Nianah was up to and apologized to his friends for being rude and then had to be shoved out because he got stuck. Six contestants remain. Who will not make it to the final five? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In the loser class Dax and Sparky were still disappointed about voting off Wentworth. “I wished we told him early so we could vote off Nianah.” said Dax. “Either way Nianah still would’ve been immune.” said Sparky. “We shouldn’t lose focus because of Wentworth.” said Chloe nearby. “We need to focus on the game.” “You’re right.” said Sparky. “I’m sure that Nianah’s going home today because of everyone’s hate with her.” “You’re right Sparks.” said Chloe. “I hope she doesn’t win the challenge today.” Near the curtains Raven was there and says “She is going down today.”

In first class Nianah was sitting in one of the chairs holding an ice pack against her head from what had happened last challenge. Raven then walks by but is stopped by her. “Where were you last night?” she asked. “Nowhere.” said Raven. “Are you sure?” asked Nianah. “I woke up at one point during the night and didn’t see you.” “I had to use the bathroom.” said Raven. “Are you sure you’re not hiding something from me?” asked Nianah. “Nope.” said Raven. “I would never hide something from my alliance partner.” “Good.” said Nianah. “Now if you excuse me I’m going to take a nap before we get to our next location.” “You do that.” said Raven sitting down in a chair as Nianah goes to sleep. She then looks at her and smiles because she didn’t know her plan.

Later the plane was flying over Texas and landed in one of its desert plains. As the six contestants stand around waiting for Oweguy he walks out in a cowboy outfit.

“Howdy partners and welcome to the big state of deserts and rodeos, Texas!” greeted Oweguy. “You forgot horses.” reminded Yuki. “What’s the challenge?” asked Dax. “Will we ride horses like the cowboys in those western movies?” “Oh you’ll ride them soon enough partner but first, challenge number one.” “What’s challenge number one?” asked Sparky. “You’ll see in a minute.” said Oweguy.

A minute later the contestants were in front of a training course with fake gun shooters, obstacles, and a fake damsel in distress. “Your first challenge is to see how good of a cowboy or cowgirl you are.” explained Oweguy. “You’ll each receive something once completing it but it’ll be different depending on how you did. An example is the person who did the greatest will get the best item while the person who did poorly will get the worst item.” Dax and Sparky looked disappointed by that. “Are the guns filled with blanks?” asked Yuki. “No, just nerf darts.” said Oweguy. One hits Nianah with her shouting “Ow!” “That have pebbles stuffed into them.” continued Oweguy. Nianah growls at Oweguy.

“Okay, the order of the contestants will be alphabetical order so the first contestant to go is, Chloe.” said Oweguy. “All right.” said Chloe sighing. “You’ll do fine sweetie, I mean Chloe.” said Dax embarrassed. “The person who does the quickest will get the best item.” explained Oweguy. “The person who does it the slowest will get the worst item.” “I hope I’m not that one.” said Dax.

Seconds later Chloe was at the start with Oweguy holding a starter pistol. “On your mark, get set, and go!” he shouted firing the pistol with a plane falling down in the background. “You really need to make sure that there are bullets in there.” said Yuki. “You’re right.” said Oweguy with the injured angry pilot behind him.

Chloe started running and when the fake shooters started to shoot Chloe ducked and avoided them. “Go Chloe!” cheered Dax. She then ran into some obstacles which were swinging logs and cacti. She managed to dodge them without getting hurt or pricked. She then runs toward the fake damsel and rescues it before more obstacles arrived and makes it to the goal. “Chloe has beaten the course in only one minute and thirty seconds.” explained Oweguy. “Let’s see if the rest of you can get one higher than that.”

Dax then goes but keeps messing up by slamming into the obsticles, getting hit by the darts, and accidently breaking the damsel, but manages to make it to the goal. “Dax’s time was two minutes and seven seconds.” said Oweguy. “Not as good as Chloe’s but it could change. Nianah, you’re up!”

Nianah goes up and got hit by some of the darts but avoids the logs and cacti. She then rescues the fake damsel and makes it to the goal. “Nianah managed to get hit a little but managed to beat Chloe and Dax’s times with a time of one minute and twenty seven seconds.” explained Oweguy. “We have a new leader but let’s see Raven do what she can do.”

Raven starts and runs past the darts aiming at her, dodges the logs and cacti, and rescues the damsel but then trips on her dress toward the end. “Stupid dress!” she shouted standing back up and making it to the goal. “Even with that mess up at the end, Raven managed to beat Nianah’s time with a time of one minute and twenty five seconds.” said Oweguy. “We’ve got another new leader.” Nianah looked upset at Raven beating her. “Time for Sparky to go up!” said Oweguy.

“Bring it on you fake bandits, logs, and cacti!” shouted Sparky. “I can beat this course easily!” As he begins he trips on a shoe lace and has trouble dodging the darts. He then manages to dodge the logs but then smacks into a cactus. “Ow!” he shouted. “I think there’s a needle in my eye!” As he recovers he grabs the fake damsel but only gets her head leaving the rest of the body behind. “Whoops.” He said. “He grabs the rest of the damsel and makes it to the goal. “Sparky’s time was two minutes and ten seconds.” said Oweguy. “Currently he’s in last place but let’s see how Yuki can go.”

As Yuki starts she dodges the darts as quickly as she can, dodge rolls the logs, jumps over the cacti, and grabs the damsel fully intact as she makes it to the finished with everyone shocked. “She’s good.” said Dax. “Too good.” replied Sparky. “Yuki’s time was one minute and eleven seconds!” said Oweguy. “Since she did the course the fastest she gains an advantage for the second challenge.” “What’s my reward?” asked Yuki. “You’re reward is your cowgirl outfit, a pistol with tranquilizer darts, and a lasso.” replied Oweguy giving the stuff to her. “What about the rest of us?” asked Nianah a little upset. “You’re not getting left out.” said Oweguy. “All of you get your own cowboy and cowgirl outfits, pistols, and two of you will get lassos which are Raven and Nianah.” He hands them to them. “What about darts?” asked Dax. “Well since Yuki won she’ll get six darts to start out along with an additional six for reloads.” explained Oweguy. Raven and Nianah will get six with no reloads, Chloe will get five, and Dax and Sparky will only get three darts.” He hands them their darts. “That’s unfair.” said Dax disappointed.

“Excuse me but what are these darts and lassos for?” asked Chloe. “You’ll be using those to go on a cowboy animal hunt!” explained Oweguy. “Go hunt for an animal and bring it home for dinner just like the old time cowboys.” “What are we hunting?” asked Nianah. “We’ll be hunting this.” said Oweguy. The interns wheel in a crate with it jumping around and something roaring, growling, and scratching inside. Everyone looks shocked. “It’s probably Ezekiel.” said Nianah. “That little insane guy is probably still feral.” “Actually it’s not Ezekiel.” said Oweguy. “It’s a far more dangerous beast.” The crate starts shaking again as the others looked more scared. “It’s a beast that craves for meat and is extremely dangerous.” said Oweguy. “That beast is…” The intern uses a pole with a hook to open the crate but an olive green hand with yellow claws bursts out and breaks the crate revealing the cage. “…Jerry!” continued Oweguy showing an extremely feral Jerry wearing nothing but a loincloth, nearly bald, his black eye scared, and his finger and toenails formed into claws. Everyone except Raven was shocked to see him.

“But Jerry fell out of the plane back in London.” said Nianah surprised about Jerry. “I know but earlier today Arnold found him in the cargo hold when he put a box of knifes in there and one fell behind some crates and he found him there when he heard him scream.” explained Oweguy. “So that explains the scared black eye.” said Sparky. “What happened to him?” asked Chloe. “Well apparently he’s been in the cargo hold this entire time so he hasn’t had any food and has also gone crazy and mad and feral.” explained Oweguy with Jerry scratching himself with his foot. “I’m now scared of him.” said Dax hiding behind Chloe.

“So what’s the challenge involving him?” asked Raven. “The challenge is simple.” said Oweguy. “The first person to tranquilize him and capture him will win invincibility while the others have to vote someone off.” explained Oweguy.” As Oweguy explains the challenge the interns let Jerry out of his cage where he then pounces and attacks the intern. “The desert is very big so all of you need to use these horses to go after Jerry.” explained Oweguy as Jerry attacks the intern in the background. “At least mine’s not a donkey.” said Dax.

A couple minutes later the contestants were on their horses and had all of their equipment to catch Jerry. “Already?” asked Oweguy. “You’ve got an hour to catch Jerry. Once you’ve caught him bring him to me. Now go!” The contestants run off on their horses with Dax hanging on to his horse’s butt because he fell off.

Later in an area with cactuses and dry shrubs Rave, Nianah, and Chloe were looking around. “Where could that little brat be?” asked Nianah. “He could be anywere.” said Chloe. “Let’s check over there.” She and Nianah head off while Raven stays where she is. She sees a shadow behind a cactus which resembled Jerry but instead of catching him she throws a picture of Nianah which he grabs and tears up and runs off to where Nianah had gone with Raven smiling.

Meanwhile Dax, Sparky, and Yuki were in another area. “Where is he?” asked Dax. “I don’t know but this area looks deserted.” said Sparky. “How about we split up.” suggested Yuki. “I’ll go that way and you two can go that way.” “Good idea.” said Sparky. The two run off to two different paths.

Meanwhile Chloe had gotten farther than Nianah and her horse looked like it needed a drink. “C’mon!” she shouted to the horse. “I need to catch that son of a feral beast!” The horse doesn’t stay on the path and walks toward an area that had a small lake. “Fine, take your drink but get back on the path when you’re done!” said Nianah upset. She gets off the horse and sits on a rock but bubbles start coming out of the water and goes near Nianah. “What’s that?” she asked. A splash of water happens and it was shown to be Jerry and Nianah starts to scream.

Back in the desert Dax and Sparky were looking around. “Where could he be?” asked Sparky. “I see something!” shouted Dax. “I’ll get it!” “No wait!” shouted Sparky but Dax had disappeared. He then came back pale with a snake bite on him. “It wasn’t Jerry.” he said weakly. “It was a rattlesnake. And the venom’s starting to go in my veins.” He then faints with Sparky looking at him. “Good thing I always carry snake venom antidote in this first aid kit I carry.” he said filling a shot with the antidote and injecting it into Dax with him yelping from the needle.

Back at the pond Nianah was backing away from Jerry who was walking toward her. “Look, are you still mad at me for voting you off back in New York?” she asked. “Cause if you are than I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I turned you into this beast. So we’re cool now, right?” Jerry was still angry and then pounces onto her with Nianah’s horse running away scared. “Don’t leave me you horse!” she shouted as Jerry drags her down.

Back where Chloe was Sparky and Dax arrived with him looking tired and woozy from the antidote. “Have you seen Jerry?” asked Sparky. “No.” said Chloe. “What happened to Dax?” “He got bit by a snake and is a little woozy from the antidote.” explained Sparky. Dax then makes weird noises attempting to talk. “Well we need to find him quick.” said Chloe. “We only have a half hour left to catch him.” “Let’s try the area you were at.” said Sparky. “Good idea.” said Chloe. “He could be there.” The three run off with Dax having trouble hanging on to his horse.

Back at the pond Jerry was still growling at Nianah who was scratched up and had torn clothes. “Get away from me you creep!” she shouted taking her shoe off and throwing it at him. It does nothing and grabs the shoe and rips it in half and got angrier. “Crap!” shouted Nianah. “That was my best shoe!” As Jerry walks closer to her a snapping finger sound is heard with Jerry stopping. The snap was shown to be from Raven who had walked over.

“What do you want?” asked Nianah. “Oh dear.” taunted Raven. “It seems that you haven’t managed to catch Jerry even with him so close to you.” “I haven’t caught him because he’s been attacking me.” said Nianah upset. “That’s because he was assigned to attack you.” said Raven. “What do you mean assigned?” asked Nianah acting suspicious. “I’ve known that this little feral creep has been mad at you since episode 2 so I’m know using him to show that there is a stronger strategist in this competition.” explained Raven. “Finish her off.” She snaps her fingers again making Jerry attack her again then picked her up and started to spin her around and when he let go she was sent flying. “Sorry Nianah but you were too weak for me.” said Raven smiling victoriously. At the plane Oweguy and Arnold were sitting around in the cockpit when Nianah smacks into the screen with them screaming. “I’ll get the scraper.” said Oweguy.

“Good Jerry.” said Raven. “Here’s a rat carcass.” She throws him a dead rat and before he was about to eat it a tranquilizer dart hits him in the neck causing him to pass out. “What the heck?” asked Raven. A lasso then catches him and the person who was shown to knock him out and catch him was Yuki. “Sorry but you were just standing there so I had the chance to catch him.” She said. Raven looked upset because she forgot about the challenge. “Time to bring the catch of the day home.” said Yuki running off on her horse with Jerry. “At least my plan worked.” said Raven alone. “What plan?” asked Sparky who was suddenly there. “None of your beeswax.” said Raven.

Back at the plane Oweguy was sun tanning outside of it. Yuki then arrives throwing the still tranquilized Jerry in front of him. “Here’s your beast.” she said using a cowboy accent. “We have our winner!” shouted Oweguy with everyone else coming back to the plane. “And our winner is Yuki! She has won invincibility and also a Texas feast as a reward.” “Aw.” said Sparky disappointed. “As for the rest of you, you need to vote off someone that’s not Yuki.” said Oweguy to the losers. “Where’s Nianah?” asked Sparky. She then falls down from the top of the plane. “She was stuck pretty hard!” shouted Arnold from the top. “Oh yeah.” said Oweguy. “That’s what happened. Anyway, let’s leave before Jerry wakes up because he’s not going to be happy at us while we’re still here.” “Good idea.” said Chloe.

As the plane takes off Jerry was shown to be on the plane wing that then punches a hole in the wall and makes it bigger and jumps inside sneaking back in. Meanwhile the contestants were at the elimination ceremony with Nianah bandaged up and Dax still woozy.

“Interesting day for all of you cowboys and girls.” said Oweguy. “Training to be a cowboy, catching a wild beast, getting bit by a rattlesnake, and getting attacked by the beast you were trying to catch. A very fun day for all of you, but now one of you has to go. Yuki since you won you get the first back of peanuts.” “Thanks Owe.” said Yuki catching the back. “Next bags go to Chloe, Sparky, and Dax.” said Oweguy throwing them their bags with all but Dax catching while his hits him in the head. The bottom two were now Raven and Nianah. “Raven and Nianah, one of you will be leaving today.” said Oweguy. “The last peanut bag goes to…..”

“…..Raven.” She catches her bag with Nianah looking upset. “Okay fine!” she shouted. “Vote me off! I know I’m a hated contestant and I’ve already had a rough enough day as it is.” “It’s going to get rougher because you have to jump out of the plane.” said Oweguy smiling. Nianah grabs the parachute but has trouble putting it on. “How do you get this on?” she asked. “Oops you’ve run out of time.” said Oweguy. “So long.” He then pushes her out of the plane with her shouting “I’ll sue!” as she falls. “Is it just me or is it quieter in here?” asked Sparky. Chloe and Yuki shrug.

“That’s one more contestant out of the plane.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Now that we’re at the final five what sort of events will happen next? Will the other contestants discover Raven’s true nature after getting rid of their earlier problem? And where’s my chocolate sundae? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 18: The Amazing Australian Race

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the contestants went to Texas to become real cowboys and bring home a wild beast which happened to be Jerry who was still clinging onto the plane. Raven ended up showing her true evil nature by taking down other villain Nianah with Jerry the beast. And Dax in the meantime got bit by a rattlesnake and got woozy from Sparky’s antidote which didn’t give him much good during the challenge. But in the end Yuki ended up showing her amazing cowgirl skills which granted her the win and Nianah finally got the boot making everyone happy. We’re down to the final five. Who will not make the final four? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

On the loser class of the plane Dax wakes up feeling better and not woozy anymore but also sees that his head was lying on Chloe’s lap which surprised him. “Sorry.” said Dax gasping for air. “Did I make you uncomfortable?” “Actually it was me who put you in my lap.” said Chloe. “I watched over you during the night.” Dax starts smiling at Chloe. “But why?” he asked. “I thought you felt uncomfortable when I’m around you.” “I care about you.” said Chloe. “You’re like a little brother, maybe even more.” Dax starts smiling with a bigger smile and then faints with Chloe and Sparky who walked in with a soda looking. “Whatever just happened I didn’t do it!” said Sparky scared with Chloe rolling her eyes.

Nearby Raven was sitting in her area banging the seat with anger. “Stupid Yuki stealing my secret weapon!” she shouted. “He’s still probably back in Texas due to stupid Oweguy saying to leave him behind. Well she’ll pay today. I’ll find a way to make her lose today’s challenge and convince the others to vote her off. And then try and get my secret weapon back.” She then smiles evilly.

Later the plane was shown to be flying near Australia. Afterwards it lands in the Australian desert with a bunch of kangaroos and emus watching it land. The contestants then walk out of the plane with Oweguy in front of them.

“G’day mates and welcome to Australia!” he greeted. “I thought I see more buildings.” said Dax. “Well we’re in the outback.” explained Oweguy. “The cities such as Sydney are farther away.” “What’s the challenge?” asked Sparky. “It’s just one challenge today but this challenge will be a very long one.” explained Oweguy. “What is it?” asked Yuki. “It’s a race through the outback.” said Oweguy. “From this area is where you’ll start and the area inside the two white lines is the pathway to the goal.” “Where’s the goal?” asked Chloe. “Its way over there.” said Oweguy. “I can’t see it.” said Dax. “That’s because it’ll take a day to get there.” Everyone groans upset.

“How will we know it’s the goal?” asked Sparky. “Easy.” said Oweguy. “The plane will be waiting there.” “Anything else that’s important?” asked Chloe. “Yes.” said Oweguy. “It’ll be too dangerous to do the challenge on foot because of the carnivorous beasts like the dingos so you’ll use the emus and kangaroos that are right behind you.” When he said that Dax looked at the emus’ and kangaroos’ that were standing behind them. “Oh, and one last thing, the person who comes in last place will automatically be eliminated.” Everyone except Raven gasps in shock while she smiles suspiciously. “Why a sudden death elimination?” asked Chloe. “Because I don’t have enough peanut bags left and I want to save some for the later challenges.” said Oweguy. “Now let’s get this challenge started!” Oweguy then boards the plane and it flies off toward the goal area.

“So what do we do now?” asked Dax. “We need to get our emus or kangaroos.” said Chloe. A kangaroo then sniffs Dax with him surprised. It then picks him up and puts him in its pouch with Dax confused with Chloe giggling. “I think it thinks you’re its baby.” She said. “I think she wants you to nurse.” said Raven nearby. Dax then screams in shock. “She’s just kidding Daxy.” said Chloe with Dax signing in relief.

As the other contestants try to get their animals some were having trouble. Sparky was trying to get an emu that kept biting his head and Raven’s kept trying to get away from her. “Stay still you crazy bird!” she shouted. “Having trouble?” asked Yuki already on a tamed emu. Raven growls upset at Yuki. As Chloe looks around for an animal to choose Dax’s kangaroo jumps near her. “Hey Chloe, the kangaroo’s husband came over and I asked him if he could help you with the challenge.” “You told it to help me?” asked Chloe surprised. “That’s so sweet that you got me a kangaroo just for me.” Dax smiles but then notices something. “Where’s Sparky?” he asked. “Hello?” he asked with his voice coming from his emu’s stomach. It showed him inside it sitting in its stomach. “The emu ate me!” shouted Sparky. “Help me before I come out of its butt!”

Later the contestants had tamed their animals. Raven and Yuki were riding their emus with Sparky’s head sticking out of his emu’s mouth while Chloe was riding on her kangaroo with Dax inside his kangaroos’ pouch. “I know Oweguy isn’t here so I’ll just tell us to go.” said Chloe. “Okay.” said Raven a little upset. “On your mark, get set, and go!” shouted Chloe. She and Dax go off first followed by Yuki, Raven, and lastly Sparky. “C’mon birdie!” shouted Sparky still sticking out of its mouth. “We need to catch up!” The emu closes its mouth but then squawks and goes faster when Sparky punches it inside its throat.

As Raven tries to catch up with Yuki Sparky’s emu then arrives next to Raven’s. “See you later Raven!” taunted Sparky with his head sticking out of his emu’s mouth again. Raven growls and makes her emu trip Sparky’s emu causing it to fall behind and spit him out with Sparky covered in slime. “Gross.” said Sparky disgusted. “But we need to catch up!” Sparky gets back on the emu and it starts running as fast as it can.

An hour later everyone was still in the same places and the sun started to set. Dax and Chloe were far ahead and Dax started to look tired. Chloe noticed and looked worried. “What’s wrong Dax?” asked Chloe. “Need water.” He said weakly. Chloe looks around and sees a pond nearby. She runs over and gets some water in a bottle and then gives it to Dax. Once he drinks it he returns to his normal self. “Wow!” he shouted. “I feel refreshed!” “Well we shouldn’t stay here.” said Chloe. “We need to move on!” The two then continue on the path.

Meanwhile as Raven still tries to catch up with Yuki she sees another pathway. “That could be a shortcut.” She said. She makes her emu go on that path with Sparky noticing behind her. “Where’s she going?” he asked. His emu suddenly stops. “Why are you stopping?” he asked. A bunch of splattering is heard behind him. “Ew gross!” shouted Sparky looking away. “I forgot that they had to use the bathroom.”

Night had arrived and Dax and Chloe had to stop because their kangaroos had fallen asleep. “It’s so slimy in that pouch.” said Dax. “It’s not like cartoons.” “You should’ve rode on its back like I did.” said Chloe. “I’ll try to remember that next time.” said Dax. “It’s getting late.” said Chloe. “I don’t see the others so let’s stay here for the night, okay.” “Okay.” said Dax yawning and falling asleep. Chloe then follows.

Meanwhile Yuki’s emu was still going despite looking tired when Sparky then catches up to Yuki. “Hey Sparks.” She said. “How are you doing? And why do you smell bad?” “Well my emu ate me alive so I spent an hour riding inside it and then I got out but it then went number two and before we left I slipped and fell in it.” explained Sparky. “Gross.” said Yuki. “How was the emu able to eat you?” “This is a cartoon.” said Sparky. “Anything can happen.” “True.” said Yuki.”

“Have you seen Raven?” asked Sparky. “No.” said Yuki. “I’ve been ahead of her this entire time.” “Well last I saw her she went on a different path.” “She must be trying to get ahead of us!” said Yuki noticing. “How about once it’s daybreak we set off immediately.” suggested Sparky. “Good idea.” said Yuki. “But first let’s get some shut eye.” The two then fall asleep. Meanwhile Raven was still in the shortcut path as her emu was only walking because it was tired. “C’mon you stupid bird!” she shouted. “Can’t you walk faster?” The emu then sees something and runs off scared dropping Raven. “I meant with me!” she shouted. She then sees a bunch of dingo’s on the rocks growling at her. “Oh ****!” she shouted as the dingo’s jumped onto her.

Later that night as Dax and Chloe sleep some more dingoes’s surrounded them with Dax waking up. “Chloe!” whispered Dax nervous. “There’s dingo’s around here!” He saw the dingo’s going near Chloe about to attack her. “Leave her alone!” shouted Dax grabbing a branch and swinging it at them chasing some of them away. She then wakes up to see him chase the last of the dingoes away. “And stay out!” shouted Dax. “Dax did you chase those dingo’s away all by yourself?” asked Chloe. “Yep.” said Dax. “Just to make sure they wouldn’t hurt y…” He then accidently hits his head with the branch and faints with Chloe just looking at him from the ground.

The following morning Raven was lying on the ground in the shortcut area asleep. She then wakes up when her emu comes back and pecks her face. “Okay okay I’m awake!” she shouted. She climbs onto the emu and makes it start running. “I need to catch up and beat the others.” she said as she continued on the shortcut path.

Back where Sparky and Yuki were Yuki wakes up first noticing it was day time. “Daybreak!” she shouted. “Let’s move!” Sparky wakes up and grabs onto his emu and the two run off. As they start to run Raven comes out of the shortcut area right next to Sparky and Yuki. “Oh no!” shouted Raven. “You’re not catching up to me!” The three suddenly hear barking behind them and see a huge pack of dingo’s behind them. “Run!” shouted Sparky as the three of them started to run as fast as they can.

Meanwhile Dax and Chloe were preparing to move on until they heard the screaming. “What was that?” asked Chloe. The two see the others farther down along with the dingoes. “Run!” shouted Dax as they jumped onto their kangaroos and ran off. “I don’t want to get eaten by dingos!” shouted Sparky. “When is this challenge going to end?” “Look!” shouted Yuki point to the plane which was a mile away. “We’re almost there!” They start to catch up to Raven but she then looks at Yuki and pushes her off her emu making her fall behind. “YukI!” shouted Sparky. She rolls past the dingoes but some of them go after her while the others continue. “You’re really mean!” shouted Sparky jumping onto Raven. “How dare you hurt a very nice girl!” “Get off me!” shouted Raven throwing him off but is then caught by his emu. “You saved me!” he said to the emu but it then swallows him again. “You could’ve said you’re welcome!” he shouted from its throat.

“Look!” shouted Chloe. “There’s the goal!” “We’re gonna make it!” cheered Dax. “About time you guys showed up!” shouted Oweguy at the goal. The dingoes start to get closer with the kangaroos noticing so they grab Chloe and Dax off of them and throw them toward the plane before they ran away from the dingoes. Dax lands first and manages to catch Chloe before she had a painful landing. “Thanks.” she said. “No problem.” said Dax rubbing his butt from his land. “Congratulations Dax and Chloe!” congratulated Oweguy. “According to the cameras you crossed the goal at the same time so you two are the winners of the challenge!” “We won!” they cheered hugging each other but they then noticed and stopped hugging looking embarrassed.

“Let’s see who else will join us in the final four.” said Oweguy. Sparky’s emu then arrives puking Sparky up. “Stop eating me!” he shouted. “Sparky is safe!” announced Oweguy. “And last but not least is…..”

Raven then crosses last. “…..Raven!” announced Oweguy. The others looked disappointed and upset. Yuki then arrives scratched up and had torn clothes and was missing a shoe. “Sorry Yuki but you arrived last so it’s time to say goodbye.” said Oweguy. “Okay.” said Yuki disappointed. “I did have a good time during the game.” “Bye Yuki.” said Dax. “See yah.” said Chloe. “We’ll miss you.” said Sparky. “I’ll miss you too guys.” said Yuki. “And wait, how am I getting eliminated?” “Easy.” said Oweguy. “Use the Cannon of Shame. Its destination is the loser resort and it will take you there with one launch. It took a while to make unfortunately.” “Okay.” said Yuki getting in the cannon. “Bye everybody.” As Oweguy launched the cannon Yuki screams as she disappears into the sky. “Easy defeat.” said Raven watching.

Later in first class (with Jerry hiding in the storage bin) Dax and Chloe were sitting next to each other tired. “Boy what a challenge.” said Dax sighing. “I know.” said Chloe. “I want to thank you for helping me during the challenge.” “You welcome.” said Dax. His hand accidently lands on hers and they just look at each other but it soon suddenly leads to them kissing.

“Wow.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What will the others think of this new relationship? Will Sparky be happy for them and will Raven think of this as a threat? Find out next time on Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 19: A Viking Sized Challenge

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the final five went to the outback to compete in a very long race. Sparky had bad luck with an emu, Raven wanted to get rid of Yuki, and Dax and Chloe spent a lot of time together. In the end Yuki ended up coming in last thanks to Raven slowing her down which caused her to get eliminated due to it being a sudden death elimination challenge. And lastly Dax and Chloe had a special moment in first class. It’s final four time! What will happen next as we get closer and closer to the finals? Find out right now on Total Drama Tourism!

In the loser class room Raven and Sparky were on the two different sides not speaking to each other after the events of last episode. “She’s ready to bring down the rest of us good guys.” said Sparky in his head. “I’m going to take them down one by one.” said Raven in her head. “Hey how’s everyone doing in here?” asked Oweguy walking in. “Alright I guess.” said Sparky. “Okay.” said Raven. “Good.” said Oweguy. “Now stay seated. We’ll be arriving at our next location in an hour.” After Oweguy left the two continue to look away from each other.

Meanwhile in first class Dax and Chloe were sitting next to each other thinking. “I’m happy about our relationship but I think Raven’s going to find it a threat.” said Chloe. “You think?” asked Dax. “I think so.” said Chloe. “Can we tell Sparky?” asked Dax. “If he promises not to tell.” said Chloe. “Okay.” said Dax. “I think we should tell him when we’re not near Raven.” “Good idea.” said Chloe. The two shake hands in agreement.

Minutes later the plane flies toward Europe and lands in Norway near a huge lake. As the contestants walk out of the plane they see piles of wood. “What’s with the wood?” asked Raven. “Hello everyone and welcome to Norway!” greeted Oweguy walking out of the plane. “This place is famous for having Vikings very long ago.” “Just like Sweden.” said Sparky. “Yes just like Sweden.” said Oweguy. “So what’s the challenge?” asked Raven. “The challenge is simple.” said Oweguy. “You have to build Viking ships out of the wood that’s piled up here and then the four of you will have a battle to see who can survive the longest.” Dax gulps. “Don’t worry.” said Oweguy. “I’ll get sued if one of you gets hurt. Now how ‘bout you guys start building your boats? Okay?!” Everyone runs toward the wood piles when he raised his voice. “Shouting always gets them to move.” said Oweguy snickering.

As the contestants start to figure out how to build their boats Sparky sees Dax and Chloe helping each other. “I’ve noticed you’ve been with each other a lot.” He said to them. “Are you working together?” “Well sort off.” said Chloe. “Wait a minute.” said Sparky figuring out what was going on. “You guys are in a relationship.” “How’d he know?” asked Chloe to Dax. “He’s known that I’ve had a long time crush.” “Oh.” said Chloe. “This is great!” said Sparky excited. “Once the challenge is done I’ll bake a cake in the planes kitchen!” “You do that but first, let’s see who’ll win the challenge.” said Chloe. “Okay!” said Dax and Sparky.

Five minutes later the contestants have gotten the bases of their boats finished and started to cover it with wood. “You guys are going to be toast.” said Raven. “My ship will destroy the living crap of your ships when it’s finished.” Dax and Sparky see that her ship’s base was bigger than their ships. “Well we’re toast.” said Dax. “Not yet.” said Sparky.” “Let’s work together while Raven’s too busy with her ship.” “Great idea!” said Dax. As the minutes past Dax and Sparky help work on their ships with Chloe joining in later while Raven works alone on her ship too busy to notice the others.

“It’s been twenty minutes and none of the ships are finished!” shouted Oweguy. “These things take a while!” shouted Chloe. “Well hurry it up!” shouted Oweguy. “I have a show that I want to see in two hours and I want this challenge done before it starts. “Finished!” shouted Sparky showing his ship which looked like a basic Viking ship. “Nice job Sparky.” said Oweguy. “Our first ship is done!” Raven looked upset and mutters “I’ve got to finish this in time.”

As the contestants continue Dax finishes his ship. “Finished!” he said. As Oweguy looks at it he saw that Dax’s ship resemble Chloe’s head. “Why did you build Chloe’s face?” asked Oweguy. “I just took the idea from Cody.” “Well it looks good.” said Oweguy. “And you formed it like a ship so good job. Chloe and Raven, you girls need to hurry up.” “We’re just adding detail.” said Chloe. “Well please do it quickly.” said Oweguy. “Arnold’s almost done with the cannonballs.” “Aw, now Swedish meatballs?” asked Dax disappointed. “This isn’t Sweden.” said Oweguy. “It’s Norway. It wouldn’t be right to use Swedish meatballs in Norway.” “Good point.” said Dax.

Five minutes pass and Raven finishes her ship. “Finished.” she said. Oweguy looks at it and it shows she had a huge Viking ship with a lot of defenses and looked scary. “I think I just peed myself.” said Dax. “Look’s scary, strong and impressive.” said Oweguy. “Good job.” “I just finished mine.” said Chloe showing her ship which looked just like Raven’s but was less scary and had more detail. “Wow, yours looks very well detailed Chloe.” said Oweguy. “It’s looks strong and could take forever to sink.” “I help my grandfather make ships at home.” said Chloe. “She could help with my grandpa.” said Sparky. “He’s trying to make a ship for fishing.” It cuts to Sparky’s grandparents’ house with his grandpa holding a model ship saying “I’ve built the perfect ship!” “It’s a little too small to ride in.” said Sparky’s grandmother. “Fiddlesticks!” shouted Sparky’s grandfather.

“So who won the first challenge?” asked Raven. “Did I say someone would win the first challenge?” asked Oweguy. “There are no prizes being given to who finishes first. The winner will be decided out in the waters. But you all get these cannons to attack with!” “Cool.” said Sparky. Arnold then puts cannons in all of the boats. “You’ll use these cannonballs to fire at your opponents but if you run out you’re in big trouble.” explained Oweguy. Dax looked nervous. “Remember, the last person remaining wins invincibility while the others have to vote someone off okay?” explained Oweguy. “Now let’s rumble!

As the contestants wait for their boats to be put into the water Dax, Chloe, and Sparky huddle. “Okay, we shall take out Raven first because she seems to have the most powerful boat.” explained Chloe. “How will we do that?” asked Dax. “We’ll are fire at once.” said Chloe. “That way if one of us gets defeated one of us will still have to beat her.” “Good plan.” said Sparky. “Let’s also try not to waste as many cannonballs.” “You’re right.” said Chloe. “Let Raven waste her cannonballs and once she’s run out we’ll strike her.” “Gotcha.” said Sparky. “Let’s do it!” cheered Dax.

Once the boats have been put in the water the contestants climb into them from some docks. “Alright guys, let’s see who can survive an attack of cannonballs!” shouted Oweguy sounding a horn. “Prepare to be defeated cowards!” shouted Raven. “We’ll see about that!” shouted Dax. Chloe, Dax, and Sparky put their cannonballs in their cannons and light the fuse making the cannons fire at Raven’s ship giving it some damage. “A direct hit!” shouted Dax.

“Oh no!” shouted Raven. “If they hit it many more times it’s a goner! I’ll show them.” She sets up a cannon and fires at Dax who was too busy dancing to notice but does notice when it hits destroying his entire boat with him floating in the water. “Chloe!” screamed Dax. “No!” Chloe just rolls her eyes. “Take that you stupid fan boy!” shouted Raven. Chloe and Sparky look upset. “Don’t you insult my boyfriend!” shouted Chloe. “Don’t you insult my friend!” shouted Sparky. “The two fire again and they hit Raven’s boat with water starting to fill in. “How can you date a little weirdo like him?” asked Raven. “Because he’s like a little brother.” said Chloe. “Sisters don’t kiss their siblings.” said Raven. “You’re worse than Nianah ever was.” said Chloe. “You bet I am which is why I’m going to get rid of you two and win invincibility!” shouted Raven.

“Chloe, set up the cannons!” shouted Sparky. Raven then sets hers up and they all fire at the same time with Raven’s getting two more shots causing more water to fill in while hers destroys Sparky’s ship in one hit. “Aw it took me a long time to make that.” “It’s just Chloe and Raven now!” shouted Oweguy with Dax near him wrapped up in a towel and Sparky coming out of the water. “Who’s going to win?”

Raven’s boat then shakes with her noticing that it was starting to sink. “No, stupid water!” shouted Raven. “One more cannonball shall sink it.” said Chloe. Raven then fires another cannonball causing some of Chloe’s ship to get damaged. “I’m going to take you out!” shouted Raven. Chloe tries to set her cannon ready as another cannonball hits her ship causing water to fill in and as fires it just with it hitting Raven’s ship sinking and destroying it at the same time leaving Chloe the last one standing.

“Chloe is our winner!” announced Oweguy. Dax and Sparky cheer while Raven growls floating on a piece of wood. “She has won invincibility and a special meal to enjoy in first class.” “Yes!” shouted Chloe. “As for the rest of you, you can relax for the next hour but after that it is vote time.” explained Oweguy to the losers. Dax and Sparky smile at each other already knowing who to vote.

Back on the plane Chloe relaxes in first class eating her prize meal while Dax walks over to her. “Psst.” he whispered. “Are we going to vote off Raven tonight?” “Definitely.” said Chloe. “You go tell Sparky.” In the plane’s kitchen Sparky was looking at a How to Bake a Cake book while making cake batter. “Sparky.” said Dax. “I told Chloe if she was going to vote off Raven and she said yes.” “That’s great!” said Sparky. “That nasty goth is a goner!” As Sparky puts the cake in the oven the intercom turns on. “Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy. “It’s time for the vote. Please come to the elimination room now!” Dax and Sparky walk out of the kitchen with them not knowing the cake was still cooking.

In the elimination room Raven looked upset at everyone while Dax, Sparky, and Chloe smile at each other. “It was a very interesting day contestants.” said Oweguy. “A huge Viking ship battle was totally awesome! I just wish it was a pirate battle because that would’ve been more awesome.” “Can you just get to the vote?” asked Raven upset. “Don’t rush me!” shouted Oweguy. Raven looked upset. “Okay fine.” said Oweguy. “I’ll get to the vote now. Since Chloe won she gets the first peanut bag.” He then throws it to her. “The next one safe is Sparky!” announced Oweguy with Sparky catching his bag. Dax and Raven were now in the bottom two. “Raven, reasons for you in the bottom two, being rude to everyone.” said Oweguy. “Just get it over with.” she said. “And Dax, well I’m shocked you’re in the bottom two because you’re a very likable contestant.” said Oweguy. “Its true.” said Dax. “Well anyway, the last bag goes to…..”

Before Oweguy could say who was voted off he smells something in the air. “Does anyone smell smoke?” he asked. “I do to.” said Chloe. “And me.” said Dax. “Fire!” shouted Arnold from the other room. “The cake!” shouted Sparky. He then runs into the kitchen and a snap sound his heard. “I guess that pipe wasn’t to unplug it.” he said. “That was the gas pipe!” shouted Oweguy. “Now there’s a gas leak!” “Wait, when fire meets gas doesn’t that mean.” said Dax thinking. Everyone figures it out with a worried face. “Run!” shouted Oweguy. Everyone gets parachutes one and they jump out of the plane along with Jerry and the animals in the cargo hold and they as they jump out of the plane it explodes in the air. They land safely in a desert except for Sparky who was charred black.

“My beautiful plane!” shouted Oweguy as the parts of it fall from the air. “Sparky!” shouted Dax. “Are you okay?!” asked Chloe. “I think so.” he said coughing. His hair then falls off and turns to dust. “My hair!” he screamed. The remains of the cake then fall in his lap. “My cake!” he screamed. “Was that for us?” asked Chloe. “Unfortunately.” said Sparky.

Oweguy then turns around and looks at Sparky with a very red and angry face. “Uh oh.” said Dax. “This can’t be good.” “Sparky!” shouted Oweguy. “Since it was your cake that caught on fire and you were the one responsible for the gas explosion that destroyed my plane you’re out of the game!” “No!” screamed Sparky. “So me, Chloe, and Dax are the final three?” asked Raven. “Yes.” said Oweguy calming down. “But we’re stuck here until a rescue vehicle comes.” Everyone groans disappointed with Sparky just sitting on the ground crying over his elimination and his loss of his hair.

“Well as of right now we’re stuck figuring out what to do but in the meantime if we ever get out of here be sure to stay tuned for another episode of Total Drama Tourism.” said Oweguy closing the episode with the destroyed plane nearby and he suddenly breaks down crying.

Chapter 20: The Race through Hollywood

Last time on Total Drama Tourism the final four went to Norway to have a Viking battle. Raven planned to take down the rest of the contestants with her powerful boat but ended losing with the combined force of Chloe, Dax, and Sparky. Chloe ended up winning invincibility and it was either Raven or Dax getting the boot but Sparky left a cake in the oven and caused a gas leak destroying my plane! With that Sparky was kicked out by me and now we’re stuck in this desert with no ride. As we figure out how to get to the final location check out who will lose next on Total Drama Tourism.

Dawn had arrived at the desert area the contestants have crashed at and Chloe, Raven, and Sparky were sitting near a burned out fire while Dax was standing near Oweguy. “My hot tub, my pizza oven, my plane, gone.” said Oweguy still disappointed. “Sorry dude.” said Dax. “I’m sure you’ll figure out how to get us out of here.” “I have a GPS.” said Sparky. “I don’t want any help from you plane breaker. Sparky looked upset and looked at his GPS. “It’s no good anyway.” He said. “It doesn’t have batteries.” “We’re going to die here!” shouted Dax upset. “I’m sure they’ll figure something out.” said Sparky.

Suddenly Arnold comes out of the plane with a smaller plane plane with six seats and a cargo hold. “Hey, my emergency plane!” cheered Oweguy. “We’re saved! And it has a GPS!” he turns on the plane and shows the location they were at. “Where are we?” asked Chloe. “We’re in an Arizona desert, close to our next and final location!” said Oweguy excited. “What is it?” asked Dax. “I’m not telling you but it’s near the coast of California.” “Oh boy, beach party!” cheered Dax. “You’ll see when you get there.” said Oweguy.

“Wait one sec.” said Raven. “If you’re taking us to our final location and it’s the final three, do we have to go there from here to the Californian coast?” “Nope.” said Oweguy. “To make it interesting we’ll be having a race to decide the final two. And the place we’ll be having that race is in Hollywood!” “So technically we have two more locations.” said Raven. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “You’ll be having two more locations. Me and the eliminated contestants are having one.” “I’m confused.” said Dax.

“Okay, enough chit chat.” said Oweguy. “Let’s drop you guys off at Hollywood because I left the eliminated contestants at the beach.” “What about Jerry?” asked Oweguy. “We left him in Texas remember?” said Oweguy. “Oh yeah.” said Dax. As the contestants board the small plane Sparky runs over. “What about me?” he asked “I think you’ve caused enough plane wrecker.” said Oweguy upset. “You can stay at this desert.” Oweguy’s phone starts ringing. “Hello?” he answered. There was shouting on the phone. “Aw crap.” continued Oweguy. “What happened?” asked Sparky. “I’m getting sued by your mother because she was watching the show right now. “So I can come?” asked Sparky. “Yes.” said Oweguy. “Woohoo!” cheered Sparky. “But I’m taking you with the eliminated contestants.” continued Oweguy. “Oh well.” said Sparky. “At least it’s better than being left for dead in this desert.” “C’mon!” shouted Oweguy. “Let’s go!” “Don’t rush me!” shouted Arnold. The plane then takes off leaving the ruins of the plane and heading toward California. But on the tail fin it was shown that Jerry was holding on to it, having snuck on once again.

Later the plane had landed near the entrance of Hollywood with the final three and Oweguy in front of the gate. “Okay, just to make sure the people do know that you’re doing a challenge here so you won’t be kicked out.” “That’s good.” said Chloe. “Here’s the rules.” said Oweguy. You have to get through all of Hollywood and the goal is right in front of the Hollywood sign. Over there there’s a cannon that’s designed to take you to the Californian beach. And just like I mentioned in Australia it took a while to make.” “How’d you get the technology to do it?” asked Dax. “A lot of scientist’s helped.” said Oweguy. “Probably because you couldn’t do it on your own.” said Raven. Oweguy looked upset at Raven. “What?” she asked.

“As I was saying, you need to get through Hollywood without getting distracted because a lot of stuff happens here.” explained Oweguy. “The first two people to arrive will be our final two while the person who comes in last will automatically be eliminated unless two people tie.” “How long will it take?” asked Dax. “Well Hollywood is a pretty big place so more than a hour.” said Oweguy. Everyone moans. “Hey that’s why I decided on Hollywood.” “It’s still cool.” said Dax.

“Now let’s get started!” said Oweguy upset. “You just have to head toward the hill with Hollywood.” The three stand at the gate waiting for Oweguy. “Good luck guys.” said Sparky in the plane. “And begin!” shouted Oweguy. The three run into Hollywood as Oweguy’s plane heads toward the goal. After the three run into the gate some trash cans rumble nearby and Jerry pops out running in after them.

As the contestants run through Hollywood Dax sees the Walk of Fame stars. “Cool, it’s the Walk of Fame.” he said. “No time to look Dax.” said Chloe. “Raven’s going to catch up.” Dax suddenly looks nervous. “I don’t want to slow down now.” he said. “Why?” asked Chloe. Dax points and they both see the feral Jerry charging at them. “Run!” shouted Chloe. Jerry jumps onto Dax and carries him off. “Chloe!” he screamed. “I’ve got to rescue him.” said Chloe running after Jerry.

Meanwhile Raven was running near a road but a truck then honks with her getting out of the way. “Eesh this place is busy.” she said. “Sure is.” said a staff guy for a movie set. “It’s the home of many superstars.” “I know that.” said Raven. “Do you know an easy way to get to the hill with Hollywood on it?” “Yeah just keep going that way.” said the staff guy. “There are a few turns but you’ll get to it.” “Thanks.” said Raven. “I’ll be the first to arrive and beat Dax and his lovely lady.” She then runs off.

Meanwhile on the top of the buildings Jerry still had Dax with Chloe right behind him. He then ended up at an area with a very high fall and Chloe corners him. “Give back Dax you little freak.” she said to Jerry. He looked nervous but a hot air balloon model being pulled nearby was shown and Jerry jumps onto it taking Dax with him. Another one follows his and Chloe jumps onto it. “He’s going to give back Dax soon or I’ll beat him to a pummel.” said Chloe.

Deeper into Hollywood Raven was in a dark alley with a hobo sleeping nearby. “I don’t think that staff guy was right about where to go.” she said. “The path I took only took me to this alley.” “I know how to get to the Hollywood hill.” said the hobo waking up. “I hope so.” said Raven. “I’ve been all over Hollywood.” said the hobo. “I am a hobo you know.” “I know that.” said Raven. “Just take me there.” “Follow me.” said the hobo. He and Raven then walk deeper into the ally.

Back on the floats Jerry and Chloe were facing each other. “Give back Dax or I’ll give you quite a beating.” said Chloe. Jerry looked nervous. “That’s it Chloe, give him a beating!” shouted Dax behind Jerry. He pushed him aside and looked ready to attack Chloe with the two of them looking nervous but the floats then go into a warehouse knocking the two of them off. Chloe still looked nervous because Jerry was still looking at her but Dax then punches him from behind. “You’d better not hurt my girlfriend!” he shouted. Jerry then slashes Dax’s shirt leaving a huge claw rip. “Aw!” shouted Dax. “That was my favorite shirt.” Jerry looked ready to attack him once more but is then hit by a chair and faints. The chair was shown to be from Chloe.

“Chloe, you saved me!” said Dax happy. He then jumps toward her and hugs her happily. “You can thank me later Dax.” said Chloe. “Right now let’s get to the Hollywood hill.” Dax then sees that it was very close to them. “We’re almost there!” he said. “Let’s go before Raven arrives!” said Chloe. The two run off leaving the fainted Jerry behind but after they leave his eye opens up in anger.

On the street ahead Raven runs out of the alley with the hobo waving goodbye but she sees Chloe and Dax behind them. “Crap, they’re catching up!” she said. “There’s Raven!” shouted Dax. “Let’s catch up to her!” shouted Chloe. As they kept running Raven suddenly stops. “Why is she stopping?” asked Dax. “That’s why.” said Chloe. It was shown that the three of them were in a huge minefield set right in front of the path with the cannons. “The minefield was my idea!” shouted Oweguy from the plane. “You like to make this rough for us I can see!” shouted Raven. “Yep.” said Oweguy laughing. “Now try and get through this minefield without killing yourself. “Let’s do it!” shouted Dax.

The three start running with Chloe and Raven avoiding areas that looked like mines. “Are these actual mines?” asked Raven. “I don’t think so.” said Dax running. “If they were there would be an explosion right about….” Dax then steps on a land mine and flies off screaming. “Dax!” screamed Chloe. He then landed in the cannon near the Hollywood hill and it fires sending him flying over the hill disappearing into the sky.

“Drat.” said Raven. “That little pipsqueak is obviously going to make it first.” “But I’m going to make Chloe slowdown in order to win. She runs up to Chloe but accidently hits a mine sending her flying while Chloe makes it to the cannon sending her to the California coast.

Meanwhile on a Californian beach Oweguy was relaxing in a beach chair while the eliminated contestants waited for the others. “There’s someone!” shouted Marine. Oweguy stands up and sees Dax fall from the sky and crash into the sand. “Congratulations Dax!” said Oweguy. “You’ve arrived first and earned your spot in the final two!” “Yes!” cheered Dax. “I made it!” Some of the eliminated contestants cheer and clap for Dax. “And the next person to join her is…..” Chloe suddenly appears from the sky but before she landed Raven crashes down resulting in both of them arriving at the same time.

“Oh wow.” said Oweguy. “We have a tie.” “I take it we don’t have enough time for a tiebreaker.” said Nianah. “Actually,” Oweguy looks at a watch. “Yes we do have time for a tiebreaker!” “I was afraid of that.” said Chloe. “What’s the challenge?” asked Raven. “You two must battle on that platform in the water and try to knock the other person in the water.” explained Oweguy. The winner will join Dax in the final two while the loser is eliminated.” “You’re just recycling the Hawaiian Punch tiebreaker.” said Raven upset. “True but you don’t need to rescue someone and there’s more fire!” shouted Oweguy with fire appearing around the platform. “Glad I’m not doing that.” said Sparky.

A couple minutes later Chloe and Raven were on the platform with paddles with the losers watching on the beach. “And begin!” shouted Oweguy with a ring of fire surrounding the platform. “Go Chloe!” cheered Dax. “You may look strong but I’m going to beat you.” said Chloe. The two start to wrestle each other with Chloe pushing Raven to the ground. Chloe’s side starts cheering while Raven’s side yelled at her to get up. Raven gets an idea suddenly. “Oh no, someone’s hurting Dax!” she said pretending to be worried. “Oh no, Dax!” said Chloe worried. “No Chloe!” shouted Sparky. “It’s a trick!” Raven grabs her paddle while Chloe wasn’t looking. “Take this loser!” she shouted with Chloe seeing and she hits her hard sending her flying off into the water with a shark jumping in after her. Everyone gasps in shock with Dax diving in after her. “I knew she wasn’t going to beat me.” said Raven. Everyone on Chloe’s side looked upset with even some on her side looking upset as well.

“And there we have it, our final two!” said Oweguy with Chloe wrapped up in a towel and Dax and Raven with her. “Dax the super obsessed geek and Raven the creepy Goth. What will the final location be? What will the final challenge be? And who will be taking home the grand prize? Find out next time on the epic finale of Total Drama Tourism!”

Chapter 21: A Fiery Finale

Last time on Total Drama Tourism all seemed lost for me and the contestants with a destroyed plane in a desert but we were saved when Arnold found a smaller plane inside the wreckage so the final three were able to move on. They had to race through Hollywood to get to a Californian beach. Dax got captured by Jerry and Chloe gave chase while Raven got lost. In the end Dax came first and got his spot in the final two while Chloe and Raven had to do a tie breaker challenge. Raven ended up winning and Chloe was eliminated. Now that we’re down to the final two who will emerge victorious and win the million? Find out right now on the epic finale of Total Drama Tourism!

Oweguy, the final two, and the eliminated contestants stood on the Californian beach waiting to hear what will happen. “Congratulations Dax and Raven!” said Oweguy. “You’ve become our final two and have one more challenge to do!” “Yay!” cheered Dax. “I’m glad to be in the final challenge but where’s the final location?” asked Raven. “Way out there.” said Oweguy pointing to the ocean. Everyone moans.

“We were always at Hawaii.” said Raven. “It’s not Hawaii.” said Oweguy. “You’ll see when we get there.” Arnold comes over with a big boat for everyone to get on. “All abord!” said Oweguy. The contestant’s board on the boat and it then heads off to the final location.

Later the boat still moves along the water as clouds have started to appear. “Are we there yet?” asked Raven. “Almost.” said Oweguy. “Let’s hope it’s good.” said Flare. “Here we are!” said Oweguy. The boat was shown to be in the middle of the ocean with no land anywhere. “This is it?!” asked Raven upset. “There’s nothing here!” “Oh there will.” said Oweguy. The clouds got darker and a lightning strike hits the water in front of them with everyone moving back. “Are you trying to kill us?!” asked Flare upset. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “That lightning strike is causing the final location to appear.” Everything starts shaking and then a temple rises out of the water that appeared to be on a volcano. Mountains then arrived and it is revealed it is a huge volcano surrounded by mountains with a shrine right on the top.

“What is this place?” asked Dax. “It’s your final location.” said Oweguy. “A giant volcano and temple fused together with a giant whale.” As Oweguy says that the head of the whale rises out of the water. “You sure it’s not fake?” asked Flare. “Nope.” said Oweguy. “It has been a myth for a long time but I had some help from treasure hunters.” “Like Indiana Jones?” asked Sparky. “Nah, he was busy.” said Oweguy.

“So what’s the final challenge?” asked Raven. “Your challenge is to grab the treasure at the very top of the volcano.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever grabs it first will be the winner of Total Drama Tourism.” “How do we get in?” asked Dax. “Inside the whale’s mouth.” said Oweguy. “Its blowhole leads right into the mountain. Good luck because the mountain contains lots of fire.” “We’ll do fine.” said Dax. “Good luck Dax.” said Chloe kissing him on the cheek. “You can do it dude!” cheered Sparky. “I’ll do fine everyone.” said Dax. Raven looked upset due to not many people supporting her except for Flare and Bluto. “Sorry.” said Flare. Raven growls.

“Alright, I’m getting tired of waiting around.” said Oweguy. “Go into that whale’s mouth already.” “Okay okay.” said Raven. The whale’s mouth opens up with Dax and Raven jumping into it and it then closes. “How’d you get all that stuff on your whale?” whispered Arnold. “I don’t know.” said Oweguy. “It was swimming one day and got an underwater volcano stuck on its back.” “What was that?” asked Kuro with the other contestants looking. “Nothing.” said Oweguy. “We’re talking about TV.” “Okay then.” said Kuro.

Inside the whale’s mouth Dax and Raven walk through it having trouble running due to the saliva on its tongue. “Gross!” shouted Raven. “Why did the entrance have to be a whale’s mouth?” “I almost got eaten by a whale once when me and my dad when fishing.” said Dax. “Glad to hear that.” said Raven. Dax then gets an idea and starts to slide on the whale’s tongue to go faster with Raven looking upset. “Hey!” she shouted. “I’m not going to lose to a loser.” She then slides too but looked disgusted while doing it.

Both end up at the back of the whale’s throat waiting for something to happen. “The blowhole’s above us but where is the water?” asked Dax. Outside Oweguy was on a canoe in front of the whale signaling it to blow them up. The whale then swallows some water with it hitting Dax and Raven. “Oh there’s the water and now for the fun part.” said Dax. “Why did I have to compete against him in the final challenge?” asked Raven to herself. The whale’s blowhole goes off and they get blasted out into the mountain. While they fly into it they see metal parts connected to the mountain and the whale. “That’s odd.” said Raven noticing. “I don’t think this place is real. “This is fun!” cheered Dax too busy enjoying the blast of water.

Inside the mountain the blast of water leads them into a tunnel. As they walk out there was a very long path. “Should we race?” asked Dax. “Yes!” shouted Raven getting a head start. “Hey!” shouted Dax chasing her. “I didn’t get a chance to get a head start!” “Tough beans!” shouted Raven. She then feels something hot and sees that she had stepped in lava. She then jumps out immediately after seeing it. “Okay so it’s real lava.” She said with the bottom of her boot melting off from the lava. She then sees a huge lava river with platforms and traps above it.

“Welcome to your first obstacles guys.” said Oweguy in a helicopter with Dax catching up. “You have to get through this lava river by jumping on the platforms while avoiding the traps above you.” Nearby, Kuro, Flare, and Chad were on a small mountain with the ropes on the traps in front of them so they can cut them to trap someone. “Try to avoid Dax.” said Kuro to Chad with him agreeing.” “Try not to step into the lava because you’ll get seriously burned like Raven’s boot.” said Oweguy. “Now be careful here because you’re getting close to the top.” Oweguy then flies off to the top.

As they start jumping Kuro cut one of the ropes to set off the traps but it misses and falls in the lava. “Darn!” he shouted. “We almost got Raven!” “Let me try.” said Chad cutting the second rope. It falls and almost falls on Dax with them looking worried but it misses with them sighing in relief. “You guys aren’t doing it right!” shouted Flare. “I’m doing the last one.” He cuts the rope and the trap then falls onto Raven trapping her. “Oops.” said Flare. Raven sees Flare and gets very upset. “I’m going to kill you!” she shouted with Kuro and Chad running off. Dax then gets to the end of the lava river and gets back on the path. “Yes!” he cheered. “And now it’s time to get that treasure!” Raven sees Dax run off and then picks the cage up with all her might and throws it with it hitting Flare and pursuing Dax.

At the top of the volcano the contestants and Oweguy were waiting with them all looking hot. “Here comes someone!” said Marine noticing. Everyone sees Dax come with most of them looking happy except for Bluto and Flare who was rubbing his head from getting hit by the cage. He then sees the shrine above the volcano with the treasure in the center. “The treasure!” he shouted excitedly. “Go for it Dax!” cheered Sparky. Before he walked over to it Raven appears behind Dax and suddenly punches him to the ground with everyone gasping in shock.

“If anyone is going to get that treasure it’s me.” She said. “No I’m going to get it.” said Dax weakly. Raven then punches Dax to the ground again and starts hitting him more until he was unable to get up. Everyone was shocked especially Chloe and Sparky. “I told you guys, no one can beat me.” said Raven pushing Dax aside. “And now to get that treasure and win this stupid show.” “What are we going to do?” asked Sparky. “I don’t know.” said Chloe. “It’s hopeless.” She then sheds a single tear.

But before Raven walked toward the shrine Dax’s eyes open up and he gets back up. “You can’t beat the Dax!” he shouted throwing his hat to the ground. He then picks up Raven as lightning starts to strike down. “Put me down!” she shouted. Everyone looked shocked. “Goodbye evilest girl ever!” shouted Dax throwing Raven into the volcano with her shouting “Noooooooo!” before disappearing inside and a huge blast of fire then comes out and then nothing else.

Everyone looked shocked about what Dax had done but they then start to cheer about defeating Raven. “And now to win this show!” shouted Dax running to the shrine and picking up the golden statue. “I did it!” he cheered running back onto the volcano while the shrine falls into the lava due to its bad support. “And he we have it, the winner of Total Drama Tourism, Dax!” announced Oweguy. Everyone cheers except for Flare and Bluto. “Yes!” cheered Dax accidently knocking a big rock over without him knowing which then falls off the volcano, into the tunnel where Dax and Raven were and smashing one of the metal parts connecting the volcano to the whale.

“Dax, for winning Total Drama Tourism you get this case of money and you get to keep the golden statue.” explained Oweguy. “Yay!” cheered Dax but suddenly the statue melts with chocolate coming out. “Why is there chocolate coming out?” asked Wentworth. “Uh.” said Oweguy looking nervous. Dax then notices that the gold was gold colored tin foil. “It’s made of chocolate!” he shouted. “Yum.” He then licks it. “Are you sure this place is real?” asked Flare. Everything starts shaking and the volcano and mountains star to tip over slowly. “Okay yes it’s fake!” shouted Oweguy. “I just connected a volcano onto my pet whale then built the temple on it and used a chocolate statue as the treasure. Plus the lava is made by a generator inside the volcano.” “Shouldn’t we get going?” asked Marine showing that the mountains and volcano had come off of Oweguy’s whale and was slowly sinking. “Uh oh.” said Oweguy.

Before the contestants started to get away a silhouette with red eyes appears behind Dax. He then sees that it was Jerry who jumps onto him. Everyone looked shocked as Jerry and Dax start fighting over the money. “This is entertaining.” said Flare. Dax tries to get it but Jerry gets the money but falls into the volcano sinking into the lava along with the money. “Whoa.” said Oweguy. “That dude keeps coming out of nowhere.” “Anyway, RUN!!!!”

Oweguy and Dax run down first with him carrying Marine while the rest of the contestants follow with Arnold far behind. The lava generator then goes crazy and then starts shooting fireballs everywhere. “Why’d you make this insane place?” asked Flare. “Because I ran out of locations!” shouted Oweguy. Oweguy’s boat was very close with Oweguy jumping on and putting down Marine while Dax then jumps on and grabbing Chloe as well leaving the other contestants and Arnold in the water. “Why aren’t you taking your assistant!” shouted Arnold. “Because I want to get the heck out of here!” shouted Oweguy. “Well I’m tired of my job!” shouted Arnold. “I quit!” A fireball then lands of him crushing him.

“How do we get out of here?” asked Sparky. They then hear Oweguy’s whale and they all get lifted up getting carried by the whale. “Yay, transportation!” cheered Wentworth. Everyone then sees the volcano sink into the ocean with nothing else remaining. “Well now what do we do?” asked Kuro. “Go home.” said Flare. “We need some time off.” “Okay fine, you guys can have some time off for now.” Everyone cheers.

“And so ends season two of my Total Drama series, but someday season three will be done.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “So for now stay tuned and this is Oweguy signing of from Total Drama…” Everyone hears screaming all of a sudden and a fiery Jerry then crashes into Oweguy’s boat with it sinking. “Aw crap shouted Oweguy as it sinks leaving him, Dax, Chloe, and Marine floating in the water. Everyone starts laughing except for Marine but the others then get on the whale and it then head back to shore with Jerry hanging on to the whale’s tail.

Afterwards it shows a lab and a charred, torn clothed and bald Raven on an operation table getting mechanical parts on her. “I can’t believe I found her when we got back to the Californian beach.” said Oweguy in a black robe with Marine helping with the machinery due to Arnold being unavailable. A face plate is then put on Raven’s face and once it was finished is showed Raven was now inside a Transformers body suit. “Raven?” asked Oweguy. “Are you alive? I need you to sign this paperwork just so I won’t get sued by your parents about your lava incident. “Oweguy, the million dollars, is it safe?” asked Raven in a robotic voice. “Uh Jerry stole the money from Dax and he fell into the volcano.” said Oweguy. “It’s gone.” “Noooooooooooooo!” screamed Raven as it fades black with Oweguy saying “Wimp.”

Chapter 22: Another Total Drama Oweguy Reunion

It’s been a couple of years since the finale of Total Drama Tourism. Once the volcanic temple sank the contestants went their separate ways. But what has happened with them since the finale? And what ever happened to the contestants who didn’t return? We’ll find out right now.

“Hello, I’m Blaineley Stacy Andrews O’Halloran.” said Blaineley at a gossip show set. “That’s right I finally have my own show. Today I’m going to explain what has happened to Oweguy’s contestants over the years, mostly the ones that were on Total Drama Tourism. Now let’s get started already!”

“First off we’ll start with the winner of the show, the geeky fan Dax.” explained Blaineley. “Seriously why did he win? Anyway he’s surprisenly grown big and guess what? He got engaged to his girlfriend.” “Why are you being so rude to him?” asked Geoff who was standing nearby. “Because I don’t like him much.” said Blaineley “And why are you here?” “Oh, I was assigned to be co-host.” said Geoff. “Crap.” said Blaineley. “Those stupid network people ruin everything for me.”

“I’ll do the next one.” said Geoff clearing his throat. “Next we have Raven.” “You mean the goth girl who got bruetally burned in a pool of lava?” asked Blaineley sarcastically. “Well she’s recovered thanks to Oweguy’s suit which reminds me of a transformer.” explained Geoff. “Anyway, she’s had some problems at home. She’s argued a lot with her parents and has gotten arrested a few times. She’s now part punk as well.” “Yikes.” said Blaineley. “I know.” said Geoff.

“Now let’s talk about Dax’s girlfriend.” said Blaineley. “For one thing she’s no longer wearing her labcoat, she’s gotten contacts, and I’ve said this already, she’s gotten engaged to Dax.” “That’s sweet.” said Geoff. “Yes but the wedding’s still being planned.” said Blaineley. “Weddings take a while to get planned.” said Geoff. “True.” said Blaineley.

“Time for Sparky and Wentworth.” said Geoff. “For starters Sparky’s hair is growing back since it got burned off in the plane explosion and has changed his outfit a little. As for Wentworth, well we haven’t really seen him since Sparky sent this video of him in his room. It shows a video of Wentworth glued to a video game saying “Gotta finish this game.” “Apparently he’s too distracted with a video game.” said Geoff. “His parents should make him get out of the house.” said Blaineley. “They’ve tried but it hasn’t worked.” said Geoff.

“Next let’s talk about the Asian lovers Kuro and Yuki.” said Blaineley. “Well first Kuro has started a band called The Dragon Slashers and has been a huge hit. How can they be a huge hit when they have only one album?” “They’re making a second album.” said Geoff. “Okay.” said Blaineley. “Anyway Kuro and Yuki also got engaged but Yuki has been traveling a lot with her family so Kuro hasn’t had a chance to see her.” “That’s sad.” said Geoff.

“Now let’s talk about Nianah.” said Geoff. “You mean that bossy girl who got brutally beaten up by that feral beast Jerry?” asked Blaineley. “That’s the one.” said Geoff. “Anyway, apparently she’s gone like, sorta goth. She dyed her hair black, got a gray shirt, black pants, and black boats. I don’t know why she’s dressed like that.” “Maybe she wants revenge against Raven.” said Blaineley. “That’s possible.” said Geoff.

“Let’s move on faster.” said Blaineley. “Now we have Oweguy’s goth girlfriend Marine.” “How’s their relationship going?” asked Geoff. “I know it got a little rocky during the Area 51 challenge.” “Guess what?” said Blaineley. “They got married.” “Really?” asked Geoff. “And I missed their wedding?” “I went.” said Blaineley. “And Marine’s wedding dress reminded me of something from a horror movie I saw. It was red instead of white.” “I probably might’ve seen it.” said Geoff. “Also Marine got pregnant when they returned from their honey moon.” said Blaineley. “I saw them in the hospital when Owen got a giant hamburger stuck in his mouth.” said Geoff. “Marine was screaming and Oweguy was hiding in the corner, but in the end they gave birth to a baby boy.” “What’s his name?” asked Blaineley. “Owe Jr.” said Geoff. “He wanted to name his baby after himself?” asked Blaineley a little upset. “It was Marine’s idea.” said Geoff. “Oh I see.” said Blaineley.

“Time for more couples.” said Geoff. “It’s time for Hendrick and Molly. First off, Hendrick’s not sure if he could do another season of Total Drama. He’s been busy at home and his dad has come back to help but they still have a lot of work to do. As for Molly she got a sports contract and has been busy with sports so she won’t make it to another season of Total Drama probably. But the two have still gotten a chance to hang out.” “Is that the only good thing?” asked Blaineley. “I don’t know.” said Geoff. “Go ask them.”

“Now it’s time for Bluto.” said Blaineley. “First he’s joined the navy for some reason, probably because he wanted to do something. But he didn’t like his job as the cook and he later argued with the captain which got him kicked out. He stayed out at sea after that but then returned hom with hair and a beard. And that’s the last we’ve heard of him.” “Interesting story.” said Geoff. “I know.” said Blaineley. “I don’t like going out to sea.”

“Now we have Kronk.” said Geoff. “We haven’t heard from him much but one of our cameramen has gone back to the jungle from episode eleven of Total Drama Tourism and Kronk had apparently returned with his family. He’s happy there so I’m not sure if he’ll return for another season.” “He’s good enough there.” said Blaineley. “I guess so.” said Geoff.

“Next up its Flare and Jasmine.” said Blaineley. “First up we know Flare is definetly not going to be in another season of Total Drama because we’ve heard that he got arrested and thrown into jail for six months.” “What did he do?” asked Geoff. “He tried to steal prize money from Oweguy after the previous one fell in the volcano.” said Blaineley. “What about Jasmine?” asked Geoff. “Well her hip-hop band has been broken up.” said Blaineley. “They’ve been arguing a lot and Jasmine felt tired of doing the band so she’s on her own now. She’s also had some problems with some guy named York.” “Who’s he?” asked Geoff. “I don’t know.” said Blaineley. “They’ve been enemies since they were kids. That’s all we know.” “I’ll be we’ll find more later.” said Geoff.

“Now time for Bianca.” continued Geoff. “You mean my beautiful niece?” asked Blaineley. Geoff spits his drink out of his mouth in shock. “Wait a minute, Bianca’s your niece?!” he asked in shock. “Can you spot the similarities?” asked Blaineley. “Only by the hair.” said Geoff. “Well I got her a new outfit that looks just like mine as shown in this picture.” said Blaineley. She shows a picture of Bianca with her new dress. “Wow, I’ll never look at her again.” said Geoff. “Anyway she’s still the same, still loves beauty and fashion, nothing new.”

“Now we have Chad and Emily, two people similar to you and Bridgette.” said Blaineley. “You’re correct for once.” said Geoff. “Anyway, we’ve heard news that they’ve got married and moved to Hawaii, and then Emily got pregnant and gave birth to twins.” “That’s good for them.” said Geoff. “Well for them it’s nothing but diapers, spit up, and bills.” said Blaineley. “With that I don’t think they’ll be able to make it to another season of Total Drama with their family issues.” “I see.” said Geoff.

“Now it’s time for Pat.” continued Geoff. “For starters he’s continued his diet and now looks very thin and has also grown a goatee. He’s also now become a chef and is well known for making great dishes. But sadly he’s lost one of his girls. Yeah it was reported from one of our cameramen that Amanda has fallen for other men but Katelyn is still on his side which is good.” “Shouldn’t people have one girl and one boy anyway?” asked Blaineley. “I don’t know.” said Geoff. “I’m good with Bridgette.

“Finally we have Jerry, the kid who went insane for money, just like Ezekiel.” said Blaineley. “First it was said by Oweguy that he was sent to the mental institution in order to cure his feral status. It did however when he got out he started to commit crimes. He was then caught and sent to jail but another word was that he broke out.” “What happened to him?” asked Geoff. “He was once an unlucky kid and now he’s turned into a delinquent.” “Who knows.” said Blaineley.

“Well that’s everyone that we know about.” said Geoff. “We haven’t gotten word about what’s happened to the contestants that didn’t return to Total Drama Tourism, but we got a little glimps of Pete and Jake in these pictures but it’s hard to tell.” “Well we’ll find out later.” said Blaineley. “In the meantime…” Before Blaineley could finish they hear a chainsaw, the roof opens, a rope falls down and down comes Oweguy in a secret against style suit with longer hair and a darkened part around his mouth which looked like he had facial hair growning.

“It’s Oweguy!” said Geoff excited. “Yep, it’s me.” said Oweguy with a voice that was a little bit deeper than his old one. “I’m here to reveal the contestants who are returning to my third season! They’ve had their break and it was them who felt like coming back.” “News flash folks, Oweguy’s about to announce the contestants who are returning for his third season!” said Geoff on a microphone. “Let’s hope they're good.” said Blaineley.

“Well first I have Marine who joined me here to announce the contestants.” said Oweguy joining him by his side. “I felt like coming back for a third time.” said Marine with a more mature sounding voice. “You just let her on because she’s your girlfriend.” said Blaineley upset. “Nope, she wanted to come back and there was an open spot.” said Oweguy. Blaineley growls.

“Now we have Dax and Chloe!” announced Oweguy. The door smashes open with Dax screaming “The Dax is back!” with Chloe rolling her eyes. “And don’t forget the Sparks.” said Sparky joining them. “Yep and Sparky, and also joining us, Kuro!” announced Oweguy. “What up everyone!” said Kuro fist bumping many of the contestants. “And now we have Bluto!” said Oweguy. A sneeze is heard in the hall and Bluto walks in looking slobbish. “Did you have to call me while I was at a party?!” he asked upset. Geoff looked nervous.

“Now we have Jasmine.” said Oweguy with Jasmine walking in waving to everyone. “And also we have Bianca!” Bianca walks in and then sees Blaineley. “Aunt Mildred?” she asked and everyone started laughing making Blaineley upset. “I told you guys her real name isn’t Blaineley.” said Geoff with Blaineley pushing him aside. “Next we have Raven and Nianah!” announced Oweguy. Raven walks in first followed by Nianah. Raven sees Dax and glares at him. “She still remembers what I did to her.” said Dax nervous. “Maybe she’ll forget about it.” said Chloe. “You’ll pay for throwing me into that volcano!” shouted Raven to Dax making him crouch in fear.

“Next it’s Pat!” said Oweguy with Pat walking in. “Dude you look awesome!” said Kuro noticing. “Thanks.” said Pat. “I lost all my fat and became a chef. “I’ve eaten some of your meals.” said Dax eating a cake made by Pat. “And now we have Jerry!” announced Oweguy. The doors slam open and everyone sees the delinquent Jerry standing there. “You’d better watch out because I’m stronger than before.” he said with everyone looking nervous. “I think I just wet myself.” said Dax.

“And now it’s time to see some returning favorites that were from season one.” said Oweguy. “First it’s Pete!” He walks in wearing a nice suit and tie waving to the camera. “Well if it isn’t the Tourism contestants!” he said happy. “Glad to see you guys again!” “Dude you look very nice since we last saw you.” said Kuro. “Wasn’t he originally a farmer?” asked Nianah. “Yep.” said Pete. “But I moved to the city later on and became a businessman. And I’ve also conquered my duck fear.” He picks up a duck without freaking out with everyone looking amazed.

“And now we have Jake!” announced Oweguy. The door slams open with Jake riding a skateboard shouting “Woohoo!” He then stops in front of everyone. “Look out people who returned for season two, the Jake’s back in the house!” “And lastly we have the twinsies Katelyn and Amanda!” announced Oweguy with them walking in waving. The others didn’t show much reaction but just clapped along. “Hi everyone.” said Katelyn and Amanda. “Hi girls.” said Kuro and Pat. Katelyn then hugs Pat and he and Amanda give a friendly shake.

“Wait just a moment!” said Oweguy. “We still have four more contestants. And they’re all new! First up is Roxanne!” The doors smash open again this time falling down showing a delinquent girl with a scar and snake tattoo. “Uh oh.” said Kuro. “You’d better be careful of me twerps because I’m a tough and strong girl!” Roxanne shouted. “That’s why I married her.” said Jerry with Dax looking shocked and fainting with Chloe looking at him.

“Now we have York!” announced Oweguy. “Hip hop music started playing and York came in carrying a jukebox. “Oh no.” said Jasmine looking worried. “Oh yes.” said Blaineley behind Jasmine. “Yo yo yo York is in the house!” he said with a rapper style voice. “Why do you hate this guy?” asked Marine. “He’s just very annoying.” said Jasmine. “And now we have a poor girl who was desperate to get on this show, Sae!” announced Oweguy. A cough is heard in the hallway and a girl in a dirty dress walked in. “Gee she looked like she had a hard time.” said Kuro. “Hello folks.” said Sae. “I’m very lucky to get on this show. I’ve been on the streets for a long time and it’s my dream come true to try and gets some money.” Most of the contestants except for Nianah and Raven looked sad.

“And last but not least, we have a good friend of Jake’s, Murdoch!” announced Oweguy. He walks in in a cool pose but then notices the doors on the floor. “Dude what happened to the doors man!” he asked. “Someone knocked them down.” said Kuro. “Oh.” said Murdoch. He then sees Jake. “Well if it isn’t my good bro!” he said. “What up bro?” “Oh I just got onto this show.” said Jake. “Me too bro!” said Murdoch. The two of them high five.

“Can we finish up?” asked Blaineley. “This program is suppost to end in two minutes.” “Okay.” said Oweguy. “But not before revealing my new co-host to replace Arnold who’s at home recovering from his fireball incident.” It shows him at home in casts trying to grab the TV remote but his back then snaps causing him to scream and a doctor then comes in and fixes it. “And my new co-host is…..Bridgette!” announced Oweguy. Bridgette then walks in wearing a blue shiny dress and her hair without a ponytail. “Why not me?” asked Blaineley. “Because you’re too annoying.” said Oweguy. “But at least you’ll have this show.” Blaineley growls in anger.

“Well I’d better get going.” said Oweguy. “And contestants, be sure to stop by this location in exactly two days.” said Oweguy. He grabs Marine onto his jet as it flies off while the other contestants leave. “Good luck helping Oweguy.” said Geoff to Bridgette. “I will.” she said. “And he said you can help with the bonus episodes if you want.” “Alright!” cheered Geoff. “Let’s go!” He and Bridgette walk out leaving an angry Blaineley at her desk.

“Twenty contestants, one million dollars, who will win?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Find out next season on Total Drama Sci-Fi Action!” The logo then comes out in a cgi animation and an Oweguy icon then appears in the corner.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20 21
20 Jerry OUT
  • The purple OUT means that the person left due to injuries

Notes 1 Sparky was safe from elimination but was eliminated by Oweguy because he destroyed his plane.


  • Some of the characters who are returning from Total Drama Oweguy will have updated looks and outfits.
  • I originally wanted three teams but I couldn't even them out so I decided on four teams.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 1

  • The name of the challenge was similar to the name of the first challenge in Total Drama World Tour.

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 2

  • Calvin and Hobbes make a cameo in this chapter. I thought it was funny to make a referance to them.

Chapter 3: Mama Marina

  • The title is referencing the phrase Mama Mia.
  • Running Gag: Kronk not paying attention.

Chapter 4: I See France...

  • The title is a referance to I See London, I See France, I See Someone's Underpants as well as the TDWT episode I See London...
  • The bungee jumping challenge was originally mentioned in the TDWT flipbook but wasn't used so I used it in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Hawaii Five-10

  • The title is a referance to the TV show Hawaii Five-O.
  • I had trouble making a referance to Hawaii Five-O so I just decided on a random number.

Chapter 6: Total Drama Tourism and the Temple of Doom

  • The title is a reference to the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Jerry was not originally goint to have a major role in this chapter but I decided to do it because I thought it would make the chapter more interesting.
  • Also Team Nature was not originally going to win but I made Team Electric and Team Nature arrive at the same time so they technically tie.
  • This was originally going to be chapter 7 but I decided to make it chapter 6

Chapter 7: Arctic Arctic Baby

  • The title is a referance to the song Ice Ice Baby.
  • Despite artic being in the title they actually visit Antarctica insted of the Arctic.
  • So far this is the only chapter that Jerry doesn't cameo in.
  • I didn't include Jerry in this chapter because he was going through his transformation to what he would become in the next chapter.

Chapter 8: Revenge of the Ripper

  • As of now this is the darkest chapter of the story due to the many death threats from Jerry.
  • This was orginally going to be posted on Halloween but I didn't get it done on time.

Chapter 9: The Land of Theme Parks

  • Expressing Hendrick and Molly's love for each other was hard for me to due because they've only interacted in a few chapters.

Chapter 10: Terror on Monster Island

  • In case you don't know the monsters in this chapter look them up here and here
  • This is the only chapter so far where the contestants go somewhere that's fictional.

Chapter 11: Jungle Boogie

  • Team Newbie's wasn't originally going to win in this chapter but I wanted them to win one more time before the merge.
  • This is the first chapter to feature nudity but it was shown from the back so it wouldn't be inappropiate.
  • The challenge was originally going to be in the Amazon junlge but the contestants already visited Peru and also I wanted it like Tarzan so I changed it to a jungle in Africa.
  • I was thinking of changing the title to Kronk of the Apes but I stuck with the original title instead.

Chapter 12: Where Have they Landed?

Chapter 13: When In Rome...

  • The teams merge in this chapter

Chapter 14: Japandemonium

Chapter 15: The Dax-Files

  • The title is a referance to the TV series The X-Files.
  • This is the second chapter where Jerry doesn't appear.
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