WARNING:This story incorporates fantastic elements, language and violence that may not be appropriate for certain audiences. Do not try to do this at home, and do not immitate the characters behaviour specially Brett (he is not very sane) - - - - - Story by: Daniel DeviantArt: Wiz-Dan

Update 07/06/14: LAST EPISODE [12]

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Total Drama Town TDT

Total Drama Town TDT

Total Drama Town follows the competition of 15 teens at Town Wawanakwa. The campers participate in competitions to avoid being voted off the town by their fellow campers. At the end of the series, the winning contestant will win CAD100,000. The competition is hosted by Chris McLean and Amber Shaffey who are assisted by the camp's nurse,Nurse Betty and a fellow friend of Amber, Jean Lawrence.


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Amber: For 10 weeks you will be living in 2 different mansi--- wait are those Cardboard houses?!

Chris: Yes, they are.

Amber: But I didn’t order that!

Chris: Opps!... Anyway. You have already been divided in 2 teams:


The Rotten Mustaches: Brett, Katherine, Julien, James, Oliver, Adrienne & Polly.

Julien: Hey that’s not fair! The creepy doll doesn’t count.

Chris: She does according to your team member -Julien notices that Adrienne and Polly are staring at him. (RIGHT IMAGE).

Chris: And the other team is : The Smelly Hipsters: Rick, Jessica, Roy, Mandy, Alice, Jason & Helen.

Chris: Questions? - Mandy and the Twins raised their hands.

Chris: Mandy?

Mandy: Oh yeah, are we going to be in mixed houses?

Chris: Erhmm no ¬¬, another question? -Mandy made a disappointed face and the twins put their hands down too.

Amber: Your first challenge will be to deliver newspapers. The newspapers are inside giant balloons. In order to obtain them you have to bomb the globes and make them explode to obtain the newspaper. When you get it, you have to run and grab a bicycle and throw the newspaper into the blue house garden, while you evade obstacles, like aspersers, angry cats and an old lady. THE TEAM WHO FINISH LAST WILL HAVE TO VOTE A MEMBER OUT WHO WILL BE SENT TO THE BOAT OF SHAME IN THE SEWER.

Chris: You are going to be supervised by Jean, one of Ambers assistants, while we fix some unconformity issues Amber has.

Amber: Of course I have! All of a sudden a weird guy came in.

Jean: Hello cutie pies!!!! My name is Jean and OMG you look so talented wish you the best of the best, what a great cast kyahhhh -Everyone stares at him freaking out- So let the sexy games begggginnnn!!!.

Everyone ran to grab a balloon and start bombing *Jean conduced Oliver to one of them*, but it was so hard to bomb them since they barely fill the balloon with air. Jessica took the lead and her balloon exploded and grabbed the news paper.

Jessica: You better hurry, because I wont hesitate on kicking out someone of you! - Brett look disgusted at her, while he managed to explode his balloon and began a race in the bicycle with her to deliver the newspaper. Roy, Jason and James exploded theirs and joined the race.

Julien: Hell with this, -Julien begins to strip down.

Jean: Hey what are you doing! ... Don’t stop though. - Julien exploded the globe with a needle while Jean was drooling. He grabbed his clothes and the newspaper with him, but Alice saw what he did.

Alice: Hey! that’s cheating! - Julien turned back and pinched her globe too.

Julien: You are welcome -he began running.


Meanwhile Oliver didn’t know how filled his globe was so he didn’t see when the globe when out and began floating. Helen did nothing but decided to interview Jean.

Helen: How long since you met Chris?

Jean: Uhmm…almost 2 months - Rick and Mandy exploded their balloons. Almost all have delivered their newspaper at the blue house. Katherine, Adrienne and Polly joined the race.

- - -

Roy: Great! We’ve finish!!!

Mandy: Of course not sexy muscle machine. I don’t see the fat lady.

Jessica: For gods sake, where’s that b#%???!!!!

Princess Katherine: We didn’t finish either; Oliver’s balloon is in the sky now c:

James: So…who wins?

- - -

Chris: What just happened in here?! - Chris and Amber arrived to see the blue house with broken windows and the entire garden destroyed by the news papers and the bicycles.

Roy: Well… we delivered the newspapers as you said.

Chris: You will have to pay for that house!!!!.... wait where’s Oliver, Helen and Jean?

Princess Katherine: Oliver thinks he keeps inflating the balloon.

Mandy: The fat and the not so manly guy are over there.(LEFT IMAGE)


Chris: What do you think you are doing?! Helen: Shhh I’m transmitting alive through my cell phone ... Oh yeah. Welcome back to The Helen’s Show. Jean a member from the Total Drama Town crap show was telling us how Chris spent all of Ambers Money in a hair surgery. -Chris freaked out and threw away Helens phone.

Helen: Hey that’s mine!

Chris: Get out of my sight now! Both teams will have to eliminate one of your members!

Amber: Wait Chris! Jean was supposed to supervise this challenge! besides Oliver can’t see!

Chris: Fine! Smelly Hipsters it's time for one of you to go. There are toilet paper with your team members faces in the confessional. What you have to do is to throw into the toilet the one you want to eliminate.

Cams Confessional: Well this has to be the easiest elimination ever.

- - -Later that day at night.

Chris: Helen, the toilet has spoken.

Helen: I was way too much for this show! besides thanks to Jeans interview my show raised his rating level and do you know how racist you will look if Im the first being...- before she could finish Chris pushed her in the sewer.Helen, the toilet has spoken.

Helen: AHHHH!

Chris: What? did you said something?

Helen: Oh my god!!!! HEEEELP!!! There is a…. - Chris covered the sewer-

Chris: So that was all for this week. Could this show get any better? Could I get rid of Amber? Could we have a decent episode with a dramatic elimination ceremony next week? Stay tuned to find out! ----oh and Jean... you are FIRED!

- - -Later that night.

Adrienne: Hey… -Oliver was still trying to inflate his balloon.

Oliver: Oh hi. Have you finished with your balloon? -Oliver looked really exhausted.

Adrienne: The challenge is over... Chris forgot to tell you.

Oliver: Oh… -Oliver made a disappointed face, but then he smiled- so does that mean I’m out?

Adrienne: No. The TV diva is out.

Oliver: *fiuuuu* by the way I’m Oliver! -Oliver said with an energic voice.

Adrienne: uhm...hi. I’m Adrienne.

Oliver: Nice to meet you! -Adrienne hesitated.

Adrienne: My friend is calling me sorry -she answeared nervously and left.

- - -

Adrienne: No need to worry Polly.


Adrienne: No, he seems different.


Chris started yelling from outside the cardboard houses.

Chris: Morning campers!!!!

Everyone: Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Chris: Oh sorry –Chris grabs his megaphone- MORNING I SAY! - Everyone get out of the houses still half asleep.

James: Geez man, those houses beds are as uncomfortable as…

Jason: … the gothic girl.

Princess Katherine: Oh my kingdom! You guys complete your sentences, so adorable! -The guys stare at her confused.

Amber: Good morning everyone, waking up early is good for the beauty…oh and for today’s challenge we will have a beach football match.

Brett: … that’s it? A stupid football match?

Chris: Oh you think it’s stupid?-Brett looks confused- Since you are having a beach football match in the street you will have to face the regular street obstacles and wear your bathing suits!

Everyone: what?!

Rick’s confessional: I don’t understand why we can’t play in the beach… its illogical!

Chris: The team who gets 3 scores first wins some pillows and the loser team will have to eliminate one of their loser members.

Amber: Let the match begin!

Everyone changed from clothes.

Blondes and drugs

Mandy: Nah nah there is no way I’m playing football like this!

James: What’s wrong doll? Are you scared of balls?

Mandy: Shut up you punk!, you better make our team wins.

The match begins and Roy begins running with the ball.

Roy: Damn! The ground it’s destroying my feet!

Alice: No pain no gain big boy, geez you act like a girl –Alice steals the ball.

Roy: what? How on earth… hey watch out! - A penny board gets in Alice way and she falls.

Julien: Need a hand my lady? –Julien winks and offers Alice his hand.

Alice: Of course not Romeo…¬¬

Chris: And Jessica from the smelly hipsters score!

Jessica: Hell yeah mother %$&$%!

Cam: I got it! –Suddenly James blocks him.

Julien: Hey Cam I’m free –Cam sends the ball to him, but Jason intercepts him, so he sends the ball to Brett who is about to score.

Brett: Bah this is so easy! -Suddenly a car ran over him…- O-uch…

Rick: What just happened?

Jessica: Smiley just died…

Chris: I told you there were going to be street obstacles hahaha.

Amber: We need the nurse –The nurse appears and takes Brett away.

Chris: Someone is getting a *little pinch* hahaha

Samantha steals the ball from Jessica.

Jessica: Hey $#%#$% we are from the same #”$#”$!! Team!!!

Samantha: Samantha follows her own rules! –she kicks the ball and scores.

Jason: I think it was a bad idea to put the blind guy as goalie…

Oliver: Yeah I see nothing c: … but… I can play.

James: Play? You are kidding right?

Adrienne: Polly and I, will be the goalies, after all we haven’t been able to do a thing.

Alice: Well I guess we are really that desperate… -Alice shrugs.

Oliver takes the ball and he begins to run.

Roy: Sorry dude but no way I’m feeling pity for you for seeing in black and white! –Roy grabbed both of the teens with both hands and took them out of his way.

Oliver: Hehe no need bro -Oliver jumps and dodge Roy who is amazed- a car runs near Oliver but he turns the other way and eludes Julien, Brett and Cam.

Roys confessional

Rick: That’s impossible there is no way he is blind!

Amber: He is, I manage to put bells in the ball so Oliver can hear where the ball is.

Katherine: You can do it Oliver! –Oliver finally kicks and hits the border of the goal.

Julien: Hahahaha!

Alice: We are a team! –Alice hits the ball with her head and scores!

Jessica: Damn it red head!

Rick has the ball now but his feet got stuck with gum in the floor and he falls!

Cam: Hey that’s not normal gum, we are even shoeless!

Chris: Right… do you expect a treat or something?

Samantha: Samantha to the rescueeeeee!!!! –she kicks the ball so hard it’s about to strike right into Katherines face and suddenly the ball stop and falls in front of Katherine who begins…floating and dodging Roy and Jessica.

Princess Katherine: This is fun! -there is no one guarding the goal so she scores!-

Rick: Wait… did we forget to put someone to guard the goal?





Jessica: #$””#!!?.... ok I will guard the goal, the rest of you score as if having a bed tonight depends on it!!!

Julien and Cam elude Alice sending the ball to each other over and over again.

Mandy: Oh come on! That’s so gay! –Mandy yells at Julien and Cam while she is taking a sun bath- Gosh I guess it’s time to help my team. –Mandy makes a suggestive pose – Hey guys do you want a piece of me? - she sends a kiss and Julien and Cam turns to see her and crash with each other. Roy has the ball now but somehow the ball floated to Princess Katherine and she sent it to Oliver.

James: Come on dude score! It’s just right straight ahead!

Rick: I’m not letting you go through!!!

Oliver: Haha, no need bro… -Oliver sent the ball to the air and makes a bicycle quick and scores.

Oliver bicycle quick

Rotten Mustaches: Yey!!! We did it!!!

Chris: Seems like again one of the smelly hipsters is going home haha

---Later that day.

Cam was talking with Julien and Rick near the confessional

Cam: So, what do you guys think?

Rick: Well by statistics I should be the one going home since I didn’t really help the team today. –in that moment they heard someone flushed the toilet and Jessica came out.

Jessica: Yeah you didn’t! you are a fragile piece of “#$ and you 3 really are so gay.

Cam: Again with that?! Anyway…I knew you will be hearing so, are you in?

Jessica’s Confessional: Well Samantha it’s playing on her own, Julien its playing both sides by helping the red head girl and flirting with Cam, and we cant vote for smiley since nursy forbidden to do that… there is something about that nurse that it’s not ok.

---Later that Night.

Everyone gathered around the trash bin bonfire in a dark alley.

Rick: Wow this reminds me of Knockturn Alley.

Chris: So I received all the votes, the first marshmallow goes to, Samantha, Brett, Cam, Julien and Rick, and the last one goes to………………. Congratulations Jessica you remain on the competition.

Roy: What?! Why me! -Roy stared at his team with an angry look- This is a conspiracy! I knew it the moment I saw there where cameras everywhere, even in the confessional!

Chris: Time for the boat of shame… oh and Roy say hi to my friend in the sewer. –Chris pushed Roy into the sewer.


Cam's Confessional: I needed to convince everyone to vote for Roy. I mean he is the strongest guy in here and that might represent a threat in the near future. This is a competition after all.

Amber: Did you enjoy the episode? If so sent us your opinion so far, there is more to come! Here on Total Drama Town!

Chris: Hey! That was my part!


Jessica: How on earth are we loosing against a f#”! team that have a blind guy, a princess, a diva, a gothic an her doll. -Brett comes in looking very relaxed and with his arm bandaged.

Brett: Maybe because you all are a bunch of losers.

Jessica: Say that again and I will rip your tongue.

Brett: Fine get near cause that way I will be able to cut yours…. And then I will stab Rick cause I can’t stand him being so skinny…

Chris: This day challenge it’s about everyone’s favorite theme! Heroes and Villains!

Cam: Again? Didn’t you just dedicated an entire season to that and failed at it?

Amber: Well, yeah but that was because I wasn’t on charge!

Chris: Hey! ¬¬ anyway... There are costumes for everybody according to villains and heroes.

James: W-wait… How did you knew or measures?

Chris: The only thing you need to know is they were made before I fired Jean.

James confessional: I’m not even sure why I asked…

Magic Pill

In that moment Betty the nurse appeared with a concerned look on her face.

Betty: Before this continues everyone should swallow one pill of “Magic Pill” because there is a virus in this town and I wouldn’t want you to get infected by it.

Mandy’s confessional: Virus? Really? This town it’s getting weirder.

Amber: To win the challenge you will have to escape from our favorite green monster.

Samantha: M—monster? –Cam quickly answered.

Cam: The green monster it’s a giant animatronic robot used in Total Drama Action that is manually controlled by the total drama staff.

Chris: Yeah yeah “Mr. Total Drama Expert” … you will have to escape from the monster by going everywhere you want in the town except the motel and…

Rick: Hey! I just saw a shadow. –Rick was pointing at the motel windows.

Brett: There is also a smell of blood since we arrived in this town…

Alice’s confessional: Am I the only one worried about him recognizing the smell of blood?

Chris: The team that arrives first to the Church of salvation will win the challenge. To beat the monster or slow down the other team contestants you can use your “superpowers” against them. The losing team will send someone to the boat of shame in the sewer.

Everyone got on their heroes and villains suits and were ready to begin the challenge.

Amber: The first round begins! –as soon as Amber gave the announcement. A green enormous Monster showed from behind a big offices building. “ROARRRRRR”

James: Ready to run brother?

Jason: I’m already one step ahead. –The twins began running and in the process James pushed Julian into the floor with “The Riddler” stick. While the monster was about to crush him with his foot.


James: Opps sorry, we protect our fire clan so why is Alice with a broken heart like a welder? –they continue running and left. Julien react fast and moved to the other side before the monster could crush him.

Julian: I don’t even know who my character is supposed to be!

Rick: Oh but I do, you are Hellion from the X-Men known for his bad temper and self-justifyed attitude not kind of a hero but neither a villain you are more like an anti-hero!- Julian stared at him with an angry face. –exactly like that! You are perfect for the role!

Oliver: Can anyone tell me where to run? –Oliver was running in no direction shooting red flash lights everywhere as “Cyclops” and eluding by chance obstacles in the road. –Suddenly the princess grabbed his hand and offered her very long blonde hair.

Princess Katherine: Just grab my hair –Katherine began humming and a couple of rats began leading their way. –To the Church friends!

Princess Katherine’s Confessional: Princesses are heroines too c:

Cam and Rick where cornered by the monster in a blind alley. Suddenly Jessica began launching plants and roses at the green monster.

Jessica: Hey piece of s#$! Over here!... this is such a useful power. - The monster turned to face her and trip because of a liana that was attached side by side of the street. - As I said, such a useful power. –Everyone began climbing a building on their own. Rick using a weird sticky substance in his hands, Cam by graving arrows and Jessica by using the lianas. 

Samantha climbed by the back of the monster and found the entry to the command justify of the monster where Jean, Amber’s fashion designer was controlling the monster.

Samantha: Samantha is wonder woman prepare to be wonder! - and so she tie up Jean with her golden rope. Suddenly something caught her attention, in the building next to her she saw Adrienne, so she attacked her with the monster. -Stop right there cat! -Adrienne shocked by the demolishing building, stood still and watched the monster.

Adrienne: I’m not a cat I’m catwoman and I… will…. Purrify your soul? … sorry I really don’t know who catwoman is.

Samantha: Samantha says there is something weird with you! –in that moment she freezes inside the monster and looks really scared when noticing Adrienne was carrying Polly dressed up as James- that… that that doll… that doll it’s bad ayuyu ancient dark voodoh! Stay away from Samantha GET away GET AWAYYYY!!!- Samantha began destroying everything on her way. A carton box hit Mandy when she was trying to sneak out behind the monster.


Mandy: Auch!!! -Rick was close so he got near Mandy and helped her to stand up.

Mandy: Wow, why are you helping me? you are in the opposite team.

Rick: I’m your friendly neighbor Spiderman!

Mandy: Spidey to be honest I don’t know who am I or which are my powers.

Rick: Oh you are Emma Frost, the white queen from the X-men, well now you are cause before you were from the organization called the Hellfire Club, but then…

Mandy: to the point plz….

Rick: Oh yeah your powers are telepathy and you can also turn your body into a diamond shape.

Mandy: Ok I get it, so what do you think if I let you touch my body and in exchange you lead me to the church?

Rick: Are you serious? O_o

Mandy: A queen never jokes. –Rick blushes and approaches to touch Mandy, but she kicks him in the spidernuts and he falls squezzing in pain.- …But you can’t touch this remember? I’m a diamond queen.

Brett threw Alice with black oil and made her trip.

Brett: I don’t like red heads… may I dye your hair? -Alice began freaking out at the insane look he had on his face.

Alice: What?! No! Stay away from me or I will use my powers on you!

Brett: Is that so? You are “The Phoenix” firing fire won’t help you if you are covered with oil.

Alice Confessional: The producers won’t let me die… do they? -Suddenly Bretts black tank top began turning into yellow and a smiley appeared in it.

Brett: Huh? Ahh!!! –The princess jumped on him and hugged him.

Princess Katherine: Smiley!!!! I missed you!!!

Brett: Stay away from me!- Brett runs away from Katherine but she keeps chasing him giggling.


Almost everyone managed to get to the church. Jason however managed to get where Julian was and knocked him with a green lantern outside the church. Adrienne was running as fast as she could being followed by Samantha in the monster suit destroying everything, suddenly the monster trip again with another liana and smashed, launching Samantha out of the monster.

Jessica: CONQUERED!!!!

Chris: Well everyone it’s time to go back to your pathetic real yous and eliminate one. Too bad it’s AGAIN one of the smelly hipsters, because neither did Julien, Rick, Samantha or Jessica arrived haha you really stink guys time to vote!

---Elimination ceremony

Amber: The first marshmallow goes to Cam, Smiley…

Brett: Hey! ¬¬

Amber: Rick, Julien, and the last marshmallow goes to….

Samantha: No need –she was shaking- Samantha volunteers as tribute! –she looked really scared- in my tribe we call that girl bad ayuyu.-she pointed at Adrienne- I’m out of here. -She opens the sewer and jumps in.

Chris: Well that was weird….

Rick: I didn’t knew she belonged to a tribe, but I guess it explains a lot of things.

Jessica: She wasn’t a good team player anyway.

Brett: You too are far from being a good team player ¬¬

Chris: Just so you know Jessica, you were supposed to be the one leaving hahaha.

Jessica: WHAT?!

---Later that night

Mandy: Samantha looked like super scared, she was shaking, like those mmm how do you call them? Oh yeah homeless people, and here I thought she was the strongest. However she has a point saying that something is weird with the gothic girl freak. –Adrienne overhears and leaves to the abandoned park and sits on a swing.-

Oliver: Hey leave her alone!

Mandy: Whatever… you are perfect for each other, both see the world in black. -Mandy leaves.

Oliver: Hi Adrienne.

Adrienne: Wait how did you know where I was?

Oliver: You smell like pansies.

Adrienne: … that’s very impressive – she blushes-… ahm thank you for defending me.

Oliver: Sure no problem J

Adrienne: I want you to meet someone… her name is Polly. –She shows him Polly

Oliver: Oh very nice to meet you Polly : )


Adrienne: She says she likes you.

Oliver: Hehe she seems cool.

Adrienne: She thanks you for the blinking eye. –Oliver is amazed.

Oliver: Oh wow haha how did she notice? I’m wearing my shades.


Adrienne: … the girl in the red dress kept walking but she kept hearing footsteps, it was not normal that there was something following her at 5 am, she had a bad feeling so she decided to take a short cut and maybe hide through the park, but her red dress was so visible between so much white because of the huge amount of snow, it was freezing and she began to panic the moment she heard a heavy breathing. She ran to the park and hide behind an enormous rock she sneaked a peak and saw that there where footsteps behind hers, when she turned there was a tall figure holding an axe, she tried to run but he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her through the snow, she tried to kick him…. so he cut her legs. She fainted from the pain, and after they were gone the only thing that remained was her doll and the red track of the blood in the snow leading to the motel…


Mandy: Omg!, stop! we were telling scary stories no gore stories!

Alice: No way! It was sooo good!, besides its starting to snow! your story about losing your voice in your concert Mandy was so lame as your idea of setting a bonfire inside the cardboard house!

Mandy: How was I supposed to know cardboard conduces fire!?

Katherine: I think we should tell fairy tale stories instead :3

Everyone: Yes we should! ... wait what? O_o

Jason’s confessional: I’m getting tired of the princess powers she always manages to change our personalities when we are close to her.

Oliver’s confessional: Where is the camera? c:

Suddenly an alarm siren is triggered, everyone cover their ears, the Smelly Hipster joins the Rotten mustaches in the fire.

Jessica: What the $#!”# is going on?

Cam: Usually when an alarm siren sounds is to wake up the campers, which it’s not the case since we weren’t sleeping or because of an imminent disaster.

Rick: Just like in Silent Hill where this creepy alarm rings and the entire world begins to change and terrorific things begin to happen since they are in another world, and they get killed for their sins.

Mandy: Do they get killed in order by the amount of sins they commited? ... just wondering…

Chris voice sounds through the speakers: “Attention campers this is not a simulation, we had some problems going around in the town. The virus we mentioned before it’s out of control and we were unaware that there were a few people left in this town therefore they are infected, the safest place right now it’s the motel…

Julian’s confessional: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Chris voices continues: “… unfortunately for you Amber, the Nurse and I have the only keys to enter the motel, fortunately for you I got rid of… I mean Amber is away, so one team can find her keys in the bathrooms at the park. The Nurse keys are at the Hospital, if you happen to find the nurse, that would be good. The last member to arrive at the last floor room of the motel where I am, gets killed…I mean eliminated. Good blood! Erh- I mean luck”

Rick: They can’t kill us in national TV do they? Unless it’s like one of those shows where a contestant actually died…

Brett: We will go to the hospital

Rick: Why?

Brett: Because I say so. –he glares at Rick.

Rick:……… to the hospital! Let’s go, come on come on hurry up.

- - - - - -Rotten Mustaches

Mandy: This is so stupid, like everyone already knows that this a horror challenge!

Alice: Yeah like the blonde’s get killed first…

Mandy: I don’t like your attitude missy!

Alice: It’s just that you degenerates the image of the woman to its basic and dumbest level and I’m not ok with it! being a girl its more than… -She interrupts herself when noticing something –Has anyone ever been in the park before?- No one answered.

Katherine: Guys let’s stay positive! :3

Everyone: Yey!!!!!

Jason’s confessional: Oh dear…

- - - - - -Smelly Hipsters

It was a very cold night and there was starting to be a lot of snow everywhere.

Rick: I…can..ttt…..feee…ell my fe-e..t-t

Jessica: Man up! The fabric it’s here.

Rick: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! –A needle pierced Ricks arm.

- - - - - - Rotten Mustaches

Oliver: Look there is the bathroom!

Everyone: Where?

Oliver: I can’t see a thing remember? I just wanted to break the tension.

- - - - - - Smelly Hipsters

The Nurse was right next to Rick apologizing to him.

Nurse Betty: Sorry I just injected you adrenaline to prevent you to die from cold.

Rick: You could have said “Hey guys here I am you found me, don’t be scared everything will be ok, I’m with you, oh are you ok gray hair guy? I have an injection that might make you feel good”

Nurse: I would have said so, but I was the one who actually found you. I also have a key so there is no need to go to the hospital anymore.

Cam: Fiuu what a relieve.

Brett: Can I have an injection too nurse?

- - - - - - Rotten Mustaches


Adrienne: The bathroom it’s there. –Adrienne pointed at a weird construction.

Mandy: I will go and get the key to prove the red head missy I’m not dishonoring our gender! –Mandy gets inside.

James’s confessional: And that’s how Mandy Lane died… such a waste of a body

Oliver: Is everything alright? what do you see? –Oliver was screaming from the outside.

Mandy: I can’t see a thing there is no light. Uhmm wait… Aaaahhhh!!!!

Alice: Mandy!!!!

Mandy: OMG I just break a nail!

Alice confessional: Yeah right not dishonoring the gender…

Oliver: I will go inside too, after all I’m used to walk in the dark there is no difference between inside an outside.

Adrienne: I’m coming with you.

- - - - - - Mandy from the Rotten Mustaches


Mandy: Ugh I’m lost it’s like a labyrinth in here –suddenly she kick something and she crouched to grab it – Mmm? what’s this?...oh a lamp! - She turns it on and in front there is a guy with a creepy face with long hair and black eyes offering the key.

- - - - - - Rotten Mustaches

Oliver and Adrienne where exploring through the many halls in the bathroom construction.

Oliver: Do you hear that?

Adrienne: Mmm no, but Polly says we are not alone.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Mandy illuminates their faces with her lamp, “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!” Mandy grabs Adrienne and Oliver and runs with them until she manages to get them out of the construction.

Mandy: OMG!!! Let’s get out of here there is a creepy thing in there!!!

Adrienne: Wait where are the others? –Adrienne asked the moment she couldn’t find the other half of their team nowhere.

- - - - -

James: We couldn’t have done…

Jason: Anything, the guy with the chainsaw took us by surprise.

Princess Katherine: I told you, that you should had let me talk to him.

Alice: No way Katherine! ugh we are lost. –Alice turned to see around and she heard some voices- Uhm look! its Cam and Julien. Hey guys! – The two guys were walking a block ahead of them, but approached (Julien even ran) the moment they heard Alice.

Julien: Are you ok babe? if you are scared you can hug me I won’t hug and tell.

Alice: You are crazy! -replied Alice obviously annoyed by his comment.

Julien: Crazy for you. -Alice was about to answear again but was distracted when noticing Cam had no pants on and the twins noticed too.

James: Wow you two really had-

Jason: some fun huh? Hahaha –James and Jason high five and continue laughing.

Cam: Shut up!!! where are your other team mates?

Katherine: We lost them, and that makes me sad :c

Everyone: I’m feeling sad too :c

Katherine: But we will overcome this together c:

Everyone: Yes we will! C:

Cam’s confessional: Huh? What just happened?

Alice: What about your team?

Cam: Well the others got away since Brett had an adrenaline damage and he started to run after Rick trying to kill him. My pants got stuck while jumping a grille and Julien waited for me and he helped me…

Jason: I bet he did hahaha,

- - - - - - Half of the Smelly Hipsters

Nurse Betty: There is a legend called “The first sinister” a ghost or a demon that lived in this motel, mainly the reason why the town was abandoned. The first sinister kidnapped people and dragged them to the 4th floor and then he threw their victims through the windows without their eyeballs.

Rick: M-m-maybe that’s what happened to Oliver!!! he has no eyeballs!!!! –everyone stared at him with a concerned look about his sanity- Wait you said 4th floor, did you know that the number 4 is a bad luck number in Japan since it has the same pronunciation as “dead”? – In that moment the nurse opened the motel doors with her key. Inside there were a lot of garbage, a red track and it was full of dirt and bugs.

Jessica: Lovely place you have here.

Brett: You know you like it dirty.

- - - - - - Half of the Rotten Mustaches

Mandy: This challenge just got soooo long. I want to get a shower and go to bed!, it’s a good thing I did took the keys from the creepy thing in the bathroom. Speaking of I really need to use one. –They went inside the Motel.

Adrienne: We might be arriving late. Let’s follow the red track.

Polly: . . .

Adrienne: No, Polly it’s not a good idea to tell them that it is blood.

Oliver: I’m going to stay here to wait for the other guys from our team. Besides I can’t go into the girls bathroom if something happens to Mandy.

Adrienne’s confessional: Polly told me he winked, so I think he will be ok.

- - - - - - Half of the Smelly Hipsters

Nurse: Here we are, the 4th floor.

Rick: I’m scared nursey.

Nurse: I know I know everything will be ok baby, just come with me to the room at the end of the hall.

Jessica: R-Rick fragile piece of #$”!!! that’s not the nurse!!!

Rick turned to see Jessica, the nurse was next to her. He noticed someone else was holding him, it had a blurry face, he had no mouth and the eyeballs were so big and black. Jessica approached and hit the thing with strength.

Jessica: No one is left behind on my watch!

Brett: You left Julian and Cam…

Jessica’s confessional: It was their choice!

- - - - - -

Katherine: Oliver!

Oliver: Hey I’ve been waiting for you, are you all in one piece?

Katherine: Yes, aww you waited for us :3 you are such a prince!!!

Oliver: Haha it was nothing, but let’s hurry since I left Mandy and Adrienne alone. I smell lotion and gel so I guess Cam and Julian are among you.

Cam: Wow he is good.

- - - - - - Half of the Smelly Hipsters

The thing was approaching Brett, the Nurse and Jessica who was holding Rick in her arms and knocking with his head the door where Chris was.

Jessica: Chriss!!! Open the #”$#%!! door right now you “#$#”$”# son of a $%#$%!!!

Brett: Let us in before this thing whatever it is kill us or I’ll kill you!!!

The door opens and Chris welcome them.

Chris: Congrat… -Jessica punched him in the face and the nurse closed the door.

- - - - - -


Mandy gets out from the bathroom and the minute she closed the door someone opened, it was the same thing that was holding Rick before. Mandy screamed and The “thing” kept on chasing her but Adrienne came out from a room and the thing collide against the door.

Adrienne: Do you realize you just got yourself a good curricular horror scene while escaping from the killer?. –Mandy was about to agree when she noticed someone cut her hair and almost fainted. In that moment the other half of their team arrived and the lights went off, when they returned the thing was no longer there.

Mandy: Are we the missing ones to get to Chris?

Oliver: I think so, why? -Mandy stood and she began running to the last floor.

Mandy: After all this I don’t plan on being eliminated! –Everyone stared at each other and began running.

The lights went off and on and the thing appeared behind chasing them. Mandy got at the door and knocked it first, and by knocked it means her body slammed the door and the other contestants collided at her so the door opened and everyone fall. Jason stood quickly and closed the door hardly breathing.

Chris: Congratulations! –said Chris while the nurse was being threatening from the broken nose- So who got here in the last place?.

Everyone stared at each other but no one knew who was the last one since everyone was running from their lives and ended up on the floor while entering the room.

Adrienne: Wait… -she put her eyes wild open- where is Oliver?

- - - - - -

Oliver trip over the stairs.

Oliver: Guys? Ahmm anyone besides the thing that is chasing us and smells like mud?

The thing approached Oliver…

- - - - - -

Jessica: Brett your tank top!

Brett: What about it?

Jessica: There is no smiley…

Brett: Uhm?... oh! where is the princess?

- - - - - -

Oliver: Katherine are you ok?

Katherine: Yes, I’m – Katherine was next to Oliver.- Thank you for wanting to save me, you truly are a prince, but as I told you I wanted to talk to him c:

Oliver: But what if he does something bad to you?

Katherine: Well, I guess I will find out, but before I go I always reward my knights and specially if the knight it’s a prince –she kissed Oliver on his forehead.

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

Adrienne: We have to help them!!!! – in that moment the door opened and Oliver entered the room, he wasn’t wearing his shades, he had signs of being crying in his blue now not blinded eyes.


Chris: Last night on Total Drama Town, our contestants went through a difficult time in the horror themed episode, resulting with Princess Katherines goodbye and Oliver gaining his sight, didn’t you all tear a bit? Also Jessica kind of let 2 members of his team behind haha, want to see more tears? well stay tuned cause Christmas is coming down to Town.

Amber: But it’s not Christmas yet!

Chris: Ugh… you are back.

Mandy: Did I ever tell you how handsome you are?

Oliver: Ahmm no not really the last thing you told me was…

Mandy: Oh let’s not remember the bitter past, ♫♪ lets live while we are young ♫♪

Adrienne was hearing at the conversation while hiding behind a huge rock.

Adrienne: While I’m here, it makes me wonder if someone will come and kill me like my story, it’s so painful Polly.


Adrienne: Yes, you are right we should stay away from him for a while...

Amber: For this week challenge…we will have an illogical Christmas Challenge which I’ll be coordinating.

Jessica: Ugh I hate Christmas.

Jessica’s Confessional: It reminds me when I was alone at home waiting for my dad to comeback from the army but he never did… that %$#%”

Brett: I hate Christmas, it makes me happy…

Rick: What’s wrong with being happy?

Brett kid

Brett: For me nothing, but my therapist says it’s not good to be happy when I torture cute stuff plushies while I listen to music.

Rick’s Confessional: Oh sweet baby Jesus!...

Amber: In teams you will have to decorate the cardboard houses from everything you can find around the town. The winner will get a special present.

Jason: You coming out of a cake?


James: I wonder what kind of outfit she will be wearing… mmm r.r

Amber: Fine, your team just got 10 minutes penalization.

Jason and James confessional: Wow she is bossy…. Bossy is kinky… We like bossy.

Rick: We can decorate our teams house as a Capitol couture Christmas theme and then like setting fire and…. - he continued with more blah blah blah.

Jessica: Hey blonde guy, what is he talking about?

Cam: No, Clue. But Sierra an old contestant had skills for crafts and Gwen for drawing, therefore we need to get something very cool. What I’m saying is that the other team has 3 girls,by nature they are better at decoration, and we only have like half o a girl.

Jessica: Wanna piss me off you #$””#!! Why don’t you and your #$%! boyfriend go and get some #”$”$ lights.

Oliver: Wow it’s been a while since the last time I saw snow and x-mas decorations. Oh, I can go and get something to look like candies for the house. By the way has anyone seen Adrienne?

Mandy: No need candy cane”, you and I can get some snow, let’s just take care we don’t melt it with the fire between us.

James: I got some trash we can paint it in black.

Jason: Black? That’s the color of my underwear.

Alice confessional: What’s wrong with these people?!

Oliver went to a lights store and the moment he was gone Adrienne reappeared.

Mandy: Oh Oliver don’t take too long I need you to hug me it’s so cold in here!

Adrienne: Easy, put some clothes –suddenly Mandy noticed something weird on Polly.

Mandy's doll

Mandy: Did you just dress your creepy doll as me?!!!!

Adrienne: She thinks you are pretty and wanted to look like you. She has dressed as Jason too since she thinks he is hot. –Mandy was about to calm down but she saw the particular wig that Polly was wearing.

Mandy: OMG! That’s my hair!!!!! you were the one who cut my hair in the motel!!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!

Alice: Everyone focus!!! We have to win this thing!

James and Jason: Bossy mmmmm kinky.

Mandy: FINE FINE we can put some xmas hearts here and there and then mistletoe everywhere and… BUT IM NOT WORKING WITH THAT FREAK!.

Alice Confessional: Great… a girly princess Christmas house. This team needs a girl team leader not a Barbie girl.

Alice grabbed an old trash can and went to get some snow and she saw in the distance that Cam was taking some lights and mistletoe in a box from a supermarket.

Alice: Hey there.

Cam: Hi. Looking for Julien?

Alice: What? No!

Cam: Julien! Alice needs some help here, I can’t help her since I have the lights box! -Julien got out of the supermarket and run to them.

Julien: Sure, no problem anything for my girl – Cam laughed and walked away. –Give me the trashI can carry it for you or carry both like the time we met ooorrr…. since we finally get a moment for the 2 of us –Julien took one of Cams mistletoes and put it above Alice.


Alice: You think I need help!? You think I’m week?! –Alice face was as red as her hair, she was so furious that she emptied the trash can full of snow on him - Carry this for me asshole!

Julien: Co----co---col-dd-d –Cam was dying from laughter.

Jessica: What the #$”#$ took you both so long and why are you all wet red jacket? –Julian sneezed.

Julien: Let’s just say Alice and I took a bath together, I’m gonna change from clothes.

Jessica: Alright alright but hurry the #”$ up! … Brett! stop wrapping Rick with the lights!

Rick: Heeeeelppp!!! He is trying to hang me with the lights cableee HEEELPPP!!


Chris: Time to see your results! Let’s start with the Smelly Hipsters.

Amber: Wow you made a capitol couture Christmas theme! Who came with this idea? Omg! you also included a Rick Christmas tree! –Rick was choaking wrapped with lights around an old chrismas tree.

Brett: That was my idea.

Amber: And now the Rotten Mustaches house.

The house was covered with snow like a huge snowman head and an igloo as hat.

Mandy’s confessional: I have to admit Alice idea was good, and it was also the perfect opportunity for me to shine.

Mandy came out from a tiny igloo and she started singing and dancing in a very seductive way:

♫♪ “I really can't stay - But baby it's cold outside …”♫♪

Mandys confessional: I was supposed to sing one of my hits Opps I cheated again, Sexy girls don’t cry, teenage kiss and hottie in a bottle. But Miss perfect said no.

♫♪ “…I've got to go away, But baby it's cold-dd! OUCH!” –Mandy fell from the snow stage and Adrienne took away the needle from Polly who was still dressed as Mandy. Mandy: Ouch!..ouch!-- what-t-ts ouch! Make it sto—OUCH!!!

Chris: Ok this is great –he was clapping- the winner obviously is…

Amber: You are all winners!

Chris: W-what?!

Amber: Deal with it! I made this challenge for you to have a break from the horror episode and I hope you all had fun while doing it, so the present for all of you is that.

- - - - - - Later that Night

Oliver was wearing his dark shades again and he got near Adrienne, but the moment he was about to speak, Adrienne interrupted him.

Adrienne: Sorry I have to go.

Oliver: No, please stop –said with urgency- I’ve been looking for you all day!

Adrienne: Sorry I’ve been busy

Oliver: I thought you were running away from me cause you didn’t like the way I look without the shades.

Adrienne: No… y-you look nice a-and P-polly thinks so too.

Oliver: Haha thank you both –he blinked and Adrienne and Polly smiled- If only I could had seen you.

Adrienne: What do you mean? –Adrienne seemed confused and saw at his shades.

Oliver: The princess could only make me see for one day… the effect just vanished 15 minutes ago, hehe I’m surprised you both didn’t notice I was blind again.

Adrienne: Oh no! –Adrienne felt very sad and also like the most stupid girl in the world.

Oliver: Don’t worry! it’s been fantastic!, it has been one of the best not-Christmas ever!!!-then he made a sad face- My only regret was not getting to know your face but it’s ok, since for me you are beautiful even in the shadows.

- - - - - - Later that Night
Adrienne was sleeping on her bed and she was hugging Polly which this time was dressed as Oliver. No one notice when someone approached to her and put a sock on her mouth- Adrienne woke up in panic shaking her arms and trying to kick the responsible, but she was too week and she ended up being put inside of a big Christmas bag. Polly felt below the bed and began moving; but she got stocked with the tiny Oliver clothes, she began to drag and tried stretching her arms in desperation to reach the bag.


Mistery voice 1: ♫♪HO – HO- HO♫♪ this is a real Christmas present!

Mistery voice 2: No elimination this week my “#!$”!

Mistery voice 3: Shut up girls lets finish this quickly!

They dragged the bag out from the cardboard house. Adrienne was trying to fight back but she couldn’t do anything. She began crying and thought about Polly and Oliver.

Mistery voice 3: I will open the sewer.

Mistery voice: ♫♪ HO-HO-HO♫♪ have a very merry Christmas sugah. Au revoir!

They threw the bag in the sewer and they saw it landed on a boat that began moving till they couldn’t see it any longer.



Chris: Last time on Total Drama Town, we had a boring episode brought you by Amber, but there were some interesting change of events when 3 contestants decided to take justice on their own hands and get rid of Adrienne in the boat of shame. If you think that was interesting wait up cause things are about to get insane! …no, seriously INSANE!

It was a brand new day at the Wawanakwa Town, the rats where eating the leftovers and the sky was dark grey covered in rainy clouds while the snow was already melt.

Chris: Grey morning campers!!!! Since today its’ raining the challenge will be about helping nurse Betty in the Wawanakwa Asylum!

Cam: What? I thought she was a nurse from a Hospital

Chris: It’s the same! she is a nurse! ¬¬ so now a shocking surprise, the teams are split in this very moment which means no more smelly hipsters or rotten mustaches, never again. –he made a dramatic pause and then he continued- To win this challenge everyone should get an object that the nurse Betty needs, the contestant that doesn’t get their item or gets voted will be eliminated.

Amber: But first I have an important announcement to make: Among all of you there is one Alejandro.

James: What? –he looked confused.

Cam: Alejandro was a contestant in Total Drama World Tour whose purpose was to sabotage the teams in order to get himself to the top.

Oliver:  Adrienne said since the beginning that there was someone who didn’t belong to this competition.

Amber: That’s right, this season there is a spy of us among you. It’s a new Alejandro or Alejandra, so you better find out who before you get eliminated by a trick. However if you manage to discover the spy and sustain your answer you will automatically eliminate the spy from the competition. Now please read the following list:

ITEMS LIST: Jason (Dissection scissors), James (Chloroform), Cam (Syringe), Julian (Scalpel), Jessica (Defibrillator), Rick (Oxygen Tank), Oliver (Stethoscope), Brett (Handsaw), Alice (Radiography),  Mandy (Chainsaw)

Mandy’s confessional: A Chainsaw? Really? Why would a nurse need one?

Ricks Confessional: The moment we saw the list, I knew this was going to be more like Arkham’s Asylum.

Bat sign

- - - - - -

All the contestants went into the building from different ways…

Cam:,So Julien I was wondering if you want to stick in our little alliance.

Julien: Sure bro, you are the expert.

Cam: Haha ok then, let’s go way to the final two and….– Cam suddenly shut ups- did you just see?

Julien: Mmm what? –Julien answered confused at his friend.

Cam: I just saw a shadow pass –while looking around he saw something instead- oh never mind I think just found a *little pinch* syringe! Want me to help you find the scalpel?

Julien: No, you should go ahead and win the immunity things are way to crazy with this people, but if you find the scalpel on your way save it for me. –Cam nodded and turned around the corner but crashed with Brett who was holding the handsaw but he was acting quite weird.

Brett: G-give me that-t syringe

Cam: What? No way!  this is my item for today’s challenge.

Brett: I said…. GIVE IT TO ME!!! –Cam moved fast enough to dodge the handsaw but his tie didn’t made it.

Cam: My tie!!! FINE! HERE YOU HAVE IT FREAK! –Cam threw the syringe away and began running from him.

- - - - - -

Oliver: I have no clue how to find a stethoscope in this place. I mean how a blind guy is supposed to find anything? If I don’t find it soon I won’t be able to make justice to Adrienne –Suddenly he sniffed something weird – Uhm? That smell –he felt that something landed in his feet. –He took it and felt it, it was the stethoscope. –Wait… Polly? Are you there?

- - - - - -

Rick: Ugh I can’t find oxygen tank nowhere!

Nurse Betty: Hey there-

Rick: Waaaahhh!!!! you scared me! –Brett turned the corner alerted by Ricks scream and approached to them.

Brett: I-I- f-finally found you! I-I nee-d mo-more little pinch –Brett was sweating, shaking and stuttering- g-give it-t to-to me R-ri-rick!

Rick: Wait! Wait please I don’t have it! but maybe the nurse does.

Nurse Betty: Come with me Brett I have some. Brett relaxed and followed the nurse until both disappeared in the darkness of the hall and in their place Jessica came out of a near room and saw Rick.

Jessica: Stop right there!!!

Rick: What now?

Jessica: Did you have any luck finding your item?

Rick: No, not sign of the oxygen tank yet, but what about if we search together?

Jessica: Calm your #”$”! hormones, lets switch items to see if we have more luck.

Rick: As you command weird beauty.

- - - - - -

Jessica: This is the old people floors… iuk it smells like c”#$. –She tried to open the doors, but they were all closed.- God damn it.

Mistery Voice: Who is there?

Jessica: I ask the questions in here!!!

Mistery Voice: Oh no not you you already hit me with a newspaper! –Suddenly Jessica reminded the voice and opened the door of the room where she heared the voice.


Jessica: Oh but if it’s you, old potato grandma!!!

Grandma Marcy: Oh dear, another monster in this place. Stay away!

Jessica: Wait, what the #$”! do you mean with “another monster”?

Grandma Marcy: I have seen a doll walking in the halls.

Jessica: You are “#$”#% nuts you know? Haha a doll walki…hey is that thing connected to you an oxygen tank?

- - - - - -

Jason: Bro, Julien totally ignored your warning about staying away from Alice, aren’t you going to do something? I mean if you don’t hurry up he is going to steal your girl.

James: I’m aware of that James, he should had died crushed by the green monster but… -Jason got distracted by a shadow- James did you see that?

James: No what?, wait what’s that creepy thing doing here? –Jason pointed at a chair where Polly was sit.

Jason: Hey, did that thing has always been that big? –He approached and grabbed Polly. Polly’s eyes glowed, she opened her mouth and bit James. He shook his hand and Polly landed on the floor.


James: What the $”#! That thing just bit me!

Jason: What…?

Polly: MWA-HA-HA –Polly stood, and began growing, her eyes changed and she began walking towards them, her voice was not from this world. The twins turned to see each other and ran screaming. Polly grabbed one of her needles and stabbed her leg, in that moment Jason tripped but stoods quickly and continued running while Polly chased them.

- - - - - -

Alice: Where on earth it’s the radiography? –Mandy came across Alice

Mandy: Oh finally! It’s nice to find someone.

Alice: Oh lucky me –said Alice emphasizing the sarcasm.

Mandy: No need to be sarcastic! did you had any luck finding your item?

Alice: Nah… what’s yours?

Mandy: A chainsaw.

Alice : Oh I just saw one! –the moment she said so she regreated doing it.

Mandy: Really? Where?

Alice: Why would I tell you?

Mandy: Come on!!! Aren’t you supposed to defend womans honor?

Alice: Yeah but you are the one destroying it!. Maybe if you tell me if you have seen a radiography?

Mandy: No I haven't, sorry.

Alice: Ugh fine play dumb!

Mandy: I swear! listen in exchange of the chainsaw I will tell you 2 secrets.

Alice: Mmmm depends on the secrets.

Mandy: Jason has a crush on you!

Alice: Whaat?

Mandy:  I swear! you can ask Julien why is he being bullied by the twins and I also know that the twins change their identities a few times and I bet you didn’t even notice!

Alice: Fiiinneee –Alice had trouble believing it but she decided she was telling the truth- The  chainsaw it’s on the 2nd floor in the nurses office, don’t ask me why.

- - - - - -

Mandy just found on the nurses office a chainsaw on the desk.

Mandy: Well this is weird… -suddenly she heard screams in the hall and she saw Jessica running from a giant Polly. At first she thought she was hallucinating but it didn’t make any sense…as if making a giant doll did.

Jessica: Run!!! –Polly threw at them chairs and beat Jessica who recovered very quick.

Mandy: Ahh!!! What the hell is going on!

Jessica: Well don’t trust me but I think she is looking for vengeance from what you convinced Jason and me to do to Adrienne.

Mandy: Me? You accepted getting rid of Adrienne the moment I told you she was stealing our Oliver!

Jessica: IT WAS JUST A FASE! Now Shut the #$%#” up blonde and run.-somehow Polly get to them fast and toppled Mandy and Jessica.

Mandy stood and turned on the chainsaw.

Mandy: Stay away! Or I will cut all your stuffed plushie body! –in that moment James and Jason came running and began throwing things at Polly. While Mandy managed to make some cuts on Polly.


James: Hey Monster don’t you want me? Over here! –Polly roared and destroyed the wall next to them. Mandy and Jessica ran into a room where they found Brett tied to a surgery bed, he had *little pinch* all over his arms. He was smiling.

Jessica: The “#$”#$, smiley it’s smiling!

Nurse Betty: You girls shouldn’t be here… oh Mandy you brought me the chainsaw!

Mandy: What? NO!, you are crazy! I’m using it right now!

Nurse Betty: Huh? What for---? –The left wall fell over her because of Polly entering into the room holding Jason and about to eat him.

Jason: Hey! let my brother go!!! –Mandy turned the chainsaw and cut one of Polly’s legs, Polly roared in pain and dropped Jason. Polly began to destroy all around her.

Brett: Tiny doll I love you <3 –Jessica punched Brett in the face and carried him out of the room.

Oliver: Polly?! –Oliver managed to get to the destruction scene, she saw the other contestants escaping. Polly was throwing bricks and beds at them and the papers around her were burning in green flames.- Polly! STOP!!! THE BUILDING WILL COLLAPSE!! You will get crushed!!!

Polly: A..DRRIEENNE!!!!!!! –Polly shed a tear and with a desk pulled Oliver away from the building, as the building crumbled burying Polly.

- - - - - -

All the contestants came out running from the building before it collapsed

Chris and Amber: What on earth you guys just did inside!!!

Mandy: We? You realized you hired a psychopath nurse that almost kill Brett?

Amber: Oh no no she was not a psychopath, in fact she was just tranquilizing Brett with drugs for him not to ahmmm kill one of you…- Amber looked around- Ahm where is the nurse?

Jason: Lost in action, but that doesn’t matter!!! you got a creepy doll that almost kill us all!!!

Chris: I have no idea what you are talking about, so if you are done whining it’s time for you to deliver the things you needed to find.

Mandy delivered the chainsaw, Cam the syringe that just grabbed from Bretts arm.

Chris: Cam, duuude… that’s not healthy at all.

Brett was still holding the handsaw and smiling, Julian delivered the scalpel, Oliver the stethoscope.

Jessica: I switched items with the grey hair guy. I have the Oxygen Tank.

Ricks Confessional: She doesn’t even remember my name :’(

Finally Jason delivered the dissection scissors.

Chris: Well well it seems that you 3 –pointing at Alice, Rick and James- didn’t make it.  Hahaha sucks to be you. Time to vote! –Everyone went to the confessional and voted.

- - - - - - Later that night

Chris: Alice, Rick and James it’s time to say goodbye… Rick!

Rick: What? Why me? no, this is unfair! like when Robin got beaten and kidnapped by the Joker and Harley in order to make him…  - Chris interrupted him.

Chris: As much as I would love to continue listening to your story, I have to announce that Jason, you are also eliminated.

Jason: Wait what??!!

James: You can’t do that!

Chris: Of course I can, today it was a double elimination challenge. So it’s time for you and Rick to go and never return. This time to make it a more dramatic ending we will go down the sewer.

The sewer stinked so much, there were some lights and there was a boat drove by a figure in a black tunic.

Jason: Who is the driver? –James asked with a tiny note of fear in his voice.

ChrisWouldn’t you all want to know? HAHA, Get on the boat. –Rick gets in first at the very back to stay away from the weird figure in black and the boat begins moving- Ok that’s been all for this week, with only 8 contestants left, who will….

Rick: Omg! The driver is a freakn…..!!! AHHHHHHHHH

I hope you have been enjoying the story so far and thank you for reading.
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Who is

Amber: Chris

Chris: Amber

Amber: Stop playing dumb!, I’m tired of you you, you! You took advantage of me and spent all the money for the show in garbage! I’m done with you and your lack of responsibility, I’m quitting this show and you better be preparing a lawyer!

Chris: Does that mean I can wear again my old shirt…?  -Amber slaps Chris’s face and leaves in her helicopter


- - - - - -

Chris: Morning competitors! Congratulations for eliminating 8 losers, now it’s up to you not to become one hahaha. On other news I’ve regained the full control of the entire show.

Cam’s Confessional: Didn’t he have it since the very beginning?

Chris: And to celebrate my victory, for today’s challenge you all are going to the amusement park! Where there are 7 clowns hidden each for one of you…

James: But we are eight…

Chris: Exactly that means that the one who doesn’t find their key will be sent to the sewer of shame hehe, as I was saying you will have to find a Clown and steal the key they have on their necks, each key opens a trash cabin where there is a surprise inside awaiting for you. Oh and you have to arrive at the entry of the park before the park closes the door. GAME ON!

- - - - - -

Cam: I suggest we go to the most dangerous games since Chris usually enjoys seeing us having difficult times so the clowns must be there.

Julien: Sounds rational, let’s go.

Cam’s confessional: I know everyone must be thinking this bromance it’s going way too far, but let’s face it, everyone in this competition have a better chance if they have an ally, 2 votes can make the difference, so I will stick with Julien as long as long as I can.

In that moment Julien sees Alice that is directing to a water ride.

Julien: Hey Cam, I’ll catch you later.

Cam’s confessional: Ok Alice was a variable I wasn’t counting on… so I might as well find another ally. Besides I just found Jason’s dissection scissors from the previous challenge hidden in the confessional… someone hid them from Jason for him to be eliminated.

- - - - - -

Julien: Hey flower of my life wait for me!

Alice: What do you want?!

Julien: Well now that the bug is gone…

Alice: Jason? You mean your threat is gone right? – Julien is amazed – Fine you have your chance come with me. –she grabbed Julien by the hand and he blushed and smiled radiantly.

Julien’s Confessional: I’m melting <3

- - - - - -

Jessica is on the ferry chasing a clown above the wagons.

Jessica: Stop right there you mo”#$ f”$”#$ clown!

The clown turned his face and made fun of Jessica.

Jessica: You will pay for this!!!!

- - - - - -

Brett went to the spooky house. He was fully recovered from the injections but something was odd in him.

Brett: Come out come out wherever you are –a bat fell on his head and Brett rips both of its wings and grab them as knifes, he continued walking when he noticed that a mommy coffin was shaking. Brett walked slowly and opened the coffin, inside there was a clown sweating and shaking offering the key to Brett

Clown: Here here!! Have the key!, just don’t hurt me!!! –he had a scary look.


Brett: And where is the fun in that? – Brett smiled sinisterly.

- - - - - -

Mandy: Don’t worry I will help you out finding the key

Oliver: Will you? Why?

Mandy: Because…

The ferry was passing by at that very moment with Jessica standing in the ferry’s roof.

Jessica: Stay away from him you blonde b!#$%! -Jessica grabbed the clown she just captured and throwed at her, hitting both Mandy and Oliver. Jessica jumped of the ferry and walked to them and Mandy was just recovering from the hit.

Mandy: You better think twice before throwing your clown without removing the key from the neck! –Mandy took the key from the clown who lost conscious.

Jessica: Give it back! or I will kill you you dumb “#!$#!

Mandy: Oh that’s a shame honey. –She hands it over the key to Oliver. – Here you have handsome, I told you I will get the key for you <3

Oliver: Wow really?

Mandy: Yes and Jessica wouldn’t want it any other way –she made a wicked smile- I have to go and find my own key Olly see you later! –Jessica was very pissed that she was even red, but nodded and leaved in anger.

Jessica’s Confessional: This is not over blonde!

- - - - - -

Cam: Well I was not expecting that.

The clown was tied up on the top of the highest roller coaster.

Cam: I guess I will just have to get on the roller coaster and grab the key faster. –Cam got on a wagon of the 5 bug shapped wagons and the game began working at a very high velocity. –The sooner I get the key… buagh – Cam threw up. He was getting closer to the top. The poor clown was all tied up from head to toes and was screaming “Save me!” Cam extended his arm to grab the key but in that moment James that was hiding in one of the wagons jumps and steals the key from him.

James: Good luck spy! The roller coaster it’s never going to end for you! James jumped from the wagon and landed on the reels and began descending with great skill.

- - - - - -

Alice: Why exactly are we here?

Julien: I heard Chris saying there will be a clown in here.

Alice: The tunnel of love? Really?!!! I don’t know why did I even let you convince me to get on this stupid pink swan!

Julien: Maybe it was because you feel guilty or maybe because you know you desire me as much as I desir…. – Alice punched Julien and he fell into the water. Alice suddenly notice that a clown was hiding behind a giant heart that was being hugged by pink elephants. Alice took of his boot and threw it at the clown who fell in the water, and the key floated so Alice took it.


Julien: That’s my girl! –Julien screamed from behind.

Alice: Ush…

- - - - - -

Grandma Marcy: Oh lord why does it have to be always you?!

Jessica: You look even more ridiculous now old potatoe grandma.

Grandma Marcy: Shut up and take the key. Chris told me that if I dressed up as a clown for this he would get me out of this “#$”$ town

Jessica: What did you just say at the end? –Grandma Marcy was confused.

Grandma Marcy: I said he would get me out of this “#$”$ town

Jessica: You aren’t such a waste after all granny.

- - - - - -

The park closed the doors.

Chris: Is everyone here?

Julien: No, Cam is missing.

James: Uh- sucks to be him.

Cam approached slowly and seemed to be about to faint… or puke.

Cam: I-I’m here. – he was hardly on his feet he was green and dizzy- but who cares it’s over for me.

James: You shouldn’t left him alone Julien.

Cam: Julien he… he is not James he changed roles with his brother. He is Jason. –and then he pucked again.

Mandy’s confessional: For god’s sake it took them so long to figure out he was Jason! Did anyone missed seeing Polly’s bit on his arm? Geez and we the blondes are supposed to be the dumb ones.

Julien’s confessional: Well… I didn’t see that one coming ¬¬ the annoying brother stayed...

- - - - - -Later that night at the elimination ceremony

Chris: Well Mr. know it all intern, all the others got their keys so It’s time for you to say goodbye.

Cam: At least I guess that being a contestant was way better than being an intern of yours.

Chris: Whatever dude get on the boat ¬¬

Cam: Just to spoil your show more --he pulls the black tunic from the head of the figure, showing that a crocodile was driving the boat. Mandy screamed and everyone was shocked, Cam hits the crocodile in the snut and the crocodile calm down.

Cam&#039;s last moments

Chris: Hey don’t hit Scraps!

Mandy: OMG are you kidding! Does that thing even has a name?!

Chris: Well… thank you for spoiling the surprise! Anyway… -- he pulls the boat with his foot and Cam loses the balance and the boat begins moving

Jason: Goodbye spy too bad you didn’t manage to get rid of me!

Cam: If I were you I wouldn’t be so sure! – Jason looked confused as the boat disappeared.

- - - - - -

Chris: Well well It’s time for the left contestants to open your trash cabins lockets, you can only open the one who has your name!

Everyone tried their cabins and each had something different inside. Oliver opened first.

Oliver: It’s awful! –everyone looked at him worried

Julien: What is it? –Julien asked with a note of fear in his voice.

Oliver: Just kidding I can’t see remember? So can anyone open yours and tell me what’s in it?  -Jessica tried hers and next Jason.

Jessica: What the $##”!

Jason: Old clothes?

Chris: Indeed those are the outfits you will be wearing for the next challenge, so who is ready for a bed time story with the beautiful sound of the town?



Chris: Once upon a town there were a bunch of teenagers with one goal in their minds, doing heroic actions to be rewarded with one million dollars.

Alice: This is ridiculous! - Everyone were dressed with fairy tale outfits.

Chris: Excuse me miss positivism, I’m telling a story! for this challenge you will have to act like the character you are all suppose to be according to your outfits and complete your task. Soooooo… as I was saying. Once upon a town there were a bunch of teenagers with one goal in their minds, doing heroic actions to be rewarded with one million dollars…. You may continue with the story Amber…¬¬

Amber’s Confessional: I know I said I would leave but I can’t leave this guys fate in hands of that irresponsible human being! Besides it’s a fashion crime to have ugly costumes so I asked my assistant Jean for help.


Amber: There were tree brave young man knigths, the clueless Oliver from the Blindness cinema kingdom, the vain Julien from the Mirrors store kingdom and the pride Jason from the Arcade games store kingdom. But there was also a “Brett” a dark stoner wizard prince from the illegal merchandise kingdom. 4 families that hates each other and they all want to get a princess for their own, unfortunately for them, the only princesses were the princess from the music store kingdom Mandy, the princess next door Alice and the princess of the weapons store kingdom Jessica.


Chris: To win this challenge everyone should get their fairy tale ending which means getting a couple by the end of the challenge, the one without a couple will be eliminated. Time to get a happy ending!

- - - - - -

Jessica’s Confessional: I'll make sure to get that “#$ blonde eliminated this time!

Jessica: Hey you red head, I was thinking about what do you think if we make an alliance?

Alice: But we are enemy princess.

Jessica: Stop with that bull #”$ to be honest you are far from acting like a princess and even if you don’t believe it so am I. Think about it but don’t take too long I’m not #$#” patient. –Jessica leaves and Mandy seeing her approaches Alice.

- - - - - -

Mandy: Hey Alice! Wanna make an alliance?

Alice: Uhmm why?

Mandy: Well think about it, I’m princess material I bet you didn’t even play with dolls and I also bet you rather work with me than with Jessica.

Alice: Deal.

Alice’s Confessional: Ok, yeah I’ve never played with dolls or wore a dress what’s the big deal? Besides it’s not like we could actually do something with that alliance in this case…

- - - - - -

Chris: In our first act our 3 knights and the dark wizard get into a blood bath after they attend to a reunion were they betray each other. After they are done they have to rescue a princess.

Julien: Wait-What?

Chris: Just fight to dead!

In that moment Jason jumped over Julien and they began fighting with newspapers swords.

Jason: You are sooo slow! haha

Julien: And you are a cheater for changing identity with your brother! –Julien ran and and hide in the music shop where tied in the ground was Mandy. –Oh hey want me to rescue you?

Mandy: Nah you are not the prince I’m expecting. I can wait.

- - - - - -

Meanwhile Brett confronts Oliver.

Brett: You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to hurt you so badly since I first saw you.

Oliver: Wait, for what? I don’t think we have actually met.


Brett: That’s the thing! you should had been gone already! How is even possible for a blind guy to come this far!!!??? –In that moment Oliver hits Brett with the newspaper sword.

Oliver: Like this, just keep talking so I can know where to find you –Oliver changed his angry face and giggled.

Chris: Oh oh it seems the dark wizard it’s injured he better escape using his magic. –Brett throughs coal dust at Oliver’s face.

Oliver: Oh my god I can’t see!

Brett: Mwahahaha –Brett was prepared to give him a deathly strike-- wait….you can’t see anyw---–before he could finish Oliver hits him following the sound of Brett’s voice.

Amber: And that’s how the good always triumph over the bad! :D

- - - - - -

In the interim there was huge fight happening in the mirrors store. Julien got out from the music store and went into the mirrors store.

Jason: There you are! –Jason was waiving his sword and crashed a mirror.

Julien: Stop, stop you are destroying my kingdom!!!

Jason: Shut up and eat some of my sword! –Jason hits Julien who crashes against the mirror. –Seven years of bad luck mate hahaha! I told you to stay away from Alice, I have a better chance with her than you. –Julien tried to run again but he trip, he was cornered- Oh Julien if only there was someone out there who loved you.

Julien: Fine I get it! but you are not the only one who knows how to cheat –Julien strikes Jason in the face with an umbrella covered in the newspaper. Jason lost his balance and hits a showcase full of mirrors, breaking them all in the process--- I can’t even count how many bad luck you just get.

- - - - - -

Amber: Now Princesses so far your knights got into a furious battle but they haven’t found were their princesses are, you should help them find you by singing.

Mandy: ♫♪ Hey Oliver! I just met you and this is smexy! But here it’s my bedroom so get in maybe! It’s hard to resist at me baby but here it’s my bedroom so get in maybe…! ♫♪ –Amber was with her mouth wide open from her singin.

Amber: Oh my god Mandy! You can’t be singing that!

Mandy: Of course I can! “♫♪and all the other knights try to undress me but you are the only I want to baby…'♫♪

- - - - - -

Jessica: Ain’t going to sing, singing is for pu1##! So….. 2#$”#”#! &%/#”$”/”# !”#”!% 23”#$”$ 23$”#. Some “#$”#$ prince or %$& knight hurry the $%”!”$ and rescue me. I’m here #”$”!!!

Amber face palmed herself and decided to ignore what was happening and went to Alice who was having a hard time.

Amber: Hey what’s wrong girl?

Alice: Uhm…hi…I’m doomed. I can’t sing –she lowered her face.

Amber: Sure you can, I know you can…♫♪ cause for the first time and foreeeeverrr… ♫♪-but Alice interrupted her.

Alice: Not me, it’s embarrassing, singing it’s showing vulnerability.

Amber: Well, from girl to girl showing vulnerability from time to time it’s not a bad thing.

Alice’s Confessional: That’s what the beauty queen said.......¬¬

- - - - - -

Jessica was cursing but she was already tired of screaming so she quit trying, but suddenly, Brett went inside the Weapon’s shop where she was.

Brett: I found you. –Brett said with an inexpressive voice.

Jessica: What? Haha! No! get the hell out of here #$””#$ smiley. You lost already!

Brett: Shut up and be my awfull princess so I can finish this damn thing….

Jessica: Are you #”$%& high again? I said NO! –Brett grabbed Jessica by her arm and took his knife threatening her.

Brett: You ain’t gonna make me lose the money! –he was hurting Jessica’s arm.

Jessica: Hell yes I will mother #”$” –Jessica raised her dress and she was hiding a gun in there so she aimed at Brett who lost his breath– And it was Beauty who shot the Beast– and then she shots.


- - - - - -

Meanwhile in the music store a prince arrives to rescue his princess.

Oliver: Hey, Mandy are you here?

Mandy: ♫♪ Yes baby baby I’m closer to you, its trueeee. Oh pretty baby, you need to untie me sooonnn, cause I must confesss that despite the fact, I look sexy nowwwwww, we need to make it to the goal in tiiiimeee, we both will be there, our bodies are waaaarmmm, this is sexy one more time! ♫♪

- - - - - -

The competition was about to be over almost everyone got their princess, still, Alice was cuddling in the corner of the house where she was hidden.

Alice: After all… I failed I couldn’t do it, it’s my time to go. I couldn’t probe that girls are as good as the guys and that a girl could win a competitition and… and… -Alice began crying.


Julien: Do I hear a damsel in distress crying? –Alice got scared and she began cleaning her tears with her hands.

Alice: Wha!!-what are you doing here???!!!, get out, leave me alone!

Julien: I came to rescue my princess –Julien smiled at her.

Alice: You are so corny. –and for a moment Alice laughed - Leave me, I’m not in the mood to win this competition anymore.

Julien: Well I didn’t fell in love with a quitter. – Julien’s words hurt Alice- Are you a lame quitter that wants to go home for not even trying? If so, good luck –Alice hid her face with her hair and heard Juliens footsteps walking away.

Alice: Wait! –Alice raised her head and noticed Julien was just by her side and that he simulated the footsteps. She felt so embarrassed while Julien was smiling from ear to ear. –You better erase that stupid face of yours and take me to the finish line!!!

Julien: Your wish is my command my princess. –Julien offered his hand and carried her in his arms.

- - - - - -Later that day at the Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Every fairy tale character got to the finish line on time, but unfortunately someone didn’t made it –Chris pointed at Brett who was sweating from pain and holding his left leg that was covered in improvised bandages.


Jessica: Oh come on! Don’t act like a baby, I said I was f#$% sorry already. I thought they were blanks.

Jessica’s Confessional: We were in a weapon store it would had been stupid not to take the opportunity to steal something from there for me. Although I never thought I would needed to use that fast.

Brett: SO I SHOULD STAY!!! I CAPTURED YOU FIRST THAN JASON!!! –Brett was behaving like a psychopath and was in full rage mood.

Amber: Well that’s kind of wrong, the point of this challenge was “to rescue” the princess not capturing her, and since Jason arrived to the scene when he heard the gun shoot, he was a better hero than you.

Brett: But I was a freakn dark wizard IM BAD!

Chris: Sorry dude, but instructions were clear---- Brett lunged with his knife on Chris. --- AHHH!!!

Brett: I WARNED YOU!!! at the beginning of the competition I said I was going to stab you and let you die slowly!!! This is the time! hahahahaha! –Brett had an insane look in his eyes, but suddenly he felt down unconscious. Jessica was behind Brett holding a syringe.

Jessica: I know how to calm a Beast, I injected him some “little pinch”, I guess it caused him an overdose after all. –Everyone including Amber and Chris (who was relieved) were staring gratefully at Jessica but at the same time with a notion of fear on their faces – I knew sooner or later I would needed to use it. Sorry Smiley –Brett was drooling and Jessica pulls his body in the boat through the sewer.

Chris: Well that has been all for now. Will I survive this season? It seems it does now that Brett is gone hehe Did everyone forgot they have a spy among them? Does Amber will stop being boring?

Amber: You call me what?!


TDT Prom

Chris: There is always a time were our kids grew and the town gets speechless when we are tree episodes away from the finally! So what happens before our kids graduate from school? Exactly it’s Prom Time!

Amber: Since we have 3 girls and 3 guys left, you will be working with couples as prom dates in the next order. Mandy and Oliver, Jessica and Julien, Alice and Jason.

Mandy and Jason: Hell yeah!

Julien and Jessica: Hell no!

Chris: Sorry this is how things are, deal with it haha.

Amber: For this challenge, there are 3 parts; the first part consist in getting ready for prom you only have 10 minutes to get something from the fashion store as your outfit. For the second part you have to go for your date at their house, and get to the ball before the others to finally conclude with the third part of a dance and also by being named prom queen and king you will both gain immunity.

Chris: Sooooo time for shopping!

Mandy: KYAHHHHHHHHHHHH –Mandy went inside the store so fast that everyone was impressed.

Julien: Hey buddy can I borrow this white cane for a second? -Julien asked Olliver.

Oliver: Sure –Oliver nodded and Jason began running and Julien put the white cane in front of Jason’s feet and he tripped. Alice saw it and made a face of disapproval.

Julien: Thanks dude, let me help you find something for the prom –Julien returned the white cane to Oliver and went to the store.

By the time all were in the store, Mandy already had 20 dresses on her hands and she was the happiest human being Alice had seen.

Alice: Why are you so happy?

Mandy: Why not? I mean free gorgeous dresses, prom, and my date is Olly-hottie! You should be happy too, after all two guys are fighting for your love!

Alice: It just gives me a headache. Which dress are you getting?

Mandy: I don’t know!!! –she looked so worried-- which one looks good on me?.

Alice: Oh… I don’t know about this stuff…

Mandy: Just take a guess, everyone has a superficial girl inside.

Alice: The white.

Mandy: I knew you would say that. I love it! Which one are you wearing?

Alice: I don’t know, maybe mmmm that one.

Mandy: Oh no! what about…. This one!

- - - - - 

Chris: Time out, go to your cardboard houses and get dressed for the prom!


- - - - - 2 hours later.

Chris: Gosh what could it be taking so long! –Finally the guys knock in the cardboard house of the girls and the girls get out looking dashling.

Jason: Wow even your girl looks nice Julien. –Jessica got angry and when she noticed Julien was staring at Alice, she crashed Juliens and Jasons forehead.

Jessica: Hey focus you #”$”! Today I’m your girl!

Oliver: Wow Mandy you look so beautiful.

Mandy: Oh thank you………. Wait you can’t see me!

Oliver: Hehehe just kidding, you smell nice.

Chris: Everyone get on your own dumpster limousines and yes, the guys have to drive!

Mandy: B-but Oliver? –Mandy seemed logically worried about it.

Chris: Just make sure to tell him where is the road HAHAHA.

- - - - - 

Julien and Jason where side by side in a battle to prove who is the fastest driver.

Alice: Jason what’s wrong with you!? Are you trying to kill us?!

Jason: Sorry but this is a battle for your love!

Alice: I’m not a trophy!!!!

Alice Confessional: Great… when did I become the woman stereotype?

- - - - - 

Jessica: FASTER!!! YOU MOTHER $”#$#&!!!

Julien: I’m going the fastest I can!

Jessica: It’s not good enough! –Jessica began hitting Julien with her purse.

Julien: Hey hey hey don’t hit the guy that it´s “driving”!

- - - - - 


- - - - - 

The 3 dumpster limousine arrived just in time to the prom but Mandy’s and Oliver dumpster limo crashed into the ballroom, half of the limo in and half out.

Oliver: That was AWESOME!

Mandy: Speak for yourself, you ruined my hair!!!

Oliver: You look good to me.

Mandy: Stop with the blind jokes!!!

- - - - - 

Amber: Ladies and Gentleman it’s time for the ball to begin, grab your couple and dance, since everyone arrived apparently on time, the best dancing couple and the ones that shine the most will be crowned.

Julien: Soooo, wanna dance? –Julien offered her hand to Jessica

Jessica: I don’t dance

Julien: You don’t win either

Jessica: Fine smart boy, I lead.

Julien: Wait what? O_o

- - - - - 

Jason began dancing with Alice to the rhythm of the music

Alice: You actually are a great dancer

Jason: I am right? Haha you can lose yourself to dance a little bit more.

Alice: I’m trying. –Alice seemed to have a hard time dancing, while Jason moved like a professional dancer.

Jason: The red heads must conquer the dance floor my precious red flower.

Alice: Red flower really?

Jason: Well yeah, your hair is red as the petals of a flower and you usually dress in green as the stem. -In that moment they got close to Jessica and Julien, and Jason didnt loose the opportunity to hit Julien pretty hard with his elbow and wink at him pointing he had Alice.

- - - - - 

Oliver: How are things looking around us? -Oliver actually danced very good but in and old fashion way.

Mandy: Did you came out from the Scent of a Woman movie or what Olli? but anyway we are not doing so great, we can beat Julien and Jessica but not so sure about beating Jason, but… I think I just came up with an idea. –Mandy went to the music reproducer and changed the song and went back to Oliver. –This is something only I can do. –Like a virgin from Madonna sounds all over the place and Mandy begins singing.


"♫♪ I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through, didn't know how lost I was, until I found you…♫♪” –Mandy grabbed Oliver by the tie –“♫♪…I was beat incomplete, Id been had, I was sad and blue but you made me feel, yeah you made me feel shiny and new…♫♪” –Mandy threw herself and Oliver to the floor and she began moving provocatively. Amber had her eyes wide open and spat her drink. Mandy got up. “♫♪Like a virgin!…♫♪” –Mandy ripped her dress to show a very short and plunge white dress “♫♪Touched for the very first tiiiimmee….♫♪” –Amber stopped the music.

Amber: You can’t be on television dancing like that and being dressed as a .... a a a...!

Jessica: Whore –Everyone stared at Jessica. –Well, someone had to say it

Amber: Go and change right away!

Chris and Jason: We have no problem with her outfit.

Julien: Me nei… -Alice stare at him furiously- Ahmm I meant I do have a problem.

Mandy: Amber that’s not fair! you are just jealous, cause you know I’m hotter than you even if I’m not a model like you when you were younger.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / INTERFERENCE \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Everyone is sit, the music keeps sounding. Alice stood and goes to where Julien and Jessica are.

Alice: I’m not going to say it twice, so listen. I skipped my first ball for a bikes competition and this would be my first informal dance, so would you mind taking me to dance? –Juliens face lighten up.

Julien: My pleasure –Julien offered his hand and both walked to the center of the ballroom.

Alice: Erhm… I’m not such a good dancer.

Julien: Don’t worry just get on my feet and let the rhythm flows –Alice nodded embarrassed and they began dancing.

Jason’s confessional: This sucks, to be honest I didn’t thought Alice would be such a boring person. She liking bikes and all that stuff, I thought she will be full of fun, but I realize she is just dull.

Mandy returns angry with a new white proper dress.

Chris: Hey Amber what happened to Mandy? she looks upset.

Amber: We had a girl to...

Jessica: ¡Whore!

Amber: >: )

- - - - - 

Chris went up the scaffold and took the microphone.

Chris: Stop stop! it’s time to announce the winners! -he made a brief pause, - And your prom king is…. –the drums sound- Jason! – Jason gets to the stage with a triumph smile.

Amber: And your prom queen therefore…. –Amber made a disgusted face- Mandy… yey….

Jessica’s Confessional: I really hate that $#% blonde….

Mandy gets to the scaffold shining like a star sending random kisses and waving her hand. Chris puts the crown to Jason and meanwhile Amber puts Mandy’s crown, but something weird happened, the crown seemed to be attached to a bucket and when Amber crowned Mandy, the bucket fell and spilled a red substance all over Mandy.


Mandy: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! –Everyone was amazed and no one spoke. Mandy had an insane look on her face- YOU! –she pointed at Amber. –You did this! You are going to pay!!!

Amber: What? I did n…! –before she could finish Mandy pounced on her! –Julien and Jason went to separate them. Mandy was furious and Jessica couldn’t stop laughing.

Jessica’s Confessional: That’s the best thing that was happened in this show!

Mandy when noticing Jessica was laughing she realized she was the one that put the trap and pounced on her!

Jessica: That’s the best you got b$#/?!- they began fighting and pulling their hair.

Jason: That’s hot. *¬*

Chris: Mandy!, sorry but that’s not the attitude of a queen and since I can do whatever I want Alice, congratulations you are the prom Queen! –Mandy turned to see Alice and jumped over her.

Mandy: You did this! I thought you were my friend! That’s my crown!!!! –Julien holt Mandy but she hit Alice already.

- - - - - 

- - - - - That night at the elimination ceremony (all the ladies were in a pretty bad shape...)

Chris: Well it’s not a new who is abandoning the competition tonight.

Mandy: Yeah yeah I know everyone voted for me, let’s get over with this. –She was still in her white dress painted in red.

Chris: Yes, your time has come.

Mandy: This was a set up from all the girls in this show!!! they are so jealous of me!

Oliver: Actually, the one that put the trap was me. –everyone was in shock as not understanding what he meant and Mandy was speechless.

Mandy: B-but but why?! –she thought for a minute- does that mean you are the SPY???!!!

Oliver: What? No, I just thought it was a good ending for you after what you did to Adrienne. –Mandy felt ashamed and lower her head.

Mandy: I….I guess I deserved this. –she had a disappointed look on her face.

Chris: Unfortunately for you Oliver it’s time for you to leave too.

Oliver: I know, the spy helped me with the trap and informed me that this was a double elimination challenge; the loosing couple will be eliminated. Therefore if Mandy lost I lost too.

Chris: Wow…. Ok well, get into the boat of shame you too, and on your way back before being eaten by the crocodile you can discuss of the things you did hehehe.

Oliver: Actually I rather take another boat and ask for a favor.

Chris: What? No!

Oliver: Are you going to deny the last will in this show to a blind guy? What would the media will think?

Chris: Alright alright! –Chris made an angry face but finally accepted.

- - - - - 


A helicopter took Oliver to the demolished asylum and after a few minutes brought him back to the sewer and he has carrying a bag. He got on the boat and said goodbye to the left contestants and wished them luck. The bag suddenly opened and a bandaged and injured Polly came out of it, waving her hand to the left contestants and smiling for being with Oliver. The moment Jason saw Polly he jumped into Jessica’s arms.


TDT Race

Julien’s Confessional: Well last elimination was a shocker, I mean not only for the Mandy incident, but because of Oliver being working with that freaking spy.

Jessica’s Confessional: That f$#% spy better count his minutes in here!

Jason’s Confessional: There is no way I’m going to allow the spy to go to the finale!!!

Alice’s Confessional: Did anyone realize that the names of the other 3 contestants left in this show begin with a “J”, does that mean something?... maybe I spent just too much time with Mandy.

- - - - - -

Amber: Congratulations everyone! Welcome to the semifinal!

Chris: You are all one step closer to the price! I bet you all can smell the money. Hehehe, for this penultimate challenge you will have to win a race.

Julien: Wow… another race?

Chris: Shut your mouth lover boy. This race will be different, this time you will drive go-karts and the speedway will be in the sewer, the first to arrive at the goal gains immunity, as for the rest...hahaha.

Amber gave helmets to everyone while they all got in their go-karts and got ready for the race

Amber: Good luck everyone! –The contestants ignited their cars – Now… Ready, Steady, Set, GO!!!!

The four go-karts accelerated and in a single moment Alice took the lead with a big advantage over the others

Jessica: How on earth did she…???!!!

The sewer had some dangerous curves and ahead there were tacks all over the floor which Alice eluded them easily. Jessica meanwhile hit Julien’s car with her and bothbarely managed to escape the tacks. However Julian was begining to struggle a lot with his go-kart and he noticed he had a flat tire because of a tack. Julien got angry and stopped to go to the back of his go-kart to change the wheel as Jason overtook Julien while making fun of him.

- - - - - -

On the other hand Jessica was head to head with Alice and both didn’t noticed when Jason outrun them calling them loosers and laughing but his countenance changed the moment he saw ahead a bunch of crocodiles on the speedway threatening him with his teeth to have the meal of their lives.


Jason’s Confessional: Since no one has mention it…. Crocodiles in the sewer?! Are you for real? They were just supposed to be an urban myth!... oh right there was already a crocodile in the boat of shame…

Jason accelerated but still one of the crocodiles took Jason’s car out of balance and he and his go-kart ended up being thrown in the sewer water and in the process he drank some of the water and threw up after.

Meanwhile Alice took the lead and she accidentally run over a crocodile.

Alice: Oh my! SORRY!!! –However she hadn't had time to worry about it sin Jessica was very close from her and soon both were side by side fighting for the first place. Jessica began impacting Alice's car with hers and Alice go-kart went out of control and got stuck on a huge crack on the floor. Jessica turned to see Alice and laughed but the minute she turned to the front her car got stuck in a bigger crack too.

Jessica: #”#$”$%&/!!!!

- - - - - -

Few minutes later Julien was back on the race, and on his way to reach the girls he came across Jason who was still having troubles trying to take his car out of the water.

Jason: HEY! Give me a hand! –Julian slowed down a little bit.

Julien: Why should I?

Jason: Do you want to win a race by cheating by not helping me out? Or do you rather face this man to man in a fair race to see who is better?

Julien: I think I will go for the cheating option–he smiled from ear to ear and waved his hand at Jason – See ya!

Jason: DAMN YOU!

- - - - - -

Julien soon enough saw saw Alice driving ahead of him, so, he pressed the love button in his brain to speed up, but the moment he was about to reach her Jessica came out of nowhere and crashed against him.


Julien: No! you get out of my love way! – Their cars were throwing sparks and leaving wheel marks all over the floor. They didn’t stop attacking each other until they heard an explosion ahead and saw Alice car went out of control for a bit. 

Jessica: That explosion… –Jessica bit her lip– that was a mine explotion!.

Chris voice came out from a close wall with a horn.

Chris: Indeed for the last part of the race there are hidden explosive mines all over the place, so I suggest you to be careful hehe.

Amber: Chris come on!!! You can’t put mines! you are going to kill them!

Chris: They just have to run faster and they will be safe, if they don’t, it’s their fault if they die not mine!

- - - - - -

Julian took advantage of Jessica who was being distracted from what it seems was a flashback from her “war memories” so he easily went head to head with Alice.


Jessica’s Confessional: Fine… I have to admit, having a flashback at that time, it was not one of my brightest moments…

- - - - - -

Julien and Alice were driving as fast as they could. There where explosions everywhere they couldn’t even hear a thing anymore. There were dust and water all over the place, but still they saw the goal just ahead of them. Julien took the lead and he looked at Alice who was frustrated evading all the explosions and trying her hardest. From one moment to another Julien stoped his car and one of his wheels exploded with a mine and he got sent away. Alice crossed the goal line.

- - - - - -

Amber: And the winner is---------------- Alice!!!

Chris: Too bad for the other 3 who couldn’t even finish the race haha, I will see you all at the elimination ceremony. –Chris and Amber went away arguing with each other as usual. Alice meanwhile took her helmet off and went to see and injured Julien. The moment he saw her, he smiled with pain but she began to hit him with her helmet.

Alice: Why did you do that?! –she was hysterical- why did you let me win?!

Julien: I-I didn’t.

Alice: Yeah right you disgusting liar! If you ever had some respect for me, be a man and tell me the truth!

Julien: Alright alright I did let you win. –Alice was furious–  I know your DREAM is  to prove that woman can do everything man can, so I’m not going to ruin your dream by winning.


Alice: How dare you?! now i know woman can’t win man in a race since my victory it’s a lie.

Julien: Not is not, if I didn’t stop running maybe the tire might had blow out of the car anyway.

Alice: “MAYBE”

Julien: Come on, take this as an opportunity for 2 things: a rematch to see you again and to keep your dream alive because I also believe in it and I believe in you.

Alice: Wait…why are you talking like if you are leaving? –

- - - - - -Later that night at the elimination ceremony

Chris: OK it’s time for elimination!, the first marshmallow goes to Ali---

Alice: Wait there is no need. –Alice interrupted Chris.

Jason: What? You can’t be serious, you can’t quit! -Jason felt offended and the stink of the sewer was still on him so he was sit farther from the rest.

Alice: I’m not quitting! I just want to say something first.

Jessica: Geez just say so already so that Julien can go and I can win already!

Alice took a deep breath.

Alice: Fine, Julien is the Spy –everyone stood quite until Jason breaks the silence.

Jason: Haha as if… –but Alice had a determinate gesture- wait… are you for real? –he looked perplex-  I thought you were the spy!

Jessica: The f#”&% you are wrong!!! Jason is the spy!

Amber: Well that’s a big accusation Alice, can you sustain your statement? –Julien was paying attention to all that was happening and waited patiently until Alice begins to explain.

Alice: Yes, I had known that for a while and I was actually scared that if he was the spy he had been playing with me all this time, but I decided to trust in him.

1.    Cam told me he thought Julian teams up with him, to avoid being discovered by him, since Cam was the Total Drama Expert. Cam also told me both planned to get Roy out of the competition because he was the strongest contestant.


2.    He also tried to eliminate Jason and Jessica for being the biggest threat in the competition by hiding the item they were supposed to find in the Asylum, the Dissection scissors for Jason and the Defibrillator for Jessica. Buuuut Jessica changed items with Rick, and Jason changed identity with his brother. Then as a distractor he hid the dissection scissors in the confessional for Cam to find them, and then Julien let Jason found that out in order for him to think Cam was the spy and the one who tried to get rid of him.  Resulting in Cam’s elimination.

Everyone was speechless until Jason broke the silence once again

Jason: Wait wait how did you possibly know all that?!

Alice: I didn’t, I just had pieces from the puzzle, but Cam figured it all out and before he abandoned the competition since he felt betrayed he told me to be careful with Julien since he suspected he was the spy. –Julien who had been quite all the time finally talked.

Julien: Alright hahaha, you got me! I think I should had got rid of Cam sooner…

Jessica: So it’s true? YOU?!?!? –Jessica was amazed and Julien shrugged his arms.

Julien: Yes, me.

Jessica: B-but  you are like the lamest thing ever! you are a fu#!n$ pathetic lover boy!

Julien: Will you believe me if I tell you I was the one changing the blanks on your gun for real bullets?

Jessica: W-wait wait WHAT?!  –Amber seemed uncomfortable.


Amber: Well…. the truth is Brett was out of control! So Chris and I asked Julien to get rid of him so…– Amber was not as innocent as it seemed but seemed to be sorry about it.

Julien: Finally, there was another contestant who discovered I was the spy, but he promised to keep quite if I helped him to get rid of certain blonde.

Jessica: Oliver?


Julien: That’s right. Besides I wanted to get rid of Mandy since she had already won immunity 3 times, which made her the strongest contestant, I bet no one even noticed that haha. –everyone began counting as just realizing it.

- - - - - -

Chris: Well well, enough chatting. Julien let me just say I’m very disappointed of you, 3 people discovered your identity… great job dude ¬¬

Julien: Actually… I think they were four, I believe Adrienne knew I was the spy the moment she saw me –he took a second to think– Five if you count Polly. –Chris face palmed himself.

Jason: I swear she and her freaking doll were conceived by the demon!!!

Julien: Well it was a pleasure to make your lives miserable I wish you all good luck in the final challenge, may the best woman wins haha, since, let’s be honest there is no way Jason can win this –Jason got angry and began protesting– Hahaha BUT! Before I go…, Alice, if you already knew for a while I was the spy, why did you decided to come clean now and not sooner?

Alice: Because if you are leaving this game it’s because you lost against me and not for a fake reason like losing a race on purpose and getting voted for people that hate you of course –Alice smiled at him.

Jessica: Geez I don’t hate him! I mean, it’s just that having a couple in the final 3 would have reduced my chance of winning!

Jason: I do hate him. But it’s not fair!!! Julien never did “spy” stuff to Alice!!!

Amber: Oh, but he did, Alice having Julien as an ally turned her into a threat for all of you and some of you even thought she was the spy therefore another reason to eliminate Alice sooner. I think he did hell of a job –Julien nods at her as gratitude, a second later he gets on the boat of shame.

Julien: Hey Alice did you know? behind every spy there is a great woman! –Julien sent her a kiss. Alice smiled and the boat of shame began moving.

Alice: And behind every great woman there is a lover boy!, I’ll be looking forward to our next race Julien!!!! –she screamed the hardest she could for Julien to hear her as the boat of shame faded into the darkness.


TDT final

Amber: Welcome Welcome to the final day at Wawanakwa Town!

Chris: That’s right 15 contestants and a doll had fought until they couldn’t anymore to get closer to the CAD 100,000 prize!

Amber: Magic, alliances, fights, betrayals, blood, a spy and a lot more has lead to this very moment, so you better get ready cause this is:


The ski was blue as the tears of joy of the future winning contestant, the sun was warm and there were….no sign of any animals around, something… was not right.

-At the Cardboard house:

Alice: Well… the big day huh?

Jessica: Tell me about it…

Jason: We have been through so many things together.

Jessica: Oh my god… you two better stop before this chat ends in “whatever happens we will always be friends forever!” – Jessica made a forced ridiculous smile and Alice and Jason laughed when suddenly a red light illuminates the room and an alarm begins to ring all over the place.


Chris: Good last morning contestants! –Chris screamed through his megaphone and the 3 finalists came out from the house.

Jason: We are coming! we are coming!!!

Amber: I’m going to miss seeing you all, I know I couldn’t do much to make your stay comfortable and out of danger, but I’m happy I was able to meet you all. –Amber had tears that were about to come out from her eyes.

Jessica: Ahmm why are you f#$%ng crying…?

Jason: I have been wondering why are we 3 finalist instead of 2 –the moment he said that, Amber ran away and Chris continued speaking.

Chris: Well if you ask me, she is crying more for the fact that she won’t be in television anytime soon, especially when she found out just 5 minutes ago the reason why this Town was evacuated and the reason why are we having 3 finalist.

Alice: Wait… what do you mean? what’s going on?

Chris: To be honest, we are running out of time. In short words: I spent all of Ambers money in a private mansion in the Hamptons and the only thing Iwas able to pay was this Town that no one wanted to buy since it was about to get hit by a series of natural disasters. In shorter words the town is about to get Doomed and the reason we have 3 finalist it’s because we don’t have time to perform another elimination. The finalists were all petrified by the shocking news.

Jessica: Y-YOU SELFISH MOTHER F%$R!!!! –Jessica jumps on Chris and began betting him. Jason and Alice grabbed Jessica who was in a rage state.

Jason: Calm down!!! We have to hurry if we want to get out of here alive. –Chris recovered and stood.

Chris: That’s right after all, we are not letting you all here to die, you can have the assistance of anyone who participated in the competition to escape and win to take home the CAD 100,000 prize –he made a pause– unless you don’t want it anymore you can quit the competition. –Chris smiled with satisfaction seeing no one offered to quit. –Excellent! so you may begin to request your assistance.

– – – – – – – – – –

Jason: So who are you going to call? Your boyfriend –like if nothing happened Jason turned into his old self.

Alice: Oh no, but I was thinking about bringing Adrienne and Polly back –Jason trembled and looked nervously at Alice while she was walking away.

Alice Confessional: This is a competition and as much as I would love to see Jason getting what he deserves or seeing Julien again –she blushes and stares at the camera- I said nothing!, as I was saying I’ve been fighting for woman rights, consequently I need to call a girl. Therefore I will call the only person that complements the things I lack, and that’s Mandy…GIRL POWER BA BAMMM!

– – – – – – – – – –

Jessica: I don’t need no one I came here and fought on my own, I lost many of my men to get this far, and that’s how it will always be!

Amber: But you need someone those are the rules. You have to choose anyone who participated in the competition. –Jessica rises an eyebrow and smirks

Jessica: Did you say anyone?

Amber: Yes… well except Chris and myself.

Jessica: In that case I want the old potato grandma!

– – – – – – – – – –

Chris: So who are you going to choose Jason?

Jason: Are you kidding?! My brother of course!

Chris: Are you sure?

Jason: Of course I’m sure!

Chris: Rumor has it, you have 2 brothers…

Jason: I meant to say James, of course….¬¬

– – – – – – – – – –

The sky was turning grey, and the sun disappeared behind clouds…

Amber: The previous contestants now will arrive in a helicop…

Chris: Box.

Amber: Whaaat?! Not again…… -Amber face palmed when she saw a helicopter approaching holding a giant pink box with a rope.

The box landed and James came out running from the box and hugged Jason.

James: Brother I missed you!!!! Being alone with our older brother it’s such a punishment!!! –Next to him Mandy came out from the box, but something was weird with her………….she was dressed as a nun.

Mandy: Good day brothers and sisters –everyone wide opened their eyes and where speechless at her transformation – I decided to get in a convent to fix the mistakes I have done in the past and redeem my body and soul to be a better and humble human being. –Alice approached to her and lead her to the cardboard house.

Alice: Are you for real Mandy?! –Mandy looked confused-

Mandy: My name is not Mandy anymore, I’m Mandy Teresa.

Alice: Don’t took this the wrong way, it’s nice that you are trying to be a better person, but WHY COULDN’T YOU WAIT UNTIL THE COMPETITION WAS OVER!!!???

– – – – – – – – – –

Chris: We don’t have all day! –Chris screamed at the pink box

Grandma Marcy: I-I’m coming!!!! –Grandma Marcy came out from the box walking with a lot of difficulties because of her age, the moment she saw Jessica smiling from the other side she yelled at her –Y-YOUUU! I was finally out of this F$%N TOWN and you brought me back you F$%N MONSTER!!!!!!

Jessica: I f$#n missed you too old potato grandma.

– – – – – – – – – –

Chris delivered maps to all the contestants that indicate different ways to get out from the Town and directions to arrive at the Wawanawka’s Town Government Palace (which was way too far from the town to be true) where the prize was going to be delivered.

Chris: For your final challenge you will have to escape from the town.

Jason: And?

Chris: Oh no, that’s all. Your partners where informed about the situation previously and had time to came up with ideas to get you out from the town. The first to arrive at the finish line wins! –Chris began to dress with security staff, they heard a helicopter approaching that had a ladder which Chris began climbing the moment the helicopter arrived. –Me and Amber will be watching you all from above hehehe!

. . .

Grandma Marcy: So……….. what do we do know? –as if those were the ready set go! words everyone, ran with their partners in different directions.

– – – – – – – – – –

Jason: What’s the plan bro? –Jason and James were running next to each other.

James: Well, I have a plan but I don’t think you will like it.

Jason: Why not? –inquired with curiosity.

James: Because we are going back to the Asylum

– – – – – – – – – –

Jessica was carrying Grandma Marcy without making a lot of effort.

Grandma Marcy: Just go wherever I tell you too. Luckily for you I have been thinking about escaping this place for a while.

Jessica: Yes Sir!

– – – – – – – – – –

Alice looked at the sky and for the first time noticed there were no birds and more strangely not even rats running through the streets.

Mandy Teresa: Well we could use the limousine that Olli crashed in the ball room.

Alice: What if it doesn’t work?

Mandy Teresa: Alice, you have to put your faith in god, and everything will be ok.

Alice Confessional: “I’m so dead, I’m so dead, I’m so dead”

– – – – – – – – – –


The twins arrived at the destroyed asylum and went to the backyard where there was an ambulance intact. There was a lot of wind and dust got into their eyes. They hardly arrived at the Ambulance; Jason had to drive since the partners were not allowed too. The moment they got in they were surprised by Nurse Betty who was taking care of her wounds in the back part of the ambulance.

Nurse Betty: Oh! It’s you…. –she looked exhausted.

Jason: Wow what happened to you? We thought you were dead!

James: Yeah you look like if a concrete wall felt over you –The nurse looked at him with a killer glare.

Nurse Betty: Just drive!

– – – – – – – – – –

Jessica: Where the f%$ are we going?! This is taking too long! –it began heavy raining and the drops of water even hurt.

Grandma Marcy: Shut the f%$ up! We are almost there! –in that moment they saw a police patrol passing at all speed next to them. Jessica recognized the clowns from the amusement park challenge, she even distinguished one winking his eye and making fun of them.

Jessica: That’s it! Let’s go back from where we came! –they stopped at a storehouse, Grandma Marcy got down from Jessica and went inside. Jessica frustrated followed her. The place it was all dark, the only thing that illuminated the place for a second was a thunder and Jessica couldn’t believe what her eyes just saw –You must be f$”!%$ kidding me!

Grandma Marcy: You better believe it, I wanted to drive it but I didn’t know how –she turned on the storehouse lights. In front of them there was a war tank.

– – – – – – – – – –

Alice and Mandy Teresa arrived at the ballroom where just seeing the limo crashed was already something sad to see. The floor was getting flooded but they both made their way into the limousine, and Alice started the engine, but nothing happened.

Alice: This is just great! –she was very pissed.

Mandy Teresa: Oh sister, just put your prayers into God. –Alice was beginning to get tired of Mandy.

Alice: So if I say “Oh please dear god, let me be able to start the engine of this limousine” –she turned the limousine key and the engine started and looked amazed at Mandy –…sooooo where is this convent you are in?

– – – – – – – – – –

James activated the ambulance siren and was laughing just seeing how chaotic things were, the wipers were at maximum speed.

James: Hey hey look look a flying tree!, Hey hey look look a flying mailbox, Hey hey look look a…

Jason: Bro relax!!! We are in a bad moment right now. –he could hardly see a thing while driving and was tense because of the crazy storm that was all over the town.

James: Oh don’t get all bitter like big bro for not getting the chick –James made fun of Jason and Jason began punching him.

Nurse Betty: Guys! Stop! This is a life or dead sit…. –she kept quiet for an instant trying to see something through the ambulance windows. - Hey hey look look a… -Jason turned to see her obviously angry for the comment.

Jason: Are you really going to play that game too?!

Nurse Betty: No! I wasn’t playing!!! Seriously look! There is a… tank in front of us!

– – – – – – – – – –

Grandma Marcy: Hey there is an ambulance in front slow down!

Jessica: Oh….an ambulance… I see, it’s probably full of those clowns son of b#”$s! – She aimed with the tank’s cannon at the Ambulance, but the moment she was about to shoot, the floor trembled and a crack opened in the road concrete so the cannonball hit a close building making it collapse instead.

Jessica: Opps!

Grandma Marcy: No time for opps! Look there is a limousine getting ahead of us –a thunder struck in a near tree and Jessica could see Mandy’s blonde hair.

Jessica: That freakn blonde is there!!!

– – – – – – – – – –

Between the storm and the earth trembling everyone speed up, the Ambulance in a very fast way took the lead but Alice kept making a fight with the limo, until the limousine ran out of gas and began slowing down. 

Alice: Whaat no no! “Please god make the limousine have more gasoline” –but nothing happened. – Whyyy it didn’t work?!!!

Mandy Teresa: Geez relax sis, god has other problems to attend, it’s not always about you you you, you know?

Alice: Ughhh fine! But let me just say that if god were a woman she could had done it!. –Alice parked the limo near a crashed bike and managed (in a difficult way that it’s not going to be explained) to suck with a hose the gasoline tank from the bike to the limo gas tank.

Mandy: Wow I’m impressed! –the limo soon enough was on the move again but the time they spent allowed Jessica’s Tank to get near them. Alice speed up right away and began evading the cannonballs and the explosions.

– – – – – – – – – –


Jessica: DIE DIE DIE!!! HAHAHA –she kept shooting trying to shoot the limousine.

Grandma Marcy: Out of the way! Let me show you how to shoot! –and so grandma Marcy shoot the cannon and strike the back part of the limousine that went flying and crashed in a huge street crack. Jessica could swear she just heard screaming Mandy and Alice. –Ah, music to my ears.

– – – – – – – – – –

Alice: Mandy, Mandy!, Mandy!, come on! Wake up! –the limousine was destroyed half in the street and half through the sewers roof. Mandy was not reacting– Mandy! We have to get out of here! –but nothing happened…– MANDY TERESA!

Mandy Teresa: Uhmm what! –Mandy woke up all of a sudden –Did you say something?... oh where are we?

Alice: Forget it!, help me break the front glass, the doors won’t open!

Mandy Teresa: We need to calm down, violence won’t solve a thing.

Alice: Mandy, I swear I’ll give you a blood bath if you don’t go back to your old self!

Mandy: Alright alright! –Mandy put an angry face but finally both managed to break the glass by kicking it. –Now I guess you want us to jump into the slop, and there is no waay….!!!--

Alice: Not exactly, on my count we jump. 1, 2…..

Mandy: Wait! No!

Alice: 3!!!!

Mandy: AHHHH!!!! – but her suffer finished (kind off) when they jumped and landed in the right moment when the elimination boat that was just passing by. The water from the sewer level got higher and the boat speed increased by the ferocious movement of the water.

– – – – – – – – – –

All the contestants were on their way to the extraction point, the ambulance went to the skytrain station followed by the tank that destroyed the entry and everything on its way. Meanwhile from a near strainer Alice and Mandy managed to come out from it and they went upstairs the moment the escalators stopped working because of the ground floor getting flooded. When they were about to arrive at the top, they saw that Jessica, Grandma Marcy, the twins and the nurse where already there and in the distance a luxury Skytrain approaching. As soon as the Skytrain arrived and opened the doors everyone got in the latest wagon.

Jessica: Damn it! How on earth you two survived?! –said Jessica when seeing Alice and Mandy.

Alice: It’s what you can call girl power. –said Alice with evident proud in her voice.

Jason: Great… the 3 of us made it, now what?

Grandma Marcy: We can’t go to the finish line with you, this is as far as the nurse, Jason, Mandy and me go. You have to continue on your own now.

Alice approached to Mandy and offered her hand.

Alice: Well played Mandy –Mandy was surprised but smiled and shook her hand with hers. Mandy whispered a last minute advice.

James: Ok, so the 3 finalists listen up! the next thing it’s to arrive at the Wawanawka’s Town Government Palace, but you have to know some things first –as James was walking Jason began walking discretely and then running to go to the skytrain first wagon and be the first to arrive, but Alice saw him.

Alice: Jessica let’s go! James was distracting us to allow Jason get on the wagon first! –Jessica went in a rage mood.

Jessica: HELL NO! We are playing by my f#”/&g rules!!!! – Jessica with an insane look on her face pulled the emergency stop lever, and in a single instant the train shook and the lights went out for a while and everyone but her felt. Jessica began running followed by Alice. Jason was barely recovering from the fall and saw Jessica and Alice going ahead of him, he stood and began chasing them.

Alice: Stay back!

Jason: Haha there’s no way!

Alice: I have to win this race to probe to you I’m not lame as you thought I was in the prom challenge! –Jason was perplex– I want you to be interested in me again!!! –Both slowed down a bit and stood for a minute.

Jason: A-alice I… –Alice turned to him and pressed a button that closed the door between the 2 wagons each one was. Leaving Jason behind.


Alice: Wow, who would said Mandy’s last advice would work? –he smiled at Jason who was still confused and blushed, then she continued running.

– – – – – – – – – –

Jessica managed to arrive first at the control cabin wagon and made the Skytrain function again. She separated the cabin wagon from the rest, allowing the control cabin to be the only one moving now. In the distance the Wawanawka’s Town Government Palace was getting visible and she was getting ready to get down from the skytrain as soon as the doors opened. Alice arrived just too late to see the cabin leaving, but she noticed the rails from the skytrain were going down, so she only needed to give her wagon a tiny push. She removed the wagon brakes, went to the back of the wagon, separated her wagon manually from the rest and pushed with her legs against the other wagon to pull hers. With a lot of effort the wagon began moving and began descending, gaining a lot of speed.

Jessica: WHAT THE F….!!!! –Jessica heard the noise of the wagon approaching and saw with horror that Alice’s wagon was about to collapse with hers. Ahead of them Chris and Amber were awaiting for the winner in the Government Palace but their faces changed the minute they saw what Alice did with her wagon and the imminent crash that was about to happen. As Jessica’s wagon arrived at the government palace skytrain station Alice’s wagon collided with her.


/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / INTERFERENCE \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

There was smoke all over the place, some sparks, the wagons smashed and the Skytrain station was completely destroyed, there were no signs neither from Alice or Jessica. Amber approached running and screaming for help.

Amber: Oh my god!!! GIRLS?! GIRLS?!!!! Production! We need help!!!!

Chris: Don’t worry! they have to be alive; they signed a contract after all. –Amber began punching Chris with no mercy.

Misteryous voice: Wow, I didn’t know you had it in you, nice– a figure in the cloud of smoke began approaching Amber stopped beating Chris, and a tear of happiness came from her eyes.

Amber: And the winner of Total Drama Town is…….


JESSICA!!! Jessica is the winner of TOTAL DRAMA TOWN!

The cloud of smoke faded and Jessica was holding Alice in her arms. Alice had lost her consciousness and had bruises all over her body, so does Jessica.

Confetti began to fell over Jessica and shouts of joy invaded the place, all the Total Drama Town contestants gather around Jessica and began congratulating her, including Jason and the other passengers in the Skytrain.

Jessica: WHAT THE FC#”% DO YOU ALL THINK YOU ARE DOING?, I’m carrying a fallen soldier!!! –Julien got near, and Jessica hand it Alice over to him and he took her to the nurse. Alice was beginning to awake and the minute she opened her eyes and saw Julien, he spoke first.

Julien: Congratulations you won Alice!

Alice: Stop making fun of me –Alice glared Julien

Julien: No, seriously you may haven’t won the money, but a woman won the competition, isn’t that what you wanted to show the word? –Alice as waking up realizes it was true and felt she took a weight off her shoulders. – Or we can pretend you just woke up and that I’m sorry to inform that you died and arrived in heaven which is with me –he made a ridiculous flirty face and Alice laughed in pain.

Alice: Oh the irony, I arrived in this competition in your arms and I’m leaving on the exact same way –she and him laughed but stopped when Jessica who had confetti and flowers all over her body and a CAD 100,000 prize case in her hands approached to them.- Hey Jessica, thanks for saving me out there…

Jessica: No problem soldier! you gave hell of a good fight. Besides I did say almost at the beginning of the competition “No one is left behind on my watch!” –Jessica saluted Alice as soldier and went back to celebrate her victory.

– – – – – – – – – –

Grandma Marcy approached Jessica and congratulated her.

Grandma Marcy: Congratulations!, you did it good… I also expect you to pay me for all the pain you caused me.

Jessica: F#$k no! maybe I’ll give you another oxygen tank and I think that’s already beyond kind!

Grandma Marcy: Come on come on don’t be greedy –Jessica put a bad face- I might even introduce you to my grandson, he is quite handsome you know?. After all you couldn’t win the blind boy’s heart. –Jessica blushed for an instant and felt awkward so she walked away intercepted by Chris.

Chris: Now tell us Jessica, what are you going to do with your money?

Jessica: I will go back home and will make my dad proud, then I will buy an entire army for myself.

Chris: Ahmmmm ok, and how does it feel winning?

Jessica: Oh it’s nothing very amazing, I knew I was going to win the minute I got here, I also made a promise at the beginning of the competition that it was that I was going to make sure that as soon this was over, I’ll stick a #%$! grenade in your f%$#! a$$!!! –Chris began running and Jessica chased him all over the place. –Come back here and face your f$#%g fate you son of a b#$%!!!!


– – – – – – – – – –

Amber: And that has been all dear viewers! Jessica wins and Chris is being sued if Jessica doesn't kill him first hehehe. Anyway,.. Thank you very much for watching and joining us through all this painful way! This has been TOTAL DRAMA TOWN! Have a very good ni------! –before she could finish talking she received a message in her phone from her assistant that said:

“Amber something it’s not right, the Town was not destroyed”


If you haven't read the latest episode, dont look at the elimination chart. Otherwise Click the SPOILER tab, to see the elimination ranking so far.

RM Rotten Mustaches
SH Smelly Hipsters
WIN The team wins the challenge
IN The contestant stays in the competition
OUT The contestant is out of the competition
LIA The contestant was lost in action
L The contestant left the competition
A RM contestant has immunity for winning the challenge
A SH contestant has immunity for winning the challenge
The contestant has immunity for winning the challenge
Risk The contestant was at risk of being eliminated

Contestant T 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Jessica SH IN Risk Risk WIN IN IN IN IN IN IN 1st
Samantha SH IN IN L

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