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It's the fifth season in the ever continuing Oweguy Series! Oweguy along with his wife Marine and thousands of interns have managed to build a Las Vegas like city full of hotels, casinos, pools, marketplaces, theme parks, and much much more! And what better place is it to be the new location for another season of Total Drama. This time, twenty two contestants from the past four seasons return to see if they've still got the guts to compete in another season. Some are the most popular contestants, some are the highest ranking, and some are ones who couldn't make it far enough. They'll face many challenges like swim races, running marketplaces, planning a dance party, and much much more. Do our contestants have to skills to do these challenges? Find out in Total Drama Vegas City!



Oweguy - The Awesome Host

Marine - The Host's Wife

Chris McLean - The Assistant Host

Chef Hatchet - Chris' sidekick

























Chapter 1: Viva Las Owe Vegas

Previously on Total Drama, twenty two past contestants were invited to try and find my whereabouts. During that time, their plane crashed and they got lost in a desert. With dehydration and hallucinations happening, they were almost about to give up but I arrived at the nick of time and brought them to a nearby hotel. There I told them that they were the lucky twenty two contestants that would be competing in my new season of Total Drama. Half of them were shocked, half of them were happy, but hey, everyone’s bound to be like that when you tell them they’re on Total Drama. With twenty two contestants and a prize of one million dollars, who’s going to win it all? Find out in the exciting premiere of Total Drama Vegas City!

On the road, it showed a city bus driving the twenty two contestants to their new location. “I wish this bus wasn’t so shaky.” said Radley.

“Too bad!” shouted Chef Hatchet who was shown to be the bus driver. “This was the cheapest bus your host could afford!”

“I also wish he wasn’t our driver.” said Radley quietly.

“I heard that!” shouted Chef.

“I wonder what our new location is going to be like.” said Mudkip.

“I hope it has food, and games, and popcorn!” said Wentworth looking excited.

“I hope it has places to surf.” said Chad.

“I hope it has fish.” said Kaylie.

“I hope it has a library.” said Catherine.

“I’m sure we’ll see soon enough.” said Margaret.

“I think we are about to see it.” said Radley. They then saw a gate with neon lettering that said Oweguy’s Amazing Tourist City with theme parks, aquariums, sports, and much more.

“I have a feeling we’re in for a lot in store.” said Kenzey. The bus then went through the gate and they then saw a bunch of shrubs that resembled Oweguy.

“I’ve seen better hedges.” said Chuck looking out the window.

“Where’s this city?” asked Margaret.

“I think that’s it up ahead.” said Radley. Up ahead, it showed a big shiny city a few miles down.

“Holy crap.” said Kenzey. The bus started to head toward the main entrance where a giant Oweguy statue was shown.

“Welcome to my amazing vegas styled tourist city!” said a voice recording of Oweguy that was coming from the statue. “Here you find fun entertainment, fine dining, swimming, shopping, sightseeing, and much much more. Be sure to check out these interesting areas. The aquarium house, full of fish as far as the eye can see. The amusement park, full of fun rides for the whole family. And don’t forget fun stuff for the kids as you show them the children’s park, a nice place for kids to have fun.

“That’s a lot of stuff.” said Radley.

“I have a feeling this is going to be some season.” said Nianah. As the bus drove down the road, the others looked at all the buildings and the people walking by.

“Wow, no wonder Oweguy wanted this to be a secret.” said Isley. “It’s got stuff for everyone.” The bus then passed buy a building that said Pokémon Gaming House and Mudkip and Wentworth looked excited. “Calm down boys, you’ll see that stuff soon enough.” The bus then stopped in front of a fancy building and Chef let the contestants out.

“Catch you guys’ later.” said Chef. “I gotta go park the bus.” The bus then drove away.

“What smells like smelly armpits?” asked Radley.

“Hi.” said Jensen who was on top of him. Radley then threw him off in disgust.

“Dude you reek.” he said covering his nose.

“Sorry, I haven’t had time to shower.” said Jensen. “Been too busy partying.”

“How long has it been since you’ve showered?” asked Radley.

“About a month.” said Jensen. The others looked disgusted and Chad vomited in disgust.

“Dude, you are nasty.” said Chuck.

“Sorry.” said Jensen. Suddenly, a tour cart arrived with Oweguy driving it.

“Welcome everybody.” he said. “How do you like my fancy city?”

“Compared to your other stuff, it actually rocks.” said Radley.

“I wish we could see more of it though.” said Yuki.

“Well you’re in luck.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for the tour! Hop in everyone!” The contestants then bored on with Murdoch ending up sitting close by to Jerry who glared at him making Murdoch nervous. “First, let’s look at the tourist sections.” said Oweguy.

“This will be fun.” said Nianah.

“Definitely.” said Sae.

“Over here are the small stores and hangout clubs.” said Oweguy. Each one seems to have a place for you so that’s something you could do in your spare time when you’re not having a challenge.

“Cool.” said Chad.

“Over here is the dining area, full of restaurants with different flavors for each one.” said Oweguy.

“I’d like that.” said Oran. “I like fancy restaurants.”

“Me too.” said Margaret.

“Now we’ll get into some bigger places.” said Oweguy. “First up is the theater, featuring both movies and plays.”

“Cool.” said Gieselle. “I like plays.”

“I like movies.” said Wentworth.

“Catherine, you’ll like this, a nice big library for people who want to get some peace and quiet.” said Oweguy.

“How’d you know I’d like that?” asked Catherine.

“Lucky guess.” said Oweguy. “Kaylie and Chad, you’ll like this. A big aquarium with a whole bunch of fish and nearby is a beach where you can practice your surfing.

“Bonus!” shouted Chad. The two then high fived.

“And for Radley and Molly, here is a gym where you two can exercise when you need too.”

“Cool.” said Radley.

“That sound fun.” said Molly.

“Now let’s get to where you guys will be staying.” said Oweguy. The cart then headed into a special area that was fenced off from everything else. “This big mansion like building is my place so you’re not allowed in here. Only Marine and I are allowed in here.

“Hey, what about me!” shouted Chris who was standing nearby.

“You already have your own building over there.” said Oweguy pointing to a building with Chris’ face painted on it.

“Oh yeah.” said Chris.

“Why is Chris here?” asked Radley. “And we saw Chef here as well.

“Oh yeah, this season, Chris is the assistant host, meaning he’ll be helping out with some of the challenges and will fill in is Marine and I happen to be gone. If I’m gone and she’s still here, she’ll take over.”

“And what about Chef?” asked Radley.

“Oh, Chef just always follows Chris wherever he goes.” said Oweguy. “It’s part of his contract.”

“Can we get back to the tour?” asked Chuck getting impatient.

“Fine.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, over there is the elimination ceremony. Each person except one who’s there will get a gilded Oweguy statue, a.k.a. chocolate wrapped in gold foil.”

“Obviously.” said Radley.

“Whoever doesn’t get a gilded Oweguy statue must get onto a returning loser vehicle, the lameousine!” Oweguy continued. They then passed by the lameousine which was still very gassy and covered in rust. The others started coughing from the smog while Oweguy was shown wearing a gas mask.

“I hope I don’t ride that early.” said Radley coughing.

“And lastly, here’s where you’ll be staying.” The others looked surprised as it showed that their places looked like small houses.

“Wow, it’s like a college dorm.” said Catherine.

“Yep, two buildings containing a kitchen, a TV room, and two bedrooms with bathrooms.” explained Oweguy. “One bedroom will be for the guys and one will be for the girls. Each building will be for the two teams. Once it’s the merge, you’ll just move into one building.”

“Sounds good.” said Radley.

“Now before you guys get settled and check out all the sightseeing, let me form the teams.” said Oweguy. “Team one will be Radley, Kenzey, Mudkip, Isley, Wentworth, Nianah, Murdoch, Sae, Chad, Kaylie, and Molly. “ They then formed a group. “From this moment on you will be called, the Poker Chips!”

“The Poker Chips?” asked Radley.

“It was the best thing I could think of that was related to this place.” said Oweguy.

“Whatever.” said Radley.

“Okay, the rest of you, Sherloch, Gieselle, Chuck, Catherine, Jensen, Margaret, Oran, Roxanne, Jerry, Yuki, and Dusk, you’re on team two.” They soon joined their group. “You are now going to be called, the Dancing Dice!”

“I could’ve thought of something better.” said Chuck.

“Oh be quiet.” said Oweguy.

“I actually like the name.” said Gieselle.

“Thank you.” said Oweguy. “Okay, now why don’t you guys get settled?” The Poker Chips team went into their building and saw that everything looked dusty.

“I take it nobody has tried out this house yet.” said Nianah. She then sneezed and caused a lot of the dust to fly everywhere.

“Thank you.” said Radley covered in dust.

“Sorry.” said Nianah blushing.

“If Margaret was on our team maybe she can help with the dusting.” said Mudkip.

“Don’t worry guys.” said Sae. “I’m a good substitute. She started dusting the room with a feather duster and after only a minute the room was clean.”

“Hey, that is good.” said Radley.

“I stay at home a lot.” said Sae. “Due to that I’ve become good at cleaning.”

“I’m glad you’re on my team.” said Nianah. “Best pals should stick together.”

“Don’t forget your sister.” said Isley.

“I would never forget you.” said Nianah. The three of them then joined hands.

“I’m going to check the upstairs.” said Radley.

“Me too.” said Kenzey. They saw that all the other rooms needed dusting.

“Sae, we need you again.” said Radley.

“I’ll be right there.” said Sae.

“I have to pee.” said Radley. When he got into the bathroom he saw a camera taped on the wall. “What’s with the camera?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about that.” said Oweguy appearing behind him. “Due to the size of the place I put many confessional cameras in different areas. There are two in both of your dorms.”

“This isn’t going to be a problem for your guests is it?” asked Radley.

“I don’t think so.” said Oweguy. “I didn’t put them in all the bathrooms, I think.” Meanwhile, it showed a girl using the toilet and she noticed the camera and threw her heel at it with the tape turning to static.

“I’m sure you’re bound to get complaints.” said Radley.

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. He then left. In the other team’s building, Margaret and Gieselle were cleaning the place up while the others looked around.

“This place sucks.” said Jerry.

“You’ll get used to it, just like you did with prison.” said Sherloch with Jerry growling at him.

“These beds are nice.” said Yuki. “I’ll definitely sleep well in this.” Oran then sat in his bed which sagged a little due to his weight.

“I thought you were losing weight.” said Margaret.

“I am but I’m still heavy.” said Oran.

“I can see.” said Margaret.

“Whoa, there’s a cool TV here.” said Jensen. “I’m going to watch all day beach party channel on it.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.” said Dusk.

“The place is cleaned.” said Margaret. “How about we get our things settled and join the others and see this city?”

“Sounds good.” said Yuki.

“You guys can stay.” said Jensen. “I want to see the all-day beach party channel.”

“Don’t you want to see the dance clubs?” asked Margaret.

“Never mind.” said Jensen getting up off the couch. Later, the contestants were shown walking down the streets of the city, looking at all the stuff it had to offer.

“This place is amazing.” said Radley.

“No wonder Oweguy was so secretive about it.” said Kenzey.

“Here’s a map of what’s here.” said Kaylie. “It says what we’re in right now is Marketplace plaza. Nearby is a place called Gaming Land. Another place is Aquarium City. Another is called Children’s Land. And there’s another one called Techno World.

“Interesting.” said Isley. “There’s definitely a lot in store and I take it each area will have a different challenge for us.”

“I want to see the gaming land.” said Wentworth.

“Why don’t you and Mudkip do that.” said Isley.

“Okay.” said Mudkip. The two then went off.

“This place is too big.” said Dusk.

“I hope we don’t get lost.” said Sherloch.

“Don’t worry.” said Margaret. “There are maps everywhere. Let’s just have a good time until Oweguy tells us what to do next.”

“Okay.” said Sherloch. They continued moving along but Dusk is grabbed by someone and takes him to where that person was.

“Who dragged me here?!” he asked.

“Hello sweetie.” said Sabbath who appeared beside him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I got a job as Oweguy’s new intern so I’m going to be here as well.” explained Sabbath.

“Oh joy.” said Dusk.

“I got the job long before I found out you were going to be here but I’d thought I’d make it a surprised instead of just telling you.” said Sabbath.

“I’m surprised alright.” said Dusk.

“I’m close by so I’ll definitely see you.” said Sabbath. “Catch you later.” She then left.

“Why must she always follow me?” Dusk asked himself. He then went and joined the others. Meanwhile, it showed Oweguy and Marine in their quarters. The two of them were in their bedroom.

“Do you have good challenges planned for them this season?” asked Marine.

“Of course.” said Oweguy. “I always do.”

“Well with a big place like this it’s going to be hard to come up with a good theme.” said Marine.

“Don’t worry.” said Oweguy. “Chris is helping out with some challenge ideas. Why do you think I asked him to come in the first place?”

“Because he wanted to?” asked Marine.

“No it’s because he’s a good host.” said Oweguy.

“I see.” said Marine.

“The contestants are definitely going to have fun with the first challenge.” said Oweguy.

“What is it?” asked Marine.

“You’ll see.” said Oweguy. Elsewhere, it showed a restaurant titled the Drama Café near Oweguy’s place and the contestant dorms and the contestants were shown to be hanging out in there.

“I take it this is our main eatery this season.” said Radley.

“It looks nice.” said Nianah.

“I’m glad Chef Hatchet’s not the cook.” said Kenzey.

“No, Chef’s Road kill Café is next door.” said Radley. A guy was shown running out restaurant and then puked and left.

“I doubt he’s going to get any business.” said Kenzey.

“Does anyone want some chicken nuggets?” asked Mudkip with a plateful of chicken nuggets.

“They’re good with ketchup.” said Wentworth.

“We’re good.” said Isley.

“Okay then.” said Wentworth. He then ate half of the chicken nuggets in one bite.

“So, what do you guys think of the place?” asked Nianah.

“Seems cool.” said Radley.

“Has our interests.” said Kenzey.

“It’s awesome!” shouted Wentworth.

“What he said.” said Mudkip.

“Sounds fun.” said Sae.

“I agree with her.” said Isley.

“Same.” said Molly.

“I like the attractions.” said Chad.

“I like a lot of the things.” said Kaylie.

“So I take it we’ll have fun here.” said Nianah.

“Well we still have to worry about the challenges.” said Murdoch.

“We just got here.” said Nianah. “I doubt we’ll have a challenge this early.” Suddenly an intercom turned on that was shaped like Oweguy’s face.

“All Total Drama contestants meet me in front of my quarter’s now.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time for your first challenge!”

“I tried to warn you.” said Murdoch.

“Well, here’s to good luck.” said Nianah. “To the Poker Chips.”

“To the Poker Chips.” said the rest of the team.

“I still could’ve thought of a better name.” said Radley. It then showed the Dancing Dice team.

“Here’s to our team.” said Margaret. “To the Dancing Dice.”

“To the Dancing Dice.” said the rest of the team except for Jerry and Dusk.

“Let’s hope this first challenge goes well for both teams.” said Isley.

“Agreed.” said Nianah. The two teams then headed to their location.

“Looks like the contestants are prepared for the challenge but are they prepared for all the stuff they’re going to face this season?” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 2: Costume Brawls

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants arrived at their new location, a city that was half city, half amusement park, half resort, and half awesomeness. The contestants were amazed but they won’t be for long. As they prepare for their first challenge, who knows what they’re going to think about this place when they’re done? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

The twenty two contestants were shown standing in front of Oweguy’s building where he, Marine, and Chris were shown waiting. “It’s about time for me to get the first challenge started.” said Oweguy.

“So tell us already.” said Kenzey getting impatient.

“Oka sheesh.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, your first challenge is to search through the big fabric store for clothing material. Once you’ve got enough, you get to choose two contestants from each team and you have to design a costume for them. Once that’s done, me, Marine, and Chris will judge the costume. The rating is a score from one to ten with a one being very bad, a five being decent, and a ten being very good. The team who gets the most amount of points wins and the losing team has to meet me at the Gilded Oweguy ceremony.

“Gilded Chris’s are on sale at the candy shop.” Chris popped in.

“Costume designing?” asked Radley. “I sure hope one of us could sew.”

“Don’t worry.” said Nianah. “I’m good at sewing.”

“So am I.” said Isley.

“And me.” said Kenzey. “I’ve helped design costumes before.”

“Cool.” said Radley. Over at the Dancing Dice, the team was discussing about the challenge.

“I better hope one of us could sew.” said Chuck.

“Don’t worry.” said Margaret. “I sew all the time. You do it often when you have little kids.”

“Probably because they get too big.” said Dusk.

“That’s true actually.” said Margaret. “Plus they get their clothes ripped when playing.”

“Okay everyone; you’ve got at least a half hour to collect your materials, then another half hour to make your costume.” explained Oweguy. “Once you’re done with that, it’ll be time to judge. Now get to it!” The contestants then headed out to the marketplace area of the city.

“I’ve already got a perfect costume planned for the challenge.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “I just hope the rest of the team will like my idea. But I’m sure they will when they find out how awesome it is!” It then showed the Poker Chips team searching for the fabric store.

“Is there a fabric store around here?” asked Radley.

“I think that’s it.” said Kenzey. It showed a store that said Fabrics and Crafting but the sign was falling apart and the inside looked abandoned.

“Is Oweguy kidding?” asked Murdoch. “That place looks abandoned.”

“Maybe there are still some stuff inside.” said Chad. Nianah then checked.

“He’s right.” She said. “There’s boxes filled with fabric and stuff in it.”

“Why did he want us to check in an abandoned building?” asked Radley.

“He probably didn’t want us to spend money.” said Nianah. “He didn’t really give us money to spend with.

“That’s true.” said Radley. “I just hope he isn’t cheap.” A few minutes later, they started searching through the boxes. The Dancing Dice team soon arrived and saw the building.

“What the heck?” asked Chuck. “Why are we getting stuff from an abandoned store?”

“Probably because Oweguy’s cheap.” said Dusk.

“I am not cheap!” shouted Oweguy in the confessional. “I just don’t like spending a lot of money.”

“That sounds cheap to me.” said a guy outside.

“Oh shut up.” said Oweguy who then sat down upset.

“Anything good?” asked Isley to Nianah.

“Mostly just red and blue fabric.” replied Nianah.

“I found a bunch of black fabric.” said Chad.

“I found brown fabric.” said Radley.

“I found this fuzzy thing.” said Mudkip.

“Mudkip, I think that’s a rat.” said Isley disturbed.

Mudkip then looked at it and then said “Oh, I guess it is.” He quickly dropped it and the rat ran away. Elsewhere, the other team was looking through the boxes.

“What are we going to find in here?” asked Gieselle.

“We just have to look.” said Margaret.

“I’ve found these pieces of fabric that are all different colors.” said Oran.

“That will work.” said Margaret.

“I found all this stuff.” said Catherine. “I think it’ll be good for a costume.”

“Sounds good.” said Margaret.

“Do we need tools?” asked Gieselle.

“I think Oweguy has some back where we make them.” said Margaret.

“Sounds good.” said Gieselle.

“I still think we need a little bit more material.” said Margaret. “Let’s continue looking.

“Okay.” said Gieselle. About fifteen minutes passed and both teams were shown to have plenty of material needed.

“I think we’ve got enough supplies.” said Radley.

“I think it’s about time Oweguy called us back.” said Isley.

“Attention contestants, it’s time to make your costumes.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me in the stage theater and we’ll get started.”

“See what I mean?” asked Isley. It then cut to the confessional with her saying “When you’ve been on Total Drama for a long time, you always know when Oweguy’s about to appear on the announcements.” As the other contestants started heading back, Margaret notices something with her team.

“What is it?” asked Gieselle.

“Where’s Jensen?” asked Margaret.

“He was here earlier.” said Catherine. “I think he just had to pee.” Meanwhile, it showed a party club and Jensen was shown dancing there with other people cheering.

“Watch me do a spin on the table!” he shouted to the others as he started doing that but then fell off the table and the others then walked away. Meanwhile, it showed inside the stage theater where the contestants and Oweguy where shown to be.

“Looks like you’ve all gotten good materials.” said Oweguy. “Now you have to chose two people from each team to go.”

“I want to go I want to go!” shouted Wentworth.

“Well then, Poker Chips, you’ve got one person going.” said Oweguy. “Who’s your second volunteer?”

“Allow me.” said Kenzey. “I’ve got a perfect costume in mind.”

“Okay then.” said Oweguy. “Dancing Dice, who’s going for your team.”

“Hey, sorry I’m late!” shouted Jensen running in. “I got distracted.”

“We’ll you’re just in time.” said Oweguy. “We’re about to decide who’s going for your team.”

“Ooh, I want to go!” said Jensen looking excited.

“Okay then.” said Oweguy.

“Why would he go for us?” asked Chuck in the confessional. “I don’t think he has a good costume.”

“I’ve got a good costume for our team.” said Jensen in the confessional. “Let me just say once we’re done with the challenge I’ll use it for a good party.”

“Dancing Dice, who’s your second contestant going?

“Let me go.” said Margaret. “I’ve got a good costume in mind that will give us plenty of points.”

“Okay, it’s been decided.” said Oweguy. “You’ve got plenty of time to get your costumes together. Afterwards, me, Marine, and Chris will be judging your costumes and deciding how good they are?”

“Hey, don’t I get to do something?!” asked Chef angrily.

“Yes, cook food.” said Oweguy.

“You’re as bad as Chris sometimes.” said Chef walking away.

“It was Chris who inspired me to be a host.” said Oweguy in the confessional. “I have a feeling that he gets jealous about it.”

“Of course I’m jealous!” shouted Chris in the confessional. “I don’t want him to be a copycat. Only I can be the best host of Total Drama.”

“Bragger!” shouted Chef from outside.

“Oh be quiet!” shouted Chris.

“Prepare your costumes behind the stage.” said Oweguy. “I hope you can design them in just a half hour.”

“I think we will.” said Margaret. It then cut to the confessional with her saying “I once made an entire costume in just fifteen minutes, adult size.”

“So Wentworth, what costume is it that you want us to make?” asked Isley.

“If you look at this gaming magazine cover, I think you’ll know what.” said Wentworth handing them a video game magazine. Nianah and Isley looked at it and then looked at Wentworth.

“Oh gamers.” said Nianah in the confessional.

“Heh heh heh, gamers rule.” said Sam who was randomly in the confessional.

“Do you need help with your costume?” asked Radley to Kenzey.

“Nope, I know just how to make it.” said Kenzey.

“Okay then.” said Radley.

“Like Margaret, I can design things fast.” said Kenzey in the confessional. Over with the Dancing Dice team, Margaret was already shown to be designing her costume while the others were wondering what Jensen wanted.

“Jensen, you don’t have enough explanation on what you want.” said Catherine reading a paper with bad handwriting.

“How about I design it?” asked Jensen.

“Do you even know how to sew?” asked Catherine.

“Sure, you just have to put the thread through the needle and do this stuff.” said Jensen. “Here, I already started stitching the fabric to…” He then saw that he sewed the fabric to his finger. “Oops.” he said. Catherine then slapped her head. It then cut back to the Poker Chips team.

“How’s everything going?” asked Radley.

“Well Wentworth’s costume is done and Kenzey’s almost finished with hers.” said Molly.

“What does Wentworth’s look like?” asked Radley.

“It’s a me, Went a worth!” said Wentworth jumping toward them in a Mario costume.

“Figures he’d do Mario.” said Radley.

“Well it looks good.” said Molly.

“I’d have to admit it does.” said Radley. “I hope it does well with the judges.”

“I’m sure it will.” said Molly.

“Finished!” said Kenzey wiping some sweat off her forehead.

“Perfect.” said Isley. “Now we just have to wait.” Over at the Dancing Dice, Margaret was shown finishing up her costume.

“All set.” she said. “How’s Jensen doing?” It showed him tied up in thread.

“He’s having a little trouble.” said Margaret.

“No problem!” said Jensen getting untied. “I’ve got a costume that’s good enough to use.”

“Whatever.” said Margaret. “I just hope it’s good.”

“Attention contestants, it’s time for the judging.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Contestants participating, stay behind the curtain while the rest of the team members sit in the seats.

“I hope my costume gets a good score!” said Wentworth. A minute later, Oweguy, Marine, and Chris were at the judging table while the other contestants were sitting in the seats behind them.

“I hope these costumes are good.” said Oweguy. “I want to use them for my next costume party.”

“Can’t you just get started?” asked Marine.

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “The Poker Chips contestants are going first. Our first participant is Wentworth!” He then jumped out from the curtains and started to act like Mario.

“Heh heh heh, cool.” said Sam who was randomly in the audience. Wentworth continued doing Mario like things until he went backstage.

“Okay, I overall give it a seven.” said Oweguy.

“I give it a six.” said Marine.

“Seven.” said Chris.

“And that totals up to twenty points for Wentworth.” said Oweguy. “Next up is Kenzey.” She then suddenly came out in a Hudson Abadeer costume using a voice scrambler to mess up her voice. Mudkip started screaming like a girl.

“Give me your souls or I will give you a weird punishment!” shouted Kenzey with a distorted voice.

“I think I just wet myself.” said Mudkip. The others sitting near him then scooted away.

“Well that was scary but I give it an eight.” said Oweguy.

“Ten.” said Marine.

“Eight.” said Chris.

“And that totals up to twenty six points and adding up to Wentworth’s, the Poker Chips have forty six points total!” said Wentworth. “Can the Dancing Dice beat that?”

“I doubt it.” said Chuck.

“Well let’s find out.” said Oweguy. “First up is Jensen.”

“Hey everybody, ready to party?!” asked Jensen wearing a party suit that was stained, dirty, and torn up.

“What the?” asked Radley.

“Did he find that in the trash?” asked Chuck.

“It smells bad.” said Chad.

“Hmm, I give it a two.” said Oweguy.

“One.” said Marine.

“A big fat zero!” shouted Chris.

“Wow, only three points.” said Oweguy. “That’s very disappointing.”

“Aww man!” shouted Jensen.

“And last but not least, Margaret!” announced Oweguy. Margaret then walked out in a princess outfit.

“Why hello dear viewers.” she said to everyone. “Admiring my beautiful dress?” Wentworth was shown staring.

“Wentworth, she’s married.” whispered Nianah.

“Oh.” said Wentworth.

“I give it a ten.” said Oweguy.

“Same.” said Marine.

“What they said.” said Chris.

“Well that’s a perfect thirty for you Margaret so you overall have the best scored costume, but I have to say, you and Kenzey still tie for best design.”

“I made it myself.” said Margaret.

“I can see.” said Oweguy. “However, your team has thirty three points total while the Poker Chips have forty six points, so I hereby announce the Poker Chips as the winner of today’s challenge!”

“Alright!” cheered the team with Isley hugging Mudkip and Kenzey doing the same to Radley.

“Dancing Dice, I’m afraid I’m going to be seeing you at the first elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy. “However, I’m still going to give Margaret a special award for her costume. See you tonight.”

“Nice going Jensen.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“I’m not letting him near sewing materials ever again.” said Catherine in the confessional. It then showed Jensen in the confessional with him just staring at the camera and smiling. Later, the Dancing Dice team was shown at the elimination ceremony. Oweguy then arrived and stood at the podium.

“Welcome to the first elimination ceremony.” he said. Where you are sitting, there are voting devices with each of the contestants on your team. Choose the contestant you want to vote off by touching their icon. Everyone proceeded to do that and a machine then printed out the results. “Okay the votes are in.” continued Oweguy. “If you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy, then you’re out!” Marine then arrived with the Gilded Oweguy’s. “The first one goes to Margaret!” Oweguy announced as he threw it to Margaret.

“Thanks.” she said.

“Next Gilded Oweguys go to Oran, Gieselle, Catherine, and Yuki!” continued Oweguy giving them their Gilded Oweguys. “Next ones go to Roxanne, Sherloch, Jerry, and Dusk.” Oweguy handed them their Gilded Oweguy’s leaving Chuck and Jensen left. “And now the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Chuck.” He handed Chuck the Gilded Oweguy. “Sorry Jensen, it’s time to go.”

“Aww man!” he shouted. “I was having a fun time.”

“Yeah but the only reason we could’ve won is if you had gotten a better costume.” said Jerry.

“Plus you should sew better.” said Catherine.

“Oh well.” said Jensen. “I still had fun.”

“Time for you to ride the lameousine Jensen!” said Oweguy. Jensen then walked toward the path that lead to it and he then got on with an intern driving it away.

“Good riddance.” said Chuck.

“And so that ends the first challenge of the season but we’ve still got plenty more challenges on the way!” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Dancing Dice try and win next time? What crazy challenge will our contestants face next? How many more questions do I have in store for you? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Costume Gallery

Chapter 3: Truth or Pinball

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants faced their first challenge, which was making costumes. They were sent to an abandoned fabric store to collect fabric and they then designed the best costumes for two of their team members, Margaret and Kenzey showed their strengths at costume designing while Wentworth once again showed his love for gaming. In the end, the Poker Chips won and the Dancing Dice voted off Jensen for his poor effort and his poor costume which made them lose. Oh well, at least he’s not going to cause any more trouble with his party attitude. What crazy challenge are the contestants going to face next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

It was early morning and it showed the team dorms. Murdoch was shown sleeping in his bed until a bunch of electronic sounds woke him up. Wentworth was shown to be playing a handheld video game. “Dude will you keep it down?!” he asked getting upset. “I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry.” said Wentworth.

“No I’m not as bad as I was before but I’m still super grouchy when I get woken up pretty early.” explained Murdoch in the confessional. Elsewhere, Radley was shown doing chin-ups in a closet.

“Gotta keep up with my workout.” He said to himself.

“Man, I wish I was as strong as you.” said Mudkip.

“You’ve gotta work out.” said Radley. “Don’t you have time to excersise?” Mudkip started thinking with the only thought being him playing video games on a couch.

“No.” he said.

“You just waste your time on the couch playing video games.” said Radley staring at Mudkip not looking happy.

“Yes.” said Mudkip looking disappointed.

“Look, I’m sure Isley can help out with getting strong.” said Radley. “I’m too busy working out for myself to teach others.”

“It’s not that I want to work out, it’s just that I don’t want to be crushed under a giant weight.” explained Mudkip in the confessional.

“I don’t think Mudkip has the guts to do what I do.” said Radley in the confessional. “That’s why I told him to do his own workout.” In the other team’s dorm, Oran was shown to be snoring which made Chuck pull his covers over his head and Dusk to slam his pillow onto his head.

“There’s not really anyone on my team to work together with.” said Chuck in the confessional. “The only two I think I can work together with are the Goth dude and the jailbird. But are they willing to work together with me? Probably.”

“Oran, wake up.” said Catherine shaking Oran.

“Hmm what?” he asked.

“You were snoring again.” said Catherine.

“Sorry.” said Oran. “It’s a bad habit.”

“Well we’d better wake up anyway.” said Catherine. “There’s a chance Oweguy will give us a challenge at any time now.”

“Ugh, I hate early challenges.” said Dusk. “You’re never fully awake to do it but he expects you to do it anyway.”

“That’s probably why he wakes us up that early.” said Catherine. Dusk then rolled his eyes. Meanwhile, at the main café, the contestants were shown eating breakfast there.

“Are you guys worried about the other team at all?” asked Chad. “They seem to have some strong players.

“No, we’re pretty strong ourselves.” said Isley.

“True.” said Chad.

“So what kind of challenges do you think we’ll have here?” asked Molly.

“I don’t know.” said Nianah. “This place is pretty big.”

“And sweet.” said Wentworth.

“Maybe there’s a challenge that goes with each area.” said Isley. “This place has a lot of attractions.”

“Well we’re soon to find out.” said Nianah. Radley then arrived and joined the others.

“Any good food today?” he asked.

“Still the same as usual.” said Nianah.

“At least it’s better than Chef’s.” said Radley. “Does anyone know when the challenge is?”

“Not yet.” said Nianah.

“Well I hope not very soon because I need to eat.” said Radley.

“I take it it’ll be like in ten minutes or so.” said Isley.

“That’s good enough.” said Radley. “That’s how long it takes me to eat.”

“Where’s everyone else?” asked Chad.

“Still in the dorm.” said Radley. “They’re getting ready for the challenge. We’re going to try and beat the other team’s butts again today.”

“It depends on what the challenge is.” said Nianah.

“I’m sure it won’t be hard.” said Radley. Later it showed the speakers with a bird sleeping in it and it got shot out when the speakers turned on.

“Attention contestants meet me at the casino area.” said Oweguy on the speaker. “It’s time for your next challenge. The contestants and Oweguy were then shown at an area with a lot of Casino buildings and clubs.

“Neat place.” said Chad.

“Why thank you.” said Oweguy. “As you all know, the Vegas city that you guys know is most famous for its games and casinos. So for today, we’re all going to be doing some crazy stuff in here. The first challenge is going to be a trivia challenge. There you will be asked certain questions about a certain someone in your team and whoever has the guts to press the button gets their team a point. First team to get a total of five points gets a special reward for the next challenge.

“This isn’t similar to that other one Chris designed is it?” asked Murdoch.

“Oh no.” said Oweguy acting innocent. It then cut to the confessional with him saying “Of course it is, but I added some other stuff to it as well.” It then showed the two teams in seats with their team logos above them. “Okay, one last thing to mention.” Oweguy explained. “If you don’t answer your question at the exact time, your team gets this!” He then pressed a button which caused all of the contestants to get shocked.

“Ow, that hurt!’ shouted Mudkip.

“One reason why you shouldn’t get it wrong.” said Oweguy. “I wanted to use that mutant shark creature from Chris’s challenge but I heard it’s in captivity right now.”

“Probably got captured by the government.” whispered Radley to Kenzey who nodded.

“Okay, let’s get this challenge started.” said Oweguy. “Poker Chips, since you won yesterday’s challenge, you’ll be going first!”

“Well that’s unfair.” said Murdoch.

“First question, who managed to shoot ten straight hoops in a basketball game at age two?” asked Oweguy. The others started looking at each other. “Don’t hesitate or else you’ll get shocked!” Radley looked like he was about to press his button but Molly then pressed it before he did.

“It was me.” she said. “And that’s how I got good at sports.”

“And you’re correct.” said Oweguy. “The Poker Chips get a point!”

“I thought that was you.” said Kenzey to Radley.

“Oh wait, I was three when I did that.” said Radley.

“Well it looks like you were beaten by a girl.” teased Kenzey.

“Be quiet.” said Radley. “We’re not rivals.”

“Okay, Dancing Dice, this one’s for you.” said Oweguy. “I should warn you, this one might be more embarrassing that what the other team got.”

“This can’t be good.” said Dusk.

“Here’s your question, which of you accidently farted very loudly in a fancy restaurant with a famous celebrity present?” asked Oweguy. Everyone started looking and Oran had a nervous look on his face.

“Go on, don’t be shy, unless you want to be shocked.” said Oweguy. Oran then smacked his button.

“Okay it was me!” he shouted.

“Well obviously.” said Margaret. “You’re the only one who looks the closest to Owen besides Wentworth.

“Oh I fart louder than what happened with him.” said Wentworth.

“Eww.” said Murdoch. “We didn’t need to hear that.”

“Okay, the score is tied.” said Oweguy. “Poker Chips, it’s your turn again, which one of you accidently forgot to put on your swimsuit while doing a swim track at school?”

“Obviously not me, that thing has never happened to me.” said Radley in the confessional.

“Anyone?” asked Oweguy. Mudkip then pressed his button.

“It was me!” he shouted. “I was hoping nobody would find out.”

“Too late now.” said Murdoch. Isley then slapped him.

“The Poker Chips get another point.” said Oweguy. “Dancing Dice, can you get another point to tie it up again?”

“Probably.” said Margaret.

“Okay next question, who accidently spilt coffee on a library book during their lunch break?” asked Oweguy. Catherine had a nervous look. “Does anyone want to guess or should I activate the shocker?” Catherine then pressed the button.

“Alright that was me!” she said. “It’s the one thing during my career as a librarian that I’m not proud of.”

“Whatever, the score is tied again.” said Oweguy. “Poker Chips, back to you.”

“Okay.” said Mudkip.

“Next question, which one of you got a cameo appearance in the movie Punk Vampires on Skateboards?” asked Oweguy.

“Why do they keep getting the non embarrassing questions?!” asked Chuck getting upset.

“Calm down, you’ll get yours eventually.” said Oweguy. Chuck then slouched in his seat. Kenzey then pressed her button.

“That was me.” said Kenzey. “It’s both my favorite cameo appearance and one of my favorite movies.”

“Obviously it was her.” said Chuck.

“The Poker Chips now have three points.” said Oweguy. “Back to you Dancing Dice with your next question, this time with one that’s not embarrassing. Who is very skilled at playing the flute?” The others looked confused. “Whoever knows this please press the button or else, you’ll get shocked.” Yuki then pressed the button.

“I’m good at the flute.” she said. “I’ve been practicing since elementary school.”

“Cool.” said Oran.

“And the Dancing Dice continue the tying streak.” said Oweguy who then yawned due to the continuing tie. “Poker Chips, it’s your turn again.”

“Give us what you got.” said Radley.

“Who once got their shirt stuck in the door so badly that a bunch of people and a news team arrived to help them get out?” asked Oweguy. Everyone started looking at each other and Kaylie noticed Chad’s face was turning red. “Well, do we have anyone or am I going to have to shock them to get them to talk?” asked Oweguy. Chad then pressed the button.

“Okay it was me.” he said. “That was the most embarrassing thing to happen to me.”

“Oh I’m sorry.” said Kaylie.

“It’s alright.” said Chad.

“I think I remember seeing that on the news but I wasn’t sure that was you.” said Radley.

“Don’t rub it in please.” said Chad.

“Okay, Dancing Dice, it’s your turn again.” said Oweguy. “Who was it that accidently sat on a chocolate filled donut and everyone thought that they pooped themselves?” Sherloch had an embarrassing look on his face with Roxanne noticing. “Well?” asked Oweguy. Sherloch almost looked like he was about to press the button but then a buzzer went off. “Times up!” said Oweguy. “And now I get to shock the entire team!” He then pressed the shock button and everyone on the Dancing Dice got shocked.

“Well at least nobody found out it was me.” said Sherloch in the confessional.

“Found out about what?” asked Oran outside the confessional.

“Uh nothing!” said Sherloch nervously.

“So the score is now four to three.” explained Oweguy. “If the Poker Chips can guess this next one then they win.”

“Of course we’ll get it.” said Radley.

“Here we go.” said Oweguy. “Who accidently exposed their body in front of a bunch of people at a clothing store because they forgot to lock the door behind them?” A lot of people gulped.

“I don’t think that’s happened to me, I think.” said Mudkip.

“Well, who did it?” asked Oweguy. “If you don’t say it then you get shocked.” Someone then hit their button which was revealed to be Wentworth.

“It was me!” he shouted. “I didn’t know those doors had locks and everyone saw my video game boxers.”

“Must’ve been an awkward moment.” whispered Radley to Kenzey who nodded again.

“Well Wentworth, you admitting that you did something embarrassing managed to make your team win the first challenge!” said Oweguy.

“Hooray!” cheered Wentworth.

“And for the losing team, here’s something for you.” said Oweguy. He then shocked the team again.

“Why’d you do that?!” shouted Chuck.

“I just wanted to.” said Oweguy. “It’s kind of fun to do.” Chuck growled. “Onto the second challenge!” shouted Oweguy. It then showed a giant pinball table inside one of the casino rooms.

“Here’s challenge number two.” said Oweguy. “Both teams have two pinballs to use to score points for their team. Two players from each team must use these pinball’s to move around and try to get as much points as possible. The rest of the team controls the flippers using these giant levers to move them.”

“They look like giant hamster balls.” Wentworth chuckled looking at the pinballs.

“You’re correct Wentworth.” said Oweguy. “That’s where I modeled them from. Now Poker Chips, since you won the first challenge, I’m giving your team an extra ball so you can have another chance if you lost your other two balls.”

“Alright!” cheered Radley.

“So the first thing you guys should do right now is decide who’s going to be your pinballs.” said Oweguy it then cut over to the Poker Chips team.

“I volunteer to go.” said Radley. “A strong guy should be the pinball.”

“I’ll go too.” said Molly.”

“I want to go too!” said Wentworth. “I think I’ve got the shape of a pinball.” Nianah rolled her eyes.”

“Okay, Dancing Dice, you decide who’s going for your team.” said Oweguy.

“If their team is choosing the strong people then I’ll go.” said Jerry.

“While I agree with that, I think that you should let others who aren’t classified as athletic or buff should go too.” said Gieselle.

“Okay so I guess you’re volunteering to go.” said Jerry.

“As a matter of fact I will.” said Gieselle.

“Man that guy is such a jerk but at least there are two police guards keeping an eye on him.” said Sherloch in the confessional.

“Okay we’ve got our pinballs.” said Oweguy. “In order to get points, you must try and hit the bobbins, the bumpers or the little standees that pop up. You get 100 points by hitting the bobbins and bumpers. As for the standees, there are three kinds. Hitting a Chris standee gets you 500 points. Hitting one that looks like me gets you 1000 points. And the last one is one you shouldn’t hit. If you hit the Chef one then you lose all your points, but luckily those ones don’t appear as often as the others.”

“I’m sure we’ll hit as many Oweguy ones.” said Radley.

“Okay, launch the first pinballs!” shouted Oweguy. Some interns activated the pinball launcher sending Radley and Jerry’s pinballs into the giant machine. Radley started getting bounced around due to hitting the bobbins.

“I hope I can control this well.” He said. A bunch of Chris standees popped up and Radley hit all of them giving him some points. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!” Jerry then saw an Oweguy standee pop up and he managed to hit it before Radley could.

“Take that muscle boy!” he shouted.

“Don’t get too excited beard face!” shouted Radley. He then steered his ball toward more bumpers and standees and started getting a lot of points. Radley’s ball then knocked Jerry’s down to the exit.

“And the Dancing Dice has lost a ball!” announced Oweguy. “They’ve only got one more chance to catch up to Radley’s score which is very close!” The Poker Chips were shown to have 3025 points while the Dancing Dice had 2565 points.

“Here goes nothing.” said Gieselle. Her ball then got launched and she got bounced around the machine.

“Ha, I could keep going and not lose any points!” shouted Radley. An Oweguy standee then popped up and Radley quickly hit it gaining a lot of points. “Oh yeah!” he shouted.

“Now which ones was I supposed to hit again?” Gieselle asked herself. A Chef standee then popped up and she accidently hit it losing all of the Dancing Dice’s points.

“What?!” shouted Chuck. “She lost all our points!”

“Take it easy.” said Margaret. “She didn’t mean to do it.” Chuck still had a sour look on his face. Radley continued to hit more of the bumpers and standees while Gieselle kept getting points little by little. Radley’s ball then slammed into Gieselle’s and both balls kept getting bounced around until they both fell down into the exit.

“And that’s game over!” shouted Oweguy. “Here are the total points. The Poker Chips have a total of 5175 points and the Dancing Dice have 1725 points so that means that the Poker Chips win again!”

“Alright!” shouted Radley.

“Aww man, I wanted to ride the pinball.” said Wentworth looking disappointed.

“Dude, you couldn’t fit in the ball.” said Molly.

“You could’ve told him to get a large.” said Wentworth.

“Dancing Dice, I’m afraid I’ll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony, again.” said Oweguy. The team then started looking at each other.

“My team is worthless!” shouted Chuck in the confessional. “I feel like all of them deserve to go!”

“I hope I don’t get booted.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “I don’t want be eliminated early two season in a row.”

“Chuck needs to take a chill pill.” said Dusk in the confessional. “I’m tired of his complaining.”

“You did that last season too.” said Oran outside.

“Oh be quiet.” said Dusk. Later it showed the Dancing Dice at the elimination ceremony with everyone picking who they wanted to be voted off.

“The votes have been cast.” said Oweguy reading the voting results. “If you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy, you’re out of the contest and you can’t come back, ever! Gilded Oweguy’s go to Catherine, Margaret, Oran, Chuck, Yuki, Roxanne, Dusk, and Jerry!” He threw them their Gilded Oweguy’s. “So now we’re left with Gieselle and Sherloch, and the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Sherloch!” He then sighed in relief while Gieselle looked shocked.

“But, but I was doing alright.” She said.

“Well obviously you did something that got you voted off tonight.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the lameousine is waiting for you.”

“Oh well, it’s been fun.” said Gieselle. “Catch you later guys.” She then boarded the lameousine which then drove off.

“Yeah, I guess Gieselle didn’t deserve to get voted off, but it’s all part of my master plan.” said Chuck in the confessional. “I’ll just take them down by one and that’ll get me closer to the million!”

“I feel bad for Gieselle but she’ll do fine at home with Romero.” said Margaret in the confessional. “And I know that next time we’ll win for sure.”

“Well that ends another exciting challenge.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Dancing Dice manage to win next time? Will the next challenge be as embarrassing as this one? Will my intern get my coffee already?! Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 4: Two Green Thumbs Down

Previously on Total Drama, the two teams got a taste of the cities’ excitement by competing in an embarrassing trivia game challenge and then became pinballs in a giant pinball machine. A lot of fun facts and embarrassing facts came from our contestants and Radley showed his strengths at being a pinball. In the end, the Poker Chips won again and the Dancing Dice sent Gieselle packing after costing her team the challenge. Who will be the next one to be catching a ride on the lameousine? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

In the Poker Chip’s dorm, Isley and the girls were shown sleeping. Suddenly the room started shaking which woke up Isley. “What’s going on?” she asked. In the boy’s room, Mudkip was shown dragging large weights over near his bed.

“Hey, those are my weights!” shouted Radley noticing.

“Can I borrow them for my exercising?” asked Mudkip.

“Dude, you’re gonna send yourself to the hospital if you use those.” said Radley. “It’s time we think up a better work out plan for you.”

“What’s going on here?” asked Isley.

“Well yesterday Mudkip was saying he wanted to get strong like me and now he’s going to use these giant weights to probably pin himself underneath them.” explained Radley.

“Not true.” said Mudkip.

“Mudkip, you don’t need muscles to show that you’re a cool person.” said Isley. “It’s you on the inside that’s cool. And personally, I prefer you the way you are.” She then kissed him on the cheek and left.

“You see, you’re fine without muscles.” said Radley. “If you still want to get exercise I’d prefer you do like jogging or push-ups, not weightlifting.”

“I guess you’re right.” said Mudkip. “Besides, Isley has a point.”

“Well I’m glad you’re not going to be having those fantasies for a while now.” said Radley. He then went into the bathroom.

“See, another problem is that I don’t think I can run well.” explained Mudkip in the confessional. “I should practice doing that in case there’s a challenge that involves running which I hope isn’t soon. I’m probably going to pass out like I did during that marathon at school a couple of years back.” In the bathroom, Radley turned on the faucet to get his toothbrush wet but nothing came out.

“What the?” he asked. Suddenly a plant vine came out. “That’s odd. The plumbing seems to be clogged with a vine.” In the other dorm, Margaret was looking at the sink which was full of a bunch of vines.

“Were you planning on making salad?” asked Yuki.

“No, it seems like a plant if growing in the plumbing.” said Margaret.

“Well it’s not just the plumbing, it’s also coming out of the cracks on the roof.” said Yuki pointing to some vines on the ceiling. “Maybe we should let Oweguy know.”

“I’d rather not, he could be sleeping.” said Margaret. In Oweguy’s cabin it showed him watching a TV show called Total Drama’s Funniest Home Videos and it showed Owen slipping on a toy car and landing face down on a pie. Oweguy started laughing after that.

“Oh man, this is so funny!” he shouted. “Here comes a good one with Chris.”

“Hey!” shouted Chris down the hall.

“Are you sure he could be sleeping?” asked Yuki. “It’s almost noon.”

“Well I’m also saying that because this plant thing could be part of a challenge.” said Margaret.

“Oh, I get it now.” said Yuki understanding.

“Can someone explain why there are vines growing out of the shower?” asked Chuck in a towel.

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.” said Margaret.

“Thanks to those vines, I wasn’t able to finish my shower.” said Chuck angrily in the confessional. “It seems like each place you go to for a season of Total Drama, it’s gonna suck in a way.”

“Attention everyone, meet me outside and I will explain your next challenge.” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“I hope he’ll explain about the vines then.” said Chuck.

“You’re always in a grouchy mood.” said Margaret. “Someone should teach you to be nicer.”

“Shut up, I’m good enough on my own.” said Chuck.

“I think someone like Catherine should help with you.” said Margaret. “She’s always standing by you and you were on the same season with her.”

“I’m fine thanks.” said Chuck.

“Oh boy, there’s always at least one grouch per season.” said Margaret shaking her head.

“Look, I prefer to be on my own so I can work up on my master plan.” said Chuck in the confessional. “I don’t want somebody else listening because they’re bound to vote me off later if they found out, and I don’t want that to happen to me this early in the game.” Outside, the contestants were shown with Oweguy with small vines still appearing in different places.

“Greetings everyone, hope you had a good rest.” He said.

“What’s with all the vines?” asked Chad.

“I’ll get to that in a second.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, your challenge today is to explore the cities’ giant greenhouse. It’s normally filled with huge flowerbeds of roses and gardens but we seem to be having a little, overgrowth with one of the plants.” Inside the greenhouse which was a few blocks down, the inside was mostly green and there were big vines and little vines coming out of the windows.

“So that explains the vines in our buildings.” said Yuki.

“Correct you are.” said Oweguy. “Your first challenge is to explore inside the giant greenhouse and get through the maze of vines and other plants. The second challenge is to get rid of what’s causing the overgrowing plants.”

“I hope this isn’t going to be too hard.” said Radley.

“Don’t worry.” said Oweguy. “It’ll be like exploring a jungle.”

“Cool.” said Mudkip.

“Well, let’s get started.” said Oweguy. “I’ll be watching you from my balcony.” He then flew off on a jetpack.

“Darn hosts never coming to help us.” said Dusk. A few minutes later, the contestants were at the entrance to the greenhouse and there was an opening in the vines.

“It looks pretty dark in there.” said Kaylie.

“Don’t worry, nobody’s afraid of the dark right guys?” asked Chad.

“Uh, I’m afraid of pitch black darkness.” said Mudkip looking a little scared.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got some flashlights.” said Isley.

“Good thinking.” said Chad. The Poker Chips then advanced in while the Dancing Dice still planned out what to do.

“Do you guys have any lights?” asked Chuck. Everyone else shrugged. “Great, what are we gonna use?”

“Don’t worry; I’ve got these helmets with the built in lights.” said Sherloch.

“That’ll do.” said Margaret. Everyone then put them on and they then proceeded into the greenhouse. Meanwhile, it showed the Poker Chips team going through the foliage of vines.

“Geez, these vines are everywhere.” said Murdoch.

“There just vines.” said Nianah. “It’s not like they’re dangerous.”

“Speaking of dangerous, you should be careful here.” said Radley pointing to some big vines with thorns.

“Uh oh.” said Isley. “Try not to get pricked.”

“I think that’s going to be a little tough.” said Radley. “These thorns are as big as water bottles.”

“Stand aside.” said Kenzey. “I’ve got this.” She then pulled out a long knife and cut all of the long thorny vines making it easier to get through.

“Nice work.” said Chad.

“Thanks.” said Kenzey putting her knife away.

“Why is it that whenever I see Kenzey do something I haven’t seen before she gets hotter?” asked Radley in the confessional. “It’s a good thing we’re married.”

“Let’s move on.” said Nianah. “The other team is probably going to catch up.”

“It looks dark up ahead.” said Radley. “It’s a good thing our flash lights are bright enough.”

“Right.” said Nianah. “Now let’s get moving.” Meanwhile, it showed the other team in a very dark area.

“Ugh, why is it so dark in here?!” complained Jerry.

“Probably because there’s not much light in here due to these vines.” said Margaret.

“Whatever.” said Jerry. “Tell me when we get closer to whatever we’re looking for.”

“Sheesh, why must he be so rude?” asked Margaret in the confessional. “Other people I’ve dealt with weren’t as rude as him.”

“Do you guys see a way out of here?” asked Sherloch.

“Not yet.” said Margaret.

“It looks pretty spooky in here.” said Sherloch.

“Spooky doesn’t scare us.” said Roxanne. “We’re police.” Behind her, a large moving vine prepared to grab her.

“You’re right about that.” said Sherloch. Roxanne suddenly screamed behind him. “Roxanne?” he asked. He saw the vine grabbing her.

“Put me down!” she shouted.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this!” shouted Sherloch. He then fired a pistol at the vine but the bullets did not affect it. “Oh man, what should I use?”

“Use these!” shouted Roxanne throwing down a pocket knife. Sherloch then sliced the vine causing it to drop Roxanne and squirt a green liquid out. Sherloch then caught her before she fell onto the ground. The two then smiled at each other after that happened but Jerry was shown looking too.

“Look, even though we broke up, I don’t like other people making goo goo eyes at my girl!” shouted Jerry in the confessional.

“Thanks for saving me.” said Roxanne.

“No problem.” said Sherloch.

“Guys, we’re over here!” shouted Margaret. The two then caught up. “What happened back there?”

“This vine attacked Roxanne.” said Sherloch. “I have a feeling that whatever’s in here is dangerous.”

“Well we’ll find out soon enough.” said Margaret. “We just have to keep moving on.” Meanwhile, the Poker Chips were in a very deep area.

“Any sign of something yet?” asked Radley.

“Nope, just more vines.” said Nianah.

“We must be close.” said Radley. “These vines are leading into the ground.”

“Hey what’s that?” asked Sae pointing to something. The others saw an area where the vine roots lead to and in the center was a tiny pink flower.

“Ooh, pretty flower.” said Mudkip who walked toward it.

“Wait Mudz!” shouted Isley.

“What, it’s just a small flower.” He said. He then picked the flower and suddenly all the vines that filled the greenhouse went into the ground.

“The vines are gone!” said Margaret noticing.

“Is that it?” asked Radley.

“I don’t know.” said Nianah.

“Whatever, I got a nice pretty flower.” said Mudkip. Suddenly the place shook.

“What was that?” asked Sae.

“Wasn’t me.” said Wentworth. “I already ate.” Suddenly a bunch of giant vines busted out of the ground.

“This can’t be good.” said Radley. Suddenly a giant closed spiky flower burst out underneath Mudkip

“Mommy.” said Chad looking scared.

“What is that?” asked Murdoch.

“I don’t know but something tells me it’s dangerous.” said Radley. The petals of the giant plant then opened up and a monstrous mouth was shown inside it. “Yep, it’s dangerous.” said Radley. The plant then roared at them with Mudkip still on top of it.

“Man, this is going to be fun to watch.” said Oweguy in a helicopter eating popcorn. One of the vines then slammed down in front of the Poker Chips team.

“Run!” shouted Chad who ran away.

“Wait, we should fight it!” shouted Radley.

“You do that, I’m running for my life!” shouted Chad.

“Poor guy, he was pretty brave until that plant showed up.” said Radley in the confessional.

“Mudkip, get down from there!” shouted Isley.

“I don’t know if I can!” shouted Mudkip. “It’s pretty high up!”

“Just jump!” shouted Isley. Mudkip then jumped off the plant monster and Isley caught him. The two then smiled at each other. “Thanks sweetie.” said Mudkip.

“No problem.” said Isley. One of the vines looked like it was about to hit them.

“Look out!” shouted Wentworth. “He quickly pushed them away before the vine hit them.”

“Wow, thanks Wentworth.” said Isley looking a little shook up.

“You’re welcome.” said Wentworth covered in dirt. On another side, Jerry looked ready to fight the plant monster.

“C’mon you plant, take on me!” he shouted. The plant monster then smacked Jerry away with one of its vine and he then slammed into the glass wall. Margaret then shook her head.

“Someone help me!” shouted Radley who was getting strangled by one of the vines. Kenzey then charged at the vine and sliced it off freeing Radley. “Thanks.” He said.

“No problem.” said Kenzey. Another vine then came out of the ground replacing the missing one.

“Man, this thing is tough!” shouted Radley.

“Where’d Chad go?” asked Kaylie.

“He took off.” said Radley.

“Man, I thought he was strong.” said Kaylie.

“When you’re dealing with something like this there’s a reason.” said Radley. The monster then snagged Kaylie. “Oh no!” shouted Radley. Kenzey quickly freed her before the monster could bring her closer.

“I’m glad I work with marine life.” said Kaylie. It then cut to the Dancing Dice with Roxanne, Dusk, and Sherloch holding the vines back.

“What can beat this thing?” asked Roxanne.

“I’m not sure.” said Sherloch. “When we cut the vines more just grow in.”

“There has to be something to destroy it permanently.” said Roxanne.

“I’ve got it!” shouted Sherloch snapping his fingers. “You guys keep distracting it, I know just how to defeat it.”

“Don’t take too long!” shouted Roxanne. Dusk was then slammed against the wall. It then cut back to the Poker Chips.

“This is getting tough.” said Radley. “There’s got to be a way to destroy this thing.”

“I think we have to destroy the main body.” said Kenzey.

“But how?” asked Isley. “It’s body is too thick compared to the vines so I don’t think that knife is gonna cut it.”

“Wait, I know what to do!” shouted Radley. “I’ll be right back.” He then ran off.

“I hope he knows what he’s doing.” said Isley.

“When it’s Radley he definitely knows what he’s doing.” said Kenzey. Back with the Dancing Dice, they continued to hold the vines back but more and more kept coming.

“I’m not sure how long we can hold this off.” said Catherine.

“Well that’s my cue to exit.” said Chuck. The plant monster then smacked him into a wall.

“Wait guys!” shouted Sherloch who was shown with a torch. “I’m going to take this plant down!” The plant monster then grabbed him. “I hope you’re hungry for fire!” Sherloch shouted throwing the torch into its mouth. It’s entire head then burst into flames as it then dropped Sherloch with Roxanne catching him this time.

“What’s happening?” asked Mudkip.

“I think the other team knew what they were doing.” said Kenzey. The rest of the plant monster then caught aflame until it burned down to nothing but burnt leaves.

“Wow.” said Wentworth.

“Hey guys, I’m back with the..” Radley began to say holding a candle lighter until he noticed that the plant monster was gone. “Aww man, I guess someone thought up the idea before I did.”

“Congratulations Dancing Dice.” said Oweguy dropping down from his helicopter on a ladder. “You have managed to win today’s challenge!”

“Alright!” cheered Sherloch and Margaret while the others except for Dusk, Jerry, and Chuck celebrated.

“As for you Poker Chips, you’re about to have your first elimination ceremony tonight.” said Oweguy. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Do you guys want this candle lighter?” asked Radley to Kenzey and Isley. “I found it in a dumpster.”

“The decision on who to vote off tonight seems tough.” said Isley in the confessional. “Not too many people did anything bad but I overall think we should vote off someone who didn’t help out much.”

“Man, I hope I didn’t do poorly during the challenge.” said Mudkip in the confessional. “I mean, I did find that plant thing so that helps a little.” Later, it showed the Poker Chips at the elimination ceremony. They were shown using the voting devices deciding on whom to vote off.

“The votes have been cast.” said Oweguy. “If you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy, you’re out of the contest and you can’t come back, ever.”

“I think we know that already.” said Murdoch.

“Okay, Gilded Oweguy’s go to Nianah, Isley, and Sae!” He gave them their Gilded Oweguys and the three of them high fived. “Mudkip and Wentworth, you’re save too.” continued Oweguy giving them their Gilded Oweguys. Wentworth then put his in his mouth and pulled out a gold wrapper.

“Mmm, chocolate Oweguy.” He said with Mudkip noticing.

“Kaylie, Molly, Kenzey, and Murdoch are safe as well!” continued Oweguy giving them their Gilded Oweguy’s. “So that now leaves us with Chad and Radley. And the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Radley!” He sighed in relief and got his Gilded Oweguy leaving Chad confused.

“But, but what did I do wrong?” asked Chad.

“You were strong but you chickened out.” said Murdoch.

“I don’t think you’re a fan of giant plants.” said Sae.

“Oh well, I’ll have fun back at the surf shack.” said Chad. “Plus, Emily’s probably wondering about me. See you guys.”

“See you later Chad.” said Kaylie.

“Try not to get so scared of giant plants next time.” said Radley.

“I won’t.” said Chad. He then got onto the lameousine which then drove away.

“See, I told you we’d win next time.” said Margaret in the confessional. “I think Sherloch is our brains on the team so he’s going to help us out a lot during challenges.”

“Well, I showed my strengths during today’s challenge.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “I hope I can continue that next challenge. It just depends on what the challenge is. But what the heck, I’ll do well this season.”

“Well that challenge certainly gave our contestants some green thumbs.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Poker Chips be able to get back on their winning streak? Will Sherloch help his team again next time? Has my package arrived yet? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 5: Drama Day Care

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants had to journey through a maze of vines in the city’s gigantic greenhouse garden. At the center of the maze they found what was causing all of these vines to grow. A gigantic mutant plant monster! Both teams had a difficult time getting rid of this monster but Sherloch eventually found out it’s weakness and took it down, giving his team the win, while the Poker chips sent Chad packing for chickening out. What crazy challenge will our contestants face this time? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City! At the Poker Chips’s dorm, Kenzey was shown filing her nails while Radley was doing chin lifting. “So, how’s the competition so far?” asked Radley to Kenzey.

“Alright I guess.” said Kenzey. “There hasn’t been anything interesting other than the giant plant from last challenge.”

“I here you.” said Radley. They then heard a crash downstairs. “Mudkip, you’d better not be eating my food!” Radley shouted.

“Mudkip’s in the bathroom.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Radley. “I’m gonna check it anyway.” When he got downstairs he saw that his leftovers were gone. “Where’d my food go?!” he asked. He then noticed a trail going out the window.

“Any luck?” asked Isley.

“Nope.” said Radley. “It was probably a raccoon.”

“But its morning.” said Isley. “Raccoons normally come out at night.”

“Whatever, it could’ve been someone’s dog.” said Radley.

“Let’s not worry about it right now.” said Isley. Outside, it showed a silhouette running off with Radley’s food. In the other dorm, Margaret was shown vacuuming some crumbs on the floor.

“Man, it’s gotten harder to get this place clean since Gieselle left.” she said.

“Well you do a good enough job on your own.” said Yuki eating some chips.

“Who left the crumbs on the floor?” asked Catherine walking in.

“Chuck and Jerry.” said Margaret. “Their absolute slobs.”

“Uh some of that’s from me.” said Oran noticing. “One of the chip bags has a hole and the crumbs are spilling out.” Yuki noticed her lap was covered in chip crumbs. She then placed it on the table.

“I hate that Jerry so much.” said Margaret. “He’s rude, sexist, and he doesn’t shower often.”

“Don’t worry.” said Sherloch. “The police department instructed me and Roxanne to watch over him.”

“Well that’s good.” said Margaret. “And I don’t understand about Chuck. He just seems to have a bad attitude all the time.”

“I don’t know.” said Catherine. “That’s just been the way he is.”

“At least Dusk hasn’t been his strategic ways like he used to.” said Sherloch.

“Yeah, he hasn’t really interacted with people much.” said Margaret. “I’ve also heard that his girlfriend’s here.”

“I wonder why she hasn’t bugged him as much?” asked Oran. It then showed Sabbath cleaning up a pool room.

“Keep scrubbing intern.” said Oweguy. “I want this pool to be shiny clean.”

“Where are your other interns?” asked Sabbath.

“Their either hiding or in the hospital.” said Oweguy. “Most of them are in the hospital.” Sabbath groans. “I’ll check on you later.” Oweguy then left.

“This intern job sucks.” said Sabbath in the confessional. “I’m planning on quitting and going back to my Dusky poo.” At Oweguy’s quarters, Marine was shown reading a magazine while Oweguy walked in.

“Somebody called while you were gone.” said Marine.

“Okay, I’ll call them back.” said Oweguy dialing the number they left behind. “Hello?” Say what? Babysitting?! Uh sure I’ll do that. Drop them off at the kid park. Talk to you later. Bye.” He then hung up.

“Who was that?” asked Marine.

“Some moms.” said Oweguy. “They making me watch five kids while they’re seeing this play at the theatre.”

“And by the looks of it you don’t want to do it.” said Marine.

“Of course not.” said Oweguy. “You can do it.”

“No way.” said Marine. “You remember the last time I watched kids.”

“I still haven’t gotten that stain off my shirt.” said Oweguy. “Wait a minute, I have a good idea!”

“Oh brother.” said Marine. Back at the Poker Chips dorm, Radley was looking at the crumb trial while Isley was sitting with Mudkip and Wentworth who were playing video games.

“Well whatever took my leftovers is long gone.” said Radley. “The crumb trail was very short.”

“Well that stinks.” said Isley. The intercom then turned on shooting a seagull out of it.

“Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time for your next challenge. Please meet me at the Kid land Amusement park!”

“Kid land?” asked Radley. “Don’t tell me. We’re working with kids.”

“Most likely.” said Isley.

“Okay, I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t stand little kids.” explained Radley in the confessional. “They’re always picking their nose and screaming and at times they can get pretty violent. And don’t get me started on the smell.” Radley then shuddered. Later it showed the contestant on a tour bus driven by an intern.

“What’s at this kid land?” asked Oran.

“Probably baby stuff.” said Jerry not looking excited.

“This will be fine with me.” said Margaret. “I love little kids.”

“Same here.” said Yuki. Wentworth suddenly was shown staring in shock.

“What is it Wentworth?” asked Nianah. He then pointed and everyone looked surprised. They then saw a giant theme park with kid themed rides and attractions and a lot of stuff there appeared to be made out of candy and sweets.

“It’s like Candy land!” cheered Mudkip. The bus then stopped and Mudkip and Wentworth started running toward the park but were stopped by Oweguy.

“Hold it sugar cravers.” said Oweguy. “It’s not time to go in there just yet.”

“Aww.” said Mudkip and Wentworth disappointed. The others then joined them.

“Welcome to the Kid land amusement park!” said Oweguy. “It’s filled with fun rides for kids, fun little shows, different themed areas, and lots of stuff to keep a kid entertained.

“But we’re mostly 18.” said Radley.

“True you are.” said Oweguy. “You’re only here because you have to watch these kids!” Five kids where shown with three being boys and two being girls. They were mostly shown picking their noses and fighting over something.

“What are the kid’s names?” asked Sae.

“I’ll tell you guys just so you know who’s who.” said Oweguy. “This little black haired boy with the green shirt is Casey, the brown haired girl with the orange skirt is Betty, the chubby boy is Bruce, the cute little blonde with the pigtails is Stacy and the brown haired boy is James.”

“How old are they?” asked Nianah.

“They’re all five.” said Oweguy. “Be careful thought because they can get a little feisty.”

“Aww, aren’t they just the cutest…” Margaret began to say until one of the kids threw a block at her. “Hey!” she shouted.

“You’re not our mommy!” shouted Casey.

“No but I am someone else’s mommy.” said Margaret. The kid then threw a block at her again making her upset.

“Oweguy, are you only making us watch them just so you don’t have to?” asked Radley.

“Oh no.” said Oweguy. “Well maybe.” Radley then slapped his head.

“So how does this challenge work?” asked Chuck.

“Here’s how it goes.” said Oweguy. “You have to watch these kids in the park for about five hours.” The team that manages to get all of their kids back to the entrance wins invincibility, while the losing team sends someone home.”

“How many kids do we get?” asked Wentworth.

“Hmm, let’s see, there are five kids and…hmm, this might be tricky.” said Oweguy thinking.

“If there were six kids that would even it out.” said Isley.

“That would work but there’s only five.” said Oweguy.

“Hey, where’d that little girl come from?” asked Nianah. They then saw a little blonde girl wearing a torn up nightgown, was barefoot, was covered in dirt, and was holding a torn bunny doll.

“Hmm, I don’t recall seeing her.” said Oweguy. “But whatever, she’ll be part of the challenge.”

“Aww, the poor girl looks homeless.” said Sae.

“What’s your name little one?” asked Radley.

“It’s Alice.” she said coughing. “I saw these kids and I decided to join them because I had nowhere else to go.”

“Aww, poor little girl.” said Isley. Mudkip and Wentworth were shown trying not to cry.

“I don’t know why but anything that involves kids not having a home makes me very emotional.” said Wentworth in the confessional. He then started crying.

“Oweguy, my team volunteers to watch this girl.” said Radley.

“Fine by me.” said Oweguy. “I’ll decide the rest. Dancing Dice, you’ll be getting Casey, Betty, and Bruce, and Poker Chips, you’ll be getting Stacy and James.” The kids then joined their assigned teams.

“Now you behave yourselves or I’ll give your mommies a bad report.” said Margaret to their kids.

“You guys smell like a poopy diaper!” said Casey as Betty and Bruce started laughing.

“Let me at them, let me at them!” shouted Dusk while Catherine and Sherloch held him back.

“Dude calm down, their just kids.” said Sherloch.

“Well they’d better not insult me anymore or I’ll get mad.” said Dusk.

“And I thought I had anger issues.” said Jerry.

“Okay guys, its babysitting time.” said Oweguy. “Meet me here when the five hours are up and have fun at the park. And if one of your kids runs off, don’t think about not looking for them.”

“We won’t.” said Margaret.

“Good, because that’s a penalty for the challenge.” said Oweguy.

“Crap.” said Margaret.

“See you guys later.” said Oweguy driving off in a cart.

“C’mon, I want to see the candy area.” said Wentworth.

“Calm down Wentworth.” said Nianah. “How about we see what the kids want to see?”

“Okay then.” said Wentworth.

“Kids, what do you want to see?” asked Nianah.

“Merry go round!” cheered Stacy.

“Roller coaster!” shouted James.

“Alice, what do you want?” asked Nianah.

“A nice home.” she said.

“I don’t want to cry again.” said Wentworth.

“Tell you what guys, why don’t you watch the other two while I take care of Alice here.” said Radley.

“Sounds good but I think you should have some help.” said Nianah.

“I’ll help.” said Sae. “I can help her out.”

“Okay then.” said Nianah. “In fact, why don’t we form groups and watch a certain kid? I’ll watch Stacy here. Who else wants to join?”

“I will.” said Isley.

“I will.” said Kaylie.

“I will!” cheered Mudkip.

“Okay, who’s watching little James here?” asked Nianah.

“I will!” cheered Wentworth.

“I will.” said Molly.

“I don’t.” said Murdoch.

“Oh yes you are.” said Nianah.

“Rats.” said Murdoch.

“And Kenzey, what about you?” asked Nianah.

“I think I’ll stay with Radley.” said Kenzey. “I don’t have anything else to do.”

“Okay then, let’s meet at the front once we’re done here.” said Nianah. The three groups split up with their kids. Meanwhile, the Dancing Dice were figuring out what to do.

“I say we all keep an eye on them like a daycare.” said Margaret.

“I agree.” said Yuki.

“Same here.” said Catherine.

“I don’t think so.” said Chuck. “They might wander off while we’re not looking.”

“Don’t worry.” said Margaret. “Half of us will make sure to keep an eye on them. I’m one of them.”

“I’ll watch then too.” said Sherloch. “I’m good at watching people.”

“You stink!” shouted Casey throwing another block at Sherloch.

“Behave you kids or no cookies.” said Sherloch. Another block hit him. “Margaret, I think Casey deserves a time in time out.

“I agree.” said Margaret rubbing a bruise from earlier. She then picked up a time out chair nearby and placed him there. “Now you sit there for five minutes and think about what you did.” Another block then hit her and she started shaking Casey until all of the blocks he had came out. “Make sure to give these to his mom afterward.” said Margaret giving them to Sherloch.

“Yes maam.” said Sherloch.

“I swear, none of the kids I have watched and even my kids never throw stuff on purpose.” said Margaret in the confessional. “It makes me think how people are raising them now.” It then showed Wentworth, Molly, and Murdoch with James.

“Look James, a mini roller coaster just like you wanted.” said Wentworth.

“I want to ride a big roller coaster!” whined James.

“But you’re too young for a big roller coaster.” said Molly. “You could get hurt on that one. This one’s just your size and it’s nice and slow.”

“Big roller coaster!” shouted James.

“You’d better get him on.” said Murdoch getting annoyed.

“Dude that is a big roller coaster.” said Wentworth. “It’s bigger than you isn’t it?”

“I guess.” said James.

“Now go have fun and ride it!” cheered Wentworth. James then got on and an engineer intern then turned the mini roller coaster on.

“Good job big guy.” said Molly. After a few laps the roller coaster stopped and James got out.

“Wasn’t that fun?” asked Wentworth. James then ducked down and puked. “Maybe he should’ve told us he ate beforehand.” Elsewhere it showed Nianah, Isley, and Kaylie watching Stacy ride the merry go round.

“I can’t wait until Cindy gets this old.” said Nianah.

“I can’t wait to have kids.” said Isley. “I just wish Mudkip would figure it out.”

“Is this the shiny thing you were talking about?” asked Mudkip holding tin foil.

“Not quiet Mudzy.” said Isley. Mudkip then ran off looking again.

“Why didn’t you just say engagement ring?” asked Kaylie.

“I didn’t want to propose to him myself.” said Isley. “I wanted him to do it.”

“Well you shouldn’t have said shiny thing.” said Kaylie.

“I know.” said Isley. “However I did get this in secret.” she then showed them an engagement ring case.

“What do you plan to do with it?” asked Nianah.

“I plan to leave it near Mudkip’s bed.” said Isley. “I just have to keep it in a safe…” A ball then knocked it out of her hand and it fell on the ground. “…place.” Isley finished. Near the other team, the ring case landed near Bruce and he picked it up.

“You’d better get it before he puts it in his mouth.” said Kaylie.

“That’s exactly what I plan to do, and I’ll do it before Mudkip sees.” said Isley running off. Wentworth, Molly, and Murdoch soon joined Nianah and Kaylie.

“How’s it going with you guys?” asked Nianah.

“Alright.” said Molly. “This guy’s a little demanding.”

“He wants to go on stuff for big people.” said Murdoch.

“And he puked on my shoes.” said Wentworth.

“Hey, where’d the little guy go?” asked Murdoch. They then saw that James was in an area with a bunch of candy.

“Oh boy, there’s the candy!” cheered Wentworth.

“Wait, don’t books say that you should’ve give little kids too much candy?” asked Nianah. James suddenly ran by them making Murdoch fall onto the ground.

“Somebody better catch him before he gets too far away!” shouted Murdoch rubbing his butt.

“I’ll get him.” said Molly. “I was able to win the gold medal in my school’s track run three years running.” She then chased after him. Over near the Dancing Dice team, Isley walked toward Bruce who was using the ring case like a block.

“Excuse me little guy but can I see that please?” she asked.

“Why?” asked Bruce.

“Because it’s mine.” said Isley. “I dropped it accidently and it seems like you found it.”

“But it looks like a fun toy!” whined Bruce.

“I’ll give you this real block in exchange for that.” said Isley.

“Okay!” cheered Bruce giving her the case back.

“Thanks little guy.” said Isley. “Tell your mommy I said you’re a nice little boy.”

“Okay.” said Bruce.

“Hey Isley, what’s that you’ve got?” asked Mudkip.

“Uh, it’s a block I was going to give to one of the kids.” said Isley hiding it.

“Oh okay.” said Mudkip. “Why are you hiding it then?”

“Because I don’t want the kids to see it.” said Isley.

“Oh okay.” said Mudkip who then walked away whistling. Isley quickly hid it back in her pocket. Meanwhile, it showed Radley, Sae, and Kenzey with Alice.

“When’s this challenge going to be over?” asked Kenzey.

“Soon.” said Sae. “It’s been a few hours now.”

“You know, you seem to be very nice.” said Radley to Alice. “I don’t see why a nice little girl like you is an orphan.”

“I did have a home but I ran away.” said Alice. “I never knew my parents. I was raised by my auntie but she was too mean so that’s why I ran away. Since then I’ve been living in alleyways searching for food and shelter. My bunny Mr. Carrots here is my only friend.” She then started coughing again.

“Aww, poor girl.” said Radley. “You really need a nice home.”

“I can feel your pain little one.” said Sae. “I was once homeless but I now have a nice home, a husband, and plenty of friends.”

“You know, I’m still wondering what happened to my leftovers.” said Radley. “I’m thinking a raccoon could’ve taken it.”

“Oh was this your food?” asked Alice holding Radley’s leftovers.

“There’s my food!” said Radley. “However, I feel like you deserve it more.”

“Thank’s Mr. Radley.” said Alice hugging him.

“Just call me Radley.” said Radley. Kenzey was shown smiling from that. Meanwhile, Dusk was shown sitting with Margaret and Sherloch.

“These kids are starting to become a pain.” said Dusk.

“It’s alright.” said Margaret. “The challenge is probably going to be over soon.

“It’s my block!” shouted Casey.

“No it’s mine!” shouted Bruce. The block then slipped and hit Dusk in the head which caused him to get upset.

“Uh oh.” said Sherloch.

“Alright that’s it!” Dusk shouted. “I have had it with you two throwing blocks! Either you two go do some other darn plaything or whatever or go somewhere else because I’ve had it with you two throwing blocks at the back of my head!” Casey and Bruce then ran off screaming after Dusk shouted at them. Margaret and Sherloch were shown looking upset at him. “What?” he asked.

“Not cool dude.” said Sherloch.

“Well at least we have plenty of time to get them back.” said Margaret.

“Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy. “Your babysitting is over! Meet me at the entrance and I’ll decide the winner!”

“Or not.” said Margaret. At the entrance, the two teams were shown with their kids. Wentworth was shown holding James so he wouldn’t run off while Radley was shown carrying Alice on his shoulders.

“Well well, obviously you had fun with your daycare challenge today.” said Oweguy.

“Somewhat.” said Murdoch.

“Overall, it seems close but from what I see, two of the Dancing Dice kids are missing.” said Oweguy. Dusk then came back with the Casey and Bruce who were beating his head up and pulling on his hair.

“Here!” he shouted dropping them in front of Oweguy. “They’re your responsibility now!”

“Well, I’ve now decided a winner and the winning team is…..the Poker Chips!” announced Oweguy.

“Alright!” cheered most of the team.

“What?!” shouted Dusk.

“Dancing Dice, even though you did alright, it was your missing kids that cost you the challenge.” said Oweguy. “See you at the elimination ceremony tonight.” Most of the team glared at Dusk.

“What?” he asked.

“Okay kiddies, time to go back to your mommies.” said Oweguy. “As for you little girl, I’m not sure where you’re staying.”

“Oweguy, I’m going to allow her to move in with us.” said Radley. “She needs a home and she’s really close to me.”

“Okay then.” said Oweguy. “I hope you’re cool with extra babysitting.” He then left with the kids.

“Thanks Radley.” said Alice hugging him.

“You did the right thing.” said Sae patting Radley’s back.

“What Radley did today was obviously the sweetest thing I’ve seen him do.” said Kenzey in the confessional. “I think if he decides to adopt that kid, he’ll be a great dad.” It then showed the Dancing Dice at the elimination ceremony. Oweguy then joined them and stood at the podium.

“You all know what to do.” said Oweguy. “Decide who you want to vote off using your voting devices and everyone but one person gets a Gilded Oweguy.” Everyone proceeded to do so. “Okay the votes are in.” said Oweguy. Sabbath then arrived with the Gilded Oweguy’s. “Why are you here?” Oweguy asked.

“Your wife requested me to.” said Sabbath. “Apparently she’s taking the night off.”

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “First Gilded Oweguy goes to Margaret!” She caught her Gilded Oweguy. “Next people who are safe are Sherloch, Yuki, Catherine, and Oran!” They all got their Gilded Oweguys. “Roxanne, you’re safe as well and so is Chuck.” They then got their Gilded Oweguy’s. “Jerry and Dusk, you’re the only two left. And the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Jerry.” He then caught his Gilded Oweguy with Dusk looking upset. Sabbath was shown shocked that Dusk was voted off.

“Real nice.” said Dusk. “Well whatever, I don’t need you guys anyway! You’re better off on your own!” He then stormed off.

“Well that was a quick goodbye.” said Oweguy. “Hey intern, can you help clean the toilets?”

“No way Oweguy, I’m quitting!” shouted Sabbath throwing off her intern shirt. “I’d rather stay with Dusk then clean up your messes!”

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “I’ve still got plenty of interns.” One intern then walked over and whispered in Oweguy’s ear. “Okay so now I don’t have as many as I did originally but I’m still good.”

“Whatever, let’s go Dusky poo.” said Sabbath.

“Agreed.” said Dusk. They then got into a different car rather than the lameousine.

“Hey, losers ride in the lameousine!” shouted Oweguy but they were too far away to hear. “Whatever, the rest of you guys have a good night.”

“See, I overall don’t think someone like Dusk should be taking care of kids.” said Margaret in the confessional. “It’s not right to shout at kids even when being bothersome.”

“Well I hope the contestants had fun babysitting today.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What crazy challenge are the contestants going to face next? Will I be able to find a replacement intern? Will I not get sued by some angry mothers? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 6: Take Your Supermodel to Work Day

Last time on Total Drama the contestants spent some time with some kiddies. And boy did it end up crazy for them. Most of them were annoyed by the kids constantly throwing blocks at them and Radley befriended a little orphan girl who soon befriended him. Even with Margaret’s skills at raising children, Dusk ended up snapping at the kids and chased them away, right when the challenge ended. Due to this, the Dancing Dice lost again and Dusk was voted off for costing his team the win. Who will be the next contestant to ride the lameousine? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At the dorms, it showed the Dancing Dice boys sitting around in their dorm. “I can’t believe we lost again!” said Chuck not looking happy. “We were so close to getting onto a winning streak.”

“Calm down dude.” said Oran. “I’m sure we can win the next challenge if we try hard enough.”

“I hope we can.” said Chuck. It then showed the girls upstairs.

“It’s a shame we lost again.” said Yuki.

“Well it was Dusk who caused us to lose but he’s out now.” explained Margaret.

“I’m sure we’ll win the next challenge.” said Catherine.

“Yeah, I just hope that none of our teammates interfere, especially Jerry and Chuck.” said Margaret.

“Don’t worry.” said Roxanne. “I’m sure those two won’t be a problem.”

“I hope so too.” said Margaret. “Overall, we should just try hard.” The four of them then did a group high five. In the Poker Chips dorm, the girls were sitting on the couch.

“So, what did you do with the ring?” asked Nianah.

“I placed it near his bed but he hasn’t noticed it yet, probably because he’s still sleeping.” said Isley.

“Give him time.” said Nianah. “I’m sure he’ll notice soon.”

“Hey Isley, look what I found by my bed!” shouted Mudkip from upstairs with Isley looking excited. “A chocolate bar!” Isley then got over her excitement.

“Definitely give him time.” said Nianah.

“By the way, how’s that kid?” asked Isley.

“You mean Alice?” asked Kaylie. “She’s doing fine. Radley got her fresh clothes, washed her bunny doll, and he’s currently giving her a checkup at the doctor’s to see if she’s not sick.”

“That’s nice.” said Isley. Radley then came in.

“We’re back.” he said.

“So, how’s the kid?” asked Nianah.

“She’s healthy.” said Radley.

“That’s great.” said Isley.

“I guess she’s managed to do well on her own.” said Nianah.

“Now if you excuse us, I’m going to try and find a good babysitter to watch her.” said Radley going upstairs with Alice.

“I think Radley will raise her well.” said Nianah.

“Yeah, at least she’s better than those other kids.” said Isley. “They were a real pain.”

“Well I hope today’s challenge will be easier.” said Nianah. Suddenly the intercom turned on.

“Attention contestants, its challenge time!” said Oweguy. “Meet me outside the main plaza in five minutes.”

“We’ll we’re about to find out what challenge we’ll be getting.” said Isley.

“Hopefully it’ll be easy.” said Nianah. Outside, it showed the contestants waiting for Oweguy.

“Hey Rad, where’s Alice?” asked Kenzey.

“I got a babysitter to watch her while we’re doing the challenge.” said Radley.

“Hopefully not one who’ll just leave and spend time with their boyfriend or girlfriend.” said Kenzey.

“Nope, I got one who’ll keep an eye on her.” said Radley. In the dorm, it showed Owen sitting on the couch with Alice watching TV.

“Want some cheese puffs?” asked Owen with his hands completely covered in cheese. Alice looked disgusted by this. Back with the contestants, Oweguy arrived in a cart.

“Hello everyone, are you prepared for today’s challenge?” he asked.

“Oh we sure are.” said Wentworth.

“As you may know, this city is based off various famous cities like Las Vegas right?” said Oweguy.

“Uh yeah, you told us in the first episode.” said Radley.

“Okay then, well those places is basically where celebrities like to hang out.” Oweguy continued. “And for today’s challenge, I’ve invited two famous celebrities to come check out the city.”

“Who are the celebrities?” asked Sae.

“They’re two supermodels from a famous magazine that some of you girls have read.” said Oweguy. Most of the girls were quiet. “Oh, you don’t read it?” he asked. The girls shook their heads. “Rats.” said Oweguy.

“Just get on with the challenge.” said Chuck.

“Fine.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, your challenge today is to spend time with these two supermodels for the day and try to impress them as much as possible. The supermodels will be giving the reviews and the team that gets the best review is the winner while the losing team sends someone home.”

“So when are these supermodels showing up?” asked Radley.

“Right now!” said Oweguy with a limousine showing up.

“Ooh, a limousine.” said Mudkip.

“I’d rather ride that than the lameousine.” said Chuck. The door then opened and the first supermodel came out who was a blonde girl in a dark blue dress.

“Allow me to introduce, Jessica Samson!” said Oweguy. Jessica started blowing kisses to the people nearby.

“She’s pretty cute.” said Wentworth. The second supermodel came out who was a tan skinned girl with short black hair and a red dress.

“And here’s our second supermodel, Brianna!” said Oweguy with Brianna waving to a bunch of camera people.

“We’re here mr. host.” said Jessica.

“Show us who we’re hanging out with.” said Brianna.

“These guys.” said Oweguy pointing to the contestants with Mudkip waving and Wentworth playing video games.

“Seriously?” asked Brianna.

“If you hang out with them I’ll pay you.” said Oweguy showing them dollar bills.

“Deal.” said Brianna.

“Okay, time to see who gets to hang out with which model.” said Oweguy. “Poker Chips, you’ll be hanging out with Jessica, and Dancing Dice, you’ll be hanging out with Brianna.

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth. The teams then joined with their assigned models.

“Hey, I’m Mudkip.” Mudkip greeted to Jessica.

“You’re named yourself after a Pokemon?” asked Jessica.

“No that’s just my nickname that I prefer to be called by.” said Mudkip. “My real name is Jacob.” “ His name’s Jacob?” asked Radley. “Why didn’t he tell us that earlier?”

“Just look at his wikia page.” said Isley. “It says it right there.”

“Oh yeah.” said Radley.

“Hey, I’m Wentworth.” said Wentworth looking nervous. “You’re um, very pretty.”

“Um, thanks.” said Jessica.

“Okay guys, you’ve got the whole day to impress these guys.” said Oweguy. “And make sure you be a good host for them.”

“We will.” said Nianah.

“Hey look, another limo.” said Margaret pointing it out.

“Who’s this?” asked Oweguy. “I only asked for two models.” The door opened and Dakota then stepped out in a dress.

“Hi everybody, Dakota’s here to make this place awesome!” she said.

“Dakota?!” asked Oweguy shocked.

“Wait, Dakota from Revenge of the Island?” asked Radley. “But I thought she was a monster. And I’m not talking about a fashion monster.”

“It’s been said she’s gotten treatment for that that turned her back to normal.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Radley. “Well this will be interesting.”

“Dakota, what are you doing here?!” asked Oweguy.

“I’ve came to interview for your internship job.” said Dakota holding a flyer.

“Go be Chris’ intern.” said Oweguy.

“No way.” said Dakota. “I want to be the intern of someone who owns a Las Vegas like city. I mean this place is like a dream come true for me.”

“She’s right.” said Wentworth.

“Okay fine.” said Oweguy. “I’ll look over your papers first and then I’ll give you an interview. Until then, enjoy the city.”

“Thank you so much.” said Dakota. “C’mon boys, let’s go have some fun.”

“Chris told me that Dakota is bad news, but he also told me that I can have fun pushing her around if we ever bumped into each other.” said Oweguy in the confessional. “This is going to be fun.” It then showed Dakota in the confessional about to use the toilet until she noticed the camera.

“Why is there a camera in the toilet stall?” she asked. “Great, it’s just like Total Drama Island all over again.”

“Okay guys, you’d better show these girls the city.” said Oweguy. “You’ve already wasted five minutes.”

“Okay, sheesh.” said Margaret. The two teams left.

“Are you sure about hiring Dakota?” asked Marine.

“Hey get this, if we do, it’ll give us someone to push around.” said Oweguy.

“Oh I see.” said Marine. The two then smiled at each other and then headed back to their building. Meanwhile the Poker Chips were walking around with Jessica.

“So Jessica, what is it that you like to do for fun?” asked Radley.

“Well I like to get my picture taken, I like wearing dresses, and I like to wear a lot of makeup.” said Jessica.

“Ugh, I’m glad I don’t hang out with the fashion girls.” said Radley. “It’s too much for my interests.”

“How about we go check out the fashion area?” asked Nianah. “The boys can wait outside.”

“Thank you.” said Radley. On the other team, the Dancing Dice were hanging out with Brianna.

“So what do you like to do Brianna?” asked Margaret.

“I like to model, dress up, and sometimes I like to sing.” said Brianna.

“Interesting.” said Margaret. “Now what is something you like do when you’re not doing all that?”

“I like to spend time in casinos and restaurants.” said Brianna. “This place better have some.”

“Oh there are.” said Margaret. “We’ll show them to you.”

“Okay.” said Brianna.

“This better be fun.” said Chuck. Back with the Poker Chips, the boys were waiting outside.

“I wonder what they’re doing with Jessica?” asked Wentworth.

“Probably showing them the fashion stuff.” said Radley.

“I wonder if she’ll hang out with me.” said Wentworth. “I think she’s pretty.”

“Dude, I don’t think she’s your type.” said Murdoch. “Plus, she’s probably already dating.”

“Bro, give him a chance.” said Radley. “Wentworth, how about when she comes back, we take her to lunch and you offer to sit next to her.”

“Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.” said Wentworth.

“Remember, say it politely.” said Radley.

“Gotcha.” said Wentworth. The girls then came back with Jessica.

“That was fun.” said Jessica. “You girls definitely know to have fun with fashion.”

“We learned it from school dances.” said Nianah.

“Hey Jessica, Wentworth and I were thinking that we all go to a restaurant for lunch.” said Radley. “Are you in?”

“That sounds fun.” said Jessica. “I love to eat at fancy restaurants.”

“Well you’re in luck.” said Isley. “There’s a nice one close by.”

“Wonderful.” said Jessica.

“I just hope someone will pay for it.” said Murdoch.

“Relax, I have a credit card.” said Jessica. “In fact, I have five.”

“How do these people get to be so rich?” asked Murdoch in the confessional. Meanwhile, it showed the Dancing Dice in the casino with Brianna.

“Ha, I’m totally going to win at this slot machine.” said Jerry putting a coin tied to a string in it and then pulling it out. He then pulled the lever and he got a match of Chef heads.

“You lose!” shouted a recording of Chef on the machine.

“Dammit!” shouted Jerry punching and kicking the machine.

“Dude chill out.” said Sherloch. “I don’t want to use this.” He pulled out a remote for Jerry’s shock collar and Jerry calmed down.

“Okay, I’m cool.” He said.

“I’m tired of Jerry.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “That dude needs to go.”

“Hey lady, I’m getting tired of this casino.” said Jerry to Brianna. “How about we go out to dinner? It’ll be a date.”

“Ugh, as if.” said Brianna. “You smell like something I’ve smelt in my dumpster.”

“Oh and its woman your type that like to hang out in perfume shops because that’s the best thing you girls think is out there.” said Jerry.

“Excuse me?” asked Brianna getting upset.

“Oh no.” said Oran.

“Us guys like to do more fun stuff and we’re stronger.” said Jerry. “You girls, you just like to show off your bodies!”

“Oh that’s it!” shouted Brianna and then punched Jerry and started stomping on him with her heels.

“Okay, he definitely needs to go now.” said Sherloch in the confessional.

“Security!” shouted Brianna with two guards showing up.

“What’s the problem?” asked the first guard.

“This man said rude things about me.” Said Brianna

“You sick monster!” shouted the guard.

“And he wrecked the new vending machine we just installed.” said one of the casino staff.

“Oh that’s it, get him out of here!” shouted the guard. Jerry was then thrown out of the casino. “And don’t even think about coming back!” The door then slammed shut.

“Hmph, some team.” He said. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, the Poker Chips were shown eating with Jessica. Radley was shown dialing on his phone.

“Who are you calling?” asked Kenzey.

“I’m calling Owen.” said Radley. “I hired him to watch over Alice.”

“Why him?” asked Kenzey.

“He was the only one available.” said Radley. At the dorm, it showed Owen sleeping with a pile of food all over him.

“Mr. the phone’s ringing for you.” said Alice giving Owen the phone who then picked it up and ate it in his sleep.

“No answer.” said Radley.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” said Kenzey. “The challenge is almost over anyway.”

“Yeah and so far we’ve done well with Jessica here.” said Radley.

“Wentworth seems to be hanging out with her a lot.” said Kenzey.

“He has a crush on her.” said Radley.

“But isn’t she a little old?’ asked Kenzey.

“No, her Twitbook page says she’s the same age as Wentworth.” said Radley.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t mess up.” said Kenzey.

“So Jessica, are you dating anyone?” asked Wentworth.

“No, all the men I have dated left me for someone else.” said Jessica. “They prefer the tan girls that like to hang out at beaches.”

“Ouch.” said Wentworth. “What boys interest you?”

“I like boys that are nice, handsome, and here’s something that I’ve never told my Twitbook followers.” said Jessica. “I like gamers.”

“Really?” asked Wentworth surprised.

“Yeah.” said Jessica. “Along with my interests in fashion, I liked to play video games as a kid. I’ve noticed that gamers tend to choose good girlfriends. The only problem is that I’ve never met someone who likes video games.”

“You’re looking at him.” said Wentworth.

“Really?” asked Jessica surprised. “You’re a gamer?”

“Not just a gamer but I’m also a gamer designer.” said Wentworth. “When we get the chance, I’ll show you my house. It’s completely full of games.”

“It’s true.” said Mudkip.

“Plus, I think you’re very cute yourself.” said Wentworth.

“Oh that’s just sweet.” said Jessica smiling. “And I think you’re pretty cute yourself. What should we do?”

“We should hug.” said Wentworth. The two then hugged with everyone in the restaurant looking happy and Radley looking proud for him.

“That’s so good for him.” said Isley.

“Uh Isley, there’s something I wanted to tell you.” said Mudkip.

“What is it?” asked Isley.

“I’m going to do it in front of everyone.” said Mudkip.

“Okay.” said Isley looking confused.

“Isley, you’re like a big sister to me, but you’re more than a big sister, you’re my girlfriend.” said Mudkip. “And seeing that we moved in with each other before we got here, I thought about doing something that will make you happy.” Isley started smiling. “I’ve had this since before the season started but I was nervous to tell you but it’s a good time to say it now.

“This is going to be good.” said Wentworth.

“Isley…” Mudkip then leaned down and got out a ring case. “Will you be my Pokemate?” Everyone gasped when he got out the ring.

“Mudkip, I don’t know what to say.” Said Isley shocked.

“I’ll return it.” said Mudkip, it wasn’t that expensive.

“Mudkip, of course I’ll be your Pokemate.” said Isley hugging him. Everyone started cheering for them.

“A new couple, and an engaged couple all in one night.” said Radley.

“Attention contestants, it’s time to check your progress.” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“I’ll handle the check snookums.” said Jessica to Wentworth. “I’ll meet you there when I’m done.”

“She called me snookums.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “I’ve never felt so happier.” Later, both teams were shown with their supermodels with Brianna glaring at Jerry who was glaring back.

“Let’s see how your progress was.” said Oweguy. “Poker Chips, I can see you had fun. Jessica, how was your time with the Poker Chips?”

“It was fun.” She said. “The most fun part was that I met the love of my life.” Wentworth then waved to Oweguy.

“Wentworth?!” asked Oweguy shocked. “That’s definitely a shocker. And Brianna, how was your time with the Dancing Dice?”

“It was going well until Mr. Sexist here started to say bad things about me.” said Brianna upset at Jerry. “Now if you excuse me, I’m going to the pool.”

“Okay, from what I can see from here, I’d have to say the winners of the challenge are the Poker Chips!”

“Alright!” cheered most of the team and Isley and Mudkip hugging.

“Dancing Dice, I’m afraid you’ll have to go to the elimination ceremony, again.” said Oweguy. See you in a bit.

“Hey dude, here’s your kid.” said Owen giving Alice to Radley.

“Thanks Owen.” said Radley.

“Oh and you’ll probably have to get the phone out of the toilet.” said Owen walking away.

“I’m not gonna ask.” said Radley disgusted. Later at the elimination ceremony, it showed the Dancing Dice doing their votes on the voting devices.

“The votes are in.” said Oweguy. “If you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy you’re out. First Gilded Oweguy goes to Margaret!” She then caught her Gilded Oweguy. “Next Gilded Oweguy’s go to Catherine, Oran, and Yuki!” The three of them got their Gilded Oweguys. “Roxanne, you’re safe too and so is Chuck.” The two got their Gilded Oweguy’s. “So that now leaves us with Sherloch and Jerry, and the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Sherloch.” He then caught his Gilded Oweguy looking upset.

“Real nice.” said Jerry. “Who needs you guys anyway? You’re just a bunch of…” Two strong interns then grabbed Jerry and threw him into the lameousine which quickly drove away.

“I’m glad he’s gone.” said Margaret. “He was such a pain.”

“Hey Oweguy, did you get a chance to look over my paperwork?” asked Dakota running toward him.

“Well since you were the only person applying for the job right now, you’re in.” said Oweguy. “Have fun.”

“Thanks so much.” said Dakota leaving.

“I can’t wait to boss her around just like Chris does.” said Oweguy to himself.

“What was that?” asked Oran.

“Nothing.” said Oweguy.

“Okay.” said Oran.

“Who will be the next one to ride the lameousine?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “What is Wentworth’s new relationship going to be like? What crazy challenge do I have in store next? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 7: I Survived a Total Drama Game Show

Last time on Total Drama, the two teams had to spend some time with some supermodels and show them some of the interesting parts of the city while also trying not to get a bad review. Wentworth developed a crush on his team’s supermodel Jessica and the two later admitted their feelings for each other. Normally that would take a few episodes but that one sure was quick. Also Mudkip finally proposed to Isley revealing that he had an engagement ring with him all this time and wanted to surprise her. Jerry also got into big trouble when he said sexist comments to his team’s supermodel which later made his team loss and made him get the boot. Which team will win next and who will be the next one voted off? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At the restaurant area of the city, the Poker Chips were eating breakfast at some outdoor tables. The girls were shown sitting at one table while the guys were at another table. “That ring is lovely sis.” said Nianah.

“I’m surprised Mudkip had a ring with him this whole time.” said Sae.

“I know I’m shocked too.” said Isley. “But I’m happy he finally proposed. I just don’t know what to do with my ring now.”

“Return it, or you could give it to someone else.” suggested Kaylie.

“I’ll just hold onto it for now.” said Isley.

“I’m glad for Wentworth.” said Nianah. “He’s been looking for someone to love for a while.”

“I never knew supermodels liked gamers.” said Molly.

“Me neither but I guess that’s just her interest in guys.” said Nianah. “She did say her other boyfriends left her for another girl.”

“I just hope that she’s not doing it for ratings.” said Molly.

“I don’t think so.” said Nianah. It then cut to the confessional with her saying “I’ve known some friends from school that got careers as supermodels and they haven’t dated people just to get ratings. I think Wentworth’s going to be fine.” It then showed the boys at their table.

“Congratulations Mudkip.” said Radley.

“That’s Rad.” said Mudkip.

“I’m a little confused.” said Wentworth “Why did you act like you didn’t know what to look for when Isley told you to get a shiny thing?”

“That was just my plan to make it look like I didn’t know what she wanted.” explained Mudkip. “After she left I went to the jewelry store and bought the prettiest ring that was there. I just kept it hidden for a while because I wanted to propose at a good time. I thought last night was good because you just got a girlfriend and we were all in a nice restaurant.”

“Well that was good timing then.” said Radley.

“Speaking of me and my girlfriend, Jessica invited me to see a movie tonight.” said Wentworth.

“That’s nice.” said Radley.

“I never knew that a girl like her would like someone like me.” said Wentworth. “We only knew each other for a day but she did say she liked gamers.”

“I’m sure she’s just dating you to get attention.” said Murdoch.

“Dude, be nice.” said Radley.

“Why it’s true.” said Murdoch. “I’ve read it in magazines that say that supermodels date people just to get attention.”

“Dude, I read that magazine and that was just one person whose family is spoiled and rich.” said Radley.

“Whatever, she’s going to dump you anytime now.” said Murdoch. Jessica then walked by and waved to Wentworth who waved back.

“I don’t think Murdoch’s saying this stuff just to make Wentworth upset.” said Radley in the confessional. “I think it’s something else, and I’m going to make him tell me.” Meanwhile, it showed the Dancing Dice at their dorm.

“Lost again!” shouted Chuck. “At least Jerry’s gone so he won’t make us lose again.”

“I’m glad he’s gone.” said Sherloch. “He was a pain in the butt. Plus, I’m sure if he stayed longer he would’ve pestered Roxanne to be his girlfriend again.”

“I’m glad he didn’t.” said Oran.

“Yeah, if he did, things would’ve gotten ugly.” said Sherloch.

“Guys, I just realized that we need to work together.” said Chuck. “There’s only three boys left on our team and the rest are all girls.”

“So what are you saying?” asked Sherloch.

“I’m saying if there are more girls then they’re going to push us around and sooner or later, it’ll be a girl’s only team.” Chuck explained.

“Gee, that does sound unfair.” said Oran.

“So what I was thinking was that we should join an alliance to vote off the girls one by one until it’s the guys left on our team.” said Chuck.

“I don’t know.” said Sherloch.

“Yeah, most of the girls on our team are pretty nice.” said Oran.

“If you don’t join I’ll vote you off the next time we lose.” said Chuck.

Oran gulped and then said “Okay.”

“I need some time to think.” said Sherloch.

“Take your time.” said Chuck. It then cut to the confessional with him saying “We’re already down to seven members while the other team has ten. I think it’s time that I start to knock people off of their team.” Later it showed a seagull sleeping the intercom and a loud horn from it shot it out.

“Challenge time contestants!” announced Oweguy. “Meet me in the casino building and I will show you your next challenge.” It then showed the contestants at the casino waiting for Oweguy.

“What do you think the challenge is?” asked Wentworth.

“Maybe we’re playing poker.” said Mudkip.

“I don’t think so.” said Isley. Oweguy then arrived on a scooter.

“Hey everybody, are you ready for today’s challenge?”

“Oh we are ready.” said Wentworth with Murdoch rolling his eyes.

“Then join me in here.” said Oweguy opening a door. Inside they saw a huge game show set. “This is the game show room at our casino.” he explained. Here is where the TV crew at the casino shows one of our daily game shows that we show here on the cities TV channel.

“Cool.” said Wentworth.

“The staff that does the show went on vacation for a week so that gives us a good chance to do a challenge here.” said Oweguy.

“So what’s the challenge?” asked Radley.

“It’s a game show based challenge.” said Oweguy. “Basically each person gets paired up with someone and whoever beats them will move to the next round while the person who lost has to sit over there!” He then pointed to a stand that resembled a trash can with a lot of silly costumes and junk scattered around it.

“What is that?” asked Chuck.

“The loser bin.” said Oweguy. “I designed it like a trash can to make it funnier.”

“I can see.” said Chuck.

“Each challenge that the person faces is going to be something you’d normally see in a game show.” explained Oweguy. “It’ll be either a trivia question or a little mini challenge. The challenges will only last for about a minute for each of you because I only have this stage for a few hours.”

“Who are we getting paired with?” asked Sae.

“I’m about to tell you now.” said Oweguy. “Round one it’s Catherine vs. Isley and Sae, Chuck vs. Radley and Kenzey, Margaret vs. Molly and Kaylie, Oran vs. Wentworth, Roxanne vs. Nianah, Sherloch vs. Mudkip, and Yuki vs. Murdoch. Does that sound good?”

“I guess so.” said Radley.

“Whoever wins each mini challenge will move on to round two.” said Oweguy. “Now let’s get this party started!” It then showed Radley and Kenzey against Chuck. “Chuck, Radley, and Kenzey have to get through a small foam bridge while not falling into the pool of water below.

“This will be easy.” said Radley.

“You have a minute to cross.” said Oweguy. “And go!” The three of them started walking on the bridge while trying not to fall.

“You should watch out Chuck. I’m very athletic.” said Radley.

“Hey, your shoe’s untied.” said Chuck attempting to trick him. Radley looked down and saw that it was untied.

“Hmm, you’re right.” he said. He then ducked down trying to tie his shoe but he lost his balance and fell into the pool.

“And Radley’s out!” shouted Oweguy.

“Aww man.” said Radley.

“Hmm, this doesn’t seem hard enough.” said Oweguy. He then pressed a button and a wrecking ball started swinging at Chuck and Kenzey.

“C’mon man!” shouted Chuck. The wrecking ball then hit him which knocked him to the goal. “Ha, I made it!”

“Yeah, you made it a little too late.” said Kenzey standing near the goal.

“Aww what?!” shouted Chuck.

“And Kenzey moves onto round two!” announced Oweguy. “Radley and Chuck, have fun in the loser bin.” A giant mechanical hand grabbed Radley and Chuck and dropped them in the loser bin. It then showed Catherine, Isley and Sae sitting at some desks.

“The girls here need to answer a question in just a few seconds.” said Oweguy doing a voiceover. The question then came on which said “Who is a contestant on the main Total Drama canon that likes to read?”

“Noah!” shouted Catherine hitting a buzzer.

“Catherine moves on.” said Oweguy. “Sorry girls but you should’ve spoken up sooner.” A boot then hit Isley and Sae into the loser bin. It then showed Sherloch and Mudkip on a small platform at the center of a pool of water.

“Sherloch and Mudkip here have to react quickly when they are told to push them into the water.” Oweguy said.

“Push!” shouted a voice recording. Sherloch easily pushed Mudkip into the water.

“Sherloch moves on!” said Oweguy.

“Aww man.” said Mudkip. It then showed a montage of the other contestants doing their challenges with Oran and Wentworth doing an eating contest, Margaret, Molly, and Kaylie dancing in ballerina costumes, Roxanne and Nianah swimming from sharks, and Murdoch and Yuki getting spun on roulette wheels.

“Well, round one was interesting but the people moving onto round two are Kenzey, Catherine, Sherloch, Wentworth, Molly, Roxanne, and Murdoch!” announced Oweguy.

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth

“Here’s how round two will work.” said Oweguy. “Rather than separate mini challenges, this one will be one big challenge.”

“What’s the challenge?” asked Molly.

“Human pool balls!” announced Oweguy showing a huge pool ball table set. “The goal is to knock your opponents into the holes just like in a regular game of pool. Each person will be inside a giant hamster like ball similar to the pinball challenge. The remaining three people there with move on to the third and final round.”

“Sounds simple.” said Catherine. It then showed the contestants in the giant pool balls and waited for Oweguy to start the challenge.

“And go!” shouted Oweguy. The contestant started rolling around.

“Hey Wentworth, watch out!” shouted Murdoch trying to push Wentworth down a hole.

“Oh, forgot to mention one thing. You’re not allowed to knock people that are on your same team.” said Oweguy.

“Last minute rules are always unfair.” said Murdoch in the confessional. “Why don’t you mention them earlier?” Roxanne then knocked Kenzey down one of the holes.

“That was easy.” she said. Wentworth then knocked her down the same hole that Kenzey fell down in.

“Well that didn’t last long.” said Kenzey to Roxanne. Wentworth then hit Catherine too knocking her down.

“Only four people left.” said Oweguy. “Sherloch should be careful because if he loses than that’s it for his team!” Sherloch then knocked his ball against Molly’s knocking her down a hole.

“I’m too smart to lose against them.” said Sherloch in the confessional.

“And that’s the final three folks!” announced Oweguy. “It’s now time for the final round.”

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth. It then showed the three of them at stands.

“Here’s how round three will work.” said Oweguy. “It’s a trivia game!”

“Oh boy!” cheered Wentworth.

“You will all be answered questions.” said Oweguy. “If you guess wrong, you’re out. If you guess right, you keep going. The last person standing wins invincibility for the team. First question goes to Sherloch.

“Give me what you’ve got.” he said.

“What is that movie when a mall cop from the future is rebuilt into a cyborg?” asked Oweguy.

“Robo Mall Cop.” said Sherloch.

“Correct.” said Oweguy.

“I know every cop movie.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “That’s a skill for being a police officer.”

“Murdoch, it’s your turn.” said Oweguy. “What is Courtney’s favorite TV show?”

“Judge Ruby.” said Murdoch.

“Correct.” said Oweguy.

“That show’s been cancelled for a while now.” said Radley in the loser bin.

“Wentworth, what is Gwen’s favorite horror film?” asked Oweguy.

“Uh, Zombie Bunnies from the Cabbage Patch?” asked Wentworth.

“Wrong, but that is still in her top twenty.” said Oweguy. “You’re out.”

“That was the only horror movie I know that I’ve seen.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “I still have nightmares thinking it.”

“We’re down to Sherloch and Murdoch.” said Oweguy. “Sherloch, what did Duncan give to Gwen for her seventeenth birthday?”

“That sounds tough.” said Mudkip.

“A copy of Vampire Babes II.” said Sherloch.

“That’s correct.” said Oweguy

“How did he know?” asked Radley.

“She did a webcam video on her birthday presents.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Radley.

“Murdoch, here’s your next question.” said Oweguy. “Do you secretly have a crush on the supermodel Jessica?” Murdoch looked nervous when he said that.

“I had a feeling Murdoch was just saying that stuff to Wentworth because he was jealous so I told Oweguy to ask this question to him.” explained Radley in the confessional.

“Well Murdoch, are you going to answer?” asked Oweguy.

Murdoch still looked nervous but then said “Pass.” The giant boot then kicked him out of his stand and into the loser bin.

“Sherloch wins which makes the entire Dancing Dice team win invincibility!” announced Oweguy with confetti falling down. “As a prize, here’s a month’s worth of treats for your team and a free copy of Robo Mall Cop.”

“Sweet!” cheered Sherloch.

“Poker Chips, I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony tonight.” said Oweguy.

“Aww man!” shouted Wentworth. “We were doing so well.”

“I already know who to vote off.” said Kenzey looking at Murdoch. Outside the Poker Chips dorm, Murdoch was sitting on the front step and Radley joined him.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“You were obviously hiding a secret today.” said Radley. “Why didn’t you answer that question?”

“Okay fine, I have a crush on Jessica.” he said. “I just wanted to make Wentworth feel like he was getting used and was willing to break up with her.”

“Dude, she’s obviously not your type.” said Radley. “I’m sure you’ll meet the right girl someday. In fact, I know someone back home I could set you up with.”

“Thanks big bro.” said Murdoch. “I guess I can always count on you.”

“That’s what brothers are for.” said Radley. The two then hugged. Later it showed the elimination ceremony and Oweguy came out with the Gilded Oweguys after the contestants voted for who they wanted to vote off.

“I’ve got the results here so now let’s see who’ll be staying.” said Oweguy. “Radley, you get the first Gilded Oweguy.”

“Sweet!” shouted Radley catching it.

“Nianah, Sae, and Isley, you’re safe as well.” Oweguy continued giving them their Gilded Oweguys. “Kenzey, you’re safe as well and so is Molly.” They caught their Gilded Oweguy’s. “Kaylie and Mudkip, you’re safe too.” Kaylie caught her Gilded Oweguy while Mudkip got hit in the head with his. “Murdoch and Wentworth, you’re our bottom two, and the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Wentworth!” Wentworth then sighed in relief and caught his Gilded Oweguy.

“What, why’d you vote me off?!” shouted Murdoch.

“You made us lose for not answering a question.” said Kenzey.

“Sorry dude.” said Wentworth.

“Whatever, I’m off.” said Murdoch getting onto the lameousine.

“I had a feeling Murdoch was going to get voted off tonight so I figured I’d get the jealousy thing situated.” explained Radley in the confessional. “But don’t worry about him; I left him a little surprise in the lameousine, a surprise that will make him happy.” Murdoch then sat down in the lameousine and saw a blonde girl near him. He looked surprised by that.

“Hey handsome, your brother told me you needed a date.” she said. "How about we get dinner down the road?"

“Thanks Radley.” he said to himself. The lameosine then drove off.

“Well even though Murdoch lost the game, he still got a happy ending.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What crazy challenge will the contestants face next? Will the Dancing Dice manage to win again next time? And has Dakota finished watering my garden? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 8: The Ice Challenge Cometh

Last time on Total Drama the contestants had fun on the game show set. However, the challenges they did were a little too crazy compared to the ones they’ve seen. They walked on small bridges, answered very quick questions, and did human pool balls. In the end, Murdoch was given a question that asked if he had a crush on the supermodel Jessica who was dating Wentworth but he refused to answer making his team lose. Due to that, he was voted off but was given a little surprise from his brother Radley in the lameousine. What crazy challenge are the contestants going to face next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

It was nighttime and at a warehouse in the city, it showed a group of interns fixing an AC generator. Dakota was shown to be one of the interns in the group. “Why does Oweguy expect us to do all his work?” asked a chubby intern.

“Probably because he’s too lazy to do it himself.” said a tall skinny intern.

“So is miss beauty queen there.” said a nerdy looking intern pointing to Dakota who was filing her nails. “Hey Dakota, Oweguy wants your help!”

“I will once I’m done with my nails.” said Dakota.

“Forget her, let’s just do it by ourselves.” said the chubby intern. They continued hitting the generator to get it to work but the chubby intern hits it too hard and a blast of cold hair came shooting out. Outside, the entire warehouse and most of the area surrounding it got covered in ice. Meanwhile, it showed the two teams in their dorms. Radley and Kenzey were shown watching a movie with Alice.

“This is a great movie to watch as a family.” said Radley to Alice. “It’s not too scary and has great characters.”

“This is fun Mr. Radley.” said Alice.

“I’ve told you before, just call me Radley.” he said. Kenzey then sighed. “You don’t look too happy.” said Radley.

“Sorry, this wasn’t my favorite as a kid.” said Kenzey. “Molly watched it more.”

“Well this was the only movie Oweguy left in here.” said Radley. “And little Alice here likes it.”

“I can see.” said Kenzey.

“By the way, she’s told me she wanted to get to know you more.” said Radley. “Do you think you can do that with her?”

“I guess.” said Kenzey. “She does seem nice enough.”

“That’s my girl.” said Radley. Upstairs it showed Wentworth and Mudkip wearing blankets shivering.

“What’s with you two?” asked Nianah who was with Kaylie.

“It feels cold for some reason.” said Wentworth.

“Come to think of it, I feel cold too.” said Nianah.

“Yeah, what’s causing it?” asked Kaylie. Nianah looked out the window and saw the frozen area of the city.

“That’s probably what’s causing it.” said Nianah. It then showed Oweguy looking at the building through binoculars.

“Damn interns, they’re always going to mess up.” said Oweguy. “I’ve only got one choice now.”

“Go down there and fix it yourself?” asked Marine reading a magazine.

“Nope, get the contestants to do it.” said Oweguy.

“I figured.” said Marine who continued to read her magazine. Outside, it showed the contestants looking cold as Oweguy came out wearing a coat.

“Why is it so cold all of a sudden?” asked Chuck shivering.

“Yeah, the interns kinda broke the AC generator in the city’s main warehouse and due to all the air conditioners in the city being connected to that, it’s caused the air to get cold and the area where the warehouse is located is now covered in ice.” explained Oweguy.

“You really should get smarter interns.” said Margaret.

“Anyway, since the interns I believe are frozen, I’m instructing you guys to shut off the generator’s power and unfreeze everything.” said Oweguy.

“Can’t you do that yourself?” asked Molly.

“Can’t, Marine and I have to watch the late night movie on TV.” said Oweguy.

“Slacker.” said Chuck.

“The warehouse is located in the factory area of the city.” said Oweguy. “It’s pretty easy to find probably because it’s covered in ice.”

“Okay then.” said Radley. “Let’s shut that generator off.” The two teams then ran toward the factory area. Later it showed them walking through the city.

“Oweguy didn’t really tell us where the entrance to this area is.” said Sae looking tired.

“Don’t worry guys, we just need to find an icy area and then we’ll be fine.” said Nianah. Mudkip then slipped and fell.

“Ouch.” he said. “I hit my butt hard.”

“I think we’ve found it.” said Molly. They then saw that the whole area was covered in ice.

“I don’t see the warehouse yet.” said Radley.

“It’s probably farther ahead.” said Nianah. “Now let’s be careful and not slip, especially you Mudkip. Wentworth then fell. “You too Wentworth.” continued Nianah.

“Ow my butt!” he shouted. Over with the Dancing Dice, the team was trying not to slip on the ice.

“It’s so cold here!” he shouted. “Why doesn’t Oweguy give us coats?”

“Probably because he doesn’t have any.” said Sherloch.

“He probably does but is too lazy to give us some.” said Chuck.

“Chuck is such a pain.” said Sherloch. “Next change I get I’m going to vote him off.”

“We’re definitely getting closer.” said Margaret. “It’s getting more and more icy.” Roxanne started slipping a little but was caught by Sherloch.

“Careful, don’t want you getting hurt.” he said.

“You’re such a gentleman, much better than those slobs Jerry and Chuck.” said Roxanne.

“Don’t worry about Jerry.” said Sherloch. “He’s gone now.”

“We just need to worry about Chuck.” said Roxanne.

“We’ll keep an eye on him.” said Sherloch.

“This cold air makes me want to have something frozen.” said Oran.

“We’ll have ice cream after we get this challenge done.” said Margaret.

“Cool.” said Oran.

“Look, I think that’s it.” said Yuki pointing to a warehouse up ahead. The Poker Chips got there at the same time.

“Oh cool, there’s the warehouse!” said Wentworth.

“All we have to do is get through this icy…” Radley stepped on the ice but most of it broke apart revealing it was frozen water. “…path.”

“Aww man, there’s nothing to walk on.” said Mudkip.

“Yes there is.” said Kaylie. “There’s some ice flows there.”

“How do we get across?” asked Wentworth.

“Strategy.” said Kaylie. She then jumped onto the ice flows and kept jumping on them until she got to the other side.

“Whoa, that’s impressive.” said Wentworth.

“Along with being a marine biologist, I’m also a good acrobat.” said Kaylie in the confessional.

“My turn!” shouted Wentworth. He then tried jumping onto the ice flow but fell into the water. He then rose back up frozen in ice. “Someone help?” he mumbled in the ice.” Nianah and Isley pulled him out while Radley and Kenzey got across they then joined Kaylie on the other side.

“No problem.” he said.

“Unless you’re Wentworth.” said Kenzey with Wentworth trying to jump again but fell in the water again.

“You guys should use this catapult for Wentworth.” said Sae bringing a catapult over.

“I can’t help it that I’m big boned!” said Wentworth. “They then catapulted him to the other side where he landed on top of Radley.

“Ow.” he said underneath Wentworth. It then showed him in the confessional with him saying “We really need more strong boys on our team. I can’t be the only strong boy.”

“I’ll help Mudkip get across.” said Molly to the girls. She then picked him up and threw him to the other side where he landed on Wentworth’s stomach.

“Heh heh, soft landing.” said Mudkip. The rest of the girls then got across and joined the rest of the team.

“We made it!” cheered Wentworth.

“Now let’s get to the warehouse.

“Where’s the other team?” asked Kenzey.

“Right here.” said Sherloch standing next to them.

“How did you get here?” asked Radley. “We didn’t see you get across the water.”

“We found a shortcut.” said Sherloch showing them a bridge that led to the warehouse.

“I hate shortcuts that you see after you get across the hard way.” said Radley in the confessional.

“Now that we’re here, let’s find that switch.” said Margaret. The two teams then ran into the warehouse where they saw that everything inside was frozen and it was very big inside.

“Drat, it’s like a maze in here.” said Chuck.

“Check for the center.” said Sherloch. “I’m sure it’s located around there.” The Dancing Dice then ran somewhere else.

“Look at all these boxes.” said Wentworth.

“Hey look, this box is moving.” said Mudkip. “I bet there’s a dog in here.”

“Wait Mudkip!” shouted Isley. He then opened it up and saw there was a Sasquatch in there. It then growled at them and they started running.

“Nice job Mudkip!” shouted Radley.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.” he said. “I bet this one doesn’t have a Sasquatch.” He opened it up and saw there was a bear in there. The bear then growled at them and Radley looked upset. “Sorry.” said Mudkip.

“If he messes up more time he’s getting the boot!” shouted Radley in the confessional.

“Split up!” shouted Isley. “The yeti can’t catch us if we split up!” They then ducked behind most of the crates and the yeti looked confused. A fart sound was then heard.

“Wentworth!” shouted Kaylie quietly.

“Sorry.” He said. The sasquatch then pushed the crate away finding Kaylie, Wentworth, and Molly. They then started screaming as the Sasquatch chased them. It then showed the Dancing Dice.

“We’ve been walking around for five minutes and nothing!” shouted Chuck. “I want to get out of the cold!”

“Calm down.” said Catherine. “I’m sure it’s here somewhere.” Something then tapped Chuck’s back.

“Now what?” he asked. He then saw the bear behind him and he jumped onto Catherine’s head. “There’s a bear behind us!” The bear then roared at them.

“Why is it always bears?” asked Sherloch.

“Total Drama tradition?” asked Margaret.

“Probably.” said Sherloch. They then started screaming as the bear chased them. Meanwhile, Radley was shown walking around on his own.

“Where’s that shut off button?” he asked.

“Hey, over here!” shouted someone.

“Who’s there?” asked Radley. He then saw Dakota who was frozen from the chest down.

“Can you help me out here?” she asked.

“Why, you’re probably going to mess things up in here.” said Radley.

“I promise I’ll be good.” said Dakota. “I know how to shut this generator off.”

“You do?” asked Radley.

“Sure, you just need to get me out first.” said Dakota. Radley picked up a crowbar and smashed the ice freeing Dakota. “Thanks.” she said.

“Now tell me about the shut off switch.” said Radley.

“Sure, it’s somewhere located in the…” Dakota started to speak until she got interrupted by screaming.

“The yeti’s still angry at us!” screamed Wentworth who was getting chased by the Sasquatch.

“What did you do now?” asked Radley.

“He farted.” said Kaylie. Radley slapped his face.

“Anyway, Dakota here knows how to shut off the generator.” said Radley.

“Really, how?” asked Kaylie.

“It’s easy, first you…” Dakota began to say until an alarm suddenly went off.

“I didn’t do it!” screamed Mudkip. Some of the boxes smashed apart showing that there was a large security robot there.

“Intruder! Intruder!” it shouted. It then pointed two laser guns at them.

“Nice going.” said Radley. It then started shooting at them.

“I’m starting to have second thoughts about this internship job.” said Dakota.

“I’m having second thoughts about joining this show.” said Radley.

“You didn’t join, you were assigned.” said Mudkip.

“Thanks for letting me know.” said Radley still upset at Mudkip.

“What happened?” asked Isley noticing the robot.

“Ask Mudkip.” said Radley.

“I accidently triggered the security.” said Mudkip.

“What?” asked Isley upset.

“I didn’t mean to!” shouted Mudkip.

“What am I going to do with you?” asked Isley.

“Marry me?” asked Mudkip. Isley then rolled her eyes. Elsewhere, Sherloch was running from the bear and then saw the generator.

“Guys, I think that’s it!” he shouted.

“You take care of it!” shouted Chuck. “We’re running from a bear!”

“I will.” said Sherloch. He ran toward the generator and also saw the robot. “Yikes, what have they done over there?”

“Long story!” shouted Radley. Sherloch smashed some of the ice on the generator and saw a button that said generator shut down. “Here it is!” he shouted. He pressed it and the generator then shut off. All of the ice suddenly melted and the warehouse was unfrozen.

“He did it!” cheered Margaret.

“Yeah but now we need to escape!” shouted Chuck. “There’s a bear, a yeti, and a giant guard robot in here!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” said Roxanne fixing her police cap.

“I don’t think we can get away from this robot.” said Radley.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” said Dakota. She then got out a freeze gun and started shooting at the robot trapping it’s legs in ice so it couldn’t move.

“Wow, you’re good at that.” said Wentworth.

“Thanks.” said Dakota. “My daddy is an expert at technology. The robot then broke free from the ice and continued walking toward them.

“Keep shooting!” shouted Wentworth.

“I’m trying!” shouted Dakota trying to get the freeze gun to work. "This freeze gun apparently has cheap controls!" It then shot a big beam and froze the entire robot.

“That was close.” said Wentworth. The freeze gun then exploded in Dakota’s face with one of the ammo canisters flying in the air.

“Ouch.” she said. The ammo canister then fell in her mouth and she started choking.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help!” shouted Wentworth banging her on the head making her accidently swallow the canister.

“I thought you were going to do the Heimlich.” said Dakota.

“The what now?” asked Wentworth. She then smacked her head. The robot then started shaking.

“Uh oh, it’s still moving!” shouted Kaylie. They then saw Roxanne jump toward it and she shoved a knife into a slot on its head causing it to shut down.

“Consider that a help from the opposing team.” she said.

“Uh thanks.” said Radley.

“Let’s get out of here.” said Wentworth. The teams and Dakota then ran out of the warehouse where Oweguy was shown waiting.

“Hey everyone, I arrived as soon as the ice melted.” said Oweguy who was eating a bowl of popcorn. “In case you’re wondering, I have popcorn with me because I was just watching the late night movie.”

“What movie?” asked Wentworth.

“Some cheesy sci-fi movie.” said Oweguy. “It sucks and rules at the same time.”

“That’s why I like classic movies.” said Wentworth.

“Now then, give me the results.” said Oweguy. “I wasn’t paying attention to you guys.”

“Well I managed to shut down the generator while also avoiding a bear.” said Sherloch.

“Wow a bear?!” asked Oweguy. “That sounds fun.”

“Not to us.” said Chuck.

“Anyway, since Sherloch shut down the generator first, the Dancing Dice win the challenge!”

“Alright!” cheered most of the team except for Chuck.

“Poker Chips, I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony.”

"Hey Chris, can I talk to you?” asked Dakota still covered in black marks from the freeze gun explosion.

“Sure.” said Oweguy. “You look like you had fun. Looks like something blew up in your face.”

“Something did blow up in my face.” said Dakota looking upset. “I also swallowed this weird canister which I hope will reappear in a few days and I was frozen for a couple hours. You’re giving me jobs that are too difficult. Is there anything easier I could do?”

“I guess.” said Oweguy. “I’ll let you know.”

“Also, the intern building sucks.” said Dakota. “It’s covered in mold and it’s falling apart. Is there an easier place to live in?”

“I’ll let you know.” said Chris. The two then walked away.

“Hey, some of the team isn’t here.” said Wentworth. Mudkip, Isley, and Nianah then ran out of the warehouse running from the Sasquatch and joined the others. The Sasquatch then decided to leave.

“Hey guys, did we win?” asked Mudkip. The rest of the team glared at him. “Uh oh.” he said. Isley and Nianah had a worried look on their faces. Later it showed the Poker Chips at the elimination ceremony with the team deciding on their votes.

“The votes are cast.” said Oweguy. “If you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy, you’re out! Firsted Gilded Oweguy goes to Kenzey!”

“Yes!” she cheered catching it.

“Nianah, Molly, and Kaylie, you’re safe too.” continued Oweguy giving them their Gilded Oweguys. “Wentworth you are safe also!” He then caught his Gilded Oweguy looking happy. “Sae and Isley, you’re safe too.” The two caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Radley and Mudkip, it’s down to you two and the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Radley!” he then caught his Gilded Oweguy.

“What, but this has to be a mistake!” shouted Mudkip.

“Mudkip, it’s time to go.” said Oweguy.

“Wait, how about I go in his place.” said Isley.

“What?” asked Mudkip shocked.

“He made a mistake but you shouldn’t vote him off for it so I’m going to give him a second chance.” said Isley.

“Thanks Isley.” said Mudkip.

“That’s sweet of you.” said Oweguy. “However I was just told by the city staff that Mudkip can’t come back here for a month due to wrecking most of the warehouse so he’s leaving by default. But since you’ve just volunteered to quit the game, you’re both getting the boot!”

“What?” asked Isley shocked.

“Sorry.” said Oweguy.

“Wait, I’ve changed my…” Isley tried to talk but two buff interns grabbed both her and Mudkip and threw them into the lameousine which drove off.

“Gee, I feel a little bad now for getting upset at Mudkip.” said Radley.

“He’ll be fine.” said Kenzey. “He has Isley with him. Plus, they’re going to get married.”

“I guess he’ll be okay.” said Radley. “Next time I’ll see him I’ll apologize.”

“Oh Poker Chips, I’ve got a surprise present for you.” said Oweguy.

“Someone’s rejoining the team?” asked Wentworth.

“Nope, but you are getting a new roommate.” said Oweguy.

“Who’s our new roommate?” asked Radley.

“Dakota!” said Oweguy with Dakota standing near him who was shown carrying suitcases. “Hope you guys have fun!”

“Hey everyone.” She said. "Ready to have fun with me as your roommate?"

“This is going to suck for us.” said Radley to Kenzey who nodded.

“How long will the Poker Chips stand Dakota?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Will the Poker Chips manage to win next time? Am I going to pay for Mudkip’s mistakes? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 9: Nerdi-Con

Last time on Total Drama, those darn interns accidently wrecked the AC generator causing a section of the city to get covered in ice. To fix that problem, I sent I mean, asked the contestants if they could fix it. So they proceed to do that and they had to avoid slipping on ice and falling in icy water. Once inside the warehouse where the generator was located, things got really intense when Mudkip accidently made a Sasquatch, a bear, and a security robot get loose and everyone was running for their lives. Thanks to Sherloch, the generator was shut off and thanks to the combined forces of Roxanne and our past Total Drama contestant Dakota; they were able to shut off the robot and escape. In the end, the Dancing Dice were the winners and Mudkip was voted off for his actions during the challenge. Isley attempted to quit so Mudkip could stay but Mudkip was unable to return to the city for a short time due to what happened and due to that, both ended up getting the boot. As an extra surprise gift, the Poker Chips got a new roommate, also known as Dakota. Will the Poker Chips enjoy having her as a roommate or kick her out in less than a day? And what crazy challenge do I have in store next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

In the dorms, everyone was shown sleeping. In the Poker Chips dorm, Radley and Wentworth were the only boys left in the boy’s side and Alice was shown sleeping in one of the empty beds. In the girl’s side, the girls were still shown sleeping with Dakota shown sleeping in Isley’s original bed. A loud alarm suddenly went off waking everyone up.

“Oh no, the game police found me!” screamed Wentworth. “Somebody hide me!” He jumped under the bed with Radley rolling his eyes. In the other cabin, the alarm was shown coming from an alarm clock near Sherloch’s bed. He then hit the snooze button.

“Ah, another good morning.” he said to himself.

“Dude, you really need a new alarm clock.” said Chuck. “It woke up all of us and the other dorm too.”

“That’s funny, I don’t normally set it this high.” said Sherloch checking.

“Sorry, I wanted to see what it sounded like on high.” said Oran. “I know not to do it now.” Back in the Poker Chips dorm, all the girls were shown waiting outside the bathroom.

“Hey new girl, don’t wait up forever.” said Kenzey.

“C’mon, I just got in a minute ago.” said Dakota in the shower.

“There are way too much girls on our team and the only thing that bugs me about it is that it makes the lines to the bathroom too long.” said Kenzey in the confessional.

“I am surprised that Dakota is now rooming with us.” said Radley in the confessional. “I’m not upset about it because she did help us with the last challenge. I just hope she doesn’t cause too much trouble with her fashion model stuff.” It then showed the Dancing Dice boys again.

“Guys, we really need to get started with our guy’s alliance.” said Chuck. “There are only three of us left and the other team only has two. That means that with fewer boys the girls will start to get strong and pick us off one by one.”

“That doesn’t sound fair.” said Oran.

“Sherloch, we need your help.” said Chuck. “Will you assist us with voting off some of the girls when we get the chance?”

“Fine, but try not to vote some of the nicest girls.” he said. The two shook hands in agreement.

“Of course I’m going to vote off the nice girls.” said Chuck in the confessional. “Then I’ll betray Oran and Sherloch and vote them off. It’s all part of my strategic plan to get farther in the game.”

“I still don’t trust Chuck but it’s our only way to make it farther in the game.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “If he votes off one of our helpful members than he’s going to get it.” Outside the dorms, Oweguy arrived with a video game t-shirt on.

“Challenge time everone!” he shouted. “Meet me outside!” The contestants then joined him outside.

“What’s with the dorky t-shirt?” asked Chuck.

“The city is having a special convention this week so I’m wearing this shirt to celebrate.” said Oweguy.

“What’s the convention?” asked Radley.

“The nerd convention fest.” said Oweguy. “It’s basically where nerds gather around and talk about some of their favorite things to do.”

“Ugh, sounds lame.” said Chuck.

“Sounds awesome!” cheered Wentworth.

“Anyway, today’s challenge is based on stuff that nerds probably like such as video games, sci-fi stuff, fantasy stuff, etc.” explained Oweguy. “As usual, the winning team gets invincibility while the losing team votes someone off.”

“I’m not the nerd type and I’m definitely not going to have fun with this.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“This challenge is going to rock!” cheered Wentworth in the confessional. “It’s too bad Mudkip’s not here but I’m sure he’s doing fine with Isley.”

“One last thing I should mention.” said Oweguy. “For today’s challenge, we brought in two special guests!”

“Who are they?” asked Sae.

“I’ll show them to you right now!” said Oweguy. Two boxes were shown nearby. “Our first special guest is classic Total Drama nerd, Harold!” The box opened up revealing Harold.

“Yes, nerds rule!” he cheered. He then tripped on a shoelace and fell. “Gosh!” he shouted.

“And our second guest is Total Drama gaming nerd, Sam!” announced Oweguy. The second box opened up revealing Sam who was playing a video game.

“Yes, I just defeated the evil swamp guardian!” he shouted.

“Cool, Harold and Sam!” cheered Wentworth.

“Harold and Sam here have submitted challenges for you guys.” said Oweguy. “And they submitted some very cool ones too.”

“Heh heh, rad.” said Sam.

“This challenge is going to be a huge bore for me.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Hey dude, where’s Dakota?” asked Sam to Oweguy. “I heard she was here somewhere.”

“Right in that dorm.” said Oweguy. Dakota walked out wearing a bathrobe and was using a hair dryer.

“Owe, there needs to be more outlets in the bathroom.” said Dakota.

“Dakota!” cheered Sam.

“Sam!” cheered Dakota. The two then hugged each other.

“I’ve missed you.” said Sam. “When was the last time we’ve seen each other?”

“Last week.” said Dakota.

“Oh yeah.” said Sam.

“Okay guys, reunion time over.” said Oweguy. “Time to get the challenge started! Dakota, you can come with us if you want.”

“I’d like that.” said Sam. Later, it showed the contestants at a room in the convention center.

“The idea for the first challenge was submitted by Harold here.” said Oweguy. “He based it off of fantasy films.”

“Fantasy films rock!” said Harold. “So does sci-fi films.”

“Nerd.” said Radley.

“Anyway, the first challenge is to get through this obstacle course here and get to the goal before your opponent does.” said Oweguy. “Each team will choose someone to go for their team. The item that your team will get for winning will help you with the next challenge. Now then, choose who should go for your team.”

“I think I should go.” said Kenzey. “I’m a pretty strong person.”

“Sounds fine with me.” said Molly.

“Same here.” said Radley. It then showed the Dancing Dice.

“Who should we choose?” asked Yuki.

“Well I’ve helped out a lot these past challenges.” said Sherloch. “I think someone else should help out.”

“Good idea.” said Margaret. “Who should go then?”

“How about me?” asked Roxanne. “I did help shut down that robot last challenge.”

“I’m cool with it.” said Yuki.

“Same.” said Catherine.

“Same here.” said Oran.

“Alright, our contestants have been chosen.” said Oweguy. “Who will make it first?” Kenzey and Roxanne were shown at the start and they saw some obstacles head like cardboard trolls and orcs, giant mallets, and cannons.

“This is from a movie where the heroes are trying to get a stolen treasure from an evil orc’s castle.” said Harold.

“Thanks for the explanation.” said Kenzey sarcastically.

“Ooh, I saw that movie.” said Wentworth. “It was a little cheesy but it was still good.”

“Alright, and begin!” shouted Oweguy. Kenzey and Roxanne ran down the obstacle course heading to the goal. “Watch out for the orcs.” said Oweguy. One of the cardboard orcs came up with a fake mallet in their hand that tried to hit them.

“These orcs are really cheap.” said Kenzey.

“Hey, we didn’t have enough money for Harold’s idea.” said Oweguy. “Okay we did but we wanted to use it for something else.” “Cheapskate.” said Kenzey. The two got past the cardboard orcs and ran into some swinging logs.

“Try to be careful here.” said Oweguy. “An intern got stuck in the wall while testing this.” It showed an intern's legs sticking out of the wall nearby. Roxanne then jumped high in the air and landed on the other side without getting hit by the mallet.

“Whoa.” said Sherloch.

“I take gymnastics.” said Roxanne in the confessional. “It’s helpful when you’re a police officer.”

“You can do it Kenz!” shouted Radley. Kenzey then slide under the logs after it swung by.

“Piece of cake.” she said.

“That was close, but can they get through the cannons?” asked Oweguy.

“I loved that cannon scene.” said Wentworth to Harold. “That was definitely the highlight of the movie.”

“Most definitely.” said Harold.

“Nerds.” said Chuck to himself. One of the cannons fired at Kenzey and Roxanne and they both quickly ducked.

“Hey Sam, are you here?” asked Brick walking in. “I was riding on this trolley and I fell off. Is it cool if I hang out in here until it comes back?” The cannon ball then hit Brick’s face off-screen with the other’s flinching. Brick then fainted with a goofy face.

“Oh man, that was hilarious!” said Oweguy laughing. More of the cannonballs fired and Kenzey and Roxanne quickly dodged them. Roxanne then jumped off on some of them and she got to the other side.

“Why isn’t she in an action movie?” asked Sherloch in the confessional. Roxanne then ran to the goal and grabbed the item in a bag.

“Got it!” she shouted.

“And the Dancing Dice win the first round!” announced Oweguy.

“You did good Kenzey.” said Radley helping Kenzey down.

“Thanks.” she said. “It was pretty rough though.”

“Okay Dancing Dice, you can take a look at your item.” said Oweguy. Roxanne opened the bag up and looked confused.

“A bike helmet?” she asked. “What’s this for?”

“For the second challenge.” said Oweguy.

“What’s the second challenge?” asked Margaret.

“Climbing these platforms to get to the top!” said Oweguy showing a bunch of platforms that resembled a Donkey Kong stage. A Sasquatch was shown at the top with barrels.

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth.

“Sam here submitted this challenge.” said Oweguy.

“I figured.” said Radley.

“He based it off that time where he tried to rescue Lindsay from the yeti and failed miserably.” said Oweguy.

“Heh heh, yeah.” said Sam chuckling.

“Now then, who will go for this one?” asked Oweguy.

“Me!” shouted Wentworth.

“Okay then.” said Oweguy. “This does seem to be your type. Dancing Dice, who do you choose?”

“I will.” said Oran. “Let’s make it boys against boys.”

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “Just a reminder, if the Dancing Dice win this round like they did with the last one, then they win the whole challenge. If the Poker Chips win this round, then we’ll have a tie breaking challenge. Sound good?”

“I guess so.” said Oran. It then showed him and Wentworth at the first level of the platforms Oran was shown wearing the helmet.

“And go!” shouted Oweguy. As Wentworth started running he was making beep boop sounds while he was walking.

“Heh heh, that sounds just like me when I was doing it.” said Sam watching. The Sasquatch started throwing the barrels down. Wentworth jumped over them easily while Oran got hit by one of them.

“I don’t think that helmet’s going to be enough.” said Sherloch watching. Wentworth then saw a hammer lying around and he picked it up and started smashing the barrels.

“That that’s someone who’s been playing games a lot.” said Sam. “I need to invite him to my house someday.”

“Why haven’t you invited me to your house?” asked Harold.

“Who are you?” asked Sam looking confused. Harold looked annoyed by that.

“Wentworth is almost to the top!” said Oweguy. “Can Oran catch up?”

“Getting tired.” said Oran still climbing. Another barrel hit him and he landed at the bottom. Wentworth then got up to the last platform and got to the goal with the Sasquatch looking at him.

“I did it!” cheered Wentworth.

“The Poker Chips win!” announced Oweguy. “That means the score is tied!”

“Nice job dude!” said Sam to Wentworth.

“Thanks dude!” said Wentworth.

“I never knew gamers can be so good at doing game stages in real life.” said Radley to Kenzey.

“It’s called practice.” said Wentworth.

“Time for the tie breaking challenge.” announced Oweugy. “It’s a race to the finish!” It showed a set that resembled a Mario stage. Wentworth looked amazed by that.

“Cool.” said Molly.

“Here, both teams will have to race to the flag pole over there while avoiding all the obstacles present.” said Oweguy. “First team to get all their members at the goal wins invincibility while the other team loses a member tonight.”

“Doesn’t sound too hard.” said Sae.

“Well I hope there aren’t any hard obstacles like the first challenge.” said Kenzey.

“Don’t worry.” said Molly. “I’m sure he’ll take it easy on us.” It then showed them at the start and they saw the goal was pretty far from where they were.

“And begin!” announced Oweguy. They started running and Wentworth started humming the Mario theme.

“Wentworth, not now.” said Radley.

“Sorry.” said Wentworth. It then showed Chuck thinking.

“Now I know I want to take down my team members, but I also think I should take down the other team members as well.” he said in the confessional. “They won’t know what hit them.”

“C’mon guys, keep at it.” said Sae. Chuck then sighed in a disappointed tone with Sae noticing. “Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“My team doesn’t like me.” he said faking a sad tone of voice. “I try to do nice things for my team but they don’t trust me at all. I’m just trying to make friends and be happy!” He then pretended to cry.

“Aww, don’t be sad.” said Sae.

“Hey Sae, aren’t you coming?” asked Molly.

“Be right there.” she said.

“Why don’t we walk a bit so we can talk?” asked Chuck still faking sad.

“Okay.” said Sae. “I never knew you had a hard life.”

“I know.” said Chuck still faking sad. “You know what else you don’t know?”

“What?” asked Sae.

“I’m also a big fat liar!” shouted Chuck pushing her into an area that said sticky zone.

“Hey, you tricked me!” she shouted.

“See you at the elimination ceremony.” he said running off.

“How could he do that?” asked Sae in the confessional. “How can he act all sad and then reveal his true nature and ditch me? He’s sneakier than Jerry ever was.”

“Hook line and sinker!” said Chuck in the confessional. He then slipped on a puddle getting out.

“Look, there’s the goal!” shouted Wentworth. He then jumped and pulled the flag down with the rest of the Poker Chips joining him.

“We did it!” cheered Radley. The Dancing Dice then joined them.

“No, we lost!” shouted Oran disappointed.

“Ah ah ah, I don’t think so.” said Oweguy.

“What do you mean?” asked Molly.

“The Poker Chips are missing a member.” said Oweguy.

“Yeah, where’s Sae?” asked Kaylie.

“We’re missing a member too.” said Margaret.

“Yeah, where’s Chuck?” asked Oran. Chuck then got to the goal.

“Here I am.” he said.

“There you have it.” said Oweguy. “The Dancing Dice win the challenge!”

“Yes!” cheered Margaret, Catherine, and Yuki.

“No!” shouted Wentworth disappointed. “I got to the goal and I still lost!”

“Cheer up Wentworth.” said Nianah. “You still did good.”

“See you at the elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy walking away. Outside, it showed the contestants leaving the convention center. Wentworth was then stopped by Jessica.

“Hey handsome.” she said.

“Oh, hey Jessica.” said Wentworth.

“Those were some sweet moves you did.” said Jessica. “You really did well for your team.”

“Aww thanks.” said Wentworth blushing.

“See you later.” she said. Later it showed the Poker Chips at the elimination ceremony. Harold, Sam, and Dakota were shown standing near Oweguy while Marine had the Gilded Oweguys.

“Third loss in a row!” said Oweguy. “That’s gotta suck! Anyway, if you don’t get a Gilded Oweguy, you’re out. First Gilded Oweguy goes to Wentworth!”

“Yes!” he cheered catching it.

“Next Gilded Oweguy’s go to Radley and Nianah!” The two of them caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Molly and Kaylie, you’re safe too!” They then caught their Gilded Oweguy’s. “So now that leaves Sae and Kenzey. Sae, you didn’t get to the goal during the last challenge and Kenzey, you were unable to beat Roxanne in the first challenge. The others have decided and the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Kenzey.” She then caught her Gilded Oweguy leaving Sae shocked.

“Sorry Sae.” said Nianah disappointed. Sae then got up looking sad.

“Any last words before you head off in the lameousine?” asked Oweguy.

“Yes, watch out for Chuck.” said Sae. “He’s not what he looks like. He’s going to trick you guys and…..”

“Oh would you look at the time.” said Oweguy looking at his watch. “It’s time for you to go!” A buff intern then grabbed Sae and threw her in the lameousine.

“Chuck is going to sabotage your team!” shouted Sae from the lameousine. “He’s going to sabotage you!”

“What is she saying?” asked Wentworth.

“I don’t know.” said Radley. “All I hear is your stomach.”

“Sorry, I’m hungry.” he said.

“So Chris, do you have anywhere where me and Harold can stay?” asked Sam. “We can’t afford a hotel.”

“How about the Dancing Dice dorm?” asked Oweguy. “Dakota is staying in the Poker Chips’ dorm and she likes it.”

“I’ve only been there for a day.” said Dakota.

“Sounds good.” said Harold. The two then ran off with suitcases.

“They’re probably going to kicked out immediately.” said Kenzey.

“Will the Poker Chips be able to get back on track after three loses in a row?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “Is Chuck really someone you shouldn’t trust? And where’s my new issue of the Celebrity Manhunt magazine? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 10: Fool Party

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants competed in nerd games designed by special guests Harold and Sam. Kenzey and Roxanne showed their skills in the fantasy themed obstacle course while Wentworth put his video game skills to the test in Sam’s video game themed challenge. Chuck in the meantime revealed his true nature to Sae by tricking her into thinking he was sad then betrayed her to make her team lose and she was the one who got the boot. Man, there’s always one player every season who’s a schemer and a jerk. The Poker Chips are still the underdogs right now. Will they be able to catch up to the Dancing Dice, and what challenge do I have in store for them next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At Oweguy’s quarters, Marine walked into Oweguy’s office which was filled with piles of papers. “What’s with the papers?” she asked.

“They’re bills for the city.” said Oweguy. “They’re way too expensive.”

“I told you you’d be getting these soon.” said Marine.

“Yeah yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Here’s some more papers for you Mr. Oweguy.” said an intern bringing in another stack of papers.

“Please let it not be a lot of money.” said Oweguy. He looked at the papers and got an upset face. “Aww man!” he shouted.

“What?” asked Marine.

“These are complaints from the hotel!” said Oweguy.

“What are the complaints?” asked Marine.

“Food not fresh, not enough bathrooms, no pool!” said Oweguy reading. “I thought there were pools!”

“Oops.” said an intern. “We never finished the pools.”

“Drat!” shouted Oweguy. “Now we need someone to finish them!” A light bulb then appeared above his head after he figured something out. “Harold, get that away!” Oweguy shouted.

“Sorry.” said Harold who was holding the light bulb.

“I know just who to finish them.” said Oweguy.

“Oh boy.” said Marine rolling her eyes. In the Poker Chips cabin, Nianah and Molly were waiting outside the bathroom.

“You done in there yet Kenzey?” asked Nianah.

“She’s been in there for a while.” said Molly. “Is she okay?”

“Probably.” said Nianah. Kenzey then came out looking very pale.

“Geez sis, what’s wrong?” asked Molly.

“I haven’t really been feeling great in the morning.” said Kenzey. “The rest of the day I’ve been fine.”

“Hmm, maybe it’s morning sickness.” said Molly.

“I doubt it.” said Kenzey.

“Well you should use this just in case.” said Nianah giving her a packet that said McLean brand Pregnancy Test.

“A pregnancy test?” asked Kenzey. “I don’t think I’m pregnant. And since when does Chris have a brand for medical supplies?”

“Who knows.” said Molly.

“Well, I take this anyway, but I’m positively sure I’m not pregnant.” said Kenzey closing the door. A few seconds later she came back out with a shocked face.

“Well?” asked Nianah.

“I’m pregnant.” she said with the pregnancy test shown to be positive. Downstairs, it showed Radley with Alice and Wentworth.

“You and that kid have really bonded.” said Wentworth.

“Yeah, and the truth is, I feel like adopting her.” said Radley.

“Really?” asked Wentworth.

“The only problem is I’m not sure Kenzey is ready for kids.” said Radley. “She’s said she’s really busy and I’m busy too so we can’t have time to raise a child. But this girl really needs a home and she looks up to me the best.”

“You should just tell her.” said Wentworth. “If Kenzey had something to tell you I bet she would.”

“You’re right.” said Radley. “I’ll just have to find a good time to tell her.”

“More cookies Mr. Wentworth?” asked Alice with some cookies. Wentworth then swiped them all and ate them.

“Thanks.” he said. Upstairs it showed Kenzey looking nervous and Molly rubbing her back..

“It’ll be fine sis.” said Molly. “Everyone goes through it.”

“Yeah, I went through it and I was fine.” said Nianah.

“But me and Radley weren’t planning on a kid just yet!” said Kenzey. “What will he think when I tell him?”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.” said Nianah. “Besides, he seems ready to raise a kid. You’ve seen him with Alice.”

“Alright, but I need to find a good time to tell him.” said Kenzey.

“Do it when you’re ready.” said Kenzey. The intercom then went off.

“Attention contestants, meet me at the main hotel’s pool room for today’s challenge. The contestants were then shown in a room at the hotel where there were two empty pools there.

“What’s with the empty pools?” asked Oran.

“Oweguy was probably too cheap to get water.” said Chuck. Oweguy then arrived in a truck that was filled with random stuff.

“Greetings contestants.” he said. “Are you ready for today’s challenge?”

“I guess so.” said Oran.

“Good, because you’re going to need these.” said Oweguy. He then dumped the pile of stuff onto Chuck not knowing he was there.

“Ouch.” he said underneath.

“Today’s challenge is to show your architecture and teamwork skills.” said Oweguy. “Each team needs to make the coolest looking pool in order to make people swim in it. This stuff here can be used to add decorations, fantastic features, and whatever else you can think off. The winning team gets to have an awesome pool party with their finished pool while the losing team will vote someone off.”

“So basically you’re tricking us to build the hotel’s pools because you were too lazy to do it yourself.” said Roxanne.

“What?!” shouted Oweguy. “It’s the interns that build these things. They were too lazy to do the work.”

“Liar!” shouted an intern in a wheelchair and had casts on.

“Anyway, you’ve got over an hour to make the best looking pool possible.” said Oweguy. “Be sure to share your ideas well and make sure the finished product is something enjoyable.” He then drove off.

“I’m really sure Oweguy’s just making us do his work.” said Radley in the confessional.

“Okay guys, what should the theme for our pool be?” asked Nianah to the rest of the team.

“Well it should be something we should all agree on.” said Molly.

“How about an 8-bit theme?” asked Wentworth.

“I don’t think everyone’s going to agree with you on that.” said Nianah.

“Rats.” said Wentworth disappointed.

“How about a sports theme?” asked Radley.

“The sports center already has that for their pool.” said Molly.

“I got it!” said Kaylie snapping her fingers. “We can do an ocean theme.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” said Wentworth.

“Yeah, I like it too.” said Nianah.

“Same here.” said Molly.

“Okay, so it’s settled.” said Radley. “We’ll do an ocean theme. Not a bad idea Kaylie.”

“After swimming with fishes for a while you can easily come up with a good pool design.” said Kaylie in the confessional. It then showed the Dancing Dice figuring out a good theme.

“Look, obviously pools shouldn’t have themes.” said Chuck. “It’s basically just an oversized bathtub.”

“Well we need to make it look nice in order to attract customers.” said Margaret.

“Well if I was doing it by myself that’s what I would do.” said Chuck.

“And then we’ll probably see you on the streets begging for money after your pool fails to impress people.” said Sherloch. Chuck growled at him for saying that.

“Look, even though we’re working together to get farther, he can at least be nicer!” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Hey, how about a tropical theme?” asked Yuki.

“That’s actually not that bad.” said Catherine.

“Yeah, I like that too.” said Margaret.

“No way, that’s a bad idea.” said Chuck.

“Are you kidding, I love it.” said Oran.

“Same.” said Sherloch.

“Same with me too.” said Roxanne.

“Okay it’s settled, we’re doing a pool theme.” said Margaret. Chuck growled to himself.

“If we win this dumb challenge, then I won’t be able to vote off one of the girls on our team.” said Chuck. “This means that in order to lose, I have to sabotage the team.” It then showed Kaylie painting a design on a pool liner.

“There, what do you guys think?” she asked. It showed she had painted some wavy effects and fish on it.

“Wow Kaylie, that’s not so bad.” said Wentworth.

“Perfect.” said Nianah. “I’ll make more of these so it’ll cover the entire pool. The rest of you, figure out some more decorations.”

“Hey look, there’s some fish statues in this pile of junk.” said Wentworth. “It appears they were part of a fountain.”

“Hey, maybe we can have those on the corners.” said Kaylie. “We can use them as a little special effect.”

“How many are there Wentworth?” asked Molly.

“There are four of them and they’ll all in good condition.” said Wentworth.

“Perfect.” said Kaylie. “I’ll set them up.”

“This pool’s going to rock!” said Wentworth. Over with the Dancing Dice, some of the contestants were searching for some stuff to use while Margaret and Yuki were planning out what to do.

“Okay, I was thinking we can add wavy designs for the pool walls and I was thinking some palm trees would be good decorations.” said Yuki.

“Sounds good, but are there any palm tree models?” asked Margaret.

“Don’t worry, I can make them.” said Yuki. “I made some for my boyfriend Kuro’s pool party after their band came back from their tour.

“Okay then.” said Margaret. “I’ll work on the pool design while you do that.” The two then split up while Chuck followed both of them. Margaret started painting some designs on the pool layer and while she wasn’t looking Chuck switched the paint bucket with the wrong kind. Elsewhere, Kaylie finished with the fish fountains and tested them. They started spraying water into the pool.

“They work!” she said.

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “You’ve only got a half hour left to finish your pools so start wrapping things up.”

“We’re almost done.” said Kaylie. “We just need Nianah to return with the pool liner.”

“Here I am.” said Nianah coming back. “It turned out nice.”

“Good, we’ll stick it onto the pool while someone should get the water generator set up.” said Kaylie.

“Me and Kenzey will do it.” said Radley.

“Okay.” said Kaylie. “Molly and Wentworth, continue adding some details to the pool.”

“Okay.” said Wentworth. Back with the Dancing Dice, Yuki finished the palm tree models and drilled them into the floor.

“Wow Yuki, those look nice.” said Oran.

“Thanks.” said Yuki.

“I’m done with the pool designs.” said Margaret.

“Perfect.” said Yuki. “Me and Margaret will go get the water started.”

“We’ll wait here.” said Sherloch. He, Oran, and Roxanne then got out some cards to keep them busy while unbeknownst to them; Chuck started to unscrew the bolts a little on the palm tree models to make them looser.

“They won’t know what hit them.” he said. Elsewhere, Radley and Kenzey were at the water generator for their pool. Radley looked at Kenzey.

“Hey, are you gaining weight?” he asked.

“Uh why do you say that?” asked Kenzey looking nervous.

“Your belly is sticking out of your shirt a little.” said Radley. Kenzey noticed and covered it up. “Hey, since we’re alone, do you mind if I talk to you about something?” Radley continued.

“Uh sure, what is it?” asked Kenzey.

“I was thinking…” Radley began talking before the intercom interrupted them.

“It’s time for judging!” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“Safe it for later.” said Kenzey.

“Okay.” said Radley. The two turned on the water and went back to the main room. Later, Oweguy arrived and checked the Poker Chips’ pool first. He looked carefully at the designs, the fountains, and the amount of water.

“Okay, I would have to say that this pool rocks!” said Oweguy. The Poker Chips started cheering. “The fish fountains are a neat design, the pool has plenty of water, and those designs for the pool layer are amazing! Definitely deserves an A +! Now let’s look at the Dancing Dice’s pool.” He looked at the pool and glanced carefully. “Well, while the pool has plenty of water, it seems like the kind of paint you used for your layering is washing off.”

“What, but I used the right kind of paint!” said Margaret shocked.

“Safe it for later.” said Oweguy. “I do like those palm trees however.” Suddenly one of the palm tree models fell down and knocked all the others over causing all of them to get damaged.

“Why didn’t you finish screwing them in?!” asked Chuck pretending to be angry at Yuki.

“I did!” shouted Yuki.

“Well, obviously I would declare the Poker Chips as the winners!” said Oweguy. They started to cheer. “You guys will be getting an awesome pool party tonight!”

“Awesomeness!” said Wentworth.

“Dancing Dice, I’ll see you at the elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy who then left.” Yuki and Margaret looked upset at each other. At the Dancing Dice dorm, Chuck was talking to Sherloch and Oran.

“Okay guys, I think we should vote off either Margaret or Yuki.” said Chuck.

“Why, they’re nice.” said Oran.

“Yeah but they’re both threats and they both were the reasons why we lost!” said Chuck.

“Now hold on, I recall them checking that those things were okay.” said Sherloch. “I think someone sabotaged them.”

“Well have it your way.” said Chuck. “If you disagree, then I’m kicking you out of the alliance.”

“Fine.” said Sherloch signing.

“In case the rest of the team plans to vote me off, I have a secret plan as well.” said Chuck in the confessional shown holding a screwdriver. At the pool party, Radley and Kenzey were sitting together.

“Radley, I have something important to tell you.” said Kenzey.

“I have something important to tell you too.” said Radley.

“Why don’t you go first.” said Kenzey. Radley looked nervous but then decided to tell her.

“Kenzey, I want to adopt Alice.” he said. “We’ve bonded together well and she has nowhere else to go. I think she is a good practice for us to become a family.”

“That’s sweet but that also relates to what I was about to tell you.” said Kenzey.

“What’s that?” asked Radley. Kenzey gulped nervously.

“I’m pregnant.” she said.

“What?!” asked Radley. “Are you sure?”

“I took a test and it was positive.” said Kenzey.

“Gee, that’s shocking.” said Radley. “So does that mean you don’t want to adopt Alice.”

“No, like you said, it’ll help us practice for a family and you care for her.” said Kenzey. “I think it’s a good choice.”

“Thanks honey.” said Radley. “And I look forward to seeing our future baby.” The two hugged and Radley then joined the others in the pool. Molly was shown watching and she smiled at Kenzey who smiled back. At the elimination ceremony, the others were shown voting for who they wanted to vote for.

“Wow, even though you guys did a good job, you still managed to lose.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, I have seven of you here right now but only six Gilded Oweguy’s. If you don’t get one, you’re out. First Gilded Oweguy goes to Sherloch.” He caught his Gilded Oweguy. “Next Gilded Oweguy’s go to Oran, Roxanne, and Catherine.” The three of them caught their Gilded Oweguy’s. “We’re now down to Margaret, Chuck, and Yuki and the next one who’s safe is Chuck.” He caught his Gilded Oweguy with Sherloch looking angry. “And the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Margaret!” Everyone gasped when Yuki got eliminated.

“But why?” asked Yuki. “I was the one who helped the most!”

“Yeah, I don’t recall any of us voting for her or Margaret.” said Catherine. Oweguy snapped his fingers and Chef arrived and took Yuki away and threw her in the lameousine.

“Don’t worry Yuki, we’ll keep winning for you.” said Margaret.

“Thanks guys!” shouted Yuki from the lameousine. “You’re good friends!” The lameousine then drove off.

“See, my other secret plan was that I hacked the voting devices so they would only vote for Margaret or Yuki.” said Chuck in the confessional holding the screwdriver. “Nobody will find out what my true nature is.”

“Well that was an interesting episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Chuck’s guy’s alliance continue to strike on his team? Will Radley and Kenzey prepare for childhood? And what crazy challenge do I have in store for our contestants next? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 11: A Big Gothic Family

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants were assigned to design pools for the hotel and had to make it look as good as possible in order to attract people to it. Kaylie showed her leadership skills during the challenge and both Margaret and Yuki worked hardly on their pool but both of them were sabotaged by their own teammate, Chuck. Also, Radley and Kenzey both discovered a shocking surprise when they found out that Kenzey was pregnant. In the end, the Poker Chips won the challenge and after Chuck hacked the voting devices, Yuki got the boot. Who will be the next one eliminated and what crazy challenge do I have in store next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At the Poker Chip’s dorm, Wentworth, Nianah, Molly, and Kaylie were on the couch. “That pool party was super fun!” said Wentworth.

“You know you lost your swimsuit twice.” said Kaylie.

“But it was still fun.” said Wentworth.

“Where’s Radley and Kenzey?” asked Molly.

“They went somewhere.” said Nianah. “They took Alice with them too.”

“I wonder what they’re doing?” asked Molly.

“Probably just getting some stuff to help them with Kenzey’s pregnancy.” said Nianah. “Radley doesn’t want Kenzey to be uncomfortable. Elsewhere, it showed someone approving an adoption certificate.

“Your adoption is approved.” said the guy giving Radley and Kenzey the certificate. “This girl is now your daughter.”

“Thanks sir.” said Radley.

“What does that mean Mr. Radley?” asked Alice.

“It means you’re part of our family now.” said Radley. “Now you can call us mommy and daddy.”

“But what if I want to still call you Mr. Radley?” asked Alice.

“You can call me that if you want.” said Radley.

“I think this is a good idea.” said Kenzey. “It’ll help us get ready for having a child.”

“Did you check with the doctor about your pregnancy?” asked Radley.

“I did this morning and he said I’m almost three months pregnant.” said Kenzey. “I knew I’ve been feeling under the weather for these past few weeks but I wasn’t sure it was pregnancy.”

“Well there’s nothing to worry.” said Radley. “You’ll get through it and we’ll be a nice family afterward.”

“You’re right, I should worry.” said Kenzey.

“That’s my girl.” said Radley. Meanwhile, at the Dancing Dice dorm, Margaret was shown with Catherine and Roxanne.

“Guys, I think Chuck might’ve had something to do with Yuki’s elimination.” said Margaret.

“How do you know?” asked Catherine.

“I can tell by his face.” said Margaret. “He’s up to something.”

“So what are you going to do?” asked Catherine?

“I was thinking we form an alliance.” said Margaret. “Chuck already did one so we need one to go against his alliance. Are you girls in with me?”

“I’m in.” said Catherine.

Roxanne shrugged and said “Okay,” and the three shook hands. It showed an intern fixing wiring on the intercom and when it turned on, it made the intern fall off.

“Challenge time contestants!” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me outside and I’ll explain our next challenge. It then showed Oweguy with the contestants.

“What’s today’s challenge?” asked Wentworth.

“Please let it not be more construction.” said Chuck.

“Don’t worry, its not.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, before I announce the challenge, we have a special guest.”

“Is it Harold or Sam again?” asked Chuck. “I already kicked them out of our dorm and I don’t want to do it again.”

“No it’s not Harold and Sam.” said Oweguy. “It’s actually one of our season’s losers, gothic boy Dusk!” A black limousine arrived and Dusk walked out looking the same as he was earlier. He just waved without saying a word. “And his wife, Sabbath!”

“Wait, wife?!” asked Radley shocked. Sabbath came out with a different appearance, wearing a black dress and her hair was down.

“Hello everyone.” she said.

“When did they get married?” asked Wentworth.

“Immediately after his elimination.” said Oweguy.

“Dusk had set it up earlier and we got married five minutes after he proposed.” said Sabbath.

“Interesting.” said Catherine. “So why doesn’t Dusk seem too excited about it?”

“I’m not the excited type.” said Dusk.

“Why is he even here?” asked Chuck. “He got eliminated fair and square so he shouldn’t be brought back.”

“Chill dude.” said Dusk. “I’m not returning to the competition. Besides, I’ve got enough money after my latest movie.”

“He’s right.” said Oweguy. “His latest film grossed a lot at the box office. And that’s why I’ve invited him to help out with today’s challenge.”

“Let’s hope it’s not too scary.” said Oran.

“Today’s challenge is the Terrifying graveyard scavenger hunt.” said Oweguy. “Each team needs to find three items in this horror film set and use them to win invincibility. Each item you receive will help you find the next item wand once you get the last item that one will help you get to the finish. Winning team gets a sweet prize, losing team sends someone home. Dusk and Sabbath will be keeping an eye on you guys throughout the challenge.

“Cool.” said Wentworth.

“Now get going!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants then ran to their assigned location with Dusk and Sabbath following them. Later, they arrived at a horror film set with some being a forest set, some being a graveyard, and some being a castle.

“Well this appears to be the set.” said Sherloch. “Does anyone have an idea on what we should look for?”

“Hey look, there are envelopes over there along with team colors!” said Oran noticing two envelopes against two rocks that were the color of their team logos. He grabbed the one that matched their team’s color. He then opened it up and got a piece of paper out.

“What’s it say?” asked Margaret.

“I am up high inside a hole, filled with sticks in the shape of a bowl.” said Oran reading the paper. “What does it mean?”

“I think it’s a riddle of some sort.” said Catherine.

“Well what’s high?” asked Oran.

“Probably a tree.” said Sherloch. “This set resembles a forest.”

“So it’s probably in a tree.” said Margaret.

“I’ve got it!” said Catherine snapping her fingers. “It’s a nest.”

“A nest?” asked Oran.

“It’s said sticks in the shape of a bowl and that’s what a nest looks like.” explained Catherine. “And nests are normally on top of trees so that’s a good place to look.”

“Sound’s great.” said Oran. “Let’s go find it!” The team ran off and the Poker Chips then saw their envelope. Nianah picked it up and read it.

“It’s some kind of riddle.” she said. “I am big, hard, and I hold your clue. What am I?”

“I know a rock!” said Wentworth. “Let’s find a big rock!”

“Like that one?” asked Radley pointing to a big boulder.

“Exactly.” said Kaylie. “Let’s try and lift it.”

“Leave that to me.” said Radley. He then pushed it over with just one push. He then saw something underneath. “I found something.” he said. “It’s some flashlights and some keys. Plus, there’s another envelope.”

“That must be the clue to the next location.” said Molly. “What’s it say?”

“It’s numbers, 8, 5 and 1815.” said Radley. “It also says you’ll find these numbers on a stone.”

“I think it’s talking about a tombstone.” said Nianah. “The closest thing around here is that graveyard.”

“Then let’s check it out!” said Wentworth. The team then headed over there. Meanwhile, it showed the Dancing Dice looking up at a tree.

“I think this is the tree.” said Roxanne.

“Now how do we get up there?” asked Margaret.

“Obviously have someone climb it.” said Chuck not looking too excited.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m on it.” said Sherloch starting to climb the tree.” In the bushes, Dusk and Sabbath were shown.

“I’ve worked hard on this animatronics and now I’m going to put it to good use.” he said.

“That’s my husband.” said Sabbath. Dusk then pressed a button on a remote and Sherloch was shown near the hole.

“Almost there.” he said. Suddenly inside the hole he saw a giant eye. He got scared when he saw that. Suddenly the tree branches were moving like arms.

“The tree is alive!” screamed Oran.

“Well duh, it’s a horror film set!” shouted Chuck.

“A little help?!” shouted Sherloch hanging onto the tree creature. Roxanne noticed something and jumped on. On the back she saw a plug attached to a wall and she pulled it out disabling the tree creature. When it shut off a bag fell out of the hole.

“Don’t worry guys, it was fake.” said Roxanne.

“Hey look, a bag!” said Oran. He picked it up and opened it out. “Alright, our next clue, along with some flashlights and keys as well!”

“What’s the next clue?” asked Sherloch.

“It’s saying some numbers along with it saying that it’s on a stone.” said Oran. Sherloch took a look at the clue.

“It’s a tombstone.” said Sherloch. “Let’s check out the graveyard.”

“Okay.” said Catherine.

“My team is too smart.” said Chuck in the confessional. “How am I going to vote them off with them making us win challenges all the time? I gotta think of something to mess my team up.” At the cemetery, both the Poker Chips and the Dancing Dice arrived at the same time.

“Well this is it.” said Nianah. “All we have to do is find that tombstone.”

“Well it’s about time you made it here.” said Dusk with Sabbath by his side. “Oweguy made me wait for you guys to get here for a while now. It certainly takes you a while to get here quickly.”

“Hey, we were trying to get an item for this part.” said Chuck looking upset.

“Whoa, let’s not start a fight.” said Radley breaking the two apart. “How about Dusk sits over there while Chuck helps out his team.”

“Oh I’ll help them alright.” said Chuck walking away.

“So Dusk, I'm curious, what made you finally decide to marry Sabbath?” asked Radley. “I thought you still weren’t all that into her?”

“Well this is what happened after my elimination.” said Dusk.

“Yay flashback!” cheered Wentworth. It then went back to after Dusk’s elimination.

“We were driving to a nearby hotel to stay at until Sabbath asked me something.” explained Dusk while the flashback played.

“Dusk, do you really love me?” asked Sabbath.

“Excuse me?” asked Dusk.

“You’re always keeping to yourself and you don’t hang out with me enough.” said Sabbath. “Why is that?” Dusk sighed and said “The reason is that I’m never spending enough time with you is that I’m too nervous to have an actual friend.”

“Really?” asked Sabbath looking interested.

“I never really had friends at school and when I was little.” said Dusk. “People called me the weird one because I have two different colored eyes and they thought I was a bully because I wore black mostly. But that wasn’t true at all. After that I never talked to anyone, and I kind of did become a bully by middle school but I was misunderstood. I really just had anger problems and that’s why I was so grumpy last season.”

“Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that.” said Sabbath.

“And my sister teases me a lot too.” said Dusk. “I just had a rough childhood.”

“Well you can start over here.” said Sabbath.

“What?” asked Dusk.

“You can have a friend, you can become happier, and you can experience true love.” said Sabbath. Dusk gulped and said “Alright, and I actually do feel funny when I see you. I promise you that we will get married someday and we’ll start having fun after that.”

“When do you think of having a wedding?” asked Sabbath.

“Right now.” said Dusk. Outside the hotel they were staying at, a wedding ceremony was there with the minister inviting Dusk and Sabbath over.

“What a nice surprise!” said Sabbath hugging Dusk. “You’re already becoming a nice person.” Dusk then smiled when she hugged him.

“So after our wedding I took anger management classes to help be feel not so angry at everybody, I took social classes, and me and Sabbath have become a good couple. She also got a make over along the way.” explained Dusk.

“Wow that’s something.” said Radley. “You’re not the strategic goth you once were last season.”

“Nope.” said Dusk.

“He’s already becoming a perfect husband.” said Sabbath.

“Say, do I spy a little baby bump on Sabbath?” asked Radley.

“Oh yes.” said Sabbath. “We’re expecting a baby right now.”

“Wow, how many months?” asked Radley.

“Almost five.” said Sabbath.

“You’re kidding!” said Radley. “So you were pregnant all this time?”

“Yep.” said Sabbath. “We found out shortly after the wedding. Dusk hopes it’ll be a boy.”

“Wow, you’re really becoming quite a couple, already expecting a baby.” said Radley.

“Now how’s it going with your girlfriend?” asked Sabbath.

“We’re married.” said Radley. “And just yesterday we found out that she’s pregnant.”

“That’s neat.” said Sabbath.

“We also just adopted that orphan girl from the babysitting challenge.” said Radley. “We thought it would help us practice being parents.”

“Sounds good.” said Sabbath.

“Well I’d better get back to the challenge.” said Radley. “I hope your baby is healthy.” Over at the graveyard, Nianah was looking at the tombstones and looked at one that had their team’s numbers.

“I think this is it.” she said. “Now all we need to do is dig up what’s in it to find a keyhole.” Wentworth then grabbed the ground and pulled it off due to it being cloth and revealed a coffin underneath. “Or you can just do that.” Nianah put the key in the keyhole and the coffin opened up showing a skeleton model inside.

“Eek, a skeleton!” screamed Wentworth.

“Chill dude, it’s just a model.” said Nianah. Wentworth sided in relief. Nianah then spotted a bag inside the skeleton’s chest and grabbed it. “This must be the next clue.” she said. She then opened the bag and got another key and a coat hanger.

“Wow, that’s pretty lame.” said Wentworth.

“Well it obviously going to help us with the challenge.” said Nianah. “Let’s go to the next area.” Wentworth signaled the others and the Poker Chips headed in the nest area. Meanwhile, the Dancing Dice were still looking, Margaret then signaled Oran.

“Hey Oran, you’re helpful right?” asked Margaret.

“Yes I am.” said Oran.

“Well the girls and I were thinking of an alliance to vote off Chuck.” said Margaret. “I was thinking maybe you can help.”

“Gee, I am in his alliance but he did vote off a nice person.” said Oran to himself. “I’ll do it!” he said.

“Good.” said Margaret. “You’ll help us out a lot.”

“Hey guys, I found our next item!” said Sherloch.

“Perfect!” said Margaret. “Let’s head to the next area.” Nearby Chuck was shown to be watching Oran with the girls and he looked upset.

“How dare he betray my alliance!” he shouted in the confessional. “He’s just lost his chance at making it farther into the game!” At the haunted castle set, the two teams encountered two doors that matched the team colors. A screen with Oweguy then came on.

“Greetings contestants.” he said. “In order to move on, you need a key to get through. Did any of you find a key in the graveyard area? Nianah and Sherloch showed him the keys. “Good job. Move along.” The two used them to open their doors but they then saw a huge pit inside. “Now you must try to figure out how to get across this pit.” said Oweguy. On the other side is the item that’ll help you win the challenge. Good luck getting across.”

“Oweguy can still bug me at times.” said Margaret in the confessional.

“How do we get across?” asked Oran. Sherloch saw some wiring hanging down over the pit. He then looked at the coat hanger they had.

“I got it!” he shouted. “We’ll use the coat hanger!” He put it on the wire and slide down making it to the other side. “The rest of you go!” he shouted pushing the hanger back to them. Roxanne, Margaret, and Catherine then went down.

“Quick, let’s go along with them!” shouted Radley. The Poker Chips started doing what they did. Oran started going but Chuck then sliced the wire with a pocket knife.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” shouted Oran.

“That’s for betraying my alliance!” he shouted.

“Next time I do something behind someone’s back, I do it away from Chuck.” said Oran in the confessional. Oran started swinging but Catherine caught him before he fell. Chuck growled.

“Yo Chuck, you’d better join us!” shouted Margaret.

“Oh no, I’m too scared.” said Chuck pretending to be scared. “I don’t think I can make it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” said Wentworth throwing him over with him screaming.

“Thanks.” he said not looking to excited.

“Look, there’s the two items.” said Sherloch with the items shown to be two skulls with their team colors.

“Let’s get them!” shouted Oran. Suddenly a giant skeleton creature appeared in front of them.

“Uh oh.” said Sherloch.

“This one was pretty costly to make.” said Dusk nearby. The skeleton creature tried to attack the contestants while Radley quickly grabbed their team’s item.

“Quick, let’s get out of here!” shouted Radley. They ran down the path that leads to the exit.

“Oh no, they’re ahead!” shouted Oran.

“Go after them!” shouted Margaret. “We’ll catch up!” Oran grabbed the item and ran after the others. He then got out of the exit to the set but saw that the Poker Chips have got their first.

“Oh no!” he shouted. “We lost!”

“And the Poker Chips win again!” said Oweguy. “As a special reward, you get to see one of Dusk’s movies.”

“Can it be that Zombies vs. Skeletons movie?” asked Radley.

“Sure.” said Oweguy.

“Good, that one was my favorite.

“You’re going to get it tonight alliance mate.” said Chuck to Oran. “Or should I say, ex-alliance mate!” Oran then gulped. Later, it showed Oweguy setting up some chairs for the movie. Kenzey was sitting in a chair and Sabbath joined her.

“So, Radley tells me you’re pregnant.” she asked.

“Yep but I’m a little nervous.” said Kenzey. “We weren’t planning on it right away.”

“Don’t worry.” said Sabbath. “Look at me, I’m pregnant and I’m doing fine, and so will you. It’s uncomfortable at first but soon you’ll get through the downsides and the plus sides are getting a new addition to your family.

“You’re right, I should be so nervous.” said Kenzey.

“If you ever need help, just give me a call.” said Sabbath giving Kenzey her number and walked away. Later, at the elimination ceremony, the Dancing Dice voted for who they wanted to vote off while Chuck glared at Oran who looked worried.

“Wow, you guys were unable to finish your ex teammate’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “That’s gotta suck.”

“Don’t rub it in.” said Margaret.

“Anyway, I have six of you here right now but only five Gilded Oweguy’s.” said Oweguy. “The first Gilded Oweguy goes to Margaret!” She then caught her gilded Oweguy. “The next three who are safe are Roxanne, Catherine, and Sherloch!” The three of them caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Oran and Chuck, you’re our bottom two and the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Chuck!” He then caught his Gilded Oweguy leaving Oran disappointed.

“Looks like you should’ve thought twice about switching alliances behind my back.” said Chuck.

“You know what, shut up!” said Oran making Chuck upset and then walked away to the lameousine.

“Sorry about losing Oran.” said Margaret.

“It doesn’t matter, I made it farther last time, and you guys should definitely kick Chuck’s butt.” said Oran.

“Oh we will.” said Margaret. Chuck looking upset again while Oran got onto the lameousine.

“Well that was a fun and spooky challenge.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “How many insults can Chuck take? Which alliance will be stronger? And what do I have in store next for the contestants? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 12: The Six Million Dollar Losers

Last time on Total Drama, our contestants competed in a spooky scavenger hunt designed by former contestant Dusk, now a married man and a successful film director. Radley and Kenzey began their parenthood by adopting little orphan Alice and got advice from Sabbath who’s also going to be a mom to be. The set was filled with creepy animatronics, obstacles, and more but overall, the Poker Chips braved it all and won the challenge. Oran decided to help out Margaret and her newly formed alliance but Chuck overheard and when the Dancing Dice lost, Oran got the boot. Now for today, our eleven remaining contestants are pretty tired from the recent challenges they’ve faced. So today, we’re going to see the losers. What have they been up too since their elimination? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

In the city, Oweguy arrived at a hotel with outdoor pools, juice bars, and more. “Welcome to the Losers Suite!” he said to the viewers. “This is where our losers have been hanging out since their elimination. Here they can swim in the pools, relax in the hot tubs, check out the hotel’s entertainment, and much more. It’s good that they get a break after their harsh elimination. Let’s check out what they’re doing.” Oran and Chad were shown relaxing in beach chairs while Yuki and Gieselle were swimming in the pool.

“Man, even though I wanted to try and make it farther, this resort rocks.” said Chad.

“Sure does.” said Oran. “No challenges, no crowded rooms, and no conflicts.”

“I hate that kind of juice!” shouted Jerry nearby throwing a glass of juice at an intern. “Get me some root beer!”

“Well maybe with him and the interns.” said Oran.

“Yep.” said Chad.

“Hey guys, enjoying the loser suite?” asked Oweguy walking over.

“Well, I just got here but so far it’s good.” said Oran.

“Glad to hear that.” said Oweguy. “Hey girls, how’s it going with you?”

“This place is great.” said Gieselle.

“Yeah, it beats being on the same team with Chuck.” said Yuki.

“I hope the others will take care of him.” said Gieselle. “He’s a jerk.”

“Yeah.” said Yuki. “I had a feeling he sabotaged me and Margaret and got me eliminated.”

“That’s not cool.” said Gieselle.

“Now let’s check out more of our losers.” said Oweguy walking to another area. “Obviously Mudkip and Isley are enjoying their time together.” It showed Mudkip and Isley kissing in the pool.

“Please let this not be the next Geoff and Bridgette.” said Murdoch watching. “Their kissing gets boring in less than thirty seconds.”

“Well we’re not Geoff and Bridgette.” said Isley. “Besides, you get your share of kisses from your new girlfriend.”

“Fine, but it still gets annoying.” said Murdoch.

“Murdoch, don’t fight and let me comment on your hair.” said Murdoch’s girlfriend.

“Sure thing baby.” he said blushing.

“Yo Murdoch, who’s the lady?” asked Oweguy.

“Her names’ Kat and Radley set her up with me after my elimination.” said Murdoch. “After that, the two of us began dating and I’ve been less miserable after that.”

“Glad to hear that.” said Oweguy.

“Aren’t you a little disappointed about not winning?” asked Mudkip.

“No way.” said Murdoch. “Having someone to hang out with is more important than money.”

“That’s so sweet.” said Kat who then kissed Murdoch making him blush.

“And Sae, how goes it with you?” asked Oweguy.

“Fine, but I’m upset at Chuck.” said Sae who was drinking a glass of juice.

“Everybody is.” said Oweguy.

“Anyway, this resort is great.” said Sae. “It’s relaxing and the service is better than what we usually get.”

“Think of it as a special treat.” said Oweguy.

“Think of it as something to make the still competing contestants jealous.” said Murdoch.

“Yeah that too.” said Oweguy.

“I knew Oweguy liked to push us around.” said Chuck watching the loser special back at the dorms.

“Hey, why isn’t Dusk here?” asked Mudkip. “He was here earlier?”

“He’s helping out back in the city.” said Oweguy. “I’d told him I’d pay him if he stuck around longer.”

“I take it it’s not much.” said Murdoch.

“Where’s Jenson?” asked Mudkip. “He’s not here either.”

“Yeah, I’ve wondered that too.” said Isley.

“Same.” said Gieselle. “When I arrived here he wasn’t there at all.”

“So he probably didn’t show up.” said Isley.

“Marine, when you get the chance, tell the interns to look for Jenson.” said Oweguy on a cell phone.”

“Got it.” said Marine.

“Don’t worry, the interns will make sure Jenson arrives.” said Oweguy to the others.

“It’s not like he wandered off.” said Isley.

“I don’t know.” said Gieselle. “We’ll find out sooner or later.”

“So you’ve met the losers and you’ve seen how they’re doing.” said Oweguy to the viewers. “Now let’s ask them some questions. First up is Gieselle.” She waved to the camera. “Gieselle, what would you have to say was your favorite part of the show you competed in?”

“For me, it would have to be the costume designing challenge.” said Gieselle. “I haven’t been in that many episodes to know what the other challenges were like.”

“Just watch the reruns and you’ll know.” said Oweguy. “Next it’s Chad.”

“Hello dudes.” he said to the camera.

“Chad, what was your favorite challenge that you competed in?” asked Oweguy.

“Gee I’m not sure.” he said. “I would say the costume challenge. I did not like that plant monster one.”

“I can tell because that was the one that got you eliminated.” said Oweguy.

“Don’t rub it in.” said Chad.

“Now we have Jerry.” said Oweguy. “What did you like?”

“Nothing, now go away.” said Jerry.

“Yeesh, tough crowd.” said Oweguy walking away. “Okay Murdoch, what was your favorite challenge?”

“Gee that one’s a tough one.” he said. “I did like the game show one even though that was the one I was eliminated in but another one would be the supermodel challenge because all we had to do was walk around.”

“Well I’m glad you gave your opinion.” said Oweguy. “Mudkip and Isley, what was your favorite challenge?” The two of them were shown kissing again. “Hello?” asked Oweguy.

“Oh, sorry.” said Mudkip. “I liked everything!”

“And you Isley?” asked Oweguy.

“If the plant challenge wasn’t so dangerous I would pick that but it would have to be the babysitting challenge.” said Isley.

“Interesting choice.” said Oweguy. “Sae, what about you?”

“I would agree with Isley.” said Sae. “I liked the babysitting challenge.”

“I take it you will be good mothers if that was your favorite.” said Oweguy.

“Yes indeed.” said Sae.

“Yuki, what was your favorite?” asked Oweguy.

“I liked the pool design challenge even though I was voted off during that.” said Yuki.

“Nice choice.” said Oweguy. “And Oran, what was your favorite?”

“The nerd challenge surprisingly.” said Oran. “That was a fun one.”

“Nice choice.” said Oweguy. “So that’s everyone’s opinion on what their favorite challenge was. Now let’s ask who their favorite player is that is still competing.”

“I obviously want Wentworth to keep going.” said Mudkip. “He’s a good friend and I want him to win for me and Isley.”

“For me, I would pick Margaret, Nianah, or Catherine.” said Isley. “Those three are skilled players and I think they can do fine.”

“Who am I rooting for?” asked Murdoch. “I’m rooting for my big bro Radley. He really helped me out by setting me up with Kat before I left and I’m rooting him on thanks to that.”

“He’s a good brother.” said Kat.

“Yes he is.” said Murdoch.

“For me, I would root for either Wentworth or Margaret.” said Oran. “Wentworth is a cool dude and Margaret is very nice. I just hope one of them can take care of Chuck while they’re at it.”

“For me, I’d pick Kaylie.” said Chad. “Friends should root for their friends and Kaylie is a good friend. She’s just like Emily.”

“I’m not rooting for anyone.” said Jerry. “Now leave me alone!” He then slapped the camera making it fall to the ground and turn to static.

“I’m definitely rooting for Margaret.” said Gieselle. “She’s a good friend and I want her to keep going.”

“I’m rooting for Nianah.” said Sae. “We were great friends during Sci-Fi Action and I’m rooting her on for this season.”

“I’m rooting for Margaret, Catherine, and Sherloch.” said Yuki. “The three of them were very helpful for our team and I hope that they keep going. I also want Sherloch to take care of Chuck. He’s a total jerk!”

“Hey Marine, any sign of Jensen yet?” asked Oweguy on his phone.

“Nope.” said Marine. “Are you sure he’s not at the loser’s place?”

“I’m positive.” said Oweguy.

“Fine, I’ll send more interns.” said Marine.

“So we’ve heard who they want to win and what they think of the hotel.” said Oweguy. “Now let’s hear what they plan to do after the season’s done. Mudkip and Isley, what are you planning to do?”

“Well we’re planning our wedding after the finale and we hope it’ll be good.” said Isley.

“Hope it goes well.” said Oweguy.

“For me, I’m going to finally tell Pete that we should start a family.” said Sae. “I think it’s time that we do that especially with Isley and Mudkip’s wedding and Kenzey’s sudden pregnancy.”

“Nice choice.” said Oweguy.

“I’m going to continue helping Dixie with her farm.” said Oran. “It’s helpful for both of us and it helps me with exercise.”

“Well with Kat here, I’m definitely going to have a happier life than I once had.” said Murdoch. “Why is it that one girl helps you become happier?”

“Why are you such a charmer?” asked Kat.

“Oh be quiet.” said Murdoch with the two giggling.

“I’m obviously just going to stay away from the police.” said Jerry. “Now go away.” He then slapped the camera away again making it fall and turn to static again.

“Well I’m looking forward to seeing Emily and I’ll continue my surfing school.” said Chad. “It’s taught kids how to surf very well.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Kuro and I’m going to spend more time with him.” said Yuki. “I’ve missed him so much.”

“For me, I’m looking forward to seeing Romero and I’m going to do some modeling that I like to do.” said Gieselle. “I hated the kind that other company made me do. Plus, I’m going to keep up on my blog.”

“Glad you all have plans for when the season’s over.” said Oweguy. “I’ll be back in a bit. I need to check things out back in the city.” Later that night, all the loser contestants were sitting by the pool.

“What a nice night.” said Sae.

“I’m glad we’re here.” said Mudkip. “I do wish we were still competing but this place is nice to relax in.”

“I do miss home though.” said Oran.

“Me too but we’ll be there sooner than you think.” said Yuki.

“Unless Oweguy decides to immediately put us in a new Total Drama season.” said Murdoch.

“I want to be in Total Drama someday.” said Kat.

“I’m sure you will.” said Murdoch.

“That’s nice to here.” said Kat kissing him on the cheek again.

“Am I the only one who hates this place?” asked Jerry.

“Yes.” said Oran.

“That wasn’t meant to be answered.” said Jerry. Oran looked embarrassed.

“I hope the others are doing alright.” said Isley.

“I’m sure they’re doing fine.” said Yuki.

“I’d hate to know what kind of challenges they’re going through.” said Chad.

“Probably harder ones.” said Yuki. “The merge is coming up soon I think.”

“I’m sure they’ll do fine.” said Isley. “They are strong contestants.

“I wonder what ever happened to Jenson?” asked Mudkip.

“Probably involved with the police in some sorts.” said Murdoch.

“I hope he doesn’t go all Freak Zeke like in Total Drama World Tour.” said Chad.

“I doubt it.” said Sae. “He’s not like that.”

“Still, I’m glad we’re having a relaxing time right now.” said Chad. “It’s nice to sit by the pool and think about our friends who are still competing. Suddenly a smoke cloud appeared and Oweguy was shown near them.

“Surprise!” said Oweguy. “I’m back with a special announcement. One of you is going to return to the show!”

“Really?!” asked Mudkip.

“Yep, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be you.” said Oweguy. “You did get banned from the city after that challenge.”

“Aww.” said Mudkip looking disappointed.

“Don’t worry about it.” said Isley, we settled it up with the people there.”

“Okay so there’s still a chance for you to return Mudkip.” said Oweguy.

“Yay!” said Mudkip.

“Before we do, I need all of you to say a name of someone you’re thinking off that’s still competing.” said Oweguy.

“I’m thinking of Margaret.” said Sae.

“Same.” said Yuki.

“Same here.” said Sae.

“Radley.” said Murdoch.

“Wentworth.” said Mudkip.

“Sherloch.” said Jerry not looking interested.

“Margaret.” said Oran.

“Kaylie.” said Chad.

“Margaret.” said Isley.

“Thanks for saying those.” said Oweguy. “A lot of you were thinking of Margaret right now. Well guess what, you’re going to see her because you just voted her off!”

“What, you tricked us!” shouted Yuki.

“Do you think I’m going to use the same trick Chris pulled back in the TDI loser special?” asked Oweguy. “No, I’d rather use a new one.” The lameousine then arrived in front of the hotel and Margaret was thrown in front of Oweguy along with a suitcase.

“What happened?” asked Margaret.

“We accidently voted you off.” said Oran looking embarrassed.

“Oweguy, I’m really starting to hate you now.” said Margaret.

“Okay now, time to decide who is returning.” said Oweguy. “Place your votes into this box.” The contestants then wrote names on pieces of paper and threw them into a box. Oweguy then shook them up. “Now I’m going pick a name and the name I pick is going to be the retuning contestant.” He then grabbed one of the papers. “And that contestant returning is…..”

“Isley!” she looked surprised by that.

“Why her?” asked Jerry.

“Her loss was unfair so we thought she should get a second chance.” said Sae.

“Well Isley, it looks like you’re coming back to the competition.” said Oweguy.

“I wish you would’ve waited a few seconds before you tossed me in the lameousine to here that I changed my mind about quitting.” said Isley.

“Yeah, I’ll try and remember that next time.” said Oweguy. He then threw Isley in the lameousine which drove back to the main city. “Later losers, and have fun at the resort Margaret!”

“I am so going to get revenge on Oweguy.” said Margaret.

“Please win for us Isley.” said Mudkip.

“With Isley back in the competition, what will the others think?” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Is Margaret going to sue me? And what crazy challenge are our still competing contestants going to face next? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 13: Hide and Zeke

Last time on Total Drama, I gave the eleven remaining contestants a day off so I can visit the losers. They were shown enjoying the pool, enjoying their love lives, and more. Before I left, I told them that one of them would return and I tricked them into voting off a contestant that was still competing which later was chosen to be Margaret. Isley was the one who was picked to return while Margaret got settled at the losers resort. With only eleven contestants left, who will be the next one to leave and who will get closer to the million bucks? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At the dorms, the contestants were sleeping until a loud horn woke up everyone. “Police alarm!” shouted Sherloch. “I’ve got to get to my post!”

“What is he even talking about?” asked Chuck. The contestants then ran out of their dorms and saw Oweguy with an air horn and a megaphone.

“Good morning contestants!” said Oweguy.

“Why do you have to do that so loudly?” asked Kenzey.

“Yeah, you woke up Alice.” said Radley. Alice was shown looking freaked out by the loud horn.

“Guess what contestants?” asked Oweguy. “It’s merge day! That means there are no more teams and you have to relocate.”

“So basically the boys will move one dorm and the girls move into the other?” asked Nianah.

“Nope, I’ve got an even better idea.” said Oweguy. A helicopter arrived carrying a bigger dorm and dropped it onto the Poker Chip’s dorm crushing the entire building. “I built an even bigger dorm for all of you!”

“Hey our stuff was in there!” shouted Kenzey.

“My games!” shouted Wentworth.

“I thought I confiscated all of those.” said Oweguy.

“I had extras.” said Wentworth. Dakota then walked over in a bathrobe eating a bagel. She then noticed the crushed dorm underneath the new dorm.

“Gee what happened here?” she asked.

“Just ask him.” said Radley.

“Wow, glad I wasn’t in there.” said Sam with him and Harold arriving.

“So if we get that big dorm than what about the Dancing Dice building?” asked Wentworth.

“That’s for our guests.” said Oweguy. “Dakota, Sam, Harold, that building’s now yours”

“Aww, I wanted the big dorm.” said Sam.

“Yes, my own room!” said Dakota.

“Dusk, Sabbath?” asked Oweguy.

“What?” asked Dusk walking over with Sabbath.

“I’ve got your new building ready.” said Oweguy. “You’ll have to share with some people though.”

“I’ll just go back to the hotel.” said Dusk.

“I’ll lower your rent.” said Oweguy.

“Fine.” said Dusk

“It’ll be fun honey.” said Sabbath.

“It’s only fun if it’s with us.” said Dusk.

“Don’t be so picky.” said Sabbath.

“Okay, before you guys room get settled into your new dorm, I have a special announcement.” said Oweguy.

“The food court is selling creamy swirled strawberry ice cream?!” asked Wentworth getting excited.

“Nope not that.” said Oweguy.

“Rats.” said Wentworth.

“Now you may notice that Margaret got eliminated without you guys doing a challenge.” said Oweguy.

“It definitely involved you and the losers, mostly you.” said Radley.

“As I was saying, to replace Margaret, I brought back one of the losers, our favorite zoologist girl Isley!” said Oweguy. The lameousine then parked near Oweguy and Isley was pushed out along with her suitcase.

“Geesh, you should be more polite.” said Isley.

“I only drive the car, not say nice things to the passengers.” said Chef who was driving the lameousine. It then drove away with Isley’s bird landing on her shoulder.

“Hey everybody.” said Isley.

“Isley, you’re back!” cheered Wentworth giving her a hug which squeezed her.

“Glad to see you.” said Isley having trouble breathing.

“What, that’s not fair!” shouted Chuck. “She got eliminated fair and square.”

“Nope, she quit but wanted to change her mind, so the losers voted for her and she was the one who got picked.” said Oweguy.

“Whatever, I’m still not cool with it.” said Chuck.

“So do I rejoin the Poker Chips team or am I placed on the other team?” asked Isley.

“Neither.” said Oweguy. “The merge was just announced so you’re on your own.”

“Okay then.” said Isley.

“Now then, you’ve got a half hour to get settled in your new quarters and then I’ll announce today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “Guys are on the left side and girls are on the right.”

“Kenzey, how about you watch Alice?” asked Radley. “I’m not comfortable keeping her in a dorm full of guys.”

“Sounds good.” said Kenzey. “Besides, it’ll be good bonding time with the two of us.”

“I’ll miss rooming with you.” said Radley.

“Don’t worry, I’m still next door.” said Kenzey. “I’m sure you and the guys will have fun.”

“With Wentworth and Sherloch but not Chuck.” said Radley. “You have fun with the girls.”

“I will.” said Kenzey.

“By Mr. Radley.” said Alice. Radley walked into the boy’s side and saw Chuck and Sherloch were arguing and Wentworth had already gotten trash everywhere.

“I don’t care about your rules, I care about mine!” shouted Chuck.

“Well we should follow one set of rules in order to keep things in check.” said Sherloch.

“The one we pick is going to be the one that obviously sucks.” said Chuck.

“Tension building already?” asked Radley to Wentworth.

“Yep.” said Wentworth who continued eating some chips. On the other side, Kenzey walked into the girl’s side and saw them already getting settled.

“Hello Kenzey.” said Nianah. “Do you mind helping out?”

“Sure.” said Kenzey.

“It’s a shame the losers accidently voted off Margaret.” said Catherine.

“Well Oweguy tricked us.” said Isley. “He didn’t even say that we were voting someone off.”

“He’s a sneaky host just like Chris.” said Kaylie.

“I wonder how the boy’s are doing?” asked Molly. A crash sound was heard next door.

“Chuck, that wasn’t your bed I just broke was it?” asked Wentworth next door. Some censored words were then heard.

“Not too well.” said Nianah.

“Hey sis, your baby bump is getting a little bigger.” said Molly. “How do you feel?”

“Better than I expected.” said Kenzey. “I originally thought I would be uncomfortable but I haven’t yet. The only thing that’s been bugging me is morning sickness.” She then looked ill for a second and ran off. A flush was heard and she then came back in. “See what I mean?”

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help, especially Nianah.” said Molly.

“Yeah, I’ve gone through it and it wasn’t so bad.” said Nianah. “It’s normally the last few months when you feel uncomfortable.”

“I hope you guys will help me out then.” said Kenzey.

“We will.” said Molly.

“It’s always nice to help out a friend who’s pregnant.” said Nianah in the confessional. “It’s like being a teacher.” It then went back into the boy’s room.

“You broke my bed!” shouted Chuck to Wentworth with his bed shown broken.

“Sorry.” said Wentworth.

“You are so going to get it!” said Chuck.

“Whoa, calm down.” said Radley stopping Chuck. “Look, if we’re going to room together, we need to work together and follow rules.”

“Rules schmules.” said Chuck. “I say follow my rules.”

“I say if anyone disobeys a rule, they sleep outside.” said Radley.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” said Chuck.

“Without a blanket.” said Radley.

“Eh, still not bad.” said Chuck.

“In their underwear.” said Radley.

“Fine, you made your point.” said Chuck. “I’ll follow your stupid rules.”

“Good.” said Radley.

“He’s so going to be the next one to leave.” said Chuck in the confessional. Outside, the contestants were there with Oweguy in front of them with a TV screen.

“Welcome to your first merge challenge!” said Oweguy.

“What’s the challenge?” asked Wentworth.

“I’m about to tell you.” said Oweguy. “Be patient.”

“Sorry.” said Wentworth.

“Anyway, you guys remember Jensen right?” asked Oweguy.

“You mean the dude who dances all the time and doesn’t care about competing?” asked Chuck.

“Yeah, well he seems to have gone missing.” said Oweguy.

“That’s not our problem, it’s your problem.” said Chuck.

“Well he was missing until one of our interns caught a photo of him in the city.” said Oweguy. The screen turned on showing a camera shot of an alleyway. Jensen’s hair and glasses were shown behind a trash can.

“Yep, that’s him.” said Radley looking. “I can see the hair and the glasses.”

“Anyway, today’s challenge is to find Jensen and bring him to me and the person who does so gets a special reward while someone else gets eliminated.”

“Doesn’t sound so bad.” said Catherine.

“Yeah, we can easily find him.” said Radley.

“Well it will be tricky because he’s constantly on the move.” said Oweguy.

“So are you going to give us hints on how to find him?” asked Radley.

“Nope but I will give you a GPS of the city.” said Oweguy handing everyone a GPS. “Now let’s get this hunt going!” He then drove off in a cart with the interns taking the screen.

“Oweguy just likes to make things harder for us even when it’s an easy challenge.” said Radley in the confessional. “It gets on my nerves.”

“Okay, I think all of us should check out a different part of the city and try to find Jensen.” said Isley. “He could be hiding anywhere.”

“Sounds like a plan.” said Radley. The others then ran to a different area while Chuck was shown thinking.

“Since it’s the merge I think I should start planning on getting rid of the threats.” said Chuck. “The others would get suspicious if I voted off Isley too early and I’m not booting Radley right now because he might help with my guy’s alliance. That leaves one of the girls and the one who’s very smart and knows me well is Catherine. This is going to be good.” At an alleyway, Radley arrived and started looking in there. Wentworth appeared behind him.

“Find anything?” asked Wentworth.

“Nope, just a bunch of trash.” said Radley. He then saw something rattle in a nearby dumpster.

“Maybe he’s in there.” said Wentworth.

“Why would he be living in a dumpster?” asked Radley. “He has a house already.” Radley opened the dumpster and a hand grabbed by the throat and dragged him into the dumpster.

“Radley?” asked Wentworth. Radley then crawled out covered in scratches and trash.

“That wasn’t Jensen.” said Radley

“Who was it?” asked Wentworth. The hand punched the dumpster door open and the person jumped out who was revealed to be Ezekiel. “Ezekiel!” screamed Wentworth. The two then started running away from Ezekiel who started chasing them. Meanwhile, Catherine was shown walking in the city and Chuck ran toward her.

“Hey Catherine, you’re a helpful person right?” asked Chuck.

“Why yes.” said Catherine. “I’m helpful with helping people with questions, helpful with chores, etc.”

“Never mind.” said Chuck. “I was thinking. If you help me out, I will save you from elimination. The others think of you as a threat due to your smartness and they’re going to try and vote you off first thing as possible.”

“What?!” asked Catherine shocked. “But they didn’t tell me that!”

“They don’t want you to know.” said Chuck. “I overheard it and I’d thought I’d tell you.”

“Gee, that’s not like them.” said Catherine.

“So, are you going to accept my offer?” asked Chuck.

“Fine, but you’d better not trick me.” said Catherine.

“Oh no I won’t.” said Chuck. It then cut to the confessional with him saying “Oh yes I will.” Back in another part of the city Wentworth and Radley kept running from Ezekiel.

“Why is he even here?” asked Radley.

“Maybe he wandered into the city.” said Wentworth.

“That’s actually not a bad guess.” It then showed Nianah and Isley walking together.

“I’m so glad you’re back sis.” said Nianah. “Your loss was definitely unfair.”

“Yeah, Oweguy’s a jerk sometimes.” said Isley.

“Hey!” shouted Oweguy watching the contestants through security cameras. Nianah then heard Wentworth screaming.

“Is that Wentworth?” she asked.

“A creepy feral stowaway contestant who was originally on Total Drama is chasing us!” shouted Wentworth.

“Also known as Ezekiel.” said Radley. Ezekiel then appeared and the four of them started running.

“Quick, behind that building!” shouted Nianah. The four of them ran behind the building while Ezekiel continued running.

“I think we lost him.” said Isley.

“Let’s keep moving.” said Nianah. She, Isley, and Wentworth continued on while Radley got grabbed by someone and disappeared. Meanwhile, Kaylie, Molly, and Kenzey were looking around.

“Still no sign of Jensen.” said Kaylie.

“Is someone breathing on my leg?” asked Kenzey.

“I don’t know.” said Molly. “None of us are behind you.” Kenzey turned around and saw Ezekiel who then snarled.

“Don’t you cause trouble with us right now you home school feral freak!” shouted Kenzey who grabbed Ezekiel by the throat and threw him into a trash can.

“Wow, that was something.” said Kaylie.

“And that is why most people I don’t know or don’t like leave me alone.” said Kenzey in the confessional. Meanwhile, Radley woke up on a pile of garbage bags in an old looking room.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“Welcome to my peaceful home!” said someone who was shown as a silhouette. “Please make yourself comfortable.”

“Who are you?” asked Radley.

“I know who you are Radley.” said the man.

“How do you know my name?!” asked Radley.

“I was on the same show as you.” said the man who walked into an area with more light and was revealed to be Jensen who had long hair, a beard, his shirt was covered in stains, and one of his glasses lens was chipped.

“Jensen?” asked Radley both shocked and disgusted.

“I’m surprised you recognized me.” he said. “How do you like my little home?”

“It’s dirty and it’s only one room.” said Radley.

“It’s was also free.” said Jensen.

“What the heck happened to you?” asked Radley. “You look worse than you did earlier this season?”

“After my elimination the lameousine stopped for gas and I snuck out and ran back here.” explained Jensen. “Then I continued my dancing antics at the clubs until I got banned from each of them and now I’m living in this old building.”

“Um, where is this building?” asked Radley.

“Under a dumpster.” said Jensen.

“That explains the stench.” said Radley.

“Some of it’s my clothes.” said Jensen.

“Dude, you’re living in a place that’s bad for your health.” said Radley. “If you keep living in here, you’re going to end up like Ezekiel. I think I should just take you to Oweguy and he’ll just send you to the loser resort where it’s much better than this dump.”

“But he’ll be upset!” shouted Jensen. “He’ll be mad that I snuck away all this time!”

“He knows you’re here.” said Radley. “We’re doing a challenge where we have to find you.”

“He did a challenge based on me?!” asked Jensen looking excited. “That’s so cool! I’m famous!”

“You really need help.” said Radley. Meanwhile, Chuck and Catherine were looking around.

“You think he’s here?” asked Catherine.

“I don’t know, I just want to get this dumb challenge over with.” said Chuck.

“Maybe he’s in one of those alleyways.” said Catherine.

“I don’t know, and let go of my leg.” said Chuck.

“That’s not me.” said Catherine. Chuck looked down and saw Ezekiel grabbing his leg. He then screamed and Ezekiel pounced on him.

“Get him off me!” shouted Chuck with Ezekiel trying to bite him. Catherine tried to help him but Ezekiel snarled at her.

“C’mon Jensen, let’s go see Oweguy.” said Radley walking out of the highway with Jensen. The two of them then saw Ezekiel.

“Oh no, not him!” shouted Jensen. “He’s another reason why I’ve been hiding in there!”

“I can see.” said Radley. “No one can stand him.”

“Radley, a little help?” asked Catherine.

“Catherine?” asked Radley. “Why are you with Chuck?”

“He said I should trust him and the others were planning to vote me off!” said Catherine.

“What?” asked Radley. He then threw Ezekiel off Chuck.

“Thanks for your help.” said Chuck. “And you know what you two are going to get as a reward?”

“What?” asked Catherine.

“Betrayal!” shouted Chuck throwing Ezekiel onto both of them who started attacking them.

“Hey!” shouted Catherine. “You little traitor!” Chuck then grabbed Jensen and ran off.

“Thanks for finding Jensen for me!” shouted Chuck.

“Chuck is so dead!” shouted Radley in the confessional.

“That stupid little (censored)!” shouted Catherine in the confessional swearing. “That (censored) is so going to (censored) get it from the others! (More censored words) Radley then saw some rope nearby and grabbed Ezekiel by the throat and quickly tied him up. He then threw him in a nearby dumpster.

“That takes care of him.” said Radley. “Now let’s go after Chuck.” The two then ran to where Chuck was headed but they saw that he was already with Oweguy who had Jensen.

“What took you losers so long?” he asked. Catherine growled at him.

“And Chuck is today’s winner!” said Oweguy. “As a reward, he gets free passes to a dance club!” Jensen quickly took them away from Oweguy before he could give them to Chuck. “Nevermind.” Chuck looked upset. “As for the rest of you, it’s time to vote someone off, other than Chuck. Later, outside the dorm, Catherine and Radley were shown.

“Don’t get so upset.” said Radley. “We can still kick Chuck’s butt later during the merge.”

“You’re right.” said Catherine.

“It’s not like he’s planning something in secret.” said Radley. Nearby it showed Chuck peeking.

“Oh yes I am.” he said.” Later at the elimination ceremony the contestants were shown there along with Jensen who was tied up.

“Well, looks like the merge opened pretty well.” said Oweguy. “We had partnerships, betrayal, and a guest appearance from Ezekiel! Anyway, I have ten Gilded Oweguy’s and all but one will get one. Since Chuck won the challenge, he gets the first one.” He caught his Gilded Oweguy with the others glaring. “Next ones go to Nianah, Kenzey, Molly, and Isley!” The four of them caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Kaylie, Wentworth, Sherloch, and Roxanne, you’re safe as well.” They caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Radley and Catherine, it’s down to you and the final Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Radley!” He caught his Gilded Oweguy but looked disappointed for Catherine. The others looked shocked as well.

“Pleasure doing business with me and you definitely didn’t get what I promised.” said Chuck to Catherine. She then punched Chuck in the nose. “Argh, damn it!” he shouted.

“Sorry Catherine.” said Nianah.

“It’s alright.” said Catherine. “I know you guys will win for me, especially you Radley.”

“Take care.” said Radley. Catherine then got onto the lameousine.

“Hey Catherine, before you leave, take this with you.” said Oweguy He then threw Jensen in there who was still tied up.

“You wanna make out?” asked Jensen.

“Eww.” said Catherine grossed out. The lameousine then drove off.

"Oh how I love hacking the voting devices." said Chuck with his screwdriver. "Those guys won't know what hit them!"

“Who will Chuck strike on next?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “What will the others do with him? And what crazy challenges come up next as the merge challenges continue? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 14: Dakota Ice

Last time on Total Drama, the teams were dissolved leaving our eleven remaining contestants fighting for themselves. As a surprise, Isley was brought back to the competition and the challenge was to find Jensen who has gone missing. As a surprise, the contestants kept running into Ezekiel who has been hiding in the alleyways. Chuck tricked Catherine into trusting him and she later got betrayed by him. Radley was the one who found Jensen but Chuck took him away from him and won the challenge while poor Catherine was the one who got the boot. With only ten contestants left, who will be the next one voted off and what crazy challenge do I have in store next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At the big dorm, the contestants were sleeping. In the boy’s side Radley woke up first followed by Sherloch and Wentworth. Chuck continued to sleep. “It feels a little chilly in here.” said Wentworth.

“The AC generator better not be having problems again.” said Sherloch.

“I doubt it.” said Radley. The three of them walked outside where it was shown to be nice and sunny. “See, it’s probably just the morning air.”

“Uh, was that building always covered in ice?” asked Wentworth. The guest cabin was shown to have ice on one side and a giant hole as well. Nearby, small spots of ice where shown.

“Strange.” said Sherloch. “Maybe the guest fridge isn’t working.”

“I doubt it.” said Radley. “These spots almost resemble footprints.”

“Maybe it’s an ice monster like in my fantasy RPG game.” said Wentworth.

“Nah, I don’t think so, unless Oweguy’s secretly building one.” said Radley. Suddenly a blue beam appeared somewhere in the city and after it disappeared one of the buildings was frozen.

“Sheesh, I’m getting tired of the frozen buildings.” said Oweguy in his quarters. “What should we do?”

“From the looks of you, use the contestants to search for what’s causing it.” said Marine.

“What, I never do that!” said Oweguy.

“You do it every challenge.” said Marine.

“Okay fine you got me.” said Oweguy. “I’ll figure it out.” He then picked up a phone and suddenly a bunch of people in lab coats appeared.

“Scientist team reporting for duty.” said the lead scientist. “What do you want us to do?”

“Do you know how to make an antidote to the effects from the freeze ray serum?” asked Oweguy.

“Yes sir.” said the lead scientist.

“Then go make me that antidote!” shouted Oweguy. The scientists then ran off. Back at the dorm, the contestants were looking at the frozen dorm and hole.

“What caused this?” asked Isley.

“I keep telling you, an ice monster like in my video game!” shouted Wentworth.

“We’d like to hear from someone who saw it!” shouted Chuck. Oweguy then arrived.

“Hello contestants, ready for your challenge?” asked Oweguy.

“Uh, what caused this frozen dorm?” asked Radley.

“I’ll get to that in a second.” said Oweguy. “Today’s challenge is to track down the person who caused the ice that’s everywhere.”

“And who is that person?” asked Chuck.

“Dakota!” said Oweguy.

“Don’t tell me, she’s mutating again?” asked Oweguy.

“Somewhat.” said Oweguy. “Wentworth, remember that canister of freeze ray serum you make Dakota swallow accidently?”

“Yeah.” said Wentworth.

“Well, once it landed in her stomach, some of it leaked out and entered her blood stream and soon it caused her to mutate.” explained Oweguy.

“So how do you know it’s her?” asked Nianah.

“Dusk and Sam saw her.” said Oweguy.

“That’s right.” said Sam. “From what I’ve seen, the mutation’s not complete yet.” said Sam. “What’s happened so far is that her skin has turned blue, her hair turned into ice, and she’s starting to grow ice on her arms and legs.”

“So that means her complete mutation will not be pretty.” said Sherloch.

“Okay guys, go find Dakota and the winner gets a reward while the others vote off two people!” said Oweguy.

“Two?” asked Radley.

“Yep, it’s a double elimination challenge.” said Oweguy. “I wasn’t able to order enough episodes to have single eliminations for each one.”

“Cheapskate.” said Chuck.

“Okay, you guys find Dakota and then we’ll use the antidote on her.” said Oweguy. The others then ran off.

“I have a different plan in mind.” said Chuck. “Rather than bring Dakota to Oweguy, I’m going to have her side with me and take care of the other contestants. And then I’ll bring her to Oweguy. And I know exactly how to find her.” Chuck then looked at the ice trails and followed them while the other went to another area. At one of the frozen buildings, Radley and Kenzey were looking at it along with Wentworth, Nianah, Isley and Molly.

“Interesting.” said Radley. “I knew you should’ve given her the Heimlich Wentworth.”

“The what?” asked Wentworth.

“You don’t know how to do it do you.” said Radley.

“Nope.” said Wentworth.

“So where do we find her?” asked Nianah. Another blue flash appeared nearby and another building was frozen.

“Probably over there.” said Molly.

“Let’s go find her.” said Radley. They ran over to the building but looked surprised from what they really saw. Owen was shown playing with one of the freeze rays. “Owen?!” asked Radley.

“Oh hey, I found this freeze ray and I wanted to try and make an ice rink with it.” he said.

“Hey, give that back!” shouted a nerdy intern.

“Uh oh!” said Owen. He then dropped it and ran off.

“How’d he even get that?” asked Radley.

“I have no idea.” said Kenzey. Meanwhile, Chuck continued following the ice tracks until he ended up at an ice rink.

“Hmm, maybe this is it.” he said. He walked in and saw that most of the building was covered in ice. “Yep, this is definitely it.”

“Hello Chuck.” said Sherloch who was in front of him with Roxanne.

“What the, did you follow me?!” asked Chuck surprised and upset.

“No, I did the same thing you did.” said Sherloch.

“He’s too good.” said Chuck in the confessional. “Either he learned it himself or from me. Whichever it still bugs me.”

“There’s two hallways.” said Roxanne. “Why don’t the two of us check this one out?”

“Sounds good.” said Sherloch. The two of them went down there while Chuck went the other way. Outside, Radley, Kenzey, Wentworth, Nianah, Isley, and Molly were still looking.

“Still no sign on where she is.” said Radley. He then saw Kenzey was pretty far behind.

“You alright sis?” asked Molly.

“Sorry, it’s just that being pregnant doesn’t make me have much energy.” said Kenzey.

“Gee, that doesn’t sound great.” said Molly.

“Just hold it on a little longer and you’ll be alright.” said Radley.

“Radley’s sweet but I’m not sure if I can get through my pregnancy and compete at the same time.” said Kenzey in the confessional. “I need to think of something to fix that.”

“There’s more icy buildings up ahead.” said Isley.

“It better not be Owen again.” said Radley.

“No, I don’t think its him.” said Nianah. “He did drop the freeze ray.”

“Hey look, an ice rink.” said Molly.

“Maybe she’s in there.” said Radley. “Let’s go check it out.” They then ran into the building. Meanwhile, Sherloch and Roxanne were looking around in a frozen hallway.

“Man, this place looks like something out of a mystery movie.” said Sherloch.

“Yeah, like in Case of the Ice Monster.” said Roxanne.

“You like that movie?” asked Sherloch. “That’s one of my favorite sci-fi mystery films.”

“Wow, we have a lot in common.” said Roxanne.

“Yep.” said Sherloch. The two smiled at each other until they heard a scream that sounded like Dakota’s. “What was that?” asked Sherloch.

“It came from down there.” said Roxanne. They ran down the hall and ended up in the main ice skating room. They saw Dakota there who was blue skinned, had ice grown on her arms and legs, and her hair had turned into ice crystals. Sam and Zoey were shown with her.

“Yep, she’s mutating all right.” said Sherloch.

“Why’s Zoey there?” asked Roxanne. “I didn’t know she was in the city.”

“It’s alright Dakota, just because you’re half ice doesn’t make you a freak.” said Zoey comforting Dakota who looked upset.

“Yeah, you’ll be just like my ice monster character in my Frost land warriors’ video game.” said Sam. “You’ll be able to freeze so much enemies in front of you.”

“Aww, that’s nice Sam.” said Dakota. “But I can’t be like this. I signed up for the cities’ fashion show and I can’t show up like this.”

“Don’t worry Dakota.” said Sherloch walking in with Roxanne. “Oweguy’s made an antidote that’ll cure your mutation.”

“Oh thank goodness.” said Dakota. “Why didn’t Chris do that when I got exposed to toxic waste? Instead, he shot me with elephant tranquilizers.”

“We’ll just take you to Oweguy and you’ll be alright.” said Sherloch.

“Thanks.” said Dakota.

“Stop!” shouted Chuck coming in. “They’re tricking you!”

“What?!” asked Dakota looking upset.

“Oweguy didn’t make an antidote.” said Chuck “He wanted to throw you away in captivity and leave you as a mutant just like what Chris did.”

“Why that no good rotten!” shouted Dakota getting angry. Her eyes then turned blue and more ice started forming on her arms and legs. More ice crystals then came out of her back. “Nobody makes me mad when I’m mutating!” She then shot a beam of ice out of her hands which froze Sherloch and Roxanne.

“Chuck you no good liar!” shouted Sherloch.

“Don’t worry Dakota.” said Chuck. “I know where the real antidote is and I’ll take you there.”

“Thanks, uh who are you?” asked Dakota.

“Hey dudes are you alright!” asked Sam rushing toward Sherloch and Roxanne but slipped on the ice. Zoey then skated over and picked up Sam.

“We’re fine, just cold.” said Sherloch.

“Looks like I’m going to win the challenge again.” said Chuck. He then bumped into Radley who was blocking his way.

“And where are you going?” he asked.

“Uh, I was just uh going to get Dakota some ice cream.” said Chuck lying.

“Actually, I managed to make my own ice cream with my new ice powers.” said Dakota holding an ice cream cone.

“Dakota, we need to get you to Oweguy so he can give you the antidote.” said Radley.

“No, Chuck told me that it’s a trick and Oweguy wants to lock me up!” shouted Dakota.

“What?!” asked Radley shocked. “Who’s in the world told you that?”

“He did.” said Dakota pointing to Chuck.

“Chuck, I’ve had it with you.” said Radley.

“Well what are you going to do about it?” asked Chuck.

“Tell Oweguy.” said Radley.

“I’m afraid you won’t.” said Chuck. He then pushed a button and a remote controlled zamboni appeared which soon pinned Radley against the wall.

“You little twerp!” he shouted.

“C’mon Dakota, let’s get the antidote.” said Chuck.

“But what about Sam and my BFF Zoey?” asked Dakota.

“We haven’t hung out for long enough to be BFF’s or buh fwa fwa’s as you called it.” said Zoey.

“Whatever.” said Dakota.

“Who cares about them!” shouted Chuck. “Nobody likes you.”

“How dare they!” shouted Dakota with more ice covering her body, the ice crystals on her head growing larger, her eyes goand teeth becoming sharper. “You will all pay!”

“Now you’ve done it Chuck.” said Radley.

“C’mon Dakota, time to get you back to normal.” said Chuck. An ice beam then hit him freezing him in a block of ice.

“No way!” shouted Dakota. “You admitted that you hate me so that includes you.”

“Gee, tricking someone to work with you can be hard at times.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Where are the girls at?” asked Radley. “They can help us.” Outside the ice rink, Kenzey was shown sleeping with Molly, Isley, and Nianah looking.

“Should we wake her up?” asked Isley.

“I don’t know.” said Molly. “She’s been sleeping for ten minutes.”

“Hey guys, what’s up?” asked Wentworth having an ice cream cone. Kaylie was shown with him.

“Kenzey fell asleep and I don’t know what’s happening in there.” said Molly.

“Well let’s check it out.” said Wentworth. An ice bean then hit the doors freezing them solid. “Nevermind.” he said.

“There’s gotta be another way in.” said Kaylie.

“Let’s get in through the roof!” said Wentworth.

“Okay, I guess that sort of works.” said Kaylie. Wentworth then started climbing up the wall. Inside, it showed the angry Dakota glaring at the others.

“You guys are going to pay!” shouted Dakota.

“What do we do?” asked Sherloch. “She froze the doors.”

“Hey, be careful with those antidotes for the ice serum!” shouted the lead scientist outside with people carrying bottles with the antidote.

“I’ll be right back.” said Sherloch.

“Dakota, Chuck is lying!” shouted Sam. “Would we ever lie to you?”

“Well, I knew you wouldn’t lie but I’m not sure about the others!” shouted Dakota.

“Dakota, calm down!” shouted Zoey. “If you continue getting angry your mutation will get worse.”

“I can’t help it!” shouted Dakota. “Everyone is making me mad!” The spikes on her shoulders and elbows then grew sharper.

“Yikes.” said Radley.

“Roxanne, I got us the antidote!” shouted Sherloch with needles filled with a blue liquid.

“That’s great!” shouted Roxanne. “I’ll try and stall her.” She then got frozen by Dakota. “Nevermind.” she said.

“I’ll do it myself.” said Sherloch. “Sam and Zoey, stall her.”

“Hey Dakota, remember the time we went to the splash land water park with Mike, Zoey, and Cameron?” asked Sam. “You were able to do a really big cannonball.”

“That was a fun day.” said Dakota. “But I was still the Dakotazoid then.”

“And you almost sent Cameron to the hospital.” said Zoey.

“Hey, I didn’t know he was there.” said Dakota.

“Try not to make her get upset.” whispered Sherloch to Sam.

“Okay.” said Sam. “Hey Dakota, what do you like to do when you’re by yourself.”

“Oh I file my nails, do my makeup, read from my fashion magazines, and do webcam videos.” said Dakota.

“I play video games.” said Sam.

“I know that.” said Dakota. Sherloch then jabbed Dakota with the antidote. “Ow, that hurt!” she shouted.

“It’s not working!” shouted Sherloch.

“It probably takes time.” said Radley.

“When something hurts me, I get angry!” shouted Dakota with more ice covering her.

“We need to keep her still in order for the antidote to work.” said Radley.

“What will keep her still?” asked Sam. On the roof, Wentworth was looking at a door on the roof.

“Aha, this must be the way in.” he said. He opened it up but then fell down.

“I’ll freeze you!” shouted Dakota to Sherloch making him nervous.

“Dakota, look out!” shouted Sam.

“Huh?” asked Dakota looking up. Wentworth then fell on top of her.

“Hey, I’m okay.” said Wentworth. “My butt feels cold though.” He then looked down and saw Dakota’s arms and legs sticking out. “Oops.” he said. He then got up and Dakota was shown unconscious.

“Well, at least she’s calm.” said Sherloch. Sam and Zoey then freed Roxanne from the ice while Sherloch moved the zamboni away from Radley.

“Thanks dude.” said Radley.

“No problem.” said Sherloch. The rest of then left with Wentworth carrying Dakota.

“Hey, what about me?!” shouted Chuck. “Oh one of them is going to pay, and I know who.” Outside the dorms, Oweguy was waiting and the others then arrived.

“About time.” said Oweguy. “I was wondering when you’d get her.”

“Here she is and I gave her the antidote.” said Sherloch.

“How’d you get it?” asked Oweguy.

“Your scientist crew had them where we were.” said Sherloch.

“Well that was smart.” said Oweguy. The ice on Dakota’s arms and legs then shattered along with the crystals on her head and the spikes. Her eyes and skin then returned to their normal color and her hair then grew back.

“What happened?” asked Dakota.

“Dakota, you’re your hot self again!” cheered Sam.

“Hey, I am!” said Dakota. “I’m still blaming you Oweguy for mutating me.”

“Hey, it was Wentworth who made you swallow that serum.” said Oweguy.

“It was an accident!” shouted Wentworth.

“Well I’m still blaming you because you’re the host.” said Dakota.

“Whatever, why don’t you three get back to whatever you were doing.” said Oweguy.

“Can I stay in the guest dorm?” asked Zoey.

“Fine but you’ll have to pay.” said Oweguy.

“I will.” said Zoey.

“Anyway, here’s the winner of the challenge.” said Oweguy. “Today’s winner is…..Sherloch!”

“Yes!” he cheered.

“The rest of you, you need to vote two people off tonight.” said Oweguy. “Catch you later.” The girls then arrived carrying a still sleeping Kenzey.

“Where were you guys?” asked Radley.

“Your wife has been a little drowsy.” said Molly. “I think her pregnancy has been affecting her with challenges.”

“Did we win?” asked Kenzey yawning.

“I hate to vote her off obviously Kenzey doesn’t want to compete due to her pregnancy.” said Molly in the confessional. “I can tell how she’s feeling easily.”

“I can’t vote off Sherloch since he has invincibility so that leaves me to vote off the next biggest threat.” said Chuck in the confessional. “And that threat is Radley.” At the elimination ceremony, the contestants were shown there waiting for Oweguy to give the results. Chuck was shown soaked and wearing a blanket to stay warm.

“You’ve all voted for who you wanted to vote off.” said Oweguy. “I’ve got ten of you here but only eight Gilded Oweguys. Whoever doesn’t get one will have to board the lameousine and leave.” Sam then arrived with Alice who looked upset. “Hey Sam, what’s up?” asked Oweguy.

“Giving Radley and Kenzey their kid.” said Sam. “She was acting fussy.”

“That guy wouldn’t give me my favorite snacks.” said Alice.

“Hey, I don’t know how to raise kids.” said Sam.

“Okay, back to the Gilded Oweguy ceremony.” said Oweguy. “Since Sherloch won, he gets the first Gilded Oweguy.” He then tossed it to Sherloch who caught it. “Next ones go to Roxanne, Isley, Nianah, Molly, Kaylie, and Wentworth.” They all caught their Gilded Oweguys. “Chuck, Radley, and Kenzey, you’re our bottom three and the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Chuck.” He caught his Gilded Oweguy leaving the others shocked.

“What?!” shouted Radley. “That is so not cool!”

“Sorry bro, but you were too much of a threat.” said Chuck.

“You’ll get it later you little twerp.” said Radley.

“Why did Kenzey get voted off?” asked Wentworth.

“Yeah, why did you get the boot?” asked Radley to Kenzey.

“I’m sorry but I can’t really compete due to my pregnancy so I convinced the others to vote me off.” explained Kenzey.

“I understand why.” said Radley. “But hey, it’s not a problem. You did win last season.”

“Yeah.” said Kenzey.

“Besides, we’ll now have a chance to be a family with Alice without interfering with the challenges.” said Radley.

“Yes we will.” said Kenzey. The two looked ready to kiss but were interrupted by Oweguy.

“Radley and Kenzey, I’d hate to interrupt but you’ve got a ride on the lameousine.” He said. The two then got onto the lameousine with Alice joining them.

“See you later guys.” said Radley.

“Bye guys.” said Wentworth. “Call us when the baby is born.”

“We will.” said Radley. The lameousine then drove off.

“Sherloch, here’s your reward for winning.” said Oweguy. “You and a lucky contestant of your choice get to hang out in the city’s VIP area for the night.”

“Sweet.” said Sherloch with Chuck looking upset.

“Who are you going to take along with you?” asked Radley.

“That beautiful lady over there.” said Sherloch pointing to Roxanne.

“Aww, that’s nice of you.” said Roxanne blushing and smiling.

“You two have fun.” said Oweguy with the two walking away. Roxanne then grabbed Sherloch’s hand as they started walking.

“I feel like Chuck is up to something and I’m going to figure it out.” said Sherloch in the confessional.

“Look out Sherloch because I plan to get you next.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Well that was quiet an episode.” said Oweguy. “With only eight contestants left, who will get closer to the million bucks? What is Chuck’s next move? And will I try and get Dakota to not sue me? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 15: The Seas with Oweguy and Friends

Last time on Total Drama, Dakota starting having some mutation problems again caused by an ice serum she accidently swallowed a while back and the contestants searched so she can be given an antidote. Chuck tried to get the mutated Dakota to side him but things didn’t work well and Kenzey started to get drowsy due to her pregnancy. In the end, Sherloch won the challenge and got Dakota back to her non icy self and Radley and Kenzey were voted off with Chuck thinking Radley was a threat and Kenzey was too tired to compete. With only eight contestants left, who will get closer to the million bucks and who will get voted off next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

In the main contestant area, Kaylie and Molly were sunbathing while Nianah and Isley were giving them drinks. Wentworth was shown hanging out with them. “What a nice day.” said Kaylie. “It makes me think of the beach.”

“You’re definitely the beach type of girl.” said Molly.

“Yep.” said Kaylie.

“I wonder where Sherloch is?” asked Wentworth.

“He’s in the city with Roxanne.” said Nianah.

“Aww, are those two falling in love just like with me and Jessica?” asked Wentworth.

“Maybe.” said Molly. “The two seem to have been hanging out a lot.”

“It would be nice if they got together.” said Isley. “Those two seem to be meant for each other.”

“I agree.” said Nianah. “The first thing they should do is let things take it’s time.”

“Agreed.” said Isley.

“Hey Wentworth, how’s it going with you and Jessica?” asked Kaylie.

“We haven’t seen each other for a while but that’s due to her being busy and me being busy with the challenges.” explained Wentworth. “She still sends texts and photos though.” A coin bling sound effect was then heard which was revealed to be Wentworth’s cell phone. “See?” he said showing a picture of her showing a shirt she got.

“Well I’m sure you’ll see her again soon.” said Kaylie.

“I’m sure I will.” said Wentworth.

“That’s nice to hear.” said Kaylie.

“I sometimes worry about what Murdoch said when he said she’s only dating me to get attention.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “Radley told me that wasn’t true but I still worry sometimes.” Meanwhile in the city, Sherloch and Roxanne were walking together.

“Man, that was a nice reward Oweguy gave us.” said Sherloch. “He’s normally cheap.”

“Well maybe he wanted to be nice for once.” said Roxanne.

“Chuck is still bugging me though.” said Sherloch. “From what I see, all he wants to do is win.”

“Well I’m sure sooner or later we’ll get the chance to vote him off.” said Roxanne.

“I hope so.” said Sherloch.

“I agree with Sherloch and the others, Chuck’s obviously up to something.” said Roxanne in the confessional. “The best thing to do is stay with Sherloch. He’s smart and kind of cute. Uh you didn’t here that I hope.” A boat horn was then heard and Oweguy arrived in a sailor outfit.

“It’s challenge time!” he said.

“What’s with the dorky sailor outfit?” asked Chuck.

“It’s because today’s challenge takes place in the city’s aquarium.” said Oweguy.

“Oh sweet, I was hoping there would be challenge there at one point.” said Kaylie in the confessional. “I’m sure most of you know my love for beaches and oceans.”

“Here’s how it works.” said Oweguy. “There will be two challenges. The first challenge is to dive into the aquarium’s giant tank to look for a certain item that will be useful for part two. Part two will be a neat race to the finish. Whoever makes it to the finish first during that challenge wins immunity while the others vote someone off. Does that sound simple?”

“I guess so.” said Wentworth.

“Okay, make sure you have something to swim in because you’re probably going to get wet.” said Oweguy.

“I’m already in my swimsuit.” said Kaylie.

“Good for you then.” said Oweguy. Later, the contestants were in the aquarium with most wearing swimsuits.

“This place looks neat.” said Nianah.

“I wonder where they got all of these fish?” asked Isley.

“Probably a fishing net.” said Chuck.

“Don’t be so selfish.” said Molly. Chuck then growled.

“Welcome to my wonderful aquarium!” said Oweguy. “This place is filled with sea creatures of many types such as regular fish, big fish, turtles, rays, sharks, and much more.”

“Wow, that’s pretty neat.” said Wentworth looking.

“Now let’s get the first challenge underway.” said Oweguy. “Each of you will need to get a certain something in this big tank. That certain something won’t be revealed until part two.”

“So how will we know what it is?” asked Wentworth.

“It’ll have your face on it so you can tell.” said Oweguy.

“Oh, that makes it easier to figure it out.” said Wentworth.

“Here are some scuba gear outfits.” said Oweguy. “These will allow you to breathe underwater with no problem.” he then handed the scuba gear to them.

“Nice.” said Sherloch.

“Now, go get your items.” said Oweguy. The contestants then got to the top of the tank and jumped into the water. “Oh, and watch out for sharks.” Oweguy continued. Nobody heard him. “I’m sure they’ll figure it out.”

“What was Oweguy telling us?” asked Sherloch. Some sharks were shown near him, Roxanne, and Chuck.

“Probably that.” said Roxanne. She and Sherloch then swam away quickly.

“Wait for me!” shouted Chuck but one of the sharks then caught him in its mouth and swallowed him. It started swimming away with the other sharks but it then had a funny look due to Chuck kicking around inside it and it spat him out. In the confessional, Chuck was pulling shark teeth out of his butt. “I really hate sharks now.” he said. It then showed Nianah and Isley swimming together. Molly and Kaylie soon joined them as well.

“Let’s work together to find our items.” said Nianah.

“Sounds like a plan.” said Isley.

“Where’s Wentworth?” asked Molly.

“Down here.” said Wentworth who was standing at the bottom.

“Why are you way down there?” asked Molly.

“I sank to the bottom.” said Wentworth. “It must be because of my weight.”

“Well be careful.” said Kaylie.

“Why?” asked Wentworth. A giant eel then came out from some rocks.

“That’s why.” said Kaylie. Wentworth screamed and tried to run but was unable to due to being underwater.

“Why can’t I run?!” he shouted.

“Because you’re underwater.” said Isley.

“Swim to go faster.” said Molly. He started spinning his arms repeatedly not moving with the eel looking confused. “Never mind, I’ll help you.” said Molly swimming toward Wentworth.

“C’mon gals, let’s look for our items.” said Nianah.

“Okay.” said Isley with the two swimming to a different area. Meanwhile, Chuck was searching around for his bag.

“Where is that darn bag?” he asked. Someone then tapped him on his back and it was shown to be the group of sharks. “Not again!” he screamed. The lead shark then swam after him and swallowed him and swam off with the other sharks. Inside the shark, Chuck was sitting there. “Darn sharks.” he said. He then noticed that there was a bag nearby with his face on it. “Okay, I’m going to thank the shark for this one.” The sharks were shown sitting in chairs and the lead shark’s mouth then opened up with Chuck swimming out with his bag. Meanwhile, Sherloch and Roxanne were swimming together.

“You know, you being underwater makes me think of you as a mermaid but without the tail.” said Sherloch.

“Aww, that’s nice.” said Roxanne. “You remind me of a handsome man.”

“C’mon, you can do better than that.” said Sherloch. The two then laughed.

“Hey look, some bags.” said Roxanne pointing to two bags on the ground. They then swam over to them.

“Sweet, they’re ours.” said Sherloch.

“Let’s head back to Oweguy.” said Roxanne. They then swam off.

“We really work together well when it’s the two of us.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “Does it mean something?” It then showed Wentworth and Molly looking around.

“Any sign of what we’re looking for?” asked Wentworth.

“Wait, look.” said Molly stopping Wentworth. Nearby it showed a clam with two bags inside it.

“Alright!” cheered Wentworth. When he jumped toward it the clam then shut.

“Try not to startle it.” said Molly.

“I know it’s like in my game where you have to get an item that’s in a clam and you have to wait for it to open up.” said Wentworth.

“Okay, I guess that’s a good example.” said Molly. “Now wait for it to open.” The clam then opened up again. “Now!” shouted Molly swiping the bag out of the clam with Wentworth doing the same. “Got it!” she shouted.

“Uh, a little help?” asked Wentworth with his hand stuck in the clam. Molly then rolled her eyes.

“While Wentworth may be the clumsiest of the rest of us right now, he’s still the friendliest.” she said in the confessional.

“Clam bites hurt.” said Wentworth in the confessional with a mark on his wrist. At the top of the tank, Oweguy was reading a book that said Fish Digest Monthly and Chuck, Sherloch, and Roxanne’s back got thrown out at the same time.

“We got them!” said Sherloch.

“Great, than that means you three tie for winning the first challenge.” said Oweguy.

“Yes!” cheered Sherloch with Chuck looking upset.

“Who else managed to get their bag?” asked Oweguy. Kaylie then surfaced next with her back followed by Nianah and Isley.

“We’re here.” said Isley. Molly and Wentworth then arrived next.

“Same here.” said Molly.

“Do you know how to get a clam to stop biting your arm?” asked Wentworth with the clam still biting his hand.

“I’ll help.” said Kaylie. “Now hold still.” She then made the clam open up a little and Wentworth pulled his hand out.

“Thanks.” said Wentworth. Chuck was shown looking.

“Hmm, I’m starting to think Kaylie could be another threat to the rest of us.” he said in the confessional. “Maybe I’ll wait on Sherloch for right now and take out some of the weaker threats like her. I’d rather challenge Sherloch head to head.”

“Time for part two!” said Oweguy with the contestant outside on the other side of the aquarium. “It’s an exciting water ski race!”

“Cool.” said Wentworth.

“Here’s how it works.” said Oweguy. “Each player must go to five buoys and collect a flag on each one. Once you’ve all gotten five flags, head back to the goal. The first person to get all five flags and make it to the goal first wins immunity while the others have to vote someone off. The bags you got last challenge contains an item that will help you out.”

“What’s in it?” asked Wentworth.

“Open it and find out.” said Oweguy. The contestants then opened the bags but looked surprised.

“Rocks?” asked Sherloch looking in his bag.

“Horse shoes?” asked Roxanne.

“What the heck, all these items are useless!” shouted Chuck with laundry shown in his bag.

“I’m sure you’ll find a use to them.” said Oweguy.

“How am I supposed to use laundry in a challenge?” asked Chuck in the confessional. “What I would normally do is throw it in the trash. It’s not my clothes.”

“Okay, everybody ready?” asked Oweguy.

“We are ready!” shouted Wentworth.

“Then go!” shouted Oweguy as the contestants drove off on their water skis. “Hey Fang, you ready?” asked Oweguy. Fang the mutant shark then walked over and jumped onto an extra water ski and went after the contestants. Nearby, the contestants saw the first buoy with the flags.

“Oh boy, this will be easy!” cheered Wentworth.

“Uh, I think it’s going to get harder.” said Molly pointing to Fang who was behind them.

“Oh no, it’s that mutant shark!” shouted Wentworth. “I don’t want to be shark bait!”

“Hey look, Scott’s swimming over there!” shouted Molly. Fang then looked interested and went to where Molly was pointing.

“How did you do that?” he asked.

“I remember how often Fang chased Scott.” said Molly.

“Sweet!” said Wentworth. The two grabbed their flags and headed to the next buoy. Sherloch and Roxanne got their flags as well followed by Kaylie. Nearby, Chuck was near another buoy getting one of his flags and then bumped into another water ski.

“Hey, watch it buddy!” he shouted. He then noticed that he had bumped into Fang who smiled at him. Chuck then screamed and tried to start up his jet ski. “C’mon, start up!” he shouted. Fang then bit him in the butt and he screamed while his jet ski started going really fast dragging him along. Fang then went after him. “Okay, I really hate sharks now, especially mutant sharks.” said Chuck in the confessional. “Now I know how Scott felt.” Nearby, Kaylie had three flags along with Sherloch and Roxanne while the others had two.

“Only two more.” said Kaylie.

“Shark!” shouted Chuck going by both of them who was then followed by Fang.

“Glad I’m not him.” said Sherloch.

“Look, there’s the next buoy!” shouted Roxanne. The three of them got their flags.

“Only one more!” shouted Sherloch. Chuck then came back with four flags as well regaining control of his water ski.

“Look who else has four flags.” He said. Fang then came back in front of Chuck. “Go away!” he shouted throwing the laundry at Fang which got him upset and he then dove underwater.

“Hey, even though he’s a mutant, you can treat him with more respect.” said Kaylie.

“Shut up.” said Chuck. Kaylie then glared at him.

“Boy, he’s a real jerk.” She said in the confessional. “If he loses I’m going to convince the others to vote him off.”

“C’mon, let’s get that last flag!” shouted Sherloch. He and Roxanne headed to the last buoy with Chuck following as well.

“You will not be getting that flag without me!” he shouted. Kaylie went after them as well.

“Got it!” shouted Sherloch getting his flag.

“So did I.” said Chuck.

“I’ll make it to the finish before you.” said Sherloch.

“No I will!” shouted Chuck. Fang then dove out of the water and the two screamed. He then dove where they were smashing both their water skis while the two of them were sent flying.

“Who’s going to land first?” asked Oweguy. Both of them then landed at the goal with all of their flags landing at the same time. “It’s a tie!” shouted Oweguy. “Chuck and Sherloch are the winners!”

“Yes!” cheered Sherloch with Chuck upset that he won.

“You two are safe from elimination and as a special reward, you get a nice seafood dinner.” said Oweguy.

“Whatever.” said Chuck.

“The rest of you, vote somebody off.” said Oweguy. Fang then appeared near Chuck and he screamed again.

“I swear the first chance I get, I’m going to tell the others that Chuck is a jerk and he’s planning on booting us off.” said Kaylie in the confessional. “He can’t get away with booting off nice people.” Outside the confessional, Chuck was shown listening to her in the confessional.

“Oh you’re definitely going to get it.” He said. Later, at the elimination ceremony, the contestants were shown voting.

“Well that was definitely an interesting challenge.” said Oweguy. “We had fish tanks, waterskiing, and Fang. All of you did well but one of you won’t be getting a Gilded Oweguy. For winning the challenge, Chuck and Sherloch get the first Gilded Oweguys.” The two of them got their Gilded Oweguys. “Next people who are safe are Roxanne, Isley, Nianah, and Molly.” The four of them got their Gilded Oweguys. “So now that leaves us down to Kaylie and Wentworth, and the last Gilded Oweguy goes to…..”

“Wentworth.” He sighed in relief while Kaylie looked shocked.

“What, why me?!” shouted Kaylie. “I am totally nice girl, who would vote me off?!”

“I don’t know but it’s time for you to get into the lameousine.” said Oweguy.

“No, I’m not leaving until I find out why I was voted off!” shouted Kaylie. Oweguy then snapped his fingers and Chef then carried Kaylie and threw her into the lameousine which drove away.

“Dude seriously, I don’t think we voted her off on purpose.” said Sherloch.

“Yeah, these voting devices seem a little bit glitchy.” said Isley.

“Okay I’ll take a look at them.” said Oweguy. “In the meantime, why don’t you get a good rest before next challenge?”

“Okay.” said Nianah.

“I wish I had some lobster right now.” said Wentworth.

“Oweguy’s obviously going to find out that I’ve been hacking the voting devices.” said Chuck in the confessional. “I’m going to need to think of a new plan to vote off the others.”

“We’re down to seven contestants.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Who will be the next one to be voted off and who will get closer to the million dollar prize? Will Chuck and Sherloch ever get along? Do Sherloch and Roxanne have some crushes on each other? And where’s my lobster? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 16: Take Me Out of the Ball Game

Last time on Total Drama, the contestants did challenges in the city’s aquarium. They dove in the big tank, got chased by sharks, getting bit by a clam and so on. Things really got interesting during the water ski challenge when Fang the mutant shark was adding as an obstacle and things just went crazy from there. In the end, Chuck and Sherloch were the winners and thinking she was a huge threat and knowing about his plan, Kaylie got the boot thanks to Chuck. We’re down to seven contestants. Who will win next and who will lose next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

Outside, the contestants were shown hanging around with Molly, Wentworth, and Nianah playing with a Frisbee, Isley sun tanning, and Sherloch and Roxanne hanging out with each other. Chuck was the only one not shown outside. “Final seven!” cheered Wentworth. “If we made it this far than we’re totally awesome!”

“Whoa big guy.” said Sherloch. “Basically most of us are the kind of people that are good at playing the game but yeah, we’re awesome too.”

“Yeah!” cheered Wentworth. The Frisbee then hit behind his head.

“Oops, sorry.” said Molly.

“It’s okay.” said Wentworth.

“I’m surprised I’ve made it this far.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “Last season I was booted off third and this season I’m in the final seven. I guess that shows improvement in between seasons.”

“Well, I’m off to get something to eat.” said Wentworth leaving.

“Do you want to take a walk Roxanne?” asked Sherloch.

“That would be nice.” said Roxanne with the two walking together.

“Those two are getting closer.” said Nianah in the confessional. “I think it won’t be long until they reveal their feelings for each other.”

“Everyone’s thinking me and Roxanne love each other.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “I have to say that’s not true. Yet.” It then showed them walking to each other. “Hey, I picked up some flowers at the flower store for you.” said Sherloch.

“Oh they’re lovely.” said Roxanne. “However I prefer purple flowers more.” Sherloch looked a little disappointed. “I’m just kidding!” she said with the two laughing. They then smiled and almost looked ready to kiss until a horn interrupted them.

“I want a burger!” shouted Owen chasing a burger truck which was honking its horn.

“Stop chasing me!” shouted the driver looking scared.

“Okay?” asked Sherloch looking confused.

“Anyway, thanks for the flowers.” said Roxanne. “You sure are sweet and nice.”

“Thanks, so are you.” said Sherloch which made Roxanne blush and smile.

“His words are very nice.” said Roxanne in the confessional. “He definitely is the sweet kind of person one would meet.” The intercom then came on.

“Challenge time contestants!” said Oweguy. “Today’s challenge takes place in the sports stadium so head on over there.” It then showed them at the stadium with the field resembling a football field.

“Are we doing sports?” asked Wentworth.

“From where we are probably.” said Molly.

“Rats, I’m not the active type.” said Wentworth.

“Don’t worry big guy, you’ll do fine.” said Molly. Oweguy then arrived in a coach like outfit.

“Greetings contestants.” he said. “Are you ready for some sporty challenges?”

“Oh yes we are.” said Molly.

“Funny, I expected Wentworth to say that.” said Chris.

“I didn’t know what to say.” said Wentworth.

“Here’s today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “It’s a tournament styled challenge and each one of you will fight through a series of sports themed challenges similar to the one in TDA. There’ll be a marathon track race, basketball, boxing, and much more.”

“How do the rules work?” asked Sherloch.

“It goes like this.” said Oweguy. “Lose at a challenge and you’re out. Win a challenge, and you move on. The last person standing wins invincibility.”

“And the losers vote someone off?” asked Isley.

“Wrong.” said Oweguy. “For this challenge, I’m deciding who will be voted off. The person who would likely be voted off would be the person who performed the poorest during the challenge. So try and do well even if you’re not the sporty type.”

“I think Oweguy’s not making us vote off who we want because of the voting devices getting hacked.” said Chuck in the confessional. “Still, he didn’t mention that so I’m still in the clear.

“Your first challenge is a one lap track race.” said Oweguy. “Each player must race around the track while avoiding the obstacles along the way. Obstacles are tennis ball machines that fire tennis balls, swinging bats, and hurdles.”

“Sounds painful.” said Wentworth.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s safe.” said Oweguy. “Intern, can you double check to make sure it’s safe?” Chef then pushed Dakota onto the field who was in a jogging outfit. She started running with the tennis ball machines starting to fire and the bats swinging. Sounds of Dakota getting hurt were heard with the others flinching and looking freaked out due to that. “Yep, perfectly safe.” said Oweguy checking on a piece of paper.

“I am so going to sue you for this.” said Dakota covered in bruises and had a black eye.

“Okay, and begin!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants started running with Chuck immediately getting hit by tennis balls.

“I don’t know how the producers get away with these challenges!” shouted Chuck in the confessional covered in bruises. Wentworth was shown jumping over the tennis balls easily while Molly, Nianah, Sherloch, and Roxanne dodged them.

“Whoa, how’d you avoid those easily?” asked Molly to Wentworth.

“Video games.” said Wentworth. “Just jump them like obstacles in a video game.”

“Hey where’s Isley?” asked Nianah. Isley was shown getting hit by the tennis balls before reaching up toward the others.

“Sorry, I’m not good with avoiding stuff like that.” she said.

“I know.” said Nianah. “You weren’t always the best at gym class.”

“Nor was I.” said Wentworth.

“C’mon, let’s get over the hurdles.” said Molly. They soon jumped over them with Wentworth having trouble and knocking over a few. Chuck then caught up and jumped over them with ease.

“Bet you guys didn’t know I’m a good jumper.” said Chuck. Sherloch growled at him.

“Wait up guys!” shouted Wentworth. He then tripped and fell on Isley with the two rolling toward the finish line before the others.

“Hmm, while that isn’t really fair, I still count it as passable.” said Oweguy watching.

“Passable?!” asked Chuck in the confessional. “I find that totally unfair!” The others then got to the finish line as well joining Wentworth and Isley.

“You alright?” asked Nianah to Isley.

“I’m fine.” said Isley. “Wentworth’s heavier than I thought.” Wentworth then got up stretching.

“I really need to work out more.” he said.

“So everyone made it to the finish for this round so you all move onto the next round.” said Oweguy. “They’re going to get harder so be careful.”

“If I can’t vote them off, then I’ll just sabotage them during the challenge.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Our next challenge is a football type challenge.” said Oweguy.” This next challenge here was designed by a Total Drama main canon competitor. Presenting, Lightning!” Lightning then jumped into the stadium and rolled toward Oweguy and then posed near him.

“Sha-bam!” he shouted.

“Really?” asked Chuck.

“Lightning loves football so Lighting helped with the football challenge!” shouted Lighting. “Sha-bam!”

“Yeah, what he said.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the goal is to reach it to the other side of the football field while avoiding Lighting and these other football guys that I happened to find.”

“You’d better pay us for this or we’ll beat you to a pulp.” said one of the football players.

“Yeah yeah.” said Oweguy giving them some money. “And begin!” The contestants started running.

“I’m not exactly the best at football.” said Isley.

“Well keep running sis.” said Nianah. Chuck then ran toward her.

“Oops, slip.” said Chuck sticking his leg out making Isley trip. The football players then tackled on her.

“Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.” said Oweguy.

“Gotta keep at it!” shouted Wentworth panting.

“Lighting’s gonna tackle you!” shouted Lighting running toward Wentworth.

“Hey, I’m too big for you to hit!” shouted Wentworth. Lighting then knocked him onto the ground.

“Lightning’s stronger than you think.” said Lighting. The big football players then tackled on Wentworth.

“Ouch.” said Wentworth underneath.

“Nice job Lighting.” said one of the football players.

“Lighting always helpful for his team!” said Lighting.

“I see the goal!” shouted Molly. She then saw the football players heading toward her and she then jumped high in the air and jumped on them before reaching the goal.

“Whoa!” said Lighting shocked.

“And Molly has shown some impressive moves and moves on to the next round!” said Oweguy. “Who will join her?” Chuck then ran toward the goal.

“Ha, made it!” he said. Sherloch and Roxanne joined her as well followed by Nianah.

“That was close.” said Sherloch.

“Aww man, Lighting wanted to tackle you.” said Lighting disappointed.

“And It looks like Isley and Wentworth are the only ones not moving onto the next round.” said Oweguy. The two were shown getting carried away by medical interns. “Onto the next round.” said Oweguy.

“Poor Isley.” said Nianah in the confessional. “Oweguy just made the challenge too hard, that’s why.”

“Heh heh heh, sabotage unnoticed.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“Here’s your next challenge.” said Oweguy. “It’s a game of basketball.”

“Sounds easy.” said Sherloch.

“With bears.” said Oweguy with some bears shown dribbling some basketballs nearby.

“Nevermind.” said Sherloch.

“The goal for this challenge is to try and get a ball into a hoop and whoever manages to do so moves on while whoever doesn’t is out just like Wentworth and Isley.

“I’m scared of football player’s now.” said Wentworth wearing casts along with Isley.

“And begin!” shouted Oweguy. Molly started dribbling her ball with the same going for the others.

“Now try and take it easy bears because I’m not exactly the best against bears.” said Nianah. She then tried to shoot her ball into the hoop but missed. The bears then knocked her off the course with a ball. Sherloch then jumped over the bears and dunked his hoop.

“He shoots, he scores!” he cheered. Roxanne proceeded to do the same but a bear grabbed her by the leg and threw her into one of the hoops.

“Ooh, that’s gotta suck.” said Oweguy watching.

“I’ve just learned a new rule about basketball.” said Roxanne in the confessional. “Don’t play with bears.” Chuck then dunked his ball into the hoop.

“Ha, wasn’t so bad.” he said. One of the bears then grabbed him and threw him into the same hoop Roxanne landed in. “Hey, what was that for?!” he asked.

“I don’t know, I think they just don’t like you.” said Oweguy. Molly then jumped high into the air and dunked her ball into the hoop.

“Yeah!” she shouted.

“And that’s the game!’ said Oweguy. “Molly, Sherloch, and Chuck, you move on to the next round while Nianah and Roxanne are out.”

“You okay?” asked Sherloch grabbing Roxanne’s hand.

“I’m fine.” she said. “My leg hurts a little. Good luck in the next round.”

“Thanks.” said Sherloch. It then showed them at the next sport field

“Next challenge is batting practice.” said Oweguy. “You must avoid ten baseballs in order to move on. You can avoid them by dodging them or by hitting them with a bat. If you get hit by one ball, you’re out. And begin!” The baseball machines started throwing the balls toward them. They then started hitting or avoiding them.

“Did you guys know I was the only female member of my school’s baseball team?” asked Molly who then hit a ball very far away.

“I can see why.” said Sherloch. Chuck kept dodging the balls instead of hitting them and was thinking in the meantime.

“I need to think of a way to get Sherloch out.” he thought to himself. “Hey look, it’s a famous detective actor!” he shouted to Sherloch.

“Where?!” asked Sherloch who then got hit by a ball.

“Oops, my mistake.” he said.

“I’m going to get you Chuck.” said Sherloch on the ground. Chuck and Molly kept avoiding the balls until they ran out.

“And Molly and Chuck move on to the final round.” said Oweguy. “This next one is a favorite of mine.”

“When Oweguy says it’s his favorite it’s not going to be a good one.” said Molly in the confessional. It then showed them in a boxing ring with the others watching.

“Welcome to the final match.” said Oweguy. “It’s a boxing challenge! And I brought along someone who helped out. It’s Total Drama canon competitor Jo!”

“Hey, I only suggested the boxing, I didn’t design it.” said Jo.

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “Thanks for the idea.”

“Why did you drag me here?” she asked.

“Because you fit for this challenge just like Lightning did.” said Oweguy.

“Whatever.” said Jo.

“Anyway, here’s the rules.” said Oweguy. “It’s like a regular fighting match; knock out your opponent before your opponent knocks out you. Whoever knocks out their opponent first wins invincibility. Now go wait at your corners and wait for the bell to ring.”

“Alright Molly, you can do this.” Molly said to herself with boxing gloves on. “Think of Chuck as a punching bag.”

“Just punch her out.” Chuck said to himself. “Winning is the best for you.” Jo then walked onto the arena and got a bell.

“And begins.” she said with the bell making a tiny ring sound. Chuck then ran out toward Molly while she held him back before punching him.

“No fair!” he shouted.

“Watch out because I’m going to get stronger.” said Molly. It then showed them punching and blocking repeatedly which made Oweguy look bored.

“C’mon, punch one of them out already!” he shouted.

“I gotta punch her out in some way.” Chuck said to himself. “Hey look, it’s a famous sports star!” Molly wasn’t shown looking.

“Nice try.” she said who then punched him making him fall again. He then got back up.

“You’re too good.” he said. “I don’t like you due to that.”

“I don’t like you neither.” said Molly. She then punched him in the face repeatedly until she did a knockout punch which made him faint on the ground.

“Okay I got more popcorn, aww man did I miss it?!” shouted Oweguy coming in with a bowl of popcorn.

“Yep, and sports girl won.” said Jo. “She has my taste.”

“And Molly wins invincibility!” cheered Oweguy. “As an award, she gets free passes to sports games and gets to hang out with Jo and Lighting.

“Why?”asked Molly.

“Because I said so.” said Oweguy.

“I would only hang out with Jo.” said Molly. “Lighting’s kinda, absent minded at times.”

“What now?” asked Lighting nearby.

“Never mind.” said Molly.

“Now the rest of you, it’s time to see who will be getting eliminated tonight so meet me later at the elimination ceremony. Oweguy then left.

“Well, I was able to show my strengths this challenge.” said Molly in the confessional. “I feel kind of proud.”

“Forget Sherloch, Molly is next to go on my list.” said Chuck in the confessional covered in bruises.” Later it showed the contestants at the elimination ceremony with Oweguy at his podium and Lighting and Jo standing nearby.

“You guys all performed differently during today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “Some of you did perfectly, some of you did poorly. The person who I will say did the poorest is voted off.”

“What happened to the voting devices?” asked Wentworth.

“They haven’t been working.” said Oweguy. “I noticed some of the wires were broken so I just got rid of them.” Chuck looked a little nervous but kept a normal looking face. “Now since Molly won the challenge, she gets the first Gilded Oweguy. Congratulations Molly.”

“That’s Owe.” said Molly catching her Gilded Oweguy.

“Chuck, even though most people don’t like you, you still got second place during the challenge so you’re safe.” said Oweguy handing him his Gilded Oweguy making Sherloch upset. “Sherloch, you did alright too and made it pretty far so you’re safe as well.” He then caught his Gilded Oweguy. “Roxanne and Nianah, you guys lost in the third round but you did show some good sports skills so you two are safe.” The two caught their Gilded Oweguys. “So now that leaves us down to Wentworth and Isley.” said Oweguy. “Both of you were the first ones out and you did poorly. However, one of you did do a little better but not much. But it’s come down to my decicsion and the person who is leaving today is…..”

“Isley.” He then threw Wentworth the lasted Gilded Oweguy which hit him on the head. Isley sighed disappointedly.

“Sorry I let you guys down, especially you sis.” she said.

“It’s no problem.” said Nianah. “Sports aren’t your thing. Besides, you and Mudkip still have a wedding to look forward to.”

“You’re right, thanks sis.” said Isley.

“How long are you going to make this drag?” asked Oweguy.

“Fine.” said Isley upset. She then got onto the lameousine which then drove off.

“Isley will do fine on her own.” said Nianah in the confessional. “She said that her wedding will be soon and I hope Mudkip knows how to do it.”

“I thought for sure I would get the boot but hey, I guess I was able to do sports better than I thought.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “I’m definitely going to try and win these challenges and show the others how strong I am!”

“We’re now down to the final six.” said Oweguy. “Will Chuck strike on Sherloch or Molly next? Will Sherloch and Roxanne kiss anytime soon? And where are my baseball tickets? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 17: Oweguy's Electrical Parade

Last time on Total Drama, our final seven competed in a sports tournament and boy was it crazy. Wentworth and Isley showed their poor efforts at sports and Nianah and Roxanne got beaten by bears. In the end, Molly defeated Chuck in a boxing match earning her invincibility and Isley got the boot after doing the poorest in the challenge. With only six contestants left, who will get closer to the million and who will get booted next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At night, Sherloch and Roxanne were sitting outside the dorm while the others were inside. Chuck was shown beating up some punching backs that resembled Molly and Sherloch. “Take that!” he shouted. Wentworth then came downstairs with a bouquet of flowers. “What’s that for?” asked Chuck. “Is it to freshen up your stink?”

“No way, it’s for my girlfriend.” said Wentworth. “I’m giving these to her as a surprise.”

“How can a girl like her like a big slob like your?” asked Chuck.

“Oh be quiet.” said Wentworth walking outside. It then showed him in the confessional saying “Why must he be so rude? Of course Jessica likes me. And she’ll like me more when I give her these flowers.” It then showed Sherloch and Roxanne again outside.

“What a nice night.” said Sherloch.

“Yeah, so romantic.” said Roxanne. The two then smiled at each until Wentworth bumped into them.

“Whoops, sorry.” He said and then continued heading to where he was going.

“Don’t you hate whenever you’re trying to tell someone you like something and you get interrupted?” asked Sherloch in the confessional. “I really feel like expressing my feelings for Roxanne.”

“I really want to tell Sherloch how I feel about him but I keep getting interrupted.” said Roxanne in the confessional. “We need to plan out a good time to say it.” In the city, Wentworth was looking for Jessica.

“I think she’s at the eatery area.” He said. When he walked over he saw her sitting at a table laughing. “Hey, what’s she laughing at?” He asked himself. He then saw that she was sitting with another guy and the two were laughing. Wentworth looked shocked and his flowers then drooped and he quickly ran away.

“It’s nice seeing you again Dave.” said Jessica. “It’s been a while.”

“It sure has.” said Dave. “Say, how about the two of us go out to a movie tonight?”

“Uh, I’m sorry but no.” said Jessica. “I’m dating someone else and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

“Huh, I understand.” said Dave who then got up and left.

“I should see Wentworth.” said Jessica. “He’s probably wondering about me.” Meanwhile, it showed Nianah and Molly in the girl’s side with Molly looking nervous.

“Is something bothering you?” Nianah asked.

“I don’t know but it seems like after I beat Chuck in the last challenge he won’t stop looking at me with this glare.” said Molly. She looked at the window and Chuck was shown glaring through it.

“He’s just stubborn.” said Nianah. “Next time he doesn’t have invincibility we’ll take him down.”

“That’s good.” said Molly. Wentworth then came crashing through the door.

“Jessica was talking to another guy that was handsomer than me!” he screamed still holding the wilted flowers.

“And what does that mean?” asked Nianah.

“It means she doesn’t really like me!” screamed Wentworth.

“I don’t think that’s true.” said Nianah. “If one of us sees her, we’ll talk to her and clear things up.”

“I’m too nervous to show my face toward her.” said Wentworth. He then hid under a couch.

“Poor guy.” said Nianah. Outside, the intercom then came on.

“Challenge time!” announced Oweguy. “Meet me at the neon city section for your next challenge!” It then showed them in a part of the city with a lot of lights.

“Ugh, it’s so bright here!” shouted Chuck.

“This must be the area that’s probably popular at night.” said Sherloch.

“Hello contestants.” said Oweguy with sunglasses on. “It’s been quite a long way for you making it all the way to the final six.”

“Yeah, no thanks to you pushing us around.” said Chuck.

“Dude, chill.” said Sherloch which made Chuck more upset.

“Anyway, today’s challenge is to design parade floats.” said Oweguy.

“For what?” asked Nianah.

“For our nighttime parade!” said Oweguy. “These parade floats will be covered in spectacular lights that people will enjoy watching in the nighttime city.”

“But this area’s got enough light.” said Sherloch.

“Can’t you turn it down a little?” asked Chuck.

“Hmm, no.” said Oweguy. A guy then ran by with his eyes on fire. “Okay fine.” said Oweguy. “It’s only because I don’t want that guy suing.”

“That Oweguy is so cheap!” shouted Chuck in the confessional. “I think this show needs a new host.”

“So how do we build our floats?” asked Molly.

“Just search through that pile of junk.” said Oweguy pointing to a big pile of junk that consisted of old vehicle parts.

“You’re always making us dig through trash aren’t you.” said Chuck.

“Yep.” said Oweguy.

“You’ll get it one day.” said Chuck.

“Okay, here’s how the challenge goes.” said Oweguy. “The person who finishes their float first wins the first part of the challenge. After that is the second challenge, a race against your floats. Whoever wins that challenge will win invincibility and as an added bonus, gets to vote off someone of their choice.”

“Ha, this will be a perfect chance for me to win invincibility!” shouted Chuck in the confessional. “I’ll vote off either Molly or Sherloch. It’s so hard to decide who.”

“You’ve got a half hour to build your floats.” said Oweguy. “Try and think of the best design for a float.” He then drove off on a cart.

“So, what should we make first?” asked Sherloch to Roxanne.

“Obviously we need a base.” said Roxanne.

“What can be a good base?” asked Sherloch searching the pile.

“I see a big grey platform.” said Roxanne.

“That’ll work.” said Sherloch. “Say, how about we collaborate?”

“Sounds good.” said Roxanne.

“What?” asked Chuck hearing. “That’s not fair! I don’t think Oweguy will like that.”

“Did someone say my name?” asked Oweguy coming back.

“Owe, is it alright if me and Roxanne work together on our float?” asked Sherloch.

“Sure, it’s not my problem.” said Oweguy. He then left again on his cart making Chuck upset.

“One reason I wanted to work together was to try and tell Roxanne my feelings without getting interrupted.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “I really want to tell her how I feel.”

“I’m getting really tired of this show.” said Chuck in the confessional. “I just want to win and get the million dollars. I don’t want to have Oweguy and all the others ruining it for me.” It then showed Wentworth looking at the junk pile.

“Hmm, what can be a good base?” asked Wentworth. He then saw a big vehicle that resembled a duck. “That could work.” he said. “Man, Jessica liked ducks.” He then started bawling again.

“Poor guy.” said Nianah looking.

“Hey, you’re a contestant on the show right?” asked Jessica getting Nianah’s attention.

“Why yes I am.” said Nianah. “Are you looking for someone?”

"Yes, where’s Wentworth?” asked Jessica. “I want to see him.”

“He’s over there.” said Nianah. “Also, he’s thinking you dumped him for someone else but I knew that wouldn’t be true.”

“What?!” asked Jessica shocked. “I would never do that!”

“Were you with someone else when he saw you?” asked Nianah.

“Yeah, I was having a chat to my previous boyfriend.” said Jessica.

“So he must’ve saw you and thought you were seeing him.” said Nianah.

“He wanted to take me to a movie but I politely declined.” said Jessica. “After that he left.”

“Interesting.” said Nianah. “Anyway, go see Wentworth. He needs cheering up.” Jessica then walked over with Wentworth continuing working on his float.

“Hey Wenty.” said Jessica.

“What do you want?” he asked with red eyes from crying.

“I wanted to tell you something.” said Jessica.

“What, that you’re dumping me for that handsome dude?” asked Wentworth a little upset.

“No!” shouted Jessica. “I just wanted to say that I would never cheat on you. You’re the nicest boy I have ever met.”

“Really?” asked Wentworth.

“Yes.” said Jessica who then pecked him on the cheek. “And that shows it.”

“Gee, I must feel really stupid for thinking you were cheating on me.” said Wentworth looking ashamed. “I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” said Jessica. Nearby, Jessica’s ex Dave was shown hiding in an alley watching.

“Oh I’ll get you back even if I have to steal you from him.” he said to himself. Nearby, Molly was shown putting together her float with Chuck walking over.

“Hey Molly.” he said.

“What do you want?” she asked. “I’m busy right now.”

“I just wanted to say you did a good job last challenge.” said Chuck. While he was talking to her, he was secretly unscrewing some bolts on the wheels of her float.

“Oh uh, thanks.” said Molly. “Now can I get back to work please?”

“Sure.” said Chuck finishing unscrewing the bolts. It then showed him in the confessional saying “Still unnoticed” while holding a drill. Meanwhile, Sherloch and Roxanne were working on their float with Sherloch looking nervous.

“Do it, just do it.” he said.

“Something wrong?” asked Roxanne. Sherloch then gulped but then looked ready to say something.

“Roxanne, I have something important to say to you.” he said.

“What do you have to say?” she asked.

“Roxanne, when I see you, I feel nervous, but happy at the same time.” he said. “When I see you, I think of you as a flower in a grassy field. Why do I describe you as a flower? It’s because you are downright beautiful.”

“Sherloch, I can’t say it right but, I feel the same.” said Roxanne smiling and blushing. The two smiled at each other until a horn interrupted them.

“Building time is over!” shouted Oweguy. “It’s now time to present your floats!”

“Interrupted again!” shouted Sherloch in the confessional. “But hey, at least I revealed my feelings.”

“He loves me.” said Roxanne in the confessional smiling. “I knew he had to reveal it at some point.”

“Let’s see what floats you guys have created.” said Oweguy.

“Here’s mine.” said Wentworth with Jessica standing by him. “I present the electric duck mobile!” A giant duck float was shown with a lot of lights wrapped around it.

“A little basic but still creative.” said Oweguy. “I like it. Good work dude.”

“Yes!” cheered Wentworth.

“Presenting my dancing statues float.” said Nianah with some animatronic statues on her float that lit up and danced.

“Impressive.” said Oweguy. “That’s another great one.”

“I present my tough looking float.” said Chuck with a float with a bunch of armored statues on it with lights.

“Eh, good enough.” said Oweguy.

“Oh c’mon, he could’ve praised it better than that.” Said Chuck in the confessional.

“I present my sports float.” said Molly showing her float which had a lot of sports like stuff on it.

“Impressive.” said Oweguy. “I like the design. And what do Sherloch and Roxanne have in store?”

“Presenting the police float.” said Shelroch with a lot of police lights as decorations.

“Very impressive.” said Oweguy. “Now it’s time announce the winner. Overall, I think the person who had the best float was…..Nianah’s.”

“Yes!” cheered Nianah with Chuck looking upset at her.

“After I vote off Molly and Sherloch you’re next Nianah!” shouted Chuck in the confessional.

“Alright, here’s challenge numero dos.” said Oweguy. “It’s a race to see who truly has the best float.”

“Then why did you declare Nianah the winner during the first challenge?” asked Wentworth.

“That was my opinion but I want to see who has the strongest float so I can put in my parade.” said Oweguy.

“Obviously it’s going to be mine.” said Chuck.

“Yeah right.” said Molly.

“This is basically a go cart race but with parade floats.” said Oweguy. “It’s just a downhill race with only a few obstacles to the finish. I hope that doesn’t sound too hard for you.”

“Nah sounds alright.” said Wentworth.

“Okay, now get ready.” said Oweguy. Dave was shown hiding behind Wentworth’s float where Jessica was. He then snatched her with her screaming with Wentworth noticing.

“Jessica?” asked Wentworth.

“And go!” shouted Oweguy with the floats riding down the hill.

“See yah suckers!” shouted Chuck who got the lead.

“Chuck’s in the lead!” shouted Nianah.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.” Dave was shown climbing onto Sherloch and Roxanne’s float with Jessica.

“Let me go!” she shouted.

“I will, if you accept to be my girlfriend!” shouted Dave.

“Dude, that’s not cool!” shouted Sherloch.

“Shut up!” shouted Dave. “It’s not like you have a girlfriend!”

“I do!” shouted Sherloch. “And we’re both police officers.”

“Crap!” shouted Dave. He then jumped off and grabbed onto Nianah’s float.

“Whoa, it appears someone’s hanging onto the floats.” said Oweguy watching. “Somebody get me some popcorn.”

“I’m coming Jessica!” shouted Wentworth with his float riding toward Nianah’s.

“Nice duck!” shouted Dave taunting him. “It’s very babyish!”

“Dude, not cool!” shouted Nianah.

“You shut up!” shouted Dave. Nianah then got mad and punched Dave in the face who then rolled off the float.

“You alright?” asked Nianah to Jessica.

“I’m fine.” said Jessica. Dave’s hand then grabbed her leg and pulled her down with her screaming leaving behind one of her heels.

“Oh no!” shouted Wentworth. “She forgot her shoe!”

“Uh, Wentworth, you forgot your float.” said Nianah. Wentworth noticed that his float was rolling away.

“Oops.” He said. Nearby, Molly was close to Chuck and they were almost to the finish.

“You’re not going to win Chuck!” she shouted. “Besides, you’ve voted off too many nice people!”

“We’ll see about that.” He said. On the wheels of Molly’s float, the bolts then started falling off which made the wheels fall off.

“What’s going on?” she asked. Her float then fell apart leaving a huge pile of rubble behind.

“In your face!” he shouted.

“That jerk!” shouted Molly in the confessional. “How can I have gotten so sabotaged so easily?” On Nianah’s float, Wentworth was looking for Jessica and Dave.

“Where did they go?” asked Wentworth. Nianah saw some of Dave’s head sticking out from under the float.

“Found him.” said Nianah. Wentworth then grabbed him by the head making Dave get scared and dropping Jessica near Nianah.

“I’m warning you, leave my girlfriend alone and don’t come back!” he said in a serious tone.

“Yes, yes, I’ll go.” said Dave looking nervous.

“Good.” said Wentworth. While Dave walked away he secretly grabbed one of the pieces of the float and was about to swing it at Wentworth when Jessica noticed.

“Look out!” she screamed. Wentworth noticed and then poked one of Dave’s eyes with the heel on Jessica’s shoe which caused him to scream in pain and then fell off the float.

“Few, that was close.” He said covering his eye. Wentworth’s duck float then ran over him leaving him crushed on the ground.

“Eesh, that had to hurt.” said Nianah looking.

“Uh, you should look out for that.” said Jessica pointing to Molly’s crashed float.

“Oh snap!” shouted Wentworth with their float running off it like a ramp. Chuck was shown almost to the finish.

“I’m going to make it!” he shouted. Nianah’s float then crashed onto Chuck’s float which made it break apart. However, a piece that Chuck was still on then made it to the other side of the goal.

“Aww what?” asked Wentworth.

“Ha, I win!” he shouted.

“And Chuck wins the challenge!” shouted Oweguy.

“Too easy!” shouted Chuck. Wentworth’s float then landed on Chuck. “Ouch, he said underneath.

“Aww, we lost!” shouted Sherloch walking over to Nianah, Wentworth, and Jessica.

“Don’t worry, you still win something.” said Roxanne.

“What?” asked Sherloch. Roxanne then grabbed him and pulled him toward her and kissed him on the lips surprising him.

“Ooh, nice.” said Wentworth watching.

“That is a good prize.” said Sherloch smiling.

“Um, is anyone going to check on me?” asked Molly in her float’s wreckage.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” said Nianah. Molly then sighed. Later, at the elimination ceremony the contestants and Jessica were shown there.

“Okay, one reason I’ve decided to have the winner vote off the loser of their choice is because the voting devices are busted and we ran out of Gilded Oweguys.

“Nooooo!” shouted Wentworth.

“Relax, we’re getting a chocolate shipment soon.” said Oweguy.

“Phew.” said Wentworth sighing in relief.

“Chuck, even though you won the challenge, I’m using Wentworth and Sherloch and Roxanne’s float’s for my parade since they are the only ones still intact.” explained Oweguy. “However, you still have invincibility and get to vote off the loser of your choice. Who do you want to vote off?” Molly and Sherloch looked nervous thinking one of them will get voted off.

“Hmm, the person I’m voting off is…..”

“Molly!” shouted Chuck. Molly looked shocked with Nianah and Wentworth looking shocked as well. “That was for beating me up last challenge.” He said.

“You’re going to get it Chuck.” said Molly. “You can’t keep on winning!” Chef then grabbed her and threw her in the lameousine which drove off.

“Chuck needs to be stopped.” said Nianah in the confessional. “Voting off Molly has gone too far for the rest of us.”

“Chuck, I’m going to stop you before you vote me off!” shouted Sherloch in the confessional.

“We’re down to the final five!” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Will Chuck continue to get rid of the good contestants? Will Sherloch and Roxanne’s newly formed relationship continue? And what challenge do I have in store next? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 18: I Believe I Can't Fly

Last time on Total Drama, our six remaining competitors made parade floats for our nighttime city parade. Chuck was having huge grudges against Molly for making him lose last challenge and Sherloch for their rivalry so he targeted both of them for elimination. Wentworth in the meantime had to rescue his girlfriend Jessica from her jealous ex-boyfriend which really made the second challenge interesting. Sherloch and Roxanne in the meantime confessed their feelings to each other and had their first kiss. In the end, Chuck won the challenge and he voted off Molly as revenge to making him lose last challenge. We’re now down to the final five. Which contestant is going to get closer to the million and which person will be eliminated next? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!

At night, the contestants were shown sleeping. Sherloch was shown tossing and turning in his sleep and it then showed him dreaming about him in a garden. “Where am I?” he asked. He then saw Roxanne sitting in the flowers in a dress sniffing a rose.

“Hey handsome prince.” she said with Sherloch suddenly in a prince outfit.

“Why of course dear princess.” said Sherloch. The two started dancing and looked ready to kiss.

“Hey Sherloch, wake up!” shouted the flower which had Wentworth’s face. Sherloch then woke up in his bed now during the morning. Wentworth was shown standing next to him.

“What happened?” asked Sherloch looking confused.

“It’s time for breakfast.” said Wentworth.

“I had another dream about her.” said Sherloch.

“About who?” asked Wentworth.

“Roxanne.” said Sherloch.

“Have you been dreaming about her since she kissed you?” asked Wentworth.

“Yep.” said Sherloch. “I just can’t get my mind off her.”

“Well at least you two admitted your feelings for each other.” said Wentworth. “Maybe you should do something nice for her?”

“That sounds like a great idea.” said Sherloch. “See you later.” he said.

“I’m certainly can be helpful at times.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “However, it doesn’t happen often.” In the girl’s side of the dorm, Roxanne was still sleeping. It then showed her dreaming about her in a tower with long hair.

“Roxpunzel!” shouted Sherloch as a prince. “Let down your hair so I can see you!”

“Catch my handsome prince!” she shouted letting down her hair. Roxanne then looked ready to kiss but when Sherloch climbed up he had Nianah’s face.

“Roxanne!” she shouted with Roxanne waking up doing a kissy face at Nianah. “You’re freaking me out.”

“Sorry, I was dreaming.” she said.

“It’s about Sherloch isn’t it?” asked Nianah.

“Yep.” said Roxanne.

“You know, since you two are now an official couple, why don’t you get him something to celebrate?” asked Nianah.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” said Roxanne. “I’ll be right back.”

“Ahh young love.” said Nianah. In the marketplace, Sherloch was looking for an interesting store.

“What can be a good gift?” he asked himself. He saw a bunch of stores nearby but they didn’t seem that interesting. “Hmm, not a lot of good stores.” he said.

“Step right up and enter your name for our sweepstakes drawing!” said a guy nearby. “One lucky person will take themselves and a friend to our beautiful island resort!”

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound so bad.” said Sherloch. He then walked over to the guy. “I’d like to enter my name for the sweepstakes.”

“You’re just in time.” said the sweepstakes guy. “Today’s the last day to enter.”

“Thank goodness.” said Sherloch entering his name.

“Keep an eye out for the results.” said the sweepstakes guy. “We’ll be revealing them later today.

“Okay.” said Sherloch. In another part of the city, Roxanne was looking around.

“Hmm, what’s something Sherloch would like?” She asked. “I don’t have enough money to get him something big.” She then saw a lottery ticket machine.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll get him a lottery ticket for fun.” said Roxanne. “I’m not sure if we’ll win anything, probably just a couple dollars.” She then purchased the ticket and put it in her pocket. At the eatery place. Wentworth and Nianah were sitting together while Chuck was sitting by himself.

“Wentworth, when we get the chance, we have to vote off Chuck.” said Nianah to Wentworth.

“I know he’s voted off so many people!” shouted Wentworth. “He voted off Kaylie, he voted off Molly, it’s just not fair.”

“I know.” said Nianah. “So the first chance we get, we vote him off.”

“Got it.” said Wentworth. Nearby, Chuck was shown listening.

“Nianah’s gaining up on me.” he said in the confessional. “I guess she’s the next one to go on my list. I’ll battle against Sherloch during the finale to settle our rivalry.” Outside the building, Sherloch and Roxanne bumped into each other.

“Oh hi.” said Sherloch.

“Hello.” said Roxanne.

“Nice day isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yep.” said Roxanne.

“Well, good luck during the challenge.” said Sherloch.

“You too.” said Roxanne. The two then went inside. Minutes later, it showed the contestants sitting around until they heard a buzzing noise outside.

“What’s that noise?” asked Wentworth.

“It had better not be Oweguy.” said Chuck. Outside, a giant zeppelin like aircraft was flying above the city. The other contestants headed toward a small airport and the zeppelin stopped over there. A ladder fell down and Oweguy came down.

“Hello contestants.” he said.

“What’s with the zeppelin?” asked Sherloch? “Are we doing a challenge similar to that one in Revenge of the Island?”

“Correct.” said Oweguy. “However, this one is a little bit different. First, it’s for our air show where we show cool displays of flying vehicles. And second, there’s no one who’s going to steal my zeppelin.”

“That’s your opinion.” said Chuck.

“Anyway, your challenge today is to design flying machines that we can use for our air show, and to compete in a neat obstacle course in the sky.” A bunch of floating rings were floating in the sky. “It took a while to build those floating rings for you guys to fly through.”

“It looks just like my plane flying video game.” said Wentworth.

“Correct you are dude.” said Oweguy.

“So are we given a selected vehicle to build like the other challenge?” asked Nianah.

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “This time, you’ll be building a vehicle of your choice. I hope you can figure out an aircraft of your own design.”

“I sure hope so.” said Sherloch.

“Where do we get materials?” asked Wentworth.

“The usual junk pile you get in every other vehicle material in other build your own vehicle challenge.” said Oweguy pointing to a huge junk pile nearby.

“Yippie.” said Chuck sarcastically.

“Anyway, check youguys later.” said Oweguy getting back onto the zeppelin. “I’ve got to get this baby ready for the air show and I want to stay tuned to the tropical vacation contest results.” The zeppelin then flew off and unknown to both Oweguy and the contestants, a silhouette was shown hanging onto the zeppelin’s wing.

“Hmm, how can I build an aircraft?” asked Wentworth looking in the pile. He then saw a giant tarp and string. “Aha, a hot air balloon!” he shouted. “But I need more than just a balloon. He then saw a giant steel barrel. “That’ll do.” he said. “Now I need something to power it up.” He then bumped into an old hot air balloon generator. “Boy am I acing this already!” he cheered. Meanwhile, Nianah was looking around.

“Hmm, what can be a good vehicle to make?” she asked herself. She then gathered a bunch of supplies and then started building them. Sherloch and Roxanne then looked at the pile.

“You know, since our police department has helicopters, why don’t we build those?” asked Sherloch.

“Sounds good.” said Roxanne.

“Get some materials to build a helicopter and I’ll help assemble them.” said Sherloch.

“Okay.” said Roxanne. The two smiled at each other.

“Aha, look what I found!” shouted Chuck getting a jet pack out of the pile. “A working jetpack!” He then turned it on and was sent flying around the airport runway. He then crashed into the wall. “Well at least I knew that it worked.” said Chuck in the confessional who was shown covered in bruises. “This challenge is definitely going to be another win for me.”

“Aww man!” shouted Sherloch. “Chuck got lucky.”

“Don’t worry, we can still finish ours.” said Roxanne.

“Hey, Chuck found one of my old jetpacks.” said Oweguy coming down on another jetpack. “That gets him a win for the first challenge and gets an advantage in part two.”

“No fair!” shouted Wentworth.

“Hey, I decide how the rules go.” said Oweguy.

“Ha!” shouted Chuck. “Eat on that.”

“Finished!” shouted Nianah revealing a small hi tech jet like craft.

“Hmm, I like that better.” said Oweguy. “Nianah wins the first challenge!”

“What?!” shouted Chuck.

“Hey, like I said, I decide how the rules go.” said Oweguy.

“I was definitely cheated!” shouted Chuck. “Nianah is the next one to go!” Wentworth then finished assembling his hot air balloon and tested it which started floating.

“It works!” he shouted.

“Nice hot air balloon design.” said Oweguy. “It’s basic but original.” Sherloch then finished attaching a piece to his vehicle revealing two small helicopters.”

“Done!” he said wiping some sweat off.

“It’s perfect, like you.” said Roxanne. The two then giggled.

“We’re all set.” said Oweguy. “Now let’s put this course on to the test.” It then showed them on a platform on a small tower in front of the obstacle course. Oweguy was shown standing in the zeppelin which was next to them.

“Okay, here’s how it goes.” he said. The first person to get through this obstacle course is the winner and will win invincibility while the others vote someone off. Since Nianah won the first challenge, she gets this. A Oweguy brand smoke machine, wireless.”

“That should’ve been mine.” said Chuck growling.

“Okay, now before we begin let’s check to see if everything in the course is set.” said Oweguy. “Rings are set, obstacles are set.” Behind Oweguy the silhouette appeared and it then knocked him on the head with an Oweguy statue. “Puppies, kitties.” he said looking woozy from the hit and then fell out of the zeppelin.

“Oh no, that better not be Heather.” said Sherloch.

“Guess again losers.” said the person who was revealed to be Jerry.

“Jerry?!” asked Wentworth shocked. “But I thought he was voted off?”

“I was, but I snuck back here to get revenge on Oweguy, and on you Sherloch.” said Jerry.

“Why me?” asked Sherloch.

“For treating me around so badly!” shouted Jerry.

“Hey, you deserved it for doing such bad things.” said Sherloch. “It’s a policeman’s job.”

“Whatever, I’m getting revenge on you guys by getting rid of Oweguy’s precious city.” He then ran off and the zeppelin then started moving high in the air.

“Hey, he took my zeppelin!” shouted Oweguy. “Okay, forget the obstacle course! New challenge is to stop Jerry! And don’t damage my zeppelin!”

“Okay, let’s go take him down!” shouted Wentworth.

“You don’t have to go all excited over it.” said Nianah.

“Sorry.” said Wentworth blushing. The vehicles then started flying toward the zeppelin.

“I’ll still send one obstacle after them.” said Oweguy who then signaled someone. High in the sky, the contestants were shown flying toward the zeppelin.

“We need to find a good place to get into the zeppelin.” said Sherloch.

“Like that open door?” asked Wentworth pointing to an open door.

“Um yeah I guess that can work.” said Sherloch.

“Why don’t you and Roxanne go in there while me and Wentworth take down the outside.” said Nianah.

“Okay!” shouted Sherloch. The two then landed their helicopters on a docking part and ran into the zeppelin. Nearby, Chuck was shown flying toward Nianah and Wentworth.

“I’ll get that smoke machine from her.” he said. Something then tapped him on his back and he turned around to see Fang using Jo’s hot air balloon. “Oh no, not again!” he shouted. He then flew away with Fang chasing him.

“Yep, that shark is fun to have around.” said Oweguy watching the contestants on a monitor.

“Nianah, that shark is back!” shouted Wentworth. “We’d better be careful!”

“Don’t worry.” said Nianah. “He’s going to be chasing Chuck for most of the challenge anyway. Now let’s find this ship’s weak point!” They then flew to a different part of the zeppelin. Inside, Sherloch and Roxanne were looking around for Jerry. They then got into the control room but no one was there.

“He’s not here.” said Sherloch.

“Where could he have gone?” asked Roxanne.

“I don’t know.” said Sherloch. On the ceiling, Jerry was shown hanging and he then jumped down behind Sherloch and punched him knocking him on the ground. Roxanne looked worried for him.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that.” said Jerry.

“Why aren’t you getting shocked by your shock collar?” asked Sherloch. “It’s supposed to go off when you do something bad.”

“Guess what, I got rid of it.” said Jerry showing that his shock collar was gone. “And now I’m finally able to continue doing bad things. The first one is getting rid of you!”

“Never!” shouted Sherloch. The two then started wrestling each other with Roxanne watching.

“Please don’t get hurt Sherloch.” she said to herself. Outside, Nianah and Wentworth flew toward the cockpit.

“That must be the weak section.” said Nianah.

“Let’s take it down!” shouted Wentworth. Chuck then few by still getting chased by Fang and accidently went through Wentworth’s hot air balloon making him sink.

“Oh no, I’m falling!” he shouted. “Take him out without me Nianah!

“I will!” shouted Nianah. Chuck then saw he was headed toward the cockpit.

“Oh great.” he said.

“Prepare to get pummeled!” shouted Jerry. Chuck then crashed through the cockpit and knocked Jerry into the wall.

“Ouch.” said Chuck.

“Get off me you little brat!” shouted Jerry.

“Brat?!” shouted Chuck. “I’ve caused most of the eliminations this season!”

“Well I’m stronger than you!” shouted Jerry.

“Well I’m smarter!” shouted Chuck. The two then started fighting.

“You alright?” asked Roxanne helping up Sherloch.

“I’m fine.” he said. “Let’s get out of here.” The two then ran off.

“Hey Jerry!” shouted Nianah with made Chuck and Jerry stop fighting. “This is for your past actions!” She then fired a missile at the cockpit.

“Oh crap!” shouted Chuck who then dove out of the window. The missile then struck the cockpit before Jerry could get out and the entire room burst into flames causing the zeppelin to lose altitude.

“Phew, that was close.” said Chuck falling. “Oh wait, I don’t have my jetpack.” he then started screaming until he landed on something. “Phew.” he said but soon saw that he was on Fang and screamed. Meanwhile, Sherloch and Roxanne got out of the cockpit and back outside.

“Where’d our copters go?” asked Sherloch. They then saw that they had fallen off the zeppelin when it started to loser altitude. “Rats.” said Sherloch

“What now?” asked Roxanne.

“We find a way off.” said Sherloch.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to give this to you.” said Roxanne. “It’s a scratch ticket.”

“Hey thanks.” said Sherloch.

“I’m not sure if you’ll win anything but it’s still fun to try and see.” said Roxanne.

“It is.” said Sherloch. “Now I think now is the time to get off this thing before it crashes.” The zeppelin’s engines were shown bursting into flames.

“Yep.” said Roxanne.

“You know. I think we made the right choice to hook up.” said Sherloch.

“I think we did.” said Roxanne. The two smiled at each other until suddenly Sherloch got shot in the arm by a bullet. “Sherloch!” Roxanne screamed. Jerry was shown nearby with a gun and his jacket had some burn marks.

“You thought I was done?” he asked. “Think again. Now I’m going to take care of Sherloch once and for all!”

“Leave him alone!” shouted Roxanne trying to stop him but he just pushed her aside.

“I knew I made the right choice of dumping you.” said Jerry to himself. “You’ve become too nice.”

“You won’t get away with this Jerry.” said Sherloch grunting in pain.

“Well I hope you’re in the mood for skydiving because I’ve given you a free ride!” shouted Jerry looking ready to knock him off. An explosion on the zeppelin then caused the place to shake and both Jerry and Sherloch fell off.

“Sherloch!” screamed Roxanne.

“I’m okay!” shouted Sherloch shown hanging onto the platform. Jerry was shown hanging on as well looking angry at Sherloch and Roxanne. Sherloch’s hands started slipping and Roxanne quickly grabbed him.

“I’ve got you!” she shouted. Sherloch looked down and saw how high up they were and got scared. Nearby, Jerry saw a small engine and climbed onto it. More of the area they were at kept bursting into flames. Jerry then climbed onto the engine platform and pointed his gun to Roxanne who looked scared.

“I’ve hope you two have saved your prayers because you won’t be bothering me anymore!” he shouted. Suddenly the engine platform he was on started to break off which cause him to lose his balance and drop his gun. He quickly grabbed on and explosion blast then broke the engine off the zeppelin and both were sent falling. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!” he screamed as both he and the engine disappeared into the clouds below.

“He’s gone.” said Roxanne.

“I hope so.” said Sherloch. The platform piece they were on then broke off and the two then fell screaming but they then landed on Nianah’s plane.

“Glad I arrived in time!” she shouted. Sherloch and Roxanne looked relieved and the plane then headed back to the airport while the zeppelin continued falling. Oweguy, Wentworth, and Fang were shown standing there.

“See, this is why you use two buttons to defeat the dungeon orc.” said Wentworth to Oweguy. Nianah’s plane then landed with Roxanne wrapping Sherloch’s injured arm in a bandage.

“Ah, welcome back.” said Oweguy. “Nianah, since you took down the zeppelin, you win invincibility!”

“Yes!” cheered Nianah with Wentworth looking happy.

“Hey, where’s Chuck?” asked Sherloch. Fang then spat out Chuck who was covered in saliva.

“Aw gross!” he shouted. “Shark spit!”

“Hey, where’s the zeppelin going?” asked Wentworth. They then saw the zeppelin still falling and it then landed on half of the city crushing the entire area and leaving nothing but the ruined zeppelin and crushed buildings in its place.

“My city, my zeppelin, ruined!” shouted Oweguy. “Oh well, maybe the results for the vacation contest will cheer me up.” He then turned on a radio.

“We’ve got the winning name here.” said the announcer. “And the winner of the tropical vacation is…..Sherloch!”

“What?!” shouted Oweguy.

“I won the sweepstakes?!” asked Sherloch surprised. “Yes! I got you your gift!”

“You entered that sweepstakes just for me?” asked Roxanne. “That’s so sweet.”

“Oh well, I guess if we leave now I won’t win the million dollar prize.” said Sherloch. Chuck smiled when he mentioned that. “While it’s on my mind, I’ll do the scratch card.” said Sherloch. Roxanne then gave it to him. He then scratched each square with a coin and when he finished he looked shocked.

“What happened?” asked Wentworth.

“I just won a million dollars.” said Sherloch.

“What?!” shouted Chuck.

“Well that was lucky, but now I have no vacation to go to.” said Oweguy.

“Hey Owe, you’re forgetting the trip I got for you that we leave for tomorrow.” said Marine walking toward him.

“Oh yeah.” said Oweguy.

“Well Owe, it’s been fun but Roxanne and I are leaving the competition.” said Sherloch.

“Oh well your loss.” said Oweguy.

“It’s no loss.” said Roxanne. “He still got a million dollars. And by the way, you’d better share.”

“I will.” said Sherloch. Roxanne then pulled him in for a kiss again and Nianah and Wentworth looked happy while Chuck acted like he was grossed out.

“Let’s go enjoy a nice romantic vacation.” said Sherloch. A fancy plane from the sweepstakes crew then arrived and Sherloch and Roxanne then got on which flew away.

“I should’ve been the one in that plane.” said Oweguy looking disappointed.

“Just be quiet and get your things together.” said Marine.

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “We’re down to the final three! Who will make it to the finals? Will I get the city repaired? And will my vacation be as good as Sherloch and Roxanne’s? Find out next time on Total Drama Vegas City!” Oweguy then started bawling in tears.

Chapter 19: Chris Strikes Back...Again

Chris was shown doing the recap instead of Oweguy. “Last time on Total Drama, our final five contestants took to the skies to compete in a crazy air challenge.” He said. “Some of them showed their inventive skills while others just made things simple. Chuck however got lucky by finding an intact jetpack and didn’t have to bother building something. The challenge soon changed when former contestant and criminal Jerry returned and hijacked Oweguy’s zeppelin and the others went after him. This challenge sounds too similar to my challenge. Jerry and Sherloch fought it out and Nianah shot down the zeppelin which ended up crushing half the city into rubble. Jerry fell off the zeppelin and wasn’t shown again after that and Sherloch and Roxanne decided to quit the competition after winning a vacation and a million dollars froma scratch ticket leaving Chuck, Nianah, and Wentworth as the final three. Now you’re probably wondering why it’s me, Chris McLean doing the recap. Well I’m hosting the semifinal challenge again due to Oweguy being on vacation with his wife. What challenge do I have in store for our finalists? Find out right now on Total Drama Vegas City!”

At the city, with most of it crushed under the ruined zeppelin, interns were shown cleaning up the rubble while Wentworth and Nianah were at the still intact dorms. “Okay, it’s now down to the final three.” said Nianah to Wentworth. “We need to think up a plan to vote off Chuck.”

“I know I don’t want him to make it into the finale.” said Wentworth. “Villains should not win.”

“Indeed.” said Nianah. “That’s why for next challenge we need to take him down. He’s targeting one of us next so we need to work well together in order to win.”

“Got it.” said Wentworth. “By the way, Sherloch and Roxanne sent us a photo.” He showed them the photo with the two of them at a beach with captions saying wish you were here.

“Aww that’s nice.” said Nianah. “They must be having a fun time.”

“I wonder what they’re doing there?” asked Wentworth.

“Probably what most couples do.” said Nianah. “They’re probably at the beach or eating dinner. What else would they be doing?” It then showed them at a jewelry store with Roxanne wearing an engagement ring.

“It’s a perfect fit.” She said.

“It sure is.” said Sherloch. “Should we tell the others?”

“Let them be surprised when it’s the finale.” said Roxanne.

“Okay.” said Sherloch. It then cut back to the city with Chris’ helicopter flying over.

“Whoa, what happened here?” asked Chris to Chef who was piloting the helicopter.

“Zeppelin crashed here.” said Chef. “Luckily, nobody got hurt.”

“Was it mine?” asked Chris.

“No, yours crashed into the ocean.” said Chef.

“Oh yeah.” said Chris. “Anyway, is our challenge all set up?”

“Oh those contestants are going to have a hard time with this one.” said Chef.

“I’m glad to hear that.” said Chris with the two of them laughing. Elsewhere, Wentworth and Nianah were looking around with Chuck looking at them.

“So those two are obviously targeting me next for elimination so that means I must eliminate the biggest threat.” said Chuck in the confessional. “And that threat is Nianah. She’s the smartest one left on the show besides me and Wentworth is well, not as smart as we are. I’ve got to take her down in order to get my money.” A horn then started blasting scaring Wentworth and Nianah. Chris’s helicopter came down with Chef shown blowing the horn.

“Chris McLean?” asked Wentworth surprised.

“That’s right, the one and only!” said Chris walking toward the contestants. “Due to Owe’s absence, I’m hosting the semifinal challenge just like last season.”

“Oh great.” said Chuck. “That probably means that the challenge you planned for us is very hard.”

“Maybe.” said Chris smiling.

“So what is the challenge?” asked Wentworth. “Is it another dare contest like last season?”

“Nope, follow me and I’ll show you your challenge.” said Chris.

“Aww man, I was hoping I would do well in a dare contest.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “But I’m sure I’ll do well in this challenge, whatever it is.” It then showed a giant maze made out of some of the city rubble.

“Oh great.” said Chuck.

“Welcome to the maze of madness!” said Chris. “Each contestant must get through this huge maze while avoiding some of the obstacles I hid inside.”

“What are the obstacles?” asked Nianah.

“I’ll save it for you guys.” said Chris. “Anyway, the person who makes it out of the maze first will win invincibility and as a bonus, they get to chose who they want to go with them to the finale.”

“Sweet!” cheered Wentworth. “That’s totally awesome.”

“This challenge is perfect for me to vote off Nianah.” said Chuck in the confessional. “I just need to try and win though. I think I’ll find a way.”

“Alright finalists, show us what you’re made of!” shouted Chris. The three contestants then ran into the maze. A bit further, Wentworth already had come to a wall.

“Aw man, I can’t go further!” he shouted.

“Just backtrack.” said Nianah.

“Okay.” said Wentworth. He then backtracked and then saw a path that continued on. “Alright!” he cheered.

“See, it’s good to have someone to listen too.” said Nianah.

“Yep!” said Wentworth. The two moved on down the path. Meanwhile, Chuck was shown by himself.

“Man I hate mazes.” he said. “What are those darn obstacles Chris mentioned?” He then stepped on the ground which began to sink and it then collapsed revealing a pool of acid. “What the heck?!” he shouted.

“Yeah, those sinkholes were really hard to make.” said Chris in the confessional. “It’s a good thing that treatment plant nearby had those barrels of acid. I just hope the government doesn’t find out.” Chuck then jumped over the sinkhole quickly.

“Phew, that was close.” he said and then stepped on the ground again revealing a bunch more sinkholes with not must ground to step on. “Aw c’mon!” he shouted. Meanwhile, Wentworth and Nianah were in a different area of the maze.

“This place looks too familiar.” said Wentworth. “Are you sure we’re not lost?”

“Nope, I can tell by the ground and walls.” said Nianah.

“It’s a good think you’re helping me out.” said Wentworth.

“Wait, don’t move.” said Nianah. Some swinging balls were shown nearby. “Those might be dangerous.”

“Eh, they’re probably just rubber balls.” said Wentworth. “That’s not so bad.” One of them then hit his head which made a loud clonk sound. “Ouch, that hurt.” he said.

“I warned you.” said Nianah.

“Do you know how to get through them easily?” asked Wentworth.

“I think so.” said Nianah. She looked at the swinging balls and then saw a good moment. “Go now!” she shouted with the two running through the path before the balls could hit them.

“That was close.” said Wentworth.

“Remember, just stick with me.” said Nianah.

“Nianah’s a really good teammate.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “It does worry me however if we’re the final two. I don’t really like competing against a friend.” Elsewhere, Chuck had gotten through the sinkholes.

“I really hate Chris.” he said. He then continued on and saw an open area. “Is that?” he asked. He ran toward it and got out of the maze. “I did it!” he shouted. “In your face Nianah and Wentworth! I have made it out of this maze first!”

“Yes, you did.” said Chris walking over. “The wrong exit however.”

“What?” asked Chuck and he then saw that he had gotten out through the entrance. He then screamed loudly that Jessica in her hotel room heard.

“Yeesh, can he get any louder?” asked Chris with his hair blown back and Chef shown knocked down on the ground.

“Don’t tempt me.” said Chuck as he walked back into the maze. Elsewhere, Nianah and Wentworth kept walking until they got to a big open area.

“This place is big.” said Wentworth. “Are we out of the maze?”

“No, this is probably the midpoint area.” said Nianah. Chris’ helicopter then flew over.

“In order to get through this next area, you need to find a key to open that door.” said Chris.

“Where is it?” asked Wentworth.

“I’m not telling.” said Chris.

“Wait, there it is!” shouted Wentworth with a key shown on a small platform.

“Wait Wentworth!” shouted Nianah.

“What?” asked Wentworth grabbing for the key. Before he could get anywhere near it a bear trap like device closed its jaws pretty hard with Wentworth dodging just in time. “That was close!” he shouted.

“Try and get there before those jaws close.” said Chris.

“This is just like that episode with the giant plant.” said Wentworth.

“I’ll get the key for us.” said Nianah. She looked at where the key was. “Ready and…” Suddenly Chuck appeared and grabbed the key before Nianah can while also dodging the jaws closed.

“Sorry, but you were too slow for me.” said Chuck with the key. “See you in the sidelines!” He then put the key in the door and headed to the next area.

“He’s gotten ahead!” shouted Wentworth.

“That jerk!” shouted Nianah. “We’ll get him.” Suddenly the area started shaking and the jaws then rose out of the ground with the entire thing shown to be a robot that resembled Larry.

“What is that?!” shouted Wentworth.

“It’s Mecha Larry!” shouted Chris. “I created it with the wreckage of the zeppelin. I wanted to make it resemble Larry because I miss him so much.”

“Where is he?” asked Wentworth.

“Under government control just like the other mutants.” said Chris. “Fang was the only one who managed to escape.”

“We can see.” said Nianah. Mecha Larry then ran down to where Chuck was headed to.

“Quick, let’s go after it!” shouted Wentworth. The two then ran down the path. Ahead, Chuck was shown smiling.

“Ha, this challenge turned out to be easy!” he shouted. “Now all I have to do is get through the rest of the obstacles and I’m home free!” Suddenly one of Mecha Larry’s arms slammed down. Chuck turned around and saw it behind him. “A robot plant?!” he shouted. “I blame Chris.

“Why do I always get blamed for everything?” asked Chris.

“Because you’re the one who makes all of these things!” shouted Chef.

“Oh yeah.” said Chris. “Well at least I’m getting credit.” Chef then shook his head. Chuck then kept running from Mecha Larry.

“I’d better run down one of these paths.” he said. He then ran down the path and Mecha Larry wasn’t shown to be able to get through. It then dug a giant hole underground and started digging where he was headed. Nianah and Wentworth then saw the hole.

“Should we go down there?” asked Wentworth.

“Well sure, it works as a shortcut.” said Nianah. The two then jumped in.

“Is that really allowed?” asked Chef to Chris.

“Hey, a shortcut’s a shortcut.” said Chris.

“Darn hosts always tend to throw in a new rule in every challenge.” said Chef in the confessional. “If I were host, I’d make them cook the food I have to cook! I only do it in order to get paid!” Elsewhere, Chuck continued walking down the path and then saw a huge long one. He looked down the long path and saw the goal. “Yes!” he shouted. “In your faces Nianah and Wentworth!” Suddenly Mecha Larry burst out of the ground. “Oh no, not again!” he shouted He started running toward the goal but Mecha Larry grabbed him and started beating him up.

“This is awesome!” shouted Chris watching. “Chef, where’s the popcorn?”

“Don’t have any with me right now.” said Chef.

“What?” asked Chris. “What do you have?”

“Peanut butter and chocolate candy bars.” said Chef.

“Eh, that’ll do.” said Chris. Nianah and Wentworth then climbed out of the hole and saw Chuck getting beaten up.

“Quick, one of us should head to the goal!” shouted Wentworth.

“Gotcha!” said Nianah. Suddenly both of them got snatched by Mecha Larry.

“Oh no!” shouted Wentworth.

“Now what?” asked Nianah. Wentworth then got an idea. “I know, hit its weak point!”

“Gamers.” said Chuck. Wentworth then started swinging and then slammed into the main body causing static to appear and caused the arms to drop everyone.

“Nice work!” said Nianah.

“Yeah, thanks for making me win!” shouted Chuck running toward the goal.

“Oh no, what have I done?!” asked Wentworth looking upset. Chuck then touched a wall that wasn’t shown.

“I win!” he cheered. He then noticed that he was touching Fang who was in front of the goal. “Oh no.” he said. Fang then chomped on him causing Chuck to squirm. Fang then spat him at Mecha Larry who bit his leg. “Ow my leg!” he shouted. Fang was shown wearing a baseball hat and had a bat and Mecha Larry then spat him toward Fang who then hit him like a baseball. Chuck was then shown flying out of the maze. Mecha Larry then held a sign that said home run. Wentworth was shown clapping.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to see that.” said Wentworth.

“C’mon, let’s head to the goal!” shouted Nianah.

“You go first.” said Wentworth. “You were the most helpful.”

“Thanks dude.” said Nianah. She then crossed the goal first and cheered.

“Oh no, I lost.” said Wentworth pretending to be disappointed.

“And Nianah wins the challenge!” said Chris. “She has won a spot in the final two!”

“You desearved it.” said Wentworth.

“Hey, for helping me out against that robot, you deserve the second spot.” said Nianah.

“Thanks.” said Wentworth.

“Wentworth has really helped all of us this season.” said Nianah in the confessional. “I’d be shocked if he became the winner but I still might have a strong chance too.”

“I’m worried Nianah might beat me next challenge but hey, second won’t be so bad.” said Wentworth in the confessional. It then showed them at the elimination ceremony with Nianah, Wentworth, and Chuck there along with Chris and Chef. Chuck was shown wearing casts on his arm and leg.

“So it’s been decided.” said Chris. “Nianah will be our first contestant for the final two spot. Now it’s time for to decide the second one. Will it be gamer boy Wentworth, or strategic boy Chuck. Please pick Wentworth.”

“Okay, the person that I am choosing to join me is…..”

“Wentworth.” said Nianah.

“Yes!” cheered Wentworth.

“What?!” shouted Chuck. “But that is not fair! I should’ve won, me!”

“Well nobody likes you.” said Chris.

“You’re going to hear from my lawyer.” said Chuck. He started to limp away.

“Hey Chuck, don’t forget your going away gift.” said Chris.

“Really?” asked Chuck. “Let it be money.”

“Catch!” shouted Chris. A toxic marshmallow then landed on his arm cast which started to burn through it.

“Ah, ah, get it off get it off!” he shouted and then batted it off his cast. His skin on his other hand was shown to have gotten burnt. The others started laughing. “You’re really going to hear from my lawyer!” shouted Chuck. “You hear me?” he shouted. He then walked toward the lameousine and the door shut on one of his bandages before he got in. It then drove away which dragged him away causing him to get hit on the ground repeatedly.

“Yeah, after Chuck eliminated all those people, he deserved that.” said Nianah in the confessional.

“Chuck really got it to him.” said Wentworth in the confessional. “It serves him right for voting off all our buds.”

“And then there were two.” said Chris standing near Nianah and Wentworth. “Who will emerge victorious? Smart girl Nianah, or gamer boy Wentworth? Find out next time on the super exciting finale of Total Drama Vegas City!”

Chapter 20: In it to Win it

Oweguy was shown standing in front of the city with a sign near the entrance saying under repairs. “Welcome Total Drama fans to another Total Drama finale.” He said. “It’s been many weeks at my Vegas styled city and twenty two contestants competed in a race to get one million dollars. Now it’s down to only two contestants, Nianah, the likable smart girl and Wentworth, the fun gamer dude. The two are about to compete in their most thrilling challenge yet. Which one of them will become a millionaire and which one will be a runner up with no prize money? Find out right now on the super exciting finale of Total Drama Vegas City!”

The previous night, Wentworth and Nianah were shown leaving the elimination ceremony and heading back to their dorm. “Oh yeah, final two baby!” he cheered. “I knew teamwork would get us this far!”

“Well both of us are strong players; it’s just going to be weird when two buds compete against each other.” said Nianah.

“I know, but we do know we’ll share the prize money so it doesn’t matter.” said Wentworth.

“That’s right.” said Nianah.

“If I win, I’m going to share the money with everyone, use it to throw an awesome party, and buy a bunch of video games I don’t have.” said Wentworth in the confessional.

“If I won the money, I would share it and I would probably donate most of it for people who need it and I would use it for a nice vacation me and Jake can go on when the season’s over.” said Nianah in the confessional.

“Well, good night.” said Wentworth going into the boy’s side of the dorm.

“Good night.” said Nianah going into the girl’s side. She then looked at how empty it was. “Gee, it’s a little creepy being the only girl left in here. I hope it’s not a problem with Wentworth.” It then showed him watching TV while eating chips. Meanwhile, Chris was shown writing some papers in Oweguy’s quarters.

“What are you doing?” asked Chef.

“Shh, it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone, including the viewers.” said Chris. Chef looked at the paper without the camera showing it.

“Oh I see what you’re doing.” said Chef. The two started snickering. In Nianah’s bed, she was shown looking a little scared without the others.

“Gee, I miss all my girl pals.” she said. “I haven’t been this scared since that year at summer camp.” In the other side of the dorm, Wentworth was shown sleeping and then got out of bed sleepwalking and came back with some food. He then farted when he got back under the covers. The next morning, a horn was blown and Wentworth and Nianah were shown outside along with Oweguy and Marine.

“I’m back!” said Oweguy. “That vacation was nice but I’m sure Sherloch and Roxanne’s was better.”

“You promised me you’d stop saying that.” said Marine.

“Sorry.” said Oweguy.

“You know, you’re really getting to be a problem.” said Marine.

“Be quiet, I need to introduce the challenge.” said Oweguy. Marine shrugged and walked away. “Congratulations Wentworth and Nianah for being the final two contestants remaining. Now before we get to the final challenge, why don’t you say hi to some family members?” Some interns then rolled a TV over to Oweguy.

“Oh boy!” cheered Wentworth.

“Wentworth, here’s someone to say hi to.” said Oweguy. The TV then showed Wentworth’s parents along with a girl in gamer clothes.

“Hi Wentworth honey!” said Wentworth’s mom who was a woman with red hair.

“How are you son?” asked Wentworth’s dad who looked like him but bigger and had glasses.

“It’s my parents, and my sister Dani!” said Wentworth.

“What up bro?” asked Dani.

“Hi guys!” said Wentworth.

“We’re so proud that you’ve made it to the finals son!” said Wentworth’s dad. “In fact, we were so proud we got you a special surprise for you when you get home.”

“Wow really?” he asked.

“Yes dear, but let’s hope you win because we need the money to pay it off.” said Wentworth’s mom.

“I hope so too.” said Wentworth. “Whatever you bought must’ve been really expensive.”

“We’ll be watching you on TV honey.” said Wentworth’s mom.

“Bye son.” said Wentworth’s dad.

“See you later bro.” said Dani.

“I do love my family.” said Wentworth.

“Now here’s Nianah’s video message.” said Oweguy with the screen switching to Jake holding Cindy.

“Hi honey!” said Jake. “Say hi to mommy Cindy!”

“Hi mommy!” said Cindy.

“Hi guys!” said Nianah. “Cindy, you’re getting so big!”

“She sure is.” said Jake. “In fact, we just enrolled her in a great preschool that she really loves.”

“Wow really?” asked Nianah.

“Yes.” said Jake. “Let’s just hope you win because we still need to pay it off.”

“Don’t worry, even if I don’t Wentworth agreed to share.” said Nianah.

“That’s good.” said Jake. “See you on TV!”

“Bye Mommy!” said Cindy. The screen then shut off.

“Your daughter is cute.” said Wentworth.

“Yes she is.” said Nianah.

“Okay, now follow me guys where we will prepare for the final challenge.” said Oweguy. It then showed them standing at a starting line.

“Another race finale?” asked Wentworth.

“Yep.” said Oweguy. “Only this time, it’s a little different. But before we get to the rules of the challenge, let’s meet our losers and see who they want to win! First up is Jenson!” Jenson then walked over back to his appearance at the beginning at the season.

“I can see he’s sobered up.” said Nianah.

“So Jenson, who do you want to win?” asked Oweguy.

“Hmm, I would have to say Wentworth.” said Jenson. “He rocks!”

“Okay, that’s one supporter for Wentworth.” said Oweguy. “Next is Gieselle.” Gieselle then walked over. “Who do you want to win?”

“I would have to say Nianah.” said Gieselle. “She was a very nice girl throughout the season.”

“Okay, that’s one supporter for Nianah.” said Oweguy. “Next is Chad.” Chad then walked over.

“What up guys?” he asked.

“Chad, who do you want to win?” asked Oweguy.

“Tough choice.” said Chad. “I would probably say Wentworth. That guy’s fun and enjoyable.”

“Okay, two supporters for Wentworth.” said Oweguy. “Next is Dusk.” Dusk then came over with Sabbath. “Dusk, I can see your wife’s belly is getting bigger.”

“Please don’t insult her while she’s pregnant.” said Dusk.

“Anyway, who do you want to root for?” asked Dusk.

“Eh…Nianah.” said Dusk looking unsure.

“That’s two supporters for Nianah.” said Oweguy. “Next is Murdoch.”

“What about Jerry?” asked Wentworth.

“Jerry’s currently crushed under some rubble.” said Oweguy.

“Oh yeah.” said Wentworth. Murdoch then came over with Kat. “Hey Murdoch, nice girl.” he said.

“Why thanks.” he said. “And since you gave a nice compliment, I’m supporting you.”

“Yay!” cheered Wentworth.

“Next up is Mudkip.” said Oweguy. Mudkip then tripped in front of Oweguy, Wentworth, and Nianah.

“Ouch.” he said.

“You alright?” asked Nianah.

“I’m fine.” said Mudkip.

“So Muds, who are you rooting for?” asked Oweguy.

“Definitely Wentworth.” said Mudkip. “Gamers root for gamers.”

“That’s right dude!” said Wentworth.

“A lot of Wentworth supporters.” said Oweguy. “Next up is Sae.” Sae then walked over.

“Hey everyone.” she said.

“Hi Sae.” said Nianah.

“So Sae, who are you rooting for?” asked Oweguy.

“Definitely Nianah.” said Sae. “The two of us have been close buds and have helped out a lot.”

“That’s nice to hear.” said Oweguy. “Now let’s hear from Yuki.” Yuki then walked over. “Yuki, who are you rooting for?”

“Probably Nianah.” said Yuki. “She’s a cool girl.”

“Nice.” said Oweguy. “Now here’s Oran.” Oran then walked in. “Who do you want to root for dude?”

“Probably Wentworth.” said Oran. “We’re alike in a personality way.”

“I see.” said Oweguy. “Now here’s Margaret.” Margaret then walked over looking angry.

“I’m still mad at you for purposely voting me off.” she said.

“Yeah yeah, now then, who do you want to root for?” asked Oweguy.

“Probably Nianah.” said Margaret. “I liked her a lot during the season.”

“Okay then.” said Oweguy. “Next is Catherine.” Catherine then walked over. “Who are you rooting for?”

“Probably Nianah.” said Catherine. “She was always the most helpful girl.”

“Sounds good.” said Oweguy. “Next is Radley and pregnant wife Kenzey.” Radley then walked over carrying Alice along with Kenzey who was looking more pregnant. Oweguy then opened his mouth ready to speak.

“Please don’t say anything about my pregnant belly size.” said Kenzey.

“I was about to say who are you guys rooting for?” asked Oweguy.

“Oh, I’m probably rooting for Nianah.” said Kenzey.

“I’m rooting for Wentworth.” said Radley. “He did help out during that ice challenge.”

“And what about the little gal?” asked Oweguy.

“I’m not rooting.” said Alice. “I’m fine with whoever wins.”

“That’s nice to hear.” said Oweguy. “Next is Kaylie.” Kaylie then walked over. “Kaylie, who do you want to win?”

“I think I want Wentworth to win.” said Kaylie. “He’s a fun dude.”

“Yes I am!” he said.

“Nice choice.” said Oweguy. “Now here’s Isley.” Isley then walked over. “Who do you want to win?”

“My sister Nianah of course.” said Isley. “Siblings root for each other.”

“That’s nice.” said Nianah.

“Okay, next here’s Molly.” said Oweguy. Molly walked over. “Who do you want to root for?”

“Probably Wentworth.” said Molly. “We got together pretty well.”

“She’s right.” said Wentworth.

“Okay, here’s Sherloch and Roxanne next.” said Oweguy. The two walked over holding hands. “Who are you rooting for?”

“We couldn’t decide so we decided both of them.” said Sherloch.

“Okay, that works too.” said Oweguy.

“Hey Roxanne, nice ring.” said Wentworth noticing.

“Thanks.” said Roxanne. “Sherloch got it for me with some of his money.”

“That looks like an engagement ring.” said Nianah looking. “Did you two get engaged while you were away?”

“What, no.” said Sherloch.

“Oh so it’s a normal ring?” asked Nianah.

“No, we’re married.” said Sherloch.

“That fast?!” asked Wentworth surprised. "But it's been barely a week!"

“Hey, we had the money for a wedding and Roxanne was ready.” said Sherloch.

“Still, pretty shocking.” said Wentworth.

“Okay, let’s then get ready for the challenge.” said Oweguy.

“What about Chuck?” asked Wentworth.

“Yeah, Chuck had an accident on his way to the loser resort and look what happened.” said Oweguy. Chuck was then wheeled in on a dolly and was shown to be in a body cast looking angry.

“Ouch.” said Wentworth.

“Serves him right for all the eliminations he caused.” said Nianah.

“Definitely.” said Molly. Chuck growled underneath the bandages around his mouth.

“Okay, let’s get ready for the final challenge.” said Oweguy. “Wentworth and Nianah, your final challenge is to compete in a huge race to the goal while facing the obstacles that come along the way.”

“What are the obstacles?” asked Nianah.

“The obstacles are small mini challenges, each based off every previous challenge from this season.” said Oweguy. “Some might be easy while some might be as hard as the original challenge or harder.”

“Yikes.” said Wentworth.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be able to do it.” said Nianah.

“You’re right, let’s do it!” shouted Wentworth.

“Ready, set, and go!” shouted Oweguy shooting a gun. Wentworth and Nianah then ran down the path. “Hey, I didn’t accidently shot anything this time.” said Oweguy noticing.

“That’s because the gun you have is filled with blanks.” said Radley.

“Huh, no wonder.” said Oweguy. As Wentworth and Nianah kept running, they were suddenly stopped by Chef.

“Hold it maggots!” he shouted. “Before you can move on, you must answer the following question. If you guess correctly, you move on but if you guess incorrectly, you have to get through the pinball machine pathway.”

“Oh boy.” said Wentworth.

“The question is based off the first challenge.” said Chef. “Who’s costume got the most points during the challenge?”

“That’s easy, it was my costume.” said Wentworth.

“Wrong!” shouted Chef. “Girl, what was it!?”

“It was Margaret’s.” said Nianah.

“Correct!” shouted Chef. “You move on, and fat guy, get ready for pinball.” Wentworth then gulped in fear.

“I feel bad for Wentworth but I have to stay focused on the challenge if I want to win the million dollars.” said Nianah in the confessional. It then showed Wentworth in a pinball racing through a pinball course.

“This challenge seemed easier the first time!” he shouted.

“We made some improvements.” said Chef snickering. Elsewhere, Nianah was in a different area with Oweguy standing near her.

“What’s here?” asked Nianah.

“Before you can move on, you must answer this question.” said Oweguy. “Which contestant on this show constantly farts when he eats any food with beans?”

“That’s easy, it’s Oran.” said Oweguy.

“Correct.” said Oweguy. The others were shown watching Wentworth and Nianah on a TV screen and Oran looked embarrassed.

“I can’t help it.” he said. “Beans are so tasty but I get gas when I eat them.”

“Sheesh, I’m getting tired of Oweguy being our host.” said Radley. “He just likes to humiliate us.”

“I know.” said Kenzey. “We need a new host.” Elsewhere, Wentworth rolled out of the pinball stage and ended up at a small maze of plants. Nianah then joined him as well.

“Well, looks like we’re tied.” said Wentworth.

“Yes we are.” said Nianah. Chris then landed near them in a jet pack.

“For this part, you have to get through this small maze while avoiding the small plant vines.” said Chris. Some plant vines were shown inside the maze.”

“This had better not be dangerous.” said Nianah. The two ran in there and Wentworth started screaming.

“I guess I shouldn’t have gone through the path with the thorns!” he shouted. The peanut gallery was shown watching and Jessica then walked over.

“How’s Wentworth doing?” she asked sitting next to Radley.

“Currently getting poked by thorns.” said Radley.

“Poor guy.” said Sherloch. Wentworth then got out of the maze covered in sticks and thorns. He then pulled one out of his butt.

“That really hurt.” he said. “But hey, I’m ahead!” He continued running and bumped into a column panted like a candy cane. The kids from the babysitting challenge were shown nearby.

“You’d better get out of here before we pelt you with blocks!” shouted Casey.

“Why?” asked Wentworth. “That doesn’t sound very nice.”

“Your host told us to do it.” said James.

“We need a nicer host.” said Wentworth. Nianah then got out of the maze and saw Wentworth getting pelted by blocks thrown by Casey and James. She then saw Betty and Stacy standing there watching.

“Hey girls, if you get me to the other side I’ll give you some cookies.” she said.

“Cookies!” they cheered and dragged her to the other side and took two cookies from her pocket.

“I hope Cindy won’t be that hyperactive.” said Nianah. She then continued on.

“Hey, wait for me!” shouted Wentworth still getting pelted by blocks.

“That must hurt.” said Oran watching.

“I swear, those kids still bug me.” said Dusk.

“Well our kid will be nicer.” said Sabbath. Nianah then arrived at an area with Brianna waiting.

“Your host dude told me to ask you a question.” said Brianna. “If you get it right you do a trivia question for the next part but if you don’t then you have to go through the rough part.”

“Give me the question.” said Nianah.

“What’s my favorite brand of lip balm?” asked Brianna.

“The sparkly cherry flavored kind.” said Nianah.

“I can see you’ve read my book.” said Brianna.

“When you read many fashion magazines, you’re bound to know about a supermodel’s favorite things.” said Nianah in the confessional. Wentworth then crawled over to Brianna who was covered in bruises.

“What’s my favorite brand of lip balm?” she asked.

“Uh, pass?” asked Wentworth.

“Gee, Wentworth isn’t really doing that well.” said Mudkip. “How are we going to have our video game party if he doesn’t win?”

“Don’t worry Muds, I’m sure he’ll catch up.” said Isley. Wentworth was then shown walking on a narrow foam bridge while avoiding some giant hammers.

“You know, we really need to have a game show themed challenge like this in our next show.” said Chris to Chef who were watching.

“I thought we did do one.” said Chef.

“Eh, I can’t remember.” said Chris. It then showed the peanut gallery and Oweguy looking tired.

“It’s been a whole half hour and they’re not even at the halfway point, c’mon!” shouted Oweguy.

“Give them time.” said Margaret. “You did throw in a hard challenge for them.”

“Stop criticizing my challenges.” said Oweguy.

“I wonder how they’re doing?” asked Mudkip. It then showed a pool with Wentworth jumping out covered in piranhas.

“Piranhas weren’t in the original challenge!” he shouted.

“Oweguy wanted to throw in an obstacle.” said Chris with him and Chef snickering. Elsewhere, Nianah was on a path based off of Dusk’s challenge.

“Oweguy really did put a lot of effort in these challenges.” she said. She then avoided a bunch of obstacles before getting to the next area. “Only problem is that he didn’t make them hard enough for me.” She then continued on and saw a jet ski and a path of water. “I take it I have to get through this path of water.” she said. She then jumped onto the jet ski and skied off. Wentworth then jumped out of the haunted section and saw the jet ski.

“It’s a good thing I’ve got this emergency float.” said Wentworth with a duck float on his waist. He then jumped onto the jet ski and went after Nianah.

“Looks like our finalists are catching up again.” said Oweguy watching. “But it’s time for them to say hello to an old friend.” Fang then arrived on the jet ski chasing after Wentworth and Nianah.

“Not again!” shouted Wentworth. Fang then bit Wentworth’s float which made him go faster due to the leaking air. “Hey, thanks!” he said. Fang then tried to bite him again and he then caught up to Nianah and landed on the other side. “Hey, I’m in the lead!” he cheered.

“Not for long!” said Nianah getting off as well.

“Hey, wait up!” shouted Wentworth. They then saw a bunch of ball cannons aimed at them along with a track. “Uh oh.” said Wentworth.

“Can you maggots get through a barrage of baseballs while running through a track?” asked Jo who was standing near the cannons.

“We did it one time, I think we can do it again.” said Nianah. Jo then started firing the balls at Wentworth and Nianah as they ran down the track. Wentworth kept getting hit by them while Nianah dodged them.

“This is too much for me!” shouted Wentworth.

“Wimp.” said Jo.

“Poor Wenty.” said Jessica watching.

“Dude, that can cause massive injuries.” said Radley.

“Stop criticizing me!” shouted Oweguy. Wentworth and Nianah then got out of the baseball path and noticed something.

“Look, the goal is just a few blocks down!” said Wentworth with the goal shown in the distance.

“We’re almost there.” said Nianah. Oweguy suddenly landed in his jetpack.

“To make things interesting, we combined the three last challenges into one big interesting challenge.” he said. “Each of you use these winged floats to race to the finish while avoiding a friend from the last challenge.” Mecha Larry then walked over behind them.

“Not him again!” shouted Wentworth.

“Oh yes again.” said Oweguy. “See you at the goal.” he then flew off.

“C’mon dude, let’s see who will win this!” said Nianah.

“Right on!” said Wentworth. The two jumped into their vehicles and then raced down the path. It then showed the peanut gallery looking out for them.

“Anyone want some burnt popcorn?” asked Mudkip who was eating some badly burnt popcorn.”

“I’ll pass.” said Sae.

“Me too.” said Oran.

“See anything?” asked Yuki to Isley who was looking through some binoculars.

“Not yet.” said Isley. It then showed Wentworth and Nianah racing down the path while Mecha Larry chased them.

“This part would be easier if this robotic plant wasn’t chasing us!” shouted Wentworth.

“I hear you!” shouted Nianah. She then saw a huge gap. “Wentworth, hit your flight button!”

“Okay!” shouted Wentworth smacking a button that had a picture of a plane. Their vehicles started flying over the gap and landed on the other side. Mecha Larry stopped before it fell into the pit.

“Ha, he’s stuck!” shouted Wentworth. Suddenly, two rockets then came out of its back and it then flew over to the other side. “It flies?!” asked Wentworth.

“Wow, I didn’t even know it could do that.” said Chris watching.

“I added it in for this challenge.” said Chef.

“Nice one!” said Chris. Isley kept looking and then saw Wentworth and Nianah.

“I see them!” she shouted. “They’re almost here.”

“Nianah, I see the goal!” shouted Wentworth. Suddenly, one of Mecha Larry’s arms knocked off one of Wentworth’s wheels making him slow down. “Oh no!” he shouted. “I’m slowing down!”

“I’m almost there!” shouted Nianah. “I’m gonna win this!” She then saw a rock and tried to slow down but crashed into it sending her flying out of the cart. Wentworth then crashed into it as well sending him flying as well. The others were shown looking shocked.

“It’s going to be close!” shouted Oweguy. “Who’s gonna land first!”

“C’mon Nianah!” shouted Isley.

“Do it Wentworth!” shouted Mudkip.

“I don’t know who to root for.” said Oran. Both of them crashed and started sliding on the ground. Nianah stopped a few inches in front of the goal while Wentworth slides through it crashing into the goal and landing near Oweguy. The others looked shocked but then started cheering.

“Wentworth is the winner!” shouted Oweguy.

“I won?” asked Wentworth getting up. “I won!”

“He did it!” cheered Mudkip.

“Way to go dude!” cheered Radley. Nianah then got up off the ground and saw Wentworth looking happy.

“Good job dude.” she said. Jessica then walked over to Wentworth.

“Oh hey Jess.” said Wentworth. She then pounced on him and kissed him on the lips.

“That’s my present for your win.” she said.

“I could deserve a second present from you as well.” said Wentworth. The two started kissing again as the others kept cheering for him.

“You alright sis?” asked Isley walking over to Nianah.

“I’m fine.” said Nianah. “I’m surprised that a big fun gamer dude like him emerged victorious over the others.”

“Well, you never know who would end up winning.” said Isley.

“Yep.” said Nianah. Later, it showed the contestants in at the city entrance. Wentworth was shown standing in front of Oweguy.

“Congratulations Wentworth for being the winner of Total Drama Vegas City.” he said. “As a reward, here is your million dollar prize, and a life size Gilded Oweguy statue.” He then handed Wentworth the million dollar case while some interns pushed over the Gilded Oweguy statue.

“Thanks dude.” said Wentworth. “However, I’m not sure if that statue will last within a week.” The others started laughing except for Chuck.

“Aren’t you a little upset about losing?” asked Oran to Nianah.

“No way.” said Nianah. “Second place isn’t that bad. Besides, Wentworth promised me he would share the winnings.”

“Not just for you.” said Wentworth. “I’m sharing it with all of you, for being such awesome friends! Well everyone except Chuck.” The others laughed while Chuck glared at him.

“And that concludes another season of Total Drama, I’m your host Oweguy and this has been…” Oweguy then got interrupted by an intern.

“Excuse me Oweguy but this is for you.” said the intern. He then gave Oweguy an envelope and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Hosting contract expired?!” he asked. “No matter, I’ll just renew it later.”

“Too late.” said the intern. “The position already got filled.”

“What?!” shouted Oweguy. “Who replaced me?!”

“I did.” said Chris walking over. “While you were away on your vacation, I found out that your contract expired after this episode and before you could renew it, I filled out the position for host for upcoming seasons. That means I’m now the host of your series!”

“Why you little sneak!” shouted Oweguy.

“Oh wait hang on.” said the intern. “There are two main hosting positions.”

“Oh good.” said Oweguy. “I’ll just sign up for that.”

“Too late.” said Chris. “Somebody else filled that position.”

“Chef?” asked Oweguy.

“Nope, he’s the co-host and chef.” said Chris. “Main host number two, can you come over please?” Marine then walked over.

“Marine, my own wife?!” shouted Oweguy.

“Yes, I wanted to host a show of my own but you kept interfering.” said Marine.

“Why you two little sneaks!” shouted Oweguy. “I’ll get you for this!” Chris then snapped his fingers and Chef then carried Oweguy off. “I’m still lead host; you can’t do this to me!” Oweguy continued shouting until Chef threw him in the lameousine. The others looked at what happened looking confused.

“Well that was interesting.” said Sherloch.

“Well, who wants to party at my house?!” asked Wentworth. The others then started cheering. and a nice limo arrived with them boarding on leaving Chris, Chef, and Marine behind.

“And so concludes this season of Total Drama.” said Chris. “I’m your new host, Chris McLean.”

“And I’m your second host Marine.” said Marine.

“And I’m Chef Hatchet!” said Chef which made Chris and Marine look at him confused. Chef then rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, see us in action next season on Total Drama Tropical Resort!” shouted Chris. “Hey, how do we get out of here?”

Elimination Chart

20th Chad WIN WIN OUT
21st Gieselle SAFE OUT
22nd Jensen OUT


  • This is the second season in the Oweguy series to be rated PG-13. The first was Total Drama Sci-Fi Action. It is rated PG-13 for language, crude humor, drinking, and smoking but it won't have anything too inappropriate.
  • Oweguy and Marine have new outfits again this season.
  • There were originally going to be ten contestants from the first three season but I changed it to eleven because I wanted to have another contestant from the first three seasons in the story.
  • I originally planned on having twenty contestants but I changed it to twenty two contestants because there was originally going to be eleven contestants returning from the first three seasons and nine from the fourth so I changed it to twenty two so there'd be eleven returning from both.
  • There will be old and new minor characters this season.
  • This is the first season to not have any new contestants. All the contestants featured in this season are from an old story.
  • This story became the featured story for January 2013 making it my first ever story to win featured story.

Chapter 1: Viva Las Owe Vegas

Chapter 2: Costume Brawls

  • The challenge in this episode was inspired from the one in Total Drama: Best of the Best.
  • Sam from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island made two cameos in this chapter, appearing whenever someone made a video game reference.

Chapter 3: Truth or Pinball

  • The title was orignally called Fun Times in Vegas City but I changed it to Truth or Pinball because it fit with the challenge better.
  • The challenges are similar to ones from the TDROTI episode Truth or Laser Shark and the TDWT episode Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.
  • Running Gag: Oran listening to people in confessionals.

Chapter 4: Two Green Thumbs Down

Chapter 5: Drama Day care

Chapter 6: Take Your Supermodel to Work Day

  • The title is a referance to the phrase take your kid to work day.
  • Jessica Samson is a parody of Jessica Simpson and Brianna is a parody of Rhianna.

Chapter 7: I Survived a Total Drama Game Show

  • The title is a referance to the game show I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

Chapter 8: The Ice Challenge Cometh

  • The title is a referance to the song the Ice Man Cometh.
  • The original plot for this was way different but I changed most of it once I started writing it.

Chapter 9: Nerdi-Con

  • The title is a referance to the convetion Comic-Con.

Chapter 10: Fool Party

  • This was originally going to be chapter 3 but I put it on hold until chapter 10.

Chapter 11: A Big Gothic Family

Chapter 12: The Six Million Dollar Losers

Chapter 13: Hide and Zeke

Chapter 14: Dakota Ice

  • This is the 100th chapter of the entire main series.
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