This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Total Drama Voyage is the second story in BrunoSomebody’s main canon.

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After Chris McLean's arrest at the end of the previous season, Total Drama: Paradise Falls, his daughter Crystal McLean, accompanied by her mother Blaineley and his father's co-host Chef Hatchet, takes twenty-two new contestants to a trip around the world, where they'll have to survive different places, the challenges, the plane, the eliminations and each other, for fame, glory, and of course, the final prize: one billion dollars.



Crystal McLean

Chef Hatchet

Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran


























Chapter 1 – Total Drama in the Sky… With Crystal?

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Crystal McLean is shown standing on a runway. “Previously, on Total Drama… my father, Chris McLean, took 22 teenagers to Paradise Falls, an abandoned resort somewhere in Canada. There, they were divided into two teams.” The camera then zooms in on her face as she starts walking. “After a season with many friendships and conflicts, romance, shocking revelations and drama, a lot of drama, someone was crowned the winner, and won the one billion dollars.”

She stops walking, and the camera zooms out to reveal the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. “Due to the popularity of Total Drama World Tour and fan demand, we are taking 22 new contestants to another travel around the world. They’ll battle out for another billion dollars, in the most exciting season of Total Drama ever!” She smiles, and says “So sit down and enjoy. This is Total… Drama… Voyage!”

(Theme Song)

Blaineley and Chef are now with Crystal in the runway.

“Alright, the first contestant should be coming soon,” she says.

“Hey, how does it feel to, you know… host the show?” Blaineley asks.

“It feels wonderful!” Crystal replies.

“I should be there in your place,” Blaineley whispers. “I mean… I’m so happy for you, daughter!”

“Thank you,” Crystal sweetly replies.

“All I can say is good luck for you!” Chef says. “You’re too young and have no experience. Hosting isn’t easy.”

“Yeah, I know,” Crystal says. “That’s why you two are here! To help me!” She looks at Blaineley, “You’re my mom. I know you’ll always be here for me.”

“Yes, always,” Blaineley says, smiling sweetly.

“And you,” the young girl says, turning to Chef, “You’ve been working with my father for years. He will never admit that, but you’re his best friend. The person he trusts the most. And if he trusts you, then I know I can too.”

Chef begins to tear up. He wipes a tear from his eyes, and replies, “It will be a pleasure to work with you, kid!”

“Thank you!” Crystal excitedly shouts. “Now, let’s go, we have a show to host.”

A taxi drives in, and stops near the Jumbo Jet. “Look, here’s our first contestant,” the host says.

A pale, skinny boy with dark hair and wearing a red t-shirt steps out of the taxi. “Hello!”

“Hello, Corey!” Crystal says.

“Shut up!” the boy yells. “Don’t say my name. The aliens might hear you, and I don’t want them knowing any personal information about me.”

“Okay…” Crystal says, as she awkwardly stares at him. She then continues, “Here comes someone else.”

A taxi arrives. A tall, blonde, beautiful woman steps out. “Hello, beautiful host people,” she says.

“Hello, Virginia,” Crystal says, “Welcome to Total Drama!”

“Very thank you,” Virginia replies.

Blaineley laughs. “Very thank you, too.”

“Sorry, I am not the bestest in English,” the foreign girl replies. “I came to Canada to improve my English.”

“It’s fine. Now go there with that boy, because the next contestant is about to arrive," Crystal says, pointing to Corey.

Virginia walks up to Corey and says, “Hey!”

“Holy cow, you are tall! And beautiful!” the boy says. He puts on an aluminium foil hat, and whispers to himself, “You’re not gonna read my mind, beautiful alien!”

Another taxi arrives, with a girl with pale skin and black hair. She looks at the Jumbo Jet and sighs.

“Welcome to the show, Mel!” Crystal shouts.

“Yeah, whatever,” the girl says. She walks up to the other two contestants. “Great, we have miss Canada and a weirdo. I’m so excited to see the rest of the cast.” She rolls her eyes and sighs.

“I am sorry! I am not from Canada, I am from Sweden,” Virginia replies.

“And I am not weird,” Corey shouts. “And because you’re rude, I won’t help you when the aliens come.”

“I bet 10 bucks she’s going first,” Blaineley says.

“She seems strong. I bet she’ll stay for a while,” Chef says.

Crystal scolds her co-hosts, “Hey, you can’t make bets about the contestants’ placements.”

“Of course we can,” Blaineley says.

“Your father and I tried to guess the whole elimination order back in season four,” Chef adds.

“Oh… okay, I’m in too,” Crystal says. She then looks at the camera, and realizes the next taxi has already arrived. “Oh, woops. Here’s our next contestant-“

“Please, don’t,” says a man who gets out of the taxi. He has one-sided shaved purple hair, and wears a yellow t-shirt with a fur collar vest and jeans. “Introductions chapter are so normal. I refuse to be part of that.”

“Alright, you’re the boss!” Crystal says.

“Thank you,” the guy says, as he walks away to join the other three contestants.

“That was Axel, guys!” Crystal says. An annoyed grunt is heard from out-of-screen.

“Show him who’s the boss!” Blaineley says.

“Definitely not you,” Axel says. Blaineley glares at him.

“Okay, can you guys shut up and let me continue hosting?” Crystal says.

Just as she finishes talking, another taxi arrives, this time carrying a light skinned, blonde young woman. She’s wearing a pink skirt with a white top, black high heels and seemingly expensive jewelry. “A taxi?! Really?!” the woman says. “I deserve better.”

“You must already know her. The heiress of the Wilson hotels and resorts chain and controversial celebrity, Paris Wlson!” The host says.

“Excuse me, I’m much more than that. I’m also a socialite, model, actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, entrepreneur, producer, author, and singer!” the woman corrects Crystal.

“Sorry,” Crystal says.

“What’s wrong with casting? It’s the second rich, spoiled brat, hotel chain heiress, washed-up celebrity in a row.” Blaineley says.

“They always bring the drama,” Crystal replies.

“And may I remind you that you were once a rich, spoiled brat, washed-up celebrity competing on this show,” Chef adds. Blaineley glares at Chef, and rolls her eyes.

Paris walks to the rest of the group. “Hello, lower class citizens!”

“Aw, man. Why such a mainstream media personality?” Axel disappointedly says. “That’s why I hate stunt casting.”

“Hipster trash,” Paris replies. Axel glares at her.

Another taxi arrives. A skinny young man with dirty blond hair steps out. He is wearing a green t-shirt, a black t-vest and skinny jeans. “Hello, guys!”

“Everybody, welcome Tucker!” Crystal says.

“Oh my gosh, it’s great to be on Total Drama,” the guy says. “Especially on this season, because Chris isn’t here.”

“Did you know he’s my father?” a clearly offended Crystal says.

“I did, sweetie,” Tucker says, grinning.

“Okay, go join the other contestants,” Crystal angrily says.

“Rude!” Tucker says, as he walks towards the other competitors.

“Anyway, here’s our next competitor,” Crystal announces as another taxi approaches. A woman with a big puffy black hair steps out. “This is Gloria!” the host says.

The woman awkwardly stares at the host and says, “That’s all?!”

“Hm, what?” the host confusedly asks.

“My introduction. I should have a proper introduction,” Gloria dramatically says. “That’s not how you treat a future Oscar winner. I’m offended!” She walks towards the rest of the group.

Crystal confusedly stares at the camera. “Okay… So, hmm, where is the next contestant?”

“Should be here already,” Blaineley says.

Suddenly, an older-looking man with grey hair and a purple suit lands with a parachute on top of Chef. He jumps up and says, “I’m fine, I’m fine.” He then looks around and shouts “Yeah, baby!”

“This is Roland!” Crystal announces.

“Hello, little McLean!” the grey-haired man says. “Wow, it’s so great to be on Total Drama. You finally decided to cast older people.”

“Yeah, we were looking for a different cast this time. You know, instead of the typical teenager people,” the host states. “Now, join our other competitors right there.”

Roland walks up to the rest of the group, and waves at them. “Hello!” He is ignored by everyone, except for Virginia, who kindly replies, “Hello!”

Another taxi arrives, now carrying a tall, handsome blond man, wearing a dark green t-shirt and skinny jeans. “Welcome to Total Drama, Johnny!” the host says.

“Thank you, my lady!” the man says, and then kisses Crystal’s hands. She giggles and blushes. “It’s a pleasure to be here,” the blond man adds.

“Aw, you are so kind!” the young McLean says. “Care to join the other contestants?”

“Alright! Thank you,” he says, as he joins the group. He greets them saying, “Good morning! It’s a pleasure to meet you all”

“Good morning!” Virginia sweetly replies.

“Ew, courtesy is so last century,” Axel complains.

Another contestant arrives in a taxi. It’s a red-haired woman, wearing a t-shirt with a black vest, shorts and boots. She sweetly smiles to Crystal, and says, “Ah, sweet Total Drama. It’s great to be here.”

“Welcome, Chelsea!” the host says. “It’s great to have you here.”

“Thank you,” the red-haired woman says. She then starts speaking in verses, “Total Drama is a dove, it’s a roller-coaster of feelings, and it’s so appealing, because when we’re in it, our dreams are out there flying in the sky above.”

Crystal stares at the camera for a while, and then confusedly asks, “Hm, what was that?”

“It’s a poem I made for Total Drama!” Chelsea says. “Wasn’t that beautiful?”

Crystal forces a smile and says, “Yeah, that was sweet!”

“Thank you!” Chelsea happily shouts. She walks up to the other contestants, and upon seeing Johnny, she flirtatious gazes at him.

“Here’s our next contestant,” Crystal says. A tall, big, red-haired man jumps out of the taxi. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I’m on Total Drama!” He excitedly says, squealing.

“Welcome, Jeremy!” the hostess greets the giant.

“Crystal! It’s great to meet you!” He says, bear-hugging the McLean girl. “Aw, man, I’m so excited to play. When is our first challenge?”

“Soon. We’re still doing introductions,” she replies.

“Aw. I can’t wait for them!” Jeremy excitedly adds. Mel rolls her eyes at the happy-go-lucky guy.

“Next up… Haley!” Crystal announces as another taxi stops by. A beautiful, long-haired blonde girl steps out. She says, “Hello, Carly! It’s so nice to meet you.”

“It’s Crystal,” the host replies. “But thanks. It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Oh, sorry,” Haley says, blushing. “Anyway, it’s so great to be here on Totally Dramatic! I’ve been a fan since season one!”

“Don’t you mean Total Drama?” Crystal says. “You know, whatever, join the other competitors.” The blonde girl walks towards the rest of the group. She waves at Mel, who glares at her.

Another taxi arrives, this time carrying a short-haired Asian girl. She jumps out of the taxi and says, “Hello guys! My name is Kitty!” She looks around and starts squealing. “Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to be here! Total Drama is my favorite show, well, maybe not my favorite, but it’s in my top 5 definitely!” She looks at Crystal, and runs up to her. “And you! It’s the daughter of Chris McLean! And Blaineley and Chef! Yes! I’m so happy to meet you all.”

“It’s nice you meet you, too,” Crystal replies.

“Man, I can’t wait to see people’s reactions back at home. They’ll be so surprised at this. They’ll be like, ‘oh my gosh, look at Kitty, she’s famous’, and I’ll be like, ‘yeah, I’m on national TV’. Yeah, and those mean girls at school will be so jealous. And I’m gonna show them who’s the boss! And I-“

“Stop!” Blaineley angrily yells at the chatterbox. She then smiles, and continues, “Okay, sweetie, can you go up there with the other contestants? We have other people to introduce.”

“Okay, sorry!” the petite Asian says, blushing. She walks up to the rest of the group, and as she is about to say something, Mel menacingly glares at her.

“Okay, let’s say hello to our next contestant!” Crystal announces, as another cab stops by. A tall, handsome guy, with blue eyes, brown hair and slightly tanned skin, steps out of the taxi. As he walks through the other contestants, he smiles at them. Mel rolls her eyes, while Gloria blows a kiss to the handsome guy.

“This is Brady, y’all!” Chris’ daughter announces. “And his fabulous six pack.”

“Hello, ladies!” The pretty boy smiles.

“Oh, another lame, typical hot boy,” Mel says, frowning. “I regret signing up for this.”

“Babe, I ain’t no typical pretty boy,” Brady says. Mel sighs, and walks away.

Another taxi stops by, and a young guy with an dark afro hair steps out. He is wearing a dark green hood, red t-shirt and black pants. “What’s up, guys?” He says smoothly.

“Hey, Tyrone!” Crystal replies. “Welcome to Total Drama.”

“Thanks, girl,” he replies. He looks around, and notices the Jumbo Jet. “Wow, we’re traveling? That’s cool, man!”

“Thanks!” Crystal replies, blushing. “I came up with the idea myself.”

“Creativity much?” Tucker says, smirking.

“Shut up!” Crystal shouts, glaring at the sassy guy. “It’s hard to make up themes for seasons.”

Blaineley adds, “She has no experience. Give her a break!” She then whispers to herself, “If only I were the host, it would be totally different.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt this conversation, but I’m here already,” says a brown haired girl, wearing a purple t-shirt and jeans, while smiling.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the host says, while turning to the girl. “What’s up, Erika?”

The brunette looks around. “Eh, not much,” she says. She then looks at the Jumbo Jet, and shrugs. “World travel is a pretty cool idea. I don’t get the guy’s complaining about that.” She points to Tucker.

“I wasn’t complaining. I just said it’s not an original idea,” he protests. “I’m all for a world travel for free.”

“Oh, in this case I agree with you,” the girl replies.

Another taxi arrives, carrying a pale guy with dark, long hair. He is wearing a blue polo shirt and black pants. “So, hm, is this it?”

“Hey, Garrett!” Crystal says. “Welcome to Total Drama!”

“Thank you,” the guy replies. He looks at Blaineley and says, “You’re looking great, lady.” Blaineley smiles and confidently says, “I always look great.” Garrett smirks.

“Alright, you can take a spot with the rest of the cast,” Crystal says.

Garrett nods, and walks away. He stands right next to Paris, and says, “Hey, aren’t you Paris Wilson?”

“Yes, it’s moi!” Paris says, nonchalantly.

“I am a huge fan!” Garrett says, smiling.

Paris blushes and replies, “Oh, we are so going to be friends!” Garrett smiles.

A brown-haired, dark-skinned older woman steps out of the taxi. She is wearing a black vest with a blue polo shirt underneath, and black pants. She takes a deep breath, and introduces herself, “Good afternoon. My name is Rita.”

“Good afternoon, Rita! Welcome to the show!” Crystal greets the woman.

“Wait, where is the host? Chris McLean, right?” Rita asks.

The McLean girl begins, “Oh, yeah, he’s… well, he’s gotten in trouble lately. I’m his daughter, Crystal, and I’ll be hosting this season.”

“Oh, well,” the older woman says. She pauses for a moment, sighs, and continues, “How old are you? You look just like a teenager.”

“Because I am. I turned eighteen a few months ago,” the host replies.

Rita sighs, and then looks at the rest of the contestants, examining each of them. She facepalms, saying, “That can’t be real!”

“Excuse me, are you okay?” Crystal kindly asks.

“I am. I just need… some fresh air,” the woman replies, and then walks towards the group of contestants.

Crystal whispers to her co-host and mom, “Am I doing that bad at hosting?”

“You’re doing great, my girl!” Blaineley replies, “But if anything, I’m here to replac- I mean, help you!” The diva awkwardly smiles, gaining another smile from her daughter.

Another taxi approaches, carrying a chubby, brown-haired guy, wearing a teal shirt with white sleeves and dark pants. He waves at the group.

Kyle, good to have you here!” the unexperienced host greets the new contestant.

“It is great to be here!” the guy says. “I’m a superfan of Total Drama!”

“I mean, I’m pretty sure most of us are fans,” Erika comments. “We applied, after all.”

“Yeah, we totally applied. Superfan!” Haley shouts.

“Though, I am a bigger fan than any of you will ever be!” Kyle says.

“Alright, whatever helps you sleep at night,” Erika says. Kyle glares at the Brazilian girl.

“It is great to know we have dedicated fans,” Crystal states. “It’s rewarding to read letters, and receive the positive feedback, and see you fighting and destroying friendships, just to show your love for us.” She smiles widely, “Thank you, fans!”

“You’re welcome,” Kyle says full of himself. He walks towards the other contestants.

“This is ridiculous,” Mel says.

A girl with silver hair and brown eyes steps out of the taxi that has just arrived. She’s wearing a blue bow on her hair, a pink shirt with white sleeves, a dark blue skirt, and colorful sneakers. “Kon'nichiwa,” she says, bowing.

“Hm, hello?!” the host confusedly says. “Do you speak English?”

“Of course I do!” the girl replies.

“Oh, that’s good.” Crystal takes a cue card from her back, and reads, “Oh, you must be Britney. Welcome to the show!”

“Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita,” the silver haired teenager replies. The host stares at her with a confused look. “It’s ‘thank you very much’ in Japanese,” she adds in an annoyed tone.

“Oh, that’s cool,” Crystal comments. “Now, go join the other contestants.”

“You’re the boss,” Britney says. She walks towards the group of contestants, and stops between Roland and Rita.

“I also speak Japanese,” the eccentric man excitedly says, creepily smiling at her.

“That’s cool,” the otaku replies.

“I have a student who is just like you…” says Rita monotonously. Britney smiles, but frowns once Rita continues, “…and I can’t stand her.”

“Look, our next contestant is about to arrive!” Crystal announces. A girl with short brown hair is shown riding a bike. She stops near the group of people.

“You go, girl!” Axel shouts. “The taxis were getting seriously overdone.”

“Thank you,” the girl smiles. She has several tattoos and piercings, and is wearing a orange tank top and khaki shorts. “The name’s TJ!”

“Extra points for not going by your real name,” Axel comments.

TJ giggles. “Those are my initials. They are much cooler than my real name.”

“And what is your name?” Jeremy asks.

The girl replies, “It’s-“ She is then interrupted by a horn honk.

“It seems out twenty-second and final contestant it here,” the host says, as a taxi approaches. The vehicle stops, and a skinny young man with brown hair steps out. He is wearing a red shirt, depicting an atom, with white sleeves and jeans. He also wears orthodontic headgear and big glasses.

“You must be Ian, right?” Crystal says. “Welcome to the show!”

“Thanks,” the boy says, spitting on Crystal due to his braces. He blushes and apologizes, “Sorry about that!”

“It’s okay,” the McLean kid says. “Now go join the other contestants, because we’ll leave in a few minutes!”

Ian nods, and walks towards the other twenty-one contestants. He examines Britney, and shouts, “Holy cow, are you a fan of anime too?”

“I am!” Britney replies in excitement. “Are you too?”

“Come on, Iguana Cube Y is iconic!” the nerd boy says. “And so is Pursemon.” The girl giggles. Chef is then seen inside the cockpit in the plane. He waves at the bunch.

Crystal is now holding a loudspeaker. She says, “We’re about to take-off, so please join me on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. The competition is about to start!”

The next scene shows Crystal and the twenty-two travelers in the dining area of the plane. “Well, if you have seen Total Drama World Tour, you’re probably familiar with the Jumbo Jet,” the host says. “This is the dining room, where you’ll have your meals.”

“Excuse me, but… didn’t Sierra blow up the Jumbo Jet on World Tour?” Kyle asks.

“Well, this isn’t the real Jumbo Jet. This is a replica,” Crystal states.

“That’s awesome!” Ian shouts.

“Anyway, if you want to use the confessional, it’s right there,” the host adds. “Once again, in the lavatory.”

Rita is shown inside the confessional, similar to the one used on Total Drama World Tour. She says, “I came here to have a good time. You know, get away from my teenaged students and kids, and relax. To my surprise, this cast is full of young people. That girl with silver hair, she looks exactly like a student of mine.” She sighs, and frowns.

Jeremy is shown in the confessional, “This is so awesome, I am so freaking excited!”

“Total Drama… That will be such an experience,” Kitty says inside the lavatory confessional, “So, hi mom, hi dad! I’m fine. We are finally going to play, and it’s gonna be awesome. And I’m so going to win it! And like, I’m so luck, Chris isn’t hosting this season. And Crystal, she’s such a sweetheart, so much better than her father. Chef scares me, though. Oh, and we’re traveling, that’s great! I wonder where we’re going first. I’d love to go to Paris, oh, or maybe Tokyo, or even-“

Kitty’s confessional is cut off, and Crystal is shown in the first class section, along with the competitors. “This is where the winners of each challenge will stay.”

“This is fabulous!” Gloria comments, sitting on the couch.

“This was made for me,” Paris says. “Can I like, just stay here? I’m a natural born winner.”

Gloria says, “More like natural born bit-“

“Stop it!” Crystal shouts. “Alright, follow me, there’s more to see.” The scene switches to her and the cast now in the economy class section of the plane. “This is where the losers will stay,” the host says.

Paris is shown in the confessional. “That place is disgusting,” she says, “This is not a place for me!”

The contestants are now seen back to the dining area. “Alright, we are heading to our first location of the season,” Crystal says, “Wanna find out where it is?” A collection of “Yes!” is heard. Suddenly, a bell rig can be heard. “Is it what I think it is?” Kyle asks.

“It can’t be,” Ian replies.

“It is,” Crystal says, rubbing her hands together and creepily laughing. “We couldn’t do world travel without music. It’s time to sing!”

“Can’t we recite a poem instead?” Chelsea questions. “I have many, including some about Total Drama.”

Crystal laughs. “I’m joking. There will be no singing this season.” A bunch of sighs of relief are heard.

Chef speaks through the loudspeaker, “We’ve arrived to our first destination.”

“Oh, what is it?” Britney asks.

“Well, you’ll find out,” Crystal says. “So, here’s the deal. Chef couldn’t find a place to park the plane, so, we have to jump out.” Collective gasps are heard.

“You got to be kidding me, right?” Paris says. “I’m not going to jump out of that plane.”

Gloria dramatically says, resting her hand in her forehead, “If I jump, I’ll die!”

“I have parachutes, don’t worry,” Crystal adds, “You’ll be safe. I swear.” Blaineley walks in, carrying a luggage cart with several parachutes over it. “Let’s go,” says the host.

Kitty is shown in the confessional once again. “Remember what I said about Crystal? I take it back, she’s as evil as her father!” She folds her arms, and continues, “She made us jump out of the plane! That was so mean. And I thought she was a nice person. I was so wrong about her! That wasn’t nice. And like, we could have died. We could have freaking died! But did she even care about us? No! She-“ Her confessional is cut off before she finishes.

Crystal is now shown standing next to the open plug door, with her parachute on, looking outside. “Alright, they’ve all jumped. It’s my turn.” She turns to the camera, “It’s been a great day. We now have our twenty-two contestants, out there in the sky. And we’re about to find out what is our first location. What’s gonna happen? Who’s gonna win? And who will be the first person voted off?” She smiles. “Find out, next episode, on Total… Drama… Voyage!” She then jumps out of the plane.

Chapter 2 – Crazy and Unstable at the San Diego Convention

Location: San Diego, California, United States

Crystal McLean is shown inside the cockpit of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, next to Chef Hatchet, who is piloting. “Previously, on Total Drama Voyage,” the young McLean says, “A new season of Total Drama started, hosted by me!” She smiles, and continues, “And twenty-two new contestants joined for an adventure of a lifetime. And well, that’s pretty much it.” She shrugs. “Introduction chapters are not very eventful. But this episode is full of surprises and amazing moments. What will be the first location? Will teams be formed? And who will be the first person voted off? Find out, right now, on Total… Drama… Voyage!”

(Theme Song)

Crystal is shown standing in front of a large building, surrounded by people wearing different costumes. “Here we go, we have arrived at our first location!” the hostess announces.

The camera then shows the twenty two contestants, all standing in front of Crystal, all of them with a confused look on their faces, with the exception of Britney and Ian.

“Alright, where are we?” says Paris, who then looks around. “I see many beautiful beaches, please tell me we are going to the beach.”

“We are at the most magic and iconic place that has ever existed,” Ian says, with a wide smile on his face. “We are at the San Diego Comic-Con!” The nerd guy then jumps up and down in joy.

“Oh, I don’t think I’m supposed to care,” Paris says, with a glare on her face.

“This is like, the paradise,” Britney joyfully says. She gives the spoiled brat a side-hug and continues, “This is a place where all your dreams come true. There are animes and mangas, celebrities, cosplayers… many of them are really good looking!”

“Okay, shut it. Can I at least introduce today’s challenge?” Crystal says. “Today, we’re going to the San Diego Comic-Con, an event happening inside this building, and all around the city as well.” Britney and Ian high-five. “Blaineley, and Chef Hatchet are somewhere inside this building, dressed as super-heroes. Your challenge is to find one of them, who will then give you a,” the young host looks at the camera and smiles, “Crystal McLean pin-button.”

“Okay, but what about teams?” Axel asks. “Not that I’m complaining, we should just start without them. Teams are overused and overrated.”

“If you let me finish,” Crystal says, “So, after you have your pin-buttons, you have to get them back to me. Teams will be decided by your placements.”

“That’s… pretty lame, honestly,” Mel comments. “But whatever, I’m not going to do it, anyway.” She folds her arms and sighs.

“You have to do the challenges,” the hostess says. She then smiles widely, and continues joyfully continues, “So now, let’s not waste our time and begin our challenge. On your marks… ready… go!” Just as she finishes, twenty contestants run into the building, with the exception of Axel and Mel, who slowly follow the group.

Jeremy is walking through the convention, with a wide smile, impressed by everything. “Holy cow this place is magical! There are heroes, and comic books, and movies, and beautiful people.” He squeals in joy.

“Hey there, big guy!” A female voice says from out of screen.

Jeremy’s smile vanishes, and he confusedly asks, “Me?”

“Yes, you!” says the female voice, which is revealed to be Kitty’s, who runs up to the athlete. “How are you? So, I saw you there, alone, and I thought, hey, maybe we should do it together, because no one should be alone, and hey, why not, maybe we could talk and get to know each other, because you seem like a cool guy, and you know, we’re going to compete together, that’s so cool, I never thought I’d get on Total Drama, but here I am!” She sweetly smiles.

“That’s a great idea!” the ginger replies, smiling. “Let’s do it together!” They then walk away together.

Brady, Chelsea, Haley, Johnny, Paris and Tyrone are standing in front of a group of cosplayers. Chelsea and Johnny are flirting, while Paris talks, “Okay, here’s the deal. I think we are the hottest people in this show.”

“I agree, but what is your point?” Brady asks.

Paris states, “I think we should be an alliance. You know, good looking people should stick together. And then, we boot all the non-attractive people first.“

Chelsea protests. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way. People are much more than their looks.” She storms off.

Brady says in the confessional. “I’m all for an alliance with hot people, but the ginger is right. I’m not only a handsome man, I’m also incredibly smart, and charming, and rich- the point is, I’m more than just a beautiful face.”

“I apologize, but I can’t be on this alliance. I agree with the lady,” Johnny says, as he follow Chelsea.

“So, I suppose it’s just us four?” Paris says.

“Yes, fine,” Brady says.

“I’m cool with that as well,” says Tyrone.

Rita is shown walking through the event by herself, when she sees a group of teenagers with different hair colors and wearing flamboyant clothes, taking several pictures of themselves.

“That’s all teens can do nowadays,” the teacher says, “Take ‘selfies’. It’s always selfies. That pisses me off.”

“Who are you? Get out,” one of the teens, a boy with half pink hair, says. Rita prepares to say something, but decides to stay quiet, and storms off.

Roland walks up to the older woman. “What’s up? Are you fine?”

“It’s just that,” she sighs, “I am so stressed. Teenagers are so irresponsible and disrespectful. And it seems they’re everywhere I go, always misbehaving and not paying attention to the class.” She quickly realizes what she said, and adds, “Ignore that last part.”

“But they’re also fun,” Roland says. “They are always doing stuff that an average person would be scared of, like joining this show.”

“Well, yeah, I’ve never seen this show before. I had no idea it was that dangerous,” Rita confesses.

“I think it’s quite exciting,” Roland says, with a wide smile.

“I don’t. I shouldn’t have joined, really, my life is too busy. I have kids and a job.”

Out of nowhere, Mel and Axel walk in to them. “Right, have either of you found Blaineley or Chef?” the girl says.

“Nope-dee-doo,” Roland chants. The other three contestants look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Right, so, everyone’s working in groups, so I think we should work together,” the hipster guy says. “Even though teams are main-“

“If you say mainstream one more time, I’m going to kick you in a place you won’t like,” the rebellious girl says.

“Fine,” Axel says, rolling his eyes. “But kicking a man’s private parts is an overused joke.” The girl glares at him.

Rita sighs. “Alright. Let’s go, the sooner we finish this, the better.”

Kyle is then show walking around, looking for the two co-hosts. He says in the confessional, “What if it’s a sudden-elimination? I don’t want to be last. I have to find those two fast!” He then scratches his head, thinking for a moment, and continues, “I definitely don’t want to be first either, though. That would make me a threat, and it’s important to not be a threat on Total Drama. As a master strategist and superfan, I know it.”

Back to the challenge, the pseudo-strategist looks at a blonde woman with a red dress, and runs to her direction, but before he can reach her, he encounters with the group of Brady, Haley, Paris and Tyrone. “Is this the recruit bunch or something?”

“I don’t think anyone here is a recruit,” Tyrone states.

“Yes, we definitely are not recruits,” Haley awkwardly says, blushing.

“You guys are, a superfan like me would recognize,” Kyle replies.

“Yeah, okay, whatever, no one cares about it,” Paris says. “So, have you found Chef or Blaineley?”

“No, I haven’t. Now bye, I have things to do,” Kyle quickly says, and runs away.

“Rude,” Paris says. “Whatever, let’s keep looking.”

Haley admits in a confessional, “The truth is, I… don’t really watch reality tv. I’ve never seen this show before. But if I want to win it, I have to play hard and work hard to get to the end. And that’s what I’ll do.”

Britney and Ian are shown in front of a comic book store, reading.

“…and that’s how the war between Owlman and Hyperman starts,” Ian says. “Thankfully, Chinchilla Girl defeats both of them.”

“That’s… interesting,” the girl says. “I’m not a fan of super-heroes though, not gonna lie.”

“Okay, what do you like?” the boy asks.

TJ suddenly walks in. “Oh, look, the geeks.”

“Hmm, hey,” Britney says, with a confused look on her face. “What are you doing here?”

“I like comic books,” the adventurer says. “I came here to check them out.”

“Okay… I just realized that we have a challenge to do,” Ian says.

“Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about that,” both of the girls say at the same time. They then awkwardly look at each other.

“Creepy,” Ian says, with a worried look on his face. “But let’s go finish this challenge. Maybe the winner gets a nice reward.” The girls nod, and the three walk off.

Meanwhile, Erika and Tucker are standing behind a large crowd.

“Honestly, I’m not a fan of crowds,” Erika says.

“I know, right? What are these people doing?” Tucker complains.

“There will have a panel with celebrities,” Erika explains. “A bunch of famous people there, talking about whatever.”

“Wait, celebrities? Maybe we should look for Blaineley there,” Tucker suggests. “She is a celebrity, after all. Or at least she thinks she is.”

“Look, genius, I don’t think we would be allowed to go there,” Erika says. “There must have been, what, a thousand security guards there, to make sure no rabid fan will get near the precious celebrities.”

As the girl stops talking, they hear the crowd booing, and see Corey on the panel’s stage.

“The alien creepy disagrees,” the sassy boy replies, smirking.

Virginia then walks up. “I don’t believe it!” she exclaims in broken English. “What is the boy doing?”

“I have no idea,” Erika says. “The question is, how did he get there?”

In the stage, the alien-believer is heard speaking into a microphone, “Do not listen to these celebrities, and stop worshipping them! They’ll be the first to get caught by the aliens once their invasion begins!” A security guard then walks in, and drags the little boy away, though, he doesn’t stop talking. “Save yourselves! Those celebrities are dangerous! Go away!”

“Poor boy,” the model says. “We need saving him.”

“Eh, he’ll be fine,” the blond guy says.

“No, no, he is at danger,” Virginia insists. “We go save he!” She grabs the two competitors by their arms, and drags them.

Chelsea and Johnny are seen walking together, talking.

And when I look at you, my pulse beats fast, like a bomb my emotions blast, and my heart goes blue,” the romantic girl recites.

The blond guy applauds, “Bravo, bravo! That was so beautiful! Where did you learn poetry?”

“You don’t learn poetry, you feel poetry!” Chelsea says. She then shouts, “Blaineley!”

“Where?” Johnny asks. The girl points to a blonde woman dressed with a black catsuit and cat ears. “Oh, let’s go!”

The pair runs up to the Blaineley, who says, “Finally, someone’s here.” She then gives each a pin-button depicting Crystal McLean’s face. “Here, now go back to my daughter, and goodbye!”

“Thank you, my lady,” Johnny says with a reverence. The two contestants run off, until the blond guy bumps into Garrett, causing both of them, and the former’s pin-button, to fall.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” the blond guy says, helping the Asian man getting up, until both realize who each other is.

“Oh, look, more contestants,” Garrett says. He then notices the pin-button on the ground. “Oh, look what I dropped.”

“Excuse me, but that’s mine,” Johnny says, “I just got it from Blaineley.”

“Oh, well, I also got one from Blaineley a while ago. But I got lost while trying to find the exit,” the Asian states. “But okay, there’s no way to prove that it’s mine, so keep it. The other one can’t be that far, right?”

Johnny thinks for a while, and says, “No, keep it. I’ll go back to Blaineley and get another one.”

“Are you serious?” a surprised Garrett says. “That’s great! Thanks a lot, dude!” He smiles, and offers a handshake, to which Johnny accepts. The Asian then runs off. He then says in the confessional, “That was easy. Truth is, I didn’t even find Blaineley.” He smirks. “But you know, that’s less work for me.”

Blaineley is standing impatiently, when Chelsea and Johnny walk back to her. “You have to go back to Crystal, not me,” the diva says.

“Well, we had an accident and…” the girl awkwardly says, “He lost his pin-button.”

“You’re lucky I have a lot of those,” Blaineley says, giving the gentleman another pin.

“Thank you!” he excitedly shouts, and the two run off again.

Gloria is walking by herself. “Ugh, where are those two?” she angrily asks for herself. She then begins to say, dramatically, “I’m tired! I’m thirsty! I’m hungry! And there’s no one here to help me.” She lies on the ground, and closes her eyes. “Goodbye, cruel world!” She stays there for a moment, while people form a crowd around her, some laughing, some worried, but most confused.

“What is going on there?” Paris says, coming from the crowd. She then looks at Gloria lying in the groud. “Oh, it’s that crazy girl.”

“This is called acting,” Gloria says, as she opens her eyes and sits on the ground. “Something you can’t do. Trust me, I’ve seen some of your movies, and they were awful.”

“Awful? Sweetie, I’m a true actress,” Paris replies, “Something you’ll never be, you wannabe.”

Brady walks in. “Can you girls stop? Please, no fighting.”

“Alright, pretty boy,” Gloria says.

“But she insulted me!” the blonde shouts.

“Look, Paris, I think she could be in our alliance,” Brady whispers. “She’s been flirting with me from the beginning. I think I can definitely get her to vote with us.”

Paris sighs. “Fine, whatever. If it helps us getting a number advantage.”

Gloria gets up, as the crowd of people leave. Brady turns to her, and asks, “Hey, would you like to join an alliance?”

“With you? Of course!” the aspiring actress replies.

“And me!” Paris says in an angry tone. “And those two as well.” She points to Haley and Tyrone, who walk in.

“Fine, I don’t care,” Gloria says. “Maybe we can work together.” She smiles sweetly.

“Guess what? I’m not done with her,” Paris says in the confessional, “This girl will suffer. I don’t like her face, and I never will.”

“Seriously, she thinks she’s the bomb, but she’s not!” Gloria says in the confessional, “But fine, I’ll work with her for now… but once she steps on my toe, well, she’ll regret!”

The now five members of the alliance are walking, Paris in the front, while Brady, Haley, Gloria and Tyrone behind, talking.

“I’m so glad we’re friends!” the recruit says to the actress wannabe, “You are so full lively and smart.”

“Not to mention talented,” Gloria adds.

“Yes, that too,” Haley says. She then whispers, “So, I was thinking, our alliance is pretty strong, but only two people here can go to the end. So, maybe you and I could make a final two deal?”

The African-American woman smiles. “Hmm, I like it. Fine, we have a deal.”

Haley says in the confessional, “I just met Gloria, but we just bonded so quickly. I trust her more than anyone else in that alliance.”

Britney, Ian and TJ are shown walking up to Chef Hatchet, who is wearing nothing but purple shorts, and whose face is painted green.

“We are finally here!” the otaku happily says.

“Great!” Chef shouts. “I’m so tired of being here. Now here’s your award.” He tosses the pin-buttons to the contestants.

“Hey, dude. Your costume is wrong,” Ian points out.

“I’ve been told that by a bunch of freaking maggots like you!” the co-host angrily says. “So, if that’s all you have to say, get out!” The three contestants rush off, and pass through Kyle.

“Woah! Don’t run, idiots!” he shouts to the group, but gets ignored. He then sees Chef Hatchet in the distance, and rushes to him. “Hello, Chef! I’m ready to win the challenge.”

“You’re not the first person to come here,” the co-host says, monotonously, while handing the contestant one of the pin-buttons.

“Damn!” the strategist-wannabe shouts, and runs away.

Outside of the convention center, Crystal stands near three mats, each with a different color, when Garrett runs out of the building and stops next to her, and gives her the item he was supposed to find.

“Congratulations, Garrett!” the hostess says, “You’re the first to person to arrive. You’ll be on the green team, please walk to the green mat.” The Asian guy nods, and walks to said mat.

Chelsea and Johnny run in right after, showing her the pin-buttons. “Congratulations! You two are now members of the green team,” Crystal says, pointing to the green mat, to where the two slowly walk towards.

“Oh, you found the button?” Garrett innocently asks. “That’s great! Thank you for letting me keep this one, by the way.” He offers a handshake.

“You’re welcome, dude!” Johnny smiles, and returns the handshake.

“I’m so happy we’re all on the same team,” Chelsea excitedly says.

Inside the convention center, Axel, Mel, Rita and Roland are all together.

“Ugh, super-heroes are so outdated,” the purple haired guy says. “Why do people even like it? Their movies are the most overrated thing nowadays.”

“Stop being a brat,” the teacher snaps. “You just complain about everything all the time. Stop!” Roland starts clapping.

“It’s just the truth,” Axel says, rolling his eyes.

“Wait, wait!” Roland stops clapping and starts jumping up and down. “I can see Blaineley.” He runs to the blonde, and the three follow him.

Nearby, Jeremy and Kitty has heard Roland.

“Wait, did you just hear what I did?” the peppy guy asks.

“If you heard a voice saying ‘Blaineley’, then yes, I did,” the chatterbox says. “Omg, is Blaineley here? I think we’re close to her. Let’s go look for her, let’s go! I’d love to win the challenge, you know, it’d pretty great, especially if there’s a reward or something, you kno-“

“Shut up and let’s go, the athlete says, grabbing the young woman and running away.

Meanwhile, Corey, Erika, Tucker and Virginia are running, while a security guard chases them.

“I told you all that we shouldn’t just sneak backstage like this,” the Brazilian says.

“I am sorry, was my idea,” the model apologizes. “But we saved Corey.”

“It’s fine, girl. But what we really need is a way to get rid of those guys,” the sassy boy says.

“Right, let’s split up,” Erika says. “There’s only one guard, he can’t catch us if we split up.” The other three nod in agreement, and Erika and Tucker run to the left, while Corey and Virginia run to the right, and the guard follows the later.

“Crap!” Corey shouts. “Why couldn’t he follow them?” Virginia shrugs.

Meanwhile, Erika and Tucker stop running.

“Well, that’s a relief,” the man says. “Right, now let’s go find Chef and finish this damn challenge!”

“Wait, what about them? Are we just leaving them behind?” the young female asks.

“Yes! I mean, sucks for them, we have to finish this.”

“Woah! Wait up, that’s such a *BLEEP* thing to do.” She thinks for a moment. “But it’s true, we have to finish this. They’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, Blaineley welcomes Brady, Gloria, Haley, Paris and Tyrone, while they walk in.

“Congratulations! You have found me,” the former Celebrity Manhunt hostess says, handing each of them a button, “Now go, and finish this challenge because I’m really tired of just standing there.”

Outside, it is already afternoon, when Britney, Ian, and TJ, with their buttons pinned on their shirts, walk up to Crystal.

The young McLean says, “Welcome! You guys are the next three members of the green team.”

“Yay, we’re all on the same team!” Britney excitedly says.

TJ says in a confessional, “I’m glad I’m on their team. We don’t have a lot in common, but it was fun to hang out with them for this challenge.”

Kyle then runs from inside the convention center, and stops in front of the hostess. He is then followed by Jeremy and Kitty.

“Welcome to the finish line!” Crystal greets. “Kyle, you are the last member of the green team. Kitty and Jeremy, you are the first two members of the purple team.” The Asian girl and the ginger boy high five, and walk up to the purple mat.

Kyle runs up to the green mat. “Yes, guys! We are teammates, now.”

“That’s really good, buddy,” Garrett says, smiling. “I’m sure we’ll be good friends.”

Erika and Tucker also leave the convention center right after.

“Yeah! We did it!” Erika cheers.

Crystal says, “Good job! You are the next two members of the purple team.” The two nod, and walk to their team’s mat.

“I’m worried about them, not gonna lie,” Erika says.

“They’ll be fine,” Tucker assures, “They are running from a guard, not an assassin.”

Inside the convention, Corey and Virginia are walking away from Chef.

“Awesome! Now we can leave this place before this freaking roid monster,” the boy says.

Virginia confusedly asks, “What is ‘roid’?”

“Well, it’s slang for ‘steroids’,” Corey says.

“Oh,” the model says, laughing. “You are a lot funny.” “Thanks,” the young man says. “You are Swedish, right? I’ve always wanted to learn Swedish.”

“It is easy,” Virginia says. “Hey! What about we teach each other our languages?”

Corey thinks for a while. “That would be pretty cool. Let’s do that. Maybe I could teach you the alien language, as well?” The model laughs.

Outside, Roland hops out of the building, followed by Rita, Mel and Axel, in that order.

“Congratulations all four of you!” Crystal shouts. “Roland, Rita and Mel, for you are the last three members of the purple team. Axel, you are the first member of the orange team.”

“What?” the hipster guy gasps. “I mean, seriously? You know what, whatever.” He steps into the orange mat, while the other three walk off to the purple mat.

Inside, the group of Brady, Gloria, Haley, Paris and Tyrone are wandering around, seemingly lost.

“Oh no! We are lost!” the “actress” says. “That’s a tragedy!”

The spoiled girl glares at her, and then demands, “Let’s take a break, I’m tired.”

“Come on!” Tyrone says. “We have our buttons. We are so close to the end. All we have to do is find the exit and finish this damn challenge.”

“Let’s go look for a map,” Haley suggest. “There should have one around.”

“Okay, I’ll go look for a map,” Tyrone says. “Don’t leave so we won’t get lost.”

Paris walks towards a bench nearby, and sits down. Haley follows her, and sits next to her. “Hey, Paris,” the later whispers. “I was thinking, only two of us can make it to the end. And I thought you and I would be the perfect final two.”

Paris smiles. “I like you, sweetie. And I agree, we would make a perfect final two.”

“Great!” Haley shouts.

Gloria observes from the distance. “What are they possible talking about?”

“Dunno,” Brady, who is standing right next to her, says. “Probably nothing important.”

“I don’ think so,” Gloria says. “She proposed to me a final two alliance, earlier.”

“Are you serious?” Brady gasps. “She did the same to me.” They both laugh.

Tyrone returns. “Come on, guys! I found a map, and I know where the exit is.”

Outside, Corey and Virginia run out of the building.

“Oh, look! You’re okay,” Erika says.

“Yes, we is,” Virginia says, “I mean, we are.” Corey smiles at her.

“Well, that’s a relief,” Tucker says.

“Good job, both of you!” Crystal says. “You are the next two members of the orange team.”

“No, not orange,” Corey says. “Couldn’t it be a silver team? Aliens hate silver.”

“Deal with it,” Crystal says.

It is now night and the contestants are still waiting for the remaining five members to arrive.

Crystal takes a walkie-talkie from her pocket. “Five contestants are missing. Any information on them? Okay, okay.”

Just as she finishes talking, the five missing contestants run in.

“Finally!” Crystal shouts. “With that, I can now announce that you are the last members of the orange team.” The contestants cheer.

“Right, but what about team names?” TJ asks.

“Oh, true,” Crystal says. “Fine. Green team, you are now known as the Tedious Travelers. Purple team, you are the Abysmal Adventurers. And last but not least, orange team, you’ll be the Elusive Explorers.”

“Okay, those names are terrible,” Axel complains. “It’d be better if we named the teams instead.”

“Pff, this is not Total Drama World Tour,” Crystal says. “Anyway, I have good and bad news. Travelers, for being the first seven to arrive, you’ll stay in first class!” The seven members cheer. “As for you, Explorers, as the eight last people to finish, you’re going to elimination ceremony, and voting someone off.” The eight members of the Elusive Explores gasp.

Back to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Axel, Brady, Corey, Erika, Gloria, Mel, Tucker and Virginia are socializing in economy class.

“Damn, I’m sorry that you have to go to the elimination ceremony,” Erika says to Corey and Virginia.

“We’ll be fine,” Corey replies, “Hopefully I’m not voted off.”

“Yes, agree,” Virginia says.

“Can’t you see? Orange team in the world travel season,” Axel points out. “We’ll be the new Team Victory. We are bound to lose every single challenge, until all of us are gone.”

“We were just unlucky,” Brady says. “Don’t worry, I can single-handedly turn things around and take this team to the top.”

Paris walks in. “Ugh, I was not made for economy class!”

“And I was not made for typical spoiled brats, who think they run all and everything,” Axel says.

“What?” Paris gasps. She is about to say something, but decides not to, and steps off, while everyone awkwardly look at each other. “Gloria, Brady, come here for a minute.”

Brady, Gloria and Paris are now in the dining area.

“Okay, luckily for us, our alliance is all on the same team,” Paris says. “So, we need a target. Suggestions?”

“I don’t know,” Gloria says. “Where are Haley and Tyrone, by the way? Shouldn’t we wait for them?”

“I can’t find them, so that’s just us,” the blonde says. “Right, what about Axel? He’s really annoying.”

“I’m fine with that,” Brady says. Gloria nods in agreement.

Haley and Tyrone then walk in.

“What’s up, dudes!” Tyrone says. “So, have we made a decision?”

“Yes, we’re voting for Axel,” Brady says.

“I’m okay with that,” Tyrone says.

“Fine, now I’ll go to the bathroom, I have to touch up my makeup,” Paris says, as she walks off.

The group stays silent for a while, until Haley breaks the silence. “So, I was thinking, maybe we should just blindside Paris. She’s being really bossy, seriously, I can’t stand her already.”

“Not gonna lie, I agree with you,” Gloria says.

“Fine, let’s do that, then,” Tyrone says.

Brady says in the confessional, “You know, we now have our contenders for elimination right now. We have Axel, who isn’t very sociable and is rubbing people the wrong way, and then there’s this weird plan that Haley came up with, to take out Paris.” He laughs. “It’s gonna be an interesting tribal.”

In the elimination ceremony area, the same one as Total Drama World Tour, the contestants are sitting on the bleachers. Crystal walks in, holding a tray with several bags of peanuts on it. “Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. I have seven bags of peanuts for you, and the one who doesn’t receive a bag, will be out for good, and will have to take the Drop of Shame.”

On the bleachers, Brady whispers to Gloria, “Did you spread the plan?” Gloria nods, and blinks.

“I have all the votes, so let’s begin,” Crystal says. “The first bag of peanut goes to… Tyrone, Corey, Brady, Gloria, and Virginia.” She tosses bags of peanuts for them. Paris smirks. “The next goes to… Axel.”

Haley gasps, “What?”

Crystal continues, “The final bag of peanuts goes to…”

“Paris!” The blonde diva catches her bag of peanuts.

“What?!” Haley confusedly shouts. “Why me? What did I do?”

“You created final two alliances with like, everyone,” Gloria says.

“And then out of nowhere, you wanted to blindside Paris,” Brady adds. “Like, seriously? No way we can trust you.”

“Wait, is there an alliance going on?” Axel asks. “That’s weak. And mainstream.”

Paris glares at Brady. “Good job, dumbass.”

“Ugh, you know what, I don’t care! I tried,” Haley says.

“Good! But now it’s time to say bye,” Crystal says. She gives the blonde girl a parachute and shoves her out of the plane. “Wasn’t that an exciting episode? And talk about a shocking elimination. Stay tuned for more, on the next episode of Total... Drama... Voyage!"

Chapter 3 – Food Delhivery

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Crystal McLean and Chef Hatchet are shown inside the cockpit of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. While the chef pilots the plane, the girl says, “Last time, on Total Drama Voyage, we had a blast when our contestants raced to find Blaineley and Chef in a convention on San Diego, California. They all decided to divide into groups, and saw the start of friendships, rivalries, romance, drama, an escape, and even an alliance. In the end, the twenty-two contestants were divided into three teams, with one of them being sent to elimination. In the end, Haley dug her own grave by lying to her own teammates, and became the first person to take the Drop of Shame.” The McLean then looks at chef, “We still have twenty-one left. Where are we going next? Which team is going to win? And who will be the next person voted off? Find out, right now, on Total… Drama… Voyage!”

(Theme Song)

The members of the Abysmal Adventurers and the Elusive Explorers are sitting on benches in the economy class. While the Abysmal Adventurers members are loudly laughing, the Elusive Explorers glare at them.

“Dude, you’re hilarious!” Jeremy says to Roland. “I can’t believe you’ve done all those things.”

“Indeed, I have,” the older man says.

“That’s definitely not true,” Rita says. “You want be to believe you skied down the Everest with Mahatma Gandhi?”

“Oh yeah, I did,” Roland replies. “What a nice guy. ”

“Aren’t you in your forties?” the teacher retorts, “He was murdered before you were even born.”

Roland scratches his head while confusedly staring at his teammate. “D’aw!”

“And who is Mahatma Gandhi?” Paris jumps in the conversation. “Have you ever skied with me? I’m definitely more important than this guy.”

Rita screams, and storms off. Everyone just confusedly stares at each other in silence. Rita says in the confessional, “I cannot deal with these people. The younger people are all childish, self-absorbed and selfish.” She sighs, “And then there’s Roland. I thought it’d be cool to have an older person here, but he’s so immature.”

“Well, I think she’s crazy,” Paris comments, turning to the opposing team’s members, “If I were you, I’d vote her off as soon as possible.”

Sitting next to the blonde, Brady and Gloria are flirting with each other. The aspiring actress shouts, “Shut up! She’s not even in our team.”

Paris glares at them. She then looks at Tyrone, who is sitting to her other side, and smiles at him. She says in the confessional, “Gloria and Brady have been flirting the entire time. It’s so annoying, and it makes them an automatic pair, which could be trouble to me. So, I’ll work on a counter-showmance with Tyrone. The viewers love showmances, so it won’t hurt!”

Back at economy class, Brady tells Gloria, “You are easily the prettiest girl in this show.”

“And you are the best looking guy here,” the actress replies. “We are so good looking!”

Paris smirks, and looks at Tyrone. “To be honest, I think you are the handsomest guy here.”

The cool dude smiles, “Hmm, thanks. You are quite good looking, too.”

“Aww, you are making me blush,” the socialite says.

Brady and Gloria look at them, with a raised eyebrow, and he says in a confessional, “Paris is so transparent, I mean, it’s so obvious she’s pulling something suspicious. Tyrone might be second or something, but the handsomest guy? I’m clearly the handsomest guy in here. What a terrible liar she is. Who is she trying to fool?”

In first class, the members of the Tedious Travelers are enjoying their luxurious rewards.

Chelsea and Johnny are inside the hot tub. “Ah, this is the paradise!” the readhead says. She then looks at the blond and says in a flirtatious way, “And I’m glad to be here with you.”

Johnny replies, “I am glad to be here you with you, as well!” The flirty woman smiles. He says in a confessional, "Chelsea is a beautiful woman, and she's super talented at poetry. We have such a great friendship."

Johnny, from the hot tub, invites the rest of the team to join them, “Come on in, guys!”

“I can’t right now. Maybe later,” Garrett says from the couch, and then turns to Kyle sitting next to him. “Aren’t they a cute couple?”

“No, couples in reality game shows are terrible! But as I was saying, I was 100% responsible for the elimination.”

“How so?” the pale man asks.

“Well, I hate to brag about that, but I have strong mind powers,” the superfan says, “I put some psychological pressure on the poor girl, and she voted herself off.”

“Wow, you’re a genius!” Garrett excitedly says. “I wish I was as good at this game as you are!”

“Who doesn’t? I guess I could teach you a few things,” Kyle cockily replies. He then says in a confessional, “Garrett is a nice dude, but he isn’t a student of the game like me. So I’ll take him under my wings, and drag him to the end as a vote while I help him out a little bit. He’ll make my victory so much easier!”

Britney and TJ are both sitting at the bar, eating ice cream from a bowl.

“Chocolate ice cream is my favorite!” the daredevil says.

“It’s my favorite too,” the otaku says. “I hope we keep winning so I can have chocolate ice cream every day.”

TJ strokes her chin. “What if we break into Chef’s galley? There must have a lot of ice cream there.”

“No!” Britney shouts. “It’s probably against the rules. We can’t do that.”

TJ folds her arms. “Pff, who cares, goody two-shoes?”

“I’m not a goody two-shoes,” Britney protests, ““Baka!”

TJ confusedly stares at her. “What?”

The silver-haired girl smiles, “Nothing.” She says in the confessional, “When I get mad at people, I insult them in Japanese. If they can’t understand what I say, they can’t get offended.”

Back to economy class, the four members of the Elusive Explorers’s beauty alliance are nowhere to be seen, as well as two other contestants.

“Where’s the rest of your team?” Tucker asks to Corey and Virginia.

“I have no idea where Axel is,” Corey says, “As for the others, probably in some alliance meeting.”

“They are one alliance,” Virginia says, “And they are not hideing it from we.”

“Yeah, if we lose the next challenge, we are gone.”

Erika comments, “Woah, that’s ridiculous. What a bunch of assholes.”

“I know!” Corey shouts. “I think the hipster might leave before us, though. I’m also suspicious he’s an alien in disguise.” Tucker awkwardly stares at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, Mel is also gone,” Jeremy says. “Where is she?”

“Oh, she went somewhere with Axel,” Kitty says. “I think they love each other. He must have confessed what he feels for her, and they are now a couple. They might be making out now. Wouldn’t it be funny? Because they both hate everyone, and then they suddenly realize they love each other. I’m so happy for them!”

Jeremy squeals. “They are such a cute couple!” The two then share a hug.

“They are just friends” Erika says, laughing. “We’ve been here for less than a week. No one would get into a relationship that fast, it’s stupid.” Kitty blushes.

In the cargo hold, Axel and Mel are talking.

“This place is comely, so much better than economy class,” the hipster guy says.

“What do you mean by ‘comely’?” the girl confusedly asks.

“Pff, 21st century kids,” he says, rolling his eyes. “It’s beautiful. So rustic.”

“Oh, then just say it. I can only speak English,” Mel says with an annoyed tone in her voice.

“Can you stop? You are the only person in this plane I can tolerate, but you’re almost changing my mind,” Axel retorts.

“Okay, fine, whatever. Why’d you bring me here?” the girl asks, with a frown on her face.

“Because this is the quietest place here,” the hipster replies. “This is the perfect place to write my poetry, and relax.”

“I don’t like poetry, but I’ll stay here,” Mel says.

The two sit on a trunk as Axel tales a notepad and a pencil and starts writing.

Axel says in the confessional, “Mel is, how can I say, unique? We have pretty similar views on the world, and humanity as a whole.”

Mel is now shown in the confessional. “I don’t like anyone here, at all!" she sighs, “Except for Axel. It seems like he’s the only person here who can understand me. He knows how the world is full of crap, and how people are hypocrite. So he’s the closest thing to a ‘friend’ I’ll ever get.”

From the cockpit, Chef speaks through the PA system, “We’re about to land in our next destination. Meet Crystal in the dining area, you maggots!”

“Ugh, another challenge?” Mel complains. “Give me a break!”

The scene cuts to Crystal standing in front of the contestants in the dining area. The hostess is talking on the cellphone, while the participants are visibly angered, impatiently waiting. Rita grabs the phone out of her hands and throws it out of the plane’s door.

Crystal stares at the teacher in shock for a while. She then finally greets the participants, “Hi, hunties! It’s me! We’re about to land soon for our next challenge. Want to guess our next destination?” No one responds. The host rolls her eyes, and continues, “Fine. This place has one of the largest film industries in the world, releasing over 1,000 films per year.”

“Eek, are we going to Hollywood? It’s so cliché and uninspiring,” Axel complains.

“I don’t think it’s Hollywood,” Ian states. “I believe it’s India!”

The plane then shakes for a while. “We have arrived to our destination!” Chef announces through the PA system.

The scene then cuts to Crystal and the contestants standing in front of a big structure, where the Jumbo Jet has landed.

“Welcome to the city of Bollywood, India!” the hostess announces.

Ian raises his index finger. “Bollywood is not a city.”

Rita nods. “It’s true, it’s not a city. I assume this is the Secretariat Building, so we must be in New Delhi.”

Crystal glares at them, “Pff, now what, you’ll tell me Hollywood isn’t a city either?” Rita frowns. The host continues, “Anyway, this is indeed the Secretariat Building. Now I’ll explain today’s challenge. You’re going to an Indian restaurant.” The contestants cheer. “But you’re not going to eat anything,” the host adds, turning the cheers into grunts. The host gives each team a paper bag with suspicious content inside. “You’ll be delivering this bag to ‘Mr. Aksaljalksjad’s Indian Cuisine’, one of the biggest restaurants in Delhi.”

“And then, we will eat?” Jeremy excitedly asks.

“No eating!” shouts the young McLean, as the ginger athlete frowns.

“Indian food is so overrated,” Axel rolls his eyes. “The Slovene cuisine deserves more love.”

“What are you talking about? Indian food is great!” Kitty protests, “And did you know their McDonald’s don’t have any beef or pork? Isn’t that funny?”

“I’ve never had Indian food and I definitely don’t want to,” the purple haired man says. Most of the other contestants gasp, while Gloria faints.

“You disgust me!” Tucker shouts.

“Wait, what’s so bad about that? I’ve never had Indian food either,” Erika says.

The contestants gasp again. “I thought we were friends!” says the sassy guy.

“Gee, stop being so dramatic!” the honest woman replies. “Indian food is not that popular in Brazil. And to be fair, I don’t remember seeing many Indian restaurants in Canada, either.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Kitty says. “We have to take you to have Indian food. You’ll love it, I assure you. It’s delicious, you’ll see how delicious it is. And I-“

The chatterbox is interrupted by Crystal’s scolding. “Did I finish? No! So shut up.” The hostess coughs. "Eh, okay, the challenge has started, you can go!” The contestants rush away.

A few feet away, Paris is leading the Elusive Explorers. “Do we even know where this restaurant is?”

“Did Crystal even give us the address?” Brady says. “Maybe that’s the challenge. We have to find it by ourselves.”

“Fine, fine,” the socialite says. “We should split up. Gloria, Brady, Tyrone and I, we go that way. Swede, alien creeper and hipster trash, you go that way.”

“Splitting up is a bad idea,” Gloria says, “Stupid.”

“Honey, I’m rich. It’s biologically impossible for me to be stupid,” the blonde replies.

“Agree, Gloria. If us split, us get lost,” Virginia says. She is shown in the confessional, “Paris is obvious want to separate us. She is crazy.”

“I’m sorry for wanting some time alone with my boo!” an angry Paris says, as she hugs Tyrone.

“Who’s your boo?” Tyrone confusedly asks. Gloria chuckles, prompting Paris to glare at her. The man says on the confessional, “Paris is a cool girl, but I have no intention on starting a relationship with her. I don’t know where she got that from.”

Meanwhile, the Abysmal Adventurers are organizing themselves.

“I have no idea where this thing is,” Erika says, reading from the list.

“Can we take a break? I’m tired!” Jeremy complains.

“Yes, let’s go have some food,” Kitty says. “You’ll finally eat Indian food, Erika!”

“That’s unacceptable!” Rita shouts. “We have a challenge to win. We can’t just take a break.”

“Gee, stop being so boring,” Roland says. “Look, there’s a restaurant right there.”

“That’s a waste of time. If we lose, we will have to vote someone off,” the teacher angrily says.

“If we lose, we can just vote the goth girl off,” the older man says, “She’s useless anyway. Would anyone mind if she went?”

“Savage!” Tucker says.

“Would that be a bad thing?” Mel replies.

“Alright, let’s go party then!” Jeremy excitedly shouts.

The next scene shows the Tedious Travelers walking through the streets of India.

“India is so beautiful!” TJ says, “Let’s finish this challenge quickly so we can have some fun in here before we leave.”

“Yes! I’m all for some fun. I have some ideas for things we could do,” Chelsea says, while glancing at Johnny. She appears in the confessional, “I’ve been writing a poem for Johnny, and I was waiting for the right time to show him. And now I just got the perfect opportunity. What could be better than a romantic dinner in India?”

Ian says, “Hey, we should go to the National Museum of India. That would be so cool!”

“That’s lame,” TJ says. “I meant something, you know, exciting.”

“I hate to interrupt this nice conversation, but we should, you know, hurry if we want to do all those things marvelous things,” Garrett says. “Let’s take a tuk-tuk to the restaurant to get there faster.”

“Alright!” Kyle says as he hails a tuk-tuk passing by.

“I’m not sure,” Ian says. “I don’t trust tuk-tuks ever since I read Murder Book volume 2560.”

“Aw, man, don’t even remind me of that,” Britney says. “The tuk-tuk accident splitting that guy in half? That was rough.”

“Man, I need to read that thing,” TJ says.

“It’s not real, don’t be babies. Let’s go,” Kyle says.

The scene cuts to the members of the Abysmal Adventurers sitting at a table in a restaurant.

“This is nonsense,” Rita says. “We are already going to a restaurant for the challenge. You could all just have lunch there.”

“I don’t think Crystal would let us do it. But I agree with you, it’s nonsense,” Tucker says. He shrugs, “But hey, we’re here already, so whatever.”

A waitress walks in and serves each contestant a different dish, except for Mel and Rita. Erika says, “Alright, it’s time. I’ll eat it, and you guys will stop acting like I’m a serial killer.”

“You go, girl! Jeremy cheers. “I’m so happy. Just us, united as a team, eating together, having some fun time.” He squeals.

“I know right! It’s so beautiful,” Kitty says, as she places her hand in Jeremy’s shoulder. “We’re almost like, a big family. A family that have only met each other three days ago, a family that knows nothing about each other, and a family that doesn’t even share a lot of affection, but a family nonetheless.”

Mel gags. She says in the confessional, “I’m the black sheep of that family.”

At the Explorers, the teammates are aimlessly looking for their destination, with Paris and Tyrone behind the rest of them.

“We make the cutest couple in this game!” Paris states as she grabs his arms.

“Hmm,” the guy stutters, “I’m sorry, but… We are not a couple.”

“Oh, sorry, sorry!” the socialite says, as she lets him go. “I’m not going too fast, am I?”

He nods. “Look, I’m sorry if I made it seem like we were a thing, but... Don’t take it personally, you are a really cool woman, I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

She sighs. “Oh, okay. It’s fine, I understand,” Paris says. In the confessional, she is shown fuming with rage, “Who wouldn’t like to date me?! What a loser!”

Tyrone leaves her behind and walks to the rest of the group ahead.

“Find it?” Virginia asks him.

“Nope,” he replies. “But we should be close.”

“We better be. I’m tired of walking,” Brady says, as he stops and leans on a giant cardboard cut-out depicting a chubby man with a big mustache and wearing a white apron.

“Look where you’re leaning on,” Gloria says. “It says ‘Mr. Aksaljalksjad’s Cuisine’. We have found the place!”

“Finally!” Paris complains. “Let’s go!”

They all enter the building. Inside, the chubby Indian man with a big mustache shown in the cardboard greets them in a heavy Indian accent, “Welcome to Mr. Aksaljalksjad’s Indian Cuisine. My name is Ahmad Aksaljalksjad, I’m the owner of the restaurant.”

Corey says, “Oh, I recognize the accent. You can’t fool me. I know that accent. You will not ready my mind!” He starts running around and screaming, until Paris punches him on the face and he collapses.

“Right, here’s your delivery,” Brady says, handing the suspicious-looking bag to the chef. “Now we’re going, we have a challenge to win.”

“Thank you, but you can’t go yet. There’s more to this challenge,” the chef says, as he points to a table nearby. “It’s time for dinner!”

“Hmm, I love Indian food,” Gloria says. “Bring it on!”

Mr. Aksaljalksjad and shouts, “You heard the girl, bring it on!” A waiter walks in carrying a cart, and serves each of them a yellow substance. “This is ‘Phan Pyut’. Enjoy!”

“Yes, I love potatoes!” Brady says, before he and his teammates start eating and quickly finish the meal.

The Indian chef laughs. “Wow, congratulations! I didn’t expect any of you to like rotten potato.” The Explorers start looking at each other with disgusted looks in their faces, all about to vomit. Aksaljalksjad adds, “Come on, If I didn’t tell you it was rotten, you wouldn’t have even realized that. The teams behind you are gonna get worse.”

“Okay, okay, you’re right,” Brady says. “I’m too strong to handle all that. Let’s go, we have a challenge to win.”

“I can’t, it’s too much for me,” Gloria dramatically says, as she lies down to the ground. “I’m dying!”

“Stop the drama!” Paris angrily shouts.

“Gee, I’m just making things more intense, it’s not a crime,” Gloria replies, as they all leave the restaurant.

The Abysmal Adventurers are shown still in the restaurant, as they seem to have finished their meals.

Kitty says, “I’m so full, that was delicious! I love Indian food, they are so delicious, and like, the spice is everything.”

“Agreed!” Jeremy says, as he burps in Mel’s face, who glares at him in response.

The waitress then walks in, puts the bill on the table and kindly smiles.

“Wait,” the teacher says, “Do any of you have any money?” They all blush, and answer together, “No.”

The waitress’s smile quickly turns into a frown.

All team members are now shown in a kitchen, washing dishes.

“Good job, team!” Rita sarcastically says.

“Thank you!” Jeremy says with a smile. “I love washing dishes!” The middle-aged woman sighs.

“There’s no way we can win this challenge,” Erika says. “Rita was right. We shouldn’t have done that.”

Jeremy replies, “But you had Indian food for the first time!”

“Eh, I didn’t even like it that much,” the Brazilian says. Everyone gasp. “Stop being so dramatic!”

The Tedious Travelers are shown crammed on a tuk-tuk, while car honks are heard on the background.

“We should’ve taken a bigger one,” TJ says.

“We shouldn’t have taken a tuk-tuk at all, we are stuck in traffic” Britney says.

“I’m sorry,” Garrett says, blushing. “I really thought we could get there faster with a tuk-tuk.”

“At least we are really close,” Chelsey says, looking at Johnny who’s squeezed right next to her.

Kyle screams, “Ah, you know what? We’ve been here for over an hour, and this tuk-tuk has barely moved. Let’s get out of here.”

“Aw, but tuk-tuk rides are so romantic!” Chelsea says.

They all get out of the tuk-tuk, and the driver shouts at them in Hindi as they walk away.

“I can’t speak Hindi, but I don’t think he had nice things to say,” Ian says.

“Whatever. I think we’re better off walking,” Britney says. “May we go on in our quest?”

“Please! We wasted a lot of time in there. Right, Garrett?” TJ says.

“I apologized,” he says. “How was I supposed to know traffic would be that bad? Plus, the driver was taking us directly to the restaurant, and well, we don’t know where it is.”

“Oh, right! We don’t know where it is,” TJ says. “Does that mean we’re lost?”

“Let’s ask locals. Someone must know where it is,” Ian says.

Kyle jumps in front of an elderly woman with a cane. “Hey, lady, we’re lost, help us!” The woman hits him with the cane while shouting at him in Hindi, and walks away. “Why are they all speaking Indiana?” Kyle says.

“It’s Hindi,” Johnny says. “But we do need to find someone who speaks English.”

“Pff, they all should speak English. English is the only important language,” Kyle says.

“That sounded very American,” Ian says. “Plus, only about half of Canadians have English as their first language. Go educate yourself!”

“Ah, whatever! Let’s just do it,” Kyle says.

Back to where the Jumbo Jet landed, Crystal and Chef are playing cards on a folding table next to the plane.

“Do you have an ace?” Chef asks.

“Nope,” Crystal replies. “What about a queen?”

“The queen is here,” Blaineley walks in. “Are you still playing that? That’s so boring.”

“We have nothing better to do until the teams return,” Crystal says.

The Elusive Explorers suddenly walk in.

“Are we first?” Paris excitedly asks.

“What?” Crystal gasps in shock. “Have you already finished the challenge?”

“Yep!” says Brady. “We had to eat rotten food, just so you know.”

Crystal laughs. “Oh, I know that. Don’t worry, because you’re the first team to arrive! And for winning this leg of the race, you’ll receive a real Indian diner tonight, as well as first class. Congratulations!”

The team members cheer, except for Axel who says, “I prefer Cambodian food, and first class is overrated.”

The Tedious Travelers are shown approaching a familiar place.

“Oh, look at this cardboard,” Kyle says. “It’s the restaurant.”

“We got there pretty quickly,” Britney says. “I just hope we aren’t last.”

“Then we better stop wasting time talking,” TJ says as she enters the restaurant, and is soon followed by her teammates.

The jolly chef walks in, “Welcome to Mr. Aksaljalksjad’s Indian Cuisine! My name is Ahmad Aksaljalksjad.”

“Nice to meet you,” Johnny says. “So, we’re here to give you, hmm. Where’s the bag?”

“Oh, wait a minute,” Kyle says, as he takes off the bag from his back. “Here!”

Ahmad looks at the fanboy in disgust. “Hm, put it in that table, and now onto the second part,” He coughs, “Oh, Welcome to Mr. Aksaljalksjad’s Indian Cuisine! I’m Ahmad Aksaljalksjad.”

“You said that already,” says TJ.

“Oh, no, I’m talking to the other team.” The Travelers turn behind to see that the Abysmal Adventurers have just arrived.

Rita says on the confessional, “We lost a lot of time there. IT seems the other team is as irresponsible as mine.” She rolls her eyes, “Teenagers!”

“Welp, now that’s gonna be fun,” Tucker says, as he give his team’s bag to the Chef. “Come on, my body is ready for second challenge!”

Mr. Aksaljalksjad says, “Sit down, one team to the left, one team to the right.” As they get to their places, two waiters serve each team a different plate. “You will be eating Doh Khlieh,” Ahmad says, pointing to the Travelers, and then points to the Adventurers, “And you’ll get Eri Polu.”

“Yikes! It looks like worms,” Kitty says, pointing to her plate.

“Yes, it’s silkworm’s pupa,” the Chef says. The other team laughs, prompting the chef to add, “And yours is pig brains.” The laughter stops.

“I’m not eating this!” Chelsea says.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad,” TJ says, as she takes a spoonful of her meal. “That’s not bad.” She then says on the confessional. “That was really bad.”

“She’s right,” Roland says, as he starts devouring the meal. “Woohoo, that’s amazing!” One by one, all the other contestants start eating reluctantly.

Mr. Aksaljalksjad laughs, and whispers to one of the waiters, “They’re brave. Not even I would eat that.” The waiter nods.

Back to the Jumbo Jet, the Explorers have joined Crystal and Chef on their card game.

“Gosh, let us have our diner now,” Paris asks.

“Not before the challenge ends,” Crystal says.

“Isn’t it them right there?” Tyrone points out.

The host agrees. “Yes! And it’s a footrace, that’s exciting!”

Both teams are show running, very close to each other. TJ is able to get the lead and arrives first, and is soon followed by the others…

…except for Ian, who gets there a few seconds after everyone.

“Congratulations, Adventures, you are the second team!” They all cheer. “And you, Travelers, are in last. See you later on the elimination ceremony.”

“I’m sorry!” Ian says, gasping for air. “I’m not used to running.”

“Cut the crap and get on the plane. We’re about to fly again,” Chef screams.

The scene cuts to the Jumbo Jet already on air. Inside, Chelsea, Garrett, Johnny and Kyle are on the dining area.

“So, it’s Ian, right?” Chelsea says.

“Of course," Kyle says.

“I’m fine with that,” Garrett says. “But Britney and TJ will be so disappointed. They seem really close to him. Especially TJ, I think she’s the most dangerous of them, we’ll have to deal with her later.”

“Yeah, breaking up that duo is also good,” Kyle asks, “But do you think she’s the most dangerous?”

“Yes,” Garrett says. “She’s more outspoken, she’s stronger.”

“You are bringing up pretty good points,” Johnny says, “Can we change our plans?”

Britney, Ian and TJ walk in, interrupting the conversation. “What’s up?” the later says.

“Oh,” Johnny says. “Sorry, we gotta go now. We’ll talk later.” He and Chelsea walk away.

“They are such a pretty couple,” Garrett claims. “Imagine them going all the way to the end together, how cute!”

“Would they do that?” Kyle incredulously says.

“Definitely! They’re inseparable,” Garrett replies.

“Oh, that’s exactly what we wanted to talk,” TJ says. “I know you probably want Ian out for screwing up the challenge. But think about it, Chelsea and Johnny is obviously a couple. We need to break that up.”

“Okay, we’re in,” Kyle says. He says on the confessional, “See, that’s how you play! I figured out the dangers of those groups, and I’m now the swing vote to break them up.” He cackles.

Garrett is shown on the confessional next, with a wide smile on his face, “So, I just told them my plans in a completely innocent way, and now I’ll let Kyle take all the heat for that. I don’t want to gloat, but I did a pretty good job today.”

The members of the Travelers team are now sitting on the bleachers at the elimination ceremony area. Crystal walks in holding a tray with bags of peanuts. “Welcome to your first ceremony. I have six bags of peanuts for seven of you. You have all voted, and now onto the peanuts. The first one goes to… Kyle, Britney, Garrett, Ian…”

“What?!” Ian gasps, as he receives his bag.

“The next one goes to… Chelsea,” Crystal announces.

“What?!” Johnny and TJ incredulously shout.

“The final bag of peanuts goes to…”

“…TJ!” The host tosses the final bag to the girl.

“How’s that for a hashtag blindside?” Kyle says.

Johnny sighs. “I’m… I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. Well, good luck for all of you!” Crystal gives him the parachute.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Chelsea says. “I… I wrote a poem to you. Please, listen.” He smiles. “Oh, my sweet-“

She is interrupted by Crystal kicking him out of the door, and his scream is heard from out of screen. “Oops, sorry! We’re running out of time.” Chelsea starts crying.

“You’re truly are Chris’ daughter,” Chef says.

“Yeah, yeah,” Crystal says, “How long will it take for Chelsea to get over it? Find out right here, on Total… Drama… Voyage!”

Chapter 4 – To Rome Without Love

Location: Rome, Italy

Crystal McLean is on the cockpit of the Jumbo Jet, next to the pilot Chef Hatchet. “Last time on Total Drama Voyage,” she says, “We visited India, and it was awesome. We visited my friend, Mr. Aksaljalksjad, and got to taste his most horrific meals. Mel kept distancing herself from her tribemates, putting herself even more on the bottom of the totem pole. Paris failed to start a showmance, while Johnny and Chelsea’s romance blossomed… or kind of blossomed. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the tribe quickly realized the danger of couples, and sent Johnny home, leaving Chelsea devastated.”

Chef wipes a tear from his eye. “Poor dude. He was such a gentleman, he didn’t deserve this.”

“Yeah, he was a sweetheart,” the host agreed. “Actually, too sweet for my taste. The audience wants vicious, petty and spiteful people. What’s gonna happen tonight? What will be our next location? Find out, right now, on Total… Drama… Voyage!”

(Theme Song)

The Elusive Explorers are shown enjoying their first class reward.

“This is so great,” Paris says. “I was born for first class. Not to stay in that crappy economy class with plebeians.”

“You are as much of a plebeian as we are,” Gloria protests, “Or else you wouldn’t be on this show.”

“I’m getting camera time and a paycheck. Why wouldn’t I be here?” Paris says.

Crystal shows up from the entrance door, bursting into laughter, “Did you say ‘paycheck’? You guys have such an imagination.”

“I did not like that,” Corey says. “The laughter sounded unearthly.”

“Shut up!” Paris shouts. “As I was saying, exposure is never a bad thing. Now quit hogging my airtime.”

“Why do you think you’re getting any airtime?” Gloria says. “Please, your career died years ago. People are tired of you.”

Paris glares. “And I’m tired of your jealousy.” Gloria glares back.

“Catfight!” Brady pops out from behind them.

Virginia runs up to them, breaking them apart, “No fight, please!”

“Buzzkiller,” Brady shouts. The two girls stop fighting to glare at him, and walk away.

Paris is shown on the cockpit, next to Chef. “Ugh, Gloria and Virginia get on my nerves. Gloria thinks she’s a star, but there is place for only one star in this show, and that’s me! And Virginia, she thinks she can fool me with that ‘nice girl’ act, but little does she know I have a good bullcrap detector.”

Chef glares at her. “What are you doing in here?”

“Ah, some loser locked herself on the confessional,” the blonde replies, “But let’s be honest, that stinking bathroom is not for me. This is now the official Paris confessional.”

Chef sighs. “I deserve a raise.”

The scene cuts to the Abysmal Adventurers and the Tedious Travelers at economy class.

“Gosh, I hate the economy class,” Tucker complains. “Can we please win next challenge?”

“Yeah, my back is hurting from sleeping in these seats,” Rita says.

“Think positive, at least we didn’t go to elimination,” Jeremy says. All the members of the Travelers, except for an absent Chelsea, glare at them.

“Agreed with the big guy. Look at them, so bitter. That’s what losing does to you,” Erika teases her adversaries.

“For your information, the average of all three team’s placements stand equal as of now,” Ian says.

“Yes, because we have won a challenge before losing the last one,” TJ adds.

“That’s fair,” Tucker says. “Wait, weren’t you guys supposed to have six members?”

“Oh, right. Chelsea locked herself in the confessional to cry,” Britney says. “We voted off her senpai, and he didn’t even notice her I think.”

“Aww, poor girl,” Kitty speaks. “That must have been heartbreaking for her. You fall in love with a guy on international TV and lose him so quickly. Man, that gotta sting. I feel for her a lot. I hope sh-“

“We get it, shut up!” Tucker shouts.

“You know, she’s been there for hours,” Garrett points out. “We should go there help her.”

“She refuses to open the door,” Britney replies.

“Let’s use some dynamites!” Roland excitedly shouts. Everyone gasps in horror, while Roland laughs. “I’m joking! Where would we even get dynamite from?” They all sigh in relief. “Chef confiscated my dynamites.”

They all silently stare at him with wide eyes. Garrett then breaks the silence, “Yeah, let’s go check on her.”

The scene cuts back to economy class.

“I wonder where we’re going to next,” Kitty says. “I would love to go to France. So romantic! Or maybe Venice. No, actually, the Great Wall of China, they are wonderful! Wait a minute-”

“I’ll tell you to shut up now before you list every single country in the world,” Tucker says.

“Rude! I was just trying to start a conversation,” Kitty says. “It’s not often that we’re all together in here. Even Mel is here.”

“Wait, that is true,” Erika says, turning to Mel. “We’ve been here for hours and you haven’t left.”

“Yeah, so what?” Mel says.

“That’s progress,” Tucker says. “You’re sticking to your teammates instead of like, going on a hunger strike or tagging anarchy symbols on the walls.”

“I don’t do those things,” Mel annoyedly says.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Roland excitedly jumps up and down, “I’ve once tagged one of the pyramids of Giza. Well, I tried to, but the Egyptian police came too early. Thankfully, I escaped from them. Pure adrenaline. Woo!”

“That’s awesome!” Jeremy shouts, as he and Roland high fives. Rita cringes.

“Well, I think you’re starting to like us,” Kitty says to Mel. “We could be BFFs, and have a lot of fun together, and-“

“That is not true, I don’t like any of you,” Mel says.

“But you like Mr. Purple Hair,” Roland teasingly says. Mel gasps, while he starts singing, “Mel and Axel sitting on a tree, they are k-“ Mel punches him.

Rita groans, and is then on the cockpit, “How many episodes are left? I feel like I’ve been living here for ages, but it’s been only a few days.” She sighs. “The worst part is that I can’t even send them to the principal’s room.

“Can someone tell these delinquents to stop coming in here and let me pilot this plane in peace?” Chef yells.

Rita glares at him, “I’m not a delinquent!”

“Sorry,” Chef replies.

The scene cuts back to first class.

Virginia is relaxing on a seat. “This more comfortable than econic class.”

“I think you meant economy class,” Corey walks in. “And yeah, I love first class!”

“I do not want to leave,” Paris says, from inside the bathtub. “So you better not screw up the next challenge. We need to stay in here! All of you!”

“I’ll do anything I can to win again,” Tyrone says.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Paris says, as she blows a kiss to Tyrone. He awkwardly replies by raising an eyebrow.

“Wait, it just hit me, where is Axel?” Brady says.

“Oh my gosh! He’s dead!” Gloria dramatically shouts. “A life has been taken from us. A member from the team. A friend. Go in peace, Axel. We’ll miss you, but keep you in our hearts.” She wipes a tear from her eye.

Vad?” Virginia confusedly asks.

“I’m here, psychos,” Axel walks in. “First class is overrated. I don’t care about all this luxury. That’s not my lifestyle.”

“It’s fine if you prefer living with the rats on the cargo hold. We understand if you prefer spending time with your family,” Brady snickers. Axel rolls his eyes and leaves.

“Traitor! He prefers spending time with that girl from the other team than with us,” Gloria dramatically shouts. “We should hang him for treason!”

The team looks at her with a worried look on their faces. “It is not too for?” Virginia says.

“You mean too far?” Tyrone says. “It is. Chill out, girl.”

“Gee,” Gloria rolls her eyes. ”You guys don’t understand theatrics.”

The scene now shows Chelsea inside the confessional, crying. “I can’t believe he left. He was the love of my life. He was-” She is interrupted when someone knocks on the door. She frowns, “Can’t people mourn the loss of their soulmate in peace anymore?”

All her teammates are shown outside of the confessional.

“Mourn? But we didn’t kill him, we just voted him out,” Ian says.

“And how could they be soulmates? They’ve met just a few days ago,” Kyle angrily says. The scene then shows him on the cockpit, sitting next to Chef. “Romances on Total Drama are just the bottom of the barrel. That is why I single-handedly eliminated Johnny. I knew he and Chelsea together would be toxic for the team. I guarantee you, once she gets over it, out team will be able to prosper until the end.”

“Are you done?” Chef calmly says. Kyle nods. “Good… NOW GET OUT OF HERE!” Chef shouts.

“Come on, Chelsea,” Britney says, “You can’t stay there all day.”

“Yes. You should thank us we didn’t vote you out instead,” Kyle shouts. “Get out now, you owe me some gratitude.”

Crystal then announces through the speaker, “Meet me at the dining room. The plane is about to land, and a challenge will begin.”

“Did you hear it?” TJ says. “We have a challenge. Let’s go, Chelsea!”

The red head leaves the confessional, sobbing. “Fine! I’m here!”

“Great!” TJ says. “Now let’s go, we have a challenge to do.”

The entire team walk away, except for Chelsea and Garrett who trail behind.

“Look, you should know that I’m really sorry. I didn’t vote for Johnny, I really didn’t want him to go,” Garrett says.

“You’re lying,” Chelsea says, frowning.

“No, I swear I’m not,” Garrett replies. “Ian lost the challenge, and I don’t think he’s helpful. I’d rather keep the team strong, or else we aren’t gonna win anymore.”

“Really? Well, thank you,” Chelsea says. “Indeed, he was strong.”

“He was. That was a huge loss for the team,” Garrett says. “But I’m glad it wasn’t you.”

Chelsea blushes and giggles. “Aww. Well you’re strong too, I think I can count on to win challenges.”

“That’s nice of you,” Garrett says, smiling. “I hope we can win some, I don’t wanna have to vote out someone any soon.”

All contestants are in the dining room, when Crystal enters, followed by Chef dressed as a gladiator.

“Let me guess,” Tucker says. “Assuming you have the same level of intelligence as your father, that gladiator costume means we’re going to Greece.” Erika laughs.

Crystal glares at him, “I should kick you out right now. But, for your information, I’m not stupid, and I’ve done my research. Our next stop…“ An intern hands her a cue card, and she continues, “Rome, Italy!”

“Yes!” Jeremy fist pumps. “Gladiators are so manly and strong. That’s my kind of challenge!”

“My great-grandfather was a gladiator. He killed a lion with his bare hands,” Roland states.

“There’s no possibility of your great-grandfather being a gladiator,” Rita grumpily says.

“Pff, you don’t know my family,” Roland says. Rita rolls her eyes.

The scene cuts to Crystal and all the contestants now on the deck of a huge, damaged amphitheater.

“Welcome to Rome, Italy!” Crystal says. “And I don’t think this needs an introduction. We are in the Colosseum! Unfortunately, not much from the Colosseum is accessible, but we have enough space for the challenge.”

“Are there lions there? Will we kill a lion? I wanna kill a lion,” Roland says, jumping up and down.

“No lions. My father got several lawsuits from environmentalist groups that I’d prefer to avoid,” Crystal explains.

“It’s because your father is a jerk face,” Blaineley says as she walks in with Chef. She waves at the contestants, “Missed me?”

“Right, my mom is here trying to hot the spotlight away from me,” Crystal continues.

“I would never do that to you,” Blaineley replies. “And it’s not my fault the spotlight is naturally drawn to me.”

“Fine,” Crystal says. “Well, shall we begin the challenge?”

“Maybe just defeat a lion?” Roland says. “There’s no trouble if I spare him after our fight.”

“There are no lions in this challenge at all,” Crystal glares at him. “But there is a Minotaur. Your first challenge is to take down the Minotaur.”

“The Minotaur is Greek, not Roman,” Ian says. “Why do the producers keep confusing ancient Rome with ancient Greece?”

“I see you’ve done a good job on your research,” Tucker says.

“Darn it! Someone’s gonna get fired,” Crystal says. “Whatever. Go!” All the contestants run to the Colosseum.

Ian says on the lavatory confessional, “Wasn’t Crystal sweeter back on Paradise Falls? I feel like she’s slowly turning into her parents.” He shudders.

Inside the Colosseum, all teams are walking together.

“Back off, losers,” Paris says to the other two teams. “We were divided into teams for a reason. We’re not supposed to all play together.”

“Pff, fine for me,” Kyle says. “We don’t need you or your stupid team anyway.”

“But it makes sense we go together,” Ian says. “20 people together are stronger than 3 groups of 7.”

“Or 6 in the case of the Travelers,” TJ taunts. Kyle glares at her.

“I’m with Ian. I don’t wanna face him,” a scared Jeremy says.

“Pff, are you guys seriously scared of that ‘Minotaur’?” Paris says. “It’s some intern in a crappy costume.”

Just as she finished talking, the Minotaur jumps right in, causing all the contestants to scream in panic... until realizing the Minotaur is actually Chef, wearing a bull mask and holding a plastic axe.

Paris laughs. “I told you all. Just an intern in a crappy costume.”

Chef glares at her and angrily shouts, “I am not an intern!” He starts chasing the contestants with the plastic axe.

After a few seconds into the chase, Erika nonchalantly asks, “Why are we even running? That’s Chef with a fake axe.”

Mel nods, stops running and sticks her leg on the way, causing Chef to trip and fall as he passes. She starts laughing, and everyone stops to run.

“You go, girl!” Roland says.

“Didn’t expect you of all people to win a challenge for us,” Erika says. Mel shrugs.

“Our first victory, all thanks to Mel,” Tucker comments. “What a nice twist of events.”

“I expected that to take longer than that. But, the Abysmal Adventurers win,” Crystal says. The purple team cheer. She continues, “The first part of our challenge.” The purple team moan.

“Well, a win is a win, let be thankful,” Kitty says.

“Now onto the second part,” Crystal announces, “It’s time to gladiate!”

“Yesyesyesyes, finally, I’m gonna get those lions!” Roland starts jumping up and down. He rips off his clothes apart, revealing a gladiator costume underneath. Rita facepalms.

“I already said, there are no lions,” Crystal angrily shouts. Roland sighs. She continues, “You’ll be fighting each other in a three-way battle, one person from each team. The first person to fall loses for their team. Meanwhile, the last person standing will win a big reward.”

“Eh, I’m not gonna do it,” Paris says. “I will not ruin my nails.”

“Neither will I,” Brady and Gloria say in unison.

“Oh, and what about us? Are we receiving some sort of advantage?” Rita asks.

“Yes to both. You’ll be fighting using wooden swords,” Crystal says, “Or at least, the Adventurers will, since they won the first part. Explorers, Travelers, in true Italian style, you’ll be fighting using rolling pins.”

“Yeah, baby!” Roland cheers.

“Rolling pins? That’s so lame,” TJ says.

“Losing the challenge was lame,” Tucker teases. TJ glares at him.

Crystal says, “Alright, now I need you to pick one person to fight for your team.” Each team gathers to discuss.

“Let me do it,” Roland says to his teammates, “I have gladiator blood, and it’s running in my veins right now. That’s what my ancestors want.”

“Hmm, I think it should be Jeremy,” Erika says. “No offense, but Roland, you’re far from the strongest member.”

“Yes, I’m ready for it!” Jeremy says.

“Aw, come on,” Roland insists. “We didn’t believe in Mel, and look what she’s done. Give me that chance, too.”

Mel smiles. She says on the confessional, “They seem really happy with me because I won that challenge. Should I try to actually become more of a team player?”

“Fine, you can go,” Tucker says.

Roland cheers. “I’ll do it, Crystal”

“What about our team?” Garrett asks.

“It should be you, you’re so strong,” Chelsea flirtatiously says.

“Thanks,” Garrett says, blushing. “But I’m not a fighter. I would lose it for sure.”

“I think TJ should do it,” Britney suggests. “She is our most athletic member.

“Why thank you. Fine, I’ll do it,” TJ says.

“Great,” Crystal says. “Now we need one of you, Explorers.”

“Brady is the logical choice,” Corey says.

“Yes, he have more muscles, very strong,” Virginia says.

“I’m not gonna do it,” Brady says. “Putting this face and this body into risk, no way!”

“I think Gloria should do it,” Paris teasingly says. “I think a punch should fix her ugly face.”

“Thanks, but I’ll refuse,” Gloria replies. “But you should give it a try, maybe getting hit on the head will make your brain work.”

“How dare you?” Paris angrily shouts, jumping on Gloria as they start fighting.

“Corey, it should be clear by now that the logical choice is not what this team wants,” Axel says.

“Fine, I’ll volunteer, because it seems no one else will,” Tyrone says.

“Go Tyrone!” Virginia cheers, smiling as he smiles back.

“Alright, we have our last tribute,” Crystal says. “It’s Roland vs. TJ vs. Tyrone, what an epic fight!”

The three fighters are now centered in the middle of the deck, who are now wearing gladiator costumes, while Crystal is sitting on a giant throne behind the gather.

“This costume makes me feel like my personal space has been invaded,” Tyrone says.

“Alright, it’s time,” Crystal shouts. “Fight for your empress!”

“Are you sure that’s not Chris McLean with a wig?” Tucker says.

“Come at me,” Roland says. “I’m not afraid of either of you.”

“I’m not scared of you either, grandpa!” TJ says.

“Pff, I’m not a grandpa!” Roland says. “Now prepare to get punished!”

“Definitely not by you,” TJ says.

“This is supposed to be a fight. Where’s the blood, the pain, the broken bones?” Crystal shouts.

“I’ll give you what you want,” Roland says, as he charges towards Tyrone, before he trips and falls.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Roland gets up from the ground. “That was just a warm up. Now you’ll see my true power.”

TJ comes from behind and hits Roland’s head, causing him to collapse. “You have no power in here, Roland the grey.”

“Why did we even listen to him?” Tucker says. Erika shrugs.

TJ turns to Tyrone. “Now it’s your time, buddy.”

“Fine,” Tyrone says.

“Come on, guys!” Britney says to her team as she raises her arm. “Let’s raise our hands to give her energy.”

Ian raises his hands, “Good call, Brit.”

“This is Total Drama, not some stupid super sentai!” Kyle angrily shouts.

“It doesn’t hurt trying, asshole,” Ian says.

Paris pushes Ian from her way, and starts screaming, “Tyrone, you better win this! I need first class.”

TJ and Tyrone face each other and glare. They both charge at each other with their rolling pins.

“This is so dramatic,” Crystal says. “Wouldn’t it be great for the ratings if they killed each other?”

Chef worriedly looks at her. “No!?”

“Yes, it wouldn’t,” Crystal says. “Too many lawsuits, not worthy it.”

Chef smiles. “Your father would be proud.”

Back to the challenge, TJ and Tyrone are still facing each other. TJ then charges at Tyrone and prepares to him with her rolling pin, but Tyrone sticks his leg as she approaches, causing TJ to trip and fall.

“What!?” Crystal angrily shouts. “Two challenges, and you guys ruined it the exact same way. But, fair, the Elusive Explorers are our winners for today.” The members of the Explorers cheer.

“I’m not going back to poverty class again!” Paris says in joy.

Crystal continues, “As for the Adventurers, see you at elimination.”

The plane has now taken flight again. At first class, the members of the Elusive Explorers are shown partying.

Tyrone is at the bar, eating a pizza, as Paris approaches him, “Thank you for winning that party for us. We owe you that one.”

“No problem,” Tyrone replies.

Virginia walks in, “You was awesome in challenge. Thanks.”

“That was nothing,” Tyrone smugly replies, as he turns to Virginia. “You wanna dance?”

“Oh, yes,” Virginia replies.

Paris gasps, and glares at them.

Gloria walks by. “You are so ugly when you’re jealous. Wait, you’re always ugly.”

Paris rolls her eyes. “I’m not jealous. But she’s using him, it’s so clear to me. I don’t want Tyrone to get hurt.”

“As if you care about anyone other than yourself,” Gloria says. “Relax and go have a pizza.”

At economy class, the Adventurers and the Travelers are hanging out.

“I thought today was our time,” Jeremy laments. “And then we actually get last. I don’t like that.”

“Yeah, I’d rather get second place again,” Kitty says as she hugs Jeremy. “But don’t worry, we’ll be good.”

“We could’ve done worse,” TJ says, as she points to the Adventurers’ side of economy class. “We could’ve been that team.”

“Or, we could have been in first class getting a roman toga party with pizza,” Kyle says.

“Can you stop nagging for once?” TJ says. “At least we won’t be voting someone off. We could’ve been the old dude.”

Roland gets up from the bench and walks off with his head down.

Mel gets up from the bench and follows Roland. “Too much drama!”

“Yeah, stop it, TJ,” Britney says.

“I’m just playing with them,” TJ says.

“The five of us, let’s go to the dining room to get some privacy,” Erika says. They all leave, and TJ shrugs.

On the cargo hold, Axel is sitting on a crate, writing down on a paper, when Mel walks in.

“What are you doing in here?” Mel asks.

“Writing poetry. And you?” Axel replies.

“Getting away from drama,” Mel says. “Why are you not with your team? I heard you guys got a huge pizza party.”

“Pizza is overrated,” Axel replies. “And my teammates suck as well.”

“I thought that about my teammates as well, but I might be wrong,” Mel says.

“Eh, seriously?” Axel asks.

Mel nods. “They don’t seem like bad people at all. I feel like I misjudged them. Maybe I should stop being so grumpy, and become more friendly?”

“Don’t do that, you’re cool that way,” Axel says. “But maybe you should give your team a chance. And so should I.”

“Yeah,” Mel says. “Well, now I’ll go back to them. I have to vote someone off.”

At the dining area, Erika, Jeremy, Kitty, Rita and Tucker are talking.

“Honestly, I’m fine with anyone going,” Rita says.

“Even yourself? Because I wouldn’t oppose that,” Tucker says.

“Right, to be honest, I know who I’m voting for, and I’m not going to change my mind,” Erika says.

“Yeah, I think it should be an easy decision,” Tucker says.

Jeremy sighs. “I’m feeling bad about that. I don’t wanna vote someone off.”

“Yeah, it’s like, really bad to do that,” Kitty adds. “I thought we could be that unbeatable team that never loses. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we won, like, every single challenge, and never lost? We wouldn’t have to vote people off.”

“But we aren’t,” Erika frowns. “So we just go there and do what we gotta do.”

Roland walks in, “Greetings, companions!”

“Where have you been?” Rita asks.

“I was crying on the bathroom,” Roland replies. “Look, guys, I’m sorry that I lost. The Roman Empire is my 6th passion at life, and I was really excited for that challenge. But, I shouldn’t be the one doing it.”

“Eh, to be fair, I don’t think Jeremy would’ve won either,” Erika says. “Dude wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“I actually wrestle,” Jeremy says, as he looks at the camera. “If I’ve ever hurt you at wrestling, I’m sorry!”

“Right, so we’re all right, no drama,” Tucker says. “But where is Mel?”

“Dunno,” Erika replies.

At the elimination ceremony, all seven members of the Abysmal Adventurers are sitting on the bleachers as Crystal walks in holding a tray with several bags of peanuts.

“Welcome to your first elimination ceremony,” the host announces. “If you can do the math, there are seven of you, but only six bag of peanuts in my hands. That means one of you are about to fly.”

“Aren’t we already flying,” Jeremy confusedly scratches his head.

Crystal laughs. “That’s funny. Anyway, I have the votes. The first bag goes to Rita, somehow.” She tosses the first bag of peanuts to the teacher.

“What do you mean by ‘somehow’?” Rita asks.

“Just a word,“ Crystal replies. “Next, Tucker, Kitty, and Erika. You also get one, Jeremy. But next time, remember to stamp someone else’s passport instead of your own.”

Jeremy catches his bag. “But aren’t we supposed to have stamps on our passports to travel?”

Crystal ponders for a second. “That’s true… in real life, which has no bearing on Total Drama. Anyway, we’ve got Mel and Roland, two people, one bag of peanut.” They both look nervous. Crystal continues, “The final bag of peanut goes to…”

“…Roland!” Crystal tosses the final bag to him.

Mel gasps. “But I thought we were finally getting along.”

“Well, you showed no effort to be part of the team,” Tucker says.

“But I won a challenge,” Mel protests.

“That felt like an accident to me,” Erika says. “But thanks for that, anyway.”

Mel sighs. “Whatever. I’m ready to-“

Crystal kicks her out of the plane before she can finish her sentence. “What a melodramatic girl. One more player has left, 19 continue. Stay tuned for more on the next episode of Total… Drama… Voyage!”

Elimination Chart

# Contestant 2 3 4
Roland IN IN LOW
20th Mel IN IN OUT
21st Johnny WIN OUT
22nd Haley OUT

Color Code:

  •   WIN  Won the challenge.
  •   IN  Did not win but did not attend elimination ceremony.
  •   SAFE  Safe at the elimination ceremony.
  •   LOW  Bottom two.
  •   OUT  Voted off.
  •   OUT/QUIT  Left under special circumstances.



  • Credits for That Epic for coming up with the title for the story. Thanks, Epic!
  • The addition of a new host for a possible second season of my series was planned since the begginning of Total Drama: Paradise Falls, which is why Crystal McLean was introduced.

Chapter 1

  • The title of the chapter, Total Drama in the Sky… With Crystal?, is a reference to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, a song by The Beatles, and also references the new host being Crystal McLean.
  • Iguana Cube Y and Pursemon are parodies of japanese series Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon.

Chapter 2

  • The title of the chapter, Crazy and Unstable at the San Diego Convention, is a reference to the movie, Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition.
  • Credits to Ashley for coming up with the challenge. Thanks, Ashley!
  • Owlman, Hyperman and Chinchilla Girl are parodies of comic book characters, Batman, Superman and Squirrel Girl.

Chapter 3

  • The title of the chapter, Food Delhivery, is a pun on food delivery
    • It also references the episode's location, Delhi, and the challenge, that involved delivering food to a restaurant.
  • The Indian restaurant chef, Mr. Ahmad Aksaljalksjad, and also him telling teams to "Sit down," is based on OHF's substitute teacher named Mr. Aksaljalksjad, who turned into a recurring joke in the wiki.
  • Murder Book is a parody of manga/anime Death Note.
  • Crystal saying "For winning this leg of the race, you’ll receive..." is a quote by TV host Phil Keoghan, said every episode to the winners of each leg on the TV show The Amazing Race.

Chapter 4

  • The title of the chapter, To Rome Without Love, is a reference to the movie, To Rome with Love.
    • It is also a reference to some of the events from this episode.
  • TJ saying "You have no power in here, Roland the grey", is a reference to a quote from the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
  • Britney and Ian raising their hands to give TJ energy during her duel, is a reference to an attack from the manga/anime series Dragon Ball.
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