Elusive Explorers
Number of Members 8
Highest Ranking Member TBD
Lowest Ranking Member Haley, 22th Place

The Elusive Explorers are one of the three opposing teams in Total Drama Voyage, the other two being the Abysmal Adventurers and the Tedious Travelers. The team consists of Axel, Brady, Corey, Gloria, Haley, Paris, Tyrone, and Virginia. The team color is gold.

The team was formed in Crazy and Unstable at the San Diego Convention. Their members placed from 15th to last in the challenge, thus getting this team last place overall, and sending them to elimination. Haley was voted off. In Food Delhivery, they won the challenge and immunity. They won immunity once again in To Rome Without Love and also received a pizza party reward.

Contestants Eliminated

Name Gender Rank eliminated of team Overall Place Episode voted off Reason voted off
Haley Female 1st 22nd Crazy and Unstable at the San Diego Convention Created final two alliances with several members of the team, and tried to blindside Paris, creating distrust from her teammates.



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