This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Total Drama Woods is a fan fiction where Chris McLean invites 20 all new campers to Camp Wawanakwa to compete for 1 million dollars.


Killer Sharks

Screaming Beavers


  1. Here and Now? - Part 1
  2. Here and Now? - Part 2
  3. Fame is the Name of the Game
  4. Canoewrecked
  5. The Gold Meddle
  6. Cirque de Stupide
  7. Jeopardy!
  8. The Lakeside Story
  9. Brick by Brick
  10. Across the Facts
  11. Sweet Baby Jamie
  12. An Olympic Quintathalon
  13. The Empty Bathroom Stall
  14. Afraid to Merge...NOT!
  15. Here Comes the Ton
  16. A Night in Paris
  17. The Michael of the Labyrinth
  18. Total Drama Kart
  19. The Devil is Bianca
  20. Home Is Where The Dart Is
  21. Bear Prudence
  22. Destination Playa des Losers
  23. The Ugly Truth
  24. A Race Through the Ages
  25. Steal or No Steal

Chapter 1 - Here and Now? - Part 1

Chris walked up to the camera and started to say "Hello viewers, I'm Chris McLean, and I'm back at Camp Wawanakwa. Now here's the deal. I'm calling 20 all new campers to endure what the original 22 campers had to do here. They'll all be competing for the same prize, one million dollars! Now get ready for Total Drama Woods!"

(Theme song)

Chris walked onto the Dock of Shame as a boat arrived and said "Here's our first contestant, Carol!"

Carol ran off the boat and jumped onto Chris. "No way! I'm actually here! Where's the party?"

Chris replied confused "Um...there is no party."

Carol sadly said "But we need to celebrate."

"It's a reality show, not Christmas," Chris replied. "And on that note, here comes Jamie"

Jamie walked up to Chris and said "Hey Chris, how's it going?"

Chris replied "Hey Jamie, what's up?"

"The sky, duh!" Jamie said. Chris rolled his eyes and announced the next contestant arriving. "Here comes Derek"

Derek walked off the boat. "Here Chris, I baked you some cookies shaped like your face" he said handing Chris the cookies.

Chris took the cookies and said "You're my favorite so far" as he ate the cookie. "Here comes Rena."

The boat drove up and Rena jumped off. She walked up to the other contestants. "Hello, it's nice to meet you all"

Jamie ran up to Rena and said "Hello. My name is Jamie."

"Hi, Jamie. By the way, my doctor told me to tell someone my blood type." Rena said.

Jamie replied "Isn't it red?" Rena stared at her puzzled.

Chris cut in saying "Here comes the next camper, Oscar!"

Oscar did a kickflip off the boat on his skateboard and landed next to Chris. "What's up Chris?"

"Why does everyone ask that?" Jamie said.

"And here comes S'ven" Chris said.

S'ven jumps off the boat. "Actually my stage name is 7-Up."

Chris said "Whatever. No one has ever heard of you anyway. Hey, Vivian's boat should be arriving."

Vivian magically appeared right in front of Chris. Chris looked surprised. "Here you are. This is Vivian, the magician."

"Hey everybody. Want to see a magic trick?" Vivian said.

"Sorry, not now. Here comes Michael." Chris said.

Michael jumped off the boat. "Hey ladies, what's up?"

Michael spotted Rena and walked over to her. "I'd like to be on a team with her."

Rena replied "Get lost."

"Whatever. There are a lot of other girls here." Michael said.

"Here comes Irene" Chris said.

Irene walked off the boat and said "Ye doggy, this is a nice vacationing spot."

"This isn't a vacation, hillbilly." Michael said. "This is a reality show."

"Okay, here comes Brandon." Chris said.

Brandon hopped off the boat and played a chord on his guitar. "Hey Chris."

Brandon walked next to Rena and smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Okay moving on." Chris said. "Here's Adam."

Adam ran off the boat and shook Chris's hand. "I'm so psyched to be here. I love camping."

"Does anyone besides me realize that this isn't actually camp?" Michael said. "It's a competition."

"Hey, look. It's Eric." Chris said.

Eric walked off the boat. "I'm here. Just finishing something on the boat."

The boat exploded behind Eric. "Nice job dork" Michael said.

"You're the one with the glasses." Eric said.

Michael ran up and threw Eric off the dock.

Another boat came up. "Here's Faith."

Faith bounded off the boat. "You might as well leave now cuz I'm gonna win."

Chris said "Let's pick this up. Here comes Simon."

Simon ran off the boat. "Hey guys. I'm the captain of my high school varsity football, basketball, soccer, and baseball team."

"Here's Kyle." Chris said.

All the girls gasped in shock as Kyle stepped on the dock. "He's gorgeous!" Jamie said.

"Poser" mumbled Michael.

"Here comes Tanya" Chris said.

Tanya stomps off the boat. "I can't believe I signed up for this."

"What are you wearing?" Rena said. "You should dress more"

Bianca stepped off the boat and glares at everyone.

" that" Rena finished.

"This is Bianca, she's a supermodel." Chris said.

"Hot" Michael said.

"And now here's Ernest" Chris said.

Ernest jumped off the boat and bumped into Faith. Faith punched him and knocked him down. "Watch where you are going" she said.

"Last, but not least, Harpo and Oprah" Chris said.

"I can't believe you signed me up for this" Oprah said while getting off.

"Come on, it will!" Harpo paused, staring at Kyle.

"Seriously" Michael said.

"Now that everyone is here, let's name the teams. If I say your name, line up here." Chris said. "Oscar, Carol, Vivian, Michael, Jamie, Bianca, Irene, 7-Up, Adam, and Eric. You are officially the Killer Sharks!"

Chris handed Jamie the flag. "Sharks are scary."

"Waah...waah..." Michael immitated jokingly.

"Now" Chris said. "If I call you, go over there. Kyle, Harpo, Oprah, Brandon, Rena, Faith, Ernest, Simon, Derek, and Tanya. You guys are the Screaming Beavers."

Chris handed Rena the flag.

"Go put your stuff in your cabins and meet me in the mess hall in 10" Chris said.

Chapter 2 - Here and Now? - Part 2

"Last time on Total Drama Woods," Chris said. "All the campers arrived on the island. Some smart, some...not so much. Conflicts started to form at the scene, and so did a few relationships. Now that the teams are formed, they will face their first challenge this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The campers all sat in the mess hall with their teams while they ate. The Screaming Beavers talked about strategy. "We need the advantage or we are all going home." Faith said.

"We should get someone from the other team to sabotage their team so we never lose." Rena said.

"How about Adam? He seems nice." Tanya said. "And he's the strongest guy." she quickly added.

"Okay, why don't you go talk to him?" Rena said. She quietly giggled after.

Tanya walked over to the Killer Sharks's table and grabbed Adam. "Hey Adam."

"Oh, hi. You're Tanya, right?" Adam said. "I wish I was on your team. All of my teammates are idiots."

"Glad to here you say that." Tanya said. "My team was talking about you sabotaging your team until the teams merge, and we'll make sure you aren't eliminated."

"I don't know." Adam replied unsure. "I guess I could try."

Chris walked in the room. "Hello campers, it is time for the challenge, but first I'd like to tell you a few things. That bathroom stall outside is a confessional. You can share any confessionals there."

"I'm so glad Harpo signed me up for this thing." Oprah said in a confessional. "There are so many hot guys!"

"It's awesome that Tanya...and the Screaming Beavers accepted me onto their team." Adam said in a confessional. "I'm just worried about the Killer Sharks will think if they find out."

"Follow me to your first challenge." Chris said and walked outside. The campers followed him to see an airplane. They all piled onto the airplane and it took off.

"Your first challenge is to jump out of the plane and land in Camp Wawanakwa." Chris said as he opened the door.

"What?!" Adam said.

"I said..." Chris started to say, but was interrupted as the campers shouted "WE HEARD YOU!"

"There are 4 rings, the middle one is worth 50 points, the one outside is 20, outside of that is 10, and the most outer ring is 5 points. If you don't land in a ring or refuse to jump, you get no points." Chris said.

"Hey, where's Vivian?" Michael asked.

"There she is" Eric said, pointing out the door. "She teleported into the middle ring."

"That's 50 points for the Killer Sharks." Chris said.

"You're next, science nerd." Michael said to Eric as he pushed him out the door.

"Here we go!" Michael said as he jumped out the door.

"The Killer Sharks are on a roll with 150 points." Chris said. "Adam?"

"Um...Chris...I am acrophobia." Adam replied.

"There are no arches." Jamie said. "You just need to jump."

"Well then" Chris said. "How about you Bianca?"

"Pass." Bianca said. "I can't get my hair messed up."

"Anyone?" Chris asked.

"I'll go!" Carol said. "I've always wanted to jump out of a plane." Carol leaped out of the plane.


Carol jumps out of the plane

"Oh...only 5 points" Chris said. "Who's next for the Killer Sharks?"

"I'm up dudes!" Oscar shouted as he jumped out.

"That's 20!" Chris said. "Irene, let's go!"

"Gosh, that's awfully high!" Irene said. "I'll stay up here, if it's okay with everyone else."

"Okay fine, 7-Up?" Chris replied.

"Here we go!" 7-Up said as he ran off.

"Missed the rings" Chris said. "That's a big fat zero! Last for the Killer Sharks is Jamie!"

Jamie replied "It's way too scary! I'm staying!"

"Okay. Time for the Screaming Beavers. Who's up?" Chris said. All of the Screaming Beavers backed away from the door.

"Come on. Someone has to jump! The Killer Sharks only have 175 points!" Chris said.

"Chris is right!" Rena said. She started to run and jumped off.

"50 points!" Chris said.

"Come on, nerd boy!" Faith said while she picked up Ernest. "You're coming too." Ernest screamed as Faith jumped out of the plane.

"20 points for both!" Chris said. "Who's up?"

"Here I go!" Simon said. He jumped off the plane.

"Another 50 points" Chris said.

"Rock on!" Brandon said as he jumped off.

"He missed them!" Chris said.

"I'm not going!" Harpo said.

"Me neither." Oprah said.

"Well, I guess I'm up!" Kyle said and he jumped off.

"I changed my mind." Harpo and Oprah said at the same time and they jumped off.

"Kyle got a 20 and the Hopra sisters both missed." Chris said.

Derek said "I'm not going. It's way too high."

"Well Tanya" Chris said. "It's all up to you. It's 175-160. Will you jump?"

Chris noticed that Tanya was gone. "Where's Tanya?"

"Out the door" Jamie said.

Chris looked out the door and said "20 points! The Screaming Beavers win! Now let's land this airplane at Camp Wawanakwa."

The airplane landed to meet all the contestants who jumped.

Chris walked off the the airplane with the contestants who didn't jump. "Killer Sharks, you lost, so vote off your favorite loser and meet me at the campfire." he said.

Michael grabbed Jamie on her shoulder. "Hey Jamie, how would you like to go to the final two with me?" he said.

"The final two." Jamie squealed. "With you?" She fainted.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked. Jamie got up and assured him that she was okay.

"All you have to do is help me through the challenges and vote off who I tell you too." Michael said.

"Jamie is so stupid." Michael said in a confessional. "But she'll do anything I want. Why? Because I'm hot!"

All of the Killer Sharks were sitting around a campfire. Chris walked up to the podium and said "Hello Killer Sharks. Welcome to the first campfire ceremony. If I call your name, come and get your marshmallow." As he called the camper's names they come to the podium and grab a marshmallow.









"Irene and Adam, the last marshmallow goes to..."












"What?!" Irene exclaimed. "But who would go and vote me off?"

"Maybe next time you should take the competition seriously" Michael said.

"Sorry Irene" Chris said. "You have to ride the Boat of Losers."

Irene sadly walked on the Dock of Shame.

"Who will be eliminated next? Will Jamie quit working with Michael? Will Adam's inter-team alliance continue? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Irene is eliminated.

Chapter 3 - Fame is the Name of the Game

"Last time on Total Drama Woods," Chris said. "The new contestants faced their first challenge as they jumped out of an airplane down into the waters below. Some refused to jump, including Adam, who secured his alliance with the Screaming Beavers. The Screaming Beavers won, which forced the Killer Sharks to vote off a fellow Shark. Irene left the island due to Michael's new alliance with Jamie. Who will win this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The boys walked out of their cabin, all tired. "Dude, why do we have to get up so early?" 7-Up complained.

"Yeah, we need our rest so my team of losers can actually win a challenge." Michael said.

"Come on guys. I get up at this time each morning to run." Simon said.

Oscar jumped out of the cabin on his skateboard and did a kickflip, but it vanished as soon as it touched the ground. "Where'd my skateboard go?" he asked.

"I...have it." Brandon said as he handed the skateboard back to Oscar.

Vivian appeared right in front of Brandon and Oscar. "Come on guys! You totally need to wake up." she said. Then she vanished.

Later, the boys walked into the mess hall to meet the girls. Chris ran into the mess hall. "Hello campers. It's time for your second challenge."

"And before noon." Michael said.

"Anyway," Chris continued. "You have to pick three people to join the talent competition. Stage auditions and have your team at the amphitheater by 6 o' clock."

Later the Killer Sharks were sitting outside the cabins holding auditions. "Eric, you're next." Michael called out.

Eric pulled out beakers and test tubes and started mixing them together.

"What are you doing?" Michael asked.

The beakers started bubbling and then exploded next.

"Next!" Michael said.

Adam walked up.

"I needed to do really well during the audition so I could sabotage the act on stage." Adam said in a confessional.

"I can make a basket with branches and twigs in less than a minute." Adam said.

"Ooooh...sewing. We're totally going to win now." Michael said.

"It's not sewing, it's weaving, but I can sew if you want me to." Adam said.

"Next." Michael yelled.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers were holding auditions too.

"Harpo and Oprah, want to go next?" Rena asked.

"No." Oprah said.

"Come on Oprah. It'll be fun." Harpo said.

"Fine. Tanya, you want to go next?" Rena said.

"No way." Tanya replied. "I'm not participating."

"Simon?" Rena asked.

Simon rode in on his bike and did a wheelie, but crashed into the cabin.

Meanwhile, the Sharks were still holding auditions.

"Bianca" Michael said. "Your turn."

Lights turned on and focused on Bianca. She walked down the runway and posed.

"Bianca's in." Michael said. "How about you 7-Up?"

7-Up started beatboxing and then breakdanced at the same time.

"Awesome. He's in too!" Michael said.

Back with the Beavers, Brandon was auditioning, playing his guitar.

"It was good enough to get in." Rena said, pretending not to be interested. "Kyle, why don't you go next?"

Kyle started to bench press, having Harpo and Oprah and more on each time.

"We have nothing better." Rena said. "I guess your in."

Over the loud speaker, Chris said "Contestants, the talent show is about to start. Get your butts to the amphitheater!"

That night at the amphitheater, Chris walked up on stage. "Up first for the Killer Sharks, the magic goth, Vivian."

Chris vanished and was replaced with Vivian, blindfolded, behind a table with things to throw. The Beavers push a spinning wheel with Eric attached onto the stage.

"Why is it always me?" Eric cried. Vivian started throwing knives at Ernest. They all missed, but one disappeared right before it hit Eric. Adam quickly switched two bricks, which Vivian picked up next and threw at Ernest, hitting him on the head.

"Ooooh..." Chris said. "That's going to hurt in the morning. I give it a 5. And only because I got a good laugh out of it. Now for the Screaming Beavers, Kyle!"

"Of course." Michael said, rolling his eyes.

Kyle started lifting again as Harpo and Oprah added more on.

"Kinda boring, but not bad. Plus you looked good doing it. I'll give it a 9."

Bianca clutched her stomach and Michael looked at her. "Are you okay?" Michael asked.

"No, I..." Bianca said before she closed her mouth and ran into the bathroom stall, throwing up.

"I put a little something extra in Bianca's food." Adam said in a confessional.

"Those Beavers want to play hard ball." Michael said in a confessional. "Well two can play at that game."

Michael grabbed Jamie. "Jamie, I need you to do something for me."

Chris was on stage. "Okay next is..." An off-screen intern switches Chris's cards. "...Oscar"

Oscar jumped on stage on his skateboard and started doing tricks on his skateboard vanished and he fell off the stage.

"Vivian!" Michael yelled.

"I guess I forgot to take my magic charm off the skateboard." Vivian said.

"That gets a 4. Now for the Screaming Beavers, Derek!" Chris said.

Derek walked onto stage and started preparing a soup. A few minutes later, he finished.

"Let me taste!" Chris said, as Derek brought a spoonful over to him.

Chris sipped the soup and then his tongue started to burn.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what I put in there." Derek said.

Michael high-fived Jamie.

"Well that gets a 1." Chris said.

"I'm so ashamed." Derek said in a confessional. "I've never messed up a meal that simple, and if I have it is something minor, like too much salt or it needs more water."

"We'll never win now." Michael said.

"Don't worry. 7-Up can still win this." Eric said.

"Last up for the Killer Sharks, 7-Up." Chris said.

7-Up started rapping, instead of just beatboxing.

"He fixed his act." Oscar said.

"Awesome! Total 10!" Chris said.

"Ha! They need a perfect 10 to win! Try beating that!" Michael yelled.

Brandon jumped on stage and started playing his electric guitar. At the end, all the Screaming Beavers cheered.

"Another 10! Screaming Beavers win! Killer Sharks, vote off another loser.

Later at the bonfire ceremony, all of the Killer Sharks were sitting around the campfire. Chris walked up with a plate of marshmallows. "Welcome back. If I call your name, come get your marshmallow." As he called the camper's names they come to the podium and grab a marshmallow.








"Vivian and Oscar. The final marshmallow goes to..."












"Oh well. I'm out." Vivian said as she vanished from the spot.

"See who will be eliminated next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Vivian is eliminated.

Chapter 4 - Canoewrecked

"Last time on Total Drama Woods," Chris said. "The teams competed in a talent show. The Killer Sharks chose Bianca, 7-Up, and Vivian and the Beavers chose Derek, Brandon, and Kyle. Vivian's show didn't go as planned when Adam meddled and Ernest got nailed by a brick. Bianca got a little sick and Michael had Jamie get revenge by burning my tongue. Just when the Sharks thought 7-Up saved the day, Brandon's guitar solo put the Beavers in the lead. In the end, Vivian was eliminated. Who will be eliminated now on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams met in the mess hall. The Screaming Beavers sat down and talked.

"I think Adam's working out really well." Rena said.

"About that," Tanya said. "I don't think we should do that anymore."

The whole team stared at her.

"Why?" Rena said.

"It's too risky," Tanya said. "Adam could get eliminated."

"Who cares?" Rena said. "As long as we keep winning challenges."

"I'm really worried about Adam." Tanya said in a confessional. "If the Sharks find out about him, I'll never forgive myself."

Chris walked in and shouted to the campers. "Hello campers!"

"Hello Chris!" Carol shouted.

"Hop on the boat and I'll explain today's challenge."

Chris led the two teams outside and onto the boat.

"Okay, you will each get into pairs of two. We will go to Boney Island. Your pair will have to find a canoe of your team's color. If you find a canoe of the other team's color, leave it alone. Your pair will ride the canoe back to Camp Wawanakwa. Whichever team gets all their members back to the island first wins. The losers, get your vote ready."

The boat landed on the shore of Boney Island and the door opened up.

"Choose your partner and go." Chris said.

Michael grabbed Eric. "Come with me, nerd!"

Rena and Tanya partnered together. 7-Up grabbed Bianca. Adam grabbed Jamie. Faith picked up Ernest. Derek and Brandon partnered with each other. Oscar and Carol partnered together.

Oprah and Harpo grabbed Kyle at the same time.

"He's mine" Oprah said. "No, he's mine!"

"Ladies." Kyle said. "Why don't you two go together and I'll go with Simon."

"Fine." They both said.

Meanwhile, Derek and Brandon were walking together.

"I just can't get over it." Derek said. "How could I have messed up that recipe?"

"Everyone messes up sometime, dude." Brandon said. "One time, I totally screwed up this solo at a band gig. The band kicked me out. So, that was just one gig."

"You're right Brandon." Derek said. "It's just one time."

"Do you think Rena likes me?" Brandon asked.

"No, duh." Derek said.

Derek stepped on a tiki doll and broke it.

"Ow." Derek said. "I stepped on something hard."

Brandon picked up the two pieces of the tiki doll.

"Looks pretty cool." Brandon said. "I'll try and put it back together."

Meanwhile, Rena walked with Tanya.

"Do you think Brandon is cute?" Rena asked.

"Uh sure." Tanya responded.

"Well, what about you? Do you think Adam is cute?"

Tanya stopped. "What?"

"I know you like him, Tanya." Rena said.

"Fine." Tanya said. "I like him."

"It's fine." Rena said. "I'll personally make sure he isn't eliminated."

"Deep down inside, Rena is a good friend" Tanya said in a confessional. "even when she makes fun of my clothes."

"Hey look!" Tanya said. She pointed at a green canoe. The two picked it up and started running.

Meanwhile, Adam walked with Jamie.

"So, you and Michael seem like good friends." Adam said.

"Oh yeah." Jamie said.

"Just friends?" Adam asked.

"Yeah." Jamie said. "Well, unless you count alliance members."

"An alliance?" Adam said. "Really?"

"Jamie's so stupid" Adam said in a confessional. "She'll tell you anything."

Meanwhile, Michael and Eric were walking together.

"Hurry up, nerd." Michael said. "I'm not losing this challenge."

"Why do you have to be such a jerk?" Eric asked.

"Why do you have to be such a nerd?" Michael retorted. "It's nature!"

Michael spotted a green canoe. He walked over, picked it up, and threw it into the woods.

"Hey, that's cheating!" Eric said.

"Shut up!" Michael said.

"You know. Michael doesn't seem to respect what I devote to the team." Eric said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Rena run onto the beach with their canoe and see Oscar and Carol, Kyle and Simon, Oprah and Harpo, and 7-Up and Bianca leaving on their canoes.

"Come on!" Tanya said. "Get it in the water!"

Meanwhile, Brandon and Derek ran through the forest carrying a canoe. Derek tripped over a root and they both fall into the canoe, riding it down the hill. They ran over Michael and Eric and landed in the water.

"Morons!" Michael shouted.

"Get up nerd!" Michael said as he pulled on Eric's shirt. "We need to find a canoe."

Meanwhile, Adam and Jamie were running through the forest.

"So, can you do me a favor?" Adam asked.

"Like what?" Jamie asked.

"Make sure you and Michael don't vote me off." Adam said.

"Sure, but only if..." Jamie tripped over a red canoe.

"Cool. Pick it up."

Later, Adam and Jamie put the canoe in the water. Michael and Eric ran up with a canoe at the same time.

"Let's go!" Michael shouted.

Meanwhile, Faith and Ernest ran through the forest.

"Where's the canoe?" Faith shouted.

Ernest pointed into the forest. "Look!" Faith saw a green canoe in the trees.

"Looks like someone likes to cheat." Faith said.

Faith threw Ernest on top of the canoe, picked it up, and ran. They reached the beach just as Michael and Eric set into the water. Ernest jumped off and Faith threw the canoe in the water.

"Paddle!" Faith shouted.

Faith and Ernest started to catch up.

"Paddle faster, nerd!" Michael shouted.

Eric stood up and paddled faster.

"Moron, you can't stand up in a..." The canoe capsized.

"The Beavers win...again!" Chris said. "The Sharks need to vote someone off by tonight."

Later, the Killer Sharks all sat around the campfire. "As I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As he called the camper's names they come to the podium and grab a marshmallow.







"The final marshmallow goes to..."












"See you later, nerd!" Michael shouted.

Eric sadly walked down the Dock of Shame.

"Will Adam destroy Michael's alliance? Will the Sharks ever win a challenge? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Eric is eliminated.

Chapter 5 - The Gold Meddle

"Last time on Total Drama Woods. The teams traveled to Boney Island and looked for canoes. We found out Tanya actually has feelings. I know, I was shocked too. But it turns out she cares about Adam. Speaking of Adam, he manipulated Jamie into revealing Michael's alliance and was assured he wouldn't be next. After continuous torture from Michael, Eric was eliminated. Who will be next on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The Killer Sharks were outside throwing a frisbee.

"Head's up!" Michael shouted as he threw it to 7-Up. 7-Up jumped up to get it, but missed it. The frisbee hit Kyle.

"Hey! Who threw that?" Kyle said.

"Oh...sorry" Michael said, obviously not caring.

"Man, back at my school, I got all the girls." Michael said in a confessional. "But here, Kyle's stealing all of my thunder."

Kyle threw the frisbee to Bianca, but Chris intercepted it.

"Campers, it's time for today's epic sports challenge!" Chris said. He threw the frisbee, but it broke a window. Everyone stared at Chris.

"Follow me." he said.

Later, Chris led the two teams to a poorly made basketball court.

"You will compete in three sport-themed challenges. You have to choose a team member and can only use one member once. Now who will you pick for a little one-on-one?" Chris said.

"Are you talking about basketball?" Michael asked. "Because this is the crappiest basketball court I've ever seen."

"Yeah" Chris said. "I just had it paved in. It's going slightly downhill and there are a few bumps, but it was a last second add-in. First one to 11 wins. Pick your player."

"Okay." Michael said. "who's good at basketball?"

"I am, dude" 7-Up said.

"Anyone else?" Michael asked. "Cool, you're up, 7-Up."

Meanwhile, the Beavers were choosing their players.

"Anyone play basketball?" Ernest asked.

"You're insulting me, Ernest." Faith said.

"Not going to argue with her." Ernest said. "I guess Faith is up."

"Okay, so our players are 7-Up and Faith. Here we go!" Chris threw the ball straight up in the air and 7-Up got it and scored.

Later, the score is 7-5, 7-Up.

"This is getting boring." Chris said. "How about we add some action?"

Chris threw paintball guns to Michael and Tanya.

"You two can be allowed to shoot the opposing team's player, if you like." Chris said.

"Sweet." Michael said.

Tanya took the gun and pointed it at 7-Up. Just as he went up to shoot the ball, a paintball hit him and he missed. Faith got the ball and ran down the court.

Later, the basketball court is colored in paint. The score is 10-10. Faith had the ball and was running down court. Michael shot her and she tripped over a bump in the court and rolled downhill. 7-Up picked up the ball and dunked it.

"7-Up wins for the Killer Sharks!" Chris shouted. "Onto the next challenge."

Chris led the two teams to an archery range. On the way, Brandon ran up to Rena.

"Hey" Brandon said. "What's up?"

"Not much" Rena replied. There was a long pause of silence.

"There's so much chemistry between them!" Michael said in a confessional. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Time for the archery challenge!" Chris shouted. "Each team choose a player to shoot a flaming arrow and knock an apple off a teammate's head."

"Who would be stupid enough to want a flaming arrow shot at their head?" Rena asked.

"That's why I will choose." Chris said. "Let's go with...Bianca for the Sharks and Derek for the Beavers!"

"Man, Chris has got to be crazy." Bianca said in a confessional.

"I think Simon should shoot the arrow." Tanya said. "Just to be safe."

"I don't know." Derek said. "Is he a good shot?"

Simon grabbed a bow and arrow. He shot an arrow and hit a bullseye. He shot another and split the arrow.

"I feel safe." Derek said.

Meanwhile, the Sharks picked their shooter.

"Who here can shoot a flaming arrow?" Michael asked.

There was a long pause of silence.

"I can" Adam said.

"You can?" Michael asked.

"Sure..." Adam said doubtfully. "Went to archery camp for 4 years."

"Is there even an archery camp?" Adam asked in a confessional.

"Okay, Adam's up." Michael said.

Later, the shooters were lined up with the teammate they'd shoot at.

"Okay" Chris said. "Let's start with the Screaming Beavers."

Simon shot the arrow. It whistled through the arrow. It hit the apple and nailed it to the confessional. The confessional set on fire.

"Is it hot in here?" Ernest said in a confessional.

"Perfect." Chris said. "Now for the Killer Sharks!"

Adam brought back the arrow in the bow and shot it. The arrow caught on Bianca's bra and ripped it off.


Bianca's bra gets ripped off.

Bianca screamed. "I'm so sorry!" Adam said.

"I love this show!" Chris said. "Screaming Beavers win! On to the next challenge!"

Chris led the teams to the shoreline.

"Your next challenge is to swim around the island. The twist is that we had the interns fill the lake with piranhas, jellyfish, and sharks. Pick your swimmers!"

The Killer Sharks tried to choose their player.

"Who wants to be the swimmer?" Michael asked.

Carol raised her hand in the air. "OOOH...ME!!!"

"Okay, okay!" Michael said. "Carol can do it."

Meanwhile, the Beavers picked their swimmer.

"Can anyone swim well?" Rena asked.

"I can't" Harpo said. "but I look hot in a bathing suit."

"I look a lot hotter." Oprah said.

"Whatever." Rena said. "I'll do it."

Later, Carol and Rena were ready in the bikinis.

"Ready, set, go!" Chris said. The two dived into the water and started swimming. Brandon walked up to Michael.

"Doesn't Rena look awesome?" Brandon asked.

"Dude" Michael said. "If you like her, tell her already."

"I don't know." Brandon said. "She seems to think I'm a washed-up guitar player."

"Then show her your more than that." Michael asked.

Meanwhile, Carol and Rena were swimming with sharks surrounding them. Rena tried dodging the sharks. Carol saw a shark and jumped on it.

"Let's go sharky!" Carol said as she hit the shark. The shark dashed away. Rena stared in astonishment.

"That girl is insane!" Rena screamed.

Meanwhile, on the shore the contestants watched as Carol rode up on the shark.

"There's Carol!" Chris shouted. "The Killer Sharks win!"

"Yes!" Michael said. "It's about time!"

Carol hopped off the shark.

"Thanks sharky." Carol said. She reached inside her pocket, grabbed some food, and threw it to the shark.

Brandon walked up to the shore where Rena was. He stuck his hand out to help Rena out, but a jellyfish stung it. Brandon screamed. Rena got up.

"Are you okay?" Rena asked.

"Get him to the infirmary!" Chris shouted. Two interns ran up and took him away.

Later, Michael walked up to Rena.

"Hey." Michael said.

"If you're here to hit on me again, then get lost." Rena said.

"Awww..." Michael said. "That hurts."

Meanwhile, Brandon walked up to Rena with roses in one hand and a cast on the other. Just as he saw Rena, Michael grabbed Rena and kissed her.

"Michael is such a traitor." Brandon said in a confessional. "Rena would never like me. Michael was just trying to humiliate me. Guess what? It worked."

Later at the elimination ceremony, the Beavers sat around the campfire. "Since you're new at this, I'll tell you how it works. If I call your name, get a marshmallow." As he called the camper's names they come to the podium and grab a marshmallow.


"Harpo and Oprah"






"Brandon and Rena..."

"With Brandon's hand bandaged up, he's not so useful anymore" Tanya said in a confessional.

"Rena really messed up that last challenge" Kyle said in a confessional.

"The final marshmallow goes to..."












"I guess I'll go then" Brandon said.

Rena watched in despair as Brandon walked away.

"Yeah, I voted myself off" Brandon said in a confessional. "At least now, I don't have to embarrass myself in front of Rena."

"Will the Sharks keep up their winning streak? Will Brandon find out that Rena thinks Michael is a creep pervert? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Brandon is eliminated.

Chapter 6 - Cirque de Stupide

"Last time on Total Drama Woods. The teams competed in some sports-themed challenges. Michael got a little jealous of Kyle and Brandon, because of their good fortune with girls. Thanks to Adam's treachery, we saw some supermodel boobs. And the Screaming Beavers secured their first win. After, Brandon totally humiliated himself, he was eliminated. Who will be next on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams were sitting in the mess hall. Derek was in the kitchen. He took a spoonful of his soup and spit it out. Kyle walked in.

"What's up, big guy?" Kyle asked.

"Not much." Derek replied sadly. "I just haven't been able to cook as well since I messed up at the talent show."

"You just need to have confidence in yourself." Kyle said.

"You're right." Derek said. "I'll keep trying."

Meanwhile, Rena was sitting at the table, eating her food sadly.

"I can't believe that creep Michael kissed me." Rena said in a confessional. "And now Brandon's gone. He probably thinks I have no interest in him at all."

"This is what they call a win-win." Michael said in a confessional. "I kissed a hot girl and her only other crusher is gone."

Chris walked into the mess hall. "Attention campers! It's time for today's challenge. You will all compete in circus-themed challenges. There will be three and you can only use a teammate once."

"Let me guess." Michael said. "We have to dress up as clowns."

"You know me so well." Chris said. "You'll have to wear these clown hats and big red noses."

"Fun." Tanya said sarcastically.

"Now get dressed and meet me outside the cabins." Chris said.

Later, all the contestants and Chris met outside the cabins. All of the contestants were wearing clown hats and big red noses. There were 2 standees with the faces cut out and a table full of pies.

"Your first challenge is the pie throw. The player who is picked will be able to pick someone from the opposite team to throw pies at. Each team will get three pies."

"Guys," Rena said. "Let me do this."

"Fine with me." Tanya said.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks talked.

"Who wants to do it for our team?" Michael asked.

"I'll do it." Adam said.

"I've had enough of you during the challenges." Michael said. "Whether your not jumping out of planes or ripping off bras with flaming arrows."

"Just give me another chance, dude." Adam pleaded.

"No way." Michael said. "What about you Bianca?"

"Sure." Bianca said.

"This sucks." Adam said in a confessional. "They don't trust me anymore."

"Of course I don't trust him anymore." Michael said in a confessional. "Any challenge he participates in, he screws up for us."

"Okay" Chris said. "Who do you two want to throw pies at?"

"Easy." Rena said. "Michael."

"What?!" Michael exclaimed.

"Okay." Chris said. "What about you Bianca?"

"I don't know." Bianca said. "How about Ernest?"

"Cool." Chris said. "Michael and Ernest stand in the standees."

Michael and Ernest walked over to the standees and put their heads in them.

"This sucks." Michael said.

"I know." Ernest said.

"Shut up!" Michael said.

"Rena, you first." Chris said.

Rena picked up a pie and threw it right at Michael's face. Two more pies hit Michael straight in the face.

"That's what you get for being a pervert." Rena said.

"Bullseye" Chris shouted. "Now for Bianca."

Bianca threw one pie and hit part of Ernest's face. Another one hit right next to his face. The last one hit him in the eye.

"Well, it's obvious that the Beavers win this part of the challenge." Chris said. "Onto the next challenge."

Chris led the two teams to the top of the hill where their are two big balls.

"Your next challenge will be to race will running on these giant balls." Chris explained. "First one down the hill wins."

"Ooh..." Ernest said. "Let me try. I have excellent balance."

"No way, pie face." Faith screamed. "It's my turn."

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks decided who would do it.

"Let me do it now." Adam said.

"No way!" Michael said. "I'm not going to lose another challenge. Time to handle things myself!"

"Okay so it's Michael vs. Faith." Chris said. "Ready, Set, GO!!!"

The two balls started rolling downhill. Suddenly, mines started exploding.

"What the heck is this?" Michael asked.

One mine exploded right under Michael and he flew through the air. Faith's ball jumped over a giant rock. The two are neck-and-neck.

"Time for a little more action!" Chris said as he pushed a button. Spikes popped out of the ground. Michael dodged the spikes, but Faith ran over them. Her ball popped and she fell off. Michael passed the finish line.

"Michael wins!" Chris said. Michael skidded to a stop and did a backflip off of the ball.

"That's how you do it." Michael said.

"Follow me to the last challenge." Chris said.

Chris led the two teams to two cliffs connected by two thin ropes.

"The last challenge is to unicycle over these shark-invested waters." Chris said. "The first one over will win and the last one will have to vote someone off."

"Man, this is where I shine." Oscar said. "Unicycle, skateboard, no difference."

"Since you're one of the only ones on the team I still trust." Michael said. "Go ahead."

Meanwhile, the Beavers picked their camper too.

"This is crucial." Rena said. "We can't let them win again."

"I could try." Tanya said doubtfully.

"Okay, we have Oscar and Tanya." Chris said. "Let's go!"

The two started slowly and carefully, until Oscar started to speed up. Tanya started to speed up too, but she fell off. She grabbed onto the rope and started moving along. Oscar started spinning around in the middle of the rope.

"Show off!" Tanya shouted.

"Just hold on, Tanya!" Adam shouted.

"Who's team are you on?" Michael asked.

"I just don't want anyone to get hurt." Adam said.

Michael pulled out a knife. "Well, I don't care."

Michael cut Tanya's rope with the knife. Tanya started swinging toward the wall of the cliff. She crashed into the side and started climbing up.

Adam tackled Michael and started punching him.

"What is wrong with you?" Adam screamed.

Michael flipped Adam over and started punching him. 7-Up ran over and spread them apart.

"Come on dudes." 7-Up yelled. "We're on the same team!"

"Chris!" Adam screamed. "We should be disqualified."

"Please." Chris yelled. "They were going to lose anyway."

"You seriously don't know what team you're on, do you?" Michael said.

"The Killer Sharks win!" Chris shouted.

"Chris!" Michael shouted. "Can you shut up for two seconds?"

Michael turned toward Adam.

"You haven't done anything for our team." Michael said. "In fact it seems that everything you've done is for their team."

Tanya and Rena stared at each other worriedly.

"If you don't think that I will vote you off, you're dead wrong." Michael said.

"I promised Tanya that I would make sure Adam would not be eliminated." Rena said in a confessional. "And I don't break my promises."

"Hey!" Rena shouted. "Pervert!"

Michael turned around to Rena.

"At least he's trying. Maybe he messes up, but he's a good teammate. And unlike you he cares about people."

"Whatever." Michael said. "Carry on, Chris."

"Right." Chris said quickly and uncaring. "Sharks win. Beavers vote someone off at the most dramatic, not really, elimination ceremony yet."

Later, Michael met up with Jamie.

"Next challenge." Michael said. "Adam is gone."

"But I promised him we wouldn't vote him off." Jamie said.

"Who's we?" Michael asked.

"The alliance" Jamie said.

Michael tried to hold in his anger. "Jamie," he said. "The alliance is a secret!"

"Oh..." Jamie said.

"Michael's so smart!" Jamie said in a confessional.

"Jamie's such an idiot!" Michael said in a confessional.

Later, the Beavers sat around the campfire. "Okay, let's start." As he called their names, they got up and got a marshmallow.




"Harpo and Oprah"



"The final marshmallow goes to..."












"WHAT?!" Faith screamed.

"You did mess up the ball challenge." Ernest said.

Faith slammed Ernest against a tree.

"Security!" Chris yelled.

Four interns came up and grabbed Faith and dragged her down the Dock of Shame

"Y'all are going to regret this!" Faith screamed.

"Will Michael kill Adam? Will Rena kill Michael? Will Tanya help Rena kill Michael? And will Adam survive long enough to help the two of them? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Faith is eliminated.

Chapter 7 - Jeopardy!

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the two teams competed in challenges based on the Big Top. They also wore stupid clown hats and big red noses. The Killer Sharks lost trust in Adam and Rena got revenge on Michael, pie style. Oscar showed us his skills on a unicycle while Michael showed us his skills with a knife, bringing out Adam's dark side. In the end, Faith was dragged down the Dock of Shame. Stay tuned for the most shocking elimination yet on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat in the mess hall. Michael sat across from Adam, glaring at him.

"That Adam thinks he can get past me." Michael said in a confessional. "I'll be watching him like a hawk."

"Michael's getting suspicious." Rena said in a confessional. "but I promised Tanya he wouldn't be eliminated and I'll make sure of it."

"I broke the most important rule of life yesterday." Adam said in a confessional. "Don't tackle the guy with the knife."

"If he thinks he's in trouble now." Michael said in a confessional. "he better wait."

Chris walked into the mess hall with flashing lights behind him. "Good morning, campers! Are you ready for today's challenge?"

"If we say no, do we still have to compete?" Michael asked.

"Today's challenge is a game show-themed challenge." Chris explained. "Meet me in the amphitheater in 10 minutes.

10 minutes later, the two teams sat in the two bleachers as Chris walked on stage.

"Welcome campers." Chris said. "We'll start out with the most insane type of game show ever! The Japanese game show!"

"Japanese game shows!" Carol exclaimed. "I love those!"

"Now everyone get into your costumes and meet back here."

Later, the contestants returned, dressed up as their characters. Michael was dressed up as Tinker Bell. 7-Up was dressed up in a bikini. Bianca was dressed up as a vampire. Carol was dressed up as a dinosaur. Oscar was dressed up as a nerd. Jamie was dressed up as Santa Claus. Tanya was dressed up as a baby. Kyle was dressed up as Superman. Harpo and Oprah was dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Derek was dressed up as a scientist. Rena was dressed up as a caveman. Ernest was dressed up as a bug.

"Chris, I couldn't find my costume." Adam said.

"That's because you won't need one." Chris said. "Same with you, Simon."

The contestants stared at the two smart cars on stage covered in mud.

"What's up with the dirty smart cars?" 7-Up asked.

"This is the Banana Smart Car Dress-Up Challenge!" Chris said. "Your team will have to completely clean off your smart car wearing your costumes."

"Sounds easy." Harpo said.

"Gosh, Harpo!" Oprah said. "You never say that!"

"Oprah's right." Chris said. "Because Adam and Simon will be throwing bananas at you."

"Great." Michael said. "Another challenge for Adam to mess up."

"Get onto the stage." Chris said.

"Nice fairy costume." Tanya said as she passed Michael.

"Nice diaper." Michael said.

"Ready, set, clean!" Chris said.

The two teams started cleaning their cars. Adam and Simon started throwing bananas and the opposing team. Adam was purposely missing the team.

"I don't know what Adam is doing." Rena said in a confessional. "He couldn't throw this challenge when Michael is so suspicious. I had to help."

Rena jumped in the way of one banana. "Ow! Gosh Adam! That one really hurt!" Michael stared at Rena.

Meanwhile, Harpo and Oprah were cleaning next to each other. Harpo bumped into Oprah.

"Ow! Watch where your cleaning!" Oprah yelled.

"Sorry." Harpo said.

"It's always sorry with you" Oprah said. "Why are you so optimistic?"

"Why are you so pessimistic?" Harpo yelled.

"Tweedledumb!" Oprah yelled.

"Tweedledumber!" Harpo said.

"Tweedledumbass!" Oprah yelled.

Harpo tackled Oprah.

Meanwhile, Michael talked to Jamie.

"Keep an eye on Adam and Rena." Michael said. "I think they have an alliance."

"I got it." Jamie said. "But maybe you should trust people more."

"I trust nobody." Michael said.

Later, the Killer Sharks' smart car was completely clean.

"The Killer Sharks win." Chris said. "Change out of your costumes and meet back here in 10."

Later, the girls walked into her cabin and grabbed their clothes. Tanya walked up to her bed and found it completely empty.

"Where are my clothes?" Tanya asked worriedly.

"I don't know." Rena said.

"Michael." Tanya declared.

Later, the two teams piled into the amphitheater. Tanya walked up to Michael.

"Aw..." Michael said mockingly. "Don't want to change out of your diaper."

"What did you do with my clothes?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Michael said.

"I hate you." Tanya said.

"You're such a cute baby." Michael said.


Tanya dressed as a baby.

"Attention campers!" Chris called out. "Now it's time for American game shows! But first, the Killer Sharks get to spin the Wheel of Help! It will determine what they get to help them in this challenge."

Michael walked up and spun the wheel. It landed on a big red X.

"Oooh..." Chris said. "That's nothing for the Killer Sharks."

Eight podiums rose up from the stage, four on each side.

"Pick four people from your team to represent you." Chris said.

"Okay, Jamie and I are going." Michael said. "Adam, you're up too."

"You trust me?" Adam asked.

"Sure." Michael said. "No hard feelings."

"Of course there are hard feelings." Michael said in a confessional. "Jamie and I will be keeping a close eye on that treacherous weasel."

"Can I go too?" 7-Up asked.

"Sure. Whatever." Michael said.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers decided on their contestants.

"Tanya and I need to go." Rena said.

"I can't go on stage in a diaper." Tanya exclaimed.

"You're already on TV." Rena said.

"Good point." Tanya said.

Harpo and Oprah were covered in bruises.

"Let me go!" Harpo cried.

"No, let me!" Oprah said.

"Shut up!" Rena cried. "You'll both go."

Later, the eight contestants and Chris stood on stage.

"You will be asked a series of multiple choice questions. Hit the button corresponding to your answer. The slowest answer will be eliminated from the challenge until there is only one person left. Wrong answers have a 10 second penalty."

"I'm ready." 7-Up said.

"First question. What famous document begins: 'When in the course of human events...'? A. The Constitution, B. The Emancipation Proclamation, or C. The Declaration of Independence."

Jamie answered first, followed by Michael, then Harpo, then Oprah, then Tanya, then 7-Up. There was a long pause where Rena and Adam don't push any buttons.

"Anyday now." Chris said.

"Why does Adam keep doing this?" Rena said in a confessional. "It's making his and my job harder."

About 1 minute later, Michael finally said, "Answer Adam!"

Adam suddenly pushed a button. Rena pushed a button soon after.

"Looks like Jamie, 7-Up, Adam, and Rena got it wrong, making Rena eliminated." Chris said.

Just as he finished a hole opened underneath Rena and she fell through the floor. Her podium lowered down into the stage.

"Aww..." Chris said mockingly. "Next question. What California city did the Pony Express end in? A. San Diego, B. Sacremento, C. Los Angeles"

Tanya answered, then Michael, then Oprah, then Harpo, then 7-Up, then Jamie, then Adam.

"Well 7-Up, Jamie, and Adam got it wrong, so bye Adam."

"Oh well" Adam said trying to care. The floor opened beneath Adam and he fell through the hole. The podium lowered into the stage.

"Next. What trade was Socrates trained for? A. Locksmithing, B. Stonecutting, C. Blacksmithing"

"What's a so crates?" Jamie asked.

The floor opened beneath Jamie and she fell through.

"There was really no point for that one." Chris said. "Next question. How many U.S. states border the Gulf of Mexico? A. Four, B. Five, C. Six."

Oprah answered, then Harpo, then Michael, then Tanya, then 7-Up.

"Tanya and 7-Up got it wrong." Chris said. "Goodbye, 7-Up."

7-Up fell through the floor.

"Time for the next question." Chris said. "What is the least popular month for U.S. weddings? A. January, B. February, C. March"

Tanya answered, then Michael, then Harpo, then Oprah.

"Michael got it wrong, putting him in last." Chris said.

"That's where being a girl comes in handy." Tanya yelled as Michael fell through the floor. "Where does that go because I need to get my clothes back?"

"Since you three are left, you get to spin..."

The podiums sunk through the floor and the center of the stage flipped over to reveal a giant wheel.

"...the Wheel of Fortune!"

The three girls grabbed the wheel and spun it. The wheel started slowing down and stopped on a picture of a hut.

"The Screaming Beavers win today's challenge and a giant hut on the beach for the next challenge." Chris said. "Killer Sharks, you'd better find someone to vote off."

"It couldn't be more obvious, Chris." Michael said. "You might as well send him down the Dock of Shame now. And I think my team will agree with me."

Michael turned around, but everyone remained silent.

"Come on guys." Michael said. "It should be obvious that Adam is in an alliance with the Screaming Beavers."

"Or maybe" Adam said. "you're trying to sabotage our team because you're in an alliance with the Beavers."

"That makes sense" Jamie said.

"Jamie, I'm in an alliance with you." Michael said.

"Oh yeah." Jamie said.

"How do you guys not realize he is in league with the Beavers?" Michael asked.

"Well" 7-Up said. "He did hit Rena with those bananas."

"That's part of their plot!" Michael said. "If you don't believe me, you're all idiots."

Later, the Killer Sharks sat around the campfire at the elimination ceremony. "When I call your name, get a marshmallow." As Chris called the campers' names, they received a marshmallow.






"The final marshmallow goes to..."












"Wait!" Adam said. "Can I at least say good-bye to Tanya?"

"As a matter of fact," Chris said. "you can't."

Adam started sadly walking down the Dock of Shame.

"Good-bye, traitor." Michael said.

"Will the Killer Sharks win without Adam sabotaging them? Will Harpo and Oprah regain their sisterhood? Will Tanya ever get her diaper off? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Adam is eliminated.

Chapter 8 - The Lakeside Story

"Last time on Total Drama Woods! The contestants competed on a Japanese game show! Adam either threw the challenge again or he sucks at throwing bananas. Harpo and Oprah got into a little tussle. During the trivia show, Tanya was stuck in her diaper thanks to Michael. Rena and Adam both threw the challenge, but Adam succeeded. In the end, Adam was shoved down the Dock of Shame. Who will walk it next on Total Drama Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat in the mess hall. Tanya sat in her diaper, staring at Michael.

"I can't believe Michael's got me stuck in this diaper." Tanya said in a confessional.

Michael passed Tanya.

"By the way," Michael said. "if you ever need that diaper changed, you know who to call."

Tanya grabbed her soup and poured it on Michael's head.

"Crap!" Michael yelled.

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Good morning campers!" Chris yelled. "Time for today's challenge."

"Chris, please!" Tanya begged. "Do you have any clothes I could borrow?"

"I do." Chris responded. "But you can't have them."

"Why not?" Tanya asked.

"Because it's hilarious!" Chris said.

"I know, right?" Michael said.

"Anyway, time for today's challenge." Chris said. "Follow me to the beach!"

Chris led the two teams to a giant hut on the beach.

"Is that our hut?" Harpo screamed.

"That's huge!" Oprah exclaimed.

"Bedroom for 8 people, kitchen including stove, microwave, and fridge, and a master bathroom." Chris explained. "Your challenge is to stay here on the beach for as long as you can, surviving on whatever you can find. First team to have all of its members drop out loses."

"Where do we go to the bathroom?" Oscar asked.

"That's the point." Chris said. "You have to improvise. I'll be in my trailer if you need me."

"Wait a minute!" Michael said. "This is completely unfair. They have a giant hut and we have nothing."

"The spun the wheel. It's chance." Chris said. "Anyway, it's not my problem."

Chris walked away.

"7-Up, take Oscar and Carol and get some food." Michael said. "I'll stay here with Jamie and Bianca to make some shelter."

7-Up, Oscar, and Carol walked off. Meanwhile, the Beavers piled into their cabin.

"I want a bed away from her." Harpo said, pointing to Oprah.

"Come on, guys." Tanya said. "You guys dominated the trivia show. You make a good team."

"I didn't want to be here." Oprah said. "She signed me up."

"You're lucky I did." Harpo said.

"Come on guys." Tanya said. "At least you're not dressed like a toddler."

"Michael." Rena said. "He's such a jerk."

"You should get back at that jerk." Derek said.

"Don't worry." Tanya said. "I have something planned."

"What are we going to eat?" Simon asked.

"I can make some soup." Derek said. "I'll blow your taste buds away!"

Meanwhile, Michael, Jamie, and Bianca were building their shelter out of branches and leaves.

"This isn't as hard as it looks." Michael said.

"It would be easier with Adam here." Jamie said.

"Adam's a traitor, so I don't want his help." Michael said.

"There." Bianca said as she tied the final twig together. "That should keep 6 people in."

The whole building fell apart.

"Crap!" Michael yelled.

Meanwhile, 7-Up, Oscar, and Carol walked through the forest.

"When are we going to find food?" Oscar said.

"Hey man." 7-Up said. "Look over there."

7-Up pointed to a bush of berries. The three rushed over and started gathering berries. While 7-Up is picking berries, a bear tapped him on the shoulder. 7-Up turned around and the bear roared. The three dropped the berries and ran as the bear ran after them.

Meanwhile, Michael tied the last twig to the hut.

"Let me test it." Jamie said. She walked inside and the whole thing collapsed on her.

"Guys!" 7-Up screamed from the forest.

Michael, Bianca, and Jamie turned around to see 7-Up, Oscar, and Carol running from the bear. The three joined the other three in running from the bear.

"Wait!" Carol exclaimed. "I have an idea!"

Carol turned around a jump-kicked the bear in the face, knocking it over. She jumped on it and started punching it.

"Ooh..." Michael said, looking horrified. "That's gotta hurt."

Carol threw the bear into the woods.

"Great." Oscar said. "Now we have no shelter and no food."

"It's okay guys." Michael said. "It's a beautiful sunset, which predicts a beautiful night. We'll just sleep under the stars."

Suddenly, it started raining.

"Well, I'm out." Bianca said.

"Ditto." Oscar said.

"See ya." 7-Up said.

"Have fun." Jamie said.

The four walked back to camp, leaving Michael and Carol by themselves. Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers ate soup in their hut. Tanya took a bite and spit it out.

"Derek," Tanya said. "This is horrible."

"I'm sorry." Derek said. "I haven't been able to cook as well as I used to."

"I'm sure you'll get your talent back." Simon said.

Later, everyone piled into their beds. Meanwhile, Michael and Carol laid down in the rain. The next morning, the rain had stopped and Michael and Carol woke up.

"Well, I'm going back to camp." Carol said.

"Wait, what?!" Michael said. "You just survived the whole night sleeping under the rain and you're quitting when the sun comes up?!"

"Well, I need to take a shower." Carol said.

"That's the stupidest reason ever." Michael said.

"Whatever." Carol said. "See ya."

Carol walked into the forest.

"What's wrong with that girl?" Michael asked in a confessional.

"My Uncle Gabriel doesn't shower." Carol said in a confessional. "He thinks that if he takes a shower, the same thing will happen to him like the guy in Psycho"

Meanwhile, Michael left his clothes on the shore so he could bathe in the lake. Tanya walked up and took his clothes. Later, Michael got out of the water and looked around for his clothes.

"Tanya" he said.

Michael marched over to the hut and peeked his head inside.

"Tanya," Michael asked. "Is it just you?"

"Yeah" Tanya responded.

Michael walked in to see Tanya, Rena, Harpo, and Oprah sitting on their bed.

"You said you were the only one here." Michael said.

"Did I?" Tanya said, pretending to be confused.

"Give me my clothes back." Michael said.

"Only if you give me mine back." Tanya said.

"They're back in my cabin." Michael said.

"Then I guess you'll have to go back and get them." Tanya said.

"No way!" Michael said. "I'm not throwing this challenge! I'll find some clothes."

Michael stormed out of the hut and grabbed some pieces of grass. He grabbed some twigs and tied the grass around his waist. Meanwhile, Tanya, Rena, Harpo, and Oprah sat in their hut.

"So do you guys like anyone on the island?" Rena asked.

"I liked Adam." Tanya said. "But now he's gone. I didn't even get to say good-bye."

"I'm sorry." Rena said. "I tried."

"It's okay." Tanya said. "At least he didn't see me in this diaper for too long."

"What about you Harpo?"

"Between us girls." Harpo said. "I think Kyle is really hot."

"What?!" Oprah said. "Kyle loves me."

"What are you talking about?" Harpo said. "He's obviously in love with me."

"How dare you try to steal Kyle from me!" Oprah said.

"You can't steal what you never had." Harpo said.

"That's it!" Oprah said. "I'm going to enjoy this."

"Guys," Rena said. "let's not..."

Rena was interrupted by Oprah tackling Harpo through the door, knocking it down. Michael turned around to see Harpo and Oprah hitting each other.

"Sweet." Michael said. "Cat fight."

Tanya and Rena ran out and tried to split them up, but failed.

"Michael" Tanya screamed. "Help!"

"Do I get my clothes back?" Michael asked.

"No!" Tanya yelled.

"Then no." Michael said.

Derek, Simon, Kyle, and Ernest ran out of the forest and tried to pry Oprah and Harpo apart, but still failed. After a while, they finally pried the two girls apart.

"Guys!" Rena screamed. "Stop fighting!"

"Just separate!" Simon yelled.

Oprah walked over toward Michael and Harpo stormed into the hut.

"I can't believe her!" Oprah said. "How could she steal Kyle from me?"

"Why do you want Kyle," Michael asked. "when you can have me?"

"Back off." Oprah said.

"If it means anything, I'm on your side." Michael said. "Optimism leads to disappointment."

"Thanks Michael." Oprah said.

Derek called out to Oprah. "Oprah, lunch is ready."

Oprah ran inside the hut.

"Sorry about dinner." Derek said. "I hope this makes up for it."

Derek handed out pieces of fish.

Everyone took a bite of it.

"It tastes strange." Ernest said.

Ernest puked on Rena's lap. Rena puked on the floor. Soon, everyone was puking.

"I'm sorry, guys." Derek said.

Derek puked. Tanya puked in her diaper. Medics rushed in and put the team on stretchers.

"Give them shots." Chris shouted. "Sharks win by default!"

"Yes!" Michael shouted.

Later, the Beavers sat at the campfire. They were all breathing into tubes. "Welcome, Screaming Beavers. I hope you've recovered."

"Barely." Rena said.

"When I call your name, get a marshmallow." As Chris called the campers' names, they went to the podium and got a marshmallow.







"What?!" Oprah said. "Derek's food poisoned us all. Why would you vote me off?"

"Even though Derek's food nearly killed us." Rena said in a confessional. "Harpo and Oprah's constant fighting is tearing the team apart."

"I'm sick of their fighting" Tanya said in a confessional. "One of them has to go. God, I hate sitting in vomit."

"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"In your face!" Oprah yelled.

"Wait." Harpo said. "Before I go, I need to know something. Kyle, who do you like better, me or Oprah?"

The question caught Kyle by surprise. "Truthfully, I think of you both as friends."

"What?" the two sisters said at the same time.

"So, we've been fighting for nothing." Oprah said.

"I'm sorry, Oprah." Harpo said. "I got jealous. Can you forgive me?"

"No" Oprah said. "You need to forgive me. I don't mean to be pessimistic. I don't want to turn out like Michael."

The two sisters hugged.

"Okay. Pick up the pace." Chris said.

Harpo started walking down the Dock of Shame.

Later, Tanya stopped by the boys cabin. Michael answered the door.

"Look." Tanya said. "I'm tired of sitting in baby puke, so why don't we call a truce?"

"Fine." Michael said. Michael handed Tanya her clothes and Tanya handed Michael his clothes.

"Pleasure doing business." Michael said.

"Will Harpo ever see Oprah again? Is Tanya finished with her revenge? Can Derek ever prepare a good meal again? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Harpo is eliminated.

Chapter 9 - Brick by Brick

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants had to live on the beach for as long as they could. While the Sharks lived for survival, the Beavers lived in luxury. After lots of struggle, bear chases, and rain, only Michael remained for the Killer Sharks. Tanya got revenge on Michael for putting her in a diaper and Oprah got revenge on Harpo for stealing Kyle away. After a horrible case of food poisoning a la Derek, the Killer Sharks won by default. Harpo was eliminated, but not before a sincere apology with Oprah. Who will be eliminated next in the most dramatic bonfire ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The teams sat at their respective tables in the mess hall. Derek walked out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of hot soup. He put the bowl down next to Tanya.

"Here Tanya" Derek said. "I think I finally got my cooking skill back."

Tanya looked into the bowl of soup.

"Why is it bubbling?" Tanya asked.

"What?" Derek said.

"The soup is bubbling." Tanya repeated.

The soup was bubbling slightly. Then, it started bubbling more and more.

"Oh no!" Derek said. "Everybody! Get out of here!"

Everyone ran out of the mess hall. Once everyone was outside, the mess hall exploded.

Chris drove up in a golf cart.

"Wow." Chris said. "If I ever want to assassinate someone, I'm calling Derek."

"Where are we supposed to eat now?" Rena asked.

"How about we let Derek cook for us?" Jamie suggested.

"No!" everyone said at once.

"How about we make it a challenge?" Chris said.

"Whoopee." Tanya said sarcastically.

"Ironically," Chris said. "I just bought a bunch of red and green bricks. You guys can rebuild the mess hall. You use your team color's bricks. I'll count the bricks at the end and whoever used the most wins."

"Is this challenge just because you don't want to pay for workers?" Rena asked.

"Pretty much." Chris said.

"Okay, dudes." 7-Up said. "Let's get building."

"Let's start" Chris said.

The two teams walked over to their colored bricks.

"Does anyone know how to do this?" Bianca asked.

"No clue." Oscar said.

"I think you just put the cement on top." 7-Up explained. "And then stack the bricks together."

"Cool." Oscar said. "Guess we should start."

Meanwhile, Rena and Tanya walked into their cabin.

"I just need to get some stuff." Tanya said.

Tanya noticed a letter on the floor.

"Hey." Tanya said. "Check this out."

Tanya picked the letter up from the ground.

"From your secret admirer." Tanya read.

Tanya opened the letter.

"I know there's an ocean between us, and I wish that it weren't true, for every day when I arise, I yearn to be with you. Though a lot of distance lies between us, you'll always be in my mind and my heart, And every night beneath the stars, I pray for the day we'll never be part."

"Aw..." Tanya and Rena said at the same time.

"Who is this Romeo?" Rena said.

"I bet we can find out." Tanya said.

"Let's do it." Rena said.

"Well, we know that they are separated." Tanya said. "So they must be on separate teams."

"We also know it's not Michael," Rena said. "because he's not romantic."

The two laughed and then left the cabin.

"I wish Adam had wrote that." Tanya said in a confessional. "Any girl would be lucky to have that boy as their boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers stacked bricks on top of each other.

"You working on the cement there Simon?" Ernest asked.

"You know it." Simon said.

Rena walked up to the team.

"Hey Ernest." Rena said. "Are you into poetry?"

"Are you?" Ernest asked.

"Sure." Rena said.

"Then yes." Ernest said.

"Awkward." Rena said. "Kyle, you're quite a romantic, aren't you?"

"Well, girls do throw themselves at me." Kyle bragged. "but I'm not looking for a relationship right now."

"Crap!" Simon yelled. "They've already finished a wall."

"Whoa." Oprah said. "They work fast."

"Pick up the pace." Kyle said. "And where is Tanya?"

Meanwhile, Tanya walked up to the Killer Sharks.

"Hey look." Bianca said. "It's Baby Tanya."

"Great to see you too, Bianca." Tanya said. "Hey 7-Up, you do a little bit of rhyming in your raps, right?"

"Sure" 7-Up said.

"Like in poems." Tanya said.

"Whoa, no." 7-Up said. "Raps are hardcore, poems are girly. Raps are from the soul, poems are from the..."

7-Up shuddered.


"How dare Tanya insult the art of rapping by comparing it to poetry." 7-Up said in a confessional.

"Okay..." Tanya said. "What about you, Oscar?"

"Nah." Oscar said. "I don't do poetry. I like to express my love in the form of 'Hey, is it hot in here or is it just you?'"

"Okay. Thanks for the input." Tanya said as she walked away.

"Buh-bye, baby." Bianca said.

Tanya dropped green bricks in their pile as she walked away.

"Idiot." Tanya said in a confessional.

"The Killer Sharks have finished two walks while the Beavers have only finished half of their first one." Chris announced.

Rena met with Tanya.

"Okay, so it must be Derek or Simon." Rena said.

Ernest put his hand against a brick and knocked over the whole wall.

"What the?" Ernest said. "Simon, you were in charge of the cement."

"I was supposed to put the cement on the bricks?" Simon questioned.

"Yeah" Tanya said. "I bet Simon's the genius behind the poem."

"Okay" Rena said. "So it must be Derek."

"Which means the girl is on the Killer Sharks." Tanya said. "It's either Carol or Jamie."

"What about Bianca?" Rena asked.

"Bianca's a jerk." Tanya stated.

"Well Carol's crazy and Jamie's an idiot." Rena said. "Maybe we're wrong. Maybe Brandon left it before he left."

"Or Adam." Tanya said hopefully. "or maybe we should double-check."

"I'm positive." Rena said. "Ernest is too busy crushing on me and Kyle doesn't want a relationship."

"Looks like the Killer Sharks finished the third wall and is starting the fourth where the Beavers have almost finished." Chris said.

Ernest tapped the wall and it fell over.

"Simon!" Ernest yelled.

"Sorry!" Simon said.

"Looks like Ernest broke the fourth wall." Chris said. Chris started laughing.

"Come on guys!" 7-Up shouted.

The Killer Sharks built up the fourth wall.

"There you have it." Chris said. "The Killer Sharks used 1995 bricks and the Screaming Beavers used 5 bricks, which I think the Killer Sharks accidentally put up anyway, so the Killer Sharks win."

"Yes!" Bianca said.

"Vote someone off, Beavers!" Chris said.

"But it doesn't make any sense." Rena said. "Who wrote the love letter?"

The Beavers sat around the campfire. "As I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As Chris called the campers' names they received a marshmallow.






"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Simon, time to take the Boat of Losers."

Both teams watched as Simon walked down the Dock of Shame. He stopped at the end of the dock.

"I have something to say." Simon said.

"I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes, and the sound of your voice. I love your gentle touch, and I love the warmth I feel when I’m by your side. I can't stop thinking about you when we are apart. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you. I love you, Carol."

"Aw..." All the girls said at once.

Carol ran to the end of the dock and kissed Simon, before he was dragged onto the boat.

"Will Simon be with Carol? Will Derek make non-exploding food? Will Rena and Tanya ever get the love letters they want? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Simon is eliminated.

Chapter 10 - Across the Facts

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, Derek destroyed the mess hall with his killer stew, so the two teams had to build a new one with colored bricks. Tanya and Rena found a love letter and tried to track down the source, to no avail. Tanya sabotaged Bianca and the Killer Sharks, which didn't make much of a difference in the end when the Sharks won by 1990 bricks. Simon was eliminated due to the fact that he didn't know how to use cement. Before he left, he admitted that he was the one who wrote the love letter to Carol and shared a kiss with her. Who will walk the Dock of Shame next at the most dramatic bonfire ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat in the mess hall.

"You know." Michael said. "It's not half bad. My favorite part is that there's only 5 green bricks."

The entire team started laughing.

"Talk about a major upset." Oscar said. "We just gotta keep the wins coming."

Meanwhile, Derek was cooking in the kitchen. Kyle walked in, saw Derek cooking, and slowly walked out.

"Wait!" Derek said.

Kyle walked back in.

"Please try this." Derek said.

"No way!" Kyle said. "I don't feel like dying today."

"Please!" Derek said.

"Fine." Kyle said. Kyle took out a piece of paper. "but sign this waiver."

"You carry that around with you?" Derek asked.

"I'm a bodybuilder." Kyle said. "You never know."

Derek signed the paper and Kyle took a bite of it.

Suddenly, one of Kyle's eyes got bigger than the other.

"Are you okay?" Derek asked.

Kyle grabbed onto Derek's shoulders.

"Where am I?" Kyle asked.

"Camp Wawanakwa." Derek said.

"Whoa." Kyle said. "I feel weird."

Chris barged into the mess hall.

"Hello campers." Chris said.

"HELLO CHRIS!" Kyle shouted.

"Okay..." Chris said. "Time for today's challenge. You will have to get to the finish line by following the clues that I give you."

"Cool." 7-Up said. "Let's hear the clue."

"Where rank and stink don't mean a thing, males feel like they are king." Chris said.

"The boys' cabin!" everyone said at the same time.

Everyone rushed out of the mess hall.

"Maybe I should make the next clue harder." Chris said.

"You think?" an intern said.

"Who asked you?"

Meanwhile, Derek ran next to 7-Up.

"I don't get why I can't make food well anymore." Derek said.

"Maybe you're cursed." 7-Up said jokingly.

"That's it!" Derek said.

Derek ran ahead.

"I was kidding." 7-Up said.

Later, the two teams arrived at the boys cabin and started tearing the room apart.

"My bed!" Ernest cried.

Derek went to his bed and grabbed the two broken pieces of the tiki doll.

"Whoa." Kyle said standing on the top bunk. "I can fly."

Kyle jumped off the bed and smashed against the ground.

The Screaming Beavers piled out of the cabin.

"Hey." Michael said. "Where'd the Beavers go?"

"Maybe they went to get some food." Jamie suggested.

"Idiot." Michael muttered.

"They must've found the clue." Bianca said.

Meanwhile, the Beavers were running in the forest.

"The clue was so easy." Rena said. "The campers jumped from here. One to twenty-two. They fell and fell and fell. Into the ocean blue. It's the giant cliff."

Derek was talking to Ernest.

"So, you think you can put it back together?" Derek asked.

"I can try." Ernest said.

"If I put it back together and return it to Boney Island," Derek said. "then my curse will be broken and I can cook withour hurting anybody."

"Like Kyle?" Ernest asked.

Kyle hit himself with a rock.

"Yeah." Derek said.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks searched the boys cabin.

"Hey." 7-Up said. "Check out what I found in the faucet."

"The clue?" Michael asked.

"No, my old gum." 7-Up said.

"It's not gross." 7-Up said in a confessional. 7-Up chewed the gum.

"I found the clue." Oscar said.

"What does it say?" Michael asked.

"The campers jumped from here. One to twenty-two. They fell and fell and fell. Into the ocean blue." Oscar said.

"Ocean blue must mean the lake." Michael said.

"And 22 is the meter line used in a rugby game." Jamie said. "It must be the rugby field."

"That was so smart that it was incredibly stupid!" Michael said in a confessional.

"It means the 22 original campers." Bianca said. "It must be the cliff they jumped off in the first episode."

The Killer Sharks ran out of the cabin and into the forest.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers arrived at the cliff.

"Look" Kyle said. "It's a pit filled with blue frosting."

"It sure is." Tanya said. "Go get some."

Kyle jumped off the cliff.

"Who's next?" Tanya asked.

"Ladies first." Ernest said.

Rena rolled her eyes and jumped off. Tanya jumped off next.

"Ernest, keep putting the tiki together." Derek said.

Derek jumped off the cliff. Oprah jumped off next.

"Ernest!" Rena screamed.

"Coming dear." Ernest said.

"Don't call me that!" Rena yelled.

Ernest threw the tiki doll down into the ocean and jumped off.

"Where's the tiki doll?" Derek asked.

"I threw it down to you." Ernest said.

Derek spotted the tiki doll and saw it sinking. He quickly grabbed it.

"That was close." Derek said in a confessional. "I gotta keep this thing safe if I ever want to cook again."

Later, the Screaming Beavers arrived on the shore and saw Chris next to a boat.

"Since your team was the first here." Chris said. "you get to take the boat to Boney Island."

"We're going to Boney Island?" Derek asked excitedly.

"You sure are." Chris said.

"Chris, is there a hot glue gun I could use?" Ernest asked.

"There's one on the boat." Chris said.

Ernest hopped on the boat.

"Your clue is 'Above the mouth and below the eyes. That is where the secret lies.'" Chris said.

"Rena?" Tanya said as she looked at her.

"I don't know." Rena said.

"Okay." Chris said. "Everyone on the boat."

Everyone hopped on the boat and the boat started. Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks arrived at the cliff.

"Let's pick up the pace." Oscar said. He jumped off the cliff.

Bianca jumped off the cliff. 7-Up jumped next. Bianca came up from the water without her bra on.

"Not again!" Bianca said.

7-Up came up from the water with Bianca's bra.

"Hey, look." 7-Up said.

"Give me that!" Bianca said as she grabbed the bra from 7-Up.

Carol leaped off the cliff next.

"Go Jamie!" Michael yelled.

"I'm too scared!" Jamie said.

"Stop being a screw-up!" Michael yelled. "What have you done for this team since we started?"

"I don't know, but I just can't jump!"

"God, Jamie!" Michael yelled. "If you won't jump, then I'll have to push you."

Michael pushed Jamie off the cliff and then jumped.

"I have a hunch that Michael doesn't really appreciate the work I do for the team." Jamie said in a confessional.

Later, the Killer Sharks arrived at the shore to see Chris.

"Sadly, you guys are behind the Screaming Beavers, so you'll have to take the canoes to Boney Island." Chris said.

"Whatever." Michael said. "What's the clue?"

"Above the mouth and below the eyes. That's where the secret lies." Chris said.

"Cool." Michael said. "Let's get canoeing."

The Killer Sharks set off on their canoes. Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers arrived on Boney Island.

"Have you figured out the clue yet?" Oprah asked.

"Not yet." Rena said.

Kyle grabbed Rena's hair and sniffed it. Rena waved him away.

"Look." Kyle said. "skull."

Kyle pointed to the mountain shaped like a skull.

"That's it!" Rena said. "Above the mouth, below the eyes. It's on the skull-shaped mountain on the nose. The Screaming Beavers started running towards the skull. Later, the Killer Sharks arrived on the island.

"Okay." Michael said. "We have to get to the skull."

The Killer Sharks started running towards the skull. Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers were standing by the skull.

"Who can climb the skull?" Rena asked.

"Kyle could if he weren't loony." Derek said. "I suck at climbing, and Ernest is working on my tiki."

"Is your tiki worth more than us winning?" Rena asked.

"Cooking is my life." Derek said.

"Whatever." Tanya said. "I'll go."

Derek and Rena hoisted Tanya and she started climbing. When Tanya was at about the mouth, the Killer Sharks arrived.

"Let me up." Bianca said. "I can beat that diaper dork."

"I'll get back at Bianca" Tanya said in a confessional.

"I hate that girl." Bianca said in a confessional.

Michael and Oscar lifted Bianca up and she started climbing. When Bianca reached the mouth, Tanya grabbed the clue and let go of the mountain. The Screaming Beavers ran away.

"Hurry up, Bianca!" Michael yelled.

Bianca jumped and grabbed a rock. A few minutes later, she got the clue and let go of the mountain.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers read the clue.

"Entertainment and arts are seen here, so finish at the amphitheater." Rena read.

"Let's go!" Tanya yelled.

"I can't." Derek said.

"What?" Oprah said.

"Ernest needs to finish my tiki." Derek said.

"Hurry up Ernest!" Rena yelled.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks ran through the forest and hopped in their canoes.

"Finished!" Ernest said. Derek took the tiki and set it gently on the ground.

"Let's go!" Tanya yelled.

The Screaming Beavers ran onto their boat and set off on Lake Wawanakwa. Later, they arrived on the island and started running toward the amphitheater. Once they arrived at the amphitheater, they saw that the Killer Sharks had arrived already.

"The Killer Sharks win!" Chris announced.

The Screaming Beavers sighed.

"Beavers, you better pick your favorite loser and get ready for the bonfire ceremony." Chris said.

Later, Rena walked into the kitchen where Derek was cooking.

"Hey Rena." Derek said. "It worked! My curse is gone."

"Great..." Rena said.

"Wow." Rena said in a confessional. "That boy does love cooking."

Meanwhile, Kyle puked on Ernest.

"Whoa." Kyle said. "What happened?"

"We lost the challenge." Ernest said.

"I don't remember anything." Kyle said.

Later, the Beavers sat around the campfire. "When I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As Chris called the campers' names, they got a marshmallow.





"The last marshamllow goes to..."












"Well, at least I got my talent back." Derek said. "See you guys."

"Will Tanya and Bianca claw each other to death? Will Jamie ever realize that Michael can't stand her? Will Bianca's bra fall off again? I sure hope so. Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Derek is eliminated.

Chapter 11 - Sweet Baby Jamie

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the teams competed in a race of riddles. After swallowing some on Derek's crappy food, Kyle lost his head. Luckily, Derek found the cure to his curse, the tiki doll. Michael forced Jamie to jump off a cliff, while 7-Up found Bianca's bra. On a trip to Boney Island, Tanya and Bianca raced up the side of the mountain. Derek refused to leave because of his curse and the Killer Sharks pulled ahead for the win. Derek was eliminated in the end. Who will be next this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat in the mess hall eating.

"I'm so glad Derek left this soup before he left." Kyle said.

"Forget the soup." Rena said. "We fell behind the Killer Sharks. We need to win this challenge."

"It must be Adam." Tanya said. "When he was here, we kept winning challenges. We've had three eliminations since he left and they've had none."

"Maybe we'll get lucky." Oprah said.

"We don't want luck." Rena said.

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Hello campers!" Chris said. "Time for today's challenge."

"As long as i don't have to wear a diaper, I'm good." Tanya said.

Chris started laughing. "Then this isn't the challenge for you. It's the baby carriage race!"

"Babies, again?" Tanya asked. "Why?"

"Because I think it's funny." Chris said.

"Seriously." Michael said.

"Each team must have a person in their baby carriage and a person pushing it." Chris explained. "You'll reach three different checkpoints where you'll find two baby bottles. Both have directions, but one has a pass to dress up a camper from the opposing team and babysit them."

"This challenge was made so that I could get back at Michael." Tanya said in a confessional. "Thank you karma."

The two teams walked to the starting line. Michael and Rena grabbed the baby bottles and opened them.

"Mine has the pass." Rena said.

"Who would you like to babysit?" Chris asked.

"Michael." Tanya said.

"What?" Michael said. "We called a truce."

"That was so I could get my clothes back." Tanya said.

Later, the two teams lined up at the starting line.

"So, who wants to ride in the carriage?" Bianca asked.

"I will." Jamie said. "It'll be fun."

"Whatever." Bianca said.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers talked.

"Who wants to ride in the carriage?" Rena asked.

"Ernest is the lightest." Oprah said.

"Hey!" Ernest said.

"Well, it's true." Rena said.

"Fine." Ernest said.

"And here comes Michael." Chris pointed out.

Michael came out dressed as a baby. Everyone started laughing.

"And I thought Tanya was funny." Chris said in a confessional. Chris kept laughing.

"I think you look cute." Jamie said.

"Shut up Jamie!" Michael yelled.

"Remember, you have to listen to the other team and can't slow them down in any way." Chris said.

"Whatever." Michael said. "Let's just get this over with."

"Ready, set, GO!" Chris said.

The two teams raced off.

"Okay, the directions said to head into the middle of the forest to the giant rock." Rena said.

"I know where that is." Oprah said. "Follow me."

"Come on baby." Tanya said to Michael.

"Why do you have to do this to me?" Michael asked.

"Because you did it to me." Tanya said. "Now if you're a good little boy, I'll get you a balloon."

All of the girls laughed. Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks ran.

"Hey Bianca..." Jamie said.

"Shut up!" Bianca said.

"Can I ask you something?" Jamie asked.

"You just did." Bianca said. "Now shut up!"

"Do you think that Michael appreciates what I give to the alliance and the team?" Jamie asked.

"You don't give anything." Bianca said.

"But we're friends so it shouldn't matter, right?" Jamie asked.

"Sure." Bianca said. "Whatever."

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers ran.

"I think we lost them." Rena stated.

Michael looked worried for his team.

"We need to stop." Michael said.

"Chris said you couldn't slow us down." Tanya said.

"It's not that." Michael said. "I have to go to the bathroom."

"You're wearing a diaper." Tanya said.

"Never mind." Michael said.

Later, the Screaming Beavers arrived at the giant rock where there is a table with two stacks of baby food.

"Welcome Screaming Beavers." Chris said. "Before you can pick your baby bottle, one of your teammates must eat all of this baby food. You can't use anyone that you got from the other team."

"I'll do it." Kyle stated.

"Are you sure?" Rena asked.

"I've eaten Derek's crap." Kyle said. "I can eat this."

Kyle walked over and started eating. Tanya walked over to Michael.


Michael dressed as a baby.

"Now you know how I feel." Tanya said.

"Look, I'm sorry." Michael said.

"It's a little late for sorry." Tanya said. "You embarrassed me in front of the entire island. So I'm going to embarrass you."

"What are you talking about?" Michael said. "I'm already in a diaper."

"Yeah." Tanya said. "But two more suckers are already going to be in diapers. I'm going to make it special, just for you."

"Gosh!" Michael said in a confessional. "I may have embarrassed her, but can't she give me a break?"

When Kyle had finished about half of the baby food, the Killer Sharks ran up.

"Yes!" Michael shouted.

"Sharks, who will be your baby food eater?" Chris asked.

"This is where I shine." 7-Up said.

7-Up started eating baby food really quickly. Kyle saw this and puked.

"Hurry up, Kyle!" Rena yelled.

"No, it's okay." Michael said. "Take your time."

7-Up finished the baby food.

"Bianca, grab a bottle." 7-Up said.

Bianca grabbed a baby bottle and opened it.

"We get to pick a baby." Bianca said.

"Jamie, pick Tanya." Michael whispered.

"But she already had to." Jamie said. "It's not fair that she has to do it again."

"Listen to me, Jamie." Michael said.

"The Sharks pick Kyle." Jamie said.

"Idiot." Michael said in a confessional.

Kyle stopped eating and changed into his costume. Carol spotted him.

"Awww...." Carol said. "He's so cute."

Carol went up and pinched his cheek.

"Stop that." Kyle said.

The Killer Sharks and Kyle ran off.

"Someone else has to finish the baby food." Chris said.

"There's only five cans left." Ernest said.

"I'll do it." Tanya said.

Tanya choked one can down. Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks ran ahead. Carol ran next to Kyle.

"You're such a cute wittle baby." Carol said.

"Carol, that's starting to get creepy." Kyle said.

Kyle tripped over a rock and Carol stopped.

"Oh my gosh!" Carol said, helping Kyle up. "Are you okay, my baby?"

"I'm fine." Kyle said. "We need to catch up to the team."

"No." Carol said. "You need attention."

Carol hugged Kyle.

"Where's the boo-boo?" Carol said. "I'll kiss it."

"Carol, you do realize I'm not an actual baby, right?" Kyle said.

"Don't be silly, baby boy." Carol said.

"You're serious?" Kyle said. "I knew you were crazy, but this is extremely creepy."

"Aww..." Carol said. "Someone needs a nap."

"No, I need you to get away from me." Kyle said. "Don't you want to catch up with your team?"

"They'll be fine without me." Carol said.

"Carol should be locked up in some mental hospital somewhere." Kyle said in a confessional. "I can't believe she thinks I'm her baby. That sounds weird no matter how you say it."

Meanwhile, Tanya finished the baby food. Rena grabbed the baby bottle and opened it.

"We have to go to the pond in the middle of the forest." Rena said.

The Screaming Beavers and Michael ran off.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks ran in the forest. Bianca stopped and everyone stopped after her.

"Where's Carol and Kyle?" Bianca asked.

"I don't know." Oscar said. "We should keep going. We'll meet up with them later.

The Killer Sharks started running again. Meanwhile, Carol had Kyle in her lap and his head cradled in her arms. She had a baby bottle full of milk in the other hand and was trying to put it in his mouth.

"Carol." Kyle said. "I don't want milk out of a baby bottle."

"Come on, baby." Carol said. "Drink your babo."

"Babo?" Kyle asked.

Carol forced the bottle in his mouth until he had drunken all of it.

"I can't believe you made me drink out of a baby bottle." Kyle said.

"I think you need a nap." Carol said.

"No, I don't think that..." Kyle said. He was interrupted by Carol singing.

"Rock a by baby on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock."

Kyle fell asleep. Meanwhile, both teams arrived at the pond where there are two baby swings and two colored ribbons tied to the tree.

"Campers, time for the second challenge." Chris said. "You must put a contestant in the baby swing and the others must push until she can reach the team-colored ribbon tied to the tree."

"I'm going in the baby swing." Bianca said.

"Let me go." Tanya said. "I won't lose to Bianca this time."

The two hopped in the baby swings and their teammates started pushing.

"If Kyle were here, this would be easy." Rena said.

Oprah looked over at the Killer Sharks.

"Where is Kyle?" Oprah asked.

Meanwhile, Kyle woke up to find himself strapped in a stroller.

"Carol!" Kyle yelled. "Why am I in a baby stroller?"

"So your wittle feet won't get tired on the way back." Carol explained.

"Carol, I am not a baby." Kyle said. "Get me out of this stroller."

Suddenly, Kyle farted.

"Oh my god!" Kyle yelled. "What did you put in that drink?"

"A little bit of laxatives." Carol said. "Don't worry, I'll change your diaper."

"No way!" Kyle yelled.

Carol unstrapped Kyle from his stroller and restrained him from running. She took his diaper off, put on a new one, and put baby powder in it. Carol pushed Kyle back into his stroller and buckled him in.

"You just saw me naked." Kyle said in disbelief. "Are you crazy?"

"You're lucky you get a clean diaper." Carol said.

"I would've had one if someone hadn't put laxatives in my drink!" Kyle yelled.

Carol started running fast with the stroller. Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers had almost pushed Tanya to the top. Tanya reached out and grabbed the green ribbon.

"I got it." Tanya said.

Everyone stopped pushing and tried to help Tanya out.

"Eat that, Bianca." Tanya said.

Tanya wouldn't budge out of the swing.

"You're stuck." Rena said.

"What?!" Tanya said.

Bianca reached the red ribbon and stopped the baby swing. She got out and grabbed the baby bottle.

"It's not in here." Bianca said.

"Beavers, who do you want?" Chris asked.

"We'll just take 7-Up." Oprah said.

The rest of the Killer Sharks ran away.

"That's where a model figure comes in handy." Bianca said.

"Crap!" Tanya yelled. "Just take the baby swing."

Rena opened the baby bottle and got the pass.

"Michael and 7-Up, pick up the baby swing." Rena commanded.

"Whatever." Michael said.

7-Up came out in his diaper.

"Let's do it." 7-Up said.

The two lifted the baby swing and Oprah pushed Ernest in the carriage. Meanwhile, Carol pushed Kyle in his stroller.

"Does baby want another drink?" Carol asked.

"NO!" Kyle yelled.

"Someone's a little grumpy." Carol said.

"Gosh!" Kyle yelled. "I am not a baby!"

"Yes, you are." Carol said.

"No, I'm not." Kyle said. "I am 16 years old. I've been competing for the past 2 weeks. Don't you remember me?"

"Of course I remember you." Carol said.

Kyle sighed with relief.

"You're my baby son."

Kyle screamed.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks arrived at the cliff.

"This is where the clue lead us." Oscar said. "I guess we jump off."

Oscar pushed Jamie's carriage off the cliff. Jamie screamed.

"Not again!"

Oscar jumped in and Bianca followed. Shortly after, the Screaming Beavers showed up.

"Okay, drop me down first." Tanya said.

"No problem." Michael said.

Michael and 7-Up threw Tanya's baby swing over the cliff.

"She meant gently." Rena said as she dived in after Tanya.

Oprah pushed Ernest in and jumped in.

"We can't hold them back." 7-Up said.

7-Up jumped in next and Michael jumped in after sadly.

Later, the Killer Sharks arrived on shore to meet Chris.

"Well, looks like the Killer Sharks won." Chris said. "At least that's what I would say if all of your members were here."

The Screaming Beavers came up on shore.

"Which means the Screaming Beavers win." Chris said.

"What?" Michael said. "But those guys got here first."

"But there missing a few people."

Meanwhile, Carol and Kyle arrived at the cliff.

"We have to jump." Kyle said.

"No." Carol said, wrapping her arms around Kyle. "I'm not letting my baby jump."

"I'm not your baby!" Kyle said.

Kyle pushed Carol's arms off of him and jumped off the cliff.

"Kyle!" Carol screamed.

She jumped in after him. Later, they ended up on shore.

"Welcome back." Michael said angrily.

"Do you need me to change your diaper again?" Carol asked.

"No!" Kyle yelled.

"Again?" Oprah asked.

"Don't ask." Kyle said. "I beg you."

"Can we change out of these diapers now?" Michael asked.

"Just for fun." Chris said. "why don't you just stay in them for the rest of the day?"

Later, Michael met with Jamie.

"Okay, we're going to vote off Carol." Michael said.

"Why?" Jamie asked. "Bianca's being really mean to everybody."

"So?" Michael asked. "Bianca's a valuable teammate, Carol's insane. She thinks Kyle's her friggin son!"

"So, you'd rather have a mean teammate who helps in challenges than a nice teammate who doesn't accomplish as much?" Jamie asked.

"Duh." Michael said.

"I'm not voting with you." Jamie said.

"God! You can't do anything right!" Michael screamed. "You're out of the alliance! I don't need your vote! Carol will be eliminated and trust me, you are next!"

Michael stormed away.

"It's so hard to take him seriously when he's in a diaper." Jamie said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Carol and Kyle sat in the mess hall. Kyle was strapped into a highchair and Carol was feeding him.

"Here comes the plane." Carol said.

"No, Carol!" Kyle said. "I AM NOT YOUR SON!"

"Kyle!" Carol said. "If you yell at your mother again, I'll give you a timeout!"

"Oh my god!" Kyle said in a confessional. "I can't take it anymore. Whether I like or not, I'm Carol's new son. There's no convincing her otherwise. I just can't wait until she gets eliminated!"

Later, the Killer Sharks sat around the campfire. "Welcome Killer Sharks, when I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As Chris called their names, they received a marshmallow.





"The final marshmallow goes to..."











"Baby Michael."

"Shut up!" Michael yelled.

"Wait!" Carol said. "My baby's still on the island. Who will take care of him?"

"Oh, don't worry." Michael said. "I'll take care of him alright."

"Thank you." Carol said. "Well, I guess I gotta go back home."

"I guess so." Chris said sarcastically.

"See you all in Hollywood!" Carol yelled. She threw down a ball of smoke and disappeared.

"She wants to be an actress?" Oscar asked curiously.

"No." Chris said. "She wants to be one of those coots you find in Hollywood."

Everyone stared at Chris.

"That's what it says on her application." Chris said.

Later, Tanya and Rena stared up at the flagpole.

"Now that's what I call embarrassing." Rena said.

Michael's diaper is connected to the flagpole. His hands are tied behind his back, his pacifier is in his mouth, and "Baby" is written on his chest.

"By the way," Tanya shouted. "Chris said you could take your costume off now."

"Will Michael ever get down from there? Will Kyle ever be reunited with his mommy? Will Jamie get another alliance? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Carol is eliminated.

Chapter 12 - An Olympic Quintathalon

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, I decided that I needed a good laugh so I put the contestants in diapers again, starting with Michael. Tanya swore that she would finally get revenge on Michael. Later, 7-Up downed some baby food before Kyle, which put him in a diaper. Carol was convinced that Kyle was her baby son and they were both separated from the Killer Sharks. Later, Bianca and Tanya raced in baby swings. The Killer Sharks pulled ahead when Tanya got stuck in the baby swing, but they got 7-Up in a diaper. The Killer Sharks jumped off the cliff and swam to shore, only to remember that they forgot Carol and Kyle. Jamie quit the alliance when Michael wouldn't vote off Bianca. Later, Carol was the one to walk the Dock of Shame. Who will be next this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat in the mess hall. Tanya walked in.

"Hey." Rena said. "They got you out of the baby swing!"

"Yeah." Tanya said. "But my legs are so sore. I can't move them out of this crouching position."

Rena pulled on Tanya's leg, but it wouldn't move. Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks talked.

"Does anyone know where Michael is?" 7-Up asked. Tanya and Rena smiled.

Meanwhile, Michael still hung from the flagpole in his diaper with the word "Baby" written on him. Chris walked out to him.

"You need some help?" Chris asked.

"Yeah." Michael said.

"Well." Chris said. "Good luck with that."

"Chris!" Michael yelled.

"I have a list of people I don't like." Michael said in a confessional. "At the top of that list are Tanya, Jamie, and Chris."

Later, Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Teams, time for today's challenge." Chris said. "You will compete in an Olympic quintathalon!"

"What's a kintpathathon?" Jamie asked.

"Quintathaoln." Chris repeated. "A race of roller skating, skateboarding, biking, running, and swimming. One contestant will compete in one of the events and tag the next person. The first team to finish wins."

"Chris." Oscar said. "We can't find Michael."

"Who needs him?" Jamie asked.

"He's hanging from the flagpole if you want him." Chris said.

The Killer Sharks ran out of the mess hall.

"You have an hour to pick your competitors and train." Chris said.

Meanwhile, the Killer Sharks lowered Michael off the flagpole.

"I'm going to get back at Tanya." Michael said.

"Why do you always have to get revenge?" Jamie asked. "Can't you ever forgive and forget?"

Michael walked next to Jamie.

"Jamie, Jamie, Jamie." Michael said. "You have a lot to learn about this competition. Too bad you won't have the chance to learn it because you're going to be eliminated next."

"Michael is really bugging me." Jamie said in a confessional. "He has no feelings at all."

"Okay." Michael said. "Oscar's obviously skateboarding. What's everybody else doing?"

"I'm the best swimmer." Bianca said.

"Okay. I can run pretty fast." Michael said. "Can you roller blade, 7-Up?"

"I've done it before." 7-Up said. "I can learn quickly."

"So that leaves...Jamie for the bike." Michael said.

"Well." Jamie said. "The problem is..."

"What?" Michael said.

"I don't know how to ride a bike." Jamie said.

Michael started laughing in a confessional. Oscar, Bianca, and 7-Up are also seen laughing in the confessional.

"How do you not know how to ride a bike?" Michael asked.

"I never learned." Jamie said.

"Well too bad." Michael said. "You'd better learn in the next hour or you're gone."

"This is perfect." Michael said in a confessional. "Everyone will hate her when she loses us the challenge."

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers talked.

"Who's doing what?" Rena asked.

"Tanya's perfect for the skateboard." Kyle said.

"Really?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah." Kyle said. "Since your legs are stuck crouched like that. Perfect for skateboarding. I can do the biking."

"Okay. I'll do the running." Rena said. "Oprah, put on your bathing suit."

"Eeeee..." Oprah screamed.

"And that leaves Ernest for roller blading." Rena said.

"Are you sure?" Ernest asked.

"I'm sure you can do it." Rena assured him.

Meanwhile, Jamie sat on her bike with Michael and Bianca next to her. 7-Up practiced his roller blading.

"Hey." 7-Up said. "I think I got it."

7-Up stumbled and fell over. Oscar did a jump on his skateboard and grinded against the cabin. Meanwhile, Michael and Bianca tried to help Jamie.

"You just pedal forwards to start the bike and pull them backwards to stop." Bianca explained.

Jamie fiddled with the pedals, but the bike wouldn't move.

"You're serious?" Michael asked. "Is it really that hard?"

"I'm trying!" Jamie shouted.

Oscar jumped over them and did an ollie. 7-Up started roller blading well, but crashed into a tree. Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers trained. Tanya did a kickflip on her skateboard. Kyle did a wheelie on his bike. Ernest walked up to Rena.

"Are you sure you want me to do the roller blading?" Ernest asked.

"You'll do fine." Rena said. "How bad could you be?"

"The more Ernest asks me that." Rena said in a confessional. "the more I'm worried that he won't be able to do it."

Meanwhile, Jamie started moving on her bike.

"I think I got it." Jamie said.

"Darn it." Michael said in a confessional. "Jamie may actually have this."

"Attention campers." Chris said. "Go to your starting point."

Later, Michael walked past the bikes. He grabbed a stick and stuck it inside Jamie's bike.

Later, Chris stood by 7-Up and Ernest in their roller blades.

"The roller bladers start here and meet the skateboarders in the forest. The skateboarders meet the bikers in the middle of the forest. The runners start at the edge of the forest and meet the swimmers at the top of the cliff where the dive in and swim back here. Ready, set, go!"

Ernest dashed off, but 7-Up started slowly.

"Whoa!" Chris said. "That Ernest is fast!"

Jamie and Kyle stood at the biking start.

"You'd better be ready." Jamie said. "I'm a pro at riding bikes."

"Didn't you learn how to today?" Kyle asked.

"Maybe." Jamie said. "Michael is such a jerk."

"Don't I know it." Kyle said. "At least you don't have some creep following you around, changing your diaper."

"I'm so glad Carol was eliminated." Kyle said in a confessional. "It's so weird having a girl your age act as your mom."

Meanwhile, Ernest bladed straight up to Tanya and tagged her and she rode off. A little later, 7-Up showed up and tagged Oscar. Oscar dashed off. Later, Oscar caught up with Tanya. Oscar grinded over a log and jumped over Tanya, grabbing a branch and swinging in front of her. Tanya pushes against the ground, but hurts her leg.

"Oww..." Tanya yelled.

Tanya slowed down. Later, Oscar tagged Jamie. Jamie tried to pedal, but the stick was stuck in the spokes.

"Go Jamie!" Oscar yelled.

"It won't move!" Jamie yelled.

"Do it like Michael and Bianca taught you." Oscar said.

Tanya skated up and tagged Kyle. Kyle dashed away.

"Come on, Jamie!" Oscar yelled.

"I'm trying as best as I can." Jamie said.

"It's not good enough." Oscar said. "It's never good enough! You never try your hardest in any of the challenges!"

Meanwhile, Kyle rode up to Rena and tagged her.

"Where is Jamie?" Michael asked. "I bet she screwed up."

Meanwhile, Jamie and Oscar try to start the bike. Jamie pedaled hard enough and broke the stick. She rode off. Meanwhile, Rena tagged Oprah and Oprah dove off the cliff and swam.

"God!" Bianca said. "We can't lose again!"

Meanwhile, Jamie tagged Michael.

"You'd better hope I catch up, loser!" Michael yelled as he ran off. Later, Michael reached the top of the cliff. He looked over to see that Oprah already reached shore.

"Screaming Beavers win!" Chris shouted. "Sharks, meet me at the bonfire ceremony, tonight."

Later, the Killer Sharks met.

"What went wrong?" 7-Up asked.

"It's Jamie!" Oscar yelled. "She messed up this challenge like she messes up every other one."

"Well, guess we all saw this coming." Michael said.

Later, the Sharks sit around the campfire. "If I call your name, come up and get a marshmallow." As he called their names, the got a marshmallow.




"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Next time, don't quit the alliance." Michael said. "That's your only protection."

"Whatever." Jamie said. "I had fun."

"Will Michael find a new alliance? Will Tanya ever get out of that awkward position? Can anyone on this earth shred as well as Oscar? Find the answers to these questions, except for the last one, next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Jamie is eliminated.

Chapter 13 - The Empty Bathroom Stall

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants competed in an Olympic quintathalon of roller balding, skateboarding, biking, running, and swimming. Michael and Jamie still bashed heads, especially when Jamie revealed she couldn't ride a bike. Tanya's legs were stuck, making her perfect for skateboarding. After Jamie learned to ride, Michael sabotaged his own team to eliminate Jamie. The Killer Sharks lost and Jamie was eliminated. Who will be next at the most dramatic elimination ceremony this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The girls walked out of their cabin. Bianca pushed Tanya.

"Hey." Tanya said. "What was that for?"

"You're not hogging the bathroom today."

Tanya slapped Bianca. The boys walked out of their cabin. Michael tapped 7-Up and pointed to the girls.

"Cat fight." he said. The hitting got harder and the boys stopped smiling.

"ooo...." They said simultaneously.

Oscar jumped out of the cabin on his skateboard.

"Hola senoritas." he said.

"What's up Oscar?" Oprah asked.

"I feel so good today." Oscar said. "I just feel lucky."

"What?!" 7-Up exclaimed. "You jinxed us. Knock on wood."

Oscar knocked on 7-Up's head.

"There." Oscar said.

"Ha-ha." 7-Up said sarcastically.

Oprah walked over to the girls and tried to separate them.

"Come on guys." Oprah said.

Bianca and Tanya got up, all bruised. Chris walked over to the campers.

"Good morning." Chris said. "Time for today's challenge."

"Can't we eat first?" Michael asked.

"Nope." Chris said. "You'll just end up puking it up anyway."

"What could be more disgusting than the challenges you've already put us through?" Tanya asked.

"Today's challenge is to clean the communal." Chris said.

The two teams looked disgusted.

"I know." Chris said. "but someone's got to do it."

"What about the interns?" Michael asked.

"This is more fun." Chris said. "The Killer Sharks get the boys and the Screaming Beavers get the girls."

"That's not fair." Bianca said. "Boys are more disgusting. Plus we have to clean the urinals."

"That's your punishment for losing the last challenge." Chris said.

"Our punishment was eliminating Jamie." 7-Up said.

"Not much of a punishment." Michael said.

"All of the supplies you need will be in the bathrooms." Chris said. "Go!"

The two teams raced off.

The Killer Sharks reached the boys bathroom. Bianca looked at the urinals.

"That is disgusting." Bianca said.

"You don't have to pee in them." 7-Up said.

"Okay." Michael said. "Oscar, unclog the toilets. Bianca, scrub the floor. 7-Up, clean the windows."

"What are you going to do?" Oscar asked.

"I have some revenge to take care of." Michael said. Michael walked out of the bathroom.

"Tanya thinks she can call off our truce." Michael said in a confessional. "Whatever. Game on!"

Meanwhile, the Screaming Beavers walked into the girls bathroom.

"This is pretty clean." Kyle said.

"We're girls." Rena said. "We like it clean. So Kyle and Ernest, take care of toilets. Tanya and Oprah, get the floor."

Michael sneaked into the girls bathroom. He walked into the showers. He swapped the shampoo with super glue and quickly walked out.

"Did someone just leave?" Tanya asked.

"I don't think so." Oprah said.

Michael walked into the boys bathroom.

"Nice job guys." Michael said.

Oscar plunged the toilet and suddenly, crap spurted out in his face.

"Crap!" Oscar yelled.

"What happened?" Michael asked.

"Crap!" Oscar said.

"Oh..." Michael said. "Crap."

"I need to shower." Oscar said.

"You can't." Michael said. "The showers are already clean."

"Just a short one." Oscar said, walking into the shower.

Chris walked in.

"Nice job guys." Chris said. "I'd say you're in the lead."

Meanwhile, the girls scrubbed the floor in the girl's bathroom.

"Done." Rena said.

"Are you guys almost done?" Oprah asked.

"Yeah." Ernest said.

Chris walked in.

"Almost there guys."

Later, Chris walked into the guys restroom.

"Looks like you're done." Chris said.

"Yes!" Michael said.

Chris looked at all the toilets.

"They're sparkling." Chris said.

Chris walked into the showers.

"Holy crap!" Chris yelled.

The Sharks peered into the showers to see them covered in dirt and crap.

"Oscar!" Michael yelled. "You didn't clean the shower after you took one!"

"Sorry." Oscar said. "I forgot."

Tanya ran in. "Chris, we're done."

Later, Chris walked out of the girls room.

"Spotless." Chris said. "Screaming Beavers win!"

"Again?" Michael said, shocked.

"It's Oscar." 7-Up said. "He jinxed us."

"What about Bianca?" Oscar said. "She was too hesitant to clean. She couldn't take it."

Later, the Sharks sat around the campfire. "When I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As he called the campers, they received a marshmallow.



"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Whatever." Oscar said. "See ya."

Oscar hopped on his skateboard and rode down the Dock of Shame.

Later, Tanya was in the shower. She grabbed the glue and put it in her hair. She started to rub it around in her hair, but stopped.

"Michael!" Tanya yelled.

"Will Michael and Tanya ever stop their feud? Will the bathrooms stay clean? Will Bianca be able to stand the heat? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Oscar is eliminated.

Chapter 14 - Afraid to Merge...NOT!

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants had to do the most disgusting and cruel task known to man. Cleaning the communal washrooms! Oscar felt that today was his lucky day, but 7-Up thought otherwise. Bianca shuddered at the fact of cleaning urinals, and Michael replaced Tanya's shampoo with glue. All this and more caused the Sharks to lose! By 'more', I mean Oscar getting covered in crap and then washing it off in the communal shower. Oscar was eliminated. Who will be next on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The two teams sat by the Dock of Shame.

"Man." 7-Up said. "What are we going to do without Oscar?"

"We'll be fine." Michael said. "The less people there are, the easier it is to keep track of people."

"Whatever." Tanya said. "Is that what all losers say to make themselves feel better?"

"Shut up, glue-head!" Michael yelled.

Suddenly, Chris walked up.

"Hello, campers!" Chris said. "Are you ready for this?"

"What?" Rena asked. "Another humiliating challenge?"

"Yes." Chris said. "But that's not the news. Since we only have eight people left, it's time for the teams to merge!"

"Sweet." Ernest said. "Now I can really show off my skills!"

"But that's not all!" Chris said.

"What more is there?" Oprah asked.

"We have two returning campers!"

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light. Michael fell back into the lake. When the light disappeared, there stood Vivian.

"You all remember Vivian?" Chris said.

"What's up, guys?" Vivian said.

Michael climbed out of the water. "But she screwed up the talent show challenge."

"Actually," Chris said. "Adam sabotaged her act."

"Adam." Michael said angrily.

Suddenly, a boat pulled up to the dock.

"Your second returning camper is..."

A brown-haired boy with a jungle vest and hat walked off the boat.

"Adam!" Tanya screamed.

"Hey Tanya." Adam said.

Tanya ran up and hugged Adam.

"What's that traitor doing back here?" Michael asked.

"He made the show more interesting." Chris said. "Sent the ratings up."

"I'm so psyched to be back." Adam said in a confessional. "I missed Tanya like hell. I will not screw up this chance."

"I can't believe Adam is back." Michael said in a confessional. "That little son of a-"

"Now that we got that over with." Chris said. "Time for today's challenge!"

"Can't wait!" Adam said.

"Today, you will have to face your worst fears!" Chris said.

"On second thought, I can wait." Adam said.

"There will be no elimination tonight." Chris said. "Each person who faces their fear will receive a special reward. Who wants to go first?"

Everyone was silent.

"Fine." Tanya said. "Let's do it."

"Tanya." Chris said, reading a piece of paper. "Your application says you are afraid of mice."

Michael started laughing.

"Shut up!" Tanya yelled.

Later, the campers lead Tanya to the cabin.

"We will fill the cabin with mice." Chris said. "If you leave the cabin, you lose. You need to last one minute."

Chris dumped mice onto the floor and closed the door. Tanya screamed.

"She won't last ten seconds." Michael said.

Tanya climbed onto the top of the bed. The mice started to climb too. Tanya screamed.

"It's okay." Adam called out. "You can do it."

Tanya stopped screaming. The mice started to climb on her legs and onto her arms.

"Time's up!" Chris yelled.

Tanya burst out of the cabin and ran away.

"Nice job!" Adam yelled after her.

"Michael." Chris said. "Let's do you next. It says you're afraid of bugs."

Everyone started laughing hysterically.

"Stop!" Michael said.

Chris led Michael to a booth full of bees.

"You have to stay in here for a minute." Chris said.

"No way, dude!" Michael yelled.

"Then no reward." Chris said.

"Fine." Michael said. "I'll try."

Michael ran into the booth. The bees started stinging him.

"Ow!" Michael yelled. "Crap!"

Michael hit the side of the booth. He then hit the other side and the booth fell over.

"Let me out!" Michael yelled.

Chris opened the booth. Everyone helped Michael out. Michael ran to the lake and jumped in.

"Who wants to go next?" Chris asked. "How about Ernest?"

"Uh..." Ernest said.

"Okay." Chris said. "Your application says that you are afraid of needles."

"Yeah." Ernest said. "I've always hated them."

Chris pushed Ernest down on a table.

"Yeah, yeah." Chris said. "Sob story, flashback."

Chris tapped a needle.

"Ready?" Chris asked.

"Not really." Ernest said.

"Okay then." Chris said.

Chris held the needle towards Ernest's skin. Ernest slapped the needle away. The needle landed in Michael's eye. Michael screamed.

"Holy crap!" Michael yelled. "There's a needle in my eye!"

"Call an ambulance!" Bianca yelled.

"Right." Chris said. Chris ran away. Later, the ambulance returned. Michael walked out with an eyepatch.

"Are you okay?" Ernest asked.

"There was a needle in my eye." Michael said. "How do you think I feel?!"

"You'll get over it." Chris said. "Let's continue the challenge with Vivian. It says here that you're afraid of snakes."

"That's right." Vivian said.

"All you have to do is touch this snake." Chris said, carrying a cage with a snake. He released the snake. Vivian walked up to the snake. She slowly reached her hand towards it. As soon as she's about to touch it, it bites her. Suddenly, it explodes and blood and snake guts fly everywhere.

"Get her to the infirmary!" Chris yelled.

Two interns carried her away on a stretcher.

"Technically, she passed the challenge, so she'll get a reward." Chris said. "Next, we have Kyle, whose afraid of water."

"Why are you afraid of water?" Oprah asked.

"The first time I went swimming. I jumped off the high diving board without my parents knowing. I blacked out. When I woke up, they told me I had almost drowned. I landed on my butt, so the doctors had to remove my bathing suit from my butt crack. I never went swimming again."

"Aww..." Oprah said. "That's so sweet."

"Well." Chris said. "It's time to face that fear. The interns set up a diving board by the lake. Just jump in for the reward."

Kyle climbed up the diving board and looked down.

"I can't do it." Kyle said.

"Wait, Kyle!" Oprah said. "I know you can do it. Come on!"

Kyle looked down again, closed his eyes, and jumped in. He landed in the water and screamed.

"Are you okay?" Oprah asked.

Kyle walked out of the water with his bathing suit stuck in his butt.

"Call the medics again." Chris said.

Later, Kyle is carted into the infirmary where Michael and Vivian are.

"Why are you naked?" Michael asked.

"I'm not." Kyle said. "My bathing suit is stuck up my butt."

Michael started laughing.

"Shut up!" Kyle yelled. "How's Vivian doing?"

"They knocked her out." Michael said. "They sucked the venom out. She'll be fine."

A big, black doctor walked up and stretched out his glove.

"Time to get that bathing suit out." the doctor said.

"Not again." Kyle said. Kyle turned on his stomach. The doctor started to reach toward his butt. Michael turned away. Meanwhile, Chris talked to the other campers.

"Let's go with 7-Up next." Chris said. "Says that you're afraid of dogs."

"Yeah dude." 7-Up said. "I filmed this one music video called 'Black Dawg.' The director had me rap next to a bunch of hound dogs. I ran away and they had to cancel the video."

"Well now it's time for a second chance." Chris said. "You have to rap..."

Two hound dogs on chains ran out at 7-Up.

" to these dogs."

7-Up slowly walked towards the dogs.

"Start the music!" Chris yelled.

7-Up started rapping.

"Teeth like daggers, Claws like knives, Fur like rugs, Eyes like mine. When the moon goes down, they come out. When they come out, you're going to shout. It's a black dawg. Woof, woof, woof. It's a black dawg. Woof, woof, woof. You're going to shout."

The hound dogs jumped on 7-Up.

"Nice job, 7-Up." Chris said. "You win the reward."

The hound dogs ran away.

"Now it's time for Rena." Chris said.

"I'm not afraid of anything." Rena said.

"That's not what your application says." Chris said.

"That's impossible." Rena said. "I wrote 'nothing.'"

"It says you have a fear of mirrors." Chris said.

"Crap!" Rena said. "I must have written it by accident."

"You're afraid of mirrors?" Tanya asked.

"Shut up!" Rena yelled.

"All you have to do is look at yourself in this mirror." Chris said.

Chris handed Rena the mirror, but Rena looked away. Rena slowly glanced at herself, but screamed and threw the mirror. The mirror shattered against the wall.

"Okay." Chris said. "Rena loses. Let's go with Bianca now. It says you're afraid of gangstas."

"I was mugged in Malibu once. I was so scared." Bianca explained.

"Aww..." Chris said mockingly. "That's so sweet."

A gangsta runs up and points a pistol at Bianca.

"Give me your money." the gangsta said.

Bianca grabbed her purse and hit him with it, again and again. Finally, she hit him in the nuts, took his gun, and pointed it at him.

"Nice job, Bianca!" Chris said. "You pass!"

The gangsta ran away crying.

"That's hot." Michael said in a confessional.

"Now we have Oprah." Chris said. "Says you are afraid of roller coasters."

"Yeah." Oprah said sadly.

"Well, we don't have a roller coaster here." Chris said.

"Yes!" Oprah exclaimed.

"So we had the interns build a small one." Chris said.

Later, the contestants surround a roller coaster. Oprah hopped in.

"You have to last a whole time around." Chris said. "To stop it, hit that red button. Go!"

The roller coaster started and then immediately stopped.

"What happened?" Chris asked.

"I hit the button." Oprah said. "I couldn't do it."

"Okay, last but not least is Adam." Chris said.

"Cool." Adam said.

"It says here that you're afraid of ghosts." Chris said.

"Yeah." Adam studdered. " are you going to get a g...ghost here?"

"I don't know." Chris said. "What about a seance?"

"What's that?" 7-Up asked.

"A communication with the spirits." Chris said.

Later, Chris and the campers sat around a table with a candle in the middle.

"Everyone join hands." Chris said. Everyone grasped the person next to them's hands.

"If you can here us, give us a sign." Chris said.

The flame went out.

"Good." Chris said. "You're there."

"Uh..." Adam said. "I don't want to do this anymore."

"Nonsense." Chris said. "Spirits, speak to us."

Michael came behind Adam.


Adam screamed and ran away. Michael high-fived Chris.

"Okay." Chris said. "Adam failed which makes Tanya, Vivian, Kyle, 7-Up, and Bianca the winners."

"What do we win?" Bianca asked.

"A day at the spa." Chris announced.

"Sweet." 7-Up said.

"Will Tanya look any better after a day at the spa? Will Michael's eye recover? Did Kyle get that bathing suit out of his butt? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Chapter 15 - Here Comes the Ton

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the two teams merged and it became a free-for-all! Also, Vivian and Adam returned to the competition, much to Michael's dismay. The ten had to face their worst fears, including mirrors, dogs, water, and much more. In the end, there was no elimination. Five competitors won a day at the spa while another five get to stay at Camp Wawanakwa. Who will walk down the Dock of Shame tonight at the most dramatic campfire ceremony yet this time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

Michael sat at the Dock of Shame with Rena.

"I can't believe those losers get to live it up at a spa!" Michael yelled.

"Maybe if you didn't fear six-inch creatures." Rena said.

"At least I'm not afraid of my reflection." Michael said.

Suddenly, a boat arrived. The five walked off the boat.

"That was awesome!" 7-Up said.

"I feel so relaxed." Kyle said.

Chris screamed into a bullhorn. "Well get over it!"

All the contestants covered their ears.

"It's time for today's grueling challenge!" Chris said.

"Great." Michael said. "What form of torture do you have planned for us today?"

"Meet me at the mess hall." Chris said as he walked off.

"How's your eye doing?" Bianca asked Michael.

"Fine." Michael said. "It's healing."

Bianca started smiling.

"What?" Michael asked.

"Oh..." Bianca said. "Nothing."

Bianca ran away.

"What's up with her?" Michael asked.

"I think she likes you dude." 7-Up said.

"What?" Michael said. "How come she hasn't shown it before?"

"Maybe it's your eyepatch." 7-Up said jokingly.

"Seriously." Michael said.

"I don't know." 7-Up said. "Girls are strange."

Later, the contestants met Chris in the mess hall.

"Today's challenge will test your strength." Chris said.

"Then Kyle will win." Oprah said. "He's so strong."

Kyle smiled awkwardly.

"I don't think Oprah understands that I'm not into her." Kyle said in a confessional. "Sometimes it's annoying to have girls throw themselves at me. People I want to develop friendships with want to develop relationships with me."

"I love how girls throw themselves at me." Michael said in a confessional. "But the girls on this island have something wrong with them. They all fall for Kyle. I hope 7-Up is right about Bianca. She is so hot. Plus I've seen her without her top twice."

Chris held up a small cube. "You will have to carry these boxes around the island, to the finish line."

"Whatever." Michael said. "It's just a small cube."

Michael took the cube and fell.

"Oh my gosh!" Michael exclaimed. "How much does this weigh?"

"150 pounds." Chris said. "Everyone grab one."

Everyone walked up to Chris and grabbed a cube.

"You will have to race around the perimeter of the forest and end back here." Chris said.

"Cool." Tanya said.

"On your mark, get set, go!" Chris yelled. The ten campers dashed off.

Bianca ran next to Michael.

"Hey." Michael said.

"Hey." Bianca said.

The two remained silent.

"So..." Michael said. "We haven't really talked face-to-face before."

"Yeah." Bianca said. "It's nice."

"Yeah." Michael said.

Meanwhile, Oprah ran next to Kyle.

"Hey Kyle." Oprah said. "You seem to be having an easy time carrying that."

"Yeah." Kyle said. "Exercise."

"Yeah." Oprah said. "You're hot."

"What?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing." Oprah said.

The ten contestants ran into the forest. Vivian's cube floated right in front of her face. Tanya ran next to Adam.

"Hey." Tanya said. "It's awesome to have you back."

"Glad to be back." Adam said. "I totally screwed up the first time."

"It's okay." Tanya said. "I missed you though."

"Well I'm back now." Adam said. Tanya smiled.

Suddenly, the two fell through a hole in the ground.

Chris laughed. "I set up a few traps."

"Well at least we're stuck together." Tanya said.

"Yeah." Adam said.

Meanwhile, the other contestants ran. A cage closed around Ernest.

"Looks like Chris set up traps in the forest." Michael said. "We'd better be careful."

Bianca tripped over a string and an arrow shot at her, ripping off her bra.

"Again!?" Bianca cried, covering her breasts.

"Don't worry." Michael said, taking off his shirt. Michael handed it to Bianca. Bianca put on his shirt.

"Thanks." Bianca said.

"No problem." Michael said.

"Michael is so sweet." Bianca said in a confessional. "Most guys I know would start taking digital pictures. Maybe that's just because I'm a supermodel. When I'm around Michael, I feel like a normal girl."

Rena ran with her cube. She stepped in rope and became hung upside down. Kyle and Oprah passed her.

"You know." Oprah said. "I think you're really cute."

"Look, Oprah." Kyle said. "I've tried to tell you. I just want to be friends."

"But," Oprah said. "I love you."

"Oprah," Kyle said. "you're sweet, smart, and funny, but I don't like you like that. Same with Harpo, and I told you both that."

"I understand." Oprah said.

Then, Oprah fell in mud and got stuck.

"I'll help." Kyle said.

"No." Oprah said. "Just go."

"I can't believe Kyle's not into me." Oprah said in a confessional. "He's all I think about all the time. He broke my heart."

"I don't mean to be cruel." Kyle said in a confessional. "I just want to be friends with Oprah, but I don't think that will work out."

The five remaining contestants ran past a river. 7-Up tripped over a root and his cube landed in the river. He dove in after it. Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam sat in the hole.

"I'm sorry I got you eliminated." Tanya said.

"You didn't get me eliminated." Adam said.

"I don't know." Tanya said. "I've just felt guilty ever since you were eliminated."

"I'm back." Adam said. "You don't have to feel guilty."

Adam hugged Tanya.

Meanwhile, the four other competitors ran by the river.

"This is getting so heavy." Michael said.

Suddenly, a net swallowed Bianca and Vivian.

"Bianca!" Michael said.

"Keep going." Bianca said.

Michael ran by Kyle.

"You getting tired?" Kyle asked.

"Never!" Michael gasped.

"We'll see about that." Kyle said.

Kyle ran ahead.

"Come on Michael." Michael said to himself. Michael tried to catch up.

The two ran out of the forest.

"Screw this!" Michael yelled.

Michael threw his cube at Kyle and he fell. Michael picked up his cube and ran into the mess hall.

"Michael wins invincibility!" Chris exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Michael said.

Later, the campers sat around the campfire. "Welcome to your first merged elimination. When I call your name, get a marshmallow." As he called the campers' names, they got a marshmallow.









"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"What?" Oprah said. "But why?"

"It was me." Kyle said. "I did it to help you. If you don't want to be friends, then I don't want to hurt you anymore."

Oprah ran down the Dock of Shame, crying.

"Will Michael and Bianca reveal their feelings for each other? Will Tanya and Adam reunite? How many more hearts will Kyle break? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Oprah is eliminated.

Chapter 16 - A Night in Paris

"Last time on Total Drama Woods! The contestants had to race through the island carrying an extremely heavy cube. Tanya and Adam got to know each other more after getting stuck in a hole and Bianca's bra got ripped off...again. Michael proved to be a gentleman after assisting Bianca and went to win the challenge against Kyle. Oprah was eliminated because she couldn't understand that Kyle is not interested! I mean seriously, take a hint! Who will be eliminated next at the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

Michael was sleeping in bed when suddenly an alarm started ringing. Michael fell of his bed and woke up.

"Chris!" Michael yelled.

Chris laughed and spoke into a megaphone.

"Attention campers!" he said. "Time for today's challenge!"

"We already had a challenge today." Ernest said.

"Actually," Chris said. "That was technically yesterday."

"That's because it's two in the morning!" Michael yelled.

"Hurry up!" Chris yelled.

Michael groaned.

Later, the boys walked out to Chris.

"Where are the girls?" Adam asked.

"They're still getting ready." Chris said.

The girls walked out.

"Hello boys." Rena said.

"Are you ready for today's..." Chris started to say.

Michael interrupted. "Tonight's"

"Fine." Chris said. "Are you ready for tonight's challenge? Because we're going to Paris!"

"Really?" Bianca asked.

"Actually, no." Chris said. "But the interns built this model of the Eiffel Tower."

He gestured towards a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. It fell down into the water.

"Okay." Chris said. "You will all split into couples. You will compete in challenges. The last couple standing wins invincibility."

"What are the teams?" Ernest asked.

"It's girls choice." Chris said.

Tanya ran over to Adam.

"I call Adam." she said.

Bianca walked over to Kyle.

"I'll take Kyle." Bianca said.

"I can't believe Kyle!" Michael said in a confessional. "He even stole Bianca from me. I thought she liked me."

Vivian appeared next to 7-Up. 7-Up jumped back.

"I'll take wannabe rapper." Vivian said.

"Hey." 7-Up said, insulted.

"Rena, take your pick." Chris said.

Rena looked back and forth from Michael to Ernest.

"Please, pick me." Ernest begged. "I love you."

"I'll take Michael." Rena said sadly.

"Yes!" Michael said.

"Wait!" Ernest said. "What am I supposed to do?"

"You'll be the waiter." Chris said. "Now couples, sit down and wait for the first challenge."

The four couples sat at their table.

"So..." Michael started to say.

"Do me a solid." Rena said. "and try not to talk to me."

"Don't worry." Michael said. "I'll be keeping my eye on Kyle."

"Why?" Rena asked.

"I'm into Bianca, okay?" Michael said. "And I'm sick of Kyle stealing all the girls."

"How can you blame him?" Rena said. "He's so hot and muscular."

"Thank you, Rena." Michael said sarcastically.

Meanwhile, 7-Up and Vivian talked.

"So, are you glad to be back?" 7-Up asked.

"Are you glad when you have a root canal?" Vivian asked.

"Umm..." 7-Up said. "Okay."

"So how's your unstarted rapping career?" Vivian asked.

"I am a professional rapper." 7-Up said. "I've had a record deal."

"And...what happened to that?" Vivian asked.

"It was dropped." 7-Up said.

"Exactly." Vivian said.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam sat together.

"What's been going on since I left the island?" Adam asked.

"Well," Tanya said. "I got revenge on Michael by taking his clothes. Then, Chris planned a challenge where I put him in a diaper. Carol thought Kyle was her son and Derek can cook again. Jamie was thrown out of Michael's alliance and he switched my shampoo with glue."

"I didn't understand one word of that." Adam said.

They both laughed.

"Hey Adam." Tanya said.

"Yeah?" Adam asked.

She paused.

"Have you had the breadsticks?" Tanya asked.

"Uh..." Adam said. "Yeah."

She smiled, but then said, "No. That's not what I meant to say."

Adam looked up.

"Do you..." Tanya started to ask.

"Time for the first challenge!" Chris interrupted. "Boys, you must sing to your date. One of you may use Ernest as back-up."

"I call him." 7-Up said. "I have the perfect idea. See if I'm a wannabe after this."

7-Up whispered to Ernest. The music started.

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's all right because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie"

"I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like And right now it's a steel knife in my windpipe I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight As long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight High off her love, drunk from my hate, it's like I'm huffin' pain And I love it the more I suffer, I suffocate And right before I'm about to drown, she resuscitates me, she f**kin' hates me And I love it, "wait, where you goin'?" "I'm leavin' you," "no you ain't come back" We're runnin' right back, here we go again So insane, cause when it's goin' good it's goin' great I'm superman with the wind at his back, she's Lois Lane But when it's bad it's awful, I feel so ashamed I snap Whose that dude? I don't even know his name I laid hands on her I'll never stoop so low again I guess I don't know my own strength"

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's all right because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie"

"You ever love somebody so much you can barely breathe When you with em you meet and neither one of you even know what hit em Got that warm fuzzy feeling Yeah them chills used to get em Now you're getting f**kin' sick of lookin' at em You swore you'd never hit em, never do nothin' to hurt em Now you're in each other's face spewin' venom in your words when you spit em You push pull each other's hair Scratch claw hit em throw em down pin em So lost in the moments when you're in em It's the rage that's the culprit, controls you both So they say it's best to go your seperate ways Guess that they don't know ya Cause today that was yesterday Yesterday is over, it's a different day Sound like broken records playin' over But you promised her next time you'll show restraint You don't get another chance Life is no Nintendo game, but you lied again Now you get to watch her leave out the window Guess that's why they call it window pane"

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's all right because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie"

"Now I know we said things, did things, that we didn't mean And we fall back into the same patterns, same routine But your temper's just as bad as mine is, you're the same as me When it comes to love you're just as blinded Baby please come back, it wasn't you, baby it was me Maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano All I know is I love you too much to walk away though Come inside, pick up the bags off the sidewalk Don't you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk? Told you this is my fault, look me in the eyeball Next time I'm pissed I'll aim my fist at the drywall Next time there won't be no next time I apologize even though I know it's lies I'm tired of the games I just want her back I know I'm a liar if she ever tries to f**kin' leave again I'ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire"

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's all right because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie"

Everyone looked at 7-Up with wide eyes. Vivian looked shocked.

"Well." Chris said. "That was...awesome!"

Everyone cheered.

"Michael, why don't you go next?" Chris asked.

Michael pulled out his guitar and started singing.

"Oh Rena, I could swim in your eyes. Oh Rena, you are an angel in disguise. Oh Rena, I wish you would realize I seriously am not a bad guy."

"I don't know why you don't understand I just want to make you happy. And if I could erase my mistakes, I would for you. And if you let me into your life, I'd stop my lies. I would for you."

"Oh Rena, I could swim in your eyes. Oh Rena, you are an angel in disguise. Oh Rena, I wish you would realize I seriously am not a bad guy."

"That was so...sweet." Rena said.

"Michael and Rena make it to the next round." Chris declared. "Let's go with Tanya and Adam next."

"I can't really sing." Adam said.

"Come on." Tanya said. "Just try."

"Okay." Adam said.

He cleared his throat.

"I don't really know how to sing. But I could try anything, if you want me to. I remember the day we first met. At that summer camp. You were so beautiful. And you still are. I don't really know how to sing. But I could try anything, if you want me to."

"Not bad." Chris said. "Can Kyle pass it up?"

"I really don't sing." Kyle said.

"Neither could Adam." Bianca said. "But he just did."

"You don't understand." Kyle said. "I can't strain my vocal pipes."

"Your vocal pipes?" Bianca asked. "So I'm not as important as your vocal pipes."

"No..." Kyle said. "It's just that...I can't."

"Okay." Chris said. "Kyle and Bianca are out."

"I can't believe that jerk." Bianca said in a confessional. "He can't even try for me. I should have picked Michael."

"You three couples can socialize before the next challenge." Chris said. "Kyle and Bianca, head for the bonfire."

7-Up sat with Vivian.

"How was that?" 7-Up asked.

"Eh..." Vivian said.

"What?!" 7-Up yelled. "That was an awesome performance."

"It was okay." Vivian said.

Suddenly, a piece of glass flew at 7-Up. 7-Up jumped out of the way.

"What are you doing?" 7-Up asked.

"Testing your reflexes." Vivian said.

"Why?" 7-Up asked.

"It's a test of a good companion." Vivian said.

"By companion, I'm going to guess you mean dog." 7-Up said.

Meanwhile, Michael sat with Rena.

"Look on the bright side," Rena said. "Bianca's obviously over Kyle."

"Yeah." Michael said glumly.

Rena stared at Michael intrigued.

"I know this sounds weird." Rena said in a confessional. "But I'm falling in love with Michael. At first, I thought he was a player, but he's actually romantic."

"I wonder how Bianca's doing." Michael wondered.

"Does it matter?" Rena said. "I mean you're with me."

"What?" Michael asked.

"Nothing." Rena said.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam sat together.

"So..." Adam said. "You wanted to tell me something."

"What?" Tanya said. "Oh yeah. I was going to ask if you..."

"Time for the second challenge!" Chris interrupted again.

"I just want to ask him if he likes me." Tanya said in a confessional. "Why is it so hard?"

"Men have to carry their women from here to the beach." Chris said.

Rena jumped into Michael's arms and wrapped hers around him.

"Wow." Rena said. "You're pretty strong."

7-Up picked up Vivian in his arms. Adam picked up Tanya.

"Go!" Chris said.

The three men started running. 7-Up stopped after a few steps.

"How much do you weigh?" 7-Up asked.

"How ever much I feel like weighing." Vivian said. "Watch."

Suddenly, Vivian became lighter. 7-Up threw Vivian high in the air and caught her.

"So stay light." 7-Up said.

"No." Vivian said.

Suddenly, Vivian fell to the ground.

"Why are you trying to lose?" 7-Up asked.

"Because I'm sick of hanging with you, wannabe." Vivian said.

Adam, Tanya, Michael, and Rena crossed the finish line.

"These two couples move onto the final challenge." Chris said. "7-Up and Vivian, go to the bonfire."

Later, Chris and the remaining four walked up to the shore.

"The last challenge is a tunnel of love." Chris said. "Both teams will paddle through this dark tunnel to Boney Island."

The two couples hopped in their canoes.

"Let's do it." Michael said.

"Go!" Chris said.

The two couples started rowing.

"Let's go!" Michael said.

"Sorry." Rena said. "I'm a little distracted."

"By what?" Michael asked.

"You." Rena said.

"Me?" Michael asked. "Why?"

"That song..." Rena said. "kinda got me thinking...maybe we should be together."

"Together?" Michael asked. "Like a couple?"

"Yeah." Rena finally said.

Michael smiled.

"It's a perfect opportunity to make Bianca jealous." Michael said in a confessional. "I like it."

"I would love that." Michael said.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam were rowing.

"Adam." Tanya said. "Remember how I wanted to ask you something."

"Yeah." Adam said.

"I wanted to ask you if you liked me." Tanya said.

"Sure." Adam said.

"Like a girlfriend?" Tanya asked.

Adam looked shocked. "You like me?"

"Kinda." Tanya said.

"That's awesome!" Adam said. "I was trying to tell you but I couldn't."

"The song said enough." Tanya said.

The two kissed as they entered the tunnel. Michael and Rena entered the tunnel after them.

"Row faster!" Michael yelled.

Chris stood on the other end of the tunnel.

"And the winners are..."

Michael and Rena came out of the tunnel.

"Michael and Rena!"

Tanya and Adam came out kissing.

"What happened?" Chris asked.

"Love has taken them over." Michael said.

Later, the nine sat around a campfire. "Today was a day of love. Hearts were broken, like Ernest and Bianca."

"Thank you, Chris." Bianca said.

"And love was sparked with Tanya and Rena. When I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As Chris called the campers names, they got a marshmallow.

"Michael and Rena."






"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Goodbye, heartbreaker." Bianca said.

"Bianca, you don't understand." Kyle said.

"Yes, I do." Bianca said. "You don't care about me or any other girl on this island. You're a player."

Kyle left sadly.

"Look at that. The romantic becomes the player and the player becomes the romantic. Will Michael be with Bianca? Will Vivian ever care...about anything? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Kyle is eliminated.

Chapter 17 - The Michael of The Labyrinth

"Last time on Total Drama Woods! The contestants were split into four teams of two and put into dating challenges. Poor Ernest was left out of the challenge, but not left out of the awesome performance 7-Up put on for Vivian! Michael warmed Rena's heart and even Adam took a chance at singing for Tanya. Kyle refused to sing for Bianca and they were eliminated. In the next challenge, Vivian wouldn't let 7-Up carry her and they were eliminated. In the last challenge, sparks flew as Rena asked out Michael and Tanya and Adam kissed. In the end, Michael and Rena won invincibility and Kyle was eliminated. Will the final eight even get out of this challenge? Find out on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The campers are seen eating in the mess hall.

"I'm so tired." Michael said. "I can't believe we have another challenge today!"

"Seriously." Vivian said.

7-Up brought some food and placed it in front of Vivian.

"I brought you some food." 7-Up said.

"Whatever." Vivian said.

"It's so obvious that Vivian is playing hard to get." 7-Up said in a confessional. "Which makes me extremely attracted to her."

Rena sat next to Michael.

"Hey Rena." Michael said.

Bianca stared at Rena.

"Hey." Rena said as she hugged Michael.

"So are you guys like a couple now?" Bianca asked.

"Yeah." Michael said quickly. "Of course. Why?"

"No reason." Bianca said. "Just curious."

"Wait!" someone shouted.

Ernest ran up to Rena.

"How could you go out with him?" Ernest asked in disbelief.

"Because he's romantic." Rena said.

"I can be romantic." Ernest said.

"Yeah." Rena said. "Sure."

"Hey." Michael said. "Has anyone seen Tanya and Adam?"

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam sat underneath a tree by the shore.

"Don't you hate how the lake is so crappy?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah." Adam said. "Someone should clean it."

"Or we could kiss." Tanya said.

"Suddenly, I don't care about the lake." Adam said.

The two leaned in to kiss, when Chris appeared.

"Hello lovebirds." Chris said.

The two looked at him.

"We were kinda in the middle of something." Adam said.

"I noticed." Chris said. "But it's time for today's challenge."

"Can't you give us like five minutes?" Tanya asked.

"No." Chris said.

The two stood up and followed him. Later, the campers arrived at a blank part of the island.'

"So...what are we supposed to do?" 7-Up asked.

"Sit tight." Chris said.

Suddenly, the ground opened up beneath the campers. They clung onto the side.

"What's going on?" Adam asked.

"Our interns discovered this maze under the island in between seasons." Chris said. "Your challenge will be to escape it."

Suddenly, the campers were electrically shocked and fell into the hole. The ground closed above them.

"Well, that was a wake-up call." Michael said.

"There are three different paths." Rena said.

"Let's go down this path." Michael pointed to Rena. They started walking down the path. Bianca followed behind.

"Wait up!" Ernest said as he ran after the three.

"I'll go this way." Vivian said.

"Me too." 7-Up said.

"Actually, I'll go this way." Vivian said.

"Okay then." 7-Up said following Vivian.

"Fine!" Vivian said.

"I guess you and me will go the third path." Adam said to Tanya.

The two walked down the last path. Meanwhile, the Michael, Rena, Ernest, and Bianca walked down the path.

"My feet are getting tired." Rena said.

"Don't worry." Michael said.

Michael picked Rena up and carried her. Bianca stared at them. Michael noticed.

"Something wrong?" Michael asked.

"No." Bianca said sadly. Michael smiled evily.

"I could carry her." Ernest said.

"Of course." Rena said sarcastically.

Meanwhile, 7-Up walked with Vivian.

"Hey." 7-Up said. "Couldn't you just teleport us out of here?"

"No." Vivian said.

"Why not?" 7-Up asked.

"Because I'm tired." Vivian said.

"Okay..." 7-Up said. "You know, I could carry you."

7-Up reached for Vivian.

"If you touch me, I'll turn you into a frog." Vivian threatened.

"Okay, then." 7-Up said.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam were walking together.

"So." Tanya said. "Maybe we should pick up where we left off."

"Sounds good to me." Adam said.

The two leaned in to kiss when Adam tripped.

"Ow." Adam said.

"What did you trip over?" Tanya asked.

"I don't know." Adam said. "I think the ground is wet."

"Well, Chris said the maze was under the island." Tanya said. "Maybe we're in the lake."

Meanwhile, 7-Up and Vivian walked together.

"Okay Vivian." 7-Up said. "Let's cut to the chase. You are into me. So let's just kiss already."

"I'm not into you." Vivian said.

"Okay." 7-Up said. "You can stop playing hard to get. You've won."

"I was never playing hard to get." Vivian said.

"You weren't." 7-Up said. "I'm not attracted any more."

"You were just hanging out with me because you thought I was playing hard to get?" Vivian asked.

"Kinda." 7-Up said.

Vivian snapped and 7-Up's head transformed into the head of bull.

"What the?" 7-Up said. "How'd you do that?"

"I'm a fabulous magician." Vivian said.

7-Up ran away. Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam walked together.

"So, maybe we should get back to that kissing?" Adam asked.

The two leaned into kiss again when 7-Up ran by. The two screamed and ran away. Meanwhile, the other four walked down a hall.

"I can walk from here." Rena said.

Michael put Rena down. Bianca groaned.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked, smiling.

"I thought you were into me." Bianca said.

"I thought you were into me." Michael said.

"Why would you think that?" Bianca asked.

"Because 7-Up told me." Michael said.

"Yeah." Bianca said. "Listen to 7-Up, that will get you far in life."

"Then why are you mad?" Michael asked.

"I just don't think that you and Rena are right for each other." Bianca said.

"I'm not even into Rena." Michael said.

"What?!" Rena yelled. "Then why did you pretend to be?"

"Because..." Michael said. "Because."

"I can't believe I liked you." Rena yelled. "You aren't any different. You're still the jerk I met on the first day."

"Yes!" Bianca shouted in a confessional.

Michael and Bianca and Ernest and Rena separated at a fork.

"That jerk!" Rena yelled. "I can't believe I trusted him!"

"You still have me!" Ernest said.

"Joy." Rena said sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Michael and Bianca walked up to a door.

"This must be the exit." Michael said.

The two opened the door. Water poured in. Michael swam to the top of the lake, followed by Bianca. They met Chris.

"Congrats!" Chris yelled. "Michael wins invincibility again. And there's Bianca."

"I didn't know that the maze was underwater." Bianca said.

"As long as you close the door quickly, it should be fine." Chris said.

Michael and Bianca looked worried. They looked away and whistled.

"You didn't close the door!" Chris yelled.

Chris talked into a remote. "Get every intern into the maze now!"

Meanwhile, Ernest and Rena walked together. Suddenly, Tanya and Adam ran up.

"What's up?" Rena asked.

"It's the minotaur!" Tanya yelled.

The two turned around to see 7-Up running up. Ernest punched 7-Up in the gut and he flew into the wall.

"Wow, Ernest!" Rena said. "You saved us!"

Rena hugged Ernest and then let go.

"But if I've learned anything from this," Rena said. "it's that you don't pick your man based on what is outside, but inside."

"Crap!" Ernest yelled.

7-Up stood up.

"Guys!" 7-Up yelled. "It's me!"

"7-Up?" Tanya asked. "What happened?"

"Let's just say, never break up with a magician." 7-Up said.

Suddenly, a bunch of water poured in.

"Run!" Adam yelled. The five started running, but the water blasted them towards a wall. Suddenly, the five disappeared as the water smashed against the wall.

The five along with Vivian appeared next to Chris, Michael, and Bianca.

"I'm alive!" Ernest yelled.

He started kissing the ground.

"I'm not tired anymore." Vivian said.

"Turn me back!" 7-Up yelled at Vivian.

"Fine." Vivian said. She snapped and 7-Up's head returned to normal.

"Time to vote someone off." Chris said. "Meet me at the bonfire in 10."

Later, the campers sat around a bonfire. "When I call your name, come get a marshmallow." As he called the campers, they received a marshmallow.







"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Whatever." Vivian said.

Chris turned toward the dock.

"Time to walk the Dock of Shame." Chris said. "Although I think the Boat of Losers is a little late so if you want to..."

"Chris." Michael interrupted.

"What?" Chris asked.

"She's gone." Michael said.

Everyone turned to see that Vivian had disappeared.

"Well then. Will Tanya and Adam ever kiss again? Will Ernest woo Rena? Will Michael succeed in using Rena to make Bianca jealous? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Vivian is eliminated.

Chapter 18 - Total Drama Kart

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants were put inside a maze located under the island. Michael continued to use Rena, which worked effectively against Bianca...and Ernest. Meanwhile, 7-Up became attracted to Vivian, when he thought she was playing hard to get. When he found out she wasn't, he dumped her and she turned him into a minotaur. Meanwhile, Michael and Rena broke up, when Rena realized that he was still a jerk. Ernest defended Rena by knocking 7-Up out. Michael won invincibility and almost flooded everyone in the maze. Vivian was eliminated after saving everyone's lives. Who will walk the Dock of Shame next on this episode of Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The campers sat in the mess hall. Tanya sat next to Rena.

"I don't know what you saw in him in the first place." Tanya said.

"I don't know." Rena said. "He may be a jerk, but he's an awesome singer."

"You know," Tanya said. "Brandon's a good singer."

"Yeah." Rena said. "Brandon's never going to want to see me again. Not after he saw me kiss Michael."

"You still have Ernest." Tanya said.

The two stared at Ernest. Ernest waved at them and they turned around slowly. Meanwhile, Michael sat next to 7-Up. Bianca walked past them and sat at another table.

"Bianca's starting to confuse me." Michael said in a confessional. "She got jealous of me and Rena, but she doesn't seem to like me at all."

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Campers!" Chris announced. "It's time for today's challenge. Follow me."

The campers stood up and followed Chris outside the mess hall. Later, they arrived at the Arts and Crafts Center.

"Welcome to the Arts and Crafts Center." Chris said. "This is where today's challenge will take place. You can use any parts in here to build a go-kart that you will ride down that hill."

"Easy." Ernest said. "I know the perfect way to build a go-kart based on the wind and friction."

"Save it for your AV club." Chris said. "You will have one hour to build a go-kart out of whatever you can find in here. Go!"

Chris walked away and the contestants started searching through the Arts and Crafts Center. Rena grabbed a few car parts.

"This will take forever." Rena complained.

Ernest walked up to her.

"How about I build your kart?" Ernest asked.

"Stop trying to impress me." Rena said.

"Well, how about we call it an alliance?" Ernest asked. "You can make up for it down the road."

"Sure." Rena said. "Fine with me."

Meanwhile, Michael and 7-Up picked out parts. 7-Up dug into the pile further.

"Sweet." 7-Up said as he pulled out a big wheel. "I'll have this wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the back."

"Cool." Michael said. He paused for a second. "What do you think is up with Bianca? She doesn't seem to like me anymore."

"I don't know." 7-Up said. "That's why I don't have a girlfriend."

"Yeah." Michael said sarcastically. "That's why."

Bianca walked by.

"Hey." Michael said.

"Hey." Bianca said uncaringly.

Michael let her walk by and turned sadly back to the pile. Meanwhile, Ernest worked on two different go-karts. Bianca walked past.

"Why are you working on two different karts?" Bianca asked.

"I'm going to test both and ride in the better one." Ernest lied.

Bianca eyed Ernest suspiciously and walked away. Later, 7-Up finished his go-kart. Michael walked by and added a wheel to his go-kart.

"Almost done." Michael stated.

Ernest finished both go-karts.

"Done." Ernest said.

Rena quickly walked over and took her go-kart. Bianca spied her from behind the Arts and Crafts Center.

"Five minutes." Chris announced.

Tanya and Adam finished their go-karts. Michael walked by Bianca.

"Nice go-kart." Michael said.

"Whatever." Bianca said.

"I do like Michael." Bianca said in a confessional. "It's just that...I can't be with him."

The campers carried their go-karts up the hill. Rena walked next to Ernest.

"Remember." Rena said. "You owe me."

Ernest smiled and Rena walked away. The campers parked their go-karts at the top of the hill and climbed in.

"Are you ready?" Chris asked.

"Let's do this!" 7-Up shouted.

"Go!" Chris said.

The go-karts started. Suddenly, 7-Up's big wheel started shaking. It fell off.

"Crap." 7-Up said.

His karts skidded and crashed into the woods. Meanwhile, Ernest took the lead. He pressed a button on his kart and it poured oil over the hill. Bianca and Adam slipped and crashed. Bianca groaned.

Michael and Tanya rode around the oil. Suddenly, a twig got caught in Michael's wheel. He leaned over to the wheel and pulled the stick out. He threw the tick over his shoulder and it landed in Tanya's face. She crashed into a rock. Michael pulled next to Ernest.

"Goodbye, nerd!" Michael shouted. Michael grabbed Ernest by the shoulder and threw him out of his own go-kart.

Michael sped up.

"They're almost at the finish line." Chris announced.

Michael rode next to Rena.

"This is what you get, jerk." Rena said.

She rammed into Michael.

"I don't think so." Michael said.

He retaliated and rammed into Rena. Rena slowed down and Michael dashed through the finish line.

"Michael wins invincibility again." Chris said.

"That's what I'm talking about." Michael said.

Later, the campers sat around the campfire. "When I call your name, get a marshmallow." As he called the campers names they got a marshmallow.






"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"What?" Ernest said surprised.

"You didn't think I saw you cheating on Rena's kart." Bianca said. "I told everyone."

"Rena?" Ernest asked.

"You said you'd pay me back." Rena said. "What better way than to get away from me?"

Ernest sadly walked down the Dock of Shame.

"Goodbye Total Drama Woods." Ernest said in a confessional. "At least when I get back, all the losers who picked on me will realize how truly cool I am."

"Good luck with that, Ernest. Will Bianca ever accept Michael? Will Ernest realize that Rena is way out of his league? Will Adam talk in the next episode? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Ernest is eliminated.

Chapter 19 - The Devil is Bianca

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants built go-karts to race. Ernest continued to strike out with Rena, but did manage to start an "alliance" with her. Meanwhile, Michael got confused by Bianca, when she got jealous of him and Rena, but now shows no interest in him. Bianca spied on Ernest and saw him build Rena's kart. In the end, it was down to Michael, Rena, and Ernest. Michael won invincibility and Ernest was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next at the most shocking elimination ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The six competitors sat in the mess hall. Michael walked up to Bianca.

"Hey." Michael said.

Bianca turned toward him. "Look." she said. "Stop trying to hit on me. It's never going to happen."

"Then why did you get jealous of me and Rena?" Michael asked.

"I can't tell you." Bianca said. She walked away.

"Well, that was the first time she talked to me in a week." Michael said.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Adam kissed each other. Michael stared at them.

"Why does that traitor get love when I don't?" Michael asked in a confessional.

Rena walked up to the two.

"Hello, lovebrids." Rena said. The two stopped kissing.

"What's up?" Adam asked.

"This might sound weird." Rena said. "But I kinda miss Ernest. He was a good friend."

"Yeah." Tanya said.

There was a long pause, then Tanya and Adam started kissing again.

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Hello competitors." Chris said. "Are you ready for today's challenge?"

"Sure." Adam said. "Let's do it already."

"You will have to design and model clothing that will be judged by me, Chris McLean." Chris said.

"We know who you are!" Michael yelled.

"You will find stuff to make your clothes in your cabins." Chris said. "When you finish, go to the runway at the ampitheater."

"Cool." 7-Up said. He ran out of the ampitheater. The others stared at each other.

"Well, go!" Chris yelled.

The other five ran out of the ampitheater.

The guys walked into their cabin to see racks of clothes.

"Cool." 7-Up said. "I can work with this."

Michael reached for a jacket as Adam grabbed it.

"Hey." Michael said. "I saw it first."

"You wish!" Adam yelled.

The two started pulling on it. Suddenly, it ripped.

"Gosh!" Michael said. "Just stay out of my way!"

Michael grabbed another leather jacket. Adam walked away.

Meanwhile, the girls walked into their cabin.

"Perfect time for a nap." Tanya said. She jumped into her bed.

"A nap?" Rena asked.

"I don't know anything about fashion." Tanya said. "I'm throwing the challenge."

"Good." Bianca said. "Then I'll just vote you off. Meanwhile, I'm sure to win. I'm a professional supermodel."

"Whatever." Tanya said.

Bianca and Rena started grabbing clothing. Meanwhile, the guys still picked clothes.

"Sweet." 7-Up said. "A chain. I can use it as a belt."

Michael grabbed a pair of sunglasses. "Too big."

Adam grabbed a hunter vest. "Perfect."

Adam took off his shirt off his shirt and grabbed a black tee. Meanwhile, Rena sewed a dress together. Suddenly, Bianca walked in in a bikini.

"Whoa." Tanya said. "Why are you wearing that?"

"I'm a model." Bianca said. "I know that this is the only thing guys want to see."

"That's not true." Rena said. "Not every guy is completely perverted."

Chris walked in.

"5 minutes." Chris said. Chris stared at Bianca.

"Bianca wins!" Chris announced.

"Chris!" Rena yelled.

"Right." Chris said. "I didn't mean that. You have to model the clothing first."

Chris kept staring at Bianca.

"Bye." Bianca said.

Chris left.

"Chris," Rena said in a confessional. "You are not helping the cause."

Meanwhile, Michael grabbed a pair of jeans. "Here we go."

7-Up wrapped a bandana around his head. "Cool." he said.

Chris walked into the boy's cabin. "Time for the runway." he announced.

The six contestants arrived at the ampitheater.

"Go backstage and get ready." Chris said.

Later, the contestants changed backstage.

"Good luck." Michael said.

"Whatever." Bianca said.

"It would be so much easier if Michael just stopped talking to me." Bianca said in a confessional.

"First up is Rena." Chris said.

Rena walked out of backstage with a long white dress. She struck a pose at the end of the walkway and walked off.

"Nice." Chris said. "Let's go with Michael next."

Michael walked out onto the runway in a white t-shirt, leather jacket, jeans, and a pair of sunglasses. Michael struck a pose and jumped off of the runway.

"Looking cool, Michael. How about Adam goes next?"

Adam walked out onto the runway in a hunter's vest and black tee. He struck his pose and walked off of the stage.

"Iffy." Chris said. "What about 7-Up now?"

7-Up slid out onto the runway in a black bandana, black tank top, and baggy jeans with a chain belt. He flipped off the stage.

"Nice!" Chris said. Everyone high-fived him. "Let's go with Tanya now!"

Tanya walked slowly onto the runway in her normal clothes.

"Way to try, Tanya!" Chris said. Tanya lied down on the ground.

"Whatever." she said.

"Last but not least is Bianca!" Chris said.

She strutted onto the runway in a red bikini.

"Looks like we have an obvious winner!" Chris announced.

Suddenly, her bikini top got caught on a hook and ripped off.

"Not again!" Bianca yelled.

"Sadly, Bianca is disqualified for public nudity!" Chris said.

Bianca ran away, crying. Michael looked concerned.

"So, who won?" Rena asked.

"7-Up!" Chris announced.

"Yes!" 7-Up exclaimed.

"Time to vote someone off." Chris said.

Michael ran after Bianca.

Later, Michael found Bianca by the shore.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked.

"Go away!" Bianca said, still crying.

"Look." Michael said. "It's okay. It was just an accident. You are still the best model."

"That's not it!" Bianca said.

"Then what's the problem?" Michael asked.

"I like you." Bianca said. "That's the problem!"

"Doesn't sound like a problem to me." Michael said.

"You don't understand." Bianca said. "I'm a model. I have to date other models. I can't be with you."

"So, you are embarassed by me?" Michael asked.

"No." Bianca said. "It's just that..."

"It's okay." Michael interupted.

Michael started to walk away, but Bianca kissed him.

"You can't tell anyone about this." Bianca said.

"My lips are sealed." Michael said happily.

The two kissed again.

Later, the six campers sat around the campfire. "Who will make it to the final five?" Chris asked. "Tanya, you didn't attempt to win the challenge at all. Good reason to eliminate you. Bianca, you showed your boobs on TV...again. Michael, it's been a while since you haven't had invincibility. This might be your last day on the island. When I call your name get a marshmallow." As he called the campers's name, the got a marshmallow.





"What?" Michael yelled as he stood up quickly. "No. This can't happen!"

"Is there a problem?" Chris asked.

Bianca stared concerned at Michael.

"Not as long as that marshmallow goes to me." Michael said as he sat down.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"Yes!" Michael said happily.

"And that's why I'm going to be an actor someday." Michael said in a confessional. "I'll miss you, Bianca."

Bianca walked down the Dock of Shame.

"Will Bianca's secret spill? Will Michael get rid of Adam? Will 7-Up ever hit the runway again? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Bianca is eliminated.

Chapter 20 - Home Is Where The Dart Is

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the contestants competed in a fashion show. They had to design their own clothes and walk across the runway. Michael asked Bianca what was going on, but she threw him aside like an old tissue. Michael and Adam butted heads again. Tanya refused to participate in the challenge. When it seemed that Bianca was going to win, her top was ripped off...again, letting 7-Up win invincibility. When Michael tries to comfort her, she says that she wants to be with him, but can't due to her career. After sharing a kiss with him, Bianca walks the Dock of Shame. Who will wak the Dock of Shame next on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

Michael woke up and yawned.

"Hey guys." he said as he threw a pillow at Adam. Adam and 7-Up woke up.

"Dude, why did you wake me up? That was the best sleep I had in weeks." Adam said.

"Exactly." Michael said. "Chris forgot to wake us up."

"Crap!" 7-Up said. "Do you think we missed the challenge?"

"I hope so." Adam said.

The girls walked in.

"Do you guys know where Chris is?" Rena asked.

"Maybe he left." 7-Up said worriedly.

"He wouldn't leave us here." Tanya said. "Would he?"

"Sounds like Chris to me." Michael said.

Chris walked in.

"Hello campers." Chris said. "Have a nice sleep?"

"Yeah." Adam said. "But why?"

"You five are the survivors who lasted longer than the rest." Chris said. "I thought you deserved one day."

"I hate how Adam gets treated like the rest of us." Michael said in a confessional. "The four of us lasted longer than the rest, not Adam. He was eliminated fair and square."

"Michael thinks I don't deserve to be back." Adam said in a confessional. "Whatever. He's the next one gone anyways, as long as he doesn't earn invincibility. It's Tanya, Rena, and I against him."

"Lets start the challenge." Chris said. "You will be lead to four different dart challenges. The worst hit will be eliminated until there is only one left."

Chris led the contestants to the beach where a regular dartboard is set up.

"Just hit the dartboard from twenty feet." Chris said. "Why don't we start with Adam?"

"Back home, flies loved to swarm us when we went camping. We never really got a fly swatter so we used darts to cpture the flies by the wings and then let them go." Adam said in a confessional.

Adam hit the bullseye. Michael glared at him.

"Michael, you try going next." Chris said.

Michael picked up a dart and threw it. It hit the outer ring. Michael growled.

"Nice try." Chris said.

"My eyepatch messed me up." Michael said.

"Sure." Adam said sarcastically.

"Adam's too good." Michael said in a confessional. "I need to win invincibility. Adam, Tanya, and Rena are all against me and all I have is 7-Up. Time for a little sabotaging."

"How about 7-Up goes next?" Chris asked.

7-Up picked up a dart and threw it at the second inner ring.

"Nice!" Chris said. "Tanya, you can go next."

Tanya picked up a dart and threw it at the second inner ring.

"Good." Chris said. "If Rena hits the board, Michael is out."

Rena threw the dart and it missed the board.

"Rena's out." Chris said.

"Yes!" Michael said, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Rena, I'll need you for the next challenge." Chris said with an evil smile on his face.

Later, the contestants arrived at the cliff where Rena was hung over the cliff, upside-down.

"All you need to do is cut the rope, causing Rena to fall down below." Chris said. "Adam, you can go first."

Adam grabbed a dart. Michael untied the rope Rena was hanging from and held onto it. When Adam threw the dart, Michael pulled on the rope, pulling Rena up, causing the dart to hit her face. Michael quickly tied the rope again.

"Are you okay?" Adam asked.

"Someone better get a medic." Chris said.

Later, the interns tied Rena up to the rope again.

"7-Up, you can go." Chris said.

7-Up grabbed a dart, threw it, and missed.

"Crap!" 7-Up and Michael said simultaneously.

"Tanya, you can go now." Chris said.

Tanya picked up a dart.

"Sorry Rena." Tanya said.

"It's okay." Rena said.

Tanya threw her dart and it cut the rope, causing Rena to plummet into the water.

"Sweet." Chris said. "Let's get her back up here and tie her up."

Later, the interns are seen tying Rena up again.

"Michael, you're up." Chris said.

Michael grabbed a dart, threw it, and cut the rope. Rena fell, but was stopped from a rock poking out of the cliff.

"Oooh..." everyone said at the same time.

"Someone should probably help her." Chris said.

The four stared at Chris.

"Right." Chris said. "Medics, over here! While they help Rena, Michael, Tanya, and Adam can move onto the next challenge."

Chris led the three to the plane.

"Hop in!" Chris said.

The three climbed into the plane and it took off toward the sky. Chris pointed to another plane with a moving target.

"Throw your dart at that target. The worst shot will not win invincibilty." Chris said.

"I'm up!" Michael said.

Michael backed up.

"What are you doing?" Chris asked.

Michael ran and leaped out of the plane. He stabbed his dart through the bullseye and held onto it.

"Nice improvising." Chris said.

Michael jumped into the other plane and talked to the pilot.

"Let me steer." he said. The pilot moved and Michael sat in the pilot's seat.

Adam threw his dart, but Michael did a spin in the plane and the dart missed.

"Unfortunate." Chris said.

Adam peered through the window and saw the actual pilot.

"Michael." he mumbled under his breath.

The pilot pushed Michael out of his seat and hopped into it.

"Tanya, let's go!" Chris said.

Tanya threw the dart and hit the outer ring.

"So, it's Tanya and Michael for the finals!"

"I'm not going to freak out over Michael sabotaging me." Adam said in a confessional. "If he loses, he's gone anyways. And if he wins, then I'll tell Chris."

Michael, Tanya, and Chris appeared next to some jet skis.

"Do we get to ride those?" Michael asked with anxiety.

"Yes." Chris said. "You have to race them around the island. There is a dartboard on the other side of the island. Whoever gets theirs in first wins. I don't care about accuracy, as long as it hits the board."

Michael and Tanya jumped on their jets skis.

"Go!" Chris yelled.

Michael and Tanya raced off. Michael rammed into Tanya. Tanya rammed into Michael. The two made a huge turn. Michael sped ahead of Tanya. Later, the two made another turn. Tanya sped up a little. Michael was still in the lead when the dartboard came into sight.

"I see it!" Michael yelled.

Suddenly, Michael hit a branch and fell off his jet ski. Tanya sped up and stabbed her dart into the bullseye.

"No!" Michael shouted.

"Invincibility, Tanya!" Chris yelled.

Later, Tanya led Rena over to Adam. Rena looked dizzy from hitting her head.

"You guys are with me to vote off Michael, right?" Adam asked.

"Of course." Tanya said.

"Sure, Brandon." Rena said in a daze.

Adam stared at Rena curiously.

"Michael is so gone." Tanya said in a confessional.

"This is a cute alien probe." Rena said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Michael talked to 7-Up in their cabin. He was packing his bags.

"So long, dude." Michael said. "Win it for me."

"You can't be positive that you're going to get eliminated." 7-Up said.

Michael picked up his bag.

"But I am." Michael said. "Let's go get it over with."

Michael and 7-Up arrived and sat down next to the other three. Michael put his bag next to him.

"Welcome campers." Chris said. "When I call your name come get a marshmallow." As he called the campers's names they got a marshmallow.




Adam smiled and Michael looked nervous.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."












The smile disappeared from Adam's face. "What?!"

Michael started laughing.

"That's right, losers." Michael said. "You can't get rid of me!"

"But that's impossible!" Adam yelled.

"Well, I have 3 votes for Adam and 2 votes for Michael." Chris said.

"Then one of you must of voted me off." Adam said, referring to Tanya and Rena.

"But I voted off Ernest." Rena said.

Adam facepalmed himself.

"Time to go, Adam." Chris said.

"Wait!" Tanya said.

Tanya kissed Adam.

"Win it for us." Adam said.

Adam walked down the Dock of Shame.

"Now we've got our final four! Who will be gone next? Will Michael survive another elimination? Will Rena get her head straight? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Adam is eliminated.

Chapter 21 - Bear Prudence

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the final five got the best present they could receive, NO WAKE-UP CALL! The contestants were then put to the test when they faced four dartboard challenges. Sick of Adam being on the island, Michael sabotoged Adam. He also managed to knock Rena completely out of wack. In the end, it was down to Michael and Tanya. Tanya won invincibility. Just as Michael was sure he was gone, Adam was eliminated due to Rena's looniness. We are almost at the end people! So stay tuned for another episode of Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The four contestants sat at the same table in the mess hall.

"I have to thank you, Rena." Michael said happily. "If it weren't for your vote, I'd be gone right now." Michael started laughing hysterically, but Rena looked depressed.

"I can't believe I voted off Adam." Rena said in a confessional. "I feel so guilty."

"So." 7-Up said. "Are you guys psyched to be in the final four?"

"Totally." Tanya said. "I never thought I could make it this far."

"No one did." Michael said. "Unlike me. I think everyone expected that."

"I never thought I would make it here." 7-Up said. "I'm just glad to know one of us will win."

"...But I hope it's me."

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Hello, final four." Chris said. "How does it feel to be better than 16 other losers?"

"Predictable." Michael said dryly.

"I have good news." Chris said. "Today's challenge will be a non-elimination challenge."

The four cheered.

"Today's just for a reward." Chris said. "But it is a good one."

"What is it?" Rena asked.

"You'll have to find out yourself." Chris said.

"So, what's today's challenge?" Tanya asked.

"You will have to capture and fight a live bear." Chris said. "The reward is strapped around its neck. Take it and its yours."

"So, since this a reward chllenge, we can choose to not paticipate?" Michael asked.

"Sure." Chris said. "But the reward will help you immencily in the next challenge."

"The next elimination won't be so bad." Michael said in a confessional. "7-Up and I vote for Tanya and Tanya and Rena vote for me. I'm sure there will be some sort of tiebreaker. But maybe this reward could assure my invincibility."

"Where's the bear?" Michael asked.

"It's sleeping in the cave." Chris said. "Now might be your best chance to get it."

All four competitors ran out of the mess hall.

7-Up ran next to Michael.

"So, should we like work together as a team?" 7-Up asked.

"That's a great idea." Michael said. "On one condition, I get the reward when we win."

"Then, like, what do I gain from it?" 7-Up asked. "You'll win invincibility and the girls will vote me off."

Michael thought for a moment. "I'll give you half of the prize money if I win."

"Deal." 7-Up said. The two shook hands.

Meanwhile, Tanya and Rena ran together.

"Why don't we work together?" Tanya asked. "Then we can win the reward and vote Michael off next elimination. Who knows? Maybe we can even get 7-Up to vote with us?"

"Definitley." Rena said.

Later, Michael and 7-Up arrived at the cave.

"Go in there and get the reward." Michael commanded.

"What?!" 7-Up yelled. "No way, dude!"

"How are we supposed to get it then?" Michael asked.

Later, the boys showed up with a fishing rod. 7-Up cast the fishing rod and the hook caught on the bear's collar, which held the reward. The girls walked up.

"Hey guys." Rena said. Michael shushed her.

"We're trying to get the reward." Michael whispered.

"You almost have it too." Tanya said. She started clapping loudly. The bear woke up.

"I hate you." Michael said.

The bear ran away and dragged 7-Up away too.

"Don't let go!" Michael called out to 7-Up. The three ran after him.

7-Up dragged along the ground beside the bear. Suddenly, 7-Up crashed into a tree and let go of the fishing rod. The bear ran off. Michael, Tanya, and Rena walked up to 7-Up.

"There's no way you are getting that reward first." Michael said.

"We'll see." Tanya said.

The two girls walked away. Michael helped 7-Up up.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked.

"I'll be fine." 7-Up said. "We have to catch that bear before the girls."

"We need a game plan." Michael said.

"How about we lure the bear into a trap?" 7-Up asked.

"Nice." Michael said. "I have an idea."

Meanwhile, Tanya and Rena ran after the girls. Suddenly, Rena stopped.

"What's wrong?" Tanya asked.

"It's too fast." Rena panted. "We need to slow it down."

"Any ideas?" Tanya asked.

"I have one." Rena said.

Meanwhile, Michael covered a hole with branches, twigs, and leaves. Then, he put a bunch of berries on top.

"The bear will come for the berries, and then he'll fall into the hole. We tug on the fishing rod and we have the reward." Michael explained.

Suddenly, there was a growling noise.

"Hide." Michael said.

The two guys hopped behind a bush. The bear walked by and sniffed the berries. He stepped on the hole, but he didn't fall. The bear picked up the berries and walked away.

"What?!" Michael yelled. "That's impossible!"

Michael walked over the hole to test it and fell through the hole. 7-Up walked up.

"Help me." Michael called to 7-Up.

"I'll see if I can get a rope from Chris." 7-Up said. He walked away.

Meanwhile, Rena set up an unfolded cage.

"When the bear steps on this," Rena explained. "the cage will fold up and capture the bear."

"Nice." Tanya said.

There was a growling noise.

"The bear." Tanya said.

The two girls hid. The bear walked onto the cage, which folded up and captured the bear.

"Yes!" the girls yelled.

"Climb up and get the reward." Tanya said.

Rena started climbing the tree. Rena reached for the fishing rod, but the branch snapped. Rena, the bear, and the cage came down on Tanya. The bear ran away.

Meanwile, 7-Up lowered a rope down to Michael. Michael held onto it and 7-Up pulled him up.

"The girls probably caught the bear by now." 7-Up said.

"Maybe not." Michael said. "We have to make up for lost time."

Suddenly, the bear ran by. 7-Up got tangled up in the rope. Michael grabbed the fishing rod. The bear noticed this and growled at Michael. Worried, Michael climbed into the tree, holding both the rod that was attached to the reward and the rope 7-Up was tangled in. The bear ran up to 7-Up and growled at him.

"Michael!" 7-Up yelled. "Pull me up!"

"On one condition." Michael said. "Forget the deal we made about splitting the prize money."

"Come on dude." 7-Up said. "We're friends, bros, brothers from another mother, dos amigos. I know you'll pull me up anyways."

"I'm waiting." Michael said.

The bear scratched at 7-Up.

"Okay, deal!" 7-Up said worriedly.

Michael tugged on the fishing line. The reward was ripped from the bear's neck. The bear noticed this and turned around. Michael tugged on the rope and brought 7-Up to safety. Suddenly, the bear was shot with a tranquilizer dart. Chris walked up.

"Through strategic planning and manipulative deal-making, Michael wins the rewrd." Chris announced.

"Where are the girls?" 7-Up asked.

"They are in the infirmary." Chris said.

"This is my lucky day." Michael said.

Michael opened the envelope he found to find a sheet of paper.

"What is it?" 7-Up asked.

"It's a piece of paper that describes everything about the eliminated competitors." Michael said.

"Will the reward help Michael? Will the girls be okay for the next challenge? Who will be one step closer to winning one million dollars? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Chapter 22 - Destination Playa des Losers

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the final four competed in a reward challenge. The competitors had to capture an angry bear and take the reward from his neck. Michael promised 7-Up half the prize money to help him catch the bear and Tanya and Rena teamed up against Michael. It became a match of boys versus girls. The girls almost won, but were crushed by their own trap. Michael ended up luring the bear with 7-Up's body and ended the deal between them by gambling with his life. Michael won the reward in the end, a list of all the campers' biographies. How will this reward help him in today's challenge? Find out on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The four contestants sat by the Dock of Shame.

"Why are we here?" Rena asked.

"Chris said to be here for today's challenge." 7-Up said.

Suddenly, the Boat of Losers pulled up and Chris hopped on.

"It's time for all of you to visit Playa des Losers." Chris said.

"But if we all take the Boat of Losers, who wins the million?" 7-Up asked.

"You're not eliminated." Chris explained. "It's for today's challenge. You will visit the eliminated contestants at Playa des Losers and convince them not to vote for you. After 2 hours, the sixteen will vote off one of you."

"Yes!" Michael said in a confessional. "I'm saved! I have an entire list of everything those 16 losers want to hear. They'll never vote me off."

The final four hopped onto the boat and it drove off.

"So, Michael." Tanya said. "You worried about getting eliminated?"

"Why should I be?" Michael asked.

"Not many people like you." Tanya chuckled.

"Like who?" Michael asked.

"Jamie." Tanya said.

"Eric." Rena said.




"Let's not forget about Bianca."

"I keep forgetting that people think that Bianca hates me." Michael said in a confessional.

"Arriving at Playa des Losers." Chris called out to the campers. The boat stopped at the dock and Chris and the competitors hopped off.

"Here are the 16 losers." Chris said. They were shown as Chris said their names.





"Harpo and Oprah"










"and Irene!"

The sixteen contestants glared at them.

"What's up with them?" 7-Up asked.

"They don't exactly...what's the you." Chris explained.

"Why us?" Tanya asked. "It's Michael whose unlikable."

"People don't like Rena because she kissed Michael right in front of Brandon. Tanya turned Adam against the Sharks. 7-Up is pretty likable unless you're Vivian." Chris said.

Vivian glared at 7-Up.

"You have 2 hours to catch up with each other." Chris said.

"Michael!" Bianca yelled.

"Oh crap." Michael said.

Bianca tackled Michael into a bush.

"Oooh..." all the contestants said.

Behind the bush, Michael and Bianca made out.

"You haven't told anyone, have you?" Bianca asked.

"My lips are sealed." Michael said.

The two continued to make out.

Meanwhile, Tanya lounged by the pool. Adam walked up to her.

"Hey. It's good to see you again." Adam said.

"Ditto." Tanya said.

"You know," Adam said. "the Sharks are still mad at you and me. Don't you want to apologize?"

"Nah." Tanya said. "People hate Michael too much. I'll be fine."

"If you say so." Adam said.

Meanwhile, Rena walked up to Brandon.

"Brandon, I need to talk to you." Rena said.

"Look," Brandon said. "I don't really talk to girls who like to make a fool out of me."

Brandon walked away.

"No!" Rena said. "He kissed me! You have to believe me!"

Rena sighed.

Meanwhile, Michael walked up to Irene.

"Irene!" Michael said cheerfully. "How have you been?"

"Mighty fine." Irene said. "I might be mistaken, but I thought y'all disliked me."

"Why would you think that?" Michael asked.

"Well, when I was voted off, you said I should've been more serious." Irene said.

"And you took that to heart." Michael said while laughing.

"But didn't y'all vote me off?" Irene asked.

"No!" Michael said defensively. "Actually, it was Rena who told everyone to vote you off. I refused to listen to her."

"I reckon Rena was on the other team." Irene said.

"Nope." Michael said.

"Oh, ok then." Irene said.

"A little birdy told me that you've always wanted a silo." Michael said. "If I win, I'll buy you one."

"Really?" Irene said excitedly. "That's so nice!"

Meanwhile, 7-Up talked to Oprah and Harpo.

"So, you are, like, going to be a rapper?" Harpo asked.

"I was a rapper." 7-Up said. "I hope to get my record deal back with the million."

"That's so cool!" Oprah said.

"Can you girls do me a favor and not vote my bro Michael off?" 7-Up asked.

"Sure." the girls said at the same time.

Meanwhile, Rena ran up to Brandon.

"Brandon." Rena said. "Please listen to me. Give me a minute."

Brandon turned around. "Fine."

"Look," Rena said. "I don't care if I don't convince one other person not to vote me off, because your opinion matters most to me. I like you, more than words can express. And I did not mean to embarrass you. If anything, I embarrassed myself. I'm not interested in Michael. I love you and I know that you can never..."

Rena was interrupted by Brandon kissing her.

"You have my vote." Brandon said.

They continued to kiss.

Meanwhile, Michael talked to Eric.

"I can get you an entire science labaratory." Michael said.

"That would cost more than a million dollars." Eric said.

"Would you settle for a beaker?" Michael asked.

"You know, with all the stuff you are promising people, you'll never afford it all." Eric said.

"I haven't promised people things." Michael said.

"You promised Irene a silo, Jamie a pony, Kyle a weight set, and Derek his own cooking show." Eric said.

"This list rocks!" Michael said in a confessional.

Later, Chris rounded up all the contestants.

"It's time to vote someone off!" Chris said. "We'll go in elimination order."

"Rena." Irene said.

"7-Up." Vivian said.

"Michael." Eric said.

"Michael." Brandon said.

Rena smiled.

"Michael." Faith said.

"Michael." Adam said.

"Rena." Harpo said.

"Rena." Simon said.

"Rena." Derek said.

"Rena." Carol said.

"Michael." Jamie said.

"Rena." Oscar said.

"Rena." Oprah said.

"Michael." Kyle said.

"Michael." Ernest said.

"It's a tie between Michael and Rena. Bianca has the deciding vote." Chris said.

"Michael is gone!" Rena said in a confessional.

"Rena is gone!" Michael said in a confessional.












"What?!" Rena exclaimed.

"Rena, you get to stay here." Chris said.

Rena looked at Brandon.

"Oh, well." Rena said. "It was fun."

"As for Tanya, she wins a reward for the next challenge for having the least amount of votes." Chris said.

"Yes!" Tanya said.

"I'm one step closer to winning." Tanya said in a confessional.

"I can't wait to get my silo!" Irene said.

"You wish, hillbilly!" Michael said. "None of you are getting anything. The only reason I knew what you wanted is because of this list."

Michael ripped the list into pieces.

"You tricked us!" Simon yelled.

"You bet I did!" Michael said. "I won! I made it to the final three! And these two losers are going down!"

The eliminated contestants stared angrily at Michael. The final three jumped on the boat.

"Win it for us, Tanya!" Adam yelled.

The boat rode away.

"Will Michael win the next challenge? Will Brandon and Rena's relationship spark? Will 7-Up get his recording contract? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Rena is eliminated.

Chapter 23 - The Ugly Truth

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the final four visited the eliminted contestants at Playa des Losers! Sadly, they weren't exactly happy to see them. Michael used his reward from the last challenge to persuade Irene and a lot of other past enemies to not vote him off. Rena tried to win back Brandon and convince him not to vote her off. She succeeded and got a kiss out of it too. 7-Up flirted with Playa des Losers's ladies. In the end, Rena was eliminated and Michael revealed that he was lying the whole time he was there and the competitors would get nothing. Now it's Michael, 7-Up, and Tanya in the final three! It will be the most dramatic episode ever! And that's the truth! If you don't believe me watch this episode of Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

The three competitors sat in the mess hall.

"I can't believe we made it to the final three, dudes!" 7-Up exclaimed.

"I can." Michael said. "I am the most deceptive and strategic contestant. It'll be easy from here."

"If I win the competition, I am going to get my record deal back." 7-Up said in a confessional. "I'll be so famous. I'll touch records and they'll turn to gold, maybe even platinum! My agent will regret dumping me! Do you hear that Eduardo?! I don't need you!"

"When I win, I'm going to leave the money in the bank." Tanya said in a confessional. "In 5 years, I can turn that million dollars into 1,400,000 dollars! Maybe I can even keep it in there for 20 years. That would be 2,600,000 dollars! Then I could put that into the stock market. I wonder if Continental Airlines will still be going up. I could turn 2,600,000 dollars into 100 million dollars!"

"What am I going to do with the money?" Michael said in a confessional. "What do I need to do? Once people know I have money, they'll just hand me everything I want. I'll be surrounded by gorgeous girls and have a red Ferrari. What more does a guy need? Well, there's beer, but I'm underaged."

"I don't think I made any enemies on the island." 7-Up said in a confessional. "People expect rappers to be high or drunk all the time and have sex with every girl they walk past, but hopefully I have changed that stereotype. Well, one person I made enemies with was Vivian, I think. It's kind of complicated. She thinks I'm a wannabe."

"Michael is a jerk." Tanya said in a confessional. "I think he's the only enemy I made. There was Bianca too, but she started hating Michael more. I still don't get why Bianca voted off Rena instead of him."

"Enemies?" Michael said in a confessional. "Well there was Irene, Eric, Kyle, Rena, Adam, Brandon, Tanya, and Jamie. Am I forgetting anyone?"

Chris walked into the mess hall.

"Hello final three!" Chris said. "Are you ready for today's challenge?"

"Yeah!" 7-Up said. "Let's do it!"

"Follow me to the amphitheater." Chris said.

Chris led the three to the amphitheater. There was a lie detector in the middle.

"What's that?" Tanya asked.

"It's a lie detector." Chris said. "You strap yourself into it and it can detect if you're lying or not."

"I fear that has something to do with today's challenge." Michael said.

"Prepare the tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Chris said. "Our viewers sent in a bunch of questions fo you guys. You will be hooked up to the lie detector and asked the questions."

"What if we don't answer the question?" Tanya asked.

"You'll regret that." Chris said. "If you lie or don't answer the question, you will be sent down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers."

"Harsh." 7-Up said.

"Anyone want to go first?" Chris asked.

Everyone remained silent.

"Fine." Tanya said.

"By the way, Tanya gets to skip one question if she chooses, because she won the last challenge." Chris said.

Chris strapped Tanya into the lie detector.

"Did you have a long-term boyfriend before Adam?" Chris read.

Tanya looked nervously.

"Yes." she admitted. "His name was Nathaniel. He was a varsity football player and a model for Abercrombie & Fitch."

"I'm sure Adam would love to hear that." Michael said.

"Michael, why don't you go next?" Chris asked.

Chris unstrapped Tanya and strapped Michael in.

"Have you ever worn a diaper before the competition?" Chris read.

"Yes." Michael said quickly.

"Wow." Chris said. "A quick confession."

Chris unstrapped Michael.

"Well, of course I have." Michael said. "When I was a baby."

"Oh, that's tricky." Chris said. "7-Up is up next."

Chris strapped 7-Up into the lie detector.

"Did you kiss anyone on the island?" Chris read.

"Well..." 7-Up said.

"You did?" Tanya said. "Spit it out!"

"Bianca." 7-Up said.

"You bitch!" Michael yelled.

Everyone stared at Michael. He sat down awkwardly.

"It was an accident." 7-Up said. "After the survival challenge, when it was only me, Bianca, Oscar, and Jamie. I tripped and fell on her. My lips just landed on her lips."

"I can't believe he kissed my girlfriend!" Michael said in a confessional. "I probably should've reacted better. It was just an accident. If my secret with Bianca gets out, she'll hate me!"

"Tanya, you're up again!" Chris said.

He strapped Tanya in to the lie detector.

"If you were to date anyone else on the island besides Adam, who would you date?" Chris read.

"I'm going to skip this one." Tanya said.

"Good call." Chris said. "Michael, you're up."

Chris unstrapped Tanya and strapped in Michael.

"Do you think Jamie has a potential to be smart?" Chris read.

Michael sighed. "It's for a million dollars." he reminded himself. "I think it's possible she could be smart if she committed herself."

"You look sick." Chris said as he unstrapped Michael.

"Yeah." Michael said as he stumbled out of the seat.

Chris strapped 7-Up into the seat.

"Are you still attracted to Vivian?" Chris read.

"Maybe a little." 7-Up said.

The pen started moving slightly.

"Almost a lie." Chris said.

"Okay, kinda." 7-Up said.

It slowed down a little.

"Okay, yes!" 7-Up said.

The pen moved normally again.

"I'll take it!" Chris said.

He unstrapped 7-Up.

"Tanya, let's go!" Chris said.

Chris strapped Tanya into the lie detector.

"Did you ever vote Rena off?" Chris read.

"Once." Tanya said. "During the clue challenge. She was yelling at Derek and he was my friend. I couldn't let her do that."

"Honesty." Chris said. "I like it."

"I'm sorry Rena." Tanya said in a confessional. "You weren't eliminted so I imagine you shouldn't be that mad."

Chris strapped Michael in the lie detector.

"Are you really that popular at your old school?" Chris read.

"Yeah." Michael said. "All the girls love me."

The pen started shaking a little.

"Most of them." Michael corrected.

"So, you've been out with a lot of girls?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah." Michael said.

"Were you by any chance dating anyone before you came onto the island?" Tanya asked. "You know, the island where you've flirted with almost every girl."

"That's not fair!" Michael said. "Chris, unstrap me!"

"No way, dude!" Chris chuckled. "This is hilarious!"

"Fine." Michael said. "I was dating a couple of girls."

"A couple?!" Tanya exclaimed.

"Three, maybe?" Michael said.

"And you've kissed Rena, and flirted with almost everyone else?" Tanya asked.

"Yes!" Michael yelled. "Chris, let me out!"

Chris unstrapped Michael.

"7-Up, come on down!" Chris said.

Chris strapped 7-Up in.

"Did you really rap before?" Chris read.

"Umm..." 7-Up said. "Well..."

"Spit it out!" Chris yelled.

"No!" 7-Up yelled. "NO! NO! NO! They had my lip-sync and I hated it! It was the only chance I had though to make my dream come true. I practiced more after they dropped me and I actually became good! I dreamed for the day they'd take me back and they never did! I need to win this."

"It's okay, dude." Michael said. "I promise if I win, I'll give you enough for your record deal. I know that someday you'll get there."

"For once, I agree with him." Tanya said. "You have lots of potential."

"Thanks guys." 7-Up said. "That means a lot."

Chris unstrapped 7-Up.

"Tanya, let's go." Chris said.

Chris strapped in Tanya.

"Why do you act like a tomboy?" Chris read.

"That's personal!" Tanya yelled.

"It's for a million." Chris said.

"Because I'm ugly." Tanya said. "I never could wear those big fashion clothes, because all the other girls would laugh at me. I would go home every night crying. I dressed in basic clothes so no one would laugh. I'd act tough so no one would mess with me. I became a loner. I didn't want to hang with the girls. I wanted to be with the guys. They never judged me on whether I'd wear that crap or not, because they saw me as one of them."

"I don't think you're ugly." 7-Up said.

"No comment." Michael said.

"And I'm sure Adam doesn't think so either." 7-Up said.

"Thanks, 7-Up." Tanya said. "You know, this island isn't so bad. It helped me realize a lot of things and I made a lot of good friends."

Chris unstrapped Tanya and strapped in 7-Up.

"Did you kiss Bianca?" Chris read.

Michael got wide-eyed.

"This is an important question." Michael said in a confessional. "Probably the most important question I've ever been asked. It separates morals. The whole time I've been on this island I thought I was fighting for the million dollars. Maybe it was for something more. 7-Up and Tanya got something more important. They realized things about themsleves they didn't even know. I always thought girls were just something that were here to entertain me, but then I met Bianca. She's different. It's a question of which is more important: Bianca or a million dollars? In other words, is Bianca worth more than a million dollars?"

"Come on, Michael." Tanya said. "Just admit that Bianca wouldn't kiss you."

"I can't." Michael said. "I'm done."

"What?!" everyone exclaimed.

Michael unstrapped himself.

"Well, I guess Michael is out." Chris said.

Later, Chris, 7-Up, and Tanya stood by the Dock of Shame as Michael drove away on the Boat of Losers.

"I wonder why it was so hard for Michael to admit that Bianca wouldn't kiss him?" 7-Up asked.

"Who cares?" Tanya asked. "We made it to the final two!"

"Yes, you did." Chris said.

"Yes!" the two said at the same time.

"Who will be the ultimate winner? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woods!"

Michael is eliminated.

Chapter 24 - A Race Through the Ages

"Last time on Total Drama Woods, the final three were hooked up to a lie detector and asked a multiple of questions. Truths were revealed. Tanya had a boyfriend named Nathaniel, 7-Up is into Vivian, Michael was dating three girls before he came onto the island, Tanya voted off Rena, 7-Up kissed Bianca, and Michael thinks Jamie is smart. In the end, 7-Up and Tanya broke out and revealed their true nature. 7-Up always lip-synced and Tanya thinks she's ugly. After asking Michael if Bianca ever kissed him, he chickened out and refused to admit that Bianca would never ever kiss him in a million years. Now it's down to 7-Up and Tanya! In fact, we're going a million years into the past on this one! It's time to find out who the winner is on Total...Drama...Woods!"

(Theme song)

7-Up and Tanya stood in the forest where there were two bleachers set up.

"Where are they?" Tanya asked.

"They should be here any second." Chris said.

Suddenly, a helicopter landed next to them. All of the eliminated contestants walked out.

"Here they are!" Chris said. "Losers, sit on the left side if you are rooting for 7-Up, and the right side to root for Tanya.

Michael, Bianca, Oscar, Vivian, Ernest, Kyle, Simon, and Carol sat on 7-Up's side.

Adam, Rena, Brandon, Faith, Harpo, Oprah, Derek, Eric, Irene, and Jamie sat on Tanya's side.

7-Up walked over to Vivian.

"Why are you sitting in my peanut gallery?" 7-Up asked. "I thought you hated me."

"Why would you think that?" Vivian asked.

"Because I only like you because I thought you were playing hard-to-get." 7-Up said.

"I thought you said that you still liked me." Vivian said.

"I said a little." 7-Up reminded her.

"So you like me?"

"Sure. Do you like me?"


"What does maybe mean?"

"It means either yes or no."

"So does it mean yes or no?"

"I don't know."

"I hate you."

"I thought you liked me."

"7-UP!" Chris yelled. "We need to start the challenge!"

7-Up walked over to Chris and Tanya.

"Today's challenge is a race through time." Chris announced. "We will start with the prehistoric age. You will have to rub sticks together to make fire. You must keep this fire throughout the whole race. If the fire goes out, you must start the whole race over again. Then, you will skip to the times of Ancient Greece. You will have to throw a javelin at least 10 meters and then you will climb a pole to get your golden medal. Next is the time of the Egyptians being lead through the desert by Moses. One of the members of your peanut gallery will give you directions to lead you out of the...desert. Then, we go the Middle Ages. You must pull a sword out of a stone. Once you do so, you will move on to the Age of Exploration, you must find the City of Gold and leave your gold medal in the center. After getting out of the City of Gold, we would've reached World War II. You must battle through Nazis using your sword. Leave the sword there once you're done. Then, we go on to the 60s. You must disco dance the moves perfectly to move past here. Then we move onto present day. You must take your credit score and raise it up to get your loan. Then, we move onto the future, the apocalypse. You will be pelted with asteroids. Once, you reach the shore, you must turn in your loan for a jet ski. Ride it to Playa des Losers, where you will jump off the diving board with your fire as a sacrafice to the Apocalypse gods. Whoever does that will win Total Drama Woods, and the million dollars."

"Good luck." 7-Up said.

"You too." Tanya said.

"Peanut galleries, you may follow behind and help your leaders." Chris said. "On your mark, get set, GO!"

The two ran up to the sticks and started rubbing them together. Adam ran up to Tanya.

"Tinder helps ignite the fire." Adam explained.

Tanya ripped a necklace off her neck.

"Would this work?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah." Adam said. "A necklace with a tinderbox around it. That's unique. Where did you get it?"

"Nathaniel gave it to me." Tanya said, blushing.

"Oh." Adam said.

Adam put the tinder on the sticks and Tanya rubbed them together. The fire started.

Meanwhile, 7-Up rubbed the sticks together.

"It won't ignite." 7-Up said.

Vivian sighed and snapped her fingers. The fire lit.

"Thanks." 7-Up said.

Tanya and 7-Up ran away. Later, the two arrived at two javelins.

"10 meters." Adam reminded Tanya.

Tanya handed the fire to Adam and picked up the javelin. She threw it, but it went 9 meters.

"Nice." Adam said. "That was close."

Tanya went to get her javelin. 7-Up threw his javelin. It went 8 meters. He ran to get it.

Tanya threw it again. 9 meters.

"You can do it." Adam said.

7-Up threw it again. 9 meters.

Tanya threw it. 9 meters.

7-Up threw it. 10 meters.

"Go get the medal!" Michael shouted.

7-Up jumped on the pole and started climbing.

"Come on, Tanya!" Rena shouted. "Throw it a little further!"

Tanya threw it. It caught on her medal and nailed it to a tree.

"That works." Rena said.

Tanya grabbed the medal and ran away.

"Come on, 7-Up!" Michael shouted.

7-Up jumped up and grabbed the medal. He put it around his neck and took the fire from Michael.

"I really look like an Olympian." 7-Up said in a confessional. "I feel like Muhammad Ali. You know, with the gold medal and the torch. Someday, I'll be rapping in front of Muhammad Ali."

"Muhammad Ali's dead." Michael shouted from outside the confessional.

"Crap." 7-Up said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Tanya ran through the forest and then found an obstacle course.

Chris blindfolded her.

"Now you have to pick someone from your peanut gallery to direct you through this obstacle course with fire, hungry alligators, and deadly poison spikes." Chris said.

"Yay." Tanya said sarcastically.

"Who will it be?" Chris asked.

"I trust Adam the most." Tanya said.

"Adam, you are Moses." Chris said. "Okay. Just walk forward about 5 paces then stop."

Tanya walked forward 4 paces.

"Wait, stop!" Adam said.

Tanya suddenly stopped.

Then, 7-Up ran up.

"Who will guide you through the maze of death?" Chris asked 7-Up.

"I can." Vivian said.

"No!" 7-Up screamed. "How about Oscar?"

"Yeah!" Oscar said.

Chris blindfolded 7-Up.

"Just take, like 6 paces forward." Oscar said.

7-Up took 6 steps forward and tripped into the alligator pool. He dropped his fire into the pool and it went out. 7-Up took his blindfold off. He jumped out of the pool, just as the alligators were about to get him.

"Looks like 7-Up has to start over again." Chris said.

"NO!" 7-Up cried. He started running back as fast as he could.

Tanya walked out of the maze and took her blindfold off.

"Thanks, Adam." Tanya said.

She hugged him.

"While we have some time," Adam said. "can you tell me more about Nathaniel?"

"It's nothing." Tanya said. "No need to be jealous. It was a long time ago."

"I'm not jealous." Adam said defensively. "I just wanted to know more about him."

"Well, then I guess I should introduce you guys some time." Tanya said.

Tanya ran off.

Meanwhile, 7-Up threw his javelin 10 meters and started climbing the pole.

Meanwhile, Tanya ran up to a sword in a stone. She started pulling on it.

"Wow." Tanya said. "It's really stuck in there."

Tanya pulled harder, but it still wouldn't move.

Meanwhile, 7-Up arrived at the obstacle course.

"I'm ready." Oscar said. "I won't mess up this time."

"Sorry, Oscar." 7-Up said. "Let me try Ernest this time."

Ernest walked up.

"Take 4 paces." Ernest said. "Then turn 90 degrees to the left."

7-Up followed Ernest's instructions.

"Now take 3 paces forward." Ernest said.

Meanwhile, Tanya struggled to pull the sword out.

"There must be some kind of secret to it." Tanya said.

"Look for a button or something." Adam said.

Tanya looked on the rock.

"Here it is." Tanya said.

She pushed the button and the sword loosened. She pulled it out and started to run. 7-Up ran after her and simply pulled the sword out. Tanya looked curiously.

"How'd you do that?" Tanya asked.

"I just pulled on it." 7-Up said.

"Just call me Merlin." Vivian said.

The two arrived at the cliff.

"Where is the City of Gold?" 7-Up asked.

"Wait." Adam said. "Isn't this where the Labyrinth was?"

Suddenly, the ground opened up. 7-Up, Tanya, and Adam fell into the Labyrinth. It was painted gold this time. The two dropped their gold medals on the ground.

"I remember the way out." Adam said.

Tanya and Adam ran out.

"Vivian, can you by any chance zap me out of here?" 7-Up asked.

Suddenly, 7-Up was in the water. He swam up to shore. He took out his sword and saw a bunch of cardboard Nazis. Suddenly, they started shooting paintballs at 7-Up. He started slashing the cardboard Nazis.

Meanwhile, Tanya swam to shore and took out her sword. She started slashing the cardboard Nazis. 7-Up finished and ran to the disco floor.

"Disco and hip-hop are obviously not the same thing." 7-Up said.

Tanya ran up after him. Suddenly, a TV rose up and showed them the moves. They started following the moves.

Meanwhile, Michael and Bianca sat at Playa des Losers together.

"I heard you kissed 7-Up." Michael said.

"I heard you were dating three girls before you came here." Bianca said.

"Think we can look past that stuff?" Michael asked.

The two started making out again.

Meanwhile, 7-Up and Tanya ran up to two poles with signs that read "Credit Score." Chris sat behind a desk.

"Take the signs to the top of the pole." Chris instructed. "Then you get your loan."

The two took the signs and started climbing the poles. Tanya accidentally dropped her fire. Adam noticed and dove for the fire. He caught it. Tanya let out a sign of relief. 7-Up taped the sign to the top and dropped down. Chris handed him money and 7-Up ran off. Tanya taped her sign to the top and got the money from Chris. Suddenly, Chris's desk turned into a cannon.

"This baby fires asteroids." Chris said.

He started firing at 7-Up and Tanya. They dodged it. They reached the lake. They left their money on the table and hopped in the jet skis. They rode away. Suddenly, Chris pressed a button. A bunch of tidal waves started.

"At the end of time, they say a flood will destroy all humans." Chris explained. "In this case, it will destroy 7-Up and Tanya."

The tidal wave knocked 7-Up's jet ski. He dropped the fire, but quickly caught it. 7-Up rammed into Tanya. Tanya rammed back. Suddenly, a tidal wave knocked Tanya away from Playa des Losers. 7-Up pulled up and hopped off. Everyone cheered when he got there. He ran up the diving board and took out his fire.

"Eat this, Apocalyptic gods!" 7-Up shouted.

He jumped into the pool with the fire.

Tanya arrived at Playa des Losers.

"NO!" she shouted.

"7-Up wins Total Drama Woods!" Chris announced.

Everyone raised 7-Up out of the water.

"I'm a millionaire!" he shouted. "I can get a record deal!"

Tanya lied on a lounging chair. Adam walked over.

"It's okay." Adam said. "You did well."

Adam kissed Tanya.

"We can all go home!" Faith exclaimed.

"Yeah." Chris said. "Not yet."

"WHAT?!" the campers exclaimed.

To Be Continued...

Tanya is eliminated.

7-Up wins!

Chapter 25 - Steal or No Steal

"Last time on Total Dra-"

"Chris!" Rena yelled. "Skip that part! What do you mean that we aren't leaving?"

"Fine." Chris said. "I just meant you have one more challenge left."

"But I already won the million." 7-Up said. "What else is left?"

"7-Up, how would you like to win 2.5 million dollars?" Chris asked.

"That would be awesome!" 7-Up yelled.

Chris threw 4 metal cases.

"These 4 briefcases hold a total of 2.5 million dollars." Chris said. "Hold them all at the end and it's yours."

"What if I get them all?" Faith asked.

"Then you would get the 2.5 million dollars and 7-Up would get nothing." Chris said.

"Wait!" 7-Up said. "I change my mind. That is horrible odds!"

"Too late." Chris said. He blew a whistle. All the contestants ran after 7-Up.

"They will have 1 hour to get the cases from 7-Up." Chris said.

Meanwhile, 7-Up hid behind the bush and all the contestants ran past him. Suddenly, Michael and Bianca popped up.

"Whoa!" 7-Up said surprised.

"Calm down." Michael said. "We're here to help you for 33% of the money."

"Forget it!" 7-Up said. "I'm sick of taking deals from you just because you want money. Don't you ever just do things for people to be nice?"

Michael chuckled. "No."

7-Up ran away. Michael and Bianca ran after him.

"Fine." Michael said. "We'll help, but only if you remember me when you're rich and famous."

"Deal." 7-Up said.

Eric ran up next to them.

"What do you want, nerd?" Michael asked.

"I came to help." Eric said.

"Why would you help us?" Michael asked.

"To make amends." Eric said.

"Fine." Michael said.

"I think Michael is ready to apologize." Eric said in a confessional. "Maybe we can even be friends after the competition."

"This is perfect." Michael said in a confessional. "I can use Eric to get the cases from 7-Up and then take them from him."

"I think we lost them for a while." Michael said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants ran together. Tanya and Adam stopped. They grabbed Derek.

"What's wrong?" Derek asked.

"We think that 7-Up ditched back there." Tanya said. "Let's not tell anyone else and get the cases for ourselves."

"Then we can split it three ways." Adam said.

"Cool." Derek said.

The three started running the other way.

Meanwhile, Rena looked around. She grabbed Brandon and stopped. Jamie noticed this.

"Where did Tanya, Adam, and Derek go?" Rena asked.

"I don't know." Brandon said. "Maybe they went to look somewhere else."

"Or maybe they caught 7-Up." Rena said. "Let's go back."

Jamie walked up to them.

"Can I come with you guys?" Jamie asked.

"Fine." Rena said. "But you get none of the money."

"Kay." Jamie said. "I was never in it for the money anyway."

The three ran off. Everyone noticed this.

"Where are they going?" Harpo asked.

"They must have seen 7-Up." Simon said.

Everyone started running the other way and tripped over each other. Simon pulled Carol out of the pile.

"Let's go get 7-Up!" Simon yelled.

"Yeah." Carol said. "I could think of a million things I could buy with 2.5 million dollars. Like a surfboard, or a teddy bear, or a shovel."

"Can we go now?" Simon asked.

"Yeah!" Carol shouted.

Vivian appeared next to them.

"Not without me." Vivian said.

Carol leaned into Simon.

"She freaks me out." Carol whispered.

Meanwhile, Kyle stood up. He helped up Harpo and Oprah.

"Would you ladies like to come with me?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah!" Harpo said.

"Whatever." Oprah said.

The three walked off.

Faith picked up Ernest.

"No!" Ernest yelled.

"You're coming with me, loser." Faith said.

"This can be considered kidnapping." Ernest said.

Irene and Oscar stood up.

"Well, we are the only guys left." Oscar said. "Want to team up?"

"Sure." Irene said.

The two walked off.

Meanwhile, 7-Up, Michael, Bianca, and Eric ran together.

"I think they realized we ditched." 7-Up said.

"I have an idea." Michael said. "Why don't we hide the cases and come back for them later?"

"Good idea." Eric said.

They each threw a case into a nearby bush.

"Let's run!" 7-Up shouted.

They ran away.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Harpo, and Oprah ran together.

"Oprah," Kyle said. "I want to apologize for voting you off."

"Forget it." Oprah said. "I saw the episode where you were with Bianca. She was right. You use girls as a game. And you are not getting this prize."

"I can be your prize!" Harpo yelled.

"Look," Kyle said. "The thing with Bianca, it was because I am a horrible singer."

"You could've tried." Oprah said.

"No, like I have a fear of singing in front of people." Kyle said. "I tried in a talent show once and I completely embarassed myself."

"It doesn't explain why you voted me off." Oprah said.

"I didn't want you to be my girlfriend." Kyle said. "I didn't want you crushing on me all the time."

"Congrats." Oprah said. "You got your wish."

Meanwhile, Tanya, Adam, and Derek ran together.

"So tell me more about Nathaniel." Adam said.

"Well, he's really strong and tough. He's sweet and caring though." Tanya said.

"Can't wait to meet him." Adam said disappointedly.

Meanwhile, 7-Up, Michael, Bianca, and Eric stood in the forest.

"Why did you two kiss?" Michael asked.

"I told you." 7-Up said. "It was an accident."

"How do I know that's the truth?" Michael asked.

"Because I said it in the lie detector." 7-Up said. "Why do you care so much?"

"Because we're going out now." Bianca said.

"You don't mind telling him?" Michael asked.

"He's our friend." Bianca said.

"I just don't like it that my girlfriend kissed my best friend." Michael said.

"But that was before I was your girlfriend." Bianca said.

"So?" Michael asked.

"So." Bianca said. "You were dating three girls before I was your girlfriend."

"Why can't you get over that?" Michael asked. "You get jealous way too easily."

"You're jealous of 7-Up!" Bianca yelled.

"Sorry I don't like my girlfriend kissing random rappers." Michael said.

"You're impossible!" Bianca yelled. "Everything is about you!"

"Whatever." Michael said. "Come on, Eric!"

"I want to stay here." Eric said.

"If you want 1.25 million dollars, you'd better follow me." Michael whispered.

Eric stood up and followed Michael.

Meanwhile, Faith carried Ernest through the forest.

"This isn't right!" Ernest yelled.

"People wonder why I hang out with Ernest if I hate him." Faith said in a confessional. "It's because I love to annoy him. Hearing his girlish shriek is why I wake up in the morning."

Faith noticed Michael and Eric.

"They were with 7-Up." Faith said. "Let's follow them."

"I don't have a choice!" Ernest yelled.

Meanwhile, Chris stood by the camera.

"Only 20 minutes left." Chris announced.

Meanwhile, Michael took the cases out of the bush and threw them to Eric.

"I don't get it." Eric said. "7-Up's your friend. Why would you betray him?"

"Eric, America was founded on betrayal." Michael said. "The Earth revolves around betrayal."

The two ran away. Faith and Ernest ran after them.

Meanwhile, Rena, Brandon, and Jamie ran through the forest. Suddenly, a helicopter landed in front of them.

"Who are you?" Brandon asked the pilot.

"I take video camera shots of you guys from the air." the pilot said.

Rena smiled and threw the pilot out of the helicopter.

"What are you doing?" Jamie asked.

"Trust me." Rena said.

The two hopped in the helicopter and Rena rode it away.

"Chris!" the pilot called into the walkie talkie. "They took the copter!"

Chris took a spit take. He ran away.

Meanwhile, Michael and Eric ran to the edge of the cliff. Faith, Ernest, Tanya, Adam, and Derek ran up to them.

"What do we do?" Eric asked.

Michael shrugged and pushed Eric into the group, knocking them over. Michael looked to jump, but suddenly, a helicopter rose up from the cliff.

"Give me the cases!" Rena yelled.

"No!" Michael yelled.

Michael threw Eric at the helicopter. He flew through the door and fell out the other end. He landed in the water.

Bianca and 7-Up ran up.

"Michael!" Bianca yelled.

"Crap." Michael said.

Bianca ran up and tackled Michael off the cliff. Once they landed in the water, they kissed.

"I forgive you." Michael said.

"Same here." Bianca said.

Bianca got wide-eyed.

"Where are the cases?" Bianca asked.

They looked to see the cases separated across the lake.

Meanwhile, Chris hopped in his asteroid cannon. He shot at the helicopter. Brandon noticed this.

"Abandon ship!" Brandon yelled.

Rena, Brandon, and Jamie jumped out of the helicopter. The asteroid hit it and it exploded. The other contestants jumped into the water.

7-Up, Rena, Tanya, and Faith grabbed a case. The timer rang.

"Time's up!" Chris yelled. "Open your cases!"

7-Up got 500,000. Rena got 750,000. Tanya got 1,000,000. Faith got 250,000.

"Yes!" Adam yelled. "We got the million!"

Chris drove the Boat of Losers up to the contestants.

"Actually, you didn't." Chris said. "I lied. None of you get any money except 7-Up."

"But I lost half a million dollars." 7-Up complained.

"And we just went through all that for nothing." Rena yelled.

"7-Up, you can win it back." Chris said. "And Rena, it wasn't for nothing. Everyone who has a case can join me for a second season."

"A second season?!" Jamie exclaimed in a confessional.

"Crap!" Tanya yelled in a confessional. "Another season!"

"And the prize will be the 2 million dollars no one won!" Chris announced.

Vivian appeared next to Chris.

"Let me join or I'll turn your body inside-out." Vivian said.

"Okay." Chris said frightened. "Vivian's in. Which means Carol, Simon, Eric, Kyle, Harpo, Oprah, Irene, and Oscar are out."

"What do we do now?" Brandon asked.

"Go home for a week and then meet me for the second season. Tune in next time for Total Drama Virtual!"

Elimination Table

Elimination Chart
# Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
5 Adam LOW IN IN WIN WIN OUT Returns Episode 14 IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
8 Vivian IN OUT Returns Episode 14 WIN IN LOW OUT
18 Brandon WIN WIN WIN OUT
19 Eric IN IN OUT
20 Irene OUT

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