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The sequel to Total Drama Paradise!

The twelve contestants will go around the world facing impossible challenges!



Host: Nalyd

Assistant: Bob the Leprechaun

Other Assitant: Frank the Gnome


Contestant History

Contestant Original Teams Merged Team Finish Total Votes
The Moody Girl
Crushing Explorers First Voted Out 4
The Science Dork
Striking Tourists Second Voted Out 4
The Geek-ette
Striking Tourists Third Voted Out 4
The Pessimist
Striking Tourists Fourth Voted Out 5
The Nice Fat Guy
Crushing Explorers Fifth Voted Out 2
The Angry Girl
Striking Tourists Crushing Explorers Sixth Voted Out 4
The Rich Jerk
Crushing Explorers Seventh Voted Out 51
The Lifeguard
Striking Tourists Eighth Voted Out 32
The Farm Girl
Striking Tourists Ninth Voted Out 1
The Fat Jerk
Crushing Explorers Tenth Voted Out 83
The Tough Girl
Crushing Explorers Runner-up 3
The Incredibly Peppy Girl
Crushing Explorers Winner 1

1: Charles played an idol, so one vote cast against him did not count.
2: Greg played an idol, so three votes cast against him did not count.
3: Rob played an idol, so three votes cast against him did not count.


Chapter One - “Welcome to Total Drama World.”

Total Drama World Chapter One

From all over Canada, twelve planes take off. These planes are heading for Paris, France. None of the twelve passengers is looking for a vacation. They are looking for one million dollars. “Welcome to Total Drama World,” Nalyd said to the twelve new contestants as they got off the planes. “All of you applied to season one, Total Drama Paradise, but as you can tell we aren’t in Amard. This season we will be going all over the world. Before we begin, how about you introduce yourselves?”

“’Sup dudes?” said a tall boy in black. He was a little overweight. “My name is George.”

“I’m Amanda,” a red haired girl said. Her clothes looked like a rainbow had exploded on her.

“Hey, y’all,” said a girl with dyed hair. She spoke with a southern accent. “My name’s Britanny, but you can call me Brit if you want.”

“My name is Greg, how is it going?” Greg wore a lifeguard shirt, and a blue hat.

The next boy looked very sad, but still waved to everyone. “Hi, I’m Hank,” he said quickly.

“The name’s Jillian,” growled a mean looking girl. “Don’t wear it out.”

A short, scrawny boy cleared his throat. “I’m Charles. Not Chuck, not Charlie, Charles.”

“My name is Sheldon,” said a boy in a lab coat. He also wore huge glasses.

“I’m Jessica!” a girl giggled. “This is going to be so fun.” Charles cringed at the sing-song sound of her voice.

“Hey guys, I’m Keyana,” said a girl wearing a shirt that read “Sista.’”

An incredibly obese, mean-looking boy was next. “I’m Rob. I’m big, but I’ll mess you up!”

The last girl in the lineup was jumping up and down. “I’m Sally guys; it’s good to meet all of you.”

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “It looks like we have an interesting lineup this year. The first six of you; Sheldon, Amanda, Britanny, Greg, Hank, and Jillian, and the Striking Tourists.” Nalyd handed Sheldon an orange flag. “The other six of you; Charles, George, Jessica, Keyana, Rob and Sally are the Crushing Explorers.” He tossed a purple flag to Charles, which knocked him over. “Everybody get on the bus,” Nalyd instructed as Bob drove up to them with the bus. “Okay,” Nalyd said as they all went towards the Eiffel Tower, “Today’s challenge is climbing the Eiffel Tower!” The contestants gasped at this. The Striking Tourists felt like they were at an advantage without the heavier contestants on their team. They arrived and the twelve contestants got out of the bus. “All six people form each team must get to the top. Go!”

Britanny, Jillian and Greg took an early lead, followed by Hank. The Crushing Explorers struggled to get anywhere. “Of course we get the three tubs of lard,” Charles moaned.

“This tub of lard is about to do some serious chowing down on something scrawny and tasteless!” Keyana exclaimed.

“On who, Jessica?” Charles asked.

Keyana glared at him, and threw him all the way to the top of the tower. He slammed face first, but held on.

“It looks like it’s up to Sheldon to make it to the top of the tower,” Nalyd said. Sheldon lacked the physical strength to make it by himself, so Hank and Greg helped him all the way up. “And the Striking Tourists win!” The Striking Tourists slid down the Eiffel tower, crushing Charles under their combined weight. “Striking Tourists will spend the night flying to the next location. The Crushing Explorers will stay here, and tonight will vote somebody off.” The Striking Tourists ran on to the plane, cheering for themselves.

George got Rob and Keyana together. “Guys, we’re the weakest links on the team. I think we should be in an alliance,” George suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Keyana shrugged.

“Okay,” Rob said, “So who’s in charge?”

“I was hoping one of you would be,” Rob shrugged.

“I will,” Rob growled. “And I know exactly how to get the majority vote.”

Charles was sitting alone, scowling. Rob came over to Charles, and promptly sat on him. “What are you doing?” Charles screamed.

“Vote with us!” Rob growled. Charles wet himself and Rob jumped up. “Not cool, dude!” he shouted.

Charles blushed and ran away.

The six Crushing Explorers sat under the Eiffel Tower as Bob handed them each a passport. “Last season,” Nalyd explained, “we put a person’s torch out when they were eliminated. This season we burn their passport. It is time to vote.”

Jessica voted for Rob. “You’re a big, fat, meanie!”

Sally voted for Rob. “Sorry, but you are one of three weak people here.”

Keyana voted for Sally. “Later, girl.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. A plane gently landed next to the Crushing Explorers, and a bus drove up to them. “Five of you will get on that plane, and one of you will get on that bus. One vote for Sally. One for Rob. Two votes for Sally, and two for Rob. This next vote is for Sally.” Sally gasped. She didn’t realize that she was a target for elimination. “The first person vote out of Total Drama World is Sally. Sally bring me your pass port.” Sally got up and started crying. She handed Nalyd the passport, which was thrown into a fire pit. Bob put the fire out, as it was spreading to the Eiffel Tower. “Sally, the team has spoken.” She got on the bus and rode away. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Two - “Welcome to Egypt.”

Total Drama World Chapter Two

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said to the Crushing Explorers. They were the first team to lose a challenge.

“Bye, Paris!” Jessica waved.

“Shut up!” Charles screamed.

“What’s your problem?” Jessica hissed. She glared menacingly at Charles, and he nearly wet himself.

“Now remind me why we voted Sally out over Charles or Jessica?” Keyana asked. She was a little upset, and was looking forward to befriending Sally, but didn’t want to isolate herself.

“Because we could use Charles for his vote,” Rob explained, “and I enjoy watching Jessica’s positive outlook on life bug Charles.” He and George high-fived each other and Keyana rolled her eyes.

“We rule!” Greg declared as the Striking Tourists flew southeast. The seats were arranged in rows of two. Greg was sitting with Britanny.

“Who do you guys think they sent home?” Sheldon asked. He was sitting with Amanda.

“I bet it was Charles,” Britanny said. “He’s really depressing.”

“I doubt it,” Jillian growled. She was sitting alone and everyone thought that she was asleep. “Probably one of those fat kids.”

Early in the morning, the two planes landed in Egypt. “Welcome to Egypt,” Nalyd said. The Striking Tourists were surprised that Sally was gone. “Today’s challenge is a race through the pyramids. The eleven of you will go into the tomb on the map I will give you in a moment. Each team will go to a different tomb, and both are one mile away. When you get to the tomb, you must search for the mummy, who will be Bob and his brother Frank wrapped in toilet paper. When you get to him he will give you a flag. The first team to get back here with their flag wins invincibility and Egyptian cuisine will be served to them on the plane.” Nalyd handed everyone a copy of the map. “Go!”

The two teams set off in opposite directions. “Dang, it’s hot,” George complained.

“Deal with it,” Charles said.

“There is no way the three of us are going to be able to run a mile,” Rob panted.

“I think I could,” Keyana shrugged. “I am not that out of shape, just big boned, mostly.”

“Okay, Nalyd didn’t say all of us had to make it. We’ll stay behind,” Rob said. “Go!”

Charles, Jessica, and Keyana started jogging. “Maybe we’ll have a chance now,” Jessica smiled. Charles cursed under his breath about her, but kept jogging.

The Striking Tourists were also making plans to leave people behind. “The four of us will go, and you two stay behind,” Greg said. He was referring to Jillian, Hank, Britanny, and himself going, and Amanda and Sheldon stay behind.

“Sounds good to me,” Amanda said. She didn’t really mind Sheldon, as he was the only other nerd.

The Striking Tourists were able to make it to their tomb in less than fifteen minutes, while the Crushing Explorers had another problem.

“Real nice,” Keyana muttered. She had fallen into quick sand, and Charles and Jessica couldn’t get her out. “Go on with out me,” she sighed. Charles and Jessica were displeased by that, but decided to go on.

The Striking Tourists were the first team to get to their pyramid. They found an entrance and got in quickly. “Which way?” Greg asked.

“It’s so dark in here,” Britanny said, “I can’t see the map.”

“Anyone good with fire?” Jillian asked.

“I am, give me something flammable,” Hank said. He grabbed some rocks and lit a piece of paper on fire. “Thanks Britanny.”

“Where did you get that paper?” Greg asked worriedly.

“Nalyd gave it to me. It’s the map.” She slapped her forehead. “Now what?”

They all screamed, “Help!” Hank slapped Greg.

“Take charge, man! You’re a lifeguard! Guard our lives!”

Greg saluted him. “Yes, sir! This way!” He started walking away but hit a wall. “I mean this way!” They turned around and headed in the direction of the mummy.

Jessica and Charles eventually made it to their pyramid. Neither had talked on their whole way there. They walked in and Charles was able to light a torch. “Where did you get that?” Jessica asked.

“I purchased one in the airport gift shop just in case.” Jessica rolled her eyes and they walked in. There heard a loud crash behind them and Jessica turned around. She didn’t see Charles, and the torch was on the floor.

“Charles? Knock it off!” she hissed. She took a step back and realized the floor had broken. “Charles?”

“Help!” he shouted. He was hanging onto the edge of the floor. One of his hands slipped, and he nearly fell. Jessica grabbed his hand.

“I’ve got you Charles!” she told him. She lifted him up very easily. “How much do you weigh, ten pounds?”

“N-n-n-n-ninety-three,” Charles shuddered. He thought she was going to let him fall to his death.

“Well, come on! We have a challenge to win!” Jessica ran off. Charles blushed and followed her.

The Striking Tourists had found Bob dressed as a mummy. “Give us the flag!” Jillian growled. Bob drop-kicked all of the Striking Tourists.

“That will leave a mark,” Hank said trying to catch his breath after the wind was knocked out of him. Jillian pounced on the Leprechaun and ripped the flag out of his hand.

“Let’s get out of here!” she shouted.

Charles and Jessica had reached Frank the Gnome. “Here Gnome-y, Gnome-y, Gnome-y,” Jessica said. She jumped at the Gnome but missed. Frank ran from her, but ran right into Charles’ foot. “Nice one,” she added. They grabbed the flag and left the tomb out of another entrance.

The two teams were both about half of a mile away. “We’re almost there,” Britanny said. The Striking Tourists could see Sheldon and Amanda.

“There you are!” Keyana exclaimed as she saw Jessica and Charles approaching. They used her head as a step to pass the quick sand. “Ouch!” she exclaimed. They soon gained the lead and saw George and Rob.

“We’re almost there!” Charles exclaimed.

“I see Nalyd,” Greg muttered as they approached the finish line. Both flags crossed the finish line, but Nalyd saw the winner.

“The winners are the Crushing explorers!” Nalyd exclaimed. The four Crushing Explorers, and Keyana who was dragged out of the sand by Bob and Frank, got on the plane cheering. “Sorry Striking Tourists, but I’ll see you tonight.”

The Striking Tourists stayed in the hot desert, deciding the elimination. “I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like Sheldon. He’s a liability,” Greg said. He had gotten Britanny and Hank to ally with him.

“We definitely need Jillian here, and I could really help Amanda,” Britanny said. Hank gave them a thumbs-up but continued to frown. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “I’m just usually sad.”

Nalyd arrived shortly thereafter and handed passports out. “When you are eliminated, we will burn your passport. You will then get on a bus, while the rest of the team gets on a plane. It is time to vote.” The plane landed and the bus creeped up.

Jillian voted for Sheldon. “Bye, bye nerdy.”

Amanda voted for Hank. “I don’t want to vote anybody out, but I have to.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Hank. Two for Hank. One vote, two votes, three votes for Sheldon. The second person eliminated is Sheldon.” Sheldon handed Nalyd his passport, which was thrown into a fire. “Sheldon, your team has spoken.” Sheldon waved good-bye and got on the bus. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Three - “This is not a drill!”

Total Drama World Chapter Three

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said to the Striking Tourists as the bus and Sheldon left them.

“Who voted for me?” Hank asked angrily. He realized Sheldon wouldn’t have voted for himself, so either Amanda or Jillian had.

“It wasn’t me,” Jillian said.

“I’m sorry Hank,” Amanda shrugged. “I didn’t know who else to vote for. Sheldon and I just randomly picked you.”

Hank turned his head and looked out the window.

“It’s okay Hank,” Greg said, “You’re still here and that is all that matters.” Hank shrugged.

“So who is next, then?” Britanny asked.

“Definitely Amanda,” Hank hissed.

The Crushing Explorers were enjoying their reward. They were all sitting around a table. They dined upon fig bread, pineapple rice, and Egyptian lamb. “This is so good,” George said. He and Rob each ate about thirteen plates of food.

“Exquisite,” Charles said. He raised his glass and said, “To the Crushing Explorers!” The rest of the team just looked at him and Rob threw a drink at him.

“Sit down!” he exclaimed.

Charles turned bright red and Jessica giggled at him. He walked away and took a seat in the plane. Charles took a small note pad out of his pocket and started writing in it. Rob proceeded to throw more food at him.

The next day the two planes had a problem. “This is not a drill!” an alarm blared. The ten contestants jumped from their seats. “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please use the parachutes under your seats and jump. Thank you for riding Air Drama.”

“We have to jump?” Charles screamed.

“Yes!” Keyana shrieked.

“Who is going first?” Greg asked on the Striking Tourists plane.

“You’re the lifeguard!” Hank exclaimed. “Guard our lives, man!” Greg helped each of his teammates evacuate the plane and release their parachutes.

Rob and George willingly jumped. When they landed, people feared an earthquake. Keyana jumped after she saw them go. Charles was clinging to a seat. “Come on, Charles!” Jessica yelled at him.

“I can’t! I’m afraid of heights!” Jessica removed him from the seat and grabbed him by his collar. She jumped and he clung to her, screaming. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“No!” Jessica replied. She pulled the cord and they landed safely. The ten contestants realized that they had all landed together, and looked up to their planes. The planes were no longer going down, and looked fine.

“Got you!” Nalyd exclaimed. He emerged from a tent. “Last night the Striking Tourists voted Sheldon out. As you can all see, we are at Mt. Everest!” The contestants turned around and gasped. “About five hundred feet up are the team flags. The first team down with their flag wins immunity. There are also three immunity idols on the mountain. As you all know, that can be used to protect you. Go!” Amanda was turning blue and passed out. “Is she okay?”

“It looks like she hyperventilated,” Greg said.

“Okay then,” Nalyd said, “looks like she’ll be sitting this one out.

“Is anyone here good at climbing?” Keyana asked her team.

“I’m afraid of heights,” Charles shuddered.

“I can go,” Jessica said. The Crushing Explorers cheered Jessica on her way up.

“Bring back an idol!” George shouted.

The Striking Tourists felt that Greg would do the best. “What if I fall?” Greg asked. “Somebody else should come with me.”

“I will,” Jillian said. The two started climbing.

“Why don’t you go with them?” Britanny asked Hank. She noticed that he was in pretty good physical shape.

“I get vertigo really badly,” Hank said. “Almost had it last night when I looked out the plane window.”

“Fine,” Britanny rolled her eyes. “Hank is a weakness,” she said in the confessional. “Two of our first three challenges have involved climbing. Hey, wait a minute!” “How did you climb the Eiffel Tower?” she asked.

“I needed to make a first impression and ignored it, mostly. Didn’t you hear me screaming?” Britanny shrugged and looked up.

“Come on Jessica!” Keyana screamed. Jessica hadn’t found any idols, but thought that she saw one. She stretched her hand out and grabbed it.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. She slipped it into her pocket and continued.

Greg and Jillian were about two hundred feet up when they saw a path. “Should we take it?” Greg asked. Jillian nodded and they jumped down. “This should be easier,” Greg said as they began jogging.

Jessica didn’t see any path and just continued climbing. “It’s getting cold,” she shivered. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it,” Jessica said in the confessional. “My fingers felt numb, and then I saw a purple blur.” On the mountain, Jessica had seen the flag. “Almost there.”

Jillian and Greg had reached their flag and were reaching for it. “Got it!” Greg said.

“No,” Jillian said, “you just grabbed a rock.” Greg looked at the “rock” and put it into his pocket. He stretched further and grabbed the flag. “Let’s get out of here.” Jillian said. They ran back down the path.

Jessica grabbed the flag, and almost fell. She clung to the flag, but it eventually dislodged itself from the mountain and she fell. Her life flashed before her eyes, and she mostly saw rainbows and unicorns. She landed safely, by crushing Charles. “Thanks Charles!” she sang.

“The Crushing Explorers win!” Nalyd exclaimed.

Keyana hugged Jessica and said, “You go girl!” They got on their plane and flew away.

“Striking Tourists,” Nalyd said, “I’ve got nothing to give you guys except elimination tonight.”

“So who is going tonight?” Britanny asked Greg and Hank.

“Amanda,” Greg said.

“Okay then,” Britanny said, “Hank, how about you go see who Jillian is voting for.” Hank left and Britanny grabbed Greg by the collar. “Hank is next to go after Amanda.”

“What are you talking about?” Greg asked.

“While you and Jillian were climbing, Hank said he has vertigo. Two of our three challenges have been climbing; I think he should go after Amanda.”

“Okay,” Greg said.

That night they were in a tent at the base of Mt. Everest. “Welcome back, Striking Tourists. It is time to vote.”

Amanda voted for Jillian. “I’ve noticed that you’re sort of mean.”

Jillian voted for Amanda. “Looks like another night of ‘bye-bye, nerdy.’”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Nobody volunteered. “Okay then, once the votes have been read the decision is final. One vote for Amanda. Two votes for Amanda. One vote for Jillian. The third person eliminated is Amanda. Amanda give me your passport.”

Amanda followed the instructions and said bye to everybody. “Amanda, your team has spoken. Please get on the bus.” Amanda got on the bus and cried a little once on board. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Four - “Welcome to Australia!”

Total Drama World Chapter Four

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said. The four remaining Striking Tourists got on their plane, which was heading southwest.

“I don’t know if I’m the next to go,” Jillian said in the confessional. “Now that we’ve gotten rid of the weaklings, I’m the only one not in that alliance.”

“Hank is going next,” Greg confessed, “He’s a liability with his fear of heights. But that could mess up our alliance. I don’t know how it’s going down, but I don’t care because I have an idol.”

“So what movies are on the plane tonight?” Hank asked Greg and Britanny who were looking in DVD cases.

“Just Kangaroo Jack, and other movies in Australia,” Britanny replied.

“Maybe we’re going to Australia next,” Greg shrugged.

“This should be interesting,” Jillian said.

The Crushing Explorers' plane was having some difficulties. Not the plane itself, but its passengers. “I said eat the underwear!” Rob screamed. He had Charles in a headlock and was stuffing dirty underwear into his mouth.

“Leave him alone Rob,” Jessica rolled her eyes.

“Oh,” Rob laughed at Charles, “You gonna have Little Ms. Sunshine fight your battles?” Keyana and George started glaring at Rob. “Oh, whatever.” He put Charles down and Charles ran into the confessional, which was the area on the plane where non-overhead-luggage is kept.

“I hate him so much!” Charles exclaimed. He took out his note pad and furiously wrote in it.

“That was really rude,” Jessica told Rob. “What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have a problem,” Rob shrugged. He started laughing and sat down and fell asleep.

Jessica walked to the confessional where she found Charles still writing. “Wanna get some revenge?” she asked evilly.

“It’s like you can read my mind,” Charles hissed.

Rob woke up the next morning wearing one of Keyana’s bras. “What the heck is going on here?” he screamed and ripped the bra off. He then realized his head had been shaved, and whipped cream had been sprayed into his shoes.

George woke up and laughed at Rob. “Dude, someone messed with your face,” he laughed.

Rob looked in a window and saw his reflection. Somebody, namely Charles and Jessica, had written some nasty words on his forehead. Rob turned red with fury as Keyana woke up. “Nice face,” she laughed. Rob repeated some of the nastier words at Keyana. The whole way to Australia the Crushing Explorers fought.

“I think that we should lose on purpose so we can vote out Charles,” Rob confessed, “I’m sick of that little-” and he continued repeating the foul language.

The next day the two planes landed in the Australian Outback. “Welcome to Australia!” Nalyd said. The Striking Tourists felt confident with Amanda gone. “I hope you all watched your kangaroo movies we left you on the plane, because you’ll need them for the challenge.” The Crushing Explorers hadn’t watched the movies. The Striking Tourists watched a little, but grew bored. “Today we’re going kangaroo hunting. To the left of you are two cages. The first team to get a kangaroo into a cage wins invincibility and phone calls home. You are not allowed to harm the kangaroo. Bob is handing out nets and ropes. Go!”

The two teams ran into the outback and searched for the kangaroos. “Guys,” Hank said to the Striking Tourists, “I saw a movie when I was younger. These two guys gave a kangaroo a red hoodie and it loved it, so maybe we should use a red hoodie!”

“We don’t have any red hoodies,” Britanny growled. “Seriously?” she asked herself in the confessional, “a red hoodie. What an idiot!”

“Your green one might work,” Hank suggested.

Britanny smacked him. “No way!”

“That was so funny when Brit slapped Hank!” Greg laughed in the confessional. “I’d hate to be him.”

“I think its dead,” Keyana said to her team. The Crushing Explorers were standing over a kangaroo.

“Somebody poke it with a stick,” George suggested. Rob pick up Charles by his feet and poked the corpse with him.

“Knock it off, you savage!” Charles shouted.

Keyana inspected the animal. “It isn’t shot. It must have died naturally,” she shrugged, “Which means that it is unharmed! We can bring it in!”

“Do you really think Nalyd will count it?” George asked, picking up the corpse.

“Well let’s go find out!” Keyana said happily. The Crushing Explorers charged back to Nalyd and their cage.

“I see it,” Jillian whispered.

“Who’s going to grab it?” Greg asked.

“I will,” Hank said.

“No!” Britanny hissed. “Back at home I could hogtie cattle in less than five seconds. I bet I can get this.” Britanny grabbed the net and jumped out from behind the rock the Striking Tourists were hiding behind. She charged at the kangaroo, which quickly hopped away. “Get back here!” She chased the kangaroo, but the Striking Tourists could see a plane taking off.

“The Crushing Explorers win!” Nalyd screamed as he jumped out of the plane, which had the Crushing Explorers inside. He released a parachute and landed by the Striking Tourists, with Britanny running back. “Today, because the challenge took so long, we are going to vote right now, with no planning before hand. You can go cast your votes at that rock over there.”

Jillian voted for Hank. “Loser.”

Hank voted for Jillian. “Nothing personal, later dudette.”

“I will tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?” Nobody played one. “Okay then, one vote for Jillian. One vote for Hank. Two votes,” Nalyd paused, “for Hank.” Hank gasped and looked at Britanny and Greg. They looked away from him. “And the fourth person eliminated from Total Drama World is Hank.” Hank handed Nalyd his passport, and Nalyd tossed it in the fire. “Hank, the team has spoken. It’s time to get on the bus.” Hank boarded the bus, incredibly confused. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Five - “We’re stranded in Australia!”

Total Drama World Chapter Five

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said for the third night in a row to the Striking Tourists.

There were only three people getting on the plane; Jillian, Greg, and Britanny. “I think he should have gone before Amanda,” Britanny said, “He was cool at first but he turned out to be a real loser.” Britanny was mocking Hank’s lack of skills.

“I wonder why he was always so sad,” Greg said.

“I guess we’ll never know,” Jillian shrugged. “I can’t wait to get away from these losers,” Jillian said in the confessional. “I can’t wait for the merge!”

“With only a few of us left,” Greg confessed, “Who knows what is in store for tomorrow?”

“I don’t know how we can win with five people on the other team,” Britanny sighed in the confessional, “But if the Fighting Ducks could do it last season, so can we!”

The Crushing Explorers’ plane ride had been filled with pranks, and nobody was safe. George found sand in his suitcase instead of clothes. Keyana had orange juice poured into her eyes. Rob’s suitcases were thrown out of a window, and Jessica’s hair was dyed bright red. Charles had been pantsed by Rob several times, until he hid in the overhead luggage compartment.

“Rob is just an obese barbarian who deserves to roll in his own filth until his massive weight finally takes him all the way down!” Charles ranted in the confessional.

“Next time we lose you’re going home!” Rob screamed at Charles early in the morning.

“Let the chips fall where they may!” Charles shouted back.

“Guys there is something wrong,” George shook, the next morning.

“What is it?” Keyana asked.

“Our pilot just jumped,” George said, nearly whispering.

“What’s going on?” Greg screamed on the Striking Tourists’ plane. Their pilot had also jumped and it seemed that the two teams would have to jump. Greg, with his lifeguard skills, helped his teammates evacuate the plane safely.

“This, again?” Charles screamed clinging to the seat.

“No! This time we’re going first!” Jessica growled. She grabbed him and they jumped, and landed safely. Keyana jumped and screamed curses about Nalyd for making them jump again.

“Can we do this, man?” George asked Rob.

“I don’t know. Last time we barely made it,” Rob shrugged.

“I ain’t going,” George said.

“If you don’t go, you’re out of the alliance,” Rob growled. “I felt a surge of energy,” Rob confessed. “I figured that Keyana might turn and vote us out if we lose. So, I-” then Rob pushed George out of the plane.

All of the final eight contestants landed safely, but about one hundred miles away from each other. They found crates by their landing locations. The crates were filled with water bottles, bread, ropes, knives and flint.

“Wait, so this means,” Britanny shivered.

“We’re stranded in Australia!” George screamed. The teams could hear to huge explosions a few miles away. “We’re going to die! It’s over! Dying on a reality show; Oh, what could be worse?”

Keyana slapped him. “Get a grip bro; this ain’t over ‘till I start singing.”

“What could be worse then being stranded in the Australian outback?” Charles asked himself in the confessional. Rob broke into a screaming fit with Charles, as Charles was looking through their supply crate.

“I say we eat preppie first!” Rob growled.

“Please,” Charles said, “With all my good taste if you were to eat me you’d realize that your entire life you’ve been eating garbage cooked by a hippopotamus you call mother.”

“Oh snap!” Keyana laughed.

Jessica giggled and high-fived Charles. “Burn!” she exclaimed.

Rob lunged at Charles, who lunged back. George stood between them. “If you are going to settle this, you are going to settle this like men.”

“But he isn’t a man,” Rob said.

“You two are going to box each other.” George drew a square in the sand, and wrapped their ropes as a border. Charles and Rob took off their shirts and circled the arena. “Ding-ding,” George said.

“Rip his head off!” Jessica screamed to Charles. Keyana and George stared at her and she sat down. “You don’t see boys fighting where I come from.”

The Striking Tourists had lit a fire. “I’ll go look for food,” Greg said.

“But we have bread here!” Britanny protested.

“I’m hungry for something other than bread. I’ll take the knife and rope,” Greg said, and walked away from Jillian and Britanny.

“He’s hungry alright,” Jillian laughed to herself.

“What do you mean?” Britanny asked confused.

“He’s hungry to impress you. It’s obvious he likes you.”

“How do you know?”

“I stay up late at night. It’s hard to fall asleep when you hear, ‘Britanny, baby, I love you,’ every five minutes.”

“Wow,” Britanny giggled, “He is kind of cute.”

Greg returned a few minutes later with a black eye. “Well, there was this kangaroo and apparently kangaroos don’t like knives.”

A few minutes into the fight at the Crushing Explorers landing site, Charles and Rob were both down for the count. The two had circled each other for five minutes and then collapsed gasping for breath. “Oh my,” Charles wheezed.

“This isn’t over,” Rob panted, and then he fainted. The other three Crushing Explorers just shook their heads in awe. There were no more fights for the rest of the day. Soon two helicopters picked up the contestants, and dropped them off at an airport.

“Well, today’s challenge is over,” Nalyd said as the final eight arrived. “The challenge was to see who would survive better when stranded. The crashes you heard were sound effects, and the pilots are fine. As for the winners, the Striking Tourists clearly won; especially after that little boxing stunt. Whose idea was that?” The Crushing Explorers glared angrily at George. “So the Striking Tourists win; and can now get on their plane.” The Striking Tourists charged onto the plane. “The rest of you are going to vote right now.”

Jessica voted for Rob. “You’re a jerk!”

George voted for Charles. “Sorry dude, but my alliance has had you in their sights since day two.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “If anybody has an immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time.”

Jessica rose up her idol. “Here you go Charles,” she said. Charles gave the idol to Nalyd.

“Okay, all votes cast against Charles will not counting. One vote for Charles, that doesn’t count. One vote for Rob. Two votes for Rob. One vote for George.” Jessica and Charles gasped at this, and George choked. “Two votes for George. This means we have a tie between George and Rob. This early in the game, we have a new method for eliminations in a tie.” Nalyd held up a paper bag. “In this bag are two rocks. One rock is red and will eliminate you. The other is green, and you will be safe. Please pick a rock now.” George and Rob both picked up a rock. “On the count of three flip you hands over and reveal your rock. One.” Rob and George grew tenser with each second. “Two.”

“I didn’t know where the votes for me had come from,” George said in the confessional. “Charles and Jessica are always voting together, so I bet that they voted for Rob. This means my own alliance tried to vote me out.” George slumped in the confessional.

“Three.” The hands flipped, and George had the red rock. “George, the team has spoken. Time to get on the bus.” George got on the bus and waved good-bye to his team. “Well, the good news is the four of you have made it to the merge.” The Crushing Explorers cheered loudly, and then waved back to George. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Six - "You are all now the Dominating Pioneers.”

Total Drama World Chapter Six

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said to the Crushing Explorers.

“I wonder if the Striking Tourists know that tomorrow is the merge,” Jessica said to Charles.

“I doubt it, nobody told them,” Charles shrugged.

“Guys,” Keyana said to everyone. “Tomorrow we need to vote together. They have three people, and there are four here. We could be the final four.”

“I’m not aligning myself with that,” Charles said snobbishly referring to Rob.

“Yeah, sorry Keyana,” Jessica said.

Rob was asleep in his chair. “I understand,” Keyana said soberly. She was looking forward to voting Rob out in the final four, after the Striking Tourists were eliminated.

The Striking Tourists clinked glasses of soda in a victory celebration. “To us!” Greg declared looking at Britanny.

“All of us,” Britanny coughed looking at Jillian. Jillian nodded.

“Brit’s been kind of weird tonight,” Greg said in the confessional, “I don’t know what it is. Am I coming on to strong?”

“I think Greg’s love-sickness is going to ruin Britanny and his own chances,” Jillian confessed. “He’d be better off just voting himself off.”

“‘To us?’ How can he make this any more awkward?"Britanny sighed in the confessional. "He likes me which is kind of cool because I sort of like him too, but it could ruin our friendship. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes.”

The next day the two planes arrived and the final seven got on a hideous green bus. “Well, today we have a special challenge, but first it is time for news; it’s time for the merge! You are all now the Dominating Pioneers.” The Dominating Pioneers looked at their green flag and cheered proudly. “Today we are going somewhere that many of you may consider yourselves blessed not to have to go to. We are in Amard.” The jaws of the final seven dropped in astonishment. “Amard; where twenty-one hopefuls came to try and win one million dollars, but failed miserably; but one made it through. Soon, only one of you will remain. So today’s challenge is going to let you get a taste of what living here was like for our season one contestants. An eating contest! We have classic Amard food from tree bark to a three month old bear carcass. We will give you all food until only one remains.”

Everyone sat down at a table with a plate covered by a metal dome in front of them. “The winner will receive immunity and letters from home.” The contestants all started whispering to each other about how excited they’d be to get the letters.

“I wanted that reward so bad!” Keyana said in the confessional. “I’ve been missing all my girlfriends back home. How hard could this be?”

“Round one,” Nalyd said, “is the dreaded mud pie.”

“I’m not eating this filth!” Charles exclaimed.

“It’s just mud, dude,” Greg shrugged. He took a bite. “Worm!” he screamed and fell to the ground choking. Britanny ran over and gave him the Heimlich maneuver. He coughed a worm up, that landed in Charles’ hair.

“Savage!” Charles shouted trying to get the worm out of his hair.

“Not that bad,” Keyana shrugged. Jessica and Jillian also ate their mud pies.

“Totally gross!” Jessica shrieked.

Rob ate the mud pie with one gulp and burped.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to sit out,” Britanny said. She and Greg sat on a bench for people who were out. Charles sat down, covered in dirt with twigs in his hair.

“Round two!” Nalyd declared. “Jalapeno pancakes!” Bob and Frank handed out plates full of bright red pancakes.

Jessica took a bite and was almost instantly on the ground. “Too hot!” she screeched and grabbed her water. She chugged the water for dear life.

Keyana downed the pancakes quickly. “Suffer now and the live the rest of your life as a champion,” she had said in the confessional.

Rob ate the pancakes and burped. “Could I get seconds?” he asked sarcastically.

Jillian also ate the pancakes quickly.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “We now have Rob, Keyana, and Jillian. We have plenty of rounds coming up.” The three of them ate plate after plate of mashed squid, tiger fur, tree bark, and monkey buttocks. “Round seven,” Nalyd announced, but was interrupted by Jillian throwing up. “Oh, so close Jillian! You’re out! Which means only Keyana and Rob remain.”

“I wasn’t about to give up letters from home. I was in it to win it,” Keyana confessed.

“I didn’t care either way,” Rob shrugged in the confessional. “I just wanted to win so I’d have immunity.”

“Now for the three month old bear carcass,” Nalyd smiled evilly. Bob and Frank carried in a moldy hunk of meat covered in flies. “Can you handle it?” The smell was enough to make the five contestants out of the challenge throw up again.

“Keyana, Keyana,” they all slowly chanted.

“Both of you, take a bite,” Nalyd said. Rob took a bite and swallowed it quickly.

“Not bad,” he smiled. His smile revealed a fly in his teeth.

“That’s just wro-“ Keyana said, but started throwing up.

“Rob wins the first solo immunity!” Nalyd declared.

“You put up a good fight, Keyana,” Jessica said. She, Britanny, and Greg went up to congratulate Keyana.

“Looks like you all have a difficult decision coming up,” Nalyd said, “I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Jessica, Britanny, can I talk with y’all for a minute?” Keyana asked quietly. “So heres what I’m thinking; I don’t where Jillian is standing, but I want to start an alliance with you girls.”

“That sounds great!” Jessica giggled.

“Sure,” Britanny said.

“The guys have controlled this game so far, but no girl is going to be going under my watch,” Keyana said.

“So who are we voting for?” Britanny asked.

“Greg, he is the only physical threat right now,” Keyana said. Britanny turned pale but nodded.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Jessica said happily.

Britanny left the two girls to talk to Greg. “They’re voting you off,” she said quickly.

Greg looked into the distance and said, “Okay.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Play my idol.”

“You got an idol?” Britanny asked.

“Yeah, and I’ll play it. I’m going to vote for Jillian. You have to vote for me so they’ll keep you in.”

Near the plane-landing-site, Charles was watching a fight between Jillian and Rob. “Maybe if you ate normal food you wouldn’t have done so well at the challenge!” Jillian shouted.

“Maybe you should spend less time at the gym, and more time at a buffet!” Rob screamed back. The fight had erupted because Rob rubbed his immunity in Jillian’s face.

“You’re so going home tomorrow!” Jillian shouted.

“I concur,” Charles said.

“Shut it, preppie!” Jillian and Rob screamed.

At the one hour mark, everyone pulled their passports out of their pockets and got ready to vote. “Well, Dominating Pioneers, it is time to vote.”

Keyana voted for Greg. “Later, bro’.”

Jillian voted for Jessica. “I swear I’ll go insane if I have to listen to you.”

Charles voted for Jillian. “You, sir, are a menace!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” Greg said. Keyana and Jessica’s jaws dropped.

“Okay, no votes cast against Greg will count. We have one, two, three votes for Greg that don’t count. One vote for Charles.” Charles instantly knew the vote was from Rob.

“I’m not ready to go home,” Charles said in the confessional. He scribbled quickly in his notebook and held up an unflattering picture of Rob kissing his own stomach fat.

“One vote for Jessica.” Jessica instantly guessed the vote was from Rob.

She was in the confessional laughing. “Kissing his own stomach fat!”

“One vote for Jillian. The next vote will be the decider,” Nalyd said. Jessica, Charles, and Jillian leaned in.

“I knew it was Jessica going, nobody likes her,” Jillian confessed. “Especially me.”

“The sixth person eliminated is,” Nalyd said, “Jillian. Jillian, bring me your passport.” Jillian threw her passport at Nalyd angrily. Nalyd ducked. “The tribe has spoken get on the bus!” he said quickly.

“Didn’t know I was a target,” Greg confessed. “It looks like this got a whole lot more interesting!”

“Another night!” Charles exclaimed in the confessional.

“All of you, get on the plane.”

Chapter Seven - "It could be me, unless I can win immunity.”

Total Drama World Chapter Seven

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said. Bob ran up to Rob as he got on the plane, and gave him letters from home.

“Junk, junk, junk,” Rob said throwing the letters out of a window.

“You get letters from home and you throw them out a window?” Keyana growled.

“Yeah, so?” Rob shrugged. He then held a magazine he got sideways as a third page fell out. “Ham,” he sighed happily to himself as he stared at a thick slice of cured ham.

“I can’t believe he doesn’t even care!” Keyana confessed. “I would’ve killed for letters from home.”

“So who are we voting for?” Jessica asked Keyana and Britanny. They were in the back of the plane, so the boys wouldn’t hear them.

“Rob, definitely,” Britanny said.

“I agree,” Keyana smiled. “I do regret being in an alliance with Rob,” Keyana said in the confessional. “I’m lucky that the final six no longer associates me with him because we all hate him!”

“Hey guys,” Greg whispered to Rob and Charles, “The girls have an alliance”

“So?” Charles asked.

“Well, I was thinking that we should try to break it up,” Greg shrugged.

“No way! I’m not working with you losers!” Rob exclaimed furiously. He rolled over in his seat to face the window, and fell asleep.

“I don’t see how,” Charles said, “They are very, what’s the word, ‘tight,’ and I doubt it would be worth the effort. They are going to pick us off one-by-one with fat-so over there going first.”

“I think its Charles that is going,” Greg confessed. “His only friend is Jessica, and Rob isn’t a threat. It could be me, unless I can win immunity.”

The next morning, the plane landed in China. “Welcome to China!” Nalyd said. “I hope you all enjoyed your first night all together. China is the home of rice, the Great Wall, and your next challenge. Originally, we were going to have you race along the wall, but we couldn’t get the whole wall, so you have to climb the wall, and the first person to get to the top wins. It is twenty-five feet high, which might not seem like much, but Bob and Frank are going to make it a little more difficult.”

Frank and Rob dropped six ropes from the top of the wall. “This is for immunity,” Nalyd announced, “and a chance to have a video chat with two contestants from Total Drama Paradise. You could pick from the hateful ‘The Rat,’ or the lovable Cindy, or Dyl who won it all! Go!”

“How am I supposed to win these challenges?” Rob muttered to himself in the confessional.

Greg took an early lead, but slipped when water was poured onto his rope. Charles grabbed the rope, but couldn’t get off the ground. “Come on, Charles, you can do better than that,” Jessica taunted. She had started her climb, but was only three feet off the ground.

“I see what you’re doing, but it isn’t going to work,” Charles replied. “I’m too smart for reverse psychology.”

“Fine, Charlie, stay at the bottom.” Jessica climbed higher.

“What did you call me?”

“Charlie. What are you going to do about it Charlie?”

“I’ll show you!” Charles exclaimed furiously, and began climbing the rope.

“You’re almost there, Charlie!” she called to him.

“Stop calling me that!”

“Not until you make it to the top!” Bob and Frank heard the two bickering, and poured a bucket of rotten fish on both of them. Jessica and Charles screeched like two little girls who just fell into a dumpster.

Greg had resumed climbing, along with Britanny. Greg looked up and saw Frank about to spray Britanny with slime. With them so close to the top, falling could really hurt them. “No!” he shouted as he jumped in front of the slime blast. Unfortunately, he timed it wrong and passed right by the slime, as Britanny was drenched in the green goo. Britanny began falling but regained her grip.

“This challenge is taking a toll on the final six,” Nalyd said happily.

“Rob and I aren’t as strong as these others,” Keyana confessed, “But one day there will be a challenge that doesn’t need physical strength.”

Greg grabbed onto Keyana’s rope as he fell, and regained his balance. He managed to climb to the top, and push Frank and Bob off the wall. “Greg wins immunity!” Nalyd announced. Greg climbed back down. “Greg, which two from last season do you pick?”

“I guess,” he started, but paused. “I couldn’t pick Dyl, because he doesn’t talk. ‘The Rat’ would be no help at all. I have to pick two people that did really well and played a fair game,” Greg confessed. “Okay,” he said to Nalyd, “I pick Elian and Jacob.”

“Okay then, they will be on the plane when you all get on it tonight. Well, all of you except for one. I’ll give you some time to vote while Frank and Bob get Elian and Jacob.” Nalyd walked away and the Dominating Pioneers started planning who was going to go.

Keyana’s alliance went off by themselves. “I want Rob to go, but he isn’t a threat,” Keyana said.

“Yeah, but that would leave Charles,” Jessica said. “Charles and I have sort of become friends,” Jessica said in the confessional. “I don’t want to send any friends home, but if it’s for the good of the group, okay I’ll vote for Charles.”

“Good,” Keyana said.

“So who are you guys voting for?” Greg asked Charles and Rob.

“Him,” they both said and pointed at each other.

“Oh,” Greg muttered.

Nalyd returned in an hour. “It is time to vote,” he said.

Charles voted for Rob. “If it isn’t you that goes, then there is something seriously wrong with everyone here.”

Jessica voted for Charles. “Sorry, Charlie.” She blew a kiss to the camera.

Greg voted for Rob. “Lose some weight, and lose the attitude.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “If anybody would like to play an immunity idol, now would be the time to do so.” Nobody had one, so nobody volunteered. “Okay then, once the votes have been read, the decision is final. One vote for Rob. One vote for Charles.” Nalyd held up the “Charlie” vote. “Two votes for Charlie,” Nalyd snickered. Charles raised his eyebrows and looked at Jessica, who looked either nervous or queasy. “We have a vote that says, ‘The son of a hippopotamus who smells like a dead monkey’. Who wrote this and who is it for?”

“I did,” Charles said, “and it is for Rob.”

“Okay then, two votes for Charles and two for Rob. Three votes for Charles. The seventh person eliminated form Total Drama World is Charles.”

Charles stood up and handed Nalyd his passport. “Very well.”

“Charles, the team has spoken,” Nalyd threw the passport into the passport.

“Charles wait!” Jessica called out. She ran up to him, and he turned around. “I just wanted to tell you that you’re a good guy, and I’m sorry I voted for you, Charlie.” She waited for him to correct her, but he just smiled.

“Good-bye, Jessica, good luck,” he said. She kissed his forehead, and Charles, very unsteadily, walked away.

“All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Eight - "Rob is more of an angry blob than a real person."

Total Drama World Chapter Eight

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said to the final five.

“I wonder why there isn’t a jury,” Britanny said.

“I don’t know,” Greg replied.

“Are you okay Jessica? You’ve been sort of quiet,” Keyana said.

“Yeah, whatever,” Jessica muttered, and turned out the window.

“Are you sure?” Britanny said putting her hand on Jessica’s shoulder.

“She just misses her boyfriend, Charles,” Rob said mockingly.

“Shut up!” Jessica shouted.

“Make me,” Rob said.

“I am the only guy left in the game,” Greg said in the confessional. “There are the three girls and then there is Rob. Rob is more of an angry blob than a real person. He is definitely going before me.”

“Rob, back off,” Keyana growled.

“Yeah dude, what’s your deal?” Greg said.

“My deal is that I have to live with all of you to win a million dollars!” Rob screamed, and then stormed off to the other side of the plane.

“Is he the next to go?” Greg asked the girls. They all nodded.

Elian and Jacob came out the pilot’s station. “What’s up guys?” Jacob said. “Who’s our lucky challenge winner?”

“That’s me,” Greg smiled. “I was a huge Jacob fan,” he confessed, “so seeing him there was awesome.”

Greg sat opposite Jacob and Elian at a table. Frank brought them their meals. “So what do you want to know?” Elian asked.

“Well I mostly just wanted to hear some advice.”

“Okay,” Jacob said, “Got a girl yet?”

“Not really, but I really like Britanny,” Greg said.

“The one in the Daisy Duke shorts? She’s cute,” Elian said. “Why not ask her out?”

“I guess I will!” Greg decided.

“Good for you! Now we have to go,” Jacob said.

“But I had questions about the game!” Greg protested. Jacob and Elian waved good-bye as they went back to the pilot’s hatch.

The next morning, the plane landed on a beautiful, sandy, bright beach. “Welcome to Hawaii, final five!” Nalyd said as he hula-danced over to the contestants. “Hope you packed your swim-suits, because today’s challenge is a surf-off. The winner will get invincibility and a trip to Hawaii after the show. I’ll give you all some time to change.”

Ten minutes later all the contestants were at the beach. Keyana had a one piece orange swimsuit, Greg had had a blue bathing suit, Rob’s was brown, Jessica had a yellow bikini with polka-dots, and Britanny had a green bikini. “First up is Rob,” Nalyd said. Everybody on shore laughed as Rob continuously fell off the board. “Big wave, Rob, might want to get it!” Nalyd taunted. Rob paddled, turned around stood on the board. The wave carried him about five feet up, but he crashed to the ground. “That’ll leave a mark! Okay, how about Greg goes next.”

Rob floated to the shore and crashed into a rock. He sat up and muttered angrily until he saw something floating in the water. He jogged, paused to breath, then continued and grabbed a bottle. He bit the top off and read the note. “If it’s an idol that you seek, check the location to sit for a geek,” he said to himself. “Charles is a geek. He sat in the same seat every night. It must be in that seat. Whoa, my brain hurts.”

“I knew I could win this challenge,” Greg confessed. “I’m a lifeguard! How can I lose?” Greg paddled out quickly and prepared to get on the wave.

“Go Greg, go!” Britanny shouted. Greg waved to her and was crushed by the wave.

“I don’t know if she knew I would fail when she waved to me. Who knows, she was willing to let people vote for me,” Greg said in the confessional.

“Well let’s see if some of the ladies can do better. Keyana you’re up!”

Keyana paddled her board out. “I have never surfed,” she confessed, “Ain’t no beaches where I live.” She stood on the board as the wave approached. The wave lifted her up. “I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” she exclaimed. She made it to shore without falling.

“Nice,” Nalyd complimented. “Jessica can go next.”

Jessica paced herself as she paddled out to the waves. “Here I go,” she said to herself. The wave picked her up and she swerved around in circles. She came to shore with ease as everyone clapped.

“Looks like the winner will either be Jessica or Britanny. Brit, you’re up,” Nalyd said.

Britanny had watched everyone’s approach to surfing and combined Keyana and Jessica’s technique. She quickly arrived at the wave and attempted to spin while in mid-air. She got five rotations, but crash-landed. She floated up to the shore.

“She needs the kiss of life!” Jessica shrieked. Frank the Gnome, a trained medic was pushed away by Greg, who happily gave her the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Britanny’s eyes widen, she smiled, and she grabbed him. She giggled a little, and the two started actually kissing, until they saw people staring.

“Looks like it is up to our judges,” Nalyd said as everyone turned to Frank and Bob. Frank and Bob both wrote ‘Jessica’ on the paper. “Jessica wins invincibility!” Jessica jumped up and down in excitement. “Well, I’ll give you guys some time to decide.”

“I think it’s obvious who needs to go,” Jessica said to Keyana and Britanny.

“Greg,” Keyana said.

Britanny gasped. “But why?”

“He’s too much of a threat, Rob can go next,” Keyana explained.

Britanny ran away to Greg. She grabbed him and cried on his shoulder. He instantly knew what it meant and he held her. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “You’ll make it through, and win.”

“Okay, ready to vote?” Nalyd asked everyone. “Heh, like you have a choice. It’s time to vote, Greg you’re up.”

Greg voted for Keyana. “I don’t know why you are against me, but do what you want.”

Britanny tearfully voted for Greg. “I’m sorry.”

“Okay, does anybody want to play an immunity idol? Tomorrow is the last night!” Nobody volunteered. “Okay, One vote for Keyana. Two votes for Keyana. One vote for Greg. Two votes for Greg.”

“I could just tell it was me going. I have my stuff all packed,” Greg confessed.

“Me go?” Keyana asked herself in the confessional. “Please!”

“The eighth person voted off of Total Drama World is Greg. Give me your passport.” Greg handed Nalyd the passport and waved good-bye. “Greg, the team has spoken. Time to get on the bus.” Greg boarded the bus and blew a kiss to Britanny who was crying. “All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Nine - “I’ve have made it to the final three!"

Total Drama World Chapter Nine

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd instructed the final four Dominating Pioneers.

“Well, we made it to the final four!” Jessica confessed. “I think I have the best shot at winning! I don’t know how the winner will be decided, but it’s gonna be me.”

“I wish he didn’t have to go, but Greg was a threat,” Britanny said in the confessional. “I miss him. With only Rob left I don’t see any hook-ups happening this season!”

“I don’t know what’s up with Rob, but he sure seems confident tonight,” Keyana confessed suspiciously. “He’s up to something.”

While the girls used the confessional, Rob searched for the idol. He lifted up the seat cushion and he stared at the immunity idol, and it stared back. “I’m safe!” Rob exclaimed in the confessional. “I’ve have made it to the final three! Well, first we have to do the challenge. How hard can it be?”

The next day the plane landed in Brazil. “Welcome to Brazil final four!” Nalyd said excitedly as the contestants got off the plane. “Today’s challenge is Brazil Trivia Jeopardy!” Four podiums emerged from the ground. “The categories are Geography, Culture, and World. In the World category, we will ask trivia about this show! The winner of the challenge will be the one with the most money after all fifteen questions are asked. The winner will have invincibility and all the money that they win from this!”

“I’m really smart,” Jessica confessed, “I might be blonde but I’m actually smart.”

“I don’t care who wins,” Rob said in the confessional, “I’m going to win it all in the end!”

“Britanny will go first,” Nalyd said.

“I pick,” Britanny said slowly, “Culture for one-hundred!”

“This city is the capital of Brazil.”

Keyana pressed the button. “What is Brasilia?” The button flashed and Keyana got the money.

“Okay, Keyana got it right so she can pick next,” Nalyd explained.

“I pick World for five hundred!” Keyana exclaimed.

“This person is the heaviest contestant this season, weighing in at two-hundred eighty-three pounds.”

“Who is Rob?” Keyana guessed.

“Wrong!” Nalyd exclaimed as he took away five-hundred from Keyana’s score.

“It is George! I’m only two-eighty-three,” Rob sad defiantly.

“Correct!” Nalyd said. “Okay Rob, you’re up!”

“I’ll go with Geography for five hundred!”

“The highest mountain in Brazil.”

“What is Mt. Everest?” Jessica said proudly.

“Eh, neh,” Nalyd laughed.

“What is Pico de Neblina?” Keyana guessed.

“Nice!” Nalyd said.

“I guess it paid off to pay attention in geography,” Keyana confessed happily.

“Okay,” Nalyd said an hour later, “Keyana is in the lead with nine hundred dollars. Next is Britanny with seven hundred, Rob with five hundred. Jessica, you have negative one thousand one hundred dollars! Wake up!”

“I don’t know what happened today,” Jessica sighed in the confessional. “I’m just off my game.”

“We have six questions left and Keyana is up.”

“I’m gonna pick World for four-hundred.”

“This person was the first to be in the bottom two, but eliminated another day.”

“I know this!” Britanny said. “Who is Hank?”

“Nice! Britanny is now in the lead with one thousand one hundred.”

“I will pick culture for four hundred,” Britanny said cautiously.

“You got the Daily Double!” Nalyd announced. “Okay, this city in Brazil has the highest population.”

“What is Sao Paulo?” Keyana exclaimed.

“Eh,” Nalyd paused, “Yeah! Keyana you now have one thousand seven hundred!” As three of the final four questions were asked, Britanny and Keyana became tied at one thousand six hundred each. “Okay, this final question is a tie breaker. Geography for two hundred; the length of the Amazon river.”

“What is four thousand one hundred ninety five miles?” Keyana answered.

“Correct! Keyana wins invincibility and one thousand eight hundred dollars!” Nalyd said, happy that the challenge was over.

“Oh yeah!” Keyana cheered. She grabbed Jessica and Britanny. “We win! Girls, we made it to final three!”

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Now you are going to vote somebody off. The podiums have paper on them. Please vote now.”

“I vote for Rob,” Jessica confessed, “This is for Charlie!”

“I’m voting for Rob, ‘cause of all the messed up stuff he’s done!” Keyana said in the confessional.

“It doesn’t matter if they vote for me,” Rob said, “I’m safe!”

“Okay, I’ll tally your votes,” Nalyd said. “Would anybody like to play a hidden immunity idol? Last chance.”

“I would!” Rob said. The three girls gasped as Nalyd explained Rob’s newly gained safety.

“All votes against Rob no longer count. Rob, Rob, Rob. The three votes against Rob no longer count. The ninth person voted off of Total Drama World,” Nalyd paused. “Is Britanny. Give em your passport, it’s time to go. The team has spoken.”

“Bye guys,” Britanny whispered as her passport was burned and she got on the bus.

“Well, it’s clear that this was a surprise to everyone. Except Rob. Congrats final three. All of you get on the plane.”

Chapter Ten - “Welcome to Antarctica, final three.”

Total Drama World Chapter Ten

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said to the final three. Rob, Jessica, and Keyana made the long journey, but finally made it to final three.

“Final three, baby!” Keyana cheered, hugging Jessica tightly.

“Keyana, choking not breathing,” Jessica coughed as Keyana let go. Rob sat in his seat, happy to have out-smarted the girls with his immunity idol. “I’d like to thank everyone who got me this far,” Jessica said in the confessional. “Sally, you and me will always be tight! Charlie, you’re awesome! Britanny, I’m so sorry you had to go! I’d thank Keyana but she’s still here.”

“Not only am I going to be final two, but I’m going to have Jessica right there with me… When I cash the check!” Keyana cheered in the confessional.

“I think I have a great chance,” Rob said proudly in the confessional, “I can win the next challenge, and then, well, I don’t know how the winner will be decided.”

The next day, the plane landed in Antarctica. “Welcome to Antarctica, final three,” Nalyd said as Jessica, Rob, and Keyana were given many coats, scarves, and hats by producers. “Today’s challenge will be one of endurance. You will all be placed on an iceberg that is tied to a large hunk of land. We have some distractions prepared. Last one on the iceberg wins invincibility, and a one in two chance at one million dollars!”

The final three got onto their icebergs and prepared for the challenge to begin. “Go!” Nalyd shouted. The icebergs floated until the ropes pulled them. All three contestants nearly fell off.

“I was doing pretty well,” Jessica said in the confessional, “Until Nalyd brought out the penguin cannon.”

Bob pushed a cannon to Nalyd, who smiled deviously. Nalyd pulled a penguin out of a small crate and fired it at Jessica. “Aw!” she said excitedly. “It’s so cute!” She hugged it tightly. Nalyd rolled his eyes and shot more at her. Jessica dodged all of them and threw a snowball at Nalyd. “What is wrong with you?” she shrieked.

Nalyd shrugged and launched a ham at Rob. “Mine!” Rob screamed as he jumped for the ham. A wave hit his iceberg, and Rob was unable to regain his footing. He slipped into the cold waters. Bob and Frank swam out, grabbed him, and brought him to shore.

Nalyd then looked to Keyana, who was already struggling from the waves. He looked back at Jessica who was cuddling penguins.

“This challenge was brutal,” Keyana confessed. “The hardest one yet.”

Nalyd put letters from home, something he was sure Keyana couldn’t resist, and launched them into the air. Keyana watched as the heartfelt notes and updates from home drifted into the ocean. Nalyd decided that if Keyana was willing to give up letters, maybe she deserved to win. As Jessica petted a penguin, Nalyd pegged her in the head with another one. She recovered, however, and helped the penguin regain its balance.

“I love penguins!” Jessica explained in the confessional. She held a penguin closely and kissed its head. “I would do anything for these penguins! Who’s a good penguin?” She started tickling the penguin. “You are! Yes, you are!”

Nalyd blew a whistle and walruses began climbing onto Jessica’s and Keyana’s icebergs.

“I had a traumatic event as a child because of a walrus,” Keyana confessed. “I was at a zoo with my mom and we were at walrus exhibit. I reached out to feed it some fish, but I fell in. all the walruses surrounded me and started barking at me. I thought they were gonna eat me!”

The walruses surrounded Keyana and Jessica and began barking. “If I quit now will you take me to final two?” Keyana shouted to Jessica.

“Of course!” Jessica shouted back. Keyana jumped into the freezing water, followed by the walruses.

“Jessica wins invincibility!” Nalyd announced. Frank and Bob got the final three into the plane to dry off and warm up. “Jessica,” Nalyd said, “You now have a one in two shot at one million dollars and winning this game. Do you already know who you’re voting for?” Jessica nodded as a podium slowly rose from the floor. “Okay then, you guys can vote now.”

Rob voted for Keyana. “You used to be cool but nobody crosses Rob.”

Keyana voted for Rob. “This is for all the stuff you’ve done to everyone, all the hurt you’ve caused.

“I will tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Rob and one for Keyana. This next vote is Jessica’s. The tenth person eliminated form Total Drama World is,” Nalyd paused.

“I knew I was safe,” Keyana confessed. “Jessica gave me her word.”

“I knew I was gone,” Rob said in the confessional, “Jessica gave Keyana her word. That stupid blonde girl isn’t even playing the game. Why take a well-liked person to final two?”

“Rob,” Nalyd said. Rob handed Nalyd his passport and I was put into the fire. “Don’t go anywhere yet Rob.” Rob turned around. “You won’t be going anywhere.” As Nalyd said this, the plane door opened and the other nine eliminated contestants came out. “Jessica, Keyana, you two will make two teams of six, using these losers, and then participate in the next challenge. That will be tomorrow, however. All of you get on the plane.”

Finale - "And the winner of Total Drama World is..."

Total Drama World Finale

“All of you get on the plane,” Nalyd said. Jessica and Keyana, the final two, lead the ten losers onto the plane.

“So which one of us is going to pick first?” Jessica asked Keyana as they sat down.

“You won the challenge, you go first,” Keyana decided.

“I knew exactly who I wanted,” Jessica confessed. “My best friends here and strong people.”

“I pick Charlie!” Jessica announced. Charles ran over to Jessica’s side of the plane, they hugged each other, and he sat down.

“I want anybody but Rob,” Keyana said in the confessional.

“I’m going to go with,” Keyana said nervously, “Britanny.”

“Okay then,” Jessica said, “I go with Sally.” Sally’s face lit up and she hugged Jessica tightly and lifted her up.

“Greg, get on over here,” Keyana said as she welcomed Greg. Britanny and Greg kissed each other, incredibly excited to be working together. Keyana looked at them and smiled.

“I’m going to go with Amanda,” Jessica said. Amanda came over and followed Jessica’s team’s pattern by hugging Jessica.

“I didn’t really know Amanda,” Jessica said in the confessional, “But I heard about Hank’s issues, and all that was left was Jillian, who’s mean, George, who’s weak, and Rob, who I can’t pick for obvious reasons.”

“I’m going with Hank,” Keyana said.

“Sheldon,” Jessica decided. Sheldon shook her hand, and hugged Amanda. “Welcome aboard the team, Sheldon,” Jessica added, but his attention stayed on Amanda. “Oh my gosh, you two hooked up! Didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Amanda said. “It started after we felt betrayed by our team. Then we started bonding over common interests, and then we started going out!”

“I’m going with Jillian,” Keyana said. Only Rob and George remained.

“This’ll be easy,” Jessica laughed. “Rob.” Everyone’s jaw dropped as Rob walked over to Jessica’s side. Jessica then realized that she had accidentally picked Rob. Keyana lit up as George was on her team instead of Rob.

Keyana high-fived each of her new team members as they reclined their seats and fell to sleep. Jessica’s team was also asleep except Jessica.

“Jessica, are you okay?” Charles asked. He had woken up after a string of nightmares involving Rob.

“Oh, yeah, Charlie,” she replied sadly. “I just can’t believe I picked Rob!”

“Maybe some force inside you was telling you to,” Charles suggested. “Take pity on Keyana and let her get George.”

Jessica smiled. “Thanks, Charlie.” She kissed him on the cheek and he passed out.

“There is no relationship between me and Charlie,” Jessica said in the confessional. “We’re friends. Friends kiss each other on the cheek all the time! Right?”

The next morning, the two planes landed in San Francisco, California. The two teams walked out and set themselves apart. “Welcome, final two,” Nalyd said. “I see you have picked your two teams. The final challenge is a race to go around the world in eighty days!” Everybody gasped as Nalyd smiled slyly. “Just kidding; we can’t legally make you guys do that. This is a hot air balloon race to Hollywood! Get in your balloons, kiddies!”

The two teams scurried over and got into their balloons. Each balloon was giant version of Keyana’s and Jessica’s heads.

“Remember,” Nalyd said, “The first team to get across wins and the finalist gets one million dollars! Other members of the winning team will each get one hundred thousand dollars! Ready! Set! Go!” Jessica and Keyana looked at their respective balloons confusedly. They didn’t know how to start it. “There is an instruction booklet in the basket.

“Oh!” Jessica and Keyana said in unison. They searched through and found their books.

“I’m very experienced with hot air balloons,” Charles told Jessica. “Mind if I try?”

“Go ahead, Charlie,” Jessica encouraged. Charlie turned on the fire and soon the balloon had lifted off the ground.

Keyana had also found her book, and Greg helped her light it up. “Good work Greg. Let’s go team!” Keyana said happily.

“So how is it going, Sally?” Jessica asked. Sally and she had once been allies due to their similar outlooks on life.

“Okay,” Sally responded. “I wish we could have been together longer.” She turned towards Rob who was looking out the opposite end of the basket. “So why was I the first to go?” she asked Rob.

“I don’t know. We flipped a coin and it landed heads twice, so we voted you out,” Rob explained. “No reason in particular.”

Sally glared at him and turned to Amanda and Sheldon who were making out. “That’s not right,” she muttered.

After ninety minutes of flight, the two balloons were neck-and-neck at the hundred mile mark. “How much farther until we get to Hollywood?” Keyana asked her team.

George checked the map. “Two-hundred seventy-five miles.”

“Thanks,” Keyana responded. She noticed how quiet Hank and Jillian had been. Greg and Britanny had been sigh-seeing with each other. “Hank, Jillian, you two alright?”

“Yeah,” Jillian mumbled.

“Yup,” Hank said. They were lying. They were desperately jealous that Keyana had made it to the finals as opposed to them.

“How are you holding up, George?” Keyana asked.

“I’m doin’ pretty well, thanks for asking. After I was eliminated I started working out and I’ve lost fifteen pounds. Fifteen pounds in like five days! My trainer is amazing,” George said proudly.

“That’s great,” Keyana replied happily. George was still her friend and she was glad that he was improving his lifestyle. “And how are you two, lovebirds?”

Greg turned to her and asked, “Who us?” He laughed a little and Britanny hugged him.

“This show was the greatest thing that ever happened to us,” Britanny said.

“So, Britanny, we finally got Rob out,” Keyana laughed.

Jillian and Hank stayed in the sad mood, as the rest laughed.

After four hours and thirty minutes in the air, the two balloons had reached the three-hundred twenty-five mile mark. Keyana pulled her team together and they were taking the lead. In Jessica’s balloon, however, Rob was causing trouble. “You’re such a dork,” Rob said to Charles, who was advised by Jessica to ignore Rob. Sheldon and Amanda stopped from making out to use the controls. Sally had fallen asleep. “I can’t believe you made it to the final six. You should have gone first. Is that thing on your head a face?”

“Enough!” Jessica screamed. Everyone turned and stared at her. “I am sick of you Rob! Everyone is! Nobody likes you and nobody is ever going to like you!” Rob started to back up, and Jessica advanced on him. “Keyana and George never liked you, and they’ve said so! So if you’re going to keep complaining, there’s the door!” She pointed towards the ground and Rob gulped. She turned on her heel, nose in the air, and returned to Charles. “Now what were you saying, Charlie?”

Everyone just kept staring at her. Rob turned away, knowing what she said was true.

At Hollywood, Nalyd was preparing for the winner to land. Bob and Frank were setting up the landing platform while Nalyd greeted guests. “We have some very important people here,” Nalyd said happily as a crowd swarmed along the sides of the red carpet. “We have Dyl, the winner from last season, and his date, the lovable Belle! I even see Elian and Jacob here to see who wins. We even have a large group of crazed fans! What’s this? ‘Weird Al’ is here! Al, who are you rooting for?”

“You know,” Al said, “I’ve been watching and paying attention to the editing of the show, and it’s obvious that Dyl wins. You guys showed him doing everything, while we heard almost nothing from Elian until she became a Thrashing Rabbit.”

“Al,” Nalyd said, “You realize that we’re talking about season two, Total Drama World, right?”

“There’s a season two?” Al asked. He shook his head, disappointed, and walked away.

“Is that Todd Kauffman? Todd, who do you want to win?” Nalyd asked. Todd said nothing but held up a lawsuit for copyright infringement. “Oh,” Nalyd said sadly.

He perked up when he saw Barrack Obama and asked him his opinion of the finals. “This is a reality show shoot? I was looking for my new movie ‘Barrack Obama: The Story of Barrack Obama.’ My mistake.” He got back into his limousine and it drove away. Nalyd frowned until Bob pointed to the sky. The two hot air balloons were moving towards the finish.

“It’s neck and neck!” Nalyd announced, “Its Jessica! It’s Keyana! It’s Jessica! It’s Keyana! It’s… Charles?” Everyone looked in shock as Rob was holding Charles out of the basket by his ankle. “What are they doing?” Charles was reaching for Keyana’s balloon to try to pop it.

“They are too far!” Jessica said. “We’ve lost.”

Charles turned to Rob. “Rob, throw me.”

“Yeah, but-” Rob started.

“Do it!” Charles shouted. Rob threw Charles and he went right through Keyana’s balloon.

The balloons were mere feet from the ground. In fact, they crashed to the ground. Nobody could clearly see who won. Bob handed Nalyd the photo as everyone helped each other up. “The winner,” Nalyd said, “Of Total Drama World is…” He paused as Keyana’s and Jessica’s families came to surround the finalists. “Jessica! Jessica won by a second!” Jessica began jumping up and down with joy as she hugged everyone, even Rob.

“I won! I won! I couldn’t have done it without you guys,” she said happily. Keyana hugged all her friends and families and shook hands with Jessica.

Charles walked over to Jessica. “Jessica, there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you since day three. Will you go out with me?”

“Yes! Yes!” Jessica said excitedly. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask!” Everybody cheered as Charles and Jessica hugged, except Todd Kauffman.

“You saw it all here; The adventure! The adrenaline! The drama!” Nalyd said as everyone moved inside the theater to watch ‘Total Drama the Movie.’ “I hope you join us all next season when we go to the Amazon, for ‘Total Drama Amazon!’ Thank you for watching. See you next time on Total Drama Amazon!”

Reunion - "Bye, and thanks for playing."

Total Drama World Reunion Special

Six months ago, an incredibly peppy girl won a million dollars, after going around the world in eleven days. The other eleven teenagers competing for the money and the winner went home, and some kept in touch. The twelve teenagers walked into the studio filled with a roaring audience.

“Welcome,” Nalyd, their engaging host, said as they sat down. “I’d like to thank all of you for a great season, and I hope you’re watching Total Drama Amazon. Today we are here because we need to make sure everyone lived through the experience, and fans have lots of questions for you! First we have questions for you Sally.”

Sally wore a dark dress and smiled sweetly. “I’ve been interviewed before, bring it on!” she sad teasingly.

“You asked for it,” Nalyd muttered. “Sally, what was going through your mind when you were the first one eliminated?”

“I think that I was shocked, because I think I would have been really helpful,” Sally explained. “I still don’t know why I was the one they chose.”

“Do you still talk to anyone from the show?” Nalyd asked.

“I still talk to Jessica, Keyana, and George,” Sally said, “The rest of these guys I never really knew.”

“Okay, thanks Sally,” Nalyd said, “Now we have Sheldon, the first boy eliminated and the first Striking Tourist eliminated. Sheldon, how has life been since Total Drama World?”

Sheldon wore a white lab coat and gray pants, just like he wore on the show. “Well, I met Amanda, who is the first girl I’ve talk to ever.” Sheldon laughed and wrapped his arm around Amanda, who sat next to him.

“Keep in touch with anybody?”

“Just Amanda,” Sheldon replied casually.

“I see,” Nalyd replied. “Next up is Amanda. Amanda, one fan wants to know, where do you buy your clothes?”

Amanda wore a rainbow colored dress with feathers coming out on the sleeves. All the fashion experts ran out of the studio, feeling very sick, after seeing Amanda’s dress. “I design all of them myself,” Amanda explained.

“That’s a shocker. So, make any new friends after the show?”

“Yeah, I keep in touch with Sheldon, obviously, and I talk to Jessica,” Amanda replied.

“Now we have Hank,” Nalyd said, “Hank, why are you always so sad?”

Hank wore a black suit, and his usual frown. “Why be happy?” he replied coldly.

“Did you keep in touch with anybody?” Nalyd asked.

“Greg and Britanny tried to talk to me, but I don’t want them,” Hank explained.

“Have you ever smiled?”

“I used to be a happy child. I was born smiling. But sometimes life can be unfair, and then it’s time to wipe the smile off of your face, and get real.”

“Uh huh,” Nalyd said awkwardly. “Okay, I’m gonna talk to George now. George, do you regret voting Sally out?”

George wore a nice suit, and his stomach was visibly smaller. “Of course I do,” George said, “We’re friends now and I think if I was smart and didn’t ally with Rob, I could have stayed longer. If I knew that now I’d be friends with Keyana, and Sally I would have allied with them.”

“Have you continued losing weight?”

“Yes!” George stood up and flexed. “I’ve lost seventy pounds!” The audience erupted in applause.

“That’s amazing!” Nalyd said. “Now we have questions for Jillian. Jillian have you ever been compared to Eva from Total Drama Island?”

Jillian is wearing her hiking clothes, including the boots. “We’re sisters,” she said angrily.

“Oh,” Nalyd replied awkwardly. “Did you keep in touch with anybody after the show?”


“Heh. Okay then,” Nalyd said, shuffling through his note cards, no longer wanting to talk to Jillian. “Now, Charles. Charles, are you still dating Jessica?”

Charles wore his usual attire, sweater-vest and all. “There was a fight a few months ago, but since then we’ve gotten back together.”

“Is there anybody else you stay in touch with?”

“No, only Jessica,” Charles said.

“Okay, thanks Charlie,” Nalyd said laughing as Charles resisted not shouting. “Greg, we have somebody in the audience you might recognize!”

Greg wore a white shirt and jeans. He looked out into the audience. “I don’t see anybody I know,” Greg said.

Just then, a short, pale, red-headed girl jumped onto the stage. “You broke up with me, you jerk!” she shouted. Greg screamed and security guards dragged the girl away.

“What was that about?” Nalyd asked concerned.

“That’s my ex-girlfriend,” Greg explained. “I broke up with her before the show in case I met somebody here; and I did.” He winked at Britanny.

“How has your life changed since TDW, Greg?”

“I have to wear sunglasses when I work at the beach, so I don’t get swarmed by fans.”

“Britanny,” Nalyd said, “How has life on the farm been?”

“I don’t have to work on the farm,” Britanny said. She had a green top on, and blue skirt. “My parents let me get a real job.”

“How do you and Greg stay in touch? You two live nowhere near each other.”

“Via e-mail, texting, phone calls, you know,” Britanny answered.

“Rob,” Nalyd said, “You were the villain this season. But you weren’t very evil, just sort of a jerk.”

Rob wore his dirty t-shirt and shorts. “Yeah, but I cam in third and that makes me a villain,” Rob explains. “When hasn’t a villain come in third?”

“True,” Nalyd said, “So why did you decide to help Jessica? Don’t you two hate each other?”

“We do, but I just didn’t want Keyana to win,” Rob explained, “especially after she betrayed me.”

“Any plans on losing weight?”

“No, I’m happy being fat.”

“Good luck with that,” Nalyd replied. “And now questions for Keyana, our runner-up. One fan wants to know if you have been dealing with your weight issue.”

Keyana wore a red dress and hoop earrings. “Excuse me?” she asked angrily.

Nalyd flipped through his note cards. “Nevermind,” he said, “Who do you keep in touch with?”

“Jessica, Sally, George, and Britanny.”

“What was going through your mind when you realized you lost?”

“I was disappointed. However, I’m glad that if I had to lose, Jessica beat me.”

“That’s sweet,” Nalyd said. “Now for the winner, Jessica. Jessica, when did you and Sally form an alliance?”

Jessica wore a yellow gown. “During the challenge, we had talked a little bit about voting Rob out, but clearly we failed to do so,” Jessica explained.

“Who is still your friend here?”

“Keyana, Charles, Sally, and I even talk to Rob every once in a while!”

“What happened to you when you picked Rob?”

“I freaked out,” Jessica laughed, “I still don’t know how I picked Rob.”

“So what are you going to do now that you are rich?”

“I’m going to be lots of skirts, make up, and more yellow things!” Jessica said excitedly.

“Well, that’s all the time we have for today,” Nalyd said, “I’m gonna need a few of you backstage, for a few minutes. The rest of you can go home, now. Bye, and thanks for playing.”

Bonus Material

(To be added after the story is over)

Theme Song

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine." (Jessica is sitting on a stump while animals surround her loveingly.)

"You guys are on my mind." (Charles is glaring at her, until the animals attack him.)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answers plain to see." (Rob laughs at him until Keyana slaps him.)

"I wanna be famous." (Sheldon and Amanda are typing "LOL" and "HELLO" on calculators.)

"I wanna live close to the sun." (Jillian takes the calculators and smashes them.)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've alread won." (George is dangling from the top of the Eiffel Tower, causing it to bend over.)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Sally is having soup at a cafe until she finds a fly in her soup.)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Hank is about to jump out of a plane, until he looks down, and then passes out.)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (Greg gets a black eye from a kangaroo hitting him. Britanny runs over and put an ice pack over his eye.)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Whistling starts.)" (Everyone is watching an in-flight movie, until Nalyd appears on the screen.)

Audition Tapes

Amanda's Audition Tape

Amanda is wearing a rainbow dress and has her hair in a bun. "Hi! I'm Amanda! I like dancing, so that is what I'm going to do!" Amanda turns on a stereo, and the speaker explodes. "Mom! Brendan's messing with my stuff again!"

Britanny's Audition Tape

Britanny is on her farm feeding the animals. She feeds cows, pigs, and chickens. "Hey y'all, I'm Britanny," she says. "I wanna be on the show so I can get out off the farm for a while. I guess we'll be staying on an island, but all I want to do is see the world."

Charles' Audition Tape

Charles is sitting at a long dining room table, as many servants feed and grrom him. "Hello," he says, "My name is Charles. Not Charlie, not Chuck. Charles. I'm auditioning for your show because I heard some of the servants talking abut me behind my back, and how if I die they'll have no jobs." The servants pause, and quicken their pace.

George's Audition Tape

George is seen with his friends at lunch. "Hey, I'm George, and I want to be on TDP season two! You can ask any of my friends, they'll tell you how nice and helpful I am." The camera pans to all his friends who add their support. "I think that going into the wilderness might help me lose some of my gut." He laughs and takes a bite of pizza.

Greg's Audition Tape

Greg is seen running across the shore of a beach in slow motion. The waves splash against his legs and he runs his fingers through his hair. He runs to a fat, elderly man lying on the ground, passed out. Greg begins to do CPR on the man, who wakes up and slaps Greg. "I'm out here everyday saving lives," Greg says. "So let me on your show, and nobody will die." He chuckles awkwardly to himself and walks away.

Hank's Audition Tape

Hank is sitting in his car. He holds the camera, so he frequently misses his head. "The name is Hank. I want to be on your show because seeing the look on people's faces when they lose is the only thing I truly find fun." He hits the switch on the camera, but fails to turn it off. It then shows him picking his nose.

Jessica's Audition Tape

Jessica is sititng in her room which is full of pink and yellow. "Hi!" she chirps happily. She is dressed in a giant sunflower costume. "I'm Jessica! I think I could win Total Drama Paradise Two because I'm always nice and happy! I've never met anybody I didn't like!" She then runs outside and hugs everybody she sees outside.

Jillian's Audition Tape

Jillian is seen hiking in the forest. "Every morning I come out here and hike twenty miles," she says, "And everyday, I'm home by lunch." She takes a spit of water and growls at a near by deer. "What are you looking at?" she yells to it. "So pick me if you want a real adventurer."

Keyana's Audition Tape

Keyana is seen in her car with some friends. Keyana sits in the passenger seat, as her friend drives. "Hi, I'm Keyana and I'd be great for season two of your show," she says formally. "I like boys, my cell phone, chilling and my friends. I hate idiots, jerks and rich snobs. Those things just ain't right."

Rob's Audition Tape

Rob is seen in the drive-thru of a fast food joint. "I'm gonna get three triple deckers, two large fries, 4 large sodas, and," Rob pauses and turns to everyone else in the car, "What do you guys want?" There is a brief pause.

"Dude," one of his friend says, "I'm recording this. We're auditioning you for a workout show. You guys got the right application, right?"

Sally's Audition Tape

Sally is in a clothes store buying lots of clothes. She has bought scarves, hats, shirts, skirts, shorts, and pants. She hands the cashier her credit card. The cashier attempts to charge the card, but it is declined and the cashier burns it. "Only the grand prize can prevent maxed out credit cards," she says.

Sheldon's Audition Tape

Sheldon is playing with his computer. He is on a roleplaying website. He spins in his chair and knocks down the camera. "Woops!" he exclaims and picks up the camera. "Greetings, I am Sheldor the Mightiest Knight in All the Land, but you can call me Sheldon. After winning several 'camps' on this website, I want to test my skills for real!" He sneezes and covers the camera lens in mucus.


The Game

Chapter Immunity Eliminated Vote
Chapter One Striking Tourists Sally 4-2
Chapter Two Crushing Explorers Sheldon 4-2
Chapter Three Crushing Explorers Amanda 4-1
Chapter Four Crushing Explorers Hank 3-1
Chapter Five Striking Tourists George 2-2-0
Chapter Six Rob Jillian 2-1-1-0
Chapter Seven Greg Charles 4-2
Chapter Eight Jessica Greg 3-2
Chapter Nine Keyana Britanny 1-0
Chapter Ten Jessica Rob 2-1
Finale Jessica Keyana No Vote

Voting History

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Jessica Rob Rob Greg Charles Greg Rob Rob Winner
Keyana Sally George Greg Charles Greg Rob Rob Runner-up
Rob Sally George Charles Charles Keyana Britanny  Keyana
Britanny Sheldon Amanda Hank Greg Charles Greg Rob
Greg Sheldon Amanda Hank Jillian Rob Keyana
Charles Sally Rob Jillian Rob
Jillian Sheldon Amanda Hank Jessica
George Sally Charles
Hank Sheldon Amanda Jillian
Amanda Hank Jillian
Sheldon Hank
Sally Rob
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