Katie, labeled as The Sweet Girl, was a contgestant on Total Drama World Tour Revamped.     

Total Drama World Tour Revamped/Katie
Cody's Angels
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Walk Like an Egyptian Part 2"
Place 24th
Relationship None
Family Mother
Friends Sadie
Enemies Heather, Gwen, Courtney

Total Drama World Tour

In Walk Like an Egyptian Part 1, Katie, along with Sadie scoffed at Lindsay and Beth for stealing their best friend routine. She fell for Alejandro immediately, and requested to climb the pyramid with him. Later, her and Sadie got in a fight over who thought Alejandro was hotter. She was placed on team 3, along with Sadie.

In Walk Like an Egyptian Part 2, she reminisced with Sadie about how her team being lost in the desert reminded her of her Total Drama Island elimination. She offered to lead the team, but Sadie said that she was a better leader, causing the two to get into a fight. Sadie insulted Katie on her leading skills and the two began to wrestle, breaking Team Cody's reward, a stick. She later voted for Sadie to be the leader of the team. When her team won immunity, she told Chris about the broken divining rod, which caused them to be disqualified. At the elimination ceremony, she was voted out, but not before her and Sadie had an emotional moment of friendship.


  • Katie was the first person voted out of Total Drama World Tour. She recieved zero barf bags.
  • Katie was the first boot in almost every draft written.
  • I felt bad for handling the Katie and Sadie plotline how it often is, but she was the most expendable person in the cast up to this point.
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