In an alternate universe where this is the first season .15 contestants, 5 million of the currency of there choice and an abandoned country full of surprises, that's how its about her at TDtAL! For character descriptions and art go to Total Drama the Abandoned Land/Characters

All episodes have being completed



Micklow (The Antisocial....) Micklow has no social skills whatsoever and his annoying personality can only be described with a word I'm not aloud use here. He's later placed on the Killer Krocs

Dangerous Dingos

Hunter (The Athletic Competitor) Hunter is a jock who is a really competitive athletic person who also has a way with women

Linda (The Bucket Full of Surprises) Linda is sweet but you don't know what she'll do next, that can sometimes be a problem

Jerod (The Stereotypical Rich Boy)   Lots of stuff, greedy and thinks he's cool , these are characteristics of a jerk , jerod? yeh he's just rich

Milly (The Survivor) Despite her frail and girly appearance milly is definitely someone you want when your battling on an abandoned land, she has the strength speed and endurance

Taylor (The Riot) she's angry and unfriendly , That's Taylor for you

Lydia (The Complainer) Lydia is girl who sometimes likes to moan but her boring personality and lack of care for somethings makes her unnoticeable

Ryan (The Bad Luck Charm) The name says it all, Ryan is a magnet for bad luck and injuries .

20150811 101826

From left to right the Danger Dingos : Hunter,Linda, Jerod , Milly Taylor ,Lydia and Ryan

20150811 101837

From left to right the Killer Krocs : Martin , Kayleigh ,Bethany, Karl, Hanna, Donal , Zac

Killer Krocs

Martin (The Johnny Bravo 2.0)  Tall, thinks he's handsome, stupid , hits on girls and gets hurt alot seems like JB to me

Kayleigh and Bethany (The Inseparable Duo) They are BFF's for life and they mean it

Karl (The Prankster) Sometimes his pranks are funny sometimes they are quite unnecessary but karl doesn't care about the danger they might cause he just wants to laugh

Hanna (The Manipulative Cheater)  Hanna does what she wants in order to either win or make sure she doesn't lose!, making her one of the most difficult opponent using her good lucks and persuasion to betray others.

Donal (The Nerd) An guy who prefers to be called a geek but whatever

Zac (The Pale Mysterious One) He is so mysterious I don't know what to say..........

Theme Song

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine 

You guys are on my mind

You asked me what I wanted to be   

And I think the answer is plain to see (Milly and a frightend Dolan jump out of a plane...)

I wanna be famous (.....and land on Micklow)

I wanna live close to the sun  (Zac shrieks like a vampire in the sun)

So pack your bags cause I've already won (Hunter running in a race against a panting and then collapsing Lydia)

Everything to prove nothing in my way  (Camera travels to a house on the island)

I'd get there one day   (Karl launches Ryan out of a cannon that says PR4NK on it)

Cause I wanna be famous (........Martin practises his karate chops in the air only for Taylor to slap him down)

na nanana na nananana na nananananana (Jerod wiping his sweaty forehead with money and Linda jumping out of a bucket with streams following her)

na[I wanna be] na [I wanna be] nanananana [I wanna be famous] x2 (Hanna smiling then glaring at the camera)

[whistled versions] (Kayleigh and Bethany hug only for Chef to be laughing maniaclly behind them then it shows all the characters sitting together)


1# The Race to Last Place

"A whole new season!" - Chris "You know what that means, new location and new rules!" , "Well for this season we decided to go more civilized but at the same time more deadly, we have come to the deserted country of Whkytrwghn. "Its a real country I swear!", "Anyway me and chef have made , i mean pursuaded 15 new contestants to come here to compete for 5 million of the currency of there choice. Lets see what happens here at Total Drama the Abandoned Land

"So here are the contestants" (15 teenagers drop out of a plane chef was flying)

"Here they are Ryan,Hunter,Donal,Zack,Karl,Lydia,Kayleigh,Bethany,Taylor,Hanna,Milly,Martin,Jerod and Micklow, so now for your first challenge-" - Chris

"Aren't we gonna introduce ourself" - Lydia

"No time for that heres your first ever challenge, there are 15 players that would make the teams uneven so I'm planning a big race to the end , last place gets eliminated then teams are picked." - Chris 

"You may or may not need a partner or two so team up challenge starts in 15 mins"

(Alliances Time)

"EEK, Bethany you so have to let me partner up with you!" - Kayleigh

"Well who else would I partner up with" - Bethany

"Well I'm probably not gonna win but I have to try, can I be with you guys?" - Lydia


"Hey you, you seem big and stong like me , HOO-HA!, Wanna form an alliance" - Martin

"No way man, Hunter goes on his own , I am fast enough to get there with no help" - Hunter

"I'll go with you" - Jerod

"Why would I join you" 

"The girl always like the rich guy and this friend" - Jerod

"I'm in!" - Martin

"Hey you guys seem a bit frail and weak you could need somene like me to make sure you don't you know get beat up " - Micklow

"Whats that ment to mean?" -Ryan

"Just admit it your so weak you guys could probably get eliminated first and have a 65% chance of walking out of here with severe injuries and utter humiliations" - Micklow

"Well me Ryan and Zac aren't joining you" - Donal

"Watever" - Zac

"Listen up losers, I have a way in this game come with me and stick with me unless you wanna get eliminated" - Hanna

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" - Taylor

"What I'm just trying to help you , I have the best tactics ok they might be evil but don't you wanna win?"  - Hanna

"Ok but don't mess with  us and we'll stay" - Milly

"Well I guess were the last to left" - Karl

"Ok then lets team UP! :)" - Linda

(Challenge Time)

"Okay contestants!, challenge time just race to they finish line , its simple, on your marks, get set, GO!

[Ryan, Donal and Zack]

"Okay guys by my calculis and trejectory of the faster contestants we should be able to go-" - Donal

"Whatever can we just walk" -  Zack

"Hey guys I have a bit of bad luck so we have to  be care-, WOAHHHHH" - Ryan (steps on a mini land mine[less dangerous than big one] and gets shot far far away) 

"ok" - Zack

[Jerod and Martin running]

"So whats it like to be a richieboy?" - Martin

"Its alright, plenty of chicks and money" - Jerod

"Oh mama, I gotta get me some of that speaking of that? (Milly ,Hanna and Taylor walk by)

"Hey dollface , wanna go with me?- Martin (Speaking to Taylor)

(Taylor kicks him in the groin)

"So thats a no?"

[Taylor, Hanna and Milly]

"That Martin Bravo or whatever his name is is really annoying hope he gets voted off" - Taylor

"Well girls you'll have to stick with me throughout the game I have a load of plans" - Hanna

"I don't like were this is going" - Milly

[Bethany, Kayleigh and Lydia]

"EEE quick we cant be last!" - Kayleigh and Bethany

"Hey guys your going to fast" - Lyida (on the floor panting)


Come on Micklow you don't need those weeklings or anyone, but I am lost" - Micklow


"Okay so our first set of competitors are coming in" - Chris

"YES, first place as usual"- Hunter

(A random flying Ryan lands painfully across the finish line) 

"Second place you mean" - Chris

"Awwww" - Hunter

"Ow" - Ryan

"And Karl and Linda are here too in 3rd and 4th" - Chris

"Finally" - Linda

[Jerod , Martin , Zack and Donal]

"Come on Zack lets get ahead of them" - Donal

"Alright" - Zack

"Hey nerd boy stop it right now were gonna come 5th and 6th!" - Martin

"Well think of a number multiply it by 6 then subtract the number you have from itself" - Donal

"It's 0 whats that meant to mean" - Jerod

"Thats the amount of craps we give" - Zack

"Nerd's these days" - Martin

"And Donal and Zack come 5th and 6th with Jerod and Martin closely after" - Chef

"Hey I wanted to say that" - Chris

(Milly, Hanna and Taylor)

"You guys are so slow, pick up the pace will ya!" - Hanna

"If you wanna get to the finish line so urgent how about I help ya!" - Taylor (trys to grab Hanna but ends up grabbing Milly and throwing her to the finnish line then Hanna and Taylor following up)

"Ok theres only 3 spots left for non-elimination" - Chris

"EEK!" (Kayleigh and Bethany run past)

"Correction one who will it be Micklow or Lydia?" - Chris

(Miclow is seen walking to the finish line)

"Too easy sorry WhinyMcPooPoopants, wait what!" - Micklow (Falls into a quicksand trap Chris put in)

"Well I forgot about that" - Chris

"NOOOOOO!" - Micklow (he screams as Lydia runs past him and wins the last spot)

"And Micklow is eliminated next episode we will be picking the teams see what happens next time on Total Drama the Abanded Land!" - Chris

2# Finding Keepers, Pirates Weepers

"Last time on TDAL, There was a running race to the finish line to determine who is eliminated, and your least favourite...... , Micklow got the boot what will happen this time on TDAL

"Okay  contestants , after that challenge we did last episode , I need to form teams" - Chris

"Hanna,Kayleigh,Bethany,Zac,Donal,Karl and Martin you are the killer crocs!" - Chris

"Jerod,Milly,Taylor, Linda , Lydia , Hunter and Ryan your  the Dangerous Dingos"

"You will both be given mini-houses to live in which will be split to boys and girls during the merge, so go in your cribs and chat." - Chris

(Killer Krocs)

"Oh your here with me I hope we have some fun together" - Donal

"Wat" - Zac

"So what do you like to do" - Donal

"What do you mean?" - Hanna

"Like whats your personality ever TD character has a personality I'm the exquisitively smart one" - Donal

"You seem more like the stupid loser nerd who I will kick in his things if he gets in me way" - Hanna

"Ok that works too" - Donal "What about you?"

"I love funny pranks" - Karl

"Like wha-, how original" - Zac (sits on whoopy coushion)

"Omigod!" , "were on the same team!" - Kayleigh and Bethany

(anything in [] is confessinal words)

[Hanna : My team has to be the worst ]

"Hey guys you haven't discussed my personality" - Martin

"Yeh,Yeh Mr. Bravo" - Karl

(Dangerous Dingos)

"Oh god , I hope none of you's are like the usual TD character arragont,evil or dumb" - Lydia

"No, I'm just you know good at sports, love winning and get angry when I don't  win and am supercompetitive and know I am the best but no none of the above" - Hunter

(Lydia sighs)

"What you angry with me!" - Taylor

"Don't worry Taylor they won't do anything bad , I'll make sure of it" - Milly

"And what makes you think your all tough" - Jerod

"Whats your name?" - Milly

"Jerod, I'm rich" 

"Well jerod yah!, that what" - Milly (punches jerod in stomach)

"Hey guys can I join your convo-" - Ryan (steps on floorboard that hits him in the face)

(Chris on the intercom) "All contestants report to the main area for challenge number 2

(contestants at main area)

"Todays challenge is pirate themed  , I've hidden keys in the ground marked x but it won't be that easy the x's are quite big bring me 5 keys and you win the challenge.

(Challenge Time)


"Well this is an easy first challenge" - Milly (is digging with shovel)

"Thats what Chris want's you to thing then boom crocodile jump out of a the ground that would be super nice" - Linda

"Speaking of Krocs, Martin shouldn't you be helping your team" - Lydia

"Why would pass up a hot sexy mama like you" - Martin

"What?" - Lydia

"No distractions Hunter needs to win this or else" - Hunter


"Where is that stupid Martin one, his body mass could of helped us dig" - Hanna

"Actually if you calculate, his mass, by his height multiplied by his obnoxious-ness-" - Donal

"I don't care anymore,wait a second , prank boy your name again " - Hanna


"You like pranks don't you" (Karl nods) well I've got a mission for you" - Hanna

(Dingos again)

"Hunter found a key!" -Hunter

"You , Ryan boy hold it while I tell the others" 

"OK" - Ryan (Karl hiding in a bush behind them with a paintball gun)

"Prank Time" - Karl, "Now Hanna said shoot the key out of there hand, but lets have some fun here, right in the belly button!"

(Karl aiming for Ryans bellybutton until Linda pops up behind him)

"BOO!" - Linda (scares Karl ruining his aim and Ryan gets hit with a paintball in the groin and drops the key)

"Linda!, you ruined every-, wait the key I can still get !" - Karl

(Karl runs for for they key and picks it up)

"Hey he's stealing our key!" - Hunter (Hunter rugby tackles Karl and starts wrestling him for the key)

"Im not coming in 2nd again

"AHH HELP" - Karl

"After that thief" - Milly

"Karl I thought I gave you instructions" - Hanna

(all 14 contestants then join in the fight for approximatley 3 hours)

"Seriously you guys have been fighting for ages no time for the full challenge whoever  gets that one key to me first wins for there team" - Chris

(Ryan gets the key)

"And the dangerous dingos win the challenge" - Chris

"Its all your fault that we lost the challenge Karl, yours to bravo boy" - Hanna

"Actually you sent Karl on that mission so you should be voted off , but don't worry I'll call ya" - Martin

(Elimination Time)

"So for this seasons elimination ceremony we have pictures of player, put an x on the players that you want out photo's are in the confessinal, so whoever goes first can cast the first vote" - Chris

[Donal votes for Hanna]

[Martin votes for Hanna]

[Karl votes for Hanna]

[Kayleigh and Bethany vote for Martin]

[Zac votes for Hanna]

(Hanna walks in confessinal and see's the votes, everyone except for K and B voted for her)

"[Thats gives me an idea]" - Hanna

(Elimination Ceremony)

"Okay guys don't you understand english only 2 people sent in ther votes" - Chris

"Anyway the person eliminated is..................................................................................................................


"What!" - Everyone

"[Ripping up everyones votes except for the ones with Martin on it was a good idea, I'm good]" - Hanna

"So Martin what are your last words before you go threw the cannon of shame and into loser cottage?" - chris

"Wait I haven't met any mama's" - Martin

"Too bad, and to you viewers see you next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

3# Chris McLean and The Battle of the Labyrinth

"Last time on TDAL, the contestants competed to get 5 keys but do to ther low FKQ (Finding keys quotient) so we had to decide the challenge on one key what will happen next on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!"

(Dangerous Dingos)

"We almost lost that one but I got that no good prankster in a wrestling postion he had no chance" - Hunter

"But didn't I wi-" - Ryan (Hunter accidently hits him in the face while stretching)

"Last challenge was a bit boring" - Lydia

"I know it featured small amounts of dialougue or work "- Linda

"I could pay Chris to make it intersting, oh but I still haven't gotten that eyes flushed in milk appointment" - Jerod

"Rich people problems" - Milly


"Angry girl problems" - Lydia

(Killer Krocs)

"Okay guys we can't lose this time we got to form our strategies" - Hanna

"Kayleigh and Bethany you guys literally disapeard  in the challenge"

"It was urgent Brad Kratskinov from highschool texted us and we had a 4 hour chat with him" - Bethany

"Best four hours of our lives" - Kayleigh

"Anyway Karl next time please plan your evilness carefully" - Hanna

"Its not evilness it's causing trouble theres a diffrence!" - Karl

"Speaking of trouble something suspicious happened yesterday, me , karl , martin and zac all agreed to vote for Hanna" - Donal

"Hey!" - Hanna

"But Martin left" - Donal

"Ow the awful suspiciousness" - Zac

(Chris on Intercom) 

"All campers report to the main area for challenge number 3

(Challenge Time)

"Okay guys for this challenge  just 3 steps, run to the  islands maze , find and sword and battle the players from the opposite team without  letting the kraken (cough cough, Chef) , so go!

(Start Challenge)

"Yeah another running challenge for me" - Hunter (enters Labrynth followed by Karl ,Milly and Lydia)

"Okay Zac we have to watch out for the kraken if I do my math correctly it should come at.....(Chef the kraken takes Donal and Zac)

"Wow how strategical Donal" - Zac

"Omigod Kayleigh, this challenge is hard" - Bethany

"Ya, lets Bail" - Kayleigh (both leave)

"Well what a  horrible turn of events for the Krocs" - Chris 


"Okay guys we need a plan" - Milly

"Who needs a plan when your Hunter!" - Hunter (runs off)

"Okay we all knew he was going to do that, but we need to devise a simple way to make sure we-" - Milly

"You saying I cant think for myself" - Taylor

"Of course  not bu-" 

"Then I'll go on my own" - 

"I don't care either I'm going with Taylor" - Jerod

"I guess its just you and me" - Lydia

"And Ryan were is Ryan" - Milly

(Krocs again)

"UH!, were are my other team mates" - Hanna

"Guess I'm all thats left" - Karl

"Ok then don't mess up like last time" - Hanna

"[Oh yeh scoring with miss hotness]" - Karl

(Back to Dingos)

"So mister rich , rich rich, were do you think we go" - Taylor

"I think there should do " - Jerod (Gets taking away  by the kraken with Taylor)

"Really guys this is pathetic , anyway anyone not already out report to the labyrinth opening for the next challenge" -   Chris

(Labyrinth door)

"For your second part of the challenge battle it  out using these swords go!" - Chris

"But wait it ain't that easy find a ancient greek artifacts once your done, run to me and you win" - Chris

(Challenge Part 2)

"Karl we need to eliminate these losers" - Hanna

"How?" - Karl

"Think of something!" - Hanna

"Hey, Hey , Hey , your not winning the challnege funny boy" - Hunter

"Is that so?" - Karl (boxing glove pops out of his sword and hitting Hunter in the face)

"[Ah, the old fake sword boxing glove trick don't tell me you haven't heard of that one]" - Karl

" I'm the last one on my team boy have I got a suprise for you" - Linda

" AHH!" - Karl (Linda pants Karl only for Karl to kick her off him)

"What is wrong with that girl!?, wait whats this?" (finds artefact), Hanna look we've won" - Karl

"You mean I've won!" - Hanna (kicks Karl in the groin)

"Haha victory is mine" - Hanna

(A random Ryan flies out of the sky and land on Hanna and artefact falls in his hand)

"And Ryan wins for the Dangerous Dingos" - Chris

"WHAT!!!, HOW?" - Hanna

"Well" - Ryan (Ryan memorizes back to when he wondered through a forest and a random bear beat him up and threw him into the air)

"Anyway Krocs see you at elimination" - Chris

(Elimination Time)

(Players take there votes)

"Okay time for elimination" - Chris

"Hanna was close to winning the challenge so she gets immunity"  - Chris

"Aw, what?" -  Everyone except for Hannah

"So the person with most votes was.............................................................................................Kayleigh!

"OMIGOD!" - Bethany

"and Bethany so double elimination" - Chris

"Oh yay were not seperated, whatever were leaving" - Kayleigh

"Oh well, see you next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land" - Chris

4# So we do what we Want?*

[Warning this is a short filler episode it has no meaning so "Last time on TDtAL , it was labyrinth blah blah blah , I feel kinda lazy today I'ma skip this part bye!"

(Team Talk)

(Dangerous Dingos)

"Another win for the Hunters, I mean Dingos" - Hunter

"Hey I helped" - Taylor

"Yeh , helped us almost lose where were half of you, especially you Ryan" - Hunter

"I was wandering in the woods for a field trip and got beat up by a bear and thrown with extreme power into the air thank you very much, plus that helped so win so yeh!" - Ryan

"Actually Hunters right we haven't being losing but we need to pull ourselves together" - Milly

"Wow foxes and ducks , lovely!" - Linda

"Well I think If it aint broke dont fix it!" - Jerod

(All Dingos except for Lydia get into a big fight)

" I had to be on this team" - Lydia

(Killer Krocs)

"Another loss how totaly unexpected" - Zac

"Quiet Mr Emo boy, you are not helping the case" - Hanna

"Says the one, who kicked me in a bandonkowonks and then lost because of a flying nerd" - Karl

"Guys please we can win next time if you multiply the-" - Dona

"SHUT UP!" - Everyone except for Donal

(All players do what they want)

5# Are You Smarter than a...................

"Last time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land, contestants took a week of a little break if you say , they're going to need it , because on this episode we're going be testing their brains, well if they have any" - Chris

"Because this Quiz has a shocking twist" said Chef evilly (they both start laughing)

"Find out what happens on this episode of total drama the abandoned land!

(Krocs room)

" I do believe that if I am mathematically correct we have lost 3 player in a row , making us the smaller team by 2.3333333-" said Donal before being hit by a pillow thrown at him from Karl.

"You see this is why you get bullied" said Karl laughing much to Donals dispair

"Ok guys , no time for jokes we need to infiltrate the other teams room to see how they are doing so well" - Hanna

"I'll go suga-" said Karl before his mouth got closed by Hanna

"Ok Zac , your the quietest sneak in the room and find out what makes them tick" - Hanna

"ummm yeh ok" - Zac


"And that is why bacon wrapped pizza , is the ultimate Power food!!!" - said Hunter whilst high-fiving Ryan and Jerod

"Although  I do prefer a bit of edible balloon" - Jerod

(awkaward silence)

"Its a rich people thing , I dont believe you peasants would understand" - Jerod

"Anyway back to my story so after we ate the bear we...." - said Linda before interrupted by the knocking of the door

(Door opens and they see Zac)

"Hey" - Zac

"LOSER ALERT!" - Lydia

"Quick everybody procedure 123" - Milly

(everyone grabs zac and throw him out)

"Phew that was safe, hey Taylor why didn't you join in" - Ryan

"NO!" - Taylor

"You know you dont have to be so distant" said Ryan before being thrown out the roomwindow by taylor.

[ confessionals are displayed in this box]

[Hunter - Taylor is a real pain, she is always angry and she hurts people , she's a strong competitor but shes a bit of an outcast and I dont want that if my team is going to win all the way Babyyy!!]

(Chris knocks down team door and shouts breakfast in 5 minutes , challenge time in 10)

(All Dingos leave their room except for Taylor who just got up  , and discovers Hanna under her bed)

"Hey Taylor" - Hanna

"AHHHH!" - said a surprised Taylor "How long have you being here!!?!

"Bacon wrapped pizza , need I say more" - Hanna "but anyway , I seen how the team believes your behaviour irrational?, I think they just dont understand how it is to be you, you should let your anger out, it makes you feel better trust me"

"I might just do that , thanks Hanna, AHHHH" - said Taylor letting out all her anger as she walked outside

[ Hanna - Perfect , hahahah]

(Challenge) "Ok contestants , for todays challenge , its just simple A QUIZ!, four contestants from each team will have to answer a series of only three questions" - Chris

"What the catch though, theres always a catch" said Ryan before being electricuted by Chef

"Thats what happens when you get the question wrong!" - Chef

"Dingos pick 3 people to sit out" - Chris

"Ummm, me because educational whatever aint my thing, Taylor and Jerod will sit out"- Hunter


[Ryan - Wow Taylor seems extra angry today , hope she doesn't try and beat me up again]

"Ok chef read out question one for the teams" - Chirs

"Question One what is fifteen divided by one hundred million" - Chef

"Uhh" - Dingos

"WHAAAAT"- Taylor

"wrong" (dingos get zapped)

"1.5e-13" - Donal

(point for the Killer Krocs)

"What is the hardest mineral"

"This ones simple" - Milly

"NO IM ANSWERING , umm... VITAMIN C!" - Taylor

"Are you serious" - Lydia

(Dingos get zapped)

"Diamonds" - Karl

(Point for the Killer Krocs)

"Last question , this ones a riddle!" 

"Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher's shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?" - Chris


"Meat, its simple logic really" - Donal

"And the Killer Krocs win their first ever challenge!" said Chris as the team starting cheering

[ Hanna - telling Taylor to let her anger out worked perfectlly lets just hope they voted her out]


"From now on , we will be handing different souviners based on the challenge , today we're handing out the quiz paper you all got an F , hahaha, if I call out your name and you get a quiz then you are safe






"Taylor, Hunter its between you two, one fo you got one vote the other one got the rest of them, the last person to get one is............................................................................................................................................. Hunter!

"Yeah!!!, wait , who voted for me?"- Hunter

(awkward silence and whistling)


"We dont need you , ya wacko!!!, do we need her? - Linda

"No" - Lydia

"Ok" - Linda

"And Taylor takes the ferry of shame home, who will leave next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

6# Olympians   

"Last time on Total Drama the Abandoned , the contestansts did a quiz, it was pretty simple but trust these teens to get every question wrong, well thats the case for the Dingos who fortunatley got rid of nutcase Taylor in the end, see what happens this time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land" - Chris

(Breakfast Room)

(Hunter tries eating chefs cereal but the spoon is stuck on the plate , he uses all his strenghth  to try and pull it out , ends up flinging the plate across the room)

"I dont wanna eat anymore!" - said Hunter as the bowl flew in the air to hit Ryan on the head 

"Well it is a well known fact that chefs fact has being bad since day one " - Donal

"Please shutup!" - Hanna

"Ooh your fiesty , I kinda like that" - Hunter

[Hunter - She's got  that evil side to her , but she's hot and likes to put up a challenge and I loove a challenge"]

[Hanna - Hunters big and strong and he always tries flirting with me its kind of sickening but hmm cant say i dont like it]

"Zac ,Zac ZAC!!!" - said Karl pointing at the spider in his plate " GET IT OUT , IM ALERGIC"

(Zac pokes the spider and it springs out into his face as Karl laughs histerically)

"Hilarious" said Zac  sarcastically

"Wonder what the next challenge will be" - Milly

"Ooh , would skinning a snake be good" - Linda

"Please no" - Lydia

"I can answer your question Lilly" - Chris


"No one cares , anyway todays challenge is sports realted we will be doing three  Olympic events,  Teammate Javeline ,110m Explosive Hurdles  and Shark Infested Swimming,you need 4 people two for the javeline event where you will be throwing team mates and one for everything else !" - Chris

(Dangerous Dingos)

"Ok so since sports is my speciality I will volunteer to do both Javeline throwing and the 110 metres , but I'm not doing swimming nuh uh!- Hunter

[Hunter - Well i cant swim, not because im black but because...... um well I DONT NEED TO ANSWER THAT]

(Author of this is series is black and that was not intended racism)

" Its ok I'll do the swimming , Hunters not the only athletic person on this team!" - Milly

"Great now we need someone for Hunter to throw, Linda and Ryan are both 5'4 sooo" - Lydia

"No way am I throwing Linda shes a bit off , why dont I throw Jerod" - Hunter

"Um helloooo im precious material!!" - Jerod

"So lets have RYAN do it" said Linda sounding dangerousley overexcited about it

"YEHHH!" - said all the Dingos will delight

[Ryan - *sighs*]

(Killer Krocs)

"Ok I'll be doing the Hurdles" - Hanna

"I guess I can swim" - Zac

"Wont your emo  makeup run out" - Karl

"........" - Zac

"Karl , you can throw Donal on the javeline" - Hanna

"Please dont put my life in his hands - said Donal worringly

"SHUT UP!" said the Killer Krocs


"Ok challenge one time , Chef explain the rules" - Chris

"Ok , so the rules are , one contestant goes on a javeline that will start flying once reaching a certain point in the sky , once the person who is throwing the javeline throws has thrown it and the javeline is in the air the flying javeline people will have to grab a flag at the end of this random Olympics track me and Chris found  , so teams get ready".

"Ok Ryan get ready to fly" - Hunter

Hunter throws Ryan will ease , Karl has difficulty throwing Donal despite Donal being only 80 pounds , when they both finally get in  the air they are in the air , a screaming Donal cannot control his rocket and it looks as if he is about to get closer to the flag but upon reaching it his rocket javeline somehow turns around , Ryan then reaches the  flag and grabs it making the Dangerous Dingos win this challenge, unfortunatley for Ryan his rocket wont stop and he crashes into a tree where he falls down it hitting his head and groin on each branch before falling on the floor and then being attacked by rabbits.

"Dingos win the Javeline event!" - Chris 

[Hanna- I swear Donal is almost completley useless , I'm determined to make sure he gets VOTED OFF if we lose , oh well , time for the hurdles ,and I have a plan]

[ Donal - I swear the rocket had a mind of its own!!] 

"Ok time for the Hurdles challenge" - Chris

Hunter  does a flirty smile to Hanna, Hanna returns the smile and , but then glares at him , Chris shoots a nerf gun at both of them and the race starts. Hunter is pacing it , clearing almost half of the explosive hurdles in six seconds , but he makes a mistake in taking a look at how far ahead he is and looks back at her , causing him to trip over a hurdle and exploding it , Hanna then outpasses him and wins the race for her team , finishing it in an amazing 14.01 seconds!!

"Ok Karl and Milly this is the challenge , swim across this shark infested swimming pool , whoever wins this wins the whole race!!" - Chris

The race starts  with Zac swimming oh so slowly as Milly paces ahead , Milly is dodging all the sharks, and Zac showing the first bit of emotion all competition, decides that it dangerous and screams runnig out of the pool. Milly is then shown at the finnish line having a shark in a headlock , the Dingos win the challenge and get massages from goodlooking guys and girls as a reward. Krocs need to vote someone of

(Killer Krocs)

(Karl, Hanna and Zac sitting around the Krocs room , doing an intervention for Donal)

"Whats going on" - Donal

"Listen nerd , we ,we need to talk about your time here -" said Karl before being interupted

"but..." - said Donal saddly before being interrupted by Hanna

"Ok, we decided your getting eliminated , your short you smell , and your intellect will only get us so far , plus you are really annoying and you lost us our challenge because you are nothing more than a bag of flesh we carry around hoping we have another science challenge , please leave the room your killing the vibe" said Hanna

"........." - Zac

[Karl - Ok , I was going to vote for Zac ,but Hanna promised me a kiss if I vote for Donal]

"So can I get that kiss?" - Karl

"PRANK SOMEONE FOR IT!" - said Hanna angrily

".........." - Zac

[Karl - She's so hot]

(Later that Day , Donal was eliminated being the only one not to recieve an olympic gold memeber)

"Haha , a fun Olympic episode , injured contestants and mister nerdy boy eliminated thanks to the persuasive power of Evil Hanna, what a great day, more of things like that in Total Drama the Abandoned Land!!" - Chris

7# Confessions of a Teenage TV Cast *

"Ok contestants , today  instead of getting a challenge this week you guys can chill and do what you want , also first you need to do a secret confessional about who you are crushing on in this cast to send to lucky fans , everyone go in the confessionals.

[Jerod - Well it takes quite the girl to match my richie rich rich standards , Taylor was quite the girl she would of loved to go to one of the seven anger management classes which I pay for but never use because I can]

[Hunter - I'm working on Hanna , I think I can get through to her, no girl can resist the glorious  8 pack , I call each one of them Gunther , Luther ,Ruth , Hunter Jr. , Hunter II, Hunter III , Hunter IV and Sluther!"]

[Ryan - I kind of like Milly , I'm a bit scared to talk to her she's a survivor , I dont want to go out with somone that can beat me up, thats embarrising you know , Wait did I put the seat back down (falls in confessional toilet ) ]

[Milly - I dont really like anyone, I think I heard Ryan say he like a Lily or something, you know before I heard that splash]

[Lydia - Is there a point to this]

[ Karl - Well , I think Hanna likes me , I mean she uses some of my evil pranks to further competition , in exchange for nothing but I think we are practically a THING now]

[ Zac - Uhhhh]

[ Hanna - Flirting is an art I sometimes use in order to brutally crush my opponents , it worked on Hunter in the last challenge , might just try it teammates now , Karl seems desperate for someone to appreciate his pranks]

[Linda - Wel YOU know zacs ok , i mean he is like really ok , i like how really chilled out he whiles im just like wooooooooooooooo and he's like uhhhhhh, he's so predictable that its greaaaaaaaaat hahahahahahahah]

"Ok next episode we will be doing a challenge that may worry the cough cough waterly challenged " - Chris

"Hey!" - Hunter and Zac

"Find out if they survive next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris


"Last time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land , the cast confessed about who they liked, it was basically a ratings trap to capture pre-teens who "ship" whatever that means, but this episode we will be having another challenge , find out what it is on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!"

(Dangerous Dingos room)

Hunter is under the covers with one of the massage girls , Jerod is getting his 55th massage from an obviously tired and worn out massage girl, the massage girls were rewards from the last challenge

"Uhhh Hunter and Jerod you do know that the girls shifts ended hours ago"  said Lydia moaning

"If the beds a rocking dont come a knocking!" - Hunter

"Hey I didn't pay her an exta 100 thousand if I didn't want another 50 sessions" said Jerod fanning himself with money

[Ryan - Can someone please remind me why he is even here]

[Lydia - Ok , I know that Hunters arrogance and competitiveness is part of his whole personality but screaming his OWN name , then cheering for himself when he finished first? thats not right] (If you catch her drift *wink , wink*

"Um guys where are Linda and Ryan" said Milly right before hearing a series of screams and maniacal laughs

The Dingos look outside to see that Linda is laughing whilst having her massage guy and Ryan tied up and hung of a fire


"Oh , dont worry , Im just conducting an experiment to see how much the human body can sweat , the massage guy and Ryan agreed to help carry it out" - Linda

"No I didn't!" - said a scared Ryan

"Quiet subject 17!!" said Linda throwing a steak at Ryans face

"Um I think we'll all just walk away now" - Lydia

(Killer Krocs)

"We can't lose , we need to stir up some serious trouble , if we want to break the Dingos " - Hanna

"........." - Zac

"Well , if its any help , I've got an epic prank video of when I totally owned Jerod" said Karl , he then showed Hanna and Zac a video where Karl taped money to a string and kept pulling it until it went into the toilet , this cause Jerods face to fall in the toilet which Karl then rasn in and flushed.


"Wait, let me see this video, I think I can edit is and cause some drama in the Dingos room" - Hanna

"* breaths " - Zac

"SHUT UP!" - Hanna

(Challenge Time )

"Ok guys , so todays challenge is... Chef?" - Chris

"I thought YOU thought of the challenge" - Chef

"UHHH , sorry contestants we'll be back in an hour" - Chris

????? )

"Soooo what are we doing in the mean time?" - Hunter

"Hey Dingos, wanna come over to ours to watch a little home video we have" - Hanna

"Well we're bored so ok" - Milly

All the Dingos and Krocs watch a video of Jerod saying bad things about all the Dingos , He calls Hunter arragont , Milly a man-woman , Linda crazy , Ryan a pushover and Lydia extremely boring it is of course different words he said at different times put together by Hanna to make it seem real , but everybodys buying it and now people are angry at Jerod

[Hanna - I knew  that the Dingos were kind of getting tired of Jerod being here for no reason all it took was their low IQ's and my video editing skills I picked up from that waste of breath Donal  and now they are mad at Jerod , perfect]

[Linda - Wow, that was kind of harsh, those words from Jerod , I'm not crazy am I AM I , AM IIIIII]

[Hunter - Arrogant , Supreme leader Hunter Davenports is anything but arrogant!]

[Lydia - I'm not boring? do you guys think I'm boring]

"Wow , Jerod , you calling me those words in which we can't say on TV , thats cold" - Milly

"WHAT I DIDN'T SAY THAT , look I'll pay you all to forget that happend- Jerod

(Everyone angrily glares at him then walks out on him)

[Karl - I knew Hanna thought my pranks were useful]


"Ok guys , since theres no time left because SOMEONE! *COUGH COUGH* CHEF forget to do our challenge we will have to do quick water fight team vs team

(Everybody in anger throws a water balloon at Jerod)

"Welll , um that was interesting , Krocs since no one on your team got water ballooned , Dingos are up for elimination. Dingos cast your votes"

[Hunter - Jerod!!!]

[Ryan - Linda , she could have roasted me ]

[Linda - Ryan!!, he didn't let me complete my experiment]

[Milly - Jerod for sure]

[Jerod - Linda]

[Lydia - Jerod definatley]


"Ok , so for today , I'm giving out water balloons, if you dont get one you're taking the ferry of shame home!" - Chris

"Milly , Hunter and Lydia you three are safe" - Chris

"Yesss!" Hey Chris can you tell that massage lady to stay for one more day please?" - Hunter

"No" - Chris said Chris before declaring Ryan safe

"Linda , Jerod ... the last water balloon goes toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............Linda!" - Chris

"HAHAHA!" - Linda

"NOOOOOO" - Ryan

"But that stuff I said wasn't me-" - said Jerod before being thrown into the ferry by Chef

"Well this was a weird episode, find out if the next one will be weirder on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!"


"Last time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land , we had a really weird episode, everyone decided to take their hate out on Jerod , which miiiight have something to do with Hanna, lets see if anymore competition intesifying events will happen in this episode of Total Drama the Abandoned Land" - Chris

(Everyone is chilling outside )

Zac is chilling out in the shade reading a book whilst Linda watches looking interested as ever

[Linda - I think Zac may be a vampire, well theres only one way to find out]

Linda drags Zac out of the shade only to find that the pale guy starts shrieking when he directly feels sunlight 

"AHHHHH!!!" - said Linda scared because she thinks Zac is a vampire

[Zac - Well this is a really nice way to start my day]

Milly is going for a morning run , only to be joined by a competitive Hunter who is trying to run faster than her, this turns into a race between the two.

"Hey guys wait up I want to race tooo-"  said Ryan . he then fell into a hole in the ground which Lydia and Linda filled with rattlesnakes who attack him on sight

"Ryan!!! your upsetting my pets, you sure there safe in that hole Linda"- Lydia

"Yeah , yeah whateverrrr" - Linda

Hanna and Karl sitting down in there rooms

"Will you go out with me now" - Karl

"No"- Hanna

"Will you go out with me noww??"

"For the thrity-fourth time n- , waitt" - said Hanna , then finding out that she could use Karls affection to her advantage

"Yes, actually" - Hanna

"YES!, Knew I could get through to you" - Karl

"CONTESTANTS , enough Lollygagging , meet me and Chris at the Islands abandoned Elementary School playground to find out how we will be torturing , I mean challenging you today!" - Chef

( Challenge Time )

"Ok contestants , todays challenge is a bunch of old school , school events such as Staring competitions , thumb wars,  and  paper aeroplane building , we'll  pick names out of a hat to choose the people.

"For the staring contest itsss, Zac vs. Lydia" -  Chris

"Oh great , I'm against the pale guy who never blinks and barley speaks" - Lydia

"......." - Zac

"Ok Zac and Lydia , sit on this chair and stare at each other, well I think thats how the game works anyway so yeh , you do that , GO!" - Chris

Zac and Lydia stare into each others eyes for a good 3 hours , neither of them blink despite Hunter insisting that nobody could look away from his body and despite the fact that everyone left 2 hours a go to help Ryan get down from a tree. After hours of them just looking at each other, Chris finally just gave up.

"Ok guys this is boring! just stop" - Chris

"Oh thank God!" said Lydia closing her eyes

"And the winners are the Killer Krocs" - Chris

"What , but you said we should stop " - Lydia

"Doesn't mean you have to, hahaha, Zac you can close your eyes now" - Chris

"My eyelids cant move" said Zac , afterwards everyone starting laughing

"No I'm serious" - Zac

"Next contest, a good old fashioned thumb war!", the competitors arre (pulls names out of a hat) , Linda vs Hanna" - Chris

"I'm going to crush you in the dust!!" - Hanna

"I dont plan on LOSING" said Linda with a crazy demented look in her yes

"GO!, and please , dont take two hours on this one" - Chris

The thumb war starts with both Hanna and Linda glaring at each other and twiddling  each others thumbs vigourously , they cause so much friction a fire almsot starts

"Umm, is this safe?, you know what who cares" - Chris

It looks as if Linda is winning until, Hanna cheats and uses two hands

"Hey! , you cheating , Chris did you see that she cheated!!" - Linda

"Uhh what!, sorry I wasn't looking!" -Chris

"And I wasn't cheating!" said Hanna

"Yeah you WERRRE!" said Linda before the two starting fighting 

"YEAH , girl fight!" said Ryan before being dragged in and beaten up by the two of them

Chris then turns to look at Hanna using Ryan as a human shield as Linda constantly punches him in the kiwis (groin)

"THATS it the three of you go to the NAUGHTY CORNER, none of yous win this challenge , so time for the last one , its my favourite and Karl and Hunter have to do it, paper airplane building, Go!" - Chris

"Ok so I'm going to need some paper!!! said Karl , working so hard on his airplane that his work disappears in  a puff of smoke, when the smoke finally clears , it reveals a master of a creation , the best paper airplane you  have ever seen.

"That is fantastic!!!!!, lets see how Hunter is doing" - said Chris as he seen hunter lifting a really heavy aeroplane wing

"First of all I said paper airplane , second of all, how are you lifting that!?, third of all you just lost the challenge" - Chris

"So you mean I got this for nothing!, uhh" said Hunter he then threw the wing behind his back , where it landing in the naughty corner , on top of Ryan as Lydia and Hanna had ran away at this point in time.

"Well, Dingos you know what that means" - Chris

(Killer Krocs secret Meeting)

"Ok , guys I feel the merge is coming up soon soooo, we need to decide who on the Dingos is worth keeping, Hunter and Milly are quite athletic sooo, they could help us" - Hanna

"I guess Linda is alright too , shes got the element of surprise , could use that in some of my show winning PRanks!" - Karl

"Yeah Yeah , whatever  , Ryan is pretty useless but we could still take him to the final 3 , and crush him in the end so he's worth keeping around , who shall we get rid off" - Hanna

"Lydia maybe" - Zac

"Perfect come on Karl ,time to switch up the votes again" -  said  Hanna as she dragged Karl by the hand 

"I like were this is going" - Karl

(Voting Time)

"Contestants you know the drill" - Chris

[Hunter - Umm , I think I'll go will Linda]

[Milly - Hmm , I'm not sure, Ryan maybee?]

[Ryan - Linda , oww, my kiwis :(  ]

[Linda - Hmm , I dunno think I'll vote for Hunter , you know YOLO right lolololol, I wonder if he'll teach me how to lift a steel beams and aeroplanes after he goes]

[ Lydia - Linda , she could use counselling , and I don't think she'll get that here]

[Hanna and Karl sneak in  the confessionals through Karls "secret hatch" and change all the votes to Lydia]


"Well , this is weird , everyone voted for the same person so here you go, you all get  paper aeroplanes , exceeept for Lydia" - Chris

"What! , you are all jerk why would you vote for me!!!, I thought you were my friiieeeends" said Lydia complaining as Chef grabbed her and threw her in the ferry of shame

"Wait I didn't vote for Lydia" - Hunter

"Neither did I " said the rest of the Dingos as Hanna starts sneaking away, unfortunatley for her , Milly caught her

"Hey , you had something to do with this!, I knew you were mean but I didn't realise you were that low , Lydia was quite nice!" - Milly

"Hey , I'm just playing the game!" said Hanna as she glared back at Milly

"Wooahhh huh ohhh, things are getting tense , will there be anymore  suprises on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!!" - Chris

10# The Return of the Mick

"Last time of TDtAL , we  went oldschool! , there were thumbs wars , aeroplane wing throwing and Ryan torturing , so basically you're average day here , but then the Dingos found out of Hannas true intentions, see what else will happen on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!"

(Everyones sitting down at breakfast)

"Listen up contestants , remeber Micklow" - Chris

"Um I didn't really like him" - Ryan

"He's almost as bad as Hanna" - Milly

"HEY!" - Hanna

"Well , we don't care wether you liked him or not , he's back " - Chris

"Oh hiiiii , disgusting people" said Micklow

"After Hanna made things more interesting yestarday I thought I'd make things more more more interesting , Micklow you can go on the Killer Krocs, so now the teams are fairly tied 4 vs 4 , today there is no challenge , so everyone go away" - Chris

"UHHH" - Killer Krocs

"Great to see such enthusiasm ,you'll need it because todays challenge you will all be racing across the Island from The shark infested puddle all the way up too the BIG OL' CLIFF! , but you will have to pair up with someone from the opposite team , and thats why you will all be picking a member of the other team in Chefs special hat , Killer Krocs , you'll be pickin out your partners from chefs special hat, Hanna , you can go first." - said Chris holding out chefs hat

Hanna picked out Hunter

[Hanna - Hunter, ok , he has the IQ of a table but still, the guy can run quick and lift a plane wing , he's the best person I could of gotten]

[Hunter - Uhhh, I'm with meanie- pants , she better not slow me down]

Karl picks out Ryan

"Haha , just me and you eh buddy" - Karl

[Karl - Ryan is fun to mess with]

[Ryan - I really don't like pranks]

Micklow picks out Milly

"Whos this Milly?" said Micklow maliciously

"Me" - Milly

[Milly- Of all people? , I actually would of prefered Hanna, atleast she can run fast]

Zac picks out Linda

Linda gasps violently 

[Linda - Not the vampire!!!!!!]

"Ok pairs whichever pair  gets to the finish line on the Big Ol' Cliff last , the other contestants will be voting one of you of, whichever pair gets there first will get a prize for both teams ." - Chris

"On your marks ,get set, goo!" - Chef

All the contestants run out of the breakfast hall except for Milly and Micklow who get blasted by a landmine and are knocked out cold.

"Oh , yeh , I forget to tell them  about the islands many supriseses , I love the country of Whyktrwhgn" - Chris

(Team Hanna+Hunter, Hanter)

Hanna and Hunter are running really fast through the woods both of them hoping to use it as a shortcut through the island , they are both going at top speed until Hanna spots a bear playing cards with a dingo

"Shhh, Hunter just walk around them " - whispered Hanna

"Oh come on dont tell me you're afraid of a bunch of animals, look I guess I'll protect you" said Hunter flirtatiously 

"NO! , we can just sneak around them , Even you coudln't fight a bear and a dingo" said Hanna

"OH YEH" ,Hey Bear and Dingo , come at me at the same time " yelled Hunter , he then got the dingo in a headlock and started punching the bear at the same time "Hey Hanna where you going we can fight them off" 

"Um , you can" screamed Hanna as she ran away 

(Team Karl and Ryan, Kryan)

"Hey Ryan , look your shoes are un-tied"  said Karl , when Ryan bent down to tire his shoe lace ,he kicks Ryan down causing ryan's face to fall into a hole in the floor.

"Karl, your pranks are usually well thought out but this one is just lazy thinking" said Ryan with his face still stuck in the floor

"Please get me out now" - Ryan

Karl then pulls Ryan , but he still can't get Ryans face out of the hole

"Karl , quick get me out theres about five skunks in here. AHHH!" screamed Ryan as all the skunks sprayed him at the same time, Karl then pulled Ryan out

"Glad thats over " said Ryan , the skunks then jumped out of the hole only to start slapping and farting in Ryans face

[Karl - AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, the kids literally is a bad luck charm , I dont even have to torment him , he never gets a break!, its hilarious , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *wipes tear*]

(Team Linda and Zac, Zinda)

"Ok so then , when I bit the rabbits ear I realised it was a middle schooler not a rabbit , explained why it spoke english , I don't know why the cops showed up afterwards anyways, hey are you listening to my story?" - Linda

"................" - Zac

"Didn't know vampires were deaf" - Linda

"Umm Lindaa" said Zac as he looked at the massive lake monster that just emerged from a nearby puddle

"Wowww!, can we keep it" - said  Linda acting as if she learnt something new

"No!" - Zac

"Lets have a dance party!!!" said Linda

The monster and Linda had a dance party for five minutes straight

"This makes so much sense" said Zac sarcastically 

The monster then ate Zac for ruining the dance party

"No! Nelly , he's bad for your digestion , spit him out immediatley!" said Linda , , Nelly(the lake monster) then spat out Zac.

(Team Kryan running to the finish line until...)

"Ok dude , try not to kill yourself now" - Karl

"Umm what is this?" said Ryan , him and Karl were looking at the Area of Mysterious snow , a part of the Land that snowed all the time.

"Is this possible?" - Karl

"This is great, its snowing , now its not, now it is , now its not" said Ryan switching from one side to the other . "THIS IS GREAT!" he then screamed , causing an avalanche of snow to burry him . "Um I think I'm stuck again

"It was funny before its just plain annoying now!!!!!" - Karl

(Team Hanter)

Hanna has stopped running but has reached a dead at a waterfall, she now wonders how she will get down without injuring herself, she then shes Hunter running towards her

"How are you still alive, I thought you were dead, did you really  fight the Dingo and the Bear" - Hanna

"What?, you told me too" - Hunter

[Hanna - Hunters lucky he's athletic , because those brains aren't getting him anywhere anytime soon]

"So how are we getting down this waterfall"- Hanna

"Well , sometimes you gotta take risks!" said Hunter he did a massive run up then grabbed hanna and jumped into the water fall whilst Hanna was screaming in his arms.

"WE COULD OF DIED!!!!" - Hanna

"Buttt we didn't?" - Hunter

Hanna was still in Hunters arms

"I knew eventually you'd be falling for me " - Hunter


(Linda and Zac)

"Hey nelly do you see that buffet over there?" - Linda

"What are you  talking about?" - Zac

"Oh no I'm having a mirage!" - Linda

[Zac - Its not even that hot and we haven't even being running for an hour , she just doesn't have any logic in her whatsoever]

(Back at the kitchen hall)

Milly and Micklow finally wake up after being knocked out 

"Did we win the challenge?, is Milly not completley useless to me?" said Micklow

"No you've being knocked for ages and you're in deadlast , I suggest you start running , like real fast" - Chris

"Come on Milly let us go!" - Micklow

"I can run 100m in 10.99 seconds , I'm running real fast, there is no us Micklow" said Milly sprinting out immediatley


Hunter and Hanna emerge from the waterfall, Karl and Ryan come running from the snow area , Zac , Linda and Nelly finally arrive to the scene, the three pairs and Nelly all glared at eachother, they all wanted to get to the finish line on the cliff which was only a couple 100 steps away.... Battle commenced

Hunter punched Ryan out of the way , then Karl slingshotted a stone that hit Hunter down only for Hanna to wedgie Karl , then Linda to wedgie Hanna only for Hunter to throw Linda away which provoked Nelly the sea monster to angrily swat  Hunter , then Ryan realised something

"Wait we're all basically on the same team , and since Milly and Micklow aren't here we're all safe" said Ryan , only for Milly to come sprinting at top speed towards them , the seven of them ran to the finish line were they waited for Micklow.

Two hours later

Micklow finally shows up , in a helicpoter with Chris and Chef

"Ok contestants , since Hunter and Hanna both crossed first , rock paper scissors for which team wins" - Chris

Hunter picks rock , Hanna picks scissors

"Dingos win the challenge!!!" - Chris

"So now, contestants , vote for either Milly or Mickl-" - Chris

"MICKLOW" - Everyone

"What but I've only had five sentences since my return" - Miclow

"No one cares though" - Chris 

"But I just arrived" - Micklow

"And now you're just leaving" -  Chris

"See who else might leave next time on Total . Drama . the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

  • sound of chef throwing micklow in the ferry of shame is heared in the background*

11# Pre- Merge Relaxation *

"Last time on TDtAL , we had another amazing race, Linda made a friend, Hunter tried Hannas patience and Ryan proved so unlucky , he was unprankable, Micklow then get eliminated what a shame. Will there be any other oh so upsetting events happening, find out now on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

(Chris turns on the Intercom)

"Ok campers today is the last day you  guys will be bunking with your teams , next episode is the merge!, by then the rooms will no longer be Krocs and Dingos , it will be Boys and Girls , so say your goodbyes to your beloved teammates " - Chris

(Killer Krocs)

"Yes , finally I'm stripped away from this awful team !" - Hanna

"WHAT you're stripping , wait I'll get my camera!" - Karl

"No!, I'm not stripping" - Hanna

"Oh come on you got some nice big boobs , just do it!" said an excited Karl before being slapped by Hanna

"No!!!, what I ment was I'm leaving you guys to rot!" - Hanna

"But I thought we were going out" said Karl


"..............." - Zac

[Karl - Awwwww]

(Dangerous Dingos)

"Ok guys , we had a good run , but now its time to split up , because Hunters going for the win" - Hunter

"Well, you've got some Dangerous competition!" - Milly

"I know, I hope the next challenge is a like fighting challenge because I know like 127 different types of martial arts , ok 50 of them were in my dreams but still" - Linda

[Ryan - I'm totaly doomed when it comes to the merge!]

(Breakfast Hall)

"Ok contestants , after breakfast go to the confessionals and tell us who you think will be eliminated first after the merge!" - Chris

[Zac - probably Karl, he's probably going to try and do a prank that causes everyone pain , or he'll push his luck with Hanna]

[Ryan - Lets be honest, if my luck doesn't change ,it will probably be me ]

[Karl - Ryan , he's weak , simples]

[Hanna - probably Ryan , he's weak , scrawny , short pathetic and  a bad luck charm buuuut , I could give him a fake good luck charm , I bet that would work out well , for me of course , not him]

[Hunter - Well its definatley not me because I'm a winner , yes WINNER!"]

[Milly - Ryan , sorry but he's not the strongest competitior]

[Linda - Hmm , its not me or you is it Nelly , oh no it isn't my BIG sea monster]

"Let's see if their predictions come true , next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

12# Survival of Da Fittest

"Last time on TDtAL, We let the contestants say their goodbyes to their teammates because today is where the merge starts " said Chris as he turned on the intercom he then said " All contestants change cabins the Krocs Cabin is now the Girls and the Dingos the boys soooo MOVE IT!" 

(Boys Room)

"Welcome to TEAM HUNTER, I mean TEAM DINGOS ROOM!" - said Hunter welcoming Karl and 

"Well this is the  boys room now" - Zac

"Whatever" - Hunter

"Guys its really fun in here" said Ryan jumping on his bed until a loose spring shoots him through the roof of the room

"Well nice to meet you Hunter" greeted Karl, he then shakes hands with Hunter wich shocks Hunter as he was wearing one of his pranks

"AHHHH" said a zapped Hunter, "not cool!!"

"............" - Zac

"Anyway guys , I just noticed something we outnumber the girls at a ratio of four to whatever number comes before four, we can make an alliance and use it to crush the girls" - Hunter

"But me and Hanna are going out!" - Karl

"Don't you get it Karl? , a hottie like Hanna cannot be controlled by one guy she's slippery" - persuaded Hunter

[Karl - Well I guess he's right , I mean Hanna is kind of evil , I should know, I helped her, but If he's wrong I'll make sure of his elimination]

"Listen guys , if we make a Boys Club" - Hunter

"You mean alliance" - Karl

"No" - Hunter

"........."- Zac

"A boys club that will make sure the greater gender thrives, I can take you and Zac to the final three!" said Hunter

"Hey I wanna come to the final three too!" said Ryan walking in the room after his accident

  • awkward silence*

(Girls Room)

"Welcome to my room girls" - Hanna

  • Linda and Milly both glare at Hanna*

"What?" - Hanna

"I know that you are like reeeal evil, I mean more evil than my dead pet racoon-beatle thing ma bob, umm what was I saying" - Linda

"What she ment was, we aren't playing any of your games , we're her to win and we don't want you switching the votes!" - Milly

"Fine then stay away from me!" - Hanna

"You stay away from me!" - Milly

"Ooh I wanna stay away too" said Linda she then grabbed a snake out of her pocket and put a border that sectioned of her bed.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Hanna and Milly

(Challenge Time)

"Ok contestants, time to explain to you a few rules about the merge, its every contestant for themeselves , except for today where you will be doing Girls vs Boys teams, and instead of being voted off, the contestant that does worst in the challenge instead will be eliminated,so now time to describe todays challenge" - Chris

"Which issss" - Karl

"Survival of the Fittest , all of you have to take this timer and survive a whole 24 hours together in the middle of the woods where the Total Drama-copter will take you shortly!, remember the teams are Boys vs. Girls" - Chris

"But we are outnumbered" - Milly

"Thats why you got me" - Chef

"Greeeat" said Hanna sarcastically

[Hanna - Hmmm, worst contestants gets voted off , Linda is a bit to unpredictable for me, if I throw this challenge maybe  I can make it look like her fault]

(Challenge Start  - 2pm Boys)

"Ok guys come on chris said we have to camp in this spot" said Hunter as the guys team finally got to their teams camp site

"Yeh we're here" - Ryan

"Boys team rocks!" - Hunter

"Please stop saying that" -said Karl "Hey Zac can pitch that tent for me 

"I'll do it" said Ryan only to find out that Karl attached it to a catapult which shot Ryan 50 ft into the air

"Uhhh, that was mean for pasty!" - Karl

"........." - Zac

[Hunter - Is this emo guy mute or something]

"Come on guys , lets get Ryan back" - Hunter

'(4pm Girls)'

"Ok suckers , first part of the challenge is too pitch this tent" - Chef

"Chef we don't need to read out ever-" - Hanna

"SHUT UP!!!" - Chef

[Hanna - Chef is going to ruin my plans if he's here]

"Chef come look quick!" said Hanna when Chef finally came over Hanna judo flipped him into a nearby ditch

"Problem sorted!" - Hanna

"Are you trying to make us lose"- Milly

"Umm, no!!" - Hanna

"Hey guys , make sure to leave space in the tent for Nelly the sea monster" - said Linda , when Nelly started walking over , Hanna tripped the monster up causing it to crush all the tent equipment

"Linda!, now we'll have to sleep in the trees!" - Milly

(7pm Boys)

  • awkward silence*

"OK , Time for some Club bonding!" said Hunter "bear wrestling"

"Thats not safe whatsoever" - Zac

"Oh come on its fun , me and Hanna did it when we where paired up in episode 10" - Hunter

"Hey Mr. Steal Yo Girl ,are you flexing on Hanna behind my back" - Karl

"Maybe I am , what you gonna do though!!" - Hunter

  • Hunter and Karl get into a wrestling fight as the bear and Ryan watch , the bear then swats Ryan away*
  • Hunter then in anger ties Karl to a tree , but then Hunter gets trapped in Karls snare, Zac at this point is the only one unharmed*

"This is great" said a sarcastic Zac

(10pm Girls)

"Well , we could of being asleep by now if somones see monster hadn't destroyed our tents " - Hanna

"Lets just chill in the trees then" said Milly

"I cant climb a tree!" - Hanna

"I can" said Milly and Linda both climbing the trees

"Well what am I going to do!" said Hanna, then out of nowhere a family of angry racoons showed up

"AHHHH" said Hanna

"Quick Linda pull up onto this tree" - Milly

Linda then tried to pull up Linda but due to her butterfingers she slipped and acidently took of Hannas bra and shirt , leaving Hanna topless on national television getting attacked by racoons

[Hanna - could this get any worse for me!!!!!!]

"AHHHH!, atleast non of the boys seen that" said Hanna before spotting Karl in the bushes with a camera, when Hana seen him Karl then frantically ran away


[Hanna - Linda is gone!!, Im making sure of it!!!!!!!]

(2 AM - 12 hour mark)

"Ok guys halfway mark" - Hunter

"What did Chris say we had to do at this mark anyway

  • A bunch of rhinos start stampeding towards them,*
  • boys are running away , they meet up with the girls*

"Hi Hanna!" - Karl

"Grrrrrr" said Hanna remebering her earlier incident

"The Boys Club are going to give you a beat down in these challenge!" - Hunter

"Yeah , well we will!, iiif Linda doesn't kill us first " - Milly

"Hi Ryan!" says Linda, she then kicked Ryan in the groin as a greeting

"I see what you mean" said an in-pain Ryan 

"Well we'll just go this way" - Zac

"CONTESTANTS JUST SHUT UP AND GO TO BED ITS TWO AM , stop screaming in the woods!" said Chris over the intercom

(Next Morning 8am Boys)

"Morning fellas anyone up for a little morning video!" - Karl

"Is it Basketball!" - Hunter

"A emo concert!" - Zac

"Thomas the Tank Engine!" -Ryan

  • awkward silence*

"No, even better its Hanna in the nude!" - Karl

"Bro , thats not right ,respect the girls privacy!" said Hunter him and Karl started fighting again , this time Ryan joins in for no apparent reason.

"GUYS STOP!!" said Zac, raising his voice for the first time, "IM SICK OF THIS!!!, all this useless fighting , weirdness and awkward silences , JUST STOP , RYAN  - please stop getting yourself hurt, KARL - you're a bit perverted and HUNTER , if you're going to be a leader dont get into fights now come on we have to get things ready , because last team back by 2pm loses so come on BOYS CLUB!"

"BOYS CLUB, BOYS CLUB , BOYS CLUB!" - Hunter , Ryan, Karl and Zac

(2pm Girls)

"Come on guys lets get back to Chris" said Milly

"Well if Linda hadn't led us into that quicksand!" - Hanna

"You told me to" - Linda

"No I didn't" - Hanna

"No you didn't"- Linda

  • The girls run back to Chris only to find out the boys got their way before them , still cahnting BOYS CLUB!"

"And the Boys team" - Chris

"BOYS CLUB!" - Hunter

"Win the challenge , now to decide which girl is going home" - Chris

  • Chris looks at footage of the girls team and spots Linda as the week link, he also noticed that Chef is missing but gives no care*

"Sorry Linda but due to your sea monster, slippy fingers and quicksand walking , you are going to take the ferry of shame tonight, oh by the way Hanna , thanks for that footage , thats going in my "special drawer" hahahahahah" - Chris

[Hanna - Ewwww, what a pervert!!!, at least Lindas gone]


"Bye muscly guy" - Linda

"Bye Linda" - hunter

"See you later punching bag!" said Linda kicking Ryan in the kiwis one last time

"Later prank boy!" - Linda

"see ya Linda" - Karl

"Bye vampire" - Linda

".........." - Zac

"Bye Milly!" - Linda

"Bye Linda!" - Milly

"And I'll miss you the most ,bye Hanna!" - Linda


  • Linda gets on the ferry of shame*

"And Linda takes the ferry fo shame , ever wonder what happens after you're eliminated? , find out next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land" - Chris

13# Loser Lounge *

"Hey guys, thanks for tuning in on TDtAL, today your going to find out what the eliminated contestants do after they are eliminated!" - Chris

"You know the ferry of shame , well thats were our contestants stay , here in pure paradise! theres restaraunts beds for all of them , cinema rooms ,video game rooms , spas , massages areas and a great view of all the competing contestants suffering ,they love it here!" - Chris

"I hate it here" - Micklow

"Nobody likes you , anyway ,lets go check in on some contestants  who people actually like!" - Chris

(Kayleigh and Bethany)

"Its great not competing we can just chill out here!" - Kayleigh

"Yeah and no challenge or any of that junk to bother us, we've just being siting here receiving texts about how famous we are right now! " - Bethany

"EEEEEEEK!" - Both

(Martin, Jerod and Lydia)

"Well I have about five ships just like this at home I guess this one is pretty great though!" - Jerod

"Great? , this ship is lovely, I'm pretty bummed Hanna got the both of us eliminated but staying here and watching her suffer on television is a pretty great constellation prize!" - Lydia

"Yeah its great , I get to impress all the ladys with my looks on this ship, unlike there were I had challenges distracting me from my honeys" - Martin

"You don't get any girls" - Jerod

"I think Lydia is quite fond of me" - Martin said whilst flexing

"This is the first time , I've seen abs but being grossed out" - Lydia

"Well that was mean , I think I'm going to go somewhere else now......" - Martin

(Taylor and Donal)

"Well staying here does give me time to work on my mathematical skills" - Donal

"And while nerdy string bean is getting all mathematical, I'm working out " - Taylor

"And I'm checking you out" - Martin

"THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!" said Taylor, she then grabbed Martins groin and squeezed till he passed out

"Dont you think you're going to fa-" said Donal before Taylor threw him out of the ship

"Oh look Lindas back!" - Everyone

"Okay eliminated losers vote for who you want to win the prize money in our bedroom confessionals!" - Chris

[Micklow - No one! Its should be me!, but if I had to vote I'd pick Milly]

[Martin - Milly she's one tough mama , and pretty hot too]

[Kayleigh and Bethany - Maybe Zac? he was our old teammate]

[Taylor - Hunter, him and Milly are the only non wimpy contestants left]

[Donal - Milly her winners attitude gives her a 73.333 repeating chance that she could mathematically get the winning edge]

[Jerod - Hunter , he was one of my best friends , plus I could see a future rich guy in him if he keeps doing good at this sports stuff]

[Lydia - Milly , I guess?]

[Linda - Ryan , why because I DONT KNOWWWWWWWWWW!]

"Well that was umm okay I guess , come back next time for contestants that are still in the game on Total Drama the Abandoned Land

14# Where's Cheffy?

"Last time on TDtAL, , we seen the losers and how they were doing, turns out they were doing fine , but what about out our final 6 competitors!, find put how they do on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

(Boys Room)

"YEAH!, BOYS CLUB!" - Hunter

"Get over it that was last episode!" - Karl

"Oi Zac, lets make an alliance" whispered Karl

"............." - Zac

"Come on , we where teammates , do you really wanna face this guy alone?" whispered Karl as he pointed at Hunter doing one handed pushups whilst Ryan was standing on his back

"Two-hundred and twenty three, twohundred and.....uhhhh twenty three again , twohundred and five" said Hunter doing the one handed pushups

"Ok alliance it is" - Zac

"Three-hundred!" said Hunter doing his last pushup

"Say Hunter , could you , you know join an alliance with me?" - Ryan

"Why, whats wrong little dude?" - Hunter

"Im kind of afraid that the other competitors , Hannas evil , Karls kind of mean , Milly could pretty much beat me in any challenge and Zac scares me, you could be a hero to me" - Ryan


"Sure man!" - Hunter

"Boys Alliance!" - Hunter and Ryan

(Girls Room)

  • Milly and Hanna glare at eachother*

"Oh come on you got to admit it Lindas elimination was deserved she messed up big time " - Hanna

"Im more worried if you might backstab me to be honest" - Milly

"Listen up ok!, we are the only girls , we need an alliance, the boys have strong competitiors such as Hunter and Karl and don't think they won't use their number to make sure we lose the challenges" - Hanna 

"Fine!, I'll join you alliance!" - Milly

"Good, my next target is Zac

(Challenge Time)

"Contestants todays challenge is not very easy, remeber when you girls kicked chef into the ditch , well he's  mad and he's gone on strike , your challenge is to find and capture chef, first person to find Chef gets a special reward , after one person finds Chef , you have to hide chef from the others , last person to find chef overall gets eliminated!" - Chris

"How are we meant to catch him though?" - Hunter

"We let the eliminated contestants vote for who they hated the least, and Milly got the most votes so she gets a bear trap!, Hunter got the second most votes so he gets a Bow and Arrow Plungers, Ryan and Zac you both get ropes  and Karl and Hanna you two get nothing! - Chris

"I've got my prank weapons" - Karl

"So I get nothing , hey thats not fair!" - Hanna

"You all however, get these phones , send a video message to me when you have caught Chef, he has to be in the video so I know you're not cheating" - Chris

" Chef can be found in the woods sooo, on your marks get set go!!" - Chris

  • all contestants run to go find Chef*

( Hunter)

"Come on Chef you can't hide forever!" said Hunter

  • random noise in background*

"AHHH"- said a scared Hunter he started shooting Plunger arrows in the direction of the noise

Hunter then heard a Chef like scream and jumped into the bush were Chef was , Hunter then proceeded to wrestle Chef and has him in a headlock 

"Got you now!" - Hunter

Chef then grabbed Hunter and threw him in a tree using this chance to escape

"Oh man" - Hunter

(Ryan tries to catch Chef)

"Come on Chef , come out!" said Ryan

"Errrm , I got all seasons of pretty little liars" said Ryan trying to get Chef to come out of hiding

"Really!" - said Chef jumping out of hiding 

"Ummm , no!" said Ryan , he then threw his rope at chef

Chef grabbed his rope used it to tie around Ryan and threw Ryan like an american football far into the other side of the woods

"AHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Ryan flying in the sky and then falling into a tree where he hit his groin on 10 branches coming down , then got his head stuck in a beehive.

"OW,OW,OW,OW,OW,OWW!" screamed Ryan being stung repetitivley by bees , after he got the beehive off his head he then seen Hunter sitting on a tree branch

"Chef got you too huh" - Ryan

"Yeah!" said Hunter angrily

"I have a plan that could work If we both work together" - Ryan

"I'm listening" - Hunter


Zac sees chef and then walks up behind him and pokes him , Chef runs away 

"Well I tried" - Zac

  • Hanna watches from afar*

[Hanna - Ok there no way I can win, but I have a plan that can make me guarantee that I don't lose]


"Time to get to work" -said Karl building his master prank

"This is my greatest one yet, now to put out some Chef bait" said Karl throwing Chef autobiogrophy on his trap

Chef then runs out to find his book and picks it up

"Who would leave this behind!!" said Chef before getting caught by Karls trap , a rope got Chefs leg and swong him around before dropping him in a cannon that shot into a sasquatch cave , the sasquatch then grabbed chef  and threw him onto a seesaw , Karl then dropped a rock on the sea-saw and it shot Chef in the air getting chefs head stuck in a beehive , after being stung chef then fell and rolled into  sticky glue .

"YES IT WORKS , I AM THE PRANK KING!" said Karl , he then sent a video message to Chris

"say cheese!" said Karl

"AND Karl wins todays challenge, remeber contestants last person to find Chef is eliminated" said Chris over the island intercom

"Leave while you still have your dignity ,Oh wait I took that too, HAHAHAHAHA " said Karl speaking to Chef

(Milly looks for chef 30 minutes after Karls capture)

"Come out Chef!, I'm not afraid of you, I can take you!" - said Milly , Chef then came out of hiding

"Oh yeah?, I don't think you can" - Chef

Milly and Chef then began to engage in Hand to Hand combat matching eachothers moves, Chef swung for Milly ,Milly ducked , kicked Chef down then went to stomp on Chef , Chef then grabbed Millys leg and through Milly in the air , she backflipped and when Chef got up , she roundhouse kicked Chef in the face

  • she then took the video and was declared second place*

"Millys in second place , three spots left" -said Chris on the intercom

"You can go now Chef" said Milly realising she knocked him out

"Chef?" - Milly

(Hunter and Ryan)

  • Chef is walking casually through the woods*

"NOW!" screamed Ryan jumping out of hiding

Ryan uses Hunters bow and plunger arrows to hit Chef in the face with a plunger, a blinded Chef is then tackled by Hunter who carries him on his back climbs a tree and ties him to it.

"Yeah!!, how do you like tied! yehh, Hunter wins the Olympics, I mean challenge yeh!"

"Quick take the video!" - Ryan

"Hunter and Ryan , now come tied 3rd/4th , one spot left in the final five " - Chris on the intercom

(Zac and Hanna looking for help)

"Milly help please!" said Hanna talking to Milly on her phone

"Sorry , I had to wrestle a Chef to win , I'm not doing that again" - Milly

"Alliance remeber?" said Zac calling Karl

"Find another prankster pasty!" - Karl

  • Hanna then spots Zac*

[Hanna - time to commence my plan]

Hanna starts fake crying , then Zac comes over to her

"Whats wrong" - Zac

"I don't wanna be eliminated :( , but wait?, I bet a guy with sexy emo body can help me" said Hanna flirtaciously 

[Zac - This was embarrisingly , the first time a girl has flirted with me, I couldn't let the oppurtunity pass]

"Sure here you can have my rope , go get chef!" said Zac then realising something

"Wait , doesn't that mean that I'll lose!" - Zac

"Precicely" said Hanna , she then punch Zac in the stomach , kicked him in the groin and pushed him of a cliff

"Haha!" said Hanna , she then after thirty minutes of looking found chef and caught him with the rope, she then sent her video tape, Zac was going to be eliminated


  • Zac is in a wheelchair with many bandages due to when Hanna pushed him on a cliff*

"Contestants say your fairwells to Zac" - Chris

"Bye Zac, you didn't say a word to me , but you're kind of injured now sooo bye , good luck!" said Hunter he then slapped Zac which accidently made the wheelchair fall of the dock and sink in the water "Oops" 

"Hunter!" - Ryan and Milly

"Pleasure doing buisness with you!" said Hanna 

"Mmmmmfffglurglurg" said a drowning Zac

"I'm sure he'll be ok , but what about our final five!, find out next time on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

15# Total Drama Fifa Street* - video

"This is a special episode , to celebrate the beautiful game of football/soccer . 3 vs 3 football matches Hunter, Ryan and Hanna vs Chef, Milly and Karl 

to be continued

16# Fight Club

"Last time on TDtAL,FOOTBALL the beautiful game , and this time , a real episode. Now we're back for more , FINAL 5 BABY, who will prevail?, and who will FAIL!, find out now on Total Drama the Abandoned Land!" - Chris

(Boys Room)

Hunter and Karl walk into their room sweaty from the football match in the previous episode

"That was a good game of soccer man, as usual I was the best out there!!" boasted Hunter proudly

"Yeah-Yeah, it's a wimp sport anyway" - Karl

"A wimp sport that I am AMAZING AT, as always!" - Hunter

Hunter and Karl both take off their football shirts , just as Ryan walks in.

[Ryan- It's bad enough that I am a 5'3 walking talking bad luck charm, but how can I complete with two ripped muscular guys!!, Hunter doesn't have a six pack he has an EIGHT pack, this can't be fair!]

"So guys, emmm, we still outnumber the girls ,maybe we can keep it that way and form another Boys alliance?"- Ryan

Karl and Hunter start uncontrollably laughing

Ryan sighs and then accidentally sits on one of Karl's electric woopie cushions causing them to laugh even more hysterically

(Breakfast Hall an hour later)

Milly comes in a bit late only to see Ryan upset on this own in the corner, Hunter scoffing down his meat at the boys table whilst sitting beside Karl who is carving wood with a knife and Hanna on her own sitting with her arm crossed on the girls table, the whole hall in silence.

"What's up with everyone today"-Milly

"Um. prankster boy is playing with his toys, muscle-brain is I don't know searching for protein with his face and whatever that little kids called is... I don't know sulking or something, why are you talking to me?" - Hanna

"Awww, poor Ryan, I think he feels left out!" - Milly

Hanna has an idea

[Hanna: hmmm, bad luck boy is left out, this calls for an alliance!]

Hanna walks over to Ryan

"Hi, Ryan , what's wrong?" - Hanna

"Well,I feel like I'm the only weak competitor in the game and-" said Ryan before being interrupted

"SAY NO MORE, alliance formed" - Hanna

[Ryan- Forming an alliance with possibly the most evil person here might have being a mistake but.....I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!"]

(Challenge time- all the competitors are in their swimsuits)

"Ok campers!, I've got two challenges for you today, but part one is easy, swim to the bottom of the lake and collect a pair of boxing gloves, they might be useful in part two.....ok campers GO!" said Chris as he then blew a horn and the competitors jumped into the lake.

Karl, Ryan and Milly dive into the lake. Hanna and Hunter don't

"Um..., my hair is very delicate and I've already washed it today, what's your excuse?" - Hanna

"MAN I CAN'T SWIM" said an angered Hunter ,disappointed to miss out on a physical challenge.

Ryan tries to swim under the water but he gets captured and beaten on by an octopus. Karl and Milly are in a swim race to get the gloves , Milly is obviously winning and is heading for them with great pace until Karl pulls out a crab boomerang and tosses it at Milly until it hits her and knocks her out of the way, Karl then swims up to the gloves and grabs them.

"Karl wins the first challenge!" - Chris ,

"He also wins invincibility and can skip out on the next challenge, Milly since you came second you can use those gloves Karl won in A BOXING MATCH, HANNA VS MILLY AND RYAN VS HUNTER, this shall be interesting, you have half an hour to prepare for your battles , then meet me in the abandoned Colosseum"


[Milly: Karl's a cheater and all I would have loved to give him a beat down, but Hanna is the next best thing]

[Hunter: Hmmm which musclular arm should I beat down Ryan with first, Lefty McLefterson or Roger Righite .....wait.....which ones which again?]

(During break)

Milly is doing one handed pushups in practice.

"Uhh, get a grip you're not going to win" said Hanna as she walks over to Ryan

"Sooo, Hunter eh, guess you drew the short staw" - Hanna


"Ok, you'll never overpower Hunter , no matter what fighting style you use I mean look at you , buuuut , you can go for low blows, scratching , biting , go for his kiwis, it's worked for me in the past!" - Hanna

"I can't do that its -" says Ryan before Hanna interrupts and screams "DO YOU NOT WANT TO WIN?"

[Ryan: Ok I can do this low blows, its alright you got his]

[Hanna: He's gonna crash and burn, HAHAHAHA, its all strategic]

(Challenge Time)

"Hanna vs Milly!, this will be good , FIGHT!" - Chris

Hanna and Milly both start wrestling each other , Milly using her expert martial arts techniques but Hanna using sheer strength , Hanna starts hair pulling which annoys Milly and they both start cat-fighting.

"Alright , that's enough ,It's a tie , can we finally see a real fight, Hunter vs Ryan go already!!" - Chris

Ryan and Hunter stare at each other. Ryan remembers Hanna's advice and tries biting and scratching Hunter desperately. Hunter just stands there confused until Ryan kicks his kiwis.

"OW!, THAT'S IT!" says an angered Hunter , he then punches Ryan so hard that Ryan flies into the distance and beyond the horizon

"AND HUNTER WINS , Hunter and Karl have invincibility, now its time to vote for someone to be eliminated!" - Chris


Hanna meets up with Karl

"Hey Karl"

"hey babe"

"Um whatever, anyway I know Ive being a bit harsh to you but I could do with your vooote" flirts Hanna whilst putting her cleavage near his face

"Ohhhhh YES!" - Karl

(Voting in confessionals)

[Hanna: Ryan is gone, I mean he's pretty useless and I'm done playing him, it was too easy]

[Hunter: I'm voting for RYAN. You NEVER hit a man in his KIWIS!!]

[Milly: Hanna, never liked her never will]

[Ryan: UM...., Milly?, I dunno...I can't vote Hanna we're friends right?]

[Karl: I gotta vote for Ryan , Hanna told me to and have you seen her!, I gotta stay on her good side......mmmm 34 Double D!"]

(Elimination Time)

"Let's get this over with, Hunter,Karl,Hanna you're all safe and the final safe person is............................................Milly, leave Ryan" - Chris

"Well bye everyone it was nice being he-" says Ryan before a remote controlled boot comes flying out of no where and kicks him in the butt, sending him flying over the horizon for the second time today

"Later dork" - Karl sighed realizing that's the last prank he'll pull on Ryan

"UGH, glad that losers gone!" - Hanna

"Four left?, who is going home next?, find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA the ABANDONED LAND!"- Chris

17# Total Drama Information Part 1*

A hacker has infiltrated the Total Drama database and in now leaking all the classified information on the whole cast including their personal info and their secrets!., this is what he managed to retrieve.


Name: Micklow Martens , School Set: 6(the worst class), Height :5'11 , Worst secret : Has only ever made one friend

Name: Martin Bravoe , School Set: 5, Height: 6'5, Worst secret : Despite his looks and height, has never successfully attracted a girl

Name: Kayleigh Floor and Bethany Beard ,School Set: 3, Height: 5'5, Worst secret: Once got trapped in an elevator for a whole 10 hours before realizing they never tried unlocking the door

Name:Taylor Test, School Set:4, Height: 5'5,Secret: Despite her toughness, got wedgied by a little kid on a babysitting job

Donal Kylonewski, Set: 1(the best , cause he's smart duhh), Height : 5'4 ,Secret : Even gets bullied by the nerds in his maths club

Jerod Tahiliani, Set 1(best money can buy),Height: 5'8, Secret : Flashed the whole of his dads firm on accident when he tried to photocopy his butt on a dare


18# Total Drama Information Part 2*

Linda Isabell,Set 1, Height: 5'4,Secret: Is a high-functioning sociopath, has OCD and IQ of 188

Zac Blac, Set 3, 6'3, Secret: Used to be in a hippie band when he was 14

Ryan McRobertson, Set 3, 5'3,Secret : To many to list, Seriously the guys life is a mess ,man

Hanna Barrison, Set 4, 5'9, Secret: Once let a nerd get to second base with her for test answers

Hunter Obafemi,Set 6, 6'2, Secret: Was beaten by a kid in a thumb war once

Karl O'Davidson, Set 4, 6'0, Secret: Got his wallet, keys and lunch money stolen off him by a monkey at the zoo

Milly Miles,Set 2, 5'6,Secret : Has a ripped six pack which for some reason, she's ashamed of?

19# Teenage Idol

"Last time on Total Drama, I'm not quite sure what went on.....BUT WE GOT THE SHOW BACK :D!!" - Chris

"It's the final 4, and todays challenge will test their skills, Literally....who is FALL and turn it into the FINAL THREE?, find out now on Total.Drama. THE ABONDONED LAND!

(Boys Room)

"With that little kid gone the boys and girls are now even man, we should try harder and eliminate one of the girls!" - Hunter

"Nah.....,I like Hanna you know, I think we have a special something going on" - Karl

"Hahaha, you can't be serious, you know she be playing you right?"- Hunter

"What?, never, I am the KING of practical jokes, I think I know when someone is playing me" - Karl

"Come on, be real!"- Hunter

"You know what you know nothing about girls!"- Karl

"Um look at me!" said Hunter before ripping his shirt of and making his pecks dance

"Oh yeh well I'm not taking advice from a guy who can count to 10!" says Karl then afterwards he storms out of the room

[Karl: He's so self centred I mean come on I'm pretty built as well (He shows his toned six pack), used to do manual labour with my uncle, its why I'm so amazing at building things and why Im so muscular and strong, and why HANNA would never play me right??? right!!???]

[Hunter: Karl has no way with the ladies and he's GETTING PLAYYED, I mean come one , open your eyes DUDE!]

(Breakfast Hall)

Milly and Hanna sitting at the girls table and Karl walks over to talk to Hanna

"So Hanna, I think we should further our relationship" - Karl

"We are not in! a relationship!" - Hanna

"So , I'm thinking maybe I should be allowed to I dunno.......get to second base?"-Karl

Hanna is finally sick of him

"OK , IM SORRY BUT!!!, WE were NEVER TOGETHER, it was strictly strategic, calm down and stop being CREEPY" - Hanna

"you mean you were.....playing me" said Karl sadly

"Um yeah" - Hanna

Karl walks off sadly

"That was so harsh!" - Milly

"Cry me a river!!" - Hanna

"You know what Im sick and tired of your poor attitude!"- Milly

"Nobody cares what you think jockette!" - Hanna

[Milly : You know what no more Mrs. Nice Girl, too many mean competitors left, you've got a sociopathing master craftsman joker, a narcissistic muscle brain and HANNA, I need to step up my game majorly]

(Challenge Time)

"Todays challenge is to compete in a talent show, use anything found in that pile of objects and meet us back in 30 minutes"- Chris 

[Milly:Alright, I guess Hunter is the least evil competitor left, I need to team up with him]

"Sooo, what are you doing for your tal-"  said Milly before being interupted by Hunter

"Which muscle should I show off, this one or this one or this one or...." - Hunter

"Well I'm considering-" said Milly before being interupted again

"Yeah I kinda need to focus, some of us plan on winning!" said Hunter happily

[Milly:Alliances are overatted]

(30 Minutes Later)

"Okay , first talent is Hunters lets go!" - Chris

"SHABOOM!" says Hunter as he jumps on the gymnastic bars and starts doing multiple swings up and down onto the bar until he double front flips but accidently falls on Hanna knocking her into a bunch of cables electrocuting her.

"3/10" - Chris

[Hanna: I am just sick of that PROTEIN POWERED idiot!]

[Hunter: How dare she ruin my act!]

"Ok Hanna your turn" - Chris

"I am going to sing ahem.................. OH BABY , I LOVE YOU SOOOOO , I WANT YOUR LOVE TODAY AND TOMOOOOOROOOOW!!" sang Hanna terribly

"PLEASE STOP!!!, KARL GO!" - Chris

Karl has built a massive mechanical pair of stitls which he attempts walking with but immediatley falls over.

"Ummm.....Milly please save us from this MAJOR SUCKITUDE!" - Chris

[Milly: It's time]

Milly pulls out a target with a red bullseye and gets a bow and and three arrows.....then she puts on a blindfold. She draws one arrow and it hits right on target, she draws another one and hits the target right next to the other one. She then draws the final arrow and shoots the arrow splitting the arrow in half making it 3/3


"whatever!" - Hanna

"NO FAIR!" - Hunter

"Vote in the confessionals and meet at the elimination ceremony

[Milly - Hunter, I kind of feel sorry for Karl and Hanna would be easier to face so muscle-mind has to go]

[Hunter: Karl, it's pathetic that he's getting played , he gotta go]

[Hanna: Karl , he is W-E-I-R-D-O]

[Karl: Hunter and I'm NOT GETTING PLAYED]


"And the elimination victim is..........a tie KARL AND HUNTER....." said Chris before being interupting

"YES FINAL 2 BABY!" said both Hanna and Milly

"WHAT!" - Karl and Hunter

"ummmmmm, Karl and Hunter get to stay, its non elimination, you really think I'm going to get rid of half of you when its getting heated!!! ABSOLUTLEY NOT, find on why next time on Total.Drama. the ABONDONED LAND!!

20# Fly, Fly , Fly

"Last time on TDtAL!, There was tension in the changing rooms, the breakfast halls were quite tense as well. it seems no one could get along with eachother, which caused the exciting talent show idea to ultimatley SUCK!, In the end Milly showed her skills by amazing us with a BRAVE performance, Hunter and Karl tied for votes but in the end no one was eliminated!, The final four get another chance , who's not going to be so lucky this time? find out now on Total.Drama.the ABONDONED LAND!" - Chris

(Night Time on the opposite side of the island)

The final four wake up after being dropped from a blimp.

"What the hells happening?!"- Hunter

"LISTEN UP SUCKERS!" screams Chef from the top of the blimp "Your challenge starts now!.find your way back to the elimination area , first one there wins invincibility!

[Karl: Hanna might have ditched me , but today I think I can pull off something amazing and prove my usefulness, then she'll be back in my arms!]

[Hunter; FINAL 4,I almost lost, but Hunter needs to step up his game, First it's final 4 and someone no more, then its final 3 which will inlcude me , then its final 2 with me and you!, I dunno who YOU is yet but I know that me will be in 2 GONNA WIN!]

[Hanna : Maybe I shoudln't have being so harsh to Karl, I could use him later, a little extra manipulation could draw him in, then I'll knock him down, eliminate him and focus on the Jock #1 and Jock #2]

[Milly: Yesterday was a good win, but today it matters even more, I'm upping a level, hard work or no work, GO BIG OR GO HOME,I need to make sure I continue winning]

"You can use anything you find in that massive junk heap over there to your advantage , GO!!" - Chef

Karl pulls out a rocket launcher, his greatest prank invention yet, when he fires an extra strength plunger comes out and attachs to chefs blimp causing him to fly with chef

"Later lose- OW!!" says Karl before a bird hits his face

"Bye Bye" says Milly, she then runs into the pile pulls out a bike and starts cycling with immense speed

"Great tied for last this sucks!" - Hunter

"You know we can join forces" - Hanna

"AND get PLAYED by YOU?" - Hunter

"Ok then, temporary for this challenge?- Hanna

Hunter agrees and the two finally agree to help eachother and come across a HOT AIR BALLOON

Now the final four must make it past the different areas of the island through sky , or on land for Milly.

(Pigeon Valley-Karl)

"This is a walk in the park!" says Karl hanging of Chef's blimp before seeing the massive group of pigeons over his head

"IN NEW YORK?" said Karl, until getting repeatedly pooped on by tens of pidgeons

"AWWWW GROSSS!!!" - Karl

Hunter and Hanna

"We're heading over pigeon valley steer left and we can avoid that swarm!" - Hanna

"Don't worry I got his" says Hunter , he then gets a tennis racket out and starts trying to swat all the pigeons away but accidently hitting them all into Hannas face

"Hunter!, OW. please sto- OW HUNTER!!- Hanna

"What" asks a distracted Hunter only to be hit in the face by five pidgeons.

(The UNHOLY Forrest-Milly) Milly is cylcing extremley hard and extremley fast across the unholy forest , dodging every obstacle in the road and then picking up the pace.

Meanwhile in the sky above, one of the pidgeons beaks hits the hot air balloon causing it to spiral out of control and it begins to lose height. 

"Aw man!" - Hunter

"What are we gonna do" - Hanna

"Hold on tight to me" says Hunter, he looks at Chefs blimp , flying just below the blimp, he then picks up Hanna, takes a few steps back , then sprints and jumps out of the air balloon onto the blimp.

"AHHHHHH!" screams Hanna

[Hunter: I just pretended I was in the Olympics, I was in the zone, LONG JUMP STYLE]

[Hanna : He is crazy!! , we could have died!]

Hanna and Hunter land on the blimp only for them to see Karl chilling with a beach chair there.

"ummmm, what are you two doing here?" - Karl

"Taking my 1st place back!" - Hunter

"Karl, we can sort things out!" - Hanna 

Chef then hears them on top of his blimp

"Goddamn cheaters, Im tried of these motherflippin teens on my motherflippin blimp!" -says Chef , he then takes a sharp turn on his blimp causing the three to fall off.

"AHHHHH" - Hunter, Hanna and Karl before falling to the ground near the cliff. Hunter falls into a nearby hall,Karl lands on the ground ,Hanna accidently almost falls off it and is hanging on by one hand

"GUYS HELP!" - Hanna

"Why should I you keep blowing me off" - Karl

"Karl, I'm sorry, the competition has just gotten to my head, I mean we're a team , I need you" pleads Hanna

Hunter wakes up

"Alright then, alliance re-formed also-" says Karl helping Hanna up, but she then pushes him off

"What NOOOOO!" says a betrayed Karl falling down the cliff

"AHHHHh, OW" says Karl hitting a firehydrant down the cliff

"AHHHH, OW!" says Karl hitting a group of spikes down the cliff

"AHHH, OW!" says Karl before being blown up by dynamite then landing groin first on a rock down the bottom of the cliff

Hanna then jumps on Hunter back and shouts "RUN, TO THE ELIMINATION AREA!" 

"Oh my days!" - says Hunter, suprised about how Hanna just pushed Karl off a cliff

"FINE!" says Hanna, she jumps of Hunters back and sprints even faster than him

Hanna then catches up to Milly, Milly turns her head and sees Hanna behind her , so she starts cycling form left to right to make sure she doesn't overtake her

"I have ZERO time for this!!!" - Hanna , she then gets a stick and throws it into Millys bicylce spoke, causing Milly to fall off her bike and Hanna to sprint to past her.

(3.5 minutes later at Elimination Area)

"Hanna was the first here and wins invincibility!" - Chef

Milly came to the area in 2nd, Hunter 3rd and Karl 4th

"Contestants you know the drill,vote" - Chef

[Hanna: so glad I got invincibility, I think the others didn't approve of my "tactics" anyway goodbye Karl!]

[Hunter: I would vote for Hanna, that girl K-R-A-Z-Y!, but she stole my first place so I guess Karl]

[Milly: As much as I'd love little miss cheater pants to leave, I guess I'll vote Karl, he's the next worst thing to her]

[Karl : (is a fully body cast so can't speak or vote]

(Karl eliminated, everyone says their goodbyes)

"oooo, so sorry Karl, bye?" says Milly feeling bad for voting for him

"Unlucky dude, your pranks were funny I guess?" says Hunter awkwardly

Karl glares at Hanna 

"What just playing the game!" - Hanna

"And who will miss out on the game next episode on Total. Drama. the ABONDONED LAND!" - Chef and Chris

21#The Loser Lounge Analysis*

Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Martin (Killer Krocs)
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color unknown, he always wears sunglasses
Episode Eliminated "Finders Keepers, Pirates Weepers"
Place 15th
Family Oldest of three
Talent Bodybuilding
Origin American
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Kayleigh (Killer Krocs)
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chris McClean and the Battle of the Labyrinth"
Place 14th
Family Oldest of two
Talent Home Economics
Origin Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Bethany (Killer Krocks)
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chris McClean and the Battle of the Labyrinth"
Place 13th
Family 2nd child out of 4
Talent Home Economics
Origin African-Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Taylor (Dangerous Dingos)
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "Are You Smarter Than A........."
Place 12th
Family only adopted child
Talent Basketball, Netball
Origin Romanian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Donal (Killer Krocs)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Olympians"
Place 11th
Family Oldest of three
Talent Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry , Biology
Origin Polish-Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Jerod (Dangerous Dingos)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "SPLASH,SPLASH,SPLASH"
Place 10th
Family 4th out of 6 children
Talent Investment
Origin Indian-Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Lydia (Dangerous Dingos)
Gender Female
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "THUMB WAR!!"
Place 9th
Family Middle child of 3
Talent None
Origin Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Linda (Dangerous Dingos)
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "Survival of Da Fittest"
Place 7th
Family Oldest of four
Talent Academics, Gymnastics, Veterinary
Origin Irish-Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Zac (Killer Krocs)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown, hair always covers eyes
Episode Eliminated "Where's Cheffy?"
Place 6th
Family only child
Talent Playing the drums
Origin Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Ryan (Dangerous Dingos)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Fight Club"
Place 5th
Family Youngest of 5
Talent None
Origin English-Ghanaian-Canadian
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Karl (Killer Krocs)
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Grey
Episode Eliminated "Fly,Fly,Fly"
Place 4th
Family Oldest of three
Talent Building things, craftsmanship, body-building, practical jokes
Total Drama the Abandoned Land
Micklow (Killer Krocs)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Race to Last Place"

"Return of the Mick"

Place 16th


Family only child
Talent Nothing
Origin Canadian

22# Mission Improbable

"LAST TIME, on TDtAL, it was final four time and things were getting heated, the contestants were dropped of in the middle of the night and had to complete the grueling task of travelling to the other side of the island , without getting hurt TOO much , hehehe, Milly got physical, Hanna and Hunter went UP!, and Karl went DOWN , after Hanna sent him flying off a cliff, in the most evil betrayal this season has seen yet!!, Final 3 now , we're nearing the end , but today one of them must go, who will be?, find out now on Total.Drama. THE ABONDONED LAND!"- Chris


"Ok final 3, you'll all be moved into the same cabin, to save room" - Chris

"Hunter, you'll be moving in to the girls cabin." - Chris

"Ugh, what!" - Milly and Hanna

[Hunter: Oh yeah!, a room with two fine ladies!, the games only getting better and Hunter's only getting luckier, that money is as good as mine!]

(Final 3 in their room)

"Sooo , girls-" says Hunter before being interrupted

"Don't even try it bicep-brain" - says Hanna knowing he'll start flirting with them 

"You know, you are just so rude!" - Milly

"Ye, but know one asked you!" - Hanna

"What is your deal!" said Milly angrily

"Maybe I'm not a cowardly loser who isn't afraid to say things how they are!" - Hanna

"Um...." - Hunter

"You know what, I've had it with you all season!" - Milly

"Yeah yeah , as if you'll do anything" said Hanna evily whislt laughing and walking out the room

"What is her problem?" - Milly

"You know, girls that are that goodlooking are ALWAYS CRAZY, I know that I've dated lots of them" - Hunter

"We should form an alliance you know, if we combine our strenght speed and abilities we can almost quadruple her efforts!" - Milly

"Yeah, like a super team!" said Hunter , him and Milly then high-fived and their alliance was formed, Hanna is seen glaring out the window however 

[Milly : I mean, jocko isn't the best team player, but he's better than Mrs. Mean Queen and we're fellow athletes, its the only way]

[Hunter: Oh yeah!, I got an alliance, GO ME , WHO'S THE BEST]

[Hanna : Oh brother, maybe I should've kept Karl, the two sweaty jock-heads are teaming up against me, I've never being a follower of the rules, but now they must be completley ABOLISHED, I'm in this and no ones getting in my way!]

(Challenge Time)

"Ok, campers this is the most difficult! CHALLENGE YET!,Follow me " said Chris as he walked them into a small building then took a step out of it

"So what's the challenge" said Hunter , then the door magically disappeared and a big TV fell from the sky

On the tv was Chris and he says "You guys are trapped in this room!, the challenge , somehow find a way out in 12 hours then its a footrace to the dock and the last person there within the time limit is automatically ELIMINATED, SEEYA!" 

"WHAT!!!"- Hunter

"Ok guys, lets work strategically, look at the walls!" said Milly but the walls were empty

"Ummm, what the heck do they expect us to do , this place is BARREN!" - Hanna

"Well then , what now!" - Milly

"I'm a bit claustophobic man, imma take nap!" - Hunter

"Well theres nothing here to do, so me too" - Milly

"Whatever!" - Hanna

(10 Hours Left)

The contestants wake up again

"So did anyone have any dreams of how to get out!" - Hanna 

"Nahhh, just a one where I scored the winning touchdown that won the superbowl!" - Hunter

"Well, you're not exactly known for your brains!" - Hanna

"Well you're not exactly likeable" - Milly

"Its called having a winning mentality" - Hanna

"and how in any way does your behaviour , help you win" - Milly

"Blah , blah , blah, Hunter have any suggestions" says Hanna whilst she sees Hunter trying to climb to the top of the walls , but constantly falling down

"Ok lets go, UH.UH,UH,UH,OW" - Hunter

"UH,UH,UH, OW!" 

"UH UH UH OWWW" says Hunter hitting his head on the ceiling

(8 Hours Left)

Hanna is sleeping , Hunter and Milly discuss

"So, we're going to need to figure something out quickly, we need Hanna out" - Milly

"Chill out girl, we can beat Hanna in a foot race once we figure out how to get out of  here, we'll be fine here , unless the walls start closing in , then WE GOTTA GET OUT!" - Hunter

"Um.....ok??"- Milly

[Hanna: Those losers really thought I was actually sleeping, I know they're out to get me, I will not lose out when I am so close to the final! I AM NOT BACKING DOWN NOW!!!]

Hanna fake wakes up

"Maybe theres a secret pathway or something" says Hanna feeling against the walls

"But I've search everywhere!" says Hunter before  realising

"THE GROUND!" says Hunter before jumping up and down so heavily it knocks Hanna into the nearby wall

"OW" - Hanna

[Hanna: Hunter is going down.......]

(few Hours Later)

The contestants are still trapped in the room, the TV turns on again and Chris appears

"Seriously, you guys aren't making any progress, how about a little motivation" says Chris, then the walls starting closing in slowly

"NO, NO, NOOOO!" says Hunter

"Um , Hunter chill out its ok, just calm down" - Milly

"NEVER!!!!" - Hunter, he then grabs the TV and throws it at the wall then repeatedly starts pounding against the wall causing it to break

"Well done Hunter!" - Milly

The walls have being broken and now first to the dock gets a prize and Last gets eliminated

"Lets go Mi-" says Hunter before passing out after being knocked out by a piece of  wall rubble by Hanna

"Payback!" says Hanna , she then runs out and heads to the dock

"Not so fast!" says Milly , then she and Hanna start a running race to the dock whilst Hunter stays passed out

Hanna is currently running to the dock and her victory looks certain

"YES FINAL 2 HERE I COME" says Hanna , but she then trips over a rock and twists her ankle and is unable to run

Milly then catches up and almost overtakes her but then Hanna grabs her by the foot

"Get off!" - Milly

"NOOO, I MUST WIN!" says Hanna holding down tight on Milly

"Stop it or you'll make us fall into the pirahnna lake!" - Milly

Milly then drags Hanna with her until a big stone is in the way and Milly drags Hanna over it. The stone then catches on Hannas shirt tearing off her bra and shirt and exposing her breasts to the ENTIRE VIEWING WORLD

"Nice!" - says Chris high-fiving Chef

"AHHHHH!"  screams Hanna letting go of Millys leg to cover up her naked upper body

Milly then runs up to the dock and WINS!

Hanna then crawls up to the dock

"Times up, MILLY WINS!" - Chris

"and Hanna is eliminated!" - Chris


"I said LAST person to the dock within 12 hours, Hunter isn't here yet so you're last!"- Chris

"THAT IS NOT FAIR I DEMA-" said Hanna before Hunter accidently knocks her into the pirahnna lake after finally sprinting up to the dock

"Did I make it?" - Hunter

"Yeah" - Chris

"SWEET" - Hunter

"OWWWWW!" - said Hanna as she was being bitten by many many many pirahnnas!

"Haha!" - Milly

(Elimination Area Time)

"Hanna, its finally time for you to go!, it was kinda embarrassing having exposed your big... round.......soft........b-" says Chris

"EWW!" interrupted Hanna

"Bye hot stuff!" - Hunter

"Drop dead" -  Hanna

"I've being waiting for this all season!!" - Milly

"UGHH!, go die!" - Hanna

"FINAL 2!" - Hunter

"You got that right, next we'll be checking up on the losers again but after that see what happens to the FINAL 2 , next time on Total.Drama, the ABONDONED LAND!!!" - Chris

23# Final Two Analysis *

"Before we film the amazing final 2 battle of the brawn, lets see who theyyy want to win , in this loser lounge confessional!"- Chris

[Micklow: None of them deserve to win, I do!, I got eliminated twice for no reason if though I was so nice to those FREAKS, anyway I guess Milly]

[Martin: Milly , she is one hot MAMMA, Hunters pretty buff like me but ladies first]

[Kayleigh and Bethany : OH my gosh, totally Hunter, he's like soooo STRONG, Milly ok though, but Hunter is EEEE!]

[Taylor: They were both good teammates , even though they lost and VOTED ME OFF UNFAIRLY,but Milly is one tough gal] 

[Donal: By my calculations , due to both their physical prowress , a challenge witch requires strength speed and endurance would be almost evenly matched , but Hunter would just about edge it, due to the nature of this shows challenges , I can predict that maybe Hunter can prevail]

[Jerod: Hunter, he's my bro, I'm rich but trust me one day that dudes making play offs and we'll be million dollar buddies, either that or he wins whatever]

[Lydia: Ugh, Milly , a friends a friend you know]

[Linda: Ok, so I pick Hunter because like, my purple dinosour in my visions said that I must hunt a pig down for dinner if I ever wanna make regionals and perform Macbeth on the big stage of antarti-.....what was the question again?]


[Ryan: Milly, Hunter kind of intimidates me and reminds me of a toned highschool buly jock and Milly's more like that kind popular girl who unwedgies me from the flagpole and protects me from swirlies!]

[Karl: NOT HANNA, and not Hunter, so Milly, by the way can anyone secure me a tape of Hannas topless scene from last episode, I need it for um...........research?]

[Hanna: I do not want anyone to win but ME!, but after Millys exposed my dynamite duo on INTERNATIONAL TV, I'd prefer dumb muscle Hunter to win. I mean I'm proud of these but come on!, not everyone deserves to see them.

"And thats who they want to win, find out who actually does win next time on TOTAL DRAMA...THE ABONDONED LAND!!!" - Chris

24# The F1n4l

"Last time on TDtAL!, the final 3 were locked in a room, and were faced with the task of escaping the room, the teens went crazy. Literally. In the end Milly won the challenge and Hanna was sent home after suffering an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction , now THAT'S what I call reality TV!, but now its the final 2 about to do the most DANGEROUS challenge yet, Milly vs Hunter. BRAWN vs BRAWN-IER , who is going to win the awaited 5 MILLION, find out now on Total.Drama. THE ABANDONED LAND!

(Hunter, Milly, Chris and Chef on the dock at night)

"Get some rest before the final you two!" said Chris "This challenge is going to be BRUTAL!!" - Chirs

"i can't wait to win 5 million dollars, first thing I'll get with that money ......5 MILLION DOLLAR TROPHY!!" said Hunter proudly

"and what if I win?" - Milly

"That ain't gonna happen!" - Hunter

"Oh yeah!, we'll see about that later now won't we!" - Milly

"Yeah, you'll see me winning, watch me!" - Hunter

"Bring it!" said Milly , her and Hunter both glare at eachother for a moment

"Umm, you guys can leave now....." said Chris awkwardly

"Ahhh, teenage love" said Chef sarcastically

"EW , NO!" - Hunter and Milly

(Challenge Time, Hours Later in the morning)

"We've got a HUGE list of grueling! difficult! excruitiantenly PAINFUL challenges to decide this years BIG WINNER, Chef bring out the obstacle course!" - Chris

"Ummm, the interns forgot to build the challenges we got nothing!" - Chef"

"Great now what are we gonna do!, um......I KNOW , both of you hang off that tree with your legs, first one to fall loses I guess?" - Chris"

Great challenge man" - said Chef sarcastically 

"Whatever, it's all we've got ,DO IT!" - Chris

Hunter and Milly both climb the trees and begin hanging there.

(An Hour Later)

"Fall off man!" - Milly

"Nuh-uh" - Mily

"This is .... uninteresting, lets check up on the eliminated contestants!" - Chris

(Camera cuts to the loser lounge)

"This challenge is extremeley boring, you know If I were in the final I would make things more intersting, Chris had no business voting me off" - Hanna

"Uh-huh" - Lydia

"What?, I was eliminated unfairly" - Hanna

"Sure, its not like you've gotten people eliminated unfairly  only, Martin,Taylor, Donal, Jerod , Lydia , Linda, Zac, Ryan and Karl!" - Lydia

"Yeah , you dooped me!, we're good now though right?"  said Karl whilst holding a rucksack

Awkward silence

"Whatever" says Karl picking up the ruck sack whicg has  Ryan in it and throws him to Linda, they start playing catch with him

"OWW!" says Ryan from inside the rucksack

"HAHAHA, this is awesome, now lets put grenade in there!" - Linda

"NOO!" - Ryan Martin is seen flexing his muscles

"Yeah , I say I work out about 3 times a day" says Martin whilst flexing his pecs

"Yeah, whatever If only ANYONE CARED!" - Taylor

"Okay then I'm sure Lydia and Jerod will appreaciate my-" Martin

"No" - Lydia

Zac is surrounded by Kayleigh, Bethany and Miclow

"OH MY GOSH, you soooooo need a tan!" - Bethany

"Yeah, like , yeah , you are toooo pale, you're overdoing it" - Kayleigh

".........."- Zac

"You're right , he does look quite the ugly fellow" - Micklow

[Zac: Of course I ,am forced to hang out with the most annoying contestants]

Jerod is chilling on chair trying to listen to music whilst Donal is behind him typing frantically on a calculator

"So, according to my calculation by your TV appearances you have increased you net worth and income by about 55.767%, unless you take into account the other expenditures you've made" - Donal

"Sweet" says Jerod fanning himself with hundred dollar bills

Chef then drives a red van right through the building and says

"YOU ALL NEED TO COME BACK NOW!" - he then throws the contestants into the red van and drives all the way back to the island

(Back at the Land)

Hunter and Milly are in deep conversation in the tree

".............then I lost, my brothers shoved my face in the mud and I was humilated"- Hunter

"You know, I've never told anyone else that story, its why I'm so focused on winning all the time!" - Hunter

"Oh, my gosh, if I had known, I'm soooo sorry Hunter, are you okay" - Milly

"You know what I'll be alright" - Hunter

"Ok we're both really good competitors, should this silly competition really make one of us feel like an utter loser, we should both fall at the same time and split the money" - Milly

"Deal" - Hunter

"On three, one two..." - says Milly, she then falls off the tree but Hunter is still on it

"Wait, I thought you meant AFTER you said three!" - Hunter


[Milly : As if Hunters ignorance won him the money!]

"Well done Hunter" - Milly

"Milly I'm sorry , I didn't realise we can still split the money if you want, deal?" - Hunter

"Deal!" - Milly

"No , No Deal!" - Chris

Chef and the eliminated contestants finally show up to the island and see hunter with the moneycase in his hands, some of them cheer , some of them boo

"What do you mean?" - Hunter and Milly

"This final was meant to be EPIC, not all lovey dovey and tree climbing , so no money for you!" says Chris, he then snatches the case of Hunter

"HEY!" - Hunter

"NOOO, YOU CAN GET IT BACK ONCE I WITNESS ACTUAL DRAMA" screams an enraged Chris, he then hops in a helicopter and flys away

"What the? - All contestants

"And you can do that next time in season 2!!" - Chris

to be continued in the next episode

25# .................

"Season 2?"- All contestants

"Yes, and now we'll decide who goes on season 2 based on your performances" - Chris

"HEY, I practically won , I deserve to be on season 2" - Hunter

"And you  are , so are Karl , Milly, Hanna and Ryan for all making the final 5" - Chris

"Yay" - Ryan

"Figures" - Milly


"Um, sure Linda, you did make the merge so" - Chris

"I made the merge so am I in season 2?" - Zac

"Most definatley not, but do you know who is, Lydia , Jerod and Donal, I need more screen time from them" - Chris "eeeeeeem we're getting another chance" - Kayleigh and Bethany

"NO, you're not , thats all the contestants we only need nine, Kayleigh, Bethany , Martin, Micklow, Taylor and Zac, this is the end of your journey, you were the charachters to get the worst fan reception, as for the rest of you I'll see you all next time on   Total Drama the Big City!!!

[Hunter : Another chance to show my amazing-ness, I'll win this one like I won this won , no BIGGIE!]

[Micklow : You know what, I don't need this lame show anyway, everyone knows I'm the best ,I'll just watch the reruns especially episodes 12 and 22, those are the ones where we see Hanna's huge naked boobie boobs right?]

[Kayleigh and Bethany: "Awwww, we didn't make it to season 2", "Atleast we have eachother]

[Milly : A tad dissapointing to make it so close and not win, but another chance awaits]

[Hanna : I am going to CRUSH them next season, they thought I was bad now , but I'm going to WORSE next time]

[Martin : Bummer I couldn't make it to the next season, could've met some of yhe hot mammas?]

[Karl : This show is soooo lame, but I'm not going to pass up on another chance of winning the MILLIONS, I gotta start building prank machines again]


[Ryan : Another season, another chance, lets just hope I don't keep hurting myself (Falls in bowl head first on accident), oh no bad poo log stay there......AH!!!!! (Poo splash on his face sound)]

[Donal: According to calculations, I shall place 7th on the next season out 9 or so people, It is not exactly a favourable score, but I shall try and beat the odds with my superior intellect]

[Zac : Of course I don't make it (sighs), I hate my life]

[Jerod: I guess I should strart actualy trying now that I get another chance, Dad's thinking about stopping my allowance!]

[Linda: WOOOOHOOOO, SEASON 2 HAHAHA, You think we'll do anything even more DANGEROUS on this next season, that would be COOL-I-O]

[Lydia: Yay, another season (sarcasticaly]

"See you next time on Total Drama the Big City!!! " - Chris

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merged? Episode Out Episode 25
16th/8th Micklow   Killer Krocs                                         Non-Merged  1,10


15th Martin   Killer Krocs                             Non-Merged  2


14th Kayleigh   Killer Krocs    Non-Merged  3


13th Bethany   Killer Krocs    Non-Merged  3


12th Taylor   Dangerous Dingos    Non-Merged  5


11th Donal   Killer Krocs    Non-Merged  6


10th Jerod   Dangerous Dingos    Non-Merged  8


9th Lydia   Dangerous Dingos    Non-Merged  9


7th Linda   Dangerous Dingos    Merged  12


6th Zac   Killer Krocs    Merged  14


5th Ryan   Dangerous Dingos    Merged  16


4th Karl   Killer Krocs    Merged  20


3rd Hanna   Killer Krocs    Merged  22


2nd Milly   Dangerous Dingos    Merged  24


1st Hunter   Dangerous Dingos    Merged  24


Bold means that these player made it to the merge

Merged - This person made it to episode 12, where the teams were no more

Non-Merged - This person didn't make it to the merge

PASS - This person is going to appear in season 2

FAIL - This person is not going to appear in season 2                                           





























































































































































































































Returns in episode 10

















































































































































































































  • The Dangerous Dingos are the superior team of this season with only 3 pre-merge eliminations compared to the Kroc's 5, the final 2 also consists of 2 dingos and 6/7 dingos make it to season 2 compared to 3/8 Krocs
  • Taylor is the only Dangerous Dingo not to qualify for season 2
  • Dingos Places : 1st,2nd,5th,7th,9th,10th,12th
  • Krocs Places : 3rd,4th,6th,8th,11th,13th,14th,15th,16th
  • Hunter and Karl have won the most post-merge challenges
  • Micklow is the only person to be eliminated and return.
  • Zac is the only player to make it to the merge yet not qualify to season 2
  • Donal, Hunter , Martin ,Jerod and Ryan are the only player to be from somewhere outside of Canada
  • Hunter, Martin and Karl are the only players with visible abs
  • Donal and Martin are the only characters to wear glasses, although Martins are sunglasses
  • Lydia is the only red-head
  • Martin is the tallest player at 6'5 and Ryan and Linda are the shortest at 5'4
  • ===Everyone and Hanna===
  • ===Everyone and Hunter===
  • ===Everyone and Micklow===
  • ===Everyone and Karl===
  • ===Everyone and Taylor===

Gallery and Extras

  • Ryan

    Ryan's normal and swimsuit design


    Zac's normal and swimsuit design







Kayleigh and Bethany

Kayleigh and Bethany









Lydia and Taylor

Lydia and Taylor

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