Chris captures fourteen new conestants and forces them to compete in a games reserve for 1,00000000000000000000000 euro! This is Total Drama the Adventure

Total Drama the Adventure


When a contestant is eliminated a strike will be on there name

Screaming Humans

Emmet (The Sore Loser) - Emmet often loses a lot but he cant help sulking and getting angry (Anti-Hero)

Charlie - Tell Charlie anything negatuive and she things its good (Main Protagonist)

Brcok Lee (The Broccoli Hater) Brock Lee's worst fear is Broccoli . His name is also a pun on it (Protagonist)

Calie (The Miss CIT Jr.) Calie is like a shorter blonde and annoyinger version of Courtney. (Antagonist)

Jonsey (The Cool Dude) Jonsey seems cool and will do anything to be more pupulor. (Anti-Hero)

Sonya (The Idiot) Do I need to explain? She's and idiot. (Main Protagonist)

Joshua (The Antagonizing Anti Hero) He may be an antagonist back home but in a competition acts less antagonistic (Antagonist)

Killer Creatures

Pattie (The Strong Girl) Pattie is the only person in her town to be able to lift 3 cars. (Anti-Hero)

Rodrick (The Rich Boy) He may be rich and people may think he's pretty but somewhere in his body he is an antagonist. (Main Antagonist)

Cheryl (The Rich Girl) She's the twin brother of Rodrick and is as rich as mean and as antagonizing as he is. (Main Antagonist)

Elliot (The Skinny Guy) Elliot is arms are as skinny as a twig and people even imagine how he is supposes to be able to lift a remote! (Protagonist)

Lindsay (The Gangster Wannabe) Lindsay hopes that one day she will become a ganster (Main Protagonist)

Zach (The Fearless Computer Geek) Zach has no intrest in anything but boring tech. Although he is fearless. (Protagonist)

Chloe (The Popular 101) Chloe was the most popular in her state beilieve me! (Protagonist)


Chapter 1 - Adventure of your LIVES!

Chris : Last time on Total Drama World Tour. We brought back 15 old contastants and 2 new ones.

Duncan quit the show. And Ezekiel gets eliminated next. Then Harold annoys his teammets causing his elimination

Bridgette went home after a tonge stuck to a pole. Izzy suddenly gets the boot after Owen caught her barfbag.

Then episodes later LeShawna,DJ,Seirra,Owen and Heather get eliminated. Ezekiel makes an unexpected return only to get eliminated again! Duncan and Harold return. Then Owen and Duncan get eliminated. Followed by Noah! Later Gwen and Courtney get eliminated. Leaving only Cody left on Amazons. Then Tyler and Harold and Alejandro get eliminated. Cody becomes the runner up for Total Drama World Tour!And Lindsay wins the prize!!!!!! Now we take you to this games reserve. 14 new teenagers out of 1,00000000000000000000000000 were chosen to compete at this stupid place animals call home. A rabid goat comes out of nowhere and hits Chris down the hill.

Chris : (Whiles falling down hill) What will happen OW! Next OW! on Total OW! dRAMA OW! the Adventure (falls into a wheel barrow) OW!

(theme song plays)

Chris : Time to see our new contestants.

A tall teenager jumped of the train Grumbling

Chris : Whats your name!

Kid : Emmet!

Emmet : May you ask why I'm grumbling?

Chris : Why?

Emmet : I lost in me bet against her. (Points at this huge muscular girl in this case Pattie)

Pattie : I'm Pattie the strongest girl in the city of Dublin

Chris : Pattie stand on the red circle. Emmet stand on the green one

Emmet : Why?

Chris : JUST DO WHAT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmet : Okay.

Chris : Now our next competitors Charlie and Rodrick

Charlie : I have some flowers pretty pretty flowers not for you to eat!

Rodrick : Okay then freak.

Charlie : Your so nice hers are a cupcake (Hands Rodrick a cupcake)

Rodrick : These are awfull!

Charlie : Thanks for appriciating them!

Rodrick : What the f-


Rodrick :I was going to say what the freakzan

Chris : Charlie stand on the green square. Rodrick stand on the red one!

Chris : Now Brock Lee and Cheryl Rodricks sis

Rodrick : Hey sis

Cheryl : Hey bro

Charlie : Want some broccoli? (Gives Brock Lee some broccili)


Chris : Cheryl on the red circle Brock Lee on the green one.

Chris : Now for the next ones Calie, Joseph, Elliot, and another Lindsay

Calie : I'm calling my lowers this is a games reserve!

Chris : (Face goes like this O_O) Did you just pull a Courtney

Jonesy : Its Jonesy not Joseph and hey Chris you seem cool

Chris : You too my bro you too!

Elliot : Hi I'm cool too

Chris : In your dreams skinny boy!

Lindsay : I'm gonna become a ganster baby ganster I wana be I wanna be a ganster!

Chris : Lindsay and Elliot on the red circle Jonesy and Calie on the green circle

Chris : Now Sonya,Joshua,Zach and Chloe

Sonya : Whats my name

Chris : Sonya


Joshua : (Give Zach a really hard wedgie)

Zach : Ow Cornelious Jefferson says that bullies are bullies because of this simple condarious.I learn that on the computer and I learned that in tech school

Chloe : Do you like anything but tech

Zach : No

Chloe : I was quite popular in my last TV appearance I HOPE TO MAKE EVEN MORE FREINDS!

Chris : Okay Zach and Chloe stand on the red circle and Sonya and Joshua stand on the green one.

Chris : Those on the red circle you are the Killer Creatures

Chris : And those on the green circle are the Screaming Humans.

Chris : Join us next time on Total Drama the Adventure!

Chapter 2 - Total Drama Amazonish Games Reserve

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure

Chris : We met our 14 new contestants there was a sore loser,a jowfull girl,a broccoli hater,a Ms CIT Jr AKA Mini Courtney,A cool guy,,a idiot,a antagonizing anti hero,a strong girl,a rich boy and girl,a skinny guy,a ganster wannebe a fearless computer geek and a Popular 101. We put them into two teams. Which team will get immunity who will be first voted off and who will be enemies with who find out on Total Drama the Adventure

Chris : You guys have your own houses for each team with 17 rooms

Jonesy : Cool

Chris : And when you lose a challenge you will go to this rotten bungolo

Emmet : We better win.

Chris : And winners of challenges go to this luxorious Five star restuatrant with bedrooms a bath and a glourious shower!

Cheryl : This is gonna be good!

Chris : And when the merge comes the challenge winner gets to pick who will go with them

Chris : Your challenge is to survive this parana pool cause we wanted it Amazonish

Chris : Emmet and Chloe choose wich member goes in first to fight

Emmet : Fight you did not mension anything about fight!

Chris : I did now

Emmet : Bring it on Ms Popular

Chloe : yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Kicks Emmet in groin)

Emmet : gRRRRRR I cant lose I declare I win ow!

Chris : So whos next

Emmet : Charlie

Chloe : Zach

Zach : Ha I'm not afraid of some stupid jowfull girl I will be fearless!

Charlie : Thanks sorry I called you a geek

Zach : What? (Pushes Charlie making her lose)

Charlie : I win!

Zach (Does face like this -_-) *facepalms*

Joshua : No you lost!

Charlie :Thanks friend!

Joshua : (Punches Charlie)

Charlie : Hee Hee

Chris : Whos next?

Emmet : Brock Lee

Cheryl : Lindsay

Lindsay : Yaaaa ganster style (Knocks Brock Lee out)

Chris : In reality the Killers are always the underdogs

Joshua : (Pulls Chris up) Thats cause we have a Team of Losers!

Emmet : Yeah

Joshua : You to sore loser!

Emmet : (Does face like this O_O) wHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Joshua : Nothing

Chris : Next

Emmet : Calie

Cheryl : Elliot

Chris : Okayyyyyyyyy?

Calie : (Throws Elliot to a faraway island)

Ellot : Help!

Chris : Relax its only the rotten bongolo your in

Emmet : Jonesy

Cheryl : Me

Jonesy : Hi Chick! (Cheryl kicks his groin making him fall in tnhe parana pool)

Emmet : We are never going to win!

Emmet : I pick Sonya

Cheryl : My bro Rodrick

Sonya : Oops (Falls in parana pool)

Rodrick : I win

Emmet : Well atleast some who is strong. Joshua

Cheryl : Pattie

Joshua : AHHHHHHHHH! (Falls in parana pool)

Pattie : We win

Chris : The Killer Creatures win 6-1

(Screaming Humans bongolo)

Emmet : You guys!

Joshua : We said sorry and I new we would lose with a bunch of you losers!

Everyone on team except for Charlie and Sonya

(Killer Creatures restaurant)

Pattie : This ontray or whaterver is incredibale

Zach : Thanks I made it

Rodrick : You may be a geek but we like you to the Killer Creatures!

Everyone on team : To the Killer Creatures

(At Games Reserve Ceremony)

I have 6 animal action figures if you receive one you will not be eliminated

Chris : They go to Charlie,Brock Lee,Calie,Sonya,Jonsey

Chris : The final animal action figure goes to ....









Wait Charlie forgot to vote!

Charlie : Okay (Votes)

Chris : Final figure goes to










Chris : Episodes over by Joshua

Chapter 3 - Animal Trainers to the Rescue

(Killer Creatures House)

Cheryl : Our winning streak is so cool!

Charlie : Hi guys!

Rodrick : Get outta here freak

(Screaming Humans House)

Charlie : La la la

Emmet : (whispering to rest of team) Lets lock her in the basement hopefully she'll be locked in there and eventually die

Charlie : Okay I'll stay here in the basement!


Chris : Time for our challenge

Rodrick : Its been 5 hours ya freak of a host.

Chris : You guys have to train untrained animals!

Cheryl : I'm not doing it

Chris : Weres Charlie

Emmet : We locked her in the basment

Brock Lee : Can you please call be Brock cause when you say Brock Lee it sounds like brocoli

Calie : I'm calling lawyers

Jonesy : Keep that up and you will be locked in the basement

Sonya : Ha ha your funny

Jonesy : (Locks Sonya in with Charlie)

Charlie : Hi Friend

Sonya : Hi friend!

Charlie and Sonya : Hee Hee Hee

(Back at reserve)

Chris : Okay do the challenge!

(Killer Creatures)

Cheryl : I'm not doing this

Rodrick : Neither am I! See ya losers

Chloe : Fine then snobs!

Zach : So the tech king Rowley Zambailings said that tech can do things if you just are interested in tech

Chloe : Em Tech Geek your not Helping!

Zach : We prefer to be called Tech lovers

Elliot : Lets do this my strenght is cool.

Pattie : I'm strong your weak!

(Animal pees on them)

Zach : This is gonna be a long day

(Screaming Humans)

Emmet : Come on you guys!

Charlie and Sonya : Hi guys

Brock Lee : Were did you come from!

Calie : My lawyers are going to sue yous!

Calie : Chris we cant train this thing

Chris : Oops that means the creatures win again

Calie : what!

Killer Creatures : YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

(At Ceremony)

Chris : Figures go to Sonya,Emmet,Charlie,Jonsey.

Chris : Last figure goes to ..............








Brock Lee!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : Calie your eliminated by

Calie : I'll call my lawyers!

Chris : Well episodes over bye bye

Chapter 4 - Aftermath I

Chris : Hey guys and welcome to the very first aftermath of the season.

Chris : First we'll show you some thats gotta leave a mark

Clips then show Emmet falling off a cliff

Cheryl throwing a remote behind her back only to hit Zach in the groin

and finnaly shows Brock Lee getting pelted my many hard broccoli pieces!

Chris : And now time for truth or Get blasted with oranges!

Chris : With Joshua and Calie

Chris : Calie get on the chair

Chris : Do you like your teamates

Calie : Of course!

A machine gun shot oranges at Calie

Calie : I'm calling my lawyers OW!

Chris : Calie are you inlove with Joshua

Calie : NO!

The machine gun shot Calie with oranges again

Chris : Last question . Do you wish you could kill me right now

Calie : No

The machine gun shot Calie with oranges yet again

Chris : We'll introduce you to Joshua again in the next aftermath


Chapter 5 - Afermath II

Chris : Were back for episode 5.....

Calie : I thought this was episode 4 after the commercial

Chris : Shut up I decided to make two 15 minute episodes gosh!

Chris : Now time for thats gonna leave a mark

Clips Show Jonsey falling out of a plane

Sonya getting hit in the head by a HUGE watermelon

and Show Pattie falling from a very very very tall tree!

Chris : And now for Truth or get blasted with oranges

Chris : With Joshua

Chris : Sit there Joshua

Joshua : Okay

Chris : Do you hate your team

Joshua : Yes!

A machine blasted Joshua with oranges

Joshua : What the heck I do hate my teammates!

The machine blasted Joshua again

Chris : Okay Joshua are you a liar

Joshua : No!

Oranges blasted Joshua again

Joshua : What the -

Chris : Oops I'm changin it to truth or get slapped in the butt

Joshua : I'm sure you wouldn't

The new machine slapped Joshua in the butt five times

Joshua : Thats it I'm not staying here!

Chris : Okay then stand on the red button

Joshua : What does this dooooooooooo!

The red button opened up and Joshua fell in the ground

Chris : Well the episode is over

Chapter 6 - Geek vs. Unique

Last time on Total Drama the Adventure on episode 3

Jonsey : What happened to 4 and 5

Chris : They were aftermaths we dont count them in our last time introduction

Chris : There challenge was training animals both teams didn't win the challenge

Chris : But because of Calies big mouth the Creatures won again.

Chris : This caused her team to vote her out

Chris : What will happen nexton Total....Drama.....the Adventure!

Chris : Todays challenge is to -

Charlie : Hee Hee

Chris : It is the challenge of geek and unique I made it up

Chris : Thank you and it has Zach in it our useless geek and Emmet

Zach : Thats it I quit

Chris : Fine then Elliot will compette

Elliot : I'm a geek?

Chris : No you aren't you are a replacement for mister quity pants. Come on people quitting in a row DJ in TDA , Duncan in TDWT and now Zach in TDtA (Total Drama the Adventure)

Chris : Okay you both will do three challenges . Hanging on the rope. Jumping on the rope without falling and a challenge of not saying uncle whiles a cat scrathes you

Elliot : And how will that make us say uncle cant we tell it too stop?

Chris : He only understands the word uncle.

Chris : First challenge starts now!

Elliot : My arms ow!

Emmet : Suck it up weenie

Elliot : (Punches Emmet causing him to fall)

Emmet : OW (Strats to grumble)

Chris : (lauging) And that whats we call a sore loser litteraly.

Intern : (Hits yellow thing on drum)

Chris : Challenge 3 strarts now

Elliot : Weeeeeeeee this is easy aaaaaaaaaa

Emmet : I win ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h-

Elliot : Yaaaaaaaa! (Hits Elliot off)

Chris : Oops we have no time so the challenge is over

Chris : Elliot and Emmet I was going to eliminate you both

Emmet : What!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : But Emmet did worse so he's out

Emmet : Grrrrrrrr!

Chapter 7 - Merger Baby!

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure

Chris : The rest of the people went on a field trip in the field of this games reserve

Chris : And Elliot and Emmet competted . Someone decided to quit Zach!

Zach : I said sorry

Chris : get outta hear your eliminated

Chris : What will happen next on Total Drama the Adventure!

Zach : Can I return

Chria : NO! (Pushes Zach in mud)

Chris : Okay the first challenge outta two

guess a number in my head

Charlie : 8


Chris : Charlie wins

Brock Lee : Dont you mean the Screaming Humans

Chris : No cause its the merge


Rodrick : To bad Broccoli!

Brock Lee : Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Chris : But first two people will leave cast your votes in the confessinal thats were you vote

(All but Rodrick and Cheryl vote)

Rodrick and Cheryl (conf) : What they try and vote us well they have another thing coming

Chris : And the contestants voted off are (reads votes) Chloe and Pattie

Chloe : You guys voted for us

Pattie : Wait I thought we argreed too vote off Cheryl and Rodrick

Rodrick : Oops

Chloe : (Too Rodrick) : If these losers think that I cant win there nuts!

Rodrick : (To Cheryl) : We are sharing the money if you win

Cheryl : Yeah were twins.

Rodrick : Oh

Jonsey : How could you

Cheryl : How could you losers think that we are going to be all goody goody

Sonya : Whats going on

Charlie : Yeah

Elliot : You f-

Chris : No swearing!

Elliot : I was going to say freakzan

Chris : Enogh with the freakzan joke

Chris : Todays challenge is a trip in the woods you will have a partner in this challenge.

Chris : The partners are, Sonya and Charlie, Rodrick and Cheryl, Lindsay and Jonsey,Brock Lee and Elliot.

Chris : And I put the contestants together with someone that there like so you should get along.

Chris : You'll go walking in the woods and then come back here. First duo back wins.

Jonsey : Dont you mean the field

Chris : What ever just go

(Sonya and Charlie scene)

Charlie : Okay friend lets go

Sonya : Looky! Theres a squrill

(SQUIRRAL bites poths finger)

Charlie : Ow! Hee Hee

Sonya : Owie! Hee Hee

Charlie : Look theres Rodrick the Pretty Boy

(Rodrick and Cheryl scene)

Charlie : Hi guys

Rodrick : (Pushes Charlie and Sonya in the chickens place)

(Elliot and Brock Lee Scene)

Chris : You guys are disquaulified from the challenge for not even going in the field

Elliot : Well its not our fault that the path is coverd with broccoli pecies!

Brock Lee : I'm not going there!

(Jonsey and Lindsay scene)

Rodrick : Hi losers

Jonsey : Oh its you guys

Cheryl : Dont talk to us in that tone

Lindsay : What do want!

Rodrick : To do this (Takes of shirt)

Lindsay : HOTTTTTTTT! (Drools)

Jonsey : Look at what you did!

Cheryl : Well I want to do this (Takes of clothes leaving her in bikini)

Jonsey : HOTTTTTTTTT! (Drools)

Rodrick and Cheryl : Suckers

(Charlie and Sonya scene)

Charlie : Hey look Rodrick and Cheryl

Sonya : Hi guys

Rodick : Hi idiots

Charlie : Hee Hee

Cheryl : (Roles eyes)

Chris : Both duo's were here at the same time so you win

Jonsey,Lindsay,Elliot and Brock Lee came moments later

Chris : Who will be voted off next time on Total Drama the Adventure

Chapter 8 - A Fairytale Story

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure

Chris : It was the merge Chloe and Pattie "accidenly" got eliminated making them not techinnaclly make it to the merge

Chris : And who new our skinny dude,jowfull girl,Broccoliphobia dude,our ganster,cool dude,ms. idiot and snobby an snobbier would make it to the merge. Chris : Who will get eliminated in our non-challenge but fairy tale telling day.

Chris : What will happen on Total....Drama...the Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : Time for a story

Cheryl : What is it now Chris

Elliot : Shezz whats up with snoby's siter snobbier

Cheryl : Shut up skinny

Elliot : I have massive skills in fighting you know

Cheryl : Please if any of you maggots could beat my up that would be Pattie . Oh wait Patties eliminated

Jonsey : You know if your not going to say something nice dont say anything at all

Cheryl : C'mon then (Doing air floats thingie with fingers) Mr Cool Dude (Does air floats whiles saying this).

Jonsey : Okay then (Trys to throw a punch at Cheryl but Cheryl hits him in groin)

Rodrick : Ha Ha maggots

Chris : (Roles eyes)As I was -

Rodrick : You maggots should shut up none of you could throw a punch at a fly!

Elliot : You-


The whole cast stood still and listened to Chris in fear

Chris : Thank you! Okay time for a story theres no challenge today.

Rodrick : (Happily) Thank you!

Chris : But I'll read you a stupid fairytale story!

Cheryl : (grunts)

Chris : Once upon a time there was a princess that.......

(5 hours later)

Chris : She went to a castle and saw a lousy teenage skinny boy called Elliot

Elliot : Hey!

Rodrick and Cheryl : Good one Chris

Chris : Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(12 hours later)

Chris : And then she.....

Rodrick : WHEN IS THIS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : This is just the start!

Cheryl : Oh no!

(22 hours later)

Brock Lee : You know that people watching this are going to be tortured too!

Charlie : Hee Hee yeah

Sonya : Hee Hee yeah

Chris : No tahts why we cut out some bits beetween the hours!

Lindsay : When is this over

Chris : Now! Now go vote someone of I have a hat pick out a thingie and close your eyes whiles doing it

Chris : Figures go to everyone but Jonsey and Elliot

Chris : Last one goes to Jonsey

Jonsey :YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elliot : This game is unfair

Chris : Episodes over dudes bye

Chapter 9 - Sing-along Madness

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure.

Chris : To torture the contestants instead of a challenge I read them a fairytale. I knew they were going to vote for our antagonists (Rodrick and Cheryl) So I had an idea. Elliot was eliminated. Will the rest of the contestants get there revenge on Cheryl and her bro? Will Jonsey end the feud? Will Brock Lee get over his fear? will Charlie and Sonya stop being idiots? many questions that might be answers in this episode of Total Drama the Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : You guys familiar with the song Before We Die from season three

Cheryl : (Roles Eyes)

Chris : Enogh with the eye rolls (Rolls Eyes)

Rodrcik : (Facepalms)

Sonya : You were saying Hee Hee

Charlie : Hee Hee yeah

Brock Lee : Get on with your little story Chris

Chris : For you first challenge you have to sing it

Chris : Everything exactly how it was sun except say what you wanna do before you die and you say diffrent things that will keep you alive if your falling

Rodrcik : Now!

Chris : Yes

Before We Die

Charlie : Were singing whiles were falling

Cheryl : Whiles some are canniballing

Sonya : Yeah!

Rodrick : Our lives about to flash before our eyes!

Charlie and Sonya : We might just go ka-blooey

Brock Lee and Jonsey : Get smushed and become chewy!

Lindsay : Cept theres lots of things we wanna do before we die!

Cheryl : Competition Winner

Charlie : Non Sinner

Brock Lee : Be able to eat Brock Lee for my dinner

Lindsay : Be a Ganster . Flip of Rama

Jonsey : Convince that I am cool to my mama

Sonya : Chesse Maker

Rodrick : I dont know have no Stakler?!!!!!!

Sonya : I want to be a baker too!

Charlie : And I want everything that I can chew.

Brock Lee : But first we must cease dropping our goal here would be stoping

Sonya : Fall really far from the sky!

Jonsey : Smushed into little peices

Rodrcik : Heads meged with our feet-es

Lindsay : And that will really suck and heres why

Charlie : We like to keep on living

Rodrick : So Chris we hope your giving

Cheryl : A parachute

Sonya : A trampoline

Jonesy : A rift in time

Rodrick : Anything!

Charlie : I change to anything too

Rodrick : What the you never said anything before

Brock Lee : No Broccoli! No! Get me outta here and it'll do and the songs over I dont care if it isn't!

Chris : That was bad and because of that you wont have a 2nd challenge for your horrible singing

Chris : And you have to vote someone off.

Rodrick : I betcha everyones voting for us

Cheryl : Stay here Ive gota plan (Goes over to Brock Lee)

Brock Lee : What do want

Cheryl : Ya know yestarday of screen when you broke Jonseys finger with your thing

Brock Lee : Please dont tell anyone

Cheryl : I wont if you vote for yourself today

Brock Lee : Fine! I will but if you tell them I'll tell everyone what you did on the bus to this place

Cheryl : Yoyu wouldn't!

Brock Lee : Your right thats to dirty but dont tell anyone

Cheryl :(whispering to herself) I wont tell anyone except for the whole cast!

Cheryl : (Goes over to rest of cast) Hey guys I know who broke Jonsey finger

Jonsey : WHO!

Cheryl : Brock Lee

Jonsey : That -

Jonsey : Forgott no swearing

Chris : Vote in the confessinal allready!

Cheryl (conf) : Brock Lee he knows my secret and plus everyone is voting for him

Sonya and Charlie (conf) : The rest of the cast told me too vote for Brcok Lee

Brock Lee (conf) : Cheryl shes up to something

Lindsay (conf) : What Brcok Lee did was not cool hes dead!

Jonsey (conf) : Brcok Lee who else!

Rodrick (conf) : I'm just voting of all of these losers minus my sis and she's not a loser!

Chris : Figures go to Jonsey,Charlie,Lindsay,Sonya,Rodrick.

Chris: Last one goes to ................









Brcok Lee : You told them!

Cheryl : Told them what

Brock Lee : That I accidenly used my invension to break Jonseys finger

Jonsey : Oops sorry didn't know it was an accident

Brcok Lee : Well sorry I did it bye

(Everyone minus Rodrick glares at Cheryl)

Cheryl : Suckers

Chris : Episodes over dudes bye

Chapter 10 - Robot Pirate Island

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure!

Chris : Cast sang before we Die from season three

Chris : The singing was bad. Cheryl got more antagonistic!And our broccoliaphobic loser got eliminated

Chris : Who will make it to the final 5 who will be eliminated. And who is going to give me my money

Chris : Questions that might be answers in this episode of Total Drama the Adventure!

Chris : Hi guys give you thoughts in the confessinallys!

Rodrick : What up with you

Chris : I dont care just use it

Chris : Oops times up time for your challenge!

Chris : You guys have to fight again it Rodrick and Cgeryl vs. the rest

Charlie : What are these robot suits for

Chris : Oh I forgott Rodrick and Cheryl are the pirates and you's are the robots. On an island Pirates have to fight and get the tresure whiles the robots have to Attack them.Go

Rodrick : Cheryl aren't you helping

Cheryl : Mybe later

Rodrcik : Okay then looks like I have to do this on my own

Rodrick : Hey Charlie try and kick me

Charlie : Okay!!!!!!! (Trys to kick Rodrick put he pull her leg causing her to fall

Rodrick : 1 down 2 to go!

Rodrick : I heard you think I'm hot when shirless!

Lindsay : I was faking

Rodrick : Sure you were (Pushes Lindsay down)

Lindsay : Darn antagonist always prosper!

Chris : Last one to lose will be eliminated ya know

Jonsey : Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Starts to swing some punches and kicks)

Rodrick : Yaaaaaaaaaaaa this! (Grabs Jonseys hand and swings him round and drops him on the floor)

Jonsey : Sonya if you lose this you will be eliminated

Sonya : Okay

Rodrcik : (Pushes her on floor)

Chris : Sonya time to go

Sonya : Bye friends

Charlie : Bye friend

Cheryl : (Roles eyes)

Chapter 11 - A Not So Good Final 5 or 4

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure blah blah blah what will happen next on TOTAL dRAMA THE aDVENTURE

Chris : I'm gonna autimatticly eliminate someone before the final four. Jonsey

Jonsey : What!!!!!

Chris : That leaves only Charlie on the humans

Rodrick : Its the merge

Chris : (Ignores Rodricks comment) Okay guys your our final 4 todays challenge is survive in the woods

Jonsey : I thought we had no woods

Chris : Shut up your eliminated (Pushes Joshua into the Train of losers)

Chris : We do now!

Chris : Its just like the challenge you had in episode 7 except you survive the woods and youll be in tents

Chris : As soon as its midnight your pair will have to come back here last one back has to face elimination.

Rodrick : Pair

Chris : Yes Charlie and Rodric, Lindsay and Cheryl

Rodrcik : What Charklie no stupid laugh

Charlie : Thats it!!! I hate trying to act like a jowfull girl if you guys are just going to insult me!

Lindsay : Wow Charlie I think you earned our respect

Charlie : Up top (Charlie and Lindsay clap)

Cheryl : (Roles eyes)

Charlie : Oh save youreye rolls for later

(Both Cheryl and Charlie glare at eachother)

Rodrick : Ha sis cant stand up to her!

Cheryl : Save it for later

Chris : Before your challenge wich takes place at nighttime you will share your thoughts in the confessinal

Rodrick (conf) : Okay these losers are getting on my nerves and so is my sis. I AM SO NOT SHARING THE MONEY WITH HER!

Cheryl (conf) : Lets see who we have got to outsmart . A not so jowfull anymore girl,a ganster wannabe, and my loser brother this game just got easier

Charlie (conf) : So this whole jowfull thing was annoying I was just trying to make friends but it doesn't mean I have to act stupid right?

Lindsay (conf) : I dont think I'm going to win this hing its gonna be hard but with my new friend Charlie its gonna work out!

(At Nightime)

Chris : Time for your challenge

Rodrick : Okay then I hope it dosn't get all stupid with jowfull girl

Charlie : Thats it

Charlie kneed Rodrick below the belt (groin)

Everyone except for Rodrick kept laughing

Rodrick : Shut up

Chris : Challenge starts now

(Cheryl and Lindsay scene)

Lindsay : This sucks Chris didn't tell us he hid the tent carefully

Cheryl : Well deal with it ganster or you might not make it alive

Lindsay : (mumbling) I wish you weren't alive

Cheryl : Oy whos the duo captin

Lindsay : Not you

Cheryl :Deal with it ganster Lindsay : (grunt)

(Charlie and Rodrick scene)

Charlie : Set the fire whiles I'll go get some fish

Rodrick : Um Jowfull girl it 1.00 allready

Charlie : Darn look what you done what guy spends and our to go pee

Rodrick : I was looking for food but a bear chased me

Charlie : (Roles eyes) Your such a liar

Chris : Okay you guys lose Cheryl and Lindsay win


Chris : This figure goes to..........










Cheryl : So my bro's gone and this is the final 3

Lindsay : Well we've deafeated one half

Charlie : But we still gotta deafeat this half (Looks at Cheryl)

Cheryl : What are you looking at losers

Lindsay : (Roles eyes)

Chapter 12 - Train of Losers Scavenger Hunt

Chris : Last time on blah blah blah blah

Chris : What will happen next on Total Drama (Yawns and falls a sleep) (Snores) Chris : Hello final 3 today your challenge is a scavenger hunt in a train but not just any train

Lindsay : What Train the lamo-train of McLean

Cheryl : Okay seriously Ms. Ganster ya should get an insult book

Charlie : Your talking! Ms. Ganster, theres no insult as bad and stupid as that

Chris : No the Train of losers were the voted off contestants stay till the final two

Joshua :(Whiles giving Zach a wedgie) Ha ha!

Zach : Cody Hingolian said...

Calie : If you talk about any of your mumbo geeko I will call my lawyers

Emmet : WHY DO I HAVE TO ALWAYS LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe : You coudn't get more annoying

Pattie : Yeh lets go Chloe Emmet : What, you and bodybuilder suddenly a couple

Pattie : (Throws Emmet accros the room)

Emmet : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Face and body slam into the wall) (Groans in pain)

Sonya : What to see Magic trick!

Brock Lee : No

Sonya : Okay (Throws up broccoli) Tada

Brock Lee : AHHHHHHHHH (Runs and trips over Emmet) Ow!

Emmet : (Still groaning in pain) Watch it!

Jonesy : Dude you lose this game dont denie it!

Rodrick : Why dont you stop deniying that you a two faced dork

Jonsey : Hey whos the one that let Jowfull girl knee himsefl in the groin

Rodrick : Shut up you f-

Chris : (Glares at Rodrick)

Rodrick : Frekzan

Chris : (Still Glares at Rodrick)

Chris : Okay the eliminated contestants will tell you a clue and you will try and figure it out where the 5 things are


2.A Picture of Me smiling

3.A stick

4.A person that I will not tell you

Charlie : Emmet

Chris : You win but now I'm changing it but you still win

Charlie : Okay

Chris : Okay now the eliminated contestants now were it is. But first I have to tell them the new person to find (Tells eliminated contestants)

Eliminated Contestants : Okay lets start

Chris : Okay pick someone to ask Cheryl

Cheryl : The Uncool dude

Chris : Ya mean Jonsey

Jonsey : What Chris you said you thought I was cool!

Chris : Things Change!

Jonsey : The cheese somewhere were your hand will get wet and disgusting

Cheryl : Not the toilet! (Pulls Zach out off toilet)

Cheryl : What are you doing here

Zach : Joshua did it. When he went to toilet he put me in her and peed in the toilet still trying to get the pee taste outta meh mouth!

Cheryl : (Puts Zach back in toilet and barfs in toilet)

Zach :(Vomit swims in his mouth on accident) Now I have two disgusting tastes to get outta my mouth

Jonsey : Its not were nergork is!

Cheryl : Whats negork

Jonsey : Nerd,geek and dork stuck together

Cheryl : Were is it then

Emmet : (Spits cheese out) I cant take it anymore

Chris : Cheryl ya lose

Chris :Charlie ask someone for my picture

Charlie : Elliot

Elliot : Its somewhere were strong guys like me might work out!

Charlie : 1.Your weak and 2. You just gave the whole thing away its in the gym

Charlie : (Finds Emmet working out in only his underwear) Emmet put on some trousers!

Emmet : No can do (Lifts up weights but underwear fall apart leaving him naked) How is this possible! (Covers)

Everyone except for Emmet : AWWWWWWW!

Emmet : (Weights fall on his back) If you dont want to see me naked then stop looking!

Charlie : I thought its in here Ive looked everywhere I give up

Elliot : No I work out in the toilet with Zach everyday when Joshua dumps him in the toilet

Cheryl : (Facepalms)

Chris : Lindsay what about you

Lindsay : I'm gonna go for the person not the stick

Chris : Fine! (Throws Stick behing back) Lindsay : Sonya

Sonya : Is me!

Lindsay : Sonya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : Nobody wins son the episodes over later!

Chapter 13 - Voting for Till the Final 2

Chris : ....and what will happen next on Total..........Drama..........the Adventure

Chris : Guys this episode may be short cause the eliminated contestants will vote now

Chris : Actually first you guys have your little talk . Seeya in 5 hours

Emmet : Lets talk in teams each person on my team until the merge goes to right table and the other goe to the right

Killer Craetures : Okay then

Chris : Final three share your thoughts in the confessinal

Lindsay (conf) : If I win I'll get loads of bling to kick up my ganster style watchout enemies from schools I will no longer be called wannbe Ganster Lindsay

Charlie (conf) : So if I win I'll help my best friends in school and Sonya become famous. And yes I knew Sonya before Total Drama the Adventure started. But she isn't my best friend . She's only a frined.

Cheryl (conf) : When I win no way will a split it with Rodrick I am going to add it to my 9,000000000000000 euros yes I now I'll be a gazinillior. But do I care if any of the non-rich contestanst dont get the money. No its ovious!

Chris : Okay now go talk about the other contestants even the eliminated ones!

Lindsay (conf) : I dont want to talk about the eliminated ones or Charlie.. All I'm gonna say is that Cheryl is such a f-

Chris : No swearing because of that I'm not letting you finnish your confessinal

Charlie (conf) : I dont wanna talk right now

Cheryl (conf) : This place is full of antiheroistic,lawyer calling,geeky,complaining,bodybuilder,popular,skinny,broccoli hating,jowful,uncool,loser of a brother,ganster wannabing jerks.

Chris : Okay eliminated contestnats vote for the contestant you want off

Rodrick (conf) : Cheryl

Jonsey (conf) : Cheryl

Sonya : Cheryl

Brock Lee : Lindsay

Elliot : Cheryl


Chris : The last figure goes to..................Lindsay!

Cheryl : You guys voted for my

(Everyone except for Brock Lee nods)

Cheryl : Well you ****** ****** better******* watch your back ******** idiots!

(Everyone is silent)

Chris : Well the bad words rule has been broken

Cheryl : I dont ******* care!

Chris : This episode is over

Chapter 14 - Charlie Vs. Lindsay

Chris : Last time on Total Drama the Adventure

Chris : We went to the train of losers let our non-eliminated contestants vote and in the end Cheryl our ubber hot rich but evil girl got eliminated

Chris : Who will win the 1,0000000000000000000000 euros find out on Total.....Drama.....the Adventure!

Charlie : If you win will you give me atlest 10,0 of your money

Lindsay : Course your my best freind in school we'll share it

Charlie : And if i win visa versa

Chris : Our eliminated contestants will pick a side whats the purple box for?

Cheryl : Me and my bro hate the finalists

Chris : Red circle is Lindsays side. Green circle is Charlies side and the purple is neither

Killer Creatures except for Rodrick and Cheryl went on Lindsays side

Screaming Humans went on Charlies side

Rodrick and Cheryl went on the purple side

Chris : Your challenge is simple a race around the field with obsticles two people are aloud

Chris : Obsticle one the crocodile wrestling challenge

Sonya fought the crocidle with Charlie

Lindsay : Whos gonna help me hear

Rodrick : Well I dont want jowfull to win

Cheryl : Loser of a brother

Rodrick jump in and punched the crocodile

But the crocidile died and Rodricks feet were stuck there

Lindsay : Seeya (laughs at Rodrick)

Sonya : Here use this (Gives Charlie a bat)

Charlie : Thanks (Wacks crocodile with bat)

Chris : Stupid intern where are the rest

Intern : I dont know

Chris : Looks like Lindsay wins

Rodrick : Your lucky I still have legs Ms. Winner Chris : Okay guys seven of you will be picked to go to the next season Total Drama Mansion!

All contestants : WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : The returning are Lindsay,Charlie,Rodrick,Cheryl,Sonya,Emmet and Zach and some new ones

Jonsey : What about us

Chris : You'll be in a mansion doing whatever ya wanna do

Chris : And the returning will be in another mansion doing challenges!

Chris : So seeya next time on Total Drama Mansion

Lindsay : I won the million so do I get to go home

Chris : Heres a check the Intern said you live in this city so walk home

Elimination Table

Name 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12** 13 14 15*** Merged Team




Pattie WIN WIN IN IN IN OUT 9TH FAIL Unmerged* Kill
Chloe WIN WIN IN IN IN OUT 10TH FAIL Unmerged* Kill
Emmet LOW IN IN IN OUT 11TH PASS Unmerged Scream
Zach WIN WIN IN IN QUIT 12TH PASS Unmerged Kill
Calie IN OUT 13TH FAIL Unmerged Scream
Joshua OUT 14TH FAIL Unmerged Scream

4,5, and 15 are aftermaths

6 and 7 are double elimination

Green+WIN : Was on the winning team from episode 1-6 (8 will have no challenge but an elimination)

Blue+WIN : Won the challenge from ep 7 (merge) - 14 (8 will have no challenge but an elimination)

Khaki+WIN : This person won the scavenger hunt challenge (episode 12) but Chris changed the object

HIGH : Got first animal action figure

LOW : Got last animal action figure

IN : Was not eliminated

OUT : Was eliminated

LOSE : Was disqualified from the challenge

Scream : Screaming Humans

Kill : Killer Creatures

The * means Pattie and Cheryl made it to the merge but not officilly as they were voted out before the oficial challenge

The ** means that it was non elimination episode

The ** means that episode 15 is actually episode 14 but I need space to put FAIL or PASS

WINNER : Won Total Drama the Adventure

2nd : Runner up for Total Drama the Adventure

PASS : Made it to Total Drama Mansion

Red+FAIL : Did not make it to Total Drama Mansion

Orange+FAIL : Did not make it to Total Drama Mansion but later debuted in Total Drama Mansion

HOME : Made it to Total Drama Mansion but won the sAESON SO DIDN'T HAVE TO COMPETE in the next season

Voting History/Elimination Reasons

Voting History

Episode 1 :

Charlie : Joshua

Brock : Joshua

Jonsey : Emmet

Sonya : Joshua

Emmet : Joshua

Joshua : All of team

Calie : Joshua

Episode 2 :

Chrlie : Calie

Brock : Calie

Jonsey : Calie

Sonya : Calie

Emmet : Calie

Calie : Emmet

Episode 7 :

Rodrick and Cheryl switched the votes but her were the original ones

Elliot : Rodrick and Cheryl

Charlie : Rodrcik and Cheryl

Brock : Rodrick and Cheryl

Lindsay : Rodrick and Cheryl

Jonsey : Rodrick and Cheryl

Sonya : Rodrick and Cheryl

Rodrick : Chloe and Pattie

Cheryl : Chloe and Pattie

Pattie : Rodrick and Cheryl

Chloe : Rodrick and Cheryl

Episode 8 :

Elliot : Elliot

Charlie : Elliot

Brock : Elliot

Lindsay : Elliot

Jonsey : Jonsey

Sonya : Elliot

Rodrcik : Elliot

Cheryl : Elliot

Episode 9 :

Cheryl : Brock Lee

Charlie : Brcok Lee

Rodrick : Everyone minus Cheryl

Lindsay : Brcok Lee

Jonsey : Brcok Lee

Sonya : Brcok Lee

Brock Lee : Cheryl

Episode 11 :

Cheryl : Rodrick

Charlie : Rodrick

Rodrcik : Charlie and Cheryl

Lindsay : Rodrick

Episode 13 :

Everyone Except for Brock Lee : Cheryl

Brock Lee : Lindsay

Elimination Reasons

Joshua - Called teammates losers

Calie - Made Killer Creatures win on accident

Zach - He quit the show

Emmet - Lost the challenge

Chloe - Rodrick and Cheryl switched the votes

Pattie - Rodrick and Cheryl switched the votes

Elliot - nearly Everyone (Including him) accidently picked his name out of hat

Brock Lee - Cheryl told everyone that Brock Lee broke Jonseys fingers

Sonya - Was last prson to lose to Rodrcik

Jonsey - Chris autimatticly picked him

Rodrick - Everyone left in the competition hated him

Cheryl - She got the most votes from the eliminated contestants


Name Team Episode Eliminated Merged
Joshua   Scream    First Eliminated    Unmerged 
Brock Lee
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