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13 new contestants take on Camp Wawanakwa in an all new season of Total Drama! There will be more drama, tears, and sweat than ever before! Though only 13, you'll still be as entertained as last seasons, and maybe even more. Be sure to tune in to Total Drama the Unknown!

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Toxic Termites

Poisonous Possums


Theme Song

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine.

(Gerard is lying down on his back on the beach.)

You guys are on my mind!

(Caleb is playing a game on his laptop, unaware of a possum in his hood.)

You asked me what I wanted to be,

(Heidi is sketching a picture of Eric by the waterfall.)

and now I think the answer is plain to see.

(Marc trips over a rock, and sends him, Heidi, and Eric into the water.)

I wanna beeee famous!

(Leah is hitting nuts with her baseball bat, while Nadia tosses them.)

I wanna live close to the sun!

(Grace is tanning on the beach with Regina.)

So pack your bags cause I've already won!

(Sarah is her cabin, dancing to her iPod.)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way!

(Pam is reading the map while he sits on a log in the forest.)

I'll get there one day!

(Tiago is cleaning his team's bedrooms.)

Cause I wanna beeeee famous!

(Jahira folding her arms while sitting down in the mess hall.)

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! I wanna be! I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna famous!

(The cast is sitting on the dock, with Gerard a poking a stick at a dying fish.)

Episode 1: Scalers

Chris McLean was standing on a wooden dock, covered with mold, and barely standing due to many holes. He was fixing his hair, and seemed to be smiling.

"Hello, viewers! Welcome to Total Drama the Unknown! Thirteen new freaks will be living here at Camp Wawanakwa, facing the challenges they loved to watch from their TVs! Why they decided to join, I have no idea, but here's one of those freaks now!"

A short boy wearing all black, and a sweatshirt with a hood covering his face, walked up to Chris. All he held in his hand seemed to be a map.

Chris held up his clipboard, matching the picture with the name. "Hello.... Pam? Really? You're a girl?"

Pam glared from under his hood. "No." He sulked away, looking at his map. "He doesn't understand us."

Chris looked at him like he was a freak, and turned back to his clipboard. "The next person should be arriving soon." Chris stood there for around ten minutes, awkwardly looking at Pam every so minute. He wasn't sure what Pam was looking at, and he was a bit nervous.

"Hello, Chris." said a girl as she walked off her boat. "My name is Jahira. It's a pleasure to meet you." She was wearing a dark purple dress, and clutching a magenta handbag.

"Hey, Jahira. Why don't you take a spot over there by Pam?" Chris pointed at the sulking boy, and Jahira looked uneasy about it.

"Well, um, my father told me to stand alone. He doesn't want me to be attacked." She said the word "attacked" with a hint of sarcasm, and walked over to a corner of the dock.

Another boat pulled in immediately, and a boy walked off. He had messy, light brown hair, and a worried look. "H-hi, everyone." He walked forward to stand next to Jahira, but tripped, and fell through one of the holes in the dock.

"And that would be Marc," sneered Chris. Chris ordered an intern to help Marc up from the water, and then walked over to the edge of the dock. "Gosh, it's taking them so long to get here."

Marc glared at Chris for not helping, and then collapsed onto the dock, spitting water out from his mouth. "Thanks for the help."

"You're welcome," said Chris, oblivious to the anger in Marc's voice. In the horizon, Chris saw another boat. "And here comes Caleb!"

A lanky boy with curly brown hair walked off his boat, carrying a Dell laptop. He was carrying a large luggage, probably containing many items to keep his computer running. "Hi," he said.

"What's that computer for?" said Chris. He reached for it, but Caleb pulled the computer back.

"Things," he replied discreetly. "Nothing you need to know about." He walked off and stood next to Marc.

Chris glared at him, mad that he didn't get what he wanted, and failed to notice that another camper had arrived. He was tall, had dark brown hair, and was very muscular. He stood there in front of Chris, awkwardly waiting for Chris to say something. After a minute he said, "Hi. I-I'm Eric."

Chris looked over at Eric, and waved him off. Eric frowned, and then walked over to Jahira. He watched as another girl came onto the dock, carrying a sketchbook and a notebook.

"Hey guys, I'm Heidi." She waved to everyone, and then walked over to a separate corner of the dock, and began to sketch the people that were there.

At this point, Chris gave up on greeting everyone, and sat down in a beach chair he had an intern bring over. He began to sip a lemonade, and put on his shades. "Wake me up when the next camper comes," he said. Chris began to nod off until finally he fell asleep.

Suddenly, he woke up from loud music playing in the background, until finally a boat approached, showing a girl with dark blue hair in a blue dress dancing on the deck. "Hello, party people! The party queen has arrived!" She stepped onto the dock, and turned the music off. "So where do I go?"

Chris gave her a look, and pointed at the crowd on the other side of the dock. "Thanks for ruining my me time!"

"You're welcome!" mocked Sarah. She smiled at Chris, and then walked over to Jahira and Eric.

Next onto the dock came a boy with long, curly hair, holding many sheets of paper in his hand. "Here are my medical forms, Chris." He held out the forms, and pushed them into Chris' hands.

"Hmm, a heart condition and one-quarter deaf? Why were you accepted again, Gerard?"

"They liked me?" Gerard shrugged and walked over to talk to Eric. "Hey."

Eric's eyes looked away from Gerard, and towards the water. "Hi. What's your name?"

"It's Eric." Eric responded.

"Oh, cool. What do you like to do?" Gerard asked.

"Not much." he said.

"Like what, though?" said Gerard, slightly annoyed by the vague response.

"I don't know really,” he said shrugging.

Gerard stared at Eric for what seemed like minutes, and then walked away.

Next onto the dock was a girl with long, curly, brunette hair. She was carrying a baseball bat, and a suitcase. “Heeeeeey, guys!” She passed Chris, and then sat down, looking through one of the holes.

“I’m Leah,” she said.

Chris showed a little anger due to the fact she greeted herself, and muttered, “That’s probably coming out of my paycheck.” He stood up from his chair, and shoved his lemonade and chair into the hands of an intern.

“Here comes Nadia!"

A girl with dark skin and a navy blue headscarf walked along the dock. She was carrying a backpack, which seemed to be carrying a few books. She walked off and began a conversation with Jahira.

“Why are you dressed up all fancy?” she asked.

“No reason,” responded JahiraJahira turned away, and then walked to the opposite side, apparently trying to avoid the conversation.

Another boy walked onto the deck. He was short, and had very short dark brown hair. “Hi, everyone! I’m so happy that I got on the show!"

“And it’s nice to have you, Tiago,” Chris said sarcastically. “Go over there."

Tiago smiled at Chris, and then practically skipped over to the sidelines. However, Tiago turned around to greet the next person.

“Hi! Who are you?” he asked.

The girl had long blonde hair, and a sincere smile. “I’m Regina."

“Cool!” he exclaimed. “I’m Tiago!"

“Oh… umm… Hi Paul.” She seemed a little confused

“It’s Tiago.” Tiago was still smiling.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, putting her face in her hands. “I forget so many things."

“Hey, it’s okay! Don’t worry! We all forget some things!” He held out his hand, and she shook it.

“Look! It’s the next person!” Tiago practically shouted, letting go of her hand. “I’m Tiago!"

The girl grinned. She had short blonde hair, and was carrying a small purse. “I’m Grace. It’s so great to meet you!"

Tiago grinned back. “It’s great to meet you, too!"

“Well,” Chris interrupted, “it looks like it’s time to make the teams! Caleb, Eric, Gerard, Leah, Jahira, Heidi, and Regina! If I just called your name, please, step onto the grass! You are now the Toxic Termites!”

Chris tossed Jahira a rolled up banner, and she unrolled it. On the banner was a picture of a brown termite.

“The rest of you are the Poisonous Possums!” he screamed. He tossed Pam a scroll, and Pam unrolled it. On the scroll was a picture of a purple possum.

“Not the map,” groaned Pam.

Chris chuckled half-heartedly, and then walked off the dock. “Follow me everyone, we’re headed to the beach!”

Everyone cheered, and walked after Chris. He led them to the beach below the cliff, and told them that it was time for their first challenge.

“In this challenge, each team will select two people. Those two people will climb up the rock-side of the cliff. The rest will be escorted up to the top, and will have to jump off. Once I say go, the two climbers will begin, and the jumpers will try and knock the other team’s climber off. To keep things fair, Gerard will sit out do to his medical disabilities.”

Gerard smiled, and then laid down on the sand, smirking.

Everyone glared at Gerard, except for Grace, Regina, and Tiago. No one was sure where Pam’s eyes were.

“Wow, that sure is going to be tough to climb up,” said Grace, looking at the cliff-side.

“And why do you think you’ll be climbing up?” asked Nadia, also looking at the cliff.

“Because,” began Grace, “I want to help the team out.”

Nadia shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

“So Grace is climbing for the Possums!” After Chris announced the obvious, the Termites began to discuss their plan.

“Well, since Gerard can’t do anything,” said Heidi with a quick glance at the sleeping teen, “we really need to think this through. I’d really like to jump, because as I wait my turn, I can get some sketch practicing in.”

Eric nodded at her. “I’ll do it.”

Leah stared. “Why? I’m more athletic than you!”

Eric shook his head. “No you aren’t.” He stepped back a little, regretting his boldness.

Leah gave him a funny look, and then said, “Fine, I guess. But if we lose, buh-bye, weirdo!”

Eric’s eyes fell, and he walked down the beach towards the cliff. Grace followed him, and Chris led the rest of them up to the top of the cliff.

“When I say go, you guys will start jumping! One! Two! Three! Go!”

Grace and Eric began to climb up the cliff, gripping onto any rock they could. Up from the top, Jahira looked down.

“That really is a long jump. What if we hit the rocks?”

“Here!” exclaimed Chris, shoving a beaten helmet into her hands. “Good luck!”

Jahira grimaced, and then popped the helmet on. “Oh God…” She jumped off, putting her hands together in prayer. She missed Grace, and hit the water.

Grace looked down and said, “Are you okay, Jahira?”

Jahira emerged. “Yeah, I’m fine!” She swam to the beach and kicked sand into Gerard’s face.

“Hey!” shouted Gerard. He got up, and got Jahira a towel. Jahira smiled at him.

Gerard gave a confused, half-hearted smile, and then laid down again.

Back up on the cliff, Regina, Heidi, Nadia, and Tiago had taken their jumps. Pam was figuring out where to put the map to keep him waterproof. Sarah was listening to music and dancing. Leah was waiting for everyone else to jump before her. Tiago was afraid to jump, and Caleb was walking up to the edge.

“Here goes nothing,” he whispered. He crossed his fingers, and then closed his eyes. He bent down, and then jumped. He soared down towards the water, and came inches to knocking Grace off. She felt the rush of air, and looked back to see Caleb falling.

“Nice shot!” she said with praise. She smiled as she almost reached the top, and Eric was still struggling in the middle.

Marc walked up next, and groaned. “Well, I’m gonna screw this up!”

“Wait!” said Sarah. “Fist bump for good luck!”

Marc smiled, and put out his fist. Sarah pushed forward, and Marc, thinking she was about to punch him, fell backwards. He tripped off the edge of the cliff, and hit Grace.

“Crap!” screamed Sarah. She watched in horror as Grace and Marc fell into the water, guaranteeing a win for the Termites.

“And the Termites win the first challenge!” Chris shouted. He led the rest of the campers back down the cliff, and Sarah was practically crying.

“I’m sorry guys,” she whimpered as she reached the bottom.

“It’s okay,” sympathized Grace. “You didn’t mean to!”

Marc glared at Sarah. “You broke my hand!” he screamed.

“I-I’m s-sorry!” Sarah said between tears. “I-I didn’t m-mean to! You have to forgive me!”

Marc shook his head, and walked away.

“Time for elimination, Possums! Good luck!”

The Possums walked to the campfire, each holding their own emotions.

Sarah was crying, blowing her nose into her arm.

Tiago wasn’t happy, but still managed a smile to keep his team going.

Grace was confused on whom to vote, and kept glancing at both Marc and Sarah.

Marc was clutching his hand in pain, and took time enough to give Sarah a look before he winced.

Pam was whispering to the map, discussing on which vote would lead him to victory.

Finally, Nadia walked to her log, her face remaining neutral.

“You have all cast your votes,” said Chris in a dramatic voice. “On my plate are five marshmallows. In this game, marshmallows represent your life. If you do not receive a marshmallow, you must walk the Dock of Shame, and onto the Boat of Losers. And you can’t come back. EVER.”

After these words, Marc looked worried. After all, he never really got hurt; it was just his reflexes. He glanced at Sarah crying, and sighed.

“The first marshmallow goes to… Grace!” announced Chris. He tossed her a marshmallow, and counted the remaining marshmallows up. “Four left! The next two go to… Nadia and Pam!”

Now Marc was extremely worried. He was down in the bottom two, and he had severely screwed up.

“The final marshmallow goes to…” began Chris.

Marc broke down into tears. Now both him and Sarah were crying. Even Tiago couldn’t help feeling sad. He frowned at the two, and waited for the last marshmallow to be announced.

“…Marc! I’m sorry Sarah, but you have been eliminated. Goodbye!”

Sarah stopped crying enough to look at Marc and whisper, “I’m sorry,” one last time. She got up, and walked to the boat. “I’m sorry guys, I really am.” The boat moved away slowly, as everyone watched Sarah leave in tears.

“Wow guys, five to seven. You guys are REALLY behind! You’ve got a lot of catching up to do! But that’s not for now, at least not for you viewers! Will Marc get out next?”

Marc whimpered.

“Will the Possums be able to pull back into the game? Or will they waste their team into oblivion? I guess you’ll have to find out on the next TOTAL. DRAMA. THE. UNKNOWN!”

Episode 2: Let's Get Kraken

Chris stood on the worn-down dock, holding a harpoon. "Welcome, viewers, to Total Drama the Unknown! On the last episode, there was a LOT of drama! Sarah went home in tears, Marc was pushed off a cliff, and most of the contestants began to hate Gerard!"

"What's so bad about Gerard?" asked a whiny voice. Known from the last three seasons, a contestant walked onto the dock.

"He's a liability, Courtney," said Chris, glancing at her.

"But that's good! He's not a threat at all! He can't win immunity!" Courtney put her hands on her hips, and gave Chris a look. "I'd keep him."

Chris gave her a look, and then snapped his fingers.

"What is that supposed to do?" asked Courtney with attitude.

Suddenly, Chef walked onto the dock, and picked Courtney up. "First I get these brats, and now you're back? I hate my job." Chef muttered many curse words as he walked off, carrying Courtney off to the beach.

"Well," said Chris straightening his hair, "now that no one is here to steal my moment, I'd like to announce that today, our island is being attacked by a giant squid! Right now, we have three people fighting it off, excluding me. So, yeah, don't be surprised if someone gets attacked."

Chris stood there a while, checking his watched. He muttered, "A little off cue..." to himself, and looked to his right.

Finally, he raised his spear. A tentacle came from the sky, and flew towards him. He lunged at it, and pierced the tentacle with his spear. However, the tentacle fell over, and was revealed to be cardboard.

Chris stood there, speechless. "Let's... see what the contestants are doing!"

Inside the mess hall, the Termites and the Possums were sitting at their respective tables, the Possums the more disheveled of the two.

“I wish that Sarah didn’t have to go,” sighed Grace. She had her arms folded, and her head lying on them. She had the look of defeat on her face, and was staring at her breakfast.

“But then I would have gone,” said Marc.

Grace sat up. “Listen Marc, I don’t want to be mean here, at all, but it was more your fault than hers.” Grace frowned, and went back into her old position.

Marc stared blankly, and then sighed, lying his head down on the table.

Tiago looked over, finished with his breakfast. “Oh come on guys, we can still win! Sure they’re two people ahead, and sure we may not have anyone athletic, but that doesn’t count us out!”

Pam glared from under his hood.

Nadia glared at Marc. “Honestly, it was your fault. Sarah didn’t push you. I know for a fact.”

Marc buried his face in his arms, and began to sob.

“Guys, don’t be so hard on him,” whispered Tiago, as the Termites were starting to stare.

“I don’t want to be hard on him, Tiago,” explained Grace. “I mean, he’s nice and everything but Sarah didn’t do anything wrong. How did she get voted out anyway? I voted for Marc!”

“I voted for Marc, too,” said Tiago.

“I voted for Sarah,” muttered Pam darkly. “He told me to.”

Nadia stared blankly at Pam, disturbed, and then said, “I voted for Marc…”

“I voted for Sarah,” said Marc in between sobs.

“Then,” began Grace, “Sarah voted for herself? She had to, but then it had to go to a tie, which means someone is lying.”

The camera’s view switched to the confessional. Inside, Tiago was looking down at the floor. “I voted for Sarah,” he said. “She seemed so sad, and she just kept bringing the team’s vibe down, I just couldn’t stand it. I didn’t want to have to see that every day.”

Back in the mess hall, the Possums were all glancing at each other, trying to see who was lying. Meanwhile, at the Termites’ table, Leah was arguing with Gerard.

“Frankly, you need to go next!” exclaimed Leah. “You do nothing in challenges, and you sit there, acting like a smart-“ Leah stopped mid-sentence and noticed Gerard shaking his head.

“I can’t do challenges, what don’t you get? It’s not my fault!” Gerard crossed his arms across his chest, and sat straight.

“Then why did you sign up for this show? To show how much of a lazy person you are?” Leah was standing now, and her hands were flat on the table in anger.

“I’m not lazy!” screamed Gerard. “Do you know how much I want to do the challenges? Do you know how much I love this show? I joined because I wanted to see what it was like! I wanted to prove you don’t have to be an athlete to achieve something in this show!”

He walked away from the table, and sat down at the Possum’s table.

Leah was steaming, but she sat down, and began to eat.

“Why don’t you go over there to calms things down?” asked Regina, worried that this could result in something bad.

“Eh, too long of a walk,” explained Leah.

“But aren’t you an athlete?” asked Jahira.

“Yeah, so?” asked Leah, helping herself to tater tots.

The whole team stared at her, and then began to eat awkwardly and silently. The Possums weren’t doing too great either.

“So what’s going on?” asked Gerard as he sat down.

“Someone here is a filthy liar,” groaned Nadia. “And they’re going next.”

Tiago whimpered.

“What’s you’re problem?” demanded Nadia.

“I j-just don’t want the t-team to suffer,” stuttered out Tiago. “Why are you in a bad mood?”

“I’m sick of my parents. I was forced to be here, and now I’m stuck with you guys. I mean, they watch me twenty-four-seven here, and I can’t do anything I want. This place sucks.” Nadia muttered out a few curses, and then glared at Tiago and Gerard.

“Why are you here, Termite?” questioned Nadia.

“Leah kept yelling at me.” He glanced back at his table, and saw them all peaceful. “I’ll probably be going next, so I thought I’d spend my last few hours with sane people.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me if you went next,” said Nadia. “I saw what Jahira did. You didn’t really deserve it.”

“Eh, I can’t blame her. I mean, that water was horribly filthy and filled with radiation. I’m honestly surprised no one here is having any side-effects.”

In the confessional, Gerard was rolling his eyes. “So I’m going home next, big deal. These people are obviously not very smart. Someone who can’t do a single challenge equals zero-threat in the merge.”

Tiago was whimpering even more, and was about to crack. “G-guys, what are w-we going to do to the person that voted Sarah out?”

“Probably vote them out next,” said Nadia. At this point, Grace and Marc were so deeply consumed in their own worries that didn’t take a place in this conversation. Pam just didn’t care, but was instead listening to his guide.

“So, Pam, what does the map say?” said Gerard in a mocking attitude.

Pam put his ear to the map. “He says that you have nothing to worry about, and that the betrayer is closer than I think.”

Ironically, he was sitting next to Tiago.

“I wonder w-what’s taking Chris s-so long,” Tiago managed to get out.

As if on cue, Chris burst through the door holding his spear.

“Hello, campers! Now that you’ve all finished your breakfast, we can start the challenge!” He motioned towards the door. “Today, there’s a little kraken problem, and I need you guys to take him out! Is that good? He has eight tentacles left, so whichever team cuts off the most wins immunity! You can get your weapons from the tool shed. On your mark, get set… go!”

Chris blew a whistle, and the campers rushed off to the tool shed, including Gerard.

Gerard, being the slowest runner due to not much exercise, got there last out of everyone.

Nadia had taken a shovel, Caleb had taken a paintball gun, Jahira was clutching her handbag, Leah was holding her baseball bat, Heidi had a spear, Regina had a fishing pole, Eric had a mop, Marc had a chainsaw, Pam was simply holding the map, Tiago was holding an oar, and Grace was holding an axe.

When Gerard arrived, all that was left were shears and a butterfly net.

“Well then,” said Gerard bluntly, “these all suck. But, I guess I’ll go with the shears.”

Once everyone had their weapons, they all walked to the beach. When they arrived, they saw a twenty-foot kraken, and 3 people fighting it off. Those three people were Courtney, Chef, and a girl with an orange tan, and a lot of hair spray in her hair.

“Courtney? From the older seasons?” asked Heidi. “This will be great for practicing when I get to do portraits!” Heidi ran up to Courtney, and began to converse.

“Can I draw a portrait of you, please? I really want them practice.”

Courtney glared at Heidi, as she was lunging at a tentacle. “Sure, why not? I don’t even want to be doing this anyway.” She dropped her harpoon, and walked off the grass with Heidi to begin the portrait.

Chris shot Courtney a look, which she ignored, and struck a pose for Heidi.

“Well, get going then,” said Chris.

The contestants rushed into the water, all wielding their weapons, and screaming.

Marc jumped up, and tried to start his chainsaw. He failed to do so, and fell into the water. The kraken wrapped a tentacle around him, and threw him at Courtney, knocking her to the ground.

“Get off me, you idiot!” She sat up, and pushed him to the ground. She stood up, brushing the dirt off of her. “I’m going to kill that oversized sushi!” She stormed off, gripping her harpoon.

“Did I mention,” started Chris, “that if Courtney or Nicole, our intern, manages to cut off more tentacles than one of the teams, they join the competition?” Chris chuckled, and then sat down in his lawn chair.

This made the campers work even harder, and after a while, Grace managed to cut a tentacle off. “Yes!” she shouted.

Eric noticed her slight victory, and began to smack the squid even harder. “Die!” He decided to switch the mop side, and began to hit with the wood. He called to Heidi.

“Switch weapons with me!” he screamed.

Heidi nodded, and ran over. They exchanged weapons, and she ran to the sand.

“Take that!” Eric shouted, lunging his spear into the tentacle. He pulled with all his might, and managed to take a good chunk of the tentacle out. The kraken tried to swing with that tentacle, but ended up detaching it, giving a point to the Termites.

“Go Eric!” cheered Heidi. She was sitting down, drawing the scene.

“I swear,” screamed Leah, “if you don’t get your butt up and do something Heidi, you are going to go next!”

Heidi stood up, and walked towards Leah. “Fine! I’ll do something!” She kicked Leah in the shin, and walked out of the water, leaving Leah cringing in pain.

“What the hell?” Leah looked up, and screamed as a tentacle wrapped around her. She was chucked into the sand, managing to hit Heidi in the process.

“Ha!” She then began to struggle to get out of the sand.

“Oh, ouch,” said Heidi sarcastically. “I got hit in the arm! It hurts so much! Even worse than being flung thirty feet in the air!”

Leah scoffed, but then gave up. She just sat in the sand, and watched the fight. By now, Eric had managed to cut off another tentacle, while the Possums were still struggling.

“And she called me lazy,” muttered Gerard as he tried to snip the arm of the squid. He snipped once more, and made a small incision in the tip. “Woohoo!” exclaimed Gerard.

Nadia saw that the arm was weak, and rushed over. She chopped down onto the tentacle, and dug through it. Blood spewed onto her face, but she didn’t care. She had gotten another point for the Termites.

Meanwhile, Courtney was working like a maniac. She had cut off two tentacles, and was working on another.

Caleb was watching her from a short distance, and ran towards her with the paintball gun. He fired three pellets into her side, knocking her down. He took her spear, and cut off the tentacle she was working on.

“Hey!” screamed Courtney. She was about to complain, but was in too much pain. “I will kill you once I can get up!” She crawled out of the water, and laid down on the sand.

The score was now three to two to two to one in the Termites favor, and Nicole had managed to cut off a tentacle. There were now only three tentacles left, so if the Termites got one more, they would win.

Eric was almost done with the last tentacle, and he struck down. His spear stabbed through the tentacle, ripping it apart. Eric had gotten the Termites to four points, ensuring them a win.

“And the Toxic Termites win the challenge!” announced Chris. The kraken, defeated, shrunk down in the water, dying from lack of blood.

Pam stared at the cameraman. “Does no one else find that cruel?”

The rest of the campers ignored him, and either groaned or cheered depending on their team.

“Now, I’ll let you guys discuss a bit before the elimination! Courtney, Nicole, follow me!”

Courtney followed Chris, grumbling about how the challenge was unfairly rigged against her. Nicole walked a few feet behind, waving at all the campers.

“See you guys again later! Bye!” She pranced after Chris, shaking her hair spray can.

“Okay,” said Nadia, “who lied about voting for Marc? Because you are leaving now!”

Tiago whimpered again. “Okay, I did it! I’m sorry though! I just thought that if Sarah was kept, she would just make everyone sad with her crying! I’m sorry, everyone.”

“Well,” said Grace, “even though Tiago lied to us, Marc did end up losing the challenge for us last time, and he didn’t do that well today either. Still, they both don’t seem to be in a very good situation here. I really don’t know who to vote.”

In the confessional, Eric was shivering. “That was disturbing, very disturbing. Anyway, did Grace have to be so obvious?”

While the Possums walked to the campfire, the team cheered for Eric, their challenge winner.

“Go Eric! Go Eric!” everyone chanted except for Gerard and Leah. Gerard was getting medical attention from Chef, and Leah just didn’t feel like he deserved it.

“Umm, uh, th-thanks?” He blushed, and just stood there in silence. He glanced nervously at everyone who smiled, and he smiled faintly back. “Go team?” he slightly whispered.

Meanwhile, at the campfire, tensions were high. Everyone was taking into consideration how Grace barely had a bad thought about anyone, but constantly called out Marc, and how Tiago had lied straight to their faces. In the end, they all came to a decision.

“I have on my plate four marshmallows. There are five of you. One of you will be going home, and you can’t come back, EVER. The first marshmallow goes to… Grace!”

He tossed her the marshmallow, and she caught it. “Good luck, guys,” she said as she chewed on her treat. Chris then tossed a marshmallow to Pam, who led it drop.

“Nice,” said Chris, annoyed that Pam didn’t care enough to catch it. “Anyway, here you go Nadia!” He threw a marshmallow at her, and it bounced off her head.

“I have but one marshmallow left. Tiago, or Marc? Who’ll be going home? Will it be Tiago, the liar, or Marc, the challenge loser? Well, the votes have been casted, and the final marshmallow goes to… Tiago.”

Tiago caught his marshmallow, and glanced sadly at Marc. “Sorry, Marc.”

Marc shrugged. “It’s fine, I guess. I’m just not really cut out for this.” He started walking up to the boat, but tripped, and fell into the water.

“I’m okay!” he shouted from under the dock.

“And there you have it,” said Chris. “The challenge loser for the Possums is gone! Could they actually pull of a win with no one holding them back? Will they forgive Tiago for lying to all of them? Will Gerard choose to ignore his team and spend more time with the enemy? You’ll have to find out next time, on TOTAL. DRAMA. THE UNKNOWN!”

Episode 3: Moss Country

Chris stood on the classic dock, with the holes filled in with new wood. "Welcome, viewers, to the third episode of Total Drama the Unknown! Last time, Marc was sent home packing due to his clumsiness, but Tiago, the one we all thought was nice, betrayed his team. Could he be sent home next? Or could the Possums actually pull off a win? You'll have to watch to find out!"

After the team song plays, the camera shows the Male Termite's cabin, where Pam is sitting up, reading the map.

"I see. Yes. I agree, but we'll have to see how things play out." He put his ear closer. After what seemed like minutes, he shifted his head up. "I know, I know, but there's nothing I can do about it."

Tiago sat up from his bed, and rubbed his eyes. "Who are you talking to, Pam?" He yawned, and then looked over to Pam.

"No one," he replied. "No one you need to know about." He put the map in his pocket, and left the cabin.

Tiago stared, not knowing how to respond. Finally, he just got dressed, and walked out of his cabin, heading for the mess hall.

In the girls' cabin, they were both sleeping. However, Nadia kept shifting in her sleep.

"No," she muttered. "Leave me alone, Dad. I don't care! I just wanna-wanna..." She drifted off, and rolled off the bed.

"Agh!" she screamed. She rubbed her knee to ease the pain, and then stood up. "Grace? Hello?" She nudged her a little.

Grace turned over, and opened her eyes. "Yeah?"

"Do you want an alliance?" asked Nadia, sitting on the edge of Grace's bed.

"Well, I don't know. I mean it could really help, but you can be a little mean sometimes."

Nadia stood up. "What do you mean by that?"

"You just seem to dislike everyone around you. That's all."

Nadia glared at Grace, and got dressed. "Whatever, I'll be fine." She walked out, and slammed the door shut.

On her way to the mess hall, she glanced at the Termites' cabins. There was a lot of noise coming from the girl' side.

"I don't care if you like sketching, it will cause us to lose a challenge!" screamed Leah at Heidi.

Heidi threw down her pencil. "Maybe if you did care, people would actually like you!"

"Well, what's even the point of sketching here? You come here to win, not to draw people at their worst!" Leah sat down on her bed, and grabbed her pillow.

Heidi sat down on the same bed as Leah. "You know how you love sports? I love art the same way. You came here to improve in sports right? I came here to improve in art. We really aren't that different."

Leah smiled. "You're right, I guess. I'm sorry for being so mean to you, I just felt like you weren't doing anything."

Heidi shrugged. "I guess I wasn't doing much, and I realize that now. I'll try to do more I guess."

Leah reached in for a hug. "I can get lazy sometimes, too. In fact, I'm lazy a lot." Leah chuckled. "Wanna go for breakfast?"

Heidi broke from the hug. "Sure, but I'm going to sketch the food."

Leah put on a "are you kidding me?" face, but laughed, and the two walked to the mess hall.

Regina watched the two walked out, and got dressed. She then walked to the confessional, and said inside, "Well, I guess I'm a little bit of an outcast, but hey, I forget a lot of things. Maybe they actually talked to me a lot before, and I just can't remember. I just hope I can do good in this game."

In the boys' cabin for the Termites, not much talking was going on. Caleb was on his laptop, apparently very engaged. Gerard was watching Caleb, and Eric was already out of the cabin and in the mess hall.

"So, how exactly do you play?" asked Gerard.

"Well," began Caleb. "The mechanics of the game are fairly simple, requiring basic knowledge of the arrow keys. However, at higher levels things can get very complicated as rotations become essential, and conservation of your energy source can impact how you do. Plus, you'll most likely be facing real people, who are just as skilled as you, if not better."

Gerard barely followed it, but nodded. "So... Which one are you?"

Caleb pointed at the screen.

"A girl? Umm... isn't that a bit weird?" Gerard back away a little.

"No, of course not! Almost everyone in this game is a boy in real life, so nobody assumes anything. Anyway, would you like an alliance?"

Gerard was taken aback by the sudden question, but said, "Sure, why not? I'll need all the help I can get. I'm probably going next." Gerard pouted, and then motioned for Caleb to follow him. Caleb put down his laptop, and him and Gerard walked to the mess hall.

After a little while, both teams had gathered into the mess hall, with Gerard sitting at the Possums' table again.

"So, what was elimination like?" asked Gerard. He was sitting next to Tiago, who was whimpering again.

"Well," began Nadia, "we were originally going to vote Tiago because he lied to us, but we chose Marc instead when Grace pointed out that he caused us to lose twice."

Gerard nodded. "I see, but Marc had least didn't do it purposely. Tiago, while probably trying to help, lied to you on purpose, and tried to hide it."

Nadia glared over at Tiago. "Gerard's right, you know."

Tiago pouted, and sobbed a little. "I'm sorry, Nadia. I just didn't want our team to suffer."

Nadia sighed. "I know, but if we lose, you're probably going home tonight."

Tiago sobbed more, and hid his face in his hands.

Grace looked at Nadia. "See?"

Nadia stared blankly. "Oh. I guess you're right." Nadia remained silent, and began to eat.

Gerard sat there awkwardly for a little, and then walked back to his table.

"Yes, good luck to him, Map, good luck," crowed Pam.

At the Termite's table, everything was peaceful. Heidi and Leah were friends, Eric wasn't talking, and Caleb was on his laptop. Regina and Jahira were having a conversation, which no one was listening to.

Gerard sat down. “So, team, what’s going on?”

Everyone but Caleb and Regina glared at him.

“You don’t do challenges!” exclaimed Jahira, crossing her arms. “Even I do them!”

Gerard scoffed. "I just did the last challenge."

Jahira rolled her eyes. "Oh please, you just put in a little, tiny cut!"

Gerard chuckled. "At least I was mentioned in the story during the challenge."

The whole table looked at him, confused. "What?" they all asked simultaneously.

Gerard looked away in panic. "Nevermind. You didn't hear anything."

Just that moment, Chris burst in through the doors. "Challenge time!" he said with a certain amusement.

Everyone groaned, but stood up.

"What do we have to do, Chris?" asked Regina, smiling.

"Well, this challenge is pretty easy! All you have to do is travel to the other side of the island, enter a possum-infested cave, find a sample of radioactive moss, and then bring it back to me! Pretty easy, right?"

Everyone stared. They were all scared about the possums, knowing that they must be poisonous based on the name of one of the teams.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Go!" screamed Chris. The contestants were off. The rushed to the forest, hoping that it would act as a shortcut.

"I'm scared," groaned Tiago. He was walking with Pam, Nadia, and Grace.

"Don't be," said Grace with a tone of sympathy. "We'll be out soon.

The four continued through the forest in peace, while the other team had a harder time.

“Just one minute! Please!” begged Heidi. She was carrying her sketchbook, and wanted to sketch the forest scene.

“Not right now,” said Leah. “We need to have someone get to the moss first.”

They seven began walking again, but then Leah tripped, and then slammed her knee into a rock.

"You've GOT to be kidding me!" exclaimed Leah. She limped over to a nearby log, and waved her team on. "I'm good guys, really. Besides, I was getting tired."

"Are you sure?" asked Gerard. "I could stay here with you." He glanced at his team.

"Fine," said Jahira. "But if we lose, you're going home, Gerard! I don't want us one down because of you!"

Gerard shrugged. "You do realize that even with voting someone else out, we wouldn't be down one, right?"

"We'd still be in a tie!" exclaimed Jahira. She stalked off, and the others followed her. However, she crept back. "Sorry... I'm just never really in a good mood." She walked back to the group, and they began to head for the cave.

By the time both groups had made it to the caves, Leah was feeling better. Gerard noticed this and said, "Wanna head for the cave?"

Leah shook her head. "Nah, I don't feel like it."

Gerard stared, and then stood up. "Well, I don't wanna lose the challenge for our team. I'm going." He waved, and then turned, beginning to walk for the cave.

Inside the cave, Grace and Regina had walked down the same path while searching for the mold.

"So," began Regina, "how's your team doing?"

Grace did a gesture with her left hand. "Okay, I guess. They're a bit shaken from the two eliminations, and us being down by three, but we're holding up." Grace spotted the mold, and tried to get Regina away from it.

"Listen, I'm a nice person, and I don't want your team to be in ruins like mine. I think I saw some mold over there." She pointed down the right side of a fork, despite the mold being on the left. "It's right down there."

Regina ran over and hugged her. "Oh my God, thank you!" She rushed over to the tunnel, and Grace sprinted to the left tunnel.

Inside the left tunnel, Regina was cautiously walking down. She spotted something to the right, and tip-toed over. "Hello?" she asked. A low, growling sound came back.

Regina walked a little bit closer. "Hello?"

Out from the shadows came a green-skinned, hairless, teenage boy. He was wearing a green sweatshirt, and blue jeans.

"Ezekiel! Stop it!" screamed a girl's voice. The girl stepped out of the shadows as well, revealing her long, red hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt, and gray sweat pants. "I'm Maggie," she said.

Regina was shocked. "What are you two doing here?"

Maggie pointed down at Ezekiel. "Getting him back to normal. I'm an insomniac, so I barely fall asleep, especially around him. I'm extremely tired, but I just can't fall asleep. That's why I'm here. You can't be asleep while around this guy.

Regina nodded, and looked down at Ezekiel. He was holding a piece of moss. "Can I have that, sweetie?"

Ezekiel grunted, but nodded, handing her a piece of moss.

"Thank you, sweetie," she said. She waved to them, and rushed out.

At the same time, Grace was gathering her moss. "You're not kidding," said Grace, referring to Regina thanking God. She bended down, and pulled out a plastic bag. She used her fingernails to ply a sample off, and dropped it into the bag. She wiped her hands on her shorts, and then ran out of the cave. "Guys! Go! I got it!"

The four of the team rushed back into the woods, knocking back Gerard in their dash to the finish line. Gerard rubbed his head, and looked back.

"Crap," he muttered. He ran to the cave as quickly as he could, and saw that his team got the mold finally. "Guys, they're way ahead of us! We have to go!"

Jahira scoffed. "And you're gonna be the one to do it? Please! I think Eric should do it. He seems pretty good for challenges."

Eric gulped and nodded. He grabbed the bag silently, and backed away. He nodded, and then ran.

"God, help us, please," she begged.

Meanwhile in the forest, Eric was racing at full speed. He kept running, and managed to almost catch up to the Possums. He began to pass Leah, but she thought he was on the other team.

"Good luck, loser!" She extended her leg, and tripped him, sending him face-first into the ground.

Eric coughed and looked up. "Leah!" he screamed.

Leah stared, wide-eyed at what she saw. She had just caused her team to lose the challenge, and they were not going to be happy about it.

The Possums reached the finish line, with Eric and Leah coming about twenty minutes after. "I'm sorry, Eric," Leah whispered so no one else heard.

Eric shook his head, and walked to the border of the woods, waiting for his teammates. After an hour, they arrived, and saw the winners.

"Eric!" screamed Jahira. "You let us down! You are so going tonight!"

Chris chuckled, and then said, "Termites, elimination time!"

At the bonfire, everyone was tense. Nobody was sure how they felt, as it was their first elimination. The most worried were Eric and Leah.

By the time everyone had cast their votes, Leah and Eric were even more nervous. Leah was wondering why Eric had taken the blame, and was about to come clean. Eric was regretting taking the blame for Leah, but decided it was for the best.

"I have six marshmallows here," began Chris. "If you get one, you are safe. If you don't you can't come back, EVER."

He tossed one to Caleb, and another one to Regina. "You both are safe." He then passed another one to Leah, and then one to Jahira. In the bottom two were Gerard and Eric. Gerard was surprised, but confident. Eric was distraught.

"I'm sorry.... but Eric, you are..." He threw a marshmallow to Gerard. "Out."

Eric sighed, and then began to walk to the boat.

"Wait!" screamed Leah. "I tripped Eric during the challenge! I thought he was on the other team! I should go, not him. I quit in his place."

Jahira gasped, and then glared at Leah.

Eric shook his head. "No," he said. "I did this for a reason. I can overcome social differences anywhere. But in order to overcome what you want, you have to stay here. I'm sure by now I've learned to cope a little bit, being surrounded by people somewhat the same as me." He waved, and then walked out.

Leah sat down, defeated. "I'm sorry, Eric."

"Don't worry," said Eric. "I'll be fine." The boat pulled away, and Jahira stuck her nose up.

"Well at least we know who's going next!" She stood up, and turned her back on the team. "Good luck."

"Well," said Chris, "there you have it! Eric is gone, and Leah is standing on a tightrope! Will Leah go next? Will Jahira finally be eliminated for her meanness? Will people realize that Gerard could be an asset in the merge? Find out next time on TOTAL. DRAMA. THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 4: Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Chris stood on the ruined dock, once again, smiling. "Welcome back to Total Drama the Unknown! Last week, Eric was eliminated, despite Leah offering to go home for him! Now, these campers are gonna be in a little suprise! ...Or two." He winks, and the camera goes to the Poisonous Possums.

Pam was under the sheets, muttering something. Tiago sat up.

"Pam, why?" He glanced over.

Pam looked up from the sheets. "Leave me alone."

Tiago frowned, but climbed out of bed and went to the mess hall. In the girl's cabin, Nadia was awake and getting dressed. Grace was just waking up.

"Morning, Nadia." She stretched out her arms.

"Hey," said Nadia, putting her shoes on. "How was your sleep?"

Grace grinned. "Amazing. However, I was a little worried with Pam last night. God, he's probably nice deep down, but he scares me. I wish he could get out."

Nadia nodded. "Yeah, I see what you mean. We'll see." She waved, and walked to the mess hall. Grace got dressed soon, and followed.

In the Termites' cabin, Gerard was sleeping like a baby, and Caleb had bags under his eyes.

"Almost.... there! YES!" he screamed.

"Gah!" said Gerard. He shot up, and banged his head on the top bunk. "Ow, Caleb. What the hell?"

Caleb leaned into the screen. "I did it! I soloed Deathwing! I did it!"

Gerard sighed. "Are you kidding me? It took all night?"

Caleb glared over at him. "You try killing a molten-rock dragon that has different forms with just one character!"

Gerard blinked. "Bye." He got dressed as quick as he could, and left to go shower.

Caleb shrugged, and looked into the screen.

The girls' side was much more louder.

"I don't care!" shouted Jahira. "You are not allowed to use my lipstick!"

Heidi rolled her eyes. "I ran out of red paint. Sorry."

Jahira threw her shoe at her. "You will never touch my lipstick again! Do you hear me?"

Heidi glanced back at the shoe. "Sure, whatever."

Jahira was angry. "Ugh!" She stomped off with her shoe, and went to go get breakfast.

Leah began giggling. "Wow. She's got problems!"

Heidi nodded. "I know, right? Maybe we should try and get her out? What about you, Regina?"

Regina looked over, after hearing her name. "Oh, um, maybe. She can't be all that bad, though. Maybe we should go for a boy."

Leah put on a crooked smile. "I guess... Okay."

Leah goes into the Confessional and crosses her legs. "Okay, so that was odd. I wonder why she doesn't want Jahira out."

Regina went in after. She had her face in her hands. "I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I'm not sure, though. I just don't want to risk anything.

Both teams were sitting at their respective tables in the mess hall now, except for Gerard, who was sitting with the Possums.

"So, how was your first elimination?" Nadia joked.

Gerard pouted. "Not that good. I was in the bottom two. Luckily, Eric went home."

Nadia looked at the Termites' table. "I could tell."

Gerard looked back. "I still don't think they like me. Whatever. Their loss."

Grace nodded. "You don't seem that bad. Even if you can't compete in challenges."

Tiago agreed. "Yeah, although, they may not like you sitting here."

"Whatever," said Gerard. "I'm going next anyway. Might as well meet some people who don't want to get rid of me. Jahira's rude, Regina can't remember anything, so she'll go along with Jahira. Leah and Heidi, well, I don't know about them. A shame really."

"Yeah!" said Chris from behind him. "It is! That's why you're going to be joining the Possums!"

Gerard jumped. "What!"

Chris nodded. "Yep! At this rate, the Possums are losing, so I'll toss you over to their side so if they do lose again, they get to have a free vote."

Gerard glared. "Thanks Chris. Really"

Chris smiled. "No problemo!" He actually thought he had helped, and then went to the aisle. "Campers! Look at what's for breakfast!" He pointed at a table near the back of the mess hall. On it was turkey, bacon, beans, sausage, pancakes, syrup, and waffles.

Everyone cheered and rushed over. "Dig in! You all deserve it!"

Once everyone had finished, Chris was grinning like a four year old on Halloween. "Well then, now that you're all done... Challenge time! For today's challenge, you must stay awake as long as you can, but watch out! There's mutant bugs on the island!"

Nadia rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. Just something to scare us. It isn't going to work."

"We'll see," said Chris in a sing-song voice. "Follow me!"

The contestants looked at each other, and then proceeded to follow him. They followed him to the bonfire area, and they all sat down on stumps.

"Now, you guys will sit here for as long as you can! Good luck!"

Within just five minutes of the challenge, Caleb had fallen asleep.

"Are you kidding me?" howled Jahira. "It's been like two minutes!"

Gerard snickered. "He was up all night. Playing games."

Nadia laughed, too. Grace shrugged, but didn't seem to phased. Tiago just sat there.

Thirty more minutes had passed.

"This isn't really that bad," said Heidi. "It gives me time to ske- Leah!"

Leah slowly got up. "What? What?"

Heidi looked disappointed. "You fell asleep."

Leah blushed from embarrassment. "Oh... Sorry, I guess."

"Sorry?" asked Jahira. "All you can say is sorry? Wow. Good luck tonight, Leah!"

Leah looked away. "We'll see, Jahira. Good luck to you, too!"

Pam began to snore. "Oh, come on, Pam! Really?" said Nadia. "We are like an hour in, and you're asleep already? How?"

Tiago spoke up. "He was muttering stuff this morning. He was probably up all night praying or something."

Nadia brought her palm to her face, and dragged it down. "Of course. Whatever, we're still ahead. They have three left, and we have four. We're fine for now."

The challenge moved on for about five more hours.

"I'm actually getting a little tired," announced Regina. She yawned. "It must be my meds. They help jog my memory, but they make me drowsy."

Jahira looked at her. "You say that now?"

Regina shrugged. "I forgot."

Jahira stared. "My God..."

Regina frowned. "I'm sorry. I really am. I can't help this stuff."

Jahira looked away. "Whatever."

Another three hours passed. By this time, Tiago had fallen asleep. The Termites were riding on Heidi and Jahira. The Possums only had Nadia and Grace left.

"Well, we're doing good," said Grace. "I'm a little mad at Tiago, though. I thought he would have lasted longer. But, oh well, everyone makes mistakes."

"Everybody has those days," added Nadia, rolling her eyes.

"What?" asked Grace.

"Nevermind," replied Nadia.

Grace sighed. "Sorry, I'm just really too tired to get any references."

Nadia looked guilty. "Go to sleep."

Grace was taken back. "What? But then we could lose!"

Nadia nodded. "I know, but you really need the sleep."

Grace smiled. "Thank you." She scrunched up her body, and then feel asleep.

"Wow!" exclaimed Chris. "Jahira and Heidi are still awake! That's two to one in favor of the termites!"

Nadia scoffed. "I'm not losing this. I'd have to be dead for them to win!"

A roar was heard in the forest.

Chris winked. "That may just happen. Remember those bugs I told you about?"

Nadia's eyes widened. "Oh no..."

"Oh yes!" said Chris.

Heidi wasn't paying attention. She was busy sketching, but was beginning to feel tired. She blinked her eyes. Once. Twice. Third. Her eyes drooped, and then shut completely.

"Heidi! No, you idiot!" shouted Jahira.

The shout woke Nadia up a little, and she glanced over. "Ha."

Jahira looked at Nadia. "Oh please! I'm not losing this for my team!"

Suddenly, a cockroach had marched over the the bonfire. It roared, and began to chase down Nadia and Jahira.

"We're screwed!" shouted Nadia. She was pulling ahead of Jahira.

"I hate Chris!" Jahira screamed back. She was picking up speed, but then tripped over a rock. She fell down, knocked her head, and fainted.

By the time she woke up, she was in the infirmary. "What happened?"

Chris was sitting in a chair, reading a fashion magazine. "You bumped your head. Your team lost. Blah blah blah. Oh, and you don't have a concussion. You're free to go."

Jahira climbed out of the stretcher, and put her shoes on. "Okay..." She walked out of the tent, and found her team at the bonfire.

"Jahira, you're here," said Chris. "Go vote!"

Jahira walked groggily to the outhouse, and wrote down her vote. When she walked back, Chris retrieved the votes, and began to hand out the marshmallows.

"Heidi, Caleb. Here you go." He tossed them marshmallows. "Leah."

She caught her marshmallow, and stuck her tongue out at Jahira.

Chris was still grinning. "The last marshmallow goes to... Jahira! Regina, you're out. Do you remember where the boat is?"

Regina began to cry a little, and sniffled. "Yeah. Bye guys. Good luck Leah and Heidi!" She walked down to the boat, and waved back to them. The boat pulled away, and Chris looked at the camera.

"Wow, last time you were here, you were a person ahead. Now, you're one person down. Good luck you guys!"

Episode 5: Have a Ball

Chris stood on the dock, per usual. "Well viewers, today will be a sad day! The challenge will have nothing to do with the radioactivity. But fear not, there will still be a whole lot of drama!"

Inside the Possums' girl cabin, Nadia and Grace were talking.

"Who do you want next?" asked Nadia. She was getting her shoes on.

"I don't know," responded Grace. "Everyone here is sort of nice, with the exception of Pam. But I feel bad for him. I hope that he learns the map isn't a 'guide.' Also, Tiago's being really nice. I hope it isn't an act."

Nadia agreed. "Some people are nice, and some people are faking it. We don't know."

Grace said, "I know, right? Maybe Tiago is lying to us. I don't think he is, though."

On the boys' side, Gerard and Pam were talking.

"So, you like the map from the Dora show?" Gerard was looking at him oddly.

Pam nodded underneath his black hood. "He helped me through a tough time. I can't just leave him."

Gerard blinked. "Um, isn't he fake?"

Pam stomped his foot on the ground. "Of course not! Are you trying to say I'm friends with something that's fake?"

Gerard's eyes widened. "No! Of course not! I'm gonna go get breakfast now," said Gerard. He was trying to avoid Pam's accusations. The answer to that question was actually yes, but he couldn't say that. "Wanna come?"

"Okay," Pam said. He got up, and the two walked out the door.

Inside the Possums' boy's cabin, Caleb was sleeping like a child. He had abandoned his computer on another bunk, finally catching up on his sleep. He got out of bed quietly, and went to breakfast.

The girls were getting along peacefully in their cabin. The only reason was that Leah had locked Jahira in the confessional all night.

Heidi woke up, and peered around the room. "Where's Jahira?"

Leah was smirking. "Oh, probably at breakfast."

Heidi shrugged, not thinking anything of Jahira getting up early. "Okay, wanna go eat?"

"Okay, let's go." Leah walked to the door, as did Heidi. While they walked to the mess hall, Leah and Heidi heard thumps coming from the confessional.

"What's that?" asked Heidi, looking around.

"Nothing!" exclaimed Leah, dragging Heidi along. "I hope we have good food for breakfast again!"

Heidi glanced at her. "Okay... Yeah."

When they arrived, they began to dig in with Caleb, who finally caught up on his sleep.

"Where's Jahira?" he asked. He reached down for another spoonful.

"We don't know," said Heidi. "She wasn't in the cabin this morning. We thought she came here early."

Caleb stared. "You thought she came here early?"

Heidi shrugged. "People can change."

"Not that much," said Caleb.

"LEAH! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!" screamed Jahira's shrill voice.

"Oh, crap," muttered Leah.

Jahira stormed into the mess hall, her hair disheveled, and one of her shoe's heel broken. "You locked me in that outhouse for the whole night!"

Leah said, "And so what if I did? You're out now."

Jahira's eye twitched. "You. are. so. out." She rushed out of the mess hall to go get cleaned up.

Heidi glared at Leah. "That wasn't a good thing to do."

Leah rolled her eyes. "She had it coming to her. What did you expect?"

Heidi stood up. "I'd expect you to want to keep our team together, but I guess that doesn't matter to you."

Leah stood up now, too. "It does, but I'm not gonna let her act the way she does! She's just rude!"

"So then vote her out!" said Heidi. "We could have done that. But you didn't have to lock her in a filthy outhouse!"

Leah sat down, defeated. "Fine, but can we please vote her out next?"

Heidi nodded. "Sure. Caleb, will you?"

Caleb agreed eagerly. "Oh, yes! She annoys me so much! I'll be glad to see her go."

In the confession, Caleb was chuckling. "Please, like I'd try and get rid of someone who annoys everyone else? Please! In the merge, I could let her be my pawn, and take all the blame!"

At the Possums' table, Nadia was talking to Pam.

"Hey, Pam. How was your sleep?"

Pam said nothing. He opened his map, and pointed.

There was a picture of a pillow.

"Oh, good," said Nadia. She was a little weirded out, but didn't want to show it. "That's really good."

Pam tucked the map away, and smiled underneath his hood. "Yes."

Gerard and Nadia looked at each other, and then Gerard began to whistle.

"So, guys, we gonna win again today?" asked Tiago.

Everyone nodded, but Nadia was unsure.

"I don't know. We don't really have that much of an advantage."

"Don't say that!" said Tiago. "Keep your hopes up, and keep believing!"

Nadia was in the confessional. "Okay, I don't really want a motivational speech right now. I don't need one."

In the mess hall, Grace was agreeing with Tiago. "I agree with you! Everyone here is so great, so we should just know that we're going to win by now!"

Nadia grumbled, "Not really."

But before her team could respond, Chris walked in with Jahira. "Challenge time! Follow me!"

The camera skipped forward to the nine teens in a basketball court surrounded by glass.

"Here we are, the Dodgeball Arena!" said Chris. "And it just so happens that today's challenge will be dodgeball! Gerard will be sitting out for the Possums. You guys will play three rounds, and whoever wins two rounds first wins! Any questions?"

Everyone shook their head, and Nadia scoffed.

"Like we didn't know how to play dodgeball?" she said.

Chris threw a ball at her, and she ducked.


Chris grumbled about something, and then demanded that the first round began.

Leah pelted a ball at Pam, and immediately got him out.

"Okay," was all he said.

Heidi and Caleb cheered, and Jahira threw a ball gingerly at Nadia, who caught it.

"Nice try, princess."

Jahira stuck her tongue out, and went to the bleachers.

Tiago threw a ball softly at Caleb, because he didn't want to hurt him. Despite the soft toss, Caleb still was hit.

"How?" asked Leah.

Caleb looked down. "My hands hurt from typing so much."

Leah grunted, and then chucked a ball at Tiago, who got out.

"Oh well," said Tiago, shrugging off getting out.

Nadia noticed this, but her attention went back to the game. "Grace, watch out!"

Leah had thrown another ball, but despite Nadia's warning, Grace still got out.

"Ah! Sorry Nadia! Thanks for trying though!" She walked up to her, and whispered in her ear, "What was that with Tiago? I hope he tries harder. I know he can."

"Go team! We can still win!" Tiago was encouraging his team to win, despite the fact that most of them were sitting on the bleachers.

Heidi was sketching during this whole time, and didn't notice a ball coming straight for her head.

"Yes!" shouted Nadia. It was now down one to one. Her versus Leah.

Leah just laughed. "Good luck!" She chucked a ball at Nadia, and Nadia dodged it. As she was coming up from a duck, another ball came flying straight at her.

"Oh!" she screamed as the ball made contact with her face.

"And the Termites win Round One!" announced Chris. "Let Round Two begin!"

The round began once again, and Jahira tried her hardest. She had a feeling she may be in trouble if she lost. She threw a ball at Tiago, who got out again.

"Sorry guys! But you guys can still win without me! You just have to stay strong!"

Nadia rolled her eyes, and didn't see a ball, that hit her in the leg. Caleb had thrown it.

"Oh, God. Wow. Nice throw I guess." She sat down on the bleachers without blinking, and looked at her team, which was losing.

"Take that!" said Leah as she got Pam out, once again.

"The map knows what is best for me." He walked off the court.

Grace was the last one on her team, but was still in a good mood. "I won't let you guys down!" She drilled a ball at Jahira.

Jahira ducked down, and put her hands in front of her face. The ball went straight for her head, but she had caught it miraculously.

"The Termites win!" announced Chris happily. "Possums, elimination time!"

Nadia was talking with both Gerard and Pam. "Do you guys want to go for Tiago? He let us down this challenge."

Gerard agreed. Pam said nothing, but Nadia was confident that he had agreed as well.

Grace came over. "Guys, I'm worried about Tiago. I don't think he cares about our team. Well, I guess he does, just not as much as before. He is still really nice, though."

Nadia nodded. "I guess."

At the elimination ceremony, Chris had four marshmallows on a tray. "One of you will be going home. Four of you will be safe. But who are those four?"

Everyone looked confident.

"One of those four is..." He tossed a marshmallow to Nadia. "Nadia. Another one is Gerard."

Gerard caught his marshmallow.

"Grace, you're safe, too."

Grace chewed her marshmallow, and looked at Tiago.

"One marshmallow left... and the person safe is..." He held the marshmallow up.

Tiago smiled confidently, while Pam showed no emotion.


The marshmallow hit Pam's face, and fell to the ground.

"But why?" asked Tiago. "I was so nice! I didn't say one bad thing!"

"But," said Nadia, "you did bad in the challenge, and tried to hide a lie from us. Not that good."

Tiago frowned for the first time, and walked ignorantly to the dock. "Well good luck you guys! You'll need it without me!"

Chris laughed. "He may just be right. I guess you guys will find out next time on TOTAL. DRAMA. THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 6: Left 4 Drama

Chris was smiling away on the dock, obviously excited about the episode. "Welcome, viewers to another episode of Total Drama the Unknown! Last week, Tiago's happiness finally got the best of him, and his constant cheery demeanor began to annoy others! He was sent packing, leaving him distraught! Now, the teams are tied in numbers, which can only mean one thing on this day before the merge... Drama!"

Inside the female side of the Possum cabin, Grace was sitting down and thinking to herself while she was alone, as Nadia had gone to breakfast.

"What am I supposed to do? I like everyone here... I can't just let them all lose. But, there are some downsides to them. Gerard's condition just makes him useless sometimes. Pam is just creepy. Nadia is nice, but I feel like she just doesn't like some people. I like them, but I wish they were nicer." She sighed, and then got up.

"Wow," whispered a lanky boy from outside. Caleb had heard the whole thing, and he knew what he had to do.

"Breaking news!" he screamed as he walked into the mess hall. Grace was sitting there, eating her breakfast with her team.

"Grace, the so-called nice girl, has besmirched her team! She called on member creepy!" He looked at Pam. "One of them anti-social!" He looks at Nadia. "And she calls another one of them useless!"

Grace glanced around the room anxiously. "No, I didn't."

Caleb grinned. "But you did! Why can't you just admit it?"

Grace looked at Nadia, who was looking at her questioningly.

"Did you?" she asked.

Grace sniffled, and nodded. "I'm sorry! I had bad thoughts! I did, okay? Does that really make me a bad person?"

Nadia laughed. "Of course not! Everyone has bad thoughts! There's nothing wrong with it."

Grace loosened up. "Really?"

Gerard said, "Yeah! You're not supposed to like everyone, are you? Look at what happened to Tiago!"

Grace chuckled. "Yeah I guess. Sorry guys."

"It's fine," said a low voice from the other end of the table. Pam had spoken up, despite usually remaining quiet. "Most of the time, I don't like you guys, but I put up with you."

Nadia rolled her eyes. "Oh, thanks."

Pam laughed. "Yeah."

Gerard was in the confessional. "Did Pam just laugh? Oh God, this is gonna be bad."

Back the in the mess hell, the Termites were talking about Caleb's accusations as well.

"Really Caleb, really?" asked Heidi. "That was just cruel! Why would you try and oust her to her team? She's allowed to have feelings!"

Caleb shrugged. "And I'm allowed to talk, aren't I?"

Caleb walked into the confessional. "Okay, Chris shut down the internet here at camp for me. I have to find something to keep my mind occupied!"

At the Termites' table, Leah was disappointed, too. "Even though they're the enemy, you can't just disrespect them like that. I have to agree with Heidi."

Jahira was filing her nails. "Do what you gotta do, man."

Heidi glared at her. "But do the right thing!"

"Whatever gets you farther," she said, now putting on her lipstick.

Heidi coughed. "No, you still have to be nice to people!"

"But than you're a threat. If you're mean, then you get farther. Simple as that."

"Is that what you honestly believe?" Heidi asked.

Jahira put her lipstick in her bag. "Of course. Look how good I'm doing."

Leah stared at her. "So that's why you're acting the way you are? To make it far?"

Jahira shrugged. "Yeah. As of now, it's working."

Heidi shook her head disapprovingly, and Leah began to eat.

The contestants soon finished their meals, and wondered why Chris hadn't called them yet. They then heard screaming coming from outside.

"Help! Help!"

The contestants ran outside, only to see armies of mutant squirrels surrounding the island. Among them were occaisonally beavers, ducks, raccoons, sharks, or seagulls.

"What the hell?" asked Gerard.

On the ground was a sticky note, and Heidi went to pick it up. "If your reading this, your challenge has begun. You must fight with your teams to make it to your now-moved cabins on the top of the cliff. The first person there wins for their team."

Heidi, realizing she read this out loud, began to run through the squirrels. Her team charged with her.

"Go, go, go!" screamed Leah. The squirrels soon overpowered Caleb, who was dragged beneath them.

"Caleb!" shouted Jahira. She beat them away with her purse, only to find that Caleb was missing.

"We have to keep going!" yelled Heidi. Her and Leah were fighting ahead.

"Well!" shouted Nadia. "What are we waiting for?"

The Possums then ran into the crowd of squirrels, and Nadia managed to push through the first clump. Behind her was Grace and Gerard, and Pam hadn't moved.

"Pam! Get over here!" Nadia commanded.

Pam shook his head. "The map says not to go yet."

Nadia groaned, and began to rush ahead with Grace and Gerard. Suddenly, a seagull swooped down, and grabbed Grace by her shirt, pulling her into the air.

"Let go of me!" She tried beating at the seagull with her hand, but failed. She was carried off, and was not seen again. However, her shoe fell to the ground, and the squirrels scattered after one was knocked out.

Pam walked across the past-length of the squirrels.

"Well then," said Nadia.

The team moved ahead, trying to keep up with Jahira, Leah and Heidi.

"Pam, have you asked the map anything?" Nadia said, beginning to believe that Pam was actually right about the piece of junk.

Pam shook his head. "He told me last to keep going."

Nadia sighed, and then kept walking. They came upon the second wave of squirrels, which Leah and Jahira had been crossing. They saw nothing of Heidi.

"Leah, where's Heidi?" she shot up towards her.

Leah didn't look back. "We haven't seen her! I think she was swallowed!"

Pam looked down, and took the map out of his pocket. He raised it to the sky, and began to listen, but soon, a huge wailing was heard.

"What is that?" shouted Jahira.

Inside the crowd of squirrels was a duck, which was letting out a loud squeal, attracting even more squirrels to the seen.

"Wow," said Gerard. "The duck is just like a person from a game I play!"

Nadia asked, "Then how do we kill it?" She had her ears covered.

Gerard frowned. "It's extremely difficult!"

"I hate Chris!" she exclaimed.

"Same!" he said back.

Gerard glanced behind him, but didn't see Pam. "Pam? Pam? Where are you?"

It soon struck him that Pam had dropped the map, and had gone into the squirrels to retrieve it.

"What an idiot," he said to Nadia, who kicked a squirrel in the head.

"I know, but he was right about the map! How did he know that otherwise?"

"Maybe he's just smart?" He smacked a squirrel across the face.

Leah and Jahira had got to talking.

"So why do you act so mean?" Leah asked.

"I just wanna make it far. I mean, look at Heather! She was a snake, and she came in both second and third! I just wanted to make it far."

Leah said, "I see what you mean. But you shouldn't really do that. People can get fed up with it."

Jahira looked down. "I know, I know. But it's hard when you really wanna win, you know?"

Leah smiled. "Yeah. Wait! Watch out!"

A raccoon was sprinting at Jahira, and its claws grew about two feet. It hissed, and lunged at Jahira's face.

Jahira swung up her bag, and hit the raccoon right in the side. The raccoon went flying into a mass of squirrels, and Leah took this time to run through the gaps. She sprinted through, and could see the top of the cliff.

"We're going to win!" she exclaimed. Jahira cheered, and didn't noticed she was being swallowed.

Leah stopped. "Jahira!"

Jahira responded, "Go on! I'll be fine! Just win the challenge!"

Leah nodded, and her confidence grew. She rushed up to the top. "Yes!"

Chris welcomed her with a smile. "Congrats! You won the challenge for your team! And now, the Possums got to vote another person out!"

Nadia reached the top without Gerard. "Again?"

Chris grinned. "Oh yes!"

He motioned his hand, and Gerard, Caleb, Heidi, Grace, Pam, and Jahira came out from their cabins.

"You heard me, right Possums? You gotta vote someone out!"

Gerard groaned, Pam remained silent, and Grace pouted.

"I'm sorry again guys. I shouldn't have insulted you! You really are great people!" She was sincere, but this is what got on Nadia's nerves.

"Okay! We get it! You don't have to apologize for being human! You aren't a saint, okay? You don't need to act like you have to be!"

Grace sniffled. "I know." She walked up to Gerard. "Listen, Gerard, don't you think Nadia's being a little mean? All I wanted to do was apologize!"

Gerard said, "Yeah, I know."

"Thanks for accepting my apology," she said. "I knew you'd understand."

"Tick tock!" said Chris, tapping his wrist. "Time to vote someone out!"

At the bonfire ceremony, Nadia sat confidently on her stump.

"I have only three marshmallows tonight," Chris told them. "One of you will not receive one. However... Pam, you get one." He tossed it at Pam, and it fell to the ground.

"Okay then... the next person to get a marshmallow is Gerard!"

Gerard caught it, and ate it in one bite. "At least there's a small plus to losing!"

Chris rolled his eyes, and looked back between Nadia and Grace. "One of you is safe.... Nadia."

He tossed her the marshmallow, and she caught it graciously.

"What!" exclaimed Grace. "B-but, Gerard! I thought we were cool?"

Gerard nodded. "We are, but you were the first one on our team out of the challenge. And that whole apology annoyed me, too. You act like you have to be perfect sometimes."

Grace sighed. "I know. You're right. So, bye, I guess." She winked. "I'm not sorry."

Nadia and Gerard smiled at her, and waved as she boarded the boat.

"Bye guys! Good luck! Pam, remember, always follow your heart!"

Pam spat on the ground. "Why must you guys always doubt th-"

Chris interrupted him. "Anyone want to hear a little twist?"

No one said anything, and crickets chirped.

"Well since you're so eager," Chris said, with a cough, "it's time for the merge!"

Gerard's eyes widened, and Nadia spit out her marshmallow.

"Crap!" they both screamed.

Chris chuckled, and began to sign off. "Yep, it's time for the merge, and the Possums are down by one person! Could they pull off a hat trick, and take over the previous Termites in the merge?" He laughed again. "I don't think so. But hey, you never know. I guess we'll find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 7: Waste Not, Want Not

Chris greeted the audience as usual, with his token smile. "Welcome viewers, to another episode of Total Drama the Unknown! Last time, Grace's apologies were heartfelt, but led to heartbreak when she was voted out! At the end of the episode, the Possums learned that they had reached the merge, and now must be worried that they could get voted out one by one!"

All of the contestants were in the mess hall at this point, sitting at a single table.

"So," began Gerard, trying to break the ice. "One team now... What should we call ourselves?"

"Does it really matter?" asked Nadia. "We don't really need a name. They didn't have any names in the other seasons."

"What about the Venomous Pigs?" asked Chris. He was standing at the head of the table. "I've decided to give you guys a names, so I don't have to address you one by one!"

"Oh, thanks," Jahira said sarcastically. "Can we eat without you being here?"

Chris put on a face. "Fine." He walked away, grumbling on about something having to do with "meddlesome kids".

Heidi was sketching everyone on the table. "Wow guys, we made it to the merge. I guess we all did really good."

Pam shook his head. "The map says now is the time we all betray each other, and things get intense."

Jahira rolled her eyes. "You actually believe that thing can talk? You've got problems."

Pam stood up. "I'm not going to take your rude comments! The map and I will not tolerate it!"

Jahira stood up as well. "Oh yeah, well the map can't tolerate anything! It can't talk!"

Pam scoffed, and then walked out of the cafetaria.

Jahira sat back down, and Nadia, Heidi, and Leah looked at her.

"What?" she said, taking her nail filer out. "Someone's gotta tell him the truth."

"But you didn't have to be that harsh," explained Leah.

Jahira applied some lipstick. "Whatever."

"So, can we talk about something else?" asked Gerard.

"World of Warcraft?" asked Caleb hopefully. He was put down by Jahira with a smack to the face.

"No," she said bluntly.

Caleb looked embarrassed, and went to the confessional. "Okay, so maybe it would be a good idea to get Jahira out."

Back in the mess hall, the now merged team was sitting awkwardly and quietly, just like in the beginning.

Chris then burst through the doors. "Challenge time!"

He tossed a small bust of his head to Leah, who caught it.

"At the end of the day, if that statue is in your possession, you're automatically out! And then we'll have a vote with no immunity!"

Everyone but Leah rushed out of the room.

"So I just gotta give this to someone?" she said.

"Yeah," said Chris. "And don't forget, there's a double elimination tonight!"

Leah groaned, and got up to go find someone.

On her way to the girls' cabin, she found Gerard and Pam talking behind the Confessional. She knew that Pam couldn't see, so she snuck up behind Gerard, and stuck the bust into his pocket.

"So, Pam, we gonna go for Leah tonight?" he asked.

Pam nodded. "The map has said she's a threat."

Leah gasped.

Gerard spun around. "What are you doing here? Where's the bust?"

Leah stuttered, "Umm, I-I, gave it to Caleb."

"Oh," said Gerard. "How much did you hear?"

Leah shook her head. "Nothing. I just got here."

"Oh, okay," said Gerard, turning back to Pam.

Leah rushed away, happy that she had given the statue to Gerard.

She ran into her cabin, and Heidi was sitting there.

"Oh! Please don't give me the statue!" She had out her sketch pad in front of her face, hiding from view.

Leah sat down, and said to her calmly, "Don't worry. I gave it to Gerard. And guess what? He was trying to get me out!"

Heidi laughed. "Nice. So now Gerard is out most likely? Wow."

Leah nodded, "Yeah, and we can vote Jahira off tonight."

Heidi looked confused. "What do you mean? It's a double elimination?"

"Yeah," said Leah. "Two people are going home."

"Gerard and Jahira," Heidi said confidentially.

"Gerard and Jahira," Leah repeated.

Meanwhile, Jahira was with Nadia and Caleb.

"So guys, I say we get out Leah." She was applying another layer of lipstick.

"Okay," said Nadia. "She is kind of a threat. She does great in challenges!"

Caleb agreed. "Yeah, we can't be sure about her."

Caleb was in the confessional again. "Yeah, bye Jahira!"

Back with Gerard and Pam, Gerard still hadn't noticed he had the bust.

"So when did you start liking the map?" He played with the dirt on the ground.

Pam looked up from the ground. "When I was in middle school. I mean, I always liked him, but that's when he really started helping me."

Gerard said, "Oh. Cool."

"You're pocket," Pam said randomly.

"What?" Gerard asked, bewildered.

"Look in your pocket." He reached his hand forward, and he pulled out the head from Gerard's pocket.

"Bye!" screamed Gerard. He didn't want that statue, and he was sure it was better that Pam had it.

Pam glared from under his hood. "Nasty. You were right, Map. It was a time for betraying." He got up, and walked nonchalantly to the boys' cabin.

"Good luck, Gerard." He dropped the statue into Gerard's backpack, and walked out of the cabin.

Meanwhile, Nadia and Caleb were strategizing, while Jahira went to go shower.

"Are you really going to vote Leah?" Caleb said.

Nadia looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was there. "Maybe. Leah is a threat, but Jahira gets on my nerves. It's really a toss-up. I guess it depends on who gets out from the head."

Caleb nodded, and took out his laptop. "I'm going to see if Chris turned down th- It's up! The internet is up! Oh glory be, yes! The internet is up!"

Nadia rolled her eyes and got up. "Well, congrats. I'm gonna go take a shower, and then maybe a nap."

Caleb had his eyes glued to the screen, and didn't even acknowledge her.

"Okay, bye!" she said, a little annoyed.

She walked into the showers, and found Jahira getting changed.

"Oh, hi there," Jahira said, putting her towel in a basket. "You still for Leah?"

Nadia shrugged. "I really don't know right now. I guess so. There's not really any other options."

Jahira smiled smugly. "I thought so, too. Anyway, have you seen the head lately?"

Nadia shook her head. "No. I wonder if Leah still has it. Hopefully she does."

Jahira grinned. "I know, right?"

Suddenly, a siren went off, signaling the end of the challenge.

"Ready?" Nadia asked.

Jahira nodded, and the two went to the mess hall.

Chris stood there, and everyone else was sitting at the tables.

"Now, now, kiddies, it's time to announce who's out!" he exclaimed. "Leah first started out with the head, but she got rid of it! She is safe!"

Leah smiled.

"Now, JahiraNadia, Caleb and Heidi never touched the head, so they are safe as well!"

Pam and Gerard looked at each other, and glared.

"Now, Gerard or Pam? Well Gerard was given the head by Leah, and when he found out, he gave it to Pam."

"Yes! I'm safe!" Gerard exclaimed.

"Not quite," said Chris. "You see, when you left, Pam went into your cabin, and placed the head in one of your bags, thus making it in your possession."

"What does that mean?" asked Gerard in disbelief.

"It means you're out, Gerard." Chris was happy beyond belief, and was even more excited that another camper was going to be out in just a matter of hours.

Gerard sat there, silent. He got up after a few moments, and just walked out.

"Well then, who's ready to vote someone out?" Chris walked out the door, too, now, and everyone else followed suit.

At the bonfire, tensions were very high. Leah, Pam, and Jahira were all nervous.

Chirs was holding the marshmallows, and was for once, sad. "Okay... Caleb, Heidi, Nadia... You are all safe." He tossed them all their marshmallows.

Leah got even more worried, but now Jahira gained confidence.

"Pam," said Chris.

For once, Pam caught his marshmallow, but he didn't eat it. He simply stored it in his pocket.

"Now... one marshmallow left... Leah, or Jahira?" He motioned his arm between the two, and finally rested it. "Leah."

She caught the marshmallow, and immediately ate it. "Yes!"

Jahira got up, and walked to the boat with Gerard. "I guess maybe being mean wasn't the best strategy, but whatever. Sorry for being so rude guys!"

Leah got up and walked over. "So you actually believed you would make it far by being mean?"

Jahira sighed. "Yeah. Whatever though, I've learned my lesson." She hugged Leah. "Good luck."

Leah smiled, and hugged back. "Thanks!"

Jahira smiled too, and then walked onto the boat with Gerard. The boat pulled away, and Jahira and Gerad waved goodbye.

"Well now," said Chris. "Jahira and Gerard are out, and we're down to the final five! Will someone win immunity? Will Pam's keeping the marshmallow be a sign that it could play a part in the next episode? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 8: Eat, Build, Run

Chris once again stood on the docks, greeting the viewers. "Once again, we are here to watch Total Drama the Unknown! Last week, Jahira was voted out by her own teammates, and Gerard was eliminated after betraying his ex-friend, Pam! Still, the old Possums are down by two members. Will they be able to recover! Tune in to see!"

In the mess hall, Leah and Heidi were talking about Jahira.

"I feel a little bad now," said Heidi. "She actually thought that having that bad of an attitude would get her far."

Leah shrugged. "Whatever, her problem. She should have known what was in store for her."

Heidi sighed. "I guess. She really should have been nicer. So Pam, how are you?"

Pam looked over to her from his hood. "Oh good, thanks. The map says I should be more sociable. It will be a hard task."

Leah rolled her eyes. "So you're gonna talk more? Joy."

Pam frowned. "The map is never wrong."

Caleb interrupted. "Let him listen to the map, Leah. He has the right to."

"Whatever," Leah said.

Caleb was in the Confessional. "Are you kidding me, Chris? You cut me off from the internet again? Do you hate me? Now I have to go back to manipulating!"

Chris was sitting in the Confessional. "Yes Caleb, I do hate you."

Back in the mess hall, Nadia and Caleb were strategizing at a different table.

"So, do you want to get Heidi out next?" asked Nadia. Leah and Heidi went to the bathroom for make-up, and they weren't going to worry about Pam.

Caleb said, "If we can't get Leah, yeah."

"Well, odds are that Leah will win immunity," she replied.

Caleb nodded, and looked at the door. "They're gonna be back soon, let's go back to Pam."

They both got out of their seats, and went to sit with Pam. Leah and Heidi then came through the door, and sat down, too.

"We're so close to the end," said Nadia in disbelief. "We've all come so far. Good job to us all."

Everyone nodded in agreement, even Pam.

Soon, during the silence that followed, Chris walked in nonchalantly. "Challenge time!"

To him, those words were like music, but to the campers, the scratching sound that came from a chalkboard.

"For today's challenge, you must eat the food in front of you." Chef brought five plates of grub with jalapeno peppers.

"That's all?" asked Nadia.

"Nope!" exclaimed Chris happily. "After you finish, you must run to your cabin, and assemble a totem pole of the eliminated contestants heads, in the correct order they were eliminated! And after that, you must run back here!"

Everyone but Leah groaned.

"Sounds easy," she said.

Chris then signaled for the challenge to begin, and everyone dug in.

Caleb had a heart time eating, as it was a huge meal for him and his small body. Pam was eating slowly. Nadia was shoving the food down as fast as she could, as was Leah. Leah was pulling ahead. Heidi was eating fast, too, but nowhere near Nadia's and Leah's speeds.

"Done!" Leah screamed. She shot up from the table and bolted out of the door. In about twenty more seconds, Nadia had ran out, too.

At the cabins, Leah and Nadia were struggling to build their totems. Leah couldn't think of anything, while Nadia had gotten both Sarah and Marc.

Heidi rushed over. "Leah! I'll help you! Here!" She threw her sketchbook over to Leah, who caught it.

"Thank you!" She stacked up Sarah, Marc, Eric, Regina, and Grace. "Yes! I got this!" She stacked up Gerard, and then Jahira. "Thank you so much!"

She threw the sketchbook to the ground, and ran to the mess hall.

Heidi stared at her sketchbook and then picked it up. She then went to the Confessional. "Okay, was that rude? Yes. But will I allow it? Only because she's my friend."

Nadia had copied Leah's totem pole, and then ran, too. But she was too late. When she arrived, Leah was standing near Chris.

"Leah wins immunity!" he announced.

Nadia groaned, and went to sit down with Pam and Caleb. Caleb had just finished, and Pam had stopped eating.

"So, Heidi, you guys?" she asked.

Caleb nodded. Pam made no indication that he heard her.

"Okay, fine." She got up, and walked to the bonfire ceremony.'

There, Chris was holding four marshmallows. "Leah, here you go!"

She caught it.

"Pam, Caleb!" He tossed the marshmallows. Much to everyone's shock, Pam had eaten his in one bite.

"Damn, Pam. You actually ate yours," said Chris. "Whatever, one marshmallow left... Heidi, or Nadia?" He made a throwing motion towards Nadia, and pulled back. "Heidi. You're safe!"

Nadia gasped. "But Caleb and Pam said they would vote with me!"

Pam shook his head. "I did no such thing. When did I ever say yes?"

Nadia stood up. "Fine! I kept you, and this is what you do to me, Pam? Bye! I hope you lose!" She stormed off to the boat, and the boat pulled away.

"Wow, four left," said Chris. "Two away from the finale! Will Leah be able to drag her best friend Heidi along?"

"Hey!" shouted Heidi.

"Will Pam realize that the map is fake?"

"Excuse me?" he said.

"Or will Caleb get voted out for backstabbing his old teammates?"

Caleb blushed.

"Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 9: Lord of the Lies

The camera did not pan in to Chris like usual, but onto the contestants in their bunk beds in the woods. Heidi began to stir.

"Where are we?" she asked, touching a bump on her heard.

A flashback goes to Chef whacking her in the head with a frying pan to keep her asleep.

Back in the present, Caleb wakes up, too. "I think we're in... the woods!"

Heidi looked around and saw only trees. "What does Chris think he's doing?"

"It's probably a challenge," said Pam monotonously. "We have to get back to the cabins, maybe."

Caleb screamed in horror. "My laptop! It's in the cabin! Who knows what Chef or Chris might do with it?"

Leah got up, and rolled her eyes. "Maybe they're going to delete all of the files off."

Caleb's eyes teared up, and he began to bawl in fetal position. "My compy! My compy!"

Leah rolled her eyes again, and climbed the ladder down to the grass. "So which way is the camp?"

Heidi shrugged. "How could we know? We've never been to the woods before."

"Wait!" exclaimed Leah. "Pam has the map!"

Pam nodded, and climbed out of bed. "I do, but I cannot simply let you have him. You've mocked him and me, so why should we help you?"

Leah stood there speechless.

Heidi struggled to find words. "Well, umm, we could die out here. Would you want us to die?"

Pam shooked his head. "Of course not, but if I make it back, Chris will probably rescue you."

Caleb's cries were still being heard.

"Well, what if he doesn't?" asked Leah. She was begininng to get annoyed by Pam's coldness, and was ready to steal the map from him.

"That is your problem," said Pam unemotionally. He began to walk off, and Leah and Heidi followed him.

"Come on! Why can't you help us in the slightest?" complained Leah.

Pam just kept walking, and ignored her.

Leah stopped and turned around. "Come on Heidi, let's get Caleb. He'll help us."

They walked back, upset, to Caleb, who finally stopped crying.

He sniffled. "So what are we going to do?"

Leah pointed. "We'll go that way. Maybe his map is wrong, and we'll make it back to camp."

"Or," began Heidi, "we could just followed him, and you run to the end to beat him."

Caleb was in the confessional. "Go Pam. No, seriously. If he wins, we have a chance to vote off Leah! If she goes, I'll win for sure!"

The three than began to stalk Pam's movements, until Caleb tripped, knocking Leah over.

"Ah! Caleb, how did you trip?" She was grabbing her ankle.

"I don't know. I'm kind of clumsy." He frowned.

Leah got back up on her feet and glared. "Okay." She walked ahead of him now, and Heidi tried to help her keep a distance.

Leah was in the confessional. "I don't trust him, not one bit. Nobody trips over their own feet. Nobody is that clumsy."

Back with in the woods, Pam knew that he was being followed. He was purposely leading them on the wrong path. Eventually, he would cut back and ditch them. For now, however, he just continued to walk.

"Where are we going?" Heidi asked nervously. "It looks like we're going the wrong way."

Suddenly, Pam disappeared from sight.

"Where did he go?" hissed Leah.

Heidi said, "I don't know! Caleb, do you know?"

Caleb was gone.

"That rat!" shouted Leah. "He's probably in an alliance with him!"

Heidi didn't respond. She, however, ran quickly ahead.

"Heidi!" screamed Leah. "Where are you going?"

Heidi pointed forward, and there was the beach. "We can going around the perimiter of the island, and we won't get lost!"

"Yes!" cheered Leah.

The two girls began to run around the beach, while the boys were having a harder time.

"I can't read hear him!" screamed Pam. Caleb was crying again from computer withdrawal, and Pam could barely hear himself think. "Shut up, please!"

Caleb stopped crying. "Fine. But can we please hurry? I need my compy!"

Pam shot him a look, and then kept walking. "Fine."

The two continued walking, until they heard a siren.

"Leah wins immuntiy!" Chris announces over the megaphone. "Caleb, Pam, get to the cabins immediately!"

Caleb groaned, and then looked at Pam. "Where's your map now?"

Pam glared at him. "Shut up, do you still want to go to the final three with me? We have to vote Heidi."

Caleb muttered something about stupidity. "Fine, I guess I have to. Do you think you could beat her in a tiebreaker?"

Pam stopped suddenly. "Why would it be me?"

Caleb replied, "Because you led them in the wrong direction, and then ditched them. I can just say I tripped, and lost my way."

Pam looked at him. "Really? I can just say you were with me!"

"And," began Caleb, "they wouldn't believe you."

Pam shooked his head. "Whatever, get Heidi tonight."

"Fine," Caleb said again.

The two walked back to the camp, and Chris called them over to the mess hall.

"Before elimination," he said, "I'd like you guys to be able to warm up with some hot cocoa!"

"Why?" asked Caleb. "You've never given us good food ever."

Chris threw out his arms for an announcement. "That was before we found out about... Hesfast! The quickly made hot coca and milk company!"

"Did they pay you to say that?" Pam asked bluntly.

Chris opened his lips slightly, and said, "Yep," he said quietly. "Now go!"

The two boys walked into the mess hall, and Heidi and Leah glared at them.

"Oh, hi there, Caleb," Leah said with venom in her voice. "You get back alright? And all by yourself, too?"

Caleb held his head up high. "Yeah! All on my own!"

Leah gave him a confused look. "And how did we lose you?"

He shrugged, and said, "I tripped. Sorry. I couldn't find you. You guys just kept walking and walking."

Leah sighed, and motioned for Pam and Caleb to sit down. Together, they finished their hot chocolates, and were silent for the whole time. Heidi and Leah didn't want to say anything in front of Pam, and Leah was still uncertain about Caleb.

Chris walked in and said, "Elimination time!"

The four teens walked out, and followed Chris. After everyone had cast their votes, Chris began to throw out marshmallows. "You all know the drill," he said.

He tossed one to Leah, and then one to Caleb. "Heidi, or Pam? Who gets it..." He didn't toss it. "Neither of you! There was a tie! And that means... a tiebreaker!"

Heidi gasped, but Pam showed no emotion.

"All you must do," he said, "is answer trivia questions! Mind you, these are discreet, and you need to get three correct to win!"

Pam frowned a little, and so did Heidi.

"First question. What color was Sarah's bathing suit?"

"How are we supposed to know that?" exclaimed Pam, seemingly angry. It was the first time he showed some emotion.

"Blue!" shouted Heidi. She had flipped through her sketch book to find a painting of the cast in their bathing suits. "And Heidi gets a point," said Chris. "Next question. What color were the lines on the dodgeball court?"

Pam was once again irritated. "The map says it was blue." He smiled smugly.

"Wrong!" exlciamed Heidi. "It was red!" She held up her drawing.

Chris pointed at Heidi. "She gets another point. And the next question, what color was Jahira's purse?"

Pam shouted out, "Purple!" almost immediately. "Thank you, Map."

Heidi looked over at him, a little worried. "Next question, please?"

Chris cleared his throat. "Okay, what was Leah holding when she came onto the dock?"

"A baseball bat!" shouted Heidi. She shot up from her seat, and began to jump up and down. "Yes!"

Chris shrugged. "That's correct. Pam, you're out."

Pam whimpered, and walked to the dock. When the boat pulled up, another person was standing on it.

"Hey," he said awkwardly.

"Eric!" exclaimed Heidi happily. She ran over and gave him a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"Eric," Chris said for him, "is back in the game!"

"Really?" Heidi asked excitedly.

"Really!" Chris walked over to Pam, and pushed him into the boat, which pulled away.

"Pam is out, and Eric is back! The two girls cannot trust that nerdy boy now, and with Eric back, could they take over the game? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 10: Just a Game

Eric was sitting at a table in the mess hall with Heidi, not speaking a word. He was looking down into his oatmeal, while Heidi was pretending to sketch. In truth, she just wanted to avoid the awkwardness. She had a slight crush on him, and him on her. They both knew it, but they didn't want to admit it.

"So," said Caleb from three tables over. He was so sure Heidi and Eric couldn't hear him. "I think, we need to target Heidi or Eric."

Leah was taken back by this, and was a little upset at Caleb. "Why? One, I don't trust you. Two, Heidi is my friend. Three, Eric and Heidi like each other. Why would I get rid of them? I should get rid of you!"

Caleb chuckled like it was just a good joke. "On the contrary, Leah. If I go, guess who the lovebirds will take out next?"

Leah frowned. She knew he was right. With Caleb gone, they'd just have to get rid of her to be in the finale together. "I don't know... I don't think I could betray Heidi like that."

"It's just a game," Caleb said. "It doesn't mean anything."

Leah didn't want to accept this. She knew he was right, once again, but it still tore at her insides. "I really don't want to."

"Do you want to win?" asked Caleb. He knew her answer already, though.

Leah sighed. "Yes. Fine, I'll do it. I don't want to, but I have to."

"And to do that," Caleb said smugly, "you have to let me win the challenge."

"No!" exclaimed Leah, almost loud enough for Eric and Heidi to hear. "You'd backstab me!"

"No, I wouldn't," he said. "If I get you out, I still go up against Heidi and Eric. No thanks."

Leah considered her options, and realized that she could trust Caleb in the long run. "Okay, you're right. It's just a game, and she shouldn't take any hard feelings. And I guess I do have to trust you."

In the confessional, Caleb was grinning. "Oh yes! Final two here I come! Needless to say, my laptop is gone. Screw you, Chris!"

Chef was now seen in the confessional. "High score, maggots! High score! No! Stupid Sin Elf! Gimme back my sword!" He throws the laptop to the floor of the outhouse. "Oh..." He whistles, and leaves the confessional.

Back in Caleb's confessional, he looks down. "Noooooooooo!" he screams. "Why, oh why did this have to happen to you, my little compy? Why?"

Finally, in the mess hall, Eric finally got something to talk about. "How about the weather?"

Heidi smiled. "Great. It really feels good today!"

Heidi was in the confessional. "The weather? Really? The weather! Is that all he can talk about?" She sighs. "He is cute, though."

Eric smiled at Heidi, and she smiled back. "You ready to win the challenge?"

"Please," she said. "Like I could win? I just hope that we're both safe at the end of the day."

Eric reached out for her hand, and put his on it. "Me, too."

Heidi blushed, and looked over at Leah, who looked miserable. "Maybe we should go over to talk to Leah? She's been with Caleb this whole time."

Eric nodded, and the two walked over to Leah and Caleb.

"Heidi!" Leah said joyfully. "Hi Eric!"

Eric nodded, but showed no indication of happiness to see her, even though he was. Heidi smiled.

"Hi! How was sitting with Caleb?" she said with a tone of sympathy.

"I'm right here!" he said.

"And?" asked Leah. "You were horrible last challenge! We can treat you however we want!"

Caleb gave her a look. "Whatever." However, when Eric and Heidi weren't looking, she gave him a wink, which made him smile.

Caleb was in the confessional. "So now that I have Leah on my side, I can get rid of her. Take her off, and then break up Eric and Heidi! Easy win, Caleb, easy win!"

Chris finally came into the mess hall, happy to announce the challenge. "Hello, little campers! Challenge time!"

"Great," Leah said with an eye roll.

"I know, right?" Chris said, oblivious to her sarcasm. "For today's challenge, I will assign you a base! Inside that base is a flag, which you must defend! All you have to do for this challenge is steal another person's flag and bring it to your base! Any questions?"

Everyone shook their head, and they were assigned bases. Leah was at the top of the cliff. Caleb was at the front of the cabins. Heidi was at the dock. Eric got the mess hall.

"Everone! On your marks, get set, go!" shouted Chris over the loudspeaker.

Leah sat down and laid her head on her flag. Eric waited for Heidi to come and take his flag so she could win. Heidi, however, went to get Caleb's flag. Caleb went to Leah, hoping to have her hand over his flag.

"Heidi? Where are you?" asked Eric to the area around him. No one replied. He shrugged, and sat down at a table.

"Yes! There you are!" Heidi caught a glimpse of Caleb's flag, finally, but Caleb was already at the top of the cliff.

"Leah? Flag?" He reached out his hand to take it.

"Fine," she said.

"Thanks!" he exclaimed, and rushed down the cliff. "Victory here I come!" He ran back to his base, and got there just as Heidi was approaching.

"You shouldn't have walked!" he teased as he arrived at his flag.

Heidi was walking the whole way, in fact, and now regretted her deicision. "Whatever, Leah probably already got a flag before you!"

Caleb smirked. "This is Leah's flag."

"No!" Heidi refused to accept that. "You're lying through your teeth!"

Chris walked over to them. "Nope! Caleb won! Elimination time!"

Heidi glared at Caleb while she walked there, and she was joined by Eric and Leah when they arrived at the bonfire, too.

They had all cast their votes, and Chris tossed out the marshmallows. "Caleb! Good job today, nerd! Next one... Heidi! But guess what! There's another tie!"

"Oh... Wow..." Eric said quietly.

"For the tiebreaker, Leah and Eric will-" He was cut off by Heidi.

"Wait!" she screamed. "I quit! I don't want either of them to go, and odds are Eric will lose. And I just feel so bad for voting for him."

"What?" Leah asked, confused. "You voted Eric?"

Heidi nodded. "Yeah, I didn't want to see you go! You're my best friend! I guess I caused this tie."

"But," Leah said, "if you voted Eric, how am I here, too?"

"What do you mean?" Heidi looked back and forth between Leah and Caleb. "You teamed up with him?"

Leah was embarrassed, but nodded. "I'm sorry. He said all this stuff about you and Eric getting rid of me in the final three, so I let him win. He said we would vote Eric..."

"I'm disappointed in you," Heidi replied. "You thought that I would let a boy come between our friendship. And look what happened. I'm out. I hope you're happy." She turned away, and walked onto the boat, which pulled away quickly.

"Well," Leah said with a glance at Caleb, "you are so screwed, you dork!" She stormed off to the cabin, and Chris smiled.

"Drama! Quitters! Backstabbers! What will next episode hold in store? Well, you'll see on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 11: Three's a Crowd

Leah sat at a table all alone, outcasted by Caleb and Eric. "I bet they're probably planning to get me out. Whatever." She blow at a stray hair to get it out of her face. She barely slept the night before due to what she had done to Heidi, and Heidi's reaction.

"So," Eric said awkwardly to start a conversation, something he hated doing. "Tough night, eh?"

Caleb fed himself a bowl of cereal. "Yeah, I guess. I'm not suprised, though. My plan was to get rid of Leah anyway."

"It was a little mean, though," he replied.

Caleb shrugged. "Whatever gets me farther. Like I said to Leah, it's just a game, and I'm a good player."

Eric's facial expressions didn't change, and he finished his cereal. "It's getting kind of late. I wonder where Chris is."

Leah was tired of sitting alone, and walked over to Caleb and Eric. "Listen, Eric, I know you're mad, but I didn't mean for Heidi to go!"

"I know," he said. "You wanted me gone."

"Only because Caleb lied to me!" she said. "Heidi was my friend, I'd never want her to go!"

Eric glared. "Whatever."

Leah frowned, and sulked back to her old table. She was then seen in the confessional. "If Eric really misses Heidi, maybe he should go." She waved at the camera, and winked.

Back in the mess hall, Caleb was talking to Eric again. "So you are good with getting Leah tonight, right?"

Eric nodded. "Of course. What she tried to pull was horrible!" he exclaimed. Leah had heard.

"Really?" she shouted from her table. "Caleb was the one who told me to vote you! Why are you buddying up to him?"

Eric shrank back. "I don't know."

"It doesn't matter, Leah," Caleb shot at her. "Heidi is still gone, and you voted for Eric, which caused it! I voted for you!"

"But you- ugh! You know what? Whatever!" She rushed out of the mess hall, and back to her cabin.

"So, Eric, ready to win?" Caleb asked.

Eric smiled. "Yep."

"Campers!" Chris said over the loudspeaker. "Challenge time! Please, come to the tool shed!"

Everyone gathered to the tool shed. Eric and Caleb stood on one side, while Leah stood on the other.

"Now, now," Chris said with slight humour, "gather 'round, gather 'round. For today's challenge, all you must do is catch an animal with the tools in the shed!"

"Sounds easy," Leah said.

"It isn't!" Chris replied. "Now, wanna draw your animal, Leah?"

Leah rolled her eyes, and reached into a pouch Chris held out. "A squirrel. Fun."

Caleb reached in next. "A... beaver?" He shrugged, and went into the tool shed with Leah.

"Eric, go," Chris ordered.

Eric reached into the pouch. "A bear." He walked into the shed, and got a tranquilizer gun.

"Everyone ready?" Chris asked. Leah was holding a net, and a net gun. Caleb was holding a harpoon. Eric was still holding his gun. "Go!" Chris shouted.

Leah rushed off to the forest, along with Eric. Caleb, however, walked onto the beach to find a river.

"Eric, I'm not losing!" Leah yelled back towards Eric, who was a little behind her.

"And neither am I!" He ran faster, and pulled ahead of Leah.

Leah looked over at him, and realized what she had to do. "Sorry, Eric!" She rushed ahead, and pulled out her foot. Eric tripped over it, and tumbled into a tree.

"Sorry!" she said once again, rushing to find a squirrel.

Caleb was having no luck, and couldn't find anything. "Gah!" he cried.

Leah now saw the squirrel. "Goodbye, sucker!" She shot her net gun, and caught the squirrel. "Yes!"

"Leah wins!" Chris announced over the loudspeaker. "A little short, but whatever. There's still gonna be a light of drama tonight!"

Leah walked over to the bonfire ceremony, and Caleb did, too. They waited for around ten minutes, and Eric finally arrived.

"Leah, screw you." He gave her a look and then went to vote.

Leah grinned. "Too bad only my vote counts," she rubbed in his face.

Eric turned around. "What?"

"I won immunity," she explained. "I'm the deciding vote."

Eric realized she was right, and went to sit down.

"Now, I only have two marshmallows. The first one, obviously, goes to Leah." Chris tossed her a marshmallow, and looked at Eric and Caleb. "Two of you, tsk tsk. You really could have been a great final two. But only one of you will make it. That person is....."

He tossed the marshmallow to Caleb.

"Ha! Sucker!" Caleb said, standing up and pointing to Eric. "I'm in the final two!"

Eric looked at him, confused. "I thought we were friends?"

Caleb sat back down. "Only when I needed a vote. Now, whatever."

Eric pouted, and got up. "Bye, you two. I honestly don't believe either of you should win." He walked to the boat.

"Well," said Chris. "Too bad! One of them will win, and you can't do a thing about it!" He shoved Eric into the boat, and the boat pulled off. "Final two! Leah and Caleb! But who will win? I guess you'll find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! THE UNKNOWN!"

Episode 12: Two Can Play That Game

Leah and Caleb were sitting in the mess hall, and Caleb was grinning.

"Final day here in this hellhole. Happy?" He took a spoon of cereal into his mouth.

"I guess. I feel like I made a lot of enemies, though," Leah replied. "Heidi hates me. Eric hates me. Pam hates me. Nadia and Jahira probably hate me. The rest I barely know."

"And? They don't decide who wins. If they did, I wouldn't be nervous at all going up against you."

She sighed. "I guess you're right. I really do feel bad for getting Heidi and Eric out. They were so nice to me. I really was mean."

Caleb shrugged in response. "Better you than me. All I know is, I plan to con the people in the finale to help me. Pretty simple."

"You really think you can win this game just because you can trick people?" She asked. "I haven't tricked anyone, and look, I'm here in the final two!"

"You didn't," he said, "but you did piss a lot of people off. So are you really in a good position right now?"

"No," she said. "I guess you're right. But I'm not losing to you. You're really the one who got Heidi out, you know."

"Oh," he said with a smug smile, "I know. And I'm proud of it. Only a genius could have pulled that off."

"I can't believe she likes you more than me. I mean, it was your plan!"

"And? You went along with it." He took a sip from his orange juice. "Not my problem."

"Yes, it is," she shot at him. "You tried to get her eliminated!"

"No, I tried to get rid of you. Sadly, Heidi voted off her boyfriend."

Leah got annoyed. "You know what? I'm done with you!" She walked to the back of the mess hall, and walked into the kitchen to find Chef on Caleb's computer, which was fixed from his episode.

"You took his computer?" she said with a laugh.

Chef was sweating. "Yes, but don't tell that kid! I'm almost to level eighty."

"Aren't you supposed to be, I don't know, tough?"

He glared at her and yelled, "Yes, maggot! And don't you question it!"

"Okay, okay," Leah said, backing away. "Anyway, could I please have the computer back? Caleb is being annoying, and I don't want to talk to him."

"Can't know, little girl, I'm on a roll!"

Leah rolled her eyes. "Okay, whatever." She walked out of the kitchen and sat down near Caleb again. "Chef has your 'compy.'"

"What?" Caleb's eyes widened. "Compy? Chef has Compy?"

Leah nodded.

"For Sparta!" He ran back to the kitchen room, and was thrown out in the matter of being in there three seconds. "Ow!"

Leah giggled. "Nice."

Caleb gave her a look. "Whatever. I'll be beating you soon."

Before Leah could reply, Chris burst in through the mess hall doors. "Hello, final two! Ready for your challenge?"

They both shook their heads. They were cocky before, but in reality, were extremely nervous.

"Well! Too bad! Because the challenge will begin shortly! But first..."

He opened the door, and the eliminated contestants walked in. Sarah waved to both Caleb and Leah. Marc waved, and then tripped from looking up for too long. Regina smiled, and then forgot why. Tiago walked in and was grinning widely. Grace came in next, smiling. Gerard and Jahira walked in together. Jahira glanced to another part of the room, and Gerard waved at Caleb. Nadia came in next, neutral to both, neither smiling nor waving. Pam came in, and had no expression whatsoever. Heidi came in. Surprisingly, she waved at Leah. Eric came in, but didn't wave at either of them.

"Hi guys!" Leah said quickly when they were all in the room.

"Trying a little too hard," Caleb remarked.

"She's still being nice," Grace said to him. "Niceness pays off, you know."

"Apparently not to you," Nadia commented.

Grace laughed a little. "Okay. Whatever."

Nadia looked away, upset at Grace's carefree reply.

"We all still lost, anyway," Pam said. He looked around. "Caleb and Leah can win. We can't. No use in arguing."

"And? It was still great to be on this show!" Sarah said.

"But you got out first," Jahira said in return.

"So? It's not about whether you win or lose, it's that you played the game. And right now, only two are still playing. But we all had a turn!" Sarah excalimed.

Tiago cheered. "You're right! We're all winners in my book!"

"You must be a bad author then," Jahira said.

"Well, I'm not bad. But I'm not good," he responded. He didn't seem the least bit insulted.

"Whatever," Jahira said.

Marc looked around. "Wow... I never really got to know any of you. I guess I'm glad I was out early."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Nadia asked.

Marc shrugged. "Some of you aren't that nice."

Nadia said, "Whatever. At least we lasted longer than you."

"It's just a game, nobody cares if you win or lose," Sarah said once again.

"But you guys are losers!" Chris exclaimed happily. "And only Caleb and Leah can win! But who will it be?" Chris unravled two tableclothes. One said the name "Leah", and one said "Caleb." He place them down on two tables. "Sit at the table for the person you support! The person with more gets an advantage in the challenge!"

Heidi, Eric, Nadia, Grace, Sarah, and Regina sat at Leah table.

Pam, Gerard, Jahira, Tiago, and Marc sat at Caleb's.

"What?" Caleb asked, shocked. "How does Leah have more supporters than me? She screwed almost all of you over!"

"But she was nicer in general, and could at least pull eliminating someone off," Nadia explained. "She played a better game."

"But Heidi!" Caleb explained. "She got you out!"

Heidi replied, "I watched the episode at Playa Des Losers. You tricked her. Nice job, by the way."

"And Eric?" he asked.

He shrugged. "You got all in my face when I went home the second time. Although, Leah was the reason for my elimination both times..." He gets up and walks over to Caleb's table. "Whatever."

"So Caleb gets the advantage?" Chris shook his head. "And I was rooting for you Leah."

Leah said, "Really?"

Chris chuckled. "No! And as a reward, Caleb gets to skip one part of the three part challenge!"

"Are you kidding me?" Leah shrieked. "He can just skip the last one!"

"Except for the last one," Chris said with annoyance. "Happy?"

Leah crossed her arms and smiled. "Yes."

"Good. Now, for the challenge. First, you must climb up a pole, and retrieve a termite hat, or a possum hat. Leah, you get the termite hat. Caleb, the possum. After that, you must cross a log over two cliffs while carrying the animal your hat represents. And after that, you must run to the finish line with said animal! Let's go!"

The thirteen teens followed Chris to the starting line. "Leah, pick two people to help you!"

Leah pointed to Sarah and Nadia.

"Woohoo!" Sarah cheered, and high-fived Leah. Nadia cocked her eyebrows, and walked over.

"Caleb, choose."

Caleb pointed to Eric and Tiago. "Obviously."

"What do you mean by that?" Marc asked.

Chris waved him off and said, "Okay, now go climb your pole!"

Caleb raised his hand. "I'd like to skip it please!"

"Okay!" Chris said, handing him a possum hat. "Go to the second part!"

Caleb walked over to the log, and Leah to the pole.

"Now, go!" Chris filed a pistol into the air, and a bird fell. He kicked it away with his foot. "Nothing to see here!"

Leah rushed took off her top. "I'm winning this. I don't care."

Marc whistled as she took it off.

Leah rolled her eyes. "I'm wearing an undershirt, perv!" She wrapped her shirt around the pole. She placed her feet on the pole, and pulled the shirt. She began to climb, and soon reached the top. "Woohoo!"

Caleb was now halfway across the log, tilting back and forth because of the possum sniffing. "But I'm still ahead!" He shouted.

"Not for long!" She rushed over, and grabbed the termite. "Joy." She layed the termite down. "Eat away, little one." It began to gnaw at Caleb's log.

"No fair!" he shouted.

"Leah!" Chris screamed, even though he enjoyed it somewhat.

"Fine!" She picked it up, and walked onto her log. Because of her athletics skills, she managed to catch up to Caleb. "Not feeling so hot now, are you?"

"That was pretty dirty what you did back there," he said, choosing not to answer her question. "And two can play that game." He took his earplugs, and chucked them at Leah.

The termite shifted up, and catched them with its mouth. "And, I guess we know who the winner is." She winked, and got off the log. She started running, and Caleb rushed off.

"I'm not losing to you!" He screamed.

"Too bad!" She screamed back. She kicked off one of her shoes. She was then seen in the confessional. "The tripping method seems to work."

She continued to run, but more slowly due to the imbalance of shoes.

Caleb jumped over. "Ha! You can't beat me!" The two were now neck at neck.

"Nerd boy!" came a low-pitched voice from behind. Chef was carrying his laptop. "Want this piece of junk back?"

"Compy!" he exclaimed. He rushed back to hug his computer, but by the time he realized he was racing to win...

"Yes!" Leah exclaimed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Leah wins Total Drama the Unknown!" Chris shouted over the megaphone. "Now I owe Chef twenty dollars..."

"Nice!" Sarah exclaimed, high-fiving Leah. "Sorry I wasn't much of a help."

Leah hugged her tightly. "It's fine! I still won! Yes!"

Caleb got up, and looked at her. "Chris already said that. You don't need to repeat it!"

Leah shrugged. "Too bad. I won!"

Caleb grunted, and stormed off to his cabin.

"Hey, good job, white girl." Chef walked up to her and nodded approvingly.

Leah smiled. "Thanks Chef. But why'd you do it?"

Chef shrugged. "Shrimp filed an complaint for a hacker from his phone. I was kicked off of his account."

Leah rolled her eyes, but smiled again. "Thanks."

Chef grunted. "Don't mention it kid."

Soon, all of the campers were at the bonfire ceremony. The last one.

"Well, Leah," Chris began, "you've come a long way. You made a few enemies, nay, a lot. But you still came out on top. And that is why, you get the final marshmallow!"

He held out the marshmallow to Leah with his hand. She grabbed it, and ate it. "I still can't believe I won!"

"Me neither," Eric grumbled. "But I guess it's better than Caleb." He smiled. "Good job."

Leah smiled back.

"So, the final marshmallow ceremony," Chris says. "Or so... they think." He winked and the camera, and it immediately turned off, with all of the campers looking shocked.

So, Leah won. Big shocker there. But maybe, she won't be as lucky next time.

Elimination Table

Teams Merge Finale
Place Campers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 93 10 11 12
12th/3rd Eric WIN WIN OUT LOW4 OUT
11th Regina WIN WIN IN OUT
13th Marc LOW OUT
14th Sarah OUT

1 Gerard switched teams before the challenge began.

2 Gerard got out in an automatic elimination.

3 Pam lost in a trivia tiebreaker, and Eric returned.

4 Eric was in a tiebreaker with Leah, but Heidi quit to save him.

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