TPI Total Pojab Island is basically less drama, more elimination. This show has only 18 competitors. There are only two teams. Most of all, Chris McLean isn't the host. A lot of changes, but it's basically the same thing. Welcome to the Isle of Pojab, or, as we call it, Total...Pojab...ISLAND!

This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

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  • Angus (The Geek) Possibly the wimpiest kid in Massachusetts, Angus is a certified geek. He can't play sports, and he has no idea how to pick up a girl. Everybody in his neighbourhood hates him.
  • Clara (The Tomboy) Clara first picked up a soccer ball when she was only six weeks old. Granted, she didn't play soccer with it until she was three. Clara is very athletic, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself.
  • Ethan (The Tough Guy) Ethan's not really as tough as he is strong. He may seem like the DJ type, but... yeah, that's pretty accurate.
  • Kate (The Psycho) Kate may seem like a normal girl on the outside, but she just doesn't make sense. Just ask everybody who has spent any time at all alone with her.
  • Kayla (The Boss) Kayla is a nice person, light-hearted and happy. Sadly, her rivalry with her brother is definitely going to lessen her chances.
  • Michael (The Techie) Did you hear? Michael has an iPad. And shoes that can walk on water. And a calendar that has the Gregorian calendar and his own "McCardlean calendar" with completely identical months and weeks. Plus, he can repair them all too. If only he had a friend to share this stuff with...
  • Minerva (The Sporty Sweetheart) Minerva has it all: intellect, athleticism, popularity... However, this came with a price: an abusive, alcoholic father, a couldn't-care-less mother, two jock brothers and a diva sister. She signed up to forget her nasty home life.
  • Sam (The Tiebreaker) Sam is a laid-back girl from New Zealand who often settles disputes. She's super popular, despite not bing smart or athletic. Sam expects to meet new people.
  • Tobias (The Threat) Tobias came to Total Pojab Island to win. Despite having lots of allergies, he aims to be the best in everything, and won't let anyone stop him. Plus, he has super cool blue hair.

  • Jordan (The Explorer) Jordan is one of those kids who doesn't care what they're doing, as long as they're doing it. "It" can range from inventing a new fad, discovering something that doesn't exist, winning more than $100 000 in a competition...
  • Keira (The Shy One) Keira is a wallflower. This Scottish girl prefers to stay in the shadows, however she is very brave. She once killed a man with his own kilt.
  • Koit (Sunny McSunshine) Koit seems to be always happy, and he's never in a bad mood. He has no enemies, and everyone who he meets likes him at least a bit. He joined in order to get more friends.
  • Kyle (The Skater) Nobody stands in Kyle's way in his town. He's the youngest competitor in the game, but is just as enthusiastic and willing as anybody. Kyle's sister has an intense rivalry with him, so he's going to play strong to make up for his age.
  • Laima (The Secret) Laima is a California Girl, as Katy Perry would say. She has many friends, but is a little darker than her brother. She is perfectly fine with getting dirty, and has beaten up most boys her age, especially a guy named Trey.
  • Lynsey (The Not so Blonde) Lynsey is insecure, doesn't have a lot of friends, and is an outcast. Everyone thinks she is stupid because she's blonde. She signed up to prove she's smart, even though she doesn't have the courage to make a big move... yet.
  • Rex (The Really Really Really Really Hot Guy) Rex is an ordinary guy who happens to be really handsome. He has yet to have a girlfriend, because he's more of an eye candy than a boyfriend. He signed up to change that, and win.
  • Ryan (The Friendly Metalhead) Ryan plays the acoustic guitar, and has a nice, soothing voice. He gets along with anybody easily, and can actually sing Jellyman Kelly better than anybody.
  • Zuri (The Bad Girl) Zuri doesn't care what anybody else says. At all. She likes to laugh... at pain. It's very annoying how such a handful can be so popular.

Episode One: Free Fall

A tall twenty-six-year-old woman appears in front of an island that looks slightly nicer than Camp Wawanakwa.

"Hello, I am Tara Bigby, the host of this awful, horrible, horrendous, disgusting, morally prohibited, terrible pile of a reality show. Here we are at an island just off the coast of the much nicer, bigger, urbanized, civilized, island, the Isle of Pojab. Our competitors think they'll be doing a talent contest or an obstacle game show on that island. But no, they are actually going to spend a summer here, at nearby Milton Island. We bought it."

Tara turns to the left. "I'm standing on the infamous 'Dock of Shame', looking eastward. See the boat I'm looking at?" The camera moves up and down. "Not you, Tyler, the viewers!"

A small, grey boat came by. Off hopped Clara, a 14-year-old tomboy with brown hair and a soccer uniform plus ordinary pants.

"Hey there," said Clara. "How's it going, Tyler? I thought you were seriously injured at the end of TDWT."

Tyler shrugs. "I'm a quick healer. Though my fingers won't be so strong again..."

"Aw, that sucks. Hey Tara, when's the show starting?"

"In due time," says Tara. "In fact, here's contestant number two already."

The next boat arrives, and a tall blonde girl walks onto the dock.

"Hi, Zuri! How are you?" asks Tara, cheerfully.

"Beautiful, brilliant and hot, as always."

Tara's smile turns into a scowl.

"Who are you?" Zuri says to Clara.


"You're beautiful."

"Thank you."

"But I'm more beautiful."


A muscular teen with brown hair and tanned skin gets on the dock.

"Hey, everyone. I'm Rex." He turns to Clara. "Hey beautiful."

"Heyyy," says Clara, swooning.

Zuri looks mad. "You're supposed to like me!"

Tyler snickers.

A bright, friendly-looking guy skips off the boat. His blond hair shines from the sun. His cousin, a confused brunette girl, walks behind.

"Hey, this isn't a soundstage," remarks Laima, combing her brown hair with her fingers.

"I think we're lost," says Koit, the other one.

"Nope, Laima and Koit, you're here. Welcome." Tara laughs.

Laima stands beside Clara, and Koit stands at the end of the dock. Zuri pulls out a mirror.

The next speedboat arrives. Jordan leaps off the boat, and calls out his name really loud. "HI, I'M JORDAN."

"Welcome to the show," says Tara.

"WHY THANK YOU," announces Jordan.

"Please stop talking like that", asserts Clara.

"Okay, I'll stop." Jordan looks around. "FOR NOW."

Clara slaps her forehead as speedboat number 6 pulls up to the dock.

"Our next competitor is wonderful," stated Tara.

"But I'm here already," said Zuri.

"No, Wonderful is her nickname. Meet Sam Raston, an environmentalist who isn't a hippie."

"Hey, everyone. Sam is in control now!" A bright blonde girl with a rainbow shirt and green open-toed sandals slid onto the dock. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"That's right!" exclaims Tyler.

"Quiet!" yells Zuri.

"Next up, Keira, a shy girl who-" Tara is interrupted.

"Woo! I'm on Total Drama!!" Keira yells. The boards begin creaking, and she freezes mid-jump.

"Sorry, I just watch TV a lot." She blushes and avoids the other campers.

A black-haired techie walks off a boat.

"Welcome, Michael!" exclaims Tara.

"Hey," Michael says back.

"How's your family?"

"Okay. My brother-"

"Good for you."

Michael frowns. He sits alone, not knowing who will like to sit with him.

Tara announces the arrival of Ryan. A rock-music-playing 15-year-old with black hair and a "Trivial" shirt on jumps off the boat.

"Hi guys, I'm Ryan Bright." he says with a slight smile.

"Bright!? THAT is your last name?" Clara laughs hysterically.

"You're not calling me stupid, right?" asks Ryan.

"No, just you're like, dressed in black." Clara says.

"Good, now shut up."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa." Tara intervened. "No namecalling on the first day. There is still plenty to hate about the others. I'm announcing the teams of the contestants here already, because it's gonna take a while for those speedboats to come back. Clara, Sam and Michael, you are on Team Ruby."

"Yahoo! We're gonna wi-in!" shouted Michael.

"Speaking of Team Ruby," said Tara, "our next contestant has arrived. Say hi to Angus!"

A brown-haired teen wearing a blue snow cap with a Pokeball on it hopped off the boat. "Hey, guys! I'm Angus! A.k.a. awesome! A.k.a. The Winner! A.k.a. The millionaire!"

Tara stopped him. "If you win, you still won't be a millionaire."

Angus sighed. "Aw, man! This show sucks!"

Tara grinned. "One word: Contracts. Anyways, Angus, you are on Team Ruby with Sam over there." Sam waved. "The rest of you are Team Sapphire!"

"Aw, come on! I'm with these guys?" Ryan complained.

"Again, contracts. This was the best idea ever." Tara cleared her throat. "Next up, two siblings who constantly fight, nag, tease, prank and swear. Hopefully, mostly at the other. But if not, it's good for the ratings."

"Wait, aren't the speedboats taking a long time to come back?" says Rex.

Two blonde kids jumped off their boat. The older one said, "Hi, I'm Kayla! I am going to win this!"

"Like you can win anything," sniggered the younger one.

Kayla and Kyle fight within seconds of arriving.

"Shut up, Kyle!"

"You shut up!"

"Kayla is on Team Ruby, Kyle is on Team Sapphire." interjected Tara.

"That was awkward," said Rex.

"We will now introduce our other contestants all at the same time!"

Minerva, a girl in a sky blue track suit, skipped onto the dock, followed by Ethan, a blonde kid with a blue long-sleeve and a weight in each hand. Both put their stuff away and went to Team Ruby.

"Good guess!" said Tara. "This is your new team! Also, we are introducing Tobias!

A black-haired tall boy staggered off the boat carrying him. "Let's play a game, Tara. See if you can guess my allergies before I die from them!"

Tara thought a moment. "Blackberries, almonds and pecans!" she said at last.

"And stupidity. No kidding." Tobias reached for his inhaler. "I think this'll come in handy here."

"Yeah, you're right." Tara looked at Tyler. "Our next contestant is here!"

A dirty blonde-haired girl with green eyes walked off her boat holding her luggage. She slid down the dock riding a duffel bag. "Look out below!" she screamed.

CRASH! She went into a pile of others' belongings.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Katrina! Or you can call her Kate."

"Whichever I feel like," added Kate.

Ryan in confessional: I like her!

One more girl jumped off a boat.

"Aren't you going to take that off?" says the blonde girl dressed in purple when she sees Ethan's backpack. " It must feel like a brick!"

"Lynsey! Nice!" Tara exclaimed. "Lynsey, you are on Team Sapphire with Keira, Kyle, Ryan, Rex, Zuri, Jordan, Laima and Koit!" Koit smiled and Kyle waved.

Tara grinned. "The first challenge is in twenty minutes. Meet me by the dining hall."

"You mean that log building with the moose antlers?" asked Kayla, pointing to the dining hall.

"No, that's the dining hall!" Kyle argued, pointing to a small white shack with flies orbiting the roof. "That must be it. These shows always torture the contestants."

"Kayla's right. That is the dining hall. Kyle is pointing to the communal bathrooms." Tara said.

Kayla stuck her tongue out at Kyle. Kyle crossed his arms and scowled.

Lynsey looked at the bathroom. "Communal bathrooms? Oh no, do we have to do... our stuff with boys?"

"Y'know, Lynsey, I fully expected you to say 'But I'm not Catholic!'" Keira giggled.

"Shut up!" Lynsey yelled.

"Whatever, girls." Tara interjected. "The cabins are marked by colour. Girls are red, boys are blue. Those ones that look like cottages, I mean."

Ten minutes later...

"Okay, Tara," Sam began. "What sadistic challenge is first on your torture list?"

"Jump off this cliff." Tara pointed to a cliff that was 75 feet tall.

Tobias almost fainted.

Episode Two: Free Fall (Part Two)

"Welcome back!" says Tara.

"You're serious about the cliff?!" yelled Rex.

"Yeah! You have to jump off this 70-ft cliff, landing in the safe zone to get a point. Everywhere else means no point. If you don't want to jump, you get a chicken hat to wear for the whole day. After all the non-chickens jumped, the chickens have one last chance to jump. If not, you take this escalator down to these boxes."

"I'n not jumping," protested Zuri. "I'm not getting my hair wet."

"I'll make you jump, pretty girl." says Lynsey with her hands on her hips.

"You can't make me," began Zuri, "you hair-dyin' mall-shoppin' party-goin' crazy girl!"

"Skirt-wearin' lipstick-applyin' mirror-stealin' guy-gettin' glamour queen!"

"At least I'm popular." Zuri retorted.

Clara gasped. Everyone else, in order to not look like a self-absorbed cynic, gasped as well. Even Zuri, for some reason.

"More popular than a dumb blonde, anyways." added Zuri.

Lynsey screamed at the top of her lungs "I AM NOT DUMB!!!!", picked up Zuri and threw her over the cliff.

Almost everyone applauded Lynsey, especially Rex.

Jordan pushed her. "You threw a hotter girl than you over a cliff. You're gonna pay."

Lynsey carried him to the cliff. Jordan protested along the way: "He-hey, no, it was a joke. I didn't mean it. Put me down, you're gonna regret this. You can't do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Jordan got hurled off the cliff.

SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH! Both Zuri and Jordan landed in the safe zone. "Two points for Team Sapphire!" cried Tara. "Next up?"

Rex ran off the cliff and landed in the safe zone.

Koit jumped but landed on a buoy. "OWWWW!" he screamed.

"Why does that seem so familiar," pondered Tyler. Koit slid into the safe zone.

Laima pushed off Keira and jumped afterwards. Keira was safe, but Laima missed the safe zone.

"Five points for Sapphire and one miss. Who's next?"

Lynsey jumped and landed in the safe zone. Ryan jumped but missed the safe zone.

"I'm not jumping," said Kyle.

Tara gave him a chicken hat, which he reluctantly put on. "Six points for Sapphire, two misses and one chicken. Team Ruby's turn."

Minerva refused to jump, earning her a chicken hat. Kayla, Clara, Tobias and Michael got a hat also.

Angus jumped, and landed in the safe zone. Sam missed. "One point for Ruby, one miss and five chickens. Holy cow." Tara was shocked.

Ethan and Kate jumped at the same time. They both landed in the safe zone.

"Team Sapphire has six points, Team Ruby has three. Team Sapphire has two misses, Team Ruby has one. Team Sapphire has one chicken, and Team Ruby has five. Chickens, last chance to jump."

Michael took off his chicken hat and jumped. He missed the safe zone. The other five took the escalator.

"Team Ruby now has two misses and four chickens. This'll give then a tiny advantage from if no chicken jumped." Tara grinned.

Sam in confessional: My team is - literally - a bunch of chickens! At least Michael decided to look brave. All I can say is, I'm staying in the game!

"The next part of the challenge," said Tara, "is to build a hot tub from scratch in front of the cabin with your colour. So Team Ruby builds in front of the girls' cabin, and Team Sapphire builds outside the boys' cabin. Oh, and you must open the boxes with your teeth."

Angus in confessional: Oh no, not this again.

"Annnnnnnd, GO!" Tara hollered and stepped away.

Kayla began to gnaw at a box. She got really peeved within seconds.

"Hurry up! You only have two hours!" Tara announced.

Zuri refused to try to open a box. "My teeth are for eating and smiling, not for making hot tubs. Jordan! Open a box for me." Jordan nodded and pulled at a box.

Koit leaned over to Laima. "It's like she's using him."

"Like Heather did in season one." Laima replied.

Ten minutes later, Keira had opened a box. "Hmmm, this has the wood, Let's set up the frame, guys." Everyone started to put it together.

"Keira," said Laima, "why don't you see what Team Ruby is doing?"

"No," said Keira, "I'm too shy."

Laima in confessional: Shy? She's not gonna be much help, but I'll keep her for now.

Twenty minutes passed, and Team Ruby hadn't opened a single box. "Come ON, guys!" yelled Ethan. "Do you want to lose to your little brother, Kayla?" Kayla tried harder.

An hour later, Team Sapphire was putting on the final touch (the stairs). But Zuri and Keira were fighting about where to put it.

"It should go near the heater," said Zuri.

"No, away from the heater," said Keira. "If it breaks, bam go the stairs!"

"Who would WANT to go in it if that happens?" asked Zuri.

"ME!" yelled Keira.

Jordan set it down beside the heater and Keira grumbled.

Tara came to judge the hot tubs thirty minutes later. She touched Team Sapphire's hot tub and a piece of wood fell. All the water spilled out the hole. "Oh..."

Keira looked like she was going to cry.

Tara looked at Team Ruby's area. Nobody had opened a single box. "I declare," began Tara, "Team Sapphire the winners!"

Keira stopped crying and hugged a surprised Cody. Rex cheered.

"Which means, Team Ruby will be joining me at the campfire ceremony tonight. See me at the campfire."

Kate in confessional: Already a loss? Well, I know who's going to go.

Ryan sat in the boys' cabin with Rex and Ethan. "Hey guys," he said, "we should make like a tough guy alliance."

"Well, Zuri's got Jordan, so if we take him out, Zuri will be helpless." Rex decided that he would join.

"I'm on a different team, but okay. I'll ask Michael if he wants to join," Ethan agreed.

"And we'll ask... Kyle, I guess," said Ryan. "Because Koit won't join and Jordan is Zuri's plus we want him gone."

"Maybe we'll ask a girl later on." Ethan added.

"Since it's my idea, then I'm captain of this alliance. Go ask Michael if he wants to join, Ethan. Rex, ask Kyle." Ryan smiled.

"Sure thing." Ethan went out, and Rex followed.

They came back a bit later, a bit red from running. Michael was with Ethan. "I'm in the alliance, right, Ryan?"

"Right," said Ryan. "Wait, Rex, did Kyle say no?"

"Yeah, he said that he'll get ahead as soon as his sister is out." Rex reported.

"Let's vote out Tobias," said Michael. "He's mean, has no emotion, and has four allergies. He's unfit."

Everyone agreed. "Go to the ceremony, it's starting soon, I think," Ryan told Ethan and Michael.

The boys arrived to the seven other Ruby campers. "You all know how this works, right?" asked Tara. Everyone nodded. "Good."

"The first marshmallow," said Tara, "goes to... Kate." Kate came up and got her marshmallow.

"There are seven marshmallows left. If I call your name, come and get a marshmallow. Michael."

Michael got his marshmallow.

"Kayla, Sam, Ethan." The kids got their marshmallows.

"Angus." Angus got his marshmallow.

"Minerva." Minerva got her marshmallow.

"This is the final marshmallow of the night. Clara, Tobias, whoever doesn't get this marshmallow gets a one-way all-expense-paid trip to the Dock of Shame, and must be gone by morning."

Clara looked very anxious. Tobias smiled and leaned back. "Goodbye, Clara." he whispered.

Tara looked at the last marshmallow. "The person who receives this marshmallow is..."


Tobias gawked. Clara came up and got her marshmallow.

"Too... much... stupidity... must get... inhaler..." moaned Tobias.

"Man, he wasn't kidding," said Sam.

Tobias got his inhaler, took a deep breath in his inhaler and collapsed to the ground.

"Don't worry," said Tara. "He's actually faking it."

Minerva in confessional: I didn't know who else would've left. I wish nobody had to go. ...But he was kind of a Noah.

At two o'clock at the night, Koit woke up in the boy's cabin to see Tobias grabbing his luggage. "See you later, alligator," said a sleepy Koit.

"In a while, crocodile," said Tobias. "Win for me, okay?" He headed off into the night.

Koit yawned, and fell back asleep.

Episode Three: Go On, Night Doom

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island!" said Tara. "Last time, I freaked out the campers by forcing them off a 70-foot cliff and making them construct a hot tub from scratch. Team Sapphire's hot tub broke when I touched it, but Team Ruby hadn't even opened the boxes, making Sapphire the winners. In the end, Tobias was booted off for not being of any use. This challenge I'm also stealing from TDI. See which one, next!" Rex was the first to wake up. He got his clothes on and then looked around the cabin. He saw that Tobias's bed was empty.

Rex in confessional: Tobias is gone! YES! Well, maybe it was just luck, but our alliance is working out so far.

"Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! Wake up!" Rex exclaimed as he shook Ryan in his bed like a Polaroid picture.

"What, Rex, what?" answered Ryan.

"Tobias is gone! Look, his bed is empty!" Rex pointed to Tobias's bed.

"Oh, he IS!" Ryan rushed to wake up Kyle.

Kyle went and told Jordan.

Jordan went and told Koit.

"Tobias is eliminated! He's gone!" yelled Jordan.

"I KNOW!" screamed Koit.

All the boys looked at him as he fell asleep again.

Fifteen minutes later, all the campers were up. Tara said that they can sleep in until 1 o'clock. They all went back to bed.

Two hours later, Clara went into the confessional.

Clara in confessional: I can't sleep anymore. This is definitely some sort of trick. Tara's up to something, I know it.

When one o'clock came around, Tara went into the girls' cabin with a gong. She struck it and all 17 campers woke up and rushed outside.

"Your challenge today is to run two laps around the whole island. I made sure it was safe by having Sierra run the length." The camera cuts to Sierra sleeping in a bed snoring the word "Cody". "It's... safe. The first team back wins a feast!"

All the campers broke out into a run.

Ethan came back first, right before Lynsey and Koit. All three then went for the next lap.

"I forgot to tell them," said Tara, "that the winning team has all of their members back."

Ethan also finished the whole race first, with Lynsey still behind. However, Sam came in third, not Koit. Koit instead came in fifth, with Laima in fourth.

Rex and Michael made it across together, with Kayla, Kyle and Clara all neck-in-neck to get eighth. Clara got ahead by a nose. Ryan ran in alone.

Jordan and Minerva were the last ones in. The final two were still a bit behind.

About two minutes later, Angus and Zuri both rushed into the finish line at the same time. "Since it was a tie, both teams win the feast!" exclaimed Tara.

The feast was mouthwatering. Turkey with all the stuffings, enough gnocci pasta to serve a classroom, and side dishes galore. Even the dessert and drinks were bottomless.

Only Minerva and Rex didn't stuff themselves like there was no tomorrow.

They all went to the elimination area at 10:30 pm. "Since the teams tied," began Tara, "we regret to inform you that... THAT WASN'T THE REAL CHALLENGE!"

"Let me guess," said Rex, "this is a sleeping challenge?"

"Right-O, Rex!" Tara exclaimed. Everyone who had seconds of turkey groaned.

"And GO!" said Tara.

11:00 pm, Day 1: Nobody fell asleep, but Minerva decided to sit beside Ethan. Kyle yelled at his team that the first person to fall asleep will get a nasty surprise.

12:00 am, Day 2: Jordan fell asleep. Kyle rigged his bed to have a bunch of worms come out of the bed when he took off the covers.

2:15 am, Day 2: Ethan and Minerva began to talk.

"Hey Minerva," said Ethan, "what sport do you like?"

"Football is my favourite, but they're all okay." said Minerva.

"Mine too. What's your favourite colour?"

"I dunno, either white or celestial blue. They remind me of the better place."

"Mine is either black or royal blue."

"Cool, we're opposites. Where do you live?"

"Calgary, Alberta. You?"

"Windsor, Ontario."

"Vive le Canada!" Ethan said. "Y'know, I was never that good at social skills."

"I was really good. My psychologist when I was six said I had the social ability of someone almost twice my age." Minerva sighed. "But I'm not that good at competitions."

"I'm good at that, I'll help you." Ethan smiled. "I read a quote somewhere that said 'You lift me and I lift thee and we'll both ascend together."

"Nice quote," said Minerva, "but you'll actually both fall down."

"I thought it was kinda silly when I first read it too."

4:55 am, Day 2: Zuri and Kate fell asleep.

10:30 am, Day 2: Ethan and Minerva talk again.

"Hey Ethan, this could turn into an alliance, you know." said Minerva.

"Yeah, cool. We could be the final two."

The two watched as Kayla and Kyle fell asleep.

1:00 pm, Day 2: Sam falls asleep.

2:05 pm, Day 2: Michael, Rex, Angus, Keira and Laima fell asleep. Ryan looks at Michael and Rex, peeved.

5:00 pm, Day 2: Only Ethan, Minerva, Ryan and Lynsey are awake. Tara begins to read fairy tales, with Amy playing a harp.

7:15 pm, Day 2: Lynsey falls asleep to the sleepy ending of Cinderella. Ryan decides that she is not going to be voted out.

10:30 pm, Day 2: Ryan falls asleep. Ethan and Minerva high-five each other, because they had just won the challenge!

The next evening, Tara gathers all the campers. "A few of you might know that Team Ruby won the challenge, so Team Sapphire has to eliminate their first camper."

Ryan in confessional: Our plan is to vote out Jordan. I'll get an alliance with Kyle and Koit temporarily to vote him out.

"The votes are in," said Tara. "The first marshmallow goes to... Ryan." Ryan got his marshmallow.

"If I say your name, take a marshmallow. Keira." Keira got her marshmallow.

"Rex." Rex got his marshmallow.

"Lynsey. Laima. Zuri." The girls got their marshmallows.

"Jordan, Koit, Kyle, I only have two marshmallows. And the only one who is guaranteed to get one is... Koit." Tara let Koit get a marshmallow.

Kyle winked at Ryan and Koit. Jordan also looked confident.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."


Kyle looked confused. Jordan happily got his marshmallow.

"Kyle, pack up. You only have until morning to grab your stuff and go on the loser boat."

Kyle trudged into the boys' cabin. "Hey Kyle!" said Angus cheerfully. "Is a girl out?"

"No, I am." All the Ruby boys gasped as Kyle headed to the dock of shame with his duffel bag.

Kayla was waiting for him at the dock of shame. "I knew this day would come, Kyle."

"I know, Kayla, but you won't win either." Kyle jumped on the boat and was driven away.

Kayla in confessional: My main competition's gone, so I am now much more likely to win. See you later, bro!

Episode Four: The Name Game

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island!" said Tara. "Last time, I made all the campers stay awake as long as possible after eating a Thanksgiving-sized dinner. Ethan and Minerva both outlasted the others, so Team Ruby won. In the end, Kyle was sent home for playing a mean prank on Jordan. See what happens next time on TPI!"

The guys' alliance met by the bathroom.

"Kyle got out, so now we need to permanently draft Koit and Angus if we want to stay in the game." said Ryan.

"Angus?" asked Rex. "He's a geek! Why do you want him?"

"Because we have no other choice," said Michael. "We need him, or I'll get booted off!"

"We can't afford to lose another member," said Ethan.

"Fine," Rex grumbled, "if we really will move up because of it."

Ethan in confessional: I think Rex is planning something against the alliance.

Rex in confessional: I'm probably going to make a secret alliance to vote out an 'ally'. But with whom?

"Everyone come to the dining hall!" announced Tara.

The contestants assembled in the dining hall.

"Today's challenge involves the meaning of your names. This challenge will be split into two days. Team Ruby gets today, Team Sapphire gets tomorrow. I'll start with the person whose name means 'bright'. ...Clara."

Clara clutched her head.

"Your challenge is to look into Rex's pearly whites for fifteen minutes."

Both Clara and Rex groaned.

Rex smiled, and the whole room was illuminated.

"Begin now!"

Clara was able to look for 11 minutes until she looked away yelling "OW! OW! OW! My eyes!" Rex held his face saying "OW! OW! OW! My jaw!"

"Sorry. You had three minutes left. Michael's turn. He heh. His name means 'who is like God?'. So we brought back Tobias, whose name means 'God is good', to have a conversation about religion for 15 minutes. HA! Annnnnnnnnd, GO!"

Tobias began. "So, did you know that the three wise men never were mentioned in the Bible?"

"Oh, really?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, I heard it somewhere. Did you know that Paul took four journeys to Greece and Italy to preach Christianity?"

"The disciple Paul?"

"Yeah, I know. Weird, isn't it?"

"Then again, the people in that time may have made more proof."

"Good point. Hey, can we change the subject to like Jewish?"

"You lose!" said Tara. "You said something about the conversation, not religion."

"Not fair," cried Michael, "I was just being polite."

"Yay, I get to leave this dump," exclaimed Tobias. Amy escorted him out.

"Sam, you are nextarino," said Tara. "You have to literally stop and smell the roses. Actually, tulips for 15 minutes."

Sam successfully smelled the tulips for 15 minutes. As soon as she was done, she sneezed Zuri's bandana off.

"Minerva! Your turn!" said Tara. "Your name means wisdom, so you must pretend to be a model for 15 minutes while wearing a hat that looks like a brain."

Minerva began to pose like she was a fashion model. Her cap fell off, so she whipped it back on. "Oh I forgot, if it's off your head for more than four seconds, you lose!" said Tara.

At the final second, she turned and winked at Ethan.

Ethan winked back. "I'll volunteer to go next," he said.

"Okay, Ethan, or should I say, solid. You must stand still for 15 minutes. The only things you can do are breathe, speak and scratch an itch. GO!"

Ethan did well, he asked Tara how much time was left seven minutes in, and scratched his chest nine minutes in. At ten minutes Tara began hurling dodgeballs at him.

Only three hit, and he didn't flinch. At the fifteen-minute mark, Minerva ran up and hugged Ethan. "You did it, Ethan!"

"This next one doesn't make sense," announced Tara. "Today it's Katrina, right?" she asked Kate.

"Yep," said Katrina.

"Katrina is a variant of Catriona, which is Gaelic for Katherine, which could come from the name of the Greek goddess Hecate, who was associated with crossroads. So for fifteen minutes, you will stand or sit between where the paths to the campfire, the cabins and the dock of shame meet. You can do whatever you want, but don't move."

While the others watched Katrina, they realized there were only 14 of them. "Where's Zuri?" they asked.

Zuri ran back from the cabins. "Katrina!" she gasped. "Somebody ate your potato chips!"

"Oh no!" Katrina ran to the cabins.

"Looks like Katrina just lost!" said Tara.

"But my pota-" started Katrina.

"I lied." said Zuri.

Katrina charged to Zuri but Jordan held her back.

"This is getting interesting! Anyways, one person's name means "crown of laurel", so they will wear a laurel wreath until sundown. The other's means "one energy", so they will get a massive shot of adrenaline for the rest of the day and try not to crash before sunset."

Kayla gulped. "Am I the second one?"

"No, you are the first! Angus is the second."

Kayla got her wreath and reluctantly put it on.

Angus held out his arm. "Ow!" he exclaimed as the needle poked into his arm. Suddenly his eyes grew really wide.

Everyone else edged away slowly. "Whatareyoubackingawayfrom?" asked an energized Angus. "I'mstillnormal.Nothing'swrong.Ifeelalittlefunnythoughbutthat'saboutit.ThiswouldbegreatfortestsandschoolbecauseIalwayssleepthroughthat,youknow?"

At 5:00 that night, Angus was normal again. "Wow, that was just action-packed!" he yelled in the boys' cabin as he threw his arms in the air. "I think that us Rubies are gonna win."

"I don't think so," answered Ryan. "We have tomorrow. Today was your day. Tomorrow is ours."

"Wait and see," replied Ethan.

Just before the sun came down, Kayla threw her wreath into the water. She realized what she had just done, and groaned.

"That's 4 points for Team Ruby. Sam, Ethan, Minerva and Angus. Clara, Michael, Katrina and Kayla let their team down. Team Sapphire needs only five points to win."

Ethan secretly asked Minerva to be in an alliance with him.

"Of course, Ethan," said Minerva. "We can't help each other out and not be allied. Hey, we should ask Sam."

So they did, and she agreed.

Sam in confessional: This is probably going to be the final three, this alliance. My mind, Ethan's strength and Minerva's discipline, we can do anything!

The next day, Koit woke up early and went to the confessional.

Oh, we are so gonna win.

Tara woke up the campers. "Team Sapphire! Wake up! Rex, Zuri, Ryan! Report to the dining hall!"

Rex and Ryan were forced to wear a crown for the whole day and Zuri was forced to wear a mask for 15 minutes.

Rex's name means "king", Ryan's means "little king", and Zuri's means "beautiful".

Zuri immediately took off her mask when Tara looked away. No point for Sapphire yet.

The others were called in. "Good news, campers! Zuri lost for Team Sapphire, so you have no points yet! Laima, your name means luck, so walk under this ladder while holding this four leaf clover, then open this umbrella indoors. Koit, you can watch a movie about a sunrise, since your name means 'dawn'."

Koit instantly refused to watch the movie. Laima, however, made it under the ladder. Ryan rushed to the bathroom and hid his crown in the toilet.

"One point for Sapphire, and I saw that, Ryan." said Tara. "Next up, Lynsey, whose name means 'island of Lincoln'. Lynsey, make a building with this set of Lincoln logs." Tara got out an ordinary Lincoln Logs container.

When Lynsey finished her building, Rex hid his crown in it.

"Two points for Team Sapphire, and Zuri, Ryan, Rex and Koit lost."

"How did you-" started Rex.

"Last up are Keira and Jordan. Jordan comes from the river Jordan, but since we don't have a river, Lynsey will just hurl you off a cliff again."

"Will do," said Lynsey, who carried Jordan to the cliff.

"Keira means black, so you have to close your eyes for fifteen minutes."

"No way! I wanna see things!" protested Keira.

"Team Sapphire loses then!" Lynsey and a drenched Jordan arrived just in time to hear the news.

The boys' alliance met again. "How about we vote off Keira? She lost the game for us." suggested Koit.

"No, how about Jordan?" asked Ethan.

"You guys are nuts. Vote off Laima. She's too good to face," said Rex.

The guys agreed.

Rex: It's simple. Koit only pretended to agree to vote for Laima, because they've got some sort of cousin's pact. Ryan will vote for Keira, and then I'll vote off Koit to anger Ryan. Lynsey and Jordan should be easy to convince.

Ryan: Rex is stupid. Why vote for Laima? She won! I'm voting for Keira.

"Elimination time!" exclaimed Tara, a bit later. "If I call your name, get a marshmallow. Rex, Ryan, Zuri, Laima."

The four got their marshmallows

"Lynsey. Jordan." The two got marshmallows.

"One of you is leaving tonight, they will pack their bags and leave before dawn. And the last marshmallow goes to..."


Koit looked down. His eternal smile flipped upside-down as he went to pack his bags. He left as soon as he could.

Koit: I came, I saw, I was politely asked to leave. It was a full experience.

Rex: Rex, 1. Ryan, 0.

Episode Five: The Avoid the Spherical Object Game

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island!" said Tara. "Last time, we had a challenge that involved the contestant's names. Zuri sabotaged Team Ruby, but they still won. Rex organized a secret alliance to eliminate Koit simply to tick off someone above him on the totem pole. More betrayals, more Pojab, more Total Pojab Island right now!"

Ryan: Who's behind Koit's elimination? I gotta find out before they get Rex, too!

Rex: Oh Ryan, you simple fool.

Clara: I have a very small chance of proceeding, so I'm probably going to make an alliance with Michael. Either him or Sam.

Zuri: Life is not a game. But this is. When I'm finished with Jordan, I can just embarrass him and kick him off on a guilt trip. Then I do it again with Rex or somebody. I am going all the way.

Ethan: I thought about it all night. Ryan is doomed.

"Welcome!" announced Tara in the dining hall. "As usual, the winning team gets to eat French toast for breakfast, and the losing team eats Rice Krunchies. But finish fast."

"Because I'm not giving seconds and we could take away your tables at any second," finished Amy, who was usually silent.

Breakfast was normal, but twenty minutes later, the tables were taken, first from Team Sapphire (Zuri's Rice Krunchies snapped, crinkled and flopped out of her bowl and off her spoon), then from Team Ruby.

"Why did you take the tables away?" asked Lynsey.

"Because it's time for DODGEBALL!" shouted Amy. "We don't have a stadium, so we'll just be playing in the dining hall. Oh yes, and seven players from each team at a time. So Team Ruby, pick who you're sitting out this round."

Everyone looked at Angus. He sighed and went to the bleachers.

"Here are the rules: If you catch a ball, the thrower is out. If you get hit in the head, both you and the thrower are out. If you are holding a dodgeball, you can swap out with a person in the bleachers. Team Ruby, the first person to do that must switch with Angus. If I blow my whistle, somebody's out. First team to 2 wins wins the challenge." Amy explained.

Zuri threw the dodgeball and took out Michael. He sat down. Sam picked up the ball and swapped in Angus. Angus threw it at Zuri who caught it. She then threw Katrina out.

Amy tossed another ball into the game. Lynsey dashed for it, but got hit by Minerva when she swooped down. Minerva swapped in Sam, who swapped in Katrina. Katrina hit Zuri.

Jordan swapped in Zuri. Everyone booed. She hit Ethan. Clara threw it at Laima, who caught it. However, it bounced it out of her hands, hitting Ryan. Both were whistled by Amy.

Rex threw it at Katrina, who caught it. She threw it at Zuri again, but this time she missed. Keira scooped it up and swapped in Jordan. Jordan hit Clara, Ethan and Kayla in one shot.

Katrina took the ball everyone forgot about, and the ball that Jordan threw. She hit both Jordan and Zuri. Team Ruby cheered! They got their first win.

Ethan gathered all the Rubies together.

"Listen, we need to take out Rex, Keira and Jordan. They will, directly or indirectly, put Zuri back in if we take her out." he said.

"Break!" all the Rubies yelled. Michael sat out.

Katrina took the first ball and threw it at Zuri, who caught it. "Weren't you listening?" screamed Ethan. While he ranted, Zuri hit him in the head. Both were whistled, but Jordan swapped Zuri back in.

Sam hit Keira in the thigh, eliminating her. Rex swapped her back in, but Keira swapped Rex back in. The cycle continued until Sam hit Keira in the same place again, sidelining both Rex and Keira.

Angus fumbled a ball thrown by Jordan, leading to his elimination. Minerva swapped Ethan back in, who got hit in the head again by Zuri. Jordan swapped Zuri in again.

Clara tried the same tactic used by Cody in TDI, but instead of hitting Ryan (her target), it was intercepted by Laima.

Sam swapped in Michael, who got hit in the... private area. Kayla picked it up and tossed it at Ryan, who caught it. Team Sapphire won!

For the last game, the Sapphires decided to stay together, to protect each other. Except Keira. She went alone. Minerva sat out.

Clara tossed a ball at Rex, who got out. Sam tossed a ball at Jordan, who was hit in the gut. Despite promising to Jordan that she would protect him, Zuri let him get hit, angering Lynsey. Lynsey started to accuse Zuri of being selfish, but Ethan hit Ryan, interrupting the fight. Zuri hit Angus in the head.

"Keira," said Zuri, "can you swap me in?"

Keira, who heard the tension between Lynsey and Zuri, sided with Lynsey. "No. Help yourself. You won't go home tonight, but you're not getting my help."

Kayla grinned and hit Laima. Keira picked up the ball and threw it at Kayla. It hit, and Kayla sat down. Ethan then missed Keira, who picked it up and hit Sam and Clara. Michael tossed it back, and Keira was hit. Victory was Ruby's!

The guy's alliance stayed back as everyone else left the dining hall. Ryan said that the alliance dwindled every challenge, starting with episode three.

"That's true," affirmed Rex.

Rex: I shall never tell a lie. Yet.

"You need to kick out someone who will be a threat," said Angus.

"How about Zuri?" said Rex. "She could control the game if we're not careful."

"Yeah, but if she's gone, we're done for - Jordan will be free and wreak havoc on the game until the final four. By then it's a personality contest - and he's definitely the top," calculated Michael.

"Then just take out Jordan," said Ethan.

"Genius!" said Ryan. "It's never too late to remove him."

Ethan: Wait 'til Minerva and Sam hear this!

The guys rushed out of the dining hall.

Angus: It's all set up. Next time we lose a challenge, Katrina will be kicked out, I show my true strength, ditch the alliance and I make it to the merge.

Team Sapphire gathered at the campfire. Amy told the campers that she'll be giving the marshmallows this time, and Cody crossed his fingers. Nobody knew who he wanted out.

"The first marshmallow goes to... Zuri."

About half the campers looked on, shocked as Zuri received her marshmallow.

"Keira, Laima, Lynsey."

The girls got their marshmallows.

Rex, Ryan and Jordan looked at each other. They knew that the girls had set them up to knock them down.

"The guys are the bottom three. Shocking," Amy observed. "Anyways, the second-last marshmallow has Jordan's name on it."

Jordan got his marshmallow.

Ryan: Nobody can vote me out. But whoever this boy-killer is, Rex is gonna come back and haunt you.

Rex: Uh oh...

"The last marshmallow of the night goes to..."

"...Rex. Come and get your marshmallow, buddy."
Ryan got angry. "Who voted me out? Whoever did is gonna pay big time when I come back. And trust me, I will."

Jordan, Lynsey and Rex meekly raised their hands.

"REX!?!" Ryan screamed. "How can you do this to me? I thought we were the rulers of the game!"

"More like you were playing as a Heather. You controlled us. Besides the alliance, you played too soft! We had no choice," explained Rex. "But we're still friends. You just didn't play rough."

"Like in Harlem," added Lynsey.

"Whatever. You will pay for your misdeeds, ex-friend! You WILL pay!" yelled Ryan.

"EX-FRIEND?" screamed Rex.

By the time Ryan had got his luggage and hopped on the boat of losers, the sky was a deep blue. Ryan and Rex, however, saw red. A lot of red.

Lynsey: *shudders* Ryan lost it on Rex. If he wasn't on our side and he was out anyways, I would have been in his spot. I just know it.

Episode Six: Survivor: Pojab

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, we played dodgeball, and Rex turned on his friend Ryan to stay in the game. Cold! Ryan, obviously, was eliminated. Next, I say the next challenge."

Tara finished her intro and turned to the 14 competitors. "You will be staying in the forest to camp out tonight," said Tara. "Here are the supplies, now find a good spot." Tara tossed them supplies and banished them into the forest.

"But already-" began Lynsey, but Laima picked her up and went with the rest of the team.

Team Ruby found a spot by a creek, and set up camp. Angus promptly got out a bag of marshmallows. Kayla rolled her eyes. "Angus, we don't need marshmallows!"

Team Sapphire found a spot by the same creek, across the creek from Team Ruby. Unfortunately, both campsites were separated from the creek by a thin row of trees. If both teams try to collect water at the same time, trouble starts to happen.

Lynsey started a fire, and went to get a bucket of water to put it out just in case. But Minerva was just getting out to wash her face.

"Hey Lynsey, what are you doing?" asked Minerva.

"I started a fire, and I'm getting water to put it out."

"Can you give us a fire?"

"No, Team Sapphire needs to win. No fire for you."

Kayla called out, "Hey Minerva, we started a fire!" Lynsey cursed to herself.

Jordan told Zuri to get him some water. "You're not the boss of me!" said Zuri.

"You owe me, girl. If you don't want to be surrounded by water, fill my glass."

Zuri didn't budge.

"Oh no, Zuri, don't play that way! You get, you give. That's the rule."

"Not here! Here it's first come first serve, buddy! I came, and I served! It's timing!"

Jordan turns to everyone else. "Shouldn't we get rid of this dictator once and for all?"

Keira shrugged. Lynsey brushed her hair. "Um, no... she's playing fair by my standards," said Rex.

The sun sank behind the horizon. "Well, goodnight," said Clara as she pulled up her sleeping bag.

Everyone went to bed, except Kayla and Jordan. They secretly met by the creek.

"We need to get rid of Zuri!" said Jordan.

"I'm with you," said Kayla.

"Try hard to win, so when elimination goes around, only Zuri has a reason to go!"

"And you sabotage your team! Genius!" said Kayla. "And then we get Angus, and Rex, and-"

"We clear out the competition!" exclaimed Jordan. "We'll last all the way until-"

"GO TO BED," yelled Michael, Katrina and Laima in unison. They had been kept up by the creek chat.

When the sun rose in the morning, Ethan got dressed and rushed back to camp.

"Somebody came back fast," said Tara, who was fully expecting him. "Go into the dining hall and get some Rice Krunchies."

Ethan: Was it just me, or was there rumbling back at the creek?

Lynsey arrived after, and was also told to get some cereal.

"I heard rumbles last night," said Lynsey.

"I did too," said Ethan. "Did the others hear it?"

"If they did, they'd be back s-"

All twelve remaining campers were chased back to the campsite by a bear. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Jordan.

"Uh, the bear's gone," said Keira.

"I've decided," said Tara. "Both teams are sending someone home tonight. Angus, come outside and tell me who you want to boot off the island.

Angus left for a moment, then returned and called Clara out.

The cycle continued through Team Ruby, until Sam called Jordan out.

The cycle completed when Zuri came in and said breakfast was over.

At night, both teams gathered at the campfire. "These marshmallows have N&N's candy inside. Team Ruby will get those ones. Team Sapphire gets the ones without N&N's."

Tara held up two marshmallows. "The first N&N marshmallow goes to Sam. The first plain marshmallow goes to Lynsey." The girls got their marshmallows.

"Laima, Rex, Keira, come get your plain marshmallows." The teens did as instructed.

"Clara, Michael, Ethan, Angus, Katrina, come get your candy marshmallows." The teens did as instructed.

"There is only one marshmallow of each kind left. Minerva, Jordan, Kayla, Zuri, two of you will not get a marshmallow. You know the drill after that. Marshmallow number one goes to..." Tara covered the marshmallows so they couldn't tell which marshmallow will be given.

"...Zuri. Come get the plain marshmallow." Zuri got up and took the marshmallow.

"Marshmallow number two goes to..."

"...Minerva!" said Tara. Both Jordan and Kayla frowned, got their stuff, and left immediately.

On the loser boat, Kyle was waiting. He cheered as he saw both Jordan (his target before his elimination) and Kayla (his cocky sister) board the boat. Kyle turned to see Zuri, also grinning.

The two winked at each other and waved goodbye.

Episode Seven: Fear of the Whatever

"Good morning!" greeted Zuri. "Tyler let me do the introduction today, so I will. Last time, we had to camp out in the forest for a night. Jordan tried to turn the tables on me after I used him for many episodes, so he and Kayla organized an alliance to eliminate me. However, one member of each team was eliminated, and it was Jordan and Kayla. That's what you get! What will Tara make us do next? Will anybody stop me? When was the last time Tyler bathed?"

"HEY!" yelled Tyler.

"All those questions might be answered next on Total Pojab Island!"

Tara pushed Zuri out of the way. "All campers outside immediately!" she yelled.

All the campers assembled.

"A little announcement," began Tara, "after this challenge the teams will be tweaked a bit, meaning that these may not be your teams tomorrow. Laima, Lynsey, Clara, you are all afraid of singing, so you will have to sing a song from Total Drama World Tour. Specifically, Stuck to a Pole."

The contestants groaned.

Rex begins playing the drums, and everyone remembers that Ryan isn't there anymore to do the guitar part.

Lynsey: The strings of my heart, are a tangled mess!

Sam: Oooooh, mess!

Lynsey: It's beating so hard, it's jumping outta my chest!

Sam: Oooooh, chest!

Lynsey: I tried to fit two men in my-

Lynsey and Clara: Soul!

Sam: Oooooh, soul!

Lynsey and Clara: I ended up, STUCK TO A POLE!

Sam and Minerva: She got stuck, should've ducked, worst of luck, STUCK, stuck to a PO-O-O-OLE!

Lynsey: Come on, Laima, sing now! What's there to lose!

Sam: Oooooh, lose!

Clara: Sing or have us win, what do you choose?

Sam: Oooooh, choose!

Lynsey and Clara: Please Laima, tell us, what is your new goal?

Sam: Oooooh, goal!

Laima: I will not get, STUCK TO A POLE!

Sam and Minerva: She got stuck, should've ducked, worst of luck, STUCK, stuck to a PO-O-O-OLE!

Tara claps. "Sam's afraid of snakeskin, so we'll dare her to kiss a snakeskin purse."

Sam started to cry. "It's a waste of an animal! Snakeskin is ugly and is gotten in a gruesome manner! I wish this snake was still alive!" She kissed the purse, as tears ran down her face. Team Ruby cheered.

"The score is 2-2. To cheer Sam up, we got a real snake." Sam squeezed the snake in love, choking it to death.

She looked at the former snake in her hand. "Come to think of it, snakeskin accessories aren't such a bad idea." Laima rolled over in laughter.

Tara looked around. "Zuri, you're afraid of green jelly, just like Courtney. Just repeat what Courtney had to do to get two points."

"No biggie," said Zuri, climbing the ladder. She jumped on the diving board, bounced a little, then... JUMPED!

However, she missed the tub of jelly and landed on the grass. "Oooh," said Tara, "Zuri didn't get her points!"

"What? HOW!?" yelled Lynsey and Rex.

"Zuri jumped, but she didn't actually land in the jelly!"

"Can't I do a retry?" moaned Zuri.


Team Sapphire moaned.

"Rex, your turn. You must wear this paper bag on your head for the whole day. Ha ha! This'll earn your team two points," Tara chuckled.

"I refuse to deface my face!" yelled Rex, as he threw the bag on the floor.

"Rex, you idiot! Do you really care that much about your appearance?" Keira screamed.

"No, I'm trying to build a reputation of being the hot guy, like Justin," whispered Rex.

Keira rolled her eyes.

"Keira, your turn! You must eat one of Michael's meals without puking!" Tara laughed. Keira clutched her head.

"I take offense to that!" yelled Michael.

Michael made a pancake breakfast. Keira devoured the pancakes, and took one sip of the orange juice before spitting it out and running to the bathroom.

Michael frowned as his teammates cheered.

"The score is 2-2 still. If Angus can conquer his fear of trains, Team Ruby wins! Angus, you must stand in front of this train for a full minute."

"NO WAY TARA!" Angus yelled.

"Okay, Kate, your challenge is to watch an episode of "Bernie the Dinosaur", since it scares you."

Kate watched the whole episode and everyone on Team Ruby cheered.

"Team Ruby wins again! Team Sapphire, you are eliminating someone."

Rex: Laima's got all the girls on her side so she can't go, Lynsey won the challenge, and Zuri had a lot of courage. That means Keira is going down.

Lynsey: It's obvious. Only one guy left, he's not gonna go. But I'm voting for him anyways.

"You've cast your votes, and now it's time to see who's skedaddling off the island. Laima, Lynsey, Zuri, get your marshmallows." Tara inhaled. "Keira and Rex are today's bottom two. And today, you will bid adieu. I'm talking to..."

"...Rex. Goodbye." Tara smiled.

Rex shrugged. "It was my time."

Rex: If you're not a Cody, you can't last with just girls. My hot self wasn't good enough.

Kate: Why on earth are the boys dropping like flies, while there are still seven girls? Oh, I know why. Ha.

Rex got his stuff and left. Michael, Ethan and Angus had a conference.

"We are the only boys left. We gotta make an alliance to boot out the girls," they all said in unison. They smiled.

Laima walked in. "Hey Angus, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Laima." said Angus.

Laima: I kinda like Angus. I guess I have a crush on him. What can I say? Geeks are hot.

Episode Eight: Remember Your Meme

"Hi, I'm Sam, and I'm doing the recap for Tara this time. Last time, everyone faced their fears. Rex's narcissist decision not to wear a mask cost their team the victory. His team voted him out, making Team Sapphire an all-girl team. Who's leaving next? What's our next challenge? Find out right now! On Total... Pojab... ISLAND!"

"Thank you Sam," said Tara. "Your challenge this time is to recreate an internet meme. Tell the boys, and I'll tell the girls."

Sam and Tara told everyone.

Team Ruby gathered.

"I have no idea what to do," said Clara.

"We can wait," said Ethan.

Everyone on Team Ruby rested.

Team Sapphire rushed into the boys' cabin.

"First of all," said Lynsey, "I know a really good meme. It's an anime character spinning a leek with a Finnish folk song in the background. Let's do that!" Team Sapphire agreed. "Zuri, you have some white T-shirts for tie-dye, so can you make pink shirts with blue spirals?" Zuri nodded. "Perfect. Laima, when I start singing, you say 'pon' in a deep voice. Okay?" Laima nodded. "Zuri, wear a purple shirt and twirl this leek when I sing. Keira, can you sing this when I sing? 'Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da De-De Da De-De Da De-De Da De-De Da'. Okay?" Keira nodded. "Since I can speak Finnish, and I know the song, I'll sing the melody. Break!"

Team Sapphire set to work.

Team Ruby was still brainstorming when Tara announced it was time to present.

Team Sapphire seamlessly presented their performance.

Team Ruby did the following.

Clara asks Sam where her phone is. Sam says it's charging. Kate comes in and says "DOCTOR OCTAGONAPUS BLAAAARGH!" Sam and Clara fall over.

"That's it," says Ethan.

"I've decided. Team Ruby's turn to vote someone off." Tara said. Team Sapphire hugged Lynsey and they all jump and squeal.

Team Ruby was picking someone to eliminate.

Tara called them out. "The results are in. Michael, Minerva and Angus are safe for doing nothing today. The first marshmallow that matters goes to... Sam." All four got their marshmallows. "Clara, marshmallow." Clara got her marshmallow. "Ethan, Kate, our bottom two."

"How's it feel to be at risk?" Zuri asked Ethan.

"Why are you here?" asked Clara.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."

Minerva: Since it was Kate's idea to do Dr. Octagonapus, I voted for her.


Kate frowned.

Ethan's eyes widened. "Why Kate? Why not me?"

"You said to wait, which delayed us, but if we didn't go with her idea, we'd have a better chance. Besides, you are our strongest player," explained Sam.

Kate shrugged. "It was fun, guys! See you later!" She skipped to the girls' cabin to get her bags.

Zuri: I sure am relieved that we're not sending a person home. That doesn't mean I won't throw a challenge to vote off someone.

Chapter Nine: Ring Around the Dining Hall

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, I made the teams re-enact an internet meme. It was relatively a short challenge. Team Ruby had no planning whatsoever, and Kate was sent home. Will Team Sapphire even the playing field? Will Angus and Laima go all the way? Find out right now!" Tara finished with a megaphone wake-up call.

The contestants got out of bed. Clara, Ethan, Michael, Keira and Zuri wore pyjamas. Only Minerva, Sam and Lynsey took the time to get dressed.

"You voted off Angus?" pondered Zuri.

"No, we voted off Kate." answered Ethan.

"Then where IS he?" Zuri asked.

"And where's Laima?" asked Minerva.

Everyone looked at each other. Lynsey ran to the bathroom.

Lynsey opened the door and saw Laima wearing Angus' hat giving him a hug. Angus had kiss marks all over his face.

"Were you making OUT?!" yelled Lynsey.

"No, the floor was wet and we fell on each other." Angus lied.

"I knew it!" said Tara.

"Where did YOU come from?" yelled all three.

Laima: The bad news is that we were caught. The good news is I'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND!

Lynsey: Impossible.

Lynsey returned with Laima and Angus, who were smiling at each other. Lynsey threw Angus at his team. "Your responsibility."

Michael: I mean, REALLY? What an unlikely couple! There's only been two this season, but Ethan and Minerva makes SENSE.

"Your challenge today is to play Musical Chairs. If you are left standing, you get a strike. First to get two strikes is out. Team Ruby, pick someone to sit out."

"I'll sit out," said Angus, suspiciously quickly.

Michael glared at him.

The music started. Everyone walked, and when the music stopped, Sam grabbed the last seat, giving Laima a strike.

Everyone walked again, and the music stopped again. Lynsey grabbed the last seat, giving Minerva a strike.

The next time, Laima got her second strike. Angus grinned, and the two began to make out.

By the time the song ended, Michael was out and Zuri got a strike. Minerva still was in the game.

Next, Minerva got another strike and went to the bench. The score was 3-3.

Sam took away Keira's chair when she was about to sit down, and she fell over. But she still managed to find a seat and give Clara a strike.

Everyone raced to a chair the next time, and Sam ended up standing.

Ethan got a strike next, and Zuri was eliminated.

Lynsey started to play hard. She cut in front of Clara, eliminating her. Next, she pushed Keira into a seat Ethan would have sat it.

Only Sam remained on Team Ruby, and Lynsey and Keira on Team Sapphire.

Lynsey was left standing, then she tripped and Keira stole her seat.

The two remaining girls ran around the chairs again. Sam took the final chair, giving Keira a strike.

They went around again, and... Keira landed the seat, giving Sam her final strike and ending the game.

Team Ruby booed, except Angus, who was too busy kissing Laima.

"Team Ruby, you're eliminating someone again. Go to the campfire, now." said Tara.

"But it's 1 pm!" complained Minerva.

"And I'm not done yet!" whined Laima.

"Nobody cares, girls. MOVE IT!"

Team Ruby assembled, as well as Laima.

"Okay, first marshmallow goes to Ethan." Ethan got his marshmallow.

"Sam, Clara, Michael."

"Okay, Minerva and Angus. You're the bottom two because both of you have a relationship. Which are dangerous for the others. The last marshmallow goes to..."

"Wait a second, Tara. There are two marshmallows left." Minerva stated.

"That's right. For noticing, you get this marshmallow." Tara gave Minerva a marshmallow. "This marshmallow goes to Tobias, who is returning right now."

Tobias walks in. "Hi guys, great to see you again. Oh, and see you later, Angus."

Angus runs to the boys' cabin, gets his stuff and runs back to the Dock of Shame. He kisses Laima until Amy pries him off her and throws him onto the loser boat.

"Wait, were they just-" began Tobias.

"Yes," said an irritated Michael.

Sam: Tobias is back? Understandable. That's why he was here all the time. Either him or Koit would've come back.

Angus: Nobody can separate a lover from a lover. I'll be back!

Chapter Ten: Ready, Set, Merge!

The sun gleamed as it passed over the island. The sunlight seeped into the windows of the cabins, awakening the campers.

Clara stepped outside. "Hey, where are all the crew and stuff?" she asked Tara, who was waiting for her outside (scary!).

"They're fired," said Tara. "Wanna do the intro for me?" Clara nodded. "Good. And, go!"

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, we played a simple game of musical chairs. Lynsey started playing rough, probably because she caught Laima red-handed with Angus. In the end, our team voted Angus out in order to keep a Bridgette-Geoff relationship from dominating the game. Who's gonna frown? Who's going down? Where on earth is my lipstick? These questions will be answered right here on Total Pojab Island."

Michael, Ethan and Tobias all walked out of the boys' cabin. Laima came out of the girls' cabin crying. Minerva was massaging her back, comforting her. The other girls followed.

"Organize into your teams, campers." Everyone did so.

"Wrong," Tara said. "There are ten teams now. You choose them."

Everyone organized themselves into teams. "But everyone is on a different team!" exclaimed Zuri.

"That's right, it's merge time!" said Tara. "Gwen will announce our next challenge."

"Okay, so your next challenge is to do the Thriller dance I did in the episode Basic Straining. Follow my lead." Gwen started to dance. Bounce, Bounce, Left, Right, Left, Right, Climb, Climb, Climb, Climb.

"No sweat," said Zuri as she climbed to the left.

Keira and Laima bounced as they chatted.

"Just do it over and over. I'll call you out if you mess up." Gwen said.

Every time Clara climbed to the right, she kicked Lynsey on the leg.

Eventually, Keira stumbled while switching from climbing to bouncing. Gwen blew a whistle and Keira sat out.

Clara's cleats got stuck in between the cracks of the Dock of Shame (where they were dancing) between climbs. She fell over. Gwen whistled her.

Ethan whispered to Michael and Tobias if they wanted to start a guys' alliance. Tobias nodded. Michael said yes, and got so excited he forgot to dance. Gwen whistled him.

Lynsey nudged Zuri with her elbow. Zuri fell and was whistled.

Minerva accidentally kicked Ethan in the groin. He fell down in pain. Minerva rushed to help him. "Ethan, are you all right?" she asked.

"Yeah." he groaned.

Gwen whistled them.

Sam rocked her hips from side to side. She was whistled.

Lynsey silently took Laima's pen from her pocket. She was whistled as well.

Only Laima and Tobias remained. After about a minute, Tobias fell on his knees. "Owwww..." he cried.

"Weak," said Gwen. "Meet me at the campfire, everyone."

Clara: Tobias is a weak asset in this game. If he lasts to the final four, we're goners. But until then, he's a bad player. He's out.

"You have all cast your votes," said Gwen. "The very first marshmallow goes to Laima, for winning the challenge."

Laima got up and took her marshmallow.

"Michael, Ethan, Sam." The teens got their marshmallows.

"Zuri, you literally played a mean game. Lynsey, you're being a real jerk lately. Tobias, you're very dark, and people are trying to pull an Eva on you. Keira, you're very quiet and independent, not a good way to play. The next marshmallow goes to... Lynsey." Lynsey got her marshmallow.

"Campers, these are the final two marshmallows. All of you have reasons to go. These two marshmallows go to..."

"...Lynsey and Tobias. Keira was automatically eliminated when she was first out of the challenge. I just wanted to see who would've left. That person was Tobias." Gwen smirked.

Tobias stood up. "Yes, yes! I'm safe!"

"But who would vote for me?" asked Lynsey in an innocent voice.

Tobias, Laima, Keira and Zuri grinned. "Not us," they lied.

Keira stopped grinning, and packed her bags.

When she got on the boat of losers, Sam, Tobias and Minerva ran up to it.

"We'll miss you," they said, and gave her a cupcake.

"Enjoy it," said Sam. Keira happily ate it as the boat went off.

"I made it myself," called Tobias. Keira stopped with the part of the cupcake she hadn't eaten.

Chapter Eleven: Stop Squirming!

"Last time on Total Pojab Island," began Tara, "we merged. Gwen hosted a dancing challenge which gave Laima much-needed invincibility. Tobias almost left the island, until we announced Keira was eliminated for losing the dance-off. HA! What will happen next? Will Ethan and Minerva go all the way? Will Tobias finally go home? Find out right now!"

The contestants were eating breakfast.

"What will our next challenge be?" asked Sam.

"You care, why?" asked Minerva.

"Oh, um, just wondering," said Sam.

"Ummm... why?" asked Michael.

"Last time, it was something kinda easy. She's gonna step it up this time," said Laima.

"Out of everybody here, who do you think is going out?' asked Tobias.

"Sam, I think," said Zuri. "Sorry girl."

"Everyone knows it's gonna be me," said Michael. "I bet all the fans say I'm riding coattails."

"So... I thought it would be Zuri," Sam said. "But you played us. Again."

"Anybody would say that," said Ethan. "But it wasn't her this time. It was Lynsey, I'm sure."

"Me?" said Lynsey. "No way!"

Lynsey: Drat, Ethan's on me. I gotta get him out of the competition. Next challenge is too late.

Zuri: Truth is, I'm out next. I'm not as powerful as I was in the beginning, everybody's found me out, and I'd have to use someone else to stay in. So, I'll need to try extra hard. Good news is that Lynsey is overcompetitive and is gonna take out Ethan. Minerva will hate her, and I will kick her off. Hopefully.

"Is Tara coming or not?" asked Clara.

"She better not," said Laima.

Tara popped up by a hole in the table. "Here I am! Anyways, meet me at the campfire in ten."

"Are we eliminating someone already?" asked Zuri.

"Nope. Just go there." Tara went back through the hole.

Soon enough, all the contestants walked together to the campfire. No, they didn't. Sam walked with Ethan and Minerva.

"We're all voting off Zuri, right?" asked Sam.

"Yep, she's gotta go," agreed Ethan.

Clara and Michael walked together.

"Clara, you gotta help me," said Michael. "I'm out next, I know it. Can you vote with me to make sure I'm wrong?"

"Sure thing. Michael, you may be a wallflower, but you are my BMF." said Clara with a smile.

"BMF?" asked Michael.

"Best male friend," said Clara.

Tobias and Laima walked together.

"Hey Laima, we don't know each other that well, but five of us are going to completely destroy the competition. And we're not it. Alliance?"

"Sure," replied Laima.

Lynsey walked alone. Zuri also walked alone. These girls arrived last.

"Your challenge is to stand on a tree stump and not get off. You can give up at any time. You will even get an apple cider." said Tara. The contestants then realized that it was much colder than the beginning of the season. Subarctic Septembers don't exactly bring good weather.

Laima instantly got off the stump. "We don't have this weather in California," she explained as she sipped her cider.

Soon enough, Zuri got off. "Or in Washington."

"Chickens," laughed Ethan. "This is barely a chinook."

Tobias stepped off. "Man, this is just cold!"

"Man, I really want a cider," said Clara.

"No, Clara, stay on!" said Michael.

Soon enough, Lynsey and Sam both 'accidentally' stepped on each other's big toes. Sam grabbed her foot, and fell off. But since she din't quit, she didn't get apple cider.

"Hey Lynsey, can you show me your ponytail? It looks cute," said Minerva.

Lynsey spun around and fell off.

Tobias: That is the meanest thing Minerva has done all season.

Minerva then stepped off. "This is so not Windsor weather. Plus, I got a splinter in my heel."

"How did that happen?" asked Laima.

"It went through my shoe," Minerva replied. "Ouch!"

Only Clara, Ethan and Michael remained. Ethan got off. "I don't need the invincibility."

Michael stepped off. "Neither do I."

Clara shrugged, and stepped off, claiming her victory.

"Clara has invincibility. We can do the elimination right here if you want to." Tara said. Clara nodded. "So, everyone, sit down. Laima, cast your vote first."

"Zuri, when she gets back, cast your vote. Tobias, Sam, Lynsey, Minerva, Ethan, Michael, Clara. In that order, you follow Zuri's vote."

Laima and Tobias got together to discuss. They nodded, and Laima went to vote.

Zuri, Sam, Lynsey, Minerva and Ethan voted without talking. Tobias voted, of course, after Zuri. Clara and Michael discussed who to eliminate, then cast their votes.

"You cast your votes. Clara, you get a marshmallow for winning." Clara happily got her marshmallow.

"Minerva, Michael, Ethan, Lynsey. Get marshmallows." The kids got their marshmallows.

"Laima, Zuri, Tobias and Sam. You were the first four off the tree stumps. But Tobias is safe." Tobias got his marshmallow.

"Laima, come get your marshmallow." Tara said while nodding at Laima.

"Now, for Zuri, you're the antagonist and people want you gone. Sam, you're always sunny and forgiving, and popular. Good reasons to vote either of you out. And the last marshmallow goes to..."


"Wait one second," said Zuri. "Did I find this in a bush or not?" She pulls out an invincibility card from her pocket. It was blue with a marshmallow on it.

"Um, yeah, we got that on camera. Therefore, Zuri gets the last marshmallow and Sam takes the boat of losers." Tara announced.

Clara, Ethan, Laima, Lynsey, Michael, Minerva, Sam, Tobias (one at a time): NO!

"Wait a minute," said Sam to the other campers (besides Zuri), "who voted for me?"

None of them answered. "Nobody did," said Tobias. "We all voted for Zuri." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'm not done yet," said Sam as she packed her stuff and walked the dock of shame, "Zuri will pay for this! She'll live to regret it!"

Tobias: Zuri, of all people! Geez! She's going down!

Chapter Twelve: Hide and Run

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, the contestants stood out in the cold on tree stumps. Most people quit, but Lynsey sabotaged Sam, and Minerva got revenge pretty quickly. In the end, Clara was still standing. Everyone voted Zuri off, except she had invincibility, and Sam was kicked off instead. Ouch! What will happen next? Find out right now!"

Lynsey: I need to find out a way to make Laima quit for her sugar bunny Angus, or Minerva for the sake of Ethan winning.

Lynsey walks up to Laima. "So, Laima, it's really cold out here."

"Obviously," replied Laima.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to keep you warm?" suggested Lynsey.

"Maybe," said Laima. "I miss Angus."

"Maybe you can win the game for him," suggested Lynsey. "But I'm sure he'll be happy even if you don't win, because he'd get to see you again."

Laima: Lynsey's a good friend. I'm probably taking her to the final three with Tobias.

Lynsey: Always say what you want them to do, last.

"Wanna join an alliance with Tobias and I?" asked Laima.

"Sure, girl. We'll go for miles together." said Lynsey.

Lynsey: Okay, I do like Laima, she's a good friend. But I mostly need to hang on to her to get to the final four.

The two girls walked out together. Tobias joined them.

"So, Lynsey's-" Tobias began.

The girls nodded.

"Okay campers," boomed the loudspeaker, "time for a game of paintball deer hunt! All campers meet me at the communal bathroom.

Everyone did so.

"Okay," began Tara once everyone arrived, "here's how it works. Ethan and Zuri are the hunters. They can pick one more hunter, and everyone else is a deer."

Ethan and Zuri picked Minerva to be a hunter. All three were armed with a paintball gun, and the others got deer costumes.

"Lookin' good," Minerva teased Laima.

Tara cleared her throat. "The hunters have to gun down all of the deer to win, and the deer need to steal a hunter's gun and gun them all down. The person who takes out the final opponent wins. GO!"

Zuri immediately hit Tobias.

"Ow! Have you heard of something called a head start?" he yelled.

"Nope," said Zuri with a smirk.

After the hunters let the deer run off for a minute, they broke out over camp. Ethan went to the buildings, and the girls went to the forest, each covering one side of the river.

Ethan found Clara hiding in a bathroom stall. He shot her in the stomach and she fell in the toilet.

Michael was hiding in a tree. Zuri aimed in the air and shot him. Michael fell all the way to the bottom.

Minerva ran into Lynsey at a big tree. Lynsey wrestled the gun out of her hands and shot. First it hit a squirrel, then it hit Minerva. Lynsey broke off into a run.

Ethan caught Tobias making pancakes in the kitchen. When a paintball ripped right through a pancake, Tobias broke off into a sprint. Ethan eventually cornered him on the Dock of Shame and fired. Tobias fell into the water.

Lynsey spotted Ethan on the dock and secretly fired and hit him in the arm. Ethan fell in too.

Zuri climbed up the communal washroom and saw Laima hiding there. She shot, and Laima slid down. But Lynsey burst out of the washroom with a soggy Clara and shot Zuri down.

"And the deer win!" cried Tara. "Lynsey has invincibility. You girls meet the others at the bonfire."

Everyone assembled at the bonfire.

"Cast your votes," said Tara.

After everyone cast their votes and Tara tallied them, she came back to the bonfire with marshmallows.

"Campers, there are only seven marshmallows on this plate. Your numbers are dwindling. One of you is going home tonight. And you can never come back."

"Finally, she adds the drama," said Lynsey snarkily.

"Ever," said Tara in Lynsey's face.

"The first marshmallow goes to... Lynsey." Lynsey got her marshmallow.

"Ethan," Ethan catched his marshmallow. Then he passed it to Minerva.

Minerva: He's such a gentleman.

"Ethan." Ethan passed his marshmallow to Michael.

"Ethan," said Tara, who was getting annoyed. Ethan gave Laima his marshmallow.

"Ethan." Tobias got a marshmallow. "Ethan." Clara got a marshmallow.

"Campers, this is the last marshmallow. It goes to Ethan." Ethan got his marshmallow.

"And eat it this time, okay?" said Tara.

Ethan took his marshmallow, opened his mouth...

...and passed it to Zuri when Tara turned around.

Tara looked back at the campers. "Ethan, where is your marshmallow?"

"I ate it," Ethan lied.

"Uh huh. Then why is everyone else chewing something?"

Caught, Ethan confessed. "I wanted to get out. This competition is way too easy. It would have been one of those stories where the popular guy or the strong guy or the shy girl obviously wins. To make it fair, I'll let someone else take the glory. Goodbye, Total Pojab Island."

There was a long moment of silence when Ethan took the boat of losers.

It was finally broken by Zuri. "Isn't that his luggage?" Everyone stared at his bags.

Tobias snickered.

Chapter Thirteen: A Better Challenge?

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, um... er... Ethan and Clara aren't really friends anymore. He went home." Tara shrugged. "Let's just start the show."

Lynsey is working in her cabin. She is writing something on a piece of paper with the pen she stole from Laima in Ready, Set, Merge! When she finished, she folded it up and stuffed it in her pocket. She joined the others outside.

Tara was also with them. "Hey Tara," asked Michael, "can you tell us what our next challenge is?"

"You have to say a sentence that starts with the letter A. Minerva has to say one in response that starts with B. Tobias does C, Zuri does D, Clara does E, Laima does F. But say, if Laima doesn't say a sentence that starts with F, she is out of the challenge and Lynsey does F. Get it?" Tara saw everyone nod. "Okay, who wants to get it over with?" Everyone raised their hand except Clara and Tobias. "Majority rules. Tobias starts with A."

He groans, then says, "Anyone know how to start the challenge?"

"Balloons, maybe?" suggested Zuri.

"Cool, but how about a broader topic?" said Clara.

"Does that help?" stated Laima.

"Everyone, settle for something!" exclaimed Lynsey.

"Settle for what?" asked Michael. Tara patted him on the back. "Sorry, that's an S, not an F."

"For, um, pie?" suggested Minerva.

"Great! My favourite is apple." said Tobias.

"How can we compete with that?" asked Zuri.

"I know how! Blueberry!" Clara shouted.

"Just a fact, I don't like pie." Laima announced.

"You don't like pie!?" said Lynsey. Tara rubbed her shoulder. "Why did you say a Y?"

"Kids, it's time to have pie!" said Minerva in a motherly voice.

"La la la la la pie!" sang Tobias.

"Mmmmmm, pie!" affirmed Zuri.

Clara laughed. "Sorry girl, I consider that an H." Tara said.

"Nobody cares," said Laima.

Minerva slapped her forehead. "Or maybe you just don't like pie."

"True, true," said Tobias. Tara patted his shoulder.

"People, stop fighting!" said Zuri.

"Quit yelling!" countered Laima.

"Really, girls?" said Minerva.

"Someone's angry." said Zuri.

"She is not!" said Laima.

"Laima, you got so close, but you're out." Tara sighed.

"Wow." said Zuri.

"Zuri, you talked too soon and with the wrong letter. Minerva wins!" Tara yelled.

Michael cheered.

"Dude, why's your tongue blue?" said Lynsey.

"That's why my hair dye tube was empty." said Tobias.

"I used it as mouthwash!" Michael blurted.

Zuri: Wow, Michael, just wow.

The kids dispersed. Lynsey dropped her letter on the ground. Michael picked it up. "Hey Clara, Zuri," he called. "Look at this!"

They read the letter.

"Note to Self

Make my bed! It still looks like what it was when Angus and I got together. ha ha Hope nobody finds out I was just using him!

But seriously, keep space clean!

From Laima"

Michael gasped. "She couldn't have!"

"But look, it's her pen!" exclaimed Zuri.

"That weasel! We gotta show Tobias and Minerva!" shouted Clara.

The three rushed to show them. After Tobias and Minerva read the letter, Clara spoke up.

"She's gonna pay!" she said.

"But the pen-" began Tobias.

"Geez, Toby, you're in an alliance with Laima. Everyone knows. So stop trying to stand up for her!" Zuri said.

"Don't ever call me Toby," said Tobias.

The five parted ways.

Tobias: The pen was stolen after Angus was eliminated! Someone framed Laima!

Minerva: I can't believe that story. I need to find out who wrote it.

The two went to Laima and explained everything.

"Okay, let's ask Lynsey first," said Laima. "She can probably point us in the right direction. She couldn't possibly be that mean."

The three went to Lynsey.

"Okay, Lynsey, who wrote that letter about Laima?" asked Minerva.

"That is not my handwriting." said Laima.

"Okay," sighed Lynsey, "I wrote it. And don't try to vote me off, because you don't have a majority."

The three scowled and walked off.

Tara walked up to Zuri. "Hey, Zuri."

"Yes, Tara?"

"Can you get everyone to cast their votes?"

Zuri told everyone, but called Tobias 'Toby' again.

Minerva: It's so obvious who's going tonight. And for once, I won't feel sorry. Hear that, Lynsey?

Clara: It's so obvious who's going tonight. And for once, I won't feel sorry. Hear that, Laima?

Tara got out the marshmallows. "The first marshmallow goes to Minerva."

"Woohoo, top of the line!" she said as she took her marshmallow.

"Michael and Toby." Michael got his marshmallow, Tobias just scowled.

"Zuri, Clara." The two got their marshmallows.

"Laima, Lynsey, you are our bottom two. No explanation needed for either of you. The last marshmallow goes to..."


Laima stood up. "No way!" she barked. "I was framed. Lynsey set me up! I did not write the letter and I have evidence! Rather, Lynsey has evidence. Show them my pen."

Lynsey showed the pen. "That's right, I just duped three of you. It's too late to change your vote, Laima is now out." She tossed the pen to Laima.

"Ouch, my thigh is itchy." said Tara. "Oh, I know why. Laima's marshmallow is irritating it. Here you are."

Laima happily got her marshmallow.

"Today was an immunity challenge!" announced Tara. "Minerva, you get a bottle of orange pop and a bag of chips to share with any other contestant."

Minerva picked Tobias for being on her side the whole time. She also gave Laima a handful of chips for voting with them.

"Man, you rock," Tobias and Laima said at the same time. They both laughed, and the camera moves up to the moon.

Chapter Fourteen: Thanks for the Memories

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, we played an alphabet game. Minerva won, and shared some pop and chips with Laima and Tobias. Everybody got steamed at Lynsey for duping everybody to vote off Laima, which was foiled by there being no vote. What will happen next? Find out on Total Pojab Island!"

Minerva and Tobias finish up their pop and chips. They stand up and walk outside. The others are waiting for them.

"Did it really take you all night just to finish up some pop and chips?" asked Zuri.

"Hey, we slept," said Tobias.

"Whatever, our next challenge is starting!" said Clara. Everyone rushed to the Dock of Shame.

"HUH!?" exclaimed everyone at the sight of a huge skateboard at the end of the dock, and much more behind it.

"Welcome to your next challenge," said Tara, walking in. "You will have to complete an obstacle course, with each section based off a past contestant. The skateboard represents Kyle. Then, move on to the next section. I will walk along this floating boardwalk to tell you about each station. Last one there is automatically out. Last one back is also out."

"Are you crazy!?" yelled Lynsey. "Two eliminations in one challenge!?"

"Yep, and go!"

The contestants rushed across the skateboard.

"Next is a pair of glasses. This is for Koit, the only contestant who wore them. The lenses are clear, and the bridge between them is slim. Fall in the water, and you have to redo this entire course."

Everyone made it across safely. Laima was first, then Clara, then Lynsey, then Michael, then Minerva, then Zuri, then Tobias.

Next up was a guitar, for Ryan. However, the guitar wobbled, and the strings vibrated annoyingly. The order across remained the same.

Kayla stood at the next section. "This is my section, the checkpoint. If you fall, you can come back here. Now catch your breath and scurry up this rock climbing thing. This represents Jordan."

Zuri went up first, and fell down. Clara made it to the top first, then Laima, then Lynsey, then Michael, then Minerva, Tobias, then Zuri. Zuri stomped down the climbing wall, as a sign of hatred towards Jordan.

"Overkill," whispered Lynsey to Michael. He nodded.

Lynsey: Michael's perfect. Shy, gullible, friendly, useful. I could use him and get really far.

Next up were Rex's slippery mirrors, Kate's rotating duffel bag (on which Tobias fell off of), Angus's open Pokeball (which was easy to get in but hard to get out), and Keira's hot tub (Zuri had a nice, refreshing soak).

After mounting Sam's rainbow, Tobias and Minerva had begun to tire from eating chips and pop last night, and Zuri began to slow down due to her heels.

Lastly were Ethan's weights, which rotated like Kate's duffel bag, but were much more risky. Everyone made it across.

Next were six zip lines, which went all the way to the mirrors. Tobias was left without one, so he boarded the Boat of Losers with his awaiting luggage.

"Bye Tobias," said Laima.

"Hope you had fun," called Clara as the final six started zip-lining.

Tobias: I got so close. But I got two chances, and I pushed my luck. Oh well.

Michael, despite being the only boy, was the lightest and made it down first. The others arrived within two seconds.

They slip-slided down the mirrors, until they realized than by knocking down the climbers, Zuri had trapped them all.

"Oh no!" cried Laima.

"We're stuck!" whined Michael.

Everyone stared at the hole where they would have climbed down. They all thought, until something went off in Lynsey's head.

"I got it!" she exclaimed. "I'll go down first, then Zuri, since we're the tallest, then we'll help the rest of you down."

Despite everyone having a grudge against Lynsey, they agreed.

Minerva was helped down first. Then Clara came down (after she took off her cleats). Everyone got down safely.

"And, let's go!" exclaimed Minerva, and everybody dashed past the checkpoint.

Lynsey, Clara, Laima and Zuri all made it to the finish line quickly.

Minerva and Michael were neck in neck to get to the finish.

Michael was gaining the lead, but Minerva was gaining. At the finish, however...

...Michael still had a tiny edge on Minerva.

Minerva: I should've known that there was something about the pop and chips.

"Bye," said everyone to Minerva. Most of them were on the verge of tears.

"That settles it," said Tara. "Our final five. Sorry, Minerva. What will happen next? Find out on Total Pojab Island!"

Ethan: Fish sticks.

Chapter Fifteen: No Time For Losers

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, we had an obstacle course representing each eliminated contestant. Tobias and Minerva lost, because of the reward they had the previous challenge. Ha! What will happen now? Find out right now!" Tara surfs away from Total Pojab Island.

(theme song)

Tara lands at a rocky coastline. She walks as she explains what will happen next.

"This is Viva La Moosonee, a resort resting on the Hudson Bay. The losers hang out here. It's sort of like Playa des Losers from TDI. Here, we'll meet and greet all the campers who set foot on the Dock of Shame and never returned. Oh look, here's the deck." She walked up some wooden stairs to a deck with a basketball hoop. Only Angus was using it.

"Hey Angus," said Tara.

"Oh, hi, Tara. Why are you here?" asked Angus.

"It's the eliminated camper episode. How have you been doing since the Dock of Shame?"

"All right. I just play PIG alone in the day, have a few fruit punches, and go to bed."

"How about your situation with the other campers?"

"At one point, I hung out with Koit, because both of us had a common interest: Laima. But we had nothing else in common."

"Okay. Where are the others?"

"Kayla's tanning over there, the others are on the upper deck."

Kayla put down her tanning mirrors. "Oh, hi, Tara. What's up?"

"Hi, Kayla. How's this whole experience been going for you?"

"Okay. Kyle's not annoying anymore, and I like hanging out with Keira."

"Kayla and Keira. It's a tongue-twister." Tara chuckled as she said this.

"Whatever." Kayla put her tanning mirrors up again.

Tara went up to the other deck.

Koit was lounging in the jacuzzi. "Hey, Tara."

"Hey, Koit." said Tara. "If you went back into the merge instead of Tobias, what would you have done? Because, you were our second choice."

"I would've talked to Laima, create an alliance with her, and give the others a run for the money. Then I'd quit so Laima could win."

"Awww." Tara moved on to the pool. Koit rolled his eyes.

Ethan, Minerva, Keira, Kyle and Ryan were chilling at the bar in the pool (like the one at Playa des Losers, where Noah was).

"At first, it was a bummer that I was kicked off without a vote, but I get to be with my sweetheart again." said Minerva.

"I am not your sweetheart." corrected Ethan. "We're dating."

"Oh, please." said Minerva. "Throw the tough guy act. Everyone knows you've been falling for me ever since The Name Game."

"It's not an act!" protested Ethan.

"That's it, we're through." stated Minerva. She turned around and sulked.

"Fine," countered Ethan.

"5... 4..." Ryan said to Kyle and Keira.

"How could I like Miss Perfect anyway?" Ethan protested.

"3..." said Ryan.

"He's such a poser." groaned Minerva.

"2... 1..." Ryan continued.

"Oh, who am I kidding, babe? I can't be without you." Ethan spun around and grabbed Minerva's shoulders.

"Sorry, I'll never call you sweetheart again!" Minerva said, and the two started kissing.

"Blastoff," Kyle said.

"I thought Laima and Angus were hot and cold," said Keira.

Kate was too busy swooning over Rex to even notice Tara talking to her.

"so... sexy..."

"Forget it." Tara walked over to Tobias and Sam.

The two were playing volleyball. "Tara, can we talk later? Sam and I are playing some 1-on-1."

"And he's actually winning." Sam said.

'Sock it, Sam." replied Tobias.

Tara rolled her eyes. She walked over to Rex and Jordan, who were doing diving.

"Hey guys, how do you feel about this whole experience?"

"Absolutely worthless. Nothing happened. I should-" Jordan began.

"He's got a crush on Zuri." Kate interrupted.

"No I don't!" Jordan protested.

"Do toooo!" sang Kate.

"No way!"

"Jordan and Zuri, sitting in a tree."

"Cut it out!"


"I do not like Zuri. In fact, I detest everything about her! Her attitude, her clothing, her eating habits, her friends, her... beautiful long, golden hair- I - I mean-"

"N-G. I win. You like her, don't you?" Kate finished.

"C'mon, give it up, Jordan. We all know you like her." Rex added.

Kate was too busy staring at Rex to say something else.

"For the last time, I hate her!" yelled Jordan.

Jordan: Me? Like? Zuri? *pukes*

The moon rested over the sky. The campers sat in and around the pool. Tara walked by. "Okay, campers, time for you to decide. Who do you want to be booted off Total Pojab Island tonight? Record your votes, and pass them to me."

Everyone recorded their votes with ease.

Tara collected the votes, and she said that the person with the most votes will join them tomorrow.

Everyone went inside the building, and Tara went back to Milton Island.

Clara, Laima, Lynsey, Michael and Zuri said around the campfire.

"Welcome back to the campfire." said Tara. "The losers recorded their votes. Clara, you got no votes. Great!"

Clara smiled and took a marshmallow.

"Laima, you got no votes either!" Laima got a marshmallow.

"Lynsey, Michael, Zuri. Each of you got some votes. One of you got only one vote. That person is... Michael." Michael got a marshmallow.

"Lynsey, Zuri. One of you got two votes. That person is..."


Zuri smiled and took her marshmallow.

"Lynsey. 10 votes against you means it's time for you to go." Lynsey sighed.

As promised, Lynsey arrived at Viva La Moosonee by nightfall the next day.

"Tension. Only four left out of 18. Who will make it to the final three? Just you wait." Tara signed off.

Chapter Sixteen: The Horribly Bland Race

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, we went to see the eliminated campers. Some were faring better than others. In the end, they voted off a camper. Fortunately for the finalists, it was Lynsey. What now? Find out." Tara rolls her eyes. "Why can't we afford any writers?"

Michael is sitting on his bed.

"Let's see, no Ethan, no Angus, no Ryan, no Tobias, no Koit, no Kyle, no Rex, no Jordan. WOOHOO! A cabin to myself!" Michael starts doing the Chicken Dance with his shirt off.

Just then, Clara opens the guy's cabin door.

"Michael, Tara says the next challenge is in the dining rooOAAAGH!" Clara shrieks and covers her eyes. "Michael, get a shirt on! NOW!"

Michael reluctantly puts on his shirt and goes to the dining hall with Clara, who is now very pale and possibly scarred.

Tara looks at the contestants. "Clara, is something wrong? ...Nevermind. And Michael, what is that?"

Michael is holding a raccoon with a carrot attached to his head. "A unicorn."

"Excuse me?" says Zuri.

"A unicorn. I call him Charlie." Michael gives a toothy smile that makes the others recoil. The raccoon duplicates the smile.

"Okay, contestants. your goal is to run around the island through all sorts of obstacles that I won't explain. When you're done, you come and press this button."

Everyone nodded.

"And... go!" The contestants broke out in a sprint, however, Charlie the raccoon pressed the button with his nose.

"Wait!" called Tara. Everyone stopped. "Michael's raccoon wins because he pressed the button first!"

"What?!" screamed Zuri.

"Really!?" screamed Laima.

"How's that even possible?" screamed Clara.

"He's a unicorn!" screamed Michael.

"Unfortunately, I thought we would only have 15 episodes," said Tara, "so we have no budget for this episode. Bonfire ceremony at 7:00!"

The contestants angrily walked away.

"Oh, and Charlie has immunity." Tara said. Laima's eye twitched.

Michael walked up to Laima. "Oh, Laima, Charlie and I are gonna vote off Zuri. You with us?"

"Maybe," said Laima.

Laima then walked over to Clara and Zuri.

"We're voting off Michael," said Zuri. "We can't take out the raccoon, so we should go for his owner. You with us?"

"Yes, he's so going down." said Laima.

Laima: *smirks*

The contestants gathered at the bonfire.

Tara grinned. "I don't even need a prelude. Marshmallows for Laima, Clara, and the raccoon."

"Unicorn," corrected Michael.

"Zuri, Michael, one of you is going home. The last marshmallow goes to..."


Zuri gasps. "But how? Michael thinks a raccoon with a carrot on his head is a unicorn! I was the only valuable one here!"

Tara grabs Zuri's arm and drags her to the Boat of Losers.

"You can't make me go! I'm DESTINED to win the money! I bet Laima really DID play Angus to win! And Clara is just a jock! She's no athlete at all! And Michael's a loser! HE should be here!"

Zuri kept on ranting until she was well out of sight from the others.

Clara and Laima looked at Michael and say, "The raccoon's next."

Michael looks at them and says, "You mean unic- NO! YOU WOULDN'T DARE!"

The girls nod and leave Michael trembling.

Chapter Seventeen: The Chapter I Didn't Feel Like Naming

"Last time on Total Pojab Island, Michael found a raccoon, who unknowingly won immunity. Somehow, the raccoon voted off Zuri with the help of Michael and Laima. Finally, the spoiled brat is out of the game. Who will make it through the very last campfire ceremony? Will it be Clara the tomboy, Laima the mysterious soul, or Michael the lovable geek? Find out right now!"

The contestants walked up to the dining hall. Tara looked at them.

"Final three, your challenge is the same as last time. We will be having a vote, so whoever goes home will be going unanimously. And... go!"

The contestants ran, but kept an even pace. First up were the 50 hurdles. Laima got an early lead, with Clara right behind. Michael was far behind. Even Charlie was passing him.

Clara finished first. Laima was only at hurdle 43, and Michael was still struggling with hurdle 29.

Next were the mud relay. The contestants had to swim across a pit filled with mud. Clara immediately started having trouble.

Laima reached the mud pit, Michael tripped over hurdle 44, and Clara was inching ahead. Charlie was overcoming hurdle 50.

Charlie stopped at the mud pit. Michael picked him up, but as it turns out, it is very difficult to swim through mud with a raccoon in hand.

Clara and Laima stumbled across the skateboard from Thanks for the Memories. It was harder, now that they are covered in mud. It's a two-way race, as Michael is very far behind.

Lastly, the girls had to shimmy up a flagpole, and bring their flag across across a gorge on one of three planks, then bury their flag in the sand on the other side. First one to have their flag covered with sand wins.

Clara got a quick lead on Laima, who struggled up the pole. Clara used her cleats to ground her place in the pole, then climbed up a bit. Laima's sneakers wouldn't allow that.

Clara snatched her flag. Michael was halfway through the mud pit, and could not possibly win, but he kept going. Charlie clung to Michael's head, which made it much harder.

Laima got her flag, but Clara was almost at the base of the pole. In a desperate attempt, Laima jumped to the ground. She stumbled, but since she was still able to continue, Clara didn't bother helping.

The two girls were neck in neck. At the very end, both girls buried their flags successfully at the same time.

"And with that, Michael is..." Tara began. She then leaned over, and saw a tiny corner of Laima's flag. She took it out. "Clara has immunity, and Michael still has a shot of winning the money. But will he? Let's see."

Hours later, the contestants bathed, and then were sitting across the campfire from Tara.

"Michael, Laima, if either of you has an immunity card, give it to me now, and the other will be eliminated."

They shrugged. Charlie scampered down the Dock of Shame, unnoticed.

"If not, let's vote."

Clara: Unfortunately, the move I'm gonna make will betray my BMF, but that's what the 'F' part is for. Friends are forever. $750 000 is nice, but I know I'll lose it quickly. Michael, I will not lose.

Laima: What choice do I have? I don't wanna go, and Michael's a lunatic.

Michael: Where's my unicorn?

"The votes are in. Clara, here is your final marshmallow. You have earned it." Clara got her marshmallow.

"The last marshmallow goes to..."


"I should have guessed," said Laima. She trudged her way to the Boat of Losers.

"Sorry Laima," said Clara.

Laima sat down on the Boat of Losers. She looked down, and noticed Charlie.

"Hey Michael, I found Charlie." she called.

"YAY!" Michael cheered and ran on the boat. He picked up Charlie and danced.

The boat drove away with Michael still on it.

Clara looked at Tara. "I guess I win."

Tara looks back at her. "I guess you do." She hands Clara a suitcase with $500 000.

"What happened to the other $250 000?" asekd Clara.

"Shark," said Tara. She smiled. "Pack your bags, 'cause you've already won."

At ten o'clock that night, Clara, Tara and Amy drove a boat off the island. And that was that.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team
1 Clara Ruby Tobias WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Minerva Angus Tobias Zuri Zuri Laima IN 0 Michael Laima
2 Michael Ruby Tobias WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Clara Angus Tobias Zuri* Zuri Laima LOW 1 Zuri 2x Laima
3 Laima Sapphire WIN Kyle Keira Ryan Jordan Rex WIN WIN Lynsey Zuri Zuri Lynsey IN 0 Zuri Michael
4 Zuri Sapphire WIN Kyle Koit Rex Jordan Rex WIN WIN Lynsey Sam(i) Tobias Laima IN 2 Michael
5 Lynsey Sapphire WIN Kyle Koit Ryan Jordan Rex WIN WIN Keira Zuri Laima Laima IN 10
6 Minerva Ruby Tobias WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Kate Angus Tobias Zuri Zuri Lynsey OUT
7-19 Tobias Ruby Clara Voted Out RT Lynsey Zuri Ethan Lynsey OUT
8 Ethan Ruby Tobias WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Angus Angus Tobias Zuri Ethan
9 Sam Ruby Clara WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Kate Minerva Tobias Zuri
10 Keira Sapphire WIN Kyle Lynsey Jordan Zuri Rex WIN WIN Lynsey
11 Angus Ruby Clara WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Michael Minerva
12 Kate Ruby Minerva WIN WIN WIN Kayla WIN Ethan
13 Rex Sapphire WIN Jordan Koit Ryan Keira Keira
14-15 Jordan Sapphire WIN Kyle Koit Rex Zuri
15-14 Kayla Ruby Tobias WIN WIN WIN Minerva
16 Ryan Sapphire WIN Jordan Keira Lynsey
17 Koit Sapphire WIN Jordan Jordan
18 Kyle Sapphire WIN Jordan

*Michael voluntarily stepped off because Clara, his only remaining opponent, is in an alliance with him.

Color Code:

Character names:

     Eliminated while on Team Ruby (Tobias excepted).

     Eliminated while on Team Sapphire.

Other colours: Outlasted Angus and made it to the merge.


     WIN: Was on the winning team.

     WIN: Won individual challenge or won for their team.

     IN: Got a a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     OUT: Voted off in this episode.

     LOW: Was technically voted out, but another camper voluntarily quit.

     QUIT: Left the competition.

     OUT: Was automatically eliminated.

     RT: Returns in this episode and therefore was invincible.


Team Ruby

Angus | Clara | Ethan | Kate | Kayla | Michael | Minerva | Sam | Tobias

Team Sapphire

Jordan | Keira | Koit | Kyle | Laima | Lynsey | Rex | Ryan | Zuri



  • The very first Total Pojab Island had only 14 contestants. There was no Kate, Koit, Lynsey, or Tobias.
    • The elimination order was as follows: Ryan, Zuri, Rex, Keira, Jordan, Sam, Ethan. The teams merge. The merged order was as follows: Minerva, Angus, Kayla, Kyle, Laima (who was the main antagonist), Michael, Clara.
      • The teams remained the same, meaning that Team Sapphire went on a gigantic losing streak, losing all but two of its team from the beginning. There was a pattern in both teams and genders: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl; Sapphire, Sapphire, Sapphire, Sapphire, Sapphire, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Sapphire, Sapphire, Ruby, Ruby.
    • Tobias was created as the early-merge villain, but 3 antagonists was a little too much for the author.

Free Fall, Part 1

  • Ethan arrives twice, once with Minerva, once with Lynsey.

Free Fall, Part 2

Go On, Night Doom

  • "Go On, Night Doom" is an anagram of the classic book title Goodnight Moon.

The Name Game

  • For Jordan's challenge, Lynsey hurls him off the cliff from Chapter Two. They are only gone for five seconds, however, Jordan is soaked. This is impossible.

The Avoid the Spherical Object Game===

  • Lynsey saying "In Harlem" is an inside joke with the author and a friend.

Survivor: Pojab

  • This is the only episode in which both teams lose a member.

'Fear of the Whatever

  • The girls being afraid of singing was made simply for the reason that the author's favourite song (at that time) was Stuck to a Pole.

Remember Your Meme/Ring Around the Dining Hall

  • When the series was at its final five, the author considered merging these two small chapters.

Ready, Set, Merge!

  • Clara and Michael say they are voting with each other because they are best friends, even though Michael had voted against Clara twice in a row before the merge.
  • Clara never receives a marshmallow.

Stop Squirming!

Hide and Run

A Better Challenge?

  • Tara saying she considered laughing an "H" meant she thought of it as 'Ha ha ha'.

Thanks for the Memories

No Time for Losers

  • The name of the chapter comes from the chorus in Queen's hit song We Are the Champions.
  • Koit's common interest with Angus is actually because he and Laima are cousins - not lovers.

The Horribly Bland Race

  • The title is a pun on The Amazing Race.
  • Originally, the challenge was to design a house, and Zuri doodled instead of designing a house, causing her elimination.
    • Then there would be a vote for who third place would be.
    • Once it was decided that Michael will have a raccoon, originally Michael would be voted off and Charlie would scamper into the forest, leaving all girls in the final three. This was turned down when a friend said that there should be a girl and a boy in the finale.

The Chapter I Didn't Feel Like Naming

  • The author actually didn't feel like naming the chapter.
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