This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

In this new fanfic by Sunshine, twenty-two contestants arrive in Muskoka, Ontario to compete in a new reality show, hosted by Chris McClean. If they can survive eight weeks of challenges, Chef Hatchet's cooking, and each other, then can win 100,000 dollars. Sounds like TDI, right? The difference? The twenty-two competitors are all from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series!!!

TO SONIC FANS: This fanfiction features a mixture of several game canons, as well as the Archie comic canon. Furthermore, non-canon couplings may be present. Apologies if you don't like that sort of thing.


Chaos Emeralds

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog, a super-speedy and heroic hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower, an extremely smart two-tailed fox
  3. Knuckles the Echidna, a tough and tempermental echidna
  4. Julie-Su the Echidna, a brave echidna girl
  5. Chip, a strange and somewhat annoying creature that loves chocolate
  6. Vector the Crocodile, a goofy crocodile who owns the Chaotix detective agency
  7. Espio the Chameleon, a ninja chameleon and member of the Chaotix detective agency
  8. Charmy Bee, a hyper, childish bee who is a member of the Chaotix detective agency
  9. Sally Acorn, a headstrong princess squirrel/chipmunk
  10. Mina Mongoose, a quick mongoose who loves to sing
  11. Tikal the Echidna, a pacifistic and peaceful echidna from ancient times

Power Rings

  1. Amy Rose, a sweet (though occasionally moody) hedgehog obsessed with Sonic
  2. Shadow the Hedgehog, an artificially created, super-strong, emotionless hedgehog known as "The Ultimate Lifeform"
  3. Rouge the Bat, an extremely attractive bat who is a jewel thief and government agent
  4. E-123 Omega, an E-series robot out to destroy Eggman
  5. Bunnie Rabbot, a southern rabbit whose arm and legs are robotic
  6. Big the Cat, an extremely large cat who loves fishing and his pet frog "Froggy"
  7. Cream the Rabbit, a sweet and polite rabbit who is always followed by her chao, Cheese
  8. Marine the Raccoon, an Australian, self-proclaimed captain raccoon
  9. Silver the Hedgehog, a psychic hedgehog from the future
  10. Blaze the Cat, a pyrokinetic cat princess from an alternate dimension
  11. Jet the Hawk, a troublemaking hawk who is Sonic's rival

Chapter 1- "I Thought This Was Summer Camp."

“Welcome one, welcome all, to the hottest new reality show out there!” Chris McClean greets his audience from the familiar Dock of Shame. “We’re back at CampWawanawkwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario! This time, though, it’s not the usual twenty-two teenagers you’ve seen over the past few seasons. No, sir, a few of these contestants aren’t quite teenagers. In fact, a lot of these contestants aren’t quite human! Well, it’ll be easier for you to understand once they get here.” Chris laughs, walking down the dock to prepare to greet the contestants.

“It’s all the rules you’re used to,” Chris explains. “Two teams, challenge, one team wins, the other sends someone home. Whoever does not get one of these-” Chris holds up a shiny golden ring- “has to walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, and leaves the island for good! So, get ready for an awesome season, here on… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!”

As he says this, the screen fades to black, and the theme song plays.

After the theme song’s end, the scene returns to Chris awaiting the contestants on the Dock of Shame. “Now, in true Total Drama spirit,” Chris chuckles, “we didn’t tell the contestants just what they were getting into. Some applied for beauty school, some applied for an action TV show, whatever it took for us to attract these guys. In other words, they have no idea what’s awaiting them.” Chris gives a quick laugh, obviously enjoying his ability to torture these contestants. Shortly after Chris finishes speaking, the boat pulls up and drops off the first contestant.

The familiar, slender blue-and-tan body of the hedgehog boy steps onto the dock in his seemingly-timeless red running shoes. His green eyes scan the area, and though obviously confused about where he is, it’s plain to see he’s excited about the new adventure about to unfold.

“Sonic, good to see you!” Chris greets him, extending a hand. “I’m Chris McClean.”

“Yeah, I know.” Sonic replies, shaking his hand. “I saw you on TV once.”

“I thought you might. I host a lot of reality shows, like this one.”

“Reality show?” Sonic repeats, confused. “I signed up for a cross-continent running team.”

“Always read the fine print,” Chris suggests, gesturing for Sonic to continue down the dock. He shrugs and stands on the end of the dock, just as the boat returns with another contestant.

The petite bunny-girl steps lightly onto the dock, her large-innocent eyes moving slowly around her surroundings. Floating behind her is her Chao, clad in red bowtie.

“Welcome to the island, Cream!” Chris greets the tiny bunny. “I hope your little, innocent, six-year-old self is ready for eight weeks of insane challenges and physical strain!!!”

“I thought this was summer camp,” She comments.

“It is!” Chris remarks. “A reality show summer camp!!!” Cream, confused but trying to make the best of it, skips down the dock and stands next to Sonic. The boat drives by again, dropping off the third contestant.

The large, green-scaled creature steps off the boat, nodding his head lightly as his eyes dart about, though he honestly doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

“Welcome to Total Sonic Island, Vector!” Chris greets the crocodile. “You know, you’re the only contestant stupid enough to still sign up for this after we told you what it really was! I’m amazed!” He laughs, but Vector just stares blankly at him.

After a moment, Vector lifts one of the earmuffs from his huge headphones, revealing loud rock music blasting from the speakers. “Did you say something?” He asks, apparently not having heard a word of Chris’s greeting.

“Nothing,” Chris sighs, “go stand with the rest.” Vector shrugs and stands with his competitors, head still nodding to the beat of his music. The boat drives by again, and contestant number four steps off.

Brushing a red dreadlock out of his face, the echidna’s sharp knuckle-spikes gleam in the sunlight. His violet eyes show only two things- determination, and a desire to win.

“Knuckles,” Chris nods, acknowledging the strong presence. “You ready for ‘boot camp’?”

“This is NOT boot camp.” Knuckles growls, looking over his surroundings.

“Nah,” Chris laughs. “It’s a reality show taking place at some random run-down summer camp somewhere in Canada. I can’t believe you fell for it!!!” Knuckles glares at the host; obviously, being fooled is not something he enjoys. He stomps down the dock, and lightens up a bit when he sees some familiar faces. Sonic gives the echidna a friendly slap on the back, and Vector gives him a rather strong punch in the shoulder. Cream, in her usual polite manner, merely gives the echidna a curtsey.

“Alright, enough with the friendly greetings.” Chris snaps, seeming to enjoy conflict over lighthearted, friendly moments. “Here comes our fifth contestant-”

Chris is cut off as the dock shakes from the impact of contestant five landing on it. The large, furry, purple creature holds only a fishing pole slung over his shoulder, and he stares blankly at the run-down summer camp he’s arrived at.

“Big!” Chris chuckles, steadying himself. “Beating the record for heaviest Total Drama contestant at more than twice Owen’s weight! Welcome, dude!”

“I miss Froggy,” the overweight cat laments, staring off into space.

“Who?” Vector mutters to Sonic, apparently having turned down his music at least enough to hear people speaking.

“His pet frog,” Sonic explains, shrugging. “You’d think he’d come up with a more creative name…” Big joins his competitors, the dock quivering slightly with each step he takes. He grins when he sees Cream, and she smiles back.

“Cream!” He states in his simple drawl. “And Cheese!” He pauses for a moment after acknowledging the girl’s Chao, Cheese. “How come you have Cheese but I don’t have Froggy?” He sighs.

“Sorry, Big.” Cream apologizes. Big shrugs and smiles, seemingly having decided to make the best of it, and casts his fishing line into the lake. The boat pulls up once more to drop of the sixth contestant.

A cold wind seems to blow through the camp as the black-and-red figure steps onto the dock. His red eyes scan the area in an unchanging, expressionless mask. Cream takes one look at the figure and darts behind Sonic, quivering like a tuning fork.

“Shadow. Glad you made it, dude!” Chris laughs. It’s obvious that he does not see evil in the menacing figure; he sees ratings.

“Hmph.” Shadow barely acknowledges the host as he strolls down the dock.

As the black hedgehog strolls down the dock, a voice from far away suddenly screeches “EEEEEE!!!!!!! IT’S SHADOW!!!! I LOVE YOU SHADOW!!!” The contestants stop and glance between each other, most likely wondering what that was.

Chris sighs and pulls out a walkie-talkie. “Chef,” he mutters into it, “you might wanna sweep the island one more time, make sure that pixie’s gone.” He puts the walkie-talkie away and turns back to the contestants. “Nothing to worry about, carry on.”

“How’s it going, faker?” Sonic chuckles as Shadow approaches the group. Obviously the two know each other, and Sonic is not as afraid of the hedgehog as his comrades.

“Not much, faker.” Shadow responds, grinning slightly, but in a way that seems to challenge his blue counterpart. He stands next to Sonic, near where Cream is attempting to hide from him, and she quickly darts to Sonic’s other side. The boat drives by again with the seventh member of the game.

Clad in a black tank-top and khaki shorts, the purple-haired girl steps onto the dock with a smile. It’s obvious she has no idea what she’s in for.

“Mina Mongoose, or shall we say ‘songoose’!” Chris greets the mongoose-girl by her stage name, given to her for her angelic voice. “Glad you made it!”

“Thanks!” She chuckles. “I can’t wait for musical camp!” There’s dead silence for a moment, and her smile diminishes. “This isn’t musical camp, is it?” She sighs.

“Nope. Welcome to reality TV!” Chris replies, giving an exaggerated arm gesture to heighten his sarcasm.

Mina’s enthusiasm returns. “Oh, reality TV! So this is a music thing, like American Idol or something?”

“…No.” Chris states bluntly. Mina sighs, shrugs, and joins her competitors. Her face brightens when she sees Sonic among them.

“Sonic! Hi!” She greets him, a smile spreading across her face. Though she’d eventually gone in a different direction, the mongoose-girl had once had a large crush on the hedgehog.

“Hey, Mina.” He greets her casually. She stands next to him, obviously grateful she knows someone. The boat returns once more, and the next contestant steps off.

The short boy is hard to ignore with his fluffy, bright yellow fur, big blue eyes, and adorable smile. His cute appearance briefly overshadows the fact that he has two fluffy fox tails rather than one. He eyes his surroundings curiously before continuing forward.

“For our next contestant,” Chris introduces the fox-boy, “we have none other than Miles!”

“Tails,” the boy corrects, preferring his nickname to the one given to him at birth.

“Whatever, welcome.” Chris rolls his eyes, obviously not caring about such technicalities. Tails shrugs and joins his competitors. Sonic grins upon seeing the boy that is practically his little brother, and gives him a fist bump. The boat stops by again to leave the ninth contestant.

The scaly, purple chameleon steps lightly off the boat, yellow eyes studying the area intensely. After having apparently taken in everything he needed to, he walks down the dock.

“Espio, our resident ninja!” Chris greets him. “Nice to have an actual one for once, after having to deal with Harold’s ‘ninjutsu skills’ for two seasons in a row…” Espio gives him a quick nod, then joins his competitors. Vector, grinning hugely, scoops the fellow reptile up in a bear hug.

“ESPIO! Dude, I thought you’d never show up! Chaotix for the win!!!” He cheers.

“Vector, I can’t breathe.” Espio chokes in reply. The crocodile quickly releases his friend, giving him an apologetic grin as the boat drops off the next contestant.

The green-feathered bird-boy holds what seems to be a futuristic skateboard under one arm as he stares at the competition through shaded yellow goggles. With his free hand, he pulls the goggles off his eyes and onto his forehead, giving a confident smirk.

“Contestant number ten, Jet, leader of the Babylon Rogues! Whatever those are,” Chris adds under his breath. The green-feathered hawk stands in front of Chris, staring him straight in the eye.

“I should be roughin’ you up a bit for telling me this was a racing competition when it’s not,” he comments, seeming all the ready to carry this threat out, “but I won’t.” His blue eyes dart to Sonic, and the two grin at each other, though not at all in a friendly manner; the two are obviously rivals, daring each other to make the first move. Jet moves to the other competitors, not once looking away from Sonic. He gestures to his board once, seeming to tell the supersonic hedgehog that he is ready to race anytime.

“Well, that’ll boost the ratings.” Chris laughs as the boat pulls up with contestant eleven.

The girl steps onto the dock in knee-high red and white boots, her dress the same colors. She brushes her pink cowlick out of her face, and her green eyes, like many before her, lock onto Sonic, causing her face to brighten instantly. Sonic’s, however, quickly transforms into fear.

“SONIC!” The girl chirps, darting down the dock towards him. The hedgehog quickly glances between the lovestruck girl and the edge of the dock, seeming to consider jumping. After a brief second, he notices Shadow still standing next to him and shoves the hedgehog into her path, darting out of the way himself. Before Shadow can figure out what’s going on, the girl tackles the lookalike, and both fall into the lake.

“Oh, Amy…” Knuckles laughs, implying that the girl’s behavior is normal.

“At least I got away this time.” Sonic mutters.

Shadow’s head pops back out of the water, obviously not pleased, with Amy clinging to him.

“You’re not Sonic.” She comments.

“No, really?” Shadow replies sarcastically, beginning to pull himself back onto the dock. “I hadn’t noticed.” Amy glares at him, shoves him back into the water, then uses his head as a stepping stone to get herself back on the dock.

“Dude, I swear I see steam coming off the top of his head.” Vector comments, pointing to the hedgehog still left in the lake.

“I thought that only happened in cartoons.” Big comments, slowly reeling in his fishing line for what must be the tenth time since his arrival.

“I guess not.” Tails shrugs. “It is Shadow…”

“I HEARD THAT!” Shadow snaps as he pulls himself back onto the dock.

“I can practically hear the ratings going up,” Chris laughs. “But, enough of that, it’s time for contestant twelve!”

The next contestant leaps off the boat and hovers in the air a moment afterwards, golden eyes scanning his competitors. Though his face is serious, there is a hint of a grin in the corners of his mouth; he obviously enjoys showing off his gift. Finally, he touches down in front of Chris.

“Silver, our resident psychic!” Chris greets the futuristic hedgehog. “Dude, did you get in a fight with a bottle of gel?” He comments, pointing to his ‘unique’ hairstyle, causing Silver’s grin to disappear.

“I’ll have you know it does this naturally,” he mutters, joining the other contestants, scanning the area for a face that is apparently not present. The boat drives by once again to drop off yet another contestant.

Clad in blue boots and vest, the next contestant causes Sonic’s face to brighten and Amy’s to sour. Tossing her reddish-brown hair over her shoulder, the girl walks forward.

“Contestant number thirteen,” Chris announces, “is none other than Princess Sally Acorn!”

“Just ‘Sally’ will do.” Sally growls.

“Of course, your majesty.” Chris mocks. Sally rolls her eyes and joins the competitors, giving Sonic a smile. Amy glares at the princess that has utterly gained Sonic’s attention. The boat returns with the next contestant.

The dock seems to sag as the gigantic, metallic creation steps slowly onto it. His yellow, glowing eyes mechanically survey the area.

“Our next contestant is E-123 Omega!” Chris introduces the robot. He then mutters to himself “A robot. Why’d we pick a robot?!”

After another moment of observing his surroundings, a series of whirs and beeps comes from the machine. “ERROR CODE #01725,” he reports, “EGGMAN IS NOT PRESENT IN THE AREA. SCAN INDICATES THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT IS OF A ‘REALITY TELEVISION SHOW’. REASSESSING PRIORITIES. NEW TARGET: WIN ‘REALITY TELEVISION SHOW’.” With that, Omega clunks down the dock.

“Omega, finally.” Shadow greets the robot. “I was thinking no one cool was going to show up.” His eyes shift to Amy for a moment, seeming to speak directly to her. She sticks out her tongue in response, and Shadow rolls his eyes.


“I stand corrected,” Shadow interrupts after a moment. “No one cool IS going to show up.”

“I’m cool,” Silver comments.

“You keep telling yourself that, kid…” Shadow mutters under his breath as the boat passes by once again.

The pink echidna girl is the next one to step onto the dock, her cybernetic dreadlock sparkling in the sun. Light shines off the silvery cybernetic implants in her arms as she steps down the dock with a soldier-like seriousness. Knuckles catches her eye and grins, and she replies with a similar one.

“Please welcome Julie-Su, also here for ‘boot camp’!” Chris chuckles. “Guess you have more in common than just your species, huh Knuckles?” Knuckles glares at the host and lifts his sharp-knuckled fist threateningly.

“Oh, calm down, Knuckles, he’s not worth it.” Julie-Su sighs, though her smile lightens her words as she stands next to him.

“Yeah, yeah, cut the sap.” Chris complains. “Time for the next contestant.”

A stick-thin, lavender-furred figure steps off the boat, with a single red forehead jewel glinting in the sun. The sight of the sixteenth contestant makes Silver’s golden eyes instantly brighten; obviously, this was the missing face he had searched for earlier.

“Our next competitor is none other than Blaze!” Chris announces as the figure steps down the dock. “Whassup, dude?” There’s a long moment of dead silence as Blaze stares at the host with an exasperated stare. “…What?” Chris finally asks.

“I’m a girl…” Blaze explains with a growl.

“…Oh…” Chris comments, looking away. “Wow, uh, this is awkward… go, uh, stand with the rest or something.” Blaze rolls her eyes, but grins when she sees Silver.

“Hey, Silver.” She laughs, tussling his oddly-shaped hairdo. “Did you get all insecure while I was gone again?”

“No!” Silver comments. “Well, okay, maybe. But not really.” He admits after a moment. Blaze chuckles and pats her friend’s shoulder.

“You’re so thin,” Shadow mutters to Blaze as he eyes her tiny figure. “Are you SURE you’re a girl?”

“Oh, shut up!” Amy scolds him, whacking him with a giant hammer she randomly has with her. “We can’t all be perfect!”

“OW!” Shadow shouts, shoving her hammer away. “Geez, that hurt; you sure YOU’RE a girl?!”

“I’ll have you know you’re looking at a proud woman.” Amy retorts, gesturing to her figure.

“Speaking of,” Chris interrupts, “here’s our next contestant!”

The bat-woman steps lightly onto the dock in her knee-high, heart-tipped boots. Her perfect figure is accented with black tights and a heart-shaped chestplate, all topped out with perfect blue eyeshadow and ruby-red lips. She grins at her competitors, then struts down the dock.

“Rouge,” Chris laughs as she flaunts her appearance. “So glad we picked you. I can just FEEL the ratings booming!”

“Yeah, I do that.” Rouge chuckles in reply.

“Let me rephrase what I said earlier…” Amy comments. “You were looking at a proud woman.”

“Figures they picked some Barbie doll to compete.” Blaze hisses to herself as Rouge joins her competition.

“Hey, Knuckie.” Rouge greets Knuckles teasingly, resulting in a glare from Julie-Su.


“Really?” Silver comments. “I always thought your name was Fist Bump.”

“…no…” He replies. “…my name is Knuckles…”

“Whatever, Fist Bump sounds cooler.” Silver shrugs.

“And next we have contestant number eighteen!” Chris announces as the boat pulls up again. A black-and-yellow blur cartwheels off the boat and hovers over the dock, grinning hugely.

“HI GUYS! I’m so psyched do be here!!!” The bee-boy laughs. “This is just so incredibly cool!!! A reality show!!! I can’t believe it!!! Oh, hey, Vector, Espio, you got on too? Awesome!!! I can’t wait to start!!! WOOHOO!!!”

“Make him shut up,” Shadow moans, covering his ears dramatically.

“I second that,” Jet groans.

“Definitely,” Knuckles joins in.

“Well, uh, hey Charmy!” Chris greets the hyperactive bee. “You excited to be here?”

“OH YEAH! YOU BET!!!” Charmy cheers. “I can’t wait! I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before! I’m so so so excited!!! This is amazing!!! I-” Before he can continue, Espio covers his mouth and drags him over to the others.

“Thank you.” Blaze sighs, rolling her eyes.

“He’s not that bad,” Cream comments politely.

“Yea- well, actually…” Tails adds, attempting to join Cream’s side but not finding it in his heart, or pained eardrums, to. Charmy struggles against the ninja-chameleon’s grip as the boat pulls up yet again.

The peach-furred echidna, wearing clothing and jewelry that looks thousands of years old, steps down the dock with a slow, quiet stride that seems otherworldly. Her blue eyes scan the area slowly, hesitating on the nature of the island.

“Contestant number nineteen, Tikal!” Chris announces as she stops and gives her fellow contestants a friendly wave.

“Wait,” Knuckles comments, giving the girl a confused stare. “Didn’t you die, a thousand years ago? And you sealed your spirit in the master emerald, like, more than ten years back…”

“You’d be surprised what we can do when we need a contestant.” Chris laughs.

“It’s wonderful to see all of you again, and to see some new faces.” Tikal smiles. “I can’t wait to get to know all of you!” With that, she joins the others at the end of the dock.

“I thought she went away with the scary water thing.” Big, looking up again from his fishing, comments.

“I guess not…” Amy shrugs.

“Scary water thing?” Silver questions. “Man, I miss so much living in the future!!!” Blaze rolls her eyes at him as the boat pulls up for the twentieth time that day.

The golden-furred rabbit steps off the boat, adjusting the brim of her cowboy hat with her cybernetic arm. The silvery metal of her arm and legs gleams in the sun, and she grins at her competiton.

“It ain’t a ranch,” she comments in a thick southern drawl, “but it’ll do!”

“Welcome, Bunnie Rabbot!” Chris greets her. “Heh, Rab-bot. I get it.” He chuckles to himself, apparently having just gotten the pun within her name.

“Nice ta be here,” She replies, happily joining the competition. “Sonic, hey hon! Good to see ya! Oh, and Tails, darlin’, how are ya? Gosh, everyone I know is here!”

“Oh, nice for you.” Shadow mocks her, only to be whacked by Amy’s hammer again. “Where are you GETTING that thing?!” He questions.

“Break it up, guys,” Chris jokingly scolds them, “save some energy for the challenge, and for the last two contestants! Speaking of, here comes one now!”

A tiny, raspberry-furred, pixie-winged creature hovers off the boat. A huge grin is spread across his face as his caramel-colored eyes dart around the camp.

“And right here we have none other than, uh…” Chris pauses. “…who and what is that, anyway?”

“I’m Chip!” The creature introduces himself, darting over to the host. “Well, that’s not really my name, but it’s what people call me. My name is actually…” He pauses for a while, staring blankly off into space as if trying to remember. After a moment, he merely blinks twice, stares at the competition, and randomly holds out a chocolate bar. “Want some chocolate?”

“Uh, we’re cool, Chip.” Sonic gently declines.

“Cool? Really?” Chip comments. “I feel kind of warm, actually. Where are we anyways? Is this a summer camp? I’ve never been to summer camp before. Hey, that cloud looks like a flower. Want some chocolate?” He asks again, apparently having forgotten he asked that already.

“You, uh… asked that already, Chip…” Tails reminds him.

“Oh. Really?” He shrugs and joins the others, hovering above Sonic’s head.

“And finally, our last contestant-” Chris’s introduction is interrupted by a boat that is not the one that had dropped off the other twenty-one contestants suddenly crashing into the beach. The competitors, and Chris, all stare at the sight.

A small raccoon-girl jumps off the crashed boat and stares at it. “Shoot, that ain’t gettin’ fixed anytime soon.” She comments in a thick Australian accent. “Ah, but I guess I’m where I’m supposed ta be!” She realizes, noticing the competition. She runs up the dock and joins the others.

“I thought we cut her in the audition round,” Chris mutters. A garbled voice explains something to him from the walkie-talkie he’s holding and he nods. “Okay, apparently our official twenty-second contestant couldn’t make it, so instead, we have Marine!”

“Nice ta meet ya, mates!” She chirps, giving them a salute. “Captain Marine, at yer service!”

“Well, now that everyone’s here,” Chris explains, “gather together, and we’ll take a promo pic!”

“You know…” Tails muses as Chris prepares his camera, “…I’m not exactly sure how this dock is staying intact. I mean, there’s twenty-two of us… and especially considering Big’s around 600 pounds, and Omega weighs about a ton, it just doesn’t seem right that this dock hasn’t bro-” Before he can finish the sentence, the dock inevitably splits in half and dumps the twenty-two competitors into the lake.

“You HAD to say that!!!” Knuckles shouts, pulling his head out of the water.

“CAN’T SWIM!!!” Sonic screams, flailing in the water until Sally swims over and starts pulling him to shore.


“It’s because I’m holing you up, you stupid robot,” Shadow groans, somehow able to hold Omega out of the water. “Now get to shore before my arms decide to break.”

Amy suddenly pops out of the water and clings to Shadow. “Oh, Sonic, you saved me!!!” She declares dramatically. She opens her eyes only to see Shadow, staring at her with an eyebrow raised. “Um, never mind, you can just let me drown now.” She mutters.

“THE HULL HAS BEEN BREACHED! WE’RE GOIN’ DOWN!!!” Marine shouts, lost in her captain fantasies.

“Oh, be quiet Marine! You fell in a lake and you’re not in a boat!!!” Blaze shouts to the raccoon as she pulls herself, waterlogged, out of the lake.

“Well, that’s a keeper.” Chris laughs, staring at the image on his camera. “Go dry off, then meet at the campfire pit in ten.” With that, he walks off, leaving the waterlogged competitors to fend for themselves.

“So, now that you’re all dry,” Chris laughs at the twenty-two not-so-happy creatures in front of him, “its time to split you guys into teams. If I call your name, come over here.

He flips a few papers on a clipboard he is holding, then begins to read the names. “Sonic… Tails… Knuckles…” The three, happy to be on the same team, walk to the set place and give each other what seems to be a three-way handshake.

“…Julie-Su… Chip… Mina… Tikal…” Chris continues. Julie-Su happily joins Knuckles, who places a hand around her waist and smiles at her. Chip offers his teammates some chocolate, again. Mina gives the team a grin, seeming relieved that she’s on a team with people she knows. Tikal gives a polite curtsey as she joins the team.

“…Vector… Charmy… Espio…” Chris adds three more to the team. The Chaotix give a three-way fist-bump, then join the team.

“…and finally, Sally.” Chris finishes, leaving a grateful Sally to join Sonic on the team.

“Wait,” Amy gasps, “I’m not on Sonic’s team??? NO! You can’t do this to me! I’ll DIE if I can’t be with Sonic!!!”

“Tough,” Chris snips, obviously not really caring. “Anyway, you guys will be… THE CHAOS EMERALDS!!!” He declares, tossing them a poster with a stylized logo of a Chaos Emerald.

“Nice!!!” Charmy cheers, grinning at the poster.

“Now, the rest of you,” Chris continues, flipping the page of his clipboard. “Amy… Shadow…”

“I have to be on HER team?!” Shadow shouts, pointing at an annoyed Amy. She raises her hammer threateningly, and Shadow recoils immediately.

“Yeah, now quit interrupting me.” Chris snaps. “Anyway… Rouge… Omega… Bunnie…” The three of them, plus Amy and Shadow, walk over to the opposite side of the campfire pit, Bunnie looking longingly towards her friends on the other team.

“…Big… Cream… Marine…” Big happily picks up the two little girls, glad to be on their team, and charges over, leaving Rouge to dive out of the way and Omega to lift his built-in blaster defensively.

“…Silver… Blaze… and, finally, Jet.” Chris finishes. Silver high-fives Blaze, and the two join their teammates. Jet skates over on his board, giving Sonic another look that dares him to challenge him.

“You guys will now be…” Chris chucks them another poster, which shows a stylized logo of a ring. “…THE POWER RINGS!!!”


“They’re just names, Omega!” Rouge explains in an exasperated tone.

Omega stares blankly for a moment, then comments “DOES NOT COMPUTE.” Rouge sighs and places her head in her hands.

“Now that you’re in teams,” Chris explains, “you can put your stuff in the cabins over there.” He gestures to some nearby cabins. “Emeralds in the east, Rings in the west. The cabins are split into a girls side and guys side. Get your stuff settled, ‘cause the challenge is in a half-hour!”

"A challenge, huh?” Bunnie comments, picking up her bag and heading towards the cabins with her teammates. “Wonder what we’ll do?”

“It can’t be that hard,” Chip replies optimistically.

“Yeah, it’s the first day!” Vector adds. “This’ll be easy!”

A half hour later, the teams find themselves staring off the edge of a thousand-foot cliff into the lake water below.

“I should’ve known…” Shadow mutters as the camera fades to black.

Chapter 2- "Those Sharks Won't Be Harmed, Correct?"

Last time on Total Sonic Island… twenty-two unsuspecting creatures arrived here on the island to learn they would be spending the next eight weeks here at our run-down summer camp, competing against each other for 100,000 dollars. After wrecking the dock, they were divided into two teams, the Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings. Now, they will be facing their first insane, death-defying challenge… who will win? Who will lose? And who will be the first to be sent home? Find out in this episode of… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!!!

After the theme song’s end, the camera fades in to show the Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings, staring over the edge of a thousand-foot cliff. Chris walks up in between the two teams and clears his throat to get their attention.

“All right.” He begins. “Your first challenge will be to jump off this thousand-foot cliff into shark-infested waters.”

“You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.” Bunnie gulps, staring down at the lake below.

“Nope.” Chris laughs. “Now, you’ll notice that there are two rings in the lake. The bigger one is filled with sharks. The smaller one is your target area, and is shark-free. Well, we THINK it’s shark free.”

“What do you mean, you THINK?” Tails asks fearfully.

“So,” Chris continues, ignoring the fox-boy, “Whichever team has the most players jump off the cliff wins the first part of the challenge, and gains an advantage in the second part! So, let’s get jumping! Who’s first?” There is no response. “Fine… Emeralds, you’ll go first. Someone jump!”

The members of the Chaos Emeralds stare fearfully between each other, no one willing to make the first move. “Ladies first,” Vector suddenly declares, shoving Julie-Su forward, resulting in her glaring at him.

“C’mon, guys, it can’t be that bad.” Chip assures the team optimistically. “They can’t really give us a challenge that’s really life-threateningly dangerous!”

“We might!” Chris interjects.

“You’re not helping!!!” Knuckles snaps.

“Well, someone has to jump,” Sally reminds them.

“You could just give up now and save yourselves the trouble!” Rouge taunts them from her team. Julie-Su’s eyes narrow as she looks at the bat-girl.

“I’ll jump.” She declares. The team’s reaction is a mix between happiness that someone has decided to jump, worry that she might not make it, and relief that they’re not the one jumping. Julie-Su stares over the edge of the cliff, gulps, and then closes her eyes and jumps off. She plummets through the air, but miraculously lands in the safe zone. “I made it!!!” She declares happily, her teammates cheering as Chris marks a point for the Chaos Emeralds on his clipboard.

“We’ve all gotta jump sometime,” Mina shrugs, taking a running start and diving off the cliff. She lands next to Julie-Su in the safe zone, resulting in another point for the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles grins, enjoying the challenge of a cliff-dive, and jumps off the cliff next. He belly-flops into the safe zone.

“Pain,” he squeaks, sinking into the water.

“Wow, that looked like it hurt,” Chris laughs, obviously not actually concerned about the echidna as he marks the point on his clipboard.

“Oooh…” Silver hisses, watching the spectacle with his team. “Poor Fist Bump.”

“MY NAME’S NOT FIST BUMP!!!” Knuckles screams from below.

Tails stares fearfully over the edge of the cliff, looking ready to back out of jumping, but leans too far forward and falls off the cliff, screaming. During the fall, however, he remembers his twin tails and twirls them like a helicopter. Grinning, he hovers over to the safe zone and lands gently in the water.

“Isn’t that against the rules?!” Shadow comments.

“Considering there aren’t any rules… no!” Chris laughs. “I love this game!”

Tikal stares over the cliff, and then turns to Chris. “Those sharks won’t be harmed, correct?”

“Yeah! Sure… whatever.” Chris shrugs. Tikal reluctantly jumps off, landing in the safe zone.

Espio uses his ninja skills to teleport to the bottom of the cliff, landing in the safe zone without a problem. While looking around frantically for him, Vector falls off the cliff and hits a buoy, sliding off of it into the safe zone. Chip easily flies down to the safe zone, though he flies into Vector’s head and knocks himself out.

“That makes eight jumpers! No one on the Chaos Emeralds has chickened out so far!” Chris reports. “Only three more have to jump!” Charmy suddenly darts past Chris and over the cliff. There is a brief pause, and then a scream of pain from Vector as Charmy’s stinger apparently makes contact with him. “Make that two left, and a crocodile destined for the medical tent.”

“See you at the bottom,” Sally tells Sonic, diving of the cliff.

“Yeah! Sure…” A worried Sonic replies. He stares over the cliff at the waters below, and then turns to Chris. “Chris, I can’t do this. I can’t swim.”

“That’s cool.” Chris assures him. “But, you’ll have to wear this for the rest of the day!” Chris slaps a chicken hat onto Sonic’s head, which the hedgehog stares incredulously at.

Sonic wearing the chicken hat (by Sprinklemist)

“Seriously?” Sonic comments in the confessional. “I have to wear this ALL DAY? What is wrong with these people?!”

“All right! That makes the final score for the Chaos Emeralds ten jumpers and one chicken!” Chris announces, marking the final score on his clipboard. “That’s going to be pretty hard to beat. You worried, Power Rings?”

“Of course not,” Jet brags. “We’ll win for sure.”

“We’re doomed for sure,” Jet moans in the confessional, his head in his hand. “Our team’s got a robot and a cyborg, a pyro, and that bat-girl who probably wouldn’t dare risk her pretty hairdo jumping into a lake. And I wouldn’t put it past Sonic’s little fangirl to throw the challenge for him.” He sighs and begins mumbling to himself about being stuck on a team of losers.

“I’m not doing this,” Shadow snaps, staring at the tiny safe zone below.

“Oh, yes you are!!!” Amy snaps, whacking him with her hammer, propelling him off the cliff. Miraculously, he lands in the safe zone.

“AMY!!!!” He screams, popping out of the water. “YOU ARE SO DEA-” He is interrupted by Amy splashing into the safe next to him, drenching him with water.

“I’m next!!!” Silver declares. He leaps off the cliff, only to land in a split, screaming in pain. Everyone, including the sharks, cringe; everyone, that is, except Chris, who seems to be amused by the events.

“He could’ve used his psychokinesis to float down,” Blaze mumbles to herself in the confessional. “Why didn’t he use his psychokinesis to float down???”

“C’mon, Cream!” Marine chirps, grabbing Cream’s hand. “We’ve got ta support our team, mate!”

“I don’t-” Before Cream can continue, Marine dives off the cliff, taking a screaming Cream with her. Thankfully for the young girls, both land in the safe zone.

“The Power Rings are doing well thus far, with five successful jumpers so far!” Chris announces. “Worried, Chaos Emeralds?”

“No,” Espio states confidently.

“Yes,” Tikal admits.

“Sonic…!” Knuckles growls, glaring at the chicken hat-sporting hedgehog.

“I can’t swim!” Sonic retorts.

“Guys…” Sally moans, holding her head in her hands.

“Chocolate?” Chip offers cheerfully.

“Okay… looks like the Emeralds have mixed opinions.” Chris laughs. “Let’s go back to the Rings!”

Omega robotically scans the area around the cliff. “ERROR,” he states. “TASK CANNOT LOGICALLY BE COMPLETED. SUBMERGING SYSTEMS IN WATER WOULD BE FATAL. DECLINE TASK.”

“That’s cool,” Chris shrugs, “but your team will hate you if you lose.” Chris pulls out another chicken hat, and struggles to fit it over the robot’s head. He finally succeeds, though it covers Omega’s eyes.

“ERROR!!! ERROR!!!” The robot declares, some sort of internal alarm going off. “AMBUSH!!! SIGHT SYSTEMS DOWN!!! ERADICATE AMBUSHER!!!” His arms suddenly transform into laser cannons, and he begins blasting them wildly at his teammates.

“HIT THE DECK!!!” Jet screams, diving to the ground. Everyone else still on the cliff does the same, until Rouge manages to pull the chicken hat off of Omega’s eyes.

“It’s just a hat, Omega!!!” Rouge explains, exasperated. “And thanks to you, if anyone else can’t jump, we’re doomed!!!”

“Which means ah’m up!” Bunnie declares in her southern drawl. She leaps off the cliff, holding on to her cowboy hat, and lands in the safe zone, cheering.

“See? She’s a robot- sort of- and she jumped!!!” Rouge continues scolding Omega. “Why couldn’t you jump???”

Bunnie attempts to begin swimming to shore, but is unable to move. “Aw, great! Guys? Ah think my arm and legs rusted up! I can’t move!!!”

“…never mind,” Rouge sighs. An unwilling Chef Hatchet dives into the lake and drags Bunnie to shore, as Big steps up to the edge of the cliff and looks down.

“That’s a really long way down…” Big comments fearfully.

“Hey, Big, look!” Jet suddenly shouts, pointing to the sky. “A distraction!!!”

“Where???” Big gasps, looking around wildly for the distraction. He accidentally falls off the cliff, landing in the safe zone with a splash so huge it hits Jet at the top of the cliff.

“I couldn’t find that distraction anywhere,” Big sighs in the confessional. “No matter how hard I looked…” He pauses to think. “Actually, I’m not sure what a distraction looks like.”

“You’re up, bat-girl,” Jet announces, looking at Rouge.

“Are you kidding me?” She gasps. “I’ll get my hair wet, and my makeup will run…” She stops as Jet gives her a stern glare. “Fine, fine. But you’ll pay for this.” Rouge dives off the cliff and uses her bat wings to glide safely down to the safe zone.

“Couldn’t you have done that?” Julie-Su asks Knuckles where she waits with the rest of her team. Knuckles is silent, then violently facepalms himself.

“I thought he was Fist Bump, not Facepalm,” Silver comments from his team.

“MY NAME IS KNUCKLES!!!” Knuckles shouts, exasperated.

“The Power Rings currently have eight jumpers and one chicken!” Chris announces. “Only Jet and Blaze still have to jump!”

“Piece of cake,” Jet scoffs, strutting to the end of the cliff. He jumps off, unworried, and faceplants into a rock jutting out of the side of the cliff before flopping into the non-safe zone of the waters.

“And the graceful bird takes flight,” Sonic laughs. “Oh, this is gonna be good,” Shadow comments. Jet suddenly bursts out of the water and starts frantically swimming to shore, tailed by two sharks. He barely avoids becoming a shark snack as he leaps onto the sand.

“They bit off some of my feathers!!!” He shouts, pointing out a bald spot on one of his wings.

“They probably thought you tasted like chicken,” Amy cracks. Jet glares at her, while the others stifle laughter.

“It’s all up to you, Blaze!” Chris declares. Blaze stands frozen at the edge of the cliff, staring in fear at the waters below.

“There’s no way I can do this,” she admits. “I’m pyrokinetic. Water is fatal to me!”

“Huh?” Chris comments, obviously not understanding her.

Blaze sighs. “I AM FIRE GIRL.” She states slowly and loudly, like she’s ordering food in a foreign country. “FIRE PLUS WATER EQUALS BAD.”

“You’re a girl?” Charmy comments bluntly, having not been present when she stated her gender. Espio quickly covers the bee’s mouth to avoid any more rash comments slipping out.

“If you back out,” Chris reminds her, “your team will lose. And then they’ll hate you.”

“I know,” Blaze sighs. “I just can’t do it. I might die.” Under her breath, she adds, “plus, I’m scared of heights.”

“Well then, here’s your chicken hat!” Chris shoves the hat onto a very unwilling Blaze. “And with that, the Power Rings’ final score is nine jumpers, two chickens! The victors of the first challenge are… THE CHAOS EMERALDS!!!” The Chaos Emeralds cheer, while the Power Rings’ expressions are a mix between disappointed and anger.

“Poor Blaze,” Cream sighs in the confessional. “I hope the others aren’t too mad at her.”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT STUPID CAT!!!” Jet rants in the confessional. “If it wasn’t for her, we would’ve at least tied! But, no! ‘I can’t jump!’ ‘I’m a fire girl!’ UGH! I’m on a team of LOSERS! How am I supposed to beat that hedgehog if my team can’t even win a challenge?!”

“All right, competitors, you’ve got five minutes to change out of your swimsuits, then meet back here for the second part of the challenge,” Chris instructs the two teams. The competitors wander off to change, the Chaos Emeralds cheerful, the Power Rings not so much.

“I can’t believe I lost the challenge for us,” Blaze confides to Silver. “If we lose the next part, everyone’s gonna vote me off…”

“They won’t,” Silver assures her. “You said it yourself; it was dangerous for you to jump! I’m sure they understand!”

Blaze gives Silver an incredulous stare, then comments “Silver, have I ever told you how naïve you are?”

“I’m actually a little worried,” Sonic confesses, still wearing the dreaded chicken hat. “We might have managed to win this part of the challenge, but if we lose the second part, I’m definitely the one going home. I’m the only one who didn’t jump. I hope we get a reeeaaalllyyy good advantage for part two…”

“Modern technology is so amazing…” Tikal, in the confessional, mutters, tapping the camera. “Anyways, I’m a little worried about this competition. I’m not strong or focused like a lot of the other competitors, so they’re probably going to scope me out as holding the team back. All I can do is try my best and prove my worth to my teammates.” She sighs and pauses, then looks at the camera and says “Really, how does that thing work? It’s so strange and metallic…”

“We may have won the challenge, but I don’t think anyone on the team really feels safe,” Julie-Su comments in the confessional. “Deep down, everyone knows that if we lose, there’s a good reason for them to be voted off. Sonic can’t swim; Knuckles is, I’ll admit, a little temperamental; Tikal is a pacifist; Mina doesn’t have much skill other than her singing and speed; Charmy and Chip are just plain annoying… I could go on and on. Even people with actual skill, like Espio, Tails, Sally, and me, could be vulnerable if we mess up or don’t make some allies. And don’t even get me started on the other team.” She pauses to sigh and shake her head. “It’s just the way reality shows work, unfortunately.”

“So this is a camera…” Chip comments in awe, his face right up against the confessional’s camera. “Wow… want some chocolate, camera guy?” He holds out a chocolate bar, oblivious to the fact that the rest of his team worries about being eliminated, as well as the fact that there isn’t a camera guy working the confessional camera.

“I know Blaze didn’t jump off the cliff,” Silver confesses, “but it wasn’t totally her fault! The others won’t vote her off… will they?”

“That Jet guy thinks he’s all that,” Rouge growls, reapplying her makeup in the confessional. “I wouldn’t mind voting him off if we lose… but, he could end up being useful, once I get him to stop being so controlling and let me take over the leadership role. After all, who can resist my feminine charms?” She gives the camera a flirtations grin to prove her point, then returns to her makeup. “If we lose, I have to say, my vote will go to Omega. It’s getting harder, and more annoying, to keep him under control. I swear, he’s going to blow someone up one of these days…”

“I can’t believe Blaze let tha team lose,” Marine admits in the confessional, “but I’m not gonna be votin’ ‘er off. She’s been my friend fer years, and I’m not gonna just sit by while she gets eliminated. You hear me, mates? No friend of Captain Marine is goin’ home on my watch!!!”

“I can quite honestly say I hate my entire team,” Shadow confesses. “Marine is as annoying as heck with her captain talk; Silver's annoyingly naïve; Cream’s too timid for her own good; Jet’s deluded himself into thinking he’s the leader; Bunnie’s southern drawl is getting on my nerves; Omega’s probably going to kill someone before the day is over; Rouge is… well, Rouge; Big’s an idiot; Blaze acts all tough, but can’t even jump into a lake! And Amy? Don’t even get me started on her… she’s loud, she’s annoying, she’s obsessed with Sonic, and, worst of all, she actually keeps beating me when we fight!!! Me! The ultimate lifeform! Getting beaten by a girl! On national television!!!” He grumbles to himself, and then adds “I’m seriously beginning to consider voting myself off…”

The scene cuts to Chris and the twenty-two contestants, standing beside the cliff. “Well, now that you’re all changed,” Chris begins, “it’s time to start the second part of your challenge! Building a hot tub!”

“…You’re serious,” Julie-Su comments in disbelief.

“Each of you will have to drag these crates of supplies back to the campgrounds,” Chris explains, gesturing to two piles of crates. One group of crates has the Chaos Emeralds’ logo on it, the other, the Power Rings’ logo. “Once there, you’ll have to open the crates and get the supplies… using nothing but your teeth.”

“Who came up with that stupid idea???” Amy asks rhetorically.

“I did,” Chris comments, obviously annoyed. “When you get your supplies out of the crates, you’ll construct the hot tub. Whichever team builds the best hot tub wins invincibility!”

“It can’t get much worse,” Tails shrugs.

“Oh,” Chris adds, “did I mention you have to do all this in the next two hours?”

“Okay, it can get worse,” Tails rephrases.

“Now, Chaos Emeralds,” Chris continues, “since you guys won the first part of the challenge, you get an advantage… these pull carts for your crates!” He pulls the tarp off the three carts, and the Emeralds burst into cheers and applause, while the Power Rings look on in stunned, jealous silence.

“We’re doomed,” Jet growls in the confessional.

“I don’t really care that we didn’t get the advantage,” Shadow shrugs in the confessional. “I can handle a couple of crates. They don’t call me the Ultimate Lifeform for nothing.” To prove his point, he flexes a muscle, and in the distance, some female interns viewing the footage can be heard squealing at the sight. Shadow cocks an eyebrow, and then shrugs.

“Shadow was so cocky,” Amy grumbles in the confessional. “He just looked at all those crates and shrugged like they were asking him to carry a couple bags of groceries. Have I mentioned I hate guys like that??? Well, when we start getting those crates back to camp, I’m going to prove to that jerk I’m just as tough as he is.”

“I’m actually a lot stronger than I look,” Marine brags in the confessional. “You’ll see, mates. They’ll all be impressed by th’ skills of Capt’n Marine!!!”

The confessional cuts off to reveal the two teams loaded up with their crates. The Chaos Emeralds have put all the crates on their three carts, with Sonic, Vector, and Knuckles each pulling a cart. Most of the Power Rings prepare to shove the crates back in pairs, with Jet and Rouge paired up, Big and Cream in another pair, and Silver and Blaze in the final pair. Bunnie, Marine, and Amy each prepare to shove a crate on their own, and Shadow and Omega each carry a crate confidently on their shoulders.

“Our setup was a strategic move,” Sally explains in the confessional. “We discussed it briefly after we learned our advantage would be the carts. Sonic, obviously, is one of the fastest members of our team, and Vector and Knuckles are both powerhouses, so we figured with them pulling the crates, we would get back to camp pretty quickly. We even divided up the crates so Sonic had a little less weight than Vector and Knuckles, so the weight of the cart wouldn’t slow him down.” She grins, then confidently states, “I’m pretty sure the other team’s in trouble today.”

“I was kind of surprised by the other team’s setup,” Vector admits in the confessional. “I mean, I can understand Bunnie, Shadow, and Omega going solo with the crates, but AMY and MARINE? I think they’re just trying to show off to their teammates… and then, I didn’t get why Rouge partnered up with Jet, when they were arguing on the cliff…”

“The way I see it,” Rouge explains in the confessional, “the long walk back to camp with these stupid crates should give me plenty of time to get Jet under my control. Once I have him down, I’m practically guaranteed control over the team. Jet’s the only possible candidate for leader other than me. Bunnie’s not controlling enough to lead, Shadow and Amy are too busy trying to outdo each other to think about being the leader, Marine’s just a kid, and Blaze isn’t outgoing enough to demand leadership. The rest of them, to be blunt, are followers.” She gives a contented grin, feeling that success is in her reach.

“All right, contestants, you’ve got two hours to get back to camp,” Chris announces, holding up a starter pistol. “Starting… right… NOW!” He fires the pistol, and an unfortunate seagull crashes to the ground. The Chaos Emeralds instantly take the lead, except for Tikal, who instead runs back to inspect the seagull. The Power Rings slowly begin advancing, except Marine, who lags behind, struggling to get her crate to budge.

“I’ll be alright, mates!” She assures them, though none of them appear to be listening. “Don’t wait up fer me! I just gotta… get a grip… on this… stupid… crate…” She collapses into the sand from exhaustion, still at the starting point.

“Omega, go get her crate…” Shadow groans, fed up with the raccoon-girl’s antics.

“AFFIRMATIVE,” Omega replies, backtracking to the starting point and lifting the crate with a single mechanical hand. Big arrives moments afterwards, picks up the exhausted Marine, and rushes back to where he’d left his crate.

The scene switches to Amy, showing noticeable signs of exhaustion as she pushes her crate solo, but keeping up with the rest of the team. Shadow approaches, nonchalantly carrying a crate on his shoulders. “You need help with that?” He cracks, obviously enjoying his large advantage in strength.

“I’ve got it!!!” Amy growls back, stubbornly shoving the crate forward. Shadow shrugs and walks past her, showing no signs of exhaustion whatsoever. The camera moves on to Rouge and Jet, moving the crate without too much difficulty.

“So, Chris said you were part of the ‘Babylon Rogues’…” Rouge comments, giving Jet a curious stare. “What’s that?”

“Eh, it’s this kind of gang I’m in,” Jet shrugs, as if being in a gang was no big deal. “You know, we race around on Extreme Gear, steal things, set stuff on fire… the works.”

“Cool,” Rouge giggles, giving the hawk a flirtatious grin. “It must be tough for you to do all that.”

“Nah, not really,” Jet grins, appearing to enjoy the flattery. “I’m kind of the leader, so I have to be able to handle all that stuff.”

“You’re the leader?” Rouge gasps, acting impressed. “That’s amazing! You must really be something to get that far.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jet laughs, barely resisting the urge to brag.

“Oh, don’t be so modest,” Rouge replies, winking at the hawk. He grins in response.

“Okay, so bat-chick was a little bit of a pain on the cliff,” Jet shrugs in the confessional, “but hey, I like a girl who can recognize how great I am! And besides, she’s hot.”

The confessional cuts to Rouge, with a triumphant grin on her face. “That was easier than I thought,” she laughs. “A little buttering up and he was sold on me. I just had to test it, to make sure he was under my control…”

The scene switches back to the two moving the crate. Rouge suddenly leaps backwards from the crate with a yelp. “Ow,” she whines, “I got a splinter… Jet, I hate to ask, but-”

“Say no more,” Jet assures her, shoving the crate forwards on his own. “A lovely lady like yourself should let a strong guy like me take care of this anyways.”

“Thanks!” Rouge giggles, walking away as he pushes the crate towards camp. Amy glares at Rouge as she walks by.

“So I break my back shoving a crate by myself,” Amy complains in the confessional, “and then Rouge just convinces someone to do her share of work for her???” She shakes her head, mumbling to herself.

“That settles it,” Rouge laughs in the confessional, “the team is now under my control.”

The scene changes to the Chaos Emeralds, having no trouble pulling their crates to camp on the pull-carts. “Guys, look!!!” Charmy loudly and enthusiastically announces. “I can see camp already!!!”

“That wasn’t so bad,” Sonic shrugs, giving his trademark grin.

“Wait,” Mina interrupts, glancing over the team. “Aren’t we missing someone?” The team looks around, and everyone finds that, indeed, there are only ten of them there.

The scene cuts to the missing Emerald- Tikal, who is walking along the beach, cradling the seagull from before in her arms. “You poor thing,” she croons, stroking its head. “You’ll be just fine now. I’ll bring you to your nest, all right?” The seagull chirps in what appears to be a response.

Big, from his place with the Power Rings nearby, stares at her as she passes. “Isn’t that the echidna lady that stopped that water monster?” He comments to no one in particular.

“Is she talking ta a bird?” Bunnie adds, raising an eyebrow.

“Wow, what a weirdo!” Silver laughs. He then turns to Blaze and comments “Hey, bet you I can juggle all these crates with psychokinesis!”

“Silver,” Blaze sighs, “the last time you tried something like that, you blew up a produce truck and spent the rest of the summer trying to earn money to replace it with a lemonade stand, remember?”

“Oh, right…” Silver admits, blushing. “Well, I did end up getting the money!”

“No, I got the money,” Blaze reminds him. “I spent a whole summer’s worth of my waitressing salary and tips paying it off. Which, if I remember correctly, you still owe me for…!”

“Um…” Silver glances around for a change of subject. “…hey, look at what I can do with these rocks!” He uses his psychokinesis to lift the rocks and spin them through the air, only to end up flinging one at Shadow’s head. He glares at the teenaged psychic, and Silver quickly returns to shoving the crate towards camp.

The scene changes back to the Chaos Emeralds, minus Tikal, back at Camp Wawanawkwa, attempting to open the crates with their teeth. Chris stands nearby, observing the spectacle with an amused expression. Vector, with his large crocodile jaws, finally manages to snap off a large plank of wood from the crate.

“GAAAH!!!” He screams suddenly, spitting out the wood. “SPLINTERS ON MY TONGUE!!! SPLINTERS ON MY TONGUE!!!” Knuckles rolls his eyes at the antics of his friend, then returns to attempting to open a crate himself. As Mina begins to unload the supplies from the crate Vector opened, the Power Rings, and Tikal, finally arrive back at camp.

“Finally,” Sally mutters to herself, walking over to Tikal. “Where were you?”

“Helping a seagull…” Tikal admits. Her teammates glance between each other.

“Seriously?” Espio comments in the confessional. “She ditched the team and risked our lead because she was helping a seagull???”

“I don’t get the feeling I’m proving my worth to my team…” Tikal admits in the confessional, a worried look on her face. “All I can say is that I hope we win…”

As the Chaos Emeralds start unloading their supplies, the Power Rings slowly finish shoving the crates into camp. Jet collapses from exhaustion the instant he enters camp, and Amy, looking close to doing the same, leans against her crate, drenched in sweat.

“I think… I’m going… to pass out,” she gasps, wiping sweat from her forehead. Rouge walks by the hedgehog girl in a much better condition, having wormed her way out of doing any work.

“Oh, poor Amy,” Rouge laughs as Amy glares at her. “I’d tell you that you look awful, but you probably knew that already.”

A confessional by Amy, apparently a drawn-out rant about Rouge, then proceeds to air, though the entire thing is fast-forwarded.

“Let’s go, guys,” Blaze shouts to the team, attempting to get them to focus. “We’ve got to open these crates.” Immediately after she finishes, Omega brandishes his arm-cannon and points it at a crate, leading a panicked Blaze to add, “NOT WITH CANNONS!!!”

“DOES NOT COMPUTE,” Omega responds, reluctantly retracting the weapon. Blaze sighs and places her head in her hands.

Shadow, placing his crate on the ground, strolls over to Jet, chuckling to himself as he watches the exhausted hawk attempt to stand? “Who’s the tough guy now?” he taunts.

“Watch it,” Jet growls in response, glaring at the dark-furred hedgehog.

“And such a witty comeback, too,” Shadow comments, showing no fear at his teammate’s threat. Before the tension can escalate, however, Rouge arrives and throws an arm around each boy.

“Come now, boys,” she croons, stopping each one dead in their tracks from surprise, “we’re teammates now. We’ve got to get around, right?” She is met with reluctant mumbles of “Sure” and “Yeah”.

Jet appears in the confessional, giving the camera a blank stare, before incredulously asking “How does she DO that???”

“One hour left, teams!!!” Chris announces, checking a stopwatch. “I’d suggest getting to work!”

“Well, we better get going,” Rouge suggests, giving the hawk and hedgehog an encouraging nudge. Jet shrugs and begins gnawing on the corner of his crate, while Shadow notices Amy, struggling to bite open her own crate.

“Look, I’m normally not one to show off…” Shadow comments in the confessional, “…but, Amy just makes it too easy to.”

The scene comes back to the struggling pink hedgehog. Without saying a word, Shadow casually walks over, sinks his teeth into the wood, and tears off a large chunk of the wood. Amy glares at the superpowered hedgehog, who simply stares back, the chunk of wood still in his mouth.

“All right, I get it,” Amy comments, exasperated. “You’re all tough and powerful and you can rip apart wooden crates with your teeth. You can spit the wood out now.”

After a long pause, Shadow shakes his head. “…ish kinda shtuck…” he reluctantly admits, turning red. Amy gives him an incredulous stare, then bursts out laughing, eventually collapsing to the ground in her fit of laughter.

Shadow reappears in the confessional, the chunk of wood still in his mouth, glaring at the camera. After a long moment, he repetitively whacks his head against the wall of the confessional.

Back in the challenge area, Bunnie attempts to assist Shadow in yanking the wood out of his mouth. After several attempts, the chunk of wood is finally removed, and goes flying out of Bunnie’s hands, hitting Omega.

“AMBUSH!!! AMBUSH!!!” The robot declares, flailing his arms wildly. He whips out his arm-cannon and begins blasting it in all directions in an attempt to take down the “attacker”.

“HIT TH’ DECK!!!” Marine wails, flinging herself to the ground to avoid the assault. Most other members of the team follow suit, with the exception of Silver, who remains oblivious to the chaos as he unloads some supplies. As he turns around to see what is happening, a shot barely misses his head, and he freezes in shock.

As Omega retracts his arm cannon, apparently convinced that the “danger” is gone, Blaze approaches her friend. “Silver, you okay?” She asks, tapping his shoulder. He is silent for a moment, then emits a strange, high-pitched squeak and passes out.

“I thought I was going to die,” Silver admits in the confessional, rocking back and forth fearfully. Realizing he is on camera, he adds, “N-not that I was really scared, though…”

“…Well, there’s good news and bad news…” Rouge comments as she observes the area. “The good news: Omega opened up all the supplies. The bad news: most of said supplies are now broken or on fire…”

“I’ll get water!!!” Marine shouts, running off towards the beach with a bucket, followed by a less enthusiastic Cream. As they leave, Blaze drags Silver’s unconscious body away from the crates, and the rest of the team begins unloading the supplies that remained intact. Much less chaos is occurring over at the Chaos Emerald’s area. In fact, their hot tub production is coming along quite well, especially in comparison to the Power Rings. Sally observes and directs the rest of the team in the construction, and appears to be doing a good job at it.

“I’ve gotta say, Sal,” Sonic comments, approaching her, “You’re doing a pretty good job with the whole leadership thing.”

“It comes with being a princess,” she shrugs, smiling at the blue hedgehog. Their moment is interrupted, however, as Vector cannonballs into the hot tub, drenching both creatures with water.

“CAN’T SWIM!!!” Sonic wails, flailing his arms.

“You’re not swimming!!!” Knuckles reminds him, exasperated.

“…I knew that…” Sonic retorts, turning red.

The scene suddenly cuts to Chris in his studio, who explains, “Due to time restraints for the episode, and the fact that nothing television-worthy really happens after this, we’re going to cut straight to the judging!” The scene switches to the challenge area, Chris approaching the two teams with their hot tubs. The Chaos Emeralds proudly display a fairly professional-looking hot tub, which appears to be working well. The Power Rings’ hot tub, conversely, is somewhat poorly constructed with parts that were obviously repaired hastily after Omega’s attack. Several pieces, apparently unable to be salvaged, are missing from the tub, and the Power Rings exchange worried glances.

“Well, Chaos Emeralds…” Chris begins, scrutinizing their hot tub. After a moment, he grins and finishes, “Nice work, guys! Looks great!” Relieved, the Chaos Emeralds cheer and celebrate what looks like will become a victory.

Chris then approaches the Power Ring’s creation, raising an eyebrow. “Um… Power Rings…”

“Don’t ask,” Jet growls, glaring at Omega. Shrugging, Chris cautiously taps the hot tub, causing one of the boards to snap off. Water then proceeds to blast out of the opening, drenching Chris.

“Okay,” Chris begins, stepping away from the Power Ring’s hot tub. “I think it’s obvious who the winner is… congratulations to… THE CHAOS EMERALDS!!!” After a brief moment of stunned silence, the Chaos Emeralds begin celebrating their win, cheering and congratulating each other. The Power Rings watch on with mixed envy and disappointment. “As a reward for winning,” Chris continues, “the Chaos Emeralds get to keep their hot tub for the rest of the competition!!!” As the collective jaws of the Power Rings drop, the Chaos Emeralds cheer even louder.

In the confessional, Amy gives a wordless, exasperated cry at her team’s loss.

“Power Rings, looks like I’ll be seeing you at the campfire ceremony tonight,” Chris laughs, walking away from the challenge area. As the Chaos Emeralds continue their celebration, the Power Rings slowly break apart and leave the area with mixed emotions and expressions, all considering who to eliminate.

“Power Rings,” Chris begins that evening, looking over the eleven faces of the losing team, “in the next few minutes, you will step into the confessional one by one and cast your votes. When we have received all the votes, all but one of you will receive this.” Chris holds up a sparkling, golden ring to the creatures. “Whoever does not receive this will have to go down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, and cannot return to Total Sonic Island, EVER. Now, go cast your votes.”

“Who can I vote for but Omega???” Silver comments in the confessional, placing his vote in the box. “I mean, he almost killed me!!!”

“No one messes with Silver but me,” Blaze growls in the confessional, placing a vote for Omega in the box.

“As much as I hate Omega for ruining the challenge for us,” Amy comments, placing her vote, “I hate Rouge more. The sooner she goes, the better.”

“I really wish I didn’t have to vote anyone out,” Cream shyly admits in the confessional, “but since I have to, I vote Mister Omega. He’s really scary…”

“SHADOW!!!” Marine shouts, dumping her vote in the box. “He has disrespected tha skills of Cap’n Marine!!!”

“Why are we voting in front of a camera?” Jet comments, placing his vote in the box. “Aren’t our votes supposed to be private???”

“The votes are in,” Chris announces back at the campfire ceremony. “And I have rings for… Bunnie… Cream… Amy… Silver…” Bunnie gratefully catches her ring, as does Cream. Amy catches her and holds it mockingly in front of Shadow, sticking out her tongue. Silver proudly uses psychokinesis to catch his ring.

“…Marine… Jet… Big… and, Shadow.” Chris finishes, tossing out the rings. Marine leaps up in an attempt to catch it in midair, but ends up falling flat on her face and getting hit in the head by the ring. Jet grabs his and grins at Rouge, who gives him a flirtatious smile in response. Big catches his ring horseshoe-style on his fishing rod, grinning. Shadow grabs his ring in midair with one hand and smirks at Amy. She glares and elbows him in response, knocking the unexpecting hedgehog off his seat.

Chris looks over the bottom three- Rouge, Omega, and Blaze- holding up one of the golden rings. “The next ring goes to…” after a brief dramatic pause, he finishes “…Blaze.” Relieved, Blaze gratefully takes the ring, giving Silver a high-five. “Rouge… Omega… one of you will not be staying here on Total Sonic Island.” Neither the robot nor the bat-girl looks particularly worried, Rouge with a confident smirk, Omega with his unblinking robotic stare.

“The final ring goes to…

(Dramatic Pause)


With a pleased grin, Rouge catches her ring, while a seemingly confused Omega looks between the host and his teammates. “DOES NOT COMPUTE,” he comments robotically.

“Sorry, dude,” Chris shrugs. “You went crazy, your teammates voted for you, you’re eliminated. Dock of Shame time.”

“ERROR,” Omega shouts, flailing his arms. “DOES NOT COMPUTE. DOES NOT COMPUTE. DOES NOT COM—” his tantrum is cut off, however, as Shadow taps a button on him that shuts him down. Chef arrives seconds afterwards and drags the robot down the Dock of Shame, chucking him into the Boat of Losers, which promptly leaves.

“Well, I can’t say that elimination surprised me,” Chris laughs as the Power Rings begin to leave. “Will Rouge continue to hold power over her team? Will Tikal prove her worth to her teammates? Will Shadow EVER hold his own against Amy???”

“I HEARD THAT!!!” Shadow shouts in response.

Ignoring the hedgehog, Chris continues, “Find out on the next episode of… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!” The camera then fades out, leaving only darkness.

Chapter 3- “Wrong Turn… Beavers… Terror… Much Pain…”

Last time on Total Sonic Island… our 22 unsuspecting creatures had to face their first challenge: jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters! Some made it and impressed their competitors, others chickened out and put a target on their backs. In the end the Chaos Emeralds won the challenge and the advantage in part two: building a hot tub! After many insane events involving seagulls, conflicts, and explosions, the Chaos Emeralds were declared the winners! Unsurprisingly, it was Omega who was forced to walk the Dock of Shame, thanks to his random outbursts that were often accompanied by weaponry. Stay tuned for the most dramatic episode yet of… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!

It is a clear, sunny morning in Muskoka, Ontario, particularly Camp Wawanawkwa. Exhausted from the previous day’s challenge, twenty-one creatures sleep unsuspectingly in their cabins. Outside, Chris approaches with a megaphone and an air horn. “I love this job,” he chuckles, placing the air horn against the megaphone. He then proceeds to blast the air horn, the noise cutting through the quiet of the early morning and snapping nineteen of the twenty-one contestants awake (Vector blasting music too loudly through his headphones to notice, and Big simply sleeping through it).

“Anger management…” Knuckles mumbles to himself, his fists clenched. “Anger management… think happy thoughts… happy thoughts… like killing the host…”

“This had better be good,” Rouge growls, coming out of the cabin. “A girl needs her beauty sleep, you know.”

“Oh, this is good,” Chris retorts, grinning. “It’s time for your second challenge!!!”

“YAAAY!!!! A CHALLENGE!!!” Charmy cheers, buzzing around his much less enthusiastic teammates.

“Sleep now…” Silver moans, drowsily leaning his head on Blaze’s shoulder. “Challenge later…”

“I never thought I’d say this,” Shadow comments, “but, I have to agree with the psychic cockatiel.”

“I thought he was a hedgehog,” a confused Chip comments, nibbling at a chocolate bar.

“I think he’s talking about his hair,” Sonic laughs, gesturing to Silver’s “unique” hair.

“It does this naturally!!!” Silver wails, blushing as he attempts in vain to straighten the strangely cockatiel-like hairstyle.

“Um… hello? Back to me, guys,” Chris complains, gesturing to himself. “Anyway, you guys are going to do a jog around the island and meet back at the mess hall!”

“Please tell me that’s a joke…” Shadow groans.

“Aw, c’mon, Shaddy!” Marine chirps, punching Shadow in the arm. “We can handle it! Cap’n Marine’s team isn’t losin’ today!!!”

Shadow gives her an annoyed glare, then growls, “it’s Shadow. Not ‘Shaddy’, Shadow. Got it?”

“I am not running around the island before seven AM,” Julie-Su complains, stubbornly folding her arms.

“Come on, you guys, try to think positively,” Tikal suggests. “Just think of it as an opportunity to commune with nature!” Much to her dismay, her teammates merely give her blank, incredulous stares; in fact, so does Chris and the other team. Glancing to his teammates, Jet points to Tikal, then makes a “she’s crazy” gesture.

“You know, somehow I don’t think my teammates are really taking me seriously,” Tikal confesses, a worried look on her face.

“…anyways…” Chris continues, “one lap around the island, finishing at the mess hall, starting… NOW!!!” Chris blasts the air horn, and the contestants begin running.

Sonic quickly takes the lead, followed closely by Shadow, unwilling to lose to his blue counterpart, and Amy, chasing after her beloved hero. Jet climbs onto his extreme gear and offers Rouge his hand, asking, “Need a ride, gorgeous?” Rouge giggles flirtatiously and takes the offer, hopping onto the futuristic skateboard.

“Controlling Jet is pathetically easy,” Rouge chuckles in the confessional. “I don’t even have to do anything! It almost takes the fun out of it… almost.”

Meanwhile, Espio and Charmy rush past a confused Chris and into the Chaos Emerald’s cabin. A moment later, they return, dragging a disoriented Vector behind them, who shouts, “Okay, okay, I’m up! How was I supposed to know there was a challenge??? Ow, watch the tail!!!”

A minute afterwards, Big saunters out of the cabin, still half asleep. “What’d I miss?” He yawns.

“Challenge,” Chris sighs, “run in that direction.” Big nods and begins strolling after the rest of his competition. Chris rolls his eyes and mutters something about getting paid more before heading in the general direction of the mess hall.

The scene then cuts to the mess hall, where most of the contestants are hanging out, waiting for the rest of their teammates to arrive. The room has been divided into Emeralds and Rings, much to Amy’s apparent dismay, who stares longingly at Sonic from the Power Ring’s side of the room. Silver has fallen asleep at one of the tables, snoring rather loudly, and Sonic drums his fingers on the table impatiently, obviously not too comfortable with having to sit still for so long. Tikal is surrounded by animals, a squirrel on her shoulder and birds hovering around her, which causes Espio to give her a stare out of the corner of his eye.

The door to the mess hall suddenly opens, causing everyone to glance up to see who has arrived. Knuckles and Tails stagger through the doorway, both covered in bruises, mud, claw marks, and twigs. The Power Rings, disappointed, go back to whatever it was they were doing, while the Chaos Emeralds go to greet their teammates.

“Finally,” Sonic says dramatically as he goes over to greet his friends. “Where the heck were you guys?”

“Wrong turn…” Tails explains, trembling, his eyes wide. “Beavers… terror… much pain…”

The door to the mess hall opens again, and this time Big saunters in, still looking half asleep. “Took you long enough,” Shadow chastises. The overweight cat does not respond, instead flopping to the ground, then letting out a loud snore.

“Wait,” Sally suddenly comments. “If we got all our team here first… then that means… we won the challenge!” Realization settling over the Chaos Emeralds, they begin to cheer, as the other team grows silent, obviously upset about losing yet again.

The loud cheers of the winning team snap Silver awake. “Wha’ happen’d?” He asks drowsily. “Did we win?”

“No, Silv,” Blaze sighs. “We… we lost again.”

“Oh, all right,” Silver yawns, obviously not quite listening to his friend. Settling his head down atop his folded arms, he mumbles, “wake me up when we win…”

As the Chaos Emeralds celebrate, Chris enters the mess hall. “Hey, Chaos Emeralds!” He greets. “Why so happy?”

“We won the challenge!” Sally explains, a wide grin on your face.

Chris raises an eyebrow. “No, you didn’t.” The celebrations abruptly stop, the Emeralds all turning to stare at Chris and the Rings suddenly snapping to attention.

Sally gives the host a confused stare. “But… but we got the entire team to the mess hall first… so we won… right?”

“Did I say the first team to the mess hall won?”

Sally does not answer. The Power Rings instantly perk up, and a smiling Blaze shakes Silver awake. “Wha- what happened?” He stammers.

“We didn’t lose!” Blaze tells him excitedly.

“Oh. So… we won?”

“Not yet,” Chris interrupts, strolling over to a table covered with a cloth. “Now…” He whips the cloth off the table, revealing a huge buffet of quality foods. “…who's hungry?”

“It was the most beautiful thing I’d seen in the five days since I got here,” Vector comments in the confessional, tears of joy in his eyes. “I mean, REAL FOOD!!! Until then, all we’d had were these kind of food-like substances that tasted like things I’d rather not describe.”


“I cried when I saw that buffet,” Blaze admits in the confessional. “I really did. I also cried the first time I saw the regular food here, but obviously, that was for different reasons…”

The scene cuts to the twenty-one creatures post-buffet. Almost all of them look far overstuffed and ready to pass out (in fact, Vector already has). Charmy seems to have overdosed on sugar, as he is zipping aimlessly around the room, his entire body trembling with energy. Big, apparently still not full, is still eating, much to the surprise of the other contestants. “You guys sure you don’t want any more?” He asks. He is met with a collective chorus of “Pass,” “I’m good,” and “no thanks”.

Chris approaches the twenty-one contestants. “So, guys, are you ready for the second part of your challenge?”

“You mean eating wasn’t the second part???” Jet moans.

“Nope,” Chris laughs. “Your challenge today is an ‘Awake-A-Thon’! You’ll have to stay awake for as long as you possibly can, and the last person standing wins invincibility for their team!”

“…so, basically, you woke us up early, made us run around the camp, and let us stuff our faces with free food just to make the challenge harder…” Julie-su states.

“Exactly,” Chris nods, grinning from ear to ear.

Julie-su does not respond for a moment. “Knuckles,” she finally growls. “Help me kill him.”

“Gladly,” Knuckles, lying on the floor, agrees, “as soon I can stand up again…”

The scene then cuts to the twenty-one contestants at the campfire pit. “We’re now twelve hours into the awake-a-thon,” Chris’s voice explains as the camera pans over the exhausted, baggy-eyed contestants. “The eleven Chaos Emeralds are still awake, as are the ten Power Rings. The way things are now, the game could go to anyone!”

“Eyes… hurting…” Silver moans. “Sleep… needed…”

“Don’t give up, Silv!!!” Marine shouts, slapping him on the back. “No one on Cap’n Marine’s team is goin’ down without a fight!!!”

Approximately five minutes later, Marine is fast asleep, snoring loudly, and the Power Ring’s onscreen counter depletes from 10 to 9. “I say we chuck her off the cliff and take her stuff,” Shadow suggests.

“I ain’t gonna stop ya,” Bunnie agrees.

Over at the Chaos Emeralds, things are not much better. “This,” Knuckles moans, “is the worst challenge yet.”

“It’s only our second challenge,” Tikal reminds him.

“Do I look like I care?”


“For the love of all that is good,” Espio groans, “someone tie him down and make him shut up.”

“I’d do it if I wasn’t still stuffed from the buffet,” Vector replies.

“This is gonna be a looong challenge…” Sally sighs, leaning back against one of the tree-stump “seats” in the area.

“It could be worse,” Sonic shrugs. “I could be stuck here without you.”

“I would find that really sweet if I wasn’t so tired,” Sally comments, a tiny hint of a grin on her face.

Back at the Power Ring’s side, Amy watches the two with a jealous stare. “I just don’t get it,” she mumbles to no one in particular. “What does he see in her?”

“Good question,” Shadow, sitting nearby, replies. “Better question: what do you see in him?”

“What do you mean by that???” Amy snaps, glaring at the dark-furred hedgehog. “Isn’t it obvious? He’s fast, he’s brave, he’s handsome… he’s saved me, and the world, with no thoughts for his own safety… he’s a hero.”

“So, you like me, then?”

Amy’s eyes grow wide, and her cheeks grow bright red. “WHAT???”

“I’ve saved the world, too, y’know,” Shadow explains. “So have the fox-kid-” he gestures to Tails- “the anger-management guy-” he points to Knuckles- “the hippie-” he nods at Tikal- “the Chaotix-” he points out Vector, Charmy, and Espio- “and even the whale over there.” He gestures to Big, who appears to still be eating some leftovers from the buffet. “The faker isn’t the only hero.” Amy says nothing, her eyes narrowing, and Shadow cringes away from her, apparently expecting the wrath of her giant hammer. After a moment, he relaxes, realizing she isn’t attacking. “You’re not gonna hit me?”

“…I’m too tired,” Amy mutters, looking away from him. “I don’t feel like beating you up.” Shadow simply stares at her, a look almost resembling concern on his face.

“Okay, so I was just kidding around with her,” Shadow admits in the confessional, “y’know, trying to rile her up for some entertainment. But… she seemed to really take me seriously. She almost seemed… kind of hurt…” He pauses for a long moment, then shakes his head. “What am I saying? I’m so tired I’m talking crazy. Get it together, Shadow…”

The scene changes to much later in the awake-a-thon. The sky is dark, the campfire is going, and the onscreen timer reads 40:00.

The Chaos Emeralds’ numbers have fallen to 6, with Chip, Tails, Vector, Julie-Su and Mina asleep. Charmy, still fairly hyper, is buzzing around, poking his sleeping teammates with a stick. Sonic and Knuckles, are playing cards in an attempt to stay awake. Sally appears to be barely holding on; every few minutes her head starts to droop, her eyelids starting to close, before she snaps back to attention. Espio is pacing back and forth in what appears to be an attempt to stay alert, while Tikal lies on the ground, staring up at the stars.

Meanwhile, the Power Rings also have 6 members left, with Marine, Big, Cream, and Bunnie down. Shadow, for no apparent reason other than keeping himself awake, is punching a tree, while Amy sits nearby, drawing aimless designs in the dirt with a twig. Silver and Blaze, both looking practically dead, lean on each other, staring blankly into space. Rouge and Jet, finally, are sitting further away from the rest of their teammates, talking to each other.

Chris then arrives at the campfire pit, stepping over the various sleeping bodies. “Congrats, contestants!” He shouts. “You’ve all made it forty hours with no sleep whatsoever! How do you feel?”

“Pretty good,” Rouge comments.

“Terrible,” Amy groans.

“Like I wanna kill the host,” Knuckles grumbles.

“Grr,” Shadow growls.

“I FEEL GREAT!” Charmy declares.

“I think I’m gonna die,” Silver moans.

“Oh, shut up, Silv,” Blaze snaps. “You got more sleep than any of us.”

Tikal does not react.

“I think she’s dead,” Espio comments, pointing towards Tikal.

“Must… stay… awake…” Sally mutters.

“You should just go to sleep now and save yourself the trouble,” Jet taunts.

“Pair of threes; I win,” Sonic informs Knuckles, chucking some cards down into a pile. Knuckles whirls around to look, then growls and clenches his fists at his defeat.

“Well, since you’re all doing so well,” Chris interrupts, “let’s make things more interesting…” He whips out a fairly large notebook and opens it up. “…with a reading of this fifty-page, totally pointless, teenage love story!”

“Someone kill me now,” Espio complains, placing his head in his hands.

“So all we have to do is stay awake while you read us a really boring story?” Jet scoffs. “Piece of cake.”

“Well then, let’s get started,” Chris replies, turning to the first page. “Ahem… ‘So I was just like’-” He is suddenly interrupted by Jet falling to the ground and letting out a loud snore, half asleep. Rouge rolls her eyes.

“Can you say ‘pathetic’?” Rouge snorts in the confessional. “He should be happy I’m controlling him; otherwise, he wouldn’t stand a chance.”

The scene cuts to the next day, the clock reading 52:00. Both teams have only three people left- Sonic, Charmy, and Knuckles for the Emeralds, Rouge, Silver, and Blaze for the Rings. All the contestants who have fallen asleep are slowly beginning to wake up, collect themselves, and leave the area to clean up and relax. Amy, apparently having fallen asleep in the past twelve hours, slowly opens her eyes, only to find Shadow asleep with his head in her lap.

Shadow then appears in the confessional, bruised in several places. “Okay…” he comments. “So I wake up to Amy screaming and beating me with her hammer. Psycho fangirl chick. I didn’t even do anything!!!”

The confessional then cuts to Amy. She says nothing, just sits with her arms crossed as she glares at nothing in particular, her face red.

The scene changes back to Chris arriving at the campfire pit, holding a coffee. Suddenly, Shadow charges by, closely pursued by Amy and her giant hammer, shouting, “OW! OW! CUT IT OUT!!! WHAT THE HECK??? WHAT’D I DO???” Chris stares after them for a moment, then shrugs and approaches the few competitors that are still awake.

“Congrats to our final six competitors!” Chris announces. “All of you must be proud!” They do not respond, as all of them are staring intently at Chris’s coffee. “Um… anyways…” Chris continues. “Because you guys have lasted this long, I have no choice but to kick things up a notch…” He pulls out an oversized book. “We’ll be reading ‘The History of Canada: A Pop-Up Book’.”

“Oh, the horror!!!” Silver screams.

“Please tell me you’re not serious,” Rouge comments, raising an eyebrow.

“Chapter One- The Beaver…” Chris begins.

“He’s serious,” Sonic sighs.

Several hours later (at the 60:00 mark, to be precise), Chris closes the book. “Okay, we’ll stop for now. But I’ll be back in a few hours!” He laughs, obviously enjoying himself, then leaves the area. Sonic has finally fallen asleep, Knuckles looks to be close to doing the same, and Charmy seems to have finally calmed down from his massive sugar rush, though merely looks bored rather than tired. Rouge seems to be barely holding on, and Silver and Blaze are even worse off.

“Blaze,” Silver sighs, “I don’t think I can do this…”

“Don’t give me that, Silv,” Blaze growls back. “You and I both know that-” she stops abruptly as she sees Silver’s head begin to droop, apparently just on the verge of falling asleep. “Silv? Silver!!!” She shakes him back into awareness just before his eyes close. “Come on, Silver, you can do this… you’ve lived through way worse. Remember back in third grade when I accidentally set you on fire? Then in fifth grade, when I got you test out our go-kart, and you crashed into a tree… this is nothing compared to that!”

“Don’t forget that winter where our sled fell off a cliff with us on it,” Silver laughs.

“Right,” Blaze chuckles. “That hurt way more than this challenge! And remember the sixth grade science fair?”

“How could I forget? You left the latch on the rats’ cage open, and they escaped and started biting me. I think I still have scars on my fingers…”

“You exaggerate,” Blaze insists. “Only a couple of them drew blood.” The two laugh at the memories.



“I… thanks.”

“What, for letting rats give you scars?” Blaze comments sarcastically. Silver doesn’t reply, merely gives his friend a smile.

“Blaze and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember,” Silver confesses. “I don’t know what I’d do without her… I love her.” Realizing what he just said, Silver turns bright red and adds, “in a friendship kind of way!!! Yeah! Friendship!!!” After a long, long pause, he quietly asks, “you can edit this, right?”

The confessional then switches to Rouge. “Okay, so I know I already have Jet under my control, and pretty much the rest of the Power Rings,” she comments, “but if I’m going to win this game, I have to have ALL the contestants under my control. Might as well start early… plus, I just like messing with Knuckie’s head.”

The scene cuts to Rouge back at the campfire pit, sitting next to a dead-tired Knuckles. “Hey there, Knuckie,” she croons.

“Don’t talk to me,” Knuckles growls. “And quit calling me that.”

“Oh, come on,” Rouge pouts. “I just want the two of us to get along. What’s so bad about that?”

“Go away,” Knuckles snaps in response.

“Oh, really, Knuckie,” Rouge scoffs scooting closer to Knuckles, “you don’t have to pretend you’re not into me. In case you’ve been too tired to notice, your girlfriend isn’t here…”


“Geez, Fist Bump,” Silver groans, “would you mind not shouting?”

“MY NAME IS NOT FIST BUMP!!!” Knuckles yells.

“All right, all right! Fine! Just stop shouting already, it’s making my head hurt!!!”

A brief montage is then featured, showing the sun as it rises, sets, and rises again. When it stops, the onscreen timer reads 84:00, and only four competitors are still awake- Charmy for the Emeralds, Rouge, Silver, and Blaze for the Rings. Knuckles has apparently fallen asleep in the past twenty-four hours, and is being dragged away by Sonic and Julie-su. “We are now down to our last four competitors!” Chris announces, arriving at the campfire pit. “Congrats, you guys!”

“Okay, where do you go when you’re not here with us?” Rouge questions.

“Oh, just to my luxury cabin across the lake to get some sleep and have a couple coffees,” Chris answers with a smirk.

“…you’re a cruel, cruel person…” Silver mutters. Suddenly, Blaze, who was sitting next to him, falls forward and flops to the ground. Silver whirls around to see, his eyes wide. “Blaze? Blaze???” He kneels besides her and shakes her shoulders, begging, “Blaze, come on, get up! Blaze??? BLAZE!!!”

“Silver… she’s not dead…” Rouge reminds him. “She just fell asleep…”

“…I knew that,” Silver replies, blushing.

“Well,” Chris comments, “that leaves the Power Rings with two players and the Chaos Emeralds with only one!” He turns to Charmy, the only remaining Emerald. “You worried, Charmy?”

“Worried about what?” The bee-boy questions, tilting his head.

“Oh, this is gonna be a piece of cake,” Rouge mutters confidently.

“Speak for yourself,” Silver sighs. “I’m about ready to die.”

“Okay, guys,” Chris begins, giving the final three competitors a serious look. “I didn’t want things to come to this. I was talking to the other contestants last night, and I told them, ‘Guys, I don’t want it to come to this.’ But you guys have just lasted so long, I have no choice but to take drastic measures…” He then drops a stack of books on his barrel-podium. “…fairy tales.”

“Yay!!! Stories!!!” Charmy cheers.

“That’s all?” Silver questions. “There has to be a catch.” Immediately after he says this, Chef Hatchet arrives in a sheep costume. “GAAAH! MY EYES! IT BURNS!!!”

“Okay, I’ve heard stories about guys with terrible fashion sense,” Rouge comments, visibly cringing, “but I never knew it was this bad…”

“Remind me…” Hatchet growls. “Why the heck am I doing this???”

“Because that’s what I pay you for,” Chris responds, opening one of the books. “Now, let’s begin!” Charmy cheers, and Silver and Rouge moan.

The scene then cuts to later in the day, the timer onscreen reading 86:00. “…and they lived happily ever after. The end.” Chris shuts the storybook and declares, “okay, you guys get ten minutes break now. Then, we go back to the stories!” Chef Hatchet, still in the sheep costume and scowling, leaves with a snoring Silver thrown over his shoulder.

“Aw, man,” Charmy laments, “the story’s over already?”

“Finally,” Rouge grumbles. She stands up and states, “Chris, I’m going to fix my makeup.”

“That’s cool, as long as you don’t mind some company,” Chris agrees, gesturing to the cameraman.

Rouge glances between Chris and the camera. “Okay, fine,” she consents. “But you wait outside.” The camera bobs up and down, apparently a nod, and Rouge sets off.

Chris moves over to Charmy, who is only now beginning to look tired. “So, Charmy, you’re now the last Chaos Emerald standing in the challenge. How do you feel?”

“Woah, this is a CHALLENGE???” Charmy comments incredulously. “I thought we were just having storytime.” Chris sighs and rolls his eyes.

The scene changes back to the cameraman, waiting outside the communal washrooms. “Hey, are you almost done?” He asks. “You were supposed to be back at the campfire pit three minutes ago.” There is no reply. “Rouge?” He pushes the door open, revealing Rouge lying on the ground, fast asleep.

Back at the campfire pit, a nondescript intern hands Chris a note. He scans it quickly, and grins. “I have an announcement to make!” He declares. “Charmy is now the last contestant standing, making the Chaos Emeralds the winners!” Charmy beams and cheers, then flops to the ground and falls asleep. Chris shrugs and starts to leave the campfire pit.

A very sleepy-looking Jet arrives just afterwards. “Yo, Chris,” he yawns. “What’s going on?”

“Your team just lost,” Chris explains. “Again. Oh, and you might wanna get your girlfriend, she fell asleep in the communal washrooms.”

“Oh. Great…” Jet grumbles, walking away. “Can’t believe we lost again…”

The scene cuts to Jet and Rouge, hanging out behind the Power Rings’ cabin. “I’m worried about the vote tonight,” Rouge sighs. “I technically lost the challenge, so people might vote for me…”

“Well then,” Jet shrugs, “we just gotta convince them to vote someone else. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

“You’re right,” Rouge agrees. “We just need to pick someone people will want to vote off… someone who’s not pulling their weight… someone who’s a hindrance…”

“How about Marine?”

“Perfect,” Rouge grins. “Let’s go spread the word to vote her out. We’ll tell everyone but the little bunny girl and the overweight cat. They’ll just warn her.”

“Cool,” Jet nods. They shake hands, then go to spread the word.

Jet approaches Silver and Blaze, who are talking outside the mess hall. “You don’t think I’m going to be voted off, do you?” Silver asks her worriedly.

“Nah,” Blaze assures him. “It’s not your fault. No one’s gonna target you.”

“She’s right,” Jet interrupts. “Neither of ya have to be worried.” Silver yelps and jumps, obviously not noticing Jet’s presence until just then.

“What do you want?” Blaze questions, narrowing her eyes.

“Look, I just want your help,” Jet assures them. “We’re eliminating Marine tonight, and we need your votes.”

“You must be kidding,” Blaze snaps. “In case you’ve been too busy fawning over Barbie-bat to notice, Marine and I are friends.”

“Friends or not,” Jet retorts, “even you’ve gotta admit she’s annoying. Plus, she hasn’t been pulling her weight at all. In fact, all she does is brag about her non-existent abilities and hinder the team. It’s for the good of the team if she goes.”

Blaze says nothing, apparently weighing what he says, then reluctantly responds, “Okay, I’ll vote Marine. But don’t expect me voting with you to be a regular thing.”

“I can respect that,” Jet agrees. He turns to Silver. “And you?”

“If Blaze thinks it’s right, then fine,” Silver replies. “I’ll vote Marine.”

“Well, all right then!” Jet smirks, giving both a handshake. “Pleasure doing business with ya.” He walks away to inform more of the team.

“I say we vote him off the next time we lose,” Blaze mutters under her breath.

“I won’t stop you,” Silver agrees.

The scene cuts to Shadow, walking aimlessly through the woods. Rouge flies over from behind him and wraps her arms around his shoulders. “Hey there, Shadow,” she chirps.

“Gah, don’t sneak up on me like that,” Shadow snaps. “What do you want anyways?”

“Jet and I are voting Marine off tonight,” she explains, “and we need to know if you’ll vote with us.”

“Are you kidding?” Shadow asks. “I would’ve voted her off anyways. The kid’s annoying as heck.”

“Good,” Rouge grins. “Now, could I ask you for a tiny little favor?”

“That depends on the favor,” he shrugs.

“Would you mind asking Amy to vote Marine with us?” Rouge asks.

“What? Amy?” Shadow repeats incredulously. “Why wouldn’t you do it?”

“Amy and I don’t exactly see eye to eye,” Rouge comments, feigning sadness, “so I don’t think she’d agree if I asked her. Come on, Shadow… do it for me?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Shadow mutters, “but… fine. I’ll talk to her.” There is a pause, then he adds, “um, would you mind letting go of me now?”

The scene switches to Amy at the mess hall, scribbling something in a hot-pink journal. Shadow hesitantly approaches and sits next to her. “Hey.”

“Go away,” Amy replies, not looking up.

“I just want to talk,” Shadow insists.

“Please leave.”

“For crying out loud…” Shadow mutters, placing his head in his hands. “Is this still about what I said about Faker???”

Amy raises an eyebrow and looks up at Shadow. “What?”

“From during the challenge,” Shadow explains, “When I was asking you why you even liked him. You’ve seemed ticked off at me ever since.”

“Well, I’m not,” Amy replies. “If anything, I’m still kind of weirded out from waking up and finding you on top of me.”

“I was on top of you?” Shadow repeats, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh, yeah…”

“Oh.” Shadow blushes slightly and glances away from her. There’s a brief awkward silence, then Shadow blurts out, “Okay, look, a bunch of us are voting off Marine tonight. You willing to add your vote?”

Amy thinks for a minute. “Normally I wouldn’t want to,” she admits, “but she has been getting on everyone’s nerves lately. I’ll vote for her.”

“Cool.” Shadow stands and begins to walk away, avoiding eye contact with Amy.

“…um… Shadow?”

Shadow stops walking. “Yeah?”

“…I just wanted to say… I’m not mad about what you said about Sonic. I mean, I sort of was at first, but then when I thought about it… and, well, you were right.” She gives a faint, genuine smile. “Thanks.”

Shadow raises his eyebrows in surprise and stares at Amy. “Whatever,” he grumbles, leaving the mess hall.

“Welcome back, Power Rings!” Chris greets the team at the campfire ceremony that night. “Losing the challenge twice in a row… that’s gotta hurt. Now, step into the confessional one by one to cast your votes.”

“Ya haven’t been doin’ anything fer tha team,” Marine states in the confessional as she places a vote for Jet. “Time fer you ta go, mate!”

“Can’t say I’ll miss you,” Shadow admits as he votes for Marine in the confessional.

Back at the confessional ceremony, Chris gathers up nine golden rings. “Nine of you will receive one of these. The one who doesn’t has been eliminated, and must walk down the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave the island for good. Now… the first ring goes to… Bunnie.” He tosses a ring to Bunnie, who gratefully catches it. “Also safe are… Silver… Amy… Big… Cream… Shadow… and… Blaze.” He tosses rings to each of them. “Also safe is… Rouge.” He tosses a ring to a confident-looking Rouge, leaving Jet and Marine as the bottom two.

“The final ring goes to…

(Dramatic Pause)


Jet grins and catches the final ring as Marine looks on in shock. “W-what? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me, mate. You’re tryin’ to pull the wool over Cap’n Marine’s eyes, right???”

“I’m afraid not, ‘captain’,” Jet replies sarcastically, twirling his ring on one of his fingers.

“N-no! This can’t be!!!” Marine insists, looking between her teammates. “You’ll regret this, all of ya! Cap’n Marine’s gonna have ‘er revenge!!! You’ll see!!! You’ll all see!!!”

“Chef, mind getting her out of here?” Chris asks, watching the raccoon-girl’s rant from a distance. Chef nods, calmly walks over, then scoops her up without a problem and walks down the Dock of Shame with the ‘captain’, who kicks and screams all the way. “Well, I can’t honestly say I was surprised by that elimination,” Chris laughs. “Will the Power Rings ever win a challenge? Will the rest of the guys fall for Rouge’s charms? And who will be voted out next? Find out next time on… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!” With that, the camera fades to black.

Chapter 4- “They’ve actually got some strategy going on.”

Last time on Total Sonic Island… the twenty-one remaining contestants had to compete in an awake-a-thon, which was made even more difficult by the lap around camp and all-you-can-eat buffet that occurred beforehand. Friendships were strengthened, alliances were formed, conflicts grew more heated, and pain was caused! In the end, however, the Power Rings lost AGAIN when a sugar-high Charmy managed to outlast Rouge! Rouge and Jet then allied their teammates to vote out Marine, who was doing nothing but bragging about her non-existent skills and annoying her teammates! This move was successful, and “Captain Marine” was dragged kicking and screaming out of camp. What will the next challenge be? Will the Power Rings win their first challenge? And who will be the next to walk down this lame dock? Find out today on this drama-packed episode of… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!

The camera fades in to the mess hall, where twenty not-so-happy creatures poke at the food-like substances in front of them. “This stuff is disgusting,” Knuckles complains. “Mine tastes like burnt rubber.”

“Mine IS burnt rubber,” Mina comments, tentatively poking her dish with her fork, an eyebrow raised.

“I think mine just moved,” Jet adds, scooting away from his food cautiously.

“Mine just bit me!!!” Silver wails, leaping away from the table.

“It’s alive!!!” Tikal yelps. She turns to a rather displeased Chef. “How dare you serve us living creatures? They have feelings too!”

“JUST EAT THE DANG FOOD!!!” Chef demands, raising the hatchet in his hand in a threatening manner.

Tikal backs away from the man, her eyes wide in fear, and stammers, “now, now, violence isn’t the answer. Maybe try some deep breathing…?”

“Just give it up, Tikal,” Sally sighs, grabbing the echidna-girl’s arm and sitting her down. “It’s not worth it.”

“Plus, this stuff isn’t actually that bad if you add a little salt,” Big comments, shoveling the food-like substance into his mouth.

“…I’ll… keep that in mind…” Shadow replies. When the overweight cat isn’t looking, he puts on a gagging expression.

“It’s so quiet now that Marine’s gone,” Bunnie mentions in the confessional. “It’s almost… kinda eerie, y’know?”

As further quiet complaints about the so-called food ripple through the mess hall, Chris enters the building. “Good morning, campers!” He announces, spreading his arms in a dramatic gesture. “I hope you’re all ready for your next challenge!”

“We’re not,” Tails admits, “but I assume we don’t have a choice.”

“You’ve got that right!” Chris laughs. “You’ve all got ten minutes to meet me at the beach for challenge number three!” With that, he turns on his heel and exits the mess hall.

A good amount of the contestants appear to give up on the concept of eating and start to wander out of the mess hall. As she starts to exit, Cream is pulled aside by Rouge. “Cream, can I talk to you for a second?” The bat-woman croons. Cream gives a shy smile and nods.

“I always thought Rouge was sort of scary,” Cream admits in the confessional, “so I was really happy to see her being nice to me. She’s not so bad after all. I guess it’s just proof you shouldn’t judge by appearances.”

When the two girls are alone, Rouge glares at the bunny-girl. “Listen, brat,” she hisses. “I hope you realize that if we lose again, you’re going home.”

Cream’s eyes grow wide in surprise. “H-huh?” She stammers. “B-but… why?”

“Because you’ve been no help to the team so far,” Rouge replies. “I’m just warning you now- if you don’t prove to the team before the next time we lose that you’re worth keeping, you’re going home.” With that, she turns on her heel and struts away, leaving Cream stunned.

“On second thought,” Cream corrects herself in the confessional, “I guess sometimes things are just what they look like…”

Back at camp, Cream rejoins the rest of her team as they begin to head to the challenge area. Amy notices Cream’s worried face and raises an eyebrow. “Cream, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

“I’m fine,” the little girl lies. Amy narrows her eyes, obviously not believing her, but says no more.

The scene then cuts to the beach, where some sort of court has been set up, surrounded by transparent walls. Giving the structure, which had not been there two days ago, confused glances, the twenty contestants enter. “Welcome, competitors!” Chris greets them. “As you might’ve guessed by this court, and the nearby dodgeballs, your challenge today is none other than… dodgeball! Now, the first rule of dodgeball-”

“Oooh! Oooh! I know!” Silver interrupts. “Do not talk about dodgeball!” The others all give him a mixture of confused and unimpressed stares. “Y’know… like… fight club… don’t talk about fight club… I saw it on TV once, okay?”

“Silver,” Blaze sighs, “just stop talking.”

“…anyway…” Chris continues. “Each team will be on one side of the court. You throw the dodgeballs at your opponents.” He chucks a dodgeball at Jet to demonstrate. “If you get hit, you’re out.”

“Watch who you’re throwin’ at, buddy!” Jet snaps. He chucks the ball back in Chris’s general direction, but it misses him, hits Tails in the head, then bounces off, allowing Chris to catch it.

“If you catch the ball,” Chris adds, the person who threw it is out, and the person who caught it gets to bring a teammate back into the game. The last team standing wins the round. Best two out of three wins the challenge overall. Understand?”

“Stars everywhere!” Tails wails.

“Do we have to do this?” Shadow sighs.

“Wait, I’m confused,” Mina interrupts. “What happens when-”

“Good!” Chris grins, obviously not really listening to the contestants. “Now, let’s get started! Emeralds, you’re two players ahead, so sit out two of your teammates for this round.” The Emeralds huddle together and discuss the decision. After a long moment, they turn back to Chris. “So, Emeralds, who will you be sitting out?”

“We picked Mina and Chip to sit out,” Sally explains. Chris nods, and the two go to sit on the bleachers. The rest of the competitors take their places on the court.

“Don’t mess this up, guys,” Rouge demands.

“Like you’re little miss athletic,” Blaze grumbles to herself.

“Shut it.”

“All right, campers,” Chris announces. “The first round starts… right… NOW!!!” Chef, in a referee uniform, blows his whistle, and the mayhem begins.

Right away, Knuckles hurls a ball at Jet, who just barely dodges it. Glaring at the echidna, he chucks a dodgeball back in his general direction, but it hits Amy instead. “Watch it!” She snaps, only to get hit by a ball from the Emerald’s side.

“Nice throw, Tails!” Sonic laughs, watching as a none-too happy Amy sits on her team’s bleachers.

“Thanks,” Tails grins sheepishly, only to be whacked in the face by a dodgeball.

“Oops. Sorry, Tails!” Bunnie calls out to the fox-boy.

“Don’t apologize!” Rouge snaps. “He’s on the other team!!!”

“It’s called ‘being a good sport’ and ‘being a good friend’,” Bunnie replies, glaring at the bat-woman.

“No, it’s called, ‘being a traitor’,” Rouge corrects. “Now get your head in the-” before she can finish, she is hit with a dodgeball.

“You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting to do that,” Julie-su chuckles. Rouge glares at her, then takes her place on the Rings’ bleachers.

“Is it bad if I took some sort of sick enjoyment in seeing Rouge get hit?” Bunnie questions in the confessional, snickering to herself.

Back on the court, Jet chucks a dodgeball at Sonic, who dodges it and nails Jet with a throw. Vector is able to hit Big without a problem, thanks to the rather large size of the target. Charmy hurls a ball at Cream, who is hit hard enough to send her tumbling backwards about a foot. Shadow finally manages to get one of the Emeralds out, whacking Vector in the snout with a ball, but he is brought back in mere minutes later when Espio catches a throw by Blaze. “You throw like a girl!!!” Jet shouts from the stands.

“I am a girl, moron!!!” Blaze yells back, throwing him a fiery glare as she walks over to the stands. Bunnie sighs and shakes her head to herself.

“Come on, Emeralds!” Mina cheers from her place in the stands. “You’re doing great!”

“Chocolate?” Chip offers, holding out his trademark chocolate bar.

“Umm… no thanks,” Mina turns down politely. After a moment, she asks, “do you carry that with you everywhere?”

“Pretty much,” the creature shrugs.

On the Emerald’s side, Tikal is shown to be hiding in the very back of the court, obviously hoping she won’t be forced into the chaos. Suddenly, a dodgeball bounces over and lands in her hands. “Don’t just stand there!!!” Vector shouts. “Throw the ball!!!” Her face fearful, Tikal chucks the ball with what appears to be all her might. Unfortunately, this only propels it a couple inches away from her. “…pathetic…” Vector sighs.

Back with the Rings, Silver somehow gets his hands on a dodgeball. “Hey, look! I got one!” He announces.

“THROW IT!” Shadow snaps.

“Oh, right,” Silver replies. “Check out this awesome psychokinesis dodgeball action!!!” He uses his psychokinesis to dramatically swirl the ball around in the air, then chuck it with all his might. Unfortunately, his aim is way off, and the dodgeball hits Shadow in the crotch. Shadow makes a strange squeaking noise before collapsing to the ground in pain, while Silver cringes and comments, “oops.”

“…searing… pain…” the hedgehog squeaks. “…must… kill… Silver…”

“Nice,” Sonic laughs, watching as his rival writhes in pain on the ground.

“I’m just gonna go take him out of his misery…” Espio sighs, walking to the edge of his team’s boundary. He gently chucks a dodgeball at Shadow, which bounces off his head.

“Great job,” Blaze sarcastically says to Silver, watching the spectacle from her place on the bleachers.

“I just dug my own grave, didn’t I?” Silver fearfully comments.

“Okay, as amusing as that was,” Chris laughs, showing no sympathy for the hedgehog as he is dragged over to the bleachers by two of his teammates, “let’s get back to the challenge!”

Sally hurls a dodgeball at Bunnie, who nimbly leaps out of the way. Silver attempts his “psychokinesis dodgeball action” once more, only to whack himself in the head. “Try just throwin’ it, Silver,” Bunnie suggests.

“Sure,” Silver agrees. “Just as soon as the room stops spinning…” One of the Emeralds nails him in the head with a dodgeball, causing him to fall to the ground. “…now it’s spinning more…”

Vector chucks another dodgeball at Bunnie, who once more jumps out of the way. However, while she is still in midair, Espio hurls a ball at her, which she is unable to dodge. “That settles it!” Chris announces. “Round one goes to the Emeralds!” The Emeralds cheer, while the Rings give the team jealous stares from their side of the court. “All right, teams,” Chris continues, “you now have five minutes to discuss strategy, recover from injuries, and in the Emeralds’ case, decide which two contestants will sit out this round.” The two teams huddle together, whispering to each other.

“Okay, guys,” Sally begins at her team’s huddle, “we did well, but that doesn’t mean we should get cocky.”

“Why not?” Vector questions. “The Rings just can’t pull together. They don’t stand a chance.”

“True,” Sally admits, “but getting cocky means we’re letting down our defenses. That might be just what they’re waiting for. Everyone, give it your all.”

“Speaking of giving it your all,” Knuckles comments, turning to Tikal, “what was with you? You didn’t even try.”

“Yeah,” Vector agrees, “you’re supposed to hit people, not just hide in the back and wait for it to be over.”

“Why would I want to hit people?” Tikal questions, her eyes wide. “Violence should never be the answer, not even in a game.”

“Look,” Sally sighs, “obviously this isn’t your thing. I say we have you sit out this round.” A murmur of collective agreement goes through the group, and Tikal reluctantly nods. “Okay, who’s willing to switch with her so she can sit out?”

“I will!” Mina offers. “I think I know what to do now since I got to watch that first round. I can do this!”

“All right, you’re in,” Sonic agrees. Mina beams, obviously pleased with her once-crush’s approval.

“Okay, we’re all set,” Sally announces. “Let’s go kick some Power Ring butt this round!” The team gives a group high-five, then goes to prepare for the round.

Over on the Power Ring’s side, things are going much worse. “That was terrible!” Rouge snaps. “You all just danced around like this was some sort of game!”

“News flash,” Amy snaps, “it was a game. And I don’t think you have any right talk. You got out right after I did!”

“Maybe we could’ve won if it wasn’t for the cockatiel over there,” Shadow grumbles, gesturing to Silver.

“Okay, one, it was an accident,” Silver explains. “Two, I’m a hedgehog. And three, my hair does this naturally!!! What do I have to do to convince you guys of this???”

“All right, that’s ENOUGH!!!” Bunnie suddenly shouts, causing the entire team to go silent. “Do y’all know why we lost? We lost cause all y’all care about is bein’ the best and provin’ yer right! If we’d worked together in that last round, we woulda had them Emeralds beat! But all y’all did was show off and argue and blame each other for your own weaknesses! Why can’t ya understand that???”

No one answers for a long, long moment. Then, Blaze steps up and admits, “She’s right. We’re not going to get anywhere yelling at each other and trying to be the best. Yes, this is a competition, but right now we’re competing as teams. If we want to get anywhere in this game, we have to work together. Who’s with me?”

After a brief pause, Silver steps up to Blaze and says, “I’m in.”

“Me too,” Cream shyly agrees, joining the group.

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” Amy grins.

“Yeah, well, if it’ll make us win,” Shadow reluctantly agrees.

“I dunno what you said, exactly, but it sounds smart,” Big nods. Everyone turns to Rouge and Jet, the last two who haven’t agreed.

“Oh, fine,” Rouge sighs. “We’ll work as a team and all that good stuff.”

“Just tell us what we gotta do,” Jet urges.

Bunnie gives her teammates a huge grin. “Thanks, y’all. Now… here’s what I’m thinkin’…”

The scene cuts to the two teams ready for their second round. “Okay, guys,” Chris announces. “The second round is about to start. Remember, Rings, if the Emeralds win this round, it’s over!”

“Remember the plan, y’all,” Bunnie whispers to her teammates. They all nod, determination in their eyes.

“And the second round will start… right… NOW!” Chef blows the whistle, and the round begins.

Attempting to use his speed to his advantage, Sonic instantly snatches a dodgeball and chucks it at Big. However, just before it hits him, Shadow dashes over and catches the ball, leaving the Emeralds stunned.

Chef blows his whistle to catch Sonic’s attention. “You’re out, blue boy!!!” He shouts, gesturing to the Emeralds’ bleachers.

“B… but how?” Sonic stammers, still in shock, as he goes to sit on the bleachers.

Before the Emeralds can react, Shadow chucks his dodgeball to Bunnie, who joins Jet and Blaze, also holding dodgeballs. The three all chuck their dodgeballs at Vector. Wide-eyed, Vector attempts to leap out of the way. Two of the balls miss him, but the third whacks him in the nose. “Ow, my snout!!!” He shouts. “Why is it always the snout???”

“They’ve actually got some strategy going on,” Sally comments incredulously in the confessional. “They’re using their faster players on defense, taking out our best offence before we have a chance to counterattack! I can’t believe it!”

Back at the court, a dodgeball somehow lands in Cream’s hands. Obviously unsure of what to do with it, she chucks it away, allowing it to bounce safely into the Emeralds’ side of the court. “NO! You moron!!!” Rouge shouts. Mina quickly scoops up the ball, and is able to chuck it at Rouge, eliminating her. She glares at the fearful Cream and stomps over to her team’s bleachers.

“Get the mongoose girl!” Silver shouts to his teammates. Bunnie nods, and the three designated throwers grab dodgeballs and chuck them at Mina. She almost manages to avoid them, but the last ball clips her heel. Chef blows his whistle, and a disappointed Mina trudges over to the stands.

Sally manages to grab a dodgeball, and chucks it at Bunnie. Bunnie notices it just in time and leaps out of the way. Suddenly, Sally is taken off guard as a dodgeball whacks her in the shoulder. “That’s for stealing MY Sonic!” Amy taunts, giving a pleased grin.

“I’m not your boyfriend!!!” Sonic shouts from the bleachers. Giving Amy a glare, Sally joins the losers in the stands.

Knuckles hurls a dodgeball at Silver, who finally manages to use his psychokinesis correctly and reverse the ball’s direction. Knuckles dodges it just in time, allowing the ball to slam into an unfortunate Tails’ gut. “Whoops. Sorry, Tails,” Knuckles apologizes as the fox-boy gasps for air, kneeling on the floor and clutching his stomach. In this moment of distraction, Jet nails Knuckles in the head with a dodgeball.

“You’re doing great, Rings!” Tikal compliments the other team. She then turns to her own team and shouts, “come on, Emeralds, you can do it!”

“Who are you rooting for?” Mina questions.

“I don’t know,” Tikal admits. “I just feel better being impartial.”

Back on the court, Amy runs over to the designated throwers and suggests, “Aim for Julie-su next!”

“Why? Wouldn’t Espio be a bigger threat?” Blaze questions.

“Usually,” Amy admits, “but now Julie-su’s sure to be ticked off since we got Knuckles out.”

“Point taken,” Jet agrees, noticing the echidna girl giving them a death glare as she dashes towards a dodgeball. The three throwers hurl dodgeballs at her, and she dives towards the dodgeball on her side in an attempt to both grab the ball and avoid the attack. Unfortunately, the attempt is in vain; she gets whacked in the face just before her fingers are able to close around the dodgeball.

“The tide has turned for the Rings!” Chris announces. “The Emeralds now have only two competitors left! Can they still win the round? …I highly doubt it.”

Bunnie, Jet, and Blaze now take aim at Espio, hurling their dodgeballs at him. He manages to dodge all three of the attacks (unfortunately, they hit Charmy instead). As he dashes towards a nearby dodgeball, apparently about to turn things around in the Emerald’s favor, Big notices a dodgeball next to him, picks it up, and tosses it in Espio’s direction. Not anticipating the attack, he is beaned in the head, causing Chef to blow his whistle for the final time that round. “This round is over!” Chris shouts. “And the second round winner is… the Power Rings!” After a moment of stunned silence at their first partial victory, the Rings begin to cheer, as the Emeralds quietly look on. “This next round will decides who wins today’s challenge, and who will have to eliminate one of their own! You guys have five minutes to prepare!” The teams gather on their respective sides of the court, both more serious than ever; this is the game that will decide it all.

“Look, guys,” Sally murmurs to her teammates. “We’ve really got to step it up. Now that they’re actually working together, they’ve actually got a chance.”

“On another note,” Sonic interrupts, glancing at Tails, “I say we let my little buddy here sit out this round.”

“I agree,” Sally admits. “I’m scared you’re going to get a concussion or something if we keep you in another round.” Tails gratefully nods, and Sally turns to Chip. “That means you’re in, Chip.”

“Awesome!” The raspberry-furred creature cheers. “I’ll do my best, guys! Want some chocolate?”

“No thanks,” the rest of the team answers in unison.

Back at the Rings’ side, the mood is also rather serious. “Okay, y’all,” Bunnie begins. “That was ah-mazin’, but now we’ve gotta try even harder. The Emeralds have seen what we’ve got now, so they’re gonna be mixin’ it up, too. If we wanna beat them again, we’ve gotta make sure they never see us comin’!”

“Speaking of,” Silver comments, glancing at Big, “nice work on that last throw!”

“Yeah,” Rouge agrees. “You really did your part.” She then glares at Cream, who bites her lip and recoils. “Which is more than I can say for some other members of the team…”

“She’s a little girl,” Amy defends, placing her hand on Cream’s shoulder. “She’s doing what she can. You can’t expect her to be putting in the same amount of work as the others on the team!”

“She’s not contributing,” Rouge retorts, her eyes narrowing, “and it’s just like I told her: if she doesn’t prove she’s worth keeping, and soon, she’s going home.”

Amy’s eyes grow wide for a moment, then she steps between Rouge and Cream. “That’s not something you say to a six-year-old!” She snaps, glaring at the bat.

“Six-year-old or not,” Rouge argues, “the fact still stands: she’s not pulling her weight.”

“That’s enough!!!” Bunnie interrupts, separating the two girls. “We do not need to think about this right now! Right now, we need to focus on the challenge and doing well at it.” Amy reluctantly nods, and she and the rest of the team go to take their positions on the court. Bunnie turns to Cream and tussles her hair with her non-robotic hand. “Don’t you listen to a word that Rouge says, hon,” she assures her. “All ya have ta do is yer best, and try to use yer strengths ta yer advantage.” Cream smiles shyly and nods at the rabbit, then goes to take her place on the court.

The scene cuts to the teams set up for their final round. “As you know,” Chris announces, “this is the final tiebreaker round! Whoever wins this round is the ultimate winner of today’s challenge! So get ready to BRING IT!!!” Chris steps aside, and Chef eyes the two determined teams, then, for the final time, blows his whistle to start the round. Immediately, Jet rushes forward and nails Espio with a ball. Sonic zooms forward shortly afterwards and hits Blaze, who stumbles backwards as a result. Knuckles hurls a ball towards Cream, but Big steps forward and manages to catch the ball before it hits her. Cream gives the gigantic cat a grateful grin, and he beams back.

“Fire!” Bunnie shouts to her Jet, who stares determinedly at his opponents, and Blaze, who has just re-entered the game after Big’s catch. All three chuck dodgeballs in Sonic’s direction. Sonic manages to dodge them, but one errant ball whacks Charmy. Big chucks a ball at Chip, but he catches it, leaving Big to walk off towards the stands and Knuckles to re-enter. Sally throws a ball at Silver, but he reverses it with psychokinesis, causing it to hit Chip. The heads of those in the stand fly back and forth as they watch the madness, struggling to keep up.

Shadow is finally able to take out Sonic, but is hit mere moments afterwards by Sally. Amy then chucks a ball towards her, but she dodges it just in time. However, Silver manages to hit her using a normal throw. “I told ya that’d work!” Bunnie laughs as Silver grins proudly at his small victory.

Rouge hurls a shot at Knuckles, which hits him in the gut. Julie-su glares at the bat woman, then manages to nail her with a shot. Jet tries to hit Julie-su shortly afterwards, but she dodges it with ease, allowing Vector to take down Jet.

“This leaves each team with five remaining members!” Chris announces. “At this point, the game can go to anyone!”

Mina dashes towards a discarded dodgeball, scoops it up, and throws it at Silver. Silver leaps into the air in an attempt to dodge it, but is instead hit in the groin, and flops to the ground, writing in agony. “Ah, sweet karma,” Shadow happily sighs as he watches from the stands. Silver drags himself over to the stands, and Blaze whacks Mina in the face with a ball.

Amy finally manages to take down Julie-su, but moments later, gets hit by Sally. “That was for trying to steal my Sonic!” She shouts, grinning as the pink hedgehog glares at her.

“I’m not your- oh, wait, it’s Sally this time,” Sonic corrects himself at the last second. After an awkward pause, he shouts, “Go, Sal!”

Bunnie attempts to hit Sally with a dodgeball, but she dives out of the way, allowing the ball to hit an unfortunate Vector in the snout. “Always the snout!!!” He wails as he leaves for the stands. While Sally is attempting to stand from the court floor, Blaze manages to nail her with a ball. She gives an exasperated sigh and exits the court.

Blaze then tries to finish the game by throwing a ball at Charmy, but the bee-boy manages to catch it in midair. Stunned, Blaze silently trudges over to the stands, while Sonic re-enters the game. Cream hands Bunnie a ball, which she then uses to take Charmy out.

“We’re now down to Emeralds, one, Rings, two!” Chris announces. “Will this one-person advantage allow the Rings to get their first win?”

“Not happening,” Sonic chuckles in response to the host’s comment. He scoops up a dodgeball and chucks it in Cream’s direction. Bunnie notices it before the girl does, and leaps over in an attempt to catch the ball and end the game. Unfortunately, she is hit just before she is able to get it in her grasp, causing a collective gasp on the Rings’ side and excited cheers on the Emeralds’. Bunnie sighs, gives Cream an encouraging smile, then walks off to her team’s bleachers.

“Looks like Sonic’s just evened the odds!” Chris shouts. “One on one, with this the deciding round! What drama, what excitement… what ratings!!!”

“So much for winning,” Rouge sighs.

“So much for Cream growing up without being scarred for life,” Amy adds.

“Who cares about that?” Rouge replies. Amy narrows her eyes at the bat-woman, who simply shrugs it off.

“Sorry about this, Cream,” Sonic laughs, picking up a nearby dodgeball, “but you’re goin’ down.”

Cream stares at the hedgehog, her eyes wide and watery, and stammers, “p-please, Mister Sonic… don’t hurt m-me… pl-please d-don’t…” Huge tears start streaming down the bunny-girls cheeks, and she starts sobbing, catching Sonic off guard.

For a brief moment, he sets down the dodgeball. “Come on, Cream… don’t cry… it’s just a game!” He reassures her, obviously uncomfortable with making the little girl burst into tears. “I mean, I just-” Suddenly, Cream scoops up the dodgeball beside her and hurls it at Sonic, hitting him in the chest in his undefended state. The entire room goes silent, and Sonic stares at the girl in shock.

Chris’s jaw drops, obviously not expecting this outcome. Then, after a long, stunned silence, he shouts, “THE POWER RINGS WIN!!!”

The Power Rings burst into cheers and rush onto the court, scooping a stunned but happy Cream onto their shoulders. The Emeralds, still uncomprehending of their defeat, stare at the celebrating team. “Emeralds,” Chris begins, turning to the losing team, “that means I’ll be seeing you at the campfire ceremony tonight.” Dead silent, the Emeralds slowly begin to stand up and exit the area.

“I can’t believe it,” Sonic comments to Sally as they walk along the beach. “We lost. Who are we gonna vote out tonight?”

Sally turns and glances at a certain unsuspecting echidna-girl, who is currently gazing at a flock of seagulls floating on the lake waters. “I know just the person.”

“Well, Emeralds,” Chris greets the first-time losers at the campfire ceremony that night. “Since you’re new to this, let me explain: you’ll all go into the confessional, one by one, and place your votes in the ballot box. Once all the votes are cast, I’ll tally them up. All but one of you will receive one of these.” He holds up a shiny golden ring to demonstrate. “Whoever does not receive this has been eliminated, and must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, leaving the island forever! Now, go cast your votes.”

Sonic casts a vote for Tikal in the confessional, saying, “you were holding the team down. We can’t afford a pacifist in this kinda game.”

Vector places a vote for Sonic. “I like you and all, man,” he admits, “but you did lose the challenge for us.”

“I refuse to reveal my vote on the grounds that such a thing is supposed to be private,” Knuckles states in the confessional as he places a vote in the box.

“All right, all the votes have been cast,” Chris announces. “And I have rings here for… Tails… Vector… Charmy… Espio…” the three Chaotix gratefully catch their rings, while Tails is bonked on the head with his and falls backwards. “…Knuckles… Sally… Mina… Chip…” all four happily catch their rings, and Chip begins to chew on his, apparently assuming it is food. “The next ring goes to…” He pauses for dramatic effect. “…Julie-su.” Julie-su gratefully catches her ring and hugs Knuckles, the pair obviously pleased they both get to stay. Tikal and Sonic, the bottom two, glance nervously at each other.

“The final ring goes to…

(Dramatic Pause)


Sonic grins and catches his ring, while Tikal stares on, shocked and hurt. After a moment, she takes a deep breath and admits, “I understand. Goodbye, everyone.” She stands and waves to her once-fellow contestants, then, hiding her tears, walks down the dock and steps onto the boat, staring longingly at the island as she drives away.

“Well, the Emeralds have finally suffered their first loss,” Chris announces as the Emeralds leave. “Will they be able to turn it around in the next challenge? Will Cream make her teammates believe that she’s valuable enough to keep around? And what insane challenge will the teams find themselves facing next? Find out next time, on… TOTAL! SONIC! ISLAND!” With that, the scene fades to black.


Chapter 1

  • Sonic states when he arrives that he thought he was joining a "cross-continent running team". This was intentional.
  • Knuckles being annoyed at Chris tricking him is a reference to how he is always fooled easily, usually by Eggman, in most media he appears in.
  • Big is 616 pounds, while Owen was apparently 296 pounds.
  • The screaming upon Shadow's arrival, and Chris's resulting comment, was a reference to the author and her obsession with Shadow.
  • The running gag of Silver calling Knuckles "Fist Bump" was a reference to Nalyd, who also referred to him as such.
  • Knuckles' comment about Tikal sealing herself in the Master Emerald "more than ten years back" was a reference to Sonic Adventure, the game said event took place in, being released a little more than ten years ago at the time the chapter was written. Within the game universe, ten years had not, in fact, passed between the event and the modern day.
  • Shadow questioning where Amy gets her hammer is a reference to all the Sonic media she appears in, where she is somehow able to summon her hammer anytime in spite of having no visiable place to put it when not in use. It is theorized she has access to hammerspace.
  • Chip's constant offering of chocolate is a reference to Sonic Unleashed, the game he appears in, where he does the exact same thing. In fact, Sonic named him Chip in the game because of the creature's love of chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Chris's comment about Marine not intended to be the actual 22nd contestant was put in because, in fact, she wasn't. The actual 22nd contestant was originally intended to be NICOLE, a character from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic. NICOLE was initally Sally's handheld supercomputer in the comic, but eventually created herself a "real" holographic body, which she was eventually able to maintain 24/7 in the city. However, the author decided against using her due to the issues of having a "virtual" contestant and the difficulty of explaining how she was able to maintain her holographic self in a real environment. Thus, at the last minute of planning the series, she was replaced by Marine. In order to honor NICOLE, the author stuck Chris's comment into the final story.
  • Sonic's inability to swim comes from the same handicap in all media of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was featured as early as the first few Sonic games, where he would drown if he stayed underwater for too long.
  • Amy's comment upon being "rescued" by Shadow comes directly from Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Serpent's Pass". In the episode, blind earthbender Toph falls into the water and is rescued by Suki. Thinking Suki is actually Sokka, Toph dramatically declares, "Oh, Sokka, you saved me!!!" Upon learning it is actually Suki, she comments, "oh, uh, well... you can just let me drown now."

Chapter 2

  • Vector volunteering Julie-Su for the cliff-jump was a reference to their conflict in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic.
  • Blaze's comment about Silver being naive was a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, where she constantly told him, "You're so naive."
  • Tikal's curiosity about how the camera worked was a reference to Waterlily of Total Drama: Boney Island's audition tape.
  • Shadow's flexing in the confessional, and the resulting female interns screaming, was a reference to Chimmy and the way she roleplays as Shadow.

Chapter 3

  • Shadow calling Silver "the psychic cockatiel" was a reference to Silver apparently being referred to as a "cocka-hog" (cockatiel + hedgehog) in the Sonic fandom due to his hairstyle.
  • Espio staring at Tikal in the mess hall can be interpreted either as an Espio x Tikal moment (a relationship which is apparently supported within the Sonic fandom) or just as Espio being weirded out by her being surrounded by animals. The author intended it to be the latter, but knew from the moment she wrote it that at least one person would interpret it as the former (which someone did).
  • Knuckles and Tails's wrong turn was intended to set up an ultimate running gag of Tails somehow getting injured often.
  • Shadow's comment after Marine falls asleep was taken directly from a Megatokyo comic. Within the comic, Piro and Largo's MMORPG characters were joined by a third, extremely inexperienced and annoying member. Largo's character muttered in response to the newbie's antics, "I say we kill him and take his stuff." Piro's character then replied "I'm not gonna stop you," the line which was given to Bunnie in this scenario.
  • Shadow calling Big a whale was taken from a conversation between the author, Nonny, and Sprink. The author mentioned that she liked writing for Big because he was "so wonderfully dimwitted". Sprink then commented, "So Big is your Yi Min?" In response, Nonny stated, "Yi Min is totally muscular, and in shape, while Big is a whale."
  • The "fifty-page, totally pointless, teenage love story" was intended to be the author's own oneshot, Misery Business. The one line Chris managed to read was the first line of the story.
  • The KnuxRouge moment was placed in the story after requested by Nonny, and because the author thought it would be funny.
  • Shadow's last comment during his talk with Rouge was placed in to make it obvious he was uncomfortable with Rouge flirting with him, and thus not romantically interested in her; ShadRouge is a popular relationship, so the author wanted to make it obvious that the moment was just Rouge trying to sway Shadow to do what she wanted, and that Shadow was uncomfortable with it, to make future storylines work.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
20 Tikal IN1 WIN WIN OUT
21 Marine IN1 SAFE OUT
22 Omega IN1 OUT

[Contestant] = Chaos Emerald

[Contestant] = Power Ring

[Contestant] = Merge Contestant

Lime * = Contestant was originally on the Chaos Emeralds

Dark Red * = Contestant was originally on the Power Rings

WIN = This contestant/contestant's team won immunity

SAFE = This contestant was safe at the campfire ceremony

LOW = This contestant was in the bottom two

OUT = This contestant was eliminated

1 In the first episode, there was no challenge, and no one was eliminated.

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