This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

This is a new story by the famous Nalyd Renrut! (His nineth story, to be exact!) On the talk page, submit a picture of your "avatar" and describe your character! (Not a character created, more like describe you!) Also, if you have a name like IHeartTDI57 please make a name like Steve for characters to call you. This IS a reality show, so people will be voted off. Please understand, the way the elimination orders will go will be based off the author's personal interactions with the users in camps.


Hiking Campers

  1. Mel
  2. Sunshine


  1. Trey - Fishing Scouts
  2. Sorrel - Hiking Campers
  3. Nonny - Hiking Campers
  4. Brandon - Fishing Scouts
  5. Natasha - Fishing Scouts
  6. Jack - Fishing Scouts
  7. Gigi - Hiking Campers
  8. Archie - Fishing Scouts
  9. Flare - Fishing Scouts
  10. Nalyd - Hiking Campers


Chapter One: “Welcome to Total Wikia Island!”

This season takes place where it all started, Camp Wawanakwa! Hosted by international superstar Max Lee, host of other shows like “My Mother-in-law is the Devil” and “Competing to Get on to a Reality Show.” The new campers are on a boat and it’s time to meet them.

“Welcome to Total Wikia Island!” Max Lee says as he stands on the Dock of Shame. “Don’t ask how we came up with ‘Wikia.’ It doesn’t make sense to me either. It’s time to meet this season’s contestants! And trust me; these guys have some serious issues! First up is Archie!”

A boy in a purple jacket and green pants walks down the dock. “Hey, it’s Max Lee as seen on T.V. Good to see you, man!” Archie slaps Max on the shoulder as a way of greeting him. Max rubs his shoulder and turns back to the camera.

“Next up,” Max says, “is Brandon.”

A boy wearing a white t-shirt that read “GNR” and blue jeans walks down the dock to Max. “Hey!” Brandon says, “It’s Max Lee! As seen on-”

“Yeah, yeah,” Max interrupts. “He already said it.” Max points to Archie who waves awkwardly.

Brandon walks to Archie and looks at his outfit. “Very original,” Brandon comments.

Max claps his hands to silence the two boys. “Now we have Flare,” he says.

A young girl with an extreme shade of red and green earrings walks down to Max. “Hola, Max!” She looks at Archie and Brandon. “Hola, chicos.” Brandon and Archie blush, as Flare giggles and stands between them.

“Next,” Max says, “is Gigi.”

An African-American girl wearing a purple top and skull necklace walks to Max Lee. “Hi guys, I’m glad to be here!” Gigi says smiling. Flare goes over to Gigi and hugs her.

“Yay! Another chica! Hola, amiga!” Flare giggles. Gigi gives her a blank look and steps aside.

Max stares at Flare in confusion, unsure of what she said. “Okay then,” he shrugs, “next we have Jack.”

A boy with an abnormally large forehead, wearing a green shirt and blue jeans rides his skateboard down the dock. “Hey guys. I can’t wait to start!” The others give him blank looks. “Tough crowd.” He steps next to them awkwardly.

“Now we have Mel,” Max says. A tall boy walks over to Max listening to his iPod. “What are you listening to?” Max asks. Mel doesn’t reply.

“My guess is, he’s not listening to you,” Brandon says with a smirk. Flare giggles and Brandon smiles at her.

Max rolls his eyes and grabs Mel’s iPod. Max throws it into the lake. “Dude?” Mel asks irritated. “Why? I was listening to that!”

“I could tell,” Max says. “Get in line.” Mel sulks and stands next to the others. “And now we have Nalyd.”

A cold breeze is felt going though the air as the young man in the black hoodie catches up with the others. “Hello,” Nalyd says.

“Nalyd!” Jack says. He steps up to Nalyd as Nalyd squints.

“Jack? Is that you?” Nalyd asks. The two high-five each other and stand with the others.

“You two know each other?” Gigi asks.

“Yeah, we went to summer camp together once,” Jack explains. Nalyd nods and they all turn back to Max who is glaring at them.

“Thank you,” Max says when they’re all silent again. “Camper number eight is Natasha!”

A girl in a brown hoodie and shorts runs down the dock. “Hi everyone! Wow! It’s Max Lee as seen on-”

“We know!” everyone else on the dock shouts at her. She shrugs and joins them.

“Our ninth competitor is Nonny,” Max says.

“Is that a real name?” Brandon whispers to Mel. Mel glares at him and Brandon stops.

A boy in a blue sweater and glasses walks to Max. “Is this it?” Nonny asks, referring to the campsite.

“No,” Brandon says, “It’s you mother’s house.”

“That line has been overused so many times,” Nalyd comments dryly. Nonny laughs at Nalyd’s comment and stands beside him.

“Sorrel is coming now!” Max says.

A girl with brown hair and blond highlights skips down the dock. “Hey guys! I’m Sorrel! This is gonna be awesome!”

“Next up,” Max says, “Sunshine!”

“Oh no,” Nalyd says. He knew he’d heard that name before.

Nobody was approaching the group. “Sunshine?” Max asks. Still, nobody is there. Suddenly, a cardboard box comes crashing down and a red-haired girl in a green shirt and apron pops out.

“Hi everyone!” Sunshine screams. She locks onto Nalyd and charges at him. She tackles him to the ground but remains standing, herself. “Hey Renny! Good to see you again. Squirrel!” She turns her attention to a squirrel that is eating an acorn. She turns back to everyone who is staring at her. “Hi there,” she says waving. Nalyd stands up and brushes himself off.

“And last but not least,” Max says, “We have Trey.”

A boy in a green shirt walks to the others and waves. “What, no humorous comment?” Brandon asks. Trey shakes his head and joins the group.

“Okay,” Max says, “Time to form the teams. Sunshine, Sorrel, Gigi, Nonny, Mel, and Nalyd are the Hiking Campers.”

“No!” Nalyd screams. “I can’t be on the same team as her!” He points at Sunshine who is playing with her ear lobes.

“So the rest of you,” Max says, “Jack, Trey, Brandon, Flare, Natasha, and Archie are the Fishing Scouts.”

Brandon and Archie glare at each other until Flare puts her arms around them “Come on, chicos. This’ll be fun!”

“I’ll let you guys use the confessional real quick and then things will get started,” Max says as he points to a small outhouse.

“This is gonna be the best summer ever!” Sunshine says in the confessional. “Everyone on my team is the best! Sorrel is already my BFFFL, Gigi is really smart, Nonny isn’t a sneezy nerd, which is good because I really hate it whens nerds go around sneezing on everything, Mel is always talking about his iPod, and Nalyd is my homie! We used to be in a gang. We were the ‘Ravioli Action Squad’ but he quit under mysterious circumstances.”

“I don’t know how impressed my team was with my first impression,” Sorrel sighed in the confessional. “They weren’t as welcoming to me as they were to Gigi or Sunshine. I’ll have to convince them otherwise if I wanna stay!”

“Everyone seems nice on my team,” Gigi says suspiciously in the confessional stall, “Or so it seems. I see the way Nalyd watches everyone. He’s ready to pick us off one by one.”

Nonny sits in the confessional fidgeting with his glasses. He finishes cleaning them, puts them on and screams when he sees all the bugs and dirt in the stall. He runs out, and Mel walks in.

“I don’t have much of an opinion of my team,” Mel says. “I don’t like first impressions to cloud my thoughts.”

“Well, I already dislike a large portion of my team,” Nalyd sighs. “Sunshine, for obvious reasons. Sorrel is way too hyper for her own good so she’ll be the first to go. Gigi’s afraid of fighting so she already lacks an important skill. Nonny is a terrified of dirt. Mel is a music obsessed spazz! And I have to deal with all of them! I suspect I’ll only deal with some of them for a while, however.”

“I’m bummed me and Nalyd aren’t on a team,” Jack says sadly. “Maybe we’ll make it to the merge! Or have a cross-team alliance! I think Brandon and Archie like Flare. They were saving her a seat in the lunchroom, letting her cut the line for confessional. Those three will probably vote together.”

Trey passes use of the confessional and allows Brandon to go. “Archie’s a total jerk. Can’t he tell me and Flare are obviously meant to be? He needs to back off.”

Flare is putting on makeup. “I have Archie and Brandon wrapped around my pretty little finger.” She starts to put on eye shadow. “They’re voting with me and I’ll be in the final three with them! They’d do anything for me.”

“There are so many cool people! But they’re on the other team,” Natasha moped in the confessional. “Sorrel and Sunshine should be on my time! That would be so cool! Gigi, Mel, and Nonny seem super smart too! I should replace Nalyd! Then everyone would be happy!”

Archie steps into the confessional after everyone else. He stares at the camera blankly for a minute. “I forgot what I was gonna say,” he says, and steps out.

“Time for the challenge!” Max Lee says over the loudspeaker. The two teams gather by the dock for Max to explain. “Today’s challenge is for the teams to get used to their teammates’ skills and lack there of. Fire building! You only get wood and flint. The fire must burn this rope above your fire pits. The ropes stand one and a half feet tall. Ready?” The two teams circle around their materials. “Go!”

“Anybody know how to make fire?” Nalyd asks the other Hiking Campers.

“I’ll be right back!” Sunshine says and she runs off. The other Campers strike the wood with the flint to see if they can get a spark.

The Fishing Scouts have two fires being made. Brandon and Archie work on two separate fires, due to Flare promising to kiss the one whose fire got biggest. Brandon gets a fire started, but Archie puts it out. “Archie!” Jack shouts. “Why would you do that?” Archie turns away from Jack and tries again.

Sunshine runs back to the Campers, who are starting to get a spark. “Move guys!” Sunshine says.

“What is that?” Gigi asks, referring to the yellow wad in Sunshine’s hands.

“It’s a mass of flammable material I found in the woods!” Sunshine explains quickly. She puts it on the spark, and the small wad explodes.

“The Campers win!” Max shouts. “Scouts, come to the campfire tonight and vote somebody off.”

“It feels great to win!” Sunshine says excitedly in the confessional stall. “I learned how to build a fire like that after watching Total Drama Island. I could identify each material after playing that scene in slow motion!”

“I think that we’re voting for Trey tonight,” Flare says in the confessional. “Archie and Brandon keep telling everyone to vote off one of them, so I think I’ll have to get them under control again.”

“I really want to vote for Brandon!” Archie says to Flare. The two stand in the woods alone.

“And I’m telling you to vote for Trey,” Flare says. “He doesn’t talk, and stays in his cabin all the time. He’d stab us in the back first chance he got.”

“Okay, I’ll vote for Trey,” Archie agrees.

The other four Scouts sit in the mess hall. “So who are you guys voting for?” Jack asks. He knows that if he wants to hang out with Nalyd, he’ll have to make sure he’s not a target.

“I’m voting for Archie,” Brandon says. “He seriously messed up.”

“His jealousy gets old fast,” Natasha shrugs.

Archie walks in and the group stops talking. “Brandon,” Archie says, not looking at Brandon, “Flare wants to see you.” Brandon stands up and walks out to the woods. Archie sits down. “You guys gotta vote Brandon out,” Archie says. He knows that he had to still vote for Trey for Flare to ever return the feelings he has for her.

“Why?” Jack asks. “He did really well in the challenge.” Trey nodded in agreement.

“Trust me, vote Brandon,” Archie says.

That night, the six Scouts sit on the stumps at the campfire ceremony. “Welcome to your first campfire ceremony, Fishing Scouts,” Max Lee says very monotonously. “You’ve already cast your votes and made your decision. I have five marshmallows on this plate. The person who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk down the Dock of Shame and ride the Boat of Losers. And you can never come back; ever.” The campers are silent as Max begins to lighten his tone. “Okay, we have marshmallows for Flare, Jack, and Natasha.” Flare, Jack, and Natasha walk up to Max and take their marshmallows. “Now,” Max says pausing, “Brandon.” Brandon smiles and takes the marshmallow. “Trey and Archie, this is the final marshmallow. It’s going to… Archie. Sorry, Trey, but it’s time to go.” Trey sulks down the Dock of Shame, and to the Boat of Losers.

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” he says sadly. A tear rolls down his cheek as Brandon gives him a sarcastic wave goodbye.

Chapter Two: “The seaweed incident.”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: The two teams were formed; The Hiking Campers and the Fishing Scouts. The Campers won the challenge after Archie and Brandon’s rivalry for Flare’s love ruined their hopes at winning. Sunshine’s bomb made of stuff from the woods helped the Campers, too. Archie and Brandon put their differences behind, however, and voted with Flare to eliminate Trey, whom they thought was untrustworthy because of his quietness. Who will win? Who will go home? I do, but I’m not telling.

In the morning, the eleven remaining contestants slowly make their way to the mess hall. Archie and Brandon both save seats for Flare, but she sits with neither. When they realize this, Archie and Brandon move next to Flare, with Flare sitting between them. “I got you toast,” Archie says, putting a burnt piece of toast on Flare’s tray.

“Well I brought you grapes,” Brandon says, putting a small bowl of half-rotten grapes on Flare’s tray.

“Boys! Boys!” Flare says putting her hands up. “Gracias, pero estoy ir a mi cabin.” Archie and Brandon nod their heads, pretending to understand. Flare stands up, and leaves to go to her cabin.

“I don’t like either of them,” Flare says in the confessional. “However, the longer they think I do, the longer they’ll follow me. Just playing the game, and playing it well.”

Nonny, Nalyd, Mel, and Gigi sit together. “So here's what I’m thinking,” Nalyd says as he takes a bite of scrambled eggs, “The four of us ally and we vote out Sunshine and Sorrel. All they do is annoy everyone here.”

“Okay,” Nonny says. “That works with me. I saw them playing with mud and dirt yesterday! They deserve to go!”

Gigi nods in agreement. “Sure, unless they help with the challenges.”

“Sunshine helped yesterday,” Mel reminds them, “So maybe Sorrel.”

“Works for me,” Nalyd says.

Sunshine and Sorrel are outside, hanging by their legs from a tall tree. Flare sees them as she walks by, and mutters, “Estupidas.”

“Sunshine?” Sorrel asks.

“That’s my name!” Sunshine responds.

Sorrel pauses to see if Sunshine says anything else, but Sunshine says nothing. “Do you think we should be with our team?” Sorrel asks. “I mean, we didn’t get off on the right foot, and you know how Nalyd likes to take control.”

“Nah!” Sunshine says. “Nalyd thinks we’re awesome!” She flips and stands on the tree branch. “Trust me; he wouldn’t dare vote us off.”

Later in the afternoon, Max Lee gathers everyone. “Good morning everyone. I trust that Trey’s absence has gone largely unnoticed,” Max laughs. “Today’s challenge is a swimming relay race! Campers, you need to sit somebody out.”

The Campers consult each other and Nalyd says, “Max, we have decided Mel will be sitting out.”

“Why?” Max asks as Mel sits on a bench.

“Well,” Sorrel explains, interrupting Nalyd in the process, “We think if he gets in the lake, he’ll just start looking for his iPod.”

“My iPod!” Mel shouts. He begins crying.

“You all go change, and come back here in ten minutes,” Max says as the boys and girls run off to their respective cabins. They return, ten minutes later, on the dot. “This will be a relay race. The order for the Campers will be Sunshine, Nalyd, Sorrel, Nonny, and Gigi. The Scouts will be Archie, Brandon, Natasha, Jack, and Flare. The first people on each team will dive off from the dock. The last people will swim out to the flags, out by those rocks.” Max points out to some rocks. A boat comes to take everyone, except Sunshine and Archie. “Ready! Set! Go!” Sunshine and Archie jump off the dock.

“Help! Help!” Sunshine shouts flailing. “I can’t swim!”

Nalyd swims up to her and she tags his shoulder. “That doesn’t count,” Max says as Nalyd begins swimming back. “She needs to tag you where you were supposed to be waiting!” Nalyd rolls his eyes, grabs Sunshine’s wrist, and begins swimming back.

“You’re holding my hand,” Sunshine taunts Nalyd as he approaches where he can start.

“Shut it!” Nalyd shouts. He gets to his original position and begins swimming. Sunshine realizes she’s still in the water and continues flailing, until a boat picks her up.

Archie tags Brandon, but doesn’t stop. He is determined to reach Flare, who he thinks is even more beautiful in her red bikini. Brandon sees Archie still swimming. “What are you doing?” Brandon asks, splashing Archie.

“Trying to get to Flare!” Archie says, splashing back.

Nalyd reaches Sorrel, who successfully tags Nonny. Nonny is almost to Gigi, when a piece of seaweed touches his foot. Nonny screams and calls for a lifeguard. “Help! Help! Shark!” Nonny screams.

“Dude! No! Get back in there!” Nalyd says angrily to Nonny, as Nonny climbs onto the boat. The Campers look out to see Archie and Brandon tagging Natasha, then carrying her over to Jack who she tags. The three boys charge at Flare, who gracefully moves to the side, to avoid being tackled, and starts swimming to the flag.

“I got here first!” Archie says, pushing Brandon underwater.

“I did!” Brandon says, giving Archie a wedgie. The Campers give up as they see Flare reach the Scouts’ flag.

“The Scouts win!” Max Lee shouts. The boat circles around the lake picking everyone up and dropping them off on the dock. “Campers, go decide who to vote off. Scouts, you have the night off.” The Scouts cheer as the Campers make their way to the mess hall.

Nalyd, Nonny, Mel, and Gigi gather around the table where they ate breakfast. “Nonny,” Nalyd says, “You messed up.” Nonny hangs his head in shame.

“I say we still vote Sorrel out!” Gigi blurts out. She covers her mouth, realizing how loud she was. Sorrel and Sunshine didn’t hear, however, as they remained playing with two chipmunks they found outside.

“I agree,” Mel adds. “Sorrel is way too hyper. Like an Izzy wanna-be.” Nalyd laughs and walks over to Sorrel and Sunshine. He nods in the direction of his alliance to tell them that everything is okay.

“Hello, ladies,” Nalyd says as he sits across from Sunshine and Sorrel.

“Hey, Nalyd!” Sunshine says. She then whispers to Sorrel, “Did I tell you he held my hand?”

“No!” Sorrel gasps.

“I did not hold your hand!” Nalyd shouts. Nonny, Mel, and Gigi stare at Nalyd until he turns back to Sunshine and Sorrel. “So would you two be interested in an alliance with me?”

“Okay!” Sorrel says eagerly.

“Nalyd,” Sunshine says slyly. “You’re my homie. My dawg. My brada. And most importantly, you are the most trustworthy person I know! Absolutely!”

Nalyd raises an eyebrow in confusion to her last description of him. “How many people do you know?” he asks.

Sunshine starts counting until she sees a small kitten outside the mess hall. “A kitten!” she squeals. “I bet its name is Nugget!” Nalyd just stares in horror as Sorrel and Sunshine run outside ad start hugging the defenseless kitten.

“I don’t actually want an alliance with Sunshine and Sorrel,” Nalyd admits to himself in the confessional. “I’m just giving them a false sense of security. As far as they know, we’re voting Nonny off for the seaweed incident. And I wouldn’t mind voting Nonny off, either.”

That night, the Campers make their way to the campfire ceremony. “Tonight,” Max Lee says calmly, “one of you Campers will be leaving on the Boat of Losers. You’ve already cast your votes and made your decision. We have marshmallows for Mel, Sunshine, Nalyd, and Gigi. Sorrel and Nonny, one of you two is going home. The final marshmallow goes to… Nonny. Sorry, Sorrel. Time to go!”

“What?” Sorrel asks in confusion. “I thought all of you were my friends!”

“Thought wrong,” Nalyd whispers to himself.

On the Boat of Losers, Sorrel jumps overboard a few times attempting to swim back to the island, but each time the driver catches her in fishing net. “I’ll be back!” Sorrel screams.

Chapter Three: “I never take pity on anyone.”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: Nalyd took charge of the Hiking Campers, telling them that they were voting off Sorrel and Sunshine. Flare’s control over Archie and Brandon was stronger than ever, especially when the swimming challenge started. The Campers lost after Sunshine remembered she can’t swim, and Nonny’s foot touched a piece of seaweed. However, Nalyd’s plan still worked, and Sorrel was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?

On day three, the contestants groggily walk to the mess hall, still half asleep. The Campers notice something; Sunshine isn’t there. “One of us should go check on her,” Mel suggests.

“I nominate Nonny to do it,” Nalyd says pointing at Nonny.

“Me?” Nonny asks scared. “No! Nalyd, you should go. You’re her friend.”

“Yeah Nalyd,” Gigi taunts, “Go hold her hand, again.”

“I didn’t hold her hand!” Nalyd shouts. The Scouts and Campers stare at him until he walks out of the mess hall.

Nalyd sits in the confessional stall pointing at his wrist. “Is this a hand? No!” he complains.

Nalyd arrives at Sunshine’s cabin and hears crying. He knocks on the door and the crying stops. He can hear Sunshine moving stuff around in the cabin. She opens the door wearing sunglasses, to cover her tear-filled eyes. “Hey, Nalyd,” she says, faking a smile. “What’s up?”

“What’s with the sunglasses?” Nalyd asks. “It’s really cloudy.”

“You know,” Sunshine says awkwardly, “Just trying to keep it real.” She fakes a smile, but feels a lone tear roll down her cheek. Nalyd sees it and takes the glasses off her head. He immediately knows that she was upset about Sorrel’s departure. Sunshine invites him inside. Nalyd sits on a chair and Sunshine lies down on her bed. “Why?” Sunshine asks between gasps.

“It was her or you,” Nalyd says. “Frankly, we all agreed you were more helpful, even though you don’t know how to swim.” He laughs and Sunshine wipes some tears from her eyes.

“Nalyd,” she says. “I’m not ready to go. Please, vote somebody else out.”

Nalyd says nothing. He stands up and makes his way to the door. “Sunshine,” he says, not turning around to face her. “I never take pity on anyone. I vote for who deserves to go. I know exactly who deserves it, and they’ll be going home.” He steps out of the cabin and Sunshine remains silent.

Jack and Natasha are in the mess hall, watching Flare leave with Archie and Brandon following her. “We’re doomed,” Jack says. “Those two idiots follow Flare around like she’s their master!”

“She is their master,” Natasha comments. “And how are we gonna split them all up?”

“I have an idea!” Jack says excitedly. “I’ll go the meanest guy I know. He’ll know what to do.”

“Who is it? Nalyd?” Natasha asks.

“Maybe,” Jack mutters.

Nalyd return to his alliance. “Mel,” he says, “Can I see you for a moment?”

“Sure, Nalyd,” Mel says. The two leave the mess hall and walk into the woods.

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” Nalyd says when the two are alone. “You and I could be an alliance inside our alliance with Gigi and Nonny.

“Okay, maybe,” Mel says. “I’ll have to get back to you on it.”

“Attention! It’s time for the challenge!” Max Lee shouts over the loudspeaker. The ten contestants go to the mess hall, which has been transformed into an empty, square building. “Today’s challenge is dodge ball!”

“Wow, that’s original,” Brandon comments. Max spikes a ball into Brandon’s head.

“You can get somebody out by catching the ball that the person throws at you, or hitting them with a ball. You cannot deflect the ball with another ball. If you catch the ball, you can bring one of your teammates back in. Everybody get ready!” The five members of each team move to their side of the building. “Ready! Set! Go!” Max shouts.

“Wait, how do we play again?” Sunshine asks. Flare takes this opportunity to hit Sunshine. Sunshine sits down on the sidelines, and Nalyd pegs Flare in the head. Flare sits out. Brandon and Archie team up to avenge Flare, and hit Nalyd in the face and stomach. Nalyd slowly limps to the sidelines. “Why are you limping?” Sunshine asks. “They didn’t hit you in the leg.”

“I’m just taking my time to come over here,” Nalyd says, “To avoid sitting with you.”

Nonny attempts to throw the ball at Jack, but Jack catches it. “Nonny is out!” Max announces. “The Campers have Mel and Gigi left, the Scouts has everyone but Flare up.” As Max finishes saying this, Mel and Gigi hit Jack and Archie. “Never mind,” Max says. “Okay, only Brandon and Natasha are up for the Scouts.”

Brandon throws the ball at Gigi, but Mel jumps in the way and catches it. “Mel can bring one person from his team back,” Ma says.

“I pick Nalyd,” Mel says. Nalyd runs back in. Gigi throws the ball at Natasha, but Natasha catches it. Natasha picks Archie. Archie runs in and pegs Nalyd in the head again.

“Mel is the last remaining member of the Campers. The Scouts have Natasha and Archie!” Max announces. Mel throws the ball and hits Natasha. “It is now Mel vs. Archie!”

“Sorry, dude. It’s over now,” Archie says as he hurls the ball at Mel. Mel puts his hands out to catch the ball. As the ball slams into Mel, he goes flying backwards. The room is silent. Mel sighs sadly as the ball rolls out of his hands; he didn’t catch it.

“The Scouts win!” Max announces. The Scouts carry Archie out on their shoulders. “Campers. You, me, campfire ceremony, tonight.”

In the mess hall, Nalyd’s alliance meets. “Okay guys,” Nalyd says, “Here’s how it’s going to go. When Sunshine and I talked earlier, she said she was voting for Nonny. So, Nonny, you’ll be getting the final marshmallow again. The four of us are going to vote for Sunshine. You guys can go now. Except for you, Mel.” Gigi and Nonny leave the mess hall to hang out outside. “Listen, Mel. We can’t vote out Sunshine. She put in one hundred percent when she could. Nonny is afraid of seaweed. I’m voting for Nonny. You can vote for Nonny or Sunshine. If you vote Sunshine, then I’ll be the next to go. If you vote Nonny, then you, me, and Sunshine will be final three, understand?”

Mel gives Nalyd a blank stare. “Okay. I think I know what I’m gonna do.”

“I have no clue what I’m going to do!” Mel says worriedly in the confessional stall. “If I side with Nalyd, then I’ve agreed to work with the most evil person here! If I side with Nonny and Gigi, then I’ve made enemies with the most evil person here!”

“Sunshine,” Nalyd says a he knocks on Sunshine’s cabin door. “It’s me.” Sunshine opens the door and Nalyd walks in. “I just talked to Mel, and I think he’s siding with us.”

“Okay,” Sunshine says. Nalyd begins to turn to leave, but Sunshine stops him. “Nalyd?” He turns and looks at her. Sunshine sits down on her bed. “Why are you helping me?”

Nalyd turns back to the door. “I already told you. I vote for who deserves to go.”

The Campers make their way to their second campfire ceremony. “Welcome back, Hiking Campers,” Max Lee taunts. “I have four marshmallows, because only four of you are safe. I have marshmallows for Mel, Gigi and Nalyd. Sunshine and Nonny, this is the final marshmallow. And it’s going to… Sunshine.” Sunshine takes the marshmallow and high-fives Nalyd.

“What?” Nonny asks as two interns drag him to the dock of shame. “What did I do?”

“I’ll give you a hint,” Nalyd says as he throws a piece of seaweed at Nonny. It hits Nonny in the chest and Nonny screams.

“Seaweed! Get it off me!” The Campers hear Nonny even as the Boat of Losers is long gone.

Chapter Four: “So who’s got a plan?”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: Nalyd helped Sunshine get through her depression caused by Sorrel’s elimination. Nalyd then formed an alliance, within his alliance, with Mel. Jack and Natasha became determined to split up Flare’s alliance. Nonny was sent home for being a total wimp. Who will be voted off tonight?

Six hour pass since Nonny’s departure. A scream is heard in the girls’ cabin. The light turns on and the boys run in. Archie and Brandon run right to Flare, who was the one who screamed. “Get away from me!” Flare screams again, pointing at Archie.

“What? What’s wrong?” Archie asks slowly backing away.

“I woke up and saw you watching me!” Flare explains angrily.

“It is okay, Flare. I’m here for you,” Brandon says.

“You get out, too!” Flare shouts. “Estupidos! Vais! Vais!”

The boys all leave the cabin. “Jack,” Nalyd says before they get back into their cabin. “Hold on a second.” The other three boys walk into the cabin and Nalyd talks to Jack. “That was me, watching her, Jack,” Nalyd says. “That was my plan to mess up her alliance. I just stood there wearing clothes I stole from Jack, and ran out to take the jacket off before you all got in. Now she thinks he’s creepy. He’ll be the next to go if you and Natasha vote for him.”

“Okay,” Jack responds after pausing to think. “Thanks dude, I owe you one.”

“Yeah, you do,” Nalyd says. The two walk into the cabin.

In the morning, everyone wakes up and makes their way to the mess hall. Flare refuses to sit with Archie. “Get away from me, stalker!” she shouts, throwing oatmeal at him.

“I swear! It wasn’t me!” Archie argues. Flare turns her back to him and Brandon sticks his tongue out at Archie. Jack makes his move, and walks over to Archie.

“You can sit with Natasha and me, Archie,” he asks. Archie agrees and sits with Natasha and Jack.

“Step one, complete,” Jack says in the confessional. “Natasha, Jack, and I can totally vote out Brandon and Flare!”

“I’m really excited for us to be in control now,” Natasha confesses, “It feels great! Now I know how Flare and Nalyd feel.”

Gigi is very upset with Nalyd and Mel. “Why didn’t you guys tell me we were voting for Nonny?” she asks angrily. “I would’ve voted with him too.”

“Its okay, Gigi,” Mel reassures, “The three of us are still tight. And if we lose again, Sunshine is going.”

“We won’t be losing again,” Nalyd adds. “The merge is soon, and then the four of us can take over. Jack would join us if we need majority votes. Sunshine would follow us off a cliff.”

Sunshine is sneaking under the table. She jumps up and yells, “Boo!” at her teammates. They fall out of their seats.

“Sunshine?” Mel asked angrily. “What was that for?”

“I dunno,” Sunshine replies. “I just wanted to make a big entrance.” She wraps her arms around Mel and Nalyd. “Thanks for not voting me off. You guys are the best.”

“Sunshine, remember the no hug rule?” Nalyd asks. Sunshine gives him a blank stare. “Squirrel!” Nalyd says, pointing outside. Sunshine runs outside to find the squirrel.

“There is something seriously wrong with her,” Gigi comments.

“Challenge time!” Max Lee announces, walking into the mess hall. Everyone stands up and starts walking out. “Where are you guys going?” Max asks. “The challenge is going to be in here!” Everyone gives each other confused looks. “Today’s challenge is a food fight! First, you get thirty minutes to make a fort that will defend you. Fishing Scouts, you need to sit somebody out.”

“We’re sitting Archie out,” Brandon says immediately.

“Hey!” Archie intervenes. “I won yesterday’s challenge! I’m staying in.”

“I’ll sit out,” Natasha volunteers.

“Okay, start building forts out of anything you can find. Go!” Max shouts.

“Okay guys, I have an idea,” Nalyd says to the Hiking Campers. “We arrange some tables into a wall. Then we find more things to bulk it up.”

“Works for me,” Mel agrees.

“I have an idea for a catapult to attack them!” Sunshine says.

“I’ll help,” Mel volunteers.

“No, Mel,” Nalyd says putting his hand up. “I need you for lifting the tables. Gigi, you go with Sunshine.”

“Uh, sure,” Gigi says. She follows Sunshine outside the mess hall. Nalyd and Mel flip the tables on their sides, to create a wall.

“So who’s got a plan?” Jack asks Flare, Brandon, and Archie.

“I say we stick Archie out there to block us,” Flare says angrily.

“I second that,” Brandon says nodding his head.

“Seriously, guys!” Jack says angrily.

“We could use some logs to build a barrier,” Archie says.

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Jack agrees.

Archie starts running out to get logs. “I’ll go, too,” Brandon says, following Archie in hot pursuit.

“So do you actually like either of them?” Jack asks Flare.

“No, just playing the game,” Flare shrugs, not caring if it sounds mean.

Half an hour later, Sunshine and Gigi had returned with a horrible looking catapult, and Brandon and Archie had yet to return. “Ready! Set!” Max starts.

“No!” Flare shouts. “Archie and Brandon aren’t back yet!”

“That’s a darn shame, isn’t it?” Max asks sarcastically. He blows the whistle. Sunshine puts a watermelon in the catapult, and launches it right into Jack’s face.

“Ouch!” Nalyd says, “That’s gotta hurt.”

Jack collapses to the ground and the medics run in. They put Jack on the stretcher. As the medics walk out, Brandon and Archie return, badly bruised.

“Where have you two been?” Flare asks them angrily.

“It all started,” Archie wheezed, “when I took two logs. Then he took three, and I took four. Soon he hit me with one, and I hit back.” Archie collapses.

“Then we tripped and fell in a river,” Brandon finishes. He then collapses as well.

Nalyd, Gigi, and Mel start smashing rotten fruit on Archie and Brandon. “Flare is the last member of the Scouts left,” Max says as Flare braces for the attack. The Campers fill their catapult with stale bread and launch it. The bread pelts Flare. “Campers win!” Max announces. “And as punishment for losing, after the campfire ceremony, the Scouts need to clean the mess hall!” The Campers cheer and walk out of the mess hall. The Scouts, minus Jack, stay and sit in the few remaining clean chairs.

“It wasn’t even a challenge,” Natasha tells them. “To me it was watching my teammates get pelted.”

“It’s our fault,” Brandon says.

“We messed up,” Archie adds.

“Yeah you did,” Flare mutters.

“So I think it’s fair if we vote for each other,” Brandon explains, “and the three of you can vote however you feel is right.”

“I agree,” Archie says.

“You two agree, that’s a shocker,” Flare comments.

At the campfire ceremony, Max arrives with four marshmallows. “Only four of you will be getting through this ceremony,” Max says. “We have marshmallows for Jack, who isn't here, Flare and Natasha. Archie and Brandon, this is the final marshmallow. It’s going to… Archie.” Archie grabs the marshmallow.

“I win Brandon!” Archie gloats.

Brandon walks to the Dock of Shame, but turns around. “Flare!” he shouts. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met! Will you go out with me after the show?”

“Yeah, right,” Flare says. She puts her arms around Archie and giggles to herself. Brandon turns around and gets on the boat; not looking back the entire time.

Chapter Five: “I can’t believe I’m in the merge!”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: Nalyd’s prank split Archie from Flare’s alliance. Gigi felt betrayed when Nalyd and Mel, well, betrayed her. In the food fight challenge, the Hiking Campers built the Great Wall of Tables, and a giant catapult. The Fishing Scouts built squat, and were completely obliterated! It turns out; Archie and Brandon were fighting too much to get supplies. Jack got slammed in the face by a watermelon. At the campfire ceremony, Archie’s new alliance, Jack and Natasha, stood by him and voted Brandon out. Who will be voted off tonight?

In the morning, the final eight slowly make their way to the mess hall as usual. When Jack walks in, everyone stares. Jack has head gear and a neck brace because of how hard the watermelon hit him.

“You okay, dude?” Archie asks him concerned. Jack tries to nod but a cracking sound is heard. The medics run in and catch Jack on a stretcher as he falls.

Max Lee follows the medics in and sarcastically waves to Jack as he is put back into the ambulance. “Congratulations final eight! You’ve made it to the merge!”

“I can’t believe I’m in the merge!” Archie exclaims happily in the confessional. “I beat Brandon and got Flare. What more could a man ask for?”

“I don’t like Archie at all,” Flare confesses, “He’s a creeper. I only hugged him last night to get him back under my control. I think I can get Mel and Nalyd too.”

Jack sits in the confessional mumbling, unable to talk with the bandages over his mouth.

The contestants cheer until Max raises his hand. “However, you still have a challenge! We are having you guys face your fears! I can’t believe you idiots actually filled out your fears on the application!”

Everyone walks outside where they see Jack in a wheelchair. “First up is Archie,” Max instructs. “Archie’s fear is large insects.” Archie climbs into a large poll, and Max opens a box. A twelve pound spider covered in fuzz walks out of the box and across the tub. Archie screeches and jumps out of the tub. “Three seconds,” Max says, “Nice try.”

The contestants watch as Max drags a box from the mess hall. “Flare,” Max says, “we have a surprise for you.” The box shakes and growls can be heard. Max opens the box and out comes a snarling, rabid, teenage girl. The girl chases Flare away from the group.

“What the heck is that?” Natasha asks worriedly.

“We don’t know,” Max explains. “But it sure is ugly!” Flare turns around and slaps it. “Flare has faced the ugly and won! Flare is invincible. Gigi, you’re next. You told us you’re afraid of polka music!” Max turns on a speaker, which blasts polka music. Gigi screams and hides in her cabin. “Gigi has failed. Next up is Jack.” Max pauses and looks at Jack. “On second thought, let’s skip him. Don’t worry Jack, you’re safe. Now, its Mel’s turn.”

Mel watches as a stick is taped to his head. The stick goes five feet pass his head. At the end of the stick, an intern tapes an iPod. “Mel’s fear is being betrayed by music,” Max explains. Mel runs after the iPod, swinging his hands at it. He misses until he falls into a lake, where he finally obtains the iPod, which turns out to be a fake iPod.

Max waves to a large crane that drops a cage full of birds in front of the remaining contestants. “You’re afraid of birds, Nalyd?” Sunshine asks. She and Natasha laugh a little.

“Shut it!” Nalyd hisses. He walks into the cage, and the birds, previously sitting still, spring to life and fly around Nalyd. Nalyd is calm at first, but soon is screaming and begging to be let out. He finally slips out.

“Uh, Nalyd,” Sunshine says, “You got a little something on your head.” Nalyd fells his head, and discovers bird poop on it.

“Sorry, Nalyd, you failed,” Max says. Nalyd growls and leave to clean off. “Okay, only Flare and Jack have won invincibility, and only Sunshine is left to go.”

“What about me?” Natasha asks. Max ignores her and tapes Sunshine’s eyelids open. Max brings Sunshine to the mess hall. Max turns on a television, which plays many clips of Duncan from Total Drama Island kissing Courtney.

“Turn it off!” Sunshine screams. “I give up! Turn it off!” Max turned it off.

“Okay, Gigi and Jack are invincible,” Max says as Sunshine runs screaming and the others come into the mess hall.

“What about me?” Natasha asks again, more angrily. Max ignores her again and leaves so everyone can talk about voting.

“I don’t know why I didn’t face my fear,” Natasha says in the confessional. “I filled it out. I wrote that I’m afraid of, um, uh, I think I put snakes.”

“Duncan!” Sunshine says crying in the confessional. She cries and kisses the strange wooden statue shaped like Duncan’s head.

“Birds, birds, birds,” Nalyd chants, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. He realizes the camera in the confessional is turned on, so he turns it off.

Nalyd gathers Mel, Gigi, Sunshine, Jack, and Natasha. “So the six of us are voting together, right?” Nalyd asks. Everyone agrees. “And we’re voting for Archie?” Everyone agrees again.

That night at the campfire ceremony, Natasha is still angry Max forgot her. “Okay,” Max says. “I have marshmallows for Jack, Flare, Sunshine, Mel, Gigi, Nalyd, and Archie.”

“What?” Natasha asks angrily. “Who voted for me?” Nobody claims to be the reason for her elimination.

“Natasha, you brought this on yourself,” Max explains. “Look at your application.”

Natasha reads it out-loud. “Name; Natasha. Age; sixteen. Sex; Female. Fear; losing! No! That’s not what I meant.” She is dragged to the boat of losers. As it floats away, she screams, “See, Max? I’m facing my fear! I lost! Now let me back on! Stop!”

Chapter Six: "I can’t let them know..."

Last time on Total Wikia Island: The two teams merged, meaning its every man and girl for themselves. The challenge was to face your fear, which only Flare did. Jack got invincibility because of his broken neck, jaw, and nose. Nalyd rallied the former Campers and half the former Scouts together, in an attempt to vote out Archie. However, Natasha foolishly told us her fear was losing, so she was immediately booted! Who will be voted off tonight?

In the morning the final seven walk into the mess hall. All except for Jack, who Nalyd wheels in. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Nalyd asks, trying to sound concerned.

“Om fen,” Jack says. He waves Nalyd away. Nalyd nods, unsure of what Jack was trying to tell him.

“Just like we planned,” Flare whispers to Archie.

“Flare has a plan,” Archie says in the confessional, “We put her in danger, Nalyd and Mel some help her, they fall in love with her like I did and we have them under our control!”

In the mess hall, Flare let out a screech. Nalyd and Mel ran over to her. “What’s wrong?” Mel asks.

“I think there is a spider in my hair!” she screeches again.

Nalyd looks through her hair, but finds nothing. He does notice, however, her hair smelt very sweet. “I don’t see anything,” Nalyd says.

“Then you two must have scared it away!” Flare says happily. She giggles and hugs both of them. “Thank you!”

“Sure,” Nalyd stutters.

“No problem,” Mel says awkwardly.

Sunshine and Gigi watch in disgust. “Boys,” they say in unison.

All day, the final seven waited for their challenge. They even ate dinner without a challenge. Soon after dinner, the lights go out in the mess hall. Everybody screams, and the lights come back on. Archie is clinging to Flare, who quickly shoves him off. Mel is passed out on the floor. Sunshine clings to Nalyd’s head. “Get off my head!” Nalyd shouts. “Go bother Jack!”

Gigi climbs out from under a table. “Where is Jack?” she asks. They look over to where Jack’s wheelchair and all they see in it is a note.

Flare takes the note and reads it out loud, “If you want your friend, to reappear and come back, all you need to do, is go to the cabin of Jack.”

“We have to go to Jack’s cabin!” Archie says. “Don’t worry Flare, I’ll protect you!” Archie, as well as Nalyd and Sunshine, run to the boys’ cabin.

Gigi and Flare look at Mel who is still passed out on the floor. They lift him onto a table and run away. Archie and Nalyd go into the cabin, reminding Sunshine, Flare, and Gigi that it was the boys’ cabin. Archie and Nalyd search under every bed, but find nothing. A shout is heard from the mess hall and everyone runs back. “Where did Mel go?” Flare asks.

“He was right here on the table before we left!” Gigi explains. They look closer, and see a chalk outline where Mel had been.

“I had no idea what was going on!” Sunshine said in the confessional. “It was terrifying!”

“I stayed calm, cool, and collected through the whole challenge,” Nalyd said confidently in the confessional.

“We’re all gonna die!” Nalyd shouts.

Gigi picks up a new note, left in the chalk outline. She reads it out loud, “We figure by now, you’re worried about Mel, stop ditching your teammates, or you’ll wind up in-”

“Heck!” Sunshine interrupts.

“Well, you heard the note,” Archie says, “We have to stick together!”

“I say we split up and figure out what’s going on,” Nalyd says. “Flare, Gigi, and I will go east. Archie and Sunshine, you two go west.” The five go in the designated directions.

“I don’t know why Nalyd split us all up,” Gigi says in the confessional. “It didn’t make sense to me.”

Nalyd, Flare, and Gigi walk through the woods. Gigi trips and he contacts fall out. “My contacts!” she gasps. “I can’t see without my contacts!”

“Tough,” Flare says. She and Nalyd keep going.

“Hey!” Gigi shouts. She hears rustling in the bushes. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” She screams as the thing approaches her.

“You think she’s okay?” Nalyd asks Flare.

“Like I care,” Flare responds dryly.

“What’s your problem?” Nalyd asks angrily.

“I’m just playing the smart game!” Flare shouts at him.

“You don’t have to be a heartless witch to win!” Nalyd shouts back.

“I do have a heart!”

“Prove it!” The two grab each other and start kissing. “I hate you!” Nalyd shouts as they stop kissing.

“You’re an evil jerk!” The kissing resumes. Soon, a tall figure in black taps Nalyd on the shoulder. Nalyd turns to face it and screams.

“Me and Flare?” Nalyd asks himself in the confessional. “No. We just made out to… up ratings! Yeah!”

“It may have taken a kiss, but I got the job done,” Flare says to herself in the confessional. “I think Nalyd is officially under my control.”

Flare and Nalyd are brought to a far away cabin where they see Gigi, Mel, and Jack. “What are you guys doing here?” Nalyd asks them.

“This was a challenge,” Mel explains.

“You two ditched me!” Gigi says angrily.

Jack points to a lipstick mark on Nalyd’s forehead. Gigi and Mel start laughing. Nalyd blushes and sits on the floor.

“Okay guys,” Max says walking in, “We need all of you to help us! Each of you will be given these black jump suits. You need to capture Sunshine and Archie. Jack, you are staying here.” Jack sighs sadly.

Mel, Flare, Nalyd, and Gigi run out and find Archie and Sunshine passed out. “What happened?” Nalyd asks when he saw them.

“I assume they simply got tired and fell asleep,” Mel says. Sunshine suddenly jumps up laughing.

“Got’cha!” she shouts, and runs away. Mel and Archie shrug and carry Archie back to the cabin. Over the following thirty minutes, interns found Sunshine and brought her back to the mess hall with everyone.

“Okay,” Max says. “Great job guys! Sunshine wins invincibility. I’ll give you all five minutes to talk, then we go vote.”

“I say we vote for Jack,” Gigi suggests. “Put him out of his misery.”

“I agree,” Mel says. Jack shouts his argument, but nobody understands him.

“Sorry, bro,” Nalyd says.

At the campfire ceremony, Max has six marshmallows. “Only six of you are moving on, tonight,” Max says. “Marshmallows for Sunshine, Gigi, Mel, and Archie. Next one is for Nalyd. Flare and Jack, welcome to the bottom two! This final marshmallow goes to… Flare. Sorry, Jack. Time to go!”

Nalyd wheels Jack to the boat of losers. “I didn’t vote for you Jack,” Nalyd says. “I voted for Flare. I can’t let them know about me and her making out in the woods. You understand. I got Mel to vote for her, too. So I guess you did, too. If only Gigi listened to me. Well, good luck!” Nalyd waves as the boat leaves, with Jack on it. Nalyd sees he left the opening open, as Jack rolls out of it. “Oops.”

Chapter Seven: “Line up and put your hands out!”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: The final seven waited for their challenge all day. Little did they know, interns were capturing them and holding them hostage in a cabin. Nalyd and Flare made lots of enemies by abandoning teammates, but they ended up making out. Sunshine won invincibility after being crazier than the other contestants. Jack was voted off, as the others wanted to put him out of his misery. Who will be voted out tonight?

A siren goes off in the middle of the camp. The final six run out of their cabins and find police officers. “Line up and put your hands out!” one officer shouts. The contestants put their hands out and the officers hand-cuff them in three pairs of two.

“What’s going on?” Archie asks.

“You can’t do this!” Flare yells.

“You can’t handcuff me to her!” Nalyd shouts, pointing at Sunshine. Sunshine shrugs and waves at the officers who are driving away. Flare is hand-cuffed to Archie, while Mel and Gigi are hand-cuffed together.

“Ready for your challenge?” Max Lee asks.

“Where did you come from?” Gigi asks.

“I was underneath one of the cars,” Max explains. “Today’s challenge is a simple one; a tri-armed triathlon. The first challenge is log rolling. Each pair will have to stay on the log and keep it rolling. If the log stops or you fall off, you and your partner is out. Whichever team has the most wins win invincibility!”

The three pairs each get on their respective logs, which are being held still by interns. “Go!” Max shouts. The three pairs begin running.

“Wrong way, Sunshine!” Nalyd shouts. He and Sunshine immediately fall into the water.

Flare and Archie are running in sync, while Mel and Gigi barely keep on the log. “This is about to get interesting!” Max says as he pulls out a paintball gun. He shoots at Flare and Archie, who duck out of the way. He hits Mel in the stomach and he goes down.

“Sorry, Gigi,” Mel says.

“It’s okay,” Gigi says smiling.

“Archie and Flare win the first challenge!” Max announces. “All of you go dry off, and then come back to the mess hall.”

An hour later, everyone is in the mess hall. They see a giant pile of corn. “Part two of the challenge is a corn maze. Well, it’s sort of a corn maze. There is a key hidden under all the corn. The pair that finds it first wins this challenge. Go!”

The three pairs charge into the pile of corn. “This one will be easy,” Mel comments as he chucks corn. The corn hits Archie in the head, so Archie throws a piece back. Mel and Archie ensue in a corn throwing fight.

“Keep digging!” Nalyd reminds Sunshine, who had been watching the fight. The two continue digging, and soon find the key.

“Nalyd and Sunshine win!” Max declares. The interns clear all the corn out, and bring make up kits to each boy. “Now the final challenge is extreme make over challenge edition! Best make over wins. Go!”

After half an hour, Max blows his whistle. “Okay! Let’s see how the pairs did.” He walks over to Flare and Archie. Flare has lipstick on her eyebrows, and eye shadow on her chin. “What the heck is this?” Max asks.

Flare frowns, grabs a mirror, and screams. “You jerk!” she shouts.

“Okay, that’s a failure. Let’s check Gigi and Mel.” Max walks over to Gigi, who has glitter in her hair and the perfect shade of lipstick. “Amazing!” Max says surprised.

“Thanks, Mel! I feel fabulous!” Gigi says. She hugs Mel and kisses him on the cheek.

“No problem,” Mel stammers.

“And finally, Nalyd and Sun-” Max starts, but just breaks out screaming. “What did you do?”

“She wouldn’t let me put make up on her, so I just poured some paint on her head,” Nalyd explains.

“Well, making the girl look like a clown won’t get you the win. Mel and Gigi win this round, meaning every pair has won. Thus, nobody wins!” Max says. Everyone mutters complaints. “How about you girls go wash up and then talk about voting.”

“I’m not washing this off,” Gigi says proudly. Sunshine and Flare run to the washrooms.

Later, Sunshine and Flare return. “I say we vote Gigi out,” Nalyd says while Gigi and Mel are outside walking.

“I agree,” Flare says.

“If Flare will, I will,” Archie says nodding his head.

“I’m voting for Mel,” Sunshine says.

“Why?” Nalyd asks.

“Because Gigi is my friend and I’ll feel bad if I vote her out,” Sunshine explains.

“Whatever,” Nalyd says.

“You look great, Gigi,” Mel tells Gigi as the walk around the camp together.

“Thanks!” Gigi giggles. “I feel like a princess.”

“I sort of like Gigi,” Mel says in the confessional. “She looks amazing!”

At the campfire ceremony, Max comes in via motorcycle. “Okay!” he says. “I have five marshmallows with me, and six campers in front of me. I have marshmallows for Flare, Sunshine, Nalyd and Archie. Mel and Gigi, this is the final marshmallow. This marshmallow is for… Mel. Sorry, Gigi, time for you to go!”

Gigi stands up and hugs Mel good bye. She walks to the boat of losers, with Mel following. He gets to the end of the dock, only to see Gigi on her way. “Good bye, Mel!” she shouts. “I’ll never forget you!” Mel simply waves good bye, unable to think of any words.

Chapter Eight: “I think Nalyd’s a vampire!”


Last time on Total Wikia Island: The final six got a rude awakening when the cops came. Broken into three pairs, they rolled logs, threw corn, and messed with the girls’ faces. Mel and Gigi connected so much; Mel developed a crush on her. However, before Mel could tell her, Gigi was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?

In the mess hall, Nalyd comforts Mel who sits with his head down on the table. “Mel,” Nalyd says, “She was just a girl. There’s plenty of fish in the sea! And look at the girls who are left.” They look around and see Flare yelling at Archie and Sunshine chasing squirrels. “Nevermind. Besides, Gigi would want you to win.”

“You’re right,” Mel says. He picks his head up, and fist-bumps Nalyd.

“Please, forgive me!” Archie begs Flare.

“No, creeper!” Flare shouts. She sits down beside Mel and Nalyd.

Mel looks at Archie, and then asks Flare, “What’s wrong this time?”

“Archie was watching me sleep, again!” Flare explains.

“It wasn’t me!” Archie says angrily. He storms off. Flare leaves to go put on make up.

“Wasn’t that you impersonating Archie last time?” Mel asks Nalyd.

Nalyd blushes. “Yeah, but it wasn’t me this time.”

“What are you, Edward Cullen?” Mel asks sarcastically.

“No,” Nalyd responds. His eyes shift evilly.

“Well, you are sort of pale, you wear black, and you are notorious for running in fast forward,” Mel adds.

“Shut it,” Nalyd says. Mel laughs to himself and rolls his eyes.

“I think Nalyd’s a vampire!” Sunshine says in the confessional. “I mean, it makes sense, right? And I saw him sparkles once in the sun! But that might have just been glitter. I love glitter. Whee!” She throws glitter around the confessional.

At noon, Max joins the final five in the mess hall. “Congrats for making it to the final five, guys!” he says happily. “Today’s challenge is cooking!” He picks up a hat that was on the table next to him. “In this hat are five recipes. Each of you takes one, and the most successful dish wins!”

Archie picked lobster risotto.

Flare picked blueberry pancakes.

Mel picked chocolate cake.

Nalyd picked ravioli.

Sunshine picked beef Wellington.

“Nalyd, can we switch?” Sunshine asks. Nalyd agrees and the two switch recipes.

“Go!” Max shouts as the five run into the kitchen.

“I’m pretty good in the kitchen,” Nalyd says in the confessional. Unfortunately, I got one of the harder dishes to cook.”

Archie looks at the recipe, and starts cooking rice and chopping lobster.

Flare walks over to Archie. “Archie,” she says sweetly, “Can you help me make pancakes?”

“No,” Archie says, not looking her in the eye.

Flare gasps. She latches onto Archie and says, “Please?”

“No, now get to work,” Archie says, shaking her off.

“Archie’s gonna pay,” Flare says in the confessional. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Mel starts mixing the cake batter. He was surprised to see that he got to use a mix, but didn’t mind.

Nalyd starts wrapping the meat in bread dough, and adding rosemary and fennel seeds.

Sunshine stares at the ravioli recipe, and lights it on fire. “I’ll just wing it,” she says to herself.

An hour later, Max blows his whistle. The final five bring the dishes to the table and see a tall, muscular, blonde British man in a chef’s jacket standing next to Max. “I can sense a dark presence,” Sunshine whispers to Nalyd.

“This is Chef Gordon Ramsey,” Max explains, “He will be our guest judge.”

“’Ello,” Chef Ramsey says. “First up, Archie. Get on up here, big boy.” Archie slowly approaches Chef Ramsey. “Hurry up!”

“Coming, Chef,” Archie replies meekly.

“So is Christmas,” Chef mutters under his breath. He tastes the lobster risotto. “It is mush. This is disgusting. ****. I wouldn’t serve this to a bloody pig!” Archie runs back into line.

“I poured extra water into Archie’s dish,” Flare laughs to herself in the confessional.

“Up next,” Chef Ramsey says, “Tomato head. Get up here.” Flare glares at him and presents her pancakes. Gordon Ramsey takes a bite, and spits it out. “There are ******* eggshells in this! Get back in line!” he shouts. “Okay, spacey, get over here,” Chef Ramsey says, pointing at Mel. Mel turns his attention back to Gordon.

“Oh, sorry, Chef,” Mel says.

Chef Ramsey takes a bite of the cake. “Delicious. Simply delicious. It’s about time I ate something other than ****. Next up, vampire boy.” Nalyd sighs and goes to Chef Ramsey.

“I’m a big fan of Chef Ramsey,” Nalyd says in the confessional. “He’s awesome.”

Chef Ramsey takes a bit of the Wellington. “Amazing. It’s bloody brilliant.”

“Thank you, Chef,” Nalyd says.

“Lastly, carrot top,” Chef says. Sunshine comes over and places her ravioli in front of Chef Ramsey. He takes a bite and smiles. “It’s really good, but it isn’t the recipe.”

“I know,” Sunshine says. “That one had meat in it and I’m a vegetarian.”

“Okay, spacey and vampire, step forward,” Chef Ramsey says. “Both of you win. Best dishes.” Nalyd and Mel high five each other. “However, both of you are going to nominate one other person each for elimination. Go back to the cabins and decide.”

“Chef, on this show they get marshmallows,” Max explains. Chef glares at him and Max runs away.

“So,” Mel says to the group when they all sit in the boy’s cabin. “I will be nominating you, Flare. I feel like you could have done better and I saw you mess with Archie’s dish.”

“I am nominating Archie,” Nalyd says. “I think that you don’t deserve to go, but Sunshine did great.”

“Okay,” Archie says.

When the final five go to the campfire ceremony, the logs are gone and they all stand up. “Okay,” Chef Ramsey says, “Vampire boy, who are you nominating and why?”

“Chef, my nomination is Archie. I think that he really messed up and he deserves to go,” Nalyd says.

“Spacey, who’s it gonna be?” Chef asks.

“My nominee is Flare,” Mel says. “I saw her sabotage Archie’s dish.”

“Okay,” Chef Ramsey says. “Archie and Flare, step forward. The person leaving Total Wikia Island is… Archie. Time to go, big boy.” Archie waves good-bye to everyone. “Now the rest of you, go to bed. You’re in the final four. Bloody well done.” The final four walk off to their cabins. Chef Ramsey starts walking towards the boat of losers to drive Archie away. He says to himself, “I sent Archie home tonight because he is weak. I could tell that today he finally grew a backbone, but it’s just a little too late.”

Chapter Nine: “Reality shows are what I live for.”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: Nalyd once again framed Archie for watching Flare sleep. Sunshine, Mel, and even celebrity guest Chef Gordon Ramsey ousted Nalyd as a vampire! Ramsey had fun yelling at the campers when they went through a cooking challenge. In the end, Chef Ramsey sent Archie packing, because if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Who will be voted off tonight?

In the mess hall of the ninth day on Total Wikia Island, the final four all sit together. “So,” Mel says awkwardly, “We all made it to the final four.”

“It was sort of weird sitting with Flare,” Mel says in the confessional, “We aren’t really friends. I’ve acted nice towards her, but I just don’t want to come off as rude.”

“We all deserve it,” Nalyd replies.

“I miss my Duncan shrine,” Sunshine whines.

“I miss mi amigas,” Flare says empathetically.

“I miss my music!” Mel says breaking into tears.

“I don’t miss anything,” Nalyd says, “Reality shows are what I live for.”

“Nalyd, are you a vampire?” Sunshine asks.

“Sunshine, I told ten years ago, those sparkles on me were glitter that you threw at me!” Nalyd explains angrily.

“I don’t feel very safe at this point,” Flare says. “My only hope is getting Sunshine or Nalyd to help me tie the votes, tonight.”

Max walks in with hand cuffs. “Not again,” Mel mutters.

“Mel and Nalyd please come with me,” Max says. The two boys follow him out of the mess hall. Soon, Max returns. “Okay, Nalyd and Mel have each been locked inside. Sunshine, you are saving Mel. Flare, you are saving Nalyd. Go!” Sunshine and Flare run out calling for Nalyd and Mel. “Their mouths are taped shut,” Max says, explaining why Mel and Nalyd won’t respond.

Sunshine grabs a stone, and starts cutting holes through the windows. Soon she looks in and sees Nalyd. He screams and rolls towards the window. “Sorry, Renny,” Sunshine says. “I’m looking for Mel. See ya!”

Flare runs to where Sunshine was and sees Nalyd. “Nalyd, I’m here to free you!” She looks around for what to open the cabin with. She sees a stick and starts jabbing through the window. She climbs in, but gets stuck. “I’m stuck!” she hisses. Nalyd explodes in laughter. “Shut it! Estupido! Aye basura! Tu madre as muy grande y-” before she can finish, Flare slips through.

Sunshine, on the other side of camp, locates Mel. She burns through the cabin, but Mel gets stuck. “Heh, this could be a problem,” Sunshine says as she watched Mel dangle head first out of the cabin wall. “Now what?” Sunshine asks herself. She pulls out a chainsaw and cuts the whole bigger. Mel slips out.

“Okay! Sunshine and Mel win!” Max announces. “However, tonight we are going right to voting. Go vote!”

“I feel pretty safe,” Nalyd says in the confessional. “They hate Flare, and Sunshine, Mel, and I have been allied since day three!”

“I’m voting for Flare,” Mel says in the confessional. “I have to keep my promise to Nalyd.”

“It’s probably me going,” Flare confesses. “I had a good run.” She sighs and a tear rolls down her cheek.

“I am voting for Nalyd because he yelled at me,” Sunshine says in the confessional. “But if he’s still here tomorrow we can all have pancakes!”

At the campfire ceremony, Max has three marshmallows. “Okay, three marshmallows. Sunshine and Mel get them. Nalyd and Flare, there was a tie in votes, which means we have a fire making tie breaker!” Nalyd and Flare walk over to two stumps with fire making materials on them. “You must be able to build a fire, then completely burn through a marshmallow. Go!” Max announces. Mel and Sunshine are on the edges of their seats.

Flare gets a spark, but it goes out when a bead of sweat hits it. Nalyd gets a spark and add hay to it to make it bigger. Flare gasps and gets a new spark. A small flame floats into the air, and lands in Flare’s hair. “My hair!” she screams. She jumps into the lake to put it out, and Nalyd grabs a marshmallow. He tosses it into his fire and it burns. “

“Nalyd is moving on!” Max announces. “Flare, it is time to go!” Sunshine and Mel leave the ceremony to go celebrate. Nalyd sees Flare walk down the dock of shame.

“Okay,” Nalyd says, “All I did was try to guarantee myself a vote to win.”

Nalyd runs down the dock and kisses Flare. “I’ll miss you,” he says smiling. Flare gets onto the boat, and sighs happily. “Estupida,” Nalyd mutters to himself as he waves to her.

Chapter Ten: “Sunshine Eats Pancakes and Performs a Musical the Musical.”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: It was up to Sunshine and Flare to save Mel and Nalyd, respectively. And when Flare, failed, Sunshine and Mel won invincibility. A tie occurred between Nalyd and Flare, but Nalyd won the tie breaker. The final three are one day away from the finals! Who will be voted off tonight?

In the morning, the final three take turns using the confessional stall.

“I’m going to win this,” Nalyd says. “I am friends with Flare and Jack, and Mel or Sunshine would vote for me to win.”

“I’m not sure how I’ll do,” Mel says humbly, “I know I’ll get Gigi’s vote. I’m not sure about the rest.”

“Pancakes!” Sunshine shouts. “Max gave us pancakes for breakfast; Pancake, glorious pancakes!”

“I should have eliminated Sunshine day two,” Nalyd says. “She was so annoying this morning! She performed a musical called ‘Sunshine Eats Pancakes and Performs a Musical the Musical.’”

“When you’re a pixie hyped up on pancakes performing a musical,” Sunshine sings.

“I miss music so much!” Mel says crying. “And Sunshine sings so badly!”

“Max told us we had to do the eliminated campers’ dare,” Nalyd says.

“I’m gonna win!” Sunshine says.

“I can’t believe this is a sudden-death elimination!” Mel says nervously.

In the mess hall, Mel walks up to the wheel and spins it. It lands on Sorrel’s dare. “Sorrel says ‘Eat a worm,’” Max says, reading the dare. Mel picks up a worm and swallows it quickly, getting himself a freebie.

Nalyd walks up, and gets Jack’s dare. “Jack’s dare,” Max says excitedly, “is to eat a rotten melon!” Nalyd picks up a watermelon, and just the smell makes him throw up.

“I’ll give that dare to Mel,” Nalyd says. Mel uses the freebie, saving himself.

Sunshine spins the wheel and lands on Gigi’s dare, which was to dire your hair black and have all your clothes changed to Goth clothes. Sunshine gave the dare to Nalyd, who happily accepted.

Mel spins the wheel and gets Nonny’s dare, which is to be covered in sea weed. Mel accepts, and gets a freebie.

Nalyd spins and gets Brandon’s dare, which is to drink a bottle of swamp scum. Nalyd does the dare, but throws up again, earning himself another freebie.

Sunshine skips up to the wheel and spins it, excited to get a freebie. She gets Flare’s dare. “Flare’s dare is to be locked in a cage with that thing she was afraid of. We’re going to call it “Ugly.” Sunshine gets into a cage and snarling can be heard. Sunshine walks out and the creature runs away screaming.

“What did you do to it?” Mel asks horrified.

“I showed it my mad skills in Ravioli Fu!” Sunshine says, striking the crane pose. Max, cautiously, hands Sunshine a freebie.

Mel spins the wheel and gets Trey’s dare, which is to be locked in a small room with incredibly loud music playing. Mel sits inside and easily does the dare.

Nalyd gets up hesitantly and spins the wheel. He lands on Archie’s dare, which is to give up all your freebies. Feeling confident, Nalyd hands Max his two freebies.

Sunshine gets the only dare left; Natasha’s dare. Before it is even read, Sunshine give sit to Nalyd. Two interns grab Nalyd and drag him out of the room. “Hey!” Nalyd shouts. “Let go of me! What’s going on?”

“You are doing Natasha’s dare,” Max laughs. “Get eliminated!”

“No!” Nalyd shouts. He screams and curses all the way down the dock of shame. “I’m suing this show for all it’s worth! You will regret the day you messed with Nalyd T. Renrut!”

“And then there were two,” Max says. “Join us tomorrow night, for the big finale! Who will win? Find out tonight, on Total Wikia Island!”

Finale: “The person who gets that marshmallow wins.”

Last time on Total Wikia Island: The final three competed in a series of dares from the nine eliminated contestants. In the end, Natasha’s dare, which was to be eliminated, cost Nalyd the game. Now only Sunshine, the mentally challenged challenge queen, and Mel, the music obsessed guy. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will renew my contract for next season? Find out now…

“I’m in the final two!” Sunshine shouts in the confessional. “I can’t believe it! I beat the odds! I crushed the competition! I ate the mountain of pancakes!”

“Final two, baby!” Mel says excitedly in the confessional. He proceeds to play air guitar.

“What will I be remembered for?” Sunshine asks. She has a flashback of singing about pancakes, annoying the heck out of everyone, and being depressed on day three. “My awesome dancing skills!”

“What will I be remembered for?” Mel asks. He has a flashback about losing his iPod, sitting out of the swimming challenge, and giving Gigi a make over. “I will be remembered for always being positive.”

At night, the final two made their way to the campfire ceremony, where they saw Jack, Gigi, Archie, Flare, and Nalyd waiting. The jury sat on stumps perpendicular to the final two. “Welcome, Sunshine and Mel,” Max says, “You two are out finalists. This jury of failure will ask you guys questions, and then give you guys marshmallows.” Max pulls a marshmallow out of his bag, and holds it up. A bird swoops down and eats it. “Okay, then. We will have them ask and give marshmallows, in their elimination order. Whoever has the most marshmallows at the end of the night wins! Jack, you are up.”

Jack walks up to Sunshine and Mel. He is no longer in a wheelchair, but he still has the neck-brace and it is hard to under stand him. “Sushy,” he says to Sunshine, “Whuh dih oo ote meh out?”

Sunshine assumes it is something along the lines of “I’m sorry I voted you our.” “You voted for me?” Sunshine asks confused. Jack rolls his eyes, points at Mel and gives him a thumbs-up.

“Next up is Gigi,” Max says.

Gigi walks over to Mel and Sunshine. “Okay, I think it’s so cool that you two got to the finals!” she says happily. “Sunshine, what would you do with the money if you won?”

“I would buy Duncan,” Sunshine says absent-mindedly.

“Okay,” Gigi says scared, “Mel, I’ve heard some rumors. Do you like me?”

“Yes,” Mel blurts out. He realizes what he just said and covers his mouth. “I mean, uh, yeah, I guess.” Mel blushes.

“Okay, cool,” Gigi says. She giggles and sits back down.

Archie walks to the two finalists, with no questions for them. “I have no questions for you guys,” he says. “I just have something to say. Sunshine, everyday you came in and your name fits you perfectly. Everyday, you were so dang nice to everyone. Mel, you didn’t go out of your way for anybody, and rode coattails.”

“Okay, thank you Archie,” Max says. As Archie sits down, Flare stands up.

“Who voted for me the night I got eliminated?” Flare asks.

“I did, because I thought standing by Nalyd, who was and still is my friend was the right thing to do,” Mel confesses to her. “I think that because I voted for you to help my friend, I was brave for keeping such a threat in the game.”

“So, Sunshine, you didn’t vote for me?” Flare asks.

“Pretty much,” Sunshine shrugs. Flare sits back down and Nalyd walks up to the final two. A boom of thunder is heard in the distance.

“Okay,” Nalyd says bitterly, “You two made it to the finals, bravo. Sunshine, you are a traitor! I saved you day three, and by voting for me two days ago is how you repay me?”

“If our positions were switched, would you have voted for me?” Sunshine asks.

Nalyd ignores her and moves onto Mel. “Mel, I know what you were doing when you answered Flare’s question. You spent the whole time talking about me, and trying to get my vote. I don’t know who I am going to give a marshmallow to, but I’ll make sure it’s the right person.”

“Okay,” Max says, “I will now give all jury members marshmallows; you will then give them to who you want to win!” Max gives marshmallows to the jury and they line up.

Jack gives his marshmallow to Mel.

Gigi gives her marshmallow to Mel.

Archie gives his marshmallow to Sunshine.

Flare gives her marshmallow to Sunshine.

“Nalyd,” Max says, “the person who gets that marshmallow wins.”

For dramatic effect, Nalyd lifts the marshmallow into the air. He holds his hand out, but before he moves towards Mel or Sunshine, they realize the marshmallow is gone. They all look up, and see a very happy hawk flying away with the last marshmallow. “Whatever,” Nalyd says, “Max, we’re gonna need another marshmallow over here!”

“That was the last marshmallow,” Max explains. He pulls the winner’s check out of his pocket and tears it up. “Nobody wins!”

Before anybody can argue with him, interns drag the jury and final two to the boat of losers. “Well,” Max says, “it just goes to show; when nobody wins we’re all losers!” Max laughs. “I love this show!”

This story is dedicated in loving memory of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and Fred Travalena.

Voting History

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jury Vote
Mel Sorrel Nonny Archie Flare Archie
Sunshine Nonny Nonny Archie Jack Mel Nalyd ???
Nalyd Sorrel Nonny Archie Flare Gigi Flare ???
Flare Trey Archie Nalyd Jack Gigi Nalyd Sunshine
Archie Trey Brandon Nalyd Jack Gigi Sunshine
Gigi Sorrel Sunshine Archie Jack Nalyd Mel
Jack Archie Brandon Archie Flare Mel
Natasha Brandon Brandon Archie
Brandon Trey Archie
Nonny Sorrel Sunshine
Sorrel Nonny
Trey Archie
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