14 campers have returned from the original season to compete in an all-new season. They will face alliances, relationships, a newbie, and each other.....


1. Mrodd

2. Reddy

3. LF

4. Addict

5. Herman

Chapter One-Oatmeal Mash

Chris is seen in the back of a limo."This season, our competitors will battle it out on an actual movie set in Toronto. Who will win? Who will lose? And who is my new co-host? Find out today...on TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ACTION!"

The revamped theme song plays.

Robert is seen in a long golf cart."Why are we riding this the rest of the way?" Robert asks.

Reddy gets in."Because Chris hates us."

Chris frowns."No, I am going to give you an authentic Hollywood-like tour."Robert nods.

Mrodd gets in, laughing.

TCF gets in."What's so funny?"

Mrodd wipes away a tear."Chimmy just sent me a text, it is hilarious."

TCF smiles."Can I see?"

Mrodd moves to show her, but Chris takes the phone."No phones, no contact with the outside world until this season is over." Mrodd frowns.

Plat gets in and sits next to TCF."Hello."

TCF hugs him."Hey, Plat."

Plat smiles."Hey, TCF."

Sam gets in the cart. He is seen in the confessional."Rhonda and I agreed we are not a couple. Here that ladies? I'm available." He puts on cool sunglasses.

Max steps on next."Hello, guys."

Addict gets in next."A new season to show of my wicked skills. Yes!"

Cod steps in and sits next to Addict."Whatever..."

Addict frowns."Are we still friends?"

"I guess." Cod replies. Addict gasps. Cod shrugs.

LF gets in."Woot! This season is mine!"

"So sure of yourself?" Sam asks.

LF turns red."Hush, you." Sam and LF laugh.

Harriet gets in and sits next to Robert."New season, new challenges, and more time to spend with my boyfriend." Robert and Harriet hug.

Oatmeal is brought on by Herman."Why do I have to carry Oatmeal? I am not an intern anymore."

Chris laughs."Because I told you to."

Jake gets in last."This is gonna be so fun!"

Chris starts the cart up."Alright, over there is the main set, we will probably have challenges there. Over there is the mess hall, there is the cliff, and there is the many sets where we will have our movie themed challenges."

Chris steps out of the cart."Actually our first challenge is now."

Reddy sighs."Which is?"

An intern walks up."Hi, my name is Sunny."He jumps on Chris's head."Nice to meet ya."

Chris knocks him off."My new co-host, Elenaz, will control a giant animatronic monster. Last one caught wins."

The contestants look at him like he is crazy. The monster walks towards them. They all rush, knocking each other over to get out of the cart.

Herman drops Oatmeal, who is crushed by the monster."Crap!"

Chris and Sunny quickly get out of the way.

Harriet trips, and takes Robert with her. The monster catches them. He deposits them in a bouncy house.

They fall in."Sorry." Harriet smiles.

"Not your fault." Robert replies.

Reddy and his gerbil are running alongside Max. The monster runs behind them. Reddy trips Max and gets ahead. Max is caught."Reddy!" Max shouts.

Sam and LF are walking with Jake."Well, this is fun." Sam states sarcastically.

LF smiles."Aw, lighten up."

Jake sees the monster."Run, guys! I will hold him off!"

LF stops."No, we won't leave you! Right, Sam?" Sam is already running away."Wow, really?" The monster catches LF and Jake.

Sam continues running until he bumps into Reddy. The monster catches them and takes them to the bouncy house.

Reddy and Sam fall in."Don't say it!" Reddy says.

LF laughs."Karma."

Reddy yells."I told you not to!"

Herman finds Plat, TCF, and Mrodd."Hey, guys!"

Mrodd smiles."Hey, Herman!"

Herman frowns."Where are the others?"

"I have no idea." Plat says.

Addict and Cod are watching them from afar."We lead the monster over here, and then-" Cod nudges Addict and points to the monster. Addict screams, and they get caught.

The other four see this, and begin running.

Mrodd smiles."Hurry, TCF!" He grabs her hand and runs along with her. Plat gets angry and trips him, but he pulls TCF along with him. The monster gets them both, and Plat facepalms.

Herman runs as fast as he can, and he turns to see Plat get caught."Yes! I won! I did i-" Herman runs into a pole.

Chris and Sunny step out."And Herman wins! He gets to pick the trailer for the team he is placed on later!"So..pick."

Herman points to the one on the right.."Very well, then. Now kindly....where is Oatmeal?"

Herman frowns."The monster crushed him."

"Aw, man. Now we are short one." Chris whines.

"I can take his place!" Sunny says.

Chris smiles."Fine, you are in. Sunny is now with the other thirteen. Have a good sleep, the next challenge will be early tomorrow."

Everyone heads off to bed. Chris walks around."Great, now I need another intern." He sees a guy walk by."What's your name?"

"AJ." The guy responds.

Chris grins."Would you like to be my personal intern?" AJ nods in agreement."Perfect."

Chapter Two-Alien Resolutions

Chris is seen with a bullhorn."Wake up, campers!"

LF hits her head on the bunk above hers."Ouch, my head!" Gosh, I hate this getting up early stuff."

Jake stumbles out of the top bunk and falls on his face."Ow!"

The fourteen teens get out of the trailers."Okay, today we are doing alien movies. You are to navigate through the scary alien set, find the alien eggs, and run back here. The two that do win immunity and they get to pick this season's teams. Here are some weird....things. They tell you where people are, heat seekers? I have no idea." He hands them the small electronic devices.

The fourteen enter the set."Okay, who wants to go with me?" Robert asks.

Jake smiles."Sure, dude."

LF smiles."Me, too." The trio start head off. Sam walks after them.

Addict grabs Cod and Max, and they start walking. Sunny follows them.

Reddy turns to Plat, TCF, and Mrodd."Can I-"

Plat cuts him off."No, just don't even ask." They walk off, and Reddy looks down.

Herman puts a hand on his shoulder."Come on, we can go together." Reddy smiles at him.

Harriet runs off after Robert."Wait up!"

Herman and Reddy start walking.

Addict turns to Cod and Max."Guys, we can do this!"

Cod shrugs. Max smiles."This is going to be all-too easy." He states.

Sunny runs up."Hey, guys! What's up!?"

Addict laughs awkwardly."Who are you again?"

Sunny smiles."I was Chris's intern. Chris said he needed an intern, and someone insane enough to do his challenge testing, and he thought I was perfect for the job."

Addict exchanges looks with Max and Cod."Okay......"

They continue walking and Sunny follows.

Robert is knocked over by Harriet tripping."Sorry." Robert facepalms.

LF and Jake help them up."You alright?" Jake asks.

LF laughs."That was funny." Robert glares at her.

Herman and Reddy are walking down a short hallway."Where would the eggs be?" Herman asks.

Reddy shrugs."You were his intern, so how would he try to torture us?"

Herman seems to realize something."The boiler room!"

Reddy smiles."Let's go!" They turn around to see Elenaz in an alien outfit with a giant paintball gun. Reddy is shot, and Herman dives out of the way.

Elenaz shoots a paintball, and after an epic slow motion seen, Herman dodges it, only to crash into the wall and get hit anyway.

Herman says,"Crap." as Elenaz walks away.

Addict is walking behind Cod, Max, and Sunny."There is no way we'll lose. I have like a sixth sense to this stuff." Elenaz falls behind him."What was that!?"

Addict turns, and is shot by Elenaz."Ow!" Addict shouts, falling to the ground.

Cod turns around slowly. He gets shot."Whatever." He says glumly.

Sunny smiles."Looks like fun!" He pulls out a paintball gun."Mind if I play?"

Elemaz glares at him."No more games." She pulls out a bigger paintball gun.

Sunny laughs crazily."It's on, now!" Sunny pulls out another, bigger paintball gun.

Meanwhile, Plat, TCF, and Mrodd are walking along a small corridor.

Plat frowns."Wow, I am lost."

Mrodd laughs."Yeah, but at least we have each other." TCF laughs, and Plat glares at Mrodd.

Elenaz begins shooting at Sunny, who flips to dodge it. Sunny begins shooting back, and Elenaz dodges. Elenaz shoots and throws the gun like a boomerang. Sunny jumps and flips over the paintball, but he is hit by the gun. He falls down and Elenaz takes his and shoots him with it."Nice try." Elenaz laughs.

Sunny stands up."That was fun!" Elenaz facepalms.

Max is seen running from the situation. He trips and slides into Plat, TCF, and Mrodd, and they al fall into a room. The door closes in on them, and Elenaz pulls a handle. Green slime covers Max, Plat, TCF, and Mrodd.

Plat glares at Max."Nice."

Robert, Harriet, LF, and Jake reach the boiler room. Robert tries to pick up an egg, but it breaks in his hand."Cheapo Chris."

Robert gathers four eggs for them. Elenaz dives in and shoots Jake.

Jake falls to the ground."Guys! Go on without me!"

Robert looks at him sadly and starts running. Harriet and LF follow.

They reach outside, where Chris is seen in a helicopter."And this is the part where the government deicdes you cannot have any evidence of alien existence."

LF facepalms."You told us to get these!"

Chris laughs."So?" Chris lets go a paint bomb.

LF is seen completely covered in slime."Ewwwwww..........."

Robert and Harriet emerge behind rubble, with an egg in their hands.

Chris laughs."And it looks like we have our winners!"

The fourteen teens are later seen."Robert and Harriet will pick the teams. Meaning they will be against each other this season!" Robert and Harriet exchange a glance.

"Plus, tonight is a double elimination!" Chris announces."Must be Tuesday, because I am liking the twos today. What, I don't get paid to write this stuff."

At the new elimination ceremony grounds, Chris is at the podium. Elenaz is wearing a suit with a plate of Golden Chris statues."If you do not receive a Gilded Me, you are out. You will now vote on those voting pads you have. No looking at other's votes or, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goodbye. Anyway, the Gilded Chris' go to.....Robert and Harriet, for winning. Plat and Mrodd. Cod and Addict. Sam and Sunny. Herman and LF. Max. Reddy, TCF, Jake...The final three last time is our bottom three today....The last Gilded Chris goes to.................................Reddy!"

TCF and Jake look stunned."Why us?" Jake asks.

LF sighs."TCF already won, and Jake, you would clearly beat us in a jury vote. Sorry, you had to go." Jake and TCF walk over to a nearby limo.

"Down the Red Carpet of Shame into the Lame-osine you go!" Chris pushes TCF and Jake into the Lame-osine, and it drives them away.

The remaining twelve competitors exchange sad glances.

Chris smiles."What will the teams be? Will there be another shocking elimination? And how will Plat and Mrodd interact now? Find out next time...on TOTAL....DRAMA.....ACTION!"

Chapter Three-To Cheat or Not to Cheat, That is the Question

Chris is seen in front of the camera."Last time, the fourteen teens had to survive my co-host Elenaz dressed as an alien freak." A light is thrown and Chris ducks."Sorry. Anyway, the winners were Robert and Harriet, who now have to compete against each other! Hilarious. And in the end, TCF and Jake were voted off for being threats. What will happen next? Find out today on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ACTION!"

The theme song plays.

The final twelve are gathered in front of the trailers.

Reddy looks bored."What's wrong, Reddy?" Robert asks.

Reddy sighs."The fact I am going to be one of the first out only because of last season."

Robert sighs and walks away."Harriet, I know we are on separate teams and all, but I hope we can still be a couple."

Harriet smiles."Sure thing."

Chris walks up."Okay, Robert, you pick one, then Harriet, then you, blah blah."

Robert thinks."I dunno, LF?"

Harriet gasps."Ummmmmm....I choose Reddy, the genius strategist."

Robert looks confused."Ummmm...Addict."

Harriet smiles."Max."

Robert looks awkwardly at her."Herman, get on over here."

Harriet thinks."Uh....Plat?" Plat walks over.

"Nice choice." Plat states.

Robert smiles."Sam, cause he's epic."

Sam walks over."Obvious choice." He puts on his cool sunglasses.

Harriet frowns."Uh...That was my choice.....Mrodd?"

Mrodd walks over and sees Plat."Are you kidding me?"

Plat glares at him."Well, well."

Mrodd is seen in the confessional."I hate you, team captain."

Robert looks between pessimistic Cod and crazy Sunny."Cod."

Harriet sighs."Looks like Sunny is on our team."

Cod walks away, and Elenaz grabs him."You want to be in an alliance?"

Cod frowns."What!?"

Elenaz smiles."I want you to win, and then we split the money. What do you say?"

Cod shrugs."Sure, whatever."

Mrodd walks over to Sam."Ummmm....Where were you last challenge?"

Sam looks away."I don't wanna talk about it, understand?"

Mrodd shrugs.

Chris smiles."Alright, Robert's team is the awesome sauce Screaming Gaffers. Harriet's is the Killer Grips."

Robert high fives his team. Harriet sighs."Grip, that sounds dirty."

Chris frowns."Hush." Harriet quiets down."Now....the first part of your first team challenge....see all that set supplies? Get it up the hill."

Robert sighs."Aw, man."

Reddy smiles."Team, I have a plan." Reddy discusses with his team, and they begin organizing to get the stuff up the mountain.

Robert smiles."Come on, let's do this!"

Robert and LF start carrying things up, with the rest of the team helping.

Eventually, all that is left is the trailers."Now...Who can pull this?" Reddy asks. Sunny raises his hand."Go ahead."

Sunny starts pulling but fails to move it."Sorry, I cannot do this!"

Robert and his team are slowly pushing the trailer up the cliff."This sucks!" LF states. They eventually get it halfway.

Reddy frowns."Team, push this up the cliff!"

Harriet frowns."This is MY team, Reddy." Reddy steps back."Team, push this up the cliff!"

AJ, the new intern watches from afar."Poor idiots."

Robert and his team finally get the trailer up the hill. The Grips get their trailer up soon after.

Chris smiles."And the Gaffers win! They get...nothing. Each team, pick an actor. The best act wins."

Robert points to LF."Can you do it for us?" LF gives him a thumbs-up.

Harriet smiles."I will do it, guys!"

Reddy frowns."Why not us?"

Harriet frowns."Because I am a good actor."

Reddy facepalms."Fine."

Chris hands LF and Harriet the scripts."Okay, learn this. You have one hour till you perform."

Harriet is dressed up like a little orphan girl."This is so...weird...."

LF is dressed like a robber."Well, this is messed."

Robert smiles."LF, you can do this! You are our best actor, show them what you got!" LF smiles.

"Thanks, team captain." LF hugs him and goes off.

Sam walks up."LF, do your best."

"Sure. Wow, you and Robert are so nice..." LF smiles, and Sam laughs awkwardly.

Addict is talking to Cod."Why are you such a pessimist now?"

Cod shrugs."I dunno, the fact I could have been killed!" Cod turns red and walks off. Addict starts to tear up.

Max walks over to Plat and Mrodd."Look, Plat, I don't want TCF anymore. I have Chimmy, and that is all I need."

Plat scoffs."Nice try, liar. But I will not be tricked."

Max puts hands on both of their shoulders."Can you guys relax?" They both walk away."Nice new team....."

Harriet walks over to Robert."Hey!"

Robert frowns."Harriet...Do your best!"

Harriet smiles."Sure! But when I crush you and your crappy team, don't worry, kay?"

"Wait, what?" Robert says.

"Well, my team sucks, but it does not have the idiots you picked. Only you and Sam are good on your team." Harriet explains.

"You friends?" Robert walks away.

Harriet is seen in the confessional facepalming.

Sunny is laughing."These scripts are so funny...." Mrodd looks at him like he is crazy.

An hour passes...

Chris smiles."Alright, both actors will do their act. Elenaz will decide the winner."

Harriet begins."Move, and I shoot. This is a robbery!"

Chris turns to Elenaz."Did you check the scripts first?"

Elenaz laughs."No."

Chris laughs."Nice."

Harriet continues."Give me the money or else!" A light almost falls on Harriet."What the heck!?"

Elenaz facepalms.

Chris smiles."Next act."

LF gets ready."My parents died....The orphanage burned down...And now I have no home..." LF sings. She contines through the sad song.

Elenaz, Chris, and all of the contestants end up crying."Elenaz's show of emotion proves.....the Gaffers win!" The Gaffers cheer and hug LF. The Grips look disappointed.

"I blame our team captain." Reddy says, glaring at Harriet.

Herman laughs."Yes, our team won!" He high fives his team. AJ looks from afar, smiling.

Robert walks over to Harriet."I am sorry, but...We have to break up. You insulted my friends, so.....Sorry, but it is over." Harriet begins to cry.

Elenaz sees Cod and gives him a thumbs up.

The Grips are seen at elimination. Harriet is in the confessional."Break up with me, will you? Now I am going to ruin that jerk's reputation!"

At the elimination ceremony, Chris has five Gilded Chris's."Alright, then. The first ones go to...Max and Mrodd! Next go to...Plat and Sunny! The last Gilded Chris goes to........Reddy! Harriet, you have been eliminated!"

Harriet looks angry, then winks to the camera."This is what I get for letting Robert win. Why did I let him talk me into sabotaging my own team? Oh, well....Looks like I am out, Bye, guys." Harriet gets in the Lame-osine.

Reddy frowns."I cannot believe that.......Robert would do that to us!?" The Grips look angry as the episode ends.

Chapter Four-The Aftermath

The aftermath theme plays.

TCF and Jake are seen sitting on a couch."Welcome to the TOTAL.....DRAMA.....AFTERMATH! Here we will discuss the dirt of the remaining contestants! All that, and more!" Jake announces.

TCF smiles."Now, we should have all the losers from season one here, but...nope. All we have is Morgan. Chandler. Rhonda. And Seth! Elenaz is the new co-host, and the others are busy."

"Now we are going to interview the four losers of TOTAL....DRAMA....ACTION!" Jake says.

A crushed thing of Oatmeal is carried in."Uh.... How about some That's Gonna Leave A MARK!"

Random video clips are shown of the contestants being injured, including Plat falling off of a large tree, and Sam tripping while doing slow-mo on the beach.

"Okay...I will know interview TCF, and then she will interview me." Jake says. TCF nods." did it feel to be one of the first people voted off?"

TCF frowns."I thought my friends were closer to me, but I did already win, so I am okay with it."

Jake nods."And which team are you supporting?"

TCF laughs."Grips. I want Mrodd or Plat to win for me, and I know they can work their differences out." Clips are seen of them fighting."I hope..."

"My turn!" Jake says.

TCF turns to him." did YOU feel about your elim?"

Jake frowns."It really hurt my feelings at first, but I realized. They voted me off because I am so epic, so...I am okay with it."

"And the team you want to win?" TCF asks.

"Gaffers, duh. Robert and LF are on that team!" Jake says happily.

TCF nods."Okay then...Now let us talk about the episode drama."

Jake scoffs."We have no idea what to do next, do we?"

TCF frowns."Like I was born a host."

Jake smiles."True." He gets up."Okay, then.....On the first episode, we saw Oatmeal here get crushed. Cod is now a pessimist, Sunny is insane, and Reddy may still be a villain."

TCF gets up."In the second episode, The fourteen of us formed cliques. In the end, Robert and Harriet split up to teams. They voted us off for being awesomesauce. And....not much else."

Jake steps forward."In the next episode, the teams were decided. Harriet became a jerk, and overdid the captaining. In the end, Reddy got her eliminated, and then she made Robert look bad. Meanwhile, Reddy is leading his team, and Cod made a bad deal. In fact, we have a video for you guys now."

The video shows Elenaz dressed as the alien and Sam."How about an alliance for the prize money?" Elenaz asks.

Sam laughs."no way, I don't need a hack like yourself to win!" Elenaz gets mad and shoots him several times."It was sooooo worth it."

Jake laughs."So that was what Sam was doing!"

TCF smiles."And our last guest of the day! Welcome Harriet!"

She walks out and the audience boos her."Hey! Just...relax!" Jake says.

Harriet frowns."Well....I screwed up. I get it..."

TCF frowns."You were a real jerk to Robert's friends, and you may have screwed him over. He is such a nice, caring person, and you....just wow."

Harriet looks down."I screwed up, I get it. Just....get over it."

Jake laughs."Not until we play Truth or Hammer! You tell the truth, good, you lie, and a hammer falls on you! Fun, huh?"

Harriet gulps."Okay...."

Jake smiles." you regret what you did?"

Harriet looks down. "Yes...I do..."

Jake smiles."Next question...Do you really dislike Robert's team?"

Harriet sighs."No, I am just overly competitive and said it because my team was sucking."

Jake laughs."And final question....Do you still love Robert?"

Harriet looks down."Of course not!" The hammer falls and Harriet jumps out of the way onto the couch. She begins crying."Oh, what have I done!?"

Jake looks to the camera."Ummm....see you next time on TOTAL DRAMA AFTERMATH!" The episode ends.

Chapter Five-Showdown at Noon

(Writer's Note:I have only 15 minutes, so I won't be finishing this now. :P)

The shorthanded Grips are seen.Reddy goes into the confessional."If I can turn Plat against Mrodd, I can try and either make our team not suck, or at least guarantee my survival to merge."

Max and Sunny are talking."Are you trying to be crazy?" Max asks.

Sunny laughs."No, why?"

Max looks away."Nevermind."

Reddy sees Plat and Mrodd glaring at each other."Teammates, don't fight. We need to stick together. Who cares if Mrodd made out with TCF once."

Plat stands up, completely red."You made out with her!?"

Mrodd steps back."We kissed once or twice, but we-"

Plat yells."Don't explain your lies to me! Next time we lose, you are so eliminated." Plat storms off, and Mrodd frowns.

Reddy is seen in the confessional again."Perfect."

Sunny watches them."Hmmm...Plat and Mrodd fighting...I'm on Plat's team!"

Max looks quizzacally at him."Since when where there teams?"

Sunny smiles."Since the last episode, silly. Remember, we picked teams? You're funny."

Max walks away.

The victorious Gaffers are seen."Well, my team actually did pretty good." Robert states.

He is then seen in confessional."Breaking up with Harriet was rough, but...I have to be strong, for my team."

Sam and LF are talking next to him."I think our team can slaughter the other one. I am just glad to be on a not sucky Screaming team."

LF smiles."If you are on my team, you better be used to winning."

Cod is sitting alone."Cod, can we at least talk?" Addict asks.

Cod nods."Not gonna happen. You cannot change who I am, so don't even bother trying." Cod walks away, and Addict looks down sad.

Herman walks over to the others."Hey, guys."

"What's up, Herman?" Robert asks.

Herman looks away."Ummm...nothing important."

LF shrugs."Whatever you say, I guess."

Later, the eleven contestants are seen in a western area with Chris dressed up like a cowboy over his casual clothes.

"Alrighty, cowpokes. Since in the old west the cowboys would have to be getting on their horses fast for a quick vamoose, you all will be diving off a high board onto a magnificent steed. In other words, that thar donkey. Who is itchin' to go first?"

Plat raises his hand."As new leader of the Grips" His teammates gasp."I nominate my team to go first, and for doing so, I shall go first."

Chris nods."Very well, pardner. Just know, you have to land on it for the point."

Plat climbs up the high board and jumps off. He lands on the donkey."Yes!"

Mrodd reluctantly climbs up next. He jumps, and falls through the roof of the barn. Plat laughs.

Max gets up and jumps. He slams into the barn side and falls onto the donkey."Skillz." He falls off, and passes out.

Reddy climbs up next."Chris, I swear, if I die, I will haunt you. Wait, no I won't. I might get bored back to death as a ghost." Chris kicks the board and Reddy plummets to the ground. The donkey steps out of the way and Reddy makes a crater. He climbs out."I.....hate.....this...."

Sunny crazily does a flip off and lands on the donkey."Alright, three for the Grips. Gaffers, you're up."

Robert jumps and lands on his kiwis. Sam jumps and lands on Robert. They fall off."Thanks, teammate..." Robert says.

LF jumps and flails as she eventually lands on the donkey.

Herman looks."Guys, I can't do it....I have a terrible fear of..."

"Heights? I understand." LF responds. Herman nods and steps away.

Addict grabs Cod and they jump together. Cod lands on the donkey and Addict lands on the ground. Cod turns to him."You alright, Addict?" Addict does not move."Addict?!" Cod jumps over."Addict, get up!"

Chris walks over."Addict is hurt!" Elenaz carries him to the infirmary."And the Gaffers win 4-3! Next part of the challenge is....a wrangling contest!"

Reddy sighs."Say what now?"

Chris hands the Gaffers rope."The Gaffers will try to rope the Grips, and vice versa afterwards. Understand?"

The teens nod.

Robert, LF, and Sam rope Plat and Mrodd.

Max dodges Cod's rope, but Herman gets him. Sunny, despite being evasive, is eventually roped.

Then it is the Grips's turn. Plat trips Mrodd."Mrodd, would you actually try?" Mrodd glares at him.

Plat is in the confessional."Alright, I want Mrodd gone, I may be team captain, but revenge comes first."

Plat purposely fails the challenge, and he and his team end up getting roped."Well, there was gonna be a tiebreaker showdown....but the Grips lose! They go to elimination yet again, and the Gaffers are safe again."


Robert smiles."My team I picked rocked!"

Plat laughs."Mrodd, time to go!"

Reddy walks in."Plat and Mrodd are voting each other, so one of them is going. Which should I side with?"

Mrodd frowns."My team would never vote me off, they wubble me too much."

LF has a worried look."I hope Addict is okay..."

Sam gets in."Poor Addict...At least we won, so he won't get voted off...."

The Grips are at the ceremony."Alright, the Guilded Chris' go to...Max!" Max catches his."Sunny!" Sunny catches his."Reddy!" Reddy happily grabs his."And the final Guilded Chris goes to...Well, there was a 2-2-1 vote. Sunny voted for Reddy. We have a tie. So...who wants to stay more?"

Plat laughs."I do, of course. Team, I may not be the nicest guy, but at least I did my best, unlike Mrodd."

Mrodd looks almost in tears."Why would you..."

Reddy speaks up."You did mess up for us..."

Mrodd gets an idea."Fine, let me be eliminated." Plat smiles in triumph."I hear there is an Aftermath show for the losers." Plat stops smiling."So...I would love to go and see my old friend TCF!"

Plat objects."No! I demand to be eliminated more!"

Chris shrugs."Fine. Plat, you are out." Mrodd cheers.

Plat realizes what just happened."Crap....that is what you call a lose-lose situation. Well, Mrodd, the score is tied. Wait for next season, I'll cream ya!"

Plat gets in the Lame-osine, and is taken away.

Chapter Six-Prison Sucks

Chris is seen in front of the camera."Last time, there was major drama on the Grips between Mrodd and Plat. As Reddy played them both, they eventually brought their team down. In the end, Mrodd outsmarted Plat and managed to avoid elimination. Will the Grips ever win? Will the Gaffers ever lose? Find out soon on....TOTAL...DRAMA...ACTION!"

The theme song plays.

The Grips are seen, reduced to four and in a downtrodden state.

Reddy is in the confessional."We are being destroyed. But the last two eliminations were very necessary. Now I just need safety for next time we lose."

Reddy walks up."I nominate myself as our new new captain. As long as you don't vote me out next. Well?"

Max nods."Fine, if we lose, crazy goes." Max points to Sunny, who notices this, but doesn't show it.

Mrodd nods."I guess, but if we lose twice, you're so gone as leader, and as a contestant.

Reddy nods in agreement."Sure, sure."

Sunny walks away."We need to win, like, now, so...."

Sunny walks over to Robert."Yo, Robert."

Robert looks at him."Um....yeah?"

Sunny frowns."Harriet made her lose the challenge to make us lose.....How could you!?"

Robert jumps up."What, I never did that!"

Sunny looks down."Harriet said you did. Some nice guy..."

Robert frowns."Okay....Fine. If Addict is too injured, I will sabotage my team. That way, he gets better medical attention, and you guys stay safe. Okay?"

Sunny nods. Robert walks away, and Sunny pulls out a tape recorder and hits play."I did that!" He fast forwrds and hits play. "I will sabotage my team." He fast forwards, and hits play again. "You guys stay safe, okay?"

Sunny grins."Perfect!"

The Gaffers are seen. Herman is alone."Well.....this sucks."

LF and Sam are talking."So we won again!" LF says.

Sam laughs."Of course!"

LF smiles."Used to the never ending victories yet?"

Sam scoffs."I was born used to being a winner." He puts on his sunglasses. LF laughs.

"Silly boy." LF says.

Addict is in the infirmary. Cod is by his bedside."Addict, please get better! You wer-...You are the best friend I have ever had!"

Elenaz walks in."Things don't look good. If he wakes up tomorrow, he will be fine. If not, he may be in a coma for...years." Cod begins to cry.

Addict's eyes open and he turns to Cod."I knew you cared..." Addict coughs. Elenaz walks over and helps him up.

"Well, well. Looks like you will be fine anytime soon. But still, stay in bed. Just in case."

Cod and Addict hug."I thought I lost you for a sec there." Cod says.

Addict smiles through the tears."I thought I lost you...You went all sad and depressed....I had a friend like that before....I did not want you to end up like him." Cod smiles.

Addict laughs."Well, you are lucky I'm all right. I am an epic friend, you know."

"Yeah, I know." Cod replies.

Cod walks out to the other Gaffers."Guys! Addict is gonna get better!"

Robert looks over to the Grips."Looks like you are going down."

The next day, the teens, minus the still injured Addict, are seen in prison cells."Ummmm...Why are we in here?" Reddy asks.

Chris laughs."Time for...eating prison food! The team that has the most eaters of this Prison Cell Stew win an advantage in the next part of the challenge."

Reddy and Sunny eat their food, but Mrodd throws up."No.....I have eaten nasty food before. Never again."

Max nods."I had to drink poison once! Heck to the no!"

Chris smiles."Two for the Grips. To win, 4 Gaffers have to do it!"

Sam slowly eats the nasty food.

Robert eats the nasty food as well.

Addict walks in."Guys! I can compete!" Addict sees the food and eats some."Ew, nasty!"

LF tears into the nasty food."We need to keep winning!"

Chris smiles."And the Gaffers get the golden shovel! The challenge is very simple....The team that digs out the fastest is safe from elimination. The losing team...Poor you." He glances at the Grips."Start digging!"

Addict gets the shovel and begins digging quickly.

Sunny uses his hands th dig."I sure hope someone helps us..."

Robert hears this, and looks down, sadly."Well, I do owe them...I think.."

Cod is seen helping Addict dig."We can so totally do this!"

Sunny, Reddy, and Max are digging like crazy. Mrodd is digging a little slower."Mrodd, hurry up!" Reddy yells.

Mrodd frowns."I'm trying!"

Sunny whispers to Max and Reddy."Maybe that Mrodd kid could go next if we lose." Max and Reddy turn, and nod in agreement.

Robert, getting desperate, grabs the Golden Shovel and beats Cod over the head with it, knocking him out."Ummm.....I'm claustrophobic?"

Addict frowns."Nice try, but there's no Santa Claus here." Robert facepalms.

Later, the Gaffers finally break through the ground. They see the Grips celebrating."How did they win?" Robert asks.

His team glares at him.

The Gaffers are seen at the elimination ceremony."Only five Gaffers will receive Gilded Chris's and move on. One shall not. First goes to...LF." LF catches hers."Sam and Cod." They catch theirs."Next goes to...Herman." Herman gets his."Addict, Robert, you both got three votes. So I have decided, to end all future tiebreakers, you are BOTH eliminated!"

Herman stands up."Wait! I have...decided to quit. Ever since I nearly died last time....I have had fears of death. This show is too deadly for me now, so....I bid you all adeiu."Herman steps in the Lame-osine and is taken away.

"Well, Addict, Robert, you are safe....For tonight." Chris says, and the episode ends.

Chapter Seven-Scary Movie-The One With Good Jokes

Chris is seen wearing a crappy vampire costume."Last time, the Grips mamaged to break their loser streak and beat the Gaffers. Addict was injured, and Robert threw the challenge, but in the end, Herman decided to quit due to his newfound fears of dying. What wil happen next on a scream filled episode of TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ACTION!"

The theme song plays.

Reddy is seen in the confessional."Well, Sunny's little plan actually worked. Now the Gaffers are down to five, and we can finally catch up. Sunny is a threat to me now, though. So if we lose, I will get him out over that fool Mrodd instead."

Max is talking with Addict and Cod."Glad Chris decided to let us interact." Max says.

Addict nods."I know, right?"

Addict is seen in the confessional."Last night, I almost went home because of Robert. Cod agreed with Sam that he needs to go, so when we lose again, he's out! That is what he gets for sabotaging us for those loser Grips."

Cod laughs."Now us three friends can talk till final three."

Max laughs."Yeah, unless Sunny guilts Robert into making you lose again." Max quickly facepalms.

Addict looks confused."It was...He was blackmailed into it!?"

Max sighs."Harriet got mad that Robert dumped her, and said he had told her to lose on purpose. After she left, she called me, and told me the truth. Only Mrodd, Plat, Reddy and I know. Sunny must have done that to guarantee our victory, just to save himself."

Cod is shocked."We have to tell Sam not to vote out Robert, then."

Addict laughs."No way! I need insurance for if we lose."

Cod frowns."Addict, that's not nice."

"And? He almost voted me off!" Addict replies.

Cod frowns more."If Harriet had never gone, this never would have happened!Harriet is only gone because of teammate LF's awesomeness."

Addict smiles."And if she does not win it for us today, her friend Robert goes home."

LF and Sam are talking with Robert."Well, I hope we do better this time." Sam says sarcastically.

"We will." Robert assures.

"Sound confident,for making us lose last time!" Sam replies.

"Sunny blackmailed me!" Robert states.

"With what?" LF asks.

"I cannot say...." Robert says, trailing off.

LF is seen in the confessional."Robert is my good friend and all, bt if I have to vote him out, I will."

Sam is in confessional."Robert, Robert. The reason I lost last season, you, and that stupid idol of yours! Did you really think I would forget so easily? Oh, no." He grins.

Sunny is talking with Reddy."Well, my plan did well, huh?" Sunny asks.

Reddy laughs."You did well, but we Grips are not done yet."

Mrodd is sitting alone." team does not even notice me anymore...." Mrodd sighs and continues to sit alone.

Suddenly, Chris screams and falls off of a roof, and lands, impaled on a light. Everyone screams, until Chris gets up and reveals it to be a prop."You should have seen the looks of your face!"

Addict looks upset."Considering last season, that was a cheap shot."

Chris frowns."Lighten up. The challenge is simple. Go into this Haunted House, last one to leave wins for their team, immunity idol!"

The nine teens walk into the weirdly-built haunted house.

Robert walks away from the others."Whatever."

Mrodd sees an incredibly intimidating ghost, screams, and runs out of the house.

"And Mrodd loses first." Chris announces with a smirk.

"Oh hush!" Mrodd responds.

Sunny starts laughing at the ghosts. Sam sees him and says,"Insane asylum nearby." Sunny freaks.

"For the last time, I ain't crazy!" Sunny runs out."Crap."

Sam is seen in the confessional."I will have that idol, no matter what."

Sam walks over to Cod and Addict."If we lose on purpose, bye-bye Robert." Cod and Addict nod, see a scary ghoul, and run out.

Max is in confessional."I figured Reddy would pown, so..." Max is seen walking out of the house."Meh, would have been scared anyway."

A creepy noise is heard."Oh, Robert..." Robert recognizes the voice.

" are dead, Gunter killed you!" Robert states.

"Are you so sure?" The voice asks.

LF is chased by a large animatronic beast. Sam jumps out of the way. The beast chases LF towards Reddy. The monster jumps, and LF ducks. The monster hits Reddy and they fall out of the house.

LF laughs."Sam, can we go?"

Sam nods."No way, I want that idol!"

LF shrugs."Oh, relax. Robert is my friend, get enough votes against me, and he will use it, guaranteed."

Sam smirks."Are you sure?" LF nods."Fine."LF and Sam walk out.

Meanwhile, Robert, fighting with the voice, falls out of the house and lands on the ground."What happened?"

Chris hands him the idol."You won."

Robert frowns."None of you heard it?"

They look at him quizzically."What are you talking about?" Reddy asks.

Robert shakes his head."Never mind."

As they all walk away, a hooded person walks away from the house.

Cod is later seen with Elenaz."I am not with you, anymore. No more alliance."

Elenaz frowns."Do you know what will happen when you do?"

Cod walks out, and turns around."I don't care."

The four Grips are seen at the elimination ceremony."You guys sucked. Gilded Chris' go to.....Reddy! Max!"

The two claim their chocolate awards."Yes!" They high five.

"Mrodd, Sunny, the last Gilded Chris goes to..................................................." Cod enters with Elenaz and the Gaffers following.

Cod walks up."Elenaz made a secret alliance with me for the prize money, she made us win the first team challenge, that is why Harriet is gone and my team is dysfunctional. So...I am paying them back now. I quit."

Everyone looks surprised, except for Sunny, who looks happy. l

Elenaz freaks."You idiot! We could have been rich!"

Cod gets in the Lame-osine."Screw you." Cod is taken away.

"Well, well. Elenaz, you are fired." Chris states.

Elenaz punches him and walks away.

"Cod is out, Sunny is safe....And Mrodd, but he was safe already." Mrodd smiles. Chris signs off the show.

Chapter Eight-The Aftermath II

Random clips of the show are seen from the last three episodes.

The theme song for the aftermath plays.

TCF and Jake are seen on their custom couch."Hello, and welcome back to Total...Drama...Aftermath!" TCF announces.

Jake smiles."And since we last saw you, three more shocking eliminations have occurred."

TCF smiles."Let's welcome our first guest....Oh, boy. Plat."

Plat steps out and sits on the Loser Couch."Well, hello, there, TCF."

"Hey...Plat. You were kinda supposed to win it for me." TCF states.

"And let that fool Mrodd come here and steal you from right under my nose? Never." Plat says, folding his arms.

Jake frowns."Mrodd is a nice guy. Plus, he's not smart enough to be a villain." A video shows Mrodd stealing cookies from Chris's cookie jar."I stand corrected."

"See? Besides, nice guys finish last anyway. So when no one wins for you, you can blame Mrodd." Plat laughs, and TCF facepalms.

Jake frowns."So you got an alliance to get Mrodd voted off, and then you go and quit. Well, wow, you messed that one up for sure."

Plat turns red."I lasted longer than you!"

Jake responds in kind."At least TCF laughs at my jokes!" Plat tackles Jake, and they fall over the couch.

TCF turns to the camera."We'll be right back."

The screen says technical difficulties, as noises of fighting are heard in the background.

The screen comes back, and Plat is sitting next to Rhonda in the loser bench."Loser." Rhonda says.

"Hush up." Plat replies.

TCF smiles."Now how about a round of That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" More clips play of the final eight repeatedly getting hurt in odd ways.

"Now our next guest quit because of his fear of death....We have the first Gaffer to go, Herman!" Jake announces.

Herman walks out and the audience cheers. Herman sits in the Loser Couch.

Jake smiles."Time for Truth or Anvil!"

Herman frowns."Truth or Anvil?"

Jake laughs."Now...why did you really quit?"

Herman sighs."Robert is my friend, I wanted him and Addict to make it farther this time."

The audience goes,"Awwwwwww....."

Jake laughs."And would you jump at a chance to return?"

Herman smiles."Of course!"

Jake high fives him."Good to hear. Last question: Should TCF be with Plat or Mrodd?"

Herman sighs."Plat." The anvil almost hits him."Mrodd." The anvil falls again."Fine....She should just dump them both."

The audience gasps, and Plat jumps over towards the couch."Lemme at him!" TCF holds him back, and the technical difficulties sign shows up again.

The show fades back in.

TCF smiles."Now then, we have our third and final guest, the cheater who quit for redemption, Cod!"

Cod walks out and the audience cheers.

"Wait! The audience cheers for them, but not me?" Plat asks.

Jake smiles."Let's test it." Plat stands up, and no one cheers. Herman does, as does Cod, and the audience cheers. Plat flips off the audience.

"Now, Cod, what do you think of your elimination?" TCF asks.

Cod smiles."I hated to lose, but it had to be done."

Jake peeps up."Then why did you not hug your friends before you left?"

Cod frowns."Leaving was painful enough as it was."

Jake nods."Anyways, the audience gets a treat. One lucky person will be chosen to join the show along iwth the loser of their choice!"

The audience goes crazy."And the lucky member is.......Kate, from New York?" A beautiful girl named Kate walks up to the stage.

"I cannot believe it! You chose me!?" Kate says, excitedly.

Jake smiles."Gotta love But you and your choice will not join until final seven. So make a wise pick."

Kate smiles."I pick Herman, I feel bad for him."

"Oh, come on!" Plat shouts.

Jake smiles."Kate, Herman, take that there limo to the show! You guys will soon be a part of TOTAL.....DRAMA....ACTION!"

They get in the limo and head off to the show."Did I forget to mention the other debuter decided by Chris?" TCF asks.

Jake facepalms, and the show ends.

Chapter Nine-THIS....IS.....WAR!

Chris is seen dressed up like a man of war."Attention, our grateful audience. Last time, the challenge was to see who was more chicken. In the end, the Gaffers won, and Robert got an idol. But his sanity seems to be lacking, I'm afraid. The Grips went to elimination, and Sunny was going to be eliminated, but in the end, it didn't even matter, because Cod quit. And my co-host was fired. What will happen next on...TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ACTION!?"

The theme song plays.

Max and Addict are sitting together."Now only us know about the blackmailing." Max points out.

"Why should I care!?" Addict asks rudely."My best friend just got eliminated!"

Max looks down."Sorry, dude."

Addict looks away."I am gonna go make a sandwich." Addict gets up and heads for the kitchen.

Max waves."Make me one!" Addict turns and glares at him."Or I can go and make one myself." Addict keeps walking, and Max follows.

They reach the kitchen, and Addict starts making a ham sandwich. Max starts making a roast beef one."Glad Chris let us make our own food when he fired that Elenaz chick." Max says.

Addict sighs."Yeah...."

Addict is seen in the confessional."Well, I am doomed. Robert has an idol now, so even if I get him voted out, I will still go instead. Which means I have to win no matter what. Even if it means getting Max out."

Sunny, Reddy, and Mrodd are gathered."Look, I think Max should be next. Last challenge, he did not even try." Reddy points out.

Sunny nods."That pumpkin needs to be smashed."

Mrodd looks at Sunny oddly, then turns to Reddy."Fine, if we lose, I will vote Max."

Mrodd is seen in the confessional."No way am I voting Max. If I do, I would go next."

Reddy nods, happily."Great!"

Reddy is seen in the confessional."First Max, then a blindside to Sunny....Man, I am good at this!"

Reddy walks over to Mrodd while Sunny goes off to make lunch."Vote Max off, and Sunny is next. I promise."

Mrodd looks at him skeptically."Are you sure?"

Reddy nods."Come on. You can trust me."

Mrodd sighs."Ugh, fine. Just this once, though." Reddy smiles.

Sam, LF, and Robert are together."You are really lucky, Robert." Sam says, angrily.

Robert smiles."I know...." Robert remembers the mysterious voice.

LF smiles."Then cheer up!"

Robert gets up and walks away."No thanks...."

LF sighs."See you later, then."

Sam frowns."Are you alright?" Robert continues walking away, and Sam shrugs.

The next day, the eight campers are seen."Today is the war movie. So..." He hands them all paintball guns."There is a bunker nearby. The first person to make it wins. If you get shot, you are out. Four to four, go!"

The teams separate and make home bases."Okay, now what?" Max asks.

Reddy smiles."We go behind the gaffers base, using the bushes for cover, take them out, and take the bunker with ease."

The four Grips begin sneaking behind Gaffer lines.

Meanwhile, the Gaffers are also planning. Robert is sitting alone in the corner, where he sees Elenaz."Why are you still here? You got fired."

Elenaz frowns."I am here to ask for my old job back."

"You mean beg on your knees?" Sam says.

Elenaz yells back."Shut up, loser!" Elenaz walks off.

LF gets Sam and Robert back to the group."Think, guys. How can we beat the Grips?"

"I will beat them with my num-yos!" Addict says. Addict takes out yo-yos and uses them like nun-chucks.

Robert laughs."Those are wicked cool!"

The Grips launch their attack. They shoot, and take out LF.

Sam, enraged, runs up and shoots Reddy in the face. He turns and shoots Mrodd, who falls down. Addict uses his num-yos and ties Max up.

Max yells."What are these?"

Addict laughs."Num-yos."

Sunny runs up. Sam turns and they jump towards each other. In slow motion, they keep shooting at each other, until they eventually hit each other and crash to the ground.

Addict smiles."That challenge was pretty easy." Max gets his arm out of the num-yos and shoots Addict in the leg. Addict falls."Charlie horse!"

Max laughs. Robert points the gun to his forehead."Crap." Robert shoots. Robert walks over to the bunker.

"And the Gaffers win!" Chris announces."Grips to elimination!"

The Grips are all upset.

At the elimination ceremony, Elenaz is holding the Gilded Chris'."I hired her back because she made a good case."

"Or you are just lazy." Reddy states. Elenaz snickers.

Chris glares."Sadly, you get the first Gilded Chris. And Mrodd gets the next." Reddy and Mrodd get their awards."Max, Sunny, the final Gilded Chris goes to...

Sunny! Max, sayonara."

Max stands up."Me, but why?"

Reddy laughs."You are friends with the enemy. That fool Addict. Besides, you just aren't in it enough." Max frowns, and he gets in the Lame-osine.

The three Grips exchange glances as the episode ends.

Chapter Ten-Deception

Chris is seen in a cop uniform once again."Last time, the two teams were subjected to a war challenge. They had an awesome battle, but in the end, the Gaffers prevailed once again. The four Grips went to a vote, and the votes were against Max. Now that only seven remain, we have decided to bring in the surprises. What will happen now on an all-new TOTAL......DRAMA......ACTION!?"

The theme song plays.

Addict is sitting alone."First Cod, then Max....All of my friends are getting eliminated...."

LF walks over."Addict, I know it's hard. We lose so many friends in this game. But the important thing is that we all do our best."

Addict smiles."Thanks, LF. You are a real friend. I just hope I don't lose you next."

LF laughs."Don't worry, Addict, You are going to be stuck with me for quite a while." Addict and LF laugh.

Sam and Robert are talking."Well, when will you use that idol?" Sam asks.

"When I need to use it." Robert replies.

"Even if it is not you on the chopping block?" Sam continues.

"Yeah....If LF or you went up for elimination, I would have to save you guys." Robert says with a smile.

Sam looks caught off guard."Oh....that's really nice of you."

Sam is seen in the confessional."Wow....Robert would use his idol to save me, and I'm plotting against him....Well, now I feel bad."

Robert replies."No problem."

Chris walks up."Teams, I have a surprise. We have a debuter and a returnee! Welcome, Kate and Herman!"

Kate walks out, and her and Sam's eyes meet."Wow..."Kate says.

Herman walks over to Robert and LF."Hey, guys!" Herman says happily. The three hug.

Chris turns to Kate."Which team will you two be on?"

Kate smiles and points to Sam."His team." Herman is shocked.

Chris smiles."Very well. Kate is a Gaffer, Herman, on the Grips."

Kate squeals and runs over to the Gaffers. Herman, slowly and sadly, joins the Grips.

"Teams, talk amongst yourself, the challenge is postponed until tomorrow." Chris announces.

Kate and the Gaffers walk off.

"So....hi, guys! Robert, LF, Addict, and...." Kate blushes."Sam."

Sam smiles."Hello, Kate."

LF fist pumps."Woot! An awesome new teammate!"

Robert smiles weakly."Hiya, Kate."

Robert is seen in the confessional."Weird....I feel like I've met Kate somewhere before.....I must be imagining it."

Addict smiles."Nice to meet a new face. We have been stuck in this crap fest for weeks now. Stupid contracts."

Kate scoffs."Are you kidding, you guys have so many fans! The world loves you guys! Except that Plat guy."

LF, Sam, and Addict laugh. Robert walks off, contemplating his thoughts.

Herman is looked over by the Grips."Well, well. Remember me?" Reddy asks.

"Sure I do. You were the jerk who almost got eliminated over me. And I hope you realize, you would be dead if I had not been a debuter, or had been someone else."

Reddy realizes what Herman said was true, and walks away.

Mrodd hugs Herman."Hey, dude."

Herman smiles."Hey, Mrodd."

Sunny frowns."I'm watching you." Sunny walks off over to Reddy.

Sunny is seen in the confessional."If we lose, I have to get them to vote out Herman."

That night....

Sam is outside looking at the stars. Kate walks out and joins him."Hey, pretty boy." Kate says sweetly.

Sam smiles."Well, well. Don't you look nice?"

Kate laughs."What are you doing out here by yourself?"

Sam sighs."Just looking at the stars and thinking."

"About what?" Kate asks.

"About how pretty you are." Sam says. Kate smiles, and she lies down next to him, and gazes at the stars with him.

The next day.....

Chris has the two teams gathered."This is very simple. That bank over there. You need to rob it, reach the go-carts, and pass the finish line first. The losing team votes one off, and they get another surprise."

Sam and Kate high five. They start running towards the bank.

Reddy finds a skateboard and skates past them. Sam grabs two nearby skates. He picks up Kate and starts rollerskating alongside Reddy.

Robert gets a bike and starts pedaling. LF and Addict get a bike for two and follow.

Herman and Mrodd turn to see Sunny had built rocket skates. They grab onto Sunny and they start it up. The fireworks propel them past everyone else and they crash into the bank.

Reddy reaches the bank and runs in. He grabs the cash from the cashier, who turns to be revealed as AJ."Hey, dudes." AJ says.

Chris claps."Grips win, you get a head start on building your go-cart."

"Building?" Reddy asks, angered.

Chris laughs sadistically."Like I would make it that easy."

Reddy facepalms, and he gets his team to the go-cart pile. He begins putting it together. Herman tries to help, but drops one of the metal pipes on his foot. Mrodd manages to help Reddy. Sunny goes off, playing with the fireworks. Sunny hooks them up to the go-cart.

The Gaffers are allowed to start building. Robert and LF build one side, while Sam, Kate, and Addict build the other. Robert spray paints the Gaffer logo on the side."I christen this......The Guy!"

"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" Sam asks.

"Just an old game I liked to play." Robert replies.

Sam shrugs, and they get in and start driving it.

Reddy gets frustrated, and yells."Hurry up!" Reddy's team gets in, and they start catching up. Sunny sets off the fireworks tied to the back.

Reddy's cart, the Redmobile, quickly passes The Guy. Reddy laughs, but the Redmobile catches on fire and explodes. The Grips are sent flying into the bushes, and the Gaffers win the race.

Chris smiles."And the Gaffers win!"

Herman walks over to Robert."I think I'm out tonight." Herman says.

"Really?" Robert asks. Herman nods sadly."Sorry, dude." They hug.

The four Grips are seen at the elimination ceremony." guys really suck. I mean seriously suck. The Gilded Chris' go to............Reddy. Mrodd."They catch their Gilded Chris awards once again."Sunny, Herman....the final Gilded Chris goes to....

Sunny!" Reddy smiles, triumphantly.

Herman pulls out the idol."I use this here idol I got." Reddy, Sunny, and Mrodd are speechless.

"Well, Sunny's out, then. Truly sorry." Chris says. Sunny hands his Gilded Chris to Herman and heads over to the Lame-osine.

"But I did say you would also get a surprise....AJ!" The intern runs over."Meet your team!"

AJ smiles."Hey, guys!"

Reddy is shocked."AJ is our new teammate?!"

Chris nods, and the episode ends.

Chapter Eleven-The Blindsided

Chris is seen dressed like a baseball player."Last time, Herman and Kate joined the Grips and Gaffers respectively.They had a fun bank heist challenge courtesy of my genius. In the end, the Gaffers won, and the Grips were sent to elimination. Herman did get the most votes for messing up and being a former Gaffer, but his use of Robert's idol sent Sunny home. AJ then joined the team.So what will happen now on....TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ACTION!?"

The theme song plays.

Addict is seen with Robert and LF."Robert, we won again. Cheer up." Addict says happily.

Robert looks away."I...I'm fine."

Lf nods in disagreement."No way, you are down, you barely talk,you rarely eat. What's wrong?"

Robert gets up and walks away."Nothing, alright?" LF and Addict frown at each other.

Reddy is seen with AJ, Herman, and Mrodd."We seriously need to win this time, guys." Reddy says.

AJ nods."Sure, we can totally do this if we just believe!"

Mrodd sighs."Dude, you just got here. Once you last achallenge or two, you'll know how brutal it truly is."

Herman nods."Last time, the challenges were brutal. This time, they are even worse."

AJ smiles." Maybe so, but if we do our best, nothing can stop us from winning!"

Reddy nods in agreement."Know what? You are right. If we work together as a team,there is no way we can lose."

Mrodd and Herman nod,and the team high fives each other.

Sam and Kate are off alone."Well, we managed to win." Sam says.

"Worth it if I get to spend more time with you, though." Kate replies. Sam blushes.

"Anyway, that cursed idol is out of the game. Now I actually have a chance to win." Sam continues.

"With me at your side, we can't lose!" Kate states.

"Yeah, with my smarts and your beauty, all shall fall to us." Sam says. Kate blushes.

The two look into each other's eyes. They get closer, and Sam suddenly turns."Hey, LF!"

LF smiles."Guys, we are celebrating the best team ever. Wanna help us set it up?"

Sam and Kate look at each other, nod, and walk off with her."Why are we doing this again?" Sam asks.

"To cheer up our captain. I have never seen him so depressed." LF says solemnly.

"When will it be ready?" Kate asks.

"Tomorrow night." LF responds."After we beat the Grips once again."

The next day...

Chrishas the two teams gathered on a football field."Today, four Grips will battle four Gaffers for the win. The first round is dodgeball. Gaffers, sit one out."

"Robert, you go ahead and sit this one out." LF says. Robert sits off in the sidelines.

The match starts. Sam and Kate team up and nail Herman. Reddy and LF knock each other out, and AJ hits Sam. Kate and Mrodd throw each other out. Only Addict and AJ remain.

AJ throws several dodgeballs and Addict dodges them successfully. Addict catchesone,and AJ falls to his knees.

"Gaffers win round one. Herman and Reddy sit out." They go to the sidelines.

"Next is basketball, first two to score move to the third and final round." AJ quickly sinks a three-pointer and laughs.

Addict falls and misses. LF manages to make it in."Woot!I'm good at this!"

Chris walks AJ and LF to the final round."The last one is baseball....The best hit wins! LF is our first batter!"

LF smacks the ball and it flies off. LF reaches third base."Pretty good and hard to beat!"

AJ slams the ball far off, getting a Home Run.

Chrissmiles."And the Grips pull off a second win in their entire career!"

Sam is in the confesisonal."LF, time to go."

Addict is in the confessional."Sam and I are voting LF. She is really nice, but way too much of a threat."

Robert is in the confessional.""

The five Gaffers are seen at the elimination ceremony."The Gilded Chris' go to...............Robert, Sam, and Kate!"

The three catch their awards."The final Gilded Chris goes to.......

Addict! LF, your time is up!"

LF gets up,in tears."You guys betrayed me!?" Sam and Kate look regretful, and Addict whistles nonchalantly.

Robert hands his Gilded Chris award to LF."I didn't. LF, you are one of my best friends I have ever had. Make sure you win for me!" LF,still in tears, hugs him. He then gets in the Lame-osine, and is taken away.

Chris frowns as the episode ends.

Chapter Twelve-The Aftermath III

The Aftermath theme is played, and clips from the last three episodes play.

TCF and Jake are seen, as usual, on their couch."Hello, and welcome to the newest installment of our Aftermath!" Jake announces.

TCF smiles."Today we get to dish some dirt once again!"

"Alright, some episode review. In the war movie challenge, the Gaffers gave it their all, and the Grips went to elimination. In the end, Max was voted off."

Max walks out and sits on the Loser Couch."Great. I bet Plat left his fail germs here." Plat jumps over the loser table and tries to maul Max, who hides behind TCF. The technical difficulties sign is shown.

Max is seen sitting on the couch with a black eye."Gosh..."

TCF smiles. She is missing a high heel. Plat is lying on the floor with the high heel near his head."Why did you hit me with that!?"

Jake pulls out a hammer."Be quiet, fool."

Plat hushes up and sits down.

Jake turns to Max."How do you feel about your elimination?"

Max looks sad."Well, I did good for my team. I still am shocked that they voted me off."

Jake sighs."It's always a shock for you, huh?"

Max nods."Yeah...Now I guess I am rooting for the Gaffers...and Addict."

Jake high fives him, and Max takes a spot on the loser group.

TCF smiles."Now time for more of that famous That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" More clips of the final eight getting hurt in insane and random ways are seen.

Jake smiles."In episode 10, the final seven met two new competitors, Kate for Gaffers, and Herman for Grips. In the end, Kate and Sam became close, and the Grips were defeated. Herman made bottom two but Robert's idol doomed Sunny to elimination."

Sunny quickly jumps out and lands on the table.

"Hey, guys! Wassup!?" Sunny says.

Jake facepalms."Sit in the seat, Sunny." Sunny sits down.

TCF smiles weakly."How did you feel about your elimination?"

"It totally sucked! That jerk returnee ruined my one shot when he already had two!" Sunny rants.

Jake pats him on the back."Sorry...." Sunny goes and sits with the losers."

"And in the last episode, AJ led the Grips to pown the Gaffers in the sports challenge, and the Gaffers lost. In the end, Robert quit to save Addict and LF, so here he is...." TCF says.

Robert walks out, and the audience cheers."Hey....Jake..."

Jake smiles."Sorry you got out, but now we can root for LF!" Robert nods in agreement."Now it's time for Truth or Electrocution!"

Robert is next seen hooked to an electric chair."Is this all?" Robert asks.

Jake shrugs."I dunno. So....Sad about losing?"

Robert replies."Not really, a weight off my mind."

"Do you still have feelings for Harriet?" TCF asks.

Robert shrugs."Not anymore." Robert is shocked, and Harriet freaks.

"And finally.....Do I look good?" Jake asks.

" I supposed to care?" Robert replies. Jake gets mad. Robert gets out of the chair.

TCF gets mad. She puts Jake in the chair."Why are you being mean?"

Jake looks away."I'm not." He is shocked."Because I don't like you all anymore." He is shocked again."Because! I regret quitting last time! I did it to be nice...and now I wish I could have won. But I won't ever get another chance!" Jake looks away, sadly, and the episode ends.

Chapter Thirteen-The X-Friends

Chris is dressed like Batman as he walks up for the usual intro."Last time...The Grips were being destroyed by the Gaffers. Luckily, their newest member AJ was a sports king, and they pulled off a win. The Gaffers sent home LF in a major blindside, and Robert left in her place. We have our final eight, and the merge is now! HWat will happen next on an all-knew TOTAL....DRAMA.....ACTION!"

The theme song plays.

The final eight are all gathered before Chris."Congratulations, you eight have merged. The eight of you are now free to ally with whoever in the next individual challenges. Good luck, first one's tomorrow."

Reddy quickly gathers Mrodd, AJ, and Herman."We need to stick together in the votes, agreed?" Reddy asks.

AJ nods."Sure, Reddy."

Mrodd looks skeptical."Fine, but no funny business."

Reddy nods."I promise." His fingers are crossed behind his back.

Herman sighs."Fine...Only because I know I can beat you this time, Reddy." Reddy smiles, but Herman still looks depressed.

Later that night....

LF, Reddy, Addict, and Herman are talking."Glad we can talk without awkwardness, now." Reddy says.

LF nods."Yeah...look at us...Four of last season's final six right here...One of us need to win."

Addict smiles."Agreed! We should so win!"

Reddy smiles."Glad you said that. Final four alliance, anyone?" Herman gasps.

"Sure!" LF and Addict quickly agree.

Herman nods sadly."As will I." Reddy smiles, and claps his hands.

Mrodd is sitting alone."Hey, Mrodd." AJ says.

Mrodd smiles."Hi, AJ."

AJ laughs."Great to make merge. I'm only a debuter, but hey, you did all the work to get here." Mrodd nods."Reddy isn't a good guy, is he?"

Mrodd frowns."Fraid not, he's the villain. And we have to deal with him for a while."

AJ nods."I guess."

Mrodd smiles."Until then, I can only hope my Chimmy is rooting for me at home."

"Chimmy?" AJ asks.

"She lived next door to me for a long while. After TCF and I broke up, she asked me out while I was on that Loser Island during TDI. When I get out, I hope she'll get the tickets I gave her for the finale." Mrodd explains.

AJ smiles."That's so sweet...."

Reddy walks over and sees Sam and Kate talking.

Kate smiles."Sam, you are the nicest, funniest guy I have ever met. And I was wondering.....would you be my boyfriend?"Reddy gasps and sneaks off.

Sam frowns."Kate, I would love to...but in this game, relationships make you threats. And I don't want to watch you get eliminated because of me...." Kate smiles and kisses him."What was that for?"

"For being so sweet." Kate smiles and walks off.

Sam looks to the ground."Kate....I think I.." He notices she is already gone, stands up, and walks off.

Addict laughs."And then, Elenaz flipped us off, and LF threw the bowling ball!"

LF is also laughing."She dived over it and fell into the fridgerator! It was hilarious!"

Reddy walks up."Kate goes tonight."

"Aw, why? Her and Sam look so sweet together..." LF argues.

Reddy smirks."If you want to prove your loyalty to this alliance, you will vote her off tonight." He walks off, and the trio exchange sad glances.

The next day...

Chris greets the eight campers."The eight of you will make superhero personas. Then I will judge on originality, your power, and more. The winners gets to skip part two. Elenaz will try to sabotage you while you make your costumes and stuff."

The eight contestants are shown working with Elenaz trying to sabotage each one. Elenaz steals fabric from Mrodd, trips LF, and sets fire to Reddy by accident.

Later, Chris is sitting at a table."Judging starts now."

Reddy walks up in all red clothes."I am Reddude! I use the power of red!"

Chris moans."4 out of 10. Not very heroic." Reddy frowns and walks off.

Addict walks up."Captain Alberta! I use the power of snow to freeze my opponents into submission!"

Chris nods."Interesting, and Canada friendly. 8 out of 10." Addict smiles and walks off.

Mrodd is up next. He is dressed in a rainbow suit."I'm Mr Huggable! I'm so cute, no villain can resist a hug." Chris looks skeptical. Mrodd presses a button and porcupine quills stick out."A painful hug. Especially if you mess up my hair."

Chris claps."Very cool, 9 out of ten." Mrodd walks off.

Sam walks up."My name is Epic Guy." Sam takes off his sunglasses and throws them. They twirl around Chris and head back to Sam's hand like a boomerang."And my power is pure awesomeness."

Chris shrugs."6, that was a neat trick." Sam walks off.

Kate walks up next."Epic Girl here!" Kate does an incredible flip and lands on her feet."Ready to beat you down."

Chris smiles."7 out of 10, that was impressive."

AJ walks out."My name is....The Friendly Hero!" AJ breaks a block of wood with his fist."Strong, and charismatic."

Chris smiles."7 out of 10." AJ gives him a thumbs-up and gets off the stage.

Herman and LF walks out."We are the Power Duo!" The two do a nice presentation involvbing flips and showing off their red velvet costumes."We live to serve Chris!"

Chris smiles."10 out of 10! That was great! Herman and LF are invincible tonight, and can go relax while the other six move to part two."

The six others are seen in front of six old ladies tied to fake railroad tracks."The first two to untie their grandmas win."

Reddy runs over and starts tearing at the rope. The others also start grabbing at the ropes. Mrodd uses his quills to slowly saw through the rope. He eventually cuts the rope, and gets his grandma off the track.

"Mrodd is already immune!" Chris announces.

Sam and Kate team up to rip through Kate's rope. AJ uses his strength to rip the rope apart.

Chris smiles."AJ, Mrodd, Herman, and LF are immune tonight!"

Reddy winks to his fellow Grips AJ and Mrodd, and then to Herman, LF, and Addict.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris has seven Guilded Chris'.

"The first goes to...LF! Herman! AJ! And Mrodd!" The four immune grab their idols."The next one goes to.....Addict! And.....Sam!" Kate and Reddy glance at each other, Reddy smirking and Kate glaring. Chris sighs."Reddy!" Reddy catches his Idol.

Kate sighs."Sam, sorry."

Sam kisses Kate passionately."Kate, I....I lo-" Elenaz grabs Kate and throws her into the Lame-osine."Chris, lemme quit for her!"

The Lame-osine speeds off."Too late, dude." Sam begins to cry. He turns to Reddy, who is smirking. LF gasps, and everyone realizes they just made a mistake.

Chapter Fourteen-Sam's Happy Ending

Sam runs up to hit Reddy, but LF holds him back."You monster! What is your deal?! You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?!"

Reddy shrugs."Blame me if you want, but....Addict, LF, Herman, and AJ voted with me, even Mrodd did."

Sam looks at his fellow competitors." could you!?" Sam runs off, clearly upset.

Reddy sighs."Dramatic much?"

LF is seen in the confessional."Reddy deserves a beating to be honest. But...he's right. It's our fault as well. So...I guess I am stuck with him for now."

Chris sighs."Anyway, tomorrow will be the next challenge." Chris walks away.

Later that day.....

Reddy smirks at LF, Addict, and AJ."You guys are as guilty as me. So now, you are stuck with me."

LF turns red."You jerk! You used us!"

Addict joins in."Had I known you were this bad...."

Reddy smirks."You still would have voted with me. You are a mere sheep, which is why you will never win." Addict goes to comment, but he turns away sadly.

AJ gets up."Reddy, you jerk........" AJ swings at Reddy, who ducks. AJ trips, and lands on Reddy's flying gerbil.

"Noooooooo!!" Reddy shouts. He heaves AJ away and grabs his injured gerbil."You lummox! You idiot!" Reddy runs off to the infirmary.

AJ gets up."What was that?"

LF gasps."That was Reddy's flying gerbil. He sleeps with it, it's like his only family and friend here."

AJ looks down."Well, maybe that will teach him a little humanity."

Addict gasps."Dude, I actually have to tell you all something. I overheard Reddy say he was an orphan, and I later heard him say it was a lie for sympathy. It wasn't."

AJ and LF gasp. Addict continues."Reddy is in fact an orphan, his parents....Nobody knows them, or where they are. He has been alone for many years. His orphanage is going bankrupt even. And the amount of money they need is exactly 90 thousand dollars."

AJ and LF look sadly at him.

Sam is alone, and enraged."That jerk Reddy....He will get payback..."

Reddy is in the infirmary. His gerbil, Derrek, is in a bed with a heart monitor hooked up."Will he be fine, doctor?"

"I'm no doctor....and to be honest, I'm not sure." Elenaz replies. Reddy looks down at Derrek sadly.

Mrodd and Herman are seen."Well...Reddy said AJ has to go for crippling Derrek." Mrodd says.

Herman sighs."I guess....We are voting Reddy out, though, right?"

Mrodd sighs."I don't even know anymore."

The next day.....

Chris smiles at the seven teens."Today, you will have to get across that bridge, reach the dragon, beat it, and save our Princess, LF!"

LF sighs."Fine, but if you expect me to be girly, you are gonna regret it!" Chris nods. LF dresses like a princess, and the dragon grabs her and outs her in the tower.

The six others are given swords to fight with. Sam holds back on attacking Reddy.

At the bridge, Mrodd gets excited."I was save the pretty princess!" He starts running across, but the boards break under him and he falls to the ground.

Sam and Reddy run fast. Addict uses skills to get across, and Herman tries to copy him. Aj runs across quickly, jumping as far as he can, and reaches the other side.

Sam crosses, with Sam and Addict right behind. The bridge breaks, and Herman falls to the ground."Crap!" Herman joins Mrodd in the loser circle.

Chris smiles to the camera."Get your Princess LF dolls! The best dolls ever! Only 6.99!"


The animatronic dragon kicks AJ to the side, knocking him out. Addict thinks."Reddy, Sam, the eyes!" The dragon growls as Sam and Reddy run up and stab it in the eyes with their plastic swords. The dragon falls, and smashes the tower LF is in.

"Hey! Watch it!" LF says.

Reddy starts climbing the tower for LF. Addict follows, but Sam stops him, disarming him and knocking him down.

Reddy reaches the top, and Chris hands LF a sword."You two sword fight! The winner gets invincibility!" LF smirks at Reddy.

Reddy drops his sword."LF, what I did was wrong. So....Knock me off if you feel you must." LF looks at Reddy, and slowly raises the sword.

LF begins to bring it down, but stops."Reddy?" Reddy looks at her."I forgive you." Reddy and LF smile.

On the ground, Sam picks up his sword and throws it. It hits Reddy in the arm, and Reddy loses his grip. He falls off the tower, but LF grabs his leg. Sam stomps his foot, and climbs up the tower. eddy grabs the side, and gets situated. LF climbs down, and throws her sword. It hit's Sam's hand, and he falls off.

Chris watches Sam fall."And LF wins!"

At the elimination ceremony, the seven are seen. Chris begins his announcement."Guilded Chris' go to.....LF. Addict. Herman. Mrodd. Sam." Sam is unable to grab his. Reddy and AJ glance at each other.

"Final Guilded Me goes to

Reddy!" Sam sighs.

Reddy grabs his Guilded Chris."LF...thanks...." AJ gets up and sits in the Lame-osine.

Reddy realizes Derrek is still in the infirmary. He runs, and gets in the room. Derrek is gone. Reddy begins to cry. He turns, to see Derrek fly onto his hair."Derrek! You're alright!"

Elenaz smiles."He managed to pull through." Reddy hugs his gerbil. He goes outside to join the others, but Sam stops him.

"You love that gerbil, don"t you?" Sam asks. Reddy nods."To make things fair..." Reddy sighs, walks Derrek to the Lame-osine, and puts him in, near tears once more.

The Lame-osine leaves the lot, and Reddy waves bye to his fateful companion. Sam puts his hand on Reddy's shoulder."Now we have both lost something dear to us. And if either of us get out, we have something to look forward to." Reddy and Sam smile, and the episode ends.

Chapter Fifteen-He Will Rock You

Chris is dressed like a punk rocker of the eighties."Hey, dudes! Last time was the awesome final seven fairy tale challenge! LF won, and Reddy was in the bottom two. In the end, Reddy's plight was considered, and AJ was eliminated.What will happen next on the next installment of Total....Drama.....Action!"

The theme song plays.

Reddy is seen sitting with Sam, LF, and Addict."Well....Can we please continue our fonal four alliance, LF ,and Addict?"

Addict nods."Sure, I mean...Now that we have forgiven you, we can keep you around." Addict laughs.

LF smiles."Yeah! This will be Addict and I going the distance of final four!" LF and Addict high five.

Sam sighs."I guess keeping you along for the ride won't be too horrible." Reddy smiles.

Mrodd overhears them."I have to break them up......"

Herman, standing behind him, nods."Or we are screwed."

Chris walks over to the campers."Tomorrow is our best challenge yet! Get some sleep now."

Reddy sighs."I hope it's not a music-related challenge." Chris laughs as he walks away. Reddy groans.

"Come on, it won't be that bad." LF says, trying to lighten the mood.

The next day....

Chris smiles."This is a sudden death elimination. Five challenges related to music. The last one left is out, no buts, no exceptions." The final six gasp."So do your best to win! The first challenge is to destroy a hotel room. Very simple."

LF, Sam, and Reddy team up to destroy the room. Addict tries, but repeatedly fails. Mrodd and Herman high five and begin tearing up the walls themselves, causing the entire display to fall.

Chris whines."The challenge was supposed to last longer.... Mrodd wins." Herman sighs. Mrodd heads to the Invincible Room of Rock.

The remaining five are taken to a room with desks."You all are taking a test on who knows their music stuff more. Do the test silently."

They sit and complete the tests. Reddy finishes first. Addict, Herman, LF, and Sam finish in that order.

Chris smiles."And Addict passed the test!"

Addict fist pumps."Yes!"

Addict enters the Invincible Room of Rock."Hey, Mrodd!"

Mrodd smiles."Addict, you made it!" They high five."Now we hope for the best. Umm....Can we have a final two alliance?"

Addict gasps."Mrodd...I already have an alliance, but...Sure, I'll join you." Mrodd smiles.

Reddy, Sam, LF, and Herman are brought to the next room.

Chris smiles."Next challenge is....A rhyming contest! Best rhyme wins! Some music is all about rhyming, so..yeah."

Sam goes up first."Chris sucks, he smells like ducks."

Chris boos him off the stage.

LF goes up."Chris is incredible, he's mister wonderful!"

Chris claps, happily enjoying the flattery.

Herman goes up."I would have made a better rhyme, but I didn't have the time."

Chris yawns. Reddy goes up next.

"Blue is the color of the sky above. Yellow is the color of pee. Pink is the color that represents love, but red is the incredible color for me."

Chris smiles."The winner is LF! Flattery rocks!"

LF enters the Invincible Room of Rock."What's up, y'all?"

Mrodd smiles and runs up to her."LF!"

Addict also goes to her."LF! We did it!"

LF smiles."Yeah...we did. We made final five."

LF high fives the other two."Now we root for Reddy and Sam!"

"Of course!" Addict states.

"Yeah!" Mrodd says half-heartedly.

Back to the group...

Herman looks sadly at Sam and Reddy."This is messed! I suck at music!"

Sam laughs."Yes, you do."

Herman sighs."I hope I win."

Chris walks out."Guess my favorite song. Closest guess wins. Winner is safe."

Sam sighs."Friday."

Herman sighs as well."Super Bass."

Reddy facepalms."I have no idea, Jar of Hearts?"

Chris smiles."Herman got it closest. He wins." Herman cheers and runs off as Sam and Reddy exchange a glance.

Herman enters the Invincible Room of Rock.

"Aw, man! Reddy or Sam is going!"

Herman sighs."Wow, am I that disliked?"

Addict sighs."Sorry, Herman, but you already lost."

Herman frowns."For you, ya jerk."

Addict frowns."Sorry. Don't need to be mean."

Mrodd hugs Herman."Thank goodness!" Addict and LF look at them weirdly.

Reddy and Sam are brought to the final stage."Today, you two will compete in the newest game out.....Sitar Hero!"

Reddy and Sam are given sitars."This is an instrument?"

Chris sets it to very hard and puts on The Hardest Song Ever. One of the most impossible songs is played.

Reddy awkwardly hits the notes and quickly fails.

Sam hits every single note, rocking out through the entire song."Reddy is eliminated, sorry."

The other four walk in."Sam, you smoked him! How?" LF asks.

"I knew Reddy stunk, and I am a master of music and the like." Sam replies.

"They why did you bomb the challenges?" Addict asks.

"I wanted to take Reddy out myself." Sam states.

Reddy hugs LF and Addict, glares at Sam, and smiles."At least I have two things to look forward to."

"And they are?" Sam asks.

Reddy smiles."Seeing Derrek and being the first to say hi to you when you lose." Reddy gets in the Lame-osine and is taken away to the Aftermath area.

Chapter Sixteen-Kung Fu Pandemic

Chris smiles, and he is dressed in a ninja uniform."Last time, the final six were put through a series of rock tests. In the end, Sam revealed he lost on purpose to eliminate Reddy personally. With our final five, we have another little surprise. Who will go next on....TOTAL...DRAMA.....ACTION!?" The camera fades to back.

The theme song plays.

Sam smirks."Come on, guys. He deserved it!"

LF sighs."Maybe so, but he was still our friend."

Addict nods."Yeah, he knew what he did was wrong. He repaid the debt he owed."

Mrodd sighs."Wow.....i cannot believe I am the last Grip."

Herman gasps."But I'm still in!"

"And you were originally a Gaffer. In retrospect, you four are all original members of the Gaffers." Mrodd continues.

Addict blinks."How did we not notice that?"

Mrodd sighs."So....I'm pretty much screwed."

LF puts a hand on his shoulder."Mrodd, it all depends on who gets immunity. Heck, I would have gone last time if I had had no immunity. I'm a major threat."

Addict pipes in."Yeah, dude. Any of us could go at any time."

Herman intervenes."Now I'm getting depressed."

The final five sit together and continue the conversation for a while.

The final five are sitting together when Chris walks up smiling."Good news! We have a returnee!"

Cod steps out from behind Chris."Hey, guys!" The final five gasp.

"Cod, how have you been?" LF asks.

"Just hanging out with the other losers. We would have had an aftermath show, but Plat burned the place down." Cod replies.

LF looks awkwardly at him.

Addict runs up and hugs Cod."Thank goodness you are back!"

Cod hugs him back."I missed you, Addict."

Addict smiles."Dude, I missed you so much. Now we can win together!"

"Not if I can stop you!" LF says playfully.

"Go ahead and try!" Addict says happily.

Cod smiles."We will accept that challenge, gladly."

Herman sighs."Well, there you go. The Gaffers are completely reunited, except for Robert."

Mrodd realizes what Herman said is true."Oh, come on!"

Herman laughs."Mrodd, you have me as an ally, relax."

Mrodd smiles back at Herman.


Elenaz and a hooded figure are seen talking."Gunter has been taken care of, yes?" Elenaz asks.

"Yes, he has." The other responds.

"Good, Hood. Hey, I like the sound of that. I'll call you Hood." Elenaz says between laughing.

Hood growls."The master will not be pleased if you-"

"The master is a fool, he is imcompetent, and he-"

A second hooded person walks up behind her."Do not talk about The Master in a negative connotation."

"I can talk anyway I-" Elenaz is cut off as the other figure lifts her up by the neck.

"Continue and I will kill you and hand him your corpse." The man says gruffly. Elenaz nods and he drops her to the ground.

"His device actually works, Elenaz." Hood says. The other hooded person takes his hood off to reveal himself as Gunter, but with a much more sinister look.

"The device is gone. I serve him without it now." Hood and Elenaz gasp.

"The Master trust you so readily?" Elenaz asks.

"What The Master says, goes." He replies solemnly.

The next day.....

The six teens are seen in front of a mat."Today, you will face off in one on one rounds. The three losers are up for elimination, to be decided by a special guest invited by Elenaz."

Gunter walks out."Hello, contestants. The first match is Herman and Addict."

Addict and Herman go to fight. Addict uses kung fu skills against Herman. Herman trips, and lands on Addict. Addict knocks him off, and kicks him back. He runs up to finish the fight, but Herman falls backwards and Addict flies out of the mat area."Herman is immune tonight!" Addict facepalms.

Cod and Sam go next. Cod and Sam appear evenly matched, and they keep it equaled. Eventually, Cod wins. He high fives Addict.

LF goes up against Mrodd. LF charges Mrodd, who trips her. LF falls out of the circle."Cod, Mrodd, and Herman are immune!"

"Short challenge much?" Sam asks.

Chris frowns."I have to do things later, and Gunter is very busy."

Sam shrugs.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris smiles at the campers. He throws Guilded Chris' to everyone but Sam, LF, and Addict."Next goes to.....Addict!" Addict happily grabs his.

Chris sighs."Sam and LF, we have a tie....The score was 2-2-1. Cod never voted, he was....busy."

Sam stands up."Fine. I get it. Tiebreaker."

Chris smiles."Exactly. Battle on the mat."

Sam and LF get on the mat once more. LF charges Sam, and Sam steps back. LF stops as Sam steps out of the mat."LF, win for me." Sam says. He then gets in the Lame-osine, and is taken away.

Chapter Seventeen-Sci-Fi Intervention

Chris is seen dressed up like a nerd."Last time, the final five welcomed a returnee, Cod! Addict and he reunited, and the two were sure they could make final 2. In the end, Addict was safe, and LF and Sam had a tiebreaker. Sam lost on purpose, bringing us our final five. What will happen to this new final five on TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ACTION!?"

The theme song plays.

Cod and Addict are smiling."Never thought I would get to final five since I quit." Cod says.

Addict smiles."Who cares! You are here, and now we can make final two like I'd hoped."

LF smiles."Don't think I'm just gonna let you guys beat me out of a million dollars."

Herman laughs."I may be a returnee, but I'm not going down without a fight."

Mrodd joins in."I'm not gonna give up now."

Cod smiles."Addict, I plan to beat you as well."

Addict laughs."Then bring it on!" The five start laughing, an awkward laugh as they realize how tough the eliminations will become.

Chris walks up."Everyone, in this machine! It is a gyrator thingy. Last one to puke wins."

The final five step in. The machine starts. Addict pukes out the window onto Chris."EW! Dang it, Addict! I just had these dry cleaned!"

Cod and LF throw up next. Only Herman and Mrodd remained.

Herman eventually throws up."Mrodd wins immunity...Ech!"

The final five are seen at a vote."Well, lasting the longest without puking was a horrible challenge idea." Chris says, covered in puke."Mrodd won!"Mrodd gets his Guilded Chris."Next, we have ones for....Herman and Cod! LF, Addict, the final Guilded Chris goes to.....

LF! The vote was 3 from LF, Cod, and Herman for Addict, and two for LF from Addict and Mrodd." Addict begins to tear up as he gets up to leave.

Later that night....

The scene is the ruined Aftermath set."Plat, you burned down the set just because that little girl thought you looked like a hippie?" TCF says with rage.

Plat frowns."I'm sorry, okay!"

TCF sighs."You are going to anger management tomorrow."

Plat yells."Anger management! I do not have anger problems!" TCF knocks Plat out with a punch, and the interns take him away.

Sam and Kate are helping clean up the place."Well, at least we are reunited." Sam says.

Kate smiles."Too bad you didn't win, that would have rocked."

Sam nods."Yeah, I know. But we can't win them all." Kate hugs him and they go back to work.

Robert is seen talking to the police."Gunter was spotted near here?" He asks.

The officer nods."Yeah, not too long ago."

"Hmm....interesting." Robert replies."I would watch the Total Drama Action set, just in case."

The officer nods."Just as we thought."

Robert smiles."Thank you for considering the high risks in this."

The officer high fives him and walks out with his partner.

Reddy is seen petting his flying gerbil Derrek."I missed you, buddy."

Sam walks over."Too bad I got you out."

Reddy laughs."Dude, I'm in band."

Sam frowns."Then why did you lose?"

Reddy sighs."I said I was in band, I've never played Sitar Hero before!"

Sam laughs."Well, we both lost."

Robert smiles."Sam, we are the only original Gaffers here. One of our teammates will so win."

Sam sighs."And if LF wins, she might lend me some cash." Robert and Sam laugh.

Max is seen with Sunny, Harriet, and Reddy."Well, we sucked. Our team really just sucked." Max points out.

Harriet nods."And I lost my boyfriend......"

Sunny tears up."And I lost my job..."

Reddy smiles."At least I didn't lose anything....not yet, at least."

Max agrees."Meh, all I lost was a pocket watch." Sunny pulls his sleeve up.

Sunny changes the topic."Well, My crazy persona failed. I'm not crazy, that was merely an act." They laugh."No, I'm serious!"

The front door opens, and they turn to see Cod enter the room."Cod, why are you here?" Jake asks.

Cod smiles."The reason I returned was because Chris was paying me to cause drama, and.."


The final five are seen at a vote."Well, lasting the longest without puking was a horrible challenge idea." Chris says, covered in puke."Mrodd won!"Mrodd gets his Guilded Chris."Next, we have ones for....Herman and Cod! LF, Addict, the final Guilded Chris goes to.....

LF! The vote was 3 from LF, Cod, and Herman for Addict, and two for LF from Addict and Mrodd." Addict begins to tear up as he gets up to leave.

Cod gets up."No. I quit."

Chris gasps."Cod. I paid you to come back and make drama!"

"And you made me vote of my best friend, and you revealed it to the world! Not gonna happen! Addict belongs here, I don't. Peace out!"

Back to the present...

"So LF, Addict, Mrodd, and Herman are final four?" Sam asks. Cod nods, and the episode ends.

Chapter Eighteen-Furry Vengeance II

Chris is seen smiling in front of the camera."Last time, our final five had a nasty challenge, and my dry cleaning got ruined! In the end, Cod quit again, and the bottom two, LF and Addict, were saved once again. Who will go next on TOTAL......DRAMA.....ACTION!?"

The theme song plays.

Addict is glaring at LF and Herman."You guys voted me out?" Addict asks.

LF glares at Addict and Mrodd."You guys voted me out!" LF responds.

Addict sighs."Sorry, but you are a threat."

LF sighs."As are you, friend."

Mrodd intervenes."Hey...The four of us here made it..."

Herman joins in."Yeah, so come on...We are in the final four! We can do this!"

Herman is seen in the confessional."Final four sucked for me last time...But this time no one will try to gun me down."


A police car is seen circling the lot."Any signs of suspicious activity?" The driver asks.

The other officer nods."Nah, I don't see anyone."

Robert pops up in the back seat."Hey, guys!"

The cops freak out."How did you hide in there?" One asks.

"I snuck in when you guys stopped for donuts." Robert replies.

"You can't be here with us, kid." The officer states.

"I know who we are dealing with! I can help!" Robert defends himself. The officer nods in disagreement, when the driver shouts. The car swerves to avoid hitting a hooded figure, and it rolls into a ditch. Robert crawls out and looks up to see Hood. Hood takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Draven.

"Well, well. You broke my Harriet's heart. Maybe I should crush yours." Draven says maniacally. Draven steps back as Gunter carries Robert off."What about the officers?" Draven asks.

Gunter turns and pulls out a lighter."Gas tank."

Draven catches the lighter and looks to the officers."No...I won't do it.."Draven says. He turns to see that Gunter is already gone."Gunter?"

Elenaz and the bowl of Oatmeal are seen."Will this machine work?"

Albert laughs."Of course!" Albert turns on the machine and it hits the oatmeal. An explosion occurs, but the machine remains unharmed."Perfect."

A teen steps up."I am...alive?"

"Living Oatmeal. And together, we will make the humans pay." Albert says, and the two laugh maniacally. Elenaz looks weirdly at them.

The final four are seen the next day in front of Chris."Today is Animal Buddy Movie day. Addict, you get this raccoon."

Addict gets his raccoon."Okay..."

LF is walked over to the bear. Herman is taken near the shark tank. Mrodd is given a bunny. Mrodd goes to hug it, but it growls like a monster, and Mrodd drops it.

"The challenge is to get to the other side of this forest with your animal. And there is a river, so relax.Last one there is eliminated. " Chris announces.

Herman pushes the tank into the river, and the shark attacks him. He falls in the river and they are pushed along.

Addict grabs his raccoon and runs as fast as he can. LF gets meat and leads her bear into the forest. Mrodd yells as the bunny climbs into his shirt, and he runs through the forest as well."This is gonna be great!" Chris says, laughing. He gets on an ATV and starts driving around the forest.

Addict watches his raccoon lead him down a tree hole. He falls in to see the raccoons have built a civilized tree house. Addict smiles." epic!" The raccoon runs over and gets Addict a map. Addict smiles and the two get out and head towards their destination.

LF is easily outrunning the bear."Come on! Hurry up, I need to win!"


Albert leads Elenaz, Oatmeal, Draven, and Gunter to the other side of the forest. Robert wakes up and gets himself untied. He sneaks away and follows from a distance.


Herman is continuing his brutal fight with his shark."I need to win!"

Mrodd falls down a large hill. The bunny growls again, and Mrodd runs as fast as he can, visibly upset.

Addict gets out of the forest and sees Chris."Yes!"

Chris smiles. LF comes out with the bear following. Mrodd jumps out yelling."Get this bunny away from me!" The bunny hops after Mrodd.

Herman and his shark fly overhead. Herman knocks it into the river and runs over."Herman, you are out. Sorry, dude."

Herman shouts."Fourth again!? Only a loser gets fourth twice in a row!"

Chris is about to say something when Albert runs up and knocks him aside.

Albert laughs."This time....I won't fail!" Elenaz runs up and attacks LF, Draven mauls Mrodd, and Oatmeal strikes out against Addict."This time, I have the numbers!"

Robert and Gunter charge at Robert. Gunter smiles."Like I was actually on your team? Your devices always fail, Albert." Albert, enraged, pulls out a gun."Then I have to kill you myself." Herman knocks into Albert, who falls down the hill.

"Oops." Herman says. Albert runs up and punches Herman, knocking him out. Albert then turns to Gunter and Robert.

"No games this time!" Albert charges and the episode ends.

Chapter Nineteen-Total Drama Action: The Movie

Albert lunges at Gunter, who falls back."You betrayed me! The only reason you still live is because of me!" Albert shouts.

"I would not have almost died if it wasn't for you in the first place!" Gunter replies.

Draven lunges at Mrodd, who ducks."Draven, why?" Mrodd asks.

Draven yells."Because! I was supposed to win Harriet over and get the money! Robert ruined that, now he and his friends have to die!"

LF smacks Elenaz."Nutty girl, step back!"

Elenaz wipes the blood off of her lip."I am doing this for the money. LF, join us. We can split the money."

LF nods."In your dreams, maybe!" LF punches Elenaz again, and Elenaz lunges at her.

Oatmeal stands before Addict."Now I have the power!" Oatmeal lunges, but Addict beats him back with his num-yos."Fool!"

Addict laughs."Breakfast cannot beat me!"

Oatmeal laughs."We shall see!"

Addict continues to smack Oatmeal around with his num-yos."Yeah, we will."

Albert knocks Gunter aside."How did you survive?" Robert asks.



Albert pulls out a hook gun and shoots at the side of the cliff. He swings himself and Gunter into a little crevice. "Well, this is my lucky day." Albert says.

Gunter jumps back."Bring it, you monster!" Albert quickly knocks him out.

Back to the present...

"After I escaped with him, I built a device that would control him. I got Draven and Elenaz to join me, and turning Oatmeal into a human to serve me was so simple."

Robert sighs."This time, you're finished!" Robert runs off towards the nearby cliff. Gunter follows, as does Albert.

Herman wakes up and gets an idea. He heads off into the forest.

Mrodd continues to dodge Draven's attacks."Draven, I'm a lover, not a fighter."

"Bad for you. I happen to be both!" Draven lunges and Mrodd jumps to the side. Draven falls into a lgiht and is knocked out.

Mrodd sighs."That was anticlimactic."

Elenaz knocks LF down."You are going down!" Mrodd tackles Elenaz from behind.

"Leave my friend alone!" Mrodd shouts.

Addict uses his num-yos and smacks them into Oatmeal, who starts melting."No....NO! The experiment is not keeping me stable! NO!" Oatmeal gradually melts into Oatmeal. Addict puts him in a bowl and walks away.

Addict sees Chris and helps him up."You alright?"

Chris smiles."Thanks, kid."

Addict uses his num-yos and ties Elenaz up."man, I pown." Draven gets up and mauls Addict.


Gunter and Albert are battling it out. Albert knocks Gunter out, and then he turns to Robert."Your turn."

Herman blows a trumpet, and an army of raccoons, bunnies the bear, and the shark maul Albert, who falls off the cliff.

Herman smiles."Payback's a -" Herman is interrupted as the animals run back to their homes and Robert hugs Herman."Dude, thank you so much."

Mrodd gets angry and punches Draven in the face, knocking him out."Where did that come from?"

That night, Elenaz and Draven are taken away by the cops. One of the officers tastes the oatmeal and pukes."This Oatmeal went bad!"

Robert and Herman sit in the Lame-osine."Well?" Robert asks.

"Addict saved me, so he gets to decide who he takes with him to final two." Chris smiles.

Addict gets up."LF has been my longtime teammate...Mrodd saved me from Draven....I choose....

Mrodd! LF, I am so sorry, but I know you would beat me!"

LF sighs."Meh, you're right. I would have smoked you. See you at the finale. LF and Addict hug, and LF leaves in the Lame-osine.

"Our final two!" Chris puts his hands on Addict and Mrodd, and the episode ends.

Chapter Twenty-Totally Dramatic Finale II

Chris is seen in a limo with Mrodd and Addict."Last time, our final three and I were in a battle against an old nightmare. Addict saved me and helped the most, and he made final two. He chose to compete against Mrodd because LF was a bigger threat. Today, Total Drama Action finally comes to an end!"

The theme song plays.

Mrodd and Addict are brought before the jury.

"Like last time, I mention the losers, and then they vote." Chris announces.

"Oatmeal got crushed, so Chandler will vote for him."

Chandler smiles and joins jury.

"TCF and Jake were booted for being major threats."

TCF smiles."We are awesomesauce!"

Jake stands up."Well, come on. We all know I could have won."

"Not really." Chris says, watching Jake blush with anger."Harriet became a total hag, and-" Harriet throws a chair at Chris and sits down.

"Plat left for Mrodd to be with TCF." Plat sits next to TCF, who scoots away.

"Max was voted out of his team over Sunny." Max walks in.

"Sunny was voted out due to Herman using Robert's idol." Sunny leaps in.

"Robert left for his friends LF and Addict." Robert walks in and gives the final two a thumbs-up.

"Kate was voted out by Reddy." Kate walks in, but stands by the door.

"AJ was voted out instead of Reddy."

AJ walks in."At least our final two is decent." AJ comments.

"Reddy was personally eliminated by Sam in the music challenge."

Reddy walks out and Kate punches him."I thought you forgave me?" Reddy asks.

Kate laughs."In the studio, yeah. Not on national television."

Reddy and Kate sit down.

"Sam was voted out for being a major threat." Sam sits down.

"Cod quit for his friend Addict." Cod walks out, smiling.

"Herman was the loser of the final four challenge and was subsequently eliminated."

Herman walks out.

"And LF was eliminated by Addict!" LF walks out, smiling.

"Now, our jury will vote. Simple as that. Person with most votes wins." Chris states.

Chandler smiles."Addict, he was nicer to his teammates than Mrodd."

Mrodd forces a smile."Thanks for the criticism. "

TCF laughs."Mrodd, duh."

Jake smiles."Addict. He and Cod are just so nice. Sorry, Mrodd. But if I remember right, he wanted me to win last time."

Chris smiles."Two to one...Dramatic..."

Harriet sighs."Mrodd, he was my teammate and all."

Plat growls."Addict."

Max sighs."Mrodd, I guess."

Sunny smiles."Mrodd has to win!"

Robert smiles."Addict! You can do it, teammate.!"

Chris smiles."Four against four."

"Addict." Kate says.

"Mrodd, he was nice to me." AJ says.

Reddy sighs."Mrodd, I owe him for being a bad teammate."

Mrodd smiles."Reddy, you were a great teammate." Reddy smiles back.

Chris laughs."Five to six."

Sam sighs."Addict deserves it more, sorry."

Cod laughs."Addict, duh!"

Herman smiles."Mrodd, duh!"

"Seven to seven, LF is the deciding vote!" Chris announces.

"Crap." Addict says.

LF smiles deviously."Well, I have thought really tough on this decision. I should vote Mrodd just to spite Addict for eliminating me, but then again, I would have done the same to him. So....I vote.......Addict. He was allied with me the whole time, and he deserves it. Mrodd, sorry hon."

Addict cheers as Chris hands him the million dollars. Addict begins celebrating as the episode ends abruptly.

The screen comes back with the words Totally Dramatic:The Musical on the screen, before it finally fades to black.

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Eliminated Oatmeal Double Harriet None Plat Herman Cod None Max Sunny Robert None Kate AJ Reddy Sam Cod Herman LF Mrodd
Place Voter Votes
8th AJ Debuts Week 10 SAFE WIN SAFE WIN OUT
9th Kate Debuts Week 10 WIN SAFE SAFE OUT
16th Harriet SAFE WIN OUT
17th/18th Jake SAFE OUT
18th/17th TCF SAFE OUT
19th Oatmeal OUT
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