This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Welcome to Totally Dramatic Island, where 22 campers will go head-to-head for one million dollars! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will end up singing the blues? Find out on Totally Dramatic Island!

The Campers

1. Robert

2. Sam

3. Morgan

4. Chandler

5. Plat

6. TCF

7. LF

8. Mrodd

9. Roy

10. Cod

11. Draven

12. Kev

13. TDAddict

14. Elenaz

15. Harriet

16. Rhonda

17. Jake

18. Reddy

19. Evil

20. Oat

21. Seth

22. Max

Chapter One-Welcome To Camp Wawanakwa

The camera pans in on the legendary Chris McClean, who is standing on a dock."Welcome, to Camp Wawanakwa. Here, twenty-two campers will compete in challenges for the grand prize of $100,000 dollars. Each week, all but one camper will recieve a marshmallow. Let's meet our contestants!"

A boat comes up, and a friendly-looking person gets off."Hey, Chris. My name's Mrodd!"

Chris smiles."I'll pretend I care. And we have TCF, AKA Britty."

A boat comes up, and a girl steps off."Hi, guys!"

Mrodd smiles."Wanna be friends?"

Before she can answer, the next boat pulls up. A guy jumps off."Hey, all! Catch!" He throws his suitcase to Mrodd, who tries to catch it. It hits him in the groin.

Chris laughs."Good stuff. This is Robert." Robert walks over to the group.

The next boat pulls up, and a guy in all red steps off."My name is Reddy." He steps off and walks over.

Another boat pulls up, and a nice-looking girl steps off."My name is LF, and I am in it to win it!"

Chris smiles."I like the enthusiam. Our next contestan is Jake!"

Yet another guy arrives. He is smiling, and wearing jeans and a pink shirt."Hi, guys. :3"

Robert high fives him."I love pink!"

Jake returns the favor."I know right?"

Another boy gets on the docks."I'm Plat, and I..." He sees TCF and goes into a trance. He stumbles over, staring at her.

The next boat arrives. Reddy walks up and picks up a box of Oatmeal."This is a contestant?"

Chris laughs."There was a kid named Oatmeal, but this was way funnier!"

A girl steps off."My name is Rhonda! Nice to meet you!" She walks over to the group.

Another guy arrives."I am not very social, even though I am a sex god. So don't pester me." LF and Rhonda roll their eyes.

Chris smiles."This is Sam."

Two new people arrive on the next boat."My name is Draven. This is Kev." They walk over to the group.

A weirdo gets off the next boat."My name is Evil, don't *beep* with me. What!? I can't say *beep*. What about *beep*. Fine, lemme try the worst curse word ever! Justin Bieber!....Nothing."

A boy arrives playing a 3DS."I got all of the new games! It is so cool!"

Chris grins."No technology here! Put all electronics in this bin." Everyone groans and gives up their technology.

The boy complains."Aw,man. I'm Cod."

A nerdy kid in glasses arrives."I'm Roy." No one greets him.

Another kid in glasses arrives."I'm Chandler!"

Robert smiles."Hey,dude! Name's Robert." Everyone greets Chandler. Roy storms over to Chris.

A kid with scars arrives."My name is Morgan. wanna hear a joke?"

TCF replies."Sure!"

Morgan smiles."Your mom." Everyone stares blankly at him.

Chris laughs."We might have our first out right here."

Morgan frowns and walks over.

Yet another boy arrives."I'm Max. Nice to meet you." He high fives everyone and sits down.

A girl arrives."My name is Harriet. How are you all?"

Robert smiles."Just fine."

Draven runs up and shows her a horror comic."Like it?" Harriet pushes him to the ground.

Kev runs over to Draven, but trips, and lands on him.

Another boy arrives."My name is TDAddict. Weird, but it sounded cool to my parents."

Mrodd walks up."You seem familiar. Maybe it is my imagination."

Harriet smiles. She turns to Sam, who is flexing at her."Weirdo!" She walks off.

Sam frowns."She wasn't my type anyway." Jake puts a hand on his shoulder, but Sam moves away.

Another boat arrives."My name is Seth. I am here to make friends, and.."

Sam interrupts."Nobody cares." Seth frowns and walks over.

Rhonda frowns."Jerk." Sam shrugs.

A girl arrives."I am Elenaz. I signed up for this reality show, for one reason."

Chris frowns."And?"

Elenaz smiles."I signed up for this reality show, stating I can win 10 million, but I have to lose a reality show. A second chance thing. So, I quit. Bye!" A helicopter arrives, and Elenaz gets on it."Bye, suckers!"

Chris frowns."Now we only have 21 competitors. Oh, well. To the mess hall!"

They arrive at the mess hall, where Chef is speaking."I will serve this 3 times a day. And you will eat it, 3 times a day. Got it?"

Harriet speaks up."Mine is moving." Chef pounds it with a mallet. Everyone else frowns.

Chris gathers the campers back at the docks."Okay. Robert, Mrodd, Jake, Reddy, TDAddict, Plat, TCF, LF, Cod, Morgan, and Chandler are the Killer Bass! Which means the Screaming Gophers are Evil, Oat, Max, Seth, Sam, Roy, Draven, Kev, Harriet, and Rhonda. They would have had Elenaz, but too late. Tomorrow is the first challenge! Be ready!"

The campers all went to bed. Chris faced the camera."Will the Gophers live one short? Will the Bass fall flat? And will there ever be an exciting moment? Find out next time, on TOTAL....DRAMA...ISLAND!"

Chapter Two-Wawanakwa Wild!

The campers are shown asleep in their cabins. The camera follows a seagull with trash caught around its neck fly into the camera. The camera hits the ground, and the vision fades out.

It fades back in with Chris and the campers in the lunchroom."Alright, campers. Today's challenge is gonna be fun. I'm gonnas strand you in the middle of the forest, and then you have to make your way back. Last camper back here loses for their team. And nighty-night!" The campers are tranquilized.

Mrodd awakens near Chandler and Morgan."Guys, get up! We need to win this!"

Chandler replies."I'm too tired."

Mrodd yells."We just slept for eight hours! Now move!"

Chandler stands up, grumbling."I hate you."

Mrodd, tears welling up, runs into the forest. Morgan walks up."Harsh,dude."

Chandler shrugs."I was joking!?" Morgan walks away.

Reddy awakens. He looks on his stomach to see a gerbil."Why is this here? Shoo!" The gerbil jumps up and flies away."So awesome!"It lands in a tree. "Come here, little fellow." He climbs up to grab the gerbil, but it flies away. Reddy lunges, and catches it, but plummets. As he plummets, the gerbil escapes his grasp, and goes back up in the tree."Ow....." Reddy says, clearly in pain. The gerbil flies down and lands on his hand.

Plat, LF, Jake, and Robert, meanwhile, are seen walking towards the direction of camp.

Jake pipes up."Glad I had that compass?"

Plat says,"Yep."

LF agrees."You know it!"

Robert takes the lead."Let's just hope the others are smart like us." They continue walking, where they spot camp."Easy as pie." Robert points out.

Robert, LF, and Plat hug Jake and they run to the lunchroom. There, they see Reddy, covered in branches."I got back early. Chef threw me into a grove near here. I could smell his terrible cooking."

An axe flies just above Reddy's head."What did you say about my cooking, boy?" Chef asks angrily.

Reddy looks down."How great it was?" Chef nods and walks away.

Mrodd storms into the lunch room, crying."Th-, h-, Chandler was mean to me!"

LF frowns."What did he do?"

Mrodd,still crying, answers."He said he hated me."

LF frowns even harder."Oh, no. He is gonna pay."

Jake asks,"How?"

LF smiles."I saw a red ant hill outside." Mrodd, Jake, and LF grin evilly at each other.

3 hours pass....

Morgan and Chandler finally arrive at the lunchroom. They get in, to see their teammates asleep.

Morgan turns to Chandler."Wanna fall asleep?" He sees Chandler is already asleep."Okay,then."

Cod and TDAddict are being chased by a bear."Why did we eat those berries?"Cod yells.

TDAddict replies."We were hungry?" They continue running into the forest.

All of the Gophers are seen together. Sam and Roy are arguing."I got all of them together, Roy, and I know where camp is!"

Roy scoffs."Sam, I know where the fricking camp is!"

Sam smirks."Apparently, you don't. It is that way." He points to the north.

Roy stomps his feet."Fine, we go seperate ways. And when I get there first, you will will get voted out for making us lose!"

Sam smirks again."Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night." Sam leaves towards north with his team, while Roy heads south.

1 Hour Later...

TCF is walking lost in the forest. She bumps into Roy."Oh, sorry! I was heading north."

Roy laughes."Well, you are going south."

TCF pulls out a compass."This says that way is north."

Roy facepalms."Crap!" He turns around."Come on, we better hurry!" They run towards the camp.

1 hour later...

Sam and his troop arrive at camp."Knew it. That Roy is an idiot."

Evil gets a spoon, and prepares to eat Oatmeal. Sam grabs Oatmeal out of his hands."What was that for?"

Sam facepalms."This box of Oatmeal is our teammate! Don't eat him!"

Evil nods."Alright." He waits till Sam walks away and contiues eating Oatmeal.

Roy and TCF are rushing towards the campsite."Crap, we gotta hurry." Roy trips. TCF continues running. Roy gets up and hurries as fast as he can.

In the lunchroom, the doors open, and TCF runs inside. The Gophers groan."We lost. Great, Roy." Sam gripes.

Roy runs in."Wait up!" He sees the Bass begin their celebration, and looks at the disapproving looks on his teammates' faces."Crap!"

At the elimination ceremony, Chris is seen with a plate of marshmallows, standing in front of the Screaming Gophers.."Tonight, all but one of you will recieve a marshmallow. The one who does not recieve a marshmallow, must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and never come back. EVER! The first marshmallow goes to...Seth. Draven. Kev. Max. Rhonda. Harriet. Evil. Oatmeal. Sam, Roy, the final marshmallow goes to...................Sam! Big shocker, huh?"

Roy stands up."Screw this!"He storms off. The box that used to contain Oatmeal spills over.

Chris shouts,"Who ate him?"

Evil raises his hand."Sorry, I love Oatmeal."

Chris is red in the face."Well, guess what!? You are out! For eating a fellow contestant, you are disqualified."

Roy smiles."I can stay?"

Chris refuses."No way! That box will continue to compete until it is voted out. Evil, Roy, get out of here! Now!"

Evil and Roy run to the Boat of Losers. Chris turns around."I am too angry to log out. Bye!" He knocks the camera to the ground, ending the episode.

Chapter Three-Romeo and Harriet

Chris walks in front of the screen. He smiles to the camera."Last time, on Total....Drama....Island! Sam and Roy had a tiff, and in the end, they lost because of Roy. The Gophers voted him out. Evil ate his teammate Oatmeal, leading to his disqualification. Will the Gophers last much longer? Or will they fall one by one? Find out today!"

The theme song plays.

The weakened Gophers team is seen sitting alone outside. Sam stands up. "We have to win, we cannot allow our losing streak to continue!" Rhonda nods in agreement.

Harriet stands up."How can we win, we are three short, and one of our teammates is an empty bowl of Oatmeal."

Draven and Kev are seen talking. Draven frowns. "I'm bored, wanna prank these guys?" Kev smiles evilly. Draven continues. "Once we figure out the challenge, this will be so fun!"

Max is seen alone. Seth walks over."You alright, dude?"

Max turns to him."Yeah, I guess. I just feel ignored and all. I am quiet, but that is not my fault. I just have very few friends because of it."

Seth frowns."I can be your friend." Max looks at him, and starts to smile.

Max turns to his team."I really hope we win one, soon. I would really hate to be eliminated so soon. Especially with this loser team."

The Killer Bass are then shown. Reddy smiles."Our team did great in the first challenge. We need to keep this up!"

LF nods."Yeah, how can we lose? All the other team has is that pale kid, Sam."

Mrodd is sitting next to Jake and Robert."Guys, ever seen Survivor? I think we should have, you know, an alliance. A Nice Guy Alliance! What do you say?"

Jake smiles."Sure, sounds like fun."

Robert looks over at Mrodd."Sure, Mrodd, sounds nice." Morgan and Chandler are seen asleep.

Plat is seen with TDAddict, Cod, and TCF."I so could have won that challenge by myself." Plat boasts.

TDAddict facepalms."It was a team challenge. You couldnt have."

Cod smiles."Whatever, we won, case closed. Now if we can keep this up, it will be great."

TCF smiles."Addict, so what if Plat is silly? It's...cute." Plat smiles weirdly and passes out. TCF looks on in shock."What did I say?"

Addict notices a bite mark on Plat's leg."He got bit by a spider! Where is the nurse?"

Chef walks up in a nurse outfit, picks Plat up, and walks away."I hate my job. And my life." Addict looks off, surprised.

Chris is heard on the megaphones."All contestants to the acting stage! On the double!"

The contestants are seen near the stage. Chris is on top, dressed like a producer."Very simple. One member of each team will be putting on an act of Romeo and Juliet. The rest will be deicded later. So..any volunteers?" Harriet raises her hand, as does Jake."Can either of you act?"

Harriet nods."Yes." Jake nods as well.

The teens are seen setting up the show. Plat is carried over by Chef."He will be fine, just a little woozy." Plat is seen trying to talk.

Draven and Kev get together."Kev, I have the idea. When they go to do the big scene, we pour corn syrup on them, like the stuff they used in that scary movie, Marie." Kev nods. They are seen stealing a tub of it from the kitchen and making it red.

Later, the big scene is shown. Addict looks to Chris."How will you decide a winner?"

Chris shrugs."Whoever sucks the least, duh." Addict gulps.

The balcony scene is shown. Harriet and Jake are shown. As they are about to kiss, Draven says,"Now!" Kev pours the corn syrup on them. Harriet screams and slips over the balcony onto Jake. The set begins to fall apart, leaving a giant mess.

Chris applauds, laughing."That was hilarious!"

Reddy and Sam look to Chris."Who won!?" They say simultaneously.

Chris smiles."Nobody, you both sucked. Both teams to elim!"

Most of the Bass are shown."One of the slackers go today!" Reddy pipes up. The team agrees, and they head off.

Sam is seen yelling at Draven and Kev."You think that was funny? We lost cause of you two! Tonight, one of you is gone!" Sam does the neck slicing motion and leaves.

The Gophers are seen at the elimination grounds."Chris; you guys know the drill by now. Marshmallows go to...Sam, Harriet, Rhonda, Oatmeal, Seth, and Max. Kev, Draven, final one goes to.....Draven! Kev, time to go."

"Me?" Kev asks.

Sam nods."At least Draven is creative." Kev leaves for the Boat.

The Bass arrive."We have to vote one off, right?"

Chris smiles."Wrong. I got a call that says that Oatmeal can only compete as Oatmeal, not just a box. So Oatmeal and Kev are eliminated."

Sam turns red."YOU are sabotaging my team! You are a cheating little-" Chef tranquilizes him.

Chris smirks."Will the Gophers pull off a win? Will the Bass ever lose? And do I care? Yes, I get paid for these lose- er, contestants. Find out next time on....Total...Drama...ISLAND!"

Chapter Four-The Revenge of DodgeBrawl

Sam is seen being thrown into the Gophers cabin. He turns around and flips Chef off, who slams the door in his face."Chris is sabotaging my team! I know it! I just know it! I can prove it!"

The Gophers stare at Sam like he is nuts. Harriet goes over to help him up."Dude, you need to relax or something. Get some rest, feel better." She tries to help him up, but he pushes her away.

Sam grunts, and gets up."I will prove this!" Sam runs off to Chris's cabin.

Harriet walks over to the table where Rhonda and Draven are sitting."I think he finally lost it, guys."

Rhonda shrugs."Nothing we can do but win the next challenge, I guess."

Draven is sulking."I guess....."

Rhonda looks over."Are you alright?"

Draven continues to sulk."All right? My team hates me now. I just wanted to play a little prank like my brother does to me...I really miss him...."

Harriet smiles."Oh....homesickness. I understand. I forgive you, Draven. I am homesick too, we all are." She looks to Rhonda, who nods in agreement. Draven smiles, and they have a group hug, although Draven looks away.

Seth and Max are seen talking."Sam is pretty messed up right now." Seth pipes up.

Max nods."Yeah, we may need a new team leader."

Seth smiles and walks to the middle of the room."Okay, guys. We need a new team leader while Sam is incapacitated. I nominate myself."

An intern walks in."You suck!"

Seth yells."And who are you!?"

The intern laughs."My name is Herman, I am new here. All I know is, your team sucks."

Seth frowns."Who asked you?"

Herman smiles."An idiot named Seth."

Seth frowns more."Where is he!? I swear I will kick his....wait a minute!" Herman leaves the room laughing loudly.

Harriet raises her hand."I can lead us!" Everyone but Seth says Agreed, and Seth sits down grumbling.

Meanwhile, at the Bass cabin......

Jake, Reddy, and Mrodd are playing cards when Robert and LF walk up."Can we play?" LF asks.

Jake smiles."Sure, but this is Texas Hold-Em." He passes out the cards."If we smoke you, don't complain when-" LF pulls off a royal flush."Umm....HOW?!"

LF smiles and an ace falls from her sleeve."Cheater!" Jake accuses. An ace falls out of his sleeve." game. Go Fish, anyone?"

Cod and Addict are seen talking with Plat and TCF. Addict pipes up."We haven't lost once. My team rules."

"Your team?" Cod asks.

Addict smiles."Yes, my team. I think I could be a good leader!"

"How so?" Plat asks.

"I got cookies!" Addict replies. The other three laugh.

TCF smiles."At least Plat is not injured from that spider bite."

Plat smiles."Yeah, I am glad I am still alive."

The inside of the bathroom confessional is seen. Plat walks in."I don't like TCF! I just think she is funny, and all. And sweet and stuff. Shut up." Plat walks out, looking annoyed and blushing.

TCF enters the confessional."Plat is nice and all, I hope we can be good friends."

Cod enters the confessional."My team is so great. They are all nice and awesome. Except for the slackers."

Morgan and Chandler are seen asleep.

Addict is in the confessional."Is this really a confessional? I mean, come on. This is national tv, like I am actually gonna say my true thoughts to millions of people."

Sam is outside of Chris's cabin and listens in."Tomorrow is dodgeball, it will be so fun! Eleven versus six, the Gophers are so screwed. Again." Sasm hears Chris, and he gets a sinister look.

The 17 teens are seen at a court. Chris is holding a dodgeball."Today is good-old fashioned American dodgeball. If you throw the ball, the other person needs to dodge it, or catch it. You get hit, you sit out. You catch it, the thrower is out, and one of your team gets back in.

The bass go to one side, the Gophers to the other. Chef, the referee, blows thw whistle. The Gophers quickly get all 5 dodgeballs. The Bass are stunned. Sam throws one and hits Morgan, while Rhonda hits Chandler. They sit out.

Robert is stunned."How did you-" He is interrupted.

Sam smirks."We practiced all night. I heard Chris mention this."

Reddy glares at Chef."Red, do something."

Chef shrugs."Not in the rules, now play."

Robert and Harriet hit each other in the face. Mrodd hits Seth and Max, but gets hit by Sam. Rhonda tosses a ball at TCF, but Plat dramatically flies in the way and catches it. Rhonda sits out, and Plat gets Robert back in. Sam and Draven high five. They begin a tyrade, getting LF, TCF, Reddy, and Cod out. Addict, Jake, and Robert stare down Sam and Draven.

Draven runs up and hits Addict, but Robert hits him in the face. Sam throws his last ball at Robert, hitting him. Jake gets prepared, grabs a ball, and charges at Sam. He throws the ball as hard as he can, and hits Sam in the chest."We won! I did it!" Jake exclaims.

"Not quite. You stepped over the line, you are out. Gophers win. Bass, to your first elimination." The team glares at Jake.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris is seen with a plate of marshmallows, standing in front of the Killer Bass."Tonight, all but one of you will recieve a marshmallow. The one who does not recieve a marshmallow, must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and never come back. EVER! The first marshmallow goes to.......Reddy. Robert. Addict. Cod. LF. TCF. Chandler. Plat, and.......Mrodd." The nine teens grab their marshmallows.

"Morgan, you are really lazy, dude. Jake, you lost it for your team. The final marshmallow goes to...............................................................................................................................Jake! Morgan, time to go." Chef tosses the sleeping Morgan onto the boat. The Bass all smile at Jake.

"Scare the crap out of me, why don't you?" Jake complains. The entire team, minus Chandler, get into a group hug.

Chapter Five-Who's Got No Talent?

Sam is seen celebrating with his teammates."we finally won, thanks to Jake screwing up. Now to keep this up!"

Harriet stands up."To our beautiful teamwork!"

Rhonda is smiling nearby."If we can keep this up, we can make final six as a team."

Seth and Max are talking."We did it, dude." Seth says.

Max high fives him."Yep!"

Max is seen in confessional."Seth is such a good friend. I am really happy to be on a team with him. And we are finally out of our losing slump, so maybe things are picking up around here."

Draven is outside watching the stars. Harriet walks out to greet him."Draven, we are celebrating inside. You are welcome to join us."

Draven smiles."I would rather just look at the stars for now." Harriet smiles and walks off.

Draven is in the confessional."Harriet is really nice, you know? She gets me, amd all that junk."

The Killer Bass are then seen. Jake is sitting alone. Addict and Cod are eating some yucky mess Chef made. Robert walks over to Jake."I know you did not lose on purpose, Jake. You were just trying to win it for us."

Jake smiles."Thanks, Robert. You are a true friend. I only work hard in challenges because I don't think you all lik me that much."

Robert smiles."Oh, hush. One screw-up does not warrant an elimination. Besides, you actually try."

Jake smiles and they hug.

Mrodd walks over."Yay, friends!" They get in a group hug.

Plat and TCF are looking at the stars."I wonder if there are aliens as awesome as us." Plat says.

TCF replies."They wish." They laugh."Besides, if they were alive, we would probably know by now."

Plat nods in agreement,"Maybe, but who knows? The unknown is creepy, but also fun to think about."

LF and Reddy are relaxing in lawn chairs."This is the life." LF says.

Reddy nods."My flying gerbil and I think so." Reddy's flying gerbil flies onto his chest."There you are."

LF laughs."You are so weird. Which is why I think you are a good friend." LF and Reddy smile at each other.

Robert is seen gathering braches on the ground. He bumps into Harriet."Oh, sorry. I need to watch where I am going."

Harriet laughs."Me, too. Why are you gathering wood?"

Robert replies."I am going to have a little campfire with smores."

Harriet smiles."Save me one, kay?"

Robert nods."Sure." Draven is seen watching from the bushes.

Chandler is seen asleep.

Addict asks Cod,"Why do you not talk much, and stuff?"

Cod replies."You don't do much, either. Besides, I am a shy person. Few people talk to me at my school."

Addict is shocked."But you are funny, and a great person to talk to."

Cod smiles."So are you."

Addict smiles."And don't you forget it!"

The sixteen teens are seen in front of a stage. Chris smiles."Teams, pick three people to do a talent. Chef will decide the winner. Go!"

Reddy looks at his team."So who-"

Jake interrupts."Let me do it!"

Reddy facepalms."Jake, who else?" Addict and Robert both raise their hands."Get in there, you two."

Meanwhile, Sam picks Harriet, Seth, and Rhonda.

Rhonda goes first. She juggles, but drops the bowling ball on Chris's foot, getting an 8 from Chef, to Chris's displeasure."That was, and no painful acts, please." Chris says.

Addict does some stand-up comedy, but when that fails, he beatboxes off the stage and gets a 7. Seth sings, off key, and gets a 4. Robert shows off nunchuk skills, but is distracted by Harriet, and hits himself in the kiwis, getting a 5.

Chris smiles."Scores are tied, next!"

Harriet gets up and beautifully sings Silent Night. Everyone claps, even Chandler.Jake gets on stage, and pulls out a whistle."I can teach a bear tricks!" He blows the whistle, and a large brown bear appears. The bear chases him. He trips, and the bear jumps over him towards TCF. Plat intervenes, and gets mauled.

Chris, shoots the bear with a tranquilizer."And....the Gophers pull off another win!"

The Bass are seen talking. Plat is bandaged up, and in a wheelchair.

Chandler is alone, and Reddy talks to him."Vote out that idiot, Jake. We need a strong team, understand? We all have hopes and dreams, we need to stay strong." Chandler gives him a thumbs up, but when Reddy walks away, he sighs.

The Bass are seen at the elimination ceremony."Loser leaves, never comes back, got it? The marshmallows go to....Robert. LF. TCF. Mrodd. Reddy. Addict. Cod. Chandler. Jake, you screwed up majorly, again. Plat, you are now crippled,for a while, at least."

Jake is seen in the confessional."I am gonna miss my team."

Chris grins evilly."Last marshmallow goes to.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Pla-"

Chandler interrupts."Wait! I have been really lazy, and a bad teammate. So I quit. Jake deserves to stay more than I."

Chris frowns."Fine, kill my dramatic moment, why don't you? This was actually a reward, but fine, see ya." Chandler facepalms.

The team have a group hug before Chandler is taken to the Boat of Losers.

Chapter Six-The Return of Jaws

The Gophers are seen celebrating."We did it again, team! We got rid of all the dead weight, once and for all!" Sam speaks up.

Rhonda stands up."Yeah, we are finally gonna own this game!"

Draven stands up next."My prank set us back, but now we can win!"

Seth and Max stand up."And we will!" The two say simultaneously.

Harriet is outside looking at the stars. Robert walks over and hands her a smore."You did want one, right?"

Harriet smiles."Yeah, thanks." She grabs the smore, and takes a bite."Wow, this tastes really good!"

Robert smiles."My mom told me to add a little ingredient to make it taste better."

Harriet smiles back."She is a good cook."

"Was." Robert says, looking down.

Harriet looks surprised."Oh, sorry....I didn't know."

Robert smiles again."Not your fault. Anyways, you better head back to your team before they find you in cahoots with the enemy."

Harriet smiles, and heads back to her team's campsite.

Robert heads back to the Killer Bass cabin. He walks in."Back, guys."

Jake turns to see him."Hey, Robert. Glad you're back. Wanna play 21?"

Robert smirks."Sure, I feel lucky." Jake hands him two cards, a queen and an ace."Hit me!" Then Robert realizes he already has 21, and facepalms. Jake hands him a king, then plays a 20.

Jake grins."Beat that!" Robert plays his 21."Oh, come on!" Jake flips the cards to the ground."52-card pick-up, anyone?" Robert walks over to Mrodd. Jake starts picking up the cards, grumbling in the meanwhile.

Mrodd, LF, and Reddy are talking."We need to pull off a win, soon, guys. I mean, we were destroying them! We just have to team up and turn this around."

"Said the guy who can walk." Plat says, still in the wheelchair.

Reddy blushes."Blame Jake, he did it!"

Jake stands up."At least I tried, our so-called team leader!"

Reddy and Jake glare, and Mrodd and Robert hold them back."No fighting, guys!" Mrodd states."We have to work as a team if we want to overcome our enemies.

LF smiles."Yeah, we can totally do this!"

TCF walks in and goes over to Plat."Stop instigating your team, you are already hurt."

Plat frowns."And you almost were. I hope you are more careful in the future."

TCF smiles."Don't worry, I will be." Plat and TCF smile.

Cod and Addict are outside talking."Well, Addict, we lost. But we can win if we do our best, right?"

Addict smiles."Sure, buddy. You are really optimistic, huh?"

Cod frowns."Now I am. I used to be an incredibly pessimistic kid. I went to counseling, but it helped little. But then I met my friend, Charlie, and I became an optimist."

Addict frowns, and then he smiles."Just know, you are my friend, too." Cod and Addict hug.

The next day, the fiveteen teens are seen on a boat in the middle of the lake. Chris grins."Alright, the challenge is simple. The first team to get back to the island wins. Since the Gophers have less people, they go fifteen seconds late. Last team to have all members back vote someone off."

Plat yells."I am fricking crippled!"

Chris laughs evilly."Not my problem! GO!" Chef blows a whistle, and the Bass launch into the water."And watch out for the sharks!"

Mrodd's eyes get wide."Meep."

15 seconds pass, and the Gophers start swimming.

Minutes later,everyone is on land except for Plat, Jake, Mrodd, Harriet, Robert, and Reddy. Reddy's flying gerbil flies to him, and lands on his shoulder."Not now, this is a challenge!"

A shark is seen behind Reddy. Chris, on the boat near Herman, and Chef, sees it through binoculars."Sucks to be him."

Mrodd reaches land. Robert reaches land, and looks back to see Harriet struggling with a shark. Robert looks worried.

Reddy speeds up, but his gerbil falls into the water. Plat starts beating a shark with his chair, and Jake pulls themonto land. Harriet and Reddy are the only ones left to reach land.

Reddy screams,"My gerbil!" He goes back, punches the shark in the face, grabs his gerbil. He swims to land, smiles, looks up, and frowns as he sees the Gophers celebrating and carrying Harriet off to their campsite.

Chris grins, and gets out a bullhorn."Bass, to elimination. Again." Herman, shocked by the loudness, falls into the water, and is eaten by a shark."Poor intern."

The Bass are seen at the elimination grounds. Chris has a plat with eight marshmallows on it."Loser leaves, blah blah blah. Marshmallows go to...............................Robert. Mrodd LF, TCF, Addict, and Cod. Plat, Jake, Reddy. Next one goes to..............Reddy!" Reddy claims his marshmallow, and Plat and Jake exchange worried looks."The final marshmallow goes to........................" Chris picks up the marshmallow and throws it to Plat. Robert and Mrodd groan.

Plat smiles, and Jake looks devastated. Chris smirks."Give that to Jake for me, understand?" Plat hands Jake the last marshmallow."Yep, in a 4-3-2 vote, Plat has been eliminated. See ya." TCF wheels Plat to the Boat of Losers.

"I am gonna miss you, Plat." TCF says. She hugs Plat, and throws him onto the boat, wheelchair and all. The boat heads off into the night, and TCF begins to cry.

Chapter Seven-The Fast, the Furious, and the Failures

The six victorious Gophers are seen. Sam is gleaming at his awesome team."Gys, our winning streak has continued. But it won't last forever, we need to be sure to only ever vote out a person that makes us lose. Agreed?"

Seth and Max say,"Agreed!" in unison.

Rhonda smiles, and walks over to Sam."Of course. You are the one who has led us to victory after victory. We owe everything to you."

Sam is seen in the confessional."That was.....weird."

Harriet and Robert are outside skipping rocks."Will our teams ever notice us out here?" Robert asks.

Harriet smiles."Probably too busy strategizing to notice."

Robert nods."Yeah, probably." Draven is seen watching them from the bushes.

"Either way, I enjoy the time we spend together." Robert says.

"As do I. But, it is getting late. See you tommorrow?" Harriet asks.

Robert smiles, gives her a thumbs-up, and heads back to his team's encampment.

Harriet skips merrily back to her campsite. Draven stealthily follows, until he accidentally walks into a tree, and an apple falls on his head. Harriet turns."Anyone there?" An owl hoots, and Harriet shrugs before continuing on. Draven grabs his face and jumps up and down, in pain.

LF, Jake, and Reddy are playing Blackjack."Dang it!" Jake exclaims."I suck at all card games!"

LF puts her hand on his shoulder."Maybe you should play solitaire."

Reddy smiles."War, anyone?" Jake hands him the deck, and he shuffles like a pro.

Jake is in awe."Let LF do it!" Reddy shrugs, and hands her the cards. LF shuffles them even more dramatically. Jake facepalms."Will I ever win?"

Mrodd and TCF are talking."I'm sorry Plat is gone, but he was injured. His condition could have gotten critical if he stayed." Mrodd explains.

TCF wipes away a tear."I know, but still...You two are my best friends here, I think it is sad to see either of you go!"

Mrodd hugs her."I don't plan on leaving soon, TCF." TCF and Mrodd smile, and look into each other's eyes.

"Lovebirds much?" Robert says, walking in, and killing the moment.

Mrodd and TCF blush and look away."So not true." TCF says.

"Yeah, we are just friends." Mrodd states.

Robert laughs."I know, it was a joke." Mrodd and TCF laugh nervously.

Draven gets up with the bump on his head."An apple.....I just discovered gravity!" Draven then passes out.

Cod and Addict are outside talking once again."Well, we lost again." Cod says, sadly.

Addict tries to cheer him up."Don't worry. We can pull this around. As long as we work as a team." Addict and Cod smile.

Cod replies."You are right! We can do this!"

The next day, the fourteen remaining contestants are at the edge of the incredible Wawanakwa forest. Chris is in front of them wearing camo clothes and black war paint on his face."Alright, campers!" He throws all of them a paintball gun and goggles."All of you are to go in the forest, and avoid getting hit. Nw get in there!"

All of the teens run into the woods.

Reddy and LF are running alongside each other."We can do this, teammie!"

Sam is seen stalking them. He aims, and shoots Reddy in the butt.

Reddy squeals and falls."I'm hit!" LF sees Sam in the bushes, gets behind a tree and starts shooting at him. Sam takes evasive maneuvers and shoots back.

Meanwhile, Robert and Harriet bump into each other."Oh, sorry. Wait...different teams. Right." Harriet and Robert shoot each other in the foot."There, no pain, no blame."

Addict and Cod are talking by a tree when Rhonda drops out and shoots Cod. Addict, enraged, jumps in the air, does a cartwheel, and shoots Rhonda while in the air. Addict does a fist pump, and falls down a long hill. He reaches the end, where Max and Seth shoot him. Mrodd and TCF drop from the trees and get Seth and Max out.

Mrodd laughs."Addict, your plan worked!"

Addict spits out grass."Yeah, good to know."

Draven runs in and shoots Mrodd and TCF."I will prove to her I am better!" He runs off, leaving the five teens stunned.

Sam and LF continue firing while Jake is fiddling with his gun. He shoots himself in the face."Dang it!" Chris laughs.

LF runs up and shoots Sam in the face."Yes!" Draven shoots LF from behind.

Chris smiles."And the Gophers win again!"

"Addict, you lied!" Cod shouts out.

Addict frowns."What do you mean?!"

"You said that if we worked as a team, we could win! But we lost! You lied to me, and friends don't do that. Guess we are not friends, are we?" Cod storms off, and Addict begins to cry.

The Bass are seen at the elimination ceremony. Chris has the marshmallows."We all know the drill by now. Marshmallows go to..........Robert. Reddy. LF. Mrodd. TCF. And......Addict. Cod, you blew up at your best friend here. Jake, you got yourself out of the challenge! The final marshmallow goes to........Cod."

Jake frowns, and Robert and Mrodd hug him."Well, that.....sucked." Jake says, sadly.

Chris smiles."Always sad to see a teammate go, huh?"

Jake looks quizzically."Wait, what?"

Chris grins."If you let me finish.....The final marshmallow goes to Cod or Jake, The votes tied. SO the tiebreaker is....a ratings generator. We checked the ratings of you two and the person with the higher ratings is..........Jake! Cod, time to go."

Cod gets up and walks over to Addict."Sorry, friend." They hug, and Cod gets on the Boat of Losers.

Chapter Eight-Top Chef: Camper's Edition

Chris is seen in front of the camera."The bosses got mad because I stopped doing intros, but....Whatever. The Bass lost again, Cod went home, the end. On to the actual episode."

The Gophers are seen celebrating yet again. Sam and Rhonda are talking."Rhonda, we did good, again." Sam pipes up.

Rhonda smiles."You bet we did." Sam and Rhonda high-five.

Draven, Seth and Max are sitting. Draven has an ice pack to his head."Hurt yourself stalking Harriet again?" Max asks.

Draven blushes."No, I think she is is in cahoots with the enemy."

Max shrugs."Whatever you say, but remember, we have been winning, not losing."

Seth gets involved."Yeah, we have not lost since we lost that dead weight Oatmeal, and that big guy, Kev." Draven looks angry and walks off.

Outside, Robert and Harriet are at their usual spot."Man, my team sucks now." Robert says.

Harriet smiles."Just keep doing your best, merge has to come soon." Robert smiles back."Getting late again, better head back."

Robert smiles, they hug, and head back to their camps.

Mrodd is watching Jake play solitaire."What goes on a black queen?" Jake asks.

"A red jack." Mrodd replies.

Jake looks through his cards."But....I don't have a red jack."

"Sucks to be you." Mrodd replies. Jake groans and keeps looking.

Addict is outside, and Robert walks up to him."You alright, Addict? You and Cod were...really tight and all."

Addict looks up to him."We made up and all, but I miss him. I guess I have to win this for the both of us, now."

Robert frowns."Addict, you can always talk to me if you feel the need, kay?"

Addict smiles."Thanks, dude."

LF and Reddy are talking."I cannot believe I beat Sam!" LF gloats.

Reddy rubs his butt."I got shot in the fricking butt. That is not anything for me to be happy about."

LF laughs."Sorry you got hurt, but at least you're okay, now."

TCF walks up to Mrodd."Can we talk?"

Mrodd looks up to her."Sure, what is it?"

TCF smiles."We are...just friends, right?"

Mrodd smiles awkwardly."Yeah, of course!" TCF and Mrodd smile at each other.

The next day, the thirteen competitors are seen in Chef's kitchen."This challenge is simple, just make a meal, I will judge."

Reddy gets a chef's hat."Okay, how about chicken ricotta?"

Jake drops his spoon."What?"

Reddy smiles." A fancy meal, of course. I can make it pretty easlily. Jake. don't touch anything." Jake frowns, and sits in the corner.

Meanwhile, Sam is talking to his team."I cannot believe this is a challenge. The only food Chris deserves is mud. Is our steak done?"

Rhonda smiles."Yep, just finished."

The team leaves Seth to guard it."Only deserves mud, huh?" Seth smiles."Then Chris will love this!"

Sam and Reddy both present their meals. Chris tries Reddy's chicken ricotta."Delicious. I give it a 9, great work, Bass."

Chris takes a bite of the steak."I love this! It is! What is the secret ingredient!?"

Seth gleams."Mud, Sam said that was all you deserved. Do you like it?" Chris immediately begins throwing up.

Chris continues throwing up."" Chris passes out.

Chef has the plate of marshmallows in front of the six Gophers."I am here because Chris is in the hospital. The votes are counted, loser goes home crying, understand?" The Gophers nod."Marshmallows go to Rhonda. Harriet. Draven. Max. And...Sam."

Seth stands up, hugs Max, and gets on the Boat of Losers."Bye, Seth!" Max shouts sadly.

Sam frowns."We won't lose again, now that the idiot is gone." Max walks up, punches Sam in the face, and the episode ends.

Chapter Nine-The Shining Stars

The twelve contestants are seen in a huge mansion foyer."Are we here to stay!?" Rhonda asks, excitedly.

Chris laughs."No, silly. This is for our best challenge yet!"

Everyone groans."What now, Chris? We have to fight off horrible mutations to escape before this place blows up?" Sam asks, sarcastically.

"No, that challenge will be after merge." Sam is speechless.

Herman walks out with an eye patch."Awwww, you voted out that Seth kid."

Jake smiles."Herman, you're alive!" He hugs Herman, who drops his walking stick and falls to the floor.

Herman frowns."Smooth move, Ex-Lax."

Jake helps Herman up."Sorry."

Chris grins."Hermione, leave!"

Herman frowns."My name is Herman."

Chris smirks."You act like I care." Herman flips Chris off and leaves."All right, then. The challenge is simple. Last team to leave this crazy house wins. But the last person gets a something special. Good luck." Chris leaves.

Sam walks towards the front door."I like winning, but I am claustrophobic, so team, win for me." Sam exits the mansion.

Six hours go by......

Max and Addict are sitting next to each other." I wish Chris had given us some food." Addict says. Max continues to be quiet."What's wrong, Max?"

"My best friend Seth got voted off last night." Max replies.

Addict hugs him."I know the feeling, my best friend Cod got voted out not long ago. It sucks, but then I found a new friend. All you need is to hang out with someone else to feel better."

Max smiles."Can we hang out?"

Addict laughs."I guess, at merge, though."

Max's stomach grumbles."Wanna leave now?" Max and Addict step out of the mansion.

Reddy is petting his flying gerbil while sitting next to Jake and LF."Maybe we can-" Jake starts.

"No, Jake." Reddy shuts him up.

Jake frowns."You don't even know what I was gonna say!"

Reddy glares."I don't care, any idea you have must be dumb. We lost so many times because of you."

Jake frowns."I was just trying to help."

Reddy scoffs."You are of no help to no one." Jake grabs his gerbil and throws him out of the window."Noooooo!" Reddy runs out after him.

Jake laughs."Jerk earned it."

LF laughs."I guess." Jake smiles at LF."What? Something on my face?"

Draven sees Robert and Harriet talking."Robert, I like you, and-" Draven hears this, tears up, and runs away.

Robert cuts her off, frowning."I like you, too, but it is not safe to be around me. My uncle, he is an evil, horrific man. He wiped my family out."

Harriet is in shock."You mean?"

"Yes, I do. And as long as he is out there, no one can become too close to me. I....I'm sorry." Robert cries and walks down the hall. Harriet also begins to tear up.

Rhonda is all alone."I wanna go talk to Sam, now." Rhonda heads out a side entrance.

Robert is walking down a hall when Draven attacks him. Robert jumps out of the way. Draven has an ax in his hands."She was mine, and now you die!"

"Draven, this place just makes you crazy. No need for violence, Harriet and I are not together." Robert says.

Draven swings the ax at him."Don't lie, I heard her!" Robert runs down the hall, and Draven gives chase.

Mrodd and TCF are sitting on an outside cafe under the moonlight."Mrodd, don't you love the moonlight?"

Mrodd smiles."I do, a lot." Mrodd and TCF smile at each other. They lean in, but before they kiss, a hole breaks through, and they fall to the ground."Aww, looks like we are out." They look at each other and kiss.

Jake and LF are talking."So, what do you wanna do now?" Jake asks.

LF smiles."How about we-" Robert runs past them, screaming. They turn to see Draven running after with an ax.

"Holy cr-" Jake gets up and runs alongside LF. The duo, Robert, and Draven run into a hall filled iwth doors, and run out randomly from one door to the next. Robert, LF, and Jake eventually run for the front door. Draven throws the ax, and it flies past to the door.

Jake jumps out the window, and LF follows. Robert picks up the ax."Draven, be calm." Draven picks up an umbrella."Umbrellas cannot defeat me!" Draven hits Robert in the chest, and he falls to the floor. Draven grabs the ax, and, right before he brings it down, sets it aside.

"I can't do it. I can't hurt Harriet, and getting revenge on you would." Harriet walks in to the scene."Harriet, I-" Harriet kicks Draven and he flies through the front doors.

Robert picks up the ax and slams it to the floor."Heavy rubber?"

Chris walks out."Do you know how much real axes cost nowadays?" Robert facepalms. Harriet walks out of the mansion."And Robert wins the immunity idol prize!" Chris hands Robert the idol.

"Sweet!" Robert says. Harriet hugs him.

Chris smiles."Everyone did well, today. But since Robert won, one of the Gophers is going to be eliminated. And that person is.....Draven. Dude, you went nuts and almost killed someone. Time to go."

Harriet walks over to Draven."Bye, Draven." They hug, and Draven boards the Boat of Losers. The Bass head back to their campsite, but Robert walks over to Harriet, and they lie down and look up at the stars. The other three Gophers lumber towards their campsite.

Chapter Ten-Canadian Idol

Chris is in front of the camera."Recap time. Last time, the last twelve were put in a mansion, where the winner got an idol. In the end, Draven went nuts and got eliminated, and Robert won an idol. The Gophers are down to four, what will happen next?"

The four Gophers are seen together."Harriet, you have betrayed our team being with that Robert fellow." Sam points out.

Max pipes in."Yeah, tonight, if we lose, you are so eliminated." Rhonda walks in, arms a t her sides, and she nods in agreement. Harriet sighs and goes to bed.

The Bass are seen together."Robert; no more hanging out with that Gopher chick, at least, not till merge." Reddy demands.

"Fine." Robert agrees.

Mrodd and TCF are sitting next to each other."That was....great, Mrodd. You are a good kisser." TCF starts.

Mrodd blushes."Oh, stop. I only had one girlfriend before."

TCF laughs."Who?"

Mrodd looks away."She was a controlling pyscopath."

TCF puts a hand on his arm."Sorry, Mrodd. But at least I am not like that!" TCF and Mrodd smile, then start kissing again.

Jake and LF are playing cards with Addict."I won again!" Jake gleams. Jake stands up and does a victory dance.

Addict whispers to LF."When can we crush him?"

LF smirks."One more game."

An hour goes by...

Jake is seen crying."Man, I was doing so well, now I suck?"

LF smiles."Nah, we were just holding back." Addict is seen asleep on the floor.

Jake frowns."What for?"

LF laughs."Cause we like seeing you happy." Jake and LF smile at each other. Robert walks by.

"I saw Mrodd and TCF kiss." Robert says.

Jake and LF look surprised."Weird, they like each other?" LF says, quizzically.

"Guess any relationship is possible." Jake says.

Sam, Max, and Rhonda are seen talking."She has to go!" Sam states.

Max agrees."Yeah, she has to go."

Rhonda frowns."But she is my friend! And she does her best in all of the challenges."

Sam smiles."Fine, we won't vote her out next." Rhonda smiles and walks away."Right, Max?" Max and Sam grin evilly at each other.

The next day, the last eleven campers are seen together."Alright, tomorrow is merge day. Your last challenge as a team is a singing challenge. Both teams select two singers to compete. The best scores combined win."

Reddy gets the group in a huddle."Robert, Jake, can you two do it? The rest of us suck at singing." LF smacks Reddy and walks away."Owww."

Sam smiles evilly."Max and Harriet will do it." Harriet smiles and goes up to the stage."Max, you know what to sing."

Robert starts first."Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?" Sam glares at Harriet behind her back.

Robert's song eventually ends."Chef gave him an 8. Intermission, then Harriet will sing."

Robert high fives his team. He walks over to Harriet, and Reddy glares at him."Harriet, do your best!" They hug, and she gets on stage.

Harriet sings Firework, and gets a 9. Jake prepares to go onstage."You can do this!" Robert cheers him on.

Sam walks up to Harriet."Tonight, vote off Max. He says he is gonna throw the challenge for us." Harriet gasps."I know, he wants you out that badly."

Jake sings Mr. Wonderful, dedicating it to Chris. He gets an 8. Max finally gets on stage.

Max grabs the microphone and begins singing."You know you love me, I know you care. Just shout whenever, and I'll be there. You are my love, you are my heart. And we will never ever, ever be apart."

The Bass gasp. Harriet and Rhonda facepalm, and Chris starts puking."My ears are bleeding!"

Max continues through the song."Baby, baby, baby, oh. Like Baby, baby, baby, no." Chris throws a wooden chair at him."Shut up! The Gophers are going to elimination now!"

The four Gophers are at elim."Max,! Marshmallows go to.....Harriet! Rhonda! Sam, Max, final marshmallow goes to................Sam! Max, you have been eliminated!"

Max turns to Sam."You betrayed me?"

Sam laughs."It was all too easy. You are the strongest person on my team, so you had to go."

Rhonda begins to cry."You used me for my vote?"

Sam frowns."No, I...I never...I mean...I would never use you to-" Rhonda runs off."Wait!" Sam runs off after her.

Harriet turns to Max and Chris."Wait....Can I use my idol to keep Max in?"

Chris smiles."Robert gave it to you?"

Harriet smiles."No, I found this one."

Chris laughs."Well, glad someone did. I only hid one of those. Max, you are very lucky. Sam has been eliminated, folks."

Sam catches up to Rhonda."Rhonda, please!?"

Rhonda pushes him away."Save it!"

Sam pleads."Rhonda, listen! I didn;t use you! I like you too much to-" Sam catches himself.

Rhonda smiles at him."I knew you liked me!" They kiss, and Chef grabs Sam and throws him on the Boat of Losers.

Sam frowns."What!?"

Chef laughs."Harriet found an idol, she used it on Max. lost." Sam looks to the ground.

Rhonda frowns, and hugs him."I will win this for you!" Sam smiles, and is then taken away.

Rhonda walks over to Harriet and Max, and they have a group hug.

Chapter Eleven-The Mega Merge

Chris is seen in front of the camera."Last time, Sam told Max to throw the challenge to get Harriet out, but got him voted out instead. Harriet used an idol she found, and Sam went instead. With 3 Gophers and 7 Bass at merge, will they last? Find out now on....Total.....Drama....Island!"

The ten campers are in the mess hall. Chris walks out."Today, we have two returnees!"

Reddy interrupts."But you said no returnees! Like ten million times you said the loser would never come back!"

Chris smiles."Yeah....I lied." Reddy facepalms."Anyways, the returnees are....Plat and Oatmeal!" Plat walks out holding a bowl of Oatmeal." Catch up while I plan the next challenge."

TCF and Mrodd, now hugging, awkwardly look at Plat."Plat, in case you don't know-" Plat punches Mrodd in the face, walks over, and sits next to Max. Mrodd falls to the floor.

"Mrodd!" TCF shouts, and runs over to him.

Robert and Harriet hug."We did it! We made merge!" Robert says.

Harriet smiles."I knew we could do it, sorry about your ido-"

Robert puts a finger to her lips."Shush. That can be our little secret."

Reddy walks over and picks up Oatmeal.The two are seen in the confessional."Food contestants is dumb, but a finale challenge, I can slaughter this here Oatmeal!"

Rhonda and Addict start talking."Hello." Rhonda says.

Addict smiles."Hello, I'm Addict." Max walks over.

"Hey, guys! Addict, we can finally hang out without being called traitors to our team." Addict and Max high five.

Rhonda smiles."At least I have some actual friends after merge." The three stand, smiling.

LF and Jake are talking to Plat."Plat, just relax." Jake states.

LF smiles."If she really liked you, you can win her back." LF adds in.

Plat looks to them, with hope forming in his tired eyes."Really? You guys honestly believe that?"

LF gives him a thumbs-up."You can do anything you set your mind to." Plat smiles, and gives them a hug.

Mrodd gets up and walks over to TCF."Wow, he punches hard."

TCF puts a hand to his face, and he cringes."oh, sorry."

Addict turns to Rhonda."You liked Sam!?" Rhonda blushes, and looks away."Sorry, this just got randomly awkward."

Max and Rhonda laugh.

Reddy carries Oatmeal over to Jake, LF, and Plat."Guys?"

"Yeah, Reddy?" Jake asks.

"I think we Bass should work together to eliminate the Gophers, excluding Oatmeal here." Reddy states clearly.

Jake frowns."But Robert is my friend, Harriet leaving would devastate him."

LF frowns as well."Yeah, and Max is really nice. And Rhonda."

Reddy smiles."But...then the five of us can make final five!" Plat nods, as does Jake and LF, reluctantly. Oatmeal does not move.

Chris walks back in, and walks them to the cliff."This is a one-thousand foot cliff. There are two areas. One, we are pretty sure, is shark free. I suggest you hit it. Last one to jump is eliminated. Have fun."

Addict runs up and jumps, and does the splits. Max and Rhonda jump together.

Robert and Harriet smile at each other."Let's do this!" They say simultaneously, and they both jump.

LF and Jake run up and jump. Jake starts screaming, and holds on to LF.

Reddy looks at Oatmeal, and jumps with him in his hands. Plat jumps, and lands on a buoy.

Mrodd is seen talking to TCF."TCF, one of us is going home! Why are you so afraid?"

TCF starts to cry."When I was younger, I almost drowned in a community pool. I dived in, and came under this kid named Timmy in a floatie."

Mrodd walks her near the edge."Are you sure you can't jump?" TCF nods.

"Win this for me!" TCF says, smiling.

Mrodd smiles, and tears form in his eyes."I was about to say the same thing." He grabs TCF and throws her over the side. She lands in the safe zone.

Chris gets a bullhorn."Mrodd, you have been eliminated. So sorry, Boat of Losers awaits."

The twelve campers are at the elimination grounds. Mrodd hugs Rhonda, Max, and Reddy."Bye, guys." Mrodd then hugs Robert, Harriet, Jake, LF, and Addict."Do your best." Mrodd looks at Oatmeal briefly, then he walks over to Plat."Sorry I took her from you."

Plat looks up, and smiles at him."It's alright. But now that you are gone, I will try to woo her."

Mrodd laughs."Like she would fall for you." Plat and Mrodd hug. Mrodd walks over to TCF.She hits him on the arm."Ow, hey! I was just trying to help!"

TCF smiles."I know. They hug, and Mrodd boards the Boat of Losers, and is taken away.

Chapter Twelve-Chris Wasn't Kidding

Chris is talking to Chef while a bunch of interns move around by the mansion."So the 5 minute timer?"

Chef smiles."Set."

Chris laughs."The bomb is active, but not hooked up, right?"

Chef gleams."Yeah, those contestants think it is hooked up, but we will only set it off when they are all out."

Chris smiles."This is gonna be righteous!"

The ten campers, and Oatmeal, are seen in the mansion foyer once again."like I said earlier, the eleven of you will try to escape this mansion. The last one out, is eliminated. Got it?" The contestants, except for Oatmeal, nod."Good." The campers are tranquilized.

Reddy wakes up. He looks to the nearby window and throws Oatmeal out the tight space. Chris finds him."And Oatmeal is safe tonight!"

Plat and TCF are walking down a dark corridor."Sorry about Mrodd, TCF."

TCF frowns."Yeah, I know. But I am gonna win for him!"

Plat laughs."Reddy wants the Bass to stick together, you in?"

TCF grins."Sure." A rabid dog jumps out the window. It chases them, and they begin running in fear.

Robert and Harriet are walking along when they see a man hunched over in a chair."Are you alright, sir?" Robert asks. The man moans, stands up, and is revealed to look undead.

Outside, Chris looks to Chef."I told you a challenge based on that video game series would scare the living crap out of them." The two hosts high five.

Inside, the man stumbles towards the two. Robert knocks him down."Harriet, run!" Harriet runs down the corridor. Robert knocks the man down and runs down the other corridor.

Jake and LF are walking down a hall when Harriet runs around the corner." A zombie is after me! Robert stayed to fight it!" Jake and LF, skeptical, turn the corner, only to see a giant snake. Jake and LF scream, and they start running. Harriet is close behind.

Addict is in a room, and he sees a gold bar."Cool!" Addict picks it up. The walls start closing in on him. He starts banging on the door in a panic."Let me out! Let me out!" The doorknob turns, and Addict falls out.

Max helps the fallen Addict up."You alright?"

Addict looks shocked."That room almost...." Max and Addict walk down the hall.

Reddy is walking down the hall when a giant spider crawls off the ceiling and plants itself right near him. Reddy screams like a little girl and begins running.

Rhonda is walking in the courtyard alone when she spies upon a large coffin. The coffin hits the ground, and a man covered in blood and chains crawls out. Rhonda freaks and climbs over the high fence.

Chris smiles."Rhonda is another safe Gopher tonight." Rhonda smiles.

Plat and TCF turn a corner, and run into Reddy. The giant spider lands on TCF. TCF screams bloody murder and beats it with a piece of drywall. Reddy ands Plat see the dog, and begin running desperately. Bees start to swarm TCF, who screams and runs down the hall.

Jake and LF are seen in the library. The snake crawls to the other side, and they knock the bookcase over onto the snake, crushing it. They high five, and leave a side door.

Harriet runs into Reddy. She sees the dog and starts petting it. The dog calms. Reddy and Harriet high five, and the dog follows them down the hall.

A mysterious man walks into the camera room and beats up the interns. He grabs an intern by the neck."Where are the explosives?"

The intern grunts."I don't know!"

The man picks him up by the throat."Then you are worthless." He throws the intern into the cameras, and walks away.

Robert is still running from the man. He reaches an old door, and opens it. A frog-like creature with claws jumps out."I feel I have done this before." He turns and runs.

TCF runs into Plat, and the two of them collapse and hit the floor. They look up to see crows swarming. They get up and start running again.

Reddy sees the front door and runs. Reddy grabs it, but it is locked. The dog leads him and Harriet to a doggy hole. They climb out of the side.

The man walks into a room and grabs the intern inside."Are the explosives here!?"

The intern replies."Yes...over there!"

The man laughs."Get your coworkers and get out. Now!" The intern nods, and begins gathering his fellow interns.

Robert runs into the room. The man kills the frog creature with a kick."Thanks, man. You seem familiar....Wait a minute!"You-" The man punches Robert in the face, knocking him out. He begins hooking the bomb up to go off.

TCF and Plat escape the crows and reach a balcony. They jump over the side. Plat lands on a rose bush, and TCF lands on him."Thanks, Plat!"

Plat grumbles."You're welcome."

Addict and Max are running from a spider and an army of baby snakes. Herman sees them."Guys, we need to get out of here!"

Addict yells."No duh!"

Herman screams."No fool, a guy is setting up the bomb to make it go off now!" Herman escorts Addict and Max outside as quickly as possible.

The bomb counter starts at 5 minutes and begins going.

Chris does an emergency contestant roll call."Oatmeal is here. Rhonda, Jake, LF, Harriet, Reddy, Max, Addict, Plat, and TCF. Wait...where is Robert?" A rumbling noise is heard.

Inside, the man has Robert on the floor."Time to say goodbye!" The scene cuts back to outside.

Harriet, realizing what is going on, tries to run inside. Chef holds her back."Lemme go! I have to find him!" Chef pulls her away.

Chris shouts."Get away from the mansion, now!" The interns, the hosts, and the contestants run from the mansion.

The mansion explodes in a fiery inferno, pieces of walls and doors flying everywhere. The hosts and the contestants look on in horror, as only a smoldering crater is left where the mansion had been. Harriet falls to her knees crying, and Chris gets on the phone.

"I need the police, my lawyers. There has been a terrible accident.

As the other contestants begin to realize what just happened, they all begin to tear up.

Chapter Thirteen-Beginning of a New Dark Age

It is late in the night. Chris is talking to a couple of police officers."Officer Albert, Officer Gunter, as I stated previously, the bomb was just a stunt. Some man broke in and set it off."

Officer Albert glares."Because of you, an innocent boy is dead. Accident or not, you have to go to the station with us."

Chris sighs and gets in the back of the cop car."Chef, tomorrow, watch the kids." The officers drive off with Chris in the back.

At Total Drama Headquarters, many calls are coming in. John Milhouse, Attorney at Law, is talking to lead TD producer, Brian Randolph."Sir, the lawsuit against us is scathing, but I think we have to settle this for the show to continue."

Brian sighs."Fine, settle this fast. I am actually considering pulling the plug on the whole operation, to be honest."

John interjects."This show is a cash cow, if we end it-"

"We might save some lives, and that is much more important. I want the man responsible locked up, and immediately." Brian demands.

John frowns."Fine, I will call this in."

Chris is seen at the station."You had no idea?" Officer Albert is questioning."No idea!? WHat kind of hack host are you!?"

Officer Gunter holds him back."Relax, man. Why are you so angry?"

Albert sighs."I lost my family once. It hurts to lose family." Gunter looks grieved. Albert walks out, and Gunter follows.

The next day, the ten remaining contestants walk outside where they see Chef."Alright, maggots.........We are going to have a special funeral episode, understood? But...This is out." Chef stomps Oatmeal into the ground.

Harriet is weeping. TCF, LF, Jake, and Plat are sitting alone, all deeply grieved. Addict, Max, and Rhonda are talking."I cannot believe that....." Addict says.

Max is in tears."Robert was such a nice guy....I cannot believe he is....gone, just like that........"

Rhonda is also teared up."What's the point of winning, now? We saw someone's life get snuffed out."

Reddy walks by, unnerved."That's what he gets for lollygagging in there."

Harriet stands up."What did you say!?"

Reddy frowns at her."You play with fire, you get burned. If he was so strong and so intelligent, he would be out here with us." Harriet punches him to the ground. Chef holds her back.

Jake walks up to Reddy."I don't know what fake bravado act this is, but someone died. Show some respect and shut up." Reddy gets up, holding a bloody nose, and walks away.

Harriet turns to Chef."Lemme leave! I wanna go home!" Chef looks at her, disbelievingly. He nods, and takes her off in the Boat of Losers.

Chris is escorted in by Officer Albert and Gunter."We have to let you go, McClean. The legals could find nothing to persecute you with, so we have no choice. But any more funny business, and I am closing this rat hole, and I guarantee you will be locked away till the day I die." Albert says with a cold stare that could freeze magma.

Chris walks over."Okay, then...Why are there only 8 of you?"

Plat speaks up."Chef crushed Oatmeal, and Harriet quit."

Chris frowns."Sadly, the show has to go on. We are one!"

Herman walks over."Yes, Chris?"

Chris smiles."You are now a competitor, congratz."

Herman smiles halfheartedly."Cool...."

Chris's cell phone rings."Yes?.....Really?.....You are sure......." He hangs up."Shocking news. Robert's body was not found."

The contestants stand in awe."What!?"

Chris looks stressed."No traces of a human...They think he got out before the explosion.....But...It means the man who caused it probably kidnapped him. We can do nothing for now, but I can go alert the authorities now. And...the competition will go on, tomorrow."

Officer Albert and Gunter are driving away. The radio starts making noises, and Gunter answers."Yes?...Oh, really."

Albert turns to him."What?"

Gunter smiles."The kid was not found dead. He is still alive! We are going out on a search party soon."

Albert smiles evilly, and undoes his seatbelt. He breaks the stick shift of the car, leaving it in drive. As the car speeds towards the lake, Albert turns to Gunter."I will, I know right where he is. But you will see him soon enough!" Albert jumps out of the car, and it plows into the lake and begins to sink. Gunter climbs out, but falls unconscious on the beach. Albert walks up, and begins removing his police uniform.

Chapter Fourteen-Animals (Come From Other) Planets

Herman is smiling. He is then seen in the confessional."I got to debut, so I am already in the final nine. I might be able to win this whole thing."

Jake and LF are talking."I hope Robert is okay." Jake says.

LF nods."Yeah, but at least we know he is alive."

Reddy walks over."Yeah, yeah, we can celebrate later. Now we need to focus on the traitor."

Jake looks at him quizzically."Traitor? What do you mean?"

Reddy points to Addict, Max, and Rhonda."Addict is friends with our enemy Gophers, and he needs to go. Soon."

LF frowns."But Addict is really nice and all. I remember when Cod and he first met on the show."


The eleven Bass walk into their cabin."I call top bunk!" Jake says. Plat gets in the bunk below him. Addict looks to Cod, and points to the only remaining bunk left.

"This is the last one, and I fall off these things easily. Can I have the bottom bunk?" Addict asks, nicely.

Cod smiles."Sure, I guess. I have never slept in bunk beds before, since I'm an only child."

Addict puts a hand on his shoulder."I have a brother, you're not missing much." Cod and Addict begin to chuckle.

Back to the present...

Reddy glares."Can we take a trip down memory lane later?"

Jake nods."Fine, Addict first if he is not immune. Now can we talk in peace?"

Reddy nods."Carry on."

Jake turns to LF."Who does he think he is?"

"I heard that." Reddy says as he is walking away.

Jake gives a scared look and changes the subject.

Addict, Max, and Rhonda are talking."We could so make final three, easy." Addict points out.

Max frowns."Maybe...."

Jake walks up."Addict, just a heads up, Reddy wants you eliminated."

"What!?" Addict says in disbelief.

Jake nods."So watch your back."

Addict turns to Max and Rhonda."Be right back." Addict storms off.

Reddy is sitting near the river petting his gerbal when Addict sees him. As he walks over, he overhears Reddy talking."I try to be nice, but I have to win. I know being mean is wrong but I need the money. I hope no one takes this personally, but..At least they have familys to go home to when they lose. I have to go back to an orphanage."

Addict hears this, and walks away. He heads back to the Gophers."Did you chew him out?" Rhonda asks.

Addict frowns, sadly."No point." Max and Rhonda exchange a look.

Plat, TCF, and Herman are talking.

"I cannot believe you dated Mrodd after I left." Plat said, with a hint of disappointment.

TCF frowns."I'm sorry, but you and Mrodd are a lot alike. Funny, nice, pain magnets."

Plat glares."How am I a pain magnet?" Herman puts a tape in a nearby VCR. A montage of Plat getting mauled by a bear, getting bit by a dog, landing on a rose bush, falling out a window, and slipping on food in the mess hall is shown."Quiet, you."

Herman shrugs."Never mind all that, we need to team up to win!" Plat and TCF nod to each other."Great. All we need to do is help each other in the challenges from now on, and we can do great."

Chris walks up to the contestants with a hat in his hand."Today, the challenge is to catch an animal. Draw a slip to find out the animal you are looking for."

Addict draws a bear. Max gets a deer. Rhonda gets duck, LF gets frog, Reddy gets chipmunk, Jake gets beaver, Herman gets skunk ,Plat gets fish, and TCF gets seagull."Alright, last one to catch your animal is eliminated. Now go and catch them on our camp safari!"

TCF heads to the beach where she sees a seagull with trash on its neck. She walks over to it, and removes the trash. The seagull flys onto the top of a tree."Come here, Polly!" The bird doesn't budge, and TCF starts climbing the tree.

Reddy has his gerbal find a chipmunk."Talk to him, ask him to come help us!" The gerbal starts talking to the chipmunk. The chipmunk nods, and follows Reddy to the campsite.

Chris smiles."Quick, I like it. Reddy wins."

Reddy realizes how fast he can get the animals, and begins hatching a plot.

LF sees a frog, and gets a pail."Come here, froggy, froggy." She walks up and falls in a hole in the mud."My clothes!"

Max is stalking a deer in the meadow. He pulls out a tranquilizer gun. He aims, but a buck knocks him down. The buck picks up the tranquiliser gun, and starts chasing after Max.

Addict covers himself in meat, and enters the cave."Come here, mister bear....mister bear!?" Addict falls down and gets out a flashlight. He finds a large cave system. Addict, in shock, starts exploring it.

Rhonda is seen chasing after a duck. She dives, and catches it."Yes!" Rhonda delivers the duck to Chris."Did I win first?"

"No, Reddy did, but he went off a while ago." Chris replies.

Plat walks up all wet with a fish in his hand. He falls down, and it is seen he has a fishing line hooked to his butt."" Rhonda oulls the hook out and the sky is shown with birds flying off as Plat screams.

TCF falls from the tree and lands in the mud."Dang it!" The seagull flies down onto TCF's head."Don't mock me, bird."

LF runs in, all muddy. She throws the frog at Chris and sits down. TCF comes in with the seagull on her head.

Herman and Reddy walk up, smelling horrific."We got the skunk." Herman says. Reddy and Herman pass out, and Chef starts running a tomato juice bath.

Jake puts his head in through a hole in a beaver dam."Give me a beaver, please?" The beavers start hitting him with their tails.

Addict comes out of the cave, dirtied up."I have to tell Chris about that!" He runs back to see Jake throw a beaver dam to Chris's feet.

"Addict, you have been eliminated. Everyone else got their animals already." Chris announces. Max runs up, empty-handed."Oh....kay, we have our bottom two!"

Addict speaks up."I found a cave system nearby, a huge one. It leads all the way to under the mansion crater!"

Chris looks astounded."Well, then. I have to go call this in." Chris calls 9-1-1." By the way, Max is out because Addict found the caves."

Chef walks Max off."Bye, teammate! I will win for us Gophers!" Rhonda announces.

Meanwhile, Chris walks off to talk to the authorities, and the screen fades to black.

Chapter Fifteen-Scary Camp Movie

Chris gets off the phone. He looks outside. The moon is nearly full."Tomorrow is a full moon....Interesting. Fits the scare challenge."

Chris heads off to bed, and takes off his bunny slippers with cat faces on them.

The next morning, the last eight campers are seen watching a scary movie. They all scream as the killer chases the hero and the movie ends.

Addict stands up with a glazed look."That will haunt me for like, ever."

Jake is hiding behind LF."That movie was just horrible....Worse than Lost!"

LF frowns."Please never bring that show up." She and Jake nod in agreement, and walk away.

Rhonda has a horrified look on her face. Reddy walks over to her."What's your problem?"

Rhonda talks, slowly."I....hate....scary movies!"

Reddy walks off."Pansy." Rhonda flips him off.

Herman and TCF get up and walk alongside Plat."Scary movie, huh?" Plat asks.

TCF shrugs."Not really, I have seen worse."

Herman agrees."I know what Chef puts in the food, and that is scary."

TCF's eyes get wide."What!?"

Herman looks away."I could tell you, would die."

TCF gasps."It's such a secret, you would have to kill me!?"

Herman facepalms."No, if I told you, you would hurl to death." TCF throws up."My shoes!" Plat starts to look sick."Don't you even da-" Plat pukes on his feet."NO! These are suedes!" Herman runs off towards camp.

Addict reaches camp."Where is Chris, and....Chef?" The campers see them get in the Boat of Losers and speed off.

Herman runs up, wiping his shoes on the grass."Did they really ditch us here?"

LF walks up."I guess....What's that?"

Jake walks up and picks up a newspaper." Psycho Killer Escapes Prison, swears revenge faces!? Nooooooo!"

Reddy snatches the paper from him."Read it right, stupid." Reddy reads the article."Wow.....really?"

Rhonda freaks."I don't wanna die!"

Addict smiles."This is just some dumb Chris prank."

"Or it could be our kidnapper." Reddy points out. Addict runs off, screaming like a little girl. LF slaps him.

"Calm down, we just need to stick together!" LF says."Where is intern boy?"

Herman is in the showers, wetting his shoes."They barfed on my shoes! That is so....wrong!"

The door opens, and Herman screams.

Jake pops in."What!?"

Herman relaxes."Oh, just you. I got worried for a second there."

Rhonda is hiding in her bunk bed. TCF walks in."Just relax. There is no killer, okay?"

Rhonda nods, reluctantly.

Reddy is seen in the woods."There is no killer, that jerk Robert is just faking this for attention."

"Like you using sympathy by pretending to live in an orphanage is better?" A voice asks.

Reddy frowns."How did you-"

"Don't ask. There is no need for you to know. Just head to that cave by the waterfall for your answer." The voice goes away.

Reddy heads towards the cave."Who was that?"

Plat is out in the woods alone. TCF walks up."Plat, we need to talk."

"Yes, my honey!?" Plat responds.

"That is the thing, I am not your honey. I liked you, but Mrodd is so...nice. And sweet. just can't happen." TCF says.

Plat begins to tear up and runs off. He runs into the psycho killer, who grabs him and takes him away. TCF heads back to her cabin.

Rhonda comes out from under the bed."What happened?"

TCF frowns."Plat ran off."

Reddy enters the cave, and finds Chris at a large camera room."What ids this?"

"This is the watch room. The challenge is to escape Chef dressed like a killer. And you lost, since you are in here, so.....yeah." Chris explains. Reddy facepalms.

Herman is in the bathroom when the door creak open."Jake?"

The psycho killer runs in, and Herman screams.

The scene switches to LF, Jake, and Addict.

"What was that!?" Addict asks.

Jake has wide eyes."I don't know."

Rhonda screams. TCF facepalms."It is just a spider, relax." TCF looks out the window and sees the killer.Ähhhhh!"

Rhonda gets a tennis racket and opens the door."TCF, there is nothing out here."

TCF checks."What do you know?" A hand comes from the roof, grabs TCF, and hoists her up. The door closes. Rhonda turns to see she is gone.

Rhonda starts screaming, running out of the cabin. She ends up in the control room. Chris gleams."What a screw up!" Rhonda glares at him.

Addict is at the docks."Ugh, everyone is missing. If I die, I swear, I'll-" He turns to see the psycho killer."Crap."

Jake and LF are alone in the lunch room."Soooo..... Now what?" LF asks."Everyone is gone."

Jake smiles."Well, we are finally alone..." Jake leans in, and LF screams."What!?" Jake turns to see the psycho killer. The killer raises his chainsaw. Jake picks up a chair, and hits the killer in the face. He grabs the dropped chainsaw and holds it against his face.

"LF, unmask him!" LF takes off the mask, to reveal Chef. Chris walks in.

"Congratulations, Jake, you have won!" Chris announces.

The eight remaining competitors are seen at the elimination ceremony."You get marshmallows based on your survival skills in the challenge. The marshmallows go to.............Jake. LF. Addict. Herman. TCF. Plat. Reddy, Rhonda, the last one safe is.........................Reddy! Rhonda, the last Gopher, has been eliminated!"

Rhonda stands up."Well, I had a great run!" She hugs Addict, flips Reddy off, and gets on the Boat of Losers.

Chapter Sixteen-The Search Begins Part One

Reddy is seen mad."Whoever that fool was, I almost got eliminated! Glad that weirdo Rhonda is gone."

LF kisses Jake on the cheek."Thanks!"

Jake smiles."For what?"

"For being my protector." LF responds.

"Awww, anyone could have done it." Jake replies.

"Maybe so, did it....for me." Jake and LF smile.

Chris is seen on the phone."Oh, really? Fine, I can handle it."

The next day, the seven finalists are seen at the edge of the forest."Alright, now. The police are unable to come, so our challenge plans have changed. The new challenge is to find the cave Addict found. But Addict already found it, so.....Yeah. Last two there are up for elimination."

Jake, LF, and Addict team up. Reddy goes off alone, while Herman walks with TCF and Plat.

Reddy gets a head start when he hears the voice."Here is a map." A map falls out to Reddy."And head to the x."

Reddy frowns."Why are you helping me?"

The voice laughs."You will know soon enough."

Jake, LF, and Addict are making a great pace."So where is it?" Jake asks.

Addict smiles."Just follow me, alright?"

Back at the camp, Chris and Chef head off for the cave. the cave..........

Robert wakes up, and feels the back of his head. He feels a bump. He stands up to see an unconscious police officer."Hey! Hey! You alright?"

The officer gets up."Ugh....where is he? Where is Officer Albert?"

Robert's eyes get wide." is true....He is my uncle!" The officer is stunned.

"My name is Gunter. This man, Albert, he joined the force 3 months ago."

" mean when the cast of Total Drama Island was announced!?" Gunter's eyes show his realization.

"We have to get out of here, now. We have to warn your fellow...campers." Gunter and Robert stand up and start moving through the cave.

Back outside.....

Herman, TCF, and Plat are seen. Plat is upset. He is shown in the confessional."I cannot believe TCF does not like me."

TCF frowns."Plat, relax. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Herman sees Addict up ahead."I see the other group. We should hurry up." Herman runs off ahead.

Plat frowns."Why.....Why...I thought we could be a couple,"

TCF frowns."Dude, just....calm down." Plat walks away.

Herman catches up to Addict, Jake, and LF."Hey, guys!"

Addict smiles."Hey, dude. We are almost to the cave. Wanna come along?"

Herman smiles."Sure thing."

Robert and Gunter are heading down a cave when Robert steps and falls. Gunter pulls him up."Wow...that is one deep hole. The floor is unstable, be careful." The floor breaks and the duo fall into the eternal depths of darkness.

Addict sees the cavern entrance."Yes!" He runs, and notices Reddy standing up against a tree."How did you find this place so fast?"

Reddy grins. Luck, I guess."

Chris walks out with Chef."Congrats, Reddy won, Addict, you got second."

Jake and LF slow down."LF...I was wondering.....can a couple?" Jake asks.

LF seems a little shocked."Um...Jake...Can I have time to think?"

Jake smiles."Sure."

Herman runs past them towards the cave."Hey!"Jake says.

Herman laughs."Then move it!" The trio laugh, and they reach the cave.

TCF and Plat finally reach the cave."Well, then. Tonight, either TCF or Plat is going home." Everyone looks shocked.

Reddy talks to Addict and Herman."I know we are not friends....but vote TCF. Plat will, as well, so she will go."

Addict raises his eyebrow."And why would we do that?"

Reddy smiles."TCF is a threat in a jury vote scenario. Plat will be an easy win. Think on it."

Addict and Herman glance at each other.

The seven finalists are outside the cave."I have only one marshmallow today. I lost the I will now read the votes."

Everyone says,"What!?"

Chris laughs."Jake voted for Plat. Reddy voted for TCF. LF voted for Plat. Addict voted for TCF. TCF voted for Plat. Herman voted for TCF. Plat, the final vote, shall decide."

Reddy grins evilly, while TCF and Jake gasp.

"Plat voted for.....himself!" Everyone but Plat and Chris gasp."That is right, Plat, you are out. Chef will take you to the Boat of Losers. You six will now form pairs, because we found the cave, Now we have to explore it!"

Inside, Robert and Gunter stand up to see Albert sitting in a throne."Well, well, the guests have arrived."

Robert stands up and glares."Uncle Albert!"

Chapter Seventeen-The Search Begins Part Two

The final six stand in front of Chris and the gaping hole that leads into the cave."The six of you will be paired up in twos. The pair that does the worst in finding Robert is automatically eliminated. As in both of you. The pairs are..Herman and TCF, Jake and Reddy, and Addict and LF. Solely chosen for potential drama. Now, you have your gear, get in there!" The six teens hurry into the unknown.

Robert and Gunter stand before Albert deep in the cave."! Why are you here!?"

Albert laughs."You will know in due time but now..." Albert walks towards them."I have a few minutes to spare." Albert runs up to punch Robert.

Jake and Reddy take the path to the left." Ths pairing sucks! I wanted to be with LF." Jake says.

"At least she can carry on a normal, rational conversation." Reddy says matter-of-factly.

Jake turns red."At least I am not a mean jerk with no friends!" Reddy looks away.

"Can we this and find that pu-...Robert?" Reddy asks.

Jake puts a hand on his shoulder."I knew there was a nice guy inside." Reddy shrugs him off and keeps walking.

Herman and TCF are walking down the path to the right."Mrodd and Plat!?" Herman asks.

"Oh, hush." TCF says."I like them both, not my fault. They both liked me, I had to break up with one."

Herman walks forward."Yeah...of course."

Albert has Robert on the floor."Your fighting skills disappoint me deeply. I thought you had more hate for your uncle."

Robert tries to stand, but Albert kicks him."A weakling, just like your parents!" Robert glares at him."I will be back."

Chris is outside when Albert exits the cave dressed up to hide his appearance."Who are you?"

Albert smiles."Your worst nightmare!"

LF and Addict are walking and talking."Well, I like Jake as a friend, but as a boyfriend.....Not so much." LF says.

Addict smiles."Let him down gently, there is no way he can stay mad at you." LF hugs him.

"Thanks for the support. Cod is lucky to have such a good friend." LF smiles, and they continue down the middle path.

A rumbling noise is heard and they both scream as the scene changes.

Albert, still disguised, leaves Chris in a hallway, and heads back to see Robert and Gunter missing."What!?"

Albert turns to see Robert and Gunter hit him with a large rock. Albert swaps it away, and it hits the wall. The crack heads to the ceiling.

Gunter pushes Robert out of the room as the cavern hole caves in."Kid, find Chris and the others, and get out! This entire cave is unstable, it could collapse at any time!" Robert turns when he hears a voice.

"Abandon him, just like your family." Robert has a flashback to a burning building. AS younger Robert exits the house and turns to see wood and debris had fallen on his dad. He runs back to get him.

"Just go!" his dad shouted. Young Robert turn and ran.

Back in the present, Robert passes out to the floor beside Chris.

Gunter turns to Albert."What are you here for!? What is your purpose?"

Albert laughs."To make my nephew, and all of the suffer...." Gunter shouts as debris fall on him and Albert.

Jake and Reddy hear fumbling noises. They run into Herman and TCF."Hey, guys!" Jake says, happily. He notices Chris on the floor."IS he alright?"

TCF shrugs."I am not sure, Herman and I found Robert, we found a way out, want to go with us?"

Reddy smiles."Sure!"

Reddy and Jake pick up Chris and get him outside. They see LF and Addict unconscious."What happened?"

Herman answers."We found them hurt like that."

Jake nods in understanding. LF awakens."What happened?"

Jake unties and ungags Chris."Thank you!" He looks to see Robert."Who found him?"

Herman and TCF raise their hand.

Chris smiles."And who saved me?"

Jake and Reddy raise their hands.

Chris sighs."Addict and LF have been eliminated, then."

Jake gasps."No, why?"

Chris shrugs."They did the worst, I guess. We better hurry back to camp." Chris leads the six teens back to camp, carrying Robert.

Chris frowns."I have to go to the legals, so tomorrow Chef will lead the challenge. Addict, LF, sorry to see you go."

Addict hugs the final four and gets on the Boat of Losers."Bye, guys. I had lots of fun, but it had to end sometime, I guess."

LF is a little angry."I cannot believe I got eliminated! I so should have won!"

Jake walks over."LF, I will win for us!"

LF grins."Or you can quit for me."

Chris says."Nope, not now. It is in the challenge rules."

LF frowns."What challenge rules?"

Chris frowns."The Elenaz, Chandler, and Harriet rule!"

LF facepalms, hugs TCF, Reddy, and Herman, and boards the Boat of Losers."Reddy, you better win! Or else!" LF laughes as the boat of Losers carries her and Addict off into the night.

Chris gets in his car and drives towards civilization, and the final four go to bed.

Chapter Eighteen-Survival of the Witless

Chef wakes all of the campers up early in the morning."Alright, maggots. Today is my day to challenge you. The four of you will be split into pairs, the first pair back wins, one of the losing pair members will be eliminated by the host, as in me. Got it?"

The four campers salute."Yes, master chief!"

Chef smiles."Good, the teams are Reddy and Herman and Jake and TCF. Now here are your things!" He hands them a bag each."And try not to get killed by Sasquatchanakwa, who is said to live in these very woods." The campers nod, and TCF gulps.

Reddy facepalms."There is no such thing as a-" The four teens are tranquilized.

Reddy wakes up first.:Ugh, stupid psycho Chef." He looks through his pair's bag to see a map."Interesting!" He walks over and kicks Herman.

Herman wakes up quickly."Ow, what was that-"

Reddy silences him."We need to hurry up, and get a head start." Herman nods, and the two get up, silently, and start heading for camp.

TCF and Jake get up a little later."What did we get?" Jake asks.

TCF pulls out a compass."Cool, we got some food bars, too." Jake and TCF high five.

Jake takes the compass."Camp is in the west because I walked through here once. So...we head that way!" Jake points west, the direction Reddy and Herman went, and start running.

Chef is back at camp relaxing, and he turns to see someone."Chris is gone, you can carry out your plan now."

The man answers."Excellent."

Reddy and Herman are walking alongside the river."Being an intern really sucked, you know? Chris is really harsh, but he is actually a nice guy. He used to be a really generous man."

Reddy scoffs."When?"

Herman continues."He had a business with some dude named Albert. As co-partners, they had a big corporation for hair gel. Chris made many movies, thanks to money they made."

"So why does Chris have a dead end job here?" Reddy asks.

"A fire wiped out Albert's family, except for a nephew. Albert, he had so much grief, he left the business. Without his marketing genius, the company collapsed, and Chris came here. Some say his experimental hair gel started the fire, but the charges were dropped beforehand." Herman explains.

Reddy gasps.""

Jake and TCF see Reddy and Herman was ahead."Aw, man, We are gonna lose!" Jake says.

TCF smiles."I have an idea! We can make a raft, and sail it down the river!"

Jake and TCF smile at each other, and they start making a raft.

Reddy and Herman are still walking when TCF and Jake speed by on the raft."Not fair!"Reddy says.

"See ya, sucker!" Jake says.

Reddy grabs Herman.s arm, and jumps into the river."Reddy! What the-" They see Jake and TCF go over a waterfall."Oh....crap!" Reddy and Herman go over the 15 foot waterfall.

Back at camp, the man attacks Chef."Nice help, but now you have no uses!" The man beats Chef up and throws him into the infirmary. The man, Albert, finds Robert unconscious."Well, well."

TCF wakes up and sees Jake nearby in a tree. She kicks the tree ands Jake falls out."Get up, we have to hurry!"Jake gets up and screams. TCF turns to see Reddy and Herman running from Sasquatchanakwa.

The four run as fast as possible, outrunning the yeti. They see camp. TCF speeds up and grabs the pole."I won! I did it!" TCF and Jake hug, and Reddy and Herman look upset.

Albert walks out."Very goof. Looks like Jake and TCF are safe for now."

Reddy points at him."And you are?"

Albert laughs."Chef had to go take care of Chris, and since I am an old friend of Chris's, he said I could host the rest of the show until they get back." Reddy nods.

The four are seen at the elimination ceremony."Alright, Jake and TCF, get your marshmallows." Jake and TCF claim the marshmallows."Reddy, Herman, this last marshmallow goes to........Reddy!" Reddy grabs his marshmallow.

Chef gets up and runs to Chris's room."No, the gun he has to start the races is missing! I have to stop him!" Chef runs outside towards the ceremony grounds.

Herman looks relieved."Ah, I did my best. 4th is not so bad."

Albert smiles."You do get a consolation prize."

Herman smiles."What!?"

Chef runs out."Run! Get away from him!"

Jake, TCF, and Reddy step away.

Albert pulls out the gun."Herman, here's your prize!" He pulls the trigger, and the episode ends.

Chapter Nineteen-The Penultimate Peril

Jake and TCF freak as Herman falls to the ground, his hand to his chest. Herman hits his head on a stump and ceases moving.

Reddy stands up."!"

Albert laughs. Chef stumbles up."You said we would steal the money, that we would just steal it and ditch this place! You lied to me!"

Albert kicks Chef into a tree."Stupid old fool, like I would help him. My goal is much better than his."

Reddy asks him."Is this about your family's accident? Because of Chris's experimental hair gel?!"

Albert knocks Reddy to the ground."Fool. You think you are so smart, but to me you are a worm."

Robert wakes up and runs to the four."Herman!" He sees Herman, and turns to Albert."!"

Albert laughs."Story time, kids. That fire was started by the hair gel. And I planted it there, to frame Chris. It failed, I was blamed. I had to go incognito for years. I was planning on using the money we made to fund my plot to rule this pitiful world. But Chris repeatedly blew it. And he has to pay. I heard he was going to make a reality show, got a job as a police officer, and here I am. I played out as an intern. I convinced Chris to do the mansion challenge. Then I gave a little tutoring to Draven, in the ways of hate. He failed in his mission to eliminate you for Harriet, so I gave Chris the mansion destroying challenge. Then I snuck in, beat up Robert, and blew it up early, making it appear he died. Then I set up the caves, to get Chris to have to leave this place for legals. Then I used Chef to get you away from camp, to make you all at my final stage! Now you will play out to the finale, with me, as host. Herman's end will not be my undoing. Chris will be framed, and I will be there to arrest him with my own dirty hands."

Jake and TCF gasp. Reddy glares."What about us? What is our semi-final challenge, smart one?"

Albert raises the gun."Last two alive make final two."

Robert frowns."You will never get away with this! Ever!"

Albert laughs."Gunter said the same thing before the cave in."

Robert charges Albert and knocks the gun away. Albert flips Robert over and beats him down.

TCF, Jake, and Reddy flee."We need to do something!" Jake says.

Reddy freaks."Okay!" He runs into the confessional, locks the door, and gets quiet.

Jake screams."You little chicken!" Jake and TCF continue running till they reach the edge of the cliff.

Robert is knocked down towards the cliff edge. Albert walks up, laughing."Prepare for the end."

TCF yells."What is your deal? Why are you doing this? All for world domination?"

Albert laughs."No, world destruction. I plan on eliminating all of humanity!"

Jake gasps."Why?"

Albert looks down."I had a son...and a wife...We had the prefect life....They went on a cruise, and the boat sank. I was told no one had survived. So....I decided. If I wipe out humanity, there will be no more suffering, ever! What I am doing is good! Look at Herman! No more pain, no more worries, he is free of suffering."

Robert sighs."And? He will never have joy again!"

Albert scoffs."You are all small prices to pay, for this....greater.........good." Albert charges.

TCF, Jake, and Robert team up to fight Albert, but one by one, they are defeated. Albert prepares the final charge.

Gunter jumps up and tackles Albert."No, you won't do anything partner!"

Albert is shocked."How do you still live? You died in the cave in!"

Gunter scoffs this time."Apparently, you were wrong." Albert swats him to the side.

"Enough of this, you pest!" Albert raises the gun, but Robert punches him in the face, knocking him towards the edge. Albert drops the gun.

Gunter sees his chance."This is for the greater good!" Gunter charges Albert, and they fall off the cliff.

Jake, Robert, and TCF look over to see sharp rocks below, but Albert and Gunter are already gone from view.

Herman sneaks up behind them."Hey guys!" The trio scream.

TCF smiles."Herman, you are alive!?"

Herman takes off his shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest."We have to have these, as interns. Because our job is so deadly. I kept it on/ Smart, aren't I?" TCF, Jake, and Robert hug Herman tightly.

Reddy, listening through the confessional door, freaks as it tips over, and the sewage tank breaks under him.

That night, the police arrest Chef. They reveal Albert and Gunter are both gone. Chris announces,"Robert will be eliminating someone tonight. Here are the two marshmallows."

Robert looks at the final three."TCF, you helped me out, you are always nice, and you are in the final two."

TCF claims her marshmallow."Thanks, Robert."

Robert looks at Reddy and Jake."The other goes to Jake. He has been my best friend the whole time, and he really helped me out. Reddy, you left us for dead. Sorry, but you are out."

Reddy sighs."I figured. I should have been nicer, but.....well, too late for regrets. Bye, guys."

Reddy boards the Boat of Losers with Herman and Robert.

Chris puts an arm on TCF and Jake's shoulders."And this is our final two!" The episode ends.

Chapter 20-Totally Dramatic Finale

Chris is seen in front of the camera."Alright, an evil former partner of mine almost ruined the entire show, but thanks to a brave few, it was saved. Today, we bring all of the losers back, recollect on the eliminations, and then our final two will have a jury vote to end it all. All here on the finale to TOTAL....DRAMA....ISLAND!"

The theme song plays.

Jake and TCF are sitting on the last two stumps. Chris smiles at them."Alright, I will bring out the non jurers first."

"Elenaz quit in the first episode to join a second chance reality show, there she ended up second out after a man named Mech."

Elenax walks over to the loser's corner.

"Roy got into an argument with his team and cost them the win."

Roy walks out."Shut up, Chris."

"Evil ate his teammate Oatmeal and was disqualified."

Evil walks out eating a bowl of corn flakes."I love breakfast, sorry."

"Kev ruined a challenge for his team, and was eliminated thereafter."

Kev walks out and stays silent.

"Morgan was incredibly lazy, and his team voted him out."

Morgan is carried in asleep.

"Chandler saved Jake from elimination by quitting after he realized how unhelpful he was."

Chandler walks out, smiling."Great job, teammates!" He gives them a thumbs-up.

"Cod was voted off for upsetting his friend, Addict."

Cod walks out in dark clothes."Whatever."

"Alright, then. Seth was rightfully voted off for making me eat mud."

Seth walks out, laughs at Chris, and sits down.

"Draven went nuts and was eliminated for going ax crazy."

Draven walks out and sits down silently.

"And finally, Sam was screwed by an idol."

Sam walks out."You both should have lost to me, but meh, you did well. And I would have left you for dead."

Chris smiles."Now let us bring out our jury."

Jake and TCF fist bump.

"Mrodd was first out, eliminating himself for TCF."

Mrodd blows a kiss to her, and walks to the jury stand.

"Robert was.....yeah....."

Robert walks out."You guys deserve this, you did great!"

" Oatmeal, so Sam is voting for it."

Sam laughs."Sweet."

"Harriet quit after Robert's....yeah....elim."

Harriet walks out, kisses Robert, and sits down."You both did great!"

"Max was eliminated when he failed to catch his animal."

Max walks out."I did pretty good for being on a fail team."

"Rhonda, the last Gopher, was eliminated for being he most scared in the horror challenge."

Rhonda walks out."Gophers, we lost, but...we did our best."

"Plat voted himself out to allow TCF to continue into the competition."

Plat walks out, waves at TCF, and sits down.

"Addict and LF were the worst pair, and they were both eliminated."

Addict walks out, high fives Cod, and sits down."We did awesome!"

LF steps out."Well, at least we have an awesome final two!"

"Herman was...........fired, I guess."

Herman stumbles out."Intern pun about a gun? Not funny."

"And Reddy was eliminated just recently for being a jerk to everyone!"

Reddy walks out and sits down.

"Jurors, make your votes now."

Mrodd stands up."Both are close to me, but I vote TCF."

Robert stands up."Both great teammates, but I gotta vote Jake."

Sam laughs."TCF."

Harriet smiles."Robert, I vote with him. Jake."

Chris smiles."2 to 2. Interesting..."

Max stands up."Jake, I guess."

Rhonda stands up."Jake, obviously."

Chris laughs."4-2, will this become a slaughter?"

Plat gets up."TCF for sure." He winks at her, and TCF looks away.

Addict stands up."TCF."

LF gets up."Woot for jury voting! Now, you two and I are all tight, but I have to vote Jake on this one. This was a really hard decision to make."

Chris grins."5-4."

Herman gets up."TCF, she helped me in the caves so much."

Chris smiles."Looks like Redy is the deciding vote."

Reddy smile evilly."Lemme think for a while."

Chris smiles."Fine, intermission."

Jake turns to TCF."Reddy hates me, so congrats on your win."

TCF smiles."Don't say that. And either way, we both did great." TCF sees Mrodd."Be right back."

TCF walks over to Mrodd."I know, you like Plat. And you feel bad. I understand."

TCF smiles."You do?"

Mrodd smiles."Yeah, I met someone else myself, a girl who is super nice. Her name is Chimmy."

TCF smiles."Awww, cute name. Chrodd or Mrimmy?"

Mrodd smiles."Like I never heard that before."

TCF sees Plat."Thank you." She walks over to Plat."Plat?"

"What do you want?" Plat asks.

TCF smiles."To apologize, and to ask you out."

Plat gasps."No way am I dating you." TCF looks stunned."Lulz, just kidding! I would love to! This is the best day ever!" They hug.

Chris frowns."Get over here, Reddy has decided!"

Reddy smiles."I chose.....Jake. He was really nice, like I should have been. This is my way of finding redemption.

Jake smiles. Chris."And the winner is...."

"Wait, Chris. I did so great and all, and made a bunch of friends. So I don't need to win, I have gotten something more important already." Jake says.

Chris sighs."I understand. The winner of TOTAL....DRAMA.....ISLAND is.......TCF!!!"

TCF jumps up and down for joy. Chris hands her a check for a million dollars."I did it, yes! I did it, I did it, I did it!" TCF hugs Jake."Thank you so much!"

The people get in for a group hug.

Chris smiles."And as our final two, you both move on to season two!"

"Season two!?" Everyone shouts.

"Yep, season two. The people on season two are.....Jake, TCF, Oatmeal, Plat, Max, Robert, Sam, Reddy, Cod, Addict, Herman, Mrodd, Harriet, and LF! Congratulations!"

Reddy frowns."I did not sign up for this!"

Chris pulls out a contract."Always read the fine print." Reddy facepalms. The thirteen teens and Oatmeal get in a limo with Chris."To Toronto!"

The nine people left behind look on."What about us!?" Chandler asks. They see the Boat of Losers pull up."And of course...." The nine losers board the boat and head off to wherever it will lead them.

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Eliminated Elenaz Double Double Morgan Chandler Plat Cod Seth Draven Sam Mrodd Robert Double Max Rhonda Plat Double Herman Reddy Jake
Place Voter Votes
4th Herman Debuts Week 13 SAFE WIN SAFE SAFE WIN LEFT
11th Oatmeal SAFE SAFE DQ Returns Week 11 WIN WIN LEFT
21st Evil SAFE DQ
22nd Roy SAFE OUT
23rd Elenaz QUIT
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