This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

I really enjoy this fic.-Nalyd Renrut, Total Drama Paradise

A great mix of drama, comedy, suspense, and of course, great writing!-Sunshineandravioli, LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY SHOW CONTESTANT

Welcome to Totally Top Writer, TTW for short! Here's the deal: 22 authors who have CLAIMED they're the top writer are going to compete for that title. Along the way, 21 of them will fall, and one will be left standing. To win, they must have good concentration, good intelligence, and a passion for academics. To add an even BETTER twist, the writers will interact with each other. They may form alliances and help each other, or stick by theirselves. 22 writers, each with a different style, competing FOR the title of Totally Top Writer!


Fearless Feathers

DJ (original team: Screaming Pencils)

Lindsay (original team: Screaming Pencils)

Trent (original team: Screaming Pencils)

Courtney (original team: Killer Pens)


1. Tyler-Got cut in the 1st audition round

2. Izzy-Also got cut in the 1st audition round

3. Owen-Got cut in the 2nd audition round

4. Ezekiel-Also got cut in the 2nd audition round

5. Geoff-Got cut in the final audition round

6. Beth-Also got cut in the final audition round

7. Cody-His fingers got injured, preventing him from writing. He was also a seemingly bad writer.

8. Justin-Phil and Ben thought Justin was brainwashing Cara, so they eliminated him.

9. Bridgette-She was a terrible speechmaker

10. Leshawna-Was voted off by the TTW Highlights audience

11. Katie-She overslept, causing her and Sadie to make a last-minute rap

12. Heather-She got into a big fight with Courtney over her poem

13. Eva-Her writing made the least amount of sense

14. Sadie-She got knocked out, partly causing her team to lose

15. Gwen-She was a big threat to the other 7

16. Noah-He was a big, sadistic jerk

17. Harold-Courtney's evil plan worked

18. Duncan-He was voted off by 7 of 17 eliminated contestants


Meet The Authors

Chris Maclean waits for 22 writers at a luxurious studio, complete with a residential part. Long past the days of Total Drama Island, he’s now a game show host and is stepping out to be the best he can be. But even though he isn’t sadistic or even cruel anymore, that doesn’t stop him from being impatient.

Finally, a black limo arrives, and a tall, thin boy in camouflage steps out. He casually waves at Maclean. “Trent! Good to see you man!” yells Chris. Then he shifts to the limo driver. “I was waiting for like twenty hours! Where the heck was he?”

Next, an average height, average weight boy steps out. The only thing not average is his hairstyle, clothes, and the nasty style he has. “I told you I only signed up for the fame,” he barks.

“Cool with me, Duncan,” Chris says.

After Duncan, a strong girl steps out of the limo. “Eva,” Chris mumbles, intimidated by her physique and style. “How’s it going?”

“FINE!” Eva replies through clenched teeth.

Next a short boy strides out. Chris rolls his eyes. “Noah,” he says, obviously bored by his stride, “what the heck are you here for?”

“This is an academic challenge, right?” Noah rolls his eyes. “Cause that’s what I came here for.”

An incredibly pretty, blonde girl steps out. “Mr….uh…McDonald, this is going to be so FUN!” Chris, crazed out of his usual coolness, just says, “Uh, yeah, sure, I guess.”

A huge girl stomps out. “Whas up, y’all, when I’M here, ain’t NOBODY gonna beat ME!” Chris is once again crazed out, but Noah practically flies out of the building as a tan, muscular boy steps out. All the girls seem to cling to him as soon as they see him. “J-Justin!” Chris tries to shout. “Um-um…hello! How’s it going?”

Justin smiles at Chris. “I write books about fashion.”

A boy in a cowboy hat and two girls practically physically attached enter the room, followed by a blonde girl with a surfboard journal and a girl with blue and black hair, followed by a boy with a laptop, a fat guy, a psychotic girl with orange hair, a girl named Heather, another girl named Courtney, a muscular black boy, a boy with somewhat no social ability, a boy who really seemed to like writing but was a bad writer, a very thin geek, and a short girl with glasses. “Welcome, Geoff, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Gwen, Cody, Owen, Izzy, Heather, Courtney, DJ, Ezekiel, Tyler, Harold, Beth, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Eva, Duncan, and Trent! You’re all writers, right?” Everyone nodded. “Good! Because this is Totally Top Writer! You’ll meet our three judges, Phil, Ben, and Cara.

“For the first audition round,” Chris continues, “you’re going to send in one of your original works. The judges will read and judge it, and two of you”—he pauses dramatically—“will be cut. By the time we get to the end of the auditions, 16 of you will remain, but for now, just kick back, relax, and enjoy the position you’re in now!”

First Day

A loud bell rings at 9 AM, waking the authors up. “BREAKFAST!” Chris yells into the intercom. “GET DOWNSTAIRS! WE GOT GREAT STUFF! GREAT STUFF!” He turns off the intercom. “Okay, so I’m not the kind of person I was when I hosted TDI, but I can still torture them a little!”

The writers get downstairs. Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, and Harold sit at one table, and Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Izzy, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Eva, and Ezekiel sit at the other table. “I hope none of us get cut the first round,” says Geoff.

“Are you kidding?” argues Duncan. “Anyone could get cut! Just look around.” He chews on a chocolate-chip muffin. “Why did you sign up here anyway?”

“I signed up because I wanted to,” says an offended DJ. “You could’ve gone back to juvenile detention, you know.” Gwen throws a piece of scrambled eggs at Duncan.

Once everyone is done, Chris gets back on the intercom. “Well, authors, bring in your original work! We’ll read it over.”

Beth is the first to turn her work in, followed by Gwen, Harold, DJ, Tyler, Cody, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Trent, Bridgette, Izzy, Owen, Justin, Heather, Lindsay, Noah, Eva, Courtney, Leshawna, Geoff, and Duncan. “All right,” says Chris. “Judges, read each novel for a while. See what it’s like. Authors, just chat for a few hours, we’ll let you know when to call you in for the results.”

Duncan talks with Gwen for a while. “What was that for at breakfast?” he says.

“You were being mean,” says Gwen.


“You wanna go back to juvenile detention?” Gwen grins. Duncan flinches.

“Good.” Gwen grins. Meanwhile, Katie and Sadie are talking about how psyched they were. “I REALLY hope neither of us get cut,” Katie says excitedly. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” they both scream in delight.

Bridgette, Geoff, and Trent are all discussing their writing. “I’m a huge surfer, you know, so I wrote about sports,” says Bridgette.

“I’m more of the party type,” says Geoff. “What about you, Trent?” Trent just shakes his head.

Tyler, Noah, Harold and Duncan all work together after Gwen goes away. Noah seems very annoyed by the whole thing, and so is Duncan, but Harold and Tyler chat away about their writing. “I think they’re huge friends,” says Duncan.

“No, they’re mortal enemies,” Noah says sarcastically. “What does it look like?”

“Whoa, dude,” says Duncan, taken aback. “I’ve met people in juvenile detention who are weaker than you, and they can bench-press 600 pounds!”

Courtney works alone by herself. Heather works with Owen. Leshawna works with DJ, Beth, and Cody. Everyone chats together.

“ALRIGHT, EVERYONE!” yells Chris from the intercom. “COME OVER TO THE STAGE!” Everyone obeys. “Now, our judges have decided, and when we call your names, it’ll be what order you placed. When your name gets called, go back to your room. Leshawna, we thought your work was great. Noah, DJ, Bridgette, Justin, Geoff, Harold, Courtney, Owen, Trent, Beth, Cody. You’re all safe. The rest of you, well, we thought your work was pretty sucky. When we call your name, you’ll still be safe. Katie, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Lindsay, Sadie. Tyler, Ezekiel, Izzy, and Eva remain.” Chris pauses. “Eva, you’re safe. Just Ezekiel, Tyler, and Izzy. Two of you will be going home. The final person who is safe is,” he pauses again, “Ezekiel. Tyler, Izzy, sorry, I wish you could’ve made it further, but you’re going home. The rest of you are making it to the SECOND audition round! See you next time on Totally Top Writer!”

Not So Shocking, Eh?

Just before Chris turns on the intercom, he gives the viewers a little info about what he thought of the elimination last night. “Ha, it was such a coincidence that the two most psychotic writers were cut last night. I can’t wait to see how badly the writers are gonna suck with their writing today.” He turns on the intercom. “BREAKFAST!” he shouts, twice as loud as last time.

After the campers finish, Chris starts talking to the viewers. “OK, so, last time, we let you see what the writers were up to. This time, we’ll let YOU see what happens.” He gives an evil grin and yells on the intercom, “TURN IN YOUR WORK!”

Duncan is the first player to turn in his work. “You’d better like it,” he growls.

Next is Katie, followed by Sadie. “I hope you like our work,” they say together.

Followed by them is Noah. “Trust me, I got this one in the bag.”

After him is Heather. “Well, personally, I think my work is the best,” she says proudly.

Lindsay, as well as Beth, is next. “I wonder if this is the right book. Maybe I should read it again,” says Lindsay.

“Just let me read it!” shouts Ben, and he snatches the book away.

“HEY! Sorry,” Lindsay says.

Eva’s next. She’s about to turn in her work when her work when a pencil hits her. She flames up in rage, then suddenly cools down and says, “You can edit this part out, right?” The judges nod. “Awesome, thanks.” Static follows.

After the static ends, we see DJ, Owen and Harold leaving. Cody comes up. “I really think this is great,” he says.

Each contestant comes up and leaves a comment. Then Phil, Ben, and Cara look at the novels the contestants sent in.

Phil arranges each of the stories, and then asks the other judges to eliminate ones they don’t like, eventually going down to ten.

Cara looks at Gwen’s, and then Cody’s writing. “Both of these suck,” she says. “Too simple.”

Ben throws away Owen’s writing. “The dude may have won TDI, but he’s a terrible writer.”

Phil takes off Geoff’s writing. “The guy’s just too happy-go-lucky.”

After a long look, Cara takes out Ezekiel and Lindsay’s writing, and Ben throws off Eva and Duncan’s writing. Phil takes one look at Heather and Bridgette’s writing and says, “No way.”

“OK, so we have to choose two of the ten we took off to cut,” says Cara. “I sort of liked Cody’s writing. I just had to take out SOMEONE.”

Phil and Ben agree. “Yeah, his writing was OK,” says Phil. “And Lindsay’s writing was fine.”

“I have to admit, Duncan’s writing was pretty good,” says Ben. “That leaves seven. I guess Gwen’s writing was good, too.”

“Yeah,” says Cara. “So was Geoff’s.”

Phil sighs deeply. “I guess Heather’s was fine, too.”

“That leaves Owen, Ezekiel, Eva, and Bridgette,” says Ben.

“I think we know who we’ll cut tonight,” says Cara.

It’s only an hour later when Chris guides the 20 remaining players down to the ceremony. “When I call your name, you can go back and sleep,” he says. “Noah, Leshawna, Beth, Harold, Justin, Courtney, DJ, Trent, Katie, and Sadie.” He pauses. “The rest of you, your work was pretty bad. Cody, Lindsay, Duncan, Gwen, Geoff, Heather.” He pauses again, watching the remaining writers’ astonished looks. “Bridgette, you’re safe. Eva, Ezekiel, and Owen remain. One of you is safe. The final person still in the game is…Eva.” Owen and Ezekiel look VERY surprised. They both leave with their heads down, while Eva strides into her bunk.

“Not so shocking, considering that Owen and Ezekiel were the two craziest people.” Chris laughs. “Well, what can I say? See you next time on Totally Top Writer!”

The Final Audition

Chris rouses the campers at 5:00 AM on the intercom. “BREAKFAST!” he shouts for the third round in a row.

Beth awakes with a bolt. “This early in the morning?”

“YES!” Chris shouts. “NOW HURRY!”

Unlike the last round, instead of the cafeteria being noisy and chatty, it’s quiet and awkward. There’s something about the last time before a big change, and it was huge with the authors. Only the sounds of rustling forks and knives were alive. “Welcome, people,” says Chris. “As you know, today is the last double-elimination round. After this round, you will write your novels while you’re here.”

“Chris, don’t you think we should get better breakfast?” says Heather, sniffing a piece of scrambled eggs, then running to the bathroom.

“Uh…sorry…the good food was only left on the contract for three weeks,” Chris chuckles. “But you can always drop out if you want.”

“Ummm…no, I don’t think I would want to do that,” says Heather, coming back.

Later in the day, after everyone turns in their work, Harold reads over a second copy of his story and says, “I really hope the judges don’t think my story’s suckish.”

Noah, leaning over on the top bunk, reads the story from above. “Are you kidding? You’re, like, the best writer here.”

Justin, not needing to worry, just cackles half-evilly. Trent comments to Harold, “At least you aren’t Tyler. I heard that even though he was cut the same round as Izzy, his writing was officially the worst.”

“That’s just sad,” DJ nods. “But hey, at least the dude qualified for the show.”

Over at the girls’ bunk, Courtney and Eva are in a huge fight. “Your story sucks, bigtime,” says Courtney. “No wonder you’ve been the target for elimination. Those judges are like planes waiting to send you home.”

“Oh yeah? At least I’m not mean VERBALLY,” shouts Eva.

“You girls calm DOWN!” yells Leshawna, nearly breaking the walls. “You BOTH are probably gonna get eliminated next and after that if you keep arguing like that!”

“I second that philosophy,” says Beth. Lindsay agrees.

Finally, night falls, and Chris comes to collect the 18 remaining writers. “When I call your name, you’re safe,” he says and checks the list. “DJ, Sadie, Justin, Harold.”

Noah whispers to Harold on his way out, “I told you so.”

“Trent, Gwen, Heather, Katie.” The four leave. “Courtney, Noah, Leshawna, Bridgette.” Those four leave. “Eva, Lindsay.” The other two leave. There is a short pause. “Duncan, you’re safe,” Chris says as Duncan goes back to his bunk. “That leaves Geoff, Beth, and Cody. The final person safe is...” There is a long pause as Chris checks the final name on his list. “Cody.” Beth walks away with her head down to the place where the losers go, but Geoff is so chipper he skips the whole way. “Wow, that was pretty freaky,” says Chris. “Well, I guess the tech geek’s saved. See ya, Geoff and Beth.” Chris laughs and heads back.

The First ACTUAL Round

It’s two in the morning when Chris gets on the intercom. His assistant, Joe Richardson, tries to talk him out, but Chris dismisses the idea. “Come on! They’ve had enough sleep this past month. They can handle waking up at 2:00 AM.” He turns on the intercom. “HELLO, AUTHORS!”

Noah sits up and sarcastically salutes Chris. “Hello, sadistic idiot.”

DJ jumps from his bed and hits the ceiling. “That dude’s as mean as metal.”

Chris doesn’t hear the insults, and continues announcing. “GET TO BREAKFAST!” When he doesn’t hear the normal footsteps near his office, he adds, “Oh, yeah. We got the good food back.”

He interrupts the authors again at breakfast. “As you know, you’ve all been lucky enough to make it to the final sixteen. From here, everything changes. You’ll be writing novels WHILE you’re here. Each round you’ll be writing a different genre, and one person will be eliminated. Now, you’ll be split into teams. When I call your name, come over here.” Chris points to one corner. “Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent.” They all get over there.

“You guys are officially the Screaming Pencils. The rest of you, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Cody, Katie, Justin, Noah, and Eva, you are the Killer Pens,” Chris yells out.

“Great,” Noah says sarcastically.

“Anyway,” Chris says, even more annoyed, “the first genre you will have to write a novel for is…sports fiction! Now, GO, GO, GO!” The writers run to the computer lab.

Noah sits at a desktop by himself and speaks into the camera. “OK, is this thing on? Listen, sports are my weakness. So I’m just going to write the simplest thing I can find—a dodge ball game.”

Courtney grins as she types. “So, my strategy is to get Katie and Sadie to follow my orders. If this works, which it will, Katie or Sadie will get eliminated, and then the other will get out next!” She laughs maniacally. “Two contestants down in Round 3, 14 to go! HAHAHA!”

And that’s exactly what she does. “Katie, Sadie, can I talk to you for a minute?” They immediately accept it. “I’d like you two to be in an alliance with me.”

“Sure!” Katie exclaims.

Courtney checks out their writing. “This? This is horrible! I’ll help you with it.” She grins evilly at the camera.

Cody is alone at a corner of the lab. “I’m great at sports! I get a lot of practice from writing all day. It makes your fingers tired, though.” He suddenly stops writing. “AH! My fingers!”

It’s nearly 1:00 AM when Chris comes to get the stories. “All right, people, turn in your stories. The judges will let you know how your stories are.”

At 3 in the morning, Joe escorts the authors in. “We decided,” Ben starts slowly, “that the Screaming Pencils have the best stories overall. They have invincibility for the next week, so none of them can get kicked off next week.” The Screaming Pencils cheer.

“When I call your name, you’re safe for the next week,” says Phil. “All of the Screaming Pencils. Eva, Courtney, Harold.” Courtney grins and mouths “Good luck” to Katie and Sadie. “Justin, Katie.” Courtney tries to hide the look of shock on her face. “Noah.” Sadie and Cody both look very nervous. Courtney is also very nervous. The whole team is nervous. The OTHER team is even nervous. The people who got cut in the audition round are even nervous. Everyone’s nervous. “Sadie.” Cody looks sad, but sighs and walks away.

“Goodbye, everyone,” Cody says, and waves. He mutters to himself. “Dang, what did I do wrong?” He curses a little, and runs out.

Several players share the camera. “YES! I get to be here for another WEEK!” Gwen shouts.

Noah laughs. “Okay, not that I want to lose, but I seriously have no idea how I passed that round.”

Courtney is the only one who’s unhappy. “That didn’t work out as I planned, but it WILL once I get in COMPLETE control!”

Chris is the final person to share. “Well, hope you liked this round,” he says. “See you next time on Totally Top Writer!”

I Guess I'll Walk

Before he gets on the intercom for his roundly morning call, Chris gives a recap of the last round. “Okay. So last round, the authors were placed into two teams and were presented with their first actual challenge—writing a sports fiction novel. Courtney manipulated Katie and Sadie into an alliance with her, but it didn’t work out as she planned, and Cody was eliminated. Now”—he held up photos of the remaining authors—“15 authors remain. Who will be eliminated next on Totally Top Writer? Find out today!” A short break follows and he gives the morning call. “BREAKFAST! SCREAMING PENCILS AT ONE TABLE, KILLER PENS AT ANOTHER!”

Breakfast is uneventful until Chris comes along, dressed in a witch’s suit complete with a wand. “Hello, yahahah!” he says, expecting to get a few laughs, but nothing happens. “Anyway, yer challenge today, is to write a fairy tale! Oh, and it has to be at least FIVE pages long. Well, off to me castle, ye lads! YAHAHAHAHA!” He tries flying away but his witches’ broomstick fall. “Oh well, guess I better walk.”

Justin winks. “Yes! This more of the hot guy’s type!” He starts writing a story.

Heather rolls her eyes. “Okay, we won invincibility, so what’s the point of writing this?” Gwen glares at her, which provokes Heather to ask what she’s looking at.

Duncan expresses his discomfort fully. “If I get one more day of this, I’m gonna die.”

Noah insults him, saying, “You are staying here for one more day, moron! You won invincibility!” Duncan gets a computer, ready to smash Noah, but Noah says, “Seriously, are you going to vandalize this computer lab!” He winks. “And not get the money?”

Duncan is again taken aback. “Seriously, cut that out, dude.”

Courtney once again tries to “help” Katie and Sadie get their novel done. They once again agree.

Lindsay types off, even with several spelling and grammar mistakes. “Wow, I never thought it would be this easy!” She ponders her last saying. “Would it?”

It’s midnight when Chris collected the stories. Three hours later, Joe calls in the contestants. “This time, we thought the Killer Pens had the best stories overall,” Chris begins. “But, since the Screaming Pencils won invincibility, the Killer Pens will receive their invincibility next week, so they’ll still have to eliminate someone this time. The Screaming Pencils, obviously, you’re safe. Harold, Noah, Eva.” Courtney shifts in her seat. “Katie, Sadie.” Justin smiles, prepared to stay in the game. “Okay, I think this is positively wrong, but…” Chris stammers uncomfortably. “J-Justin, sorry dude. You’ll have to pack your bags.” Justin runs over to a nearby wall and weeps.

“Hey!” A female voice comes from the judges’ table. “Who eliminated him?” It’s Cara. Phil and Ben raise their hands. “WHAT!?” she shrieks in horror.

“Sorry, girl, two against one, majority rules,” explains Chris.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” The remaining authors awkwardly go back to their rooms, while Cara howls in dismay.

“Um…okay, Joe, this is your signal,” stammers Chris. The screen turns to static.

They Aren't the Brightest Stars in the Galaxy

Chris gives another recap of the previous episode. “The two teams went to breakfast yesterday after a very rude awakening. Yours truly did a SHOCKING impersonation of a witch, and the two teams had to write a fairy tale. In the end, it was pretty boy Justin that got eliminated. Now—“ he shows pictures of the writers again “—14 writers remain. Who will be eliminated next in the most excruciating elimination ceremony on Totally Top Writer?” The short break follows, and Chris shouts on the intercom again. “BREAKFAST!”

Duncan insulted DJ, a thing he hadn’t done since the beginning of the season. “Your writing stinks,” he accused. “And I know it.”

DJ was deeply offended. “Hey, man, you shouldn’t even BE on this show!” he yelled, bringing out a trait he hadn’t noticed before. “Sorry, dude.”

“Sorry, dude,” mocked Duncan. “You’re never going to get anywhere in this competition with ‘Sorry, dude’. Toughen up and make a better speech!” He jabbed his fist at DJ and DJ cowered.

Almost on cue, Chris entered. “Today you’re going to make a speech! A persuasive one!” He held the American flag in his hand and everyone stared at him. “Oh, uh, Joe, I forgot. We’re in Canada again.” Joe immediately came out with the Canadian flag. “May the best persuasive speech win,” Chris muttered, and walked away.

Courtney got her time on the camera. “OK, since Katie and Sadie won’t be leaving for a while, I’m going to make them protect me. Then again, they aren’t the brightest stars in the galaxy. So I need to get someone smart, but easy to manipulate, into my alliance. She paused for a moment and slapped her forehead. “OF COURSE!” Harold was very engaged in writing his speech. “I’m even happier that we have invincibility.” He continued typing.

Eva explained her speech topic in a tone of hatred. “I’m writing a speech about anger management,” she yelled, her teeth clenched. “AND WHY I SHOULDN’T TAKE IT!”

DJ was still calm. “You know, I guess that kid Duncan’s right. I do have to toughen up. In fact, that’s what I’m writing my speech about.”

Gwen had a wicked smile on her face. “I’m writing about how this place sucks!”

An hour later Chris called in the speeches. “You’ll be presenting them to us, and we’ll decide who should stay. Four hours later every speech had ended. “OK people; get back to your bunks. We’ll give you the results tomorrow.”

It was 7:00 in the morning when Chris got the writers awake and to the results. “The Killer Pens had the best stories overall, so they have invincibility for this week and next week. Now, when I call your name, you’re safe. Trent, Lindsay, Heather, Leshawna. Duncan.” DJ, Gwen, and Bridgette look nervous. “DJ. The final person who is safe is”—Chris pauses—“Gwen.”

Gwen looks surprised and turns to the judges. “WHAT? You voted Bridgette to go instead of ME? Bridgette’s like the best writer on the PLANET!”

“She may have been,” Phil says, “but she was a terrible speechmaker.”

TTW Highlights

Dramatic music is faintly heard from the background. A camera zooms in, showing a sign with the words “TTW Highlights” on it. A male voice says “Welcome!” and the camera fully zooms in to show Owen, Ezekiel, Geoff, Beth, Cody and Justin sitting in chairs next to Tyler and Izzy.

“We’re hosting you the best show on this channel next to Totally Top Writer! Each week on here we put in highlights of the latest episode,” Tyler explains. “Izzy and I were eliminated first off this show.” He glances angrily at the camera. “Last week, Bridgette got eliminated due to her terrible speech.”

“I know, right? She was, like, the worst speechmaker ever! I once wrote a speech and everyone loved it! But it turned out to be illegal, so, I like ran away! HAHAHAHA! Now everyone’s looking for me, and, so I had to get on this show! HAHAHAHAHA!” Izzy laughs in her usual way.

“Erm…that’s…great Izzy,” says Tyler. “Well, anyway, let’s welcome in our most recent eliminated player, Bridgette!” There is some clapping as Bridgette walks in.

“Hey, everyone,” she says.

“Welcome, Bridgette!” Tyler smiles. “We’re going to play a game with you today called ‘Contestant Mix and Match!’ We have 100 people over here who think that they know the contestants best! If you get one contestant’s name wrong, you’re out! If any of these guys get it wrong, they’re out too! If you manage to knock out all 100 people, you’ll win a chance as a guest host next week!”

“So, who’s this guy?” Harold’s face comes up on the screen.

“That’s easy. Harold,” Bridgette says calmly.

“Yes! And it looks like…15 people got that wrong. So who’s this person?” Leshawna’s face comes up.

“Leshawna.” As more faces come up onto the screen, Bridgette aces every one. It’s down to the final two, and Bridgette has to get both of them right.

“Um…” Bridgette stammers uncomfortably. “The one on the left is Geoff, and the one on the right is”—she grits her teeth—“Gwen?”

“Sorry, you got the one on the left wrong.” Izzy laughs. “That was Owen. He’s funny. I played Canasta with him once, and I like, totally thrashed him. I mean, really, he was like ‘Come on!’ and I was like ‘I beat the crap out of you!’ And so he was like—“

“That’s enough, Izzy,” Tyler sighs. “Well, now you can send in a couple of questions for the contestants!” A phone beeps. “Looks like we have our first questioner!”

“Yo!” a male voice says. “Hey Geoff, my man, how’d you feel when you got voted off, yo? ‘Cause I would be like, really mad, dude.”

“Well, I guess it was a little sad, but I was pretty cool, to be honest, man! I mean, I didn’t think I was gonna make it that far, so I’m just glad I even qualified!” The phone bleeps again.

A female voice is heard. “I wanted Justin to win! He was so awesome and hot and sexy!” The voice gets lower. “And he was just so AWESO—“

“Justin!” Tyler turns, catches Justin on a cell phone, and accuses him.

“But—“ Justin protests.

Owen speaks up. “But, Justin really was hot! I mean, he should’ve won! He has such great—No, I didn’t mean it like that! Seriously! No!” The other boys glare at him.

Tyler turns back again. “Well, after these messages, we’ll be letting you and the kicked off writers in on a little secret!” A short break follows. “Well, we’re back! And the secret is”—he turns to the people who are in the audience—“you guys are gonna get to vote someone off!” There are some gasps, but everyone writes down a name and puts it into a box.

Tyler counts the votes. Then he gets on a cell phone. “Hey, Chris, remember about that deal we made? Yeah? Well, *unrevealed* was voted off. Okay. Send them over here tomorrow.” He hangs up and turns to the camera. “Didn’t see that coming, eh? Well, the person eliminated was not any of the Killer Pens, or Duncan, or Trent, or Lindsay. It wasn’t DJ, or Gwen. The person eliminated was...Leshawna. Well, that wraps up another episode of TTW Highlights!”

Later, at 3 in the morning, Chris silently wakes up Leshawna and leads her to the walk to the Loser Hotel. Leshawna is shocked, but Chris mouths “No buts” and pushes her away.

You All Have Internet Access

Chris is about to get on the intercom when he decides to let the writers sleep. However, still accustomed to their normal schedule, every writer wakes up at 6:30 except for Katie and Sadie.

“All right, I tried to be a little empathetic, but looks like you guys are past that.” Chris is angry, but then he grins. “Have any of you noticed that someone’s missing today?”

“Yeah, Katie and Sadie,” Harold groans.

“Besides them.” The writers all look around, mentally checking off players in their mind.

Finally Heather pipes up. “Leshawna?”

“Yes! Last night Leshawna left because she was voted off by the eliminated authors. Oh yeah, there are some drastic changes now that we’re down to the final twelve. First, you’ll all have Internet access.” Everyone cheers, especially Noah. “The winners will get a free trip to the World Cup with a five star hotel. The theme of the writing today is to write a rap and perform it.”

Lindsay gets her time on the camera. “Okay, I’ve always wanted to see the World Cup, but I don’t know how to read music.”

Courtney’s next. “Since those two idiots probably don’t care whether they’re in an alliance, I’ve decided to get Harold in one.”

“Hey!” Courtney goes over to Harold. “Wanna be in an alliance?”

“Sure,” Harold shrugs.

“Okay then,” says Courtney. “I’ve come up with a deal. I’ll write your story each week, but you have to write my story each week. That way, we’ll both stay!”

“Sounds nice,” Harold shrugs.

It’s noon when Katie and Sadie finally wake up. “Wow, we overslept,” Katie says, rubbing her eyes.

“At least we did it together! Let’s go see what everyone’s doing,” says Sadie. The two walk over to find Eva tapping her foot.


Trent’s confident. “Everyone except for maybe Lindsay is doing great here. There’s no WAY we’ll lose!”

Finally it’s time for the performance. “First up for the Pencils, Gwen!” Gwen performs a clean rap about nerds. Heather goes with an explicit rap. Duncan performs with her, but his language is about half as explicit and the song makes more sense with him singing. Harold and Courtney follow, performing a rap about space aliens. Sadie and Katie perform an obvious last-minute rap. DJ performs a calm rap, and Noah and Eva perform something that seems like a road to invincibility as Lindsay can’t even remember the melody or lyrics to her rap. Trent, however, saves the day. “THE SCREAMING PENCILS WIN!” shouts Chris.

“WHAT was that?” shouts Eva back at the rooms.

“Sorry,” Katie and Sadie shrug. “We thought it was great.”

At the ceremony, everyone comes. “All the Screaming Pencils are safe. Courtney, Harold. Noah, Eva. The final person safe is…” Katie and Sadie hug, knowing they’ll be separated. “Sadie.”

“NO!” yells Sadie. “I can’t STAND to be separated!”

“I miss you!” shouts Katie.

“I miss you more!” shouts Sadie.

“I miss you infinitely more!” shouts Katie, but Sadie can’t hear her as Katie rushes to the Losers Hotel.


The 5 authors not at the World Cup were very depressed. Chris had gone off to supervise everyone, and Joe had left for an awards show. Ben and Cara were on vacation. That left Phil to take care of them.

Phil wasn’t exactly the nicest guy on the planet. So it was no surprise that Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Noah, and Eva were happy when Gwen, Heather, Duncan, DJ, Lindsay, and Trent came back from the World Cup. The 5 Killer Pens were all glancing in jealousy.

“Aw, cheer up guys,” Trent soothed. “You’ll win a challenge, don’t worry.” This comforted the Killer Pens, and everyone went to bed.

The next morning everyone was awoken by not Chris’ cruel voice on the intercom, but a sarcastic voice with a tone of complaint. “Welcome,” he sighed when everyone was at breakfast.

“Phil?” Courtney asked. “Where’s Chris? I thought he went to supervise the Screaming Pencils!”

“Wrong. Chris’s hosting an award show now to get us off his back. He told me to continue taking care of you. So basically, whoever has the worst writing today, automatically gets the boot.”

“What’s the theme?” Lindsay inquires.


Sadie sobbed at the camera, making it all wet. “I’m writing a poem about my separation from Katie! We’ve never been separated before!” She continues crying.

Noah, for once, is aware. “Okay, we need to win this round, or it’s curtains for me. I mean, besides Sadie, I’m the weakest link on the team!”

At night, everyone performed their poetry. Sadie was up first. “Katie, you were awesome. You were great and cool. I cannot live without you, because you…you…I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” She runs off the stage, crying.

“What was that?” Phil asks rhetorically. “Well, Lindsay, Gwen, you’re up.”

Gwen and Lindsay alternated verses in their poem. They did great until Lindsay forgot a line. “Next,” said Phil.

Harold performs a short speech about why technology is awesome. Phil responds with a bewildered look.

Duncan does something that can’t be really classified as a poem. He more expressed it in actions and nearly broke the walls at the end.

Noah performs a sarcastic free verse. Phil calls it boring.

DJ reads an emotional poem, and cries several times. Everything nearly goes smoothly.

Eva does something similar to Duncan’s story, but she gets control of her anger during it and Phil actually likes it.

Heather performs a speech, as does Courtney, about politics. They end up fighting. “I helped her with that poem,” whispers Harold.

Trent, being the final player, does something that Phil actually calls cool. “All right, since songwriter and angry girl are the only two who did anything good, I’ll think it over about who to kick out. Watch your backs, kids.” Phil leaves the stage.

“That was perfect!” Harold comments as Phil leaves.

“Yeah, maybe so,” says Courtney, “but it didn’t get us invincibility.”

“No one got invincibility,” Harold points out.

“You heard what the man said. Watch your back,” quotes Duncan. “I’ll probably only be here a little longer before they send me back to juvenile detention.”

“I’ll stand up for you,” promises DJ.

“All right, all right, everyone,” says Phil later. “When I call your name, you’re safe. Songwriter, angry girl, know-it-all. Brickhouse, CIT, skater geek. Delinquent, Goth girl.” He sighs and pauses. “Dumb blonde.”

Heather stands up in shock. “You chose Lindsiot over me?”

Phil laughs. “Of course I did. See you at the Losers Hotel.”

Oh Crap/Darn, That Must Hurt

“WILL YOU HURRY UP?” Eva shouts to Courtney. Courtney is up in Eva’s bed, working on a project.

“No, I won’t,” says Courtney.

Eva flames up in rage. The screen fades to black, and when it goes back to color, Courtney is lying on the ground, tied up, with tape on her mouth.

Courtney gnaws through the tape with her teeth. She spits it out and it lands over Sadie’s eyes while the camera rests on Courtney. “Okay, that girl Eva has got to get over her temper. That was an important project I need for Harold!” The camera veers away from her, ready to record another scene. Off-screen, Courtney is heard yelling, “Why won’t anyone listen to me?”

Gwen, hearing Courtney’s shouts from the Killer Pens room, shouts to Lindsay. “Did you hear that, Lindsay?” Lindsay, fast asleep, has no reply.

Noah and Harold are both fast asleep at midnight. Trent and DJ are up chatting in the Screaming Pencils’ room. Duncan, in the hallway, uses a chainsaw (don’t worry, he’s experienced) to cut down Noah and Harold’s wall. Noah gets crushed, but Harold dodges it and using amazing skills, he manages to somehow push the wall up and fastens it safe.

After twelve-thirty, Trent and DJ get to bed. Duncan gives up bullying Harold and Noah and passes out next to the fastened wall. At one fifteen, two figures with black sunglasses, black tape over their mouth and in all black quietly carry the ten writers away to an unmentioned place.

Noah and Harold wake up, screaming. Harold accuses Duncan for taking them here, but Duncan is fast asleep. The other seven are also asleep, and Harold realizes that it’s one of Chris’s pranks.

“Welcome!” Ben greets them with a sly smile and a half-wave.

“Billy, what are you doing here?” Lindsay asks.

Ben looks annoyed. “It’s Ben. Remember when Phil told you that Chris is at an award show? It’s a two part awards show, so he sent me to take care of you teens today. Heard that Heather was kicked last night. Is it true?” The authors nod. “Okay. Today, you’ll be writing the old fashioned way.” He holds up a stack of notebook paper. “With a pencil/pen and paper. Last person not out cold wins. And I decide who gets kicked.” The screen goes to a transition.

After the transition, DJ is shown asleep and the other nine working on their writing. “Ugh!” exclaims Gwen. “Things could NOT be worse!”

“Yeah, it could,” remarks Trent.

Gwen turns to him. “How?”

“Well, I could be stuck without you to talk to.” Gwen smiles.

Meanwhile, Courtney confronts Harold. “All right. You help me with my story, and I’ll come up with a scheme to make us both stay awake!”

“Got it,” Harold nods.

After about two hours, Noah’s bones crack. He pants and falls asleep. Courtney taps Eva on the shoulder to make sure she’s awake, and Eva roars at her. “Okay, okay! I know you’re awake now,” Courtney breathes nervously. Sadie’s tears for Katie put her to sleep later.

Trent talks to Gwen, and talking to her gives her new ideas for his writing. He eagerly asks her several questions.

“Favorite color?”


“No wonder. Least favorite?”


“Blech. I hate red too,” Trent smiles, writing down every word.

Duncan attempts climbing a tree and hanging upside down to stay awake, but he gets sleepy writing upside down and falls down the tree, twelve feet down.

“Oh crap/darn, that’s bad,” Ben comments. “Time to take it up a notch! A movie, maybe!” He turns a controller on, and 2001: A Space Odyssey comes on.

Harold listens to every word. He writes down his and Courtney’s story. “This movie is really interesting. I watched it once in fourth grade.” Eva grunts in dislike and snores five minutes later.

“Welcome, final five,” Ben says in a very boring tone. “I am glad you find this movie so a-w-e-s-o-m-e.” He spreads out the word “awesome”, causing Lindsay to almost immediately fall asleep.

Trent continues his conversation with Gwen, but Gwen asks Trent the questions.

“Favorite movie?”

“I can’t really remember, but it was one of those 70’s movies, with the club of the boys and that other club of the girls and that guy who was played by John Travolta…”

“Oh yeah, Grease. It’s so easy to remember, but anyone can forget it at this status.” She writes down some more. “Favorite author?”

Trent yawns. “You.” Gwen giggles.

“Courtney? I’ve finished your story,” Harold calls. He gets no answer. “Courtney? COURTNEY?” The camera moves to show Courtney asleep on a rock next to a pond. Her pen has fallen into the water. Harold puts her story next to her and goes back to writing his own.

The camera moves to show Noah kissing DJ’s knee unconsciously. The two wake up, scream, and hide in trees. Courtney falls into the water, and wakes up with her hair wet and clothes soaked. “No!” she shouts, when she sees her work down in the water. “Harold, what did you do?” She wakes up Eva, who roars at her and the two hide in trees. This wakes Sadie up. She screams, cries, and jumps into the pond. Duncan, not only asleep but knocked out, doesn’t move.

Ben turns off the movie and speaks in the same boring tone. “Hello. Congrats, final three. This is gonna be the most boring thing you will ever hear.” He turns on a recording of a harp and a saxophone, while speaking lyrics in the boring tone.

Trent works on his writing, but suddenly throws his pencil away. “Trent, no!” Gwen shouts, but it’s too late. Trent rolls over and unconsciously hands his writing to Gwen.

Gwen clings to Ben’s knee, who is drinking coffee. “Please give me some! I’ll even eat the sugar alone!” she begs, but Ben throws the coffee away and forces her off his knee. After twenty-nine hours, she stops writing. After thirty-six, she snores happily.

“Harold has invincibility,” Ben shouts. “The rest of you let me see your writing.” Noah and DJ hand him their writing trembling. Sadie hands it in, her story completely wet. Ben locates Duncan, Gwen and Trent and picks up their writing. Eva brings him her writing with clenched teeth. Courtney brings hers in, the ink flowing and her story just barely readable. “All right, people, let me read your stories and I’ll think them over.”

Ben criticizes the works later. “Tsk tsk tsk,” he says, looking at DJ’s writing. “79 words. And 205 words here,” he adds. “Not a great plot, barely even readable. But the only person who was bad enough to kick was – (for suspense).”

Ben sighs when he calls everyone to the elimination ceremony. “Harold, Gwen, Lindsay, Noah.” Those four leave. “Duncan, Trent.” Trent drags Duncan to his room. “DJ, Sadie. The final person safe is”—he pauses—“Courtney.”

“I’m not done with you!” yells Eva. “You idiotic judge! I’m not through! I’LL GET MY REVENGE!” The two all-black people—now wearing the colors of the bright red hallway—forcibly take her away and to the Losers Hotel.

Courtney got more camera time. She said one word. “Phew.”

Ben gets time on the camera. “Who will be the final 9’s next host? Find out next on Totally Top Writer!”

You Are So DEAD!

The final 9 writers are off climbing trees (all except Noah and Harold) when a mysterious voice interrupts them. “You nine, come to the kitchen,” it says.

“The kitchen?” Duncan asks, confused. “Well, see ya. I’m gonna stay here and prevent myself from going to juvenile detention.”

“If it suits you,” Gwen says with a shrug.

The other eight walk to the kitchen, when the “mysterious voice” approaches them. “Cara?” DJ asks.

“Yes,” she says. “How come there are eight of you?”

Trent explains: “Duncan decided not to come.”

“Oh well then,” Cara says. “That’ll make it fair anyway. Your challenge is to write a recipe and I’ll cook it. If I like it, you’ll be in the fin”—she pauses. “You’ll win invincibility, sorry, sorry, sorry.” A transition follows.

“What do you want to do for the theme?” Gwen asks Trent as the Screaming Pencils talk.

“Why don’t we do a writing theme?” asks Lindsay.

“We can’t write a recipe for writing, Lindsay. How about Mexican?” Trent inquires.

“Good idea,” agrees DJ.

“Okay, I’m head recipe composer. We’re doing a tropical theme and making fruit salad. So, who would like to donate the fruit ideas first?” asks Courtney, electing herself as in charge.

“I will,” says Harold, and writes down “20 grapes”. Soon the other two come to the fact that Courtney won’t give up, so Noah donates “30 kiwi” and “15 banana slices” and Sadie gives “2 whole apples” and “50 pineapple slices”.

“Let’s put tortillas on the list,” says DJ.

“And taco beef,” adds Gwen.

“Let’s just hope Cara knows how to make taco beef,” Trent laughs, and everyone joins in. “But seriously.”

“All right, now we’ll need…hmmm…I guess that’s all we need,” concludes Courtney, when suddenly Noah snatches her pen and recipe.

“I guess it is,” sneers Noah, and passes it to Sadie, who throws it to Harold.

“Give it to me, Harold, you idiot!” wails Courtney. Harold gets very nervous about where to throw it, but finally throws it in the freezer. Courtney lunges after it. “Harold, you are so DEAD!”

“What should we do for dessert?” asks DJ.

“Why not an ice-cream taco or something?” requests Lindsay. “We could have chocolate ice cream inside a chocolate-cookie-dough-ice-cream shell, with mint ice cream for lettuce, and—“

Trent slaps his forehead. “Lindsay, thank God he made you. You can be useful at points. Why don’t we write that down? Lindsay, recite what you just said.”

“All right everyone, now that that idiot Courtney’s in the freezer, let’s—CRAP!” Sadie is about to make a speech when she slips on a piece of paper and bangs her head on the refrigerator. Dazed, she passes out.

Noah gets camera time. “Okay, so we’re doing pretty good except for Courtney getting locked in the fridge and Sadie’s knockout which means she’s out of today’s challenge. But we can handle it.” He grins.

“All right!” yells Cara thirty minutes later. “Give me your recipes.” Gwen, Trent, DJ, and Lindsay gladly get theirs in while Noah and Harold do theirs reluctantly.

First Cara cooks the Pencils’ recipe. “Mmmm…not bad. The dessert was a bit crunchy, but other than that, I give it 10 out of 10! Now the Pens have to tie it up to even get close to the win!” She looks at it. “Oh my god, you guys didn’t even write down a dessert? That’s pathetic. Maybe the fruit salad will have my taste.” She makes it, tastes it, and spits it out. “SO unoriginal and terrible! Who came up with this?”

Harold shakes. “Ummm…ummm…umm…Sadie did most of it but Courtney did part of it,” he blurts out.

“Oh…OK,” Cara says. “See you later guys.”

Thirty minutes later Cara calls the Pens. “When I call your name, you’re safe. Noah, Harold. The final person safe is…” Courtney is annoyed. Sadie is nervous. “Courtney.”

Sadie is shocked. “Well, that’s fine with me, you stupid safe-calling JUDGE!” She runs over to the Losers Hotel when she notices a familiar face.

“Katie!” says Sadie.

“Sadie!” says Katie.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” they scream together.

It Was the Only One Not Taken!

Noah storms into his room. “Who took my book?” he demands.

Courtney giggles. “I won’t give it back till you tell me you kissed a guy!”

Noah steams. “No I didn’t!”

Courtney laughs. “Yes you did!”

Noah is very mad. “Did…not!”

Trent suddenly sticks his head out of the ceiling, throwing a tile down on the ground. “Uh, I can break the tie here,” he says awkwardly, “he totally did.” He throws a DVD into the TV for proof.

After watching it, Noah finally says, “I have no comment.”

In the room up above, Lindsay accidently trips over the broken tile, resulting in Trent getting pushed down onto the hard wooden floor with his hand THROUGH it. “Hey Trent, you oka”—Gwen starts to ask Trent, but Duncan, DJ, and her suddenly fall down onto Trent, hurting his hand even more. Eventually the other 7 cast leave, putting Trent to his misery until Phil and Ben come and take him to the infirmary.

In the morning when Duncan, Gwen, Lindsay, DJ, Noah, Harold, and Courtney come in and Trent is escorted in by Phil, Chris explains the challenge. “Today’s challenge is a writing boot camp. You’re going to have to make a TTW video game for your first challenge! Anyone who drops out stays out, and the top 3 will decide who gets eliminated. All right! Oh yeah, and the teams are disbanded by now. You’re all one team, the Fearless Feathers!”

“That’s a stupid team name,” Courtney says.

Chris defends himself. “It was the only one not taken!”

DJ gets time on the camera. “Making a video game is the most brutal thing I’ve experienced. I’ve tried it before, and the TV broke because I messed up so badly. UGH!” He smacks his forehead.

Eventually Harold gets overwhelmed with the video game-making and decides to drop out after twenty-two hours. “Looks like we’ll need to check your video games. Best two get to keep theirs and automatically pass the next challenge!” He checks the games. “Alright, um, DJ and Trent, your video games were AWESOME! Prepare to sit out this round! The other 5, your challenge is to write by launching your pencil out of this gun.”

Duncan laughs on camera. “That was SO easy! I mean, I did this stuff in juvenile detention!”

Courtney, on the other hand, protests clearly. “I’m sick of this place! Sick of it! Sick of it! So I’m dropping out of this challenge!”

“Looks like Courtney dropped out, so best two writers automatically pass the next challenge.” He looks it over. “Duncan and Noah. DJ and Trent, get back in here! Your next challenge is to try and not get stabbed with this pencil!”

“What does THAT have to do with writing?” asks Gwen.

“Every writer has to try not to!” Chris says, irritated. “We start now!” DJ screams but manages to dodge each and every pencil. Gwen and Lindsay drop out at the same time, claiming that they were done with the boot camp. “Trent will definitely be in the final 3,” Chris mutters to himself. “Duncan, Noah, and DJ, this is the final challenge for you.” Noah snickers. “Say why you want to be in the final 3.” They all write a speech in a few hours and perform it. “That sucked, DJ! Duncan, Noah, Trent, decide who gets voted off.”

The three whisper together. “Definitely Gwen,” says Duncan. “She’s the biggest threat.” Noah agrees.

“Gwen? I-I don’t know.” Trent shakes. “Sh-she’s”—

Duncan interrupts Trent. “C’mon, she is a big threat. We’re voting for her. End of discussion.” Then the three write down whom to eliminate.”

“When I call your name, you’re safe,” Chris says as the 5 authors able to be eliminated enter the room. “DJ, Harold.” He pauses. “Courtney. The final person safe is”—he pauses dramatically—“Lindsay.”

Gwen stands up in shock. “What? You voted me off?”

Trent enters the room. “I didn’t.”

Gwen smiles. “Aw, thanks Trent.” Duncan and Noah enter the room, glaring as Gwen kisses Trent.

“Uh, Trent…you know what this means, right?” Duncan questions.

Trent asks him, suspicious. “What?”

The scene cuts to everyone excluding Trent sleeping peacefully. “Good night, Trent,” Duncan says and falls asleep.

Trent, tied between the second floor and the first, only manages to utter “Night.”


6 of the final 7 are awoken by Trent crashing to the ground. Noah laughs. “Dang, that’s his second injury in a row,” says DJ painfully.

“BREAKFAST!” shouts Chris. “Oh, and Cara, could you please treat Trent for me? It’s his second injury in a row.” Cara nods reluctantly.

At breakfast Chris comes out. “Welcome!” he says. “Today’s challenge is to write a science fiction novel.” He turns and walks away, leaving the final 7 in all different expressions.

Noah gets time on the camera. “Okay, I’m good at writing science but not fiction. Put those two together and you have me putting something together at the last minute.”

“Hey Harold, could you get that piece of paper for me?” Courtney asks sweetly when the 7 get to the computer lab. Harold obeys.

When Trent is healed, he mourns for Gwen. “I’m sorry, babe!” he shouts. “I should have attacked those two. Well, definitely one of them. I’m SORRY!”

Duncan interrupts. “Are you done complaining for your girlfriend? Because you have a challenge to complete.” Trent dashes to the computer lab.

DJ grins. “This is gonna be easy! Man, I’ve seen like a million science fiction movies and I’ve actually directed an animated science fiction movie!”

Chris walks in. “Let me read your novels and decide the outcome, people!” Everyone hands Chris their novels. Chris thinks the results over and decides. “DJ, Harold, Courtney, you guys have invincibility.”

DJ, Harold, and Courtney all whisper. “Why don’t we vote off Noah?” Courtney suggests. “He’s been a big, sadistic jerk from day one and now we can finally control his elimination. Plus, he sucks at science fiction.” DJ agrees.

“That”—Harold is about to protest, but gives in. “That’s right, yeah, she’s right, Noah has been that way.”

“All right, you four, when I call your name, you’re safe. Trent, Duncan, Lindsay.”

Noah is shocked. “What? Are you kidding me? Well good luck because you three jerks just voted out the only person with any brains here!”

Courtney and DJ snicker, and Harold attempts one. “You need to learn something called respect!” DJ cracks. Noah runs down the walk to the Losers Hotel.

“Whatever, I’m outta here,” are his last words.

Chris laughs on the camera. “All right, so it wasn’t the most dramatic ceremony ever because hey! All of them voted for Noah! But anyway, I still get paid. Bonus!”

Is That Really You?

“Welcome, Final 6!” yells Chris at breakfast. “As you know, you have knocked out 16 other authors so far, Tyler, Izzy, Owen, Ezekiel, Geoff, Beth, Cody, Justin, Bridgette, Leshawna, Katie, Heather, Eva, Sadie, Gwen, and most recently, Noah. Today’s challenge is to write a two-character play.”

“Piece of cake,” Duncan says.

“You’ll have to write it in groups of 2 and then perform it. Ummm…Courtney and DJ, Lindsay and Trent, and Harold and Duncan. Go, go, GO!”

“Okay, I’m going to be the main character in this,” barks Courtney to DJ.

“What? Let’s just make the script first,” says DJ.

“No, I’m writing the play. You’re the actor.” Courtney scribbles something down.

Trent and Lindsay team up. “So…what’s the girl’s name going to be?” asks Trent. “How about…Gwen?" suggests Lindsay. Trent is taken aback but continues.

Trent taps his chin. “Nice idea. Now what’s the bad guy’s name gonna be?”

“Okay, I’m going to be the guy who escapes from jail, and you’re gonna be the protagonist, the police officer. And I won’t beat you up,” Duncan says.

“Ummm…I guess. Who’ll write it?”

“Are you crazy? We’ll be in some mad chase scene. We won’t need words.” Harold disagrees though, and the two write down some dialogue.

DJ and Courtney are in a heated wrestling match, but DJ wins and picks up the pencil. He scribbles several lines of dialogue and gives them to Courtney to copy.

Courtney does something rather unusual, though. She makes three copies of her script—one for DJ, one for herself, and one for someone else.

“Hey Harold,” she says as she bumps into him making copies, “you dropped your script.” She hands Harold the third copy.

“Thanks, Courtney.” Harold grins.

“Alright people! Time to see your plays,” says Chris. He guides them to a stage. “First up, Courtney and DJ.”

The scene opens with Courtney buying food from a market. “That’ll be 25 cents, ma’am,” says DJ.

Courtney gets enraged. “What? It says on the sign that it’s 15 cents!” The two fight. Courtney wins and DJ slowly puts up “25 cents” on the sign when the scene ends.

Chris laughs. “Very comical! Next up, Trent and Lindsay.”

“Tyler! Is it really you?” Lindsay hugs Trent as the scene opens.

“Uh…no, I’m Tyrus,” says Trent, obviously playing “Tyrus”.

“B-b-but where’s Tyler?” Lindsay is crestfallen.

“Tyrus” sighs. “There is no one alive in this home named Tyler. The truth is…I killed him so he couldn’t get to you.”

“What!?” exclaims Lindsay. “Why, you—how could you do that?”

“I’m sorry!” But it’s no use. The stage darkens as a gunshot is heard. It comes back on to see Trent and Lindsay waving.

“Perfect!” says Chris. “So dramatic! Perfect! And last but not least, Harold and Duncan.”

The scene opens with Duncan breaking out of jail. He screeches to a halt when he finds Harold behind him with a food cart.

“You’ll never get me!” Duncan says, following his line.

“That’ll be 25 cents, ma'am,” says Harold confidently. Duncan continues running, while Harold fights the air, still next to the food cart. The scene eventually darkens. Duncan eventually comes back. “What the heck was that?”

“I was just following my lines.” Harold shrugs.

“Well, sorry, but you just cost us the challenge,” says Duncan, ready to fight. Harold does a little kung-fu.

“Break it up!” shouts Chris. “Trent and Lindsay can decide who will be eliminated.”

Later, Chris announces the 4 authors up for elimination.

“DJ, Courtney, you two are safe. The final person safe is”—he pauses—“Duncan.”

“Yes!” shouts Courtney. “I KNEW that plan would work!”

“What plan?” asks Harold.

“I gave you OUR script so you could get eliminated.”

“But I thought we were in an alliance!”

“Alliance? Yeah, right. Didn’t you understand I was manipulating you?”

“Wait a second. So—I’ve been helping you all this time and you don’t even like me?”

“Not one bit.”

“So all that stuff that Noah said about you was TRUE! That you really are a lying, backstabbing, manipulative ***************************************************!” Harold curses several times.

Harold gets a bit of camera time. “I don’t know what got into me.”

Harold announces his goodbyes to everyone. “Bye, Duncan,” he says. “You’ve been my best friend here today. Bye Trent, DJ, Lindsay.” He finishes off with Courtney. “Good luck. I hope you get everything karma owes you.” Then he walks down to the Losers’ Hotel.

You're Still a Geek

Chris pops in front of the camera, which was filming what looked like a beautiful hotel. “Welcome, viewers!” he laughs. “We’ve found out what the eliminated authors have been doing when they’ve hosted their own show several weeks ago, but what about when it’s NOT on?” He shouted to the cameraman. “Zoom in, Hatchet, zoom in!”

Chris gets out of the way and the camera zooms in. It really IS a great hotel, occupied by several eliminated TTW contestants. Katie and Sadie drink coffee and hug. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Katie screams. “I’m SO excited to be here!”

“So am I!” shouts Sadie. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Noah, reading a book in the corner, growls.

Chris interviews Noah. “Still mad about your elimination?” Noah slaps Chris.

Tyler throws a Frisbee around with Cody in an indoor swimming pool. “This place ROCKS!” yells Tyler. He tries to catch a Frisbee but falls into the swimming pool. “I mean, hosting my own show was awesome, but this is even better!”

Eva lifts weights in a gym. “After I got eliminated, I took anger management,” she growls. “I guess you could say I’ve improved.”

“What did you think of Ben when he eliminated you?” Chris asks.

“I thought he was an idiot. A mean, harsh, discriminating, thuggish, backstabbing, freakish”—Eva stops herself. “I won’t even say it.”

“Let’s see how they like their rooms!” Chris instructs “Hatchet” to move the camera. The camera goes into a stylish elevator, eventually coming up to the third of nine floors. Chris attempts to open a door marked 14-BRIDGETTE and spots Ezekiel.

“Hey, whatcha doing at some girl’s room? Trying to break in?” asks Chris rhetorically.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing.” Chris gets a new look. “Being famous has totally changed my life, but this creep won’t let me in!” He bites at the doorknob.

“Go away, homeschool,” a voice shouts from inside that sounds strangely like Geoff. Ezekiel gives up and walks away. Chris kicks down the door open, and to his comedy, finds Geoff and Bridgette making out.

“Looks like two lovebirds found each other,” Chris laughs.

“Yeah,” says Bridgette. “He’s so cute.” The two continue making out.

“Go away,” says Geoff fiercely, and pushes Chris and the cameraman away, leaving the camera to focus on Geoff and Bridgette making out.

A voice from offscreen says, “Well, when these two lovebirds stop making out, we’ll see some other old faces.” The voice pauses. “Hey, stop making out!” A short break follows.

“We’re back!” shouts Chris. “Now let’s hear the question everyone wants to know—what do they think of the final five?” He moves over to Tyler.

“I’d really want Trent to win, because he really rocked that rap contest,” says Tyler.

Izzy, trapped in a cage, says very quickly—“You know, I’d want Duncan to win, because, like, he’s so juvenile, and like, tough, and I’ve always wanted to be that way! Plus his piercings are cute.”

Noah looks up from the corner. “I guess I’d want DJ to win, because, well, a nice guy, he is. Not like some people.”

Harold, from the indoor swimming pool, smiles. “I’m not really sure who to pick. The final five are all nice people.” He frowns. “Except for Courtney. She’s a jerk, and I hope she realizes that!” He falls into the swimming pool.

Gwen laughs. “How about you, Gwen? Who would you pick?” Chris asks. Gwen winces.

“Well, I guess I would have to say Trent, because he was so nice to me…” Her voice trails off.

Justin smiles from a modeling room while Beth gapes over him. “I can’t believe I didn’t win. I mean, Cara drooled over me, and I really had the advantage.”

Cody laughs from the kitchen. “After my fingers healed, I enrolled in a cooking class. I’m pretty much acing it. I guess I would have to vote for Lindsay, because she’s hot.”

“You’re still a geek,” chuckles Heather.

Cody frowns. “Whatever.”

“I guess I’d have to vote for Trent, because his girlfriend was really nice to me when I was eliminated,” says Bridgette. She continues making out with Geoff.

Katie and Sadie squeal, “Duncan!”

“He’s SOOOOOOOOOO awesome,” says Sadie.

“Yeah, I know,” says Katie.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” they scream together. Noah growls louder this time.

Owen, half-asleep on a sofa, snores, “Lind…say…”

“Surprise!” shouts Chris. “You guys are going to decide to vote off one of the final five!” Everyone’s shocked. “Yup, it’s true. So get in one of these five lines for who you want to vote off…”

Back with the final 5, Chris reads names off a card. “Trent, you’re safe with one vote. DJ, you’re safe with three votes. Courtney, you’re safe with six votes. Lindsay, Duncan, one of you got zero votes while the other got seven votes. The person who got zero is”—he pauses—“Lindsay.”

“What?” Duncan yells. “How can those losers vote off someone like me?” He clenches his fists. “Oh my god, whoever voted for me is gonna get a MAJOR fear of me when I assault them…”

You ARE Trouble

Trent, DJ, Courtney and Lindsay—the final four competitors—kneel down and discuss how happy they are.

“Wow, I can’t believe I made it this far,” admits DJ on camera. “I guess I’m a good writer.”

“So what do you think our next challenge will be?” asks Trent to the rest of the group.

“These are challenges?” Lindsay pipes up. Trent smacks his forehead.

“Well, I can guarantee we won’t be taken away again,” says Courtney. The rest agree, laugh, and go to bed.

The people in all black—the same ones that forcefully took Eva away six episodes earlier—carry the four authors to a distant wood, leaving them with paper and pencil.

DJ is the first to wake up. He walks around and crashes into a tree, slapping him into sense. When he is fully conscious and awake, he hisses to Courtney fiercefully. “What happened to not being taken away?” But Courtney can’t hear him, so DJ wakes Trent and the two sneak away.

By the time Courtney and Lindsay wake up, it’s 9:00 AM. Lindsay jumps. “Crisp, what happened?”

Chris snickers, watching through monitors. “Ha, ha ha, ha. They have NO idea that this is all planned or paired up boys vs. girls! HA, HA!” He goes into a laughing fit.

“I guess we should continue writing, since we’re in a writing contest,” suggests Trent.

“It doesn’t look like it,” DJ points out.

“You’re right, but we still need to write. How about a non-fiction thing?” DJ agrees and the two start writing.

Courtney and Lindsay secretly spy on the two—well, I guess you could say secretly. Lindsay was going “Caw, caw” like a crow so loud that Trent and DJ had to write in a different place.

“You idiot!” Courtney screamed. “Now we only have a little information about their writing!”

“They’re WRITING?”

Courtney steams.

“Okay, so we need to write some crazy thing about astrology or something, right?” Trent piles something together. DJ nods and the two start jotting down some notes.

After three hours, Lindsay notices it’s getting dark. “Cartney, shouldn’t we go to bed or something?”

Courtney slaps her forehead. “Thank God,” she mutters. Aloud, she says, “It’s Courtney, and yeah.” The two pitch a tent out of trees and reside there. Meanwhile, Trent and DJ pass out on the grass.

A darkened figure approaches when it’s morning. “Yikes!” DJ screams. The duo examines the figure closely and realize it’s—

“Chris?” inquires Trent.

“Yup, it’s me,” Chris says, laughing. “You two won the challenge!”

“So that whole stranded in the woods thing was just a scam?” Courtney and Lindsay come up in front of Chris.

“Yup!” Chris suddenly gets kicked in the groin by Courtney. He falls over on the ground, writhing in pain. “Tr-ent, D-J, just go and cast-your-votes while I re-co-ver. NOW!” The two rush over.

DJ leafs out a vote for Lindsay. “No offense, but you’re just too stupid to continue.”

Trent jots down a vote for Courtney. “You ARE trouble.”

Chris squirms over and announces it a tie. “Dun-can will vote,” he says.

A helicopter suddenly flies over the trees. Duncan skydives down, produces a pen and index card in his pocket, writes down a name, puts the index card in the box, and sticks the pen in his pocket. “Done,” he nods to Chris.

Chris winces as he grabs the vote. “The fin-al per-son safe is”—he pauses—“Courtney.”

Lindsay looks sad, but she gets onto Duncan’s helicopter without hesitation.

“Con-grats, fi-nal three," Chris says. "I'll see you next-week."

Currently Untitled

“Who stole my electric fan?” Chris demands.

DJ, Trent and Courtney exchange glances. DJ starts. “I think it wa—“

“SILENCE!” Chris commands.

“What’s the big deal about an electric fan?” Courtney asks.

“Do you think I could get the wind-blown look in my hair look natural without one?”


“I’m suing Courtney first!” Chris snorts like a rhino.

“Whoa, I didn’t do anything,” says Courtney, a little bewildered.

“I don’t care! You’re going to the court here in a few days. It’ll be enough time to write the trial script.”

“Whoa,” DJ says.

Three days later, Chris grabs the shoulders of Courtney and takes her to a small courtroom. 14 of 19 eliminated campers are lined up on benches. Ben, the former TTW judge, strikes a gavel. “I call this trial to order!” he exclaims. “Any opening statements?”

Chris’s lawyer (who is really Harold) starts. “My name is Harold Johnson, Your Honor and the jury. Good evening. A few days ago, my electric fan was missing. I looked all around for it, but I could never find it. Me and Courtney here have had arguments, so I came to one conclusion—she had stolen it. Her lawyer— whoever it is—will probably say that she is not the type to steal it, but I think otherwise. Please conclude Courtney guilty.” He sits down.

Ben strikes his gavel again. “Now we will hear from the defense.”

Courtney’s lawyer, Ezekiel, clears his throat. “My name’s Ezekiel Fanston, Your Honor and the Jury. Good evening, isn’t it, eh? Well, as a response to Harold’s statement, I say that Courtney isn’t the type to steal it, eh? She wouldn’t be strong or smart enough to carry it, would she, eh?” Everyone just glare at him. “What? Well, yeah, so, eh, that’s it.”

Harold calls in his first witness. “I would like to call in Noah, my first witness.”

Noah strolls in. Harold approaches him, ready to question Noah.

“When do you recall Courtney taking the fan?”

Noah responds, “It was night. 11:32 PM, I think, on July 16.”

“Did you see her take the fan?”

“Yes. I was in the bushes, looking o—

“Objection!” Ezekiel cries. “Noah was purposefully spying on Courtney.”

“No I wasn’t.” Noah blushes, embarrassed.

“Then what were you doing?” Ezekiel demands.

Noah blushes. “I was making out with Eva.” There is some laughter in the seats, but Ben bangs his gavel.

Noah continues, still embarrassed. “I heard a noise. It was a sort of whirring noise, and it made a blowing sound. I stopped to think a moment, and I saw a dark figure carrying the noise. The silhouette was Courtney’s.”

“All right,” Harold says, satisfied. He glances at Ezekiel. “Your witness!”

Ezekiel approaches Noah. “Okay. Are you aware that Courtney may have borrowed the fan?”

Noah squirms. “Well…um…I guess.”

“Ooh, that’s cold, bro,” Geoff comments from the stands.

Ezekiel continues, obviously proud of himself. “Did you see a lawn mower there?”

“Uh…yes,” is Noah’s reply.

“Do you realize that a lawn mower also whirs and makes a blowing sound?”

“Of course.”

“Courtney was using the lawn mower. And to prove it, let’s have her come in now, eh?” Courtney enters, with blades of grass all over her.

“Oh no,” panics Noah.

“That is all.”

Next, Harold calls in Katie and questions her. She said that saw Courtney fall as she was taking the fan, and that’s how the blades of grass got on her. But Ezekiel comes up with another witty response that leaves Katie speechless.

“Okay, the um…plaintiff rests, your honor,” mutters Harold to Ben. Ezekiel calls in Courtney and questions her. Harold tries to question her, but she’s so witty that Harold—the lawyer—is left speechless.

“Okay,” says Ben after the two give their closing statements. “Has the jur—“

Suddenly, the door opens with a swish and Duncan comes in, slumping down. “Wake me up, and you’ll be sorry,” he warns. “That fan kept me up all night! I was trying to sleep under the stars, but then comes Courtney with some fan and stashes it right next to me! The wind was blowing on me ALL NIGHT!” He rests his head down and by his eyes, the jury can tell he’s asleep. They glare angrily at Courtney.

“Please don’t interrupt, Mr. Nelson,” says Ben firmly. “Now has the jury reached a verdict?”

“Yes,” says Justin, standing up. “We declare Courtney guilty!”

Chris runs in. “THANK you guys! Now Courtney’s eliminated and I can get my fan back! Look at my hair! It’s so neat and straight!”

“Um…isn’t that a good thing, Chris?” Gwen comments.

“You guys have no taste! It’s the worst thing ever to have your hair messed up!” shouts Justin.

“I guess it’s my signal to leave,” Ben mutters. “Courtney, come with me. Yer going to the Losers Hotel.” He turns to the camera. “And then there were two. Who will win? DJ or Trent? Find out next time on Totally Top Writer!”


“All right!” Chris pops up onto the screen. “My friends, we are here today to celebrate the grand ending of Totally Top Writer. Well, actually not here. We’ve been staying down here in the good ol’ Southwest for this competition, but now…we’re taking fifteen of them…to NEW YORK!” Chris walks around a setting of New York now. “Some hot-shots there thought I—“

“Ahem?” says an off-screen voice.

“Fine.” Chris grumbles. He makes a show of pantomiming the words. “WE could get a PROMOTION if WE had our FINALE in NEW YORK, because after all, it IS the capitol of ADVERTISING.” It’s the off-screen voice’s turn to grumble.

“Let’s review the two final contestants. First we’ve got Trent.” A series of clips play showing Trent. “And…DJ!” A series of clips show DJ now.

The next scene is in New York, on Yankee Stadium. Two podiums are at first and third base, with Trent and DJ on them respectively.


Trent and DJ nod weakly.



“We got the message the first three seconds, Chris,” DJ says. But the debate starts.

Trent puts up a snarly face. “Fast food’s bad.”

“Are you kidding?” DJ asks.

“Too greasy, man.”

“Grease is good,” DJ argues.

“What you mean?” Trent challenges.

“Makes food better,” DJ answers weakly.

“Grease is unhealthy.”

“Who says so?”

“Chris and Ben.”

DJ shakes his head. “Not health experts.”

“I don’t care.”

“Fast food’s amazing.”

“But it’s unhealthy.”

“I understand.”

“Okay then…” This is turning awkward for Trent.

“I give up.”

Trent smiles. He runs over and tags DJ. “Strike three—out!” he teases. DJ grins.

Round one goes to Trent.

“Second round,” Chris explains, “you’ll have to write five chapters of a story totaling up to at least 5,000 words. But you can all do better than that, right? So you’re using typewriters, with the keys switched around.” Chris holds up a clock. “And you’ve got one hour, starting…NOW!”

Chris pops into a booth. “Yeah, I can be truly evil…” he grins, “and I don’t need explosives to do it.”

If you’re looking over the writers’ shoulders onto the typewriters, it seems like they were writing gibberish. But Trent and DJ are going at it hot and heavy. They’re click-clacking like it was 1919. The jury is in shock.

Finally the timer beeps, notifying the end of the contest. Chris grabs the stories and reads them silently, muttering “mmhmm” and “oh, yeah” and “oh!”

After about half an hour, he holds both stories high in the air. “Now, as well as all your other stories, your story here will be copied for the jury to see. You can explain why you want to win, or answer any questions that they have for you.” Chris runs off as the sound of printing is heard.

A few minutes later, Chris comes back. “Here’s all your stories and the two’s poem, plus the sheet music to the two’s rap/song, the recipe, video game, and screenplay. Enjoy, jury!” He tosses the papers in the jury’s direction. There’s a mad scramble for the pages.

The thirteen jury members choke it all in, like if they fall into a giant body of water in the middle of the desert. Finally Harold sets down every story/poem/sheet music/recipe/video game/screenplay. He calls attention to himself by calling “Um…DJ, Trent, your uh, stories are really good—“

“And?” Chris butts in.

“Well, actually the conjunction is not AND, it’s BUT. As I was saying, but there’s only one who can be the greatest. And I gotta say, I think DJ deserves the win.”

“All right, all right, all right. Let’s keep—“ Chris tries to move on, but Harold’s not finished.

“Trent, you did all right too. Both of you did. But doesn’t Trent have a huge mansion that he lives in already?” Everyone gasps.

Trent kneels down. “You’re right,” he mutters sadly. “I wasn’t competing for the money. I was competing for the experience.”

“Well, that figures,” mutters Harold. “But I still vote DJ to win.”

“I understand completely.”

“All right! All right! You’ve been taking my spotlight long enough,” Chris shouts. “Now, does anyone have anything else to say? Hello?”

The others are already scrawling down their votes.

“C’mon! This show is supposed to be 20 minutes long and this episode hasn’t even reached 1000 words!” The jury glances at him. “Fine, fine, fine.” He takes out the votes one by one.

He dramatically looks forward and says, “The winner is…

Nope, not yet

Uh uh!

No way!


“TRENT!” A big celebration goes up. Trent leaps up. “I won?” he asks Chris. “But with Harold’s speech and everything—“

“You were competing for the experience,” he mutters. “That always gets ‘em.”

“I sure am. And to prove it, I’m gonna give this load of green rectangles to DJ himself!”

“Really?” Chris’s eyes pop open. “’Cause I was wondering, y’know, my paycheck is low, and so—“

“I’m not gonna give you the money,” Trent grins. “Something better.”

“Really?” Chris’s eyes pop open even more.

Trent throws the case for the money at Chris’s head. He screams in pain as he clatters to the ground.

“Take that, jerk!”


Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
TBA DJ Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Btm 3 Btm 4 Win Safe Btm 4 Win Safe Noah Btm 4 Btm 4 Lindsay Safe
TBA Trent Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Lindsay Btm 4 Harold Safe Courtney Safe
3 Courtney Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 2 Win Win Safe Safe Btm 2 Btm 2 Btm 3 Noah Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim
4 Lindsay Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Btm 2 Safe Win Btm 2 Btm 2 Harold Btm 2 Elim
5 Duncan Safe Safe Safe Btm 4 Win Win Btm 4 Safe Win Btm 4 Safe Win Gwen Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim Lindsay
6 Harold Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Btm 3 Btm 4 Noah Elim
7 Noah Safe Safe Win Safe Btm 3 Safe Win Win Btm 4 Safe Safe Btm 4 Gwen Elim
8 Gwen Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Btm 2 Btm 3 Win Btm 3 Safe Win Elim
9 Sadie Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 2 Btm 3 Win Win Btm 2 Safe Btm 3 Elim
10 Eva Safe Btm 4 Btm 3 Safe Safe Safe Win Win Btm 3 Win Elim
11 Heather Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Btm 2 Win Elim
12 Katie Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 4 Btm 4 Win Win Elim
13 Leshawna Safe Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Elim
14 Bridgette Safe Safe Btm 4 Safe Win Win Elim
15 Justin Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
16 Cody Safe Safe Safe Btm 3 Elim
17 Beth Safe Safe Safe Elim
18 Geoff Safe Safe Safe Elim
19 Ezekiel Safe Btm 3 Elim
20 Owen Safe Safe Elim
21 Izzy Safe Elim
22 Tyler Safe Elim