Trixie, labeled The "Popular" Girl is a camper on Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Female
Hair color blond
Episode Eliminated "What the heck would I gain from tormenting you?"
Place 18th
Relationship None
Family younger sisters
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


When Trixie was just a little girl, she was the subject of torment by her own parents. They made her life miserable and hardened her shell. Right then and there, Trixie lost all genuine happiness or real emotion, and became mean and manipulative. When her first younger sister was born, Trixie tormented and hardened her sister the same way her parents tormented her, and Trixie and her sister did the same with the youngest sister years later. At school, Trixie is no different, as she has spent her entire life at school using blackmail and deception to get people to do what she wants. Her tricks only got more brutal in middle and high school, as she has found that she can use other people's crushes and relationships as even better blackmail. Her victims have yet to find a weakness in her, as she has created a perfect outer shell. And it also helps that she has never felt any form of love or compassion towards anyone in her entire life. Trixie joined Infinity to win the prize money, and get away from her abusive parents.


  • Like all of Infinity's characters, Trixie was drawn by Sprinklemist.
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