Team Misfitz
Twilight Ec
Episode Eliminated "'Tis The Season"
Place 10th/11th
Relationship Frosty
Friends Britt, Rosalie, Saber
Enemies Vishal
Twilight, labeled as the Believer, was a contestant on Total Drama Frozen. She later returns to compete on Twin It to Win It.


Twilight grew up in foster care, her mother gave her up for adoption when she was born, but no one ever claimed her. Instead, she lived in foster care. It wasn’t exactly the most well-kept place out there, but it had a small collection of books. Tales like; Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Lion King, Frosty the Snowman, and a number of other children’s tales. Twilight’s life was interwoven in with the legends she would read about, without a proper parent, no one was ever around to tell her that they were simply works of fiction. And so, at the age of 16, Twilight still believed in the many tales she had read in her life. While the rest of the foster home seemed run-down, dusty and sad to look at, Twilight made sure the small collection of books glowed. Every Christmas, she would stay up, staring out of the cracked window, wondering if Santa would ever bring her a family to care for, while a family never came, this year her gift came early, when Lindsay showed up and signed Twilight up for Total Drama Frozen.

Total Drama Frozen: 

Twilight confuses the campground for Santa's WorkShop in It's a Winter Wonderland. She helps Britt and Saber build their snowman, hoping that it'll grant her a wish. While everyone else is having a snowball fight she is hugging her snowman. Twilight is excited to join Team Mrs. Clause, but is even more excited when Hannah drags Frosty's body towards the others. 

In It's Still a Winter Wonderland, Twilight looks over Frosty in the infirmary, feeling bad that her wish may have caused the elf to get hurt. Twilight hugs Frosty when she finds out he's going to be participating in the competition. During the challenge she helps motivate Saber to come up with a plan. When the giant snowball crashes, Twilight uses her body to protect Frosty. She's happy that her team won the challenge, but is worried for Frosty. 

Twilight is seen sleeping outside of Frosty's cabin in The Frosted Towers. She gets scared at the idea of the frozen mummies during the challenge, but Hannah explains there's nothing to be afriad of. Twilight falls asleep on Kaleb when she is paired with him and Lexi. Twilight's sleepwalking during the challenge scares Kaleb and Lexi, leading to them losing the challenge. After the challenge Twilight is seen sleeping by Frosty and Mitchel. Twilight is too exhausted to be happy when she is announced to be safe at the elimination.

Twilight is let into Emmett's cabin in Snow Day, after she freezes outside. She cuddles with Frosty who tries to tell her a bed time story. Deciding he wasn't good enough, she offers one of her own instead. Later she pretends to sleep, and hears that Frosty likes her, and she blushes. She leaves with Frosty to Boney Island, and is relieved when her team wins the challenge. 

Twilight leaves with Frosty in A Kipper for Skipper for the challenge, as they go searching for more penguins. Frosty is proud of how fast Twilight is picking up the penguin language. Later Twilight and the others are tied to trees by a group of penguins, she is excited as everyone will have to believe that Frosty is a real elf. She escapes with the others. As they're walking back, she tells Rosalie that she should tell Emmett the whole truth if she wants to be with him. 

The Winter Showcase

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This Snow is Real

Checking Her List Twice

'Tis the Season

Ticket to Win

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fashion Haul

The Frosted Games

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Farewell

End of a Season



  • In the original Frozen, Twilight placed 10th. She was not allowed to return to the North Pole with Frosty and Santa. She would become very anti-social and stare at the snowman she had made with Britt and Saber on the first day, watching it melt. 
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