Unique, the Flirt, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Unique was blessed with a naturally perfect body since she was born. She's become the attraction of all the guys at every school she went to, and at her sweet sixteen party, she received gifts from hundreds of guys she never even met before!

Unique's body is the way it is because of her family's genes. That's right... she doesn't spend money frivolously on cosmetic implants or anything like that. Her chest? It's real. Her booty? That's real, too. And she doesn't go overboard on her face, using just pink lipstick for her lips, and that's it.

When Unique makes it to Wawanakwa, she plans to use her body mainly for strategic purposes, in the hopes of landing several boys in her alliance. And maybe to form at least ONE showmance, though knowing the Total Drama series, that's probably likely to happen!

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