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Hi! My substition username is thebiggesttdifan so people don't just call me 72 and more numbers. Here's my fanfiction:

Totally Top Writer

I'm giving Total Drama Journey to anyone who would like to make chapters 3 and 4.

Here's my favorite campers, from least favorite to favorite:

22. Courtney

21. Heather

20. Sadie

19. Izzy

18. Owen

17. Justin

16. Duncan

15. Lindsay

14. Katie

13. Beth

12. Ezekiel

11. Tyler

10. Bridgette

9. Eva

8. Leshawna

7. Geoff

6. Trent

5. Gwen

4. Cody

3. DJ

2. Harold

1. Noah

I'm making a new fanfic after TTW is over called Total Drama Electronics! You may bet on who be eliminated each round when it starts. After TDE is over I'm thinking about a new fanfic with 50 people!

One year later...

Ah, look, my old "account"...barely remember this thing. Skipper Dan's trapped in the drive-thru HE'LL SUE YA! 18:22, October 4, 2009 (UTC)

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